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In loving nnemory of 


this work is 
reverently inscribed to them. 

" So thoroughly is Powder House Rock identified with the social life of 
this community that it has come to be regarded as almost a sacred spot, dear 
to the present dioellers in the village, and to the sons and daughters of Dedham 
scattered throughout the land.'''' 

(Proceedings 250th Anniversary of Dedham.) 








With Genealogical Data 

collected by 

Professor Daniel Cady Eaton 


[ Reprinted from the Dedham Historical Register] 

Dedham, Mass. 



nnHERE are several unsolved questions of interest 
-*- connected with the annals of the Eaton Family of 
Dedham, and some light may be thrown on them by the 
following extracts from records. Among these questions 
are, first, the location of the homestead of the early 
generations ; and, second, the date of death of John 
Eaton.^ This question seems simple, and the answer 
not very important, but the other information developed 
as the search for this date progressed. 

The fact that one branch of the family comes through 
a series of John Eatons, father and son, from the emi- 
grant to the present day; and also because the old farm 
on Purgatory Plain, has been in continuous possession of 
several generations of these John Eatons, has led to the 
tradition that this farm was occupied by the first John 
Eaton soon after the town was settled, and held by him 
and his descendants of the same name ever since. A 
historian of the family, after a visit to John Eaton^ wrote : 
" He inherited the old Eaton home of all his American 
ancestors." The order of succession has been as follows: — 

JoHN^ (died Nov. 17, 1658) and Abigail ( ) Eaton. 

JoHN^ (died ) and Alice ( ) Eaton. 

JoHN^ (died Oct. 28, 1694,) and Ann (Whiting) Eaton. 
John* (died Feb. 23, 1770,) and Elizabeth (Lovering) Eaton. 
JoHN^ (died May 14, 1777,) and Desire (Smith) Eaton. 

John® (died March 24, 1842) "and Hannah (Endicott) 

John'' (died July 7, 1890,) and Harriet (Dean) Eaton. 

While the past was dim and obscure as it has been till 
within a few years, no one had any thought as to whether 
the tradition was true or not. The fact that John Eaton^ 
recently deceased, never saw his own grandfather (who 
had died more than twenty years before his birth) may 
have led to his giving little thought to that or previous 
generations ; and his somewhat full notes of births, mar- 
riages, etc., related only to people living in his own day. 
But now that the subject is discussed, we see that it 
would have been impracticable for John Eaton^ to live so 
far from the village. " A law of the colony compelled the 
first settlers to build their houses near each other. The 
necessity of this law continued more than fifty years." 
" The first settlers agreed that each married man should 
have a house lot of twelve acres, part upland and part 
meadow ; but they must necessarily be near each other, 
on the margin of the meadows near the modern village. 
In 1664 there were 95 small houses near where the Court 
House now stands." 

In those days Indians were in and about Wigwam and 
Purgatory Swamps ; in fact they did not entirely disap- 
pear from the last named region for more than one hun- 
dred and seventy-five years after the town was settled. 
John Eaton^ has told me that in his youth he was taught 
to make baskets by an old Indian who lived near the 
"Indian cornfield" on the border of Purgatory Swamp. 
That was about the year 181 2. On May 11, 1637, it was 
voted : 

Whereas y® evill disposicon of y^ Natiues hath caused vs of late 
to vnd'^goe very much watching and wardings &c wherby much ex- 
pence of municon &c hath ben amongst vs to our greate Charge & 
detrim* . . . eu''y man that henceforth shalbe admitted vnto us shall 
p'sently paye . . . Ten shillings ... for municon." 

Wild beasts of a dangerous character, wolves and 
wildcats, also roamed through these wilds ; and as there 
was an extensive tract suitable for their haunts, lying be- 
tween the Canton and Green Lodge roads, so rough that 
it has remained in its primitive condition to the present 
time, it is evident that the way from the village to the 
site of the Purgatory farm was bordered by a dangerous 
region for .its whole extent. As late as 1682, twenty-four 
years after John Eaton^ had died, a vote was passed "that 
no one of the inhabitants should remove to a greater dis- 
tance than two miles from the meeting house without 
special license." The Purgatory farm is nearly four miles 
distant from the village. 

It is true that the early colonists were attracted by 
rich meadow lands bordering rivers, notwithstanding the 
fearful dangers often experienced, as witness the settle- 
ments at Deerfield and on the Housatonic River. But 
that was at a later time, after the numbers of the colonists 
had increased. When Dedham was settled there was 
room enough for its people on the margin of the exten- 
sive meadows of the Charles River. A reason for locating 
on such lands was that though the country generally 
was buried in forest, the meadows were mostly free from 
trees, giving immediate opportunity for gathering hay 
and other crops. And much of the Charles River border 
was drier than it has been since dams were built down 
the stream. 

On account of the excellent grass growing on the 
meadow^s of the Neponset River the first Dedham people 
took up lots there and visited them in the haying season. 
Some items in the inventory of the estate of John Eaton^ 
relating to the Fowl Meadows as they were then and 
have ever since been called, seemed to confirm the tra- 
dition that his dwelling was in that vicinity. 

An extensive tract, being then a part of Dorchester, 
and afterwards set off to Stoughton, lying west of Nepon- 


set River and south of Mother Brook, and including 
Readville, Green Lodge and Purgatory Plain, belonged 
to Governor William Stoughton. Annals say there was 
but one house in the whole region as early as 1638, and 
that it was not settled to any extent until soon after 1720, 
when the heirs of Governor Stoughton began to dispose 
of the property. 

John Eaton* bought a portion of this land. 

Date Oct. 3, 1719, acknowledged Oct. 14, 1720, entered Feb. 15, 
1721. John Nelson and Elizabeth his wife, for ^640, paid ^320 by 
Joseph Wight, ;{J"2 13.6.8 by John Eaton, and the remainder by Peter 
Thorp do sell to them a certain Tract lying in Dorchester, 350 acres 
more or less. Also a piece of meadow land on East side of Napon- 
sett river of 24 acres .... all of which granted lands are part of a 
Large Tract formerly belonging to the Honb^** William Stoughton, 
descended to said John and Elizabeth Nelson. (Suffolk Deeds, Lib. 
XXXV., p. 249.) 

Wight, Eaton and Thorp, 
divisional agreement. 

Date July 12, 1720 ; acknowledged Aug. 5, 1720. Entered Feb. 
15, 1721. Between Joseph Wight, Jr., John Eaton, and Peter Thorp, 
Sen'', whereas they own 350 acres more or less on northwest side of 
Naponsett River and 24 acres on southeast side of said River, i. e. 
Joseph Wight one half, John Eaton one third, Peter Thorp one sixth : 
it is agreed that Joseph Wight have 164 acres more or less, . . . and 
John Eaton have one third, i. e. on northwest side of River 21 acres 
of woodland and 90 acres of Shrubb plain, in whole 111 acres border- 
ing Purgatory Swamp, and 14 acres meadow land bounded south- 
westerly by Naponsett River. . . . One sixth to Peter Thorp Sen^ 
(Sufifolk Deeds, Lib. XXXV., p. 250.) 

The above deeds show the first purchase and occupa- 
tion as a home of the Eaton farm on Purgatory Plain. A 
few years afterward, the inconvenience of being citizens 
of Stoughton was sucJi that on Nov. 29, 1732, James 
Draper, Henry Crane, Robert Swan, Jeremiah Whiting, 
John Eaton, Ebenezer Draper and Thomas Witherby pe- 
titioned to the General Court " that they and their fami- 


lies and estates may be set off from Stoughton and an- 
nexed to Dedham"; and it was done on May 14, 1733. 

This John Eaton was son of John'^ and Ann (Whiting) 
Eaton, and was born April 4, 1695, six months after his 
father had died. He married April 23, 1729, Elizabeth 
Lovering of Roxbury, born May 19, 1708, daughter of 
Robert and Alice (Craft) Lovering. Elizabeth died Oct. 
8, 1754, and he died Feb. 23, 1770 ; their children : — 

Elizabeth, b. 27 Sept., 1730 ; m. 11 Jan.,1753,John Ruggles 
of Wrentham. Children : — 
John, b. 27 Sept., 1753. 
yeremiah, b. 26 Dec, 1755. 
Joel, m. 6 Dec, 1781, Elona Pond. 
JosiaK b. 24 Feb., 1768. 
// John, b. 3 June 1732; m. 12 June 1755, Desire Smith. 
/2., Robert, b. 13 April 1734; m. Abigail Payn, intention 
published 5 Oct., 1772. 
Abigail, b. 13 Jan. 1736; m. 21 Jan., 1755, Lemuel 

Whiting of Attleboro. 
Sarah, b. 30 Dec, 1738; m. 1st, 2 Nov., 1758, Phineas 
Dana of Dedham ; m. 2dly, 10 Dec, 1772, Joshua Dean, 
Jr. They removed to Warwick. Children : — 

David, b. 26 Feb., 1760 ; m. Rebecca Richards, 1784, 

and lived in Dedham : d. 6 May, 1812. 
Phineas, b. 26 March, 1762, went to Norfolk, Va. 
Jesse, b. 25 March, 1767 ; settled in Sterling. 
Sarah, b. in Warwick, 1 Nov., 1774; d. 8 Oct., 1862. 
She m. Bunyan Penniman and had eleven children. 
Alice, b. 31 Jan., 1741 ; m. 8 April, 1762, Abijah Draper 
of Green Lodge in Dedham. She died 22 Jan., 1777. 
Children : — 

Abijah, b. 11 June, 1764. 
Ira, b. 11 Jan., 1765. 
Rufus, b. 13 Nov., 1766. 
James, b. 16 April, 1769. 
Alice, b. 21 April, 1771, 
Abijah, b. 1 Oct., 1775, 


/ a Thomas, b. 20 May, 1743 ; m. 26 Dec, 1769, Sarah Whiting. 

She d. 5 Dec, 1789. 
jLf Isaac, b. 31 July, 1745 ; d. 17 Jan., 1822. 
IS Joseph, b. 28 March, 1748 ; d. 24 Sept., 1772. 

In 1 761, John Eaton* probably felt the weight of years 
and the care of the farm pressing upon him ; his wife had 
died, his daughters were being married and leaving him 
with no one to look after the duties usually attended to 
by the women ; and he gave up the farm to two of his 
sons who were of age at that time. 

Date 28 Jany, 1761. Acknowledged Aug. 1, 1766. Entered 
Sept. 24, 1771. " I, John Eaton of Dedham, Husbandman, for ;^347 
paid by John Eaton, Jr. and Robert Eaton, Husbandmen . . . have 
sold to each alike one house and land and barn outhouse and out- 
lands in Dedham being my homestead consisting of my dwelling 
house and barn carthouse &c. and about 170 acres meadow swamp 
and upland and a meadow lot in Stoughton, and a lot in Purgatory 
Swamp, and another lot in Swamp of five acres ... I own this es- 
tate." (Suffolk Deeds, Lib. CXX., p. 23.) 

A few years later, Robert and his wife, together with 
his sister Sarah and her husband, Joshua Dean, Jr., re- 
moved to Warwick, Mass. "June 7, 1778, Robert Eaton 
and wife dismissed to church in Warwick." (Dedham 
Church Records.) The following deed is among the 
family papers, not recorded : — 

31 October, 1765. I, Robert Eaton of Dedham for ^260. paid 
by John Eaton, Jr . , , sell to him my whole right in the whole of the 
estate Real and Personal which our father John Eaton of Dedham 
sold to me being the one half of the said Estate, as by a Deed dated 
Jan. 28, 1761, containing the whole of his house and lands. 

in presence of Robert Eaton. (Seal) 

Susanna Frizell 
Joseph Metcalfe. 

These deeds and annals prove clearly that the begin- 
ning of the Purgatory farm was by John Eaton^ ; and it 
continued in the family, being held and occupied by John 


Eaton^ John Eaton^ and John Eaton". Several minor 
changes were made in settling with other children of the 
several generations, and some additional area was ac- 
quired; but the homestead, the house and barns, con- 
tinued in possession of the above named. The first house 
was burned. John^ wrote in his note book, " My house 
was burned Feb. 22, 1767. We moved into the New 
House July 2, 1767." It was rebuilt with the assistance 
of the neighbors. The second house also was burned. 
"Oct. 21, 1801, John Eaton's house burned." (The Ames 
Diary.) The third house was built immediately, and is 
still standing, but in 1899 it was moved some rods back of 
the original site. This farm is located on the Canton 
road, 3 3-4 miles from Dedham Court House; the house 
was the last one before coming to the Neponset River, 
which is about a mile southerly from it; and in this dis- 
tance there is a descent of one hundred and fifty feet from 
the level of the Plain ; this elevation giving very exten- 
sive and pleasant views in all directions. Oct. 21, 1897, 
the heirs of John Eaton' sold the whole property to Ed- 
mund D. and Stephen Codman of Boston. 

We now take up the fortunes of the earlier genera- 
tions, and, tracing their movements by the records, try to 
locate the original homestead. 

John Eaton^, born 1611, married Abigail Damon, a widow, born 
in 1600. Daniel C. Eaton, Professor of Botany of Yale College, and 
Secretary of the Eaton Family Association, in his report of 1890 says 
that the following records have been found in Dover, England : — 

1630 JoHx Eton & Abigaile Damon married April 0, 

1631 Marv, daughter of John Eaton, baptized March 20. 

1633 John the son of John Eaton baptized Oct. 7. 

1634 John the son of John Eaton buried Jan. 27. 

And adds : "John Eaton was son of Nicholas, a jurate and 
churchwarden, and Katherine (Master) Eaton, and was baptized Aug. 
21, 1611. He is mentioned in the will of his father's second wife, 
dated April 10, 1635, being set down for ;^10. That John, a boy of 


19, should marry a widow of 29 or 30, with one, and possibly two 
children, is not improbable. John Eaton of Dedham was a man of 
good social position, of reputation and influence in the town, and died 
possessed of a fair estate. That he had some property on his arrival 
in New England is evident from the vote of the town, 28th 9th mo. 
1637, accepting his offer "to lay downe unto the Towne either his 
Lott in ye Isfand or that six acres in ye playne he purchased of Raffe 
Shephearde." Certainly he was not unworthy to be a son of the 
jurate and churchwarden, if he did marry a widow and emigrate to 
New England." 

Bond's History of Watertown says of him : — 

John Eaton a very early settler of Watertown, was admitted 
freeman May 25, 1636. The witnessing of the will of John Eaton, 
first of Watertown afterwards of Dedham, by Rev. John AUin and 
Hon. Major Eleaser Lusher, and the taking of the inventory by 
Eleaser Lusher, Henry Chickering and John Hayward, imply that he 
held a respectable social position. 

Hotten's " Founders of New England" quotes from 
shipping lists as follows : — 

In the " Elizabeth and Ann," Roger Cooper, M''. These pties 
are to be embarked for New England^ X lij </fhrC(LS /63^. 

Tho: Eaton 1 

Abigaill Eaton 35 
Jane DAmAND 9 
Mary Eaton 4 

No doubt that John Eaton was also on board, and the 
fact that his name was accidentally left off of the list is 
not strange, as the names of a family are scattered and 
probably were entered on the lists at different times. 
Jane Damand was Abigail Eaton's daughter by her first 
husband. In 1644 she was married in Dedham: "John 
Plimpton and Jane Dummin married 13th of i mo. 1644." 
John Eaton settled in Watertown and lived there a year. 
He received several grants of land in Watertown, viz : — 


July 25, 1636 John Eaton Forty acres. 
Feb. 28, 1636-7 John Eaton Six acres. 
June 26, 1637 John Eaton Six acres. 
April 9, 1638 John Eaton Three acres. 

From which it would appear that he did not break off 
entirely with Watertown until near the time that he 
joined the Dedham Church in 1641. The Dedham Cov- 
enant was dated loth of 7th 1636, and has the signature 
of John Eaton, but probably he signed it some months 
after that date. 

Maye 11, 1637, Thomas Hastings laying down his lot unto our 
society John Eaton is enterteyned into y^ same and subscribed. 

Thomas Hastings, whose lot thus passed to John 
Eaton, left town ; but "20th of last Month: 1637 (February 
20, 1638) Thomas Hastings was enterteyned agayne & 

In 1639 he had removed once more to Watertown. 

John Eaton's name first appears as present at Town 
meeting on 28th 9 mo. 1637 : after that date he was a regular 
attendant. A Meetinghouse was ordered, " to be in length 
36 Foote & 20: foote in bredth & ... in ye studds 12: foote. 
"18, II, 1637 Thomas Wight, John Dwight, Nicholas 
Phillips and John Eaton have undertaken to fell Pynes 
and Oake for it :" 

He helped to build the first bridge over the Charles 
River in Dedham. 

28. 9. 1637 Committee appointed to order y® making of a foote 
bridge over the greate River over against m'' Carter's lott At a 
Comon Charge. 

1 of Nov. 1639 The Towne being requested to staye it was 
ppownded conc^'ning y® Foote bridge y* was formerly agreed to be set 
at Mr. Carter's Lott whether now they weare willing to have y^ same 
set at John Eaton's Lott w"*^ was by y*^ main pte agreed to have it 
ther set. 


28 Nov. 1640 Whereas William Bullard and John Eaton had 
taken the Foot bridge over Charles River to make and set up y® 
same, the sayd Willm to have Fifty shillings and the sayd John to 
have Forty shillings for effecting the same. But for as much as y® 
said work pves to be more then they or we did Expect Therefore we 
do nowe upon good information of the same order y* the sayd William 
Bullard shall have Thre pounds and Ten shillings and John Eaton 
Thre and Fifty shillings for y* perfecting of y® sayd Bridge for their 
full satisfaction as is thought Fitting. 

The later Eatons are descended from the William 
Bullard, mentioned above, he being an ancestor of John 

William Bullard, born 1594, came from Watertown 
with the first settlers to Dedham, and died Dec. 23, 1686. 
His daughter Mary Bullard, died after 1687, married 
John Farrington, April 23, 1649; he died June 27, 1676: 
their son, Nathaniel Farrington, born Aug. 9, 1656, died 
May 8, 1723, married before 1685, Sarah Whiting, born 
Dec. 3, 1660, died March 22, 1732, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Hannah (Dzvight) Whiting {Hannah Dwight daugh- 
ter of John Dwight) ; their daughter Anne Farrington 
married first, on 2 July 1712, William White of Dorches- 
ter, he died 18 March 17 18, and she married, second, on 
13 Sept. 1722, Nathaniel Smith of Dedham, born June 
26, 1692, died Dec. 31, 1769, son of Asahcl and Elizabeth 
Smith. Anne (Farrington) Smith died April i, 1767. 

Desire Smith, daughter of Nathaniel and Anne (Far- 
rington) Smith, born Sept. 26, 1731, married June 12, 1755, 
John Eaton^ and their son was John Eaton*^. 

This Foot bridge connected the easterly shore some- 
where on the upland of the William Bullard land (his 
homestead being now next south of the present stone 
bridge on Ames Street) with " John Eaton's Lott" ; there- 
fore the location of his lot is clearly indicated, and the 
bridge doubtless landed him at the base of Powder House 


" The Key " was a place so named by the first settlers, where in 
1637, a foot bridge was buili across Charles River to Dedham Island, 
at or near the spot now occupied by a stone bridge at powder house 

" Cart Bridge was built across Charles River in 1644, on the road 
leading from the old " training ground " to Dedham Island. The 
bridge was the first one laid for the passage of teams or carts over 
the river in this town. A foot bridge had previously been laid across 
the river, at a place called the Key, about one-fourth of a mile below 
this spot." (Mann's Annals of Dedham.) 

The admission of the family to the Dedham Church 
is recorded : — 

1640 Abigail y® daughter of our brother John Eaton a member 
of y® church of watertown was baptised 27 of y^ 11th, 1639. 

1640 Jane Da'mat y® daughter of our sister Eaton of ye VA of 
watertown e was received y** 4"^ of y** 10"^ mo. 

1641 M. divers bretheren & sisters of y® Church of watertowne 
living amongst us as desyred to joyne y™selves unto this 
Church, of whom this church desyring some p'ticular know- 
ledge of y** spiritual estate both for satisfaction & edification 
of y** >^, and y® elders of Watertowne in a letter subscribed 
by m'' Philip pastour testifying y* y® y/^ ther by an act gave 
them power to joyne to us as they & we should agre. Thes 
brethren John Batchelder & John Eaton w^"^ ther wives 
having first by a declaration of ther faith to y® )5< in a 
Church meeting given good satisfaction to this Church they 
wer after admitted as members of this Church in a publike 
assembly 30"^ of y® om. 1641. (Dedham Church Records.) 

John Eaton^ took an active part in the affairs 
of the Httle community: he served on committees to lay 
out land, was surveyor of highways ; was " Wood reeve " 
several years. In 1647 he was on a committee " to decide 
who are behind in their high way worke." 

25. 11. 1650, John Haward, John Eaton & Thomas Fuller ar 
requested and deputed to take care for the repayering of the foote 
Bridge, so much as may be, to be set of in high way worke, and the 
rest upon the Towne's charge in equall sattisfaction. 


Beside the endowment of about twelve acres each to 
the new comers, the town made numerous " dividends " 
of lands to its inhabitants, and John Eaton^ had his share : 
the first one was 

The 6th of the r2th mo. 1642. Granted to those persons whose 
names are underwritten, of upland fit for improvement with the plough, 
as followeth, — [the names of 68 persons are given, and among them] 

Rob*^ Weare 3 roods ^l 

Jn" Eaton 5 acres 26 

William BuUard 2 " 49 

Nathan Aldus 6 " 2 " 45 

John Hunting, Eld 14 " 3 " 6 







John Dwight, 11 " 22 

Nathaniel Whiting 1 " 2 " 9 

Michael Metcalf 9 " 17 

Henry Wilson 1 " 2 " 44 

Richard Everard 7 " 2 " 1 

These are some of the prominent men, the average 
to each citizen being about four acres. 

29. 8. 1644 Granted to John Eaton a small pcell of upland 
lying betweene his land upon the Hand playne & y® swamp of Sam^ 
Bullen : to make the line strait between them. 

13. 11. 1644 John Eaton is promised to be considered for some 
meadow as soon as may be convenient. 

4. 12. 1644 Woodlands granted; John Eaton has 7 acres, 

11. 12. 1650 John Eaton receives 4^ acres swamp. 
*' " John Eaton receives 4f acres meadow. 

7. 1. 1652 Devident of 500. John Eaton 8 acres 2 roods. 

The modest style of houses occupied by the early 
settlers is shown by entries scattered through the records. 
In 1648 there were 80 houses, the valuation ranging from 
£2 up to ^46 for the ministers house ; the average being 
about ;^i4. John Eaton's house was valued at ^10.8.0. 
But we must remember that measured in the money of 
the present day the houses would be worth three or four 
times as much. 


Fac-simile of his signature in 1649 : 

John Eaton^ died Nov. 17, 1658. The date of his 
wife's death is not known. Their children were 

Mary, baptised at Dover, Eng., March 20, 1 630, 31 
married May 5, 1651, John Mason of Dedham, Mass.; 
had eight children, and died in Dedham, May 6, 

John, baptised at Dover, Eng., Oct. 17, 1633 ; buried 
January 27, 1634. 

Thomas, born in England, 1634, died in Dedham Sept. 
10. 1649. 

JoHN^, birth not found, was probably born in Water- 
town in 1636 ; was the only son to survive his father 
and continue the family. 

Abigail, born at Dedham, Jan. 6, 1640; married, Nov. 
16, 1659, Robert Mason of Medfield ; had seven 
children, and died at Medfield, Sept. 8, 1711. 

Jacob, born at Dedham, June 8, 1642, died March 20, 

Will of John Eaton^. 

Suffolk Probate Records, Vol. I., p. 318, 

Date 2 of 9th month 1658— Presented 9, 10 mo 1658. 

" I, John Eaton of Dedham, though sicke and weake in body 
yet whole and sound in my memory . . . Item, I gi\^e to Abigail my 
well-beloved wife the free use of my Parlor in my now dwelling house 
and the Lean to there unto adjoining and all the household stuffe at 
present in them to her use and enjoy during all the whole tearme she 
shall remain a widdow, and sufficient firewood for her use to be pro- 
vided and Laid in the yard fro time to time ... I give unto my said 
wife the annuite of six pounds p anii to be payde at the end of each 
halfe year in such things as she needeth out of my estate hereafter 
to be disposed of during the whole tearme of her natural life ; or the 


third pte of my lands during the same tearme herselfe to choose 
which of these two she best liketh. 

Item, I give to my said wife so much of my other household 
stuffe as come to the value of five pounds being such as herself shall 
make Choyse of, and also one Cow. 

I give to John Damont of Reading the sume of five pounds. 
Item, I give to John Plimton of Meadfield the sume of five pounds. 
1 give to Edward Hodsman my kinsman the sume of fortie shillings, 
and my mind is that all these Legacies last above written shall be 
paid in Currant Country pay*"*^ in Dedham at price currant by my 
executrix in one year after my decease. 

The remainder of my estate to be divided in two parts, and that 
pt of her portion that my Daughter Mary have received to be 
accounted thereunto the one halfe whereof I give to John Eaton my 
Sonne, and the other I give to Mary and Abigail my two daughters 
.... and all that part of her portion wch my daughters have already 
received shall be accounted to her part that so my two daughters 
may have equall and my will is that my sonne and my two daughters 
according to their portions pay to my wife their mother that six 
pounds p ann as is above written and I do ordaine Abigail my wife 
to be my sole Executrix." 


In presence of John X Eaton [seal] 

John Allin. ™"''* 

Eliaser Lusher. 

It is supposed that John Damant mentioned in the 
will was a brother of Jane, i.e. a stepson of John Eaton. 
John Plimpton was the husband of his stepdaughter, Jane 
Damon, or Damant, or Dummin, as it is variously spelled. 
As to " Edward Hodsman my kinsman," if we knew more 
about him we might possibly learn who Abigail Eaton 
was before she married her first husband Henry Damon. 


Inventory of John Eaton. 

Taken 30th of y^ 9 mo. 1658 by Eliazer Lusher, Henry Chicker- 
ing and John Haward. 

31 yards New Cloath £ 3. 2.0 

Bridle and Sadie 1 pillion 1 pannell 1. 0.0 

7 load Hay from foule meadow 3.10.0 

The dwelling house & the 2 barns 45. 

1 pcell of upland where the house stands with ) 9« n n 
the orchard as it is encompassed with meadow. \ 

land in the Ilande playne broken & unbroken 28. 0.0 

the further p cell in the great plaine 7.10.0 

the other " " " " 12. 0.0 

1 pcell by Thomas Paynes 5. 0.0 
The Meadow at home by the house lott ' 50. 0.0 
The Meadow enclosed in the Hand playne fence 9. 0.0 
Meadow at foule meadow 9. 0.0 

2 p cells of swamp Lying in the Hand fi fi 
& one in the South plaine ' * 

Woodland distributed and that near Meadfield and f^ n n 

all Comon rights of all sorts ' ' 

Furniture, rugg. blanket. Wearing apparell. Farming 
Tools, Oxen & calves, 2 mares, 1 colt, sheep, lamb, 

swine, carts, ploughs, yokes, 180.08.0 

Presented by Abigail Eaton the Relict of John Eaton, 16, 10, 58. 

This inventory shows that he owned a lot in Fowl 
meadows, but that his principal estate was on Dedham 
Island, and we shall see that it included the land on 
which the Powder House Rock is located. 

The estate was inherited by John Eaton^, who was 
but 22 years old when his father died. The name con- 
tinues to appear in the town records, and now refers to 
the son. 

"6of 10. 1659 The Selectmen mett to finishe the Countrey 
Rate," in the list is "John Eaton OU.13.1 " 

"20, 12. 1659 Tax for charges on Comon Rights, "John Eaton 

" 10. 1. 1659,60 School rate, " John Eaton 0.04.0 " 

"1. 10. 1662 Surveyers p'sent a bill of thos that are dififective 
in there highway worke this p''sent yeare 1662. " Jo. Eaton 4*. 0." 


But the next entry of this department is more credi- 
table : — 

15. 10. 1664 Names of persons behind on highway work 

" John Eaton 0." 

His signature is preserved on the petition in 1662 to 
the General Court in the controversy with the Natick 

/fo^ ^oiT,' 

The dividends of land continue: — 

Mar. 23, 1662, 3. Met to draw lots at Woolomonupuck, 

James Thorp ) j_^ 

John Eaton, ) 

10, 11. 1665 Lotts drawn near Meadfield, 
John Eaton drew No. 28. 

9. 12, 1665 Granted to Peter Woodman the Natick divident 
which he purchased of John Eaton 

27. 10. 1665 Whereas our Reverend Elder and Lieut. Fisher 
were formerly deputed to treat with John Eaton Senior about a Cart 
way through the Land of said John Eaton to the houses beyond his 
house who accordingly attended the same and made thier returne but 
it apeering that John Junio'' thinke himselfe not yet satisfied nor that 
his Father was that he knowe, the psons abovesaid are againe de- 
puted desired and empowered to doe therein as they shall judge 
equall and make full conclusion therein. 

Prof. Daniel C. Eaton wrote me : " As to John^ Eaton, 
no record of his birth has been found, so I suppose it was 
at Watertown, where the father lived a year. I have 
never been able to find out who his wife was : I find her 
name given as Elle once, and every other time as Alice. 
That she was a woman of some ability is shown by her 
persistence in looking after the family interests while her 
husband was " distracted." 

Petition of Alice Eaton. 
(Copied from the original paper on file in the Mass. Archives.) 
To the Honnob'® Generall Court Assembled in Boston. 

The Humble Petition of Alice wife of John Eaton of Dedham 
humbly sheweth — 


That whereas he y^ s'^ Jn*^ for many yeares past has been be- 
reaved of y*^ right use of his reason some times raging mad & 
delirous, other times more sober so as quietly to walk y*^ streets, but 
always utterly void of common prudence needful to y*^ manageing of 
an estate, as all y* know him can declare, and as the imprudent dis- 
posal of a considerable part of his estate doth & may sufficiently 
evidence And whereas during y® his condition (w*^ has been for 
a space of near 20 years) he has att several times (being inveigled & 
persuaded by such as very well knew his incapacity of manageing 
such affairs) disposed &: conveyed & givin assurances in conveyance, 
of several parcels of land, for little other consideration than fair 
words, without the knowledge of his friends, & w*^ he himselfe is 
utterly ignorant, both as to persons to whom, time when, & con- 
sideration for w'''*, he gave & made such s'^ deeds and conveyances. 

Whence yo'' humble petitioner her complaint arrises y"^ his 
family & posterity are oppressed. & greatly injured, by being held 
unjustly out of y"^ propper rights. 

And whereas y*^ s'^ Jn° is now & continues as incapable of 
prudent manageing his business as formerly & therefore as probable 
further .to squander & wasc his remaining estate : — Do therefore (by, 
with, & upon y'' consent &: desire of y® s** Jn°) humbly petition (being 
constrained by w*^ allready suffered, as by w*^ yo"^ petitioner has reason 
to fear, And emboldened by y*^ hopes of y^ fav' clemency & com- 
miseration of this honnourable Assembly) that such cours may be 
taken as y* yo'' Humble petitioner &; ^^ indigent family, may 
have redress of greivances, and prevent inconveniences of y^ like 
nature by makeing and empowering a committee to examin & rectify 
all past conveyances of land by him y^ s*^ Jn° made, & by putting y** 
s*^ Jn° under a ward or Guardian, without whom he may not have 
power to act in things of this rate, and hereby yo'' Humble Petitioner 
shall be further obliged to pray always for yo"^ Honn""® good improve- 
ment & happyness. 


Colony Records, General Court, 7th May 1684. 
In answer to the petition of Alice Eaton, the request therein is 
granted : and Thomas Browne of Cambridge, & John Fuller of 


Dedham the petitioners neighbour, are appointed to be the com 
mittee w"^ herselfe to inspect into this affaire, and examine what- 
is done by the sajd John Eaton, irrationally and illegally ; as also to 
take due course for the prevention of future damage, & preserve the 
estate for the benefit of the family. 

Second Petition of Alice Eaton 
on file at the State House. 
To the Honourable Generall Court Assembled in Boston, Alice 
wife of John Eaton Humbly shows that she is thankfuU for this 
Courts favour in granting her petition referring to the wrong offered 
her husband in persons bargaining with him, when he was uncapable, 
but finds the same less effectual for two reasons (1) that it doth not 
look like time enough for wee perceive that his greatest suffering to 
that sort may pass the twenty years allowed us and (2) their is want- 
ing to us a committy of this honorable Court that may Examine 
persons Concerned and purchasers who will give us no Answer by 
which wee are kept in Ignorance which two things if the Court shall 
please to favour us in wee doubt not of Justiss from such Courts as 
wee shall make our pleas before and so will bee of great benefit to 
his distressed family 

and shall ever pray for y"" honers 
Deadham May 28 1685 

(Copy of Paper on file at State House.) 
We testifie for whom it may consearne that John Eaton my 
neighbour was distracted some years before his fathers death which 
is about 27 years sentce his father died, and for before he had any- 
thing to dispose of eyther Legally or eleagally or either. 
Thomas ffuller aged about 67 yeares. 
Richard Elliss aged 64 years. 

Proceedings of General Court, 7 July 1685. 
In answer to the petition of Alice Eaton, wife of John Eaton, on 
hir further motion it is ordered that Leiftennt Nathaniel Sternes be 
joined w*^ the former comittee appointed by this Court 7th May 1684, 
in ans*" to her then peticon & for that end in the tryall of the premisses, 
the s^ Left. Sterne to appoint time & place of meeting, making their 
report to this Court how they find it. 


Nathaniel Stearns was a representative to General 
Court from Dedham. 

" We hear no more of this trouble after 1685, and may 
suppose that he was restored to health. When he died is 
not known." 

The last remark of Prof. Eaton was based on the 
entry of death of John Eaton.^ 

1694, 28 Oct. John Eaton, Jr. died. (Dedham Records.) 

The son being called John Eaton, Jr., it was assumed 
that the father was then living, and he could only say that 
John^ Eaton died after Oct. 28, 1694. His wife Alice died 
8 May 1694. Their children were : — 

John, b. 15 July, 1665; d. 15 Oct. 1665. 

3. JoHX^ b. 17 Sept. 1671 ; d. 28 Oct. 1694. 

4. THOMAs^ b. 23 July 1675; d. 17 Aug. 1748. 

5. WILLIAM^ b. 11 Aug. 1677 ; d. 3 April 1718. 
JuDETH, b. 17 Sept. 1679 : d. 26 April 1680. 

6. JoNATHAN^ b. 3 Sept. 1681 ; d. 25 June 1748. 
David, b. 8 March 1683 ; d. 28 March 1683. 
Ebenezer, b. 3 May 1687 ; d. 23 May 1688. 

3. JoHN^ Eaton, born 17 Sept. 1671, son of John^ 
and Alice Eaton, married Ann Whiting and lived in 
Dedham, probably at his father's homestead on Dedham 
Island. He died 28 Oct. 1694 at the age of 23, only a few 
months after their marriage. His widow married, 2dly, 4 
April 1700, John Lewis, and sdly, 11 Aug. 1725, James 
Herring. She died 9 March 1749. (Dedham Hist. Reg. 
Jany. 1895.) Child:— 

7. John*, b. 4 April 1694 ; m. 23 April 1729, Elizabeth Lever- 

ing, and died 23 Feb. 1770. This was the John Eaton 
who bought the farm on Purgatory Plain. 

When did John^ Eaton die.? He was living in 1694 
at the time when his oldest son died ; and in volume five 
of the Dedham town records we can trace him still fur- 
ther. His name appears regularly in the tax lists from 


the date of his father's death until the year 1701. From 
1700 to 1704 it is Hsted in combination with that of a son, 
viz: — 

John & Willi Eaton. 

After the year 1704, John Eaton's name disappears 
entirely from the lists, and that of William takes its place; 
so that it is probable that John^ gave up the care of the 
farms to his son ; and his descendants may believe that 
the closing years of the old man's life were calm and 
peaceful after the sickness and misfortunes that he had 

Whether he had learned, as have his descendants 
and successors, the charm of standing on the Great Rock 
and enjoying the extensive view of the Charles River 
meadows with Roxbury and Newton hills not far distant; 
or, sheltered from northerly winds in one of the depres- 
sions of its southerly face, he looked across the river 
flowing in front, and contemplated the settlement, which 
had grown in his day from a small hamlet to what must 
have seemed to him a respectable town, with its meeting- 
house and school house and tavern ; or whether, as ap- 
preciation of natural scenery is a modern cultivated taste, 
he contented himself with sitting in the sunshine at his 
home, the Rock must have been an object of his daily 

The next occurrence of his name on record, is on a 
deed made in 1706, selling a farm to his son. Judging 
from the tax lists William^ had doubtless been in charge 
of the estate for some years, and now a portion is sold to 
him. A reason for not examining this deed before and 
recognizing its importance as bearing on the problems 
that we are trying to solve, was that, though dated in 
1706, it was not recorded until 1740, and being indexed 
1740, it was not suspected of being a deed of John,^ but 
thought to be merely a casual purchase and sale by some 
later John. 


Date 1706,23 March, ack^ March 25, 1706, Entered Oct. 9, 1740. 

I, John Eaton of Dedham, yeoman, for £ 30. in hand and 
secured to be paid by my son WiUiam Eaton of Dedham, sell to him 
one parcell of land meadow and swamp in Dedham upon the Great 
Island planting field, being 30 acres more or less . . . bounded . . 
upon land of Michael Metcalf towards the west, the meadow of Sam- 
uel & Ephraim Ware towards the north, Charles River and the Pond 
towards the east and land of Sam^ Ware towards the south .... said 
land is my own proper estate .... (Suffolk Deeds, Lib. LXL, p. 3.) 

The above farm was in the neighborhood of what is 
now called Motley's Pond, and it is evident tliat John^ 
Eaton continued to hold the homestead estate containing 
the Rock. This homestead also came afterwards into 
possession of William'^ by inheritance, as will be shown 
by inventory of his estate. 

Another deed of John^ is found and is dated in 1710 : — 
Date 27 March 1710. Entered Oct. 3, 1717. 

I, John Eaton of Dedham, husbandman, for good pay by John 
Gill sell to him Eight acres not far distant from Magus Hill. (Suffolk 
Deeds, Lib. XXXIL, p. 75.) 

5. William^ Eaton {Johnc JoJui^), son of John and 
Alice Eaton, was born at Dedham 11 Aug. 1677 ; married 
27 April 1704, Mary, daughter of Comfort and Mary Starr. 
She was born at Dedham 23 Nov. 16S5 and died in 1751. 
He owned the two farms on Dedham Island which had 
been in possession of his father and grandfather, and also 
large tracts of land on Needham Great Plain and along 
the borders of Rosemary Brook. Needham was set q& 
from Dedham in 1711, and in 1712 his name is on the 
Needham tax lists for these lands, but he lived and died 
in Dedham. In the settlement of his estate the Dedham 
property went to his eldest son William, and that in 
Needham to his two younger sons, Josiah and Jeremiah. 
He died 3 April 1718. His widow, Mary (Starr) Eaton 
made a will in 1746, and in it corrected some inequalities 
in the division of her husband's estate. Their children: — 


8. William,* b. 11 Feb. 1705; d. March 22, 1751. 

Mary, b. 3 Dec. 1706; m. 12 April 1733,James Herring of 

9. JosiAH," b. 4 April 1711; d. 23 April 1796. 

Sarah, b. 24 Aug. 1713; m. 1735 Robert Fuller, Jr., b. 6 

June 1714, d. 12 May 1788; she d. 13 July 1797. Children: 

Sarah Fuller, b. 24 March 1737-8 ; m. 9 Dec. 1762 

Moses Kingsbury. 
Robert Fuller, b. 31 May 1740; m. 24 Feb. 1770 Mary 

William Fuller,h. 10 March 1742-3; m. 8 June 1769 

Sarah Hunting. 
Mary Fuller, b. 10 March 1742-3; d. 1743. 
Moses Fuller, b. 26 April 1748; d. 1749. 
Moses Fuller, \,. 29 April 1750 ; m. 14 April 1774 Eliza- 
beth Newell; and d. 13 Feb. 1823. 
Mary Fuller, b. 5 March 1756; m. 24 Dec. 1778, John 
Slack, Jr. 
10. Jeremiah,* b. 4 March 1716. 

Abiel, b. 11 Aug. 1718, d. 14 Feb. 1784, m. 8 Nov. 1751, 
John Ward of Newton. He d. 1786. Children :— 
John Ward, b. 10 Nov. 1752; m. Mary Kingsbury. 
Rebecca Ward, b. 17 May 1754; m. Joseph Parker. 
Beulah Ward, b. 29 June 1757; m. Jonathan Eaton of 

Gardner, her cousin. 
yason Ward, b. 22 Feb. 1759; d. same year. 
Eunice Ward, b. 5 Jan. 1760; d. 1761. 

We have found John Eaton^ Hving in 1706, and in 
1710. In the Dedham printed records is this entry: — 

Eaton deceased December the 24, 17 15. 

To whom did it refer .? Those of the second generation 
were all gone long before, except John.^ Of his own 
children, his only daughter Judeth died in 1681 ; John^ 
died in 1694 : Thomas^ moved to Connecticut and died 
there in 1748, and was the ancestor of Professor Daniel 
C. Eaton. William died in 1718: Jonathan^ also went to 


Connecticut and died in 1748; David died in 1683; Eben- 
ezer in 1688. Of the sons of William^ Eaton who were 
born before 1715, WilHam* died in 1751, and Josiah 
in 1796. The daughters all married and therefore lost 
the name. Thus all the Batons are accounted for except 
John.^ The dash in the entry of the printed volume does 
not mean that there was no christian name entered, but 
that the ancient page of the original is so worn that no 
vestige of it remains. But a careful examination gives 
some evidence on this point. The writing is very neat 
and clear, and the names are set down in an orderly man- 
ner ; a measurement of the space between the word Eaton 
.and the margin of the page as determined by the remain- 
ing parts above and below, and also a comparison of the 
space occupied by other christian names on the same 
page, establishes the fact that the missing name was of 
about four letters. Therefore we may safely conclude that 
the entry was made to record the date of death of John^ 
Eaton, and that he died Dec. 24, 1715, in his 80th year. 

No will nor settlement of the estate of John^ Eaton 
is on record. His real estate all went into possession of 
his son William,"^ but that the other heirs received their 
due portion of the property is shown by the means at the 
disposal of William's nephew John* Eaton, who was able 
to purchase the Purgatory farm in 1720. 

William^ Eaton did not long survive his father : he 
died intestate, April 3, 1718, and his estate was settled by 
his widow, Mary (Starr) Eaton. 

Suffolk Reg. Probate, Vol. XXVI., p. 339. 

Inventory of William Eaton of Dedham, taken June 23, 1726; 
a second one taken June 28, 1728, by Joseph Smith, Jabez Pond, 
and Ephraim Willson, presented July 8, 1728, by Mary Eaton, admin 
istratrix of her late Husband, as follows : 

Dwelfing-house and barn £ 80. 0.0 

23 acres more or less of upland and meadow 

adjoining and a Malt house 1 60. 0.0 


30 acres more or less of upland and meadow 

at planting field 70. 0.0 

1 1-2 acre Plow land near Josiah Smiths 10. 0.0 
12 acres more or less of Wood land near Powesset 18. 0.0 

7 1-2 acres near Rock meadow Cedar Swamp 15. 0.0 

2 1-2 acres at Cedar Swamp road near Nath^ Hawes 6. 0.0 

3 3-4 acres Cedar Swamp at the Great Cedar Swamp 

in Walpole 2. 0.0 

17 acres at New Bridge 50. 0.0 

An house at Needham with upland Swamp bounded 
by the highway towards the north and the meadow 
of James Kingsbury towards the west, and upon 
the old road leading from Ebenezer Wates to a 
place called the Neckfield towards the south 70. 0.0 

The Rye field and the Land adjoining & all the lands 

on both sides Rosemary brook 65. 0.0 

12 acres Wood Land near Ebenezer Mills 30. 0.0 

9 acres Wood Land near Capt. Cook's 50. 0.0 

2 acres Pine Swamp at Needham 2. 0.0 

8 Cow Common Rights 2. 0.0 

Total Real Estate 630. 0.0 

Will of Mary (Starr) Eaton. 

Suffolk Probate Records, Vol. XLV., p. 289. 

Date 14 April 1746 Presented 6 Aug. 1751. 

In the name of God Amen. The 14th of April 1746 I, Mary 
Eaton of Dedham . . give and bequeath to my well beloved son 
William Eaton one cow calf valued at £^. and the Reason why I 
give him no more is because I think he has an advantage in the 
estate left by my late Husband above his Brothers and Sisters. Item, 
I give to my well beloved son Josiah Eaton one Cow valued at ;^12. 
and to my son Jeremiah Eaton one Cow valued at ^12. and the 
reason I give to my said sons Josiah and Jeremiah no more is 
because that I apprehend that they have received a more Valuable 
Share out of their Father's Estate then their sisters. Item, I give 
to my daughters Mary Herren, Sarah Fuller, and Abiel Eaton, whom 

I ordain my Executrices of my will, all the remainder of my estate. 


Mary X Eaton [seal] 


In presence of 

David Fuller 
John Graves 
David Fuller, Jr. 

8. William* Eaton ( William,^ John^ Johii}), son of 
William and Mary (Starr) Eaton, was born at Dedham, 
Feb. II, 1705. He inherited his father's homestead and 
probably lived there all his life. He married Feb. 15, 
1738, Abigail, daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail Brackett 
of Dedham, born Dec. 21, 1713. He died March 22, 1751, 
and his widow married for second husband Stephen Fales; 
this marriage is recorded in Dedham records, " Stephen 
Fales & Abigail Eaton (wid. Thomas Eaton) married 
May 20, 1754"; but Professor Eaton was confident that it 
was the widow of William who married Stephen Fales. 
Children of William* and Abigail Eaton : — 

16. WILLIAM^ b. Dec. 2, 1738; m. Mary [ ] 

Abigail, b. Sept. 3, 1740; d. Nov. 21, 1748. 

William* Eaton died at the age of 46 years ; he left no 
will, and his widow Abigail administered his estate. 

Suffolk Reg. Probate, Vol. XLV., p. 287. 
Inventory of William Eaton of Dedham, taken July 30, 1751, by 
Nath^ Kingsbury, Isaac Bullard, and David Fuller ; presented Aug. 
6, 17ol by Abigail Eaton, administratrix of her late husband. 

Furniture, &c. ^60.19.1 

Homestead & buiidings 186.13.0 

lot by Josiah Smith's 8. 0.0 

lot by Planting field 120. 0.0 

lot at the New Bridge 53. 6.8 

lot near Cedar Swamp 53. 6.8 

lot near Cedar Swamp road 20. 0.0 

Cedar Swamp at Walpole 4. 0.0 

lot near Stephen Gerroulds 4. 0.0 


lot near Wrentham line 6.13.4 

lot near Ebenezer Bracketts place 5. 6.8 

lot near Amos Fishers 5. 6.8 

Rights in the Commonage in Dedham 1. 4.0 

Total 528.16.1 

Suffolk Probate Records, Vol. XLIX., p. 351. 
Second account of Abigail Eaton, Admx of William Eaton, late 
of Dedham, deceased, approved May 17, 1754. 

Balance from first account ^47 .5.7 

add 5. 2.9 

52. 8.4 

Paid allowance of James Herring and Mary his wife 
due to her in settlement of the deceased fathers 
estate 11.16.10 

Paid John Ward and x\bigail his wife 11.18.11 

Paid sundries 16.06. 40. 1.9 

Balance ;^12. 6.7 

The " New Bridge " mentioned in the inventory was 
built across the Charles River on the Needham road in 

16. William^ Eaton, ( William^ William^ John} 
Johu^) son of William* and Abigail (Brackett) Eaton, 
was born Dec. 2, 1738; he married Mary [ ], and appears 
by the record to have been the only surviving child and 
sole heir of William.* He was twelve years old when his 
father died, and soon afterwards his neighbor, David 
Fuller, was appointed his guardian. 

Suffolk Probate Vol XLVIL, p. 521. 

March 16, 1753 William, minor, upwards of 14 years, son of 
William Eaton of Dedham do put David Fuller my guardian. 

William Eaton. 

Very early after William^ Eaton came of age, the farm 
containing the Powder House Rock, which had been held 
by the Eaton family for five generations and for a period 


of one hundred and twenty-five years, passes from their 
ownership by the following deed to a son of this William's 
former guardian. 

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. CLX., p. 180. 
Date 14 Sept. 1761, — acknowledged July 1, 1769. Entered June 
19, 1787. I, William Eaton of Dedham, for ;^190. paid by Aaron 
Fuller of Dedham, sell to him the Sloaiestead of 20 acres, bounded 
by road towards the N W, & Northerly on land of David Fuller & on 
land of Daniel Fisher eastwardly and upon the further meadows, so 
called, that was set off to my mother for her thirds in part westerly in 
part and southwest in part — also a little lot J acre near Robert Man's 
House — Also a piece of land called Plantingfield it being by Estima- 
tion 25 acres abutted on the Road southeasterly and on land of 
Michael Metcalfe southwesterly and on land of Robert Man south- 
westerly and on land of Ephraim Ware and Ebenezer Wight north- 
easterly and on my own land easterly and northeasterly ... I am 
lawful owner. William Eaton. 

Mary Eaton. 

He afterwards sold his other farm, which was probably 
the one that he occupied, and which William* and William^ 
had lived on before him. 

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. CLX., p. 180. 

Date 29 Dec. 1770, ack^ Sept. 20, 1771. Entered June 19, 1787. 
I, William Eaton of Dedham for ^226.13.4 paid by Aaron Fuller 
sell to him two pieces of land upon the great Island so called in 
Dedham upland and meadow containing 14 acres with Buildings and 
the yard by the well and half the garden bounded northeasterly and 
easterly by Aaron Fuller, west on the road leading to the Metcalf 
house in part and part on land of David Fuller and on Charles River 
all other parts Also 15 acres of woodland called New Bridge lot 
bounded northerly on road to Needham westerly on road leading 
from Hezekiah Fuller's to New Bridge and all other on Ezekiel 
Kingsbury. And a wood lot near Cedar Swamp Brook 30 acres, 
bounded by road to swamp and by Daniel Fisher, Timothy Colburn, 
and Abner Ellis, Jonathan Starr and William Gay .... I own estate 
of Inheritance. William Eaton 

Mary Eaton 


We have traced the ownership of the Rock from 
John^ to William.^ To complete the evidence that the 
deed of WilHam^ Eaton of Sept. 14, 1761, included Powder 
House Rock, I quote from " Fuller Family " in the Ded- 
ham Historical Register for October, 1S93, and following. 

Thomas^ Fuller came to Dedham in 1642. 

Thomas^ Fuller {Thomas^) lived on Great Plain avenue, died 
April 23, 1733. 

Capt. David^ Fuller {Thomas,'^ Thomas'^), born March 26, 1704 j 
died June 23, 1777. In 1765 he was on the committee to build the 
Powder House on the Great Rock in Aaron Fuller's land. He 
lived on the homestead of Thomas-^ which he bequeathed to his son 

Eliphalet* Fuller {David,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas^), born Aug. 11, 
1744 ; died Mch 12, 1800. He inherited the Fuller homestead where 
he lived all his life and which was owned by Thomas and his descen- 
dants for over two hundred years. 

Capt. Aaron^ Fuller {David,^ Thomas^ Thomas^'), born Oct. 
27, 1737; died Mch 21, 1816. He resided upon the place on the 
Island now occupied by Hannah Fuller, and which was conveyed to 
him by William Eaton in 1761." 

The first reference to the Great Rock in public 
records is in 1762. March i, 1762 the Town voted to build 
a Powder House: and the following May it was "voted to 
have a Powder House builded on a great Rock on Aaron 
Fuller's land near Charles River." 

It seems strange, at first thought, that this prominent 
object which had been owned by the Eatons for so long 
a period, and which had been in possession of Aaron 
Fuller only eight months, and by a deed which at the 
time had not been acknowledged or recorded, should be 
mentioned with no reference to its longtime ownership. 
But the Eatons for three generations had lived on the 
other farm, and this one had probably been rented by 
Aaron Fuller, and he may have had the care of it for 

^^ L3079G3 

several years during his father's guardianship of its young 
owner, so that it had become known in the community 
as Fuller's home. 

The dangers surrounding them compelled the settlers 
to form military companies, and all except ministers and 
such as were physically incapacitated were exercised and 
drilled frequently'. The General Court enjoined the 
towns to maintain a common stock of ammunition, so 
that citizens might readily obtain powder and shot for 
their own use and for military duty. In 1635, it was or- 
dered, under a penalty of ten pounds, that each town shall 
provide a safe and convenient place to keep such ammu- 

There are many entries in the Dedham town records 
relating to this subject, and they have been freely quoted 
in a paper on the " Powder House," in the Register of 
July, 1S93. 

27 of 4 ino 1650 ; The Rate for the purchasing of Ammunition 
according to the order of the Court, made this day at the rate of 
penny farthing p £. 

As this rate is equal to five dollars on a thousand, we 
can appreciate the earnestness with which our forefathers 
carried on the public business. 

The first public record referring to a place for storing 
the Dedham supply of powder was : — 

Meeting of the selectmen. 18 of y® 1 mo 16o2. Its agreed that 
the Towne Amunition should be layd up in a place to be made safe 
for it in the Roofe of the new Meeting house over the east gallerie. 

Upwards of one hundred years later, on the ist of 
March, 1762, it was voted to build a house for storing the 
powder; and in 1766 it was "builded on a great Rock near 
Charles River." The building is " Eight Feet Square on 
the outside, and Six Feet high under the Plates, the Ma- 
terials Brick and Lime Mortar." 

The Rock, thus marked and individualized, is a very 
interesting natural feature; and being very accessible, 
makes it the frequent incentive for a pleasant stroll. 
While not high, only about thirty feet above the pasture 
which surrounds it, its location gives it command of con- 
siderable stretch of the Charles River, its meadows, and 
the hills beyond : its summit is but a few feet higher than 
the roadway which skirts it on the north, but on reaching 
the top its rugged features are impressive. The eastern 
side slopes to the edge of a sheer precipice twenty-five 
feet in height, sufficient to call for prudence if one is 
tempted to pluck the fragrant yellow Sassafras blossoms 
which grow close to this upright face of the Rock. 

The Rock is of granite, and the whole outcrop has 
an area of about one-fourth of an acre ; the western side 
has an irregular but gentle slope, easily ascended or de- 
scended, and the southerly face is a combination of slop- 
ing and steep parts just sufficient to tempt climbers who 
enjoy a spice of danger; this side is shown in the illus- 

Professor Daniel Cady Eaton {^AmosBeebe'-, Amos^, 
Abe(:\ Nathaniel^, Thoma^, Jolm^, John^), by years of re- 
search, and as he says, greatly assisted by Miss Lucy E. 
Eaton of Dedham, has collected the names of 2900 de- 
scendants of John^ and John^ Eaton of Dedham ; of these 
179 are descended from John^; 2024 from Thomas^; 209 
from William^; 484 from Jonathan^. Professor Eaton 
died June 29, 1895, before being ready to publish his work. 
His son, Mr. George F. Eaton, has courteously permitted 
me to make extracts from the manuscript ; and with his 
assent I select from it for publication here, the names of 
descendants who have lived near the old home, that is, in 
Dedham and Needham. 

16. William^ Eaton {William'^, William^, John^, 
Jokn^), having sold, the farms and the Rock, removed from 
Dedham. He was born at Dedham, 2 Dec, 1738. The 


town records speak of his wife as Sarah, but in church 
and land records she is called Mary, and it is probable 
that the record of marriage at King's Chapel, Boston, of 
William Eaton and Mary Thorp, i8 Dec, 1760, refers to 
this William and his wife. They lived for about ten 
years in Dedham, and removed, first to Lancaster, then 
to Vermont, and finally to Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 
where he died. Children, the first five born in Dedham: — 

Mary, b. 16 Oct., 1761 ; m. Thomas Gates. 
Abigail, b. 5 Sept., 1763 ; m. [ ] Wetheral 
William^, b, Oct., 1765 ; died in Oneida Co., N. Y. 
Asa, bapt. 6 Dec, 1767 ; went to New York State. 
Joseph®, 29 Jan., 1770 ; went to Rome, N. Y., then to Fre- 

donia, Ohio, where he died 1 Feb., 1849. 
Jesse^ b. '28 Aug., 1774 ; m. Sarah Barbour 16 Jan., 1799 ; 

d. 1846 at Cuba, Alleghany Co., N. Y. 
Samuel®, m. Rebecca Thompson. 
John®, m. Eunice Winchester ; died in Utica, N. Y. 

11. JoHN^ Eaton {JoJni^, John^, John^, Johii'^) was born 
at Dedham, 3 June, 1732, son of John* and Elizabeth (Lov- 
ering) Eaton, and lived on his father's farm in Dedham. 
He was captain of the first company of militia in Ded- 
ham, and his brothers Thomas, Isaac, and Joseph served 
in the company. An old note book of Capt. Eaton is 
preserved, in which are recorded births, etc.; the burning 
of his house, 22 Feb., 1767 ; the date of " the fight at Con- 
cord"; the fortifying of Dorchester Hill "March ye 4, 
Monday Night." He mentions heavy snows Marcli 11, 
12, 13, 16 and 20, 1772, and that on the 3d of April the 
same year "a Large Snow fell So that the Banks were 
som 6, som 9, and some 14 feet Deep, and one more than 9 
feet deep that I measyred." After this there came, April 9, 
"a Large Nor East Rain that Raised the River exceeding 
high." He was taken with small pox while serving on a 
jury in Boston, as were most of the other jurymen ; and 
died of the disease 14 May, 1777. 


He married 12 June, 1755, Desire Smith, born 26 
Sept., 1731, daughter of Nathaniel and Anne (Farrington) 
Smith. She was a woman of sterling character and much 
respected, and after her husband's death, managed the 
farm successfully till her sons were old enough to relieve 
her of the care. She died 3 Aug., 1814. Children : — 

Elizabeth, b. 14 Jan., 1756 ; m. Nathaniel, son of Isaac 
Whiting, 23 March, 1775. She d. in Dedham, 15 Nov., 
1841. He d. 2 Sept., 1821. Children:— 

Sarah Whiting, b. 22 Jan., 1776 ; m. 6 May, 1802, 

Jotham Richards, had three children, and died 12 

Dec, 1849. 
Moily lVhiti?iq, b. 19 Feb ,1778; m. 8 Jan., 1801, Joseph 

Ellis ; died 27 Feb., 1847. 
Nathaniel Whiting, b. 7 Nov., 1779 ; m. 1 April, 1804, 

Nancy, daughter of Josiah and Sarah Richards. He 

d. at Walpole, 30 Oct., 1843. 
Hannah Whiting, b. 8 May, 1781 ; m. 27 Jan., 1802, 

Abijah. son of Isaac and Mary (Richards) Smith. 

Had five children, and died at Walpole, 24 April, 

Eaton Whiting, b. 8 Nov., 1782; m. 1st, 2 Jan., 1820, 

Elizabeth Whiting, b. 4 Nov., 1793. She died 10 

Jan., 1821 ; he m., 2dly, 8 Dec, 1833, Olive Smith. 

He lived in West Dedham and died 6 Dec, 1863. 

His widow died 29 April, 1879. He had three 

children, of whom one was John Eaton Whiting. 
Rebecca Whiting, b. 31 Oct., 1784 ; m. Jeremiah Edes, 

10 Nov., 1807 ; had four children, and died at 

Union, N. J., 19 Aug., 1854. 
Ira Whiting^. 9 April, 1787 ; m. 13 April,1815, Unity 

Fales of Walpole ; had four children, and died at 

West Dedham, 7 May, 1853. 
Luther Whiting, b. 1 Dec, 1789 ; m. 24 March, 1822, 

Eleanor Ann Keach ; had six children and died in 

New York 8 Aug., 1847. 
Elizabeth Whiting, b. 3 Jan., 1793; d. 10 Nov., 1817. 
Abigail Whiting, b. 15 March, 1794 ; d. 7 Oct., 1867. 


Abigail, b. 21 March, 1759 ; d. 25 Sept., ITGO. 
Abigail, b. 2 Nov., 1761 ; ra. \o April, 1786, Daniel Fuller, 
son of Daniel and Elizabeth Fuller of Dedham. They 
settled on a farm in Francestown, N. H., where they 
discovered soapstone in great abundance and made a 
considerable fortune. Abigail died 17 Sept., 1837 ; he 
died 21 July, 1847. Children :— 

Luther Fuller, b. 22 Jan., 1787; d. 9 May, 1813. 
John Eaton Fuller, b. 19 Nov., 1788 ; d. 22 Oct., 1811. 
Daniel Fuller, b. 2(» Jan., 1791 ; m. Peggy Emerson, 
was Colonel in the war of 1812, and member of the 
State Legislature; d. 23 July, 1857. 
Aaron Fuller, b. 4 May, 1793 ; d. 9 Jan., 1815. 
Nabby Fuller, b. 28 April, 1795 ; m. Daniel N. Board- 
man, 1 Oct., 1818; and died 7 Dec, 1818. 
Desire Fuller, b. 16 June, 1797 ; d. 12 Nov., 1800. 
Elizabeth Fuller, b. 9 March, 1800 ; m. Timothy K. 
West, 27 May, 1823 ; d. 20 Jan., 1853. Had eight 
Desire Fuller, b. 4 Sept., 1802; m. John Loring, 19 
Dec, 1821 ; d. 19 Sept., 1861. Had eight children. 
George Fuller, b. 9 Feb., 1806 ; d. 15 March, 1853. 

17. JoH.< b. 11 April, 1764. 

18. LuTHER^ b. 27 Aug., 1766. 

Ann, b. 26 April, 1769 ; m. 19 Feb., 1795, Eliphalet Baker, 
3d. He d. in Dedham, 9 Nov., 1841 ; she died 30 Oct., 
1853. Children :— 

George Baker, b. 9 July, 1796; was a physician, and 

died at Chelsea, Dec, 1882. 
Nathaniel Baker, b. 28 Jan., 1799. 
Nancy Baker, b. 3 Oct., 1803 ; m. 24 Oct., 1830, Rev. 

John Fessenden. 
Emily Baker, b. 16 Oct., 1808 ; m. 12 Oct., 1831, Gar- 
dener Paine of Worcester. 
Rebecca, b. 25 April, 1772 ; ni. 30 May, 1798, John Guild, 
son of Aaron and Annah (Cone)') Guild. He died in 
Dedham 2 Dec.,1847 ; she d. 7 Sept., 1849. Children :— 
Miranda Guild, b. 1798 ; d. 20 Mar., 1873. 


Rebecca Eaton Guild, b. 1 Oct., 1801 ; m. 22 Dec, 1829, 
Rev. Leonard Luce of Westford ; he was born 14 
May, 1799 ; their children were Rebecca E., Alfred 
E., Abby P. and Miranda G. Luce. 

John Guild, b. 24 Aug., 1 803. 

Nathaniel Guild, b. 14 Sept., 1804; d. 28 Sept., 1805. 

Alfred R. Guild, h. 16 Feb., 1807 ; d. at Galveston, 
Texas, 3 Sept., 1837, 

17. JoH-N^ Eaton {JoJnv', John^, Johu^, John^, John^) 
was born at Dedham ii April, 1764, son of John^ and 
Desire (Smith) Eaton ; married 17 July, 1791 in Stoug-hton, 
Hannah, daughter of Captain James and Abigail (Puffer) 
Endicott. After the ceremony the bride rode to her new 
home on horseback, on a pillion behind her husband, 
and they had to ford the Neponset River, there being no 
bridge. The ford was a few rods north of the present 
highway, and about at the place where the Boston and 
Providence Railroad crosses the river. Hannah Endicott 
was born in Stoughton, in part now Canton, 26 Oct., 1761, 
and died of old age 3 June, i860, being nearly 99 years of 
age ; she was bright and cheerful, and interested in all 
about her to the end of her days. John Eaton died 24 
March, 1842. Children : — 

JoHxV, b. 28 June, 1792; d. 15 Sept., 1796. 

19. John', b. 2 May, 1801. 

20. Hannah', b 5 Oct., 1803 ; m. 2 June., 1830, George Alden. 

19. John" Eaton, {Johi^, JoIuv", John^, Johii^, Jolui^^ 
Jo Jill",) son of John^ and Hannah (Endicott) Eaton, was 
born at Dedham, 2 May, 1801. He was married twice; 
ist, 31 May, 1826 to Lucy, daughter of Benjamin Weather- 
bee of Dedham. She died 13 May, 182^ he married 2dly, 
21 Dec, 1834, Harriet Dean, daughter of John and Betsey 
Dean, born 16 Oct., 1813, died 10 May, 1892. He inherited 
the Purgatory farm, which had been the home of his 
father, grandfather and great-grandfather, and he always 
thought that the three earlier generations also lived there. 



But we now see that this was an error, and it must be 
added to the list of mistaken traditions. He was an 
honored member of the Eaton Family Association, and 
was visited in 1886 by Professor Daniel C. Eaton to whom 
he gave much information for his genealogical work. Mr. 
Eaton died 7 July 1890. Child by first wife : — 

Lucy, b. 20 Mar. 1827 ; m. 5 Dec. 1849, William Crane of 
Canton, and removed to Candia, N. H. Mr. Crane was 
a civil engineer, and assisted Major Whistler of Balti- 
more in building the Railroad from St. Petersburg to 
Moscow in Russia: he died 15 Dec. 1898. Children : — 
Albert Lewis Crane, b. 12 Oct. 1850, d. 1851. 
Ellen E. Crane, b. 2 Aug. 1852. 
Mary Alice Crane, b. 28 June 1854 ; m. 24 Feb. 1876, 

John H. Wason. They have two children. 
Bertha Crane, b. 2 June 1856 ; d. 1857. 
George Win. Crane, b. 14 Feb. 1858, m. 31 Jan. 1900, 

Haven H. Patterson. 
Emma W. Crane, b. 31 May 1860 ; m. 12 Oct. 1881^ 
Tilton F. Fifield & has two children. 

Children by second wife : — 

Harriet A., b. 7 Nov. 1835 ; m. 29 Dec. 1859, John E. 
Weatherbee ; he d. 20 Mar. 1884 ; she died 17 Jan. 1895. 
Children : — 

Henry Endicott Weatherbee, b. 24 Aug. 1862. 
yohn H. Weatherbee, b. 19 May 1865; d. 26 Apr. 
JoHN,8 b. 27 Mar. 1839; m. 26 Feb. 1872, Helen M. 
Tucker \ has one daughter, Helen Louise, born 29 July 
Emma Jane, b. 21 Apr. 1841 ; m. 25 June, 1884, Harrison 
E. Chadwick. They live in Bradford, Mass. 

Matilda, > ^^^^^ ^g a 1345. 
Marietta, \ *= 

Charlotte E, b. 5 Aug. 1852, m. 22 Sept. 1880, Frank R. 
Bird of Canton. She died 6 Feb. 1898. 


18. Luther'^ Eaton, {JoJin^ John,^ Joku^, Jolni^ 
John}) born at Dedham 27 Aug. 1766, son of John^ and 
Desire (Smith) Eaton ; he inherited a portion of the Pur- 
gatory farm and added to its area by purchases. He had 
the title of Captain. He married 6 Mar. 1793, Lucy Ellis, 
born 3 Nov. 1771, daughter of John and Sibbel Ellis of 
South Dedham. He died 13 Nov. 1820. His wife died 
15 Feb. 1847, aged 75 years. Children: — 

Lucy, b. 4 June 1796 ; d. 7 Oct. 1«00. 

John Ellis, b. 22 Feb. 1798, d. 23 Oct. 1800- 

Maria, b. 14 Feb. 1800 ; d. 20 Dec. 1868. 

21. Luther,^ b. 18 July 1802. 

John Ellis, b. 21 April 1804; d. 7 Oct. 1854. 

22. Joel,'' b. 21 Jan. 1806. 

21. Luther^ Eaton, {Ltither^ John^ John,^ John^ 
Johii^ John}) son of Luther^ and Lucy (Ellis) Eaton, was 
born in Dedham 18 July 1802. He had an extensive farm 
where his father had lived, adjoining the farm of his 
cousin John' Eaton. He was Colonel of militia when a 
young man, and kept the title through life. He married, 
2 June 1830, Eliza, daughter of James & Jemima Turner 
of Canton; and died 17 May 1876. She died 29 Sept. 1844, 
age 42. Child : — 

Luther Augustus,^ b. 21 Sept. 1837, m. Sarah White ; he 
died 7 Jan. 1900. Children :— 

Emma Eaton, b. 6 Feb. 1863 ; d. 5 Jan. 1879. 
George H. Eaton, b. 9 May 1868. 
Annie Louise Eaton, b. 29 Sept. 1869. 
Charles H. Eaton, b. Feb. 1882. 

22. Joel" Eaton, {LutJier^ John}' John} John^ 
John} John}) son of Luther® and Lucy (Ellis) Eaton 
was born at Dedham 21 Jan. 1806, lived in Dedham Vil- 
lage, and was a lumber dealer. He married 9 May 1841, 
Abigail, born 25 July 1810, daughter of Micah and Eliza- 
beth (Edes) Walker of South Paris, Maine. He died 25 

Nov. 1881. Mrs. Eaton died in Turner Centre, Maine, 14 
May 1883. Children :— 

Joel,* b. '30 Mar. 1842, lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa, died 
Mar. 30, 1.S97. 

Lucy Elizabeth, b May 1844, has done great genea- 
logical work on the Eatons of Dedham, and has earned 
the lasting gratitude of all the Eatons of the Dedham 

Abby Maria, b. 22 June 1847; d. 1848. 

Granville Nelson, b. 23 Oct. 1849. 

12. Robert^ Eaton, {John,^ John^ Jo/m?- John}) 
born at Dedham 13 April 1734, son of John^ and Elizabeth 
(Lovering) Eaton, married Abigail Payne of Dedham, 
intention published 5 Oct. 1772. He sold his share in the 
Purgatory farm to his brother John and settled at War- 
wick, Franklin County, Mass., where he had a farm. His 
brother in law, Joshua Dean, Jr., and wife also settled in 
Warwick ; and their brother John Eaton went there to 
visit them in February 1774. He died in Warwick, 25 
March 1817. His wife died 14 July 181 1, aged 72 years. 
Their only child : — 

Mary Dexter Eaton, b. 3 May 1775, m. Amos Marsh, 
Jan. 1793. They lived in Warwick where she died 'lb 
March 1804. Children :— 

William Marsh, b. 7 Dec. 1793 ; went to New York. 
Abigail Alarsh, b. ^2 Dec. 1795 ; went to VVhitestown, 

near Utica, N. Y. 
Mary Bradford Marsh, b. 7 June 1798. 
Warren Dexter Marsh, b. 20 Sept. 1800 ; d. 1801. 

13. Thomas° Eaton, {Johii^ John^ John^ John}) 
born at Dedham 20 May 1743, son of John'^and Elizabeth 
(Lovering) Eaton, was a farmer at Dedham. He married 
26 Dec. 1769, Sarah Whiting of Dedham. The marriage 
was at the house of Capt. Fales. Two other couples were 
married at the same time, Isaac Eaton to Elizabeth Bacon, 
and Zechariah Whiting to Desire Guild. Two, if not all 


of the pairs of young people were already engaged to be 
married, and while on a sleighing party met at the house 
of Capt. Fales- The story is that the Captain was a 
magistrate, and some one proposing that the couples 
should be married at once, they all stood up, and the 
ceremonies were promptly performed. 

Mrs. Sarah Eaton died at Dedham 5 Dec. 1789, and 
Mr. Eaton was married in 1793 to Mrs. Elizabeth Fenno 
of Milton. Late in life he removed to Boston, and died 
there 27 June 1805. He was buried in the burial ground 
on Boston Common. Mrs. Elizabeth Eaton died in Ded- 
ham 24 Sept. 1801, aged 59 years. Children all by first wife : 

Amasa, b. 11 Oct. 1771 ; d. 17 Feb. 1794. 

23. Joseph,^ bapt. 6 Feb, 1774 ; lived in Boston ; d. 8 Feb. 

1809 ; m. 8 Feb. 1798, Hannah Bass. 
Hannah, bapt. 4 Aug. 1776; m. James Shores, lived in 
Boston till after her father's death, and then removed 
to Waterville, Maine. Children : — 
Sarah Aria Shores, b. 5 April 1802. 
Thomas James Shores, b. 19 May 1809. 
George Eaton Shores, b. 27 Mar. 1812; lived in 
Sarah, bapt. 28 Feb. 1779, m. Isaac Shepherd of Needham. 

They lived in Boston, where she died 4 Sept. 1809. 
Thomas, bapt. 26 Aug. 1781, was a saddler in Boston. He 
married, 1st, Mrs. Ruth Buck, and 2dly, Mary Nichols 
at Boston 26 Jan. 1823. He died 9 Dec. 1824, leaving 
no children. 

24. Reuben,^ bapt. 2 May, 1784. 

Ithama, bapt. 2 Jan. 1787, was a merchant in Montreal. 
When the war of 1812 broke out, he went to Burlington, 
Vt., and afterwards to Philadelphia, where he died un- 
married in 1825. 


23. Joseph^ Eaton ( Thomas', Jo/ni^, JoJin^, John"-, 
Johii^), son of Thomas^ and Sarah (Whiting) Eaton, was 
born at Dedham in 1774, was a housewright and settled 
in Boston, where he married 8 Feb., 1798, Hannah, 
daughter of Alden and Hannah (Tyler) Bass and great, 
great, grand-daughter of John Bass and Ruth Alden, 
daughter of John and Priscilla Alden. He died 8 Feb., 
1809: Hannah died 17 Feb., 1816. Children: — 

Eliza, b. 9 Jan., 1799 ; d. unmarried 29 July, 1883. 
Charlotte, b. 17 June, 1800 ; d. in infancy. 
Caroline, twin sister of Cliarlotte ; also d. in infancy. 
Joseph Bass, b. 25 Jan., 1803, m. 19 Oct., 1837, Charlotte 

H. Reed. He d. in Boston, 22 Nov., 1878. 
Edwix, b. 17 Oct., 1804; d. 21 March, 1823. 
George Thomas, b. 4 Aug., 1807 : d. in infancy. 

24. Reuben^ Eaton {Thomas', John^, John^, John^, 
Johji^), son of Thomas^ and Sarah (Whiting) Eaton, was 
born at Dedham, 25 April, 1783; was a hatter in Boston. 
About 181 2 he removed to Waterville, Maine, where he 
had a farm. He died 5 Oct., 1872, at the house of his 
daughter, Mrs. Eames, in Cambridge, Mass. He married 
22 Jan., 1809, Mary Bridge. She was born i May, 1788, 
and died 6 March, 1870. Children: — 

Sarah Ann, b. 5 Dec , 1809 ; d. 1817. 

Mary Bridge, b. 30 Aug., 1811 : m. 1 Feb., 1833, Peter 
G. Smith, and had five children. 

Hannah Shores, b. 9 Aug., 1813 ; m. 1 April, 1835, Henry 
H. Eames. They reside at Cambridge, and have had 
eleven children. 

Thomas Nathaniel Bridge, b. 24 July, 1815 ; m. 12 
March, 1844, Rebecca F. Wilson, and lives at Wilming- 
ton, Del. 

Sarah Ann, b. 28 May, 1817; d. 1818. 

14. IsAAC^ Eaton {John'^, John^, Johir-, Johii^), son of 
John'* and Elizabeth (Lovering) Eaton was born at Ded- 
ham 31 July, 1745, and spent his life as a farmer in his 


native town. He was a member of the first company of 
militia under the captaincy of his brother John. He mar- 
ried EHzabeth Bacon, 26 Dec, 1769. She died in a few 
years, and he married. 2dly, Sarah Carver of Dedham, 3 
May, 1775. He died 17 Jan., 1822, and she died 10 Oct., 
1844, aged 95 years. Children : — 

Isaac, b. 27 Jan., 1776 ; died in Boston, 13 Sept., 1838. 

Calvin, b. 6 Jan., 1778 ; d. 31 Aug., 1809. 

Sarah, b. 19 May, 1782 : m. 10 July, 1822, Rev. William 
Baich of New Salem. He died 31 Aug., 1822 ; she died 
10 Oct., I80O ; they had a son, Benjamin W. Balch. 
25. LuTHER^ b. 4 May, 1785. 

25. Luther^ Eaton, {Isaac', Jolin^, John^, JoJn^, 
John^), son of Isaac^ and Sarah (Carver) Eaton, was born 
in Dedham, 4 May, 1785 ; settled at Eddington, Penob- 
scot Co., Maine, where he married i Aug., 1816, Lucy 
Spooner Holland of Petersham, Mass., who was born 30 
Sept., 1786. He died at Eddington, 12 Feb., 1852. She 
died at Bangor, 21 April, 1S63. Children: — 

Sarah Carver, b. June 27, 1817 ; m. Dec. 24, 1835, An- 
drew Thatcher Palmer, who died 25 June, 1858. No 

Calvin, b. 25 July, 1819 ; d. 1820. 

Luther Holland, b. 23 Oct., 1821 ; lived in Bangor; m. 
30 Oct., 1854, Lydia Lane ; died 17 Jan., 1878. Had 
three children. 

Elizabeth Winslow, b. 17 July, 1824. 

Lucy Anna, b. 22 July, 1827; d. at Bangor, 5 Feb., 1862. 

Clarissa Dwight, b. 24 Sept., 1830. 

15. Joseph'^ Eaton, {John^, John^, Johi^, John>), son 
of John* and Elizabeth (Lovering) Eaton, was born at 
Dedham 28 March, 1748, and lived there. He married 
20 Dec, 1770, Mary, daughter of Israel and Elizabeth 
(Whiting) Fairbanks, and died 24 Sept., 1772. His widow 
married 9 May, 1775, John Dean of South Dedham, and 


was grandmother of the second wife of the seventh John 
Eaton of Dedham. Children : — 

Mary, b 26 Nov., 1771, d. 1772. 

Joanna, b. 1 March, 1773. She m. at Boston, 13 Aug., 
1792, Richard Colburn. (^Boston Records, also Irinity 
Church Records?) Children : — 

Warren Colbnrn, b. 1 Mar. 1793, was a graduate 

of Harvard College, a skilled mathematician, and 

the author of several school books. He died in 

Lowell, 13 Sept., 1833 ; married 28 Aug., 1823, 

Temperance Cordelia Horton of Boston. They had 

five children. 
Roxanna Collmrn, b. 10 Dec, 1794 ; m. 30 July, 1813, 

Elijah Thompson of Walpole. Had four children. 
Nancy Co/burn, b. 22 Dec, 1796 ; m. Oliver Clapp of 

Walpole. Had one son. 
Mary Colburn, b. 19 May, 1799 ; m. 24 May, 1817, 

David Cook of Newport, R. I. Had eight children. 
Leonard Colburn, b. 31 Dec, 1801 ; d. unm., 3 April, 

Joanna Colburn, b. 21 June, 1804 ; m. Lyman Pratt 

of Charlton, Mass. Had four children. 
Elizabeth Phillips Colburn, b. 25 Feb., 1808 ; m. Ezra 

Keyes, and lived in Norwood. Had five children. 
Joseph Eaton Colburn, b. 29 March, 1812 ; m. Ann 

Kimball. He d. 4 March, 1840. Had two children. 
Samuel Richard Colburn, b. 3 Nov., 1815; m. Caroline 

Burt of Tewksbury. Had one child. 

(For an account of Warren Colburn, see Register of April, 1894.) 

4. Thomas'^ Eaton, (Jo/m^, JoJin^), son of John^ and 
Alice Eaton, was born at Dedham, 23 July, 1675, and 
lived there until the time of his marriage, 1697, when he 
removed to Roxbury for a year or two. By 1702 or 1703 
he was living in Woodstock, Conn., where he purchased 



the original share of land and the rights belonging to 
Nathaniel Gary. In 1722 he went to Ashford, Conn. He 
was a man of considerable wealth. The inventory of his 
estate was for ^4080 real, and ^935 personal. He mar- 
ried at Dedham 5 Oct., 1697, Lydia, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Lydia (Starr) Gay, born 12 Aug., 1679. She was first 
cousin to Mary and Lydia Starr, who married the younger 
brothers of Thomas Eaton. He died at Ashford, 14 Aug., 
1748, and his wife died 29 Aug., 1748. Children: — 

Thomas, b. at Roxbury, 13 Sept., 1698. 


Hannah, d. 20 Dec, 1748. 

Nathaniel*, b. at Woodstock, 8 June, 1704. 

David, b. at Woodstock, 21 July, 1706. 

Joshua, b, at Woodstock, 23 Sept., 1709. 

Anne, b. at Woodstock, 31 May, 1712 ; m. Seth Johnson. 

Ebenezer, b. at Woodstock, 15 Aug., 1715 ; d. 19 Dec, 

Ephraim, b. at Woodstock, 15 Aug., 1715 ; d. young. 
9. ]o^\K\i^ ^K'YO'i^, {William^, Johi^,John^),hoxxi at 
Dedham, 4 April, 171 1, son of William'^ and Mary (Starr) 
Eaton, removed to Needham, and probably settled on a 
farm inherited from his father ; he was also a blacksmith. 
He married, 28 April, 1736, Sarah, born 20 July, 1715, 
daughter of Ralph and Elizabeth (Ellis) Day of Dedham. 
He died at Needham, 23 April, 1796, and his wife died 
there, 7 May, 1803. Children : — 

Sarah, b. 19 Aug., 1737 ; m. 5 May, 1770, Jesse Kings- 
bury of Needham. He died 11 Aug., 1787 ; and she 
died 11 Feb., 1810. They had three children. 

Beulah, b. 22 March, 1739 ; d. 3 April, 1747. 

Josiah, b. 18 Jan., 1741 ; d. 9 Aug., 1741. 

Silence, b. 8 June, 1742 ; d. unm., 1 Aug. 1821. 

26. EBENEZER^ b. 29 March, 1744. 

27. JoHN^ b. 7 June, 1746. 

Josiah, b. 16 Aug., 1748 ; d. 29 Oct., 1776. 

28. Jonathan^ b. 11 Aug., 1750. 


Mary, b, 26 Feb., 1753 ; m. 19 Aug., 177G, Joseph Kings- 
bury of Needham. She d. 29 Oct., 1805. He d. 20 
June, 1820. They had seven children. 
29. WILLIAM^ b. 10 April, 1755. 

26. Ebenezer^ Eaton, {Josiah^, William^, John^, 
Jo/ni},) born at Needham, 29 March, 1744, went first to 
Westminster, Mass., perhaps about 1770, for "Mr. Eben- 
ezer Eaton of Westminster and Miss Sarah Humphrey 
of Dedham were married Sept. 2d, 1773." Mrs. Sarah 
Eaton died 12 Oct., 1784. He married, probably the next 
year, Joanna, daughter of Israel and Elizabeth (Hutch- 
inson) Richardson of Templeton, baptized 27 July, 1766. 
They removed to Gardner. He died 18 Dec, 1800, and 
his widow married Simeon Metcalfe, 16 Feb., 1801, and 
lived in Barre, where she died about 1803. Children by 
first wife : — 

Ebenezer, b. 21 Nov., 1774 : m. 1st, Lydia Chamberlain ; 

2dly, Eunice Ramsdell. Had six children 
Jonas, b. 3 Oct., 1776 ; m. Sally Powers. He died 4 Aug., 

1813. Had five children. 
Sarah, b. 6 April, 1779 ; m. 1 Feb., 1808, Enoch Hall,and 

went to Dover, Vt. She married, 2dly, Elijah Baldwin. 
Humphrey, b. 24 Nov., 1782; d. 12 Aug., 1849. 

Children by second wife : — 

Betsey, b. 26 May, 1786 ; d. 4 April, 1795. 

George, b. 19 Feb., 1788 ; m. Apphia Smith, and died in 

St. Lawrence Co., X. Y., 7 March, 1863. 
Clarissa, b. 6 July, 1790 ; d. 5 April, 1795. 

27. JoHN^ Eaton (Josiak'^, William^, /ohn\ Johii^,) 
was born at Needham, 7 June, 1746. He was a soldier in 
the Revolution, and was present at the surrender of Gen. 
Burgoyne. He married Mary Larkin of Lancaster, 17 
May, 1779; lived in Gardner, Mass., and died there 24 
Nov., 1827. His wife died 22 Sept., 181 7. Children : — 

Lucy, b. 31 May, 1783 ; m. Boyden. 

JosiAH. b. 13 Jan., 1787 ; d. 7 Dec, 1862, at Ashburnham. 


Mary, b. 1 Jan., 1790; m. 10 Jan., 1811, Isaac Williams. 
John, b. 3 Aug., 1792 ; d. in Gardner, 1 March, 1865. 
Nancy, b. 6 July, 1795 ; m. 25 Oct., 1822, Joseph Wright. 
Peter, b. 27 Dec, 1799 ; d. in Gardner, 12 Nov., 1873. 

28. Jonathan^ Eaton {Josiah'', William^, Johii^, 
yo/m^),\N2i?, born at Needham, ii Aug., 1750. He lived 
at Gardner, Mass., and married 27 Nov., 1790, Beulah 
Ward. She was his cousin, daughter of his aunt, Abiel 
Eaton, and her husband, John Ward,, of Newton. She 
was born 29 June, 1757. Jonathan died at Gardner in 
Aug., 181 9. Children : — 

Beulah, b. 29 Dec, 1791, d. 1801. 
Jonathan, b. 13 Sept., 1794, d. 1795. 
Joseph, b. 7 Jan., 1796 ; d. same year, 
Benjamin, b. 7 Jan., 1796; d. same year. 
Jonathan, b. 3 June, 1798, 
Rebecca, b. 1 Oct., 1801, d. 1821. 

29. William^ Eaton [Josiali^, William^, yohi^, 
John^), was born at Needham 10 April, 1755, and lived all 
his life on the old homestead in that town ; was a "minute 
man," and was at the fight at Lexington. He married 15 
Dec, 1785, Sarah, daughter of Eliphalet Kingsbury. He 
died 14 Jan., 1839; his wife died 28 Dec, 1840, aged 75 
years. Children : — 

Sally, b. 14 Nov., 1786 ; d. 1791. 
Nabby, b. 12 April, 1789 ; d. 1791. 
Lucy, b. 10 Aug., 1791 ; d. 14 Oct., 1834. 

30. William^, b. 24 July, 1793. 

Sally, b. ; d. 17 Aug., 1803. 

31. Josl\h«, b. 21 Feb., 1807. 

Louisa, b. 16 Nov., 1811 ; m. 5 May, 1841, George L. 

Kingsbury of Needham, and has one daughter, Sarah 

Louisa, b. 30 April, 1847, who m. 22 Dec, 1870, F. L. 

Fuller of Needham. 

30. William^ Eaton { Willianv', Josiah'^, William^, 

Johii^, John}), was born at Needham 24 July, 1793, and 

lived there. He was a house builder, and frequently an 


officer of the town and church. He was tall and strong 
in person, and was esteemed for his liberality, common 
sense, and faithfulness to every duty and trust. He mar- 
ried, 17 June, 1819, Sally, daughter of Abiathar and Meri- 
bah (Fuller) Johnson. He died 21 Dec, 1876; his wife 
died 4 Nov., 1856. Children, born at Needham : — 

George Emerson, b. 2 Dec, 1819. 

Emily, b. 4 Oct., 1821 ; m. 1 May, 1845, George H. Gay. 

Augustus, b. 16 Feb., 1823. 

Charles, b. 9 July, 1824 ; d. 26 Dec, 1826. 

Ellen Elizabeth, b. 5 March, 1826 ; m, 20 April, 1848, 
John F. J. Mayo. 

Mary Jane, b. 12 Aug., 1828. 

Adeline Maria, b. 15 Oct., 1830; m. 26 May, 1864, John 
M. Harris. 

Charles William, b. 23 May, 1833. 

Everett Johnson, b. 23 Dec, 1837 ; d. 8 June, 1896. 

31. JosiAH*^ Eaton, ( William^, Josiah^, Williatn^, 
Johi^^ John^), born at Needham, 21 Feb., 1807, and lived 
there until 1865, when he removed to Roxbury. He mar- 
ried Mary Horton of Canton, i Dec, 1831. She was born 
Jan. 16, 1807 ; died 18 May, 1867 ; he died i April, 1889. 
Children: — 

Caroline, b. 7 May, 1832 ; m. 29 July, 1863, William F. 
Bell of Roxbury. 

JosiAH, b. April, 1836 ; d. 1838. 

JosiAH, b. 28 Oct., 1839. 

10. Jeremiah* Eaton, { William^, John^, John^), son 
of William^ and Mary (Starr) Eaton, was born at Ded- 
ham 4 March, 1716; lived in Needham, probably on land 
inherited from his father. He married, 28 Feb., 1751, 
Elizabeth Woodcock ; they both died about 1792-1800. 
Children : — 

Jeremiah^ b. 15 Nov., 1751 ; went with his brothers and 
sister to Hancock, N. H., and died unmarried, 19 April, 


32. MosES^ b. 19 June, 1753. 

Elizabeth, b. 2 Nov., 1755 ; d. 26 April, 1783. 

33. LEMUEL^ b. 26 Feb., 1758. 

34. SAMUEL^ b. 20 Oct., 1760. 

Beulah, bapt. 24 July, 1763 ; d. 15 June, 1792. 

Hannah, b. 29 April, 1766 ; d. 29 Oct., 1792. 

Alice, b. 19 March, 1770; m. May, 1805, Ebenezer Ware, 

and removed to Hancock, N. H., and died there in 

1858. He died 7 Oct., 1857. 

32. MosES^ Eaton, {Jeremiah^, William^, John-' 
John^), son of Jeremiah* and Elizabeth (Woodcock) 
Eaton, was born at Needham 19 June, 1753. He lived in 
Needham till 1793, when he removed to Hancock, N. H., 
where he was a farmer for many years. He married, ist, 
Lois Scott, and after her death, Esther Ware of Need- 
ham, 31 Dec, 1789. He died in Dublin, N. H., 18 Feb., 
1833, and Esther died 22 Oct., 1850. Children ; — 

Anna, b. at Needham, 13 July, 1783 ; probably d. young. 
Lois, b. at Needham, 1785 ; m. Moses Dennis of Hancock, 

and d. in 1816. 
Elizabeth, b. at Needham, 16 May, 1791 ; d. 1792. 
Hannah, b. at Needham, 1 Dec, 171>2 ; d. 1793. 
Moses, b. at Hancock, 3 Aug, 1796. 
Esther, b. at Hancock, 6 Aug., 1798 ; m. 16 March, 1820, 

Daniel Fiske of Dublin ; she d. 2 Dec, 1858. 
Rhoda, b. at Hancock, 13 Jan., 1806; m. 22 Dec, 1831, 

Nathan Holt of Dublin ; died 1875, 

33. Lemuel^ Eaton, (^Jeremiah^, William^, Johii'-', 
Johii^), son of Jeremiah* and Elizabeth (Woodcock) 
Eaton, was born at Needham 26 Feb., 1758; was a soldier 
of the Revolution ; was in service when the British evac- 
uated Boston, and later was in service at Ticonderoga ; 
towards the close of the war he was stationed at the Castle 
in Boston Harbor. He married in Needham, 16 Feb., 
1792, Sarah, daughter of Ebenezer and Esther Ware. 
They soon removed to Hancock, N. H., and lived there 

greatly respected. He died ii Oct., 1843; and his wife 
died I Nov., 1S45, aged 78 years. Children : — 

Lemuel, b. 16 Oct., 1794. 

Ebenezer, b. 20 March, 17!)7 ; d. 14 Nov., 1810. 

Timothy, b. 1 Aug., 1799. 

34. Samuel^ Eaton, {JeremiaJi'', WiUiam^, John^, 
yo/tJi^), son of Jeremiah* and Elizabeth (Woodcock) 
Eaton, was born at Needham 20 Oct., 1760. He was a 
soldier of the Revolution, having enlisted so young that 
he had to stuff the soles of his boots to make himself ap- 
pear tall enough to pass muster. , He went with his 
brothers to Hancock, N. H., was a farmer, and died 2 
July, 1825. He married Lucy Jewell of Stow, Mass., 8 
July, 1799. She died 7 April, 1828. Children: — 

Lucy, b. 7 Oct., 1800 ; d. unm. 15 April, 1825. 

Rebecca, b. 23 May, 1802 ; m. Hiram Fairfield in 1850. 

John, b. 19 Sept., 1803. 

Betsey, b. 12 June, 1806 ; was second wife of Daniel 
Fiske of Dublin, whose first wife was her cousin, Esther 
Eaton. She died 2 Oct., 1881. 
6. Jonathan^ Eaton, (/okii^, Jolin^), was born at Ded- 
ham 3 Sept., 1681, son of John^ and Alice Eaton. He 
went to Connecticut in 1703 and bought land at Wood, 
stock, in part now Putnam. In 1702 he paid taxes in Ded- 
ham; in 1704 in W^oodstock; and in 1705 in Dedham 
only, being " eased from all the rates" in Woodstock by 
special vote of the town. He attended church at Wood- 
stock until the establishment of a church in Killingly in 
1730, of which he was chosen first deacon. His wife was 
the second daughter of Comfort and Mary Starr of Ded- 
ham, born 8 Feb., 1687, and called Abiah, but baptized at 
Watertown as Lydia, 17 June, 1688. Deacon Jonathan 
Eaton died 25 June, 1748, aged 67. His wife died 4 
March, 1751. Children, recorded at Woodstock: — 

Lydia, b. 5 Nov., 1707 ; m. 25 Jan., 1731, Philemon 
Chandler of Pomfret, and had two children ; he died 5 


Jan., 1736; she in. (2dly) 7 March, 1737, Edward 

Good ale. 
Keziah, b. 24 May, 1710; m. 20 Jan., 1732, Deliverance 

Cleveland of Canterbury. She died 19 Sept., 1742, 

Had five children. 
Alice, b. 28 Nov., 1712; m. 18 Feb., 1736, Joseph 

Leavens, Jr., of Killingly, and had six children. 
Susanna, b. 8 April, 1715 ; m. Thomas Grou of Pomfret, 
Jerusha, b. 16 April, 1717 ; m. John Bucklin of Coventry, 

R. 1. 
Hannah, b. 17 Aug., 1719 ; m. Seth Johnson of Thomp- 
son, and had six children. 
Jonathan, b. 10 Nov., 1721 ; lived in Berkshire County, 

John, b. 18 May, 1724; moved to Adams, Mass; d. 19 

Sept., 1788. 
Penelope, b. 21 March, 1727. 
Comfort, b. 25 Sept., 1729 
Marston, b, 21 Oct., 1731 ; d. 3 May, 1776. 

20. Hannah' Eaton {John^, Johiv', John^, John^, 
Johi^, Jo/iii^), was born in Dedham 5 Oct., 1803, daughter 
of John and Hannah (Endicott) Eaton ; she married 2 
June, 1830, George Alden of Dedham. His parents were 
Amasa and Martha (Davenport) Alden of Dedham. 
(Martha was baptized " Patty," and Patty is the name on 
her monument in the Dedham cemetery.) Amasa Alden 
and his wife removed temporarily to the town of Pack- 
ersjield, N. H., and engaged in the business of sheep- 
raising; the name of the town was changed i Oct., 1814, 
by act of legislature, to " Nelson'' and in Nelson records 
is : — " George Alden, son of Amasa Alden and Patty his 
wife, was born in Packersfield Sept. i, 1804." Before the 
year 181 2, the family moved back to Dedham George 
Alden was a grocer ; he was also Crier of the Court and 
Deputy Sheriff of Norfolk County for many years. He 
was a ready and easy public speaker at Town, Church, 
and School district meetings. He died in Dedham 25 


Aug., 1S62 His wife died 6 March, 187S. Children, born 
in Dedham : — 

35. Martha Eaton Alden, b. 1 July, 1831 
30. George Edward Alden, b. 3 April, 1S33, m. 14 Oct., IS.IS, 
Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Joseph F. and Eleanor 
(Clapp) Trott, b. 19 Dec, 1833. 
37. John Eaton Alden, b. 13 June, 1835. 

35. Martha Eaton^ Alden {Hannah Eaton', Jo/in^, 
Johiv", John^, Jo/in^, Jo/iir', John}), was born in Dedham i 
July, 1831, daughter of George and Hannah (Eaton) 
Alden ; married 23 Jan., 1853, Horace E. Browne of 
Charlestown, b. 28 March, 1832 ; she died 24 Feb., 1876 ; 
Horace died 12 Nov., 1889. Children: — 

Elizabeth Leighton Browne, b. 7 Jan., 1854; m. 13 
Nov., 1879, Weston F. Hutchins ; they have one son, 
FernaldHutchins, b. 28 Feb., 1881. 
Alice Browne, b. 18 Nov., 1855 ; m. 26 Jan., 1899, Ed- 
ward BrownjsHunt. 
Helen Alden Browne, b. 11 (>ct., 1858. 
Emily Bramhall Browne, b. 14 Oct., 1860. 

37. John Eaton^ Alden {Hannah Eaton', JoJin^, 
John^, John^, John^, Johir', John^), was born in Dedham 13 
June, 1835, son of George and Hannah (Eaton) Alden ; 
married 3 Nov., 1859, Eleanor C, daughter of Joseph F. 
and Eleanor (Clapp) Trott of Lowell; she was born 19 
March, 1838. They lived in Boston till November, 1882, 
when they removed to Newton. Children, all born in 
Boston : — 

38. Mary Eleanor Alden, b. 13 Feb., 1861. 

39. Martha Elizabeth Alden, b. 8 Jan., 18G5. 

40. John Trott Alden, b, 26 July, 1874. (Mass. Ins. Tech., 

41. Priscilla Endicott Alden, b. 28 Nov., 1877. 

38. Mary Eleanor^ Alden, {John Eaton Aldcn^, 
Hannah Eaton\ John^, John^, John'^, John^, John", Johi^), 
born 13 Feb., 1861, daughter of John E. and Eleanor C. 


(Trott) Alden; married 21 June, 1883. Samuel Sturgis 
Crocker of Barnstable, son of Daniel C. and Charlotte 
(Howes) Crocker. He was born 24 Aug., 1858. They 
live in Newton. Children, all born in Newton: — 

Eleanor Crocker, b. 29 June, 1885. 

Samuel Sturgis Crocker, b. 29 March, 1890. 

Margaret Crocker, b. 23 Feb., 1893. 

John Alden Crocker, b. 22 Nov., 1896. 

39. Martha Elizabeth^ AiJDY.^.iJokn Eaton Alden^, 
Hannah Eaton', John^, Johv", John'^.John^.Johi^, Jokn^), 
born 8 Jan., 1865, daughter of John E. and Eleanor C. 
(Trott) Alden, married 29 Sept., 1887, Alpheus Stetson 
Baker, son of Joseph F. and Sarah W. (Stetson) Baker ; 
he was born 6 Feb., i860. They live in Brookline, and 
have one child, born in Newton : — 

Frances Josephine Baker, b. 13 Oct., 1888. 

Note, The Genealogical Dictionary by James Savage, Vol. 2, 
page 95, says : 

JOHN Eaton of Watertown . . . removed to Dedham, had by \v. Abigail, b. there, 
John, 6 Jan., 1640, (in transcrib. from the orig. town rec. the County registrar made this 
name Abigail ... wh. example should serve for caution to all readers of pretended 
records.) John of Dedham, perhaps son of first John ; had w. Alice, who d. 9 May, 
1C94 ; and he d. 28 Oct., following. 

Whereas ; The town records clearly state that Abigail was born 
6 Jany., 1640 (6 of the 11 mo. 1639 ;) and the evidence tends to show 
that Johfr was born in 1636 ; that he died Dec. 24, 1715 ; and it was 
Jo/m\ who died Oct. 28, 1694. 



By John Eaton Alden. 

(From Dedham Historical Register, January, 1895.) 

Ann Whiting was the fourteenth and youngest child 
of Nathaniel and Hannah (Dwight) Whiting, of Ded- 
ham, and was born January 25, 1672-3. The birth is re- 
corded twice in the Dedham Records, but the date of her 
first marriage is not given. It was probably about 1694 
that she was married to John Eaton, Jr., son of John^ and 
Alice Eaton, born Sept. 17, 1671. 'Her young husband 
died Oct. 28, 1694, and their child, John Eaton, was born 
five months after his father's death, namely, April 4, 1695, 
thus continuing the line of John Eatons. This boy was 
the fourth, beginning with one of the first settlers of the 
town, and four others have succeeded him, bringing the 
line to the present day, father and son for eight genera- 
tions named John Eaton ; and a large number of de- 
scendants can trace their ancestry to this boy, who was 
born an orphan. 

Ann and her boy went home and lived with her 
mother for six years, (see Register, October, 1893, P^-ge 
142), and then, according to an expression much used in 
old wills in Middlesex County, " it pleased the Lord to 
provide for her by a second marriage." The record was, 
"John Lewis of Dorchester and Ann Eaton of Dedham, 
married April 4, 1700. (The above Ann Eaton, widow of 
John Eaton, Jr., and daughter of N. and H. Whiting)." 

They had five children, viz. : 

I. Mary, b. xApril i, 1701. 2. John, b. Jan. 18, 1702-3. 
3. Ebenezer, b. May 29, 1705. 4. Jonathan, b. Dec. 6, 1708. 
5. Barachiah, b. Oct. 28, 17 10. The names of the parents 
at these births were set down in the Dorchester Records^ 
as follows : John Lues ; John and An Lewes ; John 
Lewes ; John and Anne Lewis ; John and Ann Lewes ; 
neither entry being exactly right. 


It thus appears that Ann (Eaton) Lewis had two 
sons named John, both Hving at one time, viz., John 
Eaton and John Lewis. 

On January ii, 1710, Jonathan Whiting, of Roxbury, 
the boy's uncle, was appointed "guardian of John Eaton, 
aged 15 years or upwards, son of John Eaton, late of Ded- 
ham, deceased." 

Suffolk Probate Records, Vol. 17, p. 161. 
11 January, 1710. 

John Eaton aged 15 years and upwards son to John Eaton late 
of Dedhain deceased, Have chosen and appointed my Trusty Friend 
Jonathan Whiting of Roxbury, weaver, to be my Guardian for me 
and to my use to ask demand sue for, recover receive and take into 
his Custody all such part and portion of estate left by my said 
Father or by any other ways or means whatsoever which of right doth 
appertain and belong to me and manage the same for my advantage 
and Education during my minority. 

This Jonathan Whiting, son of N. and H. Whiting, 
was born in Roxbury (see Roxbury Records), probably 
in what is now West Roxbury, 9 October, 1667. 

Sept. I, (or 10), 1718, John Lewis died. He owned 
property in Dorchester and Dedham, of which the widow 
received her portion. 

She was administratrix of her husband's estate, and 
in 1720 sold some land to her son John Eaton ; the deed 
was not recorded, and is preserved in the family papers; 
by it we learn that her house had been burned. 

"Date 10 June A D. 1720, acknowledged 10 Nov. 1720. Know 
ye that whereas the Law of this Province directs that where persons 
decease Intestate and their Moveable Estates and Chattels are not 
sufficient to pay their Just debts The Superior Court shall impower 
. . . sale of Real Estate .... and whereas I Anne Lewis of Dor- 
chester widow Relick and Administratrix to ye Estate of my husband 
John Lewis Late of Dorchester deceased Intestate have in a petition 
to his majesty's Superior Court of Judicature held in Boston the first 
Tuesday of May 1719 Set forth that there remained Due from the 
Estate of the said John Lewis the sum of one liundred and forty five 


pounds seventeen shillings and I hav improuved all his personal es- 
tate in discharging his debts save only about thirty three pounds ten 
shillings & a penny, Great part thereof being Household Stuff &c. 
was consumed by fire when my dwelling house was burnt Down so 
that I was not able to pay his Just debts , . . and I ye s*^ Anne 
Lewis being ordered and Impowered by y® Court to sell such Real 
Estate as will make up One hundred and sixty pounds ... I the 
said Anne Lewis for the sum of Ten pounds payd by John Eaton of 
Dorchester (Coard winder), have sold unto him five acres of Swamp 
lying in a swamp called Purgatory swamp in Dorchester being part 
of the Fourth Lott in said Swamp, together with all the Timber, Trees, 
wood, grass, herbage and waters thereon . . . and I covenant with 
him that the Granted premises is clear acquited from all former and 
other Gifts Grants Sales Leases Mortgages Joyntures Thirds Entailes 
Judgements Executions or Legal Molestations Sz incumbaances what- 
sover. . . 

In presence of 

Mariana Lynde Ann A Lewis (Seal) 

Samuel Valentine i^*"" -^i^rke 

Boston 10 Nov. 1720. 

Acknowledged before me one of his Majesties Justices of the 
Peace. Samuel Lynde. 

Another deed, also not recorded, is of a sale of land 
by John Lewis (the younger) to his (half) brother John 
Eaton : — 

"Date 27 Feb. 1725, acknowledged Dec. 2, 1726. I, John 
Lewis of Dorchester for ;^10. paid by John Eaton of Dorchester, sell 
to the sd John Eaton six acres of swamp in Dorchester in Purgatory 
Swamp it being the sixteenth lot in number abutting on the upland 
that formerly was Mr. Will Stoughton, Esq. . . . 

In presence of us John Lewis (Seal) 

Rebecca Hubbard 
Elizabeth Brenton. 

After seven years Ann married third time, and we 
find in the Dorchester records that " James Herring of 
Roxbury and Ann Lewis of Dorchester were married 1 1 
August, 1725." 


James Herring died March 1732, aged 76, his grave 
being in the cemetery near the West Roxbury Raih'oad 
station. He left a will by which he gives " to my dear 
and loving wife, Ann Herring, all that estate which she 
brought with her at our marriage. I also give unto her 
the use. Benefit and Improvement of the west end of my 
dwelling house with the income of one full third part of 
my whole Estate. ... I also give her Fifty Pounds 
money, or if she dies ... it is to be equally distributed 
amongst all her children." 

The estate was valued at j^jSS. He left no children, 
and gives the balance of his property to his nephew and 
namesake, James Herring, son of Thomas Herring, of 

Ann (Whiting) Eaton Lewis Herring lived seven- 
teen years longer, and was then laid in the Dedham Cem- 
etery, near her first husband, the inscription on her 
gravestone being: 

" Here lyes buried the Body of Mrs. Ann Herring, 
the wife of Mr. James Herring, died March 9, 1749, in ye 
77th year of her age." 



Amasa, 54. 

Eleanor C, 55, 56. 

George, 40, 54. 

George Edward, 55. 

John, 45. 

John Eaton, 55, 56. 

John Trott, 55. 

Martha, 54. 

Martha Eaton, 55. 

Martha ?]lizabeth, 55, 56. 

Mary Eleanor, 55. 

Patty. 54. 

Priscilla, 45. 

Priscilla Endicott, 55. 

Ruth, 45. 

Nathan, 18. 

Rev. John, 14, 20. 

Order of General Court, 35. 

Place for storing, 35. 

Tax rate for purchasing, 35. 


Elizabeth, 43, 46. 

Alpheus Stetson, 56. 

Eliphalet, 3d, 30. 

Emily, 39. 

Prances Josephine, 56. 

George, .39. 

Joseph P., 56. 

Nancy, 39. 

Nathaniel, 39. 

Sarah W., 56. 

Benjamin W., 46. 

William, 46. 

Elijah, 49. 

Sarah, 37. 

John, 17. 

Alden, 45. 

Hannah. 44. 45. 

John, 45. 


William P.. 51. 

Frank R., 41. 

Ebenezer, 31. 

William, 31. 

Mary, 45. 
Bridge over Charles River, 15, 16,17. 

Alice, 55. 

Elizabeth L., 55. 

Emily Bramhall, 55. 

Helen Alden, 55. 

Horace E., 55. 

Thomas, 23. 

Ruth, 44. 

John. 54. 

Mary, 16. 

William, 16, 18. 

Caroline, 47. 

Cart Bridge, 17. 

Sarah, 46. 
Chad wick, 

Harrison E., 41. 

Lydia, 49. 

Philemon, 53. 
Charles River, 9. 

Henry, 14. 

Eleanor, 55. 

Oliver, 47. 

Deliverance, 54. 

Edmund D., 13. 

Stephen, 13. 

Elizabeth Phillips. 47. 

Joanna, 47. 



Joseph Eaton, 47. 

Leonard, 47. 

Mary, 47. 

Xaticy. 47. 

Richard, 47. 

Roxanna, 47. 

Samuel Richard, 47. 

Timothy, :J3. 

Warren, 47. 

Annah, 39. 

David, 47. 

Alice, 11. 

Ellen E., 41. 

Emma VV., 41. 

George Wm.,41. 

Henry, 10. 

Mary Ahce, 41. 

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Charlotte, 5(3. 

Daniel C, uti. 

Eleanor, 56. 

John Alden, 5(3. 

Margaret, 56. 

Samuel S., 5(5. 

Samuel S. Jr., 56. 


Abigail, 13. 

Henry, 20. 

Jane, 14, 17. 

John, 20. 

Phineas, 11. 

Martha, 54. 

Elizabeth, 4S. 

Ralph, 48. 

Sarah, 48. 

Betsey, 40. 

Harriet, 8. 40. 

John, 40, 46. 

Joshua, Jr., 11, 12, 43. 
'iSarah, 11, 12. 
Dedham, 11. 
Dedham Church, 17. 
Dedham Island, 21, 25, 27. 

of John (2) Eaton, 27. 

of John (4) Eaton, 10, 12. 

of Robert Eaton, 12. 

of William (.5) Eaton 33. 


of farm on Great Island, 27, 33. 

of Ann Lewis, 58. 

of John Lewis, 59. 

of land near Magus Hill, 27. 

of John Nelson. 10. 

of Purgatory Farm, 10, 12. 

Moses, 52. 
Dorchester, 9. 

Abijah, 11. 

Ebenezer, 10. 

James, 10. 
D wight, 

Hannah, 16, 57. 

John, 15, 16, 18. 


Henry H., 4-5. 
Eaton, "house burned, 12. 

Abel, 36. 

Abiel, 28. 

Abigail, 7, 11. 14, 19. 20, 22, 23, 24, 
25, 27, 31. 32, 37, 39, 5(3. 

Adeline Maria, 51. 

Alice, 7, 11, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 47,52, 
53, 54, 56, 57. 

Amasa, 44. 

Amos, 36. 

Amos Beebe, 38. 

Ann, 7, 11, 39, 57, 53. 

Anna, 52. 

Anne, 48. 

Annie Louise, 42. 

Asa, 37. 

Augustus, 51. 

Benjamin, 50. 

Betsey, 49, .53. 

Beulah, 38, 52. 

Calvin. 46. 

Caroline, 45, 51. 

Charles, 51. 

Charles H., 42. 

Charles William, 51, 

Charlotte, 45. 

Charlotte E., 41. 

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Clarissa Dwight, 46. 

Comfort, 54. 

Daniel C, 13, 22, 28, 36, 41. 

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Desire, 7, 40, 42. 

Ebenezer, 25, 29, 48, 49, 53. 

Edwin, 45. 

Eliza, 4.5. 

Elizabeth, 7, 11,38, 43, 45, 46,52, 53. 

Elizabeth Winslow, 46. 

Ellen Elizabeth, 51. 


Emil.v, Til. 
Emma Jane, 41. 
Epliraira. 48. 
Esther. 52. :>i. 
Everett Johnson, 51. 
George. 40. 
Georfi^e Emerson, 51. 
George F., 3G. 
George IT., 42. 
George Thomas, 45. 
Granville Nelson, 4:5. 
Hannah, 8, 4'\ 44, 48, -52, 54, 55. 
Hannah Shores, 45. 
Harriet, 8. 
Harriet .1., 41. 
Helen Louise, 41. 
Huniplirey, 49. 
Isaac. 12, '43, 45, 46. 
Ithama, 44. 
Jacob, 19. 

Jeremiah, (4)27, 28, 51, 52, 53. 
Jeremiah. (.5) 51. 
Jeruslia, 54. 
Jesse, (6) 37. 
Joanna, 47. 
Joel. (7) 42. 
Joel, (8) 43. 
John, .50, 53. 54. 

Jolin, (1) 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 1.5. 17, 19,56. 
John, (2) 7, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28,29, 

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John, (3) 7, 11, 25, 28. 56, 57, 58. 
John, (4) 7. 10, 11, 12, 2.5, 28, 43,45, 

46, 58, 59. 
John. (5) 7, 11, 12, 13, 16, 37, 40, 42, 

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John, (6) 8. 13, 16, 37, 39, 40, ,54. 
John, (7) 7. 8, 13, 40, 42, 46. 
John, (8)41. 
John Ellis, 42. 
Jonas, 49. 
Jonathan, 48, 50. 
Jonathan, (3) 25. 28, 53, 54. 
Joseph, 12, .50. 
Joseph, (5) 46. 
Joseph, (6) 37, 44, 45. 
Joseph Bass, 45. 
Joshua, 48. 
Josiah, 48. 49, 51. 
Jo.siah, (4)27, 28, 29, 48. 
Josiah, (6) .50. 51. 
Judeth, 2.5, 28. 
Kesiah. 54. 
Lemuel, 52, 53. 
Lois. 52. 
Louisa, 50. 
Lucy, 41, 49, 50. 53. 
Lucy Anna, 40. 


liUcy E., 36, 43. 

Luther, (6) 39. 42, 46. 

Luther. (7) 42. 

JjUtlier Augustus, 42. 

Luther Holland, 46. 

Lydia. 48. 53. 

Maria, 42. 

Marietta, 41. 

Marston. 54. 

Mary, 13, 14. 19, 27. 28, 29, 31, 33, 
37, 47, 48. 49, .50, 51. 

Mary Bridge, 45. 

Mary Dexter, 43. 

Marv Jane. 51. 

Matilda. 41. 

Moses, .52. 

Nabby, 50. 

Nancy, 50. 

Nathaniel, 36, 48. 

Nicliolas, 13. 

Penelope, .54. 

Feter, .50. 

Rebecca, 39, 50. .53. 

Beuben, 44, 45. 

Rhoda, .52. 

Robert, 11, 12, 43. 

Sally, 50. 

Samuel, 37. 52, 53. 

Sarah, 11, 28, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49. 

Sarah Ann, 45. 

Sarah Carver, 46. 

Silence, 48. 

Susanna, 54. 

Thomas, 19, 48. 

Thomas, (3) 25, 28, 36, 47. 

Thomas, (5) 12, 37. 43, 45. 

Thomas, (6) 44. 

Thomas Nathaniel Bridge, 4.5. 

Timothy, 53. 

William, (3) 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 
33. 48, 51. 

William. (4) 28, 29, 31, 32, .33. 

William, (5) 32, 3.3, 34, 35, 49, 50. 

William, (6) 37, 50. 

Elizabeth, 42. 

Jeremiah, 38. 

Abner, .33. 

Elizabeth, 48. 

John. 42. 

Joseph, 38. 

Lucy, 42. 

Richard, 24. 

Sibbel, 42. 
Abigail. 40. 

Hannah, 8, 40, 54. 


James, 40. 

llichard, 18. 

Fac-simile of signature, 
Alice Eaton, 23. 
John (1) Eaton, 19. 
Jolin (2) Eaton, 22. 
Elizabetli, 46. 
Israel, 46. 
Mary, 46. 

Hiram, 53. 
Captain, 44. 
Stephen, 31. 
Unity, 38. 
Anne, 16, 38. 
John, 16. 
Nathaniel, 16. 

Elizabeth, 44. 
John, 39. 

Tilton F., 41. 
Daniel, 3.3. 
Lient. (Joshua) 22. 

Daniel, 52, 53. 
Ford over Neponset lliver, 40. 
Fowl Meadows, 9, 21. 
Fuller Family Genealogy, 34. 
Aaron, 33, 34, 39. 
Daniel, 39. 
David, 32, 33, 34. 
Desire, 39. 
Eliphalet, 34. 
Elizabeth, 39. 
F. L., 50. 
George, 39. 
Hezekiah, 33. 
John, 23. 
John Eaton, 39. 
Luther, 39. 
Mary, 28, 
Meribah, 51. 
Moses, 28. 
Nabby, 39. 
Robert, Jr., 28. 
Sarah, 28. 
Thomas, 17, 24, 34. 
William, 28. 


Nathaniel, 48. 

Thomas, 37. 

George H., 51. 

Lydia, 48. 

Nathaniel, 48. 

William, 33. 

Edward, 54. 
Green Lodge, 10, 11. 

Thomas, 54. 
Guardian of John (4) Eaton, 58. 
Guardian of William (5) Eaton, 32. 

Aaron, 39. 

Alfred R.. 40. 

Annah, 39. 

Desire, 43. 

John, 39, 40. 

Miranda, 39. 

Nathaniel, 40. 

Rebecca Eaton, 40. 


Enoch, 49. 

John M., 51. 

Thomas, 15. 

John, 14, 17. 

Ann, 60. 

James, 25, 28, 32, 59, 60. 

Mary, 32. 

Thomas, 60. 

Edward, 20. 

Lucy Spoon er, 46. 

Nathan, 52. 

Mary, 51. 

Temperance Cordelia, 47. 

Charlotte, 56. 

Sarah, 49. 

Edward Brown^55. 

John, 18. 

Sarah, 28. 

Fernald 55. 


Hutch ins, 

Weston F., 55. 

Elizabeth, 40. 

Inventory of John (1) Eaton, 21. 
Inventory of William (o) Eaton,29. 
Inventory of William (4) Eaton,31, 


Lucy, 53, 

Abiathar, 51, 

Meribah, 51, 

Sally, 51, 

Seth, 48, 54. 


Eleanor Ann, 38, 
Key, The, 17. 

Ezra. 47. 

Ann, 47, 

Eliphalet, 50, 

Ezekiel, 33, 

George L., 50. 

Jesse, 48. 

Joseph, 49. 

Mary, 28. 

Moses, 28. 

Sarah, 50. 

Sarah Louisa, 50. 

Land grants, 14, 18. 

Lydia, 4(5. 

Mary, 49. 

Joseph, Jr., 54. 
Lewis house burned, 58. 

Ann, 57, 58, 59. 

Barachiah, 57. 

Ebenezer, 57. 

John. 25, 57. 58, 59. 

Jonathan, 57. 

Mary, 57. 

Samuel, 59. 

Alice 11. 

Elizabeth, 11, 25, 37, 43. 

Kobert, 11. 

Abby P., 40. 

Alfred E., 40. 

Leonard, 40. 
Miranda G., 40. 
Rebecca E., 40. 
Major Eleaser, 14, 



Robert, 33, 

Michael, 18, 33. 

Simeon, 49. 

Abigail, 43. 

Amos, 4:5. 

Mary Bradford, 43. 

William, 43. 

John, 19. 

Robert, 19. 

Katherine, 13. 

John F., Jr., 51. 
Meeting house in Dedham, 15. 

Needham, 27. 

Needham Great Plain, 27. 

Nelson, New Hampshire, 54. 


Elizabeth, 10. 

John, 10. 
Neponset River, 9, 10. 
New Bridge, 32, 33. 

Elizabeth, 28. 

Mary, 44. 

Packersfield, N. H., 54. 

Gardener, 39. 

Andrew Thatcher, 40. 

Abigail, 11, 43. 

Bunyan. 11. 
Petition of Alice Eaton, 22, 24. 

Nicholas, 15. 
Plantingfield, 33. 

John, 14, 20. 

Elona, 11. 
Powder House, 34. 
Powder House Rock, 1(3, 21, 32, 34. 
Powder House Rock, description 

of, 36. 



.Sally, 49. 

Lyman, 47. 

Abigail. 40. 
Purgatory farm, 9, 12, 25, 29. 
Purgatory Plain, 7, 10. 
Purgatory Swamp, 8, 12. 


Eunice, 49. 
Pteadville, 10. 

Charlotte H., 4'>. 

Josiah, 38. 

Jotham, ."S. 

Mary, 38. 

Naacy, 38. 

liebecca, 11. 

Sarah, 38. 

Elizabeth, 49, 

Israel, 49. 

Joanna. 49. 
Rosemary iJrDok, 27. 

John, 11. 


Lois, 52. 

Isaac, 44. 
Shipping List, 14. 

James, 44. 

John, Jr., 28. 

Abijah, 38. 

Apphia, 49. 

Asaliel, 1(5. 

Desire, 11, 16, 38, 40, 42. 

Elizabeth, 1(3. 

Isaac, 38. 

Mary, 33, 

Nathaniel, IG, 38. 

Olive, 38. 

Peter G., 45. 

Abiali, 53. 

Comfort, 27, 53. 

Jonathan, 33. 

Lvdia, 48. 

Mary. 27, 48, 53. 

Nathaniel, 24, 25. 


Sarah W., .56. 
Stoughton, Mass., 9, 11, 12. 

Governor William, 10, 59. 

Robert, 10. 


Elijah, 47. 

Rebecca, 37. 

James, 22. 

Mary, 37. 

Peter, 10. 

Eleanor, 55. 

Eleanor C, 55, 56. 

Joseph F., 55. 

Helen M., 41. 

Eliza, 42, 

James, 42. 

Jemima, 42. 


Abigail. 42. 

Elizabeth, 42. 

Micah, 42. 

Abigail, 32. 

Reulah, 28, 50. 

Eunice, 28. 

Jason. 28. 

John, 28, 32, 50. 

Rebecca, 28. 

Ebenezer, 52. 

Ephraim. 33. 

Esther, 52. 

Robert, 18. 

Sarah, 52. 
Warwick, Mass., 11, 12, 43. 

John H., 41. 

Benjamin, 40. 

Henrv E., 41. 

JohnE., 41. 

Lucy. 40. 

Saraii. 42. 

William, 16. 

Abigail. 38. 

Ann, 25, 57. 

Eaton. 38. 



Elizabeth, 3S. 

Hannah, IG, 38, 57. 

Ira, 38. 

Isaac, 38. 

Jeremiah, 10. 

-John Eaton, 38. 

Jonathan, -58. 

Lemuel, 11. 

Euther, 38. 

Mollv. 38. 

Nathaniel. 16, 18, 38. 

Rebecca, S'^. 

Sarah, 12, 10. 38, 43. 

Zechariah, 43. 

Major, 41. 

Ebenezer, 33. 

.Joseph, 10. 


Thomas, 15. 
Wigwam Swamp. 8. 
Will of John (1) Eaton, 19, 
Will of Mary Eaton, 30. 

Isaac, .50. 

Henrj', 18. 

Rel)ecca F., 45. 

Eunice, 37. 

Thomas. 10. 

Elizabeth, 51. 52, 53. 

Peter, 22. 

Joseph, 50. 



JULY 65