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Copied from the manuscript record of the late 








Nearly twenty years ago the writer had the pleasure of meet- 
ing the Rev. Theodore A. Leggett and saw for the first time a 
pedigree chart of the Leggett family. As was quite naturally the 
case it followed to a large extent the direct lines of Mr. Leggett, 
but considerable work had been done on other lines as well. 

When the writer decided to publish such parts of the Leggett 
family history as could be obtained, it was the obvious thing to 
use if possible the work of the Rev. Mr. Leggett, and through the 
kindness of his son, Mr. J. Dwight Leggett, the Rev. Theodore A. 
Leggett having died on Nov. 25, 1906, aged 61 years, the material 
that Mr. Leggett had collected was made the basis of this work. 

As practically nothing has ever been published about the 
Leggett family except in the form of casual references, it re- 
quired considerable time and patience to collect the necessary 
data. The writer wishes to make due acknowledgement to Miss 
A. Clizbee who greatly assisted him in the research work and to 
whom much credit is due for the discovery of the errors in the 
earlier research work. 

The present genealogy is far from complete and one can 
easily see that much work must still be done to supply the missing 

Owing to the difficulty in getting in touch with the various 
branches of the family, it was decided to publish the book in its 
incomplete form, and to appeal to those members of the family 
into whose hands this book may come to forward such missing 
data as they may possess to the compiler, care of the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society, 226 West 58th Street, 
N. Y. City, and at the same time to include the names of the later 

The object of this request is to pave the way to a possible 
publication at some time in the future of a more complete record 
which will be free from the numerous corrections largely due to 
to information arriving after the section to be corrected had 
been printed. 

The writer trusts that your interest in our family history will 
be strong enough to warrant a hearty co-operation. 

A. Hatfield, Jr. 
New York, May 27th, 1916 


The unusual size of the list of corrections and additions is 
largely due to discoveries and receipts of data after the section 
to be corrected had been printed. In some cases the reprint was 
corrected and the original printing as found in the Record is in- 
correct thereby making the reprint the more valuable. 

Below is given a list of the numbers that have corrections and 
a careful checking should be made before accepting the original 
statement in order to avoid errors. 


























226 to 236 



























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[Reprinted from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, July, 1913.] 


Copied from the manuscript record of the late Rev. Theodore A. Leggett,* 
by A. Hatfield, Jr. 

It will not be long before the names of West Farms and even 
Westchester v^ill become obsolete. The former is already with- 
in the bounds of the city proper (23rd Ward) and Westchester is 
on the outer edge. 

The Leggett family have lived in this vicinity for two hun- 
dred and fifty years and the progenitors were the original Euro- 
pean proprietors of the Manor of West Farms. Excepting a few 
small families which have settled in the United States at various 
later dates, nearly all who bear the name Leggett in all parts of 
this country, though particularly in the middle and western states, 
are scions of the old Westchester stock. 

A brief account of the original settlement of Westchester and 
its Manor of West Farms is as follows : 

In 1640 this tract of land like all other lands within New 
Netherland was purchased from the Indians and was called Vre- 
deland, and the town of Westchester when settled was called 

Bearing date Oct. 2, 1642, license was granted by the Dutch to 
John Throckmorton who came from New England with thirty- 
five families to settle in Vredeland and the following year a grant 
was made to Mr. Throckmorton for the land now known as 
Throgs or Frogs Neck. Many of these first settlers met their 
death at the hands of the Indians. 

By permission in 1652 Throckmorton conveyed the Neck to 
Augustine Hermans who soon after conveyed fifty morgen to 
Thomas Hunt. 

On Nov. 14, 1654, Thomas Pell of Fairfield, Conn., obtained a 
grant from the Indians (the second time they had sold it) to lands 
north and east of the Bronx River. As early as 1639 Jonas Bronck 
(after whom the rivtr is named) bought 250 morgen of land 

* Rev. Theodore A. Leggett, D.D., was the pa.stor of the Harlem 
Presbyterian Church from May 15, 1870, to Aug. 7, 1871. He died at West 
Brighton, Staten Island, Nov. 25, 1906, aged 61 years, thomas j. burton. 

from the Indians near the point of the main, just across the river, 
separating it from the Island of Manhattan. This land eventually 
became the property of Capt. Richard Morris who came from 
Barbadoes in 1674 and later became known as Morrisania and 
was next to the Leggett Estate. 

About 1647 a number of Puritans settled near where is now 
the village of Westchester. In 1650 Gov. Stuyvesant complains 
to the New England commissioners "of the English encroach- 
ments upon Oostdorp" and in 1654 it was resolved at a meeting 
of the Director General and Council to send an interdict forbid- 
ding them to proceed further and to abandon the spot. Contin- 
ued encroachments awakened vigorous measures for it was re- 
solved to arrest the leaders and drive the rest off. Twenty-three 
were arrested, carried to New Amsterdam and imprisoned on a 
ship. Among them Richard Ponton whose name is continually 
appearing in the later records of Westchester. 

Finally the intruders submitted to Dutch rule by allowing 
their Civil officers to be appointed by the New Amsterdam 
authorities. Ammunition was then sent to the settlers for their 
protection and "a writing book for the Magistrates." This was 
done June 3, 1657; and I have had this old book in my hands. It 
is now in the possession of Mr. F. W. Leggett of New York. 

In 1662 they were granted the privilege of a court of their own 
"but in the dark and dubious matters especially in witchcraft the 
party aggrieved might appeal to the Governor and Council." 

About this time the settlers at Westchester and West Farms 
were placed in a trying dilemma. Connecticut claimed the dis- 
trict as lying within her jurisdiction and in Assembly held at 
Hartford, Oct. 9, 1662, resolved so to inform the colony there 
which was ordered to send deputies to Hartford. 

Here it might be well to remark that West Farms was so 
named as lying west of Connecticut. 

The colony was a bone of contention between the Dutch and 
the New Englanders until the subjugation of the Dutch in 1664. 
Governor NicoUs then adjudged that the district belonged to the 
Colony of New York and later contributed Westchester and 
Hempstead on Long Island with Oyster Bay, the North Riding 
of Yorkshire. 

Connecticut protested against the decision because their char- 
ter by King Charles II. made their western boundary the Pacific 

The question of the boundary line was supposedly settled in 1683, 
the two provinces having agreed on a definite boundary, but the 
dispute was again opened later. In 1725 a survey was begun, which 
was completed in 1731, and the boundary then fixed remained un- 
questioned until 1855, when, the old survey marks having disap- 
peared, the question of taxes and jurisdiction near the line became 
very troublesome. To remedy this, a new survey of the lines as 
fixed by the survey of 1731 was made, and was finally ratified by 
Congress in the session of 1880-81. (Baird's History of Rye gives 
an excellent summary of this dispute.) 

Westchester was the shire town from 1683 to 1759 and was by 
royal charter incorporated April 16, 1696. 

By Act of Assembly in 1693 "a public and open market was 
ordered every Wednesday of the week at Westchester to which it 
should be lawful for all the inhabitants and sojoiners to resort 
and thither carry all sorts of cattle, grain, provision, etc. ;" also 
an act for a fair to be held once a year. 

As wherever there was a Puritan or a Presbyterian or an In- 
dependent Settlement a church was organized, so at Westches- 
ter where our forefathers of West Farms attended. In fact the 
government as in New England was by church and state united. 

At a town meeting held May 5, 1656, it was "voted and agreed 
upon that the meeting house" (it having fallen into decay) "shall 
be repaired forthwith and that two men shall be chosen to see it 
done. Gabriel Leggett and Josiah Hunt is chosen to agree with 
a carpenter, to repair the said meeting house, and to bring an 
account to the town of the cost and expense thereof whereby a 
rate may be made to defray the charge in so doing." 

The following is from the journal of the Dutch Commissioners 
who visited Oostdorp in 1656: 

"31 Dec. after dinner Cornelius van Ruyven went to the house, 
where they held their Sunday meeting, to see their mode of wor- 
ship, as they had as yet no preacher. There he found a gathering 
of about fifteen men, and ten or twelve women. Mr. Baly said a 
prayer, after which, one Robert Basset read from a printed book 
a sermon composed by an English clergyman in England. After 
the reading Mr. Baly gave out another prayer and sang a psalm 
and they all separated." 

The first regular minister I find mentioned is Rev. Ezekiel 
Fogge, under date of 1674. Rev. Morgan Jones is mentioned as 
marrying and baptizing in 1680. 

In town meeting 1684 it was resolved to extend a call "to Mr. 
Warham Mather as our minister for one whole year" at a salary 
of £60. 

At town meeting Jan. 2, 1692, "it was voted and agreed that 
there shall be an orthodox minister in the town, as soon as possi- 
ble may be, and to allow him forty or fifty pounds per annum, 
equivalent to money." 

Again in May of 1695, an attempt was made by part of the 
vestry to "agree with Mr. Warham Mather and settle him with all 
expedition:" and Rev. John Miller describing the Province of New 
York in the same year says, "There is a meeting house in West- 
chester and a young man coming to settle there without orders. 
There are two or three hundred English and Dissenters, a few 

Col. Heathcote, a strong Episcopalian, had been chosen one of 
the Church Wardens, and he vetoed the plan to settle Mr. Mather. 
His purpose as admitted by himself later, and as the sequel shows 
being to establish Episcopacy. A very few years later the church 
of our forefathers became the Episcopal church of St. Peters. As 
in other instances after English rule was established succeeding 
the government of Holland, the church was virtually seized and 
appropriated by the established church. 

Rev. Mr. Morgan, a Presbyterian minister of East Chester oc- 
casionally preached till 1702 when the Rev. John Bartow, a mis- 
sionary of the Propog?ndist Society of England insinuated him- 
self into the rectorship of the church or was inducted by the 
representative powers of church and state in the Province of New 
York, though not without much opposition by the inhabitants of 

The Manor of West Farms, was part of the Borough town of 
Westchester. The original deed from the Indians, with their 
names attached, with "their mark" each being the rude drawing 
of an animal, is in the ownership or at least in the possession of 
Mr. Francis W. Leggett of New York. The territory must have 
covered some thousands of acres. 

The original deed, dated March 12, 1663, I transcribe: "This 
may certify whom it may concern that we Shonearockite, Wapo- 
moe, Tuckorre, Whauhapehucke, Capahase, Quanusco, Shaquiske, 
Passachahenue, Harrawooke have aliened and sold unto Edward 
Jessup and John Richardson (both my great, great, great, great, 
great-grandfathers) both of the place above said (Westchester) a 

certain Tract of land bounded on the east by the river Aquehung 
or Bronxkx to the midst of the river, on the northward by the 
Trees marked, &c. by a piece of a hassock meadow, westward by 
a little brook called Sackwrahung, southward by the sea with a 
neck of land called Quinnahung, with all the meadows &c., up- 
lands, Trees, &c., whatever else besides bee upon ye said parcell 
of lands with all other commodities belonging to the same quietly 
to possesse and enjoy the same from us our heires or successors, 
to them, their heires and successors for ever, and for their cattle 
to range in the woods so farre as they please without any Molesta- 
tion or Infringement &c., and that this is our true Intent and Mean- 
ing wee have sett to our hands the day and Yeare above written." 

Here follow the nine names and "marks," signed in the pres- 
ence of Edward Walters, Richard Ponton, Nathan Bailey. 

"March 12, 1664, I Shaunarockett in the name and behalf of 
the rest doe acknowledge to have received of Edward Jessup and 
Mr. Richardson full satisfaction for the tract of land in this bill 

Shaunarockett X His Mark." 

Same witnesses, and "Entered at Hampstead at ye time of the 
general meeting there the 9th of March, 1664." 

Another deed from the above mentioned Indians to Edward 
Jessup and John Richardson bears date March 12, 1664, which 
was recorded for Mr. Richardson, April 5, 1667. Albany deed 
book, Vol. Ill, 58-59. 

In the year 1666 Edward Jessup died making his will Aug. 16, 
of the same, to which John Richardson was one of the witnesses, 
leaving his estate, with small bequests to his children, to his wife 
Elizabeth without the usual condition of not remarrying. On 
the 20th June, 1668, Thomas Hunt, his son-in-law, purchased of 
"Robert Beacham and Elizabeth, the wife formerly of Edward 
Jessup, all those hoeing lands and accommodations that were for- 
merly Edward Jessup's within the bounds & limits of Westches- 
ter, that the said Edward Jessup and John Richardson purchased 
together &c." 

Note in advance, that John Leggett son of Gabriel, married 
Cicily, daughter of Thomas Hunt. 

In 1669, Aug. 12, John Richardson and Thomas Hunt make an 
equal division of so much of these lands as had not already been 
divided, at least on the above date the commission appointed to 
make such division made their report. 

I can give no further account of the disposition of these lands 
until after some personal history of their proprietors, at least here 
of John Richardson, and later of Jessup and Hunt. 

It is not much, beyond John Richardson's purchase of the 
Patent, that is known of him. That he was an Englishman is 
clear, since he leaves by will lOO acres to Joseph Richardson, "my 
brother's son in England." He probably came from Essex, since 
the "Visitations of Essex" contain the Richardson pedigree. It 
is noteworthy that the names of Richardson, Jessup, Leggett and 
Hunt are of frequent recurrence in the pedigrees and histories of 
Essex Co. He was probably brother to William Richardson 
who took an active part in public affairs, who was one of the 
executors of his will, as he was also an executor to the will of 
Lewis Morris, and to whom Mr. Morris left a "negro boy named 

It is probable that John Richardson came into Westchester 
with the other settlers from Connecticut, and he had lived in 
Westchester, or Oostdorp, five years before purchasing, with 
Jessup, the West Farms, for on Sept. 7, 1657 he appears, from the 
Court records, as plaintiff in an action again Robert Basset. 

March 24, 1659 is recorded the following bill of sale to John 
Richardson, bearing date Jan. 27, 1658. 

"Know all men whom it may concern that I Richard Ponton, 
now inhabitant of Westchester or last town, now within the juris- 
diction of New Netherlands, have set over and sould unto John 
Richardson his heirs, &c. the home lot which was laid out to 
Samuel Brocket and after sould to Hendrick Cornelius and 
Roger Wiles with all the accommodations there are belonging or 
which shall hereafter fall by lot, with all buildings and fencings 
belonging thereinto. Signed, Richard Ponton. 

Witnesses Robert Basset & John Finch." 

After the West Farms purchase Richardson built the dwelling 
house marked "Old Homestead" or, if not there then near it and 
the "Old Homestead" became the dwelling house of Gabriel 
Leggett and Richardson's house in time became the home and 
property of John, eldest son of Gabriel Leggett. 

The sites of old Richardson homestead and Gabriel Leggett's, 
as well as those of later generations, have all an absorbing 
interest to me ; nor less so the old graveyard on Hunt's Point. 
Inside the gateway lies a flat stone engraved : "Private Cemetery for 

the families of Thomas Hunt, CorneHus Willett and John Leggett." 
I infer from this that my great-great-grandfather's wife (whose 
name I have not found as yet among the old records) was a Willett, 
but of this later.* Since the yard contains many Hunt graves, that 
of the poet Joseph Rodman Drake, and others, I imagine that orig- 
inally there were two yards, separated probably by a fence, for the 
Leggett graves are by themselves. The old stones are very rude. 
There was probably at that time not a headstone cut in the whole 
Province, all such stones, as in old Trinity, New York, were im- 
ported from England or Holland. These old gravestones, there- 
fore, are rough slabs, and at first I thought they were without in- 
scription of any kind, but after several visits I found that sunken 
beneath the surface of the ground were the initials rudely carved. 
I have heard my mother say that grandfather Leggett wished to 
be buried in "an old yard at West Farms." Grandmother, how- 
ever, had him placed in the Quackenbos vault. 

Near the old graveyard is the burying place of the slaves of 
the Leggett family and other families, containing a good many 
irregular shaped headstones. I have often heard, and the wills 
which I will later record, show that there were a good many 
slaves owned by the family. 

In the latter part of March, 1891, I went with Mr. Francis H. 
Leggett to West Farms to be present at the opening of certain 
graves, which proved to be those of William Leggett, 3rd son of 
Gabriel ist, and of his family and others. On the lawn of the 
big white house which for half a century has stood on this 
estate (on Hunt's Point), grew six cedar trees until comparatively 
recent times, and tradition had told the owners that within the 
mound where they grew was an Indian burying-ground. Mr. 
J. L. Spofford, who now has control of this property, had his 
men dig into this mound, and found underneath lying flat, a 
gravestone bearing this inscription: "1744, Sarah Leggett — died 
Aug. 30, 1744. aged 52 yrs." Nine bodies were removed from 
this mound, or what was found of them, and buried in St. Peter's 
yard at Westchester. They should not have been disturbed, 
for I have since learned that when the property was sold by the 
Leggetts it was with the understanding that, the stones being 
laid flat, they never should be removed. Some of these stones, I am 
told, can be seen as forming in part a rookery made by Mr. Spof- 

* Note. — The author was in error in supposing that the wife of John 
Leggett was a Willett. She was Anna Hunt, daughter of Thomas Hunt. 


ford. In William Leggett's grave there was nothing found save his 
arm bone and a gold link sleeve button, and the bone was pre- 
served in a very singular way, it lay, no doubt folded across the 
breast, underneath that part of the coffin lid which had the fol- 
lowing: "W™ Leggett — Aged 71 Years," formed by large headed 
copper nails. The copper preserved not only the portion of the 
lid in which they were driven, but the arm bone which lay 
beneath it. In the graves of the women were gold pins, probably 
used in fastening the shroud, also gold link cuff buttons. All 
were surprised by the stature of the men, for although the bones 
had crumbled, the space they had occupied was well defined, 
they were verily Anakim — over six feet — some were pronounced 
nearer seven by the Columbia College professor who was super- 
intending the work. I have often heard my mother say the Leg- 
getts were very tall, my grandpa "as high as the door." 

I do not know as yet whether the first Gabriel was of the nine 
bodies removed, have no way of knowing where he was buried; 
but as the churchyard of the church where he attended at 
Westchester was distant and, having no hearses, the dead were 
carried to the grave on a bier, no doubt he and his were buried 
near the old homestead, for it was long the custom for landed 
proprietors to have a cemetery on their estate. I may find the 
spot yet. 

Gabriel was no doubt buried in the old yard on Hunt's Point; 
I think I can make out his initials on one of the oldest stones. 

Returning again to speak of the original patent, after the 
death of John Richardson's widow in 1604 or 5, and who, as will 
be stated at length beyond, had married Capt. Williams, a member 
of Leisler's Council for the Province of New York, the following 
covenant was, Nov. 20, 1695, entered into by the heirs : 

"Whereas John Richardson late of Westchester Co., deceased, 
did give and bequeth unto Martha, his then wife, all the houses 
land and meadow during her life with other things thereto 
relating, as appears by the last will and testament of the sd John 
Richardson bearing date 16 Nov., 1679, and the said Martha 
being deceased, the wife of Thos. Williams of said place; and 
since her interment several controversies hath arrisen by John 
Ketcham & Bethia his wife, eldest daughter of sd John Richardson 
and Gabriel Leggett and Elizabeth his wife the other daughter of 
the said John Richardson, and John Lawrence of the New Town 
Guardian to the two orphants of Joseph & Mary Hadley, late of 
Yonkers Plantation deceased, the other dau. of sd John Richard- 
son, concerning the dividing of the estate, given unto the said 
mother during life : and for pacifying of all hearts and contentions 
which hath arisen between the sd John Ketcham and Bethia his 
wife and Gabriel Leggatt & Elizabeth and on behalf of George and 
Mary Hadley the two orphans of Joseph and Mary his wife afore- 
said, and for the preventing of law suits, hath mutually agreed and 

concluded to divide the sd lands and meadows, houses and orchards 
in manner and form following: Impri. That John Ketcham and 
Bethia his wife shall have the Long Neck with all or singular 
the woods, under-wood, and all the appertenances with a high- 
way thereto, together with three acres of meadow within the 
Planting Neck, to have &c. heirs, &c. forever. 

Second — That Gabriel Leggatt and Elizabeth his wife shall 
have the now dwelling house and orchard, with a piece of 
meadow alongst the side of said orchard with 22. acres of land 
to be laid to said house and orchard in side of that land which 
the said Gabriel Leggatt bought of John Forgason, with the land 
between the two orchards, together with one third of the un- 
divided lands after the 1200 acres is laid out, and one third of 
the meadow in the Planting Neck after the 3 acres is laid out to 
the said John Ketcham, with all and every of the appertances 
unto the sd Gabriel Leggett, his heirs &c. 

Third, That George Hadley and Mary shall have ye land 
lying upon ye Planting Neck of sd estate: and two-thirds of meadow 
upon sd. Neck after John Ketcham hath his three acres, together 
with two-thirds of the undivided lands after the 1200 acres is laid 
out. Also John Ketcham shall pay unto John Lawrence of the New 
Town for the use of the orchard £4. los. & 9d in money, and 
Gabriel Leggatt shall pay to the sd John Lawrence for the use 
afores*^ the sum of £3.65. 

In witness &c. Nov. 20, 1695. 
Witnesses John Ketcham 

Content Titus Bethia Ketcham 

Sam' Haight Gabriel Leggett 

Edward Collier Elizabeth Leggett 

John Lawrence" 
Note. In one or two documents in the County Court House at 
White Plains I find Elizabeth Leggett made "her mark," but 
here, and several times again, she signs a very neat signature. 
At that time, I find, nothing was thought of marking instead of 
writing full name, when for any reason more convenient to do so. 

Of the Hadleys, Mary, dau. of John Richardson, "died shortly 
after her father," Joseph Hadley then married Hittabell, dau. 
of George Tippetts (Col. James de Lancey marrying Martha 
Tippetts), and she, by or before 1694, was remarried to John 
Conckline. By an instrument of which Gabriel Leggett and 
E"^ Collier were witnesses, dated Sept. 12, 1695, Mary Hadley, the 
2nd, gave "release to her brother George to all claims to land now 
in his possession." 

By John Richardson's will "eight acres of land about the 
first spring" was given to "my son in law Joseph Hadley," 
Jan. 10, 1687/8; he sold this land to Capt. Thos. Williams, and on 
March 3, 1695, Gabriel Leggett received the same by deed from 
Capt. Williams. 


By certain of the estate left by will to Mary (Hadley), dau. 
of John Richardson, there was litigation which was not settled 
till just at the close of a century. The case was this (quoting 
from the letter of John Bartow, rector of St. Peter's Church): 
To the "Venerable Society &c. John Richardson of the parish 
of Westchester, married his daughter Mary to Joseph Hadley; the 
said John Richardson sometime after his sickness whereof he 
died, makes a will, and bequeaths to his said daughter Mary, one 
hundred acres of land. The said daughter dies also soon 
after her father, but left issue by the said Joseph Hadley, her 
husband. After her death, she dying without a will, Joseph 
Hadley, the husband of the deceased, sells this land to Thomas 
Williams; and the sd Thos. Williams dyes in possession of the 
sd land intestate, and without heirs, and by that means the land, 
by the judge and jury, was determined to be escheated to the 
crown. But now George Hadley, the son and heir of the sd 
Jos. Hadley, which he begot by the sd. Mary, the daughter of John 
Richardson, puts in his claim for this land as his mother's heir; 
alledging that his father could not dispose of his mother's in- 
heritance &c." 

The above was "land which my Lord of London obtained of 
her Majestie for the church at Westchester." 

Sequel: — I find a deed for this land, dated Aug. ii, 1790, from 
the Corporation of Trinity Church of New York to Isaac Hadley. 

Gabriel Leggett was born in England about 1635. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth Richardson probably about 1676. The earliest 
date at which I find his name mentioned in the public records of 
Westchester is, Liber I, p. 25: "1680. Appeared Gabriell Leggate 
to record the ear marks of his horses, cattle and suine — a cropp of 
the neere eare, and a half pennye under the off eare." 

That he had property independently of his wife is evident for 
on March 18, 1683/4, he gave "a deed to Nathan Bailey for 
3 acres on Frog's Neck;" and was owner, as seen above, of live 
stock. He was not only a land owner, but a merchant, and also 
operated a saw mill. From the records of Harlem, among 
accounts for building the Town House, is this item : "Four 
hundred and thirty feet of sawed planks from Gabriel Legget of 
Westchester for flooring the loft," and in the year 1682 a bill "to 
the town for material and work on the town house, from 
De Forrest and Legget for glass and planks, £100:0:0." 

He figures in various suits, and on town committees, and, at 
Town meeting May 5, 1696, Gabriel Legat and Josiah Hunt 
were appointed to oversee repairs to be made upon the Meeting 

From all that is on record concerning him one of the most dis- 
tinctive features of his character was his personal courage. 

Old Gabriel had with his boldness evidently a violent spirit, 
certainly so according to the testimony of Capt. Williams in his 

petition to the Governor, which I will in place transcribe; but 
we may remember Capt. Williams was angry when he wrote it, and 
was himself no doubt extravagant in his allegations. The trouble 
between these two men arose partly from personal causes, but was 
chiefly on account of political differences. 

After the death of her husband, Martha Richardson married 
Capt. Thos. Williams. Williams was by no means an inferior per- 
son, but was rather a prominent man in the community and in the 
Province. He was born in 1631 ; married Martha Richardson about 
1784; died intestate and without living issue, 1798. Martha Rich- 
ardson Williams died about 1694. 

By John Richardson's will the bulk of his property was left 
to his wife during life without other conditions. She was a rich 
widow, and her marriage to Captain Williams was apparently a 
great trial to the heirs; but what seemed to exasperate Gabriel the 
most was that Capt. Williams would not vacate the house after 
Martha's death ; as appears by his petition to Gov. Fletcher. 

The chief cause of trouble was political however. The Pro- 
vince was rent, communities, families, nearest friends divided as 
Leislerians and anti-Leislerians. After the dethronement of James 
II, and before the official notice in the Province of the Proclama- 
tion of William and Mary as Sovereigns had been received, 
Capt. Jacob Leisler seized the Government of the Province of 
New York and was appointed Commander-in-Chief by the Com- 
mittee of Safety. There is no occasion to repeat this chapter of 
Colonial history, enough that on the arrival of Sloughter, duly 
commissioned Governor, the anti-Leislerians found their revenge by 
securing Leisler's sentence to death, and he was executed in New 
York, May 16, 1691. 

Gabriel Leggett was a strong opponent of Leisler's claims 
and was by his nature, no doubt, an extreme partisan. When, 
therefore, Leisler called for volunteers to go to Canada against 
the French, he resisted the call, as appears by the following 
records of the Court : "June 6 & 7, 1693. The court orders that 
the Sherrife shall give notice to Capt. Ponton, Thos. Statham, 
and Gabriel Leggett, with what witnesses they have, to appear 
at the Court house at two o'clock to Indeavor to put a period to 
wht differences is amongst them." One witness testifies "after 
scurrelous words used by Gabriel Leggett to Capt. Williams, 
calling him a liar &c. Mrs. Williams spoke to him to interceed 
with her husband to pas by or putt up the difference between 
them for her daughter's sake &c." Williams himself, aged about 
62 years, testifies : "The first ocation of this difference was a hogg 
took violently from me." Afterward Capt. Leisler sent an order to 
Capt. Ponton "to send him some men to goe to Albany for their 
assistance against the French, also the said Williams to assist 
in taking and sending the men, upon which the Town's Company 
was called together, and Capt. Ponton asked them who was 
willing to go volunteers for said expedition, and Gabriel Leggett 

answered they was fools if any of them did go, upon which 
Capt. Ponton commanded him to hold his peace, but he still con- 
tinued abusing the deponent and said : 'here comes the father of 
rogues,' and many other scurrulous words, upon which I gott a 
warrent against him &c." 

Edward Collier testified: "He writt ye warr" and Capt. 
Richard Ponton signed it, and Capt. Williams was the complay- 
nant, and Thos. Stathem was the Sheriff e and served it ; and 
after this at a court held at Thos. Baxter's house in the month of 
March, 1689, there was Gabriel Leggett and his wife, and Capt. 
Williams and his wife, and they were talking about making up 
the difiference as I suppose, but what their agreement was I 
could not tell, nor upon what terms, but I heard yt Gabriel was to 
pay the fees, & that deponent turned his fees over to Thos. Sta- 
tham, but never received any, neither do I know whether Statham 
reed any of Leggett ; soe after Col. Sloughter was come over 
Governor in May following, the s^ Gabriel took out a writt 
against Thos. Statham for an assault and false imprisonment to 
answer him at the next court of Sessions in June, and Capt. 
Ponton was Statham's baile, and some time afterwards William 
Chadderton came to my house and desired me to goe with him to 
Mr. Barnes to write a bond for his brother Stathem, for his 
brother Stathem and Gabriel were agreed, and Thos. Statham was 
to pay to Gabriel Leggatt £25, soe I went to Mr. Barnes with him, 
and writt part of one bond, and Gabriel made scruple about it, and 
would not take his own bond without further security, soe I writt 
another, and Capt. Ponton and Mr. Chadderton was bound with 
him jointly and severally, and they signed, sealed and delivered 
it." Samuel Hitchcock testifies "that Capt. Williams and Mrs. 
Williams was together, and Gabriel Leggett, and Mrs. Williams 
desired him to interceed with Mr. Williams to forgive and pass 
by the fault of Gabriel for her daughter and children's sake, 
upon wh deponent spoke to Capt. Williams, and also Mrs. Williams 
said, 'Good Gabriel, doe not goe to law,' and I said the same, and 
Gabriel seemed willing, and said he was sorry for it, and they 
let the action fall." Thos. Baxter, aged 39, testifies "when they 
came to the court they were talking about an agreement, and 
Mrs. Williams spoke to him to persuade her husband he should 
not take advantage of the law against Gabriel. I fetched a 
gallon of cider to drink with them, and to forward the agreement, 
and Gabriel Leggett did acknowledge he was sorry he had abused 
him in such words, as he said, for he did not know any such 
thing of him, and they did drink friends together in burnt wine 
and other drink, and the said Gabriel was to pay the clerk and 
sheriff their feese. Capt. Williams and he shook hands with one 
another, and did promise to live peaceably." 

"Capt. Barnes upon his oath as a Justice of the peace saith 
that Capt. Williams and Gabriel Leggett being at his house was 
drinking together and he thinks Gabriel was a little overtaken in 


drink, but he called Capt. Williams thief, murderer & Iyer, & he 
would prove it, and repeated over many times, upon which 
Williams being provoked got out a writt against him, and 
arrested Leggett, and several persuaded Leggett to get security, 
but he would not, soe went to prison, and there he remained 
till the next morning. Some time after I asked Leggett how 
he came on with Capt. Williams, and he told me they were 

All this seems very small, as very bad, but Gabriel Leggett 
was not "tight" enough, nor such a fool as not to know what 
he was doing. He knew Leisler was ruling without authority ; 
he believed that soon his rule would come to a disastrous end, 
that then all his acts, and those of his subordinates, would be de- 
clared illegal. He would not accept bail when illegally arrested 
and imprisoned for he was shrewd enough to know that bye and 
bye he could make his personal and political enemies "whistle 
for it" and that he did by heavy penalties for false imprisonment, 
as will presently appear by their petitions to Gov. Fletcher from 
in prison. 

Meanwhile Capt. Williams in small revenge takes action by 
that matter of "a hogg took violently from me" as above men- 
tioned. Later in the same year (1693) he has Gabriel Leggett 
indicted for taking "a barrow hogg." For reasons which will 
appear he would not deny the charge, and the court found the 
fact acknowledged was done and acted in the time "yt Sir 
Edmond Andros was Gov'' of the Province and before ye time of 
ye late disorders" (all offenses before these disorders had by 
general act been pardoned) therefore finds "that ye sd Gabriel 
Leggett for ye above offense shall pay ye charges of this court 
ocationed by the above indictment, and also before two of their 
Majties Justices of ye peace of this county give in sufficient 
security for his good behavior for one whole yeare and untill ye 
above costs be paid and security given as above ye sd Gabriel 
Leggett to remain a prisoner within Sheriff's custody," 

Let there be no astonishment at these proceedings. The 
court records are full of them. As said, such constituted almost 
the only amusement and entertainment to be found, but Gabriel 
had a revengeful purpose, it is feared, in pleading to an offense 
he had not committed, for from the proceedings of Supreme 
Court, April 6, 1695, was "granted a writ of error in the case of 
Gabriel Leggett who was erroneously indicted for stealing a 
barrow hogg from Thos. Williams." It does not appear what use 
Gabriel Leggett made of this finding, but of his false imprison- 
ment the use will soon be made evident. I must first, however, 
write out a very singular petition which I find on record addressed 
by Thos. Williams to Gov. Fletcher. Its representations of Gabriel 
Leggett are very unlovely, but we may remember that they 
were made by an angry adversary, and were no doubt intended 
to counteract influences in operation against himself, and arrest 


action the culmination of which will appear in the appeal fol- 
lowing this. 

"To his excellency Benjamin fifletcher Capt. Genl and Gov"" of 
the Province of New York, &c. The humbell pitt" of Capt. 
Thos. Williams of the Town of Westchester &c. To the Ex- 
cellency Showeth the Go' Pett''' wife be lately by God's Provi- 
dence taken from him by which means he is left in a sad condition, 
and his trouble further ogmented by one Gabriel Legatt that 
liveth by him who dayle abuseth y'' Petf by his coming to his 
house in a violent manner cursing, and swearing, and with 
other exorable threatening to hold him out of his house he is 
now quietly possessed of both in right of his late wife deceased 
relict of John Richardson deceased and the State by will and due 
administration thereof settled. Now soe itt be may itt Please yr 
Excellence that said G' Legat having married one of the daughters 
of sd Richardson may have a right in due court of law to some 
of the land, &c., butt that not contenting the said Gabriel Legatt 
he being a person of notories ill behaved & wicked maletious 
nature so that yr Petf with his family (?) is in dayley feare of his 
being violently assaulted and abused by said Legatt as he daily 
threatens &c., and att present the Judge & judges is cautious of 
acorting anything &c. (incoherent here) yr petf humbly craves 
yr power and order for the securing his person and estate yt noe 
violence be offered him as being in a weak condition. If any 
pretence agst Itt may be derised by due course of law, and for 
which he shall pray. 

Thomas Williams." 

This remarkable paper is inscribed "Oct. 31, 1695, The within 
petition is referred to the Judge & Justices of the County of 
Westchester p. order David Jamison, Jr." 

Note : — Thos. Williams, with others, was condemned at a 
court of Oyer and Terminer, for treasonable and felonious crimes 
in establishing a recruiting office under Leisler, against which, 
as we have seen, Gabriel Leggett protested, and for which he 
was arrested, etc. His petition to Gov, Fletcher after 17 months 
imprisonment is contained in Doc. Hist., Vol. II, p. 413. I do 
find the petition of Thos. Statham, which is as follows : "To his 
Excellency, &c., &c. The humble petition of Thos. Statham of 
the Co. of Westchester. Showeth unto your Excellency that in 
the time of the late disorder by the importunity of Rich^ Ponton 
of West"" and others, your petitioner did take a commission under 
Jacob Leisler as Sheriff of sd county, not knowing otherwise but 
that the said Jacob Leisler had received letters patent from their 
Majesties, King William & Queen Mary, authorizing the saud 
Jacob to do the same as by those which were conversant with him 
did report for undoubted truths. Whereupon the 24th day of 
Feb. in the 2d year of their Majs' reign, one Gabriel Legatt of sd 
County did abuse one Thomas Williams pretended councellor to 


the sd Jacob Leisler in a very gross manner whereby the sd 
Rich^ Ponton one of the Justices then made by the sd Leisler in 
sd county of Westchester took upon himself (upon the complaint 
of the sd Thomas Williams) to issue out a warrant of commit- 
ment directed to your poor petitioner, and commanding him 
as he would answer the contrary at his peril to Take the said 
Gabriel Legat into safe custody, which was done by yr Ex- 
cellency's poor Petitioner, not knowing better. And the said 
Gabriel was under confinement about tenn hours, and then let 
out by order of the Justices. Whereupon a court of Sessions 
held at Westchester in March the next following the sd Gabriel 
Legatt appeared and did acknowledge his fault, and all was past 
by and forgiven. Yet nevertheless the said Gabriel Legatt in 
May after the arrival of Coll. Sloughter commenced an action 
against y"" poor Petitioner for a Assault and false imprisonment 
done to him about the occasion aforesaid to the value of Two 
hundred pounds, which was executed by Benjamin Collier high 
Sheriff whereby he was in undoubted fear of being utterly un- 
done, and being a prisoner, and having no friend to councell 
withall, did sign to an obligation to pay him twenty five pounds 
which was the demand of the sd Gabriel. Afterwards the sd 
Richard Ponton by his refractory language against the Govern- 
ment was by a special Warrent carried down to New York and 
there put under confinement in ye Citty Hall and there did 
remain some time after your Excellency's arrival, and then was 
released, upon which the said Gabriel commenced an action 
against the said R^, by reason the sd Richard was bound with 
your pettitioner jointly and severally to sd Gabriel (wasn't he far 
seeing and sharp, if not benevolent?) for the payment of the 
afores^ sum of twenty five pounds. Whereupon the sd Gabriel 
obtained judgment against sd Richard for fifty pounds by 
default at the Supreme Court held at New York on October last 
past and execution thereupon the sd Richards estate. There- 
upon the sd Richard commenced an action against your poor 
petitioner and obtained a judgment against him for forty pounds 
and costs at a court of common pleas held at Westchester on the 
8th and 9th days of Dec. and still doth remain in Sheriff's custody 
and do expect daylie execution to be issued out against him. 
Therefore without remedy by order of the common law to the 
utter undoing of you'' poor petitioner, his wife and children, unless 
your Excel's gracious favour be to him shewed in this behalf to 
consider p^mises, and accordingly to grant your pef such relief 
herein as to your Excellency may seem most agreeable to justice 
and equity. And your Petitioner as in duty he is bound will 
ever pray." 

(Endorsed) "7th of April, 1693, referred to Col. Heathcote." 

Shortly after the division of John Richardson's estate of one- 
half of the original Patent of the West Farms, made after the 
decease of his widow, Gabriel Leggett made his will as follows: 

Will of Gabriel Leggett. 

In the name of God, Amen, the i6th day of April in the yeare 
of our Lord God 1697, I, Gabriel Leggett of the West Farms of 
Westchester, in the County of Westchester, and Province of New 
York, yoeman, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect 
mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and Testa- 
ment, that is to say, principally and first of all I give and recom- 
mend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it, and for 
my body I commend it to the earth to be buried in a christian like 
manner att the discretion of my Executrix nothing doubting butt att 
the General resurrection I shall receive the same again by the 
mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate where- 
with it hathe pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise 
and dispose of the same in the ifollowing manner and forme. 
Imprimus, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth 
all my household goods. Item. I will that all my debts which are 
justly due from me to any person or persons whatsoever be first 
paid out of my living stock of creatures of what kind so ever. Item. 
I will, give and bequeath unto my son John Leggatt my house and 
outhouses, orchard, land and the meadow in the Planting Neck and 
meadow by the yard side, and is that messuage or tenement which 
Thos. Williams dwells upon, and was formerly my ifather in law 
John Richardsons, together with fifty acres of woodland, to him, his 
heirs, and assignes forever. 

Item. I will and bequeath unto my son Thomas Leggatt my 
now dwelling house and orchard and outhouses with the land 
and meadow which I bought of John fferguson, Senior, and Robert 
Manning together with fifty acres of woodland lying within the 
bounds of said pattent and is the one moyty or half of one hun- 
dred acres with his brother John, (I say) to my said son Thomas 
to him, his heirs, and assignes forever. Item. I give and be- 
queath to my son W'illiam Leggatt one hundred acres of wood- 
land and five acres of meadow lying behind the field within the 
bounds of our pattent together with all the undivided meadow 
which shall fall to my sheir as also my house and home lott with 
an orchard thereon lying in the town of Westchester afore^'^ to 
him, his heirs and assignes forever, and I will, order and ordaine 
that after my decease the aforesaid housen and outhousen, lands 
and meadows with all and singular the appurtenances before 
mentioned shall be entered into and upon by my three sons as 
aforesaid after the decease of my wife but not sooner, unless in 
case of her remarriage as is here after provided. And I do declare 
my beloved wife Elizabeth Leggatt to be sole executrix of this 
my last will and testament and to succeed me in possession of all 
and singular the house and housing, lands and meadows before 
expressed for and in the behalf of my three sons, John, Thomas, 
and William Leggatt afore^"^. 

I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Leggett my 
little negro boy. Item. I will and bequeath unto my daughter 
Mary Leggatt twenty pounds. Item. I will and bequeath unto my 


daughter Sarah Leggett twenty pounds. I will and bequeath unto 
my daugter Alice Leggett twenty pounds. Item. I will and be- 
queath unto my daughter Elizabeth Leggett twenty pounds, which 
is in all eighty pounds to be paid out of my living, provided, that 
if any of my daughters should dye then her legacy shall fall to 
her surviving sisters, equally to be divided between them. 

Item. It is my will and pleasure, and I do so order and ap- 
point that notwithstanding what is herein before exprest that no 
legacy shall be paid nor any alteration be made in my estate 
during my said wife's natural life, but that all things continue in 
the same condition in her possession and enjoyment for her 
necessary subsistence whilst she lives, and may take into the 
house with her or putt into the other messuage or tenements 
which of my said children she please for the better management 
of her affairs, always provided due care to be taken that nothing be 
wasted or embezled of my estate by whom she admits into any 
or either of the said houses. But if my said wife shall marry 
after my decease, that then and for such case my three sons shall 
enter and each possess what I have before bequeathed to them. 
Also provided that if either of my daughters should marry and my 
wife consent that then she shall forthwith pay the legacy as I 
have before bequeathed without further delay. Lastly I devise, 
authorize, and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends Sam- 
uel Haight of flushing and Sam' Palmer to be my executors in 
trust to see this my last will and testament punctually per- 
formed and fulfilled. In witness whereof I, the said Gabriel 
Leggatt have hereunto put my hand and seal the day and year 
above written. 

I also will and bequeath unto my son John Leggett my thirty 
acres of pasture land adjoining to the orchard which I be- 
queathed to him above, Gabriel Leggatt (Seal) 


William Barnes, Joseph Haviland, Edward Collier. 
Recorded N. Y. Surrogate's Ofihce, N. Y., Wills, Liber II., pg. 


The testator did not die of this illness, but recovered and lived 
until 1699. The will was probated in 1700. 

On the ist day of May, 1698, Gabriel Leggett deeded, by gift, 
to his son John one quarter part of 200 acres of land which his 
"father in law John Richardson, bequeathed to" his wife [on his 
(John) coming to age]. 

Also, in the Westchester Go's Reg's Ofifice, Liber C, pg. 70, is 
recorded the following deed of gift dated Oct. 14, lyoo: "Eliza- 
beth Legat of West Farms widow of Gabriel Legat dec'd to her 
son John Legat, conveys all her dwelling house at West Farms 
which was formerly her father's John Richardson, dec'd, and the 
dwelling house of John Legat with such part of the orchard as 
she had promised before Sam' Haight, Senior, of West Farms, 
to give him, said John Legat." 


Note: — This shows that John Leggett was Hving in this old 
Richardson homestead at this date, and this also makes it appear 
that John was then married. He probably married and entered this 
house at the date of his father's gift of one quarter of 200 acres, 
May I, 1698. 

It is to be noticed by Gabriel Leggett's will that his son Gabriel 
is not mentioned. 

The question is why? We can not think it was intentional 
from his disfavor for cause for it was customary where such was 
the case to "cut them ofif with a shilling," that is to leave to them 
some very insignificant amount, or thing. 

Was it because he was born after GabrieF made this will? That 
were possible, but there is testimony that Gabriel was born 1696, 
therefore shortly before the making of the will, for a public 
paper dated April, 1786, contains this statement: "Died a few 
days ago at West Farms Gabriel Leggett, Esq., a native of this 
country aged 90. He was for a number of years one of the 
Aldermen of the borough of West Chester. What is very sing- 
ular there are 65 years difference between his oldest and youngest 
daughter." This latter remarkable statement creates some 
scepticism, and so the statement may be an error which says he 
was 90 years old. Had it said he was in his 90th year, then 
Gabriel, 2nd, may have been born just after Gabriel, ist, had 
made his will and which he never thought worth while to alter, or 
thought of altering, but delayed too long to do so, perhaps taking 
sick and dying suddenly. 

By deed dated April 2, 1705, Westchester Records, L. 3, p. 165: 
Elizabeth Legatt of West Farms, widow, to her daughter 
Mary Legatt, gives "unto the said Mary Legatt, her heirs and 
assigns forever my two negro children born of the body of 
Hannah my negro woman, and of the issue of the body of Robin 
My Indian slave, the boy being named Abram, and the girl 
named Jenny.* 

Note: — Thos. Leggett, son of Gabriel, dying unmarried, 1708, 
leaves bequests to his sisters and brother Gabriel, but makes no 
mention of Mary. 

In 171 1 the heirs of the original Patent of West Farms united 
in a second division as follows : 

"Whereas, Thomas Hunt, sen., of ye West Farms in ye bor- 
ough town and county of Westchester in ye colony of New York, 
yeoman, and Elizabeth Leggett of ye same place, widow, did on 
the 9th day of May last (1711) by an instrument under their 
hands and seals, formally agree and conclude that the West 
Farms lots containing twelve in number, should be surveyed and 
laid out by me William Taylor, on or before the last day of June 

* It was the custom to give a child a slave about the same age as a 
companion servant. 


instant, with a further covenant, promise & agreement, each to 
the other, for themselves, or each of their heirs, executors and 
administrators, as far as they or any of them are concerned in 
the said lots, that the survey made by M. W. E., or some other 
person, in manner as above, and the Unes or bounds so run and 
settled should remain, continue, and not be removed for ever 
hereafter upon the penalty of five hundred pounds current 
money of sd colony, to be paid by the party or persons breaking 
the said conclusion or agreement and covenant to the party or 
persons fulfilling and performing the same &c. Therefore upon 
the request and desire of sd Thos. Hunt, Elizabeth Leggett and 
others, the owners and proprietors of said land, I have surveyed 
the same twelve lots as follows : That is to say, begin at a chest- 
nut tree standing on the river side above Byvanck's Mill, run- 
ning thence north forty-three degrees west 283 to a marked 
white wood, thence south thirty degrees west about forty-five, 
eight rods to the north side and westernmost comer of the 6th 
lot, and then upon several courses until it meets with the north 
west corner of the 12th lot, then east twenty-one degrees and a 
half rod to ye meadow, and from thence along in the meadow 
and river to the place first begun as appears in the scheme here- 
unto annexed, the whole tract containing 1096 acres, etc. It is 
firmly agreed and concluded upon by the said Thomas Hunt, 
Elizabeth Leggett and others concerned in the matter, that what 
every or any lot wants or falls short of 100 acres as above shall 
be allowed and made up to them or theirs out of the land not 
contained within survey, comprehended with a certain patent 
granted by Gov. Richard Nicolls to Edward Jessup and John 
Richardson in the year of our Lord Christ 1666 except thirty 
acres which he said Thos. Hunt formerly sold to John Fforgason 
and Robert Manning and also thirty acres belonging to the said 
Elizabeth Leggett being in lieu of the aforesaid thirty acres on 
which Thomas Davenport now dwells, in witness whereof, 
&c., &c." ,V 

Thomas Hunt 
In the presence of Joseph Hunt, Elizabeth Legget 

Justice John Laurence 

Matthew Pugsley. 

In the south west corner of the Patent of West Farms was 
situated a small tract of land called the "Debatable ground." 
This territory seems to have been in dispute between the heirs 
of the Patentees of West Farms and Lewis Morris, proprietor of 
the Manor of Morrisania from 1666 to 1740. At an early period 
Lewis Morris laid claim to most of the undivided lands of the 
West Farms patent as belonging to him. 

Upon the 4th of Feb., 1712, "Elizabeth Leggett, widow of 
Gabriel Leggett and daughter of John Richardson, released her 
title and interest of all the common and undivided lands that 
Lewis Morris makes any claim to within our Patent of West 


Farms." But in the year 1737, "William Leggett, assignee to the 
heirs of John Richardson, of one-half moiety of the West Farms, 
and Abraham Lent, of the heirs of Edward Jessup, jointly agreed 
to prosecute Lewis Morris, who is now in possession of almost all 
the undivided lands." 

A complete settlement of the undivided lands was not made 
till 1740, and the result and process leading to it are all in the 
court records too voluminous to be transcribed. In 1830 the 
whole tract once known as debatable land was the property of 
William H. Leggett. 

As to Elizabeth Richardson Leggett, I have not as yet ob- 
tained the date of her birth. She was the youngest of the three 
daughters of John Richardson and was married when her father 
made his will in November, 1679. As John, the eldest son of 
Gabriel and Elizabeth, presumably came to age in 1696 or 1698, 
we may say Gabriel and Elizabeth were married in 1675 or 6. If 
the printed statement be correct that Gabriel was born in 1635, 
he would then have been forty years of age, and if Elizabeth 
were married at the unusually early age customary in that day for 
women to marry, then there was great disparities in their ages. 
And there are circumstances which make it appear that there 
was such difiference. Elizabeth was an active business woman 
for at least twenty-three years after her husband's decease, and 
was the mother of infant children from 1696- 1700. 

According to the above figures Gabriel died at 65 years of 
age, and Elizabeth at not less than 68. 

That she was living in 1714 is evident by the following deed 
dated Jan. 14, 1714: "Elizabeth, widow of Gabriel Leggett, to 
her son William conveys, in consideration of £60, 50 acres being 
the rear part of Lot No. 11 West Farms, and also 6 acres adjoin- 
ing the meadow of John Leggett dec'd, reserving a right of way 
for Gabriel, a brother of sd William."* 

On Oct. 9, 1723, she conveys her right of fishing, hunting, 
fowling, &c., in the Patent of West Farms to Gabriel Leggett. 

She was dead by July 3, 1725, as appears by the "release," 
recorded as follows : 

"Release by John Leggett, for consideration of £60, to 
Gabriel Leggatt of all such right, estate, title, interest and 
demand whatsoever as the said John Leggatt had, or ought to 
have, of, in, or to, all or any part of ye lands and meadows which 
ye said Gabriel, by his father Gabriel Leggat, deceased, and his 
s"^ mother Elizabeth Leggat which either of them, or by his 
brother Thomas deceased by any ways or means whatsoever, 
either divided or undivided or situate and being in Westchester 
above s'^, and also in any part and parcel of ye personal estate of 
ye sd Elizabeth Leggett deceased which is in the seizen and 
possession of ye sd Gabriel Leggatt." 

*(She had previously conveyed 50 acres, the front part of Lot II, 
to her son William, on November 1, 1711.) 


John Leggett, the Mariner. 

We may believe him to have been the elder brother of 
Gabriel. His home was in Westchester, Province of New York. 
He died in the West Indies. His son afterward is registered "of 
Barbadoes;" one of the circumstances connecting the family 
with the first John Legatt of Barbadoes. 

The following transcript of his will furnishes about all the 
knowledge we at present have of him. 

"Will of John Leggett of Westchester, made at Port Royall, 
in the Island of Jamaica, dated Oct. 2nd, 1679. 

Letters testamentary granted to Ffredrick Phillips, as Ex- 
ecutor by Sir Edmund Andros, Feb. 2d, 1680, reciting: Whereas 
John Leggett, late of Westchester, marriner, departed this life 
on the Island of Jamaica, and that his last will hath been proved 
in the court of the Mayor and Aldermen of New York City, and 
security given by the Executor." New York Surrogate's Office, 
Wills, Liber. I, pp. 448. 

"In the name of God, Amen : I, John Leggett, now of Port 
Royall, in the island of Jamaica afores'^ marriner, being very 
weake and sick in body but of sound mind and memory (Praise 
be therefore given unto Almighty God for the same), do make 
this my present last will and Testament, in manner and form 
following (that is to say) my body I committ to the Earth to be 
decently Buryed, and as touching all such worldly estate God of 
his mercy hath been pleased to blesse me with all. I give, will 
& dispose of as ffolloweth, ffirst, I will that all my debts and 
funerall charges shall be paid and discharged. Item, I give and 
bequeath unto my well beloved son John Leggett all that my one 
half part of the Ketch Tryall of New York, one negro boy now 
on board the sd Ketch, known by the name of 'You-Boy,' one 
hogshead of sugar, one Barrell & eleaven gallons of Rum, Two 
barrells of Lyme Juice on board the sd Ketch, and all my wear- 
ing apparel both linen & woolen, a piece and a remnant of white 
linnen : and all the rest and residue of my personal estate what- 
soever (not being before bequeathed) I give and bequeath unto 
my now wife Anne Leggett, and unto the child she now goes 
withall, if it shall live to the age of two years. 

I give and bequeath the sum of Thirty pounds Sterling to be 
paid out of the porcon or estate before hereby given unto my 
said son John to my good friend Mr. Frederick Phillips now of 
New York in America, merchant, whom I do hereby make full 
and sole executor of this my last will & Testament, in trust to 
and for the only uses and intents above menconed, and desire 
him to take care of my sd son John Leggett, and bring him up, 
or cause him to be bred up to the sea for his livelyhood, and to 
pay all the above sd porcon to my sd son John at the age of one 
and twenty years together with all such profits and produce as 
shall or may be made thereoff and improved. And as touching 
the legacy hereby given to my sd wife I will that she shall have 


and receive the same immediately after my interment and Bury- 
all and I do hereby revoke, disannuU and make void all former 
wills and Testaments w^hatsoever heretofore by me either made 
or spoken and will this and no other to be my last will and Tes- 
tament. In witness, I, the said John Leggett have hereunto sett 
my hand and seal the 2d day of October Anno Domini, 1679. 

John Leggett (seal)." 
Witnesses : 

Antho. Suimmer, Miles Garret, 
Chas. Dawson, Tho. Cakewood, Sr. 

Codicil orders payment of ";^io, i', 6^ on demand to Mr. 
Olfords of N. Y. for 5 barrells of flowr." 

Frederick Philipse, the executor of John Leggett's will, was 
at this time the wealthiest citizen on the continent, and one of 
the most distinguished citizens in the Province of New York. 
When, after the Dutch had regained New York and money was 
needed for its defence, it was resolved to raise it by a forced loan 
from the most affluent inhabitants, Frederick Philips heads the 
list of 62 names assessed for 80,000 guilders. He was a member of 
Council under the English Governors from Andros to Bellamont. 
In 1680 he acquired the Manor, and was first lord of Phillips- 
burgh, Westchester County. He died 1702, aged seventy-six 

As another link in the evidence connecting the Westchester 
Leggetts with John Leggett of Barbadoes, Frederick Philipse, 
friend of John Leggett, the mariner, was a large land owner in Bar- 
badoes, the "Springhead Estate;" there his son Philip was born 
in 1676, resided and married the daughter of Gov. Sparks of Bar- 
badoes, and his son, the Hon. Frederick Phillips, was born in that 
Island, 1698, and became the second lord of the Manor of Philips- 

The son of John Leggett, the mariner, is identified by the 
following extracts from the records of the Dutch Church of New 

"Married Sept. 14, 1688, Jan Leggett y. m. van de Barbadoes, 
en Catalina Ten Broeck y. d. N. Albanien, de este wonende alhier 
en tuede tot N Albanien." 

Translation : John Leggett, a young man of the Barbadoes, 
and Catalina Ten Broeck, young maiden of New Albany; the 
first living here, and the second at New Albany. 

Note:— "Nov. 13, 1688, John Leggett and Joseph Hadley wit- 
nesses to deed of gift by Samuel & John Betts to John Barrett, 
sister's son." Was it John the mariner, son of the mariner? H 
not, who could it have been, John, son of Gabriel, not being of 

Marriage records. Province of New York, April 19, 1764, John 
Leggett and Rachael Lametter. June 30, 1763, Gertrude Leg- 
gett and Jacob Vosburgh. 


Compiler's Note: — In comparing the will of Gabriel Leg-gett 
as given by the Rev. Mr. Leggett, with the copy filed in the 
Surrogate's Office, New York (Liber 1-2, page 335, according to 
the last binding of the volumes, or, Liber 2, page 25, according 
the index), it appears that Mr. Leggett must have made a mis- 
take in copying the will, and was therefore in error in thinking 
that Gabriel made no mention of his daughter Mary in the will, 
and hence, in his later conjectures as to the date of her birth. 
The fourth paragraph of the will should read: "I give and be- 
queath unto my daughter Martha Leggatt my little negro boy. 
Item. / will and bequeath unto my da^igliter Mary Leggatt twenty 
pounds. I will and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Leggatt 
twenty pounds," etc. Also; Mr. Leggett's note that this daughter 
Mary was "well married to John Archer" at this time is not 
correct, as we find in the will of GabrieP Leggett, 1781, a bequest 
to his daughter Mary Archer, who is evidently the Mary, wife of 
John Archer, to whom Mr. Leggett refers. 

The son of John Leggett, the mariner, is identified by the 
following extract from the records of the Dutch Church of New 
York: Married, Sept. 14, 1688: "Jan Legget, j. m. van de Bar- 
bados, en Catalina Tenbroeck, j. d. van N. Albanien, d'eerste 
wonende alhier, entwede tot N. Albanien." Translation: John 
Leggett, young man (i. e., unmarried), of the Barbadoes, and 
Catalina ten Broeck, young maiden, of New Albany; the first 
living here, the second at New Albany. 

Their children, baptised in New York, as found in the Dutch 
Church records, were: 

1689, July 29. Rachel. Sponsors: Hendrick H. ten Broeck 
and Gertrude ten Broeck. 

1692, Feb. 28. Christina. Sponsors: Capt. Brandt Schuyler 
and Lysbeth ten Broeck. (Christina died in infancy.) 

1693, April 2. Jan and Christina (twins). Sponsors: Dirck 
Wesselszen, Cornelia Schuyler, Jannetje ten Broeck. 

The indications are that this family removed to Columbia Co., 
N. Y. From the Rev. W. J. Leggett, now of Nyack, I obtain the 
information which enables me to arrange the following pedigree: 

John,' the mariner, and wife, Anne. 

John,' m. Catalina ten Broeck, Sept. 14, 1688; their son: 

John,' bapt. April 2, 1693; m. Oct. 25, 1722, Beta Delemater; 
their son: 

John,* bapt. at Kinderhook, Feb. 9, 1723-4; d. 1773; m. and 
had 3 sons and 3 daughters. The sons were: James;* John; 
Tobias, who m. and had son John Tobias," who had 4 sons: 
Abram,' Frank, Charles and Willis. 

James,' married and had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Their sons 
were: John;' James, who m. and had son James,' and 5 other 
sons and 3 daughters. 

John," m. and had 2 sons and 3 daughters. Sons; James,* 

William,' m. and had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Sons: Charles 
F./ who m. and had 2 sons, William F.° and Fred H.; and (Rev.) 

24 . 

W. Jm' who m. Eva Powell, and had children: Frank,* Paul, Carl 
and" Fanny. 

Marriage records. Province of New York: 

1764, April 19. John Leggett and Rachael Lametter. 

1763, June 30. Gertrude Leggett and Jacob Vosburgh. 

There is also a New England family, of which I have direct 
knowledge by correspondence with Mr. William Morris Legate 
of Leominster, Mass., born 1815. He says the first of his family 
came from Yarmouth, England, and was: 

Capt. Robert,' or Thomas Leggate, born 1700-1710, who 
was a captain in the English navy, and was killed at 
the battle of Louisburg (whether that of 1747 or 1758 
he does not state). His wife was a French woman 
named Dupee. They had 2 sons: Thomas;^ Robert, 
who m. and had son Thomas,' of Worcester, Mass., who 
was city councillor, 1780-82. 
Thomas," m. and had 3 sons: William,' a mariner; Thomas, 
major at Galina, 111., 1846, who had 2 sons: George and 
Bruce, both cadets at West Point; Samuel,' b. 1790. 
William,' the mariner, m. and had son William Morris,* 
and 2 daughters. 

Representatives of this family are now living at Leominster, 
Mass.; Stratham, N. H.; Hartford, Conn.; Leavenworth, Kan.; 
Denison, Texas; Mineral Point, Wis.; Woodland, Yolo Co., Cal.; 
Westerly, R. L 

The tradition that the first of the Leggett name living in 
America came from Essex County, England, is found among all 
branches of the family, and was believed and told, I find, before 
anything was written or printed concerning the pedigree. That 
the American progenitors came from England is conclusive, and 
the evidence seems to show that they came from Essex. 

Westchester County was settled chiefly by English, West 
Farms entirely so, and by Englishmen coming, for the most part, 
from New England, and there is circumstantial evidence that, 
although Gabriel Leggett may have come into New York directly 
from England, John Leggett, who is assumed to have been Ga- 
briel's father, had lived for some years in Exeter and Hampton, 
now in the State of New Hampshire, and that he, John Leggett, 
had come into New England by way of the Barbadoes. 

In an old English work entitled "Memoirs of First Settlers of 
the Island of Barbados, and other Carribbee Islands," I find in 
the list of settlers owning more than ten acres of land in the year 
1638 the name of John Legat. In the list of inhabitants for 1640 
his name does not appear, and it would seem from this that by 
the latter date he was either dead or had removed. About 1640 
we find a John Legat in New England. I have no certain evi- 
dence identifying this John as he of Barbadoes, but it seems 
likely that they were the same, and it is worthy of note that the 
Leggctts of Westchester were connected in various ways with 
the West Indies, and especially with Barbadoes. 


John Legat, or Leggett, was at Hampton, N. H., 1640, and 
again in 1649; at Exeter 1642 to 1649. He was town clerk of 
Exeter, 1642-49, and taught school in both Hampton and Exeter. 
I transcribe the following from Bell's History of Exeter: "Phili- 
mon Pormont was the first schoolmaster, before he departed an- 
other well qualified to be his successor had come to settle in the 
town, John Legat. He had taught school at Hampton. He lived 
in the place up to the year 1652, at least." His name was entered 
on the town book Oct. 20, 1642. From Toppan's Hampton Gene- 
alogies: "John Legat was admitted an inhabitant of Hampton 
the 30th day, 8th mo., 1640. Afterward at Exeter and again at 
Hampton in 1649." Hampton Town Records: "On the second of 
the second month, 1649, the selectmen of the town of Hampton 
have agreed with John Legat for this present year ensuing to 
teach and instruct all children of or belonging to our town." 

On the nth of November, 1642, John Legat, together with 
Edward Hilton, John Smart and John Richardson, witnessed the 
will of Thomas Wilson of Exeter; the will was proved Suffolk 
County, Massachusetts, the 31st of the 8th month, 1634, and in 
1644 John Legat married Anne, widow of the said Thomas Wil- 
son. (Thomas Wilson came to this country in June, 1633, with 
wife Anne and three sons, Humphrey, Samuel and Joshua; he 
had two other children born here, Deborah, born August, 1634, 
and Lydia, born November, 1636. He lived at Roxbury, and 
went later to Exeter, N. H., with Wheelwright.) There is no 
record of any children having been born to John and Anne (Wil- 
son) Legat. 

There seems to be no further mention of John Richardson at 
Exeter, but shortly after we find a John Richardson and a John 
Legat in Westchester, Richardson as one of the Patentees, with 
Edward Jessup, to the Manor of West Farms, and Gabriel Leg- 
gat (the first of the West Farms line) married Richardson's 
daughter, Elizabeth. Another John Legat (the mariner), who 
died in Barbadoes, was also from Westchester, and is supposed 
by Bolton and Pelletreau to have been a son of John and brother 
to Gabriel Legget of West Farms, though there seems to be no 
actual proof of the connection other than the fact that they were 
all in Westchester at about the same time. The differences in 
spelling the name are no disproof of relationship, as it is found 
variously given in the early records: Legat, Leggatt, Leggett, 
etc. I am of the opinion that John Legat of Exeter was the father 
of John (the mariner) and of Gabriel of West Farms; that he was 
a widower when he left England for Barbadoes previous to 1638, 
and that probably his children by his first wife were left in Eng- 
land and came to him later in Westchester as men. 

Another connecting link between Exeter, N. H., and the set- 
tlement of Westchester is the fact that Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, 
whose brother-in-law, the Rev. John Wheelwright, was the 
founder of Exeter, and who was herself at Exeter for a short 
time, came to Westchester with John Throckmorton in 1642. 
She and her family were massacred by the Indians the following 



Memoirs of First Settlers of the Island of Barbadoes, and other Carribee 
Jsi'tJ}. ds. 

Toppan's Ha>nptoti Genealogies. 

Hampton Towti Records. 

Bell, C. H., History of the Town of Exeter, N. H., pp. 44, 45, 50-52, 60, 114, 
123, 158-62, 285,443- 

Abstracts of earliest wills in Suffolk^County. New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg., 
vol. 2, p. 384. 

Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, vol. 3, p. 76; vol. 4, p. 589. 

Dow, Joseph, History of the Town of Hampton, N. H., vol. i, pp. 24, 473; 
vol. 2, p. 820. 

Note on the Jessup and Hunt Connection: 

Edward Jessup emigrated into Westchester from Fairfield, 
Conn. In the latter place he was owner of lands on Sascoe Neck. 
As has already been stated in these pages, he was one of the 
original proprietors and patentees with John Richardson of the 
West Farms. 

His wife was Elizabeth . (Bolton gives her name as 

Bridges, but in the Jessup Genealogy it is stated that no record of 
her maiden name has been found.) After the death of Edward 
Jessup, his widow, Elizabeth, married Robert Beacham, as ap- 
pears by a deed of sale by them to Thomas Hunt of "all those 
lands and accommodations which were formerly Edward Jes- 
sup's, within the limits of Westchester that the sd Edward Jes- 
sup and John Richardson together bought." 

Edward and Elizabeth Jessup left one son, Edward, and two 
daughters, one of whom was Elizabeth, who married Thomas 

The following deed by Edward Jessup, junior, is not impor- 
tant except as it further identifies Cicely Hunt the wife of John* 
Leggett: "Know all men by these presents that I Edward 
Jessup, of the town of Fairfield, New England, have sold, 
alienated, and conveyed, &c., unto Thomas Hunt, Junior, of the 
town of Westchester, his heirs, &c., all my right, title and inter- 
est to and in a certain parcell of mares, horses, and colts, 
within the government of New York, formerly belonging to my 
father Jessup. That is to say, all and every part and parcell of 
them, the above said Jades (no doubt branded and turned loose 
in the woods of the West Farms patent, according to terms of 
purchase) and all their increase, excepting to myself one yearling 
horse colt, which I give to the sd Thomas' daughter Silly (Cicily), 
freely giving and granting to the sd Silly; owning and acknowl- 
edging to have received due and full satisfaction for the said 
Jades of the sd Thomas Hunt. In witness whereof, I have (&c.) 
. . . on this 3d day of July, 1682. (Signed) Edward Jessup. 
Witnesses: John Cooper, Roger Bartow, Abraham Whearly." 

Thomas Hunt, formerly of Rye, and son of Thomas Hunt and 
Cicily (Pasley) Hunt, purchased in Westchester what was known 
as the Grove Farm, which was patented to him Dec. 4, 1667. In 
1668, as already stated, he purchased from his mother-in-law, 
widow of Edward Jessup, the Jessup portion of the West 
Farms patent. The next year he and John Richardson made 


an equal division of the estate. In 1688 he granted to his 
son Thomas what has since become known as Hunt's Point, or 
"One hundred acres lying at the south side of Gabriel Leggett's 
land, bounded easterly and southerly by the Bronck's." 

His will is dated Oct. 6, 1694. He had previously deeded to 
his son Thomas certain lands, reserving to himself and his wife 
Elizabeth the use thereof during their lives; Thomas, junior, to 
pay Thomas, senior's, daughter Scisily (Thomas, junior's, sister) 
within four years after the death of the last parent £,60, in four 
payments of ^^15 each year. 

Thomas and Elizabeth (Jessup) Hunt had eight children, the 
youngest of whom was Cicily, who married John' Leggett. 

Gabriel Leggett and His Descendants. 

I. Gabriel' Leggett, born probably in Essex County, England, 
in 1635; came to Westchester County, N. Y., about 1670-76; re- 
sided at West Farms; was a land owner and merchant; he died 
at West Farms, before July, 1700, and was probably buried in the 
family graveyard on Hunt's Point. He was married, presumably 
at West Farms, about 1676, to Elizabeth Richardson of West 

Farms. She was born at , about 1656; died at West Farms, 

, 1724, and was probably buried in the graveyard on Hunt's 

Point; she was a daughter of John Richardson, one of the original 
patentees of the Manor of West Farms, and his wife Martha. 

Children, 9 (Leggett), 4 sons and 5 daughters, all born, pre- 
sumably, at West Farms, Westchester: 

, 1677; d. , 1707; m. Cicily Hunt. 

b. , i678(?); d. , 1707 or 1708, tinm. 

b. ; d. ; m. William Davenport. 

-; d. ; was living April 2, 1705, as 

shown by a deed of gift from her mother, Elizabeth, 
on that date, and was probably dead before Sept. 7, 
1707, as she is not mentioned in the will of her 
brother Thomas, written on that date. 

Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. . 

vi. William, b. Sept. i, 1691; d. May 26, 1763; m. (i) 

Sarah ; m. (2) Abigail . 

Alice, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Elizabeth, b. ; d. ; m, . 

Gabriel, b. , 1697 or 1698; d. April — , 1786; m. (i) 

Bridget ; m. (2) Mary Wiggins; m. (3)? Sarah 

In a book entitled Narrative of Major AbraJiavi Leggett of the 
Army of the Revolution, it is stated that Gabriel' was born in 
England in 1635. (Major Abraham Leggett was a son of John,' 
William,' Gabriel,' was quite a distinguished man of his day, and 
was vice-president of the Society ot the Cincinnati, and he may 
have known the exact date of his great-grandfather's birth, 
although it has not been possible to verify his statement.) The 
records of lands owned by Gabriel' and his will have been given 
on a previous page, also such data as is known concerning 
Elizabeth Richardson, Gabriel's wife. 


i. John,' b. 


ii. Thomas, 


iii. Martha, 1 


iv. Mary, b. 



+ 7 






+ 10 



The exact order of birth of the children of Gabrie? and 
Elizabeth is not known, but such dates as are known, and guided 
by the order in which they are mentioned in Gabriel's will, it 
should be as given above. In the census for the town of West- 
chester, 1698, we find " Gabriel Leaggatt, wife Elesebath, children 
John, Thomas, william, mary, sarah, alee, Elesabath;" from this 
it seems likely that Gabriel' was not born until 1698. 

I find no further record of any of the daughters, excepting 
Martha, who married William Davenport. 

Gabriel' Leggett died before July, 1700; the exact date is not 
known, and the date of probate of his will is not given, but the 
will recorded just before his bears the date of June 28, 1700, and 
the one following July — , 1700, placing the date of his death 
probably only a short time previous to July, 1700. 

Leggett, Major Abraham, Narrative of Major Abraham Liggett of the 
Army of the Revolution. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstract of Wills, vol. i, pp. 
64, 93. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber. 1-2, pp. 260, 335. 

New York Colonial Manuscripts, vol. 42, p. 60. "Census of the Town of 
Westchester, 1698," in New York Genealogical and Biographical Record^ 
vol. 38, pp. i29-n5. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. i, p. 446. 

2. John" Leggett (Gabriel'), born presumably at West Farms, 
May I, 1677 (?), resided at West Farms, was a landowner as his 
father, died at West Farms, Dec. — , 1707, and was probably buried 
at Hunt's Point. He was married, presumably, at West Farms, 

, 1698 or 1699, to Cicily Hunt of West Farms. She was born 

, before 1682, died between March 18 and Dec. 19, 1732, and 

was probably buried at Hunt's Point; she was a daughter of 
Thomas Hunt, who purchased his father-in-law, Edward Jes- 
sup's, share of the West Fanns Patent in 1668, and his wife, Eliza- 
beth Jessup. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 3 sons and 2 daughters, all born, pre- 
sumably, at West Farms. 

II i. Martha," b. about 1699; d. young, probably. (No 


-1-12 ii. John, b. about 1700-01; d. , 1777; m. Anna Hunt. 

-f 13 iii. Joshua, b. ; d. before June 30, 1738; m. Abi- 
gail . 

14 iv. David, b. ; d. ; m. . 

15 V. Sarah, b, ; d. ; m. . 

It is probable that John* Leggett was born May i, 1677, since 
on May i, 1698, his father, Gabriel,' gave him a deed for fifty 
acres of land, presumably upon his coming of age. It appears 
also that he married about this date, or at any rate as early as 
1699, since in the history of the Jessup family, by the Rev. 
Henry G. Jesup, it is stated that "John Leggett, the son of Ga- 
briel, was a son-in-law of Thomas Hunt and had in 1700 a daugh- 
ter Martha." 


Since John' Leggett died at an early age very little is found 
in the public records concerning him. I note that John Leggett 
was a juror in 1705. Letters of administration of his estate were 
granted to his wife, Cicily, Dec. 18, 1707. 

I am uncertain as to the order of birth of the children of John' 
and Cicily. Bolton and Pelletreau name only John and David; 
Martha is named as the only child in 1700 {Jessiip Gen) and 
therefore was probably the eldest; we get the names of Joshua 
and Sarah from deeds on record in Westchester. 

By deed dated April 25, 1720, Robert and Cicily Eddas give to 
"our loving son, Joshua Legit, a negro boy Dick." Sarah Leg- 
gett signed a release of the personal estate of her father, 1721. I 
find nothing later on record concerning any of the children ex- 
cept John and Joshua. After the death of John' Leggett, his 
widow, Cicily (Hunt) Leggett, married Robert Eddas oi West- 
chester. He was probably a widower when he married Cicily, 
and it was a daughter by this previous marriage who married 
Daniel Hunt, whom Cicily, in her will, calls "son-in-law." Robert 
Eddas died in 1726-27, and in his will dated Feb. 22, 1726, proved 
Westchester County, April 11, 1727, he mentions his wife, not 
named, sons Robert and John, daughter Abigail, granddaughters 
Arsenah and Phebe Hunt, all under twenty-one years of age. 

Cicily (Leggett) Eddas died 1732, and her will, dated March 
18, proved Dec. 19, 1732, mentions her son John Eddas, son Rob- 
ert, daughter Abigail, and "the children which I had by both 
my husbands, John Leggett and Robert Eddas." Executors, son 
John Leggett and son-in-law Daniel Hunt. 

(Pelletreau's abstracts of these two wills differ slightly from 
those of the New York Historical Society Collections, which have 
been followed in the above notes.) 


Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

New York Colonial Manuscripts, vol. 42, p. 60. "Census of the Town of 
Westchester, 1698," in New York Genealogical a7id Biographical Record, vol. 
38, pp. 129-135. 

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vol, 2, p. 382; vol. 3, p. 87. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber. 8, p. 451; Liber. 10, p. 418; 
Liber. 11, p. 433. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, pp. 21, 51, 61. 

3. Thomas' Leggett (Gabriel'), born probably at West Farms 
about 1678, resided at West Farms, was a landowner; he died at 
West Farms, 1707 or 1708; was not married. 

In Bolton's History of Westchester the date of his birth is given 
as 1678. I have found no original records relating to him be- 
yond that of his will. By this it is evident that he died a young 
man — thirty years of age if the above date of birth be correct — 
that he was unmarried and that his sisters Sarah, Alice and 
Elizabeth were living and unmarried at that date, and his sister 
Martha the wife of William Davenport, Jr. No meniion is made 
of his sister Mary, and it is probable that she was dead before his 
will was written. 


(This will confirms the fact that GabrieP was the son of Ga- 
briel,' and not of Thomas' as Bolton states him to have been. 
Bolton's error was no doubt due to the fact that GabrieP is not 
mentioned in the will of Gabriel,' and he seems to have quite 
overlooked other evidence.) 

Will of Thomas' Leg'gett, dated Sept, 7, 1707, Letters testa- 
mentary granted to Elizabeth Leggett, April 13, 1708. After the 
usual prefix, etc.: "I give full power to my beloved mother, 
Elizabeth Legitt, whom I have made Executrix of my last will 
and testament, to dispose of all my lands and meadows lying in 
the West Farms, which my father Gabriel Leggitt gave me, as 
she shall see cause, she having the advice of William Nicholls, 
Esq., Mr. R*^ Alsop of Masby (Maspeth) Kills, and Mr. John Law- 
rence of Hellgate, but my will and mind is that what the said es- 
tate is sold for shall be put out for the use, benefitt and behoofe 
of my brother Gabriel Leggitt when he comes to age, or to his 
heirs lawfully begotten, and if the said lands and meadows be not 
disposed of before my said brother come to age y^ my will and 
mind is y* ye s'' lands and meadows be to him and his heirs law- 
fully begotten, and if the s*^ Gabriel dye without issue then I 
give my s'' land and meadow, or what it was disposed of for, unto 
my brother William Legitt or to his heirs, and if in case my 
s"^ brother William Legitt, dye without issue, then I give the s*^ 
land and meadow, or what it was disposed of for, to my three sis- 
ters, viz.: Sarah, Alice, and Elizabeth Legitt to be divided 
equally amongst them or to their heirs. And for want of such 
issue, I give it to the heirs of Martha Davenport, wife of William 
Davenport, Junior. But my will and mind is that my sister 
Martha Davenport shall have five pounds paid her out of my es- 
tate within two years after my decease." He further gives to his 
sisters Sarah, Alice, and Elizabeth each five pounds when they 
come to age. Gives all his cattle, sheep, horses, and other per- 
sonal estate to his mother. Appoints his mother and his friends 
William Nichols. Esq., of Islip, Suffolk Co., Mr. Richard Alsop, 
of Maspeth Kills in Newton, Queens Co., and Capt. John Law- 
rence, of Hellgate Neck in Newton, his executrix and executors. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 2, p. 2. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester Co., p. 22. 

New York Surrogate's Office, Wills, Liber. 7, p. 488. 

4. Martha' Leggett (Gabriel'), born at West Farms, probably, 
about 1680; died, presumably, at Perth Amboy, N. J. (date and 
place of burial not found). She married, probably, at West 

Farms previous to 1707 to William Davenport, junior, born ; 

died . (Nothing further has been discovered concerning her.) 

On the 30th of Sept., 1723, William Davenport of Perth Am- 
boy, in East New Jersey, and Bridget, his wife, did convey all 
their right, title and interest in the Patent of West Farms unto 
William Leggett. From this it would appear that Martha had 
died between 1707, the date of her brother Thomas' will, and 
1723, and that her husband had remarried. Another agreement, 


dated Oct. lo, 1723, is an "Indenture Tripantile" (the original is 
in the possession of Mr. Francis W. Leggett) between Gabriel 
Leggett, 2dj William Leggett and Abraham Lent, their signa- 
tures affixed, by which each has free right to fish, hunt, &c., 
within the Patent of West Farms, and by this instrument it ap- 
pears that Elizabeth, widow of Gabriel' Leggett, had the day be- 
fore granted this right to Gabriel that only the day before 
Thomas Davenport and Sarah, his wife, had conveyed their same 
rights to Abraham Lent, and that William Davenport and his 
wife Bridget had on Sept. 30 conveyed the same to William Leg- 
gett (as stated above). 

These deeds may be interpreted in several ways; it is possible 
that this William Davenport is the one who married Martha' 
Leggett, with a second wife Bridget, as surmised above, and that 
Sarah, the wife of Thomas Davenport, may be Sarah' Leggett, of 
whom we have no records, the two sisters having married broth- 
ers, or it is possible that this William and Thomas may have been 
the sons of William Davenport, junior, and Martha Leggett, or 
that the William named is William, junior, and Thomas, the son. 
(No further records of any of this family have been found, so 
that it will have to remain conjecture for the present, at least.) 

7. William" Leggett (Gabriel*), born at West Farms, Sept. i, 
1 69 1, was a landowner, is said to have been a sea captain for a 
time, and was alderman and mayor of the borough town of West- 
chester for many years; he died at West Farms, May 26, 1763, 
and was buried at Hunt's Point. He was married, first, at West 

Farms about 1713-14 to Sarah . She was born 1692; died at 

West Farms, Aug. 30, 1744, and was buried at Hunt's Point. 
Nothing is known of her maiden name nor her parentage. 
William" Leggett married, second, at West Farms, April 13, 1745, 

Abigail , born July 3, 1728; died at West Farms, Jan. 2, 1813, 

and was probably buried at Hunt's Point. Nothing has been dis- 
covered which would throw any light on her parentage. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 3 sons and 4 daughters, all by the first 

wife, Sarah . All were born, presumably, at West Farms. 

+ 16 i. William,* b. March 26, 1715; d. , 1763; m. Eliza- 
beth . 

Sarah, b. Jan. 4, 1720; d. ; m. Charles Frasier. 

Elizabeth, b. Aug. 9, 1724; d. ; m. . 

Charity, b. April 21, 1726; d. ; m. . 

Abraham, b. July 3, 1728; d. June 2, 1813; m. Geertje 

Mary, b. July 10, 1730; d. ; m. . 

John, b. Feb. 4, 1733; d. Dec. — , 1760; m. Sarah Alsop, 
The dates of birth, marriage, etc., of William" Leggett and 
his family are taken from his family Bible, the entries which are 
mostly presumably in his own handwriting are beautifully writ- 
ten, beginning: "William Leggett His Book or Bible — 17 15." 
(The dates as given vary slightly from those in Bolton's History 
of Westchester, but it is probable that the Bible records are the 
most correct.) 












On one of the first blank pages is the following entry: "Mem- 
orandum: That there was a very hard winter in the year of 1740- 
41. This great snow fell on the i6th of December, 1740, and con- 
tinued on ye land until 25th of March. That Capt. William Leg- 
gett and three other men walked over the ice to Long Island on 
ye 8th of February said years. On the 9th the s'^ Capt. Leggett, 
Capt. Lawrence and Alderman Gabriel Leggett went over to 
Long Island with a slay and horses, and on the 13th day of said 
February, the s"^ men went over to Long Island and brought over 
thirty bushels of corn in two slays. On the 14th two slays went 
over and came back again." 

William' Leggett is here called Captain. I have heard his 
great-great-grandson say that he was a sea captain, although I 
have no other evidence of it, and he tells of his covering the din- 
ner table with Spanish dollars after one of his voyages. If this 
be so he did not continue to follow the sea, for from 1730 to the 
time of his death he was most of the time Alderman or Mayor of 
the Borough town of Westchester. 

This William Leggett was he, with his wife and children, 
whose bones were removed from the old cemetery, as told in a 
previous paper. 

The will of William' Leggett, dated Dec. 8, 1762, proved May 
21, 1763, mentions his wife Abigail; daughter Mary, wife of 
Richard Lawrence of Staten Island; daughter Sarah Frasier, 
widow; grandson William Frasier; granddaughters Sarah and 
Mary Frasier; son Abraham; eldest son William; grandson Ab- 
raham, son of deceased son John; grandson William, son of said 
John, and granddaughters Frances and Susannah, daughters of 
the said John. 

As no mention is made in the will of the other daughters it is 
probable that they were dead previous to 1762. 

(As it is evident that the will of William" Leggett could not 
have been probated before his death, and the date of his death 
was May 26, 1763, the date given in the probate record. May 21, 
1763, must be a mistake.) 


Family Bible of William'' Leggett. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 6, pp. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p. 197. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber. 24, p. 69. 

10. Gabriel' Leggett (Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 1697 or 
1698; resided at West Farms, and in latter years of his life at 
Wast Patent of North Castle, Westchester Co.; was a landowner 
and an Alderman of the Borough of Westchester; died at West 
Farms, April, 1786, and was probably buried at West Farms, 
He was married, presumably at West Farms, first, to Bridget(?) 

^ . (Nothing is known of her parentage, and her given name 

is taken from the statement of a decendant, William L. Corse, son 
of Barney Corse and Mary E°. Leggett (SamueP, Thomas*, 
Thomas', Gabriel'.) He married, second, July 9, 1765, Mary 
Wiggins. The date of her birth is not known, and she was dead 

+ 23 

+ 24 


+ 25 


+ 26 


+ 27 


+ 28 


+ 29 







before 1781, as she is not mentioned in Gabriel's will of that date. 
He married, third (?), Aug. 7, 1782, Sarah Brown. 

Children 9(?) (Leggett), 4 sons and 5 daughters, all born pre- 
sumably at West Farms: 

Thomas', b. June 3, 1721; d. ; m. Mary Embree. 

Isaac, b. ; d. before 1781; m. Hannah Wiggins. 

iii. James, b. ; d. 1800; m. . 

Gabriel, b. ; d. before April to, 1760; m. Cather- 
ine Ash. 

Mary, b. ; d. ; m. John Archer. 

Martha, b. ; d. ; m. Hezekiah Forgason. 

Phebe, b. ; d. ; m. Isaac Meiers. 

Catherine, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Elizabeth, b. ; d. . m. . 

And possibly other children by third marriage. 

GabrieP Leggett was the youngest child of Gabrie? and Eliza- 
beth (Richardson) Leggett, and, as has already been stated, was 
probably born after his father's will was made, that is, 1697 or 
'98. The record of his death is found in a West Farms paper of 
April, 1786, which was given in a previous number (see page 76 
of Jan., 19 14, Record). The statement that he was 90 years of 
age at his death can be taken as approximate, as a year or so 
would not be likely to be regarded by the person who noted the 
fact of the long life, and other known facts would indicate 1698 
as being nearer the correct date of birth than 1696, as this article 
would make it. If the other statement that there was 65 years 
difference in age between his eldest and youngest daughter be 
true, then it must have been that he married a third time be- 
tween the writing of his will, June, 1781, and his death in 1786, and 
had at least one other daughter, for assuming Mary, who is named 
first of his daughters in his will, to have been born before his 
eldest son, Thomas — that is, in 1719-20, this would put the date of 
birth of the youngest daughter at 1784. No records have been 
found in proof of this statement, however, and perhaps even in 
those early days newspaper accounts were not noted for their 

There is a difference of opinion in the family as to the name 
of Gabriel's" first wife, but it is claimed that the name of Bridget 
is taken from an old family record, and it is probable that she 
was the mother of at least the first seven named children. The 
last two daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth, not being married 
in 1 781, may h?.ve been children of the second wife, Mary Wig- 
gins. A marriage record from Christ Church, Salem, West- 
chester Co., Aug. 7, 1782, of Gabriel Leggett and Sarah Brown 
may have been the third marriage of GabrieP. 

There are several unimportant references to Gabriel' Leggett 
in the Westchester Court records. He was an Alderman at differ- 
ent times from 1730 onward. In the records of the Mayor's court, 
Aug. 4, 1730, is the following: Miles Oakley, Mayor. William 
Leggett et al, Alderman. Jury not agreed; James Langley and 
Gabriel Leggett dissenting from the rest, gave their reasons to the 


court, and these being adjudged insufficient, they were fined 
forty shillings each (!) and a new trial ordered. 

In Jones' History of New York During the Revolutionary War, 
the following incident is related: "John de Lancey of West- 
chester County, a Tory, boasted that in the fall of '76 he went to 
the home of Mr. Leggett and drove home twelve fat hogs, killed 
and appropriated them to his own use. Leggett was at least 80 
years old. . . ." This undoubtedly refers to Gabrie? Leggett. 

The will of Gabrier Leggett, dated June 25, 1781, proved May 
2, 1786, in which he styles himself "Gabriel Leggett late of West 
Chester, but now of West Patent of North Castle, Westchester 
Co.," names sons Thomas and James, daughters Mary Archer 
(wife of John Archer, of Winterhill), Martha Forgason, husband 
Hezekiah; Phebe Meiers, husband Isaac; Elizabeth and Catherine. 
The executors are sons Thomas and James and "son-in-law, James 
Archer" (this is a miswriting in the will for "John," as in the record 
of the administration, his name is given as John Archer, and Mary 
Leggett, daughter of Gabriel', married John Archer of Winter- 
hill, son of John Archer of Fordham). 

Of the other sons of GabrieP Leggett, Gabriel' died in 1760, 
and as Isaac*, who married Hannah Wiggins in 1761, is also not 
mentioned in the will it is probable that he too was dead previous 
to this date. As Gabriel's' son is not mentioned, it may be possible 
that Isaac' left issue also, but no record of any has been found. 

New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. 31, p. 238. 

Jones, Thomas, History of New York During the Revolutionary War, 
vol. 2, p. 89. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of Wills, vol, 13, 
P- 344. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber, 39, p. 57. 

12. John' Leggett (John\ Gabriel'), born at West Farms about 
1700-01; resided at West Farms, was a farmer and large land- 
owner; died at West Farms before Aug. 28, 1777, and was buried 
in the Hunt's Point burying-ground. He was married at West 

Farms about 1740 to Anna Hunt*; d. ; daughter of Thomas 


Children" (Leggett), 3 sons and 3 daughters, all born at West 

+32 i. John*, b. , 1742; d. before Oct. 23, 1780; m. Mary 


+ 33 ii. Cornelius, b. ; d. before Sept. 21, 1807; m. 

Mary . 

+ 34 iii. Eleanor (Helena), b. ; d. ; m. Thomas Law- 

+35 iv. Susannah, b. ; d. before 1777; m. Embree. 

+ 36 V. Isaac, b. ; d. before Aug. 28, 1777; m. Mary Oak- 
+37 vi. Ruth, b. ; d. ; m. Michael Collard. 

There seems to be very little documentary information of 
John' Leggett. Nathaniel Underbill acted as his guardian after 



his father's death, and on April 6, 1721, John' signed a release of 
the personal estate of his father to his step-father, Robert Eddos, 
as follows: "I have reckoned and balanced accounts of my 
father-in-law, Robert Eddos, bv and with ye advice and consent 
of my guardian, Nathaniel Underbill, for and touching ye per- 
sonal (not real) estate of my father, John Leggett, late deceased, 
upon which my mother Sicily Eddos administered, and then re- 
ceived a cane, a sword and a gun in full for my part, share, and 
portion of my said father, John Leggett's estate. Now I do 
hereby discharge my father-in-law, Robert Eddos," etc. Signed, 
John Leggett, Nathaniel Underbill. 

If this release was on the occasion of his coming of age, then 
he was born April 6, 1700, and was 77 years of age at the time of 
his death in 1777, but no definite proof of this can be found, 

John' Leggett's purchases of real estate and the amoimt of 
property disposed of by will . indicate that he was a prosperous 
and wealthy man. He died during the turmoil and excitement 
of the Revolutionary War, but his home, probably the old Rich- 
ardson homestead, lying within the British lines, with his effects, 
were under protection. Under date of July 3, 1725, he makes the 
following release to his uncles GabrieP and William' Leggett. 
(These releases seem to be for lands already given to or bought 
by his uncles from their mother and brother Thomas, and were 
probably lands in which his father John" had had a share by in- 

"Release: by John Leggett for consideration of £,60 to Ga- 
briel Leggett, of all such right, estate, title, interest and demand 
whatsoever, as the said John Leggett had, or ought to have, of, 
in, or to, all or any part of ye land and meadows which ye said 
Gabriel, by his father Gabriel, deceased, and his said mother 
Elizabeth Leggett, which either of them, or by his brother 
Thomas, deceased, by anyways or means whatsoever, either di- 
vided or undivided or situate and being in Westchester above said 
and also in any part and parcel of ye personal estate of ye said 
Elizabeth Leggett, deceased, which is in the siezen and posses- 
sion of ye said Gabriel Leggett." Under same date he releases 
William Leggett for a consideration of ;^55, "all right, estate, in- 
terest whatsoever, as the said John Leggett had or ought to have 
in lands and meadows which ye sd William Leggett hath pur- 
chased of his mother, Elizabeth Leggett, deceased, or were given 
unto the said William by his father Gabriel Leggett, now in 
William Leggett's possession." 

On the same day and year, July 3, 1725, John^ Leggett deeds 
William Leggett, his uncle, "in consideration of ^5, all my or- 
chard and salt meadow adjoining between the land and meadow 
of Thomas Hunt, and the land and meadow of sd William Leg- 

April 4, 1770, the heirs of John Pugsley give release to John 
Leggett for property on Cow Neck, which he had bought at auc- 
tion for ;^i325. This is described at length in Westchester Co. 
Deed Book. 

The will of John' Leggett (New York Surrogate's Office, 
Liber 31, page 67) reads as follows: "In the name of God, Amen. 
I John Leggett, senr. of the West Farms in the borough and 
town of Westchester and county of Westchester and province of 
New York farmer being of sound disposing mind and mind [sic] 
and Memory, thanks be to God for the same, do make this my last 
Will and testament in Manner following first and principally I 
committ my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body 
to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like man- 
ner by my executors hereafter named, hoping for the Pardon of 
all my sins through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour and 
Redeemer, and as touching my worldly estate I do dispose there- 
of as follows: first I will that all my just debts and funeral 
charges be duly paid and satisfyed in some convenient time after 
my decease. 2dly I give and bequeath unto my Son John Leg- 
gett and to his heirs and assigns forever All that farm he now 
possesseth. Item, a piece of Meadow Ground lying in the Plant- 
ing Neck near the Fox Hills. Item one other piece of Meadow by 
Robert Hunt's Meadow. I also give and bequeath unto my said 
son John and to his heirs and assigns forever, the Moiety or half 
of a piece of Meadow ground lying on Cow Neck between Na- 
thaniel Underbills on the one side and the Meadow of Cornelius 
Hunt on the Other side. Item I give and bequeath unto my said 
Son John, my negroes Dick and Sharp, and my silver tankard. 
3dly I give, devise and bequeath unto my vSon Cornelius Leggett, 
and to his heirs and assigns forever the farme whereon I now 
live with all the buildings thereon, also my piece of meadow ly- 
ing on the Cosway on the Neck, also a piece of Meadow lying on 
the Island adjacent to a piece of Meadow late John Hedgers, 
also the Moiety or half of a piece of Meadow lying on Cow neck 
between the meadow of Nathaniel Underbill and Cornelius Hunt 
the other half of said piece of Meadow I have before in this Will 
given to my son John Also I give devise and bequeath unto my 
said Son Cornelius and to his heirs and assigns forever, my 
meadow on the East side of Cow Neck adjoining the commons, 
that is now without my fence Also I give and bequeath unto my 
said Son Cornelius, My Negro Man Tite and my Negro boy Ben 
also I give and bequeath unto my Son Cornelius four Milk Cows 
and all my team and farming utensils. 4thly I give and bequeath 
to my daughter Eleanor, the wife of Thomas Lawrence, My Ne- 
gro Wench Bett, and my silver cup. sthly I give and bequeath 
unto my Daughter Ruth Leggett My Negro Wench Lill, and 
Negro Boys Harry and Lew, also one bed and bedding and all 
its furniture with my large looking glass and a table. Also I 
give her all my silver spoons and my desk and cupboard I also 
give my Daughter Ruth the use of one room and fire place in my 
house so long as she remains unmarried with the privilege of 
getting her firewood on my farm. 6thly I give and bequeath 
unto my two sons John and Cornelius the use and improvement 
of all my farm or Neck of Land called and known by the Name 
of Cowneck, in the borough of Westchester, for and during the 
term of seventeen years after my decease share and share alike. 


provided always that they pay or caused to be paid unto my 
Daughter in law Mary Leggett, the Widow of my son Isaac Leg- 
gett deceas'd, the sum of twenty pounds Yearly and every Year, 
for the term of seventeen Years as aforesaid, but in case my said 
Daughter in law chooses to live on the farm, I give her the use 
of the house and twenty Acres of Land; in that case my Sons 
John and Cornelius are to pay her ten pounds a year and every 
year for the term of seventeen years as aforesaid, and at the Ex- 
piration of seventeen years as aforesaid, I give and bequeath 
Unto my grandson Stephen Leggett, Son of my son Isaac de- 
ceased, and to his heirs and assigns for ever, all the said farm or 
Neck of Land that is Not before disposed of in this Will, provided 
he my said Grandson Stephen shall and do pay unto my Grand 
daughter Sarah Leggett daughter of my Son Isaac Leggett, de- 
ceas'd. the sum of two Hundred and fifty pounds New York Cur- 
rency, but in case my said Grandson, Stephen Leggett should die 
Not having lawfull Issue before he arrives at the age of Twenty 
one Years then and in that case I give devise and bequeath the 
said farm or Neck of land that is not before given in part in this 
Will unto my two Sons John and Cornelius, to them their heirs 
and assigns forever to be equally divided share and Share alike, 
provided they pay my granddaughter Sarah Leggett, daughter 
of my Son Isaac, the sum of two Hundred and fifty pounds and 
my express will and Meaning is that my two Sons, John and Cor- 
nelius do bring up and Maintain in a decent and Christian like 
manner my Grandson Stephen Leggett for and during the term 
of Seventeen Years, that they have the use of the farm as afore- 
said and also make fifteen roads of stone Wall on the said farm 
Yearly, and every year for said term of seventeen Years. Item 
I give unto my Son John the use of my Negro boy Jo untill my 
grandson Stephen before named arrives to the age of twenty one 
years and when he arrives to the age of twenty one Years I give 
him my boy Jo. 7th after my decease my Will further is that 
my Executors, or the survivor of them, do sell at publick Vendue 
all my Negro's, chatties and furniture and moveables of every 
kind that are not dispose'd of before in this Will, and the moneys 
thence arising shall be equally divided by my E^^ecutors between 
my Daughter Eleanor Lawrence, my daughter Ruth Leggett, 
and the Children of my daughter Susanah Embre, deceas'd. 
Share and Share alike, and the third part of my Moveables sold 
as aforesaid that shall be given to my Grand children before 
named, shall be subdivided by my executors between all my 
grand children before Mentioned share and share alike. I also 
give unto the children of my daughter Susannah Embre, de- 
ceas'd My Negro Wench Bell. 

My will further is that as I have Made full and ample provis- 
ion for my executor (herein after Named) that they not bring 
any charge or account against my Estate for the trouble they are 
at in executing this my Will, but shall faithfully execute the 
same gratis and for Nothing. . 

Lastly I Nominate and appoint my Sons John Leggett and 
Cornelius Leggett executors of this my last Will and testament, 


hereby Makeing void all former Wills by me made, declareing 
this only to be ray last will and testament. In Witness whereof 
I have here unto sett my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of 
June , in theyear of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 
seventy seven. (Signed) John Leggett (Seal)." 

Witnesses: Stepheniah West, Thomas Hedges, Daniel White. 

Proved before Gary Ludlow, Surrogate of the Province of 
New York, Aug. 28, 1777. 

There is no mention of his wife in the will of John' Leggett, 
so that she was dead before 1777. The only record we find of 
her is in the will of her father, Thomas Hunt, 1756, where she is 
named as being the wife of John Leggett, and in Bolton. The 
exact order of birth of the children of John' Leggett and Anna 
(Hunt) Leggett is not known, but from the order in which they 
are named in the will, it would seem to be as given above. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol, 2, pp. 446, 738. 

New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of Wills, vol. 5, p. 
279; vol. II, p. 13. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber 21, p. 192; Liber 31, p. 386. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p, 291, 

13. Joshua' Leggett (John," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 
about 1702; died at West Farms, before June 13, 1738. His wife's 
given name was Abigail, but no record of her surname or 
parentage has been found. There is no record of any children. 

Letters of administration of Joshua' Leggett's estate were 
granted to his brother, John Leggett, June 13, 1738, and he re- 
signing, new letters were granted to the widow, Abigail Leggett, 
July 28, 1738. 


New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 3, p. 229. 

Pelletreau, W. S,, Early Wills of Westchester, p. 76. 

16. William' Leggett (William," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 
March 26, 17 15; removed to Phillipsburgh and was a large land- 
owner there. He died at Phillipsburgh, between March 17 and 

June 25, 1763. He was married about 1735, to Elizabeth . 

No record of her maiden name nor of her parentage has been 
found. As she is not mentioned in his will, she was probably 
dead before 1763. 

Children 6 (Leggett), 5 sons and i daughter: 

+38 i. Sarah," b. May 21, 1736; d. ; m. Joshua Sherwood. 

+39 ii. Elijah, b. Sept. 27, 1737; d. ; m. . 

+ 40 iii. Ezekiel, b. April 3, 1740; d. 1770; m. Jeanne Angevine. 

41 iv. William, b. Sept. 17, 1742; d. , living in 1763, but 

not named in deed of 1769. In the records of the 
first and second Presbyterian Churches, New York 
City, we find the marriage of a William Leggett, 
soldier, and Catherine Boswin, Feb. 18, 1763. Pos- 
sibly this is this William, but no further record of 
him has been found. 


42 V. Isaac, b. Jan. 12, 1744; d. , living in 1763, but not 

named in deed of 1769, and probably died, unmarried, 
before this latter date. 

43 vi. John, b. Aug. 14, 1749; d. ; m. . 

William^ Leggett was called William Leggett of Phillipsburgh, 
to distinguish him from his father, William' Leggett of West- 
chester. He owned considerable property at Phillipsburgh, but 
as he died at a comparatively early age, there are not many 
records regarding him. 

In his will, dated March 17, 1763, proved June 25, 1763, he 
leaves his farm to sons Elijah and Ezekiel, and makes them 
executors; leaves a cupboard to daughter Sarah; other bequests 
to sons William, Isaac, John, when of age; adding "if my father 
please to leave me any money or effects, to be equally divided 
between all my children." 

The following is a copy of a discharge from the children of 
William' Leggett, to their uncle Abraham Leggett, for the pay- 
ment of the legacy of their grandfather, William' Leggett: 
" To all whom these Presents shall come we Elijah Leggett Eze- 
kiel Legget John Legget Joshua Sherwood and Sarah his wife 
late Sarah Leggett being the children of William Legget de- 
ceased who was one of the sons and Devisees of William Legget 
of the West Farms in the Borough of Westchester deceased send 
greeting whereas the said William Legget our grandfather in and 
by his last Will and Testament did among other things charge 
his estate which he gave to his son Abraham Legget with the 
Payment of Three hundred Pounds to our father William Legget 
in full of his Portion in one year after our said Grandfathers 
death, and whereas altho our father the said William Legget died 
before our Grandfather the said William Legget the Testator, 
upon which Doubts arose, whether the said Legacy was not a 
lapsed Legacy notwithstanding which the said Abraham Legget 
hath well and truly paid and Satisfied to us the said Elijah Eze- 
kiel John Joshua and Sarah the said three Hundred pounds the 
receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge and in consideration 
where of we the said Elijah Legget Ezekiel Legget John Legget 
Joshua Sherwood and Sarah his wife do hereby Remise Release 
and for ever Quit claim unto the said Abraham Legget all and all 
manner of Action and Actions cause and causes of actions, suits, 
Debts, dues, sum and sums of Money, accounts of claims and de- 
mands whatsoever which we now or ought to have either in Law 
or Equity against the said Abraham Legget for or by Reason of 
any matter cause or thing whatsoever from the beginning of the 
World to the day of date hereof. In witness where of We have 
hereunto Respectively set our Hands and seals this Twenty- 
fourth day of May — anno Domini 1769. 

(Signed) Elijah Leggett, Ezekiel Leggett, John Leggett, 
Joshua Sherwood x his mark, Sarah Sherwood x her mark. 

Sealed & delivered in the presence of Gershom Sherwood, 
Joseph Conklin." 



Family Bible record of William' Leggett. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester, p. 199. 

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First and Second Presbyterian Churches, New York City. Records. In: 
New York Gen. and B tog. Record, vol. 11, p. 121. 

Westchester County Deeds. 
17. Sarah' Leggett (William', Gabriel*), born West Farms, 

Jan. 4, 1720; died . She was married (intention, Sept. 18, 

1741) Oct. 16, 1741, to Charles Frazier, a Scotchman; born ; 

died before 1762. 

Children 4 (Frazier), 2 sons and 2 daughters: 

44 i. William', b. Sept. 13, 1743; d. ; m. . 

45 ii. Robert, b. July 20, 1745; d. ; m. . 

46 iii. Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. . 

47 iv. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. . 

The marriage record of Sarah Leggett and Charles Frasier 
reads as follows: "Personen met Geboden. . . . Ingeteekent 
1 741 Septr 18, Met attestatie van Ew' Ouwderlingschap der Pres- 
byt' Gemeente: Charles Frazier j. m. van Schotland woonende 
alhier & Sara Leggit j. d. v. Westchester en woonende alhier. 
Getrouwt Octob. 6." Translation: Persons with banns. Regis- 
tered 1741. Sept. 18. With recommendation from the reverend 
board of elders of the Presbyterian congregation: Charles 
Frasier, young man (i. e., unmarried) from Scotland, living here, 
and Sara Leggit, young maiden, from Westchester, living here. 
Wedded, Oct. 6. 

I find no further records of Charles Frasier, and that he was 
dead before 1762 is shown by William* Leggett's will, written in 
that year. Sarah (Leggett) Frasier was a witness to her brother 
William* Leggett's will at Philipsburgh, 1763, and it is probable 
that the Fraziers also lived at Philipsburgh. 

Family Bible record of William' Leggett. 

New York City. Dutch Church Marriages, p. 168. 

Will of William" Leggett. 

20. Abraham* Leggett (William", Gabriel'), born West Farms, 
July 3, 1728; died June 2, 1813. He was married at West Farms, 
Aug. II, 1758, to Geertye Childs. She was born, Oct. 20, 1736; 
died at West Farms, Dec. 15, 1812, aged 76 years, i month, 23 
days, by tombstone record. She was the daughter of Francis 
Childe and Cornelia Viele of New York City. 
Children i (Leggett), a son: 
+48 i. William*, b. Aug. 4, 1759; ^- April 29, 1828; m. Re- 
becca Wood. 


Family Bible record of William' Leggett. 

New York marriages. Supplemental list. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

New York City. Dutch Church baptisms, vol. 2, p. 53, 


21, Mary' Leggett (William,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 
July lo, 1730; died at Richmond, Staten Island, before 1778. She 

married , 1750, Colonel Richard Lawrence of Staten Island, 

born ; died at Nottingham, County Kent, England, May 25, 

1789. (Will dated March 7, 1789.) He was son of John Law- 
rence. Richard Lawrence married, second, Dec. 22, 1778, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Oakley of Westchester. 

Children 10 (Lawrence), 2 sons and 8 daughters, the two eld- 
est born at West Farms, others in Richmond, Staten Island, and 
baptized at St. Andrew's Church, Richmond: 

49 i. Richard,* b. ; d. Sept. 16, 1846; m. . 

50 ii. Gertrude, b. ; d. ; m. ist, Lawrence, by 

whom she had one daughter, Pamelia; m. 2d, Will- 
iam McComb, by whom she had: Susan, b. Jan. 9, 
1800; Eliza, b. Jan. i, 1802; Maria, b. March 19, 1803; 
Helen S., b. May 11, 1804; Janet, b. March 22, 1806; 
Samuel, b. Nov, i, 1812. 

51 iii. Mary, b, , bp. April 21, 1754; d. ; m. . 

52 iv. Sarah, b. , bp. April 21, 1754; d. ; m. . 

53 V, Leggett, b. June 9, bp, Aug. i, 1756; d. ; m. May 

9, 1777, Mary Barnes. 

54 vi, Elizabeth, b. Oct, 29, 1758; d. in childhood, 

55 vii. Frances, b. July 20, 1760; d, ; m. Dec. 23, 1776, 

John Vanderbilt(?). 

56 viii. Anna, b. Nov. i, 1762; d. ; m. Sept. 5, 1778, Col- 

onel Justus Earl, a Polish refugee. 

57 ix. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 18, 1764; d, ; m. . 

58 X, Susanna, b. Dec. i, 1767; bap, Feb, i, 1767-8; d, ; 

m. , 

By his second marriage Richard Lawrence had two children, 
a son William and a daughter Jane. (Not in Leggett line.) 

Richard Lawrence was a Loyalist and sided openly with the 
British, joined the forces of Lord Howe, and bore the rank of 
colonel in the British army. After peace was declared he was 
imprisoned in New York for the assistance which he had given 
the English, and shortly after his release he went to England 
where he remained until his death in 1789. His widow, Mrs. 
Elizabeth (Oakley) Lawrence received the pension of a colonel's 
widow from the British government until her death. 

Richard Lawrence, the eldest son of Colonel Richard, shared 
his father's prejudices, and, with several of his sisters, went to 
St. John, N. B., in 1793. 

Authorities : 

Dewick, Mrs. S. A. Guslin McComb-Ancestry, pp. 87, 109-116. 

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22. John' Leggett (William," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 

Feb. 4, 1733; died at Lake George, , 1760. He married, June 

5, 1753, Sarah Alsop, born ; died ; daughter of Thomas 

Alsop and Susannah (Blackwell) Alsop of Newtown, L. I. 

Sarah (Alsop) Leggett married 2nd, Lawrence. 


Children 4 (Leggett), 2 sons and 2 daughters, born at West 
+59 i. Mary* (Frances?), b. 1754; d. ; m. Andrew Nor- 
wood of New York. 
+60 ii. Abraham, b. Jan. 3, 1755; d. Jan. 16, 1842; m. (i) 
Rebecca Morgan; m. (2) Catharine Wiley. 

61 iii. William, b. ; d. ; m. . 

+ 62 iv. Susannah, b. July 23, 1758; d. Jan. 23, 1848; m. Abner 
The records of the children of John' Leggett, as given above, 
are taken from the " Narrative " of his son, Major Abraham Leg- 
gett. The record of the Rev. Mr. Leggett differs from this by 
giving the name of the eldest daughter as Frances (also so named 
in the will of her grandfather, William' Leggett), and the hus- 
band of Susannah as Theodore De Forest, who married a 
Susannah Leggett, June 27, 1779, according to the New York 
marriages. It would seem as though the record of Major Leggett 
should be correct, although we have not been able to verify it 
by other records. 

Major Leggett states in his "Narrative" that his father, 
John' Leggett marched for Canada in 1759, got as far as Lake 
George, where he was taken with the fever, and died there in 
four days (this was the latter part of the year 1759 or 1760, as 
administration papers on his estate were granted to Joseph Avery, 
Dec. 19, 1760), and that in 1762 his mother, with the other three 
children returned to her father's home in Newtown, Major Leg- 
gett staying with his grandfather, William' Leggett. Sarah 
(Alsop) Leggett, widow of John' Leggett, later married, as her 
second husband, a Mr. Lawrence of Newtown. 

Authorities : 
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23. Thomas' Leggett (Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 

June 3, 1721; died . He married March 4, 1743, Mary Embree, 

born March 14, 1723; d. . 

Children 11 (Leggett), 7 sons, 4 daughters, born at West 

+63 i. Gabriel,* b. Sept. i, 1743; d. ; m. . 

64 ii. Samuel, b. Feb. 10, 1744-45; d. ; m. . 

+ 65 iii. Martha, b. Oct. 10, 1746; d. June 16, 1834; m. James 

+66 iv. Joseph, b. Oct. 17, 1748; d. Sept. 25, 1803; m. Miriam 

+ 67 v. Charles(?), b. ; d. ; m. . 

+ 68 vi. Isaac, b. Sept. 12, 1752: d. May 28, 1823; m. (i) Rebecca 

Starbuck; m. (2) Judith Clarke. 
+ 69 vii. Thomas, b. Jan. 17, 1755; d. Oct. 10, 1843; i"- (0 Mary 
Ha.ght; m. (2) Mary Underbill. 

-; m. 

m. — 

— Ostrom. 

-; m. 



+ 70 viii. Mary, b. Oct. 21, 1757; d. ; m. (i) James Barker; 

m. (2) Maxwell. 

71 ix. Embree, b. April 17, 1760; d. 
+ 72 X. Hannah, b. Oct. 10, 1763; d. — 
+ 73 xi. Abigail, b. March 31, 1769; d. 

Thomas^ Leggett purchased a farm at Stillwater, Saratoga 
County, N. Y., sometime before the Revolution, where most of 
his children were born. His dwelling and outbuildings, of logs, 
were within the Hessian redoubt at the battle of Saratoga. At 
the approach of Burgoyne, the family crossed the river to Easton, 
Washington County. Two of his sons, Isaac and Thomas, were 
taken prisoners by the British, and carried to the camp near 
Schuylerville; but later made their escape and returned home. 
(This note is taken from the records of a descendant, John' Leg- 
gett [Abraham,' Isaac*], and is probably the correct version of an 
incident very differently told by Bolton, and quoted from him in 
other articles.) 

The history of Saratoga County states that Isaac and Gabriel 
Leggett were early settlers at Stillwater, and it seems likely that 
Thomas* Leggett was only living there temporarily, those two 
sons remaining on his property, the other members of the family 
returning to New York. 

The family of Thomas' Leggett were Friends, the first mem- 
bers of the Leggett family to become members of that faith, and 
were the founders of the Friends' Society at Stillwater, 

There seems to be some difference of opinion as to whether 
Charles* Leggett, given by the Rev. Theodore Leggett as the 
fifth child of Thomas' and Mary (Embree) Leggett, was a son of 
this Thomas. His name is not found in the family record of 
John* Leggett, noted above, and in the Giistin Genealogy his 
grandson, General Mortimer Leggett is called a descendant of 
William'' Leggett. No published records of Charles or of his 
family have been found. 


John Leggett family record. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 

Saratoga County, N. Y., Descriptive and Biographical Record of, pp. 38,95. 

24. Isaac' Leggett (Gabriel," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 
; died , before 1781; married Feb. 2, 1761, Hannah Wig- 
gins, born ; died . 

No record of any children has been found. 

New York Marriages, p. 229. 

25. James' Leggett (Gabriel," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 
; died between April 21 and Oct. 21, 1800; married . 

Children 7 (Leggett), 2 sons and 5 daughters: 

+ 74 i. Martha,* b. ; d. ; m. Worden. 

+ 75 ii. Gabriel, b. ; d. ; m. . 

4-76 iii. Thomas, b. ; d. ; m. . 

77 iv. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. . 


78 V. Phebe, b. ; d. ; m. . 

79 vi. Anne, b. ; d. ; m. . 

80 vii. Esther (Elizabeth?), b. ; d. ; m. . 

In his will, dated April 21, 1800, proved Oct. 21, 1800, James' 
Leggett calls himself "late of Westchester, now of New York 
City;" he mentions his daughter Martha Leggett, now Worden; 
grandsons Henry, son of Gabriel, and John, son of Thomas; 
three daughters, Nancy, Martha and Elizabeth. 

From this it would appear that his wife, who is not named, 
and the other daughters, must have been dead previous to 1800. 
The Elizabeth named in the will may be the seventh child, whose 
name is given as Esther in the above list of children, or there 
may have been still another daughter. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber. 43, p. 254. 

Will of Gabriel' Leggett. 

26. Gabriel' Leggett (Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 

; died , 1760; married Dec. 28, 1757, Catherine Ash, born 

; died before 1783; daughter of Gilbert Ash and his wife 

Mary . Catherine (Ash) Leggett married 2nd, Jan. 30, 1764, 

James Tomlinson. 

Child I (Leggett) a son: 

81 i. Gabriel,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

By her second husband, James Tomlinson, Catherine (Ash) 
Leggett had three children (not in Leggett line): James, Anne 
and Gilbert Tomlinson. 

Gabrie? Leggett died intestate, and his wife Catherine was 
appointed administrator, April 10, 1760. We have no other 
records of him or of his son, Gabriel,* except the mention of 
Gabriel* in the will of his grandfather, Gilbert Ash. 

The will of Gilbert Ash, dated Feb. 10, 1783, proved Jan. 8, 
1785, names his wife, Mary, children of deceased daughter, 
Catherine Tomlinson, namely Gabriel Leggett, son of her first 
husband, Gabriel Leggett, deceased, and James, Anne and Gil- 
bert Tomlinson, by her second husband. James Tomlinson, "when 
they come of age." This will shows that Catherine (Leggett) 
Tomlinson was dead before this date, and that if she had had 
other children by GabrieF Leggett, this son Gabriel was the only 
one living at this date. 


New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of wills, vol. 5, p. 436; 
vol. 13, pp. 74-75. 

New York Marriages, p. 229. 

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27. Mary' Leggett (Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born ; died ; 

married , John Archer of Winterhill, Eastchester, born ; 

died . He was a son of John' Archer (John,' John', first 

Lord of the Manor of Fordham), and his wife, Elizalaeth. 

Children 9 (Archer), 3 sons and 6 daughters: 
82 i. James,* b. ; d. ; m. Phebe . 


83 ii. Gabriel, b. , 1750; d. , 1830; m. Susan Hunt, 

84 iii. John, b. ; d. ; m. Susan Wheeler. 

85 iv. Catherine, b. ; d. ; m. John Bashford. 

86 V. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. John Brown. 

87 vi. Bridget, b, ; d. ; m. Samuel Hitchcock. 

88 vii. Martha, b. ; d. ; m. William Green. 

89 viii, Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. Jacob . 

90 ix. Hannah, b. ; d. ; m. Archer Reed. 

Will of Gabriel' Leggett. 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, vol. 2, pp. 707-708. 
American Ancestry, vol. 2, p. 4. 

28. Martha' Leggett (Gabriel,'^ Gabriel*), born ; died ; 

married , Hezekiah Forgason (or Furgurson), born ; 

died ; son of John Forgason and his wife, Anne. 

Children (no record of their children has been found). 

In the will of John Forgason, dated Sept. 19, 1733, proved 
Dec. 21, 1733, he mentions his wife Anne, son Hezekiah, under 
age, son Nehemiah, daughter Sarah, and other daughters un- 


Will of Gabriel* Leggett. 

New York Historical Society's Collections. Abstract of Wills, vol. 3, p. 134. 

29. Phebe' Leggett (Gabriel," Gabriel*), born ; died ; 

married , Isaac Meiers. 

(No further record has been found.) 
Will of Gabriel' Leggett. 

32. John* Leggett (John,' John,' Gabriel*), born at West Farms, 

, 1742; died, Westchester, , 1780; married about 1762, to 

Mary Haviland, b. — — ; d. ; daughter of Ebenezer Haviland 

and his wife Phebe (Cornell) Haviland. 

Children, 6 (Leggett), 2 sons and 4 daughters. 
+ 91 i. Ebenezer,' b. , 1763; d. Dec. 5, 1833; m. Mary . 

92 ii. Anna, b. ; d. ; m. . 

93 iii. Abigail, b. ; d. ; m. . 

94 iv. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. . 

95 V. Martha, b. ; d. ; m. . 

+96 vi. John Haviland, b. Feb. 21, 1771; d. Jan. 28, 1847; m. 
Gertrude Quackenbos. 

John* Leggett was born in 1742, according to family records, 
but the exact month and day have not been recorded; he mar- 
ried Mary Haviland, a daughter of Ebenezer Haviland and Phebe 
(Cornell) Haviland, about 1762, their eldest son, Ebenezer, having 
been born in 1763. 

John Leggett lived on the West Farms estate, which had de- 
scended to him from his father, probably in the Richardson 
homestead, and he left the farm to his son John at his death, or 
rather, after the death of his wife. 


John Leggett was a member of the First Regiment, West- 
chester Co., in the Revolution. The records in the Historical 
Manuscripts relating to the war of the Revolution are as follows: 
" The first to respond to the call of the Provincial Congress by 
the election of its militia officers, was the Borough town of West- 
chester, where on the 24th day of August (1775), John Oakley 
was elected to the command of the local company, with Nicholas 
Berrian for its first Lieutenant, and Isaac Leggett for its second 
Lieutenant . . ." Also: " List of names of those, from West 
Farms and the Manor of Fordham who were summoned to meet 
at Westchester who petitioned for the organization of the new 
company, and who were (among) its members . . . Abram 
Leggett, William Leggett, John Leggett, Junr., Cornelius Leg- 

The will of John* Leggett, dated Jan. 8, 1780, proved Oct. 23, 
1780, leaves his farm on the Cow Neck to his son Ebenezer, the 
homestead farm to his wife Mary, while she lives or until she 
remarries, it then to go to his younger son John; with bequests 
to his daughters Anna, Abigail, Mary and Martha. The silver 
tankard which was bequeathed to him by his father, John' Leg- 
gett, he leaves to his son John. 


New York Historical Society Collections. Abstracts of Wills, vol. 10, p. i. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester Co., p. 340. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber. 34, p. i. 

Historical Manuscripts Relating to the War of the Revolution. Military 
returns, No. 26, p. 23; No. 27, p. 263. Petitions, No. 31, p. 114. 

Haviland Note. — Ebenezer Haviland, born about 1703, son 
of Benjamin and Abigail Haviland, married 1735, Phebe Cornell, 
born 6 day of 3 month, 17 15 (May 30, if the year was reckoned 
from March 25, as the Friends' calendar usually was in the early 
days), daughter of Richard Cornell and Hannah (Thorne) Cornell. 
Ebenezer Haviland died in 1749, and Phebe (Cornell) Haviland 
married as her 2nd husband, John Williams of Westchester. 
Phebe Haviland Williams died before 1756. 

Ebenezer and Phebe (Cornell) Haviland had seven children: 

1. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. about 1762, John* Leggett. 

2. Abigail, b. ; d. ; no further record. 

3. Hannah, b. 1739; d. 1758; m. 1754, John Griffin. 

4. Elizabeth, b. ; d. ; m. 1766, Thomas Comstock. 

5. Ebenezer, b. 1742; d. ; m. 1770, Jane Burling. 

6. Thomas, b. ; d. 1787; m. 1777, Helena Bartow. 

7. Benjamin, b. 1749; d. ; m. 1770, Sarah Farrington. 

We have no actual proof that the Mary named above is the 
one who married John* Leggett, further than the fact that their 
eldest son was Ebenezer, and that John and Mary Leggett were 
witnesses at the marriage of Elizabeth Haviland and Thomas 
Comstock, Oct. 10, 1766. The Cornell Genealogy states that all 
the children of Ebenezer and Phebe Haviland died young with 
the exception Hannah and Elizabeth, but we find the records of 
marriages, etc., of the others as given above, in the Friends' 


records, so that this statement is disproved by the existing 
records, and it seems probable that Mary, daughter of Ebenezer 
and Phebe Haviland, was the Mary Haviland who married John* 


Cornell Genealogy, pp. 269, 275. 

Comstock Genealogy, p. 41. 

Flushing Friends' Marriages. 

Pelletreau, W. S., Early Wills of Westchester County, p. 102. 

2,1. Cornelius* Leggett (John,' John," Gabriel'), born at West 

Farms, ; died , 1807; married , Mary , born ; 

died between April 19, and May 16, 1823. 
Children 5 (Leggett), 4 sons, i daughter: 

+97 i. Jonathan,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

+98 ii. David, b. ; d. , between 1818 and 1823; m. . 

+99 iii. Cornelius, b. ; d. ; m. 

+ 100 iv. Lawrence, b. ; d. ; m. Catherine Ann . 

+ 101 V. Anna, b. ; d. ; m. ist, Phineas Hunt; 2nd 


Cornelius Leggett made his will, Nov. 22, 1802, proved Sept. 21, 
1807, leaving $750, furniture, etc., to his wife Mary, the rest of his 
property to be equally divided between his five children, Jonathan, 
David, Cornelius, Lawrence, and Anna, wife of Phineas Hunt. 

The will of Mary, widow of Cornelius* Leggett, dated April 
19, 1823, proved May i6, 1823, mentions a deed of gift of $250 from 
each of her five children, Ann Stevenson, Jonathan, David, Cor- 
nelius and Lawrence Leggett, five years previous; leaves bequests 
to sons Jonathan and Cornelius Leggett, daughter Ann Stevenson, 
daughter-in-law Catherine Ann Leggett, wife of son Lawrence, 
grand-daughter by son David, deceased (not named), and Mary 
and Antoinette, daughters of son Jonathan. 

New York City Surrogate's Office. Will». Liber. 58, p. 116. 
Will of John^ Leggett. 

34. Eleanor* Leggett (John,* John," Gabriel'), born at West 

Farms, ; d. ; m. at , Thomas Lawrence, born ; 

died . 

Children 2? (Lawrence), baptized at First Pres. Church, N. Y. C. 

102 i. Isaac,' b. Nov. 12, bapt. Nov. 30, 1766; d. ; m. . 

103 ii. Mary,' b. March. 12; bapt. April 4, 1769; d. ; 

m. . 

And possibly other children. 

In the records of the First Presbyterian Church, Eleanor* 
(Leggett) Lawrence is called Helena Leggett, and in the record 
of the baptism of Mary' Lawrence, the father's name is given as 
Daniel, which is evidently a miswriting for Thomas. 

Records of First Presbyterion Church, N. Y. C. In N. Y. Gen. and Biog. 
Record, vol. 7, pp. 36, 169. 
Will of John3 Leggett. 


35- Susannah* Leggett (John/ John/ Gabriel'), born at West 

Farms, ; died, , before 1777; married at , Embree, 

born ; died . 

Children (Embree). 

It is stated in the will of her father John' Leggett, that 
Susannah (Leggett) Embree left children, to whom he left 
bequests, but they are not named and no further record of them 
has been found. 


Will of John^ Leggett. 

36. Isaac* Leggett (John,* John,' Gabriel"), born at West Farms, 

; died , before 1777; married Oct. 15, 1771, Mary Oakley, 

born ; died . 

Children 2 (Leggett), i son and i daughter. 

104 i. Stephen,^ b. , 1773; d. ; m. . 

105 ii. Sarah,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

Isaac* Leggett was chosen 2d lieutenant of the first militia 
company raised in Westchester for the War of Independence, 
As he was dead when his father, John* Leggett wrote his will in 
1777, and as no record of a will or administration of any estate 
has been found, it is probable that he was killed in one of the 
early battles, either at White Plains or Long Island. 

We find no further records of either of the children of Isaac 
and Mary (Oakley) Leggett. 

Mary (Oakley) Leggett married, as her second husband, at 
Amenia, Dutchess County, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1782, James Pugsley, of 
Nine Partners, Dutchess County. 


Will of John' Leggett. 

Historical Manuscripts Relating to the War of the Revolution. Military 
Returns. No. 26, p. 23; No. 2 7, p. 263. 

Marriage Records of Amenia, N. Y. In N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, 
vol. 33, p. 93. 

37. Ruth* Leggett (John,' John,'' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, 

; died ; married, , June 27, 1778, Michael Collord, 

born ; died . 

Children (Collord). (No record has been found.) 

Will of John' Leggett. 
New York Marriages, p. 229. 

38. Sarah* Leggett (William,' William,' Gabriel'), born May 21, 

1736; died ; married , before 1769, Joshua Sherwood, born 

; died . 

Children (Sherwood). (No record has been found). 

The date of marriage of Sarah* Leggett and Joshua Sherwood 
has not been found, but from her father's will, 1763, it would 
appear that she was not then married, and in the deed, mentioned 
in the record of William' Leggett, acknowledging receipt of their 
grandfather's legacy, by the children of William/ she is called the 


wife of Joshua Sherwood, so that the marriage took place between 
1763 and 1769, presumably at Philipsburgh 

Will of William' Leggett. 
Deed of heirs of William^ Leggett. Westchester County Deeds, 

39. Elijah* Leggett (William," William,* GabrieP), born Sept. 

27, 1737; died ; married . No record of his wife's 

name or parentage has been found. 

Children* (Leggett), 2 sons and 2 daughters. 

106 i. Jane,^ b. ; d. ; m. . 

107 ii. Hannah,' b. 

[08 iii. John,' b. ; d. ; m. 

+ 109 iv. Isaac,' b. ; d. ; m. (i) ; m. (2) 

Barbara . 

Elijah* Leggett lived at Philipsburgh, on his farther's farm, but 
the dates of his marriage and his death have not been recorded in 
the Bible records. He served in the Revolutionary War in the 
First Regiment, Westchester County. 

Will of William' Leggett. 
New York in the Revolution, p. 205. 
Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

40. EzEKiEL* Leggett (William,* William," Gabriel'), born at 

, April 3, 1740; died, at Philipsburg, 1770, and is 

buried in the old burying-ground at Tarrytown. He married, 
Feb. 20, 1764, Jeanne (or Jane) Angevine; born, Oct. 4, 1739; died, 
at Philipsburgh, Dec. 29, 1830, buried in the old burying ground 
at Tarrytown. 

Children 2 (Leggett), i son and i daughter. 

no i. Ada,' b. ; d. in childhood. 

+ 111 ii. Abraham,' b. March 7, 1770; d. Oct. 17, 1857; m. 

Deborah Wood. 

The records of the children of Ezekiel and Jeanne (Angevine) 
Leggett were furnished by Cornelia C.^ Leggett (Abraham* 
Leggett and Sarah Lee, Abraham' Leggett and Deborah Wood) 
wife of Abraham Hatfield. 


Information received from Mrs. Cornelia Leggett Hatfield. 

New York marriages, p. 229. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

48. William* Leggett (Abraham,* William,* Gabriel'), born 
Aug. 4, 1759; died April 29, 1828; married Rebecca Wood, born 
Jan. 18, 1761; died Feb. 20, 1849. 

Children 10 (Leggett), 5 sons and 5 daughters. 

112 i. Abraham,' b. May 29, 1784; d. April 22, 1792. 

+ 113 ii. William,' b. March 26, 1786; d. Sept. 10, 185 1 ;m. . 

114 iii. Elizabeth,' b. Sept. 28, 1787; d. Aug. 21, 1858; m. 


115 iv. Joseph,' b. April 2, 1789; d. March 13, 1870; m. 
117 V. Gertrude,' b. Aug. 10, 1 791; d. Jan. 13, 1846; m. 

117 vi. Cornelia,* b. Nov. 28, 1793; d. Dec. 29, 1859; m. 

118 vii. Rebecca,' b. Feb. 19, 1796; d. Aug. 9, 1836; m. 
t9 viii. Abraham,' b. Jan. 20, 1798; d. 

120 ix. Margaret,' b. Jan. 2, 1801; d. June 27, 1859; m. . 

121 X. Ebenezer,* b. Nov. 25, 1805; d. ; m. . 

Family record of Rev. Theodore A. Leggett. 
Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

59. Mary* Leggett (John,' William,' Gabrier), born at West 

Farms, 1754; died . Married , Andrew Norwood, 

born ; died . 

Children. No record has been found. 

Mary* Leggett is called Frances in the will of her grandfather, 
William' Leggett, and also in the records of the Rev. T. A. 
Leggett, but it is probable that this was either changed to Mary 
in later years, or that the name Frances was a middle name, 
dropped later, as she is called Mary in the notes to her brother, 
Major Abraham Leggett's Narrative; and he also named one of 
his daughters, Mary Norwood Leggett. 

Richard Norwood and his wife Maria Cool had a son Andrew, 
baptized in the Dutch Church, 1731; a second son Andrew, bap- 
tized Feb. 7, 1733, but he is not mentioned in the will of his aunt, 
Cornelia Norwood, 1772, and may not have been living at that 
date. Richard and Cornelia Norwood had a brother, Andrew, 
born probably about 1700, who had daughters Cornelia, Annatie 
and Mary living in 1772, and Mary' Leggett may have married 
him as his second wife. We have not been able to place Andrew 
Norwood, the husband of Mary Leggett, any more accurately, 
though he must have been of this family. 

Will of William" Leggett. 
Leggett, A., Narrative of Abraham Leggett. 
New York Historical Society Collections. Wills, vol. 8, p. 60. 
New York City. Dutch Church baptisms, vol. i, p. 15, 25. 

60. Abraham* Leggett (John,' William," GabrieP), born at West 
Farms, Jan. 3, 1755; died, New York City, Jan. 16, 1842; buried in 
the Houston Street Pres. Churchyard, N. Y. C. He married, first. 
May 29, 1777, Rebecca Morgan, born June 7, 1758; died at North 
Salem, Westchester Co., June 12, 1780, daughter of John Morgan 

of Huntington, L. L, and his wife . Abraham* Leggett 

married, secondly, Jan 3, 1784, Catherine Wylie (or Wiley) of 
New Rochelle, born July 22, 1762; died Nov. 29, 1839. 

Children by first wife 2 (Leggett) daughters. 
+ 123 i. Elizabeth,' b. April i, 1778; d. Feb. 12, 1859; m. James 

123 ii. Rebecca,' b. June 10, 1780; d. (living 1865); m.. May 
12, 1827, Ovid Goldsmith, who died Aug. 18, 1832; no 




















Children by second wife 9 (Leggett), 3 sons and 6 daughters; 
first child born at Chaiiestown, S. C.; others at Savannah, Ga.: 

Abraham Alsop/ b. Oct. 23, 1785; d. ; m. , 

Mary Norwood, b. Aug. i, 1788; d. ; m. . 

Sarah Wiley, b. Aug. 23, 1790; d. Nov. 30, 1791. 

Sarah, b. Dec. 15, 1792; d. ; m. . 

Louisa, b. March 13, 1795; d. April 20, 1820. 

viii. Jane, b. July 26, 1797; d. April 10, 1865; m. . 

William W., b. Nov. 15, 1799; d. Feb. 11, 1800. 
William, b. April 30, 1801; d. May 29, 1839; unm. 
xi, Catherine Wiley, b. March 19, 1804; d. May 9, 1850; 
m. . 

Abraham* Leggett was born at West Farms, Jan. 3, 1775; his 
father, John' Leggett, died when Abraham was five years of age, 
and when his mother returned to Newtown, L. I., in 1762, he 
went to live with his grandfather, William'' Leggett. On the 
death of William" Leggett in 1763, he went to his uncle Abraham's 
home, where he remained until fourteen years of age. He was 
then apprenticed to Phineas Hunt, and later to Samuel Van Black, 
to learn the trade of blacksmith. 

When the trouble began between the Colonies and England, 
Abraham Leggett took an active part in Westchester County 
politics. He, with Thomas Hunt, Col. Lewis Norris, and nine 
others were the gentlemen addressed by the New York Committee 
relative to appointment of delegates to a convention of the county, 
for the election of deputies to the Colonial Congress held at Phila- 
delphia, May 10, 1775. He served as ensign, later as lieutenant, 
when the war began; raised a company for Capt. James Horton, 
March 13, 1776; was in the battles of Brooklyn, Harlem Heights, 
White Plains and Fort Montgomery. When Fort Montgomery 
was taken by the British he was taken prisoner and was confined 
in the old City Hall on Wall Street, and later in the old Provost 
in the Park, where he suffered great privation and hardship. He 
remained a prisoner until 1781 when he was exchanged. Later, 
he rejoined the army and served until the end of the war. 

After the Revolution, Major Abraham Leggett removed to 
Charleston, S. C, from there to Savannah, Georgia, and about 1805 
returned to New York City, where he resided until his death in 
1842. Major Leggett was an original member of the New York 
Society of the Cincinnati, and served as its vice president from 
1838 until his death in 1842. 

At the request of his children, Major Leggett began a history 
of his life and Revolutionary experiences, a few years before his 
death, which was published with editorial notes by Charles Bush- 
nell, in 1865, under the title of "-Narrative of Abraham Leggett." 

William^ Leggett (No. 131), son of Major Abraham* Leggett 
was a well known writer, and was editor, with William Cullen 
Bryant, of the Neiv York Evening Post for a number of years. 
Educated at Georgetown College, D. C, Leggett was appointed 
a midshipman in the United States Navy in 1822, but finding a 
literary life more to his taste, resigned his commission in 1826 
and returned to New York. In 1828 he was made editor of the 


Critic, a weekly journal which was afterwards united with the 
New York Mirror. He became one of the editors of the Evening 
Post in 1829 and remained with the Post until ill health forced him 
to resign in 1836. He sought to regain his health by rest and 
travel in Europe, but without success, and returning to America, 
died at his home in New Rochelle, May 29, 1839. 

His published works include: Leisure Hours at Sea, a volume 
of poems written while in the navy; Tales by a Country School- 
Master, a collection of his articles which had appeared in the 
Mirror and other magazines; Sketches at Sea\ ^.Vidi many other 
poems and sketches. He was an earnest advocate of the rights 
of free discussion and strongly denounced those who mobbed the 
abolitionists in 1835. His editorial work on the Post was of a very 
high order, his articles being exceptionally vigorous and direct. 
Mr. Sedgwick, in his Editorials of the Evening Post, says of him: 
"The intellect of Mr. Leggett was of a very high order. . 
His reading was extremely copious and his style most vigorous 
and manly. . . . Nothing could be in greater contrast with 
the vehemence of his writings than the mildness and courtesy 
of his social life. . . ." 

Mr. Leggett was intimately associated with Bryant in his 
work on the Post, and an editorial by Bryant at the time of his 
resignation shows the high esteem which Bryant had for him and 
for his talents, an esteem which is further emphasized in Bryant's 
later editorial and poem on his death. In his early death the 
world at large, as well as his many friends and admirers, sustained 
an irreparable loss. 


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Same. Centennial edition. 

62. Susannah* Leggett ( John,' William,' Gabriel') born at West 
Farms, July 23, 1758; died, at Belvidere, N. J., Jan. 23, 1848; mar- 
ried, Feb. 3, 1779, Abner Everitt of Pennsylvania, born ; 

died, in Pennsylvania, Aug. 3, 1794. 

Children 9 (Everitt), 4 sons and 5 daughters. 

It is stated in the notes to Major Leggett's Narrative, that 
Abner and Susannah (Leggett) Everitt had nine children, four 
sons and five daughters, but the names are not given, and we 
have not been able to find other records of them. 

Will of William' Leggett. 

Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 447, 
Leggett, A., Narrative of Abraham Leggett. 

63. Gabriel* Leggett (Thomas," Gabriel," Gabriel'), born Sept. 
I, 1743; died . 


Gabriel* Leggett settled on a farm at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., 
New York, about 1776. Whether he married or had any family 
is not known. He was a member of the Society of Friends, he 
and his brother, Isaac, having been the founders of the Friends' 
Society in Stillwater. 


Bolton, R., History of County of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

Saratoga County, N. Y., Descriptive and Biographical Record of. p. 38,95. 

65. Martha* Leggett (Thomas,' Gabriel,* Gabriel'), born Oct. 
10, 1746; died, Westchester Co., June 16, 1834, buried in Chap- 
paqua Friends' Burying-ground; married James Pierce, born 
; died March 15, 1831; buried at Chappaqua Friends' Bury- 

Children (Pierce). (No record-) 


Friends' Records, Chappaqua Births and Deaths. 

dt. Joseph* Leggett (Thomas,* Gabriel,* Gabriel'), born Oct. 7, 
1748; died, at New York City, Sept. 25, 1803; buried in the Houstoq 
Street Friends' Cemetery. He married, Sept. 15, 1774, Miriam 

Haight, born, at Flushing, L. L, 1750; died. New York City, 

Oct. 5, 1833; daughter of Samuel Haight, of Flushing, L. I., and 
his wife Rebecca. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 4 sons and 3 daughters. 

133 i. Joseph,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

-f 134 ii. Mary,' b. ; d. ; m. Jesse Frame. 

+ 135 iii. Hannah,' b. Feb. i, 1781; d. ; m. Silvanus 

Folger Jenkins. 
+ 136 iv. Thomas H.' b. Oct. 26, 1787; d. June 29, 1867; m., ist, 

Avis L ; 2nd, Frances V. . 

+ 137 V. Reuben,' b. Jan. 29, 1790, d. Ang. 15, 1826; m. Mary 

138 vi. Aaron,' b. Nov. 4, 1792; d. i860; unm. 
+ 139 vii. Esther,' b. March 31, 1795; d. ; m. Joseph W. 

Joseph* Leggett resided in New York City, and was in the 
mercantile business at 379 Pearl Street. He and his wife were 
Friends and the births of all their children, with the exception of 
the two eldest, are recorded in the Society of Friends, New York. 
Joseph Leggett died of the " malignant fever " in the epidemic of 
of 1803. 

Aaron' Leggett (No. 138), son of Joseph Leggett, was born in 
New York City, Nov. 4, 1792. He was a prominent merchant, 
and for a number of years was in the dry goods business in Pearl 
Street. In 1832 he became interested in Mexico, and was induced 
to introduce steamboats upon certain rivers there. He established 
a commercial house at San Juan Bautista, in the state of Tabasco, 
March, 1832. He purchased and fitted out a steamboat and 
several brigs and schooners for the shipping of logwood, for which 
contracts were made for several years supply. When his steam- 
ship arrived in Tabasco a civil war was in progress and the 


commandant seized Leggett's ship and used it for government 
purposes. It was later accidentally sunk. This forced Leggett 
to cancel his contracts and close out his business in Mexico. He 
put in a claim for damages against the Mexican government for 
nearly $800,000. In 1834 Mr. Leggett went to Mexico and pre- 
sented this claim in person, but after two years spent in vainly 
endeavoring to secure a settlement, he was forced to give up the 
struggle, return to the United States, and leave our government 
to follow it up at their convenience. In 1839 the American com- 
missioners awarded him some $478,000 with accrued interest 
amounting to about $200,000 but the umpire reduced this sum to 
a little less than $100,000, which Leggett refused to accept. In 
1848 the claim was still before the House for settlement, and some 
agreement was finally reached. The terms of the final settlement 
are not known, but Mr. Leggett must have received a fairly large 
sum, as at his death he disposed of a large fortune by his will. 

Mr. Leggett never married, and at his death his property was 
divided amongst his nephews and nieces. His death occurred 
between March 13, 1857, the date of the codicil to his will, and 
April 24, i860, the date of probate, but the exact date is not known. 

The will of Aaron Leggett names William H. Macy, Thomas 
W. Pearsall, and William L. Jenkins as executors; leaves bequests 
to niece Eliza Macy, daughter of his sister, Hannah Jenkins, and 
wife of William H. Macy, executor; nephews, William L. Jenkins, 
Sylvanus F. Jenkins, niece Caroline J. Oddy, daughter of Hannah 
Jenkins and wife of John Oddy; nieces, children of sister Mary 
Frame, Catherine D., Maria, wife of William Titus, Eliza, wife of 
Gilbert Pearsall, William, Joseph L., wife Joanna, Thomas L., 
wife Ann; Reuben Leggett, his deceased brother, and his children 
Reuben, Phoebe Ann, deceased, and husband Thomas H. Brown, 
Mary E., wife of John Griffen, Esther, deceased, who was first 
wife of said John Griffin, Joseph S. Leggett. 

The will was dated March 13, 1856, with a codicil dated March 
13. 1857; proved April 24, i860. 


Haight Genealogy, p. 444. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 

New York Gazette, Supplement, Thursday, Nov. 10, 1803. List of deaths 
from the " malignant fever." 

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U. S. Government Documents. 30th Congress, ist session. Executive 
document No. 83. 

67. Charles* Leggett (Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born ; 

died ; married . 

Children 3 (Leggett), 3 sons. 

+ 140 i. Isaac,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

141 ii. Benjamin,* b. ; d. ; m, . 

4-142 iii. Samuel,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

The record of Charles' Leggett is taken from the records of 
the Rev. Theodore A. Leggett, and as noted under Thomas' 
Leggett, we have not been able to verify the statement that he 


was a son of Thomas' Leggett, and not a descendant of William' 
Leggett, as stated in the Gustin genealogy.) 
Family record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

68. Isaac* Leggett (Thomas/ Gabriel/ GabrieP), born Sept. 12, 
1752; died at Westchester, May 28, 1823. Married, ist, about 1778, 
Rebecca Starbuck, born Feb. 24, 1761; died Feb. 24, 1817, aged, 
according to death record, 55 years, 7 months, 12 days. She was 
a daughter of Benjamin Starbuck and Hepzibah Bunker, who 
came from Nantucket, Mass. to Easton, Washington County, N. 

Y. Isaac Leggett married 2nd, in 1819, Judith Clark, born ; 

died (before 1869). 

Children 14 (Leggett), 8 sons and 6 daughters. By ist wife: 

+ 143 i. Mary,' b. Jan. 10, 1779; d. ; m. Joseph Bowne. 

144 ii. Samuel, b. ; d. , in infancy. 

+ 145 iii. Samuel, b. April 4, 1782; d. ; m. Susanna , 

+ 146 iv. Isaac, b. March 3, 1784; d. Dec. 21, 1857; m. Nancy 

+ 147 V. Benjamin, b. Feb. 2, 1786; d. ; m. Rebecca 

-I- 148 vi. Joseph, b. Jan. i, 1788; d. ; m, Fanny Johnson. 

+ 149 vii. Abraham, b. Jan. 13, 1790; d. Nov. 25, 1861; m. Sarah 

+ 150 viii. John, b. Jan. i, 1792; d. Jan. 28, 1849; m. Sarah 


151 ix. William, b Aug. 20, 1793; d. ; m. . 

152 X. Hannah, b. Aug. 20, 1795; ^- Feb. 10, 1874; unm. 

+ 153 xi. Rebecca I., b. Nov. 14, 1797; d. May 27, 1857; m. 

Andrew Dorland. 
+ 154 xii. Rosanna F., b. Oct. 27, 1799; d. Dec. 23, 1868; m. 

Robert M. Hicks. 
+ 155 xiii. Maria, b. Sept. 13, 1803; d. Jan. 8, 1882; m. Israel H. 
By 2d wife: 
+ 156 xiv. Phoebe G., b. Jan. 9, 1821; d. March 14, 1889; m. Paul 
Isaac* Leggett settled at Stillwater, Saratoga County, N. Y., 
shortly before the beginning of the Revolution. He was a mem- 
ber of the Society of Friends, and with his brother Gabriel founded 
the Friends' Society in Stillwater. He served as the first minister 
of the Friends there, 1793 to 1820, when he was succeeded by his 
son-in-law, Andrew Dorland. 

Isaac Leggett later returned to Westchester, where he died in 

Saratoga County, N. V., A Descriptive a7id Biographical Record of , p. 38, 95. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 
Friends' Records, New York City. 

69. Thomas* Leggett (Thomas,* Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born, at 
Westchester, Jan. 17, 1755; resided in Westchestei until 1836, when 


he removed to New York City; died, in New York, Oct. lo, 1843. 
He married, ist, May 6, 1781, Mary Haight, born Nov. 2, 1762; 
died Nov. 26, 1804; daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Haight, of 
Flushing, L. I. Thomas Leggett married 2d, March 11, 1808, 

Mary Underhill, born ; died April 27, 1849. 

Children 13 (Leggett), 6 sons and 7 daughters. By ist wife: 
+ 157 i. Samuel,' b. Oct. 4, 1782; d. Jan. 5, 1847; m. Elizabeth 

+ 158 ii. Joseph, b. Jan. 5, 1785; d. 1852; m. Elizabeth 

+ 159 iii. Charlotte, b. Aug. 12, 1787; d. June 1,1871; m. William 

W. Fox. 
+ 160 iv. William Haight, b. April 15, 1789; d. Dec. 22, 1863; 

m. Margaret Wright. 
161 v. Mary, b. Feb. 23, 1791; d. June 4, 1802. 
+ 162 vi. Thomas, b. Jan. 30, 1793; d. Aug. i (or Jan. 8), 1865; 

m., ist, Anna Farrington; 2d, Patience Haydock. 

+ 163 vii. Ann, b. Aug. 2, 1795; d. ; m. Samuel F. Mott. 

164 viii. Elizabeth, b. ; d. Aug. 27, 1798. 

+ 165 ix. Rebecca, b. July 2, 1799; d. April 14, 1878; m. George 

S. Fox. 
166 X. James S., b. Dec. 26, 1800; d. June 4, 1802. 
+ 167 xi. Mary, b. Jan. 13, 1803; d. July 20, 1878; m. Thomas 

W. Pearsall. 
By 2d wife: 

168 xii. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 24, 1809; d. Jan. 25, 1835; unm. 

169 xiii. Jacob U., April 19, 1815; d. Dec. — , 1890; m. . 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 
Haight Genealogy, pp. 445. 

70. Mary* Leggett (Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel"), born at West- 
chester, Oct. 21, 1757; died ; married Feb. 11, 1780, James 

Barker of Dartmouth, Mass., born ; died ; son of William 

Barker of Dartmouth. Mary (Leggett) Barker married (2) a 
Mr. Maxwell. 

No record of any children has been found. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 

Family Record of Rev, T. A. Leggett. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 

72. Hannah' Leggett (Thomas,' GabrieV Gabriel'), born at 
Westchester, Oct. 10, 1763; died ; married , Ostrom. 

No further record has been found. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A, Leggett. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 

73- Abigail' Leggett (Thomas,' Gabriel,* Gabriel"), born at 

Westchester, March 31, 1769; died ; married , Wilbur. 

No further record has been found. 


Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 

74. Martha^ Leggett (James/ Gabriel,'' Gabriel'), born ; 

died ; married ; Worden. 

Martha (Leggett) Worden is mentioned in the will of her 
father, James' Leggett, 1800, but no further records of her have 
been found, and the given name of her husband is not known. 
No record of any children has been found. 

Will of James^ Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

75. Gabriel* Leggett (James,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born ; 

died ; married . The name of his wife is not known. 

Children i(?) (Leggett), a son. 

170 i. Henry," b. ; d. ; m. . 

Henry, son of Gabriel* Leggett is named as beneficiary in the 
will of his grandfather, James' Leggett, 1800. Whether Gabriel* 
had other children is not known. 


Will of James^ Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

76. Thomas* Leggett (James,' Gabriel," Gabriel'), born ; 

died ; married . The name of his wife is not known. 

Children i(?) (Leggett), a son. 

171 i. John,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

John, son of Thomas* Leggett, is named as beneficiary in the 
will of his grandfather, James' Leggett, 1800. Whether Thomas* 
Leggett had other children is not known. 

Will of James^ Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

91. Ebenezer' Leggett (John,* John,' John,* Gabriel'), born at 

West Farms, , 1763; resided at West Farms; died at West 

Farms, Dec. 5, 1833. He married , Mary , born , 1769; 

died at West Farms, Sept. i, 185 1. They, with their children 
are buried in the old cemetery on Hunt's Point. 
Children 3 (Leggett), i son and 2 daughters 

172 i. Cornelia," b. , 1792; d. Feb. 28, 1820, unm. 

173 ii. Anna (Nancy), b. , 1794; d. Aug. 18, 1852, unm. 

174 iii. Robert, b. , 1797; d. June 20, 1816, unm. 

Ebenezer' Leggett resided on the old farm at West Farms; he 

was a member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, but his daughter 
Nancy was one of the founders of the Presbyterian Church at 
West Farms. 

Nancy' Leggett, who died in 1852, was the last surviving 
member of Ebenezer's family. Her will, dated Aug. 12, 1852, 
leaves her house and lot, a parcel of land, etc., south of the village 
of West Farms, to Ann Elizabeth McGreagor, a school-teacher 


who had long boarded with her, and after her death to Mrs. 
Mary Gales, an old friend. 


Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

Record furnished by Mrs. Josephine Frost. 

96. John Haviland' Leggett (John,* John,' John," Gabrier), 
born at West Farms, Feb. 21, 1771; resided at West Farms, later 
in New York City; died in New York, Jan. 28, 1847. He married. 
New York City, May 23, 1799, Gertrude Qnackenbos, born in 
New York, Dec. 3, 1777; died in New York, March 19, 1859; 
daughter of John* Quackenbos (Johannes,' Wouter,' Peter') and 
Catherine DeWitt. 

Children 10 (Leggett), 3 sons and 7 daughters. 
+ 175 i. John Haviland," b. A'lay 28, 1800; d. May 31, 1873; m. 

Mary Noel Bleecker. 
176 ii. Edward Henry, b. Feb. 6, 1803; d. , 1818, unm. 

He was a student at Columbia College at the time 

of his death. 
+ 177 iii. Caroline Augusta, b. March 25, 1805; d. Aug. 4, 1879; 

m. Rev. Richard Cunningham Snimeall. 
+ 178 iv. Anna Georgina, b. June 13, 1806; d. Dec. 30, 1878; 

m. Charles RadclifTe. 

179 V. Maria Clinton, b. ; d. , in childhood. 

180 vi. Gertrude Quackenbos, b. Jan 31, 1810; d. , in 


181 vii. Theodore Augustus, b. July 28, 1811; d. Aug. 3, 1849, 

unm. He was a physician in New York City, and 
died there of the cholera, having refused to leave 
the city during the epedemic. 

182 viii. Catherine Ann, b. Sept. 15, 1814; d. in infancy. 

+ 183 ix. Catherine Ann Gansvoort, b. Dec. 21, 1818; d. Aug. 8, 

1879; m. Cornelius Nagel. 
+ 184 X. Gertrude Quackenbos, b. March 30, 1823; d. ; 

m. (i) John H. Lasher; m. (2) J. Bullocke. 

John Haviland' Leggett lived in the house standing near the 
present station of the Harlem branch. New York, New Haven & 
Hartford Railroad; and as he was to inherit the house his father 
had lived in, this is probably the same. He sold this house, 
July 2, 1810, to Thomas Ludlow Ogden for $7,500; he then pur- 
chased a house on Greenwich St., New York City, which he also 
sold later. From Greenwich St. he removed to a house on 
Provost St. where he resided until 1824, removing from there to 
87 Fourth St. He was a merchant for some years, but was not 
very successful in his business dealings, and later was appointed 
Inspector of Customs, a post which he held for many years. 

During his life, John H. Leggett had expressed the wish to be 
buried in the old family burying-ground on Hunt's Point, but 
this wish was not carried out at his death, and he was buried in 
the Quackenbos vault, Carmansville, New York City. 

Will of John-* Leggett. 


Records of First Presbyterian Church, N. V. C. A^. V. Gen. and Biog. 
Record, vol. 12, p. 91. 

New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. 24, p. 173; vol. 25, p. 17, el seq. 
Record furnished by Mrs. Josephine Frost. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

97. Jonathan' Leggett (Cornelius,* John/ John," Gabriel'), born 

; died ; married . The name of his wife has not 

been found. 

Children 2 (Leggett), daughters, and possibly other children. 

185 i. Mary," b. ; d. ; m. . 

186 ii. Antoinette, b. ; d. ; m. . 

The only mention we find of Jonathan' Leggett is in the wills 
of his father, Cornelius, and of his mother, Mary Leggett. Mary 
Leggett also left bequests to his two daughters Mary and 
Antoinette. No other records of him or of his children have been 

Will of Cornelius* Leggett. 
Will of Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

98. David' Leggett (Cornelius,* John," John,* Gabriel"), born 

; d. , before 1823; married . The name of his wife 

has not been found. 

Children i (Leggett), a daughter, and possibly other children. 
187 i. Ann Eliza.'(?) 

According to the will of Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius* 
Leggett, David' Leggett was living in 1817, when he with his 
brothers and sister gave the sum of $200 each to their mother, but 
he was dead previous to the making of her will in 1823, in which 
she leaves a bequest to her granddaughter, daughter of her son 
David, deceased. This daughter is not named; but we find the 
will of Ann Eliza Leggett, dated Jan. 22, 1827, proved Feb. 10, 
1827, in which is mentioned her uncle Lawrence Leggett, so that 
she must have been a daughter of one of Lawrence' Leggett's 
brothers (either Jonathan, Cornelius or David) and it seems 
likely that she was the daughter of David' Leggett, who was 
mentioned by Mary Leggett in her will. 

Will of Cornelius* Leggett. 

Will of Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber 61, p. 148. 

Family Record of Rev, T. A. Leggett. 

99. Cornelius' Leggett (Cornelius,* John,' John,* Gabrie?), 
born ; died . 

We have no record of Cornelius' Leggett except the mention 
of his name in the wills of his parents, Cornelius* Leggett and 
Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius.* It is not known whether he 
ever married. 


Will of Cornelius* Leggett. 

Will of Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius.* 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 


loo Lawrence^ Leggett (Cornelius/ John,' John.^" Gabrier), 
born ; died ; married , Catherine Ann . 

The only records we have of Lawrence' Leggett are those 
found in the wills mentioned above. The name of his wife is 
found in the will of his mother, Mary Leggett. Whether he had 
any children is not known. 


Will of Cornelius^ Leggett. 

Will of Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius. 

Will of Ann Eliza" Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

loi. Anna' Leggett (Cornelius," John,' John," Gabriel'), born 

. died ; married (i) before 1802, Phineas Hunt, born ; 

died . Anna (Leggett) Hunt married (2) before 1823, 


No record of any children has been found. 

Anna (Leggett) Hunt is called the wife of Phineas Hunt in 
the will of her father, Cornelius" Leggett, in 1802; and in the will 
of her mother, Mary Leggett, 1823, she is called Anna Stevenson, 
so that she was widowed and married the second time between 
those dates. No further record of her has been found. 

Will of Cornelius'* Leggett. 

Will of Mary Leggett, widow of Cornelius.* 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

109. Isaac" Leggett ( Elijah," William,' William,' GabrieP), born 

; resided in his later years in New York; died in New York, 

, 1833. He married Barbara , who died about 1842. 

Children, 6(?) (Leggett), i son and 5 daughters. 

188 i. Sarah,' b. ; d. ; m. John Dusenbury. 

189 ii. William V., b. ; d. ; m. . 

190 iii. Jane, b. ; d. ; m. Robert McCord. 

191 iv. Mary A., b. ; d. ; m. Kolb; had a son, 

Rev. William Leggett Kolb. 

192 V. Tamar, b. ; d. ; living, unm., 1841. 

193 vi. Henrietta, b. ; d. ; living, unm., 1841. 

The will of Isaac' Legget, dated Dec. 29, 1832, proved March 
5, 1833, mentions his wife, Barbara, children under age, unnamed, 
daughter Sarah Dusenbury. John Dusenbury was appointed 

The will of his widow, Barbara, dated Jan. 25, 1841, proved 
April 17, 1843, mentions daughters Tamar and Henrietta, son-in- 
law Robert McCord. 

It is possible that Sarah, and perhaps other of the children 
may have been by a former wife, but there is no record of a 
previous marriage and it does not seem that such was the case. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber 70, p. 67; Liber 86, p. 374. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 


III, Abraham' Leggett (Ezekiel/ William,' William," Gabrier), 
b. March 7, 1770; was a tanner and resided at Mt. Pleasant, N. Y.; 
died Oct. 17, 1857. He married March 27, 1792, Deborah Wood, 
born Feb. 27, 1773; died Feb. 20, 1858. Abraham' Leggett and 
his wife are both buried in the old cemetery at Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Children 14 (Leggett), 10 sons and 4 daughters. 
194 i. Ezekiel,' b. Oct. 26, 1793; d. Nov. 7, 1859. 

+ 195 ii. Jane, b. Jan. 29, 1795; d. ; m. Thomas Horton. 

+ 196 iii. James W., b. Jan. 16, 1797; d. ; m. (i) ; m. (2) 

Susan Requa. 

197 iv. Eliza Ann, b. Feb. 4, 1799; d. 1886, unm. 

198 V. Sarah, b. Jan. 23, 180 1; d. ; m. Mead Wheeler. 

199 vi. Abraham, b. Dec. 12, 1803; d. Feb. 21, 1805. 

+ 200 vii. Abraham, ) b. June 2, 1805; d. Sept. i, 1878; m. Sarah 
[•twins. Lee. 

201 viii. Isaac, ) b. June 2, 1805; d. Feb. 20, 1841; m. Susan 


202 ix. Stephen, b. Feb. 21, 1808; d. , 1894; m. Susan B. 


203 V. William, b. Oct. 15, 1810; d March 7, 1867, unm. 

204 xi. Edward H., b. July 31, 1812; d. March 29, 1837, unm. 

205 xii. Elijah, b. March 31, 1814; d. same day. 

206 xiii. John N., b. Nov. 2, 1815; d. ; m. Augusta 


207 xiv. Deborah, b. April 27, 1818; d. Aug. 21, 1881, unm. 

Family Record of Abraham Hatfield, Jr. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

113. William' Leggett (William,* Abraham,' William,* GabrieP), 
born March 26, 1786; died Sept. to, 1851. We have no record of 
the name of his wife. 

Children 4 (Leggett), 2 sons and 2 daughters. 

208 i. William Henry,° b. ; d. ; m. . 

209 ii. Augustus, b. ; d. ; m. . 

210 iii. Caroline, b. ; d. ; m. . 

211 iv. Cornelia, b. , d. ; m. . 

Have no further record of this family. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

122. Elizabeth' Leggett (Abraham,* John,' William,' Gabriel'), 
born April i, 1778; resided in New York; died Feb. 12, 1859. She 
married at New York, Oct. 16, 1800, James Breath, a sea captain. 

Children 9 (Breath), 6 sons and 3 daughters: 

212 i. James Saunders," b. March 18, 1802; d. ; m. . 

213 ii. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9, 1804; d. Sept. — , 1820. 

214 iii. Abraham, b. Dec. i, 1805; d. ; m. . 

215 iv. Edward, b. Jan. 22, 1808; d. Nov. 18, 1861; m. . 

216 V. John, b. Sept. 20, 1809; d. Nov. 27, 1863; m. . 

217 vi. William Leggett, b. June 17, 1811; d. ; m. . 












2i8 vii. Rebecca L., b. Nov. 15, 1813; d. Jan. 10, 1854, unm.(?) 

219 viii. Mary Adeline, b. Dec. 15, 1815; d. ; m. . 

220 ix. Samuel M., b. Oct. 17, 1817; d. ; m. . 

Records of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches, New York City. 
New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. 14, p. 41. 

Leggett, A., Narrative of Major Abrahaju Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

123. Rebecca' Leggett (Abraham,' John," William,' Gabrier), 

born in 1780; died . She married in 1827, Ovid Goldsmith of 

New York City. We have no further record of her or her family. 

Leggett, A., Narrative of Major Abrahatn Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

124. Abraham Alsop' Leggett (Abraham,' John,' William,' 

Gabriel'), born at Charleston, S. C, Oct. 23, 1785; died . He 

married (i) R. Morgan; married (2) E, Morgan. 

Children 5 (Leggett), i son and 4 daughters. 

Anna,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

Adeline, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Margaret W., b. ; d. ; m. . 

Mary N., b. ; d. ; m. . 

William Henry, b. Feb. 24, 1816; d. April — , 1882, 
unm. He graduated from Columbia University in 
1837; was a teacher and well known botanist. He 
founded the Torrey Botanical Bulletin^ and was its 
editor for a number of years. 

Leggett, A., Narrative of Major Abraham Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography. 

134. Mary' Leggett (Joseph,' Thomas,^ Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 

born ; died . She married Dec. 12, 1798, Jesse Frame, 

born ; d. ; son of David and Catherine Frame of New 


Children 5 (Frame), 2 sons and 3 daughters: 

226 i. Catherine,' b. ; d. ; probably d. unm.; as she 

is not mentioned in the will of her uncle, Aaron 

Joseph L., b. ; d. — — ; m. Joanna . 

Maria, b. ; d. ; m. William Titus. 

Thomas L., b. ; d. ; m. Ann . 

Elizabeth, b. Nov. 12, 1811; d. ; m. Gilbert Pear- 

Friends' Marriages, Flushing, N. Y. 
Will of Aaron^ Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

135. Hannah S.' Leggett (Joseph,' Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born Feb. i, 1781; died ; married Oct. 12, 1803, Silvanus 
























Folger Jenkins, born June 26, 1782; died Dec. 23, 1818, aged 36 
years, 5 months, 27 days; son of Jonathan and Sarah Jenkins of 

Children 8 (Jenkins), 2 sons, 5 daughters, and one child sex 
not stated. 

William Leggett,* b. Aug. 23, 1804; d. ; m, . 

Eliza L., b. Oct. 9, 1806; d. ; m, Oct. 10, 1827, 

William H. Macy, son of Josiah and Lydia Macy. 
Mary, b. June 30, 1808; d. May 15, 1809. 

Child (not named), b. ; d. March 4, 1810. 

Mary, b. March 9, 181 1; d. Dec. 25, 1828, 
Sarah, b. Jan. — , 1813; d. April 22, 1814. 

Sylvanus Folger, b. ; d. ; m. . One 

record states that he d. Feb. 10, 1820, and that the 
name of William L. Jenkins was later changed to 
Sylvanus F., but both are named in the will of 
Aaron' Leggett. 

236 viii. Caroline J., b. Aug. 21, 1814; d. ; m. John Oddy. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Will of Aaron^ Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

136. Thomas H." Leggett (Joseph,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born Oct. 26, 1787; died June 29, 1867; resided in Flushing, L. I., 
removed to New York City in 1847. He married (i) about 1811, 

Avis I. , born 1788; died in New York, Feb. 24, 1817, aged 29 

years. Her maiden name has not been recorded. Thomas H. 
Leggett married (2) in 1823, Frances V. Pleasant(?) of Phila- 
delphia, who died June 15, 1876. 

Children 10 (Leggett), 5 sons, 4 daughters, and one child, sex 
not stated. By first wife: 

237 i. Silvanus J.,* b. Sept. 30, 181 2; d. June 8, 1840, unm. 

238 ii. Alfred, b. Dec. 5, 1814; d, June 25, 1815. 

239 iii. Infant (unnamed), b. ; d. Feb. 27, 1817. 

By second wife.: 

240 iv. Avis, b. Nov, 14, 1823; d. ; m, Oct. 17, 1855; 

Joseph Fitch of New Orleans, son of Joseph and 
Mary Fitch of Flushing, N. Y. 

241 v. Charles Pleasant, b. Dec. 31, 1824; d. ; m. . 

242 vi. Miriam, b. Aug. 26, 1826; d. ; m. Dec. 5, 1854, 

Joseph F. Franklin of Cincinnati, son of Joseph L. 
and Mary Franklin of Flushing, N. Y. 

+ 243 vii. Thomas K., Jr., b. May 14, 1828; d. ; m. Hannah 

H. Hoag. 

244 viii. Pemberton, b. Oct. 8, 1831; d. Feb. 3, 1838. 

245 ix. Frances Pleasant, b. Aug. 24, 1834; d. Jan. 24, 1838. 

246 X. Nancy Emlen, b. Dec. 5, 1836; d. Dec. 14, 1839. 

Friends' Records, New York City, and Flushing, L. L 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 


137 Reuben* Leggett (Joseph/ Thomas,' Gabriel," Gabriel'), 
born Tan 29, 1790; died Aug. 15, 1826; resided in New York City. 
He married June 2, 1814, at Rahway, N. J., Mary U. March, born 
1785; died Jan. 24, 1853; daughter of Samuel and Ann Marsh of 
Middlesex, N. J. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 3 sons, 3 daughters, and one child, sex 
not stated: 

247 i. Phebe Ann,' b. Jan. 4, (or April i), 1815; d. before 

1856; m. Sept. 3, 1840, Thomas H. Brown of New 
York, son of Caleb and Phebe W. Brown. 

248 ii. Infant (unnamed), b. ; d. March 17, 1816. 

+ 249 iii. Reuben, b. Feb. 2, 1817; d. Sept. 13, 1866; m. Anna 
Maria Ogden. 
250 iv. Alfred(?). (In the Friends' record we find the record 
of birth of Alfred, son of Reuben and Mary Marsh 
Leggett, Feb. 20, 1817. As the birth of Reuben is 
also recorded as given above, either the name was 
changed to Reuben at a later date, and the day of 
the month is wrongly entered in one case or the 
other, or else they were twin sons. As there are no 
further records of a son Alfred, it seems likely that 
a change of name is the explanation of the discrep- 
ancy in the records.) 

+ 251 V. Esther, b. ; d. April 16, 1849; m. John Griffin. 

252 vi. Joseph Samuel, b. May 9, 1821; d. , 1895; m. 

Agnes Hotchkiss. 

+ 253 vii. Mary Eliza, b. Aug. 23, 1826; d. ; m. March 6, 

185 1, as his second wife, John Griffin, whose first 
wife was her sister Esther. 
Friends' Records. New York City. 
Will of Aaron' Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

139. Esther' Leggett (Joseph,* Thomas,* Gabriel,* Gabriel')* 
born March 31, 1795; died Feb. 14, 1820. Married July 8, j8i8, 

Joseph W. Corlies, born ; died i860; son of Briton and Sarah 

Corlies of Shrewsbury, N. J. 

We have no record of any children to Joseph W. and Esther 
(Leggett) Corlies. Joseph W. Corlies married (2) Nov, 10, 1825, 

Lydia L. Titus, born , 1797; died Nov. 2, 1869, and had: 

Alfred W., b. Dec. 5, 1826; Joseph W., b. March i, 1829; Eliza- 
beth, b. , 1832; d. June 7, 1832. 


Friends' Records, New York City. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

Correction of record of descent of Charles Leggett (No. 67). 
(Note by compiler.) 

As was noted on page 42, under Thomas* Leggett (No. 
23), the statement made by Rev. T. A. Leggett that Charles 
Leggett was a son of Thomas' Leggett, had not been proved to 
the satisfaction of the compiler, but lacking proof to the con- 


trary, the records were put in as they stood, with a query as to 
their correctness. Since the publication of these records, the 
descent of Charles* Leggett (No. 67) has been established; 
records have been found which prove him to have been the son 
of Isaac' Leggett (No. 24) and his wife, Hannah Wiggins. The 
corrected records are as follows (beginning with Isaac' Leggett, 
page 43): 

24. Isaac' Leggett (Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; 

died , before 1781; married Feb. 2, 1761, Hannah Wiggins. 

Child I (Leggett), a son: 

+ 67 i. Charles,* b. Sept, 17, 1762; d. Aug. 14, 1834; m. Phebe 
Williams. (As it is not possible to change the num- 
bers throughout the line, we are merely transferring 
No. 67 from its former place under Thomas' Leggett, 
to this, the proper place for the record of Charles.) 
Authorities : 
New York Marriages, p. 229. 
Friends' Records, Queensbury, N. Y. 
Notable Americans, vol. 6. 

67. (Page 54.) Charles* Leggett (Isaac,* Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born at Westchester, Sept. 17, 1762; died at Chester, Warren 
Co., N. Y., death recorded at Queensbury, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1834, 
aged 72 years, 10 months, 28 days; married Phebe Williams (or 

Children 8 (Leggett), 4 sons and 4 daughters: 

+ 140 i. Isaac,' b. ; d. ; m. Mary Strong. 

141 ii. Benjamin, b. ; d. ; m. . 

+ 142 iii. Samuel, b. ; d. ; m. . 

+ i42a iv. Wilson, b. ; d. ; m. Eunice Haight. 

-f 142b v. Hannah, b. ; d. ; m. Stephen Brown. 

+ 142C vi. Rebecca, b. ; d. ; m. Isaac Starbuck. 

+ i42d vii. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. Benjamin Battey. 

i42e viii. Susannah, b. • ; d. ; m. Feb. 4, 1824, Samuel 

Peasley, son of Micajah and Jane Peasley of Peru, 
Clinton Co., N. Y. (No further record.) 

The record of birth of Charles* Leggett is taken from the 
death record, as found in the Friends' Records of Queensbury, 
Warren Co., N. Y,, the record reading as follows: "Charles 
Leggett, died 14-8-1834, aged 72 years, 10 months, 28 days, of 
Isaac and Hannah;" thus establishing both the date of his birth 
and his parentage. We do not find the maiden name of his wife 
amongst the Friends' Records, but in the biographical sketch of 
General Mortimer D. Leggett {Notable Americans, vol. 6), it is 
stated that he, Mortimer, was the grandson of Charles Leggett 
and Phebe Williams; but the fact that one and probably the 
the eldest of their sons was named " Wilson " might indicate that 
her name was not Williams but Wilson. 

The arrangement of the children is probably not the correct 
one, but failing any birth dates, the three sons named by Rev. T, 
A. Leggett are given first, and the others arranged according to 
the dates of their marriages. The record of Isaac's marriage is 


from the biography mentioned above, but it is probable that 
Wilson was the eldest son, and Isaac one of the younger children. 
The names of Benjamin and Samuel are only found in Rev. Mr. 
Leggett's record. 

In the marriage records of their children, Charles and Phebe 
arc called "of Chester, Warren Co., N. Y." Nov. i, 1838, Phebe 
Leggett removed to Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., where her daughter 
Hannah, wife of Stephen Brown was then living. No record of 
the death of Phebe Leggett, widow of Charles has been found. 
Authorities : 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

Friends' Records, Queensbury, Warren Co., N. Y. 

Friends' Records, Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

Notable Americans, vol. 6. 

140. Isaac* Leggett (Charles,* Isaac,* Gabriel,' Gabriel*), 
born ; d. ; resided for a time in or near Ithaca, N. Y., re- 
moved to eastern Ohio in 1836, and settled on a farm. He married 
Mary Strong, daughter of James Strong and Eleanor Denton. 

Children? (Leggett), a son, and probably other children: 
+ 254 i. Mortimer Dormer,* b. April 19, i8'2i; d.' Jan. 6, 1896; 
m. (i) Marilla Wells; m. (2) Weltha Post. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Legge'tt. 

National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, vol. 2, p. 350. 

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography. 

142. Samuel' Leggett (Charles,* Isaac,' Gabriel,* GabrieP), 

born ; died ; married . We have no records of his 

wife's name or parentage. 

Children 4 (Leggett), 3 sons and i daughter: 

255 i. Isaac,* b. ; d. ; m. . 

256 ii. John, b. ; d. ; m. . 

257 iii. Richard W., b. ; d. ; m. . 

258 iv. Lydia, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
142 A. Wilson* Leggett (Charles,* Isaac,* Gabriel," Gabriel*), 

born ; d. ; resided at Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y., at 

time of marriage; removed to Chester, N. Y., 1815. He married, 
at Hudson, Aug. 24, 1809, Eunice Haight, daughter of David and 
Phebe Haight of Chatham. 

Children ? (Leggett), 2 daughters, and possibly other children. 

i. Eliza Ann,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

ii. Ruth, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Friends' Records, Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

142B. Hannah* Leggett (Charles,* Isaac,* Gabriel,* Gabriel*), 

born ; d. ; married at Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., March 

7, 1810, Stephen Brown, son of Justus and Desire Brown of 
Queensbury, Warren Co., N. Y. They removed to Scipio, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., Feb. 2, 1837. f ' / 6 


Children 7 (Brown), 3 sons and 4 daughters: 

i. Phebe L.,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

ii. Lidia, b. ; d. ; m. . 

iii. Hulda, b. ; d. ; m. . 

iv. Benjamin W., b. ; d. ; m, . 

V. David, b. ; d. ; m. . 

vi. Isaac L., b. ; d. ; m. . 

vii. Abigail, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Friends' Records, Queensbury, N. Y. 

142c. Rebecca' Leggett (Charles,* Isaac,' Gabriel,* Gabriel'), 

born at Saratoga. Saratoga Co., N. Y., Sept. 9, 1791; died ; 

married, at Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., April 7, 1813, Isaac Star- 
buck, born at Stillwater, Saratoga County, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1787; 
died at Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y., March 22, 1844; son of 
James and Content Starbuck, They removed to Scipio, Cayuga 
Co., 1815, and from there to Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y., about 

Children 8 (Starbuck), 3 sons and 5 daughters: 

i. William,* b. at Chester, Aug. 30, 1813; d. ; m. . 

ii. James, b. at Scipio, Sept. 5, 1815; d, ; m. . 

iii, Charles L., b. at Scipio, Jan. 23, 1817; d. ; m. . 

iv. Phoebe C, b. at Hartland, March 30, 1820; d. ; 

m. . 

V. Delia, b. Oct. 28, 1824; d. ; m. . 

vi. Ariadne, b. July 3, 1825; d. ; m. . 

vii. Susan E., b. May 8, 1828; d. ; m. . 

viii. Harriet, b. Dec. 27, 1831; d. . 

Friends' Records, Queensbury, Warren Co,, N. Y. 
Friends' Records, Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

142D. Mary' Leggett (Charles,* Isaac,* Gabriel,* Gabriel'), born 

; died ; married at Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., July 10, 

1816, Benjamin Battey, son of Nicholas and Thankful Battey, of 
Starksborough, Addison Co., Vt. They, with six minor children, 
were granted removal certificate from Queensbury, N. Y., to 
Richland, Oswego Co., N. Y., Dec. 29, 1831. 
Children 6 (Battey), 2 sons and 4 daughters: 

i, Susan L.,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

ii. Lydia, b. ; d. ; m, . 

iii. Phebe L., b. ; d. ; m. . 

iv. Isaac Newton, b. ; d. ; m. . 

v. Benjamin Wilson, b. March 12, 1828; d. ; m. , 

vi. Ruth Leggett, b. Dec. 26, 1829; d. ; m. . 

Friends' Records, Queensbury, N. Y. 

143. Mary' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,* Gabriel'), bom 

Jan. 10, 1779; died ; married Joseph Bowne. 

Children 7 (Bowne), 5 sons and 2 daughters: 


Richard,* b. ; d. ; m. 

260 ii. Abigail, b. ; d. ; m. - 

261 iii. Samuel, b. ; d. ; m, - 

262 iv. Rebecca, b. ; d. ; m. 



263 V. George, b. ; d. 

264 vi. Joseph, b. ; d. ; m. - 

265 vii. William, b. ; d. ; m. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

145. Samuel* Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,* Gabriel'), 
born April 4, 1782; died when quite a young man, though the 

exact date is not known; married Susanna . His widow 

married (2) a Mr. Hare. 

Children 2 (Leggett) daughters: 

266 i. Mary," b. ; d. ; m. LeBaron Goodwin. 

267 ii. Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. Isaac Deuel. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

146. Isaac' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born 
March 3, 1784; died Dec. 21, 1857; married Nancy Russell. 

Children 8 (Leggett), 4 sons and 4 daughters: 

268 i. Eliza,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

269 ii. Samuel, b. ; d. ; m. 

270 iii. Lydia, b. ; d. ; m. — 

271 iv. Peleg, b. ; d. ; m. — 

272 V. Rebecca, b. ; d. ; m. 

273 vi. Alfred, b. ; d. ; m. 

274 vii. Barnabas, b. ; d. ; m. . 

275 viii. Mary Ann, b. ; d. ; m. . 


Family Record of John Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
147. Benjamin' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel*), 
born Feb. 2, 1786; died ; married Rebecca . Ben- 
jamin Leggett resided in Butternuts, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 4 sons and i daughter: 

276 i. John,' b. ; d. in infancy. 

277 ii. Isaac, b. ; d. ; m. . 

278 iii. Edward, b. ; d. ; m. 

279 iv. Charity, b. , d. ; m. - 

280 V. John, b. ; d. ; m. — 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
148. Joseph' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born 

Jan. I, 1788; died ; married Fanny Johnson. 

Children 6 (Leggett), 3 sons and 3 daughters: 
281 i. George A.,' b. ; d. Aug. 16, 1902; m. . 


282 ii, Jane, b. ; d. ; m. . 

283 iii. Rebecca, b. ; d. ; m. • 

284 iv. Edwin, b. ; d. ; m. . 

285 V. Sarah, b. ; d. ; m. . 

286 vi. Isaac, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

149. Abraham* Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel," Gabriel*), 
born Jan. 13, 1790; died Nov. 25, 1861. He married May 26, 1813, 
Sarah Deuel, born March 25, 1792; died May 14, 1875; daughter 
of Abner Deuel and Abigail Tripp, who were born at Dartmouth, 
Mass., married there in 1780; removed to White Creek, Washing- 
ton Co., N. Y., in 1800, and in 1809 to Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 4 sons and 3 daughters: 
+ 287 i. Abraham William,* b. Sept. 15, 1814; d. Dec. 6, 1899; 

m. Phebe Briggs. 
+ 288 ii. Mary F., b. Nov. 13, 1818; d. March 28, 1885; m. 

Charles F. Swain. 
+ 289 iii. Maria W., ) b. Aug. 26, 1820; d. Jan. 6, 1853; m. Zebu- 
>■ twins. Ion Mott. 

290 iv. Rosanna, ) b. Aug. 26, 1820; d. Sept. i, 1830. 

291 V. Robert H., b. April 28, 1825; d. June 7, 1826. 

+ 292 vi. Joseph B., b. Jan. 14, 1828; d. July 25, 1894; m. Alice 
E. Marks. 

293 vii. John (H.), b. June 2, 1835; d. June 22, 1909; m. . 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

150. John' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born 
Jan. I, 1792; died Jan. 28, 1849; married at Troy, N. Y., Nov. 6, 
1823, Sarah H. Arnold, born Aug. 7, 1795; died July 25, 1873, 
aged 78 years. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 2 sons and 3 daughters: 

294 i. Maria A.,* b. Jan. 29, 1825; d. May 24, 1891, unm. 

295 ii. Mary B., b. Sept. 9, 1826; d. Jan. 23, 1887, unm. 

296 iii. James K., b. Nov. 13, 1828 (Friends' Record, Nov. 8, 

1827); d. July 17, 1885; m. . 

297 iv. Elizabeth A., b. Nov. ir, 1830; d. June 26, 1839. 

298 V, Isaac G., b. Aug. 13, 1833; d. Oct. 23, 1887; m. . 


Friends' Records, New York City. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
153. Rebecca I.* Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born Nov. 14, 1797; died May 27, 1857. She married at West- 
chester, Oct. 20, 1819, Andrew Dorland, born July 2, 1794; died 
April 9, 1883; son of Samuel and Rebecca Dorland. Andrew 
Dorland was a Friend, and was for many years minister of the 
Friends' Meetings in Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

Children 7 (Dorland), 4 sons and 3 daughters: 


299 i- Maria L.,' b. Oct. 13, 1820; d. April 12, 1886; m. . 

300 ii. Charlotte F., b. April 16, 1822; d. Feb. 21, i88x; 

m. . 

301 iii. William L., b. Feb. 2, 1824; d. April 22, 1887; m. . 

302 iv. Edward H., b. March 2, 1826; d. Sept. 8, 1901; 

m. . 

303 V. Philip S., b. Dec. 13, 1834; d. ; m. . 

304 vi. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21, 1836; d. June 24, 1856, unm. 

305 vii. Isaac L., b. Feb. 24, 1838; d. Feb. 7, 1908; m. . 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

154. RosANNA F.' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born Oct. 27, 1799; died Dec. 23, 1868. She married Aug. 14, 

1822, Robert M. Hicks, born March 15, i793(?); died ; son 

of Benj. and Mary Hicks(?). (The Friends' marriage record of 
Robert M. Hicks and Rosanna F. Leggett states that he was the 
son of Benjamin, deceased, and Mary Hicks of North Hemp- 
stead, L. I.; in the Friends' births we find Robert of Isaac and 
Sarah born, 15 day, 3 month, 1793, which is the date of birth 
which Mr. John Leggett gives.) 

Children 5 (Hicks), 2 sons and 3 daughters: 

306 i. Maria L.,' b. April 17, 1823; d. ; m. (i) 

Valk; m. (2) Courtney. 

307 ii. Matilda, b. Nov. 15, 1824; d. March 3, 1884; m. 

Richard F. Haviland, b. Dec. 5, 1819; d. Oct. 4, 1898; 
and had two children, Maria L., and Robert H. 

308 iii. Benjamin L., b. ; d. ; m. . 

309 iv. Willett, b. Nov. 4, 1831; d. ; m. . 

310 V. Elizabeth, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

155. Maria' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel," Gabriel*), born 
Sept. 13, 1803; died Jan. 8, 1882. She married Israel Watson, 
born Sept. 15, 1797; died Sept. 12, 1869. 

Children 7 (Watson), i son and 6 daughters: 

Emmeline A.," b. ;; d. ; m. . 

Jemima H., b. ; d. ; m. . 

Amelia C, b. ; d. ; m. . 

William, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Marie Antoinette, b. ; d. ; m. . 

vi. Rebecca, b. Jan. 31, 1833; d. May 7, 1889; m. . 

■■ Martha V., b. ; d. ; m. . 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

156. Phoebe G.' Leggett (Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born Westchester, Jan. 8, 1821; died Hudson, N. Y., March 14, 
















1889. She married, in New York, April 27, 1869, Paul Bunker, 
born July 3, 1805; died Dec. 6, 1S76; son of Reuben and Abigail 
Bunker. Paul and Phoebe (Leggett) Banker had no children. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

157. Samuel* Leggett (Thomas,* Thomas,' Gabiiel,* Gabriel'), 
born Oct. 4, 1782; d. Jan. 5, 1847; resided in Flushing in 1840. 
He married Elizabeth Powell, born ; died April 17, 1849. 

Children 8 (Leggett), 2 sons and 6 daughters. 

318 i. Elizabeth,* b. ; d. ; m. . 

+319 ii. Mary E., b. ; d. ; m. Barney Corse. 

+320 iii. William F., b. ; d. ; m. Sarah C. Hull. 

+321 iv. Charlotte F., b. ; d. ; m. William H. Schermer- 


322 V. Martha, b. ; d. ; m. Benjamin Cox, b. about 

1812; d. ; son of Abram and Susan (Wright) 

Cock. No issue. 

+323 vi. Rebecca F., b. ; d. ; m. Thomas S. Willetts. 

324 vii. Margaret, b. Dec. 13, 1825; d. Oct. 11, 1831. 
+325 viii. Samuel, b. Sept. 10, 1828; d. ; m. Ann Eliza . 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 
Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

158. Joseph' Leggett (Thomas,* Thomas,' Gabriel,* Gabriel'), 
born Jan. 5, 1785; died before Nov. i, 1852. He married, about 
1808, Elizabeth Jenkins. 

Children 6 (Leggett), 3 sons and 3 daughters: 
+326 i. James Shaw,' b. Sept. 14, 1809; d. ; m. . 

327 ii. Caroline, b. April 15, 1811; d. Jan. 4, 1833, aged 21 


328 iii. William Jenkins, ) b. July 17, 1813; d. Aug. 19, 1818; 

> twins. aged 5 years. 

4-329 iv. Mary Haight, ) b. July 17, 1813; d. July 21, 1849; 

m. Lewis W. Sturtevant. 

330 v. Sally Ann, b. ; d. ; m. Gustavus A. Benson. 

No issue. 

331 vi. Edward William, b. June 19, 1818; d. Feb. 3, 1828; 

aged 9 years. 

Joseph' Leggett was a merchant in New York City during a 
part of his life, but in his will he calls himself "late of Phila- 
delphia." In his will, dated Oct. 4, 1850, proved. New York, 
Nov. I, 1852, he mentions his wife, Elizabeth, daughter Sally Ann 
Leggett (so that she was probably not married at that date), son 
James Shaw Leggett, and his late father, Thomas Leggett. 
Executors: his brother-in-law, George S. Fox, and his friend, 
Joseph Walker. 


Bolton, R., History of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 


Friends' Records, New York City. 

New York Lity Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber io6, p. 63. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

159. Charlotte' Leggett (Thomas,* Thomas," Gabriel," Gab- 
riel'), born August 12, 1787; died June i, 1871; married June 9, 
1808, William W. Fox, born Sept. 26, 1783; died March i, 1861. 
William W. Fox was a son of George Fox and his first wife, Lydia. 

Children 3 (Fox), 2 sons and i daughter: 

332 i. George S.,* born Nov. 6, 1809; d. ; m. Oct. 9, 

1833, Maria Clark, b. Jan. 31, 1812; d. July 8, 1836; 
dau. of Benjamin and Deborah M. Clark, and had: 

(1) William W., b. Aug. 22, 1834; d. March. 9, 187 1, no 
issue. (2) Sarah, b. Dec. 24, 1835; d. May 22, 1836. 

333 ii. Thomas Leggett, b. Oct. 6, 181 1; d. Feb. 5, 1853, unm. 

334 iii. Mary Lydia, b. March 15, 1816; d. Dec. 29, 1897; m. 

, i836(?), Francis A. Tiffany of Boston, and had: 

(i) George F., b. April 5, 1837; d. Feb. 12, 1868, unm. 

(2) Lyman, b. May 21, 1838; m. Sarah Stanton, and 
has five children. (3) Francis, b. Nov. 25, 1839; d. 
March 19, 1868, unm. (4) Henry Dyer, b. Dec. 13, 
1841; m. Caroline C. Foxhurst, and has six children. 

(5) Charlotte, b. Sept. i, 1843; ^- Miner Trowbridge. 

(6) Mary P., b. May 9, 1847; d. Sept. 27, 1885; m. 
George F. Tucker, and had one son. (7) Isabella, 
b. Nov. 5, 1850; d. May 22, 1887; m. Charles P. 
Perry, and had six sons. 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 
Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

160. William Haight' Leggett (Thomas,* Thomas,* Gabriel," 
Gabriel'), born April 15, 1789; resided at Rosebank, West Farms; 
died Dec. 22, 1863. William H. Leggett married at the Brick 
Presbyterian Church, New York City, Dec. 28, 18 14, Margaret 

Children 9 (Leggett), 8 sons and i daughter: 

+335 i. Catherine Maria," b. ; d. ; m. before 1861, 

William M. Allen. 

+ 336 ii. John W., b. ; d. about 1887; m. Mary E. . 

+ 337 iii. Francis W., b. ; d. , 1907; m. Laura Acker. 

+ 338 iv. Augustus W., b. ; d. ; m. Eliza Seaman. 

+ 339 V. Edward W., b. ; d. ; m. Susan Post. 

+340 vi. Samuel M., b. ; d. ; m. Julia Coles. 

341 vii. William H., Jr., b. Oct. 2, 1827; d. June 8, 1829, aged 
I yr., 8 mo. 

+ 342 viii. Thomas B., b. ; d. ; m. Sarah Huggins. 

+ 343 ix. George F., b. ; d. , 1887; m. Charlotte L. 

William H. Leggett was a merchant in New York City, and a 
very wealthy man for his day. In his will, dated Oct. 21, i86r, 
proved in New York, Jan. 19, 1864, he makes bequests to his wife. 


Margaret W., daughter Catharine Maria, wife of William M. 
Allen, sons John W., Francis W., Augustus W., Edward W., 
Samuel M., Thomas B. and George F. 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber 152, p. 194. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 

Records of the Brick Church, New York City. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

162. Thomas' Leggett, called Thomas, Jr. (Thomas,* Thomas,* 
Gabriel," Gabriel'), born Jan. 30, 1793; resided in New York City, 
and later in Flushing, L. I.; died at Flushing, Jan. 8, 1865 (8-1- 
1865, according to the Friends' death records, but 1-8-1865, or 
Aug. I, according to their burial ground record). He married, as 
his first wife, April 11, 1816, Anna Farrington, born Dec. 25, 
1793; died March 16, 1833; daughter of Walter and Mary Far- 
rington. Thomas Leggett, Jr., married secondly, Oct. 26, 1836, 
Patience Haydock. 

Children 9 (Leggett), i son and 8 daughters. By first wife: 

344 i. Walter F.,' b. Jan. 26, 1817; d. ; m. . One 

record gives his name as William F., but several 
other records give it as Walter, and it seems prob- 
able that he was so named for his mother's father. 
Sarah, b. Oct. 5, 1818; d. in childhood. 
Catherine F., b. July 23, 182 1; d. March 25, i9oi,unm. 

Mary, b. ; d. ; m. Parsons. 

Sarah F., b. June 23, 1830; d. , 1905, unm. 

Anna F., b. July — , 1832; d. Feb. 10, 1833, aged 7 
By second wife: 

4-350 vii. Anna Farrington, b. Aug. 10, 1837; d. ; m. Joseph 

T. Moore. 

+351 viii. Caroline H., b. Sept. 11, 1842; d. ; m. Brooks. 

H-352 ix. Susan H., b. ; d. ; m. Thomas. 

Friends' Records, New York City, and Flushing, N. Y. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Bolton, R., History of Westchester, vol. 2, p. 446. 

163. Anna' Leggett (Thomas,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 

born Aug. 2, 1795; died . Anna Leggett married May 11, 18 14, 

Samuel F. Mott, born Feb. 7, 1789, son of Samuel and Sarah Mott. 

Children 8 (Mott), i son and 7 daughters: 

353 i. Caroline,* b. March 26, 1815; d. , 1830. 

354 ii. Margaret, b. vSept. 8, 1818; d. ; m. (i) George 

Ring; m. (2) Lindley Murray Hoffman. 

355 iii. Louisa R., b. Sept. 11, 1820; d. ; m. . 

356 iv. Samuel F., Jr., b. Sept. 22, 1822; d. ; m. . 

357 V. Charlotte F., b. Aug. 9, 1824; d. Aug. i, 1826. 

358 vi. Emily, b. ; d. ; m. . 

359 vii. Virginia, b. ; d. ; m. . 

360 viii. Ann Elizabeth, b. March 17, 1835; d. Jan. 19, 1842. 












Authorities : 

Friends' Records, New York City, and Flushing, N, Y. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
165. Rebecca' Leggett (Thomas/ Thomas,' Gabriel,' GabrieP), 
born Feb. 7, 1799; d. April 14, 1878, aged 79 years, 2 months, 7 
days. She married, at Westchester, June 16, 181 9, George S. Fox, 
born Sept. 30, 1796; died June 29, 1864, aged 67 years, 9 months; 
son of George Fox and his second wife Esther. George S. Fox was 
a half-brother to William W. Fox, who married Charlotte Leg- 
gett, sister to Rebecca. 

Children 5 (Fox), 2 sons and 3 daughters: 

361 i. Esther F.,* b. June 29, 1820; d. Oct. 24, 1893; m. Jan. 

II, 1849, James W. Tucker, b. ; d. ; son of 

James W. and Harriet Tucker, and had one son, 

362 ii. Eliza L., b. Aug. 10, 1822; d. April 6, 1891; m. (i) April 

II, 1854, Benjamin Merritt, b. April 16, 1810; d. ; 

son of Nehemiah and Phebe Merritt; m. (2) as his 
second wife, June 6, 1874, Jonathan Thorne, b. 
April 20, 1801; d. Oct. 9, 1884; son of Samuel and 
Phebe Thorn of Washington, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Jonathan Thorne married (i) July 9, 1823, Lydia 
Ann Corse, born Nov. 30, 1805; d. Oct. 14, 1872; 
daughter of Israel and Lydia, and sister of Barney 
Corse who m. Mary E, Leggett (No. 319), and their 
son, Edwin Thorne, m. Charlotte Pearsall (No. 366). 

363 iii. George Henry, b. Oct. 10, 1824; d. ; m. , and 

had a son, Austin G., and a daughter Rebecca. 

364 iv. William J., b. Nov. 4, 1827; d. Aug. 12, 1888; m. 

Bertha . 

365 V. Anna, b. ; d. ; m. Augustus Schell. 

Authorities : 
Friends' Records, New York City, and Purchase, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

167. Mary* Leggett (Thomas,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), 
born Jan. 13, 1803; died July 20, 1878, aged 75 years, 6 months, 
2 days, by death record. Mary Leggett married, at Westchester, 

April 14, 1824, Thomas W. Pearsall, born Dec. 8, 1795; d. ; 

son of Edmond and Rachel Pearsall. 

Children 6 (Pearsall), 3 sons and 3 daughters: 

366 i. Charlotte." b. Jan. — , 1825; d. July 3, 1867; m. May 6, 

1857, Edwin Thorne, b. ; d. ; son of Jona- 
than and Lydia Ann Thorne, and had: (i) Thomas 
P.; (2) Chester; (3) Oakleigh. 

Anna, b. July 29, 1826; d. ; m. . 

Caroline, b. , 1828; d. July — , 1832, aged 4 years. 

Edward, b. , 1830; d. June 6, 1832, aged 2 years, 

3 months. 

370 V. Thomas W., Jr., b. ; d. ; m. Pauline Spofford, 

and had: (i) Charlotte T.; (2) Mary L.; (3) Paul S.; 
(4) Thomas W. 








371 vi. Robert W., b. Aug-. 30, 1833; d. May 29, 1871; m. July 
2, i860, Elizabeth W. Phelps, daughter of Thomas 
W. and Elizabeth B. Phelps, and had a son Harold. 
Authorities : 
Friends' Records, New York City, Flushing, N. Y., Purchase, N. Y. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

175, Rev. John Haviland' Leggett (John H.,'' John,* John,' 
John,' Gabriel'), born New York, May 28, 1800; died May 31, 
1873; married May 19, 1824, Mary Noel Bleecker, born June 15 
1805; died July 28, 1887. Mary Noel (Bleecker) Leggett was a 
daughter of Alexander,' Bleecker (Anthony Lispenard,* James,* 
Rutger,* Jan Jansen*) and his wife Frances Wade, 

Children 12 (Leggett), 5 sons, 7 daughters: 
+372 i. John Haviland,' b. Aug. 8, 1825; d. Nov. 27, 1858; m. 

Catharine F. Ryer. 

373 ii. Frances Wade, b. Dec. 6, 1826; d. ; unm. 

+374 iii. Edward Henry, b. March 18, 1829; d. Feb. 17, 1862; 
m. Mary C. Randall. 

+375 iv. Mary Bleecker, b. March 19, 1831; d. ; m, Elias 

A. Woodward. 

376 V. Elizabeth b. June 8, 1833; d. March 23, 1889; unm, 

377 vi. Alexander Bleecker, b. Feb. 11, 1836; d. ; m. 

Dec. 28, 1865, Charlina Everson, 
+ 378 vii. Anna, b. March 11, 1838; d. ; m. John Sharp. 

379 viii. Gertrude, b. April 14, 1840; d. June 25, 1903; m. 

Charles B. Stirling. 

380 ix. Alice, b. Jan. 18, 1842; d. July 12, 1844. 

+381 X. William, b. March 12, 1844; d. ; m, Maria A. 

+382 xi. Theodore A. (Rev.) b. Dec. 20, 1845; d. Nov. 25, 1906; 

m. Anna F. Dwight, 

383 xii. Harriet Black well, b. Dec. 30, 1847; d. at Middletown, 

N. Y., Sept. 2, 1856, 

Family Record of Rev, T. A, Leggett. 

177. Caroline Augusta" Leggett (John H.' John,* John,' John," 
Gabriel'), born March 25, 1805; died Aug. 4, 1879; married March 
20, 1828, Rev. Richard Cunningham Shimeall, born March 15, 
1803, died March 19. 1874. 

Children 8 (Shimeall), 2 sons and 6 daughters: 

384 i, Gertrude L.,' b. Jan. 31, 1829; d. ■ ; m. April 26, 

1865, W, R. C. Latson, and has: William R. C, b. 
March 17, 1866; Gertrude A., b. April 7, 1868; 
George C, b. Dec. 29, 187 1. 

385 ii. Richard C, b, Aug. 9, 1830; d. Sept. 15, 1902; m. 

Sept. 3, 1856, Harriet E. Perry, and had: Hattie 
Albertina,' b. Sept. 16, 1858; Emeline, b. Jan. 13, 
1870; Henry R., b. Aug. 6, 1873. 

386 iii. Caroline Augusta, b. Jan. 6, 1832; d, , 1900; m, 

James W. Waite. 


387 iv. Mary Clinton, b. Feb. 2, 1834; d. ; m. Jan. 13, 

1869, Frank Timpson, and has: Violette, b. Oct. 9, 
1869; John R., b. Nov. 17, 1872; Eliza M., b. Nov. 

5. 1875- 

388 V. Sarah Duncan, b. Aug. 4, 1836; d. ; m. . 

389 vi. Catharine Gansevoort, b. Oct. 14, 1839; d. ; m. 

Feb. 20, 1867, Edward Wier, and has a daughter 
Kate Augusta, b. March 25, 1870. 

390 vii. George Clinton, b. April 16, 1842; d. ; m. May 

8, 1880, Georgie Spears. 

391 viii. Anna Georgiana, b. Dec. 22, 1847; d. ; m. July 

, 1901, John B. M. Bennett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
178. Anna Georgina' Leggett (John H.,' John,* John,* John,' 
Gabriel'), born June 13, 1806; died Dec. 30, 1876; married Nov. 5, 
1834, Charles Radcliffe. 

Children 2 (Radcliffe), i son and i daughter: 

392 i. Mary,' b. ; d. young. 

393 ii. Herman Gansevoort, b. ; d. young, about 1861-65. 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

183. Catharine Ann Gansevoort' Leggett (John H.,' John,* 
John,' John,' Gabriel'), born Dec. 21, 1818; died Aug. 8, 1879; 
married Nov, 27, 1844, Cornelius Nagel, born Dec. — , 1797, died 
Nov. 5, 1870. 

Children 2 (Nagel), daughters: 

394 i. Gertrude,' b. Feb. 7, 1846; d. ; m. J. C. C. H. 

Boon, no issue. 

395 ii. Cornelia, b. Sept. 15, 1854; d. ; m. June 14, 1885, 

John Reinecke Bleecker, no issue. 
Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett, 

184. Gertrude Quackenbos" Leggett (John H.,' John,* John,* 

John' Gabriel'), born March 20, 1823; died ; married (i), 

June 16, 1846, John J. Lasher; married (2), July 11, 1866, J. 
Bullocke (?) (The Quackenbos genealogy, & N. Y. Gen. Record, 
V. 25, p, 133, state that her second husband was John H. Nicklay, 
who died in 1879.) 

Have no record of any children. 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T, A. Leggett, 
New York Genealogical Record, v. 25, p. 20, et seq. 

195, Jane' Leggett (Abraham,' Ezekiel,* William,' William,' 

Gabriel'), born Jan. 29, 1795; died ; married April 22, 1820, 

Thomas Horton. 

Children 6 (Horton), 4 sons, and 2 daughters: 

396 i. Deborah L.,' b. ; d. ; m. Daniel Mangam, 

and had: Susan, Dora, Daniel, William, and Ella. 


ii. Abby Jane, b. ; d. ; m. 


iii. Sylvester, b. ; d. ; m — 


iv, Floyd, b. ; d. ; m. 


V. Beniah, b. ; d. ; m. — 

- Buckby. 

His wife and the 
wife of his brother Sylvester were sisters. 

401 vi. Caleb, b ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

196. James W.,' Leggett (Abraham,* Ezekiel,* William,' William,* 

Gabriel'), born Jan. 16, 1797; died . He married (i), June 10, 

1819, but his first wife's name has not been recorded; married (2), 
Susan Requa. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 3 sons, and 2 daughters: 
(by his first wife) 

402 i. Abraham,^ b. ; d. ; m. . 

403 ii. Rachel Anne, b. ; d. ; m. Rackett. 

(by 2nd wife) 

404 iii. Josephine, b. ; d. ; m. Pettie. 

+405 iv. Samuel, b, ; d. ; m. Rebecca Lockwood. 

406 V. William, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Records furnished by Mrs. Cornelia Leggett Hatfield. 

200. Abraham' Leggett (Abraham,' Ezekiel/ William,* Will- 
iam," Gabriel*), born June 2, 1805; died Sept. i, 1878. He married 
Sarah Lee, born Feb. 14, 1807; died April 23, 1876; daughter of 
Richard Lee and Hannah Stokes. 

Children 11 (Leggett), 8 sons and 3 daughters: 

407 i. Caroline Sarah,' b. June 15, 1830; d. in infancy, 

+408 ii. Richard Lee, b. Dec. 26, 1831; d. ; m. Clara Cox, 

+ 409 iii. William Abraham, b. Sept. 5, 1833; living 1915; m. 

Margaret Berthenia Barmore. 
410 iv. Edward Henry, b. Feb. 23, 1836; d. Oct, — , 1876; no 
4-41 1 V. Caroline Hannah, b. March 22, 1838; living 1915; m, 

Henry C. Whitmarsh, 

+412 vi. Francis Howard, b. March 27, 1840; d. ; m. (i), 

Anna E, Stokes, m. (2), Mrs. Bessie McLeod Stur- 
+413 vii. Cornelia Colgate, b. Nov. 3, 1841; living 1915; m. 
Abraham Hatfield. 
414 viii. James Frederick, b. Oct. 25, 
+415 ix, Alfred Stokes, b, Oct, 25, 

Mary Harbison. 
+ 416 X. Theodore A,, b. Sept, 10, 

Mary E. McCoun. 
417 xi. Clinton Gilbert, b. Aug, 15, 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev, T. A. Leggett. 
Family Bible Records, 






1 no issue. 
1876; m. 


i d. 

, 1883; 



d, - 

no issue. 


201. Isaac' Leggett (Abraham,' Ezekiel,* William,' William,' 
Gabriel'), born June 2, 1805; (twin brother with the preceding), 

died Feb. 20, 1841. He married Sarah Ann Swain, born , 

died about 1885. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 2 sons, and 3 daughters: 

418 i. Eveline', b. ; d. ; unm. 

419 ii. Isabel, b. ; d. ; m. Edward Nurse. 

420 iii. Sarah, b. ; d. ; unm. 

421 iv. George W., b. ; d. ; m. Julia Stokes. 

422 V. Isaac R., b. ; d. ; m. . 

Will of Sarah Ann Leggett, widow of Isaac, dated Sept. 7. 
1872, proved Jan. 12, 1886, names daughters, Eveline, Sarah Jane, 

sons, George W., and Isaac R., daughter Isabella, wife of 


Authorities : 

Family Record of Rev, T. A, Leggett. 

New York Surrogate's Office. Wills, Liber 358, p. 429. 

206. John N.° Leggett (Abraham,' Ezekiel,* William,' Will- 
iam,' Gabriel'), born Nov. 2, 1815; died ; married Dec. 31, 

1839, Augusta Wheeler. 

Children 4 (Leggett) 3 sons, and i daughter: 

Henry,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

Sophia, b. ; d. ; m. . 

John, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Mead, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev, T, A. Leggett. 

243. Thomas H.° Leggett, Jun. (Thomas H.,* Joseph,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel," Gabriel'), born May 14, 1828; died ; married Feb. 

14, 1855, Hannah H. Hoag, daughter of Lindley M. and Hannah 
Hoag, of Wolfburg, Carroll Co., N. H, 

No record of any children has been found. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett, 

Friends' Records, New York City. 

249. Reuben* Leggett (Reuben,' Joseph,* Thomas," Gabriel,' 
Gabriel'), born Feb. 2, 1817; died Sept. 13, 1866; married Feb. 26, 
185 1, Anna Maria Ogden, daughter of Charles Ogden and Anna 
Maria Wade. 

Children 3 (Leggett), daughters: 

427 i. Alida,' b. ; d. ; m. Allerton. 

428 ii. Esther, b. ; d. ; m. . 

429 iii. Anna, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Family Record of Rev, T. A. Leggett. 

251. Esther' Leggett (Reuben,' Joseph,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' 

Gabriel'), born ; died April 16, 1849. She married May 10, 

1837, John Griff en, son of John and Esther Griffen, of New York. 





















iohn Griffen married (2) his first wife's sister, Mary Elizabeth 
'Cggett (see no. 253 following.) 

Children 4 (Griifen), 2 sons and 2 daughters: 

430 i. Mary L./ b. ; d. ; m. at Phoenixville, 

Chester Co., Pa., May 12, 1858, Wyatt W. Miller, of 
Safe Harbor, Pa., son of Josiah and Hetty H. 
Esther H., b. Aug. 5, 1840; d. Sept. 5, 1841. 
Henry S., b. May 5, 1842; d. Sept. 27, 1844. 
Robert N., b. Sept. 13, 1844; d. Sept. 7, 1867. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Friends' Records, New York City. 

253. Mary Elizabeth* Leggett (Reuben,' Joseph,* Thomas,* 

Gabriel," Gabriel'), born Aug. 23, 1826; d. . She married, as 

his second wife, March 3, 185 1, John Griffen whose first wife was 
her sister Esther. 

4 (Griflfen), 2 sons and 2 daughters: 

Esther,' b. Jan. 24, 1852; d. ; m. . 

George S., b. Jan. 11, 1854; d. ; m. . 

Clara R., b. Sept. 28, 1855; d. June 26, 1857. 

Henry R., b. Aug. 23, 1857; d. ; m. . 

In the marriage record of John Griffen and Mary E. Leggett, 
he is recorded as living in Safe Harbor, Pa., and in 1858, when 
Mary L. Griffen (no. 430) his daughter by first wife, Esther, was 
married, he was living at Pleasantville, Pa., but the births of the 
four children by his second wife, Mary E. were all recorded in 
the New York City Friends' record. 

Family Record of Rev. T, A. Leggett. 
Friends' Records, New York City. 

254. Mortimer Dormer' Leggett (Isaac,* Charles* Isaac,* Gab- 
riel,* Gabriel'), born at Danby, near Ithaca, Tompkins Co., N. Y., 
April 19, 1821; died at Cleveland, O., Jan. 6, 1896. He married, 
(i), July 9, 1844, Marilla Wells, who died in 1876, daughter of 
Absalom and Marilla Wells, of Montville, O.; (2), in 1879, Weltha 
Post, daughter of H. L. and Sylvia Post of Sandusky, O. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 4 sons and i daughter: 
(by first wife) 

438 i. (a daughter),' b. ; living, 1896; m. H.A.Sey- 


439 ii. (a son), b. ; d. in infancy. 

439a iii. Mortimer, b. ; d. 1873, while a student at 

Cornell University. 

439b iv. Wells W., b. ; d. , 1892; m. . 

439c V. Leverett L., b. ; d. ,1894; m. . 

General Mortimer D. Leggett removed with his father Isaac' 
Leggett from Ithaca, N. Y. to Montville, Geauga Co., O. in 1836, 
and settled on a farm there. Mortimer remained there until he 


was 1 8 years of age, then went to Kirtland Seminary, where he 
graduated the first of his class; later he studied law at Western 
Reserve University, and was admitted to the bar in 1844. The 
same year he received the degree of M. D. from Willoughby 
Medical College. He was greatly interested in the problem of 
free graded schools and in 1846 went to Akron, where he estab- 
lished the first free graded school system west of the Alleghanies. 
In 1857 he removed to Zanesville, where he practiced law for 
several years. 

At the outbreak of the Civil War Gen. Leggett went with 
Gen. McClellan to West Va., later raised the 78th Ohio Vol. 
regiment, and served with distinction throughout the war, re- 
ceiving the commission of Major-general in 1865. After the war 
he resumed the practice of law, was appointed Commissioner of 
Patents in 187 1, resigned in 1875, and removed to Cleveland, 
where he resided the rest of his life. He was one of the organ- 
izers of the Brush Electric Co. and served as president of that 
company until 1884. His son Leverett L. Leggett who died 
about two years before his father, was engaged with him in the 
practice of patent law for several years before his death. 

Authorities : 
National Cyclopaedia of American Biography , vol. 2, p. 350. 
Notable Americans, vol. 6. 

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography. 
Cleveland Herald. Jan. 7. 1896. 
Family record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

287. Abraham W.' Leggett (Abraham,' Isaac,* Thomas,* Gab- 
riel," Gabriel'), born Sept. 15, 1814; resided in New York City; 
died Dec. 6. 1899. He married July 13, 1840, Phebe Briggs, born 
May 4, 1816, daughter of Philip H. Briggs and Phebe Ryer. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 3 sons and 2 daughters: 
440 i. Henry,' b. Jan. 20, 1841; d. May 6, 1841. 

+ 441 ii. Frederick William, b. April 20, 1842; d. Oct. 16, 

1909; m. Mary E. Freeman, 
-f 442 iii. Emma B., b. July 15, 1845; d. Nov. 22, 1875; m. Isaac 
Sherwood Coffin. 
443 iv. Anna, b. July 30, 1849; d. Nov. 26, 1857. 

+444 V. Edgar A., b. Aug. 5, 1854; d. ; m. Marie Louise 


Family Record of Rev. T, A. Leggett. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 
Briggs, S., Descendants of Walter Briggs of Westchester Co., N. V. p. 381. 

288. Mary F.° Leggett (Abraham,* Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel," 
Gabriel'), born Nov. 13, 1818; died March 28, 1885; married Sept. 
3, 1838; Charles F. Swain, born Sept. 13, 1806; died Jan. 3, 1896. 

Children 2 (Swain), i son and i daughter: 

445 i- Charles Eugene,' b. Jan. 6, 1840; d. Sept. 28, 1883; 

m. . 

446 ii. Maria Louisa, b. Jan. 6, 1842; d. Jan. 26, 1900; 

m. . 


Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 

289. Maria W.' Leggett (Abraham/ Isaac/ Thomas/ Gabriel/ 
Gabriel'), born Aug. 26, 1820; died Jan. 6, 1853; married Sept. 7, 
1842, Zebulon W. Mott, born Sept. 11, 1818; died Jan. i, 1903; son 
of William Mott and Sarah Merritt. 

Children 3 (Mott), 2 sons and i daughter: 

447 i. Frederick,' b. Sept. 28, 1843; d. Feb. 13, 1848. 

448 ii. Mary Louisa, b. March 13, 1848; d. ; m. June 18, 

1873, Eugene Russell, b. Aug. 31, 1846, and had a 
son William Mott Russell, b. Feb. 16, 1875. 

449 iii. William, b. Jan. 16. 1850; d. ; m. . 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 

292. Joseph B.' Leggett (Abraham,* Isaac,* Thomas," Gabriel," 
Gabriel'), born Jan. 14, 1828; died at Dickinson, Galveston Co., 
Texas, July 25, 1894. He was married at Holy Trinity Church, 
Brooklyn, Nov. 27, 1867, to Alice E. Marks, born Feb. 13, 1847. 
Children 3 (Leggett), 2 sons and 1 daughter: 

450 i. Harry A.' b. Oct. 19, 1868; d. Aug. 8, 1869. 

451 ii. Estelle, b. Aug. 10, 1870; d. ; m. June 21, 1898, 

Hallock R. Maine, b. April 23, 1865; d. June 13, 
1902, and had a son Hallock A., b. July 25, 1899. 

452 iii. Arthur, b. Aug. 4, 1872; d. June 7, 1891. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Family Record of John Leggett. 

319. Mary E.' Leggett (Samuel,* Thomas,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' 

Gabriel'), born ; died ; married Nov. 12, 1823, in New 

York City, Barney Corse, born about 1800, died at Flushing, N. Y. 
March 8, 1878; son of Israel Corse and his ist wife Lydia (Troth) 

Children 6 (Corse), 3 sons and 3 daughters: 

453 i. Samuel L.' b. Sept. 5, 1824; d. Sept. 13, 1844. 

454 ii. William L., b. April i, 1827; d. ; m. ; and 

had: Frederick A., Samuel L., Israel, Edward L., 
William L. 

455 iii. Eliza L., b. Dec. 28, 1829; d. ; m. Saunders, 

and had: Rodman, Florence. 
Mary Lydia, b. March 11, 1833; d. Jan. 21, 1837. 

Cornelia, b. Aug. 15, 1836; d. ; m. . 

Frederick Augustus, b. Oct. 11, 1840; d. ; m. . 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

320. William Fox* Leggett (Samuel,^ Thomas,* Thomas,* Gab- 
riel,' Gabriel'), born ; died ; married about 1833, Sarah 








C. Hull, born March i8, 1810; died July 27, 1876, aged 66 
years, 4 months, 9 days; daughter of Wager and Elizabeth Hull. 
Children 8 (Leggett), 2 sons and 6 daughters: 

459 i. Margaret,' b. Nov. 14, 1834; d. June 6, 185 1. 

460 ii. Caroline H., b. Jan. 30, 1836; d. April 7, 1867; m. 


461 iii. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1837; d. ; m. Mills. 

462 iv. William P., Jr., b. April 12, 1839; d. ; m. . 

463 V. Sarah Hull, b. Feb. i, 1843; d. ; m. March 13, 

1886, John Comegys Emory, son of Stuart R. and 
Anna Emory. 

464 vi. Louisa, b. May 24, 1845; d. ; m. Ransom. 

465 vii. Charlotte S., b. March 24, 1847; d. Aug. 7, 1849. 

466 viii. Samuel, b. Sept. 15, 1848; d. Aug. 6, 1849. 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

321. Charlotte Fox' Leggett (Samuel,' Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel," Gabriel"), born ; died June — , 1888; married June 

9, 1841, William H. Schermerhorn, born Jan. 11, 1812, died Oct. 14, 
1890, son of John P. Schermerhorn and his wife Rebecca H. 

Children 2 (Schermerhorn), i son and i daughter: 

467 i. Louis,' b. July 26. 1842; d. ; m. Hannah Ricker. 

467A ii. Mary E., b. Nov, 16, 1844; d. Aug. 12, 1848. 

468 iii. Charlotte T., b. Aug. 5, 1849; d. ; m. . 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Schermerhorn, R., Jr. Schermerhorn Genealogy, p. 175. 

323. Rebecca' Leggett (Samuel,' Thomas,* Thomas," Gabriel,* 

Gabriel'), b. ; d. ; m. Thomas S. Willets. 

Children 4 (Willets), 2 sons and 2 daughters: 

Anna,' b. ; d, ; m. Townsend. 

Thomas S., b. ; d. ; m, . 

Eliza L., b. ; d. ; m. . 

S. Clinton, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Friends' Records, of New York City, 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

325. Samuel' Leggett (Samuel,' Thomas,* Thomas," Gabriel,* 

Gabrier), born New York, Sept. 10, 1827; died ; married Ann 

Eliza . 

Children 5 (Leggett), 2 sons and 3 daughters: 

473 i. Linda,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

474 ii. Clarence P., b. ; d. ; m. , and had: Mary 

Elizabeth, who married, Jan. 29, 1902, Edward 
Howard Dodd. 

475 iii. Mary, b. ; d. ; m. Swain. 









476 iv. Emma, b. ; d. ; m. . 

477 V. George, b. ; d. ; m, . 

Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

326. James Shaw' Leggett (Joseph,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Gab- 
riel,* GabrieP), born New York, Sept. 14, 1809; died ; married. 

(No record of his wife's name or parentage has been found.) 
Children 3 (Leggett), i son and 2 daughters: 

478 i. George P.,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

479 ii. Elizabeth, b. d. ; m. . 

480 iii. Isabel, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Friends' Records, New York City. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

329. Mary Haight' Leggett (Joseph,^ Thomas,* Thomas,^ Gab- 
riel,* Gabriel'), born New York, July 17, 1813; died July 21, 1849. 
She married in New York, April 9, 1840, Lewis W. Sturtevant, 
of Boston, born Dec. 10, 181 1; died ; son of Consider Sturte- 
vant and Katharine Mitchell Pease Kelley. 
Children 4 (Sturtevant), sons: 

481 i. Thomas L,' b. Jan. 13, 1841; d. ; m. Sept. 12, 

1862, Laura Emerson Heaton, daughter of George 
and Sarah Emerson (Watts) Heaton, of Boston, and 
had: Edith L., Joseph Lewis, Lawrence Heaton. 

482 ii. Joseph N., b. ; d. , probably died in infancy. 

483 iii. Edward L., b. ; d. ; m. (i) March 9, 1864, 

Mary Elizabeth Mann, daughter of Ariel Warren 
and Harriette (Sanford) Mann, and had: Grace, 
Hattie, Thomas J., Edward L., Jr. He m. (2) Oct. 
22, 1883, Hattie Mann, sister to his first wife, and 
had: Robert S. 

484 iv. Joseph N., b. ; d. ; probably died in infancy, 

as there is no further record of him. 
Friends' Records, New York City. 
Colonial Families, v. 3, pp. 544-548. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

335. Catherine" Leggett (William H.' Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel," GabrieP), born West Farms, ; died ; married 

William M. Allen. 

Children 2 (Allen), daughters: 

485 i. Margaret,' b. ; d. ; m. Foote. 

486 ii. Sarah R., b. ; d. ; m. Belden. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Will of William Haight^ Leggett. 

336. John W." Leggett (William H.,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Gab- 
riel,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; died , 1887; mar- 
ried Mary E. . 


Children 5 (Leggett), daughters: 

487 i. Fannie M.,' b. ; d. ; m. before 1885, David 

F. Porter, and had: Charles F., and Mary. 

488 ii. Emilie S., b. ; d. 1909, unm. Her will, dated 

June 17, 1907, proved July 9, 1909, names sisters 
Anna L. Paine, Margaret L. Bingham, Mary L. 
Briggs, Fannie M. Porter; niece Mary P. Searle; 
nephews Charles F. Porter, Harry A. Briggs. 
Executors: George W. Short and Charles D. Searle. 

489 iii. Anna B., b. ; d. ; m. after 1888, Paine. 

490 iv. Mary H., b. ; d. ; m. after 1888, Briggs, 

and had son Harry. 

491 V. Margaret W., b. ; d. ; m. after 1888, 


The will of John W.' Leggett, dated April 5, 1885, proved. 
New York, Jan. 12, 1888, leaves all his estate to his wife, Mary E. 
Leggett. Executors: brother Francis W. Leggett, and son-in- 
law, David F. Porter. Record of probate gives a list of " sur- 
vivors" as: widow, Mary E.; daughters Fannie M. Porter, Emily 
(Emilie) S. Leggett, Anna B. Leggett, Mary H. Leggett, Mar- 
garet W. Leggett. This would indicate that the eldest daughter, 
Fannie, was the only one married at that date, 1888. 

Authorities : 
New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber 388, p. 195. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

337. Francis W.° Leggett (William H.,' Thomas,' Thomas,* 
Gabriel," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; d. . He mar- 
ried Laura Acker, daughter of Col. Thomas Acker and Laura 

Child I (Leggett). a daughter: 

492 i. Laura Lacy,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

In his will, dated April 5, 1906, proved at New York, Feb. 26, 
1907, Francis W.° Leggett leaves all his property to his daughter, 
Laura L. Leggett, making her executrix. 

Authorities : 
New York Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber 795, p. 395. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A, Leggett. 

338. Augustus W.° Leggett (William H.,' Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; d. ; married 

Elizabeth Seaman, born May 9, 1815; died ; daughter of Dr. 

Valentine and Anna Seaman of Westbury, L. I. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 3 sons and 4 daughters: 

493 i. Mortimer A.,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

494 ii. William H., b. ; d. ; m. . 

495 iii. Margaret, b. ; d. ; m. Ives. 

496 iv. Elizabeth, b. ; d. ; m. Barthel. 

497 V. Anne, b. ; d. ; m. Randel. 

498 vi. Blanche, b. ; d. ; m. Whittemore. 

499 vii. Augusta, b. ; d. ; m. Pease. 


Bolton adds the name of another son, Percival, but no other 
record of him has been found, and Rev. Mr. Leggett does not 
include his name among the list of children. 


Bolton, R., History of Westchester, v. 2, p. 446. 
Friends' Records, New York City, 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

339. Edward W.' Leggett (William H.,' Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel," Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; died ; married 

Susan Post. 

Children 6 (Leggett), 4 sons and 2 daughters: 

500 i. Edward W.,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

501 ii. Catherine M., b. ; d. ; m. White. 

502 iii. Frederick A., b. ; d. ; m. . 

503 iv. Susan, b. ; d. ; m. Martin. 

504 V. Charles P., b. ; d. ; m. . 

505 vi. Lester, b. ; d. ; m. . 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, v. 2, p. 446. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

340. Samuel M.' Leggett (William H.,* Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; died ; married 

Julia Coles. 

Children 4 (Leggett), i son and 3 daughters: 

506 i. Oscar Coles,^ b. ; d. ; m. . 

507 ii. Julia, b. ; d. ; m. Whitehead. 

508 iii. Ada, b. ; d. ; m. Smith. 

509 iv. Louisa, b. ; d. ; m. , 

AuTHORixrES : 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, v. 2, p. 446. 
Family Record of Rev. T, A. Leggett. 

342. Thomas B.° Leggett (William H.,' Thomas,' Thomas,' 

Gabriel,' GabrieP), born at West Farms, ; died ; married 

Sarah Huggins, 

Children 4 (Leggett) 3 sons, and i daughter: 

510 i. E. Howard,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

511 ii. Clinton H., b. ; d. ; m. . 

512 iii. William T., b. ; d. ; m. . 

513 iv. Florence H., b. ; d. ; m. . 

Bolton, R., History of Westchester, v. 2, p. 446. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

343. George F.° Leggett (William H.,' Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born at West Farms, ; died ; married 

at Poughkeepsie, Dec. 13, 1852, Charlotte L. Macy, born Sept. i, 
1833, daughter of Charles A. Macy and Sarah L. Corlies of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

Child I (Leggett), a daughter: 


5r4 i- Sarah F.,' b. Sept. 30, 1853; d. ; m. Nov. 11, 1880, 

Edward Day Thurston, b. March 4, 185 1, son of 
William R. and Jane Ridley (Day) Thurston, and 
had a son, Edward Day, b. Oct. 23, 1882. 
Friends' Records, New York City, 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Thurston, B., Thurston Genealogies, 2nd ed., 1892, p. 557. 

350. Anna Farrington' Leggett (Thomas,^ Thomas,* Thomas,' 

Gabriel," Gabriel' ), born Aug. 10, 1837; died . She married 

at Flushing, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1858, Thomas Townsend Moore, son 
of Robert and Hadasseh Moore of Sandy Spring, Md., and re- 
moved with her husband to Maryland. 

Children 5 (Moore), 4 sons and i daughter: 

515 i. Mary,' b. ; d. ; m. Tilton. 

516 ii. Thomas L., b. ; d. ; m. . 

517 iii. Joseph T., b. ; d. ; m. Oct. 4, 1884, Estelle 

Tyson, b. April 24, 1861. 

518 iv. Frederick P., b. ; d. ; m. . 

519 V. George H., b. ; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Friends' Records, Flushing, N. Y. 
Colonial Families, v. 2, p. 735. 

Will of Sarah F. Leggett (No. 348). New York City Surrogate's Office. 
Wills. Liber 881, p. 229. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

351. Caroline H.* Leggett (Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Gab- 
riel,' Gabriel'), born Sept. 11, 1842; died ; married 


Child I (Brooks), a daughter: 

520 i. Katharine L.,' b. ; d. ; unm., 1905. 

Authorities : 
Will of Sarah F. Leggett (No. 348). 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

352. Susan H.' Leggett (Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Gabriel,' 
Gabriel'), born ; died ; married Thomas, and re- 
moved to Ashton, Md. 

Children 3 (Thomas), daughters. 

521 i. Margaret C.,' b. ; d. ; m. Bancroft. 

522 ii. Helen L., b. ; d. ; unm., 1905. 

523 iii. Anna, b. ; d. ; m. Nesbitt. 

Will of Sarah F. Leggett (No. 348). 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

372. John Haviland' Leggett (John Haviland,' John H.,' John,* 
John,' John," Gabriel'), born at Moreau, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1825; died 
Nov. 27, 1858. He married June 27, 1847, Catherine Frances 
Ryer, daughter of Samuel Ryer. 

Children 2 (Leggett), 1 son, and i daughter: 







524 i. Anna," b. June 27, 1849; d. July 6, 1895; m. Grant 

Wilson, and had: Cornelia H.," b. June 29, 1875; m. 
James Bruce McRae. 

525 ii. John B., b. Sept. 28, 1855; d. ; m. June 14, 1883, 

Mary Noel Mallaby, and had: Bleecker Noel,' and 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

374. Edward Henry' Leggett (John Haviland,* John H.,' John,* 
John,' John,' Gabrier), born at Peekskill, March 18, 1829; died 
Feb. 17, 1862; married Oct. 5, 1854, Mary Catharine Randall, born 
Aug. 6, 1835, daughter of Jacob Randall of Bloomingburgh, N. Y. 

Children 4 (Leggett), 3 sons, i daughter: 

John H.,' b. ; d. in infancy. 

William, b. ; d. in childhood. 

Mary, b. ; d. ; m. Oct. 28, 1884, James C. H. 


529 iv. Edward Henry, b. Nov. 15, 1856; living 1915; m. 
Dec. 4, 1879, Nellie Louise Hancock, and has: 
Gertrude,' Louise Randall, Helen Hancock, Ed- 
ward H. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

375. .Mary Bleecker' Leggett (John H.,* John H.,' John,* John,* 
John,' Gabriel'), born at Marlborough, N. Y., March 19, 1831; 
married June 17, 1858, Elias A. Woodward. Mr. and Mrs. Wood- 
ward were both living in 1906. 

Children 7 (Woodward), 3 sons and 4 daughters: 

Elias,' b. May 15, 1859. 

Mary N., b. July 6, 1862. 

Julia, b. Oct. 10, 1864. 

Harriet L., b. March 25, 1867. 

Ambrose, Id. July 2, 1870, 

John H., b. July 6, 1873. 

Fannie, b. April 4, 1876. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

378. Anna' Leggett (John H.,' John H.,* John,* John,' John,' 
Gabriel'), born at Crawford, N. Y., March 11, 1838; living 1906; 
married Sept. 5, i860, John Sharp of Oregon, 111. They are now 
residing in California. 

Children 4 (Sharp), i son and 3 daughters: 

537 i. Isabel,' b. Aug. 13, 1861; d. June 29, 1888; m. 1883, 

John McKendrick, and had a son Bruce,' b. May 31, 

538 ii. Charles, b. Jan. 4, 1865; d. ; m. April 18, 1889, 

Letitia McKinlock, and has: Margaret Anna,' b. 
May 9, 1891; George McK., b. Sept. 9, 1893; Ed- 
ward, b. April 24, 1897. 
















539 iii- Gertrude, b. Dec. 23, 1866; d. ; m. Dec. 4, 1892, 

Warren Tooker. 

540 iv. Bertha, b. March 21,' 187 1; d. July 29, 1901; m. Feb., 

1893, E. W. Carpenter. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
379. Gertrude' Leggett (John H.,» John H.,' John,* John,' 
John," Gabriel'), born at Crawford, N. Y., April 14, 1840; died 
June 25, 1903; married April 12, 1866, Charles B. Stirling. 
Children 2 (Stirling), i son and i daughter: 

541 i. Gertrude," b. March 16, 1867; m. Nov. 12, 1890, 

Pascal Barguet. 

542 ii. Charles Bleecker, b. Nov. 6, 1873. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

381. William' Leggett (John H.," John H.,"* John," John," John,' 
GabrieP), born at Crawford, Orange Co., N. Y., March 12, 1844; 
living 1906; married Oct. 16, 1872, Maria A. Carman, born Oct. 23, 
1845, daughter of William S. Carman. 

Children 5 (Leggett), 2 sons and 3 daughters: 

543 i. Helen,' b. Feb. 24, 1875. 

544 ii. Howard Allison, b. July 21, 1878; m. April 9, 1900, 

Anna Mary Clason, and has: Ethel," b. April 16, 

545 iii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 15, 1880. 

546 iv. Sarah Earle, b. Dec. 15, 1882. 

547 V. William Carman, b. May 4, 1884. 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

382. Rev. Theodore Augustus' Leggett (John H.,° John H.,^ 
John,* John,' John,' Gabriel*), born at Crawford, Orange Co., N. Y., 
Dec. 20, 1845; died at New Brighton, Staten Island, Nov. 25, 1906. 
He married, in New York City, Oct. i, 1873, Anna Frances 
D wight, born New York City, Dec. 17, 1848, daughter of John 
Dwight and his wife, Nancy Shaw Everett Dwight. 

Children 7 (Leggett), 3 sons, and 4 daughters: 

548 i. Frances Wade," b. at Chester, Orange Co., N. Y., 

June 13, 1874; d. March 21, 1897. 

549 ii. John Dwight, b. Chester, N. Y., April 28, 1876; 

living 1915; m. June 22, 1904, Florence Burton 
Hamilton of Boston, b. March 21. 1878; they have 
a son John Dwight, Jr.," b. March 27, 1906. 

550 iii. Noel Bleecker, b. Chester, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1879. 

551 iv. Schuyler Maurice, b. New Brighton, S. L, Oct. 11, 

1882; living 1 9 15; m. March 3, 1908, Lucy Wolf 

552 V. Theodora Augusta, b. New Brighton, S. L, Sept. 14, 

1884; d. March 10, 1897. 

553 vi. Marion D wight, b. New Brighton, S. I., March 15, 

1887; d. Oct. 22, 1901. 

554 vii. Adelaide Lispenard, b. New Brighton, S. I., Dec. 2, 

1888; d. March 24, 1897. 
Reverend Theodore Augustus' Leggett, to whom we are in- 
debted in a large measure for the data included in this record of 
the Leggett family, was a Presbyterian clergyman. His first 
charge was at Chester, Orange Co., N. Y., where he remained for 
about ten years; in 1881 he accepted a call to Calvary Pres- 
byterian Church, New Brighton, Staten Island, which he held 
until his death in 1906. He received the degree of Doctor of 
Divinity from New York University in 1897. 

405. Samuel^ Leggett (James W.,' Abraham,' Ezekiel,' William," 

William,'' Gabriel'), born ; died ; married Rebecca 


Children 2 (Leggett), i son and i daughter: 

555 i. Ada,® b. ; d. ; m. . 

556 ii. Albert, b. 187 1; d. ; m. . 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

408. Richard Lee'' Leggett (Abraham,* Abraham,^ Ezekiel,* 
William,' William,^ Gabriel'), born New York, Dec. 26, 1831; 
married at the Church of the Holy Apostles, New York City, 
Oct. 9, 1862, to Clara Cox, born Oct. 5, 1838; died July 28, 1912; 
daughter of Joseph Cox and his wife, Clara (Majastie) Cox. 

Children 6 (Leggett), 3 sons and 3 daughters: 

i. Ada Gertrude,' b. April 15, 1864; d. June 15, 1875. 
Majastie, b. Aug. 24, 1867. 

Walter Richard, b. June 25, 1870; d. March 21, 187 1. 
Edith Louise, b. May 16, 1873, 
Laura, b. Feb. 13, 1875. 
Albert Cox, b. April 2, 1880. 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Family Bible Records. 

409. William Abraham' Leggett (Abraham," Abraham,' Eze- 
kiel,* William,' William," Gabriel'), born New York, -^ept. 5, [833; 
living 1915; married April 15, 1858, Margaret Berthenia Barmore, 
born Nov. 21, 1841; living 1915; daughter of Garet Barmore and 
his wife Hester (Lawrence) Barmore. 

Child I (Leggett), a son: 
563 i. Charles W.,* b. Jan. 19, 1859. 

Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Records furnished by Margaret Barmore Leggett. 

411. Caroline Hannah' Leggett (Abraham,' Abrahan,' Eze- 
kiel,* William,' William,* Gabriel'), born in New York, March 22, 
1838; living 1915; married April 10, 1866, Henry C. Whitmarsh, 














born at Baltimore, Md., May 3, 1829; died July 14, 1906, son of 
John Whitmarsh and his wife Mary (Groiner) Whitmarsh. 
Children 3 (Whitmarsh), 2 sons and i daughter: 

564 i. Henry Lee,' b. March 8, 1867; d. Dec. 30, 1868. 

565 ii. Theodore Francis, b. Nov. 6, 1869; living 1915; m. 

Lilian Smith, and has a son, Francis Leggetf 

566 iii. Grace, b. Aug. 10, 1874; living 1915; m. Henry 

Ainslee Smith. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Records furnished by Caroline H. Leggett Whitmarsh. 

412. Francis Howard' Leggett (Abraham,' Abraham,* Eze- 
kiei," William,' William," GabrieP), born New York, March 27, 

1840; died ; married (i) Anna E. Stokes; married (2) Sept. 9, 

1895, Mrs. Bessie McLeod Sturges. 

Child I (Leggett), a daughter, by second wife: 

567 i. Frances Howard,' b. ; d. ; m. . 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

413. Cornelia Colgate' Leggett (Abraham," Abraham,' Eze- 
kiei,* William,' William,' Gabriel'), born at New York, Nov. 3, 
1 841; living 191 5; married Oct. 10, 1864, Abraham Hatfield, born 
July' 26, 1836; living 1915; son of Abraham Hatfield, of White 
Plains, N. Y., and his wife Eliza (Wakeman) Hatfield. [Abra- 
ham (or Abram) Hatfield, of White Plains, was born Sept. i, 1801; 
died Dec. 23, 1876; married at New York City, Feb. 12, 1826, 
Eliza Wakeman, born March 20, 1807; died April 3, 1882. Eliza 
Wakeman Hatfield was the daughter of Adams' Wakeman 
(Gideon," Joseph," Capt. Joseph,' Rev. Samuel," John') and his wife 
Susanna -(Bassett) W?.keman.] 

Children 4 (Hatfield), 2 sons and 2 daughters: 

568 i. Abraham,' b. May 27, 1867; m. Mabel Whitman, b. 

Feb. 28, 1869. 

569 ii. Sarah Lee, b. Dec. 22, 1868; m. Park Mason Wooley, 

and has two children. 

570 iii. Nelly, b. Jan. 26, 1871. 

571 iv. Harry Wakeman, b. Feb. 15, 1874; m. Ellen G. Black- 


Authorities : 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Wakeman Genealogy, p. 230. 
Records furnished by Cornelia C. Leggett Hatfield. 

415. Alfred Stokes' Leggett (Abraham,* Abraham,* Ezekiel,* 
William,' William,' Gabriel'), born at New York, Oct. 25, 1845; 
died in 1876; married Mary Harbison, daughter of Thomas Har- 
bison and his wife, Caroline Augusta (Worcester) Harbison. 
Children 3 (Leggett), 2 sons and i daughter: 

572 i. Anna Lee,' b. July 26, 1871. 

573 ii- Howard, b. Nov. — , 1873; d. Nov. — , 1873, aged 3 


574 iii. Alfred Stokes, b. Jan. i, 1876; d. March 16, 1876. 


Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 
Records furnished by Anna Lee Leggett. 

416. Theodore A.'' Leggett (Abraham,* Abraham,' Ezekiel,* 
William,' William,' Gabriel'), born at New York, Sept. 10, 1847; 
died in 1883; married Mary E. McCoun. 
Child I (Leggett), a son: 

575 i. Henry Theodore,' b. , 1873. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

44T. Frederick William' Leggett (Abraham William,' Abra- 
ham,^ Isaac,* Thomas,' Gabriel,* Gabriel'), born in New York 
City, April 20, 1842; died in New York, Oct. 16, 1909. He mar- 
ried at New York, Nov. 5, 1867, Mary Elizabeth Freeman, born 
in New York, June 28, 1844; died in New York, Dec. 14, 1907. 

She was a daughter of and Julia A. Freeman. 

Children 3 (Leggett), i son and 2 daughters: 

576 i. Louise,* b. March 2, 1869; living, unm., 1904. 

577 ii. Gertrude, b. Nov. 2, 1870; d. Aug. 15, 1872. 

578 iii. Warren Freeman, b. May 11, 1874; living 1915; 

m. . 

The wills of Frederick William Leggett and of his wife, Mary 
E. (Freeman) Leggett are on file in the Surrogate's Office, 
New York City. That of Frederick William is dated May 13, 
1880, with a codicil April 2, 1898, proved Oct. 23, 1909; he leaves 
bequests to his wife, Mary Elizabeth, and children Louise and 
Warren F. Executors, his wife (who however had predeceased 
him), brother-in-law Isaac Sherwood Coffin and friend John D. 
Mairs (who died in 1898). Witnesses: his brother Edgar A. 
Leggett, George Lilly and Charles E. Swain (died about 1884). 

The will of Mary Elizabeth Leggett, wife of Frederick W., 
dated April i, 1891, codicil May 19, 1904, proved May 22, 1908, 
mentions her children, Louise and Warren Freeman Leggett, 
directs a division, etc., of a certain bequest to them from their 
grandmother, Julia A. Freeman. Witnessed by her brother-in- 
law, Edgar A. Leggett, of 22 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, and 
George Lilly, 


New York City Surrogate's Office. Wills. Liber 879, p. 183; Liber 831, 
P- 383. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 

Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

442. Emma B.' Leggett (Abraham William," Abraham,' Isaac,* 
Thomas,' Gabriel,' Gabriel'), born at New York, July 15, 1845; 
died at New York, Nov. 22, 1875; married May 4, 1869, Isaac 
Sherwood Coffin, born Feb. 28, 1842. 


Children 3 (Coffin), 2 sons and i daughter: 

579 i. Adele/ b. May 8, 1870; d. April 10, 191 1. 

580 ii. Frederick L., b. Oct. 29, 1873. 

581 iii. Andrew, b. Aug. 23, 1875; d. June II, 1877. 

Family Record of John Leggett. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

444. Edgar A.' Leggett (Abraham William,' Abraham,' Isaac,* 
Thomas,' Gabriel," Gabriel'), born at New York, Aug. 6, 1854; 
married Dec. 5, 1876, Marie Louise Duyckinck, born May 10, 1856. 
Children 2 (Leggett), i son and i daughter: 

582 i. Lewis D.,' b. Dec. 5, 1876; d. May 7, 1909; m. April 

24, 1901, Emma A. Garrett, and had a son, John 
Kent" Leggett, b. April 17, 1908. 

583 ii. Emma Briggs, b. March 29, 1879; m. April 26, 1913, 

Urbain B. Bilosily, Jr. 

Family Record of John LeggeU. 
Family Record of Rev. T. A. Leggett. 

Some Unplaced Leggett Descendants. 

Azuba Leggett (grandmother S. Raymond), bp. at Church of 
Christ, vSalem, Westchester Co., July 21, 1790. (A^. Y. Gen. and 
Biog. Record, v. 33, p. 38.) 

Churchyard inscriptions from Mt. Kisco cemeteries: 

Merritt E, Leggett, b. Dec. 20, 1857; d. Nov. 7, 1890. 

Robert Leggett, b. March 5, 1805; d. Aug. 19, 1873. 

Mary Ann, wife of Robert Leggett, daughter of Merritt and 
Elizabeth Sands; d. Aug. 7, 1863, aged 53 years. 

Esther Leggett, b. 1820; d. 1899. 

Dr. Joseph Leggett, b. 22 March, 1819; d. i Sept., 1873. 

Cynthia J. Sands, b. 1816; d. 1900. 

Elizabeth, wife of Merritt Sands, and daughter of Caleb and 
Mary Kirby; d. Dec. 9, 1864, aged 76 years, 4 months, 15 days. 

In connection with the above we have the will of Mary 
Ann Leggett, dated Jan. 31, 1863, proved Nov. 11, 1863, which 
mentions her sister Cynthia Jane Sands; granddaughters Mary 
Elizabeth and Adelaide Elizabeth Leggett, under age; sons James 
and Merritt S. Leggett. Witness, Joseph Leggett, 120 Ave. C, 
New York. (N. Y. Surrogate's Office, Wills, Liber 152, p. i.) 

Francis A. Leggett. Will, dated Nov. 24, 1876, proved Dec. 27, 
1876. Wife Phoebe; sisters Mary Ann Howell, Louisa Smith; 
brother William Leggett. Executors, friends Charles H. Bailey 
and Nicholas L. Brundage. (N. Y. Surrogate's Office, Wills, 
Liber 244, p. 327.) 

William Leggett. Will, dated March 14, 1867, proved July 11, 
1868. Wife Jane Ann; deceased brother Andrew; niece Jessie 
Purdie, daughter of deceased sister Margaret; nephew William 
Pardie; nieces Janet and Alice Leggat, daughters of deceased 


brother Alexander; cousin Agnes Gibson or Telfer. Sons An- 
drew R., Richard J., William Scott, daughter Janet Scott Pound, 
Alexander C, Gertrude L. Ogsburg. Residence, 26 W. Washington 
Place, N. Y. (N. Y. Surrogate's Office, Wills, Liber 178, p. 243.) 

Benjamin Leggett. Will, dated June 20, 1823, proved June 28, 
1823. All property to Andrew Smith, who is also made executor. 
(N. Y. Surrogate's Office, Wills, Liber 58, p. 173.) 

Anna Leggett. Rosannah Cock (Cox), b. 1756; d. 1798; m, 
Aug. 6, 1775, Dr. Joseph Crane, b. Feb. 13, 1749; d. Nov. 8, 1825 
(of Joseph and Ester [Belden] Crane), who m. 2, Feb. 14, 1798, 
Aner Leggitt, b. 1759; d. April 7, 1807, daughter of Captain Hacka- 
liah and Abigail ( Halstead) Brown, and had a son, Carso, b. June 1 5 , 
1800. (Cock-Cocks-Cox family.) 

Eleanor Leggett, wife of Joseph; d. Aug. 20, 1869, aged 75 
years, 11 months, 4 days. (West Farms Burying-ground, i8oth 
St., N. Y.) 

William Leggett m. April 15, 1827, Phebe Stinard. (Records 
Ref. Dutch Church, Harlem, in N. Y. Gen. and Bio g. Record, v. 8, 
p. 42.) 

Benjamin I. Leggett m. Elizabeth Dewitt; b. Nov. 17, 1781, (of 
Reuben Dewitt). {N. V. Gen. and Biog. Record, v. 21, p. 190.) 

Sara Legerd (Leggett ?) m. Pieter Van der Voort, and had 
daughter Elizabeth, bp. N. Y. Dutch Church, Feb. 7, 1768. {N. Y. 
Gen. and Biog. Record, v. 29, p. 88.) 

Mary R. Leggett, m. Thomas H. Martin, of Schodack, N. Y., 
and had son George L., b. Aug. 14, 186 1. (A^. F, Gen. and Biog. 
Record, v. 29, p. 236.) 

Richard J. Leggett; d. 1899. {N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, 
V. 30.) 

Henry A. Leggett; d. at Syracuse, Oct. 27, 191 1, aged 78 years. 
(Newspaper record.) 

Abraham Leggett, b. 1793; d. 1799 (?). Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
(A^. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, v. 34, p. 267.) 

Joseph R. Leggett's child died Feb. 15, 1803, aged 35 days. 

Clayton N. Leggett; d. Jan. 23, 1839, aged 3 months, 

Caroline Leggett; d. Feb. 11, 1843, aged 3 years, 6 months. 

Sarah Leggett; d. May 14, 1873, aged 83 years. 

Caroline Leggett; d. 1853. 

Sarah T. Leggett; b. 23 June, 1830. (Friends' Records, New 
York City.) 

Elizabeth Dickinson, b. Jan., 1747-8 (of James and Phebe 
Dickinson); d. at home of John Cox, Amawalk, Westchester Co., 

March 17, 1843; m. (i) Leggett, no issue; (2) Sept. 28, 1774, 

Stephen Fowler, b. Dec. 4, 1733; d. March 29, 1782, son of Caleb 
and Anna (Miller) Fowler, lived at North Castle, Westchester Co., 
and had two children: Robert, 1776-1780; Hannah, 1778-1862, m. 
(i) John Thorn; (2) Isaac Cocks. Elizabeth (Dickinson) Fowler 
m. (3) as his 3d wife, John Weeks; no issue. {Cock-Cocks-Cox 
Family, 2 ed., 19 14, p. 396.) 

Annapel Leggett, m. Jan. 18, 1759, James Flood, 

Anna Leggett, m. May 15, 1772, John Russell. 


Susannah Leggett, m. Jan. 27, 1779, Theodorus Deforrest. 
(N. Y. Marriages, p. 229.) 

The following deaths are recorded by John Leggett (No. 293), 
and are probably for the most part records of descendants of 
his grandfather, Isaac Leggett (No. 68) and his wife Rebecca 

Sarah Briggs, d. Sept. 4, 1900. 

Kate Grey, d. April 7, 1901. 

Matthew Bunker, d. Dec. 11, 1900. 

James Gifford, d. April 9, 1904, aged 75 years. 

Mrs. Abbie L. Lockwood, d. Feb. 26, 1906. 

Minnie H. Leggett, died Dec. 10, 1906. 

Mrs. Margaret B. Sarle, d. March 26, 1907. 

Richard Wright, d. Feb. 24, 1906. 

Perry Baker, d. June 28, 1905. 

Mary J. Briggs, d. Jan. 25, 1905. 

Alice Mayher (or Mayhew ?) d. March 14, 1905. 

Mrs. Grace Dorland, d. March 15, 1905. 

Emily Cobb, d. Sept. i, 1905. 

Elsa Woodbridge, d. Dec. 29, 1905, 

Mrs. Abbie Fellows, d. Feb. 11, 1905. 

Watson H. Bowne, d. Dec. 10, 1905. 

V. D. Mairs, d. Sept. 17, 1874. 

James Mairs, d. Sept. 9, 1877. 

D. D. Briggs, d. July 3, 1876. 

John D. Mairs, d. Oct. 3, 1881. 

Rachel Mairs, d. April , 1882. 

Linda Foster, d. Dec. 29, 1884. 

John Mairs, d. Dec. 7, 1885, aged 85 years. 

Ellen A. Mairs, d. Nov. i, 1886. 

David Dows, Senior, d. March 30, 1890. 

David Dows, Junior, d. Jan. 13, 1899. 

William A. Mairs, d. Nov. 30, 1902. 

Linda D. Cooksey, d. March 7, 1903. 

John D. Mairs, d. Jan. 4, 1905. 

Anna B. Hayes, d. Dec. 25, 1904. 

Mary E. Van Aulin, d. May 15, 1905. 

Mary St. John Mairs, d. April 29, 1906. 

Margaret E. Dows, d. Feb. 3, 1909. 

Addenda to Early Settlers of West Farms, contributed by 
Edward H. Leggett, Esq., of Albany (No. 529): 
Leggetts in England. 

Will of Margaret Barker, of Nayland, Suffolk, Eng., proved 
1589, mentions her daughter Margaret Legatt, Thomas Legat of 
Sutton in Hornchurch, Essex, gent., and her grandchild, Jane 

Will of Robert Barker, Senior, of Nayland, Suffolk, oadsetter, 
proved March 7, 16 17, mentions John Leggate's two children by 
his late daughter Bridget Barker. 

Will of John Barker of Nayland, Suffolk, clothier, proved 
1588, mentions son Legate. 


Will of William Littlebury, of Dedhatn, Essex, proved 1595, 
refers to will of Robert Legate, late of Ipswich. 

Will of Rose, widow of William Pinchon, Esq., of Writtell, 
Essex, proved 1599, appoints her brother-in-law John Legatt 
executor, John Legatt and Edward Hunt witnesses. 

Will of widow Johanna Proctor, of London, proved 1661, men- 
tions Mr. Richard Legate. (Genealogical Gleanings in England, 
by H. F. Waters.) 

John Leggett of Barbadoes, later of Exeter, N. H. 

John Leggat, Samuel Richardson, Lewis Morris, Phillips, 

Needham and other New England names are found as 

inhabitants of Barbadoes, W. L, in 1638, who then possessed over 
10 acres of land. (Narragansett Hist. Register, v. 3, p. 282.) 

I believe that John Legate of Barbadoes, 1638, removed to 
Exeter and Hampton, N, H., and that he was the father of Gabriel 
Leggett of Westchester, and of John Leggett, the mariner, of 
Westchester. The earliest record I have of the Leggetts in West- 
chester is the following: On May 13, 1675, John Legett was 
subscribing witness to a power of attorney by Thomas Hart of 
London (of Barbadoes in 1666), merchant, to Robert Story, of 
New York, merchant, and John Boone (Bowne ?) of Long Island, 
planter, in relation to his. Hart's, lands and property in Long 
Island and elsewhere in New England. (Recorded, Sec'y State's 
Office, Albany. Book I of Deeds, p. 32.) 

It is possible that Gabriel Leggett was born in the Barbadoes 
and not in England, as John Leggett was a landowner there in 
1638, and there was much commerce and travel between Bar- 
badoes and America, New York in particular, in the 17th century. 

The following notes taken from records in the Secretary of 
State's Office, Albany, are interesting in this connection. 

Sept. 18, 165 1. Thomas Modiford, Esq., of the Island of Bar- 
badoes, William Sharp of Southampton (Eng. ?) merchant, and 
John Richbell of Charlestown (Mass.), New England, merchant, 
agree to purchase land near the most southwesterly settlements 
of New England. Same to be stocked with workers, servants, 
cattle, etc., and to be managed by Richbell. 

There follows a deed of land at Oyster Bay, Long Island, 
dated May 12, 1658 by John Dickinson and others to the above, 
upon condition that grantees people the land. Endorsed below is 
the following: "Oyster Bay ye loth of 8th, 1662: This Bill of 
Sale within is owned by me to be void and of no effect, for want 
of pformance according to agreement. As witness my hand. 
(Signed) John Richbell." 

There follows a letter of instructions to John Richbell from 
his partners Modiford and Sharp, dated Barbadoes, Sept. 18, 1657, 
together with record of purchase by John Richbell of lands in 
Town of Mamaroneck from the Indians in 1661, upon which lands 
Richbell settled. As the traditional lecord is that Gabriel Leg- 
gett was born in 1635 and settled in Westchester in 1661, 1 believe 
that he was imported by Richbell either from Barbadoes or from 
Exeter or Hampton. 


Deed of Quit Claim dated Nov. 13, 1667, from Richard Russell 
of Charlestown, Mass., and Joanna Davison, widow and adm. of 
Nicholas Davison, late of same place, to John Richbell. Recites 
that John Richbell had sold certain lands at Oyster Bay, at Horse 
Neck late in the possession of Andrews, who died at Charlestown 
prior 'to April, 1660, to Nathaniel Sylvester, Lattimer Sampson 
and partners, and quit claims all interest in said lands. 

Warranty Deed, dated Nov. 17, 1666, from John Richbell, late 
of Oyster Bay, L. I., and Ann, his wife, to Nathaniel Silvester, of 
Shelter Island, Thomas Hart, of Barbadoes, and Latimer Samp- 
son, of Long Island. Conveys property in Oyster Bay adjoining 
that of Capt. John Underbill, Matthias Harvey and Anthony 
Wright. John Youngs, subscribing witness. 

A number of other deeds, from John Paine, of Southold to 
Nathaniel Silvester, of Shelter Island; Samuel Edsall, of Berg- 
hen, N. J., to Col. Lewis Morris, of Barbadoes (payment made by 
Richard Morris of New York), of land on Bronck's Neck, on 
east side of the river; power of attorney of Capt. Richard Morris 
of New York, to Nathaniel Silvester, for himself and his brother. 
Col. Lewis Morris, of Island of Barbadoes. 

Power of Attorney, dated March 27, 1675, for Thomas Hart, of 
London, to his friends Robert Story of New York, and John 
Boone (Bowne ?) of Long Island. Witnessed by John Smith, his 
servant, John Legett, and Peter Stringer. This Thomas Hart 
was living in Barbadoes in 1666. (See Warranty Deed above.) 

John Leggett at Exeter. Records of Court held at Ipswich, 
Mass., 30:1:1647. John Legate petitions in behalf of his kinsman 
Samuel Fogg v. Will. Fuller of Hampton. The genealogy of the 
Fogg family states that Samuel Fogg came from England about 
1638 and settled at Hampton. There is a tradition that he was a 
brother to Ralph Fogg of Salem, Mass., who had a son Ezekiel, 
bp. 1638. Note that Rev. Ezekiel Fogge was minister of the 
church in Westchester, 1674. 

John Leggett^ the mariner. Deed of Sale, dated Nov. 30, 1676, 
from John Leggett of Westchester, to Jacob Leysler of New 
York. Sells his interest in hull of pinck or ship called the 
Susannah, of New York, "now lying in the Harbour, and by me 
built in Bronck's River near Westchester," together with masts, 
yards and long boat, etc. Timotheus Van der Veen, William 
Nicolls and John Juxon, witnesses. 

A complaint was filed to the Mayor's Court of the City of New 
York about 1680 by Anthony Summers, against Frederick Phil- 
lipse, adm. of John Leggett, deceased. He complains that the 
defendant owes him ^61 15s., which was for maintenance of 
John, the son of John Legate, dec'd, for five years and a quarter, 
at £,% per annum, Boston money, as by account. (N. Y. Hist. 
Soc. Coll. 1894, v. 27, p. 431.) 

John Richardson. 

John Richardson married Martha, daughter of William Mead, 
of Stamford, Conn., and the records of the Court of Magistrates, 
held at New Haven, show that on "Oct. 18, 1654, Joseph Mead 
of Stamford, testifies on behalf of his sister Martha, the wife of 


John Richardson," and on " Mch. 27, 1657, a petition from William 
Mead, on behalf of John Richardson (his son-in-law) was pre- 
sented, desiring the Court that the fine of ;^io laid upon him 
be abated," and on the same day, John Mead, another son of 
William Mead, petitioned the Court to remit the fine of ^10 laid 
upon him last year. (New Haven Col. Records, v. 2, pp. 122, 
218, 229.) 

William Mead, the father-in-law of John Richardson, came 
from England, probably in 1635, and settled at Wethersfield, 
Conn., and in 164 1 removed to Stamford. He was born in Eng- 
land about 1600, married about 1625, and died in Stamford about 
1663. He was the ancestor of the Mead family of Fairfield Co., 
Conn., some of whom settled in Westchester Co., N. Y. He had 
sons: Joseph, born 1630, married Dec. 4, 1654, Mary Brown of 
Stamford, and died May 3, 1690, having had six children; and 
John, born about 1634, who married Hannah Potter of Stamford, 
probably in 1657, and died Feb. 5, 1699, having had eleven chil- 
dren. John was the ancestor of the Greenwich Meads. William 
also had a daughter, Martha, born about 1632, who married John 
Richardson of Stamford, prior to Oct., 1654. No further trace of 
John and Martha Richardson or of their children appears in the 
Conn, records. {Mead Family History, by Spencer P. Mead, Esq., 

John Richardson and Edward Jessup, of Fairfield, Conn., 
purchased a tract of land (about 1600 acres) at West Farms, 
Westchester Co., from the Indians in 1663 and 1664, which was 
patented to them by Governor Nicolls in 1666. John Richard- 
son died in 1679, leaving his will mentioning his wife Martha, his 
three daughters, Bethia, wife of Joseph (meaning John) Ketcham 
of Newtown; Mary, wife of Joseph Hadley (of Yonkers), and 
Elizabeth, wife of Gabriel Leggett (of West Farms), and also his 
nephew, Joseph Richardson (son of his brother Henry) in Eng- 
land. (Bolton's History of Westchester.) 

Martha Richardson conveyed her share of the West Farms 
Patent under her deceased husband's will and by purchase from 
her son-in-law Joseph Hadley, to her eldest daughter Bethia 
Ketcham, by deed dated June 26, 1683. (Recorded for John 
Ketcham, Nov. 16, 1683-4.) She afterwards married Capt. Thomas 
Williams of Westchester, and died about 1695. 

John Ketcham, son-in-law to John Richardson (son of Edward 
Ketcham of Ipswich, Mass., in 1637; who owned land at Southold, 
L. I., in 1654), removed from Ipswich, Mass., where he had been 
a representative to the General Court of Mass. Bay, to Setauket, 
L. I., in 1648. He went to Newtown in 1668, married Bethia 
Richardson shortly after March 14, 1676, when he made an ante- 
nuptial agreement in her behalf with her father John Richardson, 
Gabriel Leggett, her brother-in-law, and another; he died in- 
testate at Newtown, and letters of administration were granted to 
his widow, Bethia, May 17, 1697. (N. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll., Wills, 
V. I, p. 276.) They had three sons: John, Samuel and Edward 
Ketcham, all residing in Huntington, L. I., in 1672. {Long Island 
Genealogies, by Mary Powell Bunker, 1895.) 


On March 14, 1676-7, John Ketcham, of Newtown, L. I., who 
was about to marry Bethiah, daughter of John Richardson, of 
Westchester, made a trust deed to said John Richardson, Gabriell 
Legate, of Westchester, and Joseph Pettit, of Hempstead, L. I., 
for the purpose of establishing a jointure for his proposed wife, 
conveying lands in Newtown, L. I., which lands " were sometime 
heretofore purchased of Elizabeth Jessop, widow," and on the 
same day John Ketcham gave his bond to said Richardson, Legate 
and Pettit in penalty of ;^4oo to observe the provisions of said 
trust deed. (Sec'y State's Office, Deeds, Book 5, p. 89.) 

Joseph Hadley, son-in-law of John Richardson, died intestate, 
and letters of administration on his estate were granted to Thomas 
Williams, of Westchester, as principal creditor, April 28, 1697. 

A deed recorded in Book I of records of the Town of West- 
chester at page 63, made by Joseph Meade, of Greenwich, Conn., 
to his " cozon " (nephew) Joseph Hadley, of Westchester (who was 
a son-in-law of John Richardson), dated Greenwich, 24 Novem- 
ber, 1680, and conveying all his right, title and interest in six 
acres of meadow in Westchester, to which his brother John Meade 
was a subscribing witness, establishes conclusively the identity 
of John Richardson, of Stamford, Conn., 1654, to 1657, husband 
of Martha Mead (daughter of William Mead, of Stamford) with 
John Richardson, the co-patentee of West Farms in 1666 with 
Edward Jessup, formerly of Fairfield, Conn. 

Corrections and Additions. 

Page 31, line 43. Read: -|-2i vi. Mary, b. July 10, 1730; d. before 1778; m. 
Richard Lawrence. 

Page 34, line 23. Omit: As Gabriel's^ to end of sentence. (See cor- 
rection of Isaac's'' descendants, p. 64 et seq.) 

Page 34, line 36. Read: Anna Hunt, b. ; d. ; daughter of 

Thomas'* Hunt (Josiah,^ Josiah,' Thomas,' who m, Elizabeth Jessup) and his 
wife Mary. Thomas* Hunt died 1756-58, will dated July 26, 1756, proved 
July 15, 1758. (N. Y. Hist. Soc. Coll. Wills v. 5, p. 280; also Bolton's Westchester, 
V. 2, p. 738.) 

Page 40, line il. Read: Oct. 6, 1741, for Oct. 16, 1741. 

Page 42, line 47. See note of correction, p. 64 et seq. 

Page 43, lines 26-33. See note of correction, p. 64 et seq. 

Page 43, lines 38-41. See note of correction, p. 64 et seq. 

Page 45, line 25. Read: Isaac Meiers, b. ; d. May 30, 1822, son of 

Henry Meiers. (Chappaqua Friends' Burying-ground.) 

Page 49, line 13. Read: . . . .Isaac, b. ; d. ; m. Barbara . 

Page 50, line 19. Read: ... .is called Mary in the notes o/her brother. 

Page 51, line 3. Read: +124 iii. Abraham Alsop.^b. Oct. 23, 1785; d. ; 

m. (I) Rebecca Morgan; (2) E. Morgan. 

Page 51, line 4. Read: 125 iv. Mary Norwood, b. Aug. i, 1788; d. ; 

m. June 4, 181 2, Thomas S. Slocum, merchant, of New York. {N. Y. Evening 
Post, June 5, 1812.) 

Page 51, line 8. Read: 129 viii. Jane m. March 27, 1816, Cornelius 

W. Oakley, merchant. {N. V, Conwiercial Advertiser, Mch. 29, 1816.) 

Page 53, lines 1-5. In the list of Grantors of Deeds, Saratoga Co., N. Y,, 
we find Gabriel Leggett, wife Bridget, of Stillwater, 1806, which is evidently 
Gabriel (No. 63) or a son of his; Benjamin Leggett, wife Rebecca, of Stillwater, 
1793; Joseph Leggett, wife Elizabeth, of Saratoga, 1810, who must have been 
sons of Gabriel* (No. 63). 

Page 53, line 14. Read: Children 9 (Pierce) 3 sons and 6 daughters. 


i. Elizabeth/ b. May 5, 1768; d. Sept. 25, 1846; m. Nov. 15, 1793, Jesse 
Cock (Cox). 

ii. Thomas, b. ; d.Oct. 30, 1844; m. (i) Martha , b. , d. about 

1809; m. (2) Phebe , b. May 22, 1776; d. March 16, 1857, aged 

80 years, 9 months, 22 days. Thomas Pierce had: (by ist wife) 
Martha, b. 1801, d. 1890; Jane, b. 1809; d. 1896; (by 2nd wife) 

Reuben L., b. 1813, d. 1834; Elizabeth, b. , d. . 

iii. Caroline, b. , d. , 

iv. Sarah, b. , 1778; d, Nov. 12, 1841; unmarried. 

V. Isaac, b. Dec. 14, 1780; d. July 6, i860; m. (i), Sarah , b. , 

d. ; m. (2) Dec. 12, 1845, Amy Underbill, daughter of Abraham 

and Keziah Underbill. Children (by ist wife): Mary, b. , 

d. ; John W,, b. 1809, d. 1901; Thomas L., b. 181 1, d. 1844; 

Samuel, b. 1813, d. 1836; Phebe Jane, b. 1815, d. ; Joseph M., 

b. 1820,. d. . 

vi. Anna, b. March 7,1783; d. . 

vii. Joseph, b. May 12, 1785; d. Dec, 5, 1858; m. , Hannah Sutton, b. 

April 4, 1787, d. April 4, 1864, daughter of Moses and Rebecca 
Sutton. Children: Abbey Jane, b. 1813, d. 1844; Moses, b. 1816, d. 
1886; Aaron, b. 1819, d. 1826; Joseph, Jr., b. 1827, d. 1858: Phebe 
Anne, b. 1830, d. 1863. 

viii. Abigail, b. , 1788; d. March 12, 1847; unmarried. 

ix. Melissa, b. Aug. 8, 1791; d. July 31, 1828; m. Aaron Sutton. 

(Chappaqua Friends' Records.) 
Page 53, line 20. Read: Miriam Haight, born at Flushing, L. I., April 7, 

Page 53, line 22. Read: and his wife Rebecca Fowler. 

Page 53, line 25. Read: Mary, b. , 1776; d. Feb. 2, 1853; m. Jesse 


Page 53, line 26. Read: Hannah, d. July 3, 1878; m 

Page S3, line 29, Read: 2nd, Frances V, Pleasant. 

Page 53, line 33, Read: Esther d. Feb. 14, 1820; m 

Page 54, line 43, See correction of this family, p. 64 et seq. 

Page 56, Une 3. Read: Samuel and Rebecca (Fowler) Haight 

Page 61, line II. Read: Eliza Ann d. Aug. 6, 1886, unm. 

Page 61, line 12. Read: Sarah m. Nov. 26, 1851, Mead Wheeler. 

Page 61, line 16. Read: Isaac m. Sarah Ann Swain. 

Page 61, line 23. Read: ....JohnN m, Dec. 31,1839, Augusta Wheeler. 

Page 62, line 17. Read: married (i) April g, 1812, Rebecca Morgan, of 
New York. {N. V. Evening Post, April 11, 1812.) 

Page 62, line 19. 221 i. Anna^ b. ; d. 1908; unmarried. Her will, 

dated Dec. 14, 1904, proved April 9, 1908, names sister Adeline M. Leggett, 
Frederick S. Sellewand wife Catherine W., Herman Drisler and wife Kate W., 
deceased brother William H. Leggett, cousins Elizabeth Breath and Helen M, 
Breath, now of Santa Barbara, Cal,, and their nieces, Elise C. Tiemann and 
Adeline Breath Tiemann. (N. Y, Surrogate's Off. Wills. L. 836, p. 250.) 

Page 62, lines 32-44. 134. Mary,^ Leggett (Joseph,"* Thomas,^ Gabriel,' 

Gabriel'), born , 1776; died Feb. 2, 1853. She married Dec. 12, 1798, Jesse 

Frame, b. , 1774; died Oct. 7, 1826; son of David and Catherine Frame, 

of New Jersey. 

Children 8 (Frame), 4 sons and 4 daughters: 

226 i. Catherine,^ b, , 1801; d. June 27, 1857; unmarried, 

227 ii. Joseph L., b. ; d. ; m. Joanna . 

228 iii. Maria, b. ; d. ; m. Feb. 15, 1839, William Titus, son of 

Silas and Elizabeth Titus. 

229 iv. Thomas L., b. ; d. ; m. Ann . 

230 V. Elizabeth, b. Nov. 12, 1811; d infancy. 

230a vi. Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1814; d. ; m. , Gilbert Pearsall, 

b. Nov. 6, 1799, son of Samuel and Margaret Pearsall. 

230b vii. Benjamin, b. Dec. 13, 1816; d. ; m. . 

230c viii. William, b. July 15, 1819; d. ; m. . 

(New York Friends' Records.) 


Page 62, line 49— page 63, line 18. 135. Hannah S.^ Leggett .... died July 3, 

Children io( ?) (Jenkins), 3 sons, 5 daughters and 2 children, sex not stated 
(The Friends' records of this family are very badly confused, but from known 
evidence the list as below is probably correct.) 

231 i. William Leggett," b. Aug. 23, 1804; d. Sept. 30, 1805. (Record 

states his name was changed to Sylvanus.) 

231a ii. William L., b. Oct. 9, 1806; d. ; m. . Was living at 

date of his uncle, Aaron Leggett's will, 1856, 

232 iii. Eliza J., b. Oct, g, 1806 (twin with the above); d. ; m. 

Oct. 10, 1827, William H. Macy, b. Nov. 4, 1805; d. May 19, 
1887, aged 81 years, 6 mos. 15 d., son of Josiah and Lydia 

233 iv. Mary J., b. June 30, 1808; d. May 15, 1809, aged 10 months. 
233a V. Child (not named) b. ; d. March 4, 1810. 

234 vi. Mary, b, March 9, 1811; d. Dec. 25, 1828. 

234a vii. Sarah, b. Jan. , 1813; d. April 22, i8i3,aged 3 months. (One 

record gives date of death as 1814.) 

235 viii. Caroline J., b. Aug. 21, 1814; d. ; m. John Oddy. 

236 ix. Sylvanus Folger, b. ; d. ; m. Jan. 12, 1848, Augusta 

Walker, of Isaac and Gulielma Walker. 

236a X. Child, b. ; d. Feb. 10. 1820. (Called Sylvanus in death 

record, which is evidently incorrect, as Sylvanus F. above 
must have been born not later than Sept., 1819, even if post- 
humous child). (N. Y. Friends' Records.) 

Page 63, line 27. Read: Thomas H. Leggett married (2) in 1823, Frances 

Vaux Pleasant, b. ; d. June 15, 1876, daughter of Charles Pleasant, b. Nov. 

15, 1772; d. Feb. 16, 1827, and Ann Emlen, b. Dec. 3, 1774; d. July 29, 1844, 
of Philadelphia. (Old Philadelphia families, by F. W. Leach. In North 
Atnerican, Philadelphia, May 26, 1912.) 

Page 63, line 39. Read: 241 v. (Dr.) Charles Pleasant, b. Dec. 31, 1824; 

d. ; m. Oct. 18, 1852, Ellen Currie, of Hudson, N. Y. (N. Y. Friends' 


Page 64, line 8. Read: Phebe Ann d. Dec. 12, 1853; m. Sept. 3, 

1840, Thomas H. Brown, b. June 19, 181 5; d. , son of 

Page 70, line 30. Read: Wlllett m. Oct. 20, 1853, Sarah Mott, of 

Manhasset, L. I. (N. Y. Friends' Records.) 

Page 71, line 10. Read: He married Elizabeth Powell or Pearsall(?). (It is 
not known positively which was the maiden name of the wife of SamueP 
Leggett. Bolton gives it as Powell, and some of the descendants state that 
they think her name was Pearsall. No marriage record has been found to sub- 
stantiate either form.) 

Page 71, line 13. Read: Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 6, 1805; d. Aug. — , 1899; 
m. Barney Corse. 

Page 71, line 17. Read: Martha m. Nov. 4, 1840, Benjamin Cox 

Page 71, line 22. Read: Samuel. .. .m. Ann Eliza Pollen. 

Page 72, line 16. Read: m. June 6, 1836, Francis Alfonso Tiffany, of Boston, 
b. Dec. 24, 1809, d. June 20, 1873, son of Lyman and Sabra (Jenks) Tiffany. 
( Tiffany Genealogy.) 

Page 73, line 20. Read: Walter F.* b. Jan. 26, 1817; killed at Antietam, 

Aug. 17, 1862; m. Elizabeth Romaine, daughter of Johu N. Romaine and 
Catherine Terhune. 

Page 73, line 26. Read: ... .Mary. .. .m. June 4, 1851, William B. Parsons, 
of Flushing. 

Page 73, line 46. Read: 355 iii. Louisa R., b. Sept. 11, 1820; d. May i, 
1888; m. (I) John J. Ring, d. Dec. 6, 1848; m. (2) March 25, 1858, Clinton 

Page 74, line 27. Read: George Henry, b. Oct. 10, 1824; d. March 27, 


Page 74 line 2g. Read: 364 iv. Anna, b. March 31, 1827; d. ; m. 

March 25, 1873, Augustus Schell. 

Page 74, line 31. Read: 365 v. William J., b, Nov. 4, 1828 


Page 74, line 38. Read: ....Thomas VV. Pearsall, b. Dec. 8, 1705; d. Feb. 

21, 1866 

Page 74, line 42, Read: Edwin Thorne, b. Jan. 20, 1826; d. 

Page 74, line 45. Read: . . . .Anna, b. July 29, 1826; d. Nov. 26, 1828. 

Page 74, line 46. Read: Caroline, b. April 9, 1828 

Page 74, line 47. Read: Edward, b. April 4, 1830. .. . 

Page 74, line 49. Read: 371 vi. Thomas W., Jr., b. June 10, 1833. . . . 

Page 75, line i. Read: 370 v. Robert W 

Page 75, line 25. Read: + 379 viii. Gertrude 

Page 75, line 47. Read: Albertina* for Albertina^ 

Page 78, line 8. Read: 420 iii. Sarah, b. ; d. , 1890; unm. Will, 

dated Sept. 6, 1882, proved May, 16, 1890, makes sister Eveline executrix and 
heir. Witness, Shubael Swain, who died Oct. 30, 1882, signature sworn to by 
his widow, Catherine. (N. Y. Surrogate's Off. Wills. L. 433, p. 265.) 

Page 81, lines 30-45. 319. Mary Elizabeth^ Leggett (Samuel,' Thomas.* 
Thomas,^ GabrieP, Gabriel'), born Bayside, L. I., Nov. 6, 1805; died at Flush- 
ing (?), Aug. , 1899; m. Nov. 12, 1823, in New York City, at Liberty St. 

Meeting-house to Barney Corse, born at Camden, Del., Nov. 2, 1799; died 
at Flushing, L. I., March 8, 1878, son of Israel Corse and his first wife, Lydia 
Troth. Children 6 (Corse) 3 sons and 3 daughters: 

453 i. Samuel Leggett,' b. Sept. 5, 1824; d. Sept. 13, 1844. 

454 ii. William Leggett, b. New York, April i, 1827; d. Germantown, 

Pa., Jan. 17, 1897; m. Germantown, Pa., Nov. 13, 1856, 
Laura Pleasants, of Germantown, Pa., b. March 30, 1833; 
d. Aug. 30, 1899, daughter of Caleb Emlen Pleasants and 
Martha Beech Reeve. Children: (i) Josephine,8b. Sept. 18, 
1857; m. Oct. 6, 1887, Samuel Henry Troth, b. Jan. 18, 1851, 
son of Samuel F. Troth and Mary Trimble; (2) William 
Leggett, b. July 8,1859; d. July 18, 1859; (3) Frederick Wil- 
liam, b. Jan. 23, 1861; m. April 17, 1894, Caroline Ruth 
Colden Tracy, b. March 3, 1871, daughter of Cadwallader 
Gilbert Colden Tracy and Harriet Ruth Brisbane, and have 
a son, Cadwallader Colden' Corse, b. Feb. 26, 1896; (4) 
Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1863; (5) Irving Leggett, b. 
July 4, 1866; m. Dec. 26, 1889, Susan Evelyn Zeilin, b. 
Dec. 12, 1868, daughter of John Henry Zeilin and Emeline 
Cole; (6) Cornelia, b. Dec. 9, 1868; (7) Ethel Marion, b. 
Nov. 26, 1875; d. May 2, 1898. 

455 iii. Eliza Leggett, b. Dec. 28, 1829; d. Nov. , 1905; m. June 9, 

1846, Edward Angell Saunders, b. Dec. 3, 1819; d. ,1880, 

son of Esek and Elizabeth Saunders. Children: Edward 
W., Frederick W., Marie L., Eliza L., Katherine C. 

456 iv. Mary Lydia, b. March 11, 1833; d. Jan. 21, 1837. 

457 V. Cornelia, b. Aug. 15,1836; d. May 11,1864; m- Dec. 4, 1861, John 

Howland Pell,b. Dec. 23, 1830; d. Oct. 6, 1882, son of Morris 
Pell and Mary Rodman Howland. Children: Rodman C, 
Florence C. 

458 vi. Frederick Augustus, b. Oct. 11, 1840; d. Jan. 18, 1874; m. (i) 

April II, i860, Kate C. Hicks, b. Jan. 28, 1843; d- Aug. 15, 

1865, daughter of John Hicks and Sarah Sweet. Children: 

Frederick Augustus, Jr., Samuel L. Frederick Augustus 

Corse m. (2) Sept. 16, 1865, Alice Lever, daughter of George 

Carver Lever and wife, Mary Anne. Children: Israel, 

Edward L., William L. 

The corrected records of Mary Elizabeth Leggett and Barney Corse, and 

their descendants have been furnished by Mr. Frederick William Corse, son of 

William Leggett Corse (No. 454) and have been copied from family records in 

his possession. 

Page 82, line 23. Read : Children 3 (Schermerhorn), i son and 2 daughters. 
Page 82, line 33. Read: Children 5 (Willets), 3 sons and 2 daughters, and 

add: 472a v. Henry C, b ; d. Aug. i, 1890, unm. 

Page 82, line 42. Read Samuel Leggett married at Flushing, June 25, 

1849, Ann Eliza Pollen, of New York. (Flushing Friends' Records.) 


Page 86, line ii. Read: Joseph Townsend Moore for Thomas Townsend 

^^°°Page 86, line 14. Read: Children 6 (Moore), 4 sons and 2 daughters, and 

add- uqa vi. Margaret C, b ; d , t ,• * 

Page 01 line 19. Read: She was a daughter of Dr. Warren and Julia A. 
Freeman. Dr. Freeman d. April 6, 1880; Mrs. Freeman d. Dec. 17, 1903. 

""''Pa'gl ,t&33'*'Read: Charles E. Swain (died 1883. No. 445-) 


Albany, 94-95 

Akron, O., 80 

Amawalk, Westchester Co., N. Y., 93 

Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 48 

Aquehung River, 5 

Ashton, Md., 86 

Baltimore, Md., 90 

Barbadoes, 2, 21-25, 95> 96 

Belvidere, N. J., 52 

Berghen, N. J., 96 

Bloomingburgh, N. Y., 87 

Boston, Mass., 72, 83, 88 

Bronck's Neck, 96 

Bronck's or Bronxkx River, 5, 27, 96 

Brooklyn, 51, 81 

Butternuts, Otsego Co., N. Y., 68 

Byvanck's Mill, 19 

California, 87 

Canada, 11, 42, 

Carmansville, N. Y. City, 58 

Carribee Islands, 24 

Chappaqua Friends' Burying-ground, 

Charlestown, Mass., 95, 96 
Charleston, S. C, 51, 62 
Chatham, 66 

Chester, Orange Co., N. Y., 88, 89 
Chester, Warren Co., N. Y., 65-67 
Cincinnati, 63 
Cleveland, O., 79, 80 
Columbia Co., 23 
Connecticut, 2, 6 
Cow Neck, 35, 36, 46 
Crawford, N. Y., 87, 88 

Danby, Tompkins Co., N. Y., 79 I 

Dartmouth, Mass., 56, 69 I 

Dedham (England), 95 j 

Denison, Texas, 24 I 

Dickinson, Galveston Co., Tex., 81 ! 
Dutch Church of New York, 22, 2.2, 

East Chester, 4, 44 

Easton, Washington Co., N. Y., 43, 55 

England, 6, 10, 24, 25, 41, 51, 96, 97 

Essex (England), 94, 95 

Essex Co., Eng., 16, 24, 27 

Exeter, N. H., 24, 25, 95, 96 

Fairfield, Conn., i, 26, 97, 98 
Fairfield, New Eng., 26 
Fflushing, 17 

Flushing, L. I., 53, 56, 63, IZ, 81, 86 
Fordham, 34, 44, 46 

Fort Montgomery, 51 
Frog's Neck, 10 

Galena, 111., 24 

Georgetown College, D. C, 51 

Greenwich, Conn., 97, 98 

Hampton, N. H., 24, 25, 95, 96 
Harlem, 10 
Harlem Heights, 51 
Hartford, Conn., 2, 24 
Hartland, Niagara Co., N. Y., 67 
Hellgate, 30 

Hellgate Neck in Newton, 30 
Hempstead or Hampstead, N. Y., 2, 

5, 98 
Holland, 4 

Hornchurch (England), 94 
Horse Neck, 96 

Hudson, Columbia Co., N. Y., 66, 70 
Huntington, L. I., 50, 97 
Hunt's Point, 6-8, 27, 28, 31, 34, 57 


Ipswich (England), 95 
Ipswich, Mass., 96, 97 
Islip (Suffolk Co.), 30 
Ithaca, N. Y., 66, 79 

Jamaica, Island of, 21 

Kinderhook, 23 

Lake George, 41, 42 
Leavenworth, Kan., 24 
Leominster, Mass., 24 
London (England), 95, 96 
Long Island, 32, 48, 70, 95, 96 
Long Neck, 9 
Louisburg, 24 

Mamaroneck, 95 
Marlborough, N. Y., 87 
Masby (Maspeth) Kills, 30 
Maspeth Kills in Newton (Queens 

Co.), 30 
Middlesex, N. J., 64 
Middletown, N. Y., 75 
Mexico, 53 

Mineral Point, Wis., 24 
Montville, O., 79 
Moreau, N. Y., 86 
Morrisania, 2, 19 
Mt. Kisco, 92 
Mt. Pleasant. N. Y., 61 


N. Albanien, 22, 23 

Nantucket, Mass., 55, 63 

Nayland (England), 94 

New Amsterdam, 2 

New Brighton, Staten Island, 88, 89 

New Haven, 96 

New Orleans, 63 

New Rochelle, 50, 52 

Newtown or New Town, 8, 9, 41, 42, 

51, 97, 98 ^ ^ 

New York, N. Y., 2, 15, 22, 23, 26, 38, 

40, 41, 43, 44, 47, 50, 51, 53, 55, 

58, 60, 61-64, 71-73, 75, 78-80, 

83, 84, 88-93, 95, 96 
Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 

North Castle, Westchester Co., 93 
North Castle, West Patent of, 32, 34 
North Hempstead, L. I., 70 
North Riding of Yorkshire, 2 
North Salem, Westchester Co., 50 
Nottingham (England), 41 
Nyack, 23 

Ohio, 66 

Onondaga Co., N. Y., 93 

Oostdorp, 1-3, 6 

Orange Co., 88 

Oregon, 111., 87 

Oyster Bay, N. Y., 2, 95, 96 

Peekskill, 87 
Pennsylvania, 52 
Perth Amboy, N. J., 30 
Peru, Clinton Co., N. Y., 65 
Philadelphia, 51, 63, 71 
Phillipsburg, 22, 38-40, 49 
Phoenixville, Chester Co., Pa., 79 
Planting Neck, 9, 16, 36 
Port Royall (Jamaica), 21 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 85 

Queensbury, N. Y., 65-67 
Quinnahung, 5 

Rahway, N. J., 64 

Richland, Oswego Co., N. Y., 67 

Richmond, 41 

Roxbury, 25 

Rye, 26 

Rye, N. Y., 3 

Sackwrahung Brook, 5 

Safe Harbor, Pa., 79 

Salem, Mass., 96 

Salem, Westchester Co., 33, 92 

Sandusky, O., 79 

Sandy Spring, Md., 86 

San Juan Bautista, Mexico, 53 

Saratoga Co., 43, 55, 67, 69 

Saratoga, N. Y., 67 

Sascoe Neck, 26 

Savannah, Ga., 51 

Schodack, N. Y., 93 

Schuylerville, 43 

Scipio, Cayuga Co., N. Y., 66. 67 

Setauket, L. I., 97 

Shelter Island, 96 

Shrewsbury, N. J., 64 

Southampton (England), 95 

Southold, 96 

Southold, L. I., 97 

Springhead Estate (Barbadoes), 22 

Stamford, Conn., 96-98 

Starksborough, Addison Co.. Vt., 67 

Staten Island, 32, 41 

Stillwater, N. Y., 67, 69 

Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y., 43, 

53, 55 
St. Johns, N. B., 41 
St. Peter's Church, 4, 7, 10 
Stratham, N. H., 24 
Suffolk Co., Mass., 25 
Suffolk (England), 94 
Sutton (England), 94 

Tarrytown, 49 

Tarrytown, N. Y., 61 

Throgs Neck, N. Y., i, 10 

Trinity Church, Corporation of, 10 

Troy, N. Y., 69 

Vrederland, i 

Washington, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 74 
West Brighton, N. Y., i 
Westbury, L. I., 84 
Westchester, N. Y., 1-8, 10, 14-18, 20- 

22, 24-29, 32-36, 39-41, 44-46, 48, 

51, 53, 55, 56, 65, 69, 70, 74, 95- 

Westerly, R. I., 24 
West Farms, N. Y., 1-4, 6, 7, 15-20, 

24-28, 30-34, 36, 38-48, 50-52, 57, 

58, 65, 72, 83-85, 97. 98 
West Indies, 21, 24 
Wethersfield, Conn., 97 
White Creek, Washington Co., N. Y., 

White Plains, N. Y., 9, 48, 51, 90 
Winterhill, 34, 44 
Wolfburg, Carroll Co., N. H., 78 
Woodland, Yolo Co., Cal., 24 
Worcester, Mass., 24 
Written (England), 95 

Yarmouth (England), 24 

Yonkers, 97 

Yonkers Plantation, 8 

Zanesville, 80 


Abram (negro), i8 
Acker, Laura, 72, 84 

Thomas, Col., 84 
Allen, Catherine Maria, "jt, 

Margaret, 83 

Sarah R., 83 

William M., ^2, 7:^, 83 
Alsop, Richard, 30 

Sarah, 31, 41 

Susannah (Blackwell), 41 

Thomas, 41 

Andrews, , 96 

Andros, Gov., 22 

Sir Edmond, Gov., 13 

Sir Edmund, 21 
Angevine, Jeanne, 38 

Jeanne (or Jane), 49 
Archer, Bridget, 45 

Catherine, 45 

Elizabeth, 44 

Gabriel, 45 

Hannah, 45 

James, 34, 44 

John, 2^, 23, 34, 44, 45 

Martha, 45 

Mary, 23, 34, 45 

Sarah, 45 
Arnold, Sarah, 55 

Sarah H., 69 
Ash, Catherine, 33, 44 

Gilbert, 44 

Mary, 44 
Avery, Joseph, 42 

Bailey, Charles H., 92 

Nathan, 5, 10 
Baird's History, 3 
Baker, Perry, 94 
Baly, Mr., 3 

Bancroft, , 86 

Barguet, Pascal, 88 
Barker, Bridget, 94 

James, 43, 56 

John, 94 

Legate, 94 

Margaret, 94 

Mary (Leggett), 56 

Robert, 94 

William, 56 
Barmore, Caret, 8g 

Hester (Lawrence), 89 

Margaret Berthenia, 77, i 
Barnes, Mr., 12 

Capt., 12 

Mary, 41 

William, 17 

Barrett, John, 22 

Barthel, , 84 

Bartow, Helena, 46 

John, 10 

John, Rev., 4 

Roger, 26 
Basset, Robert, 3, 6 
Battey, Benjamin, 65, 67 

Benjamin Wilson, 67 

Isaac Newton, 67 

Lydia, 67 

Nicholas, 67 

Phebe L., 67 

Ruth Leggett, 67 

Susan, 67 

Thankful, 67 
Baxter, Thos., 12 
Beacham, Robert, 5, 26 
Bell (negro), 37 
Bellamont, Gov., 22 
Ben (negro), 36 
Bennett, John B. M., 76 
Benson, Gustavus A., 71 
Berrian, Nicholas, 46 
Bett( negro), 36 
Betts, John, 22 

Samuel, 22 
Bilosily, Urbain B., Jr., 92 
Bingham, , 84 

Margaret L., 84 
Blackwell, Ellen G., 90 
Bleecker, Alexander, 75 

John Reinecke, 76 

Mary Noel, 58. 75 

Bolton, , 25, 85 

Bioon, J. C. C. H., 76 
Boone, John, 95, 96 
Boswin, Catherine, 38 
Bowne, Abigail, 68 

George, 68 

John, 95, 96 

Joseph, 55, 67, 68 

Rebecca, 68 

Richard, 68 

Samuel, 68 

Watson H., 94 

William, 68 
Breath, Abraham, 61 

Edward, 61 

Elizabeth, 61 

James, 50, 61 

James Saunders, 61 

John, 61 

Mary Adeline, 62 

Rebecca L., 62 

Samuel M., 61 


Breath, William Leggett, 6i 
Bridges, Elizabeth, 26 
Briggs, , 84 

D. D., 94 

Harry A., 84 

Mary J., 94 

Mary L., 84 

Phebe, 69, 80 

Philip H., 80 

Sarah, 94 
Brocket, Samuel, 6 
Bronck, Jonas, i 
Brooks, — , ^2>, 86 

Katherine L., 86 
Brown, Abigail, 67 

Abigail (Halstead) 93 

Benjamin W., 67 

Caleb, 64 

David, 67 

Desire, 66 

Hackaliah, Captain, 93 

Hulda, 67 

Isaac L., 67 

Justus, 66 

Lidia, (i^ 

Mary, 97 

Phebe, 67 

Phebe W., 64 

Phoebe Ann, 54 

Sarah, 27, 32 

Stephen, 65, 66 

Thomas H., 54, 64 
Brundage, Nicholas L., 92 
Bryant, William, Cullen, 51 
Bullocke, J., 58, 76 
Bunker, Abigail, 71 

Hepzibah, 55 

Matthew, 94 

Paul, 55, 71 

Reuben, 71 
Burling, Jane, 46 
Burton, Thomas J., I 
Bushnell, Charles, 51 

Cakewood, Tho., Sr., 22 
Capahase (Indian), 4 
Carman, Maria A., 75, 88 

William S., 88 
Carpenter, E. W., 88 
Chadderton, William, 12 
Charles II, King, 2 
Childe, Francis, 40 
Childs, Geertje, 31 

Geertye, 40 
Clark, Benjamin, 72 

Deborah M., 72 

Maria, 72 
Clarke, Judith, 42, 55 
Clason, Anna Mary, 88 
Cobb, Emily, 94 
Cock, Abram, 71 

Rosannah, 93 

Susan (Wright), 71 

Cocks, Isaac, 93 
Coffin, Adele, 92 

Andrew, 92 

Frederick L., 92 

Isaac Sherwood, 80, 91 
Coles, Julia, 72, 85 
Collard, Michael, 34 
Collier, Benjamin, 15 

Edward, 9, 12, 17 
Collord, Michael, 48 
Comstock, Thomas, 46 
Conckline, John, 9 
Conklin, Joseph, 39 
Cooksey, Linda D., 94 
Cool, Maria, 50 
Cooper, John, 26 
Corlies, Alfred W., 64 

Briton, 64 

Elizabeth, 64 

Esther (Leggett), 64 

Joseph W., S3, 64 

Sarah, 64 

Sarah L., 85 
Cornelius, Hendrick, 6 
Cornell, Hannah (Thorne), 46 

Phebe, 46 

Richard, 46 
Corse, Barney, 32, 71, 74, 81 

Cornelia, 81 

Edward L., 81 

Eliza L., 81 

Frederick A., 81 

Frederick Augustus, 81 

Israel, 74, 81 

Lydia, 74 

Lydia Ann, 74 

Lydia (Troith), 81 

Mary Lydia, 81 

Samuel L., 81 

William L., 32, 81 
Cox, Benjamin, 71 

Clara, yT, 89 

Clara (Majastie), 89 

John, 93 

Joseph, 89 

Rosannah, 93 
Crane, Carso, 93 

Ester (Belden), 93 

Joseph, 93 

Joseph, Dr., 93 

Davenport, Bridget, 30, 31 

Martha, 29, 30 

Sarah, 31 

Thomas, 19, 31 

William, 27, 28, 31 

William, Jr., 29, 30 
Davison, Joanna (widow), 96 

Nicholas, 96 
Dawson, Chas., 22 
De Forest, Theodore, 42 
De Forrest, , 10 

Theodorus, 94 


de Lancey, James, Col., g 

John, 34 
Delemater, Beta, 23 
Denton, Eleanor, 66 
Deuel, Abner, 69 

Sarah, 55, 69 
DeWitt, Catherine, 58 

Elizabeth, 93 

Reuben, 93 
Dick (negro), 29, 36 
Dickinson, Elizabeth, 93 

James, 93 

John, 95 

Phebe, 93 
Dodd, Edward Howard, 82 
Dorland, Mrs. Grace, 94 

Andrew, 55, 69 

Charlotte F., 70 

Edward H., 70 

Elizabeth, 70 

Isaac L., 70 

Maria L., 70 

Philip S., 70 

Rebecca, 69 

Samuel, 69 

William L., 70 
Dows, David, Jr., 94 

David, Senior, 94 

Margaret E., 94 
Drake, Joseph Rodman, 7 
Dupee, 24 
Dusenbury, John, 60 

Sarah, 60 
Duyckinck, Marie Louise, 80, 92 
Dwight, Anna F., 75 

Anna Frances, 88 

John, 88 

Nancy Shaw Everett, 88 

Earle, Justus, Colonel, 41 
Eddas, Abigail, 29 

Cecily, 29 

Cecily (Leggett), 29 

John, 29 

Robert, 29 
Eddos, Robert, 35 

Sicily, 35 
Edsall, Samuel, 96 
Embre, Susannah, 37 
Embree, 34, 48 

Mary, 33, 42 

Susannah (Leggett), 48 
Emory, Anna, 82 

John Comegys, 82 

Stuart R., 82 

Everitt, Abner, 42, 52 
Everson, Charlina, 75 

Farrington, Anna, 56, 73 
Mary, -7^ 
Sarah, 46 
Walter, 73 

Fellows, Mrs. Abbie, 94 
Fferguson, John, Senior, 16 
Ffletcher, Benjamin, Capt. Genl. and 

Gov., 14 
Fforgason, John, 19 
Finch, John, 6 
Fitch, Joseph, 63 

Mary, 63 
Fletcher, Gov., 11, 13 
Flood, James, 93 
Fogg, Ezekiel, 96 

Ezekiel, Rev., 96 

Ralph, 96 

Samuel, 96 
Fogge, Ezekiel, Rev., 3 
Forgason, Anne, 45 

Hezekiah, 33, 34, 45 

John, 9, 45 

Martha, 34 

Nehemiah, 45 

Sarah, 45 
Foster, Linda, 94 
Fowler, Anna (Miller), 93 

Caleb, 93 

Elizabeth (Dickinson), 93 

Hannah, 93 

Robert, 93 

Stephen, 93 
Fox, Anna, 74 

Austin G., 74 

Eliza L., 74 

Esther, 74 

Esther F., 74 

George, 72, 74 

George Henry, 74 

George S., 56, 71. 1^, 74 

Lydia, 72 

Mary Lydia, 72 

Rebecca, 74 

Sarah, 72 

Thomas Leggett, 72 

William J., 74 

William W., 56, 72, 74 
Foxhurst, Caroline C, 72 
Frame, Catherine, 54, 62 

David, 62 

Elizabeth, 62 

Jesse, 53, 62 

Joseph L , 54, 62 

Maria, 62 

Mary, 54 

Thomas L., 54, 62 

William, 54 
Franklin, Joseph F., 63 

Joseph L., 63 

Mary, 63 
Frasier, Charles, 31 

Mary, 32 

Sarah, 32 

William, 32 
Frazier, Charles, 40 

Mary, 40 

Robert, 40 


Frazier, Sarah, 40 

William, 40 
Freeman, Julia A., 91 

Mary E., 80 

Mary Elizabeth, 91 
Fuller, Will, 96 
Furgurson, Hezekiah, 45 

Gales, Mrs. Mary, 58 
Garret, Miles, 22 
Garrett, Emma A., 92 
Gibson, Agnes, 93 
Gifford, James, 94 
Goldsmith, Ovid, 50, 62 
Grey, Kate, 94 
Griffen, Clara R., 79 

Esther, 54 78 

Esther H., 79 

George S., 79 

Henry R., 79 

Henry S., 79 

John, 54, 78, 79 

Mary E., 54 

Mary L., 79 

Robert N., 79 
Griffin, John, 46, 64 

Hadley, George, 8-10 

Isaac, 10 

Joseph, 8-10, 22, 97, 98 

Mary, 8-10, 97 

Mary 2nd, 9 
Haight, David, 66 

Eunice, 65, 66 

Mary, 42, 56 

Miriam, 42, 53 

Phebe, 66 

Rebecca, 53, 56 

Saml., 9 

Samuel, 17, 53, 56 
Hamilton, Florence Burton, 8 
Hancock, Nellie Louise, 87 
Hannah (negro), 18 
Harbison, Caroline Augusta 
cester), 90 

Mary, 77, 90 

Thomas, 90 
Hare, Mr, 68 
Harrawooke (Indian), 4 
Harry (negro), 36 
Hart, Thomas, 95, 96 
Harvey, Matthias, 96 
Hatfield, A, Jr., i 

Abraham, 49, 77, 90 

Eliza (Wakeman), 90 

Harry Wakeman. 90 

Nelly, 90 

Sarah Lee, 90 
Haviland, Abigail, 46 

Benjamin, 46 

Ebenezer, 45-47 

Elizabeth, 46 

Hannah, 46 


Haviland, Joseph, 17 

Maria L., 70 

Mary, 34, 45-47 

Phebe, 46, 47 

Phebe (Cornell), 45, 46 

Richard F., 70 

Robert H., 70 

Thomas, 46 
Haydock, Patience, 56, 73 
Hayes, Anna B., 94 
Heathcote, Col., 4, 15 
Heaton, George, 83 

Laura Emerson, 83 

Sarah Emerson (Watts), 83 
Hedgers, John, 36 
Hedges, Thomas, 38 
Hermans, Augustine, i 
Hicks, Benjamin, 70 

Benjamin L., 70 

Elizabeth, 70 

Isaac, 70 

Maria L., 70 

Mary, 70 

Matilda, 70 

Robert, 70 

Robert M., 55. 70 

Sarah, 70 

Willett, 70 
Hilton, Edward, 25 
Hitchcock, Samuel, 12 
Hoag, Hannah, 78 

Hannah H., 63, 78 

Lindley M., 78 
Hofifman, Lindley Murray, 73 
Horton, Abby Jane, 77 

Beniah, 77 

Caleb, 77 

Deborah L., 76 

Floyd, 77 

James, Capt., 51 

Sylvester, 77 

Thomas, 61, 76 
Hotchkiss, Agnes, 64 
Hovi?e, Lord, 41 
Howell, Mary Ann, 92 
Huggins, Sarah, 72, 85 
Hull, Elizabeth, 82 

Sarah C, 7h 81, 82 

Wager, 82 
Hunt, Anna, 7, 28, 34 

Anna (Leggett), 60 

Arsenah, 29 

Cicely, 26 

Cicily, 5, 27, 28 

Cicily (Pasley),26 

Cornelius, 36 

Daniel, 29 

Edward, 95 

Elizabeth, 27 

Elizabeth (Jessup), 27 

Joseph, 19 

Josiah, 3, 10 

Phebe, 29 


Hunt, Phineas, 47, 51, 60 
Robert, 36 

Scisily 27 

Thomas, i, 5-7, 19, 26-28, 

34, 35, 38, 51 
Thomas, Sen., 18 
Hutchinson, Mrs. Anne, 25 

Ives, , 84 

Jack (negro), 6 
James H 

Jamison, David, Jr., 14 
Jenkins, Caroline, 63 

Eliza L., 63 

Elizabeth, 56, 71 

Hannah, 54 

Jonathan, 63 

Mary, 63 

Sarah, 63 

Silvanus Folger, 53, 62, 63 

Sylvanus F., 54, 63 

William L., 54, 63 

William Leggett, 63 
Jenny (negro), 18 
Jessop, Elizabeth (widovir), 98 
Jessup, Edward, 4-6, ig, 20, 25, 26, 28, 
97, 98 

Elizabeth, 5, 26, 28 

Henry G., Rev., 28 
Jo (negro), 37 
Johnson, Fanny, 68 
Jones, Morgan, Rev., 3 
Juxon, John, 96 

Kelley, Katharine Mitchell Pease, 83 
Ketcham, Bethia, 8, 9, 97 

Bethia (Richardson), 97 

Edward, 97 

John, 8, 9, 97, 98 

Joseph, 97 

Samuel, 97 
King Charles H, 2 

Mary, 92 
Kolb, , 60 

William Leggett, Rev., 60 

Lacy, Laura, 84 
Lametter, Rachael, 22, 24 
Langley, James, 33 
Lasher, John H., 58 

John J., 76 
Latson, George C, 75 

Gertrude A., 75 

W. R. C, 75 

William R. C, 75 
Lawrence, Mr., 42 

Capt., 32 

Anna, 41 

Daniel, 47 

Eleanor, 36, 37 

Eleanor (Leggett), 47 

Lawrence, Elizabeth, 41 

Elizabeth (Oakley), 41 

Frances, 41 

Gertrude, 41 

Isaac, 47 

Jane, 41 

John, 8, 9, 19, 30, 41 

John, Capt., 30 

Leggett, 41 

Mary, 32, 41, 47 

Pamelia, 41 

Richard, 32, 41 

Richard, Colonel, 40 

Sarah, 41 

Susanna, 41 

Thomas, 34, 36, 47 

William, 41 
Lee, Richard, 77 

Sarah, 49, 61, 77 
Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 

gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt, 

Leggate, Leggitt) family, i, 7 

, 44, 93 

Gen., 80 

Major, 52 

Rev. Mr., 23, 42, 66, 85 

Aaron, 53, 54, 62 

Abigail, 32, 38, 43, 45, 46, 56 

Abraham, 31, 32, 39, 40, 42, 49, 
50, 51, 55, 61, 69, 77, 93 

Abraham, Major, 27, 42, 50, 51, 

Abraham Alsop, 51, 62 

Abraham W., 80 

Abraham Williarh, 69 

Abram, 23, 46 

Ada, 49, 85, 89 

Ada Gertrude, 89 

Adelaide Elizabeth, 92 

Adelaide Lispenard, 89 

Adeline, 62 

Albert, 89 

Albert Cox, 89 

Alee, 28 

Alexander, 93 

Alexander C, 93 

Alexander Bleecker, 75 

Alfred, 63, 64, 68 

Alfred Stokes, 77, 90, 91 

Alice, 17, 27, 29, 30, 75, 92 

Alida, 78 

Andrew, 92 

Andrew R., 93 

Aner, 93 

Ann, 23, 56 

Ann Eliza, 59 

Anna, 45-47, 60, 62, 73, 75, 78, 
80, 87, 93 

Anna B., 84 

Anna F., 73 

Anna Farrington, 73, 86 

Anna Georgina, 58, 76 

Anna (Hunt), 38 


Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 
gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt, 
Leggate, Leggitt), Anna Lee, 

Anna (Nancy), 57 

Annapel, 93 

Anne, 21, 44, 84 

Antoinette, 47, 59 

Arthur, 81 

Augusta, 84 

Augustus, 61 

Augustus W., 72, IZ, 84 

Avis, 63 

Azuba, 92 

Barbara, 60 

Barnabas, 68 

Benjamin, 54, 55, 65, 66, 68, 93 

Benjamin L, 93 

Blanche, 84 

Bleecker Noel, 87 

Bridget, 33 

Bruce, 24 

Carl, 24 

Caroline, 61, 71, 93 

Caroline Augusta, 58, 75 

Caroline H., 73, 82, 86 

Caroline Hannah, TJ, 89 

Caroline Sarah, T] 

Catherine, 33, 34. 83 

Catherine Ann, 47, 58 

Catherine Ann Gansvoort, 58, 76 

Catherine (Ash), 44 

Catherine F., ^2, 

Catherine M-, 85 

Catherine Maria, 72 

Catherine Wiley, 51 

Charity, 31, 68 

Charles, 23, 42, 43, 54. 64-66 

Charles F., 23 

Charles P., 85 

Charles Pleasant, 63 

Charles W., 89 

Charlotte, 56, 72, 74 

Charlotte F., 71 

Charlotte Fox, 82 

Charlotte S., 82 

Christina, 23 

Cicily, 29 

Cicily (Hunt). 29 

Clarence P., 82 

Clayton N., 93 

Qinton Gilbert, TJ 

Clinton H., 85 

Cornelia, 50, 57, 61 

Cornelia C., 49 

Cornelia Colgate, TJ, 90 

Cornelius, 34, 36, ZT, 46, 47, 59, 60 

David, 28, 29, 47, 59 

Deborah, 61 

Dorothy, 87 

Ebenezer, 45, 46, 50, 57 

Edgar A., 80, 91, 92 

Edith Louise, 89 

Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 
gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt, 
Leggate, Leggitt), Edward, 68 

Edward H., 61, 87, 94 

Edward Henry, 58, 75, T], 87 

Edward W., 72, IZ, 85 

Edward William, 71 

Edwin, 69 

E. Howard, 85 
Elesabath, 28 
Eleanor, 34, 47, 93 
Eliza, 68 

Eliza Ann, 61, 66 

Elizabeth, 8, 9, 16-19, 27-35, 38, 

44, 49, 50, 56, 61, 71, 75, 82-84, 

88, 97 
Elizabeth A., 69 
Elizabeth Qenkins), 71 
Elizabeth (Richardson), 20, 33 
Elijah, 38, 39. 49. 61 
Embree, 43 
Emilie S., 84 
Emma, 83 
Emma B., 80, 91 
Emma Briggs, 92 
Estelle, 81 

Esther, 53, 64, 78, 92 
Esther (Elizabeth?), 44 
Ethel, 88 
Eveline, 78 
Ezekiel, 38, 39, 49, 61 
Fannie M., 84 
Fanny, 24 
Florence H., 85 
Francis, 32, 42, 50 
Frances Howard, 90 
Frances Pleasant, 63 
Frances W., 84 
Frances Wade, 75, 88 
Francis A., 92 
Francis H., 7 
Francis Howard, "JT, 90 
Francis W., 4, 31, 72, ^z 
Frank, 23, 24 
Fred H., 23 
Frederick A., 85 
Frederick William, 80, 91 

F. W., 2 

Gabriel, 3, 5-25, 27, 28, 30-35, 

42-44, 52-53, 55. 57, 95, 97, 98 
George, 24, 83 
George A., 68 
George F., 72, 73, 85 
George P., ^z 
George W., 78 

Gertrude, 22, 24, 50, 75, 87, 88, 91 
Gertrude Quackenbos, 58, 76 
Hannah, 43, 49, 53, 55, 56, 65, 66 
Hannah S., 62 
Harriet Blackwell, 75 
Harry A, 81 
Helen, 88 
Helen Hancock, 87 


Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 

gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt, 

Leggate, Leggitt), Helena, 34, 

Henrietta, 60 
Henry, 44, 57, 78, 80 
Henry A., 93 
Henry Theodore, 91 
Howard, 91 
Howard Allison, 88 
Isaac, 33, 34, 37, 39, 42, 43, 46, 

48, 49, 53-55, 60, 61, 65, 66, 68, 

69, 78, 79, 94 
Isaac G., 69 
Isaac R., 78 
Isabel, 78, 83 
Jacob U., 56 

James, 23, 33, 34, 43, 44, 57, 92 
James Frederick, 77 
James K., 69 
James S., 56 
James Shaw, 71, 83 
James W., 61, 77 
Jan, 22, 23 

Jane, 49, 51, 60, 61, 69, 76, 94 
Jane Ann, 92 
Janet, 92 

Jeanne (or Jane), 49 
John, 5-7, 16-18, 20-29, 31, 32, 34- 

39, 41-49, 51, 55, 57, 66, 68-70, 

78, 94-96 
John, Jr., 46 

John, of Barbadoes, 21, 22 
John (mariner), 21-23, 25 
John B., 87 
John Dwight, 88 
John Dwight, Jr., 88 
John (H), 69, 87 
John Haviland, 45, 58, 75, 86 
John Haviland, Rev., 75 
John Kent, 92 
John N., 61, 78 
John Tobias, 23 
John W., 72, 73, 83, 84 
Jonathan, 47, 59 
Joseph, 42, 50, 53, 55, 56, 68, 71, 

92, 93 
Joseph, Dr., 92 
Joseph B., 69, 81 
Joseph R., 93 
Joseph Samuel, 64 
Josephine, 77 
Joshua, 28, 29, 38 
Julia, 85 
Laura, 89 
Laura L., 84 
Laura Lacy, 84 
Lawrence, 47, 59, 60 
Lester, 85 
Leverett, 79 
Leverett L., 80 
Lewis D., 92 
Linda, 82 

Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 
gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt, 
Leggate, Leggitt), Louisa, 51, 
82, 85 

Louise, 91 

Louise Randall, 87 

Lydia, 66, 68 

Majastie, 89 

Margaret, 50, 62, 71, 82, 84. 94 

Margaret W., 73, 84 

Maria, 55, 70 

Maria A., 69 

Maria Clinton, 58 

Maria W., 69, 81 

Marion Dwight, 89 

Martha, 16, 23, 27-31, 33, 42-46, 
53, 57, 71 

Mary, 16, 18, 23, 27-29, 31-34, 37, 
41, 43-47, 50, 53, 55, 56, 59, 60, 
62, 65, 67, 68, 73, 74, 82, 87 

Mary A., 60 

Mary Ann, 68, 92 

Mary B., 69 

Mary Bleecker, 75, 87 

Mary E., 32, 71, 74, 81, 84 

Mary E. (Freeman), 91 

Mary Eliza, 64 

Mary Elizabeth, 79, 82, 91, 92 

Mary (Embree), 43 

Mary F., 69, 80 

Mary (Frances?), 42 

Mary H., 84 

Mary Haight, 71, 83 

Mary (Marsh), 64 

Mary N., 62 

Mary Noel (Bleecker), 75 

Mary Norwood, 50, 51 

Mary (Oakley), 48 

Mary R., 93 

Mead, 78 

Merritt E., 92 

Merritt S., 92 

Minnie H., 94 

Miriam, 63 

Mortimer, 79 

Mortimer, General, 43 

Mortimer A., 84 

Mortimer D., General, 65, 70 

Mortimer Dormer, 66, 79 

Nancy, 44, 57 

Nancy Emlen, 63 

Noel Bleecker, 88 

Oscar Coles, 85 

Paul, 24 

Peleg, 68 

Pemberton, 63 

Percival, 85 

Phebe, 33, 44, 45, 66 

Phebe Ann, 64 

Phoebe, 92 

Phoebe G., 55, 7o 

Rachel, 23 

I 12 

Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 
gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt 
Leggate, Leggitt), Rachel Anne 

Rebecca, 50, 55, 56, 62, 65, 67-69, 

71, 74 82 
Rebecca L, 69 
Reuben, 53, 54, 64, 78 
Richard, 66, 95 
Richard J., 93 
Richard Lee, 77, 89 
Robert, 24, 57, 92, 95 
Robert, Capt., 24 
Robert H., 69 
Rosanna, 55, 69 
Rosanna F., 70 
Ruth, 34, 36, 2,7, 48. 66 
Sally Ann, 71 ^ ^ .. .0 

Samuel, 24, 42, 54-56, 65, 66, 68, 

71, 77, 82, 89 
Samuel M., 72, 73, 85 
Sara, 93 
Sarah, 7, I7, ^3, 27-31, 37-40, 48, 

51, 60, 61, 68, 69, 72,, 78, 93 
Sarah (Alsop), 41, 42 
Sarah Ann, 78 
Sarah Earle, 88 
Sarah F., 73, 86 
Sarah Hull, 82 
Sarah T., 93 
Sarah Wiley, 51 
Schuyler Maurice, 88 
Silvanus J., 63 
Sophia, 78 
Stephen, 37, 48, 61 
Susan, 85 
Susan H., 72, 86 
Susannah, 32, 34, 42, 48, 52, 65, 

Tamar, 60 
T. A., Rev. 50, 64, 65 
Theodora Augusta, 88 
Theodore, Rev., 43 
Theodore A., Rev., i, 54, 75. 77- 


Theodore Augustus, 58 
Theodore Augustus, Rev., 88, 89 
Thomas, 16, 18, 20, 24, 27-30, 33- 

35, 42-44, 54-57, 64, 65, 71, 72, 

Thomas, Jr., 72 
Thomas, Major, 24 
Thomas B., 72, 72, 85 
Thomas H., 53, 63 
Thomas H., Jr., 63, 78 
Tobias, 23 
Walter F., 73 
Walter Richard, 89 
Warren Freeman, 91 
Wells W.,70 

William, 7, 8, 16, 20, 27, 28, 30, 
31-33, 35, 38-40, 42, 43, 46, 48- 
51, 55.60.61,75,77,87,88,92.93 

Leggett (Legett, Legat, Legate, Le- 
gatt, Legerd, Legett, Leggatt, 
Leggate, Leggitt), William, 
Capt., 32 

William (mariner), 24 

William Abraham, 77, 89 

William Carman, 88 

William F., 23, 71, 72 

William F., Jr., 82 

William Fox, 81 

William H., 20, 72, 84 

William H., Jr., 72 

William Haight, 56, 72 

William Henry, 61, 62 

W. J., Rev.. _ 23, 24 

William Jenkins, 71 

William Morris, 24 

William Scott, 93 

William T., 85 

Willis, 23 ' 

Wilson, 65, 66 
Leisler, 13 

Jacob, 14, 15 

Jacob, Capt., 11 
Lent, Abraham, 20, 31 
Lewf (negro), 36 
Leysler, Jacob, 96 
Lill (negro), 36 
Lilly, George, 91 
Littlcbury, William, 95 
Lockwood, Mrs. Abbie L., 94 

Rebecca, 77, 89 
Ludlow, Cary, 38 

McClellan, Gen., 80 
McComb, Eliza, 41 

Helen S., 41 

Janet, 41 

Maria, 41 

Samuel, 41 

Susan, 41 > 

William, 41 
McCoun, Mary E., 77, 91 
McCord, Robert, 60 
McGreagor, Ann Elizabeth, 57 
McK'endrick, Bruce, 87 

John, 87 
McKinlock, Letitia, 87 
McRae, James Bruce, 87 
Macy, Charles A., 85 

Charlotte L., 72, 85 

Eliza, 54 

Josiah, 63 

Lydia, 63 

William H., 54, 63 
Maine, Hallock A., 81 

Hallock R., 81 
Mairs, Ellen A., 94 

James, 94 

John, 94 

John D., 91, 94 

Mary St. John, 94 

Rachel, 94 


Mairs, V. D., 94 

William A., 94 
Mallaby, Mary Noel, 87 
Mangam, Daniel, 76 
Dora, ^(i 
Ella, 76 
Susan, 76 
William, "j^ 
Mann, Ariel Warren, 83 

Harriette (Sanford), 83 
Hattie, 83 
Mary Elizabeth, 83 
Manning, Robert, 16, 19 
March? (Marsh), Mary U., 64 
Marks, Alice E, 69, 81 
Marsh, Ann, 64 
Lucy Wolf, 88 
Mary, 53 
Samuel, 64 

Martin, , 85 

George L., 93 
Thomas H., 93 
Mary, Queen, 14 
Mather, Warham, 4 
Maxwell, Mr., 56 

, 43 

Mayher, Alice, 94 
Mayhew, Alice, 94 
Mead, John, 97 
Joseph, 96, 97 
Martha, 96, 97 
William, 96, 97 
Meade, John, 98 
Joseph, 98 
Martha, 98 
William, 98 
Meiers, Isaac, 33, 34, 45 

Phebe, 34 
Merritt, Benjamin, 74 
Nehemiah, 74 
Phebe, 74 
Sarah, 81 
Miller, John, Rev., 
Hetty H., 79 
Josiah, 79 
Wyatt W., 79 

Mills, , 82 

Mitchel, , 82 

Modiford, Thomas, Esq., 95 
Moore, Frederick P., 86 
George H., 86 
Hadasseh, 86 
Joseph T., 73, 86 
Mary, 86 
Robert, 86 
Thomas L., 86 
Thomas Townsend, 86 
Morgan, Rev. Mr., 4 
E. (woman), 62 
John, 50 

R. (woman), 62 
Rebecca, 42, 50 

Morris, Lewis, 6, 19, 20, 95 

Lewis, Col., 96 

Richard, 96 

Richard, Capt., 2, 96 
Mott, Ann Elizabeth, 73 

Caroline, 73 

Charlotte F., 73 

Emily, 73 

Frederick, 81 

Louisa R., 73 

Margaret, ^z 

Mary Louisa, 81 

Samuel, 73 

Samuel F., 56, 73 

Sarah, 73 

Virginia, TJ, 

William, 81 

Zebulon, 69 

Zebulon W., 81 

Nagel, Cornelia, 76 

Cornelius, 58, 76 

Gertrude, 76 

Needham, , 95 

Nesbitt, , 86 

Nicholls, Gov. Richard, 19 

William, Esq., 30 
Nicklay, John H., ^^ 
Nicolls, Gov., 2, 97 

William, 96 
Noriis (Morris), Lewis, Col., 51 
Norwood, Andrew, 42, 50 

Annatie, 50 

Cornelia, 50 

Mary, 50 

Richard, 50 
Nurse, Edward, 78 

Isabella, 78 

Oakley, Elizabeth, 41 

John, 46 

Mary, 34, 48 

Miles, Z2, 
Oddy, Caroline J., 54 

John, 54, 63 
Ogden, Anna Maria, 64, 78 

Charles, 78 

Thomas Ludlow, 58 
Ogsburg, Gertrude L., 93 
Olfords, Mr., 22 
Ostrom, , 43, 56 



Anna L., 84 

John, 96 
Palmer, Samuel, 17 
Palsey, Cicily, 26 

Parsons, , IZ _ 

Passachahenue (Indian), 4 
Pearsall, Anna, 74 

Caroline, 74 

Charlotte, 74 


Pearsall, Edmond, 74 

Edward, 74 

Eliza, 54 

Gilbert, 54, 62 

Harold, 75 

Mary L., 74 

Paul S, 74 

Rachel, 74 

Robert W., 75 

Thomas W., 54. 56, 74 

Thomas W., Jr., 74 

Pease, , 84 

Peasley, Jane, 65 

Micajah, 65 

Samuel, 65 
Pell, Thomas, i 

Pelletreau, , 25 

Perry, Harriet E., 75 

Charles P., 72 

Pettie, , 77 

Pettit, Joseph, 98 
Phelps, Elizabeth B., 75 

Elizabeth W,. 75 

Thomas W., 75 
Philipse, Frederick, 22 

Philip, 22 
Phillips, , 95 

Ffrederick, 21 

Hon. Frederick, 22 

Frederick, 21 
Phillipse, Frederick, 96 
Pierce, James, 42, 53 
Pinchon, Rose, 95 

William, 95 
Pleasant. Frances V., 63 
Ponton, Capt., 11, 12 

Richard, 2, 5, 6, 15 

Capt. Richard, 12 
Pormont, Philimon, 25 
Porter, Charles F., 84 

David F., 84 

Fannie M., 84 

Mary, 84 
Post, H. L., 79 

Susan, 72, 85 

Sylvia, 79 

Weltha, 66, 79 
Potter, Hannah, 97 
Pound, Janet Scott, 93 
Powell, Elizabeth, 56, 71 

Eva, 24 
Proctor, Johanna, 95 
Pugsley, James, 48 

John, 35 

Matthew, 19 
Purdie, Jessie, 92 

William, 92 

Quackenbos, , 7 

Gertrude, 45, 58 
John, 58 

Quanusco (Indian), 4 



Radcliffe, Charles, 58, 76 

Herman Gansevoort, 76 

Mary, 76 
Randall, Jacob, 87 

Mary C, 75 

Mary Catherine, 87 

Randel, , 84 

Ransom, , 82 

Raymond, S., 92 
Requa, Susan, 61, 77 

Susan B., 61 
Richard, John, 97 
Richardson, Mr., 5 

Bethia, 97 

Bethiah, 98 

Elizabeth, 10, 25, 27 

Henry, 97 

John, 4-6, 8-1 1, 14-17, 19, 20, 2^- 
29, 96, 98 

Joseph, 6, 97 

Martha, 8, 11, 27, 96, 97 

Mary, 10 

Samuel, 95 

William, 6 
Richbell, Ann, 96 

John, 95, 96 
Ricker, Hannah, 82 
Ring, George, 73 
Robin (Indian Slave), 18 
Russell, Eugene, 81 

John, 93 

Nancy, 55, 68 

Richard, 96 

William Mott, 81 
Ryer, Catherine, 75 

Catherine Frances, 86 

Phebe, 80 

Samuel, 86 

Sanids, Cynthia J., 92 

Cynthia Jane, 92 

Elizabeth, 92 

Merritt, 92 
Sampson, Lattimer, 96 
Sarle, Mrs. Margaret B., 94 
Saunders, , 81 

Florence, 81 

Rodman, 81 
Schell, Augustus, 74 
Schermerhorn, Charlotte T., 82 

John P., 82 

Louis, 82 

Mary E., 82 

William H., 71, 82 
Schuyler, Brandt, Capt., 23 

Cornelia, 23 
Seaman, Anna, 84 

Eliza, 72 

Elizabeth, 84 

Valentine, Dr., 84 
Searle, Charles D., 84 

Mary P., 84 


Sedgwick, Mr., 51 
Seymour, H. A., 79 
Shaunarockett (Indian), 5 
Shaquiske (Indian), 4 
Sharp, Bertha, 88 

Charles, 87 

Edward, 87 

George McK., 87 

Gertrude, 88 

Isabel, 87 

John, 75, 87 

Margaret Anna, 87 

William, 95 
Sharp (negro), 36 
Sherwood, Gershom, 39 

James C. H., 87 

Joshua, 38, 39, 48, 49 

Sarah, 39 
Shimeall, Anna Georgiana, 58, 75 

Caroline Augusta, 75 

Catherine Gansevoort, 76 

Emeline, 75 

George Clinton, 76 

Gertrude L., 75 

Hattie Albertina, 75 

Henry R., 75 

Mary Clinton, 76 

Richard C, 75 

Richard Cunningham.Rev., 58, 75 

Sarah Duncan, 76 
Shonearockite (Indian), 4 
Short, George W., 84 
Sloughter, Col., 12, 15 

Gov., II 
Smart, John, 25 
Smith, Andrew, 93 

Henry Ainslee, 90 

John, 96 

Lilian, 90 

Louisa, 92 
Sparks, Gov. of Barbadoes, 22 
Spears, Georgie, 76 
Spofford, J. L., 7 

Pauline, 74 
Stanton, Sarah, 72 
Starbuck, Ariadne, 67 

Benjamin, 55 

Charles L., 67 

Content, 67 

Delia, 67 

Harriet, 67 

Isaac, 65, 67 

James, 67 

Phoebe C, 67 

Rebecca, 42, 55,94 

Susan E., (f] 

William, 67 
Statham, Thos., 11, 12, 14 
Stevens, Rebecca H., 82 
Stevenson, , 47 

Ann, 47 

Anna, 60 

Stinard, Phebe, 93 
Stirling, Charles B., 75, 88 

Charles Bleecker, 88 

Gertrude, 88 
Stokes, Anna E., Tj, 90 

Hannah, "jy 

Julia, 78 
Story, Robert, 95, 96 
Stringer, Peter, 96 
Strong, James, 66 

Mary, 65, 66 
Sturges, Mrs. Bessie McLeod, ^^, 90 
Sturtevant, Consider, 83 

Edith L., 83 

Edward L., 83 

Edward L., Jr., 83 

Grace, 83 

Hattie, 83 

Joseph Lewis, 83 

Joseph N., 83 

Lawrence Heaton, 83 

Lewis W., 71, 83 

Robert S., 83 

Thomas J., 83 

Thomas L., 83 
Stuyvesant, Gov., 2 
Suimmer, Antho, 22 
Summers, Anthony, 96 
Swain, , 82 

Charles E., 91 

Charles Eugene, 80 

Charles F., 69, 80 

Maria Louisa, 80 

Sarah Ann:, 78 

Susan, 61 
Sylvester, Nathaniel, 96 

Taylor, William, 18 

Telfer, Agnes, 93 

Ten Broeck, Catalina, 22, 23 

Gertrude, 23 

Hendrick H., 23 

Jannetje, 23 

Lysbeth, 23 
Throckmorton, John, 25 
Thomas, , 86 

Anna, 86 

Helen L., 86 

Margaret, 86 
Thorn, John, 93 

Phebe, 74 

Samuel, 74 
Thorne, Chester, 74 

Edwin, 74 

Jonathan, 74 

Lydia Ann, 74 

Oakleigh, 74 

Thomas P., 74 
Thurston, Edward Day, 86 

Jane Ridley (Day), 86 

William R., 86 
Tiffany, Charlotte, 72 

Francis, 72 


Tiffany, Francis A., 72 

George F., ^2 

Henry Dyer, 72 

Isabella, ^2 

Lyman, 72 

Mary P., 72 

Tilton, , 86 

Timpson, Eliza M., 'j^ 

Frank, 76 

John R.. 76 

Violette, 76 
Tippetts, George, 9 

Hittabell, g 

Martha, g 
Tite (negro), 36 
Titus, Content, g 

Lydia L., 64 

Maria, 54 

William, =;4, 62 
Tooker, Warren, 88 
Tomlinson, Anne, 44 

Catherine, 44 

Catherine (Leggett), 44 

Gilbert, 44 

James, 44 

Townsend, , 82 

Tripp, Abigail, 69 
Throckmorton, John, i 
Trowbridge, Miner, 72 
Tucker, Ernest, 74 

George P., 72 

Harriet, 74 

James W., 74 
Tuckorre (Indian), 4 
Tyson, Estelle, 86 

Underbill, John, Capt., 96 
Mary, 42, 56 
Nathaniel, 34-36 

Van Aulin, Mary E., 94 
Van Black, Samuel, 51 
Vanderbilt, John, 41 
Van der Veen, Timotheus, g6 
Van der Voort, Elizabeth, g3 

Pieter, g3 
Van Ruyven, Cornelius, 3 
Viele, Cornelia, 40 
Voort, Elizabeth Van der, 93 

Pieter Van der, 93 
Vosburg, Jacob, 22 
Vosburgh, Jacob, 24 

Wade, Anna Maria, 78 

Frances, 75 
Waite, James W., 75 
Wakeman, Adams, 90 

Eliza, 90 

Susanna (Bassett), 90 
Walker, Joseph, 71 
Walters, Edward, 5 
Wapomoe (Indian), 4 
Watson, Amelia, 70 

Emmeline, 70 

Watson, Isaac, 70 

Israel H., 55 

Jemima, 70 

Marie Antoinette, 70 

Martha V., 70 

Rebecca, 70 

William, 70 
Weeks, John. 93 
Wells, Absalom, 79 

Marilla, 66, 79 
Wesselszen, Dirck, 23 
West, Stepheniah, 38 
Whauhapehucke (Indian), 4 
Whearly, Abraham, 26 
Wheeler, Augusta, 61, 78 

Mead, 61 
Wheelright, , 25 

Rev. John, 25 
White, , 85 

Daniel, 38 
Whitman, Mabel, 90 
Whitmarsh, Francis Leggett, 90 

Grace, 90 

Henry C, T7, 89 

Henry Lee, go 

John, go 

Mary (Groiner), 90 

Theodore Francis, go 

Whittemore, , 84 

Wier, Edward, 76 

Kate Augusta, 76 
Wiggins, Hannah, 33, 34, 43, 65 

Mary, 27, 32, 2>Z 

Wilbur, , 43, 56 

Wiles, Roger, 6 
Wiley, Catherine, 42 
Willett, Cornelius, 7 
Willetts, Anna, 82 

Eliza L., 82 

S. Clinton, 82 

Thomas S., 71, 82 
William., King, 14 
Williams, , 65 

Capt., 8, 10-13 

Mrs., 12 

John, 46 

Martha Richardson, 11 

Phebe, 65 

Phebe (Haviland), 46 

Thomas, 10, 13-16, g8 

Thomas, Capt., 11, g7 

Thos., 8 

Thos., Capt., 9 
Wilson, , 65 

Anne, 25 

Cornelia H., 87 

Deborah, 25 

Grant, 87 

Humphrey, 25 

Joshua, 25 

Lydia, 25 

Phebe, 65 


Wilson, Samuel, 25 

Thomas, 25 
Wood, Deborah, 49, 61 

Rebecca, 40, 49 
Woodbridge, Elsa, 94 
Woodward, Mrs., 87 

Ambrose, 87 

Elias, 87 

Elias A., 75, §7 

Fannie, 87 

Harriet L., 87 

John H., 87 

Julia, 87 

Woodward, Mary, 87 
Woolley, Park Mason^, 90 
Worden, , 57 

Martha, 44 

Martha (Leggett), 57 
Wright, Anthony, 96 

Margaret, 56, 72 

Richard, 94 
Wyiie (or Wiley), Catherine, 42 

You-Boy (negro), 21 
Youngs, John, 96