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Full text of "The early records of the town of Providence, V. I-XXI ... Printed under authority of the City council .."

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The Early Records 

OK 'I'lIK 

Town of Providence 



Printed undfr aimhdkhy of the Ciiv (.'oitnch, of PKiiviDKNrE hy 


City Chrk 


Snow & Fakniiam ("o. 



D. OF r5, 
JUN 2b 1315 



No. 2 
Part II 

Pages 206-259 inclusive 
of the Original 


The Towne of Providence their booke, 


The Entry of deeds or Land Evidences 

Number two. 


(^►MMissioNF.HS' NoiK. — 'I'lie iM.'ffinnins <'f t-iit-Ii i>;ij;i' <"! the i)ri;;in;il is iiiilicatt-d here by its jiiopor 
munlier by heavy tij^iires enoloscil in I»r:ick»'ts. 

•The ii-sterisk with the brackets enclosed inilicates that a line or a word lias been crossed ont in 
the ori;;inal. 

[206] T(» ;ill CliriStiuii l*('(ii)l(" licforc Wlimnc this dcpdi nf Sale Slinll 
('(iiiii' l!|ilir,-iiiii Siiiilli <ir I'fin idciK I' in \' ('nluny of luindc Ishiiid iS; I'rox-i- 
di'iiic l'l,'iiil;il inns. \\'c:i\ it ; ( licrtcim;, Kiinw Vcc Unit I v'' S'' i'jpjnr.iiii Siiiilli 
I or kS: ill ( '(iiiSidcijitiiin (if tlir Sinn id' \iii( \ ^c Sr\ en runinis (if ( 'iii-ri'ii( .Mnncy 
cd' New i']n,i;inii(l W(dl \ irnrly |Kiid liy 'rii(Minis ( i;ii-iini'l t KcSidcid in S'' 
'i'nwnc ^: ('ninny nl'ori'S'. Ilii' rcii'|il w liciiMd' I :ii knowlcdiic i*s: .MyS(dtV ilicrc- 
witli fully SnIiSlicd ( 'inilcnliMJ ^V; jnid IniM' (liven, (irnnli'i!. Ii:ii-t;':iiiir(l 6c S(dd. 
Alicnd, lOnl'iMdiVd Coiurilied and ('iiiilii-M(>(l ; A.nd IX) \>\ IhoSc prcSi'iils. fully 
frcidy Clearly X: .\liS(dnl(dy (Ji-ant. Ilaiijaine iV; Sell. Alien l^nfenlVe Cniu'eijih 
iK: t'niilirine niilo liiiii y'' S'' TlKnnas (iarnnell ^; nnli) his Heirs i'lxeciilnrs .\d- 
ininiSl lalors i^ ASsij;nes forever, my I >wel liiii;hoiiSe lii^clher willi a I'arridl 
of land ('oiitaiiKdiii;' (d' alioni Tweniy iS; live acres, on which S'' land \ '' S'' 
T)wellini;honSe in- .ManSionlioiiSc Slaiidelh; 'I'lie which S'' I'arcell (d' land is 
lo lie ill Icniilh Sixty iK: ti\(' ]ioles iiy y' l';i;;li leene fo(de jiole. k^ in hreadlh Sixt\ 
I'oh'S by \" i:i;;lite('iie ft)ote ]kiI(', & is Scituale lieiiij;- iS; beinj:; within the Towue- 

Slii]iii of l'i-o\i(leiice al'oreS'', & nlnuit Unuv MiU's We St ward from y'' Salt 
Wafer llarlioiir in Said in S" I'rovideiue, & is part of tliat Tract of land the 
\\'liicli .John Thornton formerly of Sd I'rovidence (who is now deceaSed) Pur- 
chased of one ('ailed Deacon I'arkes of Koxbery, in y'' Province of y" MaSa- 
liniSetts, \\'lio is Now deccaSed; v^ is on Some part of the Hill Called Xecita- 
conkonill Hill: the which Parcell of land DeniiSed is hounded on the ^^'orth- 
weSterue part ^\ ith that land which James Thornton of S" Providence Sold 
unto his brother Thomas Thornton, ^S: (in y' Xorlhei-ne ]iart with S'' Thomas 
Thornton his forMer land, on y" Sontherne part with a HiglAVay, i^ on y" 
JilaSterue jiart With y" laud of John Thornttin, with all and Singnlar \" jirive- 
lidges & appurtenances unto y" Sd houSe & Twenty & live acres of land as 
aforeSd helougiug, With all y'' fruit Trees, Orchard Meadowes, Timber, ^\'ood- 
land Stoues brookes Springs, ^^'aterings within y' Sd Pound (Jontained; And 
all y" Estate Right Title, IntreSt USe I'roperty I'oSseSsion Clainie & deMan 
whatsoever of Me y'' S'' Ephraim Smith in or to y"" Same or any part thereof, 
with all onthouSeing & Cellers in any \K\\t of S'' laud Standing & being To 
have <*i to hdld the S'' houSe houSeiug i; land iV Privelidges aforeSd unto him 
y' Sd Thomas (Jarnett iS: to his heirs lOxecutors Administrators & ASsignes 
as his & their Owne pro]ier Right & true iXheritauce free & Clear forEver, & 
freely iSi (Jlearly a(jniit<'d i^xoneraled iS; fully discharged from me y" Sd l^iih- 
raim Smith, my heirs I'^xecnlni-s AdminiSlrators ^^ ASsignes, and of & from 
all other fmnier bargaines. Sales, (iifts, (ia-ants, ^lortgages. LeaSes ^^■ills In- 
tailes Joyntures Dowryes, Thirds or Incuudirauces of What Nature & Ternie 
Soever, .S: the Said Ephraim Smith dolh Covenant, ]iromiSe grant & agree to 
& with y*" S"" Thomas Garnitt in manner & forme following; Tliat is to Say, 
that I y'' S'' I<]'phraim Smith at ^^ before the Sealeing of theSe ji'Sents & uutill 
y" deli\-ei-y liei'cof, 1 were the Rightfull [vK; lawfullj Owner of all y' abovegiven iSt 
granted jiremiSSes, And that I had in mySelfe full I'ower ^V lawfuU Authoritye 
lo P>argaine Sell and diSpoSe of y*" Same in .Manner iV; forme as is abovoEx- 
preSt wilhoul any Conlradictiou, Alleralion m- limilnlinn of nSes oi- ()llier 
lliing Ihat may alter Changi' defeat or make \'oide Ihis preSent deede of Sale; 
Aiul y' S'' Thomas (iarnnelt, his heirs, lOxeculors, AdminiSlrators or ASsignes 
Sliall or may I'dilvver hereaflei- by force ^c X'erlue of iheSe jireSenls I'Se Enjoy 
& jioSseSs y'' S'' houSe ,S: twenty & live acres of land with all y' abovcMen- 
lioned ]irivelidges l'rof1il1s P.enetilts .Sc Ai:']iurlenances Ihereli) bebuiging wilh- 
oul any inlerrii|il ion or .MoleSlai imi of .Me y'' S'' l';]ihiaim Smilh, my heirs, 
i;.\ei-Mlors, .\diiiiniSI ralors or .\Ssignes, or any Olher perSoii, en- iiciSons (hat 
Shall Claiiiie liilicSI therein, iir Title lliercio Ej'lhcr by Ihrongh Or I'lulei- me 
Ihem or any of Ihem; .\iid I y'' S'' lOphraim Smilh .My heirs Execulois .\d- 
iniiiiSlraloi-s and .\Ssignes Shall .S; will WarranI ^; fnrlAcr defend \' Same 


unto liini v'' S'' Tliiunns (iariii'tt his liciis l-lxt'ciilnrs AdmiiiiSlralurs cV: AS- 
siniics ;i<;;iiiiS) \'' liiwfiill < 'liiill('iii;c Clainii' (ir (li'iiiaiid til' aiiv rcrSoii iir I'cr- 
Sons ^\■|liliS()^>\■(M•: In WilncSs wV; I'm- ('(inlir.Mation li(>ie(]f 1 (lie Said lOitliiaini 
Sniilli lia\(' jici-ciinlii SiM niv liand \; Sralc lliis 'I'wcniv Second dav (>!' .Iiuh' in 
V" 'I'cntli vcai-c of v'' Ivcijinc of onr Sovrii'ijinc Lady Anne (^nccnc of Circal i'.iil 
lain; iJiC Anini l>iniiini: ono 'i'liouSand Seven hundred and l\le\cn. 

Sijiiied Sealed iV deii\('red 
in (lie [ilcSenee id' us. 
'I'iio : Ifennei- 
.Mar\ Ifenner. / 

l->I)lii-aiiii Siiiilli I.. S. 

ilarv Siiiiih I.. S. 

l'ro\idence lilioad Island, ^e. 
The (hiy & yeare aboveS'', the alioveXanied 
lOphraini Smith ,S: niary his Wife personally 
apjieared ,S; acknow h'd^ed the al)o\-eWi-il ten 
inStrnnienl to be their J{eall free \'(dnn- 
tary act i^ deede. before nie Tho: Ifenner 

Hecordeil (febrnary y 7"' 17"/i-2 

*r' 'I'll": Olney, Clerk. / 

[207] TO all Christian l'eo|ile before Whoiue IheSe preSents Shall Co.Me; 
Know Vee. that I JoSiah WeStcolt of I'nividenee in y ('olony of ilhode Is- 
land iV l'ro\idenee I'lantalions in N.A\' I'.niiland Sendctli (Ireeleini;: KN'(>\\' 
Yee, thai I y" S'' JoSiah WeStcolt for 6c in C<inSiderat ion of y full ^V juSt 
Sum of ScNcnteene Tonnds of ('urrenl Siher .Money i,f XeW l-;ni;land to .Me 
in hand Paid at oi' before y llnSealeinu' 6c di'lix'ery of IheSe |ireSe pi'cSents by 
William Roberts of y" Same Towne and Colony aboxcSd. the liece|:| Whereof 
I do acknowle.l .MySelfe fnlly SatiSlied vV Contenled, have i;iven i^ianled bar- 
gained Sold Alinaled luifeolfed & Conliruied; .\nd by theSe jireSenls for me 
.My Heirs IC.xeentors .\(lminiSl rators 6c .VSsi<:iies do fnlly Clearly 6c .\bSolntely 
Ci\-e (Irani I'.ar.u.-iine Sell .Mien I'.nfeolVe 6c Comlii-me nnio .\' abo\-eSd William 
Roberts, his lieii's i^.xecnlors .\dminiSlraloi s 6c ASsij^nes fori-A'er Tweiily 6: 
one .\eres of land Within y I'nichaSe of MaShaTifatnck in the 'I'owneSbipp 
(d' rrinidence in y" Colony abo\-eS'', the Which land I bonjihl id' .My Itrolher 
ISenjamin WeSici;ti 6^ liichard l\nii;lil, 6c did Orij^iuaiy beliinin' lo .M' Walter 
Todd his Itiulit ; .\nd Si.x acres id' Sd land is jiarl of a former de\'iSion and 
.May be laid out auyWhere Within y' I'urchaSe aboveSaid, Not inlrudeinu upon 
any Jfans devided land ; and y other llifteene acres is to he taken up at y' Ne.xt 
deviSion of lands Within y" rnrchaSe of MasShanlatuck aboveS''. I Say y" 
aboveSd Twenly ()ne acres of land I lia\c X<)W Sold unto the aboveSd Wil- 
liam Itoberls his Heirs |-",xeculors .\dmiiiiSI ralors 6s: .\Ssiones forJ'Aer With 


all y'' I'l-ivclidyt's \- a]iinii-teiiaiicf's tliei-ecjii ur tlieicin ('imtaiiietl lu lie & lie- 
inaiiie unto his or llicir ()iil.\ Projiei' ut^e beuetitt (& belioufe. ANd that hv or 
Ihey Sliall or .May from time to time & at all times hereafter I'eaeeably & 
quietly have hold UHe iMi)rove PoSseSs & lOujoy all the aboveSd I'remiSses & 
Singular Other .v"" libertyes Rights or CoModityes thereto belougiug or in auy- 
wiSe a|i]ierlaiueiiig; And I do by tlieSe jireSents \Varraut lit| to be free & 
('leare from auy other or forMer Gift, Grant, Jiargaine Sale LeaSe, Joynture, 
]»o\ver Mortgage, Intaile. Title, Trouble or Incumbrance Whatsoever; had 
Made done Suffered, procured or done by Me the aboveS"* JoSiah ^\'eStcott or 
by .My Meaues Title (/onSent or I'rocnrement ; And I do by theSe jireSents 
\\'arrant & Will forEver defend tliis Jly liargaine & Sale unto y"' aboveS'' W'U- 
liam Koberts his Heirs Executors AdminiSlrators & ASsignes, AgainSt Me Jly 
Heirs l{]xecutors Administrators or ASsignes, or any other I'erSon or I'erSons 
la^^■flllly Claimeing the Same; And in WitneSs of this My Reall Act ^S; Deede 
] have hereunto Set My hand & Scale this Twenty fourth day of December in 
y ycare (if our Lord one ThouSand Seven hundred iS; lOkncn, & in y'^ Tenth 
ycare of y'' Keign of our So\-creigne Lady Anne by y*" (irace of <iod <iueene 
( i\ cr ( ircal l!ri(lan llVani-e and Iicland. iS;('. / 

Signed, Sealed, cS; delivered JoSiah WeStcott. L. S. 

in y" Presence of us, 
Stuckly WeStcott 
PriScilla D WeStcott 
her I Mark. / 

l{ecoi-ded tfebruary y" l21st; IT",',., 

'r' Tho: Oiney, ('lerk. / 

U]i(Mi y"" V day of ffebruarey in y' yeare Itlil'/i. / 

Laid <iii( (o Samuell Whipiile in y' Itighl of James AShlon in an Adil ionall 
deviSiini Six aiii'S iV. a halfe of land licing .V being in y" Neck belweene y" 
great Swampe ^; Providrnce Towne I'lields, againSI y WeSI l^nd of y Loll 
formerly belonging lo Penjamin Hearnlon; Two Acres ^; llifly llii-ee poles 
thereof lietli iV is bounded on y'^ XorWeSterne ('(uinier With a White Oake. at 
jtreSant a buSh, .Maiked : On the Soutll^^■eSle^ne Oornner a White Oake Tree; 
the WeSt End being boun(b'd With a liighWay, cS: y" Xortherne Side a high- 
Way : the Other jiarts \Vitli the land of y Sd SaMuell Whipide. The Other 
jsart ()( V S" Six acres ic halfe of land lieing in y" Great Swamjie about y" jilace 
Called V'' Third Opening, \ is lionnded I'n y Nin-tlil'^aStei-ne Coriincr with an 
Elme Tree, & on SouthlviSterne Cornner with an I'Jme Ti-<'e, on y" XorWeSt- 
erne Coi'nnei: With a White Oake Tree, & on y' SouthWeSterne Cornner With a 


*|hl:ii-U lil:i<-k (take] i;('(l(l ( ):ilcr 'I'l-i'c: Aiiil llaili t'liurc |i:iits liciiii; lioiiiidcil 
Willi the Co.M.Mou. 

AlSo Twciit.v i^ Nine A<-r('s (if Land laid onl in liiii' nt' I'll acres uliicii 
y'' S'' Saiiiiii'li \\lii|i|ilc laid dnw iic In < 'niiiiiKUi nn y WcSl Side nf .Mn 
ShaiiSick Kiwi- uwv ai;ainSi l,(M|ua | 208 | Liii|iiaS(|iiSsiiik. IT acrrs ^: a 
liallV tliciMMd' liciiii;' al y I'niid ('ailed ;llie broad riilid. \ is liiMiiid<>d Smilli 
erl\ Willi ('(iniiiinii \: |iarllv Willi y S*' hioad I'diid ; I'.aSl Waid |iaiil,\ Willi 
llie land lielmniini; In Jnlin heMer X: |:arll\ Willi v' ('<; Xml li Waidlv X: 
WcSlWarillN Willi \' ('ciiiiiiHin; 'I'lie Smil li WeSleriie ('(nniiei- a Idaek (>ake 
Tree; ilie S( HI I li |-',a Si erne ('(uiiner a lilaik (lake Tree, ilie N'niw eSlerni' ('urn 
ner a (!i-eeiii> (»ake Trie, i; I'lcun ii in L'an.iie N^rl lieaSi \\ ard In a Slake Siand- 
\uix al a ('oi-nnei- t.i Xiclndas I'nwei' his land lakeini; a I'ine 'I'ree in \'; 
llic S'' Slake lieinji' a NnrtlilOnSlerne Cnrnner, iX t'rn.M Ilie Sd Slake In Itaiiiic 
SunlliWard In a lilaek (»ake Tree .Marked, .\lSn aliniit one aere i.V: a liall'e nl" 
land lieiiiii Ad.jevneinji' In .v' S'' Sannudl Whi]iiile liis I>and al v"' Meaddnw 
Called y (ii-eat ileaddnw, liniindinj;- Xnrtli Wardlv Willi .\' Sd SaMiiell NVliiiiple 
liis Land.. WeSlwardIv willi .\" .Meaddnw nl' v" Heirs <ir .Inlni Tlirnck.MnrInu iS; 
parllv Willi y Meaddnw of y S'' Saiiiiiidl \\'lii|jjde, f'nr.Merl\ dames .\Sli- 
inns. vK; SniMli Wardl.v Willi Ilie Said Saninell Wlii|i|de liis .Meaddnw, I'nr- 
iaerly helnnjiini; In dames ASlilnii. Ilie Sniil li LaSlerne Cnrnner liein.i;' a 
I'laek ()ake Tree; Tlie nllier Tenn acres nf \' Said "-".I .\cres liein^ iV ad.jn.v ne- 
in.n In y LaSlerne pari <d' y' |S''j Saiimell \\'lii|iple liis land al Ilie (ireal 
.McaddnW. cS; is liminded al .\' Sniil li WeSierne ('(nnner Willi a Wliile ()ake 
Tree Wliicli is alSn a ('nrnner nf Said Samiudl Whipple his I'nrMer land. iS; nii 
ihe S(}nl heaSterne ('laainei- Willi a lilack (lake Tree; cm y Xni l licaSlerne 
Cnrnner Willi a While ()ake Tree, .S: .\'' Xnr\\'eSterne Cninner alSn hniindin.i; 
Willi a black (lake Tree; 'I'he ^^■eSlerne Side beiiiii bnnnded Willi y Said Sam 
ii(dl Wlii]iple his land; The Sniillierne pari, y ICaSlerne jaii iX .\" Xnrlherne 
]'arl bniindin.ii' \\'illi .\' ('nmninii; There beiiiii a Ili.uhWa.v (d' I'nnre pnles W'nW 
b\ y'' I-", ijilileeiie I'cnle I'nh' alhiWeil ihrnii^li y' Said |iiiM-e nf land XnrlliWard 
iS: SdulliWard fnr a Cnimtr.v linade; .\llnWance liein,!; alread.v jii\t'n in y S' 
Piece nf land fur y'' Sd high Wa.v ; The Said lands all heaic .McaSure h,\ y" 1,S 
fnide I'nle. 

Laid mil y da.\' vS; \-eare abnveSd. \',y .Me Thn; ()lne\- Snrveior. / 


('linn y' S"' da,\ nf dannary in .\' \eare l(i'.l'|. 

I..aid mil iinin Samiudl Whipple in y i;it;lil id' dames .\Shlnii in a lil'ly .\ere 
de\iSinn ;!;! acres iV a halfe nf land, ii lieinii in Iwii I'arccdis; T\vn acres Iherenf 


lii'di iijKiii i^ :h1J(i\ iK'tli to llii- W'l'St Side (if l';intiu-kett Kivcr over ;i<;;uiiSt 
that tt'aiiue ou Keliobotli Side former belouging to Jolm HIaxtou, hut now in 
v" jjoSseSsiou of David ^^'llipple; Tlie NorweSterne Coruuer of S"" two Aeres 
of Land being bounded Witli a blaek Oalie tree & So toBauge EaStWard downe 
to V'' Kiver to a Koek ; the Sontll^VeSterne ("ornuer being tioiinded witli a Small 
greeue Oake Tree, & from it to Kauge KaStward to v'' aforeSd I'antuckett 
l{i\('r f(j a ^\'alISrntt Tree Standing on .V brimm of y" bauke, which is a bound 
of land belonging to v*" Heirs of the deceaSed Kichard Seott; The A\'eSl part 
biiiinding With \'' Common, the lOaSt part \\'ith Sd rantuckelt Kiver; the 
Xortiieriie jiart With land Now in I'oSseSsion of Thomas Alan. The Other 
J'arrell being ;>! Acres iS: a halfe, c': is laid onl on v'' N\'eSt Sidi' of MoShanSuck 
l\i\er about the place (/ailed v'' ^^'orlds End, iS; bordering partiv ujion v" j.iece 
of Meaddow Iheie \Vliich formerly belonged to J-ames AShton; It is bounded 
ou Y'" SouthlviSterne Cornner With a I'ine tree, on y" South^yeSte^lle Oornuer 
with a <ireene Oake Tree, ou the XorthljaSlerne ICorunerj with a ^Yllite Oake 
Tree, on y'' NorweSterne Coruuer With a Oreat Kock; The EaSttcrne jiart or 
Side bounding juirtly ^\'itll land 6c .MeaddoW of y'' Heirs of y'' deceaSed Law- 
rance ^^■ilkinSon ^S; partly Willi \" Meaddow formerly belonging to James ASh- 
ton (& jiarlly with laud formerly laid out to y' S'" Samuell W'hiiiple; the length- 
W'ayes being Northward & Southward. It beareing .MeaSuie by y 18 foote 
pole: Laid out y" day tS; yeare aboveS'' r' hk' Tho: Oiney. Surveior. / 


U'ded llebrnary y" li."")'" lI'Vi-: V 'I'lio: <»lney Clerk./ 

Upon y" r.'" day of Ajuall •■[KiKT] in y" yeare HIOT. / 

Kectilied ^S: Set y'' bounds of ICieven Acres of land which f(U-merly belonged 
to -Limes ASIiloN & Was S(dd unto Samnell Whijiple, the bounds thereof being 
loSt : Ami alSd lugctiier wilh y Said l':icven aci-es of laNd laid nnl to y" S'' 
Samuell \\'hipple ti\c Acr( s i:f land Which for.Merly Was laid out to .lames 
.\Shlon Neere to I'autuckell the bounds thereOf being loSt. Other I'eOide 
tooke uji y land Wherefore it is Kelaid onl the day & yeare aboveSaid : The 
Sd Eleven .\cres r.i land ^V y Said live acres of land all .Make Sixteene acres. 
it Now lieing all together, iV is Sciiuate lieing & being in y' Tract of land 
Called y .Neck t^ betweene y binoke which Knniielh out of \" (ireat Swamjie 
into the uper I'.ailys Cove ^S: I'anlucketl Kiver; The lengthW'ayes of y'' S'' lands 
lieing lOaSIWard cV; WeStWard^; the breadth Wayes North Ward & South Ward ; 
It bounding on the NorWeSlerne Corrner With a Slake & heajje of Stones. & 
fnmi it lo itniin ICaStward to an Old SlumiK- i<; Stones aboul it Which is a 
NorthlOaSlerne Ciunner, \- from it lo ilange South Westward lo a bl,-ok Oake 
tree Marked, ^S; frouL it to lurne .S: L'ange Southward to a black Oake buSh 
Marked 6c Stones about it Which is a Southl^aSlerne Cornuer, 6ic from it lo 


Ini-iic ^; Kaiij;*' Westward to a hlark liurrli liuSli Marked W'liieh lialli Stones 
alioul it laid, the Wliieli is toi- a SnuiliWeStei-iie Coriiiiei-lmuiid. The W'eSt- 
erne luid <if Said iaXd beiiii;' |t()] | 209 | ImhiihI ii|((iii y' land of 'I'lio: Olney 
partly ^S; [larlly Willi a lii,i;h\\ay : the Said land heaictli ,MeaSiii-e liy \' IS 1'oole 
pole: Laid out Keititied ^ houXded the day iSc yeafe alioveS''. f' me Tho: Olney 
Siuveior. / Kecoided lleluiiary y" lit)"' 17", 12 *r* Tho: Oluey Cleik. 

Upon y" 2-1'" day of May 1700. / 
I>aid out to Saimiell Whiiijile in y" liijiht of the \\iddoW r.clloo .V hannah 
r.elloo her her daM,i;liler one acre iV .''..■ |ioles of lanil it lieini; their part of a Six 
aere iS: halfe de\iSion. in halfe y'' JJiiiht of IJolierl I'iUe as a live iS; twenty acre 
Man. vV: in a (piarter part Malnreene lielloo his Kiulit as a L'o aere Man: II ho- 
inii laid oul in that Tract of land in Providence ("ailed the Neck; 7u> jioles 
thereof liein.n' c^ heini;- adjoyninji to y WeSlerne lOnd of Saninell Wliii)ple his 
laud lieiiif; at y I'aSterue lOud of the lionSelolts formerly heloniiinj; to Hen- 
janiiii Ilearnden, NNilliani \\'hile i^ .lohn Claw Son. Tiie Said .")." |:oles of land 
bouudiuji' on y"" EaSterne Side all aliUi;;' with y' S'' Samueil \\'liiii])le his Said 
laud. \- on y' WeSlei-ne Side al! alon;: With a hi.uliWay ; ^: on y' Sonlherne faid 
with S' Samnell ^\'hip]lles land, the Xoriherne Cornner beiut;' houndeil Willi a 
hcape of Stones iS: So to Kauji'e Sonlliward to a lieajie of Stones, the Which is 
llie leni;th of \' Said 'C> ]ioles of land; The Keniaineini; part of y Sd land lie- 
iiiii 14(1 ]ioles v*t is laid out a little IviStward from Siniie land liel<ni<;iujj to 
Cap'" dexter, hetweene it iV y' jireal Swamjie, The leniilh of it h^'ini; IviStWard 
& \\'eStWard. the breadth Norlh iS: Soulhward lOach part boundiuii' With y 
( "oninion ; Tli(> 4 ( 'ortiers one 10a cli of them bounded ^^'illl a hea|pe of Stones : the 
Sd land beareini:' MeaSiire by y'' IS foote ]iole; Laid oiil y' day \' yeare aboveS"' 
f' meTliii: ()liiey Sin\ei(n-; Kecerded llebr\iar\ \'' -iV'' 17" ij 

r' 'I'ho : Olney. Clerk. / 

*[Oclolier y 7] rpon y 7'" day of October ICSn. 
Laid omI unto. lohn hexler in li.e Ki^lil of his ll'alher Cireyory l>exler n|Hin 
y" Aditionall de\iSion Six acres iV a halfe of land by y" LJiihleen.' foote pole 
lieinL', in y Xeck. v^ adjoyneiuii' to Ihe i''aSlerne pari of y' land Wheri'on their 
dwelling Xow is; liouudiuj; on y'' Norw<'Slerne Cornner with a Stake willi 
Stoiu's about it \\'hich is a Coi-uuerbonud alSo of y" S'' laud \\'hereon the Said 
Grei;diy 1 »exter ^: -lohn l»exlei- Xo\\' d\\'elh'lh; The SoutiiWeSt CiuMiner bein^' 
bounded with y Koole of a Walnut I Tree which is alSo another ('oruner of y'" 
S"" Dextei'S afoi'cSaid land Whereon they dwell; Th(> XorlhlOaSlerne C()ruuer 
a Slake ^; lieape of Sloiies. 'i'he Soul hl'.aSlerne ('oiuiier a heape of Stones; 
The WeSlerne lai't bmindini; wilh \' aforeSaid Mcxiers land. Ihe Soiitherne 


part \\'itli y'^ land uf Beiijaiiiin lleaiiitou Seiiidr; the EaSterne & IsoreaSterne 
parts iKuimling \\'ith y" Coiiiiiioii: Laid (int y" day & yeare aboveSaid liy .Me 

TJKK Oliiey Siirvcim-: Rccofdcd tlVliruary y" ■27'" 17"/i2 p" Tlio : Oliiey, Clerk./ 

I'liou y'' 4"' day of Noveiiibei- in y'' yeare l(i85. / 

Laid out unto Jolm Dexter in y Kiglit of William Hawkins Senior, the which 
the Said John Dexler bouiiht of \^■illianl Hawkins Junior Six Acres & a halfe 
of land in an Aditinall (l('\iSion agreed niion iS: Ordered by y'' Towne of I'rovi- 
deiiee to lie laid on! ; it lieinj; iS; being in the tract of land Called y'' Neck; & 
adjoyneing to y'' Northerue & l']aSterne |iarts of y'= S'' John Dexter his Ian J 
forMerly laid out unto him: It lieing Much in the forme of a Carpenters S(iare, 
one branch thereof biMnnVing on the \VeSterne End ^Vith ilie laud of Rowland 
Joanes Which he bought of (Jeorge Way; The other branch bounding on y" 
Sontherne part \^'ith y'" land of IJenjaniin ilearnton ]iartly & partly With y" 
('(Hiion, 'I'he Nortlierne jiar) bounding \\'ith y'' land of Tho.Mas EStins & jiartly 
With the land of Rowland Joanes. & y"" l^aSterne part ^^'ith y"" Common: The 
NorW'eSterne Cornner bounding >\'itii a \\'hite Oake Tree which is a Norihi'aSt- 
erne bound of the aforeSd land by Rowland Joanes bought of George AVay, & 
from y S" While Oake Tree to Range IviStward to a black Oake Tree ALirked 
for a Xoi-tlieaSlcrnc Cornner. ^: from y Sd black ( )ake Tree to Range South- 
ward to a A\'hite Oake ^\■hich is Standing on y'' JCaSt Side of a great Rock & 
cloSe by y" Said Rock, the which tree is the SouthEaSterne Cornner of y" S" 
lan<l : The S" Six acres & a halfe of land beareiug JleaSure by y"" Eighteene 
foote pole: Laid out y'' day .S; yeare alioveSd by me Thomas OIney Surveior; 
lifcordcd tfcbrnaiy y'' 27"' 17"/i.j: r* 'J'li": Olney Clerk. , 

T]i(ui \' Third day of l»cccmlier 1(')S."> 
Laid ont unto -lolin l><'xti'i- in y' Right of his fl'ather (iregory Dexter flifty 
acres of huid in a Itil'ty Acre (le\-iSiou agreed upon iV Ordered by y'' Towne of 
I'l-ovidcnce lo be laid out on y JCaSt Side of y'' foui'c Mile line: The Said ffifty 
acres is lieing & being Westward from ^loShauSuck Rixcr: & partly betweene 
y'' I'ond lieing over dexters JJi'idge X y'' Said Ri\-er, ^; partly betweene y'' Piece 
of Meaddow belonging to Joiin Ui-owne vS: y'' S* River; llie which aforelS""! 
i'onil is Called the broad i'ond. t^ lieth NortheaStWai-d a little from the Hill 
<alled Windmill Hill: 'I'he which S'' flifty acres of land is bounded on the 
SouihflaSIc rne Cornner Willi a Redd Oake Tree :\rarked, & from y S'' Kedd 
Oake Tice to L'ange XoiHi v*c be IviSlWard to a ^\■llite Oake Tree >Lirked for 
a XorlheaSterne Cornner takeing a black Oake Tree in y ^\'ay JIarked for a 
Kaiige: AXd from the Said White Oake Tree to tiiriie ^i K;inge WeSt & be 
XorlliWaid lo a black Oake ] 210 1 Oake ITreel ALirked for a XorwcSterne 


Coi-iiucrlioiiiul ; And Irmu v'' S'' blark Oakc Tree fii I iiriic iS; l{aiii;i' Soiidi i!v: he 
\\'('St\\;n-il to :i I'inc 'i'r.c .Markcil Uiv a Soul liW'cSlcriir i 'cii iiiH-ilinuiid ; llii- 
W'cSlcriic Sidr Xol liciiiy So loiii;- as llic ICaSlcriic Sidr; 'I'lic lOaStci-iic. tlir 
W'cStcinc, llic Ni.'illn 1 lie ^; v" Soiillicriu' pails all liniiii(l( d willi ,\' < 'oiiiiiioii : 
Till' S'' OiCly aci-cs licari'lli .McaStiic liv \'' i;ij;liti'('m' I'oolc ]iolc: Laid out llii' 
day iV; \ call' aliDVi'S'' liy .Me 'J'liomas ( lliicy Siii-vt'ior ; Hi'iindcd llVhiuary y' 

OUth ITU, 

- - ; ' ' / Vi 

r' Tli'i: (■•liii'.v. Oh'rk^/ 

Laid olil lo Saiiiiirll WiiiSor on llic I'.aSI Sido of y Si'\ en .\l ilc line 'I'w cnly 
Six acres of land of land al ^; adjo_\ nrinii to his iVaiiiir al MaSu aiil irol I ; Lii;li 
(ccnc acri's of y' S'' land is ii]ion \' Srcoiid dr\iSioii \: iijion \' l!ii;li( of Adam 
(ioodwiu, c^: y'- ollirr S('\<'ii for j art of A llowaiicc for a liii;li\\'ay W'liirli Was laid 
|Im-oii.l;Ii |)aniidl Aliliolls Ifarnii' Wlicii- Aldioll XoW dwells, ^V oiii' Acre in y'' 
iiiulit id' ( Slie|i]iard in iiiie of pail of a W'aai-elioiiSi' lot I ; All W'liieli 
Makelli Tweiily Six aeies, iV; lioiinded as ll'ollow el li ; mi \' Soul lii'laSI Cofiiiier 
Willi a lieape of Stones lieinu ^i ''oinner id' \" foriiief land, ^: i;ani;etli WeSI- 
vvanlly 'I'liirleene ];iiles to a lieape of Stones lieiiii; a South WeSt ('oniner. i*c 
fi'o.M llienee to Itani;!' NofI heaSI waidly 'riiii-teene |;oles lo a liea|ie of Slones, 
The al)0\('\\l-itteil next lines ate \'oyd : for lliey Were iiii|ierfeel v^' |ef( to 
Slaiid as Xotliiiiu: and the Mailer lie;,;iin a^aiiie \: ('arrieil on as Next follow- 
elh. , 

Laid out to Sam": WinSor on the I'.aSI Side of I he Se\ . ii mile line Tweiit.v 
Six acres of land al rS; adjoyiieiiii;' to his IVarnie at .MaSWaSaciit : l-lijihteene 
acres id' S'' land is ii]ion the Second deviSioii, cV; upon the I{ii;hl of .\dani tlood 
win, \: the iitlier Lij^hl acres is for |ail of allowance for a liii;liWay that was 
'aid thriuifili l»aniell Aliotis llaiiiie where Said .Miliott now livelli. iV in lilie of 
I'arl of a WaiehoiiSe lot! in the llinht of <!eori;e She|ipard: ■'land is lioiinded 
as Ifol lowel li : I Seven acres id' Said Lii;lil is for ilie alhiwance aforeSaid 
tliroiij;li Aliliotts farijie. X; Hie Oilier one acre in the Itiiiht of (!eoi'!;e Sheppard. 

iV is lioiinded as * | lioiinded ] as followidh; hei;iniiii;' al a lieaj f Slones lieini; 

the SoiitheaSI ("oriiner, cV a lioiind of S*' ^\■illSol■s former land, i^ L'aiii^eth 
\\'eStWardly Thirleene jioles to a heape of Stones Hh' Son I liW eSt Ciiii 
r-er, ^^ from 'i'hence to lJani;e NorlliWardl\ 'I'liirleene poles lo a liea|ie of Slones 
heilii;' Ihe Noil li\\'eSt ('ornner, iV from Ilience to llaniie i^aSl wardl,\ 'i'liirleene 
j.oles to a heape of Stones lieinj; the NorlliLaSl Corniier, vN Irom thence to 
liaiiiic Soiithwardiy lo Ihe lirSt .Mint ioned lioiind on Ihe Soul h i^aSt ('ornner: 
ANi'd the other Twenh live acres is hounded as foiloweih: on tiie XorthWeSt 


OoriiiU'r with a black Oake true Marked, iV Kaiiucth fiftv Six jidles to a White 
(!ake tree .Marked heiiiy tlie SeulliWeSt Coniiier. & fi-oin theiiee to Kan^e 
KaStwardlv Twenty poles to a heilloek tree Marked being a SoutliKaSt ("orn- 
iiei-, ^; Staiiilclii on a heape of liocks. ^S; from llience to Kauge Northwardly lo 
a Red Oake Kange, & from thence Still Xovlli lo a NVliite Oake IniSh with 
Stones laid abo\it it; it being the NorthlOaSI Corner. ^: from ihence to Range 
WeSt Twenly ]iolcs, to the firStMentidncd bound. / Laid out November y"" i!u"' : 
17(l!l: V nie Thoma.-< Olney jnn''; Snrveior. / 

Kccnrilcd .\ngnSt y' lid"' ITlli r> Tlio. Olney. Olerk. / " 

[211] Whereas at a .Meeting (if y rm-cliaSscrs iS: I'ropriclors nf Provi- 
dence January y'' 27"' ITi^'ii ("ajit : Nalhauicll .liuckes .^ l-^b^'nezer Jencke.^ & 
W'illiaM .Icuckes appeared & hiid <'laime to a Ifight of land on y' WeSt Side of 
y'' Seven .Mile line in S'' Providence TowneShijip by A'ertue of a I'urchaSse 
forMerly Made by their Honoured llallicr M' .loSeph Jenckes but they ("onid 
Not Sho\V any Evidence in NVrilcing that their I'lather had of S" Right of lands 

lliat ('ould .Make the .Mall.r Ch-arr Ciinccrning it; but in all likidyh 1 it 

Might by b\ ItcaSon of Siniie of y' Itecords being for.Merly hiSt. according as 
they inforiiie us; The Said I'urchaSseis iV l*ro]ir'ctoi s lia\ing Considered y" 
.Matter, havcing heai-.l the Circumstances thereof, ^^ they Seeing SoMe dube- 
oSsily llicrcin have Comittcd the buiSeneSs on y'' Sil I'urchaSsers & I'mpri- 
etors behalfe |wholy| unto us y'^ Sul)Scribers to dctirmine the Matter Coucern- 
ing y' aforcSd land, iS; as wee do dctirmine it. So to Stand good to all intents 
iV; pur|;(iSi's: .\nd we y'' Subscribers Inneing taken y'' flatter into Considera- 
tion together With y' CircumStani es thereof. \- We being Xrvy un\\'illing to 
I<]xclude them from *[from] Sd land for feare the\ Should do tlieM ^^■rong 
therein; Therefore in y" behalfe of y* S'' I'urchaSsers iV: Proprietors our detir- 
.Mination is; 'i'hat ('apt: Xatlianiell .lenckes iS; Jenckes & |^^'illiam 
Jenckesj Shall have in luie of their aforeSaid Claime as much of y S'' I'ur- 
(•haSers vV; Pioprietors Comiuiniland on y \\'cSI Side of y" aforeSd line as Will 
be I'jiuall for Xu.Mber of Acres With lUU' PurchaSeKight ou y' WeSt Side of y" 
afore .Menti<ined line to be Equally betWeene (hem three. Namely Cajit; Nathan- 
U'll Jenckes ^c I'Ibenezer Jencki s & William Jiaiekes; .\ml y'' Same land So de- 
lir.Mined to be X: Kemaine to them \: their Heirs forlOver; Tn WitneSs of this 
our finall delirmination We have hereunto Set our hands this fourteenth day 
of Januai-y .\n7io: Domini 17^'/io 

Tho : tfenner 
Richard P.row ue. ' 

Kccorded ITcliruary y- 2!)'" 17"/,.: V Tho: Olney Clerk./ 


\\'li('ii;is \' I'ui-cIkiSsi'is ,S: I'i-d] rii'lois <if' v' 'I'ow iic (if I'l-ox iili'iiir Ii.'ivc in 
Sonic McaSiirc bi'i'u .Made ScfiSalilc (liat our lldiKiniiMl llallnT l'<ir aliDiii Thirl v 
vears ajio (n* upward did buy of .\' W'iddnw Mary .Maw icy a i'urciiaSi'lviiiiil 
of land -IKiylil cf laiids| liciiii; oil y Wt'Sl Side cf y Si'Mmi Milr liiir i^ lias 
for aliout 'riiiit\ years time lueii in y l'oSs;'Ssii!n of thi' Same liy (ii-a\\in,u' a 
!ol( u|inn llial i;if;lil. W'lien Sd I'lireliaSsers ai;i-eed u]on y firSt deviSioii of 
tlioSe lauds, iSi; alSo lia\eiin; ever Sinee jiaid all dntves ilial iialli any Manner 
of ^\■ayes ariScn or been laid on S'' lands i;(Hiall willi an_\ otiier I'lireliaSsei', 
& lliat our S'' Honoured llatlier liadi by his Will in Wrileiiii;' i;i\-en y' aforeS'' 
I'lUiliaSsikiiihl iinli> us y SiibSeribeis; l!ut When Wee Came |o lake u|] lainl 
by Verlue of S'' Ki^hl We Could Nol liud ujion What ()rij;inall Ki.uhl our lott 
was drawiie, by IteaSon <iur deede was loSI. Xeilher could We find llial y'' Sd 
Widdnw Ma\\'rey ever had Suih a Jtijihl lo Make Sale id': I'.iil y Sd I'urehaS- 
seis \ I'roprielois lakinj;' into their Serious ConSideral ions Whal is abo\e.Meii- 
tioned. «S; feareiiiii' thai if they Should hinder us (d' I'lnjoyini; tlioSe hinds w liieli 
We ('hiNiiied Iiy \'eilue (;f S'' Kij;lil Ihey Milihl do lis niiich Wroiii; Ihcicin, 
*Lllial we could nol] Xol w it hSIandiii.u- llial ^\'ee Could Xol le^^ally Make il lo 
appeare llial We had Such a lliiihl. (U- llial e\er Ihere \\as Such a i;i,ulil due lo 
any | ei S(!n ; lla\e alUA\'ed us Cert a i lie lands on y WeSI Side of y Sd Seseii 
Mile line as by ther Itecoids will More al laijie a]i|;eare. ijefeieiice Ihereiinlo 
beiiii;' had ; NOW fiu- as much as y" S'' I'lirchaSsers iS; I'l-ojirietors have Showed 
theniSelves So kind mil.) us in i;ranlin,i; us Such lands as afnreSd; Wee do 
for oiirSeKes. oiii- Heirs l'].\ecnlois iV AdniiniSI i a I oi s I'liuiiiSe ^V; i']n.iiai;e ; that 
in CaSe any I'erSon or TerSons deriveiiii-' any iii<ihl. Til!;' I'ower lu- Author- 
ilye friuii our Sd llcnoiiied or from y S;iid W!ddow MaWrey. Shall 
al any lime hei( afler by law K'ecoxer Ihe aforeS'' Kii;lil id' land of y Sd I'ur 
cliaSsels iV i'|-o|;i\e|ors id' y'' 'i'ow lie ()( l'ru\ idi'iice. Iha( llieii Wee niir lleirs 
lOxeculois iS; AdiniiiiSlralors Shall cS; Will yeild ii|i ^c Surrender iiiiio y' Sd 
I'lireliaSsei s all Sinh lands as \\'ee ilii'ii Shall liaxe lakru ii|i. or do hold b\ 
X'erlne of Whal is allowed us aforeSd liy \' l'iircliaSs;'i s ^: l'ro]irie(ors : In 
WilneSs Whereof Wee do liereuiilo Set our hands \ Scales, this 'J.")"' IVebriiary 
ill y'' yearc 17"/i\; 

\\'ilXeSs us Xalhanieil denckes I.. S. 

donalhaii SprajiuP ilbuiezar denckes L. S. 

Hieluud Itoweu. / Willia.M .leuckes L. S. 

Uecorded n'ebriiary y" •Jil'" IT'^/Vj: 
r' Tho: ()\u>'\. Clerk. ' 

Whereas there Was an AureeMent .Maile belweeiie y I'lirchaSsers vS; I'ro 
jirictors of l'ro\idence 6c y" l'ro|irietors id' raiiliixell for y devideiiiji id' (heir 


lands, or to Slay the Settling of a ('ertaine linuuds betweene Each I'rojnietee 
Jn V'' ycari- of our J.ord KIS ; And So y" .Matter liatli laine Many yeares & 
Notliino- Etl'ected as to the Settling of y"" honnds as aforeSd ; ANd Severall of the 
Coiniltcr ( 'lii.Sen liy I he rnrchaSscrs ^S: l'ri)|irie|urs of Providence are NoW de- 
ceased So thai Iheie is a diliVrance Still Keniains lietweene the two I'roin-ietees 
aliont y true mi- lo Say) (he ]{ighl .Meaneing of Some Words in y' before Re- 
ciled agreeniient ; 'J'lie I'urcliaSsers ^; rro]iiic|(irs of S'' I'rovidence halh againe 
ChoSen us JoSejili W'iliianis. Saninell \\'ilkinS<in. ^v;: Tlicunas tfenner to Meete 
with a ("oniittee id' S'' I'anlnxel to I'hideavour lo Reconcile the Said differ- 
ance; Wee accordingly .Mell willi y <'cnnillee \- ri(i]iric(nrs n\' I'autnxett (he 
:W' of Decendter 171(» at y liouSe nf W XdiiMuiali Slieldon in raninxel ; ANd 
[2121 And it is Agreed by us the Ciiiiiille (d' rro\idence cV: the Coniilte of 
I'autnxett \A'lioSe hands li^; Seah's are hei-ennto SubScriliid, for a full & totall 
Issue & End of all < 'iintra\('rSyes ('oncerning the liounds betwixt the I'ro- 
prietors of l'ro\idcnce and (he IM-ojirietors (d' I'autuxetl for lh('niSel\'es their 
Heirs & ASsignes fore^'er. is as foll(A\'eth, (Viz) To begin at the Stone at 
MaSha|iagiu', '"[aS to] a kXOWne vV; Stated liound betweene \' two I'roprietees 
ahoveS'', & then Ifnnn a line WeSt fourlei'ne degrees N'orthWardly Witiiout 
ReSpect to A'ariation nntill it ("onus to a Stake ^^■ith a iieajie of St(nies laid 
about it which is in (ir Neere the Range [(d'j the Ninth ..K; South line \\'liich is 
RaiSed from Seaven .Miles \\'eSt from the Hill Called irox*[esJ Hill; The 
which Said line is alSo Called the Seven Mile line; 1'hen from Said Stake to 
|Runn| "[to Rnnn | a due .Magnoll South line nntill it Comes to ^\■al■\^•ick line 
or North bounds; AXd y lands on llie Northerly Side o!' y' Westerly line, 6c 
\^ ^\'eStei'l,\- Si(h' of \' South line is to belong jto| the frojirietors of rro\i- 
dence ; .Vnd the lands on y' Southerly Side of the S"* ^^'eSterly line, & (m the 
EaSt Side of y- Said Soutli line is to belong to the i'rojirielors of I'aluxett, 
Only ]'].\cei)ting the lands which was taken npcni I'rovidence acciiuni lii'lore 
S"" Agreement. .Vnd il is alSo joyntly fi-eely iK; tirmely agreed thai all lands 
which <'an be .Made ajipcaie \\'ei'e law fully laid <uit before the Makeing of that 
S'' Agreement Hated .lanuarey the Ki"' lliS'/;; within |theSe| *[Sd lands] that 
are Now agii'cd to belmig to the Proprietors of I'autuxetl, & on the I'urchaSs- 
ers (d' l'i'o\idcnce their Rights Shall Stand good to y'' owners thereof their 
Heirs ^: .\Ssignes foid'Acr; .\.\d the I'roprietors (d' I'autnxett Shall have in 
full Satisfaction for the Same So Many acres in Quantity as Neere as May 
lie Within y i'l-ojirielors id' ]'ro\idcni-e their ('ommon lanils (Ui the laiSt Side 
id' the afin-ement ioued Seven Mill' line to themSid\-es tlu'ir Heirs .Sc .\Ssignes 
forl'Aci-; And to be taken up as Soone as they See CauSe; MoreOvcr We Sig- 
nilie that on (u- about \' fonitccnth day of .May laSt [ aSt \\'ee Thomas ll'enner 
.loScili Williams SaiHiicl! WilkinSon, .\iidrc\\ Harris vV; I'eleg Roades K'nnn 


all llif liiirs a<-i(irilin<i' to \'' almxi'W'iil Icii A.urc I'liii ill ^; Mal^c lliis as a KriuiiM' 
lo ilic l'I'rii]iriri(iis (if (uir TraiiSacddiis in S' WmUc liii- Adiiii I lame iil' y 
Sa.Mc; Wcr alSii liaxc ajirccd lliat Oiuf in Tlircc ycarcs lincvcr licrcafliT l-',aili 
I'aiiy tlicii- llciis \- ASsij;iH's Sliall \'c\\ ,S; Maiiilaiiic llic licmnds alxivrS'' llial 
Ilicv .May Xdl hr fuijidllcn by y' I'dStciity ; and lo lie done at y'' Ivinail Cliaryt,' 
'.f liotli I'ai-lycs; In \\ iiiicSs Wiicrcul' We liavc licrcunio Set n\w hands ^V; 
Scales ihis i;ii\cnili day of llrluuary Anmui'' i>iiniini \(.'Slii lT"/'ij uv *[!-] 

Si^ncl Scaiid ,V; IliniSlicd ( 
ill y jircScnci' id' ns \ 

Dan" Abbott 
.lolin ( 'orpo 
Ildpc ( 'orjie 

.loSi']ili Williams r.. S. 
AiidiL'w ilai lis ]j. S. 
Tlid ; ircnii")' L. S. 
i'dldj;' Khoadcs I.. S. 
Sanmidl WilkinSon L. S. 
Tlionias llifdd L. S. 

Accorded March y :i"' : 17"/,o 

'r' Tho : Oincy Clci-k. / 

I'.c it kXOW'nc nnio All i'co|dc lp\ thcSc in-cScnts. that I Saniiicll \\'hi|i|di' 
Inhabitant id' \'' 'I'ow nc of rro\idcncc in y' Coloiicy ol' lihodc Island kV I'l-ovi- 
deiicc I'laiitiUidUs in the Narra<>aiiSct Kay in New I'ln^land iSciiioi') for <V; in 
("dnSidcration df a \'aluablc SuM df .Money in hand already Well ^^c Irnly paid 
unto Me by John Thornton of Said l'ro\idcncc iV ('(doncy aforcS'. the Kccept 
Whereof I do (.)\viie iSt .\cknd\\ lednc k\; tliercuif h to be fully SaliSticd Con- 
tented iS: I'aid; Ilaxc (liven (iranlcd Uar^^ained Sidd Mnfcolfed Alicnd AS- 
.■-ijined. Set (her v\: <'onlirnicd. .\nd by lheS,> picScnls foi' nic my IIi'ms l^xccn 
tors v^ AdiiiiniSi lators. I •»» l'iill\ ('Icaridy k*s: absolutely (ii\e (irani I'.ar^ainc, 
Sell, I'hife(df .Mien .\Ssi<i!ic Set (Her vV: Coiilir.Mc unto the Said dolin 'i'hornloii 
his Heirs lOxeciitors. .\iIininiSt rat;ii s i.^ .\Ssi!j;nes furiA'cr a |iai(cll of land 
Conlaiiicinj; by i'lStciMat ii-n lif Iccne .'vcrcs ( .More or leSs i it beareinu McaSnrc 
by y*' Kifihteene fnidc I'dle; The wliicli S'' I'arcell df land is Scilnale licinii iS; 
beins;' Within the Tow neShip|i (d' I'roNideiu-e af<ireS'' at a llil! Called vV; 
kiidwnc by the .\anic df Necdaconkiinil t hill, and li( th about Hire.' Miles 
*[abdnl three .Miles WeSt | M'eStWard from the Salt Water Harbour in Said 
Providence; .\nd is bdiinded S<iutli\N'eSt \\'ai'dly With the land of .\rtliiir tlen 
uer junior id' Said rrovideiii-e. l^ WeSlWardiy With the land of y Said .lolin 
Tliorulon, and dii the Nditheine Side with tin' land iif liichard Iturden .d' Said 
Providence, iV l^aStWardly with Said Pi-dvidence Townes ComiiKin. iS: South- 
wardly with S'' Towns Common; The Said Percell of land haveinj; l";i.<;lit Coin 
iers they bcinj; heajiis of Sloiies; With all iK; Siii<;ular tlie I'rivelidoes i'< apur- 
lenanees to y'' Said lifteeiie acres iif land beloiii^in.u', .Viid :ill the I'-Stale i;ii;lil. 

Tillp IntroSt, TJ.Se, l^rojierty, PoSset^sioii, ('liiiiiic (S. (Irniaud Whatsoever |of| 
-Me tlie Said Saiiiuell Wliijjple in or to the Same or any part thereof, TO have 
and ta hohl the Said tifteeue acres of land as aforeSaid unto tlie Said Jolin 
Thornh.n his Heirs Executors AdnrniStralors iK; ASsignes foreVer ; to tlie 
Only I'ropcr USe & behoofe of the »Said Joiin Tiiornliin his Heirs I']xecntors Ad 
[ 213 J AdnifiniStrators & ASsioiies forlOver; And that the Said John ThorX- 
lon, iiis llciis lOxecntcn-s AdniiniSi & ASsij^nes hy force & ^'erlue ul' 
theSe lueSents fro^l the day of y'' lOnSeeJein":; .S; deli\'ery liereof iV: tlienc. 'for- 
ward foreVer Shall Stand & he lawfully SeiSed to lii.M his Heirs Kxecntors 
Ad.MiniSti-ators c^ ASsii^nes (if i!i in the l'>arL;ained I'reiiiSses, iL of .S; in every 
j:art lliereof of a jii<;od. Sure, hiwfnil. .\hS,iiute cJt L'ndefea/.eable EState oi Hi- 
heiilance in tfee Simple, Witlmut any Conditions, limitation. USe. or other 
tliintf to alter ov Change the Same: And that the ])i-cniiSses above by theSe 
l-reSents miMitioned 1o be (iranted Bargained & Sold & Every j;art thereof from 
y'' day <if y' date of theSe preSents iS: So from time to lime & at all times here- 
after foriCNcr Shall be, Kemaine iS: Continue to be tin- I'ropci- I'Si^ iV lichoolV of 
y S'' -lohn 'I'hornton his Heirs, lOxecnIors, Administrators 6t ASsignes for- 
lOver; Cicare & free ^c free|ly| & Clearely iOx(nierated Acpiilted i^ discharged, 
or Otherwise by Me the Said Saniuell Whijiple my Heirs Executors & Admiu- 
iStiatms Sullicicnily Saved (.^ kept harmeleSs of iV fro.M all ^^ all Manner of 
former ^: (Jtlier bargains Sales <Jif(s (Irants LeaSses ASsignemeuts Judgm'" : 
ivxecutions fforftitures SeiSures Joynture, Dowrye J'ower & Tliirds of Mary Jly 
No^^' Wife to be Clai-Mcd (S: ('hallenged in or to y' Saile or any part thereof; 
And off and from all .S: Singular Other Charges Titles Troubles IXcuMbrances 
and denunuis Whatsoever had ilade done or Sullered to l)e done by Me the 
Said Samnell Whip|ile My Heirs l-'xecntors Administrators, or any otic.'r I'er- 
S(.n or J'erSons Whatsoever by Mine or (heir act Meanes CouSent or I'rocure- 
ment : And againSI y\e. y*^ S"* Saniuell Whijiple, My Heirs ICxecutors AdminiS- 
tratois, v^; all iV; e\ciy other I'erSou or I'erSons \\'liatSoev( r. lawfully Claime- 
ing any I'-Stale, iJight, Title, IntreSt Claiine or Demand in or |o y Same or 
any jiart thei-eof, from, by, Under me, llieM or any of theM, Shall ^ \\ill \\ar- 
rant iV forE\'er dcfcnd'by tiieSe in-eSeiits ; In w i tncSs of y'' preMiSses I do here- 
unto Sci my hand & Scale the Seventeenth day of .iannai-ey in y" yeare one 
Thousand Sexcn hundred i^- one, ITO'j. 

Signed Scaled iV: delivered the Mark of | } 

in the ]ircSenc< of us-, Saniut'll Whipple 

'i'lio: Oliicy Sen!' Senior./ 

James Iti-owne. / 

J:ec(udcd .March y 7"' 17"/i2: 
'p Tho: Oliiey Clerk. / 

[ 1'^] 

licit kXOW'iic milo all .Men li.v IlicSc prcSciils, lliat 1 .Idliii Thoi-nrni), Sciiiiir, 
dl' Iliis 'J'ownc III' rrovidcnci' w itiiin lliis ("nidiicy nf UIukIc Islaiiil ^^ I'roNidciirc 
riaiilal ii.iis ill New l'",iii;laii(l liaM'ini; liccciv cil dl' iiiv Sun S.iIoiikhi 'i'lhiriilmi 
llic riill \ jiiS( Siiiu (pf Thirty three i'oiiiulsSix Sliillinus iV ImhIiI iiciiccnf XcW 
lliiiilaiid Silvci- .Mdiicv; ll'or ^; in ( '(HiSidcfat ion of the SiiM almxcSaiil, 1 the S'' 
.liiliii 'i'liinniDn lia\i' Sdid iiiiln my Smi SiilnMnn 'rii;iiiiii>ii oni' liiindrcd arics 
cif my land ilial 1 Imnnlit nf Dcacnn I'aikrs nt' ijuxlici-y. in y" ('(ilmiy of MaSa- 
riiiiSi'l in New I'liiuland ; NN'hirh S*' hind is Witliin tlic 'r(i\\ii('Slii|i|i ol' rr;ivi- 
cli'iirc. lii'inj;- Koimd aliniit .My imw du (■llini;liiinSi' ; And tiic land dial I llic 
Said diilm 'riimntiin have Sold unto my Sun Siihniidii 'riiurnldii li:'i;iii('lh dii the 
Xorllicrni' Side iif thai Itiui thai lainns on _\' Xorl liciiic Side (if .My Xdw dwdl- 
iiii;lidnSi'. .\nd that Iviin tii he the SoiithWafdly lidiinds of tlial laml that i 
lia\c Sdlil iintd m\ Son. .\nd (in the WCSlcfly I',nd to I^xtcnd to \' \V('Sl( r.MoSt 
pail n( .My land dial I lioiijilil of Tai-kcs. and alSo to the XoilhcrMoSl part (d' 
.My land. iS: So to jjoe lOaSlcily mil ill y'' Xiinihci' of one hnndri'd acics he .Made 
lip; .\nd ;dSo I the S'' dolin 'riioinlon have S(dd unto my Son Sohniion < >ni' 
Thifd ]iai-t of niy ( "o.M .Monai;i' dial I hoii^lil nf Tai-kcs; .\ll Wliicli Said land & 
( 'oniniouafic aliovcSpccilicd I die Said John 'I'liointon have Sidd inifo m\ Son 
Sidomon Tlioi'iilon lo he his liaic i'nipci- lawfnll Kijilil iS: 1 nhci-ilani c liolli to 
himS{df lit his Heirs foi-evei-; (^uiet ^; I'eacealdy lo lOiijoy Withonl at any time 
the hindi-anee .MoleSfation, Lett of Troiilile hy .Me Ihe afoi-eS*' .lojiii 'I'hoi-nlon 
.My [214] .My lleiis Kxecutois (,r .\Ssii;iies: .\n(l I the Said .lolin 'riioiiiKni 
do hind -MySidf yiy Ileiis i;xeciilois of .\Ssi;iiies at all times to \\;\\v k keejie 
hafiiieleSs .My Son Solomon Ihoinlon his lleifs Mxecii lots of .XSsiynes fmni 
iii.uhls Tides, liindfanies Clainiis .MoleSlal ions, or Tfuiihles thai Shall al any 
lime he laid iinli) y i'feiiiiSses of an\ paii of raii-idl tliei-eid' hy aii\ reiSoii 
Of I'efSwns Ciainieim; of lo ('laiiiie hy \'efliie of an\ Olhcf Uafuaine. Sale, In- 
he7,(dnienl of .Mofl^a^e al any lime .Made hy Me or of any i'efSoii hy thfoin;li 
Of iindef .Me: .\n(l I the Said John Thofiilon do hy IlieSe jifeSeiits hind mySidf 
lifiiiely lo Seeiife my Son ffom all doynliifes l)o\vfies 'i'liii-ds iV inlails; .\iid 
alSo do hy dieSe ]ifeSeiils hind iiiyS(df My Ileiis I'.xeeiitofs of .\S 

siiiiies lo ni\-e williin Six .Month li aflef the dale hefe(d' a SiiHieieiil aSiife- 

aiice. of this hiindi-ed .\(fes of land iS: ('(imiiiona.i;e as M\ ('oiiiieill leaiiied ai 
law Shall ad\iSe : In W'itneSs lo this .My .\e1 iV; deede I the ahoxcSd .John Tlioin- 
Ion have Set to .My hand v^ Scale this Iwo iV; Tweiil ielli day of .May in the w'afc 
of (Mif Lofd one 'i'hoiiSand Six liiindicd i;i;:hly iV; three. 

Signed Scaled iV: dclivcfcd ,l(.lin TlKnaiton I.. S. 

in y'' jifeScnce of us — . 
Thomas H'enncf 
Afdiuf Ifenncr. / 

Keeofded .Mafeli \' S"' : 17"/,o 
V> Tho: Oliiey. Clei-k. / 


TO All CliiiStiau rooplc hcfni-c WlKniie lliis deede of Sak' Shall ('oinc An- 
dnw Harris (if l'anliiX(Jtt in flic Coioiiy (if Khdad Island 6c ri-dvidcni^-e I'lauta- 
tiiins in XeW i:nj;land Scndeili Creel int;. KNOW Yee ; That 1 the Said An- 
drew Harris fur ^S; in ('(/nSideralinn cif tlie Snni of T\\'(j hundred & Sixty Seven 
I'onnds of ('mi'en( Money of New England by uie in hand alreadj' Keceived, 
iS: ^y^'\\ iV Iriii'ly payd by James Angell of the Same Towue & Oolouey aforeSaid. 
the Kece]it Whereof I do hereby ackNOWledge and MySelfe therewitli fully 
Satisfied Contented & jiaid ; Have (iiven Granted Bargained (& Sold, Aliened 
Enfeoffed Conveilied (& Confirnied ; And by theSe preSents Do fully freely 
("learely cS: AliSolutely Give Grant IJargaine & Sell. Alien Enf(?off Gonveigh & 
Confiiiiie niiio him the Said James Angell .S; nn(o his Heirs Executors Admin- 
iStrato|rsj ^ ASsignes fore\'er, a Geriaine Tract of land & Meaddow Gontaiue- 
ing two hundred and Thirty fourc Acres, Scituale licing & lieing Within the 
JiiriSdiclion of I'rosidenc afoi'cSd, and on llic Simthcrne Side of y' line ihat 
I'arts y"' lands of I'rdvidence from the lands of I'autuxett, & on the EaStWard 
Side of I'auchaScIt Kiver, i.^ is bounded as followetli; It being bounded on y"" 
EaSt wilh y land of M' J'cleg Kiiadcs, ^; on ihe Norlh Willi .My o\\nc land, 
cV; on y NorlhweSlerne pari \\'itli Ihe I'ond Which licth in the tfarnie Whereon 
My Honoured ( Jrandfatlier \\'illiam Harris, deccaSed, formerly li\('(i; & on the 
WeSterne ];art \\'ith My owne land iV pari with the Said I'anchaSetl Uiver, & 
on the Soutli With My oWne land; All Which S"' bounds May appeare by the 
ISIajip (if Said land & Meaddow given under myowne hand beareing date Eacu 
wilh IheSe prcSents; The Said land iS; Meaddow together with y'' Timber, 
A\'ood, Trees Herbage GiaSs. finite iV fruilTn^'s, ^Vater & WaterGourSes, 
li'cnces. I'nildings, iS; all ()lliei- and Singular rri\-elidges. rroftitls. JiemMilts iSc 
ap];uil( nances within y Said bounds ('(intaincd. And alSo one Uiglil in y'' 
Thatcliltcdds in S'' raiiliiNctl on ,\' North Side of rauluxel liivcr, T( » have & 
to hold the Said two hnnilicd iS, Tliiit.\ foiirc acres of land tS; .Meaddow vV; I'lixc- 
lidges aforeSaid, \ alSo y Said Wight in the Thatch ^; l'ri\-eliilges of * | y'" 
ThalchJ Said lliglit unto him y Said Jaiiii's .\ngcll vS; iiiilo his Heirs lv\ecu- 
tors Ad.MiniSlralors iS: ASsignes. i.V; unto his iV: their OWne Proper GSe lV: lie- 
hoofe, free & <Meare forcA'cr ; .\ih1 freely & Glearely a(piilted, ICxonerated ^V; 
fully (liScliai-gcil from .Me y Said Andrew Harris, my Heirs, l']xeculors, .\(1- 
miniStrators and ,\Ssignes; ,\nd oti & from any other ojrj former JJargains, 
Sales. Gifts. Grants .Mortgages, LeaSses, \\'ills, Jntailes, Joynturcs. ]>owryes, 
'I'liiiils or Iiiciiiiibrances of \\lial Xaliiii' or 'i'crnie SofAcr: .\nd the Said .\n- 
dnA\' I larris. doth ( 'ovenant l'romiS(> grant i^ .\gre(> to ..^t With Ihe Said James 
.\iigell ill .Manner \ foiiiic following; That is to Say. that I Ihe Said .\ndrew 
Harris, al, .V before Ihe Sig.Veing <V: lOxeculeing of IlieSe I'reSenIs ^: iinlill y'' 
dclixcrv hereof, 1 were Ihe Iviglil, true, vV law full OWner of all Ihe abovcGiven 


&(!rnnt('(l I'roiiiiSscs, Aud tli;it I had in MvSclfc full I'owci-. and laWfiill An 
tliorilve lo Har^ahic Sell lS: diSpoSc of v' Same in Mannci- iV rmnn' as is alio\c 
Ex|>i-i*S(, ^Vitll(lnt aii\' ("ondilion, Allcraliun tiv liinilali(ni ol' IScs, ni- niliiT 
tliiuj;' lliat :Mav Allcr Cliannc, nr lAacnalc or make \'iiul liiis I'lrSant Dii'dc 
(if Sair; Ami llmiMiiallv aftci- llic drlivcrv Jicrcnf, llicn \'' Said -lami's Ani;('ll 
liis Ili'irs l';xccn((U-s AdminiSi ralm-s nr ASsiniics. art- iV fuilArr llirrcaf Iit 
Sliall 1215] Shall lie invcSird ^^"illl tin- Said Twit liiindn-d ^S; Thirty four 
ai-rcs nf land iJt .Mcaddow & I'l-ixclidjics afm-cSaid, iV alSo llic Said Iti.uiit of 
Tliairli. as witii a Ilcalc, true iS; Perfect lOStale (if Inliei-ilamc in flee Sinijile; 
And the Said Andr(A\" Harris dolli fnrllicr Cdxcnanl iV I'liaiiiSe, Tiial I Ihe 
Said Andrew Jlarris .My Heirs Kxecnfms AdininiSlraliirs ^ ASsii;nes, Sliall 
i^ Will ^^"al■^anl iJv; forl'Acr (h'fend Ihe Said 'I'wii hiiiidied ^^ Thii-ly fmiie acres 
(if land iS: .MiskMiiw cV I'rivelidiics afdi-eSaid ^^ iM'cry pai-t thercdf, And alSo y' 
Said Kijjht in Ihe 'I'halchbeds afiireSaid .S; henenill Ihereiif nntn him Ihe Said 
Ja.Mes An<;-ell liis Heirs Executors. Administrators or ASsi<;nes, ai;ainSI Ihe 
la\\'full Challenge ("hiime or Demand of any I'erSon or PerSous ^Vilat Soever ; 
lu ^^■ilnes, iVc for Contirmation of all the aliove *|Sd] Written, I the Said An 
drew Harris do herennio Set My hand iS: Scale this Twenty tiflli day of H'clnai 
arey, in the Tenth yea ce of Ihe Itei^iic of one So\ia'cii;ii i,aily Anne. (Jiiccnc of 
Great Brittan. kC : / A^'So: l)o.^^Ni One 'J'honSand Seven hnudicd v*^ i;ie\-en. 
or t^\'elve. / 

Signed Sealed iV (h'livered 
ill the ]ireSence of us. 
Kicliard ]'liilli|i|is 
Thiniias flield. / 

Audi'ew Harris L. S. 

MeMoi'anduni tliat the ^^'ords (or ilalie 
\'oyd) was interlined liclweene the 
twenty l']iiihlh i.V Iwciily ninth lines 
liefore Si^neini; vV; Sealeinii'. / 

l'rovi(h'nce in IJlmad Island Colony, y'' da.\ .S: yeare 
aliovcSd. Ihe alioxcNamed .\ndrew H.ari'is jiei'SoNally a|i|ieared 
iV: ackNowlcducd the almviAN ril ten InSlrnnienI to lie his free 
\- \%ilnnlar\ act iV (h'cde, liefore .Me Kichard Waler.Man .luSlice; — . 

I.'ccoi-dcd March y I 1"' IT'Wj: 

'r' 'l"ho: Olney. Clerk. 

TO .Ml l'eo|ile lo Wlnniie this deede of Sale Shall Come, ( Ireeleini; ; KNOW 

Ve. That I Hannah I'.elcn of \'' 'I'owne of i'i-o\idcnce in the Colony of lihoih' 

Island i^ rroNidence I'lanlalions in .\ew l^njiland (WiddoWi for .i \',iliialile 

Consideration lo me before the iMiSealoinu hei-eof W(dl kV: linely I'aid li\ ni\ 



^A'cll holovcd Sou James Belleu of the Towue aforeS"". ( ImSlKUulnian I the Re- 
oept ^\ hereof I do liereby ackNO'Wledge, & My Self e therewith fully SatiSHed 
Couteuted & jiaid: Ihne (iiveu, (Jrauted, Barj^aiued Sold Aliend Couveyed & 
Coufiruiecl ; And liy IheSe preSeuts Do freely, fully & Absolutely Give Grant 
P>ar<;aiue Sell Convey and ("outirnie unto my Said Son JaMes Belleu his heirs 
& ASsijiues foreVer my two Six acre lotts, Seituate & being Within y"" Towne of 
Providence. .S; lyeing betweene the land of JaMes Browne on y^ South & the 
land of .Idlin Arnold on the North; and butting on y'" Towne Streete on the 
M'eSI ; One of \\liirh S'' lotts did formerly belong unto my Well beloved huS- 
band JIatureene Beleu (deceaSed) the other did forilerly belong to my Much 
IIon(Uired ft'alher Robert Pike, (deceaSed | As alSo one lialfe Kiglit of Common 
on y*" KaSt Side of y"" Seven mile line. 

And alSo fo\irteene acres of land laid out unto me adjoyneing to the 
lands of my Said Son .Tanws P.elew, together With all My household Stuff. 
*[.S: other Moveable EStale] & other Moveable EState of What kind ^V; Na- 
ture Soever; To have (.^ to hold the Said Granted & Bargained PremiSses 
with the A])iiuitenances Privelidges & Comodityes to y'^ Same belonging 
or in anywiSe ajuiertaineing, to him My Said Son James Beleu his Heirs 
& ASsignes forever; to his & their only Proper TJSe benefit & behoofe 
foreVer; And that my Said Son James Beleu his Heirs & ASsignes Shall 
& Jlay from time to time & at all times forEver hereafter by force & Vertue of 
theSe ])reSents lawfully Peaceably & quetly have hold lUSe Occupye & PoSseSs 
& l>nj(iy llic Said demiSed cSc Bargained PremiSses with the Appurtenances 
free i^ Cleare, & freely & Clearely arpiitted Exonerated & discharged of, & from 
nil & all Manner of forMer & other Gifts. Grants. P>argains, Sales I/^aSes ^fort- 
gages \\'ills Inlailes Joyntures Dowryes. Judgenienis I'^xecntions. InCuni- 
bi'ances \- lOxtents; ITurflierJIore I the S'^ Hannah Beleu for mySelfe ^ly Heirs 
l^xecutors & AdminiSliators Do Covenant iS; I'.ngage the abo\-edemiSed I'rem- 
iSsi-s Id liini my Said Son Jami's itclcn liis Heirs & ASsignes againSt llic law- 
fnll ('laime or demand of any PerSon <ir I'erSons \N'lial S(ie\cr, foicver hereaf- 
ter to \\'arrani Secure & Defend; In WilneSs ^^'llere()f 1 have hereunto Set My 
li.'iiKJ \- Scale this Twenty I'jght day (if January in [216] in the yeare of onr 
Lord God one ThouSand Seven hundred & Eleven or twehc And Tenth yeare 
of y'' Ueigiie of onr Soveircign Ladey Anne, (iueene of (Ji'eat Itritan, \&.V.\ 

Signed Scaled iV delivei'cd Hannah Ballon L. S. 

in the |ireSeiice of us, 

^'alentine InMan The Subscriber did on the day & yeare 

his X Mark. / aboveWritten acknowledge y^ afove 

Thomas Hopkins TnStrumcnt to be her Voluntary act & 

deede. before Me JoSeph Jenckes As- 
sistant. / 
Recorded March y" I L"'"' : IT"/,., r* Tho: Dincy. Clerk./ 


KNOW all Men hv tlicSc i)r("R('iils. tliat I .loiiii Kiiiji (if rn)vidciic(> in llio 
<"()l(iii,\ of Kdad Island tS; I'l-dNidciicc riaiilalimis (weaver) for iSt in ConSid- 
ci-aliiiii (^f tin- Sum of Scvciilv two J'omids CuiTt'iit .Money of New lOniiiaiid 
W(dl ,S: li-Mcly paid uiilo JIc bv John Stono of Waiwick in y' Colony abovcS' 
I lioiiSc ('aiiicnteii have IJai-^aincd Sold luifeolfcd Made iS: ]iaSsed' itvej- fi-oni 
nie .My heirs, E.xecniors, .UlniiniStrators & ASsigues UjUo (he Said .lolni 
Slone his heirs Execulors AdiuiiiiSlrators & .\Ssiiines all Ihat .My .ManSion- 
honSo & farme AYhieh I lionuhl "f Stephen Potter as liy a Deede under his hand 
& Scale heareiug date llie Nineleenlh day of .\prill .Van Domini. 171 I : ll lie 
ing fifty aeres of land after y Jiate of lOigiiteene foote to y- I'ole, Wilhin the 
I'urcliaSe of ilaShantataek, in y TowiieShipp of Providence in y t'olony 
abovoS'i; Hutted ii bounded Northerly upon y'' laud of Beujaniiii Poller. I'.aSI- 
erly iijion y llighW'ay. Soullicrly upon Hie land of -lohn Poller. ^: WcSicrly 
Ujiou y land of Peter Kobcrts; .Ml \\hich S' tiariiic. ManSionhouSe, P.uildings 
fences & Edefices With all & Singular the Privelidges & appurtenances Iherein 
belonging or any\\'ayes ajiiicrlaincing for Consideration abovcS' 1 have 
.Aliened. Enfeoffed. Pargaincd, Sold. .Made and ]iaSsed *[a\vay| (»ver from me. 
my heirs, I'.Keciitors .\dminiSlra1ors ..^ .\Ssigncs unto the Said .John Sloii" his 
heirs IC.xi'cutors .VdminiSli-alors iV ASsignes '!'( ) have iV |o hold forcN'er, as .-i 
]'ure Chare and rndefeazeable ICSIale of Inheritance in llee Simjile, Wilhout 
any limilalion, lieStricI ion, or Condition WlialSoever ; Clearely kK; freely E.\- 
oncralcil. aipiitled \ discharged. ^ llie Said -lohn Stone Invested ^V: PoSseSscd 
of all c^ Singular the abovellargained J'remiSses; .Moreover by me lie Said 
John King .My heirs lOxecuiors .VdminiSlrators the Said .lohn Sloni' his lleiis 
Execulors .\dniiniSt raiors ^V .VSsignes Shall be forevi'r W'ananl i/,ed X: de- 
fended Saved v^: kepi harmeleSs olV iV from all & every Manner of lawfiill Chal- 
lenges Clainics or demands of any PerSon or PeiSons Wlia I Soever laWfully 
laying Claime to the aliovebargained I'l'emiSses oi- any pai-l or Parcel! Iliei-cof 
under What ]iretence Soe\'er; In W'iliicSs Whereof 1 have liereiinlo Set my 
liand iV: Scale this one \ l\\cnli<'lli da.\ of Ndxember in the Teiilh yeare of her 
.MajeSlycs Ueigne .\nnc (Jucene of (ircal P.rilain, &C : .Vunoif Domini NOSIri 

Sigiicil Scaled 1.^ dclivci-cd 
ill Ihe prcSiMice of us 
Samiiell Low 
Zacliariali I'.ickncll. 

.lohn King P. S. 

The day v^ yeare abo\-e\\'rilten Ihe above- 
S'' .lolin King acknowledged Ihe above 
( Irani lo be his act & deede, before .Me 
Sim" Sni"' Justice, 

Recorded .March y" 13'" J7"/iii V '1'I"k Uluey, Clerk./ 

[ 20 ] 

TO All Christian jictvple before ^^'hollle this Deede of Sale Shall ('■orae, 
Saimiell Aldiicli <if I'luvideuce in the Colony of Khoad Island & Piovidence 
Plantations iu New l>ngland Sendeth Greeteing: KNOW Yee ; That I the 
Said Sanuiell Aldiich foi- & in Consideration of the Suit of two iiounds & tif- 
teene Shillings of Current ^loney of XeW England by Me in hand already Ke- 
ceived, & well & triiely payd Ijy John Ma\\'rey of the Same Towue & Colony 
aforeSaid the Keeept ^yhereof 1 do hereby Arknowledge & MySelfe therewith 
fully SatiStit'd Contented & Paid ha\e (iiven, (Jranted, Ijurgained & Sold, 
Aliened iMifeotted Conveihed & Confirmed, And do by theSe preSents fully 
freely <'learely .S: Absolutely <iive (irant P>argaine & Sell. Alien l-^nfeolf Cim- 
\'eigh iS; Confnine Tinto him the Said -iohn Alawrey ^V unto his Heirs, lOxecii- 
tors. Administrators, & ASsignes fore^'er a Certaine traet or I'areell of land 
("ontaineing lOiglit acres Scituate & being in Providence aforeSd not yet laid 
out. but is to be taken [217] taken upon y'' IviStward Side of the Seven Mile 
lini'. in or upon tli(> liight of ^\■illiam JIan (deceaSed) & the Right of Major 
\\illiam Ilojjkins; To have & to hold the Said |eight| Acres of land With all & 
Singular the Privelidges. Prollitis, benefits & Ajijuirtenances thereunto belong- 
ing or aney^^'ayes aiipertaineiug, unto hiui the Said John MaWrey c& unto his 
Heirs lOxecutors AdMiniStrators or ASsignes & |uu|to his & their owue proper 
CSe 1.V: behoofc free cS; Cleare forever; And freely .k Clearely a(iuitted Exon- 
erated & fully discharged from Me the Said Samuell Aldrich :\ry Heirs Ex- 
ecutors, AdMiniStrators & ASsignes, & of & from any OI:her or forMer bargains 
Sales, (lifts, (irants ilortgage I^eaSes Wills Intailes Joyntures, DoWryes, 
Thirds or Incumbrances of ^Vhat Nature or terme Soever; And the Said Sam- 
uell Aldrich doth Covenant PromiSe (irant & Agree to & With the Said John 
Ma\\'rey in Manner & fornic folbiwing, that is to Say, that 1 the Said Samuell 
Aldrich at iV before the Signeing .S; l'>xecuting of theSe jireSents & untill the 
delivery hereof. 1 were the Kight true & lawfuU oWner of all the abovetTiven 
•S; Crantcil Pr<'miSscs. ..S; that I had in MySelfc full Power & lawfull Authoritye 
to P.argaine Sell iS; diSp.oSe of \'' Same in .Manner i; forme as is abo\(d'>X]>reSt ; 
Without any Condition Alteration or limitati(Ui of CSes or other thing that 
Ma,\ Alter ("liange Evacuate or Make Voyde this preSant deede of Sale; And 
l^iiiedially after the delivery hereof then the S'^ John Ma\Vrey his Heirs E.xecu- 
tois. .\dniiniStrators or ASsignes are & fiudOver thereaftei- Shall be Invested 
with y Sd Eight acres of land .^ Privelidges aforeS"' as NVith a Reall true & 
pei-titt ICSIate of Inheritani-e in tlVe Simjile; .\ii(l the Said Samuell Aldrieh 
doth further Covenant \ I'ro^NliSe that I the Said Samui'll Aldrich ^Nly Heirs 
Ivxeculdis Administrators iK; .\Ssignes Shall \- Will Warrant i.V: forexei- defend 
all y'' abo\-e(!iven ^c Cranted preMiSses Willi the .\p|im-|enances unto liim the 
S'' John ^la\\re\ his Heirs I]xecut(U's .VdmiiiiSt ratoi-s or .\Ssignes againSt the 


laWfull ( 'IimIIi'Iiui' <'l;iiiiii's (II- ilciii:iiiils df aiiv rcTSon m- I'ciSniis Ihal Shall 
Claiiiii' liiti-cSl lliiMciii 111- 'I'illi' llicirlu, liv any Mcant's WlialSucvci- ; In Wil- 
ncSs iV; fill- ihc ('(inliinial inn (if all (he ali(i\('\\'iil ten. I ihc Said Sanini'll Al- 
(Iricii haM' lici-ciinid Set in\ hand vV Scale Ihis lii-Sl dax dl' the .\l((nlh ('allcil 
.March in llic xcaic (inc 'riidnSand Scxcii hnndi-cd ^; iwchi'. 

Siijncil Scaled i; delixcred 
in y'' [ireSenee »d' ns, , 
.Idlin Steei-e 
James A Idricli. / 

Sanincll Aldiidi !,. S. 

I'rd\i(lence in Klidad Island ( 'dhiny 
the Sevcnieenlli day of .March ANNo: 
Domini lT"/i:: Iho alioNcXamed 
Samnell Aldrich jierSdiially apiiearcd 
& ackndwledjicd the al)dve\\'ril ten In- 
SirumenI to lie his free iV; \'dhinlai-ey 
acl and decde hcfdi-e Me iJi(-hard W'alci-- 
maii .InSlice. / 

Recorded March y" 120'" IT" ,-. V ''''i": Olm-y, Clerk./ 

T< > .Ml ChriSlian l'eo[ile licfore w home ihis decde of Sale Shall ('(une Sam- 
nell Aldrich of J'rd\i(lence, in (lie ('ohmy df Klxiad Island i^ Trdxidencc I'lan- 
latious Sendeth (Jreetfiiij;-. KNOW \'cc Ihal I Ihc Said Samnell .Mdriih fdr 
iv. in ('(inSideraliiin df Ihe Snm df 'I'hi-ce I'onnds i^ 'J'cnii Sliilliniis li\ me in 
hand airea(l.\ Keccivcd iV Well and irnely jiayd liy -l(iSe|ih .M.\Wrc,\ (if .\' Same 
'i'owne ^c ('(ilii.\e\ afdreSaid llie Ucceiit Wlicrcdf I do hcrcliy acknou lediic, 
i\: mySeU'e lliei-ewilli fully SaliSlied. ('onlenlcil \ paid. lia\c (ii\cn liianled 
ISargaiiu'd iS: Sdhl, .Micned l-jifcdll'ed ('(in\('ii;hed and ('(inlir.Med, .\nd d(i liy 
theSe |ii-eScnls fnlly frc(dy ("Icarely ^; .MiSiilnlely (!ive (Irani liarjiaine ..V; Sell 
.Mien l-;nfedff ('(inNcinh i.V ('(inlii-me nnid him Ihe Said diiSe|ih .M.\Wi-c\ and 
nnto his Heirs IC.xi'cntors AdminiSlralnrs vS: .VSsij^ues forl'Aer 'i'cnn acres (if 
land. Scilnate in I'rovidence aforeSaid .Xol yel laid oul, Iml is lo lie taken 
np on the l-'.aStcrne Side of y Seven mile line in Said I'rdv idcnce. ^; in or 
.i]i(in the Iti.uht (if William .Man. (deceaScd) cV .Major William ll(i|ikins. TO 
ha\c ,S; Id hold ihe Said teiin .\(-rcs df land Willi all and Sinu-iilar the jirive- 
lidp'S ri-dllills licnelits \ .\|iiinrtcnaiices thercnnio licion.uinji- nnlo him llie 
Said JoSe|ih .Mawrey >.V: nnlo his Heirs l-;.\ecntors .\dminiSi ralois A; .\Ssij;iies 
free iS: Cleare fdrJAcr. ..^ nntd his iV; their oWne I'l-oper I'Se ..S; liehoofe. freely 
and Clearely a(piiltcd l-'.xoncralcd \: fnlly discharged fro.M .Me Ihe Said Sa.M- 
nell .\ldri(-h .My Heirs M.xecntdrs AdminiSlratdrs ^S; ASsiiines. ^S: df ^c fnim any 
dther di- foi-Mcr I'.ar^aines, Sales. Cifis Cii-anls Morljiaji'cs. I.eaSes Wills lii- 
tailes. .I(i\nlnres l»(i\\i-ies Thirds di- I miiniliranccs of ^\'hat Nature or Terme 
Soever ihal .Ma\ .\lter ('liaise fAacnate (ir make \'dyd this jn-cSenl decde of 


Sale; Aud the Snid .)oS(*pli ^Nhiwicy his Heirs Executors Administrators or 
ASsignes Shall or May from time to time & at all times hereafter USe Enjov 
& I'oSseSs the Said teun Aores of land and Privelidges Proffltts & Appnrte- 
uauees thereof as his, & their 0\^'ne Proper Kight and true Inheritance ^Vith- 
ont any iXteruption or Molestation; And the Said Samnell Aldrich doth 
Covenant & ProniiSe that 1 the Said Samnell Aldrich My Heirs Executors A'd- 
miniStartors i^ ASsigues Shall & Will \Varrant & forever Defend the Said Tenn 
Acres of lang & I'rivelidges aforeSaid unto the Said JoSeph [218] JoSeph 
MaWrey his Heirs Executors Administrators or ASsignes AgaiuSt the knv- 
fuU (iialleuge Claimes or demands of any PerSon or PerSons that Shall 
Claime IntreSt therein or Title tliereto liy any Meanes Whatsoever; In Wit- 
ness i^ for ("ontiiiiiation hereof 1 the Said Samnell Aldrich have hereunto Set 
My hand & Scale this tirSt day of the Month Called March in the yeare one 
Thousand Seven hundred & twelve 

Signed Sealed cSc delivered Samnell Aldrich L. S. ./ 

in the preSence of us — . 

John Steere Providence in Klioad Ishmd Colony; The 

James Aldrich./ Seventeenth day of March 17"/i2: the 

aboveNanied Samnell Aldrich PerSonaly 
appeared & acknowledged the ahoveWritten 
Instrument to be his free & Voluntary 
act & deede; Before ^Nfe Kichard Waterman; 

Recorded March \' 20'": 17"/i,,: 't' Tho. Olney, Clerk./ 

TO All (MiriStian People before Who:Me this deede of Sale Shall Come John 
Steere jun' : of Providence in y" Colony of Khoad Island & Providence Planta- 
tions in NeW England, Seudeth Greeteing; KNOW yee. That I the Said John 
Steere for & in Consideration of Twenty one Shillings of Current MONey of 
New lOngland by Me in hand already I{eceived & Well \: trnely paid by JoSeph 
MaWrey of the Same Towne cK: Collouy aforeSd, the Recept Whereof I do 
hereby acknowledge. & .MySelfe therewith fully Satisfied Contented & jiaid, 
have (liven, (Jranted, Pargained iS; Sold, Aliened Enfeolfed, Ciniveighed iV; Con- 
lirmcd. ,\iid do by tlicSe jireSents fully freely CIcarcly ^i Absolutely (ii\e 
• iiant Pargaine \- Sell, .Mien l^nfeotV Conveigh cS: ConlirMe unto him the Said 
JoSc|ih .M.\^\'re_\• iK; unto his Heirs lOxecntors, AdminiSti'ators ^c .\Ssigncs for- 
ever line CI acres of land Sciluate in Providence afm-eS'', not yet laid out. lint 
is to be taken u|> on the E.aSIWard Side of the Se\en Mile line in Said Pi'ovi- 
dence, c>c in or uiion the Iviglit of .My lloiionred ll'athei- John Steere; To have 
& to hold the Said three aci'cs of land. With all \ Singular the Privididges 


rrdtlils. liciiclills i^ ;i]p|]UilfXaiir('s tiicicuiild licldiijiing', iiiitn iiiiii llic Said 
.l(iSt']ili .MaW rev. liis lleiis ILxcciitDrs, AdliiiiiiSlralnis iS: ASsitincs tree iV 
• 'Icaif forlAcr ; and initd his & ilicir (iW'iic Proiicr I'sc iV Ix'lKiofc, Ircclv iV: 
Ciearcly a(|uill('il, I'lxiiiicralcd iV fiillv diSrliai-,iii'(l froM Mr ilir Said .luliii 
Slecrc, .My Heirs l^xt'ciilors AdiiiiniSlraliprs .S; ASsi<;iu's, iS; of \: lidiii any 
(itliiT foriiier JJargaiiis Sales (iifls. (iraiits Moiiuaiics LcaScs Wills liitailcs 
Joyutures, Dowi-yes Thirds m- liicuinliraiircs of What Nature nr leriiie Soescr: 
And the Said John Steei'e doth ('ovenaiit, I'ro.MiSe (iiaut &, Aj;,ree to & With the 
Said JuSeph MAWrey iu Maimer ik forMe fiilhA\iiig, that is to Say; that I the 
Said Johu Steere at & before the Signeiug & Executing ot theSe iireSents, & 
until] the delivery hereof, 1 were the Right true \- lawfiill owner of all the 
ahovediveu & (iranted jireuiiSses & that 1 had in niySellV full I'owcr ^; laW- 
full Authoritye to hargaine Sell i: dispose of the Same in Manner iV tonne as 
is alioveKxpreSt, ^'N'ithout any Condition. Alteration, oi- limitation id' I'Ses, 
(i other thing that May Alter Change lAiUuate or Make \'oad this preSant 
deede of Sale; And lOmediatly after the delivery hereof the S' .loSeph .Maw- 
rey his Heirs E.xeeutm-s .VdminiStrators or .VSsignes are \: forexcr tliereatler 
Shall he invested with the S'' lands vS: premiSses a.s with a Heall true iV: per- 
titt Instate of Inheritance in Ifee Sini|ile: .\iul the Said John Sleere doth fur- 
ther Covenant & I'romiSe that I the S' .lolin Sleere, my heirs ll.xecntors .Vd- 
miniStrators ,S; ASsignes Shall lV: Will Warrant \&\ forever defen<l the Said 
three acres of land & I'rivelidges aforeSaid unto him the Said .loSepli .MaWrey 
his Heirs Executors, Administrators m- .VSsigues againSt tin' lawtnll ('hal- 
lenge Clainies or demands of any perSon or I'erSons Whatsoever: In Wilni'Ss 
,^ for Contirnuition of all the aho\(A\'rit ten I the Said .lohii Steerc ha\e here- 
unto Set My hand & Scale, this Nineteenth day of .March, in the Ele\enlli ycare 
of y" Keign of our Sovereign Lady .\nne Queene of (iieat I'.riltan \( ' : Anno: 
Domini. One ThouSand Seven hundred i^ ICleven or twehe 

Signed Sealed ic delivered: John Sleere Jun' L. S. 

iu the presence of us — . 

Thomas flield f'rovidiMice in Khoad Island C(d- 

.Miigaill Waterman./ lony. the day iS; yeaic aboveSaid, 

the alioveXamecl John Steerc. 
J'erSonally app(>ared i^- acknowl- 
edged the al)ov(A\'rillen In- 
strument to lie his free v*c X'olun- 
tai-ey act & deede. hefore me 

K'icharil Waterman. -hiSlice 

Recorded ^r.'ii'ch the 21 : 17" ,_.: V 'f'li": <>lney, Clerk./ 


[219] Laid out to JoScpli .MaWrey three acres of laiiil on tlie EaSt Side 
of the Seven Mile Hue, in the llight of John Steere, It beiuj;' hmd that Said 
JoSe])li Ma\\'rey bought of Joliu Steere jun'! Bounded as followeth; Begin- 
ning at a douhh' ChevSsnutt Tree Marked being a bound of S"" Mawryes other 
hind & Kangeth With his Other hind ^^'eSt\vardly to a Maple tree marked be- 
ing a Oornner & a bound of Saniuell Aldriches land Standliug| in the South 
iMid of NijiS^acliuck Cedar Swainiie, thence to Kange NortlAVardly With Sd 
S\\ anipe to a White Oake tree Marked Ijeing a ("ornuer on the WeStwardly 
jjarl of Sd land, iS; Staudeth on the Northwardly part of Said * [laud J Swamiie, 
iSi from thence to Kauge ^.'orth^Vardly to a heape of Stones being the Xortli- 
weSt Coniuer, Said lieajie of Stones are lieing uimn a Kock, thence to Kauge 
lOaStwardly to a black Oake tree Marked, With Stones laid about it being a 
NortlleaSt^Vard]Y Cornner, & from tlieuce. to Kange SoulheaStwardly to a 
ChcSsnut tree Marked being a rornner of John MaWreyS land; and from 
thence to Kange eaStwar<lly to a Small ('heSsXutt tree Marked being aNollicr 
Cornner of John Ma\\'reys land, & from thence to Kauge with Thomas llields 
land to a heape of Stones being S'^ tflelds SouthweSt Cornner |Sd| Stones lietli 
on a Rock & from thence to Kauge WeStwardly to the firStMentioned bound, 
being the NorthWeSt Cornner of JoSeph Mawrey"" other land. 
Laid out V' lilt' Thomas Olney jun'': Surveior; 

Recorded .March, lil : 17"/i2 t' '^'1'": <->lney Clerk. / 

March y" llrSt 17" 
Laid out to JoSeph Ma^^'rey Teun acres of laud on the IviSt Side of the 
Seven Mile line, Scituate lieing ^ being on the Southerne part of WeScpia- 
d<imSet Plaine; Which Said land JoSeph Mawrey bought of Saniuell Aldrit'h. / 
Which is laid out in the Kiglil of ^Villialll .Man cV in llie Kiglit of Major Wil- 
liam Jlojikins; Bounded as followeth; begining at a I'iiie tree Marked be 
ing a South\VeSt Cornner, iV: is a Southeast ("ornner of Nathaniell \\'ater- 
Mans huHl. ^^ So J\angclli downe Slrcame of S'' AVanaSipial uckelt Ki\'cr ad- 
joyneing lo the Kiver till it c<inies to a (ireene Oak Tree .Marked being a bound 
of land formerly laid out to JoSluia W'rrin, & a Southeast ('ornner of S'' 
Teun aci'cs, iV fi'om thence lo Kange Northwardly to a White (take Tree Maikcd 
being an EaStwardly Cornner, and from thence to Kange Something More 
^\'eSt^\'ardly to a dead tree .Marked being a SoutliEaSt Cornner of I>aniell 
Williiiiiis land, v^ from llicnci' to Kange WcSt Wardly to a blai-k Oake tree 
.Marked beiii a jiorllil'aiSt Cornnci- of .\alhani(dl \N'atermaiis land, k*v: So |to| 
Kange Southwardly \\'ith & adjoyneing to Said \\'atermans land till it ('omes 
10 the lirSt.Menlioned I'ine Tree. 

Laid out the da\ c^ yeare aboveS'', f' Tiie TlioMas (.>lney jun': Sur\('ior. / 
li'ecorded :\Iai'ch the 'Jl: lT"/i.j r' 'I'll": <>lney Clerk./ 

[ 25 ] 

To All ( iiiiSl iiiii Tcdjilc licriJic Wliniiii' llicSc incScnIs Shall Ciiiih' Nalli;iu 
icll W'.ilciiiiaii III' l'i-.i\i(ltiicc ill ilic ('iil(iii\ nl' llluiilc Ishiiiil \ l'in\ idciii-i' 
I'laul.ilidiis ill New Kiii;laiMl ScikIcIIi ( ircciiMn,!^. IvXOW Wr. Ilial 1 ilicSaid 
Nalliaiiii'll W'alcrinaii, Xol on a Siiildaiiic m- Mraiic .Mdlinn lull ii|iciii .Maluii' 
iS: ^iunij ( '(iiiSi(lci-a( ion lia\(' (ii\rii. (iraulitl Alicncil i]iilr(illcil < 'cunficd lV; ('mi 
liriiR'd ; And by llicSi- [ircsciils dn liilly ricrl\ ('Icaicly vV AliSidiitcly (live 
Cri-aiil Alii'n ICiit'cnir ( '(juvry vS; ('iinrniiic niiln My Sun Kichaid W'ali'riiiaii and 
(mil) his Ilcirs vV ASsijincs I'onA'j'r all my lands Siliialc vV; licini; in Said 
I'rciN idcnrc 'I'dwiic in Die Umv id' lid is; iiaimdy my hiinu'slcad or lands 
Whereon m\ d\\ ('llinuhonSe now" Siandi'lli, and all the lands adjo\neiiii^ iliat 
a]i|iei'taiiLelli iililo me, and alSo Ihal lolt which I lioii^hl id' Shadiaeh Manlon, 
llie one iialfe al the Sii^iieini;- and IvM.'culeiiiji IheSe jireSenls, and al'tei- llu' de- 
cease of ile i^ my A\'il'(> all the Said lands and hoiiSeiiii;-, fences, Kiiihiiniis. finil 
^c fiiiil trees. ^^ all oilier rrivcdidees, |iioriills lienelills «.*v: a|i|nirlenaiices llierein 
<'ontained Shall he iS; itemaine nnio him my afmeSaid Son Kichard W'aler- 
man vS; unto his Heirs iJc aSsij^iies fiiriA'er : And alSo I (hi i;ive nnIo him My afore- 
Said Son Kichard Waleniiaii his Heirs ^i ASsi^nes all my lands in ilie jdace 
(ailed the Xeck in Said J'roxideiice ; AlSo all my .Meaildow up MoShaiisuck 
River; llie which Meaddow lielh al liu' Soulli end of llie Meaildow Called the 
(ireat Meaddou. iV on hoth Sides of Said llivcr: And alSo all thai jiarl of 
my Meaildow at MaShapaiiUe Which I lioiijihl of M' Slepheii I'ailie ^: M' Na 
thaniell I'aiiie; Ami alSo ihal w hich 1 houi;ht of ^I' Silas Carpenter ^;; M' I'.eii 
jamiii Carpenter, and alSo the Small Spidls of upland thai are Within ihe 
fence Ihaf ilicloSelh in the Said Meaildow: And alSo I do i;i\-e uiilo hi.M My 
Said Son Kicliard WalerMan his Heirs iV ASsii;iies ■ | \; each of Their aSi'^ncs | 
all My wlicde Ki.nlil holli id' ile\ ided ^c l'lide\iihil lands on the l^aSt Side of 
the line ('ailed the fiuiic Mile line in I'lox ideiice aforeSaid, Willi all the I'rive- 
lidji-fs L 220 I l'ri\elid!,;( s. I'lidliiis. I'.eiielitis \' A ]ipiirlenames llierelo he- 
loii<;inji-; And alSoall my itiuhl in the, 'Ilia Ich lleilds in raiiliixiMl in (he 
TowneShiiip of l'rii\iileiice aforeSaid; To have and (o hold all Ihe Said 
lands, .^^eall(lo\\ cs iV I'rivelidnes aforeSaid iiiilo him My aforeSaid Son Kich 
ard WalerMan his Heirs .S; ASsijiiies. & iinlo his ,.^; their OWiie 1'roper I'Se 
iK: hehoofe forever, the one halfe al the Siiiliein^- iV Ivxeciileiiii; IheSe pieS 
eiils and the Oilier halfe after .My deceaSe; .\ISo 1 do (ii\e nnlo him my afoie 
Said Son Kichard Waterman and unto his Heirs \ .\Ssi<iiies foriA'er all .My 
Whole i;ii;hl of lands v^ .Me.addowes Within the Towne I'lirchaSs iV -1 iiriSdict ion 
of Warwick in Ihe Cidoiiy af(U'eSaid. Iiolh devided v^; nndevided With all ^c 
Singular (lie l'rivelidn-(.s rrollills. heneliKs and .\ppiirtenaiices Ihereunlo he- 
loiiiiiiui' '!'( ) have ^; lo hold all (he Said lands. .Meaddowes ^: rri\elid,ues afore- 
Said nnlo him my aforeSaid Son Kichard Waler.Man his Heirs, jl.xecnlors, 



AdMiiiiSdiitors iJc ASsignes, and to liis ami I heir owne ProiKT Us^e & lielioofe 
f()^('^\'l■. tlie (inc lialfe at the Sijiiicinj;' and I'^xccutciii};- *[(»f] tlieSe presents, and 
flic otlier lialfi' after my deceaSe: And niv aft)ieSaid Son Richard Waterman, 
his Heirs or ASsigues Shall or may liy foi-ce & Xer Vertnc of theSe jircScnts 
forever hereafter USe Injoy & poSseSs all the Said lands as it is aboveCliven 
& (i-ranted ^^'itllont any internption or Molestation of !Me the Said NathanicU 
Waterilan or of My Other Heirs, Executors, Administrators or ASsigues; 
l-xcepting only a Small parcell of upland which lieth at the place Called 
MaShapague aforeSaid Which 1 bought of y'' ahoveXanied Stephen Paine cS; 
Xathaniell I'aine; the Which Small I'ercell of land is Not here intended to be 
diSpoSed of: And alSo I do (Jive unto him my Said Son Richard WaterMan 
& unto his Heirs & ASsignes all my Whole Stock of Cattle, & horSekind & 
Sheepo & Swine, And alSo all My houSehold Stuff & other Goods, the one halfe 
at y*" Signeing & Executeing of theSe presents, and after the deceaSe of me & 
my wife then all the Said liouSehold Stuff & other Goods to be & Remaine 
unto him my Said Son Richard Water^Ian his Heirs & ASsignes free & Cleare 
f(lI■e^'er: In WitXeSs. and for ("onfirMation of all the aboveWritten, 1 the 
Said Xathaniell ^^'aterman, have hereunto Set My hand >S: Scale this laSt day 
of llebi-uary. in llie Xinth Yeare of her MajeStys Reign Anne Queene of (ireat 
lirittau, &C. Anne Domini one ThouSsand Seven hundred & Tenn or Eleven. 

*[M<>morandum, In Witues & Confirmation of the 

Said lnSt|rument|] 
Nathaniell WaterMon L. S. 

Signed Sealed & delivered, 
in the jireSence of us. / 
X'"athaniell lilague, 
WilliaM SMith./ 

Recorded April y' 
9'" 1712 ^ Tho 
Olney Clerk. / 


in Rhode Island Colony the fifth 
day of Ajjrill in the yeare of our 
Lord one ThouSand Seven hundred & 
twelve. Major William Smith & iP 
Nathaniell lilague both of Provi- 
dence aforeSd, Personally appeared 
& acknowledge! d I their hands, that 
they Sul)Scribed WitneSses to the 
aboveWritten Instrument; before 
Me. Phillij) TillinghaSt, JuStice. / 

TO all ("hiiStian People to Whnme this dcede of Sale Shall Come James 
Philliiips of y Towne of Providence in y" Colony of Rhode Island & Provi- 
dence Plantations in y* NarraganSet bay in Xew England in America (huS- 
bandman) Sendeth Grecteing; KNOW Vic that the Said .lames Phillii)ps for 


vV ill < 'iinSi(lri;il i<iii of llic full vS; jiiSI Sum iif 'I'wculv lN)UU(ls SiUcr Moucv at 
Scvculi'i'Uc |i('ii\ Wci^lil, iS: *[i'it'| 1 alSo idlj ScM'ii l'(UiU(ls ^; Tcun Shilliujis Sil- 
ver .Money at tilleene iieuMeyweiglit, all uiakeiiij^' llie Sum (if 'i'\\eiil.\ and Seven 
INuinds i^- Tenn Shilliniis by holli Weijilils, tlu' [{eeepl Wliereof Ihe Said .lames 
riiilli|ips dolli (iwue vV aeknow ledue. il Ueinj; in hand *f\vellj already Well iV; 
tiiiely paid uiili) liim l)y Natluuiiell Waleiiuan lidia|l)jitaul iif the Tdwne ^ 
Colloney at'oreSaid (yeoman) & thereW'ilh dotli (iwue cSt acknowledjie hiuiSelfe 
to 111' fully SatiStied. contented i; I'aid, ^c dolh hereliy Aquilt iS; diSeliar<;e the 
Said >>'athaniell \\'aternian his Heirs lOxi'culors AdiuiniSlrators iV: ASsij;nes 
of the Same; & of livery part thereof, Hath <iiven, (Iraiued, liari;ained & Sold, 
Enfeoffed, Alined, ASsigued Set Over and Coulirmed. And liy IlieSe preSents 
for liini. his Heirs, Kxecutors and Administrators Dolh fully Cleareiy & AhSo- 
Intely (iive (iraut Bargaine Sell Knfeolf, Alien ASsiyne Set Over iV; Confirnie 
unto the Said Xathaniell Waterman his Heirs Executors Administrators ,S; AS- 
signes fore^'er a quautetye of land Contaiueing by lOSteniation Sixty & three 
acres & a halfe (lie it .More or leSs) it being in Severall I'arcells Contaiueing 
both l^pland lowland and .Meaddowlaud ; il all lieing iV being Within the 
TowneShijip of Providence aforeSaid, iV in llie Xorllierne |iail of Said Tow ne- 
Shipp; Hifty Acres thereof being upland, and is Sciluale lieing iV; being on Ihe 
EaSterne Side of the Kiver Called WanaS(|natuckell being bounded with Six 
Corunei'S, the Said Coinners being hea|M's of Stones; Ihe lenglh being Norllily 
& Southwardly; .Vnd live acres of .Meaddow Sciluate lieing X; being u]ion Ihe 
branch [221] branch of the Kiver called WanaSiiuatucket I, which Ivunneth 
from the jilace called the Keyi's, iS: ujion Ihe f;aSterne Side of Ihe Said bi-anch 
of the Kiver; the aforeSaid branch of the Kiver bounding part of the \\'eSt Side 
of the .Mead(]ow, 1 1 being all bounded with Severall li-ees .Marked, at lOacli 
Cornncr one. v\: by Seveiall on the l^aSI Side vV; on ]iart of the WeSt Side as is 
ICxpreSscd in the Surveiors Kelurne Which laid out the Same; iVnd Eight 
acres & an halfe of land, partly .Meaddow \ jiaTlly liA\'land lieing ^: being 
Neere unto the jilace Called WeSciuadoJIeSitt, ^^ on bolh Sides of a Small 
Streame of Water, or Kivolett Which Kunueth dowue from a place Called Ihe 
Iveyes, the which land lieth downe Hie SI ream a litth' distance from Ihe Said 
Keyes, & adjoyneth to Itoth Sides of Ihe S'' Kivolell, the Meaddowlaud lieth 
on the W'eSterue Side of the Said Kivolett or SIreame of Water, iS; is bounded 
on the EaSterne Side \\ilh the Said Kivolell, on Ihe W'eSt \\ilh Ihe Common; 
on the Xorlh wilh Ihe .Meaddow of doSepli Williams cSc on the Soulli Willi Ihe 
Common; Ihe Xorlh w<'Slerne Cormier bounding with a i'iiic Tree, <S; So from 
il Kunnelh ICaStWard fo the Said Kivolell al Ihe jilace Where Ihe .Meaddow 
lieing on Ihe l",aSt Side of Ihe brooke which was laid out to David Wliippii- 
comelli to Said brooke; the South WeSleiiie Cdiiiner a \\'hile Oake Iree. <<: 


I'lniii it to Kauye EaStWard to the Sad brookt' on a line betwcene the Said 
White Oake & auother White Oake tree ►Staiidiiii; <iii tlie EaSt Side of tlie Said 
Brooke Some distance from the brooke, the A\ liiih is a Southeast Cornner of 
the lieniaineing part of Said land; Tlie other jiart of Said Eij-ht acres & an 
liallV lii'inj^ h)\VhuHl iS; lieiii^' on the r>aSI Side of Said liivolet or brooke, 
IIomi(liii<i; on (lie W'eSt Side with Said brooke, on the lOaSt Side with .the Com- 
mon, llie Northerne part bounding- with -Mcaddowland formerly laid out to 
l>a\id \\'lii]ijile, the XortheaStcrne Cornner liouudinu' witli a ^^'hit(- (jake tree 
the wliicli is tlie SonthlCaSterne ('ornner of the aforeSaid Meaddow laid t)nt 
to David Whipple the SoutliEaSterne Cornner alSo being a ^A'hite (_>ake Tree: 
\\'ilh all c^ Singular the rri\-elidgcs ^: Ap]iurtenanies to the Said Sixty & 
three acres ^ an lialfe of land behinging and all the l^lState, Right, Title, lu- 
treSt rSe I'roperty I'oSseSsion claime i^ demand \\'hatSoe\er of him the SaiJ 
.James l'liilliii];s in or to the Same or any part or I'arcell thereof TO haye and 
to hold the Said Sixty & three acres & an halfe of lands as aforeS'' unto the 
Said Xalhaniell \\'aterMau his Heirs Ivxecntors Ad^LiuiStrators & ASsignes 
foreVer, to the only I'roper USe iV bi'hoofe of (he Said Nathaniell ^^'aterilan 
his Heirs Executors Administrators i^ ASsignes foreVer; And the Said James 
PhilliiiiJS for liimSelfe his Heirs, Executors & Administrators, aud for Every 
of them, doth Covenant promiSe & Grant to & With the Said Nathauiell Water- 
nuin his Heirs, IOxe<utors Administrators & ASsignes & to & With every of 
them by theSe preSents, iu ilauuer i; forme as folloWeth, that is to Say, That 
he tlie Said James I'liillijijis at the time of the Signeing Sealeing & delivery 
hereof, is the true iV Ixightfull Owner of the alioNcliargaiued iireniiSes. and that 
he hath full I'ower. good Right, true Title cV laWfull Authority to Give, Grant, 
bargaine Sell & ("(Uitirme the abovebargained ]ire.MiSses & every part ic I'er- 
cell thereof unto the Said Nathaniell Waterman his Heirs Executors Admin- 
istrators & ASsignes in Planner .S; forme as aforeSaid; Aud that the Said 
Xathanell A\'atermau his Heirs, Executors Administrators c^ ASsignes, by 
force cS; N'ertue of theSe preSents, is, i^ Shall Stand and be lawfully SeiSed to 
him his Heirs, Executors Administrators & AvSsignes of & iu the bargained 
premisses, & of & in every part & percell (hereof, of a good. Sure, lawfull Ab- 
solute. iS; Undefeazeable EState of Inhei'itance in fee Siiiii)le \\'ithout any 
Cimdilioiis, limitation, USe or other thing to alter t)i- Change the Same; And 
(hat the ju'emiSses above by theSe jireSents mentioned to be Granted bar- 
gained i^ Sold, and every part iS; jienell (licreof, ii|ion the Signeing Sealeing 
iS: (jeli\-ery hereof is. iS: fi-om time to time iV: at all times hereafter forEvor Shall 
be, i-emaine iV; Continue to be the I'roper I'Se & behoofi' of the Said Natlianiell 
^\'aterman his Ileiis, l'>xecu(ors Administrators ^c .\Ssignes fore\-er. Cleare & 
fre(> tVc fi-celv iV: Clearel\' lOxojierated a(niilted iV diSrharged Otherwise b\ the 


S.'iid .l.iiiii's I'iiilli|>|is liis llciis Ivxt'rtilors iV AdiiiiiiiSi iMhirs Sunicicntlv 
Sa\i'(i i^ k(']it hariiiclcSs cilV kV: Iro.M all iS: all .MaimiT <il' t'cu'iiicr & (ithcr liar- 
jiaiiis Sales (lil'is. (iraiils. LeaSscs ASsij;m'iiu'iils .1 udiiciiiciils, i^xcciil inns. 
Il'cirlil I nil s, SciSiircs. .luviil iiics. jliiwrycs, I'nwcr iV Thii'ds (if Mai-y his N()\\' 
Wife (<» lie Claiiiicd & ( 'lialli'iij;t'd in ni" to the Sanii- uv any jjart thci-cof; And 
oir iV friiin all & Sinj;ular other ("iiai-fics. 'I'itlcs 'I'l-onhlcs. Incnndiianccs iS: de- 
mands What Soe\ CI' had Made done or Sun'ered io lie (i<in<> !iy the Said .lames 
riii!li|ijis. his heirs, ILxeeutors, Administrators, or any other I'erSon or Per 
S<ins Whatsoever by liis or their act Meanes (/onSent or I'rocnremenI ; And 
aji,aii'Sl him the Said James rhilli|i]is his Heirs Heirs l-lxeentoi's Adminis- 
trators iS; all & I-Aery other I'erSon or P(M-Sons \MiatSoe\er Lawfully Claime 
ins;- any lOState, Kiylit. Title, intreSI. Clainie or d<Mnand in or to the Same oi- 
an\ pari Ihereof from. By. or under him tin'in (U- any of them Shall ^V; Will 
Warrant. & f(U-ever defe*[n](l by theSe preSenIs in [222] lu WitneSs of (he 
premisses *[I] the Said James I'liillijiiis liath liereunto Sell his hand ^: 
Seale tlie firSt day of Jul.\' Aunoq'': Domini one Thousand Seven hundred and 

The Mark of D James 


Si;;ned Sealed i.V delinerei 
in I he preSenee of us — 
Tho: Olney, Seu''; 
JaJIcs l>exter. / 

L. S. 

I'rovich'nce Ifebiaiary y'' L'J"' 17^8 
the alioveS'' James I'liillipps aeknowl- 
ecijjed the aboviAVritten InStiaunent 
to lie his act & deede. befoie me 
IJichard \\'alerman. JuSlice of y'" Peaco. / 
Recorded .\pril y 10'": ITTJ 'r' Tho: Olm-y. Clerk./ 

TO .\11 ChriSlian People befoi'c Whome lliis Deede (if Sale Shall Coiiie Xa- 
ihani(dl Waterman of Pro\ iilemle in the Colony of Uhoad Island ^V Provi- 
deie-e Planlalions in X(A\' lliiuland Sendelh < ireetein,^. KNOW yee, I 
the Said Xalhaniell Walerman for ^V; in ConSideralion of Thirty Xim' Pounds 
6c Tenn Shillinjis of Current .Money of New l)n^land by me in hand already 
Ke(ei\(d. and \\(dl 6c trnely paid by JoSeph .Mawrey of the Same 'I'owne <'v; 
('olony afoi-cSaid. Ihe rece]il whereof I do hereby acknowle.liiv. and MySidle 
thertAN'ilh fully SatiSlied Contented ^S; jiaid. have (ii\('n (iranteil Parjiained 
iV Sold .\liend P.nfeolfed Convei};hed & Confirmed. And by IlieSe preSents do 
fully fre(dy Clearelx- 6: absolutely (!i\-e. Crant. P.ari^aine |iS;' Sell .Mien I'li 
foll'e Conveij^h 6s: Conlirnie unto him the Said JoSepli .Mawri'y iS: unto his 
Ibirs l';xeeu)ors Administrators 6i; ASsi^nes forever a eertaine pareell of 
lands Containini;- both upland *| lowland | lowland 6c .MeaddowlaXd. Situate 


lieiiig & beiug within the TowueShijip of ri-dvideuce aforesaid, & a little diS 
taut from the NoW dwelliughouSe of the Said Joseph Mawrey ; lliftj acres 
thereof beiug uplaud lieing on the EaSterue Side of the Kiver Called WauaS- 
quatiu'kett Kiver, beiug bounded with Six Coruuers, the Said Coruuers beiug 
heapes of Stones, the length being North^Vardly & Southwardly; Aud live 
acres of Meaddow lieiug on the branch of the Said WauaSquatuckett liiver, 
^\■hi(•ll KuMueth from the place called the Keyes. and upon the ESterue Side of 
Ihe Said liianch of the Kiver; the aforeSd branch of the River bounding jiart of 
the ^^'eSt Side of the Said Meaddow; It being all bounded with Severall trees 
Marked, at E-M-h Cornuer one, & by Severall on the l>aSt Side, & on part of 
theA\'eS1 Side, as is ExpreSt in the Surveiors lielurue that laid out the Same; 
Aud Eight Acres ic an halfe of laud jiartly ^leaddow .S: partly lowland lieing 
neere the place Called WeS(piotomSet. and the Meaddowlaud lieiug on the 
WeSterne Side of a Suuill Streame of Water or Kivolett whicli Kuuneth dowue 
from a jilace Called the Keyes, downe the Streame a little distant from the 
Keyes, & adjoyueing to y^ Said Uivolett, ,S; is bounded on the l]aSt Side with 
the Said Ki volet or Streame, on the W'eSt With the Common, on tiie North 
With the Meaddow of the Said Mawrcy, 6i on the South With the (.'omniou; the 
NorthWeSterne (Jornner bounding with a I'ine tree, ^V; So from theuce Kuu- 
niug EaStA\ard to the Said Kivolett at the place \\'here the Meaddow liclh on 
tiie lOaSt Side of the brook which was laid out to David Whipple Comet li to 
Said bnmk: The SouthWcSterne ('(irniier a White Oake Tree, and fmm il to 
Kauge Eastward to the Said brooke on a line betweene the Said \Vhite Oake 
& another While Oake tree Standing on the "-[other Side] EaSt Side of the 
Said brook, Sduie distance from the Said brook. Which is a SouthEaSt Corn- 
uer of the Kemaineing part of Said land; Ihe other part of Said Eight' acres 
& an halfe being lowland 6c lieiug on the l^aSt Side of the Said Kivolet or 
brooke, dnwn the Streame alSo a littU> distante from the Keyes, bounding on 
the WeSt Side with the Said I'.rouke (S; nn the lOaSl Side with the Common, 
the Norlherne jiarl bdundiiig with Meaddowlaud formerly laid out to J»a\i(l 
Wliil)|)le; the XnrtlilCaSterne bounding With a White Oake tree, the ^^'hich 
is Ihe SdiitlicaSterne Cornuer of Ihe aforeSaid Meaddow laid out to l>avid 
\\'lii|iple, Ihe Snulhl'^aSt Cornuer alSo bnunding With a White Oake tree; 
hdwcver nlher Wayes bounded, or Jieputed to be bounded, it is a I'arcell of 
land lS; Meaddow that I bought of James I'hillipps of I'rovidence aforeSaid 
as 'r' a deede under his hand & Scale beareing date the firSt day of July Anno 
Demiiii, one Thousand Seven hundred iK: Six Will appeare. TO have & to 
hold the Said Sixty & three acres i,V: an halfe nf land & Meaddow together With 
the Timbei-, Wood trees. Herbage (iraSs Stones, ^Vater & WaterCources, & all 
oilier 6i Singular Trivelidges, rrollilts beiietltts & Ajipurtenances thereto be- 

[ 31 ] 

liiiiiiiitji iiiUo liiin ilif Siiiil .liiSt'iili Mawrcv ami mild his Heirs, I']xccutors 
AdiiiiuiSiratois ^ ASsi<;ii('s lice iS; Cleare foi-excr and uiilo his & Iheir owne 
luiipei- rSe i*c behddfe. freely & Clearelv a(iiiill<'(l. lOxoiieraled and fully <liS- 
(■liarj;cd fi'diii me llie Said Nalliaiiieli Waleniian my heirs Ivxecnlors AdminiS- 
Iraldis or ASsij>nes. Anil (d' iS: from any dthei', or former bargains Sales (lifts, 
(iranls, Mortjiages LeaSes Wills I niailes .loynlures Ihnvrycs Thirds or Ineiim- 
liraiiees of what Nature or Terme Soever; And the Said Xallianiell Waterman 
Doth Covenant rroniiSe (!ranl ^V; aj;ree to <S; With the Said .loSepli .Mawrey in 
Manner & forme following-, that is to Say, that 1 the Said Nathaniell Waterman 
at & before the Sijineing *[6c lOxenliMnji | ^^ Kxeeuteing of tlieSe iireSeiils \ 
nntill the delivery hereof I Were llie Kiglit true cV; lawfull owner of all the 
abovoOiven & Granted rremiSses, and that 1 had in .MySelfe full Tower and 
lawfull Authority to bargaine. Sell, & diSpoSe of the Same in Manner iS; forme 
as is aboveExpreSt without any alteration or limitation id' I'Ses or (dlier 
thing *[tha] that [223 ] that may alter Change Evacuate or Make \'oyd this 
jireSant deede of Sale; And l^niedially after the delivery hereof then the Said 
.JoSeph Mawrey his Heirs Exeeiitors Administrators or ASsignes are iV for 
Ever thereafter Shall be Invested with the Said lauds Meaddow iV iiremiSses 
as with a Keall true & [lertitt ESIale of Inheritance in ffee Simjile; And the 
Said Nathauiell^^■aterlllau doth further Covenant aud I'roiniSe that I the 
Said Nathaniell Water.Man, my Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes 
Shall c\; Will Warrant .S: forEver defend the Said Sixty & three acres *[&. one] 
and an lialfe of land ^: Meaddow \ Trivelidges aforeSaid, ^; every jiart thereof 
unto him the Said ,ldSei)h .Mawrey his Heirs Executors AdminiSlrators or 
AS.■^ignes againSt the lawfull Cliallenge Clainie or demand of any jierSdii or 
Persons Whatsoever; In WitNeSs ^c f(u- ConlirMation hereof I the Said Xa- 
llianiell Waterman have hereunto Set My hand iV: Scale this Twenty liftli day 
of March, in the yeare of our Lord one thouSand Seven hundred lit Twelve 
Signed Sealed ^Sc delivered Nathaiiiell Waterman i>. S. 

in the preSence of us — , 

.John Angell, Weaver; on the back Side of the pajier 

Abigaill Waterman; whereon the aforSaid deede is 

written, it is EudorSed rs follow- 
etii ; / I'rovidence in Hhoad Island 
Recorded Aprill y 11"': 17112: Colony the day & yeare witliin- 

y Tho: Olney Clerk. / Ex])reSt; the witliinXaiiii d Xathan 

iell Water.Man personally aiijieared 
i^c acknowledged the withinwritten 
Instrument to be bis fn-e & \'dlii 
tary act & dwde: befoi'e Me 
Richard Watermau. Justice: 


To all ("hriStian Peojile before ^^'llo^le tlieSe preSents Shall Come. 'Know 
Yee. that 1 .loSiali WeStc-ott of Providence in y" Collony of Rhode Ishiud & 
Providence Plantations in New England Scndcth (ireeteing: Know ve tliat 
1 the Said JoSiah WeStcott for & in Codiiation of the fxill & jnSt Snll of 
Twenty & five Pounds of Current Jloney of New lOngalnd to nie in liand jiaid 
at iV: hcfore the I-^nSealeing & delivery of theSe preSents, by John King 
(Weaver) of the Same Towne & ('(doney aboveSaid, the recept ^^■ilereof I do 
ackXowledge MySelfe fully Satisfied & Contented, lieve Given Granted Bar- 
gained S(!ld, Alinated Enfeoffed & ConfirlMed unto the aboveS'^ Jolin King, liis 
I!(>iis lOxccufors Administrators & ASsignes forever TWenty & five acres of 
land in the PurchaSse of ^laShautatuclc. in the TowneSl)ipp of I*rovidence, 
in liie Colony aboveSaid *[in the TowneShipji of Providence in the Colony 
aboveSaid] and is one halfe of a fifty acre lot that John Wheatou Now dwell- 
eth on, & is the Southward part of Said lott, «& did Originally belong to 
Thomas Kel]>h his Right; I5nt Since haveing of & in mySelfe full Power & 
lawfull Authority to Sell & diSpoSe the Same I Say |I| have Sold it unto the 
abo\('Said John King his Heirs ljxecut(irs Administrators & ASsignes for- 
(A'<M-, \\]\]\ all tlie I'rivelidges & A]>i)urtenances thereon or therein Contained, 
as >\'ood, tindier. Stones Water ov WaterCourSes, and Singular other the lib- 
ertyes Rights or Comoditye *[& Rights] that Can in anywiSe appertaine to 
the aboveSaid Twenty five acres of land; And that the aboveSaid John King 
his Heirs Ivxeculors Administrators (S: ASsignes Shall from time to time & 
at all times hereafter Peaceably & (piietly PoSseSs c& Enjoy all the above- 
Granted premiSscs Without any interruption MOleStatiou Reservation or 
limitation. And that they Shall forever hereafter have, hold I'Se i^I]irove 
PoSseSs & iMijoy all the above( Jranted Premisses free & Cleare from any 
(dhcr. or former (Jift, Grantt, Pargaine. Sale, l.eaSe Joyntnre. Dowrey, Mort- 
gage, Iiitaile Title Trouble, or iNC\imbrance WhatSoEver, had Made done, 
Sullered Procured or done by me the aboveSaid JoSiah WeStcott, or by my 
meanes, Title ConSent Hr Procurement And I do by tlieSe preScnts warrant 
if unio llie aboveSaid John King, his heirs l']xecutors AdniiniStratcn-s & AS- 
signes AgainSt me, my Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes or any 
(dlK'r PerSon or PerSons la'Wfully Claimeing the Same; ANd in WitncSs of 
Ihis I have hereunto Set My hand & Scale. Ihis fifteenth day of March one 
TlKsnSaml Seven hundred & Eleven or twelve & in the Eleventh yeare of the 
Reigne of our Sovereigne Ludy Anne, by the Grace of God of England Scotland 
fTrance and lr(dand Qneene, &C. 

Signed Scaled ^L delivered JoSiah WeStcott L. S. 

lu the jireSence of 

Samuel WeStcott Providence, March y" 15"' 1711- 

Richard ffenuer. / or 12 PerSonaly appeared the 


abovouainod JoSiali WcSlcotl. •!< 
(lid acknowledge tlic abii\i'\\ rit- 
leu liiStruiiicnt to \n- jiis iicall 
Aft c& dc'cdc, hcfdrc iiic Tho : 
tfenner, Assistant. / 

Kutorded Aprill y 11'" ITlti: 'f' Tho: Oliicy 

Liei-k. / 


TO All People to W'honie this |)reSaiit decde of Sale Shall Cotne l'',|)hraiiii 
("ai-jieiiter of the Towiie of I'fovideiico in America in New iMi.nhiud Sendelh 
(ii'eetf inji'. K^.■()^\" Vee, That the Said Kphraini ('arpenter for vS: in ('oiiSid- 
eratioii of a \'aliiahle Sum of Silver Money in hand already well iS: trnely paid 
nnio hini liy ('lenient Kin;;- of the Towno of MarShtield in New ICnjjland the 
Keeept whereof lie doth oWue & acknowledj>e and therewith doth OWne him- 
Sclfe to he fully Satisfied contented iS; jiaid; and thereof doth hereby fully iS: 
("learely a(iuitt & discharge the Said Clement King his Heirs l^xecutors Ad- 
niiuiStrators & ASsignes of the Same; liatli < liven, <!ranled, r.argaincd Sidd, 
Aliened, I^nfeotl'ed, ASsigned Set Over iS; Contirnicd; And hy tlieSe I'reSents 
for him his Heirs l-].\ecutors v^ AdminiSti-ators Doth fully, ('Icarely and Ah 
Solulely <!ive (ii-ant I'.argaiue Sell Alien I'^nfeolV ASsigne Set over kV Coii- 
firme unlo the Said Clement King, unto liim his Heirs lOxecutors Administra- 
tors L^ ASsignes foreVer All the ]{ight of lands Which he hath Within the 
lands of I'autuxctt Which is (ui tiie WeSt Side of the U'iver Called I'auchaS- 
sett & So Keaching WeSt\\'ard to a line Hunn hy aforeSaid Towne of I'rovi- 
dence iS: the !'ro|iiieloi-s *[of the aforeSaid lowne of Providence] of Said Pau- 
tuxeit lands. Called tlu^ Seven .Mile line; (thai is to Say one hundri'd Acres 
of land the Which is yet undevidcd ; a part of the Said hundred acres to he 
Meaddow i'l'opin'l ionalile to llach hundred a(a'es Contained in the two Ihii'ds 
<d' laniis i>n the Said WcSt Side nf PauchaSsell (liven iV hi'(|ueallicd hy his 
(irandfather William ('arjienler (if i"autuxet( (deceaSed) unto Timothy ('ar 
penter Silas Carpenter iV: P.enjamin ('ai'|ienter hy his laSt Will iV; 'i'eSlamenl 
beareing dati- the tenth day oi IVehiiiavy one 'I'lnMiSand Six hundred Seventy 
& Nine or eighty; 'i'li(> Said hundred acres of land being unto the Said Pph 
raini Carjienter (iiven i*s; be(iueathed by liis Said (irandfather William ('ar 
penter by his Said laSt Will .S: Testament; As alSo the one lialfe quarter nf 
a third jiarl (d' all the Uighl Which Ixdonged unlo Jiis Said ( Irandtlatliei' Wil- 
liam Cai-penler i deceased i ^\'hicll \\'as given iS: bei|ueatlie(l unto Ih" Said ilph- 
raim (/arijenter by his Said (Irandfather William Carpenter (deceaSed) lic- 



ing on the WeSt Side of the Said I'aiu liaSett River as is I'>xpi-eSt in the Codi- 
cill to Jiis Said laSt Will & TeStaMeut; The which Said land is to Extend 
So fail- ^^■eSt^^'al•d as the aforeSd as the aforeSaid Seven Mile line, ^^'itll What 
ElSe May be Considered to be his Right in all the lands of I'autuxett afore- 
Said lieing on the weSt Side of the Said I'aiiChaSett River Reaching So farr 
AA'eStward as the Said Seven mile line ; With all &. Singular the privelidges 
and ApjJiirtenanees to the Said lands belonging, and all the KState, Right, 
Title, IntreSt, USe, Property PoSseSsion, Claime & demand Whatsoever of 
him the Said Ephrai|m| Carpenter in or to the Same or any part thereof TO 
have iS; to hold the Said hundred Acres & all other the Said lands as aforeSaid 
unto the Said Clement King his Ileirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes 
forever, to the Only Proper USe & behoofe of the Said Clement King, his Ileirs 
Executors Administrators & ASsignes foreVer: And that the Said CleMent 
King, his Ileirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes liy force & A'ei'Uie of 
theSe presents Shall Stand & be lawfully SeiSed to him his heirs Executors 
Administrators & ASsignes of & in the Itargained PremiSes, and of & in 
Every part & Percell thereof, of a good. Sure, la'\^'full AbSolute and I'nde- 
feazeable EState of Inheritance in Ifee Simple, without any ('onditions. lim- 
itaiion, USe or other thing to alter or Change the Same; And that the prein- 
iSsts above by theSe preSeuts <;janted. Bargained & Sold, from the day of the 
date hereof, & from time to time & at all times hereafter hereafter Shall be 
Remaiue & Continue to be forever the the Proper USe & behoofe of the Said 
Clement King his Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes (,'leare & free 
and freely & Clearely Exonerated Aquitted & discharged or Otherwise 
*[froni] by him the Said Ejihraim Carjienter his Heirs Executors & Adminis- 
trators SuHiciently Saved & kejjt harnieleSs off & from all & all & manner of 
former Bargaines Sales Gifts, Grants, LeaSes, ASsignements, flforfittures or Tn- 
tailes by him the Said Ephraim Carpenter Made done or Comitted : And off 
& fnmi all & Singular other Charges Titles Troubles Incumbrances and de- 
mands \\'hatSoever had Made done or Sulfered to be done by the Said Eph- 
raim ('ar]ienter his Ileirs I']xecutors. Administrators or any other PerSon 
or P<>i'Sons '\\'hatSoever by his or their act Meanes ConSent or Pi'ocurcment ; 
AXd againSt him the Said I]]ihraim Carpenter his Ileirs Executors Admin- 
istrators & all & every other PerSon or PerSiuis whatsoever lawfully Claime 
ing any EState Right Title IntreSt [225] IntreSf Claime or demand in or 
lo Ihc Sam<' or any ]iart thereof from By or Under him. them, ov any of them 
Shall .Vi Will Warrant & forEver defend by tlieSe preSents; In WitneSs 
Whereof flie Said l^phraim Carpenter doth hereunto Set his hand & Scale the 
Twenty and Sevenlh day of May Anno: one ThonSand Six hundred I'ighty 
& Seven ; 


Siaiicd Scaled ^^ (Ii'IImm nl, 'I'lic mark of X ripliraim 

ill tlif ]ii('Si'ii((' (if ('ar[icut('i- I.. S. 

'riioinas Oliicy lOpliraiiii ( 'af]K'iiler did uii the l2T"' 

tJoIiii ^\'lnpple (lav (if May l(iS7 a(kii(i\vl('(i,i;(' tlic uhovc- 

W'rittcn IiiSiiiiiiicnt di Ijc liis ad \- 

Hccordcd Ajuil v° dtu^dc' bcfdi'c nic Kichard Aiaiold one (if 

K;"', 1712 V' Tlic: tlie rouiiccll of liis MajcStys T(nTe- 

Oliicy, Clerk. / lory & I )iiiiiiiii<iii in New l>iii;laiid. 

TO All Christian i'cDjiIe hcforc ^\'llllnu' thcSe jn-cSents Shall Cdiiic, Kimw 
\o that 1 Slephcu Cotti'i- Xnw (if the Tdwiie (if Mcndiiinc in llic Cdniily (if 
Sulfolk, ycdniaii, Scndcth (jre('leiu<>-: KNOW ye that 1 the Said Ste]ihen Tot- 
ter. fur & in CdiiSidcral i(in of the full & jiiSI Snni of Sixly Pounds of Cur- 
rent Sihcr Money of X(AN' I-]nt;lan(l to nie in hand |iaid at or liefore the i^n 
Sealeinj; and delivery of tlieSe |ireSents liy .lolui Kinii' of the Towne of I'rovi- 
denee in the Collony of IJlioade Island & I'l'ovidence Plantation, jin N'ew 
Eug-laudj Weaver, the Kecept \Miereof 1 do acknowledije MySelfe fully Satis- 
fied & Contented, have Given, (iranted, i{ar{iaiued Sold Aliend lOnfeolled ^: 
Confinned, and hy tlieSe preSents for Me My heirs l'">xe(nt(irs iV AdininiSlra- 
tors do fully Clearely & AI)Solutely (iive (irant, liarj;aine Sell .Mien I'.nfeoll'e 
& Contirnie unto the ahoveSaid .Joliii Kinf«' his heirs Executors AdiuiniStra 
tors & ASsigues forEver tlifty Acres of land M'ithin the I'urcliaSe of .MaShan 
tatuck iu the TowneSliipp of Providence alioveS'' at the MeaSure of lOiiiht 
eene foote to the liole; \\'itli the ]now| dwelliuiihouSe which is u|idn S'' land: 
Wliicli iiduSe ..^ land I had of .My brother .\liell Potter ujion Ivxchanp'. and 
did Oriiiinally lielon.i'- to the Ri.uiit of My deceaSed Ifather .Miell I'otlei-, & is 
buidnj; i.\; bounded as followelh, (\i/,) XorthWardly u]ion the bind of linija- 
niin Pot1(>r "[sj i:aSlerl\- upon the hii;h\\'ay. Southerly u]ion the land of -Idhn 
Pdtter & \\'eStei-ly ujion the land of I'eter Ivoberts; I Say the aboveSaid 
fiflfly acres of land iV leiuSe I lia\(' Now Sdid uuPi the alid\('Said -Idhn Kiii^. 
his heirs. lOxecutdrs AdiuiniStratdrs ..^ ,VSsij;nes fdrlOver; With all the Pri\c 
lid^cs iVc .\p]inrlenances thercdu (ir therein Cdutaincd td lie i*v: IJeniainc unio 
his (11- their OWne Prdper CSe benlill v^ liehodfe; And that he or Ihcy Shall 
or .May fi-oin time to time & at all times hereafter jieaceably ^c (piielly lia\c 
hold rSe improve PoSseSse & l''njoy all the aboveSd Pre.MiSses. ^^ Singular 
other the liliertyes thereto liel(in<;inji- oi- in anyWiSc .\ ppcrlaineiiiii ; .\n(l I 
do by IheSe preSents Warrant it to be free i: Cleare from any oilier (ir for- 
mer (iift <!i-ant Parjiaine Sale leaSe .loyntnre Dowrxe Mor(iiai;i' inlaih' Title 
Trouble or 1 ucumbi-ance \\'lialSdc\('r, had .Made ddue SiilVerre(l Procui'ed oi' 
ddue liv me the abdveSaid Steidien Puller (ir b\ .M v Meanes Title CdtiSenl (ir 


Procaireineut, And T do bv theSe preSents Warrant, & Will forEver defend 
this my bai'gaiue & Sale unto the aboveSaid Juhu King his heirs Executors 
Administrators or ASsignes againSt MySelfe Jiy heirs. Executors Adminis- 
trators & ASsignes, or any other PerSon or PerSous laWfully (^'lainieing the 
Same; And In WitneSs of this My Reall Act & deede I have hereunto Set My 
hand & Scale this Niueteenth day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lor 1 one Thou- 
sand Seven hundred & Eleven: 

The Mark of 
Signed Sealed & delivered X 

in the Presence of us — , Stejihcn Potter L. S. 

Xathaiiiell Waterman jun"^: 

X'ciiemiah Sheldon:/ The day & yeare aboveWritten, 

the abovcS" Stephen Potter 
acknowledged this to be his act 
& deede, before me Simon Siiiitli. 

Recorded April y" IS'" 1712 r' Tho : Oluey Clerk./ 

KNOW all men by theSe jireSents, tliat I Andrew Harris of Providence in 
the Collony of Khoad Island & Providence Plantations in New England (Yeo- 
man) for (St in ("onSideration of Six INumds Current Money of New ICngland 
l^aid unto Me by John King of the Towne & Colony af(U'eS'^ (Weaver I f(U' the 
I\ecc|i! of Which I am fully SatiStied i; Content and do by theSe preSents 
bargaine Sell. Alien. Eufeotf. Make vS: paSs over from me My Heirs Executors 
Administrators iK; ASsignes unto the Said John King his Heirs Executors & 
ASsignes one fourth jiart of one ^^'llole i'urchaSsKiglit in a Certaine Tract or 
Paiccll (if land bchinging to the Pro]irictois of Pautuxett, & in the Towne- 
Sliipji iif l'ro\ ideiice aforeSaid. iS: boundeth on (he WeStcrne & Nortiicrm' 
parts thereof with the lands of tlic aforeSaid Towne of Providence. cS; on the 
Southcrne jiart with I'autuxett Kiver, & on (lie lOaSterne part With Paucha- 
Selt Kivcr; the Which Said [226] Said Kigiil liclli in ('(immon ,)t Cnde- 
vided, lV; is thai which Was the Origiuell PurchaSsKight of Thomas James 
\Vho was one of the Thirteene I'rojirietors of Pautuxett; All (he ^A'hich fonrt 
jiarl (if the aforeSaid PurchaSsRigh( throughout all the Tract of land almve 
]ircS( libcd I the Said Andrew Harris have bargamed & Sold, and do by theSe 
prcSrnts (for the Consideration aboveWritten) Alien Enfeofl: make & PaSs 
over from Me my heirs Executors & ASsignes unto the Said John King his 
heirs i; .\Ssignes togeth With all the I'livi'lidgi-s and Ap])urtenances there- 
unto a|p|ier(aiiicing. To have and to h<dd forcVer. freely iS; Clearely Exoner- 


iltcd, A(iiiilli'il ;iii(l iliSilinrucil I'imhii ww iiiv llrirs ICxcriitiii's AdiiiiiiiSI i"iliirs 
& ASsijjncs iiiilo iIk' S:iiil .101111 l\iiiu. his Heirs iV; ASsij^ncs funA'cr : in Wil- 
iic!^< of tills M\ An ^; I •(■('(](• 1 li:i\c lieifiiiilo Scl }t\\ liaiiil kV: Scalr, lliis t'nur- 
tcciitii liny dl' .laniian'y in tlic Ncarc <>( mil' l.nrij nnc 'I'lninSaiid Scxcn liiiiiilrri! 
& Seven (ir ICifjlit 

;3ign('<l Seal .S: delivered 

in the jireSence of us — 

Tlionias N'inSent 

Tile .Maik <it' 1 j\ .leremiali Illmdes 

Andrew ITarris Ij. S. 
Ill I'l-dvidenee y" .'!'' day (if Mareli 
Annii: Duiniui — 170^ ;i. (lie alunc 
uanied Andrew llariis perSiinal- 
ly ajijieared & aekniiwledned 
the aboveWritten InSlrn.Meiif to 
be his fre & A'oluntarey atl and 
Deede, before Jfe IMchard \\at<'i-- 
man JnStiee of Peace. / 

Kecorded Ajnill y" IS'" ITOlL' r' Hi": <»lney Clerk./ 

\Vliereas .John La|i|iliain forMerly Inhabitant of the Towne of rro\ idence 
laid ont a Ceilaine jiiece of land Containeinj; about lOijihly Aeres, i^^; it So 
liapimed llial the reliirue by Some axedent Was LoSl : Wheren|Hin. it heiug 
the Way in Sncli CaSe to Kenew Such lands by takeini;- the boiinils aiiaine; 
Wliii-h upon the I':!'' day of March 17ll"'_ii was laken iS; are as folhiWetli; lie- 
fining' at a CheSsiiut tree Marked beinji' a Southeast ("ornner. \- Kan^i'lh 
Scmth forty Seven degrees WeSt to a greal black tree lieing a SontlAVeSt 
Cormier; ^V; a bound of Dauiell Abbots land, it luMnji \-l jioles. \ from ilieiice 
to Ik-mjic North, twenty Six degrees weSt lOighly jioles to a Ivedd oake tree be- 
ing a bound of S'' Lajijiams ^S: S'' Abbots land, .S: from thence lo Kange Still 
upon the Same degree Xinly t W'o |Mdcs lo a liea|ie of Stones u|ion a 111 tie hill 
('loSe by the Counlrey Hoade being the XorthWeSt <'ornner And from thence 
to Range South I''iglity Seven degrees i-laSt to a Whiti' Oake tree niaiked be- 
ing the XortlilOaSI Cornner, it being Xiniy Six ]>oles, and fr Said whit" 

Oake to Kange iiiion a Straight line to the IliSI Ment ioned bound on the South 
caSt ("ornner; the ahovcSaid land is Situate lieing iSc being on the f.aSt Side 
of the Seven Mile line, c*v; a little W<'SI\\ard from Cajit" Thiunas llenners. i^i 
lieth adjoyneing to the land of Daniell Abbott, wliei-e Sd Abbott livith: The 
Ijoundes was taken as ab<i\e.Ment ioned the day & yeare aboveSaid; p' 'i'*-' 
TlioMas Olney jiiu' Surxeior 

This aboveSd land is laid out in the Kight of William Man, wS: William 
Uurrowes. / 

Recorded Aprill y" IS'" ITl'J *p' Tho: Olney Clerk./ 

[ 38 ] 

TO All Christian reoi)le bcforu Wliome tins deede of Sale Shall Conio 
Jdliii Lai>i>am & Nicholas Lai)iiaiu both of DartJIoth iu the County of 15riS- 
loll Within the Province of the ilaSachuSets ]5ay in NeW England Sendeth 
drci'lcing; KNOW Yee, that ^^'e the Said John Lai>i>ani & Nicholas Lappani 
for i^ in Consideration of the Sum of llifly pounds of Current Money of New 
England by us iu hand already Keceived, & Well & trnely jsaid by Nathauiell 
Watei'iiian jun': of Providence in the Colony of Rhoad Island and I'rovidence 
Plantatidus in NeW ]]ngland, aforeSaid, tlie Recept Whereof Wee do hereby 
acknowledge & ourSelves tliere^\'ifh fully SatiStied Contented & payd ; have 
(Ti\en, (irauted Bargained & Sold Aliened ]']nfeoft"ed Conveighed & (jonfirmed, 
and do by tlieSe preSeSents fully freely Clearely & Absolutely Give Grant 
JJargaine and Sell Alien ICnfcoff Conveigli & Conlirnie I'uto him the Said Na- 
thauiell \\'aterMan and unto his Heirs lOxeciitoi's Administrators & ASsignes 
forl'.ver a Certaiue Tract or Percell f)f land containeing by EStenmtion lOighty 
Acres, Situate lieing & being in Providence aforeSaid, & a little South^^'eSt- 
Ward from Capt" Thomas ffeuners dwellinghouSe, be it More or leSs, it 
bounJeth as followeth; Pegiuing at a CheSsnut tree Marked being a South- 
east Cornuer & Rangeth South forty Seven degrees WeSt to a great l)lack 
Oake tree Marked being the SouthWeSt Cornner & a bound of Daniell Ab 
botts land, it being one hundred & twenty fonre jioles, and from thence to 
Range North twenty Six degrees WeSt I'^ighty poles to a Red Oake tree 
Marked which is alSo a bound of the aforeSd Abbotts land, and from thence 
to Range Still upon the Same Poynt Niuty two I'oles to a heape of Stones 
u])on a little hill CloSe by the Country Roade being the NortliWeSt Cornner, 
and from thence to Range South Eighty Seven degrees EaSt to a white Oake 
tree ^Marked being Ninty Six jioles, and from Said White Oake to Range ujion 
a Straight line to *[Range] the tirStMentioned bound; The Said land, to- 
gether with the * [Trees] Timber, 'NA'ood. Trees, herbage (iraSs, Water & 
^^■aterConrSes & all other & Singular the jirivelidges I'roffltts, benefitts and 
A])purtenances Within the Said bonnderyes Contained l^xcepting only [ 227] 
only a highWay that is already laid tlirough Said land To have & to hold; the 
Said Eighty acres of land cS: Privelidges afmeSaid Unto ]himj the Said Na- 
thauiell Waternmn & unto his heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes 
ami to his and their owne Proper USe and behoofe free & Cleare forever, & 
freely & Clearely aquitted Exonerated & fully discharged from ns the Said 
John Lapi)ani and Nicholas Lappam our Heirs ICxecutors Administrators cS; AS- 
signes, and off & fi-om all other or forMer Bargains Sales Gifts Grants Mort- 
gages, T.eaSes, \\'ills, Intailes, Joyntures, Dowreys. thirds, or IncuM'brances 
of ^^'llat Natui'e or terme Soever; And the Said John Lapjiam & Nicholas 
LajipaM doth CoveNant PromiSe grant .S; agree to c^ with the Said Nathaniell 


\\',ilvi-iii:ni ill .MnriiK'i- and I'lHiiii' fnriiic f'dlhiw iiii; ; lliat is to Say, (lial Wcr tjic 
Said .Idiiii ljai)i)aiii and Xiclioias La|)|iani al i*c licCdrc tiic Sijincinj; & ICxcrulc- 
inu iiF llicSc ]ii-('ScTils iV- unliil tlic (lrii\('i-\' hereof, We Were llie Ki^lil, Irne 
<*s: laWfiill Dwners of ail tlie alHi\-eyi\eii iS; i;ranlcd preniiSsi's, and lliat We liad 
in ourselves fnll I'dwer .S: lawfull Aiithoiil \c lo liaijiaine Sell & diSjioSe of llie 
Same williont ali.v Condition Alteralion or liinilalion o\' CSes or otlie lliinii 
lliat -May Alter ('lianjic 1-Aaeiiate or .Make \'oyd I his jireSant deede of Sale; 
And after the delivery hereof tlien tlie Said Nalhaniell \\'aterniaii, his heirs, 
iOxeeiitors Administrators or ASsijiiies are Invested \Vitli the Said lands and 
I'riveUdj^es aforeSd as with a Keall. true, & rndefeazeable Estate of Inherit- 
ance in tree Simple; Aud the Said John Lai)]iani & Nieholas La|i|iani doth t'lir- 
llier ('ovenant and I'roiniSe that Wee the Said John La)i]iani kV; Xiiholas !,a])- 
]iam our heirs ICxeeutors Administrators or ASsif^ues Shall i^ \\"\\\ Warrant 
iS; forevi'r defend the Said Eijiiity acres of land & rrivelidjics aforeSd unto him 
the Said Nathaniell \VaterMan his heirs Executors Administrators or AS 
si^ni's aj;ainSt the lawfull ("lialleni;e Claime or denuuids of any I'erSon or 
IVrSons ^VIlatSoever ; In \\'itneSs lic for ( "onfirMatioii of all the ahoveWrittcn 
Wee the Said John LappaM & Nicholas Lappam have hereunlo Set our hands 
& Seales this Twenty third day of March in the tenth ycare of y'' Keii;Ti of our 
Sover(Mi^ii Lady Anne Queene of (Ireat liritlain, ^( ' : .Vnno- Itomiiii. one 
TliouSand Seven hundred and Tenn or Eleven. 

Signed Sealed «& delivered, Memorandum, before Sijiueing 

in the preSente of us, and Sealeinj^', that the word, 

^\■illiam Olney Eighty, was interlined he- 

William ffield. / twixt the Sixteenth ^: Sev- 

enteenth lines 

.lolin Lajih.iiii \.. S. 
Nicholas I>apliani I,. S. 

Kecorded Aprill Providence in Klioad Island Colony; Tlie day 

th' IM"' ITlL' i^ ycare aboveSaid ; The abovenamed John 

f^ Tlio : Olney Lappam & Nicholas Lapjiaiii perSiuially ap- 

Clerk./ peared \- ackiidwli'dged Ihe alioiieWril leu In- 

strument to be their free & N'oliinlary act & 
deede befoi-e Me Kichard \\'a1eriiian JuSliee 
of the IN'uce. / 

l'.(> it known unto all People by tlieSe preSeuls thai 1 Hannah I'.ellod of 
the Tdw ue df I'ro\idence in the colony of Ithoad Island ..K; Providence Plan- 
tations in XeW lOngland (Widdow) for kV in CouSid<'rat ion df llie gddd Will 


& affection that I have & beaie (o My Son James Delloo, as alSo being Mind- 
ful! of his dutiful! demeaneing of hiuiSeife at a!! times towards Me; And 
alSo My Son Peter Beiloo on the aforeSaid eonSiderations; both of them be- 
ing of the Towne of Providence aforeSaid; as alSo for Sundry & divers other 
good CanSes & ("onSiderations me hereunto Moveing, have freely Given, 
Granted & made Over unto my Said two Sons (viz) James Helloo & Peter 
LJelloo iMiually belweene tlicni lo he devided, all .S; whole that EState Which 
anyWaycs doth to me belong, being derived from My Aunt M''*^ Pattent for- 
merly of J>orcheSter in the Province of the JlaSacliuSetts Bay in NeW Eng- 
land; (Shee being Xow deceaSed,) The Said EState in what Specia Soever in 
may aiipeare to be in, to be unto them my Said two Sons their heirs & AS- 
signes forEver; the Said EState lieing & being in any place Whereever it May 
be found ; 

And I do on the Considerations aforeSaid freely & Absolutely Give & Make 
Over from Me, my Heirs, or any other (Maimers unto my Son James Beiloo 
his Heirs & ASsignes forever all i^ whole My part or Share in a WarehouSe 
loll in Said I'rovideuce Towne; In WitneSs of the premiSses 1 have hereunto 
Set My hand & Seale this Eight of Jlarch one ThouSand Seven hundred and 
Eleven, or twelve; 

Signed Sealed & delivered the Mark Z of Hannah P.elloo L. S. 

in the preSeuce of us 

John Tnman, junior Hannah lielloo personally appeared 

Vallintiue Inman./ liefore Me the day & yeare aboveWrit- 

ten, & acknowledged this inSlrument 
to he her free act & deede ; Eliezer 
Arnold, Justice of y' peace./ 

Recorded Aprill the 21: 1712; x^ Tho : Olney Clerk./ 

[228] The TeStemoney of JoSeph MorSe of DorcheSter. in the C(Uinty 
of SiilVolke in her MajeStys Province in the MaSachuSets P.ay in New l'>ngland 
is as followelh ; ( viz| 

That theSe lines may Signilie to all PerSons; That 1 the Subscriber hereof 
did forMerly See M' (lideon Crawford of I'rovideuce Make Sale of two lotts 
of land in Pi<i\i(]ence lieing Joyneing together on the EaSt Side of the Road, 
Ncere to Saniuell ^Vhipples, Senior; And alSo another I'erCell of land on llie 
\VeSI Side (d' the Road, adjoyneing to the land of William Harris; to Hciiiy 
Adams Now liveing in Providence; And that the Said M^' Gideon Crawford 
did i;ecei\c of the Said Adams a SatiSfactoi-y Sum of ^loney for Sai.l land; 
And liiat the Said M'' Gideon Crawford did give a firnie \\'arranta!)le deedi' 


(if S;iiil hinds iV: llic riivcliducs aiipcrlMiiiciiii: llicrciiiild. In tlir Said Adams 
Iroiii Said -M' ('rawfdid iS: liis liciis to tin* Said Adams l^ his llidrs as in law- 
Was I'rn|i];('i-; And dial lliis Was dcinc ahdul 10, or V2 yearcs to (lie i)i'Sl id' 

My Mi' vy licforc llic dafc licicnl'; And in TeSteuiony liinrof 1 Set |o My 

liand Iliis 2(i'i' day id' Ajirill. 1711./ 

.JoScjih Miii-Se. / 

I'rovideni-c, iu Klniad island Ccdnny; The day ^^ xcait' above 
Said iP JoScph MorSc I'fiSonally aiijicarcd ^; Made oalli to 
the al)ovi'Wi-itti'n. Ind'orc Mc Kicliard NN'atciinan JnSlicc; 

Recorded Ajirill y li'.t.'" ITlL'. V 'I'lio: Olney Clerk./ 

This ^\■riteinl;■ Ma\ 'i'eSielie unio all i'erSons 'i'hal 1 Thomas (»lney of the 
Tow Hc of I'rovideuee in the Colony (d' Koad Island ^; I'rovidenee I'lanlal ions, 
iu Ne^^' Kngland (Seniorl did lieare .M' (ii(h'on Cndrnrd (d' the Tow ne of 
rrovidenee aforeS' ( Meiiliant I Say, that he hail Sidd unto ihnry Adams of 
the aforeSaid Towne of I'rovidenee Certaine lands lieinj; vS; lieiTij; \\'illiin ihe 
Said I'rovidenee Towne; one I'areidl lhere(d' liein^ two honSelolls or home- 
Sliaares of ■•■|Sd| land liein^i; in Ihe Norlherne end td' Said Towne and in Ihe 
How of honSelolls. and are liolh adjoyneinj; lo,i;elher Side by Side and So 
holh of (hem maUe one Tareell; Maeh loll heinji laid oul for li\i' aeies. \ So 
both .Make Tenn acres, i be ii .More or leSs) and is bounded on Ihe WeSlerne 
end wilh the Comou l.'nadWay (or as il may be Said. Ihe Tow lie Sireeie.i and 
bounded on theeaSlerne i;iid wilh a hi.nliWa\. and on ihe Soiiiherne Side Wilh 
the iioimdands of Ihe heirs of ihe deceaSed Saiiiliell Whipple f(Uiiierl\ of Said 
I'rovidenee. and on ihe .\iiri heme Side wilh land in Ihe I'oSseSsion <d' .M' 
.loSeph Wlii|i]de id' Said I'loviilelice ( merchant | and lo him lielonj;inji ; 'I'he 
Other I'arcell of land beiiii; laid oul for ele\-en acres (l)e il More or leSs i and 
is Sciluale lieinji and beiiii; a lillle Waxes WeSlWai'd from Ihe WeSi I'.mi of 
the aforeSaid two liomelolls of laud, and on Ihe WeSlerne Side of Ihe afoie 
Said ("oniinou K'oadWay or 'i'owiie SIreele; 'I'he Sonlherue jiarl of llie Said 
Eleveu acres of laud adjouiein^' lo Ihe Xoiiherne pari of l.nid XoW beloni; 
\\\g to William Harris of Said I'rovidenee (Weaver, I the llaSteriie jiart 
hoiinded \\'ilh Ihe Commouland, and on the WeSlerne pari wilh Ihe Ki\er 
Called .MoShauSiiek Ki\er; The which Said lOleven acres of land lielli a lil 
tie wa.M's Soulhwai-d iK: SoulhweSI ward from the South WeSlerne Cormier of 
the land of I'rovideuee I'.urieinj;- place: .\nd alSo I the Said 'i'homas ()liie\ did 
See ihe Said .M' Cidemi Ciulfnrd lieceive a Considerable ^: N'aluable Sum of 
Money of Ihe aforeSaid Henry Adams for the ]iaynien( for Ihe alioNc.Mcn 
tinned I Wo I'arcells of land. Wilh Which Said Sum id' .Money llie Said Ciiil 


(■(111 iiillnrd (lid nwne liiiiiScIfc tn lie t'ullv S,i1 iHfled Conl('iit(Hl & l^iiid for 
Hie ul)ov<'S;iid two I'iircells of land, and ii|ioii flic liuccption of llit^ Said Sum 
of .Money tkc Said (iideoii ('i-uHiird, did Sialic Si-ale .S: deliv(^i- inilo (lie Said 
llcnr\ Adams a l(\nall cV Aiillicnlick \\'rill('ii deede of Sale of (lie Said two 
]iai(('lls of land, .S; all iS: every of their Apjiurtenances, li.v ^^'lliell the Said 
Heiny Adams his Heirs & ASsiijnes Mi^ht have i^ hold all & Every the Same 
to lliem iV Iheir Heirs & ASsignes in Ifee Simple forEver, agaiuSt liim the Said 
(iidcoii Cruti'nrd his Heirs & ASsignes al all times, With a good & Sil'lieieiit 
AVarianty from him the Said (iideon ("ruiriiid in Said deede for him the Said 
Henry Adams his Heirs & ASsignes to hold all & livery the deniiSed I'rem 
iSses and Appiirtenaiices foreVer Cleare and free. The ^^'hi(•h bargaiue of 
the Said lands, 1 the Said Thomas Oliiey did lieare the Said (Jideon ("riitl'iird 
"Will', ^: did Si e llie Said Henry .\daiiis |iay the ahoveSaid ^foneys to Said 
('riillnrd fur Said lands, i^- did See S'' Crulfurd Signe Seale ^^- d(diver S'' deede 
unto Said Henry Adams; All Wliieh Was done & jierformed at the Said <rid- 
((in Criilliird his ()^^'lle lioiiSe in Said Providence; but as to the day, Month, 
iV yearc When Wliat is aluntdOxiircSt Was iierfornied it is gone out of my 
mind; hot to (he hcSt of My Ke.M|einjl)rance it was done Sometime Ohout 
Tciin or [twcluc| *[!']leven] yeares liefore the date of theSe preSents; for 
( "(inlirmalidii "f \\'\\:\t is ahovcSignilied iV declared 1 the Said Thomas Oluey 
have hereunto Set my hand tliis Second d;iy nf .Vprill Aiiii0((- l)oiiiiiii (uie 
Thousand Seven hundred & twelve: Thomas Olney Sen'. / 

I tlie alioveSaid Thomas Olney >\'as llie iieiimau which wrott 
Hie Said deede, being imployed liy Said Crulfurd, 

I'riividcnce in Klioad Island Cobmy the :.'(J day of Aprill Anno: Domini: 
ITll!: the aboveiiamed M' Thomas Olney ]ierSon(dy apjiearod & did atteSt to 
the Iruclli (if all (lie aboveWriKen, before Me Kicliard Walerman. .luSdce. 

Ivecorded, ''"[This 

day of .\|irill 171L': r* 'i'li": ^^hwy ClerU./ 

[229] IMarch y" .V" IT'"/,: 

r.aid downe, i^- laid ou( agaiue five acres of land for doliu .\iigell, NN'liich 
Sd land Was (Irauied by Exchange wilh flie Towiie at their ipiarter Meefcing. 
and liv their order laid doWne ^K; lakeu up againe tiie aforeSaid land was laid 
ddwne oil (he I'^aStWardly Side of flic land is Next to tiie HighWay that 
leadelh from Ihe Towne ^V; So along by doiiallian Whijijiles c^ John Itrowns, 
and (he bonnd.s NOw is on Ihat Side of y" former land as followefli, on fhe 
Soulhi'.aSfWardly jiari a licape of Sioiics and Kangelh \orthWar(ll.\' fo a black 
oake free .M:iiKed being a Xorfhi'.aSf wardly roriiner, and fhe aforeSaid heape 
of Sfones is a Corniier on (he E.aSI or SoutheaSi Wardly jiari of Said land. 


and is lakrii np ai;:iiiif (in- In Sav laid out I on llir WCSi Warillv Sidr of llii' 
fornirr land; and honndcd as iolloWdli ; ll.i'j;iniuy,' al a While <)ai<c I rcc 
.Markrd hcinii' *[llu'| a lionnd of llic loiinci- land, and Kani;clli WcSl warillv 
aliiail foilv Six [i(di's |o a Wliili' Oaki' lice Mai-kcd iicinji llic Xorl liw rSI Coin 
ner, and from llicncr lo K'aniic Sonlliwardly lo a Small (iiri'Mc (>akr lirr 
.Marked Standiuj;' jnSi liv a ('oinnei- of .loiin Itrownc' land, lV from lliein-e a 
little iloi-e EaStWardl.v lo a While Oake tree Marl<ed lieinii ;i kind of a CorX 
Ner, and from Said While Oake lo Kanjic SoijthWeSi w ai-dl\ lo a liea|ie <d' 
Stones beiui; a Coi-nner on the SonlliWeSlWardly part of Said land, and 
from S'' lieape id' Stones |o Kaniic Something- .More SonlhllaSiw ardly to a 
White Oake Tree .Markeil lieing a ('ornnei- of Sd laNd and a Coinner of the 
formier laud & is a bound of Iteujamiu Smith land. vV; a honn I (d' William 
Sniitli-^ hind, and So lielh adjoyneing to the foinier land from the laSi.Men 
tioned hound to the IJound lirSl .\lenl ioiu'd ; Th<' ahoveSaid land is Ihal land 
where Hope Angel 1 livelh. Wliieh Said .John Angell bought of f'diSlia Smith: 
the WeStwardly Si(h' being about as long as the XortliWardly Side; but liy 
tWo of the boumls Standing MaSI w ardly of a Straight line .Markelh Xeere 
tlie Complement of laml abovcSpecilied, iV \ery Xeere what was laid downe: 

. (K'ecorded :\Iay y' l!»'": ITTJ: "r' ''"li": < >iney, (Merk. / ) 

Laid out by Me Thomas (»lney jun' 
Surveioi-. / 

TO All ChriSiian People before whcune theSe preSenIs Shall or .May Come 
I'lliSha Smith of Providence in the ('(dony of Ixo.-id Island ^: I'rov idenre I'lan 
tations in New lOngland Sendelh Cieeleing: KXOW Yee. Thai Whereas I the 
Said I'JiSha Smith for vV; in CmiSiderat ion id' Tiiirty and Six Siiillings (d' Cur 
rent Silver Mone\ i\( Xi'w [■".ngland by me in hand lieceivcd and Well and 
^\■(dl iS; truely paid by .lohn .Mawrey <d' the Same Towne i^ Colony aforeSaid 
the reee]it whereof I do hei-eby acknowledge and .MySelfe Iherew illi fully Sal 
iSti<'d contented iS: I'.iid. did (!i\c (Irani bargaine and Sell unio him the Said 
*[did give Grant I'.ai-gaine vV Sc | .lolm .MaWrey Six .\cres of land which I 
had for the allowance of a IlighWay Ihal is laiil tlirough my laml Xeere my 
Now tlwellinglKUiSe ; .\nd llie Said John Mawrey haveing taken up the Said 
Six ucres (d' land (ui the llaSlWard Sid(> <if the Seven .Mile line In Trm idcnce 
aforeSaid and laid it Willi Six acres id' land Ihal he looke uji on his ow ne 
Kiglii as by a lieturne under Ihe hand of the Snrveior Will ajipeare. the Said 
tW(dve acres is bomuled on Ihe SonlhweSl Coriiei' with a lieape .d' Sliuies ^c 
IJangelh Xorfh WeSI Wardly lo a lied Oake tree .Marked, and from lliem-e lo 
a ]nne tree .Marked being Ihe NorlhWeSt Cormier, and from ilicnce to Kaiige 
EaStwardlv to a White (lake tree Marked bi'iiig Ihe .Xorl li I'.aSi Wardly Corn 


iut; and fioni (licncc to Kange Soiitli\\'ar(ll,v lo a I'iiie tree marked liciiig tlie 
SiHiflieaStwardly Coriioer, and from lliencc lo IJange \VeSt\vardl_v to the tirSt 
.Menlioncd lieajie of Stones on llie SontIi\N'eSt ("ornner; The Said laud lielh 
On llic Xorlhwardly Side of thai \r,\v{ of 1'auliickell River < "aUed liu' I'.ranch; 
I'.iil In KeaSon 1 (rave him no ASsiuance of Said six acres of htnd I do NoW 
In IheSe ]ireScnts Alien Eufeotf and Contirme the Said Six acres of laud from 
Me Ihe Said EliSha Smith My Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsigues 
unio him Ihe Said John jSIawrey his Heirs Executors Administrators cSc AS- 
signes forever, TO have & to hold the Said Six acres of land with all & Singu- 
lar the Privelidges ProlTitts, beneiitts & Aiijiurtenances to the Same lielongiug 
unto him the Said John ^Mawrey and unIo his Heirs Executors Adminis- 
trators and ASsignes free and ("leaic forc\'er; and |nn|to his & their 0\\'ne 
Proper TSe & behoofe, freely iV; (Mcarcly aquitted ICxonerated and fully dis- 
charged from nie the Said I']liSlia Smilli my Heirs Ivxecutors Administrators 
& ASsignes. and otf & from all other or former bargains Sales, (rifts, (Jrauls 
Mortgages, LeaSes wills Intailes Dowrvcs Joyntures thirds or Inf nibrances 
of what Xalnre or terme Soever thai may alter Change I']vacuat._ or .Make 
\'oyd this preSant deede of Sale; And the Said John Mawrey his Heirs l-Lxecu- 
tors AdminiSlralors or ASsignes Sail or May l)y force & N'ertue of theSe jireS- 
enls Injoy and I'oSscSs the Said Six acres of land iK; I'rivelidges aforeSaid 
Williiiut any Internplion or MolcSlalion as his ,!»; theii- oWue l'ro]icr Kight and 
Hue Inheretance; Ami 1 the Said lOliSha Smilli My Heirs Ivxecutors Adminis- 
trators ^ ASsignes Shall and will \\'ari-anl and forever defend the Same unto 
him Ihe Said John Mawrey his Heirs lOxecutors Administrators or ASsignes 
againSI Ihe hnvfnll Challenge ("laimi> or demands of any PerSon thai Shall 
claime IntreSt llr.'rein or Title Ihercio by any Meani'S W'halSoever ; InWilneSs 
and Conlirmation hereof I [230] 1 Hie Said l^liSha Smith have hereunto Set 
My hand and Scale this l':ievenlh day of March in Ihe Eleventh yeare of the 
Keign of our Sovereigne Lady Anne (^)neeiie of Oreat Prittan. &(_' : Anno: 
l>omini, one TlionSand Se\en Inindrcil and Ele\i'n or twelve. 

SigTied Sealed & delivered lOllSha Smilli Tv. S. 

in Ihe preSence of us — . I'rovidenee in IJoade Island Col- 

Abigail WaterMan, ony Ihe day lS; yeare aboveS'^ the 

Heborah Angell. / aboxcXamed ]']liSha Smith perSou 

ally appeared, and ackninvledgcd 
Ihe abovewritten hiStrumenl lo 
be his flee and \'oluutarey act 
and dceile; before me Kichard 
M'a1<'riiiaii .liiSlice of Peace. 

Recorded .Mav Ihe •_•()'", ITlli, V ''"l"': Olney Clerk./ 


Laid oiil Id -Idliii .M:i\\ rev Hiiilil acifs of hiiiil llia( S'' .Mawrcv hiiiii;hl nf 
Saniucll Aldricli Whirli S' hiii.l is ii]i<ni llic Ki^hts (if William Man ^: Wil- 
liaiii llii|ikiiis li\(' acii's nl' S'' lainl is laid (in llic IvlSI Side (if \\CS(|na(l(iiiii'- 
Sci I'laiiic in llic Wdddland. and lidiindcd as fdllnwcl li ; (in llic Nurlli I'.aSI 
( 'i.i-iiii'i- willi a ciicSsiinl I rcc .Marked liciii!;' a IkiiiikI nf Said MaWrvcs land 
lliat lie lias laid (Hil licfmc, and fidin ;liciicc Id liaijj;i^ lviSt\\'ardlv Id a IJcick 
lii'inji' a ('(irncr (in llic llaSi Side, and frcnn S'' Kock td Kanfi'e Sdiil liWardly 
Id a black Oake Irec Marked liciiii; Ihe SdiillieaSI ('(iriinei-, and a iidimd df 
land fdi-nierlv Inddiiuinu' Id .IdSlina \'erin. iV frmn llicnce Id i{an,i;c WeSt 
wanily id a IJuck willi Sliines laid dii il lieint;' a SmilliWeSI ('iirniici-. .S: lidiii 
llicnce Id l{ani;e Xerl liw cSI wardly In llie ( '(iriuier (if Uanicll Williams his 
land, il lieini; dii llic imrllilvaSI ('uruiier (if Said Williames land, ^Vc Sd liclli 
ad jd\ le^iiii; (d llic afiircSaid land (if .Idlin Mawre.x t(i Ihe lirSI .MenI idiied 
lidiiml. And Iwn acres (if Said land is laid init adjuyneini; In his iillici- land 
liy .Mallale .Meadddw Itdiinded as fdlldWelli ; lieiiinini;- al a While Oake I rce 
.Marked, lieiny a Xdrlhl'.aSI Cdi-nncr. and l{ani;etli WeSlwardly In a While 
Oake li-ee .Marked lieini; a ("driiner, iV frdiii Ihence Id Kaiijic Sdiil h\\'eSI ■ 
\\'ardly Id a while Oake linSli Willi Sliines laid alxjiit il ; & frdiii Said liiiSli lo 
K'ance fiaSl Id a While Oake Iree wilh Sfdnes laid alxml i( ; Ihence iiKire 
Sdiilhc.iSi Id aiidlher while (lake Iree .Marked a SdiillilOaSI ('iirnner. i.V; fnim 
iheiici- Id ii|Miii a SliaiLihl line td Ihe liiSl .Meiilidiied lidiind; \\\i\ unc 
acie licih adjduicini: In his (tllicr land al WanS(i(|ii(i| Hill. v*s: lidiiii(lc(I .as 
fdlldwi'iji; liciiinin:.; al a i'iiie Iree .Marked, licinji' a SiuilhwcSl ("(U'liner, iV: 
li'an.uelh XdiihcaSI Id a itcdd Oake iree Willi Sidiies laid almiil ihe Kdnle df 
il lieinii :i <'iniinci-. ,.>< fi-diii ihence Id Kanue llaSi wardly Id a While (take Iree 
marked iV; Slinics laid aliniii it, ^V friiiii Ihence SniillieaSl w ardi y In a hcape df 
Siciics heiiiL; a SdiiiheaSi Cdrniicr \ a lidiind nf liis fdrinei- land, and fniiii 
ihence Id li'aiii;!' In ihe llrSi .MenI idiicil lidiind ; 

The lirSl li\c aiacs lielli Ndllli \; Soiilli '2'i |i(ilcs, ihe Siiillh end 1(1 |id|es 
wide, llic mirlli end L' I pdles Wide; Ihe I w'd aia-cs almnl II) |idles S(|iiai-c; The 
(ine acre is Ncere alidiil I L' pules w ide ^; II |idles ion;;; i>aid diil .March Ihe 7"' 
X S"' : Y' me 'i'hdinas Oliiey Siir\ci(ir, and lielh (in \' caSI Sidcdf \' Seven mile 
line ; 

K'ecdrded .lime Ihe .""' 1 7 TJ ',- ' 'I'll": Olney Clerk./ 

KNOW all .Men liy llieSe. |ircSenls Thai wee Kachell I'lillcr .^^ .\licll Tel- 
ler Sdii df Said K'acliell I'dllcr IhiIIi nf I'mxidciice in Ihe Cdldiiy (d' K' Is- 
land kV; l'rd\idciice I'lanlal idiis f(ir iV: in ( 'iinSidcral ion nf Twii hnmlicil 
Clirrenl .Mdiiey in hand alreads Well vS; Irmdy |iaid iinln lis liy I'.eMJamin <'(inu 
ddn jiinidi- df KinjiSldWiie in Ihe ('iilliiney aliiiiicSaid, have I'.arcained Sdid 


ICnfi'dtft'd Jliulc iiiid paSscd Over triuu iis niii- Heirs Kxeculnis AdiiiiiiiSli-a- 
tcii's iS; ASsigiii's unto llu.' Said Jlriijaiiiiii ("oiijiddii. his Heirs Executors <S; AS- 
sigues All that oui- MauSiouhouSe and llaiMe Whereon W\v Now dwell Within 
the TowncSliijip of I'rovidence in the ('oloney ahoveSaid. lying in that jiai't of 
the Countrev conionly knowne iS; called by the Name of Ma8hantatack, Said 
Ifai-nie Containcing tlifly Seven acres of land, that is Eigliteene foote to the 
];ole, Muted and lionnded according to the Jlaiiii O'' I'''^^ of Said farnie .Made 
\i\ .M' .l(iSe])h Carder Surveior (deceaSed) Taken by him the 2S"' of .March 
101)1: All which Said farnie, honSe houSeing fences, buildings & Edetices 
thereujion together ^\'ith the rri\clidges ic aiiimrtenances therein or there- 
nulo a|)]iertaineiug for Consideration abo\eSaid wee have S(dd as aboveSaid 
from us our Heirs ILxecutors AdniiniStralors .V: .\Ssignes unto the Said l!en- 
janiin Congdon, his Heirs I'jXecutors Administrators ..V; ASsignes To have .S; 
to hold forcN'er, as a Pure Cleare & Indefeazeable EState of 1 nlierilance in 
Ifee Simple, without any Coinlition, KeStriction, or limitation Whatsoever; 
Clearely .S; freely lOxonerated, aijuitted & discharged, and the Said Benjamin 
Congdon hiveSled & PoSseSsed of the aljovi'bargained premiSses; Jloreover 
by us the Said Ifachell Potter vV; .\bell I'otter our Heirs Executors and Admin- 
istrators the Said IJenjaniin Congdon his Heirs I'xecutiws .\dminiStrators & 
.\Ssignes Shall be forever Warrenti/.cd Sa\-ed i^ kept harmeleSS olf vV from all 
and every manner of lawfuU ('hallenge ('laiine lii: DcMands of any PerSon m- 
PerSons lawfully laying Claiuie to the abnvebargained PremiSses or any I'arl 
or Pei-cell thereof under any jirelence ^VhatSoever; And Wee do declare lliat 
at and bef(U'e the EnSealeiug of theSe jireScnts that [231] that wee are the 
true Pight & lawfull owners of the abovebargained jJremiSes and have full 
power & laWfulJ .Vutliorily to make Sale & diSjioSe of the Same as Wee have 
done by thiSe ]ireSents; In ^^'itneSs Wher<H)f, ^Vce have hereunto Set our 
hands \- Scales this foui'teenth day of ll'ebruary in the Tenth yeare of her 
.MajeSI\es Peign Anne I^'K''''!'' "f <>reat llrillain kC: .\nno(j' Komini NoStri 
IT"/,., :' 

Signed Sealed ^V leliv-cred / K,achell Poller L. S. 

in the ]ii-eSen((' of us — \ The .Mark of ^\ .\bell 

.Mary Smith I'olter L. S. 

The nuirk of 

William W^ Sweete The day & yeare aboveWritten, 

I he alM.veS>' Pacludl Potter & 
.\bell Poller her Son .Vcknow ledgi'd 
(he ali(i\eWrilten InStrunien 
to be their act i; deede. be- 
fore Me Sim^ Sm"' JuStice. / 

.MfiiKiraiHlinii llial llic IJiall iiilciit nf llic alu'M' (IcimIc is dial llic almxi'S'' 
I'riiinniiii t 'iiiijidoii liis lli'irs \' ASsiyiics arc lo liaxc llicir prdpori imi iil' llic 
( '(iiiiiiKiiis, S(i Mucli as is rci'laiiiciii;;' to oi- acc(ir<liiii;' tn llic ]iro]iiM-( icii as Will 
licldiiji' Id the fai'X<'; WiliicSs our liaiiils llic day iS; ycarc alsoYcWi-iilcii ; 

Signed in y'' |ircSciicc dl' lis j Kaclicll i'dllcr. 

Mary Siiiitli. The Mark df 

tSimou Siiiitli, Alicll /\ roller 

Recorded .lime y" 5"': 1712; 
Tj^ Tho : Okie Clerk. / 

.A[aich : l^S KJUl 

^7 acres Surxeiil 

t'cr Ahell I',, tier 

al Ills houSeStccd 

'f> .IdSe]ili Carder ^ 

This map or |dni df 
land was lici-e i'lntrcvl 
(111 Kccdi-il .1 line the 
Sixl ITI-J: 
V Tho: Olncy Clerk./ 

1'liis Wrilciiii; WilncSselli an .\;irciiien| lietweene 'i'hdnias llield ami Tiiii- 
iilh\ Cariicnicr. Initli df (he 'rdwiic of rrd\ideiice in llic Cdllenx df Kdade Is- 
land and rrdxidciiec I'laiilal idiis in .New i;n;j,land, as ('(HHcrnini;' Sunie dill'cr- 
ence which for Sdine lime lialli !i<'en lielwccnc llieni ahdiil a devidcinji line he- 
tweene their lands licint;' vS; licini;' al the plac*' within the TdwneSlii|i|i df I'rdvi- 
deiice ('ailed I'limcanSctl , and within the I'roprietye of I'auttixclt; Tho 
Wliii-h ai;fccmetil is as fdlldwelh (N'iz :| That a Strais'h line Shall he Kiinii lic- 
Iwciie their Said lands he;;iniii.i;' al a black Cake Tree .Marked Slamliiij;- fdily 
& Six jidles NorlliWard frdin Ihe Sdntli end of a Ditch lieinu' dii llie WcSlerno 
]iart of Said Thdinas flield his land liciiii;- al Said rnmcanSell. iS; fi-diii Said 


.Marked hhirk (take ti'ce In IIiiiiii lOaSlw ai'd (lu a Sirai.ulil line lo aiKillii'i- lilack 
(lake iii'c Maikrd Staiidiiii>- in the tViicc, the \Vliii-li Said Ti-cc is a li:)niidliee 
ill llial riacc liriwrciic lln'ir Said lands; And tliat tlic lands licin^ <in llii- 
Siinlli Side of llic Said line Shall he and helonj:;' nnl(i llic Said Timothy ( 'ar 
penter his Heirs iV; ASsij>nes forever: And ]the| lands on I he Xortli Side of 
the Said line lieing & being shall he & belong nnto the Said Thomas ffield his 
Heirs iK: ASsignes foreVer; And that the Said Thomas flield Shall at his 
OW'ne <'haige ^lake ^^ Conlinnally Maintaine a Snllirient \N'ay for Carts to 
paSs W'ilhin his owne land aCroSs a deejie Valley; This being the nuitnall & 
joynt agrenieni betweene the aboveSaid two I'erSons, for theniSelves anil their 
Heirs ami ASsignes foreN'er: In ^^■ilneSs ^^'llerellf liolh I'ai-tyes have here- 
unlo S( I Iheir hands ,5i Scales this liflh day of .lune Anmi(|'' l»(nMini one Ihon- 
Sand Seven hnndred .S: twelve. 

Signed i^ Sealed 
in I he preSeuce of us, 
Tho : (Hney Sen'': 
.lames J )exter. 

Thomas flield 1.. S. 
Timothy (/arpenter L. S. 

lleeorded June y*' (i"' ITlL*: 'f* Tho: 
Ohiey Clerke./ 

[232J \\'liereas 'I'homas W'alei's formerly KeSidenI in IheTowneof Provi- 
dence in llie Colony of Ithode island ^i; I'roxidenee I'lanlalions in New I'ng- 
iand was I'oSseSsed of a eei-laine I'ercell of land lieing iV lieing in the North- 
erm |;art of the Said Providence Towne to th (juanlety of Ivlevi n acres, as by 
his |)cede is l^xjireSl (or (hereaboulsi Itnt Ihe Said Tlonnas W'aliMs for a 
Ti-anSgreSsion Was by the Anthorilye ('ondemned lo dye Whereby his Said 
I. and fell lo be Ihe Kings CnSlome; Yel in fa\onr of life. Sir Ivlmnnd An- 
drus Knighl I Inn ( iovernor in <"heife of New I*'iigland Pardoned him iS: P>an- 
niSiied him I lie land; The Said Thomas ^Vaters lea\('ing a Wife and ^^ a 
child in S'' ProNidi'iice lo Ihe ('are vV; charge of the Said 'I'owne. \Vlierenpoii 
llie Said Sj- I'^dmnnd .Xnilros did mal:e over tV PaSs away Ihe Said Thomas 
Walcrs his Said land in S'' Providence Cnlo ihe MajeStrates i^ Seleii Men of 
Said Providence for Ihe I'Se of Ihe Said Thomas Walers \\'ife \ Child: And 
Whereas Ihe MajeSlralcs who now are in Said Providence and Coiincell do 
Sland in Ihe Same Capacily as Ihe MajeSlrates & SelectMen then did: <!id 
eon .('rawford of Said Pro\ ideiice haveing I'rojioSed to buy the Said Penell 
of land; P.e il knowne nnio all Peo]ile by theSe *[theSe] PreSents. Thai llie 
MajeSlrates and Towne Conncell of Said Pro\i(l<'nce for cK; in ConSideral ion 
of (i\e Pounds CurrenI Sihcr Money in hand already well and Iriilly Paid 
iiiilo II, em li\ (iideon Crawford of Said Providence for Ihe I'Se of Anne Wal 
ers wife of Said Thomas Walers havi.' ^V by IheSe pi'cSeiils 1 >( ) (live (iraiil liar- 


<;;iiiic Sell i;iitV<ill'c. Alirn ASsijiiic vS; .Mnlic (i\(n- (lie Said rcricl' i)f laiiil unto 
the Said (lidcdii < 'raw lord liis Heirs lOxecutms AdininiSlralnr.-! ^ ASsijiiies 
fore\"<'i- in as full ^: Aiii|iie a iiiaiiiKM' as i( dolli uiilo (lieiii helonii-. Willi all i!t 
Siiifiiilar llie Privilidiics <V: Aii|piiilciiaiKes (o llie Said land lielnniiinii Ami all 
tlie i:state Kiglit lutrcSI Tille. Clainie or de:Maud WliatSoevcr of llicni llie 
Said .MajeStrates & To\\n<' Councell in or lo llie Said land or any |)aT-| lliereof 
'!'( » liave and lo Indd (lu> Same nnio the Said Gideon ("raWford his Ili'iis Jlx 
ecillors AdniiniSti-alors vV ASsiiines forever lo the only i'roprr USe & lichoofc 
of Ihe Said (!i(h'on ('rawford his Heirs lOxecnIors AdniiiiiStralors vV; AS- 
si<;nes forcscr: Qnielly 6c I'eaccahly llie Same to im]irove injoy iS: I'oSseSs at 
all times Without MoleStaiion Claimc ^\\^ Demand hy or from Ihr Said MajeS- 
trail's vV Conncill or their Sin-ceSsors, So farr forth as the I'ower t<i them 
("o.Miltcd doth Extend: In WitneSs of the pre.MiSses llie Said .MajrSI rales 
i^, Councell do CauSi' iS; (>r<ler on their hchalfe Ihe ("larkc of the ( 'onncill lo Set 
lierennio his hand and Scale Ihe Twenty i*>; Second day of .May in the ware one 
TlionSand Seven linndred, 17(10. 

Signed Sealed ..V; deli\'ered By order of the MajeS- 

in tlie iireSence of ns — trates & Conneill. 

.JoSe|j|i MorSe Tho: Olney L. S. 

The Mark of Henry Clarke of y" Council!./ 

L_^ r.rowne, jun'': 

Ileeorded June the C."'. 171-J: 
'<i> TLo: Olney Clerk 

Laid out to ^A■al(er relejilace Twenty acres of land on the i'laSt Side of Ihe 
Seven .Mile line, Si-itnatc iV lieini; where J'cte]dace liveth & hounded as fol- 
lowcth liciiinini;- at a hlack (»akc 1 i-ec Marked I'.einii- th(> XortheaSH 'ornner, ^S: 
Kan^'lh wcSlwardly lo a ("hcSsnul tree marked heinf;' a XorthweSt Cormier, 
i^c friMii thence to Kaii,i;e Southwardly to a K<'d Oake tree .Marked heinii a 
S<Milli W<'SI ('ornner. \ from iliencc to ivan^e lOaStWardlx lo a ('heSsnul 
While Oake tree. So Called lieinii' Ihe Sonthi'IaSt C<irnner, kV; friun thence lo 
l\ant;e .\'orlh\vardl.\ lo Ihe lirSI .MenI ioned hound, and is in lenjith Tli poles, 
and in hreadlh T,V, |)oles, vS: is laid out in ihe Kii;lil of William Man; Tiiis 
ai)oveS'' land is laid out in the lvij;ht alioveS'', it in y" lifly acr<' deviSion of 
S'' Kij;ht; Laid out .March Ihe S'" 17" ij Y' "le Tho: Olney jun": Snrveior. 

IJecoiMh'd .Iiine the !()"': 1712 'p Tho: Olney, Clerk./ 

'{■( > all ("hriSlian I'eoph' liefore Wlhjme lliis |ireSanl I »eedc of Sale Shall 
come \allianie| | .Mawrey id' I'roxidcncc in Ihe ('oloney of ijoade Island and 
I'roxideiice I'lanlalions in .\ew i;ni;land Sendelh (ireeteinji: KNOW Vee 


that 1 the Said N;ithaiiic'll Mawicv f(ir & in CoiiSidciatiou of fourc I'ouiuls 
and tenii Siiiilings of Ciu'rent Money of Kew lOngland by me in liand already 
Received, and ^^\']] & truley paid by M'' JoSejih Whipple of the Same Towne & 
Coloney aforeSaid (Merchant) the recept Whereof I do hereby acknowledge 
& MyHelfe there^^'ith fully Satisfied Contented & paid, have (iiven (irantcd, 
Bargained & Sold, Aliened Enfeoffed Oonveiglied cS; ("ontirnied, and do by 
tJieSe ]ircSents fully freely Clearely and Absolutely (live Grant, Bargaine & 
Sell Alien, Enfeolfe, ('onveigh cSi Confirnie unto him the Said JoSeph \\liip- 
ple iS; unto his Heirs Executors, Administrators and ASsignes forever the one 
liaUe of a forty foote lott and alSo halfe a liiglit of Thatch in Providence 
af(U'eSaid; The Said halfe lott is Situate and lieing on tiie ^^'eSt Side of the 
Towne Streete OjipoSite againSt the land of .Major Willia|m| llo]ikins ^; lieth 
adjoyneing to a halfe lott that the Said JoS<'i)li Whijiple bought of the liel- 
loos; and is bounded on the lOaSt Side with the Towne Streete; And the 
Said halfe Kighl of Thatch is by a ('omittei' ajipoynted for the devideing the 
Thatclibedds in Said I'l-ovidence laid up in the Cove Which leadcth up to the 
freSh Kiver Called [233] called WanaSijuatucket River, and with Some of 
the Thatclibecd that is Now in the I'oSseSsion of 31' James Browne; Tlie 
Which halfe lott .S: halfe Right of Thatch 1 had upon the Right of Richard 
Prey, deceaSed), To have and to hold the Said halfe forty foote lott & halfe 
Right in the Thatchbeds With all & Singular the Priveligdes Proftitts benefits 
and Ap]iur1enances thereunto belonging unto him the Said JoSeph Wliij)ple 
his Heirs Ivxecutors Administrators & ASsignes free & Cleare forever; And 
freely & Clearely Exonerated A(piiti'd and fully discharged from me the Said 
Nathaniell ^laWrey my Heirs lOxecutors Administrators & ASsignes, and oft' 
& from all other or former Bargaines Sales Gifts Grants Mortgages LeaSes 
^Vills, Intailes Joyntures Howers, Thirds or Incumbrances of \Miat Nature 
or TerMe Soever: And the Said Nathaniell Mawrey doth Covenant I'romiSe 
Grant <k agree to iS; ^\'itll the Said JoSeph ^^'hi]lple in .Manner i^ forile follow- 
ing; that is to Say, that 1 the Said .Xalhaniell 3IaA\'rey at & before the Seale- 
ing & Executeing of theSo preSents, ^V unlill the delivery hereof 1 \A'ere the 
Right true & lawfull Owner of all the abovt'( iiven & Granted premises .\lid 
that I had in ifySelfe full Power and lawfull Authority to bargaine Sell & 
diSjioSe of the Same in Manner & foi-.Mc as is aboveExpreSt, AMthout any Con- 
dition * [limitation] alteration or limitation of USes or other thing that may 
.Viler Change ICvacuate or Make Yoyd this i)reSant Deede of Sale, .Vnd after 
the delivery hereof, the Said JoSeph VA'hipide his Heirs Executors Adminis- 
trators or .\Ssignes are, & forever thei-eafter Shall be Invested With the Said 
halfe lott of land & halfe Right of thatch as With a Real true and perfet ES- 
tate of Inheritance in tl'ee Simide; And tin' Said Nathaniell .Mawrey doth fur- 

flier ('n\<'ii:iiil :iii(l |ii(i.MiSc. Ilial 1 llic S:ii(l \alli;niirll .MaW'ii'v Mv licii'S lOx- 
iTiilois AdiiiiiiiSlialors ^V ASsii;iics Sliall ^: Will Wai'i-aiil anil fori'lviT (IcIVnd 
llic Said haltV fmiy f(inl(> Loti <Vc liallc U\'^\\t in Uic Thatclihi'ds, iV i>i-iv('lidi;cs 
at(ncSaid niilo him the Said .l(iS<'iili \\'liiiiiile his Heirs I^xcculois AdniiniS- 
iralnis \' ASsi,uiic.s AjiainSt llic lawi'nll Cluillfnge ('lainics "r demands nf any 
l'( I'Sim <n- I'ei-Soiis WlialSoevei- : In \\'iliieSs & jforj ("onlir.Mat inX u\' all the 
alMiv(A\'i-itten, I Mie Said Xalhaniell .Ma\vi(\v have liereunlo Set my hand & 
Seale this Sixteenth day of .Inne in the lllexcnlh yeare nf the Keij;n nf 
Sovereijin Lady Anne (^iieeiie of <!reat I'.iittan. v^t'; Anno I»inniiii, one Thou- 
sand Seven hundred i; t\\elve. 

Nalhaniell MaWrev I,. S. 

Sianod Sealed 6^ delivered 
in the ]ireSenee of us 
lki(liar<l I'liillijiiis 
Nathaniel 1 ^^■alerman. 

T'rovideiicc Koad Island ("nlony: 
The day ic yeare aboveSaid, The above- 
named Xathaniell MaAVrey jierSonally 
ajijieared and aekiio\vle(ijj,ed the above- 
written InStrnnient to be liis free <^ 
N'ohinlarey act & deede; bcl'oi-e .Me 
IJicliard Waterman, JuStice. / 

Recorded .Inly Ihe i"\ 1712. V '^'1'": <>li"'.v Clerk:/ 

TO all Christian I'eojile to Whome theSe jirc'Sents Shall Come I'.bene/.er 
Stajile of the Tow ne of .Mendon in the County of Sutfolke, in y' I'rovince of 
the MaSachnSets in New Ihi.yland. UlackSmidi. i^ Iluldah his wife Semleth 
(Jreeteini;: Know yee that (lie Said i;bene/.er Staple & Iluldah his wife for 
divers <;<iod and \'aluable Considerations them thereunto ]\Iovein^' but more 
l}S]iecially for ^; in ConSideralion of TAN'enty Pounds in hand jiaid by rhilli]ip 
l'heli|:lace of Xariaj;anSet williin Ihe ( 'oloney of Koade Island wherewilh 
the S'' lObeuezer Staples and Iluldah his Wife doth hereby acknowlediic Iheni- 
Sehi's SnIlLciently SaliSlied Conlenlcd iS; I'aid, and of I'h'cry jiart i.*s: rercell 
IheriMif dolh Ivxonerale. .\(|nil ^; diScliarjic llie Said l'hillip|i riicli|ilare his 
Heir Ivxecutors AdminiSlralors lS; .\Ssij;nes forever; doth by IheSe |ireSenls 
fully Clearely & AbSolulely (!ive (irant bar.<;aiiie Sell Alien I'aifeolf v^ Con- 
tirme to the Said l'hilli|!|i I'heliplace flifly .\cres of land (be it M<ire or |be it 
leSs) lieinji' iS: beini;- in (he TowncShiiij) of rrovideucc. ^; in Ihe Coloney of 
Kliode Island vV I'mvidence I'lantalioiis as it is Untied ^^ bounded .\djoynein.ii 
to .lohn Malaverys land: on the Xoi-lliWeSt. Xorthl-'.aSI. SoullicaSi ^; Sonlli- 
WcSI on the Towns ( 'ommonlands. and bounded on ICach Cornnei- \\'ilh a 
heajie of Siones: To ha\'e vV; lo hold the abovebai-jiained rreniiSses With all 
& Singular ihe I'l-ollitts rrivelidj^cs and .\iipurtenances belunj^inj;- thereto or 



aiivwayos iu-iSeiu,ii fruiu tlie Same to the Onely I'l-oju'r USc ^' lielioofe & heuctitt 
of liiiii the Said Phillipp Phetiphiee liis heirs Execntois and ASsignes forEver; 
And the S" Ebeuezer Stajde & Iluldah his Wife hath in themselves Good Right, 
full Power & lawfull Authoritye to (ii\e Grant bargaine Sell Convey & ASure 
the abovebargained PremiSses as alioveSaid; \- the Said Piiilli]i]> Phetijilace 
his Heirs Executors & ASsignes & every of theM Shall forever here [ 234] 
hereafter peaceably & quietly injoy the Same of a good & free Inheritance in 
ffee Simple, with the I'rivelidges & Protitts and benefltts ariSeing from tin- 
Same, freely .S: Clearly a(piit(ed & diScharginl off for & from all other former 
bargains Sales Gifts ( Jranls Joyntures Dowryes Thirds Dower of thirds Mort- 
gages 11(0 lil lines, ArreSts, JndgeMents Executions, and all other Acts & In- 
cnnd)ranccs \MiaiS<>e\('r had, ]\Iade, ('omitted & done or Suffered to be done 
by me the Saidl^benezer Stajiles & his Wife their Heirs Executors AdmiuiS- 
tralors or ASsignes or any of them ("laimcing any Right Title or lutreSt by 
from them or any of them to or in the abovebargained PremiSses whereby the 
alioveNamed Phillip]) Phetiplace his heirs I^xecutors Administrators or AS- 
signes Shall & May forever hereafter be MoleSted in or Ejected out of the PoS- 
seSSion of the Same; And the Said Ebeuezer Staple doth for himSelfe his 
Heirs Executors Administrators, PromiSe & Covenant to & With the S"" Phil- 
lijip his I^xecutors, Heirs & Administrators, that he the Said Ebentzer Staple 
cS: Iluldah his \\"i\\' u[i(in ReaSonable demand Shall Performe & do any further 
ac( or acts l>e\iSe or devices Required in the laW for the More Sure niake- 
ing the abovebargained PremiSses; In ^^'itneSs Whereof the aboveS'' Eben- 
ezer Staple i^ Huldah his ^^'ife here Set their hands & Scales this 2.") day of 
March in the yeare of our Lord 1712; and in the lOleventli yeare of Reigne of 
our Sovereign Lady Anne of (ireat Pritan Ifrauce & Ireland Queene &.C. 
Signed Sealed & delivered Ebenezer Staple L. S. 

in the preSence of us — . Signum 

Robert Evens Huldah h Sla[ilc L. S. 

.Jacob Aldrich./ The words i within tlie c(douy 

u{ Rliddc Island) betweene 
the third i^ the fourth lines, 
& the word hath betwene the 
iL' <S: K! lines was before Signeing 
i; Si'aleing; — 
(Sufolk: SS: March 25 1712; Ebenezer Staple .S; Hul- 
dah his \\"\h' ajqiearcd l)efore me the Scriber 
and acknowledged the abovewritten InSliniiirnt 
to be their ^'oluntarcy act an deede; .loSiali 
('hapiu, Justice. / 
Recorded -Inly the 4'" 1712 ^^ The: Ohiey, Clerk./ 


lie il kiiciwiir iiiilo :ill Men liv llicSc |ii-cS<'iits, Tlmf I l{(ij;i'r M;i\\i'c,\ of 
I'li.x idciicc ill llic N';nr;i^;niScl l!;i.v in NcW iMi^laiid I'oi' ;i \';iin;ililc Sinn (if 
Moni'v in hand alrcadv IJccciNcd ml' W'iiicli I do ackinnvicdt;!' Ilic IJcri'id i 
liavi' liari:aiiic(l wilhiS: Sold iinio William ( 'ai-iienti'i- of ranlnvcll in llir 
'roWncSlii|i]> of ri-o\ idcnic, one Shaic of ( '(nninoninj; r,i|iial Willi an\ I'nr- 
cliaSsc!- in Ilic aforcSaid 'I'ownc of rrovidcufc; the Wliicli Sharr ol Coninion- 
inu I Ilic Sai<l l{oj;ci- MaWrcy lioiiuht of Henry Xaile of llianlry. Who was 
ihcn inlialiiianl id' llie atoicSaid Tow lie of rroxidi nee ; I Say for full SaliS- 
fadion in hand already Keceived. I the Said lio.^er .Mawrey have jiaSSed away 
fi-oni .MySelfe. and from my Heirs all my lvij;lil. hitreSt ^^ Title or <'oloiir 
of Claiine iS; Tille in lliat Share of ('onionini;' i in the aforeSaid Tow ne of i'lovi- 
ileiiee) Which I lioiiiihl of the Said Henry Xaile, unto the aforeSaid Wiliian 
<'ar|ienler, to lie his oWne True iiro|ii'r iV; lawfnll I{ii;hl i^ hilieritanee forl'lNcr, 
liotli for liimSelfe c*;; his Heirs i|iiietiy cV: jieaeealily to injoy I'Se^^ I'oSseSs With 
all th" I'rivelidges beuelitis & I'rotlitts tiiereof iV: tliereunto lielunjiini; ; 1 Say 
all .My Kight & Title in the aforeS" ("ommoning in the li.MitIs of the aforeSaid 
'i'owne of Providence or any lands lielonfiing tliereunto; 1 Say all the Ki.t'lit in 
the aforeS'^ Conioning in all the lands lielonjiing unto Troxi leiice ha\c I 
|iaSsed away unto the Said William <'ar]ienter; AXd do liy theSe preSents 
tlrmel,\ liind mySelfe ni) ileiis l'"..\erntois Administrators ^: ASsi.unes Xever 
to .MolrSt the Said William ('ar|ienier his Heirs ^S: ASsignes. but at all times 
to Sa\-e ^c Ueepe harmeleSs the Sd William ('arjieiiter his Heirs ^; ASsii;nes 
from all hindranees Molestations or Troulile of Me the Said Ko;ier MaWrey 
My heirs or ASsi^iiies. (W of any ]ierSon I'.itlier for, liy throuiih or iindei- me 
from any Clainie that Shall lie laid unto the jire.MiSses by \"ertue of any bar- 
gaine or Sale at any time Made b_\ me or of any for, by," throujih or under M(> 
or by y" Saiil Henry Xaile, or of any foi- b.\ ihion.uli or l"nder him : In WitneS.i 
thereid' 1 lunc hereunto Std my hand and Seale this Thiid day of irebrnarey 


Signed Sealed iV delivered IJoger .MaWiey L. S. 

in the ]ireSence of us 

Zaehary Koades Recorded July y" 1.")'" 17IL> 

i:dward Inmau 't^ Tho : Olney ("lerk. / 

[235] KX'OW all Men by IlieSe preSents, that T Mary Totter Daughter of 
Abell [I'otteri of y'= rianfation of MaSliantatat in the TowiieShi|ip of Provi- 
dence, in the Colony id' Koade Island iV I'rovidence Plantations in NeW ling- 
land, (deceased) Have Peceive 1 of My SiSterinlaW Pachell i'ottei-of the 
Same Tow ne cV Collony alioveSaid. the full i^: jnSt SuM live I'minds ('nrrent 
Sihcr Money of New llngland, Which was jiayd unto me n]pon the acconipt 


of a Legaryc which ^\'as (ndci-ud to be paid unto the aliovi'Said Mai-y I'oltin' 
]>y \wv abovcSaid deceaSed liatlit-r Abell Potters Will, as by 8aid ^Vill May 
More fully Apiieare; Upou the Kecept uf whieh aboveSaid five Pounds, 1 the 
aboveSaid Mary Potter, do by theSe preSeiits Exonerate, Aquitt EeleaHe Ke- 
iiiii^e, aud forEver discharge tlie aboveSaid Rachell Potter, ber Heirs, Execu- 
tors & AdiniuiStrators forever, for any further demand, Challenge or Claime 
to be made by Me the Haid Mary Potter, my Heirs or Executors for any part, 
or one Penney of the aboveSaid Legaeye that did befall, or that was Ordered 
to be jiaid unto me by my aboveS'' ft'atlier Abell Potters Will; As WitneSs 
My hand ,S; Scale hereunto Sett, this lirSt day of October, One ThouSand Seven 
Inuidicd ami twelve, and in the leventh yeare of her MajeSlyes Reigne Anne, 
by the Grace of (lod (^ueene of Great Prittain. 

Signed Sealed & delivered ) ,, -.^ ^ ^^ ^ <-■ 

. , , , } Mary jK Potter L. S. 

in the jtreSence ot us — ) ■ /|\ 

Benjamin WeStcott ber Mark 

John IV.tler. . ^ rpj^^^. Q,^p^. Qipi-k. / 

Recorded October y= 7'" ITlli: 

Whereas Roger P>urllingamc of MaShantatuck in Providence in the Col- 
ony of Rnade Island & Provitlence i'lantations in Ne\\' I^ngland did by Cer- 
tainc ^^■ritlcn Instruments under his Hand & Scale Give, Grant, cS: PaSs away 
unto his Son I'eter Burllinggame to him his Heirs & ASsigiies fore^'er his 
dwellinglumSe & Certaiue lands ^Vitliin the I'urchaSe of Said MaSliantatuck 
for him the Said Peter Purllinggame, his Heirs, Execntors, Administrator 
or ASsignes to Enter into & take the PoSseSsion thereof at the deeeaSe of him 
the Said Roger I'urllingame & of Mary his then Wife When thi'y Imth Should 
be departed this life: And Whereas hath So Ordered that the S" I'eter Burl- 
linggame is by death R.eniove(l out of this \Vorld before his (father & Mother 
& hath Not left any ISshue of his owne Ijchind him: by ReaSon Whereof, the 
Reversion of Said houSeing & all thoSe lauds iV; Privelidges So left unto him 
fell by a Righlfull liiherilaiu-e unto his lOldeSt Brother John Burllinggame. 
he being the Kiglitfull llciic of blood: Yet XotwithStanding Whereas the 
Said John i'.uillinggame halh two bretheren las Namely) Thomas Burlling- 
game & Roger Iturllinganic : lice the Said John Burllinggame being Willing 
to make Ihcm both Sharers with him in thoSe lands So fallen unto him by the 
death of his S'' Brother Peter P.nrllinggame : The Said ReServeth to him- 
Selfe iV; his Ilcirs iV ASsignes forever, the dwelliiighouSe i*\: oulhonScing iS; 
nifly acres of land adjoyneing \- the Old Orchard on S'' land & all i: every the 
a|ipui'|ciiniices : And all the ReSI of Hie lands which ^\■as by their Sd IVather 
*|<!i\en &\ (ii-anled iS; <!i\-eii to their S'' lirollier Peter Burllinggame is 


to lie l'!i|iially ilcvidcd lirtwrnic liis S:iiil Two Uicdircii 'rii<p|ii:is Kurllintj- 
j^imiic v^i; Kofjci- l!m-lliii{i};aiii<' lu lie iinln lliciii llicir Heirs ^V: ASsij^iics 
fori'vci-. And to hciiiii llic dcxiSinn Ijclwrciic llic Said .loliii l!i:rlliii^ 
fiaiiic iV; liis S'' two lii-cliircii in v' .Middle lictwcciii' llic ( Md <>rrliaid and 
tlic ni'W Oi-cliui-d, Setlinj; llic Imiuid mi the Xnrllici-iic Side (d' the llii;li 
Way, & then to 8et anotlici- l»oiHid|iiiaik| in the ^liddh liclwccnc y' \\\n 
Orchards at the NorthEaStcrne ("onnicr of the New Orchard, iS; to Ivun a 
Straight line betweene them, and to keepe the Same CoinSe untill uutill 
it Come to huul helongiug to Otiiauiell (lorton: AlW'ayes I'rovided that 
in CaSe it Sliall fall So Out and be that theire Said It'ather & Midher. or 
l']ilhei- of the.M Should Stand in Neede nf .\SsiStauce for a ( "oiiifiu'talile Main 
Icnance, or fall into any <'on(lition of W'eakueSs thai they Shall Xeede .\I 
tendance for lielpe, that [236] that then llie Said Thomas IJurllingjiauie iS: 
Hogger Hiirllingame Shall Ivich of IIkmii I]([ually both llieui their Heirs ic AS- 
sigucs take the ("are .S: be at iMjuall Charge With him the S'' .lohn I'.urliing- 
game his Heirs & ASsignes for the Kelief of their Said Ifather & .Mother. 
Tntoall which the Said Tlioma [ | llnrllinggame iK; Koger Uurlliuggauie do fully 
i^ freely CoiiSent i!i Agree unto, for themSelvcs iV: their Heirs & .VSsignes. hi 
Consideration Whereof, the Said .lohn IJurllinggame ibdli by (heSe ]ireSenls 
Craut .Make over & paSs away l\tdiu(|uiSh iV: Wlioly (|uitCia\AIe unto his Sd 
two brethren Thomas J'.nrllinggame ,S; Ifoger Iturllinggame all his IMght lu- 
IreSt and Title in all thoSe lauds abo\e]']xpreSt to be unto llicin their Heirs 
and ASsigues forlMer; the Reservation Only t-jXcepted : .Viul d<ith *[heie] 
hereby Injoyne himSelfe his Heirs & ASsigues Never at any time to liind<'r 
Nor MoleSt them Nor any of the.M in their (juiet PoSseSsion and ICnjoymeul 
thereof. In WitNeSs of the PreMiSses lovery I'erSon (d' tlic.M have licieuiiio 
Set their hands & Seales the Twenty & third day of Dece.Mber .\iiiio: l>oiiiiui 
one Thousand Seven hundred & Twelve. 

Signed ^S; Sealed The .Mark of X -lolin liiirllinggame 1.. S. 

in y'' preSence of us The .Mark u{' T I'. Thoiiias iiuidliugganie L. S. 
Tho : OlNey Sen"^ 
Amos Stafford, llogcr Uurlliuggauie Iv. S. 

Recorded December y li'J'" : fill', r' Tho: Oluey, Clerk./ 


Whereas .lohn I'olter (d" .MaShaulat uck (»f rrovidciice in y" Cohuiy of 
Koade Island, ^:C, d.\ed iuleSted, and i'eter IJiirlliiiggame of S' MaShanla- 
tuck together With I'.duiard i'otter of S'' Place became bound in a biuid for a 
legall .\dminiStiatiou on his lOSlatc; .\nd Whereas the S' I'cter lliirlling^ 


i^aiiie is N(>\\' dead & his Eldest Brotlier John Hurllinggaine Ileirelii liis Ins- 
tate, & liatli Made his two bretheien (^'iy.j Tlioiiias JUii-lliiiggaiiu' ^S: Koger 
Burlliiiggaiiip & Koger BurJliiiggainc Siiaics ^Vitll liiiii iu the lands of S'^ 
Peter JUiillinggaiiie; Therefore lei all I'eople know \>\ tlieSe preSents that 
Wee 1'hoiiias Burlliuggame & Roger Burllingaiue do both & Each of us liriuely 
I'iiigage for OiirSelves, our Heirs Executors & AdniiuiStrators to lie l''(inall 
i^harers willi our S"" Bi'other John Burlliuggame his Heirs Executors Admiu- 
iStrators .S: ASsignes as to what dauuige uiay at any time accrew to him or 
them by IJeaSon of ►S'^ Boud : lu WitueSs Whereof We have hereunto Sett 
our hands this Twenty & third day of December in the yeare one ThouSaud 
Seven hundred .Si twelve. 

Sigued .V Delivered The Mark of T I! 

iu y" presence of us, Thomas Buillinggame, 

Tho : Olney Sen'^: Boger Jiurllinggame jun'': 

Amos Statlord. 

Recorded ]>ecember y'' 30'": 1712: 

'# Tho : Olney Clerk. / 


TO .Ml ChriSlian I'eople to ^^■ll(lmc lliis deede of Sale Sliall Come Samui-ll 
\\'hi]iple of (Irouton in the Ccdoiiy of Couitecut in New England, (S: Thomas 
^^'hipple of the Towne of I'rovidence in the Colony of Roade Island .S; I'rovi- 
dence Plantations |in| New England, Sendeth Greeteing. KNOW Yee tliat y* 
S"* Saniuell AVhipple and Thomas A\'hipple for & in ("onSideration of the full 
& juSt Sum of Twenty Nine I'ounds & twelve Shilings of Moner Cnrreni in 
liand already Payd unto them by Stephen Hardin of the afoi-eS"* 'i'ow nc of 
I'roN idiMice Ihe Recejit whereof the Said Samuell Wliipiile & Thonuis ^^■|^i]l|lle 
dolh OWne (.S; acknowledge c& therewith to be fully Satisfied Contented & Paid 
^; dolh hereby .\(|uitt & diSeharge the Said Stephen Hardin Ids Heirs Execu- 
tors, AdminiSlrators & ASsignes *[|Barg| aforeBargaJne] fully of the Same; 
llath (liven Uranted Bargained Sold I'^nfeoffed Alined ASsigned Set ()\er & 
Confir.Med, And l)y theSe preSenIs for them their Heir.s Execulor.s & AdminiS- 
Iralors doth fully (Jlearely & AliSoliilcly (iive, (iraiil. bargaine Sell Enfeoff, 
Alien, \Ssigne, Set over & Continue unto the Said Stephen Hardin, his Heirs 
Executors .\dminiStrators & ASsignes foriA'er, One Share m- Parcell of ^Mead 
doW ('(Mitaineing by I'lSteMaticui Three .\cres (be it M(n-e or leSs:) the Which 
Said [237] Said Share of .Meaddow is Sciluate lieing iS: being in tlu' Towne- 
Sliipp of I'l-ovidence aforeS'', I'v: in that .Meaddow Called y'' great .Meaddow; 
iS: is llial Share of .Meaddow Which formerh bebuiged unto one .lames ASIilon 


rnnnrrh of Said I'ldv iilrmc ; Ami is InniiMifd (Ui v'' Soiilli Side Willi n Sli:in' 
(d' .Mc;iild(i\v wliicli (!-i-ij;in:illv did liidmio |,i ,,ii(. \\'illi;iiii llnrris fnr.Mcrl.v of 
S:i:d l'ni\ idc'ucc and aflci-wards lo Sliadrach .Maiiton "f Said Pnividcnir ; And 
lioninlcil on the Xortli Side With a Share of .Mcaddow foi-nicrly bcliiniiiiifi' to 
one John Throck.Moilon foiinci-ly of S'' l'i-ovi(h'nce : and on y" lOaSI llnd Willi 
y upland Wliiiii Now liclon,i;idh lo ZnricU Hall of Sd Providcnrc. ^: on y"' 
WeSt Hnd \\'illi the Hivei- Called .MoShawSuck Kiver; With all ^S: Sinjinhir Hie 
I'rivelidges i: Appni-tenances to the Said Share of Meaddow helonj^in.u: And 
all the Estate. Kiiiiit. Title. IntreSt. I'Se I'ronei'tv PoSseSsion Clainie, Clainie 

kV Shall Stanil iS: lie lawfully Seized lo him. his Heirs Exerutors AdiniiiiSI i-a- 
tors & ASsigues of 6cin the Said |)e.MiSed Share of Meaddow, iV; of ..**; in every 
part thereof, of a j;ood. Sure, lawfiili .MiSolute & Ihidefeiazealile lOState of 
Inheritance in fee Simple, Wilhonl any ('ondition limitation I'Se or ()tlier 
lliinj;- lo Alter or ('lianf;e the Same; And that the preiniSes above by theSe 
jireSents Mentioned lo be (Iranted bargained ^V; Sold .it evei-y jiarl Ihereof npon 
1li(i Signeing Sealeing iS: deliscry hereof is. vV from lime lo lime i^ at all limes 
hereafter forlOver Shall be IJeiiiaine cV Conliuue to be Ihe I'ropei- I'Se and be- 
lioofe of the Said Stephen Hardin iiis Heirs i^ .VSsignes Cleare vV free & freely 
& Clearely I'"xoiieraled Aipiilled c^ diSrharged, (»i- ()ther\\iSe li\ Ihe S'' Sam 
uell Wliip[ile iS: Thomas Wliiii]ile, their Heirs i;xecut<irs iV AdminiSl ralors 
SnIUcienlly Saved iS: kejit h.-irmeleSs oil' \- from all ^^ all Manner of forMer \- 
olher liargaines Sales (lifls. (Irants, leaSes, .Induemenis, lOxecnt ions. Thirds 
or intaile. or any lawfnll ('laiiiie WhatSoe\-er: And againSi iliem ihe Said 


Sjuinu'll c^ Tlioiiius ^Vllipllle, tlieire lU'irs Ivxociitdis & AdiiiiuiStiat<iis, Or any 
Other PcrSon ("laymeiug Jiy tliroiigli or tinder tlieni or any of tlieiii. Sliall cS; 
will AVairant ^: forEvei' defend l)y tlieSe |)i'eSents; In Witness of tlie pieni- 
iSses they have both liereunto Set llieir liaiids & Seales the Thirtieth dayj of 
(h'ccndieil Anno: i»(iniiui: One 'riionSand Se\'en hundred & twelve. 

Sij^ned Sealed & delivered Samuell Whipple L. S. 

in the preSence of us Thomas Whipple L. S. 

Tho : Oluey vSen' : 
Jianies Dexter. / 

Alenioranduni; There Was AlSo together With the Share of Meaddow Men 
tioned in the deede ^A'ritten on the olher Side of this I'aper; Sold unio 
Stej-hen Hardin of J'rovideme in Ihe <"olony of Koade Island &<'., by Saninell 
^^'hip])le i& Thomas Whljiiile in Said Deede ^leutioned : There was alSo by 
Said Samnell Whipple & Thomas ^^■hilp]lle Two Shares of ThatehUedd Sold 
unto the Said Stephen Hardin lo be unto liini iiis Heirs & ASsignes foreVer, 
in as full ic Ample a manner to be hoiildeii b_\ the S* Stephen Hardin his Heirs 
& ASsignes together With the Share ()f Meaddow Mentioned to be Sold in Said 
deede. & by the Sana' Warranty; In WitneSs Whereof the Said Samuell Whip- 
ple [238] Whipple & Tliomax \\'hipple have liolh hereunto Set their hands 
iS: Scales Ihe Thirtyelh day of l»(M-eiiiber Anno Domini one ThouSand Seven 
hundred & Twelve/ 

The Said two Shares of Tiiatch are lieing cV being in the Salt \\'ater ("ove 
Called ^\'anaS(plulU(■ket, in S'' rrovidenie : 'ihe Said Shares of thalch being 
forgotten When S' deede Was Written. 

^^'iltneSs Samuell Whi|ii:le i>. S. 

Tho: Oluey Sen'': Thomas Whipjile L. S. 

.Jauies Dexter. / 

This ^^■hole deede, both this pari on lliis h-ate. iV lliat on both Sides of y'' 
leafe before this: ^Vas Recorded Jannaiy y K!"': 17'7i3 r' 'J'bo: Olney 

He i( knowne unIo all i'eopic by IlieSe |ireSen(s lliat I .lohn Hardin of Ihe 
Towne of I'rovideuce in the Colony of Koade Island ^\: I'rovidenee I'lanta- 
1io[ I in the XarraganSet Itay in XeW l^ngland, for & in Consideration of y" 
Sum of .\inteene Pounds Silver .Moiu'y Cnrrenl. or to Say in other good & 
CurrenI I'ay (o ihe full \'alue of Xineleene I'ounds in Silver iloney, in hand 
already Well i; Iruely I'aid unto Me by .My Itrother Stephen Hardin of I'rovi- 
denee aforeS'', Ihe Recejit Whereof I do owue & aeknowledge & therewith to 
be fully SaliStied Conlenled iS; |iaid; lla\c <ii\i'U (IraiibMl l!ai-gained Sold 


llntViillicl Alicntd ASit;nr.l iinidi' mimI I'aSscd over vV Cniilir.Mcd iiiilii iii,\ S:ii<l 
nidlhci- Stf[ilit'ii Ilai-din. In liiiii. his llciis ICxcculiirs AdiiiiiiiSi i-aloi-s ^; AS 
sialics rorcvcr ( in y Said lnoilici- alSo licing uf S** rrovidcufc ) a (inanti'ly of 
land Containeinji' iif llil'ly Ac-cs die il Mure oi- leSs) tire which is Scilualc lie 
ini; i**; licinii williin the T.iu iicShi|i|i nl' ri-ovidcuce afoi-cS'' iV; cm llic W'cSt- 
wai-diy Side oi the Kivcr wiiicii is Calii'd .MoShauSnck Kivor hidwccnc il ^; a 
Small Stn-anie <if Water CaHed ]{()liliins I'.i-uoke; The Said nifty acres of 
land lieiiiii in two I'ai'cells. one id' the Said two I'areells ('onlainein;^ Thirty 
& Kiglit acres & is liein^iS; Ipein},^ on thel*[the] weStwardly part of[ lliU 
Called Windmill Hill jhelwene Said IIill| & y-^ brooke Called Holibins brooke, 
and is bounded on the Southwardly jiart of it with the Ian (d' the tVarnie 
Whereon William Hawkins of Sd I'rovidence Now dwellelli ; And on the 
WeStwardly jiart With land forMerly belonniug to Samuell ComeStock and 
on the N'ortherue jiart & on y" lOaSterne part with the Commonland: The 
other parCjelll Coiitaineing tw(dve acres, & is lieinji iS: beinj; ou the llaSi Side 
of the S'^ Windmill Hill. ^^ is bounded (m the IvaSlerne. ou tlie WeSterne. on 
the Northerue ..^ on the Sontherne jiarts With the ( 'innminilaud ; I'.olh I'ai-cidls 
of the aforemeutioued DcmiSed lands are alSo bounded with Severall land 
Marks, as Trees & Kocks ^(', as the Sur\-cior his Keturnes who laid out the 
Said lauds, wliich are upon the Kim-oiiI do Signifie & decdare. KefiM-ence there- 
unto being had for further infonnatiou ('cmceruing the bouuderyes as Ocation 
uuiy I{e(|uire, The Said demiSeds all beareiug MeaSure by the lOighleene foote 
Pole: Witli all & Singular ihe I'rixcdidges & Aiiimrteuances to the Said llifty 
A<'res of landes bidongeing. and all the I'^State Kight Title IntreSt I'Se I'l'op 
erty l'oSseSsi(ui ("laiuie iV; Hemand Whatsoever of Me the S"' .lohii Hardin, 
in. ni- lo the Same or any I'arl <ii- rercidl thereof TO HaVe and to H(d<l the 
Saiil llifty acres of land as aforeSaid unto the S'' Stejihen Hardin his Heirs 
l^xecutors Administrators ^^ ASsignes forever to the Onely I'roper ISe ^; 
behoofe of the Said Stephen H.ardin. his ILdrs lOxecutors AdmiuiSt rators ^. 
ASsignes foitA'er: And I the Said .l<diu Hardin for mySelfe my Heirs I Ex- 
ecutors & Administrators. iV f(M- I'very of them do Covenant Promise & (!rant 
to & \\'itli the Said Stephen Hardin his Heirs Executors Administrators i\: 
ASsignes, & to iJc with IO\-ery of them by tlieSe preSeuts, in manner iV; forme 
as followeth. That is to Say; Thai I the Said John Hardin at the tme of the 
Sealeing & delivery hereof am the True & IMghtfull Owner of the abovebar- 
gained |)remiSses ^V; that I lia\(' lull I'ower, good Right. True Title ^c lawful! 
Authm-itye to Ci-aut IJargaiiu' Sidl ^c C<uilirine the abovebargained ])remiSs(s 
& Mveiy I'art and I'arcidl thereof unto the Said Stephen Hardin his Heirs \]\ 
ecutors Administrators ^: .\Ssignes in .Manner and forme as aforeSaid. .\nd 
[239] And that the Said Steiihen Hardin his Heirs I'.xeculiirs .\dminiSlia 
tors and ASsignes by force & W'ltue of theSe jireSents is, \; Shall Stand i.*i be 

[ 'iO ] 

lawfully Si'i/,('(1 lo liiiii, his Heirs lOxeciilors AdiiiiiiiSlratiivs & ASsi<4iii's of X; 
ill tlic haii^iiiiicd I'l-cniiSses, ^^ iif .S; in t'yvvy pail iS: J'arccll llicrcof, of a j;oo(l 
WniT' lawfiill. AliSoliiU' ^ riidcfcazt'ahle EState of Iiilicrilanci' in IW'O Siiii|il(', 
witliont any Condilions Liniilalion, TSe or otlior tliinj;' to AiU-r or ('iiaiiui- 
the SaMc: And that the iiiciiiiSscs alioNc liy IhcSc iircScnls .Mentioned to he 
(rranted, Itaryained .S; Sold 6c lAeiy part i^ I'ereell thereof upon the »>igne;ng 
Sealeing .Jt delivery hereof is. & from time to time 6i at all times hereafter fur- 
Ever, Sliall he, Hemaine cSi Continue to be, the I'rojier I'Se & behoofe of the 
Haid Stephen Hardin his Heirs ICxeeutors Administrators & ASsignes for- 
ever: ("leare & free, & freely & ("learely Exonerated Aquitted & diSeliarged 
Or (XherWiSe hy me the S" John Hardin my Heirs lOxecutors & AdniiniStra- 
tors Suftieiently Saved & kept hainiideSs off & frcnii all i!i; all JIanner of for- 
Mer & other Uargaiues Sales (lifts <!rants LeaSes ASsigne.Ments Judgements 
Executions ffortitures SeiSures Joyntines J)o\\ryes Tower .Jt Thirds to he 
Claimed iS; Challiiiged in or to the Same or auy ]iail thereof; And ott' & from 
all & Singular oilier Charges Tilles Troubles Incumbrances & Demands \\'hal- 
Soever had .Made done or Sutt'ered to be done by me ilie Said John Hardin My 
Heirs lOxeciitors, Administrators or any other I'erSon or TerSons ^^'lla(So- 
ever by mine or llieir Act Meanes ConSent or i'rocuremeiil ; ANd agaiuSt me 
the Said John Hurdin my Heirs lOxecutors Administrators, & all & every 
other I'erSiui (U' I'erSons Whatsoever lawfully Claynieiiig any ICState Kight 
Title IntreSt Clayme or demand in or to the Same or any part thereof, from. 
By, or Under nie, them m' any of tlieni. Shall c^ Will Warrant .S; forever defend 
by tlieSe jireSeuts; Hi WilneSs of the rremiSses I have hereunto Set my 
hand iS: Scale the Thirty & one day of December Anno; Domini; one Thou- 
sand Seven hundred & twelve. 

Signed Sealed cV; delivered John Hardin L. S. 

in the iireSence of us — , 

Thomas Whijiple Recm-ded January y'' 14'" 17'7u: 

James Dexter—. 't^ Tho : Oiney Clerk./ 

*[Ite it knowne by theSe ])reSents that I Steiihen Hardin of the Towne of | 
Me it kn(AVne unto All People by theSe preSeiits, thai 1 Ste|ihen Hardin <d' 
the 'J'owne of I'rovidence in the Ccdloiiy of Koade Isl.ind ^: I'rovidcnce I'lanla- 
tious in y'' NarraganSett Kay in Xew Ihigland ; Ifor 6c in ConSideraton of th<' 
full 6c jiiSt Sii.M of Twenly rounds Silver Money Current in hand already 
Well 6c Iriiely Paid iinio Me by my hrollier .loliii llardin of \'' aforeSaid Tow iie 
of I'rovidi'iice. or to Say in other good Pay to the full ^'alue of Twenty Piuinds 
in Money, the rcce|i( Whereof I do ow lie 6c acknowledge & therewith to be fully 
Satisfied Conleiited 6c I'aid, llaS'c (liven, (Iranlcd, Paigained Sold EnfeollVd, 


Aliciid. ASsiiiiictl I'aSscd (ivcr >S; Cuiitirincd : And li\ (licSc jircSiMils for inr 
HIV lli'irs Kxcciiliiis <V; AdiiiiniSi lalors iln fully Cliai-cly ,!;: AliSuhilcly <iiv(> 
Craiit Itarjiaiiic Srll MiifculV. Aline ASsij;nc I'aSs over ,S; ('(inlirnir milo iiiv 
Said r.nitlicr -liilin Hardin a (|uanlidy of land ('(Uilaincin^ of Scvenl.\ .^ llirei' 
aci-cs (!)(' it .More of loSsi il lirini; the one liallV of a I'arccll of land wliirli 
Was laid onl for one liiindrcd cV 'I'onn Ai ics. And alSo llic one lialfc of a Tai-- 
cell of !and wliieli was laid onl foi- lliiily iV Six acres; the Said rarcell (d' land 
Which conlaineih Tliiily vV Six Acics is laid adjoxneini;' to that I'arccll of land 
Which ("outaiueth one hnndred & Tenn Acres, both I'arcells lo<i-ether ('onlaine- 
iui;- One Inindi-ed ll'oiiy v^; Six Acies; The which Said hinds are Sciliiate liein^- 
& heini;- \\'ithin the 'r<i\\ neShipii (d' I'lovidcnce aforeSaid .S; on (he WeSi Side 
(d' thai line in Said I'loviilence TowneSiiiji Called the Seven Mile line, and ly- 
inn -N'eere nnlo the place Called Ni|iShachuck ; The Said hnndred ^S: Tenn Acres 
(d' land heinj;- laid out nnlo >[(dSes I'.arllett in the ( »ii,t;inall lii.uhl <d' Stephen 
Norllinp[i. and the Said Thiily \ Six acies Was hiid ont nnlo .McnScs liartleli 
in [240] in the Orii^inall J{i<;lit of r.enjaniin Smith: The Said hundred ^V: 
'I'enn acres beini;- hounded on the North WeStwardly Cornner \\'ith a While 
(take 'i'ree Marked, Standin.n do\\ ne l)y a S\\aiii|ie; the XortlieaSt Coiainer he- 
inj;- lioun(h'd With a \N'hite (»ake I ree Marked Standiuii' on a hill, the Soulh- 
i';.aSI Wardly Cornner alSo lieini; houinled with a \Miite Oake Tree .Maiked, 
the SoulhWeStwardly Corner Willi a CheSsnut 'I'ree ^[arked : The Said I'ar 
cell (d' land Coutainein.u of thirty and Six acres of land afore.Menl ioned is 
hounded on the SoufliI\aSl Cornner with that Marked CheSsnut 'I'ree Ihe Wh 
is y SonthWeSt\A'ardly ( 'ornneihound of the aforeS"* huiidi-ed iV 'i'enn .\cres 
of land; the South WeSt Cornner hein.n' bounded With a Snuill White ( )ake 'i'ree 
Marked, ihe NortlA\'eSl Cornner beinj;- bonndeil With a I'ine tree marked. \- 
the Xoi-thKaSi Cornner beini; bouuded Willi a White (lake Tree .Marked: And 
as for fnrllier iXfor.Malion of Said lands as to y' distance of Way of the 
bounds ihereof llacli fiom the (»lher iV; as lo What poynl of Ihe ('oMpaSs llii' 
l\i' upon: the Sni-\ciin-s Keluines Which are upim Ihe Ki'cord may iXforme. 
Kefei-ence Ihereunlo liein.i;' had: Willi all eS: Sin.ynlar Ihe rri\elidjics \- .\ p 
]iurtenances to th<' halfe of the Said two Tarcells of lands b(doni;inji-, ^c all Ihe 
i:sia1e Uij'ht Title InlreSI I'Sc I'roperly I'oSseSslon <'laime .S; demand What 
Soever (d' me the Saiil Slephen Hardin in or to the Same i<v any pail m- I'ar 
cell thereof To have 6c to hold the Said halfe of the Said jtwoj I'arcidls of 
lands as af(neSaid unto the Said .lolin Hardin his Heirs Ivxeculors .VdMiTiiS- 
trators and .VSsi^ncs foid'Acr, to llie ()nl\ i'rojier I'Se ^V; behocd'e of y'' Said 
John Hardin his Heirs l-^xeculors .\dniiniStrators. .Vnd .\Ssit;nes foi-e\'er; 
And 1 Ihe Said Slephen Hardin, for .MySelfe My Heirs Ivxecutors .V .\dmin- 
iStratoi-s and for lAcrx of us <lotli CoNcnanl, I'romiSe i.S; Crant to i.V; with Ihe 


Raid .Inliii Hardin jiis Heirs r^xeciildis AdiiiiiiiS1iat(irs & ASsignes iV; lo and 
Willi ICxci-v of IIr'111 Iiv IlicSc ]ir('S('iits in .Manner iS; forme as folloAVetli, tliat 
is to Sa V ; That 1 tlie Haid Ste|iiieu liardin at tlie time of tlie Sealeinji iS; de- 
livery hereof am (he true i^ liijiiitfull Owner of y" abovebargaiiied I'remiSses, 
and tiiat 1 iiave full Power Good Right true Title & laWfull Authority to 
grant bargaiue, Sell & Coutirme the alioveliargaiued premises unto the S"* 
John Hardin his Heirs Executors, Administrators i*c ASsignes in Manner & 
f(nnue as aforeSaid; And that the Said -lohn Hardin his Heirs Exeeutojrsj 
Administrators & ASsignes by force & Vertue of theSe {treSents is, & Shall 
Stand and be lawfully Seized to him his Heirs lOxecutors Administrators & 
ASsignes of & in the bargained jiremiSses ^ or ^S; in Evei'y part & I'arSell 
I hereof, of a good Sure lawful! Absolute .S: rndefeazeable EState of Inheri- 
tance in (fee Simple, \\'ithout any ('(uiditions Limitation, USe, or other thing 
to aller or Change the Same; And that the premiSses above by tlieSe preSents 
mentioned to be (iranted bargained iV S(dd ^t livery part & Parcell thereof 
upon the Signeing & Sealing & delivery lii'rc(d' is, .S; from time to time & at all 
times hereafter forEver Shall be Kemaine \; Continue to be the l'roj)er USe 
iS; behoofe of y^' S'' John Hardin his Heirs Executors Administrators & AS- 
signes ('lear<' i^ free, ,St freely & (Mearely lOxonerated aquitted & discharged or 
Otherwise by me the Said Stephen Hardin Aly Heirs I'Lxecutors .k AdminiS- 
tral(n-s Sulliciently Saved & kejit hainieleSs olf ^: from all iV all manner of for- 
mer iS: other liargaines Sales (lifts, (irants, LeaSes, Mortgages, ASsignements 
.ludemenls Ivxecuiions Iforflituies, SeiSures Joyntures dowryes, I'owei' & 
Thirds of my now wife to be Claimed ..V Challinged in or to the Same 

or any |)art thereof, and off .S: from all and Singular other (/barges Titles, 
Troubles, Incumbrances & demands whatsoever, had made done oi- Sutl'ered 
to lie doTie by me the Said Ste]plien Hardin, my Heirs |->xecu1ors *[i.S:C] Ad- 
ministrators, or any other jierSon or I'eiSons \\'liatSoever by mine or their 
act, M<'anes ConSent or rrocuremeiil : .Vnd againSt me the S'' S|e]ihen 
Hardin, .My Heirs Executors Administrators iV all ..^ lOvery Other I'erSon or 
I'crSons Whatsoever lawfully Claimeing any I'.SIate High Title InlreSI 
Claime or demand in, or to the Same or any |!arl thereof, from, JJy or under 
me, Iheni, or any of them. Shall ^: will Warrant iV forever defend by tlieSe 
jireSents; In ^^'itneSs of the jiremiSses, 1 have hereunto Set my hand i^t Scale, 
the Tliirt\- i^ one day of Decendier Anno: Domini One ThouSand Seven hun- 
dred i!c twchc. 

Sigm'd Scah'd \- delivered Stephen Hardin L. S. 

in I he preSence of us 

Thomas Whijiple; James Dexter: Jvecorded January y' 21: lT'7i3 

^ Tho Olney Clerk. / 

[ ^y^ ] 

[ 241 J To All ( 'hriSliaii l'cii|ilc' hctnrc Wliciiiir llicSc prcScnls Sli;ill < '(inic 
\c. .lolm railir of rrovidriKr in llic ('(iltiiiv (if KikkIc Ishiml \ I'nividcncc 
I'laiihilious in ^\'\v i;ni;l;in(i Scndctli Crcctcinn : Kimw Vcc, Thai I llic Said 
.Idliii I'aiiic X<it on a Suddainc or .Mcanc .Motion, linl njion .Malni'c kS: iinod 
Consideration c^ fof the Sctlriucnt id' .Mv Son .lolin Tainc. have (iivcn (li-anli'd 
Alit'ud EnfeotlVd .Made Over .S; Conliiincd unto liini niv afoieS'' Son dolm 
{'aim-. iS; unfo liis llcifs lOxcciitois AdininiSti-ators & ASsiiinrs foid'lvcr a ( 'cf- 
taiiir Trad of laiul Coiitaincinu liy I->Stt'niation Tliifty Aci-cs Sciluati' licinj^ 
iV: licinii in I'l'ovidcucc afofcS'' and at of Xei'i-c a I'lan- Called .MaSi'iiaiiiic, Ih' 
it Moie or leSs, it honiidctli as f(dlo\vctli. it hciiiy;- bounded on the NoftheaSt- 
erly Cornner witli a black (»ake tfee which is the NortheaSicily Coiiiiiei- of 
in.\ iVai-ine \Vhi<-li I buiijihl of Kicliard I'liilliiiiis iV ffoin S'' black oake 'I'ree |o 
Kaiiiie Sontheidy to a Slake .S: Stone; it lieiiiji tlie KaSiei-iuoSt Sidi' cd' my 
Said tfai-nie and from Said Stake iX: Stone to Itaiijie SonthWeSt to the end of a 
Sli(u-t ditch from tlience to a White Oake Tree ^larked, from thence Nijrlli- 
ward on the W'eSt Side of an Island of Upland to a black Oake tree .Marked, 
from thence to a walnut tree. kV; from Said ^^'alnut to liaiitiv Still Norlh- 
Wardly to a lilack oake tree Marked, ^; from thence W'eSlWard to a black 
(take ire Marked, from thence northwardly to a Stake ^V Stone,, from thence 
i'.aStw ai'dly to the tirSI MenI ioiu'd bonndarey; To iiave and to hold the Said 
lands as it is in ESteMalion Thirty Acres, be it .More or leSs, \\'ilh all ^V Sin- 
j;ular the Timber, Wood. .Meaddowcs raSstiires Swam]ie Water an<l all other 
^c Singular the Privcdidues I'ridlitts benetils i^ Apimrteiiances within the Saiil 
bonml.ircys Contained unto him my aforeSaid Son .lolin I'ainc anil iinio his 
Heirs i'lxecntors Administrators iS; .\Ssij;nes, i^c to his (S: their o\\ tie rroper I'Se 
vV; liehoofe free and Cleare fore\er ; and freely i; Clearely .\i|uittid ll-xonerated 
^c fully diScharjied from .Me the Said .lohii I'aiue cX: fromy other lleii-s l'>xecii- 
tors .\dminiStralors iV; .\Ssiniies; .\nd oil' iV: from any other or tormer bar- 
i;aines Sales (lifts <!rants .Mortjiai;cs, leaSses Wills Intailes doynliires I »ow- 
r,\es 'I'liirds or I ncnndirances of What Nature or Terme Soe\er; that May 
I'Aacualc or make \'oy'' this preSanl decile of (iift: .\.\d My aforeS' Sini 
dohii I'aine his Jlcirs lOxecutors .\dm.iniSt rators or .\Ssi<;iu's Shall or .May by 
force c^ Vertue of theSe preSents from lime to time ^S: at all titnes hereafter 
USe lOnjoy ^c I'oSseSs all the Said lauds i^ l'ri\elidjjes as his ..S; there oWiie 
Pro|)er Riiiht iS: true iXheritauci' in IVee Simide without any 1 nleru|it ion or 
molestation: rrovided my aforeSaid Sou his Heirs ICxecutors .\dminiSlra- 

tors & .\Ssi<>iies do make ^i: Maiutaine a i; 1 Snllicielil fence belw ixl the Said 

Demised laiuls i*v: my other lauds i]i Said Ifarme; ^Vhil■h I boui;ht of IJichard 
i'liillijiiis ; for I do hereby declare that I do HeServe the Uemainder or Ke- 
nuiiuciug part of the Said irarnie \\'hich is Not herein diSpoSed of, for mySelfe 


& .Mv Other Heirs tliat I luive not yet (liSpdSed uf a Settle I'litd. In \Vitt- 
neSs cS; fur ( "oiitir.Matiuii (if all the ahdveWritteii, I the Said -lohn I'aiiie Seu" 
have hereunto Set my hand & Seale this tirSI day of January iu the lOleventli 
yeare of y lU'ljiue of our Sovereii^ne l>ady Anni' (^ueene of (ircat IJrittan, &(' ; 
Anno; l»oniiiii one ThouSanil Srven hundred iV; twelve or thirteene: 

Signed Sealed and delivered John I'aiue f.. S. 

in y'' preSenee of us, 

SicjilH'n I'aine I'rovidenee iu Koade Island Colony; 

JoSiah I'ain. / the day iS: yeare alioveSaid, the al)ove- 

Named John I'aine Sen' : porSonally 
ajipeared, i!i aekuowledged the al)o\i'- 
W'ritten InStrunii'nt to ho his free i^ 
\'<diintarey act and deede hefore Me 
Jiicliard W'ater.Man, juStiee. / 

K'ccordcd Januarey tlie --'"'■ lT'-'i:j: ~p Tho : Olney ("Icrk. / 

To all rcojili' hiduic \\\ this dccdi' Shall Conio. KnoW Vee that 1 Wil- 
liam Sli'cre (d' the 'I'ow no of I'rovidenee in the ( 'olony of Koade Island & 
l'ro\ iilcnce J'lanlations in (he NarragauSet JSay in New lOnglaud AJIeriea, 
huShandman M'or ^S; iu Consideration of a ^'aluahle Sinn, of Ti'u Pounds of 
Curi-enI lawfull Money iu hand already KerciM'd Well iV Irucdy paid nnio me 
William Steere of the aforeS'' Towne ^S: Colony liy SamSon Cartwriiilit of the 
aforeS:iid Towne i!i C(douy, the Keeept whereof 1 do ownc <.^ aeknowh'dge my- 
Sidfi', SaliStied ^; paid; have (iiveu, Cranted, !)arj;ained 6c Sold, ICnfeolfed. 
Alii'iid Assigned Set over iV ('ontirme(l unto the Said SamSon Carlwri.nht his 
Heirs l^xe [242] eutors Administrators iV; ASsignes forever tforty aeres (jf 
laud lieing "[Scituate] and hein^ Scituate upon the weSt Side (d' y'' Seven 
mill' in y' Tow iicShi]i|i of I'rovidcnc-e afiu-eSaid; ^^"ilil•h ll'oiiy ai-res (d' land 
lii'inu vV lieinii Scituate (Ui llii' Nor\\'eSlerly Side of the land Where the Said 
William Sleere \oW dwi'llelh.: And alSo the one halfe of Seven Acres & a 
hall'c, lie it More or leSs of land upon that Share of the aforeS'' lanil. lieing 
& liein;4 Scituate WeStwardly not jiaSt halfe a mile from y' Hill Called Way 
unkhe.iu' Hill; To.i;ether with all 6c Siufiular the I'l-ivelidiics iS; A]i]iurteuances 
to the Said lands 6c that Share as ahoveSaid; Ami all tlie lOSIale, Kii;ht, 
Title, IntreSt I'Se l'ro|)erly ToSseSsiou (Jhuue cSc demand Whatsoever of Me 
the Said \\'illiaui Steere iu or to y"' Same or any part or J'arcell thereof To 
have 6c lo hoi I I he S'' forty Acres of laud, 6c the one halfe of Seven Acres cSc a 
halfe as aforeS'' unto Said SamSon Cartwright his Heirs Kxeeutors Admin- 
iSlraliiis 6c ASsii;nes forever: to the only Trojier USe 6c liehoofe of the Said 
SamSon CarlWri,i;ti his Heirs Executors AdmiuiStral torsi & ASsigues for- 

[ ^^-^ ] 

(•\'cr: Aii<] lli;il Ihc Said SaiiiSun ( 'nrl Wiinlit liis Jlcirs l-'xcciildrs Adniiii- 
iSli-al(iis \ ASsii;iirs liv I'lircc ^; N'crliir ol' llicSc ]ii-('S('iils is ^: Sliall Slaiid. iV 
l)(' laufnlly Si'izcd |o iii.M liis lli'irs l']xi'ciil()i's AdiiiiniSti'ator.s iK; ASsijiiics, 
id' ami ill llio har^aini'd I'l-ciiiiSscs vS: of & in Every Pari & Tarcidi liicrcof, of 
a .liiHid Sine laWI'iill AliSnliitc iS; UiHU'fcazeable p]i^tale of I nliciilaiicc in IVc 
Siiiiplc, Witiioiil any Cdiidil imi, Jiiiiilatiou, USe or idlicr lliiiin' io allcr or 
Cliaiii;!' Ilic Same: A\d liiat (lie I'reiuiSscs al)ov(' hy liicSc iircSriiis Men 
lioiK'd Id lie (;i\<'ii (iraiili'd har<;aiii('(l & Sold & l']\('ry |iar( <*< iianidl lliori'id 
(ipoii tlic Sii;iH'iiii; Scalciiiii <.^ didivcry licroof is, i^ from lime |o liiiii' ^S: al all 
liiiK's licroaftor Shall Coiiliiiiio and forlOvur Iveiiiaiiio .^ Coiiliini'' lo lie llic rSc .S: Ixdioofc of y'' S'' SaiiiSoii ( "art^VriJillt his Hi'irs lOxcciilors Ad- 
miniSti-ators iV; ASsijiiics ("h'arc ^; free, "[freely cS;] Clearely iV I'reidy llxoii- 
erated Atiuitted iS; discharged or otherwise by me the Said \\'illiam Sleere 
my Heirs l^xeeutors Administrators i*i ASsignes Sntlieiently Saved iS; ke|)| 
hai-meless of .S; from all v^ all .Manner <d' former iV; other hari;ain|es| Sales (lifts 
(irants, .Mortgages, LeaSes .VSsignemeiils .Indgements lOxeeiitions tforllil t nres, 
dowryes & Tiiirds of Saiali my X( »\\' Wife to lie Claimed \- Challenged in or 
to the SaMe or |to| any ]iart or i'an-ell thereof, 6c of iS: from all kV Singular 
other Charges Tronhles Titles Inciimliranees \- demands ^VIlatSol'\■el•, had, 
made, done, or Sulfered jto l)e[ by .Me y'' Said William Steere my Heirs j^xeen- 
lors Administrators or any other I'ei'Son or I'erSons WluitSoever by mine or 
their Act Meaues ConSent or J'rocnrcMn' : And againSt JIo the Said AVilliam 
Steere My Heirs Exeentors .\dmiiiiStrators i^t all and Every other I'erSon or 
I'erSons "Whatsoever lawfully ('laymeing any EState, Kiglit, 'I'itle IntreSt 
Clainie or demand in nr to the Same m- any Part thereof, from, P>y. or I'nder 
me, th 'III. or any of ns. Shall iV w ill Warrant i-V; forEver defend by IheSe |ireS- 
ents, whereof I have for Continuation Set my hand & fixt My Seale beturc \\'il- 
neSs I his Is"' day of Xcncmlier, one 'I'liouSand Seven hundred <.S: twelve. 

Signed Sealed i^ (bdivered, William Steere L. S. 

in the jtreSenee of us — . 

Zachariah flield I'rov ideiice in ]\oade Island Colony y° 

2li'' day of -lannarey .\nno: domini 17i'/i; 
The mark nf /\ The aboxeuamed William Steere I'er- 

Abagal! llVild Somilly apjieared and aeUnowiedge y"' 

Tiie mark A of Itiith abovewril ten Instrument to lie his 

Thornton. .\ct vS; deede. before me Kiehard Water- 

man. Justice, / 

Ixecorded . lannarey y 1';!"^ 17'7i:i: T* 'J'lio: Olni'y, 

Clerk. / 

[66 J 

To Ail ( 'liriStian I'eople befdrc wlioiuc theSe preS^euts i^liall ("ouio; Know 
ye lliat I Koger Burlliuggame of Provideuue in y' Colony of Roade Island & 
Providence I'lantatious iu New England Sendetli Greeteing. KNOW Ye, 
that 1 Rogei' Bui-lliugganie of I'l-ovidem-e in y'^ (Jolony of Koade Island & 
Providence Plantations in New England Sendetli Greeteing. KNO\\' Ye, That 
I the Said Koger Burllingganie, hiiWbandnian for & in Cont^iderati(ni of Love 
good ^^'ill 6c atfeetion I have & do hare toward my loveing & dutifiill Son 
Thomas Pnrllinggame of the Same Towne & ( "ohjny aboveSaid, hnSliandmaii, 
Have Given Granted & by theSe preSenfs do freely Clearely & AliSolutely 
(Jive & (irant nnto the Said Thomas P.urlling[ ] his Heirs Execu- 

tors Administrators & ASsignes forEver llifty Acres of land [ J the 

PurctiaSe of .MoShantatuck in the TowneShijip of I'rovidence in the [ ] 

aboveSaid, Scituate lieing & being at a Place Comonly Called PampcSct, 
[ ] Already laid out; And of lAery Part & Parcell thereof do Ivxon- 

eral A(|uit [ ] discharge the Said Tliomas Purllingganie, liis Heirs 

I'Lxeculors Administrators [ ] [ 243] ASsignes forever by theSe 

presents. To have & to hold all the abovcGranted jjremiSses witli the P)-ive- 
lidges Kiglits c& Comodityes to y Same belonging or auywayes ai)purtaineiug; 
And I do by theeSe preSents warrant this My Voluntary act & deede unto my 
Said Son Thomas Purllinggame his Heirs I'^xecutors Administrators & AS- 
signes forever to be a Perfect iS; licall EState of Inheritance with al! the Prive- 
lidges & a|)iiurtenances thereon or therein Contained; And at the time of the 
lOnSealeing .ic delivery of theSe preSents I am the true Sole & lawfull Owner 
of all the aforeGrauted PremiSses, & am lawfully Seized of iSt iu y'' Same in 
fl'ee Simple and therefore have of & iu mySelfe full Power good IJight i.^ law- 
full Authority to diSpoSe the Same: 1 Say I have freely Given iS; (iranted 
all tile alio\c.Meutioned unto my Sd Son Thomas liurlliuggame his Heirs lOx- 
eciilois AdiiiiiiiStrators i5c ASsignes wilhout any interruption, MoleStatiou 
KcSiMval ion or limitation; Aud I do by iheSe iireSeuts Warrant it to be free 
and Cleare from any Other former Glfl (iiaut ]>argaine Sale leaSe .Joynture 
I>o\\cr Mortgage Intaile Title Trouble or Incumbrance whatsoever had made 
done Suffered Procured or done by me the aboveSaid Koger Burllingganie or 
by My meanes Title ConSent or Procurement ; And I do by theSe ]ireSeNts 
warrant it nnto the aboveSd Thomas I'.iirllinggame his Heirs Executors Ad- 
ministrators iS; ASsignes againSt .MySelfe My Heirs Ivxecutors Administra- 
tors I'v; ASsignes or any other PerSon or PerSons lawfully Claimeing the Sana"; 
And in WilneSs of this my ^'olunlary :icl \ decde I have hereunto Set my 
hand iV Scale this thirteenth day of .iannary in the yeare of (uir Lord one 
Thousand Seven hundred & twelve or 'J'hirtecne, i^ in the lOleventh yeare of the 


liciniic III' dill- S(i\ci'ri<^iic Lm<1v Aniif liv the (Iracc of tiiid ^>^' Miii^laml Scdihiiiil 
tlr:iiiir \ Irclniiil (JMcciic, vV:c : 

Sit:iu'(l Si'ulcd i^ il(li\cicil The iiiiirk (if 

ill llic iireSeiice ol' us 

Roger D Uiirllinii- 
'^ -aiiic L. S. 

.IdSiah WeSteott 
OlliuifU Gortou. / 

Keuordcd •laiuiai'v .V ."tl : IT'-'/i.i 
^ Tho: Olncy Clerk. 
Proxidence y'' 1 : January 17'-/i:i 

KeviSi'd y'' Iimiiidsi ef Tweiily Acres (if land liciiii; dii I he I'.aSI Side (if y" 
Si'\i'ii mile line Sel by Sd Tdune. Wliidi land Was [lurdiaSi'd df .M' Saniiicll 
\\'i'l.!;lil (if Sd ridvideuce liy .M' (iidcdii Crawfdrd late df Sd i'i-(i\ idciicc, de- 
ceased. iV: is X( )\\' in \' ]i(iSSeSsidn of y' Heirs df Said ( iideim ( 'raw furd ; Sell- 
iiate iS; lieiny; (in y' Sdiilhu acdly Side of y'' Ivoad which leads fniiii WaylidSsei i 
I'l I'.ennills <)rcliard; And lidiinding as followeth, 'I'he SdUlheaSI u anily 
('(irnner being a black (lake Tree Slaiidiug betwixt the two I'diids ('alh^l ihe 
Small I'dnds; The Sdulh\\'eSt\vardly Cornner is a large black ()ake I ree 
.Maike(l; The Xdil h^VeSlerl,\ ('dinner is a black Oake Tree .Marked. .V Sd 
tree being one (if Zache MalhuSons Coi-nners, iS: from Sd black oake Iree Id 
Kange along the IJoaih' thai leads from WeyboSset to Iteniietls Orchard till 
("onies td aiidllicr black Oake. Iree .Marked (lU l\\(i Sides Which is Ihe Noi-tli- 
eaSlWardl\ ('oriuier: Sd land being in length Seventy tive ]i(des iS; in breadlh 
forty two jioles. The lioiinds KexiSed as aboveSaid, by uie Thomas Oluey 
jiiu' Surveior. / 

Keeorded Ifebriiary y" 7"': 

17 '7 1^: %:' Tho: Oiney 

Clerk. / 

Til' bounds liexiSed of 'I'wenty acres of land ii|ioii llie Kiglil of Ivlward 
Cojie, Which Said land is Sciliiale lieing tV being on y' Sdiitliwardly Si(l(> df 
WauaS(|iialncke1l Ki\ci', In. di- neere the I'atli that goelh from WayboSsel to 
.MaSlia]iange. vV is boiinded as followeth; beginiiig at a black Oake 'i'ree 
Marked being the SdiilhllaSl ('(irnner & Kangelh north & lOleven degrees \\'eSI 
to a black Oake tree .Marked being Ihe NorthlCaSt ("oruner. it being \- poles 
& I,/, in that line and I 244 1 and from thence to H.ange \\'eSt Scvetity two 
]ioles to a black Oake Iree .Marked, being the XorthWeSt Cornner. I'v; Iroiii 
thence (o Kange South lOleven degrees llaSt 1"_' i>oles i^ '- to a lilack Oake Tree 
Marked being the SonihWeSi Cornner; and from thence to Kange MaSI w ardly 
With .lolui lliidds land to Ihe lirSI nicnl ioiied bound; I\e\iSed as abdxcSd .lan- 
uarey y" firSt day 17'- i- 

%* me Thonia.?; Oluey jun'^ Surveior 

Recorded ffobriiary y" 7'" 17''7i3: t:» Tho; Oluey, Clerk./ 


December j" 22'' 1712 : 
RfviSed llie bouuils of foity five Acres of land on y* EaSt Side of y'' Seven 
mile line. Which NOW belongeth to the heirs of Anthony Everenden, Scituate 
licinj;- iS; beinj;- Neere the Meaddow Called Benedicts Meaddow, & bounded as 
followelh ; begining- at a Stone Stuck np in the banke of y'' Uiver Called 
AVanaSqnatuckett Kiver, it being the NorthWeSt Cornuer, & Kangeth Soutli- 
EaStwardly to a Maple tree being a, bound of JoSepli Whipples MeaddoW & 
from thence to Kange Southwardly aeroSs y'' meaddow to a White Oake tree 
Marked being another bound, & from thence to P^xtend Still Southwardly to 
a black Oake tree Marked Standing by y' Pond Called Benedicts I'ond it be- 
ing the South WeSt Cornner, & from thence Rangeth EaStwardly with the 
line of fifty Six acres of laud that was laid out in the Right of Anthony ICver- 
enden untill it Comes to a black Oake tree marked being the Southeast Corn- 
ner, & from thence to Range Northwardly to a black oake tree marked being y" 
northeast Corner, and from tliencc to Range WeStwardly to y*" firStnien- 
tioned bound by y*" River 

The bounds ReviSed as is Signified, the day & yeare aboveSd, "xr> me 
Thomas Oluey juu"': Surveior. / 

Recorded ffebruary the 11'": 17'7i3: ■p' Tho : Olney, Clerk./ 

January y' l'i'>s' day 17'7ia. 
Re\iSed the bounds of Sixty Acres of land on the EaSterue Side of the 
Seven mile line \\''^'' formerly belonged to Thomas Slow but now in the poSseS- 
siou of the Heirs of Anthony Everenden, Scituate lieiug & being neere & ad- 
joyneing to the Pond ('ailed long Pond, on the Northwardly & NorthEaSt- 
wardly Side of Sd Pond, & bounded as foUoweth ; beginiug at a Small black 
Oake tree Marked being the SoutliEaSt Cornner, & Standeth by an Old tree 
which is NOAV downe, that being a former Cornner, & adjoyneing to land for- 
merly hiid <iul to John Dield ; .S: from thence to Range North & by EaSt Sixty 
pdlcs tn a great black Oake tree Marked being the NortliEaSt Cornnei-, and 
from I hence to Range \\'eSt «S; by North on(> hnndred ^V; Sixty I'oles to an Old 
lilack Oake tree witli a little black oake marl.ed Standing by |it| : y"" old tree 
being downe, & is the NorthweSt Cornner, & from thence to Range South & 
by WeSt Sixty poles to a black Oake tree Marked being y" South WeSt Corn- 
uer, iS; a cornner of forty five acres of land which is in y" PoSseSsion of y" 
Heirs of Anthony I<]verenden, i^ a Range of fifty Six Acres which is in the 
Right ( ) & from thence to Range h^aStwardly aCroSs the I'ond to y" 

UrStMentioned bound being one hundred & Sixty jioles. 

1'lie lidunds Revised as is Sigiiilied, \'' day iS: yeare abnveSd : "p' "'i' 

Thomas Oluey |jun'':| Surveior. 

Recorded ffebruarey y IP", W-ju '-^ Tho: Olney, Clerk./ 


Ki'ccMilicr y I'l:' ITlL'. 
Laid mil lo Majcr William Siiiilli l\v(i Acres of land on v" lOaSI Side (\( \" 
Seven .Mile line, Wliicli Sd land is in Inic of lialfe a \VarelionSe lot I. .S; is Sell 
iiale lieini; iV; lieinji on llie SonlhWardlv Side of WanaSipial uekell IJiver; 
r.nnnded as folloWelh ; heninin^- al a black (lake tree Marked, v*s: Uan-elh 
SoulliKaStwardly with tli(> land tlial was laid out to (ieorj;e Keeteli to a hiaek 
Oake tree marked lieing the SonthweSt Corner. & from thence |o Kan<:-e KaSt 
wardl.v to a black Oake tree Markeil being the SoutliKaSt ("ornner. ^^ from 
thence to Kauge North, or .More WeStwardly with land that Was laid out to 
-lohn Angell till it Comes to a littl(> White Oake Tree ?i[arked, being the Xorlh- 
eaSt Cornner. 6c from thence to Kang as the brow of the hill IvMends till it 
comes to the tirStnientioned r.oniid ; the length forty poles, the breadth at one 
llnd twelve jioles. ..^ the other i'.nd Six ]ioles. 

Laid ont the day iV; yeare aboveSd, V me Thomas Olney jun": 

Snrveior. / 

Recorded IVebrnary y" 11"' 17'-/i3: r* Tho; Olney Clerk./ 

[245] Whereas Daniell Williams of I'mvidence bnt NOW deceased for- 
merly laid ont Ten acres of land Neere about the i)lace Called SekeSacut on 
y LaSt Side of y"" Seven mile line, the bounds being ioSt, his Son I'eleg Wil- 
liams hath goth the Same Ten Acres laid out agaiue Neere about the Same 
jdace. ^V; bounded as foUoweth ; begining at a Maple tree Marked Standing in a 
great Swampe. lieing the NorthllaSt Cornner. & Rangeth weSt Ten degrees 
South forty jioles to another .Majile tree Marked being the NorthweSt C(U'n 
ner. & from thence to Kan.u'e South, Ten degrees EaSt forty I'oles fo a liepe of 
Stones being the SouthWeSt Cornner. iV fi'iuii thence to Knnge ICaSt Ten de- 
grees North to a .Majde Tree .Marked being tlie SouthlCaSt Cornner ^; forty 
poles in that line, .V from thence to Range North. Ten degrees W(>St forty poles 
to tiie lirSlMentioned bound; l.aid out .lanuary the l'-"!'' IT'-' n,: by me Thomas 
( Mriey jun' Survei|orl 

Recorded ll'ebruarey y" 11'", 17'7n: r' 'I'loi : Olney Clerk./ 

TO all to whome tlieSe p.reSents Shall <"onie I .\nne I'ratt of i'rovidence 
in the County of Roade Island v^ Kings I'rovince & I'rovidence l'lantati(ms in 
.\merica Semleth C.reeteing. KNOW yee. that I the Said Anne I'ralt. for & 
in Consideration of a Certaiiu' i'ar<-ell of land hereafter Named. \- alSo .Made 
Over by John I>aily of I'roviilence by way of for a Cerlaine i'arcell 
of land now belonging to .\nne I'rat. as by a deede of Sale fi'oni I'.phraim 
I'ierce to .\nne I'ralt may more at large .Xjipeare ; And the Said deede of 

[ '" ] 

Sale to be ASsigued ovtr to the Said .Jolm I>aily liis Hcii's or ASsignes for- 
Fax'v in lilven- ReSiiect ^Vllat.Sllevel• as foriiiierly it belonged to tlie Said Auiie 
I'lalt lier Heirs or ASsignes; aud is ]S'0\V to be & Keniaine to y" Said John 
Daily liis Heirs & ASslgues forEver, before the EnSealeiug & delivery of theSe 
presents by Auue Pratt, her Heirs or ASsignes. lu Consideration of Which, 
Well and troely to be Performed & Done, by the Said John Daily have (Jrauted 
bargained Aliened Sold & Conflrnied, and by theSe preSeuts for me my Heirs 
Executors Administrators & ASsignes do fully Olearely & Absolutely Grant 
Alien, beogaine Sell & (Jonfirme unto the Said Anne Pratt, by Way of Ex- 
change as aforeSaid, ffifty Acres of land lieiug at Crookefall, butting upon the 
the River; it being the Third ]iart of one hundred & fifty Acres to be devided 
betweene Richard Phillii)ps & John IMiilliiips, & the middle Part thereof to the 
Said John Daily; It being i)art of tlie Tract which formerly belonged to VA- 
ward Innian Sen'': & is Scitnate lieing & being in Providence, & is N0^\' to be 
& Renaine to the Said Anne Pratt, her Heirs & ASsignes forever. To have 
lS: to hold the aforeSaid land above by theSe jireSents Granted unto the Said 
Anne I'ratt her Heirs & ASsignes forI']ver, to the only I'rojier USe & bchoofe 
of y" S.iid Anne l*!ratt her Heirs & ASsignes forever: And 1 the Said John 
Daily for nie my Heirs or ASsignes do ("ovcnant & I'roniiSe to & with the Said 
Anne Prat, her Heirs or ASsignes that 1 am lawfully PoSseSsed of the above- 
Said land, with all I'rivelidges & A])purtenances thereunto belonging ^ that 
I have full Power iJc hiwfull Authoi-ity in mySelfe to diSpoSe of the Same unto 
tlie Sd Anne J'l-att her Heirs and ASsignes forever; And do ]iromiSe to War- 
rant & defend the Same by theSe jireSents: In WitneSs Whereof I have here- 
unto Sett my hand & Seale this Second daay of June IGDO, & in the Second 
yeare (;f their Alajestyes Reigne William & Mary King & Queene of I']ngland, 

Signed Sealed & delivered The mark of 

in the iireSence of lis ^ , I , ,, , , 

John — f— Dailv L. S, 
John I'l'ay I 

\\'illiam Tirjiin. / Recorded tfebriiary y 12'" IT'-/,:, 

'if> Tho : Olney, Clerk . / 

An Assignment of the aboveWritten dcede to Job PeerS Is l']ntred in 
the 42!) : & 430 Pages of this Pooke 

P"' Richard \Vaterman Gierke 

[246] KNOW all -Men by thcSe jireScnls, That I John Roades of Wav- 
w ick in the Colony of Road Island kV Pi(i\ id<'nc(' i'lanlalions for good Consid- 
erations .Mo\-ciiig iiic hereunto, hath gixcn ..V; granted, iV; by thcSe jireSenls doth 


fiivc i^ ,t;r;uit iiiMkc ^V: I'aSs ( )\('i- mitu iiiv lOldcSI Sdii /ccliariaii I>(ia<lcs his 
Heirs l^xt'cutdis AdiiiiiiiSlraliirs cV: AS.siyiirs. All that M.v l'r()|i('i- i;ii;iil Tillc. 
liitrcSI and ir('ii('Slii|i]i lliat dolli licldiii; Id inr in tliat land vV nicadddw, thai 
(if late tVll III nil' liv N'lalnr nf a di'i'ilr liiuii niy ( irandlalhrr William Arnold 
to -My .Miitlu'r Joan Koadrs, as licinji I'^ldcSI Son livoinfi at lii'i- dcccaSi' : 'I'lic 
\\'hii-li Said land & McaddoW is Siihiatr lii'inj; iJc lii'inji' on llic North Side of 
Pautuxett KiviT in the .InriSdirtioii of rrnvidcnee in the ("olony alioveSaid 
at a phice Comnionlv Called l'ajiaiiHinipanfj;e ; It being bounded on Ihe EaSt 
Side with a Small IJiver Called I'apaquinipauge Kivei-, and on the South & 
])art of the WeSt Side with Pautuxett Piver; & from thence to the South Ihid 
of a hill on the Xorth Side of Upatinues Corneflield; The Wliieli Hill lieth 
between Papaquinnippaujie Pond & the Kunnett Called Papaquinipjiojie Ki\i'r 
on the North Part, and the Said Papaqniuippo<;e Ri\'er on the IviSt Side of 
it; All ^^'hi^■h the aboveSaid land & Meadow within the bounds aboveSaid, 1 
the aboveSaid John Roades have };iven and granted. Made and PaSsed Over 
unto my Sou Zecliariah Koades his Heirs Executors Administrators \' AS 
sigues TO have and to hold forever as a Pure Cleare and rndi'feay,<'able Ins- 
tate of Inheritance in tiee Simple, without any Condition Limitation or Ke 
Strition WliatSoever ; In WitneSs Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & 
Scale this Thirteenth day of January, in the eleventh yeare id' her Maj" 
Peign Anne (^neeue of Ureat Prittain, &C. 
Anno cf : Domini. ITll!..'-' 

Signed Sealed ^^ delivered John P.oades L. S. 

in the jireSence of us — 

10 d ward tVry 

The mark X of 

Stejihcn Capel Providence January y'" 1.'!"': ITll!: ur K!. 

The -Mark / of IN-rSonally a]>iieareil Ihe abovenanied 

JoSeph Daily. John Poailes cV acknowledged the abo\('H 

W'rillen inStrunieiil In be his Kcall 
ail i^ Decde. IJefore me Tho : iVcnncr 

Kecordcd Ifcliruary y 14'" ITfJ, K! V 'I'll": <>lney Clerk./ 

Pe it knowne unto all People by tlieSe preSelits, that 1 (leorge Kccch of y" 
Tiiwni'Shi|i nf Providence in her .MajeSlyes Cidony of IJnade Island i-V Provi- 
dence Planlalidiis in NeW I'higlaiid ( huSbandman, ) ha\e wilh the ConSent 
of my Wife .Mary Keech, i.S: good CiinSiderat ion .Mnvcing me tlicrclo of y love 
& Natnrall afection which I bi-are to my loveing Sou William Keech. Xid on 
a Siiddanle Nor on any Mcnc iiiidinn but u|iiin gond deliberat ..V: m.-ilure Con 


Sideration, Giveu & (Jianted unto my afoie>Said loveiug Sou ^Villialll Keecli 
& to his Hcii-s 01- ASsij^ues a Ccrtaine Paruell of laud ("oiitaiiiciui;- tt'orty 
Acre.-!, it beiug part of ouc Imndicd i: Sixty Acres wliicli I bougiit of Zadia- 
riali .loues & is Scitnate on the NorthweSt Side of MoSwanSeeut Pond, & 
ti(!und('(l liy llie Said Pond, X' on tlie XortlilCaSt witli a lot which I Gave to my 
Sou P.cnjamiu. and on the uortlnveSt Witli MaSwouSecut great Meaddow, & 
ou the SoutlAVeSt With my laud ou which I dwell : Aud I do by theSe pres- 
ents (iive (iraut ASsigue Set over and ("oufiruie unto my aforeSaid loveing 
S<iu William Keech & his Heirs Or ASsigues the forenientioued forty acres 
iif land Willi all & Singular the privelidges Proliitts as buildings fences, I'low- 
lands Meadowes Oi-chards I'aStures ^^'oodgrouud, Stoues, aud Timber, with 
all .& Every benelitt or Appertaineaucies in auyWayes belonging or Ap]ier- 
taincing to the Same: And 1 do by theSe preSents bind niySelfe my Heirs 
J']xecul<ns Administrators or ASsgues forever to warrant & defeud my afore- 
Said Siiu \\'illiaui Keech his Heirs Executors Administrators or ASsignes 
from any othin' Claime or Cliallenge of any other IterSon lawfully Claimeiug, 
or from any Other Gift (Jraut Biargaine Sale or mortgage, dowryes, Joynters 
Tliirds of Intailes, or from any other Sort of Imbazelment \VhatSoever; And 
that my Said Son William Keech is at the Signeing & Sealeing of tlieSe pres- 
ents truely & lawfully Seized & PoSseSsed of the PremiSses of a good Sure 
lawfull Absolute and Undefeazeable Right of Inheritance foreVer in ifee Sim- 
]ile. wilhout any ('(mditiou Limitation TTSe or other thing to Alter or Change 
the Same; Aud in Consideration of this my Keall Act and deede, 1 have 
hereuulo Set my hand & Scale this Twenty Six day of January in the yearc nf 
our Ijdi'd (lue Th<inSand Seven hundred .S; twelve or Thirteene, & I^leventh 
yeare of the Peigu of our So\ereign Lady Anu(> by y'^ Giace of (iod Over (Jieat 
ISritan (Jueene, cScC : 

Signed Sealed & delivered The mark /T'^ of George 

VLV Keech L. S. 

in the iireSeuce of 

John Angell Weaver. *[Apiieared before me] The abovenauK'd 

William Smith. George Keech Personally Appeared be- 

fore me and did ackuowlede the above- 
Written to be his act & deede this L'O"' 
day of January Aaino : Domini, ITIlJ,!.'!: 
Ivichai'd A\'alermian, jnSlice of Peace./ 

I{(>c(H'ded iTebi-uary y 14'", M^'/y.r. r* Tho : Olney 

Clerk. / 

[ ' -^ ] 

[247] r.i' il UnowiM- uiilo ;ill l'c(i|,li' liy (hi'Sc iircScnIs tlinl I Ccni'jic 
Kepcli (if llic 'I'dW ricSlii|i|> of I'l i>\ idcmc, in *[tln' Coliiliy of Hiuhlt'l Ikt M:ijrS 
tycs ("oldiiy (if I{ii;iilc Ishnid iV; I^idvidcnce J'laiiial ions in New l']n<il;in(l ( lliiS 
li:imliii:in I li:i\c willi (liv CniiScnl of my wife Mary Kci'cli ^;; "(lod CoiiSidcra- 
lions Movciii^- nic liicrclo of (lu' love & Natural! Afcction Wli I bare lo my 
lovcin^ Son .lolm Kccdi. Xot on a Suddant uor on any nu'i-c motion Iiiil njion 
^(lod ^V; dcliluM-atc i; maluic conSidcral ion, (iivcu i^ (iranlc<l iiiilo my aforc- 
Sd Son .lolin Kcccli a Ccilainc raiccii of land Containcinii' forty Acres Si-ihi- 
ato on the NorweSt Side of .MaSwonSeciit Pond & hounded by llie Said I'ond 
and South^^'eSt hounded willi llie land of tli<imas .MalliuSon, ^c WeSi hy the 
Common, on y" North i: XortheaSt with my owne laud; And I d<i hy IlieSe 
|ireSenis Cive (Irani ASsiijne Set over iJc Coutirme unio my .iforeSd hivcintl 
Son .lolin Keech and lo his Heirs ''[&.] |or| ASsigues the af<iremenl ioned foi'iy 
aeres of laud together with all the A]iiiurtenauces I'rivelidges I'rolliis iK; Coui- 
odityes in auywayes lielonging or Aiijiertaiueing to the Same; as inea(hlo\vs, 
Plowlands Orchards woodgrounds Pastures, P.uildiugs femes ^c all \&.\ escry 
beuelitt belougiug to the SanM>; And I do by tlieSe preSeiits liruiely bind .My- 
Selfo My Ileirs Executors AdminiSti'alors & ASsigues, forlOver lo NVarranI i; 
defend My aforeSaid Son .lolin Keech 6c his lioirs Executors A.dminiSt i-alois 
or ASsigues from any other ('laime or Challeuges of any other i'erSon law- 
flujlly Clayuieiug, or from any other <!ift (iraut bargaine Sale or mortgage 
do\vr\e Joynture Thirds or lulails or from any oHhm- Sort of lnba/,lement 
Whatsoever: Au*[ii]d Ihal my aforeSd Sou. lolin Keech at y Signeing & 
lOnSealeJng of tlieSe |ireSents. is tritely i; lawfully Seized ^: PoSseSsed of the 
Said forty Acres of laiul. of a good Sure lawfiill AhSoliite iV Pudefeazable 
K'ight <if Inheritance fore\i'r in tl'ee Sim|ile as the iiioSt Uightfull liilieriter 
thereof without any Condition or limitation I'Se or other (liiug to alter or 
Change the Same; ik in Confirmation of this iiiy Keali .\ct I's; deede I have here- 
unto Si't ni\ hand vV; Seah' this 'i'wenty Six da\ of .lanuary in the yeare of our 
Lord one TliouSaud Seven hiiudred twelve or Thirteene, and I'lleventh yeare 
of the Reigne of our Sovereign I^ady Anne, by the (irace of <lod Over (ireat 
]!rittan (2'ueene, iS;< ' : Signed Seah'd iS: delivered, in the |ireSeiice of, 

John Angell, Weaver : / The mark of K (ieorge 

William Smilli. / Kcim'Ii L. S. 

The Tw<'iity Sixt day of •raniuirey. the above 
named (k'orge Keech I'erSonally apiieared be- 
fore me <S; did acknowh>dge this aboveWril 
ten to be his Act and dee(le. Anno: i>omini. 
17'- i;: Ixichard Waterm,a7i. .luSlice. ' 

Recorded IVehruary y" l!l"': 17i-/w V 'J'li": <»lii''v Clerk. ' 

To all People liefore Wliome tlieSe *[preReuts] Shall Come; Know Ye that 
1 .IdSeph Caipeiitei- cif MoSeeto ('ove, in the TowneSliipp of OvSter 15ay. in 
the ('<il(!ii_\' (if Ne\\' Yoike ( ImShandiiian) Sendetli s;ieeleiiij;-: Know Ye, 
'J'liat I Ihe Said JoSeiih ('ai'iienter ffor & in ConSidei'ation of (he full ^; .InSt 
Sum of flift.v I'ounds of ("nirent Money of New l>]iigland (o nie in hand I'aid 
at or licfoi-e the I']nSealein<^- & delivery of tlieSe [H'eSeuts, by Jaroh Clarke of 
l*rovidenie in the Colony of Road Island & I'rovidence Plantations in NeW 
England, the Keceit Whereof I do acknowledge mySelfe fully Satisfied & Con- 
tented, ha\e (iiven (iranted bargained Sold Alenated Enfeofifed & ('onfirnied 
unto the aboveSaid Jacob his Heirs Ivvecutors Administrators & ASsignes 
forEVer, one halfe of a thirteenth ]iart of the lands belonging to the ])roprie- 
tors of Panluxett on the 'WeSterne Side of I'auchaSet River in tlu' Towne- 
Ship]> of Providence in the ("olony aboveSaid; The which demiSed lialf,' of 
the aboveSaid Thirteenth ]:art derived unto mySi'lfe by IleirShip]), & there- 
fore have in niySelfe full Power good Right & lawfnll Authority to Sell iS; diS- 
poSe the Same: I Say I have Sold it unto the aboveSaid .laeoli Clarke his 
Heirs l-^xecutors Administrators & ASsignes forever with all the Pi'ivelidges 
& a]i]>ur(enances Rights or Conmdityes thereon or therein Contained; And 
thai Ihe alio\'cSd Jacob his Heirs I'^xi'cutors Administrators & ASsignes, Shall 
from lime lo time lK; at all times hereafter Peaceably & quietly I'oSseSs iV iOn- 
joy Ihe Same as a Perfect & Reall EState of Inheritance, To have and to hold 
all Ihe aboveGranted PreniiSses wilhoul any interruption MoleStation ReSer- 
\ation or limitation; and further, al Ihe i'.nSealeing & delivery of theSe jjreS- 
ents. I am (he trne Sole & lawful! Owner of all the aforebargaincd I'remiSses, 
& am lawfully Seized of & in the Same, and I do by theSe preSents warrant 
it lo be free ^: Cieaie from all Oilier or firrmer (lifts Grants IJargains. Sales. 
leaSes .loyntors howcrs ilortgagcs in(ailes, Titles Troubles or Incumbrances 
whatsoever had made done SnITered I'rocured or done by me the aboveSaid 
JoSejih Carpeiitei- or by .My .Meancs 'i'ille ConSent or Procurement; And 1 
do liy tiieSe ]ireSents warrant and will forl'^ver defend this [248] this my 
bargaine ^: Sale unto the aboveSd Jacob Clarke his Heirs l-lxecutors Ailmin- 
iSti-atoi-s iS; ASsignes againSt mySclfe my Heirs lOxeculors Administrators & 
ASsigni'[ ] or any odiei' PerSnn or I'crSons lawfully Claimeing the Same; 
And in WitneSs of lliis my Real! ar| ^V deede I have hereunto Set my haml & 
Scale Ibis (wenly lliird day of Odolicr in (he yeare of our l.ord one Thou- 
sand Sc\('n hnndi-ed and Iwclve, and in Ihe l*>leven(h yeare of (he Reign of 
(Mil' So\-ei-eine Ladv Anne by Ihe (irace of God of Great P.ritan IVrance ,S; ire- 
land (^ueene, &.C. / 


Signed Si^alt'd cV; dclixcri'd .)(iS('|ili < ';ir|iciilcr I,. S. 

ill Llio pn'SciKM (if lis — 'rill' Wind iiilrcSl W;is iiiirrlinrd lir- 

.loSiali W'cSlciill Iwci'iic y* -'.) liiir licfnrc Si;;ii('iim 

IVraucis ^\■ill^ll and Soaleiug. 

,l(iSc|ih tlrmii'i- rcrSoiialiy apjieared llic alHi\ciiuMitioiicd 

JdScpli CariK'iiter tlic day vS; mmit aliovc- 
^\'l■ill('n iS; did acknnwicdur lliis I iiSi niinriil 
to lie his Kcall act iS: dccde, hci'drt' iiic 

Tlui: HVuiici- ASsiSlaiil. / 

Kcrdi-dcd nviiiuaix y' 2(t"' : 17'-/i3 T* 'I'll": ••liuy. Cli rk. / 

KNOW all .Men by IlicSc incScnls iliat Wee Saiiuiell Wliiiijile df llic 'i'dwiic 
df (irotdU in tlie ("diiiity df XeW l.iinddn in the Cdldiiy df Cdiini'il iciil t 
M'diijiei'i and Thdiiuis \\'hi|i|ile nf l'rii\ idriice in the ('iilnny uf Knade Island 
& I'l-Dvideuce I'lanlalidiis in X<'\v ]Oni;land iCddpei-) fdi- 6c in CdiiSidrral inn 
df Ihe full Sniii (if Sixly I'liiind (if ("iirrcnl Money of NeW lOiiiiland afiireSaid 
Id ns in hand liefdic llie llnSealcin^- lieicof well iV (iiiely |iaid liy N'allentiiie 
W'hilinan of I'l'ovidence aforeSaid Ihe l{eee|it Wlieieof We do liei-eliy Acknowl- 
edge iS; oni-Selves therewith fully SatiStied and Contented; and lliereof. iV; of 
Ivvery part & rercell thereof do J-;.\onerate A(initt iJc discharge ilie Sd N'allen- 
tine \Vliitiiuui his Heirs Executors iS: Administrators by IheSe jireSeiils; Have 
given granted liargained Sold Aliened Conveyed & Conlirnieil, And by tiieSe 
jireSents do freely Clearely i^ AbSoliilely give grant bargaine Sell Alien ('on- 
vcy (S: Colitliine iinio llie Said X'allenline \\'liitliuiu his Heirs ^c ASsignes for- 
ever a certaine Loll, or 'I'racl of land. Scitnate iS; being on liie weSt Side of 
liic Seven .Mile line, and is in (|iiaiilel.\e one hundred iS; lifty Acres, be ihe Same 
more or be it leSs '{'he Said lull lielh pari on the Smith Side, vV; |iarl on Ihe 
Norlli Side of I'linhiinganSeH IJranch ( M- Kiver, Bounded as by y' SuiNciors 
K'eliirne upon Kecord will apjiearc; as alSo a Share of Mieailow or I'liland in 
the liiif thereof as by the I'lirchaSsers Order on Kecord will ap|ieare, as alSo 
lOigiit Acres of land on (he W'eSl Side of the Said Seven mile line, if ii doih 
Appeare that the lOigli Siiillings agreed on by the I'urdiaSers for Each I'lir- 
chaSsRight be jiaid for Ihe Same; .\s alSo one ipiarter jiart of a I'liichaSs- 
Kiglit on the WeSl Side of the Sd Se\en Mile line in the lands which are yet 
iindevided; To have and (o hold llu' Said (Iranted vS; bargained rremiSses 
wilh Ihe a|i]inrlenances I'riv clidgcs iS; Coniodilyes to llie Saiiiie belonging or 
in any or in anyWiSe apperlaineing, to him th(> Sd ^'allellline Whitman, his 
Heirs and ASsignes fore\-er, to his and their Owne rrd|ier I'Se beiieliti iV; be- 
hddfe fiirever; And Ihiil Ihe Said X'allenline Whilnian his lleiis \ ASsign.'S 
Shall .V; Mav, fnim lime In lime 6c at all limes fdrlAcr liere.-ifler bx furce & 


Vertuc of theSe preSenls lawfully reachable & (inietly have liold USe ()cn]iye 
PoSseS.s & Knjov tlie Sd di'iniScd & liaryaiiicd PreniiSscs willi tlic Aiiiimte- 
nances ficc iV ('leave, '& freely & Cleairly A(iuitted Exoneralcd ^V: dis(-liari;cd 
off & fi-oiii all & all manner of former & other gifts Grants bargains Sales 
LeaSes Jfortgages Wills Entailes, Joynfiires dowryes Thirds Judgements & 
Exlcnls; Ifurthermore AVec the Sd Samnell Whipple, & the Sd Thomas Wlii])- 
]ile fill- OurSelveis our Heirs Execniors ^V: Administrators do Covenant & Va\- 
gage llic abovedemiSed PremiSses 1o him the Said Yallentine Whitman his 
lleiis iJc ASsignes againSt the lawfnll Claimes & demands of any I'erSon or 
I'erSons whatsoever forevei" hei-eaflcr lo warrant Seenre & defend; In Wit- 
neSs whereof \A'(\ (b) hereunto Set our hands 6c Seales this Twenty Sixt day 
of Kecendiei' in the U"' yeare of her ^lajeSlycs Keign Anne (i'ueene of (treat 
Itrillan. v^c. Anno: Domini; 1712./ 

Signed Sealed & delivered | Samuell Whiiijile I.. S. 

in the preSenee of, *[us] \ Thomas Whii»ide L. S. 

I']benezer Jenekes The Subscribers did on the day 

.liinalhaii Spiague jun'' aboveWritten acknowledge this 

Instrument to be tlieir A'ohmlary 
act & deedei'de before me 

.ToSeph Jeni-kes ASsiSlanI 
Recorded Ifeliruary y" 2(1'"; 17'-/i,,:/ 
'tr> Tho ; Oluey Clerk. / 

[ 249 ] TO all Peojile to wlumie this jireSent deed of sale shall Conu' James 
Thornton <if Providence in y'' CobMiy of IJoade Island & I'rosidence I'lanla- 
tions on the XarraganSet Pay in >.'c\y England, Yeoman, Sendi'th (Iccrling; 
KX()\\' Yee, (hat I the Said Jam.cs Thornton for & in Consideration of the 
Sum (li one hundred & fifty Pounds ("urrent Money of Niew lOngiand lo m;' in 
band Wi'll c^ fruely jiaid at .S: before the IvnSealeing iV; delivery of theSc pres- 
ents by KeSolved Waterman of the Same 'I'owne and Colony aforeSd, Ye(unan, 
the Recept whereof to full C(uitent iS: Satisfaction I do herel)y ArkTiowledge, 
& thereof & |of| lAery jiart and rai-cell tlicrenf do A(iuit lOxoncialc ^V; <IiS- 
charge the Sd ReSolved Waterman his ILeirs Executors AdminiSI ralois iV AS- 
signes & Every of them forI]\er b\ (heSe ])reSents Have (iiven (icanted I'.ar- 
gained Sold Aliened Enfeoffed Conveyed & Cunlirmed ; And by tlieSe ])reS 
cuts do fully freely Cleai-cly <V; absolutely give grant bargaine Sell Alien En- 
feoffe Convey i^ Confirme unto the Said l{eSoIved Waterman his Heirs *[I]x- 
ecufoi'.s] i^;. ASsignes forever one hundred v^ Sixty acres of land (nuu-e or leSsi 
within the bounds hiMcaftcr Mentioned Scilualc lieing ^: being within the 
Towni'Shipp of I'roN idciici' aforeSil, and U|:(mi llie ()riginall Right of .loShua 


^'(■i■ill f'nriiicrl,\ (i)' Saiil I'rdxidciKc \ it Ives iici'ic llir WVo (|ii;inm)|Hi;iiiUS & 
oil llic wcSI Side of Ihc Seven mile line i^ AdjovnelJi llie S;niie iV; iMimiileil as 
followeth. IJcgiiiiu.i; :i( a Slake |\vith| Stones laid aboiil il wliieli Slaiideili in 
01- neeie (lie Kani^e oT llie Seven Mile line. Ilien froni Sd Slake lakeinj; ilie 
Kaiij;-!' nt' y" a fore .Mentioned Seven .Mile line to anollier Slake \\'i( li Slones 
laid ahoul il liein,i;- tlii-ee Imndred Poles, then ^VeSI or neeic wcSI lo a Ked 
oako Tree Marked lieinu i'j^lilv Tides, then K'aiiiiciii.u- Xorlh or Xeei-e Noiili 
to a St;dct' with Stones laid ahoul it heiiiii' three iiiindred jioles. tlieiii IJaii,!.;e- 
in<;' EaSt or neere ICaSt lo .V lirSt .Mentioned liound a Stake Willi Stoni's al)out 
it. all which makes ii]) one hundred (J^: fifty Acres. The Ten acres in |iarl of 
the MpaddowShare is Added on y" Westerly jiart of the afoi-e.Menlioned hun- 
dred ^: fifty Acres & Itonnded as followeth. bejiininj;- at llie WeSI line of the lott at a Stake Willi Slimes laid aliinit it, then Kani;eiii^- WeSt or Xeere 
Wi Si to a Sprnce I'ine Tree .Marked, lieinii' I'igty [loles. then Sontli or Xeere 
Siiiiili to a Small White Oake hiiSh. Marked beinii' tifty two ])(des, then Kaiiiic- 
ing EaSt or Neere EaSt to the Range line of the iirSt loll, then keejieing the 
Kange Northward to the firSt hoiinder of this Piece, the Stake with Stones 
aliont it being Thirty Poles, added on the "WeSt of this Piece, begining at 
y White oake bnSlli then liangeing WeSt or Neere WeSt to a while Oake 
Tree .Marked being Thirty I'oles, then Kangeing upon a Slrai.ght line to the 
aforementioned Sprnc<' Tree; Together with all & Singular the houSes, out- 
liouSes P>uildings Eddefices and Orchard thereon; and all other Prollils Prive- 
lidges Kighls ^^■lJalSoever lo the Said one liinidred & Sixty acres id' land 
.VforeSaid To have ..^ to hold all the Aliove t^ before mentioned granted iS; bar- 
gained Premisses with all the Appnrtenances & Every Part ^- Parcidl thereof 
unto the Said KeSohed Waterm,-in his ITeirs & .\Ssignes fm-IOver, to his & 
their owne Sole i^ I'roj'cr I'Se benetit ^c liehoid'e from henceforth i.^ forlCver- 
moi-e, .MiSoliitely wilhonl any manner of Condition Kedemtion or K<'vocation 
in am wiSe; .\nd I the Said .lames Thornton for me my ileirs ivxecniors & 
.\dm;'niSlralors. do herein Covenant PromiSe iV graiil to ^V vvilli the Said He- 
Solved Waterman his Ileirs ^S; .\Ssignes in .Manner ^: forme following, thai is 

to Sav llial 1 the Said -la s Thornton al the Time of Hie IvnScaleilig hereof 

i& nntill the delivery of theSe |>reSenls am the true Sole cS: lawfnll owner of 
all llie aforebargaiiied I'remiSses i^ Stand lawfully Sei/.ed lliereof in my owne 
projier ikiglil, of a, good Sure ^1; I'ndefeai'.eable ICState of Inheritance in Ifee 
Simide vvilhoiit anv .M.inner of Condition IJevertion or liiiiilation of I'Se or 
I'Scs Whatsoever So as lo .\lter Change defeat or make X'^oyd the Same; 
liaveing in mySidfe full Power good K'igiit & lawfnll .\ulliority to grant Sell 
Convey & aSnre the I'remiSses unlo the Said HeSoived Waterman his Ileirs 
& .\Ssignes in inannei- ^V; fornie aforeSd. according to the I rue intent i^ nieane- 


iuy of tliL'^L' jjix'Seul^; And llial lln' Said IteSolvcd Wateruiau his llfiis iV 
ASsigues Shall & May by force & ^\'l•tlU' of theSe I'reSents fidiii hi'iiccfinth 
& furl'^ver luncafter lawfully I'eaceably and quietly have [250] have hold 
USe occupy I'oSseSs & Enjoy the abovegi-anted & bargained iJi-eiiiiSses With 
the Appurtenances free ic (/leare & Clearcly A(iuittcd Exonerated i^ dis- 
charged of and from all c& all Manner of former & other gifts grauts bargains 
Sales Troubles Chargles| leaSes Mortgages -loyntures Dowers Judgements Ex- 
ecutions lutailes tforfitures and of & from all lncuud)rauces Whatsoever: 
And further, I do for nie my Heirs Execut(us & Administrators & Every of 
us hereby Covenant iS: grant to Wariant and defend all the aboveClranted «^ 
bargained I'remiSses with the Appurtenances thereof unto the Said KeSolved 
Walernian his Heirs ,S; ASsignes f(U-i'ver. againSt llie lawfull Claimes iS; de- 
mands of all & Evei-y I'erSan or I'erSons WhomeSoever : In ^VitneSs whereof 
I I he Said James thorutcui and Sarah my Wife, in token of her free ("onSent 
lo Ilii'Se presents and of the free 6c full Krlin(|iiiSliment of all her Kiglit of 
Dower iS; I'dwer of Thirds to be by her had or (Maimed of into & out of the 
aboM'bargained I'remiSses, have hereunto Sett our hands & Scales the fourth 
day nf August Anno. Domini, one TliouSand Seven Iniiidred iV; twehe. .■mil in 
the lOlexenth yeare of the Iveigu lif our Soveieigne Lady Anne by the di-ar,' of 

('lod (jueeiie of ( Ireat Itrit tan. iS;( '. Janres ~T~ Thornton L. S. 

Signed Sealed ..^ delivered by y Sd James Thornton 
in the jireSence of us 
JoS('])ii Wlii])ple 

Will'" ('i-a\vf(U-d The abo\enamed Jaun's 'I'horn- 

Signed Sealed & delivered by ton >.V; Sarah his ^Vife I'er- 

Sarah Thorulon in preSence of us Sonally a])peared this day 

of August in the ye-ire 
aboveSd i^ did acknow ledge 
the abovew ril ten Instru- 
ment to be their X'olniilary act 
vK: deede bef(n(' me 
Tlios ll'eiiner Assistant. 

L'ecoi-ded Ib'brnary y I'l''^: IT'-'/i, r' Tho: Oluey Clerk./ 

there is .■! (juitClaim of the abo\ementi(Uied Land from y" attorney of Ag- 
nes King Uecorded in the liook number twelve page ^iSS 

T.e it knowne uiilo all People by IlieSe |ireSeufs that Kichard Waterman 
of the Towne of Providence, in her MajeStyes Cobuiy of Poade Island & Provi- 

(IciHc i'laiil;itimis in NcW ICiiiilaiul. jiixul ('(niSidcrat inn Mnxciiiu nic tliiMi'lo 
oC i;i^litcciii' rniniil (if jiiiixl iV hiwfuil .Mmicv >>{ Nrw lui.uhiiid in lianii ;il- 
rcaiiv JC<'(ci\c(l licinji Well ami ii-nrlv |iav(l liv my lovcinj; {'.rdllicr IJrSdIvcd 
Walcrman of lli!- 'i'nw nc iS; ('ol(in\' afmcStl iiaxc Sold iinhi my af(M-cSd i'.i-(illu'r 
a ('(Mtainc I'ai-ccli (if land ('(inlaincinj;- in KSicmalion I^ij^'lifccnc acres of land 
lie il niiirc oi- IcSs, Scilnalc v^ licini; on llic Sonlli Side cd' llic land (Ui >\'lii(li 
my Said In-odicr now livdli iS: adjiiym'in,n- to tlic Same; And i do liy llwSc 
in-i'Scnls DcmiSi' hai'jiainc Sell Alien Set over c& Conlirme nnio my AforeSd 
lirolher KeSoJNcd W'alerman the aforemened iCijilileene acres of land Willi all 
cS; Sin^ynlar llie i'ri\clidi;is A]i|inrtenances I'rotlits iS; ( 'oniodilyes Iherein or 
Ihere'nn'to liidnniiini; or Apiierlaineinu,' to my aforeSd jn-idlier liis Heirs or 
ASSi^nes forever in IVee Sim|ile; And I do liy theSe ]ireSents hind .MySell'c 
M\ Heirs OI- aSsiiiiies f(ni;\('r lo warrant and defend my aloreSd Inoiliei- his 
Heirs in- ASsij^nes from any I'erSon. lawfnlly ( 'lainieini;' llie Same or any pari 
tlureof and from any oilier jnSI (Irant liari;aine Sale Morl,ua.:;e dow ries .loyn- 
tnres Thirds or Inlailes. or from any other Sort of 1 mlia/.lemeni whatsoever: 
And that al llie Sifiiieini;- and I'lnSealeinj;' of tlieSe |ireSenls my Sd lirolher 
dolh Sland Irmdy v^; lawfully Seized .Sc I'oSseSsed of the I'remiSses of a ^ood 
Sure lawfnll AliSolnle ^: rndefeazalile i;i.i;lil of Inhei-ilance forcM'r willionl 
an\ ('iindilion limilalion I'Se or olher lliiiii; to alter or ("hanjie the Same: 
And in Comlirmalion of lliis my Keall ait and I )eede I liaxc lierennio Set my 
hand .S; Scale this --"' day of .May in the Yeare of onr Lord one 'J'honSand 
Seven hnndred and Tw(d\(' and lOleNcnth yeare of the Keinn of onr So\creii;n 
Lady Anne, IJy the Crace of <iod (^neene of Great Drittan, vV;( '. 

Si.uned Sealed ^c delivered The /// mark 

in llie iireScnee of, — of Kicliard Walcrman./ 

William llojiliins 

Sle|iheu J'aine. IviM'ordcil flcbrnarx the ::.-)"'; 17'-/i;i 

'f' Tho: Olney Clerk. / 

[251 I '!'< > All ChriSlian reo|ile licfore Wl e this decde (d' Sale Shall 

Come .Mr^ Alice licxier cS; her Son -loliii l»e.\(er of rro\idence in the Colony 
(d' Koade Island cS: l'ro\i(lence I'lanlalions in XeW iOniiland Sendelh (ii'ect- 
inji': KNOW Vee lliat Wee Ihe Said Alice Dexter ,Sl .hdui Hexler for <^ in 
Consideration of Tliiily rounds of Current .Money of NeW j'.iiiiland liy ns in 
hand already Iteceivcd. and W(dl ,S: trnely I'aid liy .M' dohn Taine of the Same 
ToWTie vS: Colony aforeSd, the Keceiil Wliereof \\'ee do hereby .Vcknow lediic, 
iS; iinrSidvcs Ihercwil to he fully SatiSlied Contented 6c I'aid: have (iiven 
(Jranted ]!ari;ained .V Sold. Aliened Hnfeotfed Conveihed .S: Contirnied, and do 
by tlieSe ]ireSents fully freidy <'learely iV: Absolutely (iive (iranf Iiariiainc & 


Sell Alien lOiifcdIie ('<iiiveis;li iV: ( '(iiilii-iiic iiiilo him tlic Saiil John Paine \ nnto 
his Heirs lOxeenturs Aduiinii^tratois & ASsignes forlvvcr a CPitaine I'areell 
of land as namely I{og'geyMcatl(lo^\' Siitnale lieing & being in I'rovidenee 
afoieSd, and at or Xeere a I'lace |('alled| Maeijiaiige, and is bounded as fol- 
loweth; It lieing iMiunded on tlie Soulherlv IOikI pai'tlv with a I'iue S\\aiii]ie 
& jiartly W'itli Jleadow I)elonging to liicliard \\'atei'mau Jun'', and on the 
Nortlicrly I']nd ]iaitly witli .Meaiblow belonging to Jfajor William IIoji- 
kins \- ]iarlly with ^leaddow belonging to the Sd John Paine, and on 
the l''uSt & WeSt With the upland; however otlierwayes bounded or Reputed 
to be bounded; It is the JIeaddo\>' ("omonly called & kuowne by the name of 
Throgmortons Meaddow ; To have cS; to hold the Said Meaddow with all vV: 
Singular the Grass and all other Singular I'rivelidges I'rottitts benetitts iS: Ap- 
liurtenances thereunto belonging unto liini the Said Joliu Paine and unto his 
Heirs lOxeiutors AdniiniStrat'ors iS; ASsignes and unto his & tlieir owue I'roper 
USe iV behoofe free & Cleare forever, and fi-cely i*i ("learely a(juitted lOxonei'- 
ated (S; fully discharged from us the Sd Alice Dexter & John Dexter our Heirs 
Kxecntors Administrators cSt ASsignes, and oil' & from any other or former 
P>argains Sales (lifts (Jrants .Mortgages I^aSses Wills Intailes Joyntnrcs 
Dow ITS Thirds or Hicumbrances of What Nature or ternie Soever: And the 
Said Alice Dexter & John Dexter doth Covenant PromiSe Grant & agree to 
iS: with the Sd John Paine in manner and forme following, that is to Say; 'I'hat 
\\'ee the Sd Alice Dexter i^ John D^exter at & before the Signeing iS; Sealeing 
of theSe jireSents & untill the delivery hereof, \\'ee ^^■el•e the Piglit true & hnv- 
fnlV Owners of all the above<iiven and (iranted jiremiSses, and that wee had 
in ourSelves full Power iV lawfull Power and Authoritye to bargaine S<>11 ^: 
diSpoSe of the Same in manner i!i forme as aboveBxpreSt without any ("on- 
ditiiui Alteration or limitation of I'Ses or Other thing that ^lay Alter Change 
ICvacuate or make ^'oyd this preSent deede of Sale, And Eniediatly after Ihe 
deliver\ heicof, then the Sd John Paine his Heirs JCxecutors AdminiSlra- 
tois or ASsignes are & forever thereafter Shall be invested Wiih all the Said 
McaddoW and Privelidges as with a Keall .K; Perfect lOState of Hiheritanee iu 
li'ee Simjile; And the Said Alice Dexter iS; John Dexter doth further (Covenant 
Promise Grant & agree, that Wee Ihe Said Alice Dexter & John Dexter our 
Heirs I'lxecutors Administrators iS; ASsignes Shall & NVill Warrant and for- 
lOver defend all the Said .Meaddow & J'rivilgdges .VforeSaid & Every part 
thereof with the .\]i]iurtenances unto him the Said John I'aine his Heirs l-^x- 
ecutors .\dininiStrators ic .\Ssigncs againSt the lawfull Challenge Claimes or 
demand of any I'erScui or I'erSons that Shall Clainie InlreSt therein or Title 
theii'lo by any meanes Whatsoever: In WitneSs & for Contirmation of all 
the .VboveWrilten, Wee the Saiil Alice Dexter .^ John De.xter Ihavel hereunto 


Scl (1111- lianils lK; Sc.ilcs lliis 'riihiccul li i\;\\ iif .laniiai-v \n llic ICIcxcnlli umic 
(if I 111- IJcijiUc 1)1' (iiii- S(i\ I'rci;^!! 1,;h1v Amn'. (Jiu'ciii' iif ( irc;il I'.ril Uiii, .Sir : Anil 
ill tlic veart' of lun- l.nnl one 'riiduSanil Scnch linndrcil i^ 'PwcIm' hi- TliirU'i'iii'. 

lice Q Itcxicr L. S. 
her (> niaik 

Sigued Soaleti kV; (lcli\(Mc(l Ali 

in t'lie i>i-eSi'n((' nf us i'i-()\ idcncc in Knad 

William Tirpin Island ('(ilony The John hcxlcr. L. S. 

Kiiliard \\'alcrinan -Inn': da\ .S; \ care aliovi'Sd 

the aliovcnanied Jlr^ 

Alice Dexter and her 

8on .lolin Dexter, 

perSoiialy a|ipeared 

& acknowledged the 

ahovewritteii Instru- 
ment to lie their free 

and voluntary act & 

deede. before me Kich- 

ard ^\■aterman, .hiStice. / 

■Recoi-dcd llVlirnary y" liti'" : 17'7i:!: 

'ti Tho: OIncy ("lerk. ' 

[252] Ri'laid Xinty Eight Acres & three ((uarters of land (o Zachariah 
Hield which Sd land had been laid ont formei'ly but the bounds being loSI ^; 
the Said land MeaSnred over Againe is bounded as followclli. Ten acres of Sd 
laud Bounded on Ihe SoutliKaStW'ardly Cornncr witli a Stake, the SoutliweSt 
Coruner a heape of St(UH's. the NorthW'eSt wardly Cornner a long Stone Scl up 
on l--nd in the (Ironnd. iS; the Norl hllaSt wardly ("ornnci- a \\'liile ()akc 'i'rcc 
marked Standing downe by a Small Ki\('r that Kunneth through Sd land; 
And Sixty Ai-rcs of Said land liclli adjoyneing to Said Ten Acres, bounded 
on Ihe Xorthf.aStw ardly ('oi-ncr with y'' aforeMeut ioned Stone being the 
Northwestwardly Cornner of Sd Ten Acres. ^;: Uangeth Soul h lOaSI w ai-(l ly 
With Sd Ten acres to a lii'a|ie of Stones being a SoulhWeSt Wardly ('oi-nner. 
of Said Ten acres, ^: li(nn ihence lo llangi' Still Southl'.aSi wardly io a While 
Oake Tree marked being a SouthlviSt Wardly ( 'orner and from Said While 
oake to IJaiige SonI liWcSt Wardly lo .-i (Ireene Oake Tree .Marked being a 
South\^'ardly Corner. iV fi-om Sd (Ireene <)ake lo Kange WeSlWaidly to a 
I'ine Tree marked being a SonlhWeSi ('orner; from thence to llange North- 
wardly to a grc<'ne ()ake Tree .Marked being Ihe North WeSi \\aiiil\ ( 'oiaiei-, 
& from thence lo _\'' tirSI bonnd being the al'or<'Sd Stone Set np on end: .\nd 
Twenty Acres iV: a ipiai-ter boniided on the Xoilh Corner with a I'ine Slake ^c 


Stoues hiid abimt it. & fruiii thence to Range SouthWeStWardly to a White 
Oake Tree .Mailved l»eing a ^^■et^t^Va^dlv Cornei-, & from Sd White Oake |to 
Rangel Southwardly to a Pine Tree nuirked beiug_ a SouthweStWardly (.'oru- 
ner, & from Sd Pine to Range EaStWardly to a Stake & Stones laid a))out 
it, & lieth adjoyneing to land that bclongeth to KeSolved Waterman, ^: from 
Sd Stake to Range North^VeSt^Vardly to a Cireene Oake Tree being a North- 
EaSt Corner, & from thence to the I'ine Stake lirStifentioued ; And live 
Aeres bounded on the SouthweSt Cornner w'" a Pine tree marked & Rangeth 
NorthWeStWardly to a I'ine Tree marked being the North WeSt Cornner, & 
from thence to Range EaSt or XorthEaStWardly to a Pine tree marked be- 
ing tlie XortliEaSt Cornner, & from thence to Range Southwardly to a lieape 
of Stones being a SouthEaSt Corner & from thence to Range WeStWardly 
to the aforeSd Pine tree on y^ South WeSt Cornner. 

The alxneSd land lieth adjoyneing Every Parcell ICach li> Oilier in one 
body as may appeare by the bounds; l^aid Out July y'= 7"' 17(1!); V' "le 
Tliomas Olney jun'': Sur"\'ieior 

Recorded March y'' 2'"': 17'7iy: ir) Tho: Olney Clerk./ 

[253] TO All Christian People before whome this dcede of Sale Shall 
Come RicJiard Arnold John Arnold jun' : & Thonuis Arnold jun' : all of Provi- 
dence in the Cobuiy of Roade Island & Providence Plantations in New Eng- 
land Sendetli Greeteing. KNOW Yee; That wee the Said Richard Arnold 
John Arnold & Thomas Arnold for and in Consideration of the Sum of two 
liundred Pounds of Current Money of NeW England by us in hand already 
Received and well & truely Paid by I'lliSha Smith of the Same Towne & Col- 
ony aforeSaid. the Recejst whercuf Wee do hcreliy acknowledge, & ourSelves 
thercwilli fully Satisfied Contented iS; Payd ; have (iiven Granted bargained 
& Siild Aliened fhifeofled Conveiglied iS; ('(inlirmed, and do by theSe preSents 
fully, freely Clearely iS: Absolutely <'iive Giant Itargaine & Sell Alien Eii- 
feolfe Conveigh ^^ Contirme unto him I he Said EliSha Smith & unto his Heirs 
lOxeculois Administrators & ASsigncs forlOver certaine hmds & Tenements 
Scituale lieing and being in Providence aforeSd & Adjoyneing on both Sides 
of the freSh River called WanaSiiuatuckett River, & is the place whereon the 
Said lOliSha Smith NOW dwells; the Said land was laid out upon two 
Rights (viz) Twenty two acres Was taken up ujtou the Right of Richard 
I'rey, .V: twelve acres upon the Right of John ClaWSon, & was laid adjoyne- 
ing & the outside bounds are as Ifollowclh: *[begining] being bounded on 
the NortliEaSterne Cornner with a white Oake tree marked & on the South- 
EaSt Cornner with a Red Oake tree Marked Standing ujion the banke on the 
EaSt Side of the River the northwcSt ("(U'uner being a Small Rock with 

[ S3 ] 

Slmics !;ii(l iiImmiI it. iV: t'rniii Sd Kcick t(i Kanyc Smilliw aid inil!i ;i wliilc (»;ik(' 
li-ci- Whirli is ;i Xiirlli I'lnStcnit' ('Dniiicr dl' hiiiil wiiicli was laid mil In .laiiics 
Aiiiicli. Aiui fniiii Said wiiilt' Oaku tree Still to Kauiic Sow tli ward In a lilaik 
<iaki' ti-i'c iiiai-kcd v^ llii'U to tunic lOaSt & be Xorlliward the Said lands was 
laid (iiil by the lOij^lilcciu' fooic [iidc Willi Soiiii' aldwaucc fni- badd land; Tln' 
Said laud loiicllicr with tlii' (l\\('lliiii;li(iuSe v^i |llu'] oue lialtV of the .Mills 
Slaudiiiii' llid'oou. fciux'S, buildiuiis Orcliards llruit & fiaiil trcos Tiudirr Wood 
trees herbage, (iraSs Stones water k*i: WaterCoiirees and all other ^c Singular 
the l'ri\ilidges I'rotititts Itenetilts iS: Aiiimrteiiauees williiu the Said liouniU'lrs 
Contained. Excepting a IligliWay that is laid through the Said laud which 
leadetli towards \\'ynukheage, & alSo a Small iiercell of land vV: rrivclidge that 
^^'ee have already Sold unto Thomas Steere of Said Providence as 'f* deede 
bearcing dale the Twenty Sixth day of March in the yeare^ one ThonSand 
Seven hundred & Eleven. Reference thereto being had will appeare; To have 
& to hold Said Thirty foure acres of laud (be it More or leSs. (Excepting 
what is liefore Excepted) with the dwellinghonSe & the one halfe of the Said 
.Mills, with all tlic Privelidges to the Said halfe belonging unto liiiu the Said 
I'^liSha Suiitli & unto his Heirs l^xecutiu's .\duiiniStrators & .\Ssigiu's. and 
unto his & tlieir owne jiroper USe & behoofe free & Cleai'C forever. & freely & 
Clcarely aiiuitcd I'.xoueraled & fully discharged from us the Said Richard .\r- 
n(dd. lohu .\inoUl ,S; Tii(uuas .Vrncdd (Uir Heirs Ivxecutors *[&■] .\diuiniStra- 
lor.s & .VSsigncs. and of & from any titlier or fiumier JJargaines Sales (Sifts 
(irants Mortgages l>eaSes Wills Intailes. Joynters Dowers Tliii'ds or Incum- 
brances of ^Vhat Nature or teruie Soever; And the Said l{icliard .Vrnold -lolin 
Arnold & Thomas .\ruold doth Covenant, I'romiSe (iraut iS: agree to ^c with 
the Sd I'JiSlia Smith in manner & forme following, that is t<i Say. tliiit Wee 
the Said Rii-hard .\ruohl .loliii Arnold 6c Thomas .\rnold at iS: befoic the 
Sigucing I.V; Ivxeculeiiig (d' tlieSc |ireSeuts vV iiutill the deli\cry hereof, wee 
were the Kiglil true and lawfull owners (d' all the abo\('gi\t'u cV granted l'i-<'m 
iSses, iV that wee had in ourSehcs full I'owci- and lawfull .\uthorit\ to bar 
gaine Sell i^ diSpnSc ui ihe Same in .Manner iV forme as is aboNel'I'xprcSl w ilh 
out any ("ondilion altcralijonj |or| limitaliiui of uSes, or other thing thai may 
alter Change l^xacuale or make \'oyd this preSent deede id" Sale: And 
lOuLediatly After the delivery hereof |h(. Said iOliSha Siuilh his Heirs I'lx- 
ecntors .VdmiuiSlrators (U- .\Ssignes are and forever thereafter Siiall be In- 
vested with the Said lauds dwellinghonSe & the one halfe of Ihe Said Mills 
<S; Privelidges aforeSaid as with a |Real| true, and Perfect iOSIalc of lulicri- 
tani-e in ll'ee Simple torevei-: .\iid Ihe Said Richard .\rnold .loliii .Vrnold i^ 
Thomas Arnold do furlliei' CovenanI ^ I'riuniSe that VVee the Said ivichard 
Arnold John Arnidd iSt Thomas .Vrnold our Heirs Executors AdnnniSti'atora 

[ 84 ] 

& ASsignes Shall & Will warraut & forEver defend tlie Said lands willi all 
the Priveledges rrottitts benelitts & Appnrtenance.s thereto hcldnging. and 
alSo the dwelliugliouSe & the one halfe of the Said Mills ^V; [254] and I'rive 
lidges to the Said halfe I)elonging nnto liini the Said EliSha Smith |hisl h[ ] 
Heirs Executcn-s AduiiniStratcirs or ASsignes againSt the hiAvfull (.'hallenge 
Clainie or demands of any perSon or perSons ^VllatSoever ; lu WitneSs & 
f(ir ('(infermalidn of all the aboveWritten Wee the Said Kiehard Arnold 
John Arnold & Thomas Arnold ha\e herelJnto Set our hands & Seales this 
fourteenth day of May in the Tenth yeare of the Reigue of our Sovereigne 
Lady Anne, (Jueene of Great Ilrittan. &c. Anno: Domini: one ThouSand 
Seven hundred & Eleven. 

Signed Sealed & delivered \ Memorandum, before Signeing 

in the I'reSence of us ( & Seoleing, that wee the 

the niarlc of V" Solomon Thoiiiton; ( abovenamed Richard Armild 

Daniell Oield. j John Arnold & Tiioinas Arnold 

do alSo by theSe preSents 
for the Consideration above- 
Sd paSs over unto the above- 
Sd EliSha Smith his Heirs 
& ASsignes forEver all the 
land that the Towne hath 
or Shall alow in lew of the 
abO'veMentioned HighWayes. 

Richard Arnold L. S. 

John Arnold L. S. 

Thomas .Ai'uold L. S. 

Providence in Koade Island Cnlony. llii' day \ yeare alioveSd the above- 
named JMcliard Arnold John Arn<dd \ Thomas Arnold jierSonally aji- 
pcared lS; acknowledged Ihe above Iju' a bove written InStrumenl willi 
llic .Memorandum to bo llicir tree and voluntary act and deede; before 
me Richard Waterman JuStice of y' I'eace. / 

Recorded Jfarcli y^ \V\ 17'-/i,): "r* Tho : OIney Clerk./ 

T(» all Christian ]'eo]ile before whome this deede of Sale Shall Come .Mal- 
aCliy Koades of NVarwick in the Cobmy of Roade Island tV: Providence IMan- 
tations in New England ESii'', Seiidelh (ireeteiug; KNOW Yee, that I the 
Said Malachy Roades for ^V in ConSideralion of Nine Rounds of Current 
Money of NeW England by me in hand already Received and Well ^*i truely 
jiaid by l'hillip|) I'liettijilaci' of Providence in I he Colony aforeSd, the Recejil 
whereof I do hereby Acknowledge & mySell'e therewith fully SatiStied Con- 
tented and Paid, have (iiven (iranted baigained & Sold, Aliened Enfeotfed 

L oo J 

( 'iiii\('i;^licil iV ( 'diiliriiiril. And (In li\ IlirSc pfcSciils fnllv freely ('learely kV; 
AliSoIulely <li\c (ii:inl li:ii-j;:iiiie ^: Sell, Alien ICnlVnlVe ( 'iiiiveiiih ^^ ('(inlirnii' 
nndi liini iIm- Said l'liilli|i|p I'liell iplnee, nnd nnin his Heirs Ivxeeiilois Ad- 
nn'iiiSi i;i l(irs \ ASsij^nes foicxei- 'riiiii\ :iires id' hind, ScKuafe & lieiiiji' in 
I'liiN id( nee ;il'iii-eS;iid ; the \\'hieli 'I'liirly Aeres id' hind is ind yel hiid mil liiit 
is Id lie taken np (in llie lOnSterne Side (if the line Called the Seven mile line 
in Said I'l-ovidenee. and io he taken liy the Sixtivne foote iS: lialfe I'lde n|Miii 
the aceiinnr (if alnwance that llie l'i(i|ii'iel(irs nf ranliixelt are to have in 
I'ldvidenee lands in hie of_ lands that I'rdvidenee Men liave taken in I'aii- 
tnxett land; To have & to hold the Said Thii-ty acres of land wilh all & Sinijn- 
lai- the i'i-i\('li(li;es I'l-ollitis lienelills 6c A|i|iiii-tenances thereiintd lie heldiii;- 
inii nnid him the Said l'hillip]i I'helt i|!lace iS; nntd his lleii-s Ivxecutors Ad- 
ininiSt lators iS; ASsi(;nes nnt(> him i^ their owne Pro]ier TSe iS: liehoofe free ^^ 
f'leare forever ; Ami freely iS; ('learel.\ A(iuitte(l ICxunerafed, ..^- fnll\ diS 
ehar<i('d fi-din ine the Said Mahiehy lioades my Heirs I'^lxeeutors AilminiStra- 
tdis iJc ASsiouc's, and ott' iS; fnini any Other or former liargains Sales (Jifts 
('■rants, .Mortgages LeaSes Wills Intailes Joynters i)o\vers Thirds or Incnm 
branee.s of What Nature or ternie Soever; And the Said .Malachy Roades doth 
Covenant I'romiSe Crant «& agree to & with the Said !'hillip]i I'hel t iplace in 
Manner ..S; forme following, thai is to Say, that I the Said .Malachy lioades at 
& before the Signeing & Execnteing of tlieSe preSents & nntill the deli\-ery 
jiereof were the Right true iS; lawfnll Owner of all the ahove(!i\i'n \: <!rarile(l 
I'reniiSses, and tliat I had in .MySelfe full I'ower and lawfnll .\nthority to 
Hargaine Sell vS; diS|ioSe of the Same in Manner i.^ forme as is ahovelCxpreSt 
Without any Condition Alteration or limitation of I'Ses or other tiling that 
may .\ller Change lOvacnate oi- make ^'oyd this |ireSent deede nf Sale; .\iid 
l'"iiiedially after the delivery hereof then llie Said I'hillipp I'hel I iplace his 
Heirs I']xecntdi's AdminiStratdrs or ASsignes are ..S: foriOver Ihereaftei' Shall 
he invested with the Said lands & PremiSses as witli a Rcall true & Perlilt 
ivState of Inheriiance in ll'ee Simple; .Vnd the Said Malachy Roades dolh 
further Cdvenant and I'romiSe that I the Said .Malachy Roades .My Heirs l^x- 
ecutors Administrators and .\Ssignes Shall iS; '\\\U Warrant & fiu-ever de- 
fend the Said Thirty .\cres of lands and I'rivelidges aforeSaid iinio him llie 
Said I'liillipji I'hettiplace his Heirs I'^xecutors .VdminiSt ratcu-s ^^ .\Ssignes 
.■ig.iinSI the lawfnll Challenge Claimes or demands of any I'erSon or I'erSons 
that Shall ('aliiiie InlreSI therein, oi- Title thereto liy any nieanes [255 ] 
WhatSoevei'; In WitneSs and for Confirmati(Mi of all the ah(i\(A\'iit ten. I Ihe 
Said Malachy ivoades have hereunto Set my hand and Scale this fourth day 
(d' Ifelirnary in the l^leventh yeare of the ]!eigu of our Sovereign i.adey .\nii(* 
(iiieene (if Creat Itritlan, iV;C : .Xiiiio: l>oiiiiiii, one ThonSand Seven llnndrcd 
& twelve, or Thirteene. 


Signed Sealed & delivered 
iu the preSeuce of us 
Peter Greene jun"" 
John Yates jun'': l>avis 

Malach^- Eoades L. S. 
rrovideme in Eoade Island Col- 
ony; The da}' & yeare aboveSd, 
the abovenamed Malachy Eoades 
Personally Appeared and Acknowl- 
edged the aboveWritten TnStru- 
ni' to, be his free & Voluntary 
act & decde; before nie Eicliard 
Waterman JuStice of Peace. 

Recorded JIarch y^' lU'" : 17'-/io: T^ Tho: Olney Clerk./ 


This deede JIade this fift day of fl'ebruary in this i)reSent yearc one Thou- 
sand Six hundred & Sixty one declareth unto all PerSous that I William Car- 
penter of Pautuxet iu the NarraganSet bay within the TowneShipp of Pro\ i- 
dcnce iu NeW England, (iood 0)uSideratious Moveing me hereunto have 
(iranled Given & jjaSsed away from MySelfe, & by theSe preSents do Give 
Grant i^ I'aSs away from MySelfe unto my CouSeu William ViuSent a Par- 
cell (if laud t'outaineing of Sixty & four acres; The which land is Scituate 
lieing 6i being WeStwardly from the aforeSd Towue of Providence about three 
Mih's distant, & betweeue the Eiver called WanaSquatuckett Eiver, & the land 
of Ejcliard Itiirdin of Portsmouth; this Said laud lieing all iu one Parcell; 
It being to the (]uantety of Sixty & foure acres, be it More or leSs; foure Acres 
of this land being meaddow, or low Swampylaud iu the luie of Aleaddow, lie- 
ing at !lie wcSt End thereof; the Said Parcell of land The Said I'arcell of land 
bounding on the EaSt with the Connuon, on the WeSt With the Comnuin. on 
the Xiiitli \Vith the land of the aforeSaid ^^'illiam Carpenter, and on the 
Siiiidi with a Highway: ^Moreover ^\'illl this afnremciilidned land I do alSo 
freely give unto my aforeSd CouSeu ^^'illialll \'inSent a full Eight of ('(un- 
iiKiiiinu' in all the lands belonging the afnreSaid 'J'owne of Providence So farr 
as the TowncliDiiiids are Set by the Towiic, which is Seven ^files u]hmi a ^^'eSt 
line from foxes Hill nuto the Ihul of the Said line I do (ive my Sd ("ouSen a 
full Eight of Commoning in all the lands l''(pmll with any one of the Numliei- 
of I he ruichaSsers in the af(U'eSaid Towue of Providence: This Eight of 
C(nnmoning did in the Originall belong unto Stukly WeStcott NnW |lnhalii 
laut] of th(> Towue of Warwick, but Was i)aSsed away from the Said Stukly 
WeSlcoll all oTi Ihe South Side of the aforeSd WanaSquatuket Eiver unto 
Samuell P.enncll of 1^'ovidence, & was jtaSsed away from Sd Samuell Bennett 
uulo niySelfe; And all on the Xorth Side of the Said Eiver did the Said 
Sluklcy \\'eSt WeStcott ]iaSs away fruiii hiiiiScire unto his Son Amos WeSt- 
cott. and was by the Said Amos \VeSlcott paSsed away fnnii him unto my- 


Sclfc; All wliirli al'drciiicnl imird l';iiicll of laiiil. ill riniiic iV NFaiiiicr accdnl 
iii<>- unto llic hiiiiiHls ijrclixcil, willi all tlic Said Kiiilit iil ('niiiiiKiiiinj;', and all 
the apiinrtciiaiiccs l)('l(int;iim iinid llir Said lands, I Sav I liavc frcrly jiaSscd 
awav rrimi iii_\ ScllV iS; t'nnii iii\ ilciis iiiilo inv al'orcSaid ("niiSrii William \'in 
Scnl. Willi all My Ui'^hi Ind-cSt k^;: Tillc ihcrcin lu lir liis (iiic in as ani|ili' a 
^Mannci- as I^vci- il did ov <iiij;lit in I\ij;lil hi licldiin- nnin nii\ Imlh Uty liiniSclfi' 
& his Heirs To have & to hold as his or lOillicr of their True I'rojier ^^ law full 
Kight &. Inhei-itanee forever, quietly «.^ I'eaeenhly to Enjoy USe l*oSseSs. Itar- 
gaine Sell (Jive or aiiywayes make away all tlie I'remiSses & every part .S: Par- 
cell thereof, wilhoiit ai any time llie liindiance .MoleStalion Troulili' or ('on- 
tradictlon of nie the Said \\illiaiii ( 'ai'iienler or af my Heirs lOxi'cntors Ad 
miniSt ralors or ASsignes. in- of any <itlier I'erSon. I^ither for liy tlirouiih (U- 
I'niler nie; In wilueSs thereof I do hereunto Set my hand ^; Scale the day iK; 
veare alio\(A\'rilten. 

Signed Sealed & delivered 
ill the jireSenee of ua 
.John Sheldon 
i;]ihraim ( "ar[ienter ; 

\\'illiam ( "arpeiiter L. S. 

Keeorded .March the !;]'", ITi-/,,: 
Y Tho: Oliicy Clerk. / 

[256] lie it kNowiie unto all rcnple hy IlicSe ]ireSeuts, That 1 William 
Keecli of *[lis|] the Towiie of Providence, in the ( 'oloiiy of Road Island .S; 
I'nividence riantatious in New England for i^ in CoiiSioii of the full & jiiSt 
, Sum of llifteene I'ouiids fonrteene Shillings & Si.\peii<-e Current ^Muney in hand 
alrcaily Well i^c Irucly i'aid unto nie liy .loliii .MalhewSon of the Towne of 
I'rovideuce in the Colony aforeSaid the liccejit Whereof I do Owne iS; acknowl- 
edge, have (irantcd Hargained Sold iMifcotfod Alieml. .\Ssigncd i: i'aSsed 
( »\-er liy IlicSe preSents unto the Said .John .MatheiiSon, io him his Heirs \]x- 
cciitois .\duiiniSlrators iS; ^VSsigncs forever, a J'arcell of land Coiitaincing 
forty ,\cres. the which was given to me liy my Ifather (ieorge Keecli, .\iid is 
Scitnale licing ^; heing within the TowncShipp of I'rovidcnce al'orcSaid \ on 
the XorweSt Side of MaSwaSacut l'(Uid, i^ lioundcd liy the Said I'dud, ^L on 
the Xoiihh'.aSt with a lot which my Sd Ifather gave to his Son lienjamin 
Kecch. iV on the XorWeSt With .MaSwaSecnl great .Mcaddow, ^; on tlie Soiilh- 
WeSt With my Sd Ifather his owne land: With all 6c Singular the I'riveliges 
and Ap]inrtenances to the Said forty acres of laud lielonging, and all the Ins- 
tate Kigiil, Title, IntreSt, USe, I'rojierty ToSseSsioii Claime .<: Demand What- 
soever of me the Said William Keech in or to tli(> Same or aii\ Cart thereof 
To have & to hold the Said (forty Acres of land as aforeSaid iinlo the Said 
John MallH'wSon, his Heirs P.xecntors .\dmiiiiSt raltirs ^: .\Ssigncs forever, 
to the only I'rojier T'Se i*^ liehoofe of the Said .lolm .Mathe\\S(ui his Heirs lO.x- 


editors Administrators & ASsij>uPs forever, Ami that the Said John Mathn- 
Son his Heirs ICxeiutors AdniiniSlrators & ASsignes by force and Vertue of 
theSe I'l'eSents Siiall from the day v>i time of tlie Signeing Sealeiug and de- 
livery liereof, ^*c from time to time & at all times hereafter foreVer Stand & 
he lawfully SeiSed to him his Heirs Ivxemtors xVdiuiniStrators & ASsignes 
of tS; in the Itargained PremiSses & lAery part thereof, of a good Sure lawfull 
Absolute .k Undefeazeable Estate of Inheritance in ffee SiMple; tt'reely and 
Clearely ncniitled iS: discharged otf .S: from all & all .Manner of former & other 
bargains Sales (lifts (irauts Mortgages Assignments & Power of thirds; Or 
otherwise by me the Said William Keech Sufficiently both by me my Heirs 
Executors ]& AdminiStrators| Saved & kejit harmeleSs olf & from all *[&. all] 
lawful! ("iainies wliatSoeVer: and tlie aboveSaid bargaine c^ Sale (inly to 
Stand in force; 'riie wliirh I the Sd \\'illiam Keech my Heirs Executors & 
Admi.'iiStrators Siiall iS; will forever \\"ari-ant .S; defend by theSe lj)reSentsl 
Alwayes Provided, and Nevertheless, if that 1 the abovcSaid William Keech 
Shall iV: do. Either I my Heirs Executors Administrators or ASsignes be- 
twei'ne the day of the date of theSe preSents & the Twentyeth daj' of tt'ebruay 
the which Shall lie in the yeare of our Lord one ThouSand Seven Hundred 
& Sixteene (the which will lie juSt foure years time) well & trucly, a1 the 
dwelling of the Said John Jlathuson in Said I'rovidence, I'ay or ("auSe to 
be Payed unt<i (he Said John MathewSon his Heirs Execnlnrs AdMiniStra- 
tors or ASSignes, or to his or their lawfull Att(U'ney the full ^V jtiSi Sum of 
flfifteene I'onnds fourteene Shillings & Sixjience Current ^loney, the which if 
the Saiue be accordingly perforiled and done then this abovewritten Instru- 
ment Shall lie \\'h(ily null ^'oyd & of none lOtfect ; and Shall become iS; be as 
if it never had been made; but if Otherwise, it Shall then againSt Me ^ly 
Heirs, l''xecHtors & Administrators Stand in full force Power and Vertue: 
In W'itneSs of the PremiSses I the Said NN'illiam iveerh have hereuuln Set 
my hand <k Scale the Twentyeth day (if Itebruary Anno; Ddmini: nue Thuu- 
Sand Seven hundred & twelve. 

Signed Sealed & delivered William Keech L. S. 

in the jireSence of us — 

'i'ho : ( )lney Sen'' : 

Tho : Olney, Weaver: Providence in Koadc Island Colony the 

1!)'" day of March Anno: i)(im.~17'-/i3: 
Personally ajipeared the aboveXamed 
William Keech & acknowledge the a- 
bove^^'ritlen luSlrum': lo b(> his N'lil- 
entary act «.^ deede; before [m<>| 
IJichard Waterman JnStice. 
K'ecorded .March y" I'O"' IT'-'/u: r' 'I'll": <>luey ('lerk. / 

[ 8'J ] 

T< t mII ('liiiShiii I'l'iijilc Id Wlidinv ilicSi' ])r('S('iils Slinll cdnie Xcnirliiiih 
Slu'ldiPii (iC J'iiiiliixcl in l'io\ idciK !■ in llic Cdlony iif Uoadc islanil iS; I'lovi 
(Icnco IMaiilatioiis in New ICnj;l;m(I, Sondctii < ircctcinii': Know \v; 'riiat 
WluM-cas M' Willianj ( 'ar]i(iiiri- nf I'anlnxri al'in'rSaid did (ii\c nnlci my 
Houo"' tl'allu'r .Idlm Slicldnn ( di'ccaSt'd I a ]*ii\(did,i;v in liis lands in Said 
Pantiixi't. lidtli for fcnciMiii;- TindicT- ic tiiowodd & t'ccdinji for Cattle; And tlie 
Said William ('ai-|i('iitrr luncin;;- Since liy Will liei|iieallie(l unid his S(in Tim- 
othy Carpenter tif rantiixet al'nieSaiil I'art (d' his Said I'nnliixett lands: 
Tliei-efore 1 the Said Xeheniiah Sheldon tl'or v*t in Consideration id' the Sum 
of Ten Pounds Current Money of New England liy me in hand already He- 
eeived, & well & truely paid by Timothy Carpenter aforeSaid, have HemiSsed, 
and KeleaScd, and de by tlieSe [ 257 ] theSe preSents for me my Heirs i'.xeru- 
tors Administrators and ASsignes or any other I'erSon or I'erSons Ihal Shall 
pretend to Claime under my aforeSd deueaSed ll'ather John Sheldon, all ^i 
every jiart of the aforeSaid Privelidge or Privelidgos Wliieh falls to be, or 
Mouglit be Claimed in that Part of the Said William ("arjieuters land which he 
in his laSf Will & TeStanieut (iave unto his al)oveSaid Son Timothy Carpenter 
aforeSaid; And the Said Timothy (,'ar]ienter his Heirs Executors Adminis- 
trators or ASsignes Shall or .May from time to time & at all times hei'eaftei" 
rSe Injoy & PoSseSs all cV: livery part of the aforeSaid Pri\elidges as falls 
now to be within the Said Timothy Carpenters land by \'erl\ie of the afore- 
Said Will, Without any interruption or Molestation (d' me the Said Xehe- 
niiah Sluddon my Heirs ICxecutors Administrators or .\Ssigncs, or an\ oilier 
I'erSon or I'erSons that Shall Claime IntreSt therein or Title thereto by 
^'eI•tU( of the Said Gift or CJrant that was made from I he aforeSaid William 
Cariieiitcr to my (lather John Sheldon aforeSaid; In WitneSs, and jforj Con- 
tii-inalion of all the aboveWritlen I the Said Xeiiemiah Sladdon lia\e hcnMinlo 
Set my hand iS; Scale this 1-^leventli day of jNfarch in the Iwelfe yeare of the 
Kcign of our So\ereign Lail\' .\]ine Queene of (li-eat Itrittan, ,^c : .\nno, Dom- 
ini, one 'i'honSanil Se\-cn hnndred ^: twelve, Hr 'I'hirteene :| 

Signed Sealed & delivered Xehe.Miah Sheldon I>. S. 

in the preSence of us 

Thomas ^ian Providence Koade Island Colony y d,iy 

Kichard Waterman./ & yeare aboxeSaid. PerSonaly a|ijicarcd 

the abovenamed XehiMiiiah Slicldon and 
acknowledged the abovewrilten Instru- 
ment to be his \'ohinlary act ^V dcedc; 
Ix'fore me Richai-d Watei-man. JiiStice, / 

Recorded :\Iarcii v" 21: llij/i-y. 'p' 'I'li": Oincv Clerk, / 


KNOW all Men by tlieSe ]ireSents lliat I liciijninin Wi^ht of Providence 
in the Colony of Koade Island cS; Piovidence Planlations *['» ^'^"^v lhij;land] 
&c; for ^Vc in < '(inSideiation (if iSixteene Pounds of Good & CiuTent Money 
whereof full Sa I i. '-If action 1 have in hand already lieceived of Moris Prock of 
the Same Towne iV; ("nlony aforesaid, have IJargained Sold Aliend Enfeoffed 
made cV; PaSsed over from Me My Heirs Executors AduiiuiStrators ic AS- 
signes one hundred Acres of land lieing and being in that part of the Towue- 
Shijii) i>f Providence which was agreed to belong to the Proprietors of WeS- 
(piiidnieke. It being that land that I bought of Zachariah Roades as by a deede 
may be Seeue upon Record beareiug date the fourth day of October 1702; 
Wliich Said liuNdred Acn's of land, be it upland or lowland within the Said 
\\'eS(|n(idnieke Claiuie: I llie aforeSaid Penjaniiii ^^'igill liave bargained 
Sold Aliened I'^nfeolTed Made & PaSsed over froTu Me My Heirs Executors 
Administrators & ASsigues unto the aforeSaid Moris I'.rock his Heirs Execu- 
tors Administrators and ASsignes To have and to hold the Said hundred 
Acres of laud, and to be tor his or their I'ropei- USe & behoofe forEver; 
Clearely & freely l']xonerated a(iuitte(l and discharged & Said Moris Brock 
Invested & I'oSseSsed of the premiSses, and otherWiSe by me the Said Beu- 
janiin Wight My Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes, the Said Moris 
Prock his Heirs Executors Administrators & XSsigues Shall be forEver War- 
rantized defended Saved and kept harnieleSs from auy lawfull Challenge 
(.'laime or demand of any PerSon or PerSons whatsoever in or to the above- 
bargained PremiSses, ;N[oreo\er I the Said Itenjamin Wight My Heirs & AS- 
signes yeilds iS: ReSignes u]i to the Said Moris P.rock his Heirs Heirs & AS- 
signes forEver, all my iniiiirox-ements PoSseSsi(Mi where I inijjroved Severall 
yeares by Yertue of a deede from Zachariah Roades beareiug date the twenty 
fourth day of Ocl<iber 1702 as aforeSaid, which Said hundred Acres of land 
is Sciliiale lieing >S; being at a ^Meaddow Called the liaggey I'iece abont a mile 
& (juarter u]) the Itrooke which Sd \\'ights Corne^Iill formerly Stood ujion, as 
by my imiirovemenls in the Said Meaddow there nmy apjieare; ^\'itneSs 
Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand \ Scale this Twenty Second day of 
JIarch in the yeare of onr Lord one ThonSand Seven hundred & I'^leven, or 

Signed Sealed iV: delivered The mark X <>f P.enjamin 

iu the presence of Wight !>. S. 

-lohn Pordnian I'rovideuce June the 4"' 1712: I'erSou- 

l)aii". Abbot ally api)eared the withinMentioiu'd 

Penjaniin Wight and did acknowledge 
the witliinwrilten Instrument to be 
his Reall act c& deede — before me Tho : 
ffenner ASsiStant. / 

Recorded March the 20'": 17'-/i3: "^ Tho: OIney 

Cleric. / 


[258] TO All l'cn|jli. licfni<. wlininc IlicSc |in'Sciits Shall coiiu'. Wee .Id- 
Si'ph Williams nf l'i(i\ idciicc in ilic ('(ihinv of Knailc Ishinil iV: rruvidciicf 
I'laiilat iinis in Nrw lliinlaiul, \'(Minian, and William S|iiaf;ii(' nf Ihc 'I'dw nc iV 
Colony at'oii'Said. Vciiman. Scndclli ( iii'i'icin.i; ; l\X(>\\' Yvr; 'I'lial Wee llic 
v^aid .!oSc|]li Williams .S; William Spi-aj^no for ^; in ( 'onSidrral ion of Six 
ti'i'nc I'oiinds ('nri'iMit Money of New l'hi|;laiul to as in liand ]iaiil liy IJanjc 
iilin I'olter of llio 'i'ownc & Colony afoi-cSaid, liiiSI)andman, for llic Ket-i'id 
whereof ^^'ee are fully SatiStied cS; Conleuted and (h) by tlieSe preSents liar- 
gaiue Sell Alien Enfeoff Jlake ^S: J'aSs over from us our Heirs l!!xe(ulors |Ad- 
miiiiStrators| & ASsigues unto the Said lienjamin I'otler his Heirs Ivxeculor^^ 
Administrators and ASsignes a eertaine Traet or I'arcell of .Meaddow or 
!Meaddo\vland Confaineinj;' by KSteniatiou about Ten Acres, More or leSs Seit 
uate lieing & beini;- Within the Tow neSliiiiji of rrovidence afoi.'Said, and 
within (he Tract of I'autuxet lands, bnttiui; .k bounding' on the N'orthWeSt- 
erne part thereof ^^■ith an old ditch Knniiin^' from one jiait of of I'autuxet 
Kiver |o the Other, aiul all other parts with the Said I'autuxet River and on 
all other parts With the Said I'awtuxet IJiver it lieing WeSlwar'l from llie 
Mouth of I'auchaSet Kiver about Ten or Twelve i)oles distant to the Xorth- 
EaSteine ]iait of Sd Meadow: All which Said Meaddow boundini;' as afore- 
Said, Wee the Said .loSeph Willianus & ^\"illianl Sprai;ue lia\e barfjained & 
S(dd, i^ for the Consideration aforeMentioned have Aliened l-^nfeolVed .Made 
& I'aSsed Oxer from ns our Heirs Ivxecutors Administrators iK; ASsiynes unto 
the Said ricnjamin I'otter his Heirs Ivxecutors .VdminiStrators .S: ASsifjiics 
tojicthcr witli all the i'lixclidi^es ^; Appurtejuinccs thereunto a|ii)ertaineinii 
To have and to loild forc\'er, freely ^^ Clearely lOxonerated A(|uitte(l and diS- 
charp'd and the Said Itenjamin I'otter Invested c^^; I'oSscSsed id' the I'remiS- 
ses; And furthermore \\'ce tlu' Said .loSe|ih \\illiams (S: William Sprai;ne do 
declare that Wee have Kis;lit & full Tower to Si-ll the Said McadiloW. .V do 
by IheSe preSents luijiage for us our lleii's llxeeutors and Administrators for- 
I'Acr to Wai-rant Save & defend the Said Uenjaniiii Totter his Heirs and AS- 
sii;nes of ^: from all former Incumbi-ances i^ from any lawfull'e 
Clainie or demand by any TerSon (U- I'erSons laying Claime to the abo\'ebar- 
gained TremiSSes or any ])arl thereof: In \\'itnes of this our Act ami deede 
^\■ee have hereunto Set our hands .S; Scales this Sixt day of AuguSt one Thou- 
sand Se\eii hundred & lOleven. 

Signeil Sealed c\: delix'ered 
in the preSence of 
^'ath: T.lague 
Archibald Walk.'f. 

.loSeph Williams L. S. 

William Sprague I,. S. 
I'rovidence in lioade Island Colony 
the day & yeare aboveSaid. — 
The abovenamed M' .loSeph \\'illiaiiis v*i 


M'' William Spragiie PerSonallv a]v 
jK'ai'i'd & ackiidwlcilopd tlic aboveWrit- 
ten InSti'iiiiicnt In lie llicir fi-c*^ & \'(il- 
entary act and deede, licfdrc Me Kidi- 
ard ^^■atel•nlan, JuStice. 

Recorded March .y^ 21: IT'Via: t:' TLo : Oluey, Clerk./ 

in j' Colony of Koade Island .S; Providence IMantations in New England for 
& in (_'on8ideration of I^leven I'ounds Cnrrent .Money of New England 1o nie 
in hand Paid by JoSeiili Whipiile of liie Towne & Coilony aforeSaid (Mer- 
chant.) for the Kecept of Which 1 do o\\ ne MySelfe fully SaliSHed Contenled 
& Paid; And Do by theSe preSents Pargaine Sell Alien ICnfeotfe Make & PaSs 
over from Me My Heins Executors *[and] Administrators ^V: ASsignes unto 
the Said JoSeph Whipjile lii.s Heirs ICxecutors AdminiSiialois ,Sc ASsignes 
forty Acres of land lieiug in CoMMon, & to be taken uji in I he CoMMonland 
belonging to the Projjrietors of Providence aforeSaid, & on the l^aSterne Side 
of the Seven ^Mile line; the Said forty acres lieing part of the land that the 
l'ro]irietors of Pantuxett are !(► take up in I'rovidence CoMMons, in Retalia- 
tion for land M'liich Some of the Pi'oprietors of Providence have formerly 
taken up within Pautuxet land, Accoi'ding to Agrenient beareing date the 
Eleventh day of Ifebruary Anno: Domini 1711 or 12 as it on Providence Ket- 
ords may apeare |all| which forty Acres of land to be taken up as aforeSaid; 
I the Said Andrew Harris have Sold as aboveSaid from Me My Heirs Execu- 
tors AdminiStrator.s & ASsignes nuto the Said JoSeph ^Miijjiile his Heirs Ex- 
ecutors Administrators & ASsignes, together with all (S: Singular the Prive- 
lidges & Appurtenances therein or tliereunjlo| belonging or anywayes ajijier- 
taineing To have i^ to hold foriO\er as a free <'leare iS: Imlefeazeable Inheri- 
tance in tfee Simple, without any ('ondition KeStriction or Incumbrance 
Whatsoever, fi-eel\ ^V; ("learely, ICxonerated A^piilled 6>: discharged, cV; the Said 
JoSe])h \\'lii]i]ile Invested i^ I'oSseSsed of the aboveliargained jireiniSses; 
AlSo by me my Heirs Executors & AdminiStral(n-s, the Said .loSejili Whii)- 
]ile his Heirs lOxecutors Administrators (^ ASsignes Shall be forever W'ai'- 
ranti/.e<l Saved iS: kepi liar.MeleSs olf iK; from any iawfull ("hallenge Claiine or 
demand by any PerSon oi- |ierS<ins lawfully laying Claime to the abovebar- 
gained );reniiSses or any pari or Parcell Ihereof : In A\'ilneSs of this my act 
& deede I h,-ive hereunto Set my hand and Scale, this third day of March in 
(he i;ie\-enth yeare of her MajeSlyes Keign Anne, (^ueene of (Jreat IJrifan, iK;( " : 
in the \('are of our Loi-d one ThouSaud Seven hundred iS; Iwehc in- (hirteeiie. 


Sijii'cd Scaled ^c dcliv ricd j Andrew Harris I,. S. 

in llie |ii'eSeiire (if us \ 'I'lie dav ^: \cai-e al)o\'eN'ain(^d 

Xalliainell I'.la^iie Andrew llari-is acl<n(iwledj;fd ihe 

Tliiinias llerndi'ii./ alxive Writ ten InSliainient lo he 

liis nU'iie free and \'<denl|a |rv 
Act iS; decdc; licl'inc nic Kiciiard 
A\'alernian .InSticc of the i'ea<-c. 

Recorded March y' 2."'."': IT'-Vni; V '•'!"•: Oliiey ('ieri<. / 

[259] I'-t' it kudwiie nntd all I'eii|)le li\ IlicSe |ii-eSenls, tliat I ivlward 
Innian of tlie Towue of I'rovidencc in tlie Colony of Ivoadc Island *|in the 
Cohiny of Roade Island] iV; I'ro\ideni-e I'lantalions in New I'^nulaml i<"ar|icn 
ten Ifor iV: in Consideration of a \alnalilc Sum (d' .Monev in liand already 
well iV lrucl\ ]iaid nnto me .My ('ouSen -John Innian <if the aforeSaid Towne 
of l'i-o\ idence, the Iieccpl Whereof I do owne and acknowlcdy;(', & therewith 
to he falls Satisfied iS: I'aid, iV ^\^> hcreliy A(|nitl and diSchar,i;'e the Said John 
INMan iiis Heirs l^xecutors Administrators & ASsi<;nes of the Same; Have 
(iiven (iranted llaryained Sold Kiifeotfed Alieud ASsijiiied made over & Con 
tirnied. and by theSe picSents for Me My Heirs Executors & AdmiuiStors do 
fnll.v ('learely cV AliS(dut(dy <Ii\'e ('.rant I'.arn'aine Sidl l^jifeolfe Alien ASij;ne 
Make over .S: Contirme unto my Said CouSiu -John luman his Heirs & AS- 
sigiies forever the one halfe of one of thoSe lotts or I'arcells (d' land laid out 
in Said I'roN i(h>nce Towne liefweene the Kow of honSelotIs c^ the Salt \\'ater, 
called |a WaarehonSe lott. The Which Said lott is lieinj;- & being iu the 
Sontherue part of Said Towne and is the fift lot Southward from that lott \w- 
ing tS: Iiehingiuj;' unto M' I'ardon TillinehaSt Called his \\'areliouSe lott 
whereon his WaiehonSe Standeth which is Xeare i\\i' Salt \\'ater; The Said 
lott of land or to Say WareliouSe lott of which the one halfe thereof is Sold 
as afoi'cSaid is lioundcd on the l^aSlei-ne part with Ihe Hiejiway or to Say 
(he Towne SIreete, and (ui the wcSteru*' jiarl with Ihe Sail Water Harbour: 
as to the (piantety (if Said lott it is Xo| Certainl.s kuowrie, but on the lOaSI 
erne find next |o Ihe 'I'owne Sireele it is forty fo(de Wide \ So to jvxiend 
A\'eStward the Same breadth unto Ihe Salt Water llarbonr; \\'ilh all iS: Siniiu 
lar the ]iri\-elidges ^v: A p|Mirtenances to the one halfe id' the Said Warehouse 
lott beldngin.u. and all llie ilSiale K'i.eht Title, CSe, rro]ierty. intreSt I'oS- 
seSsion. ('laime vV ih'mand whatsoever of Me the Said lOdwaiil luman in or to 
the Sanii' oi- any part lhere(d'. To ha\c iS; lo ludd the one lialH' of Ihe Said 
Wai-chonSe loll ai' laiiil as aforeSd unio IIh' Said .lohn Innian. his Heirs \]\ 
ecutors .VdmiiiiStrators ^V: .^Ssigncs forl-lver. to the only l'i-o|ier I'Se ^: be- 
hoofe of Ihe Said dolin innian his Heirs Ivxecutoi-s .\dminiSl ralors ^S; .\S- 


sigues f(ii-evcr; And I tlic Saiil l](l\\:ir(l Iiiiii:iii f(ii- iiivSelfe my Heirs Excfu- 
tors & Administrators, & fur everj of them do Coveuant I'romiSe & (irant to 
& witli tlie .Said John luman his Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes, 
& to & with every of tliem by tlieSe presents, in manner & forme as followeth, 
that is to Say, That I the Sd I':d\vard Inman, at y"" time of y"" Sealeing & de- 
livery liereof was the true & Rightful owner the abovehargained PremiSses, & 
that I had full poAver good Right true Title cSt lawful! Authority to Grant, 
bargaine Sell & Contirme the abovebargained PremiSses unto the Said John 
Inman his Heirs Executors Administrators & ASsignes in manner ,Jc forme 
as aforeSaid ; And that the Said John Inman his Heirs iV ASsignes by force 
cK; \'erlne of theSe jireSeiits ujKm the Signeing Sealeing ^; delivery hereof & 
fi-om lime to time and at all times hereafter Shall Stand ^- be lawfully Seized 
to him his Heirs & ASsignes of & in the bargained PremiSses & lOvery jiart 
thereof of a good Sure lawl'ull AbSolute & undefeazeable EState of Inheri- 
tance in tfee Simjile; Without any ("(inditidiis Limitation USe or other thing 
to altei- or change the Same, ("leare iS; free i^ freely & Clearely Exonerated 
A(|ui((ed iV; discharged, or (MherwiSe by me tlu' Said lOdward Inman, my 
Heirs Ivxecutors & AdminiStraturs Sulliently Saved and kejit harmeleSS oil' 
& from all & all manner of former iV; other Pargaines Sales (Jifts (irants AS- 
signemenls Ifdrfittures Executions Thirds; And otf & from all ^: Singi lar 
other ('harges Titles Troubles Whatsoever of Claimes, demands <ir Incum- 
brances by or from any PerSon or I'erSous \\'hatSoever lawfully Claimeing 
the Same; AgainSt all Which I the Said Edward Inman my Heirs Executors 
& Administrators, Shall & Will Warrant, and forever defend by theSe pres- 
ents: In WitneSs of the i)reuuSses I the Said Edward Inman have hereunto 
Set My hand & Scale the Seventeenth day of March in the yeare one Thou- 
sand S('\-en hundred k^' twelve. 

Signed Sealed iV (IcHxciimI 
in y* ]U"eseuce of us- - 
Tho; Olney, Sen"': 
Vah-ntine WhittMan 

The Mark "f T/"/ Edward 
Inman L. S. 
Recorded March y' 2(i"', ITlo: 
r» Tho: Gluey, Clerk./ 




Al)bot Daniel ::7 ilO 
AI)liot( DMiiicl !» :;" :'.s 
Ad.iiiis iiciiiv 111 n lu 

Alilii<li -hicoli '<- 

.hlliirs I'l L'L' 

S:iiiiiicl --Ml L'l 1J2 21 4r> 

Andros IvIiiiiiikI iSin 4S 

Aii-vll Dclioiiili -14 

ii(i]i(' 4;t 

.laiiii's l(i IT 8:! 
.l<ilin IL' i:'. (i!( 
.Idliii I \\'ca\('i-) ;!l 1- To 
Aiiiuld I' 41) 

.1 (ill II IS s:', S4 

Jiiiiioi- SL' s;! ,S4 
KiclianI '■'.'< SL' s:; S4 
Tliiiiiias s;i S4 

jiiiiiiir SL' s.", S4 
William Tl 
Aslildii .lames I ."> (i 'iV, 
IJail.vs ('i)\(' (i 
P.alidii Ilaiiiiali IS 
I>arllell .Moses f.l 
Hay Masacliiisels :'.S 40 
ilasaeliiisetis 4(1 1 1 sel 1.", L'fl .">:; ."iS (U T(i SC. 
.\an-ai;aiisel I (ill 
Oyster li 

Beleii Ilaiiiiali A\'i(lil()w i IT 4S 
• lames is 
.Mai niceiie IS 
lielew .lames IS 
Helleii .lames IS 
{'•elloo ijaiiiiali T :;!) HI 

.lames 4(1 

lyiatiiiceiie T 

I'eler 4(1 

Wiildiiw T 
l!(dlii(is ."((I 
Ueiiedicls Meaddow (iS 

I'diid (is 
I'.eimell Samuel S(i 
Heiinelfs Oicliard (iT 
IJeiiiiil l"s ( »i clianl (iT 
Itiekiiell Zacliaiiali l!l^^iie Xa Ilia II id L'(i ill ic; 
J!!a\li)ii .liiliii (i 
r»>r<lmaii .liilm '.Id 
Hojificy Meaddow s(l 
Bowen Iticliard 1 1 
lliaiich 'i'lic 1 1 
IJiaiiliv '>'.', 
I'.iidjic Dcxlcis S 
l!risl(dl :!S 
lil-oad I'diid .'i S 
liidck Mollis '.10 


Brooke I{oI)l)ins .")!) 
Brown John i'2 
Browne Heniy junior 4!l 
Jiinies 14 IS :>() 
Jolin S 41! 
Kidiiud 10 
Bnrdcn IJichard l-! 
Bnrdin Iiitliiird SCi 
Bnrllinganie Mary ."')4 

Roger .""(4 .")."> TA't 
Bnrllinj;<;anie .Tdliii 54 .">."> 5(i 
I'cler ~>i ."),■) .">(■> 
Koiicr r)4 ."i.-i Tti'i (iCi (17 
liOfier jnnior .">(; 
Tlionias r>4 So 5<j (j(j 
Burrowes ^^'illianl l>7 
Capel Hteplien T\ 
Carder Josejili 4(i 47 
('ai'i)enter Benjamin -T> :v.', 

I']|iliraini ito :!4 :!."> S7 
Jo^iejili 74 7.") 
Silas 2n :_!:] 
Timothy 33 47 48 89 
A\'illiam 33 53 86 87 89 
( "art \\ rijilil Samson G4 05 
("lia]iin .losiali 51.' 
Clarke Jacoli 7(» 
Clawson John 7 Si; 
Comestock Saninel 59 
Congdon Benjamin jnninr 45 1(> 47 
Conitecut 5(1 
CounecticntI 75 
Cope Edward (i7 
Cove Bailys (> 
Cove Moscelii 71 
Cove Salt Water 58 
Ciawford (iidcon Id 41 4S 49 (m 

William 7S 
Cinokelall 70 
Cnilliiid Cidcon II 41i 

Daily Jdhn 09 70 
Josep'h 7L 
Daitmolli 38 
I )avis I'rian 8(1 
Dexter Alice 79 80 81 

Captain 7 

(Jregory 7 S 

James 29 48 58 00 02 

John 5 7 8 79 SO 81 
Dexteis Bridge 8 
Dorchester 40 
I'Istin 'I'homas 8 
I'hens lluhert 52 
1 I']\eienden Anthony 08 
Fenner Arthnr 15 

Aithnr jnnior 13 

J DSC] ill 75 

-Mary 3 

L'idiaid 32 

TlM.mas 3 10 11 i:', 15 

78 90 
Thomas ( ( 'ajitain ) 3>7 
Field AIngale 05 
Daniel 84 
Jdlin 07 (iS 

Tlumias i:: 17 2:i 21 17 
Zachariah 05 Si 
Flaggey I'iece 90 
I'^our Mile Line 8 25 
Foxes Hill 12 80 
I'^ry ICdward 71 
(iarnett Thomas 2 3, 
(iarnitt Thomas 2 
Cai-nnelt Tlmnms 1 2 
(ii)odwin ^Vdam 9 
(iorton Nathaniel 55 07 
(ireat MeadddW 5 25 50 

Swamjie 4 7 
(ireene Peter inni((r SO 




( I Id 1 1 111 T.~> 

(ilDllloll .">(i 

Hall Ziiiifl r,7 

liailidiii- Sail Walci L' 1:! '.i:', 

llanliii .idliii r.s r.'.i (Id CI (;l' 

Slc|ilicii ."ili .'.7 TiS :,<.\ CO CI 
Man is Amlicw 12 i:! \i\ 17 .".C ::7 1)1' 

W'illiaiii IC Id 1 1 r,7 ."ill 
I la \\ Kins William junior S 

William senior S 
llrainilcii licnjamiii 7 
llcrnilcn 'I'liomas ".(.". 
Ht-ariiloii IJcnjamin I S 

IJcnJamin siMiioi- 8 
Hill I'.ixcs lli SC 

Xcolacoiikoiiit t 2 K! 
Wanso(|iiot 4.") 
^^'a.vnllkll('af^■ C-1 
Wimlmill S .-)!» 
I III] kins Thomas IS 

William ITi 711 
AVilliam i Majori L'O I'l IM 
Hill ilin .loliii (ill 
1 iimaii Milwai d '>'■', ".i.". '.14 

lOilwanl senior 70 
•loliii !>:: !I4 
• lolm jiniioi- 10 
\'aleiitiiie IS 40 
-lames Thomas ;!C 

• lelickes I';iieiH'/.er Hill 7C 

•losenh III IS 7C 
Xalliaiiiel II 
Xallianiel (('a]itaiii) 10 
William III 11 
•loaiies Kowlanil S 

• loiies Zacliariali 7"J 
Keecli IJeiijamin 72 87 

(ieoiU'e 71 72 ";! 87 
-John 7:j 

Keecli .Marv 71 7.". 

William 71 72 S7 SS 
Keetili ( ieol i^c C!l 
Keves Tlie 27 :l(l 
Kin,H ( 'lemiail :!:'. :'. I 

-lohn (Weaxeri ill .';2 ■>'i '■'>(> 'M 
Kiiiuhl llieliald '■'> 
La|iliaiii -lohn .">!! 

Nicholas :;!l 
La|i|ain .lohn ;'i7 .'tS ;!!) 
■Xieholas ."'.S ;{!) 
I.a{.| ham -lohn '.\1 
Line l''oiir ,^Hle S 2."> 

Seven .Mile !l 10 11 12 IS 20 21 22 

24 ;'.;■, :U :;7 4:: 4."i i'.i lii C4 07 

(is I ill 7.". 77 S."i 92 
Waiwi.k 12 
Lonti' I'oiiil CS 
Lo(|iias(|iissii(4v ."i 
Low Samuel 111 
^Lici]iail,i;e SO 
.MahiMMv -lohn 51 
.Mail Thomas (i SO 

William 20 21 24 ::7 4.") 40 
.Maiiioii Sliailia(4i 2."i ."i7 
.Marshliehl :!:! 
^Lisaehiisel 1.") 
JMasacliiisels ."il 

r.ay ::s 40 
Masacliii.selts 2 

r.ay 40 
Masei>aiij>e li;i 
Masliaiitataek 10 40 
Mashanlalat -"i:! 
Jrasliantal ii(4.; .'I .'!2 ;'.."i ."i4 ."."> 
Jlasliai^a.iiiie 12 2."i 2C 07 
Masshaiifatiick I! 
JIaswasaciH I'omI S7 
Maswaseiait (ileal .Meadilow 87 
Maswoiisecul tiieat Meaddow 72 


Mas<wousecut I'dinl 73 
Maswauticott !) 
Matheusou John 87 
Mathewsoii John S7 SS 
Mathuson John SS 

Tlidiiias 7;! 
Zachaiiah (17 
Mattate Jleaddow i.') 
Mawrey John 20 24 43 U 45 

Joseph 21 22 23 24 2!) 30 31 
Mary (Widdow) 11 
Nathaniid 40 oO .11 
Tioiicr ."(It 
Meaddow Kuneditts (JS 
Boggey SO 
Great .1 2.") .")('. 
Maswasecut (Ileal S7 
Maswonsecnt (ireat 72 
Mattate 4.") 
Tlirognioiions SO 
Menchin ."it 

Morse Josepli 40 41 40 
Mosceto ( \)ve 74 
Moslianlat lick (id 
Moshansick i;i\er ."> 
Mosliausnck Itivei- (i S 2.1 II lO 
Moshawsnck Itixcr Tt~ 
Mosw aiis<'ciil I'oihI 72 
Naik' Harry .■>.". 
Xarragaiiset .M 

Narragaiisel I!ay i:'. 2(1 .">:; .is (11 7(i SO 
Xarragaiiselt Bay (iO 
>'e(k Tlie 4 C. 7 S 2.1 
Neo(a<-()id<oiiill Hill 2 \-\ 
New London 71 
New Voike 74 

Xi]isaelnirk ('('d;ir Swainpc 24 
Nipsliaclinck Ol 
Nortlmi(i) SIcplicii (il 

Oliie TJionias 47 

Olney Thomas :; 4 1 (i 7 S 10 11 13 14 
11 17 IS 1!) 21 22 23 24 2(1 29 
31 33 31 30 .37 40 41 42 43 44 
41 47 48 4!) 11 .12 53 .54 .11 56 
58 (50 (i2 04 01 07 (iS 09 71 72 
73 71 70 7S 70 SI S2 84 80 87 
88 SO 90 92 93 94 

junior 10 24 37 43 49 07 

68 C9 82 
senior 14 29 41 42 48 

11 10 58 S8 94 
(Weaver I 88 
William :','.) 
Opatinue 71 
()]ieiiiiig Third 4 
(•icliaid IJciiiielt's (i7 
r.eiinitfs (i7 
Oyster Bay 74 
I'ain .losiali 04 
I'aiiie John O:'. (il 79 SO 
-lohn senior (i4 
Nathaiii(d 21 2(i 
Ste]iheii 21 2(i (il 79 
I'anijieset (i(i 
ra]ia(|iiiiiipaiig(' 71 

Kiver 71 
I'aiiaipiiiiipiiogc Kivci- 71 
l'apa(|iiiiiHipp,-iiini- I'diid 71 
I'arkes Deaeon 2 11 
I'attent Jlistress 40 
I'aliixelt 12 
I'.iuchaset Kivei- 91 
ranchasett Kiver l(i 34 3(i 74 
I'au.liassell 33 
I'anchassetl Biver 33 
I'andKkell (i 

Bivcr (i 14 
raiituxel 1 1 SO S9 '.II 02 
Itiver l(i 91 


TnuiiiM'ii II n; ;',;i ;',i ;',(; 17 ."):; 71 s." 

S!) '.Ili 
Ki\iT ;',(■) 71 
I'awlnxcl i;i\cr ill 
I'ctcplacc Walti'i- 4!( 
I'lu'liplacc riiili]! .">! :>-2 
I'liclliiilacc I'liiliji S4 sn 
l'liilli|i|is .lanics -JC 1.'7 L'S L'!l :!() 
.luliii 7(1 

Kii'liaid 17 .".I (;:•. 7(1 
I'iecc Flai;iicy '.ill 
I'iiMcc ICpluaiiii (il) 
I'ikc llolicit 7 IS 
I'laiiic \\'('M|(iail(pin('s('l L'l 4."'> 
I'oiiil I'.cni'ilicls (iS 

IJiuail ."i S 

Liiii.U' C.S 

Maswasacdt S7 

]Mas\V(>iiscciit 7."! 

Muswaiiscnil 711 

I'aiNUiMiiiiiiiiiiani,^' 71 
I'liiids Small (i7 
rdi-lsnioulii Sd 

I'ottci- Ahci :\:, 4.-. 4(i 47 r)r, .-)4 

Ben janiiii I!) o.j 'Jl 
Edwai-il ."i.") 
-liiliii l!l .'!."> ."')4 .">."> 
Mai.v .".:; .->! 

ita.iici 4:. 4(; 47 .".:; 
sic|iiicii I'.i ;;.". :!(; 

i'dW r|- Nicholas ."i 
I'rat Amir (i'.l 7(1 
I'lall Aiiiic (I'.l 7(1 
I'lav -loliii 7(1 
I'lcy Ki(liar(l .^(l Sii 
rmmaiisct I 47 
rinilLiin;ian.><ct I li'iv ci- 7." 
(Jiiaiiudpa.uiis 77 
K'clluixil II l> 
i;cl|ili Tlioiiias '.','2 

Klioadcs Vi'\v<x l:l 
IIIkiiIcs .Ici't'iiiiali :'.7 
IJivcr .Miisliaiisic li '> 

Musliaiisurk (; S •_'.■') i 1 .",!) 

.Mdsliawsiick .~i7 

i'apaqilini|iaiii;(' 71 

rapa(piiiii|i|i<ii;c 71 

i'ailcliascl 111 

I'aiK-ha.scil It; ;!4 lUJ 74 

i'aiicliassci I .".:! 

I'aiiluckcll C. 44 

I'aiitiixct K; !M 

I'aiiiiixi'ii ;'.(; 71 

I'awtiixct !ll 
I'liiiliiiiiyaiiscI I 7."> 
\\aiias((iiatiicket ."id .S(i 
Waiias(|iialii(ki'll :.'4 1.'7 :!(• (;7 C.S 
C'.l SL' SC, 
Ivoades .Id.iii 71 

.Idlm 7(1 71 
;Mala<lii .s| s."i S(; 
VrU'ix 11' Ki 
Za(4iaiiali .">:! 71 '.HI 
lidliliiiis I'.iiKikc .Ml 
Kolifil.s i'cici- l!i :;.". 

William :! 4 
IJoxIkmv - \~> 
Sail Walcr Cove ."iS 

ilailKiiii- 1' i:i '.i:; 

ScdII K'itlianI C. 

Sckcsaciil (i'.l 

Si'vcii .Mill' Line '.I 1(1 11 1 1' IS I'd L'l L'l' 
21 :;:'. :;i ::7 4:! 4.-> 41i 
(;i III (17 (IS (111 7.") 77 
s.'. <.V2 

Shclddii .Jdliii S7 S!l 

Nchcmiali 12 IKl .SO 

Slii'ppaid dcdip' '.I 

SIdW Tlidinas (IS 

Small I'dnds (17 


Siiiidi lien jaiuiu i'.\ (il 

Elislia i:i U 82 S3 84 
Epliiaiiii (weaver) 1 2 
Mai y :i 40 47 
Simou 19 36 46 47 
William 26 43 72 73 
William (Major) 26 6t) 
Spiayne .Tonatliaii 11 

.Tdiiatliaii junior 76 
William 01 92 
Stall'ord Amos 55 56 
Sta])le ]*]lienezer 51 52 

lluldali 51 52 
Staples Eheiiezer 51 

Iluldah 51 
Stcere John 21 22 24 

John junior 22 23 24 
Sarah 65 
Thomas S3 
William 64 (i5 
Stone John 19 
Snfl'olke 51 
Sufolk 52 
S\\am]K' (ireat 4 6 7 

Xi]isa(]in(k Cedar 24 
Swede William 46 
Tliii-d Openinj;- 4 
'rii(H-ii(ipii James 2 76 77 7S 
John 2 13 14 
John senior 15 
Kulh 65 
Sarah 7S 
Solomon 15 84 
'i'liomas 2 
Throckmorlon John 5 57 
Throfiinoilons Meaddow SO 
Tilliii-liasl I'anlon 93 
l'hili|) 2() 
Tirpin WiUiani 70 81 
Todd Waller 3 

\'eiin Joshua 45 76 77 
^\'rrin Joshua 24 
^'insent Thomas 37 

William 8(; 87 
Walker Aichihald !)1 
Wa)ias(]uatueket Kiver 50 S6 
Waiias(piatuokett River 24 27 30 67 (iS 

(i9 82 86 
Wanasipiutueket 58 
Wansoqu(jt Hill 45 
Warwick 19 25 70 84 86 

Line 12 
Waterman A])i<iale 2:'. 31 44 

Xalhaniel 24 25 20 27 28 29 

31 51 
Nathaniel junior 3,6 38 39 
Resolved 76 77 7.S 79 82 
Richard 17 21 22 23 25 26 
29 31 37 39 41 42 44 51 64 
65 70 72 73 78 79 81 84 85 
88 89 92 93 
Richard junior 80 8] 
\\'a(eini(in Xalhaniel 26 
^\'alel■s ^Vnne 48 

Thomas 48 
\\ ay ( leorye S 
A\'ayl>osse( (17 
Waybossett (m 
Wayunkheaj'- Hill 04 
\Ves(piadomesel I'laine 24 15 
AVesquadomesitt 27 
Wes(piodnieke 90 
\\'es(piotomset 30 
\\'eslcol I Amos SO 

lienjamin ;'. 54 
Josiah :'> 4 32 33 07 75 
I'riscilla 4 
Sannnd 3,2 
Sluckly 4 86 
\\'e\liossel 67 

[ 103 ] 

W'liciliiii .lulin 'V2 

wiiipi I.' Diivid (i •_': -JS :!0 

■ lollll .".."l 

■ lolKll lllUI -ll! 

Joseph 41 :>(» r,i (;s Ts '.i-2 

JEiuy 14 

Sniiiiicl 4 .') (1 7 II .")(! ."i7 r)S T-~ 

S;iiinicl I < '(Kijicr I 7.''i 7(i 
S:iriiU('l sciiidi- l:! 14 40 
Tliuiiias .">(; Tu TtS (HI (iL' 7.". ~i\ 
Tlioiiiiis (("(joperj 7.") 7(1 

White Williniii 7 

\\ ll iliii:iii \'.-il('iil iiH' 7.") ~Ct 

\Miilliii:ni \':il(>ii(in(' !)-! 
Wifihl IJcii jainiii !l(t 
\\'ilkiiis(Pii l,;i\\ reiKc (> 

S;llll\icl 12 K! 
Willctl l''i.iii(is 7.") 
WilliaiiiN KniiicI L'l 1.". till 

4usfph iii i;: •_'7 !H 

I'clco (i'.» 
WiiMliiiill Hill S .-.!) 
\\'iiis()i- S:iiiiiicl '.( 
Wullds I'.lid (i 
Wii^hl Saimicl (>7 
\\"viiiikli('a,u<' SI! 
Vatcs .Idhii jiniidr Sfl 



C 100 ] 







April -ili, 1711 

Adams, Henry 



Joseph INIorse 

April 2, 171-2 




Thomas Olney 

]\I:uvli 1, 171-2 

Aldrich, Samuel 



John Mowrj' 

March 1, 171'2 




Joseph Jlowry 

Feb. '25, 1711-12 

Angell, James 



j^ndrew Harris 

March 5, 1710-11 



May 14, 1711 

Arnold, John, .Ir. 



Flisha Smith 

May 14, 1711 




Elisha Smith 

JNfay 14, 1711 

'I'lic.imas, Jr. 



Flisha Smith 

Jan. 2K, 1711-12 

Ballou, Hannah 



.lames Uallou 

March S, 1711-1-2 




James Ballou 

March S, 1711-12 




Peter r>allou 

Jan. 2,S, 1711-12 




Hannah IJallou 

[ 1<»7 ] 














A statement that (iideoii C'raufm-d sdM laml to Henry Adams ami gave a firm 
warrantable deed for .same. 

A statement that (lideon Crawford sold two lots of tive acres each and another 
parcel of eleven acres to Henry Adams and delivered a deed to said Adams. 

Eii^lit acres being in Providence not yet laid out but is to lie taken upon the east- 
ward side of the Seven iNIile Line. 

Ten acres of land in Providence not yet laid out but is to be taken ujion the 
eastern side of the Seven Mile Line. 

Two hundred and thirty-four acres on the southern side of the land that parts 
the lands of Providence from the lands of I'autuxett and on the eastward side 
of Pauchasett River. 

The land where Hope Angell lives. 

Certain lands and tenements situated in I'rovidence and adjoining on both sides 
of the fresh I'iver called Wanascjuatuckett Ki\er. 

Certain lands anil tenements situated in Providence and adjoining on both sides 
on the fresh river calleil Wanasquatuckett Iliver. 

Certain lands and tenements situated in Providence and a<ljoining on both siiles 
of the fresh river called \Vanas<iuatuckett Hiver. 

Two six acre lots formerly belonging to husband and father: also one half liiglit 
of Common on east side of Seven .Mile T/ine; also fourteen acres of land to- 
gether with household stuff and other moveable estate. 

All the estate belonging to said Hannah IJallou, cleri\ ed from .Mrs. Pat tent formerly 
of Dorchester, ^lass. ; also share in a warehouse lott in Proxiilence t(nvn. 

All the estate belonging to said Hannah llallou, derived from .M rs. Patient formerly 
of Dorchester, .Mass. 

Two six acre lots formerly belonging to luisb:ind and father; also one half Hipht 
of CoinTuon on east side of Seven .Mile Line; also fourteen acres of land to- 
gether with household stulT and other moveable estate. 



March s, 1711-12 

Maicli 8, 1711-1: 

March ■2-2, 1711- 
Dec. 23, 1712 

Jan. 13, 171-2-13 
Dee. 23, 1712 
Dec. 23, 1712 

Jan. 13, 1712-13 

Dec. 23, 1712 

May 7, 1GS7 

Oct. 23, 1712 

June 5, 1712 

March 11, 1712- 

Feb 3, l(j()l 

Fel). 5, Itlt'il 


Ballou, James 


Brock, Morris 

Burlingame, John 

Roger, Jr. 

and RoLjei 

Carpenter, Kphraii 




























Hannah Ballou 

Hannah Ballou 

Benjamin Wight 

Thomas and 

Roger Burlingame 

Thomas IJurlingame 

Roger Burlingame 

.John Burlingame 

Clement King 

Jacob Clarke 

Nehemiah Sheldon 
Roger ^lowry 
William \'incent 

[ 109 ] 



iJU -\11 the estate belonging to said Hannah I'.aliou — derixeil from Mrs. I'attent t'cii'- 
inerly of Dorchester, Mass. ; also share in a warehouse lott in Providence town, 

39 All the estate belonging to sai<l Hannah Ilallou-- dei-ived from .Mrs. I'attent foi'- 
inerly of Dorchester, Mass. 

90 One hundred acres of land lying and being in that jiart of the townsliip of Por- 
vidence whicli was agreed to belong to the Proprietors of Wesquodniche 
being at a meadow called the Flaggey Piece. 

.i4 Division of land between said John JJurlingame and his brothers Thomas and 

66 Fifty acres of laml in tlie |iiirchase of .^loshanialucU, being at a place called 

55 Engage to be ecpial sharers with .lohn IJiirliiigame. 

55 Engage to be e(]ual sharei's with .lohn ilinlinganic. 

66 Fifty acres of land in the purchase of Moshantatuck, being at a place called 

54 Division of land between said John IJurlinganie and his brothers 'I'liomas and 

33 All the right of lands within the lands of I'autuxett on the west side of the river 
calleil Pauchassett. 

74 One half of a tliirteenth ]>art of the lands lielonging to the Proprietors of I'au- 
tuxett ou the western side of Pauchaset River in the township of Provi<lence. 

47 About a dividing line between said Carpenter's land and Thomas Fiehrs, lying 
at a [>lace called Pumcansett. 

89 Pautuxett lamls. 

63 One share of Commoning eipial with anv purchaser in the town of Providence. 

86 The land situateil and Iving weslwardlv from the town of Pro\ idi'nce about three 
miles distant and between the river calleil \Vanasi|ii;ilucl<ett River and the 
land of Richard JJurdin of Portsmouth. 







Nov. 18, 171t2 

Cartwright, Samson 



William Steere 

Oct. 28, 1712 

Clarke, -Tacob 



Joseph Carpenter 

Feb. 14, 1711-1-2 

Congdon, Benjamin, Jr. 



Abel Potter 

Feb. 14, 1711-12 




Rachel Potter 

Jan. 1, 1712-13 

Cope, Kilwanl 


May 22, 1700 

Crawford, Gideon 




and Town Council 

Jan. 1, 1712-lS 



June 2, 1(51(0 

Daily, John 



Anne Pratt 

Jan. 13, 1712-13 

Dexter, Alice 



John Paine 

Oct. 7, 1(585 



Dec. 3, 1680 



Nov. 4, 1685 



Jan. 13, 1712-13 




John Paine 

Jan. 1, 1712-13 

Everenden, Anthony 


Dec. 22, 1712 



Feb. 11, 1711-12 

Fenner> Thomas 





64 Forty acres of land west side of Seven Mile Line; also one-lialf of seven acres 
and a half, lying westwardly not past half a mile from W'ayunklieau- Hill. 

74 One-half of a thirteenth ))art of the Ian<ls lielonginij to the Proprietors of rautuxett 
on the western side of Pauchaset Piver in the township of l'i'o\i<lence. 

45 A farm containing fifty-seven acres of land lying in that ]iart of the country 
called Mashantatuck. 

45 A farm containing fifty-seven acres of land lying in that i)art of the country 
calleil .Mashantatuck. 

Pounds of twenty aci'es of land upon right of I'Mwanl Cope lieing on south- 
wardly side of Wanasfpiatuckett Piver. 

4S Land formerly owned Uy Thomas Waters, afterwa]'ds sei/.ed and sold liy said 
lAIajestrates fin- su])port of said Wafers' wife and child. 

Pounds of twenty acres of land lieing on the east side of the Se\en Mile Line vn 
the southerly side of the road which leads from Wayliossett to Pcnnitf's 

Olt Fifty acres of land lying at C'rookefall, butting upon the river. 

79 A certain parcel of ian<1 namely Poggey Meadow lying ami heing in I'roviilence 
at or near a jilace called ^^lacipauge. 

Si,\ acres and a half of land lying in the Neck. 

Fifty acres of land lying westward from .Mosliausuck Pi\er [lartly between Proad 
Pond and saiil river. ■ -j 

S Si.\ acres and a half of hind lying in the Neck. 

rst A certain parcel of land namely Boggey ^Nfeadow lying and being in Providence 
at or near a place called ^Licipauge. 

68 Bounds of si-vty acres on east siile of Seven .Mile Line — lying near Long Pond. 

68 Bounds of foi'ty-live acres on east side of the Seven Mile IJne near P>enedicts 

11 Settling of certain bounds lietween Proprietors of Providence and Proprietors of 







Feb. 11, 1711-12 

Field, Tliomas 


June 5, 1712 



July 7, 1709 



June 22, 1711 

Garnet, Thomas 



Ephraim Smith 

Dec. 31, 1712 

Hardin, .Tohn 



Stephen Hardin 

Dec. 31, 1712 




Stephen Hardin 

Dec. 31, 1712 




John Hardin 

Dec. 31, 1712 




John Hardin 

Dec. 30, 1712 




Samuel Whipple 

Dec. 30, 1712 




Thomas Whipple 

Feb. 2.5, 1711-12 

Harris, A mire w 



James Angell 

Feb. 11, 1711-12 



Jan. 14, 1707-8 




John King 

March 3, 1712-13 




Joseph Whipple 



.Seuliny of certain iHninds between l'i-o]jrietuis of J'l'ovideiiue ami I'ro]iriett)r8 of 

Al)OUt a dividiiip: line hetueen said Field's land and 'JMniotliy Carjienter's, lying 
at a place called runicansett. 

I.'elaid ninety eii;lu acres and three quarters of land whicli had lieen lai<l nut for- 
merly hut the honnds lieini; lost. 

I )\\ eliinu house and parcel of land of ahoiit t\venty-ii\e aci'es ahout four miles 
westward from Salt Water Ilarhor. 

A quantity of land containing; fifty acres situated on the weslwardlv side of Mo- 
shausui'k IJivei' between it and IJobbins iJrook; thirty-eight acres on the west- 
wardlv side of Windmill Hill and twelve acres on the easterly side of Wind- 
mill liill. 

One hundred and forty-six acres on the west side of Seven Mile Line, near the 
place called Nii)shachuck, 

A quantity of land containing fifty acres situated on the westwardly side of Mo- 
shausuck River between it and Robbins Hrook ; tliirty-eiglit acres on the west- 
wardly side of \Vindmill Hill and twelve acres on the easteri\- side of Wind- 
mill liiU. 

One hundred and foi-ty-six ai'res on the west side of the Seven .Mile line, near 
the place called Nipshachuck. 

A share of meadow situateil in the town of Providence called (ireat Meadow. 

A shai-e of meadow situated in the town of Providence called (ireat ]\Ieadow. 

Two hundred and thirly-four acies on the southern side of the land that parts 
the lands of Provideni'e fi'om the lands of Pautuxett and on the eastward 
side of Pauchasett River. 

Settling of certain bounds between I'roprietors of Providence and Pro|)rietor8 of 

A certain tract of land belonging to the I'ropi'ietors of Pautuxett. 

Forty acres being jiart of the land that the Pro]irietors of Pautuxett are to take 
U|) in Providence Commons, in retaliation for land which some of the Pro- 
l>rietors of Providence have formerly taken up within Pautuxett land. 







March 17, 1712 

Inman, Edward 



John Inman 

March 17, 1712 




Edward Inman 

Jan. 14, 1711-12 

Jencks, Ebenezer 


Feb. 25, 1711-12 





Jan. 14, 1711-12 



Fel.. 25, 1711-12 





Jan. 14, 1711-12 



Feb. 25, 1711-12 





Jan. 26, 1712-13 

Keach, George 



John Keach 

Jan. 26, 1712-13 




William Keach 

Jan 26, 1712-13 




(leorge Keach 

Jan. 26, 1712-13 




George Keach 

Feb. 20, 1712 




John Mathewson 

May 7, 1687 

King, Clement 



Ephraim Carpenter 

Jan. 14, 1707-S 

King, .Tohn 



Andrew Harris 

April 19, 1711 




Stejihen Potter 

Nov. 20, 1711 




John Stone 

March 15, 1711 




Josiah Westcott 

April 18, 1712 

Lapham, ^T<^»lin 













One half of one of tliose lots or parcels of land laid out in said Providence town 
between the low of hoiiselots and the salt water called a warehouse lot. 

One half of those lots or ]iarcels of land laid out in said Providence town between 
the row of houselots and the salt water called a warehouse lot 

Land on west side of Seven Mile T^ine. 

Land on west side of Seven Alile Line. 

Land on west side of Seven Mile Line. 

Laml on west side of Seven Jlile Line. 

Land ou west side of Seven Mile Line. 

Land on west side of Seven Mile Line. 

A certain jiarcel of land containing forty acres situated on the northwest side of 
Maswonsecut Pond. 

A certain jiarcel of land containing forty acres situated on the northwest side of 
Moswansecut Pond. 

A certain parcel of land containing forty acres situated on the northwest side of 
Maswonsecut I'ond. 

A certain parcel of land containing forty acres situated on the northwest side of 
Moswansecut I'ond. 

Land lying on the norwest siile df Maswasacut Pond. 

All the right of lands within the lands of Pautuxett on the west side of the river 
called Pauchassett. 

A certain tract of land belonging to the Pro])rietors of Pautuxett. 

Fifty acres of land within the ]iurchase of Mashantatuck. ~ 

Fifty acres of land within the purchase of Mashantatack. 

Twenty-five acres of land in the pur<'hase of Mashantatuck. 

Eighty acres situated on the east side of the Seven Jlile Line. 



March 23, 1710-^ 

March 23, 1710- 

May 22, 1700 

Feb. 20, 1712 
April 26, 1711 

Lapham, .'ohn 



and Town Council 

Mathewson, John 
Morse, -'of-eph 

March 7 it 8 Mowry, John 

March 1, 1712 

March 11, 1711- 

March 1, 1711 

March 21, 1711- 

March ], 1712 

March 19, nil- 

March 2;'>, 1712 

June 16, 171'. 
Feb. 3, 16G1 






















Nathaniel Waterman, 

Nathaniel Waterman, 

(iideon Crawford 
Wilham Keacli 
Henrv Adams 

Samuel Aldric 

Elisha Smith 



Sannii'l Aldiich 
John Sleere, .Ir. 
Nathaniel Waterman]ih Whipple 
William Car[jenter 




88 A certain tract or parcel of land containinij al)out cit^litv aci'es l)cin<x in Provi- 
dence a little soutliwestward from ('a]it. Thomas Fenner's dweliinii house. 

38 A certain tract or ])arcel of hind coiitainiiiL;' aliout ein'hlv acre.s hein:; in I'rovi- 
<lence a lillle southwesl ward from ('apt. 'I'liomas l"'enner's dwelling house. 

48 Land formerly owned by Thomas Waters, aftei'wards seized and sold l)V Hai<l 
.Majestiates for supjiort of said Waters' wife an<l child. 

89 Land lying on the norwest side of ALiswasacut I'ond. 

40 A statement that Gideon Crawfonl sold land to Ileni-y Adams and gave a firm 
warrantable deed for same. 

45 Five acres on east side of Wesipiadomeset I'lainc in the woodland ; two acres 
adjoining to his other land ; one acre adjoining his other land al \Vanso(juot 

Eight acres being in Providence not yet laid out but is to be taken u])on the east- 
ward side of the Seven .Mile Line. 

43 Six acres of land on the eastward side of the Seven IMile lane, the said land lieth 
on the northwardly side of that part of Pautuckett Uiver called the l^ranch. 

•24 Ten acres on the east side of the Se^en ^[ile F^ine — being on the southern ]iarl of 

24 Three acres of land on the east side of the Seven Mile Line. 

lil Ten acres of land in Providence not yet laid out but is to be taken upon ihe 
eastward side of the Seven Mile Line. 

1'hree acres of land in I'rovidence not yet lai<l out but to be taken upon the 
eastward side of the Seven Mile Line. 

-'.I Fifty acres on eastern side of Wanascpialuckett liiver : live acres on branch of 
W'anasquatuckett Iliver neai- place i-alleil the Keyes ; eight aci-es and a half 
near plai-e called Wesquotomset. 

49 One half of a forty foot lot ami also half a right of thatch. 

53 One share of Cominoning equal with any jiurchasei' in the town of Providence. 

[118 1 

April 2, 11 V2 

Jan. 13, 1712-13 

Jan. 13, 1712-13 

Jan. 1, 1712-13 
Jan. 1, 1712-13 
Feb. 4, 1712-13 

March 25, 1712 
March 25, 1712 
March 8, 1712 
July 1, 1706 

Olney, Tliomas 

Paine, J<^'liu 

John (Sou) 

Pheteplace, I'l 


Feb. 14, 1711-12 

Aug. 6, 1711 

Aug. 6, 1711 

Oct. 1, 1712 
Feb. 14, 1711-12 

Oct. 1, 1712 

Phillips, James 

Potter, Abel 






















Henry Adams 

Alice Dexter 

John Dexter 

Paine, John (Son) 
John Paine 
Malachi Khodes 

Iluldah Sta])le 
Ebenezer Staple 

Nathaniel Waterman 





Aquittance From 

l!eniaminC'ong<lon, Jr. 

William Sprague 

Joseph Williams 

liachel Potter 


Mary Potter 




41 A staleiiient tliat (liileoii Ciawfonl sold two lots of live acres each anil another 
pai'cel of eleven acres to lleury Adams ami (lelivere<l a deed to said .\<lanis. 

79 A certain parcel of laml namely l>o<;L;ey Meadow lying and heing in I'i'ovideuce 
at or neai' a place calleil .Macipaiige. 

A certain pan'cl of land namely Boggey lleadow lying and being in Providence 
at or near a place called Macij)ange. 

Thirty acres, situate lying and heing in Providence near a place called Masepauge. 

Thirty acres situate lying and lieing in Pro\ idence near a place called Masepauge. 

Thirty aci-es of land not yet laid out hut is tti he taken up on the eastern side of 
the Seven .Mile Line. 

Fifty acres of land lying in the township of Providence. 

Fifty acres of land lying in the township oi Providence. 

Twenty acres of land on east side of Seven Mile Line. 

Sixty-three acres an<l a half lieing in several jiarcels containing hotli u]iland, 
lowland and meailowland ; fifty acres heing on the Wanas(juatuckett liiver 
being bounded with Si.x Cornei's ; five acres of meadow on branch of Wa- 
nasquatuckett Hiver whicli runneth from the Keyes ; eight and a half 
ai-res being near a jilace called Wes(juadomesitt. 

45 A farm containing tifty-seven acres of land lying in that part of the counti'y 
called Masliantatuck. 

91 A certain tract or parcel of meadow containing about ten acres within the tract 
of Pautiixet lands. 

91 A certain ti-act or parcel of meadow containing about ten acres within the tract 
of Pautuxet lands. 

53 Legacy ordered to be paid to Mary Potter liy her father's will. 

45 A farm containing lifty-seven acres of land lying in that part of the country 
called .Masliantatuck. 





Legacy ordered to be paid to Mary I'otter by her father's will. 







April 19, 1711 

PotteV, Stephen 



John King 

June 2, 1690 

Pratt, Anne 



John Daily 

Feb. 25, 17 11-1 li 




Ebenezer Jencks 

Feb. 26,1711-12 




Nathaniel Jencks 

Feb. 25, 1711-12 




William Jencks 

Jan. 13, 1712-18 

Rhodes, John 



Zachariah Kiiodes 

Feb. 4, 1712-13 




Philip Phete])lace 

Feb. 11,1711-12 



Jan. 13, 1712-13 




Jciliu Rhodes 

Dec. 24, 1711 

Roberts, ^^'illianL 



Josiali Westcott 

March 11, 1712- 

Sheldon, Neliemiah 



Timothy C'arjienter 

May 14, 1711 

Smith, Elisha 



.lolin -Arnold, Jr. 

May 14, 1711 




Pichanl Arnold 

May 14, 1711 




Thomas Arnold, Jr. 

March 11, 17 Il- 




Jt)hn Mowry 

June 22, 1711 




Thomas Garnet 

Dec. 22, 1712 

William, Major 


[121 ] 



35 ] Fifty acres of lainl n'itliiii the imreluise of Masbiuitatiick. 

(■)!) Fifty acres (if lanil lying at C'rookefall — Imttiiig iipim the river. 

11 Lanil on west siile of Seven .Mile I-ine. 

11 I Lami on west side of Seven .Mile Line. 

11 Lan<l on west side of Seven Mile Line. 

70 Meadow iying and heing on the north side of Paiitiixett IJiver at a place coni- 
nmnly called l'a|ia(iuini|iaiige. 

84 Thirty acres of land not yet laid out Imt is to he taken u]i on the eastern side of 
the Seven Mile Line. 

11 . Settling of certain bounds between I'roprietor.s of l'ro\idence and Proprietors 
of Pautu.vett. 

70 Meadow lying and l)eing on the nurtli side of I'autuxett River at a place com- 
I nionly c:Uled ra|iaipiinipaiige. 

3 Twenty-one acres of land w iiliin the purchase of Mashantatuck. 

89 Pautuxett lands. 

82 Certain lands and tenements situated in Provideni-e and adjciining on buth sides 
of the fresh ri\er calleil Wanasipiatuckett River. 

82 Certain lands and teneuu-nts situated in Provi<lence and adjoining on both sides 
of the fresh river called the \\'anas<piatuckett Kiver. 

82 (pertain lands and teneiueuts situated in Pi-ovideiu'e and adjoining on both si<leB 
of the fresh river called \Vana8(|uatuckelt River. 

43 Si.v acres of land cm the eastward side of the Se<en Mile Line, the said land 
lieth on the northwardly side of that part nf the Pantuckett Ri\ei- called the 

Dwelling housii and parctd of land of about, twenty-live acres about four miles 
westward frcmi Salt Water Harbor. 

69 Two acres of lan<l on east side of Seven Mile Line in lieu of half a \\areh<iuse 
lot being on the southwarilly side of Wanascpiatuckctt Ri\'er. 







Aug. 6, 1711 

Sprague, William 



Benjamin Potter 

March -25, 1712 

staple, Ehenezer 



Fhilij) Phete])hice 

March 2^, 1712 




Philip Pheteplace 

March 19, 1711- 

Steere, .lolm, Jr. 



Josejjh Mowry 

Nov. 18, 1712 




Samson Cartwright 

Nov. 20, 1711 

Stone, -Tohu 



John King 

Aug. 4, 1712 

Thornton, James 



Resolved Waterman 

Jan. 17, 1701-2 




Samuel Whipple, Sr. 

May 22, 1083 

John, Sr. 




Solomon Thornton 

May 22, 1083 




John Thornton, Sr. 

Felj. 5, 1001 

Vincent, W illiam 



\V illiam Carpenter 

.Inly 1, 1706 

"Waterman, Nathaniel 



James I'hiilips 

March 25, 1712 




Jo8e]jli Mowry 

Feb. 28, 1710-11 




liichai'il Waterman 




A certain tract or parcel of nieailow containinc; about ten acres witliin ilie tract 
of Pautuxet lands. 

51 Fifty acres of land lyint; in the to\vnslii|i of I'rovidenee. 

51 Fifty acres of land lying in the townsliiji of I'rovidenee. 

'2-2 Three acres of land in Providence not yet laid out but to be taken up on the 
eastward side of the ISeven ^lile Line. 

t)4 Forty acres of land west side of Seven Mile T/me : also one half of seven acres 
and a half lying westwardly not past haif a mile from Wayunkhcag ilill. 

19 Fifty acres of land within the purchase of JNIashantatack. 

76 One hundreii and sixty acres of land lying near the two quaiin(i]i(iagus and on 
the west side of the Seven Mile Line. 

13 Fifteen acres of land three miles west from Salt Water Harbor at Neotaconko- 
nitt Hill. 

15 One hundred acres of land around own dwelling house. 

15 One hundreii ac-res of land around o\\<\ dwelling house. 

86 The lanil situated and lying westwardlj^ from the town of Providence about three 
miles distant and between the river called Wauasquatuckett IJiver and the 
lands of Richard Burdin of Portsmouth. 

26 Si.xty-three acres and a half being in several parcels containing lioth upland, low- 
land and meadowland ; fifty acres being on the Wanasipiatuckett IJixer be- 
ing l)ounded with Six Corners; five acres of ineadow on branch of AVanas- 
ipiatMckett Hiver which runneth from the Keyes ; eight ami a half acres being 
near a place called Wescpiadnmesitt. 

29 Fifty acre.s on eastern side of Wauasquatuckett Hiver; five acres on branch of 
VV^anasquatuckett River near place called the Keyes; eight acres and a half 
near place called Wesquotomset. 

25 A dee<l of gift of all lands situated in I'rovidenee town in the row <if lots ; wlmle 
right of lands and meadows within the town purchase and jui-isdiction of 







March '2;], 1710- 

Waterman, Xathaniel, 




John I.apham 

Afarch liS, 1710- 


] )eed 


Nicholas Lapham 

Aug. 4, 1712 




James Thornton 

May -22, 1712 




Richard Waterman 

Fell. 2S, 1710 11 




Nathaniel Waterman 

May 22, 1712 




Resolved Waterman 

.March 15, 1711 

WestCOtt, .'osiah 



Jolm King 

Dec. 24, 1711 




William Roberts 

March 3, 1712-13 

Whipple, Joseph 



Andiew Harris 

June U>, 1712 




Nathaniel Mowry 

Feb. 1, 1691-2 



Jan. S, l(iit8-4 



Ajiril 5, l(;ri7 



May 24, 1700 



Dec. :iO, 1712 




Stephen Ilanlin 

[ 125 ] 


Desci iption. 

iJS A certain tract or parcel of land containint;- about eiulity acres lieintr in Provi- 
dence a little soiitbwestwanl from ('apt. 'I'in.nnas Fenner's <l\vellinir house. 

■i!< A certain tract or parcel of land containinij; alioiit citflity acres lit'insj; in l'ro\i- 
dence a little soutliu estward fi'oin Cajil. 'riionnis Fenner's duellini;' house. 

76 One hundre<l and sixty a(a'es of lain! lyinsj; near the two <piaiinopa,!^us and lui the 
west side of the Seven Mile Line. 

78 Eif;hteen acres of land situated on south side of land on v, Inch his brother livetli 
and adjoining the same. 

25 A deed of gift of all lands situated in l*ro\ idence town in the row of lots; whole 
light of lands and meadows within the town pur<-hase and iurisdicti(ui of 

78 Eighteen acres of land situated on south side of land on which his brother liveth 
and adjoining the same. 

B"2 Twenty-tive acres of land in the purchase of .Mashantatuck. 

ii Twenty-one acres of land within the jiurchase of Mashantatuck. 

't)'2 Forty acres being ])art of the land that the Pro]irietors of I'autuvett are to take 
up in Providence Commons in retaliation for land which some of the Propri- 
etors of Pi'ovidence have formerly taken up within Pautuxett land. 

49 One half of a forty foot lot and also half a right of thatch. 

4 Si.x acres ami a half being in the Neck between (ireat Swampe and Providence 
town fields; also twenty-nine acres near IJroad Poud and (4reat -Afeadow. 

Two acres ad joining W'cst side of Pautiickelt JJixei- ; Ihirtv-one acres and a half 
on west side of M<ishausuck l!i\er near place calleil World's Fnd, 

Sixteen acres of land situated i[i tract of land called the Neck — between l'p]ier 
Bailys Cove and Pauluckett l.'iver. 

7 One acre and thirty, live poles in tract of laiul called the Neck. 

5t) A share of meadow situated in the town of Providence called Creat ^Nfeadow. 







Dec. 26, 1712 

Whipple, Samuel 



Valentine Whitman 

Jan. 17, 1701-2 

Samuel, Sr. 



John Thornton 

Dec. 30, 1712 




Stephen Hardin 

Dec. 26, 1712 




Valentine Whitman 

Dec. 26, 1712 

Whitman, Valentine 



Samuel Whipple 

Dee. 26, 1712 




Thomas Whipple 

March 22, 1711- 

Wight, Benjamin 



Morris Brock 

Feb. 11, 1711-12 

Wilkinson, Samuel 


Feb, 11, 1711-12 

Williams, Joseph 


Aug. 6, 1711 




Benjamin Potter 

Jan. 23, 1712^13 



Nov. 2r., 1709 

Winsor, Samuel 







certain lot or tract of laml Ijeiiiif on the west isiile of the Seven 
quantity one hundreil ami fifty acres, lying ]iart on tiie south si< 
the north side of I'unhiinuansett Hranch or liiver. 

.Mile Line, in 
le and |iail on 



fteen acivs of land three miles west from Salt Water Ilariior a 
nitt Hill. 




share of meaclow situatecl in the town of Providence called (Ire 

it .Meadow. 



certain lot or tract of land heing on the west side <if the Seven 
(|uantity one hundred and tifty acres, \\iu2, part on the south 

.Mile Line, in 
side and |iait 

on the north side of I'uidiunsransett ISranch or i;i\er. 


A certain lot or tract of land heing on the west side of the Seven .Mile Line, in 
<|uantity one hundred and lifty acies — lying part on the south side and ]iart 
on tlie north side of I'unhungansett liranch or Itiver. 

A certain lot or tract of land heing on the west side of tlie Seven Mile Tjne, in 
quantity one hundred and fifty acres, lying part on the south side ami part on 
the north side of runhungansett Branch or River. 

90 ' One hundreil acres of laml lying ami heing in that part (.)f the townshi]i of Provi- 
dence which was agreed to belong to the Proprietors of W'esquodnicke — he- 
ing at a meadow calle<l the Flaggey Piece. 

11 Settling of certain lioun<ls hetween Proprietors of Providence and Propiietors of 

1 1 Settling of certain hounds hetween Proprietors of Providen<'c and Proprietors of 

91 A certain tract or parcel of meadow containing ahout ten acres within the tract 
of Paulu.\et lands. 

ti9 Ten acres of laml near place called Sekesacut on the east side of the Seven .Mile 

'I'wentv-six acres a( and adjoining his farm at Maswasacut. 

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