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Full text of "Eaton's Spring and Summer Catalogue 1906"

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Instructions for Shoppers by Mail 

Follow instructions on this page, and we guarantee satisfaction or refund money. 

*s-This catalogue cancels 
all former issues. 

1. Our Terms Cash must 
accompany each order 

2. How to send Money 

The best way is by Express Money 

Cost of Express Money Orders^ 

S. i.ouand under _ 3e 

Over $. r >.oo to $10.00 6c 

" 10.00 " 30.00 IOC 

" 30.00 " 50.00 ....lac 

" 50.00 at same rale. 

The next best way k V,- Po>t Office 

Orders, or Posial Notes. 
Cost of Post Office Ordc, , 

JS.OOaiid uuder.. _ 3c 

Over 85.00 and up to 10.00 6c 

" 10.00 " 30.00 _ lOc 

" 30.00 " 50.00 .... loc 

" 50.00 " 75.00 25i 

" 75.00 " 100.00..._ SO. 

Not more than one order under 8100 
to be issued to the same person in the 
same day, drawn on the same place 
in favor of the same payee. 

Postal Notes from 20e to 400. 

cost lc : from 50c to 82.50 cost .;><!. We 
accept bunk drafts and marked che 
ques payable at par in Toronto, Ont. 

If any of the above ways are not 
con vcti lent, send by registered letter 
carefully sealed. 

Do not send money unregistered. 
It is not saie. 

For amounts smallerthan $1.00, and 
over -?0c, use Postal Notes whenever 

If absolutely necessary to send 
stumps, send those of large denomin 

Do not send 2c stamps or silver. 
if you can avoid it. 

3. How to Write an Order. 

Write distinctly. 

Use onr Order Forms if possible. 
We supply them free. 
Give your name in full, using Mr., 

Mrs. or il i. 

State name of head of your 
household. This is import 

Give Post Office, County and Pro 

State exact amount of 
money sent. 

State how and where goods are to 
be shipped ; Freight, Express or Mai). 

Order each article on a separate 

Give color, size, number, page in 
Catalogue and price. 

When ordering from samples attach 
your choice to the Order Sheet. 

Give second and third choice, if 

Where any goods are Sold out we 
will substitute, using our best judg 
ment, unless you tell us not to do so. 

4. A nos Clients Francais 

Nous preferons que vous nous ecriv- 
iez en Anglais, mais si vous ne pouvez 
pas, alors veuillez ecrire distiucteinent 
eu Francais. Eu envoyant vos ordres 
mentionner toujours la page du Cat 
alogue et le numero de 1 article. 

Pour les commandes par la poste 
ajoutez 1 argent en plus pour le port 
et 2 cents pour le guaranti de livraison. 

5. Cost of Sending by Ex 

press or Freight 

If possible have your goods sent by 
Express,asthe Express Companiesgive 
nn ibsoluteguarantee for safe delivery. 
Always forward money enough to 
prepay siia.Il express parcels, as the 
Kx press Company will not deliver and 
collect at destination for less than 25<>. 
Small parcels weighing 15 oz. up to 2- r > 
oz. by being prepaid can be shipped 
at lc per oz, rate. Parcels weighing: 
over 25 oz. up to 25 Ibs., usually go 
cheaper by express and over 25 Ibs. 
cheaper by freight, 

A shipment put up in two or 
more parcels or pieces, does 
not cost any more than if put 
up in one parcel. Thecharge 
is not by the number of par 
cels, but by the total weight. 

Do not sign for goods from 
Express or Railway Com 
pany if they are in any way 
damaged until the agent 
makes a notation of the ex 
tent of the damage on your 
freight bill. The Railway 
Companies are responsible 
for damage in transit. 

When ordering by Freight, try t 
(it ler enough goods to make your 
shipment weigh 100 pounds. The first 
100 pounds will cost no more than 
25 pounds. 

If the weight is 100 pounds or over, 
you are charged for at the actual 
rate onlv. at the rate per pound. 

When goods are to be ship 
ped to a Flag Station (where 
there is no Agent), sufficient 
money must be allowed to 
prepay charges, otherwise 
they will be sent to the near 
est regular station. 

To a regular station, charges can be 
paid on arrival of goods. 

Special low rate on Wall paper by- 
Ex press when charges are prepaid. 

We make no charges for cases or 

6. Postal Rates- 
Postage must be sent by 

customer. Better send too 
much than too little and 
any balance will be prompt 
ly returned 

If sufficient is not sent to 
pay all postage we will omit 
some of the goods rather 
than delaysendinguntil you 
remit the necessary bal 

ance. Goods omitted may 
be re-ordered 

On genen-1 merchandise, envelopes, 
notepaper or puds and blank-books, lc 
per oz. or 16c per pound. 

Printed books and Music books lc 
for each 2 ounces. 

The limit of weight is 5 pounds and 
the limit 01 size is 30 inches in length 
by one foot in width or depth. 

Should goods weigh more than 5 
pounds they can be put in two or 
more parcels. Postal charge is not by 
number of parcels but by total weight. 

Always enclose sufficient for post 
age and 2< extra for safe delivery 
See No. 7, "Delivery Guarantee." 

7. 2c Delivery Guarantee 

2c extra with each order of 50c 
o\-f guarantees safe delivery of yo 
poods it they are to be sent by mail. 

\Yc will deduct 2c from your remit- 

tni for above purpose unless other- 

u i>f instructed. 

8. Club Orders- 
Two or more persons can reduce 

Transportation Charges by making up 
un order of UK) pounds or over, hav 
ing goods sent in one shipment to 
one address. 

We parcel and tag each order separ 

Each order must be written on a 
separate sheet, just the same as any 
other order, giving name and P. o". 
address in full. 

State on each as follows : * En 
closed with Mr s order," 

giving the name of the person to 
whom the goods are to be shipped. 

The person to whom the goods are 
to be shipped must write shipping in 
structions fully in his letter, and state 
what orders are to be enclosed. 

All orders must be mailed 
at one time and in one letter. 

to insure all the goods going in one 
shipment and making lowest charges 
to customers, otherwise we cannot 
make shipments together. 

9. Samples 

We send samples of cut goods free ; 
but you must always state color, qua 
lity and price you wish to pay. We 
send samples of black dress good 
only when asked for. 

After selection has been made from 
samples, kindly hand the balance to 
some of your friends, returning only 
your selection attached to your order. 
Make second and third choice, if pos- 
sib e, and order immediately, in ease 
some of the patterns may be sold. 

When ordering samples always state 
if you have our Catalogue. 

10. Enquiries re Order 

If you do not receive goods or hear 
from us within a reasonable timetit ii-r 
sending an order, or if the good 
n e not satisfactory, write us. giving 
late of your order and order number, 
t possible : state when and where yon 
mailed, how addressed, amount of 
money sent and whether by Express 
Money Order. Post Office Money Or 
der, cheque, cash or stamps. If by 

registered letter, Post Office Order, or 
Postal Note, give number. State if 
name and address were properly 

Send copy of your order as nearly, 
as possible. 

It goods are short state what r- 
ceived and in how many parcels. 

All claims must be made within 5 
days after goods are delivered. 

11. Exchanging Goods 

\Vr\villexehange or refund money 
for goods if not satisfactory, it return 
ed at once aud in good condition, 
with the following exceptions : Goods 
made to order according to measure 
ment. Out goods sent according to 
samples. Gloves that have been 
worn Veils, hair or toilet goods, such 
as brushes and combs Rubber goods, 
such as hot water bags, syringes, etc. 
Mattresses, pillows and musical 
goods Goods not catalogued which 
have been procured specially to your 

Do not return goods rece -" i,i 
damaged condition witbov. st noti 
fying us. Read clau eNo. 8. 

12. How to Returi Goods 

Should you return goods write your 
name and address on the outside of 
package. It is impossible for us to 
know your package if it is not marked. 
This is important; don t overlook it. 
Then write telling us what yon i . . 
what is wrong, and what you want 
done. Also state Railway Station If 
goods are returned by Express or 
Freight, and Post Office if returned by 

Always write your name and ad 
dress in left hand corner of parcel 
with word "from" before it. Prejwy 
charges cheapest way. 

Mail invoice with letter in separ 
ate envelope, not with goods. 

13. Special Notice- 
Be sure to send sufficient money 

to cover cost of goods and postage, 
also definite shipping instructions 
with each order. 

We will not hold regular orders, 
bargains or goods advertised in Tor 
onto daily papers for instructions or 
to be called for. 

Hats should be sent by express 
They may be crushed in the mails, 
and we are not responsible. 

Daily we receive letters 
with money, but no name 
or address. We hold them 

till claimed. 

Only printed matter (not ordinary 
correspondence) will go for one cent 
in an open envelope. 

We employ no agents. 

14. Number of Parcels 

Always take the number of parcels 
received from Express or Railwaj 
Company in case of error. 

15. Unpack Carefully- 
Many small articles are otten thrown 

away with the waste paperor fall out 
with the oiher goods or are broken b> 
cureless handling when unpacking. 

16. Estimates- 
will bf promptly furnished for outfit Hous-s. Hotels. Camps, Steam 
boats. Public Buildings, etc. Add res: 
all communications to 

For Shipping Rates see pages 209 and 210 

See Particulars about Free Delivery of Goods on page 2O7 

Be sure to write name and 
address on your order sheet. 




Entered at the Department of Agriculture 

according to Act ot Parliament of Canada, in the year 

Join your order with your neigh 

bor and profit by it. 


one thousand nine hundred and 

si i 


Women s Capes, Golf Waists and Shawls 

Women s Capes shown on this page can be sap- 
lied in sizes 34. Sfl. 3S, 40 and 42 Inches bust 
leasure ; Golf Waists in sizes 34, 36 and 38 inches 
ust measure. 


;6. Women s Knitted Wool Golf Waist, in plain 
colors black, white, cardinal or navy, has fancy 
stripe stitch effect ; fastened with pearl but 
tons.... 4 ^ r? 

: ~ 1.65 

>7. Women s Knitted Wool Golf Waist, in plain 
colors black, white, cardinal or navy, made 
with fancy stitrh ; fastened with buttons and 
silk cord loops < yc 


3201. Women s Cape of black diagonal cloth, 
trimmed with silk ribbon ruching and sequmx ; 
finished with lace frill, length about 28 inches ; 
lined with sateen o CQ 

3208 . Women s Cape of black diagonal worsted 
cloth ; has shoulder cape trimmed with silk 
ribbon ruching and lace frill ; bottom finished 
with ruching and deep lace frill, Iengthabout29 
inches ; lined with sateen g CQ 

3225. Women s Cape of black brocaded silk ; 
shoulder cape trimmed with silk ribbon nich 
ing and lace frill ; bottom has deep lace frill 
trimmed with silk ribbon, headed v, ith sequins; 
length about 29 inches ; lined with sateen 

.... ? f\f\ 

" I .UU 

3221. Women s Cape of Mack corded si!k, has 
sh^u.dLT cape trim;ned with sequins, silk rib 
bon ruching and frill ; bottom finished with 
tafteta silk frill and fancy silk underfri .l, length 
about 31 inches ; lined with fateen o QQ 


Honeycomb Shawls colors white, black, cardinal 
orgrey gQ 75 , QQ 1 2 g , gQ 

White Honeycomb Shawls, with silk border 

1.25 1.50 2.00 2.50 


Shirt Waist Dresses she, \vn on pages 4 and 6 Can be 
, supplied in sizes 3 A SI, 3ti, 88, 40 ana 42 inches 
bust measure, with choice of skirt lengths 39, 
41, 43 inches. 

Waist measure for 32-inch bust 23 inches. 




881.7. Shirt Waist Dress of Printed Lawn, In 
colons black and white, blue and white or pink 
and white, Waist trimmed with embroidery 
insertion and tucks. Skirt finished with 
embroidery insertion and side pleats.. 2.50 

88 1 3. Shirt Waist Dress f Natural Color Irish 
linen; back, front, collar and cuffs of waist 
tucked, trimmed with two rowsof wide insertion 

down front; Fkirt trimmed with two rows 

of wide insertion and plaits at 
bottom 3.OO 

8814. Shirt Waist Dress of White Lawn ; front 
trimmed with embroidery insertion and valen. 
ciennes lace, front, back.collar and cuffs tucked 
Skirt finished with tucks and deep 
hem. 3.75 

8812. Shirt Walit Drees of Pnion Linen, in 
colors white, green or tan: front, back, collar 
and cuffs tucked ; front finished with straps of 
self piped with white, trimmed with (mall 
pearl buttons, skin finished with tucki 
and straps to match watst 4.00 

8816. Shirt Waist Dress of White Irish Linen, 
front of waist, back and cuffs tucked ; collar 
and centre box-pleat trimmed with small pearl 

- Button* ; skirt finished with tucks and 
deup hem 4.50 

8816. Shirt W:iH Dress of Checked Zephyr, in 
colors black and white, or blue and white. The 
waist is tucked at buck, and also in front where 
the clothing is concealed with a wide box-pleat; 
has shaped girdle of self material ; skirt is given 
the required fulness by numerous tucks 
in box-pleat effect 5.00 

8818. 8hirt Waist Dress ol ftDe Irish Linen In 
white only ; front, back, collar and ends 
tucked; front trimmed with wide Insertion 
of embroidered linen; skirt is made circular 
style with panel of wide tucks in front; 
trimmed with wide insertion of embroidered 
linen extending down front and around 
back 7.0C 




to>^ /i 


verfourteen hundred highest speed electric power sewing machines are used in our three factories to meet the 
ever increasing wants of our own customers. Deal direct from maker to wearer and save money. 

Sizes for dresses shown cm this page are same as 
Ten on page 4. 

249. Shirt Waist Dress of fine quality bril- 
Hantine, colon black or navy, unlined waist, 
trout, back and euifs finished with tucni, collar 
has silk tie ; nine gore skirt finished 

with side pleats at bottom ._ f. 50 

H611. Shirt Waist Dress of tiosue chambray, 
colors sky, n ivy, tan or Oxford, yoke, collar 
and cuffs of wide lace insertion, waist finished 
back and front with tucks, buttoned in back; 
full skirt finished with two rows ol , 
wide lace insertion and deep hem. 7.5Q 
263. SMrt Waist Dress of fine quality bril- 
iTantine, colors black or navy unlined waist, 
front, back, collar and cuffs tucked ; nine gore 
skirt, has panel of side pleats finished with 

stitched straps of self, alternate gores made 

with inverted pleats: has wide 

girdle oitafteta Bilk _ 10iOO 

4504. White Organdie Dress, square yoke of 
fine tucking and Valenciennes lace insertion, 
Berth trimmed with Valenciennes l*cfc insertion 
finished with frill, edged with lace, buttoned 
in back; skin has deep flounce finished with 
two rows ot Valenciennes lace Inser 
tion, also has drop skirt _ 1000 

5258. Shirt Waist Dress of extra quality 
Japanese silk, colors black or ivory, unlined 
waist, yoke and back tucked, front, collar and 
cuffs trimmed w th valeuclenes lace insertion 
nine gore skirt trimmed with Valenciennes lace 
insertion, ending in side pleats all 
around 15. OO 

4603. White Organdie Drese, yoke, back and 
front fine tucks and Valenciennes lace Insertion, 
Bertha trimmed with valenclennes lace inser 
tion edged with lace frill, elbow sleeves 
finished with tucks, Valenciennes insertion and 
lace, buttoned in buck : full skirt, has deep 
flounce and trimmed with tucks and rows of 
Valenciennes lace insertion, has drop 
skirt _ ._ 1 5.00 

5256. Shirt Waist Dress of taffeta silk, colors 
black or navy, unlined waist, back, front, 
collar and cuffs tucked ; nine gore Bklrt, front 
and side gores made with inverted pleat, 
endi7ig In double box pleats ; has 
wide Kirdle of taffeta silk 1 6.00 



All suits illustrated on this page are the work of our own factory, made from reliable materials bought direct fror 

the mills ; low prices are the resulx of our methods. 

Suits shown on this page can be supplied in 
sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bust measure, 
with choice of skir , lengths 39, 40, 41, 42 and 13 

Waist Measure for 32 inch bust, 23 inches. 
34 24 

36 , 25 

38 26 

40 , 28 

42 , , 29 

We can alter waist measure of the skirts of these 
suits to one inch larger or smaller than stock size, if 
desired, but do not make to other measurements 
than those stated above. 

6407 . Walking Suit of imported Vicuna cloth 
in i-olors black or navy; coat has tight fitting 
back, lined throughout with mercerette; skirt. 

has nine gores, finished with side pleats at 
uutttn_ 7.50 

7204. Walking Suit made of genuine English 
Homespun tweed, in light or medium grey ; 
coat is trimmed with sel f covered buttons ami 
stitching on collar nd cuffs, and lined through 
out with mercerized snteen ; nine gore skirt 
finished with side pleats at bottom_ g.QQ 

7201. Walking Suit made of pure all wool 
French cheviot, in colors black or navy; ect 
lined with mercerized sateen, finished baci 
and front with stitched straps of self ; collar 
and cuffs inlaid with stitched taffeta silk ; 
nine gore skirt, finished with stitched straps 
ending in inverted pleats all around 12OO 

6414. Walking Suit made of fancy weave Hgl 
grey tweed ; coat lined with mercerized sateei 
finished with straps of self ; collar and cut 
trimmed with velvet; nine gore skirt mat < 
with double box pleats .. 12-5 

6405. Walking Suit, made of pure all w 
French cheviot, in colors blacl;, navy or greet 
coat and skirt have straps of self piped wit 
taffeta silk and trimmed with fancy coven 
buttons; coat lined throughout with mercerize 
sateen ; skirt has nine gores finished with sic 
pleats at bottom 135 , 

Samples of materials sent on request- 



Eton Suits 

Suits shown on this page can be supplied in 
bust sizes 3;, 34, 36 and 38 inches, with choice of 
skirt lengths 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43 inches. Wai*t 
mutisure same as given on page 6 for bust size 32, 
34, 36 und 38. 

7202. Suit made of all wool fancy worsted 
Paimma Cloth in colors black, navy or green. 
The Eton is double-breasted, tucked back and 
front, fancy collar an<l cuffs inlaid with taffeta 
silk, finished with silk braid, jacket is lined 
throughout with mercerette. Skirt has nine 
gores with side pleats at bottom 1O OO 

6402. Suit, made of fine all wool Panama 
Cluh in colors black, navy or brown. The 
Eton is trimmed with taffeta silkand lilk braid; 
narrow vest Insert and wide belt of self trim 
med with fancy silk braid ; jacket is lined 

throughout with mercerette. Nine gored skirt 
finished with side pleats all around_... ) i QQ 

641 2 . Suit of all wool invisible check Worsted 
Suiting in light and medium grey. The Eton is 
double-brensted and finished baek and front 
with stitched strap of self and covered buttons ; 
detachable belt trimmed with stitched tabs of 
self and covered buttons. Nine gore skirt, 
made panel effect with double box-pleats all 

around tt R/\ 

" ID.OU 

72Q3. Suit of fine quality all wool French Ven 
etian Cloth, in colors black or navy, The Eton Is 
made double-breasted style; lined throughout 
with taffeta silk ; fiont and back finished with 
tucks, silk braid and fancy covered buttons, 
collar, cuffs and lower edge of Eton finished 


with Bilk velvet and soutache braM ; eleven 
gore skirt, iront panel ending in double side 
p eats; sides and back rmve side plcnts all 

around _ 16. SO 

6411. Suit made of fine French Broadcloth in 
colors black or navy. The Eton is tinWied 
with shaped straps of self, trimmed with cov 
ered buttons; flat collar and elbow cuffs of 
velvet piped with taffeta siik; vest insert of 
white broadcloth overlaid with laiicy silk 
braid : sleeve is made detachable at elbow, can 
be woi n long or short ; jacket is lined through 
out with taffeta silk. The skirt displaysa tucked 
panel effect down centre of front and back 
ending In side pleats; side gores finished with In 
verted pleats and shaped strapping. 2 . 

Samples of material sent on request. 


Women s Walking Skirts 


Every Skirt shown on this page is 

Walking skirts shown on this page can be sup- 
plie.i in sizes as follows : Waist Measure, 22, 23, 
3A, 2a, 26, 27, 28 and 29 inches, with choice 
of lengths 3X, 39,40, 41 and 42 inches. 
(Mea-ure length from bottom of waist baud 

doivn irontof skirt). 

7765. Walking Skirt of Vicuna cloth, in col 
ors I lack or navy, made seven gores with .side 
pleats all round ; has fancy panel effect on side 
gores finished with strappings of self and covi r- 
ed buttons 275 

4Q44. Walking Skirt of English Vicuna cloth, 
In colors black or navy, has seven gores with 
side pleats all round front finished with double 
side pleats, stitched tabs of self and covered 
>"> " - 3.00 


made in our own factor j the largest 

of its kind in the world. 
60O1 . Tweed Walking Skirts, in colors light 
grey, blue and white or black and white mi.xeii; 
has seven gores with aide pleats at bottom, fin 
ished with stitched tabs of self and covered 
buttons.., . O ?5 

4O49. Walking Skirt of all woolen Pivxt.m 
cheviot, iu colors black or navy, has nine gores, 
each alternate gore finished with side and in 
verted pleat 3.50 

4035. W alking Skirt of fine quality bril- 
iiantine, colors black, navy or brown j made 
seven gore, finished with stitched straps of sell 
ending in three side pleats 4.00 

7767. Walking Skirt of fancy English Tweeds, 
in light or medium grey ; has uine gores, double 

4049 $3.50 

cleanest and best equipped factory 

stitched seams ending in side pleats, linishe! 
with fancy tab effect on alternate gores 4_Q,_ 

5246. Walking Skirt of fine quality brilliant 
ine, in coitus black or navy, has li i teen gores* 
double siitched seams ending iu side pleats 


Extra Large Size Walking Skirt 

404 9. Can be supplied in extra large sizes, < 
43, 44 and 45 inch lengths, with choice of 
waist bauds 2d, 30 and 81 Inches, lu. black 

" "> 4.OO 


Ve re, 

. IT. bu 

, Xold 

receive letters with money 

but no name or itidrtii. 

them untli clilmec. 

Women s Walking Skirts 

When returning goods kindly 
writ* us it o.ict yvur Inttruo- 
tiont tbout Mm*. 

lur own factory, Iwhich is by far the largest in Canada, and a model of cleanliness, produces every skirt shewn 
on this page. This means only one small profit, from maker to wearer. 

Walking skirts shown on this page can be sup- 
lied in sizes as follows : waist measure 22, 23, 24, 
>, 26, 27, 28 and 29 inches, with choice of lengths 
1, 89, 40, 41 and 42 Inches. 
Meaiure length from bottom of waist band 
own front of ikirt. 

769. Walking Skirt of Fine Imported Vicuna 
Cloth , colon black or navy ; front and side 
gores made with inverted pleat ; each eeam 
finished with itltched shaped strap of 

self. Price ...__.......... _ 6.00 

029. Walking Skirt of Imported Tweed ; in 
light or medium grey; has nine gores; each 
Beam finished with stitched strap of 
elf ending in three tide pleats. Price 5.OO 

3408. Walking Skirt of Fine All Wool Vene 
tian Cloth ; in colors black, navy or brown ; 
made with thirteen gores; double 
stitched seams end ing in side pleat 5.00 

4031 . Walking Skirt made of fine alTVool 
Panama cloth ; in colors black, navy or green ; 
side gores finished with stitched straps 
of self ending in four side pleats. Price 6 SO 

4043. Walking Skirt made with thirteen 
gores ; of fine an wool panama cloth ; In colon 
black, navy or brown . alternate gores finished 
with double box pleats and stitched 
folds of self. Price. 

4030. Walking Skirt of Fine All Wool Frenc_ 
Venetian Cloth ; in colors black or navy ; has 
seventeen gores: side gores made extra full. 

front and back gores finished with 

side pleats. Frina T.50 

40.36 . Walking Skirt of Fine All Wool French 
Venetian Cloth ; In colors black, navy 
has eighteen gores; finished with side 

pleats all around. 


Extra Large Size Walking Skirt 
4030 can be supplied in extra sizes 43. 44 
ana 45 inch lengths with choice of waist , 
bands 29, 80 and 31 inches; ID 
black only. Price..... 8. SO 

Samples of material sent on request. 


Women s Dress and Walking Skirts 

Our Paris and London offices keep us supplied with all the latest information regarding sty >s of garments an 
materials. This, combined with our own unequualled factory, assures our customers of the latest 
up-to-date styles at the lowest possible prices 

Sizes for Walking Skirts are same as given on 

pages 8 and 9. 
Dress Skirts can be supplied in lengths 39, 40, 

41, 42 and 43 inches with choice of waistbands 

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 inches 

3414. Walking Skirt, made of English vicuna 
cloth, in colors black or navy ; has seven goreg 
finished with straps of self and stitch- _ __ 
ing ending in three side pleats 3T5 

5257. Waiking Skirt, of line quality Ene-lish 
bnlliantine, in colors black or navy ; has fifteen 
gores made with slot feams ending _ _ __ 
m inverted pleats _ oOO 

4042. Dress Skirt, of fine quality English 
vicuna cloth, colors black or navy ; has seven 
gores finished with (.titched straps of , ne * 
self and inverted pleats all round _ *. OO 



51. Dress Skirt, of fine quality English brir 

*!j each 


gores made with double box pleats 
alternate gore, finished with stitched 
straps of self _ ............ _ ...... ___________________ 

4052. Dress Skirt, of fine all-woo; French voile, 
in black only ; has thirteen <>,c 3S u^ade with 
box pleats and fine tucks xjttom 
finished with folds of self ______ . .......... 7.50 

4040. Dress Skirt, of fine all-wool French 
Venetian cloth, colors black or navy, made 
circular style with box pleat down front, 
finished with tucks and deep folds of 
self _____________ ...... _ ...... ____ _ ____________ 8.50 



_ Dress SKirt, of fine all-wool Frenc 
Clan cloth, colors black or navs-, haseleve 
gores, each finished with stitched 
straps of self and side pleats all round. 9 QC 

Extra L&rge Sizes Dress Skirts 

4042. Can be supplied in extra sizes 44 and 
45 nch lengths with choice ofwaist 
bands 30.31 and 32 in,, in black only 4.5O 

4O22. Can be supplied in extra sizes 44 and 
45 in. lengths with choice of waist 
bands 30,31and 32 in., in black only 1Q.OO 
Samples of material sent on request 



The style and finish *f 
garments are strictly up to date 

Women s Coats 


Our Order Forms are Supplied 
for our customers use. 



Direct from the factory to the wearer is our plan. No middlemen s profits on these coats. 

Dmen s Coats shown on this page can be supplied 

n sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bust 


mplea of material sent on request. 

302. Women s Coat, made of imported 
Vicuna cloth in colors black or navy j has tight 
fitting back ; front and back are finished with 
stitched straps of self; length 23 
inches... 3.25 

6283. Women s Coat of Imported Vicuna 
Cloth, colors black or navy ; made with tight 
fitting back and has flat collar finished 

with stitching; length 22 inches 4.OO 

6284. Women s Coat of English Vicuna 
Cloth, colors black or navy ; has tight fitting 
back ; finished with stitched straps of self 
back and front ; trimmed with self covered 
buttons ; lined throughout with mercer- 

ette; length 22 inches 5.00 

73O5. Women s Coat made of Fawn Covert 
Cloth, also in black box cloth, finished with 
stitched straps of self ; has tight fitting 
back; length 22 inches 6.0O 

62T6. Women s Coat of Fawn Covert Cloth, 
linished with narrow straps of self back and 
front; lined throughout with fine mer 
cerized sateen ; length 22 inches 7.5O 

6268. Women s Coat made ot Fawn Covert 
Col th ; tight fitting back ; has fliit stitched collar 
trimmed \\ith velvet; lined throughout with 
best mercerized sateen ; length 23 inches 




Women s Cravenette Raincoats 





We produce more Cravenette Raincoats than any other factory in Canada, and the savings of our big buying power* 

are handed over to our own customers 

Raincoats shown on this page can be supplied 
ia fcost sizes 32, 34. 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches, with 
choice of lengths 54, 56 and 58 inches. 

7623. Women s Cravenette Raincoat, in colors 
Oxford, fawn or bronze; made loose back with 
stitohed sirup down centre ending in an 
inverted pleat, and finished with 
belt 5.OO 

485-1- . Women s Rainr-nat, of Cravenette covert 
coaling, in colors Oxford, fawn or bronze; made 

with flat stitched collar effect; has three 

box pleats down back, and belt all 

round -._. 7.50 

4855. Women s Cravenette Raincoat, of fine 
quality covert coating, in colors Oxford, fawn 
or bronze ; has tight fitting back with 
box pleats; belt all round 8.50 

4853. Women s Cravenette Raincoat, of high 
grade covert coating, colors Oxford, bronze or 
fawn ; tailor stiiched collar and cuffs ; back 
has five box pleats and is finished with 
belt all round 9.00 

7624. Women s Cravenette Raincoat, of fin 
quality covert coating, in colors Oxford.fawn 01 
bronze ; finished with pleats and belt 
of self ; trimmed with buttons 9.75 

4850. Women s Cravenette Raincoat, of besl 
grade English covert coating, in colors Oxford 
fawn or bronze has tight fitting buck, finished 
with side pleats and belt all round; 
trimmed with buttons 1 1 .50 

Samples of material sent on request. 



omen s, Misses and Children s Raincoats 

Women, s Raincoats shown on this page can be 
upplied in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches 
>ust measure, and lengths as slated in description. 

Sample* of material used in our cravenette 
aincoats sent on request. 

301 . Women s Raincoat of Rubber-lined Cot- 
ton Paramatta ; in coiow navy, grey or lawn ; 
made with loose back and cape all 
round 4.. QO 

4857. Women s Three-quarter Length Rain 
coat ; made of cravenette covert coating , colors 
Oxford, bronze or iawn; has loose back with 
belt; finished with buttons; length 
about 88 Inches. 4.0O 

1302. Women s Double-breasted Raincoat of 
Rubber-lined Covert Cloth ; colors olive, grey 
or fawn ; has loose back with cape all 
round 5.00 

4856. , Women s Three-quarter Length Rain, 
coat of Cravenette Covert Coating; colors ox 
ford, fawn or bronze; made Empire effect; 
back tiaisned with inverted and side 
pleats: Itngth about 42 inches g 5Q 

4847. Women s Raincoat of Striped 

Coating ; in colors navy or fawn ; made with 
yoke ; front and back finished with box pleats; 
collar and cuffs trimmed wilh stitch 
ed broadcloth and covered buttoni_ 1 0.OO 

130O. Misses Paramatta Rubber-lined Raincoat; 
colors navy, grey or fawn ; has full sleeve and 
strap at back. 
Age 14 16 

Length 45 48 

1300. Child s Raincoat; 
and colors as misses. 







18 years. 

51 inches- 3.50 

same style, quality 

12 years. 

42 Inchgfc. 3.0O 


Misses Suits and Organdie Dress 


These Misses Surtt and D 

Misses Suits shown on this page can be sup. 
plied in sizes 32, 34 and SGinch bust measure, with 
choice of skirt lengths 31, 33, 35 and 37 inches. 
Waist Measure lor 32 inch bust, 23 inches. 

34 23 ,. 

36 24 

8819. Misses Shirt Waist Suit of Union linen, 
in oolrrs navy, white or natural 1 nen front and 
back of waist and cuffa tucker, r-tl ar trimmed 
with embroidered tab ; skirt finished with six 
tucks all around bottom 3.00 

ar OM work of our own factory 
lowest prices. 

3306. Misses Sailor Suit of Irish linen 
collar and cuffs trimmed with silk embroidered 
design, colors sky trimming on white, ans 
white on sky; skirt has nine gores with tuck 
ending in side pleats. 5. OO 

3307- Misses Shirt Waist Suit of fine quality 
bri Mian tine, in colors black, navy or brown: 
back and front of waist, collar and cuffs finished 
with tucks ; thirteen gore skirt finished with 
side pleats all around _ g QQ 

7400. Misses Suit made of imported Vicuna 
cloth, in colors black or navy ; coat finished 
back u4 freot with Witcbed Binding of self 

unequalled for reliable materials and 

and covered bulto is collar eflectaud turn-back 
cuffs trimmed with silk tira d ; lined through 
out with merceret 1 e. Skirt has seven gores end 
ing in side pleats all around y CQ 

3304- Misses Sailor Suit of all wool navy blue 
serge : blouse finished with yoke back and front, 
and two wide Lox-tucks; collar and cuffs trim 
med with stars and white silk braid ; skirt fin 
ished with deep pleats a.l around.... IQ QQ 

4500- Misses White Organdie Dress, yoke of 
fine tu^ks and Valenciennes insertion ; Bertha 
trimmed with Valenciennes insertion and frill 
of lace ; skirt made with deep flounce, finished 
with tucks and val. le* iBerttea__ fg gf| 


The style tr.t <}*:& a, - rime 
garment! ire strictly up to Mit 


Misses Skirts 

Our Order Forms are Supplied 
lor our customers use. 



" Order direct from the Makers," is our plan with these Skirts. Ne middlemen 
odd to the oot between maker and wearer 

Misses Skirts shown on thl page can be 
applied in lengths 31, 33, 85 and 37 inches, with 
choice of waist bands 22, 23, 24 and 25 inches. 

7105. Misses Skirt, of all wool Manama clotu, 
colors blacK or navy ; has lime gurea, made 
with double stitchea seams ending in 
side pleats . r _ 2 75 

7762 . Misses Skirt, of imported Vienna cloth, 
colors black, navy or brown ; has seven gores 
finished with side pleats, trimmed with 
stitched tabs and self covered buttons 2 95 

7100. Misses Skirt, made of all woollen 
Preston cheviot, colors black or navy ; also light 
grey tweed ; has seven gores each finished with 
two side pleats, and trimmed with 
stitchedtabsofself 3.75 

4021 . Misses Skirt, of imported vicuna cloth, 
colors black or navy, side gores made wich 
three pleats, finished with stitched 
tabs and self covered buttons 3< 75 

5259. Misses Skirt, of fine quality brffllan 
tine, colors black or navy ; has nine gorea made 
with double stitched seams ending In 
side pleats 4-. 00 

3601 . Misses Skirt, oi all wool Venetian cloth 
colors black, navy or brown; made with 
stitched straps of self ending >n inverted pleat 
and trimmed with self covered 

buttons _ . _ 5.00 

Samples of material sent on request 



Misses Coats and Children s Reefers 


2.75 U P 



The fact that we buy the material* In large quantities and have these garments made up in our own factory 

means big savings and low prices to our customers. 

HMiforMlaei CoHts- 

14 yeai>__ 32 inch but 

16 84 " 

18 " 36 

7829 Child Reefer, made cf navy blue 
cheviot ; has Inverted p eat with belt at back ; 
trimmed with braid und buttons ; 4 years -I E{\ 
6 years 1.75 8 years _. 2~.OO 

10 " 2.25 12 " 2.5O 

7830 Chilli s Reefer, of imported woollen che 
viot, in colors navy, red, or green ; has belt 
across back ; trimnu d with buttons ; 4 years 

2.OO 6 yean., 2.25 8 years. 2. SO 

Wyean 2.75 12 " ...... 3-00 

7827 Child s Reefer, of imported Vicuna cloth 
in colors navy, brown or green; made with yoke 
effect and belt across back ; 4 years. 275 

6 years 3.00 8 years. 3.25 

10 - 3.50 12 " 3.75 

7831 Child s Reefer of fawn covert cloth ; 
back and front made with yoke effect, finished 
with rows of stitching ; collar, cuffs and 

pockets stitched to match ; 4 years 4.25 

6 years _ 4.50 

8 4.75 

10 5.0O 

12 _ 6.25 

3505 Misses Coat of Imported cheviot, colon 
black or navy ; made with belt at back, and 
finished with buttons ; length 26 inches. ............ 

3504 Misses Coat of imported Vicuna cloth, 
in colors black or navy ; front finished with 
stitched straps and self covered buttons ; fancy 
collar and cuffs trimmed with self covered but 
tons and stitching ; length 25 inches.... 4. SO 

7001 Misses Coat of fawn covert cloth ; flnt 
stitched collar, and cuffs with button trimming; 
finished with straps and belt of self; length 20 
inches .._ _____________ .......................... ____ 5.^5 

Samples of material tent on request. 



Infants Coats, Cloaks and Sacques 



Conts shown on this page can be supplied in 
lengths 22, 24 nd 26 inches. 


4109 Cream Cashmere Coat, collar of Japan 
ese silk trimmed with tucking and hemstitch 
ing, finished with silk embroidery frill.. ^ .75 

4O33. Cream Cashmere Coat, collar trimmed 
with silk medallions, finished with silk 
embroidered frill 2-00 

4294 Cream Cashmere Coat, trimmed with 
tucks, and silk embroidered frill, collar trur 
med with silk medallions and embroi 
dered frill 2.50 

8958. Coat of Cream Bedford Cord, collar 
trimmed with fancy braid, deep care finished 
with rows of satin ribbon and hem 
stitching 2.75 


485. Cream Cashmere Cloak, cape trimmed 
with silk embroidery and silk tie ; collar and 
cuffs finished with narrow braid 2.00 

4363. Cream Bedford Cord Cloak, has deep 
cape trimmed with silk embroidery. ... 2 00 

4O82. Cream Cashmere Cloak, collar edged 
with satin piping: deep cape, and bottom of 
skirt trimmed with silk embroidery, 
finished with silk tie 3-OO 

4367 Cream Cashmere Cloak, collar of Jap. 
silk trimmed with lurking and hemstitching ; 
finished with silk frill, deep cape, and bottom 
of skirt trimmed with silk embroidery . 4.. QQ 


35 Hand Made Sacque of zephyr wool, small 
size in all white and white with pink or 
blue edging 5O 

36 Hand Made Sacque of zephyr wool, large 
size in all white and white with pink or 
blue edging 5O 

37 Hand Made Sacqne of zephyr wool, finished 
with silk ribbon tie, in all white and 
white with pink or blue edging ,75 

38. Hand Made Sacque of Zephyr wool, has 
small cape finished with silk ribbon tie, in all 
white and white with pink or blue edgii:t; _75 



These tyllth Dresses ire pro 
duced In our own Factory, the 
best equipped on the Continent. 

Children s Dresses 

When ordering children ! 
drtsses, be sure to state style, 
number, age and color required. 



Children s dresses shown on this page are made 


For 6 years, 26 inches. 
" 8 " 28 
10 " 30 
12 " 33 
1 14 " 36 

in lengths : 

For 1 year, 20 inches. 
-2 21 
" 3 " 22 
" 4 " 24 
" 5 " 25 " 

8569. Child s Dress of fancy checked ging 
ham, colors navy, sky, red or pink, yoke 
trimmed wijh three tabs of embroidery inser 
tion, finished with frill, sizes 1, 2, 3and4yrs.5Q 

8579. Child s Dress of fancy checked ging 
ham, colors navy, sky, red or pink, yoke and 
skirt trimmrd with embroidery insertion, wide 
frill arou d yoke, neck and sleevi-s edged with 
narrow frill, siz-s 1, 2, 3 and 4 years 75 

8581. Child s Dress of fancy striped gingham, 
colors nary and white, sky and white, red and 
white, and black and white, has three side 
pleats back and front, collar, cuffs and front 
li-nshed with embroidery insertion, sizes 2, 3, 4 
and 5 years B 95 

8571. Girl s Dress of fancy checked gingham, 
c lors navy, green, red or black, front of blouse, 
collar and curls trimmed with embroidery inser 
tion, two wide box pleats down front of blouse, 
sizes 6,8, lu, 12 arid 14 years 1.25 

8591. Child s Dress of checked gingham, col 
ors navy, sky, pink or green, has two straps back 
and front, line white lawn guimpe, yoke has 
seven rowsor embroic ery insertion and clusters 
ot Bne tucks. Collar and cuffs finished with 
fine tucks and valenceiunes lace, sizes 3, 4 and 
5 years 1.50 

8570. Girl s Union Linen Sailor Dress, colors 
navy, sky, tan or green, pointed collarand cuffs 
trimmed with embroidery insertion, two rows 
of embroidery insertion across shield and down 
frontof blouse, sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and Hyrs 2.00 

8586. Girl s Suspender Dress of checked ging 
ham, colors navy and white, sky and white, 
black and white or green and white, flue white 
lawn blouse, yoke and deep cuffs of solid tuck 

ing, embroidery insertion across frontof yoke, 
collar and cuffs edged with valencienes lace, 
sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 years 2.25 

8596. Child s Cashmere Dress, colors red 
cream, navy or sky, yoke and cuffs trimmed 
with rows of white silk braid, frill around yoke, 
and skirt has four rows of shirring and two 
deep tucks, sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5 years 2.75 

8585. Girl s Dress of woolen sheppard plaid, 
colors black and white or blue and white, front, 
collar and cuffs trimmed with narrow silk braid 
and velvet, kilted skirt with box pleat down 
front, sizes 6 years 3.OO 8 years 3.25 10 
years 3. 50 12 years 3. 75 and 14 years 4.00 

8597. Girl s Dress of all wool English serge, 
colors navy or red, sailor collar, shield, front ol 
biouse and cuffs trimmed wilh black silk braid, 
kilted skirt with box pleat down front, sizes 4 
years 3 25 6 years 3. 50 8 years 3. 75 10 
years 4. OO 12 years 4.25 13 years 4.50 
and 14 years . 4.75 


Childrens White Lawn Dresses 


$ I.50 

lildren s Dresses shown on this page can De 
iupii iud in stock sizes only, as stated in 
ieiTiiition. Whfii ordering, be careful to state 
tyle, number and age required. 

ngths for each age same as on page 18. 

507. Child s White Nainsook Dress; tucked 
voke trimmed with fancy braid ; neck and 
sleeves edged with val. lace finished 
with braid; sizesernontha.l, 2 audsyears .50 

582. Child s White Lawn Dress; yoke of 
cluster tu king and val. lace insertion; frill 
around yoke; neck and sleeves trimmed with 
val. lace and feather stitched braid, 
sizes 6 months, 1, 2 and 3 years 75 

606. Child s White Nainsook Dress ; square 
roke of al lover embroidery aud lace insertion; 
lemstitched frill around yoke : neck and tleevet 

edged with embroidery finished with feather 

stitched braid, sizes 6 months, 1, 2 

and 3 years 1.00 

8603. Girls White Lawn Dresses; front, 
collar and cuffs trimmed with embroidery in 
sertion ; back finished with cluster tucking ; 
pleated skirt, sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 
14 years. 1.50 

8613. Child s One Piece Suit of Irish Linen; 
front, back and cuffs tucked ; sailor collar 
trimmed with embroidery insertion ; has shield 
and belt all round, sizes 2, 3, 4 and 
5 years 1.75 

8598. Child s Dress of Fine White Lawn ; yoke 
of lace insertion ; frill around yoke and skirt, 
trimmed with lace and lace insertion: skirt 
and sieeves finished with lace insertion, 
sizes 2, 3, 4 anA 5 yean 

8604. Girls White Lawn Dress ; yoke of solid 
tucking; Bertha trimmed with insertion and 
frill of embroidery; front and back of blpus; 
and cuffs finisued with hemstitched tucks, 
collar and cuffs with embroidery in 
sertion, sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 years 2.OO 

8599. Child s Dress of Fine White Lawn ; vote 
of Valenciennes lace in.-ertion ; Bertha, neck 
and sleevei trimmed with val. lace, and in 
sertion ; suirt trimmed with val. lace insertion 
and hemstitching; finished with deep frill 
of same, sizes 6 months, 1, 2 and 3 
years 2.25 

8590. Child s French Dress of Fine White 
Lawn ; yoke of so id tucking and val. insertion; 
bertha trimmed with val. insertion and em 
broidery me allions, finished with frill of val. 
laue ; skirt htis clusters of fine tucks and lane 
insertion finished with tucked frill and 
val. lave, sizes 2, 3, 4 uud 5 years 2 *25 


Our Order Forms ire lupplled 
(or our customers use. 

Women s White Waists 

The style and finish of HIM* 
garments are strictly up-to-date. 

Our aim is to make the very best possible garment that can be produced for the money, and we have every mod en 
ppliance in our splendidly equipped factory to lessen the cost of labor, and help us carry out this idea 

Waists shown on this page can be supplied in 
sizes 32, 34. 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bust measure. 
No. 8086 also made in 30-inch bust for misses. 

8075. White Lawn Waist: front, back, collar 
and cuffs finished with tucks, has three 
rows of lace insertion down front 75 

8065. White Lawn Waist; front, back, collar 
and caffs finished with tucks, has em 
broidered panel, inserted in front 85 

8086 White Lawn Waist; front finished with 
nve rows of embroidery insertion and small 
tucks, collar, cnffsiuid back haveclusters 
of snail tucks 1.OO 

069. White Lawn Waist; front finished with 

rows of Valenciennes lace, embroidery insertion 
and fine tucks; collar and cuffs trimmed with 
Valenciennes lace insertion and fine tucks, 
finished with lace frill; buttoned in back 1.25 

8080. White Waist of Fine Swiss Lawn; front 

trimmed with two embroiderer ^anels, valen. 

ciennes lace insertion and sina*. :icks; collar 

and cuffs finished with Valenciennes la 

I insertion and tucks 1.5O 

8O78. Waist of Flue White Lnwn; front trimme 
with Valenciennes lace, embroidery insertioi 
and small tucks ; collar and cuffs with valeu 
ciennes lace and embroidery insertion, 
finished with lace edging, buttoned in backl .73 

8081 . Waistof Fine White Lawn, front made wit 
three embroidered panels, fine valenciemu < 
lace insertion and small tucks, collar and elbo 
sleeves trimmed with fine Valenciennes lac - 
insertion, finished with frill of fine Val 
enciennes lace, buttoned in back 2.O(Q 

8073. Waistof White Linen, has embroidered 
front, collar and cuffs, front, back and 
cuffs finished with small tucks 2.2J 


ibout Ff Dllvr> or 6odi 
on Pg 208 

Women s Waists 

gtvt you prtmpt ttruc* tnd 
Mtt.tiCtor) article* 


ive over 1400 latest style modern sewing machines in operation rn our 
make as many as 4200 stitches each minute hence the low p 

.\ H 

can be supplied in bust measure, 
ire SO inch bust for 

059. Waist of Printed Percale. In polka dot : 
MMon black with white, -white with black, blue 

with whit* or white with blue 


068. Waist of Striped Madras; in colors Ox- 
, sky. nav.- or pink: front finished with 
side pleats; eoUartucked yg 

Waist of Striped Zephjr ; in colors Oi- 
kj, TT M piak: froct aad Uu fin 

ished with w .de tucks ; collar has embroidered 
tab 1 00 

8066. Waist of Fine Black Lawn: front, 
collar and cuffs finished with tucks ana black 

Valenciennes lace insertion ; back tucked.. 

-*.._..__._.,.. < 05 

8072. Waist of Striped Zephyr; in 
Oxford, sky, navy or pink; front finished with 
tucks and embroidery insertion; back tucked; 
collar trimmed with embroidery innprtinn 

[ oc 

8069. Waist of Fine Tiarae Chambray; 
coten Oxford, aary, iltj or tan ; front, 

factories. Some of these maohlnea 
rices OR these waists 

and cuffs finished with tucks and valenclenno 
lace Insertion ; back tucked_______ ^35 

8O77. Walrt of White Mercerizeil Verting; i, 
macf li Mx"* , front, back and cuff" 
collai h&i embroidery tab 150 

8061. Wakt of Fine TlMDe Cbambnr; In 
colon Oxford, riary, ky or tan ; yukn at. I collar 
made of fine ralenclennai lace and embroMery 
Insertion; back and front tacked in yoke effect 
cuffs finished with tucks, Taleodcanai U 
embroidery Intenkxi, edfed with iac; but 
toned in back - ._.-- 




Garments thai ire worn cannot be ex 
changed. Also note Instructions on pag* 2 
about returning goods. 

Women s Waists 

f. ! cr sterling* *> other reasons It shout* 
be necessary to return goods the same should 
be returned to us within ten days. 


Being the largest manufacturers of Women s Garments, we are naturally the largest buyers of materials, 
combined with our system of .laying cash for all purchases, enable us to quote such low prices. 


Waists shown on this page can be supplied in bust 
sizes 82, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 Inches. 

Styles 5027 and 5025 can also be supplied in bust 
size 44 inches. 

5044. Waist of Lustrous Black Sateen, back 
and front finished with fine tucks ; 
collar tucked 75 

5027. Waist of English Satin Finish Black 
Mercerized Sateen ; front finished with tucks 
and hemstitching ; back and collar 

11 - u -j i -- - 1.OO 

5041. Waist of Black Lustre; front, back, 
collar and cuffs finished with tucks, 
body lined 1.25 

5025. Waist of Fine Quality Lustre, colors 
black, cream, or navy, front, back and 
collarfinished with tucks; lined through 
out. 1.5O 

5043 . Waist of Fine French Cashmere, colors 
black, cream, navy, cardinal or sky, front, 
back, collar and cuffs finished with 
tucking, body tawd - 1.75 

5042. Waist of Fine Quality Lustre; colorh 
black, cream, navy or brown ; front made witt 
wide tucks, back, collar and cuffs tucked; 
unlined 2.0C 

8064. Waist of Fine Quality Lustre, color 
blat K, cream or navy, front made with two sill 
embroidered panels, finished with tucking 
back, collar and cuffs tucked; lined 
throughout 2 . OC 

5040. Waist of Fine French Cashmere 
colors black, cream, nsivy, cardinal, sky o 
garnet, front and back finished with tucking 
collar and cuffs trimmed with small tucks 
finish edwith lace edging.lined through 
out -. 2,2e 


s our Free 
tag* 209. 

Delivery 9*r 

Women s Silk Waists 

Order by number and ute our 
order forms when possible. 



low prices on these stylish s Ik waists are made poss bie by the unequalled facilities we possess for buying 
material direct from the makers, and producing the garments u. our own well-organized factory 

ilk waists shown on this page can be supplied 
lizfcs 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches bust meas- 

tyle 5039 can be supplied in bust size 44 inches 
jlack only, 

36. Unlined Waist of Japanese Silk, in 
"Ory only ; front, collar and cuffs trimmed 
ith Valenciennes lace insertion, back and 

ont tucked, buttoned in back g OO 

20. Unlined Waist of Japanese Silk, in 
olors black, ivory, cardinal, navy, sky or 
reen, front trimmed with wide hemstitched 
acks ; back, collar and cuffs tucked ... o 5O 

under expert designers 
5035. Unlined Waist of Japanese Silk, in 
ivory only ; front, collar and cuffs trimmed 
with lace insertion ; back and front tucked ; 
buttoned in back 2 5Q 

5029. Unlined Waist of Fine Quality Japan 
ese Silk, in colors black or ivory; front collar 
and cuffs trimmed with Valenciennes lace in 
sertion and tucks; back tucked g QQ 

5O23 Unlined Waist of Black Taffeta Silk ; 
front trimmed witn wide and clusters of fine 
tucks : back tucked ; collar finished with tab _ 

5039. Waist of Taffeta Silk ; colors black 
ivory, navy, cardinal, or sky : front trimmed 
with rows of fine tucksand hemstitching; back, 
collar and cuffs finished with tucks ; body lined 


5015. Waist of Taffeta Silk; colors black, 
ivory, navy or cardinal : front and back 
trimmed with wide stitched tucks and fine 
tucking:; collar and cuffs of fine tucking; 
lined throughout c r\f\ 

5O46. Unlined Waist nf Heavy Quality Japan 
e~e Silk ; cnlors black or ivorv ; front trimmed 
with Valenciennes laceand si Ik embroidered in 
sertion; collar nnd cuffs finished with Valen 
ciennes lace insertion and tucks ; back tucked, 
buttoned in back 5.00 



j* fc BlfTWw __ 

When ordering, i *eond or third ohele* 
will gcnenlly ivold deliy In oil* III* or 
color ordered Is out of stock. 

Women s Wrappers 

Rd duorlptlon i girmtnt ind tin 
below bfor ordering : wt do nil mill 
lies or colors other thin stitid. 


Buying the materials direct from the mills und having them made up in our own factory, which is the be* 
equipped with labor saving machinery on the continent, accounts for the low prices here offered 

Wrappers shown on this page can be supplied 
in sizes 32, 14, 36, 38, 40 and 42 inches, bust meas 
ure, and 57 inches long in front, styles 5R6 and 
587 can also be supplied in bust sizes 44 and 46 
inches. House dresses are made same bust meas 
ure as wrappers with skirts 42 inches long. 

58O Wrapper made of printed percale , colors, 
black and white, red and white or navy and 
white; braid trimming on yoke, back 
and front QQ 


81. Wrapper made of printed percale ; col >rs 
ied and white, navy and white or black and 
white; neatly trimmed with braid; 
leevei made with buttoned cuff. 1 . 00 

582 . Wrapper made of printed percale ; colors 
black or navy with white polka dots, has braid 
trimming; sleeves made with buttoned 

cuff 1.00 

583. Wrapper made of printed percale in 
colors red and white, navy and white, or black 
and white, braid I rimming on yoke, back and 
frmt, collar, cuffs, and belt; sleeves 

made with buttoned cuff 1.25 

584. Two Piecj House Dress of printed per 
cale ; In colors black and white or navy and 
white check ; back and front of waist, 

and cuffe tucked 1.26 

585. T vo Piece House Dress made of exti 
quality printed percale; in light colors, whi 
with blue, white with red or white with blac 
front, collar and cuffs of waist neatly 
trimmed with embroidery insertion 1 .5 

586. Wrapper made of extra quality print* 
percale ; colors black and white, "red ar 
white or nuvy and white; neatly tritnmt 
with braid on waist, coliar, cuffc and bel 
slt-eeves are made with buttoned cuff 

587. Wrapper made of standarl quality bla< 
mercerized sateen, trimmed with narrotvwit 
baby ribbon, sleeves made with but- I 
toned cuff , . . 1.8 ! 


Dressing Sacques, Kimonas, Tea Gowns 

3963 $5.50 

ow Prices with us does <-ot mean poor material ; quality Is our first consideration. Our factory makes the price right. 

({armc-nte Bhown on this page can be supplied 

i s:?.es 34, 36, 38. 40 and 42 inches bust measures. 

CR gowns are made 57 inches long, and neglige 

wns -18 inches long, measured down front. 

i951 . Dressing Sacque, made o piinted lawn ; 
nolors black with white, navy with white or 
white with black ; trimmed with fri!l e _ 
of self ; finished with belt -OO 

1955. >h,> Kimona. made of printer !awn ; 
colors white with pink, white with blue or 
black with white : trimmed with wide ,_ 
band of plain white lawn OO 

1950. Dressing Sacque, mfl rte of printed lawn ; 
colors white with pink, whi.ewith blue or I nark 
with white ; trimmed with frill of self ; Q _ 
edged with lace "O 

3954 Dressing Sacque, made of printed lawn 

colors white with red, white with blue or white 
with black ; front and back tucked ; front, 
collar and belt trimmed with Valenciennes lace 
insertion ; cuffs finished with frill ana , n 

Valenciennes lace - -UU 

8952. Dressing Sacque, made of white lawn ; 
front and collar trimmed with Valenciennes 
lace insertion, finished with frill, edged with 
Valenciennes lace ; sleeves finished with ., _-. 
beading and lace 1-OU 

8956. Dressing Sacque, made of white lawn ; 
sleeves and collar trimmed with lace in- _ -.-. 
sertion, finished with frill of wide lace *\J\J 

8957. Long Kimona. made of printed lawn ; 
colors white with pink, white with blue or 
black with white ; trimmed with wide 

band of plain white lawn 1.25 

8949. Full Length Neglige Gown, made of 
printed lawn ; colors white with pink, white 
with blue or white with black ; deep collar and 
sleeves trimmed with lace and insertion , _ _ 

_ i ou 

8963. Tea Gown, made of fine French cash 
mere ; colors black, navy, cardinal or garnet; 
yokeback and front, and cuffs of fine tucking; 
yoke has dfep frill, finished with SHtin ribbon 
and hemstitching ; waist lined with ^_ ^_ ._ 
percaline O.OO 

8961 . Tea Go^n of fine French cashmere ; 
colors black, navy, cardinal or garnet; collar 
has trimming of lace insertion and deep lace 
frill : deep cuffs trimmed with rows of lace in 
sertion and tucks ; lined throughout 
with percaliue _,,-- 3OO 



Read About Our Free Delivert 
on Page 209 

Women s Petticoats 

Make Your Order $25.00 nd ha 
Goods Delivered Free. See Page 20S 


These Petticoats are all mad* In our own factory, one of the) best equipped with labor saving maehlnei 
in the world. This means low prices for well made garments. 

Petticoats shown on this page can be supplied 
in lengths 38, 40 and 42 inches. 

When ordering state length required. 

5774. Petticoat of Lustrous Black Sateen, 
made with crimped flounce and frill, finished 

with three rows of strapping. 


5773. Petticoat of Lustrous Black Sateen, 
flounce trimmed with two cripped frills finished 

with strapping 


5796. Petticoat of Checked Gingham, deep 
flounce trimmed with three frills, finished with 
four rows of strapping, colors, black and white, 
navy and white, sky and white or pink and 
white - 1 .00 

5769. Petticoat of Standard Quality Black 
Mercerized Sateen, deehflounce trimmed with 
three small frills, finished with strapping 1.00 

5770 Petticoat of Fine English Satin Finn. 
Black Mercerized Sateen, has knife pleat< 
flounce finished with hemstitched frill ar 
strapping _ .. _. - _.-_ 1 .2 

5613 Petticoat of fine English Satin Finish* 
Black Mercerized Sateen, has deep floun 
trimmed with two crimped frills finished wi 
-mall frill and strapping 1.5>< 

lurt ind ilgR ;our nin>i 
d addrtu n u!> sir 




When ebnqlfl your iddri. 
t r.4-1 (l* Old tddrus u 
wH II jour nw. 


Our Factory equipment and buying facilities enable us to quote lew arlaea en theae Pettleeata, 

uneqalled for style and quality. 

Silk Petticoats shown on this page can be sup- 
died in lengths 39, 41 and 43 Inches. Moreen 
etticoats in lengths 38, 40 and 42 inches. 

State length required when ordering. 

5787 Moreen Petticoat in black only ; )loun:-e 
trimmed with two frills, finished with rows of 
cording 1 >5 Q 

5614 Moreen Petticoat, made with deep 
fiouuce, finished with bias tucking, accordion 
pleating and frill ; colors black, navy, cardinal 


5786 Petticoat of fine quality moirette; flounce 
finished with tucking, accordion pleating and 
frill ; colors black, navy, cardinal or green 

__ 1 C f\ 

" o.OU 

5793 Petticoat of fine English satin finished 
black mercerized sateen ; has deep accordion 
pleated taffeta silk flounce, trimmed with 
shirring and pleated frill; has sateen under- 
piece, finished with ruffle . o c A 

5606 Petticoat of our standard quality black 
taffeta silk; flounce trimmed with tucking; 
hemstitching , niching and accordion pleating, 
finished with narrow frill ; has silk underpiece 


5615 Petticoat of our standerd quality taffeta 
silk ; made with accordion pleated flounce and 
frill, finished with niching and underpiece; 
colors black, navy, sky or grey .......... g co 

5611 Petticoat of our standard quality taffeta 
silk ; ha- deep flounce and frill overlaid with 
accordion pleated flounce finished with Mil ; 
colors black, navy, cardinal or green ______ 

5612 Petticoat of our standard quality taffeta 
silk; has deep accordion pleated flounce trim 
med with niching; silk underpiece finished 
with ruffle ; colors, black, navy, sky or green 



1 . Men s Suits in medium grey and brown Can 
adian Tweed, checked patterns, also navy 
blue serge, soft finish, Italian lined, as cut 1, 
...................................... ........................... 5 OO 

2 Better quality of Domestic Tweed Suits in 
dark brown, also mixed medium and dark 
greys, with colored overplaids, as cut 1 g gQ 

3. Nice neat patterns of domestic tweeds, single 
breasted style, greys and browns, green 
mixed, as cut 1 ................ ____ ................... . "T *^O 

4 Imported English Serge, hard twill finish, in 
black or navy blue, a good wearer, as cut 1 


5 A large assortment of nice quality tweeds, 
domestic cloths, dark browns, greys and olive 
tinted effects with fancy overplaids, as cut 1 

. _ _ Q Cf\ 

O .O \J 

1O. Nice Scotch and English tweed effect pat 
terns, brown and grey ground, oliveandgreen 
mixed, with overplaid designs, cut 10 1QOO 

11 Imported English" Serges, navy blue, Indigo 
dye, hard, firm, finished cloths, with good lin 
ings, an cut 10 ........................................ 10. 5O 

12. Oxford Grey, also black and navy blue Eng 
lish clay twilled worsteds, soft finished cloths, 
silk sewn, us cut 10 __ ........................ -| *| QQ 

13. Bannockburn mixed tweed, light grey, also 
dark worsteds with light pin stripe and colored 
overplaid effect, as cut 10... ---- .......... ^ QQ 

14. Very choice Tweed Suits, Scotch effects in 
nil wool cloths, grey ground with green over- 
check, and olive ground with red overcheck, as 

cut 10 11 50 


Imported clay twill worsteds. This is a cloth 
manufactured specially for us, good weight in 
black or navy blue, fast dye, ascut 10 -J2 5O 

16. Fine English Worsted in dark shades, "only 
brown and greys with neat oveechecks, very 
neat and dressy! as cut 10 1 2 . 5O 

27. Black and Navy Blue Clay 
Twilled Botany Worsted, 18oz. 
English Cloth, made single 
breasted style with good strong 
linings. Sizes only 34 to 44. No 
special sizes supplied of this 
line, special, at 7.49 

17. Genuine Imported Scotch Tweed Suits in 
grey or green grounds, with colored plaid pat 
tern, also Oxford grey clay twill as cut 10. 

_ i 2 50 

18 Black Vicuna Suits, the cloth an imported 
English material, also black worsted in fine 
Venetian finish, good trimmings, as cut 10 

19 Genuine Imported Scotch Tweeds, al 
English fancy colored worsteds in nice ne 
effects in shades of dark browns, blacks ai 
greys, as cut 10 13.5 . 

20. Black or Navy Blue Imported Clay Tw: 
Worsted, very nice dressy material with got 
trimmings, as cut 20 1 5.0 ( 

21 Imported Black Venetian Finished Worstec i 
also the fashionable Black Vicuna Cloth, si 
sewn, as cut 20 - 15.0 . 

22 Fancy Worsted Suite, all this season s nt" 
est designs in English cloths, also genuine ii 
ported Scotch Tweeds, nice neat patten 
medium and dark colors, as cut 20... -| 5.O . 

23 Fine Scotch Tweed Suits, also fan. 
worsteds. We st of England cloths in a vane 
of pattern* in nice dark colored patterns wi 
overplaids, as cut 20 16.5 

25. Fine Black Vicuna Cloth Suite, sing 
breasted, oft nice material, best import 
cloths, first class trimmings, as cut 25 -\Q_Q ; 

26 Fancy Colored English Worsted Suite 
neat patterns, lined with silk, best work ma 
ship, as cut 25 20. 

Note. Men s Suits larger than 44 inch ch* i 
will cost 60 cent* for every additional inch. 


Sizes 36 to 44 

tQ Men s Suits, double breasted, made of all 
wool, soft finished nary serge, also medium 
dark domestic tweed, as cut 30 S.OO 

!l Dark and Medium Canadian Tweeds, strong 
wearing cloth, in browns and greys, with over- 
plaid, as cutSO _ _ ..-. 6-50 

] 12 Strong Domestic Tweeds, medium grey, 
green mixed and dark grey, with colored over- 
checks, as cut 30 ..." "7 ^O 

13 Campbell s Twilled Worsted Serge, hard 
J finish, in navy blue and black English material, 
T as cut 30 o Rf\ 

" o-ou 

14 Grey Mixed Tweed, green overplaid, also 
black ground, green mixed with overplaid of 
J red, good linings, as cut SO Q gQ 

,5 Medium Dark Grey Ground Tweed, with 
double thread overcheck of green, very nobby 
] and neat, as cut 30 1Q QQ 

Men s Suits, all wool, fawn and grey home 
spuns, with red and green colored overchecks, 
3-buttoned, double breasted, us cut 40_ Q QQ 

U Navy Blue Imported English Worsted Serge, 
hard finished material, good trimmings, as cut 40 

42 Black and Navy Blue, Clay Twilled English 
Worsted, soft finished cloth, silk sew-n, as cut 40 


43 Dark Grey Scotch Tweed, genuine imported 
cloth, with blue stripe and red everplaid, as 

cut 40 _ 1 2 . 5O 

44 EATON I AN Worsted Serge, black and 
navy blue, twilled finish ; a cloth specially 
woven for us, good trimmings, as cut 40 ) 2 . 50 

Double Breasted Suits of Fine Navy Blue 

50 Medium Grey Tweed, all wool, small check 
ed pattern, with red and green overplaid, nicely 
finished, as cut 50. _ 1 O 

51 Light Grey Bannockburn Effect Tweed with 
overplaid, best trimmings, as cut 50_ 13. 5Q 

52 Imported Scotch Tweed Suits, light brown, 
with red and green overplaid, as cut50_ 

13 . 5 

53 Choice Navy Blue Clay Twilled Worsted 
Serge, indigo dye, will not fade, with best lin 
ing, as cutoo_ 15.00 

Rf c coteh Tweed, green effect, with overplaid. 
^esoft cloth, t ood linings, as cut 50 16. 5O 
NOTE.- -V," rite us for samples of Men s or Boys 

(Coat and Pants only.) 

Sizes 34 to 44 

60 Men s Norfolk Jacket Suits (coat and pants 
only, ) made of domestic tweed, light brown and 
grey mixed with colored overplaid, as cut 60 

_ _ 0.50 

61 Norfolk Jacket Suits, grey ground with 
stripes and red overplaid, as cut 60 7.50 

62 Men s Norfolk Suits (coat and pantsonly.) 
light brown check effect with red thread, good 
trimmings, as cut 60 8.50 

63 Men s Norfolk Suits (coat, pants and vest,) 
in grey mixed English tweeds, nicely made, as 

cut 60 .. 9.00 

64 Men s Norfolk Jacket Suits (coat and punts 
only, ) light grey homespun Halifax with dark 
% in. check, as cut 60 8.50 

65 Men s Norfolk Suits (coat and pants only.) 
belt straps and yoke, light grey tweed green 
mixed with colored overplaid, as cut65 Q gQ 



Prince Albert, Clerical and Dress Suits 

ing wear 


112. Men s Dinner Suits, Tuxedo style, cut with 
fairly square fronts, the cloth, black worsted, 
VenetiHn finish, silk faced roll, as cut 112, 


113. Fine Tuxedo Suits, used for dinners, etc., 
silk-lined throughout, the material is good 
quality of black unfinished dress worsted, as 

cut 112 ..... ......................... 22. SO 


115. Men s Full Dress Suits for evening 
lined throughput with silk and lapels sil. 
The material is a fine black unfinished worsted, 

880111115 .............................................. 25 OO 

116. Men s Black Worsted Full Dress Suits, nice 
Venetian finished material, silk-lined, perfect 
fitting, ascutl!5 ........................... _____ 19. OO 


118. Double Breasted Frock or Prince Albert 
style Suits, black Venetian worst d, silk-faced 
lapels, Italian linings, as cut 118 ......... i Q.QO 

119. Prince Albert Suits, double breasted frock 
style, extra fine undressed black English 
worsted, stlk-faced lap. is, good trimmings, as 
cut 118 ---------------- ..... _ ...... . 2O 00 


122. Black or Oxfo rt Grey C iy Twill Worst 
eds In Clerical Sac - nil*. trimmings as 

cut 122 ..... ...... 12.50 

123. Clerical Sack Suits Imported English Clay 
Twill Worsteds, in dark Oxford grey and black, 
made style as cut 122 -ic QQ 

124. Clerical Frock Suits, long single breasu-d 
style, made of Black Venetian worsted, 15, QQ 


125. Men s Three-buttoned Cutaway or Mom- 
ing Suits, made of nice quality grey-mixed 
tweed, neat pattern, style as cut 125, 13.5Q 

126. Fine Business Suits in nice all-wool tweeds 
or worsteds, neat effects, medium and dark 
colors, as cut 125, _ 15.00 

127. Fine Colored English Worsteds in neat 
pattern, made business style morning coat with 
flaps, as cut 125 _ 18-OO 

130. Three-buttoned Cutaway or Morning suits, 
madeof English Clay Twill Worsted, in black and 
mid grey, good trimmings, as cut 130 f -j QQ 

132. Black Venetian Finished Worsted Suits, 
three-buttoned cutaway or morning style, im 
ported English solid cloth, good trimmings, as 

cut 130 _ 12. SO 

1 33. ETO N I A N Worsted Suits of Black Clay 
Twill material, nice soft material, will not get 
glossy, as cut 130 12.50 

134. Black Viruna Suits, English imported c oth, 
three-buttoned morning style, cut 130 -10 gQ 

135. Black Worsted Suits, West of England 
material tine Venetian finished goods, with best 
trimmings, as cut 130... , ic QQ 

136. Fine Black Suits in imported English . 
cunas and ( lay Twilled Worsteds, very fi i 
linings and trimmings, as cut 130.... 15C 


(Always nu uaLLrt cv-r \ i:&t lur size of coat ) " 

OO AT. Collar t< \Vaist. A to B inches. Wl 

length to of Coat, A to C inches. Centr 

Back to Shouldt-r, E in.-hes. Shoulder to Elb 

Eto F inches. Elbow to Hand, Fto G iur 

Inside seam of arm inches. Around Chest ur i 

amis nt K im-lu-a. Waist at L inches. 

VEST. Lfiurth from centre, back of neck, to bottor i 

front inches. Around Clu-st under arms at K. ... 

. Waist at L inrhes. 

PANTS. Length of outside Seam from walat to bet I 

boot inches. Length of Inside Scam from crotc . 

heel of boot. C to D in.-hea. Around Waist ur i 

vest at A inches. Around seat at B inc. 

Thi-h inches. Give height Weight. . . . 

OVERCOAT. - Tak - in.-a.4ureiiient for overcoat aro - 
chest, under arms, over vest. 




YOJNG MEN S SUITS sizes 33 to 37 

0. Young Men s Suns, domestic tweed, dark 
brown, faint red overplaid, also broken grey 
stripe, colored overplaid, as cut 70 10.00 

1 . Black and Navy Blue Clay Twilled Worsted 
Suits. English cloth, as cut 70 11 .00 

2. Young Men s Suits, worsted effect, browns 
and olives, good trimmings, as cut 70... 11.00 

3. Scotch Effect Tweeds, grey ground, with 
green and grey stripe, as cut 70 11 .00 

4. Neat Dark Grey Checked English Worsted 
Suits, solid material, as cut 70 12.00 

5. Dark Brown Imported English Worsted, 
indistinct stripe, as cut 70 - 13.00 

6. Fine West of England Worsted Cloth, in a 
dark checked pattern, as cut 70 14.00 

80. Young Men s Suits, double breasted style, 
made of, light brown tweed, with overcheck of 
green, as cut 80 10. OO 

<1 Dark Worsted Materials, in dark brown, 
also black and green mixed, as cut 80 11 .00 

12. Imported Worsted Brown Ground, with 
overplaid of green and black and black ground, 
red overplaid, ascutSO 12.00 

13. Fine Engli-h Worsteds, dark brown, 
ground, overplaid of green, cut 80 13.OO 

J4. Imported West of England Worsted, neat 

dark checked pattern, as cut 80 14.00 

YOUTHS SUITS (Single Breasted) 
50. Youths Single Breasted Suits, medium nnd 
dark checked tweeds also navy blue soft ^erge, 
scut90. :fJ 33 34. 35 

4.50 4.75 5.00 

91 . Dark Brown, also medium dark grey strong 
Canadian tweeds, as cut 90. 

32 33 34, 35 6 

6.00 6.25 6.50 

92. Light and Dark Mixed Domestic Tweeds, 
neat patterns, nicely made, as cut 90. 

32 33 34, 35 

6.00 6.25 6.50 

93. Black and Navy Blue All Wool Imported 
Campbell Worsted Serge, hard finish, as cut 90. 

32 33 34, 35 

7.50 7.75 8.00 

94. Dark Brown Worsted Tweed, in striped 
and checked patterns, with red thread over- 
plaids, as cut 90. 

32 33 34 35 

8,00 8.25 8.50 8.50 

95. Grey Bannochburn Effect Tweed, also brown 
mixed with green, neat patterns, as cut 90. 

32 33 34, 35 

9.50 9.75 10.00 

96. Black and Navy Clay Twill Worsted, In 
nice soft finished cloth, as cut 90. 

32 33 34, 35 

10.00 10.25 10.50 

YOUTHS SU ITS (Double Breasted) 

100. Youths suits of navy blue soft serge, 
lUo medium dark Canadian tweeds, as cut 100. 
32 33 34, 5 

4.50 4.75 5.00 

1O1, Brown mixed domestic tweed with green 
aal rei overplaid, as cut 100. 

32 33 34, 35 

6.00 6.25 6. SO 

1 02 , Light and dart grey fancy mixed tweeds 
with colored overplaids, us cut 100. 

32 3:? 34, 35 

7.00 7.25 7.50 

1O3 Higlish worsted serge, Campbell twill 
hard finish, black and navy blue, as cut 100. 
32 33 34, 35 

7,50 7.75 8.00 

104. Brown, with grey broken stripe, also light 
browi che?k, both witu fancy colored over- 
plaids, as cut 100. 32 33 34, 35 

8.0O 8.25 8.50 

105. Scotch, effect tweeds, in nice, neat, uew 
patterns of browns, overchecked with green. 

32 33 34, 35 

9.50 9.75 10.00 

106. Dirk bfowu fancy worsted suits, with 
n ;t overplaids, good wearing material. 

32 33 34, 35 

10 50 10.75 11.00 

107. ETONIAN Serge Suits, for youths, 
single ir double Vested sack style, navy blue 
arid blact, fast lyes, as cut 90 or 100. 

32 33 34, 35 

11.00 11.50 12.00 


110. Black Venetian, finished worsted, solid 
English Tiiterial. silk faced lapels, good trim- 
ings, is < ul 110, sizes 27 to 35 , 1 Q .50 




HAINCOATS-Sizes 34 to 46 

140. Men s Raincoats, made of Oxford grev 
Cravenette, cloth, as cut 140 6.50 and 8.OO 

14 1- , , As H . m England" Raincoats, Harris 
effect tweeds, light fawn, homespun and brown 
mixed, with large overplaids, as cut 140, 1 Q OO 

142. Imported English Cravenette Cloth Kai" 
coats m olive and Oxford grey shades nicely 
made and perfect fitting, as cut 140 1 Oh 

143. Fancy Striped Cravenette Raincoat* Im 
ported cloth, olive, with green stripe and light 
overcheck, also Oxford grey with green stripe 
made as cut !40 1 OO 

144. Soft Finished Cravenette, west of England 
plain Oxford grey or olive, as cut 140 12 5O 

145. Tweed Raincoats, made of heFringb one 
striped, olive and tinted effects, as cut 14012 SO 

146. Fawn and Grey English Cravenette Cloth 
Raincoats, nicely made, as cut 140 13 50 

147. Fancy Cravenette Cloth Raincoats. ol ivJs 
and greys, as cut 140 _ 15 OO 

148. Oxford Grey and Olive Shm ie s of Craven- 
ette, worsted coverts, as cut 140 15 OO 
HV H St ,T S , " veuette Cloth RaincoStVm 
olive and Oxford grey shades, line material 
nicely tailored, us cut 140._ 16.50 

COATS-Sizes 34 to 46 

15 ^P;>, M K di ?" n i , Dar Grey and OIiT e Covert 
Cloth, checked linings, as cut 150.. 3 QK 

151. Nice Dar Grey Covert Cloth Rubberuert 
Waterproof Coat, as cut 150. 5 OO 

162. Covert Cloth in medium weight darE grev 
ql o|iy shades, us cut J50 * 6 50 

53. Covert Cloth Rubberized Waterproof Coats 

in dar fawn, also dark grey, with indistinct 

stripe, checked linings, as cut 150 7 50 

154. Parametta Cloth, black ground with 
iiidistinctgrey stripe, as cut 150 f 50 

155. Fine Covert Cloth, mid-grey.checked lining 
buttoned up to throat. Rubberized, cut 150P OO 

156. Men s Melton Rubberised Cloth Coiit in 
navy blue and dar fawn, as cut 150 1O 00 

160. Medium Liar Grey Covert Cloth, checked 
Union, English make 5 QQ 

161. Coach in n s Waterproof Coats, double 
breasted, white pearl buttons in a drab smooth 
finished cloth, similar to cut 160 10 00 

162. Heavy Melton Rubberized Waterproof 
Coat.s fawn and navy bine, as cut 160... 15.00 

163. Men s Motor Co. ts.cut to reach below knee, 
full skirt, olive and fawn rubberized cashmere 
cloth, buttoned to throat _ JO OO 

164. Motor Coats, long double breasted style, 
vnlcani zed hlac rubber on outside, with blue 
melton cloth lining in OO 

165. Black Leather Motor Coats, doable breast 
ed (Danish a me of leather), lined with green 
flannel, wind cuff in sleeve 2O OO 

166. Very Soft and Pliable Danish Leather mo 
tor Coats in black, double breasted checked 
wool worsted lining ^.Q QQ 

RUBBER COATS Sizes 36 to 44. Over 44 75c 

167. Men s Dull Fmisheu Rubber Coat 
black, double breast d ... ) 

168. Men s Heavy 

lireasted, simp and ring fasteners 3 

169. Firemen s Extra Heavy Rubber C 
double breasted, snap and ring fasteners 4 

Sizes 34 to 44 inches chest 

170. Medium Dark Grey All-wool Che 
made single breasted, 44 inches long, with 
vet collar, style as cut 170 K 

171. Dark Oxford Grey ch vlot Oloth," all-J 
goods, 40 ins. long, velvet collar, as cutlTO ~T 

172. Black Cheviot Cloth with indistinct cl 
oi grey, also plnin Oxford grey, as cut 170 9 

181. Medium and Dark Olive" Shades of P 
Fawn Covert Cloth, as cut 180 3 | 

182. Medium Fawn Covert, with selfstrpe eti 
also with red overplaid. as cut 180 8 ! 

183. Men s Topper Overcoats, plain fawii wor 
covert. also fawn with fawn overcheck of gn 
8(i ins. long, as cut 180 ...__ 1Q ! 

184. Dark Fawn Covert Cloth, with faint 
ored stripe. ^ inch apart, as cut 180 10 

185. Dark Fawn English Covert Cloth, s5 
box back Topper style, as cut 180 12 

186. Dark Olive and Oxford Grey.worsted c 
erts, fine twill finish, as cut 180 iy 

190. Dark Oxford Grey Cheviot"cib th Spi 
Overcoats, silk faced lapels as cut 190 |O 

192. Black Cheviot Finished Woisted Overc i 
with self stripe, silk faced. as cut 190 , 12 

193. Dark Oxford Grey English Cheviot Cli " 
also Black Vicuna, as cut 19Q ,. <4 .._ 12. . 



)0. Men s Summer Suits(coat and 


nts only), made of mid grey and 
lark grey flannel tweeds, with nar- 

ow stripe as cut 200 _______ 3.50 

11. Striped Effect Tweeds, Engfian 
j loth, fawn or grey, as cut 200 5.0O 
, }2. Fa\vn English Tweed, home- 
1 ,pun effect, with pin stripe of white, 
I is cut 2uO ... ...... _ .......... 6 50 

I 33. Cream Flannel Suits, English 
uake, as cut 200 .................... 5.00 

34. Cream Serge, also cream serye 

w . - 11 .UU 

: 10. Summer Suits, made of light 
! arown homespun, mixud with grey 
1 with strine us put. oin Q 50 

? 11. Fawn Homespun. with larce vcr- 
j plaid or fawn ground, with white pin 

j stripe, as cut 210 6.50 

! 12. Light Grey Homespun Halifax. 

with dark overplnid, cut 210 6.50 

13. Dark Brown or Mid Grey 

Homespun Effects, with colored 

OTerchecks, as cut 210 7.50 

20. Hemepuu Tweed. fawn 

! ground, olive tinted, with large rol- 
ored overplaid. as cut220 6.50 
21. Very Fine Homespun, light 
grey with brown and white over- 

i check, as cut 220 8.5O 

I 3O. Dark Grey Homespun, with 

reen overcheck, as cut 230_ 7.50 

231 . Navy Blue Clay Twill Botany 
Serge, one-quarter lustre lined, as 
cut 230 _. - 8.5O 

232. Fawn, light brown and grey, 
with fancy overplaids, % alpaca 
lined as cut 230 8.5O 

233. Fawn.mediumandlightgreys 
with fancy overchecks, pure wool 
cloths Xhistre lined, cut230 10 00 

234. <iood Quality of Navy Bine 

235. American Summer Suits, in 
homespuns, light brown, also grey 
and green mixed, as cut 230 11 .00 

236. Fine Cream Serge, with mauvu 
silk stripe, satin taped seams, as cut 
230 _ _ 11.0O 

237 New York styles in light and 
dark grey and browu homespuns, as 
cut 230 _ 12.50 

238 . Medium and Dark Grey Tropical 
Worsteds, 13oz. fancy indistinct over- 
check as cut 230 _ 13.50 

239. Navy Blue Worsted Serge, 
with fancy self overcheck. New 
York make, as cut 230- 15. OO 

239a. Tropical Worsteds, dark grey, 
with lieht blue and red overplaid, 
also light grey with self overcheck. 
New York style, as cut 230...18.00 

239b. Light Weight Blue Serge. 

. American make Suit. K silk lined, 
silk fiped seams, as cut 230 20.00 

Summer Washing Vests 

Sizes 34 to 46 in. chest. 

240. White Duck washing Vests, de- 
tichabk- buttons, cut 240 751 OO 

241. Fancy White Duck Washing 
Vests, in spots, checks, stripe and 
figured patterns, cut240 1 .00 1 .25 

242. Nicer Quality of American. 
Washing Vests, white ground with 
spots, figures and striped patterns, 
as cut 240 _ 1 .50 2.00 

243 Extra Fine i^uality of Ameri- 
; an Washing Vests, in ail the new 
designs, as cut 240 _ 2.50 

Tweed and Fancy Vests 

Siz S34 to 44. 

250. Men s Odd Tweed Vests, in 
medium and dark patterns, as cut 
250. eaeh _ .75 1 OO 

251. Black or Navy Clay Twill 
Worsteds also Black Venetian Vests, 
as cut 250 _ _ 1 .50 

252. Fancy Worsted Vests, black 
ground with white or red figures, as 
cut 250 2.50 

253. Men s Fancy Vests, double- 
breasted styles in dark pattern 
worsted with colored figures.. 3.0O 

Lustre Coats. Etc. 
850. Men s Black Lustre Coats, for 

hot weather oroffice wear 

1.25 1.75 

851. Grey Lustre Coats, light and 
cool_ 1 .25 

852 Black Russill Cord Coats 

1.50 2.0O 2.50 

B53. Fancy Lustre Coats, black 

ground with neat stripes 2 00 


854. Silver Grey Lustre Coats 2.00 

855. BlueSergeUnlinedCoatel.50 

856. Long Clerical Coats, black 
Russill cord, square fronts... 2.50 

857. White Drill Coats, barbers 
waiters, etc., single breasted, round 
or square corners. _ 75 

858. White Duck Coats, single breast 
ed, square or round corners... 1 .00 

859- Long Driving Dusters 

1.50 2.00 2.50 

860 Boys Black or Grey Lustre 
Coats, patch pockets 27 28 .90 29 30 
1.OO 31 32 33 1.25 
861 B 5~ s Bluc Serge Coats, un- 

lined 27 23 29 36 31 32 33 

1.00 1.25 1.50 

862 Men s White Duck Tronsei 
29 to 44 in, waist 1.00 1,2; 

863 Men s Trousers, Krey stripe 
lannel effects _ 2.50 

964 Cream Flannel Trousers, with 
pinstripe 3.00 3.50 

365. Unshrinkable Englisfc Flan 
nel Trousers, i cream *B>y_ 4.09 


Men s Trousers (Sizes 3 J to 41 inch waist.) 
260. Men s Cottunade Moleskin Trousers, 
in neat striped patterns, as cut 260 .90 

61 . iledium and dark domestic tweeds 1 . OO 
62. Better quality of Tweed Trousers, 
dark and medium striped patterns. _ 1 25 

263. Strong Canadian and English 
Tweed Trousers, three pockets _ 1 RQ 

264. All Wool Hair Line Striped Tweed," 

darK grey ! 75 

266. Imported English Hair Line ,"" 

also striped Domestic Tweed 2.OO 

267. English colored striped Wo rsteds, also 
Canadian Tweeds and blue worsted serge o 50 

269. Fine English Worsteds in colored 
striped patterns d irk and medium . 3OO 

270. Campbell Twill Serge, hard finish 
English wonted cloth, navy blue 3.OO 

272. Black Venetian finished Worsted, also black 
clay twilled worsteds, also black worsted 

with self stripe 3. SO 

273. Men s Worsted Trousers, dark and 
medium imported English cloths.striped 3. SO 

274. Finer quality of imported Trousers, neat 
colored striped effects, English cloths... 4 QQ 

275. Black Venetian Worsteds, also col- 
ored striped worsted, good solid cloths. A, 50 

276. Extra fine quality of English Worsteu 
Troufiere, neat new striped effects, dark 

and medium shades 5.OO 

281 . Men s Riding Breeches, in grey 
whipcord _ . 4.50 

282 . Men s Riding Breeches, in fawn 
Bedford cord ._ 6-00 

NOTE All trousers longer than 34 inches jiiside 
leg measure, cost 50c per pair extra. 

Youths Trousers (28 to 31 Waist.) 

277. Youths Tweed Trousers, strong 
Canadian cloths 1.0O 1.25 and 1.50 

278. Youths Trousers, domestic tweeds, 

good wearing qualities 1.75 2.OO and 2. SO 

279. English Worsted Trousers, for 
youths, neat patterns 2.50 and 3.OO 

280. Nay* Blue Worsted Serge Trousers, 

hard twill finish, Campbell serge 25O 

,_ Men s Smocks (Sizes 36 to 44 Chest.) 

300. Men s Smocks, white twilled drill, 

as cut 300 _ .40 

301 . Blue Denim Smock, well made, cutSOO m gQ 

302. Extra heavy Blue and Black Denim " 
Smocks, as cut 300 .75 

303. "The Chief Engineer " blue drill 

whitestars forming a stripe, as cut 300. .75 

Men s Overalls Size 32 to 44 inches Waist 

310. Heirs Overalls, with bib, of white 
twilled drill, as cut 810 .4-0 

31 1 . Strong Blue Denim Bib Overalls.cut 310 m g Q 

312. Heavier weight Blacker Blue Denim " 
Overalls with straps aad bib, ae cut 310 .75 

313. "The Chief Engineer" l.lue drill 
white stars forming stripe, as cut 310 f 

314. Extra heavy Blue Denim Overalls, 
with bib and straps, as cut 310 Qi 

320. Blue Denim Overalls as cut 820 . .51 
321- Strong heavy striped Cottonade, 

also heavy Blue Denims, as cut 320 .7i* 
NOTE Overalls longer than 34 inches inside It i 

cost 25c per pair extra. 

Leather Coats (Sizes 36 to 44.) 

330. Black Leather Coats, soft and 
pliable, lined with corduroy, as cut 330 5 0( 

331. Black or Tan Leather Coats, revcrsiU. 
corduroy one side, as cut 330 _ _ 6 0( 

Oiled Clothing Sizes (36 to.) 

335. Men s Apron Pants, of heavy oiled 
drill, in black or yellow, as cut 8Hf>, pair. 1 .25 

336. Men s Short Jackets, yellow or 
black, us cut 335. _ _..". 1 .2 

337. Black or Yellow Long Oiled Coats, 
reach below the knee 2.5C 

338. Fisherman s Heavy Oiled Capes, 

in black only, with full sweep, each 1 ,5C 

339. Black or Yellow Oiled Aprons, 

with bib and straps, each 7E 

Dressing Gowns (Sizes 34 to 44 Chest.) 

340. Velours, camel s hair effects, red, tingei 
with ^ 

ith grey, as cut 840 





4IO. Fine Fancy Worsteds in newest 
designs and colorings, as cut 400, 

sizes 30 to 33 .. o en 


(Sizes 27 to 33) 

OO. Navy Blue English Serge.Ital- 
ian lined, as cut 400 o KQ 

01 Neat Domestic Tweeds, as cut 


02. Medium, light and dark pat terns 
of strong domestic tweeds, as cut 4m i 


O3. All-wool Domestic Tweeds, 
mixed patterns and navy blue, son 
finished serge, strong linings, as cut 


42O. Double Breasted Suits in me 
dium and dark patterns of domestic 
tweeds, as cut 420 3 QQ 

All-wool Domestic T weeds 
with nrat overplaids, as cut 420, 

* 4.00 

04. Imported Tweeds, all wool 
goods, neat patterns, cut 400 

05. English Clay Twill Worstedl. 
:u navy blue and black, all-wool 
goods, strong linings and trimming 
throughout, as cut 400 5.OO 

06. Fine All-wool Domestic and 
imported Tweeds, new divs-y pat 
terns, good trimming*.. ;is cut 4*00, 


07. Scotch Tweeds, in new pat 
terns, also navy blue and black clay 
twill worsted, imported goods u s 
cut 400 g Q/-V 

08. Navy Blue and Black worsted 
serges, also fine imported tweeds, 

best linings, as cut 400 Q CQ 

-O9. Imported Fancy Worsted, in 

nobby patterns and colorings, as cut 

422. Dressy Patterns of All-wool 
Tweeds, imported goods, as cut4 /0, 


. 5Q423. Imported Tweeds, in stylish 
"- j - patterns, also navy blue and black 
clay twill worsteds, English materi 
als, strong linings, as cut 420, 

:es29 to 33 ................ 


424. Scotch Tweeds in stylish eff- 
ecte, also navy bine and black clay 
(. il worsted, best linings, as cut 


425. Navy Blue and Black Worsted 
iiNo new Scotch Twee. Is. a^ 

cut 4-0 c c/-k 

O . O \J 

425. Fine Imported Fancy Tweeds 
and Worsteds in stylish effects, as 
cut 420, sizes 29 to 33_ _ 750 

427. West of England Fancy Worst 
eds, in new designs and colorings, as 

cut 420, sizes 30 to 3:; only.. 


Pants only 

(Sizes 29 to 33) 

440. Norfolk Suit in domestic 
tweeds (coat and pants only), as cut 
440, sizes 29 to 33 3.5O 

441. Norfolk Suits icoat and pants 
only), in ail-wool tweeds, neat pat 
terns, as cut 440 _ 4.OO 

442. Norfolk Suits (coat and pants 
only). in light grey homespun tweeds, 
as cut 440 .". _. 4. SO 

443. Norfolk Suit (coat and pants 
only), in neat tweeds, as cut 440, 
size s 29. 31), 4 OO 31, 32, 4 25 33, 

- 4.50 

444. Norfolk Suit (coat and pants 
only), in neat brown and olive mix 
ed twe ds, as cut 440. sizes 29, 30, 
.4,25 si,32. 4.5O 33,4.75 

445. Norfolk Suit (coat and pants 
only), in light grey homespun and 
medium shades of all-wool tweeds, 

. as cut 440, size 29, 30, 4 5O 31, 32, 
I 4.75 :, 5.OO 

446. Norfolk Suit (Coat and pants 
only), in neat all-wool tweeds, me 
dium and dark patterns, as cut 440, 
sizes 29, 30, 5.OO 31,32,52533, 

447. Norfolk Suit (coat and pant, 
only), in navy blue worsted serges 
imported goods, as cut 440. sizes 29, 
30,5.25 Si, 32,5.50 33. 5.75 

448. Norfolk Suits (coat and pants 
only), in fine all-wool imported 
twei .K best linings, as cut 440, sizes 
J . . 30, 6.00 5, :<2, 6.25 33, 6.5O 

449. Norfolk Suit (coat and pant 
only), in navy blue worsted serge 
all-wi iol goods, as cut 440, sizes 29 to 
33 _ 6.5O 

450. Double Breasted Norfolk Suit 
(coat and pants only), in neat all- 
wool tweeds, as cut 450. sizes 29,311 
4.0031,32,4.25 si, 4.50 

451. Double Breasted Norfolk Suit 
(coat and pants only), in neat mixed 
tweed, as cut 450, sizes 29, 304. S 
31, ;!2, 4.5O 3S 4. 

452. Double Breasted Norfolk 
(coat and pants only), in homeapUD 
and all-wool tweeds, as cut 4.">o, size 
29. 30, 4 75 31. :.- . 5.OO 33, 5.25 

453. Double Breasted Norfolk .-uu, 
(coat and pants only), ill tine im 
ported tweeds, as cut 450, sizes 29, 
SO, 5.50 31, 32, 5.75 33... 6.OO 

46O. Norfolk Suit (coat and pants 
only) in light grey homespun tweed, 

as rut 4 fin, sizes 29, 30 5.OO 

31. 32, 5.25 33 5.5O 

465. Bo>s- Tuxedo Suit, in black 
unfinished worsted, silk faced collar, 
sizes 27 to S3, as cut 165 8. SO 

466. Boys I lilined . -nit I coat and 
pants on ly ), made from light home 
spun tweeds, single breuste.i coat. 
pants with belt to match, as cut 460, 
sizes 27 to 33 _ 4.OO 

467. B 5 s Single Breasted. Unliiied 
Suits, (coat and pants only), in dressy 
homespun tweed, light grey, belt to 
match, sizes 27 to S3 5 . OO 

468. DoubleBreastedUnlined suits 
(ct>at and pants only), in light grey 
homespun tweeds, sizes 27 to 33. 


Boys 1 Two Piece and Children s Kilted Suits 


Sizes 24 to 28 

470 Navy Blue English Serge, Italian lined, as 
cut 470 1 .50 

471 . Dark Domestic Tweeds, neat patterns, 
Italian linings, as cut 470 2.00 

475. Neat Checked Tweeds and Navy Blue 
Serge, as cut 475. 

24 26-26 27-2* 

2.50 2.75 3.0O 

476. All Wool Tweeds, dressy patterns, strong 
linings, as cut 475. 

24 25-26 27-28 

3.0O 3.25 3.50 

480. Dark Grey Tweed, with green overplaid, 
as cut 480. 

24 25-26 27-28 

2.50 2.75 3.00 

485. Navy Blue English Worsted Serge, and 
fane all wool tweeds, j.s cut 485. 

24 25-26 27-28 

3.50 3.75 4.0O 

486. Fine Imported Tweeds, in new and dressy 
patterns, all wool goods, as cut 485. 

24 25-26 2728 

4.00 4.25 4. SO 
490. Norfolk Suit, in light grey homespun 
I weeds, us cut 490. 

24 25-26 27-28 

4.25 4.50 4.75 

495. Norfolk Suit, in strong, dark domestic 
tweeds, Italian lined, as cut 495. 

24 25-26 27-28 

2.50 2.75 3.00 

496. Norfolk Suit in light grey mixed tweeds, 
wiihoverpiaid, as cut 495. 

24 25-26 27-28 

2.75 3.00 3.25 

497. Light and Dark shades of all Wool Tweeds 
in new mixtures, as cut 495. 

24 25-26 27-L s 

3.00 3.25 3.50 

498. Imported Twoeds, all wool goods, grey 
and brown mixed, as cut495. 

24 25-26 27-28 

3.50 3.75 4.00 

499. Navy Blue and Black Worsted Serge, all 
wool imported goods, as cut -195. 

24 25-26 27-28 

3.50 3.75 4.00 

500. Light Grey Homespun and Grey and 

Brown Mixtures of Tweeds, us cm 195. 
24 2.V12I) 27-28 

3.75 4.00 4.25 

501 . Vine Navy Blue Worsted Serge and Grey 
Clay Twill Worsted, as cut 495. 

24 25-26 27-28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 

502. Fine All Wool Imported Tweeds, in new 
est designs, as cut 195. 

24 25-26 27-28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 

510. Dmil>Ie Breasted Norfolk Suit, in c 
tweed, with overplaid, as cut 5111. 

24 25-26 27-2X 

3.00 3.25 3.50 

511. Dark Grey and Olive Tweed with rh 
as cut 510. 

24 25-26 27-28 

3.50 3.75 4.00 

512. Fawn and Grey Homespun Tweed, 
overplaid, as cut 510 

24 25-26 27-2S 

4.00 4.25 4.50 

51 3 . Fine All Wool Tweeds, in dressy patte 
as cut 510. 

24 25-26 27-28 

4.50 4.75 5.00 
Children s Kilt Suits 

515. Kilt Suits, in navy blue melton ?. 
collars, braid trimmed, lined, similar to cut 
sizes to fit from IX to 3% years 1 

516. Kilt Suit, in navy blue serge, sepi 
blouse, sizes 1% to 3%, as cut 515 2 

517. Kilt Suit of navy serge, silk braid 1 
mings, sizes 1% to 3% years, as cut 515 2 

51 8 . Navy Serge KiltSuit, silk braid trimm 
si/es 1J" 2 to 3Ji years & 

Highland Kilt Suit 

520. Highland Suits in Koyal Stuartor Go 
tartans ; coat, vest and cap of blue black ve 
stockings, sash and sporran included, sixes 
f [-lua :; to 7 yrs. , M< cut .">U". SM;( complete 12" . 



Boys Sailor and Brownie Norfolk Suits 

Sizes 21 to 26 inch chest. 

) Boys Sailor Suits, in navy blue 
glish serge, collar braid trimmed, 
at lined, lanyard and 
>istle,sizes21to27,ascut530 .75 

I . . Better Quality of Navy Blue 
ge >aiior Suit, style sim- 
to .V.o, sizes 21 to 27 1 .OO 

U. Sailor Suit, in navy blue Eng- 
:i <>":^>-, deep collar braid trim- 
d, separate iront, sizes 21 

26, as cut 530 1 .5Q 

|J. Bailor Suit, in better quality of 

ivy blue serge, collar neatly trim- 
*l.separate front, knee pantslined, 

uilarstvle to cut 580, sizes 


^5. Sailor Suit, in all-wool navy 
>ie cheviot finished serge, 

e2k to 26, as cut 535 3.00 

B3. Sailor Suit, in navy blue wors- 
Hscrg deep collar trimmed with 
ick siik hraid, s< | arate front with 
chor. similar style to cut 

>5, Bizes 21 to -26.... . 3.5O 

3. Sailor Su : t, in navy blue wors- 
TO serge, deep collar with silk 
aid trimmings, sizes 21 to 

.us rut 510 4.50 

5. sailor ?nit, in fine navy blue 
isrlHi worsted serge, collar with 
ik braid trimming, separate front 
ithanrhor emblem onsleeve, neat 
id stylish, v/es 21 to 2f,, as 
it 515 5.00 

550. Sailor Suit, new double breasted 
tyle, made from neat pattern of all- 
.vool tweed, deep collar, separate 
cream serge front, as cut 550, 

sizes 21 to 26. 5-00 

551 . Handsome Bailor Suit, in navy 
b.ue imported worsted serge, similar 
style as cut 550, newest de 
sign, sizes 21 to 26 _ 6.00 

555. Man War Suits in white Drill, 
Regulation English Make 

sizes 21 to 27, as cut 505 2.5O 

556. Sailor Man O War Suits. Eng 
lish make, in navy blue serge. cream 
serge front, long pants, bell shaped 
at foot, lanyard and whistle, 

sizes 21 to 27, as cut 555_ 3.50 

557. Sailor Man O War Suit, in navy 
blue English worsted serge, regula 
tion make, as cut 555, si/.es 

I 21 to 27 _ 5.0O 

560. Sailor Suit, of fawn homespun 
tweed, with overplaid red trimmings, 
as cut 560 only, with bloomer 
pants, sizes 2i to 26 _ 4.50 

561 . Sailor Suit, of royal blue serge, 
neatly made and trimmed, 

as cut 560, sizes 21 to 26 4. 5O 

565. Handsome Sailor Suit, of royal 
biue serse. largo collar trimmed 
with white, pnll over blouse, with 
cream serge front, emblems on front 
and sleeve, bloomer pants, as 
cut 505, sizes 21 to 26 T . 5O 

Brownie Norfolk Suits 

57O. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in neat 
paitern of mixed tweed, sailor collar 
braid trimmed, sizes 21 to Jli, 
as cut 570 3.50 

575. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in brown 
velvet sailor collar, with fancy over- 
collar, sizes 21 to 2t>, us cut 

575 4.5O 

576. Brownie Norfolk Suits, in 
green velvet, sizes 21 to 26, as 

cut 575 _ 4.50 

580. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in light 
grey homespun tweed, deep collar 
trimmed with red braid, very 
dressy, sixes 21 to 26, as cut 

580 6.00 

581 . Brownie Norfolk Suit, in neat 
grey mixed all-wool tweed, 

sizes 21 to 26, as cut 580. 5.OO 

582. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in navy 

562. Sailor Suit, of dark red worsted j blue worsted serge, neatly trimmed 

serge, trimmed to match, as sizes 21 to 26, as cut 580 

cut .560, sizes 21 to 26. 4. SO I 5.00 

583. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in dark 
mixed tweeds, braid trimmed 
C ollars, sizes 21 to 26, as cut 

sso 4.OO 

584. Brownie Norfolk Suits, made 
from good domestic tweeds, sizes 21 
to 26, similar style to cut 

580 . . _ 3.00 

585. Brownie Norfolk Suit, new 
double breasted style. In dressy 
pattern of tweed, sizes 21 to 

26, as cut 585 5.00 

586. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in bronze 
and grey pin check tweed, sailor 
collar with 5 rows brown silk 
braid, sizes 21 to 26, ascut585 6.50 

590. Brownie Norfolk Suit, in fine 
all-wool dark grey mixed tweed, 
new and stylish, sizes 21 to 
26, as cut 590 6.50 

595. Xew American Style Russian 
Blouse Suit, made from fine nav> 
blue worsted serge, red silk emblem 
on front and sleeve, very 
stylish, sizes 21 to 26, cut595 7.50 

A, Children s Sailor Collars, with 
fronts, in navy blue, white and 
light blue drills, 

braid trimmed, .25 .35 .50 

B. Children s Circular Collars, In 
white drill, with 

embroidery frill, .25 .35 .50 



Our Mall Order Department is 
It your service. 

Boys 1 Fancy Suits 

See instructions about frt i 
delivery, page 209. 



600. Boys Bn-ter Brown Suit, in neat dnrk 
mixed tweeds, sizes 20 to 26, as cut 600 2 5O 

601 . Buster Brown Suits in medium light grey 
mixed tweeds, similar style to cut gOU, sizes 
20 to 26 

60S. Buster Brown Suit in dark tweeds, as out 
605, sizes 20 to 20 ....... _ .............................. o gQ 

Sip. Buster Brown Snit. in light mixed tweeds, 
Eton collar, red lielt. and trimmings, sizes 20 
to ^6, as cut 010 ......... _ .......................... A C\C\ 

615. Buster Brown Suit, in neat dark mixed 
tweeds, separate Kton collar, sizes 20 to 26, as 
cut t>15_ ............................................. 4..OO 

616. Buster Brown Suit, in very dark mixed 
tweed, with small grey check, similar style to 
cut 615, sizes 20 to 2U ............................. 4 gQ 

620. Eton Vestee Suits.made from dark brown 

twee<K I anev \ ests,. -cparate Ktor collar, sizes 
it; to 20, us- ciit C20_. ................................. g QQ 

621 . Eton Vestee Suit, in navy bine serge, fancy 
vest of grey, as cut Oa>, sizes 22 to 2ii ..... g QQ 

622. Buster Brown Suit, of light grey and green 
Kornespnu tweed, sizes 20 to 20, as cut 022 ....... _ 

~ ...................... ~ ...... - 5.OO 

625. Buster Brown Suit of navy blue serge, 
trimmed with red, sizes 20 to 26, as cut 625 


630. Buster Brown Suit, of light grey home 
spun tweed, black tie and belt, sizes 20 to 26, as 
cut 630 5.OO 

635. Buster Brown Suit, of navy blue worsted 
serge, red trimming, sizes 20 to 26, as cut 635 

_ 5.0O 

640, Buster Brown Suit, of dark red serge, sizes 
20 to 26, as cut 640 _ 5 .00 

645. Buster Brown Suit, of dark brown wor 
sted, very new and stylish, sizes 22 to 2H. as 
cut 645__. _ _ 5.0O 

646. Buster Brown Suit, in light grey home 
spun tweed, trimmed with black, as cut 645. 
sizes 22 to 26 _..__.._. 5.00 

650. Buster Brown Suit in dark green velvet, 
white silk trimmings, sizes 20 to 25, as cut 650 


655. New Russian Blouse Suit, madefromi 
blue worsted serge, deep sailor collar, as 
600, sizes 20 to 25 6 I 

656. Russian Blouse Suit, of Royal blue si 
as cut 655, sizes 20 to 25 Q . I 

657. Russian Blouse Suit, of dark r.-dwon 
serge, as cut 655, sizes 20 to 25.. Q m I 

660 . Russian Blouse Suit, in navy blue woi 1 
serge, trinunetl with black braid, very sty 
sizes 20 to 25, as cut 660 g. | 

661 . Russian Blouse Suit, in Royal blue si 
trimmed with red and white, sizes 20 to 2 
cut 660. . g, I 

665. Buster Brown Suit, in navy blue woii 
serge, blucksilk braid trimming, new Amei 
styles, sizes 20 to 25, as cut 665 6, I 

666. Bn.ter Brown Suit, in brown, red orB;< 
biii , Ainvi iean styles, similar to cut Ou~>. 
21to25 7. 1 


ave thousands of satisfied 
inters throughout Canada. 

Children s Wash Suits 

See page 209 about Fret 
Delivery of Goods. 

i"O. Boys Wash Suits, made from English Gal- 
teas and American percales, in light mid navy 
lue, figured ami striped patterns, also plain 
men, sailor collars neatly trimmed. Sizes 21 
327 as nil 670 1 yg 

"5. Wash Suits in light and dark striped pat- 
ems of English Galatea, also plain linen and 
rhiteilri l. trimmed collars and separate white 
routs, sizes 21 to 27, a.s cut 675 < QQ 

6. Wash Suits in white drill, with colored 
HI collars, separate fronts, sizes 21 to 27, H* 

lit (J7>>. t c/"\ 

I O\_J 

10. Wash Suits in American Percales, in me- 
iuin, light and dark patterns, deep collars, 
epentte fronts to mute 1 h, sizes 21 to 26, similar 
tyle to cut tiSO 1 .00 

11 . Wa<h suits, in blue and fawn striped" Gal- 
tea ami figured percales. Sizes 21 to 26, as cut 

su -I 25 

12. Wash Suits in white drill, also grey and 

fsvn linens, duep collars, braid trimmed, sep- 
rate fronts, sizes 21 to 26, similar to cut 680. 


J3, v\:\sh Suits in fine American costume 
inlls, in colors of fawn, cr- am. \vhiteand light 
iii . iii jitly trimmed, sizes 21 to 26, similar to 


685. Wash Suits in light checked grey and 
fawn crash, braid trimmed collars, sizes 21 to 26, 
as cut 685.. oc 

690. Wash Suits in fawn and light blue drill, 
sailor collar, trimmed, as cut 690, sizes 21to 26. 

__ f\ Kf\ 

" lOU 

695. Wash Suits in grey and brown linen, sizes 
21 to 26, as cut 695 i QQ 

TOO. Wa -h Suits, Russian blouse style, in neat 
patterns of percales, deep collars, sizes 21 to 25 
as cut 7UO 1.25 

705. Wash Snitsin neat patterns of percales, 
medium and light shades, sizes 21 to 25, as cut 


T06. "Buster Brown" Wash Suits in blue and 
natural shade of linen crash, sizes 21 to 26, sim 
ilar style to cut 705 only plain fronts.... g QO 

710. Wash Suits, "Buster Brown" style, in grey, 
blue and fawn shades, sizes 21 to 25. as cut 710, 

1 . 5O 

715. Wash Suits, "Buster Brown" style, in fawn, 
ox blood and grey, mercerized linen, new and 
dressy, sizes 21 to 25, as cut 715_ g QO 

716. "Buster Brown" style in white pique, 
blue and fawn colored figured crash, similar 
styk- to cut 715, sizes 20 to 25 o QQ 

720. Wash Suits in fine mercerized linen 
shades of brown and grey, silk, ornaments on 
front and sleeve, very stylish, sizes to lit from 
3 to 6 years, as cut 720....! 4 QQ 

725. Wash Suits in fawn and grey linen, and 
white drill, sailor collars, neatly trimmed, sizes 
to tit from 3 to 7 years, as cut 725 3 QQ 

726. Wash Suits in fine American costume 
drill in shades of champagne and blue trimmed, 
with \vliiie d. i p sailor collar, very stylish, sizes 
to fit 3 to 6 years, as cut 725 . 4. QQ 

730. Wash suits in light blue drill, trimmed 
with white, very drcs^v, H ;VN ", to 7 years, as 
cut 730 n f* n 


735. Children s Kilt Suits in light and dark 
blue striped English galatea, also linen crash, 
in sizes to fit from 1% to 3Vj years of 2e s cut 
735 ^c 

I O 

736. Children s Kilt Suits from better quali 
ties of English galatea, in sizes from \% to 3 ,, 

years, as cut 735 t f\/\ 

I ,UU 

736A. Man O War Suits in white drill, regula 
tion English make, de, p collar, lanyard and 
whistle, long pan u, bell shaped at foot sizes 

21 to 27 




Blouses, Raincoats, Knee Pants, Overal 


740. Children s Blouses in dark 
-English prints, in neat patterns, 
sizes 3 to 12 years, as cut 740_ .25 

74.5. Children s Print Blouses in 
light and dark patterns, sailor collar 
with frill, jacket and buttoned cuff, 
sizes 3 to 12 years, as cut 745.. .35 

746. Black Sateen Blouses with 
iteep collar with rill, size; 3 to 12 
rears, as cut 745 .50 

747 . White Cambric Blouses with 
Sailor collar and turn-back cuffs, 
trimmed with embroidery, sizes 3 to 
8 years, as cut 745 50 

750- White Cambric Blouses, deep 
collar and turn back cuffs, embroid 
ery trimmed, double frill down 
front, sizes 3 to 8 years, as cut 750, 

755- White Cambric Blouse, double 
embroidery frill on front, sailor col 
lar and turn back cuffs trimmed 
with embroidery and inlaid with in 
sertion, sizes 3 to 8 yrs., as cut 755 
1 ,OO 

756. Fine White Cambric Blouses, 
very neatly made and trimmed, 
sizes 3 to 8 "years, as cut 755... 1.25 

760. Handsome White Cambric 
Blouses, sailor collar and cuffs inlaid 
with insertion and embroidery trim 
med, sizes 3 to 8 years, as cut 760 
1 .50 

Reefers and Topper 

765. Boys Reefers (coat only), in 
navy blue English serge, Italian 
lined, brass anchor buttons, sizes 21 
to 28, as cut 765 1.50 

766. Boys Reefers (coat only) in 
navy blue all wool serge, Italian 
linings, sizes 21 to 28, as cut 765 
_ 1 .95 

767. Fawn Covert Cloth Reefer 
(coat only), Italian lined, sizes 21 to 
28, as cut 765 4.0O 

768. Fawn Covert Cloth Reefer, 
(coatonly) made from line imported 
goods, be st linings and trimmings, 
sues 21 to 28, as cut 765 _ 4. SO 

770. Boys "Topper" Overcoats in 
fawn covert cl*th, lined with Italian, 
very dressy, as cut 770, size 25, 26 
5.50 ; 27,285.75, 29, 30 6.00 ; 
31, 32 6-25 , 33 6.50 

775. Fawn Covert Russian Over 
coats, silk ornament on front, belt 
around waist, fancy buttons, size 20 
to 26, as cut 775 5.0O 

Waterproofs and Raincoats 

f80. Boys Grey and Olive Ruin- 
coats, tine finished goods, shoulder* 
lined, long, loose tilting without bell 
at back, as cut 780, sizes 24, 25 5 50 

26, 27 5 75 ; 28, 29 6.00 : 3 . 

31 6.25 ; 32, 33._ 6.50 

781 . Boys Grey Cravenette Rain 
coat with neat stripe, similarstyle to 
cut 780, sizes 23, 24, 2>, 26 4.50 

27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 5.OO 

T82. Boys Rubberized CovertCloth 
Waterproofs in grey and faun. 
checked linings, sizes 24, 3.50 
26, 3.75 ; 2, 4.0O ; 3U, 4.25 
32, 4.50 ; 34 4.75 

783. Boys Dull Finished Rnbber 
Coats, In sizes from 24 to 32... 1 .75 

Knee Pants 

Children s Rompers and 
Boys Overalls 

790. Children s Romper Overall 
Suit, made from red, brown and 
blue linen, sizes to lit from 2 to 7 
years, as cut 790 _ .75 

795 . Boys Strong Blue Denim Over 
alls with bib and braces, sizes 20 to 
32, as cut 795 .40 

800. Navy Blue Serge, cottc 
ings, size 22 to 28 

801 . Strong Domestic Twei 
dark patterns, sizes 22 to 28 

802. Strong Domestic Twe< 
sizes 29 to 33 _ 

803. Navy Blue Serges, all 
goods, sizes 22 to 28_ 

804 Navy Blue Serge in siz< 
y.i _ 

805. Dark Grey Halifax T 
good wearing material, sizes 

806. Dark Grey Halifax Twe 
sizes 29 to 33 _ 

807. Navy Blue and Black W 
Serges and" dark tweeds, all wi 
ported goods, sizes 22, 23, 24. 
>, 26, 27, .90 ; 2,S, 29. 30, 1 .0< 
32, 33 

808. Navy Blue Worsted Serg 
tine all wool Tweeds, sizes 
24, 90 ; 2ft, 26, 27, 1 .00 I 
30, 1 .25 : 31, 32, 33_. 

809. White Duck Knee Pan 
lined, sizes 22 to 28. 

81 White Duck Knee Pant 
29 to 33 ..... 




6-6000. Four-in-hand Silk Neck. 

wear, fancy patcerns, as cut 

EC-bOOO, each _ .12-1 

E6-60O2. Made-up Knot silk 

Neckwear, fancy patterns, . 

each ." .124 

E6-6004r ShieM Bow Silk Neck- 

war, fancy patterns also plain 

black, as cut E6-6004 each ,12i 


E6-6008. Four-in-hand Silk Neck 
wear, satin lining, in light and dark 
fancy patterns, also navy and black 
satin polkas, shepherd s plaid, plain 
garnet, white, black and tartan 
plaids, as cut E6-COOS each _ 25 

E6-601O. Four-in-hand Silk Neck 
wear, reversible, in the narrow 
width, also suitable for ladies wear, 
in light and dark fancy patterns, 
also navy and black satin polkas, 
shepherd" s plaid, plain navy, gar 
net, black and white, as cut 
E66010, each 25 

Bctt.-r quality in fancy patterns 
only, each 35 

E6-S012. Made-up Bund Knot Silk 
Neckwear, in light and dark fancy 
patterns, navy and bluck satin 
polkas, also plain white and 
black, as cut E6-6012 each 25 

E6-6014. Made-up Knot Silk Neck 
wear m light and dark fancy pat 
terns, navy and black satin polkas, 
also plain white and black, as 
cut ES-6014. each 25 

E6-6016 Made-up Shield Knot 
Silk Neckwear, in light and dark 
fancy patterns, navy and black satin 
polkas, a so plain white, and black, 
tartan and shepherd s plaids, 
ascutES-ti016, each 25 

E6-6018. Made-up Band Puff 
Silk Neckwear in light and dark 
fancy patterns, navy and black satin 
polkas, also plain white, and 
black, as cut E6-6018, each .25 

E6-6020 Made-up Band Bow 
Silk Neckwear in light i nd dark 
fancy patterns, navy and black satin 
polkas, shepherd s and tarUin plaids 
also plain white, and black, as 
cutEti-6020, each .25 

E6-6022. Made-up Shield Bow 
silk Neckwear in light and dark 
fancy patterns, navy and black satin 
polkas, shepherd s and uirtan plaids 
also plain white and black, as 
cut E6-6022, each ,25 

"6-6024. Four-in-hand Navy F u- 
lurd Silk Neckwear iu fancy pat 
terns and polka dots, as cut 
E6-6024, each...._ _ .25 

E6-6O26. "Clvb" String Silk 
Neckwear to tie in bow, or small 
four-in-hand, reversible, in light and 
dark fancy patterns, also plain col 
ors ami naVy and black polkas, 
as cut Etl-6026, each 25 

E6-6O28. Reversible String Silk 
Neckwear, to tie in bow or small 
four-in-hand, in light and dark fan 
cy patterns, also tartan plaids, 
as cut Et >-r>026, 3 for ftuc, or each .20 

E6-6030. Imported Tubular Wo 
ven String Neckwear, to tie in bow 
or small four-in-hand, revers- 
ilile. in fancy stripes, each 25 

E6-6032. Flat Scarfs, "Claudents" 
in navy and black satin polkas, also 
plain black silk, as cut E6-6032. 
each _ .35 

Plain Black Silk, only, 
each 25 .50 

E6-6O34. " Coachman s 
White Pique Neckwear, each.. .20 


E6-6O36 Four-in-hand Fine Silk 
Neckwear, in the new 3 inch width, 
in light and dark fancy patterns, 
navy and black polkas, also plain 
black, and white, these are 
silk lined, as cut E6-6U30 each .50 

E6-6O38. Four-in-hand Fine Silk 
Neckwear in the medium 2% inch 
width in light and dark fancy pat 
terns, navy and Mack polkas, also 
plain garnet, black, navy, 
grey, and white, each ... .50 

E6 6040. Fine Silk Made-up Band 
Putt Neckwear, light and dark fancy 
patterns, navy and black polkas, 
also plain white, grey and 
black, as cut E6-6040, each 50 

E6-6044. Flowing End Fine Silk 
Neckwear, lightaml dark fancy pat 
terns, navy and black polkas, also 
plain white, and black, as cut 
E6-6044, each 50 

E6-6046. Fine Silk "Ascot" Neck 
wear, to tie in puff shape, light and 
dark fancy patterns, navy and black- 
polkas, also plain white, and 
black, as cut EC 6046, each 50 

E6-6048. Four-in-hand Fine Silk 
Neckwear, iu the medium width, 
light and dark fancy patterns, 
each - .75 

Better quality 1 .00 


E6 605 . White Lawn String Ties 

per dozen .25 

Better quality, per doz. _gQ ^QO 

16-6052. White Lawn Band Bows 
eacn _Q5 

Better quality, each .09 12i 

E6-6054. White Lawn shield Bows 
to be worn with turn down or 
fold collars, each O5 

Better quality .09 .12 2 

E6 6056 Black Silk Tom Thumb" 
Ties, widths are %, %, % and 
1 inch 15 

Better quality, widths % and 1 
inch .". 25 

Also extra long, 1 inch 
wide, each .25 .35 

E6-6060. Black Silk and Satin 
Dress Bows, with band, as cut 
E6-6060, each .20 

\lso Shield Shape for turn down 
collar, each ,2O 


E6-6062. Washing Cotton String 
Ties, to tie in bow, fancy stripes 
each .05 

E6-6064. Fine Madras Washing 
String Ties, to tie in bow, each ^ Q 

E6-6O66. Fine Madrasand Oxford 
Washing Stock Ties, in fancy stripes 
and plain white, as cut Eii-tWti 
each 25 

E6-6068. Fine Madras Washing 
Ascot Neckwear, in neat 
tripes and plain white, each, .25 

E6 607Q. Fine Washing Pique 
Four-in-hand Neckwear, in plain 
white and neat stripes, each ^2^ 

E6 6072. Fine Washable Four-in" 
EancT Neckwear, in plain white, 
blue, and champagne, also 
neat patterns, each 25 

Better quality .35 


Men s and Boys Linen and Rubber Collar; 


E6610O. Men s low turn down Linen Collars, 
as cut E6610U, sizes 14 to 17%, 3 for25cor 
each .09 

E66102. Men s stand up with turn point 
Linen Collars, as cut E66102, depth 1%,2 
and 2 1 , sizes 14 to 17%, 3 for 25c or each .09 

66104. Men s straight band Linen Collars, 
depth 2%, as cut E6iil04, sizes 14 to 17, 3 
f or 25c or each _. .09 


E6611O. Men s4-ply Linen Collars, high turn 
down, depth 1% and 2*, ascut EetillO, 
sizes 14 to 18, each _ 12 > 

E66112. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, straight 
band, depth 2^, 2% and 2%, as cut 
ESS112, sizes!4to 17%, each_ .12 

E66114. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, straight 
baud, military style, depth 1% and 2, 
as cut E66114, sizes 14 to 18%, each .12l 

E66116. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, stand up 
with turn points, depth 1%,2. 2% and 2%, 
as cut E6611U, sizes 14 to 18%, each.._ .12-- 

E66118. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, stand up 
with turn points, depth 2 and 2%, as cut 
EB6118, sizes 14 to 18, each 12 

E66120. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, low turn 
down, as cut Ki;til20, sizes 14 to 17% 
each _ _ .122 

E66122. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, low turn 
down cut away, as cut E66122, sizes 14 to 
19. each _ .12" 

E66124. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, uew com- 
tort styie, with long round points, ascut 
EddlM. sizes 14 10 17%, each 12l 

E661 26 . Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, turn down, 
roll shape, as cut E66126, sizes 14 to 17%, 
each ~_ _1 2s 

E66128. -Men s-1-ply Linen Collars, "Dragoon," 
as cut EfiCli 8, sizes 14 to 19, each..... 

E66130. Men s 4-piy Linen CoiTars," s terid up 
with turn points.depth 2%, ascutE66130, 
sizes 14 to 17 each 12 

E66132. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, turndown 

newest American style w Ith longpoints 

si/.es 14 to 17%,3 for 50c, or each .1 8 

E661 34. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, high turn 
down, as cut l>61 10, depth IV. and 2%, 
sizes 14 lo 17%, 3for5oc.or each .18 

Also 2 in. depth in % si/us, 14 to 18, 3 for 
50c or each . 1 8 

E66136 Mens 4-ply Linen, low turn down, as 
cut EtitilOO, sizes 14 to 19, 3 for 50c or 
each . 1 8 

E66142 Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, straight 
band, as cut E66142, depth 2, 2% and 2 1 .;. 
sizes 14 to 17%, 3 for 50c or each .18 

E66144. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, stand up 
with turii points, depth 2, as cut E66116, 
sizes 14 to 17. 3 for 50c or each 1 8 

E66146. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars, "Clerical" 
with large tab, as cut EdOMti, sizes 14 to 
18. 3 for 50c or each .18 

E66148. Men s 4-ply Linen Collars/ Clerical" 
with small tab, as cut EH6148, sizes 14 to 
18, 3 for 50c or each .18 

ywwwvrww^/wkwx^ -w-vwvv\/ 

) Men s and Boys Rubber Collars, 
< high turn down, as cut E66110, 
f depth 1 : i and 2 ,, sizes 12 to 
$ 17%, each - - - - 


E66156. Children s Eton Collars, 4-ply linen, 
square points, 2% deep, as cut E66156, 
sizes II ts 13%, each _ - _ .123 

Also same style with round points, 2%and 
3 deep, sizes 11 to 13%, each 122 

E66158 Chil -ren s " Buster Brown " Collars, 
4-ply linen. 2>., deep, as cut E66158, 
sizes 11 to Vi%, each .12? 

E66160. Boy s Collars, low turn down, as 
cut Ktiiiluo, sizes 12 to 13%, 3 for 25c or 
each - . O9 

E66162 Boys Collars, stand up with turn 
points, as cut EH6102, sizes 12 to 13%, 3 
for 2oc or each O9 

E66164 Ho\s 4-ply Linen Collars, high turn 
down, depth i% and 2, as cut Efi6110, 
sixes 12 to 13%, each .124 


E66168 Men s Imported Linen Cuffs, band 
or link shape, as cut E66168, sizes 9% to 
11%, per pair 15 

E66174. Men s 4-ply Imported Linen Cuffs, 
band or link shape, as EC6174, sizes 9K 
to 11% per pair .25 

E661Y6 Men s Imported 4-ply Linen Cuffs, 
liiik shape, as cut Eti617. sizes 10 to 11%, 
per pair 25 

E66178. M^n s Imported 4-ply Linen Cu 
heavy quality, band or link sha[ e. as cut 
E66168or ESti 174, sizes 9% to 11%, per pun .2 

E66182. Men s and Boys Linen Dickies w 
low turn down collars attached, as cut 
E66182, sizes 12 to 17%, each .2 

Also with stand up turn point Collar 
attached, sizes 12 to 17%. each .2 

E661 84 Men s Plain Linen Dickies as 
cut EtitilSl, each _ .2 

E66185. Men s Full Dress Linen Fronts 
fasten around body with elastic band, 
each 2 


E66186. Men s Interlined Celluloid Colla 
best American make, stand up with turn poii 
or straight bund, as cut E66102 or E6611H, 
sizes 14 to 18%. a for 50e or each... . 1 

E66188. Men s and Boys Interlined Cellule 
Collars, best American make, low turn down 
cut EC6100, sizes 12 to 18%: 3 for Me or 
each .1 

E66190. Men s and Boys Interlined Cellule 
Collars, best American make, high turn dov 
ascut E06110, depth I 1 ., and 2, sizes 
12 to 17%, 3 forSOe or each 1 

E66191. Men s Interlined Celluloid Cleric 
Co.lars, best American make, small tab 
as cut E66148, sizes 14 to is, each 2 

E66192. Children s Interlined CelluloidEt. 
Collars, best American make, as cut E6tiU 
with round points, depth 2%, sizes 12 to 
13%, 3 for 50c or each 1 i 

E66193. -Men s Rubber Collars, best America 
make, nigh tura down, depth 2, ascut 
E66110, sizes 14 to 17%. each .2 

E66194. -Men s Rubber Collars with gins 
iinish, high turn down, as cut E6611U, 
depth 2, sizes 14 to 17, 3 for 50c or each. ... .1 I 

E66195 Men s Celluloid Cuffs, band sha 
as cut E66168, sizes 9% to 11%, |*>r 
pair _ 2 ! 

E66196. Men s Interlined Celluloid cull s. i 
American make, band shape, as cut 
E661B8,, sizes 9% to 11%, per pair 

E66197 Men f s Small Celluloid Fronts 
s cut E66184, each 

E66198. Men s Full Dress Celluloid 
Fronts, each _ 

E66199. Men sand Hoy s Paper Collars 
si/.e 12 to17 .,. per box .". 






620O. Men - heavy elastic web suspend- 
s, leather ends, as cut Eti62iK), per pair, .10 
62O4. Heavy elastic web suspenders, "John 

rialit." leather ends, as cut E6-6204, pair .15 
xtra long, 40 inches in length per pair .25 

v 62O6. Men s elastic web suspenders, mo- 

[ ur ends, as cut Efi6206, per pair 15 

62I2. Men s Heavy elastic web suspend- 
i, "Police and Firemen," as cut E6P212, per 
iir .25 .50 

1 6214. Men s all leather braces "Argosy." 

rat Ktlt>211 per pair .25 .40 

6216. M -n s eia-tie web suspenders, elas- 

: , ast off cord ends, "Pennant" as cut E66216, 

>r pair 25 

6218 Men s elastic web suspenders, cast 
f cord ends "I ncle Sam," as cut E66218, per 

lii - ,25 

622O. Men s, non-elastic web suspenders, 
istofl e lastic cord ends, "Regal," as cut E66220 

. ir pair _ _ 25 

I 6222. Men s li. avy elastic web suspend- 

fa, hand sewn, leather ends, per pair 25 

623O Men s tin elastic web suspenders, 
oss backs, cast off kid ends, as cut E66230, per 

ur _ 35 

quality, per pair _ .50 

6232. Men s fine imported French "Guyot" 

: -:.lers, non-elastic web, as cut, E66232. .50 

! ,6234. Men s fine elastic web suspenders. 

i.-t oil e ord ends, "President," as cut E66234, 

i-r pair .50 

i6236 Men s line elastic web suspenders. 

!* ends, "Crown" make, as cut E66236 .50 
" .6238 Men s fine elastic web suspenders. 

i-: off kid ends. "Everlastic." as cut EH623S, 

. i pair _ 50 

>6239 Men s fine elastic web suspenders. 
ro-s hacks, cfl t off kid ends. -Crown" make, as 

.ri23(p. per pair .75 1.00 1.50 

>624O. Men sandboys elasticwebshoulder 

. ;. PS, <ts cut E66240, per pair 50 .75 

>624I Men s tine elastic web shoulder 
. .races, silk ends, as cut E66240, "Crown" make 
3 >er pair 1.50 

56242 Boys elastic web suspenders, mo- 
( lair or leather ends, 24 inches and 27 inches 

iong, per pair .10 

Better quality 27 inches and 30 inches long, per 
pair 1 5 

E66243. Boys fine elastic web suspenders, 
leather ends, English make, 27 and 32 inches 
long, per pair 25 

E66244. Boys fine elastic web suspenders, 
cross backs, cast off kid ends, 27 and 30 inches 
long, per pair .25 "Crown make, pair .50 

E6625I. Children s "Buster Brown" belts, 
with double buckles, in plain black and white 
patent, also tan, chocolate and red leather, 

sizes 28 to 34 inches, each _ 19 

E66252. Children s "Buster Brown" belts 
in black and red patent, also white kid and tan 
leather, sizes 28 to 34 inches, as cut E66252, 


The new coatless suspenders. Crown make, 
to be worn under the sh irt. the correct style for 
summer, to wear with the negligee 
shirt, a leader at the price, per pair 

E66258. Men -s leather belts, \\itli ring 
sides, 1^ inches wide, in tun and grey shades, 
sizes 32 to 46 inches, as cut E66258, each... .25 

E66264. Men s leather belts, with ring 
sides. 1% inches wide, in tans, greys and black, 
as cut E66264, sizes 32 to 46 inches, each,.. .50 

E66266. Men s wide leather belts with ring 
sides, 2% inches wide (this belt is a good sup 
port for a weak back) in tan shades, as cut 
KC.C26 1. sizes 32 to 46 inches, each 50 

E66268. Men s newest American belts in 
the correct medium, width, in all the new 
shadesof brown, grey and plain black, sizes 30 

to 42 inches, each 75 1.00 

Better quality, leather lined, each 1 .50 

E6627O. Boys leather Belt, with ring sides, 
\Yi inches wide in tan shades, as cut E66264, 
sizes 22 to 30 Inches, each 25 

E66272. Boys elastic web belts, each .10 

Better quality, each 15 

i E66274. Men s elastic web belts, each .25 


E66275 . Men s heavy cotton socks, 3 pairs 
for .25 ">r per pair 09 

E66276. Men s medium weight merino 
socks, as cut Eij6276, per pair .12/2 .18 

E66278. Men s heavy ribbed socks with 
wool tops, as cut E6G27* ., per pair.. 12% .18 
Better quality _ 20" .25 

E 66279. Men s brown merino socks, per 
pair .. m15 .18 

E6628O. Men s wool socks per pair 25 

E66282. Men s heavy ribbed wool, Irish 
knit socks, in plain black and grey, as cut 
1>> - V 2, per pair _ 25 .35 

E 66283. Men s black cashmere socks .20 

E66284. Men s plain black, tan or cardinal 

socks, per pair _ .25 

Better qualities, in plain black, pair .35 .50 

E66285. Men s p.ain black ribbed cash- 
mere socks, per pair .25 .35 .50 

E66286 Men s natural wool socks, per pair, 
. . 25 .35 

E66287 Men s plain black cotton socks, per 
pair . . .10 .12% .18 .25 

E66288. Men s fancy cotton socks, latest 
English and American patterns, stripes and fig 
ures, as cutE662;<8, per pair 25 

E6629O. Men s plain black or fancy lisle 
thread socks, per pair 35" .50 

E66292. Men s faney cashmere socks, latest 
patterns and colors, in stripes and figures, ascut 
K6628S and EB6292, per pair, .35 .50 .65 

E66293 Men s black silk socks, spliced 
: eet, pei pair... 1 .QO 1.5O 2.QO 

E66294. Men s fancy cashmere socks, with 
clock p&ltem, as cut E66294, per pair SO 

E66295. Men s Bicycle Hose, fancy turnover 
tops, in heather mixtures, per pair .35 

E66296. Men s BicycleHose, fancy turnover 
tops, in h eather mixtures, or plain bliick, as cut 
E66296. per pair _ 5Q .75 1.00 

E66298 Men s Black Silk Muffler, h. avy 
quilted, satin lininsrs. as cut E66298, each 1 OO 

66299 Men s Black Silk Dress Bosom Pro 
tectors, with collar, as cut E66299, each 1 go 





Boys Sweaters 

E66300 Boys Heavy Wool Sweaters, double 
collar, cuffs and skirt, in plain navy, cardinal 
and white, sizes to fit boys 5 to 15 years, as cut 
E66300, each gQ 

E66306 Boys Heavy All Wool Sweaters, 
striped collar, eufls and .skirt, sizes to fit boys 5 
to 14 years, as cut E6I5306, in plain navy, cardi 
nal and white, each _ 4 QQ 

E66307 Boys Heavy All Wool Sweaters, with 
sailor collars, in plain navy and cardinal, sizes 
to fit boya 5 to 12 yean, each 4 QQ 

E66308 Children s "Buster Brown" Sweaters, 
in plain luivv. cardinal and white, to tit chil 
dren 1 to8 years, as cut E66308, each 4 QQ 

E66310 Children s "Buster Brown" Sweaters, 
in phiin navy, cardinal and white, to fit chil- 
dren 5 to8 yean, "- cut E66310, each. 1 .OO 

E66312 jni iints 1 Bweatera, tottoned on shoul 
der, in plain navy, cardinal and white, sizes to 
lit int ams 1 to :-; years, each CQ 

Same style to lit children 4 to 8 yrs.. ea... ~r g 

E66316 Boys Imported Fancy Wool Sweaters, 
buttoned on shoulder, as cut Ei>631ti, in navy, 
cardinal and blark, to (it boys 3 (o 10 years. 
filch ~f er 

I O 
Better quality to fit boys 3 to 12 yrs., ea._ 4 QQ 

E66318 Boys Fine Imported Worsted Jer-ev-. 
-triped collar and cufTs, as cut EG0318, in plain 
navy and cardinal, sizes to tit boys 5 to Ifi year-, 
each _".__ " 75 

E.66320 Boys Fine Wool Jerseys, striped" col 
lar and cult s, us cut E66318, in plain navy bine, 

~izes to lit hoys 5 to 12 years, each " -rg 

Same style to tit boys 13 to 16 yrs., each_ 4 "QQ 

E66322 Boys Fine Wool Plain Navy BlueJer- 
seys, 2-in, collar to (it boys 5 to li>yrs.,ea. 4 QQ 

E66323 Boys Fine Imported Cashmere" Jer 
seys, striped collar and cults, as cut E66318, in 
plain navy nnd black, sixes to tit boys 5 to 16 
years, each _ 1 _QQ 

E66324 B"ys Fine Importe I Cashmere Jer 
seys, striped bodies, as cut E663i4. also plain 
navy blue, to fit boys 5 to 16 yrs., each... j .25 

E 66326 Boys Fine Imported Wool Sweaters, 
striped collar, cuffs and skirt, with anchor on 
breast, in plain navy, cardinal and white, to fit 
boys 2 to 13 yrs., each _ ) 25 

E66328 Boys Striped Cotton Short Sleeve 
Jerseys, sizes to fit boys 5 to 16 years, ea.. gg 

Men s Sweaters 

E6633O Men s Heavy Wool Sweaters, in plain 
navy, green or cardinal, striped collar, cufTs 
and skirt, as cut E66330, each .75 

5 A Line of Boys Heavy Sweaters, Fancy J 

j Pineapple Stitch. Sizes to fit boys 5 i 

to 15 yrs. Special 39 

E66332 Men s Heavy Wool Worsted Sweaters, 
in plain navy, black or white, double collar, 

cuffs and skirt, each .75 

Better quality, eaeli -. ] .QQ 

E66334 Hen s Heavy Wool Sweaters, fancy 
double stitch, of two colors, double collar, cults 
and skirt, each _ , .QQ 

E66336 Men s Heavy Wool Sweaters, tnit- 
to-Fit," in plain navy, black and white, striped 
collar, cuffs and skirt, as cut E66330, ea.. 2.00 

E66338 Men s Heavy All Wool Sweaters. 
hand made, in plain navy, black and white, 
each - 2.50 

E66340 Men s Heavy All Wool Sweaters. 
fancy striped bodies, as cut EG6340, each 2.OQ 

E66342 Men s Heavy All Wool Knit-to-Fit 
"Wescut," in navy, black or white, each 3_QQ 

E66344 Men s Fine Imported Cashmere Jer 
seys, striped, collar and cuffs, sizes 34 to 44, each 


Better quality in plain navy blue, sizes 34 to 44, 

each " - 2.OO 

E 66350 Men s Fine Imported Fancy Wool 
Sweaters, deep roll collar, in navy and 
black, as cut EfiiiTU), each. 1.25 

Better quality in navy, black, myrtle 

or white, eiich 1 

E66352 Men s Fine Wool Jerseys, stripe 
lar. cuffs and skirt, in plain navy, bla 
white, sizes 34 to 42, each_ f 

E66354 Men s Fine Wool Worsted 
N avy Klne Jerseys, for yachting:, with 1 
collars, sizes 34 to 44, each 4 

E66360 Men s Fine Cashmere Athlel 
( fuioeiiig: Jerseys, in plain navy blue or t 
as cut E66360, each . _ 4 

Men s and Boys Bathing Suit 

E66368 Men s plain Navy Blue Combin 
Bathing Suits, no sleeves, buttoned on 
shoulder, sizes 31 to lt>. per suit 

E66370 Men s ( mnbination Bathing 
fancy stripes, all sixes, as cut KiitiSTo, suit 

E66376 Men s -j piece Bathing Suits, 
stripes, as cutE6fi376, all sizes, per suit... 4 

E66382 Men s . -piece Cashmere Bathing 
in plain navy blue or black, as cut 
E668K2, all sizes, per suit 1 

E 66384 Men s 2-piece Cashmere; Ba 
suits, heavy quality, two %-inch strip 
sleeves, skirt and legs, colors are plain 
blue with red stripes, or plain cardinal 
with black stripes, sixes 3-1 to 44. per suit 2 
Better quality, plain navy with white 
stripes, JM.T suit 2 

E66388 Boys Plain Navy Blue Cmnbii 
Bathing Suits, no sleeves, buttoned on sho 
sixes to fit boys 5 to 16 years, per suit 

E66390 Boys Combination Bathing 
fancy stripes, us cut KcH iSii. sixes to tit bo, 
15 years, per suit 

E66392 Men s Bathing Trunks, fancy s: 
drawn tape around waist, all sizes, each 

E66394 Boys Bathing Trunks, fancy s i 
elastic around top, to lit boy 4 to 14 yrs_ 

E66396 Men s Cashmere Bathing or At 
Trunks, in plain navy blue or black, all 





E16401 Men s Unlaundried White Shirts, 
open back, reinforced fronts, cuffs or wrist 
bands, as cut E16403, sizes 14 tol7%,each .35 

E164O3 Men s Fine White Unlaundried 
Shirts, open back, linen bosom, cuSs or wrist 
bands, reinforced fronts, continuous facings, full 
bodies sizes 16 to 19, made in stout men s sizes, 
as cut El 6403, sizes 14 to 19, also shot bosom 
with wrist band. .. ._ _ .50 

E164O7 Fine White Unlanndried Shirts, 
open back, linen bosom and wrist bands, (TM 
finish, as cut E16403, sizes 14 to 19, each... ,75 

E16409 Our best quality t nlaundried White 
Shirt, open back, short, medium or longslervr, 
linen bosom and wrist bands,sizes 14 to 18 1 _QO 

E164I3 Men s Fine White Laundried Bhirte, 
linen bosom, cuffs or wrist bands, reinforced 

fronts, sizes 14 to 16%, each .50 

Better quality, as cut E16413, sizes 14 to 18 7 g 

E16415 Men s Fine Laundried White Shirts, 
open back, linen bosom and wrist bands, short 
bosom for business wear, as cut E16415, sizes 14 
to 18 _7g Better quality 1.0O 

E16417 Fine White I.auudried Shirt, open 
back, linen bosom, cuffs or wrist bands, fine 
English cotton, best finish; short, medium or 
long sleeves, as cut E16417, sizes 14 to 19 -| m QQ 
Better quality with wrist bands only -i 5 

E16419 Fine Imported White Shirts, open 
buck and front, short bosom 10 inches long, fine 
cotton, linen bosom and wristbands, full bodies, 
as cut E1B419, sizes 14 to Is ) QQ 

E1642I Evening Dress Shirts, imported make, 
open back and front, linen bosom, cuffs or wrist 
bands, as cut E16421, sizes 14 to 18, each ^ . QQ 

E16423 Best qualities Imported Dress Shirts 
open back and front, linen bosom and cuffsi 
fine cotton, as cut E16121, size^l4tol7% 15O 
Better quality with wrist bands 2 QO 

E1 6429 Boys Unlaundried White Shirts, open 
back, linen bosom and cuffs, reinforced fronts, 
sizes 12 to 14, each.. _gg Better quality .SO 

E16433 B y s> White I.nundried Shirts", opm 
I ack, strong cotton, reinforced fronts, linen 
bosom and cuffs, sizes 12 to 14, at ,5Q .75 

E1645O Men s Flannelette Night Robes, collar 
attached, yoke, pocket aud pearl buttons, 
double-stitched seams, pink and blue stripes, 
full size bodies, 54 inches long, as cut E16451, 
sizes 14 to 19 -5 Q Better quality 7 5 

$ E16451 A special purchase of Flannelette 
? enables us to offer Men s Night Robes nimle 
from English flannelette, collar attached, 
c yoke, pocket and pearl buttons, filled seam. 
C full bodies, pink and blue stripes, as cut 
< E16451, sizes 14 to 19, at... .59 

V^/VV\y\/V^/X/X/V N^V/XrWrfVWVVX/>J-^/ 1 J"^/ w VW* 

E1 6453 Night R< lies made from heavy twilled 
English fllannelette, best finish, 58 inches long, 
as cut E16453, sizes 15 to 21, each.... ( _QQ 

E16455 Natural Wool Niglit Robes, collar at 
tached. larSe roomy bodies, 60 inches long, 
pearl buttons, sizes 15 to 19. 2.0O 3-OO 

E16457 Men s White Twilled Cotton Night 
Robes, collar attached, neatly trimmed, full size 
bodies, 54 inches long, as cut E10457, sizes 14 to 
19, each .50 

E16458 Heavy White Twilled Cotton Night 
Robes, plain, no trimming, full bodies, good 
heavy quality, also the new collarless 
style. 75 

E 16463 Men s Fine White Cotton Night Robes 
plain white or heavy twilled, fancy trimmed 
with patent front, sizes 14 to 19, each ) QQ 

E16469 Extra Fine White or Cream Sateen 
Night Robes, military collar, best finish, silk 
trimmed, sizes 14 to 19.....J QQ 2 00 2 50 

E16467 Plain White Silk Night Robes, mili 
tary collar, best finish, sizes 15 to 18 5.00 

and. . . f f\f\ 


E16475 Boys Flannelette or White Twilled 
Cotton Night Robes, collar attached, as cut 
E16475, sizes 10 to 14, each .50 

E16579 Boys Flannelette Pyjamas, military 
collars, neat stripes, sizes 22 to 32, per suit 1 , QQ 
Better quality 1.25 

E16481 Men s Flannelette Pyjama Suits, turn 
down collar, blue aud piuk stripes, sizes 34 to 46, 
per suit. ........................... 1 O^ 

E1 6483 Fine Ceylon Flannel or Scotch Zephyr 
Pyjamas, military collar, frogg fasteners, neat 
patterns, as cut E164S3, sizes 34 to 44, suit ) .50 

Better qualities in Madras and fancy American 

pyjama cloths, all sizes, 2. 00 2.5O 3.OO 
E16485 English Flannel Pyjama Suits, nice 

quality, sizes 34 to 46, per suit... 2.5O 4 OO 
E1 6486 Fine Sateen Pyjamas in medium blue 

aud cream shade, sizes 34 to 46 2 SO 4 00 


E16488 Men s Imported Bath Robes, made 
from Turkish material, hood and girdle, two 
pockets, assorted patterns and stripes, 56, 60 and 
6i inches long 2.50 4.00 5.0O 6.OO 

E16489 Imported Eiderdown or Blanket Bath 
Robes, two pockets and girdle, 56, 60 and 62 
inches long, each 4.QQ 4.50 5.00 

E16493 Boys Bath Robes, Turkish crash 
material, hood and girdle, sizes to fit boys 8 to 
16 years, each... 2.50 3. SO 

El 6495 Boys Blanket or Eiderdown Bath or 
Lounging Robe, girdle and 2 pockets, 
sizes to fit boys 8 to 16 years, each_ 3. SO 



Men s Up-to-Date Colored Shirts 



E1-65O3. Men s Colored Cambric Neglige 
Shirt.-, laundried collar and cuffs attached, 
medium stripes in assorted colors, as cut El-6503, 
sizes 11 to 17, /2 inches, at ^Q 

Better quality _ CQ 

El -65O7. Men s Fine Colored Cambric Neg- 
lige shirts, they have separate turn-down collar, 
cuffs attached, full size bodies made with 
double- yolu- on shoulder, double stitched scum, 
medium stripes and figures in light, medium and 
dark colors, as cut E;-6, r >07, sizes 14 to 17M 
inches, each CQ 

E1 -65O8. Men s Fine Colored Cambric laun 
dried Bosom shirts open backs, cnlfs attached, 
:is-i>rte i d colors, in neatand fancy stripes, sizes 14 
tc i 17^2 inches, each f^f\ 

E1 -65Q9. something New for 1906in Fancy 
Pleated Neglige shirts, white cotton bodies with 
fancy colored pleated fronts, as cut El-6509, sizes 
14 to 17% inches, each.. CQ 

E1 -651 1 . Men s Colored Neglige Shirts, with 
large fancy fronts with colored bodies to match, 
cuffs attached. This line includes some of the 
latest creations for spring and summer wear, 
latest designs in blue and white, black and 
\\hite and other natty colors, as cut El-6511, 
-,i/.cs 14 to 17% inches, each gQ 

El -651 2. Men s Fine Colored Cambric 
Neglige Shirt, cull- attached in a large assort- 
mentof up-to-date p.itternsin light, medium and 
dark coloring, as cut El i ..Ml, sizes 14 to 17% 
inches, each .50 

E1-6513- Men- Fine Colored Cambric 

shirts, laiindrie t Im.-om, open front, cuffs at 
tached, latest pattern in light, medium and 

dark colors, as cut Kl-t;."19, sizes 14 to 171 2 inches. 
each..... .. 50 

El -651 5- Men s Fine Scotch Zephyr Neg 
lige Shirt*, open front, pearl buttons, cuffs 
attached, full size bodies, double yoke, medium 
colors in ne t and fancy stripes, as cut E1-6M5, 
sizes 14 to 17% inches, each eg 

E1-6524. Something extra in 
Men s Fancy Colored Neglige 
Shirts, large fancy fronts, open 
work effect, bodies to match, 
cuffs attached, the patterns in 
clude some of the latest Novel 
ties for spring and summer, as 
cut E1-6525, sizes 14 to 17 
inches, each .59 

E1-6517. Men s Colored Cambric Shirts, 
open back, separate link cuffs, laundried bosom, 
two separate collars, medium colors in neat 
stripe", as cut El-6517, sizes 14 to 18 inches, each 

" 75 

E1-6519. Men s Fine Colored Shirts, latin- 
dried bosom, open back and front, detached 
link cuffs in fine camhrie and fancy corded 
material in a large assortment of the latest pat 
terns for spring and summer, in stripes and 
figures, as cut El-6519, sizes 14 to 18 inches, 
emh .75 Better quality _ .89 

E1 -652.1- This line includes all the latest 
patterns for spring and summer. Neglige style 
with detacli d link cuffs, made from fancy 

corded American cloths and Scotch Zep 
Shirtings, full size bodies, and well made 
light, medium and dark grounds, with n 
stripes, riguresand polka dots, as cut 1-6521, 
es 14 to 18 inches, each 

E1-6523- Men s Pleated Front Neg: 
Shirts, cuifs attached. This is one of then 
popular syles for 190t>, made from fancy shirt 
material in the latest patterns in light i 
medium colorings, as cut El-fin23, sizes 14 ti 
inches, each ! 

El -6525. Men s Neglige Shirts, with la 

fancy fronts open work effects; this is on- 
the latest Novelties forstiringand summer, e 
attached, well made and fini hed, neat stii] 
figures and fancy designs, as cut El-652. r >, size- 1 
to 18 inches, each , 

E 1-6526. Fancy Neglige Shirts.large fai 
fronts, open work effect, cull s attached, 
made, best finish, tlie-c come in large 
lection of neat patterns and fancy <les 
as cut E1-G525, sizes 14 to 18, each ( 

E1-6527. P nin White Pleated Net- 
Shirts, laundried neck band, us cut KM .vj,, - 
14 to 18 inches, each ^-^ 

Better quality g 

Sundries For Mending Purpose 

litaek Sateen Sleeye Protectors, elastic in b 
ends, per pair 

E16413. Neck Bunds, open back or in 
sizes 14 to 18, each.- ( 

E16415. Four-ply Cuffs, size 10 to II, 

E16417. Wrist Bands. s ; zes 9% to 11 per l 

E16419. I-inen Booms for open back shirts . 1 


e Instructions about Free 
Delivery on page 209 

High Class Colored Shirts 


Be sure to give size and 

|*| n P! 1 1 


16551. Men s Fine Neglige Shirts in Scotch 
zephyrs and fancy woven materials, detached 
link cuffs, perfect in style and fit. In this num 
ber we have a very large collection of the latest 
patterns, in stripes, spots and figures, m blue 
and white, black and white, fawns, greys and 
other colors, as cut E16551, sizes 14 to 18, eaeli 

16553. Men s Fine Colored Cambric Shirt-, 
opeut urk and front, detached link cuffs, be>i 
make and finish, in all the correct patterns for 
spring wear, as cut 16553, sizes 14 to 1>, 

each 1 QQ 

I6555. The Latest in Men s Semi-Neglige. 
Shirts, pleated fronts, detached link cuffs 
made from fancy corded material in stripes, 
figures and fancy designs in latest colorings, as 

Cut ElG5-Vt, each -J QQ 

(6557. Men s Fine White Pleated Neglige 
Shirts, lanndried neck band, correct in style 

md tit, aseiit E1655T, each -| QQ 

Better quality ! 9 

I5559. Fine Imported Neglige Shirts \vith 
detached link ctifis or cuffs attached, short, 
, medium and long sleeves, in the latest Ameri 
can patterns, iiu-lnding neat stripes, figures and 
fancy designs in the mo*t popular color, as cut 
EliS.W, sizes 14 to 18, each ) 25 

j 116569. Men s Fine Imported Cambric Shirts, 
open liaek and front, laiindried bosom, separate 
link cuffs, good full bodies, short, medium or 
long sleeves, neat patterns in stripes and figures, 

as cut Elti.i69, sizes 14 to 18, each 1.25 

Better qualities at ^ gQ g 00 

p II657I. Men s Fine Imported Semi-Neglige 
Shirts, pleated fronts, detached link cufl: or 
cuffs attached, latest. American patterns for 
Spring and Summer >:. in light, medium and 
dark colors, HS cut K1G.Y71, sizes \ \ 10 Is,, each 
1.5O Better quality 2.OO 

EI658I. Men s Fine Imported Neglige Shirt*. 
made from fine Scotch zephyr and fancy woven 
shirtings, separate link cuff s or cuffs attached, 
short, medium or long sleeves. These are ex- 
elusive patterns in the latest American designs, 
in neat and faney effects, as cuts E165M .ind 
E16575, size 14 to 18, each... 1 . 5O 

EI6587. Best Quality of Men s Imported 
Neglige Shirts, ill fine madras, cheviots and 
other fancy woven shirting materials, culls 
attached ; these are some of the swellest Ameri 
can patterns, as cut Eh)5ST. sizes 14 to IT 1 .,, at 

~ 2*OO 2.5O 

Shirts for Stout Men 
EI6588. Men s Fine Neglige or Laundried 
Bosom Shirts for large men, detached link cuffs ; 
these are made specially in stout men s sizes. 
large full Ixxlie-. iuil sleeves, nice neat patterns, 
as cuts E16551 and E1650SI, each.. ] QQ 

Shirts for Slender Men or Tall Boys 
EI659. Neglige Shirts, made from fancy cord 
ed shirting material, separate link cuffs, best 
make and finish, in neat stripes and figures in 
light and medium colors, sizes 13 to 14%, each 

- ~ T5 

Boys Shirts and Shirt Waists 

EI6589. Boys Fine Colored Cambric Shirts 
neglige style, lanndried neck band, in neat and 
fancy patterns, medium, colors, as cut Elt io93, 

sizes 12 toll, each.. 


EI659I. Boys Fine Neglige Shirts with lann 
dried collar and cuffs attached, neat stripes, 
medium colors, sizes 12 to 14, each .39 

El 6593. Our Leader in Boys Colored Shirts, 
these are mostly made in our own factory and 
are the best obtainable for the money. They 
are neglige styles, lanndried neck band, cuffs 
attached, made from tine cambric and fan.-; 
corded shirting materials, in light, mcditim and 

dark colors, in stripes and figures, as cut E16593 
sizes 12 to li, each ........................................ .50 

El 6594. Boys Fine Semi-Neglige Shirts, p leat- 
ed fronts, cuffs attached, neat patterns in blue 
grey and ten shades, sizes 12 to 14, each.. .QQ 

El 6595. Boys Fine Colored Cambric Shirts, 
neglige style," separate collar, cuffs attached, 
neat stripes and fancy patterns, in light, 
medium and dark colors, sizes 12 to 14 in., each 


E16595A. Boys Fine Colored Cambric Shirts, 
lanndried bosoni, open back, cuffs attached, in 
neat stripes in light, medium and dark colors, 
sizes 12 to 14, each ........................................ .50 

EI6596. Boys Fancy Pleated Neglige Phirts, 
cuffs attached, laiindried neck bands, light, 
medium and dark colors, in stripes and figures, 
same style as cut El 6555, sizes 12 to 14, each 


EI6596A. Boys Extra Fine Neglige Shirts, 
in madras, zephyr and fancy corded ma terial, 
pleated and plain, neglige style, s.-jmrate link 
enffs or cuffs attached, in the latest p uterus for 
Spring and Summer wear, sizes 12 to 1 1. at. ,75 
Better qualities at_ ......... _ ...... 1.00 1 25 

Boys Shirt Waists 

EI6597. ! "y s ^ ilirl Wnist, the correct gar 
ment t <ir summer wear, in Scotch zephyr and 
fancy corded material, laiindried neck band, 
separate collar, light, medium nnd dark colors, 
in a large assortment of the latest patterns, as 
cut Elt>">97, sizes 10 to 14 years, each ....... gQ 

Better qnalitv ....... ......... ______ ... ........... ...... %Q 

EI6598. Boys Phirt Wnist, in madra 8 . zephyr 
and fancy cor iis, box pleats in back and front, 
- qii i lilies ; light, medium and 
dark colon, in stripes, figures and fancy pat- 
Tern-, MS . in F.if.v.c. sizes 12 tn 14 In , at .yg 
Better jnality ......................................... ^ .00 



E1-6601. Men s Black Sateen Shirts, good 
heavy material, collar attached, yoke, double 
sewn seams, fast dye, ascutEl-6601, sizes n 
14 to 18, each OU 

E1-66O3. Men s Heavy Black Sateen Shirts, 
collar attached, yoke, pocket, large bodies, as 
cut El -0605, sizes 14 to 19, each .75 

E1-6605. Best Quality Men s Black Sateen 
Shirts, collar attached, best make and finish, 
heavy quality, as cut El-6605, sizes 14 to ^ /%/* 
18, each _ 1 -OO 

El -66O7. Men s Heavy Black and White dril I 
working shirts, full size bodies, strong and 
durable, as cut El-6607, sizes 14 to 18, __ 
each _ OU 

E1-6609. Men s Heavy English Oxford 
Working Shirts, collar attached or plain neck 
band, yoke, pearl buttons, a strong durable 
working shirt in medium and dark = 
shades, as cut El-6609. sizes 14 to 18. each "OU 

E1-6611. Men s Better Quality English Oxford 
Shirts, collar attached or plain neck 
band. as cut EI-r,609, sizes 14 to 19, e;u-h "TO 

E1-6615. Men s Flannelette Shirts, collai 
attached, full size bodies, in pink and 
blueatripes, sizes!4 to!7. each ^O 

E1-6617. Better Quality Men s English Flan 
nelette Shirts, collar attached or plain neck 
band, double stitched seams, yoke, and pocket, 
neat stripes in medium colors, as cut _ 
El-6fil7, sizes 14 to 18, each OO 

E1 -6619. Men s Fine English Ceylon Flannel 
Shirts, made with reversible collar, double 
yoke, pocket and pear! buttons, well finished 
in neat stripes of medium and light _ _ 
shades, as cutEl-6617,fizes 14 to 18, each .TO 

E1-6625. Men s Grey Flannel Shirts, with 
collar attached or sateen neck bands, yoke, 
pocket and pearl buttons, as cut, El- _ 
6625, sizes 14 to 18, each .TO 

E1-6627. Men s Grey Campbellford Flannel 
Shirts, made with collar attached, yoke, pocket 
and pearl buttons, double stitched, felled 
seams, larsre bodies, as cut El-6625, - __ 
sizes 1 1 to 19, each 1 . UO 

E1-6629. Men s Navy Blue Campbellford 
Shirts, collar attached or sateen neck band, 

double yoke, pocket and pearl buttons, full 
size bodies, as cut El-6629, sizes 14 to _ _ 
19, each .O 

E1-6631. Men s Fine Unshrinkable English 
Flannel Shirts, made with reversible collar, 
yoke, pocket and pearl buttons, double stitched, 
felled seams, large bodies in neat stripes of 
medium shades, as cut El-6631. sizes 14 , _ ,_ 
to 19, each _ l.O 

E1-6637. Silk Striped Cashmerette Outing 
Shirts, collar attached, yoke, pocket and pearl 
buttons, light colors in neat fancy ^ K 
stripes, as cut El-6637, sizes 14 to 19 _ O 

Better Quality, made with reversible collar, 
light shades in neat stripes, as cut , _ 
El-6637, sizes 14 to 19, each l.UU 

E1-6639. Men s Fine Silk Striped Cashmere 
Outing- Shirts, collar attached, patent front, 
double stitched seams, neat and fancy stripes 
in the latest colors, as cut El-6939, , cr . 

sizes 14 to!8, each __ LOW 

Better Quality, each 2.OO 

E1-6608. Men s Heavy Drill 
Shirts, black, with small white 
stripe, collar attached, 
double stitch ;d seams, strong 
and durable, as cut El-6607, 
sizes 14 to 18 .... ^4.3 

E1-6641. Men s White China Silk Shirts, 
same style as El-6637 in plain white, sizes 1 4 to 
18, each 2.00 

E1-6645. Men s White Ceylelier or Fancy 
Open Work Shirts, made with reversible collar, 
pearl buttons, large bodies, as cut ., __ 
El-6645, sizes 14 to 18, each l.OU 

E1-6647, Men s Heavy White Duck Outing 
Shirts, collar attached, pearl buttons, large 
bodies, as cut El-6645. sizes 14 to 18, _,_ 
each f O 

E1-6649. Men s Fine English Mohair or 
( ream Flannel Outing Shirts, cream shade, 

reversible collar, pearl buttons, large full 
bodies, as cut El-6645, sizes 14 to 18, .. _ _ 

each IOC 

E1-6653. Men s Navy Blue Wool Knit Toi 
Shirts, collar attached, laced or buttoned _ _ 

front, as cut El-6653, each .OC 

Better quality _ T 


E1-6657. Boys Flannelette Shirts, colla 
attached or neck band, in pink and bine _ 
stripes, as cut El-6657, sizes 10 to 14, each .^& 

Better Quality in English Flannelette, made will 
collar attached only, yoke, pocket and pear 
buttons, neat stripes inpink and blue. ,__ 
as cut El-6667, sizes. 12 to 14, each -O- 

E1-6659. Bo y s Fine English Ceylon Flannel 
ette Shirts, collar attached or neck bum- 
double yoke, in neut stripes of light, mediui 
and dark shades, as cut El-6657, sizes _, 
12 to 14, each -Ol 

E1-6661. Boys Silk Striped Cashmeretl 
Outing Snirts, collar attached, pocket, pea) 
buttons, neat stripes in pink and blue _ 
shades, as cut El-6657, sizes 12 to 14. each . I SO 

E1-6663. Boys Black Sateen Shirts, colle 
attached, double yoke, as cut El I .OOl, c 
sizes 12 to 14, each _ -O 

E1 -6665. Boys Black and White Drill Shirt 
collar attached, a strong durable shirt, _ . 
as cut El-6607, sizes 12 to 14, each O 

E1-6667. Boys Grey Flunnel Shirts, colh 
attached or sateen neck band, yoke, -^ , 

as cut E1-6U25, sizes 12 to 14, each. *? 

Navy Blue, s.imeas above _ . 7 

E1-6671. English Cardigan Jackets, got 
heavy quality, mohair binding, black 7 
or seal brown, medium size only, each_. ; 
Better quality, size 34 to 40. at 1 . Q 

E1 -6677. Men s Fine Imported English \\ o 
Cardigan Jnckrts, worsted finish, elastic stitc 
bound with best mohair binding, close n ttin 
dark brown or b ack shade, cuffs to butto 
as cut EI-6675, sizes 34 to 44, ,, __ ,, c 

each l.^O 1-0 

Better quality 2.00 2.5*1 



-701 . Balbriggan Underwear, 
lirts or drawers, summer weight, 
-zes 34 to 44, each garmeut__ .25 
67O3. Fine Double Thread Bal- 
riggau Underwear, over-locked 
iams, sateen facings, sizes 34 to 46, 

-scut E16703, each garment... .35 

6703. Fine Double Thread Bal- 
nggan Underwear, shirts or 
rawers, in natural, salmon and 
rown shades, sateen fac ings, sizes 

4 to 46, as cut E 1(1703, each garment 
_ 50 

67O7. Fine Imported Balbriggau 
rnderwear, shirts or drawers, 
iatural shade, sateen facings, sizes 

4 to 46, ascutE16703, each garment 

E16727. Fine Imported Merino 
Undershirts or drawers, beige trim 
mings, sizes 34 to 44, as cut E167L f>. 
each garment 75 

E16731. Fine Natural Wool Under 
wear, imported make, shirts with 
short or long sleeves, drawers knee 
or ankle length, sizes 34 to 44, as cuts 
E16731, E16737, each garment. .75 

6709. Best Imported Balbriggan 
rnderwear, full fashioned, ribbed 
kirt, sateen facings, sizes 34 to 50 
he.-t, as cut E16703, each garment 

.- 1 .00 

6713. Fine 1 mported Lisle Thread 
Jnderwear, gauze weight, silk 
rimmed, sizes 34 to 44 chest mea- 
ure, as cut E16703, each garment 

_ _ 1 25 

6.715. Cotton Swiss Net Un der- 
hirts, half sleeves, sizes 34 to 44, 

;ach garment 25 

Setter quality, eaeli garment.. . 50 
(6717. Fancy Striped Cotton 
Jnderwear, sizes 34 to 44, as cut 

ilC.719, each garment- 5O 

6719. Fine Importer! UsIeThread 
Jnderwear, in fancy blue and cream 
itripes, sizes 34 to 44, as cut E16719, 

?fleh garment 1.00 

6723. Merino Underwear, sfiirts 
>r drawers, in medium weight, 
iatural color facings, medium sizes 

ly, each garment 35 

725. Me iiurn Spiing Weight 
rino Underwear, sateen facings, 
tural shade, sizes 34 to 44, as cut 
t -7 _ .">, each garment .EO 

shrinkable, plain white, short, med 
ium and long lengths, sizes, 34 to 46, 


E16755. Kamie Fibre Heal 
derwear, shirts or drawers, mesh 
weave, plain white, silk trimmings, 
short, medium, or long lengths, as 
cut E16851, sizes 34 to 44, each gar- 
.ment - 2.25 

JjLUiOi, HUMtOi. CtH.ll EUIX11C11L_ | O 7, ,^ 

E16737. Fine Natural Wool Under- E 16J63. Fmelmjx.-tedSi.k 1 , er 

wear, imported make, light weight, 

beige facings, sizes 34 to 46 chest, as 

cut E16.37, each garment 1 .00 

E16739. FineNatural Wool Under 
wear, medium weight, sizes 34 to 40, 

as cutEK )737, each garment- 1 .00 

Sizes 42 to 46 inches, each garment 

1 . 25 

E16741. Fine Imported Natural 

Wool Undershirts or drawers, light E16773. Balbriggan Combination 

weight, beige facings, " Wolsey " 

Brand, as cut El7;>7, sizes 34 to 46 
inches, each garment 1.25 

E16743. Fie Imported Natural 
Wool Underwear, shirts or drawers, 
summer weight, best trimmings, 
natural or brown colors, as cut 
Elf>737, sizes 34 to 46, each garment 
_ i 50 

E16745. Fine Imported Natural 
Wool Underwear, shirts or drawers, 
" Wolsey " m-ike, unsh ri n kab J e. 
summer weight, full fashioned, best 
trimmings, as cut E16737, sizes 34 to 
46inches, each garment 2 00 

E16747. Fine Imported Silk and 
wool Undershirts ordrawers, summer 
weight, blue shade, as cut, E16737. 
sizes 34 to 44, each garment. 2"50 

E16751. The "Ramie" Fibre 
Mesh Underwear, shirts ordrawers, 
perfect titling, made in sizes for tall, 
medium or short men, as cut E16751. 
sizes 34 to 50. e:ich 1 50 

E16753. Ramie Fibre Health Un 
derwear, in the plain weave, shirts 
or drawers, silk trimmings, un- 

wear, shirts or drawers, salmon 
shade, best finish, sizes 34 to 44, each 

garment 2.50 

Better quality, blue shade, each gar 
ment 3.OO 

Better quality, pink shade, each 
garment - 7.50 

Combination Suits 

Suits, summer weight, nature 
shade, as cut E16773, sizes 34 to 44 

inches, per suit .75 

Better quality, shade white, per suit 

_ 1 .50 

Better quality, shade natural, per 
suit .". 3.0O 

El 6775. Natural Wool Combina 
tion Suits. Kn it-to-fit, summer 
weight, natural shade, as cut E16773, 

sizes 34 to 42, per suit 2 .00 

Better quality, per Suit 4.OO 

Fine Merino quality, persuit 3.50 

E16777. Ramie Fibre Health Un 
derwear, summer weight, combina 
tion suits, short, medium and long 
lengths, plain white, sizes 34 to 44, 
per suit _ 4.00 

E17785. Heavy Scotch Wool Un 
dershirts or drawers, medium men s 
sizes only, as cut E16787, each 
ment _ 

E17787. Scotch Wool Underwear, 
Turnbull s 16 gauge, unshrinkable, 
full fashioned, sizes 34 to 42, as cut 

E1787, each garment 1.25 

Sizes II to r>o. ouch garment... 1 .50 


E17789. Turnbull s Extra Fine 20 
Gauge Natural Wool Shirts or Draw 
ers, hand made, unshrinkable, full 
fashioned, as cut E17787, sizes 34 to 

44, each garment 2-00 

Sizes 46 to 50, each garment, 2.5O 

Boys Underwear 

E16791. Boys Balbriggan Under 
wear, summer weigh t,natural shade, 
as cut E16703, sizes 22 to 32, each 
garment ... 25 

E16793. Fine Balbriggan Under 
wear, shirtsonlrawers. as cutE1670S, 
sizes 22 to 32, each garment 35 

E16795. Boys Imported Balbrig 
gan Underwear, short sleeves and 
knee lengths. as cut E16731. sizes 22 
to 32, each garment 50 

E16797. Boys Merino Underwear, 
shirts or drawers, medium weight, 
as cut E16737, sizes 22 to 24 and to 26, 

each garment .3C 

Sizes 2S. 30, 32, each garment... 50 

E16799. Fine Imported Natural 
\\uol Underwear, summer weight, 
beige facings, as cut E16737, sizes 22 

to 8 ^, eaeh garment 50 

Better quality 75 

E16801. Boys Fine Imported Na- 
turul Wool in combination suits, 
unshrinkable, as cut 16781, sizes 22 
to 32, per suit 1 .OQ 

E16803. Men s Chamois Lined 
Chest and Back Protector!, as cut, 

E16803, sizes 13x11, each _ 1 00 

SizeslOxQ, each 75 

E16805. Men s Fine Merino Body 
Bands, all sizes, as cut E116U7, each 
- 35 

E16807. Natural Wool BodyBands 
as cut E16807, all sizes. eaeh._ .75 

El 6809. Natural Wool Knee Warm 
ers, all sizes, as cutE168:9, pair .75 

E16811. Men s FiiH (Cottoii Night 
Cap-, perfect in harw, elastic knit, 
all size-, each _ .35 



Men s Silk, Derby and Fedora Hats 

E2-100. Square Crown Stiff Hat; the correct hat 
for semi-dress occasions, color black, sizes 6-% 
t i7 : x _ 2.50 

E2-101. English Alpine, unbound edge, colors 

black and russet, very neat and dressy, sizes 

to 7% 2.00 2.50 3.00 

E2-102. row boy Hat or Sombrero, has flat itiff 
brim, fancy adjustable leather band, color faun 
only, sizes &>j to 7> 2 5.0O 7.50 9.00 

E2-103. This is a particularly stylish hat, and 
comes in pearl grey, or fawn, with bound e<1^r. 
siz-.-s ti" p to 7;^ 2 50 

E2-104. Fine Fur Kelt Derby, bliick or brown, 
in-west shape, tine trimmings, sizes &>/$ to 7 ;! ,; 
1 .50 

E2-104X. Derby, black or brown, genuine fur felt, 
neat and serviceable, sizes (f/ a to 7%. 1.00 

E2-106 Young Men s Alpine, unbound brim, 
colon black or hnmn. M/> s h 5 ^ to 7% * . 
2.00 2.50 

E2-106. Black or Brown Derby, finest trimmings, 
this isa very popular block with those requiring 
a high crown, siz.s (,% to 7%... 2.50 3.0O 

E2-106X. Ladies and Boys Kerbys. latest style. 
fine quality, black only, sizes 6}i to 7... 1 .00 

E2-107. Stetson Alpine, unbound brim, stitched 
edge, black only, sizes tv> to % 3.50 

E2-107X. Same style, better quality, colors black, 
brown, fawn and pearl gn-y. sizes i .~ K to "1% 

E2-108. Black or Brown Derby, line trimmings. 

crown lower than E2-106. sizes 6% to ~% 

_ 2.00 3.00 

E2-109. Silk Hats, made of flue quality silk 
plush, with finest trimmings, in the la test spring 
block. These a re finished with a new cushion 
sweat band which insures perfect fit and 
comfort, sizes 6% to ;% 5.00 6.00 

E2-1iO. Pearl Grey Alpine with bound or un 
bound edge. This is a very dressy shape, si/es 
! ,.? 1.50 2.00 2.50 

E2-111. Derby brown or black, line trimming. 
(specially attractive hat for young nifii. 
....... .................. 2.00 2 

E2 112. Fedora, colors black and brown, br 
edge, fine trimmings, ffij, to T-V f ............ 

.................................................. 1.5O 3 

E2-113. Clerical Hat, made of extra fine fur 
linest trimmings, color black, sizes r,"> s tc 

E2-114. Soft Hat. color black, nnlx>und edj. 
comfortable phape J r young men, si/es ti :i 
7 , 2 

E2-115. Black or brown Fedora, silk triinmi 
leather sweat band, dressy and service) 

sizes ff"g tO 7% 1 . 

E2 116. MourniiiB Ann Bands, accorciint 
width, 3-inch 15 4-inch 

E2-117 Mourning Hat Bands, according 
width. i- Vo-inch ,12 a 3-inch _ 

See Page 52 for Measurement Chart 



Straw Hats and Children s Sailors 


We will endeavor to fill all orders received, but cannot guarantee to fill straw hat orders after Aug. 10th. 


12-200 Children s Plain 

and White .Straw Sailors, navy 

streamers, sizes 6% to 6%_ 

White or Fancy Blue 
bands and 
.19 .25 

I2-200X Fancy Blue and White Rustic or 
Plain White Canton Straw Sailors, fine navy 
bands and streamers, sizes 6% to 6% _______ .35 

I2-203 Blue and White Fancy Straw Sailors, 
newest designs, also plain white, fine satin 
finish bands and streamers, sizes 6% to 6% 

12-203X Better quality, sizes 6 to 6 : < 4 _- .75 

I2-207 Infant s "Tuscan" Sailor, made of 
flue white even braid with white silk band and 
bow. This is soft, light and very comfortable, 
sizes 5% to 6% ____________ 1.50 2.00 

;2-208 Plain White Pedal Straw Sailors, also 
new fancy colored braids, fine quality bands 
and streamers, sizes 6 to 6% _ ...... 1 .00 1 .25 

12-209 Girls Dome Crown Milan Straw 
Sailors, fine white even braid, with navy bows 
or streamers, sizes 6% to 6% ________ 1 .50 2 .00 

I2-2I3 Square Crown Milan Straw Sailors, 
fine white even braid, navy silk trimmings, 
size 6V to % ..................... :. ..... 1 .50 2.00 

E2-216 Fine Plain White Milan Straw Sailors, 

large shape, fine silk trimmings, sizes 6% to 6*4 

2.50 3.00 


E2-201 Men s and Youths Hat, made of fine 
quality white Milan braid, with fine trim- 
mings,sizes 6% to 7% \ .50 

E2-202 Men s and Boys White Rustic Straw 

Boater, also in Canton braid, good trimmings 

and sweat-bands, sizes 6% to 7% an d d 1 -^ to &"^ 

~ ... - - .25 .35 

E2-202X Boys Plain White Straw Boaters, 
neat and serviceable, sizes 6% to 6% .15 ,10 

E2-204 Fine Sennet Braid Boaters, fine trim" 
mings, newest shape for young men, very light 
and comfortable, mze 6% to 7%._ 2.00 2.50 

E2-205 Young Men s Neglige Shape Straw 

Hate, fine even Canton braid, fine trimmings, 

stylish and very comfortable, sizes ffyi to 7% 

1 .00 1 .50 

E2-206 Thii hat is made In two dimensions 
for both young and middle-aged men. The 
braid is of fine split or sennet braid, with best 
trimmings, sizes 6% to 7% 2.00 2.50 

E2- 210 Split Braid Boater of extra fine quality 
braia with finest trimmings, made in three 
dimensions for young, middle-aged and elderly 
men, sizes 6% to 7% 3.00 

E2-211 Genuine South American Panama Hats, 
Neglige shape, fine even weave, best trimmings. 
These hats are comfortable, very stylish and ex 
tremely durable, sizes 6% to 7% 7.50 9.00 

E2-212 Men s and Youths Rustic Straw 
Boater, also in Canton straw, fine even braids 
with fine trimmings, a very smart shape, sizes 
6J-8 to 7% , 1.00 1.25 

E2-214 Fine Sennet Straw Boater, also in 
Milan braid, tine silk band and leather sweats, 
very dressy and comfortable, sizes 6% to 7%, 

E2-215 Men s and Boys Canton or Rustic 
Straw Boaters, good trimmings ami sweatbands, 
dressy and serviceable, sizes &/, to 7%, 6% to 6%, 

E2-216 Men s and Boys Harvest Hats, large 
and medium shape, sizes6> to 7% .10 .12% 

E2-217 Canada Straw Harvest Hats, sizes 6% 



E2-300. Men s and Women s Automo- E2-305. Mortar Board College Caps, 

bile or Yacht Caps, fine blue cloth. 
elf or leather peaks, 6% to T%.. 

75 1.0O 1.25 

E2.300X. Men s, Women s and Boys 
Blue Cloth Peak Caps, self or leather 
peaks, sizes 6V, to 7%, .25 .35 .50 
,d Girls Black imitat 

E2-301. Boys an. 
ion Patent Leather 

Tarns, very 

dressy and serviceable, sizes 6 to 

E2-302Y Boys "and Giris Scotch 
Glengarry Caps, blue-black with 
black silk or leather binding, and 
silk streamers, sizes 6% to 7 .2 

E2-302X. Velvet Glengarry Caps in 
blue or black, self bound, silkstream- 

also used for gowned choirs, these 
are made of fine black beaver cloth, 
sizes 6% to 7% 1 .50 

E2-306. Men s or Women s Embroider 
ed Front Peak Caps, leather peak, 
fine blue beaver cloth, sizes 6J4 to 
7%- .75 

E2-307. Children s blue 
clotn or flue assorted tweeds, sizes 6 
to 6% .25 .35 

E2-308. Children s Linen or Crash 
Sailors, in white, navy, fawn and 
cardinal, sizes 6% to 6% 75 

E2-309. Boys and Girls Blue Cloth 
Tunis, soft crowns, plain or lettered 
bands, bows and stream 2rs at side, 

era, sizes sy e to 6% 35 .5OI sizes6to6% 25 .35 .50 

> in* vtnr, = .^ /.> M U ,J,- E2-309X. Children s Tarns, red or 

navy cloth and tan or brown dressed 
leather, plain or embroidered bands, 
sizes 6% to 6% ._. .7" 

E2-303. Men s and Women s Navy 
Serge and Imported Tweed Golf 
Caps, full shape, finely finished, sizes 
,50 ..75, 1.00 

"/8 "" / " m\2\J . I \J I .V/Vi 

E2-303X. Men s, Women s and Boys 
Hook-down Golf Caps, in navy serge 
and fine tweeds, sizes 
.1 5 

E2-304. Children s Fine 
Toques with Silk Stripes, in w;hite 
with cardinal, sky or navy stripes, 
also plain white, navy and cardinal 

t2-304X. Infants Plain 
aud Wool Toques 


E2-309XX. Blue or Red Cloth an. 
Fawn Suede Leather Tarns, soft 
crowns, finest trimmings, plain or 

lettered bauds 5% to 6% 1 .00 

e E2-311. Men s Women s and Children s 
Land and Water or Camping Hats, 
plain, white, navy, cardinal and 
fancy mottled colors, sizes 6% to 7% 

White SilK E2-312. This is one of the season s 
. .50 novelties, it is made of nue black 

imitation patent leather, with red 
trimmings and white brush, sizes 6 

to 6% _ 75 

E2-313. Red or Navy Felt Outing Cap, 
new and very dressy, sizes 6% to 7 

E2-314. Men s and Women s White 
Yachting Caps, with self or leather 
peaks, sizes 6% to 73/8 .25 .35 .50 

E2-314X. Double Crown Yacht 
under crown with extra detachable 
crown of white duck, dressy and 
very serviceable, 6% to 7% .50 .75 

E2-31S. Men sund Boys Tweed Empire 
Caps, newest patterns and finely 
finished, sizes 6% to 7% .50 .75 

E2-316. Men s, Women s and Boys ; 
Navy Blue Cloth and Assorted 
Tweed Motor Caps, sizes 6% to 1% 
SO .75 1.00 

E2-317. White Duck Washing Tarns, 
with limey band and streamers, 
sizes 6 to 6% 25 .35 .50 

E7-317. Fawn and Pale Blue Washing 
Tarns, 6 to 6% .50 .75 

E2-318. Varsity Caps, in navy serge 
or tweed, sizes 6 to 6% .15 .25 .35 

E2-319. Uniform Caps, of fine blue 
beaver cloth with leather peak, 
(lettering extra) 1.25 1.50 

We shall be pleased to give estimates 
on special lodge or uniform caps. 

E2-320. Black Sateen Shop Ca 
White Duck Chefs Caps and Wh 
Duck Painters Caps, sizes 6% to 

To find size of hat or cap ta 
me. .sure of head where the hat or c 
rests when in position and compi 
with the following table. Special si 
iu caps cost 50c extra and require t 
weeks to make. 




der by number and use our 
it forms when possible. 

Ladies Night Gowns 

N f . 

Be sure to give slzt when 


-JTlBSiJ** ; -i U 

II "" 

^>^^f^ ; 

^ V?^> Ovw 


Sizes 56, 58 and 60 inches long. Bust measure 
to 40 inches. Extra large sizes, 42 and 41, bust 
asure, only in Kos. 1701, 1704, 1707, 1709. 

HO. Cotton, 1 cluster tucks, Mother Hubbard 
oke, edge of lace 35 

tl. Cotton, Mother Hubbard yoke of 4 clusters 
>f tucks, and 4 rows of Swiss insertion, frill of 
mbroidery around V shaped neck find on 
Jeeves .50 Extra large size .65 

12. Fine Cotton. Mother Hubbard Style, yoke 
1 4 clusters of fine tucks, 4 rows of Val. insertion 

LH<J two rows of Swiss insertion, one row of 
wiss insertion across yoke, frill of Val. lace on 
leek, and sleeves finished with muslin frill, 
dged with lace .75 

13. Fine Cotton, square yoke of hemstitched 
neks, elbow sleeves with muslin frill hem- 
titched and edged with lace, neck finished 
ftth frill of lace and bow of ribbon .85 

I*. Fine Cotton, yoke of hemstitched tucks 
Inished with Swiss insertion, V neck with frill 
)1 embroidery on neck, down front and on 
1,00 Extra large size. 1,25 

1705 Nainsook, fancy yoke of beading and lace 
insertion, elbow sleeves finished with muslin 
frill, with one cluster of fine tucks and wide 
lace ; lace beading and ribbon on ueck._ 1 ,25 

1706. Nainsook, fancy pointed yoke of fine lace 
insertion and muslin, lace, beading and ribbon 
at neck, and yoke finished with wide Swiss 
beading and ribbon, three-quarter sleeve with 
muslin frill, insertion and lace... 1 .50 

Extra large size 1 .85 

1707. Fine Nainsook, fancy round yoke of Swiss 
beading and two rows of Val. lace, neck with 
lace, beading and ribbon, frill with insertion and 
lace, beading and ribbon on sleeves 1 .75 

1708. Fine Nainsook, tucked back and pointed 
yoke of fine Swiss insertion, neck finished with 
Swiss embroidery, wide beading and ribbon, 
elbow sleeves with insertion and embroidery 

1709. Fine Nainsook, tucked back, fancy yoke of 
fine Val. insertion and tucked muslin, yoke and 
sleeves finished witn beading, ribbon, frill of 
tucked muslin and wide lace, two rows of in 
sertion in sleeves, lace beading and ribbon at 
neck 2.25 Extra large size 2.75 

1710. Fine Nainsook, tucked back, fancy yoke of 
Val. and Swiss insertion, with Swiss beading 
and ribbon, frill of Swiss embroidery around 
yoke ; insertion and embroidery on sleeves, 
lace, beading and ribbon on neck___ 2.50 

1711. Fine Nainsook, tucked back, square yoke 
of two rows of fine Val. insertion, wide Swiss 
beading and ribbon, lace, beading and ribbon at 
neck, sleeves finished with muslin frill, with 
two clusters of tucks and edge of lace, wide 
beading and ribbon 2.T5 

1712. Fine Nainsook, iancy yoke back and front 

muslin, frill edged with lace 3.25 


1713 Flannelette, fancy stripes round tucked 
yoke, frill of material around neck, yoke and 
sleeves 58 

1714. Flannelette, plain colors, pink, blue and 
white, Mother Hubbard yoke, collar and sleeves 
finished with hemstitched frill __ ,7 



Women s Skirts and Corset Covers 


2701. Cotton, deep lawn flounce with two clus 
ters of tucks, two rows of lace Insertion and 
hemstitched hem, 38, 40 and 42 inches.... .58 

2702. Cotton, frill of lawn with one inch tuck 
and_ half inch tuck and frill of skirting em 
broidery, 38, 40 and 42 inches 75 

2703. Cotton, deep muslin flounce with four 
clusters of fine tucks, three rows of lace inser 
tion and frill of wide lace, 38, 40 and 42_ 1 .00 

2704. Cotton, deep muslin flounce with three 
rmlf inch tucks, one row of Swiss insertion and 
frill of wide embroidery, 38, 40 and 42 in.. 1.15 

2706. Fine Cotton, muslin frill, two rows of 
lace insertion, two clusters of V in. tucks, frill 
of muslin finished with wide lace, 40, to 44 
inches 1 .25 

2706. Fine Cotton, deep frill of fine muslin 
with half inch hemstitched tucks and cluster 
of 7 tucks, finished with deep frill of embroi 
dery, dust frill, 40, 42 and 44 inches. 1 .25 

Bust Measure : 32 to 42 inches. 

3701. Cotton, full front, draw string at waist, 
neck and sleeves, finished with lace .20 

3702. Cotton, Marguerite style, three rows of 
lace insertion back and front, lace on neck and 
sleeves --,, 25 

3703. Cotton, tight fitting, fancy yoke of mnslin 
and lace Insertion, necK and sleeves finished 
with Jace , ,..,. ,..... ,35 

3704. Cotton, full front, with two rows of Sw 1 
insertion, pointed effect, neck and slee^ < 
finished with embroidery, draw string at wai 

3705. Cotton, Marguerite style, fancy full fro < 
with four rows of lace insertion and two ro 
of Swiss insertion, neck and sleeves finish 
with embroidery _.. ,-* ^41 

3706. Fine cotton, tucked back, fancy fi i 
front with two rows of val. lace insertion a 
tucks, frill of lace on neck and sleeves ._ . 

3707. All over embroidery insertion straps 
shoulder, ribbon across front and peplum. , 





Fine Cotton, deep flounce with row of lace 
srtion, two clusters fine tucks, % inch hem- 
died tuci finished with deep Mil with two 
8 lace insertion and frill of lace dust 
,40, 42 and inches 1.50 

Fine Cotton, flounce of lawn with row of 
"rtion and two clusters of tucks, double frill 
ne embroidery, dust frill, 40 to 44 in. 1.50 
. Nainsook, deep flounce twenty rows of 
Insertion and thirty rows of Swiss insertion, 
slin frill with one row of lace insertion and 
of wide lace, 40 to 44 inches 2.00 

Fine Cotton, deep flounce of muslin with 
Eg and lace insertion, double frills of muslin 
shed with wide lace and featherstitch braid 
t frill, 40, 42 and 44 inches 2.50 

Fine Nainsook, three dee flounces of fine 
slin, finished hemstitched tucks frills of wide 
, top flounce with two clusters hemstitched 
ks and row of lace insertion 3 75 

Fine Nainsook, deep Vandyke points tine 
din finished with val, insertion, Swiss in 

sertion and medallions, double frills of wide 
lace, lengths 40. 42 aad 44 inches 5.OO 


Sizes, 32 to 42 Bust Measure, 

3708. Cotton tucked back, full front with three 
muslin frills, edged with lace, neck and sleeves 
finished with lace 50 

3709. Fine cotton, tucked back, round yoke of 
lace insertion and fancy beading, lace beading 
and ribbon at neck, lace on sleeves _ R9 

3710. Fine cotton, tucked back, round yoke of 
hemstitched tuckg and two rows of lace inser 
tion, lace beading and ribbon at neck, lace on 
sleeves __ 75 

3711. Fine cotton, tucka and hematitchlng in 
back, square neck, full front with four rows of 
Swiss insertion and four rows of hemstitching 
wide Swiss beading and ribbon on neck, em 
broidery on neck and sleeves . 75 

3712. Nainsook, tucked back, fancy full front of 
six rows of val. insertion and fancy yoke to 
to match, lace, beading and ribbon on neck 
lace on sleeves 

3713. Nainsook, three clusters of tucks and 
three rows of insertion in buck, fancy full front 
with four rows of insertion lace beading and 
and ribbon on neck, sleeves finished with frill 
of lacu 1.15 

3714. Nainsook, fancy yoke of back and front of 
tucks, hemstitching and lace insertion, neck 
and sleeves finished with lace, beading and 
ribbon ] 25 

3715. Fine Nainsook, tucks of lace Insertion and 
val. insertion in back, fancy full front withfour 
rows of lace insertion and two of Swiss insertion, 
two clusters of fine tucks, yoke of lace insertion, 
neck and sleeves finishe o. with lace, beading 
and ribbon_ 1.50 

3716. Fine muslin back with pointed effectof 
lace Insertion and medallion, fancy front same 
effect yoke of two rows of val. insertion and 
one row of Swiss insei tion, neck and sleeves 
finished with lace _ 2 25 

3717. Fine Nainsook, tucked back, full front with 
four rows of tine Swiss insertion, wide SwK- 
beadinu and ribbon at neck, frill of embroider- 
on neck and sleeves _ 325 


DRAWERS, 25 and 27 in., open and closed styles. 

4701. Cotton, umbrella frill of material nnislji >1 
with two half-inch hemstitched tucks 25 

4702. Cotton, umbrellafrillof lawn, two quai ler 
inch tucks and edge of wide lace 35 

4703. Fine Col ton, wide umbrella frill of lawn, row 
of lace insertion, elusterof tucks frill of lace .39 
Extra Inge size 5O 

}704. Fine Cotton, wide umbrella frill, two 
cluster of tuck-* mid frill of embroidery. _ .39 

4705. Cotton, irill of material, two tucks and one 
cluster tUL-ks, wide frill embroidery 47 

4706. Cotton, wide frill, finished with row em 
broidery insertion, two clusters of tucks, frill 
embroidery 55 Extra large.. 7O 

4707. Fine Cotton, wide umbrella frill finished 
with three half inch hemstitched tucks and 
wide frill of embroidery .55 

4708. Fine Cotton, cluster of. line tucks, wide 
umbrella frill with row of lace insertion, one 
cluster of fine tucks and edge of wide luce .58 

4709 Fine Cotton, one cluster of flue tucks, 
wide umbrella frill with two rows of val. laoe 
insertion and frill of lace .68 

4710. Nainsook, one cluster of five tucks, one 
row of tine Swiss insertion and frill of fine em 
broidery .85 Extra large size. I.QO 

4711. Nainsook, row Swiss insertion, wide frill 
with row Swiss insertion, two clusters ln>m- 
stitched tucks, fine embroidery _ I.OO 

4712. Fine Nainsook, with umbrella frill, two 
rows of luce insertion, frill of lace with fancy 
beading.fjnished Swiss beading andribbon | .25 

4713. Nainsook, wide frill, cluster tucks, two 
rows Swiss insertion, frill embroidery..... 1.35 

4714. Fine Nainsook, on cluster of fine tucks 
with deep frill of fine embroidery finished with 
Swiss beading and ribbon _ 1.65 

4715. Nainsook, cluster of fine tucks, deep trill, 
Vandyke effect, row lace insertion, frill of lace, 
with Swiss beading ami ribbon 2 ,OO 

4716. Fine Nainsi. ok, umbrella frill lawn, tucked 
10 rows of lace insertion, pointed effectwlth frill 
oflace,fiiiished wide Swiss beading, ribbon 2.75 

CHEMISE, 34 to 42 inch bust 

B70I. Chemise, 34 to 42 bust measure, neck and 

sleeves finished with embroidery .35 

5702. Fine Cotton, yoke of two rows of , 
s.Ttion and one ro .v of fcwiss insertion., 

5703 N ainsook, fancy yoke tucked lawn, 
sertion, frill of lawn, tucks and edge 
around yoke, lace around neck andsleei 

5704. Lo ng Chemise, nainsook, yoke of s 
of lace insertion, five rows Swiss insertn 
lace around neck, sleeves, frill of mater: 
row of lace insertion, frill of lace on ski: 

5705. LongChemise.nainsook, yokepfelev 
lace insertion, bending, lace, beading, ril 
neck, deep frill with row of lace insert* 
clusters of fine tucks and frill of lace 

5706. Nainsook, square neck, fancy point 
lawn, frilllace around yoke, neck, sleeve 
edwith lace, beading, ribbon, skirt wi 
cluster fine tucks, row of lace and frill la 

5713. Ladies Shield Protectors, wlthou 
50 With shield 

>714. Acme Belts ._ 

5715. E Brand Sanitary Napkins, %-doz.. 
1-doz .___ 

6716. " rand, Sanitary Napkins, %-doz 





.,3 40* t 

4ro0 50 

67I9 15* 


3 T0 6 

Maids Aprons 

Lawn, deep hem, hemstitched bretelles, 

"embroidery 35 

Lawn, deep hem and %-in. tucks, hem- 
ed revers or embroidery and bib finislu-d 

embroidery, band and sashes 50 

Fine lawn, skirt witn deep hem and one 
Swiss insertion, bib with three rows inser- 
id straps of insertion over shoulder, band 

I A sashes..... 75 

1. Kxtra fine lawn, 6-inch hem, 1 row Swiss 
| -ertion, revers of muslin finished with em- 
)idery, bib with two rows insertion and em- 
Jidery, band and sashes _ .85 

Ladies Aprons 
i 5. Lawn, hem and large tucks, band .20 
KB. Lawn, extra wide, deep hemstitched hem, 

nd and sashes - ,25 

17. Lawn. 5-inch hem and three half-men 
unstitched tucks, band and sashes _ .35 

8. Fine lawn, four tucks in skirt, one row 
* rlss insertion and frill of lawn, with hem and 

ree tucks, band and sashes 39 

6709. Fine Muslin, five hemstitched tucks, frill. 
three tucks, one row insertion and hem, bond 
and sashes .50 

67)1. Fancy Pointed Tea Apron, lawn. with hern- 
stitched hem and frill of embroidery, pocket 
band and sashes .45 

6712. Fancy Round Tea Apron, lawn, with bib 
finisned with frill of embroidery, pocket, band 
and sashes _ _ _ 50 

6713. Fine Lawn Tea Apron, four rows wide 
val. insertion, frill of lace, beading and ribbon, 
ribbon bows, sashes 85 

6714. Black sateen, with hem and band... .25 

6715. Blact sateen, extra wide hem, pocket and 
band only 35 

6716. All-over Apron, gingham, with frill over 
shoulder and on skirt 50 

6717. All-over Apron, gingham, wilh sleeves, 
frill on skirt 75 

6718. Gingham, heavy quality, band only .28 

6719. Dust Cap, made of print 15 

6720. Night Cap, cambric, tucks and frill .25 




8 10 12 years 

6751. Lawn, Mother Hubbard, full on neck, fin 
ished with tucks, insertion and hemstitched 
hem, sizes 1, 2, 3 .40 4, 5, 6 .50 

6752. Lawn. Mother Hubbard, yoke of embroi 
dery, frill of embroidery over shoulder, 3-inch 
hem on skirt, sizes 1, 2, 3 .45 4, 5, 6 .55 

6753. Lawn, Mother Hubbard, pointed yoke q f 
Swiss insertion, finished with frill of embroi" 
dery, 3-inch hem in skirt, 

size 1, 2, 3 .55 4, 5, 6 .65 

6754. Lawn, apron style, yoke of mnslin insr- 
tion and embroidery, frill of muslin over 
shoulder, Swiss insertion and embroidery frill, 
sizes 8 to 6 only .._ 75 

6755. Baby All-over Creeper, gingham, but:on 
down back _. ,40 



Sizes 123456 789 10 
Ages 1% 3 5 6 !%&% 10 12 14 16 years 

7701. Cotton, Mother Hubbard, four clusters of 
tucks and tvo J^-inch tucks, frill on neck, yoke 
and sleeves, 1 to 4 .35 5 to 8 .40 9, 10 .45 

7702. Cotton, Mother Hubbard, yoke of four 
clusters of tucks and two rows lace insertion, 
neck and sleeves finished with muslin, frill 
edged with lace.l to 4 .45 5 to 8 .55 9,10 .65 

7703. Fine Cotton. Mother Hubbard, four rows 
Swiss insertion, neck and sleeves finished with 
embroidery, 1 to 4 .55 5 to 8 .65 9, 10 75 

7704. Flannelette, fancy stripe, Mother Hubbard 
yoke, frill of material on neck and sleeves, 
1 to 4 .35 5 to 8 .45 9 and 10 .50 


Sizes 12345678 

Ages 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 years 

7711. Cotton, one cluster of tucks and frill, sizes 
1 to 4 ,. 2Q 5 to 8 .22 

7712. Cotton, irill of embroidery, all sizes .25 

7713. Fine Cotton, three hemstitched tucks and 
frill of embroidery, all sixes 35 

7714. Black Sateen, elastic at knee, 1 to 4. . 30 
5 to 8 .3o 

7715. Flannelette, plain colors, pink, white and 
blue, elastic at knee, 1 to 4 .22 5 to 8 .25 


Ages 1 to 7 years 

7721. Cotton, frill with cluster tucks and edge of 
embroidery .35 

7722. Nainsook muslin frill, with one val. in 
sertion and edge of lace 4O 

7723. Fine Nainsook, two cluster of fine tucks, 
with half inch tuck between, one row of Swiss 
insertion, and frill of embroidery 6O 

7724. Fine Nainsook, skirt of muslin, two clus 
ters of tucks, two rows of val. insertion, deep trill 
of lace on skirt, lace on neck and sleeves .85 


18 to 36 in. long. 

7726. Cotton, muslin frill with cluster of tucks, 
row of Swiss insertion and hem, 18 to 24 37 
26 to 30 .45 32to36.._ gQ 

7726. Cotton, two clusters of tucks, one 
insertion, and frill of embroidery, 18 to 2 
26to30 .70 S 2ton6 

7727. Nainsook, muslin frill, two clustei 
two rows of lace insertion, frill of lace, 
65 26 to 30 75 32 to 36... 


9758. Head Shawl, silk embroidered 

9759. Head Shawl, embroidered corner.. 

9760. Head Shawl, flannel, ascut_ 

9771. Band, flannel, silk embroidered 

9773. Infants Nainsook Shirts 

9774. Napkinettes, Canton flannel, dozer 

9780. Rubber, diaper, sizes 16, 18, 20, 2i, 1 ( 

9781. Stork Pants, small, medium, larg 

9782. Stockinette, diaper.._ 5( 

9783. Rubber diaper 

9785. Rubber Carriage Sheet, 18 x 24 

9786. Stockinette Carriage Sheets, 1SX.2 

9787. Rubber Crib Sheets, 27 x. 38. _ 

9788. Stockinette Crib Sheets, 27 X 88 

9789. Rubber Bed Sheet, 37 x 60 _ 

9790. Stockinette Bed Sheet, 37 x. 60 



/ %&<* 




Cotton, double frill of embroidery on 
sleeves finished with embroidery .40 
fainsook, yoke, three rows lace insertion, 
n of tucks and hemstitching, lace on neck 

eeves, hem on skirt 50 

Nainsook, yoke of fine tucks finished with 

[muslin, clustertucks and edse of lace, 

t n neck and sleeves, hem on skirt.. .. 65 

Nainsook, yoke of clusters of tucks and 

Hi, finished wiih muslin frill, with 

: tucks and edge of lace, frill of lace 

I ?k and ileeves. two clusters tucks in skirt 

I rill of muslin, with lare insertion and 

of lace 1.00 

Naii.sook, square yoke of fine tucks ami 

insertion, neck, yoke and sleeves finished 

frill of fine embroidery and finishing 

deep hem and two clusters tucks in 

_. _ 1 25 

Nainsook, pointed yoke of clusters of fine 
and three rows val insertion and two 
Swiss insertion, fiinished with muslin frill, 
and val. lace, lace on neck and sleeves 
Dishing braid, three clnsteis of fine tucks 
irt. two rows val. insertion and one row 
insertion muslin frill, with two clusters 

and val. lace | 55 

Lawn Pointed Yoke, back and "front of 
insertion and fine muslin, frill of 
n, one cluster tucks and lace, neck and 
s finished with lace beading and ribbon 
with two clusters fine tucks, three rows 
usertiou and frill of wide lace I 75 

8711. Fine Muslin, yoke of fine tucks and hem 
stitched tucks, three rows val. insertion, frill of 
muslin on yoke and wide lace, neck and sleeves 
finished with lace, beading and ribbon, skirt 
with three clusters fine tucks and three of 
hemstitched tucks, three rows lace insertion, 
frill tucked to correspond, with insertion and 
wide lace _ _ 2.00 

8712. Fine Muslin, yoke of lace insertion and 
fancy bea.ling, finished with frill of wide lace, 
beading and ribbon, lace and beading on neck 
and sleeves, two clusters fine tucks in skirt, 
three rows insertion, four rows beading and 
deep frill of lace 2.25 

8713. Fine Muslin, square yoke of fine tucks and 
val. insertion, finished with muslin frill, with 
cluster tucks row of insertion and edge of lace, 
insertion and tucks in sleeves, lace on neck 
and sleeves, four clusters fine tucks in skirt, 
two rows lace insertion and double frills with 
tucks insertion and edge of lace 2 .25 

8715. Fine Lawn, round yoke of lace insertion 
and fine tucks, lace, beading and ribbon on 
neck, yoke and sleeves, tucked sleeve, four 
clusters tucks, in skirt and three rows insertion, 
double frills of lace on skirt, with beading and 
ribbon 5 QO 

8718. Flannelette, white, tucked front frili on 
neck and sleeves.. , gs 

8719. Flannelette, white, tucked yoke, frill 
edged with lace, lace on neck and sleeves, 
cluster tucks in skirt and hem 75 

8720. Flannelette, white, tucked yoke, frill of 
flannelette embroidery on yoke, neck and 

sleeves, skirt tucked and frill of embroidery 

i"NFA~NTS" : "SKi RTS 

9700. Nainsook, with muslin frili and hem 
stitched hem 50 

9701. Nuinsook, muslin frill, with cluster tucks 
and edge of lace - r 5Q 

9702. Nainsook, one cluster of four quarter inch 
tucks and frill of embroidery 65 

9703. Nainsook, with cluster tucks, deep muslin 
frill, with two clusters tucks and edge of 
lace 75 

9705. Nainsook, deep muslin frill, with three 
clusters of fine tucks, twof rows, luce insertion 
and edge of lace... . ^. t .85 

9707. Nainsook, tucks, o iie jew swiss insertion, 
two rows lace insertion,, mw$jn frill, with two 
clusters tucks and edgeoflacfl 1. 1 5 

9708. Fine Nainsook, two clusters fine tucks, 
and one cluster of hemstitched, row beading 
and deep frill of embroidery 1. 15 

9710. Lawn, tjyq clusters ot hemstitched tucks. 
two rows SwwSasertion and frill of embroidery 


9712. Flanneiedsjliancy stripes !SQ 

9713. Flanneletjfc^phjte, with tucks and frilio" 
embroidery . 

9714. Flannel, <!<*[ ._ 

9715. Flannel, silk Mabjoidered 

9751. Flannelette, striped, bound with braid ,5( 

9752. Flannelette, white, bound with braid ,7 

9753. Flannelette, bound with silk braid 1.15 
9755. Flannel, silk embroidered 1.50 




Rl : 8702 2 Slips Nainsook, yoke o! two rows 
Swiss insertion, clusters of tucks and hemstitch 
ing embroidery on neck and sleeves, hem on 
skirt. _ 6.0 1 .20 

R1-8704 1 Slip, Nainsook, yoke of nye rows 
Swiss inseition and cluster- of tucks, wide em 
broidery o er shoulders, frill of embroidery on 
neck aiid s eeves, with finishing braid, hem on 
skirt _ .75 

R1-8706. 1 f lip, Nainsook, yo^e, with clusters of 
hemstitche. I. tucks, frill of en. broidery ou yoke, 
with Swiss insertion, embroidery on neck and 
sleeves, hem on skirt, and row Swiss insertion 
and clusters ~>f hemstitched tucks.. 1.10 

R1-8708. 1 Slip, Nainsook, yoke 1 vith clusters of 
fine tucks and three rows lace insertion round 
yoke, with muslin frill, cluster of tucks and 
edge of lace, three clusters of tucks in skirt, 
deep frill 01 muslin, with three cJustersof tucks, 
two rows insertion. and edge of luce 1-25 

Rl-8716. 1 Slip, Nainsook, square yoke of tucks, 
two rows lace insertion and one of Swiss, and 
frill of embroidery, skirt, with four clusters of 
tucks two rows lace Insertion, and one row 
Swiss insertion, and frill of embroi iery... 1 .65 

R1 8717. 1 Slip, Fine Lawn, round yoke (if all- 
over embroidery, yoke, neck and sleeves finish 
ed with embroidery frill, skirt with ,,iree de 
ters tucks, one row Swiss insertion wide frih 

with tucks, insertion and embroidery 

_ _ 2.5O 

R1-8714 1 Slip, Extra Fine Musnn, ro .nd yoke 
of fine tucks and lace insertion, roke, neck and 
sleeves finished with lace, beading an: ribbon 
five clusters of tucks in skirt and three rows of 

lace insertion, deep muslin frill, with two 
clusters oi tucks, row of insertion and deep mil 
of 1 U t: 3oO 

R1-8704." i SkJrti Naimook, tiu-ks, frill oimnsDnj 
one row lace insertion, and edge of lace... .75 

R1-9706. 1 Skirt, Nainsook, cluster of tucks, row 
of Swiss insertion, and frill of embroidery I .OO 

R1-9709. 1 Skirt, Nainsook, two cluster of tucks, 
one row Swiss insertion, two rows hemstitching 
and frill of embroidery 1 .25 

Rl-9711 1 Skirt, Lawn, two rows lace inser ion, 
three clusters of tucks, muslin frill, with one 
row insertion and lace - 1 . 7 5 

R1-9716. 1 Skirt, Flannel, cluster of tucks and 
frill of flannel embroidery 1 .25 

R1-9717. 1 Skirt, Flannel, deep hem, silk em 
broidered -5Q 

R1-9754. 1 Barrowcoat.Flannel.silkembroidered, 
and bound with silk braid,__ J .25 

R1-9756. 1 Barrowcoat.Flannel.silkembroidered, 
bound with silk braid -J- Y 

R1-9772. 4 Bands, Flannel, silk embroidered, 
80 each ,-ix 

Rl : 9775 12 Napkinettes, Canton Flannel- 1.5O 

Rl-9776. 2 Brownie Vests, fine, all wool JO 


34 Pieces, complete 24.50 or separately at 
above prices. 


1 Slip, embroidery trimmed....- ^ ^9 

1 Slip, lace trimmed _ ^ 99 

1 S. p, embroidery trimmed 1.65 

1 Sli, lace trimmed I- 2 . 5 . 

2 Slip*;, lace trimmed .50 each 1 .00 

1 Skirt, embroidery trimmed 

1 Skirl, lace trimmed 

1 Skirt, embroidery trimmed 

1 Skirt, flannel, embroidered. _. 

1 Skirt, flannel, deep hem 

2 Barrowcoats, flannel, silk embroidered... 

4 Bands, flannel .15 

12 Napkinettes 

2 Vests, flue, all wool, each .35 

31 Pieces, complete for _ 


5Slips, leach 2, 001. 65 1.00 .75 .50 

3 Skirts, white, 1 each. 1.15 .85 .65 
2 Skirts, flannel 1.00 - - 

2 Barroweoats, flannel 1.15 

3 Bands, flannel .1 5 - 

2 Vests .35 

12 Napkinettes 

29 pieces complete for 


5 Slips.. 1.25 1.00 .75 .50 .40 

2 Skirts, white .75 .50 

2 Skirts, flannel 1.00 

2 Barrowcoats, flamu-1 1.15 

2 Bands, flannel .15 

2 Vests .25 

12 Napkinettes 

27 pieces complete for... 
^utflt No. 34, 20 pieces. 




?es 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 years 

zes 1234567 

)0. Vest, ribbed cotton, white, short sleeves 

2 to 8 years .10 10 to 14 years .12K 

)2. Vest, hotter quality ribbed cotton, white. 

snort sleeves, 2 to 8 years -12K 10 to 14 .15 

)4. Vest, same quality as 302. with long sleeves 

2 to 8 years .15 10 to 14 years .18 

36. Vest, lisle thread, white, short sleeves for 

I 2 to 8 years .20 10 to 14 years 25 

i )8. Vest, ribbed wool and cotton (Zenith brand) 

I lo \v neck and short sleeves, 2 to 6 years _ 35 

8 and 10_ 40 12 and 14 

0. Vest, same quality as 308, with high neck 
and long sleeves, buttoned front. 2, 4 yrs 4O 

fi, & years .50 10.12 55 14 60 

i2. Vest, fine imported natural wool. high neck, 
buttoned front, short sleeves, for boys and girls 
2 too years .55 8 and 10 .65 10,12 75 
. 13. Drawers to match vest 312, knee length i 
to6yra.55 8 and 10 .65 12 and 14 75 

314 Vest, same quality as 312, for boys and girls, 
long sleeves, buttoned front, 2 to 6yrs. 65 
12 and 14. 

Drawers to match vests 314, ankle len gt~ 


Vc-ts, fine balbriggan, color ecru, long aiicl 

S. 10 

.75 i- ,. 14 .85 

8 and 10. 
2 to 6 years 

316. Vests, fi == 

short sleeves, 2 to 8 years .25 1, 14 35 

317. Drawers to match vest 316, knee and ankle 
length, 2 to 8 years 25 lOtoll 35 

319. Drawers, ribbed cotton, umbrella style, lace 
trimming, knee length, 2, 4 and 6 years !.. .25 
8, 10 and 12 years .30 


Sizes 12345 

Ages 6 9 12 18 months 

400. Ribbed merino, closed front, long sleeves 

color white, 3, 6 mos, .18 9,12.25 18 3O 
402. Ribbed merino, half open front, long 

sleeves. white.3 mos .20 6,9.25 12.30 18.35 
404. Ribbed merino, all open tront.loiig sleeves, 

white. 3, 6 mos... .25 9.12 .30 18 .35 
406. Ribbed all woolT half open front, color 

white, long sleeves, 3 mos 2:5 

6 and 9 mos .35 12 and 18 |4Q 

408. Fine ribbed all wool, all open front, color 

white, long sleeves, 3 months 30 

6 and 9 35 12 40 18- .45 

410. Fine Swiss ribbed all wool, buttoned all 
down front, neatly trimmed, coloi wrjite, long 
sleeves, 3 mos .35 6 .40 9 .45 12.18.50 

412. Finest silk and wool mixture, same style as 
410, 3 mos .60 6 .65 J -70 12, 18 .75 

414. Best fine all wool, roller style, color white, 

long sleeves, 3 months . 35 

6 mos .40 9 mos .45 12 and" "is . so 

416. Best fine imported all wool, lace and ribbon 
trimmed, open nil way down front, color white, 

long sleeves, 3 months . . .60 

6 mos. .65 9 mos. .70 12 .75 18 .80 


4)8. Fine ribbed all wool, white and natural, 
ages 3 to 18 mos 22 

420. Fine ribbed all wool, strap on shoulder, 
color white only, nijcs u to 18 months 25 

422. Finest all wool, strap on shoulder, color 
wnlte only, ages 3 to 18 mouths...... ,35 


2 Vests, fine ribbed cotton, low nock, short nnd 

no sleeves, color white, neatly trirameM IO 

<J Vt-^ts, rit)l)cd cotton, low neck, short and no 

sleeves, white, with edging and ribbon... .\"2% 
3- Vests, fine ribbed cotton, low neck short, long 

nid no sleeves, color white _ .15 

8. Vests, fitie ribbed cotton, square neck, short 

nr.d no sleeves, color white, lace trimmed. 2O 
10. Vests, extra ribbed cotton, square neck, short 

HIM! no sleeves, laee and ribbon trimmed. .25 
12. Vests, line ribbed cotton, high neck, open 

(town front, long sleeves, iuce trimming on neck, 

as rut 25 

!4. Vests, lisle thread, low neck, no sleeves, laee 

and ribbon trimmed 35 

15. Vests, ribbed Swiss lisle, ribbon and lace trim 
med, color white, no sleeves 35 

Short sleeves. ,4Q Long sleeves . gO 

16. Vests, silk and lisle thread, short, long and 
no sleeves, fine laee and ribbon trimming .50 

!8. Vests, mercerized silk, fancy yoke, finished 
ribbon, no sleeves only, color white 65 

20. Vests, silk and cotton mixture, Swiss ribbed, 
lace and ribbon trimmed, white, no sleeves .45 
long sleeves [65 

22. Vests, fine silk, fancy lace yoke, finished 

with ribbon, no sleeves, color white 1 .25 

24. Vests, line Swiss silk, white, low neck, no 

sleeves |.|5 

Short sleeves 1.25 Long sleeves 1.65 

26. Balbriggun Vests, nigh neck, long or short 

sleeves, buttoned down front, ecru 35 

27 Drawers to match vest, 26 knee length, 

lace trimmed, color ecrti, as ctit.._ .35 

28. Vests, natural wool, high neck, short sleeves, 
white and natural.... I.OO Long sleeves- |.|O 

29. Drawers to match 2X, knee length |.IO 

Ankle length 1.25 

30. Vests, Swiss ribbed, all-wool, no sleeves, .65 
Short sleeves. 75 Long sleeves. I.OO 

Drawers and Combinations 

33. Drawers, fine ribbed cotton, lace trimmed, knee length, 
colors white and black .25 

35. Dnnvers. lisle thread, ribbed, ankle length, white .50 

34. Combinations, lisle thre;i<l, knee length, lace trUnmedj 
no sleeves and short sleeves, white and black .85 

37. Combinations, natural \vn,,], short sleeves, knee length. 
1.25 Long sleeves, ankle length I .50 

Ladies Corset Covers, Etc. 

36 1 Corset Cover, fine ribbed cotton, high neck, long and 
nosleevs, .25 Better quality 35 

38, Ladies Abdominal Bands, all wool, white, natural .25 

Ladies Vests in Extra Large Sizes 

Bust Measure 40 to 44 

4O. V,^ts. fine riblihed cotton, low nerk. short, sleevt 

42. Y> sts. tine square neck and no sleeves, tiig 

and Ion.; -sleeves 

Harvard Underwear Bust Measure 28 1 

44. Women s Vests.ri bbed cotton. trimmed silk and 
cream, low nerk, short sleeves, high neck. Ions sleev 

45. l>nt-ers to match 44, knee or ankle length 

46. Vests, merino, sume ai 44, low neck, short sleevt 
nerk, lonij sleeves, white 

47. Drawers to mat- h 4ii. knee and ankle length .. 

48. Combinations, lisle thread, finished with silk tri 
and ribbon, short sleeves, knee length, long sleev 
ankle length 

Knit to Fit Underwear 

70 Vests, fine balbrfggnn colors ecru and white, hig 
short and lontr sleeves 

7 | , Tights, kn- R and ankle length 

72 Combination*, hiyh and low neck, lone and 
sleeves, knee and ankle lengths 

Ramie Fibre Underwear 

7Q, \Vsta, Ik-lit and nr dinm weight, color white 
and Ion;; sleeves 

77, Drawers, ankle Icnirili, to match 

78. Combinations, short and long sleeves and ankle 


^ / 

. i. Jean, 3 bone strip, Shook Paris clasp, medium 
waist, colors drab and white, sizes 18 to 30 .25 
i. Coutil, straight front, sateen strips, silk em- 
{ broidered edge, medium waists, colors drub and 

j white, sizes 18 to 30 _ 5O 

12. Straight front, medium high i bust, short hip, 

jean, single Strips of sutoen, steel filled, 5 hook 

| Paris clasps, trimmed, lace and ribbon, for slight 

( and medium figures, draband white. 18 to 26 .50 

I J. Fine Jean, straight front, single strips of 

sateen, 9 inch front and back steel, drab and 

white, sizes 18 to 24 5Q 

J3. Tape Girdle, sti-cl rilled, 5 inch Paris 

clasp, white only, sizes 18 to 24 35 

34. Same style as 133. only made of satin ribbon, 
colors white, pink and blue, sizes 18 to 24 .75 
10. Fine jean, straight front, steel filled, low bust, 
lace and ribbon trimmed, drab and white, 

sizes 18 to 26 ... _ .50 

19. Same as 17, only white batiste, 18 to 24 .65 

!1. Nursing, fine Coutil, single strips of sateen, 

steel filled, drab only, sizes 20 to 30 .75 

144. Snmni T Not. straight front, im-iimm bust, 
hose supporters front and side, Paris clasp, lace 
and ribbon trimmed, white only, 18 to 26 .75 

41. Summer Net, same as 15, sizes 18 to 30_ .50 

19. Fine Sateen, single strips, steel filled, medi 
um h gh bust with short nip, lace and ribbon 
trimmeil top and bottom, for nvdium and slight 
figures, drab and white, sizes 18 to 30_ 75 

74. Straight front, fine coutil, 4 hook clasp, 
medium low bust, lace and ribbon trimmed, 
colors drab and white, sizes 18 to 30 _ .75 

124. Straight front, fine sateen, filled with steel 
wire, long hips, with hose supporters attached 
drab and white, sizes 18 to 26 .85 

148. Straight front, long dip hip, 5 hook Pans 
clasp, white batiste, steel filled, lace and ribbon 
trimmed, hose supporters front and side, suitable 
for stont and medium figures, sizes 18 to 80 .05 

136. Heavy sateen, single strips, steel filled, med 
ium bust, long skirt and dip hip, 5 hook clasp 
for medium stout figures, hose supporters front 
and side, colors drab and white, 20 to 30_ 1.25 

905. Infants Corded Waists, fine sateen, ruben 

style, white only 25 

914. Infants Waists, fine sateen, white only, 

sizes 20 to 24 _ .40 

901. Child s Waist, fine white batiste, button 
back, 2 to 4 years 2O 

902. Child s Waist, soft jean, button back. 4 to 7 
years, white only, sizes 22 to 26 .25 

900. Child s Waist, corded jean, 5 to 10 years. 
colors drab and white, sizes 22 to 26._ 35 

910. Child s Waist, fine whitesateen, corded, 2to 
5 years, sizes 22 to 2f> 45 

917. Girl s Waist, fine sateen, cording, button 
back, 7 to 10 years, drab and white. 22 to 26 .75 

911. Mises Waist, corded sateen, button front, 
laced back, drab and white. 20 to 26_ 65 

916. Misses Waist, fine coutil, stel clasp front, 
laced back, trimmed with lace and baby ribbon. 
12 to 17 years, drab and white, sizes 20 to 26 .85 

912. Ladies Waist, fine sateen corded, buttoned 
front, drab, white, size 20 to 30 I.OO 

2. Muslin Bow, dotted muslin, lace trimmed .50 



. . " 

I ^ / / 

JT562 ^A7 

$125 i] ; $i 

W. B. Corsets 

741. Slight Figure Corset, white batiste, long 
waist, box hip, bias cut, steel filled, lace and rib 
bon trimmed, sixes is to -J4 1 .25 

936. p Sterling cloth, low bust, long hip, "lor 
medium stout figures, laee and ribbon trimmed, 
drab and \vhitt-, sizes 20 to 30 1 25 

417,. For Average nd Well Developed Figures, 
high bust, long over hip and abdomen, made of 
sterling jean, dnihand white,sizes!9to30 1 25 

428. White Batihte, high bust, long hip, live 
hook Paris clasp, Inee trimmed, 18 to 26_ 1 .25 

737. Coutil, high bust, long over hip and abdo 
men, supporters, drab, white, 19 to 26 1 .75 

427. Nafonn, white batiste, medium bust, 
-apron hip, hose supporters front and sides, for 
medium stout figures, sizes 18 to 30 *| 75 

442. Nuform, white silk batiste, for average well 
developed figures, medium bust, long hip, hose 
supporters front and sides, 18 to 26 3.75 

La Vida Corsets 

1517. Made of Fine White Batiste, whalebone filled, hose 
supporters front and sides, lace trimmed, medium figures 
WtoSO 5.OO 

562. Italian Cloth, five hook i-Li-p, m, -ilium bu^t, hose 
supporters, medium stout figures, white and black, 19 
to 30 6.75 

F. P. Corsets 

562. Golf Girdle, with long hip, hose supporters, white 
b.iti.ste, steel tilled, 18 to 23 1.25 

680- lattice Corset made of white batiste, strnnpi- l with 
satin, lace and ribbon trimmed, short hip, steel filled, sizes 
18 to 24 1.25 

752. Stout Figure Corset, cmitil, bias cut, medium bust 
with Ions: skirt, hose supporters front ana sides steel 
filled, white on ly, sizes 20 to 30 3-75 

R. and G. Corsets 

A7. White Batiste, medium bust, short hip, five hook Paris 
clasp, slight figure. 18 to 24 | .25 

671. Tape-ring Waist, high bust, dip hip, hose front and 
side, drab and white, 18 to 80 I .25 

53. Nursing, eoutil, medium waist, short hip, steel filled, 
drab, white, 10to3< I .25 

552. Girdle Top, dip hip, for short slight fi"Tires, drab and 
white, sizes 18 to 2fi ...... I .25 

66 I . Tapering Waist, low bust, dip hip, hone supporters 
front and sides, suitable for slight figures, drab and white, 
sizesl8to28 i 25 

073. Same style aa 671 White Batiste ^25 

; * 

379. Tapering W.-iist, dip hip and long back, made of, specially adapted lur stunt lignn-.-i, drab and wl 
sizes 19 to 30 |. 

B7. Same style as 879 White Batista |. 

384. Abide of Coutil, extra long hip, straight front 1 
supporters front and side, for medium stout tiu ures. il 
and white, sizes 18 to 30 2. 

382. Niiine style as 384 only heavier quality 3. 

F4. Trip -ring Waist, high bust double gore, extra ! 
skirt, hose supporters front and side, made of coutil, rfb 
trimmed, white. 2o to 30 3. 

Nemo Corsets 

312. RpH^f Strap, for stout figures, straight front,, six h 
(;l:i-[i, niftliiim bust, low under arm. long over hip i 
iibilonien. tiose siinpnrters, rnadt; of coutil, steel filled, di 
whi te, ^Ito36 ---- . ................................. 3. 

30 I - Incurve Waist, new military belt, mpdium bust. 1 
hip. made of coutil, lace trimmed, medium stout fipu 
white only, 19 to 30 ................................ 3. 

454. P. N. Heavy Jean, abdominal laced on hip for it 
ti-ures, drab. 21 to 30. ..... 1.75 81 to 36 ...... 2. 

934. White Batiste straight front, 5 hook clasp, h 
bust. Ion? over hip and abdomen, lace ribbon trimn 
KizpslStoSB ................................ ...... I. 

928. Fine Coutil. J bone strip, medium bust, long hip.r 
supporters front and aide, white and drab, 18 to 30 |. 



S. -$2,2.5 

B. &. C. Corsets 

>53. Fine Jean, two bone strip, medium bust, 
dip hip, suitable for medium stout figures, loop 
eyelets, lace trimmed, drab, white, 18 to 30 1.00 
61 . Same style as 353, fine coutil, hose supporters 
front and sides, drab and white, 18 to 30 1 ,25 

133. Fine Jean, short hip, suitable for slight 
figures, drab and white, 18 to 26 1 00 

!92. Nursing, fine jean, long hip, steel filled, 
drub only, sizes 20 to 30 _ 1 .00 

Kabo Corsets 

iB2. Straight Front, bias cut, short hip. medium 
high bust, lace trimmed, drat) and white, sizes 
18 to 26 _ 1 .25 

>53. Fine Coutil, medium waist, long hip ana 
tw.-k, hose supporters attached, for medium 
figures, drab and white, sizes 18 to 30 1 .25 

25. Nursing, fine jean, straight front, bias cut, 
dip hip, drab and white, sizes 20 to 30. 1 .25 

537. Fine Sateen, straight front, dip hip. 11-inch 
clasp, medium low bust, for medium and sli.Lrht 
figures, drab and white, sizes 18 to 30 1 .25 

722. Fine Coutil, high bust, long back, with dip 
hip, hose supporters luce and ribbon trimmed, 
average figure, drub, white, 19 to 30 _ 1 .75 

1033. Fine White Batiste, medium high bust, 
fan front, long over hip and abdomen, hose 
supporters attached front and sides, suitable for 
medium and stout figures, sues 12 to 30 2.25 

800. Fine Coutil, bias cut, medium bust, dip 
hip, hose supporters, suitable for stout figures, 
drab and white, sizes 20 to 30_ 3.00 

La Marguerite 

W-9 W. Made of Heavy Coutil, steel filled, medium 
high bust, long over hip and abdomen, hose 
supporters an excellent corset for stout figure*. 
black and white, sizes 20 to 30 5.00 

aaa-1. Made of Fine White Coutil, two bone strip, 
medium high bust, extra long hip, coming well 
down over back, hose supporters, a special cor 
set for stout figures, sizes 20 to 30 6.00 

B. & I. Corsets 

Lady Ruby, fine coutil, medium bust, long hip, 
hose supporters, bias filled, for medium figures, 

drab and white, sizes 18 to 26 1 25 

Better quality _ 1 .50 

Alba iii. medium bust, longover hip for stout figures, 
lace ribbon trimmed, drub, while. 18 to 30 1 25 
Better quality __ 1 50 

Ferris Waists 
633. Fine White Coutil, straight front, bias cnt, 

dip hip, medium figure, 20 to 26 1.25 

319. Ladies Waist, fine jean, gathered bust, steel 

front, drab and white, sizes 20 to SO 1.25 

220. Ladies Waist, jean, mediumiorm, buttoned 

front, drab and white, 20 to 30 1.25 

903. Equipoise Waist, twilled cotton, whalebone 

filled, ,s in. under arm, size 22 to 30 2.50 

223. Misses Waist, fine sateen, pleatea bust, 

drab and white, sizes 20 to 26 1 .25 

313. C hilds Gathered Waist, made oi fine white 

cambric, 2 to 14 years 35 

593. S;imestyleas313, embroidery trimmed .50 
M. Knitted Cotton, strapped with tape, 1 to 12 

years 25 

2. Wright Bust Form, steel filled, for slight 

figures, drab and white, sizes 20, 22, 24 1 .25 

1. Blouse Distender, made of fine white net, sizes 

34 and 36 _ _ 35 

68. Fashion Bust Form, made of fine wire, 

covered with net . _. ., .50 

73 Combination Hip Bustle, covered wire .60 
93. Grommet Bustle, hair tilled, light weight, 

perfect fitting, sizes 0, 1,2.3 .50 

83. Empire Bustle, tempered wire 35 



Hats are out of stock on pages 66 to 71 after Aug. 
1st, 1906. Hats on pages 66, 67 and 68 mad* 
to order and require 24 hours to complete. 

Trimmed Hats 

If shade desired Is not mentioned send clip 
ping of color and we will match or send sampl 
of nearest shade. 


if 485 

HI100. Hand-folded Silk Chiffon Hal, 
two fine ostrich tips, colors, black and 
correct spring and summer shades, 
black or white ostrich plumes 7 25 

H1101. Dress Turban, entire brim of 
pleated Ajour braid with silk ribbon 
edging ; tulle folds around crown and 
draped over back, buckle, colors 
navy, moss, in solid colors, or with 
white tulle, solid brown or brown 
and champagne; black, with black, 
white or pale blue tulle 3.98 

H1102 Hand-made Dress Hat, import 
ed straw braid, silk ribbon folded 
around crown, and finished with 
bow, colors, black, brown. navy, pearl, 
green .vith self-colored or white 
p;umo; white, burnt, cardinal, re 
seda, ciel with white plumes 4.85 

H1103. Tilted Dress Sailor, made from 
fine quality Tuscan braid, underbrim 
bus folds of silk chiffon and braid 
around crown, at back bandeau 
daiuty June roses and foliage ; nat 
ural braid only, trimmed with white, 
pink, sky, cardinal, brown, navy, 
moss, reseda, chiffon with roses In 
suitable colors 4.35 

H1104. Trimmed Leghorn, grege finish, 
drape and knot of silk chiffon, large 
osprey across crown, fold of velvet 
around brim: roses and foliage 
banked at back, colors natural only, 
trimmt-d brown, navy, cardinal, pale 
blue, pink, moss, reseda, white chiff 
on with white osprey and roses and 
volvet to harmonize 5.00 

H1105. Dress Toque, ajour braid, rows 

of pleated tulle around brim, two 
choice ostrich tips, small rosesaround 
crown and at back bandeau ; colors 
black, brown, green, in self colors, 
navy with navy or white plumes, 
black or reseda with bluck or white 
plumes and flowers to blend. Price 
accordingtoqualityofplumes7 25 

and _ _ 8 .25 

H1106. Dress Hat, of pleatedsilk tulle, 
drape around crown, and knot of tulle 
in front with osprey, edging gold lace 
on upper brim, and3 fine ostrich tips 
at back, colors white, black, brown, 
navy, grey, green, castor with tips to 
match, and white or black osprey. 
Also.other spring shades with white 
or black tips mid osprey 9.50 and 
11.00 according to quality tips used. 

H1107. Mourning Hat, extra fine 
quality of imported silk lisse, entire 
brim band folded, draped crown, 
ribbon trimming, fastened with dull 
jet buckle ~. _ 3.85 

H1108. Mourning Hat, extra fine qua! i- 
ty imported silk lisse, entire hat 
closely hand folded, lisse drape over 
back, dull jet buckle in front of crown, 
flowers in back bandeau 4.50 

H1109. Dainty Silkoline Dress Sailor, 
satin crown and binding around edge 
of brim, chiffon drape around crown, 
with wings, back oandeau of puf 
fed chiffon, foliage and buds ; colors 
cardinal, pale blue, white in self 
colors, black or navy trimmed self 
or white, pink trimmed white, 3.2*^ 




SI 95 


) i. Hand made of imported chip 
aw braid; drape of gold cloth 
mnd crown ; foliage and roses on 
2k bandeau and on crown ; colors 
>wn, navy, burnt, champagne, 
rdinal, moss, reseda, pearl, pale 
le, violet and white 3.00 

. Child s Trimmed Leghorn Flop, 
ipe of line silk chiffon with hem- 
tched borders ; ch ffon rosette, 
ared with Valenciennes lace; lace 
mnd edge of under brim : steel 
ckles , hat. natural only, trimmed 
th pale blue, pink, champagne or 
lite chiffon 1.95 

t Of fancy imported braid, double 
,vs of shirred chiffon around brim ; 
aped around crown ; shirred chiff- 
rosetteand roses with foliage and 
As; steel buckles ; colors, brown, 
vy, cardinal, reseda, champagne, 

pale blue with self colored chiffon, 
white trimmed, brown, navy, cardi 
nal, pale blue chiffon; ros -s in suit, 
able shades; also black with black 

flowers 3.98 

H1113. Turban shape of Swiss straw 
braid in colors, with white pattern ; 
two rows of pleated chiffon around 
outer brim ; trimmed withsilk rib 
bon and pair of wings : colors black. 
navy, cardinal and sky trimmed self 
colors or white ; brown, reseda and 
pink trimmed white or black 3.35 

H1114. Mourning Bonnt, extra quali 
ty silk lisse. hand folded, drape and 
rosette in front with dulliet buckle 
centre; veil tastily draped and pin 
ned, white border: veils with plain or 
hemstitched borders, price accord 
ing to quality of veil 575 

to 7. 50 

H1115. Dainty Sailor of fancy import 
ed chip braid ; wreath of small roses 
and foliage around crown, bows of 
silk ribbon ; colors brown, navy, 
burnt, champagne, cardinal, moss, 
reseda, pearl, ciel. and white braid 
with roses to harmonize .... 4.25 

H1116. Bonnet Toque; mohair braid 
with sequin edge around brim and 
top of crown ; inside brim of soft 
ajour braid ; folds of chiffon, drape 
and bows of sntin ribbon; black satin 
flowersand foliage ; buckles ; toque 
always black ; flowers with black, 
green, white, yellowor mauve centre. 
If no choice is given we alway send 
solid black. This style may be worn 
with or without ties . . 3.98 

H1117. Trimmed Italian Flop. wired in 
to becoming style; underbrim faced 
with tucked and shirred chiffon ; 

around crown, wreath of small flow 
ers with foliage ; suitable for misses 
or children ; colors natural with ciel, 
pink. navy, brown, reseda, and moss 
combinations ; flowers to harmonize 

H1118. Fine chip straw shape, with silk 
drape and rosettes ; poppies and foli 
age on side with trail of buds and 
foliage around crown; colors, white 
trimmed navy, pale blue, cardinal, 
orpiuk: nav\ . pale blueand cardinal 
trimmed white or self colors. 1.75 

HI119. Imported chip and satin finished 
straw braid Turban, drape of silk 
around crown and across front ; large 
wines; steel buckles; colors, blacK, 
navy, cardinal, in solid colors, or 
with white wings ; brown and moss 
trimmed with self colored silk and 
white wings; white trimmed navy, 
brown or ciel 1.95 




H1120. Hand-folded Chiffon and Rib 
bon Braid Turban, rows of mohair 
braid with closely shirred ribbon 
edge inserted in folds of chiffon, col 
ors black, brown, navy, rno=s, self 
colors; cardinal, pale blue or white 
with black ribbon braid 2.50 

H1121. Silk Chiffon and Ajour Brnid 
Dress Hat, brim closely shirred, with 
tucks and double rows of braid 
around brim and crowti, colors 
black, brown, navy, cardinal, moss 
or reseda in self colors 2.48 

H1122. Italian Flop Hat.drape ot Lyons 
silk velvet ana two wings, colors 
black, navy, cardinal or pale blue, 
trimmed with self-colored black 
or white wings;white with navy, ciel 
or black velvet and wings 1.75 

H1123. Hand-made Sailor, plaited chip 
straw braid, fancy edge, deep velvet 
band, straw rosettes with velvet 
centres and narrow gold braid, 
colors, brown, navv, cardinal, moss, 
reseda, self-colored or black velvet, 
champagne with brown; ciel or pearl 
with black; white with navy, car 
dinal orblack velvet 2.35 

H1124. Hand-folded Silk and Straw 
Tricorn Toque, drapi-d silk around 
crown, trimmed with two wings and 
steel ornament, colors, black, navy 
or cardinal, with self-colored or 
white wings, ciul or white with self- 
colored or black wings 2.25 

H112B. Chiffon and Imported Braid 
Hat, hand folded silk chiffon un 
der brim, finished in front with small 

bows and two wings, colors, black, 
navy, or cardinal, self-colored or 
white wings; ciel, trimmed ciel, white 
or black: white trimmed white, 
navy, ciel or black: champagne trim 
med navy or cardinal 2.75 

H1126. Hand-made Dress Sailor 
imported chip braid, fancy edge, 
velvet band around crown, drape of 
twisted velvet and bows at back, 
natural pelican quill, colors black, 
brown, navy, moss, reseda with self- 
colored velvet; champagne, trim 
med brown ; cardinal, ciel trimmed 
self or black velvet; white, trim 
med navy, cardinal orblack 2.85 

h 1127. Imported Tuscan Cord and 
Straw Turban, brim of folded chif 
fon through braid strappings, colors 
brown, cardinal, reseda, white, in 

self colors; black, navy, ciel, ir 
colors, or white chiffon 2 

H1128. Tuscan Cord and Straw B 
high back toque, velvet pi 
around brim, velvet and gold I 
aronnd crown.rosette with quill 
ors black, brown, navy, moss, res 
in self colors ; ciel or cardinal t 
nied in self colors or black yel 
white, trimmed navy, cardini 
black; pearl trimmed "black, 2 

H1129. Hand-made Tilted Sailr ( 
fine quality imported Tuscan B 
with satin finished straw edge 1; 
with Tuscan coni, silk velvet pi 
around brim, twisted drape art 
crown, large bow at back , two qi 
braid always natural, with ve 
in colors, black, brown, navy. < 
inal, moss, reseda, ciel 3 


HI 132 

Ready-to-Wear Hats 





1130. High Back. Satin-finished Jap 
anese Straw Sailor Shape; bell 
crown with large bow in front bound 
with velvet; gilt ornaments; colors 
solid black, brown, navy, cardinal, 
pearl, moss and natural _., .65 

1131. Chip Straw Turban; with fan- 
cv striped crown ; velvet strapping 
all around ; straw braid, quills and 
gilt ornament on velvet folds at 
side; colors brown, navy, cardinal, 
moss, champagne, white and sodd 
Wack._ .75 

1132. Japanese Straw Braid Turban; 
with velvet strapping around front 
and knotted at side ; two quills and 
steel ornament; colors solid black, 
brown, navy, cardinal, or white 
trimmed black, navy, brown or car 
dinal ...J 1 .25 

H1133. Fine Canton Straw Toque 
Shape; with insertion of openwork 
chip braid; trimmed with strappings 
of velvet across front, velvet knot- 
tings, quills and steel ornaments; 
colors, solid black, brown, navy, car 
dinal, or white trimmed black, 
brown, navy or cardinal 1 .25 

T H1134. Fine Canton and Chip Straw 
Braid Toque, with drape around 
crown and over side of Batavia cloth 
with double rows of velvet ribbon 
and buttons ; colors natural with 
white drape and velvet ribbon strap 
pings in brown, navy, cardinal, 

black, pale blue and green 1.10 

H1135. Smart CordayTurban of Swiss 
Chip Braid ; in two color combina 
tions ; trimmed with a twisted drape 

of velvet; sol d black or the follow 
ing color combinations: black and 
white; navv and white; cardinal 
and white ; brown and champagne ; 

or moss and pale blue 1.75 

H1136. A novel and becoming design 
in a two-color combination of a 
pretty chip braid and a fancy ajour 
braid ; the color combinations are 
black and white, navy and white, 
brown and champagne, cardinal and 
white, moss and pale blue, navy and 
pale blue 1 .95 

H1137- Rosabel, a smart sailor -with 
rolling brim and large bell crown of 
fancy satin finished straw braid with 
large bows across front of velvet; 
edged with fine stniw braid and gold 
cord, also velvet binding ; always 

natural, trimmed black, 
cardinal, pale blue or reseda. 1 .75 

H1138. Camden, a smart toque of fine 
chip braid with large knot of braid 
on side ; a unique style ; colors 
black, brown, navy, cardinal, pule 
blue and white 175 

H1139. A Large Shape; high back: 
bell-shaped crown ; hand made of a 
pretty Swiss braid with insertion of 
white braid around upper and lower 
brim ; trimmed with rosettes of Jap 
anese silk, quills and straw orna 
ments; colors navy, brown, car 
dinal, champagne, moss, pearl and 
pale blue with white insertion, solid 
Black or all white trimmed with 
pale blue ~. 1 .98 



Misses and Children s Ready-to-Wears 

Read Note on page 68 abi 
Hats not In stock 







H1140. Alice, latest New York style, 
rolling back, fine quality satin fin 
ished straw braid, velvet binding 
around brim and velvet tabs, straw 
buttons, velvet folds around crown, 
quills and bow on underbrim, hat 
of natural braid trimmed black, 
brown, navy, cardinal, moss, pale 
blue or white .._ 1 25 

H1141. New ^ork Sailor, with drape 
of silk around crwn and knotted in 
front, two dainty wings, colors 
brown, trimmed with champagne 
silk and white wings; navy, trim 
med navy or white; champagne 
trimmed wih brown silk and white 
wings; natural straw, trimmed navy 
cardinal, pale blue or white: solid 
cardinal or black j QQ 

H1142. Napolia, Japanese Straw Braid 
Hat ; trimmed with quill and ios- 

ette and folded band around crown; 
colors brown, navy, cardinal, green, 
pearl and naniMl . 50 
H1143. Elite, Chip and Satin Finished 
Straw Braid Hat; trimmed with 
satin ribbon straps around crown 
and at back; Batavia and ribbon 
rosette: gilt ornaments, colors 
black, brown, navy, cardinal, cham 
pagne, g.een, in self colors; natural 
trimmed navy, cardinal or brown 


H1144. Atlantic CiV." Japanese Straw 
Shape ; trimmed with folds of velvet 
around crown and upper brim ; two 
velvet bows and quills; colors 
brown, navy, cardinal, pearl in self 
colors, natural trimmed navy, car 
dinal or pale blue " 85 

H1145. Japanese Straw Braid Sailor; 
neat, stylish, crown and medium 

brim, New York| pattern ; colors 
black with black bund, white with 
navv or black band... 39 

H1145X. (Same style as cut BttJS.) 
Sennet Straw Braid Sailor; New 
York pattern; colors black with 
black band, white with navy or 
black band 55 

H1146. Fancy Sennet and" Straw 
Braid Hat ; bell crown trimmed 
with hemstitched silk drape; hat 
always natural with drape in colors 
navy, cardinal, brown, pink, sky 
bine or white _ 95 

H1147. Beauty; made of Japanese 
straw braid; ribtion around crown, 
ribbon rosette with ornament in 
centre; elastic band: colors black, 
brown, navy, cardinal, pearl, natur 
al _ gg 

H1148. Child s Sailor; satin finished 

straw braid ; fancy combination 
fine plaited straw on crown e 
around brim ; bow, band e 
streamers of corded ribbon ; col 
natural and brown, natural a 
navy, natural and cardinal or sr 
nntural trimmed white f 

H1148X. Child s Sailor (Similar to 
Hl-148.); fine Shansi straw, con 
ribbon band, bow and streame 
colors white trimmed black brov 
navy, cardinal, pearl or hito H 
H1149. Stella. Dainty Child s Hat 
fancy straw braid ; becoming Shu 
and most stylish design; trimm 
with satin ribbon rosettes with b 
ton centres and strappings bow a 
long streamers at tmck, velvet ba 
around crown ; hat always natn 
with navy, cardinal, brown pi 
blue, pink or white ribbon 7} 



H I 1 6 6 ^*3tfHBE5""^7 ,^ 






HJ159. Hand-made Silk Chiffon Hat. 
fashionable tilted sailor shape, brim 
and crown closely shirred, edge of 
brim and crown neatly tuciced ; 
ready to wear or additional trim 
ming may be added; colors black, 
navy, white or cream 1 .98 

H1160. Aldine, exceptionally smart 
Dress Toque, fine quality satin finish 
ed braid, becoming style, colors 
black, brown, navy, pearl, cardinal, 
reseda, pale blue, white 69 

H161. Becoming Dress Shape, fine chip 
stniw braid, with satin finished braid 
insertion, hieh roll with flare. Col 
ors black, brown, navy, cardinal, 
champagne.moss, white or pearl .50 

H1162. Dainty Toque made from fine 
quality straw braid. with insertion of 
Tuscan cord and chip braid in open 
work design, very stvlish and be 
coming shape : colors black, brown, 
navy, cardinal, white SO 

K1163. Chip Braid Turban, easy fit 
ting, very becoming; colors, black, 
(rown, navy, champagne, pearl, car 
dinal and white 35 

H1164, Smart Sailor made from fine 
chip braid, with fine corded design 
on underbrim, entire cnm ii and 
edge of brim of satin finished Japan 
ese straw; colors black, brown, navy, 
cardinal, moss green, champagne, 
pearl and white 39 

H1165. Child s Fancy Sennet and 
Straw Braid Hat, natural color only 



i\ i 

H1166. Misses Fancy Sennet a 
t-tniw Braid Hat, neat bell crown, 
natural color only .35 

H1167. Black Straw Bonnet Shape, 
light weight, well made, comfortable 
arid easy fitting, black only... .39 

H1168. Black Ajour Braid Bonnet 
Shape, braid edged with sequin, 
most serviceable, can bo worn during 
any season, very comfortable, black 
only 69 

H1169. Dainty Italian Body Hat. 
openwork in Tuscan cord and natu 
ral braid, three frills on upper brim 
of Tuscan cord and braid ; colors 
natural and white, natural and pink, 
natural and navy, natural and pale 
blue, natural and reseda, natural 
and "ordinal 35 

H1170. Italian Body Hat, Tuscan cord, 
op :i\vn k pattern with straw ribbon 
braid woven through cord; colors 
white and pale bine, white and 
white, white and pink, white and 
reseda 25 

H1171. Italian Body Hat, exception 
ally dainty, extra quality braid, 
laced together with Tuscan cord, 
frill edge around brim and crown ; 
colors natural and sky blue, natural 
and pink, natural and navy, natural 
and brown, natural and reseda, 
natural and (moss) green, natural 
and tuscan 75 

H1172. Italian Body Hat, plaited braid, 
laced together with Tuscan cord, 
colorssolid black, brown, navy, car 
dinal, reseda, pale blue, pink, white 

HI173. Misses or Childrens Natural 
Grege Leghorn Flops (not illus 
trated), similar in shape to cut 
H1175. When ordering state age. 

H1173.X Ladies Natural Grege Leg 
horn (not illustrated), similar to cut 
H1175 ; extra fine quality, the new 
and fashionable finish, brim 6 ins. 
wide 1 .50 

H1174. Misses and Childrens Natural 
Bleached Leghorn Flop, fine soft 
finish, three sizes in each quality ; 
when ordering state age and we 
will send suitable size.. 25 .35 
45 .65 .75 

H1I75. Ladies Fine Quality Leghorn. 
These hats are direct from source of 
production, superior quality and 
finish, exceptions value, natural 

bleach 65 .75 1.OO 

Black 75 

H1176. Wire Turban Shape, smartand 
dressy, becoming style for any age, 
black or white 25 

H1177. Wire Dress Shape, exception 
ally smart style, by New York s lead 
ing designer, black or white 25 

H1178. Wire Dress Shape, smart and 
stylish, black or white 25 

H1179, Wire Bonnet Shape, absolute 
ly new, very becoming, easy fitting 
and comfortable, can be trimmed tc 
wear with or without ties, black 

or white 15 

Wire Shapes Special Order. We can 
supply wire shapes for any of our 
huts on i >L:CS 6 1. i 7 nnd 68, in black, 
white or o.ilored wire 50 



We desire to have satisfied cus 

Millinery Flowers 

,H! .618 _xE *itie*ffW850 


All Mall Orders receive pron 



Millinery Flowers, Foliage and Wings 


(1-785. American Beauty Rose, full bloom with 
bud and foliage, long" lubber stems, colors crim 
son, tea, ivory, light pink, deep pink and Ameri 
can Beauty - - .10 

11-786. Three Full Muslin Roses, with green fol 
iage and bud, long rubberstems, colors crimson, 
tea, ivory, light pink, deep pink, and American 
Beauty..... 15 

11-639. Dainty Spray, with two half open roses, 
six buds and green foliage, colors pink, crimson 
and pink, pinkandtea - .19 

-11-789. Three Large Muslin Roses, with foliage 
and bud, nil &er steins, colors crimson, tea, ivory, 
lieht pink, deep pink. and American B< anty .25 

H1-797. HiUid.-oine Rose Trail, 6 beautiful muslin 
flowers with foliage and buds, rubberstems. col 
ors, cream toned to white ; pink, tea, American 
beauty and crimson, in three tone effects, a 
leader 50 

H1-540. Large Bunch Dainty June ROM-S twenty- 
four flowerswith small buds.eolors, white, pink, 
sky. crimson r 35 

H1-795. Beautiful Trail, with seven muslin roses, 
green foliage with buds, long rubber stems, col 
ors, cream shaded to white, pink, tea, crimson, 
American beauty, in three tone effects 39 


H1-636 Rose foliage, green with six buds, colors 
pink, red, tea 1 5 

H1-507. Spray Rose Foliage, green with ten- 
leaves shaded with bro .-.U 10 

H1-503. Three Bunches Violet Foliage and Open 
ing Buds, made into spray, very dainty, natural 
color only .15 

H1-581. Spray of Dark Shaded foliage, with two 
bunches of frosted grapes, color of grapes, green, 
light wine, dark wine_ 19 

HI 500. Circular Cluster Ros.i Foliage, large and 
small leaves, colors green, green shaded .19 

H1-637. Rose Foliage with six buds, colors of 
buds, pink, red or tea 25 

H1-512. Spray Green Ivy Foliage with shaded 
berries, rubber su-ms 19 


H1 509. Handsome Foliage Trail, clusters of small 
green leaves witu centres of shaded lilac buds, 

full rubber stems - -. .35 


H1-515. (Same style ns cut Hl-olti.) spray o ]2 
Marguerites, but with looped stums instead ot 
leaves colors white with yellow or brown cen 
tre*, sky with yellow centres, pink with yellow- 
centres - .10 

H1-516. Spray of 20 Marguerites with foliage 
colors white with yellow or brown central .25 

H1-574. Wreath of Dainty Velvet Forget-me-nots 
with small bunch in centre. colors,light blue or 
white .19 

Ht-545. Handsome Trail of 80 Small Moss Koses, 
tinished with small spray of foliage, exception 
ally neat and rertned, colors, white, cream, pink, 
ciel, crimson --.35 

Hl-618. Spray of Lilaes, 3 clusters with foliage, 
natural color.. 25 

HI 555. Spray of Lilacs (similar style to Hl-618). 
but with 6 smaller clusters with foliage, colors 
white or natural _ 1 5 

H1-529. spray of Cherry Blossoms, with foliage, 
colors White, white and pink or pink 19 

Hl-517. Lar^e Wreath Single Wild Roses with 
green foliage, colors white, pink, sky, or pink 
and white 25 

H1-521. Lane Trail of Small Roses, with foliage 
and looped stems, colors white, pink, pink and 
white, tea or crimson 29 

H1-621. Large Lilac Wreath with foliage at ends 
natural color only 25 


HH906. Six Dozen Satin Violets in Bunch, col 
ors black, or white with black stems, natural 
or white with green stems 25 

Hl-522. (Same as cut Hl-">69.) Large Bunch 
M .i lin Violets, in three tone effect, 12 dozen 

flou-ers, natural only with long stems. A Leader .19 

HI 569. Large Enrich of Violets, M dozen flowers, 
natural only, long stems 35 

H1-6491. Spray of 12 Silkoline Poppies, long stems, 
colors white", pink, sky blue, cardinal, mauve, 

solid black, or black with gieen centres, a great 

favorite - .25 

HI 1913 Cluster of Poppies with long trail ot 
green foliage and buds with colored opening 
petal, colors, white, pink, sky, red, orange, 
reseda, dark red, extra value _ . 39 


HM869. CDameascut Hl-1865.) Six Satin Crush 
Roses, rubber stems, colors, solid black, also 
black with yellow orgreen centres 25 

H1-1865. Six Satin Crush Roses, rubber stems, 
black, with jet, green or yellow centres... 45 

HI 1853. Spray of Satin Rose Foliage, black 
only . - - .29 

H1-1856. Cluster of 3 Black Satin Chrysanthe 
mums with black foliage, line quality, flowers 
with black, white, green, yellow, or mauve 
centres.... 39 

HM858. Cluster of 4 White Satin Chrysanthe 
mums, long green rubber stems, flowers always 
white, with green or white centres, a dainty 
millinery trimming _ 39 


Leading Millinery Trimming for 
Spring and Summer 

H1-6274. Handsome Pair of Wings, correct style, 
colors black, white, navy, cardinal, sky blue. 25 

H1-1648. Handsome Pair of Wings, well made, 
colors black, white, navy, blue. 50 


i v AND 


H1 2716. 
HI 2717. 
HI 2719. 
H1 2720 
HI -1132. 
HI 894. 
H1 403. 
HI 1128. 

Not Illustrated ill Catalogue. 
Orange Blossom Wreath _ 

Communion Wreath 

. .35 


Communion or Bridal Flowers Not Exchanged. 

Buckles and Ornaments 

H1-1973-25f . 



H1-1 972-25* 

H1-1 979-10! 




H1-2008 is five inches long and other Buckles and Ornaments in proportion 

H1-1981. Steel Cabachon. .03 each, or 2 for .05 

HH984. " Ornament, very neat 05 

H1-2014. " Curved Band 05 

H1-1979. " " " with gilt cord 

centre 1O 

H1-1985. Steel Ornament, well finished 1O 

H1-2011. " Buckle, well finished _ 15 

H1 1845. " " raised effect with prong .1 5 

HM989. Steel Ornament.polished steel centres .1 9 

H1-1994 Large Steel Buckle with prow? 19 

HM972. Handsome Gi:t Ornament, very pretty 
design, studded with bright steel, floral design 

shaded 25 

Hl-1973. Steel and Gilt Ornament with four set 

brilliants, extra well made, dainty design .25 

Hl-2008- Pouble Steel Buckle, extra well made 

and daintv design 
H1-2003. Exceptionally Handsome Buckle, s olid 
brass, nickel plated, engraved floral design, the 

newest of the new 35 

H1-2015. Jet Cabachon. brighter dull finish .05 
H1-2017. Jet Ornament, bright finish only... .10 

H1-203?. Jet Ornament, dull finish only.. 10 

H1-2023. Jet Buckle, bright finish only .15 


HtlSO. Japanese Silk Hat. made on 
Buehram shape. Silk shirred on up 
per and lo irer brim ; bow. rosettes 
tarn crown with stitched centre 
full puff, brim, clastic band, colors 
pale pink, sky blue, cream; 19, 20 
and 21 inches i 35 

HII81. Double frill Hat," top frill and 
tarn crown of Japanese silk, under 
frill and wired underbrim of organ 
die, frills edged with lace, Tarlatan 
rosette; 19, 20, 21 ; cream only 1.20 

H1182. Japanese Silk Flop, box-pleat 
ed frills, tarn crown tucked and 
shirred, double wired underbrim, 
long ties; sizes 19, 20, 21 in. ; colors 
black, brown, navy, cardinal, ITL-JIIU 

H1183. Embroidered"" Ja jiu-sc Vil k 
Frill Hat. full tarn crown, organdie 
vmderbrim and frill, silk top frill 
both edgpd with; double silk- 
bows, elastic band, cream oniv sizes 
19, 20 and 21 inches ." 1.30 

H1184. White Muslin Flop full tarn 
crown with separated top, neatly em 
broidered, pleated to centre, large 
bow; 19, 20 and 21, white only 1 OO 

H1185. Child sTrimmed Hat, imported 
Italian flop of corded braid work 
with straw ribbon, underbrim of 
mull, tucked and shirred, wreath of 
flowers, and finished withsilk ribbon 
bow; white ai,d pale blue, white and 
white, white and pink, white and 
rc.M-da, elastic band lie 

H1186. Misses Muslin Sufi Hat soft 
tarn crown, finished with large bow 
brim with pleated lace edsre flora! 
pattern, blue or heliotrope ?n 

H1I87. Muslin Hat. wired brim lace 
edge, tain crown with round centre 
rose tte edged with lace, elastic band - 
white, pink, sky; 19 20 21 in 5? 

H1188. Wnite Muslin Hat! wide b tim 
pleated double frill, lace edge on 
under-frill.tam crown, embroidered 
muslm bow, elastic band ; sizes 19 

20, 21, white only .................. 35 

H1189 Muslin Frill Hat, tarn crown, 
pleated to embroidered box centre, 
frill neatly embroidered, double 
wired under brim, elastic band ; 
19, 20, 21, white only ...... _ 50 

H1190 Organdie Frill Hat, Japanese 
silk crown, double pleated frills and 
rosette edged with lace, wired nnder 
brim, elastic baud; colors cream, 

, , 

sky, pink, with white lace only, 
sizes 19. 20 and 21 inches 75 

H1191. Child s Straw Hut, trimmed 

. , 

with double frills of organdie, out 
side frill edged with laee, wreath of 
small flowers around crown, elastic 
bund. Hat natural color, trimmed 
sky, pink, white or cardinal . SO 
H1192. Child s Tarlatan Hat, pleated 
frill, wired underbrim; tarn crown, 
large rosette, lace edging on frill 
and crown ; colors white, pink, sky, 
with lace always white ; sizes 19. 20 
and 21 .......................... _ ..... ....... 45 

H1193. Dainty Organdie Sun Hat 
wired brim, white embroidered frill 
neat pattern in pink, light blue 
heliotrope floral designs : long ties 
tarn crown with band, ladies sizi 


Misses size, plain whiteoiiYy wit! 
tarn crown, without band, tie strir.f 

at back to adjust size 6 C 

Child s size, plain white only, will 
tarn crown but without band, tii 
string at back to adjust size SC 

H1194. Solid Cord Wash Hat, crbwi 
buttoned on, elastic band ; sizes 19 
20 and 21 inches, white only .45 

H1195. Corded Muslin Hat, tarn crown 
brim edged with braid, size 19, 20 am 
21 ; colors white, pink, sky or linen 
long muslin ties.. 2 C 

H1196. Japanese SilkHat, brim cfoa? 

ly shirred, double frill on outsidi 

edge, Tilatan rosette ; elasticbaTid 

cream, pink, sky, cardinal, nav\ 

brown ; 19, 20, 21 .... i -v.1 





H120Q. Cream Japanese Silk Em 
broidered Bonnet, silk frill and cur 
tain edged with Valenciennes laee, 
lace top ruche and edgingnextface. 
silk ties, sizes 14, 15, 16 and 17 inches 
_ gg 

H1201. Dainty Japanese Silk Bonnet, 
tucked and hemstitched around 
head and crown, pleated lace ruche 
next to face and aiound neck, fin 
ished with silk bniid, silk frill edged 
with lace, silk bow, long ties, 14. 15, 
16 and 17 inches, cream only .95 

H1232 Cream Japanese Silk Bonnet, 
puff crown with silk embroidered 
back, around headpiece is duubl.- 
row oi silk braid, stiffened silk 
frill with overfrill of lace; organdie 
ruche next to face, silk tics, very 
dainty, s-zes 14, 15, 16, 17 ins 95 

H1203. Extra fine qualin- Pro. in 
Japanese Silk Bonnet, purl crown, 

around headpiece is band of silk 
edged with lace andshirred on wire, 
one back frill and two front frills, 
also curtain edged with )ace, lace 
riicliingiiexttoface, finished with 
two bows in pale pink, sky or cream 
satin ribbon, sizes 14, 15, 16 and 17 
inches 1 75 

H1204. \\ hite Muslin Bonnet, eyelet 
embroidery design, muslin pleated 
edge next to face, and muslin ruche 
edged with lace, muslin ties, sizes 
II. !.->, Hi and 17 39 

HI205. White Mnsiin Emmet, flue 
embroil], ,.,) .L - KH with Mexican 
drawn work pattern, embroidered 
frill and curtain, lace edging and 
ruche next to face, muslin ties, sizes 
1 4. 1 :., 16 and 17 50 

H1206. White Muslin Bonnet, neatly 
embroidered in openwork pattern, 

doublejril]_and curtain, lace edging 

next to face with lace top ruche, 
muslin ties, sizes 14, 15, 16, 17_ .69 

HI207. Organdie Bonnet, puff crown, 
dotihle frill, one pleated organdie 
edged with lace, the other embroid 
ered mu=lin, back of crown finished 
with embroidered muslin, lace edge- 
ing next to face, long ties, colors 
sky and white, pink and white or 
all white, sizes 14. 15,16and 17.. .95 

H1208. White Muslin Bonnet, open 
work embroidered crown and head 
piece, double fri Is edged with lace, 
front frill shirred on wire, large bow 
on top ; smaller bows back of 
neck, long ties, lace edging next to 
face, sizes 14, 15, 16 and 17 _ 1 OO 

H1209. White Muslin Bonnet, double 
frills, shirred on wire, e<"ged with 
lace, double ti:cks around crown 
and neck with val. lace edges, fin- 
i.-))i-d in front with drape and bow 

in white, pink or sky satin ribbon, 
long ties, sizes 14, 15, 16and 17 1 25 

HI210. Exceptionally Fine Embroid 
ered White Muslin Bonnet, dainty 
design, front frill embroidered and 
shirred on wire, back frill pleated 
and edged with lace, lace ruche 
next to face, muslin ro-ettes at 
back of neck and at throat, finished 
with large bows and drape of cream 
or sky satin ribbon, long ties, sizes 
14 15, 16 and 17 1.5Q 

H1211. Womens and Misses Sun 
Bonnets, laundried, double faced 
chambray effect, double frills, edged 
with Valenciennes lace and bow on 
top, draw stri gs at back, colors, 
white with black dots, black with 
white dots, plain r d, pink, sky 
blue and navy. When ordering, 
state if women s or misses blze re 
quired. Price _ .26 



H 1-230 


t , J* 

/ I I fC*. 



Hl-220. Embroideried Cream Japan 
ese Silk Cap, full lace ruche, luce 
edging around neck, ribbon ties, 
sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 inches, cream 
only .25 

H1-221. Neatly Embroidered Cream 
Japanese Silk Cap, graduated lace 
ruche with three loops, Japanette 
ties, lace edging around face and 
neck, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 ins. .39 

H1-222. Japanese Silk French Cap, 
neatly embroideried, lace edging 
around face and neck, three braid 
ene rosettes in cream or sky, Japan 
ese silk ties, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 
inchei, cream only 45 

HI 223. Cream Japanese Silk Cap, 
richly embroidered, edged with lace, 
ties, two braidene loop rosettes, sizes 
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, cream ouly 50 

jHI-224. Embroidered Japanese SilkjHI-228. Embroidered White Muslin| ties, large rosettes of white or I 
Cap, neat pattern, graduated lace Cap, openworK design, graduated 1 buby ribbon, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 

i KJ T>.J/I i i /i~;., ~| ]|l( . e rucne an( j ribbon loops, lace! inches _ 

edging around neck and face, mils- H1-233. Cream Japanese Silk T 
lin ties, sizes 12, 13. 14, 15, 16 in .25 entire crown tucked and bhirr 

ruching. Braidene loops, lace edging 
around neck, silk ties, sizes 12, 13, ] f 
15 and 16, cream only_ .............. 50 

H1-225. Japanese Silk Cap, exception 
ally handsome embroidered pattern 
with open work design, graduated 
lace ruche, lace edging around neck, 
finished \\ith cord and braidenc 
loops, silk lined, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 
16, cream only _______ ..... _ ............. 69 

H1-226. Beautiful Embroidered Jap 
anese Silk French Cap. revere 
front, lace edging around face and 
neck, Japanese ties, 12, 13, 14, 15, IB 
inches, cream only .................... 65 

H1-227. Richly Embroidered Japan 
ese Silk Cap, lace edging around 
neck and crown, graduated lace 
ruche, braidene loops, long silk ties, 
silk lined, very dainty pattern, size 
12,13,14, 15 and 16,cream only 1 .00 I 


HI 229. Embroidered White Muslmj button centre, lace ruche in fro 
FienchCap, openwork design, lace cord around band, long silk ties, si 

edging around neck, three rows of 19, 20 and 21 inches . 

lace around face, ties, sizes 12, 13.,H1-234. White Muslin Turn neatly t 

14, 15 and 16 39J broidered, lac" ruche in front a 

-230. Embroidered White Muslin cord around edge of band ties, si 

Cup, graduated lace ruche with 19. 20 and 21 inches ; 

ribbon loops, lace edging around HI 235. Child s or Misses Felt Ta 
face and neck, ties, sizes 12, 13, 14. trimmed with quill, felt bow a 
15 and 16 _ .39 

H1-231. White Muslin Cap, embroidery 
and Mexican drawnwork pattern, 
lace edging around neck, graduated 
lace ruche, sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 
muslin ties _ SO 

H1-232 Exceptionally neat White 
Muslin Embroidered French Cap, 
fleur-de-lis pattern, lace edgingnext 
to face and around neck, muslin 

buckle, three rows of cord arou 
band, colors black, brown, na 
myrtle, cardinal, band always wh 

sizes 6%, e%. &/,, 6% I... ,;i 

H1 236. Same style as cut HI- . 
Velveteen Tarn, trimmed with qu 
bow and buckle. Colors bla 
brown, navy, cardinal, myrtle, liai 
self colors, sizes 6%, 6%, 6% and 



Ostrich Feathers and Millinery Sundries 



When ordering Ostrich Goods always state Color required. If no Color is mentioned we always send Black 
Our Ostrich Feathers are packed in Special Boxes to ensure safe delivery- 


Black, (each 1.25 1.75 2.25 2.75 3.25 3.75 

4 25 5 00 6 50 8 00 

White or cream 1.75 2.25 2.75 3.25 3.75 

4.25 5.00 

Brown, nnvv, castor, pearl, ereen 2.25 2.75 

". 3.25 375 


Black, each 25 .50 .75 1.00 1.25 1.50 

White and cream, each .25 .50 .75 100 1.25 
1.50 200 2.25 275 3.25 


Three in a Bunch, as cut, Style C 

Black, per bunch .50 .75 1.00 1.25 150 2.00 
_ 2.50 3.00 

White or cream, per bunch .50 .75 1 00 1.50 
_ _ _ 2.00 


Black, White or Cream, .25 .50 .75 1.00 1.25 
1 50 2.00 2.50 300 

Navy, brown castor, pearl or green, .50 .75 
_ 1.00 1.50 2.00 


Black or white 1.00 1.50 2.00 


Cross Osprey, Style F, black or white, .50 .75 
_ i.oo 1.25 


Black or white 25 .50 .75 1.00 1.60 


H1-533. Fancy Chip Straw Braid, ve.y neat de 
sign, 1-inch wide, per yard 03 

H1-557. Fancy Chip Straw Braid, openwork pat 
tern, l^-inchcs wide, per yurd 05 

H1 552. Dainty Chip Straw Braid, with fancy 
knotted edge. 1 ^-inches wide, per yard .04 

The above braids make up very dressily and light in weight. Colors for the three designs: Black, White, Pearl, Champagne, Burnt, Tabac, Brown, Navy, Cardinal 
Reseda, Moss, Violet and Sky Blue. 

R E M E M B E R We carry a most complete stock of Millinery Trimmings, too numerous to catalogue. Large range of Black Mohairs, Plain and Sequin effects 
Colored Straw Braids per yard Qg to .25 

Millinery Chiffons 

When possible send clipping of shade required 
and state if match must be perfect, or to blend. 

H1-984. Special Millinery Chiffon, all silk, 42-in- 
wide, a lewder, black, white or cream, navy, 
brow n, cardinal, reseda, moss, champagne, sky 
and pink _ .25 

HI. 985. Extra Quality Pure Silk Chiffon, fine 
even weave, 42-inches wide, colors black, white, 
ivory cream and correct millinery shades for 
spring and summer, per yard 35 

H1-982. Mousseline deSoie (t-ilk mull), 44-inches 
wide. Colors black, white, cream, ciel, pink, 
nile, reseda, pearl, brown, navy and cardinal, 
per yard .20 

H1-101. Mousseline de Soie. tine quality 46-inches 
wide, black or white only, per yard ,35 

Hat Wires and Buckram 

H1-110. Black or White Satin Wire, heavy, 2 yds. 
for ... ."OS 

Hl-155. Black or White Satin Wire, medium, 8 
yards in ring for 1O 

Kt-190. Black or White Silk Block Wire, medium, 
8 yards in ring for 1O 

H1-219. Black or White Iron Wire, large ring, 30 
yurdsfor . . 1O 

HI 250. Black or White Flat Ribbon Wire, 4 
wires wide, 12 yard card for 1Q 

H1-265. Black or White Buckram (special milli 
nery), per yard , .25 

Millinery Velvets 

H1-02363. Black Silk Mirror Velvet, IS-inches 

wide, per yard 75 

H1-217 Panne Velvet, 18-inehes wide, full range 

millinery shades, per yard 75 

When ordering velvets be sure to slate if 
wanted on bias or straight: If no mention is 
made will always send cut on the biat. 

Maids Caps and Bows 

Fancy Caps, each 05 .10 

Fancy Muslin Bows 12X .15 2O 

WashingCaps 12>? .15 .20 

Nurses Caps 10. .15 

Dress Caps 

Ladies Dress Caps, in Cream or Black Lace 65 

.75 .85 1.00 li25 

Elderly Ladies Dre>s ci, black only.... .75 
1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.0O 2.25 

Widows Caps 

Widows Caps, without falls, white only ,5Q 
.65 ,75 1 00 

Widows Caps, with falls, white only, .65 .75 
w .85 1 .00 1.25 

M out-nine Veiling and Widows Veils 

Plain Borders, No. 5217, 2 75 

No. 5218 . 3 j>5 

No. 5219 _ 4iOQ 

Hemstitched Borders, No. 6223 3 00 

No. 5 -!-M _ 3 50 

No. 5-J26 _ 4. SO 

Widows Veiling, 42 inches wide, plain border 
per yard 1 ,QO 

Widows Veiling, 42 inches wide, with border on 
both edges. peryard_ 1.25 

Black Crepe, cut on bias or sttaight, per yard, 

- 75 1.00 1.25 1.50 

Cut material not exchanged. 

Quills Not Illustrated 

HM67. Stiff Quill, black, white or navy _ 

HI-160. Natural Pelican QnilL 

H1-162. Pelican Quill, natural or bl in, 

H1-130. Natural Pelican Quill .. 

H1-154. Black Pelican Quill 

Bridal and Communion Veils 

Mechlin Veils, ivory white, suitable designs in 
floss embroidery 

H1 5539. 
HI 2630. 

Communion Veils. 54x54 inches .75 

Bridal Veils, 72x90 inches,.. 1 OO 


Bridal ind Communion Veils not exchanged. 



Feather Boas, Stoles and Neckruffs 

Ostrich Feather Boas 

Cut H13578 illustrates 810.00 boa. 

All our Ostrich Boas are extra 
quality fibre, well curled, perfect 
glossy dye, unequalled for quality or 
H15575. Black, grey, natural, white, 

or black and white, length 60 

inches - 5.OO 

H15576. Blank only, length 60 inches 


H15578. As cut, black, grey, natural, 
white, or black and white, leneth 60 
inches, superior quality IO.OO 

H15579. Black only, length 60 inches 
superior quality -- 12. OO 

H12753. Black, grey, natural, white, 
or black and white, length 70 inches 
superior quality I5.OO 

Hackle and Marabou Boas 
and Stoles, Refined, Stylish 
and Comfortable. 

H11565. Curled Hackle and Marabou 
Stole, 3 separate rows, well-made, 
length 76 inches, colors white, grey 
or pale sky blue._ -1.75 

H11941. Curled Hackle and Marabou 
Boa, length 60 inches, extra well 
made, fine quality, colors white, 
grey or black _ 2.5O 

H1418. Hackle Feather Stole, 3 separ 
ate rows of closely curled feathers, 
extra well made, length 78 inches, 
colors white, grey, or pale sky 
blue __ . 2 .95 

H11942. Curled Hackle and Marabou 
Satin Lined Stole, shaped at neck, 

depth ut back of neck 5% inches, 
tapering to 2% inches in front, fin 
ished with 4 round strands, colors 
white or grey, full length, including 
tails, 62 Inches _ 3.25 

Silk Ruffs and Scarfs 

H1247. Liberty Silk Neck Ruff, full 
niching around neck, long pleated 
ties, edged with silk ribbon and 
three rows across ends of ties, black 
or black and white, full length 60 
inches 1 .75 

H1248. Liberty Silk Neck Ruff, extra 
quality, iull niching around neck, 
long pleated tics with silk ribbon 
edging, double frills across ties, col 
ors black or black and white, full 
length 65 inches , 2.65 

H1249. Handsome Liberty Silk SC! 
cape effect, full ruffle collar, lc 
pleated ties, double ribbon frilli 
around cape and ends of ties, ribt 
edging, full length 70 inches, col- 
black, black and white 2.9) 

H1250. Dainty Liberty Silk SCM 
cape effect, edged with ribbon, f 
ruffle collar, pleated ties with fi 
ends, length 52 inches, specia 
adapted for short and elderly ladi 
colors black, or black and whi 

H1251. Handsome Liberty Silk Sen 
extra quality, cape effect, will, 
rows of silk ribbon, long pleated t 
finished with double row of ribbc 
closely pleated ruffle around net 
with double edging of silt ribbc 
full length 65 inches, colors blac 
or black and white 



Veilings, Nets and Dress Trimmings 


* * 

-. .- - .- 


* * 



VV- ?T 

;-: : ; : :-: : : 
.*.*. ,".*. . < 

v. .v. 

Mesh Tuxedo Net Veil- B3-235, F. 

Mesh 1 uxcdo Net B3-23b. Russian Net Veiling. 18 in., 
Veiling, with siU chenille spot, 18 black, brown, navy and ivory, yd 

inches, black, brown, navy, ivory, I _ .35 

magpie and jackdaw, yard_ ......... B3-237. Fancy Mesh Tuxedo and Rus- 

sian Net Veiling, in black only, 18 
.50 .65 .751.00 

10 .12; , ,5 .20 .25 .35 

inches, yard.. _ . . 

B3-239. Magpie Veilings, black and B3-243. Silk Cambray Net,_plain 

white mesh, 18 inches wide. yard. black only, yard. 

_ .20 .25 .35 .50 .65 .75 B3 .< 


NOTE. Nets and Laces that have been 
cut cannot be exchanged. 

B3-2720. 36 in. Cotton Point D Esprit 
Net, in white, cream and ecru, per 

yard 25 .35 .50 

Also 72 in. wide at, per yard 75 

B3-2711. 3* in. Cotton Wash Blonde 

Nets, in white, cream and ecru 

_ 25 .35 .50 

Also72 in. wide in white only, at 
per yard 35 .45 .65 

Embroidery or Mosquito Net, 72 in. 
wide, white only 25 .35 .50 

Cotton Fish Nets for fancy work, white 

234. Fancy 

eiling. 18 inches, black, brown, 

ivy and ivory, yard .35 

> Tuxedo Meshes, yd.__ .15 .20 .251 

B3-241. Silk Spotted Chiffon Veiling, 
16 inches, black, brown, navy, ivory, 
magpie and jackdaw, yard .25 

B3 242. Silk Crepe-de-ehine Veiling, 
with satin stripe both edges, 14 

inches, black, ivory brown and Black Grenadine Mourning Veiling, 
navy, per yard _ 35 heavy border, yard 35 .50 .65 

B3-245. Mourning Veiling, 14 inches, 
silk cambray net. with 1 inch hem, 

per vard 25 

Finer, 1% inch hem, yard ^ .35 

only, per yard 50 .65 

"is! 20 . "25 Colored Silk Tulle or Mechlin Net, 86 
in. wide, in sky, pink, nile, cream, 
mais, helio, apple green, grey, 
brown, navy, etc., per yard 25 

brown, navy, magpie and jackdaw. 

per yard 20 .25 .35 Silk Mechlin Nets, 36 in., white and 

black, yard 15 .20 .25 .35 

Bridal Veilings, 72 inches, silk cam- 
bray net, white 50 .75 

Also 108 inches, yard 1.00 

Black Silk Brussels Net, 36 inches, per 
.35 ,60 .75 1.00 1.25 

B3-428. Black Sequin, 2 in., yd. .50 

559. Mlk gimp, white or black, 
iiuch wide, yd_ _ 10 

1899. Silk Gimp, white or black, 2 
-ches wide, yd_! __ .20 

B3-613. Black Sequin, SJ-j in., yd .75 

B3-334. Black ! 

882. Silk Gimp, white or black, 
\ inches wide yd 25 

83-105. Black sequin, 3 in., yd. i.QO 

626. Silk Gimp while or black, 1 
ich wide, yd 08 

yd. .75 

B3-579. Sequin Passementerie, black 
inch, yd 35 

Fine Blar-k silk Eyeglass Cord. .V yd. 
Black Mohair Russia Braid, y B in., 3c, 

4c yd. 
Black Sequin and Cut Steel Passemen 

terie (can be separated), 1% in., 

S1.25, ?1.50yd. 
Sequin Steel Gimps. % in., lOc ; % in., 

25c ; 1 in., 40c to 75c. 
White and Gold Silk Appliques, % in., 

50c, 75c, 85c. 
White Sequin Gimps, % in., 15c, 20c, 

25c.. ;lin.,35c, 50c, 60c; 1% in., 75c 

Black Mohair Military Braid, % in, ,2c: 

% in., 4c : % in., 5c ; % in., 6c ; 1 in.. 

8c : PS in., lOc ; 1% in., 12%c ; up to 

2% in., 25c yd. 
Also in cream, widths from y. to 1% 

in., at 2c, 4c, 6, lOc and 12%c. 
Black Worsted Military Braid, y, in 

2c, up to2}in., 18c. 
Silk Military Braid, with drawstring, 

colors black, white, navy, brown. 

green, % in.. 6c ; %in., 8c; Kin , 

lOc; ?an.,12%c; % in., loc; Sin., 

20c ; 1 in., 25u." 

Black Mohair Tubular Braid, % to%in., 
5, 8c yd. 

Black Mohair Binding Braid. K in., 8c ; 

in., lOc; Kin. 

B3-271. Silk passementerie, 1% in. 
wide, in black or white 50 

5442. Fancy brnM, y* inch wide, 
hite, black or navy, yd 10 

5440. Fancy braid, % inch wide, 
VbJte or black, yd_ .06 

B3-736. Silk passementerie, white or 
black, 3% inch, yd _. .75 

B3-711. Silver and pearl sequin, 
inches, yard 65 

Fancy Gimps and Braids 

B314x. Fancy Braid, % to 1 inch 
wide, in b^ack, white, navy, cardi 
nal, myrtle, brown, black and gold, 
white and goM, black and white, 
navy and white, 8, 10, 12%, 15, 25c 
i yard, 

Black Jet and Steel (combined) 
Gimps, % in., 20c, 35c; 1-in., 50, 60, 

Black and White (combined) Silk 
Passementerie, 1 in., 35e. 

Shaded Colors in Silk Chiffon Appli 
que. 1-in., 50 to 5c; 1% to 2-in., 
81.00 yd. 

Gold Tinsel Gimps, K in., IOC, %-in., 

Persian Band Trimmings, 1 in,, 75c 
\% and 2-in., 75c to Sl.OO yd. 

White Cotton Trimming Braid, ^in., 
1C, Min.,2c: %in.,3c; %in., 4c. 

Silver or Gold Tinsel Braid, (lat), % 
in.. 3c. 4c; M in., 5c; %tn.,7c: % 
in., lOc. 

Gold or Silver Soutache Braid, y a in., 
3c, 4c, 5c yd. 

Colored Military Braid, %in., 2c ; up 
to 2 in., lOc, K%c yd. 

Black Silk Binding Braid, K-in., 5c ; % 
in., 7c ; K-in., 8c ; %-in., 12%c; 1 in., 
loc yd. 

Colored Worsted Soutache Braid, y a in., 

Ic yd, or lOc dozen yds. 
Black or Colored Silk Soutache Braid, 

\-in.. Be yd. orSOc dozen yds. 
Also black or white at 5c yd. or 50c 
dozen yds. 

Black or Cream Woollen Russian Braid. 
^s-in.. Ic yd., or lOc dozen yds.; also 
at l 1 ^!. 1 yd., or 15c dozen yds. 

Skirt Binding 

Colored Worsted Skirt Braids. Ic yd. 

Black Worsted Skirt Braid. 1. 2, 3c. 

Velbraid, the new skirt binding or pro 
tectorwill not chafe the shoes. 
easy to put on. Good heavy braid 
with secure velvet edge in 5 yard 
bunches only, light and durable, 
All the wanted shades, 25c. 

Eatonia " Bruth Binding, pure wool, 
all colors, oc yd. 

Corded Velveteen Binding, 1% inches, 
all shades. 7e yd., plain 4c vd. 

New Velvet Braid Binding, all the want 
ed colors. 7c yard. 

Worsted Skirt Protector, black and 
colors, 3c per yd. 



Fancy Neckwear not 

Ladies Fancy Neckwear 

" - :- 

For description of 
goods see page 



I - 


, : 

^ $2.25 




, 2&f, 




* V *J- . 

$1,00 . 

4* $ 175 

! -sPj ,"., -> 

v :; v 

"^ > " ; : - J 
" . , 

^./B34IO 7^2 
N^ 35^ 



Ladies and Children s Linen Collars 

Neckwear not exchanged 

tf)0. Ladies Linen Collar, 1%-in. 

nt, PiS-in. back, very low and 
nfortable, each 12M 

01. As cut, each .1 2% 

02. As cut, each, 12>2 

33. I i-in. front, 1%-in. back, 
se front, as cut B4202,each 


004. 2-in. front, l : i-in. back, close 
int, as cut B4202 ; our highest 
liar, each \2.Yi 

B4205. As cut, each 12K 

B4206. Clerical or Nurses Collar, 
button at back, 2-in., each ... .1 2*^ 

B4207. Straight-band Cambric Col 
lar, 1%-in., each_ 12M 

B4208. As cut, 1-row Briar Stitch 
Collar, each 1 5 

B4209. As cut, 2-row Briar Stitch 
Collar, each.... 

. 1 8 

B4210. 3-row Briar Stitch Collar, 2-in. 

front, each . 

B42I1. . -row Briar Stitch Collar, 1%- 

in. front, neat low collar, ench .18 
B4-212. Or B4213, as cut, fancy colored 

insert in red or sky, very effective, 

IVg-m. front, each . 1 8 

B4215. As cut, polka dot, briar stitch 

edge, dots in bhick only, 1%-in. 

front, each .18 

8421 9. As cut, fancy embroidered 

design, white only, 1%-in. front. 

each _ 25 

B4223. As cut, Eton shape, 2-row 

briar stitch, each 20 

B4225. Eton Collar, as cut, each 

_ 12K 

B4227. Eton Collar, square corners 

2-in. back, each 1 2M 

B4228. Eton Collar, each .iSH 

B4230. Neat Straight Cuff, as cut, 

.size ~%, 8, S 1 ^, pair _ .15 

14231. Turnover or Uniform Cuff 

pair 20 

) Illustrations on page 80. 

Fine Swiss Collar and Cuff 
ith Valenciennes insertion and 

stitched edge, per set 35 

Sw-iss Embroidered Collar 
iff Set in neat desirable pat- 
similar to cut, per set .25 

Cream Serge Coat Set, silt 
very new and effective, per 

...; _ 50 

Swiss Embroidered Collar 
.th medium sized tab in front, 

hite only, each 25 

104. Eyelet Embroidered Plast- 
n trimmed with Valenciennes lace. 

w ami popular, each .50 

t05. Neat Linen Stock with 
luble tab in front, white only, 

oh 25 

106- Fancy Muslin and Valen- 
, imes Lace "Stock with jabot, white 

ily, each _ .25 

(07 Folded Chiffon Stock, trim- 
ed with medallions and chiffon, 

iid lace jabot, white only T5 

408- Fancy Washing Stock of 
hite vesting, trimmed with narrow 
raid in sky, black, pink and car- 

oial .". _. .35 

09. Fancy Lace Tie in white 
ru and cream, 1% yards long and 
4 inches wide, each .75 

410. Battenberg Lace Chemisette, 
. white only, each 35 

411. White Battenberg Collar and 
all Pet in designs similar to cut, 
r set _ _ _ _ 25 

412. Silk Stock with double gra- 
.iMted tab, trimmed with silk but- 
na and medallions, all colors, 
ion _ .25 

413. Effective Stock oT Valen- 
ennes Lace and Silk, all colors, 

ch ._. ..__ .50 

Women s Fancy Neckwear 

B3-414. Fine Guipure Lace Stock 
with chiffon jabot, white only .50 

B3-415. Dainty Stock Combination of 
white Swiss applique and Valen 
ciennes lace,trimmedwith steel orna 
ments and velvet ribbon in any 
colors, each_ 1.OO 

B3-416. Fancy Chiffon and Swiss 
Applique Stock and Jabot, trimmed 
with ribbon in any color, each 1 .00 

B3-417. Lacfi Stock with pleated cir 
cular jabot, ornamented with French 
knots, ribbon, beads, etc., all colors. 
each 1 .00 

B3-418. Fancy Stock with pleated 
jabot, trimmed with chiffon appli 
que, niching, beads, etc., black 
only, each 1.0O 

B3-420. Folded Chiffon and Lace 
Stock with silk and bead trimmings, 
all colors, each 1.25 

B3-421. Rich Chiffon Slock in black 
only, daintily trimmed with chiffon 
applique, each 1.50 

B3-422. Handsome Mimosa Lace 
Stock with silk and pearl trimmings 
all colors, each 1.T5 

B3-423. Fancy Stock of Silk and 
Swiss Applique, ornamented with 
steel beads, pretty evening shades, 
each _ 2.00 

B3-424. Folded Chiffon and Silk 
Stock with rich medal I ion trimming, 
white only, each _ 2.25 

B3-425. Fancy Stock, silk and lace 
combination, ornamented with 
pearls, very rich, all evening shades 
each 2 25 

B3-426. Rich Chiffon Stock trimmed 
with bebe, Irish and Valenciennes 
lace, ribbon, etc., in sky, nile, hello, 
pink and white, each 2.50 

B3-427. Valenciennes Lace Chemi 

settes with cuffs to match, smartand 

up-to-date, per set 1.75 

B3-428. Chiffon Stock, trimmed with 
chiffon applique and ornamented 
with steel beads, all colors 1 .50 

Ruchings and Frillings 
Fancy Box-pleated Silk Ruching, % 

in. wide, in black, white, cream, 

rose, sky, special, per yard 05 

Fancy Bos-plaited Silk Ruching, % 

in. wide, in black or white, yard 

. 08 

Double Edge Shirred Siik Chiff.m 

Ruching, % in. wide, in black, 

cream, rose, sky, per yard 10 

Widows Lisse Borderings, in black 

and white, per yard .15. 20. 25 

Fancy Chiffon and Lisse Banded 

Frillings, for neck wear, in black, 

white, cream, sky and T ink, per 

yard 15 .20 .25 .30 .35 

Double Ruching for Babies Bonnets in 

white, yard 25 .35 

1-inch Muslin Frilling, double row 

suitable for nurses caps, in white. 

yard, .05 or dozen yards 55 

Tourists Silk Cord Frilling, white, 

yard, .05 or dozen yards _ .55 

NOTE Plaiting is drawn out straight 
when measuring, 1 yard on the stra ght 
making % yard plaited. 
4-inch Plaited Chiffon, in black, white. 

cream, pink, sky, yard _ 10 

14-inch Plaited Chiffon in black, white. 

cream, pink, skv, yard 25 

22-inch Plaited Chiffon in black, white. 

and cream only, yard_> ,35 

4-inch Plaited Chiffon, black or white 

with edge of si k rucaing, yard .15 
6-inch Plaited Chiffon, black "or white, 

with edge of silk ruching, yard .20 
9-inch Plaited Chiffon, black or white, 

with edge of silk ruching, yard.... 25 

Illustrations on page 80. 

Three rows Plaited Chiffon with ruch 
ing, mounted on band, black or 
white yard 85 

B3700. Chiffon Neck Frilling in while. 
cream, black, sky, rose, red, chain 
. and green, per yard .25 

B370I. Valenciennes Lace Banding 24 
inches wide, for collars, cuffs, and 
down front of waist, per yard .50 
Better qualities, per ya. .75. 1.00 

B3702. Hemstitched Chiffon Neck 
Frilling, white, cream, sky, black, 

rose, per yard 35 

Wider widths for sleeves. SO 

For illustrations of above see page 80 


B4I99 5* 

B4-199. Cambric Edging, 1% 
in., work % in, per yd. .05 


B4-198. Cambric Edging, } 
in., wor.i 1^3 in., per yd .05 

-^ 197 5* 


B4-192. Cambric Edging, 4 
in., work 2 in., per yd. .10 

B4-197. Cambric and Nain 
sook Edging, 3% in., wor 
1% in-, per yard 0! 


f?-*. ,., J- ji.---^ ja:^-^ ^i""^ 

84)96. Cambric and Nain 
sook Kdging. 2% in,, wort 
1% in,, per yard .08 

B4-195. Cambric and Nain 
sook Edging, 4 in., work 2 
in., per yard 08 

B4-T94. Cambric anfl Nain 
sook Edging, 5>^ in., work 3 
in., per per O8 


ii ff -ir^- 
% *t\ *t\ 

t-193. Cambric Edging, 3% 
in., work 1% in., per yd. ,1 


B4I9I 10* 

B4-191. Cambric and Nain 
so..k Edging, 5M in., work, 
2% in., per yard 1O 


90. Cambric Edging, 3% 
n.. work IVjJin., peryd..12/l 

84-189 Cambric and Nain 
sook Edging, 5 in., workjZJ^ 

B4l88ia / 2 

5VO O; O 0)0 C)S3 C)iQ 

B4-188 Cambric Embroidery, 
7 in., work 3^4 inches, .12 / 


a) () " (*) " fil ( *) 

B4-187. Cambric and Nain 
sook Embroidery 4% inches, 
work 2Vi inche^ 15 

B4-178. Corset Cover F 

84 182. Cambric Insertion, 6 

inches, work 3% inches, .20 

B4 177 5 


k , /. , ,V <" 

B4-177. Cambric Inserti( 
inches, work 5^ inch 

B4-186. Cambric Embroidery. 
6 in., work 3 inches .15 

B4-185. Cambric Insertion. 2% 
inches, work l :i ^ inches 

B4-175. Cambric Insert! I 
iiiches, work l^inche / 


B4-174. Cambric Insert! 

inches, work 1% inehet 

B4180. Cambric Embroidery. 

in., work 3% inches, .20 

84-184. Cambric Embroidery, 
5 in., work 2V, inches .. .1 5 


B4-173. Cambric Insert! 
inches, work 





84-179. Cambric Embroidery, 

B4-172. Cambric Inser 

84-183. Cambric Insertion, 

100. vHiiiuric iijseruon, o/^ al-ila. amonc i^moroiuery, o t-tif. uamuric inser ] 
inches, work 2% inches, .15 12 in., work S 3 /^ incnes, .30 inches, work 15^ incht < 


Handkerchiefs and Paper Napkins 

Paper Napkins 

^03. Japanese Paper Napkins, splendid assort- 
aent of neat and approp: iate design* for all 
ijccasions, ineludingihefo lowing, lilac, violet", 
wild rose, palms, holiy. aster, orchid, pousettia, 
ijcotch thistle, cupid, British, American or Ger 
man flag, golf, hunting, yachting, goose girl, 
nusical, masonic, pineleaf and shamrock. 

.This cut illustrates 
an All-Canadian 
Design Napkin, 
produced by our 
de si g n er s and 
confined strictly 
to The T. Eaton 
Co., Limited. 
These are all .40 
per package of 
100 and are not 
assorted. \Ve 
also put them up 
in packages of 
one dozen each 
Mi:n at .5 doz. 

B4-604. Cheaper line ftt 20c per hundred. These 
are sold in packages of 100 only. 

B4-602. Ourassorted box of Napkins each con 
tain 50 Napkins, neatly folded, and in an as. 
sortmcnt of puttterns at .25 per box. 


\ We are also showing 
something new in a 
Lunch Set, put up in 
neat box, containing 
1 tablecloth (size 42x 
7C inches), 12 napkins 
and 12 doylies. For 
picnics or outdoor 
luncheons these 
paper sets are very 
popular, being both 
dainty and economi 
cal. They come in a 
variety of designs as 
palms, violets, poin- 
settas, roses and holly 
per box ... .25 


We are showing a very beautiful 
nge of semi-ready fancy lace 

These consist of shaped material for 
irt and embroidered goods for back, 
ont and sleeves of waist, and can be 
ade over any foundation. 

ine Oriental Lace Robe, in ivory, 
butter and ecru or Paris shade, at 
S8.00, 810.00. 812.00 and 815.00. 

incy Sequin Robes, in black only, 
well covered designs, atSlO.OO, $12.00, 
$15.00, 820.00, 825.00 and 835.00 each. 

ancy Silk Embroidered and Lace 
Costumes, in black or ivory, $50.00, 
and 875.00. 

Dress Nets and Silk Laces 

B3-2726. 45 inch S. Ik Point D Esprit 
Net, ivory, ecru or black, per yard 

Black Russian Drew Ni-t, 45 inch," per 
y , r d _ 50 

ANo Spotted and Figured Russian 
Nets, peryard._ .751.00 1.25 

Black Silk Crmnrilly Dress Net, 42 
inch 1.25 

Also good assortment of de c igns, per 
yard. 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 

54-inch plain Black Bilk Brilliantine 
Brussels Net, yard... .75 1 .00 1 .25 

Also Chantilly Net, yd... 1.25 2.OO 

27 inch Black Sequin or ivory and 

Beaded Allovers, yard 

2 .00 to 6 .OO 

18 inch Lace Allover, suitable for 
yokes and sleeves of dresses, black 

B3-55. Black Silk Valenciennes Lace, 
inch , yard _ Q8 

Also same design, ;^ inch, yard OS 
1 i"., yd... .10 iJi in., yd 

only, per yard 


B3-56. BlackSilk Valenciennes Inser- 

B36988. 1% inch Silk Insertion, black 
or ivory 10 

B369S9. 2 inch Silk Galon Broiderie 
Anglaisc, black or ivory, yarxL. .10 

B36991. 3% inch Si Ik Lace, blacker 
ivory .?O; also 3 in .15 Sin. .25 
and 6 in. ,30 

Fine Silk Chantilly Laces, black or 
ivory, ^in. wide ,O5 3 in. wide .08 
3% in. wide.. .10 4 in. wide_ .12 a wide. .15 7in. wide_ .25 


B4I99 5* 

84 199. Cambric Edging, P; 
in., work % in, per yd. .05 

B^ 198 5* 

* , ** 

vV ^^^V 

,:S V c A c !* y.v^.:i 

w Vi 

^ & 

B4-198. Cambric Edging, R 
in., work l%in.. peryd .05 


84-192. Cambric Edging, 4 
in., works in., per yd. .10 

B4-197. Cambric and Nnin- 

84-196. Camhric and Nain 
sook Ed ziinjr, 2 :! 4 in,, w 
lH in . per yard Q8 

84-195. Cambric and Xain- 

wook Edging, 4 i i., -\\*)rk i 
in., per ya-r<J .08 

B4-194. Cambric and Nain 
sook Edging, 5% in., works 
in., per pur _ O8 

84-193. Cambric Edging, 3V 

B4-191. Cambric and Nain- 
sn k Edging, 5^ in., work 
2>ain., per yard 1O 

B4-190. Cambric Edging, 
in., work 1J^ in. .per yd. . 

84-189 Cambric and Nnin- 
sook Editing, n in., work 

B4 18812^ 

f Ti V * * 
3VS O-. O O\O C)fO Ol. D 
J^. ^^- ,"C /V /_ 

Cambric Embroidery. 

UUUV .uuguiK, O-^ID^-IOO. ^jtiuiuric tmoroi 
Vjin .per yd. .10 7 in., work ?,% inches, . 

B4I87 IS* 

B4-187. Cambric and Nain 
f-ool; Embroidery 4% inches 
work 2^4 inches 1 5 

B4-186. Cambric Embroidery. 
6 in., work 3 inches 15 

B4 185 10* 

B4-185. Cambric Insertion, 2% 
inches, work 1% inches .1 Q 

84 184. ( nml)ric Embroidery. 
5 in., work 2> inches .. .1 5 

B4I83I5 4 




(5) (i i- . , 

;:. ( ) .0;0 
% * /% /% 

B4-182. Cambric Insertion, B 

V -%- ; 

& yp a 

r r 

.->. _* " 

, A , -/" 

; . .,-? , Ql . > *-. o - - f- o* - 
.o; -;o. .o-- .b -o . - o* 


B4-I78. Corset Cover F 

inches, work 3% inches, .20 ing in Cambric and Nai 
16 inches, work 1% in. 

B4 181 15* 

B4 177 5* 

B4-181. Cambric Embroidery 
6J4 inches, work 2% in.. .15 

84 180. Cambric Embroidery. 
% in., work B 1 ^ inches, .20 

84-183. Cnml.ric Insertion. 3 3 4 B4-179. Cambric Embroidery, 
inches, work 2% inches, .15 12 in., work 5% incnos, .30 

B4-177. Cambric Insertic 
inches, work % inch 


ft i 

. * 

B4-176. Cambric Insert i 
inches, work 1 inch 


? . ..>./..^,%H, 

, : .-.<. .-. 

t ". t -.v .".. ..t- 

p>* *t. ** ..*.( 

84-175. Cambric Insertic 
inches, work 1}-^ inches 

B4- 174 8 

.- -.- -.- v v 


64-174. Camhric Insertlc 
inches, workl^inchee 

tftV-YlFsy. T ;. v ; 

B4 173. Camtiric Insertio i 
inches, work IJ.^ inches 


B4-172. Cambric Insert i 
inches, work 1% inehe 1 


1. Nainsook Insertion, 1^ 
\ h, Work y a inch . .08 

., 70. Nainsook Edging, i;* 
(J :h, work Jiinch _ 05 

H698 e 

9. Nainsook K,1ging, 1" 
;nes, work % inch .08 


B4-153. Nainsook Insertion. 
\y t in., work % in.._ 1 5 

B4 162 1ST 

84-157. Nainsook Embroid 
ery, 3% in., Work l%in. .25 

B4-162. Nainsook Embroid 
ery. 2% in., with V in. hem. 
% in. work above hein. .18 

58. Nainsook Edging, 2 
j dies, work % inch .10 

B4 161 20 

B4-161. Nainsook Embroid. 
ery, 3% in., with 14 in hem- 
1 in. work above hem_ .20 

i 37. Nain ook Insertion, IK 
I :hes, work % inch .15 

, . 166 \2 /z 

j 56. Nainsook Edirinjr. l 
} Jies, work % inch_ .1 2Jii 


1 55. Nainsonk Edging. 2 
i ihes, work % inch .1 5 


* 54 Nainsook Kdgmg, " 
hes, work 1 inch 20 

B4-160. Nainsook Banding 
2y a in. wide._ 25 

84-151. Nainsook Edging, 2 
_iu., work 1% in 

"" ~~ 

B4-156. NainsookEmbr iidery 
6-iu., work 3 in., peryd .35 

B4150 15* 

- - - ,. if--m* 

; = ; ; ; i\ < * * .3 

1 ,r. ... .. ..." A> .?. ... .*. >v 

B4-150. Nainsook Edging, 3 
in., work \% in 1 5 

B4-149. Nninsook Insertion. 
%in., worfc%in._ 05 

B4l48~5 r 

IB4-148. Nainsook Edging, \\ f 

in., work % in .. 


B4-155. Nainsook Insertion.! 

B4 I4-7 8 * 

1 jin., work % in 10,84 147. Nainsook Edging. 1< 

in., work % in._ 08 


84-154. Nainsook Edging, 3 3 4 
in., work % in 1 

B4-159. Nainsook Insertion. 
2}4 in., work 1 in .20 

B4 158 12>* 

B4-158. Nainsook Embroid 
ery, in., workl in . 

B4-153. Nninsook Insertion, 
1% in., work 54 in 10 

B4I5 8* 

B4-152. Nainsook .taging, 1 

in., work-in.. 


B4-146. Nainsook Edging. W, 
in., work 1J in .10 

*\ B4145 

: : r//- o ; -r* " : 

.%;: v$sj? //: 

B4-145. Infant s Nainsook 
Yoke, 9% 

Cambric Edging, 1 in_ 01 

Cambric Edging, 1% in._ .03 
Cam bnc Edging, 1 to 2% .05 
Cambric Edging, 1 to4>^ . .08 
Cambric Edging, 2 to5 in. .10 
Cambric Edging, 2 to 6 in._ 

.12% and 15 

Cambric Edging, 2% to 8 iu .^i 

2O .25 .30 .35 

Cambric Homicings for Skirts, 

Tin. with 3)4 in. work.. .25 
Corset Cover llouncings, 12 to 

16m. wide, yd 

.25 .35 .50 

Nainsook Edging, 1 to 2 in. 

.05 .08 

Nainsook Edging, 2 to xV in., 

Nainsook Edgii.g. 3 to 7 in., 

_ T y. d , .20 ..25 to .50 

Nainsook Insertions, jd 

- .05 to .35 

Swiss Muslin ErtgiLgs, 1 to 2% 

in., yd Q5 .08 

Swiss Muslin Edgings, 2% to 5 

in., yd. .10 .12H .15 .20 
Swiss Muslin Edgings, 3 to 7 

in., yd 25 19 .50 

Insertions to match Edgings, 1 

to 2%. in. .yd 05 to .35 

"Work in all cases about half 

of the cloth." 

Cambric, Nainsook and Swiss 
Sits. Of these goods we 
have a large range of pat 
terns, in < ne, two ard three 
wMUis, edging with inser 
tions to match, per yd. _ 
08" to .75 

Cambric and Nainsook AlT- 

overs, 20 in. wide, yd. 

...35 .50 .75 to .150 

Nainsook o 1 ly, per yd 

2.00 2.25 2.50 

Allover Tucking, 20 in. wide, 
cambric und nainsook per 
yd 5Q 

Flouncings, 22 to 27 in., in 
c mbric, nainsook and Swiss, 
p-ryd.. 50 to 1.25 

44 in. Skirtings, in cambric and 
nainsook, j er yd.... 
65 .75 1.00 1.25 

White Cambric Euging, em- 
broideried with pink, sky, 
cardinal and navy, yd_ .05 

B4-358. Plantagenet Frilling, 
for trimmii.g underwittr. 
open bands, per yd.. .. 05 
.,08,40 .12% .15 .20 

Infants Yokes, namso.jk only, 
each 15 .20 .25 

Cream Flannel Embroidery, 

linen sewn, 2 in 1O 

Sin 12M 15 

Silk Sewn, 2 in. .15 2% in. 
.20 3 in. .25 3% in. 
30 .35 

Cream Flannel Skirting, siik 
sewn. 36 in., per yd 

~ .65 .75. 1.OO 1.25 

Cream Cashmere Embroidery, 

silk sewn .10 12M 

.15 .20 .25 .30 


M6. Fine cambric, quilted and 
-dallion or motto centres, em- 

jidery trimmed, special..- 10 

j lave also a very extensive range 
1 fancy quilted cambric bibs at .07 
I ch or 4 for .25 ; .09 each or 3 foi 
r ) or encli. 10, .12 1 .;. .15, .20, 25. 

I d .35 or 3 for _. 1.00 

j 27. Fine hand-made mull bibs, 
j ally quilted and embroidered, 
1 tton-ho ed edge, very soft and ab- 

\ rbent, special each- 25 

(a sc have a number of similar 
les at each 

.20. 25 .35 .50 and .75 

j mese Silk Quilted Bibs, wiili 
I ncy embroidered centres, finished 
ith ]aco or silk embroidery 

.25 ".35. 60 

Children s Oil-cloth Feeders, bound 

84-029. Special Feeding Bibs, made 
from fine rubber sheeting, natural 
color Sizes 8}^ xlOand 10x11 .12J^ 
Size 11x13, each 15 

B4-030. Children s large-size Linen 
Feeding Bibs, with hemstitched 
ends, each _. .15 

B4-116. Quilted cambric, lace or em 
broidery trimmed .05 

Also special lines in Linen and 

Crash Feeders each 05 

4 for .25 ; 3 for .25 ; each .10 .12% 


B35503. 18 inch Guipure Allover. 
ivory, butter or ecru 1.25 

B35292. 18 inch Chiffon Allover, 
bJark or xvhite, as cut, per yd. 1 .OO 
Better quality _ 2.00 


Silk Chiffons 

NOTE Send for samples of our 35c chiffon. All the best 

41-inch Silk Chiffon, in black, white, 
cream, mais, rose, sky, Nile, helio, 
cardinal, brown, navy, grey tuscan. 
reseda, champagne, turquoise and 
all tJie leading special shades, per 
yard _ _ 35 

46-inch Pure Silk Monsseline de Sole, 
in black, white and cream only, per 
yard - 50 

Tucked Chiffons 

Tucked Chiffon or Mousseline-de-Soie, 
17-inehes of tucking with 3-inch 
margin of plain on both sides, in 
black, white or cream, yard _ .75 

Better quality, 23-inch tucking, 3-inch 
margin, yard 1.25 



Valenciennes Laces 

Silk Chiffon Appliques 

Laces and Appliques 

B3B2. 2% inch Imitation Maltese 
lace, yd _. ,12* 

B350. "l a inch imitntion Maltese 
insertion to mil tch, yd O8 

B351. 1 inch Imitation Maltese in 
sertion O5 

B2834. 18 inch Imitation Maltese 

all over - 75 

Valenciennes Allover 

3399. J., Inch Vol. lace, perdoz. yls. 

B376. 1 Inch Normandy val. Bead- 
ine insertion, vtl O5 

8397. ! ;.- inch Val. lace.doz._ 2O 

35020. 1J4 inch, blacker white, 

B372. 1% men xonnandy val. lace, 
yd ,O5 linen, yd. O4 2inch.yd.O8 

J396. % inch Val. insertion, doz. 

B370X. inch iNormanuy val. inser- 
tim. yd_ .04 

\vhHe ouly.yd .50 

Fine Torchon Laces 

5021. 1 1 .; in . lilac k orwhite 

8396. Winch Vftl. lice, dog 25 

3394 , inch Vul. lace, dos .25 

B347. 1% " 

8346. 3 .. .fo 

B344. 1% "insertions to match .05 
B345. 1 " " " O4 

8346A. 2 

B347A. 3 ,|O 

Fine Torchon 

fflti-v.f *.* .:*>. ; 

., , *.->, -, *,/:,- 

B393. 1 inch Val. insertion, floz. 


B f . I i l -h V iHf-e .. .38 

OK at 

yard _ . . \ 

Swiss Cotton Applique 

B365. 4 me 

yd OS 

8366. 2% inch Normandy Val. 1 c , 

8364. 5 inch Normandy Val. face, 

yd - .10 

8391. % inc n Val. B uding.doz. .12 
8390. % inch Val. Be;i ling.doz. .24 

B350I2. 1 inch, ivory, butter or e 

B320. I 1 ;} inch heavy linen Torchrw 
s to rnatch. y *. 

B35013. 1 inch, ivory, butter or e 
per yard 

J388. 1 inch Fine French Val. lace, 
yd .. .08 

B35014. 1% inc 
ecru, per yard 

1386. IX inch Fine French Val. in 
sertion, yd _. .08 

1386. %inch Fine French Val. in 
sertion, yd --- __ ,O5 

1383. 1 1 4 inch Fine Maline lace, yd, 

1384. %in h Fine Muline lace, yd.. 
...^. .05 

*382. 1% inch Fine Maliue infeor- 
tion, yd _ IQ 

B357. \ l/ t inch tine Linen Kun Val. 

B360. 2*4 Fine Linen Knn Val. lace, 

yd . _ 2O 

8362. 1% Fine Linen Run Val. face, 

yd _ 1O 

B361. 2 inch Fine Linen Kun Val. 

lace, yd _._ |5 

B359. 4 indi Fine Linen Kun VaT, 

lace, yd __ .25 

8368. 5 inch Fine Linen Bun Val. 

lace yd _ .35 

JB325 ; + line iorenu.i lace, yd, .05 
Linen Torchon 

Medium Make Linea Torchon Laces, 
%-incn. 5c, 8c, lOc, 12%c yd.; 1-inch, 
8c, 10c,12}^e, 15c yd.; 1%-inch. lOc, 
12%c, isc. 20c yd.; 2-inch, lOc, 12Kc, 
15c, 20c, 25cy d.; 2%-hieh, 15c, 20c, 
25c, S5c, yd.; 3-inch, 20c, 25c, 35cyd.: 
4-inch, 25c, 35c yd.; insertion to 
match, 5c, 8c. lOc, 12><c, 15c, 20c yd. 

Sxfa Fine Bleached Ha id-made 
Torchon Laces, %-iuch, 8c, lOc yd.;% 
inc i, lOc, 12 ^c, 15c yd,; %-in.,121^c, 
15c, 20c yd.; 1-inch, 15c, 2Uc, 25o yd.; 
ll^-inch, 20c, 2oc. 35c yd.; l l ,-inch, 
25c, 35c yd.; 2 to 2^-inch, 35c, 45c 
yd.; insertion to match, lOc, 12J^c, 
15c, 20c. 2oc. S5o yd. 

Cream Wool Yak Lace, ltol)^-inch, 
8c yd.; 1^ to 2-inch, IOC yd., 2-iuch, 
12 ..cyd., 2 to2) 2-inch, 15cyd.; /,? 

inch,"20c yd.; 32^-inch, 25c, 35c yd. 

Oriental and Plain Laces 

^rjr^^ r > i . . f i j * ;U . i . f i i ; /i> i f ; f iVr>^ 

Mai ese Laces 

3379. IX inch Normandy Val. bead 
ing lace, yl _ .05 

1380. % inch Normandy Val. Bead- 
Ing, lace, yd O4 

<J37 8. \% inch Normandy VaL Bead 
ing, lace, yd .08 

2377. 2M inch Normandy Val. Bead 
ing tace, yd 15 


la -e, yd .08 

B35B. 1 Inch Imitation Maltese lace, 

yd O5 

B3B3. 2 inch Imitation Maltese lace, 

yd JO 

335386. 3irK h Oriental Lace, ivory, 

butter or ecru, per yard_ -.12% oouio. *i 

4-in. sime pattern .15 5% in. .20 I per yard.. 

B35016. 1% men, ivory, 
ecru, per yard. 

35017. 1% inch, ivory, butte 
ecru, per yard 



Umbrellas Parasols and Canes 


1-205. Whit,- Gloria Cloth Parasol, 
with red, green and navy polka dot 
border, handles of natural wood, 

each _ 2.0O 

1-206. White Linen Parasol, hem 
stitched border 2.00 plain 1.50 
1-207. Fancy Striped Silk Parasol in 
green, black, navy and cardinal, 

handle to match 2.50 

1-208. White Silk Parasol, trimmed 
with narrow black braid, open work, 

special 5.00 

1-209. White Linen Parasol, em 
broidery insertion, very pretty, open 
work styles, a real summer para 
sol 2.75 

1-210. Fine Gloria Parasol, white 
only, with fancy border, dresden ef 
fects, colors nile and mauve, nile 
and pink, turquoise, yellow, old 

wee 2.50 

1-211. White Linen Embroidered 
Parasol, natural wood handle 5.QO 
1-200. Black Silk Parasol with lace 
open-work border, black handles, 

>< -h 5.00 

1-201. Japanese Dresden Parasol, in 
green, navy, mauve, purple, brown, 
fancy wood handle- 4.00 

jCl-202. Silk Parasol with braided 
transparent border, colors white, 
green, navy, black, champagnes. OO 

Cl-203. Silk Parasol, embroidered 
border, assorted styles, colors pi:ik, 
mauve, reseda, blue, white, black 

Cl-204. Silk Striped Parasol, colored 
in green and red, navy and green, 
white and navy 4.00 

Cl-250. Plain black or white Parasols 
with one frill mercerised cloth 1 00 

Cl-251. Plain white or black Parasols, 
silk mixtures with two frills 1 ,50 

Cl-252. Plain Japanese Silk Parasol, 
while or black | .00 

C1-2S3. 1 Frill Japanese Silk Parasol 
in white or black only 1 .50 

Cl-2. .|. 2 Frill Japanese Silk Parasol, 
in black or white._ 2.00 

Cl-255. 3 Frill Japanese Silk Parasol, 
in black or white 2.50 

01-256. Hemstitched Parasols, in red, 
black, white, sky, pink, navy 3.00 


Cl-257. Girls Fancy Print Parasols 

C1-25S. Girls Sateen Parasols, 1 frill, 
in white, skv. red, pink .(JO .75 

Cl-2.~>9. Girls Japanese Silk Parasols, 
1 frill in white, pink, bky, rerl 1 ,OO 


Cl-215. Children s School Umbrellas 
with fast color cloth, plain Congo 
wood handles ,39 .50 


Cl-210. Ladies Congo crook handle 
Umbrellas, untrimmed .50 trim 
med 75 

Cl-217. Ladies 23 inch Gloria cloth, 
horn handle, also fine Congo crook 
handle 1.00 1.50 

C1-21S. Ladies gun metal, pearl, box 
wood handles, cloth of fine taffeta, 
close rolling and cased._ 

2.0O 2.50 3.00 3.50 

Cl-219. Ladies Fine Silk Umbrellas, 
very close rolling, plain boxwood 
handles, black or navy blue 3.50 

Cl-220. Ladies Fine Silk Umbrellas, 
handles of pearl, burnt ivory, horn, 
natural wood, gun metal with sterl 
ing silver or gold plated mounts 

5.00 6.00 7.50 


Cl-221. Men ; 2"> inch plain Congo 
handles, cotton covers, wears well, 

fast black _ 50 

Trimmed handle 75 

Cl-222. M en s 26 inch Taffeta Cloth 
Umbrellas, best frame and steel rod 
handles of horn and Congo and 
natural wood ! .00 1 .50 

Cl-223. Men s Self -opening Umbrella, 
good strong frame, heavy and dur 
able cloth .69 .75 1.00 

Fine silk mixture 1.50 2.00 

Cl-224. Men s Staghorn Handle, fine 
taffeta cloth, best rod and frame 
..- 2.50 3.00 

Cl-225. Men s burnt ivory, horn, box 
wood, gun metal handles, fine silk 
covers, close rolling, silver or gold 

plate trimmings. 

-- 3.50 5.00 6.00 7.50 


The newest in canes always on hand. 

Cl-260. Men s Congo, crook, trimmed 
.50 .75 1.00 1.50 2.0O 

Cl-261. Men s fancy Styles in canes 
1.0O 1.5O 2.0O 2.50 3.5O 

Cl-262. Men s Gold-headed Canes. 

.-.6.0O 7.50 10.00 12.OO 


Women s Kid Gloves 


1800. Women s 2-dome Lamb Skin Glove, colors 
tan, brown, ox-blood, gray, navy, pearl, white 
and black, sizes 5% to 8, special, per pair .49 

M801. Women s 2-dome Fine French Kid Gloves, 
1 row silk embroidery, colors black and white 
only, sizes 5% to 7%, special, per pair_ 57 

81802. Women s 2-dome Fine Lamb Gloves 
with silk stitched backs, colors in brown, gray, 
mode, fawn, white, black, ox -blood, tan and 
pearl, sizes 5% to 7>, special, per pair. .65 

BI803. Women s2-domeFine French Kid|Gloves, 
with silk stitching on back, colors in fawn, 
beaver, grey, mode, drab, green, tan, brown, 
pearl, black, white and red, sizes >% to 1%, very 
special, per pair.... _ _. . .69 

B1804. Women s 2-dome Fine French Kid Gloves, 
(The Vero) rite and wears well and comes in all 
the leading shades for spring and summer, sizes 
b% to 8, per pair _ _ .75 

B1804. (The Princess) One Dollar Glove, wears, 
fits and looks well ; we guarantee it in every 
particular and is made from finest of French 
Kkins. We have all the new shades to match 
the new gowns, as well as black, white, and all 
the staple shade-s, sizes run from 5% to 8, per 
pair. 1 .00 

B1805. Women s 2-dome Fine Kid Gloves, made 
with Paris points, beautiful fitting and wearing 
glove, sizes b% to 7, colors black, tan, mode, grey, 
fawn, beaver, brown white and green, per pair 
_ ) .25 

B1806. (The Majestic) 2-dome Fastener Fine 
Kid Gloves, pique sewn, gusset fingers and 
Paris points, in all the new and staple shades 
for this season, sizes in colors white f>% to 7 < 
sizes in black 5% to ~%, per pair ) .50 

81807. Women s Suede Gloves (The Irene) in 
black, grey, mode and tan, sizes 5% to 7, per 
pair _ 1.00 

B1808. Women s Pique Suede Glove (Kalmar) 
with Imperial points, .shades in grey, black 
mode and tan, sizes 5% to 7, per pair 1 .25 

B1809. Women s 2-dome Mocha Gloves, colors 
grey and tan, sizes d;^ to 7, per pair_ 1 .50 

B1810. Women s 1-dome Heavy Walking or Driv 
ing Gloves, ;>rix seam, Imperial points, per pair 

B1811. Women s Heavy Walking Gloves, in Eng. 
lish tans, sizes 5% to 7, per pair 1 .50 

81812. Women s Driving Gloves, with small 
gauntlet in tan or red shades, sizes6 to 8 1.00 


B1813. Women s2-dome White Kid Gloves,(wt 
only) Imperial points, fits and wears well, si 
5 to 8, special, per pair f 

B1813A. Women s 2-rtome Fine Kid Gloves, we 
and fits, and is made from very fine skins, wh 
only, pel pair _ .75 and 1.(i 


8)814. Men s 2-dome Fine Kid Gloves, Impel 
points, white only, sizes 7 to 10, per pair.. .-; 

B1814A. Men s 2-dome Kid Gloves, white or 
sizes 7 to lu * 

B1814B. Men s 2-don>e Fine French Kid Gloi 
Paris points, white only, per pair 1 .( 


B1815. Women s Short Sleeve Silk Gloves, 
white and black, sizes 5% to 7J. 
Inches 18 22 2li " 32" 
Price .50 .65 .75 1.00 

81816 . Women s 18-inch Lace Gloves, lisle thre 
assorted stylus, per pair .50 .75 1 ,<i 

B1817. Women s 20-inch Silk Net Gloves, col 

black and white, plain net 1.< 

Fancy net, as cut, per pair _ j.j 

B1818. Women s Suede or Glace Gloves, in bli 
or white, size b% to 7. 

12 16 20 button length. 
1.50 1.75 2.25 PIT pair. 


Men s, Women s and Children s Gloves 



1 1 821. Men s 2 Dome Lamb Gloves, pique sewn, 
Colors taa and brown : sizes 7 to ]u, per pair 
_ ,75 

I 84). Men s 2 Dome Fine Kid Gloves, pique 
sewn ; sizes 7 to 10 ; colors tan, brown and black, 

per pair 1 OO 

tauaiid brown only _ l .25 

1822. Men s 1 Dome Majestic Kid Gloves, pique 
sewn, gusseted fingers, fit und wear gunrameed ; 
BizesS% to 10; color light and dark tan, per pair 

. -J gQ 

I 820. Men s 1 Dome Heavy Kapa Tan Driving 
Gloves, wears and tits well ; sizes 7 to 10, per 
Pai* 1.00 1.25 1.50 

1823 Men s Threshing Gloves, as cut, oil tan, 

1 823A, Men s Calfskin Palm with Sarnnac 
Buck and Cuff ; style as cut 823, per pair .75 

1 823B. Engineers Gloves, made of calf skin, 
asbestos finish, as cut 823, per pair. 1 25 

1826. Men s Driving Gloves, oil tan with string 
fanner, calfskin, per pair .75 

1 836. Men s Para Buck Gloves, cord fastener 

4 QQ 

Buckskin Gloves, cord fastener, per pair 1 . 50 

81 824. Men s Unlined Oil Tan Mitts, pair_ .SO 
one finger 25 .35 

B1 824A. Men s Calfskin Mitts, unlined, per pair 

B1 8248. Men s Para Buck Mitts, unlined, per pair 
1 .00 

B1 824C. Men s Buckskin Mitt, rmlined, per pair 
_ _ _ 1,50 


B1 827. Women s Lace Lisle Gloves, assorted pat 
terns, colors black, white, grey and mode, per 
pair C 25 .35 

B1 839. Women s Plain Silk Net Gloves 50 

Embroidered silk Net Gloves.. .65 .751. 00 
Colors in black, white, grey and mode. 

81 833. Women s Plain Jersey Wrist Silk Gloves, 

colors in white black, mode, grey, per pair. 

." ,35 .50 

B1 838. Women s Jersey Wrist Taffeta Gloves, 
black pn y .25 or .35 Lisle Thread, Jersey 
Wrist, in black and white, per pair... .25 .35 

B1 837. Women s Frame 
Gloves, black only 

Made Lisle 


Bl 829. Women s Frame Made Silk Gloves, black 
or white, per pair 65 .751.00 

Bl 830. Women s 2 Dome Lisle Gloves in black, 

white, mode and grey, per pxir _ 

.-,, .25 .35 .50 -65 76 

Bl 835. Women s 2 Dome Taffeta Silk Gloves in 
black only, per pair - .36 

Bl 831. Women s 2 Dome Fine Silk Gloves, color 
in black or white, per pair... .50 .751.08 


Bl 832. Girls or Boys Lamb Gloves, color tan, 
brown n .50 

Bl 834. Girls or Boys 2 Dome Fine French Kid 
Gloves. 1 row embroidery, color tan, brown, 
oxblood and mode, per pair_. .76 

Bl 828. Girls Lisle Thread or Taffeta Glove*, in 
wnite, grey or mode .25 

B182B. Girls 2 Dome Fine Lisle Thread Gloves, 
colors in white, grey and mode, per pail .36 

Bl 825M. Girls Jersey Wrist Fine Silk Gloves, 
colorsplack, white, grey, mode, green and blue, 
per pair .35 

Bl 840. Infnntees, assorted styles in white and 
assorted colors, per pair .10 .15 .20 .25 35 




To avoid mistakes be cure and give 
izes. See i.^e labie. 

Fancy Hosiery 

You cannot be too particular in orderir 
hose. Give number of article and slz 

B2-400. Women s Black, Tan or White Lace Ankle 
Lisle Thread Hose, assorted patterns, per pair... 
_ _ .35 .50 

92-401. Women s A I lover Lace Lisle Thread Hose, 
black only, all new designs .35 .50 .65 .76 1.00 

B2-402. Women s Embroidered Black Cashn.cre 
Hose, colors in red, white and blue, neat designs 
_ _ 50 .65 .75 

B2-403. Women s Black Lisle Thread Hose with 
embroidered fronts, new designs, colors red, 
white and blue, per pair .35 or 3 for 1.00 

B2-404. Women s Plain Black Lisle with colored 
sil c clox, ] c r ] -:r 35 .50 

B2-405. Women s Lace Front Black Lisle Thread 
with silk embroidered designs, colors red, white 
and blue 35 .50 .65 .75 100 

B2-I06. Women s Silk Embroidered Plain Black 
Cashmere, new designs, in red, white or blue, 
per pair ,85 or 3 for _ _ | 00 

B2-I07. Women s Plain Black Cashmere w ith 
fancy silk emb. fronts, newest designs .75 1 00 

B2 408 Women s Silk Embroidered Black Lisle 
Thread Hose, very dainty designs, per pair 1 50 

B2-109. Women s Silk Plaited Fancy Check Hose. 
the newest colors for the season, pair 1.00 1.50 

B2-410. Men s Embroidered Black Cashmere Soeks 

in neat designs, colors red, white or bine, v 

pair 36 . 

B2--J11. Men s Plain Lisle with silk embroider 

fronts, latest patterns, per i uir 35 . 

B2-412. Men s Fancy Colored Cushmere or Li: 

Hose, in all the newest stripes and colors, j 

pair 35 -60 . 

B2 413. Men s Black Lace Lisle Thread Socks, 

neat designs, per pair 35 . 

B2414. Men s Blaon Lisle Thread or Cashme: 

with silk clox worked in silk, per pair .35 .! 
B2-415. Men s Extra Fine Blnck Cushmere wi 

silk embroidered fronts, latest patterns, .65 

When ordering hosiery, be sure to use 

the sizes and it will save mistakes. 


Hosiery will wear much better if it 
correct size. 

9, 9J, 10, IOJ 1 , , 7 
to 7 

Size Sh-e Worn f 0, 1, 1, 2, 2J, 3, 3J, 4, 4}, 5, 5}, 6, 6}, 7, 7$, 8, ,,, D , ,, *, ,v 

" Huse " \ 4, 4, 4, 4}, 4}, 4j, 4j, 5, 5, 6, 5}, 5j, 51, 6, 6, 6, 6j, 61, 7, 7. 7 

Size Shoe Worn.. 
" Huse " 

- ....... f 11, 111, 12, 12}, 13, 13}, 1, H, 2, 21, 3, 31, 4, 4J, 5, 5}, 6, 61 7 1 * 

-I 7*. 74, 71, 8, B, 8, 8, 8\, 8}, 8}, 81, 8], 9, 9, 9^ 9^ 10, lo) 10 I 7 ? K and over 


B2-r>25. Women s P ain Black in m dium weight, 
fastblaei;, per pii. r .10 .12^ .15 .18 orSfor .50 

B2-U27. Women s Gloria Black Cotton Hose, soft 
finish, full fashioned, per pair. .25 .35 

B2-..28. Women s Plain Black Cotton Hose, with 
bnlgriggan sole, fust black, per pair 18 

B2-629. Women s Pin in B ack Cotton Hose, with 
maco sol -, fnshioncd throughout, fine gloria 
black, per pair _ 25 .35 


B2-R30. Women s Plain Black Cotton Hose, out 
side sizes, per pair _ .35 .45 


B2-631. Women s Tan Cotton Hose, fashioned, per 
pair .12% .15 .18 or 3 for 50 

B2-632. Women s Fine German Tan Cotton Hose, 
in assorted shades, per pair. 25 

B2 633. Women s Balbriggan Cotton Hose, fash 
ioned, per pair _ 15 .18 .25 

B2-R34. Women s Colored Cotton Hose, in cream, 
pink, sky, per pair 25 


B2-635. Women s Plain White Cotton Hose, fash 
ioned, jerpnir 15 .25 

B2-ti30. Women s P.uin White Lisle Thread Hose, 
fnshioned throughout, per pair __ 35 .50 

B2-C37. Worn n s White Lace Ankle Lisle Thread 
Hose, in new designs 35 .50 .75 1.00 

B2-fi:;S. Women s White All-over Lace Lisle Thread 
Hose, per pair 35 .50 


B2-639. Women s Black Cotton Hose, with rnaco 

. sole, per pnir 18 .25 .35 

B2-640. Women s Black Cotton Hose, with natural 
wool sole, per pair . 25 


B2-641. Women s Plain Black Lisle Thread Hose, 
fashioned, per pair.. .25 .35 or 3 for 1.00 

B2-643. Wo en s Extra Fine Quality Plain Black 
full fashioned, double sole, heel and toe .50 

B2-&44. Women s Plain Black Lisle Thread Hose, 
with mac-o soles, per pair.. 35 .45 .50 

B2 fi4S. Women s I)mp Stitch Lisle Thread Ho 

ii assorted ] atterns. pi r ;>uir 25 . 

B2-iilti. Women s Luce Ankle Black Lisle Thre 

Ilo^e, in newest designs 35.45 .50 .65 .751. 
B2- 47. Women s Black All-over Luce Li; 

Hoe, in assorted patterns, per pair ._ .35 .1 
B2-M8. Women s Plain or Lace Ankle Tun Li: 

Thread Hose, per pair 35 .n 


B2-649. Women s Plain Black Spun Silk Ho 
full fashioned, per pair 75 1.00 1. 

B2650. Women s Plain Black Silk Hose, fashion 
special heel and toe. per pair 1.50 2.00 2.25 2. 

B2-651. Women s Colored Silk Hose, in pink, st 
cardinal, cream and white, per pair 1. 


B2-660. Women s Plnin Blick Cashmere, ext 
large size legs, fashioned, special sole, heel a 
toe, per pair .50 66 or 2 pair for 1.1 




52. Women s Seamless Plain Cashmere Hose, 
r pair ...................................... . .................. . .19 

,i3. Women s Plain BlacK Cashmere, fash- 
:ied, double sole, heel and toe, per pair__ .25 
54. Women s FuH fashioned Cashmere Hose, 
gh special ankles, double sole and toe. medium 
.d heavy weights, our leader, .35 or 3 for 1.00 
.. Women s Extra Fine (Duality Cashmere 
ring and summer weights, .45 or 3 for 1.25 
5ti. Women s (Llama finish) Cashmere Hose, 
le, soft and durable, per pair ..................... 50 

57. Women s (Indiana finish) Cashmere Hose, 
i extra rin^ wearer, made of best quality cash- 
ere yarns, per pair .65 or 2 for ........... _. 1.25 

58. Women s Finest Quality Cashmere Hose: 
st finished and choicest yarns, pair .75 1.00 

59. Women s Colored Cashmere, In cardinal, 
u and cream, full fashioned .35 or 3 for 1.00 


61. Women s Ribbed Union Cashmere Hose, 
wool and cotton mixture that wears well and 
perfectly fast in color, per pair ........ 15 .20 

(a. Women s 2/1 Ribbed Pure Wool Cashmere 
sse, seamless feet, our special, per pair ... .25 

63. Women s 2/1 and 1/1 Ribbed Cashmere 
.>se, tine soft cashmere yarn .35 or 3 for 1.00 

64. Women s 2/1 anil 1/1 Ribbed Cashmere 
>se, fine soft yarn, spliced sole, heel and toe, 
rpair .45 or 3 pair ................................ 1.25 

>65. Women s 2/1 and 1/1 Cashmere Hose, 
ade of best quality yarn, finest finish, per 
ir ___ ....... __.50aud .65 or 2 pairs for 1.25 


ifi. Women s Plain Black Cashmere Hose, 
era length, full fashioned, per pair ........... 75 

67. Women s Plain Black Opera Length Lisle 
iread Hose, fashioned, per pair ._ .......... .75 

68. Worn n stfilk Opera, Length Hose, black 
ily, per p<iir_ ................................. _____ ..... __, 1.50 


69. Misses Plain Black Cashmere Hose, full 
shioneil, double sole, heel and toe 

1 4H 5 6X 6 6% 7 1% 8 8% 
5 .15 .15 .15 20 .20 .25 .25 .25 .25 

70. Misses Plain Black Cash mere Hose, made 
tli special knee, sole, heel and toe 

1 M i 5 5% 6 6% 7 7% 8 8% 
>0 .20 .20 .20 .25 .25 .30 .30 .35 .35 

71. Misses Black Cashme e Hose, fashi ned 
IDDghout, made from specially selected yurn.s 
I 4% 5 5% 6 6}4 7 7% 8 " 8 . 
5 .25 .25 .25 .30 30 .35 .35 .40 .40 

72. Misses Plain Black Cashmere Hose, sum- 
ii weight 

1 4 i 5 5% 6 6% 7 7% 8 8% 
15 .35 .35 .35 .40 .40 .45 .45 .50 .50 

73. Misses Crea n Tun or Cardinal Cashmere 
^J8e, full fashioned, double sole, heel and toe 
.1 4% 5 6% 6 6% 7 }% 8 8% 

!0 .20 .20 .20 .25 .25 .30 .30 .35 .35 
76. Misses Embroidered Cashmere Hose, 
lall neat design 

6 6% 7 ~!Y, 8 8 





S3. Ribbed Bl-ick Cashmere Hose, mixed 
th thread of Cotton which adds to strength 
(1 wearing qualities, double sole, heel and toe 
5 6 - 7 1% 8 8% 9 9% 10 
15 .15 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 .20 
84. 2/1 Ribbed Black Cas imere How, 0-fold 
ees, ]nire wool y.-irn, double sole, heel and toe 
) 5 i ti <; 7 1% 8 8% 
.0 .20 .20 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 
m, L> 1 Ribbed BlackC >shmere Hose, invisible 
iees, double sole, heel and toe, tine 
">1 yurn 

.V^ U a% 7 7% 8 8% 9 9K 10 
.25 .25 .30 30 .30 .35 .35 .35 .35 .35 
-*6. 2/1 Ribbed Black Cashmere Hose, extra 
e y;ir i. invisible spliced knee, double sole, 
el anil toe 

5% 6 6% 7 7% 8 8% 9 9% 10 
.30 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 .50 .50 .50 .50 
S7. 1/1 Ribbed Blavk Cashmcf- Hose, fa.-h- 
led, <lc nible sole, heel and toe, invisible spliced 
ice, fine pure wool yarn 

o}4 6 6% 7 7 8 8% 9 9% 10 

25 .25 .30 .30 .30 35 .35 .35 .35 .35 

88. lil Ribbed Black Cashmere Hose, with 

niii-ed knees, double sole, heel and 

fashioned, extra line yarn 

s i fi 6% 7 7% 8 % 9 9M 10 

.30 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 .50 .50 .50 .50 

B2-695. Misses plain black lisle thread hose, full 
fashioned, stainless dye. 

Size 5, 5%, 6, 6%, 7, 1%, 8, 8% 

Price .20 .20 .25 .25 .30 .30 .35 .35 

B2-696. Misses plain tan lisle thread hose, full 
fashioned, stainless dye. 

Size 5, 5V, 6. 6M, 7, 1%, 8, 8% 

Price .20 .20 .25 .25 .30 .30 .25 .35 


B2-689. Boys 2/1 ribbed, pure wool, seamless 

Size 6, 6%, 7, 7^, 8, 8%, 9, 9%, 10 

Price .20 .20 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 

B2-690. Boys ribbed Irish kint, Worsted hose. 
Size 6, 6%, 7, 7%, 8, S%, 9, 9%, 10 
Price .25 .25 .30 .30 .30 .35 .35 .35 .35 

B2-691. Boys ribbed English worsted hose. 
Size 6, 6%, 7, 7 o, 8, 8 i 9, 9%, 10 

Price .30 .30 .35 .40 .45 .50" .50 .50 .50 


B2-692, Misses plain bluck cotton, fast black. 
Size 4, 4 1 3, 5, &%, 6, 6%, 7, 7%, 8, 8% 
Price .10 .10 .10 .12 i.12% .15 . 

B2-693. Misses plain black, cotton, hose, extra 
fine quality, fast black. 

Size 4, 4%, 5, 5%, 6, 6%, 1, % 8, % 
Price .12%.12 1 $.16 .15 . .25.25 

B2-694. Misses p ain tan cotton hose, full fashions 
ed, stainless dye. 

, . 

Size 4, 4V 5, ,V, 6, 6%, 7, 7%. 8, 8 
.10 .10 .10 .12% .12% .15. 15. 20. 20 .2 



Women s Plain Black Cashmere Hose, 
made from extra fine pure cashmere 
yarn, fashioned, seamless feet, 3-ply 
sole, heel and toe, sizes 812 to 
I O, extra special value .29 

B2-697. Misses lace ankle, black lisle thread 
hose, full fushioned. 

Size ft, 5%, 6, 5%, 7, 7%, 8, 8% 

Price .25 .25 .30 .30 .30 .35 .35 .35 

B2-h9s Misses black all over lace, lisle thread 

Size 5, 5%, 6, 6%, 7, 7%, 8, 8% 

Price .30 .30 .30 .35 .35 .35 .35 .35 


B2-C9H Misses ribbed black cotton stainless dye, 

strong and durable, stainless dye. 

Size 5, 5%, 6, 6%, 7, 7%, 8, 8%, 9, 9%, 10 

Price .15 .15" .15 .15" .20 20 .20 .25.25 .25.25 


B2-705. Infants half length, cashmere socks, in 

cream, tan and black. 

Size 4, 4M, 5, 5%, 6, 6%, 7 

Price .15 .15" .15 .15 .20 .20".20 

B2-706. Infants three-quarter-length, cashmere 

socks, in black, tan or cream. 

Size 4, 4 ;,. 5, 5\f, 

Price .20 .20 .20 .20 

B2-701 Misses extra line ribb.d black cotton 

hose, 1/1 and 7 1 rib i ; !-.|iioii^l seamless dye. 

Size 5, .v-:,. n. .; ... -,, , . s. KVt, 9. 9%, 10 

Price .20 ,20.25 .25 .30 .30". 35 .35 .35 .35 .35 


B2-702 Boys ribbed black cotton hose, strong 
adj durable, stainless dye. 
Size 5, 5)^, 6, 6H ". ~i%, 8, 8M, 9, 9%, 10 
Price .10 .10 .10 .10 .12>2.12% .15 .15 .15 .15 .15 
B2-703. Bovs ribbed black cotton hose, extra 
strong make, double heel and toe seamless 
stainless dye. 

Size 5, 6%, 6, 6^, 7, 1%, 8. &%. 9, 9V., 10 
Price .15.15 . 
B2-704. Boys 7/1 and 2/1 ribbed black cotton 
hose, fineand durable, stainlessdye 
Size o. r. .;, n, 6%, 7, 7K, 8. u, 9, 9;^, 10 
Price .20 .20 .25 .25 .30 .30 .35.35 .35 .35 .. ,j 
B2-707. Infants lialf length, cotton socks, in 
black, tan or white. 

Size 4, 4>f 5, 5 1 -.;, fi. 6^, 7 

Price .12J^ .12 f ^ .15 .15 .20 .20 .20 

B2-708. Infants half length lace lisle thiead 

socks in black white, tan, blue and pink. 

Size 4, 4 .:. ft, by, 

Price .25 .25 .25 .25 

B2-709. Infants Booties in white .10 .15 .20 25 

.60 ; in colors .10 .15 .20 .25 

B2-710. Infants full length Cashmere Hose in 
black only. 

Size 4. Pi, 5, f>% 

Price .15 .15 .15 .15 

B2-711. Infants full length Cashmere Hose In 
black, tan, cream, cardinal. 

Size 4, 4 ^, 5. 6K 

Price .20 .20 .20 .^0 

B2-712. Infants full length Cashmere Hose, in 

Size 4, 4^, 5, 5% 
Price .25 .25 .25 .25" 

B2-71:;, Infants full length l/l rib cashmere 

hose, in black, cream, red, skv, tan and pink. 

Size 4, 414, 5, "5% 6 

Price .25 .25 .25 .25" .25 


H--71 1. Men s heavy Cotton Socks, brown and 
wnite and blue and white, mixed medium 
sizes only, per pair 09 or 3 for .25 

B2-715. Men s plain black cotton Socks, stainless 
dye, size 10, 10%, 11, per pair .10 .12,H .15 .18 or 
3 pair for 1.00 

B2-716. Men s plain black cotton Socks, extra 
quality, stainless dye. sizes 10, 10%, 11, pair .25 

B2-717. Men s tan merino Socks, size 10, 10V^, 11 : 
per pair. n% .16 


B2-718. Men s plain black lisle thread Ho-"-. 

double heel, toe and sole, size 9% to 11 ins. .25 

.35 or 3 for ._ 1.00 

B2-719. Men s lace, lisle thread Socks, assorted 

patterns, sizes 9% to U, per pair .35 or3 forl 00 
B2-720 Men s fancy lisle thread Socks, in all the 

latest patterns and colors . . .35 .50 65 

B2-721. Men s Silk Socks, black only, sizes y 1 :; t/i 

11 _ _ ".75 1.00 l"50 

B2-722. Men s embroidered silk socks in small, 

ntat designs, size 10, 10%, 11 2.00 2.50 3.00 


B2-7J3. Men s plain black cashmere, seamless 
finish, per pair _ 18 or 3 for .50 and .20 

B2.724. Men s plain cashmere, in black, tan or 
cardinal, seamless finish, double heel, toe and 
sole, per pair _ 25 

B2-725. Men s plain black cashmere Socks, extra 
fine yarn, size 9K to 12, per pair .35 or 4 for 1.00 

B2-726. Men s plain black cashmere Socks, 
size 9% to 11, perpnir .45 or 3 pairs 1.25 

B2-727, Men s pbiin black ca c hmere socks, speci 
ally selected yarn, h nest finish, size 9% to 11 .50 


B2-72S. Men s ribbed black cashmere Socks, 
seamless finish, double sole, heel nnd tne .25 

B2-729. Men s ribbed blnck cashmere, extra fine 
yarn, double sole. heel and toe, .35 or 3 for 1.00 

B2-7: ,0 Men s ribbed black cashmere Socks, 
superfine yarn, double sole, h el and toe, pel 
pair .45 or 3 for 1.25 ; and per pair _ 50 


B2-731 Men s heavy wool and merino Socks, 

medium size, PIT pa r 12% .15 

B2-732 Men n heavy weight grey all wool socks, 

fine Mini soft, per pair 20 .25 

B2-73:!. Men simported fine natural wool Socks, 

KnaMshrnake, per pair 25 .35 

li J7:;i. Men sexira line wool socks, inf arkor 

lishtprey, per|rr 20 .26 

B2-7SO. : Men s Irish knit, in -i. >-< r black .26 .36.50 







No charge for making up these fancy articles 
CZ01. Fancy Du Bary Bow requires two y 

2 in. ribbon. 
C202. Corsage Bow requires 18 yds. lin. dia-he 

C203. Long Neck Bow requires 2 yds. 4 or 5 

C204. Long Fancy Neck Bow requires 3 yds. 4 

5 in. ribbon. 
C205. Neck Bow requires 1% yd. 4 or 5 in. ribb- 


HOW many new functions into whi 
good Ribbons seem to work th< 
way each season! Pretty ribbo 
will be tremendously in request this coi 
ing season for hat trimming, to be us 

with laces and insertion, both of the wide and narrow widths, in the making of si 
ribbon waifta and kimonas, as well as other evening garments of beauty note. Th 
will be used also with fine muslin in a similar way, in the adorning of "ladies undi 
wear, in the making of sumptuous frills for petticoats, for decorating the hair wi 
roses, butterflies and wreaths. Sashes will be greatly in vogue, and, listen Ne 
Eibbons are back again. 

Order your Spring Ribbon garniture early while assortment is most attractive. 


Satin Baby Ribbon. Three widths in the same 

quality satin face and faille back every color. 

Inches wide % % % 

Per yard .01.01% .02 

Your choice of Plain Taffeta or Ocean Wave Effect 

Baby Ribbon, all colors, % inch wide, yd 02 

Faille Ribbcn. Fine silk twill and satin cord edge, 

y s inch wide, best of shades, per yard .01 % 

Binding Ribbon, pure silk for binding seams and, 
edges, all colors, % inch wide, per yaid_ .02 

Double Face Satin Ribbon. v. inch wide, heavy satin 
with fine edge, per yard ____ .02 

Our 3c Line of Baby Ribbons, fine silk faille, M 
inch wide, a duchesse satin with satin face and 
silk back, % inch wide, and a plain taffeta % in. 
wide, all perfect washing and every color, per 
yard ...,... .03 

Wash Ribbons. A line specially manufactured 
for underwear, washes perfectly, comes in pink, 
eky, turquoise, nile, mauve, red. cream and 

Inches wide M, M 
.03 . 

Per yard 

.05 .07 


Taffetas, satin, moire and faille, from % to 3 incll 
for fancy work. 

Satin Ribbon. A bright satin face with faille 
back, an exceptionally fine ribbon for fancy 
work, in sky, pink, turquoise, red, cardinal, 
nile, moss, mauve, purple, navy, brown, orange, 
yellow, tuscan, cream and white. 

Inches wide 3 A 1 2 2% 
Per yard .03 .05 .08 .12^ 

Duchesf e Satin. Satin face and silk back, washes 
splendidly, best of shades. 

Inch -< wide K_ 1 IK 2V 

Per yard .05 .07 .10 *15 

Double Face Satin. Rich satin with a beaded edge, 
it s a firm, stiff quality for frills etc., all colors. 
Inches wide % 1 IK 2 3 
Per yard .04 .07 .10 r 15 ,20 

Plain or Moire Taffeta. A fine make of plain taf 
feta, cord edge and washable, also a moire in 
pretty wave effect, color list complete, same 
widths and prices for both qualities. 
Inches wide % 1 2 
Per yard , 03 .05 .08 

Plain Taffeta Ribbon. A p;iv silk taffeta with firm 
edge, 2% inch wi<!.- 1111 extra fine ribbon for 
children s hairweaj, etc., sky, white, cream, 
navy, nile, reseda, pink, red, cardinal, mauve, 
brown and bluck, per yard _ 10 


Plain Taffeta Ribbon, 3 ins. wide, pure silk, was 
well, used for children s hairwear and nc 
bows, all colors, per yard. 

Taffeta Ribbon, 4 ins. wide, all silk taffeta, in pi: 
skv, ml,!, myrtle, moss, violet, purple, coi 
grey, turquoise, pinK, red, cardinal, na 
brown, mauve, old rose, tuscan, cres 
and white, per yard . i 

Duchesse Satin Ribbon. Satin on one side s 
pure silk back with firm edge, 4 ins. wide, t 
of colors . 

Wide Colored Taffeta. &% ins. wide, a pure t 
make with fine beaded edge. It makes 
prettily into neck bows aud hair ribbons, 
the newest spring shades . 

Our " Queen " Taffeta, 5 ins. wide. It s our t 
make of colored taffeta, perfect wash 
and very firm, in sky, turquoise, pink, n 
reseda, myrtle, moss, brown, maise.fawn, na 
yellow, red, cardinal, coral, violet, puri 
cream and white, per yard .; ; 

The 6 Inch Taffeta, fine quality of siik with t < 
finished edge. Its the kind that makes up 
nicely into sashes, large double loop hairbo 
etc. Oi.eof our moststaple lines, all colors .; . 

Fine Fallleline Ribbon. One of the new lines 
soitMlk twill, making it an extra fine riliVxin 
millinery purposes, fi 1 ^ in. wide, all the seasc 
newest and most popular shades, peryd_ ,;i 

Liberty Satin Ribbon, 5 ins. wide. Rich satin f 
and ail silk back, very soft and durable 
millinery uses. In such colors as white, cref 
sky turquoise, pink, old rose, red, cardii 
maise, yellow, lilac, purple, nile, reseda, gr 
champagne, myrtle, brown, navy and Llack, 

Black Velvet Ribbon. Silk velvet face and SB 

back, splendid value. 
Ins. wide % % % % % % 1 
Per yd. .02^ ,03% .04 .06 .08 .10 .1: 

orpe. ,4O .60 
Black Velvet. Heavy velvet fnce and linen b 

makes a very pretty dress trimming. 
Inches wide 

M, M % % % i 1M 

Per yard" 

.01^ .02% .03 .03% 04 .05 .07 . 

.23 .30 .40 bolt. 
Black Velvets in wider widths, firm velvet fe i 

silk pile and satin back. 

In. wide VA VA m 2K I?/* 

Per yard .15 .20 .22 .25 .30 

Sath Black Veb/et. A fine woven back and r i 

velvet face. 

Inches wide V* 
Per yard .02 
Per bolt .30 

.02M .03 

. 32% 





207 Double Loop Hair Bow requires 1% yd. 5 

or 6 in. ribbon. 

JOS. Butterfly Hair Bow requires 1 yd. wide 


209. Fancy Dress Hair Bow requires IX yds. 
4 or 5 inch ribbon. 

210. Fancy Hair Wreath requires 8 yds. % in. ribbon. 

211. Fancy Dress Sash requires 6 yards, 5 or 6 in. 
duchess" or taffeta ribbon. 

2)2. Fancy Hair Eosette requires 5 yds% in. 
velvet ribbon. 


And Prices to Make all Records 

( "DUALITY in Ribbon is so essential 

| J that Eaton s Ribbon circles have 
no room whatever for other than 

I Ik weave. For our regular Mail Order 

ustomers we need only to say that the spring import of Ribbon exceeds by no small 
egree those of 1905. But for our new customers we say : Do not judge the qualities 
y the prices. So many of our pretty fancies were made exclusively for Eaton s. As 
r variety the widths start at J inch Baby Ribbon and run up to 13 inches Fancy 
ihb<m, and prices from Ic to $2. 75 per yd. An excellent range of new Neck Ribbons 
i Taffeta and Duchesse, also Fancy Ribbon at loc, 16c, 17c, 20c and 25c. Order Early. 


In f erior qualities of black ribbon get no ad- 
ission to our stock. Nothing but fast ali l de- 
mdable goods. The prices are striking iudeed. 

ack Taffeta Ribbon, a perfectly woven black silk. 
It sa fast bhiek u .dthe stiff quality for hair- 
bows and millinery, in different widths 
3-inch. 4-inch. 5-inch. 

.15 .20 .25 yard. 

ack Liberty Satin Ribbon, a soft make of a satin 
with silk back. Its the millinery and hairbow 
ribbon, 5 inches wide, per yd_ 25 

ain Black Taffeta Ribbon, pure silk and fast dye, 
extra line make for hair bows and trimming. 

Ins. wide 
Per yard 

ack Duchesse Ribbon, satin face and pure silk 

buck, an extra fine quality for soft bows and 


Ins. wide % % I 1% 2% 3 4 

Per yd. .03 .04 .06 .09 .12% .18 .22 

ack Faille Ribbon, fine cord with satin edge, pure 
silk. Ins. wide % 1 1% 2 3 




Per yard 

.05 .08 .10 .15 

os Grain Ribbon, soft corded quality, fast dye 
ind best finish. 

Inches wide 5 % 
Per yard .05.07 

\% 2% 2% 3% 4M 
.12^ .15 .20 .25 .30 

ack Moire Ribbon, pure silk, perfect weave. 
[us. wide f i 1 lj; 1% V/ s 3 3M P-.i 5 6 
Per yd. .03,^.05.10 .12^.15 .18.20 .25.30.35 

ack Crepe Ribbon, mourning black. 

Ins. wide 1% 1V S 2% 3 
Per yard .15 .18 .22 .25 

ack Peau de Sole, indistinct weave, used for 
mourning purposes, very serviceable, 
Inches wide 3 i % 11% iy. 3 4M 5% 
Cer yard .04 .06 .09 .15 .20 .25 .35 .45 

ack Taffeta Ribbon, our finest quality, it s a firm 

ilk that ties nicely into bows, etc 

Inches wide S% 4?4 6% 7 
Per yard .22 .30 .39 .50 

ack Double Face Satin, rich satin, our best make. 

tns. wide % % 
I er yard .04 .06 


.15 .20 



i % 


lored Velvet Ribbon. The very best line of col 
ored velvet we can procure. It s a heavy satin 
lack, with silk velvetface. All the different 
widths and leading shades. 

Inches wide 
Per yard 


.03 .03)4 .04 


& ,0 ff I* 


The largest assortment ever catalogued. Some 
as narrow as %ol an inch, others as wide as 13 
inches, send for samples of our 17, 25 and 39c 
fancy ribbons. 

Fan^y Dresden Baby Ribbon, in taffeta with beaded 
ed-re, a dainty China pattern, in different color 
ed grounds, % inch wide, per yard_ ........... 05 

Fancy Dresden, l 1 ^ In. wide, in raised floral design 
and fancy colored ede, very suggestive for 
f..ncy work, collar tabs, etc., per yd_ ..... .10 

Fancy Dresden, 1V 2 in. wide, the basket and flower 
pattern makes up nicely into summer collar*;. 
etc. per yard 

Fncy Stripe Ribbon, 4 ins. wide, a wide range of 
colors, makes up nicely into hairbows and neck 
wear, per yd ............. __ ___ ___ .17 

Wide Fancy Ribbons, a special lot of the daintiest 
and best designed fancy dresdens. They have 
a fancy stripe on the edge, the same color in a 
different weave, while the centre is a floral 
etfei-t.width4 and 5 ins., all pure silk and beauti 
ful colors, per yard, see illustration No. 206 .25 

New Dresder Ribbons. 5 ins. wide, plain and fancy 
edges, perfect colorings, per yard ______ .39 

Black and White Fancies in stripes, pin dots, Dres 
den atid plaid patterns, some with white pre 
vailing, and in others the black 4% in. wide, 
per yard .................... . _____ ............................. 35 

High-grade Fancy Ribbons. The dainty Dresden 
patterns, flowers intermingled with rich shades 
of leaves, the new gold and silver designs in 
silk and chiffon, embroidered patterns in floral 
and eyelet effects. These make beautiful vests 
for the new spring coats, girdles, opera bags 
and fancy work, etc. Widths 4 to 13 ins.; prices, 
per yard ------ ................................. 45 to 2.75 

Fancy Trimmings. Embroidered flaral and orient 
al patterns, pretty for belts and trimming spring 
suits, IVj to 2 ins. wide. Best color combina 
tions, per yard ....................... _ ..................... .59 

Club Ribbons and Beltings. Heavy Corded Belting 
Ribbon 2 ins. wide, also club ribbons in all the 
college colors, pure silk 2 in. wide, yd_ .20 



Cushion Frills. Frills made to vour order of 8 or 

l.V ribbon. a4 yd. frill tits 18 in. cushion, 4>^ yd. 

tits 20 or 22 in. cushion, 5 yd. fits 24 in. cushion. 

It takes two widths of each kind of ribbon. 

No charge for the making, the price of frill 

depends on the amount and quality of ribbon. 

Frill for 18 in. Cushion at_ .64 or 1 20 

;; 20 or 22 in. _ .72 or 1 .35 

24 " - .SO or 1.50 






The Eatonia, Canada s Best $3.OO Boot 

When ordering, be careful to state size required, also give catalogue number of shoe. The different sizes they ar< 
made in is given with description of each, and only as catalogued. 

H2-400. Ladies Eatonia, genuine 
patent coltskin, Blueher style, dull 
top, extension edge soles. Sizes 2% 
to 7. Widths C, D and E. 3-00 

H2-401. Ladies Eatonia, select qual 
ity, vici kid, for dress wear light 
turned flexible soles, patent tip 
Cuban heel, sizes 2% to 7. Widths, 
C, D and E 3-00 

H2-402. Ladies Eatonia, a popular 
walking boot, made from choice 
kid, with dull top, new Blucher 
style, Goodyear welted soles. Sizes 
2% to 1- Widths C, D and E... 3-00 

H2-403. Ladies Eatonia, extra choice 
goat kid, for comfort, nothing to 
equal this shoe. Goodyear welted 
soles, low heel, patent tip. Sizes 2% 
to 7. Widths C. D and E. 3.00 

H2-404. Ladies Eatonia, Juliet style, 
made from extra fine black kid, im 
itation buttoned, elastic sides, turned 
flexible soles, patent tip. Sizes 2% 
to 7 3-00 

H2-405. Ladies Eatonia, fine ribbon 
tie, evening dress slip, er, made 
from American patent leather, 
light turned soles, high French 
heel. Sizes 2 4 to 7, C, D and E. 

H2-406. Ladies Eatonia, American 
vici kid, one strap slipper, fancy 
beaded vamp, light turned soles, 
French heel, very swell. Sizes 2% 
to 7.._ C, D and E 3-00 

H2-407. Ladies Eatonia, fine patent 
coltskin Blucher cut Oxford shoe, 
plain toe, light turned soles, Cuban 
heel, Sizes 2% to 7. Widths C, D and 
E _ 3.00 

! H2-408. Ladies Eatonia, extra 
choice fine kid Oxford shoe, light 
turiu-d flexible soles, patent tip, 
Cuban heel. Sizes 2% to 7. Width? 
C, D and E 3.00 

H2-409. Ladies Eatonia, genuine 
patent coltskin, Blucher style, large 
eyelets, Goodyear welted, extension 
soles, dressy. Sizes 2% to 7. Widths 
C, D and E _ 3-00 

H2-410. Lfidies Eatonia, select quali 
ty, fine kid Oxford shoe, Blucher 
style.large eyelets, G Todyear welted 
soles, patent tip. Sizes 2% to 7. 
Widths D and E .._ 3.OO 

H2-411. Men s Eatonia, patent colt- 
skin, dull tops, Goodyear welted 
soles, slight extension edge, very 
dressy sizes 6 to 11 3.00 

H2-412. Men s Eatonia, a business c 
street boot made from extra fine bo 
calfskin heavy Goodyear welte 

soles, great value. Sizes 6 to 11 

_ 3.Q< l 

H2-413. Men s Eatonia, box calfskir 
Blucher style, medium weigl: 
Goodyear welted soles, a great fa^ 
ourite with youug men. Sizes 6 1 
11 3.Q( l 

H2-414. Men s Eatonia, fine jet Mac - 
goat kid for fine wear. Goodyea 
welted soles, very neat and con: 
fortalile. Sizes 6 to 11 3.O{C 

H2-315. Men s Eatonia, choice qu 
ity, Dongola kid, Blucher style, a: 
excellent walking boot, heav 
Goodyear welted soles. Sizes 6 t 
11 3.00 

Note widths, C is narrow, D medium, E wide and EE extra wide. 
We do not warrant Patent Leather. 



We give you reliable goods, honest 
tatment and prompt service. 

Ladies Boots 

Our long and practical experience with 
Mail Orders ensures very satisfactory 
results to our Customers. 

2-416. American Patent Coltskin, Blucher cut, 
dull top, plain toe, (luodyear welted snli-s, some 
thing new and dressy. Sizes 2 ., to 7 ; width" I!, 
C, D and E _ 5.00 

2-417. Extra fine Patent Coltskin, in light 
weight laeed, flexible hand turned soles, for 
fine dress wear. Sizes 2V to 7 ; widths B, C, D 
and E._ 4.50 

12-418. Imported Black Viel Kid Laced Boot, 
Goods-ear welted soles, low heel, p,:teiit, 
full fitting and very comfortable. Sizes 1% to 8; 
widths C, D, E and EE 4.00 

12-419. Choice American Jet Black Viei Kid, 
Blucher style, dull tops, patent tip, Goodyear 
welted soles, a neat dressy street boot. Size" 2 
to 7 ; widths C, D and E 4.00 

fOTE Owing to the absence of oil in the manu 
facture of all patent leathers, we are unable to 
warrant same- 

12-420. Fine American Vici Kid Laced, light 
weight, flexible turned soles, patent tips, new 
Cuban heel, for dress wear. Sizes 1% to 7; width 
C. D and E 4,00 

H2-421. Genuine Dongola Kid, (goatskin), laced 
or buttoned, Goods-ear welted extension edge 
s ilt-s, patent tip, a neat serviceable boot for gen 
eral wear. Sizes 2% to 7 2.50 

H2-422. A Choice Dongola Kid Boot, made for a 
stout loot, in laeed or buttoned, medium weight 
flexible soles, soft and very comfortable. Sizes 
2% to 8; width EE_ 2.25 

H2-423. A boot for large girls, made with a 
spring heel from genuine dongola kid, exten 
sion edge soles, patent tip, will give excellent 
wear. Sizes 2J to 6 2.25 

H2-424. " Walkeasy," extra choice Dongola kid, 
laced or buttoned, medium light weight soles, 
patent tip. Sizes 2% to 7 2.00 

H2-42B. " Walkeasy," select quality of jet black 
Dongola kid, laced or buttoned, extension edge 
soles, patent tip, excellent for walking, will 
wear well. Sizes 2% to 7 2.00 

H2-426. Bright Glazed Kid, Juliet cyle, elastic 
sides, imitation button, medium light weight 
soles. Sizes 2% to 7_ 2.00 

H2-427. Solid Comfort, elastic sides, low heel 
full fitting, suitable for stunt foot, made from 
best grade soft dongola kid. Sizes :!, to 8. 1.90 

H2-428. " The Favorite." made from select qual 
ity of Dongola kid, in laced or buttoned, exten 
sion edge soles and patent tip, excellent value. 
Sizes 2% to 7 _ 1 .50 

H2-429. Common Sense style, plain, wide, very 
comfortable, laced or buttoned, made from soft 
Dongola kid. Sizes 2% to 8 ... 1 .50 

H2-430. Oil Pebble Calfskin Laced Boot, for 
country wear, solid leather soles mi<l heels. 
Sizes 2% to 8 1 .35 

H2-431. "Our Leader," genuine Dongola kid 
(goatskin), laeed or buttoned, extension edge 
soles, patent tip. Sizes 2% to 7_ 1 .25 

H2-432. Juliet House Shoe, elastic sides, made 
from genuine Ponpola kid, plain toe, wide fit 
ting, very comfortable. Sizes 3 to 8 . 1 .25 

No % sizes. 

H2-433. Fine Prunella Cloth, elastic sides, flex 
ible leather soles. Si/.es 3 to 8 1.0O 

No ;^ sizes. 


I lucrrn 

Ladies Oxfords and Slippers 

H2-434. Ladies , all patent coltskin. 
Mill-tier cut Oxford shoe, made from 
the finest American stock, goodyear 
welted soles, very swell, sizes iV, to 
7 ; width C. D. and E_ 4.00 

H2-436. Indies , fine American -rici 
kid laced Oxford, patent tip, hand 
turned, flexible soles, new Cuban 
heel, for light dress wear. Sizes V/ a 
to 7 ; widths, C. D. and E_... 3 50 
Same style as No. H2-435, made from 
fine American patent coltskin 4.OO 

H2-436. Ladies fine dongola kid, 
patent tip. laced Oxford. Goodyear 
welted extension edge soles, white 
kid lining, sizes 2% to 7 2.50 

H2-437. Ladies extrn fine Mack kid 
laced Oxford, patenttips. light, flexi 
ble turned soles, sizes?^ to7 ; widths 

D. and E _ 2 OO 

Same style as H2-437, only blucner 
cut 2 .OO 

H2-438. Ladies choice, bright dcn- 
Kola kid, blucher cut, Oxford patent 
tips. Goodyear welted extension edge 
soles. agretU fuvorite for street wear. 
-i/i-s 2% to 7 2.00 

H2-439. Ladies common sense laced 
Oxford, made from fine, soft kid 
wide fitting, plain toe, solid comfort, 
sizes V/ 2 to 8 2.00 

H2-440. Ladies extra choice quality 
dongola kid laced Oxford, turned 
flexible soles, patent tips, military 

heel, sizes 2% to 7 1 .56 

Hame style as H2-440, with heavier 
soles, extension edge 1 .50 

H2-441. " Our Leader," ladies fine, 
genuine dongola kid, (goat skin) 
laced Oxford, flexible turned soles, 
patent tips, sizes 2^ to 7 1 .25 

H2-442. " Old Ladies " laced Oxford, 
plain and wide fitting, made from 
soft kid, low heels, flexible turned 
soles, sizes 2% to 8 1 .25 

H2-443. " Ladies " genuine dongola 
kid laced Oxford, turned flexible 
soles, patent tips, excellent va ue, 
sizes 2% to 7 1.00 

Ladies Oxfords that are not 

H2-444. " Dairy Maid," a solid, plain 
leather laced Oxford, for outside 

H2-445. Ladies white canviis Oxfords 1 H2-452. Ladles common sense, t 
in the newestJ90ti styles, sizes 2*4 to 1 soft kid. one strap slipper, fu" 

wear, sizes 3 to 8.. 


ill Lilt litwcoi iy\j\) KD ivo, oitt.a *7* iu 

7. Prices 1.25 I. SO & 2.00 

H2-446. Ladies fine, chocolate color 
ed kid, blucher cut Oxford, plain 
toe, turned flexible soles, sizes 2% to 
7._ _ 2.50 

Ladies Slippers 
H2-447. Ladies fine American patent 
leather vamp, two strap slipper, with 
French kid back and high French 
heel, very swell, sizes 2% to 7 ; widths 
D and E 2.50 

H2-448. Ladies pa tent leather vamp, 
one strap slipper, vici kid back, new 
Cuban heel, sizes 2H to 7 ; widths I> 
and E. _ 2.00 

H2-449, Ladies choice quality fine 
black kid two strap slipper, turned 
flexi ble soles, Cuban heel, sizes 2K 
to 7 _ _ 1 .50 

H2-450, Ladies patent leather Tump, 
kid back, one strap slipper, turned 
flexible soks, very dressy, sizes 2K 
to 7 _ _ 1 .50 

H2-4S1. Ladies fine black kid three 
strap slipper, turned flexible soles, 
Cuban heel, sizes 2% to 7 1 ,25 

ting, very comfortable, turned i 
sizes "2% to 8 _ 1 . 

H2-453. Ladies fine kid buskin, \ 
elnstic over instep, turned flex 
soles, wide fitting, for house w 
sizes 2% to 8 1 . 

H2-4B4. Ladies fine, black prun 
clnth buskin, elastic over ins 
turned flexible soles, sizes 2% t 

H2-455. Ladies genuine dongola 
slipper, one strap and bow. tun 
flexible soles, sizes 2% to "... 1 .i 

H2-456. Ladies white kid slipi 
one strap and bow. French h> 
light tuined soles, sizes2%to71 ,i 

NOTE. White kid slippers positiv 
not exchanged. 

H2-457. Ladies plain leather ho 
or garden slippers, strongly ma 
sizes 3 to 7... 

H2/458. Ladies fine prunella cl> 
buskin, flexible leather soles, I 
3 to 7 _,. ......_. 

We do not warrant patent leather of any kind 


. 7 

Misses , Child s and Infants Shoes 


460. Misses Extra Choice Dongola 
-id Laced Boot, medium weight, 
^tension edge soles, spring heel, 

.jtenttip, si/.esll to 2 1.75 

iris , same style, sizes 8 to 10% I 5O 
Will s, " " 5 to Tjj 1.25 

(461. Misses Box Calfskin, laced, 
^tension edge soles, spring heel, 

.litablefur any wear and -very ser- 

icable, sixes 11 to 2 I.5O 

Irl8 ,samestyle,sizes8tol0j^ 1.25 

462. Misses Genuine Dongola 
;id, goat skin, laced or buttoned, 
^tension edge soles, sprii g heel, 

>atent tip, sizes 11 to 2 1.35 

iris , same style, sizes 8 to 1 Hi 1 .20 
Wld s " " 5to7j4 I.OO 

463. Misses Dongola. Kid, laced, 
^tension e lge soles, with heel, pat- 

| at tip, sizes 11 to 2 _ 1.25 

464. Misses Pebble Calfskin, laced, 
jring heel, a very servicable school 

I wt, fairly heavy soles, and back. 

i rap, sizes 11 to 2 _ 1.15 

iris , samestyla, sizesStoloi I.OO 
46 5. Girls Fine Vici Kid, laced or 
uttoned, turned flexible sole*, 
iring heel, patent tip, sizes 8 to 

)% I.5O 

hud s, same style, sizes 4 to 7J 1 .25 
466. Child s Chocolate Colored 
lid, laced or buttoned, turned flex 

ible soles, spring heel, sizes 4 to 

H2-467. Child s Red Kid, laced only, 
extra fine stock, turned flexible 
soles, spring heel, sizes 4 to 1% 1 .35 

H2-468. Infant s Extra Fine Kid, 
laced or buttoned, turned flexible 
soles, no heel, colors red, chocolate, 
or black (state which preferred), 
sizes 2 to 5 .OO 

H2-469. Child s Fine Kid, buttoned 
only, made to suit a fat ankle, full 
fitting, spring heel, patent tip, sizes 

3 to 7 (no half sizes) 75 

Infant s, same style, sizes 2 to 5 .70 

H2-470. Child s- Dongola Kid, but 
toned only, leather sole, spring heel 
patent tip, sizes 3 to 7 (no hulf 

pizes 50 

Infant s same style, no heel, si/.es 
2 to 5 _.". 45 

H2-471. Infant s Soft Sole Fine Kid 
Bootees, buttoned only, colors black, 
chocolate, red, blue or white sizes 

1 to 4 25 

Same Style, Second quality, colors 
black or chocolate only 1 to 4, (no 
half sizes) 25 

H2-472. Misses Fine Black Kid Slip 
pers, one strap and bow, turned flex 
ible soles, spring heel, patent tip, 
sizes 11 to 2 _ 135 

Girls , same style, sizes 8 to 10% I. (5 
Child s " " 5 to ~,y a I.OO 

H2-473. Misses Patent Leather Slip 
per, two buttons and b.irs, flexible 
soles, spring heel, sizes 1 1 to 2 | .35 
Girls , same style, sizes 8 to 10* j 25 
Child 3 " " 4 to 7J | I.OO 

H2-474. Misses Choice Dongola Kid 
Ankle Strap Slipper, turned flexible 
soles, spring heel, sizes 11 to 2 1 ,25 
Girls , same style, sizes 8 to 10J I OO 
Child s " 4 to 7J_ .95 

H2-475. Misses Chocolate Colored 
F ine Kid Slipper, one strap and bow, 
turned flexible soles, spring heel, 

sizes 11 to 2 | ,35 

Girls , same style, sizes 8 to io. , j 15 
Child s " " 4 to 7> | .OO 

H2-476. Misses Gennine Dongola Kid 
Slipper, one strap, flexible soles, 
spring heel, patent tip, sizes 11 

to 2 | OO 

Girls , same style, sizesS to ICJi .85 

H2-477. Child s Chocolate Colored 
Kid Ankle Strap Slipper, turned 
flexible soles, spring heels, sizes 

3to7H 1 _ ,75 

Infants , same style, no heel, sizes 
2 to 5 _ .65 

H2-478. Misses Fine Dongola Kid 
Oxford Shoe, flexible soles, spring 
heel, patent tip, sizes 11 to ... (.35 

Girl* , same style, sizes 8 to 10J I.2O 

H2-479. Misses White CanvasOxford 

Shoe, medium weight soles, spring 

heel, sizes 11 to 2 I.OO 

Girls , same style, sizes Mo 1 u% .85 
H2-480. Small Boys Laced Boot, 
wiih hooks, made from extra good 
quality dongola kid, extension edge 
soles, spring heel, eiztsS tolOJ I.5O 
H2-48I. Small Boys Box Calfskin 
Laced Boot, with hooks, extension 
edge soles, spring heel, very servic 
able, sizes 8 to 10% 1,25 

Misses and Children s Lines 
that are not Illustrated. 

H2-482. Infant s Fine soft Kid Moc" 
easins in colors, white, chocolate. o r 
red, sizes 1 to 4 (no % sizes j 2O 

H2-483. Little Lady s Choice Black 
Kid Oxford Shoe with heel, flexible 
snVs, pinent tips, sizes I,l%and2 
only _ _" | 50 

H2-484. Little Ladies Fine K-:d Slip 
per, one strap a nd bow, turned flex 
ible soles, sizes 1, 1 and2 only |.5O 

H2-485. Misses White Kid Slipper, 
turned flexible soKs, spring heel 
sizes 1, 1% and 2. ._ | 05 

Girls , same style, sizes 8 1 .. toll j IK 
Chi .ds " 4 t6s.... :.OO 



When Eatonias go on 
trouble goes off 

Men s Boots 

No breaking in 
No breaking out 

H2-490. Men s best grade of fine pa 
tent coltskin, laced, dull calf top, 
Goodyear welted, extension edge 
soles, sizes 5 to 11, Diamond <^> 
quality 4.50 

H2-49I. " Patrol," men s best quality 
box calfskin, leather lined, extra 
heavy Goodyear welted soles, very 
wide fittmg, EE last, sizes 6 to 12 
. 4.00 

H2-492. " Lipton," men s extra fine 
vici kid, medium weight, Goodyear 
welted soles, a neat dressy boot, sizes 
6 to ll 3 .50 

H2-493. Men s Genuine Dongola Kid 
^goatskin), laced, (Joodyeur welted 
soles, extension ed^e, sixes 6 to 11 


Same style in box calfskin. 2.50 

H2-494. Men s Fine Dongola Kid, 
elastic sides, plai i toe. turned flex 
ible soles, suitable for light dnss 
wear, sizes5J4 to 11 ... 2.50 

H2-49B. " Walkeasy," men s dice 
cal iskin, laced extension edge soles, 
will give good wear, great value, 6 to 11_ 2.00 

Same style, elastic sides. 2.0O 

H2-496. " Walkeasy," genuine don- 
gola kid (goatskin), extension edge 
soles, nothing to equal this boot for 
comfort, will wear well, sizes 6 to 11 
2 .00 

H2-497. ;1 Solid Comfort, " made from 
soft dongola kid, plain toe, extra 
wide fitting, especially adapted for 
tender feet, laced or elastic sides, 

sizes 6 to 12._ 2.00 

No % sizes. 

H2-498. A good reliable boot for 
working men, mjide from heavy 
plump stock, with heavy solid 

leather soles, sizes 6 to 11 2.00 

No % sizes. 

H2-499. Men s Plain Buff Leather, 
laced, heavy nulled soles, for hani 
wear, sizes 6 to 1 1 1 .50 

No % sizes. 

H2-BOO. Men s, medium heavy, oil 
tanned buff leather, solid leather 
soles and heels, sizes 6 to ll_. 1.25 
No y z sizes. 

H2-501. Men s Heavy Chrime Kip, 
blucher cut, bellows tongue, heavy 
hemlock tanned soles, pegged, size s 
6 to 11 _ 2,00 

No % sizes. 

H2-502. Men s Plough Boot, heavy 
split cowhide, pegged soles, bellows 
tongue, will stand hard wear, sizes 

6 to 11 _ 1 .35 

No. % sizes. 

H2-503. Men s Harvest Boot, blucher 
style, solid leather, standard screw 

soles, sizes 6 to 11 .85 

No % sizes. 

H2-E04. Men s Dongola Kid, laced 
oxford shoe, extension edge soles, 
perfect fitting, sizes 6 to 11... 1.75 

H2-B05. Men s Fine Dongola Kid, 
laced oxford shoe, light turned flex 
ible soles, for dress wear, sizes 6 to 11 
- 1.50 

H2-506. Men s Romeo Slippers, made 
from fine dongola kid, elastic sides, 
light flexible soles, very popular, 

sizes 6 to 11 _ 1.50 

Same style, chocolate colored 1 .50 
No % sizes. 

H2-507. Men s Dongola Kid Slipper, 
Everett style, flexible soles, verv 

comfortable, sizes (i to 11 1 .25 

No % sizes. 

Lines Not Illustrated 

H2 508. Men s Long Boots, ir 
from oil grain calfskin, heavy 
ged soles, sizes 6 to n 3. 

H2-509. Men s Klondyke, he< 
chrome kip, high cut, hob na 
soles, sizes 6 to 11 . 3. 

H2-510. Men s Heavy Oil Gral 
Calfskin Laced Boot, solid lea 
soles and heels, sizes G to 11_. 1 , 

H2 511. Men s White Canvas Le- 
Boots, cool and comfortable, ex 
sion edge soles, sizes 6 to 10.. 

j 1.35 2.00 3. 

Low shoes 1.25 1.75 2. 

H2-512. Men s Tan Calfskin I* 
Boots, Goodyear welted soles, 

6 to 11 3. 

Low shoes 2. 

H2-513. Jn s Henvy Plain Leal 
Slippers for outside wear, sizes 


Boy s Boots, Rubbers and Sundries 




Z-616. Boy s, fine box calf.-kin, Good- 
I year welted extension soles, sizes 1 

I tob% 2.50 

Youth s, same style, 11 to 13% 2.00 
2-616. Boys , box calfskin, laced, ex 
tension edge soles, very serviceable, 

sizes! to 5% 1.75 

Youths , same style, 11 to 13% 1 .50 
K2-617. Boys heavy oil buff, solid 

leather soles, sizes 1 to 5 1.50 

i Youths , same style, 11 to 13 1 .25 
I 2-518. Boys finedongola kid, laced, 
, ex tension edge soles, sizes 1 too 1.50 
I Youths , same style, 11 to 13 1.25 
M2-619. Boys School Brot, heavy 
[ black buff leather, si/.es i to i 1.2O 
I Youths , sauie style, II u< I .t * .00 
. 2-520. Boys oil grain kip, heavy 
Boles for country wear, sizes 1 to 5 


Youths , same style, 11 to 13 1 .00 

12-621. Boys , dungola kid. Oxford, 

extension edgesoles, sizes Itob 1 .50 

Youths , same style, 11 to 13 1 .25 

Boys Boots, Men s and 
Women s Rubbers 

Lines not illustrated 

2-522. Boys extra fine dongola kid 

I laced boot, Goodyear welted soles. 

sizeslto5% 2.25 

Youths same style, sizes 11 to 13> 


.2-523. Boys chocolate colored kid 
laced boot, sizes 1 to 5 1.75 

Youths , same style, sizes 11 to 13 



H2-624. Men s pure gum, long rub 
ber boots, sizes 6 toll 3.50 

Boys same style, sizes 1 to 5 3 .0 

H2-525. Ladies , light city weight, 
long rubber boots, sizes 3 to 8. 2.25 
Misses , same style, sizes 1 ll21.85 
Childs 1 6tolOKI.65 

H2-526. Men s light plain rubbers, 

sizes 6 to 11 85 

Bins , samestyle, 1 to 5 65 

Youths , same style, 11 to 13.. .50 

H2-527. Ladies fine light weight 

rubbers, sizes 2^ to 8 60 

Misses , samestyle, springheel, 11 to 

2 : 40 

Childs , same style, sprihg heel, 4 
to 10% ." 35 

Sporting Shoes, Leggings 
and Sundries 

H2-528. Men s Tennis Boot, laced, 
blue canvas, rubber soles, sizes (i to 

11 1.00 

Boys , samestyle, sizesl to5.. .90 
Youths " " " 11 to 13 .85 
Ladies , " " 2% to 7 .90 

H2 528a. Men s blue canvas Lacrosse 
shoes, low cut, rubber soles 6 to 11 


Boys , samestyle, 1 to 5 65 

Youths 11 to 13 55 

Childs 6tolO SO 

H2 529. Men s Tan Riding Leggings, 
perfect fitting, (as cut) send mea 
surements around calf 2.25 

H2-530. Men s grain leather Logging, 
laced (as cut), send measurement 
around calf 1.25 

H2-531. Glycerole Oil Polish, apply 
with sponge on cork (us cut), per 
bottle 15 

H2 532. Genuine French PasteBlack- 
iug, apply with bruh, per tin .08 

H2-533. Bootlene French Gloss Liquid 
for all fine leathers, per bottle .1 

H2-534. Bootlene Paste Polish, apply 
and shine with a cloth, b.ack or tan 
large size .1 ; smaller 05 

H2 535. Polishing Mitten, new idea, 
when dirty rip off one layer, ea. .1 

H2-536. Ruby Wool SolfS, for bed- 
ruomslipiiers, (the best made) men s 

6 toll 35 

Ladies , M/es3 to 7 25 

MisHi- , sixes 11 to2 23 

Childs , siz.-s 6 to 10 .20 

Imants , sizes 1 to 5 18 

H2-537. Hemlock tanned sole leather 
lor half soling boots. Men s first 
quality, sixes C to 11, per pair. .25 

Second quality, per pair 18 

Ladies first quality, 3 to 7 .12 

" second " " 10 

H2-538. Men s Leather Heel Lifts, 

per pair 10 

Ladies, same as above, pair .. .04 


H2-539. Our Special 
Rubber Heels, ladies or mens , per 

pair 26 

State size of bo. >t worn.. 
Put on for 15c pair extra. 

H2-540. Stick to it. Lather Cement 
for patching any leather.bottle .10 

H2-54J. Stick To It Rubber Cement 
\vill repairany kind of rubber goods 

H2-B42. Nickel-plated Shoe Horni 

H2-543. Steel Heel Plates, per doz. 

H2-544. Corticine Cork Innersoles, 
per pair .08 

H2-545. Neverbreak Boot Laces, fine 
mohair with linen cord running 
through, 36 and 45 in. long, 2 pr. .05 

H2-546. Genuine white whaleLeath- 
er Lace, 36 inches lung, p^r pr. .1 Q 

H2-547. Best quality Cordovan horse 
hide lace, per pair OS 

H2 548. Good qua ity Ei iek Mohair 
Laces, ladies or meus , . oz... .05 

H2-549. Oxford Shoe Laces, flat, 30 
lie lies long, 2 paii 05 

H2-550. Oxford Shoe Luces, fine mo 
hair, 1 inch wide, 30 in. Iong2pair 

H2-551. Pure silk Oxford Shoe Laces, 
1 inch wide, 30 inches long, tassels 
on eud, black or tan, per pair .20 



We mean good quality and low 
prices when we say we give you 
good value. 

Dress Fabrics and Silks 

Immense purchases lor can 
enable us to sell best goox 
remarkably low. 

DRESS materials for Spring and Summer season 1906 are wide in choice and of many really handsome fabric: 
Prevailing styles show preference for the medium and light weight textiles manufactured in delightfull 
pretty weaves of plain and fancy effects. The pre-eminently historic fancy gown for high-class function; 
weddings or receptions will be fashioned from fascinating silk and wool Crepe de Chines, Eolienne! 
Glorias, Voiles and Henriettas woven in original and the pastel shades in endless variety of cole 

The versatility of the worthy shirt waist suit has created an unprecedented demand for fabrics ir.. ueepic 
with this style garment such as Brilliantines, Sicilians, Cord de Chines, Redfern Cords 
Wool Panamas and Serges expressed in fetching tone shadings of all popular colorings- 

Broadcloths, Venetians, Coverts, Tweed Effects and Admiralty Serge are the choi< 

for smart tailored Suits or Coats. 

Cream dress fabrics are featured as a highly prevailing style for this season. 

This will undoubtedly be a successful season for Silks. Anticipations are well prepared for by extensr 
importations from the world s silk centres France, Switzerland and Japan of Fancy Combinatio i 
Tartans and Plaids, Chiffon Taffetas, Louisines, Pailettes, Tamolines, Sapho; 
Fancy Blousings, Japanese Wash Silks. 

Wash Fabrics in Novelty Linen, Batiste Organdie, Swiss and White Musli 
Effects are gaining favour by leaps and bounds for tl.e Summer Shirt Waist Suit, Dress or Blouse. Nothii 
in this particular has been overlooked in our selection for your approval. 

Fancy Colored Summer Dress Fabrics 

Fancy Dress Novelties 

Klk and Wool Eolionne. light weight, brilliant 
glistening coid weave, new shad, s for spring 
and summer dress costumes or blouses, 43 inch, 
yard - .75 

Silk and Wool Eolienne, soft silky weave, rich 
glowing shades in favorite and all fashionable 
tints, superior qualities, fascinating sheen, in 
vogue for fniicy wedding or evening gowns, 
44 inch, yard 1.0O 1.25 

Fancy Eolienne, semi-sh^er, lustrous sheen, 
elegant novelty fabric, in pretty stylish luxur 
ious colorings with fancy interwoven self color, 
dot, star and spot effects, VI inch, yard .75 

Silk and Wool Sublime or Gloria, ligit weight, 
bright pllsten nat Instrrus finish, pood washing 
material all popular colorin^s.for street or even 
ing fcowns or shirt waiots, 42 inch, yard... .75 

Silk and Wool Crepe de Chine, bright rich crepy 
weave, soft subdued effect, bandaome draping 
fabric, every popular and leading shade, light 
to medium and dark, for street or special func 
tion powns, 42 in. yard 75 

Superior qual it y, 45 iii. yard_ 1.00 

Fancy Wool Crepe de Paris, all wool material in 
l>e;iutiful new spiin^ colorings embroidered 
with pretty silk, self colored de-ign, 42 in., yard 

1 lain Wool Crepe de Chine, leadingBtyUah shades, 
soft weave, drapes, shirrs and p aits well, dressy 
for street or evenings, 42 in, yurd 5O 

Fancy Silk and Wool Crepe deCMne.softclinging 
dress fabric, love-ly rirli shapings, make charm 
ing costumes or shirt wai>ts, srnaM neat silk 
embroidered design, 45 in. yard 1.00 

French Voile, nil wool ien sheer mo Mum can 
vas me>h, favorite material for dress * or skirts, 
makes up beautifully over colors, leading new 
spring shadings, 45 in. yard 50 

Colored Silk Crepe de Chine, lightweight, fluffy 
silky weave, delicate, dainty shadings, delight 
ful material lor wedding gowns, 44 in. yard 
\ .25 

Fancy Silk and Wool Novelty, soft shim"-erine 
weave, small star and openwork coiuspotin 
self colors, exquisite shading, for shirt waists 
or costumes, is in. yard 1.25 

Also open work stripe and embroidered leaf effect 
yard _ 1.75 

Si-k rhiffon Voile, fine sheer material, open soft 
weave, dainty, stylish, leading coloring, 4-) in. 
yard _ 1.00 

Fancy Costume Lengths, sheer and semi-sheer 
silk and wool novelties, French manufacture, 
exclu-ive designs and colorings, high-class, dis 
tinguished materials, beautiful embroidered 
and other fancy effects in latest weaves, per 

costume length 10.00 to 25.00 

(We do not sample costume lengths) 

Cream and Light Colored Wool 

Colored Nun s Veilings, soft pure wool, light 
weight, rressy, good w shers, leading light 
colorings including cream, make pretty dresses 

or blouses. 39 in. yard .25 41 in .35 

Creani only, 44 in. yard. 50 

Colored Cashmeres, all wool, fast dye, : oft finish, 
light colorings including cream, for dresses or 
blouses, 38 in. .25 42 in. yard.. .35 

Colored Henrietta, French manufacture and dye, 
light shadings including cream, veleur finish, 

dressy, fashionable, 44 in. yard .50 

Cream only. 44 in. yard 75 

Colored Briili ntine Lusties, bright sheen, fine 
even weave, light shades, including cream, 
washing material, plaits beautifully, makes 
stylish shirt waist suits or blouses, 42 iu_. .35 

Cream Brilliantine Lustre, splendid washing 
fabric, popular for shirt waists or dresses rich 
shimmering finish, 42-inch .25 .35 44-inch 
.50 48-iuuh yard 75 1.OO 

Cream Sicilian, medium coarse weave, something 
similar to lustre, good weight, rich brilliant 
finish, make chic shirt waist suits or blouses. 
42 in. yard _ 50 .75 

Cream Poplin, all wool, cross cord, silk finish, 
medium weight, smart for dresses or waists, 42 
inch, yard _ _ .50 

Cream Cashmere Serge, fine smooth twill, splen 
did washer, wears well, all pure wool, 44-inch, 
yard __ .50 

Cream Coating Serge, all wool, medium tw 
washes nicely, good wearing, for dresses 
skirts, 42-inch, yard .35 43-inch .K 

Cream Coating Serge, good weight for suits, ski 
or coats, medium twill, 46-inch, yard .75 
inch 1.( i 

Cream Camphei.. Twill Serge, coarse wale, 
wool, strong, firm, wiry, 40-inch, yard .35 
inch ..... . . .H 

Cream Estamine Se-ge, rough finish, all we . 
wears well, 42-inch, yard .35 44-inch .(8 

Cream Bedford Cords, heavy raised cord, all W 
washing materials for infants cloaks, ladi 
dresses or shirt waists, 40-inch, yard ,5O 
inch.75 48-inch .W 

Cream Venetian Cloth, plin smooth finish, s 
pure wool, for coats or suits, 46 inch, yard \, t \ 

Cream Fancies, for blouses or dresses, all w i 
with silk figured novelty effects,40-inch yd. ,Jj 
4: inch .75 cord effects with embroidered 
signs 44-inch ,fV 

Fancy French Delaines superior light weif I 

washing fabrics, new colorings for sprii 

latest fancy effects, make charming street 

evening gowns or shirt waists, 29-inch ya 

.35 . 

Plain Colored Dress Materials, 
Light and Medium Weights 

Colored Lustres, bright finish, fast colors, end! \ 
wear.sheds thedust.popularfordresses, blous ! 
shirt waist suits and underskirts, easy to plfl I 
navy, grey and red only, 42 inch, yard , f 
staple, colorings 42-inch M 

Colored Mohair Brilliantines, superior sil ky fini: 
fine even weave, glistening shimmer, dust resj < 
ing, stylish in effect, make handsome stn i 
or business costumes, waists or skirts, greatly I 
vogue, staple colorings, 44-inch yard .50 
inch B ^ 

Navy and brown only, 48 inch, yard \ .C >l 

Colored Siculian, heavier weave similar t : 
coarser than brilliantine, rich gloss, wears li i 
iron, smart, stylish for skirts or shirt wa i 
suits, navy, brown, grey 42-inch, yard >| 



irt-d French Poplin, fine cross cord, silk 
lish, handsome dress material, very dressy, all 
ool, leading shades for spring and summer, 
inch, yard 50 

>red Cord de Chine, all wool, corded effect, 
ean weaving, durable, stylish, leading shades, 
r shirt waist suits or dresses, 43-inch, yd. .75 
>red Cord de Chine, medium weight, silk finish, 
iple shades for spring, make smart street cos- 
mes, excellent wearing fabric, 42-in., yd. .50 
ired Redfern, line corkscrew cord, soft silk 
lish, pure wool, best dye, exceptional wearing 
ate-ial, pretty colorings, favorite shirt waist 
iting, 46-inch, yard._ _ _ 1.00 

>red Wool Satin Cloth, fine twill, smooth 
h satin finished dress fabrics, popular, 
K>d wearing, dressy, leading shades, 42-in., 

ired Nun s Veilings, light weight, soft 
ool, fast dyes, red, navy, brown, yard, 
-inch 25 41-inch, .35 

ired Wool Albatross, soft finish, medium 
- vlit ilnss h::,;\e tor summer gowns, navy 
id red only, 44-inch 50 

>red Cashmere Serge, fine even smooth 
ill, good washing fabric, makes beautiful 
esses or children s gowns, staple colorings, 
-inch, yard ._ 50 

ired Wool Cashmere, French manufacture 
d d; e, all wool, soft finish, leading color- 
gs, 38-inch_._ 25 42-inch, yard_ .35 

red Wool Henrietta, veleur finish, pure 

3rino wool fast dyes, popular for dresses 

blouses, leading shades, 44-inch, yard 

ired French Henrietta, fine rich silk finish 
perior dye and quality, red, navy, brown 
reen, 44-inch, yard 75 

red Wool Taffeta, smooth, soft close 
ave, won t tear easy, dressy, drapes nice- 
suitable fabric for street costumes, 46- 
;h, yard._ ,75 

ilored Serges and Cravenettes 

red Coating Serge, medium soft twill, 
re wool, fast dye, superior for children s 
r, red, navy, brown, gieen and black, 40- 

-h .35 42 inch, yard. _. 50 

red Estamine Serge, all wool, rough finish, 
ccllcnt wearing material, best dye, navy 
d black only, 42-inch .35 44-inch, yard 

red Campbell Twill Serge, coarse wale, 
looth wiry weave, strong, durable, navy 
d black only, 40-inch .35 45-inch, per 

"5 _ 50 

red Suiting Serge, medium twill, smooth 
lish, ck-an wearing, all wool, navy and black 

ly, 50-inch, yard _ QQ 

red Coating Dress Serge, suiting weights, 
ide of fine soft Botany Wool, superior 
e navy and black only, 46-inch .7554-inch 
tru quality, yard _ ^ _QQ 

red Wool Cheviots, mill finish, fine soft wool, 
ike smart and serviceable tailored suits or 
liking skirts, black and navy only, 52-inch, 

rd - -1.00 1.25 1.50 

liralty Serge, rough finish, all wool, good 
iting weights, the vogue for tailored gowns and black only, 54-inch, yard 
1.00 1.25 

Dress Cheviot, fine soft finished cloth, makes 
beautiful tailored suit, navy and black only, 52 
inch, yard i.QO 1.25 1.50 

Wool Cravenette, fine cashmere twill, shower 
proof, navy and black, 60-inch, yard 1.00 
1 .25 Black only J .50 

Colored Cravenette, two toned, shower-proof, firm 
strong weave, grey in Oxford and Cambridge, 
bronze, myrtle, fawn, 60-inch . 1 .25 

Oxford Grey Cravenette, extra heavy lor men s 
raincoats, showerproof, 60-inch, yard 2.50 

Broadcloths and Venetians 

Colored Broadcloth, medium weights, all pure 
wool, first quality dye, soft rich silk finish, new 
spring colorings in popular shades, favorite tail 
ored gown fabric, 52-inch, per pard_. 1 .00 

Colored Chiffon Broadcloth, fine Saxony wool, 
soft rich pile, light weight for spring and sum 
mer costumes, new and leading shades, the 
vogue for tailored suits and skirts, 52-inch, per 
yard i ,25 

Colored Venetian Cloth, elegant all wool suiting, 
stylish and attractive material, smooth soft 
finish, will not wear rough, leading colorings, 
smart for tailored gowns, 52-inch, per yd. 1 .00 

Colored Venetian, all wool, soft finish, medium 
weight, velour faced cloth, good variety of 
pretty colorings, nice for shirt waist or tailored 
gowns, 44-inch, per yard .50 

Plain and Mixed Colored Tailored 

Scotch Tweeds, fashionable grey shading, 
stripes, over checks, and plain mixtures, go.l 
suiting weight-, sturdy materials, great wearers. 
54-inch, per yard.. 85 1.00 1.25 

Imported English Tweeds, handsome mix 
tures in .wo tones of grey, black, brown, 
green, summer shadings, exquisite dress 
suitings, popular, stylish broken check 
effects, 54-inch, yd -1.00 

Fancy Tweed, small plain and broken over- 
checks, light colors lor spring and summer 
gowns, chick materials for street costumes, 
45-inch, per yard ,75 

Fancy Summer Tweeds, light color mixtures, 
neat, smart, dressy fabrics, handsome for 
shirt waist suits, beautiful wearing, 44-inch, 
per yd _gQ 

English Panama Suitings, fine canvas weave, 
worsted eflect, plain colorings for spring 
and summer, much in vogue for shirt waist 
or tailored suits, soft pure wool, 48-inch, yd. 

Colored Cheviots, all pure wool, soft finish, 
good weight, excellent to wear, colors light 
navy, dark navy, brown, green, red, 54-inch. 

y fl i .00 

Covert Coatings, handsome popular cord 
effects, in fawn tones for coats, suits or 
skirts, for spring or summer wear, " Our 
special," 56-inch, per yard i .25 

Covert Coatings, fawn tones for coats or suits, 
56-inch, per yard_ 1.50 2.OO 

Fancy Costume Lengths, new and exclusive 
fancy tweed worsted effects, handsome 
novelties in subdued stripes and checks, 
distinguished looking materials, make 
stunning street or travelling gowns, cos 
tume length 13. SO to 20.OO 

Fancy Tweed Costume Lengths, variety of 
latest fabrics in pretty mixed colorings for 
spring and summer ; exclusive, fashionable, 
imported from world s style centres, per 
costume length 10.00 to 2O.OO 

( \Ve do not wimple costume lengths) 

Plaids, Tartans, and Shepherd s 

Fancy Plaids, assorted colorings for children s 
dresses or blouses, pretty and stylish effects 
36-inch 25 39-inch, per yd 35 

Scotch Tartans, all pure wool, assorted clans, soft 

finish, fine weave, 40-inch, per yd.... 50 

Superior qualities, 46-inch, per yd.. .75 

Shepherd s Checks, black and white, assorted 

sized checks, 40-inch, per yd 25 .35 

42-inch, per yard 50 

Shepherd s Checks, good weights, all wool, assort 
ed checks, 14-inch j>er yard .75 

46-inch, per yard _ _ | QO 



We have always th* newest 
patterns and cloths. 

Black Dress Goods 

Samples sent on request. 

Eoliennes, Crepe tie Chines, Voiles 
and Glorias Grenadiennes 

Black Crepe de Chine, all wool erepy weave, good 
black, light weight sumrui-r material, make 
pretty mourning costumes, 42- in., yd, .50 .75 
44-inch, heavier quality, per yard 1.00 

Black French Silk and Wool Crepe de Chine, soft 
finished, rich f-ilky weave, crepe cfleet, pure 
black, handsome fabric for street or evening cos 
tumes, 45-in... 1.0O 1.25 1.50 1.75 2.CO 

Black Silk Crepe de Chine light zephyr weight, 
rich Uack, dull finish, makes beautiful shirt 
waists or dresses, 44-inch, per yard 1.25 

Black Silk Crepe de Chine, light fluffy, rich bright 
weave, superior dye, 44-inch, yd._ 1,75 2.OO 

Black Fancy Crepe de Paris, light weight, silk 
and wool with small fancy effect, attractive 
dress or blouse material, handsome black, 45- 
inch, per yurd - 1 .00 

Black Silk and Wool Eolienne, soft corded effect 1 
semi-sheer with lustrous sheen, superior dyi-i 
charmin, fuorie for fancy street or evening 
gowns or skirts, 44-inch, yd... .75 1.00 1.25 

Black Fancy Eolienne, rich brilliant weave, soft 
Bilk and wool effect with fancy d Mgu, 4J in< h, 
per yard .75 48-inch, yd_ 1.25 1.50 1.75 

Black Silk and Wool Gloria, light weight, soft 
wvave. rich brilliant finish, handsome fabric 
for blouses or dresses, good black, 42-iu_... .75 
47-inch, per yard 1 .00 

Black Wool Voile, open sheer canvas weave, good 
black, all wool, makes over colors with stylish 

effect, 46-inch, per yard - 50 

Finer quality and mesh, 45-in., yd .75 

Black Wool Voile, superior dye, fine crisp weave, 
popular for fancy costumes or separate skirts, 
41-inch, per yard 1.00 1.25 

Black Chiffon Voile, eitra fine weave, soft finish, 
dressy, beautiful black, 44-inch, per yd_. 1.00 

Black Wool Etamine. coarse open weave, rich 
Mack for shirt waist suits or skirts. 44-inch, per 
yard .75 1.00 

Black Grenadieunes, fancy, light weight fabrics, 
assorted designs, for street or evening costumes, 
42-inch, per yard 1 .00 1 .25 1 .50 

Panamas, Venetians, Broadcloths, 
Cheviots and Vicunas 

Black Panama Canvas, fine weave, soft pure wool 
excellent wearing fabric, dull fin th, medium 

weight, superior dye, 46 inch .75 48 inch, 

yard 1.00 

Black Wool Venetian Cloth, smooth finished 
fabric, will not wear rough, rich black, pretty 
for Khirt waist, or tailored suits, 44 inch... .50 
47 inch, yard 75 

Black Venetian Suiting, superior dyes, richveleur 
tin sh makes dressy street costumes, 52 inch, 
yard . . ,1 -00 

Black Broadcloth Suiting, good weights, hand" 
some blacks, popular for suits or skirts, 52 inch 
yard _ 1 .00 1.25 

Black Broadcloth, superior, weight and quality, 
perfect dye, richpile,52in.,yard...1 .50 2.00 

Black Chiffon Broadcloth, leading fabric in vogue 
for tailored gowns, soft medium weight, elegant 
black, veleur finish, 52 inch, yard_1 .25 1 .50 

Vicuna Cheviot, soft dull finished cloth for tail 
ored suits, good dye, 52-inch, yard 1 .25 1 .50 

Black Wool Cheviot, good suiting weight, rough 
finish pure wool, wear guaranteed, 52 inch, 
yard _ 85 1.00 1.25 

Wool and Silk and Wool Henriettas 
Nun s Veilings, Satin Cloth, Crepes 

Black Wool Cashmere, all wool, fast dye soft 

finish, 38 inch .25 

Blue or jet, 42 inch. . .35 

Black French Henrietta, rich silk finish, best dye, 
popular mourning fabrics, blue or jet black, 
44 inch, yard .50 .751.00 

Black Cashmere Serge, fine even clean weave, 
twilled on both sides, superior wearing cloth, 
light weight, 44 inch, yard. .50 


Black Silk Wrap Henriettas, rich blacks, lovely 
silky finish, stylish mourning fabric, 42 inch 
1 .00 -I& inch. ..1 .25 46 iuch...1 .50 2.0O 

Black Satin Cloth, bright, all wool material, splen 
did wearing, stylish, 42 inch... .50 44 inch 
75 48 inch 1.00 

Black Venetian Crepe Cloth for mourning gowns, 
good black, 44 inch, yard... 75 

Black Nun s Veilings, soft, all wool, light weight, 
summer material, 89 inch... .25 41 inch ,35 

Black Wool Albatross, nice mourning materi i 
wool, soft dull finish, 44 inch _______ ......... ___ 

Black Silk Crepe, for trimming purposes, 2: 
...... 75 30 inch .......... 1.QO 1.25 I 

Wool Dress Cords and Brilliant) 

Black Wool Poplin or Bengaline, fine cross 
silk finish, excellent to wear.dressy, good b 
medium weight, 4 2 inch.... 5O 44inch_ 
46 inch, yard ......................... _ ....... __________ | 

Black Redfern Cord, fine diagonal twill 
effect, smooth silky fin sh, stylish, very du : 
handsome fabric, medium weight, for 
waist suite, or skirts, 44 inch ............... _ 

46 inch, yard ............................................... I 

Black Mohair Cord deChene.bright glossy v 
firm and strong, gives excellent service 
appearing, beautiful black, 42 inch_ ..... ... 

44 inch, yard __________ ..................... 75 | 

Black Armure Cords, medium weights, su 
blacks, popular suiting fa brie, smooth silk. 
44 inch, yard ...... _ ..... _ ..... _ ........ ....... 75 \ 

Black Lustre, fine glossy finish, good wearii 
dresses or underskirts, 42 inch _____ .25 

Black Mohair Brilliantine, rich glace finis 
dye, dust resisting, favorite materials foi 
waist suits, 42 inch. ....... 50 46 inch ____ 

48 inch, yard ..... ____________ .75 i 

Black Mohair Sicilian, coarse brilliantfinish 
weight, strong wearing, popular for shirt 
suits aud skirts, 42 inch, yard., __ .50 

Low Priced Dress Materials 
Moreen Skirtings 

Fancy Dress Fabrics, range of prettv colorii: : 
spring and summer dresses, variety of r 
effects, light weights, strong durable w 
40-inch, per yard ........................ _ .............. _. 

Fancy Dress Tweeds, new designs and col- 
in good assortment, stylish, wear well, foi 
waist suits, etc., 42-inch, per yard.. ..... _____ 

Fancy Tweeds, good spring and summer 
ings, popular for street, business or i 
dresses, 42-inch, per yard _____________________ 

Colored Panama Suitings, firm, i 
weave, clean wearing, serviceable, st 
variety of leading colorings, 42-inch, 

yard ...................................................... 

Colored Panama Canvas, fine evenlnesh, al 
favorite cloth for stylish shirt waist su 
dresses, wears like iron, leading plain cole 
42-inch, per yard _____________________________________ 

Black Moreen Skirting, mohair watered e 
bright finish, for underskirts, good dye, 38 
per yard ____ ........... ___ ........... .35 

Black Moriette Skirting, fine soft finish, Wf 
effect, 38-iuch, per yard ..._ ...................... _ 

39-iiich, per yard ............... _ _______ .75 | 

Colored Moriette Skirting, rich shading; 
weave, in brown, myrtle, navy and crea 
inch, per yard ____________________________ 

Velveteens and Silk Velvets 

Colored Velveteens, all leading colorings, X 

Colored Velveteens, all popular and le 
shades, superior qualities, 24-inch, .50 

Colored Silk Velvets, pretty colorings in ass 
tones of all leading shadings, 18-inch, 

Black Velveteen, fast black, 22-inch, 2f 
inch ____ ....... ___ _ _____________ . .................... _. 

Black Velveteen, superior quality, 24-inch, 
....................... ______ ........ ........... 50 .65 

Black Silk Velvet, elegant, rich finish, If 
SO .65 .75 1.00 Superior qualitie: 
........................................ ---- ......... 1.25 

We havt an up-to-date dress 
making department. 



Black Silks 

. ick Taffeta Silk, bright rustling finish, all silk 

fast edge, popular waist or lining material "0 

iell, vani g~ 

ick Taffeta Silkrpure"sTlk7n"igh"quaTitv dve 
ivorite dress or shirt waist fabric, 22 inch! 

.ck Chiffon Tafleta Silk, soft oil finf^ rTcfi 
lack handsome fabric for fancy dress or waist 

2 inch, yard _ 1 on , oc 

.ckPeaude Sole, full double-faced silk excel- 

>nt wearing material for dress costumes or 

lirt waists, 20 inch. 75 ac 

-ilk Imperial Luxor, high class double 

: dress silk, good weight, superior dye soft 

e* finish. 22 inch, yard i OO t ">**. 1 ;n 

* Silk Paillete, fine mat weaVeVh 1-5 

rilliant finish, exceedingly popular 

resssilk, 20 inch, yd. 7 

.inch. yd.. ._ ....... " i An 

ck Lonisine, soft dull finished i-ij" 
-shiouaWe dress material, beautiful 

lack, 20 inch 75 

.inch, yard " *85 

ck Surah Silk, fine Toft finished 
.edium twill 20 inch 50 

inch, yard _ 65 .75 

ck Satin Merveilleux, rich soft satin 

lish extra qualitytowearfordresscs 

t-, 20 inch..! 50 65 

iuehy: rd .75 1 00 

ck Tamoiine Silk, "soft "dull fini.-h 
rvi< able for linings or dresses, good 
jck, 21 inch yard_. . SO 

ek Gros Grain Silk, fine and medium 
>rd, rich mourning silk, for dresses 
waists. 20 inch_... .75 35 

linch. yard 1.00 1.25 

ck Silk Poplin, lich heavy corded 
ess silk, excellent to wear, 22 inch . 

ird..._ _ 1 00 1 25 

:k Faille Francais, tine soft finished 
irded dress silk, 20 inch.. 75 85 

inch, yard __ t .OO 

ck Royal Armure, rich crepe finish, 
cclusive mourning silk, 21 inch, yam 

_ __ < OO 1*25 

f k Crystal Cord", heavy corded weave, 
xxl dress silk, 20 inch, yard_._ 

Silks and Satins 

Plain Colored Silks and Satins 


Black Satins 

A Victoria Satin, rich brilliant 
lish, for linings, dresses or waists 23 

ch 50 

inch ,S5 75 85 

;k Victoria Satin, extra "heavy 
eight, superior quality and finish, 25 

ch. yard 1 QO 

k Imperial Satin Duchess, rich shk- 
icked satin, nice quality and weight 
ipular dress material, 23 inch, per 

id - 1.0O 1 25 

k 1 ;:pfrial Satin Duchess, superior 

lality, 23 inch, yard _ 1.50 

inch 2 00 

k Sapho Satin, light weight, satin 
ilshed dress silk, soft weave, dur- 
)le, stylish, 20 inch, yd... .75 1.QO 

icy Black Silks and Moires 

k Moire Velour, handsome watered 
eave effect, stylish dress or coat silk, 

1 inch, yard _ 75 Q5 

;k Moire Francais, ricli watered 
feet, firm weave, 20 inch, yard .75 

- in^ " H OO 1 25 

sk Fancy Chiffon Taffeta and Paillette, beauti- 
.1. rich, soft finished, silk effect", in handsome 

, un spots and fancy designs, for dresses or 
. 1 inch 7g 

c k Moire Renaissance, attractive and dig- 

I ngmshed dress or coat silk, 21 inch, yard 
~ - -- 1.00 1.25 

I Black and White Silks 

I ck and White Checked Taffeta Silks, assorted 
I "ft rich finish, stylish waist or dress materials 
I .inch, yard . _ gc 75 

t i;f n . d i Vhite Cftn ielinfaffeta,"nea t mn spot 
l| ad dot effects, pretty waist silks, 19 inch, 1.00 

Colored Taffeta, beautiful soft finish, popular ma 
terial for lining, drop skirts or dresses, new mid 
leading shades, 20-iu _ 50 

Colored Taffeta, rich brilliant finish, rustling 
quality, handsome colorings, superior dves 
2 l- in .- 75 

Colored Taffeta, oil finish, pure silk, elegant dross 
fabric, new colorings, 22 -inch 1 00 

Colored Paillette, fine mat weave, rich, soft lus- 
trous finish, the vogue for dresses or shirt waists, 
leading shadings, 20-inch 75 

Colored Louisene Silk, dull finish, soft weave, 
pretty colorings, popular dress or shirt waist 
silk, 21-inch. .75 

See special measurement form 
on anofher page. 

Novelty Waist Silks 

Colored Tamoiine. soft, dull finish, serviceable 
lining or dress silk, all leading shades. 2i-inoh, 
- 50 

Colored Merveilleux, soft silkv weave leading 
popular colorings, 21-inch. .65 

Colored Sapho Satin, light weight, beautiful soft 
finish pretty shadings. for dresses or blouses, 
21-inch 75 

Colored Satin, rich brilliant finish, new leading 
colorings, 24-inch .35 .50 

Colored Victoria Duchess Satin, bright soft finish, 
good serviceable weight, full range of shades. 
23-inih .85 Superior quality 1.25 

Colored Victoria Satin, special finish and quality 
all leading colorings, 21-inch _ 65 

Fancy Taffetas, Novelties in stripes, checks and 
figured combinations for blouses, etc., 21-inch, 
- 50 .75 1 .00 

Novel ty Blouse Silks, attractive, stylish material 3 
beautiful combination shadiugs, fancy fabrics 
for shirt waists, etc., 21-inch 1 ,QO 

Fancy Tartan Novelties, in Louisene s and Taf 
feta silks, elegant brilliant finish, luxurious 
coloring, exceedingly popular for shirt waists 
or dress costumes, 19-inch, SO Superior qual 
ities, 20-inch _ _75 

Fancy Cannelle Taffeta, navy with pretty white 
dot and spot effects, popular blouse materials, 
20-inch _ 1 .OO 

Japanese Wash Silks 

Colored Japanese Wash Silk, good range 
of leading shades, 20-inch .20 

Colored Japanese Habuuii, evening 
shades, 23-inch. _ 25 

Colored Japanese Habutai, rich fin ish, 
fine quality, excellent range of color, 
23-inch .35 

Colored Japanese Habutai, good weight, 
pure silk, leading shades. 27-inch .45 

Colored Tamoiine Silk, fancy stripes and 
checks, pretty colorings for blouses or 
dresses, 20-inch_ .35 .50 

JapaneseWash Silks in Cream. 
Ivory, White and Black 

Japanese Silks, eream, ivory, white, 
black, 20-inch 2O 

Japanese Habutai, suitable for fancy 
work, cream, ivory, white, black, 20- 
inch 25 

Japanese Habutai, Taffeta finish, super 
ior quality, cfeam, ivory, black and 
white. 23-inch . .35 

Japanese Habutai, fine weave, rich fin 
ish, waist or dress silk, cream, ivory 
white, black, 27-inch .45 .65 

Japanese Habntai. extra heavy, natural 
and taffeta finish, superior wearing: 
quality, black, hory, white, 36-inch. 

Pongee Silk, natural, good washing , for 

suits or shirt waists 26-inch _. .50 

34-inch. _ ^,_ 175 

Plain Silk and Satin, Broches 
in Cream and White 

White Broches, beautiful, rich, soft 
finish, chiffon taffeta weave, novelty 
raised figure effects, dress or blouse 

materials, 20-inch 1.0O 

White Brocaded Satins, handsome fl oral 
and figure effects, rich, foil finish, 21- 

ine-h 1.25 

Plain Sapho Satin, white and cream, 
rich silky finish, dress or blouse fabric, 

2 -inch_ 75 1.QO 

Imperial Duchess t-iuiu, brilliant finish, 
eream white, ivory, 21-inch.. . 1 25 

22 inch.. 1.50 2.OO 

Victoria Satins, cream, white, ivory 24- 
inch, 35 .50 21-inch, .65 .75 
Extra heavy quality. 22-in. .85 1 .00 
Plain Paillette, soft, rich tinisli, mat 
weave, popular, stylish, cream an<i 

white -20-inch .75 

Plain Louisene, soft, medium, dull finish, shirt 
waistor dress silk, cre.m and white 20-inch 


Plain Satin Merveilleux, soft weave, brilliant 

finish, cream, white, 21-inch 65 

Plain Tamoliiie. dull finish, durable silk, for 
dresses, waists or linings, cream and white, 

20-inch .50 

Plain Silk Poplin, medium cord, rich finished, 

dress or blouse silk, cream, white, 21-inch .75 

Plain Ondine Corded Silk, rich, soft cord effect. 

good weight, cream, white. 20-inch .85 

Plain Taffeta Silk, bright finish for slip skirts or 

linings, cream and white. JO- inch 5O 

Plain Taffeta Silk, extra heavy quality, cream, 
white, for dresses, waists: or linings, 21-inch 
_ _ . 75, 




Summer Wash Fabrics 

ite Muslins 

White Victoria Lawn, even fine weave, no fill 
ing, dress or apron material, 45-inch, yard 

08 ,10 .12% .15 .20 

White India Linen Lawn, extra fine close weave, 
nice fai.rie for children s wear, 3ii-iuch, yard. 
15 .20 .25 .30 .35 .40 

White Irish Linen Lawn, very fine weave, used 
for fancy work or handkerchiefs, 36-inch, yard 
._.... 75 1.0O 1.25 

White Irish Linen Lawn, sheer quality, 19-inch 

yard 75 1.OO 1.25 

36-inch, yard 1.25 1.50 1.75 

While Scotch Nainsook, free from dressing, 36- 
inch, yard 12% .15 .20 .25 

White Embroidery Cambric, soft finish, for under- 
wear, 42-inch, yard.. .12% .15 .20 .25 

White H.iir Cord Muslin, fine close firm weave, 
material used for infants gowns, 36-inch, 
yard 12% .15 .20 

White Jaconet Muslin, for billing or under 
skirts. 30-inch, yard .12% .15 .20 

White Brilliant, neat designs for children s 
ear, 30-inch, yard _. .15 

White Diiuity, even we .ve, free from filling, 
assorted Mrtpcs, 28-inch, yard .12% .15 
30-inch, yard 2O .25 

White Swi-s Batiste, special for Indie- dre.-s -., 
4s -inch, yard . .30 .35 .40 .45 .50 

White Swiss Book Muslin, even \\vave. ;-io-ineii, 
yard .12% .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 

White Swiss Muslin, beautiful linnd worked 
material for ladies and children s gowns, 
30-inch, yard .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 
4O .50 

White Lappet Spot Muslin, 25-inch, yard .05 

ss-iix-li 1O .12% 36-inch _ .15 

45-inch _ _ 18 

White Fancy Cheeked Muslin, for aprons, 
small, medium and large checks, 27 in h, 
yard_ .08 2x-ineh 10 .12% 

1 < hite Fancy Striped Muslin, for aprons or 

dresses, 27-inch, yard .08 2s-ineh 

_ .10 .12% 

White Pique, suiting and shirt waist ma- 
terail, 2s-ineh, yard 15 .20 .25 .30 

White Mercerized Vesting), fancy figures and 
designs, popular shirt waist fabrics, 27-inch, 
yard 35 .50 

White Tarlatan, fa-inch yard 12% .15 

- 20 .25 .30 .35 .40 

Black Tarlatan, 52-inch, yardL_ 

.12% .15 .20 .25 
ardinal, sky, Nile, maizi 

Solored Tarlatan, can 
rose, 52-inch, yard.. 

.12% .15 

Hemmed and Tucked Nainsooks 
and Lawns 

White Nainsook, plain hemmed and tuckod, 

H6-inch, yard 25 

White Nainsook, hemmed and tucked, with 

one row of insertion, 86-inch, yard 

25 .30 .35 

White Nainsook, hemmed and tucked, with 

two rows of insertion, 36-inch, yard 

_ .40 .50 

Plain All-over Tucking, for yokes or waists, 

22-inch, yard .50 .75 1.0O 1.25 

White Lawn, plain hem aud cluster of tucks, 

StMncli, yard 15 ,2Q .25 

White Lawn, hemmed and tucked, \\ ith one 

row of insertion, 36-in., yard .25 .30 .35 
White Lawn, hemmed and tucked, with two 

rows of insertion. iUi-inch, yard .40 ,50 

Colored Muslins and Wash Novel 

Colored Muslin, fancy designs, new spring shades, 

good washing materials, 27-inch, yard 

_..._ 1O .12K .15 .20 

Swiss Muslin, white with black and black with 
white spots, pretty dress fabrics, 30-inch, yard 

: .35 .so 

Fancy Black Bwl88 Muslin, new designs, 30-inch, 

yard .". 35 .50 

French Organdie Muslin, fancy novelties for 
-K, :;o-inch, yard 25 .35 .45 

Silk Organdie, in black and white only, for re 
ception gowns, light weight, sheer and dressy, 
48-inch, yard .35 .50 .65 

Plain Colored Dimity, leading colorings for 
spring, washing fabrics, for dresses, 28-inch, 
yard 15 .20 

Fancy Cotton Grpnadiennes. stripe lace effect, 
black with white, wh te with Mack, and all 

black, stylish dress materials, 27-inch, yard 

__ 35 .50 

Plain Natural Linen Suiting, dress or blouse . 
fabric, much in vogue, Leautiful washers, 80- 
inch, yard _ 15 .20 .25 

Colored Linen Balling, firm, even, strong, good 
wearing and washing dress fabric, assorted new 
color:.!, -, two toned with small white fleck 
effect, popular shirt waist suiting, 27-inch, yard 
.12% 30-inch, yard 15 

Natural Linen Crush Suiting, coarse weave, good 

weight, washing fabric, 35-in., yard. .15 .20 
Linen Batiste, fine weave, light weight, natural, 

for shirt waist suits, 32-inch, yard 25 

Union Batiste, natural, fine even weave, 30-inch, 

yard _ 12% .15 

Colored Cotton Organdie, plain shadings, for 

dresses, blouses, etc., 66-inch, yard_ 4O 

Black Cotton Organdie, 66-inch, yard_ 

_ _ _ 25 .35 .45 

Bleached Dress Linen, stylish shirt suiting. 

superior washing materials, firm medium 

weave, 36-inch, yard... .15 .25 .35 .45 
Linen Voile, pretty dress suiting, sheer, fine, 

open, canvas weave, natural, white creal 
iiich, yard _ 

Mercerized, Panama, mat weave, plain C 
effect, for shirt waist suits, 28-iuch, yard. 

Prints, Ducks, Ginghams, Chamb 

Canadian Print, good washing fabric, ne" 
sius. in all fashionable coiorings, 24-in., .i( 

2^-inuh, yard _ 

English Print, fast dyes, siyiish colorings, J 

effects, 32-inch, yard 11 , 

Silked Checks, washing goods, small blacl 
white shepherd s check, 25-inch, yard_ .{ 
American Percale, assorted colorings and 
terns, for dresses or wi.i-ts, splendid tOM 

36-inch, yard 

Co ored Ginghams, strii es a..d chcci.s, po 
colo ings, .superior washing materials, 27- 
yard 10 12% 

Colored Scotch Chambray, plain colors, 
ing shades, good washers, 27-inch, yai 

_. _ 12% .15 

Colored Dress Duck, plain and fane; 

sorted designs, 27-inch, yard 

White Dress Duck, fine firm even weay < 

shirt waist suits, 28-inch, yard....,_ 

... - 12% .15 

Linings and Tailors Trimmin 

Colored Mercerized Dress Sateens, full 

of staple shades, 27-inch, yard... 

31-inch, yard .15 

Colored Mercerized Roman f-atin, le I 

shades, 38-inch, yard 

Colored Mercer. zed Ita lan for coat li i 

red, uavy t light and dark brown, faw 

ruse, slate, green, cream, while, blac i 

inch, yard,.. _ 

Black M r. erized Sateui, fast dyes. 27 

yard .12% 31-inch 15 

Black Italian, for linings, 54-inch, yard 
Black Italian Coat Lining, fast dye, 

54-inch, yard _ .50 .65 .75 

Twilled, yard 50 .75 

Colored Crown Percal ne W. ist Lining 

ingshndes, 36-imh, yard .12 

Colored Silesia Lining, St.. pie shades, 38 

yard _.... 

Extra quality for waists or skirts, S6 

yard _ 1 2% 

Colored Silesia Lining, brown, slate, 

black, 34-inch, yard 

Colored Camliric" Lining, assorted colo 

25-inch, yard 

Colored Spun Glass and Near Silk, all tht 

ing shades, 36 inch, yard.. 

Black Nubian Skirt and Waist Lininj 

dye, 86-Inch, yiird .12M 

Blrek. Nubian Percaline, fust dye. 3,~> 

yard .._ 

Black Linenette Lining, 44-in h, yard... 
Black Rever ible Waist Lining, fancy 

SH inch, yard _ 

Corset Jean, white and dove, 30-in., yi 


White Satin Jean, extra quality, 36 


Book Muslin, black and white, 30-iu, 

Grass Cloth, black, white, grey, 80-ln. 

Wisgan, black and white, 34-inch, yard 
Jean Pockc ting, drab and white, 34-in. 

Linen Holland, black and slate, 34-iu. 

Fancy S>cve and Vest Linings, a= i 

stripes, 88-inch, yard .12% .15 

Fancy Mohair Sleeve Lining, assorted si 

44-inch, y rd 

American Collar Stiffening, 25-inch, yard.. 
Military Collar Canvas, natural, 3t!-in. yd... 
French Canvas, black, white, natural, 2,~ 

yard _ 10. .1 2/< 

French Elastic CoatCanvs, for tailors v 

inch, yard 

French Hair Cloth, black, slate, white, If 

Hair Cloth, grey and black, 18-inch, yard_. 

Gray only, yard _ 

Turkey Red Cotton, plain and twilled, 2! 

ynrd 10 .12> 

Plain only, 31-inch, yard . 



;nt on request 

Mail Order Dressmaking 

Our Dressmaking Department 
will give you satisfaction 


fnoaj Costume, made from voile or 
(illustrated on page 103) 26 .OO 

A. Fancy Costume, made from Japanese ivash 
( Ik (UloBtrated ou page 103)_ 30.00 

B. Fancy Costume, made from crepe de chine 
reolienue.mateiUl 81.00 per yard (illustrated 
n page 104) 28 OO 

C. Fancy Costume, made from Redfern, Vene- 
an or Panama canvas, material $1.00 per yd. 
Ulusteted . n page 101) _ 25.0O 

D. Eton Suit, made from broadcloth or Ven- 
Uan, eoat silk lined, material Jl.oo a yard 
illustrated on page 102).... _ 21 50 

F4-D. Eton Suit, made from chiffon broadcloth, 
material $1.25 per yd. ; coat silk lined 23.50 

F4-E. Costume, made from Venetian cloth, 
broadcloth or Panama, material $1.00 per yard 
. 22.OO 

F4-F. Dress, made from Lansdowne crepe de 
chine or other lightweight material 75c per yd. 
- 2O.OO 

F4-G. Shirt WalstSuit, made from tweed, canvas 
cloth, Panama or Venetian, material 50c per yd. 

_. _ <g QQ 

F4-H. Shirt Waist Suit, made from tweed, Pana 
ma, redferu cord, serge or Venetian, material 
81.00 per yd 19.00 

F4-I. Suit, made from broadcloth, Venetian, 
tweed, cheviot, material 81.00 per yd_ 20.50 
Material $1/25. 22. SO 

F4-J. Suit, made from broadcloth, tweed or 

cheviot, material $1.00 per yd 21 .OO 

Material 81.25 _ _ _ 22. SO 

F4-K. Tailored Suit, made from covert, broad 
cloth, tweed, cheviot, material $1.25 per yd. 




F*r all Dressmaking nedl 
<e page 104. 

Lining Sets 


Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, etc., to order 


Make FIRST and SECOND choice of cloth and pin selections to order. We 
will always make from your first selection if in stock when order is received. 
Select the style desired, and send us a cut or describe fully just how you 
\vant the garment made. 

Examine and check your measurements carefully after taking, and make 
sure that all directions are correct. 

Take measurement for jackets and waists over any other garment that is 
to be worn underneath. Make no allowance for seams. 



1. All round neck ...... ...... ........ 

I to 2. From botton of collar to waist line. Not 

too long _ _ 

5. Bust measure, all round body, well up under 

the arms. Not too tight 

3 to 4. Across largest part of the bust 

6 to 6. Length of sleeve inside seam 

6. Around wrist 

6%. Around arm above elbow 

7 to 8. Under arm to waist line. Not too long 

8. Size of waist all round 

9 to 10. Length of back from collar to waist line. 
Not too long 

II to 12. Across back, - 

13. Hip meixsnre around body, six inches below 
waist line (t .iis measure not required for 


14 to 15. Length in front from bottom of skirt 
belt to desired length. _ 

16 to 17. Length on side from bottom of skirt 
belt to desired length.. 

18 to 19. Length in back from bottom of skirt 
belt to desired lengtb_... _._.... 

8. Size of waist_ 

0. Give age....... ............ 

Be sure to have these measurements 
accurate when ordering suits or skirts 

Please answer the following : 

1. What is your height ? _ 

2. Has the person any peculiarity of shape? 

3. Give age ( in order to make dress accordingly ) 

Always measure the person for whom garment 
in intended, 

Goods Required Costumes and Dresses 

Material 40 in. wide, 8 to 9 
Material 44 " 8 to 9 

Material 48 " 7 to 8 

Material 52 6 to 7% 

Material 54 " 6 to 7 

Silk 21 " 15 to 18 

Is., skirts 5% yds. 

4 " 
10 = 

Blouse waists, silk 5 to 6 yds. , henrietta, 2% yds. 

For Tailors trimmings and Lini i 
see page 104 

Time Required to Make after R 
ceiving Order 

Tailor-made costumes and dresses 2 we 

Separate skirts and waists 10 d < 

Suggestions to help you in Linin. 
and Trimming a Dress 

To make it easy for customers to buy linings I 
a dress, we quote two sets of linings and tr 
mings sufficient for one dress. When order 
give number of set and color required in lin: 
other trimmings will be sent to match. 

Lining Set No. I. 

If silk linings are desired the following quanti 
ties will be required : 

Silk linings for skirt, 21-inch silk. Ol yards 

Silk lining for jacket, 21-inch silk _4 yards 

When Samples are requested kindly stats as nearly as possible the colors, styles and qualities of 
materials required and for what purpose they are intended. 

5 yards double fold silesia lOc. (skirt) _______ 8C 

2 " best linen canvas 12^c. (skirt) ......... .. 

5M " velveteen binding, 4c, (skirt)- ............ 

1% " percaline or selesia waist lining, 15o. 

( waist) ................................. ____ .......... ____ 

1 set dress steels (waist) .................... .............. 

1 pair dress shields (waist) ................. .......... _ 

1 single belting (waist) ................... .............. 

1 " " (skirt) ...................... _ .............. 

1 card hooks and eyes ................................ ______ 

6 spools sewing silk... 

2 " silk twist 2c. ............... _ 

3 " sewing cotton .................... 

Linings for waist ___________ ...... _. ......... $0 95 

" " kirt ..... .. 1 16 


Lining Set No. 1. 

Linings required for tailor-made suits. 

ards silk-finished Italian, 38 inches wide 
25o. yard ; or 1 1 4 yards 54 in. wide, 50c. 
yard (jacket) ... 8 

1 yard soft tailor canvas (jacket) 

fi ,4 yards selisia or percaline, 12%c. (skirt)... 

2 " linen canvas, 12%e. (skirt)_. _ 

4 " velveteen, 7c 

6 spools sewing silk (jacket) 

3 " cotton (skirt) 

Belting for skirt . 

2 sheets wadding (jacket) 

2 twist 

Jacket _.. 


$1 20 

1 34 



If jacket is to be tight fitting, 3 yards of featl < 
bo::o will be required, at i:ca yard 30c extr i 
above suggestion. 

The foregoing lines are excellent average qi i 
ity. Finer goods at slightly higher rates car 
furnished if desired. 

Best quality of haircloth instead of canvas 
above suggestion for skirts, 25c extra. 





Embroidery, Silks and Cottons, Cushion 

Cords, Girdles, Etc. 

Belding s Art Silks 

Belding s File and Royal, also 
ck and white Dresden, comes put 

in new patent holders which 
kes it more convenient than it 

ilk comes in all colors. 

len comes plain and shaded. 

( Plain shades. 

comes < Autumn ! af shaded. 
(.India shaded. 

sd comes all colors, 
comes all colors. 

skein... .04 per dozen.. .45 
on Lace Silk comes in white, 

am and black, per skein ,O3 

dozen 3O 

mia Crochet Silk, on spools, per 

ol_ .07 3 for. .20 

Wash Silks, 25 yards on spool, 

h .10 

ess Crochet Wash Silk, K oz. 
ol, each 25 

ng s Crochet Wash Silk, y oz. 
ols, each. .45 

tirse Twist, % oz. spool .50 

ng s Needlework Book, each .1 

ticelli B. & A. Art Silks 

erd & Armstrong or CorticelH 
:s, Filo and Roman wash embroi- 
y silks, al 1 colors, put up in patent 

ders, skein__ .05 doz 50 

ton Lace Silk, white or black, in 
ent holders, skein .04. <3oz .48 
ed Embroidery Silks, different 

>ra, skein .04 doz 48 

itmellick Silk, white only in 
i-nt holders, sizes F, FF, G, H. 

in 05 doz _ .50 

eval Silk, white or black, skein 

dozen .50 

Silk, white or black, for but- 
edge, in patent holders, 
.05 doz 50 

Hi Crochet Silk, all colors, Ji-oz 
spool .25 

A. Crochet Silk, all colors, K-oz 
spoul_ 45 

:elli Needlework Book, ea. .15 
I Mending Silk in all colors, 
ted to that the threads draw out 
ly, eat h 25 

Embroidery Silk for crazy-work, 
dozen _ j 

Duchess" Embroidery 

Duchess" Embroidery Hoop. It 
a felt cushion on the inner hoop, 
85 and 6 in., set, .10 % doz, .55 

achet and Embroidery 

ing Cotton, white, celebrated M 
:.,Nos. 4 to 20, per ball 05 

Linen Floss in sizes to 00, 

in ._ .04 dozen 48 

mr s White Linen Floss, sizes 1, 

,4 star, dozen .20 

et Cotton, white only, Clark s 
ochor" brand, sizes 2 to 50, al- 
8 state sizes wanted, ball... .05 

dozen... 50 

l,nsta white Embroidery Cotton, 
embroidering letters on linen, in 
sa. li, c, (i, e, f, per skein... ;Q4 

dozt-n 45 

Tracing Cotton 

Tracing or Marking Cotton, colors red 
white, blue, pink, yellowand black 
red only in sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14 ; als. 
colors size 12 only, per dozen.. ,2C 

"Silcoton" Crochet Thread, the ( 
equal of any on them irket, plain i 
and variegated colors, guaran- < 
teedlOO-yard spools. NOTE THIS. < 
As most all other makes are put I 
up 75 yards to spool and sell flt < 
same price. Per spool 05 5 

Padding Cotton 

White Moravian Cotton, as used for 
padding raised embroidery work on 
linen, also initialing, sizes 7, 8, 9. 
per spool _. 05 

Macramme Cord 

Macramme Cord, for dinner mats 
black or white, per ball .12 

Gold Thread 

Japanese Gold Thread, as used for 
fancy work on cushions, etc., per 
bunch .05 .I2H =18 

Bolting Cloth 

Silk Bolting Cloth, as used for fancy 
work, 20 in. wide, per vard__ 1 .00 
40 in. wide, per yard...!... 2.OO 


Sheet Celluloid, in green, pink, white 
and blue, 20 in. wide, per inch .03 
per yard _. 1 ,OO 

Penelope Canvas 

Jsed for ottoman covers, slippers, 
wool work, fancy work, etc-, 27 in. 
wide per yard __. 20 



teel Bends for making purses, etc., 

size 7 to 10, per bunch 1 2 1 /. 

ilyer mid Gold, size 7 to 10. bunch .15 
Children s Piny Beads, in net bags, 

per bag .05 .07 

Bend Necklaces, assorted designs, 
special value. _ 10 

Embroidery Needles 

pecial, assorted sizes or Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, 
11, per package 05 

Pin Cushion Forms 

in Cushion Forms, in round, square, 
hcjrt shape, different sizes, ea .10 
)bloi.g, well made, 

Size 4x12 1Q Size 4x24 18 

" 4x15 12 " 4xi!7 .20 

" 4x1.1 .15 " 4xS6 25 

>eg shaped Pin Cushion, each 1 5 

rescent Shape and 4 in. square, each 

........................... - .VO 

Pom-Poms and Tassels 

>ure Silk Pom-Poms, good full size, all 
shade. 1 *, per doz .10 

ure Silk Tassels for fancy work, all 
shades, per. doz .15 

Tea Cosy Forms 

White cambric covered, well fille< 
size 17x24 in., Russian Down, ea...2i 
Mixed Down, .35 No. 1 Down, .51 

Special 5 O clock Tea Cosy Forms, siz 
,L., No, 1 down, each- .41 

Head Rest Forms, well filled wit 
Russian down, cambric covered, siz 
11x14 in_ 2O 

Cushion Cords 

Write for samples, stating as near as 
possible style and color wanted. 

henille Cord, as used for fancy work 
etc., in ail shades, per yard .05 

Mercerized" or Imitation Silk Cord 
in plain combination colors, gooc 
size and well covered, special, per 
yard _ 07 

Mercerized" Cushion Cord, plain an<! 
variegated colors, well covered am 
twisted, per yd 

silk Cushion Cord, medium size, plain 
and variegated colors, yd .1 5 

lilk Cushion Cord, in new twist, wel 
covered with extra quality of silk 
all colors, per yd 2 

Black or colored silk lacing or dress 

Cord, %-in., yard .02 or doz. 2C 

3,16-in. " .04 " . 40 

H-in- .06 .60 

ye Glass Cord, black only, yd._ .02 

dozen yards ." ._... .2C 

Cushion Girdles 

lercerized Cushion Girdles, 3 yards 
long with 2 lassels, good assortment 
of plain and combination colors, 
each 1 9 

fercerized Cushion Girdles, with tassel 
o.i ends, 3 yards long, ea _ .25 

ilk Girdles, with tassels for cushions 
to tie nt the corners-, the best plain 
and combination colors, each. .50 

ilk Girdles, same as above only better 
finished cord and tassels, each .75 

ilk Girdles, with tassels, for cushions, 
new make, being woven somewhat 
different from the nld style, each 

Bath Robe Girdles 

Heavy Cotton Bath Girdles, 2 yards 
long in white, red, pink, brown, 
grey, light blue, navy and black, 
with heavy tassel, each 35 

Heavy Woolen Bath Girdles, in white, 
red. pink, brown, grey, blue, navy 
and white, also black, with heavy 
tassel, 2 yards long, each_ 50 

Dresser Covers 

Fancy Muslin Dresser Covers or Scarfs, 
with fluted frill all around, and mat 
to match, plain white or colored de 
signs, these are lined with pink, blue 
or yellow cambiic, size 18x50,special 
value, each ,48 

Colored Muslin Dreser Covers or 
Scarfs s-ime as above, only not so 
fine, each _.... ... .39 

Plain White Dresner or Sideboard 
Covers, lace trimmed and made of 
very fine muslin, mat to match and 
lined in colors, eaoh..._ 59 

Japanese Silk Drapes 

Japanese Silk Mantel or Piano Drapes, 
with knotted silk fringe, embroider 
ed with gold thread, in assorted 
designs, the colors are olive.crimson, 
nile. pink, blue, gold and white, 
sizes 2:i x 90 inches, each 
- 1.50 1.75 2.0O 2.25 

Silk Piano or Mantel Drapes, with 
knotted fringe. Silk or gold embroi 
dery, in new designs in above colors, 
sizes 25 x 90 inches, each 
1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 

Extra Quality Japanese Silk Piano or 
Mantel Drapes, richly embroidered 
with silk and gold thread, size 24x90 
in. 1.88 27x95 in., each 2.19 

apanese Silk Drapes for Piano or 
Mantel, assorted colors, size 23 x 90 

in., special value at _ 1.65 

25 x 95 iu., special value at__ 1 .85 
Sxtra Fine Quality Japanese Silk 
Piano Drapes, with double knotted 
silk fringe, embroidered in new de 
signs with silk and gold thread, size 
27x99 in., ea. 2.48 27x103 in. 2.98 
Onr Best Quality of Silk Drapes, in 
assorted colors, heavy fringe, rich 
embroidery work with silk and gold, 
27xlOOin.,ea. 3.5027xl08in. 4 50 

Laundry Bags 

Laundry or Soiled Linen Bag of plain 
white material, finished with cord 
and tassel and stamped, size 19x29 
in. Our special price, each_ ,29 

jumdry Bag, with drawing string 
and fancy floral work on side, in 
white only, size 17x28 in,, each .15 

Laundry Bags, in assorted colors, fin 
ished with draw string, fancy ap 
plique work on side, each. 20 

lain White Laundry Bags, with pink 
or blue tops, cord and tassel, stamp 
ed, size 20 x 30, each .33 

Laundry Bags, in colored and plain 
white linen, with draw string and 
word "Linen" and design embroi 
dered on side, size 18x28, each .35 

jaundry or Soiled Linen Bags.finished 
with cord and tassel art ticking 
material, assorted colors, the word 
" Laundry " on side. This is a ser 
viceable bag, size 19x31. Our special 
price, each ... .59 

Rug Patterns 

3A35. Stamped Rug and Mat Pat 
terns, on hessian, in assorted de 
signs to be worked with coarse yarns 
and rags 

Door Mat, 18x32 inch . |g 

Rug Patterns, 28x45 ii:ch .25 

" " 32x63 " 

" 36x72 " 

Shoe Pockets 

3A36. Hanging Brush and Comb 
Bags, colored material, each_ (2} 
3A37. Hanging Shoe Pockets, of 
brown duck, with red binding, 2 

pockets |2 j 

4 pocket 2O 6 pockrts_ .3O 

3A38. Storking B g, on fawn duck 

ready for oui.ining. each .29 

IA39. Slipper Patterns on Pene 
lope Canvas, floral designs, ready 
embroidered, filling in stitch all 
that is necessary for completing, at 


it at....... of 


,,*T. EATON 






G3-B9. Crescent Pin Cushion, ribbon 

ti3 Bi Baby Basket, silk lining, colors 
blue and pink, each 2.75 

G3-B2. Curling Tong Holder, embroi 
dered linen, see cut. each.. 85 

G3-B3. Tie or Handkerchief Sachet, 
Bilk pad. with point-de-esprit net top 
and frill. each..._ _ 1 %5 

G3 B4. Tie, Glove or Handkerchief 
Sachet, silk pad, floral designs on 
linen, each 1.5O 

G3-B5. Linen Photo Frame, florai de 
signs, mounted with glass and brass 
corners single opening, each 1.75 

G3-B6. Oblong Pin Cushion. 12 inch, 
embroidered top, each 1 ,OO 

G3-B7. Batter.berg Lace Tea Cosy, each 

G3-B8. Art Sateen Tea COST, silk puff- 
iiigg.ea 1 .00 

G3-B8A. Same in pretty designs of art 
silk, each__ 1 .75 

and lace trimming, each_ , 

G3-B10. Embroidered Whisk Hol< 

colored art ticking, see cut, each 

1 .25 

63 811. Ballet Pin Cushion, ribbon 
and lace frill, see cut, each... 1.25 

G3-B12. Maple Leaf Whisk Holder, 
tinted t<ip, see cut, each 75 

G3-B13. Pipe Rack, suitably embroid 
ered on tan ticKing, red ribbon trim 

ming, each.. 
G3-B14. Oblong 

. .75 

Hin Cushions, em- 

1 \j UMUUlia, tJ-u 

broidcred liifen too, ribbon and laci 

frill. 18 in ............... 2.50 2*. 3.26 

G3 B15. Shaving Case, a daisy shave. 

as cut ........................................ 1 .00 

G3-B16. Towel Rings, assorted shades 

of ribbon, see cut, each ....... - .75 

. 5.00 

idered Doylies. 

G3 B18. Hand Embro: 

floral designs, 9 inch 60 

1-2 inch 1.00 

G3-B19. Round ShavingCase.embroid- 
ered linen, see cut, each 1.75 

63-820. Wire Photo Rack, ribbon 
trimming, single, each .30 .40 
double, each 50 .60 

G3-B21. Crochet Hair Receiver, pine 
apple design. silk lining, each .50 

G3-B22. Crochet Dinner Mats, set of 

esigns, eac 


Filler "quality.... . 2.OO 2.25 
G3-B23. Baby Carriage Covers, white 
silK padded, finished with ruffle 
and baby ribbon trimming, each. 

.. _ - 1.75 

floral IG3-B24. Embroidered Hat Bands, 2 
n " " " 3.0O or 3 initials, s.aui ribbon, each .75 

Embroidered Initials on Han. i 
chiefs per dozen letters, accoi 

:::r"i.5o 2 

Initials on Silk Handkercl 
Mulllers, etc., embroidered with i 
plain or floral designs, each 

Mounting Embroidered Pho toFrt 
with glass and brass corners, 6 


Double oiiening ] 

Three openings _ 1 

With gilt moulding, single 

Double opening 

Three openings t 

Special designs in Stamped J j 
Centre-pieces, size 18x18, each. 

Doylies, same designs as centre p 
size 12x12 4 for 


I3-A1. Coronation. 18x18, with 
2 ikeins Coronation cord, 2 
skeins peri lustre towork. 38 

G3-A2. Mountmellick, size 
IS x 18, with 10 skeins 
white silk to work, .53 

G3-A3. Dresden, size 18x18, 
with .0 skeins silk to 
work, complete 53 

G3-A4. Eyelet, size 18x18, with 
6 skeins peri lustre floss to 
work, complete .38 

G3-A5. American Beauty I 
size 18 x 18, with 17 sk 
silk to work, complete 



Stamped Linens and Battenberg Designs 

JP Embroidery Linen is 
nufactured especially for 

use, with round even 
;ad and soft finish- 

len ordering stamped linen state 
irly as possible design required. 

ii. Stamped Linen Centrepieces, 
al, fruit, mountmeilick, eyelet 
1 conventional designs, with but- 
hole edge 

.m. 18 inch _ 12 4 

.m. 20 inch, as cut_ 19 

im. 22 inch 25 

. Stamped Linen Doylies.designs 
ibove. Diameter 6 in., 2 for .OS 

ich, 3 for JO 

nch, as cut, 4 for_ .25 

i :. Stumped Linen Centrepiece, 
Roman embroidery, tig cut, 21 

,h ." 25 

i . Stamped Tea Cosy, eyelet and 
al des.gns, see cut- 
clock size, pair 15 

ge size, pair . I Q 

). Stumped Linen Photo Frames, 
al and scroll designs-- 

wni.ig, see cut IO 

>eniiigs._ .15 3 openings- .20 

Stamped Handkerchiefs, Tie. 

ve or Veil Sachets, buttonhole 

e, each 15 

I. Stamped Baby Bib, each ... 
IO -15 

i). Stamped Shaving Cnsis. 
nd or heart-shape floral designs. 
h_ JO 

ij. Stamped Linen Pieces, "lor 

k pin cases, needle and court 
ter cases, whisk holders, tong 
iers, pin balls, pen wipers, each.. 
.._ _ 05 

G3A19. Stamped White Linen Col 
lars, shape as cut, in eyelet scroll or 
tloral design, button hole edge O5 

G3A20. Stamped White Collar and 
Cutf sets, new deep cuff, as cut, but 
tonhole edge on collar and cuffs. 
eyelet or floral designs, set (o 

G3A21. Stamped White Linen Belts, 
eyelet designs, as cut only, each. 

G3A22. Stamped Coal ""collar and 
Culls, shawl collar, eyelet design 
only, set 25 

G3A23. StamiK- d Child s Eton Collar, 
eyelet design, as ( ut, each .|Q 

G3A24. Stamped White Linen Huts, 
button hole edge with eyelet design 
for crown and Tirim. each .30 35 

G3A25. Stamped Cotton Pillow Shams, 
new designs, size SfixSti. pair.. .25 

G3A2S. Baby s White Flannel Head 
Shawl, stamped, with buttonhole 
edge, with rounded corner for hood, 
floral designs, each .75 

Stamped Hemstitched 

Stamped with flora] or scroll designs. 
G3A27. Centrepieces, 20x20 inch. 

each 25 \Vuhdrawnwork .35 
G3A2B. Tray Covers, 17x27, each .25 

Withdrawn work 33 

G3A29. Tray Covers, 20x30, each 

G3A15. Stamped Linen Tops, for ob 
long pin cushions, small floral de 
signs, \vith and without buttonhole 
edite. see cnt. 12, 15 and 18 inch .10 

24 und 27 inch,. .|g 36 inch .20 

3A16. Stamped Pillow Tops on 
champagne linen, floral or conven 
tional designs, see cut, each _.. .25 

Stamped Blouse Lengths 

G3A17. Stamped Linen Blouse 
Lengths. 2 i yards, floral, scroll and 
eyelet desiufris, each 1.25 

G3A18. Stamped One-Piece Corset 
Covers, on fine cambric, eyelet de" 
signs, medium size only, each_..3O 

Withdrawn work 

G3A30. Scarfs, 17x36, each _ 

: Withdrawn work 

G3A31. Scarfs, 17x54, each 

i With drawn work.._ __ 

G3A32. Scarfs, 17x72, each 

With drawn work . 

G3A33. Table Covers, 36x36eacn 

I Withdrawn work 

[G3A34. Pillow Shams, 31x31. pr |.< 

j Withdrawn work, pair _ j.j 

i We do stumping to order. Prii 

on application. 


y are stamped on c lo ed linen- 
the braid is intended to be 
ed on, and each pattern can be 
many times. 
er Collars, each .............. O5 

Collars, each, ...................... O5 

Collar, Tai>saiid Culls to match. 

French Edging, in cream or white, per 

dozen yards .45 

In silk, bhtck or white, per dozi-n 
yards _ 75 

Duchess Braid, iu cream or white, per 

d zen yard-* .45 

In silk! black, dozen yards. . 75 
" white " 5O 

Arabian Braid, in white, cream and 
linen slmdes, per doz. yds. .20 .45 

Novelty or Antimacassar Braid, in white- 
Size und l 25 size i... .30 


Collars, each. .............. 15 ,2O 

es, each ......... .03 .05 .08 

i, each.. .......... .05 .1 O 

kerchieis, each .................... .( O 

epieces, ea._ .IO .15 .20 .21 
on Tops, ea. .|Q .15 .20 .2 
each ___ ............... ....... O8 .1 O 

nds. each .................... _ .05 .1 O 

3 Jackets, each _________ .20 .25 

uloths, each __ ....................... .1 5 

ins, each ....... ..................... .25 

i, each ............... _ .......... _... .25 

Covers, each.... .25 .30 .35 


ies are quoted by the dozen 
in Braid. 

iberg B.aid, white or cream, size 
In. iln/.. ,O9 or 3 doz. for... .25 

iberq BraiJ, Mack silk .................... 

.35 .50 .75 .95 
h Monitor! Bra d, in white, per 
yards ....... 4O .45 .50 .60 

i .75 .95 1.20 1.50 I.8OS 
ream, per u > /.. y irus 

.45 .50 .65 .95 I.2O 

tn F.-aid, in ilk, blacK or white, 

doz yards 75 

IB Insertion, in white, per dozen 

is 2O .25 .30 

> .45 .50 .65 .95 I.2O 
ream, p<-r dozen yards 

20 .25 .3(3 J.2O 

Edqing, white or cream. doz.yda 

.15 .20 .25 .35 .45 .50 
(iJnsertion, cream or white, per 

yards 45 

rower 35 Wider. .50 


Insertion, white, Size 1... 
teize2- 3O SizeS 


Des. Mat. CATTI. 

?G30231. Dress Set .20 .90 I.IO 

G30195. Stock Collar .05 .1 6 .21 

G302YO. Hnndk ch f .| O 33 ,43 

G30219. Tic End | Q .80 .O 

DPS. M:lt. Cr. 

G30211. Tea Cosy IO .24 .3 

G30224. Centrepiece. 

2O .77 .9 

630227. Hat Deflgu. .25 I 181.4 

Feather Edge Braid, white, size .20 
Sizel 25 Size 2 30 

Gordon Braid, white, sizes, 0, 1, 2. .( 

We do not break bunche-s. 

Vandyke and Rick Rack Braid, in white. 
Size land 2.. .05. Si .e 3. 4, 5, 6 .IO 
Same \\ ith Picot edge, size 1... O5 
Sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 1 O 

Star Braid, white, for braiding or trim 
ming .05 

Feather Stitch Braid, iu pink, blue 
navy, red, black, per buneh... .12 
Bett T quality, in while only, per 
bunch 25 

All white, bunch .IO .12 ^ .15 .20 

Battenberg Rings, white or cream, per 

i../ O3 

Better quality O5 

Linen Shade Rings, sizes 0, 1 and 2 per 
lozen O5 

Silk Rings, bl-ick, white or crenm, si>r* 
0, 1 and 2, per dozen.- .10 

Lace Thread, finest quality. white sixes. 
30,50 80. 80, 100, IM, 150, 1*0, 2m . 
300, 400, 500, 100, 800, 1000, 3500. 
cream, si-cs 30, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200. 

300, 500, 800, 1000, per ball 04 

or 3 for _ _ | O 


(See Cut) For 




Burning Outfits 

j in. frames as cut .25 

Ourspecial outfit is~one of the best com-i a"d oval frames 

pleteouuiis we have ever been able] F " c y shaped frames 

looser. This is the very best value 2 opening frame* _ 
we can get for the money. The point 
isthemniii thingaboucanoutfit. We 
are giving a good point extra size 

bulb, best lamp, etc., in special de 
signed box. Our Special Outfit com 
plete (as cut)... _ 2.50 

Outnt.cneaper quality point. etc. 1 .59 

Outfit, witli extra good point, and all 

the regular parts, with asbestos, stain 

and gloss extra 4.25 

Platinum Points 

Platinum Points for burning wood, 

leather, etc 75 1.25 1.50 

2.OO. 2.50 3. OO 5.00 8.OO 
Also points for shading, etc. 2.00 

Bulbs _ _ 80 1.26 

Gloss, per bottle ..., 15 

Stain, in red. green, brown, yellow and 

blue, per bottle .1 

Absorbent, per box ._. ..__. .j 

Also round 



3 opening frames .85 

4 open ing frames 1.OO 

6 opening frames 1.50 


Plaques come in square, 

oval and 

round, very small plaques, 2 for .05 

Sizes given in for round plaques : 

6 inch _ 

8 inch... 
10 inch... 


12 inch 

15 inch 

18 inch .... 



j Sizes for oval plaques 3^x8 in._ .1 
7x9 or 5x11 in.__ 15 7x12 in_ .20 
12^x17)4 in. .40 15x21% in. .60 
Sizes for square plaques 7x9 or5xl 

7xl2or~7xl61n. .20 14 *2Hn .50 

10x15 inch 25 16x20 inch... .85 

! Special Plaques 

6x18 Dutch Boys or Girls 20 

Alcohol lamps, glass ,25| Large Plaque with border, Mouk de- 

All other odd articles aflow prices, signs, 21 inches... 

Photo Frames 
Small size frames .15 

size 7%x9 in. frames .20 size fix 1U 

G3-Y1 G3-Y2 


First Quarrel and Greatest Game and 
Long Journey, 18x25, oval plaques 

carved out 1.2E 

Eternal Question, 11>4x6, as cut .2C 
His Valentine, carved, as cut... ,6 


Very small boxes __________ ........... 10 

Round Trinket Boxes ............ _ ..... 15 

Jewel Boxes, 4>x3>x.2K, as cut .20 

Handkerchief Boxes, 6%x5%x2XTaa 

cut .......................... --------------- .25 

.2 * 

Glove Box, Il%x4%x2%, as cut 
Handkerchief Box, 7x7x3% _______ 

Glove Box, H%x4^x3K 
Fancy Handkerchief or Glove... 
Collar and Cull Boxes ........ 50 . 

Dres-erBox, 31x5x3% ............. _ 1.75 

Card Boxes, book shape, as cut. ...... 

____________ ..................... - .25 .40 

Lace or Photo Box -------------- ..... 75 

Larger Box ............ _ ...... ------- ...... 85 

Box with tray .............. --------- 1.00 

Shirt Waist Boxes .............. 3.5O "P 

Stamp Boxes ........................ 25 .35 

Envelope and Stamp Box __ ....... 75 

Stools and Tabourette 

Small size stools with 3 legs, round, 
shield and shamrock shapes.. ..... 65 

Large size stool**, same shape ___ 
Small Tabourettes, 6 legs ----- 

Medium size ............. 

Larger size 

Foot Stools . 


.... 2.50 

; i .2= 


Pipe Racks., 35 .50 .7i 

G3-Y4 G 

Book Racks, as cut_ .40 .65 

Sta.ionery Racks 40 

Key Racks _ 

Baby Clothes Rack _ 

Tie Rack 

Tie or Towel Rack. 

Shelf _ 

H Hid Mirrors, bevel plate .75 
Wall Mirror, 10 inch diameter. 

Hair Brashes- 60 1 .00 

Nut Bowl .25 .35 .50 .75 

Tobacco Jars. 1 .00 

Smoii ing Sets. 

Waste Basket 65 1.CO 

Serving Trays, oval shape, 

handles 1.001.25 

Match Holders .15 .2 

Bread Boards.. 

Crumb Brush and Tray 

Brush and Comb Tray_ 2C 

Whisk Holders 

Clocks, grandfather style, as cu 

Thermometer- 4( 

Checker Boards 

Candlesticks ._ - .50 .75 

Leather Skins 

NOTE. We do not cut skins. 

for burning containing about 

each: these come in tan, 

green, red, grey, lighttnn, pe 


Each 23c 

G3-Y1. Roses 
G3-Y2. Sloppy Weather 
G3-Y3. Riibc iis 
CW-YJ. Sleep 
63- Yo. Bunnies 

G3-Y6. Rosebelle 
G3-Y7, Angelus 
<;:;-Ys. Gleaners. 
i,:;-Y: . Anlil Lung Syne | 
G3-Y10. Fireside Cats 


63- Y8 

63- Y9 



Q3-YH. Velvet Cushion 
Top, red, green, him* and 
goloUeMh .25 

G3-Y12 G3-Y13 

G3-Y12. "The Old Onlren G3-YH. Wreath of M^ple 

Bucket, "tinted pillow top. Uaven. tinted pillow top, 

t .[M li .35 each 25 


G3-Y14. Bast wHh ofl90. 

smi kpr* cushion a up. 
ready for UHO, t-ach. .59 


- * 


G3-V15. "Poppy" In hair O3-Y16. Wild Rose, tir 

tint.-d pillnw top. earh plllowtop each . 



Sewing Silk 

T Your choice of " Beldtng & 
a" or " Cortieelli Silk. 
k comes in A. B. C. D. E. 
e and colors in A. only, 
sure and send sample of goods to 

ards Machine Silk, in colors to 
ten all shinies of goods, per spool 

.- 05 per dozen spools. .50 

ards Machine Silk, in black only, 

spool._.1 Per doz. spools 1 .00 
spool Machine Silk, black only, 

spool .18 perdoz. spools 2.00 
or about 1,000 yoX Machine Silk, 
only, per spool 75 

e and color? letter D. only. Black 

U. E. F., per spooL. .02 

fd spool, Twist, all shades, per 

ol 02 

nd Braided yard twist, in fawns, 
T. greens, browns, greys and 
:k. per yard. _02 

Cotton Thread 

ard "Kerr s or "Coats" bes 
lity 6-cord cotton spools, in white 
a 10 to 200, in black from 100 to 70 

ire come in No. 40 only in "Kerr s" 

on, per spool .Q4 

doz. spools .45 

yard Hasting Cotton on spools, 

; te only, Nos. 36 and 40, per 

Ol _ _QQ 

? Coat s Best 6 cord Cotton, white 
, No. 40. Per Spool .40 

Spools, Shields, Featherbone 

" Onandc 
Mtidu t:>|>t_H 
Double Nai 
Size _ 
(See cut).1 
" Olympia, 
Covered s 
washable Size 


ff " Self-adjustable without sewing, 
tally for Summer Blouses and Waists 
nsook Covered (see cut). 

1 2 3 4 5 6 
B .20 .23 .25 .30 .40 

For Summer Wear, Double Nainsook 
nd Rubber Lined, all double-covered, 
123 4 56 
.15 .20 .23 .25 .30 .35 
.15 .20 .23 .30 
.23 .25 .30 

.20 .23 .25 .30 
.15 .20 .25 .30 
.10 .12H .15 

.20 .25 .30 

.15 .20 .25 
.12H .18 .20 .25 
.05 .10 .1234 


Silk Featherweight 

Crescent, for evening wear- 

Gem, double lined, one of the most reli 
" Gem " Single Covered 

"Namelpss," special value, double 
Black shield cover, d with Panne Silk 
guaranteed fast black 

The following come in Stockinette 
Williamson s 

Kleinert s 

Primrose _ 

Linen Thread 

Barbour 6 or Dunbar McMaster s best 
Linen Thread, 200 yards on spool, 
cream and white, Nos. 30 to 100, 
black and drab Nos. 30 to 70, per 
spool, 09 

100 yd. "Union Jack" Linen 
in cream, black or drab, No. 
2 spools for 

35 only, 

Linen Carpet Thread, Duubiir McMas 
ter s best linen in drab and bluck. 
per skein... .04 1 skeins for_ .25 


In boning waists or coats with feath- 
erbone it greatly adds to style and fit 
of costume. Jt requires from 2 to 3 
yards. Comes in black, white and 
drab only. 

Featherbone, cambric covered, in 
lengths of 3 yds, enough to bone a 
waist, per length 1 5 

Featherbone, twill cover, for waists, 
per yd O8 doz. yds_ 85 

Tape-Covered Waist Featherbone, p?r 
)d 10 doz. yds 1.0O 

Featherbone Cotton Ribbon, covered, 

for waists, per yd 12 

per dozen yds _"i .25 

Featherbone, washable, for waists, in 
white only, per yd 12K 

Featherbone, silk covered, for w aists, 
per yd 1 5 Doz. yds 1.75 

Silk Covered Featherbone, for collars, 
%-in., in white and black only, per 
yd .10 Poz. yds 1.00 

Featherbone Duplex Skirt or Collar 
Bone, black and white, Ji-in. wide 
yard , .05 

Cotton Collar Featherbone, %-in. wide, 
black and white, yd_. .05 

Dress Steels 

There are always 9 steels in set and 
they come in black, white and drab. 
Dress Steels, sateen covered, set. 05 
Peerless Dress Steels, sateen cove red, 

in 6, 7 and 8 inch, per doz, 1O 

per set Q9 

Crompton s Standard Dress Steels" all 

sizes, per doz 1 5 per set._ 1 2 

Finest Dress Steels, pure lustre-covered 
in black and white only, made for 
fine work, all sizes, per doz 15 

in Buttons are called Lines. In ordering Buttons 
refer to Button Gaugi ;ior size 


We have the most complete Button Department In 

Underwear Pearl Buttons 

C3-625. Four-hole and Fish-eye Pearl 

Buttons, in plain or fancy 
12-line, doz ., 
16-line, doz., 

.10 14-line,"doz., 12K 
.15 18-line, doz._ .2O 

Ball Pearl Buttons 

M. Ball Pearl Buttons, with or 

14 16 lines 
% .15 

- - -ins, all dress 

es, sizes 14, per doz 08 

I. Colored Pcnrl Button, "ball 
ed with pearl shanks 


out shank 

10 12 

z .10 .12K . 

.Ball Pearlette Button 


etal shanks, per-xioz. J.. 

Pearl Buttons 

Pearl Buttons, 

3. White 
Size 36 




Prices 60 .75 .85 1.00 

*. \\hite and Smoked Pearl 
ons, with four holes 
24 30 36 40 45 

.20 .30 .50 .75 1.00 doz. 


pecia Pearl Button 

59. \Vhi,te Bull Pearl Self- 
ank best French Pearl But- 
is, size 12 and 14 lines, for 
mming shirt waists, children s 
tsex, etc. 
ton s special price, 2 doz .15 

C3-626. White and Smoked Pearl But 
tons size 18 20 22 24 
.05 .08 .10 .10 
Pearl Vest Buttons 

C3-627. Gents Pearl Vest Buttons. 

with fasteners, perdoz 25 .50 

Underwear Buttons 

C3-628. The "Simplex" Bachelors 
Buttons, self-adjustable, easy to put 
on, won t come off, large and small 
sizes. 1-doz. in box, per box_ C_.E_ 

C3-629. Black Metal Pant Buttons 
large and small sizes, 3 doz. for OS 

C3-630. Corset or Tape Buttons, 2 and 
4 hole, 3 doz. for ., i Q 

03-631. Linen Underwear Buttons," in 
sets of assorted sizes, 1% dozen, per 
set QQ 

C3-632. Linen Underwear Buttons, in 
boxes, assorted sizes, /L do/en, very 
superior quality. 26 

ri.K-,1 L, nea Buttons In all risea 


Size 16, per doz. 
18 and 20, per doz"" 
22 and 24, perdoz "" 
" 26, per dozen 

" 28 and 20 ". """ " .". .06 

Fancy Trimmings 
C3-634. Cut Steel Buttons 

10 14 IS 22 30 86 45 
. .35 .40 .50 .75 1.00 1.50 2.50 
. -.. Pressed Steel Buttons.... 
Lines__ 10 12 14 IS 
10 .15 .20 .25 

" v > W>rWrW /-^^/^/^/^/vw^. 

Pearl Buttons 

C3-660. 2 hole Pearl Buttons, 
sizes 22 and 24 line, suitable for 
Children s clothes and Ladies 

Extra Value at 2 doz. for .16 

C3-636. Jet Buttons, small sizes, per 
doz ... O5 

C3-637. Better Quality jet Buttons, 

Small size 50 

Large sizes _ 1 .06 to 1 25 

C3-638. Fancy Metal Buttons, large 
size, assorted shades, and patterns, 
per dozen __ 30 to 1 6f 

C3 639. Fancy Metil Buttons, sma 
size, perdoz .10 to .50 

Brass Buttons 

C3-640. Ball, Gilt Trimming Buttons. 

perdoz 05 to .25 

C3-641. Anchor Buttons, for boys suiis, 

size 20 and 24 line, doz_. .10 

Silk Anchors, Stars and Bars 

C3-642. Woven S:ik Stars, each .05 

Anchors, each 05 

Bars, each 1 Q 

Beavers, each ]i Q 

Eagle s, each 1Q find J1 5 

Sets of 1 Double Anchor and 4 Star* 

set - 1 5 

Crochet Buttons 
C3 643. Crochet Buttons, b!. ;ok, large 

sizes, per do/ .50 to 1 QO 

J3-644. Crochet Buttons, small sizes 

C3-647. Coat, Overcoat 
and Vest, bone edge, 

24 30 


24 30 


25 30 35 


per doz 

,2O .25 .35 

Barrel Buttons 

13-645. Colored Barrel Buttons, per 
dozen 5^ 

Black Barrel Buttons, per dozen 

.20 to 1 .66 

Covered Buttons 
Men s Coat. Overcoat and Vest Button 5 

Sizes 24 30 3 6 
3-646. Coat, Overcoat 
and Vest in mohair or 
satin finish, per doz.. ,1Q .15 .20 

C3-661. Silk Covered Trimming) 
Buttons, small sizes, all colors to <[ 
suit all materials. 
Special value per doz. 2 doz .1 5 

and vest, fine check 

and basket pattern 

per dozen 

C3-649. Sdk Covered Buttons, small 

sizes, to match all materials, black, 

white and colors, 2 dozen for _ IS 
C3 650. Small Velvet Buttons for trim- 

ming, white, black and colors, per 

dozen r\o 


Bone and Horn Buttons 

C3-651. Bone Buttons, in black and 

colors, coat size, per doz 12% 

Vest size , " i Q 

C3-652. Bone B. ttons, iii black and 
colors, overcoat sizes. 36 40 and 45 
(line, per dozen.. 26 .25 .30 

. Cut Steel Buckles 

C3-653. Buckles in cut steel, small size 

C3-654. Small Presseii^steel Buckles 

for trimming collars, 2 f. r Q5 

Large size, each . _,. *05 

Button Moulds 

C3-655. Button Moulds, sizes 16, 20, 22 
24-line. 3 doz. for.. OS 

Sizes 36 to 40-line, 2 do/. for"."! QS 
Sizes 50 and 60-line, per doz , Q5 

Skirt Belting 

C3-656. Single Skirt Belt ng, in black, 

white or grey, per yard Q3 

Per dozen yard" 30 

C3-657. Double Skirt Belting in black 

white or grey, per yard .64 

Per dozen yards . .. *4O 

C3-658. Silk Skirt Belting In black\ 

white or grey, per yard _ .1 Q 

Per dozen yards 1*00 

C3-662. Small Brass Trimming < 

Buttons, bright and dull finish $ 

(newest for trimming purposes C 

Extra value 05* 5 




Hose Supporters, Elastics, Shoulder and Body Brace 


C3-B02. The New Foster Abdominal 
Hose SupporUT, which pushes back 
the entire abdomen, giving the 
wearer a correct standing position, 
tn black or white, %-inch lisle 

elastic 4O 

%-inch elustic _ .50 

colored frilled elastic 60 

extra heavy and wide elastic, per 

pair _ 1.00 125 

C3-503. Diana Hose Support, rs.shapt d 
pad. ills to figure, 4 straps, mercer. 

ized elastic, per pair. 35 .65 

Supporter. It sall 
in the clasp. No 
pins to tear the 
tinest stocking ; 
simply clasps tn 
both corset and 
stocking. Babks 
and Misses black 
or white, pr .20 

Maids and Ladie: 
black or white, 

pair _ .25 

Ladies Heavy \\^ 
we!, en i.c, all c lrs. per pair .40 
better quality silk.ali colors, pr .75 

C3-506 . Twin AnchorHos. 
Supporter, simple and 
easy to adjust, is divid 
ed into two parts and 
fastens on either side 
of corset clasp, assorted 
colors (see cut) per 
pair __ 25 

C3-507. Sew-on Hose 
Supporters, which arc 
stitched onto corset and 
require no adjusting, 
best lisle elastic web. 
assorted colors, pr_ .35 

Better quality .50 .75 

B i 

Lindsay Felt Finish Supporters 

13-508. (A)Babies, 

single strap, ot- 

ton, pair_ ,1 Z^A 
B) Babies double 

strap, cotton .15 

silk 30 

D) Misses double 

strap, cotton. 20 

silk 35 

|E) Ladies double 

strap, cotton .20 

silk 4.5 

;F) Ladies plain 

belt supporters. 

cotton.. 30 

C3 629. Elastic Web for Belting, 
made of colored silk, 1 inch, wide, 
yarn 25 l% in - black, yard .50 

C3-530. *ancy Frilled Garter Elastic, 
assorted colors, yd ,1O .15 .20 

C3-531. Fancy Frilled Elastic, in pure 
silk, neat designs and colors, pel- 
yard 25 .30 .40 

C3-532. Narrow Siik Elastic, in black 
or white, 6 cord, 2 yards for .05 8 
cord per yard .04 or 3 yards 10 
lOcord, or i 4 in. wide.peryd. O4 

C3 533. Round Silk Ela-tic, black 
and white, small, medium and large 
sizes, 3 yards for 05 


C 3-6 16. Silk 
covered round 
elastic arm 
bands, very 
easy to wear, 
assorted col 
ors, perpair_ 05 

C3-B17. Flat mercerized elastic arm 
bands, assorted plain colors, per 

pair .._ -- -10 - 5 

C3-B18. Fancy frilled elastic arm 

bands, per pair 2o 

Better quality, pure silk, assorted 

colors (see cut) -- -35 

C3-519 Ladies round frilled silk- 
finisbed elastic garters, assort c< 
colors 25 -35 



C3-520. Tom-ooy 

for children. 
It holds the 
clothing togeth 
er, also has but 
tons for trousers 
or drawers, 
(see cut). This 
is a waist, not a 
hose supporter, , 

can be worn with skirt, \\ai; 
blouse. When ordering state 
and waist measure of child. ( 

2, 4. 6, 8 and 10 years, each 

C3-B21. Sterling Skeleton W c 
somewhat the same style as at 
with hose supporters attached 



C3-400. Endorsed by leading 
men of tne me licul proi cs- 
siou fur special weakm fcsand 
disease of women, it is a 
natural uplifting support 
applied where it is needed. 
Write fur pamphlet giving 
full description, also direc 
tions for measurement. As 
they have to be made after 
order is received, it will take 
about ten days to fill order. 

Made in three qualities. special 
line at 6.00 

Better quality webbing and 
metal trimmings 7.50 

Fine silk webbing, (see cut) 
- 10.00 

C3-B22. English Military I 
strengthens and supports shonl 
back, sides, chest and stomach 
imparts to the wearer an appeal 
of case and grace. Ladies or Gt 

(see cut), per pair... . 

Better quality 

C3-60G The Hook-on Supporter beeps 
the corset from protruding in 
front, in black or white, pair.... .25 
Better quality, black, white and 

colors, pair.. _ 35 

Four straps, best IMe web, white 

and blae k , per pair 50 

With silk frilled elastic ends.assortrd 

(see cut) pair 50 

Satin pad and much heavier elastic 
assorted, per pair 75 

GH) Shoulder brace and hose sup 
porter combined. Lindsiy fastener. 
black or white, ladies 35c ; mines 
30c ; children s pair 25 

C3-509. The Flexo Supporter, black 
and white, best quality 1 sle elastic. 

Babies double stran. cotton 15 

Children s d nible strap, cotton .20 
La-lies double strap, cotton. .20 
3-510. The Rubber Tipped Hose Sup- 
po: ter, extra strong lisle web, double 
strap cotton, black and white, 
Bibles .10 Misses 12% 

C3-511. Side Garters, ladies fancy 
frilled el stie, silk faced, assorted 

colors, pair 

better quality 

;ilk elastic 

Pure sil 



3-625, Fancy Colored Garter Elastic, 
extra strong and durable, special. 

per yard -O5 

C3-526. French Cotton Garter Mastic. 
%in. wide, plain pattern, per yard. 

C3 527. Mercerized Cotton Garter 
Elastic, in black and white, extra 
strong web, %in. .05 % n - -07 

5-. "". -08 % " l er > " r<J 10 

C3-o28. Silk Garter Elastic, in bla k. 
white and colors, Hin. wide .1 
%in. \2% Ji - 15 %i- -20 


C3-512. Men s New York 
Elastic Garters, Lindsay 
cloth tipped clasp (see 
cut) assorted colors, cot 
ton, pair 20 

tilk, pair 30 

C3-513. The "Flexo Duke" 

Garter... 25 

Better quality, silk.. .45 

CS-B14. The Boston Garter, 
improved velvet grip, 
which prevents friction 
and will not tear, in 
New York plain mercerized elastic, 
assorted colors, pair_ .25 
Better quality, silk elastic. 
(see cut) per pair 4O 

C3-B1B. May per, 
the newest Cents 
Improved Carte-, 
see cut. per pair 

3-B23. Weal Shoulder Brae* 
newest in the market ; very 
but gives the required BU 
without being clumsy, (see 
Give chest measure when ordi 
In children s, ladies and : 
sizes, ranging from 24 to 42 i 
chest measure, all one price, p 

C8-524. Ladies- A-upporting 

mall, medium and large sizt 

pair _ 

C3-52B. Gents Supporting Sh. 
Brace, supports the back fro 
hip to the shoulder, sizes 
youths and men s. Give 
measure, per pair. 



ow 7 to 10 days to till 
Hair goods orders 
order Is received. 


Hair Goods Positively Not Exchanged 

Out Shades Grey, Auburn, 
Drab, White, comes extn 
according to shade. 


ose the style and number requir- 
iend a sample of the hair, NOT 
THE ENDS, but from the roois, 
to the scalp, as the ends of the 
as a rule are lighter than the 
hence a bang or switch would 
atch the roots if as light as the 

It Is preferable to have the 
ial hair always a shade darker, 
eta lighter with wear. 

Parisian Bang Switch, as cut, 
>rdin to color and length of 
6. 00 to 12.0O Parted with 
7 hair at sides 8 .00 to 1 2 OO 
. Trilbybangascut.madeofshort 
y hair, according to sue and 

ie- 2.50 to 5.00 

. Represents Ladies \Vig, light 
eight. This wig can be dressed 
i or low and made with gau/e or 
lace parting straight or curly 
-"--- 12.00 to 25.00 
. Wavd B ings, with short curly 

- 3.50 to 8. 00 

thascut 5.00to100O 

Darling Hair Pompadour, made 
6-inch natural wavy hair, and 
try light in weight, and the cor- 
thing for people who have thin 
. Takes place of a pad, mak.-s a 

effect pompadour 1 75 

shades extra 50 to 1 .QO 

Pompadour, made on pad, 
sed in full effect, as cut... 4.0O 

Side Parted Pompadour Bang, 
e on frame foundation, all veil 
ed, see cut_ 5.00 

lout parting 4iSO 

Transformation Pompadour, the 
thing for people who have thin, 

grey or dyed hair, is very light In 
weight and easily dressed, can be 
dressed alone or switch attached, as 
cut, straight hair, 1 Q.OO Natural 
wavy,l2.0O AilveiitiiatedlS.OQ 

OC3-10. Coiffure, dressed with 24-incr> 
wavy switch, as cut_ ....... 8 OO 

With 26-inch wavy hair_ ....... g| 

With ^H-inch wavy hair. 10" 

NOTE Snorter leugth eanTbe dre s^ 
similar to cut, price according to 
length and shade of hair 

OCS-11. Mar-uerite Puff, made of wavy 
hair, see cut ....... ---- rSOtolQO 

OC3-12. Pin Curls, as cut, each. 4O 
Grey .................. _ .................... _ gg 

OC3-13. Curls, made of natural hVir 
with loop or pin 1.25 Grey 1. 50 
Long Curl, easily attached to bac 




Grey,.. ."""T 75""i off 1 - 25 

OC3-15. Venus de Milo Wig is our latest 
production, all ventilated, full closed 
ladies wig, made of 24-inch wavy 
hair, hair lace parting and when 
dressed with coiffure, weight 3 ozs. 
and is as charmingly graceful in its 
simplicity as it is easy to adjust, as 

cut, 24-inch wavy hair 25 OO 

28-inch wavy hair _. 35 QQ 

OC3-16. Skeleton Bangs, soconstru cted 
that they do not heat the scalp this 
is important to those troubled with 
headaches, the weight being insig 
nificant, see cut of frame used in 
bang. Parting S1.00 additional. 

id. Width. Price, 
finches... 3 00 
inches... 4. 

Across Forehea< 

4 inches 2 

5 inches _. 2 

6 inches... 3 

7 inches 3 

10inches__. 3 

inches... 5 QC 
inches... 6 OC 
inches 7.QC 

Gives actual size of foundation and 
hair extends 1 inch beyond founda 
tion on all sides. 

OC3-17. Bonita Curlt. made of long 
wavy hair and short curl to take the 
place of pompadour, also can be 
worn with the hair parted, easile 
adjusted after one s hair is dressed 
and gives the most natural appear 
ance, set of 3 as shown in cut, 375 
2 for 2.50 a single curl for, 1 ^25 

NOTE When ordering Toupee or Wig 
follow carefully the instructions for 
measurements below. State when 
parting is required. Also send a 
sample when possible. 

OC3-18. Men s Wig, straight or curly 
"Biize parting ... 10.0Oto12 SO 
lair lace parting! 5. 00 to 25. OO 

We also make men s light weisht wig, 
made of very open net, which gives 
good ventilation to the head, in 
straight or curl hair, gauze parting 
30.00 Hair lace parting, 35. QO 

IX-d-ltf. Tuupee. with gauze parting 
according uj size and shade of hair 
9.00 to 10. 00 


OC3-20. Mabelle Centre Parted Pom 
padour effect, alMventilated.madeof 
natural wavy hair on frame founda 
tion and may be worn over your 
own hair and will give the hair a 
stylish appearance _______ ......... 5 QQ 

OC3-21. Ircna Pompadour, made of na 
tural wavy hair and a few short curls 
in front with comb attached to 
fasten pomp to the head, it makes a 
nice dressy pomp, and being natural 
wavy is always ready for immediate 
use ------------------- s>00 

Measurement Chart* 

Required for Both Ladies and Mer , 
Wigs. Fill in these Spaces 

No. 1 Ground the head ML 

No. 2 From the hair on fore 
head to the pole of neck 
No. 3 From ear to ear across 

the crown 

No. 4 From ear to eir"6ver~ 

top of head _ 1B 

No. 5 From temple to temple 
around back of head 

For Toupee Cnl 
piece of paper ex 
act size and snapeoJ 
aid spot, also mea- 
isure around the 
f/licad, and mark on 
paper where parting 
is wanted. Always 
send sample, and 
state whethei 
straight or wa v> 
hair is wanted. 
OC3-22. 16-in._ 2 25 18-in 3 OO 
20-in...4.00 22-in S OO 
24-in.... 6.0O 2fi-in.._ 7 50 

28-in _ 8. 50 

OC3-23. lfi-jn.... 1.25 18-in_ 1 75 
20-in... 2.25 22-in.._ 3>S 
21-in.... 4. SO 26-in_._60O 

28-in 7 50 

We also carry a line of switches supe 
rior quality of hair, as follows: 
OC3-24. 16-in... 2.25 18-in... 3 
20-in.... 4.QO 22-in... 
24-ir. 6.OO 26-in 


Hair Combs, Fasteners and Fancy Comb 

C3 596 

Side Combs 

C3-540. Side Combs, shell, amber, or 

black, curved top. pnir 05 

Heavier shell, straight or curved. 

pair 10 .15 .20 

Extra heavy top, straight or curved, 

(scecut). p-ur 25 .30 .SO 

Belter qun lily .. .65 .75 1 .QO 

C3-541. Side Combs, superior quality 
and finish, extra heavy, tortoi-e 
Bhell coloring, h avy top (see cull, 
pair _ 35 .50 

C3 542. Side Combswith white ston t 
settings, American made, stones will 
not easily fall out .35 .50 .75 
With b -st rhinc> tonesettings, Par 
isian designs, pnir ._ 

1.0O 1.25 1.50 1,75 2.0O 

C3-543. Side Comb, latest French style 
shaped to tit the head, shell only 
(see cut), pair _ _ 25 

C3-544. Side Combs with cut steel 

trimmings, small size, per pair 

75 1 .OO 

Lar?e curved.. 1 .SO 1.75 2.25 

C3-545. Side Combs, in black only, 
with beaded tr minings (see cut), 
pair _.. 35 .40 .50 

Special Side Comb. 

03-548. New Waved Top Side Combs, | 
heavy quality, highly polished,, 
extra smooth finish, in shell or 
amber, Eaton s Special, per pair, 
._ 25 

un jxnmesiune TCIUIJK iw-t 

- 1.25 1.50 

"ifrnsl.75 2.00 2.5O 
aiigorPuffComiis, \Mthbnl- 

C3-546. Real French Jet Side Combs, 

fiuicv designs, pa r 

.75 1.00 1.25 1.50 1.75 

C3 547. Real Tortoise Shell Side 
Combs, per pair 3. 50 5.00 6.00 

Puff or Back Combs 

C3-549. Chignon or Puff Combs, can 

be worn front or back (see cut) .15 

Heavier shell (see cut)... .20 .25 
C3-550 Puff Comb, heavy pl.iiri shell, 

curved top (see cut), each 

.25 .35 .50 .75 

C3-551 With Rhmestune setting (see 


Fancy des 
C3-552. Bangoi 

liant settings, shell or umber 

.75 1.00 

03-553. Puff Combs, in black only, 

with beaded trimmings .40 .50 
C3 554. Puff Combs, in real French jet, 

latest stvles (see cut), earn 

75 1.00 1.50 

C3-555. -New Century" Puff Com! . 

sh"ll only (see cut) 25 

C3-556.R : al Tortoise Shell Puff Combs 

... 4.00 5.OO 


A Puff Comb at Special 

iC3-557.NewestShapeof Puff Combs, i 
1 highly polished, smooth finish, i 
good fitting shell or amber,* 
Eaton s Special 1 9 J 

Pompadour Combs 

C3-558. Pompadour Combs. special line 
shell color only, each (see cut) .10 
In black, amber or sh< 11 15 

C3-559. Pompadour Combs, in shell, 
amber or black, large size .20 .25 
Better quality, extra heavy (see 
cut) 30 .35 .40 .50 

C3 560. Sanitary Puff Comb. It pro 
duces the pompadour effect without 
the use of a pud (s -f cut) 25 

C3-561. side Parted Pom pa dour Comb, 
soo cut), eacb._ 25 

; C3 562. Bostonia Pompa 
dour Combs, with 3 bars . a 
substitute for hnir rolls, the crimp 
on the eomb holds the hair in 
p nceand prevents parting, light 
und flexible, very comfortable, 
shell color only _ 22 

Fancy Pins 

C3-563. 2-prong Shell Pins, fancy top. 

- 25 .35 

1C3 564. 2-prong Shell Pins .SO 

03-865. Fancy Brilliant Hail Orna 
ments with movable tops, assorted 
designs 1 .25 1 .50 1 .75 

C3-566. Cut Steel Stick Pins, for the 
hair, inoveable tops, fancy designs 
(see cut) 1.OO 1 75 

03-567. Real Jet Stick Pins for the hair 
movable tops, assorted fancy de 
signs 1.50 2.00 

Hair Fasteners and Bii 

C3-568. Celluloid Braid Pins, 
designs (see cut)._ .05 

C3-569. Shell HuirCiasps, long i 
plain . 

C3-570. Shell Hair Clasps, the 
style for holding stray hairs 

back, long shape (see cut) 

15 .20 

03-571. Celluloid HairClaspsfoi 
iuti the hair (see cut) 

C3-572. Hindes Patent Hair 

Stray Lock Retainer 

C3-573. "Miss Simplinity" Hi 
tainer (see cut) for holding uj 
hairs, shell only, small size .... 
medium. 20 large 

C3-574. Evertidy Comb, thelat 
best for holding stray hnirsa 
ofhead. You put this com Ij in 
cntly from any other comi>. 
straighten comb. pi;t into hair 
up, thenletgoand thepointso 
come together so that it cln 
hair and cannot fall out (s 

small size._ _ 

Medium size ,2O Large siz 

C3-B75. Evertidy Comb, fancy 
used same as No. C3-574 (see c 
_ .25 

Comb Sets 

C3-B76. Real Horn Set, consist 
two side and back combs (se 
per set 

Estimates cheerfully given on House 
furnishing and Decorating. 


In case of error always state number 
of parcels received from Express or 
Railway Companies. 

lOTE-The following changes in prices of watches, received since Catalogue was issued. S I -6 I 5 P. S. Bart lei t should be 25c lesi 
In each case than quoted. S I -567 Should be S 1 .40 less in each case. S I -568 Should be S2.IO less in each case S I -598 
" Lady Waltham " should be S2. IP less in each case. Watches described on pages I 23, I 24 and 125. 

A PAlil 

bdominal supports. 15 
bsorbent cotton 15 
bsorbent bandies.. 15 
ccordions - 14 


" Botany glasses 131 


Children s clothing 35. 4 
" hats .... 74, 51,5 
" pinafores 6 
" underwear 58,6 
Chinaware . Itk 


Curtains 177 IS 


1 Family Bibles Ki 
y linens, etc li 
- Fashion books _ KS 
Fancy work. lu 
> Fasteners _ _ n 
, Feathers, etc. 7 


Hat wire 117 77 
s Hats, children s 51, 53 
Hat pins _ ii 

?! Boys and girls books 142 
" Boys Underwear 48 
Boys clothing 35. 4C 
* Bovs pants _ 40 
Braces. 43 112 
Braces ami bits Ins 

Currants. _ 17 
Cushions IS 
Cushion cord.. 10 
Cushion tops, forms.. 11 
Cutlery.. ._.. 133, 1*1, 13 


Damasks, cloths, towels 
napkins 11 

CCOUIH books 14 

cetylencgas fixtures 16 
ir pillows 15 

i Hats and caps 50. 51 & 52 
; Headache powders... 15* 
7 Head shawls 8 

Chintz . 18-1 

Ibums 150 Bracelets 127 

Cloaks, infants . .. 1" 
Clerical clothing . 3t 
Cloth, gents and lad 
ies _ 102. 10" 
Clippers.. _. I3-. 

Feather Boas 7 
Featherbone _ 11 
Feeders, invalids & 
infants 15 

j. Hearing tubes. _ 168 
Hearth rugs (see back 
cover 212 

llove r s ^5 81 

Brass and iron beds 
201 202 

gauzes 15 
s 56 Hi 
nkle supports _ 11." 

Brass rods, rings, 
chains hous. etc... 18t 
Brcnd knives 133 
Bridal flow er 7b 

Herbs, narks, roots 153 
High chairs 203 

, Felt cloths and pap 
ers 18 
Felt hats ~ 51 
Ferris waists 6, 
Field glasses IS 
Files u 
Files U ]4> 
Fir- incn s coats 3- 
Finger stalls Hit 
Fish _ _ _ 17; 
Fishing tackle 171 
Fishermen s clothing S-, 
nels 120, 12 
Flannelette 120. 1 Jl 
Flannel shirts _ _ 4;. 
Fluid extracts .... i:v_ 
Flour nr 
Flowers _ 20 .^ 
Floorcloths 1<K 
Food cutters .... 167 
Footba Is 170 

Clothing, men s. bovs 
: 28 4f 
Club, cabin bags 171 
Coffees, cocoas, cho 
colates ]74 
Collar retainer 117 
Coat hanger 117 
Collars, ladies N 
men s -1_ 
Collar buttons 121 
College caps 5_ 
.1 ^hirts 41 .. -17 
Colored linens 1111 
COIIIDS _ 115, 101 
Combination suits, 
Men s _ _ 49 

Darners 11 

Delineators is! 

Diapers ]i< 
Dickies 4; 
Dinner and tea set*... in. 
Doctors and lawyers 
- _... 171 
joods 100 10" 
Dress trimmings . 
Lirvs>;ng gown.-, men s IP 
Dressing sacques. 2" 
" gowns 2." 
Dress forms 6: 
Dressmaking jnr 
Dr. Chase s remedies 155 

Historical works 139 
Hinges 169 
Hollands 11 
Homeopathic Medi 
cines.. . 15J 

pron ginghams 121 Bridal veils 77 
tomi/ers - 157 H idles 172. 17b 

prons, ladle.- , child s 
... 57 
rm bands _ 112 
" elixirs. 19 s 
rtneeill.-wr.rk !( > 
....k IS9 
rtiticial frniis 7i 
flowers 72 
wning material 187 


abies oaps. 7f 
abv c-i rriages KSS 

in. potato... 121 

, i 1H7 

Bioa.icloth 101, 102 
Brooches 1-J6, 127, 128 
Brownie overalls 40 
Browmvare lti. r 
Bronze 197 
Burnt wood 110 
Brushes 1 
15S. 167 
Buckles __ 73 13t> 
Buckram 77 
Bunting, cheese cloth 121 
Bureaus - 01 
Burlaps. 196 

Honiton lace i braid 109 
Hoods 7J 
Hooks and eyes 118 
Horse clippers 132 
Horse medicines ...... 15 
Horse Nets 17S 
Hosiery 90 91 
Hospital sheeting. 119 
upporters 112 
Hose reels 167 
Hot water bottles 159 
HucktihaeK towel ling 119 
Howard s Quinine 
salts 151 

Initials 123 83 

Bustles, & bust forms 



Curtain materials 184 Drugs and medicines 
poles._ _ 187 - -- 151-164 
stretchers 187 Drag Sundries 157 
nets&muslin Ducks _ 187, 104 
183-184 Dusters _ _ j20 
Dusting caps. . 57 

Butchers linen _ 119 
Butterick patterns.... 189 
Butter.. __ 174 

Fountain pens 149 
Foliage 73 

Fri:ih,gsan<1 chiffons 85 
Fringes. Draperv 186 
Fruit 175 

Ece cream freezers 168 
InffBits underwear 
58. 59. 60, 61 

" cloak, sacques 17 
" outfits ... 59. 60 
" feeders ._ 158 
Infantees _ 89, 1 
[nha ; ers .. 158 

Buttons 111 

Button moulds 111 
Butter crocks 165 
Butchers knives... 
Butterdishes 129 
Butter knives 134 


Camp beds 201 
Cambrics 121 
Cake stands 129 
Cambric shirts 46, 47 
Cabinet ] 98 

arbers goods 132 
ts - 5! 
arometeis 15 . 
itseuirii caps 52 
foods 170 

Fruit sets, stands 131 
Funnels ; i,v. 
Furniture _ 198-205 
Furniture trimmings 186 
Furniture covering ._ 183 
Furs (see inside back 


Games _ . 188 

nk bottles* stands. 149 
Instructions for Shopper* 
by Mail (inside front 
nstrumental music.. 147 
nvitation cards 148 
nvalid s feeders 158 
Invalids Air Rings... 157 
ron bedsteads.. 201, 2M 
ronstone china 16* 


Jackets children s _ 11 
" misses 11 
Japanese matting 190 

Its 44 

,ips 159 
r; 115 

.. 167 

Cameras _ 163 
Candles _ 163 
Canes _ 87 
Call bells _ _. 133 
Canned goods.. 175 
Canton flannel 121 
Capes 3 

Garden tools 170 

Garden hose ! 168 
Garninires 79 
Garters . ir. 1 

ath mats and mitts 159 
attcries 163 

attenberg goods 109 
edroom suites 200 
edpans... 15S 
edsteads Mi 
ells 133 169 

Gents furnishings 41, 4:1 
Gelatine . 175 
Gimps. ... . if., 

Caps. 57, 77, 51, 52 

Communion wreaths 73 
Communion veils 77 
Complexion brushes. 160 
Concertinas.. 147 

Dyes IK 
Door panels 18(". 

Girdles, tossels 107 
Glasses . 13] 

Jellies and jams _ 176 
Jerseys. _ 44 

ends 107 

Card cases, purses 137 
Card engraving ,. 148 

elt supporters 115 

Drapes 107 
Drapery sundries, 186 
Drapery material 183 
Drawers, ladies ~ 56 
Drawers, children s. 58 
Dresses. 4, 5, 14, 18, 19 
Dress nets... 79 

Ear trumpets 158 

Glassware.. 166 
Gloves 88 & 89, 170 
Go-Carts 188 

Journals . 149 
Jugs _, 168 


Kalsomine 197 

Key rings and chains 117 
Kilt suits 36 
Kimonos 25 
Kitchen furniture 205 
Kitrhen sundries 206 
Knee warmers 49 
Knee pin its 40 
: electors 170 
Knitting and crochet 
c -ttons 107 
Knitting needles 11 
Knives 132, 134, 138 

elts, men^s 43 
elts, ladies 136 
elt buckles, isr, 
illheadsand blanks 148 
ladings and braid.. 116 
Jrthdav books _ 140 
tbles, hymns 138 
ibs _ 85 
(cycles and Bicycle 
mnrtries _ 170 
inding, carpet.. 1S6 

Carpenters tools 169 
Carpets 190, 195 

Cook books 138 
Cord tassels 185 
Corsets....; 63, 65 
Corset steels. 115 

Golf blouses 8 
Gold paints 197 
Gold rings 121 

Gowns, ladies 53 
Gowns, children s.... 5* 
Gruin bags ...._ 121 
Granitewarc 167 
Graphophones and 
supplies _ 147 

Carpet sweepers _ ISii 
Carpet binding 186 
Carpet warp 121 
Carpet squares 191 
Carving Seta. 133 
Carriages 188 
." (-tors 169J 

Corset covers _ 51. 55 
Cots _ 202 

Cottonades _ 121 
Cottons.. . 107 

Cotton batting _ 121 

Catheters 158 
Catholic prayer books 13* 

Cotton dress goods.... 10) 
Cotton ticking _ 121 
Cotton underwear... 53, 56 
Couch covers 183 
Couches, lounges 204 
Cough medicine 155 

Ebony goods 16e 

Efferveseents 1M 

Grev blankets 122 

iscuits _ 174 
Isculi jar 129, 165 
lnk loki 149 

Celluloid 107 

Eiderdown comforters 
Elastics 112 ]-;t; 

Groceries ...... 174-175-176 
Guitars. _. 146 
Gum & gum resins 152 
Gymnastic Suits 44 


Hairbrushes 160 
Hair goods us 

collars, cuffs 42 
Cement 159 
rvptrp piece* Ins 

Cradles 202 

Elastic stockings 

ioue- .- 20.23 
_. is.-. 
ou and ruffs. 78 
odvb- tand bands 112 
nltlnr cloth 107 

Cereals 175 
Chamois goods 159 
Chalk 117 

Crash towelling 118 
Cravenette waterproof 
coats and cloaks 13 

Elocution books 
Electric sundries....".!. 163 
Embroideries K4 


Chatelaine bags. 137 

ChandcSiers ,...,., 166 

Cravenette 101 

Crepe, . . .. 77, 102 

Emblematic pins 12s 
Engraving and embos 
sing r>3 n 

1 83 

ones and steels 111 
onnets children s 76,77 
ooki__ - 138, 14.5 
. 169 

Chairs 198, 204 

Cretonne* 1SS 

goons 170 
,aee curtains 177 181 
e..ats 11 

Chc.inn . 127 

Eyegoods l?i Hairpin . ir, 
Essences 151, 155 Hair preparations.... H,2 

Extracts.. l.V rTnTnTYirteU-s Iflti 

Cheese 174 

Crochet mat hooks 107, 11 6 
Crockery 165 

Cheese cloth, hunting 121 

OllCT" 1fi " 

Crn<|nptpt 18X 

Exercise books 149 

Hand bass, ladies .... 137 
Hanging lamps :. 166 
Hardware .....168 169 
Harnes-" _ 172 
Harness sundries . 173 
Hats (ladies ) . . 66-69 

._ 96 

Chenille curtains.. 183 
Chenille table covers 120 
Chet protectors.. 49 

Crumb cloths 120 

CnfT 4? 

Embroidery silks.cot- 
ton, linens, hoops 107 
Emery bags lid 
Knemasvringes 159 
Enamel patot 197 
Envelopes 148 

Ladies skirts 8, 9. 10 
Ladies underwear 54. 55 
56 62 

lot A hoe laces 117 
MM <Mi, bUckfcg 99 
Kucms, proUctor. 43 

rIMXM . 

Cuff holders 117 
Cuff links & fasteners 126 
Cupboards 206 
Cups and lancer*. . 165 

Chiffon, nets 77, 100 
Children s coats 40 
" dresses... . 18 

Ladies syringes _ 159 
Ladies wrappers 24 
Ladies collar* . 80 81 



Amps, electric and 
gas fixtvires 164 16i. 
Aiup wicks. 166 
Amp glasses, shades 
. 131, 161. 
jAp rugs 120 
Aundry Bags 107 

.Mrs. L otts irons Hi. 


Poles and trimming- IN> 
IV cs Fishing .. 170 

I AG 1- 
Shaving brushes and 
snap 161, 16S 

~tra\v (nils 5 
S mor bats r> . 

Undctu ear. children s 
and ladies 61 
Underwear, men s 
and bms 

Music. 145 HI! Ii7 

Policies 99 

Tompadour e o m bs, 

Shaving mugs _ lt>o 

Sugar I7t 
Suits, mens. 2s, ;;i 
Sn i t s. ladies and 
misses -1-1- 
Suitings _ KH-104 

Muslins. .... 100 104 
Muslin dre>ses _. 11 


Nail polishers- K 
Nail brushes - 101 
Napkin rings.... 129, 133 
Napkins, table 118 
Natural hair 113 
Nainsooks 104, 121 

pads .. 115 
Potash sails 153 
Portieres 182 

Sheets, hemmed 119 

Upholstery gin ids 
1X3 184 1 
Urinals 1 

jftundry soaps _ !&: 
jawn mowers _ It 1 "; 
Awns 1(H 

Potato bags 121 
Poultry netting 170 
Portfolios 137 

Shears 13- 

smd-i 12i 
Students lamps 166 
Suit cases 171 
Sunday school books 
138, 13U 


Valenciennes laces... 
Valises and trunks... I 
Vapour baths _ 1 
Vanishes and stains 1 

Sheetings and pillow 
cottons 122, 119 

Xlwvers b;ts 17 
.Gather goods 137 15 

Powders 153 161 
Prayer books 138 
Presbyterian books.. 139 
Preserving kettles.... 167 
Prices sewing carpets 190 

Shelf paper and oil 
cloth 148 

Supports _ 1-V7 

..Odizers _ 149 

Suspenders 43, 112 
Sweepers..... 1st 
Sweat collars 17:> 

jead pencils _ 150 
jeggings 99 

Neenwear, ladies . 80, 81 
men s-.... 41 
Neck bands 47 
Needles 116 

Shirtwaist suits 4, 5 
Shirtwaists 20, 2- 

Veils and veilings ... 
Velocipedes 1 

^einonade sets __ 16ii 
jetter liies & presses.. 149 
Better and bill books 149 
jnings a: d sets 104, 10G 
jinen collars, men s. 42 
Jnen testers _ 131 
,111,-ns.. US 12-J 

jiuimenls- L~>;-; 

Prints, wash goods 104 
Provisions.... 174, 175 176 
Protectors _ 54 43 
Puff boxes 162 
Purses 137 
Pajama suits 45 


Quilts and comforters 122 
Quills 77 


Ranges 168 
Raincoats 13 *2 40 

Shirt-,, Men s 44 to 49 
Shoe polish and laces 99 
Shoes 94 to 99 

swiu hes.!. .!!^..!: 1 . 8 113 Velveteens and vtl_- 

Needle cases 116 
Needle work 108 

Net 79 

Syrup 154 

Tablecloth 118 
Table covers 118 120 
Tables 198-2MS 

Vests, ladies and 
children s 61 

Shopping bags 137 
Shoe pockets 107 
Shoulder braces 112 
-chool supplies.. 119. 15( 

Netting, poultry. 170 
Net curtains. 178 
Nightgowns 53, 58 
Night robes, men s and 
bovs 45 

Views . ..... 1 

Violins and n ttings... 1 
Vises 1 

.linoleums _ 191 19J 

Sideboards 198 

Table cutlery.. ]3t> 

Vocal Music 1 
Vinegar 1 


Walking sticks . 
Wadding ... 1 

Nipple shell. shields.. 158 

Sideboard scarfs 120 
Silk caps, bonnets 

Table oilcloths 119 
Tablets ).">-! 

x>cks J8!t 

Notebooks and paper 148 

Notions 116, 117 

Silk drapes . 107 
Silk floss _ 107 

Tailors trimming)) .... 106 
Talking machines 147 
Tambourines 1-17 
Tarn o Shanters 52 76 
Tapes and measures. 
_ 116 117 ]<M 
Tapestry carpets 191 
Tapestry curtains 182 

Dockets 127 

Nursing corsets _ 65 


ilafffiziiu-s _ _ U A 

Silk waists 23 

Waggons 1 
Waists 20 
Waist sets.... 1 
Wrist bags 1 
Waist distenders. 1 
Wall papers _ 1 

Nuts 175 

Silk laces and nets. 86 79 


Office sundries 149 
Oilcloths, floor 191 
Oilcloths, table 119 
Oiled clothing 34 
Oils & ointments. 153-175 
Oil stones . . . 169 

Jaidscaps 77 
iaid s aprons. o~ 
ilalt preparations Ion 
iandnlins 147 

ilanicure U"<ids.._ 162-117 
halite/ beds 205 
fantel dru |ies 107 
Jantle cloths 101 

Razors, strop sand 
paste 1-42 
Rates 209-210 

Silver tea sets 129 
Silverware 129, 133. 134. 

Reading glasses 131 
Heal hair goods 113 

Silver polish... 129-133 
Silence cloth llh 

Tassels, cord :. 107 

Warps and weaving 

Reefers __ 16 40 
Records 147 
Repps _ 186 

Respirators. lf>9 
Ribbons _.9J 93 

Skin preparations.... 162 
Skirtings _ 102-103 
Skirts, ladies _. 8, 10 
Skirts, children s 58 
Skirt braids, binding ]11 
Slings Iff!, 158 
SETtrt supporters 1J5 
Sleeve protectors. 115 
Slippers 94, 96, 97, 99 
Slips, infants 1 .. 59-60 
Small wares _ 116 
Smocks and overalls 34 
Smelling Salts 162 
Soaps 162 
Socks . _ 43 
Sofas .. 204 

Tea towelling _ 1 19 
Teachers books 140 
Teats 158 

yams 1 
Wash suits, ladies . _ 4. 
Wash suits, boys 
Wash bowls 1 
Wash goods 

Oil silks 158 
Oil stoves 167 
Opera glasses 131 

daps and (liobes 145 
larine glasses _ 131 
itateand matting 190191 

Tea cosies and forms 107 

Orange blossoms 73 
ORGANS 147,208 

Ornaments 73 
Osprevs 77 
Ostermoor mattresses 202 

Riding leggings 99 
Rings _ 126 
Rockers 203 

Tea sets 165 

Washstands 1 

lattress protectors... 122 
Hats and caps 52 
Ladies jackets, etc. 106 
Bovs and men s ... 52 
Wall paper 190 
Klastir stockings... 158 
Carpets.... _ 190 
Wigs hair _ 11:; 
Rings 126 
Measures _ 106 
Hosierv 90 

Teas.. 17t 

Water pitchers - 1 
Waters 1 

Watches <bchaiii*l 2S 1 
For changes in Prices 
see head of Index 

Watering cans 1 
Waterproof cloth 1 
Water coolers _ 1 
Men s and bovs .. 32 
Ladies & children s 12 
Wax 1 

Telescopes... _ 13 
Telescope Valises .... 171 
Telegraph instruments 

Roller towelling. 118 
Rubbers 149. 98 

" collars.. 42 
" lined coats 33 

Outfits, in/ants 59, 60 
Outfits, burning. 110 
Ostrich boas and ruffs 78 
Ostrich leathers 77 
Overalls, smocks.. 34, 40 
Overcoats. 32 

Paints, Brushes _ 197 
Pansv Books 143 

Tennis goods 171 
Tennis shoes. 99 
Tents and fixtures 187 
Theatrical hair goods 115 
Thermometers and 
barometers .. l-"9 

Rubber bands & stamps 
. 149 150 

" sheeting. 119 

" bandages..- 157 158 
" sle"ves 115 
" bedpans 158 
" sponges. _ 160 
" heels 99 
urinals _ 159 
" gloves lr>9 
" matting ._ 191 
Ruffs and boas._ 78 
Rugs (back cover).... 212 
Rug fringes 186 

Soles, wool and cork. 99 
Soldering irons 169 
Songs 139-147 

Theological books 159 
Thimbles _ _ 117 
Thread and silk _ 115 

Knicker System 143 

rteat choppers 167 
deehanics tools. 169 
rfedieines 151-164 

S(ivenirs, patriotic.- 128 
Speaking tubes 158 
Spring rollers 187 
Sprinklers _. 1(18 
Springs 201 
Spades and shovels., ]70 
Spices.... _ 176 
.Spirits 154 


Cake boxes and in 

Silks.. _ 

Tunis, boys _ 40 
Passementeries 79 
Papeteries 148 
Parasols _ 87 
Parlor suites. 204 
Parlor tables 203 

Ties, ladies 8; 
Ties, men s 4] 
Tinctures I l-i 
Tinware. _ HIT 
I issm; paper _ 148 
Toilet covers 1 JO 
Toilet paper 159 

rfcdii ine, horses and 
call IBS 

ife iieine ^ms^es l. r >s 
iledica batteries 163 

Veils and flowers 77 

Medical books. _ 140 
ilemonindum Books 149 
lien s huts 50 52 
fen s clothing 28-34 
ilen s neckwear 41 
fen s collars, cuffs 42 
ien s hose 90 91 
den s underwear 49 
ilen s waterproof coats 
. 32 

Patriotic souvenirs . 12.S 

Rug patterns 107 

Sponges and sponge 
bags 160-159 
Spools Ill 

Patterns, Butterick._ 189 


Sacques Infants 59, 60 17 
Sac ines, ladies .. 2o 
Paddles .. 173 

Toilet preparations 
161 162 

Wheel goods ] 

Pencils and pens 150 
Pencil boxes _. 150 
Perfumes 161 

Petticoats _ 26 27 
Phonographs _ 147 
Photograph goods 164 
Photograph albums. 150 
Photo frames 110 
Physicians prescriptions 

133 135 

Toilet sets 160 165 
Toilet sundries 161 
Toilet waters 161 
Tooth brushes _ 161 
Tooth preparations... 161 
Tools lor mechanics 
and farmers 169 
Torchon lace 86 
Towels, Towelling 118 119 
Towel rings, rack 117 
Toys 18f 
Tracing wheels. 117 
1 ravs _ 129 
Trav cloths _ 120 

White cottons _ " 
Whisks and holders... 1 
Widows raps & veils. 
Widows bonnets 
Window shades 1 
W i ngs 

Spoons souvenir 128 
Sporting goods _ 170 
Stable sundries.. 172, 173 
Stair linen.-. _ 119 

Safety pins, belts 116 
Sailor suite, boys 37 

(ethodist hymn books... 
(ending sundies 116 117 
ifetronomes 147 

Stair plates 187 

Salud seta. 165 
Sanitary diapers. 119 56 
Sanitary underwear 
49 62 

Stains and varnishes 197 
Stamped linens 108 
Stamp albums _ 150 
Stampingjancy goods 
108 109 

Wooden v. are 117 ] 
Wools and yarns.. ] 
Woolen underwear, 
ladies & child s 61, 
men s and boys 
Woven wire mattress . 
Wrapper? _M, 
Wrapper flannels and 
flannelettes 3 

licmscnpe-* ., ,,,,.. 131 

4illinery 66 78 
tflllinerv ornaments 73 
Uillinerv trimmings 77 
Killinery flowers.. 72, 73 
liilitary brushes 160 
Kirrore. 161 

Pickles and sauces 176 
Picture books 143 
Piano stools, _ 208 
Pillows 202 
Pillow sh a msa n d 
cases _ 122 320 

Sarsaparil.H 157 
Sateens and prints.... 104 
Satins and silks__... 103 
Satin quilts 122 
Saucepans 167 
Saws _ 168 

Standard sels 1S8 
Starch 176 

stationery 148 
Steels and Shields 111 
Sterling silver __ ]29 

Travelling cases _ 171 
Tricycles 188 
Trimmings, dress Ill 
1 ronsers _ 34 

Wrenches __. 1 
Wreaths _ ; 
Wringers . j 

tissejs waterproof 
coats IS 
Citu 159 
^occasion , % 
Konograme MS 148 
tforeen skirting 102 
Kortare 159 

Pills 153 
Pinafores 57 

Scarfs _ 41 
School book" 144 

Stereoscopes 131 
Stretchers 187 
Striking bags .. 170 
Stick pins 127 

Stlffenpr 104 

Trucks 188 
Trunks and valises... 171 
Trusses 159 
Tubs 167 

Pin cushion forms 107 
Pins _ 116 
Pinking irons 117 
Flutters . 117 

School supplies.. 148, 149 
School bags 150 

Writing pads and tab 
lets ] 


f"arna ... 1 
Yeaat . ] 

Tumblers . 166 

Scrap albums 150 
Scribblers 149 
SOTeenR -187 205 

Stockings 90, 91 
Stomach tubes 158 
Stocking protectors_ 99 

Stnloa 78 

Typewriting supplies 148 

Ulster*.. 5 

Plaster of Paris 15S 
Plaids. _ mi 

Mosquito netting 170 

Plt.r IM 

Scrims 107 

Yokes . 

Planes . 169 

Serges 101 

Stoneware , 1^ 

Umbrellas. . 87 

Youth s suits 


Zoolog? books on _ i i 
Zinc Salu i < 

KourniuK bands.. 50 

Plushes _ 102 

Sewing machines 206, 207 
Sets (books) 149 

Stnro IBS 

Unbleached cotton 121 
Underskirts 26 27, 54 55 
Jnderwaists 54 56 
Underlay cloth _ 118 

T*il , 77 

Stnyo pnlfahn 187 

Mouth organi _ 147 
Kovren. .. 167 

Pocket knives 132 
Flyers ..._ 169 

Shades _ 185 

Straw ilcklngs 121 

Straw hmlrlfL ., 77 

Shad* trimmings 185 


Combs and Hairpins (Continued) 

Mounter, Comb Sets 

33-677. Gil I rimmed Comb Sets, 
one puff and two side combs, the 
litest .ncy design, trimmings 
that will not tarnish (see cut). 
Eaton s Special, 3 in 

set ,, .. 50 ^ 

If required we will sell Sulc? 

Combs, per pair 25 < 

or Hack Comb, each .25 J 

Hair Pins 

3-578. Bone Hair Pins, black, amber 
or shell, straight (see cut), per doz. 

20 .25 .35 .50 

3-579. Same as above, only crimped 
(eecut).. .20 .25 .35 .50 
3-580. Siime as above, waved or loop 
top.seecut .15 .20 .25 .30 .50 
3-581. Bone Hair Pins, in black, 
amber and shell, with large round 

to! *, per doz .40 .60 

3-582. Long Bone Hair Pins, in 
black, amber and shell, waved and 

crimped, i ach 05 

3-583. "Earl Brand" Hair Pius, a 
special line we recommend for 
smooth finish, in crimped, waved or 
straight, all colors, medium size, box 

ol one doz .20 .25 

Larger size, heavier shell, box 01% 

doz 25 

3-584. Bone Hair Piiis, extra liirne 
size, shell, amber and black,2tor .25 
3-B85. Rubber Hair Pins, shell or 
black, crimped, waved or straight, 

3 P -IW? Z ~Wi"re~Hair Pins, iBnd es," 
ball point, 50 pins, assorted, per box 
. .05 100 pins, assorted ,1O 
3-587. The "Britannia" English 
Hair Pins, crimped or straight, 2% to 
&>/ t in long, extra heavy wire, 2 
packages 05 

C3-588. "Diamond" Hair Pin, crimped 
and straight, 2% to 3% in. long, 2 
packages .05 

C3-589. "Onduleur," better quality, 
not so heavy, best japanued, 3 
packages ..,....... __. .10 

C3 590. Unique Hair Piu Cabinets, 
see cut, consists of 126 assorted hair 

pins, also toilet pins, box_ C8 

Same, without Toilet Pins, consisting 
of SO pins, put up in fancy paper or 
wooden cabinet 04 

C3-591. The Scientific " Hair Pin, 
fastens the hair securely, p&ckages, 
.04 3 for. 10 

C3-592. 100 Best Japanned Hair Pins, 
put up in box, assorted styles and 
sizes, special, per box 05 

C3-593. Gilt Hair Pins, "invisible, 25 

pins in a box, 3 for .1 

Large, crimped or plain. 18 for .05 

C3-594. Invisible Hair Pius, best ja 
panned, 50 pins in a box, 1% to 2% 
inches long, 2 for . .05 

Pompadour Pads 

C3-B95. Frizzettes or Pads. made of real 
hair, see cut, set of three I or._ 1 

C3-596. Same Style Single Hair Pad, 
assorted colors, see cut, 10, 12 in., 
.12^14, 16 in. .1518, 20 in. .20 

C3-597. Pompadour Pads, fine wire, 
covered with cotton net, in blonde, 
black and brown, see cut.8 in. .10 
12in. .15 15 in. .20 18in. .25 

C3 598. Hair Light, full sized wire 
Pompadour, comb attached, see cut, 
very light, the newest and most 
secure Hair Pad made, each _ .25 

C3-599. Hair Light same as above 
only in pairs shorter, to be used when 
the hair is parted, per pair .35 

Hair Curlers 

C3 600. Waving Pins, for waving the 

hair, per doz ,O5 

Better quality ,08 

C3-601. Hindes Patent Hair Wavers, 
for making large waves, see cut, 
box of three curlers _ 2O 

C3-602. In steel, no heating neces 
sary, see cut. per doz .05 

C3-303. Hair Wuvers, made of lead, 
witli woven cover, doz .05 

C3-604. " La Donna " French Crimp 
ing Pins, no heat necessary, per doz. 
. .07 

C3-605. "Onduleurs" produces a 
natural and wavy appearance of the 
hair, box of 5 curlers .20 

C3-606. Hair Curlers, wish sheepskin 
cover, see cut, according to length, 
doz. .05 .08 .10 ,12H .15 
Best quality and stitching, French 
kid, leather cover, per dozen_ .10 
.\2% .15 .20 .25 

Tongs and Waving Irons 

33-607. Curling Tongs.double handle, 

per pair _ .05 

Large size, oak handle, pair._ .08 
Nickel tipped handle, medium size, 
per pair .10 

C3-608 Curling Irons, folding oak 
handle. convenientto carry .08 .10 
Walnut handles, nickel plated, 
chased rod and joints, put up in sep 
arate box, see cut, pair _ .25 

C3-609. Gents Moustache Curlers, 
pair .05 Nickel tipped handles. Q8 
3-610. "Grace Darling" Curling 
Irons, highly ornamented, spring 
will not weaken, as the heat cannot 

affect it, price according to size 

.12H .15 .20 .25 

13-611. The "Cute Curling Irons, 
nickel plated, single oak candle, 

per pair_ _ _ .10 

13-612. Waving Irons, for waving or 
crimping the hair, see cut. 6 prong, 
per pair .15 Large .20 

Hair Nets 

C3-613. Back Hair Nets, browns and 

black, real hair 10 

Real hair, grey .15 2 for .25 
Pure white 15 2 for .25 

C3-614. Front 01 Ba g Nets, assorted. 

browns or black, small size .05 

Larger size .10 Grey rrUture .15 
Pure white .1 5 

Hair Bows 

C3-615. Velvet Bow, for hair dressing, 

black or colored, see cut .25 

With osprey, very pretty 50 

C3-616. Fancy Bows, made oi ribbon, 
inrossette or high stvle, any color, 

C3-618. Fancy Hair Pin 
Cabinet, containing 
good assortment of 
English Japanned HaiV 
Pins, see cut, each .33 j 



Kindly write for quotations if any 
thing different is required. 

Moustache, each_ 15 .25 -50 

Side Whiskers 40 75 

Full Beard .SO 1 .40 

!hin Beards, according to size 

... .. 25 75 

Negro Wigs .".. . 75 

Mask Faces, colors red, pink, b ue, 

black and white, each 05 

OC3-31. Spirit Gum. used for .ticking an 

moustaches and beard, bottle .25 
OC3-32. Grease Paint, assorted "olors, 

of 8 sticks in box_ 1 . QO 

OC3 33. Toupee Wax. per nicK.. .-5 

Corset Steels, Ankle Supports, Sleeve Protectors and Waist Adjusters 

ileeve Protectors and Ankle 

3865. Empire Cnff or Sleeve Pro 
tector, the best cuff made for office 
or tore use, made of extra quality 
checked material. fuKtened with 
ball and socket, see cut, per pair 

3-866. The "Boston " Sleeve Pro 
tector, prevents the sleeve of shirt 
and blouse from being soiled, same 
shape as above, made of dark 
?flRT ^.frt^ Patterns, perpr. .15 
3-867. Rubber Sleeves, with elastic 

bands, per pair .25 

3-868. Sateen Sleeve Protector, full 
size, black, per pair 15 

Knee Protectors 

3-869. Children s Knee Protectors 

Stockinette or leather, per pair .25 

Ankle Suooorts 

3 870. Ankle Supports Made of 
heavy sateen, with leather trim 
ming and fentherbone stiffening for 
weak ankles, or as a support while 

skating or other exercises. These 

are the best made ; 
Children s size 2 to 10, per pair. .50 

Misses " 11 to 2 " .50 

Women s " 3 to 8 " .60 

Boys " 2 to 5 " .60 

Men s " 6 to 11 " .75 

Corset Shields 

C3-871. Century Cor 
set Shields, made 
of platinum steel, 
guaranteed not to 
rust or break, (see 
cut). Give size of 
Corset when order- 

ing, pair .35 

C3-872. "Venus" 

Corset Shield, prevents corsets from 
breaking at the waist or hips, pair 
_ . ____^ 25 

Corset Laces 

C3 873. Round elastic, black or -white 
2^ yds, 2 for .05 

.3 874 JeiiKins corset Laces, uai 
elastic. 2> yds, . .05 

C3 875. Corset Laces, round silk 
elastic, black or white, 2% yards, 
each .1 

C3-876. The "Silkette" Corset Laces, 
each .04 3 for ,10 

C3 877. Round Cotton Corset Laces, 
2% yards long, 4 for 05 

C3-8"78. Better quality, round or flat. 
S for. .05 

C3-879. The " Princess," linen finish. 
2 for _ .05 

C3-B80. Silk Corset Laces, 4 yards 

long, full width, per pair__._ .25 

Corset Steels 

C3-881. Misses or Ladies Corset 
steels in drap or white, 4 or 5 hooks , 

straight, per pair .05 

Better quality, per pair .08 

C3882. Same as above with sateen 
fronts and cork back, per pair._. 1 

C3 883. Corset Clasps, spoon shape, 
mnde of jean heavy steel, each .08 
Same as above with cor back .1 

C3-884. Eaton s Ladies Corset 
steels, with cork or plat 
inum back, white, black 
or drab, per pair, .1 2% 
C3-885. Paris Front Cor 
set Steels, for the new 
girdle corset, with four 
clasps, finest quality sa- 
teeeu, white or drab, as 
cut, per pair . 10 
C3-886. OurMilitary 
form, straight i r o n t 
steels, medium length, 
in white, drab or black, 
very strong____ .1 
C3 887 side Steels, Japanned, 10% 

nicnes by % inch, 4 for .05 

C3 888. Best Covered Steels, rust 
proof, short, medium and long, 2 for 


C3-889 Front Steels for "Ferris 1 or 
"Oompton s" waists. 2 for .05 
C3-890. Corset Steel Protectors. It 
is placed on rigntside of corsetsteel. 
Itnas three slots fordifferentlengths 
from waist line to suit the wearer. 
The long Waist Pin is then placed in 
the length required, so that the cor 
set goods, no matter how fine, are 
protected from pinholes. It is stitch 
ed at both ends to corset for safety. 
"7% inch long, 1% inch wide .25 

Vapor Bath Cabinet 

C3-891. Made of strong anti-septic 
rubber drill, steel frame, with heater 
. 3 25 

C3-892. Same as above, double drill 
with best heater, special 6.75 

Waist and Belt Adjusters 

C3-893. The " Rosalind " Waist and 
Belt Adjuster, holds the belt secure 
ly in position, lends grace to the 
figure. Can be adjusted to any dip. 
in nickel, oxidized and brass, each 

Jeweled ~. [50 

C3-894. The Kimeey" improved 
Wuist Adjuster, giving same effect 
as above, each. 25 

C3-89B. The "Moody" Shirt Waist 
Holderand Skirt Supporter. It re 
quires no preparation Oi sh<rt waist 
or skirt before wea. n s -, holding 
both in perfect position, made in 
grey, white and black, see out, each 
. ... 25 

C3-896. The "Kimsey" 
Mystic Pin Skirt Lifter, 
can be covered with any 
klndof bow, 2aoh _ ID 

C3-897. The Queen 
Long WaistAdjuster, with 
double pin to tit on cor 
set clasp, will notslipout 
of ^ Ince and gives the 
desired curve to waist 
line, the only adjuster 
made to which you can 
attach hose supporters, 
each.seecnt 10 

C3-898. Ladies Delight 
Waist Former, for giving 
curved or long waist c f 
feet, each w .10 

C3-899. King Hat Pin. This is the 
newest device for holding ladies 
cats firmly on the head, and does 
not make pin holes in the hat, each 




Notions and Smallwares 


C3-700. Morrall s, egg eyed sharpes, 
unexcelled for quality and finish, in 
any size from 1 to 10 or assorted 
sizes, in paper, 3/7, 4/8, 5/9 or 6/10, 
per paper .05 

C3-701. Other Needles from the best 
English manufacturers, Diamond 
sharps. Scientific sharps, or Motor 
harps, or Gold Eyed Society Needles. 
sizes 6 and 7, also mixed sizes, 25 
needles in paper _ OS 

C3-702. Second Quality Needles, 25 
in paper, 2 papers.- -_O5 

C3-703, Self Threading Gold Eyed 
Needles, per paper 05 

03-704. Betweens or Tailor s Needles, 

I per.... 05 

Straw, (Milliner s) Needles, 


per paper. . 
C3-706. Blunt Pointed or Rug N 

per paper ,05 

C3-707. Carpet Needles, per paper 

.... 05 




eedles, per 
s; very "best 

03 708. Glove or Furrier s 
p T paper 05 

C3 709. Embroidery Needles, 
paper . ... 

03-710. Darning Needles; . 

quality, 25 needles assorted in paper 

03-711. Packing or Canvas Needles, 
small, medium or large sizes, 2 for 
_ .05 

03-712. Upholstery or Mattress 
Needles, Double Pointed, each ,Q5 

C3-713. Bodkin s.assorted.Paper .OS 

Sewing Machine Needles 

NOTE. Always send sample and 

name of Machine or we cannot fill 


C3-714. We keep the following makes 
of machine needles "finger" Im 
proved," Singer " Family," Sing 
er "Medium, "Singer "Oscillating, 
Raymond Flat or Bound Shank, 



Royal A, " " " 

Wheeler & Wilson, No. 8 or 9 
Machine, Flat or Eound, also New 
Home, New Davis, New Standard. 
New Domestic, New Williams, Em 
press, Osborne A. per doz. needles 

Needle Cases 

C3-715. Ladies Needle Books, in neftt 
designs, containing full assortment 
of best English sewing, fancy work 

and darning needles, each 

15 .25 .35 

Knitting Needles and Cro 
chet hooks 

C3-716 Crochet Hooks, 3 hooks, re 
versible, made of wire, with sheath 
to cover hooks 2 for _. _. .05 

C3-717. Crochet Hooks, fine steel, 
hook at both ends, all sizes, ea. ,Q5 

C3-718. Improved Crochet Hooks, 
with flat side, so that it will not turn 
in hand, of best steel, 2 for 05 

04 719. Bone Coochet Hooks, new 
line, extra smooth finish, tapered 
or straight to hook, single or double 
3 f T ,05 

03 720. Crochet Hooks, mtideof hard 
black rubber, size from 9 to 10. 9 or 
12 inches long, each _ .10 

C3-72V Crochet Hooks, in bone or 
wood, for crocheting shawls or 
slippers, each __ .10 

C3-721A. Superfine Knitting Pins all 

sizes, set of 4 for 03 

Better Quality, setofSfor _ .04 

C3-722. Bone Knitting Needles, 10 

in., fine sizes, per pair .10, 

10-in ch, coarse sizes 12 

12-Inch, fine and medium sizes ,1j 

12-inch, coarsesizes. .21 

15-inch, ne and medium sizes .21 
15-iuoh, coarsesizes 2! 

03-723. Wooden Knitting Needles, 11 
and 12 inches long, fine, medium or 

coarse, per pair 05 

Very coarse, lor knitting shawls, etc. 
per pair _ 10 .15 

3-724. Rubber Knitting Needles, 12 
in. long, fine, medium and coarse, 
per pair .. .12/4 

3-725- Netting Needles, all sizes, 

each ...... -. 05 

!3-726. Meshes, bone, all sizes, from 
1/6 in. to y a in. 6 in. long, 2 or_ .05 

Sheet Pins 

03-727. " Adamantine " Pins, 200 on 
sheet, per paper _ 01 

03-728. English Brass Pins, 200 

assorted on sheet, 2 papers 05 

250ou paper __ 03 

400on paper _ _ ,05 

160 extra large size Pins, used for 
pinning curtains, rust proof, per 
j>aper _ _ _ 05 

!3-729. "Queen s Own " Brass Pins, 
sizes 1 to 10, not mixed sizes, on 
sheets, extra fine, per paper. 05 

C3-730. D. F.Taylor s- NePlus Ultra" 
finest quality Brass Pins, with needle 

points, 360 on sheet. .1 

500 on sheet,. - 12 

J3-731. "Pymmid" Pin Cushion, 
consisting of 365 extra quality brass 
pins, put up in a useful form for 
office or toilet use, each .10 

Bulk Pins 

03-732. English Brass Pins, mixed 
sizes, J^ lb. box .10 H H>- bo* .20 
Same quality as above, only large 

size pins in box, % lb. box. 1 

X lb. box .20 1 lb. box .40 
Short whites or Ribbon Pins, 

V. lb. box_ .____. 12H 

3-733. "Household" Pins, finest 
brass pins, all small pins or mixed 

sizes in box, y. lb. box .15 

!3-734. Steel Mourning Pine, % oz. 
box .05 1 oz. box 1O 

Toilet Pins 

03-735. Small Berry Pins, in black, 
white or colored, 2 papers for .05 

!3-736. The Mulberry Pin, larger 
than above, 40 pins in paper, black, 
white or colored, 2 papers for 05 

03 737. Toilet or Belt Pius, with 60 
pins, assorted, sizes on sheet, in 
black, while, dull or colored heads. 

per sheets .05 

3 738. Shawl and Bonnet Pins, 4 
inches long, bla-:k or white, 12 pins 
on card, 2 for .05 

03-739. Lace Pins, turquoise or as 
sorted colors, 12 pins on card, 1 cnnls 

for _ 03 

3-740. Lace Pins, turquoise or pearl 
tops, round heads, 1 doz. on card 

C3-741. Lace Pins, with pearl or col 


ored unbreakable tops, doz 
Larger Sizes, pearl heads, 4 for 
03-742. Pin Cubes, 
containing 96 pins 
all black, allwhite 
or assorted colors, 
or black, white 
and colors mixed, 
see cut, each .OS -~~^ 

Larger size cube with longer pins. 

.. each _ *...... .10 

03-743. Toilet Pin 
Basket, filled with 
glass headed toilet 
pins, all black, all 
whiteor black, white 
and blue mixed, see 
cut, each _ 

Safety Pins 

03-748. The "London," the original 
open wire niekle plated Safety Pins, 
1 doz. on card, small, medium and 
large, 3 doz. for OS 

C3-749. (E) Our Special Safety Pins, 
guarded spring, 1 doz, assorted size 
on card, for 05 

03-750. The "Violet" Safety Fin, 
nickel plated, protected points, 3 
sizes, per doz ~~- .04 

!3-761. The "Clinton," extra strong 
wire, black or white, size and 1, 

per doz. ._.... .05 

Size 2, per doz .06 

Size 3, per doz .07 

Size 4, per do* _ 08 

3-752. The "Capsheaf," the new 
coilless safety pin, cannot catch in 
fabric, extra nickel plated, or plain 
black, Nos 0, 1 and 2, per doz ,05 
No. 2%, doz 08 No. 8, doz_ .1 Q 

03-753. Damascus, the new steel 
safety pin heavily nickel-plated, 
lies perfectly flat, most suitable for 
ladies use, skirt pin, etc., small and 

medium size, por doz. 08 

Large size, per doz .1 

3-754. Safety Pin Book, with 2 doz. 
small, medium and large silvered 
safety pins, per book. _ .1 

03-755 The "Clinton "Blanket Pins, 

small size .03 

Medium and large size .04 

13-756. Curtain Pins, in brass or 
white, per doz... 05 

Hat Pins 

13-744. English Steel Hat Pins, glass 
tops, 7, 8 or 9 inches long, black or 
white, per doz, ... .05 

!3-745. Better quality than above, 
with smooth plated shanks, in black, 
white or dull heads, 4 for OS 

13-748. Fancy Headed Hat Pins, 

black, coral, cherry and fancy glass 

headed pins, special value, ea. .OS 

03-747. Pearl Headed Hat Pins, with 

gold plated shanks, each ,05 .08 

Hooks and Eyes 

2 Dozen on Card. 

03-767. " Swan Bill " Hooks and Eyes, 
black, white, 6 card for 05 

33-758. Improved " Swan Bill " Hooks 
and Eyes, guaranteed rust proof, 
nickel plated or yellow, all sizes, S 

cards for . .05 

Black, small size, 4 cards. 05 

Large size, 2 cards .05 

Safety Hooks 

03-769. Improved Safety Hooss and 
Eyes, black IT white, 4 cards for .05 
Better quality, 2 curds for._ 05 

03-760. "Corona" Hooks, with Invis 
ible Eyes, sizes 0, 1, 2, black or 
white, rust proof, per card .04 

03-761. "Gem" Safety Hooks and 
Eyes, black or white, all sizes, with 
extra invisible eyes on card, nut 
proof, per card 05 

Pant Hooks and Eyes 

C3-766. Black or white, doz_ 

Better quality, blued steel, doz. . 

Vest Buckles 
03-767. Black or silver, large or s 
sizes, per doz ....... ................ , 


C3-768. Nottahook is just What i 

word implies, it can be used u 

place a button or hook and eye i 

be used, small, medium and lar 

black or white, 6 on card for... . 

03-769. Nottahook on Tape, skirts! 

black or white, per double yd.. ,4 

03-770. Brownie Hooks and Eyes 

tape, used asgarmentfasteners, v< 

strong, per yard ., t t 

Ball and Socket Fastene 

03-771. "Premier" Garment Fust 

ers, silveied or japanned, small 

medium izes._ 

Large size, pel doz.... 

C3-772. Cling 8 
Fastener, the 
quality, nickel pi 
ed and japann 
small, medium a 
large size, per doz _ 1 J/ 


03-762. "Brownie" Hooksand Eyes, 
rust proof, in sizes 00 to 4, black or 
white, 00 size is the smallest hook 
made for collars, etc. , up lo size 4. 
which is skirt size, every card has 1 
do/en extra eyes, per card .07 

03-763. "DeLong" Hooks ami Eyes, 
superior to all others, with extra in 
visible eyes, can be used on the fin 
est materiel, will not tarnish or rust, 
made in gold, silver and black, per 
card _ .1 

03 764. " Feet s " Invisible Eyes, two 
dozen in packet 05 

C3-765. Man tie Hooks and Eyes, large 
ize. black or white, 4 cards lor .05 

03-774. Same as above, only loni 
lengths, per bunch .(1 

C3-775. Twilled Cotton Tupe, 12 yc 
in roll, black, white or drab, 

extra finish, black or white, 

per dozen yards 

9/16-inch, per dozen yards 

03-777. White Cotton Tape on bl oe 
assorted widths and lengt hs, 2 bloc 
for _ C 

03-778. Best Chinese or Linen Tn) 
assorted widths, narrow widths us 
largely ior trimming, S pieces. ,C 

Seam and Flannel Bindinc 

9/16-in. wide, per roll... 

%-in., black or white, per roll. .( i 
3-776. "Corticelli" Twilled Tap 
white, %-i 

iroX ,(, 

C3-779. Bias Seam Tape, save tit 
and use this for binding, fiijigotth 
folds and collar founiiutioii", ma 
of fine lawn, in black or white, e 

cut. in 12 yurd rolls, Ji-ineh 1 

%-inch 12X %ii h f 

03 780. Glace Mohair Binding i 
si-ains, in black, white or drab, p 
do^cn ynrtl* .1 

03 781. Fruksiun Silk Finished Bin 
ing, black or white, perdoz. yds. 3 

C3-782. Silk Ftrrots, used lot flam: 
or scum binding in white or blac 

per yd _ ._ C 

Per dozen yds , _ ,4 

03-783. Taffeta Silk Binding, %-in 
wide, in wnite, black or brown, p 
dozen yards _ . . ,3 

Mending Tissue 
C3-784. For requiring rips and too 
in gloves and clothing, per packn 
^ __ M _ .0 

Emery Bags 

03-790. Emery Bags, for polishli 
needles, strawberry shape, each 
_ _ 05 .08 .10 .1 



Mending Cotton and Silk 

C3-785. Mending 
Cotton on cards, 
black.white and 
tan, 4 cards .05 

C3-786. Mending 
Cotton on spools, 
black or white, 
see cut, 2 spools 

lor 05 

:3-787. Mending Silk on Cards, black 
only, 2 cards 05 


13-788. T sod largely for eyelet em- 
.ry work or for dressmakers or 

-, 2 for _ .05 

: size 05 .10 

:3-789. Tatting Shuttles, bone or rub 
ber, each 1O 


C3-791. Enamelled Stock 
ing Darners, in assorted 
colors, each. .05 

C3-792. Queen Stocking 
Darner, as cut. Holds 
article in place while 
being mended, black 
only, each 10 


C3-803. Ironing Wax, with cambric 
cover and wooden handle, for keep 
ing the iron from sticking ; 2 for 


Or 3 in box for. 
C3-804. Bert quality Beeswax, for 

waxing thread, per eake_ 05 

C3-8QS. Shoemakers or Harness 

Wax, per dozen cakes .1 

Tracing Wheel 


C3-808. Best steel teeth, sharp and 
perfect, each 05 au d .10 

C3-809. Mahogany handle, blued 
steel wheel, needle pointed teeth, 
with finger rest, extra good value 
tseecut) 15 

C3-810. Mat Hook, with wood handle. 

each _ _ 05 

C3-811. Display Clips, tinned, per doz. 


C3-793. The " V i <- 
"toria" Plaiter, for 
hand use, to do ml 
kinds of plain or 
fancy plaiting, size 
Sin. by 13Vin.,each 
09 if sent by mail 
allow 13c ex ti-u for 
Larger size, 11% In. 

by 19J4 in .18 

Cannot be sent by 

Pinking Irons 
33-794. Assorted sizes, each .10 

Hatand Ribbon Wire 

23-795. Hat Wire.satiu eovered.hght 

weight, black or white, roll... .05 

As above, only heavier, rou_. .07 

33-796. Cotton Ribbon Wire, flat, 

black or white, 2 rolls for. .05 

Tape Measures 

33-797. Cotton 

Tape Measures. 
60 in. long, figur 
ed both sloes, cor 
rect measures, 2 

03-798. Better q u a 1 i t y, linoleum, 
double tipped, English standard 
measures, will not stretch (see cut) 
each 05 .08 .10 

C3-799. Tailors Tape Measures, 

stitched edge, 60-ins. long, % ins. 

wide, sinele tipped... .05- Better 

quality, fine sateen .10 .15 .20 

Spring Tape Measures 

C3-800. 36-inch Measure in metal 

case _ _ 05 

Same length in solid brass case, 
heavily nickel-plated, superior linen 
tape . -_ .25 

C3-801. " Universal " Spring Tape 
Measure?, 60 in. long, with linen 
tape, each .1Q. Better quality, 
solid brass case .35 

C3-802. Pocket Measure with steel 
tape, cannot stretch, 40 in., each 

_ 40 

60 in., each .65 78 in., each .85 

Marking Cha k 

03-806. Best quality Tailors Chalk, 
4 cakes..... 05 

03-807. Marking Chalk for Dress 
Makers use, white or colors per 

flO7en 05 

6 dozen packed in box 30 


C3-812. White Metal Thimbles, 

smooth and strong, each. _ .01 

Or dozen. ... 1 

C3-813. Child s Thimbles, electrr>sil- 
ver, 4 for -,-,- 05 

C3-814. Aluminum Thimbles, light 
and strong, will not tarnish... 

2 for .05 

Better quality, each. .05 

C3-815. Thimbles, steel with enamel 
lining, or white metal with enamel 
lining, 2 for _ 05 

C3-816. Ivorine or Celluloid Thim 
bles, very popular with sewers, all 

sizes 2 for _ 05 

Better quality, 3 for . ... .10 

C3-817. Tailors Steel Thimbles, open 

top, men s sizes, 2 for. 05 

Better quality, lined, all sizes .05 


g, per 

C3-8I8. Our New Thimble, 
finest nickel steel, light, 
comfortable and durable, 
cannot possibly rust, high 
ly recommended 

Each - 05 


C3-819. The "lies" Solid Nickel 
Thimble, lined with celluloid, which 
prevents the fingers coming in con 
tact with the metal, each. 1 

C3 820. Celluloid Finger Shields, 2 
for - _ .05 

C3-821. The New SilverChased Thim 
ble, prettily carved, very brilliant, 
price - ... .15 

Twine and Cord 

C3-822. 3-ply Cotton Twine, full size, 

per ball 05 

4-ply Cotton Twine, per nall__ .07 

C3 823. Linen Finished Twine, extra 
itrong, per ball 15 

C3-824. Hemp Twine, fine quality,^ 
ib .07 Klb~ 12K 

C3-825. Hemp Twine, heavy quality. 

C3*826. Fine Italian Twines, very 
smooth and strong, linen color, % 

In. ball .20 

C3-827. Colored Twine, all the best 
colors, free from knots, per ball_ .6 

Piping or Stay Cord 

C3 828. Piping Cord, light and me 
dium weight, black or white, per 

doe. yards. _ 10 

Per ball _ 35 

C3 826- Stay Cord, white only, 

doz. yards.. ,, ,,, , 

Per ball 100 yards. _ , 

Boot and Shoe Laces 

C3-830. Mohair Boot 
Luce, 36 inches long, 

perdoz _ .05 

For ladies, 45 inches 

long, doz _ .07 

C3-831. Boot Laces, 
fine quality mohair, 
wide or narrow, 36 rr 
45 inches long, per 

doz. .10 

C3-832. Same as above 
In black white or 
tan, 54 in. long, for 
belts, shopping bags, 
etc,, perdoz .15 
C3-833. Boot Laces, 
mohair, banded in 
pairs, with japanned 
tin or spiral tag, 
ladies or men s, 3 

_ pairs for .05 

C3-834. Finest Mohair Boot Laces, for 

! ladies per pair _ ~ .05 

For men, 36 in. long, o pairs__ .1 Q 

C3-835. Same as above, only made 

of pure silk, the strongest and best 

wearing lace on the market, 36 or 

45 in. long, black only, per pair .) 

C3-836. Children s Boot Laces, 27-m. 

long, per doz ... ,07 

C3 837. Shoe Laces, mohair, flat %m. 

wide, 27 in. long, 8 pair 05 

Finer quality, % in. wide, 2 pr. .05 
45 in. long, for boots, 2 pair lor .05 
Silk Shoe Ties, 27 inches long, -- 


Wider, per pair,. _. 

C3 838, Extra quality Shoe Ties, pure 
dye silk, linch wide, 30 inch long, 

black or tan pair. .20 

Other colors and white, pair .25 

C3-839. Round Leather Laces, we 1 ! 

finished, single tag, perdoz 10 

Double Spiral Tag Laces, per doz. 

................ ....... ..... .1 5 

C3-840. The " Argyle " Calfskin Laces, 
each pair in neat box, ~ 

Better quality 

C3-841. Our Real Porpoise 
length and even cut, per pair. .1 
Wooden Ware 

C3-842. Towel Rings, 6 inches in dia 
meter, colors blue, white, pink, nile 
green, yellow aud oak, each... .05 
If sent by mail allow 4c extra lor 

C3-843. Towe. 
Rack. new style 
two rings, with 
back to screw 
on to the wall 
(see cut), each 

set_ 15 

[f sent by mail 

allow 15c extra for postage. 

Washstand Splashers 

C3-844. Splashers, floral design, ISx 

30 inches, each 1 

Cuff Holders 

C3-845. The 

W asuburn 
Cuff Hold. 
or, see cut. 
patent ad- 

swivel, per pair.. .1 

C3-846. The Wizard " Cuff Holder, 

per pair .10 

Pen and Pencil Holder 

C3-850. The "Wash- 
burn" Pen or Pencil 
Holder, very useful to 
everyone using pencil 

or pen each 05 

C3-851. The"AuFait" 
Double Holder, see cut, each... .08 

Collar Retainer 

C3-8B2. Collar Spring, keeps collar 
in shape, 2 springs 05 

Bachelors Buttons 

:3-853. Detachable Buttons, can in 
stantly replace a missing button, per 
dozen _. .... ...... .10 

:3-8B4. The " \Va*h- 
burn" Adjustable 

Buttons, see cut 

each _ 05 

13-855. Boot Buttons 
assorted sizes.2 
boxes ior .05 

C3-856. Gaiter of Legging buttons, 
per dozen ._. ._...... .03 

C3-8B7. Button Fasteners, strong 
plated wire, straight shape, mst 
proof, 2 dozen for__ .05 

C3-8B8. Button Hooks Steel, bone 
handles, each _. .5 

Manicure Set 

asn aces, 

ox, per pair .05 

........ - ..... 08 

rpoise Laces, full 

C3-859. Manicure Set Complete, for 
gents or ladles for manicuring 
finger nails, nail cutter, cleaner and 
file all in one, nickel plated, re- 
Yersible. pocket size, see cut 1O 

Key Rings and Chains 

C3-860. Key Rings, in 
steel, each_ .03 

C3 861. The" Washbnrn" 
Key Chain, with patent 
Wnshburn fastener and 
key ring, strong and 
nickel plated chain. 
extra value, each .05 

C3-862. Steel Key Chain* as above 
only with new wire link which can 
not come apart, each .1 

C3-868. Same as above, with alumi 
num chain, very light weight, each 
r ,,- .15 

Coat Hangers 

C3-864. Chain Coat Hangers made 
of extra strong wire, black or silver 
ed, 3 chains for .05 

C3-847. The Derby Cufl Holder, see 
cut, nickel plated, can be worn with 
lin k or round cuffs, per p > ir_ 1 

C3 848. The "Bird" CuB Holder, 
fastens your cuff to your coat sleeve. 
per p"i r . f .20 

Tie Clips 

C3-849. The "an Fait" and Wash- 
burn Tie Holders, for holding the 
tie in place on shirt or blouse front, 
2 for ,O5 

Specials in Notions 

C3-1002. Nameless Dress Shields, 
made of fine quality double 
nainsook covering, rubber lined, 
size 3, extra special, 2 pairs .25 

C3-1004. Fine quality Mohair 
Boot Laces, 45-iu. long, made of 
bet yarn and tagged, good to 
wear and look well, spec "! 
value, pet doz. laces _. .06 

C31007. Nickel-plated Safety 
Pins, with guarded spring, very 
strong and well finished, an as- 
sortmentof 3 sizes, special valne, 
3 doz ...._ 10 

C3-1015. Plain Black Silk Garter 
Elastic, %-in. wide, extra strong, 
suitable for arm bands or gar 
ters, special value. .09 

C3-1012. Brass Hooks and Lyes 
with center spring, extra well 
finished ir. black or white, speci 
al value, a carda... ....... 10 





Always use our order 
turns, we supply 
them free. 

Table Linen Department 

Learn economy in hou 
keeping by shoppi 
with us. 

Cream OP Half Bleached 

Table Damasks 

Cream or Half Bleached Union Taoie imiuasK. 
irted patterns 

Gi-i. 54-inch per yard .23 

HI -2. 60-inch " .25 

Gl-3. ec-iui h _ " .28 

Superior quality of three-quarter bleached Table 

l>!iju.i-ks, large range of patterns 

fll-4. ii 1-inch _ per yard .30 

Gl-5. 72-inch _ " .35 

Extra heavy quality of three-quarter bleached 

Table l>uinask, new designs 
Gl-6. 66-inch _per yard .37 

Half Bleached Table Damask, assorted patterns, 
medium and heavy quality, guaranteed all pure 

Gl-7. 56-inch . per yard ,?9 

Gl-8. 60-iuch _ " .35 

Fine Half Bleached Table Linen, heavy quality 
Irish manufacture, guaranteed all pure linen 

Gi-9. 60-inch per yard .40 

in-io. 64-inch " .45 

ia-11. 70-inch " .48 

Extra heavy all pure linen three-quarter bleached 
Table Linen, superior quality ami tinish 

GM2. 61-inch per panl .50 

GM3. 72-inch -. _ .55 

Half Bleached Scotch Table Damask, heavy qual 
ity, mude from pure flux, all linen 

57-inch _.. per yard .40 

Gl-l.j. 72-inch _ " .50 

Best quality Half Bleached Table Damask, pure 
finished cloth, will bleach easily, guaranteed 
pure linen 

G1-1S. 66-inch per yard .60 

(il-17. 72-inch ______" 75 

GM 72-inch. .._ " .85 

Gl-19. 72-iuch " 1.00 

Bleached Table Damasks 

Full Bleached Union Table Damask, in assorted 


61 20. 66-inch per yard .25 

Gl-21. 60-inch _ " .35 

Full bleached all pure Linen. Satin Damask Table 

Linrn, new designs 

Gl-22. ill-inch .per vard .40 

01-23. 65-inch _ " .45 

Gl-24. 66-inch " .50 

Superior quality of full bleached Satin Damask 

Tinile Linen, grass bleached, choice patterns 

G1-2J>. 64-inch per yard .50 

i!l-2(i. 72-inch " .58 

Gl-27. 72-inch _ .65 

Double Damask Table Linen, grass or dew 

bleached, selected patterns, manufactured 

from pure flax, warranted every thread linen 
G1-2S. 72-inch . _. . _per yard 75 

Gl-29. 72-inch _ " .85 

Gl-30. 72-inch _ " 1.00 

Extra heavy rich Satin Double Damask Table 

Linen, choice range of patterns, guaranteed 

cvry thrt iid linen 

GKU. 72-inch _ _ per yard 1.1 

Gl-32. 72-inch. _ " 1.35 

Full Bleached Satin Damask, manufactured in 

narrow widths 

5-t-inch per yard .55 

Full Bleached Satin Damask, perfectly plain, 

without pattern 
stitching *r . 

31-31 Va-inch 

Full Bleacher 1 

stone border, to 
Gl-35. 72-inch...... 

i linen 

I&O1X, pC* 1CVU J ^MWU, 

for drawn work, hem- 

per yard .85 

lask, plain centre, with key- 
ommunion cloths, all linen 
per yard .85 

Bleached Table Linens with Napkins 
to Match 

Full bleached all pure Linen Satin Damask Table 
Linen, choice range of designs 

Gl-36. 70-inch. _peryard .53 

Gl-37. Napkins to match, 22x22 in., per doz. 1.35 

Gl-38. 72-inch _peryard .75 

Gl-39. Napkins to match, 26x25 in., doz 2.50 

Extra heavy full bleached rich Satin Double 
Damask Table Linen, handsome designs, all 

Gl-40. 72-inch _ . per yard .85 

Gl-41. Napkins to match, 26x26 in., doz 3 .00 

Gl-42. 72-inch _ per yard 1 .1 O 

Gl^tS. Napkins to match, 26x26 in., doz 3.75 

Colored Table Damask 

Turkey on white, also Turkey on green, Table 
Damasks, guaranteed fast colors new designs 

Gl-44. 52-inch 

Gl-45. 58-inch 

Gl-46. 62-inch 

Gl-47. 72-inch 

.per yard .3 

Underlay or Silence Cloth 

Silence Cloth, for using under Damask Cloth, 
heavy weight, soft finish 

Gl-48. 56-inch _per yard .60 

Gl-49. 64-inch _ " .75 

Quilted Padding, for tables, tape bound edges, 

extra.heavy and washable- 
Gl-50 50-inch per yard 80 
Gl-51. 60-inch " .90 

Bleached Damask Table Napkins 

(We do not sell less than %-dozen napkins. ) 

Full Bleached Satin Damask Table Nankins, 
assorted patterns 

Gl-52. 16x16 in .per doz. .SO 

Gl-53. 16x16 in " .75 

All Pure Linen Satin Damask Table Napkins, 
choice range of new patterns 

Gl-54. 18x18 in .per doz. 1 .00 

Gl-55. 19x19 in. " 1.1 5 

Gl-56. 19x19 in. _ . . " 1.25 

Gl-57. 19%xl9%in _ " 1.35 

Gl-58. 20x20 in " 1.50 

Gl-59. 21x21 in " 1.75 

Rich Satin Damask Table Napkins, grass bleach 
ed , handsome collection of patterns, guaranteed 
all pure linen 

Gl-60. 21x21 in per dor. 1.85 

Gl-fil. 21x21 in 2.C~ 

Gl-62. 21x21 in __ " 2.! 

Gl-63. 22x22 in " 

Gl-64. 22x22 in. " 

Gl-65. 22x22 in. " 3.{_ _ 

Gl-66. 22x22 in " 4.25 

superior quality of fill! dieacned all Linen I 
mask Tabie Napkins, selected patterns 

Gl-67. 23x23in...7 perdoz.1 

Gl-68. 23x23 in 

Gl-69. 24x24 in 

Gl-70. 25x25 in.. 

Gl-71. 25x25 in.. 

Gl-72. 26x26 in._ 

Full Bleached Rich Satin Double Damask Tal 
Napkins, dew bleached, exclusive designs, wi 
ranted every thread linen 

Gl-73. 25x25 in perdoz.4.C 

GI-74. 2tix26ill " 47 

(il-75. 26x26ill.. 

Gl-76. 2lix26in.. 

Gl-77. 27x27 in. 

Gl-78. 27x27 in.. 

Bleached Damask Cloths 

Superior quality of Damask Table Cloths, bordi 
I d all round, assorted patterns 

Gl-71). 2x2 yards each 1.C 

Gl-SO. 2x2% yards _ _ " 1.2 

Bordered Satin Damask Table Cloths, grass 
dew bleached. Irish and Scotch manufactui 
warranted all linen, with napkins to match 

GI-81. 2x2U yards ................................ eiu-h 1.4 

Napkins to match, 18%xl8%in., doz. 1 1 
2x2 a " 




., . 
2x2 yards ..................... " ............. each 1 .3 

2x- V yards ................ . .............. 1.6 

Napkins to match, 20x20 in., doz.... 1 .3 

2x2% yards .................................. each 1 ,S< 

Napkins to match, 24x24 in., doz.... 2.2 

Special Rich Satin Double Damask Table Clotl 

grass bleached, choice assortment of patterns 
G1-S8. 2x2 yards ______ __ ............... ..each 1.6: 

Gl-89. 2x2y~ yards.... " i c.| 

Gl-90. 2x3 yards ................. _ ..... " 2.5 i 

Gl-91. Napkins to match, 20x20 in., doz.... 1 ; 

Gl-92. Napkins to match, 24x24 in., doz.... 2.5 i 

Rich Satin Double Damask 1 Me Cloths. bord( 

ed all round, grass or dew bleached, nan 

some now designs, guaranteed all linen 
Gl-93. 2x2> yards .............. _ ............... each 2.5 

Gl-^4. 2x3 yards.. .............................. "28 

Gl-;i">. Napkins to match, 25x25 in., doz.... 3 ! 

Gl-96. 2x2% yards ................. each 2 7 

Gl-97. 2x3 yards ................ _ ..... _ ........... " 3.0 

Gl-98. Napkins to match, 26x26 In., doz.... 3.5 

Gl-99. 2x2V yards .......... _ ............ each 3 2 

G 1-100. 2x3 ya rds ................... _____ "37 

G 1-101. 2^x3 yards ...... "45 

GI-IU2. 2 I - 2 x3^ yards. _____ "50 

Gl-103. Napkins to match, 26x26 in., doz.... 3.7 

Heavy quality of Pure Linen Damask Table Clot 

bleached on tlie rass, new patterns, guara 

teed every thread linen 
Gl-ioi. 2x2 ., yards . ...each 3.7 

Gl-105. 2x3 yards... 4,5 

Gl-106. 2X" 1 ., yar is ............................... " 5.5 

Gl-107. Napkins to match, 26x26 in., doz. 4.7 

Bordered Irish Damask Table Cloths, dew bleac 
ed, exclusive patterns, guaranteed pure linen 
G1-10S. 2x2V^ yards ... _ _______ _ each 4 2 

Gl-109. 2x3 yards ......... , "47 

61-110. 2x3 i yards ...... .. " 5.2 J 

61-111. 2 1 4x3 1 ^ yards . " 7 ! 

Gl-112. 2>^x4 yards. .............. __ " 8.0 

Gl-113. Napkins to match, 27x27 in., do/.. 4.7 
Gl-114. 2x2^ yards each 5 

Gl-115. 2x3 yards ...... ... ____ ____ " 60 

G 1 -116. 2Hx3J/ 2 yards , 

Gl-117. 2>|x4 yards.. 

..-. " 9.0 

11 O 

Gl-118. Napkins to match727x27"in. , "doz... 8iO 

Fine Linens, Towels and Towellings 

Roller Towelling 

Bordered Crash Roller Towelling, even weave 

Gl-119. 16%-in per yard .05 

Extra quality of Crash Roller Towelling, firm 
even weave, fast color, borders 

Gl-120. 17-in per yard .07 

Gl-121. 17-in " .08 

Gl-122. 18-in._ " .1 

Gl-123 19-in " .11 

Heavy Crash Roller Towelling, made frm select 
ed flax, excellent drying towelling, red borders. 

Gl-124. Ib-in .._ per Tard ,\ O 

Gl-125. 18-in " .12% 

Gl-126. 18-in. " .1 5 

Crash Roller Towelling, plain, without border, 
heavy make 

Gl 127. 15-in _ _peryard .07 

Gl-128. 18-in _ _ " 08 

Gl 129. 21-in " .1 


.1 < 

Rough Homespun Crash Towelling, without bo 
der, warranted all linen 

Gl-131. 24-in..... per yard 

Gl-132. 24-in__ __ " 

White and Brown Crash Roller Towelling, gua 
anteed pure linen, splendid drying towel ling- 

Gl-133. 16-in peryard .08? 

Gl 134. 18-iu _ " -.1 i i 

Heavier quality of white and brown towelling 

Gl-135. 16 in per yard 1 ( 1 

61-136. 18-in _ .125 , 

Gl-137. 26-in " 1 . 


Glass and Tea Towelling 

jperior quality of red or bine checked Glass 
Towelling, last selvage on both sides 

1-138. lti%-in per yard 

M39. IK io " 

1-140. 23-in .08X 

itra fine quality Glass Towelling, assorted in 
red or blue checks, guaranteed fast In color 

1-141. 24-ln per yard .1 

1-142. 24-in_ 12% 

1-143. 27 in.._ __ IS 

Hrior quality of Plain lea Towelling, firm, 
even weave 

1-144. 18-ln per yard .07 

1-145. 20-in .08 

I 1-146. 23-in " .1 Q 

I 1-147. 25-in " .12% 

ed Border Plain Tea Towelling, superior quality. 

1-148. 23-in per yard .T 

1-149. 25-in " .1; 

11 Linen Plain Glass or Tea Towelling, sp 

fine quality 

1-160. 25-in " .1 5 

Roller Towels 

eady-made Roller Towels, ready for use 
17-inch by 2% yards 

17-inch by 3 yards 

18-inch bv 3 yards. 


Hemmed Tea Towels 

emmed Glass Towels, in red or blue checks 

19x36 inches ._.each .O7K 

20x36 inches " .0874 

23x36 inches _ 

14x36 inches " .12% 

ordered Kitchen or Glass Towel, with the word 
(Gla-ss Towel) on borders, excellent drying, fine 
even weave 

1-151. 22x27 inch each 1 

1-152. 22x30 inch _ "12% 

1-153. 24x33 inch _. " .15 

Huckaback Towellings 

.alt-bleached Huckaback Towelling, superior 
quality and finish 

1-154. 17-inch _ per yard .10 

oil-bleached Huckaback Towelling, extra heavy 

1-155. 1g-lr."h pa-yo.^ .^ 5 

4-166. 21-inch r> .1 8 

1-157. 25-inch " .20 

nil-bleach _-d all pure linen Huck Towelling.firm 
even weave, Irish manufacture 

Mnch per yard .1 5 .20 

Mnch .20 



ictoria Stripe and White Turkish 

triped Turkish Towelling, with rough finish- 
No. A. 16-inch per yard ,1Q .12% .16 

dnen Turkish Towelling, with red striped bor 
No. AA. 16-inch per yard .18 .20 

Chile Turkish Towelling, superior quality, soft, 
pure finish 

(1-159. 16-inch peryaid 12% 

ll-:60. 18-inch _ _ " .1 g 

il-161. 20-inch " 

tl-162. 22-inch " 20 

l-16s. 27-inch _ " .?5 

loneycomb Cloth, 26-inch, per yd._ ,2O .25 

3 illow Linens Linen Sheetings, 

r ronting Linens, Embroidery Linens 

upe-ior quality soft pure finished Pillow Linens. 

40 inch per yard .40 .45 .50 .65 

45-inch .45 .50 .60 .65 

jnen Sheetings, softpure finish airiinen 

T2-inch per yard .75 .85 1 25 

80-inch. 1.00 110 1 35 

90-inch " 11Q 1.?5 1.60 

fronting Linens, superior quality and finish 
86-incfi .per yard .35 .40 .50 ,60 

Bleached Embroidery Linen, soft needle i" 

36-inch per yard 4Q .50 ,60 .75 

?ine quality Sheer Linen lor handkerchiefs 

86-in., per yd. .50 .60 ,75 .85 1 .00 1 .25 
ixtra fine quality Sheer Linen 
80-inch _ per yard 1.75 2.50 

Butcher Linens, Hollands, Colored 
Linens, etc. 

Bleached Butcher Linens, superior quality 
38-inch .per yard .25 .27 .30 .35 

Unbleached Butcher Linens, pure even weave 

36-inrh . _ ..pel yard .18 .20 

40-inch " .20 .25 .27 

Unbleached Dowlas Linen, as used for aprons 

39-inch ...,. ...per yard .15 .18 

48-inch " .20 .25 

Bordered Apron Linens, assorted In redand blue 
borders, 38-inch per yard .16 .18 

Rough Brown Hollands 

32-inch per yard .12H .15 .18 .20 

.15 .18 .20 

40-inch _ 

3U-1UCU _ g .10 ,1O ,.\J ,O 

Colored Linens, dyed in the yarns, as used for 
dresses, fancy work, etc., in plain colors of pink, 
old rose, pale blue, navy, mauve, pearl grey, 
white, cream, nile and sage green, canary 
36-inch....... ......._ .......per yard .35 

Stair Linens 

Stair Damask, black and grey or brown and grey, 
with or without red border 

14-inch ..per yard .09 


18-Inch " .12% 

20-inch.... " ,15 

Extra heavy quality Stair Damasks, in brown 
and black 18-inch, per yard .18 

Stair Drill, brown linen color, with red border 

16-inch _.._._..._ per yard 1 1 

18-inch " 12% 

JO-inch Z " .16 

Sanitary Diapers 
(Prices subject to change without notice.) 

AttUepUc Bleached Cloth, made of specially sel 
ected bleached cotton. guaranteed chemically 
pure and absorbent, sou finish, in sealed pack 
ages of 10 yards each 

18 inches wide ...._....._._ __pci p^oce 65 

20 Inches wide r .75 

22 Inches wide - " .80 

26 inches wide .. " .85 

Table Oilcloth and American 

(Prices subject to change without notice.) 
lU-yard wide, plain white o: marble, yard. .22 

IVi-yard wide, fancy, per yara ,?2 

1%-yard wide, plain white >r marble, yard. .30 

1%-yard wiae, fancy, per ytrrt .30 

Shelf Oilcloth, plain, with colored border, pinked 

edge. 11 inches wine, DP r yard ____.. .06 

American Leather in .ack, maroon, dark green, 
rufset and brown, witn muslin back, IJ^-yard 

wide, per yard .30 

American Leather In black, maroon, dark green, 
russet and brown, with drill back, 1^-yard 
wide, per yard .... .40 

Rubber Sheeting 

Hospital or Rubber Sheetings 

1- yard wide _____yard .60 

IJ^-yard wide " .85 

l&yard wide 


Hemmed Huck Towels 

Half-bleached Hemmed Huckaback Towels, su 
perior quality, plain or colored borders 

G 1-164. 17 x 32 Inches, per pair .1 8 

Gl-166. 18x35 "" . J>0 

01-166.20x40 " " 25 

Full bleached hemmed Huck Towels, superior in 
, quality and finish, plain white or red borders 

01-167. 17 x 34 inches, per pair .20 

Gl-168. 18x33 

Gl-169. 18x34 " " 

Gl-170. 19x39 " " .33 

Full bleached all pure linen hemmed Irish Buck 
Towels, plain white borders 

Gl-171. 20 x 40 inches, per pair. 35 

Gl-172. 20 x 40 " " 40 

01-173.21x42 " 45 

Extra fine quality of full bleached Devonshire 
Huck Towels, hemmed ends, plain white bord 
ers, excellent drying Towels 

Gl-1 74. 23 x 45 inches, per pair _ 50 

Gl-175. 24 x 45 " " 6O 

Gl-176. 24 r 45 " " .65 

Fringed Huck Towels 

Half-bleached Fringed Huck Towels, assorted in 

plain or red t>orders 

Gl-177. 18 x 35 inches, per pair .18 

Gl-178. 19 x 87 " " . . 20 

61-179.20x40 " " 23 

Gl 1*0. 20x40 " " 29 

Full Bleached Fringed Huck Towels, with plain 

white borders, good drying towel 

Gl-181. 21 x 42injhei, per pair .35 

GI-182. 22x42 " " _ 40 

01-183.23x46 " " .45 

All Linen Full Bleached Hue* Towels, fringsia 

ends, plain white or red borders even weave 

Gl-184. 20 x 40 inches, per pair _ .?9 

01-185.21x42 " .35 

Gl-186. 22x42 " _ 40 

G 1-187. 23 x 45 " " 45 

Full Bleached All Pare Linen Devonshire Huck 
TowelSi fringed ends, excellent drying towels 

Gl-188. 24 x 42 inches, per pair _ .50 

"31-18922x45 " " 55 

Gl-190. 24 x 47 " " ___ [65 

Damask Towels 

Fringed Damask Towels, three-quarter bleached, 
fancy woven centre patterns, red and blue 

61-191. 15x29 inches, per palr__. 12% 

Gl-192. 16x32 " " 17 

Gl-193. 17x34 " . 20 

Gl-194. 18x38 " " .23 

Gl-195. 20 x 42 " " 29 

Gl-196. 22 x 44 " " , ^35 

Full Bleached Damask i owels, all linen knotted 

frinaed ends, fancy patterns 
Gl-197. 19 x 40 inches, per pair.. 
G1-1M8. 20 x 43 " 
Gl-199. 21 X43 " 
Gl-200. 21% x 47 " 

Hemstitched Towels 

Full Bleached All Linen Damask Towels, hem 
stitched ends, with open work 

Gl-201. 19 x 38 inches, per pair 45 

Gl-202. 22x41 

Gl- 203, 22x42 " 

Gl-204. 23x44 " " -I .OO 

Full Bleached Huckaback Towels, all linen, hem 
stitched ends, extra quality 

G 1-205 22 x 42 inches, per pair. 45 

Gl-206. 22x43 " 

Gl-207. 24 x 46 " " 85 

01-208.25x46 - " _ llOO 

Honeycomb Towels 

Unbleached otton Honeycomb Towels, fringed 

ends, colored borders 

G1-2O9. 16 x 32 inches, per dozen.____ 40 

Bleached Cotton Honeycomb Towels, red borders, 

fringed ends 
G 1-210. 15 x 35 inches, per dozen SO 

Gi-211. is x 36 ~ ~;i ."". ;o 

Soft Cotton Honeycomb Towels, fringed ends 

Gl-212. 15 x 27 inches, per dozen .50 

Baibers Special Honeycomb Towels, extra soft, 

hemmed ends 
Gl-213. 15 x 23 inches, per dozen .60 

Rubdry Bath Towels 

Made from fine Egyptian cotton, excellent friction 

Gl-214. 19% x 42 inches, each .30 

Gl-215. 22 x 45% " " 

Gl-216. 23 x 42% " " 6O 

Gl-217. 24Ux54% " " ~ Q(j 

Gl-218. 24% x 54 " " 1.15 

Turkish Bath Towels 

White Turkish Bath Towels, pure finish, fringed 


Gl-219 18 x 30 inches, per pair... 2O 

Gl-220. 18x39 " " 

01-221. 20x43 " 
Gl-222. 23 X 43 " 
01-223. 24X47 " 
Gl-224. 23 x 50 
01-225. 32x53 " 

01-22627x56 " - _.i".25 

Full Bleached Hemstitched Turkish Bath Towels, 

superior quality ana finish 

Gl-227. 23 x 45 inches, per pair. 75 

01-228. 27x50 " " 1OO 

Gl-229. 27 x 58 " " ._ 1 25 

01-230. 28x54 " .___".- 1 ,50 

Grey Striped Cotton Turkish Bath Towels, linen 

finished, fringed ends, superior qualities 
Gl-231 16 x 30 inches, per pair . 15 

Gl-232 17 x 40 " " 20 

Gl-233. 2C x 38 " " 25 

Gl-234. 20 x 46 " " 29 

01-235.22x48 " " . . .... " ..TIT ! 

Heavy Quality of Striped English Turkish Bath 

Towels, linen finished 

Gl 236. 25 x 50 inches, per pair .50 

02-237.25x52 __ 75 

Plain Brown Linen Turkish Bath Towels, extra 

heavy fringed ends 
Gl-238. 2 x 39 inches, per pair.________ .50 

Gl-24o! 24x54 " " ._____. 1 1nn 

Gl-241. i" x56 " -25 

Gl-242 30x54 " " ISO 

01-248.30x60 " " ~2.00 

Brown Linen Turkish Towels, with white and 

red stripes, fringed ends 

Gl-244. 21 x 42 inchea, per pair Sfl 

01-215.24x50 " " " " 75 


"IT.." 1 


EATON C ;iiiw 


Fancy Linen, Table Covers, Steamer Rugs 

Plain Irish Linens 

Gl-T27x. Plain Hemstitched Irish Linens, manu 
factured from selected linens 

7x 7 inches, ea. 

9x 9 " " 
12x12 " 
15x15 " 
18x18 " 
20x20 " 
36x36 " " 

17x27 inches, ea. 
20x30 " " 
17x36 " " 
17x64 " " 
17x72 " " 
31x31 " 

Hemstitched and Drawn Plain 
Linens, fancy drawn work covers 


7x 7 inches, ea. .07 20x20 inches, ea. 
9x 9 " " .10 17x27 " " .30 
12x12 " " ,\2% 20x30 " " .35 
15x15 " " .19 17x36 " " .35 
18x18 " " .23 17x64 " " .50 
31x31 " " .SO 17x72 " " .65 

36x36 " " ._ 65 

G1535X. Superior Quality of Hemstitched Irish 
Linen, with fancy drawn work pattern in doy 
lies, centres, trays, scarfs, tea cloths 
7x 7 inches, ea. .08 17x27 inches, ea. .35 
9x 9 " " 10 20x30 " " .45 
12x12 " " .17 17x36 " " .45 
15x15 " " .23 17x54 " " .60 

" .75 
" .60 

36x36 " " ....L _ .75 

G1-546X. Extra Fine Quality of Hemstitched and 
Drawn Plain Irish Linens, extra well finished 



17x27 inches, ea. 

20x30 " " ^65 

17x36 " " .65 

17x54 " " .75 

17x72 " " .85 

31x31 " " .8T 

7x 7 inches, ea. 

9x 9 " 
12x12 " 
15x15 " " 
18x18 " 
20x20 " " 
36x36 " " L 

G1-120X. Plain Spoke Hemstitched Irish Linen", 
suitable for needlework or drawn work, soft 
needle finish 
18x18 inches, ea. 
20x20 " " 
17x17 " 





18x36 inches, ea. .50 
17x54 " " .60 
81x31 " " .60 
36x36 " " .75 
1 25 

Damask Tray Tea and Sideboard 

Bleached Linen Damask Tray Cloths, fringed, 
new assorted patterns, all linen 
20x30 inches, each .. .20 

Fine Bleached German Damask Tray Cloths, tied 
fringe, large range of new patterns, all linen 
18x27 in. ,ea_ .17 .25 20x30 in., ea.. .20 .33 

Fine Bleached German Damask Tray Cloths, tied 
fringe and fancy open work, all linen, choice 
new patterns 

18x27 inches, each 23 .25 

20x30 inches, each 25 .35 

"Our Special " Hemstitched Damask Tray Cloths, 
pure linen, satin finish 20x30 inch, each .40 

hemstitched German Damask Tray Cloths, all 
pure linen, superior quality and finish 

18x27 inches, each 25 .35 

20x30 in., each_ .35 .40 .45 .50 .60 
20x30 in., each _ .. .65 

Sideboard Scarfs, full bleached damask, long 
knotted fringe ends, all linen 

16x50 inches, each 3Q .40 .50 

16xti8 inches, each 40 .50 

Hemstitched German Damask Sideboard or 
Dresser Scarfs, with fancy open work ends, 
choice new patterns, all linen 
16xe>8 inches, each._ .60 .75 1.00 1.25 

Austrian Crepe Linen Stand and Sideboard Scarfs, 
knotted fringe on ends 
16x50 inches, each .19 16x70 inches, ea.. .25 

German Linen Crepe Bureau or Sideboard Scarfs, 
with knotted fringe and open work ends 

16x50 inches, each .23 .29 

16x70 inches, each _. .33 .40 

Fine Bleached Damask Tea Cloths, tied fringe 
32x32 inches, each _ 40 .SO 

Hemstitched German Linen Damask Tea Cloths, 
assorted in all new patterns pure linen 
36x36 inches, each 60 .75 1 .00 

Applique Pillow Shams 

Fine Swiss Cambric Applique Pillow Shams, 
scalloped edges, iu neatly embroidered open 
work designs, used for small table covers, size 

32x32, pair 53 .65 .78 .96 1.15 

1.35 1.65 1.93 

Hemstitched Applique Pillow Shams, extra well 
made in fancy open work patterns, size 32x32 
inches, pair .95 1.15 1.35 1.65 1.95 

Fine Swiss Applique, washstand, dresser and 
sideboard scarf, new open work patterns 

18x36 inches, each 35 .40 .50 

18x54 " " 50 .60 .75 .85 

18x72 .50 .65 .75 .851.00 

Toilet Covers 

Plain White Honeycomb Toilet Covers, knotted 

26x40 inches, each .18 .20 .25 

27x45 inches, each .23 .27 .30 

Fringed Napkins and Doylies 
Bleached Damask Doylies, tied fringe, neat pat 
terns, square 7x7 inches, each. O5 

9x 9 inches, ea. O7 12xl2in.,ea. 10 12. a 

16x16 in., ea. .10 .12H 18x18 in., ea, .12Ji 

Bleached Damask Doylies, tied fringe, round- 
Diameter 7 inches, each .05 

" 9 " " _ .07 

Bleached Damask Doylies, tied fringe, oval 
9x12 inches, ea. .08 12x15 inches, ea. .1 
14x 18 inches, ea. .15 20x30 inches, ea. .30 

Bleached Damask Napkins, fringed, assorted pat 
16x1 6 inches, perdoz... .60 .75 1 00 1.20 

18x18 " " .65 TOO 1 SO 

20x20 " " .751.351.75 

Cream Pamask Napkins, fringed, red borders 

13x13 inches, per doz. 4Q> 


17x17 " " ^60 

Turkey on White Napkins, fringed 
Perdoz 35 .45 .50 1.00 

Tapestry and Chenille Table Covers 

(In quoting size fringe is always included) 
English and German Tapestry Covers, assorted 
designs, with heavy knotted fringe, in crimson, 
blue or green grounds with combination of 
other colorings 
2x2 yds. 1.35 1.50 1.75 

2x3 yd. 


1.752.002.50 2.75 3lOO 
4 3 50 3 78 

American Chenille Table Covers, new patterns 
rich combinations of crimson, green, blue a 
fawn grounds, knotted fringe all round 

1 xl yds., each 50 .65 ." 

iy 2 xl^yds., each 1.00 1.25 1.35 1 . 

2 x2 yds., each 1 .85 2.252.75 3.; 
2 X2>yds., each _ 2.75 3.50 5.( 

Colored Border Cloths 

(Fringe included in size of cloth) 
Three-quarter Bleached Union Damask Clot 
finished with nd border and fringe all roun< . 

Gl-246. 50x60 inches; each . 

Gl-247. 50x78 " " _ .M 

Gl-248. 50x85 " " _ .H 

Heavy auality of red bordered Cloths, fringed 
round, assorted patterns 

Gl-249. 66x84 inches, each "f 

Gl-250. 66x94 " " < ( 

Gl-251. 66x104 " " .. 1 .( ! 

Colored Damask Cloths 

(Fringe included in size of cloth) 
Turkey on green and Turkey on white Ta 
Cloths, fringed and bordered all round, gnar , 
teed fast colors 

Gl-252. 58x68 inches, each _____ 

Gl-253. 58x84 " " / 

01-251. 58x102 " " 1. > 

Superior Quality of Turkey on white and Turl 
on irrern Table Covers, assorted patterns, friuj 
all round, heavy quality 


Gl-255. 66x70 inches, each 

Gl-256. 66x84 
01-257. 66x102 " 
G1-2.S8. 67x69 
Gl-259. 67x85 " 
Gl-260. 67x102 

Shawl and Steamer Lap Rugs 

Shawl Rugs, fringed ends, Steamer Rugs 
Travelling Snuwls or Carriage Knee Runs, a - 
very suitable for Couch Rugs, of which 1 
show a lurge rangeof the latest designs, in pi , 
plaids and clan tartan checks, in a large \ 
lety of colors, in navy blue, brown, fawn, gre- 
grey and black 
each... 3.75 4.50 6.00 7.00 9.1 i 

Seal or Printed Rugs, large range of choice I 
signs and shades, with plain black son! bac 
each... 2.25 2.50 3.50 4.00 4.. i 

Rubber Rugs, unlined, good quality of rubbe 
48x72 inches, each i .( 

Rubber Lap Rugs, fine quality rubber, IBI 
check lining, assorted colors, each U^ 

Heavy English Rubber Lap Rugs, with pi. 
heavylining.iii dark green, brown, blue 3.j i 

Heavy English Rubber Lap Rugs, with fancy s 
or printed lining on back 3.50 4.5O 5.( i 

Buggy Dusters 
Plain Momie Buggy Dusters, fringed ends, eac 

,5O 75 1.1 i 

Embroidered Momie Dusters, fancy floral des i 

fringed ends, each _ _ 75 1 .1 ] 

Checked Linen Buggy Dusters, fringed ends, et i 

- 50 .75 1.00 1.:J 

Flannel and Flannelette Department 

Grey Union Flannels 

Plain and Twilled Weave of Grey Union Flannel, 
manufactured from good clean stock, in light 
and dark shades, 26 inch, yard 12H 

27 inch, yard .15 

Grey Union Fhirting Flannel, fine pressed finish, 
unshrinkable, iu light and dark shades, plain 
or twilled weave, 28 inches wide, yard ... .1 9 

Grey All Wool Flannel 

Extra Fine Quality All Wool Grey Flannel, made 
from selected stock, thoroughly cleansed, free 
from grease, in plain or twilled weave, light 
and dark shades, 26 inch .22 27 inch .25 

28 inch .30 28 inch .35 

Special Width of Grey Flannel, warranted all 

wool, thoroughly scoured, light and dark 
shades, plain or twilled weave, 32 inch wide, 
yard .30 .35 .40 

Navy Blue Flannel 

Navy Blue Union Flannel, fast indigo dye, in 
plain or twill weave, 25 inch wide, yard.. 19 

Fine Quality of All Wool Navy Blue Flannel, fast 
indigo dye, in plain or twilled weave, 27 inch, 
yard .25 28 inch .30 82 inch .30 .40 

Cream Flannel 

Fine Cream Ceylon Flannel, guaranteed un 
shrinkable, soft pure finish, plain weave, 28 in., 
yard.._ .22 .25 .30 .35 

Fine French Cream Flannel, plain weave, ail 
wool and unshrinkable, made of extra flue 
yarns, 31 inch, yard ._ .25 .32 .35 .45 
36 inch, yard .45 .50 

French Cream Twill Flannel, all pure wool, un 
shrinkable, good clear color, 31 inch, yard 

._ _ .33 .37 .45 .50 ;6O .65 

Fine English Saxony Flannel, cream snac 1 "!, soft 

pure finish, all wool, 25 inch, yd .25 27-in., 

.30 28 inch .35 2inch ,4Q 80 in. .50 

Empress Flannel. A fine French cream flam i 
plain weave, unshrinkable, specially manni i 
tured for children s and infants wear, or fl 
nel requiring a lot of washing, 31 inch, yard , 
.40 .i i 

French Flannels, Plain and Print 
for Blouses, Tea Gowns, Etc. 

Plain Color Fine Twilled Opera Flannels, f i 
soft wool, thoroughly fast in color, in bla i 
garnet, cardinal, navy, pink and sky, 27 in 
yard _ 30 I 

French Twilled Printed All Wool Flunnef, 
black, navy, sky, cardinal, garnet, cream s 
pearl grounds, with small and medium st 
or stripes, suitable for children s wear, lad i 
blouses, etc. ,27 inch, yard ., ; 

Fine French Printed Flannels, large range 
newest designs and colorings suitable 
bouses, kimonas, home gowns, etc., 28 ii I 
wide, yard t ,A 


ictoria Flannel, a thoroughly all pure wool 
flannel that positively will not shrink or 
harden in washing, assorted in a large range of 
neat patterns as used for ladies waists, ladies , 
men s and children s fine under garments. 30 

inch wide, yard _ _ 50 

lain French Flannels, light weight. In Spring 
and Summer wear, neatly embroidered silk 
designs of white on plain colors of cream, nary, 
manve. cardinal, garnet, brown, green, black, 
27 inches wide, per yard_ _ .45 

Scarlet and Natural Flannels 

jar et Yorkshire Flannels, warranted all pure 
wool, fof finish, gojd clear color, 24 Inch, yard 

20 26 inch .25 28inch._ 30 

29 35 .40 30 inch .50 

ine All Wool Natural Color Flannel, sanitary 
manufacture, guaranteed thoroughly shrunk, 
soft pure finish, 27 in., yd. .30 28 in., yd. .40 
4 Xatural Flannels, heavy quality of fine English 
Sanitary Flannel, all pure wool and unshrink 
able, soft finish. 36 inch, yard _ .50 

Shirting Flannels 

:eavy Wool Mixed Shirting Flannels, Scotch 
manufacture, very strong and serviceable, 
thoroughly shrunk, medium grey or fawn 
combinations, choice dark patterns, nil fast 
colors. 29 inch, yd. .25 .30 .35.40.45 

Extra Heavy All Wool Kersey Twill Flannel, for 
men s heavy shirts, etc., unshrinkable, grey 
shades only, 27 inch. yard. 25 ,30 

Canadian Military Shirting Flannel, made from 
selected stock, smooth finish, in b ack and 
white or grey and white mixed, 27-inch wide, 
yard..._ 30 28 inch 40 

Scotch Ceylon Flannel, unshrinkable, pure finish. 
in blue, grey or town grounds, with combina 
tion stripes, 28 inch wide, yard _ .12% 

Fine Scotch Ceylon Flannels, guaranteed un 
shrinkable, soft pure finish, cream and blue 
grounds, wilh pretty combination stripes of 
blue, pink or fawn. 28 inch, yard 
15 .20 .25 .30 

Silk Striped Flannelette, cream grounds, with 
neat pink or blue stripes. 2,<-lnch, per yard .12% 

Scotch and English Silk Striped Flannelettes, 
cream grounds, with neat white, pink or light 
blue stripes, specially suited for neglige shirts 
and ladies and children s wear, fast colors, 28- 
inch, yard .15 .20 

Striped Flannelette 

Canadian Striped Flannelette, large range of neat 
striped patterns, in light, medium and dark 
colorings, guaranteed fast colors 

G1-2BO. 30 inches per yard .06 

Q 1-261. 32 in., yd. .07% 01 262. 34 in .08% 

Superior Quality of English Flannelettes, large 
range of choice neat striped patterns, in 
medium, dark and light colorings 

Gl-263. 3- inches par yard .10 

<.; 1-264. 32 inches. J2J* 

G1265. 36 inches _ .15 

Extra Heavy Double-warp Flannelette, striped 
patterns, in light and medium dark colorings, 
last colors 

Gl-266. 32 inches peryard .12V2 

Gl-207. 36 in< hes - " . .18 

Angola Shirting Flannelettes, assorted designs of 
checked patterns in dark colorings 

Gl-268. 27 inches per yard .10 

Gl-269. 27 inches .12% 

Dyed Flannelettes 

Superior Quality of Canadian Dyed Saxony 
Flannelettes, assorted in plain colors of pink, 
blue, cream and white, pure finished cloths 
free from dressing 

Ql-270. 25 inches .per yard .07 

Gl-271. 30 inches .08% 

Gl-272. 32 inches 

Gl-273. 34 inches .12% 

Gl-274. 36 inches .15 

Plain Grey Flannelette, well napped, clear color 
GI-275. 86 inched _ 1 2% 

Cotton Department 

White Cotton 

Ine English Bleached Long Cloth, a peculiarly 
soft bright finished cotton, for general purposes, 

35 inch, per yard .06% .07% 

86 inch 08%. 1O .12% .15 

ndia Long Cloth, a soft very fine cotton. pleasant 
to work on, and will make dainty, attractive 
and long wearing garments, 36 inch, per yard... 

>% .15 .20 .25 

ne Bleached .shirting 

(orrockses 1 Medium and Fine Bleached shirting 
Cottons, made of round even yarns, very clear 

and smooth in finish, 36 in h, per yarfl 

11 12%, .15 .20 

;nglish Bleached Wide Shirting Cottons, fine 
makes. 42 inch, per yard .12 .14 .17 

Tewdson s Fine Twill Cotton, soft pure makes, 
36 inch, per yard .12% .15 .20 

Cambrics and Nainsooks 

lorrockses and Crewdson s Fine Bleached Cam 
brics, soft pure finished cottons, 36 in. .per yd. 
11 .12% ,15 .20 .25 

;ngli?h Bleached Wide Cambrics, special soft 
makes, 42 in., per yd .12%, .15 -17 

Sglish Bleached Nainsooks, very fine makes, 
especially desirable for infants skirts and slips 

and ladies underwear, 40 inch, per yard 

.12% .15 .18 .20 .25 .30 .35 .40 

Unbleached Cottons 

T nbleached Cottons, selected pure cloths, made 
from round even yarns, 34 in., yd. .06 .07 
seinehes. _ 07% .08% .10 

Vide Unbleached Cottons, free from sizing, 40 in., 
per yard_ _ _ 10 

Cheese Cloths and Buntings 

Jnblesched Cheese Cloths, 40 in., per yard ,Q5 

Jleai hed Butter Cloth, 36 inch, per yard_... .05 

Colored Cheese Cloth or Bunting, red, light blue, 

orange, yellow, white, dark green, royal bine 

and pink. 25 inch, per yard ,05 

American Extra Fine Cotton Bunting, pink, 
green, canary, apple, cream, white, yellow, 
black, rose pink, purple, red, royal blue and 
sky blue, 36 inch, per yard _. .10 

Canton Flannels 

."nblenched Cantons, well napped, soft pure 
finished cloths, per yd., 27 inch .07% .08% 
28 inch... .10 30 inch._ .12%. .15 .18 

nil Bleached Cantons, pure cloth, soft nap, 24 in. 
.08% .10 26 in. .12% 25 in. .15 26% in. .18 

Dyed Cantons, scarlet, cardinal, garnet, fawn, 
brown, slate, myrtle, royal, navy, old gold and 
black, per yard _ _ 12% 

Hessians or Straw Tickings 

54 inch striped, per yard... 1O .12% .15 

72 Inch plain, per yard .15 ,18 

Cotton Tickings 

Cotton Tickings, striped patterns in blue and 
white, and blue and red 

30 inch, per yard .10 .12% .15 

32 inch, per yard. 20 .22 .25 

36 inch, per yard _ 25 30 

Sateen Finished Tickings, in fancy stripes, fast 
colors, 32 inch, per yard 20 .25 

Ginghams and Oxford Shirtings, 
Galateas, Cte. 

English Shirting Cloths, neat striped designs, in 
light and medium dark colorings, 27 inch wide, 
.08% 28 inch _ 10 

Special Heavy Quality Canadian Shirting, stripes, 
dark navy grounds, guaranteed fast color, 30 
inch, peryard 15 

Fine English Galatea in navy blue grounds, with 
fancy white stripes, strong quality, as used in 
small boys suits and blouscsand men s working 
shirts, fast colors, 27 in. wide. 12% .15 .17 

English Harvard Shirtings, linen finish, in 

medium and light stripes, 28 inch, per yard 

.10 29 inch 12% 

English Oxford Shirtings, stripe and check pat 
terns, dark colorings. 27 inch, per yard. .1 2% 

English Oxford Shirtings, extra fine qualities, 
new stripe patterns, li^ht colorings, per yard_ 
29 inch 15 82 inch if .25 

Extra Fine English Satin Finished skirting. 
heavy quality, choice range of medium and 
wide stripe patterns, navy blue grounds, 30 inch 
per yard _ .20 

Fine Satin Finished Cotton Drill, white, navy, 
red. light and dark blue or fawn, 28 inch, per 

yard .15 

Apron Ginghams 

Apron Gineham. with or without fancy borders, 
medium and small check patterns in white and 
navy, all fast colors. 36 inch, per yard... .08% 

Apron Gingham, heavier qualities, with or with 
out borders, assorted checks in navy and white, 
36 inch, per yard 10 

Fine Plain Colored English Apron Cloth, in liiiht 
and dark blue, pink or fawn, with deep stripe 
border, 38 inch, per yard_ _ 15 

English Dress Check or Apron Cloth , medium 
1 small patterns in pink, light and dark 

Fine En 

and a , 
blue, brown or red, guaranteed fast color, 36 
inch, per yard _ .16 

Wide Apron Ginghams, with or without border, 
assorted patterns in small and medium checks, 
dark blue, 40 inch, per yard .12% 

Cotton Sail Ducks 

( Prices subject to change without notice.) 
Unbleached Cotton Duck, (or sails and awningi, 
best quality, per yard 

7oz. 8oz. 10 oz. 12 oz. 
.13 .15 .19 .22 

Cottonades and Denims 

Cottonades, carefully selected qualities, medium 
and small stripes, plain mixtures, etc., 28 inche. 
wide, per yard 15 .20 .26 

Denims, sometimes called Derry, in plain blue, 

28 inch, per yard: .12% .15 .18 

Plain brown, 28 inch, per yd. .12H .15 .20 

Extra Heavy Denim, double and twisted warps, 
blue with white, red or gold backs, 28 inches, 
per yard 22 

Carpet Warps 

(Prices subject to change without notice.) 

Carpet Warps, best standard makes, in light and 

dark reds, green or orange, sold only in 5-lb 

bundles, 5 Ibs. for _ 1.55 

White Carpet Warp, 5 Ibs. for 1.25 

Cotton Batting and Wadding 

Pure White Cotton Batting nut up in 16-oz. rolli 

only, four qualities, each .. .12% .15 -17 
Waddings, glazed finish. ID sheets 82x36 inches, 

cream or dark slate, sheet 03 

Fine American Bleached Wadding, special (or 

fancy work, per sheet -, .05 

American Colored Wadding, in four colors, sky, 

pink, nile or yellow, per sheet. ..._^_ .07 

Potato Bags 

20x40 inches, holds 90 Ibs., each ,Q7 .08 .10 

Grain Bags 

(Prices subject to change without notice,) 
Best Hochelaga makes 
2 bushel bags, No. W, per doz _ 2.30 

A " nr.;~.~_ 3.10 

2% " H " 3.25 

Bedding and Blanket Department 

Bleached Sheetings 

English Bleached Sheetings, best make, 
finish, plain 7/4 or 64-inch, per yard 

^5/4 or 72-inch, per yard 

r i-0-nich, per yard 

10/4 or 90-inch, per yard _ 

Twilled Sheetings, best make, soft finish 

7/4 or 64-inch, per yard _ 27 

8/4 or 72-inch, per yard 29 

9/4 or 80-inch, per yard 35 

10/4 or 90-inch, per yard 40 



Horrockes or Crewdson s Fine English Bleached 
Sheeting, linen finish, plain or twill 

68-inch or 7 4 wide, per y"1 ^Q 

72-inch or 8/4 wide, per yard._______._ .45 

80-inch or 9/4 wide, per yard 5Q 

90-inch or 10/4 wide, per yard. _ 55 

Unbleached Sheeting 

Plain Grey or Cnbleached Sheeting 64-inch or 7/4 
wide, yd. .1 9 72-in.or8/4 wide. yd. .18 .21 

80-inch or 9/4 wide, per yard .21 

90-inch or 10/4 wide, per yard 

Twilled Unbleached or Grey Sheeting 

64-inch or 7/4 wide, per yard. 

72 inch or 8/4 wide, per yard _ 19 

80-inch or 9/4 wide, per yard _ 22 

90-inch or 10/4 wide, per yard __... 





Pillow Cottons 

Heavy Blenched Plnin Pillow Cotton, rouna eren 
thread, soft pure finish 
Width ....... 40 42 44 4fi 48 inches 

,,; ..... -.12 .13 .14 .15 .16 per yd. 
Horrockses English Bleached Wain Pillow Cot 

ton. line linen finish 

Width ....... 40 42 15 4S 54 inches. 

"^ .......... 16 .17 .18 .20 .24 per yd. 

Fine Bleached Circular Pillow Cotton, pure finish 

Width ....... 40 42 44 46 4* inches. 

Price .... 15 is .17 .18 .19 per yd. 
Heavy Circular Pillow Cotton firm weave soft 

pure finish- 

Width ....... 40 42 44 40 48 inches. 

Price ........ .17 .18 .19 .20 .22 per yd. 

Extra Fine English Bleached Circular Pillow 

Cotton, linen finished, heavy cloth- 

Width ...... 40 4-2 45 48 inches. 

Prire .......... 19 .22 .24 .26 per yd. 

Ready-made Sheets 
Full Bleached Rcady-to-use Sheets, made from 

best standard makes of sheeting. Torn sizes, 

90 inches long and made with a 1-inch hem on 

one end and 1%-im-h hem on the other end. 
Plain Bleached Sheets, per pair 

64-in. wide.. ____ ..................... ................ _ i 25 

72-in. wide._ ........... 1*35 

80-in. wide ............ " 150 

Twilled Bleached Sheets per pair 

64-in. wirt.- .......... 

TL -ia. wide ........ 

t-O-m. wide ...... 



Pillow Cases 

G2-10. Full Bleached Cotton Pillow Cases, fin- 
i-hed with 2-inch plain hem, sizes 42x36 and 
45\;w i dies, per pair 25 

G2-11. Full Bleached Ready-made PiTiow Cases, 

finished with. 2^-inch hemstitched hem, size 

;i:id 45x36 inches, per pair 35 

,2-12. Soft Finished Full Bleached Cotton Pillow 

I us.-s. made from selected cotton, with 2-inch 

iitched hem and three hemstitched tucks, 

sizes 42x36 and 45x3ti in., per pair. 4Q 

62-13. Piliow Cases, made from superior quality 
of English Cotton, with plain deep hem, one 
row of insertion and cluster of tine tucks, size 
42xo6 and 45x36 inches, per pair 5O 

Hemstitched Sheets, P How Cases 

American Hemstitched Sheets, made of best plain 
soft-finished sheetings, 2-iuch plain hem, size 
81x90 inches, per p, jr.. 2.0O 2.25 2. SO 

American Hem-titched Pillow Cases, made of 
selected soft-finish, d cottons, 2-inch plain hem, 
sizes 42x36 and 45x:ti> inches, per pair 

40 .50 .60 

Flannelette Sheeting 

Soft Finish Flannelette Sheeting, long nap, white 
or grey, 70 inches wide, per yard_ 33 

Mattress Protectors 

Washable Quilted Sanitary Mattress Protectors, 
composed of pure white carded cotton, covered 
on both sides with white cotton cloth, quilted 
together and bound all round. The Protector 
is used to cover the Mattress, piotecting same 
from dust or soiled sheets and moisture, thereby 
adding to the good appearance cleanliness and 
life of the mattress, as well as affording a pro 
tecting cover that may be easily removed.dned, 
Washed or sterilized. Size 40x76 inches. 1 50 
Si2e50x76in 1.75 Size 60x70 2lOO 

Unshrinkable Wool Blankets 

: .nnility of Unshrinkable White Wool Blan 
ket*, entirely free from grease, colored striped 

G2-15. ft pounds, size 56x74 in., per pair 235 
G2-16. 6 " 60x80in., " " 2 82 

62-17. 7 " " 61x84 in., " " 3~29 

--IS. 3 " 68x88 In., " ..376 
Extra tine quality Lnsnnnkable White Wool 
Blankets, thoroughly scoured, free from grease, 

id borders 
52-19. 6 pounds, size 56x74 in., per pair 

6 " 60x80 in., " 

7 " " 64x84 in,, " 
G2-22. 8 " " 68x88 in., " 

62-23, 9 " " 70x90in., " 4 95 

G2-21. 10 " 72x90 in., " 5. 50 

N- VV*- V/x/V/X/V VVrwVV/V/Vi^/\>X/v 

Note Unshrinkable Wool Blankets, 
contains a small percentage of cotton, rather i 
an advantage in lower priced blankets, as j 
i improves their wearing and washing i 


Unshrinkable White Wool Blankets, thoroughly 
scoured, well napped, in solid pink or bine bor 
ders, very clear make, free from grease 

. Bize 64xSO inches, per pair . .. 300 

W-a;. Size 6tsx.s.s " _ 3i35 

White All Wool Blankets 

Fine Pure All Wool White Blankets, an excellent 

blanket made from lonpr staple wools, finely 

napped, fast colored borders 

G2-27. 6 pounds, size 56x72 in., per pair. 2 85 

B2-2& " " BOxsoin., ." 32 

02-29. 7 " " 64x84 ill., .... 3. 99 

02-30. 8 " " 6<ta,S.Sin., 4 6 

G2-R1. 9 " " 70x90 in., " ._. 5 1 3 

G2-32. 10 " " 72x90in., " .... 5)70 

Fine Saxony All Pure Wool White Blankets, made 

from selected wool, entirely free from grease, 

very clear make, iu solid, piiik or blue borders, 

guaranteed fast, colors 

G2-33. 7 pounds, size 64x84 in., per pair 4 90 

G2-34. 8 - " 68x88 in., 

G2-35. 9 70x90 in.. ... 6. 30 

G2-36. 10 " " 72x90 in., " .... 7 .00 

White Crib Blankets 

White Wool Crib Blankets, soft finished and veil 

napped, solid pink and blue borders 
G2-37. Size 27x45 in., per pair... . 125 

G2-HS. " 36x54 in., " 1 4.5 

G2-39. " 42x63 in., " -"..-liSS 

Fine White Crib Blankets, all wool, soft and lofty 

iu finish, fast colored borders 
G2-40. Size 27x25 in., per pair 2 OO 

62-41. 36x61 in., " ~ 275 

G2-42. " 45x63 in., ".3.25 

Red Wool Blankets 

Fine All Wool Blankets, rich cardinal color, with 

black striped b rders, very soft, pure finish 
G2-43. 6 pounds, size 60x78 in., per pair. 3 90 
62-44. 7 " 62x82 in., - f ._ 4.55 


G2-45. 8 

C4x86 in., 

Extra Heavy All Pure Wool Cardinal Blankets, 
with black borders, well napped, soft lofty 

G-M6. 10 pound weight per pair 
02-47. 12 


Grey Wool Blankets 

Dark Grey Wool Blankets, for camping or other 
rough purposes, napped finish, colored striped 

G2-48. 5 pounds, size 52x72 in., per pair __ 1 40 
G2-49. 6 " 54X74 in., ~ llSg 

G2-50. 7 " " 66x76 in., " 1 QR 

G2-51. 8 " " 58x78in., " ___ 2~24 
Dark Grey Union Blankets, better quality, color 
ed borders 

62-o2. 6 pounds, size 56x76 in. per pair. 2 1 O 
G2-53. 7 " 58x78 in., " .".7. 2*45 
G254. 8 " 62x82 in., " 28O 

G2-65. 9 " " 64x84 in., " .. 3~-\ 5 
G2-66, 10 " " 68x88 in,, " .... 3. 5Q 
Extra fine quality of Silver Grey All Wool Blan 

kets, close nap, very clear make 
62-57. 6 pounds, size 60x80 in., per pair.. 3.00 
G2.-58. 7 " 62x82 in., " ....350 
G2-59. 8 " " 64x,S4izi., " .... 4~OO 
6250. 9 " " 70x90 in., .... 4~50 
62-61.10 " " 72x90 in., ... 5.OO 
G2-62. 12 " " 72x92 in., " .... 6.00 

Cotton Blankets 

Soft finished extra well napped Cotton or Flan 
nelette Blankets, largely used for winter sheets, 
white or grey, with pink or blue bordera 

G2-63. Size 5ix"fi iuches, per pair___.. 

G2-64. " 66x78 " . 

G2-65. " 70x84 " " 

White Crochet Quilts 

Soft finished White Crochet Quilts, Canadian 
make, pearl edges, each 

62-66. Size 54x82 inches .... 75 

G2-67. " 70x80 ...... 95 

G2-68. " 74x82 " . 

62-69. " 75x85 " __ ........................ 1.1 O 

62-70. American Full Bleached Crochet Quilt, 
new designs, hemmed ready for use, double 
bed size, each .............................................. 1.39 

62-71 Full Bleached Fine American Crochet 
Bed Spreads, assorted patterns, hemmed ready 
for use, double bed size, each .................... 1.63 

62-72. Fine Soft American Crochet Bed Spreads, 
heavy quality, entirely new designs, large 
double bed size, each ................................. 1 75 

Honeycomb Quilts 

English Full Bleached Honeycomb Quilts, c 
dium and fine qualities, fringed all round, n< 
designs, in single and double Lied sizes, each- 
size 58x78 inches 85 1.OO 1. 

67x9(1 " 1.25 1 

72x -. .1. 75 2*00 2 I 

soxioo 2!75 3 C 

(12-7S. English Honeycomb Quilts, in bine 
pink, guarant ed fast colors, fringed all rour 
size 72x<.w inches, each _ 1.J 

Alhambra Quilts 

English Alhamhra Colored Quilts, assorted p 
terns, in red and while and blue and whi 
fast colors 

Single bed size, each 65 75 6 

Double bed size, each 85 1.00 1 

1.25 1.60 1.85 2.C 

Satin Quilts 

Approximate sizes For 9/4 read 57x58 inchi 
for 10/4 read 68x88 inches ; for 11/4 read 78x87 ii 
for 12/4 read 84x104. 

English Full Bleached Satin Quilts, new desif 
for single and double beds, each 
9/4size 1.25 1.75 J0/4size._ 1.65 1 1 
11/4 size ._.... 1 .75 2 . C 

G2-74, English White Satin Quilts, choice desk 
in scroll and floral patterns, 11/4 size each 1 .{ , 

Superior qualities of English Satin Damask Qu 
latest designs in scroll and floral pattern-, 
single and double beds each 

10/4 size 2.00 2.35 2. 

11/4 size 2252 

12/1 size :::::..:::::::: 3.08 1; 

62-75. Full Bleached Rich Satin Damask Qni 
the very newest designs, superior quality a 

finish, 11/4 size, each. _ jj.H 

Extra Fine White Satin Quilts, best English me 
full bleached and very rich finish, each 

3.25 3.50 4.( 

"*. 4.50 5.00 6.C 

White Satin Crib Quilts 

English White Satin Crib or Cot Quilts, scroll a 

florid designs, 36x46 ins., each .50 .{ - 

45x54 inches 75 1*( 

54x63 inches l .10 llj ; 

Wadded Comforters 

Reversible Comforters, made of art printedcai i 

brie, assorted colorings and designs, white t 

ings, fancy stitched patterns 
G2-76. Size"60x70 inches, each, 1 ; 

G2.80. Size 72x72 inches, each__ . 1 ; J , 

English Printed Turkey Red Chintz Top Com fo 

ers, with plain red lining, fancy stitching b . 

white filling 

G2-85. Size 72x72 inches, each _ 1/4] 

Reversible Fancy Stitched Turkey Red Chii I 

Comforters, pure white filling 

G2-90. Size 72x72 inches, each 1.J 

American Silkoline Reversible Comforters, till 

with carded white wadding, new designs a 

colorings, fancy stitched 

62-95. Size 72x72 inches, each _. 1 f 

Reversible Comforters of printed art cambr 

while tilling, fancy stitched patterns 

G2-100. Size 72x72 inches, each. _ 1 .7- 

English Art Sateen Comforters, reversible p:. 

terns, in large range of new colorings and c 

112-10"). 60x72 inches, each i f 

H2-110. 72x72 incle-s, each ;>!l 

(12-lir.. 72x78 inches, each 2 * 

(12-120. 72x72 inches, eiieh .. 27 

G2-125. 72x78 inches, each _. 3J 

Eiderdown Comforters 

English Printed Sateen Reversible Comforts 

c,. J.ely new designs, guaranteed downnroo; 

02-150. Sizp 60xvv: inches, each 

(.2-155. " 72x72 " 

G2-160. " 72x78 " " _. 

Kevcr>ible Eiderdown Comforters of fine Engli 
printed sateen, entirely new designs and coli 
ings, down proof, pure filling, finished with co 
edge and eyelets 

(12-165. Size 60x72 inches, each 5 g 

(12-17U. " 72x72 ii H g 7 

G2-175. " 72x7S " " 7^ 

Reversible Down Comforters, of English print 
sateen, with framed border of ,> ain to mate 
new designs and colorings, cord c Ijre- 

G2-l!0. size 60x72 inches, each _... 

G2-185. 72x72 " 

G2-190 " 72x78 " " . 



Estimatis given on all kinds of 
Watch Repairing 


All repairing n<-atly done 
at moderate prices. 

THE two mottoes of the <*T. EATON C i " money back if not satisfied " and the greatest good to the greatest number 1 
constitute the basis on which our watch department is founded. AVe buy a " little better than the best and give 
you the advantage of this in quality and price. The durability and time-keeping qualities of the AValtham movement 
xie so well and favorably known that the name " Waltham" is sufficient guarantee. Our special movement mannf jturei? 
"nly for the <^T. EATON Clm, and bearing our diamond ^ trademark is ever increasing in popularity owing to its accurac;/ 
s a timeniece and extreme neatness of model. AA T e recommend this m< vement most strongly. 



All Railroad Watches are marked thus * 



21 -Year 

Gc!d Inlaid 
,;-oz. Silver 


17 40 
35 50 
9 75 
17 30 
20 75 
24 75 
28 65 
31 25 
33 90 

Gold Filled 


Gold Filled 

Gold Filled 

14k Solid 
Gold, Open 
Face or 


SI 503 ... 

S1-505 ... 
51-607 ... 
31609 ... 
SI 513 .._ 
SI 515 
>S1 519... 
,S1-525 .. 
k S1 527 - 
S1 529 
S1-531 ... 

T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled movement. . 
Waltham 7-jewelled movement _ 

13 00 
5 35 
6 90 
12 90 
18 60 
29 50 

10 00 
36 15 
9 60 
12 00 
13 90 
23 75 
21 50 
25 50 
29 40 
32 00 

9 40 
16 40 

7 75 
8 75 
22 00 
19 75 
23 75 
25 00 
27 65 
32 90 

10 50 
11 65 
36 75 
12 55 
24 25 
22 00 
26 00 
27 25 
29 90 
37 75 

13 65 
34 50 

70 40 
43 85 
44 75 
52 30 
58 00 
55 75 
69 75 
61 00 
66 25 
68 90 

17 " P. S Bartlett movement. 
17 " C. P. R. movement 

17 " adjusted C. P. R. movement 
17 " Appleton, Tracey & Co. movement 
17 " premier Appleton, Tracey & Co. mov... 
19 " Crescent St. movement 
21 " " " 
19 " Vanguard movement... 
21 " " " . ... 

23 " " " 

Waltham Sty e case has solid back and screw front, and 
makes a strong and dust proof case. 

Style .50 

30- Year 
Style 3.75 

Plain Sil 
ver Casr 
1.00 les . 

Case 3 00 

Oa>e 2.75 

Case 2.25 

No Silvei 
i:^ our cases 


Any letter, ZSc. each : smaller size, 15c. each. 

NOTE. For attaching to puree, ebony brushes, etc., each 
extra, 5c. 

We do not advise putting initial on ebony back mirrors. 
It has not proved satisfactory, and we do not guarantee 
gainst damaging mirror. 


From 3c. to 50c. per letter, according to style. 

Script style, small letter, 3c. per letter larger size, 5c. letter. Large sizt ^t 

back of plaiu watch, etc., 15c per letter. 

Old English leiter, small size, 5c per letter ; larger size, IOC. per letter. 
Script Monogram, small size, 5c. perjetter ; large size, 10c.aji(i loc, perletta 
Fancy Ribbon Monogram 25c. per letter. 
Block Monogram, 75c. to $1.25. according to size. 



All Wedding Rings Engraved 
Free of Charge 


First Class Watch and J 
elry Repairing 


All movements marked thus* pass railroad inspection 

14k Gold 
Open Face 
or Hunting 

30- Year 
Gold Filled 

Gold Filled 

Gold Filled 


Bovs Watches 
16-size, Thin Model, Nic 
Silver and Gun Metal Case 


T Baton Co 7-jewelled movement 

46 75 
46 10 
48 45 
55 55 

39 75 


9 90 

23 55 
33 50 

SI 553. "Korrectime," our a 

S1 537. 
SI 539. 
SI 54).... 
SI 543.. 
SI 545. 
S1 547 . 
S1-449 . 

" " 15 " " 
" 17 " " 

S1-655. Our special 7-jewel 
movement, in nickel or g 
metal 2.75 silver 6 
S1-B67. T. Eaton & Co 7-jewel 
movement, in nickel case 4 
15-jewelled 6 

17 " " _ 

" Roval " Waltham 17-jewelled movement 
" Riverside " Waltham 17-jewelled movement 

S1-559. Nickel case, with 7-j( 
el led Waltham movement 5 

Hunting case extra 


21-Year Gold Filled Open 


S1-5B1. T. Eaton Co. 7 jewelled mov . 1O 5O 

SI 663. " " 15-jewelled " ....11 75 

SI 665. " " 17-jewelled ...17.50 

Waltham 7 jewelled movement... 10 90 

15-jewelled 1345 

Royal" Waltham, 17-jewelled..18.45 
Riverside" " 19-jewelled..25.50 

25-Year Gold Filled Open Faced Case 

S1 577. T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled mov ........ 13 OO 

~ " " 

SI 567. 
SI 569. 
II 571 
S1 573. 

Walt hum. 

Riverside Maximns" 21-jev 

S1 579. 
SI 583. 
SI 585. 
St 589. 
SI 591. 



" 17-J. wellpd " ...20.00 
Waltham 7-jew> lied movement. 13. 4O 
is-jewplled. " ..15.95 
" Royal" Waltham, 17-jewelled_20. 95 
"Riverside" " 19-]ewelled..28.00 
i-ooi. "Riverside Maximus " 21-jewelled 
Walthnm ....................................... . ............ 59. OO 

Hunting Case. 1.00 cx tra. 

14K Solid Gold Open Face or 
Hunting Case 

SI 593. T. Eaton Co. 7-jpwelledmov.... 34 
S1 695. " " 15-Vwelled " ...36.^. 
S1-697. " 17-jewelled " ...41. (, 
Sl-599. Walthasi 7-jewelled movement.,34 . 
S1-601. " 15-jewelled " ...37 t 
S1-603. "Royal" Waltham, 17-jewelled 42* 
S1-605. " Riverside," " 19-jewelled...49. f 
S1-607. "Riverside Maximus," highest gra 
\Yaltham, 21-jewelled 8O.f 


NOTE: Estimates given on all kinds of Watch and Jewelry repairing. We have a fully equipped workroom and expert workmen. 




25-year Gold Filled Hunting 

51-588. T. 

31690. T. 

51592. T. 


Eaton Co. "jewelled 

Eaton Co. 15-jewelled 

Eaton Co. 17-jewelled 


S1-594. Waltham 7 ewelled move 
ment.. _ 9.65 

51-596. Walthair .6-jewelled move 
ment 12.00 

51598. "Lady Walthain" 16-jewelled 

movement 16.75 

The above can be supplied in open 

ace ut 60c less or in 30-year hunting 

jas,. at JZ. Ky extra. 

21 -year Gold Filled Hunting 

Co. 7-jewelled 

S1-600. T. Eaton 

Sterling Silver Hunting Case 

Plain Polished or Engine Turned 
Eaton Co. 

31-602. T. Eaton Co. 15-jewelled 
movement 11.75 

S1-604. T. Eaton Co. 17-jewelled 
movement 17.50 

S1-606. Waltham 7-jewelled move 
ment- _ 8.90 

S1-609. Waltham 15-jewelled move- 
men t_ .. 10.90 

S1-611. " Lady Waltham " 16-jewelled 
movement - 15. OO 

S1-613. T. 
movement _ 

SI 615. T. Eaton Co. 
movement _ 

S1-617. T. Eaton 

.... 7.25 

- 8.75 

Co. 17-jewellert 

14k. Solid Gold Hand 
Engraved Case 

As Cut No. 11. Hunting Style. 

!>1-625. T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled 

movement- _ 30 . 00 

S1-627. T. Eaton Co. 15-j< welled 

S1-619. Waltbam 7-jewelled move 
ment _ 6.65 

S1-621. Waltham 15-jewelled move 
ment 8.00 

Sl-623. "Lady Waltham "16-jewelled 
movement 12.75 

Open face case, 50c less. 


T. Eaton Co. 17-jewel ea 


SI 629. 
movement 37 .25 

81-631. Waltham 7-jewelled move 
ment __ 29.50 

S1-633. Waltham 15-jewelled move 
ment 30.75 

SI 635. "Lady Waltham" 16-jewelled 
movement 35 .50 

NOTE. Plain, polished or engine 

turned cases, ?7.0U less. 

I He furnish Order Forms Free. They are 
lor your benefit. Always use them 


A trial order will convince you that Ship 
ping by Mail will save you money 

25-year Gold Filled Hunting 

51-637. T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled 

movement ^2 25 

S1-639. T. Eaton Co. 15-jewelled 

mm i-ment ........... .......... _ 13 25 

81 641 T. Eaton Co. 17-jewelled 
movement ..................... 19.25 

SI-643. Waltham 7-jewellcd move- 
............................. 10.75 

Waliham 15-jewelled move 
. . . _____ _ 14. go 

" Lady Waltbam " 16-jewe lTed 
movement ............. . ......... _ 18.90 

S1-649 "Riverside" Walthnm 17- 
jewellert ........... ..... 25 20 

S1-6B1 "River-ide Maximus Wal 
tham 19-jewelled ------- 37.25 

Open face $1.00 less ; 30-year bunt 
ing $2.25 extra. 

. nt 
SI 645 

21-year Gold Filled Hunting 

S1-653. T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled 
movement . _ 11.25 

S1-655 T. Eaton Co, l.vjewnl ed 
movement. _ 12.2 o 

S1657. T. Eaton Co. 17-jewelled 
movement _ 1 8.25 

SI 659 Waltham 7-jewelled move 
ment _ 9.75 

S1-661. Waltham 15-jewelled move 
ment 13.90 

S1-663. "Lady Waltham "15-jewelled 
movement 17.90 

S1-665. "Riverside" Waltham 17- 
jewelled movement 24.20 

S1-667. "Riverside Maximus" 19- 
jewelled Waltbam,. _ 36.25 

Sterling Silver Open Face 

S1-669. 7-jewelled movement 5.OO 

SI 671 T. Enron Co. 7-jewelled 
movement 8.25 

S1-673. T. Eaton Co. 15-jewelled 
movement _ _ 9.25 

S1-675 Waltham 7-jewelled move 
ment _ 7.75 

Gun Metal Open "ace Case 
S1-677. 7-jewelled movement 5.00 
S1-679. T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled 

movement.. _ 


SI 681. T. Eaton Co. 15-jewelled 
movement 9.75 

14k. Solid Gold 

Plain Polished or Engine Turned 

S1-683. T. Eaton Co. 7-jewelled 
movement 21 .00 

S1-685. T. Eaton Co. 15-jewelled 
movement, 22.00 

51-687. T. Eaton Co. 17-j. "veiled 
Movement _ 28.00 

S1-689. Waltham 7-jewelled move 
ment. 20.50 

S1-691. Waltham 15-jewelled move 
ment _.. ._ 25.00 

S1 693. "Lady Waltham" 16-jewellea 
movement 27 .65 

S1-695. "Riverside" Walthnm 17- 
jewelled movement 33.95 

Sl-697. "Riverside Maximus" 19- 
jewelled movement _ 48.15 

Note Engraved case 1 1 .OO extra 





AH UF Rings are guaranteed exactly as represented. 
Ring* c*talogve<* under $3.00 are in sizes 5 to 7 only. 
Prlca on 51-667 includes any two initials engraved. 


M.-uniirc tliu lingui with blnp ui ptttwr ; lliun place same on r 
scale and send us the number. Measure irom end of cut at 
hand side. 

<M:III. !sk.Am,T:,-an Wed. 51-611. lit Fine DlMn..u4 SI-621. 14k. Fine whole SI 1 * I Pal - W.25 S] ^,_ 10k. Ruby Amethyst to* 

uiiufHi.!* dwt. c 3.7f, 4-14.00 jr 7-! "* hl " rst -Quality Opal Turquoise and real Pearl 

. it 6.::, I 41;t 23.75 Smaller .. .. 6.50 V, , J- Cluster 3.00 OiH 

l,8tt 12.75 " 6 -"> Opal 4 Pearl Cluster 3.35 

81-623. I4k. Fine whole 

SI-603. IRk. Tiffany Weil- ^W {-earl M.75 

igRiUg. Tdwt. .. $8.75si-f, 3. _ 14k. Two Fine Dia- Same style 


Sl-633. 14k. Three real Tur-Sl-643. 14k. Twin Diamond 
quoise and 4 Pearls $6.00 and Ruby .. .. $10. (Ml 

14k. 3 real Turquuiseaud4 Larger 20.00 

Diamonds 11.75 

Sl-651. 10. Sulid Gold 
Gem Ring, set witL 
Garnets & real Pearls 

Lighter . ." l!oo 81-863. Gents 18k. t. 



Raised Initials S5c 
letter extra. 

81-605. 18k. Ki. -.:.-]! VSY.l- 
dlngRint4.1uT. .. .-, mi si-015. 14k. 3 line Injniondl 

Sl-653. CUiki a U k. Gem 
Ring set with Garnets 
earl. .. 11.00 

Sl-625. Ilk. Finest quality 
Oials $B 50 sl-645. 14k, Th 

Smaller 6.ooSl-fl35. 10k. Three Ruby, quoise 

3 25 Eineralds, or Sapphire Five Stone Turquoii 
Doublets A 4 Pearls 13.76 

S 1-667. 14k. Sit 
King as cut . 
Heavier .. 

Sl-647. 10k. Misses, Birth 

Three Ruby- day Ring, sizes 4to 7 only, si-655. Gents iok-Iiuckle 
set with any birth ston Ring, set with real 

tl-60,, Garaets .. .. $5.00 

-75 ; sT-617. lt 

Pearls .. .. 
Smaller setting 

. 14k. Kirst quality 
Diamond .. .. $110,00 
Sl-noT,,. Same style setting gj.^ . Ht s , t 

" " r * 5000 Ring with Masonic or 

fel!,,"^ finblem set with 

Diamonds $1 J 

Without Diamond 


10k. plain.. .. 

S1 Ru?g C srt\-m; 

JS. " " 
niallor Olc .. 

-COS. 14k Fine Diamond S1-C19. 14k. 3 whole Pearls Sl-629. 10k, Set with Opals 

$12-75 $12.00 

I Ifikt 6.26 Smaller 635 Finest quality Opals 

Ukt 23.75 Smaller srttlmr . 4.35 

SM!i< sona Uoltl .Masonic Pin _1 OO 

s 1 1 ,n I ler _ .66 

Kulled plate . . ^35 

S1 129. Soiid Gold Orangemen s Pin.... _ 1.00 

Kulied Hate _ 35 

S1 131 Solid Gold I.O.F., A.O.F., or C.O.F. l OO 

Hulled plate 3 

S1-133. Solid Gold, A.O.U.W. Pin _ ._. 1 

Rulled plate . 

SI 135. Solid Gold Oddfellows Tin. . L 

Rulled plute 

S1 137. Pearl CuB Buitons. plain __ 
SM39. Gold Plate Cufl Button 

Other designs _ 25 

S1 141. Separable Top Collar Button, each 

or 4 for .. 

S1 143. Gold Plated Collar Button for front levnr 

top, pearl back, each .10 Better quality 

2 for .25 Celluloid back, each 

Sterling silver, each _. 

SV143A. Wk. Solid Gold 1 .25 14k. 1 - o 

SI-146. Gold Plated Lever Top Collar Buttn a for 

buck, pearl back, each ... .10 Better quality. 

eiieh .15 or2for .25 Cellulniil b --fk. each .05 
Storl ing silver, each 1o 10k. Solic Gold 1 .25 

91145A. 14k. Solid Gold -1-75 

S1I147. Gold Filled jne-piece Collar Button .20 
Gold plate, eacl.....10 Stalling silver, each 

15 One-piece Collar Button for back, each 

, , .25 

S1-I47A. Solid Gold one-piece Shirt Stud, 14k., 

each _ 85 

Solid Gold one-piece Shirt Stud, 10k. each 

8H48. Gold Filled Cnfl lints, iooBtyl,pfaK, 
or embossed 1 .50 

Similar style, rolled plate - 5O 

Solid Gold. 14k. 5.75 

S1-1B1. Gold Filled Cuff Link, set with pearl. 

S1-1B3. Gold Filled Cuff Link .. 1 .50 

SM55. Rolled Plat* Cufl Link, as cut or plain 
_ .SO Similar designs .25 

S1-157 Solid Gold 14k. Spiral Shirt Stud.eet wi 

real diamond _ 6.7 

Set with Pearl _.. 3.7 

SM59. Gold Filled Separable Shirt Stud, set wi 

pearl, each 25 Set of 3. _ .7 

14k. Solid Gold, set with pearl, each 1.6 

Set with diamond, each 17 

S1-161. Gold Filled Baby Brooch, with "Babj 
in raised letters... . ,Q 

81-163. Black Beauty Pin, as cut, each .2 

Plain, without setting ._ 2 

SM6B. 10k. Solid Gold Baby Brooch 1.0 

S1-167. Bnby Brooch, rolled plate, any name, e 
graved.. _ 6 

S1-169 Gold Filled Beauty Pin, as cut, each .2 
Sterling silver, each _ .2 

S1-171. Gold Filled Beauty Pin, set of 3... .7 
Set with 3 stones, each .35 set of three. 1 . 

Plain, without setting, set of 3 6 

10k. Solid Gold, set with pearl, each 1 .5 

10k. Solid Gold, plain, each .7 

S1-173. Sterling Silver Tie Clasp. 2 



il-701. 14K. Solid Gold Sunburst, set with real 

pearls 18.75 

Same style, larger _ 29.50 

31-703. 14K. Solid Gold Sunburst, sot with real 

pearls 12.75 

Similar design, smaller. 9 00 

51-705. UK. Solid Gold Crescent and Str.r, set 

with real pearls 6.25 

Smaller _ 4 75 

il 735a. 14K. Solid Gold Crescent, set with real 

pearls, without star _ _ 5.00 

ler 3.90 2.55 

51707. 14K. Solid Gold Brooch, as cut, 12.00 

S1-709. 14K. Solid Gold Crescent, set with real 

Pearls 5.00 

Smaller 4.00 3.00 

S1-711. 1 IK. Solid Gc.ld Four-Leaf Clover Brooch 

set, with real pearls 8.9O 

S1-713. 14FT. Safety Pin Brooch, as cn!.._. 2.65 

S1-715. 14K. Safety Pin Brooch, cut 2.75 

HK. Safety Pin Brooch 4.25 

14K. Sat ety Pin Brooch 5.0O 

14K Safety Pin Brooch 2.75 

I4K. Solid Gold Brooch, as cut... 5.65 

SI 717 
SI 721. 


14K. Solid Gold Stickpin Set with real 

S1 727 14K. Solid Gold Stickpin, set with real 

pearls -.- 3.75 

S1 729. 14 K. Solid Gold Stickpin, set with real 

pearls, ag cut 3.00 

S1-731. 14 K. Solid Gold Stickpin, set with real 

pearls _____ 2.55 

S1-733. Solid Gold Stickpin, set with real opal, 

f 2.75 

S1-735. 14K. Solid Gold Stickpin, set with real 

pearls .. _ 3.00 

S1-737.1 IK. Solid Gold Stickpin, set with real 

P-arls - 3.35 

S1-739. 10K. Solid Gold Wish-Bone Pin, set with 

one pearl _ 90 

S1-95. 1.-10 Gold Filled Locket, pearl crescent 

and star _ 3 75 

id Filled Locket, plain _ 2.25 

. Quality, plain __ 1, SO 

lik., i.lnin _ 9.50 10k.... 4.50 

S1-97. 1,10 irold Filled Locket, pearl crescent and 

flower 4 00 

,d Killed Locket, plain 2 OO 

Second Duality, plain 1 50 

Plain, 14k 6.50 10k 3.50 

Sl-99. 1/10 Gold Filled Heart Locket, set with 

opal 3.OO 

Plain _ .75 1.50 

Plain, ink 3.5O I 4k 6.OO 

S1-101. HO Gold Filled Locket, pearl crescent and 

star 4.25 

Id Filled Locket, plain 2.75 

S1-103. 1/10 Gold Filled Locket, pearl crescent 

and star 3.75 

l/10Gold F lied Locket, plain 2.00 

Second quality, plain 1 f 

14k., plain ". 6.00 10k- 4.( 

SM05. 110 Gold FilKd Locket, set with opa. 

_ _ 2.75 

S1-107. 1 in Gold Filled Loeket, set with pearl 
Fleur-de-lis 4.00 

S1 113. l.iiiiis Gold-filled 15-year Watch Guard 3 75 
Heavier, 5.00 UK 13^25 

SI-115- Ladies Close Link Watch Guard. 15-year guarau- 

< 5.50 Lighter Weight 15- year wear 425 

10K, 15.00 MK 18.75 

SI-117. Ladies Watch Guard, Rope Pattern, Solid Gold 
Slide. 10-year, 4.50 15-year, 6.50 25-year, 8 25 

10-K, 12.25 Heavier,17.50 14-K 15.00 

Heavier _ _.... 21 .25 

SM19. Gold-filled 15-year Watch Guard 5 00 

, Heavier, 6.00 10K, 22.00 UK 29 .75 

81-111. Choice any style shown in cut. 
guaranteed 10 year;. 2. SO Double 
style, 3. BO 15-year, 4.00 Dou 
ble style 5.00 25-year,. 6 OO 

Double style 7.50 

SM11a. Cmsland2SingleChain.lOK 

I5.OO 14K 2O.OO 

Lighter weight, 10K_ 10 00 

UK 15 OO Double style 10K 
22. SO HK 26.25 

S1-111b, Cuts 3 and 4, Single chain, 10k 22.00 

UK _ 25 OO Lighter weight. KiK.... 15 CO 

UK 19. SO Double chain, 10K 3300 

UK 37.50 Lighter weiL-ht, leK 21. 00 

14 K 27 OO 


S1-121. Gold-filled Neck Chain, 16 in. long, 1 75 

Heavier 2.25 10K. 5.00 14K._.... 6.00 

S1-121a. Gold-filled Neck Chain, link pattern 1.00 

Heavier. MM ... 1 [50 

S1-122. Ladies Gold-filled Bracelet __ 2 I 

Henvier...5.00 Mis-ts- pix.e 1.00 n? 1 ,i,^ 

Baby s size 75 and 1 OO L-idies sterling SiUvr 

Braeelei... 2.25 Miaaea 81ze_.1.8O Baby s... .75 

S123a Ladies Gold-filled Cannnn Extension Bracelet, 
Our Special _ 3.75 

SM25. Ladies Black Silk Watch Guard, Rolled Plate 
Mounting 35 Round without Mountings _. 25 

S1-125a. Men s Black Silk Guard, Rolled plate mount- 
ings..._ _ _ 1.25 antl 1 .75 


Sterling Silver Articles 

SI 501. Napkin Ring, as cut.... 

Other designs 50 .7 

_ _ 1 ,7_ 

SI BOS. Salt and Pepper Shakers," cut 
glass, with sterling silver tops, pair 

_ . j 0o 

Similar designs, pr. .751.251 50 

SI BOB. Table Bell, as cut. 

Similar designs at .25 .50 .75 

SI 509. Infants Rattles, as cut 1.50 
Other designs__ .75 1.0O 1.75 

SI Bit. Thimble, as cut .50 

Similar designs_ .25 .35 .76 

SI 613. Book Mark and Paper Knife, 
as cut ., 50 

SI 615. Perfume Bottle, silver deposit, 
assorted, colored glass _ 1.00 

SI 617. Comb, silver mounted, in 

lady s or gent s, as cut. _.. 1 .00 

Other designs... .50 .75 1 .50 

Toilet Articles, Festoon 

Si 519. Cuticle Knife. Nail File, Corn 
Knife, Tooth Brush, Nail Brush, 
Button Hook, Curlers, Shoe Horn, 
Letter Opener Seal, Darner, Blotter; 
handle as cut, each_ .25 

SI 521, Hat Brush as cut__ 1.00 

Cloth Brush, 2.5O 4.00 

Mirror, large size __. 9.25 

Hair Brush, large size..... 

Comb, lady s or gent s - 

Nail Polisher.. 

Nail Scissors 

Pufl Jar (cut glass). ... 

Cold Cream Jar (cut glass).... 
Tooth Powder and Tooth 

Bottles ._ 

Bonnet Brush... 

Whisk --- 

Shaving Brush ._........ 

... 4. 

..- 1.2 

... 1 .C 

... 1.J 

: s. 

Bn: , 


31 741. Gold Filled Brooch, stone set, 

out 1.00 

Gold Filled Brooch, set wuh 


31 43. 

^i 746. Gold KJlfe3~Seor-d e^i5 

Chatelaine Pin 1.00 

Similar design _ .50 

SI 747. Green Enamelled CloverLeaT, 
set with pearl _ 35 

SI 749. Gold Filled Brooch, as cut 

SI 761. Goid Filled Crescent Broocn 
with 3 stars _ 50 

SI 753. Gold Plate Brooch, bird de 
sign........ , 25 

31755, Gold Plate Horseshoe 
Brooch .25 

SI 757. Gold Plate Brooch, set with 
brilliant, as cut ,35 

SI 759. Gold Filled Brooch, leaf de 

sign, set with barque pearl.. 1 .00 
SI 761- Gold Filled Stick Pin, set 

with garnet 3B 

SI 763. Gold Filled Stick Pin, set 

with opal _ SO 

SI 766. Gold Plate Stick Pin, as cut 

SI 767T~Go ia"raied~"80ck "pin, set 
with opal, as cut .50 

SI 769. Sterling Silver, Fleur-de-lis, 
Stick Pin .. 25 

SI 771. Sterling Silver Stick"Piri. as 
cut _ . 25 

SI773. Sterling Silver Horse Shoe 
Stick Pin 50 Solid Gold 1 QO 

SI 775. Sterling Silver Gold Plate, 
Coffee Spoon, Dominion or Ontario 
Coat of Arms or Maple Leaf or shield, 
enamelled on handle, name of any 
city, town or municipality engraved 

in bowl 1 .00 

( Allow 2 days for engraving) 

Si 775A. Same style Teaspoon 1.5O 

SI 777. Sterling Silver. Gold Plate, 
Enamelled Brooch, Dominion, On 
tario, Toronto or British Coat of 
Arms, or Maple Leaf. SO 

SI 779. Sterling Silver Gold Plate, 
enamelled Brooch, Dominion, On 
tario, Toronto or British Coat of 
Arms or Maple Leaf 25 

SI 779A, Same style, Hat Pin or stick 
Pin 25 

SI 779B. Same style Hat Pin or Stick 
Pin, larger. .._ 5Q 

SI 781. Hard Enamel or Bronze Gold 
Plated Brooch or Hat Pin, Dominion 
Ontario, Toronto or British Coat of 
Arms or Maple Leaf.._, .15 

SI 783. Sterling Silver Hold Platl 

and Enamel Maple Leal Brooc 
with or without " Canada " or " Tc 
onto" 2 

SI 783A. Same style, hard enamel 
bronze. .1 

SI 78b. Sterling Silver Belt Pin, go 
plated, with 3 maple leaves enai 
eled in autumn colors as cut, 1 3 

SI 787. Sterling Silver B It Pin, e 
amelled, with Dominion, Ontari 
Britishcoatnrms oimapleleaf 1 3 1 

SI 789. Gold Filled Blouse Set, s 
with amethyst, 3 in a set _ 7 

SI 791. Goldplate blouse et.3 in set 2 

SI 793. Gold Plate Beauty Pins , , < 
cut, per pair _ 

SI 796. Gold Plated Beauty Pin 
half embossed, as cut, perpair 1 ( 

St 803. Hold plate Brooch, sign 
style.._ ..._ 2 


I M 

Best Quality Silver Plated Ware 

S2-2. Cake Basket, bright burnished 

finish, as eut_ 4.7T 

Similar styles at_ 3.75 * u(i 6.0 

$1-4 Baker, in bright or grey finish. 

as cut 6.25 

Other similar styles 4.. 50 5.75 

S2-6. Fern Pot, in filigree pattern. 

as cut 3 7 

Others at 5.00 and 6.2 

S2-8. Nut Bowl, in grey finish, as 

cut _ ! 6.50 

Others, similar style, bright finish 
4.25 and 6.00 

S2-10. Bread Tray, in grey finish, as 

cut . 4.25 

Similar styles i-i bright finish 2.5O 
and satin iini>h 2.25 

S2-16. Butter 
Dish, com 
plete with 
Viiife, as cut 


Others, witli- 
out knife... 

S2-16A Bale Handle Butter Dish 3 50 
Others with glass bitse and silver top 
- 1.00 1.25 

S2-16B. MUK(IS cut), snt 
in engn.ved finish 1.35 
Heavy raised pattern 

1 75 

Other styles .50 1 .00 

S2-18. Spoon Tray, bright finish, gold 

lined, ns cut 2.95 

With handle 3.20 

S2-26. Berry Dish, fancy decorated 

gliISS, 08 CUt 8.25 

other styles_ 3.654.00 5.00 

S2-20B. Coffee Pot 

Tea Pot : 

Sugar Bowl 

Cream or Spoon Holder.. 

S2-20. Tea Set (as put) 
5 pieces, bright 

Four pieces, without 
coffee pot 12.75 

Others, four pieces, 
satin engraved finish 

S2-20A. Tray for Tea 
8eHascut)_ 8.75 

Similar style for four 

... 5.00 and 6.25 



S2-12. Cream and Sugar, in satin 

engraved finish, (as cut) 3.25 

Same style on stand 4.25 

S2-14. Dinner Cruet, revolving stitn l. 
live bottles...... 4.25 3.35 

52-28. Berry Set, three pieces, as cut. 

bright finish 5.50 

ream and Sugar, of above cut 3.00 

S2-22. Biscuit 
Jar, wave crest 
ware, as cut 
_ 4.00 

Others, similar 
" 2. e 75 S .SO 

NOTE. Try our 
Scintilla Cream 
Silver Polish. 
We use aud re 
commend it. 
15c bottle. 

S2-32. Bon Bon 

Dish, grey fin 
ish, as cut 


Other styles, 
bright finish _. 
1.50 1.75 

S2-24. Pickle 
Cruet, with 
fancy decorated 

gl iss, ns cut 


Others, similar 
style...... 2.25 

Others, with 
crystal glass 
- 1 .45 1 .65 

S2-30. Card 
Receiver o;i 
stand, ascut, 
gold lined 

- 2.50 



Silver lmeil_ 

$2-34. Spoon 
Holder uud 
Sugar Bowl, 
with one 
doz. spoons. 

iS CUt 

S2-36. Napkin Ring, with bird, (as 

cut) 85 

Larger size . 1*25 

S2 36A. Bell, as cut ."50 

others...... 60 75 

<2-36B. Touch Bell i.OO 1^75 

S2 36C. Napkin Ring, barrel design 

as cut 60 

Larger with grapes on side 1.00 

S2-38. Salt and S2-40. Salt Set, 
Pepper Shakers, complete with 

as cut 2.OO spoons, as cut 


S2-38A. Cake Plnte, fancy border,_as 


Same^Btyle gold lined centre 



SI 797. Hatpin, sterling silver top. a 

81797A. OtherstTl** .35 ,50 .75 

SI 799. Hatpin, pearl or colored ball 

<?1 803. Hatpin, gold-filled, signet, ns 

cut 50 

S1 803A. Other styles in signet .75 

S1 805. Hatpin, turquoise, with circle 

^^ of brilliants .50 

SI 801. Hatpin, gold-plated coil, and SI 805A. Other styies"in fancy Hat 
colored ball _.. , .10 P 11 * .35 . T 5 



The " Eatonla " is 12 Inches 
high and 17% inches wide. 

Every Clock Guaranteed 

TIT The T. Eaton Go s. Alt 
Clock at 95c. 

S2-70. " Estonia " 8-day Mantel Clock, 
as cut, hour and hall-hour strike, 
cathedral gong, teautifully finished, 
visible escapement, made for and 
sold only by The T. Eaton Co. Our 
pcria! 6.25 

S2-72. " Hague " 8-day Mantel Clock, 
as cut, hour and half-hour strike, 
enamelled wood finish with gilt 

trimmings, American movement 


S2-78. " Fauchon " Mantel Clock, 
with gilt pillars and trimmings, 
hour and half-hour strike, enam 
elled wood finish, as cut, price 


S2-86. "Manor," Enamelled Wood 
Mantel Clock, with fancy gilt trim 
mings, American movement, hour 
and half-hour strike, 8-day, as cut, 
_ 4.00 

S2-8L. "Boston Extra," Black Iron 
Mantel Clock, visible escapement, 
high grade, 8-day American move 
ment, hour and half-hour cathedral 
gong strike, enamelled porcelain 
dial, as cut 9.35 

S2-88A. Same clock, without vi iblc 
escarpment 8.9O 

S2-80. " Adeli." American move 
ment, in a mahogany finished case, 
S-day, hour and half-hour strike, as 
cut. price..... 4.75 

82-94. Bronze Ornament, as cut, 
suitable for mantel or clock. 1.25 
Lion design, at _ 1 .00 

S2-74. "Ideal," American 8-day 
movement, hour and half hour 
strike, fancy enamelled wood finish, 
as cut, price 5.00 

S2-96. School or Office Clock, 24 in 
ches long, 8-day American move 
ment, 12-inch dial, strike and calen 
dar, as cut _ _ 5.75 

S2-96A. Same, with calendar only 

_ _ 5 .25 

S2-968. Same, with strike only. 

_ 5.00 

S2-96C. Same style, 21 inches long, 
10-iiich dial, strike only 4.75 

S2-96D. Same style, with time only 
- - 4.25 

S2-96E. Same style, 32 inches long, 
12-inch dial, time only 6.25 

S2-96F. Same style, with strike 


S2-96G. Same style, with strike and 
calendar __ _ 7 .50 

S2 76. " Viking," Enamelled Woe . 
8-dsy Mantel Clock, with hour a 
hnlf-hour strike, fitted with a r( 
able American movement, gilt f. 
and trimmings, as cut. price 7.1^ 

S2-82. " Brazil," Wood Mantel Clock, 
with gilt feet and trimmings, 8-dav 
American movement, hour and half- 
hour strike, cathedral gong, an cut, 

S2-84. " Shaftesbury," Enamell 
Wood Mantel Clock, three gilt pill 
on each side, American moveme 
8-day, hour and half-hour strike. 
cut 7,2 

S2-84A. Iron Clock, similar to ( 
S2-84, American movement, 8-di 
price. 9 .e 

S2-90A. Ormolu Gold Clock, reliable 

American movement, as cut A 

_ 3 .75 

Similar design, larger 6!75 

Smaller.... - 4.75 

S2-90B. Ormolu Gold Drawing-room 
Clock, guaranteed American move 

ment, as cut B.. 


S2-OC. Ormolu Gold Clock, Ameri- 
cim movement, guaranteed time 
keeper, ascutC 5.00 

Similar design, at 4.25 

A B 

S2-92A. Ormolu Gold Americ 
movement, ivory finished dial, 

cut A 1 f 

S2-92B. Small Ormolu Gold Clbi 
American movement, as cut B.. 

S2-98. 8-day Kitchen Clock, hour 
and half-hour spring strike, neatly 
carved case, as cut 2.50 

S2-98A. Same style, with alarm at 
tachment.... 3.00 

S2-98B. Same style clock, with gong 
strike.. _ 3.00 

S2-93C- Same style clock, ^ith gong 
strike and alarm__...__.__ 3.25 


S2-100. Musical Clock, as cut 1, pit 
ing two tunes and can be set at a 

time or used as an alarm 2. 

Same style clock, pluying one tu 
_ 2.E 

S2-100. Alarm Clock, as cut 2,A 
sonia movement, price.. .._ . 
Same style clock, with luminc 
dial. .. 1 2 

S2-100. Small Repeating Alarm Cltx 
as cuts, ringing alternatively evi 

few seconds, price 2.C 1 

Similar style clock, larger 1.6 

S2-100. Alarm Clock, as cut 4, 

Eaton Co. movement. = 

Similai alarm to cut, Eaton sspecl 
guaranteed movement....... ,p. 



Write for Optical Test Card 

Optical Goods 

All repairing neatly <*oie. 

In our Optical Department we employ a skilled Optician (Dr. of Opthalmology ). competent in eyery way to prescribe for the most aggravated cnscs of 
lonnal vison. We make no extra charge for consultation or examination. PRESCRIPTION WORK. We can flll any prescription from vour 
,-siciim. Broken or marred lenses duplicated. Your old lenses fitted inlo any style frame, or new lenses replaced in your old frame. Extra charge for 
compound lenses. AM kinds ot repairing neatly done. Reports on repairs and prescriptions given iree of charge. 

102. Eaton Gold Klip, the up-ro- 

ak rimicss eye glass, with anti- 

eptic guards.. _ 2.50 

I04. Leus Lock Rimless Eye Glass, 
s cut, patent screw locking post, 
8 "hich prevents screws from work- 
j ig loose, 10k. gold filled, guaran- 

^^k for 10 years wear. 2.00 

I 106. Solid Gold Rimless Eye Gla-s. 

3 )k 3.00 

j 106A. Nickel Rimless Eye Glass 

F6"8""Soi7of Gold Eye" Glasses. lOk. 

ith frames . 3 75 

i 110. Gold Filled Eye Glasses with 

arnes, 10k., guaranteed 10 years 

ear 2.00 

IIOA. Nickel Eye Glasses, with 
"ames 75 

e Glass Hooks and Chains 
112. Safety Pin Hook for holding 

yeglasses. nickel or black 10 

ol<1-filled_ .25 Solid Gold... .75 
I12A. Black Silk Eye Glass Guards 

I 05 Heavier _ 10 

I 114. EyeG ; ass Chains, with safety 
I in hook. 10k. gold-filled. 1 00 
I (eavier 1. 50 Solid gold, 10k.2!00 
| 114A. Chain with bow to go behind 

I ie ear, go d filled 75 

I 114B. Chain, with hair pin, gold 
[ lied _.!_ > 5 

S2-116. Solid Gold Eye Glasses, with 

frames, 10k., as cut 4.25 

S2-116A. Gold Filled Adjustable Eye 
Glasses, as cut, 10k., guaranteed 10 

years wear_ 2.00 

S2116B. Eye Glass, as cut, nickel 

frame 1 .00 

S2-118. Automatic 
Eye Glass Holder, 
as cut, black en 
amel, with German 
silver chain. _ .35 
S2-118A. Black En 
amel Holder, w;th 
gold plated chain.. 

_. .60 

S2-118B. Gun Metitl 
Holder, with gold 
plated chain_ .85 
S2 118C G"ld Plated 
Holder, with gold 
plated chain 1 .25 

S2-120. Chatelaine, as cut.morocco lea 
ther, sterling silver mounted. J .25 

S2-520A. Leatherette .35 

S2-120B. Real Seal, sterling silver 
mounted. 3. 


S2-122. Frameless Spectacles, as cut, 
riding or hook bows, luk. gold rilled 
guaranteed 10 years wear 2.50 

S2-122A. Solid Gold Frameless Spec 
tacles, 10k. f with riding bows 4.OO 
With cable bows__ 5.00 

S2-122B. Frameless Spectacles, nickel, 
with riding-hook bows 1.00 

S2-124. Riding or Hook Bow Spect 
acles, gold filled frame, guaranteed 

lor 10 years wear 1.75 

Same, with cable bows. 2.50 

S2-126. Solid Gold 10k. Spectacles, 
wiih frame and riding bows. 4 00 
With cable bows 5 00 

S2-126A. Riding or Hook Bow (spect 
acles, nickel frame 

Aluminum frame 

S2-126B. Aluminum frame 

_ i .25 

Smoked Spectacles, with riding 
bow frames, or f rameless, light, med 
ium or dark shades _ 35 

S2-126C. Smoked Eye Glasses, light, 
medium and dark shades 25 

i^t/A AJVIT opcei*- 

_ 75 
- .....1.00 

rame with cable 

S2-128. Nickel Spectacles, with 
straight temple pieces. _. 75 

S2-128A. Spectacles, with straight 
temple pieces, aa cut, gold filled, 

10k., guaranteed 10 years weal 

_ _ i .75 

S2-128B. Same style as S2-128. heavier 
frame, strong and duraole.... 2.50 

S2-130. 10k. Solid Gold Spectacles, as 
cut _ 5 00 

S2-130A. Extra heavy 6^00 

NOTE A case given with ivery 

pair of E> e Glasses or Spectacles sold. 

Extra cases lOc and 25c. 

Send for Test Card and full instruc 
tions lor testing. 

Allow two days extra to fill prescrip 

Lenses for frames BOca pair. Rimless 
Lenses 75c a pair, specially ground or 
Compounded Lenses from $1.50 up. 

Always state style of spectacles or 
eye glasses when ordering. 

S2-132. Gold Lorgnette, as cut, plated 

on sterling silver 6.00 

Sterling silver Lorgnette 5 00 

S2-132A. GunMetal._ 4.5O 6^50 

Binocularl Field Glasses 

S2-134. The 
Per.-ian Bin 
ocular Field 
Glass, power 
ful as a teles 
cope, small 
and light as 
an opera 
glass. The 
lenses and 
prisms are 
mounted in 
a I uminuni 
triple tubes, 
hich are hinged in pairs and can 
eadjusted to any suitable width be- 
een the e^es. The lenses in each 
jhe focus to each eye, overcoming 
.ight delects of either eye. 

power _ 37.50 

power _ 42.50 

power. _ 47.50 

Write for hill list of views. 
136. Stereoscopes with fancy alu- 
linum shades, velvet edges, syca 
more frame, as cut 65 

136A. Same (.tvle. plainer shade... 

_ 35 .50 

-138. Large, clear round lenses, 
.djustable to either views or photos, 
Cherry shade, folding handle., .85 
>-140. Views of Canadian scenery, 

:ittes and harbor*. 3 for .25 

140A. Colored views, scenery and 

omic, each 1 

-140B. Views in sets, extra fine fin- 
. sh, "The Wedding," 18 views 1 .95 

French Maid" 12 views 1.30 

rhe Burglar," 4 views 44 

.-140C. Niagara Falls, Thousand 
Islands, and comic views, c .eh .06 

32-142. The"Ea- 
tonia field or 
marine glasi, 
French lenses, 
good day or 
night, black 
enamelled fit 
tings and draws, 
leather covered 
body with ex 
tension sun 
shades, complete 
with sling carry 
ing oase_9. 00 

S2-142A. Signal Service Glass, field or 
marine, day or night, similar to 
above but smaller, complete with 
sling carrying case 5 QO 

S2-144. Field or Marine Glass, highest 
grade French lenses, "Lemaire 
make," in solid leather sling carry 
ing case... 12.00 15.00 18.75 

S2 146. Nickel 
mounts and 
draws, leather 
covered body, as 
cut, fine French 
lenses for long or 
short distances, 
complete with 
leather slinp car 
rying case 2.50 

Reading Glasses 


S2-IB6A. Goggles, smoked lenses, wire 
gauze sides, as cut, with case... .50 

Optical Sundries 

S2-150. Polished Brass Draws, 4 sec 
tion length, with sun shade, leather 
covered body, with lo:psfoi strap, 
length extended, smallest size, 18 
inches, largest size 32 inches, com 
plete with case 4.50 5.25 7.25 

S2-150A. Smaller sizes, si ghtly differ 
ent style 1.50 3.25 

Opera Glasses 

S2-158. Linen Tester, folding style, as 

1st cut, small size.- 25 

Larger . .40 

S2-160. Watchmakers or Enfrravera 
Glass, gmta percha case, as 2nd cut, 
clear, strong lens .25 

>2-152. French Lenses, clear defini 
tion, pearl body, gold plated trim 
mings, as cut, complete with case. 
4,75 6.25 8.25 

S2-152A. Smoked Pearl Body, "Le 
maire" lenses 9.50 10. SO 

S2 152B. Moiocco Body, black enamel 
mount* and draws, as cut, French 
lenses, complete with crush leather 
case _ 3. OO 4.0Q 

S2-I52C. Morocco Body gold plated 
trimming- "Lemaire" lenses, com 
plete wit! , -ase 4.505.25 

S2-148. Nickel Band, ebonized han 
dle, as cut, clear powerful lens, 8-in. 

75 4-iuch _ ._ 1 25 

2-148A. Smaller sizes with foldins 

handle for [ ocket, 1%-inch 25 

2-inch _ _ _ 50 

S2-148B. Powerful Magnifying Glass, 
double lens, 2-inch diameter._ .75 

52 154. Eye Shades, opaque for arti- 
ticHl light, as cut _. .10 

S2 154A. Green Transparent Shade, 
for daylight, metal bound _ 2O 

S2-1S6. Eye Protectors, soft felt rims, 
ventilated, large clear or smoked 
mica louses, as cut .25 

S lenses, larger size 1 .25 

I2-162A. Tripod Microscope or Grain 
Tester, solid brass frame, achro 
matic lens, adjustable 35 

S2-164. Caddington Microscopes, very 
powerful lens, for miners prospect 
ors, etc., 3 sizes 1.QO 1.50 1.75 

32 166. Compasses, nickel finish open 
face _ 15 .25 .35 

S2166A. Nickel Finished Compass, 
hunting case, lU-inch dial 50 

S2 166B. Solid Brass Compass, jew 
elled needle, with stop, \% in. .75 
With hunting case 1 .00 

S2-168. Solid Nickel Compass, hunt 
ing case, with jewelled nickel auto 
matic stop, 1%-mch dial _ 1 50 

2 inch dial 2 .QO 

S2170. Surveyor s Compass, solid 
nickel hunting case, jewelled bar 

needle with stop, folding sights 


12-172. Surveyor s Compass, solid 
brass, 8%-inch diameter, in leather 
ette case _ 4.50 

S2-174. Surveyor s Compass, with staff 
mountings, in mahogany case, jew 
elled bar with stop, spirit levels and 
folding sights. 8.75 



Scissors, Knives, Shears, Razors and Strop 

S2-180. Embroidery and Work Scis 
sors, diamond steel, full nickel 
plate, ascut, 3-in. 35 4-in. .45 

b-in 55 

Similar style, different make, S-iu. 
.10 4-in 15 5 in 20 

S2-182. Dressmakers or Household 
Shears, Wiss make, finest steel 
bl. des, full nickel, as cut, 6-in. 

straight 4.5 7-in _. ,55 

8-iu _ .70 9-in _ .85 

S2-184. Same quality and style, Japan 

handles, 6-in 40 7-Ln... .50 

8- in .._ _.. .60 

S2-186. Similar style, 
6 and 7-in..... 

S2-206. Manicure Scissors, finest steel 

curved blades, as cut, 8-in 60 

4-in _ .75 

S2-208. Nail Scissors, finest steel, 

curved bludes, wild file, 3-iu_ .50 

4-in _ .60 

Diffeientmake, a ^-inch, .25 

S2-210. Buttonhole Scissors, [finest 
steel, Wiss make, ratchet adjust 
ment, as cut _ .50 

Adjustable Buttonhole Scissors .25 

S2-212. Embroidery and Work Scis 
sors, diamond steel, fancy gilt 

handles, as cut, 3-in .35 

4-in 45 5-in 55 

Similar style, different mn ke, 3 ami 
4-in 2O 6 and6in_ .25 

S2-238. Tailors Bent Tnniin. T 
Japan htuidUs, ascut, finest b<- 
9-iii. .85, 10 in- 1.00 12-in. l.ZS 

S2-240. Tailors Straight Trimmers, 
Jap. in handles, same quality, 9-in. 
.75 10-iii 9O 12-in.... 1.25 

S2 242. Paper Hangers Shears, 10- 
in. .85 12-in. 1.15 14-in. 1.35 

S2 188. Newmarket Pattern Horse 
Clipper, steel plates, as cut, with 
polished wood handles, pair. 1.35 

S2-190. American Horse Clipper, steel 
plates, per pair 1 .25 

S2-192. Polo Horse Clipper, same 
quality, smaller size___.~ 85 

S2-194. Priest s " 1901 " Ball-bearing 
Horse Clipper, best quality, nickel 
plated, steel plates, polished wood 
handles, per pair......... 1 .85 

S2-196. Fetlock Clipper, Priest s 
make, fine steel plates and strong 
spring, per pair _ 1 .35 

S2-198. Ladies Small Pen Knife, two 

finest steel lilades, as cut 40 

ivarl handle.- 60 

Similar style, different make, pear i 
handle.. .25 

S2-244. Pocket Scissors, full nickel, 

finest steel, 4-in., as cut _ .50 

Different make, 4-in _ .20 

4X in 25 

S2 246. Folding Pocket Scissors, as 

em, in ease .35 

Different style .25 

S2-214. Self Honing RazorStrop, finest 
double leather, with swivel... 1 .00 
Same with canvas attached |1 .50 

S2-216. Double Swing Strops, fire S2-248 : 
prepared canvas and leather wilh 
swivel . 25 .35 

S2-218. Better qualities .50 .76 

S2-220. Single Swings Strop, fine 
leather 25 .50 

S2-222. Cushion Strop, four sides, 
specially adapted for travellers .50 

S2-266. Barbers Shears, he=t qi 
siei I. 7W-IH. lull nickel finish 
8-inch, full nickel finish _ 

S2 268. Brown and Sharp Hail 

I t r, N o. O. close cut C 

No. 1, medium cut... 

S2-270. " Olympia " Clipper, 
nickel finish i 

S2-272. The " Columbia " Clipp 

S2-274. The " Speed " Clipper 

S2-276. Barber s Clipper, OO sir 
very close cut........... ...,.... f A i 

S2 278. Springs for any of I 
clippers, each 

NOTE. (iive number of clipper 
ordering springs. 

Smaller size..". 25 

$2-224. Barber s Delight Water Hone 
- .75 
S2-226. Lather or Oil Hones 



Strop Dressing. .10 



Sheep Shears, double bow 
.50 .75 

S2-250. Jack Knife, horn handle, two 

fine blades, ascut.... 
Smaller size 


S2 252. Horn Handle Jack Knife.two 

blades and copper ring _. .40 

S2-254. Boys Jack Knives .10 .15 

S2-230 Ladies Pen Knife, one blade 
and manicure, as cut 25 

S2-230A. Similar style, two blades 

S2-200. Gents two-blade Pocket 
Knife, ivory handle, as cat... .50 

Pearl handle 75 

Same, with Cavendish blades, ivory 
.60 Pe"l._ t.OO 

S2-202. Gents Pocket Knife, two 
tiladesand file, ivory or horn hand le, 
similar to cut .50 pearl. .75 

-202A. With two blades only, pearl 

S2-204. Fancy Handle Pen Knife, one 
blade, ascut _ .15 

S2-256. Horn Handle Pocket Knife, 

I blades, as cut 25 

With Cr vendish steel- 30 

S2-256A. Gents Small Pearl Handle 
Pen Knife, one blade and manicun 

S2-2B8. Gents Pocket Knife, two 
blades and corkscrew 45 

S2-232. Stag Horn Ha;^,e Oomblna- 
tio i Knife, two blades, saw, hoof 
hook, corkscrew gimblet, awl, 
screwdriver, tweeters and pick, as 

cut 1 .50 omaller size, fewer 

attachments............ .75 

S2-234. Stag Horn Handle Pruning 
Knife, fine blade _ 75 

$2-236. Cattleman s Knife.two blades 
and cattle blmle, horn handle 1 .OO 

S2-282. Geo. Butler s " Keen " 1 
hollow ground, finest Sheffield 
blades, % or %-in 

82 284. With ^-eal ivory hand 
inch blade ^ 

S2-286. Wade & Butcher s " 
Crest," black handles, % or 
blade, a favorite _ 1 

With ivory handle, %-inch |b 

$2-288. " Barber s Special." Oe 
hollow ground, black handle, 
fi-lu, blade 1 

S2-290. " K. B. Extra," German 
low Ground R zor, black ha i 
% or J^-in. blade _ , 

S2-292. Corn Razor, small size. 


S2-260. The Gem Sntety Razor, com. 
plete with one blade and f iropping 
attachment, ascut 1.50 

S2-262. Same, in leather ease.. 1.95 
With two blades, in larger case 

S2-264. Extra blades, in tin box each 


S2-294. The Gillette Is the mot 
pie safely rn/or on tho. ma 
always rcflnV for use, requin 
honing or dropping, complete 
twelve iwo-edfre blades. Sen 
tration, in cose 

S2-296. Gillette blades, per doz 1 , 
or by returning twelve dull bl; 
per doz _ 

S2-298, Safety Razor Stropping 
chine, double roller, for the 
safety razor, secures a keen, i 
cutting edge _ 1 



D earl Handled Flat-ware and Steel Cutlery 

Carving Knife, 
celluloid handles, 


ish " blade, as cut 

, ithout steel 

Fork and 


i Pearl Knives and Forks 

1302. Set of 12 Pairs Dessert Knives 
ad Forks, mother-of-pearl handles, 
me English electro silver-plated 
eel blades, put up in plush-lined 

ak case, with key _ 18.00 

304. Case containing 6 pairs Knives 
nd Forks, dessert size only 10.00 
306. Six pairs Dinner Size 13 50 
308. Case containing 12 Dessert 

Inives only 11 50 

1310. Set of 12 pairs Fish Knives 
nd Forks, English electro-plnted 

Jades 18.00 

?3f2. Pearl Handle Fish Carvers, in 

aae _ 5.00 6.50 

!314. Pearl Handle Carving Sets, 
meat quality steel throughout, 
inife, fork and steel, sterling silver 

errules 13.90 15.00 

1316. Sterling Silver Handle Carv- 
igSet, Louis XV. pattern, knife. 

ork and steel_ 10.50 

1318. Leather Case for three-piece 
arring sets .. 1 75 


J320. Pearl Handle Fruit Knives, 

erdoz _ 6.00 

of 6, In leather case ,... 3.75 

322. Pearl Handle Butter Knives 

scutl 50 .75 1.00 

J824. Pearl Handle Cake Knives... 

Mcuta 1.25 1.50 1.75 

-326. Pearl Handle Pickle Fork... 

wcuts .50 .75 100 

328. Pearl Handle Sardine Forks 
T Jam Spoon, each_ 75 

830. Silver-plated Napkin Ring, 
ingraved designs, as cut_ _ 25 
)tluT styles, smaller .08 .10 15 
-332. Silver-plated Salt and Peppei 
Uiakers, engraved designs, as cut, 

ttch .1 5 

Afferent style, each 12 1 > 

-334. Salt and Pepper Shakers, the 
jopular " Wave Crest Ware," prettily 
iver-plated tops, ea... ,25 
-336. Mustard Pots, same ware, 
similar style, each 25 

52-342. Ivory Handle Knives, But 
ler s Cavendish steel, round or 
square handles, as cut, dessert size. 

per doz _ 9.50 

Dinner size, per doz 11.00 

S2-344. Square Ivory Handle Knives, 
fine steel blades, dessert size, per 
doz.. 5.00 Medium size- 7.50 

82-346. Round or Square Celluloid 
Handle Knives, with Cavendish 
sleel blades, dessert size, doz. 
Medium size, per doz_ 

S2 348. Same style, different make, 

dessert size, per doz 2.90 

Medium size, per doz 3^40 

NOTE. When ordering Nos. 32-342- 
6, please state shape of handle. 

S2-338. Carving Knife, Fork and 
Steel, stag handles, Cavendish steel 

blade, as cut- 3.50 

Without steel 2.50 

S2-340. Similar style, different make. 

knife, fork and steel- 2 85 

Without steel 2.00 


. s .oo 

82-360. Round Celluloid Handle 
Knives, steel blades, as cut, dessert 

size, per doz._ 2.00 

Medium size, per doz 2iSO 

S2-352. Square Celluloid Handle 
Knives, steel blades, dessert size, per 
doz. 1 .50 Medium size, doz. 2 00 
Same with rivetted handles, dessert 
size, per doz. 2.25 Medium 2.75 

82-354. Table Touch Bell, nickel 
plated 25 .35 

S2-354A. Hand Bells, as cut, polish 
bell metal, enamelled wood han 
dles, 2U-in. .15 3y 4 .in. .25 4-in. 
.50 5-w 85 6-in 1.20 

S2-356. Eaton s Scintilla Silver Cream 
1 o.lisn is the best for gold, silver and 
cut glass, as cut. we recommend and 
use it, per bottle 15 

S2-358. Eaton s Scintilla Metal Pol 
\A. "It cleans"" it brightens, 
"it polishes," absolutely non-in- 
jurl^us. unsurpassed for polishing 
all kinds of metallic surfaces, per 
tin .08 .12 .18 

S2-360. Eaton s Scintilla Liqnid Pol 
ish, specially adapted for fancy 
metal surfaces, tin... JO .20 .35 

82-362. Electric Silicon Silver Clean 
ing Powder, per box 08 

82-364. Wellington Knife Polish. 
per tin 15 

82-366. Carving Knife, Fork and 
Steel, stag handle, knob ends, Cav 
endish steel blade, as cut 4.50 

Same without steel 3.00 

S2-368. Same style, different make. 

knife, fork and steel 3.50 

Without steel 2.25 

Knives and Forks 

82 392. Carving Knife, Fork and 
.Steel, stag handles, with ferrule. line 

steel, as cut 2 75 

Withoutsteel 1.75 

S2-394. Similar style, without fer 
rule, knife, fork and steel .. . 1 35 
Without steel 1 .00 

Cooks , Butcher and Bread 

S2-370. Qeo. Butler s Cavendish Steel 
Knives and Forks, Buffalo horn 
handles, as cut, dessert size, set of 

six pairs 2.25 

Dinner size, set of six pairs... 2.50 

82-372. Different make, dessert, set of 
6 pairs 2 00 Dinner. 6 pairs, 2 25 

82-374. Buffalo Horn Handle Kiiives 
only, fine steel, dessert size, per doz. 
2.75 DinnerSize per doz. 3.25 

82-376. Stag Horn Handle Knives and 
Forks, Butler s Cavendish steel, RS 
cut, dessert size, set of 6 pairs. 2 OO 
Dinner size, set of 6 pairs_ 2.25 

82-378. Different make, dessert size, 

set of 6 pairs 1 75 

Dinner, set of 6 pairs 1 J88 

82-380. Stag Horn Handle Knives 
only, fine steel blades, dessert size, 
perdoz. 2.50 Dinner size. 3 00 

S2-382. Sheffield Steel Knives and 
Foiks, polished hardwood handle, 
double bolster, dessert or dinner 
size, as cut, set of six pairs 90 

82-384. Steel Knives and Forks, 
polish black wood handles, dessert 
or dinner size, set of 6 pairs... 50 
Better quality, set of 6 pairs... .7 Q 

82-386. Steel Knives only, polished 
black wood handles, dessert or din 
ner size, per doz _ 75 

Nickel Tableware 

82-396. French Cook s Knives, finest 
quality steel, as cut, 7-in. 70 8-in. 

.80 9-in 90 10-in.... 1 .00 

12- ".- 1.35 

82-398. French Cooks Knives, nar 
row blades, as cut, 7-in. 55 8-in. 
.R5 9-in. .75 10-in. 85 U-i". 

82-400. Paring Knives .05 .10 

82-402. Butcher s Knives, finest qual 
ity steel blades, 6-in. 30 7 -in. 35 
8-in. .40 10-in. 6O 12-in. 1.00 

S2-404. Butcher s Steel, as cut. 1.00 

small steels 25 .35 

S2-406. Emery Steel, as cut 10 

82-408. Fine Saw Edge Bread Knif(\ 

wood handle, as cut._ 25 

Christie make, finest quality- ]65 

82-410. Wire Handle Bread Knife, 
saw edge... .1 Christie make, best 
quality _ 50 

82-412. Bread Knife, plain edge 
blade, fine steel, word "Bread" on 
handle .35 

82-388. Nickel Silver Tea Spoons, 
warranted to wear well ami to keep 

their color, as cut, per doz 50 

Larger 65 .75 

Dessert Spoons or Forks, d.>z. 1 .25 
Table Spoons or Forks, doz.... 1 .50 

S2-390. Same style, made from pure 
white metal, the cheapest line of 
flatware we carry 

Teasooons. per doz ,3Q .35 

Dessert Spoons or Forks, doz. .55 
Table Spoons or Forks, doz._ .65 

82 414. Wire Handle Bread Set. a- 
cut .23 Same style, "ChriMie 
make .75 

82-416. Polished Olive Wood 

Sets, as cut 

Different style 

82-418. Bone Salt Spoons, each.. 
Bon-- MuMftrd Spoons, efti h.. 
Bone figg spoon*, each _ 




WE Ou ,;. 


World Brand 

All-World Brand Knives are 16 tlwt. quality 
S2-436. Tours Pattern Tomato Server, bright 1 .25 Gilt 1 

Sugar Shell, bright.- 50 

Coffee Spoon, doz 3 

Pickle Fork...._ 

Table Spoon, doz 6. 

Butter Knife, each 

Fish Fork, bright. 1 .75 Gilt 2. 

Cold Meat Fork, bright .85 " 1 . 

Dessertspoon, doz 5. 

Cream Ladle, bright... .75 Giltl. 

Dinner Fork, doz 6. 

Berry Spoon, bright... 1.25 Giltl. 

Tea Spoon, doz 3. 

Child s Set 1 . 

Dessert Fi.rk, doz 5. 

S2-466. Seniuphar Pattern Dessert For!;, doz 5. 

S2-468. " _ " Dinner Fork, doz 6. 

S2-470. " " Berry Spoon, bright 1. 

Gilt _ ) . 

S2-472, 16 d\vt. Plain Pattern Dinner Knite, doz _. 4,] 

Dessert, size 4 

S2-474. Nemuphar Pattern Dessert Knife, doz 10 

Dinner size 11, 

52-476. Nemuphar Pattern Cream Ladle, bright _ 

Gilt 1, 

S2-478. Memupnar Pattern Dessert Spoon, doz 5] 

S2-480. " " fold Meat Fork, bright 

S2 482. Nemuphar Pattern Gravy Ladle, bright 1 o 

Gilt _ 1 \2 

S2 484. Nemuphar Patter Butter Knife. 

S2486. Tablespoon, doz 6. 

S2-488. " " Pickle Fork 

S2-490. " " Five o clock TeaSpoous, doz 

S2-492. " PieServer 

S2-494. " " Sugar Shell, bright 

Gilt _ 

82-496. Tea Spoons, doz 2 


S2-SOO. .._.., 2.2 

Dessert Spoons c: Forks, to match, dnz 4O 

Table " : 501 

S2-502. Nemuphar Pattern Tea Spoon, doz _ 3 Q\ 




Sterling Silver and Silver-plated Tableware 

690. Sterling Silver Berry Spoon, Chester pat- 
?rn (as cut), or Louis XV, pattern, each 4.00 
er plated Berry Spoon, York Pattern, 

1.5O 2.00 

aine pattern, E.R.S .75 

696. Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons, Chester 

itteru, per doz. 6.00 7.25 

. Spoons, per doz _ 7.00 9.00 

aert Spoon or Forks, per doz 18.25 

p Spoon and Table Forks per doz 22.50 

ile Spoons, per doz __ 24.00 

SKTt Knives per doz _. 20. OO 

ile Knives, per doz _ .21.75 

1702. E.R.S. 12 Dwt. Dessert and Table Knives, 

3T doz _ _......._._ .3 .OO 

on Special 16 Dwt. Dessert Knives per doz. 

_ 3.60 

ae knife, Table size, per doz.___ 3.90 

low Handle 12 Dwt. Silver plate Dessert 

nives, per doz 5.50 

)le size 6.00 

$2692 Sterling Silver Sugar Shell, Chester pat 
tern, brigm, each _. 1.50 gilt bowl 1 .70 
i_ > ris XV pattern, bright, each_ ,95 1.25 

Sa^ie, Gilt Bowls ... 1.00 1.25 

Suver plated Puga Shell, York,:. Hern, each 

ioraui* _nd Tipped pattern aB.S. eac&_ .25 

S2-698. Sterling Silver Coffee Spoons, Louis XV. 

pattern, per doz 3.55 5.50 6.25 

Tea Spoons per doz....... 5.75 7.90 10. OO 

Dessert Spoons and Forks per doz 1 7 .35 

Table Spoons and Forks per do*, 23.65 

Soup Spoons per doz .-,.,.- 17.00 

Dessert Knives per doz 17.30 

Table Knives per doz. 19.50 

S2-704. Louis XV. Sterling Silver Butter Knife 
________________ ......... _____ 2.0 O 

Smaller.. ......... ______ ..... ____________ . .35 ,| 

Chester Pattern Sterling Silver. _ 1.90 2.16 / 
York pattern, silver plate _________ _____ .50 

E.R.S. Loraine and Tipped patte ____ 

York Pattern Silver Plated Pickle Fork __ .50 
S2-704a. Louis XV. Pickle Fork each ______ 1.OO 

Chester pattern ................. _ ........... _______ 1.20 

Loraine. ___ ......................................................... 35 

S2-694. Sterling Silver Meat Fork, Cliesterpattern 

(is cut).. 2.15 Larger 2.45 

Louis XV patt Tn, each 2,15 

Y.>rk pattern, Silver plate, each 1 .00 

Lornine pattern, Silver plate, E.R.S., each 



S2-700. Loraine , attem E.R.S., Silverplated Tea 

Spoons (as cut), per doz 1.32 

Dessert Spoons and Forks, per doz 2 28 

Table Spoons and Forks, per dog 2 76 

Tipped pattern same price as Loraine. 

S2 700a. York pattern Tea Spoons, per doz 

_ 2.85 3.OO 

York Dessert Spoons and Forks, per doz... 5.0O 
York Table Spoons and Forks and Soup Spoons. 

per doz _ _ 6.0O 

Dessert Knives, per doz 9^5O 

Table Knives, per doz 11. 

S2-706. Chester pattern. Sterling Silver Gravy 
Ladle (as cut) ..... ________ 3.6O GUt 

Louis XV. pattern, bright ________ _____ 

Gilt ____ ......... __ ............ _________ ....... _ .......... 

Loraine pattern, Silver plate Gravy Ladle 

Chester pattern. Sterling Silver Tomato server. 
_ ________ . ______________________ 3 25 Gilt 3 70 

Pie Server, Chester Pattern __ . . ...... __ 3 60 



Fancy Wools 

mond Ice Wool for making shawls or fascinators, 
i white, black, pink, blue, cardinal and mauve, 
er ball __ _ (2 

mond Pompadour Wool for edging shawls, fas- 
inators. baby bonnets and bootees, in black, 
hite. pink, blue and cardinal, per ball J2 

mond Angora WooT, white only for making baby 
cimets and bootees, extra fine quality, large 
ze, per ball _ JQ 

ve Ores* Flois, very fine and fluffy for making 
mwls and fascinators, cream and black, per 

kein _ .07 

im Shetland Floss, cream, white, black, per 
kein .06 pink, blu", red and mauve, per full 
unce skein _. _ .07 

e distinguishing features of our Berlins are (1) 
yenm-ssof texture (2) clearness and delicacy 
f shades (3) German manufacture. 

old Zephyr Wool in black, white and colors, 
ier skein 07 

daluslan Wool in black, white and colors, per 
win _ _ 07 

md 8 Fold Berlin Wool in black, white and a 
:omplete range ol colors, per skein. .OQ 

Variegated Berlins, and s fold, per skein__ ,O8 

Lady Bitty, Vesting Wool. 2 and 4 ply, white only 
per skein .(2% perlb 2.OO 


NOTE Our Best Scotch Fingering is made 
specially for us by J.& J .Baldwin and is surpassed 
by no other fingering yain. 

"Our Best" Scotch Fingering, 3 and 4 ply, blacU, 
white, grey, pink, blue and cardinal, per Ih. of 
16 ozs I _|(j 

Baldwin s Bee Hive Scotch Fingering, 3 ply, (20 skeins 
equal 16 oze.), black, w&ite, grey fawn, sky, 
cardinal and tan, per skein .07 or Ib. of 16 

Baldwin s Bee Hive Scotch Fingering. 4-ply (16 skeins 
equal 16 ozs.) black, white, greys, fawns, colors 
and leather mixtures, per skein, 08 or Ib. of 
16 ozs . 1.25 

Baldwin s Bee Hive Scotch Fingering, 5-ply (13 skeins 
equal 1G ozs.), black, white, fawns and greys 
per skein, .JOorlb. of 16 ozs |.23 

Baldwin s Bee Hive Scotch Fingering, 6-ply (lOskeins 
equal 16 ozs.). Black, white, grey, fawns an<i 
cardinal, per skein, . 13 or Ib. of 16 ozs_ 1 .25 


Baldwin s White Htather Scotch Fingering bleck, 
TVhite and grey, per skein, .06 per Ib. of 16 oz. 
_ _ _ .95 

Diamond Saxony, black and white, banded in 2-oz 
hani s, per hank, .14 per Ib _ 1.12 

Queen l> imond Saxony, a finer quality of Saxonyin 
black Mid white, banded in 2-oz. hanks, per 
hanJr, .16 Perib (.25 

Diamond Knlteze Fingering. 4-ply, black only. 5ne, 
smooth and particularly strong per Ib .85 

Eaton s Scotch Fingerlnl, 4-ply, strong and free 
from lumps, black whiteand gieys, per Ib. Q5 
Cardinal, scarlet, royal and navy, per Ib. .75 

Canadian Wheeling Yarn, S-ply, black white 
grey per b .40 Royal, navy, cardinal scarlet 
per lb_ _ 48 

2-P|y, black, white and greys and above colors, 
per Ib _ 48 

Ball Mending Yarn, tine and strong, 2 balls .OS 

Diamond Cashmere Mending, black only, oer ball 


Baldwin s 3 Fold Me: . ing Carded, (27yds. per card) 
in bltck, whit* grey, natural shades and 
scarlet, 3 cards_ _ .. _0g 



Belts, Beltings and Buckles 

Geld promises to be the feature for Spring and Summer, anticipating this, we are carrying 
enormous range of Gilt Belts and Belting in various widths at extremely low prices 

White and Colored Belts positively not 
exchanged, so be sure to give correct size when 

.Allow two days for White or Colored Belts or 
sizes over 28 inches as they have to be specially 

Owing to constant change in Buckles we may 
have to substitute patterns. 



Gilt Belt, extra special value 33 


Crush Gilt Belt, very handsome.... 

TftftVtn Silk Belt " | 

Shirred Silk Belt, neat front buckle .25 
14. TII ff> ta Belt, faney shirring at back .25 
145. Taffeta Belt, trimmed with silk rings .39 

J446. Folded Silk Belts, fancy shirring 50 

C447. Fancy Silk Belt, jet ornament, black only 


C448. Tailored Belt, trimmed with silk buttons 

C4+9. TfleteSiik"Belt! fancy ihirrine!! 

C450. Extra Fine Quality Taffeta Silk | OO 

C4B1. Taffeta Silk Belt, fancy design - I.OO 

C452. Messaline Silk, cut steel back and side 
pieces _____ ....................... ___________ ........ | 25 

C453. Messaline Silk, cut steel back aud side 
pieces ............ ______ ..................................... | 50 

C454. Pleated Kid Belt, Paris design ......... .75 

C455. Plain Kid Belt ........................... 50 

C456. Patent Leather Belt, gilt or white 



Double patent leather, turned edges . 25 
C4B8. Double patent leiither, turned edges .15 
C459. Crush Leather Belt S-iu. wide, col"is 
black, chocolate, white and red _______ ........ 50 


C460. Widths 11-16 in. at .40 per yard, gold or 
silver. 1 5-16-in. at .50 per yard, gold or silver. 
1%-in. at 6O per yard, gold or silver. 
Crash Gold Belting, 2-in. wide, 35 per yard, 
gold only. Crush Gold Belting, 2-m. wide, ".85 
per yard, gold only. Ribbed Black Elastic Belt 
ing, 1%-in. wide, ,5O 


C46B. Front Buckle, in gilt, oxidized or 

C468. Cut Steel Front Buckle ____ ............. .. 

C467. Steel and Gold Front Buckle ________ .. 

Fresh Water Pearl ....... _ 

Pressed Steel Buckle Set 

T470. Buckle Set, in gilt, black or oxidizei 

C471. We carry a large assortment, both in 
and bai k Buckles, also Buckle Sets, \\i 
right back pieces, and dip and straight 
buckle to match. 

C472. Genuine Cut Steel Buckles, in eithei 
or back pieces .............. 35 .50 .75 

C473. Fine Quality Cut Steel Buckles, ri 
on steel plates, newest Parisian styles.. . ; 
.................................... ................. 4.28 ! 



Leather Goods 

C-41. Children s Walrus Grain Handbag, black only... 25 
C42. Dolphin Grain Handbag, inside puree, colors black 

and brown _. Jjo 

C43. Walrus Grain Handbag, containing purse and card 

case, black and brown, extra special value 87 

C44. Covered Frame Bag, inside puree, black and brown . 

Better leather, large purse 

puree and card case __. _ j 50 

C46. Avenue Bag, inside frame, black and brown colors. 


with back pocket _ | .25 

C46. Walrus Bag, leather lined, covered frame, large purse 


Same style, with c-.. dcase _ 2.50 

C47. Handsome ^ag, in black seal only, purse and card 
case _ _ 5.OO 

C48. Vanity JJa,", made from finest selected goat skin 

_ _ _ 4.66 

C40 Handsome Bags, German silver frame, no two bugs, 

- ...itly alike made from the finest leather IO.50 

C410. Seal Strap Pocket or Bill Holder ._ I 5O 

Other leather from 5O to 1 .28 

C411. Safety W-iliet, Real S.-al, calf lined 2.25 

Same style assorted leathers and lining from .50 to 5-OO 
C412. Bill Soil and Change Purse, real seal I OO 

without change purse, other leathers from.... .56 to j OO 

With both secret pocket and change purse |.5O and 2-5O 
C413. Real Seal Tray Purse..... 75 

Other leathers.... _.. .25 .35 5O 

C414. Clasp Purse, extremely fine grain leather I OO 

C415. Pigskin Coin Purse 35 

Large size ..., 50 

C416. Real Seal, square shape combination purse 50 

C417. Real Seal, calf laced combination purse I OO 

C418. Dull Seal, faced __ 2.25 

Other styles different designs and leathers from 

6O to 5.QO 

C419. Seal Roll Collar and Cuff Case 2 25 

Other leathers |.2S and 1.75 

C420. Ladies Seal Card Case _ | QO 

Other leathers, different styles from .go to 5-00 

C421. Bag Purse for children, with short chain (5 

C422. Music Rolls, assorted leathers, from... ,5Ot"2.6O 
C423. Music Case, grain lea her, very serviceable.... 1.OO 
C424. Walrus Grain Music Case 1.25 

Different style, better finish (.50 

C425. Dolnhin Grain Music Ca,=e, suitable for either book or 

sheet Music _ 2.5O 

C426. Flat C. & C. Case, very handy for suit case, in tan or 

black colors _ I.5O 1.78 

C427. Car Ticket Cases, burnt leather |Q 

Seal or Morocco _ 25 

C428. String Shopping Bags, or market bags 25 .35 

C429. Railroad Pass Books, gniiu sc 1 .75 

Real seal, calf lined 2.OO 

C430. German Handbags, in real seal, leather lined, nickel 

frame, rope handle, black only, 7 in. frame |. r 

Sin. frame 

9 in. L-ame 

10 in. frame 

11 in. frame 

Same style, morocco leather, 7 In. frame 

Sin. frame _ 

9 in. frame j 5 

10 in. frame _ ...."_. | 75 

11 in. Irame 2.0O 

C43I. Travelling Cases from_ 2.OO to 12. OO 

The leather in thecusesandfitringsvary according to price. 
A very handsome case containing hair brush, clothes brush, 
comb, tooth brush, soap box anal scent bottle for__ B.OO 


EATON C r <- 



Always use our order 
tnr,,,s. we supply 
them free. 

Books, Music and Stationery 

Allow extra lor | 
on all bocks. 

We make a special effort to supply any books not mentioned in this catalogue. Prices quoted on application. Orde 
special books must be accompanied by the postage in ever Newest publications promptly added to our stock as they 
; rom the publisher s press. Prices al n-iys the lowest. Kindly say if we may substitute if out ot books ordered. When ore 
or more books kindly give two or three substitutes, in case we are sold out of one or more titles. 



Family and Pulpit Bibles shipped by express, charges extra. 


Different Sizes of Types 

I carl tjf ll tbli tin. 
Rubj tip* ii tbil tilt. 
Nonpareil type is tbit size. 
Emerald typo is this size. 
Minion type is this uize. 
Brevier type is thia size. 
Bourgeois type is this size. 
Long Primer type is this size 
Smali Pica typeisthi?stee 
Pica type is this size. 

Vhen ordering Bible* note different sizet of types 
and of books given here 

Different Sizes 
Bibes, etc. 

Diamond, 32mo. . is 4%x - 
Pearl, 24mo., is 5>:Jx3J4 in 
Pearl, 16mo., is 7x4% in. 
Ruby, 32mo. , is f>%*3% in. 
Ruby, 24mo., Is 5Vix4 in. 
Ruby, ICmo., is 6}|x4K in. 
Emerald. 16mo.. is 7x4% in. 
Minion, 24mo., is5?ix3% in. 
Minion, 8vo., is 7%x5 in. 
Brerier, 16mo., is6%x4% in. 
Bourgeois, 8vo., is 8x5 in. 
Long Primer, 8vo., is 7%x5X in. 
Small Pica, 8vo., is 9%x6in 
Pica, 16mo., is7Jx6x2;4 in. 


of the Translation o 

Containing History of the Translation oTthe Bible ; Temple Library at 
- I l iir ; His-tory of theBooksof the Bible, with 48 full-page illustrations: 
Ihmnony of the Gospels, etc. ; Self-Pronouncing Dictionary of Sciipture 
IT. PIT Names, Apocrypha, Marriage Certificate, Family Record and Tem- 
pcraiiee Pledge ; Concordance, Psalms in Metre, and many beautifui full- 
puge pictures in colors, etc., etc. 

I irained American Calf, padded covers, gold edges. - 3.25 

French Morocco, padded covers, gilt edges, gold titles 4.25 

French Morocco, padded covers, gilt edges, silk head band_ 5.00 

jfrman Morocco, padded sides, round corners, red under gold edges 6.0O 

French Morocco, raised pa 


panel, antique, gilt edges, large pica type, margini 

references, size 12?4xlO% inches__ .. ....". .;....; ..."....... 5\25 

French Morocco, antique, plain line pattern, extra large type, without re 
ferences, size 13^x11 inches _ _ 8.25 


Pearl type, 16mo., cloth, red edges 25 

Pearl tvpe, Itimo., morocco, yapped 75 

Nonpareil type, 18mo., morocco, yapped, with revised marginal refs. 1.50 


Minion, 8vo, morocco, yapped, teachers edition _ .90 

Long primer type, 8vo,morocco, yapped, teachers edition 1 .25 


Ruby tvpe, 32mo,, cloth _ 25 

Minion type, 24mo., cioth_ .35 

linhy type. 32mo., morocco, yapped .50 

Diamond type, 32mo., morocco, yapped, pocket size .75 

Kuby type, 16mo.. morocco, yapped, with references _ .75 

Minion type, 24mo. , morocco, yapped, linen lined 75 

Long primer type, 16mo., cloth, red edges _ .75 

l.iiiiv type, 21mo., morocco, yapped, kid lined, references 1.00 

Diamond type, 32mo., morocco, yapped, kid lined, pocket size 1 .00 

I, mil, primer type, 16mo.. morocco, gilt edges _ 1.0O 

Id type, I6mo., morocco, yapped, lii.en lined, references 1.00 

nhy, -Mm o., morocco, yapped, leather lined, India paper, references.. 1.25 

me rald type, 16mo., morocco, yapped, teachers edition 1.25 

nierald type. 16mo., morocco, yapped, leather lined, references _ 1.25 

mall pica, type, 8vo., morocco, plain, gilt edges 1.2" 

raid type, 16mo., morocco yapped, kid "---" 

merald type, 16mo., morocco, yapped 
m:rald type, 16mo., morocco, 

, yapped, r 
pped, kid 

1, kid lined. India paper, refs. 1.50 
. leather lined, teachers edition 1 .50 


Kiiiiylype Siino., morocco, yap pecf, kid lined, silk sewn, witri refs. 2.00 
Emerald type, 16mo., moroooo yapped, kid lined, silk sewn, *"">">- " -- 

efs, silK sewn, India paper, 2.00 


teacher s edi- 

Ruby type, 24mo, Levant, morocco japped, calf lined, silk sewn, refs. 
Emerald type, 16mo., morocco japped, kid lined, silk sewn, referen s 
Emerald type, 16mo., Egyptian seal yapped, leather lined, India 

teachers edition . , 

Long primer type, 8vo., morocco leather lined, silk sewn, India paper 

er s edition 

Long primer type, 8vo., Alaska seal, silk sewn, India paper, ref nces 
Minion type, 8vo., Levant morocco, yajped, calf lined, India papt 

sewn, teacher s edition _ _ _ ,. 

Emerald type, 16mo., Levart morocco, yapped, calf lined, India pap 

sewn references _ _ _ 

Long primer type, dvo., Levant morocco, yapped, calf lined, siiksewi 

paper, references . . _ 

Long primer type, 8vo., morocco, yapped, calf lined, silk sewn",~lii "oa 

teacher s edition _____.. -....... 


Ruby type, 32mo. 

Cloth red edges _ 1 I Leather, gilt edges. __. 

Morocco, yapped, gilt edges. 25 I Morocco, yapped, kid Hnt J 
Pictorial Edition, colored, i.lus., orev/er type, cloth cover.... .._.., 

Marked T< .taments 

Mmion type, cloth, red edges. . .. . _ . 

Minion type, cloth, boards, in neatclotB. case L.~~. .".U.".".. 

M.nion type, leather, yapped .. . 


Ku >y type, 48mo., French m. 

rad.Jed, eilt edges..... 

Bo> .. Keols Fvpe, 32 mo. , Frencl 

ccco, limp, irilt edges 

Mi.u on type, !2mo., French p 

g: it edge* __ 

Long orimer type, 24mo. , Frenc 

gilt edges . 

Bourgeois type, 32mo., P 

smooth, podded, gilt edges.... 
Pica type, 12mo,, Fiencfi, lim 


Pica type, liino., paste grain, 

gut eUgea_, 

Pica type, 12mo., Rutland, limp, gilt edges..... 


Pearl type, cloth, limp. 

Pearl type, leather, gilt edgen... .__ 

Ruby type, leather, gilt edges .50 

Long primei type, leather gilt edges.-, 
Small pica type, leather, gilt edges 


5 Kuby type, cloth, boards. 

5 Long primer type, C otlx. . 
- 1 Small pics type, ciotfi 

MODERN Combined 

Ruby type. 3 mo, leather _ 

Ruby type, 3!mo, padded leather, .Vlt edges .35" .5 6" "75" 

Bourgeois ty >e, 2imo, morocco, fi!t edges__._ .__ 

Ruby type, S imo, morocco, solid edges _ _ 

Long Primer type, 24mo, smooth leather, gilt edges _ _ _ 

Long Primer type, 24mo, Rutland leather, gilt edges 


_ 65 I Cloth, large size.... \ 

all ize_ 1 .00 I Leather, gilt edge, large size. | 


Sizes 3% x 2^ * H inches. 

* French Morocco, padded, pearl 

crncifix inside cover... 

Fvejch Calf, padded, wiUi 
I earl crucifix insivic covei , 

Morocco, gilt edge s _ 

Morocco, padded gilt edges 
.._....._.... 1 .25 and 


>tn_ ,25 SmaK Pica type, Egyptian 

Seal, yapped, kid lined j 

Old People s Size 
Pica type, cloth, plain edges, 
Pica type, Morocco, yapped, 

Cloth, small size 

Leather, gilt edge, small 

Cloth binding, plain edges ___ 
Leather binding, gilt edges ... 
French Morocco, gilt edges ... 
Morocco, pad Jed, gilt e lges... 
Persian Calf, padded, red un 


der gilt edg 
German Turk 




............... _ ..... 

ey, padded ....... ; QO 

Pearl type, clot 
Pearl type, past 
Pearl. Fr. Morocco, yapped ... ^7 

Brevier type, cloth 55 

Breviertype, French Morocco. 

yapped gilt edges _ 1.35 

India Paper Editio.i 
Brevier type, roan gilt edges, 1 .10 
Brevier type, Egyptian Seal, 

yapped, gilt edges 1 .35 

Brevier type, Persian Morocco 

yapped, Kid lined 1.60 

kid lined 

Methodist Hymnar 
June Books 

Cloth, plain edges. 

French Morocco, yapped, gilt 
edges ,.. 


Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons by Pelou 
A mold s Commentary on the Sunday School Lessons.. 

Gist oi the Lessons by Toney 

Cruden s Complete Concordance _ 




Long Primer Type 

Size 6 x y/ e x % inches. 
Black Cloth, red edges. .30 

Ruby Type 

Size 5% x 3% x y 4 inches. 

Edition, red..._._ 08 

:k Cloth, red edges 1 

h.gilt edges. 20 

e Grain, gilt edges .35 

atian Rutland, gilt edges_ .50 
I ich Turkey Dram, padded 60l 
e Grain, padded... ..__ 75 Pica Type Size 7% x 4% x 1 in 

French Morroco, gilt edges. 

Paste Grain, gilt edges. 

French Seal, yapped, gilt edges 1 ,2 


, .......... _ ..... 

j KCO. yapped, leather lined 1 .00 Black Cloth, red edges .............. 60 

\ StMorb^"ya^"Vj taf. . Paste Grain, gilt edges. ........... 1.25 

ksewn ____ ................ _ ______ 2.00 Frencn Seal, yapped, gilt edges 2.25 


raid Type, With Music. 

k Cloth, ted edges. __ 60 

oon Cloth, leather back 

e Grain, gilt edces. 1i25 

jcco, yapped, gilt edges..... 2.25 
ka Seal, ilk sewn, India paper 

Large Type Edition 
With Music. 

.90 Black Cloth, red edges. _ 90 

Maroon Cloth, leather back 1.25 

Alaska Seal, leather lined, silk sewn 

India paper.. 


50 Pieces with Music 
Cloth Limp 65 


1 Type, r?mo, French rutland, yapped. 7O 

pType. 32mo, French rutland, yapped .-,-,--- .80 

pType, 16mo, French ruiland, yapped. 1.00 

7 Type, 24 mo, French rutland, yapped, references 1 .25 

7 Type, 24mo., Aleutian seal, yapped, leather lined, references ... j .75 
f Type, 24mo, Aleutian seal, yapped, leather lined, references, India 
oer..._.._ .. 2.25 


Cloth Boards 


888 Pieces with Music 

HN1. Clof.Ump 


FNL Clcth Limp, large size... 1.25 
FN2. Cloth Boards, large type 1 .40 

AN1 Words only, each 


Cloth Limp, large size_ 1 00 
Cloth Boards, large size 1 15 
Words only, per doz 90 


With Music. 

I .dian Hymnal Music, revised edition 

hst of the Wheat, Nos. 1 and 2, each 

" 3 _ 

" " 1 and 2 combined_ _. 

I -A Songs, No. 1, 35. Sacred Songs, No. 2._ 

I s of Salvation.. , 

I 9 of the Century _ 3O 

ecostal Hymns, Nos. 1, 2. and 3, each ,35 

* " 1 and 2 combined_ 50 

3 His Praise Glorious .35 

national Praise_ _ _ .35 

ay School Hymns, No. 1 _ .35 

el Hymns, Nos. Ito6 . _^___ 90 

* ander s New Revival Hymns, paper cover. .25 

| ander s New Revival Hymns, cloth, boards. 40 

dian Hymnal, words only, revised edition_ _ _ _ .12 

el Hymns, words only, Nos. 1 to 6 - _ 1O 


The Red Library, Price 26c 0aeh. 

;hed and Wanting. Men of The Bible. Later Sermons. The Way to 
Prevailing Prayer. Thoughts For The Quiet Hour. Sovereign Grace. 


t Tii Iks on Prayer, by S. D. Gordon _ _ 75 

MtTalks on Power, bv S. D. Gordon _ _.." 75 

k e Yc Apart, being baily Morning Readings in the Life of Christ, bv 
[V. .1. R. Miller 96 

-tiaiis Secret of a Happy Life by H. W. Smith... 25 


I s to Men, about the Bible and the Christ of the Bible 

to Bring Men to Christ 

to study the Bible for Greatest Profit.. 

to Pray_ 

to Obtain Fullness of Power in Christian Life . 

st Pocket Companion For Christian Workers _ 


Greatest Thing Ever Known _. 

t All The Worlds A Seeking. 

one With The Infinite 


adship cloth. _ 

adship, silk cloth, decorated page 1 

It, cloth binding, .65 Cloth, decorated pages ...."..... 


ans Value To Society 

investment Of Influence 

t Books as Life s Teachers 

Influence of Christ in Modern Life 

, Ascent of Man. by Rev. H. Drummond_ 

| mentary On The Bihle. by Mathew Henry, 6 vols .. 
I tnentary On The Bible, by Clarke, 6 vols... 



Library Edition b"-r-. 1 .n half cali 
leather, printed on tiue paper from 
large type with ilustrations by best 

Charles Dickens , complete in 15 vols. 

Scott s Wavjrly Novels, complete in 
12 vols _ 15.00 

Charles Dickens , complete in 17 vojs., 
printed on Oxford India paper with 
illustrations by Cruikshank, Phiz 
etc., bound in limp lambskin cover 
large clear type, pocket size 
price 15.00 

Cloth Binding 

Dickens Works, library edition, bound 
in silk c v>th. etching frontispiece, 
fully illustrated rilt titl&s and 
decorations, comj et< in 15 vols, 

Dickens Works, bound in silk cloth, 
gilt titles, illustrated, complete in 
15 vols 6.50 

Dickens Works, plain cloth, good 
clear type, 15 vols _ 4.5O 

Scott s Waverley Nov;ls, library edi 
tion, bound Jn silk cloth, etching 
frontispiece illy illustrated, gilt 
titles, etc., complete in 12 vols. 
_ 9.00 

Scott Novels, bound in silk cloth, 
gilt titles, complete In 12 vols. 
_ _ 6.00 

Thackery s Novels, bound in "silk 
cloth, illustrated edition, complete 

2 vol. Sets, Cloth. 75c Set 

The Wandering TPW. Eugene Sue. 
Life of Christ. Farrar. 
French Revolution. Carlyle. 
History of Our Own Times . MoCartli 
Essays. Emerson. 
Les Miserables. Hugo. 

Cloth, 40e. 

Byron Milton 



in 10 vols. 

....... 5.25 

Thacnery s Novels, bound in cloth. 
complete in 10 vols ___ ......... 2.5O 

Victor Hugo s Works library edition, 
tastefully bound in cloth, printed in 
clear .-,pe on good paper, illustrated, 
8 vols ........ _____________ ........ 7.50 

Bulwar Lytton, library edition, taste 
fully bound in silk cloth, with head 
bands, printed in clear type on good 

paper, 13 vols 



Parkman, complex in 12 vols. 16. OO 
Green s History of England, 4 vols. 




Jibbou s Rome, 5 vols. cloth_ 
History of Peru, Prescott, 2 vols., 

cloth ............ ____ ..... _ ..... _ ....... 75 

listory of Mexico, Prescott, 2 vols., 

cloth ...... ____________________ .75 

Macaulay s History of England, 5 vols. 

cloth ..................................... 2.5O 

larlyle s Wo-ns, library edition, taste 

fully bound in si k cloth, printed in 

Browning, Mrs. E. B. 
Cowper Shakespeiii.- 

Coleiidge Woidsworth 

Hemans, Mrs. Whittier 
Longfellow Scott 

Padded Leather Edition, full 
gilt edges, price $1.00 



Browning, Mrs. E. B. 











Padded Morocco Edition, 

red under gold edges, 

Illus., price $1.25 

Burns Moore 

Byron Scott 

Browning, Mrs. E.B. Shelley 

Hemans. Mrs. 






Oxford India Paper Poets 

Padded, straight grain leather, r.mi;d 
corners, red under gold edges 

Price $1.50 

Browning, Mrs. Milton Scott 
Burns Shakefoeare 

Byron Wordsworth 

Longfellow Whittier 

Padded Nubian, price $2. OO 

Large clear type edition, red under 

?old edges. 



Browning, Mrs. 



Robert B owning 5 Works 

Camberwell Edition, edited by C. Por 
ter and H. A Clark, the only fully 
annotated, line numbered edition, 
complete in 12 vols., cloth, gilt top. 



Sha kespeare 





Shakespeare, bound in best paste^rain 
leather, 6 vols. boxed, illustrated 
with pictures from the scenes of the 
great actors, Bijou edition, large 

clear type _ _ 5.00 

Allow extra for postage en all bookt. 

roon cloth 

T o. 
. , "ennyson r*oems 

Cloth, gilt ..... __ ....................... i. 

Paste grain, limp leather. ......... 1.25 

Padded, grain leather 1 3*5 



Padded, morocco leather.. 

clear type on good paper, and illus- i,, b 2 xe<1 : -.- 7.50 

trated, 10 vols _ 7 5Q * Brownm g, complete :n 1 vol.. ma- 

hambers EncyclopoedTaTa bictionary . roon clotn 2.75 

of Universal Knowledge, new edj- 
uon complete in 10 vols., best ma 
roon cloth, each vol. size 7%xil 
..ches, per set.. 25. OO 

Motn, Price $1.50 Per Set 

Macaulay s England. 

Cooper s Sea Tales. 

Cooper s Leather Stocking Tales. 

Conan Doyle. Marie Corelli. 

Rosa Carey. Hawthorne. 

Mo, julay s Essays, 3 Vols., 



Temple Edition of Shakespeare, con- 

ujning notes, each play bound in 

separate vol., complete in 40 vols., 

L. Hh -over, vol., .30 set_ 10.50 

leathei cover, Yol., .45 set 16.50 
Shakespeare s Complete Plays and 

Poems, in 3 vols. with glossary, 

photo frontispiece, and title page to 

each vol., imp lambskin and cover 

Padded, levant leather, complete edi 

tion , 2 75 3 25 

Tree calf, complete edition 4i(JJ 

Padded levant edition, with photos. 
_ _ 4.25 

Havergal s Poems 

Three vols. cloth cover, box to mat h, 
prit,e _ 1.25 

Memorials of Frances R. Haverg:i.. 
cloth .50 

Three vols, boxed, roan leather cover 
2 .00 

Archibald Lampman s 

i ^ T ol, cloth cover 1 .8t 

F"oems by Whitcombe Riley, 
Cloth, price $1.10 

Alley s Love Lyrics. 
A Child World. 
Rhymes of Childhood. 
Neighborly Poems. 
Green Fields and Running Brooks. 
Allow extra tor pottage on all books. 





Poems by Eugene Field 

With Trumpet and Drum, cloth .85 
Love Song of Childhood, cloth.. .85 
A. Little Book of Western Verse, cloth, 

1 .10 

i Book of Western Verse, cloth, 

1 10 

I nllaby Land, cloth JI_. 1 .25 

E. W. Wilcex s Poems 
Cloth, 25o each 

I oems of Pleasure. 
Poems of Passion. 
Three Women. 
Poems of Power. 

Birthday Text Books, cloth 1 

Birthday Text Books, cloth, gilt top, 

fancy design, 25 

Birthday Text Books, paste grain 

leather 35 

Birthday Text Books, padded leather 


Tennyson Birthday Book, fancy cloth 

50 Leather. 65 

Latest and most Popular 

The Gambler. Thurston. Cloth 1.20 
St. Cuthberts Kuowles. Cloth 1.20 
The Lure of the Labrador Wild. D. 

Wallace, Cloth 1.20 

Dr. Luke of the Labrador. N. Duncan. 

Cloth _ 1.1 Q 

Harvest of the Sea. Grenfell. Cloth 

_ 90 

Dr. Greufell s Parish. N. Duncan. 

Cloth 90 

God s Good Man. Corelli. Paper .65 

Cloth .... . _ .... 110 

N edra. G. B. M. Cutchon. cloth 1.10 
Duncan Polite. N, Miller. Cloth 1.1 O 
Rose of River. K. W. Wiggin. Cloth 

.._ 1.10 

Mnid Margaret. Crockett. Cloth 1 .20 
i in rry Ribband, " " 1.20 

\ Welsh Singer. Hichens. Cloth 1.10 
I lie Conquest of Canaan. B. Tarking- 

tim. Cluth. _ 1.2O 

Hi-art of Lady Ann. A. & E. Castle. 

cioth_ _ _ 1 .20 

The House of Mirth. E. Whartou. 

Cloth _ 1 .1 O 

Ayesha. H. Rider Haggard. Cloth. 


The Household of Peter. R. N. Carey. 

cloth _ 1.1 

House of a 1,000 Candles. Nicholson. 

Cloth 1.10 

My Friend the Chauffeur. Williamson. 

Cloth. _ 1.10 

A Specimen Spinster. K. W. Yeigh. 

Cloth. _ 1.1 O 

Yolanda. C. Major. Cloth. 1.20 

Cameron of Lochiel. C. D. Roberts. 

.Cloth _ 1 .20 

The Deluge. D. G. Phillip*. Cloth 1 .1 Q 

Works by Ralph Connor 

The Prospector _ 1 .1 

Man From Glengarry 1.0 

Glengarry s School Days. 1 .0 

Sky Pilot 6 

Black Rock _ 8 

Works by C. Wagner 

The Simple Life, cloth 7 

The Better Way, cloth 9 

By the Fireside 9 

On Life s Threshold.... S 

Works by H. Van Dyke 

The Blue Flower, cloth 1 .2 

The Ruling Passion, cloth.. \ . _ 

Little Rivers, cloth _ 1.20 

Works by Dr. Drummond 

.1 ilnmie Courtean, cloth 1 ,OO 

Fancy Vellum, gilt top, ful ly illus 
trated 2-OC 

Tin- Habitant, cloth 1.00 

Cloth, gilt topped, fully illustrated 

The Voyageur, cloth. _. 1.C 

Cloth gilt top, fully illustrated 2.C 

Works by A. H. Rice 

Lovey Mary, cloth _. .9 

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch 

cloth _ 65 

<andv, cloth QO 


ouufr Folk s Cyclopaedia of Natural 
History, by C. C. Abbot, with over 

500 illustrations. Cloth _ 65 

he Popular Natural History by Rev. 
J. G. Wood, with 600 illustrations 
and colored plates. Cloth cover, 
gilt edges.. 1 .25 

According to Season. Talks about the 
flowers in the order of their appear 
ance in the woods and fields, by F. 
F. Parsons, new and enlarged edi 
tion with 32 plates in color, by E. L. 
Shaw, Cloth gilt _. 1 .65 

I Guide to the Wild Flowers, by A. 
Lounsberry, witj 64 colored and 100 
black and white plates, and 44 dia 
grams, by Mrs. E. Rowan, with an 
introduction by Dr. N. L. Britton. 
Cloth. 1 .75 

V Guide to the Trees, by Alice Louns 
berry. With fc4 colored and 164 black 
and white plates and 55 diagrams, 
by Mrs. E. Rowan with introduction 
by Dr. N. L. Britton. Cloth... 1 .75 

Nature s Garden, by Neltje Bianchon. 
Its 32 super b colored plates and many 
black and white illustrations are all 
from photographs. A fascinating 
book, bringing out in a wonderful 
way the relations between plants 
and their insect visitors, 7%xlO% 
Illustrated, cloth 2.75 

Bird Neighbors. An introductory ac 
quaintance u ith 150 of our common 
birds, containing 52 colored plates, 
Cloth 2.00 

iame Birds and Birds of Prey, by 
Neltje Bianchon (companion book 
to Bird Neighbors). Cloth. Illus 
trated 2 .00 

Birds in Natural Colors. 60 illustra 
tions by color photography. A guide 
to the study of bird life. Cloth 1.25 

iVild Animals I Have Known, t>y 
Ernest Thompson Seton. Cloth, fully 

illustrated 1.60 

rail of the Sand Hill Stag, by Ernest 
Thompson Seton. Cloth, fully illus 
trate J-25 

The Biography of a Grizzly, by Ernest 
Thompson Seton. Cloth, fully illus 
trated 1 .25 

ives of the Hunted, by E. Thompson 
Seton. Cloth, illustrated. 1.6O 

Northern Trails by Long 1.50 

Flowers and Ferns in their Haunts, 
by M. O. Wright, cloth cover. Pro 
fusely illustrated in colors. 2.25 

Rural Science Series 

ByL. H. Bailey, Professor in Cornell 

University. Cloth covers. 
The Principles of Fruit Growing 1.10 
The Principles of Agriculture, 1 .1 
The Principles of Vegetable Garden 
ing 1J- 

Phe Nursery Book.__ 

3 lant Breeding 

The Forcing Book... 
Che Pruning Book. 

Garden Making 

The Practical Garden Book 

Popular Hand Books 

Musson s Ready Reckoner.Cloth, .2Q 
Practical Palmistry by Henry Frith 

Cloth _ _ .40 

Dancing, by Marguerite Wilson, cloth 
- .40 

Books on Etiquette 

Manners for Men, by Mrs. Humphrey, 
Board Cover 25 

Vlannersfor Women. _ .25 

Word to Women 2* 

Dtiquette, by Agnes H. Alorton, Cloth. 

_. 40 

Letter Writing, by Agnes H. Morton. 
Cloth .40 

encyclopaedia of Etiquette; A Book 
of Manners for Everyday tjse, by 
Emily Holt. Cloth cover, half tone 

illustrations, price _ 1.85 

he Up-to-date Practical LetterWriter. 
Cloth _ .35 

Cook Books 

Mrs. Beeton 8 Cook Book, 320 pages, 

with 21 full page plates .25 

Mrs. Beet- 

Dick s Quadrille Call Book, ppr. 
Things Worth Knowing, by J. 

Bechtel, Cloth ................... _ ..... 40 

Quotations by A. Morton. Cloth 40 
Slips of Speech, by J. H. Bechtel. 

Cloth ............. ....... _.. ............ ,4O 

Practical Synonyms, by J. H. .Bechtel. 

Cloth ________ 

________ ........ 

Conversations, by . H. Mahaff y. Clot 
_ _ ___ ___ .................... 40 

Botany, by J. McNair Wright. Cloti 
.............. _________ ... .............. .** 

Flowers: How to Grow Them, by 
E. Rexford. Cloth ------------ .40 

Modern Hoyle ................ ------ .25 

Musson s Ready Reckoner nd Lum 
ber and Lo* Book ...... . ............. ?O 

The White House COOK Book ... .75 

The New Home Cook Book. A volume 
of tried, tested and proven recipes 
by the ladies of Toronto and other 
cities and towns. Edited by Grace 
Denison. Cloth 90 

Luncheons: A Cook s Picture Book. 
A supplement to the Century Cook 
Book, by Mary Ronald _ 1 .40 

Srs. Rorer s Cook Book; A Manu 
al of Housekeeping. All entirely 
new work by 8. T. Rorer.... 2.00 

Cannins, Preserving, Mrs. Rorer .45 

lot Weather Dishes. Mrs. Rorer ., ~ 

Home Candy Making 

Hew Salads 

Bread and Breadmaking " 

How to use a chafing Dish " 

365 Breakfasts 

365 Luncheons 

365 Dinners 

653 Desserts " 

Elocution Books 

(Not Exchanged) 

Young Folk s Recitations , 

Shoemaker sBestSelections,l-26ea.! 
Wilson s Recitations, Dialogues .; 

Dick s Comic Dialogues.. ; 

Choice Dialogues. .; 

Young Folk s Dialogues .; 

McBride s Choice Dialogues 

Kavanaugh s New Speeches and I 

logues for Children ; 

Young Folks Entertainments... .: 

Numerous Dialogues and Dramas . 

Holiday Selections .,_ 

Temperance Selections.. .2 

Young Peoples Speaker 1 

Entertainments for Young People .; 

3ood Humor m 

;L^;ce Dialect Beading and Re 
citations . 

Classic Dialogues and Dramas . 

School-day Dialogues. _ . 

Ideal Drills, by M. Morton.. 

Medical Books 

Gardner s Household Meuicine ane 

Sick Room Guide. Cloth. 2.Q 

The DoctoratHomeandNurses Uui 
Book, by George Black, M.B. Cloth 

cover, illustrated 85 

Tokology, by Alice B. Stockholm 

Cloth _ 2.25 

Nursing, by 8. V. Levis. Cloth .40 

Dr. Chase s Recipes 00 

Dr. Chase s Recipes; or Information 
fOT Everybody. An invaluable col- 
, lection of over 1,000 practical recipes 
UltMttated, revised and enlarged in 
1 10_ , fi 

s ursing, by Clara Weeks. Cloth 1. 

0,000 Medical Words pronounced 
defined, 4th revised edition, 
Gould, pocket size 1. 

Vnatomy and Physiology, for Nui 
by D. C. Kimber. Cloth in rt 

Cloth Cover, each 90o 

Girl Oi 
to Know 

W o m 

"*" -"* wL n ta W Yc 
Wife Oi 
to Know 
What a 
man ol 
Boy Oi 
to Knov 
Man Oi 
to Knov 
What a Young Husband Ough 


What a Man of 45 Ought to Know 
Husband, Wife and Home, by Cht 


Steel Square by F. T. Hodgson. 
is the latest practical work on 
steel square and its uses publis 
It is thoroughly accurate and e: 
understood ; cloth binding, 2 ^ 

price. . 1 

Modern Carpentery and Joitierj 
practical manual, copiously i 
trated with nearly 200 diagrams 
figures showing the solution of n 
intricate problems in roofing, 

Hodgson. Cloth 

Modern Wiring Diagrams and Des 
tions, by H. C. Hartsmann am : 
II. Tonsley (expert electricians 
handbook of practical diagrams 
information for electrical cons 
tion work; fully illustrated, a 
handy size, bound in leather 
Conmou Sense Hand Railings 
How to Build Them, by F. T. H 

son; cloth, fully illustrated 

Farm Engines and How to RunT! 
The Young Engineer s Guide, I 
H. Stevenson. A complete ins 
tor for the operator and amal < 
fully illustrated with about 75 t 
tiful wood cuts; cloth, price 
The Amateur Carpenter and Bui 

fully illustrated, cloth 

The Nuttall Encyclopedia of UD i 
sal Information, edited by I 

James Wo< >d. cloth 

Twentieth Century Handbook fo 
gineersand Klectricians, with > i 
tions and answers, a conipen. 
of useful knowledge, thoroi i 
practical ; compiled by C.F.Swi 
M.E.,illust. bound in leather Z 


Comprising titles secured fron 
world s best literature, printed ! 
large type, on tood paper, and l> 
in uniform cloth. 

Priee 45c per Vol. 

Alhambra. W. Irving. 
Bleak House. Charles Dickens. 
Cloister and the Hearth. C. Die < 
Conspiracy of Pontiac. F.Parkmt 
David Copperfield. Charles Dick i 
Descent of Man. Charles Darwii 
Divine Comedy. Dante. 
Dom bey and Son. CharlesDieki 
Donal Grant. Qeo. MacDonald. 
Dove in Eagle s Nest. C. M. Yov I 
Early Day }f Christianity. F.W.* i 
Education. H. Spencer. 
Elsie Venner. O. W. Holmes. 
Emerson s Esays. 
Executor (The). Mrs. Alexandt I 
First Principles. H. Spencer. 
For Faith and Freedom. W. Be 
Allw extra lor nostaoe on ill bi 




ich Revolution. Thos. Carlyle. 

ry Esmond. Thackeiay. 

eivard Chas. Kingsley. 

ry of Civilization in Europe 

,h . Scott 
I re C. Bronte. 

ix Genii. -man. Mnlock 
I) ..> s ol Pompeii. Lytton. 
-t. Farr r. 

i 1 J.-SIH. E. K< n. 

o Ii.urit. Chas. Dickens. 

e Minister. J. M. Hume. 

ta DiMjue. Black more. 
ml.iy s Literary Essays. 
I ers "1 Florence. Mrs. Oliphant 
, era ol Venice. Mrs. Oliphant. 
I jitu of Lossie. Geo MacDonald. 
( tin Chuzzlewit Chas Dickens. 

.-s (Th ). Thackeray. 
I iolas Nickleby. Chas. Dicuens. 
I Curi isity Shop. Chas. Dickens. 

er Twist. Charles Dickens 

Slum il Friend. Chas. Dickens. 

lenuis (History of). Thackeray. 

wick Papers. Chas, Dickens. 

il Edinburgh. Mrs. Oliphant. 

U*h Chiefs. J. Porter. 

n I-ampsof Arrhiiecture. Huskin 

Jlbbie. Geo. MacDoualii. 
pfCl "<> Palon. 

of I w j Cities. Chas. Dlckeni. 

wrin. Pcnit. 

ma. M -trie Corelli. 

Burke of Ours. Charles LeTer. 

ini.uis. Thackeray. 
rK-y. Scoit. 

.fa Mine s Mine. Geo. MacDonald. 


Our price 19o 

its eeries is neatly bound In dark 
n cloth with headband, the titles 
bite lettering. The lis! of titlis 
ks for itself. (Where possible give 
d choice, in case we are sold out 
wkior lered.) 
p s Fa jles. 
-i. Bill wer lytton. 
.th. Marie CorellL 
il. Rusa Carey. 

i sAdv nturesin Wonderland arrt 
n>ui. r h the Looking Glass. Carroll. 
3rs n s Fairy Tales. 
"Ian Nights Entertainments. 
: Diana. Rosa Carey. 
md the City. Conah Doyle, 
up by the Sea. Sir S. Ba\er. 
Iren of the Abbey. R. M. Roche, 
i s History of England. Dickens. 
itm. i- stories. Dicucns. 
ermng lsal>el Caruaby, Ellen 
orn rnft Fowler, 
t of Monte Cristo. Dumas, 
la Mamie. M. J. Holmes. 
d Coppertleld. Dickens, 
slayer. J. Fenimore Cooper, 
ister. Hall Caine. 

Deane. M. J. Holmes. 

Thorne. Mary J. Holmes. 
tvan. Edna Lyall. 
Lynn. Mrs, Henry Wood, 
tian Princess. Ebers. 

beth and Her German Garden. 

Venner. O. W. Holmes, 
ish Orphans. Mary J. Holmes, 
est Mullravers. Bulwer Lytton. 
lyn s Mistake. Mary J. Holmes, 
ily Pride. Fleming. 

of Girdlestone. Conan Doyle. 

Violin. Jessie Fothergill. 

iron for a Farthing, Mrs. Ewing 

me of Nigel. Scott. 

Elsie. Marlitt. 
,ID B Fairy Tales. 

EATON S SPiSCIAL Continued. 

Knight Errant Lyall. 
Lamplighter. Cummiugs. 
Last Days of Pompeii. Lytton. 
Last of Barons. Lytton. 
Lena Rivers. M. J. Holmes. 
Little Minister. J. M. Barrie. 
Lorna Doone. Black more. 
Maggie Miller. M. J. Holmes. 
Marian Gray. M. J. Holmes. 
Meadowbrook. M. J. Holmes. 
Merle s Crusade. Carey. 
Micah Clarke. Doyle. 
Middlemarch. Eliot. 
Mildred, M. J. Holmes. 
Minister s Wooing. Stowe. 
Neweoines. Thackeiay. 
Night and Morning. Lytton. 
Not Like Other Girls. Carey. 
Oliver Twist. Dickens. 
Old Curiosity Shop. Dickens. 
Only the Gov rness. Carey. 
Our Mutual Friend. Dickens. 
Our Bessie. Carey. 
Owl s Nest Marlitt. 
Pathflnler. Cooper. 
Pendennis. Thackeray. 
Pickwick Papers. Dickena. 
Pilgrim s Progress. Buuyan. 
Pioneers. Cooper. 
Pilot. Cooper. 
Prairie. Cooper. 
Pirate. Si -oil. 
Red Rover. Cooper. 
Kob Roy. Scott. 
Robinson Crusoe. Do Foe. 
Romance of Two Worlds. Corclli. 
Samantha at Saratoga. M. Holley. 
Scarlet Letter Hawthorue. 
Bchonberg Cotta Family. Charles. 
Scottish Chiefs. Porter. 
Shadow ol a Crime. Caine. 
Shirley. Bronte. 
Sign of Four. Doyle. 


n Mountain Boys, D.P.Thompson, 
t Expectations. Dicken-. 
ver s Travels. Dean Swift 
I Times. Dickens 
ly Norseman, Edna Lyall. 
etead on the Hillside. Holmes, 
itia,. Thus. Kinesley. 
Thonehtsof an Idle Fellow, 
ie GoldcTi Days Lyall. 
ho" Scott, 
iinnpes. Ew ng. 
Ey r e. Bronte. 
don Chillingly. Lytton. 
U worth. Scott. 


ce of Dean Mailland. Gray. 
Sketch Book. Irviug. 
Spy C"oir. 
Sticklt MinMer. Crockett. 

Study in Scarlet Hawthorne. 
Swiss Family Robinson. Myss. 

"ale of Two cities. Dickens. 

Tales from Shakespeare. Lamb. 

Tempest and Sunshine. Holmes. 

haddeus of Warsaw. Porter. 

helma. Co>-elli. 

hree Men iu a Boat. Jerome. 

om Brown s Sehool Days. Hughes. 

om Brown at Oxford. Hughes. 

Tour of the World in 80 Days. Verne. 

>easure Island, Stevenson. 

wo Admirals. Cooper. 

arda. Ebers. 

Jncle T,m s Cabin. B Stowe. 

. nderT.vo Flags. Onidn. 
Vanity Fair. Thackeray. 
Vendetta. Corelli. 
Virginians. Thackeray. 
Water Witch. Cooper. 
Waverley. Scott. 
We Two Lyall. 
Westward He Kingsley. 
White Company. Doyle. 
Wing and Wing. Cooper. . 
Window in Thrums. Barrie. 
Willy Reilly. Carleton. 
Wonder Book. Hawthorn*. 
Won by Waiting. Lyall. 
Wormwood. Corelli. 


Price, each 25o. 
Aunt Diana, Carey. 


Averil. Carey. 
Bad Little Hannah. 

Bubbles. Newberry. 
Bunch of Cherries. Meade. 
Cnildren s Kingdom, " 
Cuckoo Clock. Molesworth. 
Daddy s Girl, Meade. 
Fifteen. Drinkwater. 
6irl of To-Day. Adams. 
Helen Beaton. A. L. Rouse. 
Jan of the Windmill. Ewing. 
Joyce s Investments, Newberry. 
Light O the Mornm*. Meade. 
Mist A.shlon B Pupli Kobbms. 
(Vld One. Newberry. 
One Girl t Way Out. H. Benning. 


Only a Girl. C. A. Jones. 
Palace Beautiful. Meade. 
Polly. Meade. 
Princess and the Goblin. 
Rouin R dbreast. Molesworth. 
Sara A Princess. Newberry. 
Schonberg Cotta Fami.y. Charles. 
Six to Sixteen. Ewing. 
>tory of a Short Life. Ewing. 
Sweet Girl Graduate. Meudt. . 
Three Bright Girls. Armstrong. 
Very Naughty Girl. Meade. 
Very Odd Girl. Armstrong. 
Wild Kitty Meade. 
World of Girls. " 


This popular line is bound in pretty 
silk cloth cover, size 16 mo. 

Price 23o 

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 

\bide in Christ. Murray, 
ieecher s Aduiesses. 
iest Thoughts. Drummond. 
bacon s Essays. 

Courtship of Miles Standish. Long 
"hri-tie s Old Organ. Walton. 

Changed Cross. 

Drummond I Addresses. 

Discourses of Epictetus. 

Dream Life. Mitchell. 

Emerson s Essays. 1st Series. 

Emerson s Essays. 2nd Series, 

Essays of Elia. Lamb. 

Ethics of the Dust Ruskln. 

Evangeline. Longfellcw. 

Elizabeth and Her German Garden. 

Fairy Land of Science. Buckley. 

Greek Heroes. Kingsley. 

Hold Dust. 

Hems and Hero Worship. Carlyle. 

II in win ha Longfellow. 

House of Seven Gables. Hawthorne. 

VADE-MECUM Continued. 

Imitation of Christ. Thos. O Kempis. 

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow. 

John Ploughman s Pictuv >s Spurgeon. 

John Ploughmai sTalki* Spuryeon. 

Kept for Maker s Dse. Havergai. 

Liuly of the Lake. Scott. 

Lalia Rrx>kh Moore. 

Lays of An ~?nt Rome. Macanla . 

Lucile. Meredith. 

Line upon 1 /ie. 

Light olAsii Arnold. 

My King anr. riu Service. Havergal. 

Master of Bi.iiintrae. Stevenson. 

-Mi>sses frorr an Jld Manse. Hawthorne. 

Natural Ls w in the Spiritural World. 

Peep of Day. 

1 reeept ujion Precept. 

Paradise Lot. Milton. 

Paradise Regained. MiHon. 

Pleasures of Life. Lubbock. 
Prince of the House of David. In- 

Prue and I. Curtis, 
ueen of the Air. Ruskin. 
ubaujat of Omar Khayyan. 

Rab and his Friends. Brown. 

ReprenUttive Men. Emerson. 
Reveries of a Bachellor. Mitchell. 
Shepherd Psalm. Meyer. 
Sartor Resartus. Carlyle. 
Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne. 
Sketch Bo >k. Irving. 

Pales from Shakespeare. Lamb. 
Taiiglevvi>f)d Tales. Hawthorne. 
Ten Nights in a Bar-room. Arthui. 
Thoughts of Marcus. Aurelnis. 
Twice Told Tales. Hawthorue. 
Uncle Tom s Cabin. Stowe. 
Vicar of Waketteld. Goldsmith. 
Walden. Thoreau. 
Water Habies. Kmgsley. 
Window in Thrums Barrie. 
Wonder Book. Hawthorne, 

Send extra Itr postage on all books. 


Good Large Clear Print; 
Our Price lOc Each 

Arveil. R. N. Carey. 
Bride s Fate. Southworth. 
Beulah. A.J.E. Wilson. 
Between Two Lovej. B. M. Clay. 

Bondman. Caine. 

Bridal Eve. Mrs. South worth. 

Bride ol Llewellyn. 

y Woman s Wit. Mrs. Alexander. 
Bitter Atonement B. M. Clay. 

lonseq iences. E. Castle. 

Concerning Isabel EnniHby. Fowler, 
urse of Clifton. Southworth. 
apiUila s Peril. " 

Couldn t Say No. Jno. Habberton. 
?ruel as theGravn. South worth. 

Clique of Gold. Gahnriau. 
Changed Brides. Southworth. 

j laire. Chas. Garviee. 
Dorothy Arnold s Escape. Mrs. G 
She 1 don. 

Jorothy Foster. Sir Walter Bessant 
Duke s Secret. B. M. Clay. 

Jonovnn. Lyall. 

Discarded Daughter, The. Mrs. South- 

Jnglish Orphans. M J Holmes. 

ixecutor, The. Alexander. 

Slaine. Chas. Garviee. 
Evelyn s Folly. B. M. Clay 
For Li lias. R. N. Carey. 

~amily Doom. Southworth. 
"Irst Violin. J. Fotherglll. 

inn of Girdlestone. lioyle. 
jypsy s Prophecy. Southworth. 

liddeu Hand. " 

ieir ol Glen Glower. " 

ler Lord and Muster. F. Marryat. 

lomestead on Hillside, Holmes. 

n j ilk Attire. Wm. Black. 

shmael. Sonthworth. 

oseph Bnlsamo. linmas. 

ohn Halifax. Mulock. 

.ittlt Minister. Barrie. 

X)ma Dooue. Blackmort 

A Splendid List of Title* 
Allow extra for pottage 

LadyAudley sSecret. Mr. Braddon. 

Lost Wile. Mrs. U. L. Camon. 

Leslie s Loyalty. Chas Garviee. 

Louiee de la Valliere. Dumas. 

Marquis. Chas. Garviee. 

Marian Gray. M. J. Holmes. 

Mrs. Keith s Crime. Mrs.W.K. Clifford. 

Memoirs of a Physician. Jjumas. 

Mill on the Floss. E iot. 

Marquis. Chas. Garviee. 

Macaria. A. J. E. Wilson. 

Nell Gwynue. R. H. Ainsworth. 

Nora. M;s. G.Sheldon. 

Mary St. John. Cany. 

Self Raised. Mrs. Sonthworth. 

Those Girls. Jno. Strange Winter. 

Sunshine and Roses. Clay. 

Search for Basil Lvndhurst, 

Missing Bride. Mrs. Suuthworth. 

Magdalen s Son. JJny A. Fleming. 

Molly Bawn. D lche.-s, 

Twenty Years After. Dumas. 

Thelma. M. Corelli. 

Plain Tales from the Hills. Kipling. 

Thrice Lost; Thrice Won. May A. 


Sherlock Holmes. Doyle. 
Viva. Mrs. Forrester. 
Wooed and Married. Carey. 
Under Two Flags. 
Witch Hazel. Mrs. G. Shi Idon. 
Virginia H. iress. M. A. Fleming. 
Phantom Rickshaw. Kipling. 
Widow Leronge. Kmile Gaborian. 
Suspence.. Merriman. 
Robert Ordes Atonement. 
Queen Bess. Mrs. G. Sheldon. 
Splendid Spur. " Q " (A. T. Quiller 


Queens Necklace. Dumas. 
Pretty Geraldine. Mrs. Alex. McVeigh 


A hoWins. M.A.Fleming. 
Resurrection. Count Tolstoi. 
Rose Mather. M. J. Holmes. 




Pottage Extn. 


Comprising Books by all the ponular 

writi isfoi 1 Boys , bound in cloth, well 


Prli 45 cento 

Blue Lights. Ballaiityne. 

Big Olter. The. Ballantyne. 

Baron and Squire, a Story of the SO 
years war 

Above Board. 0. W. Metcalfe. 

Battery and the Boiler. Ballantyne. 

Buffalo Runners. Ballantyne. 

Charlie to the Rescue Ballantyne. 

Deep Down. Ballantyne. 

Erling the Tnld. Ballantyne. 

Floating LigHtof theGoodwin Sands. 

Fighting th< Handera. Ballantyne. 

Fight for r uedri>. A. O. Stables. 

Face to Face wii. i Napoleon. 

From Ploughshare to Pulpit. 

Forest Lands. In. Gordon Stables. 

Giant of the North, The. Ballantyne 

Hot Swamp, The. Ballantyne. 

In tne Swing of the Sea. J. M. Oxley. 

Iron Horse. The. Ballantyne. 

King s Guards, The. R. J. P. Berry. 

In Forest Lands. 

IsHnd Afloat. Gordon Stables. 

Lighthouse, The. Bollantyne. 

On the World s Roof, M. Oxley. 

Off to the Klondyke. 

On Wur s Red Side. Gordon Stables. 

One of the Red Shirts. H . Hagens. 

Pearl Offers, The. G. Stables. 

Port Haste. Ballantyne. 

Rover of the Andes. Ballantyne. 

Rivera of Ice. Ballantyne. 

Red Rooney. Ballavtyne. 

Rover s Caravan. Gordon Stables. 

Rem -mber the Maine. G. Stables. 

St. ange Yet True. Dr. Macaulay. 

Steady Your Helm. 

Tha Year of Waterloo. O V. Caine. 

The Settler and the Savage. Ballan 

The Norseman In the West. Ballan- 

Wanderer and King. G. Stal.les, 

West Point Colours. 


Bound In cloth, with design in colors 

Price 35c eaon 
Battles with the Sea. 
Coxswain s Bride, A. 
Crew of the Water Wagtail. The. 
Garret and the Garden, The. 
Hunted and Harried Island Queen. 
Life ir the Red Brigade. 
Middy and the Moors. The. 
Madman and the Pirate, The. 
My Doggie and J. philosopher Ja"V 
Prairie Chief. 
The Red Man s Re nge 
Six Months at the Cape. 


This Is a very popular 
series ot Cnldren s 
Boo ks. printed on 
plate paper and beau 
tifully illustrated in 

Smai S -*e, 

ach 25c. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkln. 
The Tailor of Glou<-e?t - ; r. 
The Tale of Benjanv: Bunny. 
The Tale of Two P-u Mice. 
The Story of Little Black Mingo. 
The Story of Little Black Quibba. 
figgy Winkle. 
Old Nursery Rhymes. 

Cloth, rric* 19e 

Among Malay Pirates. 

The Cornet of Horse. Jack Archer. 

Rujub the Juggler. The Boy Knight. 

Colonel Thorndvke s Secret. 

The Golden Canon. 

TUB Young Midshipman. 


The New Series of Henty 
Books, bound in best cloth, 
illustrated, Pries 45c. 

By Pike and Dike. By England s Aid. 
BV Sheer Pluck. Bravest of the Brave. 
Cat M Bubastes. Capt. Bailey s Heir. 
Dragon and the Raven. Facing Death. 
For Name and Fame. Lion jt St. Mark 
Final Reckoning. In Rei^rn of Terror. 
In Freedom s Cause. LionoftheNortrr. 
Maori and Settler. Orange and Green. 
St. George for England. One of the 28th 
j Thro the Fray. With Wolfe in Canada. 

With Lee in Virginia. 

Young Carthageuian. 


1 )th bevelled edges 

Vice 45c each 

Nobly Born. The Hoirs of Errington. 
Lady Clarissa. House of Bondage. 
Canonbiiiy Holt. Millicent Kendrick. 
Violet Vaughiin. Thornyeroft Hall. 
Joan Carisbroke. His Next of Kin. 
The Fortunes of Cyril Denham. Sissie. 
Father Fabian. Fortune s Favourite. 

Mrs. Montmorency s Money. 
Overdale Maud BolliiiRbrooke. 
Grey and Gold. CrystabeL 
St Bestha s. The Abbey Mill. 
Story of Penelope. Married Life. 


By Bracebri-ge Hemyng 

Cloth. Prise 25c each 

1. Jack Harkaway s School Days. 

2. Jack Harkaway AfterSchool Days 

3. JackHarkawayAfloatandAshore 

4. Jack Harkaway at Oxford, Parti. 

5. Jack Harkaway at Oxford. Part2. 

6. Jack Harkaway Among the Bri- 

rnds. Part 1. 
Harkaway Among th^ Bri 
gands. Part 2, 

8. Jack Harkaway s Adventvres 

Around the World. 

9. Jack Harkaway s Adventures in 

America and Cuba. 

10. Jack Harkaway a Adventures in 


11. Jack Harkaway s Adventures in 

Greece, Part 1. 

12. Jack Harkaway s Adventures in 

Greece. Part 2. 

13. Jack Harkaway s Adventures in 


14. Jack Harkaway ana His Boy 

Tinker, Part 1. 

15. Jack Harkaway and His Bov 

Tinker, Part 2. 


C eth, gilt. Price 60e each 

Miss Ethel 
Turner i? Miss 
Alcoti s n-ue 

The same 
absence of 
primness and 
the same li Ve 
of a _lventure" 
The Camp at 
by Harold 
The Little 
b7 A. J. John 
Seven Little Australians. Illustrated 

by A. J . Johnson, 

The Family at Misrule (sequol to 
above). Illustrated by A. J. John- 

The Three Little Maids. 
Betty & Co. 
Little Mother Meg. 
Mother s Little Girl. 
A White Roof Tree. 


Bound in neat cloth ; every story is 
recommended for boys reading. 

Price 25c 

Art rift in New York. H. Alger. 

Bound to Rise. H. Alger. 

Brave and Bold. H. Alger. 

Congo Rovers. H. Collingwood. 

Dick Sand. Jules Verne. 

Doan.l Dare. H. Alger. 

Eight Hundred Leagues in the Ama 
zon. Verne. 

Erling the Bold. Ballantyne. 

Every Inch a Sailor. Gordon Stables. 

Facing the World. H. Alg> r. 

Gascoyne, The Sandalwood Trader 

Golden Galleon. H. Leigh ton. 

Gorilla Hunters. Ballantyne. 

Herbert Carter s Legacy. H. Alger. 

How Jack Mackenzie Won His Epaul 
ettes. G. Stables. 

Jnckanapes. Ewing. 

Log of the Flying Fish. Collingwood 

Luke Walton, the Chicago Newsbov. 
H. Alger. 

Nat, The Naturalist. G. M. Fenn 

OUif, The Glorious. G. M. Fenn. 

Only an Irish Boy. H. Alger. 

Paul, The Pedlar. H. Alger. 

Red Eric. Ballantyne. 

Risen from the Ranks. H. Alger. 

Rough Shaking, A. Geo. Macdonald. 

Sam s Chance. H. Alger. 

Slow and Sure. H. Alger. 

Store Boy, The. H. Alger. 

Story of Jno.G. Patou. Rev. Tas. Paton 

Strong and Steady. H. Alger. 

To Greenland and the Pole. Stables. 

Tom, The Bootblack. H Jeer 

Wreck of the Goldei. (neece. R. 
Leigh ton. 

Young Outlaw. The. H. *w 

Young Salesman H. Algei. 

Young Rajah. Kingston. 


A series of famous Books bv popular 
authors. Bound in cloth and illustrated 

Price 35c each 
A Man Every Inch of Him. Wray. 
Alton Locke. Churles Kingsley. 
Adam Be e. George Eliot. 
Charles O Malley. Chniles Lever 
Coral Island. Ballantyne. 
David Copperfleld. Dickens. 
Dog Crusoe. Ballantyne. 
Gorilla Hunters. Ballantyne. 
Honest John SUlllbrass Jackson Wray 
History of Pendennis. Thackeray. 
Ivanhoe. Scott. 
It Is Never Too Late to Mend. Reade. 
In Strange Company, Guy Boothby. 
Jack Hinton. Charles Lever. 
John Halifax, Gentleman, Mulock, 
Les Miserables. Hugo. 
Last of the Barons. Lytton. 
Martin Rattler Ballantyue. 
Paul Mfggitfs Delusion. J. Wray. 
Old Jack. Kingston. 
Peter the Whaler. Kingston. 
Robinson Crusoe DeFoe. 
Rajah of Monkey Island IVee Knight, 
Red Eric. Ballantyne. 
Swiss Family Robinson. 
The viking Boys. J. M. Saxoy. 
Ungava. Ballantyne. 
Winning His Laurels. J. Wray. 
Watch and Watch. MetcaJf. 
World of Ice. Ballantyne. 
Willis the Pilot. 
Will it Lift. J. Wray. 
Young Marooners. F. .1. ^ouldir-g 
Yari s Yacht, The. J. M. danby. 


Little Lord Fauntleroy, by I . H Bnr- 

neti . T5 

Sara Crew and Editha s Burglar, by P. 

H. Burnett ....... T5 

Black Beauty, cloth, unaii ed._ .25 
Beautiful Joe, small ed., cloth. .25 
Dickey Downey, Autobiography or a 

Bird, cloth 25 

BeautLul Joe, cloth. Illustrated ,4.5 

Postage Extra. 


Silk Cioth, Decorated 
Price, 75o each 

Brier and Palm. 

Gates of Eden. 

Guinea Stamp. 

Lost Ideal, A. 

Maitland of Lauripston 

St. Vedn s. 

Who Shall Serve. 


A Son of Erin, cloth cover, 


An American Woman, cloth, 

special .- 

Cloth. Price 25c eacl 

Across Hr Path. Aldersyde. 

Carlowrie. Doris Cheyne. 

Dorothea Kirke. Divided Hous i 

Hazel & Sons. Sundered Hefi i 

-harlowed Lives. Secret Panel. 

Twice Tried. Ursula Vivian 
Vexed Inheritance, A. 
Wrongs Righted. 

Cloth, Illus 50c eacl 

Golden Irish 

- cottish Blue 

Red Golden 

Green Yellow. 


Well [ 
on good 
each v 
bound in 

Our F 

35ce i 

An Original Belle. E. P. Roe. 
At the Mercy of Tiberius. A. J. : I 


Berj Hur. Lew Wallace. 
Beulah. A. J. Evans Wilson, 
Barriers Burned Away, E. P. R< \ 
Cross Triumphant. FioreuceKin 
Dais>. E. Wetherell. 
Daisy in the Field. E. Wetherel 
DanesUury House. Mrs. Wood. 
Earth Tit-mbled. E. P. Roe. 
Edward Blake. Sheldon. 
From Jest to Earnest. E. P. Roe 
Face 1 1 lumined. A. E. P, Roe. 
Good Wives. Alcott. 
Helen s Babies. Jno. Habbertoi 
Infelice. A. ). E. Wilson. 
Knightnf XlXth. Century. E. P 
Little Women Alcott. 
Melbourne Bouse. Wetherell. 
Mabel Vanghan. Cummins. 
Near to Nat U s Hi-art. Roo. 
Ministering Children. Charlesv 
Monica. E. E. Green. 
Opening a Chestnut Burr. Roe. 
Prince of House of David. Iiigra 
Paul. F. Kings.ey. 
Pillar of Fire, ingraham. 
Queechy. Wetnerell. 
St. Elmo. A. J. E. Wilson. 
The Days of Bruce. G. Aguilar. 
Titus. F. M. Kingsley, 
The Throne Of David. Ingrntiai 
That Lass O 1 Lowries. Burnett. 
Uncle Tom s Cabin. Stove. 
Wide Wide World. Wetherell. 
What Katy did at Home and at S 

Without a Home. Roe. 

Send extra for Postage on all Bo 





ieDeloi. -line s Aunt. 

ey. or Children of Light 

yurd s Training. 
any as Touched Him. 
Bf Borne or Archie s Cross. 
MBS, The J-...\ .- of Highfield 

ludden or Do Right. 
Will be Boys. 
Fr, u-fc r. it or Little Lonesome. 

,.T Lust a Chance. 
, ,d Organ. 

Kill;, * .Servant. 
he Linn, 
tin of the Eleven. 
u Olpi or a Summer in Germany 
ine Street or Little Homes. 
y Blue or I .obin s Kniglit-Krrnnt 
Id anil his Friends, 
reak in Britain, 
i Dorothy. Dolly. Dora. 
8 Knight. Dibs. 

r sTi imp. 

r s or a Boy s Influence. 
sTcMpMtion. Elder Brother, An 
er Bent s Dog Blazer, 
mate Exile. .V. Ciranny s Hero. 
.Gilt s to Two. Gipseyjau. 
Little Bessie Kept the Wolf from 

SHILLING BOOKS-Our Price 17c. 

mmpty Silver Bells. 

er S Hi", 

I. It s 

ot Honors. 
First Prayer. 

all Real True 

lie Coat. Jessica s Mother 
I nd Toddles or Little Tramps. 
I ; Prter the Ship Boy. 

Fii:h, or the Child of the Toy 
| <L Lost, Stolen or Strayed. " 

I : Captives and Other Stories. 
I s Choice. Lni Into Light. 

IUone and Other Stories 
s of Upton Point. 
, ie ^ Message. 
poos House, The. 
| ogof Teddy. The. 
niton s Best Bedroom. 
(Sherwood s Cross. 
I Doir Neighbors. 
ft Cares. Nobody Loves Me. 
HI see Like Home. 
ester Jug. 

Poppy s Presents. 

? Miss Hathaway. Phil s Mother 
fij, the Houguenot Potter. 
Harvard s Campaign. 

I i Trnlock s Christmas*. 

ichett s Granddaughter. 
Kline at Last. 
.irkt, Saved at Sea. 

,ir at Bartram s. 
f-:J.irk. Taken or Left. 

and a Man of His Word. 
^Hholarship Boy. 
l-i Little Great Ladies. 

Months ["nder the Snow. 
kr the Old Roof. 

in the Orchard, The. 
kjhtless Seven. Helen s Babies. 
I iG<>"ii News, Probable 8908. 
[Button. Bunny s Friends 

I Montgomery s Bookshelf. 
P Gartney s Girlhood. 


nexpected Result. 

He, . 
ue . \v/ay. 

i n ven Back to Eden. 
ku TrerabU.: 

f i Jest to Kariit .- , . "ace Illumined 

f d Yet Ixt. Hi, sombre Rivals. 

i j..,w with His Wife. 

; lie Nineteenth Century. 

HCou. Near to Nature s Heart. 

; Chestnut Burr. 

kri Alive. WhatCau She Do. 
i uutaUoiue. Young Girl s Wooing 


eat the Seaside. Bessie in the City 
eami Her Friends. 

Bessie Among the Mountain:^ 

Bessie at School. Bessie uii her Travels 


Mildred Keith. Miliireu aud Elsie. 
Mildred at Roselands. 
Mildred s Married Life. 
Mildred at Home. 
Milred s Boys and Girls. 
Mildred s New Daughter?. 


Away in the Wilderness. 

The Battle and the Breeze. 

Chasing the Sun. 

The Cannibal Islands. 

The Coral Islands. The Pioneers. 

sunk at Sea. Digging for Gold. 

Fast in the Ice. Hunting the Lion. 


Gulliver s Travels. Robinson Crusoe. 

World of lee General Gordon, 

English at tho North Pole. 

Five Weeks iu a Balloon. 

Kouud the World iu Eighty Days. 

Lamb s Tales from Shakespeare. 

Adventures m Africa. Privateersman. 

Fie d of Ice. Verue. 

Nausen an " the Frozen North. 

Swiss Family Robinson. 

Walter s Friend. Vicar of Wakefield. 

Uncle Tom s Cabin. Life on a Whaler. 

Mission Scenes in Africa. 

Adventures in luaia. Friend or Foe. 

The Pirates of the Mississippi. 

From Log Cabin to White Hmi-< . 

Ernie Elton, the Lazy Boy. 

Ernie Elton at School. 

Settlersin Canada. Doctor sBirthd-n. 

Two Years Before the Mast. 

Boy s Life Aboard Ship. 

Sandford and Merton. Poor Jack. 

Adventures of Three Englishmen. 

\dveutures in the Far West. 

rt illis the Pilot. Life of Nelson. 

Masterman Ready. Archie Blake. 

Roger Kyffin s Ward. Crofton Boys 

Australian Adventures. 

Kidnapping in the Pacific. 
Arctic Adventures. 

Dog Crusoe. 

in ne Forest 

Martn Ule 

Saved by the Life Boat. 

Wrecked but Not Ruined. 

Over the Rocky Mountains. 

Ungava. The Young Fur Traders. 

Fighting the Whales. 

Up in the Clouds. The Lively Poll. 

The Thorogood Family. 


POPULAR MAGAZINES illustrated London News, 

When ordering Magazines by mail, weekly English Edition. 9.50 

what month you wish Young Ladies Journal 3.50 



Aunt Jane s Hero. 
Basket of Flowers. 
Chrissie s Endeavor. 
Christie s Christmas. 
Daisy in the Field. 
Endless Chain, An. 

Ben Hur. 


Diver s Women. 
Ester Reid. 

Ester Reid Yet Speaking. 
Four Girls at Chataugua. 
From Different Standpoints. 
Flower of the Family. The Fair God . 
Girls at Home. 

-iood Wives. Hall in the Grove. 

Household Puzzles. Julia Reid. 
King s Daughter. Lamplighter. 
Links in Rebecca s Life. 
Little Fishers and their Nets. 
Little Women. Melbourne House. 
Mabel Wynn or Those Boys. 
Mabel Vaughan. Modern Prophets. 
Mrs. Solomon Smith Looking On. 
Man of the House. Nuomi. 

Did Helmet. One Commonplace Day. 
Prince of the House of David. 
Pillar of Fire. Profiles. 
Pocket Measure. Queechy. 
Ruth Erskine s Crosses. Randolphs. 
Sidney Martin s Christmas. 
Stepping Heavenwards. 
Spun from Fact. Throne of David. 
That Lass o Lowrie s. 
Tip Lewis and His Lamp 
Three People. What Katie Did. 
What Katie Did at School. 
What Katie Did Next. 
WideWideWorld. Wise and Otherwise. 


Elsie Dinsmore. Elsie s Winter Trip. 

Elsie s Holidays at Roselands. 

Elsie s Girlhood. Elsie s Womanhood. 

Elsie s Motherhood. Elsie s Children. 

Elsie s Widowhood. 

Grandmother Elsie. 

Elsie s New Relations. 

Klsie at Nan tucket. The Two Elsies. 

Elsie s Kith and Kin. 

Elsie s Friends at Woodburn. 

Christmas with Grandma Elsie. 

Elsie and the Raymonds. 

Elsie Yachting. Elsie s Vacation. 

Elsie at Viamede. Elsie at Lm. 

Elsie at the World s Fair. 

Elsie s Journey on Inland Waters. 

Elsie at Home. Elsie on the Hudson. 

Elsie in the South. Elsie sYoung Folk : 

Elsie and her Loved Ones, 

Elsie and Her Namesakes 


Infelicc. Vashti. Beulah. 

Inez. St. Elmo. Macaria. 

At the Meicy of Tiberius. 



Cloth .15 .10 .07 

msworth Self Educator Magazine, coming out in 50 
ts, one part every two weeks, price per part 15c, each. 

yonr sr ascriptions to begi.i. Harper s Bazaar ., 

English Magazines do not take effect Gen :le woman, weekly..., 
for five weeks after ordering. Queen, weekly 

Prices quoted on application for London _, 

any of the English or American Maga- Graphic 

zines not mentioned. Ladies Pictorial 

The prices are subject to change. ICanadJun Magazine.. 

Owing to new Postal Regulations Pall Mall 

the prices have been advanced on all Weldon s Home Dressmaker. 
Magazines with pattern supplement. Scribner s _ 

We are not responsible for copies, Weldon s Ilius. Dressmaker., 
lost in the mail. Subscribers wishing 1 North American Review... 

to change address of Magazine williLady s Realm 

kindly notify us a month in advance. Our Home, weekty... _ 

5c Magazines Per Year Pearson s English "edition 2 60 

Black Cat ... _ .SOiChamber s 

Nickell 50 Cassell s 

Ladies World 5O Outlook 

Miscellaneous Per YearlThe Young Man 

Youth _ 1.00 The Y oung Woman.. 

Pearson, American Edition 1.00 The Smart Set_ 

Munsey s _ 1 .OOi fhe Lady, English 

Argosy 1.00 he Sketch. English 

>nnday at Home. 

r ~ 

McClure s 

Ladies Home Journal. 


Wide World 

Success i Oi_ 

St. Nicholas 2~.7S 

Outing 3 .OO 

Nineteenth Century _ 4/35 

Harper s Monthly 3 75 

Etude 1 . 50 

Literary Digest, new subs 2.7 

Literary Digest renewals 3.O., 

Sunday Strand _ 1^75 Costume Royai , 

Weldon s Bazaar of Children s 

Fashions.. . 55 

Family Herald 1^65 

Revew of Reviews, English 1.8O 

Review of Reviews, American . 2.25 
Illu trated London News, re 

print, weekly.. 

Boy s Own Papr 

Girl s Own Paper. 

Answers , 

Windsor. . 
Trained Nurse...., 
Women at Home. 

Forum, quarterly , 

(iirl s Realm _ 


Black and White 
reprint), weekly. 
Bon Ton.., 

British Weekly.. 

Tit-Bit . .... 

Penny Illustrated Paper... 


Wheliion s Ladies Journal 

5.75 One Xmas Supplement. 



SYSTEM. (Registered.! 

Will keep pace 
with the fastest 
growing boy. 

The Ideal Knicker 
System cuts ever 
size from the small 
est to the large-t. 
and is an iiii!; 
siblc article in the 
home where there 
are buy-. 

Price 50 cents 

System of measure. 
iiieut ia on pattern 


27-in. cloth 

36-in. cloth 

M-in. cloth 





Postage Extra 


Postage Extra 


Prices will be 

u on Intoks 
: "t in this list 

notice. When 

ring books 
nive name of 
authorand pub 
lisher when 

Webster s New 
I lmbri d g eii 
Dirt ionary. 
urently en 
larged and 
revised up to 
date, contain 
ing a vocabu 
lary and pro 
nunciation of 
modern geo- 
names, etc., 
printed on first-class paper from clear type, and 
handsomely bound in sheep leather, fully illus 
trated and thumb index 2. SO 

Chamber s English Dictionary, new edition, 
cloth, price 3.50 

Funk & Wagnall s Standard Dictionary of the 
English language, full sheep binding, thumb 
index, complete in one volume 11.50 

Webster s International Dictionary, full sheep 
binding, thumb index 11 .50 

Concise Imperial Dictionary and Encyclopteuia 
of Knowledge, revised and enlarged, cl. 1 .00 
Half Morocco _ 2.00 

Student s Standard 2.25 

Nuttall s Pronouncing, with appendix .75 

number s Etymological .90 

r s English ,1O .20 .45 

i ype Pronouncing Dictionary 

lUackie s Standard Dictionary 

Walker s Pronouncing Dictionary, cloth 

Vast Pocket Dictionary, leather .20 Cloth 

French English, leather 

.erman English, leather 

< ^sell s French, German, Latin, each 

I- rench, German, Latin, Italian, Spanish, ea. 

LiddellA Scott s Greek Lexicon _ 1 


New Public School 20 

( ompanion to Public School Arithmetic by Scott 

& Barnes 

High School - 

K i-y to High School - 1. 

KJfkland & Scott s (revised) _ 

Hatnblin Smith s _. 

McLean s Hints on Teaching Arithmetic ... 
Arithmetic for High Schools, by A.T.DeLury 

High School, Part 1 60 Part II 1 .20 

McLellan s Elements 60 

i . Smith s Elementary .80 

Hall & Knight s Elementary 80 

Hall & Knight s Higher _ 1.52 

An Intermediate Algebra, by A. T. DeLury .48 


Public School, by C. C. James 24 

Agriculture for Manitoba and North-west Terri 
tories, by C. C. James and A. Mclntyre ... .35 

High School Text Book, McLean s 48 

Public School Bookkeeping and Business Forms 


i opp-Clnrk Bookkeeping Blank, No 14 .20 

Spotton s Hirfh Sch __- __ 


P.i-iiKen Advanced _ 

k.-msen Briefer 

MI College 

lli^h school (old edition) __ 

lliuh School Chemistry, new revised edition, bj 

W. S. Ellis 45 

Advanced - 4O 

( h.-mical Note Book _ - 3O 


Compositions from Models 

Practical English and Comp 

Syke s Elementary English Comp 


Public School Medial Slant, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 
each - 

Business Forms Medial slant, No. 7 . ;8 

High School Drawing. Nos. 1, 2, 3 each 08 

Puijlic School Drawing, Nos. 1, 2,3, 4, 5, euch .04 


Select Poems of Coleridge and \\ord&worth. notes 
by Alexander, cloth cd. .40 Paper ed. .24 

Select Poems of Coleridge and Wordsworth, notes 
by Pelham Edgar, cloth... 4O Paper... .24 

School Anthology of Eng ish Poetry, by Alex 
ander .40 



Merchant of \euice; Henry V. ; Richard III, 
Twelfth Night; Othello. Paper cover, ea. .40 
(. loth cover, each .60 

Clarendon Press edition of Shakespeare s Plays 

Merchant oi Venice _ .24 

Henry V _ 28 

High School French Grammar and Reader .80 
High School French Reader, new edition... .40 

Le Voyage de Mons Perrichon .35 

Merrimee quatre Contes 35 

High School German Grammer, with Reader .80 
High School German Reader, new edition ... .40 

Baumbach Waldnovellen _ _ 45 

Ebner-Eschenbach, Die Freiherren Von Gemper- 

lein :. .25 

Wilhelmi, Einer Muss heiraten, Beuedix Eigen- 

sime .45 

Homer s Iliad, Book 

Elementary Greek Prose Composition (FletcEer 

and Hicholson) 

Goodwin s Greek Grammar 
White s Beginner s Greek ... 

Xenophon Anabasis, Book I 

Homer s Odyssey, Books 19 to 24 

Lucian Charon. _ . 72 

Lysias, Contra Eratostheuein .80 

White s First Greek Book 1.10 


Public School Geography _ 60 

High School Geography, new edition .80 

Frye s Complete Geography 1 .50 

Frye s Primary Geography _ 75 

Cornel s First Steps , 35 

Geography of British Colonies by Davidson and 

Sutherland _ . . .56 

New Canadian Geography. _ ,8O 

Our Home and Its Surroundings, A first book of 

modern geography 32 

Our Earth as a Whole _ _ _ 48 

Combined in one volume _ 65 


High School Euclid, Books I, II, HI, by Mackay 

and Thompson. ._ 40 

Elements of Euclid, by John Sturgeon Mackay, 

Books I. to III 40 

Books I. to VI 60 

Hill s Lessons in Geometry .70 

Public School Euclid and Algebra .20 

Practical and Theoretical Geometry, Part I, by 

A. H. McDougall 45 

Elements of Euclid. By Hall and Stevens.. .80 
Elementary Plane Geometry. By Alfred 

Baker 40 

Theoretrical Geometry for Schools, by Alfred 
Baker - 60 


High School 60 Public School.. 

Modern English Grammar, by Buehler.. 
English Grammar and Composition, b. 
Armstrong..^ 20 

Green s Short History of the English People 1 .20 
High School Ancient History of Greece and Rome. 

by Myers _ 60 

High School History of England and Canada .52 
Public School History of England and Canada .24 
New School History of Canada by W. H. P. 

Clements _ 40 

Weaver s Canadian History 4O 

Little Arthur s History of England- 4O 

A History of Canada bv G. D. Roberts, cloth .90 

History of Greece, by G. W. Botsford_ _ 1 .00 

Pelham s Outlines of Roman History _ 1.20 

Brief Biographies Supplementing Canadian 

History _ _ 30 

Romance of Canadian History, by Peelham Edgar 

The "British ! NatToii"Tiv~Gebrge"M~"Wrong_ 185 

~ ~". Botsfora 

ool .20 

iler 35 

n, by G. H. 

Ancient History for Beginners, G. W. 

... .85 

The Story of the Canadian People, by U. M. 

can - - 


Public School Physiology _ 

Introductory Physiology and Hygiene, by T 

P. Knight _ 


Henderson & Fletcher s Latin Prose Comp. 1 

First Latin, with Reader. 

Latin Reader _ 

Primary Latin Book and Reader, by Robe 

and Cftrruthem. new edition 

Introductory Latin Grammar, by E. W. Ha 


Kelly s Key to Cu-sar, Books 1. to IV., or V. u 


Dr. Giles Key to Cesar, Books I. to IV. or 

VII., each 

primary Latin Reader, by Robertson and 

rnthers.. _ 

L/itin Prose Composition, by R. A. Little..... 
Cicero Pro Lege, Manilla, Pro Marcello, Phi 

XIV - _ 

New Cicero with Vocabulary, by Allen 


Virgil s jEneid, Book II., Notes by Hend 

and Hagerty _ _ 

Virgil s jEneid, Book II. Notes by Sanford 

Kelly s Key to Virgil 

Dr. Giles Key to Virgil... 

Horace Odes, I., II., each 

Horace Odes, Books III., IV., each 

High School Physical Science, Part I., 


Part II 

High School Physical Science, Part I., NeT 

vised Edition, by Merchant and Fesiendei 
Supplement to High School Physical Science 

Introduction to Physical Science.. 

Elementary Sience Note Book Physical Sc 

No. 15, by Merchant _ 

Elementary Science Note Book Biology 1 

by Merchant _ 


Modern Phonic Primer, Part !_ 

Modern Phonic Primer, Part II 

Modern Reader, Second Book 

A Phonic Manual _ 

Public School Phonic Primer, part I.. 

Part II _ 

Public School, Second Reader, new edition 

Ontario First Primer.. _ _ 

Ontario Second Primer . ._.... 

Ontario Second Reader _ 

Ontario Third Reader. _ 

Ontario Fourth Reader 

Companion to Fourth Reader. _ 

High School Reader 

Morang i Modern Phonic Tablets, 40 lessc I 
cards 26 x 19 inch, price per set. 


Public School Word Book 

Practical Speller _... 


Hamblin-Smith s , 

Locke s Trigonometry 

Hall & Knight s Elementary. 
High School Trigonometry.. 


Colton s Practical Zoology. 

High School Zoology 


Bullfinch s Ageof Fable, or Beauties of Mytl 


Murray s Manual of Mythology revised, 

Klapp. _ 


The Phonographic Teacher- 

Key Phonographic Teacher 

Manual of Phonography ... 

Key to Manual of Phonography. 

Phonographic Reader _.._.. 

Phonographic Reporter 

Key to Phonographic Reporter __ , 

Phonographic Dictionary 

Phonographic Dictionary, pocket edition.... 

Complete Phono. Instructor 1 

Key to Complete Phonographic Instructor... 


Education of Teachers, by W. H. Payne. 1 

The Foundations of Education, by L. Se< ley 
Horace Mann, by Hinsdale 




i s Lessons on Teaching 80 

illan s Applied Psychology 

in ihe Phonic System 

*rs S( hool Management. 

Canada is Governed. Bourinot .90 

ml of the Constitutional Hiitcry of Canada, 

jrinot _ "1 ,35 

i s Educational Reformers 1.20 

Baldwin 1 .20 

rttiou of Man. Froebel I.2O 

ation from a National Standpoint. 1.2O 

lOlogy of Number. McLellan and Dewey.... 


er s How to Study Geography 

f the Greek People. Davidson.. .85 

e to Nature Study. Crawford .75 

ic School Nature Study, by Crawford .35 

TD N nture Study, by 3ilcox& Stevenson .60 
U> Teach the Nature Study Course, by John 

kirn ess ..._...- .55 

7 of Animal Life, Thomson 1.00 

y s New Psychology 1.1O 

3es and Commentaries, Froebel s Mother 

y Susan A. Blow 1 .20 

land Music of Frobel s Mother Play. 1 .20 
ters in Life s Race. Buckley _ 1.2O 

und Her Children Buckley 1.20 

Methods in Teaching, by J. J. Tilley__ 20 

InfantMind, by Preyer. - ,f 

Outline Study of Man, by Mark Hopkins... 1 .C 

Symbolic Education, by Blow \. f 

Teaching of Elementary Mathematics, by D. 

Smith _ 

Animal Life, Jordon and Kellogg 1 C _ 

Plant Structure, by J. M. Coulter - _. 1.10 


Pocket Atlas of the World, 
Historical, Political, Com- 
merical, containing maps 
of every State, Continent, 
Canadian Province, etc., 

paper edition 25 

Imperial Atlas, clolh cover, 

Philip s Popular Atlas _.. .. 

20th Century Citizen s At 
las of the World, by J. 
G. Bartholomew 5.00 


Globe, 6 in., plain, on wire 
stand _ 25 

Globe, 6in., plain. heightlO 
in , wood stand... .90 

Globe, 9 in., plain, heightlO in. .bronze stand 3.75 

Globe, 9m., meridian, height 17 in 4.75 

Globe, 12 in., plain, height 20 in 5.OO 

Globe, 12 in., meridian, beight21 in 6 .25 

Globe, 12 in., plain, height 23 in., in brouzea 

plain iron sianrt, with incline axis __ 7. 50 

Globe, 9 in., complete stand, with nickel meri 
dian dividec : M half degrees, horizon and 

hour circle. h 3ight 19 inches _ 9.00 

Globe, VI in , com., height 13 in 8.75 


Bacon s Excelsior School Maps 

Size 4x5 feet, mounted on cloth rollers, Tarnished 
Dominion... 2.75 Ontario 2.75 

New Map of Dominion of Canada and Newfound 
land, size 84 x 60 in 4.50 

iS T .~w Map of Ontario, including New Ontaria, 
74 x 54 in _ 4.50 

Numeral Frames, 8 x 11, 100 balls ._ 35 

Size 9 x 12, 144 bklls.._ .50 


Educational Music Course.Books Land II.,ea. .08 
Books III. and IV., each 12 

Teacher s Hand-Book of Tonic Solfa System of 
Music, by A. T. Cringan .4Q 

heet Music, Music Books, Musical Goods 

POSTAGE on Sheet Music, Single Copies 2c, additional copies 1c each. 
Ask for our complete 5 and 10c lists. 

We carry a complete stock of Music and can supply any Music or Music Book which can be sold in Canada. We have only 
price and that the lowest. There are bulletins of musical present in demand, in their respective editions. Anything not 
in these lists, please write for our prices We can supply any instrument at the lowest prices. Music sent as ordered not 

Dcnce of the Rosebuds Schottische. 
Dance of the Butterflies. 
Elephant s Trot. 

5c per copy, 6 for 25c 

-the War is Over. 

titul Isle of Somewhere. 

lie Banks of Loch Lomond. 

; You Take My Word. 

tsand Flowers Song. 

leeps in the Transvaal To-night. 

atha Song. Hullo Central. 

leet You When the Roses Bloom. 
e Shadow of the Pines. 

jd. I d Like to HeHr that Song. 
i Longing in My Heart for You. 

o Evening by the Moonlight, 
ita Duet. Just Next Door, 
mey. Letter Edged in Black, 
e Lent Forever. 

ma s Boy. Mem rles. 
tld Kentucky Home 

ild New Hampshire Home. 

the Green Fields of Virginia. 

reth. O Promise Me. 

r olks at Home. 

ieOl 1 Missouri Shore. 

Ichool Chums. 

ire no ArtiHt Can Paint. 

ire from Life s Oilier Side. 

ur I LearnC l at Mother s Knee. 

>r s Vttcntion. 

ng Home to Bonnie Scotland. 

My Own Canadian Queen, 
lit Geuevieve. 

ny. Star of the East. 

Again that Sweet Refrain. 
I Heard in Heaven. 

ly to T hy Cross 1 Cling. 

e. Tommy. 

Mother I ll be There. 

Me Will My Dream Come True. 

n Help the Maple Leaf to Live. 
1 ling of the Ynrn. 

te the Sugar Maple Grows. 


5c per copy, 6 for 25c 

ama Camp Meeting. 
*l Voices Ever Near. 
Corner Waltzes. 
. Hoi low Capers. 
iida 2-SWp ; Creole Belles, 
mof Heaven Waltzes, 
ng Waters Caprice. 
iunter 2-Step. 

Inlicr 2-Stf p ; Grasshopper s Hop. 
valha2-stc p 
MI nl Flowers. 
17 K 1 J 1 1 e 

Iriih Minstrel 2-Step. 

Lazarre Waltzes. 

Moon winks 3-Step. 

Melody of Love. 

Mississippi Bubble 2-Step. 

My Rag Time Baby. 

Margery 2-Step. Narcissus. 

On the War Poth. Peaceful Henry. 

Robin s Return. 

Star of the Sea ; San Dance. 

Salome, Simple C"afession. 

Tippernry ; Turkey in the Straw. 

To y in Town; Tickled 

Varsity Wxltzes. 

to Death. 

Warm Proposition 2-Step. 
When Knighthood Wasln Flower. 
Woodland Kchoes. 
Weeping Willow 3-Step. 
Warbliugs at Eve. 


1Cc copy, 3 for 25o 
City Eternal. 
Did You See My Papa ? 
Eyes of Blue. 

Fairest R"Se in June. (New). 
Father on Thee We Call. 
Flower of the Maple Tree. His Way. 
Handful of Maple Leaves. 
I Wish They d Play With Me. (New) 
In Memory of Jack ; If I Had You. 
It s Not the House that Makes the 


Just Like a Broken Toy. (New). 
Lead Thou O Kindly Light. 
Let Your Eye t Look Into Mine. (New) 
Molly Ann O Shea New Irish Song. 
Mid the Orange Trees and Blossoms. 
My Little Northern Rose. (New). 
O Hjippy Day ; Organist s Last Amen 
Over the Journey 8a<Ted. 
Outside the Gates of Paradise. 
Pearly Gates and Golden, 
Roek Me to ^leep. 
Sweethearts Still. 
There s Nobody Just Like You. 
Twill Help the Maple Leaf to Lire. 
Which Way Did the Angels Go? 
Where the Shading Maples Grow. 
When the Frost has Turned the Maple 

Leaves to Gold 
When the Maple Leaves are Budding 

in the Springtime. (New). 
Yes or No. 

10c copy, 3for 25c 

Arrival of the Bride 2-Step. 

rviestine Waltzes. 

Dorothy 3-Step. (New.) 

Flying Eagle. (New March and 2-Step) 

Garden of Love Waltzes. 

Gibson Girl 2-Step. Kamona. 

Lilliputian s Bazaar 2-Step. 

Mendelssohn s Wedding March. 

Out of the West March. 

Prayer and Passion. 

Visions de France Valse. (New.) 

Valse Bleue ; Verona. 

Violets 3-Step. 

Whirl of Society Waltzes. 

15c per copy 

Alexander. Always in the Way. 

Ail-aboard for Drenmland. 

Across the Bridge of Gold. Bedelia. 

Back, Back to Baltimore, 

By the Watermelon Vine. 

Bit of Blarney Song. 

Come Along Little Girl Come Along. 

Coax Me. 

Could You Be True to Eyes of Blue. 

Come Take a Trip in my Air Ship. 

Cordelia Malone. 

Central Give Me Back My Dime. 

Cause I Like You. 

Down on the Brandywine. 

Down Where the Cotton Blossoms 


Down on the Farm. 
Good Bye, Little Girl. Good Bye. 
Girl Who Cares for Me. 
Good Bye, Si:. 

Give My Regards to Broadway. 
He s My Pal. 

I Love You All the Time. 
I ll Wed You in the Golden Summer 

Time. In Zanzibar. 
In a Village by the Sea. 
I ve a Longing for My Old Kentucky 


I m Trying So Hard to Forget You. 
In the Good Old Summer Time. 
In the Oily of Slghsand Tears. 
In the Vallev of Kentucky. 
In Valley Where Blue Birds Sing. 
I ll Be Waiting in the Gloaming. 
In Dear Old Georgia. 
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree. 
In My Merry Oldsmobile. 
Just a Gleam of Heaven in Her Eyes. 
Karama. KK^es. 
Keep a Little Cosy Corner. 
Little Boy Called Taps. Llnrty. 
Little Yellow Bird. Moonlight Song. 

Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis. 

My Irish Indian. Man Behind. 

My Cosy Corner Girl. 

My Irish Molly O. 

Nancy Mclntosh. Navajo (Navhoi 

Please Come and Play in My Yard. 

I al of Mine. Pepita Magiiire. 

Picnic For Two. 

Sweetest Girl in Dixie. 

Stay in Your Own Backyard. 

Sweet Adeline. Starlight. 

Saturday After Two. Sweet Sana-oo. 

Silver Heels Song. 

Sympathy. Teasing. 

Tell Me With YourEy^s. 

That s What the Daisy Said. 

Tammany. Tippeeanoe. 

There s Nothing New to Say. 

Under the Annneuser Bush. 

When the Sunset Turns the Ocean 

Blue to Gold. 

When the Blue Sky Turns to Gold. 
While he Convent Bells Were Ringing 
What the Brass Band Played. 
Why Don t They Play With Me? 
Would You Care? 
When the Bees are in the Hive. 
Where the Southern Roses Grow. 
What You Goin to do When the Rent 

Comes Round ? Who s There ? 
When the Harvest Moon is Shining. 
Yankee Doodle Boy. 
You re as Welcome as the Flowert In 


15c each 

Africana ; Afternoon Tea. 
Blaze Mway ; Burning of Rome. 
Bedelia 2-Step. Bubbles 2-Step. 
Bashful Bachelor 2-Step. 
BitO Blarney 2-Step. 
Belinda. (Rag). Cleopatra Finnegan. 
Chicken Chowder. Chicken Charlie. 
College Life 2-Step. Cupid s Garden. 
Chariot Race ; Charge of the Light 


Cosy Corner. Dixie Girl 2-Step. 
Dolly Dimple 2-Step. 
Dixieland 2-Step. 
Echoes of the Congo 2-Step. 
Firnt Violin Waltze. 
Frog Puddles. Foolishness 2-Step. 
Happy Heine- 2-Stop. 
H -nrts Courageous Waltzes. 
Karama. Laughing Water. 
I^ady Laughter WalUes. 
Moonlight 3-Step. 
Mosquitoes Parade. 




Popular Instrumental, eoutinued : 

Hoonlight^-2-Step. Navajo 2-Step. 

I olly Prim ; Peter Piper. 

Poppies Intermezzo. 

Peggy O Neal Waltzes. 

Sleepy Hollow 2-Step. 

Smoky Mokes. 

silly Billy. Symphia Waltzes. 

Silv r Heels 2-Ste|>. 

Troubadour 2-Step. 

Toreador Waltzes. Uncle Sammy. 

Whistling Rufus. 

Yankee Girl 2-Step. 


at 25c each 

Absinthe Frappe. 
Ail Songs from Babes in Toyland. 
" " Prince of Pilseu. 

All Songs from Gingerbread Man. 

" Yankee Consul. 

" Woodland. 

Piff, PafT, Pouf. 

" Sergeant Kitty. 

" " Nordland. 

" Higgledy Piggledy. 
And the World Goes on. 
L oys \\ ill Be Boys. 

Big Chief. Egypt Song. 

Face to Face 3-K> 

Uow d You Like to spoon 1 

Just My Style. Little Girl You 

Little Street in Heaven. 

Lonesome. On a Crocodile 8 

On an Automobile Honeymoon. 

Palms 3 Keys. 

Roc ; of Ages. (Johnson). 

Stein song. "I* SMO Song. 


When ordering from this list be sure to state 
the voice song is required for, to insure order 
being tilled correctly. 

Publisher s Our 
frice. Price. 

Abide with Me (Liddle), 3 keys 75 38 

Ave Maria (Cavallerip Kusticaua), 3 keys 60 35 

Ashore (Trotere), 5 keys _ 60 

Anchored ( Watson), 3 keys .60 

Better Land Oowan), 2 keys. _ 00 

Beauty s Eyes (Tosti), 4 keys. 60 

Calvary (Rodney), 2 keys 60 

Come Back to Erm (key of C) 60 

Daddy (Behrend), 1 keys 50 

Deathless Army (Troteie), 3 keys _ 60 

Dream of Paradise (Gray), 4 keys. _.60 

Dream (Bartlett), 4 keys _.SO 

Fairies (Dolores) 60 

Forgotten (Cowles), 2 keys 50 












Gates of the West, 2 keys ... 

Guard While I S.eep . _ i _.25 

Good Night. Little Girl, 2 keys 50 

Or to Sea, 4 keys 60 

uoodbye (Tosti), 4 keys. _60 

Heroes and Jentlemen, 2 keys 60 

His Majesty the King (St. Queutin), 3 keys 60 

Holy City, 4 keys 75 

Heavenly Song (Gray). 4 keys 60 

Island of Dreams (Adams), 4 keys 75 

I m a Pilgrim 60 

Just for To-day (A .bott), 2 keys 50 

Inpanese Love Song (Clayton), 3 keys 60 

i,nst Night (Kjerulf), 4 keys 50 

Life s Lullaby (Lane), 3 keys .60 35 

Little Irish Girl. 3 keys 60 35 

Lont Chord (Sullivan ), F and A flat.. _bO 3t 

Love s Old Sweet Song (Molloy), 3 keys.....60 35 

Mona (Adams) in E flat 60 35 

in C, D, Jfi and F ...75 38 

Never Alone (Bullock) .50 25 

O Dry Those Tears, 4 keys ..60 35 

OroProNobis (Piccolomini), key of C 50 30 

B flat, D. E, flat_60 35 

One Sweetly Solemn Thought (Ambrose)..50 25 

Old Brigade (Barri). 5 keys 60 35 

O Promise Me (l)e Koven), 2 keys _ 50 30 

Off to Philadelphia (Haynes). 2 keys 60 35 

Plains of Peace (Barnard), 4 keys 75 38 

Rosary (Nevin), 3 keys 50 30 

Rory Darlin (Temple), 2 keys. _ 60 35 

Recessional (De Koven), 2 keys_ 60 35 

Sing Me to Sleep, 4 keys.... 60 28 

Star of Bethlehem (Adams), key of F... 60 35 

" E fhit.G, A flat.75 38 

Sweetest Story Ever Told, 3 keys.._ 50 23 

Shadeof the Palm (Florodora) _ 60 3o 

Two Cities vGray), 4 keys _ 60 35 

Tell Me Pretty Maiden (Florodora) 60 30 

Three For Tuck. 2 keys 60 35 

Violets (Ellen Wright), 3 keys. _ _ 60 35 

Voices of the Past. 4 keys ._ -.60 28 

Veteran Song. 4 keys _ 75 38 


MENTAL P^er, Our 
Price. Price. 

Ave Marie (CavalleriaRusticana) 60 35 

Amourtuse Valse i Berger) - 60 30 

Artlyu Waltzes 6 25 

Bridul March (Lohengrin) 50 

Cousolatiou (Mendelssohn) 20 

Come Back to Erin, Variations by Kuhe._60 

Cradle Song (Lohr) _ _ .50 

P-nthy (Seymour Smith) _ _ _ 50 

Dance of the Shadows ( Piano Solo) 50 

Dream of Spring Waltzes _ ...60 

Dead March in Saul _ ....10 

Fountain (Bohn) 50 

Idilio (Lack)_ 35 

J y Pense 60 

Minuet (Paderewski) _ .60 

Marguerite Waltz. 60 

O Dry Those Tears Waltz 60 

Pilgiim sCnorus from Taimhauser. 50 

Prince of Pilsen, Selections from 1 00 

" Waltzes from 75 

" Lancers from 50 

" " Tale of Seashell, 2-Step.-.50 

Soko 60 

Simple Aveu ( Wood Edition) 35 

Sousa s Marches, any of the latestones, ea.50 

Tannhauser March .50 

Wedding of the Winds Waltz 60 

Yankee Consul, Selections from . 
Waltzes from 

" " March from 

" " Lancers from 


Stainei s Harmony and Composition, each 

post 6c. 

Text Book (Banister) 1.00 post 8c. 
Ru liinints of Music (Gumming) .25 posts 
History of Music (Hunt) 1.00 post 6c. 
jousse s Catechism .08 Pst3c. 
Music Dictation Books, each .04. 




Monster Imperial, a new and enlarged f 
edition of the famous Imperial, contains its J 
choicest numbers and 40 pieces added .69 5 
Post I9e. Send (or List of Contents. 

Royal Folio of MUMC, 86 selections .50. Post lie. 
Royal Folio of Music, No. 2 .60 Post lOc. 
Royal Folio of Music. No. 3 .60 Posl Me. 
Coronet Folio of Music .50 Post lOc. 
Royal Crown Folio .60 Post 12. 
Everyday Melodies for Organ 60 .Post 8. 
Royal March and Two-Step Folio 40 TJ DsL8c. 
Royal Pearls, easy, piuno or organ .33 Post 9. 
Sunbeams, 100 easy melodies forpupil; 40 Post9c 
Ruby Series, easy, 10 books, each .15 PostSc. 
Star Series, sequel to Ruby, 6 books, ea. .15 Po>t3c. 
Violinist Album, country dances .36 Post7c. 
Favorite Duets for Violin and Piano .46 Post5c. 
Sacred Pianoforte Album .60 PostSc. 
Superb Folio No. 1 .50 Post lOc 
Superb Folio No. 2 .60 PostlOc. 
Melodies of Scotland .50 PostSc 
Melodies of Ireland .60 PostSc. 
Very Easy Piano Duets .45 PostSc. 
Four Hand Recreations, 3rd grade .45 Post 6c. 
Artists Repertoire, Piano Duets .66 Post lie. 
" Easy PiecesinEasy Keys, 2vls.. ea. .45 PostSc. 
Mendelssohn s Songs Without Words .46 Post lie. 
Chopin s Waltzes .30 Posi 8c. 
" First Lessons in Music Room," a collection of 
very easy pieces for the beginner .15 PostSc. 


Post 11( 
Post lie 


Comet Song Folio, new revised Ed. .50 
Globe Song Folio .50 Post 12c. 
University of Toronto College Song Book, 

.75 Post7c. Cloth 1.00 Post 12c. 
Choice Ir>sh Songs (58 songs) .55 
Prize Vocal Duets (26 du. ts) .66 
110 Scotch Songs .43 Post7c. 
215 Scotch Songs .90 Pos>tl5c. 
Royal Song Folio (1U7 son.s) .50 PostlOc 
Canadian Patriotic Songs .20 Post3c. 
Superb Song Folio (51 songs) .50 PostlOc 
Mirthful Album of Comic Songs .66 Post 
Sacred Song Folio .50 Post 8c. 
Discontented Gold Fish and Other Chile 

Songs, by W. H. Neidiinger, board cove 

Post lOc. 
Songs of England, Scotland and Ireland, 3 1 

ent books, handsome cloth covers, gilt 

each $1.26 Post lac. 


We carry a complete stock of Musical Clas 
Schirmer Library. Our prices on these are - 
cent, below publishers puce. Postage extra. 

Peter i Edition 40 per cent, below publi I 
price. Postage extra. 

Write lor complete lists. 
Bellak New Method, jut published, a ne > 

tion of this |>opular method, for the piai i 

can also be used for the organ. This , 

method whieh contains "Star of the Sea." 

cover .26 Post 5c. Board cover .35 P 
Be lak s Improved PianoMethod, No. 2, pa] 

Post 5c. Boards .35 Post 7c. 
Sydney Smith Piano Method, paper 50. 1 : 

Boards .60 Post lOc. 
Gurlitt s American or Foreign Fingering, 

.60 Post 9c. Boards .75 Post 13e. 
Richardson s Piano Method, American Fin 

1.20 Post 19c. 
Halle s Piano Method, American or Foreig 

gering .60 Post 5c. 
Kohler Practical Method .45 Post 7c. 
Bellak s No. 2, Improved Organ Method, 

.25 Post5c. Boards .36 Post c. 
" Music Made Easy," a new and concise n 

for young pupils, foreign fingering .40 1 
Wickins Rapid Method for Piano, comple 

tion .60 Post 6c. 
How to Vamp," showing how to accor 

singtrs 35 Post 5c. 
Biehl, Op. 30. Elements of Piano Playing, f 

fingering .36 Post 4c. 
Matthew s Graded Studies, 10 books, forei 

geriug .60 PpstSc. 
Franklin Taylor s Studies, 33 books, ea. 

Post 5c. 

Wickius Rapid Tutor, for Violin .50 Posi 
Langey s Violin Method 76 Post 7c. 
Tour s Violin Method .50 Post 6c. 
Winner s ethods for Violin. Guitar, Fhit 

Clarionette. Banjo, Accordeou, Cone 

Cornet, each .25 Post oc 
Otto Langey s celebrated methods for al 

string and reed instruments, each .75 P 
Bassini Method, for voice 1.00 Post luc. 
Randegger Method, for voice 1.00 Post 1 
Concone Exercises, for voice .30 Post 5c. 

Musical Instruments 

For ether instruments not quoted here write us, describing fuily the Instrument required. 


The cheapest, most attractive and best :ilinp 
> of guitars ever put on the market. 

x,i 809. Standard size, imitation jaahoganj sides 
and back, imitation ebony Ij jer-board and 
bridge, pearl position dots, imitation cherry 
neck, American machine head. $4.0u. 

Jo 104. Small concert size imitation rosewood 
sides and back, French polished finger-bonrd 
and bridge. po*i inn dots, ijiiuitiou mahogany 
neck, American make patent head, 86 00. 

No 111H- Standard size, fine imitation rosewood 
back nd sides, highly polished, fancy strip 

down back, celluloid bound edges, front and 
back colored, fancy ornamental sound hole, 
rosewood finger-board and bridge, position dot, 
imitation mahogany neck, American patent 
machine head, $6.00. 

No. 1. Imperial antique oak, highly nolishec 1 
mahogany neck, rowwood fiiie^uoard and 
bridge, peari position dots, inlaid sound-hole, 

No. 1%. Similar to No. 1. but in concert size.f 10.00. 

Guitar Strings, lOc each; 60c set; with at, 
2nd and 3rd gut imperial string!, 90c set ; wire 
strings, 40o let. 

7.60 10.00 15.00 

6.00 7.50 10.00 15.00 20. 

Banjo Strings, per set, wire. 20c : pit. 200, 
Bar jo Keys ftc Banjo Bridges,, ac, lOc, 1 

.05 .10 



Band Instruments, Drums, Etc. 

We would be pleased to quote our prices on 
my instrument used in the bund or orchestra. 

I n bra-s instruments we supply three difTer- 

3nt grades. Our highest grade, "The Im- 

guaranteed for 8 years, which, for 

jasc of Mowing, perfection, power and 

jrilimncy of tone, cannot be surpassed. 

Our second grade is the "Ideal," guaran- 

.eed for 6 years. For a medium pric d in- 

:t we can highly recommend this. 

B-y to blow, splendidly in tune and strongly 

. Our third grade. " The Sterling," is a special 

e adapted lor the use of ametenr bands or 

;he younger organizations, with onlyalhni- 

iiut of capital at their command. 

These are imported and are made after our 

jwn instructions. Guaranteed for 4 yen s. 

For Bugles, Bass and Snare Drums our 

. prices are right. 


. 1. Consisting of No. 26 Idea. .u..iulolin, tor- 

IK sheii pick, extra set of striiigs. canvas 
se Winner s Royal Instruction Honk, 

IKounting in the regular way to ts.u, . Com- 
ilete $6.00 

>* 2. Consisting of No. 4 Imperial Mandolin 
warranted) and same extras as No. 1 outlit, 
immtnting in regular way to $11.82, complete, 

_ _ _ _. $10.00 

i 3. Same Mandolin as No. 2 outfit with black 

eatber case, hand sewed, flannel lined and 

lebrated Dollar Instructor. ainoum- 

,ng iu regular way to Slo.77. complete $13.50 

tahdolins at 83.75, $5.00, $7.00, $9.75, $12.50, $14,50 
ind upwards. 

.mdolin strings, per set, 20c, 


2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 7.00 
12.00 15.00 18.00 20.00 25.00 

These prices do not include bows. We can sup- 
jr higher grades if desired. 


[il. Consisting of $4.00 Violin, 50c Bow, $1.25 

Mood Case, lOc Resin, complete 5.OO 

l. Consisting of 810.00 Violin, $1.50 Wood 
Bw<e, with lock (or Canvas Case if preferred), 
DO Bow 15e Resin, complete 11.00 

>.3. Consisling of Sl.i.OO Violin, S1.50 Wood 
Hue, with lock (or Canvas Case if preferred), 

KtOBow. 15c Resin, complete 16.50 

X 4 Same as No. 3, with black smooth leather 
Brered case, velvet lined, embossed, our SG.OO 

ase, complete 21 .00 


\2. Case, wood, black, hooks, 81.25. 
). 3. Case, same as No. 2 with lock. 81.50. 
). 9. Case, canvas, leather bound, $1.50. 
). 15. Case, leather, plush lined. $6.00. 
ft, 25c, 50C, 75c, $1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25. 
eiin, 5c, lOc, 15c. Bridges, 5c, 7c, lOc. 

iln Res.ts 2oe, 35c, 65c, 81.00. Pegs, 5c, lOc. 
ill Pieces, 8c, 15c, 25c, 40c. 
rings E, A and D (steel). 2 for 5c, 5c. 
rings. E, A and D (gut), lOc, 20c. 
p, O. lOc, 15c, 30c. 

orks, AorC, IOC, 
>tch Pipes. A or C, lOc. 
imi.lnatlon Pitch Pipes, A and C, 20c. 
:ti!i(rs, per set, 20c, 40c, 80c. 


Maezel Metronome, Best French 

D712. Mahogany case without 

bell, $1.95. 
D713. Same with bell, 82.50. 


No. 1. Top 5% x lOJi inches, double bellows, 2 
sets reeds, K.50. 

No. 2. Top 5? 4 x 10J--5 inches, double bellows, 2 
sets reeds, 83.00. 

No. 3. Top 6x11 inches, ebonized top, $4,00. 

Xo. 4. Top BHx 9% InchM, Italian model, ebon 
ized frames and keyboards, imitation oak panels 
wilh fine open fret-work leatherette covered 
bellows with 10-folds and brass corner protec 
tors, open keyboard, colored metal trimmings 
and leather clasps, 10 pearl keys, 4 pearl brass 
keys, 2 sets of reeds, $5.00. 

Xo. 5. Top 6 x ll .j inches, mahogany frames, 
keyboard and Panels with fancy open fret- w-ork, 
fine leatherette be lows with H-folds and brass 
protectors, open keyboard, colored metal trim 
mings and leather clasps, 19 pearl keys, 8 pearl 
bass keys, 4 sets of reeds. 88.50. 

No. 6. Top 6 x 11% inches, ebonized wood work 
with white birds-eye maple panels, fancy open 
fret-work, the finest leatherette bellows with 
14-folds and brass protectors, open keyboard, 
double rows of keys, fancy colored metal trim 
mings and leather clasps, 21 pearl keys, 12 pearl 
bass keys, 4 sets of reeds, 810.00. 


No. 1. 7-in maple rim. plain calf head, & seii of 

brass jingles 5Ue. 
No. 3. 10-inch maple rim. fancy painted rim, calf 

head, 3 sets brass jingles 75c. 
Xo. 6. 10-inch maple rim fancy painted, calf 

head. 1 row. 14 sets of German silver jingles, 

skeleton models, 81.50. 

Music Stand* 

Music Rtaids, " Ideal." umbrella. Japanned, 7Sc. 
Xk kel-platep Music Stands, $1.25. 


W? narry a full stock of Hohner Mouth Organs 

from Uc up to 31.50. 
Whin ordering give key and number. 

No. 20. U Double Holes, 20 Reeds, Brass Plates 
Nickel : >vere, Fancy Stamped Extension Ends 
with Two improved Patent Bells, same as cut. 
Our price, 35c. 

No. 842. t) Single Holes, 20 Reeds, Brass Plates 
Nickel Jovers, in neat hinged box. Our price, 

No. 68. Which has heretofore never been ued in 
the H irnjnica line. The cases are very handy 
and tumble, and keep the mouth organ in 
better con iition than the old style pasteboard, 
box. i rioe, 50c. 

No. Si/IS. 40 Double Holes, 48 Reeds, Brass Plates, 
Nickel Jovers, Extension Ends, Double Sides, 
2 U lereut keys. Our price. 50c. 

No. 1500. 10 Sin-le Holes. 20 Reeds. Nickel Plated 
Covers, with highly-polished detachable brass 
horn 5^in: hes long. The grandest tone effect* 
Can oe attaine i by keeping a slight movement 
of the hand over the mouth of the horn, 35c. 

No. SSOO. 10 Double Holes, 40 Reeds, Nickel 
Plat jd Covers, full Concert with Horn Attach 
ment, same as No. 35vO. f.Oc. 

No. 3800. 24 Double Holes, 48 Reeds. Nickel 
Plated Cover, Grand Concert, Brass Horn At 
tachment, size 10 inches long. Our price. $1.00. 

No. 1007/80. 20 Double Holes and 80 Reeds, same 
deser.ption as 1006/5S, price 75e. 

No. 48^. 48 Double Holes. 96 Reeds. Brass Plates. 
Nickel Covers, Fancy Silver Stamped Extension 
Ends, Double Sid"S, 2 different keys. In neat 
silk-lined leatherette case, with gilt lettering, 
will make a handsome gift. Our price. Jl.OO. 

No. 46%. Same as 48% only smaller size. Our 
price. 85c. 

No. 37;<0. 40 Double Holes, 80 Reeds. Brass Plates, 
Nickel Covers. Extension Ends, Double 8ide, 2 
different keys. Our price, 75c. 


No. 4. Imitation rosewood 20 keys, fancy bel- 

Xo JI. K > e.ood, double reeds, 20 keys, fancy 
bellows. $2.00. 

Xo. ;>30. R -{il, large size, 20 bone keys, real wal 
nut case. 8 folds, quite plain, anglo style, organ 
tone $2.50. 

N o 937. ume, bat real mahogany case, $4.50. 

Xo. ij. rljnner, 20 bone keys, finest green 
leather, brand bellows, 5 extradeep folds, plain 
real mahogany case, leather straps, S8.50. 

No. K6. Cnromatic, 48 bone keys, finest green 
leather, bound bellows, plain real mahogany 
case, finest reeds, perfect tuning, leather straps, 

110 different wayi to use the New Trumpet Kazoo, 
with a few mi uutes practice, anyone can play, 
it, lOc. 


Gem. S10.00. 

Standard, $ 20.00. 

Home, $:;0.00. 

Triumph. $50.00. 

Kilison Records. 40c each. 

Morning Glory Horns, 3 sizes, $2.50 each. 

Columbia Disk Graphophone 

Complete with Horn and Needles. 813.50. $15.0C 

$18.50, 825.00, 830.00, $35.00, $c,0.00. 
10-inch Discs, 65c each. 
Needles, lOc per 100. or 300 for 25c. 

Send for complete Catalogue of Machines and 

A. J. Our price, $25.00. 
A. H. Our price, $35.00. 

These machines take any size records. 

Eaton s Disc Graphophone 

This machine will take any record, special $15.00. 

Columbia Disk Records 

10-inch, our price, COc each. 

Please write for our complete Cata 
logue of Graphophone Records, 
Disk and Cylinder 


Imitation black walnut 
length 16 iu.. width 
14 idches, height 9 
inches, weight 15 Ibs. 
With three rollers of 
music, $7.00. 

Kxtra rollers of music, 
35c each. 

Send for list of rollers. 


Autoharps come in neat cardboard case, and 
includes book 01 instructions and music, shell 
pirk, also key for tuning. 
Xo. 10. 3 bars producing 3 chords, $1.95. 
Xo. 20. 4 bars broducing 4 chords. $2.15. 
N o. 25. 6 bars producing 5 chords. $2.50. 
Xo. 30. 6 bars producing 6 chords, $4 00. 
Xo. 35. 10 stops producing 10 chords, new coven d 

liar system, a most beautiful instrument, 85.00. 
Autoharp Strings, plain wire, 5c each, covereo 

strings, lOc each. When ordering give octave 

and number of strings required. 
Complete Sets for numbers 10, 20 and 25, 60c each 

for numbers 30 and 35, 75c ech. 






Eaton s Kara Linen Note Paper, u high-class linen 
Piiper at a price, size 6) x 6%, colors white, 

blueand grey, 1 quire of paper. .10 

1 pound (3% quiresj _ 25 

Envelopes to match, per package .08 

Eaton Huribut s Royal Highland Linen Note Paper 

a genuine Uiien paper, made in Swiss Blue, pearl grey 
mid white, in t he following sizes: West End, 4% x b~/ a 
Octavo, PA x 7: Win hrop, 5% x 6% 1 pound paper 

with 2 packages envelopes to match 75 

1 quire of paper, with envelopes to match 25 

made in three sizes, color pure white. 

Envelopes, per package... .1 8 
Envelopes, per package.. .1 5 

, ,, j -, -.._ Envelopes, per package. .1 5 

Crane s Linen Lawn, finest linen paper made, pure white, 3 sizss 

Astoria, size 4VoX 5%, perquire .1 5 Envelopes, per package.. 1 5 

Douglas," 4j|x6J^, .1^8 " (\ - 18 


tougla . 

Gladstone" , . 

Put up in 5-quire boxes. 
Kurd s Irish Linen, white, Octavo size, perquire.. 

Envelopes, per package. 

Kurd s Irish Linen, white, Douglas size, per quire. 
Envelopes, per package... 

Kurd s Satin Wove, white. Octavo size, per quire 

Envelopes, per package 

Kurd s Satin Wove, white, Douglas size, per quire..., 

Envelopes, per package _ 

Kurd s Satin Wove, white, small note size, per quire 

Envelopes, per package. __ 

Kurd s Satin Wove, white, children s size, per quire.., 
Envelopes, pr package 

Kurd s Egyptian Linen, Octavo or large Octavo sizes, for foreign corres 
pondence, per quire 10 Envelopes, per package ,1 O 

Eaton s Foreign Note Paper, large Octavo size, in small or large chock, 
or single ruling, perquire .05 Per 5-quire package .25 

Sermon Paper, per quire .08 5 quires ._.. .._. 35 


Eaton s " 3O3 " Note, cream wove ruled orplain, Octavosize, quire .05 

o quires _. .25 Envelopes to match, per package. 05 

Eaton s Keramic Parchment, a cream wove 
paper, rough finish, plain only, square and Octavo 

shapes, quire 05 Squires.. 25 

Envelopes to match, per package... .05 

Eaton s London Grey, smooth finish, Octavo 
size, quire.. 05 5 quires .25 

Envelopes to match, per package___...__._ .05 

Eaton s Silurian Orey, note smooth finish Oxford 

size, quire .05 5 quires..__ .. .25 

Envelopes to match, per package_______ .50 


Baton s Bla-k Bordered Note Paper, pure white, narrow, middle and 
broad borders; an extra fine paper, quire .10 Envelopes, package .10 

Black Bordered Note Paper, pure linen, square shape, narrow, middle 
and broad, per quire... .10 Envelopes to match, per package.- .10 

Black Bordered Berkshire Linen Fabric, one of the best linen papers 
manufactured, made in pure white, Rossmoyne, size 5 x 6%, borders nar 
row, middle and broad, price ,25 Quiie and envelopes, pkg 25 


(Allow three days for wedding orders.) 

Wedding Invitations or Announcements, printed in script or Old English 
type on the very finest paper made for this purpose, Kurd s Royal 
Crey White, with inside and outside envelopes to match, complete, in 

the following quanties ; 25 sets complete -___ 1.90 

.TO sets, complete 2 .SO 100 sets complete 4.75 

(Be sure your copy is written distinctly) 


Madu from best quality stock, moire finish, made in three sizes : No. 1 
2 M * 3%. No. 3, 2% x 4, No. 8, 2 x 4%, price per dozen .40 


Per pkg. Per box 

of 26. of 600 

Xo. 7, Business Envelopes, white wove, for general use ,Q2 
" good quality, 2 for _ .OS 

" extra quality .05 

* " blue lined .05 

Official Envelopes, open side and end, three sizes No. 10, 4% X 9J, 

:; x 6 4, No. 12, 10% i 4^, per package of 25 

Envelopes, square shape, 250 in a Box, white weve, per box ,25 a^d 


(Allow 1 days for printing orders.) 

Machine on which Visiting Cards are printed is the only one In Canada, 
50 Ladies or Gents Visiting Cards, printed in Script or Old English 

type. Including stock _ _ _. .35 

1000 Envelopes, printed (not including envelopes) ___.__. 1.0C 

1000 Letter Heads, printed (including stock) 3.0C 


500 Letter Heads, printed (including stock) 
1000 Bill or invoice Heads. (Including stock). 
500 Bill or Invoice Heeds (including stock).. 
Newspaper Wrappers, gummed. 50 m book 


Size 6% x 10 inches, 

House To Kent. Unfurnished Rooms To Let. 

House For Sale. Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms To . 

Furnished Rooms To Let. Board By Day or Week. 

Office To Let Price .05 o*ch. 

Typewriting Paper, Linen laid, size 8> x 13, quire. . 

per ream 

I .l 


" " Ber kshirc Linen Wove, size 8%x 13. per ream__ 

Extra Super Wove, 8% x 11 or 8% x 13, " 

No. 1 Carbon Paper, blue, purple or black, per sheet 

Per 100 sheets _ 4 

Typewriter Ribbon, each ..____.. 

(Give Name of Machine.) 


Foolscap Paper, full size, extra quality, legal or plain, per quire. 

Per ream..., . ) 

Biotting Paper, large sheets, 2 foi !._T."__!T .... 

Butter Paper, No. l, pure parchment, 8x12. per quire .OS Per ream 
Music Manuscript Paper, per quire._ .__ 


Hurd s FmestQuality Visiting Cards, pure white, Ladies size, 50 in box 
Gents ... _ _ 

Black Bordered Cards, narrow, middle or broad, 50 in packagei Ladies 
and ,45 Gents _ _ _ 2O and 

Black Bordered Envelopes to match cards, In narrow, middle and brc 
price per package .05 Better quality, per package _ 


(Allow 3 days for engraving card plate. ) 

Script type, name only.. _ .SO Address extra .25 Day extra 
Old English, " " _ 1 .50 " " .. 75 " " 

" shaded " " ._ 2,25 " " 1.00 " " lJ 
Roman " " 1.5O " " "*" " " 

Engraving 50 Ladies cards, including plate. __ 

Engraving 50 gents cards, including plate _ 

Engraving 50 ladies cards from former plate 

Engraving 50 gents cards from former plate 


(Allow 2 days for embossing ordei 

Embossing Note Paper, with i 
Initial, in script, per quire. > 

Envelopes, per package .("] 

Embossing in Old English, with i 
initial, per quire _ i 

Envelopes, per package . 

Embossing in gold or silver, with i 
initial, perquire 

Envelopes, per package 

StielDies, with address, monogran 
crest, for embossing note paj 
madeto order. Addressdies, 2.- 
up; Monogrnms f 2.50 U P; Ore 


Embossing Note Paper from ab< 
dies, per quire. _. .( ; 


Box of Fine Linen Note Paper and Envelope* 
match, pure white, society shape, one qo 
in a box, special... ,;i 

Box of Pure Linen Note Paper and enveloj 
extra high grade, pure white, in fancy b 
society shape, one quire in box, spec 


Plain At Home Cards, 25 in box . 

Printed At Home Cards, space for name, day a 
date, 25 in box , . i. 

Envelopes to match above, 100 J J 


" Dancing Girl " Brand, Crepe Tissue Paper, 7 feet in each roll, white, r 

blue, greens, pinks, yellows, etc., per roll 

Plain Tissue Paper, any shade, or assorted shades, large sheets, per qui 

_ _j 

".20 ,C 

White Tissue Paper, per quire 


Ice Cream size, per doz _ 

Larger sizes, per doz _ 


Shell Paper, with scalloped edge, in white, blue, green or pink, 10 yd*. 

a piece, per piece ( 

Denuison s Perfumed Sealing Waxs, all shades, per stick !( 

Per box of sticks 

Dennison s Seals, one initial, each _ .. ,t 

Sealing Wax Cabinet, small sizes, containing 
candles and 3 sticks of wax ,_, 

Larger size, containing 5 sticks of wai, 2 cand 
and one seal (any initial) . ., 



Writing Pads, Scribblers, Ledgers and Office Supplies 





Postage Ic per oz. 

Eaton s," 80 sheets, ruled or plain, each ..-,..- .05 

India Linen," 100 sheets, ruled or plain, small size .__ .07 

;ndia Linen." loo sheets, ruled or plain, large size .l^ s 

Popular," 100 sheets, ruled or plain, small size - .10 

Popular," 100 sheets, ruled or plain, large, each 1 5 

Vulcan Bond," 100 sheets, blue or white, small each .12 1 ? 

.Vulcan Bond," 100 sheets, blue or white, large each ~ 

Dxford Linen," 100 sheets, ruled or plain, large, each 

Overland," 80 sheets, very thin, large each - 

)ld Parchment Bond," SO sheets, large, each...; ~ 

-iilurian Grey." 80 sheets, ladies note, each 

ew York Linen Pads, 100 sheets, small size 12K large size 

ighHnd Linen Pads, in white, grey or blue 

Large size in white or blue _ 

Envelopes to match, package 

ish Linen Pad, 00 sheets sm-iU size 

fan Linen Pad, 100 sheets, large size _ 


Mrcise Books, 84 pages, 2 for_ _ _ 05 

" . press board cover .05 

> pages, leatherette cover, .1 O 

X) pages, heavy board cover .1 

IPttAges, oilcloth cover _. _ .1 5 

indents MSS. Book, canvas bound, 310 pages, board 

coyer _ _ 20 

qcercise Books, % leather tound, containing 200 pages, 

board cover _ _ 25 


Ctibblers, 200 pages, 3 for. _ __ 05 

prit f ler, 800 pages, press board covers . - . .05 

Importer s Note books, oblong, 152 pages, 2 for __ 05 

reporter s Note Book, 200 page, press board cover, each -. 05 

atinnal Separate Leaf Note Book, size 4;^ x 8%, open at end, cloth cover, 

complete with refill, each - 35 

National Separate Leaf Note Book, size 5% x 8%, open at end, cloth cover, 

complete with refill, each _ _ .35 

Refills for above, either size .10 

mall Scribbling or Telephone Pads, 3 for 05 


May Books, Journals, Ledgers and Minute Books, bound in half rough sheep 
with cloth sides, 6% x 13, 200 page.. .40 300 pnge. ,6O 400 pngc.. .80 

BOO page... 1.00 600 page _ 1.2O 

riddgers, Journals and Records. 6% x 9%. in % leather 300 pages,each_ .75 
Ulusian Leather Records, Journals or Ledgers, 4V*x7 (pocket size) ea_ .50 
.lecor.As, Ledgers and Journals, board cover, canvas bound, leatht r corners, 

size 5x7% each..-. 50 

recount Books, each .05 .10 .15 .20 .2 

30 Page Letter Copying Books, each .90 

300 P.iife Letter Copying Books, each 1.35 

upllcate or Triplicate Order Books, each _ .25 .40 

iCeSlls for Order Books 15 .20 

inplicateor Triplicate Order Books, size 3^x6^, each _ .1 

Veck.y. Fortnightly or Monthly Time Books, each ._ .05 

ndex Books, 4x13 each _._ _ 1 

Iroad Index Books, 8K*13, each _ 15 

troad Index Books, 8%xl3%, flexible cover, 2 pages to one leiter.each .35 

iJlank Receipts, 50 in a book for _ 05 .08 .10 

lent Receipt, 50 in a book, for. _ - - O8 .10 

romisory Note Blanks, 50 notes 10 

statement Pads, 100 sheets, 8vo - 1O 

Widelstaed s Expense Record with yearly recapitulation, servants accounts, 

and memorandum pages _ 5O 

Housekeeper s Expense Book, monthly and yearly expenditures. .25 

* Books. _-2 for .OS .05 .10 

slidget Note Books, size 4 x 6%, open end, 144 pages, _ -.2 for .05 


Vest Pocket .os, open at side or end, each 10 

,;et Memos, with or without index. 2% x 5% 15 

Slernos, 3x5, open side or eml 15 Mi-inos. 4x6, open side or end... .20 

leather, with clasp, open at end, 3x5 and 3%x5% 1.00 1.25 

Refills for same, each - .25 

Memos 3x5, inrlexed 15 Memos, 4x6, indexed 25 

Russian Leather Memos, containing 144 leaves, with or without index, size 

8^X6 - .60 4x7 _ _ ---.- .60 

Address Books, each .25 .45 


Manilla, size 2 x 4% per 100, price .1 5, per 1,000 . 1 .00 


Ladies laundry lists 12K Gents laundry list*. n _12K 

Family laundry liste..._ - 


Bevel, each 01 .02.03.05 Circular, each _ .. 

Circular Erasers v. ith brush, each , _ , 

Ink and pencil Erasers e .05 . _ 

E. Farbers Kneaded Eraser 05 .08 

Faber s Ideal Erasers, each 05 O8 

Typewriter Erasers, each 05 .08 


Ottawa Board File... .25 
Self-acting Board File.4O 
Shannon Board File, com 
plete with perforator and 

index, each 1.0O 

Shannon Binding Case.No. 
12, complete with index 


Falcon File.a box case con 
taining pockets indexed for filing invoices, and letters, ea 
303" Letter File, an indexed case_for filing letters for 

r if re not" .__.... .......... ~-..-.. i 

Peerless File Box Cage, indexed .._ , 

Bill File Hooks, each .05 , 

Hill stick Files, each. 05 .08 

Bill Clips, each .OS .10 .12K 

Pen Racks, each 

Standing Pen Racks 


Letter Scales, as cut, weigh npto4 ozs., each 

1 "tter Scales, as per cut, 12 oz 

Ideal Letter Scale, 1 pound 1 

Reliance Letter Scale, 8 oz. _ 


No. 1, gold bands, quarto - 

No. 22%, Cap size, gold bauds.. - 

Indices /or board files, each 


For suspending anything, price per doz - 


Pencil Cases... .05- 

Scholar s Companion, in shape of large pencil 
screw top, containing pen, pencil etc .25 

Scholar s Companion, plain wood 05 

Faber s Imitation Leather Pocket Pencil, 

Pouch, pen, pencil, as cut 25 

Slates, cloth bound, si/,</snx7 each... .08 6x9... , .10 7x11... .12 
Slate Pencils, plain, 1UJJ in a box . .10 


Stephen s Blue Black Writing Ink, per bottle OS 

Stephen s quart bottle Writing Fluid 

pint Iwtt e.. .45 % pint bottle_ .25 % 

Stephen s Copying Inks, per bottle _ 

Red Ink per bottle . 




pint bottle.. .10 

25 >u 7 
05 .10 -65 1.0C 

Biggin s Drawing Ink, per bottle ^ a 

Pomeroy s Indelible Marking Ink, per bottle 12} 

Melanyi Marking Ink, requires no heating, per botle .15 .20 

Paysori s Indelible Marking Ink, per botle _ __ 2O 

Days White Photo Paste, with, brush and watr well combined, price, per 

bottle _ - - - _ 20 

David s White Ink, per bottle .10 Paste, per bottle_ _ .06 .10 

Mucilage, per bottle _ .05 .15 Le Page s Glue, bottle .08 .10 

Le Page s Glue, in rubes 10 .12K In tins, per tin .15 .25 .45 

Seccotine, for sticking, tube... .1 2KPaste in tubes, per tube .05 .10 

Ink for Rubber Stamps 10 .15 and. 25 


Tailor s Gilt Edge Chalk, per doz .10 Whit* Chalk, one gross in box. 

Colored Chalk, gross box 30 .60 per box ._ _ 1Q 

Blackboard Eiasers 09 

Transparent Adhesive Tape, per roll Q4 .OS 

Linen Adhesive Tape, per roll _ 05 

Dennison P |lsse Partout Binding, assorted colors, 12 yards .10 

In told or silver per roll., ... . 25 


Faber s Reversible, hard rubber, each .20 .25 

Faber s Hard Rubber Holders .15 Cork handles, each .08 

Cork Holders, with wood handle, each 05 .07 

Pneumatic Easy Writer Pen Holder, .05 

Farber s, Enamelled Cedar Sticks 05 

Red and black Swell Holders, doz 30 

Plain Cedar Swell Holders, doz _ .20 

Accommodation Pen Holders, doz ...-. 05 


Gold Pens with pearl handles, each 1 .00 1 .25 1 .50 

Taper Cutter, fur ordinary use, each _ _ _ .20 .25 

Paper Cutters, with sterling handles __ 35 .50 .75 



Eaton s Special Fountain Pen, No. 2, 14k 

gold nib, guaranteed newest style, cap 

and feed 1 .00 

F.aton s Special Fountain Pen, No. 3 

Thelmperion," No. 1, a fountain pen 
manufactured on latest improved p* f 
tern, very one perfect in construction, the barrel is made ot best pure 
rubber and the nib is made of 14k gold. Every pen ha two gold bands 

around the barrel, fully guaranteed 1.5O 

!ime as above, only large size, gold point, price 2.50 

Paul E. Wirt s No. 1, fine, medium or stub points, each _ 1 .50 

Waterman s Tdeal Fountain Pens, each ..._ 2.50 3.50 4.00 

Gold-mounted 3.50 4.50 5 "O 





Itiilera, 15-in., brass edge, each ... .10 Rulers, 12-in., brass edge each .08 
Rulers. 12-in., plain edge, each _ .OS Kulers, l4n., plain edge, each __.Q3 


Farber s Assorted Rubber Bands, in box, assorted sizes, per box _ 25 

Thread Brand, 9, 12 and 15, or assorted, % Ib. in box, pe: box . 


, , 

Thread No. 9 per pkg. 





U i 
6 in 


.rz., ------- .08 w)Ji- .10 000%.. .12* 0000 

inch, per doz., oyj ...... _ ,12, i.WH ..... 15000k 

ch, bands, each 

,i. ..... 

.05 7 inch bands, 

000!-.,.... .25 
" .07 


Plain Cedar, per doz Q5 Pearl Cedar, rubber tips, per doz. 10 

E. Faber s Special Office Pencils, HB. per doz -jn 

Johann Faber s Medium Grade 1 Q Faber s Hexagon Pencils ," doz. 1 Q 

Faber s Pencils, H or HB, doz 2O Faber s Pencils, all grades, doz. 30 

t aber s graded, hexagon, doz. . . gn 

Rubber Tipped Pencils, doz ... 26 25""3o"" 6O 

Eaton s Special High Grade Pencils, for drawing or office use, in HB H - 2H 

a regular 60c a dozen, per doz _ .. 30 

Koh-i-Noor British Graphite Drawing Pencils, compressed lead" in ii B H 

2H, 3H, or indelible, each .10 orSfor 25 

Colored Pencils, doz _ . 20 or 3 for O5 

Colored Pencils, doz 60 each " 05 

Copying Pencils, in wood, for writing on glass or metal, each 04 

Indelible Copying Pencils, in wood, 2 for OS each. OS OS lO 

Carpenter s Pencils, doz gO 30 

Pencil Protectors, with inserted rubber tips, 2 for ._ "OS 

Memo Pencils, black only, doz 20 

Perpetual Pencil, always sharpened for use, nickel holder, each " * 

Extra box of leads for above " "QS 

Faber s Dermatogrnph Pencil, for writing on the skin each! 

Slate Pencils (in wood), doz " 1O 

Programme Pencils, assorted colors, with tassels, per doz. . I " 20 

lanov Pocket Pencils, each _ 10 05 5O 1OO 

"lored Pencils in wood, 6 in box .... 

olored Oil Mapping Crayons, per box .... 05 O8 1 6 " 1 5 

Thumb Tacks, doz IQ 15 aid 25 

1 aper Fasteners, No. 1, per gross \Q Pap"er""Fasteners No. 2 or 3... 15 

<mipasses with pencil attached _ 10 


Johann Faber s Acme Pencil SharpenersTrevereible fSade, each_... 
Compass and dividers, each 


Per Gross Per Gross Per Gross 

292 Eaton s _ .25 292 Gillott s, _ 45 Batons J 

404 Gillott s 45 Mitchell sJ __ . 75 303 Gillott sTT 

Gold J 75 Eaton s Falcon _.. 

Esterbrook s Falcon, per gross 75 Bank of Montral, 

Bank of England .. .30 G. r 

Blackstone, Esterbropk . 


Meyer s Vertical 1 

Gilt Bull Pointed Pen. gross in box per box 1 

Grey Ball Pointed Pens ( !>/, doz. in box), per box""" 

Waverley Pens, box of 1 doz. ...10 Pickwick Pens, box "67 Tik doz 

Mapping Pens (0 pens and 1 holder on card) _ ..._ 

, Pens, . 

erbrook 90 Judge s Quill ... 

75 Spencerian, No. 1 .90 Relief, Esterbrook 

1 Writer 

Ink pads each , 


(Allow 3 days for making.) 
Made to order, either written 

or printed, with name or 

name and addrest. 

Midget No. 1, as cut, oelf-ink- 
ing stamp _ 50 

Midget No 2, same style as No. 
1. but larger 75 

Hand Stamps, plain, made ..... 
to order 2O 25 30. 35 up. according to size 

Business Printing Outfit, with alphabet and num 
bers, containing pad and holder, 
special 50 .75 

Printing Outfits, containing rubber 
type, each _ 25 .35 

Camplete Shipping Outfit, with ink 
pad. and date 1.2r 

Sign and price Markers, with ink pat, 
ink rule and spacer complete. each 

_- v 1.00 1.50 2.50 

Daters, each _ _ .1 

15 .25 



Banker s Ink Wells, heavyglass 10 

Ink Bottles, heavy glnss. fancy metal top .25 35 

Metal Fn.rneOrtipelni.stand one bottle 50 .75 

Metal Frame Office Inkstand, 2 bottles .75 1.00 1.25 

Mucilage bottle with brush .1 

Glass Sponge Cup .10 

Safety Travelling Ink Wells.leather _ .25 .35 .60 

according to sizes. 


Desk Pads, for office use, with blotting paper, leather corners, size 19 x 

each 50 Leather corners 7 

English manufacture, leather corners and one side.. " 1 { 




Ladies Desk Pads, leather corners. English manufacture 

Sizes 7^x10% 10HX14 Ity. 

Pn es .35 Jo 


Sheepskin Bags, with long strap, each, according to size 
Size 2. .25 Sizes, .3Q Size 4, .35 Size 5, .40 

Canvas Bags, leather seams 

Canvas Bags, waterproofed 

Solid Leather Bags, with strap or handle, In colors black. oUveand fi 
12-inch 75 13-inch. . 





Royal Flexible Albums, made fn 
sizes, in cloth or leather covers. 
Leaves guaranteed not to warp 

discolor the photograph. 


No. 20-25. 25 leaves, size 5Kx7 51 
No. 20-50. 50 " * " 5>|x7"" ft 
No. 21 -25. 25 " " 7x10 . r & 

No. 21 50. 50 " " 7x10 T 

No. 22-50. 50 " 10x12... 1.J 


No. 60-25. 25 leaves, size 5%x7... p. 

No. 60-50. 50 leaves, size 5^x7.. .65 No. 61-25. 25 " " 7xlO_ 
No. 61-50. 50 " 7X10.. 1.0O No 62-50. 50 " " 10xl2.""2C 

Colors of leaves, carbon black. Scotch grey or steel grey 
Small Paper Bound Albums, for unmounted photos leaves in Scotch erev 

carbon black, sizes 4%x5^, each .10 7x10.15 5%x7 .12 10x12 


The International Postage Stamp Album, published in three languages p i 
vidmg for 11,082 stamps, cards, envelopes, etc., with 1 map each 1 r 

The International Stamp Album, containing 3.330 spaces for all varieties 
postage stamps, and giving date of issue, value and color of each stare 
illustrated with 1,816 engravings of stumps, 78 of arms 105 watermarl 
43 portraits of regents .............. c 

Illustrated Postage Stamp Album; c6ntaining" 2,139""engravings"of stamps " 
arms and 49 portraits, each. _ ............... .. Jj 

Illustrated Postage Stamp Album, containiiVg"l"860engravirigs"6f stamps 
watermarks, 69 arms and 24 portraits, each 9 

Scott s International Postage Stamp Albums, containing spaces for all t 
neties of stamps issued in any country in the world during the l<Uh Ce 
tury, also portraits of the rulers, flags and arms of every nation, togeth 
with valuable statistical information regarding their size population c 

Cils, etc., illustrated with over four thousand engravings, bound 
rds, cloth back. c ( 

Bound in full cloth ......... -IT. . . . ! ." .......... 2"5 6" 35 

Scott s Standard Postage Stamp C^taJogue, 1906 edition. iflustratei S 
prices, etc., price ........................ <r 

Stamp Hinges, per thousand _____ TZIZIZZZIZIIZZIiZIZILJi i 


Post Card Albums, size HKx8>, holding 2 
cards, cloth cover, three designs 3 

Post Curd Albums, size llKxS>, ho!ding200cai 

art cloth, bevelled board, two designs ...... 5 

Post Card Album, size 15%x9, 30u page, c loi 

binding. ___________ .................................... _ 5 

Postcard Album, sizellUxS^, holding 300 can 

art cloth, bevelled board, two designs. 7 

Post Card A bum. size 11^x8^, holding 800 card < 

art cloth, bevelled, decorated on cover ___ 1 . Q 
PostCard Album, holding 400 cards, size ll0 

art cloth, bevelled board, decorated 2 colors . 

............... _ ...... _ ........ _ ......... _ 12 

Post Card Alburn, holding 500 cards, size n>x8} 

cloth binding, fancy decoration .12 

Post Card Al >um, size, HVix8y 2 . hall leath. : 

binding, gold decoration, holding 400 cards __ 

2 .0 

Post Card Album, bound in half leather, holding 400 cards, Il%x8% 


Bound in celluloid binding, fancy flora) decor: 

tion, 8x5, our price.. _ _ 2 

Autograph Album, bound in leather, size 5x8, 01 

price 5! 

Autograph Album, bound in leather, with flort 

decoration, size 5x8 .71 * 

Autograph Album, fancy imitation leather bint 
ing with floral decorations, size 5x8, our pric< 

_ 1 .QI 

Scrap Albums, fancy cloth cover, floral "an 

picture designs .._ .2; 

Scrap Albums, fancy cloth cover, floral design C 3 : 

Scrap Albums, fancy cloth cover, fioral design _ . gi 

Scrap Albums, white cloth cover, wliite leaves ... &. 

Scrap Albums, mottled cover, leather back and corners_____ ,7i j 

Scrap Albums, leather back and corners ___._ 91 

Scrap Albums, ditto 1.2! i 



Drug and Chemical Section 

3reater space, better facilities for filling Mail 
Beis for drugs. When you want drues urgent- 
specially mention the fact when sending in 
UT order. \\ ucu an order comes in for a drug, 
ktert medicine or proprietary article which we 
not stock, we procure it if possible without 
slay, but if there is any delay, such as sending 
i the States or to Europe, we notify customer 
fore sending. Drugs and Chemicals are so num- 
DUS that we do not attempt to stock them all, 
ocn less quote prices ; we carry many thousand 
tea while we quote prices on only the more gen- 
ally used. We never substitute one maker s 
ods for another when a maker is specially 

^loned, but when no mention is made we use 

^Judgment giving what we consider the best 

I the most reasonable price. We do not believe 
paying a fancy price for simplv a well adver- 

| ,ed name when we can give better vaJue ill 
ods for less money. 

[.Dispensing is done by qualified druggists. 

^Dy receipts are treated in the same manner ; 

f illeall are filled with the finest goods, and ex- 

i ivagance in price is cut out. 

W do not make a sale of less than five cents 
iless where the ingredients are in a mixturei 
it when wanted separate five cents is the 
nallest charge we make for any item of Drugs. 
HAILING NOTE. Send the following amount for 
tposta^e : 

For each % oz. bottle packed for mailing, 3c. 
" 1 " " " 5c. 

2 " " 8c. 

" S " " lie. 

"4 ..i. . ll)c . 

IThisis simply as a guide in lending money to 
ly postage on liquids. 


We charge extra for bottles, tins 

id other containers where quotations is for bulk 

><|uids. The prices of bottles, etc., are: 

.to 2-oz. bottles, each. 
>to 4-oz. bottles, each . 

to 10-oz bottles, each 

, 16 or20-oz. bottles, each 

and 40-oz. bottles, each ... 

K>z. bottles, each 

i-oz. stoppered bottles, each 

0-oz., 1 gallon bottle, each 

quart tin. each 

^Hlllon tin, each, 

^Hlon tin, each 

^Uon tin, each ,3O 

When pounds are quoted, it mrans 16 fluid 

. Onccs if liquid, and 16 ounces by weight if dry. 

pint is 20 fluid ounces, and a gallon 8 fluid 

ints. Some liquids are sold by weight, such are 

pecially mentioned. 

| All prices In this list are subject to 
, he fluctuation of the market. 


(Acids are all sold by weight) 
The following liquid acids cannot be sent by 
mil or express when marked * 

Acid, Acetic, strong, perlb . ,20 

iCid, Benzole, Howard s, per oz .20 

icid, Boracic, Howard s, finest powder, lb_ .25 

icid. Boracic, fine powder, Ib . .20 

vcid, Citric, per Ib .50 

Icid, Carbolic, oz. .05 per Ib..... _. .SO 

Veld Carbolic crude, light brown, per gal _ 1 ,2, 
Vcid Carbolic crude, light brown, per pint ,2< 

\cid Oxulic, pet Ib _ .1! 

^^Phosphoric, dilute, per Ib 4_ 

~nli -yiie, oz. .07% perlb. 1.00 

IBM. Sulphuric, Aromatic, per Ib _. .80 

Acid. Tannlc. powder, per oz ...... .07/1 

Acid, Tartaric per Ib .45 

iceUnilid (antifebrin), per oz. .10 Ib 1.0C 

Alholene (liquid petroleum ), oz. .07% Ib 1 .00 

.-iicohol, pure, oz. .05 P 1Q t . =, .75 

Alcohol, methylated, per pint.. .30 

Alcohol, wood, per pii.i .20 

Alkaline, antiseptic tablets, Seller s, per oz. .10 

Aloes, Barbadoes Ib 3O powdered, Ib. 40 

Aloes, Cape, Ib. 15 Powdered, perlb. .20 

Aloes, socotrine, lump or powdered, per Ib.. .80 

Aloin, finest, peroz .10 

Alum, lump, 5 Ibs. .20 perlb .05 

Alum, powdered, per Ib. .05 

Alum, burnt, perlb. .15 

Ammonia, Carbonate (baking ammonia), Ib .15 

Ammonia, Carbonate, Howard s. Ib 4O 

Ammonia, Chloride (sal ammoniac), .15 

Ammonia, Chloride, granulated, Ib .10 

Ammonia, Chloride, pure powder, per Ib .4-0 

Ammonal Tablets or Powder, oz. hot 1.50 

Annatto, Spanish, peroz. .10 perlb 1.60 

Antimony, black, common powder, per Ib.. .10 

Antimony, Crocus, per lb_ .40 

Antimony, Tartrate,( tartar emetic poison), oz. ,05 

Antiphlogistine, per put .50 .75 1.25 2.50 

Antiseptic Liquid, Lewis 15 .25 

Anti-Toxine, for Diphtheria, Burroug" 

> .50 


2000 units 1.00 

3000 units 1.5O 4000 units. 2.00 

Arrwroot, Bermuda, per Ib. _ 50 .75 

Arrowroot, St. Vincent, per Ib 25 

Areca Nuts, perlb. .35 powdered per Ib .40 

Aspirin, per oz, .75 

Antipyrin, Knorrs, per oz ............. ,5O 

Antipyrin, English, peroz , 25 

Aristol, per oz , 2.25 

Anusol Suppositories, p~r box 1 .25 

Arsenauro .. 1 .OO 

Amidol, per oz. .................... .75 


Balsam of Canada, per oz. .OS per Ib 

Balsam, Copaiba, per oz. .05 perlb _ 

Balsam, Peru, per oz. 

Balsam, Tolu, per oz 

Beeswax, yellow, best, per lb._ 

Second, per Ib _. ........ 

Beeswax, white, best, per Ib _ 

Second, per Ib _ 

Bismuth, Formic Iodide, per tin _. 

Bismuth Subnitrate, per oz . 

Bismuth, Subgallate, peroz 

Borax, powdered, Howard s, per Ib 

Borax, powdered, ordinary in 100-lblots, Ib. 

Burgundy, Pitch, perlb 

Brimstone, per Ib .05 or 5 Ibg . 

Baume Analgesique Bengue 



Castor Oil, tasteless, bottles 10 .15 .25 

Castor Oil, Italian, bottles . .35 

Castor Oil, ordinary, bottles .10 .20 

Ci earn of Tartar, pure 2oz ,Q5 5oz ,108oz. .15 

per Ib 3O 

Cascara Aromatic, per oz. ,7% per Ib .i 

Caffein, Citrate, per oz 

Camphor, per oz. 07 P er Ib 1 . - 

Camphorated Chalk, perlb _ .21 

Cantharides (poison), peroz _ .1! 

Charcoal, powdered, maple, perlb. .1! 

Charcoal, powdered, willow, per Ib 2! 

Carmine, fine, per oz, ,5O Finest, per oz. .7; 

Calomel, per oz _ .1 

Cocoa Butter, per oz. .05 per Ib . .7 

Cochineal, peroz .05 perlb 7 

Confection Senna, per Ib. - 5 

, pei 

Creasote, good, peroz.. 

Creasote, English, per oz 

Chloride of Lime, per Ib 

Collodion, peroz . . 

Collodion, flexible, per oz 

Cudbear, finest, per Ib .50 Ordinary . 

Creolin, 1-lb bottle .65 peroz.... _ . 

Cuttlefish Bone, large, per Ib _ . 

Cuttlefish Bone, pondered, per Ib __ . 

Cuttlefish Bone. Jewelers, per Ib ) 

Chalk, prepared, perlb _ _ b ._ 

Chalk, precipitated, peril) i( 

Chalk, French cukes, PIT Ib .20 Powder 

Creasote, Carbonate (creasotal). pnroz ,_v/ 

Chloroform, pure, Duncan and Flockhart s. 1-lb. 

bottles, by weight 1.95 

Chloroform, Smith s pure, per Ib -.-1.35 

Chloroform, German, pure, per Ib bottle._ ,75 
Copperas, green per Ib. 02 1 A 100 per Ibs. 1 .SO 
Copperas, blue, perlb. .10 10-lb. lots, lb_ .09 

Copperas, blue, 25-lb lots, per Ib 08*4 

Copperas, blue, 100-lblote, perlb _ 07^a 

per 100 1.00 
per 100 2.00 
per 100 2.25 

Colchi Sal, per bottle 

Cayenne Pepper, 25 Ib., ground, per Ib 

Celery Seed, per Ib. 


Castor Oil, 60 drop, per doz. .15 
Cod Liver Oil, 40 drop, doz. .30 
Cod Liver Oil, 75 drop, doz. .35 
Santal Oil, 10 drop, per doz. ____ 

Santal Oil, 15 drop, per doz 

Santal Perles, per bottle 

Ergo Apiol, Smith s, box 1. 

Methyl Santal - 1 . 

MerzSantai"Co7rbt.~..-..."..".~ .35 

Easton s Syrup, %dram, per 100 1.1O 

Easton s Syrup, 1 dram, per 100. 1 .25 

Syrup Iodide Iron, per 100 1.00 


Chlorate of Potash, per oz - .OS 

Soda Mint, per oz. _ 05 

Rhubarb and Soda, per oz - _ .1 


Dover s Powder, per oz - 15 

Duotal (Guaiacol Carbonate), Von Hayden s or 

Bayer s, peroz ., .. 1 .OO 

Dextrine, yellow, perlb 10 

Diastase, per oz . _ - 1 .20 

Dioxygen, Oakland s, per bottle .25.50 1.00 

Dropping bottles, each 15 .2C 

Diamond Dust Flake per oz .05 per lb._ , 

Diastase Liquid, per bottle , 

Duncan and Flockhart s pills and capsules. 

carry many others. 

92. 1-pill Blaud, in capsules, per 100 , 

93. 2-pill Blaud, in capsules, per 100 

94. 3-pill Blaud, in capsules, per 100 - 

104. 1-pill Blaud, modified, per 100 

105. 2-pill Bland, modified, per 100 

106. 3-pill Blaud modified, per 100 1 .w 

107. 1-pill Blaud, modified, with strychnine, per 
100 . .75 

108. 2-pill BlauJ, modified, with strychnine, per 

100 ._ 1 .00 

109. 3-pill Blaud, modified, with rtrychnine, per 
100 1 .20 

Epsom Salts, Howard s, per Ib 05 

Epsom Salts, ordinary, 3 Ibs for _ .1C 

Epsom Salts, ordinary, 100-lb lots, per Ib .OZ 

Epsom Salts, ordinary, over 50 Ibs., Ib .02^- 

Eikonogen, peroz __ .40 

Emery Flower, pel ib .If 

Eucalyptus Oil. 3 ozbt.. .25 1 oz. bottle _. .1C 

Eucalyptol, per oz .20 

Elixir Calisaya, Iron and Pepsine, per oz .._ .07K 

Elixir Pepsine, per oz _ _ .07% 

Elixir Pepsine, Bismuth, and Strychnine, oz. .10 

per bottle , _ 1 .40 

Elixir Phosphate Iron, Quinine and Strychnine, 

per oz .07% P bottle 1 .00 

Elixir Lactated Pepsin <^ per oz ~ 7K 

El ixir Diastase, per oz .1 

El i xir Pancreatin, per oz _ .1 Q 

Elixir Calisaya, per oz ________ _ .Q5 


Granular effervescent 

Citrate of Magnesia, per Ib 35 

Bishop s Citrate of Magnesia, per Ib 75 

Bishop s Citrate Caffein, per bottle .45 

Bishop s Lilhia Citrate, per bottle .35 

Effervescent Vichy, per Ib 1 .25 

Effervescent Vichy, >i-lb bittle 45 

Effervescent. Kissingen, perl b_ 1 AO 

Effervescent, Kissingen, %-lb. bottle.... 

Eaton s Fruit Salts, % Ib bottle ._ 

Eaton s Fruit Salts, 1-lb bottle_ 

Eaton s Effervescent Sulphate of 
Epsom Salts, per Ib _, 

_ .25 

_.. .40 

Eaton s Effervescent Citrate of Lithia, Ib 80 

Eaton s Effervescent Phosphate of Soda, Ib. bottle 

.60 Small bottle 2C 

Le mon Kali, per Ib. . 

Orange Sherbert, per Ib 


(Containers extra.) 
Essence of Aniseed peroz 10 

Essence of Cassia (cinnamon}, per oz .05 

Essence of Ginger (Jamaica), ordinary strength, 

P.TOZ 05 strongeit, per oz. .07!" 

Essence of Peppermint, per oz .05 





ssence of Cinnamon, per oz _ 

i oz. bottie._ .10 4-oz. botUe 

Essence of Cloves, peroz... 

i oz. bottle .10 4 oz. bottle. 

Essence of Lemon, per oz. ,.. ,, , 

2 oz. bottle .10 6 oz. bottle .25 16 oz.. 
Essence of Oiuu 6 t, pel oz.____ 

2 oz. bottle 10 4-oz. bottle 

Essence of Ratatia, per oz.__. 

2oz.hottle .10 4 oz. bottle. 

Essence of Nutmeg, per oz. ___ 

2 oz. bottle _ 

Essence of Pineapple, artificial, 1 oz. bottle 

3 oz. bottle , 

Essence of Raspberry (artificial), 1 oz. tx 

. 1O 8 oz. bottle. 25 

Essence of Strawberry (artificial), 1 oz. bottle 

_ 1O 8oz. bottle 25 

Essence ol Vanillin (artificial vanilla) 1% oz. 
bottle .OS 3 oz. bottle .10 1 Ib. bottle .50 

Essence orVanilla, ordinary 1 oz bottle .05 

2 oz. bottle .1Q 4 oz. bottle .20 16 oz. .75 
Essence of Vaiiifla, made from tine Bourbon van 
illa beans, per oz. .07% per Ib. bottle 1.10 
Essence of Yanilla, finest, per oz. ,15 Ib 2.00 
Essence of Mixed Spice, for puddings, cakes, etc. 
This essence will be found of exceptional value 
especially when you wautyour cake or pudding 
to be colored pink, or some very light color, 

per oz. bottle 10 3 oz. bottle .25 

-- 1 Pickli 

ence of Mixed : 

.ling Spice, oz. bottle 

bottle ,1Q 

3oz. bottle .... I. .26 

Essence of Fruit Coloring, from deep carmine to 

light pink color, 2 oz. bottle .10 Ib. bott. .75 

Essence of Celery, per oz. ip 8 oz. bottle .25 

Essenceof Allspice, peroz. 05 2 oz. bottle .10 

Ensence of Wintergreen, per oz. .05 2oz. .10 


Extract Belladonna (poison), per oz .40 

Extract Cascara Sagrada, per oz _ 2C 

Extract Dandelion, peroz, .07 Per Ib 1.0C 

Extract Dandelion, powdered, per oz .1 J 

Extract Gentian, per oz _ 

Extract Nux Vomlca (poison), per o._ 

Extract Sarsaparilla, (Jamaica), per oz _ 

Extract Red Clover, Needham s, Ib. tin 3.C 

Formalin or Formaldehyde, disinfectant, deodor 
izer, antiseptic, etc., per oz _. - .05 

H-lb. bot.... .25 Mb. bot 5Q 2-lb. .0 

Fufier s Earth, lump or powder, per Ib .10 

Flake White, per Ib 20 

Flax Seed, cleaned, perlb .OS 

Fluid Magnesia, per bottle 12>i 

Flutter, assorted colors, peroz_.___ O5 


We carry a full stock. The following are the 
more generally wanted : 

Fluid Extract of Black Haw, per oz .10 

Fluid Extract of Blue Cohosh, per oz 07% 

Fluid Extract of Black Cohosh, per oz JO 

Fluid Extract of Blackberry Root, per oz. _.<* 

Fluid Extract of Buchu. per oz 

Fluid Extract of Cascara Sagrada (. . 

Fluid Extract of Cocoa Leaves, per oz _ .11 

Fluid Extract of Cinchona Calisaya, per oz. .1 ( 

Fluid Extract of Culver s Root, per oz .10 

Fluid Extract of Cascara, Aromatic, oz 07^ 

Fluid Extract of Cascara. Aromatic, Steam s Kus- 

agra. peroz .10 

Fluid Extract of Celery, per oz. ._ IS 

Fluid Extract of Dandelion Root, per oz... .07 % 

Fluid Extract of Damiana, peroz 15 

Fluid Extract of Gentian, per oz .07} 

Fluid Extract of Golden Seal, per oz % 

Fluid Extruct of Horehound, per oz. Ol 

Fluid Extract of Kava Kava, oz .15 Ib. 2.( 

Fluid Extract of Ladyslipper, per oz, .12 

Fluid Kxtract of Life Root, per oz ,O i 

Fluid Extract of Licorice, oz .0! 

Fluid Kxtract of Liverwort, per o^ ,1( 

Fluid Extract of Mandrake, per oz ,Q7/ 

Fluid Extract of Pulsatilla, per oz .11 

Fluid Extract of Red Peruvian Bark, per oz. ,1( 

Fluid Extract of Rhub.irb, per oz .11 

Fluid Extract of Sarsgparilla. peroz __ ,1< 

Fluid Extract of Snrsaparilla, compound, oz. ,1(_ 

Fluid Extract of Senna, peroz 10 

Fluid Extract of Valerian, per oz . 07% 

Fluid Extract of Wahoo. per oz. 10 

Fluid Extract of Wild Cherry Bark, per oz_ OS 

Fluid Extract of Wintergreen, per oz .07% 

Fluid Extract of Yellow Dock, per oi.._. .10 


Glycerine, pure by weight, p er Ib. bottle .30 

Glycerine, 8-oz. bottle .10 

Glycerine, Price s. Ib. bottle _ .65 

8-oz. bottle ,3B 4-oz. bottle .20 

Gelatine, good, Ib .40 peroz _ 04 

Gelatine, fine, per Ib. .60 P 61 oz 05 

Gelatine, gold label, per Ib _._ 80 

Glue, brown, perlb. .___ 12S 

Glue, amber, perlb ., ., .1o 

Glue, finest whi e, per Ib .^o 

Glue, amber, granuiated, per ib 15 

Gold Chloride pure, 16-grain tubes, eac__. .65 
Gold uuioriae and Soda, 15-gr. tubes, each .35 
Glauber Salts. Ib. .OS 31b. ,1Q 1001b2.0O 

Glycerine and Tannic Acid, per oz_. 07% 

Glycerine Boi acic Acid, per oz 05 

Glycerine Borax, per oz .05 


Gum Acacia, best lump or powder, per oz. .07% 

Gum Acacia, good clean, pi r oz .06 Ib 70 

Gum Acacia, fair, 2 oz. .OS Ib .40 

Gum, Assafoetida, lump or powder, per oz_ .05 

Gum, Benzoin, lump, oz .05 powder, oz Q7 

Gum, Dragon s Blood, lump or powder, oz_ .05 
Gum, Guaiacum, lump, Ib., .50 .80 

Gum, Juniper (Sandrach), per Ib _ .SO 

Gum, Myrrh, best, lump or powder, peroz .O 

Gum, Shellac, orange, per Ib . .I 

Gum, Shellac, white, per Ib. ____......_ _ 1 .( 

Gum, Spruce, per oz 

Gum, Tamarac, per oz 

Gum, Thus, perlb .; O 

Gum, Tragacanth, best, per oz .07% 

Gum, Tragacaiith, powder, per oz.. tO 

Hydrozone, per bottle .65 1.10 1.50 

Hydrogen, Peroxide, 1 Ib jars. 10 volume.. .SO 

16 volume .60 and 20 volume .75 

Hydrogen Peroxide, Harvey s No. 1 bottle_ .70 
Hydrogen Peroxide, Harvey s No. 1-X, bot. .60 
Hydrogen Peroxide, Harvey s No. 2, bottle .40 
Hydrogen Peroxide, Harvey s No.S, 2 ozs... .05 
Hydrogen Peroxide, Marchand s, 4-oz. bot. .40 

8-oz. bottle_ _. .65 bottle I.QQ 

Hydrogen Dioxide (Oakland s), "Dioxygen." 

per bottle .25 .SO and 1 ,QO 

Hellebore, fresh powdered, per Ib .15 


NOTE. When less than half a pound is ordered, 
the price is by the ounce. 

We carry a very complete stock of herbs. The 
following are the principal : 

Arnica, Flowers, 2 ozs. 05 per Ib _ 

Aniseed, whole or powdered, 2-ozs. .Q5 Ib.. 

Alapice. whole .15 powdered, perlb 

Buchu Leaves, 3-oz, .10 per Ib 

Bugleweed, 2-ozs . 

Balmony, 2-ozs 

Burdock Root, 2-ozs, .05 per Ib 

Bayberry, 2-ozs 

Buckthorn Bark, 2-ozs _ 

Beth Roots, 3-oz 

Barberrf, 2-ozs , 

Bitter Root, 3-ozs 

Bittersweet Bark, 2-ozs 

Black Cohosh, 2-ozs, .05 per Ib.. 

Butternut Bark, 2-ozs, .05 per Ib _. 3C 

Boneset, 2-ozs .05 per ib. 

Blue Flag, 2-ozs, O5 per Ib 

Buckbean Leaves, 2-ozs 

Blue Cohosh, 2-ozs ,Q5 per Ib 

Bloodroot, powdered, per Ib 

Blue Cohosh, 2-ozs, .05 perlb _ 

Bay Leaves, per Ib _ 

Celery Seed, per Ib _ 

Cinchona Bark, pale, Ib ,4Q powdered, Ib 

Cinchona Bark, yellow, per Ib ._ 1 

Cinchona Bark, calisnya, .50 powdered.. 
Cinchona Bark, red, Ib .50 powdered, Ib 

Calumbo Root, 2-ozs _ 

Chamomile Flowers, 2-ozs, .05 per Ib 

Comfrey Root, 2-ozs .. .OS per Ib. 

Catnip 2-ozs .05 per lb_ 

COCOH, Leaves, per oz_ _ 

Cubeb Berries, powdered, per lb_. 

Cubeb Berries, 3-ozs, .10 per Ib 

Coriander Seed, perlb 

Coriander Seed, powdered, per Ib 

Colocynth (bitter apple), per oz 

Cascara Sugrada Bark, per Ib 

Cassia Bnrk, per Ib .25 powdered Ib. 

Cascarilli Bark, per > K _ 

Cinnamon Bark or po rfder, oz, .05 Ib 

Cloves, whole, Penang, perlb 

Cloves, whole, per Ib ___..___ 

Cloves, powdered, per Ifa _. 

Carraway Seed, per Ib . 

Capsicum, per Ib, .25 powdered, per Ib 

Catechu Gum, perlb _ _ 

Curry Powder, per Ib . , _., 

Finest Curry Powder per Ib 1 

Dandelion, 2-ozs OS per Ib ..,.. 

Elder Flowers, 2 oz _ 

Elecampane. 2 ozs, OS per lb._ 
Flax Seed, per Ib. .< 


OS per 
* 5 6 IDS 

Flax Seed, ground, per Ib, .05 5 Ibg. ____ 

Fennel, 3-ozs, .Q5 per Ib ....... 

Fenugreek, perlb .10 powdered.. 
Golden eal, powdered, peroz, .20 perlb 2 
Gold Thread, per oz ................... 

Gall Nuts, powdered, 2 ozs., 05 pe b. 
Gentian, whole or ground, 4-ozs .06 Ib _ 
Gentian, powdered, 3-ozs, .05 per Ib ____ 

Ginger, Jamaica, bleached. 2-ozs, 05 Ib. 
Ginger, Jamaica, powdered, 2-ozs, OS H> 

, , , -, 

Gln?ei, African, powdered, 3-ozs, .0 
Guaiacum Chips, per Ib. 
Hops, per lb,. 



Hops English, per Ib _ 

Horehound, 2-ozs, .05 per Ib..... 
Hellebore, fresh, powdered, per Ib 

Indian Turnip. 2 ozs 

Ipecac, powdered, per oz.. 

Juniper Berries, per Ib 

Jalap, powdered, peroz 

Licorice Root, stick, per lb_ 

Licorice Root, cut, Russian, per~ib ..... J 

Licorice Root, powdered, Russian, per Ib... 
Linseed Meal, per Ib. 05 5 Ibs. for 

Lobelia Herb, 2-ozs, .05 

Mace, powdered or wnole, per oz 

Mandrake Root, 2-ozs, .05 per l 

Manna, best flake, per oz __ 

Mullein Leaves, 2-ozs_ 

Mustard Seed, per Ib 

Nux Vomica (poison), Ib. 30 powder, Ib 

Nutmegs, per oz. 05 per Ib 

Nutmegs, powdered, per oz .0 1 

Orris Root, Flon. mine, 2-oz, .05 per lb~.._ . 
OnisRoot, Florentine, powder,2.oz. OSlb . 

Pennyroyal, 2 oza, .06 perlb. 

Peppermint Leaves, 2-ozs . 1 1 

Pipsissewa (Princess Pine), 2-ozs, .05 Ib. 

Poplar Bark, 2 oz J. 

Pulsatilla, 2-ozs 

Prickly Ash Bark, 2-ozs 

Prickly Ash Berries, 2-nzs 

Poppy Heads, 8 for 

Quassia Chips, per Ib 

Queen of the Meadow, 2-oza ._ 

Rhubarb, best Turkey, per oz 

Rhubarb, bust Turkey, powdered, peroz 

Rhubarb, b< st E. I., per oz _. 

Rhubarb, best E. I., powdered, peroz _ 

Rosemary Leaves, 2-ozs, .05 per lb._ 

Rue, 2-ozs 

Senna Leaves, best, 3-o/s, ,O5 per Ib. 

Senna Leaves, finest Alexandria, peroz 

Senna Leave*, powdered, 8-oza.._ 

Sassafras Bark, per Ib __ 

Slippery Elm Bark, per Ib jj" 

Slippery Elm, ground, per lb.._ .< 

Slippery Elm Bark, powdered, per Ib .{ 

Sage Leaves, 2 oz _ .( 

Summer Savory, 2oz 

Saffron, American, per oz 

Snffron, finest Spanish, per nr. 

Skullcap, 2-ozs 

Skunk Cabbage, 2-ozs _____ 

Spikenard Root, 2 ozs j 

Stramonium Leaves, 2-ozs, .OS per Ib .; 

Seed, Coriander, Ib, .15 powder, per lb_ .;, 

Seed, Fennel, Ib, .20 powder per Ib - 

Seed, Cardamon. per oz ,J% powder, oz_... 
Seed, Lobelia, powdered, per oz, .05 b... 
Sarsaparilla, Jamaica, pt r oz, .05 perlb. 
Sarsaparilla, American, 2-ozs, .05 perlb. 

Sweet Flag, bleached, per lh _. 

Soap Bark, ground, 3-ozs, .05 per Ib 

Turmeric, pt-rlb. .15 4oza for, 

Tamarinds, per Ib 

Thyme, 2-ozs _ _ 

Tonca Beans, per oz.. 

Virginia Snake Root, per oz. 



Wild Cherry Bark, 2-ozs, .05 per"lb_.~ "J 

Wintergreen Leaves, 2-ozs .( 

Wormwood, 2-ozs. ( i 

Yellow Dock, 2-ozs, .05 perlb .JJ 

Insect Powder, best Dalmatian, per Ib 

lodoform, l.oz bottles 

Iodine resublimed. per oz 

Irish Moss, per Ib ... 

Isinglass Brazil, oz... .30 Russian, 

Iron Hypophosphite, per oz 

Iron, Precipitated Carbonate, per I 

Iron, Saccharated Carbonate, per lb__.__ 
Iron Citrate and Quinine, Howards, per oz. 
Iron Sulphate, common, per lb_____._,_ , 

Iron Sulphate, pure, per Ib . __.____. 

Iron Citrate and Ammonia, per oz......_. 

Ingluvin Powder or Tablets, bt._..__........ 


r- :\ 




Juniper Berries per Ib 

Jewellers Rouge, Ib. .601.OO or .05 -07M 



lap Powder, per OZ --------- 

lap, powder compound, per 02. ___________ 

1 1 ear 

joliu Powder, best, Ib .30 native per Ib 
iva Kava Herb, per Ib -------------- 

3la Xuts or Powder, per Ib __ 

corice Juice, Solaizi, per oz .OS per Ib. 

corice Juice, line, per Ib 
gwood Chips, 3 IDS. 



igwood Extract, M-lb 05 Vv 

gwood Extract, 1-lb .11 

.ctsted Pepsin, tablets or pjwder, per oz_ ,5( 

>me Hypopnosphite, peroz _. ,1< 

Bterine, Lambert s, per bottle- .25 .50 1.0C 

uterine, Lambert s, peroz .07% 

,thia. Citrate per oz 

tharge Powder, per Ib _ 

tmtis Books, blue or red, each... 

ivender Flowers, per Ib _ v 

incline, per oz. .05 or per Ib ,7( 

incline, linest, per oz. .07% or per Ib... 1 .0( 
topeptine Powder or Tablets, per oz .7! 
uae Juice, per bottle . _ .15 .26 


nlment Aconite (poison), peroz _ .1 


niment, Belladonna (poison), per oz 

.niment, Camphor Compound, per oz_ 

.niment, Iodine (poison), peroz. 

niment Soap, per oz. 

aliment Soap, methylated, 2 ozs 

iquid Ammonia (strongest), per Ib . .2 

.qnid Ammonia, Household , perlb 1 (j 

iquid Antiseptic, Lewis , bottle .15 .25 .50 

wenges, Ammonia, Chloride aud Licorice 

per oz _ ._ .05 

ozenges, Bismuth, per oz .07% 

wenges, Bismuth and Charcoal, per oz.,... .1 

ozenges, Black Currant, per oz .05 

jzenges, Bronchial, per oz ._._. .1 O 

ozenges, Charcoal, 10 or 20 gr, per oz .05 

Dzenges, Carbolic, per oz _ 05 

Dzenges, Cayenne, peroz 05 

ozenges, Cough, per oz............ _. .05 

ozenges, Digestive, per oz _ . 05 

ozeiigea. Ginger, strong, per oz 07% 

ozenges, Guaiacum, peroz .07% 

ozenges, Guaiacum and Black Currant, oz. .05 

uozenges. Linseed, Licorice and Chlorodyne 

per2oz 05 perlb._ .... .40 

ozenees, Pepsin and Bismuth, per oz .1 5 

ozenges, Pepsin and Charcoal, per oz .07% 

ozenges, Pepsin, Charcoal and Bismuth, oz .12% 
ozenges. Pepsin, Bismuth and Ginger, oz .12% 

ozenges, Pepsin, Charcoal, Magnesia and 

Ginger, per oz _ 1 

ozeiifies, Santonine, 1, 2 or 3-gr, per oz 1 O 

. ozenges, Sulphur Compound, oz 07% Ib .90 
ozenges, Sulphur and Cream ol Tartar, oz .07% 

per Ib _ .90 

/Kenges, Red Gum, per oz. _ 1 Q 

xizenges, Rhubarb, Soda and Ginger, oz .. .07 j 

ozenges, Voice and Throat, per oz OS 

.ozenges, Worm, per oz 05 .1 


lagnesla, citrate, perlb .35 

IMlagnesia, citrate, Bishop s, per Ib 

j lagnesia, calcined, peroz 

| lagnesia, carbonate, 1-oz blocks, per Ib 

2 ozs for - 

lercury, per oz.. .07 per Ib, by weight. 

ienthol, crystal, per oz _. 

lusk, finest Clinton, per grain 1 ! 

| loth Camphor, napthiiline bulls, perlb Of 

| lethvlated Spirits, pint ,3C 

la l<!er Compound, perlb 2C 

: iol C ipsules 8C 

j lorrlmol and Creaote Capsules _ 9C 

(Mosquito and Black Fly Oil, per boltle 2 

laltopepsyn, per oz 5C 

lammary Gland Powder, peroz 7* 

<,Iamrnnry Gland Tablets, peroz - .5C 

iJecanro bottle _ 1.0C 

lentliol Camphor, per oz _ ,2C 

Jtix Vomica, per Ib. .30 powdered, per Ib 

Japthaline, pure, per o z _ 

Jail Powder, for polishing finger nails, oz_ . ou 

> apthnline Balls, per Ib .05 

Juts, Areea .35 Ib. or Powder, per lb._ .40 
Nutmegs, per oz. ..._..... .07% 

ed, per Ib .3 
_ .1 

IMUa. .powdered, poison, peroz ,5C 

nent, Peruvian, bottle.. .15 tube .1C 

.i nt, Citrine, per oz.. .05 dilute, oz. ,Q 

Jintment, Belladonna, per 02 

I )intment, Tar. per oz. 05 perlb. 

I Mntment. WMte Precipitate, per oz 

Ointment, Red Precipitate, per oi 

Ointment, File, bottle 

Ointment, Galls and Opium, per oz 

Ointment, Carbolic, per oz_ .05 P 6 * 1 Ib- 
Ointment, Sulphur, per oz_ .05 perlb... 
Ointment, Mercurial, Blue, strong, per oz_ 
Ointment, Mercurial, Blue, dilute, per oz_. 
Ointment, Spermaceti, per oz .05 Pr Ib. 

Ointment, Zinc, peroz 05 perlb 

Ointment, Zinc, in Screw-top bottle _ .1 C 

Ointment, Iodine, peroz _ .07* 

Ointment, Rose Water, per oz .05 per Ib 
Ointment, Acid, Boracic, peroz_ .05 1 

Ointment, Itch _ 15 .25 

Ointment, Boracic Acid, oz. .05 bottle. 
Ointment, Iodine, stainless, 6 per cent, oz._ 

Ointment, Lice ..- 

(Containers extra.) 

Oil, Aniseed, per oz - 2 

Oil, Almond, sweet, per oz.. .05 perlb... .7 

Oil, Almond, bitter, peroz _ -. 

Oil, Amber, per oz_ 

Oil, Bay, per oz . 

Oil Bergamot per oz. ... 

Oil, Cassia, per oz . 1 5 

Oil, Carbolic, 1 in 20, 1 in 40, 1 in 50, per oz.. .05 

Oil of Carraway, per oz - 25 

Oil, Cedar Leaf, peroz (Poison) .10 per Ib1.20 

Oil, Cedar Wood, per oz .07% per Ib 80 

Oil, Croton, (Poison) per oz._ 1 5 

Oil, Citronella, per oz .10 

Oil, Cloves, per oz _ .15 

Oil, Cinnamon, true, per ot, 1.75 

Oil, Cocoanut, 2ozs .05 per Ib .25 

Oil, Cocoanut, perfumed, per bottle 1 

per Ib - .50 

Oil, Camphorated, per oz .05 

Oil, Cod Liver, finest Norwegian, pint but.. .55 

per gallon 3.5O 16-oz bottle 45 

Oil, Cod Liver, finest Norwegian, 8-oz bottle .25 

Oil, Castor, per pint bottle. 20 

Oil, Castor, Italian, per pint bottle 3 

Oil, Castor, tasteless, per pint - 5 

Oil, Eucalyptus, per oz. .10 Per pint 1.5 

Oil, Juniper Berries, peroz __ .2 

Oil, Lemon, per oz .1 

Oil, Lavender, common, IKTOZ. 1 

Oil, Lavender, fine _ 2 

Oil, Lavender, best, per oz _ 3 

Oil, Linseed, raw, per gal 

Oil, Linseed, boiled, per gal 

Oil, Mustard, peroz 

Oil, Neatsfoot, per pint 

Oil, Orange, sweet, per oz 

Oil, Olive, best, per oz 05 per pint_.. 

Oil, Olive, good, per pint _ - 

Oil, Olive, union salad, 2 oz .05 perplnt 

Oil, Origanum, per oz 

Oil, Peppermint, American, per oz 

Oil, Rose, otto, drop .02% peroz... 8.50 

Oil, Rosemary, peroz_ _ |_O 

Oil, Rhodium, per oz 50 1 .00 1 

Oil, Rangoon, per oz 

Oil, Sassafras, per oz 

Oil, Spike, per oz 

Oil, Sandalwoo<l (Pears!, peroz .50 1* 6 
Oil, Sperm, 3 oz. bottle .1 per pint bottle 

Oil, Sewing Machine, per pint 

Oil, Turpentine, pure, per oz - 

Oil, Turpentine, common, per pint .15 gal 1 .1 

Oil, Tar, per pint _. 

Oil, Verbena, pure, per oz ~ 1 . 

Oil of Wintergreen Leaf, per oz.._ _. 

Oil. Wintergreen, natural, peroz_ 

Oil, Wormwood, per oz _ 

We carry a very complete stock of oils other 
thau those mentioned above. 


We carry the very highest grade of Veri 

Olive Oil, both French and Italian, and for 

medicinal purposes, these are known to be ] 

the best. 

Ferrari Itslian Oil Excelsior Brand, to ori 
ginal bottles, small... .25 medium_ .35 
large . - .70 

Ferrari Italian Oil, Excelsior Brand, bulk. 
per pint bottle... .60 per 8 oz bottle... .25 
per gallon tins 3.25 

Bertrand Frere French Oil, original bottles, 
3O .45 .8C 

Bertrand Frere French Oil, pintbottles ,6 

8 oz bottles .30 4oz.._ _ .1? 

wiue gallon tins 4.0C 

Cheris Olive Oil, French, Igal. tins 4.0C 

pint bottles.. .65 8 oz. bt. .30 4 oz. bt. i j 
We carry several other French and Italia] 

Oils, the above are the finest. 

Pepsin, FaifChild s, powder, per oe. _ 1 .25 

Pepsin, Armour s Scale, or Powder, ptr oz. .90 

Pepsin, Boudault s, per oz. _ - 1.2 

Pepsin, Lactated, per oz.- .5 

Pepsin Tablets, per oz _ _.. 

Pepsin Tablets, sugar coated. ......... 

Phenacetine, Bayer s, per oz. ._ 

Pipe Clay in blocks of about % lb___ 

Prussian Blue, per Ib 

Pumice Stune, lump per Ib .._ 

Pumice Stone, powdered, per Ib 

Pumice Stone, cut for toilet, per piece 

.02% .05 .07% .10 

Pyrozone, 3 per cent., McK & R. bottle. 

Plaster of Paris, 2 Ibs 

Paris Green, % Ib. .15 lib 

10 Ibs, .22 25 Ibs. 

Paregoric, 2 oz. bottle 

Paregoric and Squills. 3 oz. bottle. _ 

Pile OJntment, bt._ .... 

Pile Ointment Pipe 


Grey Powder, per oz 

Compound Jalap, per oz 

Compound Licorice, per Ib 

Compound Rhubarb, per oz 

Aloes and Cunellit iliiera Picra), 3 i 

Seidlitz Powders, 2 boxes 

Seidlitz Powders, 8 in envelope 

Phenacetine Powders, 6 grs., per doz ... 

Phenacetine Powders 7 grs., per doz_ 

Pheuacetine Powders, 10 grs., per doz.. - 


Black Cough, per oz. .05 per Ib 

Linsee.t, Licorice and Chlorodyne, per lb_ 
Eucalyptus and Menthol, oz. .OS perlb. 

Eucalyptus, per oz. .05 perlb. 

Menthol, per oz 05 per Ib 

Black Currant, per oz... .05 per Ib 

Glycerine, per oz ,O5 Per Ib 

Cayenne, per oz._ 05 perlb 

Belladonna on moleskin, 18 in. wide, per yo 1.00 
Belladonna Plaster on Calico, 17 in. wide, 

1 yard rolls ..............--..- .75 

Belladonna Plaster, porous or plain, 7 in. 

wide, per yard 1.00 

Sticking Plaster, on Calico, 18 in. wide .1 5 

Sticking Plaster, on glazed calico, 18 in. 

wide, per yd..._ - .20 

Sticking Piaster, finest calico, 18 in. wide, 

per yard .30 

Rubber Adhesive Poster, %-in. wide, 10-yd. 

rolls, per roll .50 wn. .75 1%-in. .90 
Roll Rubber Adhesive Plaster, 6-in. wide, 1 

yd rolls 5Q 12-in, per yd .80 

Menthol Plaster, 6 in. wide, per yd 75 

Isinglass Plaster, 1 yd rolls 1.00 

Zinc Oxide Plasters, 1-ln. wide, 5 yds. 50 

2-in. wide, 5 yds .75 7 in. wide, 5 yds 3.00 

12 in. wide, 5yds 5.00 

Rubber Adhesive Plaster on five ymd spool-, Jj 

Inch wide .35 1 inch wide .45 2 inch .60 
Many other plasters kept in stock as well. 

Potash, Bicarbonate, 2 ozs 05 per Ib .26 

Potash Bitartrate (cream of tartar), per Ib.. 

Potash Bromide, peroz 

Potash, Carbonate, 2 ozs_ ,05 P*r Ib 

Fotash, Chlorate, 2 ozs.._ .05 per Ib _,. 

Potash Chlorate, pure, peril- 

Potash Chlorate, powdered, 2 ozs .05 D 
Potash Permanganate, per oz. .05 per Ib. 

Potash, Nitral-, (Saltpetre) perlb 

Potash, Iodide, peroz ._ 

Potash, Caustic, 1-oz bottle, each .1 l_ 

Potash, caustic lumps, pure, 1-lb bottle ,6C 

Potash, Hypophosphite, per oz 1 5 

Potash, Prussiate (yellow), 2 oz .0 

Potash, Prassinte, (red), per O _ 

Potash. Sulphate, 2 OZB .0 

Potash, Sulphurette, ( Liver oY 
per lb_. 

i Ib... 


ufphnr), oz 

Sugar coated marked by s.c., and g.c., for gela 
tine coated. Prices quoted are for 100 pills. We 
cannot sell smaller quantities at same price, 40 
pills would be half the price of 100. 

Besides the following we carry mflny other dif 
ferent as well as different maker s pills. 

Aloes Pills, 2, 3, or 4 grs., p, c., per 100_ .35 

Aloes and Assafoetid i, g.c., 100 - .40 

Aloes and Iron Pills, 5 grs, per 100_ _ .55 

Aloes, ^ux Vomica and Belladonna, per 100 .50 

Aloes and Myrrh, 3% grs, per 100. 35 

Aloes and Myrrh, 5 grs, per 100 .50 

Aloln, 1(10. %, *.? or 1 gr. per 100 .60 

Aloin, Strychnine, Belladonna and Ipecac. 

per 100 .50 

Aloin, Strychnine, Belladonna and CMcara, 

per 100 50 







Aloin, Strychnine and Belladonna, per 100 
\perient Pills, per 100. 
Vssafcetida, 3 or 4 grs, per 100 .. 

Assafoetida. 5 grs. oer 100 ^1 

Assafoetida aud Iron, per 100 

Blaud s Pills, pink, sugar coated, 3 or 5 grs, 

plain or improved, per JOO. 
Blaud s Pills, g c., 3 or 5 grs, plain or ini-" 

proved, per 100 

Blue Pills, 1, 2. 3, 4 or 5 grs, per 100 ..... 
Calcium Sulphide, 1/20, 1/10,34 1/5, VA.. % 1 

2 or 3 grs, per 100 

Calomel Pills, %, ^, i, 2, 3, 5 grs, "per l6o"~ 
Cascara Sagrada Extract. 1 gr. per IOO 

2grs, per 100... ,5Q 3 grs per 100 ! .". 

Cascuraand Nux Vomica, per 100 

Cascara, Nux Vomica and Belladonna, 100.. 
Cathartic Compound, improved, per 100 ...^ 

Cathartic Compound, active, per 100 I 

Cathartic Compound, granules, per 100 

Chapman s Dinner Pills, per 100 

Colorynth Compound, 5 grs, per 100 

Damiana Extract, 3 grs. per 100 " 

Evacuant Pills, per 100 _ "."." 

Iron aud Quinine Citrate, 2 grs per liio 

3 grs, per 100 .55 6 grs, per 10o!.V" 

Iron, Quinine and Strychnine, per 100. _ 

Liver Pills, improved vegetable per 100 

Migrain Pills, per 100 _ .""" 

Morphia Pills, on physician s prescription 

Kgr, pcrioo!.... 1 : * ~ _ K 

Phenacetine, 2 gr... .75 5 grs, per 100...." 
Phenacetineand Quinine Compound per 1001 6 

Phosphorous Compound Pills, per 100 

Phosphorous and Iron Pills, per 100 o 

Phosphorus, Nux Vomicaand Damiana, 100 10 
Phosphorus, Nux Vomioa and Iron, per 100 
Phosphorus, Zinc and Valerian, per 100 
Podophyllin, %, %, Hand 1 gr. per 100._T 

Podophyllin Cure pound, per 100 _. 

Rhubarb Compound, pel ]00._ _"_".".."" 

Strychnine Pills, (on physician s prescript 

tion only). lilOO, 1160. 1/50, 1(40, 1132, 1/30, 

1/20 1/16, per 100 

Strychnine Sulphate Pills (on physician s 

prescription only), 1/200 1/100, 1/60, 1/50, 

1/10, 1/30, 1/20. per 100 1 

Three Vulerianates, quinine, iron, and zinc. 

per 100 


Quinine Sulphate (bulk) peroz 45 

Quinine Sulphate, 1-oz bottle, peroz 50 

Quinine HypophosphiU peroz_ ll50 

Quinine Capsules and Pills. 24 1-gr. 20 2-gr. 

16 3-gr., 12 4-gr., or 9 5-gr.. in a box 1 Q 

Per 100 of either pill? or capsules. I gr _ 40 

2gr .50 3gr .65 4gr 85 6 g r.. tVlO 
All other quinine salts kept on hand. 

Resorcin, per oz 

Resin, yellow, ordinary, per lb.... 


Rotten Stone, per lb 

Rose Pink, per lb 

Rose Leaves, per lb 

Red Precipitate, per oz 

Rochelle Salts, 2-oz. pkt. OS 

8oz. pkt. .20 lib. pkt 

Saccharine. 650 times sweeter than sugar, oz. .50 
Saecharine Tablets, per lOOVigrain .35 

Kgruin _ 40 1 grain .50 

Sugar of Milk, powdered or crystal, per lb_ .35 

Salol, peroz .15 

Sulphonal (Bayers ) per oz ,60 

Santnnine (poison), peroz 75 

Strychnine we do not sell except on physician s 
order, then price is 

strychnine, per oz _ 1.50 

-tryohnine Sulphate, per oz 1. 

Sal Prunella Balls. 2 ozs 

Spermaceti (Cetaceum) per oz _ 

Sanmetto, bottle _ 1. 

Salts of Lemon bottle 

Soap, soft, English, per lb .^- 

Stamping Powder Blue, for fancy work to use wit! 

hot iron, 2 (jz .15 per lb .80 


Flowerof Sulphur, per I b Q5 5 Ibs. 20 

Roll Sulphur (brimstone), lb.. .05 5 Ibs... 2O 

Milk of Sulphur, (Lac.) per lb 20 

Precipitated, per ib .20 


Nitrate of Silver Crystals, per oz .80 

Nitrate of Silver Points, mounted _. .1 


Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia, SaJ Volatile, 
per oz 05 

Spirits of Camphor, per oz.. .05 perlb... 
Spirits of Juniper, peroz... .05 Per lb... 
Spirits of Sweet Nitre, Howard s, oz.,Q6 lb. 
Spirits of Sweet Nitre, ordinary, oz .05 lb. 


Bicarbonate of Soda,3 Ibs 

Bromide Soda, per oz. , 

Howard a Bicarbonate of Soda, per lb 

Hyposulphite of Soda, per lb 

Sulphate of Soda, Glauber Salts, 3 Ibs 

Sulphate of Soda, Howard s per lb 

Sulphite of Soda, per lb. 

Hypophosphite of Soda, peroz 

Soda, Nitrate, pure, per lb 

Phosphate Soda, granular ........... 

Phosphate Soda. Howards, per lb 

Caustic Soda, common, in 5 lb tins, per tin.. 
8 ilicylate of Soda, per oz .07% per lb... 1 

Caustic Soda. 1 oz bottle 

Phosphate Soda, Effervescent, per lb 

Nitrate Soda. Commercial, perlb 

Carbonate Soda, crystal, per lb 

Carbonate Soda, dried, per lb 



(Containers extra. ) 

Svrup Hypophosphites Compound, 1 lb 50 

Syrup Senna, 3 ozs . 1 

Syrup Rhubarb, 3 oz . .10 

Syrup Iodide of Iron, per oz 05 

Syrup Squills, 2 oz .05 

Syrup Wild Cherry, 2 ozs _ .05 

Syrup, Easton s, per oz._ .05 perlb 70 

Syrup Tqlu. 3 ozs. .1 

Syrup, Ginger, 3 ozs .1 O 

Syrup of Lactophosphate of Lime, per oz 05 

Syrup Codei ia Phos,, per oz .10 Per lb... 1.20 
Syrup Eucalyptus. White Pine and Wild Cherry 

Compound, perlb _ 50 

Syrup phosphate of Iron, Lime, Potash and Soda, 

( Parishes Chemical Food) per lb _ 50 

Syrup of Ipecac, per oz 05 

Syrup of White Pine and Tar, per lb 50 

Syrup of Buckthorn, pel oz. . .05 



Terebene, peroz. 

Thymol, per oz 

Trional, per oz... 

Thyroid Powder. 

Thyroid Tablets 65 

Theraplon, Nos. 1, 2 aud 3, per bottle 1 .00 

Tamarinds, per lb ,2O 

Tutty Powder, per lb .20 

Tartaric Acid. 1% oz. for .05 3%-oz. .10. 

8-oz. .25 perlb .45 


Aloin. Bellodonnaand NtK Vomica, per 100 .30 
Aloiu, Belladonna and Podopbylium, 100... .30 
Aloin Belladonna, Strychnine and Cascara, 

per 100" _.. 30 

Aloiu, Belladonna, Strychnine and Ipecac, 

ter 100 .30 

Aloin Compound, per 100 .30 

Calomel grs 1/50. 1/20, 1/10, y s , %, %, 1, 2, 3 

and 5. per 100 _ .80 

Calomel and Sodium Bicarbonate, per 100.. .30 
Calomel and Sodium Bicarbonate Com 
pound per 100 .._ . .30 

Podophylln, grs, 1/16, 1/10, %, %, and, % 

per loo .30 

Saccharine, ji gr, per 100._ .35 

Saecharine, % gr. per 100. _ .40 

Saccharine, 1 gr. per 100 _ .50 

Suntonine, 54 gr, per 100 .30 lif, per 100 .40 

Santnnine and Calomel, per 100 _ 50 

Sodium Salicylate, 5 grs. pel 100 40 

Cascara Extract, 1 gr , per 100 25 

" " 3gr. p-r 10o7.~~ !T.!.. !40 

tl 4 gr., per 100 __. .50 

" B er . per 160 _ _ 60 

Besides the aboreenu nerated Tablet Tri 
turates we carry a full line. 

Forty tablets at half the price of 100. 


We stock the following Tabloids made by Bur 
roughs Welcome & <V., England. 
An sugar coated 

Tabloid, Aloin Compound, 25 in bottle .20 

100 in bottle 40 

Tabloids, A mmonia Chloride, 5 grs, 25 in bt. .1 r 

100 in bottle .3 

Tabloids, Antipyrin, 5 grs 25 in bottle___ .2 

100 in bottle 

Tabloids, Benzole Acid Compound, 26inbt. 

100 in bottle I OL 

Tabloids, Bismuth and Soda, 100 in bottle 35 

Tabloids, Blaud Pill, 4 grs, 100 in bottle. 3O 

Tabloids, Blaud PiJJ, 8 grs, 100 in boftle 
Tabloids, Blaud s Pill and Ar.senic, 4 grs, 100 ,. 
Tabloids, Blaud s Pill and Cascara luOiubt 
Tabloids, Blaud s Pill Compound. 100 in lit. 
Tabloids, Blaud s Pill with Arsenic and Stry 

nine, 100 in bottle 

Tabloids, Bromides Compound, 100 in bottle < 
Tabloids, Calcium Sulphide, % gr. or % gr., 10 

bottle... 25 1 gr. 100 in bottlel 

Tabloids, Calomel. 100 in bt., l-10,V.Ji,V 2 gr . 
Tabloids, Calomel, 100 in bottle, i 01 2 grs 

Tabloids, Calomel, 100 in bottle, 3 grs 

Tabloids, Calomel, 100 in bottle, 6 gra_ 
Tabloids, Calomel % gr. and Soda 2% gr. 100 ; 
Tabloids, Calomel 1 gr, Soda Bicarbonate 5 V 

100 in bottle 

Tabloids, Cascara Sagrada (Dry Ext, 1 gr YlOO 

bottle ; 

Tabloids, Cascara Sagrada (Dry Exf."2 grs. ) IOC 


Tabloids, Cascara Sagrada (Dry Ext. 3 grs. j IOC 

bottle _. _ ^ 

Tabloids, Cascara Sagrada (Dry Ext Tgrs.) IOC 

bottle._ _ i 

Tabloids, Cascara Sagrada (Dry Ext. 5 grs.) IOC 

bottle _ i 

Tabloids, Cascara Sagrada Compound," iool ^M 
Tabloids, Cathartic Compound, looin bottle- ; 
Tabloids, Coffee Mint, 25 in bottle .20 100 ; I 
Tabloids, Dover s Powder, 5 grs. 100 in bt.._ [i 
Tabloids, Easton s Syrupu equal y. teaspoonful 

in bottle 20 100 in bottle . <4 

Tabloids. Easton s Syrup, equal to 1 teaspoon! 

25 in bottle... 30 100 in bottle t 

Tabloids, Forced March (Kola <fe Uoca) 25 J;j 
Tabloids. Glyeerophosphates Compound, equal 

% teaspoonful of syrup of Glycerophosphal i 

25 in bottle... .35 ioo in bottle 1 < ) 

Tabloids, Gray Powder, 1 or 2 gr. 100 in bt. , 
Tabloids, Gray Powder and Dover s Powder, ee i 

Igr.. 100 In bottle _.. _ _ .CJ 

Tabloids, Hydrarg Iodide Flav.. % gr , ]00_ ; I 
Tabloids. Hypophosphites Compound equal t< 

teaspoon fu I of Compound Syrup, 26 in bt. 

100 m bottle 

Tabloids, Laxative Vegetable, 25 in bottle 

100 in bottle . 

Tabloids Lithium Citrate, 6 grs..7effervescent 

in bottle !...."....._ 

Tabloids, M. thylene Blue, 2 grs., T66"in"b"E "j , 
Tabloids, Artificial Carlsbad Effervescent, tu i 

Tabloids, Artiflcial Kis.sengen"Eiervescenti tn* 
Tabloida, ArtLflcUl Seltzr Eflervescent, tabefl 

Tabloids, Viehy Effervescent, tubes of J5._ 

Tabloids Artificial Vichy and Lithium Effer v 

cent, tubes of 2s 

Tabloids, Pepsin Bismuth and Charcoal 25 1 

bottle .25 100 in bottle _ c 

Tabloids, Pepsin Bismuth and Strychnine 25 1 

bottle 25 100-n bottle. ... c 

Tabloids, Pilocarpine Nitrate, 1-10 gr. 25 in bolt I 

Tabloids, SlocarpTneN"i t faVe7jjCT!"25Tirbt .& 

Tabloids. Piperazine. 6gr., 25 in bottle 1 f 

Tabloids, Bicarbonate of Potassium. 6 gr, 100 
Tabloids, QuinineBiwilphaie, 100 in bt.,1 ST. * , 
2gr 50 3gr 65 4 gr .(^ 

-^TbWPo 3 gr - 

Tabloids, Rhubar 

Compound, 4 gr., 25 

bottle _ .15 100 in bottle 

Tabloids, Three Valerianates, 100 in tottie 


Tabloids, Thyroi j Gland, 2H grs. 100 in bt. f 
Tabloids, Thyroid Gland. 6 grs, IOO in bottle l 
Tabloids, Trinitrin (Nitroglycerine) 1-100 of a"i 

100 in bottle c 

Tabloids, Trinitrin (Nitroglycerine) 1-60 of a"e 

100 in bottle 

Tabloids, Tea, boxes of 100 tabloids 

200 tabloids. _ "."".... ~ .% 

Besides the above, we carry many lines for t 
medical practitioner, send list of requiremen 
special prices given for quantities. 


Tincrnreof Aloes, per oz... 05 perlb 
Tincture of Arnica, per oz .05 pei lb 
Tincture of Assafoetida, oz 05 perlb 
Tincture of Benzoin Compound, (Friar s 

Balsam), peroz O5 perlb_ _ 

Tincture of Benzoin Simple, per oz. 

Tincture of Blood root, per oz 

Tincture of Buchu, per oz_ 05 per ib" 
Tincture of Columbo, peroz .05 perlb" 
Tincture of Cardamom s Compound, peroz. 
Tincture of Capsicum, (Cayenne), per oz... 
Tincture of Camphor Compound (Paregoric) 

I incture of Catechu, per oz._ 

Tine4ure of Cantharides (poison), peroz 
Tincture of Cimiclfuga, per oz.. m ... 



incture of Cinchona Bark, yellow, per oz. .05 
incture of Cinchona Bark Compound, oz.. .05 

incture of Digitalis (poison), per oz_ 05 

incture of Geutian. per oz... ,05 per ID .50 
incture of Guaiacum, per oz_ .05 per Ib. .75 

incture of Ginger, per oz 05 

incture of Ginger, (strong), per oz .07 ^ 

incture of Guaiacum (amrnooiated) peroz .05 

incture of Hyoseymus (poison), per oz .05 

incture of Iron, 3 oz .1 

Incture of looline, per oz .07>3 

incture of Iodine, (Churchill s), peroz .1 5 

Incture of Lavender Compound, peroz .05 

Incture of Lobelia, per oz _ 05 

incture of Myrrh, per oz 05 

incture of Nux Vomica (poison), per oz... .05 
incture of Opium (Laudanum, poison),oz. 07*2 

incture of Rhubarb Compound, per oz .05 

incture of Senna Compound, per oz .05 

incture of Valerian, peroz .. .05 

incture of Valerian (Ammoniated), per oz .05 

rotroplne, per oz ,.,., 1 .00 

rotropin Tablets, per box .60 

anlllin, Artificial Vanilla, oz 1.00 

anilla Beaus, Bourbon, oz 4O 

enice Turpentine, per oz. .05 

eidigris, per oz _ 1 Q 

Walnut Juice (English), peroz _ 05 

(itch Hazel, Arnica ted Compound .15 .25 .50 

, ine of Ipecac, 2 ozs .15 

/ nes ot Antimony, Aloes, Colchicum, Co 
coa Leaves, iron (bitter), Iron Citrate, 

Pepsine, Quinine or Rhubarb, per oz _ 05 

rtiitiug (Pans white), lb_ .02% 1001b_1.50 

/hite Precipitate, peroz .10 

Jn. see Bees Wttx _ 

Kite Paraflne Wax, per Ib 1 5 

fitch Hazel, destilled, "highest grade," con 
taining fifteen volumes of pure grain alcohol in 
every one hundred volumes that is practically 
15%. 6 oz bottle for .1 a P iu t bottle for .25 
or a hall gallon bottle , _ 1 00 


.niseed Water, 2 ozs .05 

innamon Water, 2 ozs 05 

tologne Water, peroz .10 

illl Water, 2 ozs - _.. .05 

lldertiower Water, ptr oz .05 

lorida Water, per oz_ 05 

*urel Flower Water, 2 ozs 05 

irmnpe Flower Water, 2ozs_ _ 05 

e Water, per oz _ 02 

ar Water pec oz 02 


,inc Oxide, common, per Ib 

inc Oxide, Howard s, per Ib 

inc Oxide, Bubbuck s, per lb_. 6C 

"i ,1 

... .15 
- .60 

.inc Sulphate, common, per ib. 
>,inc Sulphate, pure, per Ib. 



We carry a stock of all the leading patent 
aediclnea Our list comprises but a lew of the 

acre generally asked lor ones. 

mtiseptic Liquid, Lewis 


Lllcock s Corn Plasters, 
illcock s Porous Plasters, each. 

Ljer H Aarsaparilla, bottle 

Iyer s Cherry Pectoral, bottle 

Iyer s Ague Cure, bottle 

lyer s Pills, box.. _ .20 

ignew s Catarrh Cure .45 

Ibbey s Effervescent Salt .20 .40 

Ulenbury s Food, No. 1 .45 .85 

vllenbury s Food, Mo. 2 .45 85 

Ulenbury s Fooil, No. 3 - .30 .60 

| Irmour a Ext.of Beef .25 .45 .85 1 .60 3.00 

Irmour s Fluid Extract of Beef_ 50 1.00 

lrmour 8 Extract ReU bone Marrow _ 1.25 

Ulen s Anti fat.. 1.00 

Vllen 8 Lung Balsam 17 .35 .70 

Ipenta Water .22 .30 

Vpolinftris Water. .12% .25 

llpna HeadRche Wafers ._ .18 

Ui-Wn-Go Herb .20 

\h vYa Go Tablets _ _ .20 

Aromatic Casoara 15 *25 .50 .85 

Antiphiogestine ._...__. 5Q .75.1.^25. 2..5Q 

. . . . 

Ammoniated Arnica Camphor and; Witch Hazel 

for Insect Bites, bottle _ 15 

Antibihous Pills box __ .10 


Bynol Preparations, per bottle 75 

Bynol, plain, per bottle 60 

Betul Oil, bottle _ 1 00 

Boracic Acid Powder,^ lb..Q5 % lb..1Q Ib. .20 

Bug Poison (liquid) "Poison", perbt .25 

Blue Ointment, U)ttle .10 

Burns Ointment, for burns, scalds, broken chil 
blains, etc., bottle. .15 

Belladonna and Capsicum Plasters .15 

Belladonna Flusters .10 .15 

Bunion Plasters, thick or thin .10 

Beef, Iron and Wine (Lewis ) bottle 50 

Bovinine, bottle , 60 .75 

Butter Coloi (Well s-Richardson s) 

. .. 12 20 35 .70 

Blair s Gout and Rheumatic Pills 35 .75 

Bishop s Citrate of Magnesia, shilling bottles, 

each 25 In bulk per-lb .75 

Burdock Blood Bitters -.70 Pills. .20 

Beecham s Pills, imported .30 

Brown s Chlorodyne .35 .90 

Brown s Bronchial Troches __ .20 

Bovril .20 .35 .65 1.10 1.75 

Bovril Cordial _ 1.00 

Bishop s Citrateof Lithia, effervescent, bot._ ,35 

Brown s Stainless Iodine Ointment .20 

Brandreth s Pills, per box. 18 

Bragg s Charcoal Biscuits .30 

Beecham s Celebrated English Pills, box.... .25 

or 2 boxes tor _ 45 

Bishop s Varleta Lithin, 3 gr.._ .35 6gr 45 

Brushes Remedy lor Sea-sickness. 6O 1.25 

Bragg s Charcoal Tablets 30 

Bragg s Charcoal Lozenges. _ .30 

Boracic Eye Water - 15 .25 

Beecham s Cough Pills _ 30 

Baxters Mandrake Bitters 20 

Bickle a Cough Syrup.... _ 18 

Boschee s Germnn Syrup .60 

Baby s Own Tablets _ .20 

Renger s Food _ .SO .85 

Benson s Plasters 20 

Bishop s Effervescent Citrate Potash, bottle _ .35 

Bishop 8 Tonules for Nerve, etc 70 

Bishops Varlets for Gout 1.50 

Bishop s Effervescent Carlsbad Salts. .35 

Bishop s Sulphur Compound Effervescent __ .30 
Bishops Effervescent Bicarbonate of Potash. .30 
Bishop s Effervescent Bromide of Soda, bottle .30 
Bishop s Effervescent Citrate CaBein.. .45 .65 

Bishop s Effervescent Vichy .30 

Bishop a Effervescent Phenactine .45 

Bishop s Effervescent Kalicylates.._ 45 

Blrley s Preparation Phosphorus. plain .45 1.76 
Birley s Preparation Phosphorus, ironized 

and sub-lronized 45 1 .20 

British Gall Cure 70 

Bristol s Fills .25 

Cascara Llrer Tablets, bottle 

Cathartic Pills, per box 

Corn Cure (Lewis ), bottle 

Carter s Iron Pills, box 

Carter s Little Nerve Pills, box 

Carter 8 Little Liver Fills, bottle 

Cockle s Fills __. 

Castorla. Pitcher s, bottle. 

Chase Catarrh Cure 

Corn Plasters, thin box .10 Thick, box 

Chase s Nerve Food .35 3 boxes 1.00 

Chase s Ointment C 40 

Chase s Plaster _ .20 

Cod-liver Oil, finest Norwegian. 8 oz. bottle. .25 

16-oz. bottle 45 Per gallon 3.50 

Castor Oil, bottle .05 .10 .15 Pint bottle .20 
Castor Oil, Italian, bot-.1O .20 Pint bottle .35 

Custor Oil, tasteless and odorless, bottle .25 

Chase a Kidney-Liver Pills, per box 
California Syrup of Figs 
Capsules, empty, any 

size, us numbered ; 

No. 00, holds 8 grs. 

quinine, No. 0,6 grs., 

No. 1, 4 gr*. ,No. 2, 3 

grs.,No.8, 2 grs, No. 

4, 1% grs , No. 5, % 

grs, per 100 ....10 

Smaller quantities than 100 capsules, doz.. .03 
Cedar Camphor, for packing away lurs and keep 

ing away moths, large tin .... .15 

Children sCoushSyrup. bottle 1Q .25 

Chilblain Liniment for unbroken chilblains, per 

bottle _ _ 15 

Children B Syrup of Hypophosphites, bot .25 .SO 

Chloride ot Lime, per box 04 .08 

Chase s Linseed and Turpentine 1 7% 

Congi eve s Balsam .30 .90 1 40 

Clarke a Bll Pills _ 1 .15 

Cuticura Resolvent, liqui l .60 1.15 

Cuticura Resolvent, dry _ 1 .15 

CutlcnraOintment, per box 5O 1.00 

Cuticura Plasters, each 

Cuticura Pills 

Cuctina Pellets 

Candy Cascarettes 

_. .2 

.10 .25 ._. 

Carlsbad Salts, powder or crystal 75 

Chase s Liver Cure _ _ .35 

Citrate of Lithia, effervescent (K. & M 1.20 

Cramp Mixture 25 

Clarke s Blood Mixture 1 .00 

Clarke s A perient Fills .30 

Clarke s Ointment .30 

Clarke s Kola Compound ._ 1 .50 

Culverts Carbolic Ointment _ 35 

Condy 8 Disinfecting fluid. red .30 green .20 
Catarrhozone with Glass Inhaler, sample size. 20 

Catarrhuzone Liquid for Inhaler .40 

Catarrhozone, complete ............. .80 

Collins Voltaic Piasters. .25 

Capsicum Plasters _ ___ 12! 5 

Campbell s Capsuloids 45 

Campbell s Arsenic Wafers _ .45 .85 

Campbell s Quinine Wine .70 

Crosby s Vitalized Phosphates... _ 1.15 

Coutt s Acetic Acid ( Aeetocura_ 40 

Clarkson s Embrocation_ 

Christie s Infant Food 

Common Sense Rat Exterminator 
Common Sense Roach Exterminator. ,2 

Dead Shot Worm Candy 
Diamond Dinner Pills, per box ... 

Dodd s Kidney Pills.perbox 

Dodd s Dyspepsia Tablets, per box.. 

Doan s Kidney Pills, per box 

Diamond Dyes, full aesortmentof colors Q7Ja 

NOIB State when ordering Diamond Dyes 
whether wanted tor cotton, silk or woolen goods. 

Davis and Lawrence Menthol Inhaler .30 

DSL. Lithia Tablets, 6 gis. .35 3 grs .25 

D AL. Menthol Ointment __ 
Darby s toothache Plaster.... 

DeJoughs 1 Cod Liver Oil _ .so 

Datura Tatuia Cigars (Savory & tloore s)... .75 
Datura latuia Cigarettes, Jor Astluma, etc.. .75 

D &L. Liver Pills. .15 

Dean a Rheumatic Cure .75 

Dean s Rheumatic Pills ...._..._.... .40 

English White Oil Liniment, bottlo_ _ 1 

Eaton s Effervescent Fhosphnte of oda 20 .60 
Eaton a Effervescent t ruit Salt is very pleasant 

to take, pet Mb. bottle ..._ 40 

K-lb. bottle .25 

Ellfman s Universal Embrocation .25 .40 .75 

Elliman s Royal Embrocation.__ .35 .70 

Eno s Fruit Salt, per bottle 7 

Egyptian Salve 

Edison s Obesity Pills.. 1 .50 or 3 for 4.O 

Edison s Obesity Salts _. 1.0 

Edison s Reducing Compound 2.O 

Edison s Obesity Tablets 2.O 

Entonia Suppositories _ .6 

Eagar s Wine ot Rennet .2 

Evans Antiseptic I hroat Pastile? .2 

Eskay slntant Food .30 .50 1.0 

Eaton 8 Kidney Piaster .2 

Extract of Malt Preparations 

Made from non-alcoho.ic malt extract. Is the 
great natural digester of starchy food, and con 
tains diastase, which is of a similar nature to 
saliva. arid converts the indigestible itftrchj food, 
auch as potatoes, rice, porridge, bread, etc.. into 
assimilable food. 

Extract of Malt, plain 50 

Extract ot Mi. It and Cod Liver Oil .50 

Extract ot Malt, Cod Liver Oil and Hypo- 
phosphites _ _ SO 

Extract of Malt. Cod Liver Oil and Creasote 

Extract of Mult and Hypophosphites. 

Extract of Midland Hypophosphites, with 

Quinine and strychnine 

Extract of Malt, Phosphates, Iron, Quinine 

and Strychnine. 

Extract of Mult, Pepsin and Pancreatine... 
Extract of Malt, with the Glvcerophosphates 
of Iron and Lime with Pepsin ana Pan 
creatine, bottle _. _ .75 

Extract of Malt and Pepsin. _. .75 

Extract of Malt Pepsin, Bismuth and Callsaya.75 

Liquid Extract of Malt Preparations 

Liquid Extract of Malt, plain .50 

Liquid Extract ot Malt and Cocoa Wine 50 

Liquid Extract Malt, Beef, Iron and Wine.. .SO 

Fellow s Syrup, bottle 1.00 

Furniture Polish. Iwttle .10 

Fowlers Extract of Wild Strawberry .30 

Friedrichshall Water .30 .40 

Frog-in-Your-Throat .10 

Fairchild s Essence of Pepsin 1 .15 

Fairchild s Peptonizing Tubes 50 

Ferrozone 45 





Favorite Concentrated Lye 

Fluid Magnesia., bottle 


Gehrig s Teething Necklaces, each___ 

Graves Worm Syrup , 

Gray s Syrup Red Spruce 

Garfleld Tea _... 

Godfrey s Cordial 

Gultapercha Enamel, for stopping teeth, stk 

Gartteld Fig S> rup .11 

Gibbon s Toothache Gum 

Glycerine Suppositories. 
Gude s Peptomangan .... 
Giles Germicide Disinfectant 

Guy s Tonic .45 

Giles Iodide Ammonia Liniment , , .20 

Green s August Flower 

Gileadine Ointment 

Griffith s Menthol Linlmen 

Grasshopper Pills 

Grasshopper Ointment 
Gin Pills 

Hill s Balsam ol Honey. 
Sail s Catarrh Cure.. 
Holloway s Pills. 

Holloway s Ointment..., 
Holloway s Corn Cure._ 

Hanson s Corn Cure. 

Homocea Healing Ointment. 
Homocea Embrocation.. 

Haarlem Oil - 

Horllck s Malted Milk .46 

HamHn s Wizard Oil. 
Hagyard s Yellow Oi 

Hagyard s Balsam 

Hanson s Junket Tablets.. 

Benches Nourishing Meal 

Hereford s Acid Phosphates. 

Harvard s Bronchial Syrup_ 

Himalaya Kola Compound 

Holloway s Worm Cure 

Hoffm in s Headache Powders. 
Herlrite (Headache Cure). 

Hood s Sarsaparilla 

Hood s Ointment ___ 

Hood s Pills.... 

Hirst s Pain Exterminator. . 

Hutch .- 

Hyomot Catarrh Cure 

Hazeline (Burroughs Welcome). 

Homburg Salts .. 

HyomeiAsthma Cure complete with Inhalerl.tiu 

Hyomei Asthma Cure, liquid .50 

Hyomei Inhaler, empty 50 

Horse and Cattle Medicines 

Horsi owners and cattlemen will rind it to their 
sdvantage to have their condition powders, cattle 
spices, liniments, etc., made up by us. Send your 
recipes and get prices. 
Lewis Cough Balls will be found excellent for 

horses, per box .60 

Lewis Condition Powders are the best for both 

horses and cattle, will promote digestion, give 

an appetite and good clear ckin, per Ib 15 

Purgative Horse Balls, strong, per box_ 1.0C 

Purgative Horse Bails, mild, per box .7 

Cattle Spice, perlb 20 

Giles Magic Lotion and Blood Purifier tor 

Horses, bottle 1.1 

Large can (wine gallon 7.C _ 

Lewis Sweat Blister for Horses _ ,2E 

Lewis Hardening Lotion for Horses, pt. btl. . 

Gombault sCnustic Balsam 1.1 

Hoof Liniment, pint bottle. , - 1__ 

Hoof Oil. pint bottle - .25 

Steven s Olntment.the substitute for firing horses, 

per tin - 75 1.50 

Humphrey s Homeopathic 

We carry a complete stock of the Specifics in 
the small sizes. Large sizes procured from the 

Humphrey s Marvel of Healing .25 .50 1.0O 
Humphrey s Witch Hazel Oil Pile Ointment 

.25 .50 1.00 

fron Ox Tablets, box.. 
Indian Sagwa 



Indian Woman sBalm _ ~ . 75 

Insect Powder, dalmation, 2-oz. pkg .05 

4-oz .10 S-oz .20 1-lb .35 

Johnson s Fluid Beef Extract. 25 .45 .75 1 .25 

Japanese Catarrh Cnre .40 

Junket Tablets, Hanson s .10 


Kidney Mixture, Lewis , hot 35 

Keating s Worm Bon Bons... 30 

Kennedy s Salt Rheum Ointment 60 

Kennedy s Medical Discovery 1 ,50 

Kelpion stainless Iodine ointment .2Q 

Kola Celery and Pepsin .40 

King s Dandelion Pills, English _ 

Kay s Essence of Linseed _ 25 

Kellog s Asthma Cure. _ 20 

Kutnow s Carlsbad Salts . _. 

Kendall s Spavin Cure 40 

K.D.C _ .35 .70 K.D.C. Pills 

Kilmer s Swamp Root ."._ _ .60 

Karl s Clover Root Tea : _ 20 

Keating s Cough Lozenges 

Kennedy s Prairie Weed. _. 1 .00 

Keppler s Extract Mai t_ __ 

Keppler s Extract Malt and Cod Liver Oil... 
Kruschen Salts. _ .... 

Lewis Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophos- 
phitesof LiuieandSoda. This emulsion is made 
with the finest Lofoten" Norwegian Cod Liver 
Oil and is pleasant to take aud can be recom 
mended as the very best on the market for 
coughs, colds, debility, loss of flesh end all 
wasting diseases, it is so prepared that it can 
be returned by the most delicate stomach, it 
Is not alone the best, but it is the cheapest 
because we give a IG-oz bottle for .50 

Lewis Kidney Mixture, for lame back, sore and 
inflamed kidneys, pain or soreness in any of 
the urinary organs, irritation and scalding by 
the urine as well as high color or scantiness of 

same, 8 oz. bottle _ _ 35 

20-oz. bottle .76 

Petroleum Emulsion with the hypophosphites of 
lime and eoda, nicely flavored, 16-oz. bottle 
for _ ,50 

Compound Syrup of the Hypophosphites of Iron Lime, 
Potash, Soda, Manganese, Quinine, and Strych 
nine, in their proper medicinal proportions. 
This is an unrivaled nerve and tissue builder as 
well as for general debility and all pulmonary 

and waning diseases, 4-oz. bottle _ 15 

8-oz. bottle_ 25 16-oz. bottle.. 60 

Children s Compound Syrup ol the Hypophosphites 
of Irou, Lime, Potash, Soda and Mugan- 
ese, for building especially where the bones are 

not properly developing, 4-oz. bottle_ .15 

8-oz. bottle 25 16-oz. bottle 60 

Parishes Syrup or Chemical Food. A compound 
flyrnp of the phosphates of iron, lime, potash 
and sod a, 8-oz. bottle _ .25 

Lewis Extract of Sarsaparilla, together with cai- 
cara, burdock, buchu and other rootsand herbs, 
without iodide of potassium or other chemicals; 
is an excellent blood purifier and tonic and will 
be found very beneficial in cases of chronic 
constipation and billiousness; it is snfe to give 
to children, as His purely vegetable, Price, 8-oz. 
bottle 25 16-oz. bottle 60 

Lewis Iodized Extract of Sarsaparilla Compound, 
containing the iodides of potassium and Iron 
for purifying the blood, at the same time that 
It is an alterative it is a tonic and liver stimu 
lant, bottle _ 35 .7 

Chilblain Liniment, bottle..... 

Bed Bug Poison, bottle... 

Stamping powder for fan 

Lewis Compound Witch 

bruises, swellings, pain, etc., This is a very 
astringentlofion, and if applied to a bruise Im 
mediately accident occurs will prevent colora 
tion and swelling; and even when the bruise 
has discolored will promote circulation, thus re 
moving color as well as pain, 4-oz. bottle... JS 
8-oz. bottle .25 20 oz. bottle 50 

Boraclc Eye Water, for inflamed eyes or eye lids, 
bottle .15 .25 

Young s Sarsaparilla Compound with Iodide ol 
Potassium is a concentrated extract lor purify 
ing then Id, large bottle .35 

Cramp Mixture, for pain in the back, cramps, etc- 
Ladies who suffer as above will find this mix. 
ture of the very greatest comfort and benefit. A 
dose or two taken according to directions when 
suffering will give almost immediate relief, 
frequently only one dose is required, 8 doses in 
bottle for... 26 

Herb Bitters. This packet is composed of blooa 
purifying herbs, roots and bark, such as Rarsap- 
urllla. burdock, Cascara, mandrake, etc., and is 
sufficient to make twoquarts of blood purifying 

medicine. Price. .15 postpaid .21 

sample packet.. OS postpaid .07 

Electuary nl Sulphur and Cream of Tartar, the old 
reliable blood purifying remedy, bottle 1 .15 

Pile Ointment. An almost certain cure and a sure 
relief for all kinds of piles, bottle. .25 

Peruvian Ointment. The most antiseptic healing 
ointment for burns, scalds, cuts, sores, frostbites 
and any breaks of the skin, chap or scald, sore 
nipples, etc., bottle _ 15 

35 7O 

tie. 1 6 

ie... :::.. .jjg 

fancy work, oz 10 

Witch Hazel Arnlcated, for 

Burn s Ointment, for burns, scalds from hot wi 
or steam, etc. .should be in every household , 
boiler room, 2-oz hot. .15 4-oz. .25 8-oz. . j 

Glycerine Chlorate of Potash and Iron Mixture, 
be used as a gargle for sore throat, also as 
internal remedy lorthe prevention and euri 
diphtheria, and for the building up of 
system, etc., bottle .10 . 

Quinine and Iron Tonic, being a mixture contain 
s-ulphiite of quinine and thetincture of iron 
their proper doses, 12-oz. bottle _ . 

Compound syrup of Eucalyptus, White Pine and ) 
Cherry, for bronchitis, coughs, colds. This c 
not conlainany bromide, chloral hydrate, opi 
or preparation therefrom, such as morph 
codelna, etc. It is the least hurtful of all co< 
medicines on the stomach, acting as an a 
septic, while at the same time it is composec 
the very best expectorants and healing agi 

for the throat and lungs, small bottle 

large bottle, 6-oz . ... 

Lewis Dyspeptic Chocolate Tablets, tor dyspei 
indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach, etc., . 
per box _ 

Aromatic Cascara, which is very pleasant to 1 
and does not contain any laxative except - 
cara sagrada, 2-oz. bottle .15 4-oz. bottle . 
8-oz. bottle .50 16-oz. bottle _ . 

Cascara and Licorice Mixture, 2-oz. bottle.. 
4-oz. bottle _ 

Quinine Wine. Regular large bottle_ 

Lewis Eucament Liniment, the combination 
menthol and Eucalyptol along with other h 
ing and penetrating medicaments, makes 
liniment of more general utility than 
other ; besides being a good rub, it is of g 
usefulness in all diseases of the throat 
lungs, and as an antiseptic for the stomach 
bowels, price per bottle . , 

Rheumatic Wafers. For lumbago or sore bi 
rheumtitism, sciatica, etc., box. 25 

Indigestion Wafers. A certain relief and spe 
cure for this distressing malady... .25 . 

Headache Wafers. Are almost an Instantam 
cure for nervous headache, fullness oi the hi 
etc . _...... .10 .25 

Headache Powders |Q5 ! 

Toothache Drops, bottle . 

English White Oils. Liniment 

Salts of Lemon. For removing stains from lin 
etc., bottle , 

Corn Extractor, bottle. .10 

Bronchial Lozenges. For coughs, colds, box 

Chlorate of Potash Tablets, box. _.._ 

Quinine Capsules, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 gr., Dox 

Cascara Liver Tablets, box 15 . 

Soda Mint Tablets, box_ 

Rhubarb and Soda Tablets, box. 

Pepsin Tablets. For indigestion, box 

Blaud s Iron Pills, 3 or 5 grain, pink sugar coa 
50 in box .10 or 100 for ._ _ 

Blaud s Improved Iron Pills, box of BO 

Eland s Laxative Pills, 60 for 

Blaud s Pills, gelatine coated, per 100 _ 

Liquid Sulphur for Vapor Baths, bottle 

Beef, Iron and Wine. This is a combination of 
finest extract of beef, with iron, fin e sherry w 
and aromatics, making one of the nicest 
most effectual stimulating tonics and buil< 
that it is possible to make, bottle . 

Pectoral Balsam of Horehound, Squills and V 
Cherry, for coughsand colds, hot. .10 .25 . 

Children s Cough Syrup of Ipecac, squills, i 
cherry, tar, horehound.tolu, etc. hot. .10 . 

Astringent Cordial, for cramps, diarrhoea, chol 
etc., bottle _ 16 . 

Perfumed Powder for sweating feet, will < 
blistered sore feet from almost any cause, hi 
ening them so that they give no further trou 
pain or suffering, box _ 

Lewis Liver PHI* for enlargement of the 1: 
constipation, etc, box of 30 pills for 

M. A. G. Mixture of acid and gentian is a ] 
stimulant, and promotes digestion, as wel 
being a powerful tonic bottle _... . 

Lewis Liquid Antiseptic, for all purposes wi 
a HquiJ disinfectant ami deodorizer shoulc 
used. It is the most pleasant and efficaci 
tooth and mouth wash, as well aa being v 
healing; containing the active antiseptic | 
perties of eucalyptus, baptiste, thvmol, gt 
theriti, gum benjamin, boracic acid, etc. Pi 
4-oz bottle... .15 -ozbot... .25 20-oz_ . 

Liquid Ammonia, household, bottle. 

15 .25 . 

Loring s Fat-ten-U l.i 

Loring s Tonic Salts .. 

Loring s Corpnla. 

Liquid Peptonoids 

Liquid Peptonoicis and Creasote 

Luterine, bottle _ 26 .50 

Lactopeptlne .75 Elixir 



tie s Soluble Phenyl, bottle 15 .25 

mon Kali, for drinks, is an effervescing powder, 
ery pleasant and refreshing, especially in the 

lot summer mouths, Ib. 20 

dated Food _ .18 .35 .65 2.25 

xa Liver Pills 20 

IT S Worm Syrup _ ,?0 

xative Bromo-Quinine Tablets, box. _ .20 

ne Fruit Juice, per bottle .15 .25 

it, in 1-oz pkts _ _ .1 

xacara Tablets _ 20 

w s Pain Cure Oil .20 

e, concentrated, Eaton s, 4 tins .25 *a. .07 

ller s Iron Pills ___ 20 

nthol Inhalers .25 .45 

.rris >n s Pills, No. 1 .25 No. 2 25 

illin s Food... .35 7Q English... 40 .75 
iltopepsin.. .60 Elixir. .80 Tablets. .60 

Iburn s Heart Nerve Pills, per box 40 

Iburn s Rheumatic Pills, per box 40 

istard Plasters _. .10 .15 .20 .30 .35 

nthol Plasters 1 8 

nard s Liniment - .1 5 

tgnesia, Citrate, bottle... .15 perlb 35 

,gm-sia, 1-oz blocks, 2 for _ .05 

ignesia, Lewis Fluid, bottle _ _ .12)4 

>rse. s Indian Root Pills _ 1 7 

;nthol Pencils 1O .15 .20 .25 

irrny s Fluid Magnesia _ .25 

igi fs Orange Blossom -. .. .75 

cea Compound _. .20 .40 .80 

Iburn s Head iche Wafers _. 20 

icilage, bottle with brush _ ,05 .10 

osquuo and black Fly Oil, bottle .25 

jive s Food. 

stlf s Milk Food, 2tiusfor . . _ 

sal Balm _ .35 .70 

rton s Chamomile Pills _ 3O 

ff s Ointment .1 5 

ive Oil, finest French or Italian, pint bot. .65 

ive Oil, Lucca, bottle .35 

ive Oil, Bertrand s French .30 .45 .80 

ive Oil, other brands, all edible oils, bottle 
- .10 .15 .20 .25 .35 .5C 

rl Time Blood Puritier, bottle ,JJ 

r Native Herbs 85 tablet form 

aega Oil - _ 


jrce s Favorite Prescription 1 .00 6 btls. | 

wee s Golden Medical Discovery, bottle... 

i bottles _ 

irce s Pellets _. 25 5 lor. 1.C 

ospherlne, Ashton & Pursons 45 . 8{. 

ttit s Pile Cure _ _ .20 

or Man s Friend 30 

ptogenic Milk Powder .50 1.00 

illip s Milk of Magnesia, bottle 50 

Try Davis Pain Killer .1 8 

tti t s Eye Salve .20 

nd s Extr .ict .40 .75 

ine s Celery Compound _ .70 

ak Pills (Dr. William s), box .35 3 for 1 .00 

tnam s Corn Cure _ 20 

ikham s Vegetable Compound, 85 

akham s Pills _ 20 

akham s Compound, in pill form 85 

>Qt ham s Blood Purifier _ .85 

nkhum s Sanative Wash _ .20 

rmalee s Pills 1 8 

lenyo-Caffein, pill", box _ 20 

ranjid Ointment ......... .25 

ramid Pile Cure _. .45 .85 

runa 85 

ttinijiirs Kidney Wort Tablets _ _ .45 

ilson sNervoline .20 

ptonoMs, Iron, Wine 80 

xtine Antiseptic Wash..... . .60 

zo Pile Ointment 50 


I idway s Pills _ 1 8 

I idw y s Resolvent _ .75 

I , dway s Ready Relief .18 

i idway s Blood Purifier . 45 

HKberry Vinegar, bottle 15 |30 

rb Pills, box.. 1O 

T mhnrb find Magnesia Mixture 10 20 

! >ndall s Wife s Friend Pessaries 75 

is Hive Pvnip 20 

It-Hi Herb Tablets. 85 

I -li.- 1 ! Food. _ 15 .30 

lache s Embrocation 1.35 

ihinson s Patent Barley .10 .20 

tbinson s Groats. 10 .20 

nbinson s Arrowroot 25 



^K s Sarsaparilla, with iodide of potassium, is 

I the best blood purifier and alterative, M well as 

the cheapest ; price per bottle _ .35 

Sarsaparilla, iodized, Lewis , per bottle .35 .70 
Saraaparilla, Lewis , without iodide of potassium, 

per botile.... .25 .50 

Sarsaparilla, Bristol s ,.. 70 

Sarsaparilla Ayer s 85 

Sareapurilla Hood s _ .70 

Sewing Machine Oil, bottle .05 .20 

Sperm Oil, bottle _ 05 .10 

Soap Bark, 3-oz. pkt _ 05 

Syrup of Senna, 3-oz. bottle _. .10 

Syrup White Pine and Tar, 3-oz. bottle 

Strengthening Plasters 

Sulphur Lozenges, box 

Seidlitz Powders, 10 in box 

=-35 " 1? 


Steedman s Soothing Fouders 

Stedman s Teething Powders 

Stedman s Worm Powders..._ 

Stedman Cough Powders 

Spirits Camphor, 2-oz bottle 

Stuart s Calcium Wafers. 

Stuart s Absorbent Lozenges. 

Sweet Spirits of Nitre, 2-oz bottle. 1 

Sanderson s Infallible Oil .20 .40 

Slocum s Emulsion 35 1.00 

Slocum s Expectorant _ .25 

Slocum s Iron Pills. _ 20 

Slocum s Psychine _ 1.00 2.00 

Slocum s Pennyroyal Tea__ 25 

Sanford s Catarrh Cure 1.15 

Savory & Moore s Infant Food 30 50 

Shiloh s Consumption Cure_ .20 .40 

Stuart s Dyspepsia Tablets 40 

Stuart s Catarrh Tablets .40 

Scott s Arabian Paste, box. 

Scott s Arabian Veterinary Paste, box 

Scott s Gall Ointment, box 

Seigel s Syrup 45 Pills 

Sanmetto . -. 1 21- 
St. Jacob s Oil _ .25 .40 

Sage s Catarrh Cure 

Steam s Wine Cod Liver Oil 

Steam s Headache Wafers 

Surf Sea Salt _ 

Sea Salt, in bags of about 10 Ibs 

Sea Salt, Tidman s English 

Soper s Salve _ 

Sulphur Fumigators 

Sulphur Candles _ 

Singleton s Golden Eye Ointment _ _ 

Suppositories, Burroughs Welcome Glycerine, 

child or adult size, box of 1 dozen _ 25 

Suppositories, Burroughs Welcome Hazeline, box 

of 1 dozen _ 50 

Sir Astley Cooper s Pills .1 Q 

Syrup of Turpentine 18 .35 

Tar. Carolina, tin _ 1 Q 

Thomas Eclectric Oil 1 5 

Trilene Tablets for corpulency, box. .85 2 6O 

Tartarlithine Tablets _ 1 00 

Tartarlithine and Sulphur Tablets 80 

Turlington s Balsam .__.__...._ __. .08 

Thompson s Eye Water _ .20 

Tincture of Iron, 3 oz bottle .10 

Tincture of Arnica, 2-oz. bottle .10 

Tincture of Myrrh, 2-oz. bottle..__ ,1O 

Vapo-Cresolene, complete with lamp 1.40 

Vapo-Cresolene, liquid only, bot. .25 501 5C 
Vichy Water . 3( 

Wills English Pills. 
Warner s Safe Cure, 
Warner s Safe Pills 

Whelpton s Purifying Pills _ 

Wright s Coal Tar Pills 

Washington Concentrated Lye.. O7 3 for " 

Wyeth s Peptonic Pills .30 

Wyeth s Beef, Iron and Wine .65 

Wyeth s Liquid Extract Malt .25 

Wyeth s Lithia Tablets 5gr 35 

Wyeth s Lithia Tablets. 3 gr .25 

Wyeth s Glycerine Suppositories, child s or 

adults _ _ .25 

Water Glass to Preserve Eggs .15 .25 

A 15c tin should preserve about 150 eggs, arid a 
25c tin about 300. 

Wine, Kola, Celery and Cocoa __.._ _ .50 

Wine, Ipecac, 2-oz. bottle .15 

Wine, Cod Liver Oil nnd Iron, Ib .70 


In this section we keep all the necessities for the 
sick room ns well as all surgical dressings, etc., etc. 
Crutches we frequently procure, the ordinary 
being8l.50apairand rubber tips 25c. a pair extra. 
You will find the items in this lint either under 
the heading of the article, or of the material u^ed 
in making. Our prices will be, found us low as 
it is possible to sell good goods at. 

Abdominal Supports 

When ordering, give 
measurement in inclies, 
at top, middle and bot 
tom. The cut does not 
represent the differei) t 
priced goods simply to 
show the idea of them. 
The prices are : 
135A Abdominal Sup 
port, ith a 9-in. Rore, 
sizes 26 to 38 Inches, tic- 
cross centre of abdomen. Price, each 1 75 
Queen Abdominal Belts, soft elastic, sii-es 24 to 44 

inches, each i _ _ 2.25 

Moleskin Abdominal Belts, sizes"26 to 40 Inches 

each o OO 

131/7. Sizes26to42inches_ 

281/56. Sizes 26 to 42 inches__T 

218/10. Sizes 24 to 40 inches.. 

218/10. Sizes 42 to 49 inches _ 

10-1,56. Sizes26to36inches_ 

209/22. Sizes 24 to 42 inches_ " 

105,22. Sizes 26 to 42 inches.. 

137/67. Sizes 24 to 39 iuches _ 

B. & B. Sizes. 26 to 41, each.." " .I"7".".V. "l~2S 

Featherweight, 26 to 40, each.. _____ 2i50 

Absorbent Cottons 

Absorbent Cotton, plain, 1-oz packet 05 

Absorbent Cotton, plain, 2-oz packet ._ 1 

Absorbent Cotton, plain, 4-oz packet. 1 5 

Absorbent Cotton, plain, 8-oz packet"" *28 

Absorbent Cotton, plain, Mb packet!"" . 45 
Absorbent Cotton, berated, 1-oz packet... . 05 

Absorbent Cotton, berated, perlb _ .76 

Absorbent Cotton, carbolated, 1-oz. packet 05 
Absorbent Cotton, carbolated, per Ib 75 

Air Pillows, Cushions and Invalid 

Air Pillows, from, each 1 50 to 3 OO 

Air Cushions, from, each 1.5O to 4, oO 

We carry quite an assortment of kinds, sixes 
and styles. Price does not always govern iiize. 
Some of the cushions and pillo ws are fancy, 
others plain. 

Air Rings, Invalid 


12-inch Circular Ring... 1 60 

13-inch Circular Ring 1,75 

11-inch Circular Ring... 2.0O 
15-inch Circular Ring... 2 25 
Iti-inch Circular Ring... 2.50 
17-inch Circular Ring... 2.75 
18-iinh Circular Ring... 3ioO 
Rubber Pump for filling, each 


Antiseptic Gauzes 

Sterilized Plain Gauze, peryard .12 " 

Sterilized Plain (iuuzv, in 5 yurd boxes. .35 

Boracic Acid Gauze, in 5 yard box .60 

lodofonn 10 per cent. Moist Gauze, peryard .45 
lodoform lOpercent. SIoistGauze, 5-yd. box 1 - 6O 
Accouchment outfits, Haitman s. 5.0O 9. 00 


We do not exchange atomizers. Should a part 
not be perfect we wil 
make it so, or replace 
when necessary. 
Tyrian, No. 44, water-oil 
atomizers, small size, 1 

tip. .50 

Tynan. No. 41, water-oil 
atomizers, 1 tip... .65 
No. 42, water-oil atomi 
zers, 2 tips 75 

Tyrinn, No. water-oil 
atomizer. 3 tips... .35 
Vaseline Oil Spray Pro 

ducer 65 

With extra tliroat tip 


Atomizer Bulbs, single, each 13 20 ?5 
Vaseline Atomizer No. 1 45 No. 10 .55 

Hygiea Atomizer o. 1, MBafa bnfbTlUp. - .SO 

Hygiea Atomizer 
Hygiea Atomizer 
Hygiea Atomizer 
Hygiea Atomizer 
Hygiea Atomizer 

No. 1, large bulb, 1 tip 

No. 1, large bulb, 3 tips... - 
No. 5, 3 tips. 

No. 6, two bottles, 3 tlps_ 


No. 7. 3 tips ____ ...... 

... 1.00 

A water oil atomizer is one that will spray 
either water or oil. A mixture of the two will 
clog the tubes. 


(We do not Exchange) 

Woven Cotton Net Bandages, 1% in. wide OR 
yd : 3-in. .07% yd ; 3^-in. .fo yd : 4-in.,"anv 
length, yard 12 1 - 




Cotton, 6 yards long, 2, 2%, S, 3% inches wide, 3 
foi .25 each .10 

RedCiu.^ Bandages, 1 in. wide, 6 yds long, ea .05 

2, iy^, 3 or 3% in. wide. 6 yards long, each .1 

Rubber Bandages, finest quality, thin, oz. .25 

>\ e dVnot cut rubber bandages , eAi*pt the fol 
lowing lengths : 2yds. 3 yds, 4 yds and e ydj. 
The weights, in 6-yard length, are abon for 

2 inches wide, light, 5 oz ; heavy, 7 oz. 
2% inches wide, light, 6 oz ; heavy, 8 OK, 

3 inches wide, light, 7 oz ; heavy, 9 02. 

Suspensory Bandages 

(We do not exchange.) 

All styles are in large, medium, and small sizes, 
as follows : 

No. 5j Safety Suspensory .25 

Cainden, army and navy style .25 

University silk bag 35 

No. 14, J.P., silk bag 35 

Utopia, No. 96, army and navy style, seamless silt 

bag, elastic straps _ .50 

Safety, No. 51, Suspensory Bandage. SO 

No. 7:<. Silk Bag Suspensory.... 75 

0. F. W. Suspensory _ _ _1 .00 

Utopian, No. 11, army and navy style, seamless, 
fashioned silk pouch, no puckering or gathering, 

bound %vith silk and elastic bands_ 75 

O.P.C. Suspensories, No. 2, 1.00 No. 3 1.25 

No. 4, 1.76 No. 5. 2.5O 

Bed Pans 
Slipper Bed Pans, white ware, with sanitary 

cover, 3.00 withoutcover. 1.35 2.25 

Rubber Bed Pans_ 2.75 3.75 

Brown Ware, slipper shape _ .75 


Camel s Hair Pencils .02 .03 .05 .10 

Bent or Straight Throat Brushes... _ 1 

Bone Rings, each... O5 

Breast Pumps ___..___ .25 .35 .60 

Bougies, No 1 to 12, best web _. .25 

We do not exchange bougies or breast pumps. 


Corks for Jars, wide mouth bottles, etc. 
1-inch, perdoz.. 05 lH in .05 l%in .06 
1%-in .07 l^-in.._ .08 1%-in.... .09 

IK in 1O l%-in._ .11 2-in_ 12 

( Measurement in the widest or top measures. 
Larger sizes quoted on application.) 
Corks, Taper XXX Quality, long- 
No. 0, per doz. .03 No. 1 03 No. 2 .04 
No. 3.O4 No. 4.05 No. 5.06 No. 6 .07 
9.10 10.12 H.15 12 .1 

Nos. 8 .09 
Cups, spitting, each 


(We do not exchange). 

English Style Catheters.. 

.25 .35 

Silk Web Catheters, 

Catheters, Nos. 1 to 12, best web 

Catheters, Nos. 4 to 10, soft robber 35 

Coin Plasters, thick or thm, box .10 

Corn Rubbers, each 

Crutch tips, each 



Droppers, glass, bent or straight- 03 05.10 
Dropper, with protected point, bent or straight, 

for the eye . .08 

Drop Bottles, 1 oz ...... .1 5 

Douche Puns, gran- 
ttewaxe.- 2.00 
Donche Pans, zinc 
.751.25 2.00 
Droppers, with 

valve .15 

Eye bath, glass 

Ear and nasal douche.. 

Elastic Stockings 

NOTE Re size of stockings, an average propor 
tioned leg measuring 14 inches at the calf, will 
require a No. 8 stocking, but should a part of the 
limb be swollen then a special stocking would 
have to be made. In sizes above No. 8 allow for 
calf measurement, 1 inch for each size larger ; 
and the price per size over No. 8 is increased as 
follows : Thigh stocking. 25c ; knee stocking. 20c ; 
garter stocking, 15c; leggings, kneecaps or ank 
lets, lOc a size. Then when there is a marked 
difference in sizes between the regular sizes and 
what is required either in length or any other 
part, a spe< ial stocking has to be made, the price 
of which is about 25 to 33> per cent more than 
the regular lizes. 

Directions for Measurement. 

Anklet, measure at A, B, C. 
Legging, measure at C, D, E. 
Garter Stocking, measure at 

A.B.C, D, E. 

Knee Cap, measure at E, F, G. 
Knee Stocking, measure at A, 

B, C, D, E, F, G. 
Thigh Stocking, measure at A, 

B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. 
Also give length required, as 

marked by dotted line. 
In measuring give actual size 

in inches and we will allow 

for stretching, etc. 

When there is any differ 
ence in the size of stock 
and one has to be ep 
made, we will hi 
charge extra for it, 
from No. 8 up in th( 

SIZES Nos. lios. 

Anklet. _ _. 


Garter Stocking. 

Knee Cap 

Knee stocking 
Thigh Stocking 

Fingerstalls, rubber, plain, each .05 orSfor .11 

Fingerstalls, rubber, with band, each .10 

Fingerstalls, black silk, with wrist strap 1 Q 

Fingerstalls, chamois, with wrist strap -Jo 

Fingerstalls, kid, with wrist strap _ .10 

When ordering fingerstalls, state whether small, 
medium or large aiie is required. 


: ressed Glass Funnels, capacity 5 
oz. .15 8-oz ,2O 16 oz. .25 

32-oz., each _ _ _ .40 

Hard Rubber Funnels, each... .35 

50 .75 

Glass Tubing, assorted sizes 

oz .05 Ib .30 

When small quantities are ordered 
state whether large or small tubing is required,, 
and if by post send postage for 2 oz. for every oz 

Glass Syringes 
Glass, male, cork end, Ji-oz._ .05 K-OZ... .07 

1-oz. 10 IM-oz. .15 2-oz. 20 

Female, 1-oz... 15 1%-oz. .20 2-oz .25 

Nickel screw Top Male Syringes, glass, %-oz .Q7 
K-oz. .10 1-oz. .15 1%-oz. .18 2-oz. .25 
Female, 1-oz. .15 1%-oz. .18 2-oz. .25 

Glass Ear Syringes, bent or straight.. ~. .1 5 

Glass Nasal Syringes 15 

Glass and Rubber Glycerine Rectal Syringes 
60 .30 .25 

Hearing Apparatus 

Ear Trumpets 1 .75 

Flexible Covered Speaking Tubes 

1.75 2.25 2.50 

Hypodermic Syringes 

Hick s English .75 .851.752.00 2.50 
Hypodermic Syringes .60 1 .00 1.25 2.OO 
Hypodermic Needles .10 .30 


Menthol Inhalers, each_ _ 

Glass Pocket Inhalers, each_._ 

Glass Inhalers 

Insect Powder Gu 

Invalid s Feeders 

::::. -ft 


Boat-shaped Feeders. 15 .25 

Cup-shaped Feeders, according to size, style and 

quality .15 .20 .25 .35 

Cup-shaped Feeder with cover, as centre cut .50 

Infants Feeding Bottles, etc. 

(We do not exchange these goods.) 

The Baby s Delight, boat shaped feeder, gr 
ated on back, glass screw stopper, with t 

teatand brush. 

The Canadian White Flint ( 
glass S 
cork, I 
and t 
ties, v 
teat 01 

Feed er 
tings, I 

Feed ing Bottle Brashes 02% , 

Allenbury Feedc/rs .35 Allenbury Teats 
Maw sOld Style Feeder.boot shape .25 .30 

Lenier s Patent Bottle Brushes. 1 

Tube Brushes ........ _ .C 

Infants Teething Rings.ivory .20 .25 .30 

Infants Teething Rings, bone _ , 

Infants Soothers .10 .15 . 

(We do not exchange teats.) 

Tent for top of bottle, black rubber . 
Teat for top of bottle, black, 3 for 

C. Teats for tube fittings, black, small .1 : 

C. Teats for tube fittings, black Para ru 

medium, 3 for 1 Large... 

Mizpah Teats with valve, grey rubber .1 

Anti-colic Teats, each 

Extra large Teats, style B - TT 

Black Para Rubber Tubing for feeding bo 

yard , .. 

Glass Tubes, each _..... 
Bone Protectors, 3 for_ 

Unions bone, 2 for .. .. 

Washers for top of G ass Tube, 3 for_ 


Lunar Caustic 
rrocus wood s 
top cases. _ 

Lint, Ib .75 
pcks.10 4-oz 

Menthol Cones .10 .15 .20 

Milking Tubes. .15 

Measure Classe 

Cone Shape, %-m .20 1-oz. 

2-oz . .30 4-oz 

Cup Shape, 8-oz_ 50 10-oz 

16-oz .65 20-oz .85 40-oz 1 

Common, 2-oz 05 4-oz 

Medicine Classes 

Small, moulded OS Large 

Small, handmade .20 Large 

Medicine Glasses, in cases, with minimum gl 
as well.. 



Mortars and Pestles 

Mortars and Pestels, sizes 
prices and capacity us 

Wedgewood, acid proof 
3-oz_ .40 3H z~. .45 

6-oz_ .50 8-oz 6O 

10-oz_ .65 12-oz 90 

1-pt.. 1.00 iK-pts 1.25 2Jfpts2.00 
3pts2.50 5-pts 3.25 -pts... 4.00 
lass Mortars and Pestels, 1-oz... .35 2-oz.._ .40 
4-oz._ 50 8-oz_ 65 16-oz 90 

ipple Shells, pair... _ 2O .30 

fpple Shield, glass, with rubber teat*, ea., .12H 
ipple Shield, rubber _.... .... .1 5 

lied Silki, yard..... ....1.25 1.50 

lant Sprinklers, small. 

Medium 65 



. .50 

Improved Silver-plated Wire 

..................................... _ _ 

Improved Cork Respirator 
-------- ....... 2O .30 1.00 


We <1o not exchange Syringes or other rubber 
goods. We guarantee them to be in perfect 
rder ; should a part be imperfect we will rectify 
it, or replace when necessary. 

Jombination Hot Water Bottles and 
Fountain Syringes 

lobe Spray Combination, 5 pipe" 2.00 2.25 
JUral Combination, rapid flow, maroon colored. 4 
pip-*, No. 22.0O No. 32.25 No. 4 2.5O 
{omestead Combination. Spipes, No. 2 . 1 75 
No. 3 .................... 2.00 No. 4 ...... ______ 2.25 

Enema Syringes 

Household, No. 1, with 
5 pipes ........... 1.50 

No. 2, 4 pipes.. 1 .00 
No. 3, 3 pipes_ .75 

Enema Syringes,2pipes 

3 pipes. 50 .85 

Fountain Syringes 

ountain Syringes, 3 pipes, paper box, No. 2 .60 

No. 3 .65 No. 4 75 

"yrian Globe Spray Fountain Syringe, wood box. 

s, 2-quart .... 1.50 8-quart 1.75 

^Jrl anb s Fountain Syringe, wood box, 5 pipes, 

: t 1.25 3-quart 1.40 4-quart._ 1.5O 

jrian Success Fountain Syringe, 3 pipes, card 

Jxwrdbox, No.21.00 No. 31.15 No. 4 1 .25 

Ifcnestead Fountain Syrinere, No. 2 .75 

No.3 85 No. 4 _ 1.OO 

Hot Water Bottles 

Comfort Hot Water Bottles, finest 
red rubber, 1.35 1.60 1.85 
2.15 2.50 according to size. 
These we strongly recommend. 

Tynan Hot Water Bottles, grey or 

white rubber. No. 2 1.10 

No. 3 1 3Q No. 4 1 .45 

Hot Water Bottles, No. 2 75 

No. 3 85 No. 4_ 95 

Hard Rubber Syringes 

Ring Handle, hard rubber- long 

Syringe, %-oz 20 M oz i. 

K-oz_ .45 1-oz.. .65 2-oz... 1 .2= 

Bw Nozzle Ring Handle Syringe 

}-oz....35 1-oz.... 60 2-oz... 1.0n 

-dram Hard Rubber Syringe glass .30 
6-uraru _._. 60 

iubber Tip and Piston, with glass bar 
rel syringe, J^-oz. ,3Q K-OZ .40 

ioft Rubber Tip Asceptic Syringe, hard 
rubber piston, J^-oz .50 H-OZ_ .60 

Soft Rubber Syringes 

Jar Syringes, bulb, each 25 

ioft Rubber Earand Ulcer Syringe .25 
Infant s Syringe, with nird rubber 

rectal pipe 20 

Bulb Fnema, with bone pipe, can be used ior an 

ear syringe, or for givingenemawhen lequired. 

1-oz 3O 2-oz 4O 3-oz_ 50 

4-->/ .60 6-oz _ .75 8-oz 1.OO 

Politzer Air Bag, 8-01, each _ j 25 

Powder Blower, with hard rubber cannula and 
receptacle lor powder in same, straight or bent 

Ladies Syringes 

Syringes, as 
cut 75 

Vonaa, a bulb Syringe with a return flow, a very 

complete apparatus in a wooden box 7.5O 

Return Flow Vaginal Attachment for ai y 

Syringe 2.25 

Marvel Whirling Spray Syringe. . 3.00 

Marvel Antiseptic Tablets 2 00 

Tyrian Ladies Syiinge, all soft rubber 1.75 

Veterinary Syringes 

Capacity, 8-OZ...1. 25 lA>O|.6JT U>~2.00 

Rubber Cloves 

Ladies Long Rubber Gloves _ 1 ,OO 

In sending lor rublr gloves state size of kid 
gloves you wear. Rubber gloves are destroyud 
by grease or greasy water, but by washing wilh 
plenty of soap and hot water as soon as possible 
after being in grease, you can preserve the rubber 
for some time. 

The Ladles Comfort 

A rubber serviette, which conforms to the shape 
of the body, and wur n with ordinary band. The 
complete outfit consists of a packet of absorbent 
cotton, a band and a rubber serviette. This 
outfit is indispensible for travelling or when 
absent from home. As its name implies it is a 
comfort. Price complete _ 1.25 

Rubber only _ 1 00 


Glass, plain, male 60 

Gluss, graduated, male _ _ .75 

Glass, graduated, female _ 35 

Rubber, day, female 3.00 

Rubber, night and day, female _ 3.50 

Rubber, night and day, male _ 3.00 

Rubber, day, male _ 3.25 

Rubber, day, female _ 2.50 

Leather Wrist Straps 

Wrist Straps, lined !_ 3O 

Wrist Straps, plain leather 20 

Wrist Straps, plain soft leather 15 .25 


NOTE.- Measurement in inches around top of 

New York Elastic Trusses from 12 to 44 inches. 
N.Y. Elastic Truss, enamelled pad, single.. .80 
N. Y. Elastic Truss, enamelled pad, double 1.1O 

N.Y. Elastic Truss, water pad, single- _ 1.00 

N. Y. Elastic Truss, water pad, double _ 1.50 

English Trusses, chamois pad, single .75 

double 1.00 

Children s Rubber Umbelical Band Truss, from 

I i to 29 inches each .50 

Children s Umbelical Trusses, moleskin, sizes 

from 12 to 20 inches, each .80 

Clinical Thermometers for Doctors, 
Nurses, Etc. 

(All Thermometers by post at buyer s risk. ) 

A very good magnifying lens thermometer .50 

Magnifying Thermometers, with certificates of 

corretion 50 .75 1.00 1.25 1.5O 

Veterinary Climeal Thermometers 1 QO 

Hick s Clinical Thermometers 

liick.s Facilis, magnifying lens 1 ,-ft 

Hirk sOne Minute _ 2.OC 

Hick f Lens Front _ 

Hick sOrdinary 

Hick s Fucilis, non-magnifying 

H i c k -s H ospi tal _ " . 70 

Hick s Universal 1.25 

Non Hus Ultra Clinical Thermometer 2. 00 

Thermometers and Barometers 

Art Thermometers, for fancy work, etc., 2% in. 

3 in., 3J4 or 4 in. long 1Q 

BathThermometeis, all with Forbes 1 specifica 
tions is .20 .30 

7-inch Thermometers -- B JQ 

8-im-h Thermometers ..._ 12^ 

10-inch Thermometers, fine -)g 

Glass Dairy Thermometers -.10 .15 .20 

8-inch Cabinet Wood Backed Thermometers .25 

8-inch Opal Glass Front, on wood back .50 

10 inch Opal Glnss Front, on wood back__ 75 

8-inch Celluloid Scale Front, on wood back .40 
10 inch Celluloid S.?ale Front, on wood back .50 
fcinch Plate iilas Bevelled Edge Window Ther 
mometer... .75 10-inch. ..1 .(JO 12-inch 1.25 

Barometer and Thermometer, cottage .20 

Barometer and Thermometer, polished onlc 

frame 60 

Hick s Self-rertsterim? Maximum and Minimum 
Zinc Scale Metal Case Thermometer, 8-in. 2. 00 
10-inch 2.50 

Hick s Self-registering Maximum and Minimum 
Magnifying Lens Zinc Scale Metal Case Ther 
mometers, 8-inch. 2.50 10-inch 3.0O 

Hick s Boxwood Back Mercury Thermomeier, 

8-inch - . 1 .50 

Maximum Registering Thermometer 1 .00 

Minimum Registering Thermometer 1 .00 

Maximum and Minimum, combined 2.50 

8-inch Cabinet jrfetal Scale Thermometer_ .40 
10 inch Cabinet Wood Back Thermometer... .35 
Self-registering Maximum and Minimum Ther 
mometers. 8-inch to minus 40. 1.25 

Self-registering Maximum and Minimum Ther 
mometers, 10-inch to minus 60 _. 1 75 

Self-registering Maximum and Minimum Ther 
mometer, boxwood scale, 10-inch, in metalca-e 

magnifying lens 2.5C 

No. 727 Maximum and Minimum Thermometer, 
large magnifying tube, easy reading, 10 inches 

long, registers down to 60 below... 2.75 

Aneroid Barometers, principally Holosteric works, 

according to size, style, etc 3.50 5.00 

7.0O 10.0O 12.50 16.00 25.OO 

Barometer Charts, explanatory to the correct 

reading of the barometer ; one given free with 

each Holosterie Barometer sold. 

Barometer Charts, when barometer is not sold. 

are each ______._ .25 

Bath Mitts 
Bath Mitts, soft, per pair 

.07M .10 .12% .15 .20 .25 

Bath Mitts, hard, per pair. . .20 .25 

Bath Mitts, Horse Hnir, each .50 .60 

, , . . 

Loofa and Crash, each 1O 

_ .20 

Loofa both sides 

Face Cloths, each... 
Bath Straps, eaeh_. 
Loofa and Crash Bath Straps .. 

.05 .07M .10 

> *C-\J 




Blanco, for whitening helmets, canvas 
shoe, belts, or othei similar white goods, 

per cake . , r . - - 

or in zinc box with sponge, complete _.. 

Seccotine, in tubes, mends everything .1 3 

Blair s Cement, bottle .. 

Kaye sCoagnline (English), bottle _ 

Crockery Mender, electric _ 

Instant Crokery Mender, bottle. 

Mucilage, bottle _ 05 ."10 

Chamois skins, first quality are slightly smaller 
than sizes given, while the second quality, which 
as a rule, is a skin that has been cut and sewed 
up again, is slightly larger. We do not stock the 
third or inferior qualities. These are all light in 
color ; state whether you want a very soft thm 
chamois or a thick one, the prices are as follcv. -^ 
The size is what could be trimmed out of a skiu. 
The sizes in inches are about as follows : 

10x12, each 10 19x21, each 

13x14, each . .15 21x25, each 

14x15, each .20 22x25, each 

16x17, each 25 22x26, each 

16x18. each 35 26x26, each 

17x18, each .45 23x31, each.. 

Carriage Chamois, about 18x23 

Face Chamois, each 05 

Hat Bleach 

Cleans all kinds > f white straw as well as 

bleaches them, per bottle .1 5 

Lqofas or Vegetable Sponge 

Txiofa, about 18 inches Tonx, each .15 

Loofa, about 15 inches long, each._ .10 

Loofa, about 12 inches long 05 

No. 1. 10 No. 2, ?12L e N(i.*?*5 No. 4. .20 
No. 5. .25 No. 6. .30 No. 7. .35 No. 8. .40 
.Sponge nets .15 .25 .30 .50 .75 

Bathing Caps 

Check Twill Waterproof. "ma I! 25 

Medium 3Q Large 35 

Fancy Waterproof Caps .50 .60 .75 1.00 
Travelling Rolls for Toilet Brushes, 
Fancy Sateen " 1.25 1.50 

Toilet Paper 

Imperial 1,000-sheet packet, 3 for . 
Extra 1000 sheets packet 3 for . 

Unperforated rolls . ,7K 10 

Perforated rolls .9 3 for .25 . 

Diamond cut 

Oval King roll . 

Jupiter large plain roll .12^ 

Toilet Paper Holders and Cutters 

Plain holder _ ,f( 

Sensible Holders 2r 

Oval holder .4*- 

Columbia Toilet paper holder ^ c 

Crescent holder _ .25 






For lighting gas, etc., 30 tapers in box, for.. .05 
Tilers per box -------------- ........... 10 .15 .25 

I M i IIT holders ,, ______ ....... 15 25 50 

v iM ol Art Gum for cleaning paper, gloves, wall 
1 iiper, etc, cake ------------- ................. .10 .25 


Enamelled handle, 1-strine <Q 2-string... 

3-string ............... .. , .............. _ ..... .. 

Nickel handle ....... 15 with ring.. ........ ___ 

Barbers Whisks ............................. ....... _ 

T* _rs or Pocket Whisk.._ .......... 12J4 

Little Gem Whisk ...... _ ..... _ ........... _.._.. 

Plain Whisk, bone handle ________ .25 

Long Handle Whisk ...................... _____ ..... _____ 

Whisk two strings ______ ................................... 

Plain Whisk, with celluloid handle and 

ring, In red, white ani yellow, each ......... 

Bonnet whisk ..... ---------- ........... __ .......... 


(We do not exchange.) 

Mediterranean Sponges, extra quality ; we have 

a very fine assortment. Our prices are 
, ....... 25 .50 .75 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.50 

feaiterra neari Sponges, Honeycomb, "are al 1 full 

form sponges and are not put through the 

regular bleaching process, are fairly light 

color. The prices are, for small toilet and face 
, sponges ....... .......... ....... 10 .15 .25 .35 

Large face and bath sponges are ............ 

.50 .75 1.0O 1.25 1.502.00 
Fine bleached turkey (silk) ...... .05 1O .15 

.20 .25 .30 .40 .50 .60 .75 1.00 
You can buy a splendid baby sponge at from ...... 

..................... _________ ...... _ ....... .25 to .50 

The .OS .10 .1 5 and .20 line are small sponges 

fit for surgical use and washing sores etc. 
Those from .50 to 1 00 are really fine face 

sponges, or lor any other purpose. 

Unbleached wool sponges . 

,25 .35 .50 .75 1 .00 1.25T.56 

These are very strong soft sponges, suitable for 
11 purposes, viz., toilet bath, buggy-washing 
and stable nse. 
Finest Unbleached Wool Sponge, four to BIX to 

pound, very strong texture, per pound 8.00 
Good Quality -------- .................... _per pound 5 QQ 

FalrQuality ----- ............. ___________ per pound 3.75 

Grass Sponges. These are large sponges and are 

big for the money when size is desired. They 

range in price at .............. 05 .10 .15 .25 

The unbleached grass are larger In size for the 
price than the bleached. 

Are not as strong as the wool, but are good ser 
viceable sponges. 

Rubber Sponges 

Rubber Sponges .. . ... 

.25 .30 .40 .45 .50 .60 .75 .90 

................ -~ ...................... 1.25 1.6O 2.oO 

Hair Brushes 

We do not exchange any toilet brashes, but 
should yon find any imperfection in a brush, we 
will gladly replace it with a perfect one 

The ebony brushes are all catalogued together, 
those in this list are both light, medium and dark 

All brushes catalogued have white bristle, ex 
cept where mentioned. The number of row 
across brush is indicated by a stroke and the num 
ber after it. The following table gives description 
of brush: 
No. 20,13. 8q. M, L XXX, fox and olive wood, 

__ _____ . 1 5Q 

No. 816/16. BO, 8, XXXX, fox and olivewood. 
solid back ....................... . ..... _______ 1 75 

No. TJ5/13. BO, XXX, solid back satin wood: 

^ __ ......... .. ...... A "Tg 

No. 6073/1S. Ij, L XX, olive and fox wood, solid 

back . .. 2 OO 

No. 5.iS/15. BO, XXX, VL, satinwood",""two-p iece 

screw back_ ..................................... _ ....... 2.00 

X,). M78/13. O, L, XX, dark wood solid back. 
.................................................................... 2. SO 

Xo. 8.-.98/15. B O, VL, XXX, fox and olive wood, 
-i.l id back ................ _ .............................. 3.00 

Si i. M>f>/17. BO, VL, XXXX, olive wood solid 
back ........ _ ........... . ............. _ ......... . .......... 3.00 

RO means broad oval shape. O, oral 

means lony ov;il Sq.. square. 

means short bristle. M, medium long bristle 

means very Inng bristle. L, lonjf bristle. 

means very soft bristle. X. soft stiff bristle 

meaus good stiff biiitle. XXX, very stiff bristle 

means bard, penetrating bristle. 
Sample of reading of above (there is not a brush 
of this No.): 
.N T o. 190/9. Sq. S XXXX, screw back, J2.00. 

Reads: No. 190. Brush, 9-row, square rhape, 
short, very hard, penetrating bristle, with screw 
back, *2.00. 
No. 978(12. O, S, X_ ......................................... 25 






No. 1501/7. Sq., S, X, solid back, dark or light 

wood . 35 

No. 4881/7. B O, M", X X, solid back, fox 

wood _ .35 

No. 4300/9. BO, MX, solid back, light or dark 

wood .40 

No. 14158/9. BO, X.X.M, solid back, fox and olive 

wood .40 

No. 4180/9. So MXXX, solid back olivewood... 

No . 412W . BO, M. XxTsoad olive or i ui iry fe-.Jr 
_ _ .50 

No. 0956/9. LO. XX, solid *<">k fox or olive wood 

No. L448/13. O M, V X, dark wood two piece 
back _. .50 

No. 4072/9. OO, M, XX, solid olive wood back 
. _ 50 

No. 1104919. BO, XX, olive wood, solid back .60 

No. 12026/9. OO, XXX, fox and olive wood, solid 
back 6O 

No. 2717/11. OO, XXXX, fox and olivewood two- 
piece back 60 

No. 623/15. BO, MXXX, olive or dark wood two- 
piece .75 

No. 4191/11. BO, MXX, dark or light wood, solid 
back 75 

No. 5082/9. Sq. XXX, oiivewood. solid back .75 

No. 509/13. O M, XXX, two-piece satin wood 
back _ _ .76 

No. 609/15. M, S, XXX, two-piece satin wood 
back .85 

No. T1W/9. BO, M, XXX, foxwood, solid back 

No. 510/17. B,O, 8, XXXX, satin wood, two-piece 
bacn 1.00 

No. 121/11. BO, M, XXXX, cherry and olivewood. 
solid back 1 .00 

No. 808/15. L O, M, XX, light and dark solid 
back 1.00 

No. 12051/11. BO, M, X X X, olive wood, solid 
back.... 1 00 

No. 45/11. B O, 8, XXX, fox or olive solid back 
. _.. i 00 

No. 12409/9. Sq, M, XX, satin wood, solid back 

. 1.25 

No. 5084/11. OO, S, XXXX, foxw ood, solid back 

1 25 

No. 4921/11. OM, XXX, satiuwood solid back 

_ . . .. 1 25 

No. 8206/11. Sq., M XXX olive and fox wood 

solid back ... 1 25 

No. T20/9. L 0, S, XXX, satlmvood, solid back 

- 1 25 

No. 522/21. VS, BO, XXXX, satin wood screw 

back . 1 50 

No. 5261/12. O M, XXX, olive wood solid back 

_ i 50 

No. 5473/13. OO., M, olivewood, solid back 1 5O 

Ebony Hair Brushes, Solid Back, 
All White Bristles 

(We do not exchange) 

4236-9. O. V. X. ebony 

415-9. O. V.X. ebony _ 

AG-9. Assorted OO, O, BO, or 8q, M, VX, 

AG-11. As above, only larger, ebony. 
DM11-11. BO, M, XXXX, ebony. 

G9. OO, M, X, ebony 

G13. " " 

14110-9. O, V, L, X, ebony 

14111-11. O, VL X. ebony 

4191-11. O, 8, XXXX, ebony 

11412-13. O, V, LX, ebony . . 
5476-11. O, M, XXX ebony 

5478-13. O, M, XXX, ebony. 

5478-15. O, M, XXX, ebony 

1478-17. O, M, XXX, ebony _ 

5261-11. Sq. twist handle M, XXX, ebony 

5218-13. G, concave back, M, XXX, ebony 

89. OO, L, XXX, ebouv 

811. OO, L, XXX, eboriv _ 

5206-9. Sq. M, XXX, ebony _ 

5333-13. BO, VL, XXX, ebony. ... 

5335-15. BO, VL, XXX, ebony. 

5337-17. BO, VL. XXX, ebony. 

5472-13. O, XXXX. ebonv .. 

756-16. L, O, VL, X, ebony 


Military Ebony Brushes 

C92. Ebony, plain or gutter back, pair.. 
216. Ebony, plain or gutter back, pair.... 

E. B. 11. Ebony Military Brush, pair 

19557. Ebony, plain or gutter back, pair... 
183. " " " " " 

5496. " " 

5498-11. Plain Back, per pair. 

180. " 


Cases. extra .., __ .75 

Ebony Cloth Brushes 

16596. EbouyCloouoiuau. 7 rows white bristles... 





Hat " straight plain back" * 
" handled ................. *] 

" " plain, 5 rows white bris 

8075-6. Kbony Hat Brash, plain, 6 rows wl 
bristles - 1 

848-6. Ebony Hat Brash, gutter back, 6 rows w"; 

Celluleid Toilet Seta 

Colon of Celluloid are ivory, white, light anti 
and amber. 

1. Hair Brush, plain white, 12 rows bristles, t 

shape match .\ o. 26 mirror, each 

26. Mirror oval _ 1 t 

102. White square shaped Hair Brash, se 
rows of bristles _ 

Fancy Back, Oval, Ivory and White Hair Brus; i 
several different patterns, both 9 and 11 r i 
of bristles, each _ i 

Mirrors to match each pattern, each. 1. 

100. Ivory Oval Hair Brush, 13 rows fine brisl i 

80. Mirror to match No. 100 brash""......."". 1 1 ] 

106. Hair Brush, crsam, square shaped, fancy b i 

12 rows fine brisi ea _ 1 . 

86. Mirror to match No. 106 brush 1 . 

134. Ivory Color, square shape, fancy back bn 

10 rows _ 1 . 

34. Brush in light antique 1 i 1 

114. Mirror, matches No. 134, Ivory 1 . 

114. Mirror, matches No. 184, light antique 1. 
19. White or Amber, Oval, lope pattern bar 

brush, 13 rows 1. 

9. Mirror, matches!9 1 .25 or No. 6 Mirror, wl 

is larger in size, also matches No. 19 1. 

131. Hair Brush, ivory. 14 rows, oval shape 1 . 
111. Mirror to match No, 131 brush 1. 

64. Hair Brash, light antique, fancy handle, < 
shape, 13 rows 01 bristles 

65. In Ivory, as above 

44. Ivory Mirror, to match No. 64 brush... Z. 
44. Light Antique Mirror, to match No. 64 bras 

Celluloid Comb, piain~blaci : ".10" J5 "."20 . 
.35 .40 Fancy Back.. .35 .50. 6O . 

Baby Brushes 

(Not exchanged) 
Bone Handle .10 .15 .20 .25 .30 

Celluloid, pink or blue 

Combs to match, each . 

Military Brush- 

Military Brashes, 

pair 1.7Q 2. 

2.50 3.00 4. 

Gases, extra 

._. .65 .75 1. 

Cloth Brushes 

Onr styles and prices m cloth brushes are m 
We have the ordinary cloth brashes, with 
bundles, in all styles and at the following pri 

... .30 .40 .50 .60 .75 1.00 1. 
Handle Cloth Brash... .75 1.O01.752. 
Hat Brashes... .15 .20 .35 .50.751 
Bonnet Brushes 35 .SO . 

Complexion Brushes 

So-called camel s hair 75 1.00 1. 

Rubber Complexion Brashes 

" Bath Brashes 1. 

" Hand Brashes _ < 

" Toilet Brashes 

" Tooth Brushes 

30 35 . 

.OO . 



.bber Glove Cleaner 08 

" Massage Roller .50 

auty Brushes.............. ... .25 

Shaving Brushes 

ving Brushes, bristle. .10 .15 .20 .25 
raving Brashes, badger hair, bone handle .35 
, SO .60 .75 1.00 1,35 1.75 2.00 
. i do not exchange shaving brushes. 

Silver Brushes 

.nod Handle Silver Brush 

_... .10 .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 .40 
vellery Brushes .10 .16 .20 

Wire Hair Brushes 

iJnBack 15 .20 .25 

nicyBack .25 .30 .35 .40 .50 


iving Mirrors, one side magnifying, the other 
lain .50 .75 1.00 1.50 2.OO 2.50 

Wed Wire Handle Square Stuna Mirrors, all 
izes, bevelled edge_,_wood back, plate mirror 

. . 1.50 1.75 

;stal White Plate Gla8, bevelled edge, oval or 


qnare, mahogany wood back mirror, according 
osize._ ................... ------ ............ .20 .25 

30 .35 .50 .60 .75 1.00 1.50 
rstHl White, oval or square, olive wood back 
tand glass, bevelled edge, according to size ------ 

_______ .25 .30 .35 .50 .75 1.0.0 

Hi or Square Wood Handle, Hand Gluts, plain 
t%_ according to size ........ -------- .16 .20 

t Ul Frame Stand Mirrors ......................... --------- 

LlL_ .......... 10 .15 .20 .25 .30 .35 

Tooth Brushes 
(Tooth Brushes not exchanged.) 

I rar tooth brushes 
f exceptionally good 
I ue, and are obtained 

I m the leading Eng- 

II and French manu- 
. turers. 

t n ordering our 25c 

jth Brushei say 
\ Ich shape, A, B, C, 
[iD, and whether ser- 

ed or plain, and 

ethera lady s or gen- 

nen s size. When 

it lOc, say whether 

rd, medium or soft 

stle is required. We 

not exchange tooth 

Lshes, except for 

.Ity manufacture. 

re prices arts as fol- 

T5 .15 .25 .35 
3J 20 .30 .40 

rth Brush Holder _... 


.10 .15 .20 .50 


(Not exchanged) 

without handle _ 
_ .................... .25 .35 .40 

oitjr s, with handle __ .... ___ _ ........ 

_ ........... - ........ 35 .40 .50 .75 1.00 

In Brushes, curved handles or straight ...... _ ...... 

------------------ ....... ---- .75 1.00 1.25 

Nail Brushes 

. il Brushes, boneback _______________ .10 .18 

.20 .25 .30 .40 .SO 1.OO 

11 Brushes, wood back _________ .10 .15 .25 

, 30 .40 .50 .75 1.06 1.25 

luISCTubs, hbre, wood back, each ............. .05 

i for ............ _. .05 and 3 for ............. .05 


n cataloguing combs it is a difficult matter to 

: ;cribe every comb, wegive you a genera! des- 

ption. Gents combs are all narrow, some are 

I 7 thin and flexible, others thick ; then the fine 

i th are very close together in some combs, while 

j others they are furtherapurt ; 6c combsareall 

, I, while at lOc and 15c there Is a large ssaort- 

nt ; then JOc and 25c are all heavy combs, but 

rubber is of fine quality and the nni--h the best. 

are about 7 Inches long. Ladies combs are 6. 

!%, 8, 9 and 10 inches long. Some have all 

f irse teeth, then there are the different shape 

f-Jks, as well ns he:vy or light ba ks, thin or 

ck combs. The majority of ladies wnnt a heavy 

! -k thick comb. We have Mich at 20c, 25c, SOc, 

, SOc, 60c and 75c, according to quality, 

id finish. Then we also hnve combs at 5c, 

the ranges of styles are mnny at lOc, 

1 15c almost all are only 7 inches long and 

) good combs, but the most popular priced good 

combs are at 25c, SOc, 35c and 40c. The combi 
quoted are all rubber. 

Celluloid Combs, pliiin .10 .15 .20 .25 

Celluloid Combs, fancy .30 .35 .50 .60 .75 
Long Combs f r children, black .05 .1" .15 
Long Combs for children, celluloid, colors blue 

and pink .05 

Long Tortoise Hhell Combs, celluloid 

- .05 .10 .15 .20 .25 

Fine Combs, rubber 05 .10 .15 .20 .25 .30 

Ivory Fine Combs .20 .25 .35 .50 .75 1 .00 

Aluminum Dressing Comos, gents .15 .20 .25 

- " ladies 

_. 25 30 35 40 .50 

PocketCombs . . 05 .10 .15 .20 


Each year we endeavor to give our customers 
more excellent perfume than before, and judging 
by the quantity we sell we firmly believe we have 
pleased you, and that you appreciate the true deli 
cacy of our products and the subtle lasting fra 
grance of the great majority of them. Our new 
Violets, Violet Excelsa and Violet de la Reine 
as also our latest odor, "Easter Lily," rmve met 
with phenomenal success. The dlffuslbility of 
their odors is enormous and the lusting quality 
very great. Following is a list of odors at the 
different prices. 

At 1.00 an Ounce 
Bouquet Excelsa Rose Excelsa 

At 75c an Ounce 
Violet Excelsa and Violet de la Reine. 

At SOc an Ounoe 

American Beauty Rose Reviera Violet 

Bulgarian Red Rose White Violets 

Sweet Violets of Canada Musk 

Gold Label Perfume 

at 4Oc an ounce 

Ajonca or Irish Furze New Mown Hay 

Ambergris Opoponax 

Amarylis of Japan Orange Blossom Bouquet 

Bobs African Bouquet Persian Essence 

Bulgarian Red Rose Parisian Bouquet 

Canada Bouquet Parma Violets 

Carnation Peau de Espagne 

Crab Apple Patchouli 

Damask Rose Red Clover 

Ess. Bouquet Royal Pink 

Easter Lily Sweet Pea 

Fougere Royal Sweet Briar 

Frangipanni Syringa 

Geranium, sweet seen ted Stephanotii 

Heliotrope Tea Rose 

Hawthorne Blossom Tuberose 

Honeysuckle Violet 

lockey Club White Rose 

.liismine White Lilac 

Lily of the Valley Wood Violet 

Lily of the Nile Wild Rose 

51 linolia Wildwood Bouquet 

Mignonette White Heliotrope 

Mimosa Wall Flower 

Moss Rose Ylang Ylang 

Blue Label Perfume* 
at 2Oo an ounce 

Violet Ylang Ylang 

Wood Violet VV bite Lilac 

Heliotrope Stephanptis 

White Rose Lily of the Valley 

C wMownHay Patchouli 

Nrab Apple Jockey Club 

Gold Label Perfume In No. 190 eilt sprinkler top 
bottle, containing one ounce of perfume .50 

Special SOc odors in No. 190 gilt sprinkler top 
bottle .60 

Special 75c odors in No. 190 gilt sprinkler ton .^5 
When desired we can fill the No. 190/S, which is 

a class stoppered bottle, neatly capped. 

Blue Label Perfume, any odor, put up In neat 
bottle with white metal sprinkler ton, at .25 
or in glass stoppered bottle. feM flipped *t .25 

Little Folks Perfume nn ppriroprifi!" box contain 
ing four bottles of perfume, which mv be had 
In one odor or lour assorted orlort. These to 
choose from : 

Jockey Club White Rose 

White Mine Heliotrope 

Wood Violet Lily of the Valley 

25c a box 

We carry a very fine assortment of the leading 
odors of other manufacturers, such as the follow- 
ing * 
Lubm s Perfumes, Jockey Club, White Rose and 

Violet at 60 

Colgate s Cashmere Bouquet, La Frnnee Rose and 

Italian Violet Perfume, etc., per bottl e 

.35 .60 1.00 

Atkinson s English White Rcwe_ ........ 5 

Atkinson s Wood Violet ....................... 5 

Piver s Le Trefle Incarnate 

Crown Perfumery Co. s Crab Apple.. .60 
Crown Perfume Co. s Violet de Panne .60 
Roeer & Gallett s Vera Violetta Perfume... 
Grosrnith s Hasha no Hanah .......... ----- , ---- 

Grosmith s Phul Nana ..... _________________ 

Grosmith s Florodora _______ ......... .... ......... ____ 

Groemith s Chypre ..... .... .............. ___ 

Grosmith s Heather ............. __ .............. ------ 

The Smallest Packet We Sell is 



gome envelope hav 
ing a large Can 
adian flag emboss 
ed and printed in 
colors; each envel 
ope contains about 
one-third of an 
ounce of finesachet 
powder ....... _ .10 

Odors to choose 
from : White Rose, 
Club, Lily of the 
Valley, Wood Violet, White Heliotrope, Whit* 
Lilac, Violet, Japan Iris, Car n ation. 

Royal Sachet 
Powder is the 
very nue>t sachet 
powder and it is 
put up In a very 
artistic embossed 
envelope. The 
Adorsare. White 
Rose, White Heli 
otrope, White 

Lilac, Jockey 
Club, Violet, Wood Violet, Carnation, Lily of the 
Valley or Stephanoti, and the price Is ______ .1 5 

Reviera Violet Sachet Powder, peroz.. ---- .60 

Egyptian Pot Pouri Powder, oz ____ ............... 60 

American Beauty Rose Powder, oz_ .............. 50 

Rose Excelsa Sachet Powder 

A very strong rose, resembling the odor of tr 
Old English Oabbatre Ro-e, per oz ............. - .50 

Violet ExcelsaSachet Powder, peroz.. ........ 75 

Fumigating Pastiles 

Fumigating Past) les, red. peroz. .05 perlb. .75 

Fumigating Pastiles, black, 8 oz. for___..._ .10 

or per Ib ...... _. ............... _ ....... ____ _ ______ .50 

Water Lily Incense, box ___________ ...... 1 

Egyptian Fumigating Paper, book ..... .1 

Aromatic Toilet Vim-gar, "Eaton s," bottle.. .25 
AromaticToiletVinegar.Rimmel s, .25 .45 .85 
Cashmere Boquet Toilet Water ____ _ .65 1.OO 

Eau de Cologne, "Eaton s" ------------ .40 .75 

Eau de Cologne, LongGreen, "Eaton s .10 .25 
Eiude Cologne, "Genuine" 1.00 1.95 3.90 
Eau de Cologne, Hoyt s German .20 .AO .75 
Florida Water. Wakulla," bottle ______ ..... 35 

Florida w^ter, Murray & Lanman s,bottle_ .40 
Heliotrope Toilet Water, bottle _______ .40 .75 

Jockey Olub Toilet Water, bottle ____ .40 .75 

Lavender Water, "Wakulla, "bottle. .25 .50 
Lily of the Valley Toilet Water, bottle .40 .75 
Lilas de France, Pinand i, bottle._ .65 1.25 
Rose Toilet Water, bottle ________ ......... .40 .7~ 

Violet Toilet Water, "Eaton s," bottle .40 .7 
Violet Toilet Water, Colgate s bottle. .30 . 

White Lilac To IetWat -fTbottlcZI . ".40 .1 . 
White Rose Toilet Water, CJolgiite s. .75 1.0C 


Antiseptic Tooth Powder_ ...... ..... _ ______ ..... - .10 

Camphorated Chalk, perpkt. .05 bottle.. .10 
" perlb.. _ .......... ______ ...... 20 

Carbolic Powder, Calvert s_ .15 .25 .40 1.50 
Dental Powder, Colgate s ...... _ ....... ____ .20 .40 

Sozodont Tooth Powder ,, . .,, _ ....... 

Teaberry Tooth Powder __ ._.,.... ____ ......... 

Lyon s Tooth Powder ------------------------- 

Caiox Tooth Powder, for removing tartar.tin 
Hood s Tooth Powder ...... __________________ - 

Pears Tooth Powder, box or bottle ---- 

Tooth Pastes and Soaps 

Areca Nut Tooth 
Paste, "Wood s." 
per pot ------ .18 

Areca Nut Tooil 


perpot ........ 2b 

Arnica Toot hSnn). 
Strong s .25 



Cherry Tooth Paste, containing arnica and 
myrrh, is fragrant, antiseptic and cleansing 

per tube .15 per pot _ .25 

lierry Tooth Paste, Burgoyne s, per pot . 25 
nerry Tooth Paste, Maw s, per pot 18*25 
i:;ieiry Tooth Paste, Gosneli s, per poL 40 
;ilvert sCarbolicTooth Paste 15 25 

Oriental Tooth Paste .-. . 40 65 

Hnrgoyne s Tooth Paste . 
Sheffield s Dentifrice, tube..."."." 

Zonweis, tube *20 

Sozodont Tooth Paste, per tabe._____. .25 

Tooth Washes Etc. 

Dentolina Tooth Wash, bottl ....... ..!. 1 Q 

Rubifoam, Hoyt s, bottle. *20 

Sozodont, bottle 25 .65 

Dental Floss, spool.... *1 

Rince Bouche, per bottle... .25 .4-5 

Preparations for the Skin 

Lano Cream a true skin food, removing wrinkles 

by nourishing the skin, tube_ 25 

Peruvian Ointment, for cuts, scalds, burns, sores, 

bottle. 15 In tubes 1 

Honey and Rose, red or white. _ .10 1 5 

Cream of Almonds and Witch Hazel, for sunburn 

wind chaps, etc., bottle 25 

Lily Cream, for the complexion, flesh or white, 

bottle 25 

Cucumber Jelly, tube 10 

Oriental Cream, bottle .." .... 1 40 

Hind s Honey and Almond Cream, bottle 40 

Cold Cream, pot .15 jar .25 

Cold Cream with cucumber and camphor, 

tube .20 pot __ ,25 

Glycerine and Cucumber Cream, bottle. 25 

Pepper s Sulpholine Lotion, bottle 35 .75 

Hasan s Magnolia Balm 70 

Laird s Bloom of Youth . 40 

Lanoline Cream .".. ,10 .18 *30 

Cocoa Butter Sticks, each . Q5 

Pomade Rose (red) Sticks, each - Q5 

Toilet Pumice Stone ; 

Smooth Pieces, each .05 .07% .10 

Rough lumps, per Ib ,20 

Madam Rupert s Face Bleach, bottle ._ l",75 

Madam Rupert s Red Rose Paste [45 

Madam Rupert s Pearl Enamel, flesh, white .85 

Madam Rupert s Hand Lotion. 85 

Packer s Charm 22 50 

Cocoanut Oil, bottle _ 05 

Cocoanut Oil, perfumed 1 

Cocoanut Oil, per Ib _ .25 

Pompeian Massage Cream 50 1 00 

Dr. Forrest s Massage Cream .50 1 00 

Societe Hygienique Creme an lait de Violettes, 

Jar ,4O 

Pom peian Massage Bulbs, ea h... .50 

Pompeian Massage Cream, barber s style.... 60 

Vinolia Cream 30 .50 1.00 

Milkweed Cream, Jngram s , 

Bailey sS ;in Food 

Kintho Massage Cream 50 

Hazeline Cream 

Hazeline Snow. 

Glycerine and Rose Water Carbolized, 

bottle .05 Soz.bottle 10 6oz.bottle 
Glycerine and Witch Hazel, 6 oz. bottle. 

20 oz. bottle. _ _ 

Glycerine, Pure, 1 oz. bottle... 05 3 oz. bottle 

,1Q 4oz. bottle .15 6 oz. bottle.... .20 

8 oz. bottle_ 25 12 oz. bottle 3O 

Glycerine and Rose Water, l}/i oz. bottle JOS 

Soz.bottle 10 6 oz. bottle _ .20 

Manicure Preparations, Etc. 

Vl-20. Nail Clipper _ 35 

Nail Clipper 2f 

Nai! Clipper 3( 

VI- . 
VI -80. 
VI -79. 
VI -87. 
VI - 

Manicure Scissors . ., 

Manicure Scissors 

Manicure Scissors ._ 

Manicure Scissors .... 

Cuticle Scissors 

Cuticle Scissors. 
Cuticle Scissors. 


.... 1.25 


Manicure Set in box, at. 1 .SO 1.75 2.00 

2.50 3.00 3.25 and 5.00 

Nail Files, flexible.... 2O .30 

Nail File Combination .10 

Tweezers and Blackhead Extractor .10 

Corn Razor _ 4O .60 1.20 

Nail Polishers .25.30 .35 .40 .45 .50 .75 

Nail Files 10 .20 .25 .30 .4C 

Nail Trimmers If 

Tweezers 10 .2f 

Ear Spoons with sponge 1( 

Pearl Finger Trimmers (as orangewe * 


Klip Klip Nail Trimmers 

Parker Pray s Emery Board, box _. 

Emery Board, box 



Parker Pray s Diamond Nail Enamel 

Orangewood Sticks, dozen 1Q 

Bone Manicure Sticks, each .05 

Parker Play s Rosaline 

Parker Pray s Electric Naii Polish 
Parker Pray s Ongaline 

Nail Polishing Powder 

Creme Enamel 

Rose Nail Creme 

Manicine Nail Bleach 

Hair Dyes 

Batchelor s black or brown, per box. _ 1 00 

Canadian Hair Dye, per bottle _ . 35 

Alexander s Shadeine, black, brown, auburn, 
light brown, blonde, dark brown, sample 

bottle 12H regular. 85 

Walnutta Hair Stain .60 

Sheffier s Hair Dye, black, dark brown, medium 
brown, light brown, light drab, dark drab, 

bottle... 1.00 

Bnrgoyne s Hair Dye, black, brown, dark brown, 
medium brown, blonde or golden, bottle, .50 

Preparations for the Hair 

Resorcin Scalp and Hair Tonic, 4-oz.bottle 25 
8-oz. bottle 50 

Resorcin Soft Soap for washing the scalp when 
suffering from dandruff, bottle 25 

Canthardine Hair Tonic for preventing the hair 
from falling out, bottle .25 .50 

Hum and Quinine Hair Grower. This 

8 reparation; promotes the growth of 
1C hair and prevents it from falling. 
Its continued use will renew the vi 
tality of the hair 25 .50 

Brilliantine for sof ening and mak 
ing the hair glossy, bottle .10 .20 

Foso Foam 1.00 

Foso Bark _ 1.00 

Foso Soap, cake .25 3 cakes for 60 
Bay Rum, bottle .10 .15 .25 .50 

Bearine .40 

Bear s Grease, Rimmel s_. .15 .30 

Bandoline, Rimmel s, pink or white _ 

Extract Limes and Glycerine, Rimmel s 

Cosmetique, Fiver s, black, white or brown 

Depilatory, Madam Rupert s 

Eaude Quiuine, Pina nd s SO .85 1." 

Golden Hair Tonic, Madame Rupert s. 

Grey Hair Restorer, Madame Rupert s.. 
Hair Vigor. Ayer s... 
Hair Restorer, Hill i 
Hair Restorer, Luljy s 

Harlene, Edward s _ 3 _ 

Hair Oil, perfumed. .05 ".10 ~~.2< 

Koko, for the hair 35 .Qc 

Macassar Oil, Rowland s Qf 

Petroleum Pomade Hair Dressing.. _ .1C 

Pomade Hnngrois, Pinaud s 1J 

Parker s Hair Balsam, 6C 

Shampoo, Colgate s.. 3 e 

Haye s Hair Health. _ _ _ , 5C 

Danderine _. .25 .50 1.0( 

Barry s Trieopherou . 6C 

Burnett s Cocoaine .75 1.1C 

Cranitonic Hair Tonic bottle 1.1C 

Barker s Hirsutus, bottle 9C 

Coke s Dandruff Cure ._ 45 . 

Coke s Egg Shampoo .......... 2 

Burgoyne s Depilitory ,2 

Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly 

Vaseline, 2-oz bottle, blue seal.. .05 

Vaseline. 5-oz bottle _ 1C 

Vaseline Pomade, 2-oz bottle... .10 5-oz_ ,2C 

Vaseline, O 1, perfumed, bottle ,2C 

Vaseline, white, perfumed, 2-oz bottle ^f 

Vaseline, Cold Cream, small .10 Medium ,1J 

Large _ _ .2 

Vaseline, Camphor Ice, tins 1C 

Vaseline, Camphor Ice, tubes. _ ,j ( 

Vaseline, pure, Jirlb tins 

Vaseline, pure. 1-lb tins 

Vaseline. y>uru, 5-lb tins 

Vaseline, pure, 2-oz bottle 

Vaseiine, pure, 5-oz bottle 

Vaseline, white, collapsible tubes _.. 

Vaseline, white, 2-oz bottles 

Vaseline, white, 6-oz bottle, perfumed, 

Vaseline, white, 1-lb tins 

Vaseline, Camphorated, 2-oz bottles. 
Vaseline, Carbolatcd, 2-oz bottles 

Petroleum J< lly, best,screw-top bottle 

Petroleum Jelly, 2nd quality, 2 oz bottle_ 

Petroleum Jelly, 1-lb tins _ 

Petroleum Jelly, perfumed highly, bottle 

Petroleum Jelly, carbolated. bottle 

Petroleum Jellv camphorated, bottle. ._ 

T^. ** O F "" 


Smelling Salts 
Lewis Lavender Salts .15 .20 

and ,. T 

Fancy cut glass bottle of smel 

salts .25 .35 .SO , 

Crown Lavender Sal.35;.60 1 

Toilet Face Pewders 

Floral Face Powder Is an elegantly perfu 
imperceptible powder, in flesh, cream, 
white, perfumed Violet, Heliotrope, and F 
per box 

Bloom of Canada, a very 

highly perfumed, semi 

transparent powder, does 

not dry the skin, in 

flesh, cream, or white 
M _ 25 

oss Rose Complexion 

Powder is a very flue, 

well perfumed powder 

of exceptional value for 

price, in fle.-h, cream or 

white, box 1 O 

nders 1 . 

Bloom of Ninon, Sauncia , 

flesh or white, packet 
.10 box ....... __ ..... 25 

Gossamer, Tetlow s, flesh, white or cream... 
La Blache, Ben Levy s, pink, flesh, whit 

cream, box .............. ______ ..................... ....... 

Pozzoni s Medicated Powders, flesh, whit 

cream, box ............................ _ .............. 

Pozzoni s Dove Complexion Powder, flesh, w 

or cream, box ....... _ ............ . ....................... 

Tetlow sSwansdown, cream, white or fiesh 
Vinolia, flesh, creamer white, box... .30 

Rou er & Gallett s Veloute, fiesh, cream or w 

box ......................................................... _ 

R<><rer & Gallett s Violet de Parme, flesh, whl 

cream, box .................................... T ............. 

Toilet Powders 

Eaton s Violet Talcum, the very finest t 
powder, perfumed with violet, In elegant 
tins with perforated top ................. .......... 

Talcum Powder, Eaton s borated. highly 
fumed, for chafing, scalding, perspiration 
Dottle .15 or per tin ............ _ ..... _ ......... 

Fuller s Earth, Eaton *, packet ___ .02 
Fuller s Eurth, Pears, box .............. __ .1 O , 

Foot Powder perfumed antiseptic powder 
the relief of burning feet and the cure of 
tered or perspiring feet, per packet ______ 

Baby s Own Powder, ....................................... 

l.a France Rose Powder, Colgate s, packet. 
Talcum Powder, Mennen s tin ...... ............. 

Violet Talcum Powder, Mennen s, tin -------- 

Violet Talcum Powder, Colgate s, tin --------- 

Violet Powder, Eaton s packet __________ .02 

Violet Powder, Pear s .08 .10 .15 .25 
Violet Powder, Colgate s, packet. ...... ------- 

Vioris Powder, Colgate s, packet ---- .__ 


Eider Down Powder Puff, pink, white or 
satin top... .05 .10 .15 .20 .25 

Down Powder Pull Hans, with bone handle 
......... .............................. 15 .25 .35 

Puff or Powder Boxes 

Fancy Decorated Puff Boxes, metal, assorted 
styles and colors, pinks and blues 
................ _ ..... 25 .35 .50 ,75 1- 

Celluloid Powder Boxes, white, pink and 

blue ...... . ...... 

.40 .60 

Toilet Soaps 

Eaton s Superfine Toilet Soap<p is made 
the very finest ingredients and iselegaiitl 
fumed, the following odors to choose from, 
trope, peau de espagne, violet, white lilac, 
or lockey club, put up in neat boxes of 1 I 
cakes, per box .............................................. 

Per cake __________ ................. _________ ......... . ....... - 

Calvert s Priekly Heat Soap, per cake .15 
Calvert s Nurse s Soup, per ::aky .................... , 

Calvnt s Glycerine Carbolic Soap, per cake 
Calvert s Medical Carbolic Soap, per cake.._ 
Calvert s Sulphur Soap, per cake .................... 

Calvert s Citrhodc Toilet Soup, per cake ------ 

Baby s Own Snap, 3 cakes for ...... ________ 

Burton s Tar Soap, 3 cakes for ..................... _ 

Carbol ic and Glycerine, 3 cakes for -------- 

Pine Tar Soap, 6 cakes for ........................ ----- 

Madame Roy^s Toilet Soap, per doz. -- 

Colgate s Soaps- 
Sweet Lavender, per cake.. ------------- 

Cashmere Bouo,uet.........H...._...~ .15 



phur, pt-r cake- 

-me, 3 cakesfor 

ue Tar. per cake 15 

bite Clematis, 3 cakes for .25 

.tinea! Soap, 3 cakes for .2.5 

ri*can Green Castile, 3 cakes for. .20 

,y Rum Soap, 3 cakes for .25 Bath, per doz _ .80 

oris Toilet Soap, large cake 2O Soap, special, per cake 05 

,smo Buttermilk Soap Co s Buttermilk Soap, 

J cakes for .25 

ver Plate Soap, per cake.. .103 cakes for .25 
_>rse s Helitrope, fine perfumed toilet soap. 3 

jakes for._ - - ,25 

rey Oatmeal, 6 cakes for 725 

Lira Fine Oatmeal, 3 cakes for 2O 

irkish Bath Soap, 6 calu-s for _ .25 

anspareiit Glycerine Soap. 3 cakes for .25 

.mation Soup, 6 cakes fur .25 

oral Bouquet. 6 cukes for _ .25 

istile Twin Bar -... .05 

itnu-al Twin Bur OS 

Bmel 8 Transparent unscented soap, 3 for .25 
immel s Transparent Perfumed soap, cake. 12/2 

ihmel s Oatmeal soap 3 cakes f r 25 

minel s Marshinallow soap, cake 15 

Limners Transparent stra \vberrysoap_ .12X 

icker s Tar Soap, cake... .25 2 cakes. 
.flint s Delight. 3 cakes for 




ed Toilet Soaps, per dozen 

Toilet Soaps, per dozen 

Toilet oaps. PIT dozen 

-ssort.- l Toilet Soaps, per dozen 

-eented, per cake 

Hospital Transparent, per cake 12H 

" Scented, per cake - 25 

" Otto of Rose, per cake _ 60 

" Eider Flower, doz cakes .80 1.OO 1.2O 

" Coal Tar, per cake _ - 10 

" Carbolic, per cake .10 

" Fuller s Earth, per cake _ - .10 

" Dog, per cuke 1O 

jticura Toilet, per cake _ 25 

Bpse s Barclay Complexion Soap, per doz.. .30 
ure White Castile Soap, square cakes, doz_ .20 

Blame Rupert s Soap, per cake 25 

Dior s La France Rose, Sweet Clover, Crushed 

, Chrysanthemum, Vestal VioletorCarna- 

tion Petals, fine toilet soap in box of 3 for .25 

i and Sapolio.. .10 

i, Premier Soap, cake .10 

^priiaFloral soup, cake .20 

^fclla Toilet Soap, cake 25 

linolia Vestal Soap, cake 45 and. 75 

Holla Musk Lavender Soap, cake .15 

in ilia Lettuce soap, cake _ _ .15 

nfioliii Violets nip, cake .15 

holla Heliotrope Soap, cake.___ __. .1 5 

Bltho Complexion Soap, cake 25 

all Toilet Soap, cnke _ .15 

elva Pumice Toilet Soup, cake 15; 

Soap Boxes 

MfclSoap Boxes .25 .30 

i son p Boxe.i, white or colors blue, 
piiiic, red, etc 15 .25 .30 .40 .50 


\Ve will procure any special medicav-d Soap 
?hich we do not keep in stock provided it is 

|Kt Soap, Canadian, perlb .15 

Bt Soap, English, perlb 2O 

tSoap. Green, 2 ozs 12^ 4 zs 25 

Mft Soap, Green, 8ozs .35 20 oz 65 

BE&mp, Green. English. 1 Ib tin _ .20 

^n bulk (container extra), per lb_ 15 

^Kale Oil Soap, perlb 25 

Kinoi Soap, per cake _ _ .30 

Imported Castile Soaps 

Hfe Castile Soap, in cakes, per doz .20 

^Etfn CHStle, per dozen 2O 

Donti Castle Soap, perlb - _ IT 1 ? 

Imported Castile Soaps, 3 Ibs, for. 25 

Perlb .10 .15 

311k Green Castile Soap, per Ib _ .12K 

Shaving Soaps 

The Pyramid Fairy Light fits the Fairy Pyramid 
Lamp, while the Fairy light fits Fairy Lamp. 
Then we have the Fniry lamp for outdoor dec 
oration, to stick in ground, assorted colors, red, 

blue, white, yellow, each.. 25 

is Barber s Bar, cuke, .07 perlb 40 

William- Barber s Favorite, per cake .10 

Williams Trnvellere Stick. _ 25 

ntt Yankee Shaving Cake 12 

MS Luxury Shaving Cake 25 

;Pears Shaving Sticks .25 .35 .60 

Cutieura Shaving Soap, per cake 15 

Colgate s Demulcent Shaving Stick 18 

Colgate s Shaving Cakes, 1-lb bars 35 

Taylor s Shaving Stick .12 s 

Miehelsen s Shaving Cream, per tube. .15 .2 

Vinolia Shaving Soap 25 

Coke s Shaving Cream .25 

Vinolia Shaving Cream 25 

Carpet Cleaning Soaps 

H. & H. Carpet Cleaning Soap_ 1 5 

Laundry Soaps, Etc. 

Eaton s Bar, black label (about 3 lbs,),bar _ .15 

Case 20 bars ._ 2.90 

Eaton s Bar, red label (about 3 Ibs.), bar .12 3 

Case, of 20 bars _ 2.50 

Eaton s Bar Duchess (about 1% Ibs.), bar ._ .10 

Case 20 bars. _ -2.00 

Eaton s Electric, 7 bars for 25 

Eclipse Laundry Cake, 6 for 

Morse s Mottled, 5 cakes for .. 

Comtort, 6 cakes for .25 25 cakes for_ 1 .l_ 

or per case 4.0 1 

Surprise, 6 cakes for .25 25 cakes for_ 1 .i 

or per ease - 4.L 

Sunlight, twin bar 05 

Pyle s Pearline, packet __ 04 .12 1 2 

Gold Dust, 3-lb packet for 22 

Savona, packet .05 

Borax, lumps or powder, per Ib 01 

Sapolio, 3 bars for 25 

White Foam Washi g Compound, 6 packets .25 
Brooke s Monkey Brand Soap, small cake... .05 

Life Buoy Carbolic Soap .05 

English Soft Soap, per Ib .15 .20 

Swift s Wool Soap, 3 cakes for .103 cakes,. .20 

and 2 cakes for _ - - 1 7 

Pel s Naptha Soap, 4 cakes for 25 

Ammonia Powder, washing compound, packet 

O5 .10 .25 

Household Liquid Ammonia, in bottles. 

10 .15 .25 .30 

AY fishing Soda, 3 Ibs. .05 21 Ibs. .25 50 Ibs. 

.SO or sack of 225 Ibs _ 2.10 

Candles, Night Lights, Etc. 
Paraffine Candles, sets of 14-oz, 12 or 6 10 set, per 

set - .12 

Parlor Wax Candles, red, white, blue, green and 

lavender, dozen _ 30 

Fancy Xmas Tree Candles, box .10 

Pallor Candles, fancy, per doz... .45 .50 .60 
Parlor Candles, fancy, not decorated, colors red, 

white, blue, green, pink, lavender and yellow, 

per doz _ 35 .45 

Clarke s Fairy Pyramid Double Wick Night 

Lights, box of Slights, burning 6 hours, price 

per box .25 

Clarke s Single Wick Pyramid Fiiry Night Lights, 

(9 hours) box _ 25 

Clarke s Double Wick F.dry Night Light (6 hours) 

, foox... _ -. .40 

Fairy Pyramid Night Light, fancy glass shades, 

shell pattern, with holder for table decoration, 

price each _ 20 

Assorted or plain colors, per doz _ 2.25 

Fairy Pyramid Lamps, crown pattern, each ,20 

per doz - 2.00 

Fairy Lamps, plain colors, blue, red, white, yel 
low, each _ .25 per doz 2.75 

Clarke s "Burglar s Horrors" Lights, complete 

with 1 light, each.. .25 


Savogran, for scrubbing floors, and as a washing 

powder it is exceptionally good, per Ib .10 

Or 10 Ibs - .85 

India Marble Cleaner, for cleaning marble, tiles, 
granite pots, sinks and cooking utensils. This 
is the very best preparation we have yet been 
able to Obtain, in large sprinkler top tins. J5 

Medical Electric Batteries Cells, and 
Telegraph Instruments 

No. 4. Home M ilinil Apparatus, with one dry cell 
complete with foot plate, sponge electrode, two 
handles and connecting cords _ 5.50 

Anti-Doc Medical Battery, with dry cell, two hand 
electrodes, sponge electrode, foot plate, com 
plete, price ..... _ 3.50 

Double Cell Medical Apparatus, complete with 
two sponge electrodes, two ebonizeu handles, 
two hand electrodes, two silk cords, one foot 
plate, and one hair brush, price 6.OO 

Electro-Magnetic Machines, best English make, 
small, each 5.0O medium 7.00 l ar Re 12.OO 

Mesco Dry Cells, each .25 

Learner s Telegraph Instruments 

The Eureka Learner s Instrument is a first- 
class, full sized telegraph set. All the working 
parts, key lever, sound lever, etc., are finely fin 
ished composition metal, such as used in all high- 
grade instruments. This can be operated by a 
Meseodry cell. A book of instructions accom 
panies each instrument. 

t ........... 75 

Telegraph Instrument, 5 Ohms, book of instruc 
tions and one dry cell, price .................... 2.75 

Telegraph Instrument, 20 Ohms, with book of m- 
structlous and one dry cell, price ..... 3.00 

The No. 1 Buster Brown 

For pictures Ji.J x 1% inches; Adapted for six 
exposure film, price ...... 

Developing and Printing Outfit 

The No. 2 Buster Brown 

For pictures 2% x 3% inches. Adapted for six 
exposure film. Price ......... _ .................... 2.00 

The No. 3 Buster Brown 

Fr pictures 2% x 3% inches; Adapted for 6 
and 12 exposure films, price .................... 3.50 

The No. 1 Folding Buster Brown 

For pictures 1% x %} inches; Adapted lor six 
exposure film; (with single achromatic lens 
and shutter) price ............. ...................... 6.50 

Developing and Printing Outfit ....... _ ....... 1 .50 

The Ansco Junior 

For pictures 2% x 4 1 4 inches ; Th s is a very 
handsome compact camera, with rack and 
pinion movements, etc.. covered with mil grain 
leather and fitted with a high grade rapid 
rectilinear lens and shutter, price. ...... 1 2. 00 

The No. 1 Ansco 

For pictures 3% x 3% inches; Adapted films of 
either six or iwelv " exposures. This is a high 
grade camera ata popular price., It will pro 
duce good pictures, price ....... ............... 5.00- 

The No. 2 Ansco 

The No. 2 Ansco is of the box type of camera 
For pictures, 8% x-!}^ inches; Adapt d forfilm 
of either six or twelve exposures, price...7 .25 

The No. 3 Ansco 

For pictures 4x5 inches; Adapted for film of 
either six or twelice exposures. It is the most 
compact 4x5 camera of the box type price ...... 

___ ... ................ _______ ........... ______________ 7 ,75 

The No. 4 Folding Pocket Ansco 

For pictures 3% x 4% inches ; Adapted for film 
of either six or twelve exposures. Fitted witu 
rapid rectilinear lens and Winner Autorm.ti,- 
Shutter, focal length of leas. 5 Inches. An in 
terchangeable back, called the Ansco Dry Plm 
Attachment, is also furnivhed separate for tin* 
camera and when so fitted it becomes a most 
compact practical and finished dry plate camera, 
enabling the amateur to use dry plates, 
camera, price .................................... _ ...... 14.50 

The No. 5 Folding Pocket Ansco 

The Aneco No. 5 is the some in every particular 
as the No. 4, for pictures 4x6 inches, Kapid 
Rectilinear lens with shutter, price ----- 18. 5O 

Leather Carrying CBS.- .............................. 1 .50 

Ansco Portrait Attachment -------- ........... .50 

The No. 6 Folding Pocket Ansoo 

For pictures 3% x 4% Inches ; Adapted for film 
either six or twelve exposures. Dimensions 2 
x \% x 8 inches. Weight, 25 ounces. This 
camera is designed for tho*e who are taking u;< 
photography with the ambition to produce th. 
most exacting work and for those who aic 
proud to possess a camera of the highestqua iu 
and finish throughout It is provided with met 
and pinion movement, for focusing with great 
precision, It has a rising front to include nion 
of the foreground or more of the sky, as the 
composition of the picture might require : and 
also for taking high buildings. For similar 
purposes, it has a lateral shifting front. Th> 
Ansco Cameras No. 6 and 7 are fitted with th, 
highest grade lenses that can be produced at )i 
popular price. In ffict the lenses fitted to onr 
Folding Ansco Cameras from No. 4 up, ! 
covering capacity designated as F8. They \vi 
make snap shots in sunlight In 1/100 part of ;< 
seoond, and with the shutter workinc at 1 
a second will make satisfactory negath 
hazy days. Price ................................. 21. Of 

Or the No. 7 Ansco 4x5 which is the same i 
every respect except size. Price ------ 25. & 

Leather Carrying Case --------- ......... 1 .50 

The No. 9 Folding Pocket Ansco 

For pictures 3% x b% inches ; Adapted for film 
either six or eight exposures. Rapid rectilinear 
lens and shutter, price ............... _ ....... 20.00 

Leatherer < Y>ver. <l Carrying Case, price 1. 5O 
Ansco Portrait Attachment ---- ..... __ . 5 



The No. 10 Folding Pocket Ansco 

For pictures 314 x 5% Inches; Adapted for film 
either six or ten exposures. This high grade 
camera, beautifully finished, possesses, all the 
fine qualities and features of the No. 7 Ansco 
Rapid symetrical leu^ and shutter, price 25 SO 

Leather Covered Currying Case . 1 .50 

Ansco Dry Plate Attachments 

For those desiring to nse dry plates instead of 
reliable films in the numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 Ansco 
eras, the word attachment is in a sense 
misivimer, for it is a changeable back. When 
the Ansco dry pluti- attachment is substituted 
forthefilm back, the Ansco Camera does not 
vary in appearance. It remain- the same only 
that it then takes ft double dry plate holder 
It is not therefore a make-shift as heretofore sold 
ST. the . r manufacturers. An Ansco Camera 
fitted with this attachment becomes the most 
compact, practical and efficient dry plate 
camera on the market, price complete... 3.5O 

Doal.le plate holders 3% x 4% tach. 100 

4x5 each... 1 nn 

3% x b% each " Z^ZZZZZZZ \\QQ 

Korona Petit 

Including one Petit Plate bolder. 

3J| x 4V with Rack and Pinion 11 OO 

Korona Petit Plate Holders, each" ... 1 no 

Sole Leather Carrying Case for "petiTand four 

Holders-. _.____. 2.50 

Ideal Petit 

Including one Petit Plate Holder. 
3?x 434, a miniature long focus camera, possess- 
ingall the good qualities of the Korona Petit, 
with its field of us fulness broadened by 
additional bellows length and a convertible 
lens, the rear combination of which may be 
used separately. The Royal Petit is, by these 
advantages, made free from the limitations in 
cident to small cameras, making it well qualified 
for photograph;- in all of its several branches. 
Convertible Symmetrical lens, Regular Shutter 
P" ce - 20.00 

Sole Leather Carrying Case, for Ideal Petit and 
four Holders, velvet lined- 3.0C 

Korona I 

Including Carrying Case and one Korona 

Plate Holder. 
4 x 5 ^ 13 QC 

Korona Plate Hordersl x 5 i ]66~6 x 7 1^25 

Korona II 

Including Carrying Cnse and one Korona 
Plate Holder, 

4 x 5_.._ . IQ =n 

5 x 7 23 SO 

Korona Plate Holders, 4 5 5 i .00 5 x"7 T.25 

Korona IV 

Including Carrying Case and one Korona 

Plate Holder. 
4 x 5 25.00 

Korona plate HoFders, 4 x 5. i no 

6 x 7 1 25 6% x SH 1 75 

Emil Wide Angle lens in cells (specify shutter) 

4 x 5 A on 

5x7 5 OO *>^"x 8%"" 8*00 

Wide Angle Bed Plate, Patentert,"4 x 5 

5 * so 6% x sy, 50 

Korona V 

Including Carrying Case and one Plate Holder- 




Korona VII 

Including Carrying Case and one Korona Holder 
Eapid Achromatic lens, Junior Shutter, 4x5 

.............. 8.50 6x7 __ ...... 1300 

Special Symmetrical lens, Junior Shutter. 4 x 5 

.................... 10 50 5x7 15 no 

Korona Flute Holders, 4x5 1.OO 5x7 1 ~25 
For any further information in regard to cameras 

state what camera and size as well as price 

when writing. 

3 . a x*;-s 



5-4*< >K 




Hammer Extra Rapid 
Agfa Extra Rapid 








Agfa Orthochromati: . 

1 18 

i n 

Imperial . . 


3 *ne 

Lumerie Extra Rapid (French) 
Lumerie Non Halation 





Stanley Drv Plate ... 




Disco Gloss. 

Disco Gloss, per gross 

Argo Developing Papers 
either in glossy matt or 
lustre, all at same prices 

Cyko Developing Paper, 
glossy, studio or carbon 




2 doz pkts 


1 doz i<kts 

4 x5 
2 doz pkts 


1 IOZ pkts 
I .-JC 

1 do/, pkt* 

fi ^xSK 
1 doz pki 


per doz 
per gross 

per doz 
per gross 

per doz 
per gross 

"er doz 
per gross 


per doz 
per gross 



per doz 


per gross 

per doz 

per gross 


per doz 
per gross 

per floz 
per gross 

per doz 

per gross 

NOTE Any information in regard to the different grades ot above paper and in regard to the working 
of them will be cheerfully given to you. 



Tripod, 1 length, eliding ______._.... ,75 

" S " h eavyffo l"dTn"gZ .".ZZ"T .OQ 

Regular and Non-ourling 

6 Ex. 12 Ex. 

Adapted to Pocket Kodak .25 

For No i Baby Ansco and 

No. 1 Brownie 15 

For No. 2 Baby Ansco and No. 

2 Brownie 2O 

Adapted to No, 1 Foi d ing 

Pocket Kodak 2O 4O 

No. 1 Ansco Pocket Kodak"" " 
For No. 4 Ansco, also adapted 

to No. 3 Folding Kodak.- .35 .70 

For 3%x.3% Ansco or No. 2 

Bullet or Buckeye. _ ,3Q .go 

Ex. JO Ex 

No. 3 A Pocket Kodak .jtft 7Q 

For 4x5 Ansco, also adapted to 


No. 4 Bnckeye, No. 4 Bullet 
or No. 4 Bulls-Eye .. 4.5 

No. 3 Cartridge Kodak _____ 

No. 4 Cartridge Kodak... .......... 45 . 

Vide) Films 

The Videl film is now on the market and can be 
obtained in the following sizes in rolls : 

3>ix4V inches, 12 exposures, for 8O 

3^4x5^ inches, 8 exposures, for *80 

4x6incnes, 10 exposures, for _ _ 1, QO 

Developing and Toning Solutions 

Metal Hydrochinone, one of the finest and most 
satisfactory developers for bromide a d night 
printing papers, films and plates, 8 oz bott.e .15 

Pyrogallic Acid Developer, soda or potash 
as desired, 2 solutions, 8-oz. and 4-oz. bot 
tles for.,.. 26 

Pyrogallic Acid and Metol Developer for 
short exposures, 3 solutions, 8-oz. bottle 
01 each .. ,36 

Metol and Hydrochinone Developer, 2 solu 
tions, 8-oz. bottle of each_ 

Eikonogen Hydrochinone Developer 16- 
oz. bottle _, 

Metol Bicarbonate Developer, 16-oz. bottle- 
Bromo-hydrochinone Developer, 8-oz. bot l 
Intensifying Solutions, 2 bottles, 8-oz. each 
Reducing Solutions, 2 solutions, 8-oz. bottle 

of each _ _ 

Clearing Solution. 16-oz." bottle"."" 
Gold Toning Solution Acid, 16-dram bott le 
Gold Toning ?olution Borax. 15-dram bot ls 
Combined Toning and Fixing Solution, lb_ 

The solutions being nf distilled water ca- 
be shipped during cold weather, and in cc 
quence would recommend the dry chem 
during the severe winter months. 


Pyrogallic Acid, oz..., _ 

Hydrochinone, oz ""_ 

Kikonogen, oz 

Metol, oz 

Amidol, oz... 

Platinum Chloride, io gr. tubes, each -" 

Gold Chloride, pure, 15 gr. tubes, each 

" and Sodium, 15 gr. tubes, ea" 

Sulphite of Soda, Ib 

Hyposulphite of Soda, Ib. 

Carbonate of Soda, pure Ib 

Sal Soda, 3 Ibs for ."." 

Bromide of Potassium, per oz"." ( 

Darbonate of Potash, Ib 

Borax, powdered, Ib .."ZZ 

Red Prussiate of Iron, oz 

Acetate of Soda, oz _ ..""" 

Eikonogen and Hydrochinone, 15-oz" bottle 

l-oz. botlle Metol Quinol 

,6-oz. " Eikonogen 

6 tubes Metol Quinol 

Trays for Toning and Developin . 

!ellnloid, white, chocolate, rose or red 
3M->i .12^4x5 .15 5x7 .20 6>X8% . 

Finger Tips, per pet of 3 

Dark Room Lamps 

Dark-Room Lamp, with n i 
gloss..- ...... 

Dark-Room Candle Lamps 

Higglns Photo Mounting Pa 
bottle 15 . 


4?4 inches... .20 

I _ .20 


5x7 inche 

Burroughs Welcomes English 

ibloidi Amidol Developer, carton of. . 

Eikonogen Developer, carton of- 

Glycin Developer, carton of 

Hydroquinone Developer . 

" Metol Developer m 

Metol Quinol Developer 

Ortol Developer _. 

Pyro Developer 

Pyro Metol Developer. _ _ J 

Pyro Soda Developer 

Alkali, 22 in bottle ZZZ". .". 

Clearing & Hardening, 30 in bottle 
Density ReducerR,nmmonia,pr Dot. 

sulphate, 15 in tube 

Density Reducers, I otassium Fer- 

rocyamirle, 22 in tube 

Intensifiers, 15 in tube 

Hypo Eliminators, 15 in tube 

Restrainers, Potassium Bromide 

30 in tube _ 

Burroughs Welcome 

abloids Gold Chloride and Borax, cartons 
and Soda Bicarbonate 
abloids Gold v hloride and Sodium Tung- 




"abloids Gold Chlm-ide with Sulpho-cyan. 
Combined foiling and FiiingiZT. 





Crockery and China Department 

Write for prices for anything in this line not mentioned here and we will be pleased to give yonjjuotations. 

o Tea Set: 12 tea plates, 12 cups and saucers, -1 cake plates, 1 slop bowl, 1 cream jug. 44-pieee Tea Set : Add to iilimv 1 sugar bowl, and 1 tea pot, 
97-piece Dinner Set: 12 tea plates, li dinner plates, 12 soup plates, 12 fruit dishes. 12 butter pats, 12 cups and saucers, 1 platter (12-inch), 1 plal 
!h), 1 gravy boat, 2 vegetable dishes. 1 tea pot, 1 sugar bowl. 1 slop bowl. 1 cream jug. 

100-piece Dinner Set: Leave out of above 1 12-ineh platter, and add 1 14-inch and 1 16-inch platter, also 1 baker and 1 pickle. 
112-picce Set : Same as 100-pieee set with 12 breakfast plates added. 

95-piece Dinner Set 

Jones Truscan 

i-6. English China Tea Sets, consist- 
ling of 44 pieces, decorated in pink, 
Hne or green, with gold lines, S5.UO 

milar set to A6-fi. but with fllled-in 
Ifion and heavy gold lines, $6.00 

so a fine collection of Tea Sets at 

Toilet Set, Upper Hanley 

6-7. 10-piece Toilet Set. decorated in 
pink or lue, 82.00 per set. 
-piece Toilet Set, same as above cut, 
but with large rolled edge basin, per 
set, 82.25. 

. op Jar to match above Bet, J1.25. 
6-8, 10-piece Toilet Set, with natural 
colored flowers and heavy gold stip 
pled edge, $4.00 per set, belter quali- 
i Ues at $5.50 to 89.00. 

iglish Semi-Porcelain Dinner Set, 
iecorated in a dainty green floral 
x>rder, with embossed and scalloped 
*lges, composition : 12 tea plates, 12 
linner plates, 12 soup plates, 12 fruit 
nee, 12 butter pats, 12 cups and 
wucers, 1 platter 10-inch, 1 platter 
14-inch, 1 gravy boat, 1 pickle, 2 
d vegetable dishes, 1 baker, 1 
>wl, 1 cream jug, not a stock 
Rttrzi, special per set . $4.98 

English China Tea Set 

A6-12. Dark blue border and gold 
line, open stock pattern 

40-piece Tea Set. $ 8.10 

44 " " 8.80 

97 " Dinner Set- . ."> 

100 " " " 11. :;i> 

112 " " " _. 12.15 

Upper Hanley Peacock 

Meakin s Oro 


Btltler Puts with covers. l-gal 
1%-gai:, 30e; 2-gtl., lOe: s-gal., ie: 
l-iral. l.0e: 5-gal.. 7dc: li-gal. wic. 

Open Cream Pots, 1-gal.. 20c ; - -gal.. 
::e : 3-gal., 40c ; 4-gal. 50e each. 

Dutch Crocks. 5-lb., Sc; 10-lb., 12c ; 15- 
lb., Ise each. 

Stoneware Churns and covers, 4-tral.. 
fiOc; ft-gal.. 70c : fi-gal., 80c;8-gal. 

81.10. Dashers, extra 15c. 

Brown Rockingham Ware 

MO. Green Floral decoration and T P?*. 12c J^ 1?c ; n 2 *;:. ) 25c T 1 
gold stippled edges, open stock pat- ot So n^or bvsi Bake^ ec 7c^c l( 

40-piece Tea Set 
44 " 

7 ;; Dinner Set. 

1,0 " " 

A6-1. Plain Peacock blue print, open 
stock pattern 

40-piece Tea Set 1.90 

44 " " __ 2.85 

97 " Dinner Set 5.70 

100 " " " fi.-X) 

112 .. 7.20 

White and Gold Tea Set 


_ q us 15e, 18c. 20c each. 
"* 4 15 Mixing Bowls. 3c, 5c, 7c, IOC, 12c, 15c, 
10 60 -^c, -* c each. 
12 ]o Individual Tea Pots, lOc each. 

.i ii a on Round Baers, *c, lOe, 12c, 15c each. 

Lipped Bowls, Ihc, 22c, 28c, 35c each. 
I ronstone China Pie- Plates. 9-in.. 6c : 10-in., 8c each. 

luvalid sBed Paus.Rockingham \\ arc, 
75c each ; Cane Ware, 65e each. 

Miscellaneous China 

ij"i Tea Cups and Saucers, 15c, 20c. 

."inc. SI .00 each. 

Mustard Pots, lOc, 15c, 2oc ea< h. 
Nest F.Kgs, SOcdoz. 

C. 7e. lOc. 12c each. 
Shaving Mugs. 1-jc. HOC. 25e. B6c each, 
Candlesticks, 15e, 20e, 25e each. 
Cake Plates, 50c, 75c each. 
Biscuit Jars, 65e, 7oc each. 
Tc a Pots. 75e, 51.00 each. 
Bread and Butter Plates.10c.15c, 2e . :i 

White with Gold Line ancJ 

S. P. stands for Seini-poreelain. 

C. stanils for China. 

Cups and Saucers, tea size. S, P., .me 

doz.; C. .51.20 doz. 
Cups ami Saucers, coffee size, C., 81.65 

Fruit Plates, 5-mch, E. P., 550 doz.: (. .. 


r. ,v C. Meakin s Crown Pattern Cups Tea Pots. 75c, 51.00 each. 
and Saucers, 75c doz. U~A ....^ t>,,*..^Di a f D L. i 

Fruit Plates, S-inch, 45e doz. 
Tea Plates, 6-inch, 55c doz. 
Breakfast Plates, 7-inch, 65c doz. 
I ilnner Plates, 8-inch, 75c doz. 

lates, 7-in., 65c doz ; 8-in., 75c. 
Bailee Dishes. SOcdoz. 
Butter Pats, 25c doz. 
Howls. 6c, So and lOc each. 
Veiretable Dishes, 45c each. 

ravy Boats, 15c each. 

I latters, 3-inch, 5c ; 4-inch. 6e : 5-inch. 7()c doz. 
7c ; 6-in., 8c ; 7-in., 9c ; 8-iu.. We : Hi Tea Plates, 6-inch, s. P., B5C doz,; C.. 
in., 15c; 12-in.,25c: 14-in., 36c each. 90c doz. 

Breakfast Plates, 7-inch, S, P.. 90c dox. 
pinner Plates. S-inch. S, P., $1.10 doz. 
Soup Plates, 7-inch. S. P.. 90c doz. 
Soup Tureen, 4 pieces, complete, S. P.. 
$2.50 each. 

Tugs for Toilet Sets, 35<; each. 
Basins for Toilet Sets, 350 each. 
Chambers. 30c each. 
Covered Chambers, 45c each. 
Three-piece Toilet Sets. Jl.oo per set. 
Covers for Chambers. I5e each. 
Jars, no cover, 75c each, 

Aiv-5. Fine English China Tea Sets, 
very thin, white with gold line and 
sprig in centre, 40 pieces, for 82.70 
per set. 

English Jetware 

Tea Pots, floral decoration and gold 

lines, 25c, 35c, 45c, 60c each. 
Individual Tea Pots, loc each. 
Tea-pot Stands, 15c, 20c each. 

Breakfast Set 

china Tea and Breakfast Sets, consist 
ing of 1 butter dish. 1 cream jng. 1 
spoon holder, and 1 covered sugar 
bowl, decorated with various colored 
flowers embossed and gold line on 
edge, 60c, 75c and 85c per set. 

China Fruit Set 

Fine China Fruit or Salad Sets, con 
sisting of 12 sauce dishes 4-ineh, and 
1 bowl 8-inch, decorated with natu 
ral colored flowers and heavy gold 
lines, at 81.20, $1.50 to J3.00 per set. 

Jardiniere or Flower Pots 

Majolica Jardinieres, the prevailing 
colors are rich brown, green and red 
blended together with most artistic 
cffWi up to SI. 50 


c. 22c 

Slop Jars, covered, 90e each. 
Scalloped Bowii, 8c, lOc, 12c, i 

Oval Bakers, 2%-in., 6c : 3-in.. 7e : 4-in. 

8c; 5-in.,9c; 6-in., lOc; 7-iu.,12c;8- 

in., 15c ; 9-in., 20e each. 
Jugs, lOc, IBc, 20c, 25c, 80c and 40c ea. 
Individual Creams, fie each. 
Ice Jugs, 35c each, with bar to hold ice 

in, 50c. 

Soap Dishes. 25c each. 
Soap Slabs, 5c ciich. 

B.nvls, S. P.. 7c. 9c. 12c i C., 15c each. 
ISakers, s. P.. 20c, 2Bc each. 
Vegetable Dishes, s. ] .. We each. 
Platters, B. I ., 10-inch, 3Ui ; li-ii 


., , 

; 16-in., 90c each. 


Gravy Boat. B. P., 20c each. 
Pickle Dish. S. P.. 20c each. 
Sauce Tureen, 4 pieces, complel > 

85c each. 

Butter Pals, S. P., SScdoz. 
Sauce Dishes, S. P.. 45c doz. 
Kgg Cups, C., 25c doz. 
Cake Plates, C.. 15e each. 
cream Jugs, C., 1 iceach. 

Carlsbad China Dinner Set 

Genuine Carlsbad China 
Dinner Set, consisting of 
123 pieces, decorated 
with clusters of pink 
with leaves nnii 
stems in light 
edges and handles r)l 
all pieces traced \\itl 
gold. Composition ol 
set: 12 bread and bun. i 
plates. 12 tea plates. I 1 - 
breakfast plates, 12 din 
nerplates, 12soup plate*. 

12 sauce dishes, 12 butter pats, 12 cups and saucers. 1 platter 10 i 

Flatter 12 inches. 1 platter IK inches. 1 soup tureen, 1 gravy boat andstaml 
linker, 2 covered vegetable dishes. 1 casserole, 1 slop bowl, 1 cream JUK, pel 
sul, 317.60. Mot a stock pattern. 



This is one of the latest 
patterns in American 
Crystal Glass, all new 
shapes. Each piece has 
a brilliancy that is only 
exceeded by 
cut gla=s. 

300 Tea Set (4 pieces), 75c 


"01 Berry Bowl, 8-inch, 
-*c each. 

302. B-rry Bowl, 7-inch, 
20c each. 

303. 4-inch Nappies, 60c 

304. 6-inch Plate, 8c each. 

305. Pickle or Spoon Tray, 
I5c. each. 

306. Celery Tray, 10-Inch, 
25c each. 

307. 9-inch Footed Salver, 
40c each. 

308. Tall Celery, footed, 20c 

309. % gal. Tankard, 50c. 

310. Tumblers, 8c each. 
811. Oil or Vinegar Bottle, 


312. Salt or Pepper Shaker, 
lOc each. 

313. Syrup Pitcher 30c ,ea 


Glass Lamps 


Odd Pieces of Table Glassware 

Tea Sets, consisting of Butter Dish, Spoon Hoi ler, 
Sugar Bmvl iuid Cream Jug, 25c, 50c, 66c, 86c. 

Butter Dish, lOc, 20c, 25c each. 

Sugar Bowl with cover, 20c each. 

Spoon Holder, 15c each. 

Cream Jug, 15c each. 

Vinegar Bottle, 15c, 25c each. 

Syrup Pitcher, nickel top, 20c, 35c. 

Handled Olive or Bon Bon, 15c each. 

Low Fruit Bowls, 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c. each. 

Pickle Jar and cover, 15c, 25c each. 

4-in. Fruit Dishes, 35c, 60c 72c doz. 

Salt and Pepper Shakers, crystal, 5c, lOc, 15c ea. 

Salt and Pepper Shakers, opal, color, 5c each. 

Salt and Pepper Shakers, colored and decorated, 
lOc, 20c each. 

Table Salts, open, 5c each. 

Plain Cake Salvers, 9-in., 20c ; 10-in., 25c ; 12-in., 
35c each. 

Milk or Water Jug, 15c, 20c, 25c, 35c, 50c each. 

Chees Dish, 45c each. 

Fruit Jars, " Crown," pints, 55c; 
quarts, 65c ; %-gal.. 75c each. 

large size 
seeds from 
juice, lOc each. 
Lemon Squeezer, 5c each. 
Double Egg Cups, 60c doz. 

No. 28. Heavy Tumbler, Ground Bottom, 10 oz. 

60c doz. 

No. 29. Heavy Tumbler, Sac doz. 
No. 32. Light Table Tumbler, needle etched, 10 

oz., $1.20 doz. 
No. 34. Light Table Tumbler. Greek Star and 

Band pattern, 10 oz., $1.00 doz. 
Lemonade or Water Set, % gal. jug and 6 
tumblers, in crystal, 
green or blue, floral 
decoration and gold 
lines, without tray, 
85c ; with tray, 95c. 

Table Tumblers, light, engraved, 6 in box, 35c 
per box. 

Cut Glass 

No. 1. 

No. 1. Goblet, heavy, 50c dozen. 

No. 4. Soda, 12 oz., 8c each. 

No. 6. Wine, 5c each. 

No. 20. Light Wine, 35c doz. 

No. 22. Light Table Tumblers, 10 oz., 5c each. 

No. 23. Bell Tumbler, 12 oz. , 65c doz. 

No. 24. " " 7 oz., 50c doz. 

No. 25. " 9oz.,60cdos. 

Berrv Bo-v], $5.00, S6.00, $7.50, S8.50, $10.00. 
No. 2. Water Bottle, 
as cut, $5. 00 each. 
Tumblers to match 
above, $1.25 each. 
Other Water Bottles, 
$3.75, $4.0085.50, $fi.50. 
No 3, Vase $4.00, $5.00. 

$7.00, $9.00 each. 
No. 4, Oil or Vinegar 
Bottle $2.25, $3.00, 
No. 5, Cream and Sugar 

4.00, 5.00, 6.00. 
No. 6. Water Set, con 
sisting of 1 Caraffe, 6 
tumblers ana 16-inch Plateau $13.25. 
Handles Nappies 2.25, 2.75. $3.25. 
Olive or Bon Bon Dishes $3.25, 3.50, 4.00. 
Celery Tray $5.00, 6.00. 

No. 7, Knife Rests, (Austrian cut) 25, 35, 50, 75c, 
tl.OO each. 

Bracket Lamps 

Bracket Lamps, complete with 
bracket and reflector, same as 
cut Al-61, 65c each. 

Lamp Bracket, like above, with 
out lamp and reflector lOc, 15c 
30c each. 

Reflectors, glass, 6-inch, 15c ; 8- 

inch, 20c. ; 10-inch, 25c each. 
Ai-6. 8-in., 20c ; 10-inch, 25c each. 


Al-51. Complete, with B burner, 25c each. 

Al-54. Complete, with handle, A burner, 2 

Al-55. Complete, with handle, A burner, 2 

Al-56. Complete, with A burner, 25c each. 

Al-58. Complete with B burner, 35c each. 

Al-60. Complete, with B burner, 45c each. 

Lamp Fittings 

Burners, A or medium size, 7c each. B or 
size, 9c each , Duplex single, will fit B sii 
lar, 15c each ; Duplex, double, will fit J < 
collar, 25c each. Candle Wick, 5c ball. 

Lantern Burner, 7c each. Lantern Burners 
tubular lantern, 12c each. 

Wick, best quality, A or B size, 3o yard. I 
best quality, 5c yard. Wick lor banqnet 
5 each ; students lamps, 2 for 5c ; night I 
2 wicks for Ic ; mammoth lamps, lOc each. 

Stiff 1 aper Shades, for glass lamps, 5c each. 

Al-44. 7-inch Decorated Dome, SSceach. 
Dome Shades, for vase lamps, plain white 
35c ; with hand decorations, 50c each, 1- 
Dome Shades, for hanging lamps, plain 
opal, 50c ; with hand decoration, fired, 7f 
and $1.00 each. 

Al-62. Mammoth Lamp, for store or hall, 
fount, centre-draft burner, 300 candle p 
complete with tin shade, $4.00. 

Al-63. Mommoth Lamp, with 14-inch opal 
shade, $1.45. 

Spring extension for above, 81 50 each, extn 

Acetylene Gas Burner, " Crescent," y t , %, J: ., 
1 foot sizes, 20c each. 

Al-36. Vase Lamp, brass foot 

large sized burner, 7-inch 

dome shade, decorated to 

match fount, complete with 

chimney and wick. $1.00. 
Vase Lamp, with 6-ineh globe 

tinted and decorated t<> 

match fount, $1.25 each ; 

others at 2.00, 2.50, 3.00 and 

$4.00 each. 

Student Lamps 

Al-41- Student Lamp, nickel- 
plated centre draft burner, 
removable fount, adjustable 
green shade, $4.25. 

Brass Sewing or Study Lamp, 
centre draft burner, complete 
with white opal shade, $1.95 ; green shade, 

Al-30. Hall Lamp, gilt lacqur- 
ered chain and mountings, 
ruby globe, complete with 
medium sized burner and 
chimney, $1.65. 

Al-31. Hall Lamp, larger size, 
gilt lacquered chain and 
mountings, ruby globe, com 
plete wilh medium sized 
burner and chimney, J2.75. 
Al-33. Hanging Lamp, glass 
fount, large sized burner, 14- (I 
inch plain opal dome shaped GIL 
shade, weight balance, brass S 
mountings, S2.50; with decor- 
Al-30 ated shade, $2.75. A 

Al-34. Hanging Lamp, glass fount, brass m 
ing, weight balance, decorated shade, t 
prisms. $4.30. 

Al-35. Hanging Lamp, polished bronze n 
rich gold finish, removable oil pot, hand 
bisque finished 14-inch dome shade and 1 
to match, hand decorated, centre-draft bu 
75 candle power, 30 crystal prisms, $6 80. 
We carry a complete stock of electric fixt 
kindly write us for prices. 
" Electric Hell Outfit." complete with bell, 1 
wire, dry battery, tacks and push button, < 
complete $1.10. 



ou have only a limited space, our 
:e boxes will meet your require- 

Hardware Department 

We specially recommend our Lawn 
Mowers and Garden Hose. 


iSyery piece of our granite ware is guaranteed 
be free from flaws, every item is seamless, 
king it the most cleanly, "and sanitary ware 

-1. Convex Kettles, with covers, wine meas- 
ire, 10-qts., 90c ; 12-qts., 81.05 ; 14-<jts., 81.20 ; 18 
its., 1.50. 

-2. Ti-a Kettles, flat or pit bottom, No. 8, 85c ; 
51 00 

Tots, 35c, 38c, 48c, 55c. 
offee Pot-, Sifc, 48 , 55c. 

e POH, s or 9, 70o. 
-5. Fryii.g 1 aiis, So. 8, 36c ; No. 9, S9C. 

A2-6. Dish Pans, 
10-qts., 50c ; 14 
qts., 60c ; 17 
qt-., 70c. 

A2-7. Dipper,25c. 

A2-8. Straight Sauce Pans, 
30c, S7c, 45C, 54c. 64c. 

A2-9. Wash Bowls 10%-in., 
17c ; 12-in., 23e. 

A2-10. Pie Plates, 9-in., lOc : 
10-in., lie. 

Rice Boilers, 
1, 55c ; me- 
, 75c, large, 

s, 12-in., 8c; 

e Pans, lie, 

, 2 .ie, 37c, and42c. 




A2-15. Preserving Kettles, 

2.>c, 33c, 43c, 61c, 75C. 
A2-16. Seamless Water Pails, 

small, 60c ; medium, 75c ; 

large, 85c. 
A2-17. Water Pitchers, small, 

45c; medium, 65c; large, 

A2-18. Chamber Pails, 95c. 

Pudding Pans, round, lie, loc, 19c, 21c. 

Soap Dish, lie. 

Chambers, small, 22c ; medium, 33c ; large, 

Drinking Cups, 8c, 9c, lOe. 
Driniiinn Mntrs, 8e. 9c, 10. 
Dinner Plates, 9c, and lOc. 

Pieced Tinware 

A2-25. Wash Boil 
ers, copper bot 
tom, flat or pit, 

A2-26. Tea Kettles, 
ropp> -r bottom, 
No. 8, 45c ; No. 9, 

A2-27. Steamers, 
No. 8, 22c ; No. 9, 

H4&. Dairy Pails, 28c. 33c. 
|K9. Strainer Pails, 45c. 
Bo. Victor Flour Sifters, 12c. 
- 2-31. Dippt-rs, Sc. 

>h Pans, loc, 20c. 
J-33. Dust Pans, 5c, 8c. 
>-34. Vegetable Graters, 5c. 
J-35. Creamery Cans, 65c. 

Seamless Tinware 

2-36. Dish Pans, 28c, 33c, 35c. 

2-37. Covered Kneading Pans, 85c. 
KF88 Pudding Pans, or. 6c, 8c. 
mft. MilK Pans, 8c, lOc, 12c. 
HfeO. Pie Plates. 3c. 5c. 
i*41. Jelly Plates, oc. 

Sheet Iron and Steelware 

2-42. Steel Spiders, 25c. 30c. 
IH3, Steel Spiders, long handle, 12c, 15c, 20c, 
W4. Roasting Pans, 12c, 15c, 18c. 

Galvanized Ironware 

A2-45. Gal- 

84.50; 23x17x16, 85.50; 27x19x19, $7.00. 

Japanned Ware 

A2-50. Bedroom Pails, 

2. ic and 40c. 
A2-51. Infants Baths, 
28-in., 81.10; S2-in., 

$1.35; 40-in..$1.75. 
A2-52. Sponge Baths, 

galvanized. 45 x 12, 

$3.75, as cut . 
A2 53. Spice Boxes, 30c. 
A2-54. Bread Boxes, 60c, 

70c, bOc. 
A2-55. Cash Boxes, 

8-in., 80c; 9-in., 90c; 

10-in., $1.00; 11-in., 

$1.10; 12-in., $1. 85. 
A2-56. Watering Cans, 

6-qts., 25c; 10-qts., 
. 30c; 14-qts.,35c. 
A J-57. Water Coolers, 

nicely decoraU-d. A2-57 

nickel plated faucets. No. 2, $2.25 ; 3, $2.50; 
.75; 6, ?3.50; 10, $5.00. 

Nickel -plated Ware 

A.--5S. Tea Kettles. 

No. 8, $1.25; 9. $1.40. 
A2-59. Wash Boilers. 

No. 8, $3.30 ; 9, 83.75. 
A2-CO. Tea Pots, 50c, 

7- c, $1.00. 
A2-01. Round Trays, 

150, 25c, 40c. 
A2-r,-2. Oblong Trays, 

50c. 65c. $1.00. 
A2-63. Chaffing Dishes, 

83.50, $5.50, $9.00, 


A2-64. 5-0 clock Tea Kettle and Stands, $2.00, J3.00 
$5.50, S9.00, $11.00. 

Woodenware and Brushes 

A2-65. Toronto Wash 
ing Machine, round 
corrugated inside, is 
made fiom best pel- 
eet<-u stock, well con 
structed and nicely 
finished, $4.25. 

A266. The Rotary 
Washer, covered to 
prevent the escape 
of steam, and retains 
the heat in the water 
theieby washing 
cleaner, easier and 
in ess time than re- 
quired to do same 
work by hand, easy 
to operate, $7.00. 

A2-67. Victor Mangle, 3 maple rollers, Japanned 
frame, folding table, large fly wheel, easv t t 
turn, $15.00. 

A2-68. The " Bi 
cycle" Wringer, 
enclosed cogs, 
highgrade rub 
ber rolls, 3 year 
guarantee, $3.95 
The "Guarantee" 
Wringer, only 
best grade rub- 
berused in these 
rolls, enclosed 
gearing ; pre 
vent the clothes 
from coming in 
contact with the 
oil on the bear 
ings; castings are galvanized to prevent rust 
ing, 5 year guarantee, $4.95. 

A2-69. Globe Wash Boards, 20c. 

A2-70. Folding Tub Stands $1.25. 

A2-71. Wood Wash Tubs, 60c, 70c, 80c. 

A2-72. Selected Clothes Pins, 6 doz. for lOc. 

A2-73. Willow Clothes Baskets, 66c, 75c. 

A2-74. Clothes Lines, 20c and 35c wire. 

A2-75. Scrubbing Brush, lOc, loc, 25c. 

A2-76. Stove Brush, 15c, 25c, S5e. 

A2-77. Shoe Brush, 15c, 25c, 35c. 

A2.7S. Bannister Brush, 25c. 35c and 50c. 

A2-79. Feather Dusters, 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c, 85c 

A2-80. Butter Prints, 1 lb., 20c. 

A2-89. Enamaline Bath, portable, light and dur 
able, fitted with bent coupling pipe, can be at 
tached to drain off water, 812.00. 

A2-90. Ideal Food Chop- 
pels, indispensible 
in every well regu 
lated kitchen, family 
size, $1.15 ; large, 

A2-91. Mrs. Potts 
Irons, 3 irons, 1 han 
dle and stand, $1.00. 

Canadian made Lawn Mowers 

Daisy, 3 
blades, a 
good, low- 
priced ma 
chine. 12 
in., 82.45; 
14, $2.70; 
16, $2.95. 

The Wood- 

y at t , 4 
blades, lu 
%-in. driv 
ing wheel 
easy t . n 
operate: 1 1 
in., 85.15- 
16, $6.40; 18, $5.70] 

The Empress, ball bearing, 5 blades, 10%-inch 
driving wheel, very light, and easy running 

16 in., $7.50 ; is, $7.95 ; 20, $8.00 
Grass Catchers, 65c and $1.25. 




Ice Cream Freez 
ers, the white 
triple motion, 
which keeps 
the cream 
moving, a n A 
insures every 
particle being 
smoothly fro 
zen, wine mea 
sure, 1 quart 
$2.00, i quarts 
$2.35. 3 quarts 
82.60, 4 quarts 

83.00, 6 quarts $4.05, 8 quarts $5.00, 10 quarts $6.75, 

12 quarts ?7.X5, 
Ice Cream Dishes, for 5c size dish, 20e, for lOc size 

dish, 25c. 

Garden Hose, 3 ply. guaranteed against any de- 
feet in material or workmanship. J-inch, 7c.; 
%-iuch, 8C-I butter grnde, %-\n., 10e.;5i-m, 12c. 

Nozzles, brass, will throw spray, or straight 
stream, S5c, 50c. 

Couplings, lOc pair 

Hose Reels. 75c and $1.00. 

Charcoal Iron, a labor sav-er during the hot 
weather, $1.00. 

Climax Asphalt Roof 
ing. It is the best 
cheap roofing ma 
terial known, is 
made from the best 
wool felt, saturated 
and coated under a 
new process, with 
asphalt not affected 
by heator cold, will 
not stick in rolls, 
put up in rolls, 32 
inrlH-s wide, 40 feet 
ti inches long, con 
taining 108 square 

fet complete with nails and cement. 
No. 1. Medium weight, about 751bs.,per rollS2.00 
No. 3. Heavy, weight about 85 Ibs. per roll 83.25 
Veribest Rubber Roofing, 2 ply, is strong and dur 
able, absolutely water proof, easily applied, can 
be used on flat or stern surfaces, light in weigh t, 
42 Ibs to roll, price $3.25. 
Write for samples of roofing. 

Union or Farmer s 
Scale, weighing 
from A oz, to 240 
Ibs. $6.30 

Grocers or F a m i 1 y 
Scale, si debea m, 
weighing to 4 Ibs 
83.10 to 10 Ibs. 
Certificates of in 
spection with each 

Stoves and Ranges 

The Crown Huron is a strictly first-class line of 
ranges, thoroughly up-to-date, in material, con 
struction, workmanship, operation and appear 

ance, cannot fail to give satisfaction, state if 

stove is wanted for wood or coal 
No. 8. Square, 4 holes, f 2 1.00. No. 8. Square, n 

holes, 826.50. No. 8. 6 holes with reservoir, 

$33.00. No. 9. Square, 6 holes, $30.00. No. 9. 

6 holes and reservoir, $38.50. 
No. 8. 4 Holes, with shelf, 827.50. 
No. 8. 6 Holes, with shelf, $29.75. 
No. 9. 6 Holes, with shelf. S33.25. 
No. 8. 6 Holes, with his. r h closet, 833.75. 
No. 9. 6 Holes, with high closet, 837.25. 

If reservoir is wanted add $8.50 ; high shelf to 
fit either stove, $3.25 ; water front, $3.00. 

Etonia Steel Range 

The bodies are formed of the very best quality 
of steel sheets, to which is closely riveted an 
interlining of asbestos millboard. The oven is 
la:ge. The oven top, back and bottom are of uni 
form thickness and asbestos lined a very 
satisfactory range to use. 
No. 8. 4 cooking holes, for coal, $23.75 ; for 

wood, 821.00. 
No. 8. 6 cooking holes, for wood, $30.00 ; for 

coal, $32.50. 
No. 9. 4 cooking holes for wood, $26.00 , for 

No. 9. 6 cooking holes, for wood $30.00, for coal 

$32.50. Extra parts, Reservoir, $6.26; high 

closet, $7.50 ; water front, $3.25. 

Oxford Quick Cook stove for coal, a very efficient 
modem te price store, duplex grate, nickel name 
plate and handle. 
No. 9. 4 holes, $18.50. 
No. t. 4 holes, with reservoir, 824.75. 
The Oxford Don for wood only, a first class wood 

cook stove. 
No. 9. 4 holes, 14.50. 
No. 9. 4 holes with reservoir, $19.25. 
The Oxford Charm, Laundry Stove, 85.50. 
No. 38. 28 inch holes, size ol top 20 x 14, $5.50. 
High Grade Blue 
Flame Wickless 
Oil Stoves, power 
ful burners and 
all latest improve 
ments. The oil 
generates into 
gas causing an 
intense heat for 
cooking, 2 burner 
low, $6.00, 3 burners low, $8.00, 2 burner high, 
$8.50 ; 3 burner high, 811.75. 

Victor Oil Stoves, one piece, cast reservoir, no 
seams or bolts to loosen, mica front 1 burner 
55c, 2 burner SI. 10, 3 burner il.tVi. 
Napoleon Gasoline Stove, safe as any made, is 
strongly built and perfect in every part, con 
venient where gas cannot be had for summer 
cooking, 2 burners $3.50, 3 burners $5.00. 

Solid Cast Steel Hammers, 35, 45, 50 and 60c 
Ladies Hammer, bell or plain face 40c. 
Maydole s or Plumbs, warranted hammers, 

finish, price 75c each. 
Cast Tack Hammers, 5, 10, 20c. each. 

Dlston s Saws 

A2-101 Diston s Sa ws are considered to be se 
to none and we unhesitatingly recommend 
to any one wishing a high-grade saw 
D8, 18 in. Panel Saw $1.25 24 in. Hand Saw I 
D 22 in. " " 1.50 26 in 
1)8, 26 in. Rip Saw, 4% to 6 points $1.75 eacl 

A2-102 ShirleyandDetrichMapleLeafHand 
are so well known that we need give no fu 
comment on same. 

No. 4J Maple Leaf 18 inch panel saw 75c : i I 
90c; 22 in |l 00; 24 in. Hand Saw 81. 15; 26 in. ! 
4i Maple Rip Saw 26 in. 4% to 6 points $1.2i 

A2-103 Our Leader the Daisy ^ Hand Saw. 
is a finely tempered and finished saw of si , 
ior quality and Is just the thing for house : 
work. 16 in. 45c ; 18 in. 45c ; 20 in. 60c ; . , 
60c ; 24 in. 65c ; 26 in. 65c. 

Compass Saws 

A2-104 Diston s Nest of Saw s, consisting of 

each: Keyhole, Compass and Pruning B 

w th adjustable handle 85c. 
A2-105 Diston s 414 in. Interchangeable - 

Bladesfor No. 4 Interchangeable 10, 12 in. 
A2-106 S & D 12 in. Compass Saws, S.ic each. 
A2-107 Diston s Keyhole Saw, with adjus i 

metal handle, 200 each. 
A2-108 8 & D Pruning Saw, double edge, 50c 
A2-109 S & D Maple Leaf Back Saws, 10 ii 

12 In.. 81.00; 14 in. 81.25. 

Meat Saws 

A2.110 Kitchen Meat Saw. 16 in. 50c. 14 In. I 

A2-111 S & D Meat Saws, oval back, 16 in. 1 1 

18 in. $1.10 ; 20 in. $1.20 ; 22 in, $1.25; 24 in. ) 

Buck Saws 

A2.112 Happy Medium 50c ; S&D Maple Leai 
Diston s 80 in., extra quality 90c ; Die 
Lance Tooth $1.00. 

A2-113 Saw Sets, The Perfect 50c. ; Talnters 

tive 75c. 
A2-114 Champion Saw Jointer, for gauging 

justing and filing cross-cut saws, 20c each. 

A2-115 18 to 24 in. Spirit Level 45c. 

A2-116 18 to 24 in. Spirit Level and Plumb 55< 

H2-117 Adjusted Spirit Level and Plumb 

brass ends $1.25. 
A2-118 Adjusted Level and Plumb, made in t 

sections, to prevent warping, brass ends 

lips, $1.75 each. 

A2-119 12 in. Rosewood graduated Plnmb.Levi 
18 " " " . " 

A2-120 9 in. Brass-bound Rosewood Plumb 

level f>5 ; 12 in. Brass-bound Rosewood PI 

and level 75c. 

A2-121 Rules, 2 ft., 4 fold, lOc. ; 2 ft, 4 fold, 
wood, arch joint, 25 and 40c. ; 2 ft. 4 fold, 
wood, y? brass bound, 80 and 40c. ; 2 ft 4 . 
boxwood, full bra^s bound, 60c. 
Zig Zag Rules, 3ft. 26c; 4 ft. 35c; 6 ft. 45c; 6 ft 


A2-122 Tapes, 25-ft. linen tape, ass skin case, i 

ing handle, 2 >c. 

50-ft. linen tape, ass skin case. 860. 

66-foot tape patent leather case, folding bar 


50-foot metallic wired tape, solid leather c 

folding handle $1.50. 

100 feet metallic wired tape, solid leather c 

folding handle, $2.50. 
A2-1S! Boys Brae. 


16 tt 

.24 Nickel Plated Brace, 10 in. sweep, 60c. 

125 Hatchet Brace, lu in. sweep, polished steel, 

126 Ratchet Brace , 10 in. sweep, steel, nickel 
ated, $1.00 and $1.50. 

127 P.S.W. Best Bearing Ratchet Braces, 10 in- 
trreef. nickel-plated finish. 81.85. 

I L28 With Gun Metal Finish, $2.25. 

iln 16th ...., 4, 6, , 7,8, 9. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 1 

W. 12, 12. 12, 12, 15. 15, 16, 16, 18, 1! M. 13, 2s! 25 

>l l 18, 18, 18, 19, 19. 20. 22. 24, 25. 27. 30, 32, 35. 40 

o 18, 18. 20. 25. . 7, 29. 52. 54. 87. 40, 44. 47. 50. 54 

>ilng 25,30. 35, 40, 49, 50, 65, SO. 65, 65, 70. 75, 80, 85 

129 Expansion Auger Bits, cutting from y, to 
i l>Sins., 81.00 ; cutting from % to 3 ins. $1.20. 

130 Bit Stock Twist Drills, for either wood or 
on. 2-32 in., 8c ; 3-32. 8c . 4-32, lOc : 5-32 12c ; 6- 
: ;. 15c ; 7-32. 18c ; 8-32 20c ; 9-32, 22c: 10-32 25c; 11 
.2, 28c ; 12-32, 30c ; 13-32, 32c ; 14-32, 35c ; 15-32 
;e ; 16-32, 40C. 

131 C. 8. & W. No. 1 Extra Sockets, firmer 
ilsels, bevel edges, bright finish, leather tipped 
indies: every chisel guaranteed. %, 38c ; %, 
.; Y,. 42c , %. 44 ; %, 46c ; %, 48c ; 1* 60c; 1$ 
c ; 1%, 60c ; 1%. 65c ; 2-in., 70c. Square edge 

30c ; %, 33c ; K, 35c ;%,S8c;%, We, %, 42c; 
in.44c; IX, ^c; IKSOc; V/.. 55c ; 2, 60c. 

132 Yankee Spiral Double Ratchet Screw 
rivers, No. 30, price $1.60. Single Ratchets 
.15, $1.35 and $1.50. 

133 Common Screw Drivers 7, 10, 15, 20, 25c. 

134 Yankee Automatic Drills, all steel, nickel 
-ated finish, handle knurled to pi-event slip- 
ng ; has 8 drill points encased in handle, com- 
ete, $1.75. 

135 Hollow handle Tool Sets, maple 35c., rose- 
cod handle with 10 oil-tempered tools $1.10; 
rgesize $1 65. 

are*, Carpenters Steel Squares. 75c 
.15, 1.50. 

ry Squares, 20, 25, 30, 35c. 
liding T Bevels, 25, 30 and 3oc. 

l88GlassCntters5. 10. 15. 20c., with 6 cutters 300. 
139 Red Devil Glass Cutter with 7 cutters 35c. 
MO Centre Punches and Nail Sets, lOc. each. 

141 Putty Knives, 10, 15 and 25o. 

142 Wall Scrapers, 10, 25, 35, 45 and 80c. 

Draw Knives 

Best Ca=t Steel, hollow ground. 6 in. blaile 
9 in. blade 65c ; 11 in. blade 75c ; Coach- 

136 Soldering Coppers. ^-Ib., each 20e; ;-!!. 
Me ; 1-lb 35c ; IM-lb 4dc ; I ^-lb 50e ; H. r lb 60c. 

137 Solder, small bur 8c ; 1 Ib 1m 

144 Best Cast-steel Handled Chopping Axes, 75c. 
ad 950. Boys Axes fiOc. 

145 Hunters Ax orTomahawk, full polished 50c. 

146 Warnack s Bench Axes, No. 2, 6ftc ; No. 3. 
X ; No. 4, 8oc ; No. 5, 90c. 

147 Planes 

n Block Plains 
. 101 

33 5Kxl 

15 7x1% 1.00 

16 6x1% 1.10 
It 7x1% 1.20 

40 Rabbit and Block $1.20. 

A2-148 Baily Iron 
Planes, levet 
adj ust m e n t. 
No. 3, smooth 
plane, 8 x 1%, 
$1.80; No. 4. 
smooth plane, 
9x2, $2.00; No. 
6, Jack Plane, 
14 x 2, $2.25 j 
lore Plane, 18 x 2%, $2.75; No. 7, Jointer Plane, 
22 x 2%, $8.15; No. 8, Jointer Plane, 24x2%, $3.75. 

A2-149 Baily Wood 
Bottom Plane, 
lever adjust 
ment. No. 2, 
Smooth Plane, 
8x1%, 81.25; No. 
24, Smooth 
Plane, 8x2, 
81.35; No. 35, 
Smooth Plane, 
9x2, $1.50; No. 27 Jack Plane, 15x2%, * 1.60 ; No 
29, Fore Pline, 20x2%, 81.75 ; No. 32, Jointer 
Plane, 26x2%, $2.00. 

A2-150 Stanleys No. 45. Combination Plane, com 
bined plough beading and matching and rab 
bit plane, 10 cutters, 20 tools in one piece, in 
hardwood case $7.65. 

Spoke Shaves 

A2-151 Iron, single knife 16 and 25c; double knife 
35c ; Beechwood 1% in. cutter, 30c each. 

s.\y. .so 

1% .60 

AJ-152 Flyers Patent staple pulling fence plyers 
has staple puller, wire cutter, hammer plyers, 
monkey wrench, wire splicer and stretcher com 
bined in one tool. Made of best quality steel . 
10% in; long with polished head, price $1.10 pr. 

A2-153 Common Fence Plyers, 25c and 85c pair. 

A2-154 Milliner s Plyers, 26c, 55c pr. Nickel plated 

A2-155 Lineman s and 
Machinists Plyers, best 
quality, forged steel, 7- 
in. 90c ; 8-in. $1.25. 

A2-156 Wire Nippers, 65c pr. 

A2-157 Agricultural Wrenches, 6 in. 30c 8 in. S5c. 
10 n. 40c, 12 in. 45c. 

A2-158 Extra quality Wrought Wrenches, solid, 

.handle, 6 in. 55. 8 in. 65, 10 in. 75, 12 in. 85c. 

A2-159 Tinners Snips, cast iron 25c pair. 

A2-160 Best Cast Steel, small size, $1.00 and $1.26 pr 

A2-161 P. 8 & W. best quality Tinners Snips, full 
size, $1.85 pr. 

Oil Stones 

A2-162 Washita Oil 
Stone, 8x2 in. 85c: 
Roses Red Oil 
Stone, 8x2 in. 55c; 
Deerlich, Oil 
Stone, a fast eut- 

ter,8x2in.25c ; Slips 15c each ; Scythe Stones 6. 

10 and 15c each : Kitchen Stones, loc each ; Oil 

Stone, in wojd box, 45c. 

Vice and Anvil, 2%-in. 
jaws, steel screw and 
sliding bar. packed in 
wood box, $2 SO each. 
Saw Vici s. MV . 75c, and 
with ball joints, $1.00 


A2-1H4 lied Casters with iron wheel, 
lOc set; 

Bud Casters with wood wheel, 12c 

Ball Bearing Stem Furniture Cast 
ers, with wood wheel, lOc set ; 
With iron wheel, 12c. 
Boss Roller Bearing Caster, Lig 
num Vita 1 Wheels, stem or plate 
style. Price 26, 30, 35c set. 

Builders Hardware 

A2-1S5 Corrugated Steel T Hinges, 

4 in. So pr. ; 5 in. lie pr ; Bin 

15c pr. ; S iu. 21u pr. ; 10 ill. 27c pr. 

A2-166 Corrugated Strap Hin 
ges, wrought steel, 4-in., 7c; 

5-in., 9c; 6-in., 12c ; 8-in., 

17c ; 10-in., 25c ; 12-in., 86c. 
A2-167 Common Wrought Steel 

Loose Pin Butts, 3x3, 8c pr.; 

3x3K. 8c pr.; 3^x3, lOc pr ; 

3%x3%, lOc pr. ; 3%x4, IOC 

pr.;4x3%. 12c pr. ; 4x4, 12c 

A2-168 Narrow Steel Butts, %, 

in., 2c pr. ; 1-in. 2c pr. ; Hi 

2/5, 1 ^in., 3c pair; l%in. 

8%c pr. ; 2-in., 4c pr. : 2%, 

2>|, 2% in., 5c pr. ; 3-in., 6c pr. 

A2-169 Fancy Butts, ball tip loose pin, plain bronze 
or antique, copper finish, 3x3, 3%x3%, 25c pair , 
4x4, 30c pair ; 4^x4^ 85c pair. 

A2-170 Self Brackets. 4x5, 5c pr. ; 5x7, lOc pr. ; 7x, 
12c pr. ; 8x10, IScpr. 

A2-171 Cupboard Catches, 
with porcelain knob 6c , 
japanned with turn 
lOc, plain bronze oran 
tique copper finish 20c. 

A2-172 Drawer Pull*, japanned, plain, 15c doz. ; 
Fancy bronze or antique copper finish, Sceach, 
BOc doz. 

A2-173 Window Lifts, Japanned, 15c doz ; antique 
copper finish, 25c doz. ; bronze finish 40c doz. 

A2-174 Sash Fasts Japanned 7c each ; Plain Copper 
12c ; Ornamental 15c. 

Night Latches 

All copper or japanned, 50c. each. 

Yale Reversible Tubular Latches, japanned finish 
$1.36 and $1.65 each. 

Yale Night Latch, all copper finish, a very hand 
some lock, $2.00 each. 

Pad Locks 

Yl.- PH<! Locks. 75c and 81.00 eauh. 
Common Part Locks, lOc, 12c, 15o, 25c and ;i - 


Rim Locks, lOc and 25c. 
Mortice Locks, 15c and 25c. 

Door Knobs 

A2-175JetorPorcelain.\\ llh 
enameled trimmings, lur 

per pair. 
A2-176 Porcelain with nickel trimmings, 2Sc paii 

Barrel Bolts 

A2-177 Plain japanned finish, 3-in., 5c; 4-iu., 5c- 
5-in.,7c; 6 in., lOc. 

linish, 3-in., ftc ; 
4-in.. lOc ; 5-in., 

A2-179 Chain Door Fasteners, 20c and 80c. 

Door Bells 

A2-180 Push Button BellM-inch plateil ong. fanc-y 

brass, antique copper or bronze finished push 

plates, price ?1.36 each. 
A2-181 Rotary Door Bell, 3-inch gong, assorted 

fancy turns and finishes, 85c each. 
A2-1S2 Rotary Bell, 3-in. gong.fancy antique copper 

ffuished turn, special 50c each. 


A2-183 Door Stops, lor wall with rubber tip, SOcdoz. 

" " "floor " band, DC each. 
A2-1M Brass-finished Sideboard Drawer Fulls, 40c 

60c and 65c doz. 

Solid brass 18c and 20c each. 
A2-185 Ebony Drap Handles. Re each. 
A2-196 Coat Hooks, japanned, 15c and 25c I!OA 

Wire, lOc, 15c and 25c doz. 

Fancy Iron Antique Copper-finished Coat nu-i 

Hat Hooks, 50c, 75c and 90c doz. 


Common Hinge Hasps, 5c. and lOc. 

Safety " " 7c. 

Take-No-Riek Lock Hasp, closes liko the ordinal 
hasp, but cun be locked, supplied with two lial 
l, 25c. 






A patent devise for doing any repairs to shoes or 
harness, belts, bags, etc., supplied with one bent 
and one straight needle and bobbin, and as the 
name implies is Awl-U-Want (see out), price 
45c. each. 

A 2-204 Nail Pullers, 7Bc each. 
A2-205 Little Giant Nail Puller, superior quality 
with extra tempered 
jaws, 81.25. 

A2-206 Cobblers Outfits 
for home repairing 
Economical, 65c. 
Bonanza, $1.11. 
Complete consisting 
of tools for mending 
boots, tinware and 
harness, 81.75 set. 

Spades and Shovels 

A2-207 Olds D. Handle Spade, 59c. 
Olds D. Handle Round or Square 

Mouth Shorel, 59c. 
Jones D. Handle Spades, 90c. 
Jones D. Handle Shovels, 90c. 
Jones Scoop Shovel, 81.25. 

Poultry Netting 

1 foot high, 2-in. mesch. per roll of 50 yards, 67o. 
1% feet high, 2-in. mesch, perroll oi 50 yards, 900. 

2 feet high, 2-in. mesh, per roll of 60 yards, 81.33. 

3 feet high, 2-in. mesh, per roll of 50 yards, $1.95. 

4 feet high, 2-in. mesh, per roll of 30 yards, 82.67. 

5 feet high, 2-in. mesh, per roll of 50 yards, 83 34. 

6 feet high, 2-in. mesh, per roll of 50 yards, 83.97. 




Cotton Net, regulation size, plain, 81.85. 
Cotton Net, regulation size, canvas bound 82.75. 
Cotton Net, regulation size, canvas bound and 
heavily tarred to withstand the damp ness 83.00. 

Tennis Poles 

Turned hardwood, oil finish, complete with 
guy ropes and stakes, 75c. set. 
Tennis Balls 

Regulation Ball, 25c. earh, 82.75 doz. 
Wright and Ditson s championship, 1906, 35c. 
each. 84.00 doz. 
Ayer a championship, 1906, 40c. each, 84.0doz. 

Tennis Rackets 

Spalding s make, Favorite, 81.26. Geneva, 
81.75. Greenwood, 82.25, Lakeside, 83.00. Van 
tage, 83.45. Slocum, 84.00 

Wright and Ditson s Rackets, The Hub, B,85. 
The Park, 82.75. The Longwood, $3.65. The 
Champion, 84.50. 

The Kent. These rackets are rapidly coming to 
the front and are excellent values, made of select 
ed material and with the best workmanship 

obtainable. Princetown, 81.00. Windsor, 81.50. 
Springfield, 82.00. 
Duplex Tennis Marker, $3.00 each. 


Our Footballs are all made of specially selected 
stock and made up in the most careful manner. 
No. 3 Association or Rugby complete, with blad 
der, $1.50, No. 4 $1.75, No. 5 $2.00, No. 6 $2.25. 

Covers only, No. 3, $1.00 ; No. 4, $1.10 ; No. 5, 
81.25 ; No. 6, 81.50. 

Bladders only, No. 3 Association or Bugby, 50c ; 
No. 4, 65c ; No. 5, 75c , No. 6, 75c. 

Football Shin Guards 

Canvas with cane splints, 30c. pair, leather with 
cane splints, 45c pair, leather with cane splints 
and ankle pads, 75c., 90c., $1.15. 


Catcher s Deckers. No. 1 
boys, 10c., 25c., 35c., 50c., 
75c. No. 2, men s, $1.00, 
81 .25, 81.60, 82.25, 83.00, 84.00 

Finger Gloves. No. 3, 
boys, 25c., 35c., 50c., 75c., 
81.00. No. 4, men s, 81.25, 
81.50, 81.75, 82.00. 

No. 5, Masks, 25c., 50c., 
$1.00. Extra heavy steel 
wire enamelled black with 
special padding, 81. 50, $1.75, 82.25 and $2.50 each. 

No.6, Balls. Boss, 5c., Raltler,8c., Kingofths 
Fields, lOc. Boys Favorite, 15c. King of the 
Diamonds, a very fine ball, 35c. Amateur, 45c. 
Professional, 65c. Spalding s Official League, fully 
guaranteed, 81.25 each. Bats, child s, 5c. and 
lOc. NO. 8, Spalding s, boys, 25c. No. 9, Spald 
ing s, men s 0/x, 45c. No. 10, Spalding s men s 
3/0, 65c. No. 11, Spalding s autograph, 85c. each. 


We handle the celebrated Lally s Lacrosse sticks 
which have been on themarket for years. No. 12, 
boys sticks, 25c. and 45c. eacli. No. 13, youths , 
75c. No. 14, men s sticks, selected hickory frames 
well strung, 81.00 and $1.25. No. 15, Lally s xxx, 
81.75. No. 15, Lally s special hickory frames with 
English clock cord stringing, price 82.50. 

LACBOSSE BALLS. No. 16, boys india rubber, 5c. 
and lOc, No. 17, regulation lacrosse ball, 35c. each. 


No. IS, Single End Striking Bags, 
$1.25, *1.50, 82.00, $2.50, $3.00, 83.75, 
85.00. . 

No. 19, Double End Striking Bags 
81.50, 81.75, $2.50 $3.00, $3.50, $4.25. 

No. 20, Boxing Gloves, boys, $1.25 
and $1.75 set. Men s, $1.50, $2.00, 
$2.50,$3.00, 83.25, $4.00, $4.50 to 86.00. 


No. 21, boys S joint bamboo, 15c. No. 22, 3 Joint 
bamboo with brass ferrules, 25c. No. 23, 3 joint 
bamboo with double brass ferrules, reel seat and 
line guides, 50c. No. 24, 4 joint rod, game as above, 

Split Bamboo Rods 

No. 25, 3 joint, with extra tip in wood form 
andbag, $1.25. No. 26. better grades with same 
specifications, 81.75, 82.75, 84.00. 

Lanoewood Rods 

No. 27, 3 joint trout or bass rod with real seat 
and ring guides, 81.25. No. 28, same as above, 
with extra tips, and better bound. 82.50. No. 29, 
combination trout or bass, trunk rods, 5 joints to 
be used for trout, or 4 joints for bass, very handy 
for travelling, price $2.50. 


No. 30. 25 foot furnished line, 5c. No. 31, 50 foot 
furnished line, lOc. No. 32. 50 foot braided cotton 
line on card, for trout or bass. lOc. No. 33, 75 foot 
48 thread braided line on card, trout or bass, 20c. 
No. 34, senate oil silk, 10 yds. on card, trout, lOc., 
bass, 20c. No. 25, cuttynunk, pure Irish linen 
line, 50 feet on card, 25c. No. 36, otter enameled 
raw silk lines, 25 yds, on card, trout, 20c., bass, 
25c. No. 37, enameled silk lines, very fine quality, 
25 yds. on card, 5, 35c., 4, 50c., 3, 65c. 


No. 38, competition click, brass, 15c., nickel 
plated, 25c., double multiplying reel with click 

and drag, nickel plated. 40 yds., 50c, 60 ydf 
80 yds., $1.00. hard rubber frame with I 
plated trimmings, $1.25. 

No. 39, Coburg, Fluted Dominion Kidn 
Willow Leaf Patterns, all sizes, lOc. each. 
Baits, 15c. each. No. 40, phantom minnows 
4 or 5, 35c.,6and7, 50c. 


No. 41, egg or barrel! shaped, 5c. & lOc. I 
sinkers, 1 to 6, lOc. doz., 7 t% 8, 20c. doz., 9 & 1< 

Worm Tins, lOc. & 20c. 

Tackle Boxes, 85c. and 81.00. 

Minnow Cans, 85c. and 81.50. 

Folding Sun Hats, can be put in coat pocke 

Single Gut Hooks, 1 to 6, 15c. doz. Doubl- 
Hooks, 1 to 6, 20c., If), 20c., 2/0. 25c., 8/U, 30c 
35c. Gimp Hooks, 1/0, 25c. 2/0, 25c. 3(0, 30c. 4/ 
Twisted Gut Hooks. 2/0. 40c. 3/0, 45c. 4/0, 50c. 6/ 
Kirby Ringed Hooks, 1 to 12, lOc. per c 1 
3A>, 4/0, 20c. per c., 5/0, 6/0, 30c. perc. 

Gut Leaders, E quality, single gut, 2 yan 
C quality, single gut. 2 yards, lOc. , C quality 
gut, 3 yards. 15c. EE quality, double gnt 2 
15c. D quality, double gut, 3 yards, 25c. 

Trout Flies, asst d., 2for 5c , bass flies, asst 


The Diamond Bicycles which have 
such good satisfaction in the past two year 
be found in our display rooms again this s> i 
Model 43 

Gents 20, 22 or 24 inch frame, W e cold < I 
steel tubing, 2% drop frame, enamelled blac 

Eiece drop forged cranks, Spindle hubs, adju i 
andle tars and saddle, Dunlop tires, cor 

with tools and tool bag, price- 2(1 

With New Departure Coaster and brake, 
__ _ j i 

Ladies wheels the same price as men s. 


Dunlop Tires, complete, 28 x IK or \%, 
pair. Dunlop inner Tubes, only 28 x 
\y g , 81.25. Dunlop Covers, 28 x 1% or 1%, 
Morgan & Wright s double tube, tires, coir 
28 x iy, or 1%, 87.00., covers only, 82.75, innei 
only, 81 10. Schrader Valves, complete 
mushroom, 15c. Valves only lOc. Mushrooi 
Patching Rubber. 4x4, 5c. Grips, 15c. an 
pair. Pedals, $1.00 & $1.25 pair. Bells, 15< 
and 35c. Push Button Bells, 60c Bicycle 1 
lOc. 15c. and 25c. Bicycle Wrenches, 15c. 

Hand Pumps, lOc. Foot P 
35c. &75c. Hand Pump Connec 
5c. Foot Pump Connections 
Bicycle Oil, 5c. lOc. and20c. t 
Chain Graphite, 5c. stick, 
maker s Lubricant, 15c. tube, 
lop s Patching Solution, 5e. 
Jiflord s Solution for single 
tires, lOc. Wood Rim Cement in 
5c., in bottles lOc. Pant Clif 
pair. Bicycle Lacing, black orm 
cotton, 15c. Bilk, 20c. Toe Clip 
& 25c. pair. 


Made with walnut stock and all therestof 
highly polished, King, single shot, 9ftc. Kir , 
shot repeater, 81. 15. King. 500 shot repeater, 
Queen, take down single shot, 81.25. BB eh i 
air rifles, lOc. Darts for air rifles, 60c. doz. 



Trunks, Bags, Telescopes, Suit Cases 

carry one of the largest assort 
act travel ling goods on the mark 
We buy from the best manufac 
8, therefore can guarantee tha 
s are what we claim for style anc 


. Gents Victoria Club Bar deep 
le, lolid leather, leather lined 
ther covered frame, hand sewn 
ble leather, in colors brown, olive 
jlark, solid brass lock and mount- 
s, 14-in., 86.50 ;16-in., $7.00 ; 18-in 
rO ; 2u-in., $8.00. 

Gents Bag. the strongest and 
3t seiviceable bag on the market, 
e same as A4-125 but made up in 
sh walrus grain, with two handles 
11 audrivetted to steel frame, full 
.her lined, with inside pockets, 
n.,$8.25; 18-in. .88. 75; 20-in., $9.25. 

Ladies Victoria Club Bag. 
ipstyle, solid leather, leather lined 
f covered frame, in black, brown 
live, strong but small handle, a 
i :e but light bag, especially adapt- 
for ladies use, nice lock and 
eners, 14-in., $5.00; 16-in., 85.40 ; 
1.. $5.80. 

7. Genuine Alligator Club Bag, 
berimed, leather covered frame, 
a bras mountings, 12-in., $5.00 ; 
1., $5.50 ; 16-in., $6.25 ; 18-in., 

). A Genuine Cross Grain Bag, 
es style, leather lined, leather 
2red frame, solid brass mounted. 

makes a very nobby bag, in 
er olive or brown color. 14-in., 
JO; 16 in., $4.75 : 18-in., $5 00. 
7. Cross Grain Leather Club Bag, 
her lined with pocket, steel 

oe, brassmountings, 12-in., $2.55 ; 

[a., $2.85; 16-in., $3.15 ; 18-iu., 

[ ). Same Bag as A4-287, but with 
leather lining and leather cover- 
I frame, leather covered steel 
I die. with strap attachments, 14-in 
3 ; 16. $4.25 ; 18, $4.50. 

A4-268. Leather Club Bag, linen lined, [Address Tags, leather, with strap to 
with pocket, steel frame, good lock, buckle, valise size, single space, 5c ; 

trunk size, double space, lOc each. 
Tnmk strapSi j.^ 45c . % 55Cj % 

brass mountings, 10-in.. 90c; 12, 81.15 
14; 81.40 : 16, $1.65; IS, $1.90. 

A4-24S. A light serviceable bag for 
gentleman s use, made in pebble 
leather without corner seams, full 
leather lined, with inside pocket, 
colors brown and black, 14-in., $5.50 ; 
16, $6.00 ; 18, 86.50. 

A4-226. Lawyer s Brief Bag, hand- 
sewn, black pebble grain leather, 
leather lined, solid brass mount 
ings, 16-in. ,84.85 : 18, 85.15 -.20, $5.50. 

A4-259. Surgical Bag. chamois lined, 
loops for holding bottles, 16-in., 
84.50 ; 18, $4.75. 

Gladstone Bags 

A.4-127. Gladstone style, solid cross 
grain leather, leather lined, extra 
heavy j apanned frame, brass lock 
and mountings. 18-in., $7.90 ; 20, 8.30 ; 
22, $8.70 ; 24, $9.10. 

A4-807. Same as A4-127, with linen 
lining, 16-in., $4.70 ; 18, $5.00 J 20, 
$5.30 ; 22 ; $5.BO ; 24, $5.90. 

A4-333. Gladstone style, grain leather, 
linen lined, japanned frame, brass 
lock and mountings, 16-in $2.25 ; 18, 
82.55; 20, 82.85 ; 22, $3.15 ; 24, $3.40. 

Telescopes, Etc. 

A4-198. Canvas Telescope, leather 
bound, capped corners, wood sup 
port in bottom, 16-in., 82.00 18, $2.25: 
20, $2.50; 22 $2.75; 24, $3 .00; 26, 83.25. 

A4-193. Leather Bound Canvas Cover 
ed Teleicope Valise, rivetted edgei 
outside straps 16-in., $1.10 : IK, 
$1.35 ; 20, $1.60 ; 22, $1.85 , 24, $2,10 ; 
26, $2.35. 

5. Solid Leather Club Bag, brass 
intings, Al lock, steel frame, 
n lined, with pocket, UMn., 
0; 12-m., 82.25 ; 14-m., $2.50 ; 16- 
$2.75; 18-in., $3.00. 
6. SameasA4-2- <. r > 1 tmt3-in. deep- 
14-in., $3.25 : 16. $3.50 ; 18, $3.75. 

A4-191. Heavy Canvas Telescope 

Bag, leather corners, rivetted 

edges, 14-in., 45c ; 16, 55c : 18, 65c ; 

20, 85c ; 22. $1.00 ; 24, $1.10 ; 16, $1.20. 
Shawl or Rug Straps, 10, 15, 20, 25, 45c 


A4-194. Canvas Covered Telescope Suit 
Case, leather bound and capped cor 
ners, handle onside. Ifi-in , $1.00 ; is, 
$1.25 ; 20, $1.50 ; 22. $1.75 ; 24, 2.00 
26. $2.25. 

Gladstone Bag Straps, %-in., 15c ; %, 

Shoulder Straps, with snaps and 

swivels, %-in., 30 ; %-in., 35c. 
Fibre Lunch Boxes, 10, 15, 20c each. 
Folding Lunch Boxes, 25c each. 


Suit Cases 

A4-158. Solid Leather Suit Case, linen 
lined, flap in lid for shirt, solid brass 
mountings, ]S-in., $6.50 ; 20, $7.00; 
22, $7.50 ; 24, $8.00 ; 26, JS.50. 

A4-158%. Same as A4-158, with follow 
ing extra. 1%-in. deeper, with two 
heavy straps around, 22-in., $8.25 . 
24, 89,00 ; 26, $9.75. 

A isL. Same as A4-158, with leather 
.laing, 22-inch. $9.00; 24, $9.50 ; 26 

A4-157. Same as A4-157% with two 
outside straps all around, 22-in., 
$6.00;24,$6.0;26, $7.00. 

A4-159, Same as A4-157J4, but 1% in 
ches deeper,22-in. 86.00; 24, $6.25 ; 26, 

A4-159Spl. Same as A4-159, with two 
outside straps all around, 22-in., 
$6.50 : 24, $7.00 ; 26, $7.50. 

A4-626. Solid Leather Suit Case, 
French sewn edges, leather capped 
corners, two square cornered clasps 
and a good brass lock, full linen 
lined, with pockets and straps inside, 
22-in., 6.50 ; 24, 87.00 ; 26, 87.50. 

A4-157%. Leather Suit Case, steel 
frame, brass lock and clasps inside, 
straps and pocket, 22-in., 85.00 ; 24, 
$5.50 ; 26, 86.00. 

Hat Boxes 

A4-105H. Lidies 1 Hat Trunk, black 
enamelleJ cloth, or grey canvas cov 
ered hardwood slats, leather handles 
brass mountings and good lock, 18-in. 
square, fixtures for five hats, also 
glove tray, $6 00. 

A4-175. Gents Hat Boxes. No. 1 quali 
ty, plush lined, $5.75 ; No. 2 quality, 

A4-171D. No. 1 quality, plush lined, 
will hold two hats, $7.50. 


A4-33. Duck Covered Waterproof 
Painted Trunk, extra heavy teel 
binding, heavy hardwood slats, twc 
trays, with covered hnt boxes, 30 in., 
$5.60 ; 32, $5.90; 34, $6.20 , 36, 86.50 ; 

U-102%. The best cheap trunk on 
the market. A square duck covered 
trunk, hardwood slats, steel binding 
and corner bumpers, iron covered 
bottom, deep tray with covered hat 
and boot boxes, two outside straps 
Al lock, 30 .in., $4.70; 32, $5.00 ; 34, 
85.30; 36, $5.60: 

A4-106. Duck Covered Trunk, brass 
bound, hardwood slats, sheet iron 
bottom, two leather straps, outside, 
deep tray, good lock and clamps, 2S 
in., $4.00; 30, $4.25; 32, $4.50 ; 34, 
$4.75 ; 36, $5.00. 

A4-106K. Duck Covered Trtmk, water 
proof painted, flat top, iron covered 
bottom, hardwood slats, iron bind 
ing, tray with covered hat box, 2* 
in., $2.40; 30, $2.70 ; 32. $3.00; S4. 
S3.30 ; 36 $3.60. 

. Square Duck Covered Water 
proof Trunk, hardwood slats, steel 
bound, excelsior brass lock linen 
lined, two trays with covered hat 
boxes, 32 in., 86.00; 34, $6.50; 86, 
$7.00 : 40, $8.25. 

[A4-38A. Special, same as A4-S8, with 
two extra straps around, 32in., $7.25 
34, 87.75 ; 36, 88.25; 40, 89.50. 

A4-105. Saratoga style, embossed met 
al, iron covered bottom, corner 
bumpers, fall-in tray with covered 
hat and boot boxes, 28 in., 83.20 ; 30, 
$3.40 ; 32, $3.70 ; 34, $4.00 ; 36, 84.25. 

The Eatonia, a special trunk at a 
pecial price, it is a strong, durable, 
mart looking trunk, waterproof can- 
as covered, brass bound, on one half- 
nch hard wood slats, two straps rivet 
ed on sneet iron bottom, two lever 
ock, heavy brass clamps, deep cover- 
=d tray and hat box. Sizes 32 in.. $5 00- 
4, $5.50 

A4-24. Barrel top, metal covered, 
hardwood slats iron covered bottom, 
corner bumpers, tray and covered 
hat box, 28 in., $2.50 ; 30, $2.70 : 32, 
83.00; 34, $3.30 ; 36, $3.60. 

A4-108. Barrel top, metal covered, 
hardwood slats, tray and covered 
hnt box, 28 in., $1.80 ; 30, $2.10 ; Si, 
$2.40 ; <M, 82.70 ; 36, $3.00. 

A4-103. Square Duck Covered Trunk, 
extra heavy brass binding, all 
mountings rivetted on by hand, two 
outside straps, full linen lined, two 
trays, Yale lock, heavy castors, 30 
in., $7.80 ; 32, in., $8.40 ; 34 in., $9.W ; 
36 in., $9.60 ; 40 in. $10.75. 

A4-102. Same as A4-103, with follow 
ing extras, each hardwood alat is 
iron wrapped at ends under bras> 
clamps, top tray is fitted with hat, 
parasol, glove boxes, etc., 30 in 
18.60 : 32. 89.00 ; 34, $9.50 ; 36, $10.00 ; 
40, $11.50. 

A4-D. Canvas-covered Stateroom 
Trunk, extra heavy brass mounted, 
leather bound, iron covered bottom, 
two outside straps, tray and cover 
ed boxes, linen lined."32-in., $6.50 
34, $6.75 ; 36, $7.00 ; 40, $7.50. 

A4-F. Stateroom Trunk, centre and 
edges steel bound, hardwood slats 
bound with brass, iron covered 
bottom, tray, good lock and clasps 
32-in., 84.25 ; 34, 84.50 ; 36, $4.75. 

A4-G. Stateroom Trunk, canvas cover 
ed, steel bound, hardwood slats, iron 
covered bottom, shallow tray, with 
covered boxes, 32-in., $3.30 ; 84". 83.60 
36, 83.90. 



Harness Department 

This is our Special Single Buggy Harness, and 
is made up from No. 1 stock. The best and cheap- 
i st harness on the market to-day, and at this low- 
price we fully guarantee it. 

Our Klondike No. 108 Buggy Harness 

The best hai.,--s3 ever offered for the money. 

DESCRIPTION. Britilu Ja-inth, lox loops. scrolled 
blinds, chain front, neat nickel rosettes, over- 
check. Lines luXl-inch, all black or half 
russet. Breast collar Wide single strap, well 
curved out and felt lined, with single strap 
neck strap. Traces 1%-inch, sewn to brea>t 
collar, doubled and stitched at ends. Saddle- 
Swinging bearer style, 8-inch tree, full padded 
patent leather skirts, leather lined, 1-inch sewn 
bearers. Shaft Tugs 1-iiich, with billet, box 
loops. Belly bands Single strap, l}:j-inch in 
side, 1-inch outside, with keepers to slide. 
Breeching 1%-inch body, side straps %-inch, 
hip strap, %-inch, crupper, flaxseed stuffed. 
Mountings Nickel on composition or imitation 
rubber. Price, 12.00. 

Our No. 101 Single and Stitched 
Buggy Harness 

This we call our "Farm Special" being made 
especially for our farm patrons. 

Bridle %-inch box looped cheeks, patent leather 
blinds, round stays, over-check, good front and 
rosettes. Lines- %-inch front, 1-inch hand 
part, half-russet or all black. Traces and Breast 
Collar Folded breast collar and layer, well 
shaped, 1^-inch layer with box loops, IM-inch 
double and stitched traces, to buckle to breast 
collar. Saddle 2K-inch full padded, patent 
leather skirts and Jockey, leather lined, 1-inch 
bearers and shaft tugs. 1%-inch folded and 1- 
inch strap (to slide) belly band. Breeching 
Wide folded seat, 1%-inch layer, %-lnch breech 
ing straps, %-inch hip straps, flaxseed stuffed 
crupper. Mountings Nickel on composition. 
14.65. Imitation rubber, 14.65. 
Single Strap, Single Harness 

This Harness is made of select stock and well 
finished all through. 

DESCRIPTION. Bridle %-inch boxed loops, fancy 
scrolled patent leather winkers, with round 
stays, good chain front, and crystal rosettes, 
over or side cheek. Lines 1%-ineh, with steel 
spring billets, half russet or all black. Breast 
Collar Folded, wide layer three row stitchinR, 
boxed loops. Traces 1%-inch, double and 
stitched, buckle to breast collar. Saddle 3-inch 
tree, pa tent leather skirt and jockey, full padded 
and leather lined, finest quality sewn bearers 
and shaft tugs. Belly Bands Folded inside, 
single strap, snlkey hitch (or wrap) outside. 
Breeching l 3 4-incli folded seat, wide layer with 
three rows stif-hing, 54-inch hip strap, %-inch 
side strap, scalloped back strap, flaxseed stuffed 
crupper. Mountings Nickel on composition, 
1575 Solid nickel, Price, 16.50. Genuine 
rubber, 17.25. 

Our No. 113 Single Strap Buggy 

This harness is made up of select stock, and in 

a nice smooth finish, round edges. 

Bridle %-inch box loop check with square patent 
leather blinds, round stays, chain front, crystal 
rosettes, over-check. Lines 1-inch front, lj a - 
inch hand part, half russet or all black with steel 
billets. Traces IX-inch strap traces, double 
and stitched ends sewn to a well -shaped breast 
collar. Saddle 3-inch patent leather jockey 
and skirts, full pa lded and leather lined, 1-inch 
sewn bearer, 1-inch shaft tugs, 1%-inch x 1-iuch 
slide belly bands. Breeching 1%-inch seat, 
%-inch side strap, %-inch hip straps, scalloped 
backs trap with U axseed stuffed crupper. Mount 
ingsNickel on composition, price...... 15.00 

Mountings. Solid nickel, price 16.25 

Mountings. Genuine Rubber, price 17.00 

Our No. 106 Collar and Hame 

Be sure to send size of collars. 


I idlc %-ineh box loop pattern, leather blinds, 
chain front, neat nickel rosettes, over-check. 
Lines %-inch, black or half-russet. Breast 
Collar wide single strap, with single strap, 
neck strap, Traces 1%-mch. sewn to Breast 
Collar, doubled and stitched at ends. Saddle 
Single strap, skirt, padded jockey. 1-inch sewn 
bearer, 1-inch shaft tugs, with %-lnch billet box 

L.^.n Dnlln VMinHo Qintrl/i trun IXi.inpVl. Inside. 

The greatest value ever seen in this style. Seal 
showy and stylish. 

Bridle %-inch box looped cheeks, large blinds 
round stays, chain front, metal rosettes, side 
check, dexter bit, nose band. Collar and 
Hames Half patent, surrey weight collar, single 
cimft, full plated hames, Hame tugs, IX-inch 
clipped to hame. Traces IMinchraised double 
and stitched. Lines IVj-inch all black or half 
russet. Saddle -4-iuch full patent leather skirts 
and jockeys, leather lined, lV-inch sliding 
bearer, heavy shaft tugs With billet for folded 
belly bands. Trimmings Nickel on compo 
sition, price, 25. OO. Brass, price, 26.00. 

Our No. 36 Light Double Driv 

Be sure to send size of collars. 

A very stylish little harness at a very low ] 
Bridle %-inch box loop cheeks, neat p 
leather blinds, overcheck, chain fronts, 
rosettes. Collars and Hames Half paten 
lars, full nickle hames, lU-tooh box 1< 
hame tuss. Traces 1%-in. double and stit 
Pads Light with neat housings, scalloped 
strap with flaxseed stuffed crupper. Line , 
black or half russett, good length. I 
Straps 1%-inch with %-inch martingales 
bined. Mountings Nickle on compositi 

imitation rubber, price, 26.50 
Mountings Genuine rubber, price 


Our No. A4-1 Team Working Har < 

Be sure to send size of collars. 

A good general purpose farm Harness. 

DF.-IT.IITION. Bridle %-inch cheeks, plai 
ther blinds (or open if desired), stiff or j< 
bit. Lines %-inch, with snaps and spre 
Collars leather faced, open top. Hames 
top, wood, steel bound. Hame Tugs l 1 ^: 
with double grip trace buckle. Traces I, 1 
3-plyx6 feet long, iron cockeys at ends, 
tmgales 1%-inch. Breast Straps 1%-in. 
slides and snaps. Back Bands Padded,) 
lined, fancy housings. Back Straps with 
led cruppers and hi p straps. Mountings- 
plate. Price, 31. OO 

Our No. A4-2 is the same as No. A4-1, with f 
ing changes (making it heavier), hame 
traces, breast straps and martingales ai i 
inch ; lines, 1-inch. Complete, 33.2 

Our No. A4-8 same as No. 1 team with exec i 
of : Check reins flat : back bands plaii 
with felt housings, no hooks or terrets, 2 -i 

No. 10 Bush or Truck Harnes 

PR sure to send size of collars. 

Made for heavy work on road or farm. 
Bridles K-inch cheeks, heavy blinds, stro 
straps sand nose bands, stiff or joint* 1 * 
round stays and checks. Lines 1%-incl 
length, with snaps. Collars Long straw 
top, cloth or leather faced. Hames 
concord bolt, varnished. Traces 2 in. : 

-ry heavy) with triple stitched and heavy 
el (ham. Martingale and Breast Straps 2-in. 
tra heavy stock with snaps and slides, 
otch Breeching 2-incli folded seat, 1%-inch 
.er.l-ineh crotch straps to market tug (to 

i Id up trace) then to name, 1-inoh breeching 
aps. 21-inch hip straps from large ring on 
p. Mountings X. C. plate, price 40.00 

Np. 9 Team Farm Harness 

Be sure to send size of collars, 
little heavier than the ordinary, 
le %-inch cheeks, square winkers, nickle or 
ther fronts, Dickie rosettes, round winker 
ys and cheeks, nose bands with bit straps 
T or Jointed bits. Lines 1 inch.good length, 
th snaps. Collars Tnoug sewn, leather faced, 
jn top, Hames Lk>ncord bolt, varnished, IV- 
ti x 18-inch name tugs, strong trace buckle 
inch x 8-ply traces, triple stitched. Breast 
IDS and martingales l^-inch heavy stock 
:h snaps and slides. Back Bands, etc. A 
11 padded back band, with faucv housing 
3k and terrets, %-inch back and hip straps, 
3kled crupper, heavy folded belly bands, 
untings X. C. plate. Price 32.00 No. 11 
ue as No. 9, but with 1%-inch hame tugs, 
ces, martingales and breast straps. Price 

No. T Special Team Harness 

Be sure to send size of collars, 
es %-ineh cheeks, square leather winkers. 
d fronts and rosettes, round stays and 
cks. A good strong work collar, leather or 
th facd open top. han i stuffed. Hames A 
>ng iron bound bolt hame, with 1%-ineh x 3- 
traces, triple sewn and a heavy heel chain 
;nd. Martingales and Breast Straps nj-in. 
ivy stock w th slides and snaps. Buck Bands, 
.Well padded back bands, neat housing 
ik and terreta. folded belly bands, %-inch 
k and hip straps. Mountings X.C. plate 
ce31.00- No. 8 > SRme ** No. ?, with 1%- 
h traces, martingales, breast straps and 1-in. 
a. Price 33. 5Q. 

. 15 Team Work Farm Harness 

Be snre to send size of collars. 

lially adapted for plowing and breaking up 
r country or can be put on the road. 
es A regular halterbridle with 1% cheeks, 
wn, etc., with strap to snap to bits Hames 
.ightop, wood with 1%-mchx 18-inch tugs, 
n to a combination square and hook to fas- 
a felt lined back band, the belly band.billet 
ia long steel trace chain covered with pipes. 
-* Vinch. good length, with snaps. Col- 
Hand stuffed, leather or cloth laced, open 
Martingales and Breast Straps IK-inch 
vy stock, with snaps and spreaders. Mount- 
-1 X. C. plate. Price 23-50- No. 16 same 
To. 15, with 1%-inch hame tugs, martingales. 
ast Straus and 1-inch lines. Price 25-25, 

>ur Special Carriage Harness 

-%-inch. Traces Strap 1%-inch, with 4 
m end with O. &S. Hames. Lines%-inch 
s witn 1-inch hand parts. Martingales 
h. Breast Straps 1%-inch. Collars Plain 
i -her. Back Straps ?i-inch, flax stuffed, Crup- 
dock, made up of No. 1 stock, 22.50. 

Alterations on Team Harness 

iking off collars on A4-1 and A4-2 will allow 
B from price of set. On Nos. A4-3 and A4-6 
will allow 84.00 from price of set. On A4-10 
1 1 allow $5.00 from price of set. For putting 
%-inch breeching team farm harness Instead 
mckbands, add 83.00, for putting on No. 1 
breeching add $2.60: For putting on % 
I -eh breeching ( instead of hip strap) on teain 
Q harness, add $2.50 to price of set, For 
ch crotch breeching add $3.50 to set. 
m Traces, 6 f t. , J6.75 set, 
" $8.45 set. 
" " $10.00 set. 

rtices, $11-. 75 set. 

6 ft., Single Strap Traces, $1.75 pair. 
" " $1.85 pair. 
6 ft. 6. double and stitched, $2.25 pair. 
6 ft. 6 " " " $1.95 pair. 

6 ft. 6 $2.70 pair. 

C ft. 6 $2.30 pair. 

= IK-inch. 60c each ; 1%-inch, 70c 
h : 2-inch. 8Ucech. 

i Straps %-inch. 12c each ; %-inch, 15c each; 
nch. Kic each ; 1-inch, 20c each ; lU-inch, 22c 
h: I ., --inch. 25c. 



Lines lxl%-inch, % russet, 81.50 pair ; 1x1^- 
iuch, Solid Nickel Steel Billett, S1.85 pair; 
1 xl 1 ^-inch, genuine rubber, $1. So pair; No. 36, 
Carriage Lines, genuine rubber, 42.85 pair ; No. 
86 Carriage Lines, nickel or imitation tubber, 
82. 70 pair ;% inch Single Beaded Lines, $5.00; 
%-inch Team Lines, $3.10 pair; 1-inch Team 
Lines, $3.4i pair; IVJ-inch Teum Lines, $8.70 
pair; IJi-inch Tenm Lines, $4. 35 pair. 

Breeching Straps J-inch single, 30c each ; 1-inch 
single, 36c each; 1%-inch single, 40c eai-h. 

Bridles-No. 108, nickel, $3.00 each; No. 106, 
brass or nickel, $3.75 each; No. 110, brass or 
nickel, $3.50 each ; %-inch Track Bridle, $4 75 
each; X inch Track Bridle, $4.75 each; No. 105 
imitation rubber or nickel, $2.75 each; No 3 
an 1 No. 6 Team Bridles. $5.25 pair ; No. 1 Team 
Bridles, $4. 75 pair. 

Belly Bands Team, 660 each ; No. 108, $1.05 each; 
No. luo, 75c each. 

Halters 1%-inch Sewn Halters, $1.35 each ; 1-inch 
Sewn Halters, $1.25 each; 1%-inch Rivetted 
Halters, $1.10 each; 1-inch Rivetted Halters. 
$1.00 each. 

Weight Strap 1-inch x 7ft., 40c; 1-inch x 12 ft., 
750 ; IJ^-inch x 7 ft., 65e ; 1%-inch x 12 ft, 90c. 

Spread Straps Composition Kings, 90c pair, 
Brass Rings, $2.00 pair ; Celluloid Rings, $2.50 

Tie Straps %-inch, with Snap, 30c each ; %-inch, 
with snap, 35c each ; 1-inch, with snap, 40c 
each ; Leather Surcingles, 90c each. 


Team Ring Bits, stiff or Jointed, X. C. plate, lOc 


Team Ring Bits, stiff, nickel, 20c each. 
Nickel Snaffle Bit, stiff or jointed, loc each. 

The Imperial" Bit, which 

Ereveuts side pulling or 
iwing the tongue ; it 
can be used as a very 
severe bitor as a straight 
bit, X. C.. $1.00; nickel, 

Liverpool Curb Bit, nickel, $1.00 : solid nickel 


Full Check-riding Bits, stiff or jointed, 20c. 
Pelham Curb Riding Bits, stiff or jointed, nickel 


Large Ring Jointed Racing Bits 50c. 
Check Bits, in nickel or black, jointed or stiff, 


Imitation Rubber Snaffle Bit 

stiff or jointed, ISc ea. 
Imitation RubberSnaffle Bit, 
stiff or jointed, with oroide 

tips, 25c ea. 

Imitation Rnhber Oroide Snaffle Bit, stiff or 
jointed, 50c ea. 

Double Twisted Wire 
Scissor Snaffle Bit, 
loc ea. 

Heavy Double Twist 
ed Wire Scissor Bit, 

The Rockwell Bit, in X. c., 20c ; in nickel, 50c. 
The Four-ring Wilson Bit.inX.C. 20c in nickel 50c 

The "Jay-Eve-See" Bit, 

X.C., 35c ea. 
"Dexter" 8naffle Bit, 

nickel, jointed or stiff, 

35c ea. 
Rubber Covered Team 

Bit, 25c ea. 

Flexible Rnhber Bits, withchain 
running through, 50c. 

Fronts or Brow Bands 

Plainer Fancy Nickel or Gilt Buggy Fronts, lOcea. 

Neat, Plain, or Fancy Chain Bugpy Fronts, loc e. 

Ji-inch Chain Front, strong, 35c ea. 

Heavier Front, strong, 45c ea. 

Team or Express Fronts, nickel or brass, plain, 

15c and 20c ea. 

Team Leather Fronts. lOc and 12c e. 
Reversible Nickel Buggy Fronts 18c ea. 
Leather Basket Buggy Fronts, 25c ea. 
Coil Axle Washers, cut them to fit an axle, 5 coils 

in box for 


Team Harness Rosette, 2%-inch, nickel or brass 

lOc pair. 

Light Nickel Rosettes, for light harness, loc pi : - 
Fancy Sorted Glass Rosettes, horse and do;: 

and floral designs, lOc pair. 

Gig Saddles 

Single Strap Skirt, padded jockey, nickel u. 

med, $2.65 
Double and Stitched Skirt, padded jockey, fancy 

housing, $3.00 each. 
No. 105 Saddle (de.<-ription on No. 105 Harness 

less shaft tugs aud belly band) $3.75 each. 
Our Flexible Kay Track Saddle, the best saddle 

on the market, light, strong, neat, will fit to a 

high withered or round horse, $9.00. 
Our No. 30 Kay Saddle, $8.00. 


Team Pad Breeching, %-inch double hip straps 
through back straps, buckle crupper, %-inch 
breeching straps, heavy folded seat and wide 
layer, X.C. trimmed with snaps, $6. 75 set; 1-inch 
straps, $7.75. 

Team Crotch Breeching (to be used without back 
bands) heavy folded seat with wide layer, %- 
inch double hip straps, sewn to large ring on 
hip (no crupper) J^-inch crotch straps running 
down to market tug (to hold traces up) then to 
names, %-inch breeching straps, X.C. trimmed 
with snaps, 88.50 set ; 1-inch straps, $9.00 set. 


We make our own col 
lars and we know 
what they are, they 
are absolutely the 
best on the market, 
all hand stuffed. 

Short Straw, with 20- 
inch wisps, leather c .1 
cloth fared, open top 
a splendid work 
collar, $2.25 each. 

Thong-Sewn, leather- 
faced collars, an ex 
cellent strong work 
collar, $2.50 each. 

Long straw collars, 
leatherorcloth faced 
open top, none better 
$3.00 each. 

Buggy Collars, leather 
faced, ^-patent, 
closed finished top, 
$25 each ; full patent $3,00 each. 

Surrey Collars, leather (russet) laced finished 
closed top, ^-patent, $3.25 each; full patent 
$3.50 each. ( 

Sweat Collars 

White Drill Sweat Pads, brown back, well padded 
aud quilted, 3 springs (send size required), 
23c each. 

No. 1 Quality, all felt pads, 4 springs, heavy stock, 
50c each. 

Harness Soaps and Dressings 

F. Miller s Harness Liquid Dressing, pint tin 25c, 
Miller s Harness Oil, 35 and 50c each 
Miller s Carriage Top Dressing, 30c tin. 
Holhngshead Castle Cream Soap Dressing 1 lb 

2oc ; 2 lb., 50c ; 5 Ibs., 90c. tin. 
Hollingshead Hoof Dressing, S5c tin. 
S. & H. Harris Composition, 10, 20 and 30u tin. 
S. & H. Harris Liquid Dressing, 20c jar. 
S. & H. Harris Saddle Snap, iOc tin 
S. & H. Harris Saddle Paste, 20c tin. 


Buggy Hames, with hame tugs attached, nickel 

trimmed. 82.75 pair. Full nickel, $3 
Concord Bolt Hames, steel bound, varnished set 

for two horses, $3.00. 
Hook Hames, for chain traces, $1.00 pair. 

Horse Brushes 

Dandy Horse Brushes, at 15o, 20c, 25c, 36c and 40c 



Join your order with your 
neighbor and make the 
shipment $25.00 or over, 
and have goods delivered 
free. See instruction: on 
page 20 9 

Groceries and Provisions 


We pay Freight or Ex 
on all Groceries e 
sugar, flour, and s: 
enclosed In $25.00 

. rrowroot, bulk, 20c per Ib. 
; -n s Arrowroot, 1 Ib tin, 25c ; : 

Asparagus, au gourmet, Long Island 

asparagus 660 glass jar. 
Asparagus in 2-lb tins, 25c. 
California Asparagus, square tin, 45c. 

Baking Powders 

\ Diamond E Brand, pure cream of 

tarter baking powder. We guar 
antee this baking powder to contain 
nothing but pure cream of tartar and 
sufficient soda to get all its rising 
qualjties, and the smallest quantity 
of dried flour to preserve its strength. 
1-lb. tin, 25c ; Jfrlb tin. ISO- 

Snowfiake Baking 
Powder, 1 Ib pkgs, 

Snowflake Baking 
Powder, 1 Ib tin, 
lOc ; ora25-lbbox, 

Assorted Sandwich, 15c Ib. 
Ib Animal, 15c Ib. 

Sutler Crackers (salt), lOc Ib. 

Sea foam, 

1 Ib tins. 

Pure Gold, 1 Ib tins. 
40e; 8-oztins, 20c; 

6-oz tins, I5c ; %-lb tins, lOc. 
Cleveland s, 16-oz tins, 45c : 1 -oz tins, 

38c ; 8-oz tins, 25c ; 6-oz tins, 20c ; 4- 

oz tins, 15c. 

Miitric Baking Powder, 1 !b tin, 20c. 
Roval, 16-oz tins, 45c ; 12-oz tins, 38c; 

8-oz tins, 25c ; 6-oz tins, 20c J 4-oz 

tins, 15c. 
Dr. Price s, 2^-lb tins,l$1.10; 16-oz tins 

4"e; 12-oz tins, 38c; 8-oz tins, 25c; 

6-oz tins, 20c. 

: ook s Friend, 20c per package. 
:i>r--( y Cream, 1 Ib tin, 25c. 
Cream of Tartar, 80c Ib. 

Baking Soda 

Bica bonate Soda, 3 Ibs for lOc. 

Cow Brand Baking Soda, % Ibpkg, 5c 

1 Ib pk--. 10. Magic, 5c and lOc. 
"Yeast Cukes, Royal. 4c per box. 
Yeast Cakes, Fleischmann s 2c cake 


Finest Pearl Barley, 5c per Ib. 
Finest Pot Barley, 3 Ibs for lOc. 
Finest Flaked Barley, 6 Ibs for 25c. 
Robinson s Paten t( see drug catalogue) 

Finest Hand-picked White Beans, 4c 

per Ib, per bushel, $2.00. 
Finest Lima Beans, 7%c per Ib. 
Beans (canned), see Canned Vege 

Beef Extracts 
Armour s Beef Extract. 25c and 45e jar 
Armour s French Potago, 2-oz btle, loo 
Armour s Fluid Beef 4-oz, 60c ; 8-oz 

Armour s Vigoral, 2-oz bottle. 25c ; 4-oz 

bot., 45c; 8-oz, 85c; 16-oz, $1.65. 
Armour s Asparox, 4-oz, 35c : 12-oz 90c 
Armour s Tomato Bouillion, 4-oz, 35c 

12-oz, 90c. 

Liebig s Beef Extract, 30c per jar. 
Johnston s Fluid Beef, 2-oz. bottle 30c; 

4-oz. bottle 46c. 


Keen sOxford Blue. 18cperlb;)lb, 5e 
Reckitt s, 4c package. 
Moody s Royal Blue, 4c package. 
Bird Seed and Gravel 
Cottam s Hird Seed, 1 Ib package, 9c ; 

% Ib package, 5c each. 
Hemp Seed, bulk, 7c per Ib. 
Canaiy Seed, bulk, 7c per Ib. 
Millet Seed, bulk, 7c per Ib. 
Rape Seed, bulk. 7c per Ib. 
Mixed Deed bulk, 7c per Ib. 
Bird Gravel, 4c per nackage. 


Powdered Bathbrick, 5c per package 
Bricks, be each 


Abernethy Uclb Arrowroot, 14c Ib 
Apple Blossom. 16e Ib. 

Brown Meal, lOc Ib. 
Captain, 12c Ib. Cheese, 14c Ib. 
Cottage, lie lo. Cracknel, 25c Ib. 
Cream Sodas (Christie s), 3-lb tins, 28c 
?ig Bar, 15c Ib. 
Ginger Nuts, 14c Ib. 
Qraham Wafers, lie Ib. 
Graham Wafers (Christie Brown s), 2- 

Ib tin, 25c. 

Singer Bread, fruit, lie. 
loneymoon, 15c Ib. 
lam-Jams, 14c Ib. Jelly Wafers, loc Ib. 
lubilee, 15c Ib. Kennel, tic Ib. 
;>emon Sandwich, 15c Ib. 
jemon Biscuit, 12c Ib. 
..emon Snap, lie Ib. 
.unch Biscuit, 6c Ib. 
*ady Fingers, 35c Ib. 
Macaroons, 45c Ib. 
tfarsh Mallow Wafers, 15c Ib. 
Marsh Mallow Fingers, 16c Ib. 
Milk. 15c Ib. Mexican, 16c Ib. 
Maple Creams. 16c Ib. 
Maizena Wafers, 12c Ib. 
Holasses Snaps, 8c Ib. 
Molasses Snaps, 5c Ib. 
Malta, 17clb. Napoleons, 16e Ib. 
Oswego, 18c Ib ; lib tins, 25c. 
Jatmeal Wafers, 12c Ib. 
Pineapple Wafers, 15c Ib. 
Pilot, 9c Ib. 

Rusks, 18elb. Rice Cake, lie Ib. 
Reception Wafers, 12c Ib ; 1 Ib tins, 25c. 
Reception Wafers (saltj, 1 Ib tins, 26c. 
Sea Biscuit, 7c Ib. 
Shrewsbury Bar, 15c Ib. 
Snowflake, 12c Ib ; 1 Ibtins, 25c. 
Snowflake (salt), 1 Ib tin. 25c. 
Soda Biscuits, 1 Ibpkg, lOc. 
Soda Biscuit" (Christie s), 3-lbpkg,23c 
Sultana, 14c Ib. 

Social Tea, 18c Ib ; 1 Ib tins, 25c. 
Tea, 14c Ib. Village, 6c Ib. 

i trt, i-ij u. ningc. u". 

Vanilla Wafers, 16c Ib. 
Wine, lie Ib. Water, 18c Ib. 
National Biscuit Co. s ZuZu (ginger 

snaps), Gc package. 
Uneeda Biscuits, 6c package. 

Ginger Wafers, 12c package. 
Milk, 6c package. 
Five O clock Tea, 12c package. 
Social Tea, 12c package. 
Kennedy s Butter Thin, 12c pacbge 
Graham Crackers, 12c package. 
Water, thin, 12c package. 
Pretzelettes, 12c package. 
Butter, thin, 12c. Cheese Biscuits, 18c 
Butter Gems, 12c Ib. 
Jacob s Imported Biscuits, always in 


Butter and Eggs 

Weare receiving fresh consignments 
of new laid eggs daily, and you cai 
always depend on getting them fresh 

Reid s and Danish Brands Selected 
Creamery. We guarantee thi>se brands 
to be strictly first-class, and receive 
our supply daily. 

1-lb blocks ) At lowrst market 

5-1 b crocks / prices 

Choice Dairy Butter 

1-lb blocks) 
5-lb crocks/ 

At lowes f market 

C. & B. Carxrt, lUc^nd 15c bottle 

C. & B. Nonpareil, 12 ic and aoa uuttle 


C. & B. India Mangoe Chutney, 18c and 

l J 5c bottle. 
C. & B. Bengal Club Chutney, 18c and 

35c bottle. 
Heiutz s Tomato Chutney, 35c uoct 


Snider s Tomato Catsup, 25c pint bot. 

% pint bot., 20c. 

Columbia Tomato Catsup, 25c pint bot 
.Snider s Oyster Cocktail, 30c bottle. 
Catsup, reputed 1 gal. jars, 85c. 

Tomato Catsup, 2-lb cans, 
Heintz s Tomato Catsup, 


:. & B. Mushroom Catsup, 18c and 30c 

!. & B. Walnut Catsup, 18c and 30c 


Finest Lemon Peel, lie Ib. 
inest Orange Peel, lie Ib. 
Fint-st Citron Peel, 17c Ib. 
Finest Mixed Peel, 12%c Ib. 

Bendorp s Cocoa, J^ Ib tins, 23c ; % Ib. 

tins, 43c; 1 Ib tins, 80c. 
Baker s Unsweetened Cocoa. Vlb tins 

loc ; % Ib tins, 23c ; 1 Ib tins, 45c. 
Van Houtfn s Cocoa, % Ib tins, 23c ; 

% Ib tins. 43c ; 1 Ib tins, 80c. 
lowan s Cocoa Essence. % Ib tins, 20c. 
Rowan s Perfection Cocoa, % Ib tins, 

25c ; y Ib tins 15c. 
:pp s COCOH, T/I Ib tins, lOc. 
Huyler s* Cocoa, % Ib. 15c ; % Ib, 26c. 
Cadbury s Cocoa,>i Ib tin, 20c. 
Cadbury s Cocoa Essence, 3-oz pkg, 


Condon Pearl Cocoa (bulk). 25c Ib. 
Soluble Cocoa, 12Kc Ib. 
Pure Unsweetened Cocoa (bulk), 50c 


Finest Cocoa Nibs, 40c Ib. 
Cocoa Shells, 3c Ib. 
Reindeer Brand Condensed Cocoa, 25c 


tfcLaren s Imperial Cheese, individ 
ual jar, lOc ; small jars, 20c ; medium 
jar, 40c ; large jar, 80c. 

McLaren s Roquefort Cheese, 15c and 
25c per jar. 

Prime September White Cheddar, 17c 

?rime September Colored, 16c Ib. 

Canadian Stilton. 17c Ib. 

English Stilton, 35c Ib. 

Switzer Cheese, 35c Ib. 

Roquetort Cheese, 45c Ib. 

Gorgonzola Cheese, 45c Ib. 

Neufehatel Cream Cheese, 5c package. 

Canada Cream Cheese, lOc package. 

Walter Baker s Pure Unsweetened 

Chocolate. % Ib bar, 23c. 
Cowan s Chocolate, % Ib bar, 20c; % 

Ib bar, lOc. 

Eaton s < Unsweetened Chocolate, 

Ib bar, 20c,K Ibinc. 
Cowan s Sweet Chocolate, 2-oz cake.Sc, 

% Iboake, lOc. 
Caiibur s Chocolate, % Ib bar, 12%c : 

Hlbbar, 25c. 
Atkinson s Sweet Chocolate, % Ib bar, 

Chocolate Meinier, 20c cake. 

Cream and Milk 
Reindeer Branu Oonaensed Cream,15c 

tin or SI. 50 dozen. 
Seal Brand Condensed MUk.12%0 tin, 

or $1.40 dozen. 
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk, 15c tin, 

or $1.70 dozen. 
Nestl - s Brand Condensed Milk, 15c 

tin. or $1 75 dozen. 
Reindeer Brana Condensed Milk, I5c 

tin or 81 .75 dozen. 
Victor Condensed Cream, 1-lb tins, 15c 

tin, or $1.75 dozen. 

St. Charles Cream, 12%c tin, $1.4C 
Jersey Cream, 12%e tin. 
Peerless Cream, 12>^e tin, or $1.4C 


Filiatra, per Ib, 5c. 
Cleaned Patras, 3 Ibs, 20c. 
Fine Patras, 4 Ibs, 25c. 
leaned Vostizzo Selected, 9c Ib ; 

Celery Salt 

Pure Gold Celery Salt, 12c bottle. 
Morton Cato Go s Crescent Branc 


Finest Dessicated Cocoamit, 15c 1 
Finest Featherstrip Cocoanut, 20c 

Curry Powder 

.. & B. Curry Powder. 12, 15,25 an 
bottle ; bulk Curry Powder, 35c 


Coffee must be pure to be good 
.n order to meet the demand of 
ustomers who want the best, we 
;hase our coffees in the raw mat 
direct from the best market ccnti 
the world. We roast and grinc 
berries daily, thus maintaining a 
form quality. 

Coffee by Boiling. Allow 1 rou 
tablespoon ml of coffee to each 

nt of water, mix with a little 

egg and cold water, then pour 

e boiling water. Bring quickl; 

il, lift from the tire, again 
quickly to a boll and lift, repe i 
act the third time, throwing in a 
cold water the last time ; let st; 
moment to settle, then pour. E 
allow made coffee to stand on gro 
The above old-fashioned m* 
makes delicious coffee. 

Coffee by Percolation. Allow 
rounded tal lespoonful of coff< i 
each half-pint of water. Place > 
in the percolator, pour the tx 
water slowly over the coffee. Wl i 
has drained through repeat pi 
after coffee has been orougr. | 
boiling point in order to extrac 
strength. Bring again to boiling j 
Serve quickly. 
Mandehling Jnva and finest Ar 

Mocha Coffee, a perfect bleuc 

Ib, or 10 Ibs, $4.75. 
Finest Old Government Java 
Arabian Mocha, 40c Ib, or 10 Ibs, 
The same with 2 oz. chiokory t 

Ib., 35o per Ib, or 10 Ibs for s ;).2. 
Our MeJava Blend at Sue Ib. 

coffee has merit and is can 

selected and blended, and is 

lutely pure, 10 Ibs for $2.75. 
Santos, Maricabo and Java, a 

blend , pure or with chicory, 2 

or 10 Ibs for $2.25. 
Santos and Maricabo Coffee, witl 

chicory to the Ib, 20c Ib. 

\\e can give the following c( 
ivhole or ground, at the folli 
prices : 
Blue Mountain Jamaica (roastec 


Arabian Mocha. 40c Ib ; 10 Ibs, K 
Old Government Java, 40c Ib ; 

Ibs for $3.75. 
Plantation Ceylon, 40c Ib., or ] 

for $3.75. 
Ma:icabo, No. l.SOclb., or 10 11 

Maricabo, No. 2, 23e !b., or 10 11 

Jamaica, 25c Ib., or 10 Ibs. for 32. 
Santos 20c Ib., or 10 Ibs. for 1.80. 
Rio, 18clb. 

Finest Chicory 12%c Ib. 
Dandelion Coffee, 1-lb. tin, 2oc ; 

tins, 13c. 
Chase and Sanburn s (Seal Bram I 

fee, whole or ground, 40c Ib, 
Crosse & Blackwell s Coffee Es 

17c Ib., and 28c bottle. 

ugton s Coffee Essence, pure lt>c 

I S5c bottle. 

ogton s Coffee Es-ence, with chic- 

,15c or SOc bottle. 

Jey.s Coffee Essence, 15c and SOc 


leer Brand Condensed Coffee, 25c 

Cereal Coffee. 1-lb. pkgs. 20c ; %- 
-ackages, lOc. 

1 Coffee, 10 oz. pkgs. lie , 

. pkts. 2.V. 

led Wheat Drink, 2-lb. pkg. Me. 

el Cereal Coffee, 20c pkg. 



ded Wheat Biscuits, 12Kc pkit 
; Nuts, 12%c pks. 

ina, 1-lb. pkt IOC. 
i, Ide pkg. 

15c pkg. 

tine, 7-1 b. bag, 25c. 
tGold Dust Cornmeal, 30c stone, 
i bbls. of 196 Ibs. 84.00. 
id Oatmeal, 45c stone, or In 
. of 19" Ibs., 15.25. 

Oatmeal, 45c atone, or In 
.of 196 Ibs., $5.25. 
: Rolled Oats 45c stone, or in 
. of 180 Ibs., $5.25. 
: Rolled Wheat. 45c stone, or In 
. of 100 Ibs., $3.00. 

Wlieatlets. SOc stone. 
* Meat, per pkg. 15c 25c. 
hips, lOcpkg; 3 for25c. 


Canada Flakes, per pks. 5c 15c -" 

Cracked Wheat, 4oc st. me. 

Mclntosh s Swiss Food, He pkg 

Mclntosh.s Jersey Oats, 14c pkg 

Quaker Oats, lOc pkg. 

Tillsjii s Pan Dried Oats. lOc pkg 

Pettljohn s Breakfast Food, 12c pke 

Beaver Oats, lOc pkg. 

Banner Oats, 20c pkg. 

Hominy. lOc pkg. 

Malt Breakfast Food, 18c pkg. 

Cream of Wheat, 18c pkg. 

Shredded Wheat Biscuits. ] 2 1 :,v 


Granose Flakes, ]5e pkg. 
,. Biscuits, 15c pkg. 
Granola, 12c rkg. 
Cook s Fl ked Rice, 18c pkg. 
Flaked Rice, lOc pkt. 
Flaked Peas, lOc pkg. , 
Force, 12%c pkg. 
Malta Vita, lOc pkg. 
Triscuite, r_}je pkg. 

Blue Seal Brand. Finest Family Flour 

24%-lb. sack, 52c stone, (14 Ibs.) 30o 
Finest Blue Seal Family Flour $4 00 

Green Seal Brand, Finest Pastry Flour 

24%-lb. sack 60c., stone ( 14 Ibs.) 40c., 

per bbl. $4.60. 
Graham Flour. 40c stone. 
Sell-Raising Buckwheat Flour, 2-lb. 

pkg. lOc. 


Golden Dates, 5c Ib. 
. Fard Dates, I2c Ib. 

(tracts and Essences 

Tip-T; p Pastry Flour, %-bag 70c. 
Manitoba Patent Flour ,%-bag 75c 
Hungarian Flour, per bbl. $5.80. 

I Fruit, Dried 

Apricots, per Ibs., 15c. 

Peaches, perlb.,16c. 

Apples, per Ib., lOo, or $4.85 per50-lb. 

Fruit, in Glasses 

Peaches, preserved, Reid Murdock s 
per jar, 85c. 

Currant Jelly, 35c bottle. 

Grape Fruit Marmalade, 35c bottle 

Bishop s Preserved Figs, SOc bottle 

Bishop s Orangeate, SOc bottle. 

Red Currant Jelly SOc. 

Strawberries, Preserved, Eeid Mur 
dock s, per mr, 85c. 

Cherries, Preserved, Reid Murdock s 
er jar, 90c. 

French Cherries, Bigareaux Roses au 
sue de Marasquin, 15c, 35c and 60c 

E. D. Smith s Raspberry and Peach o 
Plum Jams, Glass Jars, 12%c. 

Fresh Fruit 

Fresh Fruit supplied in season ane 
always at the lowest market prices. 
I Apples. Oranges, Lemons. Pine 
apples, Cnnberries, Malaga Grapes 
Grape Fruit, etc., etc. 
California Navel Oranges, per box 

$4.00; 25c,30c, 35c, 40c and 50c per 

doz. . 
Lemons, lOc, 12J^c ,15c and 20c per doz 

1-pz. 2-oz. 4-oz. 8-oz. 16-oz I 

65c Fruit, Canned 



. 5c 

. 5c 

. 5c 

. 5c 

. 5c 










d Laver Table Figs : 
rlOclb.. 10-lb. box. 90c. 
riS%c Ib., 10-lb. box, $1.20. 
r. extra large. 15c Ib 
1 Cooking Figs, 6c Ib. 


3d (E) Brand, Pure Whole 

U Flour, 

1. 75c ; 1 bbl. $5. 25. 

made from selected 

""" >und by our Up 

">. pkg. SOc; Pin. .. 

SOc Canned Goods are put up in 
2-pound and 3-ponnd size (ans which 
ar 2 not always the actual weight as 
ome goods are much heavier than 
others, and this teni isonlvusedto 
distinguish the different sizes". 

We guarantee every tin. 
Bartlett Pears, 2-lb. can, lOc. 12%c 150 
Blue Damson Plums, 2-lb. can, lOc 
Lombard Plums, 2-lb- can, lOc; in ex 
tra heavy syrup, 12^0. 
Blueberries, 2-lb. can lOc 
Strawberries, 2-lb. can, 18c. 
Raspberries, 2-lb. can, 15c. 
Peaches, 2-lb. can, 16c ; 3-lb. can, 250. 
Peaches (pie). S-lb. can, 12c. 
Republic Sliced Pineapple, 2-lb. can, 

Morton s Whole Pineapple, 3-lb. can, 

i, gallon tins, 20c. 
Pine Apnle, 250. 

Fish, Canned 

Albert Sardines. ]7c ^-tin 

Finest French Sardines, %-tin, with 

key, lOc. 
Sportsman Sardines, with key, per tin, 

15c. Crossed Fish Brand, 15cand2oc. 
| Domestic Sardines, per tin, Sc 
Lobster, %-lb. flats, ISc, 1-lb. flats, 35c 


Soft Shell Crabs, 35c tin, 
Finest Shrimps. 15c tin. 
Pink Salmon, tall tins, lOc. 
Red Salmon, tall tins, 12Kc 
Horshoe Salmon, tall tins. 15c. 
Clover leaf Salmon, flat tins, 18c. 
Finnan Huddie, lOc tin. 
Morton s 

Preserved Bloaters, 12%c tin. 

Kippered Herring. 12%c tin. 

Herring, in Tomato Sauce, 12%c tin. 

Fresh Herring, 9c tin. 

Anchovy Paste, lOc tin. 

Bloater Paste, 7c tin. 
C. & B. s Anchovy Paste, 18c, 35c pot. 
,, essence, 18c, 35c bottle. 
Anchovies, in glass, 35c and 60c. 
lHalibut in Tomato Sauce, in glass, SOc. 
Anchovies and Olives in glass, SOc. 
Pate De Foie Gras Truffe, in glass iV. 
Russian Caviare, 35c 
Vidona 20c tin 
Prepared Fish, 20c. 


Lady Charlotte (red or white), 7c per 

Cox s, lOcpkg. 
Knox s, 12^c pkg. 
Knox s, Acidulated, 14c pkg 
Chalmer s Granulated, lie pkg. 
Transparent, lOc pkg. 

Cheloong preserved Ginger, 1-lb. jar, 

25c ; 2-b.. 40c. 
Jamaica, whole root, 25c Ib. ; gronnd, 

25c Ib. 
:ochin ; whole, 20c ; ground, 20c. 

Pint gem jars, 2Sc ; quart gem jars, 35c. 
5-lb. pail, 50c each; 10-lb. pail, 95c 

ure Clover Honey, in comb, finest, 
20c section. 

, Jellies and Jams 

Ipton s 5-lb. pail, (compound) Rasps 
berry. Strawberry. Peach, Plum, 
Black Currant Jam, 40c each 

Crosse &Blackwell 5> Raspberry Straw 
berry, Peach, Plum, Apricot and 
Black Currant, 20cea. 
7-lb. pails, 81.00. 
Crossed Blackwell s 
Calves Foot, Plain, bottle, 35c 6"c 

" " 25c jar 
Port Wine, 25c jar. 
Champagne, 25c jar. 
Orange, 25c jar. Lemon, 25c jar. 
\amlla, 25cjar. 

Black Currant and Red Currant SOc 

Macpnochie s Pint Jars Calves Foot 
Jelly, 35c, Assorted Flavors. 

Pure Gold Jelly Powders, Orange 
Lemon, Pineapple, Raspberry, Van 
illa., Strawberry, Cherry, Calves 
Foot, etc., 3 pkgs. for 25c. 

McLaren s Jelly Powders, Easpberrv, 
strawberry. Cherry, Orange, Lemon 
VamUa, Pineapple, Calves Foot, 


Alphabetical Macaroni, lOc Ib. 
French Macaroni, lOc per p. rge. 
Vermicelli, lOc per pkge. 
Spaghetti, lOc. Ib. 


Sheriff s Marmalade, 1-lb. glass 15 e 
2-lb., 25c ; Shredded, 1-lb. glass. .ML- 
2-lbs., SOc 

Upton s Marmalade, 5-lb. pails. 40c. 

Crosse & Blackwell s Orange Marma 
lade. 1-lb. glass jars, 15c each. 

Robertson s Scotch Marmalade, 1-lb 
jar, loc. 

Keiler s Dundee Marmalade, Mb. jar, 

:rosse & Blackwell s Marmalade 7-lb 
pails, 70c. 

Crosse & Black well s Marmalade, 4-lb. 
tins, 45c. 

McGregor s Home-made Marmalade- 
Small jars, lOc ; 16-oz. jars, 15c , quart 
gem jars. SOc ; 5-lb. pails, SOc. 

Maconachie s Marmalade, 1-lb. glass, 


Art Jelly Pow 

ders, (assort 

ed), 4 pkgs. 


Khovah Jelly 

(assorted ), 

lOc pkg. or 3 

pkgs. for 25c. 

Gelo, new des 
sert (assort- 

Dal ton s 

Nonpareil Jelly, 
4for25c: Rasp- 

, Cherry, y 

apple, Pistachios, Vanilla, 
Red Currant, Port Wine. 



, . 

t . pie Filling, for filling pies, fol- 
lowing flavor, Lemon, Chocolate 
Cherry, Maple Cream, 3 pkgs., 25e. 

Meats, Canned 

teak and Onion, tin, 
, . orned Serf, 1-lb. tin, 15c ; 2-lb tin 25c 
Chipped Beef, %-lb. tin, 15c ; I-lb;25c. 
Lunch Tongue, 1-lb. tin, 40c and SOc. 
Ox Tongue, 1%-lb. tin, 75c. 
Roast Beef, 1-lb. tin, 15c. 
Roast Beef, 2-lb. tin, SOc. 
Veal Loaf, 25c tin. 
Ham Loaf, 25c tin. 
Chicken Loaf. 35c tin. 
Vienna Saussage 12%ctin. 
Sliced Bacon, 1-lb. tins SOc. 
Ox Tongue in glass, $1.00. 
Boneless Chicken, Aylmer, SOc tin 
Boneless Turkey, SOc tin. 
Boneless Duck, SOc tin. 
Corned Beef Hash, 15c and 25c. 

Meats, Potted 

Meats in glass, loc. 

Potted Ham, Tongue, Beef. J^-lb. tin, 

Devilled Ham, Tongue, Beef, 

tin, 5c. 

Morton s Ham and Chicken, lOc tin. 
Norton s Ham and Tongue, lOc tin. 
Morton s Turkey and Tongue. lOc tin. 
Morton s Potted Game, lOc^in. 

-,. , , Mincemeat 

nnetley s Condensed, loc pkg. 
Peacock Brand Condensed Mincemeat 
lOc pkg. 


Keen s D.S.F., 1-lb. tin 
40e ; ;,;ib. tin, 2Sc; V-lb. 
tin, I2c. 
Keen s 1-lb. jar, 25c ; 4-lb 

jar, SOc 
Prepared Mustard, 12}<c 


Prepared Mustard and 
Horse racMsh, 12J^c 
Domestic, 5c and lOc 

Fr . e .P. ch Prepared Mustard, 25c jar, 

(Diaphanij) 15c jar. 
Bulk Mustard, 20c Ib. 

French, 12$ anc 


placing- your order with us, 

ou can always depend on getting the 
very best quality, as we import the 
choicest and best nuts. 
Float Almonds, finest, 4Tclb 
Valencia Shelled Almoi.ds, finest 30o 
Jordan " 400 

Bitter Almonds, shelled, 40c Ib 
Almonds, finest soft shell, 15clb. 

medium, 12Jic Ib 
Filberts (Sicily) lie Ib 

-*i, Grenoble. 16c Ib.; Maralxit 

Pecans, large, 17c Ib. 
Finest Mixed Nuts, 12Vc Ib. 
bhelled Walnuts, Grenoble, SOc In 
Peanuts (we roast these fresh dailv) 

lOc quart. 
Peanuts, green, 12c Ib. 

Oil (Olive 

Crosse and Blackwell s, 12>c, 20c SOc. 

65c bottle. 
Pure California Olive Oil, pint bottles 

50r ; quarts, 15r. 




Jules Desponsier s Pure OllvcOil. This 


from the Aix district In the 

south of T ranee, and, we can recom 
mend it M be the finest quality, qt. 

bottles, 75c.; pt. bottles 4oc.;%pt., 
2."c; pe.- imperial gallon, SS.OO. 


Mammoth Olives, 40 ounce bottle 90c. 
elected Queen, 25 ounce bottle 70c. 
oueen Olives, 16 ounce bottle. 35e 

" 30c, 40c bottle. 
Mauzimilla, I2%c, IBc bottle. 
Selected Luncheon Olives, 20c bottle. 
*t lifted Olives, 15c, 30c bottle. 
Olives In bulk, 1.20 gallon. 

" " 30c quart gern jars. 

" " 20c pint gem jars. 

Baby Olives, 15c bottle. 
queen Olives, J1.40 gallon. 
(Containers extra.) 


Crossed Blackwell s Mixed Pickles, 

Walnuts, Chow-chow, Gherkins and 

White Onions, pints, 27c bottle. 
The same with patent stoppers, % 

pints, 20c ; pints, 30c. 
Cashmere Pickles, % pint 50c. 
Sweet Picallette, 25c bottle. 
Horseradish, % pint bottle, 9c. 

" snail bottle, 6c. 

Lytle s Pickles (sterling), Mixed and 

Chow-chow. l&c. 20c and 30c bottle ; 

2-gallon pails, 81.50 ; 1-gallon, 90c. 
Sweet Onions, 40c bottle. 
William Bros. 

Sweet and Sour Mixed. 12%c bottle 

Chow-chow, 12%c bottle. 

Onions, 12Kc bottle. 
miard sBelisli. S5<- pint bottle. 
Ripe Olives, in glass,, 9Uc jar, in tin, 

35c and 50c. 
Spanish Queen Olives, 1.40 gallon, 40c 

ut. jar ; 25c pint jar. 

apt. White s Oriental Pickles, 30c 


Yellow Pea Meal, 7c. Ib. 
Green Pea Meal, 3 Ib. IOC. 
Split, 31b. forlOc. 
Flaked, lOc package. 
Canned. (See vegetables.) 
Dried Green Peas, 6 Ibs 25c. 


Fine Rangoon Rice, 6 Ibs., 25c; 50 Ibs., 


Finest Patna Rice, 6c Ib.; 50 lb,. S2.85. 
rystal Japan Bice, 3 IDS., 20c : 50 Ibs. 

Fancy Japan Rice, 3 Ibs., 25c ; 50 Ibs., 


arolina Rice, lie Ib. Rice Flour. 7clb. 
Our Special Japan Rice, 5c Ib. 
Louisiana Rice, 3 Ibs. 2->c. 


Muscatel Raisins, lOc Ib. 

California Seeded Raisins, 1-lb. pkg., 

Finest 4-Crown Selected Valencia 

Raisins (thin brand is the linrst 

packed), luc 11)., put up in 7-lb. 

boxes, 80c per box. 
Selected Valencia Raisins, 7c Ib., 28- 

Ib. case, 81.90. 
Smyrna Sultanas, bleached. 12c Ib. 3 Ibs 


Raisins, Table 
Royal Buckingham Clusters, 22-lb. 

boxes, 83.50, or 20o Ib. 
Extra Dessert Clusters, 15c Ib., 22-lb. 

boxes, 83.00 box. 
Connoisseur Clusters, 12%c Ib.: 22-lb. 

boxes, 82.50. 


C. & B s Essence Rennet, 15c bottle. 
Pure Gold Junket Tablets, lOc pkg. 

Sauces and Salads 

Anchovy Sauce, 18c and 35c bottle. 


Our Diamond "E" blend of bi 
Pekoe, Ceylon and India is a p> 
blend, black or mixed, 36e Ib ; 
caddies, 8K.35 ; 50-lb chest, $16.1 i 

inest Assam broken Pekoe and 
Ion, a very fine flavoured rich li ( 
ing tea, black, 50c Ib ; 10-lb cax 
84.75 , 50-lb chests, 823.00. 

MIXED, 45c Ib; 10-lb caddies, ! . 
50-lb chests, $21.00. 

Japan Teas 

Fancy basket-fired Japan tea, 5( < 
10-lb caddies, J4.75. 

Our best uncolored Japan tea, 3 i 
10-lb caddies, 83.35. 

Choice uncolored Japan tea, 2. 
10-lb caddies, 82.35. This te 
think is a very fine quality f< 

Good uncolored Japan tea, 20c 11 

China Black Teas 

Good Congou, 25c Ib. 
Fine Congou, 36c Ib. 

China Creen Teas 

Young Hyson Points, 40cand 50i 
Good Young Hyson, 2dc Ib. 

Ceylon Tea 
(not blended) 

Golden-tip orange Pekoe, 50c Ib. 
Fancy Ceylon orange Pekoe, 35c 
Fancy Pekoe Souchong, 26c Ib 
Pekoe Souchong, 20c Ib. 

India Teas not blend 

inest mixed pastry spice, 25c II).; Finest golden-tip India tea, 75c ; 
V-lb tins 7c On Assam broken Pekoe lea, 50c Ib. 

Finest Zanzibar cloves, whole, 30c Ib.; Assam Pekoe, strong, full flavore 

,, ,, 1 full Ho TTnt>(.H TnH ifl tfft Ofw 


Finest Table, 5-lb. bag, 5c. 
- able Salt, 50-lb. bag, 45c. 
oarse Salt, 81.50 barrel, 
"erebos Salt, 15c tin. 
Jelery Salt, lOc and 12c bottle, 
rosse & Blackwell s Fine Salt, 
bottle, lOc. 


(Price Subject to change. ) 
xtra Standard Granulated! lowest 
eilow Sugar S prices, 

ine Fruit Sugar, 6%c Ib. 
cing Sugar, 6>jC Ib, 
aris Lump, tiy a c Ib. 


Bee Stand Golden Syrup, 2-lb. tin, lOc 
Masses 30C gallon; In quart gem 
jars, 12c ; % gallon gem jars, 18c. 
lark Syrup, 45c gallon ; In quart gem 

jars, ioc ; Y" B ftll " J ars > 25c -,, 

iuest Golden Syrup, 65c gallon ; % 

gallon gem jars, 320 ; 1-quart gem 

Honey Drip Syrup, 2-gallon pail, 81.35. 
^arbadoesllolasses, 60c. gal. 
laple Syrup, quart gem Jars, 30c. 
Containers for bulk Syrups and 
molasses, 12c extra for gallon jars. 


Our Spices are guaranteed strictly 

Chili Sauce, 


Campbell s Tobasco Ketchup, 


Red Pepper (Heinz s), 20c bottle. 
Anglo-American Sauce, 5c bottle. 

col. Skinner s Mangoe Relish, 35c 

It inz s Sour Midgets, 14-oz. bottle, 

. .OC ; Sweet 35c. Allgio-rtiiiericttii oauee, uu uvj 

Mixed Gherkins or Chow-chow, 15c Patterson s Kauce, lOc bottle. 

bottle. iSuttou, Sons & Co., Worcestershire 

Kvaporated Horseradish, 25c bottle. Sauce, lOc bottle, 
lied Pepper Sauce, 20c bottle. llolbrook s Sauce, 25c bottle. 

-;\veet Mixed Pickles, qt. jar, 25c. Lea & Perrln s Sauce, 34c.60c, 81.00 bot. 

Sour Mixed Pickles, qt. jar, 25e. Oscar s Waldorf Sauce, 75c bottle. 

Mn. Kidd s Pin Money sweet Mixed Columbia Salad Dressing, 30c bottle. 

Pickles, gal. jar, 82.00; % gal.. 81.26; g n lder s Salad Dressing, 20c. 3!>c, 

quart, 7oc, pint, 40c, Ji pint, 25c. 


Whole White Pepper, 35c Ib. 
Ground " 35c Ib. 

Extra Fine " 40c Ib. 

Whole Black Pepper, 25c Ib. 
Ground 15c Ib. 

Cayenne Pepper, 85c Ib. 
Chillies, dried, 30c Ib, 




Take a quantity of prunes and wash 

carefully in several waters, so 


Ui"ey "are free fromalldirt, throw away 
rinsing water Place the prunes in a 
lish and cover with water to the 
depth of three inches above the top 
layer and let soak over night. Cook 
in" the same water for about a half 
hour, letting the water simmer, never 
i>oiling vigorously. When nearly done 
add sufficient sugar to taste, then add 
to about everv quart of prunes a thin 
slice of lemon cut in half, and a small 
piece (say % inch in length, broken 
in small pieces) of stick Ceylon ciuna- 
mn. Serve cold. 

NOTE Always add sugar to all dried 
mils just before taking them from 
!! stove, never before, as cooking in 
>-vrup hardens the fruit. 
California, 90 to 100 prunes to Ib. 6Xc, 

25-lb. boxes, |1.50 ;50-lb. boxes, 82.90. 
California, 60 to 70 prunes to Hi., 3 Ibs. 

25c; 25-lb. box, 82.00; 50-lb. box, 83.90 
California, 40 to 50 prunes to Ib., lOc 

Ib.; 25-lb. box, 82.40 ; 50-lb. box. 84.75. 
California, 30 to 40 prunes to Ib., 12c 

IK: 25-lb box, 82.90. 
California Silver Prunes, 12c Ib. 
V. P. Dufort French Prunes, in glaw 

jar, 40e. 


Gold Salad Dressing (powder), 
loc pck. 

Royal, 15c, 25c, 50c bottle. 
Royal Tobasco Suuce, 50c bottle. 
Yorkshire Relish, 15c bottle. 
Durkee s Salad Dressing, 35c and 50a. 
Falcon " 35c bottle. 

earl.oclb. S>9 
Tapioca, 5c Ib. 


(All Flavors) 

Campbell s Soups, 12%c. 

lark s Chicken Soup, lOc. 

Mullen Blackledge s Red Letter Soups 
(assorted), lOc tin. 

Jolumbia, Ox-tail, Mock-Turtle, To 
mato, Mulligatawny, Bouillon, Con 
somme, 35c tin. 

Aider s Tomato. 80c tin. 

AylmerChi ken, 20c tin. 

Armour s Soups, 12%c tin. 


Canada Laundry, 5c Ib. 

Gloss, 1-lb. package. 9c. 
No. i White. 3-lb. box, 20c. 

Ivorv Gloss, 6-lb. tin 

Celluloid, per package 

Ivorine, per package 

St. Lawrence Com, 1 

Ib. package, 9c. 
London Corn, 1-lb 

package, 6c. 
Mourning Starch, y._ 
Ib. package, lOc, 
1-lb. package, 18c. 

3ee Starch, lOe per package, 
ihinese Starch, lOc. per package. 
Ever Ready Starch, lOc psg. 

ground, 30c Ib. 
Finest Cassia (cinnamon) ground. 2Sc, 

35c, 60c Ib.; whole, 25c, 3oc 60c Ib. 
Finest allspice, whole, 15c Ib. ; ground , 

20c Ib 
Finest Cochin ginger, whole, 20c Ib. -, 

ground 20c. 
Finest Jumaica ginger, whole or 

ground, 25c Ib. 

Finest mace, whole or ground, i%c oz. 
Finest celery seed; 30c. Ib 
Finest cayenne pods, 30c Ib. , ground 

35clb. .. 

r inest mixed pudding spices, 2oc Ib. 
Finest mixed pickling spice, whole, 

20clb. ; ground, 25c Ib. 
Finest Bay leaves, 15c Ib. 
Finest corrianderseed, isc ID. 
Finest Carraway seed, 15c Ib. 
v utmegs, whole, 5c z., 75c Ib, ; 

ground 7c oz. 

White pepper, whole or ground, 35c. 
Finest Singapore black pepper, whole 

or ground, 25c Ib. 
Finest turmeric, 20c Ib. 
C & B s Curry Powder, 1-oz bottle, lie ; 

2-oz. bottle, 15c ; 4-oz., 25c : 8-oz.. 4:x>. 
Jurry Powder, in bulk, 350 Ib. 
Celery salt, 100, 12C bottle. 
Pure Gold mint, savory, sage, thyme, 

marjoram, etc., in tins, lOc ; in pack- 

ages 5c each. 
Paprika, Hungarian Sweet Pepper, 

15c bottle. 

Spioe, Pure Extract 

L-oz bottle, lOc ; 3-oz. bottle, 25c. 

Use 1 teaspoonf ul for 4 Ib. cake. 

This extract contains all the spices 
necessary for fruitcake, puddings, etc, 


We import the finest teas procurable 

C llVtpt/l b v"^ - 

Jrom the different markets of 


We are making a 
speciality of onr 
pure India and 
Ceylon tea. Pal 
awan blend, at 
23c per Ib. We 
think it is the 
best tea for the 
money on th- 

Black or mixed 
23cperlb; 10 Ib- 
caddies, $2.25 ; 
50 Ib. chest, 

i.iu.l, full flavored India tea, 


Put tresh water in kettle and 
soon as it comes to a boil, 
laving warmed the teapot, put 
.easpoouful of tea to every c 
mired, pour over the leavt 
lesired amount of water, leave 
ng in warm place (being caref 
10 let boil) for from five to seye; . 
utes, then stir and strain liquid 
leaves, and tea is ready for use. 


Jrosse & Blackwell s ru mo 

puted pints, lOc ; imperial pin 

reputed quarts, 20c ; imperial i 

C & B s Tarragona vinegar, per 

18c, 30C. 
Wilson s pure malt vinegar, n 

pints, Iftc. 

XXX white wine vinegar, 30c g 
Cider vinegar, 30c gal. 
Knglish malt vinegar, 75c galloi 

anadian lualt vinegar, 55e gal. 

We make an extra charge of 
1-gal. jars to contain vinegar in 
Vegetables Cannot 

(Prices subject to change. 
Sweet corn, 2 Ib tins, 9c, 3 for 2; 
Cream corn, 12K tin. 
Peas, midgets, loc tin. 
Early June Pea, 3 tine, 25c. 
Standard Peas. 4 for 25c. 
Peas, ^xtra sifted), tin, 
Beans, 8%c tin. 
Beans, white wax, 8%ctm. 
Pumpkin, 9ctin 2 doz incase 
Tomatoes, 9c tin, or in case of 

$2.00 per case. 
Pork and Beans, 9c, 3 ^Ins for 25< 

or in tomato sauce. 
Asparagus, 25c, 45c, In glass, fi.v 
Beets, 3-lb cans, lOc. 
Sugar Beets, 5c. 
Petit Pols Moyens, lOc. 
French Peas, petit pois, 12, 

extra fine ,i5c. 
French Peas, in glass, S5c. 
beans, in glass, 25c. 
miishrocms, in ^mss, 50 
12}^c, 200 V. 
Heinz s beans in tomato Sta 
tin , 3-lb tin, "Kits, 
Clark s Pork and Beans, IOC. tlr 


Royal, 4c package 
Fleischman s. 20 cake. 

Write us lor anything you i 
Groceries and do not set In Cata 



Nottingham Lace Curtains 

Nottingham Lace Curtnins, 45 inches wide by 3 yards long Colbert 

es white and ivory, per pair _.....". 5O Kl-4761. Noningham Lace Curtains, 47 inches wide 3 1 , , vards long Colbert 

nd Ivor r m ^ """* * yards iong " floral de u . " & ed 8 es white alld ivor . v . P er Pir... ... .. .. .. .. J... _. .75 



Nottingham Lace Curtains 


K2-351. Nottingham Lace Curtains, 53 inches wide, 3% yards long, Colbert K1-207. Nottingham Lace Curtains, 53 inches wide, 3% yards long, ( 

edges, white aad ivory, per pair 

edges, heavy border design, white and ivoy, per pair 

V, : v " 

> , 


i K 


A. A :"s A. *.. ** 

Kl 845 Nottingham Lace Curtains 54 inches wide, 3% yards Jong, Colbert K1-810. Nottingham Lace Curtains 52 inches wide, Z% yards long 
eLs fine quality, white and ivory, per pair 2.00 > lace Colbert edges, white and ivory, per P a,r 


Plain Frilled Muslin Curtains, K) 3420. Frilled Fancy Muslin Cur- K1-4262. Bobbinet Curtains. 45 in. K1-4419. Bobbinet Curtains. 4S inches 
inches wide, *(, yards long, a tains. 41 inches wide. 3 yards long, ches wide, 3 yards long, pretty lace wide, 3 yards long, dainty lace and 

and insertion frill, an effective bed" insertion frill, wbite only, plain net, 

jnty bedroom curtmn, white only, as above, also spot or figured de- room curtoin , while only, per pair per pair_... 2.0O 

rpair _ 75 signs, white only, per pair. 1.25 1.0O Spotted net, per pair 2.5O 

!4191. Swiss Net Curtains 5u inches wide, 3Ji yaids long, appliqued K1-30305. Swiss Net Curtains, 50 inches wide, 3J 2 yards long, pretty 
border, on good wearing net, white and ivory, per pair_ 2.50 applique work, on fine net. white hnd ivory, per pair 3 QO 



Kl 29918. Swiss Net Curtains, rich handsome, border and pretty scroll cen 
ter lacy appearance, white ana ivory, 50 inches wide, 3% yards long 

per pair 3.75 

60 iuehes wide, 4 yards long, per pair _ _ 5.00 

Kl-39. Swiss Net Curtains, rich, heavy applique design on durabl 
making handsome appearance, in white only. 50 inches wide, 3% 
long, per pair _ . 4 

->i^ VTVM ^- --^^-^--:--7V**r^ V fcif-W- ^Sv2=*tT !i S.-<3^f.r^* 3? 3: ?S :: 


K1-29374. Swiss Net Curtains heavy applique borders, on extra fine qual 
ity net, a very handsome curtain, white or ivory, 50 inches wide :; ,< 

yards long, per pair _ _ _. 5.00 

60 Inches wide, 4 yards long, per pair 6.50 

KI-23946. Extra Fine Swiss Net Curtains, with heavy worked border 
handsome on extra quality net, white and ivory. 50 inches wic 

vards long, per pair 

60 inches wide, 4 yards long, per pair 



4(1-23281. Irish Point Curtains, richly embroidered borders, on special 
quality net, a beautiful curtain, white and ivory, 50 inches wide. 3% 


yards long, per pair ................. . 

60 inches wide, 4 yards long, per pair 

9 .00 

K1-24290. Real Brussels Net Curtains, daintily worked designs, on fine net, 
a very artistic curtain, in white only, 50 inches wide, 3% yards long, per 

-" , r ,.,,. . .. ,,--- ... 6.OO 

s wide, 4 yards long, per pair 6^50 

K1-242B1. Fine Brussels Net Curtains, beautiful worked designs, on extra 
quality net, a handsome drawing-room curtain, white only, 50 inches 

wide, 3% yards long, per pair ,, ,,,. 6.0O 

60 inches wide, 3% yards long, per pair T.50 

K1-22703. Irish Point Window Stole, to hang straight across window, beau 
tifully designed and fine quality, in ivory only, 30 inches wide, 2% yards 

long, each ..._ 3. 50 

50 inches wide, 2% yards long, each 

60 inches wide, 2% yards long, each 


K1-396. Tapestry Curtains, inches wide, 3 yards 
long, reversible, for doors, arches and windows, 
colors crimson, green, blue, and green with red, 
or rose with green, per pair 2.25 

KM538. Tapestry Curtains, 50 inches wide, 3 yds. 
lone, reversible, for windows, doors or arches, 
crimson, red with green, green, blue or olive, 
with rose, per pair... 3 50 

KH504. Tapestry curtains, 50 inches wide, 3 y< 
long, reversible, good quality , silky finish, colt 
green, crimson, red or olive, for doors, wi 
dows and arches, per pair ... 4.C 

K1-578. Tap"siry Curtains. .TO inches wide. 3 yards 
long, reversible, handsone design, good quality, 
for doors, arches and windows, colors crim 
son, green, green with brown, and red with 
greeii, perpair . .... 5.00 

K1-612. Rope Portiers. made in cut velour cord, 
cuiors olive, red with green, two toned gruL-n, 
green with brown or two tone red, suitable 
decoration for doors, arches or windows, extend 
from 3 to 6 feet wide, 7 feet long, each... 3 .50 
Other prices and designs 7 feet long. 

Extend from 3 to 5 feet wide, each . 250 

" 3 " 6 " 4)50 

4 "? _ 7.00 

Kl-1555. Mercerized Tapestry Curtains, 50 inclu 
wide by 3 yards long, fringed top and. botton 
reversible, good quality, bright lustre, in coloi i 
of dark red, forest green, olive green, or nil 
green, per pair : 5.51 ] 



Couch Covers and Chenille Curtains 

362. Tapestrf Couch Cover, Bagdala design, 
inged all around in Oriental colors, 50 inches 

ide by 3 yards long, reversible, each. 2.50 

irtains, same designs and colors, fringed top 
id bottom only, puir 4,50 

KM343. Chenille Portieres, reversible, colors 
crimson, green, brown, 34 inches wide, 3 yards 
long, per pair ._ _ 3.00 

Kl-1402. Samecolors, 40 inches wide, Syardslong 

_. : 4.00 

*46. Tapestry Furniture Covering, also used 
>r curtains, colors lilue. o.ive. green, brown, 
imson and gold, 48 inches wide, per yard.... 

K1-3204. Drapery Material for OverdraperieB and 

Curtains, reversible, soft rich finish, easily 
draped, colors gold, rose, blue and olive, 50 
inches wide, per yard _. .50 

K1-3832. English Tapestry for 

3384 French Tapestry Couch Cover, 56 inches wide by 3 yard., long, 

.sign and colors, reversible, heavy hand-knotted fringe all 

L jpnd. a good wearing material, each ...................... _ .................... 4 75 

Jp aTdVtt 6 col 1 ra " 1 .P ltten 50 inches wide, 3 yanis long, frinV.i 

olive. orimblueandgreen 
gr unds suitable for any 
room, 50 inches wide, per 

KM483. Chenille Portieres, reversible, colors, 
green and crimson and brown, 48 inches wide, 
3 yds. long, per pair . .. 5 50 

Plain Chenille Portieres, heavy knotted fringe 
top and bottom, color crimson or green, 
reversible, 44 inches wide oy 3 yards long, pair 

" 4 75 

48 in. wide by 3 yards long 5. SO 

~ " " n ,00 

K1-21529. Bagdad Design Tapestry, oriental colors 
used for furniture covering, curtains, lounge 
and couch throws, cosy corners, and covering 
walls in dens and oriental rooms, 50 inches wide 

KI-3947. Cretonne, double fold, reversible bor 
dered both sides. Colors fawn, blm- crimscn 
cream and green. Used for window curtains. 

40 in. wide, per yard 20 

Other patterns and widths, 37 in. wide, per 

yard _ _ 15 

44 in. wide, per vard "" 05 

46 in, wide, yard 30 

52 inches wide, per yard _.... .I! 4O 




KM003I. Fine Not 
tingham Sash 
Curtain Net, 28 
inches wide, dou 
ble cut, 
Colbert edges, 
pretty, inexpen 
sive curtain, 
white and ivory, 
per yard.. .12? a 

KH27. Extra fine 
Florentine Net 
handsome em 
broidered pat 
tern, with Col 
bert edges, 
makes a lacey. 
effective curtain 
iu white only, 30 
inches wide, per 

yard .30 

18 inches wide, 
per yard.. .20 

K1-278I6. Swiss 
Sash Curtain Net, 
neatly worked 
border , with 
scroll in centre, 
On fine net, white 
and ivory, 29 in. 
wide, per yard... 


KI-28858. Fine 
Swiss Sash Cur 
tain Net, heavy 
worked border, 
on good quality 
net, rich appear 
ance, embroider 
ed edge, 30 inches 
wide, per yard, 

..___ 40 

KI-16222. Swiss 
Sash Curtain Net, 
double border, 
h a n dsomely 
worked on plain 
net, used for win 
dow or door cur 
tains, white and 
ivory, 18 inches 
wide, per yard_. 
__.. 35 

30 inches wide, 
per yard__ .50 

K1-4439. Grena- 

dine Sash Cur 
tain Material, 

with double 

border and col- 

bert edges, very 

light and lacey 

pattern, makes 

dainty sash 

curtains, etc., 

in white only, 

28 inches wide, 

per yard, .20 
Heavy Plain Colored Denims, best grade, in light 

and dark blue, light and dark green, yellow, 

brown, maroon, crimson, 36 in. wide, a yd. .25 
Genuine Printed Denims, for upholstery, table 

covers, cushions and floor coverings, crimson, 

green, blue, brown, 36 inches. .35 

K1-151. Curtain 
Scrim.Jace edge, 
double border, 
open work 
wearing materi 
al, suitable for 
any style of win 
dow, white and 
ivory, 45 inches 
wide, per yard, 

K1-3404. Curtain 
Muslin, stripe 
design, as cut, 
also figure ftnd 
coin spot de 
sign, white 
only, 26 inches 
wide, per yard, 

Other qualities 
and designs, 45 
in. wide, per yd. 

.18 .20 .25 
___ ............ 3O 

K1-G.P. Curtain 
Scrim, double 
bonier, strip! de 
sign, white or 
ivory,40in. wide, 
per yard .10 

Other patterns. 
36 in. wide, per 
yard .05 .08 
Plain Scrim for 
fancy work, ivory 
only, 38 in wide, 
per yard. .12K 
and .20 

K1-314. Fancy Lace 
Edge Curtain 
Scrim, double 
bord er, good 
wear ng and 
dainty effect for 
any room, white 
or ivory, 54 in. 
wide, per yard... 


K1-6798. Frilled 
Curtain Muslin, 
splendid wear 
ing quality, a 
vry dainty 
bedroom mater 
ial, white only. 
50 inches wide, 
per yard 


KH777. Extra 
Fine Frilled 
Curtain Muslin, 
with deep cord 
ed edge frill, 
extra good 
wearing mater 
ial, can be used 
in any style of 
room, 47 inches 
wide, frilled 
one side, per 

yard 35 

52 inches wide, 
frilled both 
sides per yd, .40 

Plain Burlaps, for covering walls, upholstery pur 
poses and as floor covering. Colors dark and 
light oli, brown, blue, ecru and red, 34 inches 
wide, per yard , .20 

Art Ticking, plain colors. Colors olive, red, linen, 
green, cream, blue, 44 in. wide, per yd .20 

KI-4419. Bob 
Curtain mat 
with pretty 
and inst 
frill, on plaii 
spotted net. 
only, for bed 
plain, 30 in. 
per yard ._ 
Spot, 30 in. 
per yard _ 
Plain, 45 in. 
per yard... 
Spot 45 in. 
per ynrd... 

Kl CX. Cr epe tin- 
is h e d Cretonne, 
suitable for furni 
ture covering,cush- 
ions, etc., in crim 
son, fawn, blue, 
black, brown and 
terra cottagrounds, 
with pretty combi 
nation colors, 28 in. 
wide, per yard .08 

Other patterns 2<; 
inches wide, per 
yard OS 

K1-3954. Art Sa 
teen, 31 inches 

wide. used prin 
cipally for cur- 


screen fillings. 

comforters and 

cushion cover 
ings. Colors, 

crimson, green, 


black, a yd .15 

Other qualities 

and designs 31 

in.wide.per yd. 

.12H .20 

.25. 30. 40 

K1-PB3. Pi 
Art Musi 
good co!o 
rose, oi 
and gree: < 
cries, cu < 
screen fil 
30 inches 
per yard, 
Other pjit 
36 inches i 
per 3 ard.. 
44 in. wid i 

yard. _ 12K- 50 in. wide, per yard 

K1 620. Art silk- 

oline 36 inches 

wide b r i gh t, 

silk finish, es 
pecially used 


ies, cu r t a i n s. 

screen fillings 

and cushion colors 

cream, blue, 

rose, olive, red, 

gold and nile 

as cut, or ori- 

ental designs 

per yard. .15 

A full range of 

other colors and designs, per yard._ . 
Art Chintz, blue, gold. rose, green, etc., for 

room draperies, bed valances, furniture 

loose covers, 81 to 36 in. wide, per yard 


KI-4OO. Fringed Oil Opaque \Vhuk.w shades. ..u-am ur 
mven. mounted on spring roller, cumpletc with tassel, 36x70 
in. each .50 2:xS J in. .60 Frliiga per yard ,)O 

.owi. -.-.I v t .*qu Umaow shades, cream or green, 

complete with spring roller and tassels, 37x70 in, onlv 
* .5.3 

K1-19O. Phiiu up.u, ; Wiiulvw Slimlfs, i.-reAin or en-en 
mounted on sprint roll; rs. i-uinuk-t*- with pull, 37x7" "i.. 

each ,3Q 37x7u in. plain oil upii iu*- 1 shades .40 

37xtJ iu. plain opaque shades .45 

K I .2O05. Beat Standard Oil Opaque Window Shade*, 
v-reani or ^reeii, completti witli Hurtahorn apring roller and 
t,iistl.:;r.\70 in.. !.( !]. 8O STxS J in., .00 Fringe, peryd.. | Q 


; Mounted on Hartshorn s Best Spring Hellers. 




ft. 111. 














. - 
1 1 



















: 1 

1 , 



i n 


, Si 



: , 

! - 
1 . 


L 47 

; a 

. n 






. : 
i 91 
: , 


: i. 

1 |.. 

: d 
: M 

L 1 ! 


: n 




. . 
. i 

- ; 

3 .:.v 

: I 

Large shades are mounted on rollers to correspond 
tosize. When measuring allow 9 inches on net length 
of window for hem on shade and lap around roller 

K I -429. Opaque Window Shades, cream or gretn. mount 
ed on spring rollers, complete with tassel. 36x70 in.trach .45 
lace, per yard. .06 

1C | -409. <"M1 Opri i ie Window Shades, mounted on sprlnjr 

-umplete with tassel. S7x70Jn. each .65 S xSZin!! 

eth .75 With bee only. 37x70 in., each ,5ft 87x82 In., 

each .65 Lace and Insertion, each, per yard OS 

Hartshorn Spring Shade roller, 1x42 in., .13 

K I -564. Best Standard Opaque, or Cream Holland Window 


. , 

es, cream only, mounted on Hartshorn spring rollers, 
plete with t 
36x8 .? in. .each 


, , , 

complete with tassel, hioe and insertion, %x70In,.ach | .05 
I. 15 Lace and Insertion each per yd. .25 

...... 25 1^x60 In... 30 

K I -544. Best Standard Opaque. orCream Holland Win- 
duwShndea, ireamnnly. rompletewlth UBS*!, lace and in- 
sertion. 36x70in . Pii. h | .25 3*5x70 in., lace only, eaoh .95 
StixS I In., each | ,35 Lii e and Insertion, each per yard .25 

All sizes tin rollers in stock. Send for prices. 



Fringes, Gimps, etc. 

K 1-6,3. Cotton fringe, 
lull range of colors, 
per yard Q5 

Kl-46. Silk Fringe, 
full range of colors, 
per yard_ 1Q 

Grenfell Silk Drapery and Curtain Fringe large 
range, good colors, per yard 

Kl-70. Cotton Tassel 
Fringe, choice range 
of colors, per yd. .15 

Kl-304. Silk Tassel 
Fringe, beautiful 
quality, large range 
of colors, per yd. .25 

Kl-2. Rug Fringe, all K 1-4. Rug Fringe, don- 
wool, double head, in a blehead, full range 
full range of colors, of colors, yard... 10 

per yard 08 Heavier quality .15 

Furniture Fringe, wool, silk covered cord tassel, 

7 in. deep, per yard 1.35 .50 .35 

Cotton Furniture Fringe, per yard. .15 

Kl-1. ?,ilk Furniture Cord .04 yard, or 18-yard 

pieco .45 

Hea> ier quality .07 yard, 18-yard piece 1 .QO 
Curtain Loops 

Kl-23. Chenille Curtain Loops for doors or arches, 

in colors to match any curtain, per pnir... .25 
Kl-21. Silk Curtain Loops, full range of colors, 

per pair.. .... ... 35 

Other deigns 25 .50 .75 1.00 

Kl-69. Curtain Loo^s, silk, for sash curtains, in a 

full range of colors, per pair .12K 

K! f, 2. Curtain Loops, white or cream, pair .05 

Other prices, per pair... .08 .10 ,12/ij .25 

Furniture Gimps 
Silk, yard .02 gross 2.00 Silk, yard, .03 

gross4.0O Silk, yard. .05 gross 5.25 
Heavy Cotton Cord for edging curtains and 

cushions, assorted colors, per yard .10 .12% 
Heavy Silk Curtain Cord, all colors, yard... .20 

Furniture Webbing, 2% in. wide, per yard ,2K 
Or per piece about 65 yards 1 .25 

Carpet Binding 

Carpet Binding, l%in. wide, in a full range of 
colors, per yard 2X 


(Covered in White Cambric.) 
Odorless and Pure 

Special Down 
18 iu. x 18 in. each .25 

Russian Down 

16 in. x 16 in. each .30 22 in. x 22 in. each 55 
IS in. x 18 " 30 24 in. x 24 65 

2Uin. x20 " .40 


1C in. x 16 in. each .40 22 i n. x 22 in. each QQ 
IMII. x 18 50 2-1 in. x 24 110 

20 in. x 20 " .75 


it; in. x 16 in. each 65 22in.x22in.ea 125 
18 in. x 18 I .75 24 in. x 24 " 1. 5Q 


16 in. x 16 in. each ,75 22 in. x22iu.ea.1 SO 
IS in. x 18 " ,90 24 in. x 24 " 185 

20in.x 20 " 1.25 

All-wool FeltC oth, for table covers, fancy work, 

etc., colors light and dark crimson, blue terra 

golu, brown, emerald, olive, bronze, black.fawn 

rose, etc., 72 inches wide, per yard .65 .75 

Art Drapery Serges 

Flam colors, crimson, blue and olive, 50 in. wide, 
per yard 40 

All-wool Repps (colors crimson and maroon) 
18 inches wide, per yard .35 

Haircloth Seating for covering furniture 

24 inches wide, per yard _ 70 

27 " " " R*^ 

so .IZZZIZI i .i 

Plain Mohair Plush 

Crimson, 24 inches wide, per yard... _ 1 ,QO 

Plain colors, crimson, blue, olive, peryard .66 

Linen Velours 

For Draperies, Portieres, mid Upholstery, colors 
electric, old rose, Nile, terra, blue, bronze rose, 

50 in. wide, r-er yard 75 1 .QO 1,25 

, Baize (Green or Red) 

R m.^wide, yard... .30 72 in. wide, yard .65 

Carpet Sweepers 

Bissell s Brunswick Sweepers, strong and durable, 
real oak, mahogany or walnut finish, ea. 2.00 

Bissell s Champion, a splendid sweeper, strong 

and durable, japanned fittings, each 1 50 

Nickel fittings, each __ 1.75 

Bissell s Grand Rapids Sweepers cyco bearings, 
manogany or antique oak finish, a high grade 
sweeper, each... 2 75 

Brass Curtain Chains 

Kl-22. Brass Curtain Kl-23. Brass Curtain 
Chains, per pair .10 Chains, per pair .25 

K1-4SL. Grille, 12 inches deep, oak or vnahoga 
hiiish, ,"> spindles to a foot, per foot C 

8 spindles, per foot . i 

Corner brackets, per pair 

Kl-440. Grille, in oak or mahogany finish, 
inches deep, per foot p 

Corner I rackcts, )I>T ] itir _ . "" 22 

When ordering allow about days, to na 
grilles made. 

Lace Door Panels 

Kl-7429. Nottingham lace panel renaiEsan 
design on plain net, very effective for doo 
white only, 30 in. x 45 in., each 3 ; 

Kl-105. Real Battenberg Worked Panel on Frenci 
net. handsome open work centre, white onlv 
Min. x 54 In., each. ... i o > 

Other des gns, each ) .25" l.50 2 OC 




Kl-72 E1-S54 

-72. Wood Curtain Poles, in cherry, walnut and 
oak finish, complete with brass trimmings, 
15^ in. x 5 it. .25 Trimmings only, set .13 
-854. Wood Curtain Poles, in oak, cherry and 
walnut flni-h, complete with brass trimmings, 
l%in.xnft. .35 Trimmings only, set 20 

i<1-63. Siring Curtain Pole, 1 in. x 4 ft. 
9 in. long, in oak or mahogany 

finish, complete 1.00 

Other design .95 

-1. Brass Extension Curtain Rods, 23 to 43 in., 

each .. _.? 05 

-2. Briiss Extension Curtain Rods, 14 to 24 in., 
each 10 21 to 44 in., each. .12/2 

-46. Cottage Curtain Rod, white enamel, com- 
Blete with ends and brackets, 4ft. long, ea. .10 

Kl-920 KI-819 

-920. Wood Curtain Pole, oak and mahogany 
finish, brass trimmings, complete, 1% in. x 5ft., 

each .4.0 Trimmings only, set... .30 

819. Wood Curtain Pole, oak or mahogany 
finish, combination wood and brass trimmings, 

complete, 1% in x 5 ft., each 4.0 

Trimmings only, per set .30 

Kl-522 Kl-507 

-522. Wood Curtain Pole, oak, mahogany or 
white enamel finish, with brass trimmings. 

complete, 1% in. x 5 ft., each 60 

Trimmings only, per set _ . 40 

607. Wood Curtain Pole, oak, mahogany or 
white enamel finish, with English brass trim 
mings, complete 9O 

Trimmings only, per set .TO 

Kl-80 Kl-50 

C1-50. Wood Curtain Pole, oak or mahogany 
finish, with all wood trimmings, complete. 

W/a in. x 5 ft .30 

Trimmings only, per set 20 

11-80. Wood Curtain Pole, oak or mahogany 
finish, complete with heavy wood trimmings, 

Wg in. x 5 ft., each 8C 

Trimmings only, per set ,5{ 

All Wool Bunting Flags 






S-0 x 





4-6 z 





6-0 I 





7-6 x 





9-0 x 





12-0 x 





15-0 X 





18-0 X 





24-0 x 



zi a 


Silk Flags 

Silk Squares Sizes 18x18 20x20 22x22 24x24 

Canadian 65c 65c 75c 85c 

American 55 65 75 75 

Union Jack _ 55 65 75 75 

Irish and Scotch. 90 

Cotton Flags. Mounted en Sticks, 
Canadian Ensigns and Union Jacks 

Sizes Price Sizes Price 

3x2 in., 06 doz. %c ea. 20x15 in., 0.75 doz. 7c ea. 
6x4 " 12 " Ic " 24x18 " 1.00 " lOc ea. 
8x6" 20 " 2c " 28x20" 1.65 " 16cia. 
12x8 " 85 " 3c " 36x21 " 2.00 " 20c ea. 

Wall Tent 

Prirt-s wiihuut poles or 


I.^iit. lh 



;ill l 




8 oz. 


10 oz. 

1! oz. 


7x7 ft. 

7 ft. 

2 ft. 

8 7.75 

8 8.75 

$ 9.75 


7x9U " 

7 " 

2 " 





SX12 2 " 

3 " 





9x12 " 

8 2 " 

3 " 






8 " 

3 " 






9 " 

3 " 






9 " 

3^i " 






9 " 






9 " 

3/4 " 






10 " 

4 " 






10 " 

4 " 





When ordering Tents allow five days for mak" 
ing. Add 50 per cent, extra to price of tent when 
fly or double roof is required. If higher walls are 
required add 5 per cent, for each additional 6 ins. 
Ventilators 50c each extra. We make a specially 
of manufacturing all styles of tenta to order, both 
in white, brown or fancy striped duck. 

Stair Plates 

K1-20. Fancy Stair 

Plate, brassoi nickel, 
per doz .20 

KM9. Heavy Ptair Plate, brays or nickel, per 
doz. ,12 i and 15 

K1-111. Fancy Folding Screens, 3 panels, solid oak 
irame, strong and durable, filled with figured 

artsilkaline in assorted colors, each, 1 .98 

Frame only 1 .00 

Curtain Stretcher, 
size b ft. x 12 ft., 
made with hinges 
to fold, complete 
without legs, ea. 


With legs 2.00 

Ducks and Awning Materials 


Directions for Measurements, Take 
measurements on the frame not on stone or 
brick work. For square windows send width 
and height. For circle-top windows send \vilth 
and height to centre of circle and height of curve. 
Send for estimates or catalogue on store awnings. 
Projection. Width. Prioe. 

Projection. Width. Price. 
3 feet...2H feet._82.50 

feet_.4 feet...$3.f 

| ._4% " ... 4.00 

" . -A .. . i.OO 

" ..AV~ ... 4.25 

" ...1 ... 3.75 

" ..A ... 4.35 

" ?. 


... 5.00 

._ 2.85 3V 

... 3.25 4 

... 3.50 4 

_. 3.85 4 

_ 2.75 5 

... 3.00 5 

_ 3.35 5 

These prices include irons, cords, etc. If irons 
are not required, deduct from above prices. 
Striped Awning Material, duplex pattern, extra 
quality, 30 in. wide, per yard .25 .30 .35 

Wood Mantels, Fenders and Fittings 

Wood Mantels, complete Grate and Tiles 

?7,00, to 80.0.0 

Grates, brass and copper, in bright and dull finish, 

each for Gas_ 8.50 CoaL 11.00 

Brass Fenders, black, copper and antique, in all 

designs _ 4.50 to 25.00 

Brass Fire Screens, heavy frames, hand-painted 

centreon bevel and best plate mirrors 

..._ 5.00 to 11.00 

Wire Spark Guards, 4-fold in brass, gill or bluck. 

from 3.0.0 to 10.00 

Coal Box, black with copper trimmings 

- 2.OO to 4.50 

Fire Irons, comprising 1 pair Tongs, 1 Poker. 1 

Shovel _._ 1.50 to 5.00 

We carry a full and complete stock 
of the above mentioned articles and 
will be pleased to forward cuts and 

prices on application. 



Baby Carriages, Toys and Wheel Goods 

628. Carriage, same as 
cut, upholstered in 
the finest broadcloth, 
fine white net cover 
on parasol, new strap 
gear and 5^-in. rub 
ber tires, body made 
of finest reedwork. 
Special 30.00 

No. 628 

K54. Carriage, uphol 
stered in grass lawn, 
with white net cover, 
o r upholstered i n 
green rep. with sa 
teen parasol, %-inch 
rubber tires and new 
coil spring auto gear. 
Special 11.95 

No. EM 

451 Adjustable G o- 
Cart, upholstered in 
fine silk plush with 
satin parasol to 
match, colors green 
or brown, %-m., rub 
ber tires, auto gear. 
Special 13.25 

No. 452 

Adjustable Go- 
Cart, upholstered in 
corduroy, with white 
not cover, or finished 
in silk plush, with 
line satin parasol, %- 
inch rubber tires, 
new coil spring gear, 
mitless axles, fine 
reed body. Special 

614. Carriage, uphol 
stered in plush, with 
satin parasol, or up 
holstered in corduroy 
with white net cover 
(rilled, %-in. rubber 
tires, fine reed body. 
Special 20.0O 

No. 614 

726. Carriage, uphol 
stered in silk plush, 
with sateen parasol 
to match, colors 
green or brown, a 
good strong carriage 
with heavy roll on 
back, with %-m. rub 
ber tires and auto 
gear. Special 9.25 

Mo. 726 

4*4. Adjustable Go- 
Cart, upholstered in 
the best silk plush, 
fine satin parasol to 
match, %-iu. rubber 
tires, new auto gear. 
Special 15.OO 

No. 18 

No. 29 

18. Folding Carrier, 
strongly made, with 
nice reed filled in 
back, will fold up 
and require very 
little space, very 
handy for traveling, 
with %-inch tires. 
Special 3.25 

No. 454 

878. Hood Carriage 
this is au exception 
ally well made car 
riage, close woven 
reed work, upholster 
ed in silk plush with 
hood to match, large 
%-inch rubber tires, 
and new auto gear. 
Special 17.5O 

No. 6P 

No. 878 

8P. Carrier this car 
rier will recline or 
can be placed in sit 
ting position, it is 
very convenient for 
every mother. Spec 
ial 4.00 

6C. Same as above, 
only with cushion 
and parasol. Special 

919. Carriage, same > 
cut, upholstered i 
plush, with satl 
parasol or uphoiste 
ed in corduroy, wit 
white net cover f ril 
ed, and %-in. rubbi 
tires, new auto gea 
Our special. 15.5" 

No. 919 

351. Adjustable Go-Car* 
green twill uphol 
stering, sateen para 
sol, %-in. rubber tires, 
a strong serviceable 
cart, new auto gear. 
Special.. -10.0O 

No. 351 

247C. Adjustable G< 
Cart, beautiful ro 
design, heavy dasl 
upholstered in th 
best plush, satin fril 
ed parasol, %-m. nil 
her tires, new aul 
gear. Special 18.7f 

No. 247C 

11. Carrier this is a 
good large carrier 
and will take a large 
sized child, it is com 
fortable and can be 
placed on back of 
street cars, fitted with 
%-inch rubber tires, 
exactly same as cut. 
Special _ 4.95 

No. 3% 

No. 11 

3%. Carrier, ha 
springs and strong] 
made, with iron tire 
8pecial._.___ 1 . . 
With %-inch rubb 
tires. Special. 2 4: i 

NOTE On Baby Carr 
ages and Adjustab: i 
Go Carts, if largi 
rubber tires are 3 
sired add to the arxn i 
prices for %-m. R.T 
75c extra. For%-ii , 
R.T., $1.60 extra. 

White Lace Net Covers, 90c, $1.10, 1.76, 2.00, 2.35, 
and 3 00 each. 

Wagons and Automobiles 

Boys Velocipedes, with iron tires, No. 1 $2 26 
No. 2, $2.55 ; No. 3, $3.10 : No. 4, $3.45 : No. 5, 
$3.75. With Rubber tires, No. 6, $3.35 No 7 
$3.90 ; No. 8, $4.75 ; No. 9, $5.16 ; No. 10 6 75 

Boys Automobiles. "The Dominion Flyer," With 
%-inch rubber tires, $6.60. With %-iu. rubber 
tires. $6.36. 

Boys Rowing Wagons, with iron tires $3.00. 
With %-iiich rubber tires, 3.85. 

Boys Rowing Wagons, with sprocket and rubber 
tires, very powerful, Single, $6.25. Double, 
$7.76. Tandem $8.35. 

Imperial Express Wagon. This has a tricycle at 
tachment, or can be used as a wagon, with iron 
tires, $2.95, With %-inch rubber tires, $3.80. 

Steel Body Express Wagons, at $1.40, 1.80 1.96, 
2.16,2.26, 2.36 and 2.60. 


No. 1. Hammock, made of strong close-woven 
goods, in pretty combination stripes. Regular 
size, with head spreader and pillow 99 

No. 2. Hammock, made of strong close-woven 
goods, and comes in pretty combination stripes, 
has valance pillow and head spreader..... 1.35 

No. 3. Hammock, close woven, strong, has pillow, 
spreader and valance ; the designs are all ex 
ceptionally good, and colorings which give the 
desired effect. Special 1.99 

No. 4. Hammock, close woven, strong, has pil 
low, spreader head and foot, full pleated val 
ance, extra large size, four beautiful designs to 
select from, very latest colorings. Special 2.99 

No. 5. Hammock, close woven, extra screwed 
cross bar, large upholstered pillow and foot 
spreader, heavy drape valance, beautiful de 
signs and good colors. Special 3.50 

No. 6. Hammock, close woven, extra large size, 
very comfortable, with large upholstered pillow 
and screwed cross bur, all the latest designs and 
newest colorings, with valance and foot cross 
bar. Special 3.99 

No. 7. Hammock, in the new knit or tapestry 
weave; this hummock comes in a new tiger skin 
design which is entirely new, also in a Dresden 
pattern; large size, with spreaders. Special 
_ 5.00 

White Cord Hammock, at .30. 50 and .75. 

Colored Cord Hammocks, at .35, .65 and .85. 

Baby Cradle Hammocks, with netting, special, .75 

Baby Cradle Hammocks, close woven with net 
ting, $1.25. Close \voven with valance, $1.50 
aim $1.76. Hammock Hooks, .06 each. 

Summer Toys 

Toy Garden Sets, including Hoe, Rake and Shove 

at .10, .15, .26, .35 and .50 a set. 
Toy Sand Shovels at .06, .10 and .15 each. 
Garden Trowels at .05 and .15 each. 
Sand Pails and Shovels at .05 and .10 each. 
Rubber Balls, plain, .05, .10, .15, .25. 
Rubber Balls, painted in pretty colors, at .05, .11 

.15, .25, .36 and .60 
Celluloid Baby Dolls, will float in the water. .1! 

.20. .25. .35, .60, .85, t.OO and 1.25 
Toy Sail Boats, .05, .10, .25, .50 and 1.00. 
Push Chime Hoops, special, .25. 
Skipping Ropes, .05, .10 and .15 each. 
Marbles in Bags. .05. 
Water Wings. Can you swim? If not try \Vati 

Wings, will hold up 260 Ibs. Special, .25 and .3 

Lawn Swings 

No. 1%. Lawn swing, nicely painted and varnisl 
ed, will hold 4 children or 2 adults; foldini 

Spr, in], 4.60. 

No. 2%. Lawn swing, nicely painted and varnirt 
ed, will hold 8 children or 4 adults, special, 6.5 

No. f>. Single lawn swing, extra fine finish, pain 
> <1 red and varnished, special, 7.00. 

No. li. Double lawn swing, extra fine finisl 
painted red and varnished, special, 8.50. 



ITTCDIPIf DATTCDMC AMR RHfllfQ A full stock of patterns on hand. Orders filled at once. In sending for children s patterns 
II I LnlUlX I M I iLilRO MllU DUUlVd send age, and for ladies patterns, send bu-t measure (taken under arms) and waist mea- 
. When ordering patt -rns shown on this puge send number and size required. Descriptions of all patterns we sell are contained in the following- Fashion 
ks Metropolitan Catalogue of Fashions, published quarterly for spring, summer, autumn and winter, 1Oc P er copy, postage lOc extra. Delineator, issued 
ithly 15 C per copy, or 1 .00 a year, postpaid, foreign postage $1.00 extra. Le Miroirdes Modes, 2Oc per copy, or 1.50 a year, postpaid, (printed in 
rich). Extra postage is required on patterns and books (on this page only) sent to foreign countries. 

1 1 9. Ladies Tucked or Gathered Shirt 
In. drawn down or eascJ, with Shirt or 
*hop SU-vvt-s, ;ind with or .vitli .ut the l"ly 
ing or slumlder strips. y>i/--s, 30 to 4* 
.hea bust measure. Price | 5 

50c copy, postpaid 

The Art of Crocheting. 

Thf Art of KuittiiiK. 

Tlie Art of Drawn Work. 

studies in Lace-making. 

Masquerades and Camlrals. and Practical Crochet. Wort 

Fancy and Practical Knitting. 

TMtiiii; ami >".- 

Modern Lace -making advance studies. 


1.00 copy, postpaid 


15c copy, postpaid 

Uses of Crt-pe and TV-u<- P.ip-T--. 
The rvrf.rt Ait of Canning and Preserving. 
The Correct Art of i -at Home. 

Dainty Desserta, Plain and Fancy. 

Smocking. Fancy Stitches, Cross Stitch 

and Darned Net Desigrns, 
M >ih -r and Babe; their Comfort and 

Child Life; Physical and Mental UeTelAp. 

Kxtnicts and Beverage*. 
Nursing and Nourishment for Irn 

,. Charades and Conundrums. 

Kaii -y Drills fur Evening Entertainments. 
Birds and Hird-keepini; 
h.n Ills of Life 

25c copy, postpaid 

Kind^n-rm^i] V 

Embroideries and their Stitches. 

Day Entertainments and 0th. T Kunctionv. 

Hutt"ri Dikeiy, 

"\\". diliiiL-i and Wrddiui; A lini versa lies. 

Dressmaking Up-to-date 

8652. ftirK Dress, with yuk* 1 in liiaii o- 
Dutch n^ck, w*lth full length "r shnrrer sl -cv.--- 
and ai. attached straight skirt. 9 sizes, 6 t< 
11 y-ars, price | 5 

H0. Ladies Tucked Waist, with high or V 
Aft. and full length or shorter sleeves, with 

without the fani-y collar. Suitable for stout 

figures) . 8 sizes, 32 to 46 inches * 

at measure, price ; .20 

SO I 9. Little 
Bult. coumatlDg 

Of il lull 

with Ki-.n ..r 
other lim-ii col 
lars, or with 
sailor collar 
and removable 
h i e 1 d an d 
with or without 
a fly, i> 



1 >ou tile 

ed Coat 

in three 


or reef 
er length, with 


r length, with <-o;u -r in-h r -,],., . v ., ami 8567. Girls Tn.-kfi Costume, consistinjr Oi 

IT shnwl collar, orcoUarlese with a Guimpe-E)..-,. ht skirt withnr 

or without the cuffs or back-strap, gsizes.2 without th.- cirdL-l^lt ,.r suspender^ 11 

to 16 years, price 15 tizes, 3 to 13 years. Price .... *|5 

8834. Ladies Eleven-Gored Skirt, in Kilt effect, in round, 
short round (clearnur, .* r in^tt ii l.-n^th, with a tnr-k 
seam, and in the middle of each gore, sixes 20 to 34 .20 

12. Ladies tucVed.shlrredorpatTiered costume in me- 
. orRmind length, conateung of a bahy-waist, 

thor withovit the frill Bertha ; and a skirt formed of a 

jgbtly gathered five-gored upper part, lengthened by a 
\ --gored flounce. 7 sizes, 30 to 42 inches bust 

"*. Prtce 2O 

40. Ladies -Tack- 
In regulation or 
ort^r hip leiiirt-h, 
th or wit tout cuffs. 
> lies, 90to461nchai 

8891. Ladies Eton 
at- or Jack 
et, with or without 

th 1 ( :n-nlar Skirt, 

. : tosn i-. 

Bust Measure ,2O 

89O I . Little Girls Long Coat, with circular 
wl t bout th* collar, cuffs or centre hack w:mi, 

bact, with or 
1 to ]i"t 

8443. Lndit-s -Gorod Flare Skirt, 9 sizes. 20 to 
Wiiist. price go 

36. Ladies of 
MO* Tucked Coat. 

in lony or short three 
quarter or short hip 

Hth vest. Pull length or shorter sleeven 

n\-rtpd box-jilait at Th^liack, withorwith- 

- -ll;ir or I 

il- d Ttic Lad 

. i rice .20 

8367. Ladies Sailor 

in "-ound or 

short round longtb i c<n- 

! shit-Id. lux 
shoulders and 

I-MV-I. with 

1 > ; |,plf >k 


8343. Ladinv Turk-d Shirt-Waist Cosrume. in 
medium swrf-p, round r short roinn) |c 
length, oti>u,tj,,- .,f;, sliirt-w:*!^. wilh or witlioiit 
li -liliilii.-: Hud ; Sf\.-ii 

nnd twotu* 

bust J i/t -. i-ii! >: 2O 




Carpets, Rugs and Floor Cloths 


Make plain figures. Measure exact, mak 
ing no allowances ; this will avoid delay in 
despatch as we will not cut the carpet unless 
measurements prove correct. 


Estimates given nd samples cheerfully 
sent on application. 

\T<yj cannot be too particular in taking measurements for carpets, especially so if they 
* to be bordered, as bordered carpets cannot be turned under; they should fit ex 
Always draw a diagram of rooms to be bordered, also for rooms or halls requiring ff 
widths in some parts than others. It is not necessary to draw to a scale, but give all measi 
ments along base exact to J inch, making no allowances j also the total length and widt: 
rooms in centre and through folding doors (if any), and make sure that short measurem. 
along base, etc., agrees with the through measurements. Draw a line across irregular 
windows or jogs and you will have an accurate base to measure from. Locate all doors 
jogs and give the depth of each, so we can sew on carpet or filling for same if desired, 
designate front of rooms, and state which way you wish widths to run. 

When the room is of such a size as to require a fraction of a width in addition to the 
width used), we will be obliged to piece it in one or two places unless you are willing to 
for a full width. In such cases state same on your order and we will send balance of w: 
with your carpet. If you wish to have covered several connecting rooms, make a pla: 
same on one sheet showing them in their true position. By being careful in taking measi 
mentt and seeing that they prove before sending in your order, you will perhaps save the dt 
of our sending back the plan for re-nK asurement, as we will not cut the carpets unless the s 
prove correct. In measuring circular or winding stairs, always measure on the longest s 
where the outside edge of the carpet would be. 

NOTE When ordering carpets not estimated 
on by us, allow at least one yard extra for each 
room for waste in matching patterns. If carpet can 
be cut with less waste, the difference will be re 
funded. Delay in despatch will be avoided by 
carefully carrying out the above Instructions. 

Carpet Sample Department 

Samples showing qualities and colors of any line 
in this department with the exception of Rues, 
Squares and Crumbcloths, will be cheerfully 
and promptly sent upon application. As these 
samples are valuable to us we would ask that 
they be returned after inspection. Mark the pat 
tern you select with an y^ on the pin ticket at 
tached to sample and give number of same on 
order sheet provided, to prevent any misunder 

Prices for Sewing Carpets 

Sewing all carpets .03 V ar d, with an additional 
charge of .05 lor each mitre on bordered carpets. 

In the case of heavy carpets, especially Ax- 
minsters, and Wiltons we recommend 
that bordered carpets be cut and sewn on the 
Flat. It is done in this way: All surplus carpet 
at mitres anil ends of wMths, (ordinarily turned 
under, making two thicknesses), is cut off and 
the edges oversewn or serged. When sewn to 
gether this makes the cnrpetor rug FLAT, it lias 
no double thickness anywhere. When done this 
way the charge is .03 yard for sewing, with 
1.50 extra for rugs size 10 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. and 
under, larger sizes in proportion. 

Axminster Carpets 

English Axminster carpet, 27 inches wide, hi 
beautiful rich colors in all the newest designs for 
parlors, reception-rooms, libraries, dining-rooms, 
halls boudoirs, offices, etc.; products of the most 
prominent manufacturers of England. The hand 
some Persian and Oriental designs in the rich 
Eastern tones, the floral and combination effects 
in magnificent variety, and the dainty conven 
tional patterns, so pretty and ?o popular. 22%-in. 
borders to match. 27-inch stairs to match the 
hall designs. 
Special value yd. 1 .25 1 .50 1.65 2.0O 2.25 

SS-inch Stair Cari>ct. per yd.. _ 2.5O 3.50 

Write for samples. 
Wilton Carpets 

English Wilton Carpet, 27 inches wide, a carpet 
of great durability fur offices, din-ng-rooms, halls, 
etc. We would recommend no other more highly. 
The rnnge of designs in all styles is excellent and 
in all the newest color combinations. For parlors, 
reception-rooms, spare bedrooms, music rooms, 
etc., the self color effects in roe, green and blue, 
are particularly handsome and much in demand. 
2254-inch borders to match. 27-inch stairs for the 
hall designs. 

Special value per yd. 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.35 
Write for samples. 
Velvet Carpets 

English Velvet Cnrpet. 27 inches wide, a, hard 
wearing carpet for parlors, dining-rooms, libra 
ries, halls and stairs, rich patterns in splendid 

vnriety. Handsome Orientals, small hall and 
st tir designs, and a great number of floral and 
combination effects in fawns, blue, crimson, 
greens, wood shades, and others. 22%-inch bor 
ders to match. 27-inch stairs for the hiill d( -ipis. 

Special value per yd 1.00 1.15 

Write for samples. 
Brussels Carpets 

English Brussels Carpet, 27-inches wide, well 
known and deservedly popular. Our showing of 
patterns is exceedingly large, embracing all the 
newest styles and colors. Oriental, conventional, 
floral, scroll and combination effects in the great 
est variety. Something suitable for any room, 
hall or office. 22%-inch borders to match. 27-in. 
stairs for the hall designs. Special value per yd. 

75 .90 1.00 1.15 1.25 1.35 

Write for samples. 
Tapestry Carpets 

English Tapestry Carpet, 27 inches wide, an im 
mense assortment of patterns in a great variety of 
coloring. Something for any style of room or 
hall. Special value per yd 

.40 .45" .50 .60 .70 .85 

22V.incb. borders to match the 60e. 70c anrt 86c 
qualities. Stair carpets to match the hall designs. 
Write for samples. 
Stair Carpets 

Axminster, 38 Inches wide, per yd. 2.50 3.50 
Axminster,27 " "1.251.502.00 
Wilton, 27 ins., per yd. 1.50 1 75 2 OC 2.25 

Velvet, 27 1.00 1.15 

Brussels, 27 " " " 90 1.0O 1.15 1.25 

T,ipestry,27in 40 .45 .50 .60 .70 .PS 

Tapestry, 22%in., per yd_... .30 .35 .40 .50 

Tapestry, 18 in., per yd _ .25 .30 .35 

Write for samples. 

Information, estimates and quality sample sent 
upon application. 

Ingrain Carpets All Wool 
Victoria quality, best 3-ply All-wool Carpet, 36 in. 

wide, rever-lble, per yd 1.0O 

Pretoria quality, an extra heavy 2-ply all-wool 
carpet, 36 in. wide, weighing 24 oz. to yard, re 
versible, special value, per yd 85 

Venice quality, best Canadian make, extra super 
2 ply all-wool carpet, reversible, 36 in. wide, per 

yard ._ .75 

Alma quality, super 2-ply all-wool carpet. 36 in. 
wide, reversible, one side as strong as the other, 

extra good vnlue, per yd .65 

Ingrain Carpets-All-Wopl .Filled 
Brunswick quality, best all-wool filling, woven 
on a strong cotton warp, a very serviceable car 
pet and reversible, per yd _ 55 

Ingrain Carpet Union 
Nassau quality, hest extra super union carpet, 36 

inches wide, reversible, per yd_ 45 

Omdurman quality, heavy union reversible car 
pet, 36 inches wide, large variety of designs, per 

yard - .40 

Kitchener quality, heavy union reversible carpet, 

36 inches wide, per yd _ .35 

Mohaw quality, special line union carpet, 36 in. 

wide, reversible, per yd 3O 

French quality, special line union carpet, revers 
ible, 36 in. wide, per yd 25 

Wnte for samples. 

A complete rnnee of Church Carpets. Sam 
sent upon application. 

Hemp Carpets 

Fancy Stripe, 30 in. wide, reversible, yd __ ,t 
.. .. jjj ii ,i > ii 

" 34 ........ ....... 

35K ..... " ....... : 

Fancy Florals, 30 in. wide, reversible, yd._ , 
33 ........ 

" 85% ...... .20 . 

Write for samples. 
Hemp Stair Carpets 
Fancy Stripe, 18 inches wide, reversible, per " 
................................................. 10 .12K 

Fancy Stripe, 22 in., reversible .12M .15 
Fancy Floral, 18 in., reversible, ydT.. .12H 
Fancy Floral, 22 in., reversible, yd ---- .15 

Write for samples. 
China and Japanese Matting 

China Matting, 36 inches wide, in an inim. 
assortment of fancy stripe and check design 
light clean colors. 

Per yd. .1 2% ! or for bale of 40 yds ....... 4, 

" " .15 " " 40 " ....... 5 

" " 40 " ....... 7 
5 " " 40 " ....... 9 

Japanese Cotton Warp Matting, 36 in. wide 
an excellent variety, of the newest design: 
fancy stripes, checks, florals and inlaid eff- 
These are all reversible and very popular for 
bedrooms, sewingrooms, summer cottages, 
Colors: green, blue, red and natural. 
Per yd.. .15 ; or for bale of 40yds ...... 5 

" " .20; ...... -- 

" " .25 : " " 

Write for samples. 

Stair Pads, Carpet Lining, Felt Pa i 

Best quality Novelty Stair Pads, for 36-in. cai 
per doz ....................................................... 1 

For 2T-inch carpet, per doz ...................... 1 , 

For 22-inch carpet, per doz ..................... _ 1 

EatoniaCirpet Lining, heavy felt back, a t I 
cotton filling, covered with good manilla pe | 
taped on both edges, 36-in. wide, per yd.. 

Standard Carpet Lining, per yd .................... 

Felt Paper, (16 oz to the yard,) per yd ......... 

Plain Durries and Felts for Ri 

Plain Drrries, all-wool. 36 in. wide, best En| 
make, in shades cf green, brown, blue, t 
cotta. olive, crimson and old gold, yd. ... 1 

Plain Felt, special heavy quality, 50 in. wid 
shades of crimson, green, olive, terra cotta, 
and old gold, per yd ______ . ___ ...... ______ ......... . 

Plain Cork Carpet 

Cork Carpet, 2 yards wide, an extra heavy I 
of linoleum, very tough and noiseless, used 
extensively in hospitals, churches, banks 
flees, etc. 
No. 1 quality, green, per sq. yd ..... __ ...... 1 I 

No. 1 quality, brown, per sq. yd ....... __ ..... 

No. 2 quality, brown, persq. yd .......... _ .. 

Write for samples. 


-- 7 



Axminster Squares 

ixminster Carpet Squares, best quality, made in 
one piece with interwoven border. Our stock 
is exceptionally large, and contains a splendid 
variety of floral, conventional, oriental and 
medal lion designs, also many novelties 

Size 6 ft. 6 in. x 9 ft 8 in., each ............. 20 .SO 

7 ft. 6 in. x 10 ft. 3 in., each ...... . ...... 25 .GO 

8 ft. 3 in. x 11 ft. 6 in., each ...... _ ...... 30 .OO 

9ft. 10 in. xlSft. lin., each ............. 38.75 

10 ft. 11 in. x ! ft. 3 in., each ............. 49.00 

\xminster squares, 2nd quality 

tiize 6 ft. 6in.x 9 ft. 8 in., each ............. 13.75 

7ft. 6 in. x 10 ft. 3 in., each ............. 1 

8ft. Sin. x 11 ft. 6 In., each 

9 ft. 10 in. x 13 ft. 1 in., eacb._ 

10 ft. 11 in. x 14 ft. 3 in., each ............. 

Axminster squares, 3rd quality 
Size 7 ft. 6in. xlOft. 3iu.,each 



. .50 

8ft. Sin. x 11 ft. 6 in., each ............. 16.75 

9ft. 10 in. x!3ft. lin., each ............. 22.50 

Brussels Squares 

Heavy English Brussels Carpet Squares, with 22 

inch interwoven border, new designs in the 

latest styles for parlors, dining-rooms, sitting- 

rooms, bedrooms, etc., splendid rugs to wear 

Size 9 ft. in. x 10 ft. 6 in., each ____ ........ 14.75 

9ft. Oin. x!2ft. Oin.,e<ich ............... 16.75 

11 ft. 3 in. x 12 ft. in., each.. ............. 21 .00 

lift. Sin. x 13 ft. 6 in., each... . 23.75 

11 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft. 9 in., eaeh_ ............. 27. OO 

Tapestry Carpet Squares 

English Tapestry Carpet Squares, with 1ft inch in 

terwoven borders, a host of new and pretty 

designs to choose from suitable for any style of 

room, best quality- 

Size 9 ft. in. x 9 ft. in., each .............. _ 8.50 

9ft. Oin. x 10 ft. 6 in., each ................ 1O.OO 

9ft. in. x 12 ft. Oin., each .......... 11. OO 

10 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. Oin., each 


10 ft. 6 in. x 13 ft. 6 in., each.. _ 14.75 

12ft. Oin. x 12 ft. Oin., each. _ 14.75 

12 ft. in. x 13 ft. 6 in., each.... 16.75 

Second quality 

Size 9 ft. in. x 9 ft. in., each _ 5.75 

9 ft, in. x 10 ft, 6 in., each 6.75 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each 7.50 

10 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. in., each 9.50 

10 ft. 6 in, x 13 ft. 6 in,, each 10. 5O 

Ail-Wool Art Squares 

Kensington Wool Squares, best English 2-ply wool 
woven in one piece, with 18-inch interwoven 
border; reversible and excellent to wear- 
Size 9 ft. Oin. x 10ft 6 in., each 11. 5O 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each _ 1325 

10ft. 6in. x 12 ft. Oin., each 15.50 

Best 2-ply All-wool Carpet Squares, Sackville 
quality, made in one piece with 18-inch inter 
woven border. These are made in pretty floral 
and conventional dt sigus, and are reversibli 

3ize 2% yds. x 3 yds., each 6.00 

3 yds. x 3 pis., each ~f .25 

3 yds. x 3% yd, each 8.50 

3 yds. x 4 yds., each 9.50 

3% yds. x 4 yds., each 11.25 

4 yds. x 5 yds., each 16.00 

Wool- Filled Art Squares 

"Brunswick" Carpet Squares, best all-wool filling, 
woven on a strong cotton warp. An excellent 
variety of pretty designs with 18-in. interwoven 
border. A strong, durable rug, reversible 

2%x3 yds., each 4.50 

3 X 3 yds., each 5. SO 

3 x3%yd. each 6.?5 

3 x 4 yds., each 7.25 

4 yds., each 8!SO 

x5 yds., each _ 12.00 

Union Carpet Squares 

Omdurman quality, extra super Union Carpet 
Squares, 18-in interwoven border, in a large 
variety of the newest designs, all reversible 

Bize2%x8 yds., each 3.00 

3 xS yds., each _ 3.50 

3 x3% yds., each 4.25 

3 x4 yds., each _ 4.75 

3%x4 yds., each _ 5.50 

4 x6 yds., each. 8.00 

Hemp Squares 

Reversible Hemp Carpet Squares, woven without 
seams. Pretty floral and conventional designs, 
with interwoven borders, serviceable colorings 

Size 2% yds. x 3 yds., each 1 .50 

3 yds. x 3 yds., each 1 75 

3 yds. x 3% yds., each 2.15 

3 yds. x 4 yds., each _ 2.35 

" .J yds. x4 yds., each 2!75 

4 yds. x 1 yds., each 3.15 

Printed Hemp Rugs, a good heavy quality : 

Sizes 18 x 36 in., each 12 .18 

24 x !i2 in., each .30 

35 x 70 in ., each _ 50 

Reversible Hemp Rugs, in fancy striped or check 
designs, good serviceable colors, and qualities : 

12 x 30iu., each _. _ .12 

24 x Win., each _ 25 .30 .40 

35 x 70 in., each _ .40 .50 

Japanese Rugs and Squares 

Jadanese Rugs, best quality of Jute in Oriental 
design and colors. 
Size 1 ft. 4 in. x 2ft. 6 in., each-.. 







Hall Strips, size, 3 ft. x 9 ft., each 

3 " 12 " 

3 " 15 

Hearth Rugs 

Best English Wilton or "Dag Dag" Rugs, in an 

extra large range of designs of all the newest 

styles and colorings. A particularly fine rug of 

great durability. Sizes 

13 x 30 in.. Door Mat, fringed ends, each.. 1 .45 

13x35 in., " 2.0O 

18x36 in.. " " sides, 2.25 

36x36 in., Piano Rug, fringed ends _ 4.25 

27x54 in., Hearth Rug, fringed ends 4.50 

36x63 in., " _ 7.0O 

36x72 in., " 8.00 

"Universal" Kugs, a heavy English Axminster 
Rug, well assorted range of designs and colors- 
Size 30 x 60 in., each 3.0O 

32 x 64 in., each 3.50 

36x72 in., each _ _ _ 4.50 

Kidderminster Rugs, English Axminster, a hard 
wearing rug, in all the newest designs, colors 
to harmonize with almost any carpet or square. 

Size 27x60 in., each 2.25 

29x63 in., each 2.7 

32 x 72 in., each.. 

54 x 84 in., each.. 

"Tecumseh" Smyrna Rugs, a reversible rug, 

both sides exactly the same. The designs are 

all the newest styles in mednllion, floial and 

oriental eHects in rich pretty shades 

Size 16 x 32 in., Door Mats, fringed ends, ea. .95 

21x45 in.. Bureau Rug, " " " 1.75 

26x54 in., Hearth " " " 2.00 

30x60 in., " " " " " 2. SO 

36x"2in., " " 4.00 

Tecumseh" Smyrna Hall Runners, conventional 
designs and oriental effects, reversible 

Size 3 ft. x9ft., each 6.75 

Size 3 ft. x 12 ft., each 9.0O 

Real Mohair Mats, in self colors, crimson, blue, 

old gold, olive and green- 
Size 13 x 30 in., Door Mat, each _... 

Size 15 x 32 in., Door Mat, each 

Sheepskin Mats and Rugs, crimson 

Size 10 x 33 in., each 

12 x 35 in., each 

15 x 36 in., each _ 

17 x 38 in., each 

20 x 42 in., each _ 

Hearth Rugs, size 30x60 in., each _ 5.00 

Axminster Door Mat, fringed all round, a large 
assortment of floral and medallion designs, in a 
good variety of colors. Size 14x30 in., ea. .75 

Outside Door Mats 

Outside Cocoa Door Mats, to protect your Home- 
Plain Brush. Plain Brush. 
Size. Heavy yualHy. Extra Heavy. 




- 1.00 

- 1.25 






I:? 5 

14x24 inches, each 


3. 18x30 

4. 20x33 

5. 22x36 

6. 24x39 

7. 26x42 " 

Heavy Brush Mat, with iron scraper 

No. "2. Size 16x27 in., each , 

No. 3. Size 18x30 in., each 

Medium quality Brush Mat. plain 
No. 1. Size 14x24 in. .each 
No. 2. Size Ibx27 in., each _ _ ."45 

Large sizes suitable for churches, public build 
ings, etc., made to order. 

Pleivy quality, plain brush, per sq. ft 33 

Extra Heavy quality, " " " .40 

Rubber Door Mats, fancy moulded patterns 

Size 17x31 in., each_ 1 .35 

Size 18x36 in., each_ 1 .75 

Wire Door Mats 

An Ideal Mat, rigid, sanitary, light in weight and 
very neat, made of best galvanized wire 

No. 1. Size 16x21 in., special, each 85 

No. 2. Size lt<.x:;0 in., " .95 

No. 3. Size 22x33 in., " " 1.25 

Corrugated Rubber Matting, 36 inches wide, % in. 
thick, per yard _ _ 2.CO 

Corrugated Rubber Stair Treads, for hotels, pub 
lic buildings, hospitals, churches, etc., cut tc 
order any size, per sq. yard 2.00 

Knapp Rubber Nosing f< >r Stairs, per foot._ .20 
Write for samples and estimates. 

Cocoa Matting 

Natural color, in all the standard widths. 

No. 5. 18 in 22% 27-in. .35 S6-in. .42 

No. 9. 18-in .27X 27-in. .4.2% 36-in. .52 .. 

No. A, Calcutta, a hard twist, 18-in 35 

22%-in . 42X 27-in... .52% 36-in... .65 

45-in_ B2% M-in- 1 .OO 72-in._ 1 .35 

Zinc and Rubber Matting Ends 

Zinc Ends for Cocoa and other Mattings, with 

copper rivets to fasten, 18-in _ 13 

27-in 18 36-in., each .25 

Knapp s Patent Rubber Binding. 2-in. wide.Toi 
cocoa and other mattings, in 18-in., 27-in., 36-in 
54-in. and 72-in. lengths, per foot 25 

4-inch Heavy Webbing for Binding Matting, per 
yard _ _ .04 

Linoleums and Floor Oilcloths 

Inlaid Linoleum, two yards wide only. 

We carry an extra large range of these goods in 
all the newest designs in block, floral, tile, par 
quetry and combination effects. Thecolorsare 
solid through to the canvas on the back, the 
pattern showing clearly till worn put. We 
highly recommend it for places getting extra 
hard wear, such as tianks, offices, corridors, 
dining halls, dining-rooms, halls, kitchens, etc. 
Special value per sq, yd. .75 .90 1 .10 1 .35 

Printed Linoleum, 2 yds. wide, in floral, block, 

tile and combination patterns, per sq. yard_ 

35 .40 .45 .50 .60 

Printed Linoleum, 2. 3 and 4 yds. wide, best Eng 
lish and Scotch makes, in a great variety of 

pretty designs of all styles, per sq. yard 

" _ _ 4O .45 .50 .60 

Plain Brown Linoleum, 2 and 4 yards wide, for 

banks, offices, etc. No- 1 quality, sq. yd. .90 

No. 2 quality, sq. yd. .75 No. 3, sq. yd. .60 

Write for samples. 

Passage and Stair Linoleum 

Passage Linoleum, Walton patent, key lorders 
and plain centres 

18 inches wide 2O .25 32 

22 " 25 .32 40 

27 " " .30 .38 50 

36 " " 40 50 .60 

Best quality Stair Linoleum, Walton patent, made 
very pliable to bend over steps, key borders and 
plain centres 
18 inches wide. ............. ...-. .35 

36 " " !!!.T".. ""rr..."~."....."~"" ^65 

Write for samples. 

Floor Oilcloths 

We carry an extra large stock of these goods at all 
times of the year, the designs are the newest ; a 
host i f pretty styles in brigh t clean colors. 
Prices and widths as follows: 

36-in. 45-in. 54-in. 72-in. 90-in. 

No. 1 quality 35 .44 .53 .70 .90 

No. 2 quality .25 .32 .38 .50 .65 

No. 3 quality 20 .25 .30 .40 .50 

and Rtair Oilcloths, in floral and small 
conventional patterns with fancy borders 

18-in, 22-in. 27-in . 

Heavy painted back _ .16 .19 .22 

Canvas back 11 .13 .19 

Write for samples. 
Oilcloth Mats 

Size 36 x 36 inches, each 

36 x 54 " " _ 

72 X 90 





Brass and Zinc Oilcloth Binding 

Brass binding, including nails and corners, 4 yds. 

.20 5 yds. .25 6 yds. .30 * yds ......... 40 

Zinc binding, including nails and corners. 1 yd-. 

.12 j 5yd. .15 6yds. .20 8yds ....... 25 





M19300. Heivy English Axminster Carpet, 27 
inches wide, a handsome floral and scroll de 
sign on a dark green ground, chintzed with 
shades of maroon, ecru and brown 22V-inch 
border to match. A beautiful carpet for draw 
ing rooms and reception rooms. Special value, 
per yd _...... 1.25 

M1-9450. English Brussels Carpet, 27 in. wide, a 
rich floral design with interlacing ribbon effect, 
ground of light and dark shades of green with 
flowers iu old rose, cream and brown, 22%-inch 
border to match, per yd ,T5 

M1-9600. English Tapestry Carpet, 27 inches 

wide, a floral and lenf design in foliage effect, 

ades of ecru, green, rose and wood brawns, 

! yard 6O 

11-9350. Heavy English Velvet Carpet. 27 in. 
wide, a strong durable carpet in rich soft color 
ings, a floral design in rose, cream and old gold 
on a ground work of shaded green, 22%-fnch 
border to match. Special value, per yd_ 1 .00 

M1-9400. Heavy English Brussels Carpet, 27 in 
wide, a handsome chintzed floral design in red 
ecru and brown on an olive ground. A gooc 
serviceable carpet for parlors, reception /ooms 
etc., 22% ln - borders to match. Special value 
per yd _ 1 .QC 

M1-9500. Best Quality English Tapestry Carpet, 
27 inches wide, a quality we can recommend 
for great durability. A floral design in shades 
of rose, green nnd maroon shown against a 
background of dark fawns and brown, 23% in. 
borders to match, per yd 35 

Mt-9650. Heavy English Tapestry Carpet, 27 in 
wide, a floral and scroll design, in brown, ecn 
and old rose, the ground in shades of light aiu 
dark green, 22%-inch border to match, per yart 

M1-9650. English Tapestry Carpet, 27 inches 
wide, a pretty floral design in shades of rose, 
olive and ecru, on a soft green ground, per 
S ard 45 

MI-9700. English Tapestry Carpet, 27 inches 
wide, a floral design in lattice effect, crimson 
ground with flowers in shades of gold, green 
and ecru, per yard 4.Q 


9750. Victorian Quality 3-plyAll Wool Carpet, 
5 inches wide, reversible, a floral and scroll de- 
ign in green and fawn shades ; also in shad es of 
awn, brown and sage, M1-9750A ; and in shades 
if red, ecru and sage, M1-9750B, per yard 1 .00 

9900. Brunswick Quality, all wool filling on 
i strong cotlon warp, 36 inches wide, reversible 
ind very durable, a scroll and floral design in 
rreen and olive; M1-9900A, shades of brown, 
Jlive and ecru ; and M1-9900B, shades of red and 
lage, per yard .................... .55 

1-10050. First Quality Floor Oil Cloth, a block 
design on a green ground with shades of red, 
ecru and brown, in the following widths, per 
lineal yard, 36 inches wide_ 

Mt-9800. Venice Quality Best Extra Super All 
Wool Carpet. 36 inches wide, reversible, a con 
ventionalized floral di sign in dark reds and 
ecru ; also in shades of green and ecru.Ml-9800A 
or in shades oJ crimson and green, M1-9SOOB. 
per yard ,T5 

Ml 9850. Alma Quality Henvv Surer 2-plv All- 
Wool Carnet. reversible. 3fi inches wide, a floral 
and leaf desien in fawn and brown shades; also 
in shades of red and sage. M1-9!>50A. and in 
shades of green, ecru and brown M1-98SOB 
per yard .65 

Ml 9950 Omdurman Quality Super Union Car 
pet. 36 inches wide, reversible, a floral scroll 
design in green and fawn ; also M1-9950A in red 
and sage, and M1-9?50B in shades of red and 
er yard 40 

M1 10000 French Qnnlitv Union Onrnet 36 
inches wide, reversible, a flora 1 desien in shade? 
of red, green and ecru, also Ml-lOflOOA in ereeii 
and ecru, and M1-10000B in brown shades n<i 
olive, per yard ._._.... .25 

M1-10100. Second Quality Floor Oilcloth, a floral 
design on a cream ground in shades of red, 
green and sage, in the following widths, per 
lineal yard, 36 inches wide. 

MM0150. Third Quality Floor Oil Cloth, a block 
design in red, ecru and green shades, a service 
able coloring, following widths per lineal yard, 
36 inches wide _ 20 

lineal yard, 36 inches wide...... 35 lineal yard, 36 inches wide .25 36 inches wide _ 

45 inches wide... .44 54 inches wide.. .53 45 inches wide_. .32 54 inches wide._ .38 45 inches wide... .25 54 inches wide._ . 

n " _ .70 90 - " . .90 72 " " _. .50 90 " " _ .65 " _. .40 90 - . 

In ordering Oil Cloth always state width required 



Ml 10200. Heavy Inlaid Linoleum, 2 yards wide 
only, colors solid through to the back, a splen 
did tile flesipn, cream ground with tile in dark 

green, buff, and m;iroon, persq. yd 1.1O 

per lineal yard, 2 yards wirlp im 2.2O 

NI1-10350. Inlaid Linoleum, 2 yards wide only, 
colors solid through to the back, a pretty block 
design, light and clean, with shades green, red, 
and grey blue on an ecru ground, per sq. yard. 

per lineal" yard, 2 yds. wide 1 .SO 

MM0500 Heavy Scotch Printed Linoleum, 2 
and 4 yards wide, a handsome block design, in 
rose, light and dark green, and maroon, on an 

ecru ground, per sq. yd _ .50 

per lineal yard, 2 yds. wide.. 1 .00 

per lineal yard, 4 yds. wide 2.00 

MM0250. Inlaid Linoleum, 2 yards wide only, 
colors solid through to the back, a new par 
quetry design in wood browns and buff, per sq. 

yard .90 

per lineal yard, 2 yds. wide _ 1 ,80 

Ml-10400. Inlaid Linoleum, 2 yards wide only, 
colors solid thro gh to the back, a handsome 
conventionalized floral design, in crimson, light 
green, rose and ecru on a dark green ground, 

persq. yard ,T5 

per lineal yard, 2 yds. wide ___. 1 .50 

M1-10550. Scotch Printed Linoleum, 2 yds. nd 4 
yds. wide, a splendid block design, in shades of 
brown, green, cream and maroon on an ecru 

ground, per BO. yard ,4O 

per lineal yard, 2 yds. wide .80 

per lineal yard, 4 yds. wide 1 .60 

Ml-10300. Inlaid Linoleum, 2 yards wide 
colors BOlid through to the 1 ack, a good til : 
sign in shades of light and dark green with 

and dark blue, persq. yd _ 

per lineal yard, 2 yds. wide 1 ] 

M1-10450. Best Scotch Printed Linoleum, 2 a 
yards wide, a very fine mosnic pattern tab 
effect, in shades of green, ecru pnd maroon. 

per square yard 

per lineal yard 2 yards wide 1 , 

per " 4 2. 

M1-10600. Heavy Printed Linoleum, 2 yd=. ai 
yds. wide, a spk iuUd blocfe design, in shade 
green, brown and maroon on a cream grou 
persq. yarti._ 

per lineal yard, 2 yds. wide 
per lineal yard, 4 yds. wide 

..- 1. 



rite for samples of inlaid a"d printed 
ileum. hardwood effects, used extensive- 
ir surrounds. 

Carpet Squares 

M-106BO. Heavy English Axminstei Square, 
woven in one piece with inter-woven bordi-r, 
a beautiful floral design in old rose, brown and 

I terre on a back ground of soft shades of green, 
the scroll work tinged with olive and brown. 
Sizes and prices as follows : 

9ft in. x 10 ft. 6 in., each 29.00 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each...._ 33.OO 

10ft. 6 in. 1 12ft. Oin., each 38.50 

WrHe for samples ot BO-ln. English Floor 
Felt, also 36 in. Durrie (all wool) plain 
colors, used extensively lor rug surrounds. 


M -10850 

M-10700. Heavy English Brussels Carpet Square 
with interwoven border, a rich Oriental effect. 
in newest style, crimson ground, with the pat 
tern fa shades ecru, green and brown. Sizes 
and prices as follows : 

9 ft. in. x 10 ft. 6 in., each 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each.... 

11 ft. 3 in. x 12 ft. in., each 

11 ft. 3 in. x 13 ft. 6 in., each 

11 ft. 3 in. x 15 ft. 9 in., each. 


M-10750. Best Quality English Tapestry Carpet 
Square, with interwoven border, a handsome 
floral design in shades of rose, green and brown 
on a fawn ground. Sizes as follows : 

9 ft. in. 

9 ft. in. 

9 ft. in. 
10 ft. 6 in. 
10 ft. 6 in. 
12 ft. Oin. 
12 ft Oin. 

x 9 ft. Oin., 
x 10 ft. 6 in. 
x 12 ft. in. 
x 12 ft In. 
x 13 ft. 6 in. 
x 12 ft. to 
x 13 ft. Bin. 

, each.. 
, each... 
, each._ 
, each... 
, each... 
, each 








M-10800. Second Quality English Tapestry 
Carpet Sqviares, with interwoven border. A 
scroll design in fawns and browns on a ground 
work of light and dark green. Sizes as follows: 

9ft. in. x 9 ft, to., each._ .. 6.50 

9 ft. in. x 10 ft. 6 in., each 7.50 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each 8.25 

10ft 6 in. x 12 ft. Oin., each 10.25 

12 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each 11 .25 

M-10850. Sackville Quality All-wool Art Square, 
woven in one piece with interwoven border. 
A floral design in conventional effect in shades 
of red and sage green ; also M-10850 A in shades 
of fawn and brown ; also M-10850B in shades 
of olive and green. Sizes as follows : 

7ft. 6 in. x 9 ft. Oin., each.. 

9 ft. in. x 9 ft. in., each., 

9 ft. in. x 10 ft. 6 in., each 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each, 
10 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. in., each 
10 ft. 6 in. x 13 ft. 6 in., each._ 
12 ft. in. x 15 ft. in., each.. 

M-10900. Omdurman Quality Heavy Union Art 
Square, woven in one piece, with interwoven 
border. A handsome scroll leaf and block 
design in red, ecru and sage ; also in 10.900A in 
brown, ecru and olive ; also JI-10.900B in green, 
olive and ecru. Sizes as follows : 

7 ft 6 in. x 9 ft. in., each. 3.00 

9ft. Oin. x 9 ft. in., each 3.50 

9 ft. in. x 10 ft. 6 in., each 4.25 

9 ft. in. x 12 ft. in., each 4.75 

10ft6in. x!2ft. in., each 5.50 

10 ft. 6 in. x 13 ft. 6 in., each 6.50 

12 ft. in. x 15 ft. in., each. 8.0O 

* : " V , " 


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We Pay Freight or Express Charget on 
Wall Paper II your shipment Is $25.00 
or over. 

Wall Papers 

Wall Paper is Included in ths goods 
deliver free. Read the Instruction: 
Page 2C9aboutlt. 

Read carefully the following instructions when ordering Wall Papers. They are important and may prevent any misund 

1. To find the number of rolls rtquired, multiply the distance around room by height, take out twenty square feet for each opening and divide 
thirty. To find quantity for ceiling, mUltiply length by width and divide by thirty. For insrrain wall papers which are thirty inches wide, dividi 
sixty for the walls ouly; for the ceiling d. vide by thirty. The result in each case will be the number of single roles required. 

2. Prices quoted on all wall papers aie