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Pear Eckerd College Students: 

Well, here it is - the yearbook at last. Maybe it's not the biggest and maybe it's not the best, but 
at least it exists. At this time I would like to make some comment as to the reasons for such a state- 
ment. Firstly, the students at this school (especially the class of 1987) have a negative attitude towards 
yearbooks. This is understandable in light of past years; however, it is important not to let the past 
reign over the present. Secondly, there is a certain lack of school spirit here at Eckerd, evident in the 
difficulty in obtaining dorm photos. 

My reason for bringing these topics up is to encourage the elimination of these problems next 
year and in years to follow. Eckerd College has the potential for greatness in a yearbook just as well as 
it does in other areas. This is a great school and one where an individual can make a difference, as 
this yearbook testifies. 

So, open your minds and believe in this school, and together we will all make a difference. 

Michele Acker 

P.S. My best wishes to the class of 1987. 

special issue tM^ODO tMUXHDOO *P ecial isSUe 

Editor Michele Acker 

Photography! Darkroom Production Mark Davenport 

Business/Communications Frank Miskevich 

Mindless Tasks Manager Cathy Genge 

Sherri Jennings Tina Alii good Karla Finken 

Keith Gapinski Lisa Weaver Cliff Loeb 

David Rodriguez Dawn Smith Tracex Fritzsche 

Michele Sullivan Carlton Pierce Roxanne Shatas 

Chris Bishop Brian Creighton Kimberly Majury 

Nancy Baker Alan Bowen Silvina Nanricpie 

Alan Chandler 

Special Thanks to 
Dale McConkey, Alan Rosenzweig, 
Natasha Braughler, and Sir Speedy. 

Sandra E. Allen 

Valeska A rends/ 

page 4 

"Let the world know you as you are, not 
as you think you should be." 

Jill D. Blount 

Bohl, Amv A. 

Boocock, Kevin J. 

Gregory L. Byrd 

Capen, Richard M. 




)■£%'" -'-. i 




-•mi || 








Carlstrom, Brian P. 

Page 5 

Carpenter, Richard L. 

Once in a while, 
you can get shown the light 
in the strangest of places 
if you look at it right. 

- Grateful Dead 

Clark, Peter M. 

Stephano Carrisimo 

Clendennins. Andrea B. 

Becky Chamberlain 

. . . but those who hope in the Lord 

will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles; 

they will run and not grow weary; 
they will walk and not be faint. 

-Isaiah 40:31 

Coleman, Oliver III 

page 6 

Colon, Yilma M. 

Mima Colon 

Wisdom is the correct application of 

Crombie, William J. 
Ain't it great to be ali\e! 

Mark Dalton 

DePeter, Ronald A. 

"Now that my life 
is so pre-arranged 
I know that it's time 
for a cool change" 

-Little Riverband 

Louie I)e Vega 

"All I want from tomorrow 

Is to get it better than today 
Step by step . . . 

One by one. . . 
higher and higher. . . 

- Hucx. Lewis and the News 
Jacobs Ladder 

DeVega, Louie Martin S. 

page 7 

Dietrich, Alexa D. 


Eisenberg, Suzanne R. 
I don't care what comes tomorrow, 
we can face it together the way old 
friends do. -Abba 

All memories of yesterday will last a 

■ Stvx 

Life is too short, so why waste pre- 

cious time. 

pa?e 8 

Pal Benatar 

Dunn, Robin L. 

Dubbs, Adam J. 

Fenaughty, Andrea M. 

Ferrero, Jose M. 

You're in my heart, 

you're in my soul. You'll be my 

breath should I grow old. You are 

my lover, you're my best friend. 

Foerster. Paul E. 

Garcia, George 

Fritzsche, Tracy Leigh 

Judith Gascoigne 

Gable, James E. 

Grande, Jeffrey W., Jr. 

page 9 

(iray, Kimberlv A. 
Keep cool, but don't freeze. 

Katie Gugg 

Guiliano, Ann-Marie 

Haddow, Daniel A. 

Harkins, David J. 

Rhonda Harris 

Page 10 

Harrison, Terrv E. 

Harrison, Michelle E. 

Harwell, M. Wayne 

"I believe in the kingdom come 
Then all the colors will bleed into one 
But yes I'm still running 
You broke the bonds 
You loosed the chains 
You carried the cross 
And all my shame 
You know I believe it 
But I still haven't found 
what I'm looking for." 


Hnedak, ivtary a. 

Hushlett. Barbara L. 

Holtham, ratricia 

page 11 


53 I 

Jacono, Lynn P. 

Phil King 

Jerry Kamper 

Kirchman, Paul A. 

Matt Kilgroe 

Knhik. Ismail 

page 12 

Leanza, Joann 

Martin Lane 

Lense, Alberto A. 

Be careful of what you want, for you 
might get it - but remember to enjoy life 
regardless of what it brings you. 

Lavandier, Jessica L. 

Logan, Mary K. 

Linafelt. Tod A. 

"Nobody loves me but my mama - and 
she could be jivin' too." 

-B.B. King 

page 13 

McKinney, Richard S. 

McConkev, Edwin D. II 

Never trust a happy guy with a tuxedo. 

Words won't do it justice, hut the mem- 
ories will come close. "I don't care what 
comes tomorrow, we can face it to- 
gether, the way old friends do." 

Minard, Denise J. 

■ jpc $' 


Mills, Sarah R. 

We were the best 

I think we'll ever be 
just you and me 

for just a moment. . . 
I don't care what comes tomorrow 

we can face it together 
the way old friends do . . . 

The Roman Rule: 

The one who say it can't be done 

shouldn't interrupt the one doing it. 

Nagei, Glen W., Jr. 

Mahoney, Brian ,1. 

"I shall be telling this with a sigh. 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - 

I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference." 
- Robert Frost 
The Road Not Taken 

page 14 

Nichols, Deborah K. 

Peisner, Scott D. 

Noble, Gary 

Dave Phillips 

Owusu, Angela 

Piergustavo, Richard 

page 15 

Pilarte, Gustavo A. 

Pisano, Stephen M. 

Mclanie Portel 

if x 

Rondon, IViaria 

Smith, Randolph ( ■ 

page 16 

Leah Spinney 

Smith, Karen A. 

Thomson, Scott W. 

Suarez, Carlos F. 



Rosenberg, Christopher 

Vincent, Nancv I). 
Roby, Christopher J. 

Chris and Nancy: 

"..Donde esta mi la snooper?' 

Snooper: "Ruff, R„ff, R u ffy 

Rosenzweie. Alan S. 
E.J. Bury 'em Barry. I survived 
the kill countdown. Dirty Larry. 
The three words. The Gut and Fat 
Dance. Pile on! Ryan, Yeah! 
Spot. Schweedoling and Dropping Stones. 
Frew. Do it zweig! The chick- 
less bang. T-slam. OOF! 

Page 17 

Chris Vaughn 
You can all just kiss off into the air . 

Wiederecht, Alan L 

Page 18 

Wright, Gabrielle G, 

io "ng, James D. 

VVikoff, Chris R. 
" . . but one creature said at last, 'I am 
tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it 
with my eyes, I trust that the current 
knows where it is going. I shall let go 
and let it take me where it will. Cling- 
ing, I shall die of boredom.' The other 
creatures laughed and said. 'Fool! Let 
go and that current you worship will 
throw you tumbled and smashed across 
the rocks, and you will die quicker than 
boredom!' But the one heeded them not 
and taking a breath did let go, and at 
once was tumbled and smashed by the 
current across the rocks. Yet in time, as 
the creature refused to cling again, the 
current lifted him free from the bottom, 
and he was bruised no more. And the 
creatures downstream, to whom he was 
a stranger, cried, 'See a miracle! A crea- 
ture like ourselves, yet he flies! See the 
messiah, came to save us all!' " 

-Richard Bach 
Zekri, Suzanne M. 

White, David L. 


page 19 

Robert Williams 

Guess who? 

Sarah Baxter 

"In this promised land. 
Fire burnin' in our hands. 

The choice is ours to make. 
Realize your fantasy. 

You live the dream. 

With every step you take. 

Stand tall, stand on the edge!" 

■ Journey 


To Howard and Jim, I leave you many 

happy future chemical explosions! 

Marv; take Howard's suggestions and 


I love you guys - Thanks - Life is a vis- 

cious cycle and never ending but you can 

gooff on tangents. 

Live Long and Prosper - And Then Die. 

Beam me up, Scotty! 

Priva Si Gore 

Diane Chesnut 

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomor- 
row . . ." 

- Shakespeare 

page 20 

Is this vour roommate? 

But where in the world have 
all these seniors gone? 


Zayyad, Halima 

Plamowski, Debra A. 
Pbngetti, Christine M. 
Rada, Melanie 
Randall, Jennifer E. 
Rash, Brette T. 
Rite, Devin A. 
Richards, Arthur,/. 
Roller. Mar* V 

Pendley, Bradford Daniel 
Perez, Lisa E. 
Pfalzgraf, Darrel S. 

Acevedo, Marcela C 
Airth-Kindree, Martha M. 
Allison, Patricia G. 
Alvarez, Patricia M. 
Arnold, Michael Curtis 
Ash ton, Douglas C. 
Balouchi, Cindy A. 
Bamford, Leah J. 
Bar ringer, Lisa A. 
Baxter, Sarah D. 
Bellini, Douglas J. 
Bennett, Peggy A. 
Birjmohun, Radha C. 
Boerinser. Scot B. 
Bommarito, John J. 
Bostian, Jeffrey S. 
Boxell, Sandra J. 
Brannon, Elizabeth A. 
Brem, Samantha A. 
Brooker, David C. 
Brown, Lisa F. 
Brown, Matthew S. 
Brummage, Michael A. 
Bruni, Bruna 
Buchholz, Michelle L. 
Busenbarrick, Elizabeth F. 
Canfall, Joel B. 
Carothers, Mikel K. 
Cerny, Jacqueline 

Ryan, Thomas J. 

Schrodt, Susan 

Selwyn, Edward ()., Jr. 

Sharma, Rekha 

Shea, Mova 

Smith, Amy C. 

Stocker, Sarah A. 

Strilka, Richard John 

Strout, Timothy G. 
; Tebbs. Matthew L. 

Torgersen, Deborah L. 

Terrijos, Manuel I. 

Travers. Meean M. 

Vandenberg, Anthony P. 

Watay, Virgilio 

Whitaker. Linda M. 

White. Jeri-Lvnne 

Wikoff, Terry H. 

Wildman. Janice C. 

Chesnut, Diane E. 
Cleaver, Carl W. 
Cole, IVisha L. 
Conner, Allen D. 
Conrardv, Carolyn N. 
Culligan, Karen A. 
Darling, Jill L. 
Dattilo, Jeffery B. 
Davis. Marv E. 
Egbert, DeniseL. 
Ennis, Howard E. Ill 
Faba, Kristine D. 
Ferren, Arthur Frazee 
Fewox, Robert D. 
Fiorentinos, Andreas N. 
Calindrez, Eduardo L. 
Galivan, Kathleen M. 
Gilliland, Michael B. 
Gore, Priva S. 
Gray Barbara J. 
Gray, Caroline B. 
Grimaldi, Joseph Sal 
Haber, Mark R. 
Hachiva. Chiharu 
Hall, Andrew J. 
Hallenbeck, Kristine E. 
Harrell, Deborah K. 
Harris. Rhonda L. 
Harter, Andrew K. 
Hernandez, Patricia 
Herold, Maris M. 
Hillock, Melody E. 
Hirshson, Lisa 
Holtzclaw, Marisa L. 
Johnson, Ernestine 
Johnson, Earl C, Jr. 
Jones, Heidi L. 
Kadiwala, Seema M. 
Reitgen, Brigitta M. 
Keitgen, Ira 
Kerr. James J. 
Kerstein, Michael L. 
Ketterlinp. Cindv L. 
Kloss, Kathleen M. 
Kohanvi, Diane K. 
Kunze, David G. 
Kunze, \ irginia Toupin 
Lantz, Ginger L. 

Layer, Brenda P. 
Leeper, Kimberlv Sue 
Linton, Carlisa M. 
Lintz, Lesa M. 
Linville, Anthony 
Lombardo, Steven D. 
Lynch, Michael J. 

Mathre, Kristin A. 
Mazacco, Mara L. 
McCarthy, Nancv E. 
McElroy, Thomas J., Jr. 
McKav, Maurice B. 
McLean. Christine M. 
McOwen, Wendy J. 

Mercher, Elisabeth Helen 
Meyer, Marion S. 
Meyering, Katharine M. 
Miller. Michael R. 
Mills, Dorothy H. 
Moffatt, Stacy L. 
Moore, Lonnie V. 

Wilhoite. Margaret V. 
Murphy, Michael L. 
Nacev. Robert F. 
Nauseef. Robert J. II 
Nelson. Jeffrey Peter 
Nelson, Lorraine A. 
Odeide. Fabrice H. 
Otero, Olga I. 

>age 21 


a; * 

page 22 


.•- ' v 




pa<re 23 


y «t v fK :• 

Candid Camera 


page 25 

age 26 






**^# -y* 



page 27 


Page 28 


; ..'■:' 


page 29 









- " " 4 



page 30 





SQ A man's home is his castle" 

OBERG * fi> 





7 <S> 

tft&S SCOTT -^ 





Page 31 



Hack Row (left to right): Jill Barre, 

Terri Bodnar, Andrew Regas. 

Third Row (left to right): Natasha Bran 

ghler, Loralee Ockerlund, Karen Fdge, 

Joy Swillev. Melissa Horton. 
Second Row (left to right): Heather 
ThomDson, Kileen O'Reilly, Amanda 

McCloud, Caroline Lancelot, Patt\ 

Walsh,. Kita Harcrow. 
Front Row (left to right): Karla Finken, 
Kim Leeper (R.A.), Treveno Gaylord. 

M« iU i\* *\> M H i i\ i M « a\ i J\t ill Jill iiV fli j\f» rtt ^ >\r )\r , in )H j ji ,\ t , i,y ,y ^ t y , } y t )V >lf )]t i]vM i] % ^ ^ , j( ^ 


flaeA Boh' (left to right): Natalie Everett, 
Ann Jeanette Kebring, Laura Ringley, 
Barbara Hoff, Sean Murphy (mascot), 
Tina YVoeher, Kimberly Christopher, 
Angela Heaton, Livia Montana, Priya 
Gore, Mu Mu the Whale. 

Second Row (left to right): Nicole 
Freeman. Kimberlv Majury, (iloria 
Templeton. Caroline Mawn, Mayuree 
Dorndeelers, Michele Anderson, Heidi 
Jones (R.A.). Nevsa Covineton. 
h'ir^t Row (left to rixht): Doreen Frickson, 

Jeri-Lynne White, Carolyn May, 

Fisa Diamonte, Martina Stroh, Heidi 


page 32 



Rack Row (left to right): Reggie Hook 
nan. Kevin Maloney, Charles Dean. 
Doug Hulst. Bobbv Nierello. Bart 
Kest. Hoh Tempe, Brian Babiak, John 
George, Dan Haddow fR.A.). 
Front Rot. (left to right): Phil d'Oronzio. 
Kvle Amon, Dave Neff. Mark Klein. 
Alan How en. Mark Davenport. Frank 
Miskevich. Hrian Creighton. Sean 


Left Side (left to right): John Sebring, 
Steve Katsarelis, Chris Nelson, Mr. 
Basketball. Sean Murphy. 
Rack (left to right): Steve Bierenbaum, 
Alan Shellhorn, Matthew (Mongo) 
Ferguson, Superman, Clint Ferrara 
(R.A.), AldoChella. 
Middle (left to right): Godzilla, Jack 
Havnie, Russ Newman, Dave Trieloff, 
Alex Clenci, Larry Owens. Saniav 
Bhat, Joe Speed, Rich McNair, Scott 
Front (left to right): Karim Kone. David 
Wellons, Andv Mckae, Cliff Loeb, Rick 
Kline, Brian Tolma. 

Missing: Doug Ashton, Jerry Theophilos, 
Mike Merz, Murray Fournie. Chase Smith, 
PatCannizzaro, Skip Bradley, Rob 

page 33 



Back Row (left to right): Chris 
Parisi, Scott Goodwin. Marisa 
Holtzclavv, Dale Roggenbuck, Mary 
Anne Hnedak. Phil Collins, Chris 
Basley (R.A.), Tony Verran, Matt 
McDermott. Stephanie Holes. 
Roger Burgess, Lexie Creel, 
Charlotte Todd. Colin Spousta. 
Front Row (left to right): Silvia 
Fernandez, Liz Lgan. Matt LaForme 
Mark Firstman, Liza Mac- 
Leod, Karen Arcand, Brian Greene. 
Gone Fishin': Bertram Koch, 
Spencer Cook, Tom McElroy. Mike 
Threehouse, Bob Bade, Jeff 
Carr, Missy Pasqualotto, Kristy 
Carden, Kathv Bonollo, Wendy 
Loehel, Andrea Fenoughty, Deb- 
orah Harreil. 

fc » fc tfi >f< » fc » li * \ t . I/C * ll » / ctf» / < J fr fa »/< ^ -4 

4 c* rt* H ^< »)< ' J/< j /«i »fr ifc jf( »U <ft Hi »/* a/e »f< *k »/< »/< 



Back Row (left to right): Yvonne Deyo. 
Pam DeSimone, Charlotte Kondracki, 
Cecilia Negri, Sam Spence, Lisa 
Weaver, Jen West, Lon Long. 

Front Row (left to right): Vince La- 
tum, Lisa Nathan. Tim Wilmot (R.A.), 
Sandy Topkin, Jill Dube. Tom "Bar- 
cley" Haddow, Paul Abromovich, 
Dwight Dockstader. 

page 34 



Back (left to right): Joanne Kindred, 
Lisa Cohen, Elinor Raines, Chris 
Bishop, Michelle Sullivan, Tom Wor- 
chester, Lee Ann Houchin, Tina Alli- 
good, Tiffany llolodnak, Kim Welch, 
Stacey Johnson, Sandy. 

Middle (left to right): Renee, Bean, 
Sherri, Karen, Lisa Cudath. 

Front (left to right): Susan Renter, Mi- 
chele Acker, Nancy Baker, Amanda 

M..|.i[. i I. i J. . |Hlrl i M I [■""-"'"' l ' " " " ' ' " l f '""•"-"■"^ " ' " ' " ' ' " "" l "" 









page 35 



Top Row (left to right): Bob Nash, Jason 
Hill, Theo Lotz, Bob Enne, Mart Ha- 
ber. Jay Hater, C.J. Eamarca, Eduardo 
Galindez, Dave Shaw, J.B. Clinton, 
Scott Baughan, Paul McAnally, Jesse 
Turtle, Eindsey Seward. 

Middle Row (left to right): John O'B- 
rien, Kevin McCormack, Greg "Hail" 
Cesarz, Dave Libby, Paul "Pup" 
Leighton, Karl Sieg. 

Bottom Row (left to right): Mai Ellen- 
burg, Chris Rosenberg (R.A.), Rhett 

n »»»»■»»*• ; , | i-rri.-)ri-M ) ' MT-rri i -i ' -M ' Wury 


Back Row (left to right): Cathy Marvin, 
Gillian Smith, Cheryl Hoerle, Nancy 
Vincent & Snooper, Jay, Charles (Joe) 
Bianconi, Mark Blakeman, Mova Shea 
(paper bag), Andy Adams, Eric Fischer, 
Boyd Ratlili. 

Second Row (left to right): Gretchen 
Loebel, Chris Mendoza, Nathaniel 
Pribble, Trip Copelane, Mark Weber, 

First Row (left to right): Cheryl Dia- 
mond, Kelly Carrick, Michelle Voisin, 
Jessica Eavandier, Ernie Williams, 
Eannie Burke, Bo Ennis. 

Missing: Alexandre Dafonseca, Onur 
Palez, Alex Render, Jim Logan, Bill 
Kaster, David Bateman, Debbie Stacy, 
Becky Grominger, Michelle Reid, 
Cindy Russell, Carol Malonev. 

page 36 



Hack Row {left to right): Da\ id Rodriguez, 
Keith Capinski, Julie Fawcctt. Tom 
(Speedy) McNarney, Kevin Hill (R.A. >. 
Mark Cordon, Jamie (Beer Drinkin'i 
Middle Row {left to right): Nanoe Ikeueki. 
Chris Brown. Eileen Boyle, Susan Dove, 
Cheryl Heisler, Melanie Posted, Milburn 
(Partv Animal) Lane, (Mr.) Paul 
Front Row (left to right): Euon (Jo) 
Park, Seott (Mr. Happy) Kelley, 
Takehito ( Taka-Smiley) Senda. 
Missing: Tegewyn Sloekdale, Taffy 
Jaeger, Heidi Schullhorpe, Linda 
Fellows, Kathr\n Ross, Brooke 
Friederieh. Lee Houchin, Kevin Me 
Mahon, Doug Rohhins. Kenny Watson, 
Mike Walter, Bill Berkshire. Dave 
Merrill. Bill Cashman. 

a * i r t if f * mi m *h w i u 'H w '/ ■ » ft v< » n " ft » n * * iil ili ^ a/t 1/ * * * J|t ili * il ) f l * li ih ' ll iH >li >f ' 


Hack Row {left to right): Dave Svveetall, 
Kay Ftso, Dan Swallow, Craig Fleming, 
Barney Farle, Jennifer Lanza. Jody 
Tin iier. Mila Kolloek, Joe Bay liss, Todd 
Matt. Dehra Staeey. Boh Burke, Anto- 
nio. Mark Jaeohsen. 

Front Row (left to right): Sue Jennue, 
Val Starr, Craig Roma. Anne Deaton, 
Cregg Mandel (R.A.), Heidi Stempie, 
Jorge Mono/. Dana Webber, Andrea 
White. Dean IVIer. 

page 37 



Roxanne Shatas Kim Zoephel 
Suzanne Eisenberg Nada Is-hak 

Peggy Bennett 
Denise Minard 
Sarah Mills 
Beth Virgil 
Melanie Meyer 
Espi Rivera 
Kim Poston 
Jennifer Block 

shauna Hedges 
Lynett Murray 
Kay Coric 
Liz Wright 
Beth Deitemeyer 
Karen Kennedy 

Caryl Grayvunder 
Donna Nice 
Michele Pelzer 
Karen Rodwill 
Melissa Solla 
Gretchen Fajardo 
Michelle Fagan 
Angela DeRose 
Debbie Vlahakes 
Diane Chesnut (R.A. 
Lynne Allen 
Leslie Henderson 
Leslie Williams 
Leslie Burmood 

>l»ilt > M *1 > v\ * M » >\ « >\ « > 1* M< >l> ' ^< >\*tl» * fe A * >l » i\ t )\ > >H >fr > l < »\* # >fr » lr , »\ t i\r , >\ t, t\ t,t \ * . *\ * >\ k >\ * > fr > M * 


Ft E W 

pace 38 



The Dalton Ladies 

(to Monique - "We Miss You!") 

Top Row (left to right): Felicia Payne, 
Anita Saul, Sandy Collum, Gayle 
Green, Chrissie Ware, Jennifer Met- 
ering, Jenein Ernst, Ashley "Short- 
stuff" Freeman, Cathy Banks, Diana 
Quintal, Jill Rittenburg. 

Second Row (left to right): Robin 
Bower, Sally Wood, Melanie Glare, 
Adria DeCaro, Danee Peters, Nadia Ro- 
binson, Kim "Kimmie Sue" He trick, 
Dawn Davie, Cheryl Bendetto. 

Front Row (left to right): Karen 
Worthington, Joni "Boo" Smith, Tina 
Van Dohlen, Seema Kadiwala, Rebecca 
"Becky" Haffai t. 



fr »/ < »f»i »f < » fg » / < »l< >fr « f< »/<"Vc » ,< » / < *. < » f< « Y< » fc > l< »fc » /c » /< » /< ' /< »fr » / < »fc »H>1 * «l< *i < i ' /< ' /< ' /< » fr » /< * /< »/< >l< 



Bottom Row (left to right): Vincent La- 
Prova, Mike Valentino, Steve Frew, 
Tom Ryan, Barry dinger, Brian 

Second Row (left to right): David Tay- 
lor, Glenn Piersall, Alan Rosenzweig. 
Earl Johnson, Tod Linafelt. Artie 

Third Row (left to right): David 
White. Chris Roby, Eric Toledo. 

Fourth Row (left to right): Rich 
Piergustavo, Hap Johnson. 

Fifth Row (left to right): Larry Tag- 
lieri, Jamie Halway. 

Top: Scott Swallow. 

page 39 




Back Row (left to right): Saudi Purcella 
Angela Ranson, Susan Hill, Kristin 
Magnason, Thurlow Weed, Vince 
Cherrix, (ireg Kreger, Krishn 
Boeringer, Paul Kirchman, Renin 
Pompier, Mark Albright, Max Bricka, 
Cindy Ketterling, Kate Johnson, Karen 
Ellis. Front Row (left to right): Pat Kyle. 
Margaret Raeaniello (R.A.), Todd 
Wat her. 

page 40 



Left to right: Kim Hobbs, Anne Hart- 
man, Ilona Mallary, Carolyn Wright, 
Joana Jansen, Rev. Scott Boeringer, 
Denise Margolis, Chris Brimales. David 
Kimtz, Robin Dunn, Bill Vines, David 
Wilkins, Fred Rudy, Gregg Frankel, 
Jim Heaton, Angus Mondy, Steve Kress 
(with mask on), Laura Bernard. 


Back Row (left to right): Elf Stocker 
(Sarah), John Montgomery, Ned 

Second Row (left to right): Maryann 
Marshall, Holly Huber, Phil King, Judy 
Gascoigne. Stephanie Ionedes, Trisha 
Cole, Meghan Travers. Rich Lopen, 
Terry Harrison. 

First Row (left to right): Tina Louise 
Mover, Brian Mahonev. 

page 41 



Back Row (left to right): Lana Hodge, 
Sara Baxter, Michelle Harrison, Nicey 
Rizzo, Jozelle Holmes, Kim McBride, 
Tara Hand, Joann Leanza, Janet Sea- 
riot, Jane Silvosky. 

Middle Row (left to right): Melanie 
Roose, Kathryn Kinsella, Cristin Po- 
mvkala, Jackie Cerny, Bonnie Bennett, 
Rebekah Thomas, Sherri Jennings, 
Kitty Waclawski, Schmoo (the cat). 

Front Row (left to right): Starsky 
(dog), Jill Blount, Veronica Baca, Linda 
Alfery, Kelly Klauder, Megumi Na Ka- 
mura, Sandy (the dog). 


Page 42 


Left to right: Carol Fell, Monique 
Oehlers, Darcie Chapin, Senah Seagle, 
Kathy Wingf'ield, Jenny Dillon, Pam 
Jones, Karen Howley, Stephanie Borgo, 
Elsa Alvear, Beth Ustas, Marion Meyer 
(R.A.), Rose-Marie Reid, Trudi 
Swiatek, Maureen Clayton, Laura 
McLaughlin, Caron Moran, Alexa Die- 
trich, Elaine Potter, Joanna Braddock, 
Brandi Bates, Vicki Hiles, Lauren Di- 
Scipio, Nanette Waslone, Kemp 
Talbott, Nobuko Kikuchi, Jeannie Ste- 
wart, Linda Lake. 



page 43 


(From left to right) Antonio 
Alverez, Suzanne Meyer, 
Bruna Bruni, R.A., Ted Schr- 
oeder, R.A., Sherry Boyer, 
R.A., E. Howard Rutherford 
III, R.A., M. Curtis Arnold, 

Back Row (left to right): Paul Koerster, 
Bill Winter, ?, ?, Steve Pisano (Day Stu- 
dent Advisor). Eric Yaskot, Nicole De- 
Money, ?, Alberto Lense. 

Middle Row (left to right): kathy 
Hartmann, ?, ?, Birgil Wilhelm, Ma- 
rina Gavvilovic, Elsa Aue, Andrew 
Keltner, ?, Patricia Alvarez, ?, ?. 

Front Row (left to right): Ginger 
Eantz, Chele Chenault (Day Student 
Advisor), Robin Owens, Ellen Mc- 
Carthy, Ali Athajeri, Tracy Perdue. 

page 44 




I love it when you do the gut dance! 

mm?" Sharon 





page 45 

Page 46 

page 47 

* V \V v 

f r W 





'I C 


oage 48 




1 JL$ % fc 

■ /. ■. ■■ ■ ■.■■■■.. 

Page 50 


. : ■ ■ . 




iday Sept ZJy 

x /^'/^ty 9 ^"^™*£ 


- : , ■, 

I'iS ■'■ 


Anton ■ 

Cheko/5 ! THt jj 

D T - '" 3EAR 


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