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Full text of "Early proceedings of the American Philosophical Society for the Promotion of Useful Knowledge; compiled by one of the secretaries; from the manuscript minutes of its meetings from 1744 to 1838"

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By one of the Secretaries, 



^744 TO 1838. 


Press of McCalla & Stavkly, 237-9 Dock Strebt. 




On March 16, 1883 (Proc. Vol XX, p. 649), Prof. J. P. 
Lesley, the Librarian of the Society, reported that he had 
completed his manuscript condensed copy of the Proceedings 
of the Society from 1744, the date of its earliest records, to 
the last meeting in December, 1837, after which time the 
Proceedings were regularly printed, the first issue of 1888 
being numbered one. From the minutes, which occupy ten 
volumes in the handwriting of various distinguished mem- 
bers of the Society, the manuscript for the printer was 
arranged by Prof. Lesley according to the system reported 
by him to the Society (Proceedings Vol. XX, p. 675 et seq.)^ 
"using a certain number of easily understood contractions, 
such as Soc, Lib., Don., Com., for Society, Library, Dona- 
tion, Committee, &c., * * * giving important resolu- 
tions verbatim^ * * <f following unusual spellings by the 
signal {sic)." 

The importance of the present publication will be still 
more comprehended when it is realized that these early 
records have been always exposed to the danger of destruc- 
tion, most especially by fire, in which case, as no copy of 
them is known to exist, such a loss to the Society would be 

"Most of the names of noted Philadelphians appear in 
these minutes as well as many famous men of other por- 
tions of the United States and of foreign countries. 

" Not the least important feature of the record is its repre- 



sentation of the first appearance of potent ideas ; the first 
steps for the improvement of the mechanic arts ; the first steps 
taken in scientific paths ; early explorations of the New 
World, with a pronounced eaojerness to import the faculties 
of the Old World into it. It is not so much a record of the 
growth of an American Society as a record of the growth of 
society in America, and in this sense alone it possesses an 
extraordinary historical value. * * * The reader will 
probably feel what the biologist experiences while spending 
some hours in watching through his microscope the meta- 
morphosis of one of the protozoa." 

Those great men who sought to promote useful knowl- 
edge in America wasted no time in futile and objectless 
researches; it will be noticed that among their earliest 
endeavors was a plan to construct a canal to connect the 
waters of the Delaware and Chesapeake bays, and yet 
anotjier to encourage the growth and manufacture of silk 
in Pennsylvania, the former not accomplished till over a 
half century later, the latter only successful within the past 

The multifarious duties and engagements of Prof. Lesley 
not permitting him to superintend the printing of the vol- 
ume which he had prepared, I was requested by the Presi- 
dent of the Society, Hon. Frederick Fraley, LL.D., to see it 
through the press, and in so doing I have read and corrected 
all the proofs, and have prepared the first Index ^ that of sub- 
jects ; the second, that of names, was entrusted to the assist- 
ant to the Librarian, but the work was supervised and the 
proof read by myself. 

The publication of these minutes, (to use the language of 
the Report above referred to,) " it is to bo hoped, will give 
a lively satisfaction to the members of the Society, who 


will then for the first time be able to gratify a natural and 

affectionate curiosity respecting the origin, growth, struggles 

and labors of the venerable institution to which they 


Henry Phillips, Jr., 

One of the Secretaries of the A. P. S. 
Philadelphia, November, 1884. 



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VOL. I. Part i. 1744 to 1837. No. 1. 

[The earliest records of the Society are comprised in a 
thin volume, bound in half Russia, and marked on the back 
1768, the first page of which is occupied by the following 
letter from Franklin to Mr. Golden.] 

New York, April 5, 1744. 

Happening to be in this City about some particular 
Aftairs, I have the Pleasure of receiving yours of the 28th 
past, here. And can now acquaint you, that the Society, as 
far as relates to Philadelphia, is actually formed, and has 
had several Meetings to mutual Satisfaction ;— assoon [sic] 
as I get home, I shall send you a short Acct. of what has 
been done and proposed at these meetings. The Members 
are D'- Thomas Bond, as Physician 

M""- John Bartram — as — Botanist 
M""- Thomas Godfrey — as — Mathematician 
M"- Saml. Rhodes* — as — Mechanician 
M""- H"* Parsons — as — Geographer 

D"^- Phineas Bond as General Il^at. Philosopher 

M""- Thos. Hopkinson President 

M""- Wm. Coleman Treasurer 

B. F. Secret' 

To whom the following Members have since been added 

* Written thus by Franklin. " lihoads" in the list. 



viz. M""- Alexander of New York. M*"- Morris (Ch. Justice of 
the Jerseys). M*"- Home Secretary of J)'- Mr. Jn"- Coxe of 
Trenton, and M*"- Martyn of the same Place. — M*"- Nicholls 
tells me of several other Gentlemen of this City that incline 
to encourage the Thing. — And there are a Number of others 
in Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, and the New England 
Colonies who we expect to join us, assoon [sic] as they are 
acquainted that the Society has begun to form itself. I am, 
Sir, with much respect 

Your most hum** serv* 

B. Franklin. 
The Hon" Cadwallader Colden, Esq. 

[Twenty-four blank pages of a more modern paper are 
here bound in. Then sidewise is written the following, evi- 
dently an endorsement on the back of a foolscap document, 
folded once.] 

Original Minutes 


ftmsT -* Constitution 


The " American Piiilosopiiical Society ;" 

Held at Philadelphia for Promoting 

Useful Knowledge — 

[The last two lines carefully erased ; and under them, in 
a different and later handwriting, four lines, thus :] 

One of the component Societies of 

the " American Philosophical 

Society held at Philadelphia 

for promoting Use [sic] Knowledge." 

[Under all, but written transversely and of a later date :] 
From January 19. 1768— /o Dec. 20. 1768. 

[* The word /lr$t htut boon croMO<l out,] 

«> 1768. 

[The leaf is mounted so as to show the following title 
in the old handwriting of the former one.] 

Minute Book 



Philosophical Society 

From January 1768. 

[Then on two pages, facing each other, and in two columns 
of names on each page, four columns in all] 

List of the American Philosophical Society 

When chosen Names 

o /Benjamin Franklin Esq', LL.D. 
,f f ^ 1 William Coleman Esq' 
o I ) M'- John Bartram 
S^I/D'- Thos. Bond 
-«g3 )j),. PhineasBond 

23 I Samuel E-hoads. Esq' 

° I \Rev'^ D'- Fra. Alison 

Nov' 1767 ^^' Will^ Shippen 

D'- Will^ Shippen Jr 
Declines D'- Cadwalader [sic] Evans 

M""- John Lukens, Surveyor General 
1768 ^I'* Philip Syng 
Jan'y 12'.^ Rev^ D'- Will™ Smith 

George Bryan Esq' 

Rev"* M'- John Ewing 

EdW* Shippen jun' Esq' 

19th M'- David Rittenhouse 

M'- Hugh Roberts 

M'- Israel Pemberton 

James Tilghman Esq' 

W™ Logan Esq' 

1768. * 

Joseph Shippen jun' Esq' 
Joseph Galloway Esq"^ 
Tho» Willing Esq' 
Benjamin Chew Esq' 
D'- Tho^ Cadwalader 
D'- Adam Kuhn 
D'- John Redman 
M'- Thomas Pryor 
•9frj)r. Hugh Williamson 
f John Dickinson Esq' 
Hon^l« John Penn Esq' ) Patron 

Hon^Jf James Hamilton Esq' ) Presid' Feb'y 9^!^ 

Hon^I« William Allen Esq' 

26'> I^yn Ford Lardner 
Joseph Richardson \ 
Richard Penn I 

John Ross f -gg rs 

John Allen 
Andrew Allen 
James Allen 
Francis Ilopkinson 
M'- Ebenezer Kinnersley 
M'- Thomas Coombs 
D'-Cliarles Moore 
M'- John Reynell 
M'- Jonathan Smith 

Alexander Stedman Esq' 

Corresponding members in different Provinces. 
1743 Hon''.'.'' Cadwalader Colden, New York 

1768 \ ^*°^®1 Dulancey [sic] Esq' Ma ^ 

T c^ott, I -D' Garden, South Carol 

"' / D'- Loo, Virginia 

M'- Winthrop, Massac 

D'- Styles, Connecticu .... 

*Obllt«rato<l, ni!iirly, ut tho botU)m nt tlio pago, ami ro-wiltluii in tlio column 
of datM In otliur uiid liiUir liaruiwiittnK. 
t Not In tho colli nin ; but IiihoiUmI in Hniiill liiinti In llio column of dates. 
t Paper torn off bofiM-i! ptuttlng to bln<l. 


March 8'.^ M' Edward Duffield 
Samuel Mifflin Esq' 
M""- David Hall, Printer 
Rqv^ M--- Tho" Barton 
John Kidd Esq' 
M'- Robert Smith, Architect 
M'- Thomas Smith 
Tho« — Barnsley Esq' 
M'* Thomas Bond 
His Excellency ^y?. Franklin Esq' 
M'- W™ West 
M'- Robert Proud 
Joseph Fox Esq' 
M'- James Dickinson 
M'- John Rhea 
Isaac Jones Esq' 
M'- Rob* Strettel Jones 
M'- Stephen Watts 
M'- Samuel Caldwell 
Edw'' Shippen Esq' of Lancaster 
Tho* McKean Esq' of Newcastle 
Rev^i M'- Richard Peters 
Rev*^ M'- Jacob Duche 
John Foxcroft Esq' 
M'- John Sellers, Surveyor 
D'- Thomas Greeme 
D'- John Kearsley 
M'- Sam^ Purviance jun' 
22^1 *M'- Oswell Eve 

May 18'.^ Rev'^ M'- Harding 
M'- Tho^ Potts 
M'- James Wright 
Alex' Wilcox Esq' 
M'- Tho^ Bradford 
James Biddle Esq' 

* Captain OsweU Eve in tlie List, published in 1880. 


^Rev'i M'- Bacon 
Charles Reade Esq*" 
John Gibson Esq"" 
W!!? Smith ^ 

W^ Livingston I Esq''* of New York 
John Morin Scot J 
Richard Stockton "1 
Wm Peartree Smith 

John Smith I Esq''^ of New Jersey 

Samuel Smith | 

Joseph Reade J 

Richard Hockley Esq*" 
M""- James Davidson 

Aug^ IS^^ Hon'^l® M'- Antill of New Jersey , 

M"^- WH Rurasey 
fM"-- ^y'l Holiday 
M*"- John Davis 

D"^- Edw** Holyoke of Massachusetts 
D""- Anderson of Marj^land 
D""* Benjamin Gule of Connecticut 
:{:D''- Sandford of Barbadoes 
])r. '^^arner of Antigua 

Oct IS'}* ^"^ John Denormandie of Bristol 
Joseph Kirkbride Esq*" Bucks Cy. 
D'- P. Burgiua, Prof. Nat. Hist. Stockholm 
Rev** D'- Ch. Magnus Wrangel 
Christian M'Gee LL.D. of Ileidelberg 
D'- OuUen of Edinburgh 
Monsieur BufFon at Paris 
ReV* Fred. Farmer, Phi lad' 

[After two blank pages, on wliich the numbers continue, 
4 and 5, commence the] 

• Kraj»<!<l A iimrkol " (icn<l " 

t ThU iiuiiiu In IuUm' kI v<m uh Henry Holiday, on May 18, 1768. 

iThii luuna la fflren later, on August 10, 1763, aa Sandlford. 

January. * IIGS. 

Minutes and Proceedings of the American Philosophi- 
cal Society. 

[This heading runs over two pages.] 

1768, Jany. 19. Meeting at M": Byrne's. 

Present: Shippen, T. Bond, P. Bond, Syng, D'- Smith, 
Rhoads, Bryan, Ewing, and D""- Shippen Jr. 

" Agreed to make an addition this [Tuesday] night to the 
number of our members ... by the unanimous vote of all 
present, leaving the rule for future elections to be settled at 
next meeting." 

Chosen: Rittenhouse, Roberts, I. Pemberton, Tilghman, 
Logan, Jos. Shippen Jr. Galloway, Willing, Chew, Esq" ; 
Drs. Cadwalader, Redman, Kuhn ; Messrs. J. Pemberton, 
Pryor, Williamson ; & J. Dickinson, Esq""- 

Bond, Smith & Shippen, made a committee to request the 
governor [John Penn] to become Patron ; and Hamilton & 
Allen to become members ; " if they accept of this request, 
they be considered as chosen this night." 

Bond, Rhoads, Smith & Ewing ; " to revise and print off 
one hundred copies of the Original Plan ... for the use of 
the members.". 

1768, Jan. 26. Meeting at the Indian Queen. 

Present: Syng, Galloway, P. Bond, Tilghman, Jos. Ship- 
pen, Kuhn, T. Bond, Cadwalader, Shippen, Shippen Jun. 
Pryor, D*"- Smith, Ewing, E. Shippen & Williamson. 

Committee report that the governor & other two gentle- 
men " were pleased in a very polite manner to accept the 
proposal of the Society." 

"The question being put — 'How many members being met (either by- 
regular notice or adjournment) sliould have power to cliuse [«ic] new 
members, make rules, or dispose of any part of the Society's stock?' 

"It was unanimously agreed — That Twelve members being thus met, 
or any larger number. Two Thirds of the whole shall have power to pro- 
ceed and to do any part or parts of the business aforesaid. 

"But that when any new member is to be chosen after this night, lie 

February. ^ 1768. 

shall be proposed at one meeting, and voted for by Ballot at the next 
ensuing meeting, if a sufficient number .... be convened .... it 
be [ing] inserted in the notices that this is to be part of the business of the 

Chosen : Kinnersley, Moore, Eeyuall, Lardner, Richard- 
son, R. Penn, Ross, A. Allen, T. Coombs, Jas. Allen, Jon. 
Smith, J. Allen, Hopkinson, Stedman, Dulaney (Md.), Lee 
(Va.), Garden (S. C), Stiles (R. I.), Wintrop [sic'] of New 
Cambridge, Mass. 

" Agreed that an application be made to the governor by 
M'- Secy. Shippen, and to the Trustees of the State House, 
by M'- Galloway, for the use of the Council Chamber, to hold 
our subsequent meetings in ; and also ... to the Trustees 
of the College by . . . members . . . connected with the 
College, to have the use of the House and Apparatus, when 
the Society chuse [sic] to meet there, or to have any experi- 
ments performed before them." 

Next meeting to be in the Council Chamber (if . . . ) on 
Tuesday, 6 P. M. for election of officers ; notice to be given 
by D"-- T. Bond. 

1768. Feby. 2. Meeting at the State House. 

nam?i^£^ " James Hamilton Esq', D""- Cadwalader, M*"- James Allen, 
fn1h^e°o" M'- Tilghman, D'- Alison, M-"- Kinnersley, D' Smith, C- Ship- 
mem be^rs pen jur. M""- Rhoads, M'- Bryan, M""- Joseph Shippen, D""- Thos. 
were wat.-g^^^^ M'- Willing, M""- Ewing. D' Shippen, D'- Ph. Bond, 

M'- Pryor, M'- Israel J'emberton, M"" Syng, M'- Combes, D'- 

Williamson & M""* Jonathan Smith. 

"The following Paper from sundry Gentlemen of this 

City was read, viz. 

"A Society liuving subsisted for some time in tliis City umlcr the name 
of the American [*] Society held at Philadelpliia for promoting and pro- 
pagating UHcful Knowledge, whoso Views liave been nearly the .same with 
those which are publisiicd of tlio American Pliilosophical Society, and it 
being Judged lliat tlio Ends proposed by botli could b(» carried on witli 
more advaDtngu to the Public if an Union could take Place between them, 
it Ul propoficd that such Union may take place — 
*Her«tbfl word **Pblloiop)ilcul " wat* wi-iiu-ii ami then vruHod. 

February. " 1768. 

" With which Paper the following List of their Names 
was sent viz. 

" Charles Thompson, Edmund Physick, Isaac Paschal, 
John Morgan, Samuel Powel, Joseph Paschal, Owen Bid- 
die, Clement Biddle, Wm. Bettle, Isaac Bartram, Moses Bar- 
tram, John Dickinson, Cadwalader Evans, Nicholas Wain, 
Benjamin Davis, John Lukens, Thomas Mifflin, David 
Evans and James Pearson ; and Corresponding members 
David Rittenhouse, Wm. Henry of Lancaster, Wm. John- 
son of Carolina and Sam^ Bard of New York — 

" On perusal of this paper, signifying the Desire of those 
Gentlemen of uniting our common Design for the more eft'ect- 
ually promoting useful Knowledge it was resolved — 

"That they be introduced among us by Election ; and, on this Oc- 
casion, to dispense witli tliat Part of Rule made at the last meeting for 
members, which requires their being proposed at a previous meeting, and 
the List of their Names being read to the Society, it was agreed to proceed 
immediately to ballot for them, and they were accordingly chosen agree- 
able to said List 

" N. B. M""- Dickinson, M""- Lukens, Charles Thompson and 
D' Evans, having been formerly chosen in this Society are 
left at Liberty to come in on this, or their former Election ; 
and M' Rittenhouse being only an honorary member in the 
above List and being a regular member of this Society, and 
having by Letter signified his Desire of joining it any Elec- 
tion of Him was thought unnecessary." 

Bond & Smith, a Committee " to let the Gentlemen of 
the American Society know" .... 

D'- Bond reported that the Governor consented to the use 
of the Council Chamber and that M'- Galloway had obtained 
the like consent of the Trustees of the State House. 

" Agreed to meet next Tuesday at 6 o'clock at the State 
House for the election of Officers ; and that notice," &c. 

1768, Feh'y 9. Meeting at the State House. 

Present : Stedman, D'- Shippen jun. SyngjD""- Alison, Jos. 
Shippen, Williamson, D. Smith, D'- T. Bond, Willing, D'- 

February. 10 1768. 

Shippen, Redman, Jon. Smith, Prjor, Ervin^, Kinnersley, 
Combes, Cadwalader. 

Bond & Smith, reported that " the Gentlemen of the 
American Society" had requested a copy of the minutes, 
and had rec*^ it with the following letter, viz. 

" Gent. According to our Promise we send you the IVIinute, tho' we believe 
our Authority was only to read it to you, but not to copy It, because it was 
drawn up in Haste, and is not revised by any Order of the Society. 
However we give it, in Trust that you will not think it proper to enter on 
your Books, till it is entered on ours ; for that might occasion Difficulty in 
making any alteration, should any be judged expedient by you and us. 

We have only to add that everything respecting you was conducted 

with the greatest marks of Regard ; and that the same good Disposition 
appeared among our members which j'our Paper declares of yours, for 
uniting our common Design, for the advancement of Useful Knowledge. 

"It was agreed among us not to admit any new Proposal of Members, 
besides yours, at our last Meeting, nor to proceed to the Election of Offi- 
cers, which was to have been the Business of that Night, but to postpone this 
and every other Matter till next Tuesday, when you have an opportunity 
of being present to give your Votes and Advice. We are, with great Re- 
gard ' ' &c. 

" D""- Shippen Jun. then produced a Paper reed from the 
American Society the Consideration of which was deferred 
till the next meeting. 

" The question being put, how many Officers this Society 
should consist of. It was agreed that one President, Two 
Vice-presidents, a Treasurer & three Secretaries be chosen 
annually, & that the officers to be chosen this night do con- 
tinue in their respective offices till the first meeting in Jan- 
uary next. But it is not intended by this Minute to pre- 
vent the Society from encreasing the Number of V. Presi- 
dents and Secretaries, whenever they shall lind occasion for 
it ; provided it be proposed at one nioeting & such Proposal 
mentioned in the Notilication of the ensuing meeting." 

Ballot & Election. 

President — Hon*''" James Ilaiuiltoii Esq'"- 

Vice-Presidents — D'- William Shiiipon & D'- Thos. Bond. 

Treasurer — M'- Philip Syng. 


11 *^ 

Secretaries — ReV* D' Wra. Smith, Rev** Mr. John Ewing, 
k D' Chas. Moore." 

Ordered that Stedman, Willing & Alison, with the 
officers, be a Committee to revise the Minutes since the be- 
ginning of the year, "enter them fair in a Book, & pre- 
pare a Draught of some Laws or Rules to be laid before 
the next meeting," the 2*^ Tuesday in March. 

Jos. Shippen & D"" Shippen Jr. a Committee to thank 
the Governor & Trustees of the State House. 

1768. March 8. In the State House. 

Present : His Honour the Governor, Patron ; the two V. 
Presidents ; and Cadwalader, Lardner, Tilghman, J. Allen, 
Rhoads, "W. Shippen jun, Coombe, Alison, Lukens, Jon. 
Smith, Jos. Shippen, Stedman, Ed. Shippen, Willing, And. 
Allen, Williamson, Redman, Phin. Bond, W™ Smith, & 

Minute of the American Society Feby 2*^ read & ordered 
to be inserted in our minutes, viz. — 

" Tuesday Fby 9'.'.' 1768. At a meeting of the American 
Society for promoting & propagating useful Knowledge, held 
at Philadelphia : — 

"The Minute of the American Philosophical Society of the 2"* Inst, 
which declares our Election into that Society, being considered it was 
unanimously determined, that as it was not on the Terms proposed, we 
are under a necessity of declining the union. Ordered that the Secretary 
deliver a Copy of this Minute to a Member of the Philosophical Society, to 
be laid before them — Owen Biddle Secy for the Time being." 

The Committee on Laws reported a Draught, which was read corrected 
& ordered to be "entered in the Book of Laws, Orders, &c." 

The Minutes since Monday Jany 19 " were read over, 
considered & approved." 

Andrew M^Nair was appointed Messenger & Doorkeeper ; 
& D"^- Shippen junr. to learn his terms. 

A fine of one Shilling for non-attendance of members at 
meetings was ordered as an additional by-law. 

The six organic commitees were then constituted by die- 

Marcb. 1 


tributing the members present among the committees; 
" each member sisnins: his Name in that Committee of 
which he is. See the Committee Lists." 

Election of new members : — 

E. Duffield, S. Mifflin, D. Hall, T. Barton of Lancaster, J. 
Kidd, R. Smith, T. Smith, Captn Barnsley, T. Bondjunr. 
Gov. Franklin of New Jersey, W. West, R. Proud, Jos. Fox, 
Jas. Dickinson, J. Rhea, L Jones, R. S. Jones, St. Watts, S. 
Caldwell, E. Shippen of Lancaster, T. M^Kean of Newcastle, 
Rev^ M^- Peters, ReV^ M'- Duche, J. Foxcroft, J. Sellers, D'- 
Graeme, D""- Kearsley, & S. Purviance jun. 

Adjourned for two weeks. 

" The Secretaries having been first appointed to prepare 
Something, in conjunction with Jas. Tilghman and Edwd. 
Shippen junr. Esqrs. that may be proper to be published for 
informing ingenious Persons of the Constitution of the So- 
ciety & how to correspond with or communicate any useful 
Papers to them. The Draught of this proposed Publication 
to be laid before next meeting." 

1768. March 22. 

Present at 7 o'clock V. P. Bond & Shippen ; Sees. Ewing 
& Smith , Fox, Wm. Shippen Jr., Syng, Coombe, Rhoads, 
Grreme, Steadman, Jos. Shippen, Dickinson. 

Came in afterwards, Phin. Bond, Alison, Jon. Smith, 
Duffield, Williamson, Watts. 

"Andrew M^Nair agrees to wait on the Society, make the 
Fires, light ye Candles and extinguish them, & keep the 
Room clean, for four shiHings a Night for the current year." 

D""- Rittenhouse cominunicated (throiigii !)'• Smith) a De- 
scription of his new invented Orrery. Referred to Com. 

on Ast. &c. next Tuesday evening, at G PM. at the College. 

"Sec the J-)c8cri])tion, No. 1, of the Book of original 
Pai)or8, of — 

" A Machine for tlie more offoctuul & ready L'reparation 
of Flux, invented by M'- Joseph Elliott of Bucks county, 


13 1768. 

was read and referred to the Committee for Mechanics &c. to 
meet for the consideration of it as soon as they can conve- 
niently at the College." 

Election of one new member : M'- Oswell Eve, previously 

1768, Ayril 19. At the State House. (11 members.) 

The Committee on Rittenhouse's Orrery reported that 
" they think M'- Rittenhouse deserves great applause for 
having projected so useful and curious a machine, & that if 
it shall answer his Intention, which they have the greatest 
Reason to expect from his Known Abilities, they are of 
opinion that it will do honor to himself & to this Province, 
the Place of his Nativity ; and the Committee beg Leave to 
recommend it to the Society to order his Description to be 
published ; not doubting but it will give Pleasure to Per- 
sons of a curious and Philosophical Turn." It was so or- 

M""' Syng reported from the Com. on Elliotts Machine for 
Swingling Flax " that they believe it would be a useful In- 
vention for this Country, but that a fuller Description of it 
would be necessary to enable them to form a proper Judge- 
ment of it/' M'- Smith was desired to write to M""- Elliott 

" D' Williamson acquainted the Society that he had re- 
ceived from M'- Joshua Gee of Gainsborough in England, the 
Description of a Plough, which he believed would be of 
great use in this Country & that he had a model of the 
Plough ; which was referred to the consideration of the 
Committee for Mechanics and Husbandry." 

" D"^- Bond communicated a new Plan for Keeping a Me- 
teorological Register." Referred to Com. for Nat. Philoso- 
phy. See No. 2 of Original Papers." 

" Mr. Ewing communicated the following Proposal, viz. 

"Gentlemen. After having gone thro the Calculation & Projection of 
the next Transit of Venus over the Sun, on the S** of June 1769, I find that 



the Beginning and a great Part ot it will be visible at Philadelphia, if the 
weather should be favorable. As much depends on this important Phe- 
nomenon & as Astronomy may be brought to a much greater Perfection 
than it has yet arrived at by a multiplicity of accurate observations made 
of this Transit in diflerent parts of the World & compared together ; I 
would hereb}' propose to this Society that effectual Provision be made for 
taking the said observations in this City. This is the more necessary as such 
another Opportunity will not be presented for more than a Century to 
come. Jno. Ewing." 

" It was recommended to the Committee for Nat. Philoso- 
phy & Astronomy to consider the above Proposal & make 
some Estimate of the probable Expense for making the 
Observations & the Preparations necessary for the same." 

[Then follows a list of names, without any reference or 
explanation of its import.] Rev"^ M""- Harding, Captn 
M"=Pherson, Jas. Watson, T. Potts, Jas Wright of Lancaster 
Co., Wl^ Hicks, Alex. Wilcox, Rev^ M' Bacon of Md., Jas. 
Biddle, J. Gibson, C. Reado of Burlington ; W. Smith, W. 
Livingston, J. Morin Scott & Rev* M''- Rogers of Kew York ; 
Rich. Stockton & Wm. Peartree Smith of New Jersey ; J. & 
S. Smith of Burlington ; Jos. Read of Trenton ; Rich. Hockly, 
Jas. Mease & Jas. Davidson. 

1768. May 18. State House. (Rittenhouse & 14 others.) 

Ewing's proposal " was further referred to the Com. for 
Nat. Phil. & Ast. to meet at the College, 6 PM, June 7. 

Com. on Husbandry, recommended to meet at the Col- 
lege, Tuesday May 31, to consider " whether any method 
can be fallen upon for preventing the damage done to wheat 
by the Hessian fly. " N. B. M. Du Hamel has written on 
this subject." 

Members proposed : — D'- Warner of Antigua ; Hon^'» M'- 
Antill ; M'- Wm. Rumsey & M'- H. Holiday of Md ; & 
Rev** John DaviH. 

Members voted for ^ chosen : — Rev^ M'- Harding ; T. 
Potts; Jafl. Wright; Alex. Wilcoks [sic]; T. Bradford ; Rev* 
M'- Bacon ; Jae. Biddle ; J. Gibson ; Ch. Reade ; W. Smith 

June. 1^ 1768. 

of N. Y. ; W. Livingston ; John Morrin [sic] Scot [sic] ; Rich** 
Stockton ; W™ Peartree Smith ; John Smith ; Sam. Smith ; 
Joseph Reade [sic] ; Rich. Hockley ; M""- Davidson. 

1768, June 21. (13 members.) 

" !)■■• Smith laid before the Society a Projection of the en- 
suing Transit of Venus over the Disc of the Sun, which was 
communicated to him by M^ D. Rittenhouse of Norring- 

M'- Ewing read a paper containing the result of his calcu- 
lations and exhibited a projection of the Transit " on a very 
large scale, containing all the Elements of the Projection & 
the Effect of the Parallaxes in Longitude & Latitude; in al- 
tering Times of Beginning and End of the Transit at 
Philad" which the Society order to be published ; See N"- 3 
of Original Papers." 

[Then follow in a letter to the Society his data in 64 
closely written lines of fine handwriting, signed Jno. Ewing.] 

" D'- Smith, M"^- Rittenhouse, M'- Lukens & M-"- Dickin- 
son are desired to make the necessary Preparations & to 
observe the Transit at Norrington." 

" M'- Ewing, D^- Williamson, M'- Joseph Shippen & M'- 
Prior are desired to erect an Observatory & make Prepara- 
tion for ascertaining the Longitude of Philadelphia, & for 
observing the Transit, & the Society agree to defray the 
expenses of the said Observations in both the aforesaid 

The Com. for Husbandry reported a paper on the Hessian 
Fly by D'- Bond, which was read & D''- Bond was requested 
" to prepare it for the Press, that it may be communicated to 
the Public without Loss of Time. See N°- 4 of Original 

" A Specimen of Wine made of American grapes with 
the receipt for making it was communicated by M'- R. S. 
Jones. See N°- 5. [The receipt follows, in six lines.] 

Two samples of American Wine were exhibited by D'* 

July. 16 1768. 

Alison, who was requested to obtain the receipt for making 
it "that it may be recommended to the Public." 

A specimen of Yellow Oker from Pequea & another 
from Cecil Co. Md. were laid before the Society by M""- R. 

" A Magic Square containing all Numbers from Unity to 
360 " was shown by M"^ Ewing, who " read a Paper contain- 
ing a general Rule for making such squares of any proposed 
Dimensions, which the Society order to be published & is 
as follows : — 

"Gentlemen — Finding in a late Publication of M*"- Ferguson 
a Magic Square . . . ." [Here follow three closely and finely 
written pages of description, with the diagram of the 
Square, and a list of four of its properties : viz.] 

1. The sum of the numbers in each horizontal, perpendicular or diag- 
onal Row is 3420. 

2. The sum of the numbers in eacli of the said Rows in any of the in- 
cluded Squares ... is equal .... but lessening by 360 .... 

3. The sum of any two numbers equally remote from any included 
Square is equal to double the central Number, or equal to 360. 

4. These last mentioned numbers are the complements of each other to 

[Then follows a blank page numbered 22.] 

1768, July 19. Dl! T. Bond, W. Shippen & A. Kulin, 
& Messrs. Ewing, Steadman, R. S. Jones, Watts & Thos. 
Bond, & Rev'' D"^ Alison. 

" The Society taking into consideration the best Means of 
destroying Garlic out of the Fields, where it grows, have 
agreed by public Notice, in the News Papers to request the 
Favour of any Gentleman acquainted with that Subject to 
communicate to the Society any Method that has been 
found effectual for that Purpose. 

"The Society would be obliged to uny Gentleman that 
would communicate to them any Method of making Wine 
of the Amcricnn grape, without Sugar or Water or the 
best way of making it with that addition." 

August. 1* 17(M. 

1768, August 16 {State House). (V. P. Bond ; Sees. Smith 
& Ewing ; Stedman, Dickinson, Biddle, Pryor, Shippen 
junr., Kuhn, Davidson, Syng, Jones, & Williamson.) 

The model of M'- Josh. Gee's Plough was exhibited by D'- 
Williamson, who read a description of it, which was order- 
ed to be published " for the good of the Communit3^" 

" Here insert the Description of M'- Gee's Plough " [But 
no such insertion was made, & no blank left for it.] 

Members proposed : — Joseph Kirkbride, Esq ; and D'- De- 
normandie, both of Bucks county ; and M"" Vassal of Phila- 

Members elected : — Hon^? M"" Antill of N. J. ; Mesrs. Wm. 
Ramsey, H. Holiday & D""- Anderson of Md. ; J. Davis of 
Phil. Co. ; D' E. Holyoke of Mass.; D' Ben. Gale of Conn. ; 
D'' Sandiford of Barbadoes ; & D'- Warner of Antigua. 

1768, September 20 {State House). (V. P. Shippen & Bond ; 
Sec. Ewing ; Syng, Rhoades, Alison, Harding, Shippen 
jun""- T. Bond, Jon. Smith & Dickinson.) 

A specimen of Wine made of the American small black 
grape, without water or sugar, in 1765, " which appears to 
be perfectly sound and delicious to the Taste " was exhibited 
by D^ Syng. 

An analysis of the Chalybeate waters of "Bristol in this 
Province " in a letter from D""- Denormandie ; — 

Specimens of Sunflower seed oil ; and Cotton seed oil, 
with an account of them in a letter from D'- Otto, were pre- 
sented by D'- Bond. — Thanks were ordered to the gentlemen 
" for their friendly communications," which were " referred to 
the Medical Committee to be published under their Direc- 
tion, without loss of time . . . that people may be induced 
before the Season is too far advanced to collect the seeds 
and make some quantities of the Oil." 

" The papers were accordingly published in the Pennsyl- 
vania Gazette and Journal October 6th, and are as follows, 
viz. [Only the title & commencement is inserted, and then 
" Vid. the Gazette.''^ 

PBGC. AMER. PHIL08. 80C. I. ii. PRINTED JUNE 2, 1883. 

•September. -I O 1788. 

" M'- Jas. Dickinson, one of the members of this Society, 
made the following very useful and public-spirited proposal 
for observing the ensuing Transit of Venus at James's Bay, 
and for reconnoitering and making a map of the Country 
from the South End of Hudson's Bay and to extend thence 
towards the Head of the Missisippi [sic\ — 

" Here insert M'- Dickinson's Proposal, as in the Gazette 
of Nov' 18. 

" M' Dickenson at the same time oflFered to undertake in Person the 
Conducting of the Observation of the Transit and making the other neces- 
sary Observations of the Country, for which laudable Instance of public 
Spirit the Society thinks he deserves great Honor ; and the Committee for 
Natural Philosophy & Astronomy is appointed to consider further, both of 
the Practicability & usefulness of this Undertaking & the probable Ex- 
pense that might attend it. 

" The Society, considering the expense that will attend the Observations 
of the Transit ef Venus, already appointed to be made in this Province, as 
well as the additional Expense that will arise if M' Dickinson's Proposal 
should be carried into Execution, do agree to address the hon'''* House of 
Assembly of this Province, praying their assistance in the aforesaid useful 
Undertakings — ; and the following gentlemen are appoinntcd to draw up 
& perfect an Address for that Purpose ; viz — " D' Bond, D' Shippen, 
Stedman, Rhodes, E. Shippen, Willing, Pli. Bond, Dickinson, D' Smith, 
«& Ewing," " «& to meet as soon as possible on this business." 

D' Shippen junr. to request Mr. Allen to write to S' W" Johnson to 
know whether the Indians would allow proper Persons to pass through 
their Country for the above mentioned Purposes." • 

Seeds of the Rose Apple sent by Capt. Reddle ; a Speci- 
men of American Rhubarb from the seeds of the Russian 
Rhubarb, sent by L. Antill ; & some Cucumber tree, 
aromatic & resembling Cucumbers for Pickling, sent by 
Jas. Wright of Susquehanna were exhibited by D""- Bond & 
referred to the Medical Committee. 

Corre8fX)nding Members i)ropo8ed : D' P. Burgius, Prof. 
N. U. Stockholm; Rev** C. M. Wrangel ; Christian Magee, 
L L D of Heidelberg ; D' CuUen of E<linburgh & Monsieur 
Buffon of i'aris. 

Member proposed ; M' Ferd. Farmer of I'hii" 

October. •*•" 1768. 

1768. Oct. 18. State House. (V. P. Bond ; Sees. Ewing, 
Smith ; Galloway, Barton, Willing, Coombe, Dickinson, 
Jones, Pry or, Bradford, T. Bond, Davis, Shippen jr. & 

Committee reported a draft of the Address ; see Gazette 
of Nov. 10"'* D""- Bond reported that the Speaker had noti- 
fied him "of the Success of the above Address" in the fol- 
lowing very obliging Terms, viz — 

"M' Galloway presents his compliments to D' Bond. The Assembly 
voted a sum not exceeding One hundred Pounds Sterling for purchasing a 
reflecting telescope &c ; and he proposes to send for it by the first opportu- 
nity, agreeable to an Order of the House. He would, therefore, be glad to 
be furnished with any Information relative to the Construction thereof that 
may be thought necessary, as soon as may be" — 

"The Society, considering the very Kind, generous & polite manner, 
in which the hon**'" House of Assembly, from an unanimous Desire to pro- 
mote useful Knowledge, and the Regulation of the Province, have been 
pleased to grant the Prayer of their Address aforesaid, do appoint the 
Committee who prepared the sjvme, to frame another address to be pre- 
sented to the House at their next Sitting, expressive of the great Gratitude 
with which the Society receive this Mark of the Assembly's Countenance 
and Protection in carrying on the Design of their Institution." 

Election of 8 new members : [see list given on previous 
page] Denormandie, Kirkbride, Bergius, Wrangel, Magee, 
Cullen, Buffon, Farmer. 

Corresponding members proposed : His Excellency Gene- 
ral (5age, the Hon"« Sir Wm. Johnson, Bart. & M'- Wm. 
Logan of Bristol. 

1768. Nov. 15. State House. (V. P. Bond ; Sees. Smith 
& Ewing ; Syng, Rhoades, Pryor, Barnsley, Davidson, Jas. 
Alien, Shippen Jr., & T. Bond.) 

The seed of the Black Alder of Jamaica, used instead of 
Black Pepper in that island, with an agreeable mixture of 
the flavor of Ginger & Pepper, & possibly of great use in 
Diet & Medicine, sent by M'- Law, was presented by D'- 

Col. Landon Carter's (of Sabine Hall, Va.) "ingenious & 
accurate Observations concerning the Fly "Weavil that de- 

November. ^^ 1768. 

stroys the Wheat " were transmitted by Col. Lee. *' The So- 
ciety acknowledge themselves under great obligations to Col. 
Carter for the communication of the conclusions he has 
formed (on long experience) concerning that insect's propa- 
gation & progress, & the methods to be used to prevent the 
destruction of the wheat by it ; & order it to be printed for 
the public benefit." 

"This Society having been informed that there is a Disposition in the 
Members of the American Society for promoting useful Knowledge to 
unite with us, & that they would appoint a Committee to treat with a 
Committee of this Society upon the Subject ; and we being desirous to 
promote such a Union do appoint D"^ Shippen, D"" Bond, M"^ Syng, M' 
Rhoads, D"" Smith, & D' Ewing to be a Committee to concert Measures 
& prepare the way for such Union, & to make report of their Proceedings 
to the next Meeting. 

M'- Thos. Brown presented a Box of Medals to the So- 

Members proposed: Gilbert Hicks of Bucks, Matthias 
Aspen, & D'- Sam. Duffield of Phil''- 

Corresponding members proposed : Rev*^ Chauncey Whit- 
tlesey of N. Haven, Rev*^ Nat. Hooker, of Hartford, Rev*^ 8. 
West of Dartmouth, & Col. Francis Lee of Virginia. 

1768, Dec. 20, State House. (V. P. Shippen & Bond ; Sees. 
Ewing & Smith ; Pemberton, Fox, Syng, Alison, Rhoades, 
Shippen Jr., Jones, Bradford, Farmer, Redman, Kuhn,*Wil- 
liamson, T. Bond, Dickinson, Davidson, Kinnersley, & Jon, 

Hignet Keeling's proposal relating to the Improvement of 
the Silk Manufactory was referred to the Com. on Husb. k 
Amer. Improvements. 

D'- Jaa. Weems Moore's letter concerning the Bite of a 
Battle-Snake was read & referred to the Medical Committee* 

Election of members : Gage, Johnson, Logan, Hicks, 
Aspin [5i>], Duffield, Whittlesay [5ic], Hooker, West & Lee. 
[See above.] 

uj)r. Williamsou mentioned that he had received some 
curioui Papers from D' [blank] of Florida on Natural Ilis- 

December. ■^l 1768. 

tory &c., which were referred to the Committee of Nat. His- 

"The Committee ... to confer . . . acquainted the So- 
ciety that they had drawn up their Report in Writing ; 
which being twice read; an addition was proposed to the 
4"3 Article & some alteration in the 5'.'? and 8^?, and some 
members from the other Society, having in the mean time 
delivered a message to this Society, importing that the other 
Society were now met on Purpose to wait the Result of this 
Society concerning the Plan of Union ; D"^ Smith & D'- 
Shippen jun"" were appointed to accompany the said mem- 
bers to lay before them the Proposed addition and altera- 
tions, who being returned, informed this Society that the 
same were cheerfully agreed to by the other Society. Then 
ordered that the Report & Articles as now amended, be 
entered on the minutes as finally settled, as follows, viz. 

" The Committee appointed at last meeting of this Society to confer with 
the Committee of the American Society held at Philad* for promoting useful 
Knowledge do report that they had twice met the said Committee in order 
to prepare the way for uniting both Societies, agreeable to the Instructions 
given them. 

"That the first meeting was at M"" Bryne's on Tuesday Evening, No- 
Tember the 6"" ; and the whole Terms as then settled are as follows, viz. 

"Whereas two Societies subsist in this City, whose Views «fc Ends are 
the same, viz. The Advancement of useful Knowledge ; and it being 
judg«d that their Union would be of public Advantage ; it was agreed that 
such Union should take Place, on Terms of perfect Equality ; & for that 
Purpose it was thought reasonable — 

"That a new Name, made out of the former Names of both should be 
fixed for the United Society, and the following Name was accordingly 
agreed to. viz. 

"The American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for promo- 
ting Useful Knowledge." 

"2. That besides the members which stand proposed, no new Members 
be proposed or elected by either Society till this Treaty is finished. 

"3. That the first meeting of the united Society be at the College, on 
Monday the 2'* of January next, at 6 o'Clock in the Evening. 

"4. That there shall be one Patron, one President, three vice presidents, 
one Treasurer, four Secretaries & three Curators ; & that all the said Offi- 
cers be chosen by Ballot, at the first meeting, viz. the said 2"* Day of 
January ; (excepting only that instead of electing a Patron, a Committee of 
the united Society be appointed at said meeting, to wait on the Governor 

December. •^^ 1768. 

of^the Province & to request him to be Patron) wliich Olficers shall con- 
tinue in their Respective Offices till the first meeting of the United Society 
whicli shall be in January 1770 ; -when & at every first meeting of January 
which shall be in everj- Year there shall be a new Election of Officers. 

"5. That after the Union a Committee be appointed to form a new Sett* 
of Laws, taking in what maj' be thought proper out of the former Laws of 
both Societies. 

"6. Tliat jach Society, before the first of January- pay off their Respec- 
tive Debts and the Treasurei-s of the former Societies shall account & settle 
with tlie New Treasurer to be chosen & pay him the Balances in their 

"7. That the Boolis & all the Curiosities &c of the former Societies be 
deposited in the Cabinet or elsewhere as the United Society shall direct. 

"8. That in tht' joint Publication which it may be thought proper to 
make of the Transactions of the former Societies, no preference shall be 
given to the Papers of either, but they shall be arranged & digested accord- 
ing to their Subjects & Dates. 

•'9. That there shall be a New Book of the future Transactions of the 
United Socletj- ; beginning with the following Preface, or Declaration, viz. 

" Whereas [a repetition of the above] 

"This Book therefore is to contain only the Transactions of the United 
Society under tlie Name aforesaid. What further relates to the Terms ot 
luiion, as, well as the former Transactions of each Society, being antecedent 
to the Commencement of this Book, may be found in the old Books de- 
posited in the Cabinet." 

" D'- Smith informs the Society that he had received from 
M'- Barton some very interesting Papers written by Mayor 
Rogers concerning tlie Trade &c at Mich ilimackinack, which 
were referred to the Com. on Trade & Commerce." 

" M*"- Thos. Bond & M""' Robt. Strcttel Jones are appointed 
to collect the yearly Siibscri[)tion money of the Members & 
to pay the same into the Hands of the Treasurer." 

[Two blank jiages follow k then four pages, ruled, of the 
" Laws & Regulations of the American Philosophical So- 
ciety," in eleven Sections; Sect. 1. 2 & 8 "passed 26'.'! 
Jany." 17«)8 ; Sect. 4, to 11, "Laws made 8'.'.' March" 17G8.J 

Sect. 1. On the Election of Members. 

[Two blank pages follow ; and then, in six columns, the 
autograph signatures of the menibers of the six Committees. 
At the end of the volume are 20 blank pages, of which 24 
are of a more modern |»apor.] • 

• Klmt written Hot A iiM«rwur<1« coriocUscl to Molt. 

January. ^'* 1768. 

VOLUME 1769-1774. 

[These minutes are contained in a book of 176 pages 
which begins thus:] 

" Minutes of the American Philosophical Society, held at Phila- 
delphia, for promoting useful Knowledge.^' 

" Two societies having heretofore subsisted" [&c, as 
directed by previous order of December 20, 1768 ; see above]. 

1769. Jan. 2 [Monday]. At the College. 

" Present 89 mombere." 

" The members being met in order to proceed to au Elec- 
tion of Officers agreeable to the article of Unioti, appointed 
M'- Philip Syng & John Foxcroft Esq. to preside as Judges 
of the Election & the Rev^ Doctr. Willm. Smith & Charles 
Thompson to be Secretaries for the evening. 

" They then proceeded to ballot by each member giving in 
a list of such persons as he chose for Officers of the Society 
for the present year, and the Tickets being read over and 
the votes Counted the following Members of the Society 
were declared duly elected, viz. 
^ " President, Benjamin Franklin Esq' LL.D. 
" Vice presidents, Doctr. Thomas Cadwalader 
Doct. Thomas Bond & 
Joseph Galloway Esq"^ 
" Treasurer, M"^ Philip Syng 
" Secretaries, M'' Charles Thompson 

The Rev<* Doct William Smith 

M' Thomas Mifflin 

The Rev"^ M"" John Ewing. 

January- -^^ 1769, 

" Curators, Doctr. Adam Kuhn 
Doctr. John Morgan 
M'- Lewis Nicola 

" The President being absent Doctr. Thomas Bond was 
placed in the Chair and agreeable to the Articles of Union 
a Committee composed of the three Vice presidents was ap- 
pointed to wait on the Governor and request him to be 
Patron of the Society. 

" The Vice presidents are also desired to inform D'^ B. 
Franklin, now in London, of his Election. 

Messrs S. Rhoads, Js. Pemberton, Ed. Shippen junr. Jas. 
Tilghman, Ed. Pennington, & G. Roberts with the four Sec- 
retaries, a Committee to draught Laws. — Adjourned to 
Monday, 16*1^ at 6 P. M. 

1769. Jan. 16. At the College. (Cadwalader, T Bond, 
Galloway, Tilghman, Pemberton. Syug, Rhoads, Foxcroft, 
Bringhurst, Clem. Biddle, Davidson, Nicola, R. S. Jones, 
Clarkson, Clark, Kuhn, Alexander, Pearson, Levezy [sic]., E. 
Pennington, Jos. Shippen, Jas. Allen, E. Biddle, Bartram, 
"Worral, Okeley, Sellers, W. Shippen, Morgan, W. Shippen 
jun., Murgatroyd, Evans, Clifford, Aspden, Hollings worth, 
T. Bond jun. & Morris., W. Smith, Ewing & Thomson, Se- 

The Vice Presidents report that the Governor declined to 
be Patron. 

Draught of Laws read & laid over " in the hands of Charles 
Thompson for the view of such members as please to peruse 

Sample of Chinese Vetches, six bottles of Soy and six 
pounds of j>owdored Sago, presented with a letter from S. 
Bowen of Georgia. 

Sir W"* JohtiHoti's letter of thanks for membership. 

D. Cirillo (of Naples) letter of thanks lor being proposed 
for membership . . . . " intimating that they have in Italy 
a groat many trees, fruits & plants . . . of great use to 

February. ^'*' 17W. 

human life, & which may be easily introduced into Amer- 
ica. That in the Kingdom of Naples are several plants 
very good for making artificial Grass, and especially one 
. . . Hedysanum coronariura . . . spring aivi summer . . 
best grass . . . winter . . . very good hay." — Adjourned to 
Friday, 20, 6 P. M. 

1769. Jan. 20. At the College. (37 present.) 

The Sago, Soy & Vetches " lately introduced into Georgia 
by S. Bowen " with his letter & description were " deferred 
until the laws were passed k the Committees formed." 

The Draught of Laws was read, debated & Articles 1 to 
7, & 9 to 12 agreed to. The 8'*' relating to Curators was 
recommitted to D' Bond, the 3 Curators and 4 Secretaries, 
to frame anew. — Adjourned to 1** Friday of Feb'y, 6 P.M. 

1769. FeVy 8. At the College. (24 present.) 

Article 8'^ was read, amended & added to the rest. " The 
whole as passed are as follows :" 


Op the Payments to be made by Members. 

Every member of this Society shall subscribe Ten shillings yearly, to be 
applied by the Society to such purposes as they shall direct, and no mem- 
ber shall be entitled to a vote in the annual Election of Officers, unless it 
appears that he has paid into the hands of the Treasurer the subscription 
of the preceding year and all former arrears, if any there were. 

Every member hereafter to be chosen agreeable to the laws of this So- 
ciety shall pay Ten shillings admission money and also subscribe the 
yearly payment of Ten shillings before he is entitled to have any vote in 
the business of the Society at their meetings. 


Of the Election of Members. 

The Election of new members shall be by ballot, and that only on the 
third Friday in the months of January, April, July and October : and m 
order to such election at least Twenty members must be present. 

Any member may at any meeting propose such person or persons as he 

February. ■^ 17«». 

thinks proper to be a member or members of the Society ; but no person 
shall be balloted for, unless his name together with the name or names of 
the member or members, who proposed him has been filled up by the sec- 
retaries for the view of the Society at the two meetings preceding the time 
of election : nor ^all any person be deemed duly chosen, unless three- 
fourths of the votes of the whole members met be in his favor. 


Op the Officers and Ma.nmer of their Election. 

The election of such Officers as are to be chosen in this Society shall be 
on the first friday in January every year by ballot on written ticket, be- 
tween the hours of two and five in the afternoon, at such place in this city 
as shall be fixed by the Society at their previous meeting on the third 
friday in December every year, of which notice shall be given ia the Q&z- 
zette or such other publick papers as the Society shall order, at least one 
week before the day of election. Before opening the election the Company 
that shall have met at half an hour after two, shall appoint three members 
of the Society as judges of the election, and also two clerks or secretaries. 

In case of an equality of votes for any Officer after casting up the ballots, 
the decision shall be by lots to be drawn by one of the Judges. 


Of the President. 

The President is to preside at all meetings, to preserve Order, to regu- 
late the debates and to state and put questions agreeable to the sense and 
intention of the members. 


Of the Vice presidents. 

In the absence of the President, his duty shall devolve on the vice presi- 
dents, 80 that they shall preside alt(!rnately at meetings : but if that vice 
president, whose turn it is to preside at any meeting should be absent, his 
place shall be supplied by any of the otlier vice presidents, who may be 
preMDt according as tliey may be next in turn : if only one vice president 
be present, he .shall of course preside : and if neither the President nor any 
rice president be present, the members met shall appoint one of their num- 
ber t<) take the cliair for that Evening. 


Of i iiic Tkicahuukr. 

The TreMuror sliall receive the Hubscripllon of the members and all 
other monies that may become due to the Society, and shall pay the same 

February. ■^* 1769. 

agreeable to their orders certifyed to him by the Presideut, vice president, 
or member who was in the chair, when the order was made. He shall keep 
a regular account of all monies received and paid by him as aforesaid, and 
once every year or oftener, if required by the society, he shall render an 
account to them of the stock in his hands and the disbursements made by 
their order, and shall deliver up to his successor the books and all papers 
belonging to them, together with the balance of Cash in his hands, and for 
the faithful discharge of his trust he shall before he enters on his Office 
give bond and security to the president and vice presidents, in double the 
Sum which they or any three of them shall judge he may probably become 
entrusted with during his said Office. 


Of the Secretaries. 

The Secretaries shall so settle matters as to take equal shares of all 
business, and so as that two of them shall serve at every meeting viz one 
to take the minutes and one to read all letters and papers that may be 
communicated to the society. It is also the business of the two secretaries 
of each particular meeting to copy into the minute book the proceedings of 
that meeting in order to produce the same fair to the next meeting. They 
are further to copy into the proper books all such Letters, papers and 
essays as the society may think fit to preserve on record to have the same 
ready to lay before the next ensuing meeting. The other two secretaries, 
in the meanwhile are to give notice to new members of their election, and 
agreeable to the directions of the society to write or answer letters and in 
general to manage all matters of correspondence. 

The secretaries may, for their own ease, change places so that the two 
who have served as corresponding secretaries for one month or limited 
time, shall take their turn to serve for the same time as sitting or attending 


Of the Curators. 

The Business of the Curators shall be to take charge of and preserve all 
specimens of natural productions whetherof the animal, vegetable or fossil 
kingdom, all models of machines and Instruments ami all other matters 
and things belonging to the society which shall be committed to them ; to 
class and arrange them in their proper orders and keep an exact list of 
them with the names of the respective donors in a book provided for that 
purpose, which book shall be laid before the society as often as called for. 
The curators upon entering on their Office shall give such a receipt for 
every thing that is committed to their charge, as the society shall think 
proper, and at the end of the term ^hall deliver up the same to their sue- 

February. ^O 1709. 

cessors. For the faithful performance of their duty and of the trust reposed 
in them they shall give bond to the President and vice presidents in such 
a sum as they or any three of them shall require. 


Op the Meetings op the Society. 

The ordinary meetings of the society shall be the first and third fridays 
of every month from October to May both inclusive at six o'clock in the 
evening, and on the third friday in each of the other four months at seven 

No meeting shall be continued after ten o'clock, nor any new matter be 
introduced by motion or otherwise after nine o'clock. 

Of the Disposition op Money & Making New Laws. 

No part of the Society's stock shall be disposed of in premiums or other- 
wise, nor shall any new laws be made until the same have been proposed 
at one meeting and agreed to by two-thirds of twenty or more members 
present at a subsequent meeting. 


Of othek Pkocekdinqb of the Society. 

No questions shall be put on a motion, unless the motion be seconded ; 
and tlio determination shall be by ballot instead of open suffrage, if desired 
by any four members. In case of equality of votes on any question the 
same shall be deferred to another meeting. 

When any member speaks he sliall stand up and address himself to the 
chair, and the rest shall remain silent in their seats. When two or more 
offer to speak at the suine time, the presiding member in that as in other 
matters of order shall regulate and determine who sluill speak first. 


Of Comhittbbb. 

The members of thlH Kocloty shall be classed into one or more of the fol- 
lowing comniiltccs. 

1. QcoKraphy, Mathematics, nuturul philosophy «fe Astronomy. 

2. Medicine and Anatomy. 

February. ^ 1760. 

3. Natural history and Chemistry. 

4. Trade and commerce. 

5. Mechanics and Architecture. 

6. Husbandry and American Improvements. 

These committees shall meet on their own adjournments and at such 
other times as tlie society shall appoint for the consideration of any matters 
referred to them, and shall have power to chuse [sic] their own chairman. 
But no committee as such shall take up any new business of the society, 
but shall confine themselves only to the subjects for which they are ap- 
pointed and to matters referred to them by the society. 

The Telescope being " speedily expected " it was ordered 
that Sees. Rhoads and Pemberton prepare an address to the 
Assembly on the occasion. 

Dissertation on the method of destroying Wild Garlic, 
from H. Hollinsworth of Elk Ridge, was read & referred 
to the Com. of Husb. & Am. Improvements. 

A sample of Asbestos from H. Hollinsworth was present- 
ed and delivered to the Curators. 

An account of West Florida, by Daniel Clark, was read, 

" Mention being made therein of Doctor Larimore * 
who invented the universal magnetic needle, which gives 
the dip and variation at the same time, & who intends to 
observe the ensuing transit of Venus." 

Ordered that the Secretaries answer M"^- Clark and request 
the favour of his Observations. 

The Soy and Sago of S. Bowen were referred to the Com. 
Nat. Hist. & Chem., and the Vetches to the Com. Husb. 
& Am. Improvements. 

" Agreed that at the next meeting, Committees be ap- 
pointed to observe the transit of Venus." — Adjourned to 
Tuesday next, 6 P. M. at the College ; notice of the extraor- 
dinary meeting to be published in the newspaper on Mon- 

• Mentioned In the Proceedings of Feb'y 21, as Dr. Lorrimore of Pentaoola. 

February. 0\) jygg 

1769, Feby. 7, College. (21 present.) 

Draft of Address to the Assembly read, amended, altered 
& approved, as follows : 

To the honourable the Representatives of the freemen of the Province 
of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met. 

The humble address of the American Philosophical Society held at 
Philadelphia for promoting nseful knowledge. 


The kind reception which the late honourable house of Assembly, at 
their session in September, were pleased to give to the humble address 
presented to them by one of the Societies, whereof this Society is now 
composed, and the generous vote passed in pei-suance of that address, to 
purchase a reflecting Telescope with its proper apparatus for observing 
the ensuing transit of Venus, are evidences that the house were actuated 
by a laudable desire to promote useful knowledge and the reputation of 
their country : and therefore it was judged by the gentlemen, who pre- 
sented that address, a duty incumbent on them to acknowledge, in the 
most public manner, the grateful light, in which this mark of favour and 
protection from the representatives of their country ought to be considered 
by every lover of science and useful arts in the province. 

But as an union of two societies, which at that time pursued the same 
ends on diflferent foundations, hath since happily taken place, and we are 
now, in our united state to share the common benefit of the assembly's 
generosity, we therefore beg leave, in the- most humble manner, to express 
our grateful sense of the public countenance given by the late honourable 
Assembly to the designs, for which we are associated, and to request the 
continuance of the like favour and protection from your honourable house, 
in the further prosecution of those designs, so far as they may appear cal- 
culated to promote the public good. 

It would be needless, on this occasion, to point out to you, how many 
and various benefits may accrue to any country, and especially to young 
colonies, from a society instituted on so extensive a plan as that of the 
American Society held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge. 
The experience of ages shews, that by sucli institutions, arts and sciences 
in general are advanced ; useful discoveries made and communicated ; 
many ingeniouft artists, who miglit otherwise remain in obscurity, drawn 
forth, patronized and placed in public usefulness ; and (what is of great 
consequence to tlicso young countries, especially in their present situation) 
every domestic improvement, that may help either to save or acquire 
wealth, may, by such means, be more ellectually ctirried on. While such 
are our views, wo (latter ourselves, we shall never solicit the countenance 
of the Assembly of Pennsylvania In vnin. 

February. «^1 • 17W. 

We, therefore now beg leave to renew the request, that you would be 
pleased to make some further provision for carrying into execution the 
observation of the ensuing transit, which is an object of so much impor- 
tance, that most of the civilized states in Europe appear to be desirous of 
lending assistance in it. As the use of the Telescope, under such direc- 
tions as you may think proper, will be necessary as soon as it arrives, we 
farther pray, that leave may be given for erecting an Observatory in the 
State house ground ; and that you would grant such public assistance, as 
you may think convenient, for erecting the same and also for making an 
observation of the transit, at least as far westward as Fort Pit [sic], which 
will be of great use compared with Observations, in this and other places 
more to the eastward. 

Signed by order and in behalf of the Society. 

Ordered, that the same be copied fair and signed by the vice president 
for the night, and presented to the Assembly. 

Transit of Venus Committee : Ewing, Prj'^or, Shippen 
junr., Williamson, W. Smith, Rittenhouse, Lukens, Dickin- 
son, Alexander, Owen Biddle, Pearson, Sellers, Thompson & 
Wra. Poole. 

Secretaries ordered to prepare a rough draft of " a note or 
certificate to be sent to distant members to inform them of 
their election." 

1769, Feby. 17, College. (23 present.) 

Committees on Natural History & Chemistry, and on Hus- 
bandry & American Improvements were desired to meet at 
the College on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 

Form of note or certificate of Election read and agreed to, 



"Sir. We are ordered to inform you that the American Philo- 
sophical Society held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge, 
have chosen you a member & hope you will unite your endeavours with 
them in carrying their plan into execution. — Signed by order of the So- 
ciety " &c. 

Ordered 250 " on good paper with proper blanks." 

V. P. Bond reported the presentation of the address to the 

Assembly by two of the Secretaries. 

Observatory: — Agreed that Rhoads, Pennington, Rob. 

Smith & the Transit Committee, be a Committee to em- 

March. • O^ 1788. 

ploy a workman & erect an Observatory for "a sum not 
exceeding £60," "if they cannot find among the houses be- 
longing to the Assembly, one fit for the purpose." 

A method of preserving Peas from the Bugs in a letter 
from Peter Miller. 

" A computation of the cost of cutting a canal, &c., from 
the head of Chester River in Maryland ... & the head 
of Duck creek . . into Delaware bay" was read and referred 
to the C. on A. Improvements. 

" On the propagation of the Chestnut tree & the advan- 
tages resulting from it " was read and referred. 

" An account of au Aurora borealis observed at Lancas- 
ter, Jany. 5, 1769" was read and referred to the C.,on N. 

The C. on the Transit of Venus " are desired to meet at 
the College on Monday evening in order to class themselves." 

" Obs, on the Fur and Peltry trade in the district of Mich- 
ilimackinac " by Maj. Rogers was postponed. 

1769. March 3. College. (T. Bond; Pemberton, Kin- 
nersley, Bradford, Tooke, Aspen, Morgan, Shippen, Ship- 
pen, Jr., Williamson, Powell, Drinker, Nicola, Fisher, C. 
Biddle, Wynkoop, Bringhurst, Jones, Clifford, Bartram, 
Gibson, James, Clarkson, Hollingsworth, Pearson & Rob- 
erts; Syng, Thomson, Smith, Secretaries.) 

" It having been debated . . . 

" Beaolved . . . Reports of Committees, when brought in, shall be read 
Paragraph by Paragraph ; and so much of such Reports as shall bu agreed 
to by the members . . . present . . or the majority . . . togetlier with 
such additions or amendments as they may judge proper, sluvU be entered 
on the Minutes as the act of the Society. And the Original Reports, signed 
.... prcHfrvcd ..." 

The H. Bowon'rt Comniunicrttions Committee then re- 
ported, that tliunks bo returned, "especially for his inge- 
nious account of the Chinese Vetches . . . . " 

The Other Committee were recommended to " make some 

March. ^'^ 1769. 

experiments on " the respective qualities of the samples of 
Soy & Sago, & report. 

Ordered that some . . . Vetches be distributed to . . . 
Peraberton, J. & J. Bartram, J. Morgan, J. Rhea, Abel 
James, T. Clifford, J. Gibson & G. Roberts." 

The Committee reporting on Hollingeworth's letter about 
Wild Garlic, the letter was ordered to be prepared for publi- 
cation "for the Benefit of Farmers &c together with the 
substance of the letter from M*"' Peter Miller, giving some 
useful Hints for raising Pease free from the Bug ;" and 
Members & Farmers were recommended to " make Trial of 
the Method" & communicate results. 

The Committee on Chestnut Timber " not having had 
leisure fully to digest the matter" were to report again. 

Sundry new communications were postponed. 

1769. 3farch 17. College. (Bond ; Alison, Nicola, Jon. 
Smith, B. Davis, M. & G. Clarkson, Alexander, Bringhurst, 
"VVells, Kinnersley, Clifford, Pearson, Pemberton, Fisher, 
Murgatroyd, Jones, Bradford, Kuhn, "Williamson, Shippen 
Sen. & Jun. ; Smith, Thomson, Ewing & Mifflin, Secretaries.) 

Resolved, that the late Address to the Assembly be immediately pub- 
lished, with a copy of the Assembly's Resolution. 

" Method of making Tea from the Red Root," in a letter 
from D*"- Brook of Mallapany* was referred to the Commit- 
tee on Natural History to report " & prepare a letter to Him 
with such Directions as they can give for Curing the Plant." 
To meet Thursday, 6 P. M. 

1769. April 7. College. (Bond & 16 others.) 

Committee on Brook's letter " not having been able to 
procure a Meeting," to be summoned by M""- Nicola to meet 
next Friday. 

" Method of curing the Bite of the Rattle-snake, for which 

* Mattapany f The " t " s are not crossed and much resemble the " 1 " a. 

April. o4 1769. 

Sampson, a negro, had got his Freedom and a Premium by 
Act of Assembly of Carolina" in a letter from D""- Jas. 
Weems Moore of Charlestown [^sic] S. C. was referred to the 
Med. Com. Thursday next. 

Com. for Am. Imp. and for Trade & Commerce are ap- 
pointed to meet " Monday Se'ennight, to digest the Papers 
now lying before the Society, for opening a Canal . . . ; to 
prepare a Scheme of application to the Merchants &c. of this 
city, for defraying the Expense of taking the proper Levels 
and examining what will be the best Place of cutting a 
Canal ... & the probable Expense of Carrying the De- 
sign into Execution." Jones to summon the Committees. 

1769, April 21. College. (Bond; & 30 others.) 

D""- Shippen to write to D""- Moore. 

Com. on the Canal reported a Draft of an Application to 
the Merchants &c. which was approved. Pennington [sic]^ 
Drinker, Rhea, Clifford & Jon. Smith, a Committee " to pre- 
sent the same to the Merchants," viz. 

To THE Mekchants and otheus op Philadelphia : 

"The American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia for promo- 
"ting Useful Knowledge, have had sundry Proposals laid before them 
"for opening a Canal,- between the Navigable Waters of Delaware & 
" Chesopeak Bays ; representing that the same might be done in several 
"places, but particularly between the Heads of Bohemia and a Branch of 
"Apoquiniminck, called Drawyer's Creek, where, upon an accurate 
"Mensuration, the Distance between the Tide-Waters of the One Bay & 
" the other is found to be but 12.00 Perches, or about W'l Miles. And it 
"having been further represented tliat the Execution of such an Under- 
"taking would be of the greatest Benefit to the general Trade, both of 
"Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well by Opening an Inland Water Com- 
"municution between them for a safe and easy E.xcliango of Commodities, 
"as by drawing the Produce of the rich and growing Settlements on Sus- 
"queliannah and its Branches down that River to the Ports in ]\Iaryland, 
"to bo from tiierice either immodiatoly exported or sent to Philadelphia, 
"m OcaiHion might rffjuire. 

"And lastiy, it having been further recommended to the Society, as a 
" matter worthy of their Attention to appoint proper Persons to take tlio 
"neoettary Luveli, to compare the respective Times of liigh Water in both 

May. 35 1799. 

"Bays at the Places proposed, and to examine which would be the best 
" place for cutting such Canal, with the probable expense thereof. 

"The Society, therefore, willing to encourage such a laudable Under- 
" taking, as far as in their power, have agreed to appoint proper Persons 
"for the Services aforesaid; but as, in their present Infant State, their 
"Funds are inadequate to such an Undertaking, they have found it neces- 
"sary to make this application to the Merchants & others of Philad* whose 
" known public Spii'it leaves no Room to doubt of their Readiness to assist 
"in the Design " 

To the above Application was annexed the following 

Form op Subscription, viz : 

"We the Subscribers do hereby promise to pay the Sum respectively 
"affixed to our Name, into the Hands of M'- Philip Syng, or the Treasurer 
" of the American Philos. Society, held at Philad* &c for the Tune being ; 
"in Order to defray the Expense of taking the proper Levels, & examining 
"which will be the best place for opening a Canal, between the Waters of 
"Delaware & Chesopeak Bays." 

Com. of Nat. Hist, to be summoned by D'- Kuhn to meet 
at the College, Friday, " to prepare Directions for Curing the 
Red-root Tea-plant." 

A letter from J)'- Lorrimer of Florida to D""- Williamson 
was read & referred to C. of Nat. Philosophy for answer. 

Election of New Members: — Rev*^ D*"- Jno Witherspoon, 
Prest. Coll. N. J. ; Rev'> D'- Myles Cooper, Prest. Coll. N. Y. ; 
Col. Landon Carter, Va. ; D""- Otto of Bethlehem ; M""- Dan. 
Clark; D--- Lorimer [sic'], Fl*-; D'- Brooke, Md. ; D'- Prime, 
N. Y. ; D--- Jno. Jones, N. Y. ; M'- S. Bowen, S. C. ; and Sam. 
Shoemaker, Esq. of Philadelphia. 

1769. 3Iay 3. (Bond ; Thos. Pryor, M. Aspden, & 22 others.) 

"W. P. Syng, "agreeable [sic] to the Rules of the Society, 
delivered in his & E. Physick's bond of £500, conditioned 
for the faithful discharge of his duty as Treasurer." His 
account showed a ballance [sic] of £ 98 •• 14 •• 1. Bond 
delivered for keeping to T. Bond, v. p. and account to be 
audited by Mifflin & Thomson. 

D'- W. Shippen jun. to write to D'- Moore. 

The Merchants Committee reported that " they had con- 

May. 36 1769. 

vened a number of the merchants" . . "the design was 
highly approved, and a Subscription was immediately be- 
gun, which already amounted to £140." 

Messrs. Lukens, Clarkson, Sellers, & Rumsay " were ap- 
pointed to go & examine which will be the most proper 
place for cutting the canal, to take the proper levels, to com- 
pare the respective times of high water on both bays & see 
whether a direct communication can be opened by a canal, 
or whether locks and dams are necessary, & if so, what head 
of waters to supply those dams, to make an estimate of the 
probable expense ... & report ..." 

The Merchants Com. to thank the merchants, & ask them 
to add their own members to the Survey committee. " As 
it may be in the power of many gentlemen to lend assistance 
in the prosecution of the design, their countenance & con- 
currence will be gratefully Acknowledged by the Society.'^ 

" Types made by Abel Buel of Connecticut " were referred 
to T. Bradford to examine. 

Com. N. Hist, desired to prepare directions for curing the 
red root Tea plant and report at the next meeting. 

Transit of Venus Com. to meet at the College Monday 
evening "to prepare themselves for the observation and to 
send to the press some account of the instruments lately 

1769. Maij 19. (Bond and 1 2 others.) 

Auditing committee reported the accounts correct ; also 

" The honorable House of representatives had generously 
granted tlie privilege of erecting the Observatory in the 
State liouse yard," and voted £100 for erection and obser- 
vation, "to be paid to the Society's Treasurer;" also that 

The Committee of Feby. 17tli, " had agreed with Jas. 
Pearson to erect the Observatory to a plan delivered him, 
for . , a sum not exceeding £00." An order had been 
drawn on the Treasurer for £10 in advance for materials. 




Balance now in Treasurer's hands £98 •• 14 •• 1, as per account 
following : — 

To cash paid sundries be- 
fore the late Union. 

April 14th, 1769, To d° p" 
Jas. Pearson V order. 

To ballance due to y" So- 







By cash rec'' entrance "j 
from 43 members be- > 
fore late Un ) 

1769, April 18th. By cash 1 
of Owen Jones by order ! 
of the Assembly of y* j 
Prov J 




" C. Thomson & T. Mifflin are desired to request the 
favour of M"^- Bradford to collect the money subscribed for 
defraying the expense of examining the best place ... be- 
tween Delaware & Chesapeake bays, and ... to pay ... to 
the Society's Treasurer." 

The Com. reported that the Merchants had nominated Jos. 
Ellicot, Rich. Silliforth, W. Killen & J. Stapler to join in 
the examination. 

" Com. of N. Hist, are continued on the service to which 
they were appointed last meeting." 

Owen Biddle reported that the Transit Com. had met 
"& classed themselves for the service; that Mr. Luken's 
public and private engagements not permitting him to 
attend the making an observation on the western line and 
there being no other found, who was willing to undertake 
it, the observation . . . there was dropped ; that it was agreed 
to observe at Philadelphia, at Norrington, and at the Capes ;" 
that Shippen, Ewing, Prior & Williamson would observe 
at Phil* ; D""- Smith, Lukens, Sellers, & Rittenhouse at Nor- 
rington ; & Owen Biddle at the Capes, using the telescope 
generously granted him by " the library company of Phila- 
delphia," taking an assistant, & setting out " in a day or 

" The Society agree to defray the expences of 0. Biddle 
& his assistant . . an order is drawn on the Treasurer ... for 

May. 38 1769. 

Bond and Rhoads to ask the Speaker of the Assembly to 
return thanks for the Society. 

Treasurer desired to pay out of the money rec*^ from the 
merchants such sum as the Canal Committee shall draw for 
expenses while on that service. 

Pearson, having finished the Observatory, wanted money ; 
the vice president was desired to draw for him £40. 

" Adjourned to meet here to-morrow evening at 5 o'clock." 
Secretaries to notify members. 

1769. May 20. On adjournment. (Bond k 27 others.) 

The classification of observers was approved. 

" The Society next enquired how the several Observers 
were to be furnished with proper instruments, and were 
informed by M""- Ewing that M''- Jos. Shippen intended to use 
a small reflecting Telescope belonging to the hon'l® Prop''; 
. . . M'- Pryor had a good reflecting Telescope of his own 
. . . That it was proposed to apply to Miss Norris for the 
use of a large refracting Telescope in her possession for D""- 
"Williamson .... he himself [M'- Ewing] . . '. with the 
Telescope belonging to the Assembly of the Province ; that 
M' Prior had furnished a good Time piece : k that they had 
a transit or equal altitude Instrument and a sector belong- 
ing to the hon'l.'® Prop**, which were fitted up at the Observa- 
tory for ascertaining the true Meridian, adjusting the Clock, 

" That at Norrington M'- Rittenhouse had a good time 
piece, an equal altitude Instrument, and a refracting Tele- 
scope ; that a new reflecting Telescope with a micrometer 
was just arrived, which the hon'i'." Proprietaries had gener- 
ously })urchaflcd and sent over on the occasion, & which 
they de«ircd to present to the College. Besides these they 
liad one or two refracting telescopes which they intended to 
fit up for the purpose. 

"That M'- Biddlo had a time piece and equal altitude 



Instrument of his own ... & the Library Company . . . 
had granted him the use of their large reflecting Telescope." 

Ewing, Williamson and C. Thomson to wait on Miss Nor- 
ris to request the use of her Telescope. 

A short paragraph from Franklin's letter read, thanking 
for his election. 

Letter from the Speaker of the Assembly to D'- Bond (& 
M'- Rhoads.) " Sir, agreeable to the request of the philosoph- 
ical society the house of Assembly have ordered that they 
have the use of the Telescope &c . . . . The Assembly have 
not as yet made any further order . . . but propose to do it 
before they adjourn .... Jos Galloway." 

Survey committee, on motion, was requested to examine 
" the ground between French town on Elk and New Ham- 
burgh on Delaware." 

" A model of a new invented wind mill" received from 
M""- Gilpin, was referred to the C. of Mechanics and Archi- 
tecture, to meet next Friday evening to examine it & report. 

" A cag of Berry seed " from J. Maris, with a letter stat- 
ing that it " produces an Oyl equal in quality to Florence 
oyl, some say preferable ; that its produce is amazingly 
great." Planted 10 seed to a hole. 3 feet apart ; plants to 
be thinned out, leaving 3 or 4 in a hole; grows in pods & 
gathered full grown & dry. Isaac Bartram to experiment 
with some, & the rest to be distributed among the members 
to plant. Thanks voted to M'- Maris. 

" Agreed, that application be made to the Assembly for a 
lot of ground in the state house square, whereon to build a 
house to accommodate the Society." — Bond, James, Clifford, 
Thomson, committee to draft the petition. 

1769. June 16. (Bond & 31 others) 

M""- Gale's letter of inquiry about Abel Buel's types, read. 

Canal committee reported .... "We have viewed the ground, taken 
the level and surveyed the distance between the tide waters in Bohemia 
and Anoquinimy Rivers, & have likewise essayed a calculation of the ex- 

June. 40 1769. 

pense that will attend the cutting of a canal, which we are of opinion may 
be executed with Locks, for . . £40,000. 

" The depth of earth from the highest ground to the level of Navigation 
being verj' great, we have declined making any estimate of what the cost 
might be, to make a clear passage from River to River, as the expense 
would greatly exceed the mode on which our calculations are formed. 

"For a particular account of our work and the calculations we have 
made, we beg leave to refer the Society to the plans of the Survey and ele- 
vation herewith laid before them." Signed June 16. 1769. Lukens, 
Sellers, Clarkson. 

Report &c referred to C. for Am. Improvements. 

Thos. Gilpin, one of the Merchants' appointees exhibited 
" a plan of a canal & elevation . . between Chester river & 
Duck creek, with an estimate" — for flat bottomed boats, 
carrying 1000 bushels, £8050 ; for shallops &c., £28,298.— 

Report that Miss Norris' telescope had been placed in Dr. 
"Williamson's hands. Thanks ordered, and the Telescope to 
be sent home safe. 

Building committee continued. [No report.] 

Transit Committee at Philadelphia reported "that they had met fre- 
quently ... to adjust their instrument.'* & to remove every local obstruc- 
tion . . . On the day of the transit they assembled at the Observatory in 
the morning and took the passage of the sun's eastern «& western limbs over 
the cross hairs of the transit Instrument, that they might be compared with 
the like observations made at the same altitudes of the sun in the after- 
noon, to discover the error of the clock & the lime of apparent noon. This 
observation was frc'([uently madt; before the day of the transit and repeated 
for several days after. Every observer being fixed at his telescope " 

[Here follows the description of the observations occupy- 
ing 4 pages. The report of the Committee elaborated by 
D'- Ewing may be seen in Trans. A. P. S. !"■ Series, Vol. 1, 
pp. 42 to 89.] 

" M'- Owen Biddio . . Capo Ilonlopon . . . laid before the 
Bociety u diary containing a particular account of his »& his 
assiBtant M'- Joel Bailey's Observations as Ibilows" [in 5J 
pages, which were elaborated & published in Trans. A. P. S., 
1«> sericfl, Vol. 1, pp. 89 to 97.] 

"The Vice proaidouts and socrotaries are appointed to pro- 

June. «1 1769. 

pare a sketch of the Institution and design of the Society to 
digest the several papers, which have been laid before it and 
to prepare the whole for the inspection of the Society in or- 
der for their publication." [See Preface to Trans. Vol. 1.] 

" Chas. Thomson read a letter . . from John Jones of In- 
dian river, wherein he mentions his having discovered 
several species of Grapes in his neighborhood." — Referred to 
C. on American Improvements. 

1769. June 30. (Cadwalader, V. P. ; & 14 others.) 

Report of C. on Am. Imp. That thanks be given to the surveyors of the 
Bohemia «fc Apoglnimy line, "But as some other places have been men- 
tioned as suitable for opening a communication . . . and as it is of great 
importance that the best place be fixed on . . . the same gentlemen are 
desired ... to examine the ground between Elk & Hamburg and between 
Elk & Christiana creek, and . . . then to take the level of that place 
which seems the most favourable & make an estimate ..." 

That Messrs Lukens, Sellers, Clarkson, Silliforth & Stapler be allowed 
" 15 sh. per day for the time they were engaged, which was seven days," 
& expenses, total £ 44 •• 11 .-11. 

That the drafts & remarks of the committee be carefully 
preserved among the papers of the Society. 

"That the thanks of the Society be given to Thomas Gilpin for his ser- 
vice & time generously devoted to the public as well in the mensuration & 
levels taken by him from Chester Run to Duck creek as in the drafts of 
the land between the heads of those creeks the plan of a canal & estimate 
of the costs with remarks thereon, all which are to be carefully preserved 
among the society's papers." 

"That as J. Sellers has been at the expense of getting a curious levelling 
Instrument of a new construction made for this particular service the sum 
of 50 sh. be allowed him in part pay for the same provided he will grant 
the society the use of the instrument as oft as they shall have occasion 
for it." 

Com. to collect merchants' subscription ordered to mako 
the merchants a report " & sollicit [sic] payment of the sub- 

Com. on Buel's types reported the metal good, " & that 
they doubt not he will correct the defects that appear .... 
different sizes, standing out of line, & the impression of some 

July. 4^ 1769. 

being too faint." Thanks ordered " for his spirited and use- 
ful undertaking" & " that a specimen of Caslon & Son be 
sent him for his imitation." 

A treatise on the culture of the vine by E. Antill, was re- 
ferred to the Committee on American Improvements. 

A letter on the medicinal uses of Apocymum from Dr. 
Mercer, was read. 

A letter on the Constitution of the Air, its effects on the 
human body &c from D""- Elmer of Bridgetown was read. — 
Both referred to Medical Committee, 

Certificate of Morrice Pound relative to the quantity of 
Vines he had planted & has now growing, referred to C. 
on American Improvements. 

1769. Jdy 20. College. (Bond ; Peter Miller of Ephrata, 
& 17 others.) 

Added to Com. on Sketch of the Institution k Design of 
the Society — D"- Allison [sic], Williamson, Redman, Morgan, 
Shippen jun., Kuhn, & Messrs Bartram, 0. Biddle, Pember- 
ton, Drinker, Jon. Smith, Rhoads, Tilghman, Rhea — " to 
meet here next Monday evening." 

Order on the Treasurer for je20, for Rittcnhouse's ex- 
penses ; je3--17--6, for Lukens' expenses; <£il •• 9 • bal- 
ance of -£31 ••9 due 0. Biddle for expenses. 

A draft of the River Mississippi from the mouth up to 
fort Cbartres, from actual surveys, [surveyor unknown.] 

A draft of the River Mobille [sic\ from the bay of Mobillo 
to Fort Tombeebe [Tombecbe ?] 96 leagues, from actual sur- 
veys by Philip Pilman in 1767. — Both drafts delivered to 
jy- "Williamson by M"" D. Clark, with a request to present 
them to the society. 

The Med. Cora, report " on several matters," unsigned, 
wjiH roturtied to the Com. for signature. 

Transit obs. at Norriton. " D"" Smith laid before the So- 
ciety the following account of the observations of the transit 
of Venus by the Committee at Norriton." 

Aug.— Sept. ^*^ 1769. 

[It occupies 23 paojes, & is to be found in Trans. A. P. S. 
Vol. 1. pp. 8 to 42.] 

" Rev*^ M"" Ewing delivered in the following paper con- 
taining observations and calculations made from the late 
transit viz." [here follow 4 blank pages intended to engross 
what is published on pp. 5 to 8 of Trans. Vol. I.] 

1769. Auff. 18. College. (Syng, chairman & 17 others.) 

Cora, to prepare transactions for the press reported " that 
they had met several times & agreed upon a number of 
papers . . . viz." [1| blank pages, intended for the list.] 

Bond, Smith, Ewing, Thomson, & Mifflin, made a Com- 
mittee " to superintend & correct the press." 

On the Culture of the Currant shrub & a receipt for mak- 
ing currant wine from M"" J. Okely of Bethlehem, read. 

An essay on the culture of hemp, with a letter from the 
hon^.l" M' Antle of Shrewsbury, read. 

1769. Sep. 15. (Bond, W. Shippen, D. Evans, B. Wyn- 
koop, Dr. Kuhn, E. Kennersly [sfe], J. Davidson, R. S. Jones, 
D''- Clarkson, J. Lukens, E. Duflield, Dr. Redman, L. Nicola, 
M. Aspden, D""- Williamson, J. Ewing, W. Smith.) 

" D""- Williamson delivered to the Society a paper, in which 
he endeavored to explain the Theory of the motion of the 
Comets, the Probability of their being inhabited, and to 
account in a new Way for the appearance of their luminous 
train on their near approach to the sun." — Referred to Com, 
of Ast. to meet Monday, 6 P. M. at the College, and publish 
it if they think proper without reporting. 

Smith & Ewing " to agree with M""- Duffield to make a 
timepiece for the use of our Observatory in a plain & cheap 

1769. Oct. 6. (Bond, D'- Cowpar of K York, Evans, 
Coombs, Pemberton, Kinnersly [sic]^ Duffield, Clarkson, 
Smith (W.), Ewing, Thompson.) 

October. " 1789. 

Com. reported Duffield's clock to be ready for the ensu- 
ing transit of Mercury. — Venus Transit Cora, appointed to 
observe Mercury; T. Coorabe added. — "If any other Mem- 
bers . . have Telescopes, it is hoped they will employ them 
. . & communicate their Observations . . ." Persons so intend- 
ing, to meet at the Observatory, Wednesday night, to class 
themselves & prepare. 

Rev*^ J. Ewing & Joel Baily [sic] added ; to proceed with 
all convenient speed. 

" Advertisement for specimens of the different clays to be 
sent to the Society" ordered. 

" On the Bristol Chalybeate waters;" letter from Dr. J. 
Denormandie, read & referred to Med. Com. " to meet this 
day week & report." 

1769. Oct 20. (Bond, Nicola, Rhoads, Gibson, Jones, 
"Williamson, Holling worth, Clarkson, Kinnersly [sic], Rit- 
tenhouse, "W". Smith, Ewing, Thomson, Bond jur.) 

No quorum for election of new members ; election " de- 
ferred 'till the next quarter day." 

Mercury transit Com. to meet at the Obs. 21*f 4 P.M. 

Canal Com. meet at Obs. 21?.' 4 P. M. to *' fix the time 
for setting out on that service." 

Med. Cora, to meet at Mr. Byrn's, Friday, 6 P. M. 

" Agreed, That after every meeting an account be pub- 
lished in the newspapers, of all the papers laid before the 

*'0n cutting & gathering the Bene seed;" letter from 
John Morel of Geo. read. 

1769. Nov. 3. (Alison chairman ; Ewing, Thomson, 
Rhoades, Ivinneraloy [siV,'], Clarkson, Jones jun., Jon. Smith, 
Davidson, Picrson, Williamson, Duftield.) 

Mercury Com. reported progress. 

Canal Com. reported themselves ready to sot out on the 
IS"*. — Copy of minute of appointment for them ordered. — 
Order on the Treasurer for X40 for their expenses. — " They 

November. ^^ 1780. 

are also to examine the ground between the Head of Duck 
Creek & Chester River, & to take the level of it if they should 
judge necessary." 

Med. Com. reported on Denormandie's paper on the Bris- 
tol Waters; ordered for publication in the Transactions. 
Advertisement for clays to be " deferred for some time." 
Pierson's account for building the Observatory & sundry 
other services, " referred to the examination of the gentle- 
men who made the agreement with him," Tuesday next. 

1769. Nov. 17. (Galloway ; Bond, Williamson, D^ Har- 
ris, Rhoades, Alexander, Evans, Bradford, Kennersley [sjc], 

Mercury Com. reported " That they had opportunity of 
making accurate observations, the Result of which should 
be laid before the society at next meeting." 

Levi Hollingsworth & Gilpin " particularly requested to 
attend the Com. appointed to make the Survey & Levels be- 
tween the waters of the Chesopeak \_sic'] & Delaware." 

1769. Dee. 1. (Bond : Redman, Williamson, Morgan, 
Rhoades, Fisher, Pierson, Jones, White, Kennereley, Syng, 
Coombe, Dav. Evans, D""- Shippen ; Ewing, Thomson, D''- 

Treasurer Syng reported " £40 from the Merchants of this 
City," per M"" Bradford " being a further Part of their gen- 
erous Contribution towards examining the most practicable 
places for opening a Canal .... And as some of the Com- 
mittee named for this service have not been able to attend 
the following Gent are now appointed ... & earnestly 
requested to proceed on the Business without Loss of Time, 
viz. — Messrs. Rhodes, Ewing, Hollingsworth, Gilpin, Stape- 
ler, J. Bailey [sic] & Sittiforth, or any four of them." The 
President signed an order for £40, to pay to M'- Rhoads, for 

" An Improvment [sic] on the Construction of Hadley's 

December. ^^ 1769. 

Quadrant, with a proper mathematical Figure & Demonstra- 
tion of the Truth of the proposed Construction" communi- 
cated by M'' Ewiug ; " which he is desired to publish among 
the Transactions of the Society." 

1769. Dec. 15. (Bond ; Pemberton, Kinnersley [sic], 
Coombe, Drinker, Hollingsworth, Evans, Fooks, Nicola, 
Rhodes, Aspden, Morgan, Williamson ; Smith, Ewing, 

Canal Committee. — Two being present, reported " That the 
uncertain Season of the Year, and the Swamps be full [sic^ 
of water, had deterr'd them from proceeding on that Ser- 
vice; but as soon as the Winter should set in, & the 
Swamps be frozen over, they would immediately proceed." 
Jos. Gilpin added to the Committee; to be informed of 
this by M""- Hollingsworth. 

Rev*^ M""- Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal had written to T. 
Penn, respecting some account he had received of the Obser- 
vations on Venus ; Penn sent a copy of the letter to Sec. Dr. 
Smith : — " Greenwich, Aug. 2. 1769. — Sir. I thank you for 
the account of the Pennsylvania Observations which seem 
excellent and compleat [sic] ; and do Honor to the Gentle- 
men who made them .... [The letter occupies a page, 
and expresses a hope of finding the Sun's Parallax, by com- 
paring the Araer. & Europ. Observations " nearer than 
we could depend upon from the Transit of 1761."] " I 
do not yet know whether the Obs. made by Messrs. Mason & 
Dixon in Pennsylvania will suffice to settle the Longitude of 
Philad* to the exactness here requisite. I wish, therefore, to 
receive the Observations of the P]clipses of Jupiter's Satellites 
made there in the Spring of this year, of which D""- Smith 
makes mention .... I wish, also, . . . the Difference of 
Latitude A Longitude between the Philadelphia Observatory 
and the two others at Norriton& the Capes of Delaware, and 
also how much the State house Square differs from the 
Southern i»oint of tlie City of IMiiladolphia to which Messrs. 
Mason & Dixon have refcrrod their ObHorvalious." "I bejr 

January. ^' 1770. 

your acceptance of the inclosed account of my Observations 
of the Transit and Eclipse of the Sun, June 3"* . . . Several 
Pheenomena noted at Norriton, agreed with those observed 
here ; but they have further observed a curious Circum- 
stance at the first entrance of Venus, wch the low alti- 
tude of the Sun, did not permit me to observ here ; as, on 
the other Hand, some Phaenoraena were noted here, wch 
they have not taken notice of." [For Maskelyne's Obs. see 
Trans. A. P. S. Vol. I, pp 105 to 114.] 

[Then follows half a page of " Immersions & Emersions of 
Jupiter's Satellites, observed at Greenwich."] 

Smith, Ewing & Williamson, a Committee to draw up an 
account of the Transits of Venus & Mercury to be communi- 
cated to the Astronomers in Europe, to be transmitted to 
D'- Franklin, as President. 

" A note was given in by M""- Nicola to be added to his 
Piece, on preserving Subjects in Spirits &c." 

Advertisement in the Newspapers of the Annual Election, 
at the College, Jany 5, 2-5 P. M. ordered, " & also notifying 
the Rule relative to the annual Payments to be made by the 
membei'S before they can be admitted to a Vote." 

1770. Jan. 5. 

Election of officers : Ben. Franklin, President. 

Jos. Galloway, D'- T. Bond, Sam. Rhoades, Vice Presi- 

Rev* D'- W. Smith, C. Thomson, T. Mifflin, S. Roberts, 

D"^- Isaac Bartram, D''- B. Rush, 0. Biddle, Curators. 

Philip Syng, Treasurer. 

A letter from Franklin " relative to the Culture of Silk in 
this Province" was read and referred to the Com. on Husb. & 
Am. Improvements. 

February. 4b 1770. 

" D'- Ewina; was respectfully requested to continue his best 
assistance in diocestinor and Publishins: the Transactions of 
last year." 

" A new Invented Leather Bowl, made by B. Peters was 

1770. Jan. 19. (Rhoads & Bond, V. P.— 23 members & 
W. Smith, Sec. = 26.) 

Election of new members: — D'- Fothergill, M""- Ed. Nairne, 
& M'- Jas. Ferguson of Loudon ; D""- Hahn, Prof. Chem. 
Univ. Utrecht ; Lord Sterling of N. Jersey ; M""- John Mo- 
rell of Georgia ; M'- Guald, Surveyor of W. Florida ; M''- 
Joel Bailey of Chester Co. Pa. ; M'- Jos. EUicot [sic] of 
Bucks Co. Pa. ; & M'- Jos. Gilpin of Cecil Co. Md. 

Com. on Silk Culture reported, that they had met twice & 
" prepared the Heads of a scheme" which was read and ap- 
proved & the Com. was " empowered to digest & lay the 
scheme before the . . . Assembly, & to pray their assistance 
in Carrying it into Execution, as being the natural Patrons 
of every Undertaking wch requires the public Countenance 
& Encouragement." 

Canal committee recommending M'- Joseph Horatio Ander- 
Bon, he being present "agreed in a very obliging manner to at- 
tend the Com, whenever they should be prepared to set out ; 
& it was earnestly recommended to the Committee to embrace 
the present opportunity of the frosty Season to proceed on 
their work." 

1770. Feb}/ 2. (Bond & Rhoads. V. P. ; Sam. Purvey- 
ance [sic] & 22 other members ; Smith & Thomson Sees. = 27.) 

Secretaries ordered to notify newly elected members. 

Com. on Silk Culture read their" Form of Representation 
and Petition to the Houhc of Afiscmbly" which tliey thought 
had better go from the whole Society rather than from the 

February, 4;J 1770. 

"To the Honorable" &c— " The Representation or Peti- 
tion of" &c— " Sheweth— That [Here follows four paracrpaphs 
of preamble ending] it is therefore proposed — 

"1. That a public Filature be established at Philadelphia (and after- 
wards at . . . other places in the Province ) for winding Cocoons ; 

. . . managers appointed . . . Cocoons belonging to all who may chuse 
to work up their own Silk . . . ." 

"2. That to encourage all Persons to cultivate Mulberry trees, raise 
Silk-worms & bring their Cocoons . . . managers to pay . . . during 5 
years, the Current Price ... in Georgia ; and .... at the rate of 25 per 
cent on the value for all Cocoons . . . ; & besides . . . bestow the fol- 
lowing yearly Premiums, viz, for 1770, £15 to the Person who sliall raise . . 
the greatest quantity . . . not less than 30,000 ; & £10 . . . next greatest 
quantity, not less than 20,000. In 1771, £ 15 ... . 40.000 and £10 
. . . 30,000, In 1772, £15 . . . 50,000, and £10 . . . 40,000. In 1773, 
£15 .... 60,000 £10 . . . 50,000, and in 1774, £15 . . . 70,000, and 
£10 . . . 60,000 . . . Cocoons raised in the Province. 

" 3. That to enable the managers to pay the aforesaid Premiums, estab- 
lish the Filature, purchase Cocoons & employ Servants for the work, it 
seems necessary that a sum not less than £500 p. annum should be ap- 
propriated during the aforesaid Term of five Years." 

"Tlie Society therefore Pray — That the Hon^ie House of Assembly .... 
nominate & appoint proper managers ... to receive out of the Provincial 
Treasury the aforesaid yearly sum, & ... all Silk . . . with the Floss, 
be exposed to public Sale from time to time " «&c. &c. 

"If the Society . . meets with .... encouragement from the House 
it is proposed to write immediately to Georgia and Carolina for .... 
Eggs, to distribute . . . ." "All which" &c. Signed Thomas Bond, 
Samuel Rhoads V. P. 

[The next page is occupied by an extract from Franklin's 
letter to D'- Evans, about Silk Culture.] 

Address & letter approved, and ordered to be signed by 
the Vice Presidents; Bond, Pemberton, Drinker, Penn- 
ington [s«(?], Redman, Evans, Alison, Smith & Thomson ap- 
pointed to present them to the Assembly. 

Cora, for Am. Imp. re{)orted " that they have met lately at 
the House where the Union Library was kept," & think " it 
would be a fit Place for the meetings of the Society, & for 
the Keeping the Cabinet." — Pemberton, Clifibrd, Is. Bar-_ 
tram & 0. Biddle " were appointed to call on the Directors 


February. *-'^ 1770. 

of the Philadelphia Library Company to know the lowest 
Terms on which they will rent the House." 

Duffield's account £15, •• 17 •• 6 for the clock was ordered 
to be paid, the Com. reportinoj " that they think the work 
good & the charge reasonable." 

Canal Committee " being this evening returned — Report 
that they had view'd and leveled ... thro Red-lion Creek 
in the Bite of Newcastle to the Tide waters of Elk River ; 
and also from Christiana Creek to the said Elk River, and 
find it practicable to make a good Canal the first way, and a 
Canal tor Barge-navigation the second, and . . . also . . . 
from . . . Peach Bottom Ferry along the line dividing 
Penn* & Maryland, to Christiana Creek, & find that a good 
Road may be made ; but had not had Leisure to draw up a 
Regular Report." 

1770. Fehy 16. College. (Bond, Rhoads ; Alison, Da- 
vidson, Jones, Clarkson, Rhea, Bryan, Jon. Smith, Bring- 
hurst, Is. Bartram, Moses Bartram, Hollingsworth, Aspden, 
Sellers, Lukens, Worral, Drinker, Purviance, Pemberton, 
"White, D'- Shippen, Evans ; Thomson, W. Smith.) 

Com. to present the Address, reported, that it " was re- 
ceived by the House in a very Kind manner" and read by the 
Clerk. The Com. laid before the House specimens of this 
Country Silk in cocoon, skain, knit & woven. The House 
seemed well satisfied and would probably " take some efiec- 
tual method to encourage & establish the scheme." 

The Directors of the Library Co. were reported as fixing 
£25 art the lowest rent for the Library Room, " which being 
thought too high, & the Room otherwise judged inconve- 
nient on sovorul accounts, it was unanimously agreed not to 
rent the House." 

Cora, on Amor. Imp. were " desired to continue every 
method in tlieir Power for informing the members of As- 
sembly, of the nature k Practical)ility of the Scheme . . . 
for promoting the Culture of Silk, and to make the best 

March. OL ITTO. 

Estimate they can of the Expence of establishing the Fila- 
ture & employing the necessary Hands." 

Canal Com. " returned their Report as follows, viz. See 
the Original Reports in the Society's Papers. [Two pages 
evidently left blank for its engrossment,] — Thanks were re- 
turned to the Com. for their zeal in this service at so in- 
clement a Season of the year & their skill & assiduity . . ." 
They, together with Pemberton, Drinker, Fisher & Bryan, 
" are desired to lay all the Canal Papers before the mer- 
chants . . & to assure them that the Society will lose no 
Time in procuring the proper Estimates." 

1770. March 2. (Rhoads ; & 13 others.) 

Com. of Amer. Imp. reported "That they had drawn up 
a Paper setting forth the public advantages" of the Silk 
Culture, & probable expense, & been permitted to read it in 
the House to the greatest part of the members, after the 
speaker had quitted the chair; the plan had been fully dis- 
cussed ; they had reason to think the House would make 
son)e suitable provision &c. This paper was ordered to be 

" The Com. appointed to look for a proper Place for their 
future meetings, report that the Rev** AP- Peters was willing 
to rent the Church School-house at £12 per annum, & that 
they think it a proper Place. Referred to next meeting." 

A letter from M""^- Sabina Rumsey to C. Thomson, On the 
Culture of Silk, was read and ordered to be published. " Con- 
tinuance of her correspondence" requested. 

Com. on Pearson's account reported " that they had set- 
tled the Ballance [sic] due him at £24 •• 17, for which an 
order was given him on the Treasurer." 

'* A map of part of Pennsylvania & Maryland intended to 
shew, at one View, the several places proposed for opening 
a communication between the waters of the Delaware & 
Chesopeak Bays" laid before the Society by W. T. Fisher ; 
to be kept among the Society's papers for future use. " In 

April. o2 1770. 

this Map is also delineated the different Roads proposed to 
be opened for Land Carriage from Susquehannah" [szc]. 
Canal survey accounts of M*" S. Rhoads, £56 •• 6 •• lOJ. 

1770. March 16. (Rhoads, Y. P. in the chair; Peraber- 
ton, Jones, Coombe, Fisher, Clifford, I. Bartrara, Penning- 
ton [sic], Rhea, Jon. Smith, Bradford, Davidson, A-lison, 
Rush, "Williamson, Duffiel [sic\ Morgan, D""- Smith, Sec.) 

School-house rented for the meetings of the Society. Pem- 
borton, Clifford, Coombe, T. Bartram, a Committee " to pro- 
vide Candles, Firewood, Benches, Tables and other neces- 
sary Furniture, at as moderate a rate as they can." 

M"^' Fisher reported that all the Merchants had not yet 
seen the Canal-papers. Ordered, that all papers k accounts 
be collected & laid befDre the Com. of Am. Imp. to be ex- 
amined before the next meeting. 

" A scheme for encreasing the Cabinet of N'atural Curiosi- 
ties" from the Curators, was read and returned for some 
alterations against next meeting. 

" A remarkable case of a Tetanus cured by amazing quan- 
tities of Opium, written by D' Gloster,* was communicated 
by D' Morgan, & referred to the Medical Committee . . ." 

1770. April 6. " At the School-house in 2".'^ street:' (Bond, 
Rhoads, V. P. ; Clifford, White, Alexander, 0. Biddle, Alli- 
son [5ic], Jones, Clarkson, Coombe, Evving, Rush, Morgan, 
"Williamson ; Smith & Thomson, Sees.) 

Order drawn on the Treas. for £16 •• 6 •• lOJ in favour of 

Com. to provide candles &c. continued. 

M"" Fisher, sent a message to the Society, asking the ap- 
pointment of an evening meeting of the Com. of Am. Imp. 
that he might lay before them the Canal-papers, with ob- 
servations. — Next Friday evening fixed ; to bo notified in 
the newspaiKjrs. 

Medical Committee report that the case of Tetanus cured in 
Antigua, " is the most extraordinary instance of the kind ox- 

• Spollud Qlouoeiter at Ihu mootliig when ulcotcd, Jiiiutury 18, 1771. 

April. 53 1T70. 

tant in the annals of medical literature . . . deserves a place 
in the Transactions . . . and may prove a valuable publica- 
tion as it sets forth the safety & advantage of a freer use of 
Opium than has been common in violent spasmodic com- 

Susquehanna Survey."^'' Cha. Thompson informed tlie So- 
ciety that S. Wallace had offered to make an accurate sur- 
vey of the River Susquehanah [sic] from Peach bottom up- 
wards, provided the Society will defray his expenses while 
about the work. 

" D""- Williamson, who has navigated the River Susque- 
hanah for about 120 miles above Harris' [sic] informed the 
Society that from the observations he had made, the navi- 
gation of that River is capable of great improvements. 

" As the Navigation of that River is of great importance 
to this province the proposal of M"" Wallace is referred to the 
consideration of the Com. of Am. Imp. & D'- Williamson is 
desired to communicate his observations to the said Com. 
to report thereon." 

David Evans resigned his membership. 

Curators report not ready. 

1770. April 20. (Bond, Rhoads, 0. Biddle, Jon. Smith, 
Gilpin, I. Bartrara, Jones, Rush, D"" Shippen.) 

Committee " to get the Hall in proper order," continued. 

No report of Com. on Canal-papers. 

Curators reported for consideration, proposals " for en- 
creasing the Cabinet." 

1. All Merchants, Army Officers, Ship Captains & others 
be requested through " the Newspapers in each Colony on 
the Continent" to collect, & transmit new & curious plants, 
animals & fossils to the Curators. 

2. Names of donors inserted in the Books and public ac- 
knowledgment made of worthy donations. 

8. Power given the Curators to write to foreign members 
and others to solicit assistance in completing the museum ; 
letters to be first submitted. 

May. o4: 1770. 

4. " That orders be given to the members, to deliver all 
the effects of the Society which belong to the Cabinet to the 
Curators, as many things have been intrusted to the care of 
the members which have never yet been delivered up to the 

" Should the Society . . . comply ... a plan will be 
established which will in a few years procure a collection 
worthy of the care of the Society." 

The Committee's Advertisement was read and referred 
to the Com. IsT. H., the Presidents & Secretaries, to meet at 
the Hall, this night week, to prepare a report. 

Seal. — " Whether one should be provided . . . was carried 
in the affirmative by a large majority." — Paschal, Thomson, 
Rush & 0. Biddle, a Com. to prepare a device. 

1770. May 4. (Prest. Sam. Rhodes [sic] ; Okely, Drink- 
er, Jones, M. Bartram, Fisher, Clarkson, Jon. Smith, Wyn- 
coop [5ic], Duffield, Williamson, Bradford, I. Bartram, Evv- 
ing, Bailey, Clifford, Bringhurst, W. Smith, 0. Biddle, 

Canal Com. — " Whole expenses" £128 •• 11 •• 5 ; all paid 
except £3 •• 17 •• 8 due Gilpin, £6 •• 15 due Bailey, «fe £5 due 
Stapler; orders signed by the V. P. for said amounts. 

Com. on Am. Imp. to meet Wnsdy. evg. to consider "the 
best way of disposing of the Canal papers for future use, & 
how far & what part of them it may be proper to take notice 
of & preserve in the Society's publication." [sicl 

" M"" Bradford to employ a person to summon the Com- 
mittoe & to know on what terms he will undertake to sum- 
mon Committees occasionally." 

£2 •• 12 •• 6 due W. A. Shettle for Copper delivered to H. 
Dawkins for engraving projections for the transit of Venus 
&c. was referred to Drinker k 0. Biddle. 

Advortisornout of the Curators to be continued, under the 

Committee on Seal desired to report at next meeting. 

A collection of natural Curiosities presented by Ruth 



Johnson, relict of Wm. Johnson. Curators to make a list 
& return thanks. 

Com. on Pub. differing — it was "after a good deal of de- 
bate" agreed that 0. Biddle's Transit Observations should 
come in immediately after Swing's, in p. 78. 

1770. 3Iay 18. (Rhoads, V. P. in the Chair ; 0. Biddle, 
Drinker, Jones, Clitford, Wynkoop [sic\ Morgan, Alexan- 
der, Bradford, Thomson, W. Smith.) 

Com. for Am. Imp. reported that the Canal papers & re- 
ports " should be abridged and preserved for future use 
among the printed Transactions . . . Drafts of Canals &c. 
should be reduced to a convenient scale and engraved for 
the Illustration of the other Papers, and the satisfaction of 
those who wish well to the Improvement of the Province. — 
The Expence of this part of the Publication, the Com. think 
may be defrayed out of the Residue of the money contribu- 
ted by the Merchants . . . provided the assent of the Mer- 
chants can be obtained for this appropriation." — Report 
agreed to. Rhoads, Lukens, Clarkson, Gilpin, Fisher, llol- 
lingsworth, Ewing and Secretaries, to abridge and prepare the 
Canal Papers for publication ; Fisher and Clarkson requested 
to reduce the drafts & maps. — This Committee to meet 
May 25'.V— Drinker, Clifford, Wynkoop, and Fisher, to get 
the Merchants' consent. 

" That part of the Committee's Report, which recom- 
mends it to the Society to take such steps as they may think 
consistent with the Plan of their Institution to forward the 
opening a Road between Peach Bottom or Nelson's Ferry 
Sasquehannah [s^'c], and the Navigable Waters of Christiana 
Creek, is left for the further Consideration of the Society." 

V. P. to sign an order to pay Strettel's account. 

Committee on Seal requested " to finish that Service against 
next meeting. 

Curators read the list of Curiosities from Mrs. Ruth 
Johnson, " & are desired to enter the List in their own 

June. 5^ mo. 

Maskelyne's Observations of tlie Transit at Greenwich, 
and the Observations at Providence, R. I. were communica- 
ted, and referred to the Com. of Ast. to be extracted for the 

[Here follow D"- Smith's extracts, occupying 3 pages. See 
Trans. Vol. I.] 

"The Society . . having the Pleasure to find that the Observations of 
the Transit of Venus made by their order in this Province, were so well 
received by the Royal Society, & were likely to be of Service to Astronomy, 
as well as to promote the Credit of this Society; and considering further 
the great Importance of connecting all their three Observatories, by some 
actual measurements, in such a manner that the Latitude & Longitude of 
each of them might rest on the same sure foundation, & all of them, 
agreeable to the desire of the Astronomer Royal, be connected with the 
Meridian [«w;] Line of Messrs. Mason and Dixon — Messrs Owen Biddle, 
Joel Bailey & Richard Thomas were appointed to take the Courses & Dis- 
tances from New-castle Court house to the State-house Observatory in the 
most careful & accurate manner ; & D'' Smith, John Lukens, Esq, & M"" 
Rittenhouse are appointed to take the Courses & Distances accurately be- 
tween Norriton Observatory & that in the State-house Square. And the 
Society will defray the Expence of these measurements." 

1770. Jane 1. (Bond, Rhoads ; Ewing, Oliftbrd, 0. 
Biddle, Hollingsworth, M. Bartram, I. Bartram, Bringhurst, 
Drinker, Kuhn, Williamson ; D"" Smith.) 

Committee on Seal was continued & was desired to per- 
form that Service against next meeting. 

Com. of Ast. to meet Wnsdy. " to determine what part of 
M'- Ben. West's account of the Transit of Venus, observed by 
Him & others at Providence, New England, shall be inserted 
in the Transactions . . ." Maskelyne's to be inserted entire. 

Newcastle measurement committee had done their work 
and would report at next meeting. — Biddlo's expense account 
" in the whole .£11 - 14 •• 4," was referred, examined, found 
just, and ordered paid. 

" An account of the (Quantity of Home-spun manufactured 
for the Inhabitants of Lancaster from May 1, 1769 to 
May 1, 1770, with a jyarticiilar List of the names of the Dif- 
ferent Families who hud manufactured any part of the same, 

July— Aug. ^'I 1770. 

and the number of yards of each Kind made by each of 
them, with the Stuft' yet at the Looms, & the yarn in the 
House belonging to the said year, all digested with much 
care and accuracy into Columns & with proper Heads" in a 
letter from Wm. Atlee Esq. of Lancaster, was read. The 
Secretaries were desired to publish the same with a short In- 
troduction of thanks to M""- Atlee and the inhabitants of Lan- 
caster " for their Industry, hoping their Example may be of 
public Benefit at this Time, & convince every one of the 
many Resources which the People of this Province have in 
their Power, if they are not wanting to themselves." 

" M"- Atlee's letter is as follows viz." — [half page blank.] 
" M""- Evving communicated an Extract of a Letter from 
D""- Franklin . . viz" [one blank page] 

1770. July 20. (Rhoads, Bond, Alison, Williamson- 
Syng, Ewing, 0. Biddle, Jons [ineaning Jones].) 

The Seal Com. produced two sketches. D' Alison added 
to the Committee. 

Newcastle report would be presented at the next meeting, 
when M"" Biddle " expected the Norriton Committee would 
report their Survey from Norritou to Philadelphia." 

Accounts of Transit Obs. so far as printed, to be laid be- 
fore the Assembly. "Astronomical Committee" to meet 
next Monday " to prepare an address to the Assembly to 
accompany the said Transit-Papers." 

Extract from Franklin's letter postponed. 

1770. Aug. 17. (Drinker in the Chair; Ewing, David 
son, Bradford, Williamson ; D""- Smith.) 

" The Astronomical Committee are desired to prepare the 
Address . . . and to present the same to the House, with 
such Corrections as the Vice presidents may think proper, 
without waiting for any future meeting of the Society. And 
all the TransitPapers to be bound neatly and presented with 
the Address." 

October. 5b 1770. 

Rittenhouse'B account of the late Comet ; — 

Ritteuhouse's deduction of the time of the Sun's passing 
the Meridian from equal altitudes without the use of the 
Tables of the Equation of Correspondiiija; Altitudes ; — 

Lord Stanhope's Observations of the Transit of Venus and 
of the late Comet; — all three papers communicated & re- 
ferred to the Com. of Astronomy. 

The !N'orriton measurement committee reported, and the 
report was ordered to be published. 

Williamson's paper "attempting to account for the Change 
of Climate in the Cultivated Parts of North America" was 
referred to Com. of N. H. & Chemistry. 

Jas. Smither's bill for engraving a plate of the Transit of 
Mercury, £3 •• 10, reported reasonable, and the V. Ps. to sign 
an order on the Treasurer. 

1770. Oct. 19. (Bond, Rhoads; "Williamson, Rush, Jones, 
Ewing, Jon. Smith, Bradford, D""- Harris ; D""- Smith, Thom- 

Com. to address the Assembly reported that they had pre- 
sented the Address & publications, " with all which the 
members had expressed themselves well pleased." [The 
address, one page long, is pasted to the bottom of the page, 
and folded in, upwards. The blank intended for its engross- 
ment is at the top of the next page.] 

The Aat. Com. to be called to consider Rittenhouse's and 
Lord Stanley's papers. 

Report of Com. — That Williamson's paper on the Change 
of Climate ought to be published among the Transactions. 
tSo ordered. 

Williamson k Ilopkinson added to the Committee on Seal. 

Cunal-Papere Com. called for Tuesday evening next. 

" A Catalogue of such Foreign Plants as are worthy of 
being encouraged in our American Colonics, with Directions 
for bringing over Seeds '& Plants from Ibreign Countries in a 
state of vegetation," in a piimphlet sent by the Hon. Thos. 
Penn Esq. to tlio Society, was pruHentcd by S. Powel Essq. 

November. "^ 1770. 

" an abstract of which was ordered to be prepared by the 
Secretaries to be inserted in the Transactions, & M""- Powel is 
requested to return the thanks of the Society to M"" Penn for 
this mark of his notice & approbation of the Purposes for 
which the Society is instituted." 

1770. Nov. 2. (Rhoads, Bond ; D' Smith ; Rush, O. Biddle, 
Shippen, jun, Williamson, Clifford, Fisher, Rhea, Jon. Smith, 
Coombe, Bradford, Alison, Morojan.) 

Abstract of Canal Papers read & ordered to be printed. 
Fisher's map ordered to be engraved. 

Alphabetical List of Members, and Officers, also the laws, 
ordered to be published with the Transactions. 

Seal Com. empowered " to fix on such Devices as they may 
see proper, & get it engraved without further delay." 

" Effects of the Strammonium [sic\ or Thorn apple" by 
D'- Rush, read & referred to Med. Com. to report. 

Com. of Ast. ordered " to collect into one General View 
the Times of the Contacts of the Limbs ot the Sun and 
Venus" &c. &c. *' to see what Parallax of the Sun these dis- 
tant observations will give . . ." 

1770. Nov. 15. (Rhoades ; Allison, Seraitier [sic\ W. 
Shippen jun. Rush, I. Bartram, Jon. Smith, Paschall, Wil- 
liamson, Clarkson, O. Biddle, Jones; D" Smith.) 

Rush's paper pronounced by the Med. Com. to be inge- 
nious and deserving a place in the Transactions. 

Ast. Com. report " [as in pa : 12''' of the Appendix to As- 
tronomical & mathl. papers in ye Society's Transactions]." 

D'- James Smith's letter to D""- Shippen jun. recommending 
Sam. Felsted* [sie] "an ingenious young gentleman" as a 
"Correspondent member," and sending by Cap" Barber as a 
specimen of his abilities " a small Box containing a delinea- 
tion of a few Butterflies of this Island [Jamaica.] . . you 
may easily perceive what such a Genius is capable of per- 
forming should it attempt the Natural History of this 

* This ivame Is spelled Filsted in proceedings of January 18, 1771. 

December. ^^ 1T70. 

Island . . ." — " N. B. An under & upper View of 28 dliFer- 
ent Butterflies accompanied his letter." — Thanks ordered. 

Clarkson & Rush to collect delinquent dues. 

" On Comets and Fire," a paper by D""- Williamson, re- 
ferred to the Com. of Ast. & Chemistry. 

" Ordered that no pieces be printed in the present Volume 
that are communicated after this ni^ht". 

1770. Dec. 2. (T. Bond, Alison, Ewing, Clifford, 0. 
Biddle, Jones, Jon. Smith, Williamson, Morgan, Bringhurst, 
Siraitiere [szc], Aspden, Fisher, James, Drinker ; D'- Smith.) 

" Enquiry into the Nature, cause & cure of Angina Suffoca- 
tiva," by D"" Bard, jun. of N. York, referred to Med. Com. 
to print in Vol. I. " it being considered as a paper that was 
formerly intended for the society, but delay'd by Accident." 

The Report of the Committee on Williamson's paper, was 
read and approved. 

■ " The managers of the scheme for promoting the Culture 
of Silk . . . first set on foot by this Society, presented, for 
their Inspection, the Silk which had been prepared and 
reeld [sici by them on the Public account during the last 
season, and the Society expressed their satisfaction with 
the Progress made in this Design, and as the Silk appears 
good in quality and very neatly done up, they are in great 
liopes that the Culture of Silk will soon become a valuable 
addition to the productions of this Province." 

1770. Dec. 21. (Bond ; Clifford, Aspden, Jon. Smith, 
Bradford, P. Eugene Du Simitier [5ic], Morgan ; D"" Smitli.) 

Election appointed to be in the Hall, and advertisement 

Vice-President, Secretaries, Curators D' Morgan and 
Jon*- Smith a Com. " to settle the advertisment to be pre- 
fixed to the Transactions, ct revise the list of Members before 
it ia printed off — to meet on Monday next at 6 o'clock." 

January. "-^ ITil. 

1771. Jan. 4. " At the Society's Halir (Lukens, Ritten- 
house & Coombe, Judges ; Jones & M. Bartram, Clerks of 

President^ Benjamin Franklin Esq. LLD., F.RS. &c. 

V. P.— Rhoads, T. Bond, Oalloway. 

Sec. — W. Smith, Rittenhouse, Ewing, Jones. 

Cur. — W. Shippen jun.. Rush, Kuhn. 

Treas. — Thomas Combe [sic]. 

1771. Jan. 18. (Bond, Roads {sic'] ; Combe, Evans, Mor- 
gan, Lukens, Clifford, Drinker, O. Biddle, CI. Biddle, I. 
Bartram, Ilollinpjsworth, Syn^, M""- Physick, M"" Jacobs, 
Fisher, Bringhurst, Gilpin, Fooks, Davidson, Williamson, 
Siraitier, Aspden, I. Smith, Khun [sic]., D""- Shippin [sic] 
Junior, D*" Smith, Rittenhouse, Ewing, Jones.) 

D"" Smith's " account for cash advanced by him on the 
Survey from Norriton to Phil* & planishing a Copper Plate, 
amounting to £6 •• 5 •• 6," referred to Gilpin & Drinker. 

R. Kennedy's account, £16 •• 5, referred to the same. 

Election of 15 new members : — D"" Morton of Jamaica ; D'- 
Jas. Lloyd of Boston; R. Thomas, of Chester Co. ; Henry 
Hill ; W. Parr ; S. Rhoads Jun. ; T. Preston ; H. Bembridge ; 
J. Baynton ; D'' S. Preston Moore ; Jos. Otolenge, of 
Georgia ; Nevel Maskelyn [sic] ; S. Filsted, of Jamaica ; D'- 
Gloucester^ of Antigua ; & Fred. Marshall of N. C. 

Syng's accounts referred to Drinker & Fisher. 

Order in favour of R. Kennedy for £10. 

1771. Fehy 1. (Syng, Fooks, J. Smith, Physick, Rhea, 
Simitiere, Rittenhouse, Jones ; D'- Smith.) 

Audit. Com. find £6 •• 5 •• 6 due to D"" Smith. Ordered 

Coomb's Met. Obs. at Phila. Dec. 1770 to Jan 15 1771. 
" See Trans. Vol. L Appendix, p. 70." 

•SpeUeU Gloster In proceedings of March 16, 1770. 

February. t)-/ 1771. 

Bradford's accounts for printing to be audited by D'- Smith 
& W- Fooks. 

A Copy of Trans, ordered to be " presented to the Proprie- 
taries, the Governor, to each member of Assembly, the As- 
semblies Library [sfc], the Library of Philadelphia, to the 
Library of every College, in America, to the Royal Society 
of London, each of the foreign Philosophical Societies and 
to the Pennsylvania Hospital; the Secretaries to have the 
care of presenting these Books." 

Rittenhouse's paper relating to Birds being charmed by 
snakes was read. 

1771. Feb" 17. (Bond ; Shippen jun., Kuhn, Coombe, 
Alison, 0. Biddle, Simitiere {sic), "Williamson, Jon. Smith, 
D''"Witherspoon,Physick, Morgan ; D'- Smith, Evving, Jones.) 

D""*- Smith, Morgan and Kuhn, were appointed a commit- 
tee to bring in " a List of the most considerable Philosophi- 
cal Societies in Europe." 

Jas. Smither's account, X13 •• 3, referred to D""- Smith 
Simitier {sic) & 0. Biddle. 

An order was drawn on the Treasurer for Henry Dawkin's 
account for engraving, (X7**10, see above.) 

" Agreed ; That a person be employed by the Treasurer and 
D' Smith to go round with the Transactions and deliver 
them to the Members upon Receipt of arrearages due before 
the l-'of Jan", 1771." 

Syng's bond was delivered up to M'- Physic, " he having 
faithfully discharged his Trust." 

Repairs on the Observatory to be directed by D' Smith & 
M'- Ewing. 

Hall k Bradford to "give their opinion, at what price 
the" Vol. of Trans. " can be sold at the most moderate Rates 
to report at a Si)ecial Meeting, Friday next. 

1771. Fcff" 22. Special Mrdivf/. {D'- Redman in the 
Chair ; Alison, Kuhn, Rush, Bembridge, Bradford, 0. Bid- 

February. v)d 1771. 

die, Fooks, Morgan, Pearson, Drinker, Clarkson, Simitier, 
Williamson, I. Smith, Coombe ; D""- Smith, Jones.) 

List of most considerable Philosophical Societies, reported: 
^Royal Societies at Stockholm, Upsal, Berlin & Gottingen; 
Imperial Society of Petersburg ; R. College of Physicians in 
London ; Society for promoting Arts & Manufactures, Lon- 
don ; Philos. Society, Edinburgh ; Dublin Society; Acad. Nat. 
Curiosorum ; Society at Berne ; R. Acad. Sc. Paris ; Acad, of 
Boncnia ; Acad. Sc. at Turin; Acad, at Florence; British 
Museum ; Universitys (sic) of Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, 
Edinburg, Glasgow, St. Andrews and Aberdeen, — " to which 
copies of the Transactions are to be presented, together 
with those to the persons and Institutions mentioned in the 
minute of the first Instant, to which Disposition the Society 

Smither deducts 40 sh. from his account. Ballance {sic) 
ordered paid. 

M' Clarkson exhibited an account of cash expended on the 
Survey from Apoquiming to Bohemia, £47 - 1-11. " Bal- 
lance" £2-18"l ordered paid to the Treasurer. 

Price of Transactions fixed at 15 shillings.* 

Drinker, Fisher & Bradford, to wait on the Merchants, 
for the remainder of the subscription to the Surveys, and 
present those not members with a Volume of Transactions. 

Copies of the Transactions to be presented to Butfon, Fer- 
guson, Fothergill, Linnaeus, Hahn, Maskelyne, Richard 
Penn, Sir Geo. Saville, and Ben. West. 

Rhoades, Smith, Drinker, Kuhn & the Treasurer to exam- 
ine Bradford's account & " the State of the Society's Funds" ; 
also Jas. Pearson's account. 

" The Secretaries reported that this day they waited upon 
the hon^^^ House of Assembly of this Province and in the 
Name of the Society presented a Volume of the Transactions 
to each Member ; and to their Library, together with the 
following address ; Viz'- — [Address of half a page follows.] 

Advertisement to " be inserted in the paj^ers next week, 

• [Tivo dollars.] 

March— April— May. ^"i 1T71. 

informing the Public, that the Transactions are ready for 
Sale at M'- Bradford's.'^ 

1771. March 1. Societys Hall, (Bond ; Coombe, Red- 
man, Shippen Jr., Physick, Fooks, Wyncoop, Clarkson, 
Cliftbrd, Simitier ; Jon. Smith, Jones.) 

Committee on State of the funds continued. 

" M""- T. Coombe, Treasurer, delivered to D'"Bond, V. Pre. 
his Obligation in Jive hundred Pounds for the faithful dis- 
charge of his Trust ; M"" Philip Sv ng was bound with him." 

1771. 31arch 15. (Rhoads, Bond ; Coombe, Lukens, Mor- 
gan, Khun [sic], Cliftbrd, Redman, Clarkson, Simitiere [sic] ; 
Smith, Rittenhouse, Jones.) 

Form of letter to accompany the Trans, to Foreign So- 
'cieties and Gentlemen, to be drawn up by the Secretaries. 

D""- Peters's account for Rent, £12 ; order drawn. 

1771. April 5. (Bond; Shippen, Khun \sic^, Bradford, 

II. Dawkin's engraving bill, £1 •• 2 •• 6 ; order drawn. 

Michael Cirbet's bill for " a year's attendance on the So- 
ciety, and for three sh. paid by him for bawling Wood" 
$5.00 ; order drawn. 

1771. April 19. (Bond ; Kuhn [sic], Shippen, Cliftbrd, 
Jon. Smith, Bringhurst, Duffield ; Smith, Rittenhouse.) 

Soc. for tlie Culture of Silk in Norwallc, Conn., by letter, 
requested some White Mulberry seed and pamphlets. Smith, 
Cliftord & J. Smith to answer and send seed and pamphlets. 

" Order signed on the Treasurer" for Novel's copperplate 
printing bill, £20 •• 7 - 6. 

1771. May 8. (Bond ; Clarkson ; Rittenhouse.) 

John Arbo's letter & present. Thanks voted. 

Note. — ^" For particulars of which [' curious and valuable 

present'] see a List of Communications published by The 

Society W Dec- 1771. J. T. C." 

June— July— Aug. ^^ 1771. 

1771. June 21. (Bond ; Alison, Kuhn, Coombe, William- 
•8on, Clifford, Fooks, Alexander, Bradford ; Dr. Smith, Rit- 
tenhouse, Jones.) 

Specimens of Flint Glass from W. H. Stegle, manufac- 
tured by him, at Manheim, Lancaster Co. Coombe, Ritten- 
house, Williamson •' to examine them and publish an ac- 
count thereof in the next papers." 

" Some remarks on some obvious Phenomena of Lisjht " 
in a letter from Hon. Cad. Colden, Lt. Gov. of N. Y. re- 
ferred to Smith, Rittenhouse & Williamson. 

M"^ Dickinson's telescope to be returned to him by D'- 
Williamson with thanks. Expense incurred by D""- W. " on 
act. of said telescope to be defray'd by the Society." 

" M' Bradford is desired to send a number of the Trans, 
to Boston, S. Carolina & where else he has reason to think 
they will meet with ready sale ; 25 copies to each place." 

1771. July 19. (Alison in the chair; D""- Ch. Moore, 
Clifford, I. Bartram ; Smith, Rittenhouse, Jones.) 

"Specimen of Siberian Barley with some account thereof" 
presented by Bartram. 

" On the nature of the Worms so prejudicial to the Peach 
Trees for some years past, and a method for preventing the 
Damage in future," in a letter from Jos. Cooper, N. Town, 
Gloscester Co., N. J. to M' Clifford. Ordered to be pub- 
lished in the Pennsylvania Gazette and Journal. 

1771. Aug. 16. (Bond; Clifford, Clarkson; Smith, Jones.) 

" A case of an Abscess in the Lungs, of long standing, 
attended with very alarming symptoms, remarkably relieved, 
during this Season, by drinking and bathing in the Bristol 
Waters" in a letter from D' DeNormandie [sic] to D""- Bond. 

Order drawn on S. Taylor, bookbinder, to deliver 6 copies 
Trans, to M' Clifford. 

"Whereas, this Society . . . desirous to promote the In- 
land Navigation of this Province, at considerable expense 

PROC. AMER. PHIL08. 80C. I. V. PRINTED JULY 20, 1883. 

Oct.— Nov. 66 1771. 

made several Surveys . . . being informed that there is a 
probability of joining the Navigation of Susquehannah and 
Schuylkill, by a canal between the Quitipihilla Branch of 
Swatara and Tulpehocken, and, as the . . Assembly . . 
were pleased to appoint a Committee for examining the 
place aforesaid among others . . . The Society do therefore 
request M""- Lukeus the Surveyor General to attend the said 
Committee and give all the Assistance in his power . . . 
His Expenses will be defrayed by several public spirited 
persons . . ." 

1771. Oct. 18. (Bond ; Coombe, Clarkson, Williamson, 
Duffield, Bradford, Lukens ; Smith, Jones, Ewing.) 

List of outstanding debts called for. 

Franklin's letter, that he had received a box of eleven 
copies of Trans. «& had delivered most of them. Ordered 
that the copies designed for Foreign Socs. & Universities be 
sent without loss of time to D""- Franklin. 

1771. Nov. 1. (Rhoades; Pemberton, 0. Biddle, Jon. Smith, 
Bringhurst, Williamson, Rush, Fisher; D'- Smith, Ewing.) 

Account of a machine for working a number of scythes 
with a horse, in a letter from the inventor, John Jones of 
Indian River to 0. Biddle. The model to be exhibited at 
the next meeting. 

A letter attempting to illustrate the Doctrine of Tides, 
from S. Cunningham of Mountjoy in Lancaster Co. to M'- 
Ewing; read and referred to the Ast. Com.; M'- Ewing to 
convene them for that purpose. [Blank half page.] 

Nairnes' Rain-Gauges ordered to be committed to the care 
of Lukens, Rittonhouse, 0. Biddle, Bringhurst, Williamson 
k Kinnersley " to bo put up under such inspection as they 
fihall agree upon, for observing the quantity of rain that 
failH at diif'eront heights, agreeable to M' Nairnes' request, 
and D'- Ileberden's experiments in the Philosophical Trans- 

November. ^* 1T71. 

V. P. Sees. & Pemberton to " prepare an address to the 
Governor requesting his Patronage." 

1771. Nov. 2. Society's Hall. Cora, met and prepared 
the Address, adjourning to meet " here" at 12 o'c the i'** to 
present it. 

1771. Nov. 4. Society's Hall. Rhoades & Bond V. P. " with 
the Secretaries, Curators, Treasurer & a number of the mem- 
bers met & waited on his Honor the Governor with their 
address, which was received by him in a very obliging man- 
mer. The address was as follows : 

To the Honorable Richard Penn, Esquire, Ideutenant Oovemor, & Commander 
in Chief, of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties of New- Castle, 
Kent & Sussex on Delaware, 

The Address of the American philosophical Society held at Philadelphia 
for promoting useful knowledge. 

Mat it please the Governor, 

As we partake in the general Satisfaction arising from your appoint- 
ment to the Government of this province, we wait upon you with our 
Congratulations on your safe arrival & our best wishes for the Success and 
Happiness of your Administration. 

The Experience of the most civilizd [sic"] Nations hnth shewn the Use- 
fulness of literary Societies for encouraging Arts, promoting a Spirit of En- 
quiry & bringing men of Merit into public View ; nor have crowned Heads 
thought it unworthy of them to be enrolled as patrons & protectors of 
such Societies in their respective Dominions. 

Desirous, in like manner, of obtaining Countenance from the powers 
that are in Authority over us as well as of manifesting all due Respect to 
them, the Governor of this province, for the Time being, is, by one of our 
fundamental Articles, constituted PATRON of our Society ; and we Solicit 
your Acceptance of this Office with the greater Confidence, as your Char- 
acter & Disposition give us reason to hope, that you will not consider the 
Encouragement of useful Improvements in the province over which you 
preside, as the least honorable of the Duties belonging to your high Sta- 

Signed in Behalf & by Order of y^ Society 

Thomas Bond \ tt p 
Samuei- Rhoads j 

December. ^^ 1771. 

1771. Dec. 6. .Society's Hall. (Rhoads ; 0. Biddle, J. 
Smith, Clifford, Williamson, Bradford, Ewing, Jones.) 

J. Jones' " Model of a Machine for mowing with a Horse," 
was presented & referred to the Com. of Hush. & A. Imp. 

Ast. Com. report on Cunyngham's \_sic'\ paper called for. — 
Thanks to M' Nairne of London reported sent. — R. Ken- 
nedy's account, £8 "15, reported just and order drawn. 

" Path of a solar Shadow on a horizontal plane," a paper 
in a letter from Andrew Oliver of Salem, N. E. 

" A small quantity of American Asbestos, found near 
Newbury, some prepared in Wick for lamps, & some for 
Writing paper," from Andrew Oliver ; referred to the Corns, 
of Ast., & Husb. & A. Imp. 

" The Draft of a Vessel for sailing on the Ice," in a letter 
from a person at Canogocheague to I. Bartram ; referred to 
Committee of H., & A. I. 

" The Model of a Machine for weighing loaded Waggons," 
presented, by the Commissioners of the County of Philadel- 
phia, upon Condition that they & their successors in office 
may at any time have recourse to the same. 

Williamson's account of payments for repairing & return- 
ing Dickenson's Telescope, h shillings. Order drawn on 
the Treasurer. 

List of Papers & Presents ordered, to be " inserted in the 
Pennsylvania Gazette & Journal [published IQ'** Decem- 

1771. Dec. 20. (Redman in the chair ; Williamson, Brad- 
ford, Rittenhouse, Ewing, Jones.) 

Ast. Com. reported Cunningham's [sic'] Explanation of the 
Theory of Tides, " concise & intelligible, altho* in effect the 
tame given by writers on that subject." — M"^- Oliver's Delin- 
eation of a Solar Shadow they find "more minutely dis- 
oUMed by him than any author that has fallen into their 
hands. [M'- Oliver's Delineation not returned by M'- Ewing.]" 

Oommittees of last meeting continued. 

January. w 1772. 

" On the Variation of the Compass," by D'- Williamson ; 
paper referred to the Ast. Com. " & the D'- to convene them." 

" An Account of the Countrey [sic] of the Illinois," in a 
letter from Thomas Hutchins, Eng., to M'- Ewing ; referred 
to the Committees of Hush. & Am. Imp. 

Election of Officers ordered in the Hall, public notice to 
be given in the Penn. Gaz. and Journal. 


1772. Jan. i. Society's Hall; Bond, Alexander, Fooks, 
judges; Bradford, Jones, clerks. 


President^ Benjamin Franklin, LL.D., &c. 
Vice Presidents^ Rhoads, Galloway, Bond. 
Sees. W. Smith, Jones, Shippen, Jr. Moore. 
Curs. Rush, Alexander, Rittenhouse. 
Treas. Coombe. . 

1772. Jan. 7. (Ewing, Clifford, Morgan, Rittenhouse, 
Coombe, I. Bartram, Alexander, Bradford, Williamson ; 

" Observations upon the Spots on the Sun's Disk," from 
Nov. 15 1770 to Dec 25, 1771, in a letter from Humphrey 
Marshall of Chester Co. referred to the Ast. Com. 

Com. on the State of the Society's Funds not having re- 
ported, Rhoads, Coombe, Drinker, Khun [sic], Morgan & J. 
Smith " have that service committed to them to exhibit to 
the next meeting an exact state of all accounts . . . monies 
due to, and by this Society ..." 

1772. Feh'y 7. Society's Hall. (Bond ; Coombe, Ewing, 
Williamson, Morgan, 0. Biddle, Lukens, Rittenhouse, Brad- 
ford ; Jones.) 

Ast. Com. report that they "think the carrying his [Wil- 

February. *" 1772. 

liamson's] proposal into Execution would be of general 
Utility, contributing greatly to the Perfection of Naviga- 
tion & Surveying, therefore they recommend it to the So- 
ciety." — Ordered, that Williamson's paper on the Variation 
of the Magnet be published in the Penn. Gazette & Journal 
vs^ith an advertisement earnestly requesting "the ingenious 
& learned, thro' the several Colonies, to favour them with 
their magnetical Observations, in the course of the present 
Year, & hope for the Continuance of their Correspondence." 

Rittenhouse communicated " Various astronomical Ob- 
servations, made in Canada by Captn. Samuel Holland, Sur- 
veyor General of the District of Quebec, Lieut Haldimand 
& Ensign Sprowle," from January 1765 to May 24, 1770. 

The Ast. Com. reported that H. Marshall's " Observations 
on the Solar Maculae appear to have been made with great 
Care & Industry, & may be of some service in determining 
various Questions concerning the Theory." 

" Accounts of the Transits of Venus & Mercury, a solar 
Eclipse & meteorological Observations, from Jan 1. to Dec 
81, 1771, in a letter from " the Rev<* M"- Sara. Williams of 
Bradford, in the Massachusetts- Bay" to D""- Williamson, was 
referred to the Ast. Com. & thanks ordered. " As the above 
mentioned Letter came by Post and cost the D'- 6 *• 10, an 
order was drawn in his faver [sic] upon the Treasurer for 
that sum. [D""- Williamson has these Papers, J. T. C] " 

"The Committee upon the Accounts is continued, & M'- 
Morgan is desired to summon tliem to meet at M""- Coombe's 
at 10 o'clock on Monday morning." — "Agreed, that a Spe- 
cial meeting of the Society be held this Day sennight at 6 
o'clock in the Evening, to receive & consider the Report of 
the Committee of Accounts of which imblic Notice to be 

1772. Feb'y 14. Special Meeting in the Society's Hall. 
(Bond ; Coombe, Morgan, Rush, Bradford, WiUiutnson, Ilol- 
lingswortii, Clifford, liittenhouse ; J. Sniith, Jones.) 

March— April. •! 1772. 

Com. of Accounts reported a sketch of the State of the 
Society's Debts &c. " The Company present divided the List 
of members amongst them, and are appointed to receive the 
outstanding Subscriptions together with any Gifts or Ad- 
vance of annual payments they can procure." 

Bradford agrees to buy 100 Transactions at 10 shillings 

1772. FeVy 21. (Rhoads, Bond ; Coombe, Morgan, Wil- 
liamson, Preston, Bartram, Alexander, Wynecoope \sic\\ W. 
Smith, Jones.) 

Order drawn on S. Taylor bookbinder to deliver 100 copies 
Trans, to M""- Bradford. 

" Seeds & dry'd Flowers of the Somo or Skimmi & some 
branches of the Emetic Bea7%" from D""- Lorrimore of Pensa- 
cola, referred to C. of N. H. & Chemistry. [In D'- William- 
son's possession.] " 

1772. March Q. Society's Hall. (Bond ; Coombe, Rush, 
Williamson, Bradford ; Jones.) 

Bradford acknowledged receipt of the 100 Transactions. 

Corbet's bill for Wood &c. 8 - 9d ordered paid. 

" An Enquiry into the Method of preventing the Effects 
of Cold on the Human Body" by D' Rush, referred to C. 
of N. H. & C. " which the D'- is to convene this Day sen- 
night. [D'- Rush had this paper back.] " 

" M"" Felsted of Jamaica having sent Ten Shillings to pay 
his annual payment the Treasurer is desired to deliver a 
Volume of the Transactions upon Receipt of said money, 
but M'' Felsted is to be informed that there remain Ten 
Shillings yet due from him for Entrance 31oney." 

1772. April 17. Society's Hall. (Coombe in the chair, 
Penington [s/c], II. Drinker, 0. Biddle, Khun [sic], Alexan- 
der, Bradford, John Drinker, Simitier [sic], Redman, Hil- 
legas, Rittenhouse, Evans, Rush, J. Smith, C. Biddle, M. 

May. < ^ 1772. 

Bartram, " M'- J. Paschal, M'- J. Paschal " [sic] ; B' W. 
Smith, Jones.) 

Election of 12 new members: — Lieut. Stephen Adye of 
the R. Artillery ; — M'- Jesse Lukens of Phila. ; — M""- Daniel 
Coxe of Trentowa [sic] ; — M'- Lane of London ; — Lieut. 
Thomas Hutchins of the 60'^ Regiment ; — M'- Peter Dolland 
of London ; — M'- Archibald M'^Clean of York county ; — M'- 
Gerard Bancker and Capt. John Montresor of New York ; 
— Col. Henry Laurens and D'- George Milligan of S. Caro- 
lina ; — Rev*^ M""- Samuel Williams, Massachusetts-Bay. 

" Six colored Prints from a large work intituled Musceum 
Britavicum which he is preparing for the Press" from Taylor 
"White Esq. of London. The Treas., Sees., Khun [sic] & Simi- 
tier to answer said letter. 

1772. May 1. Society's Hall. (Bond; Alexander, Ewing, 
Bradford, Rittenhouse ; W. Smith.) 

A letter from Franklin. 

A letter from Rev^ M*"- Ludlam, Prof. Ast. Cambridge 
relative to the Vol. Trans, with " his Astron. Obs. Theory 
of Hadley's Quadrant, Essays on ultimate Ratios, & a Maga- 
zine containing a paper of his relative to the Trans, of the 

A letter from Samuel More, Sec. Soc. Arts in the Strand. 

A letter from J. R. Forster, presenting Halm's travels, 
Bossu's travels, a Catalogue of Amer. animals, a Catalogue 
of Plants, & a Centuria of new Insects. 

" M'- Small's circular Scheme for noting the Variations of 
the Barometer & reconmiended to be used by the Members" 

Royal Soc. presented Vols. 59 & GO Trans. " for our Vol- 

Two Pair of Snow Shoes presented by Jas. Dickinson. 

An Indian Hatchet of stone presented by Israel Jacobs. 

" All the above Articles were roferrcil to the Considera- 
tion of the next Meeting, &, as the different Communica- 

May-June. *'' 1772. 

tions are very respectable to this Society, the Members pres- 
ent, are desired to take Pains to get as many Members to- 
gether as they can against the Time, when they are to be 
more fully examined." 

1772. May 15. Society's Hall. (Bond ; Alexander, Brad- 
ford, 0. Biddle, Khun [sic] ; W. Smith & Jones.) 

Consideration of presents referred to a fuller meeting. 

D'- Sandiford of Barbados [sic] returns thanks for his 
election, will pay any dues, and applies for a copy of the 

Coburn'a bill for Candles £1 ■• 16 •■ 9, ordered paid. 

Sees, report sending in a box to Franklin & Falconer 18 
copies Trans, for the foreign Universities, and Academies, & 
9 copies for D""- Franklin ; each with the following address 
prefixed : — " The American Philosophical Society held at 
Phil*- humbly desirous to cooperate w'^ [the Society's name] 
in their laudable endeavors for the Advancement of useful 
Knowledge, request y* learned and respectable Body to ac- 
cept this Vol. as the first Fruits of their Labors in tliis new 
World. — By order of the Society — William Smith, Robt. 
Strettell Jones, Secretaries." 

1772. June 19. Society's Hall. {Bond ; Coombe, Ritten- 
house, Alexander, O. Biddle, Bradford, Rush, Ewing ; Smith, 

Vice President reported that he had officially requested 
the Governor to be present, but " that thro' the Hurry of 
Business he feared he should not be able to attend, but 
would endeavour to be present at some future meeting." 

Communications by D'- Bond : — List of Royal Society of 
London ; — Letter from D' Burgeus, Stockholm, with his 
Descriptions of the Plants at the Cape of Good-Hope and 
Essay on Ipecacuanha ; — D""- Sandiford's account of the Epi- 
demic in Barbados. 

Communications by D'- Smith : — Letter from D' Wran- 

Aug.— Dec. 74 1772. 

gel, with an account of methods of bathing in Sweden ; and 
a pamphlet of Exercises, delivered at Upsal. 

Priestley's New Treatise on Optics, from the author. 

The 6 colored prints (April 17) were of the male and fe- 
male Cow Deer, the female Moose Deer, Tarandus, Elk and 
Eain Deer [sic]. 

M'- Bradford requested to apply for either the money or 
the copies sent away for sale. 

1772. August 21. Sodeti/s Hall. (Coombe, Rittenhouse, 
Bradford ; Jones.) 

Letter from And. Oliver of Salem relative to his lately 
published (in Boston) Essay on Comets. 

1772. Dec. 18. (Rhodes [sic]) 0. Biddle, J. Smith, Rush 
& W. Smith.) 

A paper by D""- Tilton of Dover on an extraordinary case 
of hydrophobia, was referred to the Med. Committee. 


1773. Jan. 1. Society's Hall (Bradford, 0. Biddle & 
Duffield, judges, Bond & Jones, clerks.) 


President, Benjamin Franklin, Esq. LL D &c. 
V. P. Galloway, Rhodes [sic], Bond. 
Sec. W. Smith, Jones, O. Biddle, Rush. 
Cur. Rittenhouse, Duffield, Alexander. 
TVeas. Coombe. 

1778. Jail. 15. Society's Hall. (Galloway, Rhoades [sic], 
D'* Bond, Coombe, Rittenhouae, Morgan, Ewing, Rhea, M'- 
Smith, Bradford, Adye, Redman, M"^- Bond, White, Miles, 
Lukens, Jesse Luken.s, Peters, Duffield, Physic [sic] ; D""- 
Smith, Jones, KuhIi.) 

January. ^ »^ 1773. 

Extract from Franklin's latter to Galloway : — 

"I must now beg leave to recommend to your Society Baron deElieng- 
atadt of Petersburg who has lately travelled thro' England to collect Im- 
provements in Husbandry «&c. Being acquainted with him I took the Lib- 
erty of requesting his Care of our Book directed to the Academy of Sci- 
ences at Petersburg, & I gave it to him open as he expressed a Curiosity 
to read it. He was so pleased with it & conceived so high an Opinion of 
the Society that he desired the Honor [»tc] as he politeh' expressed it, of 
being a Member, offered to correspond with the Society, & send them from 
Time to Time any Information, Seeds or other things they might want 
from Russia." 

Election of 9 new members : — Timothy, Baron de Kling- 
stedt, Counsellor of State to the Empress of Russia, Peters- 
burg &c ; Mons. Le Rey, Vice Director Academy Sciences, 
Paris ; Hon. And. Oliver, Boston ; D' Torbern Bergman, 
Prof. Math. Stockholm; Alex. Small, London; D"" Jas. Til- 
ton, Dover; D*^ Nich. Way, Wilmington; Rev* W. Lud- 
1am, Leicester ; Rev*^ Thomas Coombe, Philada. 

Letter from J. Leacock about " his Scheme of establishing 
a Public Vineyard." The Sees, to " inform him that they ap- 
prove the encouraging the Culture of Vines & wish him the 
greatest Success, but, as Lotterys are contrary to the Laws 
of the Province, they cannot countenance his Undertaking." 

Mayer's Treatise approving the Transit Observations of 
the Society & confirming them, was communicated in a letter 
from Rev*^ M"" Farmer to D""- Bond. 

" Agreed unanimously — that an Annual Oration or Dis- 
sertation be delivered upon the 3*^ Friday of January, upon 
some literary subject, by a Member, to be previously ap- 
pointed by the Society." 

" The Oration which D""- Smith had prepared for this 
evening was adjourned to Friday next, of which public No- 
tice is ordered to be given, his Honor the Patron being 
prevented from attending." 

Extract from DeXormaudie's letter to Bond describing 
"a preternatural Birth," near Bristol, with drawings. 

1773. Jon. 22. Society's Hall " His Honor the Patron 

Febrnary. * t> 1773. 

being present together with a considerable Number of the 
Members & many other Gentlemen, both Strangers and 
Fellow Citizens, The Rev'^ Docf- Smith delivered his Oration 
agreeable to order." 

1773. Feb. 5. Council Chamber in the State House. (Rhoads 
[sic] ; Coombe, Alexander, Clarkson, Wyncoop [sic], Duffield, 
Rev"* M'- Coombe ; D'- Smith.) 

Ordered to print 500 copies of the Oration. 

An address to the House of Assembly, to be drawn up & 
presented by D'- Bond & the Secretaries, " acknowledging 
the kind assistance they (the Assembly) have heretofore 
given to this Society carrying on the Designs of their Insti- 
tution, & praying some farther Help to enable us to dis- 
charge the heavy Debts still due for our first Publication & 
to prosecute our Undertaking the better for the Future." 

The Treasurer to make out his accounts & moneys due ; 
Morgan & Jones to assist. 

" An account of the Electrical Eel or Torpedo of Surinam," 
in a letter from D'- Bryant of Trenton [sic] to D'- Duffield. 

1773. Feb'y-[9. Society's Hall. (Bond ; Coombe, Biddle, 
Ewing, Clarkson, Rittenhouse ; D'- Smith, Jones.) 

The V. P. reported the presentation of the Address [which 
follows, occupying one page] : 

To the Il&norable the Representatives of the Freemen of Pennsylvania in 
General Assembly met ; 
Gkntlkmen, As wc must always think it our Duty most gratefully to 
acknowledge the early Countenance and liheral Assistance, which, as a 
Society, wo liave received from former Assemblies of this Province ; 
nothing could induce us to make further Applications for public Aid but 
tho Necessity of our Case iV: a Arm persuasion that the present Members of 
your honorable House still view our Institution in the same friendly Light 
M your PredecesBors liave done. Wc would not therefor* repeat on this 
OccMion, what wc have formerly taken the Liberty to represent to them, 
cooMrnlng tho Uae of public Societies for ])romoting uselul' Discoveries, 
domettio ImproTcmentM A: the Reputation of those Countries where they 
b*Te bMD ettabllahed : Wc rather hope that wc may be allowed now, as 

March. * • 1773. 

an Instance of this, to mention our own Society, which has already pro- 
moted several useful Undertakings, & by some of its Productions, espe- 
cially those relating to the Transit of Venus, has extended the literary 
Fame of our Country to distant parts of Europe. 

Distant Ages will certainly do honor to the Assembly of Pennsylvania 
for having encouraged the Observations of the Transit in this Part of the 
World, which in other parts (tho' indeed under many Disadvantages, 
& therefore with less Success) were carried on chiefly at the Expence ot 
crowned Heads. As these Observations could never have been under- 
taken by our Society, in so many places, without such* public assistance, 
we hope the House will give us leave to observe that the erecting our dif- 
ferent Observatories, fitting up Instruments, engraving various plates & 
publishing the different Ti'amit- Papers, cost us (exclusive of the other 
part of our publication) near F&ur Hundred pounds, ifc have involved us 
in a Debt which we are wholly unable to discharge. 

We therefore pray that your honorable House would give us such As- 
sistance as in your Goodness you shall judge proper, to enable us to dis- 
charge the said Debt, & td prosecute our plan for the future, without hav- 
ing Occasion to solicit any other Assistance, besides the Annual Subscrip- 
tions of our own Members. 

February ll'^ 1773. Signed by Order & in Behalf of the Society. 

Thomas Bond, V. P. 

Com. on Accounts continued. — Treasurer requested to em- 
ploy Andrew M^Nair as collector, at 5 p. c. commission. 

Biddle and Clarkson to get the Design of the Seal in 
Jones' possession executed without delay. 

Bond & Smith desired to recover from I. & J. Paschall 
" any minutes or other Papers which they may have belong- 
ing to the Society and have them deposited in the Cabinet." 

" Design for a Fireplace of a new Construction by Eben- 
ezer Robinson," communicated by M"^ Biddle ; thanks or- 

1773. March 5. Society's Hall. (Rhoades [sic], Bond; 
Alison, Duffield, Clifford, Mifflin, J. Smith, Alexander; 
Jones, 0. Biddle.) 

Com. on Accounts continued. — Treasurer absent, no re- 
port respecting M^Nair's appointment. 

" The House of Assembly had been pleased to pay such 
Regard to the petition of this Society as to order the Sum of 

March. ^O I773. 

Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds to be paid by the Provin- 
cial Treasurer for further carrying on our Designs. M""- 
Rhoades had delivered the Speaker's certificate for that Sum 
to our Treasurer." 

Com. on Seal reported that they had the Design, and were 
requested to have it executed in the best and most expedi- 
tious manner. 

The Paschall Com. reported " that they had delivered the 
2** Vol. of Minutes (which the Doctor brought with him) & 
would endeavor to procure the other Volume." 

" The Society taking into consideration the great advan- 
tage that might be derived to the Public from Premiums 
granted to encourage the manuring of worn out Lands, 
which has been done with abundant Success in several parts 
of Europe by Marie & other composts, appointed M'- Rhoades, 
D""- Alison, Messrs Cliftbrd, Mifilin, Alexander & Biddle a 
Committee to consider of such Improvements in Agriculture 
as will be most likely to succeed in this Province & of the 
Premiums to be granted for that Purpose, of which they are 
to report at the next Meeting." 

Alison, Duffield, Smith & Jones, " to confer with such 
persons in this City as are concerned in the Paper Manufac- 
tory on the most probable Means of firmly establishing that 
branch of Business amongst us : they are to report at the 
next Meeting." 

1773. March 19. (Bond, Rhoades; Alexander, Gilpin, 

Cora, for settling the Treasurer's accounts still continued. 

" M' Rhodes informed the Society that Arthur Donald- 
son, of Southwark, is constructing a Machine for Cleaning 
Docks &c. with which some experiments have been made 
that give foundation to expect Success ; the Society, desirous 
to encourage so useful an Invention, appointed D*^- Bond, 
Messrs. Rhoades, Gil[)in, Ilollingsworth k Fisher to examine 
the Huino uud report thereon at the next Meeting." 

April. '^ 1773. 

The Paper Com. — " Robert Bell waited upon the Society, 
this Eveninor with a Plan for encouraging the Undertaking." 
Adopted " with a few Alterations," and ordered to be pub- 
lished in the several Newspapers of this City. [The Money 
to be paid in Premiums is subscribed l>y Messrs. Crukshank, 
Dunlap, Hall, Bell & Humphreys, & M"" Bell engages to col- 
lect it whenever the Society pleases, as will more fully ap- 
pear by the Subscription Paper delivered, by order of the 
Society, to the Treasurer.]" 

R. S. Jones " communicated a letter from Rev** James 
Manning, Prest. of Rhodeisland [sic] College, returning the 
thanks of that Corporation" for Trans. 

R. S. Jones" communicated a letter from Rednap Howell 
of Boutetourte Co. Va. treating of a Moss used in dying 
Purple, and of a Silk reel invented by himself." Referred 
to C. of Husb. & Am. Imp. " Papers containing sundry 
specimens of Nat. Hist." enclosed in the letter were de- 
livered to M""- Alexander, Cur. for examination. 

" M*^ Gilpin is requested to provide a plain Bookcase for 
the Use of the Society." 

Marie from near Wilmington & ^'Alum from the Banks 
of Monongahela" were " thankfully received & deposited in 
the Cabinet." 

1773. April 2. (Rhoades ; Alison, Cliftbrd, Rittenhouse, 
Ewing, Alexander, Clarkson, Hollings worth, Jones ; Biddle, 

Alexander's bill for ink & a blank book, 10 •• 1, ordered 

Com. on the Donaldson Machine requested to report. 

" Hints for improving the present State of our Agricul- 
ture, with a sketch of such Premiums as may be proper 
to excite the public attention &c," read by Alison & referred 
to the C. on H. & A. I. to meet next Friday, 7 p. m. 

" Account of an Aurora Borealis observed by him at Brad- 
ford, N. E. July 25, 1772, and of a remarkable Child born 

July. 80 1773, 

at Woburn, II^". E. April 1772, with an exact Drawing of 
the same," in a letter from D'- B. Thompson of Concord, 
N. H. 

The Secretaries are requested to examine the Newspapers 
for an Advertisement sometime ago published by a Person 
in Maryland, who proposes for a certain price, therein men- 
tioned, to search for Marie, thro' America, and report to the 
next Meetinsc." 

1773. July 18. (Williamson, Alexander, Gilpin, Lukens, 
Bradford, Rittenhouse ; Smith, Rush & O. Biddle.') 

" Model of a Bridge," with a letter from John Jones of In- 
dian River ; referred to C. on Mechanics. Thanks ordered. 

Donaldson's Dredging Machine Model was presented and 
referred to Rhoades, Fisher, Gilpin, Rittenhouse, Lukens, 
Pryor, Clifford, Jon. Smith, Elollingsworth, Duffield, Powell, 
R. Smith, D'- Smith, Ewen and 0. Biddle to examine and 

Application to be made to Jacob, the Sexton of Christ 
Church, to take charge of the Key of the Society's Ilall. 

" Enquiry into the cause of Sleep & Dreams," by D'- 
Rush, referred to the Med. Com. 

" Experiments & Obs. on the Mineral Waters of Phila., 
Abingdon & Bristol," by D*" Rush, referred to Com. N. H. 
& Chemistry. 

A variety of subjects of Nat. Hist, from Geo. Gauld of 
W. Florida, with letter & list, delivered to the Curators. 
" M' Williamson acquainted the Society that M"" Gauld had 
paid him two half Johannes as a present to the Society." 

" A draught of Chester & Middle rivers in W. Florida," 
taken by Lieut. Ilutchins, N. S. 

" A description of the Coast of W. Florida," by M"^- Gauld, 
N"- 1. 

" A measurement of the height of the Blue Mountain & 
Catharine Uill," N" 2. 

" A Shark's Jaw ; a skin of the Shagreen Fish ; & a Por- 

July. Ol 1773 

cupine fish." All the above presented by M"- Gauld through 
D'- Williamson. 

" A specimen of Asphaltos found in E. Florida," presented 
bj M""- Bainbridge. 

" Meteorological Obs. &c. N**- 4," in a letter from Sam^ 
Williams of Bradford, N. E. 

" Experiments & Obs. on Evaporation &c. N*" 5," both 
communicated by D"" Williamson. — All referred to Com. on 
Geog., Math., N. Phil., & Astronomy. 

" A specimen of Sinopian Earth, Antimony Ore, & Alum 
Bark," in a letter from Rednap Howell. 

[Here are inserted^ out of place, " Minutes for May."] 

" On the variation of the Compass," in a letter from Lord 
Stirling to D'- Smith. — Smith, Rittenhouse & Clark&on, 
" to consider his Lordship's proposal." 

" Chart of the Stars used in finding the Longitude by the 
Moon invented by himself," in a letter from Sam^ Dunn of 
London ; " also a print containing a view of an Electrometer 
contrived by W. Henly &c. with a letter on Atmospheric 

" Ordered that an advertisement be put in the Papers by 
D""- Smith requesting such Persons as have anything to com- 
municate to be speedy as a Volume is preparing for the 

Sam^ Taylor's account was ordered to be paid. 

1773. July 30. (Bond ; Combe, Hollingsworth, Ritten- 
house, Alexander; Smith, O. Biddle.) 

D^- Smith had called on M'- Bradford to examine & report 
on his account. . . " M""- B. had not prepared any account 
and seemed to decline it at present." . , . . " The Society 
now desire that the same Committee viz. M'- H. Drinker, 
Geo. Morgan & D""- Smith do again call on M""- Bradford and 
acquaint him, that untill his account is laid before the Com- 
mittee & settled, they cannot give any Order to him for 
Money, & that it must be his own fault if there is delay in 
this matter." 


Angust. O^ 1773. 

Kinnersly, I. Bartram, Rittenhouse, Hollingsworth & 0. 
Biddle, " to agree with the Owner of the Torpedo, on terms 
to make a Set of Experiments, with a view to determine the 
nature of the Shocks which it communicates . . not exceed- 
ing £3 for that privelidge ; they are requested to call in to 
their assistance any gentlemen they think proper." 

Com. on Donaldson's machine not fully prepared to re- 

1773. Aug. 20. (Bond; Eoh. Proud, Rich. Wells, Clark- 
son, Bradford, Alexander, Williamson; 0. Biddle.) 

" M'- Bernard Romans attended the Society and promised 
to leave with the Secretaries a drawing of two Nondescript 
Plants, natives of Florida, one of which he has denominated 
the Kalmia Floridiana, & the other the Lupinus Emiticus 
seu L. foliisternatis, a description of which was now com- 

" Also a paper containing an improvement on the Mari- 
ner's Compass." 

" A Chart of the Navigation to, & in, the New Ceeded 
Countries," was exhibited by him, & Lukens, Rittenhouse, 
Wells, Clarkson, and T. Fisher were appointed to compare it 
with M''- Gauld's account of the same country ; also to con- 
sider their opinion of the Paper on the Compass. 

"M""- Cliristopher Coliis attended, and applied to have" a 
Com. appointed "to examine a Steam Engine for raising 
Water, which ho has erected at a Distillery in this City & 
to certify their opinion respecting it." Referred to Ritten- 
house, Wells, Proud & Biddle. 

Sees, to advertise Communications and presents, & request 
corarautiictttors to bo speedy &c. 

!)'• Williamson delivered to 0. Biddle, Gauld's descrip- 
tion of the W. Florida coast. 

1778. Au(/. 25. Adjourned Meeting. (Wyukoop, Jon, 
Smith, WclU, D' Smith; 0. Biddlo.) 

Sept.— Oct, 83 1773. 

Com. on the Collis Steam Engine reported that they had 
seen it "- perform several strokes, tho' some of the materials 
not being sufficiently large and strong, owing to his attempt- 
ing the execution at a very low expense, it did not continue 
its motion long; but that a Steam Engine may be brought to 
answer the purpose of raising Water much cheaper than by 
Men or Horses is a fact well known, & we are of opinion 
that the undertaker is well acquainted with the principles 
of this particular branch of Mechanics, & very capable of 
carrying it into execution & therefore worthy of Public en- 

1773. Sep. 17. (Ewing, Alexander, Bradford, Ritten- 
house, D""- Morgan, Geo. Morgan ; D'- Smith.) 

The Abb6 Rozier's letter was read, " mentioning a new 
work in which he is employed of giving a Monthly Account 
of the Works of the Literati in different parts of the World, 
and desiring the Society to appoint sorhe one to correspond 
with him & to send an Abstract of the most essential Arti- 
cles of their proceedings. He also sends his two first publi- 
cations for January & February." — The Sees, ordered to 
draft an answer, saying the Society "intend publishing 
their works as often as they can make a small Volume," 
from which he can make his own extracts. 

Bradford's account would be reported at the next meeting; 
the Com. being " of opinion that there will be due to Messrs. 
Bradford at least the Sum of £120, for which they have 
drawn on the Society in favour of M""- Galloway, the Soc. 
therefore desire that the Treasurer may accept the same to 
be paid when he receives the £250 granted them by the 
House of Assembly." 

1773. Oct. 15. (Bond ; Ewing, Coombe, Clarkson, Brad- 
ford, Alexander, Duffield ; D'- Smith.) 

Jas. Gillingham's bill for a pine Bookcase, £6 ordered 

November, 8^ 1773. 

Cap" Inglis was allowed, " for the encouragement of Nav- 
igation," to have the use of the Book of Tables of Parallax 
& Refraction, presented by the Univ. Cambridge, " to go his 
voyage to Jamaica," " upon his ordering a new Book of the 
same kind to be imported by the first Spring Ships to re- 
place it. But this method of lending the Books of the So- 
ciety to any but Members not to be drawn into precedent." 

" On Tornadoes, Hurricanes & Waterspouts," a paper by 
D'- Perkins of Boston ; reading deferred. 

" On the uses of Antiseptic Medicine," by D""- Wright of 
Jamaica ; also deferred. 

Ordered that Doctor Peters' boy have 30 •• 6d, 

Bradford's Accounts :—" Sales of 150 Phil. Trans. Sold 
in Boston 10 ; N". York 7 ; sent to Carolina 25 ; to T. Clif- 
ford 6 ; to Alexander, Thomson & Peters, 1 each ; to Wil- 
liamson 4 ; to PJi. Bond & Davidson, 1 each ; to S. Taylor, 
imperfect, 2 ; Delivered Paper maker 1 ; on hand 24 = 84. 
Sold by Wm. & Thos. Bradford 66 @ 15 each, £49 .. 10. 
Commissions @ 5 p. c. £2 •• 9 - 6. — Advertising 15 = £3 •• 4 •• 6. 
Net Proceeds £46 •• 5-6. 

[On the next page a balance sheet ; D'- side footing up 
£374 •• 2 •• 6. C- side, By sales £112 •• 10 •• 9 + Cash reC^ of 
members £6 •• 10 + Cash of Sundry Canal subscriptions 
£126 + By order in favor of T. Galloway £120 + Bal- 
lance due W. & T. Bradford £13 •• 1 "9 = £374 •• 2"6.— 
From this £2 ••9-6 was deducted " by abatement freely 
allowed for the Commissions charged on tiio sale of 66 Trans- 

[The next page is occupied by a List of Canal subscrip- 
tions, names and sums ranging from £6 to £2 each = £126. 
And another list " not collected," amounting to £45.] 

1773. Nov. 5. (Bond; Coombo, Clarkson, Jon. Smith, 
Morgan; D'- Smith, 0. Biddle.) 

** On Waterspouts Sc llurriciinos," a treatise by D' J. Per- 
kins of Boston, & " On AntiBe]>tic Medicines," by D'* W. 

Nov.— Dec— Jan. "^ 1773—1774. 

"Wright of Orange Hill, Trelawny ia Jamaica, which D*"- 
Morgan returned. 

" Owen Biddle brought and left with the Society the first 
Volume of the Minutes of one branch of this Society before 
the Union, which then subsisted under the Name of " a So- 
ciety meeting weekly in the City of Philadelphia for their 
mutual improvement in useful Knowledge," and includes a 
Journal of their proceedings from 22** Septem"^ 1758 to 
Octob"- 221 1762." 

1773. Nov. 18. (T. Bond, Jun'- Chairman; Smith, 
Morgan, Bradford, Alexander, Rush.) 

" An enquiry into the Cause with an ace' of the Efficacy 
of Liquid Laudanum in the Disorder bro't on drinking cold 
Water ;" paper by D""- Rush. 

Smith & Rush to ask Thomson if he meant to deliver the 

1773. Dec. 17. (D^- Bond, T. Bond, Smith, Wells, Brad- 
ford, Rush.) 

" A plan of a Snow Plough," was communicated by M. 
Rich. Wells. 

" A case of an extraordinary mortification of the Uterus. 
Also a Description of an imperfect Foetus," from Jon. Elmes, 
M.D., of Cohansie. 

C. Thomson having declined, D""- Rush undertook to pre- 
pare an Oration. 

1774. Jan'yb. (Wells, Jones, Duflield, judges ; T. Bond, 
& Rush, clerks.) 


President^ Benjamin Franklin, F.R.S. &c. 
V. Ps. Galloway, Rhoads [sic], Bond. 
Sees. D'- Smith, Wells, Jones, Rush. 
Curs. Duflield, Rittenhouse, Bond, Jun""- 
Treas. Coombe. 
" After the Election . . D'- Smith delivered to the So- 

January. O" 1774. 

ciety the following letters, Copies & Translations of which 
were ordered to be inserted in the minutes of the Society." 

Richmond, Dec. 7'^ 1773. 
Sirs, I had the Honour to deliver to the Academies of Turin & Bologna 
in Italy & to the Grand Duke of Tuscany the first Volume of the Trans- 
actions of the American Philosophical Society, which Docf Franklin gave 
me for that purpose in London. Inclosed you will find the Answers from 
Bologna «fc Florence, and the Copy of that from Turin, as the original of 
it is in one ef the 4 Volumes I had from that Academy for the American 
Society. The said 4 Volumes I shall take the first opportunity to forward 
to you, as soon as you will please to let me know hy what Channel I am 
to send them. I have likewise 3 pamphlets written by Mr. Fontana, who 
has written many more, and every one containing some Discoveries, but 
he could not find the Others at that Time, and has promised to send them 
by the first opportunity. I shall reside in Virginia, «& as I have engaged 
to forward to you whatever may be hereafter committed to my Care from 
that part of the World, So I shall esteem it a particular honour at all 
Times to be employ** by the American Philosophical Society in the like 
service, I am with profound Respect 

Sirs, Your most obedient 

& most humble Servant 

Philip Mazzei. 

[The next page occupied by a " Copy of the Answer of 
the R. S. of Turin to the A. P. S." and its translation.] 

[The next two pages occupied by a letter " to the Illus- 
trious &c. Members of the philosophical Society," signed 
Sebastiano Canterzani, Secy. Acad. Sc. Bologna, dated 18"* 
Augt. 1773 ; and its translation.] 

[The next two pages occupied by a letter " to the most 
honorable W" Smith & Robert Strettle Jones Sees, of the 
Philosophical Society, Felix Fontana, sends greeting," 
dated Florentice Idibus Junii.] 

1774. Jan. 21. (Bond, Rhoads fCoombo, ReV' T. Coombo, 
D'- Smith, Peters, Redman, Morgan, Harris, Clifford, Wells, 
Fisher, Rittcnhouse, Ilillegas, Miles, Bradford, Dufliold, 
Jones, Ilolingflworth [sic], M. Bartram, T. Bond, Jr., Rush.) 

Election of 17 new mcmbors: — Earl Stanhope, Lord Ma- 
hon, D'- And. Duncan of Kdinbro'; 8. Moore of London; 

Jan.— Feb. 87 I774. 

George Gauld & Bernard Roman* of Pensaeola ; Bryan 
Edwards, John Ellis & D'- W"^ Wright, of Jamaica ; D'' 
Walter Jones & D""- James McClurg of Virginia ; D"" Jonathan 
Elmer & D""- W"' Bryan of N. Jersey ; John Jones of Mary- 
land ; D'- John Perkins of Boston ; Sharp Delany, James 
Bringhurst, Ben, Morgan, & D"" Thos. Parke, of Philadelphia. 

" An account of a Lunar Eclipse ; Met. Obs. ; & a hurri- 
cane in N". England," in a letter from S. Williams of Brad- 
ford in K E. 

" Dissertation of an amphibious animal discovered in that 
County," in a letter from D'- J. Archer of Baltimore Co. Md. 
Also a stuffed skin of that animal. 

1774. Feh^y 4. " Present all the Officers and a consider- 
able number of the members of the Society, together with 
some strangers. Jy Rush delivered an Oration entitled 'An 
enquiry into the natural history of medicine among the In- 
dians in North America, with a comparative view of their 
diseases & remedies with those of civilized nations.' " [Follows 
a note in lead-pencil, " See end of the ' American Society,' 
book Vol. I. for Min. of members of 18. Feb. & 4. March 
1774." This minute is as follows : — ] 

" The Acts of the British parliament for shutting up the 
port of Boston, for altering the charters, and for the more 
impartial administration of justice, in the province of Mas- 
sachusetts bay, together with the Bill for establing \sic\ 
popery and arbitrary power in Quebec, having alarmed the 
whole of the American colonies, the members of the philo- 
sophical Society partaking with their countrymen in the 
distress and labors \sic\ brought upon their country were 
obliged to discontinue their meetings for some months untill 
a mode of opposition to the said acts of parliament was estab- 
lished, which they hope will restore the former Harmony, 
and maintain a perpetual Union between Great Britain & 
the American colonies." 

* Spelled Jiomaine In the minutes of January 20, 1775, and Jiomans on those of 
February IS, 177i. 

December. OO 1771, 

1774. Dec. 17. (Bond, "president;" J)'- Smith, Jones, 
Rev*^ M""- Coombe, Biddle, Duffield, Simitere \sic\ Bradford, 

Morgan, Simitere, Rush, " to bring in a draught of a cer- 
tificate to be sent to members upon their election into the 
Society." — Bradford & Simitere " to apply to proper per- 
son to engrave the said certificate." 

The Secretaries to draught a letter of thanks " to those 
Gentlemen from whom they have received presents of any 

D''- Smith to request Rittenhouse to deliver the Anniver- 
sary Oration for the ensuing year. 

" On Longitude," a paper from M'- Laurie of N". Y. 

Books sent with a letter from Franklin : — (1.) The Compt 
of Buffon's Nat. Hist, of birds, with coloured plates from 
the author, 4 Vols. F°-— (2.) Trans. R. S. London, 3 Vols.— 
(3.)N'ovi Com. S. R. S. Gotingensis, 3 Vols.— (4.) Obs. sur la 
physique &c. Abbe Rozier, 2 Vols. — (5.) Nouv. Mem. A. R. 
S. 1770, Berlin.— (6.) Ast. Obs. Greenwich, 1765 to 1769, 
Maskelyne, F"- — (7.) Dunn's new Atlas of the Mundane 
System, F°- — (8.) Opusc. phys. et chem. S'' from Lavoisier, 
with a letter from the author. — (9.) Von Stjehlin's Account 
of the Northern Archipelago lately discovered, S**- from 
Franklin. — (10.) W™ Ilewson's Exp. enq. into the Lymph- 
atic system, 8° from his widow. — (11.) J. Walsh's letter to 
Franklin " of the electric property of the Torpedo," pamp. 
4" — (12.) Sir J. Pringle's discourse on the difterent kinds of 
air, pamp. 4" from the author. — (13.) Precis des recherches 
en France depuis I'ann^e 1730 pour la determ. des longi- 
tudes (fee, pamp. 4'*- from Le Roy the author, — (14.) "Some 
a<ld. Obs. on preserving Seeds from foreign parts for the 
benefit of American colonies &c. by J. Ellis. — (15.) Bayley's 
advancement of the Arts. 

" A Counsel [m>] of twelve jiorsons every year," was pro- 
posed by M'- Biddio, " wliose businehs it should be to super- 
intend the publication of the transactions of the Society, 

December. ^" 1774. 

and from whom the other OflBcers of the Society should 
be yearly chosen." 

" Also that a Librarian be appointed to take charge of 
the books belonging to the Society, with power to lend them 
to the members under the same regulations as those of the 
city library." 

1774. Dec.2S. '' Society's Hall." (Bond,pre8ident ; D-"- 
Smith, Biddle, Morgan, "Wells, Jones, Simitere, Duffield, 
T. Bond, Jr., Rush.) 

D""- Rittenhouse will deliver the Oration in a month. 

M*"- Biddle's proposal " was put off for a larger meeting." 

1774. Dec. 30. (D'- Bond ; Rhoads, Duffield, Delany, 
M'- Bond, Allison [sic], Wells, Fooks, Bradford, Rush.) 

The draught of certificate of membership was read several 
times, altered & adopted : — 

" To all unto wliom these presents shall come, greeting — The American 
Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting useful Knowl- 
edge, desirous of conferring upon a proper mark of their 
esteem and of attaching him to the Society have elected 
the said a member of the same, granting unto him 
the rights of fellowship with all the liberties and previledges belonging 
thereunto. In Testimony of which (by order of the Society) we have 
subscribed our names & caused the seal of the Society to be affixed, this 
day of in the year of our Lord . — 
To be signed by one Vice President and one Secretary." 

The following form of a letter of thanks was approved : — 

" The American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for pro- 
moting useful Knowledge, have received by the hands of your 
acceptable present of for which they have desired 
their grateful acknowledgment to be transmitted to you by Sir your most 
humble servant. — To be signed by one Secretary." 

Bradford & Simitiere " were desired to procure engraved 
copies of the certificate on parchment & of the letter of 
thanks on paper as soon as possible." 

Franklin's letter to the Society containing queries from 
I'Abbe Reynall of Paris. 

February. *^^ 1774. 

[See for this another place, under the same date.] It 
occupies pp. 168, 169, 170, 171. 

[See end of the " American Society" book for Minutes of 
meeting of Jan. 6, 1775.] 

[Page 172 is occupied by "An Account of such printed 
Books, Drawings &c. as have been presented to the Society," 
19 in number, beginning with No. 1, Nov. 5, 1770 ; — No. 2, 
17 April, 1772 ;— Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, June 19, 1772 ;— Nos. 7 to 
19, May 1, 1772.] 

[Page 173. Originally left blank, has lead-pencil notes 
in a modern hand. " Omissions. Minutes of the dnited 
Society from 18. Feby, 1774 ; 6 Jan. 1775 for choice of 
officers ; 5 Jan. 1776, Do. ; together with Minutes for March 
1779 ; to Dec. 1779 Inclusive will be found on the End of 
the Early Minutes 1758 to 1761 of the Junto. Also some 
proceedings 1775 in a separate Book with list of Members 
Elected 1771, 2."] 

[Pages 174 and 175 occupied crosswise with six-ruled 
columns of autograph signatures of the membei's of the six 
Committees. A seventh column is to be found on p. 176.] 

(end of volume.) 

[Begins a Volume of MS. Minutes.] 

" Minutes of the American Philosophical Society omitted in the 
year 1774 — viz^^ 

1774. February!^. (10 present.) 

Owen Biddle read Bernard Romans' letter with a figure 
of a new HfKJciosof Floridan Kalmia, k a figure <fc description 
of the Semen BadiaiuiniHiiTii Stollaf uin, or [llicium Floridi- 

"Rich. WcIIh coiiUMunicatcd a paper ollbriiig some Hints 
for raising water in wells without the help of pumps or other 
machines" . . . referred. 

March— Dec. 


The Officers, together with T. Coorabe J""-, D' Morgan, 
D'- Parks, D""* Kuhn, Owen Biddle and Charles Thomson, 
were appointed " a committee to consider and prepare the 
papers and Transactions of the Society in order for publish- 
ing," and report. 

Smith, Morgan, Drinker, appointed a Committee to audit 
the Treasurer's accounts, & prepare a list of outstanding 

Curators " desired to collect the Books and other Valu- 
ables belonging to the Society and place them in the Cab- 

1774. March 4. (6 present.) 

Auditing Com. reported inability " to attend to the affairs 
of the Society this month, but will comply with their request 
as soon as possible." 

M""- Bradford will print the Vol. of Trans, on the follow- 
ing terms: — "He will furnish the Society with 12 or 15 
copies for the foreign Academies, and each member with a 
volume on which he will charge nothing but his labor and 
the materials." 

1774. Dec. 17. (9 members : D' T. Bond, president ; 
D'- Smith, M' Jones, ReV^M'- Coombe, M'- Biddle, D' Duf- 
field, M"-- Simitiere, M^- Bradford, & D'- Rush.) 

Morgan, Simitiere, Rush, made a Committee to draft a 
Certificate of membership. 

Bradford & Simitiere to employ an engraver. 

The Secretaries to " bring in a draught of a Letter of 
thanks to those Gentlemen from whom they have received 
presents of any kind." 

" Ordered that the Rev"* D'- Smith request M' David Rit- 
tenhouse to deliver the Anniversary Oration for the ensuing 

D'- Rush communicated a paper on Longitude from M'- 
Lawrie of New York. 

Also a letter from Franklin [in Paris ?] with : Buffon's 


December. ^'^ 1774. 

N. H. of Birds, 4 Vols. F., from the author; Trans. R. S., 
London, 3 Vols. ; Novi Com. S. S. Gottingensis, 3 Vols., 4" ; 
Abbe Rozier's Observations sur la Physique, 2 Vols., author ; 
Nouv. Mem. de I'Acad. R. d. S. et B. L., 1770, Berlin ; 
Rev^ Nevil Maskelyne's Astron. Obs. at Greenwich, 1765 to 
'69, F., author ; Sam. Dunn's Atlas of the Mundane System, 
1 Vol., F., author ; Lavoisier's Opuscules Physiques, 8% with 
a letter from the author ; Ivon Stahlin's Account of the 
Northern Archipelago, Kamschatka, &c., from Franklin ; 
"W". Ilewson's Exp. Eng. Lymphatic System, from his widow; 
John Walsh's pamphlet letter to Franklin on the Torpedo ; 
Sir John Pringle's pamp. on Airs; Le Roy's Recherches . . . 
Longitudes, author ; D""- Geo. Young's Garden at St. Vin- 
cent's described by J. Ellis ; Bayley's Advancement of the 

Council. — " M"- BlddU proposed to the Society the appoint- 
ment of a Council of 12 persons every year^ whose business 
it should be to superintend the publication of the Transactions of 
the Society^ from whom the other Officers of the Society should 
be yearly chosen." 

" AlsOy that a. Librarian be appointed to take charge of the 
Books belonging to the Soc'y with power to lend them to the 
members under the same regulations as those of the City Library." 

1774. Lee. 23. " Society's Hall." (10 present ; Bond pre- 

]> Smith said that Rittenhousc consented to deliver the 
Oration in a month. 

M'- Biddle's proposals postponed to a larger meeting. 

1774. Lee. 30. ''Society's Hall." (10 present; Bond 

Certificate of membership read, debated, corrected and 
adopted. [The form then follows in the minutes, and differs 
from the form now in use, thus :J 

To alii ^c. The American Philosophical Society, &c., 

December. •-"-' 1774. 

" desirous of conferring upon a proper mark of 

their esteem and of attaching him to the Society, have 

elected the said a Member of the same, granting 

unto him the rights of fellowship, with all the liberties and 
privileges belonging thereunto. In testimony," &c. 

Letter of thanks unanimously approved. [Form follows in 
the minutes :] 

" The A. P. S. &c. have received by the hands of • 

your acceptable present of for which they have de- 
sired their grateful acknowledgments to be transmitted to 
you by, sir, your most humble servant." [Secretary.] 

Bradford and Simitiere desired to procure engraved copies 
of the Certificate on Parchment, and of the Letter on paper, 
as soon as possible. 

Franklin's letter, containing queries from I'Abbe Raynall 
respecting the population, commerce and wealth of the 
American Colonies, which were considered, and the Society 
"agreed that they were not proper objects of the Society's 
enquiries ;" Secretaries directed to send to Franklin said 

Franklin's letter, with queries from the Marquis de Con- 
dorcet ; translation in the minutes : " To D"" Benj" Frank- 
lin, You have here dear & illustrious brother, some ques- 
tions which I take the liberty to propose to the Philo- 
sophical Society of Phila. and an answer to which I beg 
the favour of you to procure me: — 1. Do the calcareous 
stones of the silex contain marine productions .... belong 
to known species found in the neighborhood of Philadel- 
phia .... what elevation on the mountains .... depth 
. . are any fossil bones to be found .... 2. Any obser- 
vations on the magnetic needle .... oscillations .... 
duration of the oscillation should be between 1| and 2 
centuries .... 3. Height of mercury in the Barometer 
.... any singularity .... 4. Any free negroes who have 
not mixed with whites .... have their black children ' re- 
tained the genius and character of the negroes' . . If 

January. «^^ 1775. 

men of genius and parts have been observed among them . . . 
5. Any Basalts & pumice in the mountains .... any coals 
.... above or below banks of shells" .... [The whole 
letter is curiously suggestive of the state and animus ot 
French science in 1774.] 

Franklin sent also a memoir of M. Daubenton (sent to 
him through M. Le Roy) at Buflbn's request (with colored 
plates), " On the method of preserving birds," &c., with a re- 
quest for " some natural productions of Pennsylvania" for 
the King's cabinet. [The note is translated in the minutes, 
dated July 20, 1773.] Smith, Lukens, Rittenhouse and 
Owen Biddle were appointed to answer Condorcet's ques- 
tions as to Meteorology ; D'- Thos. Bond, Wells, Simitiere 
and Rush, those of Natural History. 

D""- Thos. Bond, Jun., M""- Fooks and M'^- Delany were 
made a Com. " to look into the affairs of the Society." 

1775. January 6. (No. list.) 


President — Ben. Franklin. 

V. P5.— Josh. Galloway, Sam. Rhoads, ly- T. Bond. 
Secs.—D'- W. Smith, R'- S. Jones, T>'- B. Rush, R-^- Wells. 
Curators — Rittenhouse, T. Bond, Jr., Duflield. 

Treas. — Thos. Coombe. 

1776. Jan. 20. (11 present.) 

Drawing of Ilicium floridianum, by Bernard Romaine 

" A sufficient number of members to ballot for Candidates 
for a fellowship in the Society not being present the Society 
adjourned to Jan'y 28"'" 

1775. Jan. 28. (19 present; Bond presiding; Smith, 
Clilibrd, ItittcnhouBO, T. Coombe, Rev** T. Coombe, Owen 

Feb.— May. •^'^ 1776. 

Biddle, Clement Biddle, Roberts, Morris, Wells, Holings- 
worth [sic], Bringhurst, Paschall, Bartram, Lukens, Simi- 
tere, Park, Rush.) 

Election of — New Members. — Condorcet, Daubenton, Du- 
bourg, Le Roux, Macquair,* Raynal,* Lavoisier, Rosier,* all 
of Paris ; W- Adams of Barbadoes ; Capt. Holland and Rev* 
D""- T. Gibbons of London ; D' Fortunatus de Warris and 
D""- Ben. Mosely of Jamaica. 

David Mittenhouse appointed Librarian. 

Meyer's new method of mapping Russia presented by 
Peter Miller. 

M"- Hunt's account, 40 sh. for services in the Hall of the 
Society, ordered paid. 

[On the opposite page is pasted a paper on which is writ- 
ten : — 

" gentlemen as I have had the Care of the hall allmost tow year I shall 
esteem it as a faver if yool give me an order to be pade I have had a 
long fit of illness and mony will be very exseptabel to your friend 

friday night Jany 37 1775 Isbella Hunt "] 

[1775.] Feb'y [ ] « in the College." 

Rittenhouse delivered his " Oration on Astronomy, to a 
crowded audience, consisting of his Honor the Governor of 
the Province, the Assembly, and a great number of gentle- 
men of the tirst distinction, besides the members of the So- 

[1775.] Hay 30. (8 present.) 

D'- Smith agreed to bring in a copy of a letter of admis- 
sion of members chosen into the Society ; also, letters of 
thanks to Buffon and Condorcet for presents. 

M'"- Simiti^re agreed to answer Condorcet's 1"* and 5"* set 

* The orthography of these names differs from that of the 1880 catalogue of 
members which followed the spelling of the earlier ones. On the next page but 
one is pasted a scrap of paper, upon which appears in an old handwriting, the 
same list of names, with that of Reynal spelled Henould. 

Jan. — March, 


of questions ; Rittenhouse the 2* and 3** ; and Ludlam's let- 
ter to the Society [not mentioned in the minutes before] ; 
D""- Bond the 4'^ ; D'- Rush to write to the Abbe Raynall. 

" Continuation of the Minutes of the American Philo- 
sophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for promoting 
USEFUL Knowledge." 

" N. B. — The former part of the Minutes from the Insti- 
tution of the Society ; commencing Jan'y 2*^, 1769 ; and end- 
ing Dec. 30"", 1774 ; are contained in a Marble covered Book, 
containing 176 pages. 

" Since the Beginning of the Year 1775, the Meetings of 
the Society were much interrupted, and for a great Part of 
the Time wholly discontinued ; so that the following are 
all the Minutes that have been preserved ; viz :" 

1775. JarCy 6. [Minutes as above, here repeated.] 

1775. March S. (13 present; T. Coombe, Sen""- and 
M'- Du Simiti^re among them.) 

" Agreed with M*"- Bradford to proceed immediately to 
print the Second volume of the Transactions on the follow- 
ing terras : 

" At least 500 copies to be printed ; 

" He is to make an Estimate of the work when finished 
at the same rate as if he had printed it at the Expence of the 
Society, and on averaging the whole according to the num- 
ber of Copies, to deliver to the Members their Copies at 
tho average price, and also a present of 25 Copies to bo 
sent to foreign societies and members of Distinction, and to 
soil tlio remainder at a moderate shop profit, to refund tho 
residue of the costs of printing." 

D'* Smith brought in a proposed petition to the Assembly 
for erecting a Pablk Ofmr valor i/^ which wiis agreed to. 
[Blank spuco evidently iuteudod for engrossing the petition.] 

March— May— Sept. " ♦ 1775. 

D""- Smith was desired to prepare a similar petition to the 

1775. March 19. (4 present: Bond, Alexander, Rhoads, 

Arthur Donaldson's machine (in construction) for cleans- 
ing the docks was described by M"^- Rhoads. Bond, Rhoads, 
Hollinsworth, Gilpin and Fisher appointed to exani'ine and 

Committee to confer with paper manufacturers, reported 
(through M""- Bell) "a plan for encouraging the undertaking," 
which was ordered to be published in the newspapers. 

R. Howell's letter (from Virginia) about a moss used in 
dyeing purple, and a new silk reel, was communicated by 
R. S. Jones, and referred to Committee on Husbandry and 
American Improvements. Enclosed specimens referred to 
M""- Alexander for examination. 

Rev* Jas. Manning, " Pre'g U. C," returned thanks for a 
Vol. Trans. American Philosophical Society, "presented to 
the Institution." 

Plain bookcase for the use of the Society ordered through 
M""- Gilpin. 

Specimens of Marie [sic] from near "Wilmington and Alum 
from the Monongahela, presented by M"" Gilpin. 

1775. May 30. [Minutes already given repeated here.] 

1775. September Ih. (16 present: Franklin presided; 
Ed. Physic, Fisher and B. Winesop among them.) 

Gilpin's letter about the Annual passage of Herrings, 
" with a map explanatory of their Voyage." Referred to 
Committee on Natural History. 

Franklin delivered the following books presented by their 
authors : — The Abbe Decquemare's Essay on Sea Anemones, 
with a letter to the American Philosophical Society ; Prin- 


Dec— Jan. »Jo 1T75— 1776. 

gle on the Torpedo ; Dennis' Astronomy ; Rozier's Obs. sur 
le physic [sic'] naturale, Vols. Ill, IV (2 copies) ; — thanks 

Sir J. Pringle's letter to Franklin " containing an abstract 
of Capt. Cooke's [sic] last Voyage, not yet published in Eng- 

D""- Morgan communicated a paper entitled " The whole 
process of the Silk Worm from the Egg to the Cocoon, by 
Messrs. 'Hall and Skinner. 

Phin. Pemberton's Meteorological Register for January 
and February, 1775, and Thos. Aldwin's MS. Journal of 
"Winds on the Island of Anticosta from September, 1766 to 
June, 1767, communicated by M'- Bond. 

" An order was drawn on the Treasurer in favor of D'- 
Bond, 18 •• 3 postage a letter from L'abbe Decquemare." 

1775. Dec. 15. (9 present.) 

Prof. Meyer (of Heidelberg)'s letter, with two maps, and 
two treatises, presented: — 1. Observatio occultationis Sat- 
urni, &c. ; 2. Directio meridiani palatini per speculum, &c. 
Thanks ordered " to that Gentleman for his ingenious per- 
formances and request" for "the continuation of his valuable 
correspondence" . . . "the Society will esteem themselves 
happy in communicating any thing in their power to assist 
him in the Prosecution of his Philosophical Researches." 

Rittenhouse's Oration: 150 copies ordered, one to each 
Member of Congress and Assembly. 

1776. Jan'j/ 5. 
Mection of Officers, 
President — " Doctor Franklin." 

V. Pa.—- D'- Bond, Sen'-, Samuel Rhoads, Esq., D^ Smith. 
iSecs. — R. Strettel Jones, D""- B. Rush, Wells, Bond. 
Curators — Rittonhousc, Duffiold, Simitiere, 
Treaa. — Thomas Coornbe, Esq, 

[Many blank pages follow.] 

January. "»^ 1779. 

[1779. JarCy 16.] 

" We the subscribers, members of the American Philo- 
sophical Society, request the Vice Presidents to postpone 
the meeting advertized of the said Society to some future 
day, for weighty reasons. 

Philadelphia January IB"', 1779." 

Jos. Rebd, 

Matth. Clarkson, John Ewing. 

David Rittenhouse, 
Gerard Clarkson, 
Fras. Hopkinson, 
Lewis Nicola, 
Jno. B. Smith, 
Moses Bartram, 
Chas. Thomson 
Owen Biddle, 
Thos. Bradford, 
Sharp Delany. 

After a blank page follows, on a sheet of paper pasted in : 

" The Calamities of War and the Invasion of this City by 
the Enemy having interrupted the Proceedings of The 
American Philosophical Society for promoting useful Knowledge^ 
— the members are requested to meet at 
on the of at o'clock in 

the evening ; to take into Consideration the present State 
of the Society, with such Matters as may be necessary to 
promote the Design of their Institution. 

" We the subscribers do desire that the above Advertise- 
ment be printed in the News Papers of this City. 

"Philadelphia, February 1779 

Owen Biddle, Samuel Fooks, Jos. Reed, 

David Rittenhouse, John Ewing, Th. Bond, 

Jno. B. Smith, William White, W""- Smith. 

Lewis Nicola, John Ewing, 

Gerard Clarkson, Thos. Hopkinson, 

Sharp Delany, John Morris, J'-, 

March. 100 1779, 

Benj'' Rush, Tho. Smith, 

Samuel Duffield, Cha. Thomson, 

Sam. G. Cadwelader [sic], Tho. Mifflin, 
John Benezet, Thos. Bradford, 

Matth. Clarkson, Jon''- Potts, 

Fra. Alison. 

1779. March 5. (9 present.) 

" The foUowino: members .... met at the College .... 
agreeable to a notification in the public papers . . . ." Bond 
(Chairman), Smith, White, Nicola, Duffield, 0. Biddle, Du 
Simitiere, Bradford and Clarkson (" Sec'y for the evening"). 

"It was unanimously agreed that, that the Meetings & 
Business of the Society be revived." 

" Agreed, n. c. d. that an election of Officers be held on 
Friday the 19'^ Inst, at the College, between 2 & 5 P. M." 

" That no person be permitted to vote, before he has paid 
the arrears due to the Society for the three last years, and 
that D"" Duffield receive the same." 

" Colonel Nicola and M'- Du Simitiere are desired to call 
upon Samuel Taylor, bookbinder, and receive from him such 
volumes of the Transactions as he has in his Possession, and 
deposit them with the other effects of the Society." 

1779. March 19. 

Election of Officers for the remainder of the year. 

President — Benjamin Franklin, Esq., LL.D., &c., &c. 
V. Presidents — D'- Thomas Bond, ] 

David Rittenhouse, Esq., > 
D'' William Sliii)pen. j 

Secretaries— Rqv^ D'- W" Stnith, 
ReV^ D'- Jolni Ewing, 
Rev'' M' W'"- White [sicj, { 
Owen Biddle, Ewi'- J 

April. 101 1779. 

Curators — Col. Lewis Nicola, 

D-- Samuel Duffield, 

M''- Pierre Du Simitiere. 
Treasurer — Matthew Clarkson, Esq""- 

" Agreed, That the Vice Presidents wait on his Excel- 
lency the President of this State, and request of him in 
behalf of the Society to favor their meetings with his 
presence, as often as he conveniently can, as their Patron." 

"Agreed, That the Re v*^ Doctor Ewing be requested to 
prepare & deliver an anniversary oration for this year . . . ." 

1779. April 2. (7 present ; both Bonds.) 

The answer of the President of the State to the Vice-Presi- 
dents was received and ordered to be published " together 
with a copy of their address to him in behalf of the Society. 

" Agreed, That the Treasurer collect 30 shillings from 
every member when he first comes to take his seat and give 
a voice in the business of the Society, and that in the notice 
of the next meeting it be particularly desired that all the 
members who can conveniently be present will be punctual 
in their attendance, as it is proposed to chuse [sic] several 
new members. 

"Samuel Adams Esq'-, one of the Delegates in Congress, 
having informed the Society that there is a book for them 
in the hands of a gentleman in Boston, the Secretaries are 
directed to write a Letter to him to put it into the hands of 
Doctor Thomas Bond Junr. who engages to send for the 

1779. April 16. 

" His Excellency, Joseph Reed Esq*" Patron of the So- 
ciety ;" Bond,Rittenhouse, Smith, White, O. Biddle, Ewing, 
Du Simitiere, Dufiield, Clarkson, Alison, Charles Thomp- 
son [5ic*], Nicola, Morris, Jones, Hopkinson, Rush, Fooks, 

* Autograph Thomson, see above. 

May. IX)^ 1779 

B. Bond, Jun'- Isaac Bartram, Moses Bartram, and Brad- 

D'"Ewing .... sensible of the honor .... would " pre- 
pare an oration as soon as his convenience will allow." 

Secretaries requested to get, through " some of the Dele- 
gates from the State of Virginia," the four Vols. Trans, sent 
by the E-. Acad, at Turin to the American Philosophical 
Society, per M'- Mozzei \sic], " now at Richmond in Virginia." 

Election of three new Members^ " whose names had been 
postponed at two previous meetings:" — The Honorable 
Mons'- Gerard, Minister Plen. of his most Christian Majesty; 
Doct'- James Hutcheson [sic] ; Rev*^ George Duffield. 

" The Patrons and vice presidents are desired to notify to 
his Excellency Monsieur Gerard his Election into this So- 
ciety, and to request that he will be pleased to countenance 
and assist them in carrying on the laudable purposes of their 

" The Secretaries are desired to prepare a proper Certificate 
to be delivered to his Excellency, agreeable to the rules of 
the Society."* 

1779. May 7. (" Society Hall ;" 15 present.) 

Lukens, Rittenhouse, Biddle, appointed a Committee " to 
have the observatory repaired and the lastraments lodged in 
the same." 

This committee was also "requested to wait on the Ilon- 
ble the Speaker of the House of Assembly to represent to 
him that they arc willing to comply with his note respect- 
ing the Telescope^ but are of opinion that it is not proper to 
lend it to Individuals, as it would be injurious to the In- 
strument, and interfere with those views of the Society for 
which they obtained tho use of it from a former Assembly." 

• "Of B mooUnjc held April 21, 1770,thoro nro no inltiuton. llut In a list of 
moriihera It appoarti that on that <lay was KIcotcd III*) Kxoolloncy tho MIour 
Coorftd Alexander (J^ranl. Hc<;n>tary of tho Council of Htatts of IiIh Moni (Mirln- 
tian Majeaty and h Ik MInlNlor I>k>nlpot<'ntlary to tho United Htaton of North 
America, Ac. Ac." IThlx on a lly pnMtod In opposite May 7, 1770.] 

May— July. 1^-'^ 1779. 

" A Calculation of an Eclipse of the Sun, June 24'^- 1778, 
with a translation of Baron Wolfius's principles of Spheri- 
cal Trigonometry by M""- Daniel Frihauf, of Northampton," 
was presented. 

" An order was drawn on the Treasurer to pay M'- Aitkin 
twenty dollars for binding a Volume of the transactions 
of the Society to be presented to his Excellency M'' Gerard." 

Another order for sixteen dollars in favor of M"" Hilary 
Baker who wrote His Excellency's Certificate of election. 

Secretaries directed to report " the state of papers formerly 
selected for publications," and others since presented ; and 
to proceed in their business of preparing letters in answer 
to foreign correspondents. 

1779. May 21. ''Society Hall." (« His Excellency Joseph 
Reed, Esq., Patron," and 14 other members.) 

Reed reported the presentation to Gerard, who "desired 
the Committee to assure the Society of his sense of the 
honor .... & of his intention to forward the views of the 
Society .... in America & in France." 

D'- Bond read an essay "On the means of preserving 
health and preventing diseases." 

Col. Nicola read an essay " To account for the Deluge, 
from the Suspension of the diurnal rotation of the earth." 

" Both gentlemen very obligingly complied with the So- 
ciety's request to leave their pieces among the papers." 

Unreporting committees continued. 

1779. July 23. (5 present.) 

" M'- Churchman gave in a memorial relative to a map of 
the peninsula between Delaware & Chesapeake bays in- 
cluding thirteen counties," asking its examination and rec- 
ommendation to the public. — Rittenhouse, Lukeas, Evving, 
0. Biddle, and D"^- Smith, examining committee. 

Aug.— Dec. J 04: I779. 

"An astronomical paper," from Meyer, Astronomer to 
the Elector Palatine, was referred to Rittenhouse. 

An order to pay Hilary Baker $30, signed by the V. P. 

1779. Aug. 20. (16 present; D'- Bond presiding as 
usual ; Gerard present.) 

Jno. Churchman was " called in" to hear the report on his 
map: "As the Society have appointed us a committee 
we are of opinion that he is possessed of suf- 
ficient materials, both astronomical observations and actual 
surveys, to enable him to construct an accurate map, and 
have no doubt but that he has executed his design with ex- 
actness & care, but we can not help expressing our desires of 
seeing the map laid down upon a much larger scale, which 
would render it more serviceable for promoting the Knowl- 
edge of Geography." 

Rittenhouse read his reply to M'- Christian Meyers [sic]. 
Gerard was requested & agreed to forward it on his return 
to France with a Vol. of Trans. A. P. S. 

A letter to Buffon, " acknowledging the favor of his pub- 
lications," was ordered, to be delivered likewise by Gerard. 

Rittenhouse read his " Solution by Experiment of certain 
optical Illusions." " Left among the papers of the Society." 

1779. Dec. 10. (7 present.) 
The letter to Buffon was read by D'" Smith : 

" Philada. Sep. 15, 1779. 
" Illubtrtoub Sir 

"The return of hla Excellency the Ricur Gerard to Paris, fiirnialica the 
American PhiloRophicnl Society, with a favorable opportunity of nrknowl- 
cdging a debt which they have long owed to you ; That duty, by order 
of the Society, hath dovolvrd upon me, and would have been discliarged 
more reasonably, if the calainitieB of war, whereof America is now the 
scene, had not Interrupted the ordinary channels of coninmnication. 

"The Society want Language to express tlioir grateful Kcnso of the 

December. lUO I779. 

Honor you have done them by the superb present of the two first volumes of 
your work entitled " Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux," containing colored 
plates of the Birds, and their natural histories, elegantly bound ; to which 
by your Generosity has since been added two volumes more of plates only ; 
This work will do honor to your name, and to the Republic of Letters, 
as long as the study of Nature's works or the adoration of Nature's God, 
shall continue to be cultivated among mankind. 

" The Society have to lament, that since the receipt of your books, our 
Situation hath been such, that the chief attention of those among our 
members, who might have contributed something towards tlie important 
work, in which you are engaged, hath been necessarilj^ called towards the 
Assistance of their country in the great Struggle which she now sustains. 
But it is hoped the time is fast approaching (and that your valuable life 
may be prolonged to that time) when the re-establishment of general 
peace, shall leave the friends and Devotees of Science, on both sides of 
the Atlantic, at full liberty to unite their efforts for the advancement of 
wisdom, virtue and humanity, unconfined to Sect or nation. 

"If it should appear, that the services of the Society in America can be 
rendered of any use toward the completion of your design, either respect- 
ing the animal or fossill [sic] kingdoms, the Sieur Gerard, who has done us 
the Honor of permitting his name to be enrolled among our members, or 
our learned and truly respectable president, Doctor Franklin, while he 
continues at Paris, will furnish you with opportunities of conveying to us 
your commands. Herewith you will receive another copy of the first 
volume of our Transactions, lest the former copy may not have come to 
hand. We are about preparing a second volume for the press, which 
shall be transmitted to you when published. I have the Honor to be 
with the most perfect respect, 

'* Illustrious Sir, 

" Your most obed't «& most h^'« Serv't 

"William Smith, 
" Secret' y Amer'^ Philoi*'^ Society. 

" Mons"" BufTon." 

"An essay on Inoculation," by D""* Bond, read, and a copy 
for publication requested. 

1779. Bee. 17. (10 present.) 

Letters from Eev* W™- Maddison [sie], President of Wil- 
liam and Mary's College, in Virginia, containing "a series of 
Meteorologieal Observations by his Excellency Governor Jef- 
ferson and himself separately, for an year and a half; like- 

February. J^"o 17gQ 

wise a set of Experiments on what are called the " sweet 
springs." — ^Thanks, and a request for continuance of corre- 

D'- Bond proposed : " That each member before taking 
his seat ... or voting . . . shall pay £15." 

Apian for incorporating the Society to be prepared by Smith, 
Duffield and Biddle. 

[No minutes exist (either rough or written out) of any 
subsequent meeting until] 

1780. Feb'y 17. (Rittenhouse and 9 others present.) 

When " the Society finding it necessary to have a regular 
place of meeting, it was moved and seconded that a Com- 
mittee be appointed to enquire where a proper lot could be 
obtained for building a Ilall for the Society, or whether any 
house or lot already appropriated for public purposes, similar 
to those of this Society could be obtained ; D""- Bond, M'- 
"Wilson & D'- Smith were appointed a committee to make 
the necessary enquiries on this subject & to report as soon as 
they can." 

D'- Ewing having objected his occupations, Timothy Mat- 
lack was appointed to make the annual oration in which 
thanks should be paid to the Legislature if the pending bill 
for incorporating the Society were granted. 

1780. Febhj 25. (Rittenhouse and 9 others present.) 

The Bill of incorporation was read ; and a blank left for 
r^a^ estate, was on motion filled with these words: "ten 
thousand bushels of wheat ^ annum or value thereof." 

A Committee was also appointed to deal with members of 
the Assembly to endeavor to have Uiavo out certain words 
from a proviso added by the Assembly, requiring sundry 

March— April. 1^7 1780. 

officers of the Society to be persons resident in this Common- 
wealth, capable " of holding civil offices within the same," 
as too great a restraint on the election of officers.* 

1780. March 3. (Dr. Bond and 11 others present.) 

The Committee of search were directed to enquiring re- 
specting M'- Logan's testamentary disposition of his library ; 
while they were enquiring for a site for a Hall. 

A Committee was appointed to urge the substitution of 
a definite clause for the obnoxious one respecting the elec- 
tion of President, V. President, Secretary, Curator, Trea- 
surer or Member of Council, viz., the words "who is not 
capable of electing & being elected to civil offices within the 
State in which he shall reside." 

1780. 3Iarch 7. (7 present.) 

The two Committees reported progress only, but nothing 
definitely accomplished. 

1780. Aprin. 

The place of meeting seems to have been in the Univer- 

The Act of incorporation had been passed, but no notes of 
the date of the vote are found in the minutes, which state 
that this is the first meeting subsequent thereto. 

A motion for a Law was proposed by the Curator, Col. 
Lewis Nicola, and laid on the table for future discussion. 

A paper on English accent, &c., by Monsieur Corse was 

The Committee on Room was directed to apply for the 
use of the Library room in Carpenters' Ilall. 

Col. 'Nicola was directed to add blank sheets in one of the 

* Evidently pointing directly to the case of such a President as Jefferson. 

April— May. lOo 178o. 

Vols, of the Transactions to receive the members' signatures 
in compliance with the new laws. 

A Committee was desired to ask the Silk Society to have 
its stock appropriated for the use of the Philosophical So- 

Another Committee was appointed "to form a plan for 
encreasing the stock of this Society, and to arrange the 
economy thereof." 

The Curators were directed to call upon D"*- Ewing for 
the seal and to deposit it in the Cabinet. 

1780. April 11. (3 present.) 

Col. Nicola's two resolutions were read and passed, re- 
specting fees and signatures. 

M'- Coombe was invited to attend the next meeting. 

A treasurer was nominated and his duties defined. 

The Silk Factory fund was placed under the care of D'- 
Smith and M"-- Biddle. 

Donations were ordered to be solicited for the purpose of 

It was proposed to build in company with the City 
Library. It was proposed to join with the Library in pur- 
chasing Carpenters' Hall, — Widow Steel's lot, — D'- Frank- 
lin's lot in Arch street, — State House yard, — Hamilton's 
lot in Third street. 

It was proposed to sell the Observatory and build a new 

It was ordered to meet for the present in Carpenters' Hall. 

1780. Mai/ 19. (10 present.) 

The Curators* prepared copy of a Vol. of Trans, with 
blank leaves was exhibited ; and it was ordered to engross 
the Fundamental Laws, and Act of Incorporation, and 
Iheroaftcr a preamble of iiioiiibo:.s' obligation. 

June to Dec. J-"" 1780 

Ten shillings in specie was fixed as the members' fee. 
" Specie agreeable to the laws, or the value thereof as specie 
may sell at the time of subscribing." 

A committee was appointed to call on the members ; — to 
pay Styner & Cist's printing bill for the annivei-sary ora- 
tion ; — and to send copies to subscribing members. 

1780. June 16. (Bond and 13 present.) 

(President Reed and the Chevalier de la Luzerne also 

M*"- Matlack read a paper on the growth of trees from the 
bud downwards. 

A letter from Washington respecting his election, was re- 

The Curators were requested to remove the Society's 
eftects from the University to Carpenter's Hall. 

1780. July 21. (7 present.) 

A list of subscribing members and the sums collected 
was presented, and the latter delivered to M*"- Rittenhouse 
to hand to the Treasurer. {Amount left blank in the Minutes.] 

An order passed to pay for printing Matlack's oration. 

1780. October 6. (8 present.) 

John Beale Boardley (of Md.)'8 letter on the efiects of 
Cold on Trees, read. 

$12.00 ordered in favor of Col. L. Nicola. 

Jos. Fawcett requested to advertise the meetings. 

1780. November 17. (4 present.) 

Essay on insects noxious to young chickens (Anonymous) 
read. « 

1780. December 1. (6 present.) 

Origin of obituary notices ; appointment of a Committee 
" to draught a law for introducing that precedent into an 
established custom, with this Society." [Curious minute.] 

Dec— Jan.— Feb. IIU 1780—1781. 

1780. December 15. (11 present.) 

Meeting presided over by Gov. Joseph Reed. 

Isaac Gray on a proliferous plant. 

" M'- Nicola communicated a paper containing some pro- 
posals for erecting Committees of their members in the dif- 
ferent States under certain regulations." [Laid on the 
table; no explanation in the minutes.] 

M""- Biddle requested to deliver the annual oration. 

1781. Jany. 5. Election. {Carpenters' Hall.) 

jy- Franklin unanimously elected, .... President. 

Bond, Rittenhouse and Jas. Wilson, . . . Vice prests. 

Ewing, Owen Biddle, Matlack and White, . Sees. 

Nicola, Dufl5.eld and DuSimitiere, .... Curators. 

Ilopkinsou, Treasurer. 

Geo. Bryan, 

Thos. McKean, ^ .7; /. o 

-r^ ,, , . P .% Y Uounciuors for 6 years. 

T>. Marbois [szc], *^ "^ 

Ch. Thompson, j 

Rev" Duffield, 1 

Gov""- Livingston, ' 

Gov'- Jefterson, j ^ 

D'- Witherspoon, J 

D'- Ezra Stiles, 
Mat. Clarkson, 

Jon. B. Smith, 
John Lukens, 

1 year. 

1781. Jan. 19.— (21 present.) 

L^Fayette, Ebenezer Hazard, Jared Ingersoll and four 
other new monibenj elected. 

1781. Feby 2.— Too small attendance for business; nd- 
journud to 1781, Foby 6, Tuesday. 

Feb.— March. HI 1781. 

Letter from De Granchain on the eclipse of the Sun 27 
Oct. 1781 ; and of the moon Nov. 11, at Newport, R. I. 

Rittenhouse read an account of "Some experiments in 
Magnetism, &c." 

Also on "Height of the Mercury in Fahrenheits ther- 
mometer in Jan. 1780 & 1781." Mean of January 1780 
13|°, of Jan. 1781, 35°. 

A committee to inquire into the circumstances of the Silk 
Factory, appointed. 

1781. Fehy 16. (9 present.) 

Letter from Gen. Sullivan, on the discovery of a large 
body of talc, 70 miles from Portsmouth, N. H. with a spe- 

Bond from the Treasurer ; receipt and bond by the Cura- 
tors, to be taken by a Committee of two. 

Committee on place, time and publication of annual ora- 
tion, appointed. 

Certificate of Membership, drafted one adopted. [The form 
adopted occupies only 6 short lines.] 

$100 paid for ingrossing the Act of Incorporation. 

1781. March 2. {At the University.) 

A large meeting^ among whom were some distinguished stran 

Owen Biddle delivered the Oration. 

After the retirement of guests, D""- Bond in the chair, re- 
turned thanks, and on motion a copy for publication was 

1781. March 16. (9 present.) 

In the absence of Prest. and V. Presidents, the eldest coun- 
cillor present, M""- Marbois was called to the chair. 
Report on the state of the Silk Factory. Doc. No. 6. 
Note from Sam. Adams with copy of Jas. Bowdoin's 

.^t,.... -< 1781. 

Philosophical Discourse (as Pres.) before the American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences in Boston. Note from Mar- 
bois with list of prizes offered by the Acad. Scien. Lyons, 
one of which called for an essay on " Has .the discovery of 
America been advantageous to mankind ?" 

J. Board ley read on the "Weather in Maryland. 

Ten pounds of raw silk ordered, " of the best kind of the 
produce of Penn*- to be transmitted to Lyons, there to be 
wrought in the most elegant manner" and presented to her 
most Christian Majesty as a mark of very high respect. 

Letters from La Fayette and others received. 

Committee appointed to meet the Managers of the Silk 
Society and induce them to deliver up all the moneys and 
property of the Silk Society to be refunded if the Silk So- 
ciety be revived actively, to them or their assigns. 

1781. April 6. (N'o business meeting, only 3 members 
being present.) 

1781. April 20. (11 present.) 

Committee appointed to arrange the papers of the So- 
ciety for publication. Com. of 5. 

Five persons from each of the " established Committees" 
on Medicine and Anatomy— on Natural History and Chem- 
istry, — on Trade and Commerce, — on Mechanics and Archi- 
tecture, — on Husbandry and American improvements — 
were then selected to act as committees for preparing the 
pa|)erH for the press. 

[Iloro are bound into the minute book 6 sheets; on the 
firet of which is engrossed the Petition of the Society, re- 
specting Silk Culture (idea broached in 1770), signed Thos. 
Bond V. P. 

[Follow*: — Minutes of May 21, 1782 „i^ respecting 
meeting in the State House to hear D"- Bond's annual ora- 

May to Sept. lio 17tjl, 

[Follows : — List of members present May 20, 82. Deliv- 
ered to the doorkeeper 26 tickets. 

On motion Com. ap"^- to examine Treasurer Combe's ac- 

1781. May 4. (4 present.) 
Letter of Jefferson read. 

1781. Jane 5. (Tuesday). (10 present.) 

Special meeting called by D""- Bond to hear M'- Kiddle's 
report on the situation of the Silk Society, "• so situated as 
to render it altogether vain and fruitless to apply to those 
who have been directors, for obtaining the stock" and 
recommending that an Act of Assembly be sought for trans- 
fer of the unexpended funds. Committee appointed to draft 

1781. July 20. (9 present.) 

Papers and a book of minutes ending at the date of the 
union of the societies were presented. 

M'- Matlack related a remarkable thunder storm of 
July 10. 

1781. Sep. 21. (8 present.) 

M'- Hopkinson and Matlack were authorized to adjust 
M'- Combe's accounts, and obtain balance due. 

The Secretaries were directed to get M"^- Hopkiuson's 
bond as Treasurer. 

Com. of three appointed to prepare a bill for vesting the 
stock of the Silk Society in this Corporation, according to 
the leave given by the Hon. House of General Assembly. 

1781. Sep. 29 (Saturday). (4 present.) 

Special meeting to consider the draft of the bill. Com. ap- 
pointed to present it to the Gen. Assembly. (The Com. re- 
ported at the next meeting that it had done so.) 

riiOC. 4.MEK. PHILOS. SOC. I. viu. PKINTED SEPTEMBER 24, 1883. 

Dec.— Jan.— May. 11-4: 1781—1782. 

1781. No minutes until Dec. 21. (6 present.) 

Ordered: An address to Gen. "WasLington "on the late 
glorious event in Virginia." Com. to draft it : — Rev^ M'* 
White, M'- J. B. Smith, and T. Matlack. 

Y. P. Bond exhibited an uncommon kidney of the human 
body, so that the society might see it before he dissected it. 
Although shrunken it was of not less than 3 pints capacity. 

" M*"- Vice President was requested to favour the Society 
with an oration for the present year, and he was so obliging 
as to engage to deliver it accordingly." 

1781. Dec. 27 (Thursday). 

Committee's draft of address to "Washington read and 
agreed to. 

[The address occupies the following page.] 

Ordered, that the Governor and officers of the Society be 
requested to attend at the delivery of the address. 

1782. Jan. 4. (Library room, Carpenter's^Hall.) 


President^ D'- Franklin. 

V. P., Bond, Rittenhouse and "Wilson [Pastor of Ist Pres. 

Secs.^ Ewing, "White, Hutchinson, Matlack. 

Curators^ Nicola, Duffield, Gray, 

Treas.^ Francis Hopkinson. 

Councillors^ Reed, J. B. Smith, J. Ingorsoll, Owen Biddlo. 

1782. Jany 18. [Merely names ; — nothing follows until] 

1782. May 8. (4 present.) 

Letter from M. D'Abovillo, Col. Artil., French army, 
about a partridge with two hearts. 

Oct.— Dec— Jan. H^ 1782—1783 

No minutes until 
1782. Oct. (9 present.) 
Letter about a stone taken from " the tongue." 
D""- Bond reported that Sep. 30 R. Wells and J. Kaighn 
had delivered up the keys of the Silk Machines, and were 
ready to settle up accounts. Referred to the Treasurer. 

A specimen of Epsoms salt (?) found "fossil" in Virginia, 
was exhibited and referred for analysis to D""- Hutchinson. 

1782. Dec. 20. (6 present.) 

Ordered that the election be held at the University. 

D""- H. "Williamson read a paper of Observations on the 
sea coast of North America. 

Treasurer order*^ to call on M""- Coombs, and Mr Lukens 
and M'- Clarkson for settlement of accounts and receipt of 
balances due the Society. 

Treasurer desired to report on the state of the business 
respecting the Silk Society. lie reported that he had ap- 
plied to M'- Wells, but that " M'- Wells had started many 
difficulties in obtaining a meeting of the managers," until 
when those who possessed the eftects would hold them. 

On motion the Treasurer was directed in case of refusal, 
to commence action for recovery. 

The Com. of 5 (see April 20, 1781) was then constituted 
of Rittenhouse, Ewing, Gray, Hutchinson and Williamson 
[Hence our Publication Committee], and they " were au- 
thorized to call on such members of the Society as they 
may find occasion to consult." 

1783. Jan. 3. {At the University.) 


President^ B. Franklin. 

V. P., White, Bond, Ewing. 

Coun. 3 y. Jeflerson, Witherspoon, Duffield, Rittenhouse. 

Treas.^ Hopkinson. 

Secs.^ Hutchinson, Shiell, Davidson, Matlack. 

Cwr., Duffield, Gray, Eben. Hazard. 

Jan. to April. H" 1783. 

1783. Jan. 13. (21 present.) 

Jefferson moved (Reed seconded) that Rittenhouse should 
make an Orrery to be presented to his Most Christian 
Majesty. Com. of three to carry this into effect. 

Treasurer allowed £6. bsh. Qd for certain expenses.- 

Janitor allowed 7 •• 6 for every meeting he attended. 

New members elected : — 7. 

1783. Febi/ [ ]. (3 present.) Adjournment after 


1783. March 6. (8 present.) 

Rittenhouse will make an Orrery. Peter Miller's descrip- 
tion of the Grotto of Sweetara. 

Supposed discovery of a Tea plant, b}' Mess'"- Steineraetz. 
H. C. Flagg's observations on the Torporific eel. 

Rittenhouse proposed that the Society's Library be made 
useful by removal to some member's house who should act 
as Librarian. 

Mess"' Stonemetz [sic] informed that " the Society are 
obliged by communications of useful discoveries but do not, 
in any case, pledge the reputation of the Society for the use 
or application of such discoveries." 

Curators of the Cabinet requested to report. 

Treasurer to pay the doorkeeper £2 •• 13. 

1783. April 4. (7 present.) 

Wells & Kaighn's account of balance of stock and remain- 
ing utensils of the late Silk Society presented, and a com. 
appointed to settle the affair. 

Curators reported, and wore on motion instructed to take 
immediate measures for "preserving" "the nutnnil 
tiea" " from further decay." 

1788. April 10. (14 present.) 

M'llopkinsoii reported that lie had examined a house in 
Fifth Street suitable to receive the Library and Cabinet. 

May— July. H* 1783, 

Com. of two to review said house and enquire of the Trus- 
tees of the University at what rent it ma}-- be had. 

"Resolved, that the said gentlemen [Hopklnson & Rittenhoiise & Haz- 
ard] be directed and empowered to sell a building in the State House yard 
belonging to this Society." 

1783. May 2. (8 present.) 

Letters, &c., .... On a specimen of petrified pine, by J. 

On the Aurora Borealia, by Rev* J. Belknap. 
On the Aurora of Oct. 31, 1779, by J. Page. 

1783. May 16. (7 present.) 

Ilopkinaon read an account from the Treasurer of the Silk 
Society, giving outstanding debts, total assets being £393 •• 
7 •• 6 J, for which the Treasurer of American Philosophical 
Society is to receipt and account. 

F. Bailey's bill of £13 •• 10 for printing 200 copies of the 
Biddle oration. M""- Biddle asked how the 200 copies were 
disposed of; and was authorized to draw on the Treasurer 
to settle the bill. 

1783. July 11. 

Treasurer reported paying M'- Biddle the balance after 
"debiting him for raw silk purchased by him from the late 
Silk Society." 

Paper on a machine for ascertaining a ship's way on the 

1783. July 19. (9 present.) 

Lot in Fifth Street near Arch, 40' x 48' ; Committee to 
confer with the owners about a purchase. Special meeting 
appointed, *' & notice to the members that money is to be 
disposed of." 

Tuesday^ July 22. Not enough members present to act. 

Sept.— Oct. 11" 1783. 

1783. Sept 26. (10 present.) 

Com. reported the price of the desired lot too high. 

Letter from the French Minister to Rev^ D''- White that 
the King would accept the Orrery, and " by his Royal 
Patronage excite an Emulation between the Literary Socie- 
ties of France and the United States." — Ordered that D"^- 
White . . . acknowledge ..." the high sense the Society 
entertain of the Honor done them by his Majesty," &c. 

Hopkinson's letter on a serpent in a horse's eye. 

Count de Qebeline \_sic\ President of the Museum of Paris, 
thanks the Society for his election, and sends the four first 
Vols, [sic] of the primitive World. 

L'Abb6 Soulavie's Nat. Hist. S. of France, 6 Vols, present- 
ed by Franklin. 

The Com. on Sale of House in State House Yard reported 
an offer of Eighteen pounds (£18). — Sale ordered. 

Willivg's lot in Third Street. — Com. appointed to enquire 
of M'- Willing whether he will let the Society have it upon 
ground rent and upon what terms. If unsuccessful " they 
are desired to endeavor to find some other which will be 
suitable for the Society's purposes." 

Meetings to be regularly advertized in the Thursday's 

1783. Oct. 17. (8 present.) 

Letter from John Ilyacinthe do Magellan, accompanying n 
donation and asking some questions respecting the Society. 

Godefroy's engravings of the Revolution in books* — " Or- 
dered, that receipt of usefull communications be acknowl- 
edged in tlio newspapers from time to time by the Secreta- 
ries, & that tlioy revise the minutes & in the first publication 
mention the presents received for some time past and par- 
ticularly those of the A 1)1)6 do ?\intana." 

Treasurer ordered to write to M'- Combe for the Society's 

* riac«d In charge of CUrutora. Hoo note ut end of mooting. 

November. •*•■*■•' 1T88. 

money in his hands ; or for his bond for the amount, with 
interest ; threatening suit. 

Treasurer ordered to sue Jas. Rutland for debt. 

Letter of Elias Boudinot, Pres. of Congress. 

Ordered : — A reply to M""- Magellan's letter to be signed 
by D--- Bond, V. P. 

1783. Nov. 7. (11 present.) 

Com. on PoweVs lot* [no mention of its appointment pre- 
viously], declined it for reasons approved by the Society. 

Treasurer ordered to pay W. Redegers £3 •• 11 " 6. 

M''- Hopkinson requested to collect the communications 
made to the Society up to date ; and the Sec"- to publish 
such of them as they thought worthy of publication. 

Com. to purchase a lot ordered " to continue their en- 
deavors for obtaining a suitable one." 

D'- Smith requested to "send the different certificates & 
any other papers belonging to the Society, in his possession, 
as soon as possible." 

1783. Nov. 21. (13 present.) 

Janitor willing to accept £6 per annum.f Agreed to. 

" Cases containing the Library and books of Natural His- 
torj'^," were " put under the care of M'- Rittenhouse untill 
a more convenient place can be procured." 

Com. on Lot reported one in 5'^ Street belonging to M""- 
Jno. Dunlap, to be got for $1000. — Sec*- ordered to "give 
publick notice that money will be disposed of at the next 

Rittenhouse on the late discovered Planet. 

Improved method of quilling a harpsichord. 

*No previous mention of this name; perhaps it was the lot referred to in 
minutes of July 19, 1783. 
t This, of course, was Pennsylvania currency ; £1 = $2,667^. 

December. 1-^0 1783. 

1783. Dec. 5. {At the University.) (12 present.) 

Eatavian Phil. Soc. sent 6 Vols, of Trans. 

" M""- Ilopkiuson offers to sell to the Society a Lot of 
Ground on Arch street near the Observatory 40 feet front & 
100 feet deep, clear of Incumbrances for the sura of one thou- 
sand dollars." 

" Sec** ordered to give publick notice that moneys are to 
be disposed of at next meetinoj." 

Rittenhouse (Librarian) reported that he had removed the 
Library (in part) and the Cabinet to his own house. 

" He is requested to continue his endeavors to collect the 
remainder of the books." 

• Librarian ordered to deliver D""- Smith a Vol. of the Trans- 
actions upon application. 

Treasurer ordered to render his account before next an- 
nual election. 

1783. Dec.1i2. {At the University.) (10 present.) 

An address to his Excellency General Washington was 
agreed upon in the words following, viz. : 

Sib : The American Philosophical Society which boasts the name of 
your Excellency in the List of their members are happy in this Opportu- 
nity of presenting their Congratuliitlonson tl»e Establislimcnt of Peace. 

"While they anticipate tlie Influence of this Event on the important Ob- 
ject of their Institution, tliey contemplate with Pleasure that tiie Arts and 
Sciences, those Friends to Liberty and virtue, will not only join in the Trib- 
ute universally paid to your merits, but will transmit them to an admiring 
Posterity. — May you enjoy all possible Felicity in the Retreat to private 
Life which remained an additional Source of Lustre to your Chanvcter, 
and to wliicli you are followed by the Love of your grateful Country, 

By Order and in Behalf of the Society. 

PaiLADEiiPiiiA, Dec' 12"", 1783. 

Jon. Smith on a Water Cement. 

1788. Dec. 19. {At the University.) (13 present.) 

Ailditional laws and regulations drafted by Ilopkinson. 
UopkiuHon offers the whole lot in 5"* Street, 40' x 80G', for 
jeeOO* ($1000 down; tlie rest on interest). 

• TbU, of coumo, wa« r<i'>.-v u in currency ; £1 - tiM%. 

January. 1-^1 1784. 

1784. Jan. 2. (18 present.) 

M'- Matlack, about, to move into New York State, de- 
livered up the Vol. of Trans, containing members' names ; 
papers read at the Board ; MS. of Proceedings beginning 
April, 1766 ; and " a bundle of papers containing some pro- 
ceedings of the Society down to the year 1775, which he 
had obtained from R.S.Jones; also the Seal of the Society." 


President, Benj. Franklin. 

V. Ps., Bond, Ewing, White. 

Counc.^ M'^Kean, Bryan, Marbois, Caldwell. 

Sees., Patterson, Hutchison, Bond, Jr., Rev'^ D""- Kunzie. 

Curators, Hazard, Duffield, Nichola [sic]. 

Treas., Hopkinson. 

[Librarian Rittenhouse is then said to have received Mat- 
lack's papers and the Seal.] 

[The Vol. of Trans, with names, however, went into the 
care of " M""- Kuntzie." [sicy] 

1784. Janhj 16. (21 present.) 

M"^- Hopkinson read an Address, " the tenor of which was 
to stimulate the members to more punctuality in attend- 
ing the meetings of the Society, & with greater ardor to 
promote the important designs of its institution" .... 
and moved a Committee to propose additions and altera- 
tions to the Constitution and By-laws, to " procure a suit- 
able building, & moderate philosophical apparatus for the 
use of the Society, and in general to recommend all such 
matters, measures and things as they may deem conducive 
to the end and design of the Institution." — Hopkinson, 
Ewing, Hazard, Morgan and Rittenhouse were appointed 
this Committee. 

Filsted's Jamaica woods collection presented. 

Hazard (Curator) transferred books to Rittenhouse's care. 

Count Campomanes, Rev'^ S. Magaw, S. Vaughn, J. 
Vaughn, Rev"^ Jer. Belknap, Maj. De Brahm, Prof. Arch. 

February. 1^-^ 1784. 

Gamble (Eng. and oratory U. Pa.) Rev. Helmuth, J. Six, 
Marquis d'Angeville, Comte de Vergennes, J. Dunlap, J. P. 
Van Berckel, Geo. Fox, J. Foulke, Ben. Binney, Rev"^. R. 
Black well, Jon. D. Sergeant, Geo. Gray, M'"- Haywood, of S. 
C, and M""- John Hyacinthe de Magellan, of London, were 
elected new members. 

1784. FeVy 6. (27 present.) 

Com. on revising the Constitution and laws reported rec- 

1. A petitioa for a supplement to the Act of Incorporation [19 lines]. 

3. That no absentee Councillors be re-elected ; the Councillors regularly 
summoned by tickets to the meetings ; permission to the Councilmen to 
meet in their own apartments ; other members might attend but not 
vote ; five members should be a quorum to disburse money, at any stated 
meeting, due notice given. 

8. Annual »fc Certificate tax [in blank] fixed ; 3 years' arrears deprive of 

4. That measures be immediately taken for erecting a suitable building 
. . . . if a lot were purchased, it would not be difficult to raise by sub- 
scription funds to build .... at least it ought to be " vigorously at- 
tempted without delay" .... and one of the offered " lots be forthwith 
determined upon." 

5. A subscription immediately opened .... and an application to the 
Legislature fey aid .... "as soon as £1000 shall be subscribed, a com- 
mittee be apjwinted to plan a suitable Edifice to be laid before the Society 
for approbation & to superintend the Building .... 

The first three were laid over to allow of public notice. 

The fourth resulted in a resolution to purchase the llop- 
kinson Lot next the Observatory in Arch street (40' x 306') 
for £600, half down, half on interest for five years. 

The fifth recommendation was adopted. 

M'- Ilopkinson was asked to repeat his address; and after 
doing so, ho was requested to allow its publication. 

The auditing committee reported a balance of £404 •• 11 *• 
9J in the Treasurer's hands. 

The w<)odB of Jamaica; Calculi taicon from horses; a 
book; and a MS. copy of Mundrillon's Answer to tho prize 
question of tho Lyons Academy presented. 

Feb.-March. l2d 1781, 

1784. FeVy 20. (19 present.) 

Sam' Vauorhan presented to the Society a 3|' Achromatic 
Dolland ; a Gunter's scale improved by J. Robertson (Late 
Lib'^R. S.); a magazine microscope; a 11 J" lens, and 6 J" 
lens " framed in a mahogany trunked cone and stand ; with 
rack work, pillar, pinion, and apparatus so as to be acted 
upon by the focal rays in the most powerful manner, made 
and presented by M*"- Parker. M' Vaughan's name was 
ordered to be " enrolled amongst those of the Benefactors of 
this Society." 

The deed of the Hopkinson lot was produced and deposited 
with MT' Rittenhouse. A bond and morto:ao:e was ordered 
to be sealed. 

The task of drawing a form of Certificate of membership 
was entrusted to a Committee, D""- Smith and D''- Magaw. 

D"" Morgan read a paper on the virtues of Cortex ruber. 

1784. March 5. (19 present.) 
[The Legislature had evidently granted assistance, for] 

" A Com. was appointed to apply to the Treasurer of the 
State for the sum of money granted to this Society by the 

Bainad & Caillard's proposals for printing a Vol. of Trans, 
were referred to MM. Hazard & Marbois to consider and re- 

Sigismund Hugge's letter on five thermometers in Febru- 

Nicola presented Observations on petrified bones found 
near the Ohio ; thigh-bone, tusk and grinder, brought to 
the city by Maj. Craig. 

Rittenhouse had received the deed, and sealed the bond. 

" Ordered M'- S. Yaughan, M""- Rittenhouse k MJ- Hopkin- 
son be a Committee to consider the most eligible means of 
providing the Society with a suitable Building." 

March— April. LZi^ 17g4_ 

1784. 3Iarch 19. (26 present.) 

Cora, on Vol. Trans, reported in writing ; action post- 
poned. [It would be interesting to find this document.] 

Franklin's letter, with a French treatise on Air Balloons. 
D*"- Rush was requested to publish the letter and translations 
of the most interesting parts of the treatise. 

S. Vaughn presented a MS. copy of " Priestley's Experi- 
ments on Phlogiston and the seeming concoction of water 
into air," and read the first part. 

The Building Committee reported conference with the 
Directors of the Library Co. of Philadelphia and the pre- 
sentation of a joint petition to the General Assembly, " for 
two Lots of ground on the East and West sides of the State- 
House square." . . . . " Highly approved." 

M""- Ilopkinson added to the Certificate Committee. 

E-ittenhouse read observations on the " Comet lately dis- 

1784. Aprils. (14 present.) 

Dunlap's proposals to print a Vol. Trans, read and laid 
on the table. 

Certificate draft adopted in form following: — 

The American Philosophical Society, held at Philadelphia, for Pro- 
moting Useful knowledge, desirous of advancing the Interests of the So- 
ciety, by associating to themselves . . . . L^ilinik left to be filled.] 

[Short — but the blank in third line was ordered to be 
filled, "in case of a resident mombor with the following 
words — 'Gentleman of Genius, Abilit}' and literary Merit,' 
— and in case of a foreign member — 'Men of distinguished 
Eminence, and of Conferring marks of their esteem upon 
Perflons of literary merit.' "J 

Engraving of Certiticato ordered by Com. of De Brahm 
and I)n Simiti6re. 

J. Vaughn presented (by letter) 33 Vols, of Priostloy's 
works. 8, Vaughn, copf»or-plato prints of Meclianical Ma- 
chines, 2 Vol. F., and a number of other fine works. 

April-May. 125 1784. 

La Fayette's letter, " enclosing an authentic narrative of 
experiments lately made in France with Air Balloons." 

" D*"- Bond (V. P.) being dead, an election for his successor 
was ordered for the next meeting:. 

1784. April 16. (16 present.) 

Belknaps's letter on the preserving of parsnips by drying. 
Radiger's account for candles, £2 " 7 " 3, ordered paid. 
La Fayette's packet duplicated by one of the Secretaries. 

1784. 3Iay 7. (17 present.) 

Hopkinson ordered to settle finally De Haven's account. 

Rittenhouse's offer of £3 and taxes for this year's use of. 
the Arch street lot, accepted. 

S. Vaughn elected Vice-President, vice Bond, deceased. 

Thos. Bradford's proposal to print Vol. 2 Trans, accepted; 
conditions as follows : — " 1. The work to be executed on 
good paper & a new letter & in such a manner as will do 
credit to the Society ; 2. Thirty copies in boards to be de- 
livered to the Society gratis and any further number at a 
price that may be thought reasonable by the Society." Mr. 
Bradford would hold exclusive copyright of printing and 
vending the same for fourteen years ; but the publication to 
be under Committee's inspection. 

Hopkinson and Bradford added to Certificate engraving 

Resolved, That Thos. Bradford be appointed printer to this Society dur- 
ing tlie pleasure of the same. 

Hazard, Nichola [sic] and Rittenhouse appointed a Com. 
for collecting papers proper to publish iu Vol. 2. Trans. 

1784. May 22. (6 present.) 

Hopkinson requested to have the form of Certificate 
•printed for immediate use (pending engraving). 

June— July— Aug. l-^^ 1784. 

1784. June 11. (13 present.) 

Hopkinson produced a number of [printed ?] certificates. 
Ordered that [blank] of them be filled with the names of 
the following foreign members viz. [large blank] and .... 
. . deliver the same to the Minister of France .... to con- 

Descriptions of machines invented in the CTnited Nether- 
lands for draining marshes, scouring canals, «&c., presented 
and referred to a Com. 

Jy- Morgan's motion for encouraging an effort to send up 
a large air balloon was deferred to the next meeting. 

[This minute of 19 lines is very curious and amusing.] 

Hutchinson, Morgan and Rush added to the Com. to col- 
lect papers for Vol. 2. Trans. 

1784. June 19. (13 present.) 

Botanical garden ordered to be planted on 200 feet of the 
Arch Street lot next the Observatory. Hopkinson and Rit- 
tenhouse a Com. to " look out for " a gardener. 

The United Netherlands machine papers accepted by the 
Committee and ordered to be published in Vol. 2, the origi- 
nals to be deposited with Rittenhouse. 

"Williamson's paper on the flat coast of N. Carolina re- 
turned at his request. 

D'- Morgan read a paper on Air Balloons and withdrew 
hia motion (see June 11). 

1784. July 15. Only 3 present, two clergymen and M'" 
Election of now members postponed. 
[The heat had driven the Society out of town, probably.] 

1784. Aug. 12. ^special Appointment. (22 present.) 

La Fayette " entertained tliem with a particular relation 
of the wonderful effects of a certain invisible power, in 

Aug.— Oct.— Nov. l^ 1784. 

nature, called animal magnetism lately discovered by M'- 
Mesraer, a German Philosopher, and explained by him to a 
number of Gentlemen in Paris of which number the Mar- 
quis was himself one. By this Relation it appears that per- 
sons may be so impregnated with this power (by a process 
which the Marquis does not think himself at liberty yet to 
explain) as to exhibit many phenomena similar to those of 
metallic magnetism." 

1784. Aug. 20. (6 present.) [No minutes.] 

1784. Oct. 15. (12 present.) 
Belknap's Ilist. of New Hampshire presented with a letter. 

1784. Nov. 5. (6 present.) 

Com. of 2 to examine and price collection of Curiosities 
of late M. Simitiere (S. Vaughn, D*"- White). Special meet- 
ing ordered, and money notice given. 

1784. Nov. 12. Special meeting. (16 present.) 

Com. reported that the Collection was not yet arranged 
in lota and selection and estimate was therefore impossible. 

Com. on collecting papers for Vol. 2. directed " to compleat 
[sic] that business with all convenient speed" .... 

Com. of 8, " to take the opinion of the Chief Justice 
.... respecting certain sections of the Charter of Incor- 
poration . . . ." (D'- Shippen Jr., Matlack, Hopkinson.) 

Com. of 3 to draft " a petition to the Assembly for a lot 
of ground in the State House square [sic] for the purpose of 
erecting thereon a suitable building . . . ." 

Medal of Rev*^ Chr. Meyer of Heidelberg, received. 

Cor. Sees, ordered to report whether they had performed 
their duty in acknowledging foreign presents. 

Hopkinson ordered to settle with former Treas. Lukens. 

Nov.— Dec. -L^O 1784. 

1784. Nov. 19. (12 present.) 

Hutchinson reported all presents acknowledged except 
M""- Parker's burning lens. 

Letter on animal magnetism by Chev' d'Armours [sic] with 
pamphlet by D'- P. Hervier [?J of the Sorbornes [sic] read. 

Spec. Cora, of 2 (Hopkinson and Patterson) ordered to 
publish Vol. 2. Under the direction of the General Com- 

1784. Dec. 9. (10 present.) 

Hazard sends in a list of papers in Rittenhouse's posses- 
sion, and asks his own discharge. 

Improvement on Hadley's quadrant by M'- Ben Work- 
man (teacher of Math, in the Univ.), described by M""- Pat- 
terson. Publication ordered. 

Petition to the Assembly for two lots. Draft presented 
and read and "amended so as to submit the particular 
appropriation of said lots entirely [sic] to the good pleasure 
of the Assembly." 

" Ordered that if the Library Company shall think proper 
to adopt the above amendment the petition be immediately 
presented ; but if the said Library Company shall decline 
this, that the Committee be directed to present a similar 
petition in name of this Society alone." 

Further improvements in quilling a harpsichord. 

M. Marbois presented the Report of the Commissioners 
appointed by the King of France to examine into the merits 
of D*"" Mesmer's late discovery of animal magnetism. 

1784. Dec. 17. (No names of members are given.) 

The Library Company having declined to join in the 
[amended joint] petition, M'' Vaughn reported that he hud 
presonted a solo petition. 

Pub. Coin, reported that M""' Bradford'n answer to their 
query wlien lie would begin had not been satisfactory. Or- 
dered that M'- B. bo asked whether be would be ready by 



Jan.— Feb.— March. -l^-"'* 1785. 

the 1st of February and how long it would take to get out 
the Vol. If unsatisfactory "the Society have it in con- 
templation to apply to some other printer." 

1785. JarCy 7. (14 present.) 


President^ B. Franklin. 

V. P., Ewing, White, S. Vaughan. 

Coun.y J. Ingersoll, J. B. Smith, Jos. Reed, Rev** R. 

Sees,, Hutchinson, !>'■ T. Bond, R. Patterson, Rev"^ D'- S. 

Cur.y E. Hazard, D""- S. Duffield, Gen. Lewis Nicola. 

Treas.y Fran. Ilopkinson. 

1785. JarCy 22. (24 present.) 

Mandrjllon's Le Speciateur Americaine presented. 

Election of twenty-eight new members (among them two 
Barons; James Maddison [sic] Esq. of Virginia; Muhlen- 
berg, Michael is, Priestley). 

[A new handwriting appears in the minutes.] 

1785. Feb'y 4. (15 present.) 

Com. on Pub. ordered to report — Hazard added. Letter 
of Count Vergennes, — Certilicates. 

1785. March 4. (6 present.) 

Bradford writes of his disappointment in not receiving 
his expected wqw types. He has no objection to their em- 
ploying some one else. Committee ordered to immediately 
treat with M""- Hall, or some other suitable printer. 

A model of a wind-carriage ; a rock crystal ; an exceed- 
ingly large tusk and grinders from near Ohio ; presented by 
W. Henry of Lancaster. And a huge moose horn from 
Mrs. Pauli of Philadelphia. 

M""" Hazard instructed to have certificate engraved. 


March— April. 1^^ 1785. 

1785. March 18. (9 present.) 

M"- Hazard being about to remove to ]^ew York, M'- 
Hopkinson was substituted. 

Treasurer ordered to tell M'- Co^mbe's attorney that on 
payment of costs the suit against him would be dropped. 

1785. April 1. (7 present.) 

[The lot had been granted by the Assembly ;* for the first 
minute reads: — ] 

" Agreed, on motion, that a subscription be opened imme- 
diately to enable this Society with all the expedition prac- 
ticable to erect a proper building in which they may hold 
their meetings and conduct their transactions, on the Lot 
granted by the General Assembly in the State House Yard." 
Patterson and Magaw to draw up the form. Vaughaii and 
Magaw to solicit and procure subscriptions. Shippen, Sam. 
Powel, Hutchinson and S. Vaughan to procure stone and 
other necessary materials for laying the foundations. Ad- 
journ to Tuesday next. 

1785. April 5. (7 present.) 

" As several considerations point out the expediency of 
building upon the ground lately granted by the General 
Assembly without much procrastination, it is therelbro 
Agreed, that the committee last mentioned be empowered 
to begin and carry on that work as far as the suras of 
money to be subscribed and collected will enable them." 

[This is all that is minuted for this meeting, but some- 
thing more must have been done, for the minutes of the 
next meeting begin : — ] 

1786. April 15. (4 present.) [White, Vaughan, Patter- 
ton, Magaw.] 

"The form of subscription paper directed at the lust 
meeting .... to encourage tijo construction of a house 

• Tb« A«t of AMpiQbly U datod 38t>> Murcli, VJA'u (" BrplUi's l/uw«." Vul. 2.) 

May— June. 



.... was read, and after receiving a few alterations 
adopted. The following is a copy of it : — " 

"Inasmuch as useful Knowledge is always an object of first considera- 
tion amongst an enlightened and Free People ; and as the American 
Philosophical Society was instituted for the express purpose of cultivating 
such branches thereof, as have an immediate tendency to advance the 
Agriculture, Manufactures, and Commerce of this country ; as well as to 
pursue more deep and refined disquisitions in the field of nature ; — 

— And whereas their proceedings and success have been, heretofore, 
and still are, greatly impeded, thro' want of a suitable place to meet in, 
and proper Repositories for the Books, Apparatus, and various Commu- 
nications, Donations, etc. — to remedy which, the General Assembly of 
this Commonwealth have, by a special Act, gnvnted and confirmed to the 
said Society, and their Successors, a very convenient Lot of Ground, 
being part of the ^tate house Square, on the East side ; — Therefore, we 
the Subscribers, desirous, with all practicable expedition to enable a Com- 
mittee wliich is appointed for the purpose, to construct a neat, sufticient 
Building on the ground aforesaid, do, hereby, promise to pay, within 
three months after the Date hereof, into the hands of the Treasurer of the 
American Philosophical Society, or to any person authorized by them to 
receive the same, the Sums annexed to the Subscription of our respective 


Dated at Philadelphia, this Day of 1785. 

A. B. 
C. D. «&c. 

1785. May 6, (5 present.) [No minutes,] 
1785. May 20. (6 present.) [No minutes.] 

1785. June 17. (12 present.) 

Abbot offers to collect curiosities in Georgia. 
P. Stewart sends in proposals to print Vol. 2. 
Plan of the building presented by M'- Vaughan for 
consideration was approved-:* " Dimensions 

state House Yard. / -r> tn e ,. i. tn 

' Passage .... 12 feet by 47 

Hall or largest room on S. side 27 "47 

Room on the N. E. side 
Room on the N. W. side 
Height of the 1st floor 
2d floor 
Cellars to be 
Vaults under them 

27 " 23 
27 " 23 

14 feet. 
10 " 
7 " high, 
of equal height." 

Fifth Street. 
» 3/en». This diagram is not in the text, but lias been drawn by the Librarian 

July— Sept. 1^^ 1785. 

" Besolved that the Conimiltee already appointed are authorized and 
impowered [sicl to begin this worlv immediately, or to defer it some time 
longer — as they may judge most expedient." 

Treasurer directed to pay for writing 5 foreiojn certificates, 
" £5 •• 8 •• 4, Vellum included, 4-2 each." 

Treasurer to pay W™- Rediger [sic'] for attendance and 
candles £3 •• 15. 

Publication Committee directed to " speedily apply to 
M""- Rob. Aikin [?] of this city," and report the terms on 
which he is willinor to undertake the work. 

1785. July 15. (12 present.) 

Muhlenberg sent his specimen of a Flora Lancastriensis^ 
and floral Calandarium. Referred to Committee Natural 
History and Chemistry. 

Three Vols. Royal French Academy and " a very curious 
Electrical Apparatus, presented through M'- Marbois, by 
Jy- Noel of Paris ; deposited with Rittenhouse ; thanks or- 

1785. Sej). 16. (9 present.) 

D""- M. de Mederer's letter from Friburg, on the Rhine, 
and short dissertation on preserving men and animals from 
hydrophobia, with facts and cases. 

Committee of 3 to invite "the Honorable Doctor Franklin 
to take his seat as President of this Society ; and that they 
prepare an address to him in that Character, at their next 
meeting, if it may be convoiiicnt for him to be present." 
Special meeting next Friday evening at (j o 'clock. 

1785. Sep. 27, Tuesday ; Special occasion. (Franklin and 
18 other members present.) 
The following address to Franklin presented : 

8iK : It is with peculiar I'IcaHuro, that Ihu American Philosophical So- 
ciety uddrcHH you on thiH occasion. 

Tho higli couHidurallun and KHtuuui in which we hold your character, 
so intimately combined with our llugard for t)io Public Wclfuro, that we 

October. 1^^ 1785. 

participate eminently in the general Satisfaction which your Return to 
America produces. We bid you Welcome to your native Country, for 
which you have done the most essential Services. 

And we welcome you to this Chair ; your occupying of which, as Presi- 
dent, adds to our Institution much Lustre in the eyes of all the World. 

Sir, it reflects Honour on Philosophy, when one, distinguished for his 
deep Investigation and many valuable Improvements in it, is known to 
be equally distinguished for his Philanthropy, Patriotism, and liberal 
attachment to the Rights of human Nature. 

We know the favorable influence that Freedom has upon the growth of 
useful Sciences and Arts. We derive Encouragement and extraordinary 
Felicity from an assemblage of recent memorable Events. 

And while we boast in a most pleasing Equality permanently ascer- 
tained ; and that Independence which you had so great a share in estab- 
lishing ; we have every reason to expect that this Society will proceed 
with an increasing Success, to manage the great Purposes for which they 
originally associated." 

To which the President answered : 

" Gentlemen : The great Honour done me by this Society, in choosing 
" me so many years successively their President, notwithstanding my Ab- 
" sence in Europe ; and the verj^ kind Welcome they are pleased to give 
" me on my Return, demand my most grateful Acknowledgments ; which 
" I beg they would be pleased to accept, with my warmest wishes of Sue- 
" cess to their laudable Endeavours for the Promoting of Useful Knowl- 
" edge among us ; to which I shall be happy, if I can in any Degree con 
" tribute." 

Ilopkinson exhibited East India scrip on cocoanut strips. 

" The Model, with a drawing and description of a Ma- 
chine for working a boat against the stream by means of a 
steam engine, was laid before the Society by M'- John 

Botanical prints and descriptions presented by C. L'lleri- 

1785. Oct. 7. (4 present.) 

Two perial voyages by Jeffries and Blanchard ; paper by 
D""- Jeffries of London. (Reading deferred.) 

1785. Oct. 21. (6 present.) 

Hopkinson read " a full & particular Dissertation, written 
by ©■■• Franklin, upon the various defects in the construe- 

NoYember. Id4 1785 

tion of chimneys .... pointing out the remedies .... 
with occasional illustrations." 

1785. Nov. 4. (11 present.) 

Jeffries' paper read (see Oct. 7). 

Vaughan and Rittenhouse appointed Committee " to 
employ proper persons to shoar [sic] the Cellar Wall of the 
Society's intended Building in the State House Yard .... 
against the impression of the winter's frost." 

Same committee ordered to consider and inquire " in re- 
gard to Supplement (now suggested as necessary to be peti- 
tioned for) to the Law lately passed by the General Assem- 
bly granting .... a lot ... ." 

Rittenhouse's letter to D""- Ewinsr describins: " a new in- 
vention for fixing a Meridian Mark to an observatory," and 
" cross hairs in the telescope." 

Publication Committee ordered to " immediately consider 
M""- Aitken's late proposals & agree with him if they judge 
proper, or with whatever person will execute the work 
handsomely & in season." 

" 500 copies is the number to be printed." 

Rediger's bill for candles. 1 cord of wood and a half 3'^ear*8 
attendance, £A •• 15 •• 1, ordered paid. 

1785. Nov. 10. Special Meeting. (6 persons.) 

" 750 copies shall be the number" (not 500). 

Vaughan'a petition read and ordered to be " fairly trfin- 
Rcribed immediately," and signed by the Committee on tbe 
first petition for the lot, for presentation to the Hon. House. 

1785. Nov. 18. (3 present.) 

Copy of Vol. I Trans, ordered to be sent to Franklin. 

Robert's account " for proping [sic] the State house Wall 
[sic'] and Rccnring it against the induenco of the frost, on one 
side of the Society 'h cellar, ordered to bo i)aid ; said account 
including plank and scantling amounting to X3 •• 16 •• G." 

December. iOO 1785, 

[This must refer to the wall runninor around the State 
House yard, a jog in which must have been made to let in 
the Society's building.] 

1785. Dec. 2. (12 present.) 

Treasurer's account committed. 

Rittenhouse reports presents of pamphlets. 

" Ordered that the custom be revived of delivering an an- 
nual Oration .... and that Jy- Rush .... pronounce the 
next, as early in the year as may be convenient for him." 
D"" Rush came in and accepted. 

Magellan's letter announcing the transmission of books 
" arranged under 13 articles." " In the .... letter .... 
were contained Proposals for making a Donation to the So- 
ciety of 200 guineas, to be appropriated as a perpetual Fund ; 
the interest of which to be annually given, in a medal of 
gold, as a Premium to the author of the best Discovery, or 
most useful Improvements relating to Navigation or Nat- 
ural Philosophy." Franklinand Hopkinson were requested to 
act as a committee to consider the proposal ; acceptance and 
thanks voted. 

Franklin's Dissertation, " containing a great number of 
curious and useful observations & discoveries relative to Voy- 
ages and Maritime affairs," read ; and copies of this, and that 
on chimneys requested for publication. 

Certificate on vellum for Magellan ordered. 

Secretaries ordered to publish a list of communications. 

Aitken's proposals to print Vol. 2 agreed to, 750 being 
substituted for 1000 copies. 

Copies of Fitch's drawing and description of a machine 
for rowing a boat against the current presented. 

1785. Dee. 16. (10 present.) 

Von Burgdorf 's* letter and dissertation " on the Com- 
parative relation [sic] of the Vegetation of ditierent plants," 
presented by Wynkoop. 

* Of Berlin. 

January. loO 1786, 

D'- Rush's dissertation on the cause of the increase of 
bilious and intermittent fevers in Pennsylvania, was read by 

Treasurer's account audited. 

Rittenhouse's letter to Franklin . . . . " Changes which 
the globe of the earth in some parts hath undergone, most 
probably by the falling of . . . ." [left blank]. "" The ob- 
servations are principally confined to the Western district 
of Pennsylvania." 

Admission and annual fees fixed [in blank], and law to 
be passed on next annual election day. 

Forty copies of Humphrey Marshall's Catalogue of Amer- 
ican Forest trees and shrubs ordered. 

Charles Peale's portrait of Franklin, "copied from a much 
admired painting of Martin," presented by letter. Thanks 
returned, and M""- Peale requested to keep the portrait "till 
the Society shall have a convenient place for its reception." 

1786. Jan'y 5. (20 present.) 

Franklin elected President. 
V. Ps.y Ewing, White, 8. Vaughan. 

Coun.^ Rittenhouse, Rush, D""- Jones, !>• Kuhn (in place 
of Hon. M'- Jos. Reed, deceased), Rev^ !)"•• G. Duflield. 
Treas.y Hon. Fra. Hoplcinson. 

Secs.^ Jas. Hutchinson, S. Magaw, R. Pattei-son, J. Foulke. 
Curators^ S. Dufiield, B. Binney, W. Bradford. 

Hopkinson presented draught of Law for augmenting the 
Annual Contribution of Members and the Deposit Money 
of Now Members ; read, debated, aracfuled and i)assed, as 

A law to inrreate the annual subHcriplion of tlic meuibers of the Aineriiuiii 
Philofophifiil Society , held at Philadelphia, for promoting useful knowledge, 
and alto to inrreane the depoHitii of newli/-elerted niemhcrs on their admix- 
$ion into the Sorietj/. 

WiiKitKAH tlio niwlonmry aniiiml piiyincnt of 7\n Shillini/s from eiich 
mcmltrr o( Ihft Anmrirnri IMiilosopJilcal Hocicty, iind also tlui cuHtoinnry 
depotlte of 7«/i Mi7/^n(7« by each nowly clcctod mumhcr on hin ailinission 

Januury. 1^ < 1786. 

into tlie said Society hath been found inadequate to the necessary and oc- 
casional expenditures of the Society 

Be it therefore enacted and it is hereby enacted by the American Pliilo- 
sophical Society held at Pliiladelphia for promoting useful knowledge 
by virtue of the chartered rights to the said Society granted and by au- 
thority of the same, That for the future that is to say from and after the 
first day of March next the payments to be made by any member of the 
said Society shall be four Dollars annually, and the deposite to be made by 
every new elected member from and after the said first day of March shall 
be Ten Dollars, and no member who shall be in arrear for his annual sub- 
scription or deposite, shall be eligible to any office in the said Society, or 
be permitted to vote at elections or at the ordinary meetings of the Society 
until he shall have fully paid up his said arrears. 

And be it farther enacted, that no newly elected member shall receive a 
certificate of his election or be admitted as a member of the said society 
until he shall have paid into the Treasury the said deposit of Ten Dollars 
and also his arrearages of four Dollars per annum, if any shall have ac- 
crued from the time of his election. 

Provided always that lionorary members in foreign parts shall not be 
subject to this law nor shall their Certificates of Election be withheld on 
account of their not paying the Deposite or annual subscription aforesaid. 
Nevertheless if any such foreign member should happen to come to the 
city of Philadelphia with a view of settlement or residence, then such 
member shall pay tlie deposite money before directed and shall tlience- 
forth be liable for the annual subscription in common with other resident 

And be it further enacted that all former laws, ordinances or customs in- 
consistent with or contradictory to this Act be, and the same are hereby 
repealled [s«c]. 

Enacted into a law at a meeting of the American Philosophical Society 
according to charter this sixth day of January Anno Domini 1786. 

1786. Jan'y 20. (18 present.) 

Magellan's Fund. Drauglit of letter to hira and a set ot 
rules, by Ilopkinson, read, amended and agreed to : — 

The Letter. 
Sir : The American Philosophical Society acknowledge the receipt ot 
Your favour of the IT"* Sep"", last communicated by our Vice President 
M"". Vaughan and having considered your proposal respecting the estab- 
lishment of an annual premium of the value of Ten Guineas to be disposed 
of by the Societ}^ to the author of the best discovery or most useful im- 
provement in Navigation or Natural Philosophy do thankfully accept the 
generous donation ; and sincerely wish the event may fully answer the 

January, Ido 1786. 

good design ; to promote which no attention shall be wanting on the 
part of the Society. 

A Committee having been appointed to frame Rules & Conditions 
for the disposition of the proposed premium according to your intention 
but more precise in the terms reported the enclosed which have been 
adopted by the Society. If they sliould meet with your approbation they 
are to be conclusive. If otherwise they are submitted to such amend- 
ments as you may think proper and necessary. 

As these rules are so consonant with your own Ideas expressed in your 
letter, we do not apprehend that you will wish any considerable altera- 
tions to be made in them ; and therefore to avoid loss of time in an estab- 
lishment which we flatter ourselves may be of considerable public utility 
we request that you would cause the said 200 Guineas to be lodged in the 
hands of M'. Benjamin Vaughan — of London subject to our draught and 
as soon as he shall inform us that lie has rec*. the same and is ready 
to pay that sum to our order we shall without unnecessary delay provide 
for funding this capital and advertise the proposed premium with the 
terms and conditions on which it is to be awarded — As we are desirous 
of putting this Scheme in execution as speedily as possible ; we hope you 
will not delay answering this letter and that you will inform us to whom 
we are indebted as the founder of this institution in Order that his name 
may be anounced [«iV] in the publication of the scheme and engraved on 
the proposed Golden plate. 

We have to inlorm you that a 2'' volume of our Transactions is now in 
the press and will make its appearance in the Spring. We hope tkis vol- 
ume will shew to your satisfaction that we have renewed our philosophi- 
cal labours. We shall take the earliest opportunity of forwarding a copy 
to so valuable a member. 

Enclosed you have a certificate of your election into our Society which 
ought to liave been handed to you long since but was dela3'ed by an acci- 
dent not worth recounting. 

We sincerely wish you health and happiness and that your benevolent 

pur|K}8e8 may be crowned with success 

Signed by Order &c. 

The Rules & Conditions, &c. 
Mr, .John Hyacinth de Magellan of London having made an offer to 
the Ameri<!an Philosophical Society of 200 Guineas to be vested in a per- 
manent fund that the interest arising therefrom may be disposed of in an 
annual premium to bo adjudged by the said Society or their delegates to 
tin; author of the best discovery or most useful improvement relating to 
Navjgiition or to Natural Philosophy mere Natunil History only excepted 
wliicli offer liaving been iiccoplcd l)y the said Society. The conditions on 
which the said annual premium will he adjudged areas follows : 


The candidate shall send his discovery Invention or improvemciit, ad- 

January. l''^ 1786. 

dressed to the President or a Vice President of the Society, free of postage 
or other charges ; and shall distinguish his performance by some motto 
device or signature, at his pleasure. Together with his discovery inven- 
tion or improvement, he shall also send a sealed letter, containing the 
same motto device or signature, and subscribed with the real name and 
place of residence of the author. 


Persons of any nation, sect, or Denomination whatever, shall be ad- 
mitted as candidates for this premium. 


No discovery, invention or improvement shall be entitled to this pre- 
mium which hath been already published, or for which the author hath 
been publickly rewarded elsewhere. 


The Candidate shall communicate his discovery invention or improve- 
ment either in the English, French, German, or Latin Language. 

All such communications shall be publickly read or exhibited to the So- 
ciety, at some stated meeting, not less than one month previous to the day 
of adjudication, and shall at all times be open to the inspection of such 
members as shall desire it. But no member shall carry home with him 
the communication description or model, except the OtHcer to whom it 
shall be intrusted: nor shall such Officer part with the same out of his 
custody, to any but the Judges who may demand it for consideration. 


The twelve Counsellors, together with the other Officers annually elected 
according to the Charter and Laws of the Society, shall be Judges of the 
merits of the several communications, and award the premium. Which 
adjudication shall be determined by a majority of Judges met ; provided 
that such majority be not less than seven concurring votes. 


And for this purpose the Counsellers and other Officers, or at least 
seven of them shall meet on the second Monday in December, in every 
year, to form their Judgement and award the premium. After due con- 
sideration had a vote shall first be taken on this question viz. ' Whether 
any of the communications then under inspection, are worthy of the pro- 
posed premium?' If this shall be determined in the neyatice, the whole 
business shall be deferred till another year. But if in the affiniuitice, the 
Judges shall then proceed to determine by vote, the discovery invention 
or improvement most useful and worthy. And that discovery invention 
or improvement which shall be found to have the greatest number of con- 
curring votes, being not less than seven, in its fiivour shall be successful. 
Whereupon a certificate in writing shall be forthwith drawn of the adju- 

January. 14U 1786. 

dication, and signed by those who voted for the crowned subject ; and 
then, and not till then, the sealed etter accompanying the crowned per- 
formance, shall be opened and the name of the author announced ; which 
certificate shall be presented to the Society, at their next stated meeting, 
and delivered to the Secretary to be entered on record, in a bound book 
provided for this purpose. 


A full account of the crowned subject shall be published by the Society 
as soon as may be, after the adjudication, either in a separate publication, 
or in the next succeeding volume of their transactions, or on both. 


The unsuccessful performances shall lie over for consideration, and re- 
main, as candidates for the premium, for five succeeding years, next after 
their presentment ; unless the author or authors shall think fit to with- 
draw them or any of them ; and the Society shall publish annually, an 
abstract of the titles, object or subject-matter of the communication, so 
under consideration, such only excepted as tlie Counsellors and other 
Ollicers shall, by vote as aforesaid, have determined not worthy of public 


No counsellor or officer who is a candidate shall sit in judgment, or give 
hie vote. 


The letters containing the names of authors whose performances shall 
he rejected, or shall be found unsuccessful after a tryal of five years, shall 
be burnt without breaking the seals. 


In case there should be a failure, in any year, of any communication 
worthy of llie proposed premium, there will then be two jjremiums award- 
ed in the next year. But no accumulation of premiums sliall entitle an 
autlior to more than one premium for any one discovery, Invention or ini- 


The premium shall consist of an oval plate of solid standard Gold, of 
the value of Ten Ouinea$. 

On one side thereof ahull be neatly engraved the following motto 

togotlicr with tliese Avords, 
Tfu Donation of of London. Kstablished in the year 17S0. 

And on the other side of the plate shall be engraved these words: 
Awarded by the American Philonopkical Society to for his 

ilineovery of A. 1). JWstdtnt. 

And the seal of the Soclcfy »hall be anncxefl to tJie said ioUlen plate, by 
a riljhon paauing thro' a sumll hole, near the lower edge thereof. J 

Jan— Feb.— March. 14:1 1786, 

1786. Jan'y 28. (8 present.) 

Ewinor's method of calculatins: the size of the Earth. 
Cascade in Fayette County, by Capt. Hutchius. 
Franklin's paper on a Hygrometer, read. 
Franklin's description of an Urn Stove, read, 
llopkinson's further improvements of the Harpsichofd. 
Letter from Humphrey Marshall [Forest trees]. 
Morrison (of Montreal) on the late Dark Day. 

1786. Feb. 3. (8 present.) 
Rush's paper on Martin's cancer powder. 

1786. Feb. 17. (6 present.) 

Rush's oration ordered for Monday 27, evening, in the 
Hall of the University. Public notice to be given. Secre- 
taries to prepare 1000 tickets, 800 to be distributed to ladies 
and gentlemen applying for them ; invitations to the Execu- 
tive Council and Assembly of the State. 

Von Burgsdorfs papers ordered to be sent to the Ameri- 
can Agricultural Society in Philadelphia, inviting a course 
of experiments and observations on the growth of plants — or 
return the papers. 

Hopkinson and Rittenhouse on an optical illusion. 

1786. Feb. 27. (Franklin and 14 others present.) 

Procession to the University. Oration by D""- Rush " On 
the influence of physical causes on the moral faculty" " be- 
fore a very respectable assembly of gentlemen & ladies con- 
vened for the purpose." Thanks and request for copy to 

1786. 3Iarch 3. (3 present.) [No minutes.] 

1786. March 17. (8 present.) 

Expense of annual oration £5 ••7-2 ordered paid. 
Ruston's letter to Franklin on smoky chimneys read. 
Rush's paper on the Tetanus read. 

April— May. ^^^ 1786. 

Patterson (Sec'y) directed " to prosecute such of those 
concerned in a roit \_sic'] at the University during the de- 
livery of the late annual oration as may come to his knowl- 

Collin's bill for writing a copy of the certificate of mem- 
bership for the engraver, £1 •• 15 •• ordered paid. 

1786. April 7. (7 present.) 

Crookshank's bill for 40 copies of the American Grove 
(£7 •• 10 •• 0) ordered paid. 

Shallus' bill for transcribing and engrossing Supplemen- 
tary Bill to act vesting a lot in the Society £0 •• 11 •• 3 
ordered paid. 

Otto's letter to Franklin on the First Discovery of 
America read. Grifhth and Fox requested to translate it 
into English for the Society. 

Patterson's paper on Finding the Variation of the Com- 
pass, read. 

Trenchard's bill for engraving certificate £10. 

1786. April 21. (15 present.) [Not enough, it seems for 
the election of new members.] 

1786. May 5. (4 present.) 

Morgan's papers on a snake in a horse's eye, and two 
spotted negro children, read. 

1786. 3% 19. (9 present.) 

Morgan's paper on anatomical preparations by corrosion, 

Bills (8) to the amount of Xll •• 7 - 10 ordered paid. 
[Objects not stated.] 

[Change of handwriting.] 

June-July. 143 1786. 

1786. June 16. (11 present.) 

Aitken's letter reporting progress on Vol. 2. 

Letter to Franklin, with enclosed Silk dyed with Ameri- 
can red root, or Indian paint, describing the process, and 
medicinal qualities of the root. 

Building Committee reported. It was then 

"Beaolved, as the building of vaults & cellars thereon would be very 
expensive : that cellars only may be built, and to be raised two feet In the 
clear, above the State House garden [.nc'] in order to have windows to 
give light and a thorough air thro' the cellar." 

"Resolved, that as the intended Hall will, for the most part, be used 
after sunset ; that it may be built on the North side ; and that the two 
llooms may be built on the South side, for the advantage of having light 
and air." 

[That this change of plan was carried out appears from the 
fact that two rooms were really built on the south side; 
the archway in the great room, as it now is, was afterwards 
cut in a solid wall. It is evident that the north side has once 
been all one room, for the partition now up is thin. 1880. 
J. P. i.] 

Glauber salts and sal ammoniac presented by Christopher 
and Charles Marshall. 

1786. June 23. (7 present.) 

Printing of Vol. 2, finished. Aitken directed to advertise. 
Price " in board " fixed at 20 sh. " with proper allowance to 
those who may purchase a quantity." 

1786. Jul]/ 21. (Franklin and 22 others present.) 

Franklin, Vaughan and Hopkinson appointed a Commit- 
tee " to forward the sales of the Volume . . and send, in 
donations, any number not exceeding 20 copies, to such So- 
cieties and particular persons in Europe, as they shall think 
entitled to this respect." 

Proposed sale of the Arch street lot to help the building. 
Committee to receive bids. 

Election of 34 new members. [Among these are Robt. 

Aug.— Sept.— Oct. -»^44: 1730^ 

Morris, W. Temple Franklin, S. Vaughan, Jr., C. W. Peale, 
"W. Rawle, Duke de Kocbefoucault, Marquis de Condorcet, 
Charles the ^ronaut, Cabanis, L. Crell, Count de Castilione 
of Milan, Noel, R. Kirwan of London, B. Vaughan of Lon- 
don, Jas. Beattie of Aberdeen, &c.] 

1786. Au(j. 18. (17 preaent.) 

Mr. Vaughan produced an account of his expenditures on 
the Society's Building. [Account not named in the 
minutes.] Ordered to be audited. 

Vaughan's bill for filling and sealing certificates £12 •• 
1-7 passed. 

Building Committee directed to take proper measures for 
securing the work against the weather. 

Thirty copies substituted for 20 (Vol. 2) to foreign socie- 

C. Peale's letter with drawing of a Fan Chair made for 
him by an ingenious mechanic of Philadelphia, Mr. Cram. 

Rob. Lesslie's letter and draw ins: of a Tide Mill. 

1786. Sep. 15. (10 present.) 

Engraver's bill (Paupard's) presented £68 - 8 •• 4 (£26 •♦ 
10 [)aid). Mr. Vaughan ordered to examine it. 

Building bill: for boards and covering the walls £12 •• 18 
•• 2. Ordered to be paid. 

Aitken's printing bill (Vol. 2) £393-13 (£78 -4 paid) 
prcsontod, and .£100 asked for at once, or in a six month's 

1786. Oct. 6. (11 present.) 

Engraver's bill (Paupard's) for 6 plates in Vol. 2 (see Sop. 
15). Mr. Vaughan " reported that the work miglit have 
boon done at a nmch cheaper rate by other artists." Mr. 
Paupard agreed to deduct £9. Payment ordered. 

Magellan's ucknowlodgiuotit of correspondence and agree- 

October. -*-^^ 1786. 

raent to the Rules of Fund proposed, excepting in the fol- 
lowing particulars : 

It is his desire tliat " not only the members of the council but also that 
every other member of the Society who declares upon his honour either 
by word or by writing if absent to have considered and weighed the re- 
spective merits of the claims shall have his free and equal vote with any 
other member of the same Society. That though it will be very proper 
that the Council should declare beforehand their opinion, and judgment 
about the merits and respective preference among the claims, yet the final 
decision is to depend entirely on the majority of the votes by ballot given 
by the members at large excepting only those who don't chuse to vote at 
all or do not openly declare by word to the Society or by writing, if 
absent, that they have considered and weighed according to the best of 
their judgment the comparative merits of the claims." It is his desire 
also that his name be not known to the public in this donation till after 
his death, and that the simple title of a lover of useful knowledge suffice in 
the meanwhile to be mentioned in the prospect or announce \_sic'\ of the 
said premium. And lastly that the word Astronomy be added after that 
of Navigation in the introduction or preamble to the premium. He con- 
cludes : 

As soon as these articles are agreed to on your side [two illegible let- 
ters here], you may draw immediately (m me for the 200 Guineas payable 
here to Mr, Benjamin Vaughan on your account for the said purpose : 
and I hereby promise to pay at sight this sum immediately after receiving 
your just mentioned acceptation of the required conditions, &c. 

The Society unanimously agreed to Magellan's alterations, 
and appointed Secretary Foulke to say so ; and the President 
to draw on Magellan for the fund. 

Building. Vaughan's bill " for having an area round the 
Society's Hall" £2 •• 5 •• ; passed. 

The Auditing Committee reported that corrections of the 
Vaughan's accounts were upon the whole in favour of M""- 
Vaughan. " Ordered, that the Treasurer be directed to pay 
to M''- V. out of the money subscribed towards carrying on 
the building .... £365 - 10 "4." 

1786. Oct. 20. (9 present.) 

The Committee to carry on the building in the State 
House yard reporting itself not "able to concur" it was 
discharged and another appointed ; viz. S. Vaughan, T. 
Clifford and T. Parke. 


Nov.— Dec. -1 ^^ 178«. 

The Treasurer was ordered to pay E,. Aitken £100 oa ac- 

1786. Nov. 3. (8 present.) 

Correspondence with Le Cercle des Philadelphes at Cap 
Francois, Haiti. 

Eben. Robertson's model for clearing wells of fixed air 

"Wm. Rediger's account (Janitor), 6 months, £5 •• 7 •* 7, 

1786. Nov. 17. (6 present.) 

Aitken ordered to send 150 copies of Yol. II Transactions 
American Philosophical Society to Dilley, London book- 
seller, and charge at 9 sh. ster. per copy. 

One of the Secretaries oftered a draught of Rules and Con- 
ditions for the adjudication of M""- Magellan's Annual Pre- 
mium. Approved and ordered to be published. [The MS. 
copy occupies the next 2J pages.] 

Hopkinson, Treasurer, desires to resign and have his ac- 
counts audited. Letter laid over. 

Building Committee authorized to collect subscriptions. 

John Jones* model of a bridge presented. 

1786, Dec. 1. (9 present.) 

Rittenhouse and Patterson appointed to audit the Treas- 
urer's accounts. 

A great tooth of some unknown animal found at Tioga, 
on the Susquelianna, was handed over to M""- Pealo to have 
a drawing of it made. 

1786. Dec. "[5. (7 present ; Count Castaloni [sic].)* 

Treasurer's balance reported, £15 •• 11 •• 8J. 
Anonymous paper on stove-rooms and greenhouses road. 
Papers on Agriculture formerly sent by the Society to 
the Agricultural Society, were returned, 
• (XulilUm4 In mlnutoa of July 'i\, iim, 

Jan.— Feb. 14* 1787. 

1787. Jan. 5. (25 present.) 


President — Benjamin Franklin. 
Vice-Presidents — Ewing, "White and Rittenhouse. 
Secretaries — Hutchinson, Patterson, Magaw and Foulke. 
Curators — Duffield, Binney and Bradford. 
Treasurer — Hopkinson. 

Councillors (for three years) — McKean, Bryan, Caldwell, 

1787. Jan. 19. (25 present.) 

Wm. Bingham, Benj. Chew, Jr., Francis Johnston, Re- 
ceiver of the Land Office, Jos. James, Robt. Milligan, and 
Wm. Barton, all of Philadelphia ; Dr. Thos. Ruston, of Ches- 
ter county ; Major Isaac Craig, of Pittsburgh ; Simeon De 
Wit [5ic], of New York ; Jas. Bowdoin, Governor of Massa- 
chusetts ; Lewis Wm. Otto, Charge des Afiaires of his Most 
Christian Majesty ; John Jay, Sec. For. Aft., New York ; 
M. Cadet de Vaux, of Paris ; M. Cadet, of Paris ; John 
Lowell, Judge of Appeals, Boston ; Sir Ed. Newenham, Bt., 
The Duke of Richmond, Dr. John Coackly [sic] Letsom, of 
London ; Robt. Barclay, of London ; Dr. Wm. Thornton, of 
London, and Dr. Geo. Speuce, of Jamaica, were elected mem- 

Dr. And. Duncan, of Edinburgh, sent an elegant copy of 
" Medical Commentaries," in ten volumes. 

1787. Feb. 2. (16 present.) 

Scantling and paving accounts, £15 •• 1 •• 2, presented ; a 
tie vote, and the subject laid over. 

The Committee on Subscriptions were invested with 
power to carry on the building, being accountable for the 
expenses ; the accounts to be first passed on by the Society. 

Lord Stanhope acknowledged the certificate of member- 
ship sent to his late father. Lord Mahon. 

Wm. Bradford, Dr. Foulke and Mr. Patterson were ap- 

Feb.— March. 14o 1787. 

pointed a Committee on a Petition for a change iu some 
clauses of the Act of Incorporation. 

Secretaries directed to conduct the ceremonies of the An- 
nual Oration in the Hall of the University, Jan. 28th. 

Ben. Vaughan, of London, son of Samuel Yaughan, of 
Philadelphia, sends £10 for the building, and offers his 
services in the matter of Vol. II of the Trans. 

1787. Feb. 16. (22 present.) 

Hopkinson read a letter from Rittenhouse to him (although 
Rittenhouse was present), " containing some curious obser- 
vations on the generation of clouds." 

A paper from John Churchman, of Nottingham, gave " a 
new theory of the variation of the magnetic needle founded 
on the hypothesis of two bodies (besides the moon) revolving 
round the earth : one in the plane of a parallel circle near 
the north pole, and the other in the plain of a like circle 
near the south pole." Ewing, Rittenhouse, Hoge and Pat- 
terson were appointed a committee to receive from Church- 
man additional illustrations on a globe. 

The account of £15 •• 1 •• 2 (see Feb.' 2) was ordered, by a 
more than three-fourths vote, paid out of the funds of the So- 
ciety, and not out of the building funds. 

Time of oration ordered to be 7 o'clock, p. M. 

1787. Feb. 21. 

Met and proceeded to the Hall of the University, where 
Rev'* Dr. Sam. Smith, V. P. of the College of New Jersey de- 
livered the annual oration, " On the causes of the diversity 
of figure & complexion in the human species." 

Met again, to return thanks and ask for a copy for publi- 
cation ; which was granted. 

1787. March 2. (20 present.) 
The Committee on Churchman's metliod ibr discovering 
the longitude by means of the Magnetic Variation reported ; 

That, in their opinion, "liis attempt to arcouut for the vuritition upon 
iho gruundlciw liypothcftitt of two moons, revolving round thu poIuH of ()i|) 

March. 14" 1787. 

earth, at a small distance from them," was "exceedingly whimsical;" 
as " contradictory of the fundamental principles of attraction, " &c. 

They then described his postulates, and say : 

"We are of opinion that all these suppositions are without foundation, 
and not only unsupported by observations, but also inconsistent with the 
observations made by the most skillful astronomers in every part of the 
globe, when furnished with the best instruments ; & that the calcula- 
tion which he proposes fails to give the longitude required." 

"Upon the whole we do not find a single idea in his communication, 
where he ventures to differ from the astronomers who have written upon 
the subject, but what appears to us either contradictory to the known 
principles of philosophy and impossible in the nature of things, or else in- 
consistent with the facts that have been observed and established by 

S. Vaughan, Sr., Pettitt [sie]^ and Hutchinson were ap- 
pointed to invest Mr. Magellan's 200 guineas. 

" Expenses attending the annual oration," £6 •• 11 •• 6, or- 
dered paid. — Secretaries ordered to " agree with M'- Aitken 
or some other printer, on the best terms they can, for the 
printing of 1800 copies of D'- Smith's oration ;" 1000 in 
pamphlets, and 800 in reserved sheets for the next volume 
of Transactions (Vol. III). 

Special meeting ordered for March 9. 

1787. March 9. (6 present.) 

" Part of D*"- Smith's oration was read " [^This is all 

the minute of this meeting.'] 

1787. March 16. (13 present.) 

Dr. Foulk requested to deliver the next annual oration. 

Committee on Petition to the Assembly reported adversely 
to " the expediency of troubling the House at present." 

Thanks to Mr. Burgsdorf ordered, for his communication 
on the subject of Vegetation, and that it be offered to the 
Columbian Magazine. 

Secretaries ordered to write to Mr. Hazard in New York 
to solicit building subscriptions. 

April— May. 1^0 I787. 

1787. April e. (9 present.) 

James Bringhurst added to the Building Committee. 
Mr. Daneufville's letter read, describing a manufactory 
of white glass near Albany, and specimens exhibited. 

1787. April 20. (16 present.) 

Mr. John Churchman sent in a revised and corrected copy 
of his paper, substituting two revolving magnetic poles for 
his two moons. 

The Investing Committee reported that they had pur- 
chased with Magellan's 200 guineas a ground rent of £33 •• 
12 per annum, from John Dickinson and Mary, his wife, and 
Henry Shriver. 

It was resolved to purchase a gold plate of the value of 
10 guineas to be conferred as a premium ; the resolution to 
be engrossed on the back of the deed of conveyance, signed 
and sealed. 

Account of Clem. Biddle for drawing the deed for ground 
rent, £4, was ordered paid. 

S. Vaughan, Dr. Morris and Dr. Hutchinson were ap- 
pointed to issue proposals for leasing the cellar in Fifth 
street for a term of years. 

Proposal of Mr. Dilley, London, to reprint Transactions 
Vol. I, it the Society " take 200 copies at the paper & print 
price." Agreed to, on condition that Mr. Dillon agreed to 
to take 150 copies of Vol. II in part payment. 

1787. Mai/ 4 ['■'■forgotten to be transcribed in its proper 
place " *]. ( 10 present.) 

Letter from Secretaries of " the Manchester Society," with 
two volnraes of Transactions. 

Two letters from John Whitohurst, London, with a copy 
of his " Knquiry into the original state and formation of the 
earth, 2'* edition." 

Hutton's tracts presented. 

• ThoMO mliiuUsH iiro found JolUnving thofio of the next meeting. 

May. 1^1 1787. 

Letter from Mr. Herschel, with a catalogue of 1000 nebu- 
lae ; directed to Franklin, and presented by him. 

Aojreement with Dllley rescinded, as it interfered with 
the Society's engagements with Aitkin \_sic]. 

Letter from Hopkinson to Franklin, " with drawing and 
description of a Chronometer on a new & very simple con- 

Drawing and description of a nautilus or newly invented 
ferry-boat, from Eneas Lamont of Baltimore, candidate for 
the Magellan premium. 

Committee on Churchman's iirst paper authorized to give 
him a copy of their report, when he returns said paper. 

Committee on the sale of lot in Arch street ordered to in- 
vite proposals May 19th, at noon. 

1787. May 18. (19 present.) 

Committee on the Society's lott [sic] in Arch street re- 
stricted to a sale price of £600. 

Subscriptions ordered to be opened for £400, towards car- 
rying on the building in Fifth street, on the following con- 
ditions : 

1. Subscriptions for one or more shares of £5 each. 

2. A lease of the cellars to be made to the subscribers, when £400 were 
subscribed for 20 years (to commence when the cellars were lit for use), 
"subject to restrictions with advertized conditions." 

3. Possession of cellars to continue after 20 years until the refunding of 
the £400. 

Agreed that in case the subscription list be not filled up 
in the course of one week the committee should be at liberty 
" to make the offer to any person they choose." 

Dr. Smith allowed 30 copies of his oration. 

Dr. Franklin presented, from President Adams, a copy of 
his " Defence of the Constitution of the Government of the 
United States." Thanks returned. 

June— July— Aug. i-OZ 1787. 

1787. June 15. (8 present.) 

Janitor's bill (Rediger) £3 - 17 •• 6. 

Dunlap & Claypole's bill for printing 300 admission cards, 

Symon & Glass' bill, 15 reams of paper, £39 •• 7 •• 6. 

Levis' bill for 12 reams of paper £16. 

Rev. Temple Henry Croker's letter to Dr. Franklin, "re- 
lating a number of experiments on the dipping needle." 

Ordered, £10 •• 10 refunded to Robt. Aitken who had paid 
that sum as subscription to Building Fund for Mr. Hutch- 
ins — seeing that Mr. Hutchins' subscription was to be in 
shape of copies of his map of Pennsylvania, at a guinea 
apiece — when Mr. Hutchins shall have delivered six maps 
to the Society. 

[End of MS. Vol. 1774 to 1787.] 

1787. Julp 20. (22 present ; among them Mr. Madeson 
[«c], of Virginia, and Dr. Williamson, of N. Carolina.) 

New Members Elected. — Sir Joseph Banks, John Hunter, 
and four others in England ; with six Philadelphians. 

Committee to inquire about the Library Company's pro- 
posals relative to the Society's lot and intended hall in the 
State House yard : J. B. Smith, Dr. Ruston, Messrs. lloge 
and Fox, Dr. Foalko and Dr. Magaw. 

1787. August 17. (12 present.) 

Letter from Henry Laurens, of South Carolina, thanking 
the Society for his election, and giving £50 for the Build- 
ing (draught on Mannings & Vaugban, London). 

John Vaughan announces a donation for the Building of 
10 guineas from his brother, Wm. Vaughan, of London. 

Report of Committee on "tiio Lot k cellars near the State 
Uoase" reported a conference with tlie Directors of the 
Library Company, to whom thoy had proposed a joint fin- 

September. lo6 1787. 

ishing and occupying of the building on terms of equality 
and mutual convenience ; or, a sale to the company at the 
price of past expenditures for the cellars and value of the 
privilege of occupying the ground. The Directors required 
time for deliberation. 

It was resolved to inform the Company that the Society 
could not tell the exact cost of the cellars, nor was prepared 
for any definite agreement ; and that the Building Commit- 
tee should make up its accounts. 

A memorial from John Churchman was presented, and a 
reply ordered that the Committee were already instructed. 

1787. Sep. 7. (14 present.) 

Hutchinson's motion for a Committee with power to 
treat, sell and transfer to the Library Company, was, on 
motion of Dr. Magaw, postponed to be a special order for 
September 14, and the Building Committee was requested 
again to hand in their accounts. 

[There are no minutes of any meeting on September 14, 
but on the following Tuesday evening there was a meeting 
at Frankliii's house, where no doubt other meetings were 

1787. Sep. 18. (19 present, Franklin presiding.) 

Letter from Patrick Wilson, Prof. Astronomy, Coll. 
Glasgow, to Franklin, "containing a general account of the 
construction of M""- Hirchel's [^ic] Forty Feet Telescope, of 
his having lately mounted it, and discovered two Satellites 
revolving round the Planet Georgium Sidus, or Hirchell. 
[sicl. There are some other curious matters mentioned in 
the communication." 

Letter of L. S. of N"ew Jersey to Franklin describing a 
chimney plastered with mortar mixed with salt, that never 
took fire, although never swept. " The author of the letter 
requests that this matter may be communicated to the 

Sept.— Oct i.o4: 17^7, 

Mr. Yaughan produced his account of subscriptions. [No 
details — nor any sum mentioned.] 

Hutchinson's motion of September 7th was argued and 

Dr. Ruston added to the Building Committee, vice Dr. 
Parke, resigned. 

Building Committee ordered "to proceed with all conve- 
nient despatch to have the walls carried up & covered in." 

The Society adjourned " to hold their next stated meeting 
at the President's House agreeably to his Invitation." 
[Franklin was in feeble health.] 

1787. Sep. 21. (9 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Dissertation by Dr. Wistar (a new member) " Experiments 
upon evaporation in cold air." 

D'Aubenton's letter of thanks for election, dated Paris, 
February loth, 1787, was received at this meeting, showing 
the slow rate of transatlan tic communication. 

Mons. Le Corate de Buffon,also sends his letter of thanks 
for election and certificate of membership. 

Dissertation (for Magellanic Premium) " On a Spring 
Block, to assist a vessel in sailing," motto annexed, Vires 
acquirit cedendo. 

Another (for Magellanic Premium) "On the Discovery of 
the means of finding Longitude." 

1787. Oct. 5. (15 present; Franklin presiding.) 

Three French medical papers by Dr. Gashlier, referred to 
Dre. Jones, Foulke and Griffith. 

A large thigh bone found near "Woodbury creek in Glo 
cester [sic] county, N. J. [perhaps a lladrosaurus], was de- 
Bcribed in a paper by Mr. Matlack and Dr. Wistar ; who, 
with Dr. Rodgers, were requested to search for the missing 
part of the skeleton. 

" A letter from M'- Patterson to D'- Rush, accounting, on 
the principles of Hyd rostaticks, for that phenomenon first 

Oct.— Nov. 1^^ 17*7. 

observed by D'- Franklin, when a vessel containing oil & 
water is put in motion, — was presented & read." 

" A treatise on some part of the theory of the Planets," 
was received from Dr. Minto, of Long Island. 

Lord Napier's portrait, a print, was presented by the Earl 
of Buchan. 

An essay on "Animal Heat" for the Magellanic pre- 
mium; with a letter to Franklin. 

Books were sent by their authors : Dr. Jean Ingenhauz 
and M. le Roy. 

Geo. Hinkead's account for recording a deed £1, ordered 
paid. Also Dunlap & Claypool, " account for advertizing 
in their paper, for a considerable time, the disposal of the 
cellars," £3 - 1. 

1787. Oct. 19. (14 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Indian spear stones " lately found deposited in the mud 
near a river," with a letter " containing various speculations 
k conjectures concerning" them, were exhibited, as a gift 
to the Society, from Mr. Beale Boardley of Maryland. 

" On the method or cultivating cotton in Virginia ; " let- 
ter from Richard P. Barton. 

A letter from M. le Comte Morozza Cassitane, Major du 
regiment aux gardes, Membre dft la Societ6 Italiana — read. 

"On the tides in the Bay ot Fundy;" letter from Mr. 
An nam. 

Among the books — Abhandlungen der Bohmischen Ge- 
sellschaft, and Memoires del'Academie des Sciences de 

1787. Nov. 2. (16 present.) 

" On the variation of the magnetic needle ; " for the Ma- 
gellanic premium. 

Franklin's proposal to lend the Society money to com- 
plete the building, is here minuted but crossed out with 
black lines and erased with the note (" The following intro- 
duced too soon"). 

Nov.— Dec. i-bij 1787, 

Committee to inquire into the state of the funds, "in 
order that proper measures may be taken to discharo^e the 
debts of the Society." — Dr. Andrews and Mr. John 

Franklin's second subscription of £100, and offer of a 
" loan of what money may be requisite to raise & cover the 
building upon legal interest " — reported, the thanks of the 
Society voted, and the offer accepted, by the appointment of 
Dr. White and Samuel Vaughan, as a Committee to confer 
with Franklin on the " proper mode of giving security for 
his advances." 

"After the interview with the President" (who was apparently in 
another room of his house), the Committee reported, & it was resolved to 
give Franklin a Bond not exceeding £500, payable in one year, with legal 
interest ; and a Mortgage " on the lot of land bought by the Society of Fra. 
Hopkinson, Esq ;" also "of the rent of the cellars & such part of the 
building as may be let by tlie Society : until the said advance & interest 
be fully paid ; " and, meanwhile, a signed & sealed copy of the resolu- 
tions delivered to Franklin. 

" The President now present." 

A Committee to draw up a petition to the General As- 
sembly of the State for a sufficient grant ot unappropriated 
land " for the purpose of enabling the Society to prosecute 
their views in promoting useful knowledge ": — Dr. White, 
Dr. Andrews and Mr. Pettitt. 

1787. Nov. 16. (6 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Secretaries ordered to get Clera. Biddle to prepare the 
bond and mortgage. 
Draft of petition read by John Vaughan. 

1787. Dec. 7. (7 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Books presented by authors: Belin de Villenouve [sic]^ 
Moreau do St. Mcry, M. Grovel, Drawings of the light- 
l)oijso at I'ly mouth, by Mr. Kdnionstone, &c. 

Auditing and Settling Committee on Treasurer's and 
Building accounts: Rittonhouso and Patterson. 

December. 1^* 1787. 

" Public advertisement of the time appointed for the 
adjudication of M. Magellan's annual premium," ordered. 


1787. Dec. 18. (11 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

" The several pieces referred to the consideration of the 
Committee appointed at a late meeting, were again read." 

The essay on Animal Heat referred back for report at 
next meeting. 

Reports of Committee on mechanical prize essays read and 

1787. Dec. 21. (14 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Essay on " Animal Heat." The Board of Officers and 
Council reported that it was " very ingenious " but not 
within the scope of the Magellan premium. 

" Invention of the Spring Block." 

The Board reported that "it appeared ingenious, and plausible in 
theory," but that the premium should be withheld until the author 
"shall substantiate its usefulness .... by one or more adequate & 
satisfactory experiments ; which they hope to receive from him at some 
subsequent meeting." It was then voted that in case of such proof of 
utility beius given the invention should take the premium. "Neverthe- 
less, the Society agreeably to the express letter of the conditions " of the 
award, felt obliged to "have a vote taken on the general question, as con- 
tained in the 6th Article of said conditions." The vote on the Spring 
Block resulted in a negative. 

The Secretaries were then instructed, to publish the " So- 
ciety's proceedings and determination," in such cases. 

A vote of thanks was passed to Sam. Vaughan " for his 
disinterested & successful attention to their [the Society's] 
interests." Franklin then presented the thanks of the So- 
ciety to Mr. Vaughan. 

Auditing Committee reported a balance of £14 •• 18 - 11 
in the hands of the Treasurer. 

Aitkin's bill for binding two vols, of Transactions 
£1 •• 2 •• 6, ordered paid. 

Jan.— Feb. l^O 1788. 

A list of outstanding dues presented. Treasurer requested 
to collect and " pay the same to Mr. Rob. Aitkin in part of 
his demand." 

1788. Jan. 4. (8 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Drawing of a Marine Chevaux-de-frize by Robert Erskine, 
F. R. S., with description, presented by Franklin. Drawing 
of " a Boat to sail on Ice used in some of the northern coun- 
tries of Europe." 

Print of a Nouveau Quartier de Reduction and pamphlet 
on the use of the Quadrant, by M. le B . . . . del'or, Prof. 
Math., Paris. 


President — Frankli n. 

Vice Presidents — Ewing, White, Rittenhouse. 

Secretaries — Hutchinson, Patterson, Magaw, Foulke. 

Council — Ingersol, Blackwell, Kuhn, Pettitt. 

Treasurer — Hopkinson . 

Cwra^ors— Duffield, Bradford, Peale (C. W.). 

1788. Jan. 18. (13 present.) 

Committee to let "such parts of the Phil. Hall as the 
Society can spare:" — Clifford, Hutchinson, J. Vaughan. 

Committee for carrying on the building : Hutchinson and 
J. Vaughan addtsd to it. " The said Committee .... to 
consider of the objections .... mentioned in a letter . . . 
from the Street Commissioners, respecting the stone steps in 
the front of the hall, and to take such order as ... . 

1788. Feby 1. (6 present.) 

" After some conversation, adjourned." 

1788. Feby 15. (4 present.) 

Geo. "Wall, Jr., exhibited a " Trigonometor," lor the 
making and vending of which ho had obtained a patent 

March.— April. l^ii 1788. 

from the Legislature of this State. Description and draw- 

1788. March 7. (11 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

" Special circumstances " considered, the Annual Oration 
was deferred to November. 

" On the Notation of Music .... by the common alpha- 
betical characters," by Mr. Patterson. 

Certificates of membership ordered " to pass through the 
hands of the Treasurer," before delivery. 

Labels for books belonging to the Society ordered, for Mr. 
Patterson [Librarian]. 

Dunlap & Claypoole's bill for printing Magellanic Condi- 
tions, 150 copies, and for advertising annual election, £1 .. 
17 •• 6, ordered paid. 

*' Extreme embarassment" caused Mr. Glass, the paper- 
maker, by the Society's debt to him, reported by Mr. Atkin, 
the printer. Dr. Huston and Dr. Magaw directed to see if 
the Treasurer held any funds, and if dues could not be col- 
lected. Meanwhile Franklin offers to settle Glass' account, 
and be repaid from such collections. 

1788. March 21. (5 present; Franklin, President.) 

1788. April 5. (6 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Steamboat. — Mr. Barton presented a pamphlet by James 
Rumsey, of Berkeley county, Virginia, styled " A plan 
wherein the power of steam is fully shown by a new con- 
structed machine for propelling boats or vessels." 

1788. April 18. (18 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

John Hunter's works presented, with a letter from him- 
self. Thanks voted. 

Model, draft and explanation of an improved Steamboiler, 
offered for the " annual ^Magellanic] premium," under the 
signature of X. Y. 

May, J-t)" 1788. 

Sir Joseph Banks returned thanks for election, and com- 
municated "a very curious account of pure Iron in a me- 
talic [sic] state, lately found in South America." Mr. Wm. 
Baker sent his thanks also. 

Rev*^ Dr. Robert Davidson, of Carlisle, communicated by 
letter a drawing and description of a " Calf, a monstrous 

Letters from Dilly, of London, and Aitken, of Philadel- 
phia, respecting the printing of Transactions, Vol. II. 

James Rumsey, of Virginia, sent by letter, drawings and 
descriptions of — 

1. An improved Boiler for a Steam-engine. 

2. An improvement in Dr. Barker's Grist-mill. 
8. An improvement in the Saw-mill. 

4. An improvement in Raising Water by means of a steam engine. 

Henry Voight communicated by letter drawings and de- 
scriptions of various improvements in boilers for generating 

Committee on these papers : Ewing, Rittenhouse, Patter- 

A motion " to lower the rate of Admission money of 
newly-elected resident members, and also the annual pay- 
ments or contributions of members," from next January 1st, 
onwards, was postponed to the next meeting. 

1788. May 2. (8 present ; Franklin presiding.) 
Drawings and description of an improved Steam-boiler, 
for the M. P. received. Signature, " Retrograde." 

The Committee on Inventions reported, that Rumsey & 
Voight's principle of increasing the steam-generating sur- 
face and diminishing the quantity of water exposed to the 
action of the fire, appears just, but the best application must 
bo matter of experiment. And that's other invon- 
tioHB were "ingenious in theory, and well deserve a full 

Benjamin Lindon, of Chostorfiold, N. el., communicated, 
by letter, u description of an improved Universal Dial. 

May— June— July. lol 1788. 

Dr. Greenway, of Virginia, wrote, describing the Golden 
Cassia, or Peacock flower. 

1788. May 16. (8 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Henry Crocker sent his pamphlet on Magnetism to Frank- 

Matthew Carey, through Mr. Barton, Le Blond's Elemens 
de fortification ; Scaliger de subtilitate ; Pseudofridericus 
Johannis Hildebrandi, &c. ; and Geo. Fabricii, Rom. Antiq. 

1788. June 20. (6 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Matthew Carey presented a short-hand Bible, and Forme 
du Government de Suede. 

Franklin presented " a specimen of the ancient short- 
hand ;" an engraving of the Duke de Chaulnes' improve- 
ment of Franklin's Electric Kite ; and F. A. Eckhardt's 
description of his Canal Dredger ; proposals of the Society 
for the Encouragement of Arts, &c., of a premium for an in- 
variable standard of Weights and Measures ; a description 
of the Chinese method of making large sheets of Paper ; and 
an account of Ingenhautz's experiments on the heat-con- 
ducting power of Metals, under Franklin's direction. 

An essay on " a Universal Language" was offered for the 
Magellanic premium. 

Daniel Byrnes* paper on an improvement for finding the 
Longitude by Lunar Observations, was read ; and Ewing, 
Rittenhouse and Patterson appointed to test his instrument 
invented for the purpose. 

Rediger's (Janitor's) account for £5 •• 4 •• 18, approved. 

1788. July 18. (14 present.) 

Franklin being "too much indisposed to attend," Dr. Duf- 
field took the chair. 

The Treasurer was authorized to exchange the paper- 
money in his hands on the most advantageous terms. 


August. 1"*^ 1788. 

The Building Committee were instructed to inform the 
Street Commissioners that the Society was willing to enter 
an amicable suit, concerning the Fifth street front door 
steps, " presumed by the Commissioners to rise too high." 

Also to be " a Committee of Ways & Means to consider of 
a method regularly to pay the interest as it shall become 
due upon the sums of money borrowed .... of the Presi- 

Ordered, that a notice be inserted in the regular adver- 
tisement of the meetings, that the consideration and pass- 
ing of laws would constitute part of the business. 

1788. August 15. (10 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Two new Hygrometers from ISTairne, of London, with a 
letter. One was ordered to be deposited with Mr. Legeaux for 
use, the observations to be published in his Meteorological 
Observations column in the Columbian Magazine. 

A letter from Daniel Byrnes, " that he had constructed an 
instrument by which one person may take at one observa- 
tion the distance of the sun and moon & the altitude of one 
of them." Referred to the former committee on a Byrnes 

Franklin presented books, «&c., from the Patriotic Society 
at Milan, sent him by its Secretary, Carlo Amoretti, for the 
j)urpo8e: — Spallaiizaiii's Opuscules ; Experiences. . . .Gen- 
eration ; . . . . sur la Digestion ; lettres 'X Lucchesini. 

Also, from M. Campomanes, of Madrid : — Fastos Ac. R. 
do la Hist, &c., Gunobii opera ; Velasquez's Medals, 1752 ; 
Oracions, 1769. 

Also, Memoires of the Soc. Italiana, Verona; Mittor- 
pagor's Elemciiti, Milan, 1784; Carminati's Recherche, Milan, 
1785; Atti Soc. I'at. Milan, duplicate; Bruni's Portatura 
di Gelsi, Milun, &c. 

''Through some miHtake, or (Icnuigemont with respect to 
conveyance, the books and papers from Milan wore not re- 
ceived 'till very lately, although sent above two years ago, 

Sept.— Oct. 1"<^ 1788. 

from Italy." — Secretaries ordered " to take the earliest op- 
portunity" to return thanks and explain ; and a copy of 
Vol. II Trans, of the American Philosophical Society to the 
S. P. Milan, through Dr. Rush. 

John Anderson's Institutes of Physics, Glasgow, were 

"The Corresponding Secretaries are desired to make 
particular report of all the answers to foreign communica- 
tions & letters which they have already written, and sent, 
within the present and immediate preceding year. Mean- 
while the Society expect, that as much dispatch as possible 
be observed, with regard to all letters at present requiring 

1788. Sep. 19. (10 present; Franklin presiding.) 

A Wheel-boat, proposed to facilitate the navigation of 
North America ; drawing and description ; for the Magel- 
lanic premium. 

On the language of Signals ; a duplicate of a communica- 
tion formerly received from a candidate for the premium.. 

Mandrillon's " Fragmens de Politique et de Litterature," 
with his letter, from Amsterdam. 

Also: Recherches .... sur les maladies .... de St. 
Dominique .... pub. par le Cercle des Philadelphes du 
Cap Frangois, from the Society ; — Campomanes' Diet. Es- 
paiiol ; — Priestley's Experiments, &c., Vol. Ill; and " elegant 
copperplate engravings of a Nouvel Hotel Dieu," by M. le 
Roy of Paris. 

1788. Oct. 3. (8 present.) 

Mr. Matthias Barton, of Lancaster, Pa., sent: '■''Shells ^ 
nuts &c found at the depth of 7 or 8 feet in the body of a 
rOck, upon the river Susquehanna," opposite Sunbury. 
Great quantities of petrefactions are daily found in the high 
rocky hill \— Indian darts, frequently found in the fields 
near Lancaster; — Water Birch bark, specimens; — Bear's 

Oct.— Nov. 1d4 1788, 

gut^ when first cleaned, resembling a silk ribbon, and applied 
by the Indians to difterent uses. 

1788. Oct, 17. (12 present; Franklin presiding.) 

M. de Marbois sent from Port au Prince a copy of his 
Etat des Finances de St. Dominique. 

Jas. B. Pleasant's, of Montgomery county. Pa., wished 
the Society's opinion on his proposed Baloons [sic] of metal, 
entirely exhausted. 

John Napier's life and writings, from Earl Buchan ; — and 
D'- Persival's Essays, from the author. 

The Building Committee were ordered to confer with 
" The Masonic Body in this City, or their Representatives, 
concerning their occupying, for a term of years, such part 
.... as the Philos. Soc. can conveniently spare . . . ." 

Barton and Ellicott made a Committee to review the Con- 
stitution and Laws of the Society. 

Treasurer authorized to employ a collector, at an allow- 
ance of £h per centum on the moneys paid in to the Treas- 

1788. Nov. 7. (15 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Franklin directed to present to Magellan, Vols. I, II 
Transactions American Philosophical Society, and future 
volumes as published. 

Swediaur's Observations on Venereal Complaints, from the 
author, through Ebenezer Ilazzard, New York ; — Ingen- 
httusz's pamphlet on Atmospheric Electricity. 

Report of Committee on Constitution and Laws; laid on 
the table. 

Magellanic prize essays were referred " to the twelve 
counsellorH and other officers." 

Committee to confer with the Masons were ordered to in- 
form thorn that the Act of Assembly would not ])ormit 
"any part of building to 1)0 occu[)ie(l in the nuinnor that tho 
Masonic Guntlcnien have proposed." 

November. J.OD jTgg, 

Hutchinson and Rittenhouse were made a Committee to 
sell the lot in Arch street. 

1788. Nov. 21. (18 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

"Looming" observed near Presque Isle, described in a 
letter from And. Ellicott, of Pittsburgh, to Dav. Rittenhouse. 

Franklin's letter (from Passy, September 22, 1782) to 
the Abbe Soulavie, " containing a new & ingenious theory of 
the formation of the Earth," — a copy of it was laid before 
the Society by Franklin. 

De Warville's (J. P. Brissot) book on the relative situa- 
tion of France and the United States, received from the 

Building Committee authorized to treat with the Library 
Company of Philadelphia about leasing ^part of the build- 
ing to the Library Company. 

The Premium Committee reported that (at Franklin's 
house) they had examined the " Dissertations & Pieces:" — 
Wheel-boat; Nautilus; Steam engine by "Retrogade;" 
steam engine by "X, Y;" finding longitude; and Magneti- 
cal globe — and submitted the final adjudication thereon* to 
the Society. They reported an essay in French " For the 
improving of signs & finding out an universal language," 
which must be translated " before they can form a proper 
judgment concerning it." 

Dr. Foulke's annual oration was ordered for "some time 
during the next session of the General Assembly, in the 
month of February." 

The report of the Committee to review the law of mem- 
bership, laid on the table, was read again. Also their report 
on Contributions was read finally. 

Membership law, as amended and passed : — 

" A law to alter the Second Section of the Laws," &c. 

"Whereas, the mode of electing members .... found .... at- 
tended with many inconveniences ; 

Be it therefore enacted, and it is hereby enacted, that from and after the 
passing of this law, the Flection of Members of the said Society, sliall be 

Nov.— Dec. 1^" 1788. 

by Ballot, of at least thirteen Members duly qualified to vote, and which 
number shall be sufficient, on the third Friday in the months of January, 
April, July and October respectively ; and at such other stated or ordi- 
nary meetings of the Society, as the Members then convened may appoint. 
But previously to the holding of any Election of new Members, the sitting 
or attending Secretaries for the time being, or one of them, shall, on the 
day preceding the intended Election, send to the house, or dwelling place 
of each member residing within the city of Philadelphia, a written or 
printed Notification, of the time & place when and where such Election 
shall be proposed to be held. 

And any member may, at any meeting of the Societj^ propose such per- 
son or persons as he may think proper, to be a Member, or Members 
thereof. But no person shall be ballotted [stV] for, unless his name, to- 
gether with the name or names of the Member or Members who propose 
him, shall have been fixed up by the Secretaries, for View of the Society, 
at the two meetings immediately preceding the time of Election. Nor 
shall any person be deemed duly elected, unless three- fourths of the Votes 
of all the Members present be in his favour. Every person so elected shall 
be entitled to all the Rights and privileges of the Society ; any thing in 
any former law of the said Society, to the contrary notwithstanding. 

Enacted, this 21st Day of Nov'^" 1788 

Another law was then amended and passed : — 

"A law to alter the law entitled 'A law to increase the annual Sub- 
scriptions of the Members' «&c. 

"Whereas, by a law .... enacted . . . . 6"* Jan. 1786 .... 

four dollars annually and whereas it is found e.xpcdient that the 

annual contribution .... be lessened ; 

"Be it enacted .... that .... the annual contribution .... be 
two dollars, and no more." 

1788. Dec. 5. (11 present ; Franklin presiding.) 
Premium award laid over. 

1788. Dec.l^. (18 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Rittenhouso and Patterson to review Treasurer's accounts 
and settle. 

Translation of the French essay read and laid over. 

A short pHfKjr on Facts and Experiments by the author of 
the Spring Block prize essay, read. 

Cortiticute of G. Jiudiam, and .1. Pollock .... ac- 

January. 16* 1780. 

quainted with the nature and construction of Sea Vessels 
.... experimented with the Spring Block, applied to a 
small pleasure boat .... "approved of the principles, 
and are of the opinion that if the Springs can be properly 
applied, they will increase the active elastic impetus of a 
Vessel's rigging, & therefore assist in sailing, especially in 
turning to windward." 

1789. Jan'-y 2. (12 present ; Franklin presiding.) 


President — Franklin. 

Vice Presidents — John Ewing, D.D., Wra. White, D.D., 
Dav. Rittenhouse. 

Ih'easurer — Hopkinson. 

Secretaries — Hutchinson, Patterson, Magaw, J. Vaughan. 

Counsellors — Pettit (C.) ; Rush, Jones, M.D., G. Duffield, 

Curators — S. Duffield, Wm. Bradford, Charles W. Peale. 

Rittenhouse and Hutchinson, Committee to agree finally 
with Jos. Ogleby and Math. Sadler (who proposed to buy 
the Arch street lot) on the best terms. 

1789. Jan'y 16. (19 present.) 

Auditing Committee reported £3 •• 13 - 5 specie, and 
£9 •• 17 •• 6, paper, balance due the Society in the hands of 
the Treasurer. 

Rittenhouse's letter to Patterson on a number of curious 
observations on the regularity of the motions of the 
heavenly bodies, read. 

Humphrey's (Jos.) letter to Rittenhouse, with a drawing 
of a Regulator of Pendulums, read. 

Arch Street Lot Committee reported that they had agreed 
finally with Ogleby and Sadler, who agree to pay £525, " or 
do carpenters work in the building on the State House 
Square to the amount .... at their opinion ; the Society 

Jan. — Feb. 


.... to indemnify them for all encumbrances on the said 
Lot & to convey it to them." 

Messrs. Cliflbrd, Rittenhouse, and Eo-x and Drs. Ruston 
and Hutchinson were then appointed a Committee to treat 
with the Directors of the Library Company about renting 
part of the building. The President was requested to inform 
the Directors by letters "that the Committee have full 
powers .... to receive any proposals .... and finally to 
agree with them on the subject." 

An election of 24 new members then took place, among 
whom were David Reddick of the Supreme Council of Penn- 
sylvania ; the Spanish Ambassador de Gardoqui ; the Rector 
of the Swedish Church, Dr. Collin ; Chief Justice Brearly 
of New Jersey ; the French Consul at New York, Creve- 
coeur ; the Secretary of the Royal Society, Dr. Blagden ; the 
famous Frieslander, Peter Camper ; the German Minister of 
Mines, Von Heynitz ; " Benj. Smith Barton, M.D., at pres- 
ent in Edinburgh ;" the " President of Philadelphes, Cap 
Franyois," Arthand; Moreau de St. Mery, Superieur de 
Cap Francois ; the President of the Spanish R. S. 
of History, Miguel de Flores ; Dr. Charles Stuart of Edin- 
burgh ; the late Attorney-General of the United States^ 
Patterson ; Dr. Minto, Prof. Math, at Priticeton ; Chas. 
Pinckney, S. C. ; Dr. Ashbel Green (who had left Prince- 
ton College to take the charge of the First Second Presby- 
terian Church in Philadelphia) ; and Brissot de Warville. 

1789. Feb'y 6. (13 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

The Treasurer was ordered to pay the President £25, 
" which he was pleased some time ago to advance to Mr. 
Rob. Aitkin, in the Society's behalf in order to discharge 
the amount that had been presented by M'- Glass the paper 

A letter from Mr. Aitkin requesting the correction of the 
proof Hhoets of the ropritft of Vol. Transactions. Franklin 
had already answered the letter. 

February. 10" 1789. 

A letter from the Princess of Dashkaw [.sic], President of 
the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg, August 
30, to Franklin, thanking him for a copy of the Transactions, 
" in the most polite terms for this mark of his attention." 

Poulson's account for printing 1000 labels and 500 blank 
notices (35 shil.) was passed. 

The Building Committee reported a contract made " with 
gentlemen for supplying the necessary scantling for the 
building .... at 12 months' credit." 

Dr. Foulke's oration, now ready, was made the order for 
February 27, in the evening, at the Hall of the University. 

1789. FeVy 20. (15 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

A letter from Josh. Humphrey, on "correct scale beams," 
was read. 

An extract from the minutes of the Directors of the 
Library Company was read. The Company had considered 
a letter from Franklin, and appointed a Committee " to 
wait on him and thank him for his friendly attentions. 
They request him to inform the Committee of the Philo- 
sophical Society that they are sensible of their friendly over- 
tures; but it would not be convenient to remove the Library 
from the building which they occupy at present." 

A letter from Don Diego de Garda acknowledging the re- 
ceipt of his certificate of membership "expressed in very 
polite terms his sense of the honour," &c., and that " he will 
be happy if on any occasion he can contribute to promote the 
views of so laudable an institution." 

A collection of curious petrifactions and other fossils found 
in different parts of the Western countries \_sic] was pre- 
sented through Mr. Patterson by Capt. Wra. Ferguson, 
lately from Post Vincennes. 

Observations on the Progress of Population, and the proba- 
bility of the duration of human life in this country, by Mr. 
Wm. Barton, in a letter to Rittenhouse, were read. 

Feb.— March. 1*'-' 1789. 

1789. FeVy 27. 

The Society met and proceeded to the Hall of the Uni- 
versity, where Dr. Foulke delivered the annual oration ; 
after which the Society retired to a room and passed a vote 
of thanks. 

Oration " Oa the State, Stages and Chances of the human 
constitution and life, and particularly supporting the chances 
of Longevity in North America." 

1789. March 6. (16 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Petrified shells found near Ringwood iron works, New 
Jersey, from Rev*^ Mr. Becsou, presented.* 

Cox, Minto, Brearly, B. Rittenhouse acknowledged by 
letter the receipt of certificate of membership, " and in ex- 
ceedingly polite terms, expressed their sense of the honor," 

Barton, Fox and J. Vaughan, appointed a Committee to 
treat with the Trustees of the University about renting to 
them the rooms of the building, reserving to the Society two 
south rooms. ^ 

A letter from Peter Duponceau presenting 22 Vols, of 
Velly, Villaret and Garnier's History of France ; Pope's 
Essay on Man in five languages ; Histoire du Commerce, 2 
Vols.; Locke's Essay on Education in Russian, by Popow- 
flki ; Military Ordinances of the King of Spain, 4 Vols. ; 
Life of Don Joas de Castro, Fourth Viceroy of the Indies 
(" the beat historian in the Portuguese language ") ; Select 
Extracts from Young's Night Thoughts in Portuguese; State 
Papers on the Restoration of the Fryjich Parliament in 
1774; A Collection of Low Dutch Pamphlets on the late 
commotions in the Netherlands, 1 Vol. ; Dictionary of French 
and Portuguese 1 Vol.; G^uvres do Tlionijis, de TAcad. 
Fran9aiHe, 2 Vols. Thanks voted. 

Adjourned until Wednesday evening next at 6 o'clock. 

* In the next Une the name Im NpoUed Heenon. 

March— April. xil 17g9. 

1789. March 11. (17 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

Report of Committees of the Society and of the Univer- 
sity read, " particularly considered and agreed to." 
[The report is copied, from which it appears that] 

D""' James Hutchinson, M""- Kuhl, & General Irvine, Committee on the 
part of the University ; Messrs Vaughan, Fox & Barton, Committee on the 
part of the American Philosophical Society met at the University [ " in 4"' 
Street" written in lead pencil] & the Univ. Com. proposed to lease the 
Society's Hall, (except two south rooms on the Second floor,) with free 
use of the Stairs, passages & cellars, for five years, at an annual rent of ' 
£85; "the University to provide those materials which the Phil. Soc. 
have not already contracted for .... to complete the building & to 
make it tenantable : the same to be allowed for to the Trustees out of the 
rent as it becomes due ; the rent to commence as soon as the house is in 
tenantable order ; the house to be delivered up, at the expiration of the 
lease, in like order as received, reasonable wear & tear excepted." 

Preparation of such a lease was then ordered " under the 
inspection of the Committees." 

James Bringhurst was added to the Building Committee. 

Aitkin's letter of inquiry about any desired alterations in 
the six first sheets of Vol. I, Transactions, first edition, 
referred to the Secretaries. " As the work is not reprinted 
by order of the Society, the terms do not depend on them." 

1789. March 20. (9 present.) 
Dr. George Buchanan, of Baltimore, sent Quesnay de 
Beaurepaire's Account of the Academy of Sciences and Belles 
Lettres established by him at Richmond, in Virginia. [No 
further notice of such an Academy appears subsequently in 
the history, or the correspondence of the Society.] 

A dissertation Sur le moyen de conserver le papier de la 
piquere des insectes, was received from M. Arthaud, Secre- 
tary of the Circle des Philadelphes at Cap Fran9oi8, Novem- 
ber 21, 1788. With a list of premiums ottered by the Circle. 

1789. April 3. (21 present; "the President being 
absent, D""- White took the chair.") 
" A discourse or dissertation was read by the Rev. D'- 

April. 172 1789. 

Collin ; introduced by respectful attentions to this Society 
in regard particularly to his having been lately chosen a 
member;" "On those enquiries in Natural Philosophy 
which at present are most beneficial to the United States." 
Thanks voted. 

The Committee's lease was read, considered, and "the 
Seal of this Corporation" ordered to be affixed. 

Ed. Pole offered a model of a Silk Reel ; accepted ; thanks 

1789. April 17. (21 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

A memoir "On the effects of heat in conducting the elec- 
tric fluid & explaining the phenomena of thunder, the 
Aurora borealis, &c.," by the late "Wm. Henry of Lancaster, 
was read. 

The Medical Society^ of New Haven county sent their 
" Cases and Observations," and desired exchange. 

Mr. Le Gaux sent a series of Meteorological Observations 
[by him?] with the hygrometer of Mr. de Luc, at Spring 
Mill, 13 miles from Philadephia, in March ; also Remarks on 
the method of making observations, &c. The Secretaries 
were ordered to request their continuance. 

Hopkinson and Hutchinson were made a Committee to 
" prepare proper Rules respecting members who are to pay 
admission fees, or who may bo exempted — the distinguish- 
ing line is to be fixed." 

Election of 9 new members then took place : La Princesse 
Catharine d' Aschkaw, St. Petersburgh, Russia ; Josh. Hum- 
phreys, Jr., and John Bleakely, of Pliiladolpliia ; John Ste- 
phens, Jr., of New Jersey ; Dr. Geo. Monro, of Delaware ; 
Dr. Geo. Buchanan, of Baltimore ; Jas. Rumsey, of Vir- 
ginia; Sam. Beach, of Charleston, S. C. ; " Winthrop Sar- 
gent, Esq., in the NewGoverimient, "Westward ;" and " Don 
Francis de Gardoipii, an<l auditor of the Rota for the Crown 
of Castilo at the Court of Rome." 

May— June. 1'^ 1789. 

1789. May 1. (8 present.) 

Mr. T. Franklin acted in the absence of the Secretaries. 

Hopkinson requested part payment of his bond. 

The Building Committee (Mr. Clifford) wrote that no 
funds had been provided to pay for contracts made on mate- 
rials and workmanship. 

Both letters laid over to next meeting [but no record is 
to be found of what was done about these calls for money 
until August 21]. 

1789. May 15. (7 present.) 

Mr. Bringhurst took the Chair, in the absence of Presi- 
dent and Vice-Presidents. 

St. John Crevecoeur acknowledged election to member- 
ship, and sent a book " made of the roots and barks of differ- 
ent plants and trees, being the first essay of the French ia- 
ventor." Thanks ordered. 

"Petroleum found in Oil Creek which flows into the 
AUegeney" [sic] was presented in a phial by Mr. Patterson 
as from Mr. Wm. Turnbul [sic\. 

1789. June 19. (7 present.) 

Arthur Grier's letter from Reading, Pa., to Franklin, 
dated May 29, 1789, describing " A Machine invented by 
him for finding the Longitude by an observation of the 
bearing of any star in the Great Bear .... was read." 

John Churchman's letter to Franklin, " requesting his 
encouragement & patronage in a voyage which he wishes to 
make to Baffin's Bay in order to ascertain the true cause of 
the variation of the needle," was read. 

John Christopher Stroebel's letter (Philadelphia), an- 
nounced himself as the author of the Essay on Heat pre- 
sented, at a previous meeting, for the annual premium, and 
requested the seal broken, and his authorship published " to 
encourage him in his future researches." 

July— Aug. ±14: 1789. 

1789. Jutyll. (14 present.) 

Election of one new member took place: M. Le Gaux. 

Dr. Rittenhouse and Dr. Jones communicated " a particu- 
lar account of the effects of a flash of lightning, June 7, with 

Franklin's portrait by Peale ordered. 

"Eesolced, That a portrait of D^ Franklin, the president of the Society, 
shall, as speedily as is convenient, be executed, in the best manner, — to 
be perpetually kept in one of their apartments ; and that D^ Jones & M.^' 
Rittenhouse shall apply to M^ Peale to prepare and execute the same." 

[The "Martin's Franklin" in possession of the Society, is 
no doubt a copy made by Mr. Peale according to this order.] 

1789. August 21. (10 present.) 

Wra. Stroud's letter [no subject mentioned] was referred 
to the " Committee of the Building." 

Jas. Brisbane's letter (S. Car.) containing "calculations & 
statements by Lunar Observations, applied to the ascertain- 
ing of the true Longitude . . . . " was read and referred to 
Rittenhouse and Pattei-son. 

Wynthrop [sic] Sargent, wrote from Marietta, June 25, 
thanking the Society for his election and communicating 
" Sundry Meteorological Observations." " It appears that 
the changes of the weather marked by the Thermometer are 
sudden and extraordinary." Referred to Rittenhouse, Pat- 
terson and Dr. Wistar. 

" Said Committee are likewise to fix upon some General 
if u/e to direct the ob.'^orvations of this kind .... by difter- 
ent j^Kjrsons, so that tlioy may to the better ottcct bo com- 
pared together." 

[The Society resolves to moot henceforth in the New 
Building ; but does not do bo until Novenibor 13th.] 

" Hfiolted, TImt th(! future meetings of the Society shall be In the 
Phihwophlcul Ilttll, unlcw) od occasions, when the President's health may* 
allow him to bu prcsuut; Ihua they shull bu held in Ills house. Respect- 

• Miiy riMi" ./ /• /, 

Sept.-Oct. 175 1789. 

ing this circumstance, the Secretary who advertises is directed to make 
due enquiry some day before the times of meeting." 

Committee of the Building, ordered " to take legal and 
efficient steps towards collecting the present outstanding 
Sums that were subscribed to carry on that work .... in 
consequence of M'- Clifford's representations .... now re- 
peated . . . ." 

Dr. Wistar's request was granted to be permitted to fix a 
Rain Gauge on the top of the Philosophical Hall, and to 
communicate from time to time the results. 

1789. Sejp. 18. (10 present ; Franklin presiding.) 

At the President's house. 

Franklin caused to be read Sir Wm. Jones' opinion that 
the Royal Society could " sue for arrears due by their mem- 
bers ;" Minutes Royal Society February 22, 178J. 

" Ordered, that the Treasurer be furnished with the same, 
and be directed to bring suits in the name of the Corpora- 
tion ; where the members refuse paying their arrears." 

1789. Oct. 2. (6 present; Franklin presiding.) 

The Royal Irish Academy sent their Transactions Vol. I. 
Ordered, that the Secretaries send in acknowledgment. 
Transactions American Philosophical Society, Vols. I, IT. 

Thos. Pole, of London, sent through his brother Ed. Pole, 
of Philadelphia, a letter of thanks for election, and " a De- 
scription & Drawing of a remarkable Tumor which lately 
occurred in his practise." 

Coal, white vitriol, slate, brick, burnt slate, alum, nitre, 
free stone, and Indian pottery lately found in a bank near 
Washington, were presented through Franklin by David 
Reddick, Esq. 

P. Young's Essay on the Powers and Mechanisms of Na- 
ture, was presented through Franklin by Samuel Mather, of 

Oct.— Nov. LtO 1789. 

Specimens of the Papyrus of Syracuse were presented by 

1789. Oct. 16. (10 present.) 

" Observations on a substance found near the Falls of 
Niagara, called the Spray," by Robt. McCaustin, M.D., in a 
letter to Dr. Barton. 

Baron de Hupsch of Coin, sent through J. Huiberts, of 
Baltimore (from Amsterdam), a pamphlet, and offer to ex- 
change curiosities. Ordered to be translated and published. 

" This was the evening for the election of new members ; 
but there were not present a sufficient number for that pur- 

1789. Nov. 6. (9 present.) 

A Paper on Ventilation (from Franklin's conversations 
with the author [not named]) read. 

A small fish caught in the Delaware, with a drawing of 
it, presented. 

Thermometric Observations at Yorktown, Va., in May, 
by David Jameson ; also Rain Fall from 1773 to 1779 ; also 
1785 and 1786; presented through Dr. Thornton. 

Alderman Keene announced to the Society that W. 
Stroud, the plasterer would bring suit. The Building Com- 
mittee represented his claim to be unjust ; and were ordered 
" to enter into an amicable suit, to put an end to the busi- 

Mr. Patterson requested to examine the files and report a 
list of papers. 

"Counsellors & other officers of the Society" were ap- 
pointed to meet at the Hall on Friday next, at 6 o'clock, P. M., 
to examine [tapers from candidates for the annual premium ; 
and report thereon at the next meeting. 

1789. Nov. 18. {At the Hall.) (9 councillors and officers.) 
[First regular meeting in the New Building.] 
No new pufters; but hojho Ktanding over from last year, 
"some of which, in particular, dcsorvo notice and revision." 

Nov.— Dec. J- * * 1789. 

1789. Nov, 21. (12 present.) 
[First regular meeting of the Society in the New Building.'] 

Report of the Councillors and officers received. 

" An instrument for determining the exact distance of any 
object, by looking at it." A paper communicated through 
Mr. McKean. 

" Direction how to cause a mill to go with ease by means 
of a large pair of Bellows." In this paper " the method of 
blowing the bellows is pointed out," by Alex. Lewis, of 
Colrain [sic] township in Lancaster county. 

" The method of raising water twenty feet above the 
level" is described in the same paper. 

Committee to select from the files and publish papers : 
Collin, Ewing, Rittenhouse, Barton, Patterson, Hopkinsou, 
Ruston, Bleakley, Hutchinson, Wistar, Thornton, Magaw. 

Rediger, the Janitor's account £17 " 17 " 10 passed. 

'" German passengers who arrived in the Port of Philadel- 
phia from Aug. 19, 1729 to Oct. 1, 1789" — an accurate ac- 
count taken from the original documents — by Peter Miller 
Esq., of Philadelphia, communicated through Dr. Magaw. 

1789. Dec. 4. (10 present.) 

Essays for the annual premium recommitted to the coun- 
cillors and officers " who are to review them all carefully, and 
make report at the next stated meeting, of those discoveries, 
inventions or improvements, which they may determine 
most worthy of notice." 

1789. Dec. 19. (13 present.) 
[M. Le Gaux from Spring Mill, was present for the first 
time since his election in July.] 

The Council and Officers reported that the " piece on the • 
'Invention of the Spring Block,' and also two pieces ' on the 
production of Steam' (X, Y, & Retrograde) deserve, at pres- 
ent, the Society's special notice." It was then 

"Resolved, "With respect to the Invention of the Spring Block, that the 


January. YiO 1790. 

Society do not yet proceed o a final adjudication ; but have the matter on 
the same ground which was specified at the meeting Dec. 21, 1787, & 
again recognized & fartlier explained at the meeting of Dec. 19, 1788." 

"Besohed, With respect to the other pieces, agreeably to the 6th and 
9th conditions for awarding the premmms, that they shall yet remain 
under consideration." 

Churchman's printed "Address to difierent Societies, &c." 
was presented. 

John Vaughan presented as from Samuel Vaughan, Jr., 
"sundry Philosophical curiosities," viz: 

A complete statistical almanack [sic] of St. Domingo, on 
one sheet of pasteboard ; West India Quinquina . . . . " not 
so good for fever as Red Bark ; — Cinnamon from Jamaica, 
as strong as that from the East Indies ; — Bread-fruit (Pain 
de Singe ; Jack bread fruit) from the Isle of France ; its 
shell, & seeds ; — A goose quill with two feathers. 

Committee of filed papers reported. 

1790. Jan. 1. (17 present.) 


President — Benjamin Franklin. 

Vice-President — Rittenhouse, Evving, Smith. 

Councillors — McKean, Blackwell, W. Barton, Gray. 

Curators — S. Duffield, Peale, B. S. Barton. 

Secretaries — Hutchinson, Magaw, Patterson, J. Vaughan. 

Treasurer — Hopkinson. 

"Some difficulty having arisen, in the course of this elec- 
tion, concerning the construction to be put, in certain cases, 
upon the latter clause of the Law which respects the ' Man- 
ner of electing tlie officers ;' 

" It was moved & seconded that according to the Consti- 
tution of the Society, a Majority of the votes of the members 
present is uocussary to constitute the election of offiicors: 

"This motion passed in the Negative." 

[Kxplunation of this vote is wanting.] 

Jan.-Feb. 1*9 1790. 

1790. Jan. 15. (14 present.) 

Election of five new members : Geo. Turner, one of the 
Judges of the "Western Territory ; Caleb Whitford,* Secre- 
tary of the British Peace Commission ; Baron Hupsch of 
Cologne ; John Walker, Professor Natural History of Edin- 
borough ; Dr. And. Sparrraan,t Professor Nat. Hist. Bot., 
Stockholm, and "author of a Voyage to the Cape of Good 
Hope, and a celebrated work on Ornithology." 

Gray, Pettit, Patterson, made Auditing Committee. 

Elliott displayed articles of Natural History from the 
Western Territory. Referred to Dr. Barton to examine and 

Smith, Redick, Finley, Committee to draft a By-Law " to 
enable such of the members .... as reside in the Western 
countries, to prosecute the objects of this institution with 
greater effect." 

Letter from Franklin to " Mr. Bodoin of Boston" contain- 
ing sundry curious queries relating to magnetism, and the 
theory of the Earth, was presented and read. 

1790. Feb'y 5. (9 present.) 

New By-Law read and ordered to be duly published in the 
newspapers for action at a subsequent meeting. 

Curators ordered to catalogue and arrange " the Library, 
the various specimens of natural history, & other articles of 
their Museum, & remove them from the place in which they 
are at present to one of the chambers in the Society's Build- 
ing," the Treasurer to pay necessary expenses. 

Memoirs Royal Academy, Turin, 1786, 1788, presented 
through Franklin ; also Dr. J. Ingen-Housz's 2 Vols. " Nou- 
velles experiences &c." 

[Then follow five lines of MS. elaborately erased.] 

* Spelled Whitefoord in Catalogue, March 15, 1880. 
+ Spelled Sparman in Catalogue March 15, 1880. 

Feb.— March— April. l80 1790. 

1790. FeVy 19. (7 present.) 

Dr. Hutchinson, in the absence of President and Vice- 
Presidents, took the Chair. 

Aitkin prays relief against a demand from Kaighn & Att- 
more " grounded on a note granted three years ago by the 
Phil. Soc." Ordered to lie on the table. 

Treasurer's account read : Balance January 1 in his hands 
£10 •• 10 •• 6. 

Mr. Patterson objected to the Treasurer charging commis- 
sion on sums paid by members to himself. 

Treasurer had received £63 - 14 •* 6 for two years ground 
rent on Premium Fund. 

" An account of a hill on the borders of N. Carolina sup- 
posed formerly to have been a volcano ;" letter from Dr. 
Greenway, of Petersburg. 

" An account of a poisonous plant growing spontaneously 
in the Southern part of Virginia." 

1790. MarcJi 5. (10 present.) 
" After some philosophical conversations-retired." 

1790. March 19. (5 present.) 

" Foreign communications were brought in by M'- 
Vaughan, but the particular and official notice of them is 

1790. April 2. (2 present.) 

[The first minute of April 16 says, " It appears that at the 
last stated time of meeting .... the weather having been 
unfavorable, none attended except one of the Secretaries & 
another member."] 

1700. April 10. (7 present.) 

Committee on Treasurer'a accounts rej)orted. Report re- 
committed with instructionH *^ that the Treasurer is to bo 

April. 181 1790. 

allowed the commission of £5 in the hundred on such sum 
as he hath, in the course of the last year, or may hereafter 
have any trouble in collecting himself, or of employing any 
person to collect." 

Ordered that $28 collected by Mr. Patterson (the Treas- 
urer being sick), be paid Mr. R. Aitkin on account. 

1790. April 21. 

Special meeting, called by the Vice Presidents at 3J p. m., 
in the Hall; twenty-three members present, who "went in 
procession to the funeral of their late illustrious President, 
D""- Benjamin Franklin." 

1790. April 23. Special Meeting. (19 present.) 

" To consider of some Testimony of Respect to the Memory 
of their late illustrious President." 

An Eulogy voted, to " be prepared by one of their mem- 
bers, to be pronounced before this Body, as soon as may be 

Dr. Wm. Smith and Dr. Rittenhouse " were highest in 
votes" by ballot "and had each an equal number." 

" These gentlemen .... consenting that the said eulo- 
gium .... shall certainly be prepared, it is left to them- 
selves to determine which of them shall deliver it." 

Percival's Essays, Vol. II, was presented. 

Wm. Barton's letter to Rittenhouse, with "additional 
observations on the proportion between Births & Deaths in 
Philadelphia: and a Table of the number of births & deaths 
in the German Lutheran Congregation .... from 1774 till 
1790," was read. 

A Committee to examine the laws of the Society " whether 
they give a power of choosing a President or other officer, in 
case of a Vacancy, at any time except the stated annual 
one" was appointed, consisting of Ewing, Willson [sic], W. 
Barton, Sargeant, Patterson, " or any three of them." 

May-June. 182 1790. 

John Vaughan's proposal to rent the cellars were referred 
to the Building Committee. 

Baron Heinitz, of Berlin, acknowledged receipt of his cer- 
tificate of membership. 

1790. May 7. (9 present.) 

" Recommended to the next meeting to appoint a Com- 
mittee to arrange the papers preparatory to a new Vol." 

1790. May 21. (9 present.) 

"D'- Samuel Yaughan in the chair by special appoint- 

Three pamphlets on Cochineal, presented through Mr. 

Mr. Hopkinson, wishing to have the balance due on 
his bond paid, " is under the necessity of making a demand 
of the same, at this time, and hath made it accordingly. 
The Society agrees, that this matter shall be duly attended 
to; and they refer it to the next Meeting." 

" M' J. Vaughan is requested to accompany the Treasurer, 
in calling upon M'- Stephen Girard in order to receive 
Grounds Rents [sic] due on account of M'- Magellan's bene- 

Vaughan and Peale, a Committee to ask of Printers " the 
terms on which another Vol. of Transactions may be 

Joshua Humphrey's letter describing a Machine for dry- 
ing grain, on the principle of a Boulting mill ; and a Steam 
Engine on the principle of Rumsey's Water mill, was pre- 
sented by Mr. Hopkinson. 

1790. Jme\%. (6 present.) 

Emblemaf.ii Rottonlmgii, a volume of 200 ologjint copper- 
plate ongnivingft printed at Utrecht, 1013, was prescMited 
through Wm. Burton, by Mr. William Spotswood, of Phila- 

June to Oct. 1^«^ 1790. 

Also "The Constitution of the Penn* See. for promo- 
ting the abolition of Slavery &c" — and " An address to an 
Assembly of the Friends of American Manufactures," by 
Tench Coxe. 

Committee to wait on Girard " reported that had f^iven 
him one month to receive his definitive answer. Committee 

Committee on terms of publication "reported that M""- R. 
Aitkin was willing & desirous to undertake" Vol. Ill, " at 
his own expense, reserving to the Society a number of copies 
for presents." Committee ordered " to inform M*"- Aitkin 
that the Society are pleased with his offer," and desire it in 

Rittenhouse, Ewing, Smith, Patterson, Dr. Barton, Hop- 
kinson, and Wistar appointed a Committee "to prepare for 
publication such papers as are or may be in the possession of 
the Society, which they may judge worthy of appearing 
approved of any three of said committee . . . ." 

Hopkinson's demand referred to the next meeting. 
Barton, Peal, Hutchinson " appointed to consider of ways 
& means to satisfy his demand," and report. 

1790. July 16. (8 present.) 

1790. Aug. 20. (5 present.) 

Legacy of Franklin, 91 Vols. History of the Royal Acade- 
my of Sciences at Paris, received. 

1790. Sep. 17. (7 present ; Dr. Smith, Vice-President.) 

Churchman's Navigation Chart, or Magnetick Atlas, pre- 

1790. Oct. 1. (5 present.) 

Dr. Stiles's letter (President Yale College) was read, con- 
taining several miscellaneous observations, very curious ; — 
among others, M'- P. Pond's Met. Obs. made near the sources 

Oct— Nov. lo4: 1790^ 

of the Mississippi ; — account of certain Inscriptions or Marks* 
which have been discovered in the Bay of ]N"arragan8et & 
a drawing of the same, «&c." 

"M'- T. Franklin produced a letter & a printed paper 
.... giving some account of the Discoveries of the afore- 
said M'- Pond, in the N. Western parts of this country." 

1790. Oct. 16. (7 present.) 

The effects of lightning on Mr. Leiper's house at his mills 
near Chester, August 17, 1789, were described in a letter 
from Rittenhouse and Hopkinson, "a remarkable case; the 
house having been furnished with two conductors." 

Ludwig C. Kuhn, "late of Manheim in Germany, intro-' 
duced by Peter Miller of this city," exhibited a model, and 
description of a " Pile-driving Machine for erecting Water 
Works in or about Rivers &c., or swampy places. It is 
called a Ramming Block," and " when worked up, dis- 
charges itself" 

Also, a Model of a convenient Sick Bed. 

" A curious vegetable production — being 'a Branch of a 
Radish incorporated with a Red Beet' sent from M""- Will 
Bradford, Cantwell's bridge, Del., was communicated." 

Sadler and Ogilby's letter was read respecting the Arch 
Street lot " on which they have constructed houses." 

1790. Nov. 5. (6 present.) 

Thos. Pole's letter from London, 8th month, 15th (with 
one from his brother Ed. Pole of Philadelphia) enclosed a 
Print which he " had caused to be taken of a Boy lately 
flhown in that city as a Lusus naturm ; also the representa- 
tion of an Infant, exhibiting a similar lusus" born in St. 
Lucia, of black parents. 

"A siwcinion of J'rinting Types" from Fry & Co., letter 
foundors, England, received. 

*'Philo-Fraiiklin'«" letter, "containing hints for improv- 

* Probably thu DIghtoii rook liiHorlplloiiM, 

Nov.— Dec. loD 179O. 

ing both the upper & lower extremity of Metalic Lightning 
Conductors, was reported by V. P, Rittenhouse for the An- 
nual Premium." 

Ast. Roy. Nevil Maskelyne sent several tracts, among 
which were: "Some account of the discovery made by the 
late M""- John Dolland, which led to the grand improvement 
of Refracting Telescopes, by Peter Dolland ;" and " Account 
of a ... . Prismatic Micrometer, by the Rev** D""' Maske- 

1790. Nov. 19. (10 present.) 

Pettit and Vaughan, Auditing Committee. 

Jon. Williams' communication, " On the use that may be 
made of the Thermometer to discover soundings. Banks, 
Islands of Ice &c. illustrated by the journals of four voyages, 
on which the tracts are traced." 

Meeting of Councillors and Officers called for Friday 26th, 
to examine premium papers. 

1790. Mv. 26. (Officers present, Wm. Smith, Vice- 
President, Wm. Barton, Dr. Barton, Patterson, J. Vaughan, 
Duffield, Magavv.) 

Report agreed upon — " That among the former commu- 
nications which lie over for consideration, the Piece on 
' the Invention of the Spring Block' .... is recommended 
to the Society's particular notice ; — also — Two pieces on the 
Production of Steam" (X, Y ; and " Retrograde")—" Philo- 
Franklin's" recent Piece, was likewise recommended to the 
consideration of the Society. 

1790. Dec. S. (Rittenhouse, Smith, Collin, Dr. Barton, 
W. Barton, J. Vaughan, Magaw.) 

" Philo-Franklin's" Supplementary Paper was handed in, 

A supplementary paper to the improved Steam Boiler 
paper of April, 1788. 

T. Clifford's bill of £42 •• 1 •• 1, balance due for " Scant- 

December. ioO 1790^ 

ling supplied for erectingthe Philosophical Hall," was " or- 
dered to lie on the table." 

Mr. Patterson's letter and description of what he thinks 
would be an improved manner of applying the Springs to 
ships' rigging, was read. 

Rittenhouse, Smith and Hopkinson appointed a Commit- 
tee on the Laws of Membership, to report alterations. 

The adjudication of the Annual Prize was postponed to 
the next meeting. 

1790. Dec. 17. (Rittenhouse, Jones, Ruston, Dr. Collin, 
Br. Barton, J. Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Dr. Smith, Magaw, 

R. Aitkin's proposals for Transactions, Yol. Ill, received, 
read and accepted. Aitkin's letter " mentions his intention 
of entering upon the work as soon as the subscriptions 
obtained may be sufficient to purchase the Paper for the 

Auditing Committee reports a balance of £28 •• 17 •* 6 in 
the Treasurer's hands ; also £97 •• 6 •• 6, interest of Mr. Ma- 
gellan's Fund for three years. 

Ilopkinson's letter *• suggesting & illustrating the idea of 
measuring a ship's way." 

Adjudication of Premiums: — The Officers' report was 
again read, and then the four Pieces [Spring Block, Retro- 
grade, X, Y, and Philo-Franklin] "were read once more, 
and after duo consideration had, a Vote was taken on the 
questions :— 

1. "Do any of the papers read come within the design of 
the Donor?" — Affirmative. 

2. " Are any of the Communications now under inspec- 
tion worthy of the proposed Premium?" — Affirmative. 

" The Society then proceeded; and it was determined by 
the concurring votes, that the Invention of the Sjjriiig Jilook 
was entitled to a prutnitim." 

" The scaled Letter then wliich accompanied tlio Perform- 
ance wuH o{>onod, k the name of the Author announced. 

January. !-"» 1791. 

* Francis Hopkinson ;' to whom the premium was awarded, 
as of the year 1787." 

" On the ground of the ll"" Article of M""- Magellan's 
Conditions^ the Society proceeded, & took a vote on the gene- 
ral previous question^ as above, in regard to the other Pieces 
before them. — It was determined in the negative ; and the 
business relative to these pieces, for the present, closed." 

" The papers on steam were deemed inadmissible accord- 
ing to the Rules ; but that on Lightning Rods, worthy ot 
special consideration hereafter." 

1791. Jan'i/ 7. (23 present.) 

Agreed, that members with long standing arrears may be- 
gin their payments at January 1, 1783, and so downwards, 
agreeable to the rate of exaction from other members in the 
several years since. 


President — David Rittenhouse. 

Vice-President — Dr. J. Ewing, Dr. W. Smith, Hon. T. 
Jeft'erson, Esq. 

Secretaries — Dr. Jas. Hutchinson, R. Patterson, Jon. Wil- 
liams, and Dr. Sam. Magaw. 

Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

Councilriien to hold their offices for three years — Dr. Adam 
Kuhn, Jared Ingersoll, Esq., And. Ellicott, Dr. S. P. 
Griffiths, and Rev. Dr. Nich. Collin, for one year, vice Rev. 
Dr. Geo. Duffield, deceased. 

Councillors of unexpired terms — Hon. T. McKean, Esq., 
Rev. Dr. R. Blackwell, W. Barton, Esq., Ch. Pettit, Esq., 
Is. Gray, Esq., Dr. B, Rush, and Dr. J. Jones. 

Curators— Dr. S. Duffield, Dr. B. S. Barton, and C. W. 

1791. Jan'y 21. (13 present.) 

Rittenhouse, not present, sent a letter of thanks. 

Dr. Ant. Fothergill's (of Bath, England) paper " On the 

February. loo 1791. 

Poison of Lead," received in a letter from G. Turner of, 
Fort Washington, Western Territory, October 20, 1790. 
Referred to Drs. Hutchinson and Wistar. 

A printed paper addressed "A I'Acaderaie des Sciences,^ 
Philadelphia," communicated the death of Dr. P. J. 
Bergius, of Stockholm, July 10, 1790. 

Scheveter's extract of a letter to M. de la Lande, at Paris, 
October 17, received. 

C G. Fleckeisen's " Selenotopographical Fragments, Hel- 
menstiidt, July, 1790 ; advertisement & its translation read. 
— Ordered, that the Advertisement be published in the 
German and other Newspapers." 

Election of 14 new members: United States Secretary and 
Treasurer, Alex. Hamilton; Attorney-General, Edmund 
Randolph ; Alex. Addison, James Ross, and Absalom Baird, 
all of Washington county. Pa. ; John Smilie, Albert Gallatin, 
and John Hoge, all of Fayette county. Pa. ; Col. Alex. An- 
derson, of Philadelphia ; Capt. Wm. Ferguson of the Artil- 
lery, in the Western country; Ben. Gloxin, M.D., of Stras- 
burgh; S. L. Mitchell, M.D., of Long Island; R. Golds- 
borough, of Talbot county, Maryland ; Jas. Anderson, M.D., 
of Madras, of East Indies. 

1791. Feb'y 4. (Jon. Williams, Dr. B. S. Barton, J. 
Vaughan, J)r. Ruston, Dr. Magaw.) 

Astronomical observations received from Rittenhouse, en- 
closing other observations by Rev. Dr. Madison, President 
of the College of William and Mary, Va. 

T. Pole, Surgeon, London, sent (per J. Bringhurst) the 
copy of hifl *' Anatomical Instructor." Thanks ordered. 

The Secretaries ordered to prepare certificates for the now 
members, aud deposit thorn with the Treasurer for distri- 

Ruston, Barton and Vaughan, appointed to call on Rit- 
tenhouse and Smith to report thoir "determinate answer 
with roHpoot to the Kulogium agreed to bo pronouuiiod in 
Memory of D' Benjamin Franklin." 

February. ioJ 179]. 

1791. Feb'y\^. (10 present.) 

Eulogiiim Committee reported " that the Business is in 

Rittenhouse communicated (through Patterson) his re- 
cent " Experiments upon a very small piece of Black-lead 
Pencil, in the focus of the large Lens, and otherwise .... 
in reference to the proposed improvement of Lightning- 
Conductors." The specimen of black-lead was exhibited. 

A MS. " Index Floraj Lancastriensis, Auc. Henrico Miilen- 
berg [sic\ D.D.," dedicated to the American Philosophical 
Society at Philadelphia, was received through Dr. Rush and 
referred with, and as a supplement to," Specimen Florae Lan- 
castriensis" sent in 1786, to the Publication Committee. 

Rush's " Thoughts on Common Sense" was communicated 
and read. 

Williams' letter relative to W. Barton's proposed commu- 
nication on " Progressive Population in America," with an 
extract from Barton's note to Williams, was read. 

The Treasurer was ordered to negotiate with R. Aitkin, 
concerning the outstanding balance, and report. 

J. Vaughan's written proposal to rent the cellars (in 
writing but not engrossed in the minutes) was accepted. 

"Resolved, That the Treasurer (M'. Vaughan) shall at this time, out of 
tlie Funds of the Society [pay] to M'. Richard Bache, all the interest due 
upon the Society's Bond given to D^ Benjamin Franklin — till the 2"* day 
of this Inst. February, amounting to £37 •• 10, so that, annually hereafter, 
the interest shall become due on the same day until the Principal be dis- 

"Resolved also. That as the above interest becomes annually due, it 
shall be paid ; the Treasurer having first, on every such occasion, received 
an order subscribed by the President of the Society or one of the Vice 
Presidents, agreeably to the law respecting the payment of Money. 

"ResoliH'd, That it be entrusted to the Treasurer, to prepare new Bonds, 
and exhibit them at the next Stated Meeting, relative to the sum due now 
to M'. Richard Bache ; there having been an omission on the former Bond 
as to the Date." 

Treasurer ordered to pay Hopkinson £18, interest due him 
this day. 

February. ^*^ 1791. 

Rediger's account for fifteen months' attendance, candles, 
&c., £13 •• 11 •• 4, ordered paid. 

Terman Rook's account for printing fifty copperplate Cer- 
tificates of membership, and for paper Ibsh. Sd., ordered 

1791. Feb'y 25. (Special Meeting to arrange for Frank- 
lin's Eulogy ; 9 members present ; Rittenhouse absent, as at 
all the previous meetings since his election.) 

Tuesday, March 1, appointed the day. 

The following list of invitations voted : 

1. The President of the United States. 

2. Vice-President and Senate of the United States. 

3. Speaker and House of Representatives, United States. 

4. Governor of the State. 

5. Speaker and Senate of the State. 

6. Speaker and House of Representatives of the State. 

7. Ministers of the United States for State, Treasury and 

8. Ministers and Consuls of Foreign Nations. 

9. The Family of the Deceased. 

10. Judges of the Supreme Federal and District Courts. 

11. Attorney-General of the United States. 

12. Judges of the Suprenae Court of Pennsylvania. 

13. Mayor and Corporation of the City. 

14. Trustees and Faculty of the University. 

15. Trustees and Faculty of the College. 

16. Tlie Printers of the City of Philadelphia. 

17. College of Physicians. 

18. The Clergy — individually. 

19. Directors of the Library Company. 

20. Managers and Physicians of the Pennsylvania Hos- 

21. Profiidont and Ofticors of the Abolition Society. 

22. Corporation of the Gorman Luthonin Church. 

28. Citizons, by a general notification in the public papers. 

Feb.— March. 1"! 1791. 

Committee of Arrangements : Hutchinson, Williams, Ma- 
gaw, J. Vaughan, and Dr. Barton, to prepare and give 
notices and regulate other matters ; " to have letters to the 
Houses of Congress ready, early to-morrow morning ; and to 
fix the hour for pronouncing the Eulogium, as may, by pre- 
vious enquiry, be found to suit the convenience of those 

Smith, Patterson and Magaw, Committee to apply to the 
German Geographical Society of the Lutheran Church for 
the favor of their Building in which the Eulogium may be 

[This must have been the large Church edifice at the 
corner of Fourth and Cherry streets, demolished in 187- 
and replaced by storehouses ; because the older cruciform 
collegiate Church at the corner of Fifth and Cherry was too 

1791. Feh'y2Q. 

The Committee of Arrangements met in the forenoon, and 
presented invitations to and received replies from both 
Houses of Congress. 

Met again in the evening, and " received the following 
answer from the President General, to the invitation left at 
his house this morning:" 

"The President of the United States has received the invitation, 
addressed to him by a Committee of the American Philosophical Society, 
to an Eulogium which the Society have directed to be pronounced to the 
Memory of their late worthy President Benjamin Franklin ; — and he will 
attend with pleasure, on an occasion which renders the Tribute of meritted 
[«ic] Respect to the Memory of that distinguished Fellow citizen." [No 
signature, but dated Feby 26"* 1791 and addressed to "The ReV^ Doctor 
Samuel Magaw." 

1791. March 1. The Society by special notification met 
at their Hall. (Present : Hutchinson, Rush, Pettit, Hoge, 
Jones, Izard, W. Barton, Davidson, W. Bradford, J. B. 
Smith, I. Morris, Williams, Hamilton, Collin, Fox, DuflSeld, 
C. Biddle, Ferguson, Humphreys, Redman, J. Vaughan, 

March. i.jZ 1791 _ 

Green, Davidson, Rittenhouse, Jefferson, Ewing, White, 
Blackwell, Bleakley, Hill, Ingersoll, E. Shippeu, Jas. Biddle, 
Chew, Jr., Magaw, Carson, Parke, Clarkson, Dr. Barton, 
Burd, Ruston, Wistar, McKean, W. Smith, Andrews.) 

" The members went in procession to the German Luth- 
eran Church in 4''' street, where an Eulogium was pro- 
nounced by D""- W. Smith to the memory of D'- Benjamin 

1791. March 4. (Collin in the Chair, Ruston, Williams, 
W. Barton, Vaughan, Patterson, Ferguson, Griffiths, Hoge, 

Thanks to Dr. W. Smith voted, and a copy for publica- 
tion requested. 

A new Bond being found to be unnecessary, " provided the 
mite of having executed said mortgage be duly certified," 
the Treasurer was ordered to obtain a certificate from the 
members who signed the original Bond. 

The form of a lease of the cellars to J. Vaughan, from 
January 1,1790, to January 1, 1800, for £250, paid in hand, 
to be applied according to hisofferof 23 of April 1790," was 
produced, and it was resolved that the Seal of the Society be 
affixed ; " that it be countersigned by one of the Secretaries, 
& that a counterpart be taken from said lease to M""- 
Vaughan to be lodged with the President." 

Thanks voted to the corporation German Lutheran 
Church " for the exceedingly polite & obliging manner 
in which tliey were pleased to accommodate the Societ}' on 
Tuesday last with their spacious building, in which to de- 
liver," &c. The Secretaries in sending the minute were to 
"particularly express to thom the high sense which the So- 
ciety entertains of their kindness." 

"The South Room, next the State house, reserved to the 
Society" was ordered to bo " iinishe*! in a neat manner, as 
Boon tts Contributions sufficient for that purpose, are raised 
by the CoMjmittoo on the liuilding." 

PliineuH Pomberton's puinirs, delivered by James Pembor- 

March— April. J-"*^ 1791. 

ton, were read by J. Vaughan : " sundry curious Meteoro- 
logical observations carried on thro' a series of years, col- 
lated & compared together, in sundry papers now in his 

1791. March 18. (17 present.) 

W. Barton's paper on the state of population in the 
United States was read. 

T. Matlack's description of " a large Tusk found in the 
back country" was read, and two pieces of the tusk ex- 

Smith, Rittenhouse and Vaughan, a Committee to print 
the Eulogiura. 

The President directed to countersign the lease of the cel- 

1791. April 1. (Rittenhouse and 5 others.) 
[No minutes.] 

1791. April 15. (Jefferson and 10 others.) 

Caleb White foord's letter from London, February 25, 
" expressing his seusibility of the favour" of election, was 
read ; also that of 

R. Goldsborough, of Talbot county, Maryland, acknowl- 
edging the receipt of his certificate of membership. 

B. Waterhouse, M.D., sent a copy of his Synopsis of 
medical lectures. 

Election of five new members: C. P. Thunberg, Prof. 
iNat. Hist, at Upsal ; Nich. L. Burmann, M.D., Prof. Bot. 
Amsterdam ; J. Gottlieb Grosche, M.D., Prof. Nat. Hist, 
at Mitau, Courland ; Tho^- Pennant, of Downing, Flint- 
shire ; and H. Knox, U. S. Sec. "War. 

On Jefierson's motion, a select Committee (Jeflfersou, Dr. 
Barton, Hutchinson, Thompson [sic] and Wistar), was ap- 
pointed to collect materials for forming the natural history 
of the Hessian fly ; and the best means for its prevention or 


May. I.v4: 1791. 

destruction, "& whatever else relative to the same may be 
interesting to Agriculture." 

Rittenhouse, Patterson and Vaughan, a Committee " to 
direct the fixing up of Lightning conductors on this Build- 

" A small account of Two Dollars — handed by D'- Magaw 
to the Janitor of the German Lutheran Church for his ser- 
vices at the time the Eulogium was pronounced — was pre- 
sented and passed, £0 •* 15 •• 0. 

1791. May 6. (Rittenhouse, Jefferson and 9 others.) 

Dr. Rush read a dissertation entitled "Inquiries and 
Observations upon Old Age." 

Hopkinson presented " A Descriptive Catalogue of en- 
graved Gems, about 1500." 

Building Committee directed to " treat with the College 
of Physicians, on such terms as they may think mutually 
advantageous concerning the said College's finishing and 
occupying for a certain time the Society's South East Cham- 
ber above Stairs." 

1791. May 12. 

Special notices called the members, residing in the city, to 
tlie Hall at 5 o'clock p. m., whence they " proceeded to the 
funeral of D*"- Francis Hopkinson, deceased — a late worthy 

1791. May 20. (8 present.) 

Eflsay on " Warming Rooms" " for the Magellanic Pre- 
mium," presented ; Motto, " Cuique eveniat semper prout 
meruit." Referred to the Commiftoo of Insjicctioti. 

A Journal of Captain Wni. Billings from IMiiladolphia to 
Corruna and buck to Philadelphia, " to ascertain the differ- 
ence of t(!mpuraturo between the Air & Water, particularly 
when jmsHing the Giilph Stroatn, or any body of hind or 
Banks," presented by Dr. Foulko. 

June— July— Aug. liJO 17ft, 

1791 June 17. (W. Barton, Griffith, Vaugbaii and 
Ruston, 4.) 

Letter from Gerh Gejsh ten Kaff, M.D., Dir. and Sec. 
Bat. S. Ex. Phil. Rotterdam, presenting its Transactions 
IX Vol., and offers of exchange. Ordered accordingly. 

1791. June [ ]. 

Special notices called the members to the Hall at 8 a. m., 
who proceeded thence to the funeral of Dr. John Jones, de- 
ceased, "a late worthy member.'' 

1791. July 15. (Rittenhouse and 15 others.) 

Ordered that the Bataviau Society letter be immediately 
answered, and Transactions American Philosophical So- 
ciety, Vol. II, sent by the first safe conversance. 

Jesse Iliggins (of Delaware), letter on " the wa^'s & means 
.... for removing the water from Sunken Ponds .... 
the Society consider this subject as meriting particular at- 

Pearson & Co.'s bill for carpenter work, " done for D. 
Evans &'W. Roberts in the Phil. Hall," 5th m. 14th, 1789, 
postponed for conference with the Building Committee. 

Election of seven new members : J. Lusac, Prof. Greek, 
Leyden ; J. Nicholson, Compt. Gen. Penn. ; Andrew Ross, 
M.D., Phila. ; Ben. Waterhouse, M.D., Prof. Med. Camb., 
Mass.; J. Penington, M.D. ; J. Beckley, Clerk U. S. II. of 
R. ; and P. S. Du Ponceau, Councillor at Law, Philadelphia. 

1791. Aug. 19. (Pettit, Collin, Ruston, J. B. Smith. \V. 
Barton, Nicholson, Du Ponceau, Jefferson, M. Teruant, Am- 
bassador from France, Otto, Barton, Kuhn, & Patterson.) 

A paper on the Sugar Maple tree by Dr. Rush was read. 

A short memoir on tlie Wheat insect, or Hessian fly, by 
Mr. S. L. Mitchell, of Long Island, was read. 

A letter on a New Standard for weights, from J. Cooke, 
of Tippcrary, to Jefferson, was read. 

September. ■!"" 1791. 

Vol. IV, Mem. de I'Acad. R. de S. de Turin, presented by 
De la Land [^sic], 

A curious piece of Indian Sculpture, supposed to repre- 
sent an Indian woman in labor, found near Cumberland 
river, Virginia, was presented by Jefferson. 

Principes sur les Mesures, &c., a pamphlet by M. Bonne, 
of Paris, sent by the author. 

Remarks on the means of preventing the consequences of 
the bite of the Rattlesnake, by Dr. Barton, was read. 

Vaughan and Barton, a Committee to treat with some 
printer, to put to press Vol. Ill, and report terms at next 

W. Roberts' account (7 •• 12 •• 1) *' for the half of laying 
two floors in the Phil. Hall," was presented and referred to 
the Committee on the Building. 

1791. Sep. 16. (Rittenhouse and 16 others.) 

Committee to examine paper for Vol. IV, ordered to have 
the same ready as soon as may be ; and to prepare, as an 
Appendix, " an Historical View of such papers as they may 
deem valuable; but yet it may not be thought expedient to 
publish at large," and to report at the next meeting. 

A letter was read from J. Vaughan accompanying a pres- 
ent of the following books: The Abbe NoUet's System of 
Leyous Physique, 2 Vols. ; Muschenbrook's Philosophy, 2 
Vol., 4", Trans. Soc. for Promoting Arts and Manufactures at 
London, 1785, 8**; Memoires relative to the History and 
Sciences of the Chinese, by the French Missionaries, 12 
Vols. 4«. 

" There was presetited at the same time by M""- J. Vaughan 
a Protilo in PhiHter of l*aris of D"- Priestley particularly 
vuluublo for the Rosomblance." 

"It appearing to the Society that the communication 
.... on the Hubjoct of Majilo Sugar might bo of (jc.neral 
utility; — Ordered that tlio Com. of Pub. (_to which in this 

October.] I"* 1T91. 

instance, M'- Drinker is added] be empowered to cause it to 
be published in whatever manner they may think best." 

Committee of the Buildinor, authorized to close the con- 
tract with the College of Physicians for the South Front 

Jos. Powel's, of Bedford, letter containing "a particular 
description of ... . the Flowing Spring ; its situation — 
qualities — fluctuations, &c." was read. 

Rediger's account from February 4, £6 •• 6 •• 0, passed. 

1791. Oct. 7. (9 present ; Collin, Chairman.) 

C. Blagden, Secretary Royal Society, acknowledges receipt 
of his certificate, with thanks and assurances " that it will 
on all occasions make him very happy if he can contribute 
to the purposes of their institution," 

Committee on Publication per Dr. Barton, reported 
progress; " Historical View" not quite ready. 

C. W. Peale's letter describes " a Person born a Negro, or 
very dark mulatto, who afterwards became white." 

Eliphalet Pearson, Secretary Am. Ac. Arts, Cambridge, 
July 4, sends a copy of Judge Lowell's Eulogy " on the late 
worthy President of that Society, the Hon. James Bow- 

J. Churchman, per W. Barton, writes enclosing a copy of 
a letter from Rudolph Valltravers, Esq., F.R.S., from Rot- 
terdam, July 3, presenting "certain numbers of the Annals 
of Agriculture &c., collected & published by Arthur Young 
Esq." Thanks ordered " for these marks of his [M""- V.'s] 
Regard. They are not possessed of the Work, of which he 
has been pleased to send such agreeable specimens." 

J. Yaughan reported the putting up by the Building 
Committee of Lightning conductors, " one of which is 
pointed with Black lead, on the principle suggested lately 
by an ingenious Theorist, for improving the Extremities of 
such Conductors." 

1791. Oct. 21. (Doctors Hutchinson, W. Smith, Ruston, 

November. I"c5 1791. 

Parke, Wistar, Kiihn, B. S. Barton, Griffiths, Collin, and Ma- 
gaw, and Messrs. T. B. Smith, Bleakley, Peale, Nicholson, 
.Du Ponceau, W. Barton, Hazard, Anderson and Patterson.) 

Election of four new members : And. Murray, M. D., Prof. 
Bot., Gottingen ; Peter Simon Pallas, M.D., Prof. Nat. Hist., 
St. Petersburg; Dugald Steuart [sic]. Prof. Mor. Phil., Edin- 
burg ; and Alex. J. Dallas, Esq., Secretary to the Common- 
wealth of Pennsylvania. 

*'• Ordered that the conditions respecting the Annual Pre- 
mium established by M'- Magellan, be immediately repub- 
lished ; and, hereafter, annually, in the month of January." 

1791. Nov. 4. (Collin, Dr. Barton, Peale, Vaughan, 

Sam. Mitchel, of Long Island, sent Stahl's Fundamenta 
Chymise, and Alpinus Marosticensis Philosophi, &c. 

John Peter Brissot (de Warville), presented by letter (per 
Jacob Shoemaker), hia " Nouveau Voyage, Vols. I & III 
(" the 2** supposed to have been mislaid"). 

A model of a tire escape was exhibited by the Revd. Dr. 
Collin, with its description. 

Communication for the Magellan Premium," An Attempt 
to prove the general and well conceived opinion, That 
Springs of steel acquire Strength or power, by cold weather, 
and lose it by warm, to be erroneous ;" signature " Scrupu- 

1791. Nov. 18. (Collin, Peale, W. Barton, Patteraon, 

Rittonhouse wrote to the Treasurer that he had paid the 
balance of the debt due to the laie Judge no])kinson, and 
taken up the Bond and Mortgage. "He is ploiiHcd to say, 
he * miglit have made a more brilliant Present ; but mutual 
exi)edioiK;y with rcgurd to the Society, k the piirties con- 
cerned in the matter of tiie lot, induced iiini to rid the 
fortuer from this incumbrance.' The impressions made by 

December. lui) X791^ 

the above communication are exceedingly agreeable ; but it 
is judged most proper to refer the taking of particular order 
in the return of the Society's thanks to a fuller meeting." 

Zach. Poulson's account for printing notices at three dif- 
ferent times, 17s. 66?., was passed. 

Notice to be given of a meeting of officers, Friday next, 6 
p. M., to examine communications for the Magellan Premium. 

1791. Dec. 2. (De Ternant, Du Ponceau, Turner of the 
" Western Territory," and 14 others present.) 

Dr. Williamson in the Chair. 

The officers having met " to examine into the merits of 
Pieces & Inventions communicated by candidates" reported 
that they required further time, and were ordered to con- 
vene on the following Friday " special notices of this ap- 
pointment to be sent to them in writing" [which suggests 
difficulties in the way of getting the official members to at- 
tend a special meeting. J. F. L.'] 

Dr. Rittenhouse, the President's letter, was again read 
[here a blank has been left for its insertion which was never 
done], and Drs. Smith and Collin, and Mr. J. B. Smith 
were appointed a Committee to draw up a letter of thanks. 

Committee •' to examine & report a state of the funds of 
this Society, and to devise Ways & Means to discharge the 
remaining Debts." Treasurer J. Vaughan, Nicholson, Hutch- 

" Resolved, that D^ Rittenhouse be requested to sit for his Portrait, and 
the same be painted by M^ Peale, at the expense of the Society, to be 
pUvced in their Hall." 

"liesoleed, that the Portrait of D'. Franklin presented some time ago by 
M"". Peale, shall be framed in the best manner that the work can be exe- 
cuted for a price not exceeding Six Pounds." 

Magellan Premium : " A machine called an Elevator," 
description and model exhibited ; Motto, " Nititur in ardaa 

A " Postscript to M'- Barton's letter to D"-- Rittenhouse" 
was read and referred to the Committee for Selection and 

December. -^00 1791. 

1791. Bee. 16. (Dr. Smith, Mr. Jefferson, and Dr. Ewin^, 
the three Vice-Presidents, and 14 others present, including 
I>ii Ponseau [szc]). 

The draft of the Letter of Thanks to Rittenhouse was re- 
ported, read, " & again read by jparagraphs^'' and unanimously 
adopted, and the letter was directed to be signed by the Vice- 
Presidents and Secretaries. 

" Agreed, on motion, that the letter be read to the Presi- 
dent in his chair. — And, he soon after, coming into Society, 
and having taken the chair ; it was accordingly read by one 
of the Secretaries, as follows:" 

[The address.] 

"Sir. The American Philosophical Society embrace the present occa- 
sion of a meeting for stated annual business, to acknowledge the Receipt 
of your Letter, dated Nov'. 15»^ addressed to their Treasurer, in which 
you are pleased to inform Him, that — 'You have paid the Debt of £308 — 
— due to the late Judge Hopkinson, & will lay the Bond & Mortgage be- 
fore the Society,' expressing your Hopes, that this Benefaction, on your 
part, may 'encourage the Society to exert themselves to get rid of some 
other heavy debts & incumbrances.' 

"This renewed instance of your Liberality joined to the consideration 
of the illustrious part which you have taken in their hibors, for many 
years past, hath made such an impression upon them, that they are at a 
loss, in what manner they can best express their Oratitude, or their Re- 
spect «fc Veneration for your Name. 

"At any time, & in any country, such a 'brilliant Present' would in- 
dicate a Mind that can feel the inseparable Connexion between Learning »fc 
human Felicity. But in the present state of our Finances, it is a most im- 
portant Benefaction, & a noble Specimen of literary Patronage, in a young 
Empire, where many other improvements must share with the Arts & 
Bcionces In the public Attention & Bounty. 

"We are sensible of the necessity of extinguishing the other heavy 
Debts of the Society, with all possible speed ; and have appointed a proper 
committee to devise Ways & Means for lliat purpose." [Signed by the 
VIcc-PresIdentH & Secretwrles. ] 

" The Pre«ident'8 answer. 

"CJkntlkmkn. The Satisfaction I feel in contributing something 
towiinlH |)romf)ling Science, tlie irjterests whereof are, I am persinided, in- 
•flpanible from tliose of Mumaiiily, is greatly increased liy your very imliio 

"My slnccrest WIkIics are, that thi« Instil ution may ever merit public 
cncoiimgemcnl, and enjoy the Patronage oflho generous and the good." 

January. 201 1792. 

Letter and answer ordered printed in one or more public 

" Philo-Franklin" paper reported, beincr the on! j one ; 
and the question as to its being worthy of a premium being 
put, " it was not determined ; the votes on each side being 

Evan Edwards, Esq., presented (per J. Vaughan) Ilistoire 
et Mem. S. R. de Medicine. 

An Extract of a Journal of the Weather at Chevenage in 
Glocester in England, for 1789, with two books, with a 
letter from Judge Turner. 

" A stone in which were several petrified Shells &c found, 
beyond the blue Mountains, by M""- John Arndt of Easton" 
with a letter from Mr. Levi Hollings worth. 

1792. Jan'y 6. (Annual Election ; 19 voters.) 

President — Dr. Rittenhouse. 

Vice-Presidents — Jefferson, Dr. Smith, Dr. Ewing. 

Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

Curators— C W. Peale, Dr. Barton, Dr. "Wistar. 

Councillors — Pettit, Collin, Rush, White. 

Secretaries — Hutchinson, Magaw, Williams, Patterson. 

1792. Jan'y 20. (21 present.) 

Election of 11 new members : Count Paul Andreani, of 
Milan ; Rodolph Vall-Travers, of Hamburg ; Ant. Fother- 
gill, of Bath ; Anthony Renatus Charles Mathurin de la 
Forest, V. Consul Gen. of France to the United States ; Jos. 
Ceracchi, of Rome ; Palisot de Beauvois, de la Soc. d. Sc. et 
Arts du Cap Fran9ois et Corr. del' Acad. d. S. de Paris ; 
John Rouelle, M.D., of Virginia ; Rich. P. Barton, of Mt. 
Airy, Dinwiddie county, Virginia ; Dr. David Jackson, Dr. 
Wm. Smith, and Nich. B. Waters, M.D., all three of Phila- 

" Seal of this Corporation, properly attested, shall be an- 

February. 202 1792. 

nexecl to the Deeds of Conveyance of the Lots of Ground on 
Mulberry* Street, to Joseph Ogilby & Matthias Sadler." 

Ritteuhouse delivered to the Society (per Mr. Barton), the 
cancelled Deed and Mortgas^e to Hopkinson. 

Da Ponceau's letter to Mr. Williams, accompanied with 
a great variety of " French Dies said to resist Sea Water & 
all kinds of Acid Substances." Committee to try them by 
tests of acids: Hutchinson, Barton and Wistar. 

J. Rouelle presented (per W. Barton) his "Complete 
Treatise on the Mineral Waters of Virginia. 

A communication in French from M. de Beauvois was re- 
ferred to the Secretaries for translation. 

1792. Feb'y ?>. (Do Beauvois and 19 others present; Dr. 
Collin in the Chair.) 

Mr. Dobson's letter to the President presents to the So- 
ciety the successive volumes of the Encyclopedia. Thanks 
ordered and wishes for his "success in the honorable enter- 
prize of 80 great a Publication." 

Franklin's Chair. — " A letter from Mr. Richard Bache to 
the President, was read : 

" M^- Bache in this letter , presents the Society with the Chair 
in which his Father-in- Law, Dr. Franklin, ?<5er/ to sit when 
the Meetings of the Society were held at his House." Thanks 
and a copy of the minute ordered to be sent to Mr. Bache. 

Mr. Heart's (an officer in the late Western Expedition), 
letter to Dr. Barton, "giving an account, under a great 
variety of particulars, of the antiquities of the Western 
Country," was read and referred to the Committee of Pub- 

Coinraittoo to report some Rogulatioiis respecting the 
Library: Wistar, Patterson, Barton. 

Bills presented : 

Ilicks k Mitchell for liiyiiig 02 yards of brick [)avetncnt, 
&c., X7-7-11. 

* Now named ilroli Htroot. 

Feb.-March. 203 1792. 

Lightning Conductors, £6 •• 15 - 2. 

Framing Franklin's portrait, £3 •• •• 0. 

For 9f yards of ribbon [for seals], £12 •• 3. 

Peter Fritz & Co., 70 feet curbstone, @ 35^. Gd., £12 - 5 - 0. 

1792. Feb'ij 17. (17 present.) 

The Committee on the Library reported, and five articles 
agreed to and confirmed : 

1. That a complete catalogue of the Books, Instruments, Models & 
Specimens of natural history be made by the Curators & printed in a 

2. That the Curators serve as Librarians, in rotation or otherwise, lend- 
ing the books at the Stated Meetings to members, on security for due re- 

3. That books borrowed at one meeting be safely returned at the next 
Meeting, on penalty of a fine ^f^ of a dollar per volume. 

4. That the monies paid for fines go to augment the Library & keep it 
in proper preservation. 

5. That members in arrears for fines should not have the privilege of 
taking out any book till suclx arrears be discharged. 

Jas. Reynolds' bill for framing Franklin's portrait, £4 •• 
10, ordered paid. 

Interest to Mr. Bache, due 20th instant, ordered paid. 

Thanks to Mr. Aitkin for his gift of Newton's Principia 
and Bernard Romans, E. and W, Florida. 

Pat. de Beauvue's * paper " relative to a new discovery in 
the Sex of Plants called by Linnneus Cryptogamia" was re- 
ferred to the Committee of Selection and Publication. 

1792. March 2. (15 present.) 

The minutes being read, tha third article of the Library 
report, was set aside and the following substituted : 

"3. That all Books shall be safely returned at the Stated Meeting next 
after they are borrowed, and in default thereof, the persons borrowing 
them respectively, shall forfeit and pay a fine of one Eighth of a Dollar 
per Vol. for all books of the size of 'a Quarto & upwards, or one Sixteenth 

♦This name is not cleariy written in the niiautes. It may be a blunder for 
P. de Beauvois. 

March— April. -""■* 1792. 

of a Dollar for all Books under the size of a Quarto ; & the Fine incurred 
& payable for any such default, shall be doubled at every stated meeting 
of the Society which may be held previously to the return of the Books 

" Two specimens of Impressions of Echinus, or Sea Nettle, 

in Lime-Stone, were presented by Mr. Peter Boyl, ofWash- 

inorton county, Geo., per David Thomas, of Loudon county, 

Virginia, by letter and note." (Thanks ordered.) 

1792. March 16. (Rittenhouse, Jefferson and 9 others.) 

Rittenhouse's " experiments to show That Steel springs 
lose part of their Elasticity by being heated" were communi- 
cated by letter, which was referred to the Committee of 
Selection and Publication. 

Jer. Belknap's History New Hampshire, Vol. 2d, was pre- 
sented, through E. Hazard. 

The Lease of the Front Room (" contiguous to this cham- 
ber") to the College of Physicians, was brought in by Mr. 
Vaughan for ratification, and ordered to be sealed. 

A copy of Rittenhouse's letter to Prof'- Mayer of Man- 
heira [sic]^ August 20, 1779, was read, and referred to the 
Committee of Selection and Publication. If inserted in the 
next Vol. a translation of Mayer's letter must be also. 

The Treasurer was authorized to exchange with the 
printer three-quarters of the number of copies of Vol. II, for 
half as many copies of Vol. I, and half as many of Vol. Ill, 
when printed. 

Fifty sets of the Transactions American Philosophical 
Society, to bo reserved, and the surplus to be sold by the 

1792. April Q. (8 present.) 

The Princess of Dashkaw, IVesident of the Imperial 
Academy of Sciences, St. I'etcrsburg, acknowledged her Cer- 
tificate of MomberHhip, by letter of August 2 (0. 8.), 1791, and 
•ent two Books " accounted curious:" — The throe Georgi(!k8 
and some Books of the ^ucid of Virgil, translated into 

April-May. '^^♦^ 1792. 

1792. April 20. (Sergeant, Collin, Peale, Waters, 

Election of new members postponed. 

1792. May 4. (W. Barton, Vaughan, Wistar, Ruston, 

The President as Chairman was requested to call the Com- 
mittee of Selection and Publication together, to expedite 
the publication of the Vol. now in press. 

Proposed By-Law, laid over to the next meeting : " That 
all communications accompanied with Specimens in any 
branch of Natural Philosophy, shall be referred to a Com- 
mittee for examination & Report, before the Society make 
reply to the persons who present them." 

Rediger's account of £6 •• 14 •• 6, passed. 

" Agreed, That at the next meeting the Committees men- 
tioned in the 12"* Bye Law shall be appointed, & the iirst 
named of each Committee shall be the Chairman." Also 
that the Secretaries furnish the Chairmen with extracts 
from the Minutes. 

1792. May 18. (Rittenhouse, Collin, Dr. Barton, W. 
Barton, Williams, Magaw.) 

A Latin letter of thanks from Prof. C. P. Thunberg, of 
Upsal, December 30, 179L 

A letter from Ed. Pole, Philadelphia, with a packet from 
Thos. Pole, Loudon, containing a letter directed to the So- 
ciety (February 3), representing an extraordinary case of 
Extra-Uterine Gestation, published by W. Turnbull, also 
an extra set of plates. 

A copy of Col. George Morgan's letter (to his brother the 
late Dr. J. Morgan), dated Prospect, New Jersey, " respect 
the Ancient Fortifications found in the Western Country, 
on the Missisippi [sic] & Missouri Rivers, with a Draft of 
one opposite to the Scioto," was read. 

Rittenhouse's letter to Patterson " giving a Method of 

June-July. *-06 1792. 

finding the Sum of the several Powers of the Sines either to 
a radius of unity or any other," was read. 

Dr. Barton read " a Botanical Description or the Podophyl- 
lum dyphyllum^ now called Jeffersonia Virginica. 

An account of some Fossil Shells discovered in Virginia, 
and additional facts concerning the Bursted Hill in North 
Carolina, was read out of a letter from Dr. Jas. Greenway, 
of Dinwiddle county, Virginia, to Dr. Barton. 

The Secretaries were desired to execute Article 3 of Re- 
port of Library Committee as soon as the Catalogue was 

1792. Jane 15. (Rittenhouse, Jefferson, Hazard, Dr. B. 
S. Barton, Patterson.) 

Belknap's History of New Hampshire, Vol. Ill, was pre- 
sented ; also Hazard's Historical Collections, Vol. I. 

Sundry papers from R. Vall-Travers, of Hamburg, 1789, 
were read by Rittenhouse. 

"Wm. Waring's Observations on the Theory of Water 
wheels, was read by Patterson. 

Captain Billings' Journal from Philadelphia to Oporto 
and back, in 1791, containing daily observations of the tem- 
perature of air and water, was presented. 

1792. July 20. (Rittenhouse and 15 others.) 

William Bartrara's Travelr. in Georgia, and some Latin 
catalogues were presented. 

Jon. Williams' memoir on the Claying of Sugars (Mt. 
Pleasant, July 17), was read. 

Dr. Fothorgill, of Bath, England, thanks the Society 
warmly by letter for iiis monibership ; wishing "that any- 
thing may occur to him in tlie i)art of the world where he 
roBides *that may Room worthy the notice of so enlightened 
a Society —whoso groat ()i)joct is the welfare, happiness k 
improvomont of man,— knowing no distinction of nation or 
cUmate.' " 

Aug.-Sept.-Oct. *-'0 * 1792. 

Election of four new members: Erasmus Darwin, M.D., 
Derby, England ; Dr. W. Currie, "author of a new medical 
publication;" Uno Yon Troil, Archbishop of Sweden, 
author of letters on Iceland, and Mr. John Trumbull, 
" Painter iu history &c." 

1792. August 18. (Turner in the Chair; Peale, W. 
Barton, Yaughan, Williams.) 

Yalentius on Inocculation [sic], was presented by the 
author, and W. Smith's History of New York, by W. 

1792. Sept. 21. (Collin in the Chair, and 10 others.) 

" Explanatory Observations on a Thermometrical Journal 
of the Atmosphere & sea, to & from Oporto, by (Japtn W. 
Billings," in a letter from Jon. Williams, was read, " with 
an Extract from the Journals inclosed." Referred to Com- 
mittee of Selection and Publication. 

" An Investigation of the Powers of D"- Barker's Mill, as 
improved by M""- Jas. Rumsey, with a description of the 
Mill, by W. Waring," was read, and referred to the Com- 
mittee of Selection and Publication. 

1792. Oct. 5. (Legaux, Du Ponceau, Patterson, Peale, 
Collin, Barton, W. Barton, Turner, Nicholson, Morris, 
Yaughan, Williams.) 

Legaux presented a copy of " E^sai Historique sur la 
Colonic de Surinam." 

" A Stone Dodecahedron, found on the shore of the Ohio, 
was presented by D'- Chas. Brown." 

Barton, Peale and Yaughan, a Committee to answer 
Baron de Hupsch's letter from Cologne, October 16, 1789. 

" Ordered, That all Papers selected for Publication by the 
Committee, be forthwith put into the hands of the Printer ; 
but upon this express condition, That he shall proceed with 
all despatch to complete the Work and publish the Yolume 

October. 2\JO 1792. 

of Transactions now in hand. And the Printer be called 
upon to specify the time at which the Work may be ready 
for delivery." 

1792. Oct. 19. (Collin, Chairman, and 9 others.) 

Rediger's account for Wood and services, £6 •• 7 " 9 ap- 

Indian Figures. — Letter from Major Jon. Hart, Fort Har- 
mar, August 20, 1791. 

" Sir, Agreeably to your request I made enquiry fertile mouth of Indian 
creek .... water very low, affording an opportunity of viewing the 
inscriptions, some ot which I now enclose ; . . . . they ave only the fancy 
of idle Indians, being exactly similar to the daily labour of Indians on the 
barks of their huts, on trees, &c. as is still customary amongst all the 
tribes I have been acquainted witli. 

"Nos. 1, 12, 3, 4 are the Inscriptions on different rocks. The only thing 
which appears remarkable to me is, the extent of these rocks, their hard- 
ness, and the amazing labour necessary to complete the figures over the 
whole extent, without the help of Tools. 

"The most extraordinary discovery yet made with respect to remains of 
art, is a black slate stone, — an exact twelve sided Figure, even to a mathe- 
matical exactness ; the faces of it being a Pentagon ; the sides of which are 
about 1^ Inch. This Stone was found on the Banks of the Ohio, when by 
late floods the banks had caved in. It is not the Work of Nature ; & 
scarcely possible to have been made by any Uropcan [sir] nation, since 
the discovery of America. Neither can I conceive it possible to have been 
made by Indians in their present state. To me, it is a convincing proof, 
that the Persons who formed it. must have been perfectly accjuainted with 
tlie proportions of the Circle and Square. Perhaps I am inclined to be en- 
thusiaslic. IJut I cannot conceive of a Person accidentally falling upon 
that Figure, or even being* in any way to form it, without a regular pro- 
coiw from the Circle ; &, reducing it mathematically to the 12-sided 

"Col. Melg8, who does mc the Honour to deliver this, will be able to 
anitwer every Query respecting that valuable Remain of Antiquity." " I 
bavo the Honour" &c. 

"Note, (by the Hecretary] A 12-Bldod figure ; eacli side or Face is tho 
exact Plane of a Pentagon ; & the Hide of the Pentagon's measure is ex- 
actly 1^ inchcH ; ho that r* hIcIch of the Pentagon ; t. e , the clrcunifcrance 
of each Pentagon nieaHiircH 7J incliuH. Iih thicltiiesH from any two oppo- 
•itfl tides lit Uj IncUufl. Thin figure appears to have been made of black 

Nov.— Dec. ^^'^ 1792. 

Flint, & is exceedingly well polished. It was found washed out of the 
Bank of the River Ohio, at a place called Bellville, 30 miles below Mari- 
etta. It is now in possession of Joseph Wood, Esq., at Marietta." 

A Thesis, in French, on the Diseases of St. Domingo, and 
hot climates in general, addressed to the Society by the 
Chev. de St. George, Chirurgeon Major des Hopitaux de la 
Marine Royale a Port au Prince, was read, with a note from 
Dr. Foulke. 

1792. Nov. 2. (Rittenhouse ; Ross, Barton, W. Barton 
Peale, Thornton, Turner, Williams, Patterson, Collin.) 

Aitkin's letter was read, and his bill for printing Queries 
respecting the Hessian Fly, £6 •• 10, passed. 

Revd. Mr. Cutler's letter to Dr. Barton about the ancient 
Muskingum Forts was read. 

► For the Premium : " A proposed method of managing the 
sails of a ship by mechanism," by "I. S. S." 

Treasurer directed to borrow on interest $200 on the 
credit of the Society, to complete the Volume in press ^ the 
jjrinter to give security for the repayment of all advances 
made to him as soon as the amount shall be raised by the 
sale of the said Volume. 

1792. Nov. 16. (Rittenhouse and 8 others.) 

Brahm's book, " Time an Apparition of Eternity," pre- 
sented with a letter to Rittenhouse, which was read. 
For the Premium: " An Essay on Gauging" by " W." 

1792. Dec. 7. (Rittenhouse and 11 others.) 

The Officers and Council who met November 28, " particu- 
\Rv\y recommend .... for further inspection, this present 
year, that an award may take place .... 1. The Piece on 
the pointing of Electrical Rods .... This communication 
was very near having a decisive opinion given concerning it 
last year. 2. A proposed Method of working the Sails 
.... 3. A new piece of Mechanism, called the ' Eleva- 


December. ^lU 1792. 

tor,' designed principally for lifting to a great inaccessible 
height. 4. A proposed Improvement in Guaging, wherein 
the various sources of error in the present practice are 
pointed out. 5. ' Cadmus' or a Philosophical Dissertation 
on the Elements of written Language." 

" X. B. — A question having arisen relative to the last 
named piece, Whether it has been received, at the last 
meeting, within the Stated Hours of Business? It was 
unanimously determined in the Affirmative." 

" A tract .... illustrating .... the Theory of Tides, 
is considered as appertaining to next year." 

It was then ordered that " Cadmus" be admitted to com- 
pete the present year and referred for further consideration 
to a Committee : Dr. Smith, Dr. Andrews, Mr. Patterson 
and Dr. Magaw. 

And " Guaging" to a Committee : Dr. Rittenhouse, Mr. 
Patterson and Mr. Williams. 

1792. Dec. 21. (Rittenhouse, Page, of Virginia ; Peale, 
Hutchinson, Wistar, Vaughan, Anderson, Andrews, Turner., 
of Western Territory, Chief Justice McKean, Dr. William- 
son, of North Carolina, Ewing, Nicholson, Ruston, Patter- 
son, Williams, W. Barton, Magaw, and Mr. .) 

Committee on "Guaging" reported verbally, "to the fol- 
lowing effect, viz:" [Space left blank.] 

Committee on "Cadmus" reported in writing: 

"That Uiey have perused it & found it to be a very ingenious and 
learned Performance, proposing many improvements in tlie science of 
communicating ideas by visible signs. They are of opinion that it is, per- 
haps, not to be expected that many of these improvements will suddenly 
be adopted ; it may nevertheless, have the best tendency to introduce 
gradually, greater perfection in speaking and writing the English Lan- 
guage : an<l that such encouragement as the Soiiiely may think proper 
to give the Author, will be Judiciously bestowed." 

Sigoed, Smith, Mngnw, Andrews. 

The several recommondcd pieces were then read, or such 
parts of thorn us the Society judged necessary. 

January. ^^^ 17M. 

Vote on " Whether any of the communications under in- 
spection are worthy of the Premium?" Passed in the 

" The Society then proceeded to determine by ballot the 
inventions or improvements most useful & worthy." 

" A premium was awarded to the Inventor of the Im- 
provement of Electrical Rods, or Lightning Conductors, by 
pointing them with Blacklead." 

" A premium was also awarded to a Piece entitled ' Cad- 
mus,' or a Philosophical Dissertation on the Elements of 
Written Language." 

" Ordered that a full account of the crowned subjects, be 
published, and also an abstract of the Titles, object or sub- 
ject matter of the communications which lie over for con- 

Auditors appointed : Patterson and Williams. 


1793. Jan'y 4, 2| p. M. (11 present, including Burgess 
Allison* of Bordentown.) 

The Auditing Committee reported £1 •• 16 •• 10 in the 
Treasurer's hands, and £164 •• 10 •• 6 in the Magellanic 


President — Dr. D. Rittenhouse. 

Vice- tresidents — T. Jefferson, Dr. J. Ewing, Dr. W. 

Treasurer — J. Yaughan. 

Curators — Dr. B. Barton, Dr. Wistar, Mr. Peale. 

Councillors for three years — Dr. J. Thornton, Chief Justice 
McKean, W. Barton and Dr. Blackwell. 

Secretaries — Hutchinson, Williams, Magaw, Patterson. 

[Then follows a page of the record of the publication or- 
dered at the last meeting, respecting Philo-Franklin's Black- 
lead rod points ; then, eight blank pages evidently intended 
to continue the relation.] 

* Spelled Eurgiss Allison in Catalogue of March, 1880. 

Jan. -Feb. 212 1793. 

1793. Jan^y 18. (Jefferson, Vice-President ; Dr. Parke, 
Le Geaux, Currie, and 15 others.) 

A comet discovered by Rittenhouse, 8 p. m., January 11, 
was reported by letter. 

"Facts relating to the Climate of Pennsylvania, recorded 
among the old acts of the Swedish Church of this city" 
were communicated by letter by Dr. Collin. 

" A Plan for the establishment of the Vine culture in 
Pennsylvania by means of a public subscription, authorized 
and protected by Government," with a statement of the an- 
nual Expense and Produce, was communicated by letter by 
M. Le Geaux. 

Jeremy Belknap's " Discourse, to commemorate the Dis- 
covery of America" was presented. 

Committee " to prepare the Devices and other Particulars 
relative to the Gold Medals ...."; Rittenhouse, W. Bar- 
ton, Peale, afterwards added : Thornton and Blakely. 

Treasurer directed to procure shelves for holding Books, 
Maps, Papers, &c., as soon as he shall have moneys which 
may be applied to that purpose. 

Committee of two members with the Curators to revise 
and print the Catalogue of Books, Philosophical apparatus, 
Models of machines, and the more important specimens of 
Natural History. 

Election of six new members: M. Coupigny and M. 
Valentin of Cap Fran9oi8; John Adams, Vice-President 
United States, Dr. David Nassy and Dr. George Logan, of 
Philadelphia; J. W. Kittera, of Lancaster, Pa., of the 
House of Representatives United States. [Two pages in 
the rear of its place.] 

1798. Fd'y 1. (Rittenhouse, Jefferson, John Adams, 
Page of Virginia, and 6 others.) 

The Map of PenuHylvania by Rcaditig TTowill, of Pitts- 
burgh, with a loiter of presentation. " Tlic map is large & 
beautifully executed. Altho' the author was obliged, ho 

Feb.— March. ■^J-^ 1798. 

says, to bring it to its present Form, from detached sur- 
veys ; there is reason to believe, his Abihties and Diligence 
enabled him to avail himself, to good purpose, of those 
Documents. From such actual Surveys may be expected, in 
a Work of this Kind, the greater accuracy." Thanks or- 

" A dissertation on the Honey Bee showing that it is not 
a Native of America. By Dr. Barton, was communicated." 

1793. FeVy 15. (Jefferson, Vice-President, and 10 others.) 

Aitken's letter about paper for Vol. Ill was read, and re- 
ferred to the Committee with power. 

Dr. Thornton was permitted " to have printed on his own 
account the Dissertation entitled Cadmus," the Society re- 
serving the right to print it also in tbe Transactions. 

Ordered that all the Books at present lent be immediately 
returned, and no more go out until tbe Catalogue be com- 

[End of the MS. Vol. of Minutes, marked 1787 to 1793.] 

1793. March 1. (Ruston, Chairman, and 7 others.) 
The Committee reported that Mr. Aitkin should be re- 
imbursed, the $113 which he advanced over and above the 
subscription for paper, and furnished with enough more to 
buy enough pa|;>er to complete Vol. Ill, and that all the 
approved papers be immediately printed, and the Volume 
closed. This report was approved ; the advanced $113 or- 
dered paid ; and the Treasurer authorized to borrow for the 
rest: the printer to refund the advances from first sales. 

1793. March 15. (Jefferson and 7 others.) 
A letter from R. Vall-Travers, Rotterdam, December 13. 
with " A new method of Carding, Spinning & Weaving raw 
Hemp, superior to & cheaper than Linnen [sic\ The In- 
ventor is a French emigrated Gentleman from Guiene now 
in Holland — with his wife. M''- Vall-Travers solicits en- 

April, ■^l* 1793. 

couragement, if their talents appear to deserve it ; and offers 
to take order therein, if authorized to make proposals offi- 

" There were specimens enclosed." 

" M""- Dandivan (for that is the name of the Artist) gives, 
in a separate paper, a succinct account of the respective 
charges and protits .... producing at a small expense from 
even the worst of hemp, a thread far superior to the very 
finest linen thread from flax. He engages to construct 
Looms by which a weaver can make much more & better 
work than any other. He has contrived a more easy & 
convenient spinning-wheel." Patterson, Nicholson and 
Williams a Committee to report thereon. 

M. y.-T. presented " Le vrai Calendrier perpetual &c.," 
" ordered to be deposited in M'- Peale's Museum,^ for the 
examination of the curious." 

1793. April 5. (Turner, Chairman ; Patterson, Vaughan, 
Peale, Thornton, Blakely, Magaw. 
The Committee on Hemp reported : 

1. That information of the communication should be made to the diflFer- 
ent manufacturing societies. 

2. That M^ Vall-Travers should have explained to him by letter the 
American system of patent rights ; the abundance of hemp in America, & 
the readiness of several persona to employ AK Dandivan if liis invention 
auswers the description. 

Dr. Thornton and Mr. Vaughan were added to the Com- 

"Wm. "Waring communicated "retrospective observations 
on the following position contained in his Theory of Mills, 
viz.: That the force of an invariable stream imi)inging 
agftinst a mill wheel in motion is in the Bim]>le direct ratio 
of tho relative velocity." lloferrod to Committee on Publi- 

* Tlin nritt iii>(lc(i of IIiIh iiiiiNi'iiin, w-lilcli ocriipliMl at (>ni> tinio part or tUo 
State lloUMu, uikI ui unotlivr titiii! imrl ul llio rtilloNoiiiilcul HucUly'it Hull. 

April. 215 17M. 

Jos. Barnes' essay, " Oti Overshot & Undershot wheels & 
Rumsey's Mill" was read. It opposed Waring's positions. 

Mr. Waring's observations on the above were then read. 

Jos. Barnes' reply to these, as " Notes," was then read. 

Mr. "Williams sent in, as a present to the Society, bills 
which he had paid for sundries for the Hall in 1792, 
amounting to $40. Thanks ordered. 

1793. April 19. (Rittenhouse, Duponceau and 16 others.) 

Election of three new members: Wm. Waring and Thos. 
Lee Shippen, of Philadelphia ; and J. Reinhold Foster 
J. U. D. 

Mr. Dallas and Mr. Patterson proposed " that in the case 
of Meeting new members the Election shall not be held but 
when the members who proposed the candidates respec- 
tively shall be present, and that the state of the Ballots 
shall not be declared at any election until the Society are 
about to adjourn on the evening of such Election." Con- 
sideration deferred. 

" A subscription paper for raising a sum of money to 

enable Andrew Michaux to make discoveries in the Western 

Country being read : 

"Resolved, That the Society will patronize this undertaking, according 
to the terms and condition expressed in said subscription ; a copy of which 
here followeth ; viz. 

[A blank page evidently left for the subscription paper.] 

" Resolved^ That a committee of 5 be appointed to solicit 
further subscription . . . ." Hutchinson, Vaughan, Wistar, 
Williams, Nicholson. 

'■^Besolved," That Collin, Vaughan, and Peale " be appointed 
a Committee to collect the Subscriptions & pay the same to 
the President of the Society, for the use of M'- Michaux.' 

''''Resolved, That" Rittenhouse, Smith, Ewing, Jefferson, 
Rush, Wistar, " or any three of them be a Committee to 
confer with M""- Michaux & frame Instructions for his 
observance ; the better to promote the advantages of his 
Tour . . . ." 

April— July— Dec. i^iO I793, 

1793. April 30. Special. (Rittenhouse, Jeflferson and 10 

Report of Committee of Instructions to Mr. Michaux, 
adopted, "as followeth." 

[A blank IJ pages evidently left for the report.] 

"Eesolved, That the President be requested to pay to M'. Michaux, such 
sum of the subscription as he hath or may receive ; — not exceeding 400 

[Then follow three blank pages.] 

1793. July\9. 
« The" 
[The rest of the page and the following page blank.] 

1793. Dee. 6. 

"The Society met (having on account of the malignant 
fever, with which this city was lately visited, held no meet- 
ing during the last four months). 

Present, D""- Collin, Chairman & Robert Patterson. 

Books received : Zimmerman's " Zoologise geographic^," 
•&c. 4°; and his "Traits dc I'elasticitede I'cau" ; also Dob- 
son's American Edition of the Encyclopedia, Vols. VI, 

Secretary Williams resigns because "he did not propose to 
live in town this winter." 

"Papers from candidates to the annual premium," "re- 
ferred to tlio Counsellors and other officers of the Society." 

1703. Dec. 18. (Ewing, Wistar, Pealo, Patterson.) 

EftHfty on the Theory of the Tides, " recommended to the 
conHiileration of the Society, along with the papers .... 
still pending." 

Dec-Jan. 217 1793-1794. 

1793. Dec. 20. (Patterson in the Chair ; Barton, Wistar, 
Peale, Legaux, Dr. Nassy, and Dr. Thornton.) 

Adjudication of premiums " necessarily postponed till the 
time of the next annual adjudication." 

1794. Jan. 3. (Thornton, B. S.Barton, Davidson, Judges; 
Nassy, Vaughan, Clerks ; Rittenhouse, Legeaux, Dr. Smith, 
Patterson, Davidson, Magaw, Duffield, Wistar, Williams, 
W. Barton.) 

" M""- W. Barton resigned his place as Counsellor." 


President — Rittenhouse. 

Vice-Presidents — Jefterson, Ewing, W. Smith. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

C\irators—^. S. Barton, C. Wistar, C. W. Peale. 

Counsellors — Jon. Williams, J. Andrews, D.D., And. Elli- 
cott, S. P. Griffiths, M.D., Jas. Davidson, in place of W. 

Secretaries — IsTich. Collin, D.D., W. Barton, R. Patterson, 
S. Magaw, D.D. 

"Immediately after the election, the Society proceeded to 
other business, M""- Jas. Davidson in the Chair." 

Patterson and Williams, Auditing Committee. 

"Resolved, That in the Election of New Members, no person shall be 
balloted for, unless one of the members who proposed him be present ; ex- 
cept the contrarj' shall be determined by a previous Vote of the Society ; 
& that the Election sliall be kept open ; & the State of the Ballots not de- 
clared, till the Society are about to adjourn in the evening of said Elec- 

Proposition to fine resident members twenty-five cents 
for non-attendance. 
[Blank page.] 

*This explains the curious present practice of leavlngthe ballot-box standing 
unexamined until after " New Business" has been disposed ot 

Jan.— Feb. -^18 1794^ 

1794. Jan'i/ 17. (Ruston in the Chair; Thornton, Bar- 
ton, Duffield, Legeaux, Nassey [sic], Bleakley, Collin, "Wis- 
tar, Patterson.) 

1794. Feby 7. (Peale, Thornton, Wistar, Bleakley, Col- 
lin. Barton, Magaw, Patterson.) 

" During the late disasters" at Cape Frangois, Dr. Valen- 
tin's certificate of membership having been destroyed, his 
request for another was granted. 

Collin, Williams, W. Barton, Patterson, "a Committee 
to devise & report such measures as may tend more eiFect- 
ually to promote the general objects of the Society." 

" A renewal of their Lease of that part of the Hall occu- 
pied by them," was applied for by Mr. Bleakley from the 
Trustees of the University. Vaughan, Thornton and 
Peale, a Committee of Conference. 

1794. Feb'y 21. (Thornton in the Chair ; Barton, Nas 
say, Collin, Patterson, Peale, W. Barton, Williams, j^ichol- 
Bon, Magaw.) 

Citizen Gennet's [sic] letter to the President with a French 
pamphlet (and translation) respecting a reform of the French 
calendar [sic] was received and read. 

Also a letter from Judge Turner of the "Western Terri- 

Dr. Nassey's discourse in French on " Whether the learned 
researches of modern botanists have been more useful than 
those of the ancients" was referred to a Committee. 

Three copies of a discourse lately delivered before the 
Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania were presented by Dr. Ma- 

The Coraraittoo appointed at the last meeting to promote 
the general welfare of the Society .... reported : 

"1. Tliul tlio book conlalning the net of liioorponitlon .... l)o sent 
round U) ull llio rcHlUunl tuomborH" for mlHsing Hijj;imtun!H "ko tluil Iho 
Society may bo ablu to anccrtain who thoir actiml residont incmbeiH tvru. 

March. 219 I794. 

' ' 2. That a circular letter be sentto the several resident members, pointing 
out the present languishing state of the Society and soliciting their respec- 
tive exertions to revive the same ;" punctual attendance at meetings ; 
"and from time to time, to favour the Society with such essays or obser- 
vations as they may judge conducive to the laudable purpose of our Insti- 
tution — the promoting of useful Knowledge." 

' "That a circular letter be also sent to all the distant members .... in 
the U. S., requesting them to communicate from time to time whatever 
they may judge worthy of notice, relating either to science in general, or 
to the natural history, state of arts and manufactures, or agriculture, in 
our country in particular." 

" 4. That the advertising Secretary be directed to send to each of the 
resident members the day before everj' stated meeting a notification of the 
same, as well as to advertise it in two or more of the public papers." 

"5. That the recording secretary provide a book .... of resident 
members ....«& insert in the proper column the letter p (present) 
opposite the name of every member present . . . ." 

6. After absence from meetings without excuse for one year " the adver- 
tising secretary shall not any longer take the trouble of sending him the 
usual notice . . . ." 

7. The Counsellors & Officers shall hold stated meetings on the fourth 
Fridays of Jan. Feb. March, April, May, Oct. Nov. & Dec. ' ' & occa- 
sional meetings .... as they shall think proper." 

8. At the meetings of the officers appointed or invited members may 

9. All communications " shall be immediately referred . . . ." 

1794. March 7. (Ruston in the Chair ; Legeaux, Collin, 
"White, Barton, Peale, Vaughan, Patterson.) 

Picart'a History of Religious Ceremonies, 6 Vols. F. ; 
Swammerdam's History of Insects, 1 Vol. F. ; Raleigh's 
History of the World, 1 Vol. F, were presented by J. 

Collin's " plan of a Botanical Garden & the relative im- 
provement of the Museum" was read. 

The Committee on the renewal of the Lease to the Trus- 
tees of the University, reported : 

"Resolved that the University may have their lease renewed for . . . . 
5 years, upon fully releasing the Society from a Bond for £500 due to 
Rich. Bache as Legatee to D'- Franklin, on which interest is paid to 20"* 
Feby last — Or, upon paying .... quarterly .... £130 per annum." 

March— April. — v) I794. 

Committee on Circular Letters agreeably to resolutions of 
last meetins: : W. Barton and Dr. Barton.^ 

1794. March 21. (Wistar, Chairman ; Barton, Peale, W, 
Barton, Collin, Vaughan.) 

Janitor's account, £6 •• 9 •• 4 reapproved. John C. Rediger 
appointed Janitor in the room of his late father, deceased. 

Books: Ilist. Ecc. Gen. Angl. 1 Vol. F. ; Opus. omn. act. 
Erud. Lip. Vols. I, III, IV, 4° ; Solomon Van Til, Theo 
Dord. 1 Vol. 4". 

An account from the estate of T. Clifford, " £34 •• 8 - 3 
principal & £19 •• 8 •• 8 int. was referred to the Treasurer." 

Dr. Collin reported that Dr. Nassey's paper should be 

1794. April 4. (12 present.) 

" A new and accurate method of calculating the excentric 
anomaly of the planets," by M'- Ellicott, was read. 

" On the facinating \sic\ faculty of the Rattlesnake k other 
Serpents" by D'- Barton, was read. 

Janitor's account, £6 •• 12 •• lOJ, " having been examined 
by the treasurer" was ordered to be paid. 

1794. April 18. (Rittenhouse ; Beauvais, J. B. Smith 
and 14 others.) 

" An easy accurate method of adjusting the back horizon 
glass of Iladley's Sector, practicable on land k applicable to 
the common octant" by Mr. Patterson, was read. 

Election of seven new members: Th. Matm Randolph, of 
Monticello, Virginia; Jus. Anderson, LL.I)., of Cottield, 
Scotland ; the Karl of Buchan, P. S. S. A., of Scotland ; ])r. 
Jas. Grccnwuy,of Diuwiddie County, Virginia; Ed. Stevens, 
M.D., F. R. 8. Edin., of St. Croix; John Nancarrow, of 
Philadelphia; Eberhard Aug. Wm. Zimmerman, Professor 

•Th« obovfl mlnutflii wore omillod In tholr propor pliico and ontorcd lifter tlio 
minute* of April lit. 

May. 221 1794 

Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Natural Ilistory ia 
the Caroline College of Brunswick. 

1794. May 2. (Ellicott in the Chair ; Nancarrow, 
Vaughan, Currie, Peale, W. Barton, Thornton, Stevens, 

Books: Ebeling's Geog. U. S. Vol. I, with a letter; Belk- 
nap's Amer. Biog. Vol. I; two treatises by Dr. Currie, 
and Mat. Carey's " Short account of the late malignant fever 
in Philad^ 4''' Edition." 

1794. May 16. (Duffield, and 6 others.) 

Prize medals to R. Patterson and W. Thornton, cost 
£37 •• 8 •• 7 ; ordered to be paid. 

Book presented : Hist, des Celts. 8 Vols. 8*>. Mr. Peale 
proposed to rent the unappropriated parts of the Hall, as a 
place of deposit for his Museum. Committee on the propo- 
sal : Nicholson, Collin, Patterson. 

1794. 3iay 30. By Special Notice. (Kuhn, Ruston, 
Collin, Duffield, Currie, Andrews, Parke, Wistar, Matlack, 
Nicholson, Patterson, Vaughan, Bleakley, Barton, Magaw, 
Pearson, Hill, Kittera, Peale, Duponceau, Blackwell, J. B. 
Smith, White, Ewnng.) 

" Sundry Asiatic plants," sent by W. Roxburgh, Botanist 
to the English East India Company, at Calcutta (with a let- 
ter to J. Vaughan), and deposited with Mr. Hamilton of the 
Woodlands, who receipted for them, and engaged to deliver 
them to order on demand. Approved. 

" A collection of shells" with a letter from Judge Turner, 
of Cincinati [sic\ 

Museum Committee reported a conference with Mr. 
Peale, and a mature consideration of the subject. They ha(^ 
** contemplated the terms by which they held from the 
Commonwealth and are restricted from leasing or occupying 

June. 222 1794. 

such parts as are not necessary to the Society, except to cer- 
tain public uses, in which the present proposed object is 
fully included." 

Mr. Peale desires to lease "all the parts of the house ex- 
cept that room in which the Society meet and the one 
directly east of it on the same floor." The cellars are under 
an unexpired lease, but the lessee will accommodate him 

" Your Committee need not represent the advantages to 
be expected and derived from Mr. Peale's Museum when 
they consider the affinity it hath with the objects which 
engage the views of this Society." 

"Under these impressions, and also with a view to pro- 
mote the funds of this society, your Committee have unani- 
mously agreed to recommend to the Society the following 
Resolves, viz. : 

1. To lease to C. "W. Peale for 10 years, all except the S. W. & S. E. 
corner rooms on the second story, from the time of taking possession. 

2. At £130, in two equal lialf yearly payments, less the cellar rent. 

3. Mr. Peale shall moreover ' ' do, or cause to be done .... the fol- 
lowing services viz." — Act as Librarian. — Act as depository of models, 
drawings, plans, curiosities, &c., preserve & exhibit them, under the 
direction of the Curators. — Keep the Society's reserved rooms neat and 
clean, and open them on occasion for meetings & committees, with fires, 
the fuel to be furnished at the expense of the Society. 

4. "Mr. Peale shall be allowed to finish the plaistering [sic] & other 
necessary work in" the S. W. room, first lloor, «& N. W. room sooond fioor, 
"in a neat & plain manner" under the direction of a committee ; the ex- 
pense to be dtdu('ted from the rent. 

6. M'. Peale shall remove all temporary partitions &c, & deliver up the 
building in good order, "accidents by fire ^ reasonable wear excepted." 

6. Proviso to be inserted : — in case of sale or disposal of, or removal 
of lh« MuHCum, the lease to be vacated. 

7. Comujiltee to prepare a lease : — Kittera, Dujionceau, M'. Barton. 
Committee to procure the insurance of the Society's lltill : Van!;;lian & 


1794. June 20. (Rittonhouse and 21 others.) 

ComroittGo's draft of lottse read and agreed to, and the 
Committoe tppointod to have the same duly executed. 

July. 223 KM. 

Congratulatory address to Dr. Priestley. Rittenhouse, 
Mr. Barton, Thornton. Bleakley, Duponceau, Williams, a 
Coniraittee to draft it. This Committee reported a draft;* 
it was read and adopted " and the Officers of the Society 
with as many of the other members as can conveniently at- 
tend are directed to meet at the lli\\\ to-morrow atternoon 
at one o'clock in order to present the same." 

1794. July 18. (Ruston ; Wistar, Dr. Barton, Vaughan, 
Peale, Parke, W. Barton, Patterson, Collin.) 

Ebell's book on glazing earthen vessels with lead, pre- 
sented. Dr. Collin requested to read it, and " favour the 
Society with an analysis thereof «fe such remarks as he may 
judge most interesting." 

" On the causes of bilious, remittant [sic] & yellow fevers" 
by S. F. Conover, M.D., was read. 

"Remarks on the poisonous or injurious honey of N. 
America," by Dr. Barton, was read. 

Dr. Ruston reported that a number of the officers & mem- 
bers of the Society waited on Dr. Priestley, " and presented 
the address, which, with his answer are as follows " 

To Joseph Priestley, LL.D., &c. 

The American Pliilosophical Society, held at Phihidelphia, for Promo- 
ting Useful Knowledge, offer you their sincere congratulations on your safe 
arrival in this country. Associated for the purposes of extending and dis- 
seminating those improvements in the sciences and the arts, which most 
conduce to the substantial happiness of man, the Society felicitate them- 
selves and their country, that your talents and virtues have been trans- 
ferred to this Republic. Considering you as an illustrious member of this 
institution, your colleagues anticipate your aid, in zealouslj' promoting 
the objects which unite them ; as a virtuous man possessing eminent 
and useful acquirements, they contemplate with pleasure, the accession of 
such worth to the American Commonwealth ; and looking forward to your 
future character of a citizen of this your adopted countr}^ they rejoice ia 
greeting, as such, an enlightened Republican. 

In this free and happy countr}', those unalienable rights, which the 
Author of Nature committed to man as a sacred deposite, have been 

*No doubt written during the meeting. 

July. 224 1794. 

secured. Here, we have been enabled, under the favour of Divine Provi- 
dence, to establish a government of laws and not of men ; a government, 
■which secures to its citizens equal rights and equal liberty ; and which 
offers an asylum to the good, to the persecuted, and to the oppressed of 
other climes. 

May you long enjoy every blessing, which an elevated and highly cul- 
tivated mind, a pure conscience, and a free country are capable of be- 

By order of the Society, 

David Rittenhousk Pres. 
Philada, June 20«'> 1794. 

To t7ie Members of the American Philosophical Society at Philadelphia. 

Gentlemen : — It is with peculiar satisfaction that I receive the con- 
gratulations of my brethren of the Philosophical Society in this city , on my 
arrival in this country. It is, in great part, for the sake of pursuing our 
common studies without molestation, tho', for the present, you will allow, 
with far less advantage, that I left my native country, and have come to 
America ; and a Society of philosophers, who will have no objections to a 
person on account of his political or religious sentiments, will be as grate- 
ful as it will be new to me. 

My past conduct, I hope, will show, that you may depend upon 
my zeal in promoting the valuable objects of your institution, but you 
must not flatter yourselves, or me, with supposing, that, at any time of life, 
and with the inconvenience attending a new, and uncertain settlement, I 
can be of much service to it. 

I am confident, however, from what I have already seen of the spirit of 
the people of this country, that it will soon appear that rei)ublican govern- 
ments, in which every obstruction is removed to the exertions of all kinds 
of talents, will be far more favourable to Science, and the arts, than any 
monarchical government has ever been. The patronage to be met with 
there, is ever capricious, and as often employed to bear down merit as to 
promote it ; having for its real object not science, nor any thing useful to 
mankind, but the mere reputation of tho jiatron, who is seldom any judge 
of science. Wlicreas a Jicpublir, which neither flatters, nor is to be flat- 
tered, will not fail In due time to distinguish tnu' merit, and to give every 
encouragement that is proper to be given In the ease. Desides, by open- 
ing, as you gencrouHly do "an asylum to tho persecuted and oppressed of 
all clImcH", you will in addition to your own native stock* soon receive 
a large ucceuHlon of every kind of merit, philosophical not excepted, 
whereby you will do yoursolves great honour, and secure the most per- 
muueut advantage to tho ccmmunlty. 


Philada, Juno 21** 1704. 
Mr. Barton re^jorted that the leaBo to Pettlo hud been exe- 

Aug.— Sept.— Oct. -^25 1791. 

cuted, and that the one signed and sealed bj Mr. Peale was 
deposited in the hands of the Treasurer. 

1794. Aug. 15. (Duponceau ; Collin, Magaw, Wistar, 
Nassy [sic\ Patterson, Peale, Beauvois.) 

Committee for finishing the two rooms : Vaughan, Ma- 
gaw, Patterson. 

" Dr. Magaw presented to the Society two copies of a dis- 
course delivered by him, July 17, 1794, in the African 
Church of the city of Philadelphia, on the occasion of open- 
ing the said church, and holding public worship in it the 
first time." 

Dr. Devize presented three copies of his " Observations on 
the late Epidemic &c." 

"Resolved that M'. Peale be requested to carry into execution the 1" arti- 
cle agreed to by the Society .... Feby 21, 1794 .... to promote . 
. . more punctual attendance of its members." 

1794. Se^. 19. (Rittenhouse, Andrews, Collin, Peale.) 
A brief report on the treatise on Lead glazing was read 
by Dr. Collin. 

[Here in a very remarkable handwriting occurs] " Dr. Rit- 
tenhouse presented a work sent by the author Carolus 
Ludovicus Heritier in France, stiled — Stirpes Novse Descrip- 
tionibus et Iconibus illustratae." 

1794. Oct 17. (Ruston ; and 12 others.) 

" Essay on the formation of hail, by the Rev*^ M""- James 
Hall of N. Carolina, was presented by D'^- Green and read." 

1794. Oct. 24. (Rittenhouse; McKean, Peal [sfc], An- 
drews, Magaw.) 

Letter of the Minister of France, translated : 

"Phil* Sep. 15, 1794, Joseph Fauchet, Min. Plen. of the French Repub- 
lic to the U. S. to M''. Rittenhouse, President of the A. P. S. 

"Sir, A philosopher as estimable for his republican virtues, as for 


November. 226 1794. 

his knowledge & information acquired by intense studies and laborious 
travels,* was charged by the National Convention to present to the gov- 
ernment of the U. States, the New System of Weights & Pleasures adopted 
by the French Republic. This unfortunate man died in the course of his 
voyage, at Montserrat. 

Your respectable Society will partake of my regret for this irreparable 
loss ; it will lament an affectionate Brother who hoped to present it with 
the labours of his friends. & to be a witness of those you undertake for 
the progress of science and the happiness of Mankind. The extract of a 
letter, which I have inclosed, was found amongst bis Papers ; It informed 
me of the intention of Citizen I'Heritier, & I hasten to fulfill it. 

I send to you, Sir, the valuable Case intended for your Society. It con- 
tains the continuation of a Work, the first part of which was transmitted 
to you by its author, thro the hands of D''. Franklin, on his return from 
Europe. This present will convince you that the sacred fire of Genius is 
supported in France, with as much attention as that of Liberty ; and the 
natural alliance which exists between the Philosophers of two Countries, 
is drawn closer by one additional tie. You could not formerly hold a com- 
merce with us, but on Sciences not applicable to social principles ; and we 
remained Infants in a study so important to human felicity ; whilst you 
were already become men. We are now endeavoring to overtake our 
Friends : and the despotism exercised on the human mind, shall never 
more shackle our amiable & free communication with men who endeavour 
as much to soften, as to instruct themselves. Such is the object which the 
name of your Society announces «fc which, no doubt, it accomplishes, 

" Permit me, Sir, to profit by this occasion, in pa^'ing it that tribute of 
esteem, which every one owes it, who feels himself interested in the pro- 
gress of the Arts & the happiness of his Fellow creatures. 

Signed Fauchet." 

1794. Nov. 7. (Rittenhouse; Joseph Carachof and 11 

"Dr. Collin presented compliments from the Archbiahop 
of Sweden, who in a letter to him has expressed great satis- 
faction in being elected" Ac, &c. 

A paper on the improvement of time keepers by Mr. Rit- 
tenhouse was read. 

Books presented : A systematical treatise of arithmetic, 
by John VinjiU, of Boston, atul a concise history of the hu- 
man Muscles, by Thos. Wright, of Dublin, with letters from 
the authors. 

•<,'ltl«en I)oml>««y, NaliirnlUt. 

t CkTaco/t<, Id MH. mluulva of Jun. 20, 1702, the date of hU otcetluu. 

Nov.-Dec— Jan. ^^ 1791—1795. 

1794. Nov. 21. (Ruston ; and 7 others.) 

A paper on the mode most easily and effectually practica- 
ble of drying up the marshes in the maritime parts of North 
America, by T. Wright, Lie. Coll. Surg. Dublin, was read. 

A letter and paper "containing an analytical view of all 
the late curious & useful discoveries & inventions relating 
to the arts, made in France since the commencement of the 
revolution," from " M. Alex. Lerebours lately from Paris," 
was read. " He also laid before the Society for their perusal 
a number of pamphlets on the same subjects." 

1794. Dec. 5. (Ewing, Andrews, McKean, Parke, Ma- 
gaw, Peale, Dr. Barton, Patterson.) 

Act of Incorporation, &c.,of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society from Mr. Hazard. 

1794. Dec. 26. (Rittenhouse and 14 others.) 

Ed. Bancroft's Experimental Researches concerning the 
philosophy of permanent colors ; and a Treatise on Magne- 
tism, &c., by Ralph Walker, of Jamaica, presented. 

Magellanic Premium. The officers having recommended 
the Paper on an Elevator (Nititor \_sic\ in ardua virtus) " the 
votes were taken by ballot on this performance which was 
crowned with a majority of votes in its favour. The sealed 
letter containing the author's name was then opened, when 
it appeared that Nicholas Collin, of Philadelphia, was the 

1795. Jan'y 2. (Rittenhouse, Williams, Davidson, Dr. 
Barton, W. Barton, Vaughan, Peale, ^llicot, Collin and 


President — Rittenhouse. 

Vice-Presidents — Collin, Ruston, Wistar. 

Secretaries— B2i.vion (W), Bleakley, Magaw, Patterson. 

Councillors- Smith (W.), Smith (J. B.), Currie, White. 

Curators — Barton (B. S.), Parke, Peale. 

Ireasurer — Vaughan. 

Jan.— Feb. -^20 1795. 

1795. Jan'y 16. (Collin, McKean, Boardley, Page, Rus- 
ton, Ellicot, Dr. Barton, Magaw, Davidson, Peale, Patterson, 
Nicholson and Moreau de St. Mery.) 

[M. de St. Mery presented to the Society four wooden 
locks used by the country people of St. Domingo — hair and 
stone balls taken from animals — an Oriental bezoir — ebony 
and cochenille [sic'] from Hispaniola — petrefactions from 
Martinique — small whale-tooth — cocoanut — copper and iron 
ores from the Pyrenees — a little idol from Hispaniola — in- 
sects — and a medal of Louis XVI, July 17, 1789.] 

The Annals of the Society of Scots Antiquaries, and a 
copy of their Minute book, sent by the Earl of Buchan with 
thanks for his election. " Also a cast representing .... 

Election of six new members: Earl of Dundonald ; S. 
"Wheeler, of Philadelphia ; Tim. Pickering, Secretary of 
War, United States ; Robert Leslie, watchmaker, of Phila- 
delphia, now at London ; Gustaf Von Carleson, Sweden ; 
Eevd. Val. Melscheimer, of Hanover, Pennsylvania. 

Nicholson and Patterson to audit Treasurer's accounts. 

1795. Feh'y 6. (Collin, Williams, Ellicott [sic], Ruston, 
McKean, Buchanan, Andrews, Wistar, Peale, M. de St. 
Mery, W. Barton, Patterson.) 

Bust of Rittenhouse. " A letter from M'- Cerrachi [first 
spelled Cerachie & then erased] accompanying a bust in 
marble of the President of the Society executed by M'- 
Cerachi [sic] [first spelled Cerachie & then erased] k by him 
presented to the Society was received." 

Council recommended that measures be taken to publish 
soon papers on hand, and "in future .... an annual pub- 
lication of their Transactions without regard to size." 

Also . ..." to allot .... a certain sum to be disposed 
of in preiniiims to the authors of the best essays or perforni- 
anccH on certain specific Hubjocts of useful Knowledge to bo 
proposed annually by the Society." 

Peb.-March. 229 1796. 

Both recommendations adopted, and the Council (or any 
five of them) to report at the first meeting in March on the 
papers on hand. 

Premiums: Williams, Ellicot, Barton, Ruston, "Wistar, 
Patterson, St. Mery, Collin, Peale, Magaw, W. Barton, and 
Nicholson, a Committee to inform themselves of the state of 
the Society's funds and report : " 1. What premiums the 
Society can consistently offer. 2. What subjects of useful 
knowledge shall at present be proposed as objects of these 

St. Mery presented a silver medal of Louis XV., struck on 
the occasion of the peace of 1763. 

Two elegant specimens of printing in gilt letters: 1. A 
part of Magna Charta on Satin ; 2. The Dream of Scipio on 
deep green satin paper, from Mr. Jno. Beckley. 

1795. Feb'y 20. (Ruston, McKean, Ellicott, Dr. Barton, 
J. B. Smith, Williams, St. Mery, Patterson.) 
" The Committee of twelve" was continued. 

1795. March 6. (Ruston, Collin, Magaw, Wistar, J. B. 
Smith, Ellicott, Bleakley, St. Mery, Nicholson, W. Barton, 
Patterson, Thornton, Williams, Nassey.) 

" On a more effectual way of extinguishing fire" by Sieur 
Varle, was read. 

The Committee of twelve reported several subjects from 
which the Society selected : 

"1. An essay on a sj'stem of liberal education & literary instruction, 
adapted to the genius of tlie government, & best calculated to promote the 
general welfare of the United States : — Comprehending also, a plan for in- 
stituting & conducting public schools in this country on principles of the 
most extensive utility. 

"2. An improvement on ship -pumps. 

"3. The most economical method of warming rooms. 

" 4. The easiest & most expeditious method of computing the longitude 
from lunar observation. 

"5. The best essay on American vegetable dies. 

" 6. The best method of preserving Peach trees from premature decay. " 

March.— April. ■^♦'" 1795. 

"W". Barton, Wistar, Collin, Peale, Patterson, to prepare a 
draft of the premiums " on the above subjects with the re- 
spective terms & conditions on which they will be awarded." 

1795. March 20. (Wistar, EUicott, Vaughan, Peale, 
Barton, Currie, St. Mery, Patterson.) 

Rediger's account £2 •• 6 •• 3 passed. 

Account from the estate of Thos. Clifford, deceased. 
£14 •• 17 •• 6 presented and passed. 

1795. April 3. (Collin; Maddison [sic]^ Bleakley, W. 
Barton, Ellicott, Barton, Patterson.) 

"On wool-bearing animals, by Prof. Anderson of Edin- 
burgh," read. A shawl made of the wool of the common 
goat of Russia presented. 

*' On the aberration, nutation and semi-annual equation of 
the stars, with a number of misc. astro, obs. by M"^- A. 
Ellicot [sic\ was read." 

1795. April 17. (Collin, Nancarrow and 10 others pres- 

Memoirs American Academy Arts and Sciences, Vol. II, 
Part I, received. Exchange of Transactions American 
Philosophical Society, Vol. Ill, ordered. 

Weights and Measures. " A number of printed reports 
presented to the National Convention of France, with a 
decree of the Convention, on the subject .... ]<rcsented 
by M'- Rich. Smith of this city." Adjourned to Thursday 

1795. April 2S. [Special.] (Collin, Pettit, Ellicott, Ma- 
gaw, Burton, Wintar, Nuncarrow, St. Mery, Peale, Bleakley, 

Coinmittco on Premiums (March 6) re{)orted ; but their 
being no quorum for buHincBS, it was deferred. 

May, 231 1795. 

1795. May 1. (Parke, Currie, Wheeler, Andrews, Black- 
well, and 16 others present.) 

The Committee's report was considered and adopted : 

1. On ... . Education .... §100. Papers ret" up to Jan. 1, 1797. 

2. On ... . Longitude .... $70. "Tlie particular view of the So- 
ciety in proposing this subject, is, that the solution of this most useful 
problem may, if possible, be rendered so plain & easy as to be readily 
learned by every mariner, even of moderate capacitj', who understands 
the common rules of arithmetic ; and thus be introduced into general 
practise." Papers rec"* up to May 1, 1796. 

3. On .... Ship-pumps .... $70. "Improvements that may be 
readily applied to the ship-pump in common use will be most likely to be 
adopted by seamen . . . ." Papers rec"* up to April 1, 1796. 

4. " For the best construction of stoves or fireplaces — a premium of $60. 
The principal end .... in view .... is the benefit of the poorer class 
of people, especially of such as live in towns or other places where fuel is 

dear The stove should be cheap & of durable materials ; should 

afford the necessary degree of a salubrious & durable heat, with the least 
expence of fuel possible ; & should be capable of being employed both for 
the purpose of warming the room & cooking provisions for the family. 

"The Society have been informed that stoves made of brick are, 
in many respects, superior to those made of metal ; especially in the 
saving of fuel, and preserving a more equable degree of heat." Papers 
rec<» up to Jan. 1, 1797. 

5. On Preservation of ... . Peach trees .... $60 ; — up to Jan. 1, 

6. On ... . American vegetable dies, " accompanied with an accurate 
account or description of the vegetables employed .... $90." Papers 
rec* up to Feby 1, 1798. 

7. " For the best construction, or improvement of lamps, especially for 
lighting the Streets, .... $50." Papers rec" up to July 1, 1796. 

General conditions. — 1. Name & residence in a sealed letter, only to be 
opened if successfull. — 3. Nothing already patented or rewarded entitled 
to a premium. — 3. Money, or a gold or silver medal, optional with the can- 
didate. — 4. Right reserved to adjudge a part only of the premium money, 
for an essay of " no merit above what may have been already published 
on the subject. The candidates may however be assured that the Society 
will always judge liberally of their several claims." 

1795. May 15. (CJollin and 8 others.) 

" On the expansion of wood by heat" by Rittenhouse, 

" An authentic picture of Copernicus" on the lid of " a 

June— July. -<^2 I795. 

box of Yew ;" " and on the inside one of Xapier ;" sent by 
the Earl ot Bucban ; who " consecrates this curious piece of 
furniture to the Society ; desiring however that D'- Ritten- 
house should have the use & custody of it during his life, 
producing it occasionally' when he thinks proper." 

Dr. Dan. Gross of New York, sent a copy of his Princi- 
ples of Rectitude. Memoirs Royal Astronomical Society, 
Turin, Vol. V (1790-1) received. Transactions American 
Philosophical Society, Yol. Ill, ordered sent in return. 

Mr. Peale received permission to exhibit the Rittenhouse 
bust at the Exhibition of the American Academy of Arts, 
" on his obtaining the consent of the President." 

1795. June 19. (Ruston, Hazard, "W". Barton, Nancar- 
row, Duffield, Barton, Nassey, St. Mery, Bleakley, Beau- 
vois, Patterson.) 

Mease on Hydrophobia; Mosely on "West India diseases, 
and on Cofi'ee (fifth edition); Caldwell's translation of Blu- 
menbach's Institutes received. 

Essay on Ship- pumps ; for the prize ; A. L. 0. T. A. 

Dr. Nassey wrote that he intended returning to Surinam, 
and wished to be useful to the Society there. 

" An easy way of determining the true place of a planet 
.... directly from the mean anomaly by converging 
series" by Rittenhouse, was read. 

An Inaug. Diss, on the Phytolaria decandria (Pond weed) 
by Dr. B. Schultz, was received. 

1795. July 17. (Ruston and 8 others.) 

Communications road : 

Additional Observations on wool-bearing animals and 
naniplo of tt West India sheep's wool ; 

"lleftds of a plan for establishing a universal written 
language" with hooks; also — 

Samples of East Indian areca nuts; some of which were 

Aug.— Sept. 2oO 1795. 

given to Bartram's garden & some planted by Dr. Collin in 
his own ; from Dr. Anderson, of Colefield, near Leath. 

Ebeling's U. S. Geography, Vol. II. Thanks ordered to 
Anderson, and to Ebeling. 

" Improvement on Ship-pumps" for the premium. Sig- 
nature Ctesebes. 

1795. Aug. 21. (Peale ; and 6 others.) 

A new and easy way of calculating logarithms ; a paper 
from Rittenhouse. 

Additional observation on preventing the decay of Peach 
trees in a letter from H. Guest, of Brunswick ; also on the 
use of leather for shingling roofs and for copper in sheathing 
ships' bottoms. 

A Meteorological instrument, wheel barometer (" the tube 
broken"), thermometer and hygrometer combined, was sent 
by Ch. Goring, of London. Thanks ordered. 

Lorimer's (of London) Essay on Magnetism, from the 
author, and Cowley's Solid Geometry, from the editor, 
Jones, of London ; also Jones' description of a new portable 
Orrery. Thanks ordered. 

Special meeting of officers called for second Friday, Sep- 
tember 7 p. M. 

Description of a new plant, Heterandra uniformis^ found 
near I*hiladelphia, by Mr. Beau vols, read. 

1795. Sep.\%. (Beauvois, Barton, Vaughan, Peale, "Wis- 
tar, Patterson.) 

Communications for the Magellanic premium. 

On prevention of premature decay of Peach trees; Modestus, 

Improvement of Ships' windlasses ; Americus. 

Carre's Essay on the Natural History of St. Domingo, 
fro in the author. Mr. Bleakley was directed to acknowledge 
the receipt of the above donations. 

Officers ordered to report list of papers worthy to be pub- 
lished in Vol. IV. 

Oct.— Nov. 234: 1795. 

The officers having met September 11, and recommended 
as an immediate step toward publishing a contract witli 
some printer " to execute the work without any expence to 
the Society — he delivering to the Society a certain number 
of copies to be distributed as donations to other similar So- 
cieties and the Society transferring to him a copyright to 
the publication. The above recommendation was agreed to, 
& the Treasurer, M"- Vaughan, was appointed to receive pro- 
posals .... & report . . . ." 

1795. Oct. 2. (Peale ; Currie, St. Mery, Magaw, Bleakley, 
Barton, Beauvois, Patterson.) 

Officers reported a list of papers for publication, and it 
was filed with the papers. The following new communica- 
tions were read ; 

An inquiry into the causes of the unwholesomeness of 
low & marshy situations . . . ., by Dr. Currie. 

An account of an American Dipus or Jerboa, by Dr. 

St. Mery presented Vol. VI, Laws of St. Domingo. 

1795. Oct. 16. (9 present.) 

Stewart and Cochran's bill for printing at different times 
4000 blank notices, £4 •• 6 •• 3, allowed. 

Further observation on the preservation of Peach trees, 
and on sundry other subjects in another letter from II. 
Guest, of Brunswick. 

On hearths; for the premium. [No signature given.] 

1795. Nov. 6. (Collin, Barton, Currie, Peale, Patterson.) 
Fulham's Essay on Combustion, &c., presented. 

1795. Nov. 10. (Wirttur, Williams, Nancarrow,EHicott, 
Peale, Bleakley, Patterson.) 
Ou the baromotrical measurement of the Blue Kidge, 

Dec-Jan. 235 1795-1796. 

Warm Spring and Alleghany Mountains, in 1791, with a 
journal of observations, by Jon. Williams, read. 

Specification of a machine for spinning flax, hemp or tow, 
by Peter Craig, read. 

Spanish translation of Williams' Use of the Thermometer 
in Navigation (Transactions American Philosophical So- 
ciety, Vol. Ill), with a review of it by one of the Directors 
of the Marine Academy of Spain, presented. Also Jones' 
pamphlet on various methods of finding a true meridian 

1795. Dec. 4. (Collin, Parke, Barton, Currie, Ellicott, 
Peale, Patterson.) 

Cases of cure; two letters from Henry Guest, read. 

Miscellaneous Observations on the Western countries, par- 
ticularly in the neighborhood of Lake Erie ; paper from 
Ellicot [sic\ read. 

On hoar frost ; paper by Dr. Caldwell, Philadelphia, read. 

1795. Dec. 18. (Parke, Barton, Ellicott, Dr. Stevens, 
Bleakley, J. B. Smith, Patterson.) 

Cases of cure ; letter from Henry Guest, read. 
Effects of heat and vitiated air in the production of dis- 
eases ; paper from Dr. W. Barnwell, Philadelphia, read. 

1796. Jan'y 1. (Rittenhouse, and 10 others.) 


President — Rittenhouse. 

Vice-Presidents — Collin, W. Smith, C. Wistar. 

Curators — Peale, B. S. Barton, Parke. 

Councillors — Blackwell, McKean, Davidson, Kuhn. 

Secretaries — Magavv, W. Barton, Bleakley, Patterson. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

Jan.— Feb. •<^^6 1796. 

1796. Jan'y 15. (18 present.) 

Election of 15 new members: Dr. Grassi, late of Bor- 
deaux, now of Philadelphia ; Dr. Deveze,* physician of the 
late Hospital at Bushhill ;t Dr. Bedford, of Pittsburgh ; 
Is. Briggs, of Montgomery county, Maryland ; La Roche- 
foucauld Liancour \sic\ Mem. Societe d'Agriculture, Paris, 
now of Philadelphia ; Dr. Hugh Hodge, Philadelphia ; J. M. 
le Fessier de Grandpre ; John F. Mifflin ; Tench Coxe ; and 
Rich. Peters Smith, of Philadelphia ; F. W. Le Comte,:}: of 
Paris; Jas. Ed. Smith, M.D., F.R.S., President Linnaean So- 
ciety ; Citizen Adet, Minister Plenipotentiary French Re- 
public to United States; W. Dandridge Peck, Kittery, 
Kew Hampshire ; Jas. Woodhouse, M.D., Professor Chem- 
istry, University, Pennsylvania. 

Fifteenth case of cure of cancer ; letter from Guest, read. 

A pair of globes, " more accurate than any hitherto con- 
structed," as soon as ready, would be given to the Society by 
"W. Jones, London ; letter read from him to that effect. 

Calculating the Longitude ; letter from candidate for the 
premium, read. 

Barton, Patterson, Auditing Committee, " to consider the 
propriety of vesting the balance .... in deferred stock, or 
Bome other kind of productive fund, and report . . . ." 

St. Mery'a two pamphlets on horse breeding. 

All the numbers of the Courier de la France up to date, 
presented by St. Mery, with a promise of continuance. 

1796. Feb'y 5. (Maddison [sic], McKean, Tench Coxe, 
Dr. Grassi, Citizen Adet, Liancourt, Deveze and 13 others 

Audit — Balance, December 8, £85 •• 8 •• 11, " belonging to 
the proper funds of the Society, and .£207 •• 10 •• 8 belonging 
to the Magollunic fund." Motion that tliis last bo invested 

• Origin of Kowocit. 
f For yoll')w fovor pntlontM of 'OT. 

IThU tiBmv In prliilud In (,'iiliiloKun of Miirch, 1H80, iin F. H, Lu Conilo. In tho 
orlgiuAl ifilnulo* Ihc lultvr iieauiH uturu llku W tliun i/. 

February. 237 1798. 

in the Insurance Company of North America laid on the 

Experiments and Observations relating to the analysis of 
atmospheric air, by Dr. Priestley, paper read. 

Thos. Dobson's proposal: Will give for the Society's 
copyright of Vol. IV, 100 copies in boards. Will open 
a subscription ; the price of a copy in boards to be $2, if 
within six months of time of publication ; and $3, if not 
subscribed for. 

"Two Indian leggings of buckskin ornamented with In- 
dian's hair and porcupine quills, from a nation of Indians 
high up the Missouri who never but once saw a white man," 
and given by Zenon Trudeaux, Commandant of St. Louis to 
Judge Turner, was sent by Judge Turner to the Society. 

"An Indian pipe of curious workmanship made of some 
kind of stone of a beautiful flesh colour, and inlaid with 
pewter," was presented through D""- Collin. 

A French pamphlet on the Prisons of Philadelphia, by a 
European, with an English translation, published by St. 
Mery, was presented by him. 

De Brahm's Apocalyptic Gnomon ; and later Vols, of 
Encyclopedia to Vol. XV ; presented by Mr. Dobson. 

1796. FeVy 19. (Smith, Vice-President ; Collin, Priest- 
ley, Ellicot [sic\ Andrews, St. Mery, Parke, B. S. Barton, 
Bleakley, De Liancour, Page, Blackwell, Vaughau, Peale, 
Magaw, Patterson.) 

" The generation of air from water" a paper by Dr. Priest- 
ley, was read. 

" Indian antiquities & an account of them" were pre- 
sented with a letter from Col. Sergeant of the Western 
Territory, and entrusted to Dr. Barton, who wished to pre- 
pare drawings of them for the Society. 

The investment of the Magellanic Fund in N'orth Ameri- 
can Insurance Company was called up and agreed to. 

A French description and drawing of a new animal dis- 

March— April. 238 


covered by M. Beauvois in New Jersey, was ordered to be 
translated for reading before the Society. 

" Mr. Peale presented to the Society a young son of four 
months and four days old, being the first child born in the 
Philosophical Hall, and requested that the Society would 
give him a name. On which the Society unanimously agreed 
that, after the name of the chief founder & late President 
of the Society, he should be called Franklin.'" 

1796. March 4. (Collin, Peale, Coxe, Magaw, Vaughan, 
Hodge, Alison {sic\ Grassi, De Liancourt, Page, Wood- 
house, Parke, Ellicot [sic\ W. Barton, Patterson.) 

Beauvois' paper (in English), was read. 

1796. March 18. (Priestley, Peale, Hodge, Beauvois, R. 
Smith, Magaw, Woodhouse, Vaughan, Patterson.) 

*' A geometric demonstration of the common rule for ex- 
tracting the square root," in a letter from Isaac Story, of 
Marblehead, was read. 

1796. April 1. (Wistar, Ellicot [sic\ "Woodhouse, Adet, 
Peale, Currie, R. Smith, Page, Patterson.) 

" On a remarkable stratagem of a little bird called the 
Janus ezantitor" in a letter from Mr. John Heckewelder, of 
Bethlehem, was read. 

1796. April lb. (McKean, Woodhouse, Coxe, Ellicot [sic], 
Vaughan, Wheeler, Priestley, Peale, Magaw, Barton, Col- 
lin, Patterson, St. Mery, Parko, R. Smith, Ruston, Deveze.) 

Election of five new members : The Chov. C. R. Freir6, 
MiniHter of Portugal to United State.-^ ; Alex. Loribours, 
late of Paris, now of Philadelphia*; A. J. Larocque; Mr. 
Talleynind Porigord ; Revd. Mr. Jas. Abercrombie,of Phila- 

* In OaUlogtM of Mftroh, IfttO, •polled Ltr«bour$. 

May— July. -^^^ 1T96. 

Treasurer reported the purchase of 33 shares of North 
American Insurance Company at $15 = $495, "from 
moneys in his hands arising from the Magellanic 
Fund . . . ." 

1796. May 6. (Wiatar, Priestley, Deveze, Leribours, 
Ruston, Ellicott, Wheeler, Patterson, Coxe, Peale, R. Smith.) 

A working model of an improved ship's pump, offered by 
John Blanch, for the Society's premium. 

A new method of treating effusions under the skull after 
fractures, an essay by Dr. Deveze. 

Time for receiving papers on Lunar Latitude and Ship's 
pumps, extended to January 1, 1797; for papers on Lamps, 
extended to April 1, 1797. 

" Corresponding Secretaries" Barton and Bleakley ordered 
to republish an abstract of the conditions respecting the 
Magellanic premium, and of the premiums offered by this 
Society, in the newspapers, and in 200 handbills for distri- 

1796. May 20. (Currie, Bleakley, Barton, Andrews, 
"W"oodhouse, St. Mery, Abercrombie, Peale, Deveze, R. 
Smith, Davidson, AVheeler, Duffield, Magaw, Wistar, 
Vaughan, Patterson.) 

Books presented: St. Mery's Descrip. top. et pol. de la 
partie Espagnole de S. Domingue, I, II ; and his Danse ; J. 
Ingen-llousz's Essay on the food of plants. 

"Conjectures &c [on Sergeant's donations]" by Dr. Bar- 
ton in a letter to Dr. Priestley.* 

1796. July 1. Special Meeting on Rittenhouse's death. 
(Adet, Nicholson, Matlack, White and 22 others.) 

Resolved "That this Society, deeply affected by the death of their late 
■worthy President, do resolve — That an Eiilogium, commemorative of his 
distinguished talents & services, be publickly pronounced . . . ." 

•Vide minutes Feb. 19, 1796. 

July-Aug. 2-lO 1796. 

1796. July 5. Special Meeting to appoint the orator. 
(W. Smith, Duponceau, and 20 others.) 

" The Society proceeded to the election of a member to 
prepare & pronounce the Eulogium . . . . D'- Benjamin 
Rush was duly chosen." Collin and Patterson to inform 
him of the fact. 

1796. July 15. (MclCean, Chairman ; Bleakley, St. 
Mery, Pettit, Wheeler, Hodge, Ellicott, Barton, W. Barton, 
Peale, Nancarrow, Woodhouse, Currie, Patterson.) 

Books: Thirteen dissertations, from Thornberger, Presi- 
dent of the Upsal University ; St. Mery's St. Domingo, and 
an Inaugural Dissertation on fever by Dr. Caldwell. 

Catalogue of the books belonging to the Society, pre- 
sented, in the form of a draught by Mr. Peale. Bleakley 
and St. Mery, a Committee "to assist the Curators in com- 
paring the above with the titles of the Books and correcting 
the same where necessary." 

*' Telegraph erected between London «& Deale," drawing 
and description, in a letter from H. Hill. 

Election of five new members: Dr. Isaac Cathrall, L. E. 
Duhail, M.D., Consul for Maryland ; Don Joseph de Jau- 
dennes [titles]; Joanne Paptista [sic] Cunat, D. C. L., Pro- 
fessor University, Valencia ; Don Luis de Urbina, Captain- 
General, Valencia, and President Royal Society, Valencia. 

1796. Aug. 19. (Coxa, Peale, Ellicott, Abercrombie, "Wood- 
horae, Wistar, Barton, Vaughan, R. P. Smith, Magaw, Pat- 

Bleakley and St. Mery to report on the expediency and 
expense of printing the Catalogue. 

Ebeling's Geog. k Hist, description of America; Transac- 
tioHH Phihida. College Phyaiciaue, Vol. I, Part 1; thanks 
ordered for both. 

Jetterson's letter to Rittenhouse [dcceasodj, describing 

September. -"4:1 1796. 

Bones of extraordinary size found beyond the Blue Moun- 
tains in Virginia, " appearing to be of the Tyger-lion & 
Panther species," was read by Dr. Barton. 

Valltraver's [sic] letter to Jefterson, from Altona, Sep- 
tember 16, 1796, " proposing an exchange of subjects of natu- 
ral history." A draft of an answer ordered. 

" The causes why the countries in the U. S. are much 
colder in winter than those in the same latitudes in Europe," 
and " Why the eastern sides of both the northern continents 
are colder than the western," a paper by Dr. Barnwell, was 

The Society's Achromatic Telescope, was ordered to be 
lent to the Secretary of State, " for the use of the Commis- 
sioners in determining the southern boundary between the 
U. S. & the Spanish territory," " the Curators taking a re- 
ceipt therefor, with an obligation to replace the same with 
one of equal goodness in case of any accident happening 

1796. Sept. 16. (Peale, Coxe, Yaughan, Hodge, Barton, 
"W. Barton, Woodhouse, Currie, Bleakley, R. P. Smith, Pat- 

An improvement in street lamps suggested, in a letter 
from John Hall, of Trenton. 

" Supplementum Indicis florae Lancastriensis," by H. 
Muhlenberg, presented and ordered for publication. 

Jaudennes and Cunat acknowledged " receipt of their 

" Hints relative to the Stimulant efi:ects of Camphor upon 
vegetables," by Dr. Barton, read. 

" Facts relative to Henry Moss, a white negroe [sic], now 
in this city," by Dr. Barton, read. 

Coxe, W. Barton, Bleakley, Patterson, Committee to 
"confer with M'*- Rittenhouse on a proposal made by her 
through D''- Barton relative to investing the Observatory of 
the late President in the Society." 


October. ^^ 1796. 

" Observations made with a small zenith sector of 20 
inches radius on old French landing at Presqu' Isle to deter- 
mine the latitude of the town of Erie," by Mr. Ellicott, 

1796. Oct.l. (Williams, Woodhouse,Yaughan, Barton, 
W. Barton, Magaw, Grassi, Adet, Peale, Bleakley, Wistar, 

Perkinson's proposal, in Valtraver's [sici letter, answer of 
the Secretaries, read and ordered forwarded ; also Perkinson's 
proposal " to be printed in some of the Papers which have 
the most extensive circulation throughout the U. S." 

Peale added to the Catalogue Committee. 

Mrs. Rittenhouse having expressed to the Committee "a 
desire to invest in the Society the Observatory, with a cer- 
tain quantity of ground leading thereto, 

"Resolved that this Society will with the greatest pleasure accept of the 

Corresponding Secretaries ordered to distribute " through- 
out the U. S. & Europe the papers containing the premiums 
ofiered by the Society . . . ." 

" A communication from M""- W. Crowley Jourdan rela- 
tive to the Longitude was presented by D*"- Magaw." Aber- 
crombie, Patterson, Magaw to confer with Jourdan. 

Barton and Magaw " to wait on Jy- Smith and apply to 
liim for such books and papers belonging to the Society, as 
may be in hie possession." 

1796. Od. 21. (McKean, St. Mery, Morgan, Andrews, 
Blackwell, Whcler [sic], Cathral [sic], llutchius, and 19 
Others = 27.) 

Catalogue Committee reported in favor of printing the 
Catalogue, estimating the expense for 600 copies at |80. 
Committee ordered to revise the copy, abridge the titles and 
" particularize the edition of each work." 

Nov.— Dec. -"^d 1798. 

"Resolved, that in future when anj' candidate for membership shall have 
been postponed at two elections, his name shall be considered as with- 

Committee " to confer with Jourdan relative to his paper 
on the discovery of longitude," desired to report next meet- 

Election of a new member: Dr. C. Caldwell. 

Gustavus Carlson's " Museum Carlsonianum," 2 Vols., pre- 
sented ; 3d Vol. kept back for binding. 

1796. Nov. 4. (12 present.) 

R. Smith substituted for Peale on Catalogue Committee. 

Recording Secretary ordered to present a schedule of busi- 
ness referred to Committees, unreported. Barton and W. 
Barton requested to report on their business, March 19th. 

1796. Nov, 18. (Wistar, Rush, Peale, Duffield, Patter- 

Journal des Arts et Manufactures, eight numbers, pre- 
sented. Thanks to M. Lerebours ordered. 

Dr. Rush reported that he had prepared the Eulogium on 
Rittenhouse ; Bleakley, Vaughan, Peale, Magaw, Patterson, 
appointed to report a time and place for its delivery. 

Endiometric experiments and observations on sea and 
land, at different seasons, by Dr. Adam Seybert; paper read 
by Dr. Wistar. 

1796. Dec. 2. (Smith, Wistar, Rush, Bleakley, Lian- 
court, St. Mery, Peale, Barton, Patterson.) 

Eulogium Committee reporting " they had obtained the 
privilege of the [First] Presbyterian church in Market 
street," " proposed Saturday the 17'** instant at noon . . . ." 
[Here follows a list of invitations, as in the case of the 
Eulogy on Franklin, commencing with "The President of 
the U. S. & his family," and closing with " College of Phy- 

December. 2i4 1796. 

sicians, Family of M"- Rittenhouse, M'^- Benjamin Ritten- 
house, Family of D*- Rush."] — " The former Com. to be con- 
tinued for the purpose of carrying the above into eifect." 

" M*"- Yaughan from the Committee relative to the insur- 
ing of the Hall, reported that the insurance could be effected 
by the Ins. Co. of N. A. at 30 cents on 100 dollars on house 
or furniture per annum." 

St. Mery presented a copy of " Idee generale . * . des 
sciences ... a I'usage de la Jeunesse, 12™^" 

Ordered, that the Society meet at their Ilall at 11 a. m. 
December 17th, and proceed to the Church. 

1796. Dec, 16. (16 present.) 

Pea le and Yaughan "appointed to superintend & direct 
the introduction of the public bodies &c to their seats to- 
morrow in the Church . . . ." 

"It was moved & agreed that certain characters highly 
respectable, who have not yet been invited, should have 
tickets of invitation sent to them as soon as possible, viz. 
M'- Boudinot, Director of the Mint, D""- Way, Treasurer of 
the Mint, M'- Meredith, Treas. U. S., M""- Steele, Comptroller 
of the Treasury, M""- Harrison, Auditor of the Treasury, M""- 
Nourse, Register of the Treasury, M'- Francis, Purveyor of 
the Treasury, M""- Habersham, Postmaster General, M""- Lee, 
Attorney General." 

A Committee to amend existing rules for adjudging the 
Magellanic premium: Ingeraoll, Dr. Smith, Patterson, Coxe 
and Williams. 

Jourdan could give to the Committee on his letter, no 
further information than was contained in the letter itself. 

TheMicljaux Committee (April, 1703,) reported that " M""- 
Michuux'a pro^WHcd plan .... had failed." 

"The Society continue this prcHont meeting by a<ljourn- 
ment till this day fortnight." 

December. ^^5 1796. 

1796. Dec. 17. at 11 a. m. (31 present.) 

Procession to the Church. Eulogiura on Rittenhouse bj 
Dr. Rush, " before a crowded & respectable audience." 

Return to the Hall. Thanks voted to Dr. Rush " for his 
eloquent, learned, comprehensive &just Eulogium . . . ." 
and copy requested for publication. Thanks also to " the 
Corporation of the First Presbyterian Church" for the " use 
of their large elegant Building on High street . . . ." 

1796. Dec. 21. Special Meetivg. [Continued by adjourn- 
ment.] (15 present.) 

Committee to agree with a Bookseller for printing the 
Eulogiura, "reserving to the Society a certain number of 
copies for .... donations, and stipulating for the right of 
having it reprinted and inserted by the printer of their 
Transactions in one of their volumes." Bleakley, Patterson, 
"W". Barton, Committee of arrangement to draw on the 
Treasurer for expenses incurred. 

1796. Dec. 30. Adjourned Meetivg. (Doctors Smith, 
Collin, Barton, Woodhouse, Cathrall, Magaw, Wistar, and 
Messrs. W. Barton, Blakeley, Patterson, Peale, Williams.) 

" Remarks on Education .... Virtue & Wisdom .... 
Liberal Education," &c. A dissertation presented. 

" A letter to the A. P. S. in answer to their first prize 
question .... best system of Liberal Education & Literary 
Instruction," &c. 

" Essay on Education," " contents on 2^ page," in all 200 

" Sealed letters accompany the above severally." 

Committee reported any change in the rules inexpedient. 

"On fireplaces ;" a communication for the premium. 

Rules reported by the ofiicers, at a meeting held on the 
23d inst., considered and postponed. Notice of final dis- 
cussion at a following meeting ordered. 

January. ^4b 1797 

1797. Jan'y 6. 2-5 p. m. (J. Vaughan, R. Patterson, C. 
W. Peale, T. Coxe \sic], W. Barton, J. Williams, Bickley, 
St. Mery, R. P. Smith, Prof. Jas. Davidson, Blakely [sfc], 
J. Abercrombie, J. B. Smith, Wheeler, Pao:e, of Virginia ; 
Doctors Caldwell, Carrie, Barton, Duffield, Woodhouse, Col- 
lin, W. Shippen, W. White, S. Magaw, and Hugh William- 
son, of North Carolina. 

Messrs. Tench Cox {sie\ C. W. Peale and W. Barton, 
Judges of the Annual Election. 

President — Thomas Jefterson. 

Vice-Presidents — Caspar Wistar, Ben. Rush, Nich. Collin. 

Secretaries — W. Barton, J. Bleaklej, S. Magaw, Jon. Wil- 

I'reasurer — J. Vaughan. 

Curators— G. W. Peale, Dr. B. S. Barton, Prof. Rob. Pat- 

Councillors for 3 years — Tench Cox {sic\ Revd. Jas. Aber- 
crombie Rich. P. Smith. 

1797. JarCy 20. (J. B. Smith, De Liancourt, Lelabour 
[«tc]. Dr. Is. Cathrall, and 16 others.) 

Election of seven new members : Thos. C. James, Adam 
Sejbert, M.D., and S. II. Smith, printer of the " New 
World" newspaper, of Philadelphia; John Newnan, M.D., 
of Salsbury [sic\ North Carolina; Andrews Everardus Van 
Braam Ilouckgeest, of Bristol, Pennsylvania, formerly Presi- 
dent Society of Harlem in Ilollanil, member and author of 
Travels of the Dutch Embassy in China; Mozard, Consul 
French Republic at Boston ; M. Volnoy, author of " the 
Ruins of Empire," &c., and i'rofossor of the French National 

Letter respecting tlio Prize subject of Education, intro- 
ducing a DisBcrtation with the signature " Academicus," but 
without view to competition. 

^ Short account of the Situation, soil, productions, &c. of 

Jan.— Feb. -^4:' 1797. 

the State of Tenassee [sic]" by John Newnan ; reading of 
this MS. postponed. 

Nominations ordered for the next meeting, out of which 
at the following meeting, the annual orator should be 

1797. Jan'2/ 27. (Dr. Priestley, Seybert, Beauvois, R. P. 
Smith and 8 others.) 

Rules proposed by the officers, read and amended to read. 

1. All By-Laws & Regulations in the Minutes not already obsolete shall 
be collected in the Book of the fundamental Articles of Charter, to be 
kept on tlie table during meetings. 

2. A tabular "statement of the buisness [sic'] directed by the Constitu- 
tion or Laws, or otherwise, to be transacted at certain periods, shall be 
annexed to the Laws." 

3. Not more than one hour at any stated meeting shall be allotted for 
incidental business ; Unfinished business to be adjourned to the next or an 
extra meeting, unless otherwise unanimously ordered. 

4. A Record Book of all Important verbal communications to be kept by 
the Secretaries. 

5. Any member, at a stated meeting, may propose a question on any 
Philosophical Subject, to be entered in a Book. At a future meeting, after 
other business, members shall be called on to state their sentiments or 
observations on the question, & a summary of the most interesting re- 
corded in the Book. 

Secretaries " directed to carry into effect Rules 1 and 2, 
and provide a Book answerable to Rules 4 and 5." 

" Remarks on Education, illustrating the close Connection 
of Virtue & Wisdom," taken up for examination and about 
a third part of it read. Note. " Call the above, Num. 1." 
[Here a blank page is left.] 

1797. Feb'y 3. (Smith (W), Collin, Caldwell, Beauvois, 
Bleakley^, AV. Burton, Seybert, Alex. Le Rebour [sic]. New- 
nan, Mr. Smith, Currie, Peale, Patterson, Abercrombie, St. 
Mery, Dr. Cather (Dr. Catherall, written in a later and 
another hand). Dr. James, Davidson, Wistar, Magaw.) 

The reading of Prize essay No. 1 finished, and referred to 

February. Z4o 1787. 

Bleakley, Davidson and Magaw to report "an Analasis 
[sic] or compendious View of the Performance." 

Agreed to keep the nomination open for annual orator 
until the time of beginning to elect ; and that a majority of 
members present elect ; if no election, then balloting for the 
three highest. 

Dr. Priestley was elected orator. Date agreed on, the last 
Saturday of December. W. Barton, Patterson, Magaw, 
Committee to inform Dr. Priestley. 

Committee on Mrs. Rittenhouse's Deed of ground asked, 

John Ormrod, stationer, having delivered the stipulated 
number of copies of the Eulogium, " The Society entertain 
a due sense of his punctuality & handsome execution of the 
business — " but " deem it right to return to M""- Ormrod 206 
copies," in excess of their need for donations. — 100 were en- 
trusted to W. Barton, Vaughan and Lerebour [sic], a Com- 
mittee of Distribution "abroad." 

Communications signed "A," — " Freedom," — "Economy," 
— were received. 

1797. Feb'y 10. (W. Smith, Peale, Newnan, Yaughan, 
"NVistar, Beauvois, Magaw and Judge Turner from the 
Northwestern Territory.) 

The Oration Committee had " waited on D"^- Priestley last 
Monday forenoon, who received the information with great 
jK)litene88, but declined accepting of the upjtointment." 

Jefferson's letter from Monticello, Virginia, " expressing 
in tlio most iK)lito terms the sense he entertained of the 
Honour done him at the late election, in choosing hira 
PreBidcut — with sundry other interesting }>articulars." 

Essay on Education, No. 2, was read as far as " 7 sections 
complete, in 92 pages." 

" A variety of very curious & interesting articles from dif- 
ferent parts of the Western Country — particularly from 
Miflsouri, Missisippi [sic] and Tenosseo {_sic], tending to 

February. ■^49 17J7. 

throw some illustration on the Indian Antiquities of N. A. 
were presented by Judge Turner" who undertakes to label 
them all soon. " Honorable mention waa made of the above." 

" Note, see pag. 148." [On pp. 147, 148, 157, in minutes 
of February 24, is the list of twenty-five articles.] 

*'The Slated business of the evening being closed, inci- 
dental conversation for some time ensued on Philosophical 

1797. FeVy 17. (Page, of Virginia; Judge Turner, 
Peale, Dr. Barton, Nancarrow, Beauvois, Rich. Smith, Le- 
geau [sic], J. B. Smith, James, Seybert, Collin, Wistar, W. 
Barton, Patterson, S. Smith, Magaw.) 

Mr. Hobrow's paper on the best construction of street 
lamps, dated Middleton Point, Monmouth county, New 
Jersey, October 1, 1796, was read. 

Dr. Barton was chosen annual orator. 

" Calculations relative to grist & saw mills .... quantity 
of water .... given head .... in order to ascertain the 
dimensions of a new invented steam-engine intended to give 
motion to water-wheels .... where there is no fall, & but 
a very small stream or spring," by Dr. Nancarrow, received 
and reading postponed, " but honorable mention madeof the 
author's favour done to the Society." 

"Remarks, instructions and examples relating to the lat. 
& long., variation &c.," a treatise by Thos. Truxtoue * [sic\. 
Thanks ordered. 

Dr. Barton accepts. 

" Dutrait,t Consul," acknow^ledges his diploma by letter 
dated "Norfolk, Pluviose 6'^ 5'^ year of the French Repub- 
lic (Jan'y 26, 1797)." 

Newnan's communication (January 20), read. 

" An electrical machine to produce flame by the sudden 
contact of the electrical fluid with inflammable air or gas," 

* Of Revolutionary fame. 

t This name occurs elsewhere in several places as Duhail. 

February. ^50 1797. 

some time ago presented by M""- Legaux to M""- Wm. 

Rawle, is now presented, with M'- Legaux's consent, to the 

Society, with a letter from Rawle to Wistar. "Respectful 

acknowledgments," ordered. 

Jefferson's letter of acceptance read again, and ordered on 

the minutes. [Here follow the letter of the Secretaries to 

Jefferson, 1| pages, and Jefferson's reply, 3 pages, large open 


Philadelphia, Jan'y 7, 1797. 

We have the pleasure of informing you, that at the annual Election of 
Officers of the American Philosophical Society for promoting useful 
knowledge, held at Philadelphia, on the 6"" lost., you were chosen 
President of that respectable Institution. 

The Society, Sir, cannot soon forget the loss they sustained by the 
death of the late worthy and ingenious D. Rittenhouse. But after express- 
ing their grief on this melancholy occasion, they look forward, with this 
consoling reflection, that in the same Chair from which two American 
Philosophers have successively instructed them and the World, a Third is 
now seated, by whose Genius and knowledge, our National Name will 
preserve a distinguished place in the annals of Science. 

Permit us. Sir, on this occasion to express our satisfaction in this pleas- 
ing Event, and in being the Organs by which the Society announce their 

We are with sentiments of Esteem & Respect, 

Your obed'. Servants. 
S. M. 
J. W. 
W. B. 
J. B. 
BeeretarxM of the Amer. Phil. Sociy. 

Mr. Jefferson's Answer. 

MONTICELLO, Jany 28'\ 1707. 


I hav« <luly rocolved your favour of the 7"* instant, informing me, that 
the Ainoricun I'hiloHophlcul Society have been pleased to name mo their 
Pr«"Hld<,'iit. Tlie HUflrage of a body wliicli coinpnOjendH whatever the 
Americjin World haH of dlHlinrtion in PhiloHophy & Science in general, is 
the incmt fluttrring incident of my life, and tliat to whicli I am the most 
lentlblo. My HaiiHfuctlun would bu coinplote, were it not for the conscious- 

February. 251 1797. 

ness that it is far beyond my titles. I feel no qualification for this dis- 
tinguished Post, but a sincere zeal for all the Objects of our institution, 
and an ardent desire to see knowledge so disseminated through the mass 
of mankind, that it may at length reach the extremes of Society, beggars, 
and kings. — I pray you, Gentlemen, to testify for me, to our body my sense 
of their favour, and my dispositions to supply by zeal what I may be defi- 
cient in the other qualifications proper for their service, and to be assured 
that your testimony cannot go beyond my feelings. 

Permit me to avail myself of this opportunity of expressing the sincere 
Grief I feel for the loss of our beloved Rittenhouse. Genius, Science, 
modesty, purity of morals, simplicity of manners, marked him one ot Na- 
ture'sbest samples of the Perfection she can cover under the human form. 
Surely, no Society, till ours, within the same compass of time, ever had to 
deplore the loss of two such members as Franklin & Rittenhouse. Frank- 
lin, our Patriarch, whom Philosophy & Philanthropy announced the first 
of men, and whose name will be like a star of the first magnitude in the 
flrmanent of heaven, when the memory of those who have surrounded & 
obscured him, will be lost in the Abyss of time. 

With the most affectionate attachment to their memory ; and with sen- 
timents of the highest Respect to the Society, and to yourselves person- 
ally, I have the Honour to be. 

Your most obedient 

and most humble Servan* 
Signed Th. Jefferson. 

1797. Feb'y 24. Adjourned Meeting. (11 present.) 

Essay on Education (No, 2); reading finished. 

Letter to the American Philosophical Society (No. 3), read 
in part. 

List of Western curiosities, presented by Judge Turner, 
February 10. Indian boy's leggings; calumet; conjuror's 
mask ; bone headed arrow ; eight common Miami arrows ; 
stone pestle ; " stone hatchet formerly in use among the 
savages, the handle was always a withe — " "petrified 
buft'alo dung [!] from the Rapids of Ohio, where such and 
various petrifactions are found in abundance" — "petrified 
ordure, supposed to be human, from the same place" — " fine 
fossil coal, resembling the canal [.sic] coal of Europe, from 
Cincinnati on Ohio" [1] — " part of one of 30 or 40 trees all 
completely petrified found . . . 212 miles up the Tennassee [^sicj 

March. 2o2 I797. 

river, having tumbled into it with the bank on which they 
grew [!] The present specimen appears to have been black 
walnut" [!] — Indian bowl, complete, from the bed of the 
Tennessee — oviform* stone from the Wabash ; marine shells 
and perforated bones from a grave on the great Kenhawa 
[sic] — " for the remainder .... see page 157." 

This list of twenty-five articles being read, thanks were 
voted to Judge Turner " for this extremely acceptable proof 
of his Philosophical Industry, and his disposition to gratify 

1797. March 3. (Jefferson ; "Williams, Liancour [sic'], Rush, 
Patterson, St. Mery, Newnan, James, Rich. Smith, Magaw, 
Nancarrow, Dr. Barton, W. Barton, Peale, Lerebours, Dr. 
Smith, J. B. Smith, Abercrombie, Smiley, Beauvois, Le- 
geaux, Wistar, S. Smith.) 

Patterson and J. B. Smith, to audit Treasurer's accounts. 

S. Smith added to the Book Catalogue Committee. 

Letter on Education for the prize, reading finished. 

Essay on Education ("Freedom"), 2 folio leaves, read. 

Education and Public Schools, 5 folio leaves, partly read. 

Essay No. 2, referred to Patterson, Williams and Dr. 

Essay No. 3, referred to W. Smith, St. Mery and Aber- 

Adjourned to next Friday, " on the account of a commu- 
nication to be made before M'- Jefferson leaves the city." 

1797. March 10. Adjourned Meeting. (Jefferson, Priestley, 
Williamfl, Liancour, Beauvois, II. Williamson, of North 
Carolina ; C'aldwoll, Dr. Barton, Collin, Nancarrow, Blakely 
[»iV], Wiwtar, I^itterson, Abercrombie, S. Smith, Vaughan, 
Turner, Lerabouro [.9ic], Newnan, Ricli. Smith, Deveze, J. B. 
Smith, Mugaw.) " M'- Martin, late Governor of N. Carolina, 
waa also prcHont — having been introduced by a mombor." 

*Tb« writing ia not dUtluot: It lookM llko av{fQrm. 

March. 253 ITW. 

[The last six words in a precautionary note in a different 

Auditing Committee not ready. 

Book presented. " Papers .... Amer. Antiq." By 
"Winthrop Sargent and E. S. Barton. Thankfully received. 

Deed from Mrs. Rittenhouse, ready for execution, laid oa 
the table for inspection. 

Nanearrow's " Calculations, &c.," referred to Patterson, 
"Williamson, Peale. 

"Pieces" on Education — " Academicus" — "Hiram" — 
"Hand" — "Freedom" — all five referred to Dr. James, R. 
Smith and Dr. Caldwell. 

Jefferson's memoire \_sic] " On the Discovery of certain 
Bones of a Quadruped of the " [a space of four lines here 
left blank]. 

"Resolved, That this Memoire be put into the hands of the Committee 
of Selection of Publication ; & said Com. are instructed to employ a 
proper person to undertake & execute Drawings of the several bones ex- 
hibitted [siV] by M'. Jefferson with his Memoire, and in it referred to." 

"ResoUed, That it is the request of the Society to M^ Peale, he may 
cause those Bones to be put in the best order, for the Society's use." 

Continuation of List of Turner's curiosities: 15. Ameri- 
can porcupine quills, dyed ; 16. Same undyed ; 17. Skin of an 
Indian ; 18. Sea otter skin, part of a blanket brought from the 
Pacific coast by Mr. McKenzie, 1794 ; 19. Stuffed swan's foot ; 
20. The spear that slew "Col. Chew & his party on the Ohio, 
about 11 miles above Fort Massac ; supposed to have been 
formed out of one of the bayonets used under Gen. St. Clair, 
in the action, Nov. 4, 1791 ;" 21. Indian arrows ; 22. Kas- 
kaskian sculpture of a beaver in wood, used as a tureen ; 
23. Indian garters from the TVabash ; 24. Another pair 
from the Creeks ; 25. Indian belt from the Mississippi. 

1797. March 17. (8 present.) 

Dobson's stationery bill, £9 - 15 •• 7, ordered paid. 

Deed from Mrs. Rittenhouse and daughters respecting the 
observatory and ground appertaining to it, ordered to be 

March. ^54 17^7^ 

Communications by Branston Yanleer, on, 1. Waters ; 
2. Dioptrics ; 3. Salt of lime; 4. Burns and scalds; 5. Heat 
and colds ; 6. The dead in the grave. 

" On improved fire places, with figures or plans in wood, 
of several Chimneys," a piece with signature "Oeconomy," 
and five figures received. 

"On the improvement of chimneys," with figures, dated 
December 16, 1796. All the above were referred to Wood- 
house and Williams. 

"Observations on the Animal Cotton & the Insect Fly, 
Ac," translated from the French of M. Deslozieres, " fonda- 
teur de la Soc. des Arts et Sciences du Cap Frang^is," was 

Piece on Education No. 2 reported on ; " laid on the 
table for the consideration & use of Members." 

Dr. and Wm. Barton to enquire whether any acknowl- 
edgment was made of the receipt of a letter from W. Rox- 
burgh, of Calcutta, with Asiatic plants, &c., or any compli- 
ance with his request. 

Adjourned to last Friday in the month. 

1797. 3Iarch 81. "Philosophical Ilall. Adjourned 
meeting." (Wistar, in tiie Chair; Collin, Nancarrow, 
Peale, W. Barton, Turner, Hodge, J. B. Smith, Seybert, Dr. 
Barton, R. P. Smith, S. H. Smith.) 

Pamphlets to be arranged and uniformly bound ; by the 
Catalogue Committee; "Am: Piiilos: Society" to be let- 
tered on the cover of each book ; — at a cost of not more than 
$100 " for the present." 

I'eale'a " Essay on building wood Bridges," presented by 
himself; thanks ordered. 

"S|)ecimen of Indian I'iclure writing," exhibited, and a 
paper on it read by Dr. Barton. 

i*rize Committees ordered to report at next meeting. 

Advertisement to be put in the public papers "culling on 
all Persons havirjg Books belonging to the Society to return 
them without delay." 

April. 255 1797. 

1797. April 7. ^^Philosophical Ball. Stated Meeting" 
(Wistar, Coxe, R. Smith, Turner, Seybert, St. Mery, Currie, 
Vaughan, Beauvois, Le Rebours.) 

" The Effects of D. Perkins' metallic Rods," a paper read 
by Dr. Currie. 

"On Amphibious Serpents," a paper by Mr. Beauvois ; 
translation ordered ; referred to Committee of Selection and 

B. F. J. Herman, of St. Petersburg, sent his " Natur. des 
Kupfers," and his " Stat. Schil. von Russland ;" his letter to 
be translated by R. Smith. 

" Drawing of a Pump invented by M'- Humphreys, of 
Philadelphia." "The Inventor is requested to give a more 
ample Figure of the Pump with an accurate description of 
its Powers." 

1797. April 21. Philosophical Hall. (Wistar, Dr. Bar- 
ton, Vaughan, Collin, Turner, James, Seybert, Chev. de 
Frere, R. Smith, S. H. Smith, Patterson, St. Mery, J. B. 
Smith, Davidson, Williams.) 

Grassi's " Carte Botanique" and " Notions elementaires de 
Botanique," presented ; thanks ordered. 

Catalogue Committee reported progress. 

Election of new members; "the Ballot Drawers were 
ordered to remain unopened till the Society were about to 
adjourn, according to Rule." 

Committee on Nancarrow's paper reported verbally. Paper 
referred to Committee of Selection and Publication. 

Herman's letter, translated by W. Smith, ordered to be 
answered, w^ith thanks " for his Donation and offers of ser- 

Letters (translated) from Don Luis de Urbina were read, 
one personally thanking the Society for his election, the 
other officially " expressing the usefullness of a mutual cor- 
respondence between two such Societys, and a determina- 
tion to afford ua every assistance in their power, inviting a 

May.- ^^^6 1797. 

similar attention on our part, and informing this Society 
that they [the R. Soc. Valencia] had elected it [the A. P. 
S.] collectively as a Member of theirs." 

A List of Donations and Donors, to be published " imme- 
diately after the 3"^ Friday of January, April, July and 
October, when an account of the Election of new members is 
to be published ;" also a List of communications. 

Cataloo;ue Committee " directed to take measures for col- 
lecting all the Books & other Property belonging to the So- 
ciety, and .... take exclusive charge of the whole Library 
k property untill the Catalogue be compleated." 

Judge Turner and Dr. Wistar a special Committee to an- 
swer Harman's [sic'] letter. 

Vols. I, II, III Transactions to be sent through M. Le E,e- 
bours to the National Institute, Paris. 

" D""- Davidson, having appeared since the new members 
were ballotted [sfc] for, was permitted to vote for each, the 
Ballot Drawers remaining unopened." 

Catalogue Committee " requested to apply to M'- Aitkin 
& to report the state of the Volumes belonging to the Society 
in his hands." 

Ballot Drawers opened and election of four new members 
declared : John Ileckewelder, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ; 
John Stewart, of Green Briar county, Virginia; Revd. Sam. 
Blair, D.D., of Philadelphia; Thomas Pinkney [m-], of South 
Carolina, late'^Iiuister Plenipotentiary U. S. A. to the Court 
of London. 

1797. 3Iay 5. (Dr. Mitchel, Le Chev. C. R. Freire, Dr. 
Wistar, S. II. Smith, Magaw, Judge G. Turner, "Woodhouse, 
R. Smith, Poale, W". Barton, Judge J. Williams, J. B. 
Smith, Patterson in the Chair.) 

Secretaries to begin from January 1 in publishing Dona- 
tioMH, &c. 

Catalogue Committee presents written report, signed R. 
F. and J. Hmith. 

May. 257 1797. 

Catalogue Committee to consider the best mode of dis- 
posing of the copies of Dr. S. Stanhope Smith's oration, Dr. 
Rush's Eulogium, and Mr. T. Matlack's oration. 

Woodhouse and Seybert to make a List of Minerals in the 

Patterson and Peale, to arrange and describe the Philo- 
sophical apparatus. 

Wistar's Committee reply to Prof. Herman, read and ap- 

" Reports [of Committees] in the way of concise analytic 
review" '' were introduced & read"; — three on "Fire Places;" 
—On " Republican Schools" (Big. " Hiram") ;— On "Educa- 
tion & Public Schools" (no Sig.) read March 10*'' ; — A paper 
signed " Academicus ;" — these reports to lie on the table. 

Committee " to examine & consider of the existing Laws 
of the Society, with the view of having a revised, or new 
Code, if such may be constitutionally effected:" W. Barton, 
Jon. Williams. 

Three Vols. Transactions R. S. Valencia, and Vol. of Con- 
stitutions of that Society, all in Spanish, presented, with 
letters from Don Lewis [^sic] de Urbino, " the Director of 
that Society" specified in minutes of last meeting. 

"Jtesolved, That the Diploma, sent from Valencia, expressing, that this 
Society collecticdy is chosen a Member of the R. S. of that place, shall be 
framed, glazed, and most attentively preserved, and that the same be 
carried into effect by M', Peale." 

1797. May 19. (Jefferson in the Chair; Wistar, Turner, 
Caldwell, Dr. Barton, Patterson, Collin, Williams, William- 
son, Peale, Seybert, R. P. Smith, Volney^ Le Rebours.) 

Books presented by R. Valtravera [sic'] : Churchman's 
Magnetic Atlas ; Cavallo's Treatise on Magnetism. 

Committee on Revision of the Laws reported provision- 
ally ; proposed laws ordered to lie on the table for discussion. 

"Two ancien Walls, lately discovered in N". Carolina," 
described by Revd. S. Spring and S. McCorkle, May 13, 


May— June. ■^^^ 1797. 

read. Sejbert, appointed to examine and report on speci- 
mens of the Cement and Stone of these walls. 

" A plan for collecting information respecting the An- 
tiquities of N. A." to be reported by Turner, Wistar, Col- 
lin, R. P. Smith and Seybert. 

Premium Committees which had not yet reported analyses 
of papers, notified to do so without further delay. 

Book presented by Dr. Grassi : " Poraponii Melse de orbis 
Situ, libri tres, &c. &c. printed in Paris, 1540." 

1797. 3ia?/ 26. Special Meeting. (Wistar in the Chair; 
Turner, Patterson, Vaughan, Peale, James, R. P. Smith, Lo 
Rebours, Caldwell, Parke, Dr. Barton.) 

Mammoth bones. Letter from J. Caffery of Nashville, 
read, stating " that many Bones of the Mamoth [sic] were to 
be found at Manscoes Lick near the mouth of Cumberland 
River, and offering assistance in Collecting & forwarding 
them to Philadelphia or New York." — James, R. P. Smith, 
and Dr.Wistar, " to inform M'- Caffery that the Society accepts 
his liberal offer, & to take such other measures as may be 
necessary to procure the Bones .... provided they do not 
exceed i?100." 

Committee reported their " Plan for collecting information 
respecting the remains of ancient natural and urtiiieiul pro- 
ductions in N. A," which was read by paragraphs and re- 
committed for a " Code of Rules for the Government of the 
permanent Committee contemplated in the aforesaid Ro- 

1797. June 16. (Jefferson in the (3hair ; Wistar, Ma- 
gaw, Dr. Barton, Seybert, Wheeler, Chev. Freiro, Turner, 
Volney, Peale, Williams, CaldwoU, Vaughan, St. Mery, 

Bone Cotumitteo reported " that the Secretary at War 

\nic'\ ha<l ijn<lertaken to forward tluiir letter" to Mr. Cnffory. 

Tiio box preacnt^'I bv Va\\\ \j\\v\\.\\\ to Mr. RitlonliouHc 

June. -^59 1797. 

" was received from Mrs. Rittenhouse with the Earl's Letter 
dated Jan. 12, 1795, containing a description of the Box, 
which is adorned with a pencil portrait of Napier on the in- 
side & a Similar One of Copernicus on the outside ; The 
Letter contains also some historical facts relative to Coper- 
nicus, & should, be kept in the Box, to show the object of 
the Donor." 

A letter in French from M. Noel, Mem. Soc. Emulation, 
Rouen, relative to the supposed passage of Herrings, was 
read in English. Dr. Barton and Williams to reply. 

A letter from W. Couldery, London, January 27, relative 
to a new lamp, was read and a model produced. Patterson 
and Peale to consider its claim to the premium, and report 
"an account of the Etfect of this lamp by fair experi- 

Books presented by the Chev. Freire : Ensaio Econ. Por- 
tugal: Trat. Educ. Fys. &c. 2 Vols.; Instit. Juris Civ. Lu- 
sitani, 4 Vols. ; Hist. J. Civ. Lus. ; Documentos arabicos ; 
Vestigios da Lingua arabia em Portugal; Mem. de Litt. 
Portugueza, 2 Vols. ; Mem. Econoniicas, 3 Vols. ; Synopsis 
chronologica, 2 Vols. ; Mem. e Obs. sobro .... manufac- 
tura do Azeitte de Oliveira em Portugal ; Programma de 
Acad. R. d. S. 2 Vols. Thanks voted to Friere & " presented 
verball}'^ from the Chair. — "W. Barton ordered to furnish a 
Sett [sic] of the Trans, to him " to be presented by himself 
to the R. Acad. Lisbon." 

Committee of Selection and Publication, desired to report 
the present state of the Volume now in the press. 

Peale produced the glazed Diploma from Valencia, "& 
makes a present to the Society of the expense he has been 
at." Thanks voted and delivered from the Chair. 

One hundred certificates of raembersliip to be struck off 
without delay. " Mr. Peale undertook the execution of this 

St. Mery presented (from the author) Adet's " Doctrine of 
Phlogistique & the decomposition of Water," in French. 

" Dr. Seybert produced a Specimen of the Stone taken 

July. -^60 1797. 

from the ancient Wall in N. C. with Specimens of the 
Cement in lump ^ in powder;" analysis hereafter. 

Committee reported a draft of Rules for the proposed per- 
manent Antiquarian Committee. Ordered to lie on the 
table, and that the choice of the Committee be referred to 
the next meeting. 

A special meeting ordered for July 14, to consider com- 
munications " for the Premium offered for ' The best System 
of liberal education and literary Instruction;' the performances 
to lie on the table for inspection ; •' the Hall to be open 
every day (Sundays excepted) until the said 14'*' of July, 
that the Members may have ample opportunity of estimating 
the comparative merits of the Essays on this important Sub- 

1797. July 14. Special Meeting. (Collin ; Vaughan, Dr. 
Barton, Legaux, Abercrombie, Magaw, Peale, Rush, Pat- 
terson, Williams, Turner, Woodhouse, R. S. Smith.) 

"On the black colour of the Negroes," communicated 
from jy Rush, read and referred to a special Com. — Wood- 
house, Seybert, Patterson. 

Two Vols. F. " Le Diet, de I'Acad. Fran9oi8e," presented 
by R. Smith. Thanks voted. 

" Plan of a new constructed Cylinder Pump, which he has 
now in operation, in watering the Frigate ' United States,' " 
communicated by Josh. Humphries [sic], and read April 7, 
was referred to Patterson and R. Smith to review, consider 
and report. 

•'Meteor. Obs. made at Fort Washington commencing 
June 1790 & ending April 1791, to which are added some 
Obfl. on tlie rise k full of the River Oliio," a i)aper by .Judge 
Turner, was referred to Wood house, Seybert and rutterson. 

The Committee on Essay [Education] No. 8, not liaving 
reported, tlie special biiHinoss of the meeting was jKistponed 
to the next niooting ; Dr. Abercrombie of that Committee 

July. 261 1797. 

being requested to call on its members for the analysis of the 

1797. July 21. (Wistar in the Chair ; Patterson, Bar- 
ton, Deveze, Caldwell, Vaughan, Abercrombie, R. P. Smith, 
W. Barton, Davidson, Collin, St. Mery, Peale, Seybert, 
Turner, James, Jon. "Williams.) 

Committee on Couldery's Lamp reported ; report read and 
ordered on iile with the original papers. 

Barton's " ISI'ew Views of the Origin of the Tribes & Na- 
tions of America ;" copy from the author ; thanks voted, 
" & delivered from the Chair." 

Rush's Colour of Negroes paper ordered " to be printed in 
the next Volume." 

Resolved, that no communication presented after the third F.'iday in 
Sep. " shall have a Place in the Volume now in press." 

" On the Remains of certain nondescript animals, usually 
called Mamoth* bones ; of which one carnivorous or mixed ; 
& the other herbivorous or Graminivorous \sic\" a memoir 
presented by Judge Turner, was read and referred to James, 
Wistar and Seybert. 

The chemical analysis of Stone and Cement, promised by 
Dr. Seybert, was read and referred, with the original com- 
munication (May 19), to James, Wistar and Turner, " with 
the view to the publication of both at the same time." 

Abercrombie reporting that Dr. Smith declined to serve 
on Essay No. 3, Jon. Williams was substituted. 

Reports of Committee on Antiquities, ordered to be re- 
considered at a Special meeting, August 4, to be " open to 
any other business that may occur." 

Mr. V. B. Houckgeest acknowledged by letter his Cer- 
tificate. Also Dr. Valentine, his second Certificate, to re- 
place the one " lost in the Flames at Cape Francois. 

Election of four new members: John Guillemard, St. 
John's College in Oxford ; Wm. Bache, M.D., Philadel- 

* Corrected afterwards to Mainmotli. 

November. ^OJ 1791; 

phia ; Alex. Martin, North Carolina, member of the Senate, 
United States ; Wm. Hamilton, of the Woodlands, near 

1797. Nov. 3. (Woodhouse in the Chair; J. B. Smith, 
S. H. Smith, Peale, Tench Coxe, Dr. Barton, Mr. Volney.) 

Description and Model of a Stove, " supposed to be in- 
tended for the premium, published in May, 1796, sealed with 
wax, lettered A. C. with this motto prefixed to the descrip- 
tion : Miseris succurrere disco, ^neid. Lib. I ; were referred 
to Williams and Woodhouse. 

Jas. Thackara's bill for printing ninety-five certificates, 
Ibsh. and W. Y. Birch's bill for a quire of drawing paper, 
$6.00, were ordered paid. 

1797. Nov. 17. (Patterson in the Chair; Seybert, Dr. 
Barton, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Abercrombie, Williams, S. 
H. Smith, Wistar, Wheeler, Peale, Bleakley.) 

Books and a letter from Dr. Francis de Zach, of Saxe 
Gotha : Stellarum prec. cat. novus ex obs. ast. in Observato- 
rio Gothaus, A. 1787, '8, '9, '90, Aug.* F. de Zach ; Tab. mot. 

Solis, Zach ; Tab. spec, aberrationis et mutat. in asc 

494 Btell. zod. cat. &c. Zach. Tbanks ordered. 

Nich. King's letter referred to Patterson and Wheeler. 

Committee on Turner's memoir and Seybert's communica- 
tion recommend their insertion in the volume nowpreparing 
for the press. 

AnalyKis ol" E^t-ay No. 3, produced. Frida3' 24th, fixed on 
for taking up the Essays on Education. 

" The Treasurer informed the Society that M'- Bache had 
instituted a suit for the recovery of a sum of money which 
had been lent by I)*" Franklin, and that he had instructed 
M'- Kawlo to enter his appuanince." 


"Rttohed That tliU Society do iipprovo of tlie coiKluct of Uin Trcnsurcr, 
A that lie take mcaturcM fur cxiiiiguiHliiiiL'' ilic nforcMiid dclit, citlurliy 
loan or otberwise, as soon as poHsiblc. ' 

November. •^Od 1797. 

1797. Nov. 24. (Jno. Quillemard, Dr. Barton, S. 11. 
Smith, Vaughan, Magaw, J. B. Smith, Wistar, Turner, Pat- 
terson, Seybert, Peale, Volney.) 

Committee on Rush's memoir reported. 

The same Connmittee now reported on Judge Turner's Fort 
Washing-ton Observations. Both recommended for the next 
Volume, were to be delivered to Mr. Dobson, Printer, of the 

The Committee on Mr. King's letter reported, and it was 
ordered to go to the printer of the Volume ensuing. 

" An enquiry into the comparative effects of Opium ofici- 
narum extracted from the Papaver somniferum or White 
Poppy of Linnaeus, — and of that procured from the Lactuca 
sativa or common Lectuce [sic^ — stating a number of experi- 
ments which he [M''- CoxeJ made on both species," commu- 
nicated from Dr. J. Redman Coxe, was read and referred to 
Seybert, Barton and Rush. 

" A description of some very singular ceremonies which 
he [S. T. HutchinsonJ was present at among the Naudo- 
wessi Indians, a nation living to the West of the Mississipi 
[sic] — giving an account of their Music, exemplifyed by a 
Specimen of musical Notes," in a letter from Hutchinson, 
Presque Isle, May 27, 1797, to Mr. Peale, was read and re- 
ferred to Turner and Patterson. 

Tin and other English ores, spars and crystals, were pre- 
sented by Judge Turner for the Cabinet. Thanks ordered. 

" This evening .... the merits of the several communi- 
cations .... on ... . Education, should be brought to 
issue, — certain reasons induce the Society to defer this busi- 
ness a little longer." 

"Resolved, That, Ou the Z^ Friday, in Dec' the Society will determine 
their judgment .... due Notice to be given one or more of the Public 
Papers & in printed hand bills, directed to the several members in this 
city, of their being summoned .... punctui^l attendance. " 

December. ^^ 1797. 

1797. Dec. 1. (Collin, 11 others.) 

Patterson and Vaughan appointed a Committee to con- 
tinue the insurance on the Building and Library in the In- 
surance office North America for one year, or in any other 
office for one or more years. 

"Modestus" withdraws, by letter, his Prize essay on 
Peach trees. The sealed packet was burned unopened. 

" A trigonometrical Survey of part of England" pre- 
sented (by letter, signed Ed. Williams), by the Marquis of 
Cornwallis. Vaughan to answer. 

Turner and Patterson reported that S. F. Hutchisson's [sic] 
paper on Indian Music was " an imposition & unworthy of 
further notice," and gave, by request, their reasons, which 
were satisfactory. 

" A botanical mode of discriminating between esculent & 
noxious vegetables" in a letter from Ben. Shultz ; referred to 
Barton and Seybert. 

Meteorological Journals by Phineas Pemberton, " long 
lying among the Society's papers, were called up," and re- 
ferred to Judge Turner. 

Resolution of July 21, excluding later papers from the 
Vol. of Transactions rescinded. 

Report on the Laws again read, Patterson added to the 
Committee, and the report recommitted. 

1797. Dec. 15. (Judge McKean; Davidson, Seybert, 
Peale, Turner, Patterson, Vaughan, Wistar and S. H. Smith 
who "after staying a few minutes retired," 

Prize communication on an improvement in Steam Pumps 
Bigncd "Improvement" read and referred to Peale and Wil- 

Prize committee on IVeserving Peach trees, signed 
" Lime," read and referred to Peale and Williams, 

Patterson rei)orted £84 •• 8 •• 1)J, belonging to the Society 
exclusively ; £55 " 17, to the Magellanic Fund ; i^n4 83 

January. 265 1798. 

Ins. Co. shares, ditto ; in the Treasurer's hands December 
31, 1796. 

Insurance Committee had insured in the North America 
office $4000 on building at 30 per cent $12 ; and $1200 on 
library $3.36 = $15.36. 

Patterson and Smith to audit Treasurer's accounts. 

Analyses read of Education Prize essays. Vote taken on 
the question "Is this the best System of liberal Education 
and literary Instruction adapted to the Genius of the Gov- 
ernment and best calculated to promote the genuine welfare 
of the U.S.?" 

" Whereupon it appeared to the Society that two of these 
Essays : 1. An Essay with this motto, * In meti descendat 
Jadicis Aures.' [sic'] Ilor. — 2. An Essay with this motto 'I 
call a complete & generous Education that which fits a man 
to perform justly, skilfully & magnanimously all the offices 
both private and public of Peace & War.' — (Milton) — pos- 
sessed a superior degree of merit & were worthy of publica- 
tion. The Premium was in consequence adjudged to be 
equally divided between the authors of these two Essays." 

" The President pro tem. then opened the Sealed letters 
. . . . Rev^ Sam. 'Knox of Bladensburg, Md., was the author 
of the first, and Sam. H. Smith of Phila. author of the 

Turner, Patterson and Williams, to draw up an introduc- 
tion to these Essays and superintend the printing. 

The Piece with motto " Desinet ac toio .... Virgil Ec. 
IV," was ordered to be returned to the care of Alex. Moore, 
Tavern-keeper, at the corner of Chestnut and Fourth streets. 

1798. Jan'y 5. (9 present.) 


Collin, Vaughan, Williams, Judges ; Patterson, David- 
son, Secretaries. 

President— Hon. Thomas Jefferson. 
Vice-Presidents — Collin, Rush, Wistar. 

January. •jUO j,-gg_ 

Treasur'er — John Yaughan. 

Coimcillors— Jon. B. Smith, W. Smith, D.D., S. Wlieeler, 
and Jon. Williams vice R. P. Smith, deceased. 
Curators — Peale, B. S. Barton, Patterson. 
Secretaries— M-do;a,w, Seybert, T. C. James, S. 11. Smith. 

1798. Jan'y 19. (Jefferson ; Peale, DavidsDn, Currie, 
James, Yaughan, Friere, Bache, S. H. Smith, Patterson, 
Collin, Martin, of North Carolina ; Thomas Pinckney, of 
South Carolina i Guillemard, Turner, Wistar, Williams, J. 
B. Smith, Blakely, Magaw.) 

Prize essay on Preserving Peach trees, endorsed A. B. C. 
received, and partly read through. 

Election of two new members : Brig. Gen. Jas. Wilkin- 
son, commander-in-chief of the United States ; Major Fran- 
cisco de Zach. 

Letter from S. Knox received and referred for answer to 
Williams and Peale who were to " cause to be prepared the 
Premium of Plate." 

Introduction to prize essays reported and agreed to. 
Essay "Tu modo nascenti" had been delivered to Alex. 
Moore, by Mr. Williams in presence of Patterson and S. H. 

Wistar, Bache and Magaw to consider the propriety of 
drafting an advertisement, offering again a Premium for the 
best essay on Public Education. 

*' Communication on the Cultivation of the Poach tree," 
signed X. Y. Z., supposed to be offered for the premium re- 

"Obs, on the causes & cure of remitting or billions [sic] 
fevers" by Dr. Currie, was presented by him "in his place." 
Thankft voted, and jjivon by the President. 

Jeifurson prcaentod a Bono of the Mammoth some time 
ago found in Virginia. " Also, a large s([uaro ])lato of a 
Swodish Cop|)or Coin marked " 4 Dalor Silomynt" handed 
to him by General KoBciusko for the Society." — "The Presi- 

February. ^^^ 1798. 

dent is requested to express to the General the high con- 
sideration in which they — the Society — view this instance 
of his polite attention." — " To the President also himself, 
personally, do they make acknowledgement of the constant 
sense they entertain of his valuable Communications & 
Offices of Friendship." 

T. C. James and S. H. Smith to learn if Dr. Barton will 
deliver the oration, and to fix on time and place. 

1798. Feb. 2. (Jefferson ; Andrews, Davidson, Peale, 
Seybert, Magaw, Bache, Carrie, J. B. Smith, Patterson, 
Woodhouse, Williams, St. Mery, Turner, S. II. Smith.) 

Rush's Essays, presented by the author. Thanks voted. 
"General View .... Arts & Sciences . . for . . Youth," 
presented by St. Mery. Thanks voted. 

Committee on Oration reported progress. 

Prize Essaj', " Lime," reported on and ordered to lie on 
the table; afterwards recommitted. Prize Essay "Improve- 
ment" reported on ; report amended and agreed to ; then 

Essay A. B. C. read further and again postponed. 

1798. Feb. 16. (Patterson and 10 others.) 

J. B. Smith and Vaughan to confer with the Committee 
of College of Physicians, " authorized to accept $40 per an- 
num for 2^ years from the expiration of their lease — to 
grant a further lease of one year provided at a not less sum 
than $80 per annum, & that the said lease be considered as 
continuing for such further terra as a notice of six months 
shall not be given by either Party of their wishing the lease 
to expire." 

Wistar, Bache and Seybert " to devise the best methods of 
preserving Fossil Bones," in consequence of information by 
Dr. "Williamson of North Carolina, " that a Person was ready 
to raise bones of the Animal Incosrnitum in the western 

March. "^8 1798. 

Territory who said they were liable to decay as soon as they 
came in contact with the atmosphere." 

James, Bache and S. H. Smith substituted for Judge 
Turner (at his request) to arrange Pemberton's Meteoric 
Observation made at Philadelphia during forty years. 

Essay A. B. C. finished reading, and referred (with Essay 
X. Y. Z.) to Bache, Peale and Williams for analysis. 

1798. 31arch 2. (Jefferson ; Patterson, Dr. Smith, Coxe, 
Peale, Wistar, Martin, Findley, Vaughan, S. H. Smith.) 

S. Lewis' bill for " filling up Diplomas &c" $5.24 allowed. 

"A mode of supplying Philadelphia with water from the 
falls of Schuylkill," in a letter from Jas. Sullivan, of Boston, 
to Dr. B. S. Barton, dated October 18, 1797, was presented 
and read. 

Education Premium Committee reported, " recommending 
certain principles as the proper subjects of discussion by the 
Candidates." Report amended several times and postponed. 

1798. March 16. (Wistar; 11 others.) 

Committee reported that they had expended all the 
money on a Silver Goblet for Mr. Knox. A further sum 
was then appropriated for the inscription :* 

*' The American Philosophical Society to Samuel Knox, 
A. M. A Premium for his Essay on Education, awarded 
Philadelphia, 15 Dec'- 1797." Bill of A. Dubois for the 
goblet $50.1 2,t ordered paid. 

College of Physicians declined keeping the room at $80 ; 
but offer $40 for 2J years and $52 afterwards, " & are willing 
that the Phil. See. should, whenever convenient, place their 
Library & Apparatus in it, & make such other use of the 
rocnn vm would leave to the College room for their Library 
& the use of the room for their Stated Meetings, & such 
occasional extraordinary meetings as may be necessary. 

* For which Kmllhctra wn» puld £2 - h, Pa. currtMicy. 
t llH ■ 10, I'll, curn-npy. 

April. 269 . 1798. 

The College intending that these days shall not interfere 
with the days or hours of the Meetings of the Phil. So- 
ciety." Report agreed to, and Committee instructed to 
make the contract. 

S. H. Smith to inquire into the state of the Catalogue. 

"B. S. Barton's Collections for an Essay toAvard a Materia 
Medica of the U. S.," presented by its author. Thanks 

Essay "*X" on preventing the decay of Peach trees, 
read, and referred to Mr. Williams for analysis. 

Essay " Improvement" reported on ; report read. 

Report of Committee on new premium recommitted. 

1798. April 6. (Jefferson ; 9 others.) 

Goblet for Knox reported entrusted to Mr. Baer, Member 
of Congress for Maryland. 

Vaughan reported obligations accepted and exchanged by 
Committee College of Physicians and Committee Philosoph- 
ical Society. [It occupies a page of the Minute book.] 

Essay "*X" reported on. 

Lettsom's "Hints designed to promote Beneficence, Tem- 
perance & Medical Science," presented by the author, per 
Dr. Parker. Thanks voted. 

Catalogue of Library. Mr. S. II. Smith reported that the 
copy was probably lost. 

A letter from Mr. S. H. Smith was read [occupies half a 
page] in which he requests the Society to appropriate the 
prize awarded to him for his Essay on Education, " to the 
advancement of the same object, in proposing a premium of 
the value of $50, or by incorporating that sum with such 
other .... should the offering a new premium be thought 
advisable." Thanks were voted to Mr. Smith for the relin- 
quishment of his premium; sum to be added to new pre- 
mium, and its source specified. 

Committee on collecting information relative to Amer- 
ican Antiquities report again read. Then the second report 

April— May. -^ * " 1798. 

on the Plan was read by paragraphs, amended, and the fol- 
lowing Committee appointed : Jeiferson, Turner, Wistar, 
Seybert, Peale, Wilkinson, Williams. 

Secretaries to produce all the Peach tree Prize essays and 
the reports of Committees thereon at the next meeting. 

1798. April 20. (Jefferson ; Cathrall, Frere Isic], and 14 

Secretaries to be a Committee to prepare " the historical 
part of the Volume now in the press, within the space of 
three weeks, as the printing of the said volume will then be 

Jefferson presented a Hand Threshing Machine invented 

by T. C. Martin, of Virginia ; " which lie had procured to 

be made." Thanks voted to Jefferson. 

"Resolved, that the Treasurer having been on Nov. 7, 1797, authorized 
to borrow money sufllcient to relieve the mortgage to D^ Franklin .... 
the President .... be authorized to give his signature to such new con- 
tract or mortgage . as may be made . . . and tlie Secretary .... to 
place the seal thereto .... Should the Treasurer not be able to pro- 
cure the whole sum on loan, he be authorized to appropriate as much of 
the funds .... absolutely necessary . . . ." 

Secretaries to make out a list of foreign members. 

M. Carle's* letter " concerning the Yellow Fever" cost Dr. 
Collin $2 postage. Ordered paid. 

Election of four new members: Wm. Patterson, M.D., 
Londonderry ; J. B. Scandella, of Venice, now in United 
States; Julien Niemccwicz, of Poland, now in United 
States; John Fred. Blumenbach, M. D., F.R.S., Professor 
Natural History, University Qottingen. 

1798. May A. (Jefferson; Patterson, Duponceau, James, 
Nicmcewicz, Scundolla, Peale, S. H. Smith.) 

"On Magnetism," from Revd. James Madison, of Wil- 
iiamsburg, Virgitiia ; referred to Dr. James. 

"Natural CuriositicH in Gruenbriur county, Va.," " par- 

* Ttio Arat lolt«r ofthlN iiumo U auocrluln. 

May— June. •"'! 1708. 

ticularly of a tooth of a large non descript animal," from 
M. Beauvois ; referred to Dr. Wistar. 

" Description of a Mould Board of the least resistance 
&c," by Mr. Jefferson, was read and referred to Mr. Patter- 

Secretaries' list of 179 foreign members elected since the 
institution of the Society, read. 

Ebeling, of Hamburg, acknowledges receipt of Ritten- 
house's Eulo^ium. 

1798. May 18. (Jefterson ; Williams, Collin, Patterson, 
Bache, Peale, Wistar, S. H. Smith.) 

"Gold coin, coined in the last year of Poland as an inde- 
pendent state," from Mr. Niemcewicz. Thanks voted. 

On a Mould Board ; reported worthy of publication in 
next volume ; so ordered. 

Secretaries to collect and deliver to the printer paperp. or- 
dered for publication. 

Premium pieces to be considered at next meeting. 

Essay A. B. C reported on by its Committee. 

Adjourned to first Friday in June. 

1798. June 1. (Collin; Turner, James, Woodhouse, 
Abercrombie, Vaughan, Peale, Seybert, S. H. Smith, Wil- 

" Analysis of the materials composing supposed ancient 
wall in N. Carolina, with observations on the same," by 
Adam Seybert, M.D., was presented and referred to Wistar, 
Jones and Turner. Letters on the same subject, between 
Jaa. Hall, Jr., and Dr. Woodhouse, were read and referred 
to Wistar, James and Turner. 

Secretary reported on the state of the Volume of Transac- 

"A Comparison of Kindred words in the languages of 
several European nations for the additional illustration of 
their antif^uities," by Nich. Collin, D.D., was read. 

Jane. 272 1798. 

A manuscript funeral oration to the memory of M. Du- 
hail, and other productions of M. Davezac, at Norfolk, were 

Bishop Madison's piece on magnetism was reported worthy 
of publication. So ordered. 

Abercrombie's Sermon on fast day, May 9, was presented 
by him. Thanks voted. 

Adjourned to this day week. 

1798. June 8. (Jefferson ; Peale, Magaw, Seybert, St. 
Mery, Duponceau, Martin, Barton, Vaughan, S. H. Smith.) 

Davezac's communication was read. 

Turner's Index to Vol. II Transactions received. 

A farmer of New Jersey sent a letter " stating that he had 
discovered a mode of preserving the Peach Tree, & stating 
certain terms on which he would be willing to make the 
discovery public." 

" On the poisonous honey of N. Carolina," and " Some 
Account of Jas. Moss the White Negro," both by Dr. Bar- 
ton, were referred to AVistar and Seybert. 

Collin's Comparison of Kindred words was referred to 
Duponceau, Vaughan and Burton. 

1798. Jane 15. (Jefferson ; Collin, Seybert, Peale, Pat- 
terson, Vaughan, S. H. Smith, Wistar.) 

"On a nondescript animal called the Prairie squirrel," 
from Judge Turner, referred to Dr. Barton. 

" Description of a submarine vessel, calculated to effect the 
firing of vessels under water," by D. Bushnell, of Stam- 
ford, Connecticut, read and referred to Mr. Patterson. 

"On Magnetism," by Mr. Williams; read and referred to 
Mr. Patterson. 

"Description of a nowly constructed vessel for boiling in- 
flammable fluids," by T. P. Smith ; read and referred to Dr. 

Consideration of pieces offered for tlio picmiiiin ])0st- 
poned. Adjourned to this day week. 

June— July— Nov. 


1798. Jane 22. (Collin; Patterson, Woodhouse, Vauglian, 
S. 11. Smith, Wistar, Seybert, Duponceau.) 

Turner's Communication on the Prairie Squirrel was re- 
ported on. Society hopes for a more accurate description 

Collin's Comparison of words, ordered for publication. 

T. P. Smith's boiler: "it is proper to decline giving an 
opinion previously to trying an experiment . . . ." The in- 
ventor was " requested to try its etfects by experiment." 

Papers reported by Dr. Wistar worthy of publication. 

Mr. Beauvois' letter to Jetterson. 

Dr. Deveze's " New method of treating the effusion which 
collects under the skull after fractures of the head ;" and 

Judge Turner's paper " on Bones of certain nondescript 

Bushnell's paper on Submarine vessels for destroying 
ships, was reported by Mr. Patterson worthy of publication. 

1798. July 20. (Patterson, Woodhouse, James.) 

1798. Nov. 23.* (Jon. Williams in the Chair ; Patterson, 
J. B. Smith, Blakely, Coxe, Vaughan, Dr. Barton, Wood- 
house, Seybert, S. II. Smith, Wistar, Turner, Dr. James.) 

Books presented : Geo. Adams on the Microscope, second 
edition with Volume of plates; Adams' Graphical Essays 
corrected by Wm. Jones (Mathematical Instrument maker) 
with volume of plates. Thanks voted. 

Priestley's letter to Dr. Barton, being an appendix to his 
former communication on the Decomposition of Water ;. 
read and referred to Seybert and Woodhouse to hand to the 
printer for the Volume of Transactions now in press. 

Letter from T. Smith to Dr. Seybert on a vessel for boil- 
ing inflammable fluids was read ; Committee report read and 
agreed to. 

Latitude and Longitude of Natchez determined by And. 
Ellicot ; read and ordered to press. 

* This long intermission was probably owing to the prevalence of the yellow 


December. ^4 4 1798. 

Book presented : Dr. Barton's new edition of his New 
Views, &c., in lieu of first edition now withdrawn. 

J. E-. Coxe's Essay on Opium, to be returned to the author 
for corrections, and then published. 

Dr. James added to the Committee on Examination of 
Dr. B. Schultz's botanical work. 

Committee on Pemberton's Meteoric Observation. Smith 
and James reported their work finished ; the rest of the Com- 
mittee were requested to finish the arrangement of the 

Committee to arrange the historical part of the Transac- 
tions reported it in readiness for the press. 

Secretaries to make a list of all papers ofiered for the pre- 

Woodhouse to replace Williams on the Committee on the 
paper on Peach Trees. 

Mr. Williams reported that the printer had declined to 
fulfill his contract to print Mr. Knox's paper on Education, 
which had been returned to Mr. Knox, who would publish 
it himself. Williams' conduct approved. Mr. Knox re- 
quested to furnish the Society a few copies. 

Mr. Turner had furnished an Index for each of the three 
Volume Transactions, and would complete a general index. 

[Then follows a mysterious paragraph.] 

It was : 

"Resolved that a Committee consistinpf of M'. Coxe, M^ Patterson, andM'. 
Vaughan, be appointed to take proper Measures to secure the property in 
the Society's Room until! next Meeting, at which time they are desired to 
report on the State of the Same." 

1798. Dec. 7. (Williams in the Chair; Barton, Vaughan, 
Woodhouflo, Seybert.) 

Williams had written to Knox. 

"The Permanent Cora, of the A. P. S. respectfully oflTcr to tholr con- 
■tltucntii the following Tlcport :— The first object of the ('ommltteo was to 
invite oommunicatiunH from diutant places & with that view the annexed 



Circular Letter has been extensively distributed. — The Minute Book & 
papers of the Com. are laid upon the table for the inspection of the So- 
ciety, in conformity to their Resol. of April 6, 1798.— It will be seen by 
the Minutes that the Com. have received two donations, one from Gen. 
Wilkinson Com"", in Chief of the Western Army, and one from M"". Pass- 
more of this city. — The Committee's expenses will be found to amount to 
$28.81, the accounts «& vouchers for which are here annexed. 

"The Donation from Gen. Wilkinson consists of Bones & Fragments 
of the Bones of nondescript animals. There are evident marks of variety 
as to the age & size of these animals ; but whether they be of one or more 
species the Com. do not undertake to say 

"The Donation from M^ Passmore is a fine Specimen of Talc .... 
found in abundance in the back parts of Newhampshire, & will probably 
prove to be a valuable acquisition to the Arts by supplying the place of 
Glass where it is required to be secure against heat& fracture, as in Maga- 
zine Lanthorus «&c. 

"Tlie Subscriber closes his duties as Chairman by the foregoing Report. 
Signed by Order of the Com. Jon. Williams, Chairman of the Permanent 
Com. A. P. S." 

" P. S. Two Meteorological Journals Kept by Geu^ Wil- 
kinson at Detroit & on a voyage to Michiliraacanac [^sic] on 
the Lakes and transmitted by him for the use of the So- 
ciety are also submitted by the Committee." 

Ordered that the Treasurer pay the account. — M""- Wil- 
liams to write a letter of thanks. 

Committee on Priestley's Letter on Phlogiston reported 
that they had left it with the printer. 

Coxe's Essay on Opium reported worthy of publication. 

Schultz's Essay on Noxious Plants ; objections to publish- 
ing it stated by the Committee, and approved by vote. 

1798. Dec. 21. (Magaw in the Chair; Barton, Wistar, 
Woodhouse, Seybert, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, S. II. Smith, 

Historical part of Vol. IV Transactions ready. 

Dobson presented seven half Volumes of his Encyclopae- 
dia, which makes the work complete. Thanks in writing 



Secretary to ask Dr. Barton "when he will positively be 
in readiness to deliver the Annual Oration." 

"Memoir on the Sand Hills of Cape Henry" by H. B. 
Latrobe, read and referred to S. 11. Smith. Mr. Latrobe in- 
tends further communications. Thanks ordered. 

Committee on North Carolina ancient wall reported 
recommending a joint memoir by Woodhouse and Seybert. 
Agreed to. 

" Expts. & Observations on the Atmosphere of Marshes" 
by Adam Seybert, M.D., read and referred to Woodhouse 
and Guillemard. 

" Concerning the pernicious effects of the Equisetum hye- 
male, or Rough horse tail when eaten by Horses," by B. S. 
Barton ; read and referred to Seybert and Williams. 

Dan. Knight's bill for locks and putting them on the book 
cases, £1 •• 10, ordered to be paid. 

" No Communications claiming the Magellanic premium 
have been presented since the last adjudication." 

Adjourned to Friday next at 6 p. m. 

1798. Dec. 21. Adjourned Meeting. (Wistar ; Vaughan, 
Peale, Patterson, S. II. Smith, Bache, "Woodhouse, James, 
Seybert, Barton.) 

Secretary reported he had thanked Mr. Dobson. 

Letter on Longitude, from Tim. Kirk of Yorktown, read 
and referred to Patterson and Vaughan. 

Essay X. Y. Z. on Peach Trees reported on favorably. 

Committee on Pemberton's Meteoric Observations to re- 
port the best method of disposing of them at the next meet- 

Comtrjitteo to abridge all the papers on the subject of 
Peach Trees: Williams, Peale, Bache. 

Latrobo's Memoir reported worthy of publication. Agreed. 
Mr. Latrolxj was willing to etch the engraving. Thanks 

WoodhouHo'fl answer to Dr. l^rieatloy, in a Memoir on 

January. ^** 1709. 

Phlogiston and the Decomposition of Water, read and re- 
ferred to Seybert and Wistar. 

Dr. Barton would deliver the oration March 1, 1799. 

Resolved, that the last Saturday in February would be more convenient 
to the Society. 

"Resolved, that a Com. of three be appointed by ballot to take into con- 
sideration the several communications on Peach Trees & report their 
opinion, which communication, if any, is worthy of the Premium pro- 
posed. — Whereupon the Society shall decide by ballot on the report made, 
which if affirmed by a majority of votes shall be conclusive. — If the result 
be a disagreement to the Report made, the Society may recommit the com- 
munications to a new Committee of three formed in the same way, and the 
Society shall take the same order on this report as on the preceding one. — 

"Resolved that a Committee similarly constituted be appointed on the 
subjects of Ship-pumps & fire-places." 

" Ordered that D'- Bache, Messrs. J. B. Smith & J. Wil- 
liams be the Committee on the Subject of Peach Trees. — 
That Messrs. Jefterson, Wheeler & Collin be the Cora, on 
Ship-Pumps &c.— That D^- Wistar, Messrs. Williams & Pat- 
terson be the Com. on Fire-places." 

Committee on Seybert's Essay on Marsh air reported it 
worthy of publication. Agreed to. 

End op Vol. of MS. Minutes. 

1799. Jan. 4. Between 2 and 5 p. m. (Present : Messrs. 
Peale, Vaughan, Seybert, S. H. Smith, Davidson, Patterson, 
Wheeler, Findlay, Drs. Magaw, Collin, James, Barton.) 
Davidson, Seybert, Vaughan, Judges ; Smith and Peale, 


President — Thos. Jefterson. 
Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Rush, Patterson. 
Treasurer — Vaughan. 

Secretaries — James, S. H. Smith, Seybert, Woodhouse. 
Curators — Peale, B. S. Barton, Collin. 
Councillors — T. McKean, Jas. Davidson, R. Blackwell, 
Ad. Kuhn. 

Jan.— Feb. 


1799. Ja7i'y IS. (Jefierson ; Wistar, Patterson, Seybert, 
James, Barton, Woodhouse, Peale, J. B. Smith, Davidson, 
Martin, S. 11. Smith.) 

. Barton's paper on Equisetum reported for publication. 

WoodhoQse's reply to Priestley reported for publication. 

Supplement to Latrobe's paper on the Sand Hills of Vir- 
ginia presented and referred to S. H. Smith with power 
to print. 

*'0n the Basaltes of the Connewago Hills" by T. P. 
Smith, presented and referred to Wistar and James, with 
power to print. 

Committee on Pemberton's Observations reported " that 
they had asceruained the monthly results ot the several 
years for which the Obs. were made &c." Recommitted ; 
Dr. Wistar added. 

"On the Onondaga Salt Springs," a memoir by B. De 
"Witt, M.D., presented. Thanks to the author voted. 

Committee appointed to catalogue the Books and Appa- 
ratus: Davidson, Peale, Collin. 

Printer directed to close the current volume " as soon as 
the papers placed in liis hands shall be printed," " no com- 
munications hereafter received to be admitted." 

1799. Feh'y 1. (Jefterson ; Collin, Coxe, Peale, Seybert, 
Barton, Woodhouse, Williamson, Martin, S. H. Smith, Wis- 
tar, Patterson.) 

Treasurer instructed "to call on the Executors of David 
Rittcnhouso & receive from them the Sums contributed, and 
placed in his hands, towards aiding the expedition of M'- 
Michcau." [sic] 

Connnittoo appointed " to report the proceedings which 
have been had with respect to the sums received on account 
of M'- Michoau's Expedition, and their o})inion on the proper 
mciisures to bo pursued thoroon. — Collin, Peale, Wistar." 

Latrobo'H pafwr on Sand Hills reported worthy of puhlica- 
tion. Agreed to. 

February. 279 17«9. 

Committee appointed "to consider the expediency of 
offering a Premium on the Subject of Education, and .... 
the circumstances under which the premium shall be of- 
fered.— S. II. Smith, Wistar, Collin." 

"On Peach trees," a paper from Richd. D. Spaight, of 
North Carolina ; referred to Williams, Peale and Bache. 

Dr. Williamson's description of Ephoron leucon referred to 
Barton and Peale. 

Oration to be arranged by Bleakley, Peale and Vaughan. 

Dr. Collin substituted for Mr. Williams, resigned from 
Committee on Antiquities. 

1799. Feb\j 15. (Jefferson ; McKean, Peale, J. B, Smith, 
Martin, Currie, Wistar, Barton, Seybert, Collin, Patterson, 
S. II. Smith.) 

Com. on oration reported, that it would be delivered at 
the University Hall, 9 J o'clock, a. m., Saturday, February 23. 

Resolved to adjourn to meet in the Mathematical Room in the University 
at 9j A. M. 

Report on Premium agreed to, as follows : " That a Pre- 
mium of $100 be offered, with the usual conditions of 
secrecy &c. to the author of the best Dissertation upon the 
following question : ' How far is it the duty & interest of 
the Community, to provide for the Education of Youth ?' — 
and that Essays on the Subject be received until March 1*^ 

Regulations : 1. A Committee of five, chosen by ballot, at 
the first meeting in April next, to examine and report on 
the merits of the pieces, due notice of the election to be 
given to each member ; 2. No essayist to accept election ; 3. 
Any member of Committee who wishes to decline serving 
must resign within two months after the election ; 4. 
Papers to be preserved by the Secretaries unopened until the 
fii-st meeting in March, 1800 ; then delivered to the Com- 
mittee who shall report thereon within two months ; and 
" the Society shall ultimately decide within two months on 

Feb.— March. -""O I799. 

the said report otherwise the said report shall be coacla- 

1799. FeVy 23. At the University Hall. Where Dr. 
Ben. Smith Barton delivered the Annual Oration on " The 
Natural History of the Indian Tribes of North America." 

1799. March 1. (Patterson in the Chair ; Magaw, Bar- 
ton, "Wistar, Feale, Turner, Freire [sic'] and Woodhouse.) 

" On the means of mitiofating the calamities to which 
great cities are exposed" from Henry Wynkoop, *' was re- 
ferred to Jas. Woodhouse." 

"On an improved steam engine" by Robert F. Living- 
ston [sic] was referred to Patterson and Peale. 

Williamson's paper on Ephoron leucon reported worthy of 
publication ; so ordered. 

Wistar's description of the Bones of the unknown animal, 
referred for examination to Dr. Shippen. 

Jas. Ewing's " Columbian Alphabet," presented by the 
author. Thanks for his Oration voted to Dr. Barton. 

1799. March 15. (Peale ; Seybert, Wistar, J. B. Smith, 
S. H. Smith, Vaughan.) 

Dr. Shippen reported Dr. Wistar's descriptions of the 
Bones to be very accurate. Publication ordered. 

Prize Essays on Warming rooms. Committee reported 
that they found '* the piece signed * Economy' superior in 
merit to au}' of the other memoirs ;" and altljo' thoy agree 
with the Committee who formerly reported on the 8ul)joct,and 
whose ref)orl tliey recommend to the perusal of the Society, 
" that tiie improvements are not to bo regarded us entirely 
original," yet, they consider them so well combined and ap- 
plied to domestic purposes, as to merit the most attentive 
considoratiori of the Society, and believe that when the date 
is conrtidored, viz. March, 1797, it will aitpeur pro[)er to 
award the premium to the ingenious author. 

April— May. ■^ol 1799. 

1799. April 5. (Patterson ; Seybert, Peale, J. B. Smith, 
Caldwell, Dr. Barton, Magaw, S. H. Smith, Turner.) 

Jas. E. Smith's "Facts relative to Nat. Hist. London 
1798," presented in the name of the author. Thanks voted. 

Dr. Barton and Peale added to the committee on Peach 
tree Essays. 

Collin added to Committee on Kuh's (?) paper on Longi- 

Committee on preserving fossil bones reported their work 

1799. April 19. (Peale, Seybert, Barton, Smith, Vaughn 
[5«c], Blakely, Patterson, Abercrombie, Turner, and Wood- 

Patterson and Peale reported on Livingston's paper on the 
Steam Engine. 

A memoir on the decay of the Peach tree received 
January, 1797, was returned at the author's request. 

1799. 3fai/ 3. (Patterson, Caldwell, Peale, Seybert, 
Blakely, Barton, Vaughn [_sic], Woodhouse.) 

Woodhouse reported on Wynkoop'a Means for protecting 

" Adjudging the premium" on Warming rooms, made the 
business of the next meeting ; notice in the newspapers to 

1799. May 11. (Bleakeley [sjc], Patterson, Turner, Smith, 
Seybert, Woodhouse.) 

Adjudging the premium postponed. 

A. Fothergill's two pamphlets received . 1. Rules, &c., Bath 
and W. of E. S. 2. Preservative plans, &c. Thanks voted. 

Plans of the Eclipses of 1805 and 1806 by Mr. Lambert 
presented, and thanks voted. 

" A letter was received from the Treasurer satisfying the 

June-July. -^82 17j)9. 

enquiry made in the minutes of 1*' Feb. relative to a certain 
sum of money left in the hands of M'- Rittenhouse." 

Case of tetanus, cured by wine, &c., read and referred to 
Seybert and Woodhouse. 

Dr. Ilosack's pamphlet on Vision presented. 

1799. Jane 25. (Patterson; Seybert, J. B. Smith, S. H. 
Smith, Barton, Caldwell, Wistar, Turner, Woodhouse.) 

"A premium of $60 was conferred on Messrs. Ch. Wilson 
& Raphael Peale, for an essay on the best method of warm- 
ing rooms." 

Books presented : " Fragments of Nat. History" by Dr. 
Barton. Thanks ordered. Treatise on Education, by Revd. 
S. Knox. Thanks ordered. 

1799. July 19. (Wistar; Patterson, Peale, Turner, Dr. 
Barton, Bleakley, Wheeler, Woodhouse, S. II. Smith, Dr. 
Parke, Coxe, Davidson, Mr, P. S. De [sic'] Ponceau, Dr. 

Committee on Peach tree premium to report next meet- 

Dr. Barton asked for time to prepare his Essay on the 
Indians for publication, " early in the fall." 

Secretary to request Dr. Collin to complete the catalogue 
of books by next meeting. 

A complete Set, or one or more Vols, as may be found 
requisite of the A. P. Trans, to be forwarded to each of the 
following Societies: viz. Am. Ac. A. & 8. Boston (Vol. 
IV).— R. S. London (Vols. Ill, IV).— R. Irish. A. (I 
III, IV).— L. & P. 8. Manchester (IV).— Bath & W E- 
S. (one set).— Nat. Inst. Paris (IV).— A. A. & S. Peters- 
burgh (one set). — Linnrcan S. London (one sot). — R. A. 
8. l>iHbon (one set).— R. A. 8. Turin (II, III, IV).— R. 8. 
F^linburgh (one set).— R. 8. Valencia (IV).— R. S. S. 
Up«al (one eet). — R. 8. Gottingen (one set). — R. Sweod. 
A. 8. (one set).- Philada. Library (IV).— R. Acad. Berliji 
(one Bet). — Miitoor. 8. Mnnhcim [no item Ih moiilioncd 

August. 283 1799. 

& nothing is marked or dated "sent" in this case]. — 
Rotterdam S. — Agric. S. of N. York (one set). — Mass. Hist. 
Soc. (one set). — Phys. S. of Lena in Saxony (one set). — 
Italian Soc. at Verona [nothing seems to have been sent to 
this]. — Asiatic S. at Calcutta (one set). — R. S. of Madrid, 
Acad, de Hist. — Academy at Mexico (one set). — R. S. 
Copenhagen (one set), — Soc. Antiq. Scot. Edinburgh (one set). 
[The various dates & channels of transmission are marked on 
the margins of the page.] 

Election of seven new members: "Wm. Boys, A. M., John 
Redman Coxe, M.D., Thos. Peters Smith, Joseph Clay, and 
Wm. Maclare, all of Philadelphia ; Sam. Elam, of Newport, 
Rhode Island ; and Ben. Henry Latrobe, Engineer. 

1799. Aug. 16. (Collin ; McKean, Turner, Peale, T. P. 
Smith, S. H. Smith, James.) 

Collin reported " considerable progress" in the Catalogue. 

Curators to " cause to be made a Bookcase, equal in size 
and of a fashion similar to that now in the Society's Hall, 
with this difference, that all the doors be glazed." Post- 
poued voting. 

" Ast. Obs. on the Ccenecuh" in a letter from And. EUi- 
cott, Esq., read and referred to Mr. Patterson. 

" Plan & description of a horizontal Wheel" presented by 
the inventor, Sam. Felsted, Kingston, Jamaica. 

Claypoole's bill for advertising premiums £5, ordered 

Societies, additional, to be furnished with copies of the 
Trans. — Academies of Lyons (I, III, IV), Bologna (II, IH, 
IV), Rouen (T, III, IV), R. A. B. L. Seville (one set).— 
Soc. Arts, M. & C. London (one set). —Antiq. S. London 
(one set). — Societies at Milan, and at Florence (sets). [No 
marks of these having been sent, are on the page, except in 
the case of the S. Arts & Antiq. S. London. But references 
to " correspondence" in the case of Bologna, Milan & Flor- 

Binding of a list of unbound books postponed. 

November. Jxi±. 1799, 

1799. Nov. 1. (Patterson ; Collin, Peale, S. H. Smith, T. 
P. Smith, Latrobe, Clay, Bleakley, J. B. Smith, Vaughan, 
Abercrombie, Barton, Woodhouse, Caldwell, Seybert.) 

" Notes, N*"- 1, on the Falls of Niagara" read by Dr. Bar- 

Bookcase, " similar to the wing of the former bookcase, 
& proportionate to the space on the east side of the room," 

Latrobe added to Committee on Felsted's paper on Wind- 

"Besolved, that the A. P. S. will in future make a publication of a Vol- 
ume of their Transactions, or a part thereof, in every year on or before the 
1" day of November, and that all the papers, which, previous to the 1" 
day of September shall be directed to be published, be immediately there- 
after put into the hands of the Printer, after which no communication 
received shall be inserted in the Volume of that year." 

Resolution to be published in different newspapers. Sec- 
retaries to attend to the distributions of the sets ordered in 
former resolutions. 

Unbound books to be bound by the Curators. 

Missing plates of the lust Vol. Transactions (IV) to be 
" executed" by Mr. Dobson as soon as possible. 

Ellicott's Astronomical Observations ordered for publica- 

1799. Nov. 6. Special Meeting. (Patterson ; Latrobe, T. 
P. Smith, Clay, S. H. Smith, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, 
Wheeler, Barton, Woodhouse, Caldwell, Seybert.) 

Missing plates of Vol. IV. reported, nine in all. [List] 
** Dob8on Hays lie has had no other plate than one describing 
a plant discovered by M'- Boauvoir [sjc], & declines incurring 
any expecse attending the execution of any of the Plates, 
except that representing the above plant." Secretaries " re- 
quested to call on M'- Dobson & inform him that the So- 
ciety expected him to finirth the volume." 

Thanks voted to Turner lor indexes and other services. 

Invitation " by note" from Mr. Peale to the members to 

November. •«o5 179J. 

Introductory lecture of a course on Natural History Novem- 
ber I6th. 

Committee on Hosack's case of Tetanus reported that it 
had been already published in the Medical Report, New- 
York, and should not appear in the American Philosophical 

1799. Nov. 9. Special Meeting. (Peale; S. H. Smith, 
T. P. Smith, Woodhouse, Seybert.) 

Secretaries reported Mr. Dobson " willing to have the 
plates published, on his own account, so as to make the 
Volume (IV) perfect." 

Order of business established for the next Stated meeting : 
1. Society constituted ; 2. Minutes read ; 3. Report of Com- 
mittees ; 4. Papers, &c. ; 5. Motions ; 6. Adjournment. 

1799. Nov. 15. (IVistar; Guillemard, Turner, S. H. 
Smith, Clay, T. P. Smith, Vaughan, Peale, Patterson, James, 
Coxe, Seybert.) 

Secretaries reported " that M'-. Dobson had, in vain, 
endeavoured to find the drawing of the plates, which are de- 
ficient in the last volume .... & that he offers to publish 
them at his own expense, provided drawings .... be fur- 
nished . . . ." 

Turner and Latrobe appointed a Committee " to form 
drawings, .... to s-equest M""* Dobson to suspend the sale 
.... and to write to the booksellers, to whom he has for- 
warded it, likewise to suspend the sale thereof." 

Order of business, proposed at last meeting, referred to 
Patterson, Turner and Vaughan. 

Nassy's " Lettre sur les Juifs" with a letter of presentation 
from the author. Thanks voted. Another copy to be for- 
warded to the City Librar}'. 

Donations from Mr. Vaughan: Nautical Aim. 1774. 
Van Swinden's Diss, sur les Therm, and Obs. sur le froid de 
Janvier, 1776. 

December. -^oO I799. 

Several Vols, of the French Eucj. Meth. on the table, for 
inspection and sale. Vaughan directed to negotiate a pur- 

" Thermometrical Navigation," an essay by J. Williams, 
presented, and thanks voted. 

Peach-tree Committees ordered to report at next meeting. 

Corresponding Secretary to request Dr. Collin to report 
definitely respecting the Catalogue by the Second meeting 
in December. 

Clay and T. P. Smith added to the Committee apptd. May, 
1797, to arrange and describe the Apparatus of the Society. 

Clay and T. P. Smith added to the Committee on Laws, 
vice W. Barton and J. Williams. 

Premium of Education to be further considered at next 

1799. Dec. 6. (Turner ; Collin, Woodhouse, Coxe, Cald- 
well, Seybert, Clay, Peale, T. P. Smith, W. Barton, Patter- 
sou, Vaughan, S. H. Smith, Latrobe.) 

Dobson had taken measures to stop the sale of Vol. IV, 
and " will endeavour to have the plates completed." 

Special meeting (at the request of Dr. Collin) called for 6 
p. M. next Friday, to receive Catalogue and report of Com- 
mittee, and adopt further regulations for the Library'. 

Committee on Ap[)uratus " report them to be. An Elec- 
trophorus, A universal com|X)und microscope, A compound 
burning glass, A 80-inch sliding rule, A wheel barometer 
with a thermometer, An electrical machine, formerly in the 
poesession of F. Ilopkinson, supposed to be now in the house 
of the late Dr. llittonhouse. An adiromatic telescope tiow in 
the possession of A. EUicott, An eight day clock, A whale- 
bone hygrometer, broken." 

Committee on order of business, reported : 1. Society con- 
Htituted ; 2. Minutes read ; 8. Communications received 
and referred; 4. CommittecH' reports ; 6. Donations; 6. In- 
cidental or local business ; 7. Verbal communications, to be 

December. ■^O* 1790. 

recorded (if important) in a book for that purpose (see 
January 27, 1797) ; 8. Questions proposed at former meetings 
read and verbally or in writing remarked on ; a summary 
of the most important to be put on record by the Secreta- 
ries ; 9. Minutes of the present meeting read ; 10. Adjourn- 
ment. Report accepted. 

Committee to reconsider the Report of a Committee to re- 
vise the By-Laws and form one code of the whole, reported 
" that it is inexpedient at present to make an application to 
the Legislature for an alteration in our Charter of incor- 
poration, and ' that the Sees, be directed to collect & insert 
in the book which contains the fundamental articles & 
Charter all the bye-laws and regulations which are contained 
in the minutes & not already obsolete agreeably to a resolu- 
tion of the Society of Jan. 27, 1797.' " 

Vaughan reported the purchase of the Encyc. Meth. of 
Jas. Gibson, for $150 ($50 less than the price). Approved. 

Remarks on No. XXII, Vol. IV, p. 190, by Judge 
Turner, referred to Dr. Seybert. 

Reported from Mrs, Sergeant and Mrs. "Waters, Executrices 
of Mrs. Rittenhouse's will, that she had bequeathed $200 to 
the Society " for the purpose of raising an annual fund to 
be applied to the keeping the observatory in order." Pat- 
terson, Vaughan and S. H. Smith, to receive and invest it. 

Two Meteorological Tables kept at Michilimackinac by 
Gen. Wilkinson, presented and referred to Patterson, 

" A large marine Excrescence," presented by J. Williams. 

"Recreations in Nat. His. &c.," No. 1, from Dr. Anderson 
of Edinburgh, with a promise to continue the series. Thanks 

"Experiments relating to the change of place in differ- 
ent kinds of air thro' several interposing substances," " Ex- 
periments relating to the absorption of air by water;" by Dr. 
Priestley ; and " Misc. Exp. relating to the doctrine of Phlo- 
giston ;" read and referred to T. P. Smith. 

Order of Business adopted to be neatly copied on Parch- 
ment, framed, and laid before the President at each meeting. 

December. •^88 1799. 

Committee on Felsted's paper reported against its publi- 

"The Soc. agree to pay M""- J. Dobson $150 next spring, 
M'- Gibson having agreed to take the amount of his demand, 
in books, from M''- Dobson." 

S. H. Smith, Latrobe and Yaughan, " to consider the pro- 
priety of presenting, by Memorial, to the Legislature of Pa. 
a view of the State of this Institution, & the benefits that 
would result to Science by an addition to the funds of the 
Society made by the Legislature." 

1799. Dec. 13. Special fleeting. (Turner ; Collin, Bar- 
ton, Seybert, Woodhouse, Vaughan, Peale, S. IL Smith, T. 
P. Smith, Patterson, J. B. Smith.) 

Dr. Collin " explained the general principles upon which 
[the Catalogue of Books] was formed. For which see Re- 
port." Thanks voted to Dr. Collin " for the industry & 
talents manifested in forming the Catalogue." Resolution 
ordered to be copied into the Catalogue. Report and Cata- 
logue accepted. Books ordered to be " arranged on the 
shelves in the following order, viz. : Folios, Quartos, Octavos, 
Duodecimos, &c. & that the Vols, of each size be numbered 
from 1 onwards as far as may be." 

" D'- Collin makes an offer to attend Tuesdays & Fridays 
from 10 o'c. a. m. to 1 o'c. p. m. for the purpose of delivering 
Books to the Members of the Society, during those Hours, 
& that untill further order no books are to be taken out of 
the Hall — which was acccjfted." 

[Pinned on to the page. "To inquire of D'- Mease 
whetlier he has one Vol. of the Mem. French Acad. Also 
to write D. Ross, has the 12 Vol. Mom. des Chinois par les 
Miss, do Pekin. Paris chez Nyon, 1786." Books missing 
Homaine's K. «& W. Indies; Percival's Essays Vol I.; Chat- 
tolloux' {sirl Kolicit6 Publique ; L'isle inconnue."] 

1799. Dec. 20. (Patterson ; Wistar, Coxo, Currie, Cald- 
well, Barton, Soybort, Vaughan, T. P. Smith, McGaw [5jc], 

December. 289 1799. 

Priestley's paper: reading continued, viz. " Expts. on the 
transmission of Acids, & other liquors, in the form of 
vapour, over several substances in a hot earthen tube." 
" Expts. made with Charcoal, Phosphorus, & animal fibres in 
the Nitrous acid." " Misc. Experiments." Referred to T. 
P. Smith. 

Turner's remarks on Sargent's paper reported worthy of 
publication. Accepted. 

Priestley's papers read at the last meeting reported worthy 
of publication. Accepted. 

The Executrices of Mrs. Rittenhouse having the money 
bequeathed ready, and requesting the seal of the Society to 
be affixed to the receipt, " it was agreed that it be done." 

Order of Business; additional article: "Pecuniary & 
Oeconomical Business of the Society discussed — not more 
than half an hour to be allotted to these objects" — to follow 
after Incidental or local business. 

Committee on new Bookcase left at liberty to alter its 
dimensions '' if necessary to accommodate the books, & to 
have a second wing made if wanted, or the centre part in 
lieu thereof." 

Meeting ordered for Election first Friday January. 

Special meeting ordered on Friday next. 

1799. Dec. 27. Special Meeting. (Patterson ; Turner, T. 
P. Smith, Clay, Peale, Dr. Barton, Ruston, "VVistar, Sey- 

"The American Philosophical Society, taking into con- 
sideration the loss of their fellow- member Georo-e Washins:- 
ton, a citizen distinguished by his virtues & by his eminent 
services to his country, 

"Besolved, That as a mark of their high respect & veneration for his 
character, it be recommended to the members to wear a black crape round 
the left arm, as mourning, for 30 days. 

"Agreed, That a portrait of George Washington be pro- 
cured to be hung up in the Society's Hall." 


January. 290 1800. 

1800. Jan. 3. Between 2-5 p. m. Annual Election. (Pat- 
terson, "Vaughan, Seybert, Peale, Collin, Clay, Du Ponceau, 
T. P. Smith. Yaughan, Collin, Smith, Judges; Seybert, 
Peale, Secretaries.) 

President — Thomas Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Patterson, Rush. 

Secretaries — Seybert, Clay, S. H. Smith, T. P. Smith. 

Councillors — Williams, Ellicott, Coxe, Magaw (3 years). 

Councillors — Latrobe (2 years) " in the absence of Thos. 
McKean, become the patron of the Society."* 

Jrcasurer — Vaughan. 

Curators — Peale, B. S. Barton, Turner. 

1800. Jan. 7. (Jefferson; "Wistar, Patterson, Barton, 
Magaw, Seybert, Clay, Latrobe, Yaughan, Duponceau, J. B. 
Smith, Peale, Caldwell, S. 11. Smith, T. P. Smith.) 

The Committee Connecticut Academy Arts and Science 
desiring the cooperation of the American Philosophical So- 
ciety in prevailing on Congress to direct the Census to be 
taken in a more detailed manner, enclosed in their letter a 
Memorial to Congress, with the Act of incorporation and 
list of OflSicers of the Academy. The President and Yice- 
Presidents wore appointed a Committee to frame a Memorial 
to Congress and present the same in the name of the Society. 
The Secretaries to assure the Conn. Academy of immediate 
and cordial cooperation. 

1800. Jan. 17. (Patterson ; Yaughan, La Trol)0 \_sic\ 
Wheeler, J. B. Smith, Turner, S. IL Smith, Bloakley, T. P. 
Smitli, Aborcrorabie, Poale, Rush, Coxe, Park, Blackwell, 
Magaw, Duffield, White, Sybert [sic], Collin, Caldwell, An- 
dre wa.) 

" On the essential Oil of certain plants" in a letter from 
B. Shultz, was read and referred to Coxe, Seybert and Bar- 

The Memorial to the Legislature of Pennsylvania was 
then read and adopted. 

* /. 9„ Oovsraor of Pennsylvania. 

January. •^"l 1800. 

lo the Senate and House of Representatives of tJie Commonwealth of Penn- 

The Memorial of the American Philosophical Society respectfully repre- 

That, in the year 1769 a number of citizens of Pennsylvania, desirous of 
combining the talents of men of philosophical pursuits in the promotion 
and diffusion of useful knowledge, associated tliemselves into a society. 

Meetings of the members were statedly held, at which numerous com- 
munications were made on subjects of science and of general utility. 
Under the auspices of an individual, whose memory is consecrated to 
science, the labours of a small body of men deservedly^ttracted tlie atten- 
tion and received the patronage of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, and 
who incorporated them in tlie year 1780 into a society denominated "The 
American Philosophical Society for Promoting Useful Knowledge." 

From this period the industry of the members of the Society ap- 
pears to have been excited to new and persevering effort. Besides 
many fugitive productions, published in periodical and distinct works, 
they have published four large Quarto volumes of transactions. The 
first volume had previously appeared in 1771 ; the second appeared in 
1786 ; the third in ; and the fourth in 1799 ; and as an honourable 
attestation of the esteem in which their Transactions have been held, 
it may not be amiss to state that in obedience to the public voice a 
second edition of the first volume was printed in the year 1789 and 
that some of the volumes have been reprinted in Europe. It becomes 
not the Society to express any opinion on the merit of the various p)-oduc- 
tions contained in their volumes ; a recurrence to which will demonstrate 
that the most eminent talents in the Union have been, thro' their means, 
drawn forth and usefully engaged in the discussion of subjects which 
embrace improvements and discoveries in agriculture, in mechanics, and 
in the various arts, the advancement of which is so generally connected 
with national prosperity. 

In the year 1785, the Society, impressed with the importance of possess- 
ing, and sensible of the injuries sustained from the want of, a building 
which would afford convenient apartments for holding their meetings in, 
and bo a safe depository for a philosophical apparatus, and for a library, 
then respectable, and ever since increasing, erected at their own expense, 
assisted by the liberal donations of private individuals, a hall 70 feet in 
front and 50 feet in depth, on a lot appropriated for that purpose by the 
Legislature. The expense attending the erecting of this building amounted 
to upwards of 8,000 dollars. As the Society had not immediate use for all 
the apartments in their hall, they let those that were unoccupied by them- 
selves to Charles Wilson Peale, for the exclusive object of arranging and 
displaying the objects of his museum ; and as an encouragement to an 
object of such national importance, they entered into a contract with him 
on terms of studied moderation. They are happy in being able to inform 

January. -^^2 1800. 

the Legislature that since the removal of the museum to this Hall its ex- 
teusion has beeu so rapid as to excite and amply to repay the curiosity of 
men of science. 

Under the superintendence of the Society Premiums for valuable im- 
provements in agriculture and the several arts to the amount of 
Dollars have been proposed ; whereby new ideas have beeu excited and 
many interesting discoveries teen made. 

Animated by a love of science, ambitious of attracting to America the 
esteem of the enlightened, and above all other motives, anxiously solicit- 
ous to develop, to improve, and to extend the yet dormant tho' boundless 
resources of our Country, the A. P. Society has unceasingly pursued 
the objects of its Institution, amidst the desolations of war and the vio- 
lence of political feuds ; and while others have been exclusively engaged 
in personal pursuits, the time and property of its members have been 
cheerfully devoted to the advancement of scieface. Hitherto the funds of 
the Society, if the lot on which their hall is erected be excepted, have been 
derived from individual contributions. Limitted [sic} as these, from their 
nature, must be, the expenditures of the Society appear, on review, to have 
been large and burthcusome. In estimating the further necessary expendi- 
tures, it is not expected that a smaller annual sum will be, than heretofore 
has been, required. The field of science and research, everyday enlarging, 
continues with eachpreceeding [stc] year to present new objects of atten- 
tion, and to demand in their investigation additional resources. 

Under these circumstances the A. P. Society addresses itself to the 
Legislature of Pennsylvania as the constitutional patron of useful knowl- 
edge. The liberal assistance bestowed on other institutions is an honour- 
able pledge of the sincere and solicitous regard for science entorlained by 
the Legislature and furnishes a well founded hope that a body, instituted 
for the advancement of science on the largest scale, and which in its char- 
acter stands almost alone in the United States will be deemed worthy of 
national encouragement. 

This encouragement is not desired for purposes of temporary moment. 
The Society will cheerfully discharge all ordinary and incidental ex- 
penses. But in their researches they labour under two serious and to 
them insurmountable obstacles, tlio want of scientific works, and of an 
eztenaive philosophical ajiparalus, commensurate to tho objects of their 
attention. It is to be regretted, tluit wliiie large collections of esteemed 
works in miscellaneous literature exist in various parts of tho United 
States, DO comprehensive coUeclhm of works on natural science have been 
made. This circumstance is the more to be lamented, as works of science 
are so numcrouR, and a coniiileto philosopliical ai>paratus is so expensive, 
ae to bo beyond the reacli of individual pun^hase. From the want of these 
aids, talents often are usnleHsly engaged in making discovcricH alr(>ady 
made In Europe, which, otherwise directed, migiit have produced llic most 
important rfHulls. 
The Mlate of Pennsylvania has long stood unrivaled in tho Arts. Tho 

January. 293 1800. 

enlightened impulse given to our public institution?, and to the private 
pursuits of our citizens, by her founder and his Immediate successors, has 
imparted an energy to her literary character, which is felt and acknowl- 
edged to this day. At present a lively rivalship is cherished among lier 
Sister States, who, having discerned, are prompt to seize, the benefits that 
are inseparable from the diffusion of knowledge. 

It is our ardent desire, and we are sure that it is yours, that Pennsyl- 
vania should preserve unimpaired the pre-eminence she has so honourably 

With confidence, therefore, we rely on receiving such aid as the re- 
sources of the State will afford, and you, as the organs of the public shall 
deem expedient to bestow. 

Resolved, That this memorial be signed by the officers of the Society and 
be forwarded to the governor of the State of Pennsylvania. 

The Memorial to Congress was then reported : 

To the Honourable the Semite and House of Representatives of the United 


The memorial of the American Philosophical Society respectfnll}' show- 
eth that this Society instituted for the promotion of useful knowledge, 
understanding that the legislature of the Union have under their con- 
sideration a bill for taking a new census of the inhabitants of the U. S. 
consider it as offering an occasion of great value and not otherwise to be 
obtained of ascertaining sundry facts highly interesting and important to 
Society. Under this impression they beg leave respectfully to submit to 
the wisdom of the legislature the expediency of requiring from their ofl3- 
cers, in addition to the table in the former act for the same purpose, others 
presenting a more detailed view of the inhabitants of the U. S. under sev- 
eral difterent aspects. 

They consider it as important to determine the effect of the soil and cli- 
mate of the U. S. on the inhabitants thereof; &, for this purpose, dividing 
life into certain epochs, to ascertain the existing numbers within each 
epoch from whence may be calculated the ordinary duration of life in 
these States, the chances of life for each epoch thereof, and the ratio of the 
increase of their population ; firmly believing that the result will be sen- 
sibly different from what is presented by the tables of other countries, by 
which we are from necessity in the habit of estimating the probabilities of 
life here. And they humbly suggest as proper for these purposes the in- 
tervals between the following epochs, viz. birth, 2, 5, 10, 16, 21 & 25 years 
of Age & every term of 5 years from thence to 100. 

For the purpose also of more exactly distinguishing the increase of 
population by birth and by immigration they propose that another table 
shall present in separate columns the respective numbers of native citi- 
zens, citizens of foreign birth & of aliens. 

In order to ascertain more compleatly [sjc] the causes which influence 

February. ■""'* 1800. 

life & health and to furnish a curious and useful document of the distribu- 
tion of society in these states and of the conditions & vocations of our fel- 
low citizens, they propose that still another table shall be formed specify- 
ing in ditlerent columns the number of free male inhabitants of all ages 
engaged in business under the following or such other descriptions as the 
greater wisdom of the legislature shall approve : viz 1, men of the learned 
professions, including clergymen, lawyers, physicians, those employed in 
the fine arts, teachers and scribes in general. 2, merchants and traders in- 
cluding bankers, insurers, brokers and dealers of every kind. 3, mariners. 
4, handicraftsmen. 5, labourers in agriculture. 6, labourers of other de- 
scriptions. 7, domestic servants. 8, paupers. 9, persons of no particular 
calling living on their income : care being taken that every person be 
noted but once in this table and that under the description to which he 
principally belongs. 

They flatter themselves that from these data truths will result very sat- 
isfactory to our citizens, that under the joint influence of soil, climate & 
occupation the duration of human life in this portion of the earth will be 
found at least equal to what it is in any other ; and that its population in- 
creases with a rapidity unequaled in all others. 

What other views may be advantageously taken, they submit with those 
above suggested to the superior wisdom of Congress in whose decision 
they will acquiesce with unqualified respect. 

Resolved Tliat a copy of this memorial be forwarded to the Connecticut 
Academy and another to the Boston Academy. 

Elcclion of Members: — Robert Listen, Esquire, II. B. M. 
Envoy Extr.,&c. ; John R. Smith, A. M. ; Justus Eric Boll- 
niann, M. D. of Philada., and William Dunbar of the Mis- 
sissippi Territory. 

1800. Feb'y 7. (Jefferson; Vaughan, J. Smith, Bleak- 
ley, Patterson, Smiley [Finloy ?], BoUmann, S. II. Smith, T. 
B. Smith, Coxo, Seybert, Poale, Barton, La Trobe [sic\^ T. P. 

"On a supposed new species of Oniscus" in a letter from 
II. B. Latrobo [.«'<;], was referred to ])r. Barton. 

"Sketch of a geographical view of the Trees & Shrubs of 
N. America," a memoir road by Dr. Barton; referred to 
Mr. Latrobe [sic']. 

Committee on Shultz's paper on Essential Oils; report 

Coinmittoo on Priestley's throe papers, reported. 

Feb.— March. -^"^ 1800. 

Committee on Mrs. Rittenhouse's legacy, reported its re- 
ceipt and investment in 8 [sic] per cent stock of the United 
States. "The Com. gave 2 p. c. advance, which may be 
reimbursed from the first receipt of Interest, viz. 4 Dls." 

[Six blank pages follow.] 

1800. Feb'y 21. (Patterson ; Barton, Seybert, Vaughan, 
Dubois, Woodhouse, Currie, S. H. Smith, Wistar.) 

Latrobe's paper on Oniscus, " called by the author O. pree- 
gustator," reported worthy of publication. Agreed to. 

" The Treasurer communicated to the Soc. a certilied ex- 
tract of a letter from Sam. Elam Esq. of Newport, R. I. 
dated Jan. 21, 1800 to John Brown Esq. Member of 11. of 
Rep. TJ. S. enclosing a letter to George Turner, covering 
500 Dollars for the Society. Also affidavits of Thomas 
Claxton and Andrew Walker proving the delivery of said 
money to George Turner." Thanks voted to S. Elam for his 
"liberal donation," and "assuring him that the Soc. will 
pursue the most effectual measures required by the unworthy 
conduct of George Turner. Sam. 11. Smith appointed a 

"Besoloed that the Treasurer be authorized to take such measures ia re- 
lation to the recovery of the money from George Turner, as he shall deem 
necessary ; and that he be authorized to appropriate such sums as shall 
be required for said purpose. Papers presented by the treasurer lodged 
with him for the present." 

"ResoUcd that Samuel H. Smith be associated with the Treasurer in the 
performance of the above duties." 

" A proposition was made to expel George Turner from 
this Society, which was committed to Messrs. Patterson and 
Vaughan, to report at the next meeting." 

1800. March 7. (Collin ; Vaughan, Barton, Currie, 
Peale, Collin, T. P. Smith, S. H. Smith.) 

The Treasurer reported the measures he had taken as to 
Elam's donation ; report agreed to. Vaughan and S. 11. 
Smith to carry it into execution. 

March. -^"^ 1800. 

Dr. Barton permitted to draw the Mammoth bones, pro- 
vided it be done in the Society's Hall, 

A singular case of Chir. Medical Operation at Upsal, by 
M. Bergsten, was presented and referred to Seybert and 

Committee on Turner's expulsion discharged. " The So- 
ciety will proceed next meeting to the election of a Cura- 
tor in the place of George Turner, resigned ;" notice to be 
given to members. 

" A donation was received from Samuel Elam, of N'ew- 
port, R.l. of Five hundred Dollars, to be disposed of in such 
manner as shall best promote the objects of the Society." 
Thanks voted " to Samuel Elam, a member of this Society, 
for the above donation, as an evidence of their sense of his 
distinguished liberality & regard to science." 

1800. March 21. (Jefferson; Patterson, Seybert, Barton, 
Yaughan ; Bleakley, Peale, Wistar, Wood house, S. H. 

" A description of a newly constructed Time Piece" from 
Bargis Allison of Bristol (Pa.) was read & referred to Pat- 
terson and Clay. Secretary to write that " the Soc. will be 
happy in receiving further communications." 

"Description of proposed Substitute of leather saturated 
with oil, for copper in the Sheathing of vessels," from II. 
Guest, Now Brunswick, read and referred to Patterson and 

"Nouvelle voiluro propos6e pour les Vesseaux de toutes 
grandeurs," a work by David le Roy, Paris; from the 
autlior. Thanks voted. Also Dupont de Nemours' IMiilo- 
Bophio do r uiiivers. Thanks voted and delivered by Joifor- 

"Tho Com. to whom was intrusted tho sottlomotit witli 
George Turner, ma<lo report .... that they have taken tlio 
advice of tho bcflt council for their guidance. They have 
taken Major Turner'* Bond, with a power to confess judge- 

April. 297 1800. 

ment thereon for 450 Dollars with interest from 17th March, 
the bond payable 17th Dec. next ; and as security for the 
same, and for the expenses which may be incurred in exam- 
ining title &c., they have taken a mortgage with power of 
sale on 10 days notice on 9,000 acres land in Harrison Co* 
Virginia, in the name of the Committee in trust for the So- 
ciety, the bond being to the Society itself. This mode was 
adopted by the advice of their council. From the enquiries 
made the Com. are led to believe, the debt may be paid an- 
terior to the term of the bond ; and further report that said 
Turner is willing to authorize the sale of part of the land at 
a very low price, whenever the Com. can find a purchaser in 
order to the full discharge of the debt. And your Com. to 
have the deed recorded and take the necessary steps for as- 
certaining the value of and title to the property, advancing 
the necessary expenses therefor, to be reimbursed by Geo. 
Turner; but propose allowing some little time previously to 
elapse, to give time for sale." " March 21, 1800 The Patents, 
Bond and deed of Trust in hands of Treasurer." " The re- 
port was agreed to and the Com. who reported it authorized 
any farther necessary steps." 

" The Society proceeded to the election of a Curator in the 
room of George Turner, when the ballots being taken it ap- 
peared that John R. Smith was elected." 

A motion for Committees to be in future nominated by 
the presiding officer, subject to the control of the Society, 
was ordered to lie on the table. 

1800. April 4. (Patterson; Collin, Barton, Clay, Sey- 
bert, J. R. Smith, Coxe, Duponceau, S. H. Smith, Peale, 

" An abridgement of his former Piece on essential 
oils" from Dr. Shultz, was referred to Barton, Seybert and 

" A map of the Island of Bartholomy" by S. Fahlberg 
Phys. to Swe. Gov'- in said island, from the author. — Also 

April. 298 1800. 

Chancellor G. Paikull's Fauna Suecica Insecta, 2 Vols in 
one, 8°- from the author with a promise of more. — Both 
through D""- Collin. Thanks voted. 

Committee on Allison's Time piece reported. Ordered for 

" A letter was received from the Treasurer stating his in- 
ability to receive the dividents [sic] on the 8 p. ct. stock 
purchased with the money left by Mrs. Rittenhouse, with- 
out a power of attorney under the seal of the Society." 

Committee of February, 1799, on moneys for Micheau \_sic] 
expedition ordered to report at next meeting. 

Committee on Peach tree essays : Dr. Coxe added. 

" D'- Collin presented a Statement of sums received by him 
for the Society, to aid Mr. Micheau's projected expedition 
some years since ; received previously to 25"* April 1793, 
viz. Alex. Hamilton $12.50; Geo. Washington $25; John 
Vaughan $12.50; Walter Stewart, John Ross, J. B. Bord- 
ley, each $5 ; Wm. White $2.50 ; Robert Morris $20 ; Ewing, 
S. Powell, McConnell, Nixon, each $2.50; S. Coats, $2.25; 
B. Bache, Jared Ingersol, M. Clarkson, J. Dorsey, each $2 ; 
R. Blackwell, N". Collin, each $4; Thos. Jefferson $12.50.— 
Total $128.25. 

1800. April 18. (Jefferson ; Vaughan, Clay, Barton, J. 
B. Smith, Peale, Coxe, White, S. H. Smith, Duponceau, 
Seybert, Patterson, Collin, J. R. Smith.) 

"Experiments on the production of air by the freezing of 
water," by Dr. Priestley, referred to Wistar and Wood- 

"On the Analogy between Vegetables, and Polypi and 
Inaecta," in French, by J)upont de Nemours, referred to Dr. 

"On the n'tinement of Cain[ihiro [5<V']i" "• hotter IVom Dr. 
ShuUz, read l)y Dr. Seybert. 

Donutiona: A pair of 18-inch globes from Mr. Wm. 

May. 299 1800. 

Jones, of London ; Ebeling's Geography United States, Vols. 
IV and V; Lettsom's Naturalist and Traveler's Companion, 
third edition ; Lettsom's Natural History of the Tea-tree, &c., 
4°; Portaits of Dr. Letsom [sic'\ and Dr. Symmes; W. Jack- 
son's arrangement of Hassenfratz and Adet's Chemical Nom- 
enclature, Acts of Lavosier, Bertholet and Fourcoy [^sic]. 
Thanks voted. 

Election of three new members: S. Brown, M.D., of Ken- 
tucky; S. Miller, A.M., New York; " Dupont de Nemours, 
late of France, now residing in the United States." 

1800. 3Iai/ 2. (Jefferson ; Seybert, Vaughan, Barton, 
Coxe, Jon. B. Smith, Bolman, Maclure, Allison, Peale, S. H. 
Smith, Wistar.) 

" On a new invention for computing the longitude," by 
Hiram, offered for the Magellanic premium, and referred to 
Patterson and Clay. 

" Description of a new pendent Planetarium," invented by 
Mr. B urges Allison, referred to Patterson and Clay. 

Committee on Dupont's Analogy reported it worthy of 
publication- Agreed to. 

Committee on Burgsten's Surgical Memoir reported that 
the case "appeared very alarming at first sight, but was in 
reality not important." Not expedient to publish it. 
Agreed to. 

1800. Mai/ 16. (Patterson ; Williams, Vaughan, Listen, 
Leslie, Peale, Drs. White, Seybert.) 

"Therm. Obs. made [by W. Strickland] at sea," read and 
referred to Vaughan and Wistar. 

Thanks voted to Mr. Sims, owner of Ship Fame, for re- 
linquishing £3 •• 16 •• 6, freight on the globes. 

Ordered paid, £6 •• 16 •• 2 for Encyc, Livraisons 59, 60, 61, 
" sent over by D'- Grassy to M""- Jas. Gibson." 

June— July. 300 I800. 

1800. June 20. (Wistar; Patterson, Collin, EllicQtt, 
Coxe, Barton, Yaughan, Williams, Peale, Allison, J. B. 

" Analysis of Black Yomit," by Dr. Isaac Cathrall, read 
and referred to Seybert and Woodhouse. 

Compasses with points always perpendicular to the paper: 
a drawino^ by John J. Hawkins, of Frankfort; referred to 
Patterson and Clay. 

" On the formation of water in plants," by Dupont de Ne- 
mours, read and referred to Jon. Williams for translation. 
Also a corrected copy of his previous memoir on Polypus, 
which he wished destroyed. 

Iceland crystal, three specimens, found on a sand bar in 
the Mississippi, from And. Ellicott. (" Described in Eng. 
Phil. Transactions, 2" part 1797.") 

Donations: Barton's treatise on the Goitre; 50 copies of 
Jon. AVilliams' Therraometrical Navigation; Ellicott and 
Vaughan, a Committee to distribute them. Thanks voted. 
Jos. Treat's Inaugural Essay on the effects of light on 
Respiration ; Rob. Berkley's Inaugural Essay on Sedatives ; 
Dr. Anderson's Recreations in Agriculture, Nos. 4 to 12 (or- 
dered bound in 2 Vols.]. Thanks to the above three authors. 

Committee on Strickland's paper, reported [blank space] ; 
report agreed to. 

Secretaries and Treasurer to report the materials ready 
for the next volume, and best mode of publishing the same. 

1800. Juli/ 18. (Patterson ; Woodhouse, Cox [sk']^ An- 
drews, Blenkeloy [sic], J. B. Smith, S. II. Smith, Dupon- 
coau, Ellicott, I'ealo, Allison, Collin, Wistar.) 

Committee on Allison's Planetarium, " reported that it is 
not unworthy of publication." Agreed to. 

Committee on Jlawkins'H Compasses, reported "that the 
invention was not of HufUciont practical utility to warrant 
the publication." Agreed to. 

August. 301 1800. 

Secretaries reported partially respecting papers for publi- 

" On the Constitution of the Water of the Ocean, & on the^ 
effects of Soda in rendering it fit for the washing of wearing 
apparel & other foods at Sea," by Dr. S. L. Mitchell, of New 
York, read and referred to Woodhouse and Wistar. 

Dupont's Memoir, translated by Juo. Williams, was refer- 
red to Dr. Cox and Mr. Clay. 

Committee on Priestley's paper, reported it worthy of 
publication ; report adopted. 

Election of new members postponed, because " the propo- 
sal of the candidates" had not been •' made a sufficient time 
before the present meeting." 

1800. Aug. 15. (Drs. Wistar, Cox, Barton, Woodhouse, 
Ruston ; Messrs. Peale, J. B. Smith, Jon. Williams, A. £lli- 
cott. Clay, Vaughan, Revd. B. Allison.) 

" Experiments on air exposed to heat in metallic tubes," 
by Priestley, read and referred to Wistar and Woodhouse. 

" Ast. & Ther. Obs. made* at the confluence of the Miss. & 
Ohio rivers, Natchez & N. Orleans," and " Obs. on the Tran- 
sit of Mercury made at Miller's plantation," by A. Ellicott ; 
read and referred to Mr. Patterson. 

Donation : J. B. C. Rousseau's Inaugural Dissertation on 
Absorption. Thanks. 

" Obs. on the vitiated condition of the Atmosphere arising 
from combinations of azote and oxygene [s?c]" by Dr. S. L. 
Mitchell, New York, referred to Barton and Seybert. 

Committee on Cathrall's paper on black vomit reported it 
worthy of publication ; report adopted. 

Committee on Dupont's paper reported that although in- 
genious, it was not of sufficient importance to publish. 

Jap. Strembech's bill for painting and glazing the book- 
case £3 •• 2 •• 6, and W. Roberts, for making book-case £31 " 
16 •• 3. Treasurer " directed to settle these accounts." 

• Cairo. 

Sept.— Oct. 302 1800. 

HoudorCs bust of Franklin. " M""- "Williams presented to 
the Society a bust of their late president D"^- Franklin (by 
Iloudon) the thanks of the Society were returned to M''- 
Williams for his donation." 

Treasurer reported partially respectinor papers for Transac- 
tions. "VVoodhouse, Wistar, Patterson, and the Secretaries 
to be a Committee to arrange the papers for Vol. V. 

1800. Sep. 19. (Patterson ; Barton, "Wistar, Woodhouse, 
Bleakley, Peale, Allison, Vaughan,Clay.) 

"Proposed plan of a City," with a drawing, by John J. 
Hawkins, read and referred to Mr. Bleakley. 

Wilkinson's Meteorological Journals and Ellicott's Astro- 
nomical Observations reported by Mr. Patterson worthy of 

List of papers for Transactions Vol. V. reported by Com- 

Priestley's paper on Air, &c., ordered for publication. 

Mitchell's paper on Sea Water reported for publication. 

Donation: De Jaudenes' Discourse on the Utility of Com- 
merce with the Island of Majorca. Thanks voted to the 

" A letter from the College of Physicians respecting the 
rent of the room occupied by the College, was read & re- 
ferred to M"-- Vaughan, M'- Bleakley & M""- Clay." 

Committee on papers authorized to agree for the printing 
of next Vol. Transactions with Mr. Dobson, "or in case of 
bis refusal with any other printer." Committee ordered to 
prepare the papers, and " that no papers bo delivered to the 
printer until the whole bo ready." 

"Description of a Stopper for the openings by which the 
Sewers of cities receive the water of drains," by Mr. John 
Frazor, rt-iid und n^n^rrcd to Pealo and Loslio. 

1800. Or!. .',. ( WiHtar ; Ellicott, Barton, Pealc, Dr. Ship- 
pon, J. B. Smith, Allison, Vaughan, Dr. Cox, Williams, 

October. •*0'^ 1800. 

" Thermoraetrical Obs. for a series of years, made by John 
F. Mifflin;"— 

" Meteor. Obs. on board the Ship Geo. Barclay from Phila. 
to Madras & Calcutta, from March 1798 to Nov. follow- 

" Obs. taken at the mouth of BuiFaloe creek on Lake Erie 
in the summer of 1798, Lat, 42° 53' N''- Long. 3° 44' W 
from Philada ;" — communicated by Mr. Williams. 

" A Carton to contain the Meteor, communications made to 
the Society," ordered, through Mr. A^aughan. 

Dr. Barton requested to procure Rittenhouse's Meteoric 
Observations for twenty-seven years " in continuation." 

" Ast. & Miscell. Obs. made on the boundary between the 
U. S. and his Cath. Majesty," from A. Ellicott, read and re- 
ferred to Patterson and Clay. 

Frazer's Stopper for drains reported worthy of publica- 

Committee on Peach Tree Essays reported " that none of 
those papers which they have examined appear entitled to 
the premium .... because .... they do not fully em- 
brace the great object of the Society's question ; because the 
Experiments do not appear either sufficiently numerous or 
continued for a sufficient length of time ; and because, with 
the exception of a single paper by John Ellis, the experi- 
ments do not appear to be so fully authenticated, as the sub- 
iect seems to demand. — The Com. deem the two papers 
signed John Ellis, & X, Y, Z, as deserving the attention of 
the Society, more especially the last;" signed, Coxe, Bar- 
ton and Peale. 

Besolved that the premium be equally divided between these two. The 
letter X, Y, Z, being opened, the author proved to be Tlios. ('oulter, Esq. 
of Cumberland Valley, Bedford Co., Pa. — Ellis' paper, referred to Wistar ; 
and Coulter's to Barton, "for revisal." 

Secretary reported Dobson willing to print Vol. Y. on the 
same terms as Yol. lY. 
Barton's Sketch of a geographical view of the trees and 

Oct.— Nov. ^^4: 1800 

shrubs of North America, reported by Latrobe, " well 
worthy of publication." 

Wilkinson's Meteorological Journals to be deposited in the 

Mr. Vaughan reported partially respecting the room occu- 
pied by the College of Physicians. 

Secretary ordered to inform Ellis and Coulter of the de- 
cision respecting the premium, and "to publish in the dif- 
ferent newspapers an abstract of the minutes; & an adver- 
tisement to the author of * X (March 16,1798) to communi- 
cate with the Secretary. 

1800. Oct. 17. Dr. Collin ; Woodhouse, Barton, J. B. 
Smith, EUicott, Allison, Vaughan, Wheeler, Patterson, Dr. 

u ^r. Vaughan handed the 2^ & 3'^ numbers of the Recrea- 
tions in Agriculture &c which had lain in the Custom house 
many months for want of a letter of advice." Secretary to 
thank Dr. Anderson, of London, and explain delay. 

Observatory : " M*"- Patterson laid before the Society a 
draft of a new deed relative to the observatory which Mrs. 
Waters & Mrs. Searjeant [sic] wish to have altered. Referred 
to M"- Patterson & M""' Vaughan to consult counsel & if it 
can be legally done they are authorized to agree to it." 

Committee to fix upon subjects for premiums: EUicott, 
Woodhouse, Patterson, Wistar, Dr. Cox [sic']. 

1800. Nov.l. (Wistar; Allison, J. B. Smith, Patterson, 
Barton, Williams, Peale, Dr. Coxe [sic\. 

TrauHhition of a " Treatise of Artillery &c.," presented by 
Mr. Williams. 

Pofltscript to Ellicott's paper referred to same Committee. 

"On the figure of the Earth," a paper presented by Mr. 
Clay, "ordered that it bo published." 

Ellicott'a paper of October 3, reported worthy of publica- 

Nov.-Dec. 305 laoo. 

Legeaux's Meteorological Observations mislaid ; Secretary 
to request another copy "& that they [the Society] will 
.ilways receive with pleasure any further communications 
he may make on the subject." 

Plan for making; Meteorolosrical Observations to be re- 
ported by J. J3. Smith, Patterson and Allison. 

Hawkin's Plan of a City : Clay and Williams added to 

1800. Nov. 21. (Patterson; Yaughan, Peale, Ellicott, 
Drs. Boys, Wistar, Woodhouse, Barton, Seybert.) 

Agreement reported between the Society and College of 
Physicians to pay $40 per annum rent for the room they 
occupy, from December 10, next ; six months notice from 
either party requisite to cancel the lease ; read and ap{)roved. 

Dobson's receipt for sixteen papers for Vol. V. read. 

Donation : Peale's Introductory Discourse on the Science 
of Nature. Thanks voted. Adams' Lectures on Philosophy, 
five Vols. 8**, from Wm. Jones, London. Thanks voted. 

Translation of Baudry de Loziere's paper on Animal Cot- 
ton, read, and ordered for publication. 

Letter from Mr. Bull to Dr. Barton, read and referred to 
Mr. Ellicot [sic'] to put in the printer's hands if he think it 
worthy of publication. 

Encyclopfedie, Livs. 65, 66 (cost 81 francs, or $14 85) with 
D""- Grassi's letter of August 15, " that they talk of (but 
without promising) two or three Livraisons more to close 
this work." Payment ordered. 

Treasurer ordered to pay Mr. Dobson $150 for set of 
French Encyclopedia, purchased from Jas. Gibson, Dec. 6, 

Members permitted to use the Encyclopedia by giving a 
receipt to Mr. Peale for parts taken out. 

1800. Dec. 5. (Patterson ; Barton, Woodhouse, Peale, 
Allison, A^aughan.) 


December. * 306 ISOO. 

Report of Committee on subjects of premium laid over. 
No papers for Magellanic premium. 

1800. Bee. 19. (Wistar; Duponceau, Clay, Ellicott, J. 
B. Smith, Latrobe, Patterson, Legaux, Peale, Drs. Barton, 
Shippen,Woodhou8e, Coxe, Seybert.) 

Committee on " Deed of conveyance from Hannah Ritten- 
house, Eliz. Sergeant \sic'] and Hannah Waters sole heirs & 
residuary devisees of the great Rittenhouse, to the [Ameri- 
can Philosophical Society] upon certain Trusts & for certain 
uses therein expressed, which deed bears date the 10'^ of 
March 1797 — also the draught of a new Deed cancelling 
the former . . . ." reported that, in his opinion,* as the 
" uses" and " trusts " affected only the " grantors" and 
" grantees," they may be revoked by mutual consent. But 
the deed of March 10, 1797, having been recorded cannot be 

"Therefore .... as to such parts thereof as the grantors wish to have 
again, the old uses ought to be revoked by an Indenture to be executed 
between the parties, in which the Society should covenant to stand seized 
thereof to the uses ot the said grantors & of their heirs as of their former 
estate respectively, in which Indenture it might be recited that the thing 
is done by mutual consent & for the greater advantage & convenience of 
all the parties, & any particular clauses or agreement that they may besides 
liave agreed upon might with propriety be inserted." 

Signed Peter S. Du Ponceau. Vaughan and Du Ponceau, 
*' to concert a proper mode of carrying the above Report 
into effect." 

Subjects for premiums reported : — (Agreed to.) 

1. " For the most simple, convenient & eneclive method of ventilating 
a ship at Hca, without manual labour," if superior to any now in use, 
$100 : limit of time, April 1, 1802. 

2. " For the cheapest & most efrcctual method of rendering Common 
Oil fit to be burned in the Argand-lamj), eitlier by purifying the oil, or by 
Improvement in the lamp," flW, April 1, 1802. 

8. "For any Biujplo & ('(lectual method of rendering Turpentine, or 
BDjr other cheap inllammal)lM Hubstaiicu, a tit fuel for street or house 
Lamp* or a proper niulurial for Candles," |40, April 1, 1802. 

'Duponcoau whm the Cummlltee. 

January. d07 MOl. 

4. " For the best experimental Essay on the native red dies [«c] of the 
U. S., accompanied with small specimens of the dyed stufis," $150, Jan. 
1. 1804. 

Donation : Maz^re's Scriptores Logarithmatici, Vol. III. 
Thanks to donor. 

Catalogue to be completed (by Dr. Collin) " by inserting 
Buch books as have been received since, it was first pre- 

Stock of Trans.: — Vaughan and "Woodhouse "to enquire 
into the state & situation of the three first Vols." 

Trans. American Philosophical Society. — Secretaries and 
Treasurer to distribute Vol. IV". " as they conveniently can, 
agreeable to former Resolutions of the Society." 

Annual election ordered January 2, 1801. 

1801. Jan. 2, between 2 and 5 p. m. (Allison ; Collin, 
Peale, Barton, Patterson, J. B. Smith, Magaw, Seybert, 
Leslie, Coxe, Williams, Vaughan, Abercrombie.) 

Leslie, Peale, Collin, Judges ; Vaughan, Allison, Secreta- 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Patterson, Ellicott. 

Secretaries — Coxe, Seybert, Clay, Allison. 

Councillors — .1. B. Smith, Currie, Wheeler, Duponceau. 

Curators — Peale, Leslie, J. E.. Smith. 

Treasurer — Vaushau. 

1801. Jan. 16. (Ellicott ; Peale, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, 
Patterson, Williams, Dr. Priestley, Magaw, Barton, Ship- 
pen, Collin, Woodhouse, Currie, Seybert, Wistar, Allison, 

"On an Anemoscope, Pneumatometer & Rain-gauge," by 
Dr. Allison ; referred to Patterson and Clay. 

" A very extraordinary appearance of Shooting Stars off 

January. «^t)o 1801. 

Cape Florida," in a letter from Mr. Ellicott to Mr. Patter- 
son, read and referred to Patterson and Clay. 

" On a method of finding the Equation for the change of 
the Sun's Declination when equal Altitudes are used to 
regulate a clock or other time keeper," by Mr. Ellicott ; re- 
ferred to Patterson and Clay. 

Committee on Meteorological Observations reported the 
following plan : 

1. That, as soon as proper instruments can be provi(Jed, a series of Met. 
Obs. be commenced at the Hall of the Society. — 2. That, the Treasurer be 
directed to procure a Barometer ; two Six's Thermometers ; two common 
Thermometers; a Hygrometer; an Anemometer ; a Rain-guage ; a Mag- 
netic needle ; an Electrometer. — 3. That, a suitable person be employed 
to make & register Observations. — 4. That, through newspapers &c. a 
general invitation be given to societies & individuals to make & commu- 
nicate similar Observations at stated times, receiving in return a cop}^ of 
the Society's Observations. 

This plan was referred to the Committee to carry into 

The following communications were received from Presi- 
dent Jefierson : 

"On a language by signs," in a letter from Dunbar to 
Jefierson ; with 

" Met. Obs. for 1799 at the Natchez ;" and 

" An extraordinary phenomenon which passed Baton 
Rouge, on the night of April 5, 1800." 

Count Rumford's letter to Jefferson, with Prospectus and 
Laws of the R. Inst., Great Britain. All the above referred 
to Ellicott and Wistar. 

Secretary ordered to notify Jefferson of his election. 

Election of six new members: — S. Falberg, Phys. Swed. 
Govt., St. Bartholomews; Qus. Paykuli, Sweden ; Alex. Re- 
xnerez [«c], First Sec. to Junta of Guatemala ; Dr. Fr. Blan- 
chet, Quebec; Rob. R. Livingstone, Chanc. N. Y. ; Wm. 
Jones, Math. Ingt. Maker, London. 

February. ^^'^ • 1801. 

1801. Feb.Q. (Patterson; Wistar, Ellicott, Woodhouse, 
Barton, Allison, Priestley, Vaughan, Duponceau, Peale, J. 
B. Smith, Latrobe, Coxe.) 

David Austin's letter, partly read, laid on table. 

"New Species of Vallisneria growing near Philada., called 
by him V. Americana," with a drawing, by Dr. Barton ; 
referred to Latrobe. 

" Table of Geographical positions in America," by Don 
Jos. Joachim de Ferrer, of Cadiz ; referred to EUicott and 

Committee reported Dunbar's papers worthy of publica- 
tion. Accepted. Also, a draft of answer to Count Rum- 

Jefferson's acknowledgment of election read. 

Treasurer reported sending " four Vols. Trans, to Acad. 
Ilist. Madrid, by Ship Harrys to Lisbon, under care of Don 
Josef de Arango going immediately to that city." (See or- 
der of July 19, 1799.) 

Report of Committee on Premiums (Dec. 19) ordered to 
press, with "as much of the successful communications on 
.... Peach trees, .... necessary to public advantage." 

Treasurer directed to renew Insurance on Hall and Li- 

1801. Feb. 20. (EUicott ; Priestley, Barton, Woodhouse, 
Seybert, Collin, BoUman, Patterson, Vaughau, J. B. Smith, 
Peale, Williams, Coxe.) 

Treasurer reported renewal of Insurance for one year, at 
$15.60. (Hall, $4000 ; Library, $1200.) 

Complete set of Trans. American Philosophical Society 
ordered to R. I. G. B., with letter to Count Rumtord. 

Committee to collect information of " a very extraordi- 
nary Meteor lately seen in various parts of U. S." Barton 
and EUicott. 

March— April. 310 1801. 

1801. March 6. (Wistar ; Priestley, Ellicott, Williams, 
Patterson, Vaughan, Peale, Coxe.) 

" Improved method of projecting and measuring plane 
angles," bj Mr. Patterson ; referred to Ellicott. 

Donation from Mr. Williams: — "Elements of Fortifica- 
tion, translated from the french." Thanks ordered. 

Secretary to buy two books to enter Verbal Communica- 
tions and Philosophical Questions, as ordered January, 1797, 
and a Donation Book. 

1801. March 20. (Patterson ; Barton, Peale, Vaughan, 
Ellicott, J. B. Smith, Allison, Coxe.) 

Report of Ellicott on Patterson's paper received ; Secre- 
tary reported printing Ellis's paper on Peach trees in the 
public papers. 

1801. April 3. (Williams; Gov. McKean, Ellicott, 
Vaughan, Bleakeley, Peale, Allison, Patterson, Barton, Wis- 
tar, Caldwell, Woodhouse, Seybert, Coxe.) 

"On Ventilators & Lamp Oil," by Rich. Robotham, in a 
letter to Jefferson, referred to Woodhouse and Patterson. 

Dr. John Vaughan's (Wilmington) Valedictory Lecture 
to Philosophical Society of Delaware, and letter to the 
American Philosophical Society; referred to Woodhouse, 
Patterson and Seybert. Tlianks ordered. 

"Case of Albino" by Dr. Coxe; referred to Wistar and 

"Five tables relating to Thermo. Obs. in french," from P. 
Legaux ; referred for translation to Vaughan and Du Pon- 

Cuvier'B Le9onB d'Anat. Comp., 2 Vols, from T. P. Smith, 
with a letter; referred to Wintar and Clay. 

Secretary reported shipping the TransactionB and letter to 
Rumford, per Ship George. 

KIcctrical upparutUH loaned to Dr. Woodhouse. 

Celestial and Terrestrial globes loaned to Mr. Patterson. 

April— May, 311 1801. 

1801. April 17. (Ellicott; Woodhouse, Barton, Coxe, 
Collin, Wistar, Seybert, Caldwell ; Patterson, Vaughan, J. 
B. Smith, Latrobe, Allison, Bleakeley, Brig^s, Peale, Cla3\) 

Translation of Legeaux's paper partly read. 

Committee reported Barton's "Vallisneria" well worthy 
of publication. 

Mr. Jonathan Williams requested the Society " to accept 
an assignment of his right" in " his patent for a new mode 
of refining Sugar by which a saving of 20 ^ cent appears to 
be made." 

Election of three new members : Thos. Tickell Heweon, 
Philadelphia ; Don. J. J. de Ferrer, Cadiz ; Don. Fr. Pey- 
rolon, Secretary Royal Society de Araigos del Pais de Va- 

1801. May 1. (Wistar ; Drs. Barton, Seybert, Ilewson, 
Coxe, Woodhouse ; Messrs. Williams, Peale, Patterson, 
Allison, Ellicott.) 

"A plain and precise projection for clearing the Lunar 
Distances from the Effects of Parallax & Refraction," by Mr. 
Garnet, of New Brunswick. Thanks ordered. 

Committee on Plan for conducting the business of the 
Library : Ellicott, Patterson, Ilewson. 

1801. May 15. (Patterson ; Currie, Woodhouse, Coxe; 
Ilewson, Wistar, Seybert, Magaw ; J. B. Smith, Vaughan.) 

Letter of acknowledgment from Mr. W. Jones (of Lon- 
don) read. 

"• Agreed that the members .... be allowed to take 

books out of the Library and the Com report .... 

regulations &c. ;'' and to report the best way of preserving 
and filing the Papers. 

Committee to see Williams' Experiments on Sugar re- 
fining appointed : Vaughan, Seybert, Woodhouse. 

" M""- Vaughan presented 32 copper coins or Medallions 

May— Jane. oL^i IgOj, 

from the Soho Mint invented by M""- Boulton, with a list & 
card describing the principles." 

Ellis's and Coulter's papers on Peach trees to be prepared 
for publication by Dr. Wistar. 

Peale requested to furnish Mr. Dobson for publication his 
paper on the mode of warming rooms. 

Requests presented from " Lime," the candidate for the 
Peach tree Premium, and from the candidate for Premium 
on the best mode of pumping ships [no explanation]. 

1801. 31a]/ 22. Special Meeting. (Ellicott ; Ilewson, Wis- 
tar, Seybert ; Peale, Vaughan.) 

Geo. Turner's bond not having been paid, it was resolved 
to sell the lauds; Patterson and Vaughan a Committee to 
buy them in " for the security of the Society in case they 
should not sell for such sum as will cover the Debt, Interest 
& Costs aforesaid," or " to convey over the same to any per- 
son who shall pay the full amount of the Debt, Interests & 

Costs aforesaid Deeds & conveyances to be made 

under the Seal of the Soc. for transferring k assuring to the 
purchasers .... S. II. Smith one of the trustees to whom 
the said lands were conveyed, now resident in ... . Wash- 
ington .... authorized & required to constitute R. Patter- 
son .... his legal attorney, .... on final settlement the 
Treasurer to give up then all claims to other property of 
G. Turner." 

1801. June 19. (Patterson ; Drs. Woodhonse, Wistar, 
Coxo; Revd. Mr. Allison; Messrs. Vaughan, J. B. Smith, 
Blcukcley, Clay.) 

"Lat. & Long, of Baltimore," by A. Ellicott, ordered to 
be printed. 

"Teeth of somo extinct animal found in N. Y.," with de- 
scription in letter from Livingston to Jeilerson. 

FdthergiU's Work on the Presorvution of shipwrecked 
murinorB received. Tbuuks ordered. 

July. 313 1801. 

Printer of Transactions Vol. V. to be furnished with : 1. 
Advertisement relative to choice of papers for publication ; 
2. Premiums offered with conditions, and the Magellanic 
premium; 3. Premium prizes on Peach trees; 4. List of 
Officers for 1801, and members " American & Foreign" 
elected Ist January, 1799, and donations ; 5. " Circular 
advertisement respecting the Antiquities, changes &c of our 
Country, &c.," and 6. Table of contents. 

Committee reported Ellicott's " Extraordinary Shooting 
of the Stars" and " Rule for ... . Sun's Declination," 
worthy of publication. Adopted. 

Committee reported Allison's " Pneumometer &c.," inge- 
nious but not of sufficient utility to publish in ensuing Vol. 
of Transactions. 

1801. July 17. (Peale ; J. B. Smith, Barton, Vaughan, 
Allison, Wistar, Woodhouse.) 

" Sur la Theorie des Vents," by Dupont de Nemours, re- 
ferred for translation to Duponceau and Vaughan. 

Thos. Prior's Meteorological Observations to be procured 
by Ellicott and Allison. 

Committee on Turner's bond reported that the property 
had been advertised ten days, and sold June 2G, "at public 
sale by John Connelly at the City Coifee House, & bought 
by R. Patterson for" $150, and resold to 11. Cadbury for 
$520, amount necessary to cover the Principal of Bond 
($450), Interest for one year, three months, nine days ($34.42), 
and " expenses of the execution of the Trust, advanced by 
the Treasurer and nov/ retained by him ($35.58)= $520. — 
That Vaughan & Smith as Trustees had executed convey- 
ance to Patterson, & Patterson to Cadbury." 

Jarvis Roebuck's Experiments and Observations on the 
Bile, received, and thanks ordered. 

L'lleritier's Stirpes Novte loaned to Dr. Barton. 

Electrical Machine returned by Dr. Woodhouse. 

1801. July 24. Special Meeting, called by two Vice- 

Aug.— Sept. 314 1801. 

Presidents. (Patterson ; Governor McKean, Drs. Wistar, 
TVoodhouse, Barton, James, Hewson, Cox, Parke, Duffield, 
Rush, Caldwell, Seybert, Carrie, Shippen, Andrews, Collin ; 
Messrs. Bleakeley, Vaughan, Leslie, Peale, Duponceaa, 
Wheeler, J. R. Smith, Latrobe, Allison, = 26.) 

Peale's letter being read, " requesting the loan of $500 to 
enable him to complete the Skeleton of the Mammoth, of 
the greater part of the bones of which he is now in posses- 
sion," it was 

"Resolved, unanimously, that lie be accommodated with the money, for 
four months, without interest, & that Messrs. Patterson & Duponceau, in 
conjunction witli M^ Vaughan the Treasurer, be a Committee to carry the 
above resolution into effect, & to take such security for the repayment of 
the money as to them may seem necessary." 

1801. Aug. 21. (Wistar; Seybert, Cox, Vaughan, Alli- 

Committee reported the receipt of Mr. Peale's bond, power 
to enter up judgment, and mortgage on his house in Lom- 
bard street, and the payment of $500 by the Treasurer. 

Thermometrical Journal of Dr. Cutbush on board United 
States Frigate [ ] referred to Patterson and Vaughan. 

" On the different Temperaments," by Dr. Schultz, referred 
to Dr. Barton. 

1801. Sipt. 10. (Patterson ; Ellicott, Seybert, James, 

Sam. Pugh's (of Rouen) Observations on the weight of the 
AtmoBpljere, &c., in French ; six copies sent by the author 
from Rouen, and referred to Mr. Patterson for analysis. 

Committee reported tliat Cutbush 's ])apor sliould be care- 
fully preserved with other materials for ascertuiniiig more 
correctly the uso of the Thermometer in Navigation. 

Dr. Fninklin'H library at N. G. Dufiofs to be oxaniitu'd by 
Wifttar, Ellicott and Vaughan, and other i'hilosophical 
works, Ac, to bo selected for purchase. 

October, t^l 5 1801. 

Form of letter of acknowledgment for donations to be re- 
ported by the Secretaries. 

1801. Oct. 2. (Patterson ; Vaughan, J. R. Smith, Peale, 
Allison, Drs. Hewson, Coxe.) 

J. Auriol, Secretary Royal Institution Great Britain, ac- 
knowledged receipt of Transactions, 4 Vols. 

Loan of Electrical machine to Dr. Caldwell " for a press- 
ing Medical case," approved. 

Committee reported Books purchased from Franklin's 
Library, $107.62. [Here two pages occupied by a list of the 
books and prices: Com. S. R. S. Gottingen is Vols. I, II, 
III, IV, Novi. Com. IV which completes the Society's set 
from 1751 to 1753, $4.75; Gravesend's Nat. Phil. Trans. 
Desagulier's 6th ed. 1747, 2 Vols. 4% $3.00; Desagulier's 
Exp. Phil. 2d ed. 1745,2 Vols. 4% $3.00 ; Pingre's Traite 
des Comeths, 2 Vols. 4", $2.00; De Luc, Atmosphere, 2 
Vols. 4«, 1772, $3.00 ; Shaw's Boyle, 3 Vols. 4°, 1738, $3.00 ; 
Bailly's Ilist. Ast. Anc. 4°, 1775, $3.00; Courtanvaux Jour. 
4«, 1768, $1.00; Condamine's Jour. 4°, 1751, $1.50 ; Amer. 
Lib. 4% Lond. 1713, $0.75 ; Mather's Ecc. Hist. N. Eng. 
1698, Fol. $2.00 ; Beccaria's Elett. Lett. 1758, Fol. $1.00 ; 
Ross' Hist. World, 1652, Fol. $1.00; Bion, Const. Math. 
Inst. Stone's Trans. 1758, Fol. $2.00 ; Nat. Esp. Acad, del 
Cimento, 2d Ed. Florence, 1691, $1.00; Berthelot's Me- 
chanique Applique, 2 Vols, in I, 4% 120 plates, 1782, $3.00 ; 
Cavallo on Air, 4% 1781, $2.50 ; Ilutton on Rain, 4% 1784, 
$0.37| ; Whitehurst's Theory of the Earth, 4% 1778, $1.00 ; 
Bancroft's Guiana, 8% 1759, $1.00 ; Mem. Ac. R. Stockholm, 
trad. Paris, 4% 1772, $1.50 ; Trans. Soc. Priv. Taurinensis, 
Vols. I to V (completing the A. P. S. set Turin from 1759 
to 1791) $7.25 ; De Bononiensi Sc. et Art, Inst, at Ac. Comm. 
Bologna, 4% Vols. I to IV, $6.00 ; Birch's Hist. R. S. 4°, 1756, 
4 Vols. $6.00 ; Trans. R. S. Abridgements, 9 Vols. 1700 to 
1744 ; 36 Vols. 1744 to 1789 (wanting Vol. 55 and Vol. 78 II) ; 
Index, 1 Vol. $46.00 ; Born's Travels, translated by Raspe, 
Lond. 8°, 1777, $1.00.] 

October. dlo 1801. 

Action of Comniittee approved, and powers to purchase 

Donations: iTova Acta A. S. I. Petropol. Yol. XII, in 
sheets ; ordered bound, and thanks returned. 

"M""- Peale asked the privilege to form another chamber 
by running a partition across the Entry on the first floor." 
Consideration postponed. 

"M""- Peale gave a verbal account of his late Expedition 
to the State of New York in search of the Large Bones &c. 
&c., which he was requested to reduce to writing." 

1801. Oct. 16. (Latrobe; Leslie, Peale, Clay, Wheeler, 
Vaughan ; Drs. James, Coxe, Barton.) 

Seeds of Disette (Betterave Champetre) from D. Valen- 
tine, with De Coraraerell's Memoire on its culture and use, 
Paris, 1798. Thanks ordered. 

D. Valentine sent also through Dr. Barton, a pamphlet 
letter from the Comite Medical pour I'lnoculation, stating 
progress and soliciting the creation of simihir establish- 

Committee reported a further purchase of Franklin's 
Books, $91.50, and were authorized to buy others not ex- 
ceeding $20.00. [Two pages filled with titles and prices of 
the books, among which are 4 Vols. 4" Hist, et Mem. Soc. R. 
do Medicine, 1777 to 1784, $6.00 ; Rozier's obs. sur la Phy- 
sique «&c, 23 semi-annual Vols, completing the Soc.'s set from 
Vol. I to Vol. XXV (wanting VI) $28.75 ; Trans. R. S. 
London, 19 Vols. (V-XI, XLII-XXX, wanting XII) In- 
dexes (Vol. XI from commencement to 1677, Vol. XVII, 
1677 to 1693) $19.00; Bellidor's Arch. Hydr. 4 Vols. 4% 
und Sciences des Ing. I'aris, 1739, 4", $20.00. Also, Do 
SauHsure'rt Essays, 1783 ; Bezout's Theorie, 1779 ; Jones' 
Eway, 1772; Chabert's Voyage, 1753; De Bougainville's 
Voyai^o, 1771; Lavoisier's Opusc-ulo's (Vol. T only), 1774; 
Eesai, Kirwan, 8", 1788; Paitin's DigcHler, 1681; Pliipp's 
Voyage, 1774 ; Franklin's Exp. on Electricity, 3d Ed. 4% 

November. ^1-' IfOl. 

Lond. 1774 ; Electricity, Collection of 13 pamphlets; Feuil- 
lee's Oba. Phys. (2 Vols, in 1), Paris, 1714; Souciet's Obs. 
Math. &c., 1729; De la Lande's Ephem. Vol. VII, 1774; 
Connoissaiice des Temps, 13 years (1766-1789); Neale's 
Hist. K Eng., 2 Vols. 8% Lond. 1720 ; Hist, of Air, &c., 2 
Vols. 8% Lond. 1749.] Ordered paid. 

1801. Nov. 6. (Wistar; Drs. Barton, Ilewson, Newnam, 
Coxe, Seybert, Messrs. Peale, Vaughan, Leslie, Clay.) 

Dupont de Nemours' Theory of the Winds, translated, 
was read and referred to Clay and Patterson. 

Form of Letter to Correspondents reported ; 500 copies 
ordered. [The form is very simple : " The A. P. S. &c. 
having received from you .... I am directed by the So- 
ciety to transmit their thanks for your assistance in thus 
advancing the design of their institution."] 

More books from Franklin's Library reported purchased, 
to the extent of $20. [Le Roi's Prem. Mem. sur la marine 
des Anciens, 1770; and Les Navire's, 1783; Lelyvild's 
Mem. sur I'usage des Huiles, 1775 ; Faujas' (Euvres de Pa- 
lissy, 1774 ; Mem. inst. sur la manure de bonserver divers 
objects d'lI.*N. 8"; Mem. Acad. Dijon, Vols. I, II, 1769, 1774 ; 
Mem. Soc. (Econ. de Berne, Vols. I, II, III, IV, 1762-1765 ; 
Erreurs populaires, 1783 ; Letter from Wm. Penn to the 
Com. of Free Soc. of Traders, 1683. (All the above for $8.00.) 
Vocab. Ace. della Crusca. Fo. 1686, $1.00; Trans. A. P. 8. 
12 Vols, for $12. (Three of Vol. II and 9 of Vol. I to com- 
plete sets.)] 

Committee to settle Mr. Aitkin's accounts vested with 
" discretionary powers." 

Dr. Hewson to call on Mrs. Pryor, concerning the Me- 
teorological Observations of the late Mr. Pryor. 

Donations : Pamphlet supplement to Barton's Memoir on 
the fascinating faculty described to the rattlesnake. Smith's 
Essay on Nitrous fumigation ; Park's Travels ; Robertson's 
Hist, of America, Phil. 1799 ; Browne's Essay on the Nat. 

Nov.— Dec. Olo ISOi. 

Equality of men, Phil. 1793 ; The Rural Socrates ; Smea- 
tou's Exper. Enquiry, 1794; Chalmer's Estimates, 1782. 
Thanks voted to Barton, Dobson, Humphreys, Ormerod, 
Peale's proposition referred to a special meeting. 

1801. Nov. 10. Special fleeting. (Wistar ; Du Ponceau, 
J. B. Smith, Vaughan, Leslie, Bleakley [sic'], J. Smith [sic], 
Drs. Barton, Collin, Coxe, Hewson, Currie, Woodhouse, 
Magaw, Seybert.) 

Agreed that Mr. Peale might erect his partition, provided 
the expense did not exceed §65 ; to be advanced by Mr. 
Peale, and repaid on the last settlement for rent at the ex- 
piration of his lease. Committee to superintend, Vaughan 
and Leslie. 

1801. Nov. 20. (Yaughan ; Leslie, Hewson, Seybert.) 

Dr. Hewson reported that Mrs. Pryor would not permit 
him to take the Meteorological Observations away to copy ; 
was continued, and requested to devise some way of obtain- 
ing a copy. 

Rutherford's Nat. Phil., 2 Yols. 4^, was deposited in the 
Library. Yohiey's Lectures and Chaptal's Elements pre- 
sented by I. Conrad & Co. 

Mr. Rich. Hill Morris gave $10, in building materials, 
towards Peale's alterations. Thanks voted. 

Mr. R. Leslie offered to put in complete order the Society's 
Time-piece, if ho may use it until May next; and afterwards 
to keep it in order. Postponed. 

1801. Dec. 4. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Leslie, Peale, Le- 
gaux, Latrobe, Woodhouse, Currie, Coxe, Hewson, Seybert, 

Donations: Lettsom on Cow Pox; Tathum's Pol. Econ. 
of Inland Nav. 179y ; Sir W. Jones* Asiatic Researches, 6 

Dec-Jan. 319 1801—1802. 

Vols. 1801, and Poesios Asiat. Cora. 8", 1774, presented by 
S. F. Bradford. Thanks ordered to Dr. Lettsom, Mr. Les- 
lie and Saml. F. Bradford. 

Committee on Papers for Transactions Vol. VI ; Coxe and 

Leslie's proposal accepted. Legeaux, Patterson and Leslie 
to report on the best method and expense of furnishing the 
city with true time. 

1801. Dec. 18. (Patterson ; "Woodhouse, Currie, James, 
Coxe, Collin, Wistar, Vaughan, Leslie, J. B. Smith, W. 

Committee on papers reported partially ; continued. 

Committee for fixing a meridian, and furnishing true time 
to the city, reported that it would not cost more than $50 ; 
report adopted ; Patterson, Leslie, Latrobe, a Committee to 
carry it into eiFect. 

No papers for Magellanic Premium. Secretaries to adver- 
tise terms. 

Dr. Collin had sent a copy of Transactions American 
Philosophical Society, Vol. IV, to each of the Societies at 
Stockholm and Upsal, by Ship Verlsborgare ; " ordered 
that they be replaced by the Society, & in case those sent 
should be lost, D"^- Collin renders himself responsible to re- 
place them." 

" Monthly recapitulation of Met. Obs." at the batches, for 
the year 1800, with remarks calculated to give some idea of 
the climate there," by Wm. Dunbar, "of the batches," in 
a letter from Jelierson ; referred to Patterson and Wood- 

Patterson's and Ellicott's Observation on the Lunar Eclipse 
of September, 1801 ; referred to Clay and Latrobe. 

1802. Jan. 1. Between 2 and 5 p. m. (Parke, Wood- 
house, Coxe, Seybert, Collin, Vaughan, Patterson, J. B. 
Smith, Leslie, Williams, Peale, Hewson.) 

Jan.— Feb. 320 lf02, 

Peale, Yaughan, Collin, Judges ; Patterson, Parke, Secre- 


President — Thos. Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Patterson, "Wistar, B. S. Barton. 

Secretaries — Clay, Coxe, James, Seybert. 

Councillors — Woodhouse, Blakely [s/c], Latrobe, Duffield. 

Curators — Peale, J. R. Smith, Leslie. 

treasurer — Vaughan. 

1802. Jrtw. 15. (Patterson ; Latrobe, J. B.Smith, Peale, 
Leslie; Drs. Parke, Dufiield, Woodhouse, Bollman, James, 
Ilewson, Collin, Barton, Coxe, Seybert.) 

Certificate of Election, read and approved. 

" Longitude of Lancaster," by Ellicott, referred to Patter- 
son and Latrobe. 

" Epreuves de Canons," by L. Tousard ; Dr. Bollman re- 
quested to translate the memoir. 

"Constitution of Logarithms," by Mr. Garnett, referred 
to Patterson and Ellicott. 

Donations: Barnwell's Phys. Investigations; Collections 
for an Essay towards a Mat. Med. U. 8., Part I. Concise 
View of the facts concernin": Vaccine. Thanks ordered. 

Committee of enquiry on Vol. of Transactions in press, 
"Woodhouse and James. 

Election of five new members : Thos. Cooper, Northumber- 
land; Jarvis Roebuck, M.I)., St. Croix; Wm. Barnwell, 
M.D., Philadelphia; Wm. Roxburgh, M.D., Calcutta; Chov. 
Don Carlos Martinez de Yrujo, Min. from Court of Spain. 

1802. Fcb'y 6. (Patterson ; Barton, Wistar, J. B. Smith, 

Committoo reported EHi»;<»ii,rt psipor dii the Longitude of 
Lancoiitor ought to be published. 



Feb.— March. <^^1 1S02, 

1802. FeVy 19. (J. B. Smith, Patterson, Woodhouse, 

Mr. C. W. Peale's Museum having so much increased, and 
" from the measures he had taken will probably become so 
much more numerous, as to render the advantageous display 
of them in the Hall of the Society no longer practicable ;" 

"Resolved, That this Society, regretting that the small exteut of their 
rooms has rendered the grant of the Senate necessary, cordially recom- 
mend to the house of Representatives to add their approhation to the vote 
of the Senate, as they consider, that the museum may be the foundation 
of an institution highly serviceable to Science & honorable to the State in 
which it has arisen." 

"Resolved That this Resolution be signed by the V. P <fc a copy 

furnished to M'. Peale." 

1802. March 5. (Patterson ; Latrobe, I^eslie, Peale, 
Brown, Uewson, Coxe.) 

Mr. Rembrandt Peale's request to be permitted to make 
casts or copies of the Bones of the Magalonix, was agreed to. 

1802. March 19. (Barton ; Caldwell, Brown, Roebuck, 
Barnwell, Coxe, Peale, Vaughan, Legaux, Leslie, Patterson.) 

Donations: Adam's Defence of the American Constitu- 
tions, with a letter from J. Adams (his son) ; Flora Batava, 
Nos. 1, 2, 3, with letter from Minister Pol. Econ. Batav. Re- 
publick, promising continuation and asking exchanges. 
Thanks ordered ; consideration of exchange postponed. 
Printed bill of Mortality for Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

On the Oocultation of the three stars in the Pleiades, in a 
letter from A. EUicott, Lancaster, February 13, referred to 

Rembrandt Peale's request to be permitted to carry sundry 
bones to Europe ; postponed. 

"On Ventilating Ships" (for the premium) signed "Jolly 
Tar" (" vide Minutes 19 Dec. 1800"). 

Acknowledgment of Transactions I, II, III, IV from Mas- 


April. -dJJ 1^2. 

sachusetts Historical Society, and envoy letter of exchange 

Jefferson acknowledges his election. 

Transactions Vols. I and III ordered for A. A. and S., 
Boston, with Vol. IV, ordered July 19,1799. 

Mr. Leslie requested to procure " Press to take the im- 
pression of the Seal of the Society." 

Committee on Transactions V, in the hands of Mr. Dob- 
son (January 15th) ; Vaughan substituted for Woodhouse. 

Committee on Transactions VI (December 18th); Patter- 
son added ; Committees holding papers to be notified to re- 

1802. April 2. (Patterson; Caldwell, Duffield, Barton, 
Roebuck, Hewson, Seybert, Poale, Vaughan, Williams.) 

Committee on Transactions V, reported that the plates 
would be ready in May, and Mr. Dobson able tp go on with 
the work. 

Ellicott's " Occultation" reported worthy of publication ; 

Schultz's " Temperaments" reported unworthy of publica- 
tion ; adopted. 

Donations: Russell's Modern and Ancient Europe, 7 Vols. ; 
Ruiz's Spanish Treatise on the Peruvian Bark tree, and 
(Jnanne's Spanish Dissertation on the Cocoa plant. Thanks 
ordered to W. Y. Birch, Abr. Small and Ross Campbell. 

A plan of Mussel Shoals, Tennessee. Mr. Vaughan ap- 
pointed to obtain from Dr. Sam. Brown, of Lexington, some 
further account of it for publication. 

Set of Transactions ordered sent to Uaarlem Society. 

R. Peale'e request for bones postponed to some future pe- 

Indian Idol (presented by Jefferson) loaned to Dr. Barton 
(on receipt and promise to return) to make a drawing of the 

• lt«lani«d D«o. >, urn. 

April-May ^^^ 1802. 

1802. April 16. Patterson; Vaughan, Leslie, Peale, 
Wistar, Coxe, Hewson, Barton, Collin, Barnwell, Seybert, 

Map of St. Bartholomew's from Dr. Fahlberg : referred to 
Mr. Vaughan. 

Resolutions of New York Agricultural Society referred to 
Wistar and Vaughan. 

"On Ventilating Ships by manual labor;" no signature ; 
referred to Committee on Premium. 

Dunbar's Meteorological Observations, 1800, and Remarks 
for 1801 reported worthy of publication ; accepted. 

" M' Leslie was requested to repair such parts of the Time 
Piece .... as may be necessary to put it in good order." 

" Plan of the City of Washington, presented by the late 
Genl. Washington to the Earl of Buchan & by him be- 
queathed to the A. P. 8. was received. Thanks to be re- 

Donation: Parkinson's Chemical Pocket Book, from Jas. 
Humphreys. Thanks ordered. 

1802. May 7. (Magaw ; Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Leslie, 
Latrobe, Peale, Patterson, Barton, James, Coxe, Hewson, 

" On the Hybernation of Swallows," by the late Col. Antes ; 
referred to Dr. Coxe. 

" On Wildenow's ' Bartonia,' " Dr. Barton ; referred to 
Latrobe and Hamilton. 

Colored drawings of the Rattlesnake, exhibited by Dr. 
Barton, who intends " to draw up a description of the 

Committee on Resolutions of the New York Agricultural 
Society continued. 

Communication concerning Longitude from D. Griffith, 
referred to Patterson and Latrobe. 

Donations : Trans. Hist. S. Mass. 7 Vols, bound in 5, and 
Catalogue of Books ; Cat. Cambridge Library, Mass. from 



Francis Dana ; Herbelot's Oriental Diet. 1776, and Sup- 
plement, 1780 ; Aikin's Desc. Manchester, 4% 1795 ; Du 
Halde's China, 2 Vols. Fol. 1738, 1741; Jacob's Students 
Chem. Pocket Companion. Thanks ordered. 

Peale's request to be permitted to leave part of his Mu- 
seum in the American Philosophical Society Hall, while the 
rest went to the State House, was agreed to. 

Treasurer reported he had bought Smith's Invention, and 
Barry's Maniere de bonifier les mauvaises eaux abord les 
Vaisseaux. Approved. 

Committee to Collect and arrange papers reported worthy 
of publication since the arrangement of Vol. V ; to get re- 
ports from outstanding Committees ; and to treat with 
Booksellers, and " report conditional contracts ;" Patterson, 
Latrobe, J. B. Smith, Hewson. 

1802. May 21. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Leslie, Peale, Sey- 
bert, J. B. Smith.) 

Vol. V would be ready for delivery next week. 

Donations : Repertory of the Arts, 12 Vols, to 1800, from 
Mr. Robert Leslie ; Mackenzie's Voyages, 2 Vols. 8", Phila- 
delphia, from the publisher, Jno. Morgan. Thanks ordered. 

Treasurer to reclaim Maseres Scriptores Logarithmici, 
Vols I, II, wrongly delivered to the University ; the Baron 
has sent to the American Philosophical Society, Vol. Ill, 
" in continuation." 

Seeds of the Sago Tree, of the eatable Canarie Tree, of the 
Oil Canarie Tree, were deposited in the cabinet ; and some 
wore sent to Wm. Hamilton at the Woodlands, Philadel- 
phia, and to General Pinknoy, South Carolina, for cultiva- 

A motion was made to permit members to take out books, 
on obligation to return them at the next meeting, under 
penalty of $1.00 for every fortnightly delay, and double the 
value of the book (or set) if lost. Consideration postponod. 

June. ♦^25 1802. 

1802. June 18. (Wistar; Peale, Vaughan, Patterson, 
Leslie, Wheeler, Coxe, Seybert.) 

Cranium of a Bison ? found by Uriah Hardesty in the bed 
of a creek, six miles below Licking creek mouth, two or 
three miles from the Ohio river, and twelve or fourteen 
north of Big bone ; presented, with letter from Mr. John 
Brown, of Columbia, Boon county, Kentucky, on condition 
that it remain in the same room with the Mammoth. 

Exchange : Trans. Bat. S. First Series complete and Vols. 
I, II, 2d Ser. with letter ; thanks ordered, and Trans. A. P. 
8. Vol, V. (Order covers transmission of Vol. V. to all other 
corresponding Societies, of list of June 19, 1799.) 

Committee on Vol. VI, requested to report soon. 

Committee on Griffith's " Longitude" discharged. 

Col, Ante's " Hybernation of Swallows" reported worthy 
of publication. 

Donations: Forsyth's Fruit Trees; Proud's Hist. Penna., 
2 Vols., 8^ Thanks ordered to Jno. Morgan and Robt. 

Rembrandt Peale purposing to embark for Europe to ex- 
hibit the Mammoth lately found in New York, asked per- 
mission to take a cast of the fragment of skull and " core of 
the left horn of some unknown animal of enormous size, 
lately found in the bed of a creek near the Ohio . . . ." 

Library : 

"ResoUed that any Resident Member .... may, on application to tlie 
Society, but not otlierwise, be allowed to take out any Book .... on 
giving an obligation to return the same uninjured in one month, subject 
to a line of half a dollar for every stated meeting .... after that term ; 
or, if not returned or replaced in six months, to a penalty of double the 
value of the book ; or if part of a set, to double the value of the w^hole set 
.... & all the money .... appropriated to the purchase of books . . . ." 

"Resolved, That the Treasurer be requested to prepare & have printed 
500 copies of a Catalogue of . . . ." 

"Resolved, That the Curators be requested to put the Lens in good order 
& have the Globes varnished with Spt. Varnish & properly covered." 

" Mr. Vaughan is requested to procure a suitable book 
with blank obligations . . . ." 

July— Aug.— Sept. 'J^^ 1802. 

1802. Julp 16. (McKeaii ; De Yrujo, De Ferrer, Coxe, 
Caldwell, Seybert, Patterson, Clay, Leslie, J. B. Smith, J. 
R. Smith, Peale, Yaughan.) 

Description and model of a Solar Compass, by Jas. Hall, of 
North Carolina, with "a request that if found likely to be 
useful, the Patent Right might remain vested in him ;" re- 
ferred to Clay and Ferrer. 

An answer to a request for information from the Batavian 
Society as to improvements in Steam engines in America, to 
be drafted by Latrobe, Patterson and Leslie, after consulting 
the Vol. of Proc. Bat. Soc. which treats of Steam engines. 

Election of nine new members : P. B. Olsen, Minister and 
Consul General to United States ; Letombe, late Consul 
General from French Republic ; W". S. Jacobs, M.D., Phila- 
delphia; Ph. R. Roume, Member French National Insti- 
tute ; Drs. James Mease ; Philip Syng Physick ; and John 
Church, of Philadelphia; Chev. Dr. Valentine de Foronda, 
Consul General of His Catholic Majesty to United States 
America ; John Garnett, of Brunswick, New Jersey. 

1802. Aug. 20. (Peale, Mease, Vaughan.) 

Letter from Bleeker Olson [sic] " complimentary on his 
election and correcting his titles." 

Donations: Gregoire's Apologie de Las Casas, with a 
letter from M. Giraud, Boston, July 2. Priestley's Exp. and 
Observations on Air, Vol. Ill, 1786 ; and his Comparison of 
the Institutions of .Moses with those of the Hindoos, 
Northd. 8°, 1799. 

Blank Obligation Book, $5.37 J, reported by Mr. Vaughati ; 
with his purchase of Michaux's Hist, des Chenes derAmcr- 
iquo, Fol. with plates, Paris, 1801, proof impressions, from 
the author's bod, for $10. 

"On account of the Sickness f)rovalont in Philadelphia,* no 
meeting was held in Soptoniber, nor on the first ofUotobor." 

1802. JSept. 17. No meeting.* 

* Yl'll<iW fc%IT. 

' oct.-Nov. 327 laoi. 

1802. Oct. 1. No meeting. 

1802. Oct. 15. (Seybert, Jacobs, Mease, Coxe, Vaughan, 

Nou. Mem. Ac. R. S. and B. L. Berlin, IV, with acknowl- 
edgments of Transactions American Philosophical Society, 
Vols. I, II, III, IV, and desire for further correspondence. 
Freight, &c., $3.26. Ordered to be bound. 

Donations : J. R. Coxe on Vaccination ; Ackerman's new 
water-proof process ; Baron de Hubsch's Des Machines et 
RemMes, 1780 ; His Relation Bib. publique, 1792 ; Hist. 
.... Verdienste des .... von Ilubsch, 1799 ; his Syn. 
Tabellen, 1797 ; and his Patriolische Vorschlage, 1776. 

1802. Nov. 5. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Peale, Legeaux, 
Wistar, Seybert, Barton, Shippen, Mease, Jacobs, Coxe, 
Woodhouse, Barnwell, Caldwell, James.) 

" On a new mode of observing the Eclipses of Jupiter's 
Satellites &c.," by M. C. Groves, in a letter from Jefferson ; 
referred to Patterson. 

Letter from Dr. Barton to Mr. la Cepede [sicl read. 

Letter from Baron de Ilupsch, translated, read. 

Acknowledgments of receipt of four Vols. Transactions 
American Philosophical Society from Royal and Antiquarian 
Societies, Edinburgh. 

Letter from Jno. Brand, Secretary S. Antiq., London, with 
12 Vols, of the Archaeologia. 

Letter from John Dalton, Secretary L. & P. 8., Manches- 
ter, with Transactions, Vols. IV, V, and Dalton's Meteoro- 
logical Observations ; acknowledging Transactions American 
Philosophical Society, IV, V, Mutual Completion of both 
sets to be corresponded for. 

Donation : W. Barton's Dissertation on Freedom of Navi- 

Dr. Coxe to reply to Baron de Ilupsch. 

Nov —Dec. 328 1802. 

1802. Nov. 18" [_sic\. (Wistar; J. B. Smith, Vaughan, 
Peale, Patterson, Leslie, Barton, Seybert, Mease, Coxe, 
Church, Jacobs, Shippeu, Barnwell, Woodhouse, James.) 

Acknowledgment of Vol. V, from Secretary Royal Insti- 
tute, Great Britain. 

Improved Electrifying Machine described in a letter from 
Weeden and Jones. 

First attempt to describe our native Vines, by W. Bar- 
tram, of Kingsess; referred to Barton and Mease. 

Specification of Cassia Chamsecrista from the Eastern 
Shore of Virginia (described in Transactions American 
Philosophical Society, III), presented by Dr. Wistar. 

" M""- Patterson reported on the Paper of M"*- Grove." 

Nouv. Mem. del'Acad. R. S. B. L., for 1786, 1788-'9, 1790, 
i, 1797, reported received by Mr. Vaughan. 

Hall's Solar Compass: Committee reported "that what- 
ever ingenuity may be shown in the invention, the Com. 
cannot consider the communication worthy of a place in the 

Specimen " of Rock Salt, from the Missouri, where it is in 
large quantities on the surface of the Earth," presented to 
Dr. Barton by Dr. Watkins. Also specimens calcined earth 
in which were embedded marine shells .... 

Donations: Rittenhouse's Oration, 1775. 

Committee to inquire if T, P. Smith had bequeathed his 
Papers and Minerals to the Society, with power to act: J. 
R. Smith and Vaughan. 

1802. Dec. 8. (Patterson ; Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Peale, 
Leslie; Wistar, Barton, Seybert, Woodhouse, Mease, Ilew- 
80n, Barnwell, Caldwell, Currie, Jacobs, James.) 

Committeo on Smith's bequest contintnMl, 

Vaughan dortcribod the Premiutiis oH'ciod by the Ko. S. 
Valentia, 1802. 

CiildwoU reported the return of tiio Electrical Machine. 

* (|y. Nov. IP, iM pr»vlo(iii iiioctInK lntil been Nov. .'i iiiiU NubHoquuiil one wiih 
hold I>«o :i. 

December. *^^^ 1«02. 

Bartrara's Paper on Illative Vines reported well worthy of 
publication in the Transactions. 

" Dr. Barton informed the Society that Mr. Jos. Sansoni 
had brought from Paris a Bust of D""- Franklin which he 
was inclined to present to the Society if they thought proper 
to give it a place in their Collection. The Secretary is de- 
sired to inform M"- Sansom that his intended Donation will 
be thankfully received." 

Donations : Laws of College of New Jersey, 1802 ; Medal 
struck by Congress in Commemoration of the surrender ofBur- 
goyne, from Dr. Barton ; Treasurer to procure a box to keep 
this and other medals of the Society ; Box of Shells from J. 
G. Armenteros, Manilla, December 22, 1801, with letter to 
Jefterson ; Barton, Seybert,Woodhouse and Peale, to arrange, 
number, catalogue and place the shells. 

Figure of Indian Woman* returned by Dr. Barton. 

First 1^08. of Flor. Bat. loaned to Dr. Barton for one 

Electrical Machine loaned to Dr. Woodhouse. 

Committee to report the best tests for ascertaining the 
purity of the atmosphere : Seybert and Woodhouse. 

1802. Dec. 17. (Patterson ; Magaw, Vaughan, Peale, 
Leslie, Barton, Wistar, Seybert, Woodhouse, Church, Hew- 
son. Mease, Barnhill, Jacobs, James.) 

Ventilating ships at sea ; " Simplicity" offered for the 

Committee on premium papers offered before April, 1802 ; 
Patterson, Mease, Vaughan. 

Committee on papers for next Vol. granted more time. 

Committee on printing Catalogue, continued. 

Mr. Sansom would send the bust of Franklin to the care 
of Mr. Peale. 

Specimen of Ware formed from Lancaster County clay, 

* Borrowetl April 2. IS02. 

Jannary. ddO 1808, 

No papers for Magellanic Premium ; advertisement or- 

Auditing Committee : Wistar and Hewson. 

Public notice of Annual Election ordered. 

New Rat with cheek-pouches from the Indian countries 
of the Northwest, killed in 1798 ; drawing exhibited by Dr. 
Barton. Also, specimens of Tinea granella, an insect which 
has, this year, in many places, proved destructive to the 
grain of wheat. 

1803. Jan'y 7. Between 2 and 5 p. m. (Patterson, Col- 
lin, C. W. Peale, Williams, J. B. Smith, Vaughan, Barton, 
"Woodhouse, Mease, Coxe, Caldwell, Jacobs, Duffield, Church, 

Williams, Peale, Collin, Judges ; Vaughan, Woodhouse, 


President — Thos. Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Patterson, Wistar, Barton. 

Secretaries — Seybert, I. R. Coxe, James, Hewson. 

Councillors — Williams, Ellicott, Magaw, Collin. 

Councillor for two years — Tench Coxe. 

Curators — C. W. Peale, Rob. Leslie, W. S. Jacobs. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

1803. Jan'y 21. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Peale, J . B. 
Smith, Williams, Vaughan, Latrobe, Hewson, Woodhouse, 
Collin, Barnwell, James, Mease, Barton, Seybert. 

On the Submersion of Swallows, by R. Dunbar, of Win- 
chester, Virginia, read and referred to Mr. Williams. 

Astronomical Observations by Ellicott; observations on 
the Natural History of the Illinois on the Mississippi, in a 
letter from Jno. Watkins to Dr. Harton, was read. 

Domonfltration of the Theorem of finding the Sum of the 
powers of the sincft by Mr. Rittonhouse in Transactions 
American IMiiloHopbicul Society, III, No. 20, by N. Bow- 
ditch, of Salem, MaHsachuHottH, was read. 

January. ^^1 1»». 

On the utility of the oxygenated muriatic acid gas in re- 
covering animals from asphyxia, in a letter from E. J. Du- 
pont de Nemours, was read ; Dr. Woodhouse was requested 
to repeat the experiments. 

A calculous concretion found in the duodenum of a horse, 
in a letter from Hugh Gt. Shaw to J. B. Smith, was referred 
to Seybert and Latrobe. Calculus, presented to the Society 
by Mr. B. Du Plessis, of Philadelphia. 

On the Sphea ccerulea and Pennsylvanica by Latrobe ; re - 
ferred to Dr. Barton. 

Committee on papers for the Premium for Ventilating 
Ship's without manual labor, reported ; report recommitted. 

Auditing Committee reported, on hand December 31, £196 
•• 2 •• 4, funds, of the Society ; £338 •• 4 •• 7, and a certificate, 
for 33 shares of Stock, Insurance Company, North America, 
belonging to the Magellanic Fund ; £8 •• 9 •• 3, and a certifi- 
cate for $200 stock of the United States 8 per cent loan be- 
longing to the Fund for Keeping in repair the Rittenhouse 

Donations : T. D. Price's Inaugural Dissertation on Mag- 
nolia glauca ; and J. Oswald's Inaugural Dissertation on 
Suspended Animal Life. 

" An elegant Bust of the late D'- B. Franklin was pre- 
sented to the Society by M'- Joseph Sansom of Philadelphia. 
Thanks ordered to be returned.'' 

Set of Transactions ordered to be forwarded to the Dublin 
Society, and the Sociedad Aragonesa in Zaragoza. 

Secretaries of S. Antiq., London, and Royal Academy, 
Berlin, acknowledged receipt of Vol. V. 

Donations: Com. and Novi. Com. R. S. Gottingeu, 18 
Vols. 1775-1800 ; R. Peale's Account of the Skeleton of the 
Mammoth, London, 1802 ; Kirwan's Essay on Manures, 
1801 ; Culley's Obs. on Live Stock, 1789 ; Hutchinson's 
Hist. Mass., 1795 ; Ramsay's Hist. Revol. S. C. 2 Vols. 
8% 1785 ; Seward's Topography : Ilibernica, 4% 1795; Ram- 
say's History American Revolution, 2 Vols, 1789; Linn's 
Discourse on Ewing, 1802. 

Februiiry. doLi 1803, 

Letter from the i^ational Institute of France, promising, 
as successors of the French Academy, to resume correspond- 
ence, " signed by the Prest. & 2 Sees." Another letter en- 
voy ed Vol. Ill ; said Vols. I, II had been sent, and Vol. IV 
(in press) should be sent. 

Donations from De Foronda [sic] : 7 Vols, (Cartas, Collec- 
tion, Lecciones, Cartas, Memorias, Reflexiones, Traduction) 
works or translations into Spanish by the donor. 

Publication : 

"Resolved that the A. P. S. will in future publish their Trans, in single 
numbers." Ordered to lie over for future consideration. 

Books to be purchased .... ordered to lie over. 

" Curators to report measures to render our room more 

Election of two new members : Robert Hare, Jr., of Phila- 
delphia; Ben. Count of Rumford, of Great Britain. 

1803. Feb'y 4. (Barton ; Williams, Leslie, J. B. Smith, 
Hare, Vaughan, Peale, Hewson, Jacobs, Woodhouse, Church, 
Caldwell, Seybert.) 

Tousard's [sic] communication, originally in French, partly 

Jefterson acknowledges his re-election. 

Room. — Curators' report ordered to lie over ; they were 
requested to purchase a Scotch carpet. Hare, Pealo and Coxe 
to report the most convenient and useful kind of fireplace 
Curators to procure a baize curtain for the door. 

Dunbar's paper on Sv/allovvs reported favorably. Adopted. 

Books to be purchased: Annales de Chimie from M. Cari- 
tat, New York; Joiinuil do I'Kcolo des Mines from its com- 
mencement; Nicholrton'rt Journal, 8" ; Tilloch's Ph'UoHophi- 
cal Mtt|^azino from 1808 in numbers, and from itscomraence- 
mont in Vols.; Monthly Magazine from 1803; Journal do 
Phy8i(|Uo from 1808 ; Bergmiinnische Journal from its com- 
moucenient; Morcurio Poruviano, Lima, from its commence- 

February. o6o 1803. 

Publications: Vaughan, Patterson and Woodhouse "to 
report the best mode of conducting our future publications." 

Committee on Minerals: Woodhouse, Church, Jacobs, 
Barton, Coxe, Hewson, Hare, to examine future donations. 

President, Vice-Presidents and Secretaries to sign reply to 
French National Institute. 

1803. Feb' y IS. (Barton; lie wson. Mease, Jacobs, Cald- 
well, Priestley, Barnwell, James, Seybert, Peale, Leslie, 
Hare, J. B. Smith, Williams, Latrobe, Vaughan, Patterson). 

New vegetable Muscipula^ memorandum by Dr. Barton, 
referred to Mr. Latrobe. 

Toussard's [sic], paper on Proving Cannon, referred to La- 

" Account of the descendants of Pocahontas, daughter of 
Powhatan, king or chief of the tribe of Powhatan, who in- 
habited the country about the falls ot James River, Va." 
by Mr. Latrobe, i-ead. 

Ellicott's Astronomical Observations reported favorably. 

Report on papers on Ventilating Ships. Adopted. . 

Donations : C. W. Peale's Epistles on Health ; Clarke's 
Seamen's Desiderata. Thanks ordered. 

Casts of Franklin : 

' ' Resolved That ia consideration of the Society's being in possession of two 
Casts of a Bust of Doctr. Franklin from originals by the celebrated Hou- 
don, one of these casts, with thee onsent of the Donor, Jonathan "Williams, 
be sent in the name of this Society to the Academy of Arts & Sciences in 
Boston with a copy of his letter to the Society." 

" A Jerboa taken up in the Torpid State by M""- Bartram 
near this city," exhibited by Dr. Barton, 

1803. Feb'y 28. (Patterson; J. R. Smith, Duponceau, 
Coxe, Latrobe, Peale, J. B. Smith, Vaughan ; Barton, Wood- 
house, Church, Seybert, Hewson, Jacobs, Duffield, Magaw 

March. . ii64: 1803. 

"Resolved, That this Society will diiie together on Saturday next, and 
that J. R. Smith, Wistar, Williams, Hewson, Vaughan, be a committee to 
make the necessary arrangements for that purpose & to request D'. Joseph 
Priestley's company, informing him that the Society are induced to make 
the request from their high respect for his Philos. Labors & discoveries, & 
to enjoy the more particular pleasure of a Social meeting — The dinner to 
be prepard [sici at the City Tavern or Farmer's Hotel." 

[A copy of the invitation follows.] 

1803. March 4. (Patterson; Hewson, Priestley, Mease, 
Barton, Caldwell, Seybert, Coxe, Wistar, Williams, Cooper, 
Vaughan, Peale, Leslie, Clay, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith.) 

Dr. Priestley's acceptance was read. 

Experiments performed by Bishop Madison on the Bath 
mineral waters of Virginia, were read, but were not to be 
considered a communication to the Society. 

Watkin's Letter reported worthy of publication. Adopted. 

Donations : Lacepede's Discourse ; Ramsay's Charlestown 
Medical Re^jister for 1802 ; Spalding's Bills of Mortality for 
1802. Thanks ordered to Barton and Vauijjhan for same. 

Experiments on the Temperature of the Water in the boiler 
of the Steam Engine near Schuylkill, taken at difterent 
times, by Mr. Latrobe, was read and referred to Williams 
and Woodhouse. 

Barton's memorandum on Muscipula reported worthy of 
publication. Adopted. 

Books to be bought : Journal Phylomatique and Journal 
Polytechnique from their commencement. 

R. S. London acknowledges Transactions American Philo- 
sophical Society, Vols. Ill, IV, V. 

Ducaldo's communication to Jefferson, dated Opelousas, 
April 24, 1802, in French, referred to Mr. Vaughan for 

An improved mode of refining sugar, by J. Williams^ 
rea<l; referred to Soybert, Woodhouse, Vaughan ; Williams 
to furriiHh an account of his oxporimonts. 

On Paper made from roniHo Cotton and dyed rod, in a 
letter from Dr. Scliultz, referred to Dr. Barton. 

March, ODD 1808 

Woodhouse delivered the forty-two Vols. Annales de 
Chiraie and 1 Vol. Index to Vols. I-XXX (Vol. XL, Fan. 10 
= 1802.) 

1803. March 18. (Pattersou ; Hare, Vaughan, Peale, J. 
B. Smith, Mease, Collin, Jacobs, Seybert, Wistar.) 

Translation of Ducalde's paper referred to Wistar and 

Donations: Clavening on Chirainies [sic] ; Prosperin'e De 
Cognitione probabili. 

Treasurer reported that he had ordered the Journals. 

Books purchased by Mr. Vaughan at the Franklin Library 
sale, taken by the Society at their prices. [List follows the 
evening's minutes, and occupies 3| pages, closely written.] 
Total cost $89.15. 

Burnt Pyrites as manure, and Clays and Spar used at 
SSvres, near Paris, presented by R. R. Livingston with a 
letter to Jefterson. Also, Exposition publique des Prod, de 
I'Ind. Franc. An. 10. 

Library : 

"Resolved that the members .... may take out books at other times 
than at the meetings .... provided it should be perfectly convenient to 
the Librarian .... and receipt be taken, and .... considered as de- 
livered at the meeting preceeding . . . ." 

Librarian : 

"Resolved that M'. Vaughan act as Librarian untill it shall be otherwise 

[Here follows the list of: A. MSS. ; B. Folios ; C. Quartos ; 
D. Octavos ; E. Duodecimos ; from Franklin's Library.] 
A. "A Lot of Manuscripts, viz., 3 large Vols, in folio, $13* 
1. Journal from London to St. Petersburg, 1739 ; 2. Jour- 
nal of Campaigns, 1689 to 1697 . . . . ; 3. Journal of Cam- 
paigns in Hongrie, 1737-8-9 . . . . ; 4. Imports and Ex- 
ports of Great Britain, 1698 to 1762 ; 5. N. E. Admiralty 
proceedings during the Revolution ; 6. Essai de Physique; 
7. Journal of Q-. Welsh's voyage to the W. Indies, 1671 ; 

April. doh 1803. 

8. I^ouveau Systeme du Monde ; B. in folio, $8.90 ; C. in 
4% $33.55 ; D. in 8% $12.45 ; 8°, continued ; E. in 12mo., 

1808. April 1. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Legaux, Peale, 
Leslie, Magaw, Mease, Church, Barton, Barnwell, Jacobs, 
Seybert, Hewson.) 

Meteorical Observations at Nazareth in 1793, referred to 

On the Goitre, in a letter from Rev. Dr. Black to Dr. 

Account of newly discovered S. Pacific Islands, by Mr. 
Thomas of the ship Ganges, referred to Patterson. 

Donations : Barton's Elements of Botany ; Mercuric Peru- 
viano. Vols. I, II ; Hist. Prov. Philippinas, 2 Vols. Fol. ; 
Manilla, 1742, 1749, presented by Robt. Bridges ; Plaster 
medallions of Salvator noster, Priestley, Locke, Socrates, 
Plato, Newton, Franklin, Cook, Penn, Brutus, Cicero, 
Ovid, Achilles, Homer, Voltaire. Thanks ordered to Mr. 
Vaughan. [On the margin, " Not to be printed in List of 

Nominees for Annual Oration to be balloted for at next 
meeting: Woodhouse, Barton, Collin, Wistar, Patterson, 
Mease, Tench Coxe. 

1803. April 15. (Barton ; Collin, Seybert, Mease, Jacobs, 
Hewson, Vaughan, Briggs, Peale, Duponceau, Hare, Wistar, 
Coxe, Sec'y.) 

New species of American Lizard, by Dr. Barton, with a 
drawing, and the living animal. Paper referred to Latrobe 
and Jacobs. 

Meteorical Observations, Nazareth, reported for publica- 

Uist. Coll. S. Mass., Vol. VIII, presented ; also on Hay- 
garth's Enquiry how to prevent the Small Pox. Trans. Lin. 
8c. Lond., Vols. I to VI, with letter. Thanks ordered. 

Balloting for Orator r)Ofltponod. 

May. 337 1803. 

"Washington's portrait, ordered of Stewart, December 27, 
1799, was presented for inspection, and referred to Hamil- 
ton, Latrobe and Jacobs, " to report on the merits, previous 
to any order for its purchase." 

Election of five new members: Ben. Dearborn, of Boston ; 
J. B. Jos. De Lambre, one of the Secretaries National Insti- 
tute, France ; Dan. Melamderhjelm, Prof. Astronomy, Swe- 
den ; Eric Prosperin, l*rof. Astronomy, Upsal ; Francis 
Nichols, of Philadelphia. 

1803. May 6. (Allison [sic\ ; J. B. Smith, Vaughan, 
Peale, Briggs, Leslie, Nichols, Patterson, Seybert, Jacobs, 
Mease, Barnwell, Barton ; Coxe, Secretary.) 

An extract from T. P. Smith's Will, dated at sea, with 
Observations by E,. Peters, was laid before the Society by the 
Committee of November 19, as a partial report. J. R. Smith 
and Vaughan " to call upon Tbomas Peters Esq of Baltimore 
or any other person who may be in possession of the eftects 
left to the Society .... and give security .... to the 

Miss Jane Aitken " oilers to print Vol. VI Trans, at her 
own expense & allow the Society 100 copies; agreed to." 

Donations from Thos. Moore : " The Great Error or Amer- 
ican Agriculture exposed;" and his Essay on Ice houses; 
from Waterhouso, two pamphlets on Cow Pox ; on Agricul- 
ture by the Board of Agriculture, Mass. Thanks ordered. 
From Dr. Barton, a specimen of porcelain clay from the foot 
of the Ketockton Mountains, near Hagerstown, Md. 

Transactions Vols. I, II, III, IV, sent to the Royal Irish 
Academy, being lost at sea, Mr. Vaughan is " permitted to 
replace" them. A letter from the Academy acknowledges 
Vol. V, and " refers the A. P. S. to their printers in London 
for a copy of their Volumes." 

Mr. Briggs' request that the Society " consent to the re- 
moval of the Transit Instrument to the city of Washing- 
ton," referred to Patterson, J. B. Smith and Vaughan. 

Dr. Woodhouse elected Annual Orator. 


May— June. OOO 1803. 

1803. 31ai/ 20. (Barton ; Hon. Thos. McKean, Marquis 
Yrujco [sic], Vaughan, Hare, Latrobe, Nichols ; Drs. Mease, 
Jacobs, Barnwell, Seybert, Hewson ; Coxe.) 

On Steam engines, by Mr. Latrobe, read and referred to 
Mr. Hare, Patterson and Marquis Yrujco. 

Report of Committee on Washington's portrait " read and 

Donations : Transactions Society Agriculture, Connecti- 
cut; "Anal, of a mineral substance from N. A. containing 
a metal hitherto unknown," bj'^ Charles Hatchet of London. 
Thanks ordered to Chauncey and Hatchet. 

Committee on Smith's bequest of minerals read " the form 
of a letter of inderanitj', directed to Mr. Peters of Baltimore 
& copied into the book of correspondence. The Soc. ap- 
proved of the same." 

Committee of December 18, 1801, "for fixing a meridian 
k furnishing the city with the best means of ascertaining 
the true time, were requested to carry the said resolution 
into effect without delay." 

1803. June 17th. (Patterson ; Marquis D' Yrujco [sic], 
Vaughan, Hare, Peale ; Seybert, Jacobs, Mease, Ilewson, 
Barton; Coxe.) 

" Ast. Obs. at Lancaster," by A. EUicott ; referred to Pat- 
terson and Nichols. 

"Project for abolishing Negro Slavery, by purchasing the 
negroes & employing them to cut a Canal across the Isthmus 
of Durien & from Buzzard's Bay to Cape Cod ; by Ben. 
Dearborn of Boston ; was read & the thanks of the Society 
ordered to be returned to M'* Dearborn." 

Secretary of Acad. Sc, St. Petorsburgh, acknowledged the 
receipt of Transactions American Philosophical Society, 
Vols. I to V, and sent their own Vols. IX, X, by Mr. Eulor. 

Committee on Briggs' rcijuest (May Ofli) reported " that 
the Soc. have only the use of a Transit InBtrumeut, but poa- 
no property therein." 

July. «^39 1803. 

Committee on Thomas' account of S. Pacific Islands, re- 
ported for publishing extracts, and were empowered to do 

Committee on Durald's paper (March 18) reported simi- 

" A cock with two pipes to obviate the inconveniencea of 
a vent peg," description by Mr. Hare, referred to Peale and 

" Pneumato-hydrostatical tub," drawing, by Mr. Hare, 
who was requested to hand a description to "Woodhouse and 
Hewson to report. 

Vaughan reported, presenting Vol. I Trans, to the Man- 
agers of the Delaware canal. 

Microscope loaned to Mr. Hare for two months. 

Donations : Haygarth's Medical Transactions, -i Vols, 8", 
Bath ; Lettsom's Hints, 3 Vols., 8", London ; Belknap's 
American Biography, 2 Vols., 1798 ; 20 Vols. Transactions 
Society Arts, London, 1783 to 1802, with a letter, acknowl- 
edging Transactions American Philosophical Society, II, III, 
IV, V ; Moseley's Medical Tracts, 2d ed., London, 1800 ; 
Eddy's account of State Prison, New York, 1802 ; from 
the Royal Academy History, Madrid, Vols. I, II, III and 
five other publications, with a letter, acknowledging Trans- 
actions American Philosophical Society, I, II, III, IV, V; 38 
Inaugural Dissertations " written by the students of medi- 
cine," University Pennsylvania for 1802 and 1803, and pre- 
sented by the authors. [The list of titles, &c., occupies a 
closely- written page.] 

1803. July 15. (Patterson; Vaughan, Peale, Barton, 
Coxe, Duffield, Huston.) 

Committee on Latrobe's reply to the Rotterdam Society's 
enquiries on steam-engines, reported it well worthy of pub- 

Committee on Hare's and Latrobe's reported similarly. 

Donations : Flora Bat. Nos. 4, 5, 6, with a letter request- 

August. *^4v) 1803, 

iug the American Philoaophical Society " to forward certain 
plants & seeds &c." Nos. 7, 8, with a second letter. Secre- 
tary to " assure the Council [of the Interior, Bat. Rep.] that 
the A. P. S. will take measures to carry their wishes into 
effect." Treasurer " to confer with M'- W. Hamilton on 
this important point." Barton's Elements, 2d part ; Dobb's 
Hudson's Bay Company, London, 4°, 1744; Maupertuis' 
Figure of the Earth, Translations, London, 8°, 1738 ; Usta- 
ritz on Commerce, Dublin, 1752 ; Coxe's Yiew of U. S., 
Phila., 8% 1794; Account of Establishment of Washing- 
ton College, Md., Philadelphia, 8°, 1784 ; Missionalia, Lon- 
don, 1727 ; Smith and Dickenson's Essay on the Constitu- 
tional power of Great Britain over America, Philadelphia, 
1774. Thanks ordered. 

1803. Aug. 19. (Peale; Vaughan, Hare; Drs. Stevens, 
Barton, Seybert, Hewson, Mease, Jacobs, Wistar, James, 

" Met. Obs. at Gnadenhiitten on Muskingum, from May 
20 to Oct. 20, 1800," by S. Heckenwelder [sic], referred to 
Wistar and Patterson. 

"On a triple rainbow," in a letter from Mr. Dunbar "of 
the Natchez." 

Smith's bequest. — The Committee on T. P. Smith's min- 
erals reported as received 7wo cases and one cask from Balti- 
more, "from the Custom of Phila. through Mr. Wm. 
McClure & Co. — 8 boxes ^ one trunk from London. — Five 
boxes ^ one trunk from France." The Commit toe "rei)orted 
partially on the descriptions, viz from 1 to 143, 200 to 296, 
401 to 426, 480 to 464, 470 to 486. From 1 to 80 put up by 
the Council of Mines at Paris ; from 1 to 60 by J. Watt, Jr; 
from 1 to 76 put up at Clermont ; a box of specs, of coals." 
Referred to Seybert, Woodhouse, Mr. Hare, Dr. Barton, 
Coxe, to oxamino and class according to Mr. Smith's cata- 

September. *^4^ 1808. 

Extract from the Will : 

" To the A. P. S. my collection of minerals with the proper Catalogues to 
be found among my papers, to be arranged by them, so as to serve as a scien- 
tific Collection, but more particularly in a Geological & Manufacturing 
point of view ; They will find among my papers, descriptions of the various 
cliemical manufactories, such as iron, copper, pottery, «fec., as carried on in 
the various Manufactories of Europe I have visited. References are made 
to such of the specimens as relate to the manufactories, which they will 
find properly noticed. Should they find any information therein contained 
useful to tlie Manufactories of my country, I beg them to publish them." 

Mr. Yaughan reported his interview with Mr. Hamilton, 
who declined.* Dr. Barton requested to attend to forward- 
ing the plants, &c. ; the Treasurer to advance funds to be 
repaid by the Council of the Hague. 

Committee on Barton's Lizard ; Stevens substituted for 
Latrobe, "about to leave the city." 

Donations: 6 Vols. Transactions Royal Society, Edin- 
burgh, with letter. Laforgue's I'Art du Dentiste. 

Bought at cost, " with thanks," of Mr. Vaughan, for 
$8.50, Clavigero's History Mexico, 2 Vols. 4% London, 1787. 

1803. Sept. 16. (Patterson ; Barton, Ruston, Jacobs, Sey- 
bert, Hewson, Coxe, Peale, Hare, Vaughan.) 

" Discovery of a Cantharides," in a letter from Dr. Wat- 
kins of N. Orleans. 

" An attempt to preserve Olives in S. C," in a letter from 
Governor Drayton ; with his " View of S. C," 8°, 1802. 

" Measurement of an Elephant," in a letter from Dr. Rox- 
borough, of Calcutta ; also acknowledging Vol. V. 

" Fusion of Strontites & Volatilization of Platina," by Mr. 
Hare ; reported worthy of publication. 

Report on Ellicott's Astronomical Observation as worthy 
of publication, " accepted with certain restrictions." Patter- 
son to write to Ellicott. 

Solar Microscope loaned to Mr. Hare ; Bufialo horn to 
Dr. Barton ; and Telescope to Patterson. 

* Cf. July 15. 

October. *^^^ 1803. 

Fine specimen of Madrapore presented by Dr. Ruston ; 
and various recent small publications by others. 

1803. Oct. 7. (Barton ; Peale, Vaughan, Hare, Drs. 
Stevens, Coxe, Hewson, Ruston, Seybert, James.) 

Destruction of Carolina pine trees by an insect ; in a letter 
from Drayton to Barton ; copy requested for filing. 

Donations: (From Ben Vaughan) Minot's Continuation 
History Mass. 2 Vols. 8% 1798 and 1803; (From Miss 
Aiken) Roscoe's Lorenzo de Medici, 3 Vols, 8" ; Nicholson's 
Journal 5 Vols. ; Monthly Magazine, London, 15 Vols. ; 
Tillock's Magazine; Bergman. Journal Vols. I, II, III 
(charges from Hamburg $6.34). 

Buffalo horn, loan to Dr. Barton continued. 

Letorabe, Paris, April 19, acknowledges membership. 

Envoy letter from Van Marum, Secretary Haarlem So- 
ciety, 42 Vols. Transactions ; and acknowledged Transac- 
tions American Philosophical Society, V. " Sec. to answer 
that part of the letter which refers to the purchase of the 
bones of the mammoth." 

Specimens of rock crystal from La Plata presented. 

Committee reported a stove " designed & in part executed 
by M'- Peale " " calculated to render the room warmer 
during the cold weather," and "were desired to carry the 
same into execution." 

Curators Imd bought a Turkey carpet for $90. 

Library rule. — "Agreed, that any volume, but the last and 
the loose numbers of the dift'erent Journals, might be taken 
from the hull by tHe members, subject to the same restric- 
tions as other books." 

1808. Oct. 21. (Barton ; Vaughan, Hare, Nichols, Peale; 
Dr». Ruston, Stevens, Collin, Jacobs, Coxe, Church, Seybert, 

"On the origin of English words," in a letter from Dr. 
BartoD to Dr. Beddocs, was read. 

November. 343 IBB*. 

Committee on warming the rooms continued. Thanks to 
Peale voted. 

Mr. Vaughan reported that the 42 Vols. Haarlem Transac- 
tions due in the " Commerce^ Captn. Rhea, have been carried 
to England by an English Vessel of war. D"" Coxe to whom 
they were directed is requested to take the proper steps for 
their recovery." 

Election of three new members: David Ramsay, M.D., 
Charleston, South Carolina ; Capt. Meriwether Lewis, of 
Virginia; Rob. Gilmor, Jr., of Baltimore. 

An impression of the seal allowed to Miss Aiken for rep- 
resentation on title page to Transactions American Philo- 
sophical Society. 

1803. Nov. 4. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Peale, Smith, Boll- 
man ; Drs. Mease, Stevens, James, Jacobs, Hewson, Coxe, 


Storm-glass and Journal of Observations, from London to 
Philadelphia, presented by W. Poyntell ; thanks ordered ; 
Patterson appointed to observe with the Storm-glass, and 
abstract from the Journal for publication. 

Barton's "English words," referred to Collin and Dupon- 

Proof of property in the lost 42 Vols, reported forwarded 
to England. 

Donations: Winckleman's Dictionary, 1796 ; Dutch Gram- 
mar, Rotterdam ; (from Dr. Priestley) History of Early Opin- 
ions concerning Jesus Christ, Birmingham, 4 Vols. 8°, 1786; 
Discourses, 1787; Misc. Observations, 2d edition, 1788; 
Letters to Burke, 1791 ; to Philosophers of France, 1793 ; 
Answer to Payne, 1795 ; to Inhabitants of Birmingham, 
1790 ; Two appeals on the subject of the Birmingham riots, 
1792 ; and sundry other tracts. Thanks ordered. 

Librarian reported Tillock's, Nicholson's and other 
Journals received. 

Gauld's MS. History of Florida loaned to Dr. Barton. 

Nov.— Dec. 0±4t 1803. 

1803. Nov. 18. (Patterson ; Peale, Hare, Vauglian ; Drs. 
Mease, Barnwell, Seybert, Woodhouse, Church, Stevens, 
Jacobs, Hewson.) 

Received by Committee on Foreign Journals: Journal des 
Mines, Nos. 1 to 81 ; Annales de Chimie, Vols. 43, 44, 45 ; 
J. de physique, Vols. 6 to 27 ; Bull. S. Philomatique, 2 Vols, 
&c. ; J. Polyt. Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Lagrange's Theorie. 

" Obs. & Exp. relating to equivocal or spontaneous genera- 
tion," by Dr. Priestley ; referred to Dr. Wistar. 

Seybert's request to be discharged (January 25), granted. 

Donations : Priestley's Chart and System of Biography, 
Philosophy, 1803; Arrowsmith's Map of Discoveries in 
North America, 1795. Thanks to Mr. Carey for the same. 

" An amulet found some feet under ground near Nash- 
ville, Tenn.," presented by Dr. S. Brown. 

" Specimen of a Table of Logarithms," presented by Mr. 

" Citizen Roume's letter acknowledging the receipt of his 
certificate of membership was read." 

" Account of some coins (with a drawing) found in a field 
near Reading," by Dr. Wistar. 

Dr. Barton returned Gauld's MSS. 

1803. Dec. 2. (Wistar; Patterson, Peale, Vaughan, 
Nicholson, Smith, John, Smith [sic'jy Drs. Shippen, Mease, 
Barton, Barnwell, Collin, Ruston, Hewson.) 

Priestley's paper reported worthy of publication. 

Committee on Foreign Journals reported costs, $51.18. 

Vaughan reported the room and case ready to receive the 

Two Bezoars or Serf)ent-8tone8 from Hydrabad presented 
by Mr. Coates. 

Quicksilver in Pennsylvania. — " D'- Barton mentioned, on 
the authority of M'- Vuiulerfiliofz, that a quantity of native 
quickHJlver had been found in the vicinity of Reading." 

Dec-Jan. *^*5 18(»-l»)i. 

" Conversion of common salt into nitre," in a letter from 
Dr. Priestley ; referred to Wistar and Woodhouse. 

"Agreed, to take Michaux's Flora Boreali Americana, 
price $15." 

1803. Dec. 16. (Wistar; Woodhouse, Barton, Barn- 
well, James, Mease, Currie, Ruston, Ilewson ; Peale, Hare, 

Vaughan, Nichols.) 

" On the Supposed fortifications found in the Western 
country," by Bishop Madison, of Virginia; referred to Dr- 

" On Phalena granella^" in a letter from Mr. Walmsley to 
Dr. Barton. 

" Supplement to paper on Dippus [sic] americanus" by Dr. 
Barton ; referred to Mr. Peale. 

'• M'- Latrobe acknowledged his having in his possession 
two maps of the survey between the Chesapeak and the 
Delaware by M'- Anderson and M""- Gilpin, the property of 
the Society." 

Asiatic Society acknowledged receipt of Vols. I to V. 

No papers for the Magellanic premium. Secretary to 

Book of Verbal Communications to be examined by Bar- 
ton, Vaughan and Hare for purposes of publication ; empow- 
ered specially to publish Patterson's paper on Clearing Wells 
in the Domestic Encylopsedia. 

Public notice of annual election to be given. 

1804. Jan^y 6. Between 2 and 5 o'clock. (Vaughan, 
Peale, Patterson, Nichols ; Drs. Collin, James, Duffield, 
Barnwell, Barton, Shippen, Seybert, Mease, Caldwell, Wood- 
house, Hewson.) 

James, Collin, Peale, Judges ; Vaughan, Hewson, Secreta- 

January. t^4:D 1804. 


President — Thomas JeiFerson. 

Vice-Presidents — Patterson, Wistar, B. S. Barton. 

Secretaries — Coxe, Seybert, James, Hewson. 

Counsellors [sic'\ — White, J. B. Smith, Duponceau, Kuhn. 

Curators — C. W. Peale, R. Hare, Jr., John Church. 

Treasurer — John Vaughan. 

1804. Jan'y 20. (Barton ; Duponceau, Nichols, "Wheeler, ' 
Vaughan, Peale, Patterson, Hare ; Drs. James, Fothergill, 
White, Mease, Woodhouse, Hewson, Caldwell, Coxe, Collin, 
Barnwell, Currie, Church, Seybert, Duffield.) 

Dr. Collin to translate a letter from the late Prof. Proa- 
perin, of Upsal, to be filed away. 

Madison's paper reported and ordered for publication. 

Complete Journals of T. P. Smith had been discovered. 

Mr. Vaughan to procure the medal " heretofore decreed to 
Dr. Collin." 

Donations : Serenius' Dictionary, 4°, 1734 ; An. Rt. R. 
Humane Society, 1803 ; Priestley's Lectures on History, new 
edition, 2 Vols ; Priestley's Doctrine of Phlogiston estab- 
lished, 8", 1803. (From Chas. Smith, of Lancaster ; Pitisci 
Lexicon Ant. Rom. Vol. H, Fol. 1713 ; Murray's True In- 
terest, &c,, London, Fol. 1740 ; Widow and Children's 
Fund, Edinburgh, Fol. 1748 ; ^liani Sophistse .... Vul- 
tigii, Lugd. Bat. 2 Vols, 8°, 1701; Limborch's De Veritate 
Rel. Ch. Qodte, 4", 1687 ; Hersey's Algebra, London, Fol. 
1678 ; Fry's Types, London, 8% 1785 ; Parker's Hist. Un. 
Camb. London, 8", 1622; Starrat's Doctrine of Projectiles, 
Dublin, 8% 1733 ; Grew's Tables of San and Moon, fitted to the 
Meridian of Philadelphia, MS. 4**, 1746 ; Kuypers' Ali ben 
abi Talel» Carmina, Lug. Bat. 8°, 1745 ; Sullivan's Journal of 
the American War, 1775 to 1778, MS. 8°. Tiianks ordered to 
Mr. Smith.) 

Bullivau's Journal wus referred to Duponceau, Barton and 

February. ''^T 1804. 

Barton's " Jerboa," reported and ordered for publication. 

Fines for books not returned January 6th, remitted. 

Election of two new members: David Humphreys, late 
Minister United States at Lisbon; Joshua Gilpin of Phila- 

1804. FeVy 3. (Wistar; Drs. Woodhouse, Fothergill, 
Barton, Ilewson, Mease, Ruston, Barnwell, Seybert, James; 
Messrs. Peale, Nichols, Patterson, Vaughan, Gilpin.) 

Jeflerson's letter read as follows : 

Washington Jan. 20"* 1804. 

The renewed evidence of regard which I receive through you from 
the American Philosophical Society, calls for my grateful acknowledg- 
ments, the suffrage of a body of men, of the first order of science, asso- 
ciated for the purposes of enlightening the mind of man, of multiplying 
his physical comforts, improving his moral faculties, and enlarging the 
boundaries of his knowledge in general, is a testimonial which I cherish 
among those most dear to me. 

After making my just acknowledgments to the Society for their favors, 
I add congratulations on the enlarged field of unexplored country lately 
opened to free research, should the unknown regions of Louisiana attract 
the attentions of the friends of science, such facilities and patronage as are 
within the limits of its authority will be cordially aflorded by a govern- 
ment founding its security & best hopes in the knowledge of its citizens, 
not in their ignorance. 

I pray you to present my high respect to the Society, & to accept your- 
self assurances of my great consideration. 

Tho. Jefferson. 

Donations: Les Saisons de Thompson, par Poulin, 8". 
1802 ; La Logica de Cond iliac, Mad. 8% 1800 ; Carta sobre . . 
Colonias .... Philadelphia, 1803; Carte sobre Contribu- 
ciones (last three by Foronda) ; An. Rt. R. Humane S., 
1801. Thanks voted to Fothergill, Poulin aud Foronda. 

Committee on Alteration of the Society's Time-piece dis- 
charged, and Patterson, Vaughan and Nieliols appointed. 

"Dr. Woodhouse declined deliverins: the annual oration." 
Election of orator at next meeting. 

Committee on a Plan for Publishing future volumes: Pat- 
terson, Nichols, Barton, Mease and Vaughan. 

February. €>4o 1804. 

Resolved, That a fire be made every Tuesday evening (the season re- 
quiring the same) in the Hi^l for the purpose of accommodating the mem- 
bers who meet for reading & conversation." 

1804. Feb'i/ 17. (Barton ; Collin, Fothergill, Coxe, Barn- 
well, Stevens, Ruston, Wistar; Peale, Nichols, Vaughan, 

A letter from George Erving, Consul at London, reported 
that the Yols. Trans. Harlem Soc. would undoubtedly be 
recovered from England. 

A letter from Prof. Thunberg certified to the reception of 
Vols, of Transactions American Philosophical Society at 
Upsal and Stockholm. 

Report of Committee on future publications read and laid 

Vol. 45, An. de Chimie loaned to Mr. Hare. 

Ealo(jium on Priestley. — A member to deliver a Eulogium 
on Doctr. Priestley, lately deceased, to be elected Feb. 24'** ; 
notice to be sent to members. 

Election of Orator for 1805 postponed to next meeting. 

Dr. Ilewson to draft a reply to Jefferson's letter, especially 
that part of it relating to Louisiana. 

Donations: Grave's Pocket Conspectus of London and 
Edinburgh Pharmacopceias. (Engraving of the Marine 
Spencer; Bishop Valpy's Annual Sermons; Fothergill's 
Essay, 1800; Jenkins' Philanthropist; Rules of Bath and 
W. K Society, 1802 ; Public Cautions; Seninies' Inaugural 
Dissertation, 1801. Thanks ordered to Dr. Fothergill.) 

1804. Feh''y 24. Special Meeting. (Patterson; White, 
Barton, Caldwell, Andrews, Stevens, Fothergill, Collin, 
Mease, Woodhouso, Hewson, Seybort, Wistar, Barnwell, 
Duffleld, Coxo; 'Dupouceau, Abercrombie, J. B. Smith, 
Peale, Allison, Vuughan, J. R. Smith, Gilpin, Hare, 
Nichols = 26.) 

After nominations, viva voce or by ballot (nominees being 
allowed to decline at any time previous to election), Dr. Bar- 
ton was elected Eulogist. 

March, ^49 1804. 

1804. March 2. (Barton ; Wistar, Fothergill, Hewson, 
Coxe, Mease, Barnwell, Ruston, Collin, Seybert, Caldwell ; 
Peale, Vaughan, Nichols, Patterson, Allison, Hare.) 

Barton's paper on English words reported for publication. 

Hewson's draft of answer to Jefferson recommitted. 

Report of Committee on Publication recommitted ; Wistar 
and Hewson added ; Committee to report generally on the 

Donations: Domestic Cyclopedia, American edition, 5 
Vols. 8°, and various pamphlets. 

" A cast of the late Mr. Lavoisier taken in plaister of 
Paris; by Dr. Coxe." Thanks ordered. 

Appointment of Eulogist to be published. 

Election of Orator postponed to next meeting, and "a 
nomination" to be made previous to the election. 

A set of Meteorical Observations made at Elk lands, 
Lycoming county in 1803, by Rich. Ecroyd, presented by 
Mr. Vaughan. 

1804. March 16. (Patterson ; Drs. Collin, Mease, Barne- 
well, Coxe, Seybert, Ruston, Barton, Hewson; J. B. Smith, 
Peale, Nichols, Vaughan.) 

Set of Transactions American Philosophical Seciety ac- 
knowledged by Mr. L'Hommedieu, Secretary New York So- 
ciety Prom. Agriculture. 

Alteration of Time-piece reported to cost $80 ; postponed. 

Hewson's answer to Jefferson read and ordered to be for- 

Donations: Mem. de I'Inst. Vol. IV, 3 parts; Camus' 
Mem. sur Coll. de Voy. des de Bry et de Thevenot ; White's 
Journal Voyage, New South Wales, London, 4*', 1790 ; 
Binns' Treatise on Farming, 1803 ; Observations on Trial 
by Jury, Strasburg, 1803. Thanks ordered. 

"Meteors seen in different parts of the world in Novem- 
ber 1799," extracted from Gentleman's Magazine, by John 
Chipchase, ordered to be placed on file. 

Dr. Wistar elected Orator for 1805. 

April. 350 1801. 

1804. April 6. (Barton; Wistar, Fothergill, Wood- 
house, Church, Mease, Ilewson, Barnwell, Coxe ; Patterson, 
Peale, J. B. Smith, Hare, Nichols, Vaughan.) 

"On the Mississippi & its Delta," from W. Dunbar of the 
Natchez^ read in part and postponed. 

" Obs. on some Fossil Bones," in a letter from W. Lewis, 
of Campbell county, Virginia, to Jefferson, read, and referred 
to Patterson, Wistar and Hare. 

" On the fascination of serpents," by Dr. Williamson, re- 
ferred to Church, Hare and Hewson. 

"Met. Obs." by Mr. Dunbar, for 1801, 2, 3, "at the 
forest, 4 miles east of the river Mississippi," read and re- 
ferred to Mease, Wistar and Barnwell. 

Report of Committee on By-Laws postponed one week. 

Committee on Time-piece ; report recommitted, after dis- 
cussion for a particular plan of execution. 

Dr. Wistar declined theappointment of Orator "Stating the 
impossibility of his accepting for the next year." Excused. 

Profile of Dr. Priestley in black leather, given by Mr. 

Donations: Flora Bat. Nos. 9 to 12, with letter; Printed, 
Committee from Pennsylvania Society for Encouraging 
Ma!)ufactures, 1804. 

Buffalo horn, and Vol, 45, Annale de Chimie, reported re- 

Set of Transactions American Philosophical Society, or- 
dered sent to Council Int. Bat. Rep. with letter of thanks 
for Fl. Bat. and a copy of Marshall's American Grove. 

1804. April 18. Special Meeting. (Patterson; Barton, 
Meaoe, Coxo, Ilewsoi), Seybert, Barnwell, Ruston, Allison; 

Dunbar's paper on the MiBsissippi and its Delta was "by 
the particular dcHiro of several niembors" road to the end, 
and ordered to bo addod to the Volume now printing. 

April— May. ^^1 1804. 

By-Laws reported at last meeting, read by paragraphs, 
and " necessarily postponed " to next meeting. 

Committee on Time-piece reported ; laid over to next 

Donations: Mosely on Tropical Diseases, fourth edition, 
1803; Oliver Evan's Young Miller's Guide, Philadelphia, 
1795 ; Specimen of cannel coal from England. 

Telescope loaned to Patterson for a few weeks. 

1804. April 20. (Patterson; Ellicot, Nichols; Drs. 
Woodhouse, Fothergill, Mease, Ilewson, Barnwell, Church, 
Wistar, James, Collin, Barton, Coxe.) 

Dunbar's Meteorical Observations reported worthy of pub- 

Report on Time-piec^ adopted and recommitted for exe- 

Report on Lewis' letter, April 6. Since it " principally re- 
fers to minerals which are to be presented to M' Peale," it 
should " accompany the minerals." Adopted. 

By-Laws, Sections 1, 2, 3 discussed and postponed. 

Election of five new members: Mr. Webber of the Uni- 
versity, Cambridge, Massachusetts ; El Senr. Principe de la 
Paz; II Exmo. Sen. Don Pedro Cavallos, Primer Ministro de 
Estado y de los Neg. Estrangeros ; Don Ant. Jose de Cava- 
nillas y en cargado de la direction del R. Jardin Botanico 
de Madrid ; Dr. Ed. Jenner of London. 

1804. May 4. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Wistar, Wood- 
house, Ilewson, Mease, Ruston, Barton, Barnwell, Coxe ; 
Vaughan, Nicolls [sic\^ Peale.) 

Donation of a pamphlet by Foronda. 

By-Laws discussed, in continuation, " & after due delibera- 
tion, they were agreed to as follows, unanimously." 

Section 1st. 

Rules respecting the order of Business at the Ordinary Stated meetings 
of the Society. 

The President, one of the Vice Presidents, or in their absence the Chair- 

May. *^^^ 1804^ 

man chosen by the Society to preside during the meeting, shall take the 
Chair, and call the Society to order within one hour at most, after the time 
appointed for the meeting of the Society. The ordinary business of the So- 
ciety shall then, as nearly as circumstances may admit, proceed in the fol- 
lowing order — 

1st. The Recording Secretary shall read the minutes of the last stated 
meeting, and also of any subsequent special meeting if such have occurred. 

2d. Committees appointed a't former meetings shall be called upon to 
make their reports, which may then be adopted, rejected, amended, recom- 
mitted, or the consideration thereof postponed, as the Society shall deter- 

8d. Donations will be received, and the thanks of the Society returned 
to the Donor, if present by the presiding member, but if absent by a letter 
signed by one of the Secretaries. 

4lh. Letters, papers or communications will be received by the presid- 
ing member, and read by one of the Secretaries. Every communication 
which may be considered as intended for a place in our Transactions, shall 
be immediately referred to a committee to consider & report thereon, and 
the receipt of the paper, if the author be not a Resident member shall be 
acknowledged in a letter signed by one of the Secretaries. — 

5th. Communications or remarks, whether Verbal or in writing (though 
the latter will always be preferred) which may not be intended by their 
authors for publication in our Transactions, will be received, & recorded 
or transcribed by one of the Secretaries in a Book to be provided & kept 
for that purpose. 

6th. Any other business not comprehended under any of the foregoing 
heads, may by motion be brought before the Society & discussed. 

7th. The rough minutes of the present meeting shall be read by the re- 
cording Secretary and, if necessary, corrected by tlie Society, and then or 
before the next meeting of the Society transcribed into their book of 

8lh. The Society shall be adjourned by the presiding member. 

Section 2d. 

Rules respecting the election of Members & other periodical business of 
the Society. 

iBt. At tlie meetings of the Society when new members are to be 
elected, the nnmes of the Candidates being attached to the ballot boxes 
shall be Heveraily announced l)y the proBuling member. Previous to the 
balloting tor any Candidate one of the members wlio proposed him or any 
other member may for tliei nformation of tlie Sociitiy speak to Ids Charac- 
ter and quallflcationH as a member of the Society. The recording Secre. 
tary iihall then rail over the names of the members present In tlie order in 
which Ihcy arc InHertcd in the minutes, and in tliis order they sliall ballot 
for th«) Bcvcral Candidates in succession. A white l)all being considered aH 
In &Tor of the Candidate, and a black one as contrary. The buUoilng 

May. "J^O 1804. 

being gone through, the boxes shall be opened, and the state of the Poll 
declared by the presiding member — but not until all the other business of 
the meeting shall be discussed. — No Candidate shall be balloted for, if 
none of the members proposing be present, but his election shall be post- 
poned till the next stated period, unless the Society shall at the time deter- 
mine otherwise. No Gentleman whose election has been twice postponed 
shall be any longer considered as a Candidate, without a new nomination. 
It is strictly enjoined on all the members not to mention out of the Society 
the names of any of the Candidates proposed, nor of any unsuccessful 
Candidate — and the paper containing the names of the Candidates balloted 
for shall be destroyed immediately after the election. 

2d. Previous to the election of an Orator, or person to deliver an 
address a nomination shall be made by any members of the Society at the 
stated meeting immediately preceding and out of this nomination the 
Orator or person to deliver the address shall be chosen by ballot. 

Section 3d. 

Rules respecting the advertisement of meetings &c. 

1st. Every meeting of the Society or the Officers of the Society, shall be 
advertised in at least two of the daily newspapers of the City, if it can be 
done without any expense to the Society, on the day previous to the time 
of meeting, and a notification shall be sent to each resident member on the 
day preceding that of the meeting. 

2d. Immediately after the meetings on the 3'' Friday of January April 
July & October respectively, a complete list of all the donations & com- 
munications made to the Society with the names of the Donors or Authors 
as also of the new members elected within the last three mouths, shall be 
published in at least two of the newspapers & magazines of the City, if 
without any expense to the Society. 

Section 4th. 

Rules respecting the appointment & duties of a Librarian. 

A member of the Society or some other suitable person shall be chosen 
by the Society on the 3d Friday of May next, and on the 3d Friday of 
January annually hereafter, as a Librarian of the Society with a Salary 
of two hundred dollars per annum, who shall perform the following 

1st. He shall have the custody & care of the books & papers belonging 
to the Society, which he shall dispose and arrange in such a manner as 
shall be judged most convenient and shall keep an arranged list of such 
papers. He shall assist the curators in arranging & preserving all the sub- 
jects of natural history, with the models of Machines, Instruments, 
Medals, and all other articles belonging to the Museum of the Society 
making a complete list thereof for the Society. 

2d. He shall advertise the meetings of the Society, and of the Officers of 
the Society, shall employ a person to notify the members individually and 


May. *^04 1804. 

shall publish quarterly the list of donations, communications, & of new 
members as directed in Section 3d. 

3d. He shall attend at the stated meetings of the Society, and shall then, 
or at any such time as he shall think proper lend out to any resident mem- 
ber of the Society, any books belonging to the Library, except the last 
volumes and loose numbers of the different Journals imported by the So- 
ciety & except recent donations made to the Society, which shall not be 
lent out, taking from each member borrowing a book an obligation with a 
sufficient penalty to return the same uninjured at or before the next stated 
meeting of the Society if in the months of June, July, August or Septem- 
ber, but at or before the second stated meeting, if in any of the other eight 
months of the year, subject to a fine of fifty cents for every stated meeting 
that shall occur after the limited period before he returns the book, and a 
forfeiture of double the value of the book, or of the set of which it is one, 
if not returned in six months after being borrowed. The monies arising 
from fines & forfeitures to be exclusively appropriated towards the bind- 
ing and purchase of books for the library. 

4th. He shall attend at the Hall of the Society every Friday Evening on 
which no meeting of the Society, or of the Officers of the Society shall be 
.held, from seven o'clock to nine, at which time any member of the Society 
may also attend, for the purpose of reading, social conversation, or 
making experiments, and may if he thinks proper bring a friend with 

5th. He shall with the approbation of the Society contract for & shall 
also superintend the printing of the Transactions of the Society free of any 
or with as little expense to the Society as possible ; and in the discharge of 
this duty, it shall be considered as incumbent on every member of the So- 
ciety, when desired, to render him all the aid in his power. The Transac- 
tions of the Society shall in future be published annually, and after the 
completion of the 0th volume, the first part of which is now in the press, 
they shall be printed in an Octavo form, commencing a new Series. The 
publication shall be made as early as possible after the commencement of 
the year and shall consist of such papers then in the custody of the Libra- 
rian, as shall have received the sanction of the Society, and such extracts 
from the book of " Verbal cornniunicivtions" as shall be recommended by 
the committee chosen for that purpose, and approved by the Society, 
together with a list of the Officers of llie Society for the time being, a list 
of the new members elected since the publication of the preceding Volume, 
s list of the donations made to tlie Society, and sucli other articles as the 
Society may from time to time direct. 

Skction Stii. 

Hespccting Uw meeting & business of the Officers of tin! Society. 

1. The (Jounscllors & other officers of the Society hIiuII liold stated meet- 
(Dgs on the 2nd Friday of February — May — August — & November respec- 
iirt\y, at the same huuri' !n the evening at which the stated meetings of 

May. ^^^ 1804. 

the Society are appointed to be held, in the same months & such other 
occasional or special meetings as they may judge proper, and shall keep 
regular minutes of their proceedings to be laid before the Society at their 
Stated meetings on the 3d Fridays of the same month respectively. 

2. They shall from time to time lay before the Society such measures as 
they may judge will conduce to the well governing and ordering the 
affairs of the Society, or to promote the objects of their institution ; par- 
ticularly they shall recommend subjects for premiums to be offered by the 
Society, with the conditions on which they shall be awarded. 

3. To them shall be referred all communications from Candidates for 
premiums, whether the Magellanic, or those offered by the Society, on 
which they shall make report without any unnecessary delay. 

4. Seven members shall be a Quorum competent to any of the above 

Section 6th. 

Of the appointment & Duties of Committees. 

1. No Committee appointed on any subject of deliberation, shall consist 
of less than three members : but any other matter may be committed to a 
single member. A majority of any Committee shall be a Quorum. 

3. All Committees shall be chosen by the Society on a nomination pre- 
viously made «& seconded — The Question being then put on each mem- 
ber separately, but no member of the Society shall either nominate or 
second the nomination of more than one member of any Committee. 

3. The member first elected of any Committee shall be the Chairman 
and considered as responsible for the discharge of the duties enjoined on 
the Committee. 

4. When any Committee is appointed, the time at which they are 
to make their report shall be also appointed by the Society and in the fail- 
ure of the Committee making a final report at this time, unless a satisfac- 
tory reason for their delay be given they shall be discharged, and the 
matter dropped, or referred to another Committee as the Society shall then 

5. All reports shall be in writing, & signed by all the members agreeing 

6. The Committee to whom shall be referred any communication which 
may be considered as intended for a place in our Transactions shall report 
their opinion, and if this be in favor of publication, they shall make such 
corrections, as they may judge necessary, to fit it for the press, and if they 
shall judge the publication of an abstract — or extracts from the paper 
would be most eligible, they shall accompany their report with such ab- 
stract or extracts. The author, however, in the above cases shall be con- 
sulted when convenient before his paper is printed. 

7. When any Committee is appointed, the Librarian shall enter in a 
book to be provided & kept for that purpose, and divided into proper 
Columns, the names of the Committees, the time of their appointment, the 

May. ^5b 1804, 

matter of business committed to them, and tlie time at which they are to 
report, & when the final report is made, the time shall be entered in an 
adjoining column. 

Section 7th. 

Rules respecting the annual Contributions, and the sums to be paid by 
new members on their admission. 

1. The Contribution of 3Iembers resident in the city or within ten miles 
thereof shall be two dollars per annum, payable on the first Friday ot 
January, at the time of the annual election of Officers — and the Sum to be 
paid by every new member on his admission into the Society or receiving 
a certificate of Membership, shall be ten dollars. Members, however, re- 
siding in foreign Countries shall be exempted from the payment. 

2. No Member in arrears either for his admission money or annual pay- 
ments shall be eligible to any office, or be entitled to vote on any question 
in the Society. 

3. No Member who shall be in arrears to the Society for two or more 
annual payments, or who residing in Philadelphia, has neglected to attend 
their meetings for one whole year shall any longer receive notification of 
the meetings of the Society, nor be eligible to any office in the same. 

Section 8th. 
General Rules relating to order &c in the Society. 

1. No debate shall ever take place in the Society but on a motion duly 
made & seconded, and afterwards stated by the presiding member. 

2. When a member speaks he shall stand up, addressing himself to the 
presiding member ; and, avoiding desultory remarks, he shall confine 
himself strictly to the merits of the question under consideration. 

3. No member whilst speaking shall be interrupted, unless by the pre- 
siding member when he shall think fit to call him to order or to admonish 
him to a closer adherence to the question under discussion. 

4. "When a member speaking is called to order, he shall instantly sit 
down, or appeal from the call to the Society, who shall determine without 

6. No Member shall speak more than twice to the same question with- 
out previously asking & obtaining leave of the Society. 

6. Wlillst any question or motion is under debate, no other motion shall 
be admitted, unlesH to divide the question, to amend, to postpone or to 

7. No motion to reconsider a former resolution can be made or seconded 
except by a member who voted In favor of said resolution. 

8. No motion under disciiKHion can be withdrawn without the consent 
of the Society. 

9. No motion tor adjournment Hhall be carried unless by the unanimous 
vote *of the Society, before nine o'clock in the lOvening, und shall at all 
times be determined without debate. 

10. The prcsld^iK member shall have no vote unless in the case of a tie, 

May. Obl ISO4. 

or equality of votes among the other members, — where the act of Incor- 
poration or fundamental rules require more than a bare majority of the 
members present, or where the Vote is taken by ballot. 

11. Thirteen shall be a Quorum competent to the awarding of premiums 
proposed by the Society, and the election of new members. In all cases 
not otherwise provided for by the Constitution or other regulations of the 
Society, the Members attending shall be a Quorum, and a majority of 
votes shall decide. 

12. A book shall be provided and kept by the Librarian, containing the 
names of all the members resident in Philadelphia arranged in alphabeti- 
cal order with a number of adjoining columns equal to all the stated & 
special meetings in the Year, and at every meeting the said Librarian 
shall, opposite the name of every present member and in the proper 
Column insert the letter P. — This Book shall always lie on the Table, so 
that the Society may at all times know the number & names of their resi- 
dent members, & the state of their attendance. 

13. These Bye Laws, together with the act of Incorporation, the twelve 
sections of fundamental laws referred to in that act, all the other acts of 
the Legislature relative to the Society — The rules & conditions relative to 
the Magellanic premium ; and all other bye-laws, rules or regulations of a 
general nature that may hereafter be made by the Society shall under the 
direction of the Librarian be transcribed into a separate book to be pro- 
vided and kept for that purpose, which book shall lie on the Table, at 
every meeting of the Society. 

14. All the Bye Laws heretofore made by the Society & all other rules 
or regulations, other than those referred to in the above article, are re- 

Signed. Robert Patterson. John Vaughan. F. Nichols. James Mease. 
Thos. T. Hewson. B. S. Barton. C. Wistar Jr. 

1804. May 18. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Hewson, Barton, 
Seybert, Duffield, Barnwell, Wistar, Collin, Mease, Preston, 
Coxe ; Duponceau, Yaughan, Peale, Williams, J. B. Smith.) 

Transactions Yol. YI, part I, reported printed, and 100 
copies will be delivered as soon as put in boards. 

Donations of 7 pamphlets from Dr. W. Hawes, Treasurer 
Humane Society ; 2 from Rev. J. Elliot of Boston ; 1 from 
Mr. W. Barton. 

Minutes of meeting of Councillors, &c., read. 

"Facts & obs. relative to the Turkey," by Dr. Barton 

John Yaughan elected Librarian. 

June. dOo I8O4 

" Fine CJopy" of Part I, Vol. VI, Trans, presented by Miss 
Aiken. Librarian directed to send copies to the Green- 
wich, Paris, Saxe Gotha and Isle de Leon (Cadiz) Observa- 
tories, as well as corresponding Societies, 

1804. June 15. (Patterson ; Mease, Ruston, Wistar, 
Barton, Shippen, Coxe; Yrugo \sic\ Williams, Duponceau, 
Briggs. J. B. Smith, Vaughan, Wheeler, Nicolls [sic].) 

Ten delinquent committees, continued, with orders to re- 
port at the next meeting. 

Donations : Works of the late Dr. Wm. Smith, Vols. I, II, 
from the printer, Hugh Maxwell ; I^ova Acta Acad. Petro- 
pol. XIII ; 15 Medical theses. 

" On the discharge of two worms from the ear of a child," 
in a letter from Dr. Hosack of New York, with a descrip- 
tion of the case by Dr. Gillespie, and a vial containing the 
worms ; referred to Barton, Wistar and Mease. 

" On plaister of Paris as a manure," in a letter from R. P. 
Barton, Frederick, May 28, to Dr. Barton, " giving an ac- 
count of a threshing machine & of the climate ;" read. 

" On Magotty Bean," in a letter from P. Custis to Dr. 
Barton, Acomac county, Virginia, read. 

"Some account of the Amelioration of climate in Mass.," 
in a letter from Jas. Winthrop to Fr. Nichols ; read ; copies 
of the above to be preserved in the Book of Verbal Commu- 

Dr. Collin to employ a person " to copy or extract from the 
records of the Swedish Churches such parts as might appear 
interesting for the liistory or natural history of the country, 
at the Society's ox|)en8e." 

Humboldt : " Rnolvcd, Tliat D'. Wistar bo permitted to introduce A.Voa 
Humboldt ai a Vinitor at any Hul)Hcqucnt meeting." 

Several Mexican paintings were shown by Dr. Barton. 

Mr. Peale's lease expiring in a few days, Patterson and 
Mease were appointed to aid him in settling his accounts, 
and to report terms for another Xaixw. 

July. 359 1804. 

1804. July 2^. (Patterson ; Duponceau,Latrobe,Vaughan, 
Peale, Clay and Smith ; Wistar, Seybert, James, Coxe, 
Mease, Fothergill, Barton, Shippen, Woodhouse, Collin, 

Committee on Hosack's paper requested time and was 

Committee on Peale's Lease continued. 

Committee on " Purity of Air" asked to be discharged. 

Committee on Shells continued. 

Committee to translate Tousard's paper, to report in Sep- 

Committee on Powhattan Genealogy to report in August. 

Committee to arrange Smith's minerals reported difficul- 
ties in fixing on any system. Society ordered Kirwan's sys- 
tem (second edition) to be adopted, and Committee to report 
in September. 

Committee on Sullivan's MS. Journal, reported it " not de- 
serving particular attention, yet .... to be preserved in the 

Election of four new menibers : "Wra. Short, Esq., of Vir- 
ginia ; Le Baron Alexandre de Humboldt, of Prussia ; Jos. 
"Willard, D.D., President Harvard College, Massachusetts; 
Zacheus Collins, of Philadelphia. 

Franklin's busty No. 3: "The Society received a letter 
from M""- J. R. Smith, accompanying a marble bust of the 
late D^- Franklin executed at Florence." Letter of thanks 
ordered, to be signed by one of the Vice-Presidents " for this 
handsome donation." 

Donations : Carver's Travels, 1796 ; Ramsay's Oration ; 
Kramern's Dutch Dictionary, 1769 ; Terrible Tractoration, 
1804 ; Specimens of Salt moss from Montgomery county, 
with written account ; Miller's Retrospect, 1803. 

Mr. Clay's " demonstration of a georaet. theorem," was re- 
ferred to Latrobe, Patterson and Hewson. 

August. dbO 1804, 

1804. Aug. 17. (Patterson ; Governor McKean, Dupon- 
ceau, Vaughan, Collins, Peale; Barton, Woodhouse, Mease, 
Coxe, Bache, Currie, Collin, Ruston, Shippen, Hewson.) 

Report on Williamson's " Fascination &c," adopted. 

Dr. Collin's reply to the request of June 15th, received. 

Committee on Peale's Lease reported that Mr, Peale 
offered $300 a year for the part of the building he occupied, 
and one-half as the cellar, for 10 years. Agreed to. Du- 
ponceau to draw up the lease. 

Report of Board of Officers on subjects for the Magellanic 
Premium read and postponed. Board of Officers recom- 
mended to consider if any amendments to the conditions of 
the premium ought to be made. 

Donations : Marshall's Washington, Vol. I, 1804 ; Ste- 
ven's Wars, &c., 2 Vols. ; Junta Publications, 3 Vols., 4°, 
Valencia, 1799-1801 ; Historical Society, Massachusetts ; 
Vol. IX ; Ruston's Yellow Fever Tracts, 8% 1804 ; a Vocab- 
ulary of Eight Languages, and an Indian hatchet (from Major 
Awardi ?) ; Gloster's Meteorological Observations, Warring- 
ton, North Carolina, 1789 ; Reichel's Meteorical Observa- 
tions, Nazareth, 1787 to 1790 ; Gypsum from Nova Scotia 
and Havre de Grace ; Sulphate Magnesium from Mr. Pat- 
terson, Monroe county, Virginia (in a cave with bones of 
Megalonyx), and letter from W. Ilembel, of Philadelphia. 

Librarian to return to Dr. Barton certain papers requested 
by him. 

Fccretary to write Captain Mugford, of Ship Ulysses, 
Salem, Massachusetts, " that the Soc. have read with great 
interest the newspaper account of the new kind of rudder 
. . . . invented in his last voyage .... [which] may prove 
eminently useful .... saving the lives & properties of 
many of our fellow men ;" " request .... a correct account 
. . . . & thecircurastunces .... & if possible a small model 
.... to take means .... to render this discovery as ox- 
tensivoly useful as iK)SHiblo." 

Vaughan's copy of Kirwan's mineralogy offered for $6, 

September. <^61 18M. 

coat to him ; " as^reed to take the work ;" and " to refund to 
him $5, paid in the purchase of Barton's Elements of Botany 
sent as a present to D*"- Roxborough." 

Letter from Mr. Vaughan of London to Dr. Coxe an- 
nouncing the transmission of Transactions Hserlem Society. 

Resolution : Minutes of Board of Officers to be read after 
the Minutes of previous Stated Meeting; and reports of 
Board of Officers before the reports of Committees. 

1804. Sept. 21. (Wistar; Patterson, Vaughan, Peale, 
Collins, Duponceau, Gilpin, J. B. Smith, Wheeler; Barton, 
James, Woodhouse, Coxe, TIevvson.) 

Board of Officers reported that no alteration in the Condi- 
tions of the Magellanic Premium could legally be made. 

The Board of Officers reported a resolution, the first part 
of which was adopted, as follows: 

"That M'. Magellan \>y the words Natural History meant to compre- 
hend only the more purely nomenclatural and descriptive parts of this 
Science in all its branches & consequently that many subjects connected 
with the philosophical parts of Natural History as well as Chemistry and 
certain other sciences do come within the scope of the donor's intention." 

Lease to Mr. Peale exhibited, adopted, and ordered to be 

Committees on Hosack's paper, on arranging shells, on 
Smith's minerals, on application from Batavia, and on 
Storm-glass experiments, were continued for various lengths 
of time. 

Secretary reported writing to Capt. Mugford (Aug. 17, 

Donations: Marshall's "Washington, Vol. II ; Whitman's 
Travels in Turkey and Egypt, 8% Philadelphia, 1804 ; Hum- 
phrey's Miscellaneous Works, 8°, 1804 ; and Valedictory ; 
Agricultural Society, Massachusetts, papers ; Braithwaite on 
Oxygenated Muriatic Acid in Scarlet Fever ; Mathematical 
Corrections ; Hoppes' Sextant ; Valpy's replj^ ; De Luc's 
Abreg6, Brunswick, 1803 ; French Encyclopedia, 67th liv. ; 

October. doZ I804. 

Vol. lY, ii, Sup. complete, Art Militaire ; Vol. II, i. Archi- 
tecture ; 1 Vol. plates, Art Oratoire (cost $5.54). 

" On the improvement of Agriculture & the useful Arts,'* 
read and referred to Wistar, Duponceau and Mease. 

" Essay on the precession of the Equinox," by " Julius," 
for the Magellanic Premium, read and referred to the Board 
of Officers. 

" On uterine & marsupial gestation," in a letter from Dr. 
Barton to Prof. Autenrecte of Tiibigen [sic], read by Dr. 

Count Rumford's acknowledgment of election received. 

Dr. Barton's proposal to exchange Monro on Fishes for 
Soulavie's Historical Society of France, belonging to the So- 
ciety, was agreed to. 

Magellanic Fund: Referred to Board of Officers to report 
how " the Surplus monies arising out of the interest on Mr. 
Magellan's donation are to be appropriated, also," on the 
state of the Fund. 

1804. Oct. 5. (Barton ; Vaughan, Peale ; Collin, Wood- 
house, Fothergill, Wistar, Ilewson, James.) 

Report of Board of Officers on Magellanic Fund read. 

Letter read relative to Mugford's Temporary Rudder. 

" Appendix to memoir on the Mississippi (Trans. Vol. 
IV^)j" by W. Dunbar, read and referred to Patterson, Collin 
and Hare. 

"On the tribe of Fungi," by Lichtenstein, read. 

Uoppoa' Sextant, & Monk's pj'rometer, exhibited. 

Exchange of a Vol. of Transactions American Philosophi- 
cal Society for a copy of Gallitzin's Dictionary of Min- 
eralogyf owned by Prof. Zimniorinan, agreed to. 

" On the Worm Hupposed to destroy the S. C. pines," in a 
letter from Gen. 0. 0. Pincknoy, read. 

1804. Oct. 19. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Colli u8,Vaughan, 
Ponceau, J. R. Smitli, Hare, Poalo, Wheeler ; Collin, 

November. dud 1804. 

Woodhouse, Seybert, Bache, Hewson, Coxe, "Wistar, Barton, 
Parke, Fothergill, Duffield, Caldwell, James.) 

Magellanic Fund: Report of Board of Officers. Resolu- 
tion recommended and adopted : 

"That the surplus fund (that is, the Interest .... above Ten guijieas a 
year,) be employed, in the first instance, according to the strict Conditions 
of the donation, if a sufficient Number of deserving Candidates shall have 
applied for the same ; otherwise .... be awarded .... to the Authors 
of useful Inventions or Improvements on any Subjects, within the general 
View of the Magellanic Donation . . . the premium thus awarded shall 
be expressly declared to be from the Surplus of the Magellanic Fund," 

"The Treasurer .... having made an Error in the Statement of the 
Fund, from supposing all the adjudged premiums to be paid, presented a 
new Statement as follows : — 2 premiums adjudged & paid ; 2 premiums 
adjudged & not paid $100 ; 13 to be adjudged at $50, $650 = $750— whole 
no. received 17. — Surplus Fund from Rent& Interest $772. 83. — Amount of 
whole fund $1522.83." 

Donations : Dufief s Nature Displayed, 2 Vols. S**, Philadel- 
phia, 1804; Pinkerton's Modern Geography, 2 Vols, and 
Atlas, 1804. 

Board of Officers instructed to report Rules made neces- 
sary by the above resolutions respecting the Magellanic 

Librarian to have Catalogue of the Society's books copied, 
to be kept constantly on the table. 

Board of Officers to report from time to time Lists of re- 
cently published Books, Charts, &c , to guide the Society in 
its occasional purchases ; and the Members recommended to 
throw desirable Titles, &c., "into a Lion's Mouth to be pro- 
vided by the Librarian," and to be consulted by the Board 
of Officers in making the Lists. 

1804. Nov. 2. (Barton; Du Ponceau, Vaughan, Peale, 
J. B. Smith, Kare ; Hewson, Mease, Collin, Fothergill, 
Shippen, Coxe, James.) 

Board of Officers asked and were granted further time. 
Paper signed " Julius" was returned with a report of a 

November. '^^4 I804. 

Committee of Board of Officers. Ordered to be filed for use 
in adjudicating the prize at the proper time. 

Committee on " Essay on the Imp. of Agric. & the Useful 
Arts," reported. Essay to be filed away, and a copy sent to 
the Agricultural Society at Washington, 

Donations : Asiatic Researches of the Asiatic Society, 
Vols. I to IV, 4^, with a letter, July 20, from the Secre- 
tary at Calcutta ; Transactions Royal Irish Academy, Vols. 
II to IX ; Set of Transactions Batavian Philosophical So- 
ciety, Haarlem, at last recovered from the Admiralty in Eng- 
land. [List follows.] Charges, " including the Admiralty 
Expenses," £14 - 15 •• 7, paid by Wni. Vaughan. Treasurer 
ordered to reimburse W. V. " at the Exchange of 170, being 
£25 •• 2 •• 5, and communicate the thanks of the Society for 
his exertions." Marshall's Washington, Vol. Ill ; Wood- 
ward's Sufferings, 8°, London, 1804; Journal Royal Institu- 
tion, London, No. 1 to 16, 1800, 1803, with a letter from the 

Resolved, That M'. W. Vaughan of London he requested to act as agent 
for the A. P. 8. In receipting for the puhlications of the R. Soc. London, 
in future. 

Duponceau requested to give some accounts of the con- 
tents of the three last Vols. Transactions Batavian Philo- 
sophical Society, Haarlem, just received. 

Account of New Instructions in London, in a letter from 
Dr. Lettsom to Dr. Fothergill, read. 

Transactions American Philosophical Society received by 
the Dublin Society ; in formation of the fact obtained through 
a friend's letter to Mr. Vaughan. 

Librarian to furnish a list of duplicate books in the li- 

Dei)08it of Jos. Smith's Engravings: " Wm. Loughton 
Smith Esq. of Charleston, S. C. on tlio part of his Brother 
Joseph Smith Ewq. proposes to deposit with the Society, the 
valuable Collection of Eiigravings, which the latter sent to 
America from Italy, at tlio same time that he sent the Col- 
lection of Casta & Busts now deposited in M'- Peale's Mu- 

December. duO 18(M. 

seum. Both of which Deposits are made subject to the order 
of W. L. Smith or his Brother." 

"Resolved, That the Society accept the Deposit of the Engravings on 
the above Terms — & that the thanks of the Society be returned to M', 

1804. Nov. 16. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Peale, Collins, 
Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Short ; Mease, Woodhouse, Fother- 
gill, Barton, Coxe.) 

Minutes of Board of Officers for last three months read. 

Committee on last three Vols. Batavian Philosophical So- 
ciety, Haarlem, reported ; report ordered to be filed, with a 
reference thereto in the Books and Catalogue. 

Donations: Valentin's Traite de la Fievre Jaune," with 

Model of Mugford's Rudder exhibited ; referred with his 
letter to Humphries, Duponceau and Fothergill. 

" Occultation of Aldebarran [sic] in the Disk of the Moon, 
Oct. 31, 1793," by De Ferrer; referred to Vaughan, Patter- 
son and Duponceau. 

" Facts & Obs. relative to the Beaver of N. A. collected by 
J. Heckewelder ;" referred to Peale, Collins and Mease. 

" On a number of the Pernicious Insects of the U. S.," for 
the Magellanic premium ; Motto : Psalm CV., verses 34, 35. 
Partly read and referred to Board of Officers. 

" Table &c to a useful improvement in Navigation & Sur- 
veying," for the Magellanic premium ; signed Cc. b. R. with 
sealed letter ; read as far as practicable and referred to Board 
of Officers. 

" Obs. & Exp. on the extraordinary degree of Cold at 
Northampton, Jan. 1776," by Dr. Fothergill ; read and re- 
ferred to Woodhouse, Mease and Coxe. 

1804. Dee. 7. (Patterson; Du Ponceau, Vaughan, Col 
lins, Humphreys, Wheeler; Barton, Seybert, Fothergill, 
Hewson, Collin, Mease, Shippen, Currie, Church, Wistar, 

December. duO lg04. 

Board of Officers reported on the two Magellanic premium 
papers which with the report were ordered to be filed. 

Magellanic surplus fund : Board of Officers reported the 
following rules, which were adopted : 

1. The surplus Magellanic Premium may be awarded at such stated 
meeting of the Society as shall be agreed to, at a previous stated meeting, 
due notice being given thereof to the Members. 

2. Every Communication which shall have been offered with a Tiew to 
the Magellanic Premium and to which the same shall not have been 
awarded, shall, (except such as the Society shall not think at all worthy 
of Notice) be again taken into Consideration with a view to the awarding 
of the surplus Premium, and if such Communication shall, at such meet- 
ing be thought within the general View of the Donation «& to be suffi- 
ciently valuable to deserve a public Reward, a Surplus premium may be 
awarded to the Author thereof. 

8. The Surplus premium shall consist of a gold Medal of the Value of 
not less than Twenty dollars nor more than Forty-five Dollars engraved 
with a similar device to that of the original premium, except that it shall 
contain the Words " Extra Magellanic Premium" or at the Option of the 
successful Candidate the Value of such Medal in Money accompanied with 
a Diploma on Parchment with the Seal of the Society. 

4. All the Rules and Regulations concerning the Application for the 
awarding of the original Magellanic premium shall be adhered to in the 
case of the Surplus Premium, in so far as they are not hereby modified or 
derogated from ; unless in very special Cases for the rewarding of some 
essentially useful discovery or Improvements, two thirds of the Members 
of tlie Society present at a Meeting appointed for the awarding of the Sur- 
plus Magellanic Premium, shall, by their Votes taken by Ballot or other- 
wise direct. 

0. The Society shall propose and publish as often as they think proper 
such a Number of Subjects as they shall think fit, to which they shall call 
the Attention of the Candidates for tlie original & surplus Magellanic pre- 
miums, and invite their Communications tlioreon ; informing tlieni at the 
lame time since that allho' CommunicaliouH on such Subjects will be ac- 
ceptable to the Society, yet they shall not entitle tluiir Authors to a prefer- 
ence over more meritorious Communications on other Subjects, equally 
within the Strict or general view (as the case may be) of the Magellanic 

6. Your Committee are farther of Opinion that the surplus premium 
ought not to be exclusively applied to actual lnv(Mitions or Improvements, 
but may also extend to such valuable ('omniunicatlons within the general 
view of the Donation, as may lead to usef\il Discoveries, Inventions or Im- 

December. ^^'^ 18W- 

provements, & that they therefore recommend the Resolution of the lO"* 
October with a view to altering it accordingly. 

Jn. Vaughan, 
Secretary to the Board of Officers. 
Philada 5 Deer. 1804. 

Clay's paper reported worthy of publication in the Trans- 

Dunbar's Appendix reported well worthy of publication. 
Ferrer's Occultation of Aldebaran, reported for publica- 

Heckewelder's Beaver paper, reported entitled to a place 
in Vol. VI. 

Donations: Furlong's Coast Pilot, third edition, 1800; 
Payne's Geography, 4 Vols. 8**, 1800; Wilcocks' Roman 
Conversations, 2 Vols second edition, 1747 ; Marat's Recher- 
ches, 1780 ; Supplement to Encyclopedia by Dobson, 3 Vols. 
4% 1803 ; Book-Catalogue Medical Society, London, 1803 ; Du 
Ryer's Alcoran, in English, 4% London, 1649 ; Henry VIII's 
Assertion of the Seven Sacraments, 8", 1688 ; " A memorial 
from the French in answer to that of the English Ministry 
relative to the War of 1755, including George Washington's 
Journal, Phil., 1757 ; an account of the discovery of the 
first five skeletons of the Mammoth on the Ohio, supposed 
to be written immediately after the Lancaster Treaty of 
1762, by James Logan Esq, or at least drawn up from Mate- 
rials communicated by him, handed to D""- Barton by M'- 
Jos. P. Norris. This has been published in D""- Barton's 
Med. & Phys. Journal N°- 1, but being a curious Document 
is directed to be transcribed into the Book of Communica- 

Stroynowski's letter (translated), Wilna, September 27, 
1803, concerning the renovation of the University, was read. 
Alexander's Edict, and Extracts from the Statutes, accom- 
panied the letter. A set of Transactions American Philo- 
sophical Society ordered to be sent to Wilna University. 

Librarian instructed to send Jos. Willard's Certificate of 
Membership to his widow in Boston, per Mr. Nichols. 

December. ^t>0 I8O4. 

Purchases " on very low terms," by Mr. Vaughan, ac- 
cepted at cost price, with thanks: Clarke's Progress of Mar. 
Disc, up to 1498, Vol. I and Atlas, 1803, $2.40 ; Spalan- 
zani's Travels, 4 Vols. 8% 1798, $3 ; Busching's Geography, 
6 Vols. 4% 1772 $5.40; Chorael's Abrege, 8 ,'l780, $1; Diet. 
de I'Acad. 2 Vols. 4" (in one) I'an 7, $6 ; Bonnet's CEuvres, 
8 Vols. 4% Neufchatel, $20 ; Des Barres' 22 fol. Charts of 
the Coast of JSTew England ; and 68 of Nova Scotia, fol. 
Lond., 1778, $7 ; Peyrouse's Voyage, 8 Vols. 8°, and fol. 
Atlas, $9 ; Baretti's Span. Die. 4% 1800, $5.60 ; Hooper's 
Recreations, 4 Vols. 8^, 1775, $5.75 ; Tales of a Parrot $1 ; 3 
lots of pamphlets, $1.10 ; Winterbottom's History America, 
8 Vols. 8% New York, 1796, $4.40 := $72.75. 

Also ; a thermometer, barometer and hydrometer, united 
by Gilkerson, London, $13.50 ; and a box of curious shells, 

Secretaries and Librarian to make arrangements for Bar- 
ton's Eulogium on Priestley. 

1804. Dec. 21. (Patterson; J. B. Smith, Duponceau, 
Collins, Vaughan, Hare, Short, Peale ; Wistar, Fothergill, 
Collin, Barton, Mease, Church, Hewson, Currie, James.) 

A Lion's Mouth reported ready for use. , 

Committee on Eulogy on Priestley reported January 8, as 
the date, and perhaps the First Presbyterian Church on 
Market street, as the place. Librarian to give public notice. 
Invitations to be sent to the Clergy, Courts, Council, For- 
eign ministers, &c., &c. [List given.] Cards to bo sent. 
Committee continued. 

Donations: Bath Society Letters and Papers, 9 Vols, 8% 
1788, 1799; Smell's Thes. Med., 2 Vols. 8% 1778; a col, 
lection of early Pennsylvania Almanacs, 1720 and 1748- 
edited by Franklin and others ; Wilson's Works, 8 Vole, 8", 
Philad., 1804 ; Sliolls and (^onils from Sumatra, presented 
by Capt. And. Newell, of Boston; Donon's Egypt. 2 Vols. 
Imperial folio, presented by W. McClure. 

January. 369 1805. 

Magellanic Premium: Oq ballot, "no premium was 
adjudged to the two first [papers], but the Premium was 
unanimously adjudged to the piece on a 'number of the 
pernicious Insects of the U. 8.,' and the sealed Letter .... 
being opened, it appeared to have been written by D*"- Ben. 
Smith Barton of Philada." 

" Eesolned, That the author of the Paper signed C. c. br. be allowed 
to withdraw the said paper." 

Librarian to notify members to attend at the Hall prepar- 
atory to hearing the Eulogium on Priestley. 

1805. Jan. 3. (McKean, Yrujo, Short, De Foronda, 
Fothergill, Shippen, Wistar, Patterson, Bishop White, 
Blackwell, Barton, Mease, James, Coxe, Ilewson, Duffield, 
Church, Currie, M. Bartram, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith, 
Vaughan, Mifflin, Andrews, Hare, Collin, Duponceau, Da- 
vidson, Johnston.) 

Procession from the Hall to the Church. 

After the Oration, thanks voted to Dr. Barton and a copy 
for publication requested. Thanks also voted to the Trus- 
tees of the Church. 

End of Volume of Minutes. 

1805. Jan'y 4. Between 2 and 5 p. m. ("Present: Drs. 
Collin, T. C. James, Hewson, Coxe, Barton, Seybert, Wood- 
house, Messrs. Vaughan, Duponceau [sic], Patterson, Hare, 

Judges: James, Collin, Vaughan; Secretaries, Du Pon- 
ceau [sic], Hewson. 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 
Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Patterson, B. S. Barton. 
Secretaries— ^QyhQYt, James, Coxe, Hewson. 
Councillors — Woodhouse, Duffield, Shippen, Collins. 
Curators — Peale, R. Hare, Jr., Jno. Church. 
Treasurer — Va ugh an . 


Jan.— Feb. «^70 1805. 

1805. JaiCy 18. (Patterson ; Drs. Mease, Hewson, Col- 
lin, Barton, Church, Wistar, Fothergill, James, Seybert ; 
Messrs. AUisson \sic\ Collins, Vaughan, Hare.) 

Donations.: English Translation of P. Ramus Qeometra ; 
a model of a Life Buoy, with description by T. Hamilton; 
Fothergill's Cautions ; Girle's sermon ; An. Report Royal 
Humane Society, 1804. Thanks ordered to T. Hamilton 
and A. Fothergill. 

Model of Life Buoy referred to Committee on Mugford's 

Parker's bill for making an eight-day time-piece, $74.84, 
and for repairing a time-piece, $2.50, ordered to be paid. 

Barton's Essay on Pernicious insects returned for altera- 
tions desired by the author. 

Committee to arrange T. P. Smith's minerals, discharged, 
and Dr. Seybert appointed. 

S. R. Demaree's letter on the English Alphabet read and 
referred to Duponceau, Fothergill and Dr. Burton. 

Eulogiura on Priestley ordered in the next Vol. Trans. 

Jeft'erson's letter read acknowledging re-election. 

"Vaughan elected Librarian, viva voce. 

Election of nine new members : John Maclean, Professor 
Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, College of New Jersey ; 
Ed. Miller, M.D., New York ; Revd. J. Prince, Salem ; 
Captain W. Jones, Philadelphia ; Charles Smith, Lancaster ; 
"W. Hawes, M.D., London; S. Moore, Philadel[>hia ; Frs. 
Adrian Van der Kemp, Oneida county, New York; Ben. 
Billiman, Professor Chemistry and Natural History, Yale 
College, New Haven. 

1805. FeVy\, (Patterson; Hewson, Moore, Fothergill, 
Seybert, Marquis de Cassa Yrujo, Vaughan, Duponceau, 
J. B. Smith, Collins, Humphreys.) 

Committee to arrange the shells discharged, and Poalo ap- 
Donations: Caldwell's Medical Theses; Minerals chiefly 

Feb.— March. O i 1 1805. 

from Elba, and letter from J. D. Clifford; "Rock crystal 
encrusted upon a ferruginous stone, found in the City of 
Washington." Thanks ordered. 

Minerals of the Society to be arranged and catalogued by 
Dr. Seybert as he shall think best. 

Dr. James permitted to keep out for three months seven 
Vols, of French Encyclopedia relating to Medicine ; Vaughau 
to take out No. 93 Journal des Mines; Seybert to keep out 
Gallitzin's Dictionary of Mineralogy. 

T. Arneats' model to prevent leaks in the roofs of houses* 
and description presented for inspection. 

1805. Feb'ylb. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Mease, He wson, 
Moore, Wistar, Barton, Seybert ; Duponceau, J. B. Smith, 
Vaughan, Peale.) 

Report on Mugford's rudder, read, and first resolution 
adopted ; second postponed ; notice to be given, according to 
rule of December 7, 1804. 

Report on Demaree's letter read and adopted. A copy to 
be sent to Jefferson. 

Donations: Schseffer's Samtliche Papierversuche ; three 
specimens lead ore from Perkiomen creek ; engraved por- 
traits of Rush and Barton by Haines. Thanks. 

Duponceau to analyze Schteffer's " publication." 

P. Legaux's letter and all Meteorological papers now in 
possession of the Society to be reported on by Duponceau, 
Wistar and Vaughan. 

1805. March 1. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Hewson, Coxe, 
Mease, Wistar, Seybert ; Peale, Jones, Vaughan.) 

Report on Legaux's letter read and adopted. 

Committee of November 2, 1804, reported that it had 
informed " M""- Smith that the Society accepted the Trust de- 
posit of Engravings." 

Robt. K. Lorrey's paper on Silk Worms, read and referred 
to Mease, Coxe and Collins. 

March— April. ^*''^ 1805. 

Donations : Plan de Paris, 20 planches F. ; Spalding's bill 
of mortality for 1804; F. L. Norden's travels in Egypt. 
1757 ; G. Baron's Principles of Commerce ; Facts and argu- 
ments .... utility of Inland Navigation in America. 
Thanks to Duponceau and Baron. 

Vaughan's replacing a miscarried Vol. IV, Transactions 
for the National Institute of France, approved. 

Mugford's Temporary Rudder ; second resolution again 

1805. March 15. (Dr. Barton ; Shippen, Mease, Moore, 
Seybert, Wistar, Duponceau, Collins, Vaughan, Gilpin, 
Peale, Patterson, Nichols.) 

S. "Webber, the Prince of Peace, and Dr. McClean acknowl- 
edged receipt of their certificates. 

Donations: Webber's Mathematics; Portrait of R. Price, 
D.D. ; First Report President and Directors Chesapeake and 
Delaware Canal Company ; Eulogy of Professor Webber on 
Revd. Jos. "Willard. Thanks. Also Journal des Mines; 
Annales de Chimie and Annales du Mus. Nat. Hist. 

Professor Heyne, Gottingen Royal Society acknowledges 
Vol. VI, p. 1. 

Mugford's Rudder ; second resolution adopted ; $40 or a 
medal of that value awarded ; Secretary to forward a copy 
of the resolution, and publish it in the papers ; Model and 
papers referred to Duponceau, Patterson and Mease to pub- 

Barton's Eulogiura on Patterson to be published in Vol. 
VI, pt. 2, Transactions. 

Decandolle's Ensai sur lea prop. med. des plantes, received 
per Du Pout do Nemours, from Paris. 

1806. April b. (Wistar ; Drs. Barton, Fothorgill, Mcnse, 
WoodhouHo, llowson; Mch^''^ ^•"11 ins, Gilpin, Smitii, i'calo, 
Nichols, Vaughun.) 

Board of Officers rGi)orted regulations and questions for the 

April— May. *>* O I805. 

"Extra Magellauic Fund," which were "adopted for publi- 

1. The best experimental essay on native American permanent Dyes or 
Pigments accompanied by specimens. 

2. The best means of navigating our rapid rivers against the Stream. 

8. The best essay on the general natural history of the ranges of Ameri- 
can mountains in the country to the East of the river Mississippi. 

4. The best essay on the natural history and chemical qualities of the 
Hot and Warm Springs of the United States or of any one of them. 

Fothergill and Collins, a Coramittee to make verbal cor- 
rections for the press. 

Committee on Silk Worms, &c., reported that a similar 
essay had been already published in Vol. II, Transactions. 

The Librarian and Secretary " to have the communication 
published in such manner as they may think most eligible." 

Donation : Teignmouth's Memoirs of Sir W. Jones, 
Phil. 1805. 

"On the manufacture of cloth from the fur of Seal Skins," 
from Rob. R, Livingston, with specimens, read and referred 
to Dr. Mease. 

1805. April 19. (Barton; Vaughan, Nichols, Peale, Col 
lins, Wheeler, Patterson, Fothergill, Mease, Ilewson, Duf- 
field, Coxe, James.) 

A " Chinese Compass," presented by D. Davis, and 
" Model of a Chinese pump" for irrigation, exhibited by 
Mr. Vaughan. 

The Vice-Presidents to assist the Librarian to prepare Vol. 
VI, pt. 2, for the press. Librarian to contract with the 
printer for same. 

Dr. Roxburgh's [sic] answer to the Secretary's letter read. 

Election of a new member : VVm. Tilghman, Esq. 

1805. May 3. (Patterson ; JSTichols, J. B. Smith, Tilgh- 
man, Duponceau, Short, Vaughan, Williams, Fothergill, 
Mease, Ilewson, Wistar, Seybert, Barton, James.) 

Livingston's letter and Committee's report on it, filed. 

May. ^ < 4 1805. 

Jno. Conrad to print Vol. II, pt. 2 ; " terms the same as 
those heretofore made with Miss Jane Aitkin." 

Librarian authorized to exchange duplicate minerals. 
Donations : Two medical books, Leghorn, 1804. 
Publications referred to Wistar and Duponceau to report. 
Two nodules " abundant in Green River county." 

"N. B. Dr. S. Brown [of Lexington, Ky.] calls one Salt 
Petre Rock, which without any addition of Pot ash makes 
excellent Nitre. The other he sent in a phial, of which when 
saturated with Pot ash each pound will yield an equal quan- 
tity of Nitrate of Potash." Dr. Brown's letter " was read, 
accompanying a specimen of fibrous Gypsum and Speci- 
mens of Nitrate of Potash and Lime lately discovered in 
great quantities in Caves in the Neighborhood of Lexing- 

A letter and pamphlet, "Pantometry," from John Dawes 
was read and referred to Patterson and Clay. 

Astronomical Observations by Mr. Ferrer, read and re- 
ferred to Patterson, Nichols, Ellicott. 

Dr. Griffiths returned to the Library a French pamphlet 
on the Epidemic at Orleans in 1785, " which had been placed 
in his hands some time since." 

Royal Society acknowledged receipt of Vol. VI, part 1. 

Wm. Vaughan, of London, accepted the American Philo- 
sophical Society agency. 

Jefferson wrote that N. II. Weinvvich, Secretary Royal 
Society Heraldry and Genealogy, Denmark, had sent him 
150 Roman bronze coins, from Augustus to Tlioodosius 
" He deposits them with the A. P. S. believing thera well 
worthy its acceptance." Dr. Wistar to answer the letter. 

MicroscojK) lent to Dr. Hcwson for one month. 

French Encyclopu)dia, Medical part, lent to Dr. James for 
three months. 

Two teeth lent to Dr. Barton for a month to bo drawn. 

May-June. ^*^ 1805. 

1805. Mai/ 17. (Patterson ; Mr. Collins, Daponceau, J. 
B. Smith, Vaughan, Peale, Fothergill, Barton, Mease, Ilew- 
8on, James.) 

Committee on Schaeffer's work on paper specimens con- 

Committee on two Italian books (Fever at Leghorn) con- 

Donations: Pieces of a Tape-worm; Abstract of Docu- 
ments relative to Louisiana and Appendix ; Specimens of 
Lehigh Coal ; of Black Earth, a new coloring substance, from 
the banks of the Lehigh near Nazareth; of a supposed cop- 
per ore from the Lehigh ; Saline effervescence from chaly- 
beate spring near Fort Allen; Indian beads from a female 
skeleton found on the Delaware shore near Easton, from Dr- 
Fothergill ; also Choix des Mem. de I'A. R. d. Inst, et B. 
L., 3 Vols. 4°, 1777, presented by Mrs. Mease. 

" Chevalier Dannemours' account of the Washita, commu- 
nicated by the President, is referred to Messrs. Duponceau, 
Vaughan, Collins," to report, and translate if worthy of pub- 

Delambre, Secretary Natural Institute, Paris, acknowl- 
edges Vol. VI, part 1. 

"Resolved, Tliat the College of Physicians have liberty to accommodate 
the Agricultural Society* on such terms as they shall mutually agree 

1805. June 21. (Dr. Collin; Vaughan, J. B. Smith, 
Peale, Mease ; Dr. Miller, of New York, and Dr. James.) 

Dr. Miller's letter of acknowledgment was read. 

Ferrer's paper of May 3d reported for publication. 

" Dr. Barton returned the Two Teeth from Tyoga & 
Santee." Dr. Plewson returned the microscope. 

Donations: Ventenat's Tableau du Regne veuretal, 4 Vols. 
8''; Brisseau-Mirbel's Traite d'Anatomie, 2 Vols. 8"; Vol- 
ney's Soil and Climate, U. S.: Brown's translation, Phil., 
1804 ; 24 Medical Theses for M. D. in the University, Penn- 

* In their hired room. 

July. Oib 1805. 

sylvania. [The list occupies about a page.] Coxa's Phil'^ 
Med. Mus. Yol. I. ; Specimens of gold from Cabarrus county, 
North Carolina, with Jos. Richardson's Assay of part of it at 
the Mint, 7 dwts. 7 gr. 

" A new & simple Method of producing Decisions in cer- 
tain Cases by the way of Chances," read and referred to 
Patterson and Nichols. 

1805. Juli/ 19. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Peale, Vaughan, 
Collins, Tilghman, Short, and Drs. Barton, Fothergill, lievv- 
son. Mease, Wistar, Church and James.) 

Donations: Soulavie's Memoir. Hist. Louis 16, 6 Vols. 8° ; 
Receuil des pieces trouv^s dans I'Armoire de Fer. 3 Vols. 
8**; Arnould's De la Ballance du Commerce, 2 Vols, 8% avec 
Atlas 4"; Arnould's Syst^me Maritime; Page's Traite 
d'Econ. Pol. et de Commerce des Colonies, 2 Vols. 8^*; Bon- 
net's Etats Unis, 2 Vols. 8"; Rel. abr. du Voyage de la Con- 
damine; Barbe de Marbois' Etat des Finances de S. Domin- 
ique ; Obs. Personelles, 4** ; Mem. et Obs^ 4° ; Beaufort's Tab- 
leau Stat, de TEurope, 4 parts, first sheet wanting; Denon's 
Voyage . dans . Egypt, Londres, 4", 2 Vols, and 1 Vol. F« 
planches, 1802, presented by A. Regnaud. 

The Medals [May 3dJ were received from Jefferson. Li- 
brarian to arrange them with new labels, where wanting, 
calling any member to his assistance. 

"Prof. Ebeling of Hamburgh presented .... Erdbe- 
Bchreiburg und Geschichte von America; 6*'* Vol. containing 
the History of Pennsylvania, Hamburgh 1803,8"." Ebeling's 
letter was read, saying the Mineralogical Society of Jetia 
etill existed, and had received Transactions American Philo- 
sophical Society Vol. VI, i, had published a new Vol of its 
Transactions, and that Professor Lenz was its Secretary. 

John Garnett, of Brunswick, New Jersey, presented his 
Edition of Nautical Almanacs from 1803 to 1807. 

Haygarth'sSkotcii of a IMan to exterminate the Small Pox 
from Great Britain, mislaid in transmis8ir)u since 1793, was 

Aug.— Sept. •'• ' 1805. 

presented now. It forms Vol. II and III of his Medical 
Transactions, presented some time past. 

Linnean Society, London, acknowledged Vol. VI, i. 

Fothergill presented Specimens of Lead ore from the 
Perkiomen mines, Cubic Pyrites from Lancaster, and wild 

T. Hamilton presented J. Harris's Lexicon Technicum. 

Francis Dacosta's letter and drawing describing the Per- 
kiomen mines, read. 

Ferrer's letter describing Solar Eclipse of 26th of June, 

Patterson's Commentary on Barron's paper on the Power 
of Numbers was referred to Patterson, llewson and Nichols. 

Humboldt and Biot's pamphlet, Sur les variations du 
magnetisme terrestre, with a letter from Biot wishing 
that similar Observations might be made in the U. S., for- 
warded by Jefferson. Referred to Patterson and Hewson. 

Election of a new member: Bushrod Washington, Esq. 

1805. August 16. (Wistar; Patterson, Vaughan, Madi- 
son, J. B. Smith, Peyrouse, James, Barton, Fothergill, 
Church, Coxe.) 

Committee report on Humboldt and Biot's pamphlet ; re- 
committed " to mature and publish." 

Encyclopedia, Medical part, returned by Dr. James. 

Committee on Chances discharged, reappointed and re- 
quested to report. 

Donations: Life of Washington, Vol. IV; Papers on 
Agriculture (Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agricul- 
ture). Thanks voted Mr. Wayne and Ben. Vaughan. 

Captain Mugford begs the Society " to give directions for 
a Medal, in preference to the money offered as the Extra 
Magellanic premium for his Rudder." Referred to the 

1805. Sept. 20. (Barton, Coxe, Vaughan.) 

Oct.— Nov. «^'0 1805, 

1805. Oct. 4. (Barton; Dr. Collin, Peale, Nichols, 

Donations : Mem. R. A. Prussia, 1799 to 1801, 2 Vols. 4° ; 
Zach's Tabulae, 1792, Goth^e ; from B. Dearborn, an instru- 
ment invented by him called " a facility for casting interest," 
with a letter; Annual Report Royal Humane Society, Lon- 
don ; Engraved Portrait of Bishop White ; an Indian 
earthen bottle found in upper Louisiana. 

" The Society agreed to take from M""- Vaughan Weaver's 
translation of A. E. Werner's treatise on the external char- 
acters of fossils, 8% Dublin, 1805, cost $3.00." [On the 

Communication by J. Garnett, on "Interpolations," read 
and referred to Vaughan, Patterson and Nichols. 

" Essai sur la plus nouvelle des epoques de la nature suivi 
d'un tableau comparatif de la Basse Louisiane avec la Basse 
Egypte," communication by Henry Peyrouse, read and re- 
ferred to Mr. Collins, Dr. Wistar and Dr. Collin. 

"Guyton Morveau's Disinfecting apparatus, with mate- 
rials ready prepared for use, was received thro. M'- Dupon- 
ceau from Mons : L. A. Pichon, with extract from a letter 
from the latter dated Bordeaux, 25 June, 1805." 

1805. Oct. 18. (Barton; Dr. Collin, Vaughan, Patter- 
eon, Duponceau. 

Donations : Transactions Royal Swedish Society, Vols. I 
to XXV (Vol. Ill and VI defective), 1780 to 1804, with a 
letter from Professor Sjoestin, Secretary, promising continu- 
ance ; Census of Spain; Materials from which the maps of 
Guthrie's Geography were compiled, presented by M. Carey. 

Ellicott'd Astronomical Observations presented; referred 
to Patterson, Vaughan, Hewson. 

1805. Nov.\. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Peale, Vaughan, 
J. B. Smith, Fothorgill, Collin.) 

EUicott's Astroiiomioal Observations reported worthy of 

Nov.— Dec. *J ' 9 1805. 

Donations, per W. Vaughan : Transactions Royal Society 
1801 to 1805; Transactions Linnean Society, VI[; from 
Lafayette, Destutt Tracy's Projet d'EIements de Ideologie, 1 
and 2 parts ; from Dr. Sara. Brown of Lexington, Kentucky, 
Cranium, tooth and pieces of bone found in Saltpetre cave ; 
small earthen cup (broken in carriage) ; a large mass of argil- 
laceous earth ; piece of pumice. 

Bushrod Washington acknowledges his election. 

Ez. Hill's description of the Falls of Niagara (to be pub- 
lished in four months if at all); referred to Barton, Dupon- 
ceau, Collins. 

Dr. Collin offered to translate and read interesting parts 
of the Swedish Transactions. 

Resolution to repeal the law requiring non-resident mem- 
bers to pay $10 on admission, ordered to lie on the table. 

1805. Nov. 15. (Wistar; Collins, Duponceau, Hare, 
Peale, Vaughan, Fothergill, Hewson.) 

Committee on Perouse's paper continued. 

Committee on Biott's [sic] paper continued. Committees 
to be notified to make their reports at the next meeting. 

Donations: San Augustin's Compendio Lingua Tagala, 
Manilla 4", 1703 ; Fra Domingo's Vocab. Lingua Tagala, 
1794, F. (both from Mr. Peter Dobell, of Canton). Thanks 
voted. Referred to Barton and Collin. 

A box of plants, earths and mineral, from Captain Mere- 
wether Lewis, per Jefferson, who wishes the seeds sent to 
Mr. Wm. Hamilton ; Vaughan and Seybert to examine the 
earths and minerals; resolution requesting Mr. Hamilton to 
plant the seeds and report the results with descriptions and 

" The Hortus siccus is referred to D'- Barton" to examine 
and report. 

1805. Dec. 6. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Peale, James, 
Church, Hewson, Barton.) 

December. doU IjiOs. 

Committee on Leghorn pamphlet reported it "interesting 
to medical men." 

Catalogue of medals (made by Mr. Vaughan), ordered to 
be deposited with the medals. 

Donations from Mr. F. T. Hassler "lately from Swisserland 
[sic] & now in this city." A model of Mount Blanc ; two 
horns of the Chamois; a specimen of Feldspar. From Dr. 
Fothergill ; Specimens of Otaheitian cloth, and of British 
pa[-)ers composed of cheap materials ; List of Officers and 
Members of the Jennerian Society, with a Comparative 
view of Small pox, &c. ; Extracts on Chimney Sweeping, 
new method ; Constitution, &c., of Society for suppressing 
the necessity of climbing boys; Hobbesii Vita, 1679. 

1805. Dec. 20. (Wistar; Barton, Fothergill, James, 
Hewson, Collins, Patterson, Vaughan, Duponceau.) 

Donations: McNevin's Rambles, 2 editions; Sicard's 
Cours d'Instruc. d'un Sourd-rauet; letter from A. Cretieii, 
with a copy of his " De la Methode latroliptice;" "The 
skeleton of an Elephant from the Asiatic Society sent by the 
Martha, accompanied by a letter from Wm. Hunter, Secre- 
tary to the Society. The attention of the Society [Asiatic] 
was carried so far as to pay the freight." 

From Jefferson: A Horned Lizard from upper Louisiana. 

From Dr. Brown, of Kentucky, the head bones of a new 
animal found in a Saltpetre cave, and a 8[)ecimen of pure na- 
tive saltpotro. 

The Lizard referred to Dr. Barton for description. 

Tlio cavo bones referred to Dr. Wistar. 

Catalogue of Captain Lewis' donations reported by 
Vaughan. The Insects and two small animals referred to 
Dr. Barton. 

"On the Ice Inlands Ac," from Dr. Mitchell, read and re- 
ferred to Barton, Fothergill and Patterson. 

"On the means of destroying insects infesting wheat," by 
General iJonos, read and roibrred to Barton and Mr. Collins. 

January. 381 18C6. 

Acarius' work on Lichens bought for $5 from Dr. Collin. 
Committee on placing the Elephant, Wistar, James^ 

1806. Jan'y 3. Between 2 and 6 p. m. (Collin, Barton, 
Duffield, Jameq, Hewson, Vaughan, Patterson, Daponceau.) 


President — Thos. Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Patterson, Wistar, B. S. Barton. 
Secretaries — Seybert, James, J. R. Coxe, Hewson. 
Councillors — Rush, EUicott, N. Collin, Tilghmau. 
Curators — Peale, Hare, Jno. Church. 
Treasurer — Vaughan. 

1806. Jan'y 17. (Patterson ; Tilghman, Collins, Short, 
Hare, Vaughan, DuPonceau, Peale ; Drs. Fothergill, Duffield, 
Collin, Wistar, Parke, Barton, Church, Hewson, James.) 

Committee on the Skeleton of the Elephant reported, 
recommending it being " placed in the same room with Mr. 
Peale's Mammoth, with a handsome and suitable Inscription 
to show that it was presented to this Society by the Asiatic 
Society .... Information to be given of this Arrangement 
to the Society of Calcutta. Mr. Peale .... perfectly 
understands that it is not to be advertised, and is to be at all 
times accessible to the Members, & he further agrees that no 
charge shall be made to those Persons whom the Members 
of the Society may bring to see it." Report adopted and 
Committee empowered to carry it out. 

Dr. Wistar, reported that the Cave bones " prove to be the 
Bones of the Head of the Pecary [sic'] of S. America, as de- 
scribed by Daubentou in Buffon's works." 

Mr. Duponceau reported, that the Italian pamphlet " con- 
tains nothing of importance, except a mode of protecting 
Books from Worms, which simply consists in mixing Oil 
of Turpentine with the paste used in binding, which in dry- 

February. OoA 1806. 

ing, the writer says, forms a Vitreous Substance with the 

Donations : Trans. Am. A. II. 2 ; De la Croix's Review of 
the Constitution of Europe and United States, 2 Vols. 8", 
London, 1792; Romans (Bernard) 8% IST. T., 1775, Vol. I; 
Smith's History of New Jersey, 1765 ; DeLuc's Lettres, 5 
Vols, and Sur la Suisse ; Kent's Hints, 1775 ; Palladi's Archi- 
tecture, Ware's Trans. Lond. F. ; Houghton's Husbandry, 4 
Vols. 8", 1787 ; Homanius' German Atlas, F. 1753 ; Charle- 
voix's Travels, 1763 ; du Fratz's Louisiana, 1774 ; Scull's 
Map of Pennsylvania, 1759 ; Haussner's Phraseologia, 1798 ; 
Baron Le Hontan's New Voyages, 1703. 

John Vaughan elected Librarian for the year. 

Election of 5 new members : M. Destutt Tracy ; Olof 
Swartz; Martinus Van Marura, M.D.; Jos. Cloud, of Phila- 
delphia; and the Rev. Sam. B. Wylie, of Philadelphia. 

1806. FiVyl. (Barton; Peale, Vaughan, Cloud; Drs. 
"Wistar, Fothergill, Hewson, Collin, Seybert, James.) 

Donations : Catechism of Luther, translated into the 
American Virginian Language, Stockholm, 1697 ; Medical 
Inquiries and Observations, by B. Rush, 4 Vols. 8'', 2d Ed. 
Phil. 1805 ; and a box of Minerals, mainly volcanic produc- 
tions, procured at Naples by R. R. Livingston. 

Jefferson's acknowledgment of election read, containing 
also a communication: 

" On the Salt Pctre Caves o!i Crooked Creek, &c in ICy & 
the mode of obtaining Nitre from them " by Dr. Brown ; re- 
ferred to Seybert, Fothergill and Woodliouse. "On ice 
islandB " by Dr. A. Fothergill, read and referred to Patterson, 
JamoB and Ilewson. 

1806. Feb'y 21. (Patterson ; Peale, DuPonceau, Wylie, 
Vaughan, Barton, Shippen. Hewson, James.) 

Cornraitteeon Fothorgill's paper reported it " not unworthy 

March. ^"^ 1806. 

of publication, but would recommend to the Author to revise 
it and retrench such parts as relate to the Communication 
from D^- Mitchill [sic] on the same subject, as they deem it 
improper to publish a Paper containing strictures on any 
other Paper in the same Volume, or communicated to the 
Society & still unpublished." 

Donations : Two specimens American Slate, Corallines, 
&c. ; Guide to Puzzuoli ; Bryan Edward's History British 
West Indies, &c., 4 Vols. 8°, and Atlas; Caldwell's Medical 
Thesis, Vol. II, 8". 

Wm. Hawes' acknowledgment of election read. 

"On the Pillars of Hercules " in French, " by an inhabi- 
tant of Upper Louisiana," read and referred to Barton, Du- 
Ponceau and Wylie. 

1806. March 7. (Wistar; Collin, Fothergill, Barton, 
Hewson ; Vaughan, Duponceau, Wylie, Cloud, Peal, Patter- 
son, Tilghman.) 

Committee on Essai, &c., by Perouse, read November 4, 
1805, reported. Report accepted. 

Committee on Pillars of Hercules, reported. Report ac- 

Donations : Sonnini's Travels, 4**, 1800 ; Staunton's Ac- 
count . . . China, 2 Vols. S\ Phil. 1799. 

" On Ice Islands" by Dr. Fothergill, read and referred to 
Patterson, James and Hewson. 

" D'"- Barton exhibited a piece of manufactured Copper 
found in an artificial Mound in Cincinnati, Ohio, March, 
1804 (and taken from the same Tumulus with the Speci- 
mens described by M""- Sargeant, 4'^ Vol. of Trans.), with a 
History of its Discovery, by M""- Drake.'' 

" The Society resolved, that the Stove now in the Meet- 
ing Room be removed and the Fire Place opened on the 
Rumford Plan at the Expence of the Society." Vaughan 
and Patterson to see it done. 

March— April. '^"4 1806. 

1806. 3Iarch 21. (Barton ; Patterson, J. B. Smith, Chas. 
Smith, Cloud, Peale,de Ferrer, Vaughan,Drs. Collin, Church, 
Fothergill, James.) 

Committee's report on Brown's Salt Petre Caves, read and 

Donations : McMahon's American Gardener's Calendar ; 
Specimens of Impressions of shells from the mountainous 
parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, from Dr. Hulings ; 
Beaufort's Grand Porte-Feuille Politique, F''- Paris, 1789. 

" On Eclipses," a letter from J. J. de Ferrer, read and re- 
ferred to Patterson, Vaughan and Hewson. 

" Sketches of two supposed Mexican Monuments presented 
by M""- de Ferrer, who is requested to furnish the Society 
with some account of them." 

Patterson and Cloud to examine the Treasurer's accounts. 

1806. April 4. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Peale, Cloud, 
Wylie, Collins, Vaughan, Tilghman; Drs. Shippen, Barton, 
Fothergill, Hewson, James.) 

Committee on Mitchell's Ice Islands,* presented report ; 
adopted. Paper returned to the author at his request. 

Donations: Beaujour's Tableau de Commerce, 2 Vols. 
Jeft'erson's Presidential Message Communicating Discoveries 
in exploring Red river, &c. Catalogue of Medical Hospital 
Library; Nova Acta Petropol. XIV; DuRouchail's Series 
of Ueads of Kings of Fraiice engraved on Wood, presented 
by the artist through Mr. Du Ponceau. 

"Drawing & Fac-simile of the Tomb of Ferdinand Colum- 
bus, son of Cliriat. Columbus," in a letter from Wm. Tatham 
to the 1 'resident; referred to Barton, Tilghman and Vaughan. 

"Account of the Volcanic Productions, presented by 
Robt. R. Livingston to the Society, Fob. 7, 1806," rend. 

1806. April 18. (I'attorson ; James, Barton, Fothergill, 
Hewson, Seybort, Collin ; Vaughan, Cloud, Collins, Jones, 
Pealo, Short, Wylie.) 

• Doo. 90, IMS. 

May. ^"^ 1806. 

Jones' paper on Cimex, reported worthy of publication. 
Report adopted. 

Committee on Hill's paper on Niagara reported that an 
abstract is worthy of publication. Committee requested to 
furnish the abstract. 

Donations: Watson's Complete History of the Construc- 
tion of Ships, 1790 ; Robertson's History of America, 4 Vols.; 
Wynne's Gen. History of British Empire in America, 2 
Vols.; St. John de Creve-Coiur's Lettres d'un culterateur 
Araericain, 3 Vols. S% 1787. 

Collin, Wiley, James, " to revise our former publications 
and report any errors & omissions which may have occurred 

Election of two new members : Joseph Sansom of Phila- 
delphia ; Wm. Dubourg, D.D., President of St. Mary's Col- 
lege, Baltimore. 

1806. May 2. (Barton ; Patterson, J. B. Smith, Peale, 
Garnett, Cloud, Short, Vaughan, Tilghman, Washington, 
Fothergill, Shippen, Hewson, Collin, Wistar, James.) 

Report of Committee on Tomb and fac-simile of inscrip- 
tion on the tomb of F. Columbus, read, and not agreed to. 

Report of Committee on Fothergill's Ice Islands read and 
laid on the table for further consideration. 

Donations: Friichtenicht's Rituale Tranjambericum (Tran- 

"On the importance of a correct Table of Population" 
(Births, Marriages, Burials, Diseases), by A. Fothergill, 
M.D., read and referred to Collins, James and Collin. 

Letter from G. Barron, mentioning his intention of com- 
municating a New System of Navigation to the Society next 
June. Patterson and Wiley appointed to receive it. 

Treasurer directed to procure the following books : Me- 
chanique Celeste; Connoissance des Temps; Bury's Lunar 
Tables ; Lalande's Abrege de Navigation ; Berlin Ephemeris ; 
De Sejours' Theorie des Corps Celestes. 


May— June. <^^" 3806. 

Admission fee of $10 ; to be considered at the next meet- 
ing, and notices to be given. 

1806. May '[G. (Barton ; Peale, Sansora, Vaugban, Col- 
lins, Ferrar [sic], Jones, Gilpin, Patterson, Cloud, James, 
Sbippen, Fothergill, Seybert, Collin.) 

Treasurer's bill for Mecbanique Celeste, 4 Vols. $24 ; 
Conn, des Temps 1792 to 1805 (1801 and 1802 excepted) at 
$1 per Volume = $12, agreed to. 

Auditing Committee reported in the hands of John 
Vaugban, Treasurer, £165 •• 6 •• 11 of the general fund, ; 
£142 •• 13 •• 6, and 33 shares Insurance stock of North 
America Company, of the Magellanic Fund ; and £25 •• 6 •• 
9, and $200 eight per cent stock belonging to the Ritten- 
house fund. 

Donations: Lui89ius' Description d'une Sonde de Mer, 
ou Bathometre, 4"; the Rembrancer, 13 Vols. 1775 to 1782 : 
" A collection of interesting authentic Papers trom 1764 to 
1775, the last two presented by M""- J. Vaugban." 

Dr. Collin to report an analysis of the "Description 
d'une Sonde de Mer," and " report concerning an illuminated 
book in Latin." 

Initiation fee : " Resolved, That the following addition be made to [Sect. 

7. Art. 1.] Bye laws; Provided nevertheless, that even with respect to 
non-resident members in the United States, tlie payment of Ten Dollars 
on being elected shall be optional with them." 

1806. June 20. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Barton, Mease, 

8. Duftield, Seybert, James, Ilewson, Collin, Wistar ; Messrs. 
J. B. Smith, Cloud, Vaugban, J. R. Smith.) 

Committee to converse with Mr. Barron rc]iortcd " that 
he had promised to draw up a memoir respecting his in- 
tended publication on Navigation." 

Donations: [A page and a quarter of closely Avritten titles 
of recently published books, 1790 onwards ; and Specimens 
•of Platiua and minerals from Ireland.] 

July-Aug. 387 1806. 

"On the Vermillion color of the Blood and on the differ- 
ent colors of the metallic oxides, &c," by Sam. F. Conover, 
M.D., read and referred to Patterson, Mease and Seybert. 

Treasurer ordered to " purchase of Mr. Hasler the Vol- 
umes necessary to complete the Trans. French Acad. Sci. of 
which the Soc. possesses 89 Vols, the bequest of D"- Frank- 

Dr. Wistar to communicate with Jefferson " concerning 
certain bones supposed to be at present in the city of New 
Orleans & which were found" [blank]. 

1806. July 18. (Wistar ; Barton, Seybert, Collins, Peale, 
DuPonceau, Vaughan.) 

Treasurer reported his purchase from Mr. Ilassler of 14 
Vols. L'llistoire, &c., 1666 to 1699 ; 7 Vols. 1699, 1718, 2 
p., 1718, 1782, 1786, '7, '8, '9 ; 11 Vols. Mem. 1750 to 1786 ; 
9 Vols. Receuil 1720 to 1770 ; 7 Vols. Machines, 1666 to 
1754 ; 9 Vols. Table generale 1660 to 1780; in all 57 Vols. 
[See some notes in margin.] 

Donations : Gregoire's Essai historique, 4** ; a Collection 
of Coins and Medals from Jefferson; Gruner's Map of Swiss 
Glaciers ; also 53 modeles de la Christalographie d'apres 
Rome de I'lsle, from R. F. Hassler. 

" On the American Antelope," by Ch. W. Peale, with a 
drawing. " The skin, horns &c. had been received by the 
President from Louisiana & presented by him to M' Peale 
for his Museum." Referred to Barton and Collins. 

No election of new members for want of a quorum. 

1806. Aug. 15. (Patterson ; Barton, Seybert, Fother- 
gill, Mease, Hewson, Coxe, Ferrer [sfc]. Cloud, Peale, 
Vaughan, Collin.) 

Fothergill's paper on Tables of Population. Report read 
and recommitted. 

Conover's paper. Reported worthy of publication. Report 

September. OOO 1806. 

Donations : Barton's pamphlet on the Opossum ; Primitise 
Orientalis, Vol. II and III in one, with some of the Theses 
of the Bengal College, Fort William, in Oriental languages, 
with translations ; copies of Mahratta Gospel of Matthew, 
Bengalese hymn book, Catechism, various Hindoostani 
tracts ; Kunze's [D. and P. of Divinity], Table of ... . 
eclipse of 16 June, 1806. 

" Obs. on the eclipse of 16'*' June last," by A. Ellicot re- 
ferred to Patterson, Ferrer and Clay. 

" Obs. Eclipse, by Garnett, near Albany, with calcula- 
tions," by J. J. de Ferrer, referred to Patterson and Clay. 

"Account of same Eclipse," by "W. Dunbar; referred to 
Patterson, Ferrer and Clay. 

" On the dangerous effects of sleeping on the damp 
ground," by A. Fothergill ; referred to Collins, James and 

1806. Sept. 19. (Wistar; Barton, Fothergill, Mease, 
Moore, Collin, Du Ponceau, Vaughan, Peale, Cloud, Hew- 
8on, James.) 

Committee on Fothergill's paper reported it worthy of 

Committee on Peale's description of an American Ante- 
lope reported it worthy of publication. 

Dr. Wietar reported, that Jefferson would attend to the 
bones found in Ohio. 

Dr. Barton reported that he would prepare notes to Mr. 
Ileckewelder's paper on the Beaver, for the Committee on 
the original pai>er, Peale, Mease, Collins. 

Donations: A model of Homer's head, from a bust found 
in Egypt, presented by M. Du Ronchail, per Du Pon- 
ceau ; Piowden's Review of the State of Ireland, 5 Vols. 8°, 
1806, Pbila., B. Graves, publisher; Roscoe's Leo X, 4 Vols. 
8", 1806, Piiila., H. Bronson, publisher; Pearson's Essay on 
Innoculution, translated by Staunton into Chinese, "& tlie 
Dame of Guouquo, one of the Ilong Merchants, added, as re- 

October, 389 1806. 

sponsible for the publication ;" Specimen of Loadstone ; 
Michaux's Memoir sur la naturalization des arbres forestiers 
de L'Amerique Sep. ; Act to incorporate Medical Society, 
New York. 

Meteorological Observations by D. Wilson, of Lewis Town, 
Delaware ; presented and referred to Moore and Patterson ; 
who are requested to make out a list of all the Meteorological 
Observations in the possession of the Society. 

Fothergill's paper on Ice Islands called up and referred to 
a new Committee ; DuPonceau, Cloud and Moore. 

" On Yellow Fever," by De Foronda ; Cure discovered by 
Lafuente; Specimen of Guaco juice, said to be a cure for 
snakebites. Memoir referred for translation to DuPonceau 
and Vauffhan. 

1806. Oct. 3. (Patterson ; Collins, Peale, Vaughan, 
Cloud, J. B. Smith, Governor McKean, Marquis d'Iruejo 
[sic\ Drs. Mease, Collin, Barton, Fothergill, Hewson.) 

Committee on Ellicott's, Dun's and Dunbar's Eclipse 
Observations and Dunbar's Longitude-finding, reported 
them worthy of publication. Adopted. 

Donations : Conversations on Chemistry, 2 Vols. ; How- 
ard's Spher. Geom. ; Anderson's General History of Quadru- 

The translation of Fuente's and Foronda's papers read and 
referred to Wistar, Collin and Barton. 

Dr. Barton said that Rd. Barton, Frederick county, Mary- 
land, had destroj'ed smut in wheat by steeping the grain in 
brine and sprinkling it with lime. 

Tooth of the Mammoth from Montgomery county, Vir- 
ginia, exhibited by Dr. Barton. 

Shark's teeth loaned to Dr. Barton for one month, " to 
have drawings taken of them." 

Committee report on Fothergill's Ice Islands, read and 
adopted ; and Dr. Fothergill's request to withdraw the paper, 

Oct.— Nov. 390 180n. 

1806. Oct. 17. (Barton ; Gilpin, Collins, Duponceau, J. 
B. Smith, Vaughan, Peale, Marquis d'Yrugo [s?c], Drs. 
Mease, Woodhouse, Bache, Seybert, Wistar, James, Collin, 
Fothergill ; Patterson.) 

Donations : Coxa's American Dispensatory ; Medical Mu- 
seum, Vol. 11. 

Dr. Bache promised a paper on the Os hyoides, &c. 

Brown's and Jeflerson's letters about the Mammoth bones, 
read and referred to Wistar, Peale and Vaughan, to corre- 
spond also with Dr. Goforth. 

A communication from Mr. Dunbar read and referred to 
Patterson, Wiley, Hewson. 

Election of three new members: S. F. Conover, M.D., 
Philadelphia ; Franc, de Borja Garcas Stockier, Sec, R. S. S., 
Lisbon; Adrian Giles Camper, Anatomist of Franecker in 

1806. Nov. 7. (Wistar; Patterson, Vaughan, Cloud, 
Mease, Collin, Fothergill, James, Ilewson.) 

Dunbar's paper reported worthy of publication. 

Donations: Mem. R. A. H., Madrid, Vol. IV; two silver 
medals of Washington, as Commander-in-Chief, and as Presi- 
dent, presented by Jos. Sansom. 

Receipt of Transactions VI, i, from R. A. H., Madrid. 

Jefferson's letter, with Guy ton Morveau's Treatise on Dis- 
infecting Air, 3d Paris edition, 1805, was referred to James? 
Ilewson and Cloud, to "consider tlie proper means of carry- 
ing into effect the proposition contained in the President's 

" Description of a Machine for forcing a boat or larger 
vessel against a current," with a letter from John Hale [s/''], 
of Harford county, Maryland ; referred to Collin, Patterson 
and Mease. 

1806. Nov. 21. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Cloud, Dupon- 
ceau, Pealo, Vaugliun, Fothergill, Woodhouse, Mouse, 
James, Wistar, Hcwhoii.) 

December. "»'-'• 1806. 

Committee oa Hall's [sic] paper [Nov. 7], continued. 

Committee on Jefl'erson's letter, continued. 

" Com. on La Fuento's [sic] treatise on the successful use 
of Peruvian Bark in Yellow Fever report the work as ex- 
tremely interesting to medical men, & propose that it should 
be transmitted to the Editors of the Med. Journals tor pub- 
lication," Vaughan to effect this. 

Donations: Atlas Antiquus, Danvillianus, F°, Nurem., 
1784 ; Part of the lower jaw-bone of a mammoth ; two prep- 
arations of the eyes of a goose. 

1806. Dec. 5. (Patterson ; Tilghman,Duponceau,Yaughan, 
Marquis Yrojo [sic'], Mease, Connover [sic], Fothergill, Sey- 
bert, Wistar.) 

Committee on Guyton Morveau's Book and Jefferson's 
letter reported. Report adopted, " with a request that the 
Board of Health communicate the result to the Society." 

Report on Hall's Machine for propelling boats adopted. 

Ferrer's Eclipse paper reported worthy of publication. 

No papers this year for the Magellanic Premium. 

Dr. Mitchell's paper on Ice Islands reported returned to 

Donations: Five books of Chinese painting in Water 
Colors, from Captain Jones ; Boudoin's Hist, des Incas, 2 
Vols. 12mo, Amst, 1715; a medal of the famous Chouan, 
Georges, from M. Du Ronchail, per Duponceau. 

French metre and kilogramme, inspected and stamped by 
the Committee Public Safety in France, exhibited by Mr. 

Vaughan to purchase of Mr. Hassler, some Vols. Transac- 
tions Acad. Berlin. 

Wistar reported that he had written to Dr. Goforth. 

1806. Dec. 19. (Patterson ; Short, Williams, Vaughan ; 
Drs. Fothergill, Mease, Couover, Woodhouse, Mease (?), 

January, *^^^ 1807. 

Dr. Williamson requesting his paper (or a copy) on the 
fascinating power of serpents, a copy was ordered to be sent 
to him. 

1807. Jan'y 2. (Short Cloud, Collins, DuPonceau, Col- 
lin, DuflBeld, Buchanan, Seybert, Williams, Tilghman, Jones, 
James, Barton, Mease, Hewson, Vaughau, Patterson, J. R. 
Smith, Wiley, Wheeler, Peale.) 

Williams and Peale, Judges ; and Vaughan, Clerk. 


President — Thomas Jefterson. 

Vice-Presidents — Wistar, B. S. Barton, Patterson. 

Secretaries — Seybert, Hewson, J. R. Coxe, James. 

Councillors — Bishop White, Duponceau, Williams, Short. 

Curators — Peale, Hare, J. R. Smith. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

" Ordered that the List be published in two of the news- 
papers, & that notice be given to the President of his re-elec- 

1807. Jan'y 16. (Williams in the Chair; Jones, J. B. 
Smith, J. R. Smith, Collins, Vaughan, Cloud, Patterson, 
Allison, Duponceau; Drs. Connover[s/c], Mease, Woodhouse, 
Collin, Moore, Seybert, Duffield, Barton, Fothergill, Wistar.) 

Jefferson's acknowledgment of election reported. 

Donations: From the Q^^con. Soc, Born., Samnil. der 
Schweitz. Ges. Born, 4 Vols. 1760 and 1761 ; Abh. u. Beob. 
(Ec. Ges. Bern, 17 Vols. 8% 1762 to 1778; Neue Samm. (Ec. 
G. Born, 8 Vols. 8", 1779, 1782, 1785 ; Neusto Samm. Q^c. G. 
Bern, Vol. I, 1796; GoUort's Met. Chemistry, 1776; James' 
Trans. Theory and Practise of Gardening, 4*^,1712; Coni- 
pleat Farmer, F'^, 179 i ; Ext. U. 8. Military Philos. Soc, 
1806; Swummordam's Hist. Insoctorum, F°, 1737; Holme's 
American Annuls, 2 Vols. ; HuIoh' Static. Essays, 2 Vols., 

February. ^"^ 1807. 

1733 ; O'Gallagher's First Principles of Nature, 2 Vols. 8% 

" Petrifactions on the Falls of the Ohio, near Louisville," 
by Jon. Williams, in a letter to Dr. Mease ; referred to Mease, 
Seybert and Cloud. 

Election of two new members : Mahlon Dickerson, Phila- 
delphia; Irene Dupont, of Wilmington, Delaware. 

1807. Feh'y 6. (Patterson ; Fothergill, Mease, Connover, 
Barton, Moore, Seybert, Wistar, Hare, Vaughan.) 

Committee on Williams' Petrifactions, continued. 

" On the importance of a correct Table of Population," 
with a Supplement by Dr. A. Fothergill ; referred to Con- 
nover, Collins and Cloud. 

Head of Arctomys (Maryland Marmot), found in Green 
Briar county, Virginia, sent by Col. J. Stewart per Jeffer- 

" A cheap method to build Locks for Inland Navigation," 
by Ch. Varle ; referred to Latrobe, Peale and Hewson. 

" An easy method to reduce Calcareous matters into 
Lime," by Ch. Varle ; referred to Hare, Cloud and Mease. 

Model of a machine for spreading Gypsum, invented by 
M. Wikotf, paper Maker, below Chester, exhibited by Mr. 

Auditing Committee : Patterson and Cloud. 

1807. FeVy 20. (Dallas, Cooper, Short, Jones, J. B. 
Smith, Cloud, Wiley, Vaughan, Mease, Fothergill, Hew- 

"On the building stone made use of at Washington, & the 
Sandstone strata near the Potomac," by B. H. Latrobe ; re- 
ferred to Peale, Seybert and Mease. 

Standard measures established by the Committee of 
Weights and Measures of France : description and expla- 
nation, by F. R. Hassler, read by Mr. Vaughan, who said 
" that he considers the above standards as in the offer of the 

March. ^"4: lg07^ 

Society, at any future day at the price at which he paid for 
them." Referred to Patterson, Cloud and Short. 

" On the extreme cold lately observed at Hollowell in the 
Province of Main " [5«c], from a letter to Mr. Yaughan ; re- 
ferred to Wiley, Hewsou and Mease. 

1807. March 6. (Allison ; Vaughan, Wiley, Cloud, J. B. 
Smith, Dickerson, Patterson, Peale, Conover [sic], Fother- 
gill, Seybert, Hewsou, Barton. 

Donations : Life of Washington,Yol.Y, and Yol. of plates. 

Letter of thanks ordered to Chev. de Freire for forward- 
ing all the wanting publications of the R. A. Lisbon, via 

" Obs. on the Eclipse of June 16, 1806, made at Bowdoin 
Coll, in the District of Maine," by a member of this So- 
ciety ; in a letter to Mr. Yaughan ; referred to Patterson 
and Clay, with power to print in the volume now in press. 

Mr. Yaughan reported the purchase for $12, of 6 Yols. 
Gazette de Guatemala (1797-1802); and one Yol. Yoyage of 
the Schooners Sutil and Mexican^ to explore the Straits of 

Jefferson wrote " that he had adopted measures at his own 
expense to procure for the Society such of the bones of the 
Mammoth as should be particularly stated to him as being 
v/anted." Mr. Yaughan explained that Dr. Wistar had re- 
turned to the President " a particular account of such bones." 
Dr. Goforth's letter to Jefferson was enclosed. Thanks to 
Jefferson ordered. 

"On the Yellow Fever," by Dr. Thornton, came with 
Jefforson's letter, and was referred to Wistar, Hewsou and 

1807. March 20. (Barton ; Connover, llewson, Seybert, 
.TunioH, Shipj>on, Fothcrgill, Mease, Wistar, Collin, Peale, 
\)\i I'oncoau, Dickeraon, V'auglian, Cloud, Patterson, Hare, 
Nichols, J. B. Smillj.) 

April. 395 1807. 

Report of Committee on Fothergill's " Correct Table of 
Population, that it is advisable not to publish the same," 

Report of Committee on Varle's "Canal Locks," laid 

Report of Committee on Latrobe's " Building Stones," 
that it be worthy of publication in the Transactions. 

Donations: [A long list of pub. R. A. Lisbon.] ; Carey's 
Sanscrit grammar 4**, from the author ; Retrospect of ... . 
discoveries 8°, from Allison ; " The Apparatus meant to 
accompany 3d ed. Guyton Morveau's Treat. Disinfect. 
Air" (see Minutes of November), received from U. S. Con- 
sul Kuhn, at Genoa, per Jefferson ; Chinese Almanac ; 
15 detailed maps of Switzerland [list given], from F. R. 
Hassler, with Simler's History Switzerland, Zurich, 1722. 

" Recherches sur I'Asterie des Anciens &c," par Caire- 
Morand ; referred to Vaughan, Seybert and Dickerson. 

" Obs. relative to the bills of mortality of Phila. & N. 
York," by the Chev. de Foronda; read and referred to 
Vaughan, Duponceau and James. 

1807. Aprils. (Barton ; Nichols, Peale,Yaughan, Alli- 
son, Fothergill, Hevvson, James.) 

Missionary W. Carey's letter from Calcutta, dated Octo- 
ber 15, 1806, gave information that Dr. Roxborough had 
sent the Sanscrit grammar presented at the last meeting. 

Donations : Larteyrie's " Betes a laine," 8" ; Hist, de 
Intro, des Moutons, 8'', 1802; Colleccion .... R. A. Esp. 
Madrid, 1799, 12mo ; Engraved portrait of L. Euler from 
the picture in the Pub. Library at Basil ; Simpson's Hierog. 
Animal. Terr. Vol. 4% 1622; Complete Herbal, 12mo, 2d 
edition, London, 1707; Madan's letters to Priestley, 12mo, 
London, 1787 ; Reports Humane Society, 1 Vol., 1799- 
1806 ; Pamphlets ; U. S., 1775 '76, 2 Vols. ; St. Pierre's Bo- 
tan. Harmony, 1797. 

April— May. ^»^^ 1807. 

Further accounts of the cold at Hallowell ; read and re- 
ferred to Wiley, Mease and Hewson. 

" Memoranda concerning some vegetable Muscipula," by 
Dr. Barton, read. 

1807. April 17. (Barton; Dickerson, Wylie, Cloud, 
Lewis, Vaughan, Ferrer, Hare, Patterson, Nichols, Peale, 
Fothergill, Conover [sic], Woodhouse, Hewson, Collin, Duf- 
field, Mease, James.) 

Report of Committee on Cold at Hallowell; read and 

Donations: Med. Mus., Vol. Ill; Flora Batava, Nos. 17 
to 26, with letter from Wenkebach, Sec. gen. Min. Int. Hol- 
land, La Haye, Sept. 12, 1806 ; Lafon's Map of the Territory 
of New Orleans, &c. 

Supplement to Ferrer's Eclipse Observations, 16 June, 
compared with observations at Madrid and Paris; referred 
to Patterson and Clay. 

Obs. on the Analogy of Spanish and English, referred 
(for translating from the Spanish) to Duponceau and 

Election of six new members; Nath. Chapman, M.D., 
Philadelphia; J. McDowell, Prov. University, Pa.; Ferd 
Rud. Hassler, Mathematical Professor Military School at 
West Point; Geo. Izard, of Pennsylvania; J. Eric Fors- 
trom, of St. Bartholomew; Jas. Gibson, of Philadelphia. 

1807. May 1. (Barton ; Ferrer, Hassler, J. B. Smith, 
Gibeon, Duponceau, J. R. Smith, Allison, Short, Vaughan, 
KicholB, Drs. Fothergill, Conover, Chapman, Hewson, 

Donations: Parkos' Chemical Catechism; Collec^aO doe 
prin. Aug. (Brito) R. A., Linbon, 1806, 4 Vols., 8"; Trans. 
8., N. Y., Promoting Agriculture, Part 2d, 4% 1794. 

Uaseler's letter, acknowledging election, read. 

May-June. ^^* 1807. 

List of names and residences of foreign members to be re- 
ported by Barton, Vaughan and Hewson. 

'* Resolved, That the Disinfecting Apparatus accompanying Guyton 
Morveau's Work be placed in the Hands of the Board of Health for the 
purpose mentioned in the Report of the Committee of Dec. 5, 1806. " 

1807. May 15. (Barton; Patterson, Gibson, Williams, 
Short, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith, Vaughan, Drs. Chapman, 
Fothergill, Wistar, Hewson.) 

Report of Committee on Ferrer's Eclipse in favor of pub- 
lication adopted. 

Report of Committee on Caire-Morand's Memoir against 
its publication adopted. 

Committee on List of Foreign Members continued. 

Donations : Conglomeration of shells from the high hills of 
Santee, with a letter from Mrs. Kinloch, Weehaw [sjc]. South 
Carolina ; Gold and Silver ore from South America ; Rep- 
resentation of the late Eclipse, in oils, by E. Ames, of 
Albany, with letter from S. Dewit. Thanks ordered. 

" On the Sun's Eclipse, observed at Albany, June 16, 
1806," by S. De Wit [sic] ; read and referred to Patterson, 
Clay and Ferrer. 

Two copies of Foronda's several communications to the 
Society, in Spanish, presented by the author. 

1807. June 17. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Lewis, Peale, 
Short, Cloud, Collins, Vaughan, J. R. Smith, Dickerson, 
Nichols, Marquis de la casa Yrugo [sic\ Wistar, Barton, 
Fothergill, Chapman, Hewson.) 

Donations: Fabbroni's Bibl. Lettera, Modena, F° ; A. 
Argoli Ephem. 1641-1700, 3 Vols., 4*^ ; Cottineau's Geog. 
Comp., 2 Vols., 12" ; J. H. Alstedii Encyclo.,Vols. I and IV, 
F°, 1630 ; Iron medallion of bust of Franklin; Economica, 
8% 1806. 

"New Theory of the Tides," by Ross Cuthbert, Lower 
Canada ; read and referred to Collins, Clay and J. R. Smith. 

July— Aug. ^'JO 1807. 

" On Light," by B. Schultz ; referred to Wistar, J. R. 
Smith and Chapman. 

Izard's letter of acknowledgment read. Specimens of Nat- 
ural History from the cabinet lent to Captain Lewis. 

Mr. Peale, by permission, withdrew his paper on the An- 
telope, because Captain Lewis would publish a fuller des- 
cription in his book. 

1807. Juli/ 17. (Barton; Vaughan, Dickerson, Patter- 
son, Izard, T. Pinckney, Lewis, Wiley, J. B. Smith, J. R. 
Smith, Peale, McDowal [sic'], Fothergill, Mease, Hewson, 
James, Wistar, Coxe.) 

Donations : Transactions Dublin Society, 5 Vols., 1800- 
1806, and Catalogue of Plants, Botanical Garden; Bent- 
ham's Panoptikon. 

Dr. Mease offers any specimens from a collection of min- 
erals sent to him by Mr. Donald Stewart, required to com- 
plete the cabinet. Referred to Seybert, Mease and Coxe. 

Le Chev. de Hogelmuller of Vienna's letter to Jefferson, 
requesting questions deemed useful objects of inquiry in his 
proposed scientific journey. Referred to Wiley, Seybert and 
Collin for immediate attention. 

Report of Committee on Schultz's paper on Light, was 

1807. Aug. 21. (Barton; Wiley, Collins, Vaughan, 
Briggs, Collin, llewson.) 

Report of Committee on Fothorgill's paper on the dan- 
gerous effects of lying on damp ground, read and accepted. 

" A letter was received from Moss"- Dallas and Clyiner, 
a committee from the University, accompanying Cheva- 
lier Hogel Muller's proposition to the friends of the 
Sciences & Arts. The Secretary is directed to acknowl- 
edge the receipt of the same and to exj)resH the thanks 
of the Society to the University for this mark of their 
attention and to mention that the Society had already 

September. ^^^ 1S07. 

received similar propositions from the Chevalier on which 
the order of the Society had been taken." 

Dr. Barton added to the Committee on the questions pro- 
pounded by the Chevalier. Juan Manuel de Ferrer sends from 
Vera Cruz a box of minerals and 63 Vols, and 4 Nos. of the 
Journal de Physique, to April, 1807, accompanied by a letter 
stating that he had continued the subscription to the same 
as a donation to the Society. 

Donations received : Fit coal from Rob. H. Rose ; Me- 
moires sur ditferents sujets, from the author, Dupout de Ne- 
mours ; Discourse on the desiderata in Nat. Hist., from the 
author, Dr. B. S. Barton. 

A paper offered for the Extra Magellanic Premium, a de- 
scription and use of a new and simple nautical chart for the 
working different problems in navigation, was received and 
referred to tbe Board of Officers. 

1807. Sejpt. 18. (Patterson ; Duponceau, J. B. Smith, J. 
R. Smith, Mahlon Dickerson, Vaughan, Collins, Clay, Jas. 
Gibson, Nichols ; Drs. Barton, Collin, Fothergill, Conover, 
Seybert, Chapman, Hewson, James, Cathrall, Wistar.) 

Report of the Board of Officers on the communication for 
the Extra Magellanic Premium offered at the last meeting 
was read, and ordered to be considered at the second stated 
meeting in October. 

Donations : From Rev. D. B. Warden, of Paris, Secretary 
to the American Legation, Dissertations de Maxime de 
Tyr, par Coombes-Dunois, 2 Vols., 8°, Paris, 1802; Lastey- 
ries' trans, of Berchtold's Essai, 2 Vols., 8°, 1797 ; Traite sur 
les Betes k laine, 8% 1799 and Hist, de Tint. &c., 1802 ; Lip- 
pi's Promotion des Sciences ; and Warden's trans, of Cuvier's 
Eul. of Priestley ; Cat. Phil. Lib. Co. ; Cat. Lib. Writers to 
his Majesty's Signet, 4°, 1806, from W. Patterson, of Edin- 
burgh, per Jno. Lang, to whom, being present, thanks were 

"Excursion to the White Hills," by D^- Shattuck of 

October. 400 lij07. 

Boston, in a letter to Barton ; read and referred to Collins, 
Sejbert and Chapman. 

W. Loughton Smith, requested by letter that the books 
and engravings deposited by his brother November 2, 1804, 
be delivered up for placing in the Acad, of Arts. So ordered. 

1807. Oct. 2. (Patterson ; Peale, Dickerson, Yaughan, 
Fothergill, Barton, Hewson.) 

Librarian reported Jos. Smith's engravings, &c., returned 
to his brother. 

Auditing Committee reported £11 •• 7 •• 6, general fund; 
£121 •• 8 •• 1 Magellanic Fund ; £11 •• 10 •• 11 Rittenhouse 
Fund = £144 "6 "6. 

Donations: Halley's Ast. Tables, 4% 1752 ; Stat. Obs. Co., 
Kilkenny, 1800-1802, 8". 

Stockler's acknowledgment of election, read. 

Drawing of a fire escape, with description and motto 
" The first law of nature self preservation," oftered for Ma- 
gellanic Premium; referred to Board of Ofiicers. 

Warden's letter, Paris, May 20, read. 

1807. Oct. 16. (Patterson ; Clay, Dupont, Cloud, Peale, 
Vaughan, Gibson, Jonathan B. Smith, John R. Smith, 
Dickerson ; Connover [sic], Fothergill, Barton, Mease, 
James, Chapman, Collin, Wistar, Seybert, McDowell [sic], 

Donations: Trans. I. A., St. Petersburg, Vol. XV; Phil. 
Trans. R. 8., 1805, ii, 1806 ; Trans. Uort. S., Vol. I, i ; Cat- 
vottu's Tab. des Etate Danois, 8 Vols., 8% and separately 
bound map, Paris, 1801. 

Essay for Ex. Mag. Premium ("A New simple Nautical 
Chart") determined by ballot to be worthy, & awarded " $45, 
or a modal of tlio value thereof to the author, M'- John 
Garnet of New Brunswick N. J." 

Election of two now members: Archibald Bruce, M.D., 
Prof. Min. Un. N. Y. ; Ch. Philibort De TAstoyrio, of Paris. 

November. 4Ul 1807. 

1807. Nov. 6. (Barton; Collins, Peale, Dickerson, 
Yaughan, Cloud, the Marquis d'Yroji [si<?], Fothergill, 
Mease, James, Chapman, Hewson.) 

Donations: Playfair'a Euclid, 1806; Select Speeches with 
Remarks, by Dr. Chapman, Vols. Ill, IV ; Gram. Lat. Tamu- 
licaand sundry small books ; Blackstone's Com., 4 Vols., 4**, 
1766 ; Dickinson's Defense, 4th ed., Lond., 1806 ; Dr. Crea- 
sie's Extr. case of Jos. Lockyer, existing on water three 
weeks, Bath, 1806 ; An. Rt. R. Humane S. ; a Fragment of 
basaltic rock from the Falls of Passaic, presented by Dr. 

Letter from Dr. Sam. Brown, New Orleans, forwarding 
minerals from Mexico. 

"Analysis of Longevity," by W. Tatham, Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia ; referred to Peale, Collins and Chapman. 

" On the stones found near Washington," by Mr. Godon ; 
referred to Barton, Seybert and Dickerson. 

Society "acquiesced in Dr. Fothergill's request to with- 
draw certain communications." 

Peale and Ilewson added to the Committee for putting 
up the Asiatic Elephant Skeleton ; expenses to be repaid. 

1807. Nov.2(i. (Patterson; Dickerson, Vaughan, Peale, 
Nichols, Duponceau ; Barton, McDowel [sw], James, Mease, 
Seybert, Connover, Wistar, Ilewson.) 

Report of Committee that Gaudon's [sic] paper was 
worthy of publication, adopted. 

Board of Officers reported that the Fire Escape paper 
"contains a very ingenious principle already applied .... 
in a model in possession of the Society, in a manner more 
simple, safe & convenient." 

Board of Officers recommend the Society to rescind the re- 
solve of June 28, 1802, to print 600 copies Catalogue 
Library, and direct the Librarian to prepare a written 
Catalogue. So ordered, and expenses to be defrayed by the 


Dec— Jan. 40-^ 1807—1808. 

Garnet's Nautical Chart ordered printed in current Vol- 
ume of Transactions. 

Librarian authorized to sell Rozier's Jour, de Physique at 
cost and charges. 

1807. Dec. 4. (Wistar ; J. P. Smith, J. B. Smith, Col- 
lins, Patterson, Duponceau, Nichols, Vau^han, Peale ; Bar- 
ton, Mease, Connover, McDowel, Hewson.) 

Report of Committee on Tatham's paper adopted. 

Donations: Trans. Linn. S., VIII ; Phil. Trans. R. S., 
1786, ii, 1787 ; Box of Silver Ores, &c., from Mexican mines 
(see Sam. Brown's letter, November 6) ; Archaeologia, XV, 
with nine detached plates. 

" The Function of Absorption in certain . . Amphibia," 
by Dr. Barton; referred to Hewson, Conover and Wistar. 

Gillespie's paper on " Insects found in the ear of a Child," 
returned at the author's request. 

1807. Dec. 18. (Barton ; Marquis d'Irujo \sic\ Wiley, 
Duponceau, J. B. Smith, Patterson, Nichols, Dickerson, La- 
trobe, Vaughan, Buchannan [s^cJ, Chapman, Wistar, Hew- 

Donation : Bronze medal in honor of Commodore Preb- 

Magellanic Premium: Board of Officers reported, and So- 
ciety resolved that the papers on the Precession of the 
Equinox ("Julius"), and on a Fire Escape ("The first law of 
nature, &c.") were not worthy of the Premium. 

Committee on White Mountain paper requested to report. 

1808. Jan. 1. Between 2 and 5 p. m. (Seybert, Dickerson, 
Meaae, Vaughan, Peale, Collins, Chapman, Patterson, Cloud, 

8eybert, Meaue and Dickerson, Judges ; Vaughan, Secre- 

Jan.-Feb. 403 1808. 


President — Thomas Jeft'erson. 

Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Patterson, Barton. 

Secretaries — James, Seybert, Hewson, Chapman. 

Councillors — McDowell, Collins, Woodhouse, Shippen. 

Curators — Peale, Hare, J. R. Smith. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

Notice ordered in two newspapers. 

1808. Jan. 16.* (Collin; Connover, Mease, Buchannan, 
Seybert, Allison, Hewson, Chapman, Fothergill, Wistar, 
James, Vaughan, Peale, Wiley, Gibson, Short, Collins, 
Dickerson, Patterson, Nichols, Tilghman, Duponceau, Clay, 
J. R. Smith.) 

Donations: Seance Pub. de I'lnst. 3 Oct. 1807; Math. 
Magick, London, 1648. 

Auditing Committee : Dickerson and Gibson. 

Vaughan elected Librarian. 

Committee on Shattuck's White Mountain paper dis- 
charged ; recommitted to Wistar, Woodhouse and Peale. 

Election of new member : Ed. Pennington [sic], of Phila- 

1808. Feb^y 5. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Dickerson, Col- 
lins, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith, Cloud, Nichols, Legaux 
Conover, Buchannan, Hewson.) 

Report of Committee on Cuthbert's paper on the Tides, 
adopted, and at the author's request ordered to be returned. 

Committee on Shattuck's paper excused and continued. 
All other Committees directed to report at next meeting. 

Donations : Six publications of the Institute of France ; 
Chaupard's de L'Industrie ou les Arts, 4° ; Daunon's Elec- 
tions au Scrutin, 4% 1803; Ewell's Planter's and Mariner's 
Medical Companion. 

• This must he £vn error far January 15th. 

Feb.— March. 404 180e. 

" A Balloting Box of his invention & constitution," with 
Trans. N. Eng. Ass. Inventors, I, i, Boston, 1807, was pre- 
sented " by B. Dearborne." 

Four snake bites cured by inoculation with Guaco juice, 
reported by Mr. Patrulio of Laguira [sic], in a letter to de 
Foronda ; extract read. 

Anomalous cases of Vaccine disease mentioned by Dr. 
Buchannan ; requested to write them out. 

Jeflerson's acknowledgment of his election read. 

1808. FeVy 19. (Wistar ; Collins, Wiley, Dickerson, 
Hollingsworth, Humphreys, Nichols, J. B. Smith, Vaughan, 
James, Seybert, Buchannan.) 

Report on Shattuck's paper adopted ; to be returned to the 

Librarian reported progress in notifying Committees. 

Donations : Map of North Carolina ; Deaths in Phila., 
1807-8 ; Alden's Religious Societies in Portsmouth, N. H. ; 
Minerals and Shells from Ava and Ascension Isle by Cap- 
tain Davy. 

Dr. James appointed to publish with a preface the Board of 
Health's " Deaths in Phil%" in the next Vol. of Transac- 

" A universal time-keeper for ascertaining Longitudes," 
by Tim. Kirk ; referred to Patterson, Clay, Nichols, Dicker- 
son and Humphreys. 

1808. March 4. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Hare, Dicker- 
ton CollinH, Collin, Fothergill, Pennington [sic], Buchanan, 
[*M?], Currie, James, Vaughan.) 

Report of Committee on Kirk's Machine to lie on the 

Committees to Ije notified that they are continued, and 
are expected to re|K>rt at the next meeting. 

Account of Meteoric Stones fallen near Weston, New 
Hampshire, with unulysis, by Profeisor Silliman, of Yale 

March— April. 405 1808. 

and Jas. L. Klngsley ; referred to "Woodhouse, Hare and 

1808. March IS. (Barton; Patterson; McDowell, Hare, 
Collins, Cloud, Vaughan, J. R. Smith, Nichols, Du Ponceau, 
Mease, Collin, Conover, Buchanan, Chapman, James.) 

Report of Committee on Account of Meteoric Stones that 
it should be published in the Vol. Transactions, "about 
to be published," agreed to ; the letter to accompany the 

Librarian allowed further time to notify Committees. 

Donation : Gregory's Elements of Astronomy, 2 Vols., 

1808. April 1. (Wistar; Hare, Patterson, Cloud, Dupon- 
ceau, J. B. Smith, Vaujfhan, Dickersoa, Collin, Fothergill 

Report of Committee on Varley's Memoir (new process of 
burning lime), to lie on the table. 

Auditing Committee reported : £8 " 19 •• 6, general fund ; 
£133 "2 "9, Magellanic fund; £19 •• •• 11, Rittenhouse 
fund := £161 •• 3 - 2. 

Committee on " Errata in Transactions" discharged. 

Committee on Barton's " Cutaneous Absorption of Am- 
phibia" continued. 

Committee on Thornton's " Yellow Fever" report ac- 

Barton's paper on Insects ordered (at his request) divided, 
and first half published in current Vol. Transactions. 

Donations : Pigments from Northampton county. 

Committee appointed to examine the Standing Rules, and 
report Alterations : Patterson, Hare, Hewson. 

Committee on Index to Vols. V and VI: Collin, "Wiley, 

1808. April 15. (Barton ; J. B. Smith, Collins, Allison, 
Dickerson, Nichols, McDowell, Vaughan, Cloud, Hare, 
Buchanan, Hewson, James.) 

May. 406 180S. 

Donations: Currie's Med. Reports, 1808; Baring's In- 
quiry (Orders in Council) ; Chapman's Select Speeches Yol. 
II ; Lava from Ascension Isle, from Charles Ross. 

Letter from Bowditch to Patterson ; read and referred to 
Mr. Clay. 

1808. May 6. (Barton ; Collins, Vaughan, Gibson, Du- 
ponceau, Dickerson, Collin, "Wistar, James.) 

Committee on Index : Gibson and Hewson added. 

Jefferson to be requested by Dr. Wistar to procure His- 
torical Documents for the Library. 

Donations : S. Jackson's Inaug. Add., 1808 ; W. P. C. 
Barton's Diss, on Nitrous Oxide ; Barlow's Columbiad ; 
Abercrombie's publications ; Trans. S. for P. Agri., N. Y., 
I, 2d ed., 1801 ; Trans. S. for P. Useful Arts, N. Y., 
1807 ; (from Marq. Yrujo [sic]) Anton** de Solis' Hist, de 
la Conquista de Mexico, 2 Vols., 4**, 1784; J. de Sedeno's 
Alfabeta de Varones famosos .... del Campo., 1551 ; 
Raima's Diet. Franc. Flamand, 2 Vols., 4th ed., 1781 ; 
Andres' Cartas Fam. sobre la Italia, 5 Vols. 12", 1791, 
Madrid; Idem. Vienna, 12", 1794, Madrid; Bernal Diaz's 
Hist. Conq. Nueva Espana, 12", Vols. I, II, IV, 1795 ; 
Molina's Hist. Geog. de Chili, 2 Vols, 4", 1788, 1795; La 
Poetica de Aristotel^s, Madrid, 1778 ; Sanchez' Coll. de 
Poesias, 4 Vols, 8°, 1779 ; Tablas Poeticas, 8", 1779 ; Cartas 
Philologicas, 8", 1779; Phil, de la Eloquentia, 1777; 
Velasquez's Origines de la Poesia, 8", Malaga. 1797 ; Mon- 
cada's Ex[)edicione8 de los Catalanes, 1777; Castaneda's 
Hint. Conq. Indiaa 8% Anvers., 1554; Jahel Tragedia, 12% 
1768; Codigo de las Costutnbrcs de Barcelona, &c., 2 
Vols., 4% 1791; Reflexiones, Phila., 8", 1799, by Yrujo; 
Nueva Idea, 2 Vols., Mad., 1778. 

1808. May 20. (Barton; Fothergill, Uriggs, Nichols, 
Allison, Vaugban, Collins.) 
•* No buginoHH was done. Adjourned." 

June-July-Aug. 407 1808. 

1808. June 17. (Patterson; Collin, Collins, Gibson, 
Dickerson, J. B, Smith, J. R. Smith, Pennington [sic\ Jonea, 
McDowell, Fothergill, Moore, Vaughan.) 

Captain W. Jones' (of Philadelphia) Queries, and W. 
Jones' (of C. E., of Calcutta) Replies, relative to the roofing 
and stuccoing uses of East India Chunum^ or Mirton ; 
strength of East India timber, &c., read and referred to 
Jones, Cloud and Latrobe. 

Communication by F. R. Hassler, that meteoric Stones 
have not fallen from the Moon ; referred to Cloud, Seybert, 

Librarian directed to report on the Catalogue. 

1808. July 15. (Patterson; Barton, Seybert, Fother- 
gill, Jones, Cloud, Collins, Du Ponceau, Peale, Gibson, La- 
trobe, J. R. Smith, J. B. Smith, Vaughan.) 

Committee on Jones' paper continued. 

Librarian desired to report the state of the Catalogue. 

Committee on Barton's paper on Amphibia desired to re- 
port at next meeting. 

Letter from D. B. Warden that he had sent Lasteyrie's 
works and other books, " which appear to have miscarried." 

A Pneumatic Machine, made at Paris, to show heat by 
compression, was exhibited by Captain Jones ; M. Perrier 
the owner, sent "his idea of the principles of the opera- 
tion ;" referred to Jones, Cloud and Patterson, to experiment 
with it " on the spontaneous explosion of artillery." 

Election of two new members : Horace Binney ; and Rev. 
W. Staughton, D.D., both of Philadelphia. 

1808. Aug. 19. (Patterson, Du Ponceau, J. B. Smith, 
Fothergill, Peale, Vaughan, Ferrer.) 

Committee on Rules (April 1) was discharged. 

Donations : De Lasterie on Cotton, 1808 and Cossigny on 
Sugar, 4°, pamp. (both by Jefferson, replacing copies sent by 
the authors and lost); Fessenden's Register of Arts. 

Sept.— Oct. 40" 1808. 

Vitrifaction from ancient Fort on Paint Creek, nine miles 
from Chilicothe, presented ; referred to Mr. Cloud. 

Letter of Sam Peters (dated 10 Jan. 1806) to Saml Harri- 
son, Prest. Social Society of Pittsford & Vermont, sent by 
him to Jefferson, giving an account of a live frog found in 
Stone at Hebron, Conn., in 1770 ; referred to Peale. 

Astronomical Observations at Havanah [sic] of the^Commet 
[sic] of September, 1807 ; of two eclipses of the Moon ; of 
four occultations of stars ; calculations of the passage of 
Venus January 3, 1769; Mercury, November 12, 1782; 
Mercury, November 5, 1789 ; annular eclipse of April 3, 
1791 ; communicated by J. J. de Ferrer ; referred to Patter- 
son, Clay and Vaughan. 

1808. Sept. 17.* (Barton ; Jones, Patterson, Duponceau, 
Vaughan, Cloud, Smith, Wistar, Samual Vaughan.) 

Committee on Air Compression fire-making machine re- 
ported a description ; report accepted ; description to be 

Committee on Jones' Queries, reported a communication 
from Latrobe (of the Committee), and requested further 

Donations: Mem. Lit. Port. VII, Lisboa ; Cointeraux's 
Traite, with a letter; referred to Patterson and Du Ponceau 
to answer. 

Horace Binuey acknowledged election. 

1808. Od. 7. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Ferrere [s/c], 
Gibson, Dickerson, Peale, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Barton, 
Fothergill, Henson, Wistar.) 

Ferrere *8 Astronomical Ob.^ervations reported for publica- 
tion. Adopted. 
Report on Hassler's communication accepted. 
Report on Cointeraux's letter accepted. 

•ThA(i«l«. ^;>^ 17, U viiry illNtliiRt In th« inlnntnii, yot, In that ynar, It ini on 
Baturday, The mocllng If h«ld rvgularly nhould boar date Bept, 16. 

Oct.— Nov. 409 , ]gog, 

Peters' communication on the frog, «&c., recommitted to 
Mr. Peale. 

Donations: De Roxas on the Vine, 4**, Madrid, 1807; 
Pharmacopoeia Mass. Med. S. ; Basque Testament, 2 Vols. 
12«, Bajonne, 1777. 

Letter on the migration of the Hirundo rustica, by Dr. 
Darlington, referred to Peale, Gibson and Hewson. 

1808. Oct. 21. (Wistar; J. B. Smith, Dickerson, Ferrere, 
Patterson, Yaughan, Peale, Staughton, James, McDougal, 

Fothergill, Hewson.) 

Wistar reported he had written to Jefferson (see May 6). 

Duponceau, Dickerson and Vaughan to consider the re- 
quest for exchange from La Soc. des Amateurs, &c., Paris. 

Lasteyrie on Cotton havingcome to hand, Jefferson's copy 
was ordered to be returned with thanks. 

Donations: Notice des Travaux de la Soc. des Amateurs 
des Sci. Phys. et Nat. de Paris, Ire Annee, 1807, 8", pam- 
phlet ; Cossigny on Vine culture; Cossigny's Rech. Phy. et 
Chem., 1807; Thomas' Eulogium on Marcus Aurelius, 
trans., 1807; Lasteyrie's Du Cotonier, 1808; Bonfils sur 
la Religion de ses Peres et de nos Peres, 8", Paris, 1808. 

Seybert requested to report on the minerals of the Society. 

1808. Nov. 4. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, Wiley, Dicker- 
son, Duponceau, Gibson, J. R. Smith, Vaughan, Peale, 
McCloud, Duffield, McDougall [in another handwriting 
" McDowell ?"], James, Conover, Fothergill, Hewson.) 

Committee on request for exchange [Oct. 21J continued. 

Seybert requested to report on the minerals at next meet- 

Darlington's paper reported for publication. Accepted. 

Report on Peters' Frog adopted. [No intimation of what 
kind of the report was made. J 

Jones' Queries and Answers reported " worthy of a place 
in the Transactions." Adopted. 

Nov.— Dec. 410 1808. 

Letter of Envoy from Mr. Warden at Paris. Thanks 
ordered " for his attention to the interests of the Society." 

Transactions Asiatic Society, Vol. IX, and letter. 

Base Metrique decimal, Vol. II, with Delambre's letter, as 
Secretary National Institute, Paris. 

Donation of Maps with letter from M. Tardien ; Jeffer- 
son returned Cointeraux's pamphlets, with a Spanish His- 
tory of Yellow Fever at Madrid (already received, Novem- 
ber 26, 1806). Also, 

Dabney's Account of an Eruption on the Island of St. 
George, May, 1808 ; referred to Hewson, Dickerson and J. 
R. Smith. 

Donations; Carte des Etats Unis., four sheets; ditto, re- 
duced ; Carte des Indes Occ, by Tardien ; Lanjuinais' Notice, 
&c,. Alphabet Manchou ; Rapport sur Gall ; Lamoureux's 
Notice sur Willemet; Tapputi's Reflexions, 2d ed., 1807; 
De Lambre's Base du Systeme, II, 1807 ; Transactions So- 
ciety, Bengal ; Asiat. Res. Vol. IX, Calcutta, 1807. 

1808. Nov. 18. (Barton ; Dickerson, Patterson, Gibson* 
Duponceau, Vaughan, Collin, Hewson.) 

Seybert's resignation of appointment to arrange Minerals 
(Feb. 18 and Nov. 18, 1805) accepted. 

Report on Exchange adopted. 

Dabney's paper reported worthy of publication. Adopted. 

Donation: An. Rt. R. Humaiie Soc. for 1808. 

Dunbar's Observations on the Comet of September 12, 
1807 to February 25, 1808 ; read anjl referred to Clay, Pat- 
terson and Ferr6re \_sic]. 

1808. Dec. 2. (Patterson; Duponceau, Collins, J. B. 
Smith, Cloud, Vaughan ; Wistar, Barton, Stoughton, Con- 
over, James, Currie, Hewson.) 

Committee on Dunbar's paper continued. 
Worthington's vitrifaction was rei)()rtod to be " an earthy 
substance, combined with a small portion of iron." 

December. . ^Ai 1808. 

Donations: Gregoire's Lit. des Negres; Rapport sur la 
coupe des bois, 8", 1808 ; Lanjuinais' Notices (three of 

Supplement to Ferrer's paper ; referred to same Com- 

1808. Dec. 16. (Barton; Patterson, J. B. Smith, Du 
Ponceau, Nichols, Dickerson, Peale, W. McClure, J. R. 
Smith, Mease, Seybert, Collin, Hewson and John Yaughan. 

Dunbar's paper reported worthy of publication. 

De Ferrer's \sic] Notes and Astronomical communications 
reported worthy of publication. 

Natural History of Tenessee [sic] in extracts from a letter 
from Rich. P. Rarton to Dr. B. S. Barton ; referred to Pat- 
terson, Peale and Vaughan. 

No candidates for the Magellanic Premium. 

Proposal of Dr. Collin to employ a translator of useful 
periodical papers in possession of the Society ; referred to 
Board of Officers. 

Jefferson " having written to the Vice Presidents de- 
clining a re-election," the letter was ordered on the min- 
utes, " but the Society declined acting upon it." [The letter 

follows, occupying half a page.] 

Washington, Nov. 30, 1808. 

To the V. Pre$ident8 of the Am. Phil. Socp. Philnd. 

Being to remove within a few montha from my present residence, to one 
still more distant from the seat of the meetings of the Am" Phil. Soc. I 
(eel it a duty no longer to obstruct its service by keeping from its chair 
members whose position, as well as qualifications, may enable them to dis- 
charge its duties with so much more effect ; begging leave therefore to 
withdraw from the Presidency of the Society, at the close of the present 
terra, I avail myself of the occasion gratefully to return my thanks to the 
Socy for the repeated proofs they have been pleased to give of their favor 
and confidence in me, & to assure them, in retiring from the honourable 
station in which they have been pleased so long to continue me, that I 
carry with me all the sentiments of an aSectionate member & faithful ser- 
vant of the Society — asking the favor of you to make this Communication 
to the Society. I beg leave to tender to each of you personally the assur- 
ances of my great esteem & respects. 

Signed Tho. Jeffekson. 

January. 4:U IS09 

1809. Jan. 6. Betioeen 2 and 5 p. m. (Patterson, Dick- 
erson, Duponceau, Tilghman, Collins, Jones, Jno. Vaughan, 
Stoughton, Collin, Barton, James.) 

Collin, Duponceau, Patterson, Judges; Vaughan, Clerk. 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Patterson, Barton. 

Secretaries — James, Hewson, Chapman. 

Counsellors — Collin, Ellicott, Rush, Tilghman. 

Counsellor for 2 years^vice Shippen, deceased — J. B. Smith. 

Curators — Peale, Hare, J. R. Smith. 

Treasurer — Jno. Vaughan. 

A tax on the ground-rent held for the Magellanic Fund 
having for the first time been laid, a Committee to memor- 
ialize the Legislature was appointed: Tilghman, Du Pon- 
ceau, Dickerson. 

1809. Jan. 20. (Duponceau ; Tilghman, McDowell, J. 
B. Smith, Brigs [sic], Vaughan, Collins, J. R. Smith, Peale, 
Patterson, Wylie, Binney, Nichols, James, Dickerson.) 

Committee reported the draft of a Memorial " praying 
that the said ground-rents may be exempted from taxes,'' 
which was read and adopted, and the Committee instructed 
to present it to the Legislature, "and to take the most 
effectual means to procure its favorable reception & the paa- 
8age of a law in conformity" with its prayer. 

Donations: Bowditch's Navigator, 2d edition, 1807. 

Jefferson's letter accepting election, read. 

" On the Geology of the U. S. explanatory of a geological 
map of the U. 8. by Wm. McCluro ;" map and paper re- 
ferred to Barton, Collins and Dickerson. 

A communication on geological subjects from Rob. Wil- 
liams, of North Carolina, was read in part and postponed. 

" On the best angles for sails of a wind mill ;" and on find- 
ing the roots of equations by Logarithms ; both by Jno. 

February. 41d I809, 

Garnet, of New Brunswick, New Jersey ; were referred to 
Patterson, McDowell and J. R. Smith. 

A communication from Ch. Creswell was read. 

Election of two new members : Ross Cuthbert, of Lower 
Canada ; Joel Barlow, of District of Columbia. 

John Yaughan elected Librarian for the year. 

Treasurer's accounts referred to Gibson and Dickerson. 

1809. FeVy 3. (Williams ; J. B. Smith, Peale, Collins, 
J. R. Smith, Mr. Hare, Wylie, Vaughau, Dickerson, 
McDowell, Collin, Allison, Dr. Hare, Chapman, Nichols. 

McClure's Geology of United States reported and ordered 
to be published in the Transactions. 

Donations : " A collection of scarce & interesting tracts, 
written in England by persons of eminence," 1763-1770, 4 
Vols., 8% from Thos. Stretch. 

Williams' geological paper was continued, and "the read- 
ing of the residue dispensed with." 

On a collection of Bones found at Bigbone Lick, procured 
at the expense of Mr. Jefferson, by Dr. Wistar; read and 
referred to Barton, Peale and McDowell. 

1809. Feh'y 17. (Duponceau ; Colin [sic], McDowell, 
Staughton, Hewson, Wistar, James, Col. Williams, Tilgh- 
man, J. B. Smith, Vaughan, J. R. Smith, Nichols, Dicker- 

Board of Officers reported, recommending "that a sura not 
exceeding [ ] dollars be appropriated for translating 

from eminent German books .... such pieces or extracts 
as are not already translated into French or English & are 
most beneficial to this Country ; and that a committee," &c. 
Consideration of report postponed. 

Garnet's papers reported and ordered for the Transactions. 

Donations: Med. Mus., Vols. IV, V ; Manoeuvres of Horse 
Artillery, translated by Col. Williams from the original of 
Kosciusko, N. Y., 1808; Short Essay, Milit. Constitu. of 

March— April. 414 1809 

Nations (3 copies), 1808 ; Bills of Mortality, Portsmouth, 
N. H., 1808 ; spec, of clay from Amboy ; 3 specs, copper ore 
from mouth of Perkiomen. 

Deaths and Diseases of Philadelphia, January 1, 1808- 
1809, from the Board of Health, ordered to be published in 
the Transactions. 

1809. March 3. (Ool. Williams ; McDowell, Mease, Chap- 
man, Hewson, Bolman, Cooper, Collins, Peale, Vaughan, 
Paterson [sic], Nichols, Dickerson.) 

Donations: Bowditch's Obs. of Comet [sic\^ of 1807 ; Per- 
sian Lyrics, 4", 1800, Manchester ; Malay Diet. ; Haiiy'p. 
Memorial sur I'Arragonite. 

Model and description of Steering apparatus, offered for 
Extra Magellanic Premium, and referred to Board of Offi- 

1809. March 17. (Col. Williams ; Allison, Mease, J. B. 
Smith, J. R. Smith, Vaughan, Peale, Dickerson.) 

Wistar's paper on Bigbone Lick fossils " having been acci- 
dentally lost," librarian ordered to advertise for it in some 
one of the public papers. 

Donations: Michaux's Voyage a I'Guest, &c., 8°, Paris, 

1809. Aj)ril 7. (Col. Williams ; Oapt. Jones, Dr. Mease, 
Mr. Collins, Mr. Vaughan.) 

Steering apparatus: Report of Board of Officers to grant a 
prize of $20 for it, to be considered at next meeting. 
Donation: Sir W. Jones' Misc. Works, 2 Vols. 

1809. Afril 21. (Dr. Allison ; Patterson, Mease, Du- 
pODt, Fothorgill, Latrobe, Nichols, Wylic, Collins, Vuughan, 
Wistar, Peale, Duponceau, Cliui)nmn, J. R. Smith, J. B. 
Smith, Dickerson.) 


415 1805. 

Donations: Fournier's Man. typographique, 2 Vols., 12*, 
1764; Arejulo's Fiebre amarilla, 1807 ; Maskelynes Lo^a- 
rithm8,fol. 1792 ; Instructions, Arnold's chronometers ; Lid- 
del's Seamen's Vade Mecum, 1794 ; De Tuesac's Flora Antil- 
larura, I; fol., Paris, 1808. 

Steering apparatus: " Nauticus ;" Report of Board of 
Officers considered and adopted ; $20 or a gold medal 
awarded to James Humphries, Jr., of the county of Philar 

Election of eight new members: Silvain Godon, of Phila- 
delphia; G. W. Featherstonhaugh, of New York; Rev. G. 
B. Warden, of New York; Dr. R. M. Patterson, of Phila- 
delphia ; Thomas Moore, of Maryland ; Hon. James Win- 
throp, of Cambridge, Massachusetts ; Nat. Bowditch, of 
Salem, Massachusetts; Jean Andr^ Michaux, of Paris. 

Taylor's Log. Tables lent to Mr. Garnet " till called for." 

1809. May h. (Patterson; Collins, Godon, Nichols, Dick- 
erson, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith, Vaughan, Hare ; Wistar, 
Fothergill, Dr. Patterson, Collin, Chapman.) 

Three dilatory committees ordered to report. 

Donations: Drayton on Inversion of the Uterus, 1809 ; 
Rush on the Omentum. 

" On the substances which constitute the mineral Soil of 
the environs of Boston," by Godon ; a memoir which he 
had recently presented to the Academy of Boston. Thanks 

Meteorological Register kept at the Cape of Good Hope, 
by J. Emslie, Jr. ; referred to J. B. Smith, Vaughan and 

1809. May 19. (Patterson ; Cloud, J. B. Smith, Vaughan, 
Fothergill, Dr. Patterson, Chapman.) 

The three Committees not reporting, the Librarian " to 
acquaint them that the Society was highly dissatisfied at 

June— July. 416 I809. 

their inattention and commanded them to report at the 
next meeting." 

Royal Library, Milan, solicited exchanges ; letter referred 
to Vaughan and Patterson. 

Government paying off its 8 per cent, the Treasurer was 
authorized to reinvest the $200 Ritteuhouse Fund Stock in 
U. S. 6 per cent stock. 

1809. Jane 16. (Patterson; Fothergill, McClure, Du 
Ponceau, Godon, J. B. Smith, Vaughau.) 

Librarian had mistaken the evening, and omitted the 
usual notices to members. Adjourned to June 23, at 7 

1809. June 23. Adjourned Meeting. (Patterson ; Cloud, 
McClure, B. Allison, Duponceau, J. B. Smith, Colins,Peale, 
Godon, Vaughan.) 

Bequest; The Librarian reported that Dr. Woodhouse, 
late Professor Chemistry University of Pennsylvania, having 
bequeathed to the Society his Collection of Minerals^ he had 
received the same. Ordered that a receipt be sent to the 
Executors, and an Extract of the Will preserved. 

Donations: Specimen of Zinc rolled at between 212° and 
300° F. from Mr. Usud (?), " under whose directions the 
operation was performed," the first zinc rolled in America. 
SjKJcimen of Phosphate of lime from Merciu. 

"On a combination of Palladium with Gold," by Mr. 
Cloud ; referred to Godon, Collins, Patterson, with power to 
publish (per Mr. Vaughan). 

Addition to McClure's pajjer of January 20; referred to 
former Committee with Godon and Seybort added, with 
power to publish (per Mr. Vaughan). 

1809. July 21. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, McClure, Cloud, 
Fothergill, Peulo, Du Ponceau, Nichols, Dickerson.) 

Mr. Vaughon (prevented by sudden indisposition) wrote 

Aug.— Sept. 417 1809. 

that the Committees on Cloud's and McClure's papers had 
judged them well worthy of publication, and that he had 
placed them in the printer's hands. 

Donations : Accura's Mineralogy, 1809 ; Connoisance des 
Temps, 1808-'9. 

Improvement in propelling Boats, turning Mills, «&c., in 
tide water, without a fall for mill wheels, by II. Yoight ; 
not offered for publication ; ordered to be preserved. 

Barlow and Featherstonehaugh acknowledge election. 

1809. ^w^. 18. (Patterson; Fothergill, Collins, Du Pon- 
ceau, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith, Dr. Allison, Vaughan.) 

Donations: (From the N'at. Inst.) 1 Vol. Mem. Sav. Etran. 
4% 1805; 3 Vols. Mem. S. et A. Vol. V; 1 Vol. Math. V., 
1806; 2 Vols. 1806-'7 ; 2 Vols. 1807-8 ; 2 Vols. Base du Sys 
temeMetrique, 1806-'7 ; (from the authoi-s) Brisseau-Mirbel's 
Expos. 2d ed., 1809; Callet's Tables of Log., 1809; Lastey- 
rie's Hist. Acad., 1786 ; Pictet's Bib. Brit. 303-308, 311- 
312, 1808-'9 ; Clener's engravings of Etruscan Vases, and 
Warden's descriptions; Present state of I^. Scotia, 1787. 

Librarian reported that M. Michaux had obtained the 
completion of the French journals, and that he had im- 
ported for the Society : Brongniart's Traits Elem. Min. 2 
Vols., 1807; Bronchant's 2 Vols, with plates, 1808; Ilauy's 
Traite Elem. de Physique, 2 ed., 1809 ; and Bertholet's Essai 
de Stat. Chira., 2 Vols., 1808. 

1809. Sept. 15. (Barton ; Patterson, McDowell, Jones, J. 
B. Smith, Legaux, J. R. Smith, Vaughan, Fothergill, Con- 
over, James.) 

Donations: Publications respecting the Del. and Ches. 
Canal, from Josh. Gilpin ; 7 Nos. Portfolio N. S. 

" Analysis of the Nicotiana latifolia," by Vaquelin, trans- 
lated by Warden ; referred to Conover, James and Cloud. 


Oct.— Nov. '^18 1809. 

1809. Oct, 6. (Pattei*8on; Yaughan, Duponceau, Col- 
lins, J. R. Smith ; Barton, McDowell, Conover, James, 
Wistar, Hewson.) 

Donations: Chapman's Speeches, Vols. I and Y; Coxe's 
Phila. Med. Diet. ; Gass' Journal, 12mo, Pittsburgh, 1807. 

Table for computing the Moon's motion, by Lambert; in 
a letter from Jefferson ; referred to Garnet, Patterson and J. 
R. Smith. 

[Note here : " Donations to this period inserted in Yol. 
YI, p. 2d," i. e., of the Transactions.] 

1809. Oct. 20. (Wistar ; and 11 others.) 

Donations: Watteville'sHist. Conf. Helv., 1768; McClue's 
trans, of Cath. II's educational establishments, 2 Yols.,12% 
1775 ; Les Instructions do Catharine II, 1769 ; Yo^'ages en 
Tartare, 2 Yols., 4% 1729; Mem. et Obs. Geog. 4, 1765; 
Tnrgot's Works, 8 Yols., 8% 1809 (Yol., I wanting). 

Jas. Winthrop acknowledges his election. 

Journal of Meteorological Observations in Arkansas, 1805- 
1808, by J. B. Treat in a letter from Jefferson. 

The Met. papers in possession of the Soc. were referred 
to Patterson, Dickerson, J. R. Smith, Duponceau, Yaughan, 
Collins, Gibson, Cloud, Mease, Stoughton, Allison, James 
and HewsdVi, to abstract for publication. 

1809. Nov. 8. (Wistar; Godon, Staughton, and 10 

Report of Committee on translation of Nicotiana latifolia^ 
not accepted. Recommitted to Godon, Duponceau and 

Donations: Various publications from the Dublin Society. 

"Ex|>oriment8 on crude Platinum and a now process for 
separating Paliudium k Uhodium," by Jos. Cloud, read and 
jcferred to Oonorcr, Godon and Collins. 

Nov.-Dec— Jan. 419 1809— IHIO. 

1809. Nov. 17. (Patterson ; and 6 others.) 

Committee on Cloud's paper continued by request. 
Donations : Several recent publications. 

1809. Dec. 1. (Barton ; and 6 others.) 

Drawing of improved open and close stoves, invented by 
H. Voight; ordered to be placed on tile. 

1809. Dec. 15. (Dr. Collin ; and 11 others.) 

Cloud's memoir on Platinum reported for publication. 

Elmslie's Meteorological Journal at the Cape of Good 
Hope ; Committee recommended its reference to the Me- 
teorological Committee. So ordered. 

No papers for the Magellanic premium. 

Donation : Rios' Navigation Tables, 2d ed., 1809. 

1810. JarCy 5. Between 2 and 5 p. m, (Barton ; Chap- 
man, Allison, J. B. Smith, Wylie, Staughton, Collin, Pat- 
terson, McDowell, Bolman, Duffield, Dupont, Vaughan.) 

Collin, Allison, Chapman, Judges ; Vaughan, Clerk. 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 
Vice-Presidents — Patterson, Wistar, Barton. 
Secretaries — James, Hewson, Chapman, Allison. 
Councillors — DuPonceau, Williams, Dickerson, White. 
Councillor for 1 year — Seybert (vice Woodward, deceased). 
Curators — Peale, Hare, J. R. Smith. 
Treasurer — Vaughan. 

1810. Jan'y 19. (10 present.) 

Donations : Camper's Works, with a letter from his son 
(CEuvres, 8 Vols. 8°, and Vol. Plates, Paris, 1808; also 
Letter to Cuvier on the Maestrich fossils, 4 ) ; on the Upas ; 

Feb.— March. 4J0 • isio. 

De llsle'a Christalograpliie, 4 Vols, 8", 2d ed., 1783 ("The 
Society already possess models of the Christals"), and four 
other publications. 

Tables for computing Lunar Long., &c., and to find the 
Moon's hourly velocity, by W. Lambert ; referred to Garnet, 
Patterson and J. R. Smith. 

An account of sundry inventions in a letter from Jos. 

Jane Aitken's proposal to reprint Transactions Vols. I, IT, 
III, referred to J. R. Smith and Yaughan. 

The printers having refused to advertise the meetings 
gratis, the Librarian had discontinued the advertisement. 

Mr. Vaughan chosen Librarian. 

1810. Feb'y 2. (Barton ; Briggs, Godon and 11 others.) 

Jefferson accepts the presidency by letter. 

" An attempt to explain the origin of meteoric stones," 
by Dr. Spalding, of New Hampshire; read and referred to 
Hare, Cloud and Dickerson. 

Donations: Howell's map of Pennsylvania; Perthes' 
Carte hydro, de Pologne. 

1810. Feb'i/ 16. (Patterson ; and 15 others.) 

Treasurer's accounts referred to Dickerson and Gibson. 
(Gibson going out of town, J. R. Smith substituted.) 

Ref)ort on Sjjaulding's memoir laid on the table. 

Donation from M. Michaux of an Agricultural report. 

"Early Obs. on the Seasons &c. in the Swedish Settle- 
ments on the Delaware," chiefly translated from the records 
of the Swedish Missionaries, being the commencement of a 
memoir to be completed at a future meeting," was read by 
Dr. Collin. 

Invitation to an Eulogium on Dr. Woodhouse received 
from the Medical Society, for February 21 st. 

1810. March 2. (Patterson ; an.l II <>( hers.) 
Donation of two nam [)li lets. 

March— April. ^^'^ MIO. 

1810. March 16. (Patterson ; and 7 others.) 

Auditing Committee reported on hand Dec. 31, 1808: 
£85 •• 10 •• 1, on General Account ; £202 •• 15 •• 6 Magellanic 
Fund ; £25 •• •• 11 Rittenhouse Fund. And Dec. 31, 1809 : 
£49 •• 12 •• 2 ; £267 - 17 " 6 ; £26 - 10 •• 11. 

Treasurer authorized, " with the approbation of M' Pat- 
terson," to invest the surplus of the Magellanic Fund in 
some productive stock of the United States. 

Treasurer stated that Mrs. Searjant [sicj and Mrs. Waters, 
Ex. of Rittenhouse, requested conference on the business of 
the Observatory trust. " Previous to a decision the Society 

1810. April 6. (Barton; and 12 others.) 

Donations: Letters from Europe, 2 Vols, Phila., 1805, 
presented by Jos. Sansom ; 3 Silver medals illustrative of 
the Hist. Amer. Revol. designed by J. Sansom and engraved 
by J. Reich, presented by Sansom. 

Patterson deposited the Plan of a Rule to determine how- 
many 1000 ems or squares are in a page of any sized type 
from Pica down to Diamond, by S. H. Saunders, Jr. 

Two letters from W. Lambert to R. Patterson read ; Lam- 
bert permitted to withdraw his paper ; his letter of March 
25 referred to Patterson, J. R. Smith and Collins. 

Mrs. Sargeant [sic], and Hester Waters' request that the 
Observatory and ground be reconveyed to them "for certain 
reasons .... offering .... to present to the Soc. the 
Transit Instruments and the Clock, together with the 
Money bequeathed by M" Rittenhouse for keeping the 
Building in repair" was read, and with all other papers re- 
lating to the same subject referred to Patterson, Vaughan 
and Wistar. 

1810. April 20. (Patterson ; McDowell, Allison, J. B. 
Smith, Robert Hare, Jr.,Drs. Barton, Mease, Conover, Chap- 

May-June. 4^^ 1«10. 

The Committee "having taken the opinion of Council 
[sic] learned in the law," recommend the following resolu- 

"Resolved, That the Soc. accede to the request of Mrs. Sergeant & Mrs. 
Waters .... and a Com. be applied to make the reconveyance .... 
and to receive .... the Instruments . . . ." 

Adopted ; and the same Committee appointed. 

Clock : " The same Com. were directed to set up the As- 
tronomical Clock & Transit Instrument .... in some 
proper position in the Hall of the Society, and fix a meridian 
mark, and .... ascertain by actual measurement the exact 
bearing & distance or difference of Lat. & Long, of the new 
Scite isic] of the Instrument, from that which it now occu- 

1810. May 4. (Patterson ; and 11 others.) 
Donations: Ilistoire du Japan, 6 Vols., 1754; and pam- 

"On Paper obtained from the Liber of Moras mby-a" by 
Mr. Godon (specimens exhibited) was read and referred to 
Barton, Ilewson and James. 

1810. May 18. (Wistar; and 6 others.) 

Report of Board of Ofiicers recommending the publication 
of the Laws, ordered to lie on the table. 

Donation: Cat. Lib. R. Inst. G. B., 8°, 1809. 

" Directions for making such observations on land as will 
furnish sufficient data for finding the Lat. & Long, without 
the aid of any other Instrument than a good common watch 
k such other appanitus as any person may readily procure or 
even make for hiinsolt," read by Mr. Patterson, and referred 
to J. R. Smith, Allison and Clay. 

1810. June lb. (Burton ; and 12 others.) 
Gmlon's paper rei)ortod worthy of publication in the next 

July to October. '^'"" 1810. 

Warden's acknowledgment of election, Paris, February 
10, read. 

Donations : Various French publications ; and Iiiaug. 
Dissertations from Upsal. 

Description and analysis of Meteoric Stone which fell at 
Weston, Connecticut, December 4, 1807, by D. B. Warden ; 
read and referred to Godon, Cloud and Collins. 

1810. July 20. (Patterson ; and 15 others.) 

On a new plan of a Steam Engine for propelling boats on 
rivers like the Susquehanna, by Isaac A. Chapman, of 
Wilkesbarre (per Dr. Mease), was read. 

Plan of a Saw Mill, in a letter from M. du Jarreau to Jef- 
ferson, was referred to DuPonceau, Patterson and Gibson. 

Election of six new members: Geo. Gibbes, of Boston, late 
of Rhode Island; Wm. Johnson, of Charleston, South Caro- 
lina (one of the Judges Supreme Court, United States) ; 
Humphrey Davy, of London ; David Hosack, of New York ; 
John Ilaighton, M.D., of London ; J. H. Briuton, of Phila- 

1810. Aug. 17. (Patterson ; and 10 others.) 

Warden's paper reported and ordered for the Transactions. 

Committee on the reconveyance reported execution. 

Committee on du Jarreau's paper. Report accepted. 

Donations: Mem. Conn. Acad. L, i ; Sundry Specimens 
of minerals found in the neighborhood of Quebec, referred 
to Collins to report on. 

1810. Sept.2\. (Collin; Vaughan, Nichols, Pennington. 

1810. Oct. 5. (Patterson ; Collins, Brinton, Duponceau, 
Vaughan, Hewson.) 

Auditing Committee reported the following investments 

Oct.— Nov. 4J4 1810, 

of" Magellanic Ballance:" £267 •• 17 •• 7 ($714.34) procured 
(at 65 p. c.) Certificate No. 6175, August 23, 1810, on books 
of Pennsylvania, $1098.99, three per cents. " With the 
$200 Rittenhouse fund they .... purchased No. 6176, 
Aug. 23, 3 per cents stock $307.69." Both registered in the 
name of the Society on the Loan Officer's books of Pennsyl- 

Class of Mathematics National Institute, Paris, ac- 
knowledged the receipt of "the Volume of the Society's 
Transactions.'' Library Company, Philadelphia, acknowl- 
edged VI, ii ; Antiq. S., London, ditto ; Asiatic S. ac- 
knowledged " several numbers of the Philada. Med. Mu- 
seum, and Barton's Supplement of the 3^ Vol." 

Donations: Thomas' Hist, of Printing in America, 2 
Vols., 8", Worcester, 1810 ; Arrowsmith's Map of the World, 
1809 ; Rapport sur les Vaccinations, 1809 ; Dufief's Analy- 
sis; Wilson's Am. Ornithology, Vol I, fol. 1808, Vol. II, 
1810; Spec, of Azure or Phosphated Iron from Monmouth 
Co., N. J. ; Spec, of talc or serpentine from Ncwburyport ; 
Specs, of the French Stereotype with 3 pages of the Mat- 
rices or letters from which they are formed. 

1810. Od. 19. (Barton ; and 6 others.) 
No quorum for election of new members. 

1810. Nov. 2. (Patterson ; and 6 others.) 

Donations: An. Obs., Turin ; Am. An. Register, Vol. VI; 
"An east prospect of the city of Philadelphia taken by Geo. 
Ilcap from the Jersey Shore, under the direction of Nicholas 
Scull, Surv. Gon. Province of Pcnn. about the year 1752." 

Invitation from tlio Academy of Fine Arts, to Annual 
Oration on the 19th* in the evening. Treasurer ordered to 
notify the monibers to assofMbie, and to "go in a body 
from the Hall to the Academy." 

•TbUdftUlialUredand wrllUn over; ll may Ixi llio Ulli, I'llli or l.illi. 

Nov.— Dec— Jan. 4_iO 1810—1811. 

1810. Nov. 16. (Patterson ; and 8 others.) 

Donation : Ramsay's Hist. S. C. 

Observations at Lancaster on the Solar Eclipse of Apyil 
14, 1809, and Lunar Eclipse of April 29, in a letter from A. 
Ellicott, read ; to be continued. 

Committee to remove the Rittenhouse instruments were 
authorized to invite Mr. Ellicott to assist, and to pay his 

1810. Dec. 7. (Patterson ; and 9 others.) 

Donations : Duponceau's Trans, of Van Bynkershoek's 
Treatise on War; Trans. S. of Arts, London, Vol. 27 ; Stat, 
of Cork Co. ; Trans. Dublin S., Vol. VI; Librarian ordered 
to purchase De Bournon's Mineralogie, 3 Vols, 4°. 

1810. Dec. 21. (Patterson; Vau^han, Gibson, J. B. 
Smith, Nichols, Collins, Dupont de Nemours, C. W. Peale, 
Wistar, James, Ilewson.) 

Ellicott's Eclipse Observations reported worthy of publi- 
cation in the Transactions. 

Donations: Thompson's Chemistry, 1810; Archseologia, 
XVI, i ; a printed drawing and description of Sacket's Ma- 
chine for ascending River Rapids, " offered to the publick," 
and sent from Lancaster by T. Green. 

Auditing Committee appointed : Gibson, J. R. Smith. 

1811. Jairi'y 4. Between 2 and 5 p. m. (Duponceau; Bar- 
ton, Ellicott, Conover, Chapman, Collin, Vaughan.) 

Barton, Ellicott, Collin, Judges ; Conover, Clerk. 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 
Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Barton, Patterson. 
Secretaries — James, Ilewson, Chapman, Allison. 
Counsellors — Seybert, J. B. Smith, Gibson, Brinton. 
Curators — J. R. Smith, Collins, Hare. 
Treasurer — Va ughan. 

Jan— Feb. "^-t) 1811. 

1811. Jan'y 18. (Patterson, Wistar, Barton, Vice-Presi- 
dents ; Collins, Daponceau, Cloud, Godon, Vauojhan, Nichols, 
JX- B. Warden, Ellicott, Short, Tilghraan, J. R. Smith, Drs. 
Collin, Conover, Mease, Allison, James.) 

Dr. Collin read further extracts from Swedish records. 

Rittenhouse Committee reported procuress in removing the 
instruments, although obstructed by bad weather. 

Donations : [List of French pamphlets, &c., sent by various 

Election of five new members: John Mason Good, F.R.S., 
of London ; Rev. "W. Beutley, of Salem, Massachusetts ; A. 
Vauquelin, Paris ; John Davis, Secretary American Acade- 
my, Boston ; Charles J. Wistler, of Philadelphia. 

1811. Feb'y 1. (Barton, Patterson ; Pennington ; Mat- 
lack, J. B. Smith, J. R. Smith, Mease, Fothcrgill, C. Wistar, 
Short, Nichols, Hare, Ellicott, Godon, Gilpin, Vaughan.) 

Account of an Open Stove, read by Matlack; was referred 
to Patterson, Pennington and Hare. 

Facts and Observations concerning the Natural Turnpike 
supposed to have been the Ancient Southern Margin of Lake 
Ontario, read by Dr. Barton, to be " ultimately" left with 
the Society. 

Jefterson acknowledged his reelection. 

Mr. Godon permitted to give a course of lectures on Min- 
eralogy in the Room occupied by the Collection of Minerals^ if 
the College of PhysiAans made no objection, 

Mr. Rob. Williams, of North Carolina, having written 
concerning his communication, the Committee had two 
meetings (January 20, February 8), at which it was read. 
On motion it was read again, and the Secretary directed to 
inform Mr. W. that it ronmined on file. 

1811. Feb*y 15. (Wistar, Barton, I'attorson ; Vico-Prosi- 
dents, Measre. Godon, Jones, Wistor [.v/c], Vaughan, J. B. 
Smith ; Dra. Gurrio, Mease.) 

March— April. ^"* 1811. 

Donations : Dufief s French Dictionary ; Drawings of 
Galvin's Windlass; specs, of Saba sulphur ; and pamphlets ; 
and an account of Perkin's new copperplate presses. 

Dr. Barton read notes on the Generation of Fishes, to be 
left with the Society hereafter. 

Librarian to report on papers for publication now on 

1811. March 1. (Patterson ; Collins, Qodon, Matlack, 
Wistar, Nichols, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Drs. Fothergill, 
Chapman, Mease, Ilewson.) 

Librarian was allowed further time. ( Vide Feb. \bth.) 
Donation : Voyages of La Peyrouse. 

1811. MarchlA* (Patterson ; and 9 others.) 
Donations : Potocki's Chronologic ; Wilson's American 

Ornithology, Vol. Ill, F. 

Captain Jones' paper on Lead cartridges was referred to 

Patterson, Cloud and Matlack. 

1811. Aprils, (Wistar; and 12 others.) 

Committee on Jones' paper reported it worthy of publica- 
tion by the United States War and Navy Departments. 

Report and subsequent letter from Capt. Jones to be filed, 
and paper forwarded to Washington. 

Donations: Hosack's treatise on the Elgin Botanic Gar- 
den and its disposal to the State of New York. 

Bust of Jefferson: Vaughan and Patterson a Committee 
to request Mrs. Sergent \sic] to permit the removal of " the 
bust of M'- Jefferson in her possession to our Hall." 

Dr. Fred. Ridgeley's communication to Dr. Rush on the 
Saltpetre " Mammoth" Cave, with a sketch of the same, 
was referred to Collins, Wistar and Godou. 

♦This date, although clearly written In the minutes, must be an error for 
March 15th, as the 14th fell on Thursday, 

April— May. 428 jgH. 

1811. April 19. (Patterson ; and 6 others.) 

Librarian reported sending Jones' paper to Washington. 

Donation from T. Matlack, a small (imperfect) Roman 
MS. Breviary. 

Nathan Sellers' model and description of his " new & 
simple Drawgate ('Rolling Draw Gate'), applied to water- 
wheels," were referred to Patterson, Mease and Yaughan. 

1811. May Z. (Patterson ; and 9 others.) 

Committee on Seller's Drawgate reported it for publica- 
tion in the next Vol. Transactions, and recommended its 
earlier publication. Committee authorized to print it in the 

Letters of acknowledgment from Wm. Eustis, Secretary 
War U. S. (Jones' paper); and Asiatic Society, Calcutta, 
December 6, 1810 (YI, ii Transactions). 

Donation from Dr. Conover ; a plan of the City of Ger- 
many, in Somerset county, Pennsylvania. 

1811. May 17. (Patterson ; and 15 others.) 

Report of Committee on Mammoth Cave laid over, in 
view of expected further communication. 

Librarian was granted further time. 

Donation from M"^- Wm. Jones, of Calcutta; a marble 
imago of Ganesa, described in Asiatic Res. p. 226. " Captain 
Jones left it to the Society to determine whether this image 
ahould be placed in the Societies' [sic] museum or in the col- 
lection of the Academy of Arts. Resolved^ that it can not 

be better placed than in the Museum " Tlianks 

voted to " Capt. Wra. Jones & also to Mr. Wm. Jones of Cal- 
cutta." Ruaolved^ that a complete Set of Trans, be sent to 
Mr. Jones. Resolved^ that Captn. Jones, Mr. C. Wistar 
and Mr. Godon procure information desired by him relative 
to the best mode of raukiiig Tar; Com. to distribute the 
goedfl iont by W. Jones; Jones, Collins, Mease, to distribute 

June— July— Aug. ^^^ 1811. 

Further Donations : Rock Salt, minerals, mammoth tooth 
and a pamphlet, all from Don Pedro de la Lastra from S. Fe 
de Bogota. Also, a description of the Ast. Obs. there, in 
charge of F. I. de Caldas who seeks correspondence with As- 
tronomers in the United States. 

Lambert's letter respecting his supposed discovery of an 
error in Ellicot's Longitude of Washington, was deposited 
in the Library. 

1811. June 21. (Patterson ; and 8 others.) 
Librarian directed to give an account of the papers judged 
worthy of publication, as well as of those adjudged to be so 
which the authors have not left in the possession of the So- 

Historical Committee : 

" ResoUed, On the motion of M'. Du Ponceau, that a Com. be appointed 
to report & devise a plan for organizing a Com. or branch of this Society 
for malting researches into & collecting materials for the History of the 
United States & of Pennsylvania in particular or any other plan for ac- 
complishing the same object. 

"Resolved, That the Board of Officers be the Committee .... to report 
in one month." 

Dr. Barton exhibited a large and perfect claw of the Me- 
gatherium found in a Nitre Cave in Tennessee, at the foot of 
Cumberland mountain. 

Donations: Chinese almanac 1810; and two pamphlets. 

1811. July 19. (Barton ; and 10 others.) 

Committee on Historical Branch reported plan, but the 
report was referred for a larger meeting. 

Librarian read his list of papers ready for publication ; re- 
ferred to next meeting ; notice to be given to members. 

Donations: Gudin's I'Astronoraie, with a letter; Dupont 
de Nemours' I'Anarchie de la Pologne. 

1811. Aug. 16. (Patterson; Duponceau, Matlack, Godon, 
Smith, Nichols, Vaughan, Drs. Mease & Hewson.) 
Donations: Translation of Gregoire's Litellectual and 

Sept.— Oct.— Nov. 4o0 1811. 

Moral faculties and literatures of Nepjroes, Brooklyn, 8**, 

1811. Sept. 20. (Barton ; and 16 others.) 

•Bust of Jefferson : Committee reported success (vide April 
5); the bust had been obtained, bronzed and placed in the 

Donations: Mem. de I'lnst. and pamphlets. 

Society Scot. Antiquities, acknowledged receipt of YI, ii. 

J. D. Clifford's letter to Dr. Barton respecting the Mam- 
moth Cave, read. Specimens not yet received. Extract 
from a letter requested for publication. 

Jefferson sent a duplicate of Gudin's poem I'Astronomie. 
Ordered to be returned with thanks. 

"The same letter contained some important remarks rela- 
tive to an universal standard of weights & measures ;" re- 
ferred to Patterson, J. R. Smith and Allison. 

1811. Oct. 4. (Wistar; and 5 others.) 
Donation : CEuvres de Turgot. 

1811. Oct. 18. (Patterson ; and 9 others.) 

Donation: Rerausat's Essai sur la langue Chinoise, 1811. 

1811. NoikX. (Patterson; Matlack, Nichols, Vaughan, 
Fothergill, Collin, Moore, James.) 

Donation: Gay Lusac et Tlienard'a Recherches, 2 Vols., 

1811. Nov. 16. (Barton V Wistar, Collin, Du Ponceau, 
Mstlac [«/c], Vaughan, Nichols.) 

Donations: IFeym's Russian-French Diet., 8 Vols, 4®, 
Mo«50W, 1799, 1801, bound in 1 Vol.; Tarisohoff's French- 
RoBsian Diet., 2 Vols., 8", St. Pet., 1798; Klemons Lang. 
BtMMf 8% 1805 ; Maudru's Elemons, 2 Vols., 8", Paris, I'an 

Dec— Jan. ^^*- 1811—1812. 

X (all sent by Mr. Levitt Harris from St. Petersburg, with 
letter dated 1^7 July, 1811). Also, 

Adelunoj's 4° pamphlet, " Rapport entre da langue San- 
scrit et la langue Russe." St. Petersburg, 1811 ; " from the 
author, whose name is not in the publication, but in M'- 
Harris' letter, of 28 Aug., 9 Sep., 1811." Also, 

Fischer's Onomasticon, 4°, Moscow, 1821, with a letter 
from John Adams, dated St. Pet., 15 Sept., 1811, communi- 
cating Prof. Fischer's wish to become a correspondent of the 
Society. Also, 

Mem. de V Acad. St. Pet. with letter from Secretary 
Fuss. Also, 

Marcel's Chrestomathia Chaldaica and Hebraica, 2 Vols., 
8% Paris, 1803. 

1811. Dec. 6. (Barton ; Nichols, Collins, DuPonceau, J. 
B. Smith, J. Ri Smith, Patterson, Vaughan.) 

Donations from Capn. John Davy : Vopa Deva's Sang- 
skrit Grammar (Moogdhuboodha), 12" ; an extensive Vocab. 
Bengalee- English, 8", Calcutta, 1793 ; W. Carey's Mahratta 
Grammar, 2d ed., Serampore, ]808 ; Bowditch's remarks on 
the comet now visible, and the solar eclipse of 17 Sept., 
1811, at his present residence, Salem, Mass. 

Peak's Museum being entirely removed to the State House^ 
Mr. C. W. Peale requested to be released from his lease, 
" if the Society could otherwise dispose of the house." Re- 
ferred to Patterson, Yaughan and Collins. 

No application for Magellanic Premium. 

1812. Jan'y 3.^ Between 2 and 5 o'clock^ p. m. (Barton, 
Patterson, DuPonceau, Collin, Tilghman, Pennington, 
Nichols, Hare, Yaughan.) 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 
Vice-Presidents — Wistar, Barton, Patterson. 

* No meeting is noted on the minutes as liaving been held Dec. 20, as it regu- 
larly should have been. 

Jan.— Feb. 4dJ lgl2. 

Secretaries — James, Hewson, Chapman, Cloud. 
Curators — J. R. Smith, Collins, Hare. 
Counsellors — Collin, Rush, Tilghman, Ellicot [sic]. 
Treasurer — John Vaughan. 

1812. JarCy 17. (Patterson ; J. B. Smith, DuPonceau, 
Col. J. Williams, Tilghman, Collins, Vaughan, Nichols, 
Gibson, J. R. Smith ; Drs. Collin, Allison, Barton, Coxe, 
Mease, Fothergill, Chapman, James.) 

Donations: Wilson's Am. Ornithology, Vol. lY ; Wis- 
tar'a Anatomy, Vol. I; Smith's Laws of Pa., Vols. I, 11, 
III ; Dobson's Eclectic Repertory, Vol. I, &c. ; DePaykull's 
Monographia Histeroidura ; Equity laws of the Grand 
Duke Yaroslaff, in Rtissian (oldest known code of laws in 
Russia, 1017, A.D.), presented by P. Poletica. 

Peuu's Charter: "Dr. Barton having informed the So- 
ciety that there is in the possession of M''- Joseph Anthony 
of this city the original Charter of Privileges from William 
Penn to the people of the Province of Pennsylvania ; 

"Resolved, That William Tilghman, P. S. Duponceau, «& James Gibson 
Esq" be a Committee to wait upon M'. Anthony & reciuest, on the part of 
the Society, the said Charter to be placed among the Archives of the So- 

Election of three new members : Jos6 Correa do Serra, 
Secretary Royal Society, Lisbon, now residing at Paris ; 
Robert Walsh, Junior, of Philadelphia; Benjamin Allen, 
LL.D., of Philadelphia. 

Librarian elected: John Vaughan. 

1812. Feb'y 7. (Barton ; Allen, and 9 others.) 

The Committee reported that they had obtained the Penn 
Charter, dated October 28, 1701. Thanks to Mr. Anthony 

Committeo on Pealo's lease reported ; report recommit- 
ted ; Duponceau added ; Committee authorized to advertise. 

Feb —March. ^'^«^ 1812. 

Sale of State House Yard : " It having been mentioned 
that the Legislature had appointed a Committee to consider 
of the propriety of selling the State House Yard — 

"Resolved, That J. B. Smith, Wm. Tilghman, Jno. "Vaughan, R. Patter- 
son & B. S. Barton, be a Committee to attend to the Interests of the So- 
ciety should a Sale be determined upon." 

Specimens of Urtica canadensis ? Lin. " which affords 
Hemp," were sent to the Society "by M'- Whitlow who has 
obtained a patent for his discovery, & received great encour- 
agement at Washington." 

Donations : " M""- Seixas presented an impression in paper 
of a die cut by Furst in this city, of his father Gershom M. 
Seixas, on account of its superior execution." 

Communication : " On the Height of the ITew Hampshire 
White Hills taken by Barometrical Measurement ; also a 
statement of the principles of this mode of measurement ;" 
by A. Partridge, Cap. Eng. Referred to Allen, Patterson, 
J. R. Smith. 

1812. FeVy 21. (Patterson; Duponceau, Collins, Mat- 
lack, Vaughan, J. B. Smith, Nicolls \sic'\\ Drs. Allison, 
Allen, Currie, Barton, Hewson, Mease, Conover, James.) 

Legal opinion on the subject of Peale's lease was read, and 
the Committee's report laid over. 

Report of Committee on Partridge's memoir adopted. 

1812. March 6. (Patterson ; Rawle, Sansom, Binney, 
Nichols, Vaughan, Duponceau, Williams, Gibson, Clymer, 
Matlack, J. B. Smith, Hare, J. R. Smith ; Drs. Allen, Bar- 
ton, Allison, Mease, Coxe, Chapman, Wistar, James.) 

Donations: L'Escallier's Grement des Vaisseaux ; Mer, 2 
Vols., 4° ; his Expote .... Guienne, 2d ed. ; Vocab. des 
termes de marine, 3 Vols., 4° ; Larreatique's Desc. bot. du Che- 
ranthodendron ; L'Escallier's Geologic de la Guadaloupe, 4" ; 
L'Escallier's Bakhtiar Nameh, translated, 8°, Paris, 1805 ; 


March.— April. ^di I812. 

L'EscaHler's Climat de Lignrie, 4% 1808 ; Oltmann's Tables 
hjpsometriques, 8°, Paris, 1811 (presented by Baron Hum- 
boldt) ; Clarke on Fevers, 8% Edinburgh, 1801; Barton's 
Elements of Botany, 2d ed., 1812, Vol. I. ; Smith's Laws of 
Pa., Yol. IV; De la Tynna's Almanach du Commerce de 
Paris, 1809. 

Lease : A letter from Jer. Warder, Junior, was read, oiFer- 
ing to lease the vacated Peale rooms for " a Literary society 
now forming." 

Lease of the rooms to Mr. Sully : Report of the Commit- 
tee, adopted, and the Committee empowered to execute a 
lease to Mr. Sully. 

1812. March 20. (Barton ; Abbe Correa de Serra, and 
12 others.) 

Committee on lease to Mr. Sully reported progress. 

Donation : Rock crystal from Madagascar. 

Dr. Alex. Montgomery's letter dated Frankford, Ken- 
tucky, February 25, " describing the Earthquakes that had 
occurred there," was read. 

N. E. room, second story " [called the Printing Room]," 
ordered to be reserved for the use of the Society, in the lease 
to Mr. Sully. 

1812. April 3. (Barton ; Correa de Serra and 9 others.) 

Donations: Pope's Bridge architecture; Trans. Geol. S. ; 
Benezet's Collection of Indian Treaties, Fol" (presented by 
Robt. Proud); Ann. de TObs., Turin (through Consul Rus- 
sell at Paris, with his enclosure of Prof. Kandi's letter). 

"Miss Aikin made a present of the binding of the Co- 
lombiad belonging to the Society." 

1812. April \7. (Wistar; Patterson, Isard, Duponceau, 
Collins, Correa, Nichols, J. 13. Smith, Vauglmn, Mease, 
Burton, Ilewson.) 

May— June-July. ^^'^ •l812. 

Donations: Pamphlets from Edinburgh; Wilson's Orni- 
tholoo^y, Vol. V ; Diaper and Jones' trans, of Oppian's Hali- 
euticks, 8°, Oxford, 1722 (presented by J. Morris); Libozc- 
hitz's Tab. Bot. en Rugsie. 

1812. May 1. (Patterson ; and 11 others.) 

Donations : Gay Lussac'a Recherches, 2 Vols., 8", 1811 ; 
Destutt-Tracy's Elemens d'Ideologie, 3 Vols., 8", 1806; 
Michaux's Hist, des Chines ; Dupuis' Analyse de I'Origine 
de tons les Caltes, 8% Paris, 1804 ; Cabani's Coup d'OEil, 8% 
1804; Cabani's Rapports du Physique, &c., 2 Vols., 8% 1805 ; 
and several pamphlets. 

Librarian directed to prepare a list of papers ready for 

1812. May 15. (Barton ; Collins and Vaughan.) 

1812. June 19. (Barton ; Garnet, Correa, Moore, and 8 

Donations : Tondi's Tab. Syn. d'Oreognosie, 1811 ; Pallas' 
Dicty. 4 Vols., 4**, and other works. 

Communications from Jeft'erson: W. Lambert's letter 
relative to an error in the Nautical Almanac ; Abstract of 
calculations "to ascertain the LongiUide of Washington^ 
which he makes to be 76° 54' 36" ^^ \Ye8t of Greenwich." 
Referred to Patterson, Garnet, Allison. 

A letter from Tim. Alden relative to a Descent in a 
Diving Bell near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and to the 
discovery of some quicksilver in Dover Town, New Hamp- 
shire ; referred to Allison, C611ins, Mease. 

Dr. Barton read a tribute of respect to the memory of the 
late Jonathan Bayard Smith, which was referred to the 
Board of Officers. 

1812. July 17. (Patterson ; Binney, Du Ponceau, Col- 
lin, Gibson, Nichols, McKean,. Yrujo, Hare, Vaughan; 
Drs. Chapman, Fothergill, Parke, James, Hossac, Wistar.) 

Aug.«-Sept.— Oct. 4^t> 1812. 

The report of the Board, was read, recommending that the 
Librarian procure a Book " in which shall be registered the 
Death of their members in the order in which the same shall 
become known to the Society accompanied by such bio- 
graphical accounts of the deceased as may be furnished 
either by order of the Society or voluntarily by an}^ friend 
of the deceased, & that the memoir read by D""- Barton be 
inscribed in said book." Adopted. 

"D""- Hossac of New York read a paper on the laws gov- 
erning the communication of contagious diseases." Referred 
to Wistar, Hewson, Chapman. 

Election of a new member : Mr. Robert Adrain, of New 
Brunswick, New Jersey. 

1812. Aug. 22. (« No quorum.") 

1812. Sept. 18. (Patterson ; Barton, Collin, Mease, Wil- 
liams, Du Ponceau, D. R. Patterson, Vaughan.) 

Donations: (Euvres de Turgot, Vol. I, 8" ; Am. Med. and 
Phil. Register, Vols. I, II, 8". 

Sand and dust thrown up by Eruption of St. Vincent's in 
June, 1812, from Geo. Hallara, of Connecticut, through Tal- 
bot Hamilton. "The vessel on whose deck they fell was 50 
miles from St. Vincent's." Also another specimen irom the 
deck of the Halcr/on, when 80 miles distant ; presented by 
Dr. Betton. 

Minerals from Cornwall, from Mrs. Hannah Barnard, of 
Hudson, New York. 

1812. Oct. 2. (Patterson ; -Barton, Nichols, Williams, 
Mease, Chapman, D. R. Patterson, Vaughan.) 

Donations: Lowber's Ordinances of Phila., 8% 1812; Ila- 
worth'H Synopsis IMantunim, 8", 1812; Flora Batavii, by 
Sepp and Koi«, Nos. 28 to 33 (34 wanting), 85 to 88,^ 4" ; 
Tondi's Tableau ; Synoptique d'Oreognosio, 8", 1811. 

Lava from Mt. Etna, brought by the late General Eaton. 

•DupllcaUM. V 

Oct.— Nov.— Dec. 4*'* 1813. 

1812. Oct. 16. (Wistar; Barton, Patterson, Williams, 
Nichols, Correa, Collins, Collin, Allison, Dr. K Patterson, 
Yaughan, Mease.) 

Donations: Gouan's Hist, des Poissons, 4°, 1770 (with 
Latin version) ; Wilson's Ornith., Vol. VI. 

1812. Nov. 6. (Barton ; R. Patterson, Williams, Correa, 
Nichols, Mease, R. M. Patterson, Vaughan.) 

Librarian reported a list of papers ready for publication. 
All delinquent Committees ordered to report. 

Priestley's Eulogium : Dr. Barton's request for permission 
to withdraw it to be enlarged, and published separately, was 
referred for consideration to the next meeting. 

Donation: Karasmin's Pantheon of the Russian Poets, 
rol°, from M. Svenin, who "added a translation of one of 
the articles ;" Coxe's Emporium of Arts, &c.. Vol. L 

1812. Nov. 20. (R. Patterson; Wistar, Barton, Wil- 
liams, R. M. Patterson, Collins, Collin, Mease, James, Du- 
Ponceau, Vaughan, Nichols.) 

Donations: Lava from Mauritius; Williamson's Hist. N. 
Carolina, 2 Vols., 8% 1812; Trans. R. Swed. Acad., 1806- 

Verbal communication on towing boats, especially with a 
long painter, by Jon. Williams, was ordered to be reduced 
to writing. 

Dr. Barton's request granted. (Vide Nov. 6.) 

1812. Dec. 4. (Wistar; Correa, Matlack, Nichols, 

Hossac's " Observations &c.," reported for publication. 
No paper offered for the Magellanic premium. 
Dr. Barton read " Observations on Phalceena tinea, &c.," 
by J. W. Referred to Correa, Hewson and Collins. 

Dec.— Jan.— Feb. ^^^ 1812—1813. 

1812. Dec. IS. (Barton ; Vaughan, Correa, Hare, Nichols, 
Wistar, Mease, Collin, Dr. Patterson, Hewson.) 

Report on J. W.'s " Observations &c.," laid over. Dr. Bar- 
ton read additional Observations, by J. W". Referred. 
Donation: Henry Lee's Memoirs of the War, 2 Yols., 8°. 

1813. Jan'y 1. Between 2 and 5 p. m. (R. Patterson, Dr. 
B. S. Barton, Mr. Collins, Dr. Chapman, R. M. Patterson, 
Jos. Cloud, J. DeOorrea, Jon*^- Williams, P. S. Du Ponceau, 
Dr. Abercrombie, Dr. Andrews, Jno. Yaughan, Dr. Col- 


President — Thos. Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — R. Patterson, Dr. B. S. Barton, Dr. Wis- 

Secretaries — Dr. T. C. James, Hewson, Chapman, R. M. 

Councillors — White, Du Ponceau, Williams, Binney. 

Councillor for one year, vice J. B. Smith — Ed. Pennington. 

Curators — R. Hare, "Z. Collins, J. R. Smith. 

Treasurer — Jno. Yaughan. 

1813. Jan'y 15. (Mr. Patterson; Collins, Williams, Correa, 
Yaughan, W. Barton, Collin, Allison, Barton, Dr. Patterson, 
James, Hewson, Wistar.) 

Donations: Davy's Elements, I, i, 1812; Cat. Lib. U. S. 
Capitol, 8", 1812. 

Librarian elected : Jno. Yaughan. 

"Improvement on Ship-pumps," presented July 17, 1795, 
was returned to the autlior "at liis particular request," 
through its original presenter, Mr. Patterson. 

1818. Feb'y 5. (Wistar; Binney, Williams, Smitli, 
Nichols, Yaughan, Mease, Hewson.) 

Donations : Ewing's System, 8", 1809 ; Mellish's Travels in 

Feb. to May. ^39 181j. 

U. S. in 1806-1811, with 8 maps, 2 Vols., 8», Phil., 1812, 
presented by the author ; and two pamphlets. 

1813. FeVy 19. (Col. Williams; Vaughan, Collins, 
Correa, Barton, Collin, Currie, Dr. Patterson, Ilewson.) 

Committee on J. W.'s paper on the Beehive Insect (Dec. 
4, 1812), with additional observations by Dr. Barton, was 
reported for publication in the Transactions. 

1813. March 5. (Patterson ; Cloud and 7 others.) 

1813. March 19. (Patterson ; and 8 others.) 

1813. A^ril'l. (Williams; and 6 others.) 

1813. April 16. (Wistar ; Coxe, Bolman, Mease, Chap- 
man, Hewson, Conover, Currie, James, Barton, Seybert, 
Stoughton, Collin, Abercrorabie, Nichols, Pennington, Cor- 
rea, Binney, Williams, Vaughan, Tilghman, Collins, J. R. 
Smith, Hare.) 

Donations : R. S. Phil. Trans., 1807 to 1812, 4" ; Archse- 
ologia, XVI, 4° ; Trans. Soc. Arts ; Hort. Soc, London,Vol. 
I, 4% 1808-1812 ; and Coxe's Emporium, Vol. II. 

Paper : Outlines of an original plan for exciting a laudable 
ambition in schools of learning by Rev. Tim. Alden. Re- 
ferred to Stoughton, and Abercrombie. 

Election of seven new members: Andrew John Retzius, 
Professor Natural History, Astronomy, Chemistry, Lund ; 
Constant Dumeril, Professor Zool., Jardin des Plantes, 
Paris; Alex. Wilson; Geo. Pollok; Ben. R. Morgan ; John 
Sergeant, and Nicholas Biddle, all of Philadelphia. 

Mr. Nichols was appointed to ascertain the materials for 
publication, and what printer would undertake it. 

1813. May 7. (Patterson ; and 12 others.) 

Report on Alden's paper, read and adopted. 
Mr. Nichols reported progress. 

May— June. 440 I813. 

The By-law regulating that future Volumes of Transac- 
tions should be in 8°, was ordered for reconsideration at the 
next meeting. 

New By-laws proposed by Dr. Coxe and Mr. Williams 
for consideration at the next meeting ; respecting, 1. List 
of members ; 2. Classification of members, into (a) Resident 
(b), Honorary (c), Foreign ; Resident, not to exceed 100, and 
be citizens of the State ; Honorary, not to exceed 2 from 
each State ; Foreign, to be of distinguished abilities, &c. ; 3. 
No elections to be held until vacancies occur ; 4. An annual 
oration at the first meeting in January ; 5. Catalogue of the 
Library to be printed forthwith. 

1813. May 21. (Wistar; and 10 others.) 

Mr. Nichols had found no bookseller willing to undertake 
the publication of the Transactions. 

Donations: Hosack's Register, Vol. Ill; Connoisance des 
Temps, 1807 ; Wilson's Ornithology, Vol. VII ; Obs. side- 
rum, Pisa, 1789 and 1793 ; Gregoire's Notice des Travaux, 
1812; and two inaugural dissertations. 

Dr. Coxe spoke of the growth of Peach trees from cut- 

Dr. Coxe's and Dr. Barton's propositions postponed two 

1818. June 18. (Dr. Collin; Mease, Correa, Nichols, 
Biddio, Williams, Duponceau, Vaughan.) 

Nichol's report on publications read, and laid on the table. 

Donations: Smith's Laws of Pa., Vol. V. ; Trans. YA'wx. 
R. 8., Vol. VI; four pamphlets of Vauquclin; and a trans. 
from the Swedish, Lo Zodiac oxpliqu6, of Q. E. S., Paris, 8", 

Mr. Jona. WilliuniH road "Meteorological imaginations," 
a M8. found among his papers ; " it is a press-copy indorsed 
in tbo baud-writing of Dr. Franklin, k defects supplied iu 

July to Oct. 441 IgU, 

pencil by the D'- It relates to the Fog, 1803. It is a frag- 
ment." Referred to "Williams, Patterson and Corr^a. 

Dr. Coxe's motion (May 7), postponed to Oct. 2. 

Dr. Barton's motion (May 7), postponed to Oct. 2. 

1813. July 16. (R. Patterson ; and 7 others.) 

Donation: Buchanan's Christian Researches in Asia. 
Dr. Barton's motion respecting size of Vol. postponed to 
Oct. 2, and notice to members ordered. 

1813. Aug. 20. (Patterson; and 7 others.) 

Donations : Ilaiiy's Des cristaux de Pyroxene ; and De- 
lambre's Analyse des Travaux, &c., 1812. 

Dr. Barton read a letter on the subject of American An- 

1813. Sept. 17. (Williams; and 6 others.) 

Donations: Dalton's New System, L, i, 1808, ii, 1810; 
Mem. L., and P. S., Manchester, Vol. II. 

A letter from S. B. J. Noel de la Moriniere requesting 
information for his " L'histoire Nat. et Pol. des poissous 
utiles," was read : 

"Resolved, That M. de Moriniere be informed that the Soc. will com- 
municate his wishes to such members as have attended to the subject & 
procure from them the information desired, and that D'. B. S. Barton be 
particularly requested to give his aid." 

1813. Oct. 2. (Barton ; Williams, R. Patterson, Vaughan, 

Committee on Franklin's " Meteorological imaginations," 
reported that it had been published in Vol. II of the Man- 
chester Memoirs. 

H. M. Brackenbridge's letter to Jefferson, July 25, 1813, 
giving " his ideas on the Tumuli & population of the Abo- 
rigines of N. A.," was referred to Barton, Patterson and 

Oct. to Dec. 44^ 1813. 

Dr. Barton's and Dr. Coxe's resolutions were further post- 
poned, no quorum being present. 

1813. Oct. 16. (Barton ; Collin, Abercrombie, Binney, 
Williams, Nichols, Vaughan, Collins, Chapman, James, Ser- 
geant, Hare, Hevvson, Morgan, Patterson.) 

Donation : Additional Obs. on the Opossum, Barton. 

Election of five new members: Dr. W. P. C. Barton, Wm. 
Meredith, Charles Chauncey, Reuben Haines, Wm. Hembel, 
Jr., all of Philadelphia. 

Purchase ordered: Westring's Hist. Swed. Mosses, 8°, 
1805, from Dr. Collin. 

1813. Nov. 5. (Wistar ; Patterson, Vice-President ; Col- 
lin, Hewson, Smith, Vaughan, Barton, W. P. C. Barton, 
Hembel, Haines, R. M. Patterson.) 

Donations: Trans. Hort. S., Lond., II, i; Com. Mass. 
Med. S., 2 Vols., 1808-1813. 

1813. Nov. 19. (Wistar; Collins, Pollock, Williams, 
Vaughan, Nichols, Da Ponceau, Mease, Hewson.) 

Donation : Muhlenberg's Cat. Plants of N. A., 8", Lancas- 
ter, 1813. 

1813. Dec. 8. (Patterson, Vice-President; Williams, 
Vaughan, Haines, Hare, R. M. Patterson.) 

1818. Dec. 17. (Patterson, Vice-President; Williams, 
Collin, Allison, Bolrnan, Curry, Hewson, Dr. Barton, Jr., 
Haines, Morgan, Nichols, Vaughan, R. M. Patterson.) 

Donations: Dufiefs Nature Displayed, Spanish, 2 Vols., 
Stookler's Cartas, Ac, 8", 1818; Barton's Mem. of Ritton- 
house; Pinkorton's Maps of Franco, &c., IMiil., 1813. 

No candidates for the Magellanic Premium. 

Jan.— Feb. 44*' 1814. 

1814. Jan'y 7. (Collin, Hembel, Vaughan, R. Pattersoa, 
Nichols, Haines, Cloud, DuPonceau, Collins, Chapman, 
"Williams, R. M. Patterson, B. S. Barton, Barton, Jr.) 


President — Thomas Jefferson. 

Vice-Presidents — Wistar, B. S. Barton, R. Patterson. 
Secretaries — T. C. James, T. T. Hewson, R. M. Patterson, 
Reuben Haines. 

Councillors — Cooper, Gibson, Pennington, Hare. 
Councillor for one year — Meredith. 
Curators — Collins, Cloud, Hembell [sic]^ Jr. 
Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

1814. Jan'y 21. (Patterson; Vaughan, Duponeeau, Wil- 
liams, Meredith, Cloud, Correa, Haines, Hemphell [sic], 
Abercrorabie, Barton, Patterson, Mease, Hewson, Currie.) 

Donations: Accum's Chemistry, Phila., 1813; Cutbush's 
Chemistry, Phil., 1813. 

Librarian elected : J. Vaughan. 

Election of four new members : Dr. N". S. Allison, of Bur- 
lington ; John E. Hall, of Baltimore ; James Cutbush, of 
Philada. ; and Rev. Fred. Beasley, Provost Univ. Pa. 

1814. Feb'y 4. (Wistar; Patterson, Williams, Aber- 
crombie, Vaughan, Beaseley, Collins, Haines, Dr. Patterson.) 

Donation: Ilaiiy's Essai, 4°, Paris, 1786. 

Auditing Committee: Cloud and Haines. 

" On the construction of Privies," by C. Varl6 of Fred- 
ericktown, Maryland; referred to Haines, Pattereon and 

1814. Feb'y 18. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Duponceau, Beas- 
ley, Williams, Correa, Haines, J. R. Smith, Wistar, Mease, 
Patterson, Allison, Hewson.) 

Varl6's paper on Yellow Fever ordered to be filed, and 

March. '^44 1814. 

final report postponed, until his promised second paper be 

Auditing Committee required more time. 

Donations : Guengine's Rapport, 4*^, 1813 ; Bozman's Hist. 
Maryland, 8", 1811 ; Mellish's Documents and Atlas of the 
War of 1814, S% Phil. ; Taylor's Proclus, 2 Vols, 4% Lond., 

1814. March 4. (Patterson ; and 10 others.) 

Auditors reported progress. 

Donations: W. P. C. Barton's Marine Hospitals, TJ. S., 8°, 
Phil., 1814 ; Cutbush's Am. Artists' Manual, 2 Vols., 8% 
Palmer's Hist. Register, 2 Vols., 8°, Wash. ; James' Burns's 
Midwifery, Phil., 2 Vols., 8% 1813. 

Catalogue of Library : " Col. Jon. Williams having some 
time ago voluntarily undertaken to make a Catalogue of all 
the Books belonging to the society, & having now accom- 
plished that laborious task, in the most complete & scientific 
manner, therefore — 

"Retained, That the thanks of this Society be tendered to him for this 
very acceptable service." 

Ballot-box : 

"Reaohed, That the thanks of the Society be given to Col. Williams for 
the very useful & ingenious balloting box which lie presented to the So- 
ciety, some con8iderai)le time since, but the acknowledgment of which 
appears to have ])een Idlherto omitted." 

" Reaolted, Tliat 250 copies of tlu; Constitution & By-laws of the Society 
be printed for tlie use of tlic members." 

CommittoG: Williams and Patterson. 

1814. March 18. (WiHtur; Ilombole [sic\ Jr., and 8 

Committeo on printing Constitution reported progress. 
Coniinittoo on JofibrHon's letter about standard weights 
and meosuroB reported progruHs. 

April. 445 1814. 

Donations : Report of Lancaster Bridge Co. ; Michaux's 
Hist. Arbres. For. 11, 12-15, 16-3, 4 

1814. April 1. (Patterson; Yaughan, Collins, Cooper, 
Hembel, Duponceau, Williams, Drs. Patterson, Wistar, 
Barton (W. P. C), Chapman, Hewson.) 

Committee on printing Constitution reported the expenses 
$35.25. Bill ordered to be paid. 

Donations: Wilson's Ornithology, Vol. VIII; J. E. 
Smith's Int. to Botany, reprint, 8% 1814 ; Jefferson and 
Livingstone on the disputed Batture at New Orleans ; Hum- 
boldt and Bonpland's Voyage, 3d part, 2 Vols., 4°, Paris, 
1811 [original cost $70, purchased and presented by 14 of 
the members whose names are given]. 

Mr. Vaughan communicated a draft and description of a 
circular cylinder pump by Josh. Humphreys; referred to 
Patterson, Hembell and Williams. Also, 

Hints respecting the spotted fever now raging at Kenne- 
bec ; printed at Hallowell, Maine. 

1814. April 15. (Patterson; Correa, Barton, Cloud, 
Abercrombie, Haines, Hare, Chapman, James, Wistar, Pat- 
terson, C. Smith, Meredith, Cutbush, Sergeant, Hembell, 
DuPonceau, Briggs, Williams, Vaughan.) 

Report of Committee against publishing Humphrey's 
paper accepted. 

Audit of Treasurer's accounts showed due by him: on the 
Magellanic Fund, $620.15 ; on the Rittenhouse Fund, $1.07; 
total, $621.22; due to him, on general account, $427.41, 
Report accepted. 

Donations: S. Mills' Specimen of the Iroquois language, 
sent by Jefferson ; Franklin's Miscellanies, Lond., S"*, 1779 ; 
Cooper's Emporium, II, iii ; Palmer's Constitution of the 
Spanish Monarchy, 8**, 1812, Phil., and various pamphlets. 

Election of three new members : Rev. James P. Wilson, 

M»y— June. 44u I814. 

D.D., and Thoa. Gilpin, both of Philadelphia ; Brig. Gen. 
Jos. Gardiner Swift, Commander Corps Engineers and 
United States Military Academy. 

1814. May Q. (Wistar; Yaughan, Haines.) 

Donations: Michaux's Hist. Arbres Forestiers, 17-24, 
completing the work in 3 Vols., and two other pamphlets. 

1814. May 20. (Patterson ; and 10 others.) 
Subjects recommended by the Board for premiums. 

A. Magellanic Premium. 

1, For the best explanation of the action of adjutges [sic] in accelera- 
ting the discharge of water from an orifice. 

3. For the most simple & accurate instrument for finding a true meri- 
dian, capable of being used in ordinary surveying. 

3. For the best artificial horizon, for taking altitudes on the land, by the 
reflecting sextant &c, to be so constructed as to serve for ascertaining the 
greatest altitudes. 

4. For the most accurate & practicable method of ascertaining from 
the Pendulum a universal standard of lineal measures. \ 

B. Extra-Magellanic Premium. 

1. For the best invention or improvement dependent on mechanics & 
applicable to useful purposes. 

2. For the best invention or improvement dependent on chemistry & 
applicable to useful purposes. 

3. For the best & most useful memoir on any subject dependent on 
Natural History. 

Report referred to R. M. Patterson, Vaugliaii and Cloud. 

Donations: New maps and memoir of Clarkson. 

"On the fusing temperature of metals;" by Jos. Cloud; 
read and referred to I'atterson, Ilembel and Hare. 

A plaatcr cast from the plaster bust of Franklin was per- 
inittod to Mr. Miller. 

1814. June 17. (Wistar; and 14 otliors.) 
Cloud's paper reported for publication. 

July— August. ^4:< 1J:14. 

Donation of a new differential thermometer by DeButts, 

" Obs. on the irritability & contractility of nervous mat- 
ter," by Baron Fred, de Bretton ; read and referred to 
Barton, Wistar and Hewson. 

Donations: DeBreton's Vie de Iluyden, 4% 1812, and five 
other books ; also Engravings for Bell's Anatomy. 

1814. July 15. (Barton ; Wistar, Patterson, Yaughan, 
DuPonceau, Beasley, Curry \sic\ Short, Gibson, Hewson, 
Mease, Collins, Patterson.) 

Report of the Committee on publishing the Report of the 
Board of Officers, accepted. 

DeBretton'a paper reported for publication. 

Donations : Two heads (mutilated) from Big Bone Liok, 
with a descriptive letter from Jefferson ; Zirconite, Amber, 
and Carbonized wood found with the amber, near Cross- 
wick's, N. J., from Sol. W. Conrad. Three books. 

Election of two new members: Hon. Dewit [sic] Clinton, 
President New York Philosophical Society ; and John 
Gummere, of Burlington, New Jersey. 

1814. Aug. 19. (Patterson; Gummere, and 12 others.) 

Donation : Garnett's Nautical Almanac. 

"On the Gregorian Calendar," by Mr. Lambert, of "Wash- 
ington ; read and referred to Gummere, Patterson and Wil- 

Description of his thermometer, by Mr. DeButts; read 
referred to Cloud, Seybert and Barton. 

A remarkable Sola? Corona, July 30, 1814, was described 
in a letter from C. Brown, of Harper's Ferry. 

1814. (No date.) Present, "Williams, Collins, Vaughan. 

Oct.— Not. *^ 1814. 

1814. Oct. 7. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Vaughan, Hare, 
Williams, Beasley, Collins, Gummere, Biddle, Patterson.) 

Lambert's paper reported on, and filed away. 

Cloud's paper reported for publication. 

DeButts' paper. Hare substituted for Seybert (absent 
from the city) on the Committee. 

Committee on Breckenridge's paper, October, 1813, or- 
dered to report. 

Donations: Wilson's Ornithology, Vol. IX, completing 
the series ; Pozzo's Rules of Perspective, translated into 
English and Latin from the Roman edition of 1693, by J. 
James, Lond., FoP. 

" An investigation of the Figure of the Karth and of the 
gravity in difterent Latitudes," by Prof. Adrain, of New 
York ; read and referred to Gummer6, R. Patterson and R. 
M. Patterson. 

1814. Oct. 2L (Wistar; Barton, Patterson, Williams, 
Meredith, Hembell, Jr., Short, Cloud, Biddle, Hewson, 
Curry, Patterson.) 

DeButts' paper reported for publication. 

Adrain's paper reported for publication. 

Donations : Mellish's Desc. Roads of U. S. ; Ilerriot'a 
Travels in Canada ; Barton's Archjieologire, &c. ; Trans. R. 
8. Edin.; Archreologia, Lond., 4% 1814^; Coll. N. Y. Hist. 
8., Vols. I and II, 1811, 1814. 

Bent: "An application from the College of Physicians 
was ma<ie by D'- ilewson relative to lowering the rent paid 
for the apartment they use in the Building of the Society. 
This business was referred to R. Patterson, Col. Williams 
k Mr. Vaughan." 

Election of two new members: John G. Biddle; and 
John Syng Dorsey, M.D., both of Philadelpiiia. 

1814. Nov. 4. (I'atterson; Wistar, Duponceau, Wil- 
liams, Short, Vaufi;han, R. M. Patterson.) 

Nov.— Dec. 4:4y 18J4. 

Rent: Committee report, that the rent should not be 
changed, agreed to. 

Donations : Hist. Reg. U. S., Vol. Ill; Pinkerton's Atlas, 
No. 3 ; Medicina Statica ; Hippocratis Aphorismi, 2 Vols., 
S** ; Cooper's Erap. Nos. 2, 3 ; Guramere's Surveying. 

" On the formation of Sphenoidal Sinuses &c," " with ele- 
gant preparations," by Dr. Wistar ; read and referred to 
Hewson, Chapman and Dorsey. 

1814. Nov. 18. (Williams; Short, Collins, Vaughan, 

Donations: Arthur's St. Clair's campaign in 1791, 8" 
1812 ; Ames' works, 8% 1809 ; Pike Expeditions in 1807, 8" 
1810; and pamphlets; Lindenau's Tabula? Veneris, 4° 
Gothse, 1810; his Tables barometriques, 8'', Gothae, 1809 
his Versuch, 8", Gothai, 1811 ; Feburier's Abeilles, 8", Paris 
1810 ; and 6 Vols, of various memoires of the Institute of 

1814. Dec. 2. (Barton; Wistar, Patterson, Williams, 
Du Ponceau, Hewson, Hare, Haines, Correa, Patterson.) 
Jefferson's letter of resignation to R. M. Patterson : 

MONTICELLO, Nov. 23, '14. 

I solicited on a former occasion from the American Philosophical Society'' 
to retire from the honor of their chair, under a consciousness that distance- 
as well as other circumstances denied me the power of executing the- 
duties of the Station, and that those on whom they devolved were best en-^ 
titled to the honors they confer. It was the pleasure of the Society at tliat 
time that I should remain in their service, and tliey have continued since 
to renew the same marks of their partiality. Of these I have been ever 
duly sensible, and now beg leave to return my thanks for them with 
humble gratitude. Still I have never ceased, nor can I cease to feel, that 
I am holding honors without yielding requital, and justly belonging 
to others. As the period ot election is now therefore approaching, I take- 
the occasion of begging to be withdrawn from the attention of the Society 
at their ensuing choice, and to be permitted now to resiga the office of 
President into tlieir hands, which I hereby do, I shall consider myselt 
sufficiently honored, in remaining a private membei- of their body, and- 
shall ever avail myself with zeal, of every occasion which may occur of 

PROC. AMER. PUILOS. SOC. I. Xxix, PRIN.TEJ), MAY 26, 1884. 

Dec— Jan. 450 1814—1815. 

being useful to them, retaining indelibly a profound sense of their past 
favors. I avail myself^&c. &c. Th. Jefferson. 

" The Society directed that this letter should be inserted 
in the Minutes, but they declined taking any particular 
order on it; thus adopting the same course which was pur- 
sued, on a similar occasion, in December 1808." 

"An account of a case in which one side of the Thorax 
was dilated while the other was at rest," by Dr. Wistar ; 
read and referred to Hewson, Barton and Patterson. 

Xo communications for the Magellanic Premium. 

A new Minute book for Transactions, and a new Minute 
book for Donations, ordered. The books " to be used from 
the beginning of the approaching year." 

1814. Dec. 16. (Patterson ; "Williams, Correa, Yaughan, 
Hewson, Hare, Dorsey, Haines, Curry, Collins, Patterson, 

Auditing Committee : Collins and Patterson. 
[All the rest of this volume, blank leaves.] 

Volume marked on the back, 1815-1824. 

Note on fly-leaf: " The notice of Donations is inserted in 
a separate Book." 

Note on fly-leaf: " Councillors chosen 1814 to serve to 
January 1817; Thomas Cooper, James Gibson, Edward 
Pennington, Robert Hare."' 

Stated Annual Meeting. 
1815. Jan'y 6. (Drs. Barton, Collin; Messrs. Patterson, 
Da Ponceau, Vaughan and W. P. C. Barton, at organization, 
at 2J o'c, P. M. ; afterwards lloinbel. Cloud, Wilson, Bin- 
aey, Ch. Smith, Gilpin, General Williams, Haines, Staugh- 
ton, Iluro, Patterson, Parke, Rawlo, Morgan, Fox, J. G. 
Biddle, Meredith, Collins, Tilghmau, Wylie, Moiiso, Chaun- 
cey, Conovor, llewson, Correa, Dorsey, J. II. Smith = 83.) 

January. 451 1815. 


President — Caspar Wistar. 

Vice-President — R. Patterson, B. S. Barton, Jon. "Williams. 

Secretary — T. C. James, T. T. Hewson, R. M. Patterson, 
N. Chapman. 

Councillors—^. Collin, W. Tilghman, A. Ellicott, W. 

Curators — Z. Collins, Jos. Cloud, W. Hembell, Jr. 

Treasurer — John Vaughan. 

" The result of the election was directed to be published 
in the papers, with notice of the resignation of Thomas Jef- 
ferson. Adjourned." 

[Signed] R. M. Patterson, Secretary. 

1815. Jan'y 20. (Wistar; Patterson, Williams, Yaughan, 
Collins, Barton, Jr., Hembel, Mease, Cloud, Beasley, Hare, 
Correa, Haines, Patterson, 14.) 

Letter to Jefierson voted : 


"The American Philosophical Society, after having, at several periods, 
withstood your solicitations to be withdrawn from their presidency, have 
at length, with great reluctance, felt themselves obliged to yield to the de- 
cided resignation, expressed in your letter of the 23"* of November last, 
and have, accordingly, elected Dr. Caspar Wistar to that office. 

"The important connection which has subsisted, for eighteen years, be- 
tween yourself and the Society, being thus dissolved, the Society avail 
themselves of the opportunity of expressing to you their warmest thanks 
for the very valuable services which you have rendered them, and of so- 
liciting the continuance of the friendly attentions which you have always 
shown to their interests. 

"The Society add the expressions of their attachment and respect, and 
their sincerest wishes for your happiness." • 

Auditing Committee reported finding in the Treasurer's 
hands, January 1, 1815 : 

On general account $66 33 

Magellanic Fund 906 54 

Rittenhouse Fund 10 30 

Total $983 17 

Feb.— March. ^^-^ I81.5. 

"Donations from D'- Dorsey, C. W. Short, Rev^- T. 
Alden, N". Y. Soc. Arts, Jon. Williams." 
Librarian chosen : J. Yauschan. 

1815. Feb'y 3. (Patterson , "Wistar, "Williams, Barton, 
, Jr., Vaughan, Gilpin, Haines, Correa, Patterson.) 

Donation from Z. Collins. 

Deposit by Col. "Williams : " A very large & elegant Mili- 
tary Map of the Vicinity of Philadelphia, made from actual 
survey, for the Committee of Defence of the City, by Messrs. 
Strickland, Brooke and Kneass." 

1815. Feb'y 17. (Williams; Yaughan, Smith, Wistar, 
Currie, Binney, Gibson, Duponceau, Dorsey, Chapman, 
Meredith, Patterson, J. Biddle, Correa, W. Barton, Haines, 
N. Biddle, James, Sergeant, Hewson.) 

Fulton's model of his Torpedo Boat was deposited by Col. 
Williams in the Collection of the Society. 

Report of Board of Officers on classifying members and 
organizing Standing Committees, was read, and printed 
copies ordered for distribution among the members. 

Lead ore from Wythe county, Yirginia, from R. E. Ho- 
bart was referred to Dr. Pattei*son and Mr. Collins. 

1815. March 3. (Wistar; Dr. W. Barton and 16 others.) 

Brackin ridge's paper reported for publication. 
Wistar's paper on the Othenoid bono for publication. 
Jefferson's reply was fead : 

MoNTiCKLLO, Fob'y 8, '15. 


I am honored with your letter of .Tftn'y 20, convoying to ma the llatfnring 
Mntlmcntti which the American IMiilo8ophiciil Bociuty liiivo condoscenilod 
through you to expruM on my ruHignation of iho offlco of Pruaidont, in 
wbicli they hud been pleuaed no long lo continue mo. I receive tliem witli 
•quiil ScnKlhlllly, and grulltmli). Tlic molivcH for willidniwing from a sta- 
Uon, the dulien uf which could not in my Hiluuliou bu (uilUled, were truly 

March. 45d I815. 

expressed in my letter of Nov. 23. They had been conscientiously felt 
when, on a former occasion, I asked a like permission, and so continued to 
be ; and I trust it is seen that I have rendered a service in giving an occa- 
sion for a choice of a successor so eminently meriting the honor, so fully 
equal to its duties, and in place to perform them. In retaining still the 
character of a member of the Society I am gratified by the idea of a con- 
tinued fellowship with them, and shall never be more so than on occasion 
of being useful to them. 

Praying you to present them the homage of my dutiful respects, permit 
me also to add my obligations to yourself personally for the friendly terms 
in whicli you are pleased to make their communication, and accept the as- 
surance of my great consideration and esteem. 

Thos. Jefferson. 

M'- Cornea read a paper on the Soil of Kentucky. Re- 
ferred to Dr. Patterson, Chapman, Williams. 

Donations from Dorsey, Jones, Vaughan. 

" Certain heads of division into classes," proposed by the 
Board, being read, the subject was postponed to the next 

1815. March 17. (Williams; Vaughan, James, Collin, 
Biddie, Duponceau, Chapman, Haines, Gilpin, Patterson, 
Tilghman, Beasely, Dr. Patterson, Dr. Barton, Seybert, Cor- 
rea, Currie, Hare and Hevvson.) 

Deposit by Col. Williams : Several drafts of the Fortifica- 
tions erected for the defence of Xew York. 

Donations from J. Vaughan and Dr. W. P. C. Barton. 

The classification of members into different departments 
was discussed. " The sense of the Society having been 
taken on the first paragraph, the further consideration of 
the subject was postponed, in order to introduce the follow- 
ing resolution : 

"Resolved, That a Seventh Committee be added to the Six. already es- 
tablished by the Twelfth Fundamental law, to be denominated 'the Com- 
mittee of History, Moral Science, and General Liteiature.' " 

Which was adopted.* 

*This was In fact the birth of the Hlslorical Society of Pennsylvania. 

April— May. 'loi 1815. 

The report of the Board was again considered, " and the 
Question being taken it was passed in the negative."* 

1815. April 7. (Mr. Patterson ; Yaughan, Dr Patter- 
son, Dr. W. Barton, Meredith, Haines, Duponceau, Wistar, 
Morgan, Tilghman, and Mr. Smith, of Lancaster.) 

Dr. Wistar's paper on a case of paralyzed Thorax (see 
Dec. 2, 1814), was reported for publication. 

Book for enrolling the members of the Standing Commit- 
tees, reported by the Librarian, ready for use. 

Historical Committee's first meeting "appointed for next 
Friday evening." 

Donations from S. W. Conrad, R. M. Patterson, M.D., 
Robt. Mayo, M.D., DeWit \_sic] Clinton, Robt. Mills. 

1815. April 21. (Wistar; Vaughan, Collins, Currie, 
Gummere, Haines, Gilpin, Cloud, Duponceau, Patterson, 
Dr. Patterson, Wylie, Dr. W. Barton, Chapman, Correa.) 

Correa's paper on Kentucky Soil reported for publication. 

Election of six new members : Dr. Sam. Colhoun ; John 
M. Scott ; Dr. Jos. Hartshorne ; Dr. Jos. Parrish ; Chas. J. 
Ingersoll, Esq ; and Rev. James Gray, D.D.f 

Donation from David Hossack. 

1815. May 5. (Patterson ; Scott, Gray and Hartshorne, 
and 6 others.) 

Donations from Vaughan, Chapman, S. W. Conrad. 

1815. May 17. "Si)Ocial meeting to make arrangements 
for attending the funeral of their late Vice-President Jona- 
than Williams." Present, 15 members. 

Prooeesion appointed for 10 a. m., May 18. 

*Thi4t In, no dlllbrvnoo oriniMiiliorMhlp him over liooii cntivbMNhod ; no xtroiiK 
hn« ulwnyH bo«n tti« tradition or followhiK lli« oxumpio ol tlio Uoyul Hooluly. 

t III lead p«noll la written, " llov. JutnoN Oniy, I).!),, waa eluotod at tbia meet- 
ing ftud subMquently Hlgnsd the oonatltutlon. V, li." 

May— June. 455 1815. 

Dr. Nat. Chapman appointed " to deliver before the So- 
ciety in their Hall a Biographical account of their late Vice- 
President, to be recorded in the manner pointed out by the 
Resolution of 17 July 1812." 

1815. May 19. (Duponceau ; Vaughan, Haines, Parrish, 
Herabell, Correa, Dr. "W. Barton, Colhoun, Dr. Patterson, 
Morgan, Chapman.) 

Donation from Mr. Redman Conyngham consisting of 
" the fragment of an Indian Vase," found on Buck moun- 
tain, three miles from Conyngham, Lucerne [sic] county, Pa., 
" in a cavity that had been entirely closed by an immense 
rock, and which was lately thrown down the mountain by 
some unknown convulsion." 

Mr. Correa pointed to the marks on the fragment in evi- 
dence that it had been made inside "a mould of basket 
work" after the Cherokee fashion. 

Donations from Duponceau, Chapman, Short. 

1815. June 16. (R. Patterson ; Cutbush, Pollock, Gray, 
Hossack, Scott, and 14 others.) 

Dr. W. P. C. Barton read a paper on Malaxis Correana ; 
paper and drawing referred to Correa, Collins and Hossack. 

"On converting an alternate into a rotatory motion," by 
Mr. Croker, of Georgia ; referred to Patterson, Gilpin and 

Historical Committee. Certain resolutions passed by the 
Committee defining the duties and powers were referred to 
the next meeting. 

Mr. Conyngham's communication on the Indian Vase 
(see May 18), was referred to Wistar, Du Ponceau and 

Dr. Wistar's plan of historical research postponed. 

Donations from Dr. Barton, Jas. Webster, Dr. Wistar, J. 
P. Norris, Jos. Reed, J. Vaughan, and Conn. Acad. Arts. 
(Two large historical collections are mentioned.) 

July. 45b 1815. 

1815. July 21. (Wistar; Colhoun, Sergeant, Meredith, 
and 12 others.) 

Mr. Croker's paper was reported on. His " three projects 
are very ingenious & plausible ; but they have not been 
tested by any experiment, & their novelty is very doubtful, 
although they are unquestionably original with the author." 
Paper ordered to be preserved on file. 

" Obs. to determine the Long, of Washington," by Mr. 
Lambert ; referred to Patterson, Hewson and Colhoun. 

Historical Committee. Resolutions discussed and adopted: 

" Resolved, That it be the duty of the Committee of History, the Moral 
Sciences and General Literature, to use their endeavours to form a collec- 
tion of original documents, such as official and private letters, Indian 
treaties, ancient records, ancient maps, and such other papers as may be 
calculated to throw light on the History of the United States, but more 
particularly of tliis State, to be preserved among the archives of this So- 
ciety, for the public benefit. 

"Resolved, That it be further the duty of the said committee to take 
such measures as to them shall seem most proper, for the purpose ot 
obtaining from able and iotelligent persons in the U. S., but more particu- 
larly in this State, correct information on matters connected with the his- 
tory, geography, topography, and antiquities, and statistics of this coun- 

"Resolved, That the said committee may, if they please, extend their 
inquiries to other parts of the continent and islands of America, and pro- 
cure the best information in tlicir power relative thereto. 

"Resolved, That whenever, in the opinion of the said committee, suffi- 
cient materials shall have been collected for that purpose, it shall be law- 
ful for tliem to select such parts thereof, as thuy shall think j^roper, and 
publiHli the same In volunjes, numbers or in any other form, by subscrip- 
tion or otherwise, as they shall deem most expedient. ProDided nhrays that 
this Society shall not be in any manner responsible for such publication ; 
but the same shall be made under the sole responsibility of the committee, 
or of the mcMibers wliom ihey sliall appoint to su|)erintend the same ; and 
Provided also tliat no oxponso shull be incurred to this Society, nor shall 
their funds bo in any manner or on any account pledged l)y the said com- 
mittee or any of IIh members without an express order or ai^propriation 
regularly made for that purpose in conformily with the tenth article of 
the fundanienlnl Lkwh. 

"Resolved, Tlial the said commlttoo shall, from time to time, report 
their progreM to th« Society ; and at all times when called upon by the 

Aug.— Sept.-Oct. 457 1815. 

Dr. Wistar's " Hints for the best mode of conducting the 
inquiries of the Historical Committee," was then " referred 
to the Committee with directions to act upon it." 

College of Physicians. Letter requesting abatement of 
rent, read. [No action recorded.] 

Election of three new members, all of Philadelphia : 
Joseph Hopkinson, Charles W. Hare, and Joseph P. Norris. 

Donations from the St. Petei*sburg Academy, T. Cooper, 
J. Vaughan. 

1815. Aug. 18. (Wistar; and 10 others.) 

Report on Dr. W. P. C. Barton's Malaxis, read and 

Committee on Lambert's paper continued. 

Committee on College of Physicians' letter continued. 

Donations from Dr. Wistar, Da v. Hall, Lasteyrie, Jos. 
Read [sic], Webster, Gregoire, Brackenridge, and R. S., St. 

Mr. Tatham, of "Washington, applied througrh Dr. Mease, 
for the return of his " Analysis of Longevity," presented in 

1815. Sept 15. (Patterson as Vice-President; and 12 

Donations from Cloud, Raguet, Vaughan and Mass. Hist. 
Soc. ; Spec, of Disthene from Chester Co., from Mr. Cloud. 

Purchase of Prony's Architecture Hydraulique author- 

Tatham'a application renewed, and the Librarian au- 
thorized to deliver it for perusal provided it be returned 
in a month. 

1815. Oct. 6. (Wistar; Mr. Patterson, Du Pont de Ne- 
mours, Irenee Du Pont, Duponceau, Binney, Pollock, 
Vaughan, Izard, Gummere, Nicholls, Mease, Morgan, Beas- 

Oct.— Nov, 4oo 1815. 

ley, Sergeant, Hopkinson, Briggs, Hewson, Seybert, W. P. 
C. Barton, Colhoun, Patterson ; 22.) 

Donations from Acad. St. Petersburg, Mellish, Hecke- 
welder, Vaughan, Wistar ; and (with a letter) from Adrieu 
G. Camper, of Franchin, Friesland. 

" On the English words County and Commonwealth," by 
Mr. Dupont de ]^emoui*s ; read and referred to Duponceau, 
Biuuey and Hopkinson. 

Clock in the front of the Society^ s Hall. Mease and Nicholls, 
appointed a Committee to report "a plan for its future man- 

Historical Committee's regular meetings fixed for each 
Monday following a regular meeting of the Society. 

1815. Oct. 20. (Wistar ; and 13 others.) 

The Clock would be kept in order by Mr. Parker gratis^ 
until further report. 

Donations from Mass. Hist. S., and Jas. McMurtrie. 

1815. iVby. 8. (Collin; Meredith, Gibson, Collins, Mor- 
gan, Short, Nicholls, Barton, Jr., Vaughan, R. M. Patter- 

Donation from Jos. Reed, Esq. 

" On a method of finding by addition alone, the sum of 
the products of any number of factors," by Jas. Austin ; 
read and referred to R. M. Patterson, Hassler, Gummer6. 

1815. Nov. 17. (Patterson ; Collin, Abercrombie, Ilali, 
Seybert, Currie, Colhoun, Gibson, Wharton, Hare, Dupon- 
ceau, HasBlor, Parrish, Vaughan, R. M. Patterson.) 

Donation from E. Kinibor and J. Vaughan. 

Hintorical Documents at Uarrisburg. A letter from R. 
Conyngham urged tlie Society to give it« utttMition to 
this "very valiiiiblo collection." llefdrrod to tlio Hist. Coiii- 

Dec— Jan. 4o9 1815-1816. 

1815. Dec. 1. (Wistar ; R. Patterson, J. Gilpin, T. Gil- 
pin, Morgan, Hassler, Currie, Ilembel, Barton, Jr., Hewsou, 
Cutbush, Colhoun, R. M. Patterson, Vaughan, Nicholls, In- 

No papers for the Magellanic Premium. 
Donation from B. S. Barton. 

Librarian directed to import Thomson's Annals of Phi- 
losophy from the commencement and to take it regularly. 

1815. Dec. 15. (Patterson ; and 14 others.) 

An abstract of the paper by Jas. Austin, of Lycoming 
county. Pa., was reported and adopted. 

Historical Committee reported its organization : W. Tilgh- 
man. Chairman ; P. S. Duponceau, Corresponding Secretary ; 
J. Vaughan, Recording Secretary ; a Book of Minutes ; 
several meetings ; and extensive correspondence. 

Clock in front of the Hall to be kept in order by Mr. 
Parker, so that " the Publick may confide in it as a correct 
regulator of time." 

Donations from G. Graberg di Hemso, Abbe Gregoire, D. 
de Nemours, Veter. Soc, Copenhagen E. Viborg, Sec'y, and 
F. R. Hassler. 

"On cramp," by Dupont de Nemours, was referred to 
Hewson, James, Barton, Jr. 

" On the genus Bartonia," by B. S. Barton ; referred to 
W. Barton, Collins, Correa. 

Historical Committee allowed to change from Monday to 

Auditing Committee: Haines and Colhoun. 

1816. Jan'y 5. (13 present.) 


President — Caspar Wistar. 

Vice-Presidents — Robt. Patterson, W. Tilghman, P. S. 

Jan.— Feb. 4bU 1816. 

Secretaries — T. C. James, N. Chapman, T. T. Hewson, R. 
M. Patterson. 

Councillors — W. White, Hor. Binney, J. Sergeant, W. 

Curators — Z. Collins, Jas. Cloud, S. Colhoun. 

Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

1816. Jan'ylQ. (Wistar; Messrs. Patterson, Duponceau, 
Cutbush, Nichols, Josh. Gilpin, T. Gilpin, Cooper, Gibson, 
Rawle, Haines, Collins, Vaughan, Correa, J. R. Smith, Drs. 
Collin, Seybert, Barton, Mease, Bolraan, Currie, Beasley, 
Allison, Colhoun, Patterson, Chapman, Parrish, 27.) 

Donations from Lond. R. S., Ilort. S. and S. Arts; Jos. 
Reed, McMahon, B. D. Warden, Michaux, Hodge and Dear- 

"On the head bones of an animal found at Big Bone 
Lick by Gen. Clark," by Dr. Wistar, was referred to Col- 
lins, Correa and Mease. 

" On Animal Heat" (criticisintr Ellis of Edinburgh), by 
Dr. Currie ; was referred to Seybert, Wistar and Cutbush. 

" Early Obs. on the Delaware climate, from Swedish 
records," by Dr. Collin ; was referred to Duponceau, Tilgh- 
man and Wistar. 

Librarian elected: J. Vaughan. 

Election of two new members: Gerhard Troost, of Mary- 
land> and Jos. Reed. 

1816. Feb'y 2. (Wistar ; and 12 others.) 

Dupont's paper ; report read and adopted. 

"Natural & Statistical view of Cincinnati," by Dr. Dan. 
Drake, sent witli u letter from Jettbrson. 

Thanks voted to Mr. Sergeant for his zeal in obtaining 
Congressional <locuniont8. 

Election to raonil)er8hip: Resolutions offered and referred 
to the Board of OlUcers : — 

1. "That no p«rfon bo odmiltod as a candidate for election into this 8o- 

Feb.— March. ^^^ 1818. 

ciety, unless the Society shall have an opportunity of judging of his merits, 
either by a written communication made to them, or by some printed pro- 
duction known to the publick." 

2. " That it be required of those who propose any candidate to accom- 
pany the proposal by a written reference to the papere or works on which 
his claims are founded." 

Extra Magellanic Premium : Resolution offered and re- 
ferred to the Board : — 

"That the views of the Society relative to the extra-Magellanic fund, 
be extended so as to embrace the distribution or presentation of the pre- 
miums arising therefrom to the inventors or improvers of science generally, 
Medicine, Surgery or the Useful Arts." 

1816. Feb'yl6. (Duponceau ; and 16 others.) 

Resolution proposed by Mr. Correa at the last meeting 
[5^c], was reported approved by the Board. 

Donations from J. D. Farrer, La Fou and H. G. Spafford, 
of Albany, with a letter. 

College of Physicians' rent : Committee reported. Report 
adopted. [No explanation given.] 

Dr. Collin's paper : Report ordered to lie over. 

Dr. Wistar's description of the " Osseous fragment from 
Big Bone Lick, presented by Mr. Jefferson," was read and 
referred to Corr6a, Collins and Hewson. 

" On the Geological formation of the Natural Bridge in 
Virginia," by Mr. Gilmer, of Va., was read and referred to 
Collins, Cooper and Hare. 

1816. March 1. (Wistar ; and 12 others.) 

Extra-Magellanic Premium : The Board reported recom- 
mending an alteration of the terms so " as to leave to the 
discretion of the Society the amount of any premium to be 
given, instead of confining it between 20 & 45 Dollars." Re- 
port ordered to lie over. 

List of subjects on which papers should be invited for the 
Magellanic Premium, reported by the Board and laid over. 

Mr. Gilmer's paper reported for publication. 

March— April. 462 Igig 

Dr. Barton's paper, on Bartonia (Dec. 15, 1815,): Com- 
mittee requested to report at the next meeting. 
Donations from G. Clymer, Duponceau, Vaughan. 
Correa's resolution postponed to next meeting. 

1816. March 15. (Tilghman ; and 27 others.) 

Dr. Barton's paper : Committee's report adopted. 

Donations from G. Clymer, T. H. Palmer, Yaughan, De 
Silver, Duponceau, Todd, Milner, Jos. Reed. 

"A new method of investigating Conic Sections," by Dr. 
Patterson, was read and withdrawn by the author for com- 

Extra- Magellanic Premium: Recommendation of the 
Board of Officers adopted. 

Magellanic Premium: Discussion of the list of subjects 

Qualifications of candidates for membership : Discussion 

1816. April 5. (Duponceau ; and 24 others.) 

Dr. Currie was permitted to withdraw his paper of Janu- 
uary 19 th. 

Donations from F. NichoUs, D. B. "Warden, Latour, 
Vaughan, T. Astley, P. Beauvoie, Gregoire, Correa de Serra, 
Earle, W. Meade, and the State of I'ennsylvania. 

Magellanic list of subjects: Report of the Board adopted. 

Extra-Magellanic report of the Board amended and 

Qualification of candidate for membership: Resolution 
passed amended thus : 

" Re$olMd, That evory nomination of a now mombor shall bo made in 
the form of an open letter addrossod to the President of tlio Society and 
signed by two members at least. 

"The letter shall sUite, in specific terms, the qimliflavtionn of the candi- 
date ; by what work or dincovury he is known to the world as a mim of 
literoturo or science ; what valuable oommunication or conunutiiciitioiiH 

April-May. ^3 1816. 

he has made to this or any other learned Society ; or what other substan- 
tial merits entitle him to membership. 

"Resolved, also, That the names of the candidates and of those who 
have proposed them shall be read at every meeting, immediately after 
verbal communications." 

1816. April 19. (R. Patterson ; and 22 others.) 

Auditing Committee's report was read and accepted. 

Donations from T. Forster, R. Haines, Graham, DuPon- 
ceau, Mrs. Barton, and W. Darby. 

" Cursory Obs. on the Art of making Iron and Steel from 
native ores of the U. S.," by Horatio Gates Spafford, was 
read in part. 

Extra-Magellanic resolution of April 5th reconsidered and 
amended, and again passed. 

Subjects for both premiums ordered to be published by 
the Librarian. 

1816. May 3. (Wistar ; and 16 others.) 

Donations from T. Bradford, Hopkinson, Humphreys, 
Vaughan, City Commissioners, London Society of Arts, &c. 

" Analysis of the blue iron earth of N. Jersey," by Dr. 
Cooper, was read and referred to Collins, Hare and Patter- 

The reading of Mr. Spafford 's paper was finished, and it 
was referred to Cooper, Cloud and Hembel. 

Transactions: Patterson and Duponceau a Committeft "to 
report what materials for the formation of a volume are in 
the possession of the Society, and what probability there is 
that a volume can appear during the present year." 

1816. May 17. (Wistar; and 11 others.) 

Spafford 's paper: Committee reported that it required 
further confirmation and illustration. Adopted. 

Donatipus from Cooper, Ferrer, Pitkin, Coxe, J. D. Coxe, 

June. 4b4 Ijjlg, 

Graydon, Danby, Drake, Mansfield, and the Academies at 
Stockholm and Turin. 

" On vanishing fractions," by Mr. Mansfield ; referred to 
Hassler, Patterson and Dr. Patterson. 

Observatory : R. Patterson, R. M. Patterson and Mr. Hass- 
ler were appointed a Committee " to examine whether the 
centre-house* formerly occupied by the machinery for sup- 
plying the city with water, be proper for an astronomical 
observatory, as preparatory to an application to be made by 
the Society for procuring it for that purpose." 

Linnaean Society: Permission was granted them "to 
hold their meetings in the room adjoining that in which the 
Society sits, now occupied by the College of Physicians," 
pending the consideration of their request. 

Botanical Garden: Rawle, Gibson and Duponceau ap- 
pointed a Committee "to enquire and report upon the pro- 
priety of petitioning the Corporation of this City to appro- 
priate the Potter's Field f for a botanical garden, under the 
direction of the Trustees of University." 

1816. Jane 21. (R. Patterson; and 16 others.) 

Dr. Cooper's paper was reported for publication. 

Observatory: Committee reported that tlie position of the 
centre-house " was extremely well calculated for the desired 
j>uri)08e, and moreover the only one in the city that was so ; 
and that all the alterations .... required .... might be 
made at a moderate expense." 

Vaughan, Patterson, Sergeant, Collins and Duponceau 
were then appointed a Committee " to apply to the Corpora- 
tion for the use of the building," or a part of it. 

Donations from W. Darby, J. J. Middloton, Dr. L. Valen- 
tine, DuPoncoau, Vaughan, Ilopkinson, Dr. S. Miller, D. B. 
"Warden, Carlo IJottaand David Parrish, "who also deposited 
a valuable collection oi Ancient Medals and coins .... for 
safe keeping, siibject to his order and to ... . instruction 
given to the Librarian." 

• llrond iiiiil M(irkaliitrii{.'tM 

t Tho I'otliir'* Fluid wiia llio |>li>i uf K><»>iid iil Hlxlh ikixl Walnut NlrectH, now 
known a* th« WimIiIiikIoii Hquiiro. 

July-Aiig.-Sept. ^UO lgl«. 

Proposed improvements in calculating surveys, by Mr. 
Austin, of Northumberland, was read and referred to Col- 
houn, Patterson and Hassler. 

Linnaean Society's request : — 

" Resolved, That it is inconsistent with the interest and views of the 
A. P. S., in the present state of their collection of Books and Minerals, 
&c , to grant any new privilege to any other Societies of making use of the 
rooms in the tenure of this Society." 

1816. Ju/y 19. (Duponceau ; Correa, Nicholis, Seybert, 
Vaughan, Morgan, Mease, Gibson, Curry \_sic\ N. Biddle, 

Observatory: Committee on Centre-square [sic] building 
was to meet a joint Committee of City Councils. Commit- 
tee continued, and "authorized to take the measures neces- 
sary to ensure the success of the application." 

Donations from Messrs. Short, Webster, Roberts, Spaffbrd, 
Ben net. Sully, and the Royal and Antiquarian Societies, 

Mr. Spafford was permitted to have his paper on Iron re- 
turned to him. 

Lewis Kunits' letter was read, " asking a premium for his 
method of multiplying leeches, stating that his father was 
the first to employ the American leech, and that he had 
spent much time in maturing his method of propagating 
them in his house in Philadelphia." Referred to Board of 

1816. Aug. 16. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Izard, Collins, 
Colhoun, Vaughan, Patterson, Dr. Patterson, 8.) 

Donations from Jos. Read, London Agricultural Society, 
and Rotterdam Philosophical Society. 

1816. Sept. 20. (Duponceau ; Patterson, Vaughan, Col- 
lins, Biddle, Barnwell, Nicholls, Haines, Currie, Hewson, 
Colhoun, Patterson, 12.) 


Oct.— Nov. 4bb 18] 8. 

Donations from Messrs. Dunn, Jos. Engles, Vaughan, Du- 
ponceau, London Geological Society and New York Histori- 
cal Society. 

Henry's Chemistry, 7th English edition, imported by the 
Librarian, was bought by the Society. 

A copy of the Transactions was ordered to be sent to the 
Mass. Antiquarian Society. 

1816. Oct. 4. (Wistar; Patterson, DuPonceau, General 
Pinckney, Vaughan, Short, Correa, Collins, Colhoun, Cloud, 
Barnwell, Nicholls, Gumraere, Mease, Hembel, Hewson, Pol- 
lock, Patterson, 18.) 

Committee on Transactions reported progress. 

Donations from Vaughan, Camper, Ronaldson and London 
Royal Society. 

" Description of Ancient Fortification near Lexington, 
Ky.," by W. C. W. Short, was referred to Pattei-son, Correa 
and DuPonceau. 

" Height of the Mountains in Virginia." Dr. Hewson was 
directed to obtain information of the late Gen. Williams' 

1816. Oct. 18. (Patterson ; and 21 others.) 

Short's paper was reported for publication. 

Donations from Delaplaine, Good, Hosack, Vaughan, Rob- 

" A plan for calculating surd decimal fractions," was re- 
ferred to Patterson and Patterson. 

Election of four new members : Rev. Abiel Holmes, D.D., 
Cambridge, Mass. ; Isaac Thomas, Worcester, Mass., Pres't 
Antiq. 8.; Carlo Botta; Jared Mansfield, Prof. N. Phil., U. 
8. M. A., West Point. 

1816. Nov. 1. (Wiatar; and 9 others.) 
Donation from Mr. Pennington. 

Nov.— Dec. 467 1816. 

"On an improved Piston," by P. A. Browne, wa? referred 
to Coliioun, Patterson and Allison. 

" On the Natural History of the Rattlesnake and Horned 
Snake," by Dr. Collin, was referred to Hewson, Wistar and 

1816. Nov. 15. (DuPonceau ; and 15 others.) 

Mansfield's paper reported for publication. 

Committee on "Surd Dec. Fractions" reported adversely. 

Donations from Ferber, R. Walsh, Jr., Astley and 

"Complete Solution of Rittenhouse's Problem (Trans., 
Vol. Ill)," in a letter from Eugenius Nulty, was referred to 
Patterson, Patterson and J. Biddle. 

Set of Trans, to be sent to the Lit. and P. S., New York. 

M. Le Sueur exhibited drawings of fishes found in the 
lakes and rivers of the United States. Thanks voted. 

1816. Dec. 6. (Tilghman ; and 14 others.) 

Board of Officers reported the following resolutions, which 
were referred to the next meeting : 

" That it be recommended .... to publish the Laws .... for insti- 
tuting the Historical Com. and other Laws made since the publication of 
the Laws in 1814. 

"That it be recommended .... to raise the annual contribution of 
the Resident Members from two to five dollars per annum." 

Dr. Barton's proposal (May 7, 1813) relative to the size 
of the volume, was read by Mr. Vauglian for consideration 
at the next meeting. 

Nulty's paper reported for publication. 

" A Grammar of the language of the Lenni Lenapi (Dela- 
ware) Indians, translated from the German MS. of David 
Zeisberger, and presented to the Society by P. S. DuPon- 
ceau," was received with a vote of thanks, and referred to 
Wistar, Cooper and Collins. 

Dec— Jan. 4bo lhl6— 1S17. 

Bust of Turgot, presented by Diipont de Nemours. 
Thanks voted. 

Donations from Josh. Gilpin, Melish, R. Rush, Mrs. Bar- 
ton, J. Utzschneider, DuPonceau and Nicholls. 

1816. Dec. 20. (Patterson ; and 15 others.) 

Donations from Yaugjhan, Camper, Michaux, Sully, "War- 

Transactions : Dr. Barton's proposal to repeal Art. V, Sec. 
5, of the By-Laws, was considered, and it was resolved to 
repeal a part of it, so as to make the size 4°. 

Resolved, That the By-Laws be printed as recommended by the B. of 
O., "together with the most important By-Laws and Proceedings of 
the Hist. Com., which that Com. shall deem necessary. To match those 
printed in 1814. 

Resolved, That the annual contribution shall be $5.00. 

No communications for the Magellanic Premium. 
Auditing Committee, Haines and Colhoun. 

1817. Jrtn'y 3. (R. Patterson, DuPonceau, Hembel, Col- 
lin, Vaughn [sic]. Hall, Stoughton, Currie, Chapman, 


President — Caspar Wistar. 

Vice-Presidents — Patterson, Tilghman, DuPonceau. 
Secretaries — James, R. M. Patterson, Dorsey, W, P. ,C. 

Councillors — Cooper, Gibson, Chapman, Colhoun. 
Councillor for one year — W. Hembel, Jr. 
Curators — Collins, Cloud, Hewson. 
Treasurer — Vaughn [sic]. 

1817. Ja7i*i/ 17. (Duponceau ; and 19 others.) 

Donntioim from Henniiig and Meredith. 
Vaughan [sic] and i'altcrHon aj)pointed a Committee to 
receive proposals for leaHing the vacant rooms of the Society. 

Feb.— March. 4b9 1817. 

Funeral of Mr. Dallas: Procession from the Hall fixed at 
3 P. M., Jan. 18. 

Election of six new members : Dr. Wm. Meade ; M. Leseur^ 
of Paris; M. Delametrie, of Paris; Mr. Del use; Dr. John 
C. Otto, and Richard Rush, Esq. 

1817. FeVy 7- (Wistar ; Otto, Lesuer, Hall and 20 

P. A. Browne's paper (Nov. 1, 1816) was reported for 
publication, and re committed for farther information. 

Donations from Bigelow, Gorham, T. C. James, and Dr. 
Meade (with illustrative remarks on the specimens). 

Leasing the unoccupied rooms : Proposals from Mr. Sully, 
the Athenaeum, and Dr. Cooper. Mr. Sully's proposition 
was acceded to. Lease to be prepared by the Committee, 
flus Duponceau. 

1817. Feb'y 21. (Wistar; James, Colhoun, Seybert, 
Hall, Nichols [sic]^ Vaughan, Haines, 8.) 

Donations from W. C. Poulteney, T. Desilver, and M""- 

" The German Mint Weights were deposited in the So- 
ciety by Mr. Yaughan." 

Ramirez's Eulogium on Dr. Valli was given to Mr. Hall 
to translate and publish in the Port Folio. 

" On the Gout," by Dr. Cooper, was referred to James and 

1817. March 7. (Patterson ; Wistar, Duponceau, Beas- 
ley, Colhoun, Hall, Mease, Patterson, Nichols, Barnwell, 
Chapman, Parrish.) 

Donations from Duponceau, Miss Patterson, and P. Cleve- 

A communication on the subject of Mr. Duponceau's do- 
nation was referred to Duponceau, Correa and Cooper. 

March-April— May. ^*^ 1817. 

Ooramunication from Stephen H. Long was referred to 
Beasley, Colhoun and Duponceau. 

1817. March 21. (Wistar ; Beesley [sic], Rawle, and 11 

Ramirez's Eulogiura on Valli, translated by Mr. Hall, 
was read and ordered for publication. 

1817. April 4. DuPonceau, Otto, Dorsey, and 16 others.) 

Donations from T. Dobson, De Tracy, and Ab. Small. 
" On the nourishment of the foetus," by Dr. Chapman, was 
referred to Wistar, Hewson and Dorsey. 

1817. April 18. (Patterson ; and 15 others.) 

Report of Committee on P. A. Browne's paper accepted. 

Donations from Gen. Williams, R. Sullivan, Dr. John 
Bell, Dr. Meigs, T. Say, A. Holmes. 

" On Bacon's System of Philosophy," by the Rev. Dr. 
Beasley, was referred to Wistar, Duponceau and Corr6a. 

" Bar. and Met. Obs. in Peru," by S. Curson, was referred 
to Wistar, l^attcrson and Dorsey. 

Election of a new member: Edward Troughton, Esq., of 

1817. May 2. Wistar; LeSuenr [sir'], N. Biddle, Mor- 
^n, and 15 others.) 

Donations from J. E. Hall. D. B. Warden, Agricultural 
Society of Caen. 

*'0n a large wen successfully extirpated," by Dr. Dorsey, 
waB referred to Hewson, Barton and Patterson, 

" Remarks on the Organic Vegetable remains discovered 
in FomiU, by Rev. Mr. Stoinliuuer," was partly read by Mr. 
Yaaghaiif and reffrre<l (to nuvo time) to Collins, Maclure 
and Cooper. 

May. 471 1817. 

Pictet, of Geneva, proposed exchanges. Referred to Hall, 
Beesley [sic] and Patterson, Jun. 

" Several miscellaneous transactions being finished, not 
deemed sufficiently important to be inserted in the minutes, 
the Society adjourned. [Signed] J. S. Dorsey, Sec." 

1817. May 16. (Duponceau; Ingersoll, Hall, Otto, Le- 
Sueur, and 10 others.) 

Steinhauer's paper reported for publication. 

Donations from Ramirez, Hall, Vaughan, Prof. Ebeling, 
Roberts Vaux, Rev. R. Patterson. 

" On the Geology of the U. S.," by W. McClure [sic], was 
read by Mr. Vaughan, it being an enlargement of the mem- 
oir read Jan. 20, 1809, " with the result of eight years ad- 
ditional observations." Referred to Wistar, Collins and 

Society to meet on Thursday, May 22, " to facilitate the 
publication of the Volume." 

New Series : Proposition that the new Volume (7th) 
should be published as Vol. I, N. S., " to enable the printer 
the more readily to dispose of it ; as he alleges that, as the 
preceding Volumes are several of them out of print, he could 
not readily dispose of a single volume which should appear 
to belong to the Old Series." 

Isaiah Thomas, of Worcester, sent $10, admission fee. 

1817. Mat/ 22. Special Meeting. (Wistar; Patterson, Du- 
Ponceau,Rawle,Peale, Barnwell, Hewson,Chapman,Colhoun, 
Parrish, Hembel, Collins, Seybert, Haines, Ingersoll, Patter- 
son, LeSueur, Hall, Barton, Biddle, 20.) 

McClure's memoir reported tor publication. 

"Essay on English Phonology," by Du Ponceau, was re- 
ferred to Rawle, Ingersoll and Colhoun. 

" On the Climate of New Orleans," by Dr. Barnwell ; re- 
ferred to Parrish, Hewson and Patterson. 

Vol. VII ordered to be published as Vol. I, N. S. 

Jane— July. 4TJ lgl7, 

1817. June 20. (Patterson ; Correa, and 14 others.) 

Da Ponceau's paper reported for publication. 

Dorsey's paper reported for publication. 

Donations from Warden, Monteiro, Collins, Short, Astley, 
Dobson, and Matthew C. Rawlston. 

" Directions for .... findinoj the Lat. and Long, with- 
out the aid of any instrument except a good common watch, 
and such other apparatus as any person may readily procure 
or even make for himself," by Mr. Patterson ; read and re- 
ferred to Beasley, Dr. Patterson and Gummere. 

" A new process of bleaching," was described by Prof. 
Cooper, and referred to Dorsey, Dr. Patterson and Cutbush. 

" Experiments to ascertain the degree of expansion of iron 
and brass by heat," by Mr. Hassler, was referred to Dr. Pat- 
terson, Vaughan and Jno. Biddle. 

Supplement to Barnwall's paper, referred to the same 

Models of crystals, oft'ered to the Society, in the hands of 
Dr. Coxe ; purchase authorized. 

1817. July IS. (Wistar; Patterson, Duponceau, Collin, 
Vaughan, Colhoun, Beasley, Morgan, Hare, Currie, Collins, 
Patterson, Parrish, Rawle, Chapman, Barton, Scott, 17.) 

Hassler's paper reported for publication. 

Cooper's paper reported for publication. 

Patterson's paper reported for publication. 

Librarian reported the purchase of [blank] models of 
crystals at [blank] cost. 

Donations from Bishop White and Danl. Parker, of Wash* 
ington, viz.: " The Original Journal in MS. of Wm. Dun- 
bar and Geo. Hunter, up the Washita, to the Hot Springs, 
and up the Rod River, in 1804, by order of the Government ; 
and the First Part of Pike's Journal to the sources of the 
MiMieeippi in 1806." 

Astronomical Obsorvations at Washington to ascertain its 
latitude and longitude, by W. Lambert, read and referred 

Aug.-Sept.— Oct. ^**^ 1817. 

to Patterson, Patterson and Vaughan, "with power to take 

"On the connection of Science with the rise and fall of 
Empires," by Dr. Colhoun; read in part, and referred to 
Rawle, Hare and Beasley, for " a detailed report." 

Election of 5 new members : J. P. Frank, of Vienna ; 
Jos. Baron von Sonnenfels, Vienna ; Jos. Hammer, Vienna ; 
Wm. Gaston, JS^. Car. ; C. F. Mercer, Va. 

1817. Aug. 15. (Patterson ; Correa, Hare, Collin, Pat- 
terson, Barton, LeSueur, Currie, Dorsey, Rawle, Otto, 11.) 

Donations from Mr. Darby, L. Valentine, of Nancy, Ade- 
lung of St. Pet. ; C. A. Busby, C. J. Ingersol. 

Deposited by Mr. Darby : Rozier's Cours d'Agriculture, 
Vols. I, to VII. 

1817. Sept. 19. (Wistar ; and 9 other.) 

Donations from Parker of Washington, Nulty and Jos. 

Deposited by J. Biddle, 15 Volumes 4° and 8° [the list 
being given]. 

" Description and use of a simple appendage to the Reflect- 
ing Sector, &c.," by Mr. Patterson, was read and referred to 
Doi-sey, Gummere and Dr. Patterson, with power to take 

" A new theory of the world," by Jos. White, of the 
State of New York, was referred to Patterson, Collins and 

" Met. Obs. at Muskingum," kept by Heckewelder, was 
referred to Patterson, Collins and Patterson. 

1817. Oct. 3. (Wistar ; Allison, Izard, LeSueur, and 8 

White's paper was reported adversely. 
Chapman's paper was reported for publication. 
Donations from Astley, Dobson, and Vaughan. 

Oct-Nov. 474 1817. 

1817. Oct. 17. (Patterson; Vanderkerap, Hare, Short, 
and 12 others.) 

Colhoun's paper : Abstract reported and paper eulogized, 
but " the subject was treated with too much length and de- 
tail to allow its insertion in the Transactions." 

Collin's paper on Delaware Climate was reported for pub- 

Donations from Levitt Harris, Gotthelf Fisher, Morrison, 
of Canton ; Wilcox, Warden, Dr. Barton, Delaplaine, Phys- 
ick, Webster, Carey, and the Institute of France. 

" Description and use of a very simple instrument for 
setting up Sun-dials, &c.," by Mr. Patterson, was referred to 
Gummere, Dr. Patterson and Vaughan, with power. 

New species of North American fishes, by LeSueur, was 
referred to Hewson, Wistar and Dr. Patterson. 

Election of seven new members: Rev. J. S. Vater, D.D., 
R. Lib., Prussia ; Eugenius Nulty, Un. Pa. ; T. Say ; Geo. 
Ord ; T. Nuttall ; L. Schweidnitz [sic], N. Car. ; H. Stein- 
haur, Bethlehem, Pa. 

1817. Nov.T. (Wistar; Vanderkemp, Corr6a, LeSueur, 
Say, Nulty, PoUok [sic'], Ord, Moore, Nuttall, Izard, and 17 
other more regularly attending members.) 

LcSueur's paper on Adpenser and Petromyzon was report- 
ed for {(ublicatioi). 

Patterson's paper (on Sun-dials) reported for })ublication. 

Donations from M. C. Ralston, Chapinau, Collins, Bige- 
low, Jaa. Webster, C. Mulvey. And for the cabinet from 
Dorney, Sol. W. Conrad, and Corr^a 

" Renearch concerning the mean Diameter of the Earth,"^ 
by R. Adruin, of New York, was referred to Patterson, 
Nulty and Patterson, with power. 

" Monograph of the genus Cictndella,'" by T. Say, was re- 
ferred to LeSueur, Nuttall and Collins. 

" Geological Accoutit of the Ohio Valley," by Dan. Drake,, 
of Citu^iiiriuti. wan rcfcrrod to Nuttiill, Collins and McClure. 

Nov.— Dec. 475 1817. 

"Improvements in the 8hip-purap," formerly communi- 
cated, was now referred to Nulty, Dr. Patterson and Haines. 

Committee on Preface to Vol. I, N. S. : DTiponceau,Tilgh- 
man, Patterson. 

1817. Nov. 21. (DuPonceau ; Nulty, Nuttall, Ord, Dick- 
erson, and 12 others.) 

Patterson's paper (Ship-pumi)8) reported for publication. 

Adrain's paper was reported for publication. 

Say's monograph was reported for publication. 

Donations from Wistar, Chamberlain, J. Stackhouse, 
Rawle, Harris, B. and F. Bible S. ; Lond. R. S. ; Geol. S. ; 
Hort. S. 

MS. Journals: "Mr. Jefferson sent for the Historical 
class, some of the MS. journals ot Lewis & Clarke, with 
orders from Gen. Clarke, upon his representative for the 
remainder of what had been in his possession." 

Donations for the Cabinet, from Harris, Rawle and Cham- 

" On Fossil Shells found near Chambersburg, Pa.," &c., in a 
letter from Geo. Chambers, was referred to Collins, Wistar 
and LeSueur. 

1817. Dec. 5. (DuPonceau ; Wistar, Patterson, James, 
Parrish, Otto, Hartshonie, Collin, Beasley \_sic\ Barton, 
Haines, Barnwell, Vaughan.) 

Donations from Carey & Son, and Vaughan. 

Appendix to Patterson's paper on the Ship-pump referred. 

No applications for the Magellanic Premium. 

1817. Dec. 19. (Patterson ; Nulty and 10 others.) 
Patterson's Appendix reported for publication. 
Donations from Patterson, Engles, Dr. Barton, Penning- 
ton, Dr. Patterson, Vaughan. 
(Here follow two and a half blank pages.) 

January. 4:7b 1818. 

1818. Jari'y 2. (R. Patterson, Duponceau, Beasley, Col- 
lin, R. M. Patterson, jS'ulty, Haines, Collins, Pennington, 
Meredith, Rawle, C. J. Ingersoll, Vaughan, Barnwell.) 


President — Wistar. 

Vice-Presidents — R. Patterson, Tilghman, DuPonceau. 
Secretaries — T. C. James, R. M. Patterson, Dorsey, TV. P. 
C. Barton. 

Councillors — Jefferson, McClure, Collin, Meredith. 
Curators — Collins, Cloud, Hewson. 
Treasurer — Vaughan. 

1818. Jan'y 9. Special Meeting. (Wistar ; R. Patterson, 
DuPonceau, Collin, Hall, Currie, Haines, Nulty, Beasley, R. 
M. Patterson, LeSueur, Vaughan.) 

Vaughan reported an Ordinance of City Councils, grant- 
ing the use of the " Centre-square building" as an Observa- 
tory :— 

Section 1st. — Be it ordained and enacted by the citizens of Philadelphia, 
in Select and Common Councils assembled, That the City Coinniissioners 
shall, from and immediately after the passing of this Ordinance, demise 
and let to the Americiia Pliilosophical Society, held at Philadelphia for 
promoting useful knowledge, for and during the term of seven years from 
the execution of said lease, for the yearly sum or rent of one dollar, to be paid 
at the end and expiration of each and every year, and [sic] hereinafter 
mentioned parts of the building at the Centre square known by the name 
of Centre Engine-house, to be used by the said Society as an Astronomi- 
cal Observatory, that is to say, the south oast and south-west rooms on 
the basement story; together with the us*? of tho passage between the 
■aid roooM : so much of the circular part of the said building as is above 
the basement story, and the roof of tiie said story. 

Skotion 2kd. — And be it further ordained and emieted, Tliat in order 
that the before mentioned parts of tiio said building may bo rendered suit- 
able for tliH purposes aforesaid, it shall and may bo lawful to and for the 
■aid Philoitophical Society at the proper cost and charge of the same, to 
make and caUHe to bo made, the heroinaftor doHcril)od alterations in the 
parts of the nald building, to be mo ah aforesaid demised and let to the said 
Bocloty : that U to say : They may romovo and take away any part, or 
the whole of the arch forming the culling of the south-wost room in the 
baaement story of the said building, and make and construct in the said 

January. ^* * 1818. 

room a stairway leading to the roof of said story ; also to make and con- 
struct and build upon said roof a flat terrace roof, provided the same 
shall not be raised higher than the top of the lowest part of the parapet 
wall, as the same now is, and also to make, form and construct in the 
circular part of the said building a floor, which shall be upon a level, or 
as nearly so as may be, with the before mentioned terrace roof. 

Provided always — That the said alterations or any of them shall not, in 
any manner whatever, change the present external appearance of the said 
Centre-house, and also that the demised parts of the same shall, during 
the term for which they shall be in the occupancy of the said Society, to 
be kept and maintained in repair at the proper cost and charge of said 

Enacted into an Ordinance. 

Wistar, R. Patterson, Tilghraan, DuPonceau, R. M. Pat- 
terson and Vaughan were appointed a Committee with 
powers : 1. To execute the lease ; 2. To apply to Govern- 
ment for a loan of instruments ; 3. To apply to Legislature 
for an appropriation. 

Thanks to City Councils were voted. 

" An abstract of Bills of Mortality of Philadelphia, from 
1809 to 1816," by J. Vaughan, were read and ordered for 

Committee on Publishing the Hist. Com. Volume report- 
ed its contents and that it was in press. 

Obituary notices of deceased members were ordered to be 
added by the Historical Committee. 

1818. Jan'y 16. (Tilghraan ; and 17 others.) 

Donations from Jas. Webster, Dr. Barton, Hunter, Coxe, 

Jas. Graberg di Hemso's letter from Tangiers, Nov. 10, 
1817, describing the use of Holcus bicolor, common sorghum, 
by the Moors, as food and fodder, with his and Consul Simp- 
son's experiments on it, on the Lancaster Co. plan, and rec- 
ommending its cultivation in the United States was read. 

Election of a new member: F. von Adelung. 

Election of Librarian : J. Vaughan. 

Jan.— Feb. 4<o lgl8 

1818. JarCy 23. Joint-meeting of the Society and Pro- 
fessors of the University, on occasion of the death of Dr. 
Caspar Wistar. 

Procession from the Hall appointed for Monday, Jan. 26, 
to attend the funeral. 

[Then follow data for an obituary.] 

1818. Jan.'y 28. Special Meeting. (" Present, Mr. Patter- 
son, V.-P., in the chair, and an unusually great number of 

Chief Justice Tiighman unanimously appointed to deliver 
an Eulogium on Dr. Wistar. 

1818. Feb'g 6. (Patterson ; and 10 others.) 

Donations for the Cabinet from J. C. Montgomery and 
Isaac Lea. 

Donations for the Library from T. Dobson & Son, J. 
Hall, and Dr. Jas. P. Wilson. 

1818. Feb'y20. (Patterson ; and 11 othei-s.) 

Muhlenberg's Herbarium costing " upwards of 500 dol- 
lars," was received as a donation to the Society, " under 
terms hereafter to be made known," from Collins, Chapman, 
Dorsey, Poilok, James, Short, Tiighman, Vaughan, C. Wis- 
tar. [The names of N. Biddle, H. Biniiey and C. Chauncey 
appear faintly preceding the others, and seem to have been 

Buffon's Natural History, in 127 Vols., was received as 
a donation from Biddle, Binney, Chauncey, Collins, Corr6a 
de Serra, J. R. Coxo, Meredith, R. M. Patterson, Poilok, 
Sergeant, Short, Rawlo, Tiighman and Wistar. 

Other donations for the Library from Meigs, Thackara, 
Webster, W. Franklin, Dashkoff, Dolaplaino, Warden, Nan- 
credo, Vaughan, Royal Society, Gottingon ; S. Antiq., Lon- 
don, and Academy of Natural Sciences, I'hiladolphia. 

March ^*^ 1818. 

Jefferson's acceptance of merabership in the Council was 
read as follows : — 

MoNTiCEM.o, Feb. 15, '18. 
Dear Sib, 

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your fiivor of Jan. 23, mformlng 
me that the Am. Philosophical Society have done me the lionor of naming 
me one of the Counsellors of that institution. If, at this distance, I can 
be useful to the Society, I ask only the occasion of proving to them my 
readiness and zeal ; and I beg the favor of you, Sir, to be the channel of 
conveying to them my renewed thanks for this and all other marks of 
their favor, for which I have so long and so often been indebted to them. 
To these permit me to add sincere condolences on the loss they have sus- 
tained in the death of our president, whose character was an honor to our 
Society, and his science precious to our country. I tender to yourself. Sir, 
the assurance of ray great esteem and respect. 

[Signed] Th. Jefferson. 

DocT. R. M. Patterson. 

The Athenaeum and Mr. Sully: Letters were read " pray- 
ing the Society to accede to an arrangement .... accom- 
modating the Athenaeum with certain rooms .... now in 
the possession of Mr. Sully." Referred to Patterson, Col- 
houn and Barton. 

Tilghman'p. Eulogium on Wistar fixed (by him) for March 
2d. Committee of Arrangements appointed : Vaughan, Pat- 
terson, Collins. 

1818. March 6. (DuPouceau ; R. Patterson, Josh. Gil- 
pin, T. Gilpin, Collins, Hewsou, LeSueur, Colhoun, Currie, 
Barton, Hall, Otto, Moore, Haines, Vaughan, Patterson, 
Beasley, N. Biddle.) 

Tilghman's Eulogium: Committee reported that no place 
had been found in time for the day set ; but that Zion Ger- 
man Church in 4th street had been granted, for Wednesday, 
March 11th, at 12 o'clock. 

Donation from Dr. Barton. 

1818. March 13. Special Meeting. (Patterson ; and 15 

Thanks voted to Judge Tilghman for having " so faith- 

March— April. 4oU Iglg^ 

fully expressed the feelings of the Society." A copy of the 
Eulogiura requested for publication by the Committee of 
Arrangements. Also thanks to Zion Church voted. 

1818. March 20. (Duponceau ; Cloud, LeSueur, Nulty, 
Nuttall, and 10 others.) 

Committee on the letters of Sully, and Ewing and Vaux 
(Athenaeum Committee), desiring a lease of " rooms on the 
first floor of the house," reported that they had agreed that 
Mr. Sully should be permitted to lease the two north rooms 
to the Athenaeum, for one year from June 1 next, on terms 
to be agreed upon between him and the Athenaeum, the 
right to inspect the mode of heating the rooms being for 
safety reserved to the American Philosophical Society, and 
also the right to annul the agreement by giving six months' 
notice to the Athenaeum ; without which notice, however, 
Mr. Sully might prolong the lease. 

Drake's memoir (Nov., 1817) reported for publication. 

A new astronomical theory was read and referred to Pat- 
terson, Nulty and Patterson. 

Agricultural Society : A proposal to take the S. E. cellar, 
" provided they could have, as formerly, the use of the 
room in which the College of Physicians held their meet- 
ings," was referred to Patterson, Barnwell and Patterson^ 
with power to meet a Committee of College of Physicians. 

Dr. Hewson was granted the loan of some bones for his 
lectures on Comparative Anatomy. 

1818. April 8. ( Duponceau ; Nulty, Conover, Parrish, 
Letaeur, and 12 others.) 

" A new astronomical theory" reported adversely. 
DonationH from Joh. Hammer and the Asiatic Society. 
Portrait of PrioHtly, " long in the possession of our late 
president," presented by Mrs. Wistar. Thanks voted. 

April— May. 481 181S. 

Portrait of Wistar: Committee appointed to procure one, 
Vaughan, Morgan, Collins. 

Journals (2) of Therraometrical Observations, one made 
at sea by Judge Cooper and Mr. Priestly, and the other by 
Capt. J. Hamilton of the ship Superior^ were referred to 
Barnwell, Patterson and Vaughan. 

1818. April 17. (Patterson ; Tilghman, Duponceau, 
Vaughan, James, Chapman, Cooper, Xulty, Meredith, Hall, 
Mease, Meade, Moore, Collins, J. G. Biddle, Hewson, Collins, 
Dorsey, Lesueur, Ord, N. Biddle, Morgan and Patterson.) 

The Agriculture Society's agreement to give $100 per 
annum for the use of the rooms of the College of Physicians, 
for meetings, and of the cellar to store their farm imple- 
ments in, was agreed to and the same Committee directed 
to execute a lease. 

Donations from Capt. Riley, Collins and Meade. 

Election of eleven new members : John Quincy Adams ; 
Noel de la Morini^re ; Josiah Meigs, Com. Land Office, U". S. ; 
Jas. G. Thompson, Prof. Lang., Un. Pa. ; Parker Cleveland, 
Prof. Chem., Bowdoin College, Me. ; Dr. J. C. Warren, 
Cambridge, Mass. ; Dr. Jas. Jackson, Cambridge, Mass. ; 
Nich. Fuss, St. Petersburg ; Gothelf Fischer, St. Petersburg; 
Dr. Dan. Drake, Cincinnati ; and Dr. Jacob Bigelow, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

1818. May\. (Duponceau; and 19 others.) 

Donations for the Library, from R. Desilver, Conrad, J. 
Bell, Va.; Vaughan, J. E. Worcester, W. E. Hulens, Dupon- 
ceau, Pedersen, Heckewelder. 

For the Cabinet, from Capt. Riley. 

A model and description of a new plan for wooden bridges, 
by E. Gordon, was referred to Patterson, Nulty and Patter- 

" Ther. Obs. on a voyage from Smyrna," by Sam. Hazard, 
referred to Barnwell, Patterson and Vaughan. 

PROC. AMER. PHIL08. 80C. I. XXxi. PRINTED JUNE 7, 1884. 

May to Aug. 4o^ 1818. 

1818. May 15. Patterson ; Duponceau, Yaughan, Alli- 
son, Beasley, Correa, Cooper, Hall, LeSiieur, Collins, Ord, 
Guramere, Say, James, Barnwell, Collins, Barton, Patterson 
and Haines.) 

Outstanding Committees continued. 

Donations : Library — from Duponceau, James, Vaughan ; 
Cabinet — Mrs. Wistar, McClure and Vaughan. 

1818. Jime 19. (Patterson; Collins, Vaughan, l!^ulty. 
Hall, Chapman, Allison, Say, Lesueur, Ord, Patterson.) 

Donations: Library — from Izard, Gardner, Small, J. 
Vaughan, Meade, Walsh, Coxe, Bowditch, Chapman, Wm. 

" Geological speculations on the .... western . . . . U. 
S.," by Dr. Hugh Steel, was read and referred to Allison, 
Ord, and Patterson. 

"On the Newtonian Theory of Universal Gravitation," 
by Dr. W. Currie, was read and referred to Patterson, Alli- 
son and Ord. 

1818. Jidy 17. (Duponceau ; and 14 others.) 

Donations to the Library from Dr. Jacob Bigelow, Alez. 
Ramirez of Havanna, Jno. Sergeant, Arthur Kinder of N. 
Y., T. B. Wait, Jno. Vaughan, Dr. Collin, Tanner Vallance 
Kearney, Jno. Hecke welder, Polly Uecke welder, Thos. Ast- 
ley, John P. Norris, N. Am. Bible Soc, Jos. Sansom and 
Sam Hazard. 

1818. Aug. 2\. (Duponceau; Patterson, Vaughan, Col- 
lin, Hall, Lesueur, Colhoun, Say, Patterson.) 

Donations from J. Q. Adams, 0. Carr6. M. Carey, Jas. 
Webster, 8. Breck, Bowditch, Payne, Todd. 

" Further remarks oti the Long, and Lat. of Washington," 
by W. Jiambert, was referred to Patterson, Nulty and Pat- 

Sept.-Oct. 4o3 1H18. 

" Solution of a general case of the motion of the simple 
Pendulum," by E. Nulty, was referred to Dr. Patterson, 
Adrain and Gummere. 

Button's Dictionary and Hutton's Tracts purchased. 

Committee appointed to associate Say and Nuttall with 
the TJ. S. Exploring Expedition to the Northwest: Patter- 
son, DuPonceau, Jones, Cooper and Patterson. 

1818. Sept. 18. (Patterson; DuPonceau, Correa, Nulty, 
Scott, Mease, Vaughan, Patterson.) 

Donations: Library — from E. Barton, Capn. A. Delano, 
Nuttall, Daschkoff, Chapman, Agardh. 

Donations : Cabinet — from Vaughan, R. Vaux, Csesar A. 
Rodney, Ord. 

" On Looming," by Jas. Flint, referred to Mease, Hembel, 

" On tests of Arsenic," by Dr. Cooper ; same Committee. 

" Obs. on the Yellow Fever," by Dr. Cooper ; same Com- 

" Continuation of Capt. Hamilton's Journal " (see April, 
1818), was received and referred. 

1818. Oct. 2. (DuPonceau ; Patterson, Vaughan, Brown, 
Hare, Cloud, Hewson, Gummere, Hembel, Say, Colhoun, 
Lesueur, Patterson.) 

Cooper's papers reported for publication. 

Donations: Library — from Daschkoff, Ramsay, Clymer, 
and Petty Vaughan. 

1818. Oct. 16. (Brown ; Vaughan, Lesueur, Hewson, 
Ord, Say, Parrish, Pollok, Pinckney, Mease, Dr. Patterson.) 

Nulty's paper reported for publication. 

Donations : Library — from I. Thomas, W. Franklin (Cal- 
cutta), Judge de Saussure, Hugh Roberts, M. Thomas, and 
Massachusetts Historical Society. 

Nov.— Dec— Jan. 484 1818— 181». 

1818. Nov. 6. (DuPonceau ; Brown, Nultj, Walsh, N. 
Biddle, Chapman, IngeraoU, Colhoun, Say, Vaughan, Dr. 

Donations : Library — from N". Potter, and Jas. Webster. 

1818. Nov. 20. (No quorum.) 

1818. Dec. 4. (Tilghman ; Say, Hall, Ord, Otto, and 10 

Donations: Library — Dr. Mott, and Dr. Hosack, of New 

" A steering apparatus for the Air Balloon," by M. Colius 
de Ham, was referred to Patterson, Patterson and Nulty. 

1818. Dec. 18. (Duponceau ; Say, Lesueur, Nulty, and 
8 others.) 

Donations : Library — from M. Carey. 

No applications for the Magellanic Premium. 

Auditing Committee: Patterson and DuPonceau. 

1819. Jan'yl. (Duponceau; and 19 others.) 


President — Robert Patterson. 

Vice-Presidents — W. Tilghman, P. S. Duponceau, Z.Collins. 
Secretaries — T. C. James, R. M. Patterson, W. P. C. Bar- 
ton, R. Walsh. 

Councillors — Rawlo, Binney, Sergeant, J. Quincy Adams, Jr. 
Curators — Jos. Cloud, T. T. Hewsou, Reu. Haines. 
Dreasurer — J. Vaughan. 

1819. Jan'y 16. (i^atterson; and 16 others.) 
Donations: Library — from Breck, Adolung, Luke, Mun- 

sell, Vaughan, Dolaplaine, Pickering, Ewington, and the 

Rassian Academy. 
Librarian oloctod : J. Vaughan. 

Feb.— March. 4o5 jgl^. 

Election of six new members: J. Murray, of Edinburgh ; 
L. M. Langley ; Roberts Vaux; L. H. Girardin; H. M. D. 
De Blainville ; and Dr. John Eberle. 

1819. Feb'y 5. (Tilghraan ; Patterson, Biddle, Sansom, 
Collins, Haines, Gilpin, Rawle, Duponceau, Vaux, Nulty, 
Vaughan, Walsh, Lesueur, Ord, Beasley, Patterson, Eberle, 
Barton, Hewson, 20.) 

[Blank space left.] 

Donations from R. M. William, Moses Thomas, and the 
American Academy, Boston, a letter from which was re- 
ferred to Collins, Humphreys and Dr. Barton. 

1819. Feh'y 19. (Duponceau ; Patterson, Vaughan, 
Short, Haines, Vaux, Say, Patterson, Hewson, Brown, Eb- 
erle, Meade, Lesueur, Colhoun, Barton, Hall.) 

Donation : Library — from M. Carey and R. Walsh. 
Donations : Cabinet — from Jos. Sansom. 

1819. March 5. (Collins ; Patterson, Walsh, Vaux, 
Vaughan, Collin, Eberle, Say, Hall, Haines, Lesueur, Meade, 
Ord, Duponceau.) 

Donations : Library — from Baldwin, Collins, R. Patterson, 
and A. del Rio. 

Committee " to consider the state of the Library and cata- 
logue of its books, and to make alterations " .... if neces- 
sary : Vaughan, Walsh, Vaux. 

1819. March 19. (Patterson ; Otto, and 12 others.) 

Committee on Library to report in May. 

Donations: Library — from Ez. Sanford, T. Say, Pisa 
Academy, and Josh, and T. Gilpin (" specimen of their end- 
less paper"). 

April. 4oD 1819. 

Memoir " On the form of the earth," with a letter from 
John Cleves Symmes, requesting its deposit in the Library. 

Exploration : Letter from the Secretary of War, United 
States, requesting suggestions for a party sent out beyond 
the Mississippi. Committee: Walsh, Duponceau, Cooper, 
Dr. Patterson, Brown. 

Historical Committee authorized to dispose of their own 
Transactions, " keeping, however, always in view the best 
interests of the Society at large." 

Jos. and T. Gilpin exhibited printing on endless paper, 
"at the time of its manufacture, by a cylindrical water- 
press, and with a degree of rapidity never before equalled." 

1819. April 2. (Duponceau ; and 1 3 others.) 

Exploration Committee reported sending suggestions to 
Washington. A copy was ordered to be preserved in the 

Portrait of Washington, loaned to Mr. Binns for an en- 
graving for the Declaration of Independence. Committee : 
Vaughan and R. Patterson. 

Dr. Beasley's paper on Lord Bacon's Philosophy reported 
withdrawn by the author. 

Librarian to enjoin Committees to report in May. 

1819. April 16. (Collins ; Corr6a, Ingersoll, N. Biddle, 
and 14 others.) 

Donations from Duponceau, Michaux, Macknab, B. 0. 
Wilcocks, Dr. Qorhurn, Rob. De Silver, Loudon Royal So- 
ciety and Batavian Literary Society. 

Letters from the Manchester L. 8. and Sec. Leg., Nether- 

"On 2 new species of Cyperus &c.," by W. Baldwin, 
M.D., was referred to Corr6a, CoIHds and Haines. 

"On an improvement in Surveying," by Jas. Austin, was 
referred to Patterson and Pattersou. 

May. ^* 1819. 

Letter of acknowledgment from the United States War 

Dr. Currie's paper ; Committee discharged. 

Mr. Lambert's paper ; Committee discharged. 

Gordon's paper ; Committee discharged. 

Journals of Priestley, Cooper and Hazard, ordered to be 
deposited with the Meteorological papers, as recommended 
by the Committee. 

Curtius' Meteorological Observations; Committee dis- 

Election of three new members: Mr. Tillesius, Count 
Languinais, Stephen Elliot, of South Carolina. 

1819. May 7. (Patterson; Walsh, Izard, Collin, Eberle, 
Lesueur, Hall, Cooper, Brown, Collins, Correa, Cutbush, 
Ord, Duponceau, Vaux, Vaughan, Dr. Barton, Hare, Hew- 
8on, Nulty, Colhoun, Dr. Patterson, Haines, Cloud.) 

Committee on Library : Report returned with instruc- 
tions to report plan and expense of cataloguing. Duponceau 

Barnwell's paper on the climate of New Orleans (May 
22, 1817), ordered to be deposited in the Archives of the 
Historical Committee, as recommended by Committee re- 

Donations from Miller, Desmarest, Michaux, Warden ; 
A. N. S., Phil. ; Phil. Agr. S. ; Chev. de Onis. 

Perkins' instrument for determining the compressibility 
of water; referred to Patterson, Hare and IN'ulty, "to wit- 
ness his experiments with it." 

" On the Prussic acid," a Committee from Duvigneau & 
Parent of Paris ; referred to Dr. Patterson, Cooper and 

'' The Lithographic Stone belonging to the Cabinet of the 
Society was loaned to D""- Brown and M'- Otis for ... . ex- 
periments in the art of Lithographic Engraving." 

Chaptal's L'Industrie Fran9oise was lent to Dr. T. 
Cooper, " with a desire that he would report thereon." 

May— June— July. ^bo I819. 

1819. 3% 21. (Collins; and 19 Others.) 

Donation from Francis Da Costa. 

Commentarii A. S. I., Petropol., 1728-1750, 14 Vols., and 
Novi Com., 1750-1771, 17 Vole., bought bj Mr. Vaughan, 
of Mr. Garnet, of Brunswick, accepted at cost by the So- 

A meteorological communication referred to Dr. Patter- 
son, Correa and Ilaines. 

1819. June. 18. (Cooper ; Eberl^, Vaux, Hembel, Correa, 
Lesueur, and 7 others.) 

Committee on Perkins' machine reported progress. 

Magellanic Premium : Propositions reported from the 
Board of Officers "for bestowing or disj^)en8ing" it, were 
accepted and ordered to be printed. 

Donations for the Library from De Silver, M. Thomas, P. 
H. Nicklin, Jac. Sperry, Jas. Webster. 

For the Cabinet: An Artificial Horizon (Trans. Vol. I, 
N. S., p. 325), suggested by R. Patterson ; and Hydrostatic 
Steel yard invented by Dr. Coates ; by J. Vaughan. 

Election of four new members : Jacob Perkins, of Phila- 
delphia ; A. S. Desmarest, II. M. Ducrotay de Blainville,* 
and P. A. Latreille, all of Paris. 

1819. Jul}/ IQ. (Patterson ; Du Ponceau, Patterson, Ord, 
Leeueur, Brown, Barton, Vaughan.) 

Circular relative to the Magellanic Premium reported in 
prefle. [A copy of it is pasted into the minute book here.] 

Doties levied by the New York Custom House officers 
OD books for the Society, were reported by Mr. Duponceau, 
together with his remonstrance sent to Washington. 

Jacob Perkins' letter, describing his experinientH at sea, 
was referred to the Committee. 

*Bl«lnTlll« M«iiM to hnve be«ii olectod twice, vlt. : Jun. IT), lMlt>, uimI Jiitic Im, 

Aug.— Sept. ^"" 18M. 

1819. A2ig. 20. (Collins ; Patterson, Meredith, T. Gilpin, 
Lesueur, Colhoun, Barton, Eberle, Cooper, Du Ponceau, 
Ord, Vaughan.) 

Donations from Adelung, Major Lorich, Capt. James, 
Biddle, Chazotte, Vaughan, and Turin A. S. 

" On the Moon's Parallax & Lat. & Long.," by Mr. Lam- 
bert, was referred to Patterson and Dr. Patterson. 

"On a Hydraulic Reflecting Telescope," by Mr. Busby, 
was referred to T. Gilpin, Patterson and Vaughan. 

" On the N. Amer. Insects," by T. Say ; referred to Col- 
lins, Lesueur and Collin. 

Memorial to Congress for exemption from Duties on 
Books, &c., for the Society, drawn up by Duponceau, was 
read and referred to himself, Patterson and Vaughan, with 
power to act. 

Cooperation of the Society with the City Corporation in 
deciding upon claims.for premiums established by a recent 
Will,* was proposed by Mr. Meredith and referred to him, 
Dr. Patterson and Mr. Vaughan, with power to act. 

1819. Sept. 17. (Patterson ; Du Ponceau, Correa, Cooper, 
Eberl6, Hall, Mease, Vaughan.) 

Donation of Medicines from S. Araer. made by F. 
Schmidt ; (A.), Cepo de Chumbo, a parasitical plant, strongly 
recommended in Brazil for pulmonary complaints ; (B.), Re- 
sina de Catalas, an excellent purgative. Referred for trial 
to Chapman and Physick. 

Donations, from Asiatic Society ; Bath and W. K S. ; M. 
Carey & Son ; "Williams ; W. Jones, of Calcutta ; also Prof. 
Schroder's (Upsal) dissertation to prove that America was 
peopled from Scandinavia. 

" On the dry rot of timber:" Mr. Williams repeated his 
letter of inquiry of Sept. 1818. 

" An exact result of the Moon's Parallax ;" and " Errors 

* The John Scotl legacy, •which is now supervised by the Franklin Institute. 

Oct.— Nov. 4yU lyiij, 

in the Naut. Almanac," in letters from Lambert; referred to 
Patterson, Dr. Patterson and Nulty. 

Specimens of improved Canvas, with a letter from Josiah 
Chapman of Bristol, Pa., claiming a premium, was referred 
to the Board of Officers. 

1819. Oct. 1. (DuPonceau ; and 12 others.) 

Donations of books from twelve sources. 

Hassler's request to be permitted to send a communication 
under certain conditions, was granted, subject to reconsid- 
eration on its reading ; the President to correspond with 
Mr. Hassler. 

Loan of a copy of the Vocabula, &c., to Prof. Vater, per 
Mr. Dupouceau, authorized. 

1819. Oct. 16. (DuPonceau; James, Eberle, Chapman, 
Colhoun, Cooper, Dr. Patterson, Hewsbn, Barton, Ilembell, 
Meredith, "Walsh, Lesueur, Vaux, Correa, PoUok, T. Gilpin, 

Donations from Von Hammer, Michaux, &c. 

Election of six new members : Alex. Brongniart [sic'\ ; 
Redmond Conyngham ; Rev. F. C. Schaeiier (New York) ; 
Dr. W. P. Dewees ; Dr. W. E. Horner ; and Dr. J. A. Alb- 
era, of Bremen. 

1819. Nov. 5. (DuPonceau ; Dewees, Horner, and 11 

Donations from Upsal, Paris, Hague, &c. 

Perkins' Experiments with the Pyometer and Bathometer, 
"during his late passage to London ;" referred to Dr. Pat- 
terson, Ilare, Nulty. 

1819. iVby. 19. (Collins ; DuPonceau, Collin, Vaughan, 
Nulty, Eberle, N. Biddle, Hall, Dr. Patterson.) 

Donations from the Hort. S., London, and Jno. Binns. 


December. -x»/j UH*. 

" On the first government established by William Penn, 
in Pa.," in a letter from T. Matlack, was read. 

" A worm very destructive to the apple tree," was verbally 
described by Dr. Collin.* 

Legendre's Int. Calc, 7 Vols., 4°, ordered bought for 

1819. Dec. 3. (Patterson ; Dewees, Horner, J. Gilpin, 
C. J. Ingersoll, and 16 othere.) 

Say's paper reported to be a sequel to his published paper, 
and worthy of publication in the next volume. Report ac- 

Donations : Library — from Tracy, Vaughan and Schaeffer. 

A new Instrument for describing Ellipses (with drawings) 
offered for the Magellanic Premium was referred to the 
Board of Officers. 

Custom House obstructions to literature and science were 
described in Mr. Schaeffer's letter from New York to Mr. 
DuPonceau. Referred to the Committee of August 20th, 

The attention paid in Europe to American Literature, 
was the subject of another letter from Mr. Schaetfer to Mr. 

On the Calori motor (a peculiar Voltaic apparatus), in a 
letter from Prof. Jac. Green, of Princeton, to Dr. Patterson, 
was read. 

No applications for the Magellanic Premium reported 
from the Board of Officers. 

1819. Dec. 17. (DuPonceau; Cooper, Hembel, Haines, 
Vaux, Mease, Dewees, Lesueur, Collins, Meade, Vaughan. 
Dr. Patterson, Morgan.) 

Donations from De Montargis, Poinsett, and J. D. Coxe ; 
and a vase of Swedish Porphyry, from Major Lorick. 

* At the uext meeting, Dec. 3, be exhibited the worm. 

Jan.— Feb. 49^ 182o. 

1820. Jan'y 7. (14 present.) 


President — Robert Patterson. 

Vice-Presidents — Tilghman, DiiPonceau, Collins. 

Secretaries — James, Dr. Patterson, Walsh, Ord. 

Councillors — Jas. Gibson, Chapman, Hare, Hembell. 

Curators — Cloud, Hewson, Haines. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

1820. Jan'y 21. (Tilghman ; and 17 others.) 

Donations for the Library and Cabinet. 

Librarian elected : J. Vausjhan. 

Auditing Committee of 1819 discharged. 

Election of a new member : Baron Hormeyer, of Vienna. 

1820. FeVy 4. (DuPonceau ; and 16 others.) 

Williams' letter on Dry Rot : Committee continued. 

Donations : Library — from Mr. Vaughan. 

Description of a new Twine-twisting machine, offered for 
Extra-Magellenic Premium, was referred to the Board of 

The spontaneous combustion of linseed oil after being 
poured on wood ashes, was described by Mr. Patterson, as 
experimentally proved at the U. S. Mint. 

1820. Feb'y 18. (Collins; and 19 others.) 
Instrument for describing Ellipses, reported on by the 
Board of OfficerB. Report accepted. 
Lambert's paper: report of Committee accepted. 
Perkins' Experiments : Committee continued. 
Brazilian Medicines: Committee continued. 
On Prussic Acid: Committee discharged. 
Donation to the Libmry from Moses Thomas, 
Treasurer to present his accounts before July. 

March— April. 4:^0 

1820. March 3. (Patterson ; Vauajhan, Lesuear, Correa, 
DuPonceau, Hasler, Collin, Mease, Horner, Patterson, Dew- 
ees, Ord.) 

Donations for Library and Cabinet. 

" Papers upon various subjects relating to the Survey of 
the Coasts of the IT. S.," by F. R. Hassler ; referred to Dr. 
Patterson, Vaughan and Nulty. 

1820. March 17. (DuPonceau ; and 17 others.) 

Chapman's method of making Canvas* (Extra- Mag. Prem.), 
reported ; to be acted on at the next meeting ; notice to be 

Machine for twisting twine :t report of Board of Officers 

Hasler's papers: reported for publication. 

MS. Correspondence of General Greene presented by Rob. 
Desilver. — Other donations for the Library. 

Lot on Fifth Street : " A renunciation on the part of the 
Society of all claim to the State House Square, except so 
much as was granted to the Society by act of Assembly, be- 
ing the lot of ground whereon the Building of the Society 
stands," was read, and ordered " to be legally executed and 
delivered to the proper authorities." 

Transactions: Committee to consider the propriety of 
printing a new volume; Patterson, Vaughan, Collins. 

Regular Publication ordered of a list of Donations, Com- 
munications, and New Members: Committee, Ord and 
Eberle, to assist the Librarian ; expense, if any, to be de- 
frayed by the Society. 

Oration in January, 1821 : DuPonceau and Walsh nomi- 

1820. April 7. (Patterson ; and 17 others.) 
Committee on Transactions reported good progress. 

• Cf. Sep. 17, 1819. 
t Cf. Feb. 4, 1819. 

April. 4^4 1820. 

Mxtra Building Lot: The following paper was read by 
Mr. Vaughan : 

" 2o the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia. 

"I am directed by the City Commissioners to lay before you 
an agreement, drawn by the City Solicitor, dated the 21*' inst. and exe- 
cuted by the Philosophical Society, relative to the occupying of a strip of 
ground adjoining their building in the State-House yard. 

"The use of the lot has been had by the Society many years, before the 
management of the State-House yard came under the direction of the City 
Board ; it is believed that the possession thereof has been acquiesced in by 
all who have had the care of the ground, from the absolute necessity of 
the case, the premises not aflfording any other means of conveniency. 

" The City Commissioners respectfully request of Council directions for 
their future government. 

' ' By order 

' ' Math. Randall 

" City Clerk 
"28* March, 1820." 

"In Select Cmncil, March 23*, 1820. 
' ' Resolved by the Select and Common Councils that the City Commission- 
ers cause the Deed Poll executed by the Philosophical Society in relation 
to a small piece of ground south of their Hall to be placed on record at the 
expense of said Society, and that the use of said piece of ground, as now 
enclosed, be permitted during the pleasure of Councils and no longer." 

Donations from various sources. 

ExtrarMagellanic Premium (the highest) was awarded (by 
ballot) to Joshua Chapman, of Bristol, Pa., for an improve- 
ment in the manufacture of canvas. 

Orator chosen: Mr. Du Ponceau. 

1820. April 21. (Collins; and 19 others.) 

Williams* Committee continued. 

Donations from Royal Society, London; the King of 
France ; Rafinesque ; Nash, Collins, Short, and Hembel, Jr. 

On a new flue for Chimneys, with a model, by Elijah 
Oriffiths ; referred to Hare, Patterson and Vaux. 

Election of three new members : Win. Marsdcn, of Eng- 
land ; Dr. Franklin Bache ; Dr. Wm. Gibson, both of Phila- 

May— June— July. '*"^ 1830 

1820. May 5. (Du Ponceau ; Collins, Josh Humphreys, 
Meredith, Vaughan, Nuttall, Correa, Lesueur, Vaux, Haines, 
C J. Ingersoll, Nulty, Mease, Patterson, Collin, Dewees, 
Hewson, Horner, Eberle, Bache, Hare, Chapman, Patterson 
and Ord, 24.) 

Williams' paper on Dry Rot ; report read and ordered to 
be transcribed and forwarded to Mr. Williams. 

Donation : Library — from Dr. Patterson and Haines. 

Donation : Cabinet — from Dr. Le Baron. 

Griffiths' improved flue : report read and recommitted. 

Meteorological Observations at the United States Canton- 
ment on the Missouri, by Dr. Mower ; referred to R. Patter- 
son, Dewees and Mease. 

On geographical names; read by Dr. Collin. 

On a new Varnish, communicated to Dr. J. Redman Coxe, 
was read by Mr. Vaughan. 

Dr. Coxe to report his conference with the writer. 

1820. May 19. (Du Ponceau ; and 16 others.) 

Busby's proposal to use the surface of a rotating mass of 
mercury as a parabolic reflector for a telescope, was reported 
on ; report to be filed. 

Donations from various sources. Cagnoli's Trigonometry 
ordered to be bought. 

1820. June 16. (Du Ponceau ; and 11 others.) 

Donations for library and cabinet. 

On the Mocking Bird, by N. M. Hentz ; referred to 
Mease, Gibson and Lesueur. 

1820. July 21. (Collins ; and 8 others.) 

Donations from various persons. 

On the anatomy of the Alligator, by N. M. Hentz, was 
referred to Dewees, Horner and Mease. 

Aug.— Sept.— Oct. ^yo 1820. 

1820. Aug. 18. (Du Ponceau ; and 10 others.) 

Hentz's paper; Committee continued. 

Donations for Library and Cabinet from various sources. 

1820. Sejfit. 15. (Patterson; and 11 others.) 

Brazilian medicines ; Committee reported the Resina de 
Catala analogous to Jallup \sic\ but had not a sufficient 
quantity to test its value. 

Committee to publish Donations ordered to report. 

Donation : Library — from various sources. 

Treasurer directed to present his accounts on the Second 
meeting in October. 

1820. OcL^. (Collins; Correa, Vaughan, Horner, Eberl^, 
Mease, Barnwell, Sergeant, Bache, Hare, Collin, Colhoun, 
Lesueur, Hall, Chapman, Dewees, Dr. Patterson, 17.) 

Donation : Library — from various persons. 

An account of a new Varnish, was offered for the Magel- 
lanic or for the Extra Magellanic Premium, and referred to 
the Board of Officers. 

1820. Oct. 20. (Du Ponceau ; and 20 others.) 

Donation for Library and Cabinet from various sources. 

Dr. Hare described his Detlagrator, and " the importance 
of the sudden & simultaneous immersion of all the plates of 
the Voltaic battery, to procure its maximum effect." 

Election of eight now members : Rev. S. F. Jarvis, of 
New York ; Mr. Isaiah Lukens, of Philadelphia ; J. J. Ber 
zelios, Stockholm; J. A. Borgnis, of Paris; M. Lesseps, 
Consul of Franco at PInladolphia ; M. Montgery, officer 
French Navy ; Wm. Strickland, Architect, of Philudolphiu, 
and J. Pickering, of Salem, MasBuchusetts. 



Nov.— Dec. 4"^ !«»• 

1820. Nov. 3. (Patterson ; and 17 others.) 

Hentz Committee continued. 

Committee on the arrangement of the Library continued. 

Donations for the Library from several persons. 

" On Condorcet's application of the theory of probabilities 
to decisions depending on a majority of votes." Verbal 
communication by Dr. Collin. 

" On cheaply altering Abbot's cooking stoves into a fur- 
nace for heating rooms by Lehigh Coal." Verbal communi- 
cation by Mr. Haines. 

Lease to Mr. Sully. Committee appointed in 1817 or- 
dered to report on the first meeting in December. 

1820. Nov. 17. (Du Ponceau ; Lukens, Strickland and 
16 others.) 

Donations for Library and Cabinet from various sources. 

" Obs. on the Trap rocks of the Connewago Hills, & Stony 
Ridge, Dauphin & Cumberland Cos., Pa.," by Judge Gibson, 
was referred to Collins, Patterson and Lukens. 

Treasurer had leave to defer the presentation of his ac- 
counts until next meeting. 

1820. Dec. 1. (Tilghman; and 20 others.) 
Library Committee reported : 

"That upon examination they find that the Books are generally classed 
according to the subjects upon which they treat, but, with a view to re- 
lieve the cases in the hall where the Society holds its meetings, they re- 
spectfully suggest the propriety of authorizing the librarian to have suita- 
ble compartments constructed in the adjoining room, to which shall be 
transferred such books as are seldom consulted." 

(Signed) P. S. Duponceau, 

Robert Walsh, 
Jno. Vaughan, 
^ Roberts Vaux." 

Committee required to report further in May, 1821. 

Report on Dr. Mower's Paper on the Climate at Council 

Bluffs accepted. 

Gibson's paper (Trap) reported for publication. 

PROC. AMER. PHIL03. SOC. I. XXxli. PRINTED JUNE 11, 1884. 

Dec,— Jan. 4iUO 1820—1821. 

Treasurer begged leave to defer his account to the next 

Committee on the Sully lease continued. 

Donations from Colline & Carey : A very valuable colleo- 
tion of books, presented by Adelung, of St. Petersburg, had 
arrived at Xew York. 

Correa de Serra. " The Sec. was instructed to direct a 
letter to his Excellency Mr. Correa de Serra, expressive of 
the high regard of the Society, & of their regret at his de- 
parture from this country." To be signed by the President 
and Vice-Presidents. 

Librarian authorized to purchase a collection made at 
Paris for the Society by Mr. Ord, for fifty-three francs ; and 
thanks voted to Mr. Ord for the pains he had taken to get 
such books 80 cheaply. 

1820. Dec. 15. (Collins; and 15 others.) 

Report on a new Varnish (Extra Magellanic Premium) 
laid on the table. " (See Report on File.)" 

Treasurer submitted his accounts for several years; re- 
ferred to DnPonceau, Collins and Strickland. 

Bronze Bust of Count Nich. Romantzoff. Chancellor of 
the Roman Empire, presented by himself, with a letter. 

Neither Magellanic nor Extra Magellanic Premium should 
be awarded to any paper this year. 

Annual Oration postponed, at Mr. DuPonceau's request, 
to the last Friday in May, 1821. 

1821. Jan'y b. (Patterson; Duponceau, Dewees, Patter- 
son, 0. Smith, Bache, Barnwell, N. Biddle, Collin, Short, 
Carrie, Horner, Hare, Strickland, Vaughan.) 


President — Rob. Patterson. 
Vice-PretidenU — Tilghman, Duronceau, Collins. 
Secretaries — Hewson, R. M. Patterson, Walsh, Ord; 

Jan.-Feb. 499 MJl. 

Councillors — Jefferson. McClure, Collin, Meredith. 
Curators — Cloud, Say, Horner. 
Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

1821. Jan^y 19. (DuPonceau, "Vaughan, Nuttall, Say, 
Lesseps, Lesueur, Colhoun, Barnwell, Collins, Horner, Hall, 
Hewson, Mease.) 

Auditor's report ordered to lie on the table. 

Donations: Library — from Adelung, Heckewelder, and 

Leasing Committee, appointed to receive applications on 
the expiration of Mr. Sully's lease : Patterson, Hall, Mor- 

Librarian elected : J. Vaughan. 

Election of new members : Langdon Cheves, Prest. Bank 
U. 8. ; Levett Harris ; J. B. Gibson, all of Philadelphia. 

1821. Jan'y 26. Special Meeting. (Patterson; Tilgh- 
man, Horner, Barnwell, Bache, Colhoun, Strickland, Say, 
Hall, Lesueur, Troot, Morgan, Lukins, Meredith, Dewees, 
Vaughan, N. Biddle.) 

Lease Committee reported that the Athenseura proposed 
to rent the two south rooms, and north-east room, first floor, 
for five years, with the refusal for another five years; a 
small room to be partitioned off in the entry, at their own 
expense, for the Librarian ; cellar room for fuel ; at $450 per 
annum ; out of which is to be allowed " whatever sum the 
[Athenaeum] may be obliged to pay M'- Sully." 

" Resolved, That an offer .... be made to the AthentEum at $500, per 
annum, from the time of the expiration of M'- Sully's lease, the Athenseum 
to make what arrangement they can with M'- Sully for the unexpired 
time of his lease . . . . " 

Committee to inform the Athenseum Committee immedi- 
ately of this offer ; " which they accordingly did." 

1821. Feb'y 2. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Troost, Say, Les- 

March. ^^ 1821. 

ueur, Lukins, Barnwell, Morgan, Mease, Bache, Gibson, 
Harris, Horner, Beasley, Hall, Patterson.) 

Auditing Committee reported : 

Due from the Society to the Treasurer 11065 39 

«< .. << Treasurer to the Society 

" on account of the Magellanic Funds 1982 33 

" Rittenhouse Fund 44 93 

Donations from various persons. 

" Upon a method of improving the Navigation of Rivers 
in Mountainous countries," by Mr. Hassler ; referred to Pat- 
terson, Strickland and Mease. 

" On the Diurnal Fluctuations of the Barometer at Cal- 
cutta," by Mr. J. P. Espy ; and 

"On a Passage in LaPlace's System of the World respect- 
ing the theory of the Moon," by Mr. J. P. Espy ; referred 
to Vaux, Patterson and Hare. 

Athenaeum proposal — to give $500 for the four rooms on 
the first floor ; or $400 for the four rooms before mentioned, 
with cellar room for wood, and a small lobby in the entry; 
" lease to commence whenever the Society can give posses- 
sion of the premises." 

Resolved, lliat the $500 offer be accepted for the four rooms on the 
lower floor, for 6 years from the expiration of M» SuUy'a lease ; Pat- 
terson, Morgan & Hall to execute the lease. 

1821. March 2.* (Duponceau ; Vaughan, Troost, Say, 
Patterson, Barnevell [sic], Horner, Cheves, Bache, Strick- 
land, Le Suer [sic]^ Currie, Collin, Mease, Chapman, Dewees, 
Nuttal [sic]f Hewson.) 

Haflslor's paper ; roi)ort accepted. 

Donations from various persons. 

Various resolutions of Dr. Patterson proposing By-Laws 
io relation to the Funds, were laid on the table for action 
next evening; notice to be given. 

* Ito me«tlog appsam to huvo bouii hold oa Fobniary HI. 

March— April, W-*- ISO. 

1821. March 16. (Duponceau ; Collin, Barnwell, Le 
Suer, Dr. Gibson, Vaughan, Dr. Patterson, Say, Nuttal.) 

Donations from the King and Royal Academy of France. 
Patterson's resolutions postponed ; notice to be given. 

1821. Aprils. (Patterson; Vaughan, Duponceau, Harris, 
Hall, Morgan, Collins, Le Suer, Say, Nuttal, Bache, Chap- 
man, Eberle, Barnwell, Mease, Colhoun, Patterson, Hare, 
Hewson, 19.) 

Donations from Heckewelder, Rusconi, of Pavia, and 

Rusconi's request respecting the Syren lacertina, was re- 
ferred to Say, LeSeur, and Mease, " to carry into effect." 

By-Laws, read by paragraphs and passed : 

VII. 4. "If any member shall pay to the Society the sum of $50, he 
shall thereafter be exempted from his annual contributions." 

VIII. "Regulations respecting the Treasury : 

" 1. For the future no monies whatever shall be paid from the Treasury, 
unless under the authority of a specific appropriation previously made by 
resolution of the Society, and such resolution certified by the presiding 
member at the time it was made, shall be considered a sulBcient warrant 
to the Treasurer, under the VI of the twelve Fundamental Laws, for the 
payment of bills, for the objects and with the limits specified. 

"2. The Treasurer shall be required to present a full statement of hie 
accounts, on the first stated meeting in December annually. 

"3. The Treasurer shall be allowed a commission of 5 p. cent upon all 
monies received by him for the Society, except in the case of donations or 

"4. A Standing Committee of three members shall be appointed at the 
2d meeting in January annually, hereafter, to have charge of the Build- 
ing, & no alterations or repairs shall be made but with their approbation 
and under their superintendence." 

Building Committee : Strickland, Vaughan and Dr. Pat- 
terson, appointed for the current year. 

Magellanic Fund. " The President & M'- Collins are ap- 
pointed a Com. to assist the Treasurer in the best mode of 
managing the M. F. now in his hands. 

"Resolved, That |100 be appropriated for the payment of such expenses 

April— May. ^^^ 182L 

as may be incurred by tbe Building Committee during the time for which 
they have been appointed. 

"Resolved, That $100 be put at the disposal of the Librarian for the pur- 
chase of such literary & scientific Journals as are now taken by the So- 
ciety, or may be hereafter ordered by the Society. 

"Resolved, That $50 be put at the disposal of the Librarian for the bind- 
ing of books. 

"Resolved, That |100 be appropriated for all other current «fc necessary 
expenses of the Society for the ensuing year, & that this sura be put at the 
disposal of the Librarian for this purpose." 

1821. Apnl 20. (Duponceau ; Vaughan, Strickland, 
Bache, LeSeur [s?"c], Harris, Conyngham, Colhoun, Barn- 
well, Patterson, Meredith, Mease, Dewees, Dr. Gibson, Judge 
Gibson, Collin, Patterson, Collins, Morgan, Chapman, Nut- 
tal, Say, Lukins, and Hevvson, 24.) 

Donations from C. Botta, and Mr. Harris. 

Committee to apply to City Councils for a portion of the 
Funds bequeathed by Mr. Scott, of Edinburgh,* is discharged. 

Election of six new members : G. A. Otis, of Boston ; C. 
C. Biddle, of Philadelphia; Dr. E. DeButts, of Baltimore; 
Jas. Workman, of New Orleans ; Prof. P. Afzeliua, of Swe- 
den ; Sir Jas. "Wylie, of St. Petersburgh. 

1821. May 4. (Patterson ; Vaughan, Say, Collin, Dupon- 
ceau, Barnwell, Lukins, Eberl6, Parrish, Bache, Nuttall, 

Donations from various persons. 

Catalogue Committee continued for six months. 

Vaughan, Patterson and Strickland, Committee on Ora- 
tion by Duponceau, to report time and place. 

1821. May 18. (Dui>onceau ; and 12 others.) 

Oration Committee reported that it would be delivered at 
the University on the first Wednesday in June. 
The death of Dr. J. A. Albers, of Bremen, announced. 
Donations from suvorai {)erMonH. 

* or. JMf • 4M>. 

June-July— Aug. ^^^ 188t. 

Appropriation of $30 for "expense that may be incurred 
by M'- Nuttall in procuring drawings of certain newly dis- 
covered plants ;" Mease, Collins and LeSueur to carry reso- 
lution into effect. 

1821. June 8. Special Meeting. (Patterson; and 14 

Oration Committee reported that it had been delivered 
"before a large & highly respectable audience;" subject: 
" The early history of Pennsylvania." Thanks to Mr. Du- 
ponceau voted ; copy requested ; and Committee to superin- 
tend its publication. 

1821. June 15. (Duponceau ; and 14 others.) 

Oration Committee reported the MS. in the hands of the 

Nuttall's plants; Committee had received Mr. Nuttall'a 
promise ; and given him an order on the Treasurer. 

Donations from Featherstonehaugh, Ivanoff, and the 
Lond. S. Arts. 

Donations: Cabinet — a medal of the late Mat. Boulton, 
from his son. 

" On the Empire of Morocco," by M. de Leaseps ; read 
and referred to the Historical Committee. 

1821. July 20. (Patterson ; and 14 others.) 

Donations from various sources. 

" On the art of Mining," by Mr. W. H. Keating, of Phil- 
adelphia, was read. 

Election of two new members : Count Gust. Wetterstedt, 
of Sweden, and Mat. Carey, of Philadelphia. 

1821. Aug. 17. (Duponceau; Patterson, Lukins, Har- 
ris, Currie, Mease, Bache, Patterson.) 

Sept.— Oct. 5^4 1S21. 

Donations from Tanner, Keating and Massachusetts Acad- 

'' Remarks on the Sandstone & Floetz Trap Formations of 
the W. part of the Valley of the Mississippi," and 

"Catalogue of plants collected during a journey to and 
from the Rocky Mts. during the summer of 1820, by E. P. 
James, Bot. & Geol. Exploring Expedition commanded by 
Maj. S. H. Long, U. S. E.," were communicated by permis- 
sion of the Government, by Maj. Long, and referred to Dr. 
Patterson, Nuttall and Trooste [sic]. 

1821. Sept. 10. Special Meeting. (Patterson ; Duponceau, 
Vaughan, LeSueur, Say, Strickland, Carey, Meredith, J. G. 
Biddle, Hembel, Collins, Ord, Patterson, Beesley [sic], Alli- 
son, Staughton, Eberle, Chapman, James, Bache, Brown, 
Mease, 22.) 

Canal Survey : W. Strickland, Dr. Patterson, J. G. Biddle, 
Reu. Uaines, Dr. Mease, E. J. Dupont, of Delaware ; John 
Adlum, and Dr. De Butts, of Md., were made a Committee 
"to examine and explore the shortest and most practicable 
route for a Canal connecting the waters of the Chesapeake 
ftnd Delaware, view being had to the possibility of a Sloop 
navigation." The Committee was "authorized to confer, or 
to act in concert with, any committee that may be appointed 
by the meeting of citizens, which it is understood is about to 
be called for the same objects." An appropriation of $100 
was voted to defray the necessary expenses of the Commit- 
tee in prosecuting said survey. 

1821. Sept. 21. (Collins; and 19 others.) 

Donations from various persons and foreign societies. For 
the Cabinet — from Mr. Z. Collins. 

Canal Committee: Joshua Gilpin added. 

1821. Od. 5. (Duponceau ; and 18 others.) 
James's pa|)er (Long's Exp.) (Aug. 17) reported for publi- 

0<t.— Nov. ^^ 1821. 

Donations : Library — from Mr. Nicholls. 

Donations: Cabinet — from Dr. Jno. Henderson, and 
Laomi Baldwin. 

Mr. Baldwin's donation of Argillaceous limestone, from 
Rome, N. Y., used " instead of Roman Cement," for the 
Erie Canal, was referred to Cloud and Mease for examina- 

Astronomical papers from W. Lambert, were referred to 
Nulty, Patterson and Patterson. 

Catalogue : Mr. Carey offered to publish it, if duly pre- 
pared for the press, and 100 copies subscribed for by the So- 
ciety or members, at 75 cents per copy; also, to present 50 
copies to the Society. Referred to Library Committee: 
Walsh, Vaux, DuPonceau and Vaughan. 

1821. Oct. 19. (Patterson; and 21 others.) 

Donations : Library — from Carey, and Sec. State U. S. 

Donations: Cabinet-^from Cloud and Maclure. 

"Geometric exemplification of temperature, wind and 
weather for 1820 at Washington," by Josiah Meigs ; referred 
to Carey, Patterson and Collins. 

" The two pairs of entangled horns of Cervus virginianiLs" 
presented Oct. 5th, deposited for public inspection in Mr. 
Peale's Philadelphia Museum. 

1821. Nov. 2. (DuPonceau ; and 19 others.) 

Donations: Library — from Clark Frazer, M. Carey, Schaef- 
fer, S. Vater, J. Vaughan, Berlin Academy, and Medical 

Library Committee : M. Carey and Dr. Collin added. 

List of available Candidates for membership : *' Dr. Col. 
lin offered the following resolution : 

"Whereas authors of valuable treatises in the U. S. merit particular 
notice in the nomination of members for this Society, but some of them 
may not be generally known, — Resolved that the Counsellors shall always 
keep a list of those that have treated on the peculiar objects of the Society, 

Nov.— Dec. OUb 1821^ 

to wit : Pure Mathematics in its various branches, Geometry, Algebra, 
Fluxions, Natural Philosophy, Astronomy, Mechanics, Navigation, Forti- 
fication & Artillery, Meteorology, Mineralogy, Chemistry, Geology, Nat. 
Hist, of the U. S., Physiology & Anatomy, Languages, so far as relative 
to the Nat. Hist, of mankind, animals and countries." 

Referred to Chapman, Hopkinson and Carey. 

1821. Nov. 16. (Collins ; and 15 others.) 

Meigs' paper (Oct. 19) : Chairman ordered to report at next 
Donations from various sources. 

1821. Dec. 7. (Patterson ; and 20 others.) 

Donations from several persons. 

Turin Academy to be furnished with missing Transactions 
of the American Philosophical Society. 
Weights and Measures : 

" Retohed that Com. be appointed to confer with Mr. Plitz" as to " what 
farther measures are required fot obtaining a good system of Weights and 
Measures in this State, than arc contained in his communication ; and 
whether and how this Society can contribute to the promotion of that ob« 

— Duponceau, Patterson, Mease. 

Adjournment to Friday, Dec. 14, to audit the Treasurer's 
accounts and other business. 

Annual Orator: Nominations made — Hopkinson, Walsh, 
Beesley [sic]. Mease, Chapman, Seybert, Dr. Patterson, Col- 
lin. Election of Orator fixed for Dec. 21. 

1821. Dec. 14. Adjourned Meeting. (Patterson ; and 14 

Treasorer's account submitted and referred to C. 0. Biddle, 
Bache and Carey, Auditing Committee. 

Board of Officers reported no Magellanic or Extra-Magel- 
lanic Premium applications. 

Meigs' paper (Oct 19) : Rei)ort of Committee adopted. 

Dec.-Jan. 507 1821—1822. 

Ebeling's American Geography lent to F. C. Schaeffer, of 
New York. 

Donation from Mr. Schaeffer. 

Harvard University having sent a printed memorial to 
Congress for Free books, it was referred to Carey, Dr. Pat- 
terson and DuPonceau. 

Dr. Meade's request for a room in which to deposit his 
collection of minerals, was referred to Ord, Dr. Patterson 
and Collins. 

1821. Dec. 21. (DuPonceau ; and 15 others.) 

Auditing Committee reported in the Treasurer's hands a 
balance of $54.16 (Rittenhouse Fund), $24.40 (Magellanic 
Fund). Due the Treasurer (General Fund), $82.82. 

Dr. Meade's request reported on and refused. 

Weights and Measures : Committee reported it inexpe- 
dient to petition the Legislature for a law. Report adopted. 

Free book memorial Committee reported progress. 

Donations from Pedersen, and Hort. S., London. 

Donation for the Cabinet from Major Abert, U. S. A. 

Orator elected: R. M. Patterson. 

Magellanic Premium : Report of Board of Officers re-read 
and confirmed : none awarded this year. 

1822. Jan'y 4, 2 p. m. (Vaughan ; J. G. Biddle, C. C. 
Biddle, Collin, Hembel, Ord, Chapman, DuPonceau, Bache, 
Dewees, Patterson, Patterson, Currie, Hopkinson.) 


President — R. Patterson. 

Vice-Presidents — Tilghman, Duponceau, Collins. 

Secretaries — Hewson, R. M. Patterson, Walsh, Ord. 

Councillors — Binney, Adams (J. Q.), Sergeant, Rawle. 

Curators — Cloud, Say, Horner. 

Treasurer — Vaughan. 

Jan.— Feb. ^^" 1822. 

1822. JarCy 4, Evening. (Patterson; Nicholls, Carej, 
Leseuer, Seybert, Nuttall, Lukins, Mease, and 9 others.) 

Memorial to Congress for freedom to import books ; draft 
read, and " received," and the President directed to sign 
and transmit it to the City Representatives in Congress. 
Vote reconsidered and again passed. 

Oration : Dr. Patterson declined the appointment. N^ew 
nominations — Walsh, Beesley, Collin, Chauncey, J. E. Hall, 
Mease, and N. Biddle. Election to take place at the next 

Extra-Magellanic Premium: Communication from "a 
patriot of '76 ;" referred to the Board of Officers. 

1822. Jan\j 18. (Tilghman ; and 22 others.) 

Donations from numerous persons ; for one from Murray, 
Fairman & Co., of a full set of Rees's Cyclopedia, special 
thanks were voted. 

" On a new principle of masting ships," from S. Hum- 
phreys, Master Builder at the Navy Yard, Philada. ; referred 
to W. Jones, Ord, and Dr. Patterson. 

A MS. Vol. of Met. Obs. was offered for use by Mr. Le- 
gaux, who was requested to make a summary to be placed 
on file. 

Orator elected ; Rob. Walsh, Jr. 

Librarian elected : J. Vaughan. 

Election of five new members : Baron Wra. Von Hum- 
boldt, of Berlin ; Peter Poletica, Min. Russia to U. S. ; Peter 
Pedersen, Min. Denmark to U. 8. ; Sara. I'arkes, Chemist, 
of London ; and Sol. W. Conrad, of Philadelphia, " was 
chosen tin a resident member." 

1822. Feb'y 1. (Collins ; and 14 others.) 

Donation: Cabinet — from Mr. Darby. 
Committee to publish dotiatioriH, &c. (March 17, 1820), 

Feb.— March. 50^7 . i^^a. 

Building Committee selected for 1822 : Vaughan, Dr. Pat- 
terson, Strickland ; and $100 appropriated for their use. 

Appropriation of $100 in addition to the unexpended 
balance of 1821, for Journals, &c., in 1822 ; $50, plus balance, 
for binding books ; $100 for all other Society expenses to 
be expended by the Librarian. 

1822. FeVy 15. (Patterson ; and 14 others.) 

Catalogue Committee discharged ; and a new Committee 
chosen , Carey, Collin, Dr. Patterson. Afterwards, R. Pat- 
terson added. 

"Resolved, That in future the Librariaa shall send a written notice to 
the chairman of every committee of the object of its appointment." 

Donation from M. Carey. 

Magellanic Premium ; Mr. Carey appointed a Committee 
to print and circulate 3000 copies of its notice. 

Subscriptions to Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, North 
American Review, and New York Repository, authorized. 

1822. March 1. (DuPonceau ; and 19 others.) 

Catalogue Committee reported progress ; a letter from 
Mr. Patterson on the subject was read. 

Report on Humphrey's paper (Jan. 18) laid on the table. 

Donations from several persons and the Asiatic Society. 
De La Forest's printed pamphlet on Yellow Fever was re- 
ferred to Mease, Hartshorne and Dewees. 

" Remarks on a portion of the Muscular Structure of the 
Eyelids, not commonly noticed by writers," by Dr. Horner, 
was referred to Hewson, Gibson and Parrish. 

Humphrey's paper ; report taken from the table ; and Dr. 
Hare's resolution that Mr. Humphrey's letter be published, 
and he be furnished with a copy of the report of the Com- 
mittee, postponed to the next meeting. 

March— April. 510 1822. 

1822. March 15. (Collins ; and 19 others.) 

Library Committee resolutions adopted : That the Com- 
mittee be authorized to have made a complete Catalogue of 
Books, Pamphlets and MSS. at an expense not exceeding 
$50. Vaughan added to the Committee. 

Canal Committee discharged. 

Lambert's Astronomical papers : Committee discharged. 

Donation from Mr. Vaughan. 

Dr. Hare's resolution of March 1, in relation to Hum- 
phrey's paper, withdrawn. 

Ord's collection of books made in London : Resolution of 
Mr. Vaughan that it be purchased ; referred to the Library 

1822. April 5. (Patterson ; and 18 others.) 

Ord's collection of books : Reference to the Lib. Com. re- 
scinded, and purchase ordered ; for $150. 

Horner's paper : Committee continued. 

Donation of two engravings from Mr. Pekenino ; and of 
books from various persons. 

A. MS. " Description of New Sweden and the [blank] In- 
dians, or Geography of America, dedicated to the Prince 
Royal, afterwards King Charles XII, by Peter Lindhestrom, 
Swedish Engineers ; a MS. of the year 1691, preserved in 
the Archives of the Chancelry of H. M. the King of Sweden 
& Norway, accompanied by a Map," presented by Mr. Wm. 
Jones, was put into the hands of the Historical Committee. 

"The Valuable MSS. extracted from the Swedish Arch- 
ives and presented by his Excellency Jonathan Russell, in 
July 1820, were also ordered to be jMit into the hands of the 
Historical Committee." 

"Names which the Lonni Lenape .... had given to 
rivers Ac .... within ... . Newjersey [sic], Maryland & 
Virginia, .... of chieftains .... the signification of 
most of those namoH .... biographical sketches . . . ." 
by Mr. John Heckewolder, of Bethlehem, was presented and 
pat into the hands of the Historical Committee. 

April— May. ^H 1822. 

1822. April 19. (DuPonceau ; HopkinsoD, Schweinitz, 
and 16 others.) 

Baron Larey's [sic] pamphlet on Yellow Fever : Commit- 
tee reported that they had not found anything in it new or 

Donations from various persons. 

C. W. Peale's application for the use of such rooms as the 
Society could spare, after the expiration of Mr. Sully's lease, 
was referred to Vaughan, Patterson and Mease. 

Election of three new members : Dr. Rich. Harlan, of 
Philadelphia ; Prof. Zach. Nordmark and Prof. Jons Svan- 
berg, both of Upsal. 

1822. May 3. (Duponccau ; and 17 others.) 

Extra Magellanic Premium : The Board of Officers re- 
ported on an application for " The Universal Protractor ;" 
as not sufficiently worthy ; report accepted. 

C. W. Peale's application ; Committee reported and were 

Horner's paper : Committee ordered to report. 

Donations from various sources. 

Mr. Yaughan applied for the rooms, which Mr. Peale had 
applied for, and his application was referred to Seybert, 
Mease and Bache. 

1822. May 11. (Duponceau; and 17 others.) 

Lease to the Atheneeum, reported executed, and to con- 
tinue for five years from June 22, 1822. 

Vaughan's verbal application was renewed, in written 
form, through the Committee : Offering $100 annual rent for 
all the rooms occupied by Mr. Sully, except those on the 
first floor leased to the Athenseum (thus making up the $600 
paid annually by Mr. Sully) ; lease to run five years from 
June 22, 1822 ; rooms to be kept in good order ; and fire 
and candles for $20 per annum, as with Mr. Sully. Propo- 

June— July. OiiS lg22. 

sal accepted by vote. Committee to execute a lease : Pat- 
terson, Morgan and Hall. 

Donations from various persons. 

Donations for the Cabinet : Sulphate of Magnesia from 
Wm. Maclure. 

"Analysis of the Maclurite, or Fluosilicate of Magnesia, 
from New Jersey," by H. Seybert; read by Dr. Bache; and 
ordered to be engraved in the minutes. [Analysis follows.] 

Prof. Hare read a printed correspondence between Prof. 
Silliman and himself on the Fusion of Charcoal by the De- 

On certain Indian tribes, in a letter from Dr. John Sibley 
at Nackitosh to Mr. Duponceau was read. 

The Phrenological Society's request for the use of a room 
was refused, " as the apartments are all occupied." 

1822. Jane 21. (Patterson ; and 12 others.) 

Horner's paper; Committee discharged ; new Committee, 
Harlan, Parrish, Mease. 

Transactions: Committee on new Volume, ordered to re- 

Library Committee appointed March 15, discharged. 

Donations from Tanner, and the Salem Marine Society, <kc. 

Ancient Mexican Cloth, a donation for the Cabinet, from 
Mr. Curson. 

Portrait of Alexander Wilson, from Dr. Chapman. 

Extra Magellanic Premium: "Instrument for finding 
Specitic Gravities;" referred to Board of Officers. 

Transactions N. S. ; A set granted to Alleghany College. 

Appropriation of $50 additional for the use of the Libra- 

1822. Jvdy 19. (Collins; and 11 others.) 

Board of Officers reported progreHs on Extra Magellanic 
Preiniuni i>a[)er. 

AUK.— Sept.— Oct. ^1^ 1822. 

Analysis of Hydraulic Lime from New York, by II. Sey- 
bert, reported by the Committee and ordered for publication. 

Horner's paper reported for publication. 

Transactions: Committee on new Volume reported prog- 

Donation : Library — from various sources. Donation : 
Cabinet — from S. Parkes. 

Transactions : full set ordered to the Astronomical Society, 

Election of new members not entered into for want of a 

1822. A^ig. 16. (Duponeeau ; and 11 others.) 

Transactions : Committee on new Volume reported prog- 

Donation : Library — from various sources. An extensive 
collection of statistical works, documents and books from 
Dr. Adam Seybert ; thanks voted. 

1822. Sept. 20. (Patterson ; and 16 others.) 

Board of Officers' report on Extra Magellanic Premium 
paper, laid on the table, for action at next meeting ; notice 
to be given. 

Donations from Societies and persons. 

1822. Oct. 4. (Collins ; and 18 others.) 

Transactions: Committee on new Volume reported prog- 

Donation : Library — from several persons. Donation : 
Cabinet — from S. Merrick. 

Legaux's abstract of his Meteorological Observations at 
Spring Mills in 1820-21, and R. Haines' Observations at Ger- 
mantown, 1820-21, " with a Barometer graduated after that 
of M""- Legaux," were referred with all other Meteorological 


Oct.— Nov, Ol4 1S2.:. 

Observations in the possession of the Society, to Hembel, 
Patterson and Mease. 

Board of Officers' report on Extra Magellanic Premium 
paper called up and adopted. 

1822. Oct. 18. (Duponceau ; and 16 others.) 

Meteorological Observations Committee reported progress. 

Transactions : Committee on new Volume, reported a 
proposition from Mr. Small; consideration postponed, and 
Mr. Carey added to Committee. 

Donations from several sources. 

Catalogue; resolution to prepare and print one laid on the 

Election of five new members: J. B. de Andrada e Selva, 
Min. &c., Brazil ; Gott. E. Schultze, Aulic Coun., &c., Prof. 
PhiL Gottingen ; Condy Raguet, Phila., Consul U. S. to 
Brazil; W. H. Keating, Prof. Min. and Chem., Univ. Pa.; 
Lardner Vanuxem, Prof. Min., Coll. Columbia, S. C. 

1822. Nov. 1. (Collins; Keating and 17 others.) 

Meteorological Observations Committee reported progress. 

Transactions: Committee on new Volume, reported Mr. 
Small's offer to print it at $5 a copy, if 250 were subscribed 
for, and to give the Society 60 for their foreign and domes- 
tic correspondents ; 13 or 14 phites ; 600 copies to bo printed ; 
all above 250 + 60 offered to the Society at $1.00 in boards, 
at their option to buy. Committee continued, to secure 

Donations from various sources. 

Appointment of Catalogue Committee postponed. 

1822. Nov. 15. (Patterson ; and 14 others.) 

Donations from Warren and Mease. 
Print of Sir Isaac Newton from Dr. Jas. Mease. 
Committoo appointed to report a plan for a Catalogue, 
Cnroy, Boybcrf niul NteiiHe. 

December. ^15 1822. 

Mr. Vaughan'a offer of Nicholson's Encyclopedia, 12 
Vols., 8% for 95 cents a volume, postponed to next meeting, 

1822. Dec. 6. (DuPonceau ; and 18 others.) 
Catalogue Committee reported : 

1. That it was highly expedient to print a Catalogue speedily, and 

2. That the Librarian sliould have necessary assistance in arranging the 
books according to sizes, classed in order of subjects, and numbered on 
the plan adopted by the Library Company of Philadelphia. 

Resolutions adopted. Vaughan added to the Committee. 
Committee authorized to carry the plan into effect. 

Hentz on the Anatomy of the Mocking Bird: Committee 
reported ; report accepted. 

Donations : Library — from numerous sources. Donations : 
Cabinet — from Mease and Walsh. 

" On Hernia" (in French), by Dr. Elkendorp, was read by 
Mr. Duponceau, and referred to Hewson, Horner and Har- 

Treasurer reported his accounts ; referred to Carey, Patter- 
son, Hembel. 

Nicholson's Encyclopedia accepted from Vaughan. 

No Magellanic or Extra-Magellanic Premium papers. 

1822. Dec. 20. (Duponceau ; and 19 others.) 

Auditing Committee reported the Treasurer's accounts 
and vouchers correct and complete. 

Balance in favour of the Magellanic Fund $473 40 

" Rittenhouse Fund 63 39 

" " " Treasurer 15 26 

Elkendorfs paper: Committee's report accepted. 

Donations numerous ; among them 14 Vols., completing 
set of Turin Transactions. 

Treasurer allowed $10.00, the expense of arranging the 
the books, and copying Dr. E. James' communications. 

" Acting Secretary," Mr. Ord directed to wait on Mr. R. 

January. »^1" 1S23. 

Walsh, Jr., to enquire " what proo^ress he had made, and 
when the Society should expect the Oration to be pro- 

1823. Jan^y 3. 2 p. m. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Collins, 
Yaughan, Collin, Harris, Ord, Patterson, Dewees, Keating, 
Henibel, Carey.) 


President — R. Patterson. 

Vice-Presidents — Tilghman, DuPonceau, Collins. 

Secretaries — R. M. Patterson, Walsh, Ord, Keating. 

Councillors — Chapman, Hare, Hembel, C. C. Biddle. 

Curators — Say, Horner, Lukins. 

Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

1823. Jan'y^. Evening. (Patterson ; Duponceau,Yaughan, 
Ord, Hembel, Lukens, Seybert, Dr. Patterson.) 

Annual Oration : Mr. Ord reported that Mr. Walsh would 
make a written communication on the subject. 

Investing Committee "to vest the surplus of the Mag. & 
Rit. funds .... in such permanent stock as they may 
select," Seybert, Patterson and Vaughan. 

Donation to the Library from Major Long. 

1823. Jan'yVl. (Collins; Patterson, Duponceau, Collin, 
Harlan, Seybert, Bache, Hembel, Vaughan, NichoUs, Le- 
Bueur, Keating, Lukens, Meade, Chapman.) 

Oration : Mr. Welsh was, at his own re(iucst," exonerated 
from the duty . . . ." Noniination of candidates lixed for 
the next meeting. 

Building Committee choaen : Vaughan, Strickland, Dr. 
PattcrHon ; §100 appropriated for 1823. 

Librarian olectod : J. Vaughan, $100 put at his di8j)0Ral 
for periodicalH in 1823; $50 and the biilanoo of 1822 for 
biiidinc ; $100 for all otlior cxpensea of 1828. Resolution to 

February. ^^* 1828. 

stop the Monthly Magazine and take the Edinburgh Philo- 
sophical Journal ; laid on the table. 

Hassler's paper. Permission to withdraw it laid on table. 

Election of four new members: Rev. John Plitt, of Phila- 
delphia ; Baron Coquebert de Montbret ; Gaspard Deab- 
bate, Cons. Gen. Sardinia ; Dr. Sam. Jackson, Prof. Phar. 
and M. M. College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia. 

1823. Feb'y 7. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Collins, Vaughan, 
Mease, Pedersen, Hall, Nicholls, Seybert, Ord, Bache, Lu- 
kens, Horner, Meade, Lesueur, Chapman, Strickland, Hop- 
kinson. Dr. Patterson, 19.) 

Donations from various persona. 

Hasler's [sic] paper : Mr. Hasler [sic] to be informed that 
in spite of the long delay the printing of the Volume of 
Transactions would be " commenced early next spring." 

Periodicals : Change of Edin. P. J. for Monthly Magazine 

Oration : C. J. Ingersoll and Dr. W. Gibson nominated. 

Books, 59 Vols.pui-chased at a late public sale, and offered 
to the American Philosophical Society for $110.48. Reso- 
lution to authorize the purchase laid on the table. 

1823. Feb'ij 21. (Tilghman; Patterson, Duponceau, 
Vaughan, Strickland, Collin, Lesueur, Deabbate, Hall, 
Mease, Hembel, Horner, C. C. Biddle, Ord, Nicholls, Hop- 
kinson. Chapman, Beasley [sic], N. Biddle, Dr. Patterson, 

Donations : Library — from Horner, Pedersen, and Prof. 
Cleaveland. Donations : Cabinet — from C. Bultinch. 

Extra Magellanic paper " On a New Hydrant," referred to 
Board of Officers. 

Books: Purchase ($110.48) ordered. 

Mr. C. J. Ingersoll chosen annual orator ; Secretary to 
notify, and inquire time and place. 

March— April. ^lo 1823. 

1823. March 7. (Duponceau ; Morgan, Pedersen, Eberle, 
Troost, aud 13 others.) 

Oration : Ingersoll accepts for November next. 

Extra Magellanic Premium of (blank) dollars recom- 
mended by the Board of Officers to the inventor of the " Im- 
proved Hydrant." (Motto: Ultra quam satis est, virtutem 
se peiat ipsam.) To be acted on at next meeting, and notice 

" Met. Obs.," from Jos. Lovell, referred to Patterson, 
Hembel, Mease. 

Librarian's quarterly publication of donations dispensed 
with until after the issue of the next volume of Transactions. 

1823. March 21. (Patterson ; Drs. Jackson, Troost, Du- 
Pont, and 17 others.) 

Donations from Harding, Bache, Klaproth, and Godman. 

Extra Magellanic Premium of $55 (March 7) ordered, for 
Dr. Jas. Ewing, of Philadelphia, the inventor of the " Im- 
proved Hydrant." 

1823. April 4. (Duponceau ; Patterson, C C. Biddle, 
Hall, Pedersen, Vaughan, Patterson, Short, Deabbate, Mease, 
Lukeiis, Collins, Ord, Chapman, Le Sueur, Ilewson, Strick- 
land, Keating, 18.) 

Extra Magellanic Premium in the form of a medal suited 
Dr. Ewing bettor, and one was ordered. 

Donations for Library', from R. Walsh, Jr. and Victor 
Value ; " MS. documents relating to the Connecticut Con- 
troversy," were received from K. Conynghum, with a letter 
of donation. 

1828. Apiil 18. (Patterson ; DuPonceau, Vaughan, 
Mease, Carey, Pedorsen, Staughton, C. C. Biddle, Chapman, 
Collin, Hall, JiCHUour, Patterson, Ord, Harlan, Nioliolls, Hor- 
ner, Ebcrl6, IJache, Kay, Seybert, Keating, 22.) 

Cululuguu Conimitteu reported verbally. 

May— Juue. 51*^ 1823. 

Donations for Library from Geological Society of London 
and Asiatic Society of Calcutta. 

Election of nine new members : Dr. B. H. Coates, Dr. Ja- 
son O'B. Lawrence, Joseph Count de Survilliers ; all of 
Philadelphia ; Jas. Cooper, of N^ew York; Dr. W. Darling- 
ton, of Pennsylvania; Lucien, Prince of Canino, of Korae; 
Paul de Lovernorn, Rear Ad., Denmark ; Prof. 11. C. Schu- 
macher, of Copenhagen; Rev. Dr. W. Beugo CoUyer, of 

1823. May'2. (Tilghman; Patterson, Duponceau,Vaughan, 
Carey, DuPont, Lee, Deabbate, Seybert, Dewees, llorner, 
Hall. Jackson, Vaux, Nicholls, Harlan, Lukens, Coats [s/c], 
C. C. Biddle, Strickland, Lesueurj Ord, Dr. Patterson, 23.) 

Donations from various sources. 

A new Ballot Box, with its description, was presented by 
Mr. Ben. Dearborn. 

1823. May 16. (DuPonceau ; Dr. Lawrance^ Coates, 
Jackson, and 11 others.) 

Donations from numerous sources. 

Catalogue of Library now in press ; 250 copies ordered to 
be struck off. 

Mr. Vaughan's proposition to purchase a list of books 
(price, $104.75) was postponed. 

By-Law Committee appointed to report the Rules and 
Orders adopted since the publication of Laws and Regula- 
tions in 1814 1 Carey, Vaughau, C. C. Biddle. 

1828. June 20. (Duponceau, and 19 others.) 

Library Catalogue : Verbal report of Mr. Vaughan ; 250 
copies additional ordered to be struck off. 
Donations from various sources. 
" Notices historiques sur TOrigine du Culte Evangelique 

July— Aug.— Sept ^■^^ 1823. 

des Vaudois," &c., by M. Deabbate, was read and referred to 
the Historical Committee. 

Mr. Vaughan's purchase of books was authorized. 

Mr. Vaughan was, on Mr. Carey's motion, thanked " for 
his extraordinary care and attention in the arrangement of 
the Library ; for his great exertions in procuring contribu- 
tions for it, and for his own very liberal donations. 

Mr. Vaughan's portrait was then ordered to be painted 
and " preserved in [the Society's] Hall, as a token of the 
sense which they entertain of his merits and services." 
Portrait Committee: Carey, Dr. Patterson, DuPonceau. 

1823. July. IS. (Collins; Patterson, Vaughan, Collin, 
Trooste [sic], Patterson, Lawrance, C. C. Biddle, Harlan, 
Hare, Carey, NichoUs, Lesueur, Seybert, Hall, Horner, 
Brown, Chapman, Dewees, Hopkinson, Coates, Jackson, 
Ord, 23.) 

Portrait Committee reported progress, and Mr. Vaughan's 
thanks for the same. 

Donations for Library from various sources. 

Donations for Cabinet from Dietz and Davis. 

Jeft'ersou's letter to the President, referred to Secretary 

Election of a new member : Wm. Lawrence, F.R.S., Lon- 

1823. August 15. (Patterson ; and 10 others.) 

Donations from numerous sources. 

I3erl>or (Kabylo) Vocabularies, with three letters to Du- 
Ponceau from U. S. Consul, W. Shalor, wore rel'orrod to 
DuPoncoau, Dr. Patterson and Collin. 

Meteorological Observations at Wasliington made by J. 
De Wallenatoin, Secretary of Legation, Russia. The Presi- 
dent read a letter re8[>ecting those observations. 

1828. Sept. 19. (Tilgiiman; and 14 oIImms.) 
Dunutionti froiii numerous souruet}. 

October. ^■^l 1823. 

Berber Vocabularies: Committee discharged to permit 
Mr. DuPonceau to read a paper in which he had remodeled 
Mr. Shaler's letters. This paper was then referred to Dr. 
Wilson, Dr. Wylie and R. Patterson. 

1823. Oct. 3. (DuPonceau ; and 16 others.) 

Berber Vocabularies: An additional communication from 
Mr. Shaler was referred to the same Committee. 

Donations for Library from M. Carey, Vaughan,V. Value 
and Soc. Antiq., London. 

Vaughan's Portrait, by Sully, was exhibited and $100 
appropriated for its cost. 

C. J. Ingersoll being prepared to deliver the oration, 
Vaughan, Dr. Patterson and C. C. Biddle were appointed 
a Committee of Arrangements. 

Committee authorized to append to the Catalogue By- 
Law8, List of Members, &c. 

1823. Oct. 17. (Collins; Troost, Lukens, Vaughan, Dr. 
Patterson, C. C. Biddle, Seybert, Mease, Deabbate, Peder- 
sen. Hall, T. Gilpin, Strickland, NichoUs, Patterson, Coates, 
Vaux, Dewees, Hare, Morgan, Chapman, N. Biddle, Pollock, 
Lesueur, Ord, 25.) 

Committee on annual oration reported Dr. Chapman's lec- 
ture-room in the University as the place, and the published 
(newspaper) time, " Saturday next, at noon." 

Catalogue Committee reported the Catalogue in press. 

Shaler's (Berber) papers, (Aug. 15), reported for publica- 

Numerous donations for the Library. 

Donations for the Cabinet: Specimen of "Cryolite, or 
Alumine fiuatic alkaline of llaiiy, from the western coast of 
Greenland, its sole locality," from Rev. Mr. lliiftel. 

Books: Reply of J. B. de Andrada e Silva to Condy 
Raguet, U. S. Consul at Brazil, "respecting some books 
which the Society is anxious to procure." 

Oct.— Nov. ^2J 1823. 

Election of four new members: Maj. S. H. Long, Phila- 
delphia ; W. J. Macneven, M.D., of New York ; Maj. Nat. 
A. Ware; The Chevalier John M. Du Ponceau, of France. 

Adjourned to 1 o'clock to-morrow, immediately after the 
oration had been delivered. 

1823. Oct. 18. Special Meeting. (Rawle; Patterson, 
Short, Meredith, Ord, Hewson, Otto, Seybert, Deabbate, 
Mease, DuPont Vaughan, Walsh, Horner, 14.) 

Thanks voted to Mr. C. J. Ingersoll, and a copy of the 
oration asked. 

1823. Nov. 7. (Patterson ; and 11 others.) 

Donations for Library from various sources. 

Donations for Cabinet: Minerals from Mr. Ware. 

Analysis of very rich Dutchess county soil, from Dr. Mac- 
neven, New York; referred to Keating, Collins and Troost. 

De3crii)tion of a new air-pump ottered for the Magellanic 
Premium; motto: Homo naturce minister et inierpres. Re- 
ferred to Board of Oflicers. 

Portrait of Washington: Permission to copy it granted 
to Charles B. Lawrence. 

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia inquired if 
the American Philosophical Society "could accommodate 
them by raising an additional story to its building." Re- 
ferred to Vuugiian, Strickland and DuPonceau. 

Delaware Grammar: DuPonceau's proposition to print a 
trunuitttion of it in the new volume of Transactions. Re- 
ferred to Dr. I'ttttorsou, Collins and Carey. 

1828. Nov. 21. (DuPonceau; and 18 others.) 

Mftgellttiiic Premium: Report of the Committee of the 
Boanl of OflioerH, reciornnjondiiig delay until the "proposed 
ucw Air-piiiM|> hhall bo i>reHontod for examination.** 

December. 52d 1823. 

Academy of Natural Sciences: Committee reported 

Donations for the Library from Von Hammer, R. Wil- 
cocks, C. F. Schumacher, Chapman, Tucker and Small. 

1823. Dec. 5. (Collins; and 22 others.) 

Academy Committee's report " against raising an addi- 
tional story to the Society's Hall, for the accommodation of 
the said Academy," was adopted. 

Catalogue Committee reported progress. 

Zeisberger's Delaware Grammar: Committee reported in 

Donations for Library from seven sources. 

Dejjosited in the Library by Mr. Vaughan: R. Boyle's 
Works, 6 Vol. 4°. 

Election fee: "Mr. Carey laid on the table a Resolution, 
'That in future, those members .... who nominate stran- 
gers, residing abroad .... pay [ ] dollars on the 
election of such candidates.' " 

Treasurer's account not ready. 

Adjournment to Dec. 12th voted. 

Oration in 1824 to be considered at the next stated meet- 

1823. Dec. 12. Adjourned meeting to audit the Treas- 
urer's accounts. (DuPonceau ; Vaughan, Mease, Nichols, 
Dewees, Say, and Dr. Patterson. ) 

Auditing Committee appointed : C. C. Diddle, Ilembel, 
and Ord. 

1823. Dec. 19. (DuPonceau ; Vaughan, Collin, Lukens, 
Troost, Nichols, Ilembel, C. C. Diddle, Bache, Morgan 
Carey, Long, Patterson, Barnwell, Hare, Harlan, Jas. Gibson, 
Seybert, Lesueur, Say, Dr. Patterson, Dewees, Keating, and 
Ord, 24.) 

Auditing Committee reported the accounts correct. Due 

January. 0Z4 1824, 

the Society from the Treasurer, $271.87 on general account ; 
$284.60 on Magellanic Fund account, and $9.40 on Ritten- 
hou8e Fund account. Treasurer's expenditures $8.26 in ex- 
cess of the $100, App. No. 1 ; and $40.10 in excess of $100 
App. No. 4. Deficiency appropriation of $12.36 voted. 
Committee to invest the Magellanic surplus : E-. Patterson 
and J. Vaughau. 

« Analysis of Soil by Dr. MacNeven " (Nov. 7, 1822) : Re- 
port against publication accepted. 

Julius Klaproth's letter from Paris, to be answered by 
Du Ponceau. 

Donations for Library from Klaproth and others. 

Deposited by Mr. Vaughan : Bayle's Dictionary, 12 Vols. 

" Des. and Chera. Anal, of Jletinasphalt,, discovered at Cape 
Sable, Magothy river, Ann Arundal Co., Md.," by G. Troost, 
M.D., was referred to Ilembel, Collins and Lukeus. 

1824. JarCy 2 ; 2 o^clock P. M. (Patterson ; Duponceau, 
Vaughan, CoHin, Ilembel, Vaux, Nichols, C. C. Biddle, 
Ord, Coats [s^c], Dr. Pattereon, Mease, Harlan, Lukeus, Sey- 
bert, Troost, Say, Barnwell, Keating, 19.) 


President — Robert Patterson. 
Vice-Presidents — Tilghman, Du Ponceau, Collins. 
Secretaries — R. M. Patterson, Walsh, Ord, Keating. 
Councillors — T. Jefferson, W. Macluro, Collin, W. Mere- 

Curators — T. Say, W. E. Horner, Dr. Jas. Mease. 
Treasurer — John Vaughan. 

1824. Jan'i/ 2, evening. (Soybort ; Vaughan, Nichols, C. 
0. Biddle, Lukuim, TroOs^t, Say, LeAUour, Harlan, Uembul, 
Pedersen, Barnwell, Long, CoutH, Ord, 15.) 

JietinasphaU analyHis reported for [tublicution. 
lX)imtious from N. Biddle, Jiis. WcbHtur, Turin Acuduiny. 

Jan.— Feb. ^^♦^ 1S24. 

Investing Committee authorized to stay proceedings until 
next meeting. 

1824. JarCylQ. (DuPonceau ; Sergeant, Mease, and 24 

Librarian elected : J. Vaughan. 

Building Committee for 1824: Vaughan, Dr. Patterson, 
and Strickland. 

Appropriations of $100 to Building Committee ; $150 for 
periodicals, $50 for binding, $150 for extras, Library, &c., 

Librarian might purchase Stewart's Hebrew Grammar, 
second edition. 

Patterson's resolution to lend the Extra Magellanic Fund 
surplus now in the Treasurer's hand, on security, to the 
Printer of the Transactions ; and Vaaghan's additional 
resolution, that the Committee might increase the loan to 
the necessary degree by withdrawing a part of the already 
invested surplus — were laid over to the next meeting. 

Election of five new members: Moses Stuart, of Andover, 
Mass.; Henry Seybert, of Philadelphia; Julius Klaproth, 
of Paris; Jos. B. McKean, of Philadelphia; Alex. Pear- 
son, Physician to the British Factory at Canton. 

1824. Feh'y 6. (Tilghman ; Mr. Seybert, Dr. Seybert, 
and 20 others.) 

Donations from various sources. 

Extra Magellanic Fund surplus resolutions adopted. 

Annual oration: Duponceau called up his resolution of 
December 5th, which was discussed, and then postponed to 
the next meeting. 

1824. Feb'y 20. (Patterson; Mr. Seybert, Mr. McKean, 
Major Ware and 16 others.) 

Donations of books ; and a donation of ores from Z. 

March. SZO ]S21. 

Dp. "W". Meade's resignation by letter was offered and ac- 

Oration in 1824 resolved on. Nominations for Orator to 
be made at the next meetins:. 

1824. March 5. (Duponceau ; Yaughan, l^ichols, Carey, 
Dr. Seybert, Say, Hembel, Harlan. Stricklin, Collin, Bache, 
Dr. Patterson, Lukens, C. C. Biddle, Short, Major Long, 
Ord, 17.) 

Donations from Ed. Peale, R. Wain, Jr., Chapman, 

"Anal, of Chrysoberyls from Iladdam and Brazil," by 
Mr. Henry Seybert, was read by Dr. Bache, and referred to 
Drs. Bache, Patterson and Hare. [Analysis follows, occu- 
pying half a page.] 

" Proceedings ;" Committee appointed, on motion of Mr. 
Carey, to consider the propriety of publishing the Transac- 
tions in 8° form, and in cahiers or numbers, from time to 
time: Carey, Ord and Dr. Patterson. 

Oration: Hopkinson, R. Hare, W. Gibson, H. Seybert, 
M. Carey, Tilghman, Dr. Adam Seybert, Chapman, S. Jack- 
son, Langdon Cheves, all nominated for Orator. Nomina- 
tion list to be kept open until the election takes place. 

Transactions: Librarian instructed to enquire what vol- 
umes were wanted by the Society, as there were copies for 
sale at a very low price. 

1824. March 19. (Patterson ; and 22 others.) 

Seybort's Analysis ordered to be published in the current 
volume of Transactions. 

Octavo Transactions: Committee's report ordered to lie 
on the table. 

Donations for Library from Lin., llorr. iind \l. Societies, 
and S. I*ark<?H, Lf)nd()!). 

April. •'^27 1831 

ZollikofFer's circular, " Remarks on Euphorbia," ordered 
to lie on the table. 

MS. copy of letter of Philadelphia ladies to General 
"Washington, in 1781, about donations of clothinor for the 
Amer. army, and Washington's autograph reply, were read 
by Dr. Mease and referred to the Historical Committee. 

Death of Jose Correa de Serra, at Lisbon, announced. 
Letter of sympathy to his family ordered. 

Election of orator postponed to the next meeting. 

Minerals, fossils, &c., in the Cabinet shall not be described 
and " published in any work except the Society's Transac- 
tions, unless express liberty to this effect be first obtained 
from the Society." [Dr. Patterson's resolution ; adopted.] 

1824. April 2. (DuPonceau ; Patterson, C. C. Biddle, 
Dr. Patterson, Ord, Say, Mease, Carey, Nichols, Dr. Seybert, 
Barnwell, Collin, Morgan, Vaughan, Ilembel, Gibson, Le- 
Bueur, Chapman, Mr. Seybert, Long, Harlan, Coates, Keat- 
ing, 23.) 

Donations for Library from various sources. 

lleckewelder's Portrait presented by DuPonceau. 

" Obs. on the culture of Silk in Pa.," by P. A. Browne, 
was referred to Say, Dr. Patterson, Ord. 

" A substitute for Locks in Canals," in a letter from Maj. 
S. H. Long, was read and laid on the table. 

" The Curators called the attention of the Soc. to the un- 
safe state of the Building, from the want of a proper grating 
to the cellar windows." Referred to Building Committee. 

Library Committee reported Rules. Referred to Patter- 
son, Biddle, Ord. 

Octavo form of Transactions : Resolution called up and 
discussed. M""- Carey ottered a Resolution that Publishing 
Committee contract with some Bookseller to publish the 
Transactions in numbers (150 to 200 pages each), and to 
subscribe for [ ] copies for the Society ; price not to 

exceed $L00 (except for expensive plates) ; the MSS. to be 

April. »^^^ 1824. 

pat to press immediately ; authors to receive 25 copies, 
within 10 days, if their papers do not exceed 30 pages, and 
within three weeks, if not exceeding 60 pages. This Reso- 
lution and the Publishing Committee's report were referred 
to the Board of Officers. 

Dr. Chapman moved that " the admission fee .... be 

M'- Carey moved that the Treasurer furnish a complete 
list of members in arrears, and employ a collector on a five 
per cent commission, with security for faithfulness. 

Election of orator again postponed. 

1824. Afril 16. (Patterson ; DuPonceau, Tlembel, Dr. 
Seybert, Short, Collin, Ilopkinson, Meredith, C. C. Biddle, 
Chapman, Pedersen, Hare, Mease, Brown, Lukens, Mr. Sey- 
bert, Carey, Vaughan, Bache, Dr. Patterson, Lesueur, Ser- 
geant, Say, Harlan, Barnwell, Long, Hall, Coates, Nichols, 
Ord, Keating, 31.) 

Transactions: Board of Officers reported that after full 
consideration they had unanimously agreed that it was not 
expedient to change the 4° form ; " but that hereafter, 
whenever the papers .... are sufficient to fill 100 pages, 
.... the same shall be published, so that the publication 
shall keep pace as nearly as possible with the communica- 
tion of the papers," and tliat such determination should bo 
published with the current volume. Report ordered to lie 
on the table. 

Committee on Rules since 1814, reported ; and were dis- 

Committee on Report of Library Committee reported un- 
favorably to the resolutions recommended by the Library 
Committee, and t]i<'ir report being adojjted, tliey wore dis- 

r. A. Browiie'rt paper on Silk Culture: Committee re- 
ported ngnmat its publication, and were diRcbargcd. 

Bounl of Officers reported aydiusl granting the Magellanic 

May. »*-^J 1824, 

Premium "for a new Air-pump." (Nov. 7, 1823.) Report 

Donations of insects, &c., from Lewis Vanuxera, Allen 
Armstrong, and Geu. D'Evereux. Donations of books from 
Dutch Min. Pub. Inst., the Governor of South Carolina and 
Academy of Natural Sciences. Vauuxem's insects were re- 
ferred to Say, Ord and Harlan. 

Deposited by Mr. Vaughan : " 53 Vols, of valuable books." 

Transactions : Resolutions of Board of Officers called up 
and discussed. Dr. Patterson moved their adoption. Dr. 
Bache moved to postpone. Mr. Carey moved to publish in 
8°, " in the manner specified in the resolutions offered by 
Mr. Carey at a former meeting," Finally the debate was 

Election of two new members; A. J. Von Krusenstern, 
Capt. Russian Navy, St. Petersburg ; and Charles Buona- 
parte, Prince of Canino, of Philadelphia, 

1824. May 7. (Patterson ; Duponceau, Hopkinson, 
Barnwell, Meredith, Dr. Patterson, Vaughan, Morgan, Mr. 
Gibson, Brown, Dr. Seybert, McKean, Sergeant, Ord, Har- 
lan, Troost, Say, Nicholls, Carey, Horner, Collin, Dewees, 
Rawle, Long, Bache, Jackson, Coates, Strickland, Lesueur, 
Hall, Hembel, and Keating, 32.) 

Vanuxem's Insects : Report of Committee accepted. 

Donations for Library from Leopold de Buch, in his let- 
ter to Alex. V. Humboldt, W. Rodrigue, and M. Carey. 

Meteorological Observations at Washington, in 1828-24, 
by Jules de Wallenstein. Referred to Committee on Me- 
teorological Observations. 

Ed. Clark's letter applying for admission to and loans from 
the Library during "-the preparation of a work which he 
proposes publishing," was read. Mr. Vaughan moved to 
grant the request on sufficient security. On motion of Dr. 
Seybert, laid on the table. 

Transactions : Discussion of report of Board of Officera 


May— June— July. ^^^ 1824. 

resumed. Carey's motion negatived. Patterson's motion 
to adopt the report divided. The first part (to publish the 
Transactions in 100 page parts) was adopted. The second 
part, amended to confine the published notice to the mere 
fact that the publication should be in 100 page parts, was 
also adopted. 

1824. May 21. (DuPonceau ; and 17 others.) 

"Wallenstein's communications and abstracts of the Jour- 
nals reported for publication. 

MS. Journal of Michaux in America presented by his son, 
F. Andr6 Michaux. 

Donations for Library from various sources. 

Deposited by Dr. Mease : Map of Pennsylvania in 1681. 

Ferussac's '' Bulletin Universel." Letter and prospectus 
from the Baron, read and referred to Dr. Patterson, DuPon- 
ceau and Keating. 

The use of the Library was granted to Ed. Clark. (May 7.) 

1824. June 18. (DuPonceau ; and 14 others.) 

Donations for Library from various sources. 

MS. Vocabulary of the Darien natives, presented by J. 
M. Salazar, Columbian Minister to U. S., was referred to the 
Historical Committee. 

Dr. Godman permitted to examine the Mastodon bones. 

Ferussac Committee requested to report at next meeting. 

Deposited by Mr. Vaughan : Gen. Syn. of Birds, 8 Vols., 
4°, and Index Ornith., 2 Vols., 4°, by Latham. 

1824. July 16. (Deponceau ; Seybert, C. C. Biddlo, Gum- 
mor6, TTonibel, Vauglian, Jackson, Collin, Bache, Lesuour, 
Ord, llarlun, Keating, 18.) 

Doimtiotm nuinerons. 

A Loiter from R. Wahi, Jr., of Philadelphia, respecting a 
ChincBc book profionted by Judge Peters, was roforrod to tlio 
lliHtoricul Comniitteo. 

July— August. odl lg34. 

Catalogue of Library reported by the Librarian to be 
complete. Thanks voted to the Library Committee, and 
especially to Peter 8. DuPonceau. 

Election of two new members : Chas. J. Teraminck, of 
Paris ; and Severen Lorick, Charge d'Affaires and Consul 
General, Sweden and Norway. 

1824. July 23. Special Meeting. (Tilghman ; DuPon- 
ceau, Vaughan, Strickland, C. C. Biddle, Ord, Harlan, Hem- 
bel. Say, Lesueur, Meredith, Mease, Chapman, Nichol [sic\ 
and Keating, 15.) 

Death of the President, Robert Patterson, announced. 

Resolved, That the Society meet to-inorrow at 5 o'clock, r. m., at the 
house of Dr. Robert Hare, No. 291 Chestnut street, to proceed to the 

But when it was moved that an Orator be chosen at the 
next stated meeting to deliver an Eulogium, and Mr. 
Vaughan informed the members that it was the express wish 
of the deceased to have no eulogium pronounced upon him, 
it was 

Resolved, That Chief Justice Tilghman " be requested to draw up a bio- 
graphical notice of the late President, together with an account of his 
services and connections with the Society." to be publislied in the next 
volume of Transactions, "together with the motives, which have pre- 
cluded the Society from appointing an Orator." 

A letter to the family was ordered to be written by a 
Committee consisting of Mr. Tilghman, Dr. Chapman and 
Mr. Vaughan. These proceedings were ordered to be pub- 

[The rest of the page and all the following page left 

1824. Aug. 20. (Mease ; Collin, Vaughan, Curry, Ord, 
Lukens, Hembel, Lesueur, Hall, Judge Workman, Harlan, 
Bache, Coates, Say and Keating, 15.) 

The Committee to wait on the family of the late Presi- 

Sept.-Oct. o32 1824. 

dent, to express the regret of the Society at his loss, reported 
Mrs. Patterson's grateful acknowledgments. 

Donations of books numerous. 

Committee on Ferussac's Bulletin were directed to report 
on the propriety of requesting the Society's agent in Paris, 
M. Michaux, to complete the set of Bulletin Societe Philo- 

Lorick's thanks for election to membership read. 

La Fayette's reception : On motion of Mr. Vaughan, it 

Resolved, "That a committee be appointed to make arrangements for 
the proper reception of our illustrious associate General La Fayette ; to 
ascertain when it may be convenient to him to meet the Society ; to pre- 
pare an address to be delivered on the occasion ; and to call a special 
meeting at the time which the General shall appoint." 

This motion being adopted, the Vice-Presidents and Sec- 
retaries were chosen the Committee. 

Dr. DeKay, of New York, " permitted to have a series of 
casts of the bones of the Megalonix which are in the posses- 
sion of the Society." 

1824. Sept. 17. (Collins; Ware and 15 others.) 
Donation from Mr. Collins. 

1824. OoL 1. (" Duponceau, V. P. in the chair ; Mr. 
Collins, General Lafayette, Mr. Short, Mr. Ilembel, Mr. 
Vaughan, Mr. Ord, Dr. Patterson, Dr. Ilorner, Mr. Lukens, 
Dr. Ebcr]6, Dr. Harlan, Dr. Troost, Mr. T. Gilpin, Mr. Lor- 
ick, Mr. C. J. Ingcrsoll, Mr. Say, Dr. James, Mr, Meredith, 
Mr. Cloud, Mr. Vaux, Mr. Haines, Gojil. Izard, Mr. Harris, 
Mr. Wm. Jones, Dr. Mease, Mr. Deabbat6, Dr. Bache, Dr. 
Collin, Mr. Walwh, Mr. C. W. Poale, Mr. J. R. Smith, Major 
Ware, Bishop White, Mr. Pomiington, Dr. Colhoun, Dr. 
Jackson, Mr. J. K. Hall, Mr. Pollok, Dr. Coxe, Mr. C. C. 
Biddle, Mr. Chcvos, Dr. Howson, Mr. J. M. Scott, Mr. 
Strickland, Mr. ThonipHon, Mr. Hoj>kinson, Dr. Coates, Mr. 
Carey, Dr. Aborcroiubio and Mr. Keating, 51.") 

Oct.— Nov. boo 1821. 

Donations were received frora many persons and so- 

" On the Improvement of Government" was read by C. J. 
Ingersoll, " which, on motion, was laid on the table." " It 
was resolved that the consideration of Mr. IngersoU's com- 
munication be resumed." " It was resolved that it should 
be published in pamphlet form." 

"Resolved, That the Librarian be directed to present to General La 
Fayette a copy of the New Series of our Transactions, a copy of our His- 
torical Transactions, and a copy of our Catalogue, all handsomely bound." 

"The Society was adjourned. [Signed] William II. 
Keating, Secretary." 

1824. Oct 15. (Collins ; and 14 others.) 

Meteorological Observations : Committee reported, and 
report adopted. 

Donations for Library from various persons, and the So- 
ciety of Useful Arts. 

Donations " to the Musoeum," from Mease, Vaughan, Col- 
lins and Troost. 

" Desc. of a new form af Yenite from R. I.," by Dr. Troost, 
read and referred to Patterson, Lukens and Herabel. 

Ferussac: Committee report in favor of subscribing for 
" the whole work," and of completing the set of the Bull. S. 
Philomathique, adopted. 

Specimen of Siren lacertina, from Carolina, deposited by 
Dr. Mease. 

Chevalier DuPonceau's letter of thanks read. 

MS. of La Ilarpe referred to the Historical Committee, 
" to determine the propriety of publishing the whole or any 
part of it." 

1824. Nov. 5. (Duponceau ; and 19 others.) 

Troost's paper on Yenite reported for publication. 
Donations for Library various. 

Nov.— Dec. o6'± 1824. 

Donation for Cabinet : A collection of American Medals 
struck in France, from Mr. Short. 

Wm. Lawrence's letter of thanks read. 

Extra Magellanic Premium : Committee appointed to con- 
sider the propriety of giving it " to ingenious men for any 
useful invention or discovery, although the authors may be 
known, or may not have applied for the same:" Mease, 
Hare, Lukens, Hembel, Ord. 

1824. Nov. 19. (Collins ; and 19 others.) 

Extra Magellanic Premium : Committee not prepared yet 
for final report. Binney and Meredith added to the Com- 

Donations for Library various. 

Baron Cuvier's acknowledgment of "our Catalogue" read. 

Historical Committee requested to report progress. 

1824. Dec. 3. (Du Ponceau ; and 16 others.) 

Historical Committee reported materials ready for a sec- 
ond volume, and that they were in treaty with a bookseller. 

Donation for Library from DuPonceau, Short, Mitchell, 
and R^vinus. 

" On a Steam Engine without boiler," by Mr. A. Plantou, 
was referred to Patterson, Lukens and Hembel. 

No applications for Magellanic Premium. 

Adjourned to Doc. 10, to audit the Treasurer's accounts. 

1824. Dec. 10. Adjourned Mcetivg. (Collins; and 10 

Treaanrer's accounts presented, and referred to Biddlo (C. 
C.) Hembel and Ord. 

1824. Dec 17. (DuPonceau ; and 11 otliers.) 
Truiisuctious : Appropriation of $32.75, to purchase fil'ty 

January. 5d5 lg25. 

copies of Vol. IV, and fifty copies of Vol. V, as reported by 
the Librarian. 

Auditing Committee reported the Treasurer's account cor- 
rect. In the Treasurer's hands, on General Account, $315 ; 
Magellanic Fund, $769.10 ; Rittenhouse Fund, $22.22. 

Investment of the $769 committed to Patterson, Biddle, 

Plantou's paper : Committee reported ; paper laid on the 

Donations for Library from several persons. 

1825. Jan'y 7 ; 2 o'clock, P. M. (Collin ; Thomson, Vaux, 
Harris, Patterson, Hembel, DuPonceau, Sergeant, Gibson, 
Lukens, C. C. Biddle, Chapman, Jackson, Ord, Mease, Keat- 
ing, Hopkinson, Strickland, Chauncey, Carey, Binney, 
Ware, Ingersoll, Dewees, Jones, Walsh, Parrish, Collins, N. 
Biddle, Vaughan, James, Bache, Moore, Bonaparte, Nichols, 


President — Wm. Tilghraan. 
Vice-Presidents — DuPonceau, Collins, Patterson. 
Secretaries — R. Walsh, Jr., Ord, Keating, Fr. Bache. 
Councillors — Binney, Sergeant, J. Q. Adams, Rawle. 
Curators — Say, Horner, Mease. 
Treasurer — Vaughan . 

1825. Jan'y 7. (Tilghman ; and 15 others.) 

Donations for Library from Patterson ; Klaproth, N. Y. ; 
Lyceum, N. II. ; and J. Hare Powel. 

"On Ventilating Ships," by Capt. Jas. Barron, U. S. K, 
was referred to Patterson, Jones and Hemble. 

1825. Jan'y 21. (Tilghman ; and 22 others.) 

Barron's paper: Committee reported progress. 
Donation for Library from S. A. Mitchell, of Philad'a. 

February. 5d6 1825. 

" On the Air-pump," with diagrams, by C. P., was referred 
to Patterson, Lukens and Hare. 

" On a new method of transferring boats .... by ... . 
transit locks .... substitutes for locks of ordinary con- 
struction,*' by Major Long, was read by Dr. Patterson : 1. 
By vertical lift ; 2. By oblique lift or inclined plane. Paper 
in three parts, with a supplement. Specifications of ma- 
chinery, in both senses ; application of method to railroads ; 
and method of supplying summit level from a feeder of 
lower level. Drawings. Ordered to lie on the table. 

Extra Magellanic Premium : Dr. Patterson applied for it 
in behalf of a Philadelphian, inventor of a new method of 
magnetizing steel bars. Referred to the Board of OflBcers. 

Laws of the Society : Committee to prepare them for pub- 
lication, and to suggest beneficial alterations and additions, 
Ord, Patterson and Tilghman. 

Pennsylvania Agricultural Society^s application for one 
of the rooms referred to the Building Committee. 

Lesueur permitted (under direction of the Curators) to 
make drawings from the bones in the Cabinet, described in 
the Transactions. 

Building Committee for 1825 — Vaughan, Strickland and 
Patterson. Appropriation for their use, $100. 

Appropriation for Librarian : $150 for periodicals ; $75 
for binding; $150 for all other expenses. 

Librarian elected — J. Vaughan. 

Election of three new members: Count Nicholas de Ro- 
manzoff, and Count John Laval, both of Russia ; and John 
J. JJigrtby, of England. 

1825. Frl)'i/ 4. (DuPonceau ; and 18 others.) 

0. I'.'h paper on the Air-pump: Committee reported 

Barron'H juipor: Dr. Patterson's " j)arti(Mi1ar report" 

Duiiutioiis for Library from various porsons. 

January. ^37 lg25. 

Islandic Society of Antiquaries; Secretary's letter read 
by Dr. Collin, was referred to the Historical Committee. 

Bigsby's letter of thanks read. 

Maj. Long's letter respecting his communication was read ; 
and his communication referred to a Committee : Patterson, 
Strickland, and Lukens. 

Mr. Luken's Lithontriptor, a modification of Civiale's ma- 
chine, applied to the destruction and extraction of calculi 
from the human bladder, was exhibited by him. 

[Here the MS. Vol. ends with 11 blank pages.] 

1825. Jan'y 7 {in the afternoon).'* (Drs. Collin, Patterson, 
Jackson, Mease, Parrish, James, S. Moore, Chapman, De- 
wees, Bache ; Messrs. Vaux, Du Ponceau, Gibson, C. C. 
Biddle, Hopkinson, Chauncey, Binney, C. J. Ingersoll, W. 
Jones, N". Biddle, J. J. Thomson, Harris, Herabel, Sergeant, 
Lukens, Ord, Keating, Strickland, Carey, Walsh, Collins, 
Vaughan, Ch. Bonaparte, Xichols, and Major Ware, 35.) 

Election of Officers by ballot resulted in the choice of: 


President — Wm. Tilghraan. 

Vice-Presidents — Duponceau, Collins, R. M. Patterson. 

Secretaries — R. Walsh, Jr., Ord, Keating, Fr. Bache. 

Councillors — Binney, Sergeant, J. Q. Adams, Pawle. 

Curators — Say, Horner, Mease. 

Treasurer — J. Vaughan. 

1825. Jan'y 7 (in the evening). (Tilghman in the Chair; 
Vaughan, Patterson, Dewees, Harlan, Barton, Nichols, L^- 
Sueur, Du Ponceau, Say, Lukens, Hembel, C. C. Biddle, 
Keating, Bonaparte, Ord, 16.) 

Donations for the Library from Klaproth and others. 

"Ventilating Ships;" communication from Capt. Jas. 
Barron, United States Navy ; read by Dr. Barton ; referred 
to Dr. Patterson, W. Jones, Hembel. 

*The new miiuite book starts iu with duplicate miuutes of ttie meetings lield 
Jan. 7, 21, and Feb. i. 

January. OOO 1325. 

1825. Jan'y 21. (Tilghman in the Chair ; Dr. Colhoun, 
Mr. Pedersou, and 21 others, 24). 

Committee on Barron's paper asked for further time, 
" having occasion to refer to authors not at present within 
their reach." 

Donation to the Library from S. A. Mitchell. 

"Air pump :" A paper signed C. P. with a sheet of dia- 
grams ; read and referred to Dr. Patterson, Lukens and Dr. 

" A new method of transferring boats of burden, loaded 
carriages &c. from one level to another, by means of transit 
locks, serving as substitutes for locks of the ordinary con- 
Btruction." A communication from Major Stephen H. 
Long; road by Dr. Patterson; laid on the table. [The 
paper is described in the minutes as offering two plans: 1. 
vertical and 2. Oblique It comprised three parts : 1. Speci- 
fications of machinery for vertical lift ; 2. Ditto for oblique 
lift; 3. "Of the method of transition as applied to rail- 
roads;" Supplement, method of supplying upper level by 
water per feeder, "situated below the Summit pound." 
Drawings accompanied both paper and supplement.] 

Magellanic premium applied for by " a gentleman of 
Philadelphia" (through Dr. Patterson) for " the discovery 
of a new method of communicating the magnetic virtue to 
bars of steel ; " referred to Board of Officers. 

New Edition of the Laws of the Society: Committee ap- 
pointed, and instructed "to suggest any such alterations and 
iwlditions as they may think beneficial to the Institution." 
Ord, Patterson, Tilghman. 

A[>plication for the use of one of the Society's rooms, 
made, through Mr. Vaughan, by the Pennsylvania Agricul- 
tural Society. Referred to J3uil(ling Conimittoo. 

Le Sueur's re(jueftt granted to be permitted to make draw- 
ings of fossil boiios in the Cabinet already described in the 

Building Committee choueii to serve until second meeting 

February, OOU 1825. 

in January, 1826: Yaughan, Strickland, Dr. Patterson. 
$150 placed at the Committee's disposal. 

Librarian: $150 voted for the purchase of "periodical 
publications ;" also $75 for binding. 

" For all other current and necessary expenses of the So- 
ciety for the ensuing year, $150, at the disposal of the 

John Vaughan chosen Librarian. 

New members balloted for and elected: Count Nicholas 
Romanzoff, of Russia; Count John Laval, of Russia; John 
L Bigsby, M.D., of England. 

1825. Feb'y 4. (DuPonceau in the Chair, and 18 others.) 

Committee on paper by C. P. verbally reported progress. 

Library donations from A. Smith, Tanner, Nuttall, Vaux, 
Ray de Chaumont, Ac. N. S. Phil, and Island ic Antiquarian 
Society, a letter from which last was read and referred. 

Dr. Bigsby accepted membership by letter. 

Major Long's letter being read, his communication to the 
last meeting was referred to Dr. Patterson, Mr. Strickland 
and Mr. Lukens. 

Mr. Lukens exhibited and explained the surgical use of 
his machine, the " Lithontriptor," being a modification of 
that of Civiale. 

1825. Feb'ylS. (Tilghman; DuPonceau, Hembel, Lukens, 
Harlan, Dr. Patterson, Vaughan, Strickland, Keating, 9.) 

Committee on C. P.'s paper recommended that it be laid 
on the table. Report adopted. 

Committee on Major Long's paper reported progress. 

Library donations from Edward Correa da Serra, of Paris, 
and others. 

Mr. E. T. Correa da Serra's letter, Paris, October 10, 1824, 
" acknowledging the receipt of the letter of condolence writ- 
ten to him by this Society on the occasion of his father's 
death," was read. 

March— April. 540 1825. 

Megalonyx : 

" Resolved, That the casts of M. claws &c., in the possession of this So- 
ciety be presented to tlie Lyceum of Natural History of New York. 

1825. March 4. (Present, 17 members. Tilghman in the 

Committee on Major Long's "new method of transferring 
boats, &c.," " made a report unfavorable to the merits of 
this paper, which report was adopted." 

Library donations reported. 

Letter of thanks for the easts from the New York 

Mr. Lukens was requested to put in repair the Clock 
" which stands over the Eastern door of the building of the 

Luken's Liihoniriptor : Dr. Horner reported experiments, 
"and exhibited an artificial calculus of gypsum which had 
been perforated with the greatest ease in several directions 
in the dead subject." 

1825. March 18. (Present, 19. Tilghman in the Chair ; 
Drs. Bache, Harlan, Barton, Patterson, Mease, Coates; 
Messrs. DuPonceau, Vaughan, Say, LeSueur, Ord, Jones, 
Lukens, Bonaparte, Keating ; Judge McKean ; Majors Lo- 
rick and Long.) 

Library donations reported. 

Major Long's letter respecting the Committee's report was 
read ; and it was resolved that tlio report be reconsidered, 
and its consideration postponed to the next meeting. 

" Dr. Harlan communicated some observations on some of 
the Mummiferous animals of N. America, being part of a 
work which lie is pre[)aring for the press on that subject." 

Com. Barron's "conuuunication, and documents accom- 
panying it, to be at his request returned to him." 

1826. April 1. (IVosent, 24. Tilghman ; DuPonceau, 
Judgo Gibson, Vuughun, C. C. Biddlo, Say, Dr. TrooHt, Dr. 

April. ^41 1825. 

Horner, Dr. Bache, Dr. Mease, Haines, Bonaparte, Dr. Pat- 
terson, Vaux, Dr. Collin, Short, Nichols, Dr. Harlan, Dr. 
Colhoun, Ord, Major Long, Lukens, Dr. Jackson, Keating.) 

Fossils: Dr. Harlan read a notice of an extinct fossil 
Tapir ; of a new species of Lepus ; of a new genus (Oste- 
opera) of the order Glires. Ordered " enrolled in the archives." 

Some particulars relating to Mungo Park's death, con- 
tained in a letter from Consul General Shaler at Algiers, 
were read by Mr. Duponceau. 

Major Long's paper was taken up; the report of the Com- 
mittee discussed ; and a substitute resolution proposed by 
Dr. Patterson, passed, viz. : 

"Resolved, That Major Long be requested to furnish the Society for 
their Transactions, with such an abstract of his paper on transit locks, as 
with the drawings may be sufficient to explain these inventions, and bring 
them before the public." 

Mr. Deabate's request to be allowed to take with him to 
Europe the tooth of the Mammoth, promising to send back 
exchanges, was referred to the Curators with power to take 

The Directors of the Athenceum requested permission to 
remove the partition between the two northern rooms rented to 
them. Referred to the Building Committee with power to 
take order. 

1825. A-pril 15. (Present, 23. Duponceau in the Chair. 
Troost, Carey, Long, Bonaparte and others.) 

Library donations from Michaux and others. 

Gen. Geo. Izard's letter informing the Society "that he 
would take pleasure in promoting the objects of the Society 
by collecting such information respecting the Aborigines and 
the Natural History of the Territory of Arkansas^ as his 
situation of governor of that Territory" would permit, was 
" referred to a Committee with instructions to prepare notes 
to assist Gen. Izard in his inquiries & observations," consist- 
ing of Keating, Chapman, Bonaparte and Duponceau. 

April-May. ^^-' 1825. 

Catalogue of the Library : Thanks (for copies) received 
from the London Institution and Royal Institution of Great 

C. C. Brodie's "invention to repair the sides of ships, 
under the surface of the water." Model sent with a letter 
from Com. Barron. Referred to Board of Officers to report 
"whether the invention be worthy of the Magellanic or 
Extra Magellanic premium." 

Weights and Measures : "Mr. Yaughan communicated the 
passage of a law by the Assembly of this State, appointing 
a board of Commissioners to examine & report upon the sys- 
tem of weights and measures in use in the Commonwealth." 

New Members Elected. 

M. Flourens, M.D., of Paris. 

Count Real, of France. 

Thomas Cadwalader, 

John K. Kane, I r^,.. , , , • 

T , ^ >-. , r of Philadelphia. 

John D. God man, ^ 

Charles N. Bancker, J 

Edward Livingston, of New Orleans. 

1825. May 6. (Present, 27. Patterson in the Chair; 
Ilopkinson, Ingersoll, Pedersen, Bancker, Kane, Morgan, 
Hare, Bonaparte, Godman and others.) 

Brodie's invention rep)orted by the Board of Officers 
worthy to receive the Extra Magellanic premium. Con- 
sideration of the report made special order for next meet- 
ing ; notice to be given in the newspapers. 

Izard's researches : Committee reported its "notes." 

" IttBolced, Tliiit a copy bo IriuiHmillcd to Ocn. Izard, 'with a loiter 
from the Hocrclury Informing him llu\l the Sock'ty is grulfful for his olFur 
aud will bo thankful for any communication/ " &c. 

Library donations from (^uoy and Quomanl, of Paris; 
Denbate, Consul General of Sardinia ; Jose da Silva Lisl)oa, 
of Uio Janeiro, and others. 

May— June. ^4d 1825. 

Capt. Krusenstern's letter of thanks for his election, with 
a donation of Pacific Ocean charts, Vol. I, and promise of 
following volumes, was read by Mr. Keating. 

Count Real's thanks for election to membership reported. 

1825. May 20. (Present, 26. DuPonceau in the Chair ; 
Nicholas Biddle, Eberle, Dewees, Meredith and others.) 

Library donations from various persons and the Royal 
Swedish Academy. 

M'- Strickland deposited a work on the New York Canals. 

M*"- Temminck's letter of thanks for membership was read. 

Brodie's invention. Report of the Board considered, " and 
adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the members present." 

On motion, the value of the premium just awarded was 
fixed at $45, " to be furnished in a medal, or money, at the 
option of the inventor." 

Bust of Franklin : The Franklin Institute's request for 
the loan of the cast of Flaxman's bust of Franklin and Reich's 
medal of the same, was referred to the Curators, with power. 

Major Long was, on motion, permitted to withdraw his 

The Building Committee reported that they had per- 
mitted the removal of the partition. (See April 1.) 

The Curator's reported that they had presented the tooth 
to M. Deabbate [sic]. (See April 1.) 

1825. June 17. (Present, 14. Collins in the Chair; 
Vaughan, Harlan, Collin, Conrad, Pollock, Yaux, Godman, 
Say, Keating, Brown, Ord, Patterson, Bache.) 

Library donations from R. 11. Lee, Harlan, Collins, Pat- 
terson and the Academy Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. 

Mr. Say said that Dr. Harlan's generic name had been an- 
ticipated by that of Coelogenus. (April 1.) 

Agricultural Society's room-rent: The Building Commit- 
tee was directed to consider the propriety of reducing the 

July— Aug.— Sept. «^44 1S25. 

rent paid by the Agricultural Society for their room ; with 
power to take action. 

Mr. Short's oiFer " to deposit his library in the Society's 
rooms" was accepted, with thanks. 

1825. July 15. (Present, 18. Tilghman ; Vaughan, Le- 
Sueur, Godraan, Troost, Collin, DuPonceau, Mease, NichoUs, 
Ord, Horner, Warren, C. C. Biddle, Keating, Hare, Collins, 
Say, Dr. Bache.) 

Library Donations from M. Oliveira of Rio, and others. 

Catalogue received by the Literary and Philosophical So- 
ciety, Manchester. 

Historical Collections American Philosophical Society^ Vol. I. 
Copy to be sent to the New Hampshire Historical Society. 

New members elected : Don Jose da Silva Lisboa, of Rio 
Janeiro ; Joseph R. Ingersoll, of Philadelphia. 

1825. Aug. 19, (Present, 11. DuPonceau ; Vaughan, 
Harlan, Godman, Nicholls, Mease, C. C. Biddle, Keating, 
Jackson, Dr. Coates, Dr. Bache.) 

Library donations from Rob. De Silver, Charles Bona- 
parte, Rich. Hen. Lee and others. 

Cabinet donation from the Natural Historical Lyceum of 
New York. 

Weights and measures : Letter and documents from Wm. 
Vaughan, of Loudon, " enclosing a letter to Davies Gilbert 
Esfj. on the same subject." 

Pavement before the Hall to bo extended by the Building 
Committee, " so as to make it uniform with the width, re- 
cently established by the city corporation." 

1826. Sept. 16. (Present, 15. Patterson in the Chair; 
Jacobs, Short, Carey and others.) 

TransacHoriH American Philosophical Society, Vol. II, New 
Seriofl, report e<I ready for delivery. 
Library donatioiiH from J. T. Carr6, Mrs. Ann Harris, of 

Oct.— Nov. 545 1825. 

Bellefonte, General Cortez, Commodore Kruzenstern, J. 
Barrozo de Pereira and others. 

Cabinet donations from Dr. Mease and Mf, Rivinus. 

Cafture of the General Monk hy the Hyder Ali during the 
American war. Dr. Mease's written comrauuication was 
referred to the Historical Committee. 

"Dr. Collin made a verbal communication respecting the 
weather of the preceding summer." 

1825. Oct 7. (Present, 16. Patterson in the Chair.) 

Library donations from " his majesty, the King of the 
Low Countries," and others. 

" Dr. Collin made a verbal communication ou the subject 
of Languages." 

Magnet : " The Vice President stated that he had recently 
examined a very powerful magnet, constructed by Mr. 
Franklin Bache, of this city, which sustained a weight of 
more than 310 pounds." 

1825. Od. 21. (Present, 20. Dr. Collins in the Chair ; 
S. Conrad, Livingston, Pollok [s?cj, and others.) 

Library donations from the Marquis Lascaris of Turin, 
C. S. Rafinesque, of Kentucky, and others. 
New members elected : 

Count Miot de Melito, of the National Institute of France. 
Philip Tidyman, M.D., of Germantown, Pa. 

1825. Nov. 4. (Present, 15. DuPonceau in the Chair ; 
Pedersen, Pollok, and others.) 

Library donations from Niles, Say, Ord, Martigny, Mitch- 
ell, DuPonceau and the Lyceum Natural History, New 

M. Martigny 's letter on the subject of American geogra- 
phy was read. 

Count Miot de Melito's letter of thanks for membership 
was read. 


Nov.— Dec. ^^^ 1825. 

Count de Romanzoff's thanks (per Levitt Harris) were 

" Dr. Mease read a letter, dated Monticello, Sep. 16, 1825, 
addressed to him by Thomas Jefferson, on the subject of the 
house in which he resided when he wrote the Declaration 
of Independence. 

" Dr. Mease stated that he had ascertained the house to he 
that situated at the South West comer of Seventh and Market 

"Mr. DuPonceau made a verbal communication on the 
subject of American Iron." 

" Dr. Mease read two letters from a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion, named Major Jacquet, relating to several skirmishes 
and transactions wherein the writer had been engaged." 

1825. Nov. 18. (Present, 16. Tilghman in the Chair ; 
Hasler and others.) 

Library donations from several persons. 

Cabinet donation from Mr. Pedersen through Mr. Collins. 

Mr. Macnevin's (of New York) request for the return of 
his paper previously offered the Society was granted. 

" Mr. DuPonceau read a private letter which he had re- 
ceived from Mr. Von Hammer." 

" Mr. Hasler made some remarks on Mummies," 

" The first volume of a work published by Mr. Von Ham- 
mer, having been presented Borae time ago to the Society, 
through Mr. DuPonceau, by mistake, it wus resolve