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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


' ■ .i^SiiS^m^miCi^^mmf^ 





' x .^m ' 






'ii:_"nTg''.riTni(~i<»"iiTTr iTinirwiwn i "i 1 1 1 1 i^'' " 1 rtiii i fiiiin' 

llie Irustees and lite iaculty 

rlorida Iresoyterian voile ^e 

request tne lionor oi vour presence 

at tlie inau^Hration ol 

William llowapd Kadel 

first iresident ol tlie College 

rriday, tne ei^liteentli ol Janwary 

nineteen Wndred and sixty=tLree 

^t. letepsoiir^, ilorida 

FPC then . . . 



Prove to me you're really here. 
Prove to me this isn't all just a dream. 
Prove to me that Religions in Tomorrow's Environment 
and French Area Studies 
and Edmundson Hall 
and Kappa, Zeta, Alpha, Gamma, 
and Beta, Delta, Epsilon 
are all there. 

I submit to you: This is all a dream. 

Prove me wrong. 

"^^^^'t'- ^^^^^ 

Eckerd Now 




■ :j^^f ' ■ ■ f" ''"'sfr, J 



;^.t;= ■> 


H*^ ^ - '^^^■^^^SS^ 

2 "-^^*^-^'"^^ 

■■■Ql^^ ^^^^-'jM 


ll^^H^L ' v.^^^ 

^^'■' ^%c ^ 







Festival of Cultures 


Stop Day 






Sid Viscious 


Mike Williams 

and Nancy 

Brown Hall 

"*5 ^^' 

the opening 

Game Room 

. . . the quiet Lounge 





;. ;*^ 


David Dick 

Mother-wit is your con- 
nection, use it for your 
protection! Thanks 

Mom, Net, and family. 



. . . yes we fight for bread, but 
we also fight for roses, too. 

Jl-^ainC l/o 

^^Amtp^ (X.^^^^J^hsJYiyr 



BHiHPipSKfli^'' ^ 

9f«v^\ ^'i^MH^^k ^^||B|^ * ^ '* 



VVHr^^^Vil 1 '^' 


^^^^^^^^kL ^^^.1- ^HH 



"What light is to the eyes 

— what air is to the Lungs 

— what love is to the Heart 

— Liberty is to the Soul." 

R. G. Ingersoll 

^^ 4^-.^^ 

K^^ A^ IOa^. 

/-^-^ "J-d^'Clc^^^ 

J.Ajujidu V. iB-cutuj y 

The shortest distance between two points is the way that 
makes you happy. 

1 <JL.. 

rr? -TcLcc 

'hangin' around' 

T^^^anMr- ;:?44r ' '" 

He who bends to himself a joy 
Doth the winged life destroy; 
But he who kisses the joy as It files 
Lives in Eternity's sunrise. 

— William Blake 

-^H^rrz O ka^tZa 

Suzanne Lewis 


Life's not too short, it's too narrow, 

". . . Enjoy your achievements 
as well as your plans. Keep 
interested in your own 
career, however humble; it is 
a real possession in the 
changing fortunes of time 


_^k').vO /'/ 


Live and learn 

from fools and from sages 

You know its true 

Dream on 

Dream on 

Dream on 

Dream until your dreams come true 

— Aerosmith 

"One only needs to get to know or 
understand the world of the person 
he perceives as different to see that 
there really is not difference — 
that we are all as one." 

^^^TTF winwnjgsi 

Here is a test to find whether 
your mission on earth is finished: 
If you're alive, it isn't. 

- Richard Bach 

iBilAJiJ ^'i^nf hUiAj 


/^^ ^LyL,-^!^ ' t;:>oo/s 

My tastes are simple — I 
like to have the Best 

^^2^ ^^iu^ 

This above all: 

to thine own self be 

And it must follow, 

as the night the day, 
Thou canst not then 

be false to any man. 

William Shakespeare 




If education has provided me 
with a lasting value, it is that 
an open mind is more impor- 
; tant than the extent of one's 

'7i/ry>cf^^- ^^^^ 

"It's just a fantasy. 

It's not the real thing. 

But sometimes a fantasy is all you need." 

— Billy Joel 

Si quieres sentirte siempre joven; no analices la vida, 

One must learn 
By doing the thing; for though you 

Think you know it 
You have no certainty until you try. 

— Sophocles 400 BC 

C^OAMiM/^' A^^OAmJ- 

It ain't bad timing. 

It ain't bad luck . . . 

When will you meet me (J li^ ^r <- 

At the CRUX ^^^ 

Uh^^KJi^ \ - ^, 


.* ""-« F t- <iw^ 

ejLJ lyjju,^ 


"To All Things There is a Season 
and This Season is Mine" 


"It's been a lovely cruise" J.B. 

^euJs ^Iu>aAu. 

The Athletic Scholar 

or The Gentle Jock 

See you in Atlantic City or ... if 
you're in the neighborhood, stop by 
my penthouse in Las Vegas! 

O Z^ 


/Hyyu^ I ajlaA' 

What you can do, or dream you can, 
begin it; boldness has genius, power 
and magic in it. 




[ hold your doctrine of Memento 

A.nd were an epitaph to be my story 
['d have a short one ready for 

my own. 
[ would have written of me on my 

[ had a lover's quarrel with the 


Robert Frost 

— The Lesson for Today 




Ay, in the very temple of Delight 
Veiled Melancholy has her 
sovereign shrine, 
Though seen of none save him 
whose strenuous tongue 
Can burst Joy's grape against 
his palate fine. 

His soul shall taste the sadness 
of her might. 
And be among her cloudy trophies 

— ]ohn Keats 

^/ijC^ ^>^C^fl/l.*^1 s^ 

Discretion is the better part of valor, my 

Eckerd Seniors 

in London 

Fall Semester 


U-eccs-^ <i^ 

\Jet/n^ ^^^coc^x^T^^ -f^x-cAjoJ 

. though the distances divide us 
there's a paradise inside us 
we can't lose . . . 

(fjifl( ^^x 

^fS^c- /Tl^^O ^^ c. 



"Toto, I'm afraid we're not in Kansas anymore.' 


Twin trees 

reaching for the sky 

one grows straight 

while the other leans to the left 


must find its own way — 
which is correct? 

If we knew 

and made them take that way 

would they be better trees for it? 

Or is the path 

only worth the journey's effort 

when they are free 

to grow 

their own way 


Don't let school Interfere with your 

^^ %9L \^^<^ 

"The rainbow is a gift from 

V^ ^Ja^ 

"I've found my answer to life 
is living — The secret of 
living is life!" 

— Carole King 
Thank you Eckerd for many 
beautiful memories! 

^o^cPM T 

i. o M Cr I 


I am the child. 

You hold in your hand my destiny. 

You determine, largely, whether I 

shall succeed or fail. 
Give me, I pray you, those things that 

make for happiness. 
Train me, I beg you, that I may be a 

blessing to the world. 

— Mamie Gene Cole 

a o/v^a ^K< /[jiM^% 

It is not so important 
to be serious as it is to 
be serious about the 
important things. The 
monkey wears an 
expression of seri- 
ousness which would 
do credit to any col- 
lege student, but the 
monkey is serious 
because he itches. 
— Robert M. Hutch- 




"What lies behind us and ^—JuUsO^fj i 
what hes before us are tiny ^-<J«--'c.<Yy i 

matters compared to what /-w^ I 

lies within us." 



"Take it any way you want it 
Be your own superstar 
Let the world know 
The only way you want it 
Is the way you are." 

/d^{ lUjyvyicr 

— The Outlaws 


DORMS . . . 

Resident Advisors? 

Back Row: Kelly Medei, Pam Siegel, Sue Coleman, Shawn Butler, Adele Platania, Steve Kleckowski, Jim Jennings, Beckyi 
O'Dell, Roberto Lluch, Dave Huesman, Donna Silverman. Middle Row: Jesse Sharpe, Dave Cahoone, Anne Hopson, Terryi 
Buchanan, Viola Jacobs, Jim Faulkner, Jeff True, Mitch Rubin, Robert Smith. Front Row: Richard Barrero, Kevin Dembinski,. 
Beau Plessner, Mark Huffman, Mike Lindberg. , 

Benedict's Bad Girls: 

Sharon Baldwin 
Maria Bertolini 
Cindy Brannam 
Paula Broadwater 
Angelique Chin 
Pam Cruz 
Kellie Defazzio 
Leslie Harris 
Denise Hazlewood 
Karen Horn 
Stephanie Jones 
Anna Lorenzo 
Georgia Lundberg 
Valerie Lundberg 
Dianne McPherson 

Kelly Medei 
Karin Musier 
Donna Newrocki 
Michele Ogilvie 
Silvia Ortiz 
Deidre Padmore 
Carol Prachel 
Michele Rivers 
Mary Rogers 
Nancy Shanley 
Phyllis Soleau 
Brenda Thompson 
Lisa Trentalange 
Luci Winborne 


Teenage Wasteland"" 

Ibsen's Citizens: 

Richard Barrero 
Steve Caccavale 
Valerie Cappola 
Karen Carter 
Felix Cortes 
Steven Estrella 
Kimberly Fuchs 
Mark Hartman 
Linda Leskosky 
Clyde Lince 
Virginia Louw 
Linda McCarthy 
Paul McLaughlin 
William McManamon 
Maureen McMinamin 

David Mooka 
Valerie Pasquale 
Pam Roberts 
Walter Rodriguez 
Nancy Roess 
Vivian Rutigliano 
Dianne Saylor 
Vincent Scolaro 
James Siefert 
Charlene Smith 
Thomas Sullivan 
Marianne Tail 
Bill Tattersall 
David Walsh 
Jamie Welsh 

"The Beech Girls: 


Claudia Allen 
Shirley Beyer 
Lynne Bustle 
Hildegard Campman 
Ingeborg Campman 
Caren Chappell 
Donna Coffey 
Monila Doerr 
Kori Errico 
Imelda Gormley 
Diane Hennez 
Ja'nell Henry 
Christina Leone 
Tami Long 
Laura Martin 
Jori Martinez 

Gretchen Meinke 
Patricia Meyer 
Sherri Migneault 
Debra Munfus 
Martha Nash 
Donna Silverman 
Anneliese Smith 
Margaret Spence 
Donna Stanbach 
Marta Steiger 
Theodora Strahs 
Sarah Vaneenenaam 
Wendy White 
Dorothy Wright 
Madeline Yaden 


Dark Side of the Moon 


Lee Aufderhar 
Sharon August 
Michelle Ballard 
Maru Bingham 
Kim Butterworth 
Lisa Curry 
Thomas Elman 
Taffy Fieser 
Jerome Hanley 
Laurie Hitz 
Maria Hradesky 
Mark Huffman 
Ed Jordan 
Eric Lundin 
Theresa Madsen 

John Martin 
Gordon McDonald 
Cliff McKay III 
Laura Menefee 
Daniel Mohnkern 
David Murto 
Patricia O'brien 
Andrew Olson 
Kathryn Pischel 
Kenneth Roess 
Roger Vonkeockeritz 
Louis Waitman 
Rush Watson 
Vicki Webb 
Virginia Werner 

A Copley Christmas 

Kitty Anderson 
Rosanne Buckley 
Dawn Byrne 
David Cahoone 
Lorna Carroll 
Virginia Coe 
Alexander Cruickshank 
Dawn Derix 
Kathy Dube 
Robert Giese-kock 
Martin Goodwin 
Paul Harbin 
Angelo lannone 
Orville luliucci 
Wendy Lusher 
Michael Lucibello 

Wendy Linton 
Frank Macagnone 
Joanne Mahnowski 
Vincent Maratia 
Todd Marshall 
Jorge Martinez 
John Meiners 
Kirby Olson 
Stephen Parascandola 
Ned Partridge 
Kathleen Scanlon 
Jeroen Scipio 
Laurie Sheinkopf 
Catherine Swann 
Dave Wallace 
Lori Winkler 

"A Stairway to Heaven 
Dalton's Angels: '^^^^^ 

Maria Bazzini 
Geraldine Bennett 
Sandra Cleary 
Eileen Dellner 
Darlene Ester 
Diane Friederick 
Jenny Gould 
Clementine Grayson 
Lanel Hagelgans 
Elizabeth Hodgson 
Ana Jhones 
Karen Lawrence 
Sandra Mann 
Shawn McCabe 
Nancy Mercado 
Suzanne Nelson 
Debra Newman 
Gloria Roberts 
Lorraine Rabinskas 
Sherri Prevatt 
Anne-Marie Ruscica 
Vibeke Thulin 
Tammy Underwood 
Suzanne Vondracek 
Robin Walker 
Kim Wallace 
Leslie Wesson 

Hiaasen — ^'Up on a Roof 

The Brewer's Friends: 

Charles Williams 
James Wentzel 
Martin Schmitz 
Tracey Sanders 
Bill Rubino 
Mitch Rubin 
Kenneth Roberts 
Louis O Conner 
Jose Ojea 
James Overdorf 
Charles Pavia 
Michael Pallay 
David Pano 
Peter Meinke 
Jeffrey Mitchell 
Anthony Marino 
David Kanz 

Patrick Hays 
Mark Horan 
Grier Green 
Edward Guadagno 
Gregory Guadagnoli 
Duncan Guda 
Robert Hale 
Fred Fochtman 
Richard Goldberg 
Babak Esmaeli 
Stephen Dandrea 
Ivan Delgado 
Stephen Dellabella 
Mark Denbraven 
Robert Dooley 
Rodney Chandler 
John Bruininks 

Leighton LIVE 

Living in Leighton: 

Carol Armstrong 
Ada Asenjo 
Lara Buford 
Odila Castro 
David Chandler 
Eric Evans 
Jim Faulkner 
Susan Finger 
Mary Gilmore 
Patrick Gustafson 
Suzanne Horrocks 
Robert Kend 
Steve Larkin 
Janine Ley 
Stetson Line 
Suzanne Meier 
Carlos Monroy 

Charles Morris 
Tom Neuberger 
David Nevill 
Nancy Noland 
Tina Noto 
Kevin Osullivan 
Kubrat Padungkit 
Allyson Porter 
Armando Rivas 
Thomas Romano 
Yuhei Sakurada 
Walter Shaffer 
Julia Smith 
James Stritt 
Paul Tebbs 
Michael Williams 
Angela Young 

Dberg Almost 

Appearing in Oberg: 

Monique Baker 
Alexis Barry 
Andrew Blair 
Micheal Cecil 
Sabra Cecil 
Christina Clemenson 
Douglas Cobden 
Eric Crawford 
Steven Doris 
Richard Everett 
Victor Flessas 
James Harrison 
Deborah Hill 
Jean Lynch 
Mari Margaret Macey 

Margaret Majorey 
Shawn Maloy 
Douglas McVey 
Peter Nissen 
Margaret Nogle 
Patricia Scarnati 
Joellen Schilke 
Paul Schmitt 
Carolyn Sharpless 
Tommy Shields 
JimBob Simmons 
Jeff True 

Arthur Van Houten 
Thomas Whitmore 

Passengers of Morris' 
Magical Mystery Tour: 

Richard Akin 
Laurie Benson 
Mark Boutin 
Ben Bradley 
Jennifer Brett 
Byron Brown 
Richard Cashman 
Sarah Combs 
Steve Crestol 
Alyson Creswell 
Christine Dillard 
Jeff Dixon 
Colleen Donelson 
Kendell Dow 
Elizabeth Ebbinghouse 

John Fleming 
Marianne Franklin 
Karen Galinski 
James Gardner 
Dave Huesman 
Joseph Isong 
Scooter Knize 
Lisa Kullman 
Cindy Lindsay 
Richard McAliley 
John Pearson 
Julie Pinette 
Lori Samer 
David Smith 
Catherine Turner 

'What a long strange trip it's been! 







"^ pihrj| 


1 ■*! 







1 i^. W 






1 •T ^, 


^ 1 P"<«L.-v^ H 




1 ^ ■' 

— : ' 



# 1 

1^ ^, 



Record Holders: 

Todd Baker 
David Bell 
Mark Bisson 
Pete Bohatch 
Ray Carter 
Dennis Cox 
Doug Desyn 
Vincent Frigeria 
Ricardo Garcia 
Thomas Goodwin 
James Hawkins 
Nathan Huang 
William Kebler 
Felipe Lopez 
Roger Mallery 
George Mooney 

Richard Page 
John Poole 
Shahriar Rahbari 
John Small 
Robert Smith 
Kevin Snelgrove 
Tony Solazzo 
Stephen Updegraff 
Michael Ventura 
Christopher Ward 
Mark Wenzel 
Joe White 
Michael Wingate 
Timmothy Womack 
Bill Wright 

Hubbard Inhabitants: 

Mark Abdo 
Abelardo Alvarez 
Antonio Alvarez 
Erik Anderson 
Josue Ascanio 
Lloyd Beaufils 
Tyrone Brown 
Paul Brusger 
Robert Buda 
William Burn 
Kirk Carter 
John Corbani 
Jerry Daniels 
Carlos Guardia 
Takashi Ishimaru 

Roberto Karser 
William Kluge 
Kenneth Laughlin 
Francisco Martinez 
Douglas McLean 
David Milligan 
Juan Nelson 
Michael Parnagian 
Juan Perez 
Scott Rehm 
Thomas Romano 
Jesse Sharpe 
Joseph Sinapi 
Todd Stetson 
Eddie Williams 

'The Hubbard House Blues" 

Joanne Belcar 
Lisa Bayer 
Lynn Bayer 
Elizabeth Bean 
Andrew Bryan 
Althea Buafo 
Dean Buescher 
Steven Cardozo 
Lisa Coro 
Andrew Crowell 
Donna Dipiazza 
Diana Dziemianzuk 
Laura Gottardi 
Anita Guadagno 
Mark Hamel 
Susan Hyde 
Sheryl Johnston 




Julie Kaplan 
Paul Kenny 
Joseph Lafond 
Jeffrey Marcello 
Greg Mason 
William Miller 
Craig Moran 
Firodz Nasehi 
Adele Platania 
Althea Pugh 
Deborah Rubin 
Duncan Stuart 
Troy Thomas 
Stephen Thompson 
Jose Tirado 
David Wilkins 
Douglas Winter 

"Sailing . . .' 


Susan Bell 

Kathleen Olenjniczak 

Denise Bernier 

Markai Plange 

Evelyn Cardona 

Cindy Reed 

Lucia Croes 

Lourdes Reyes 

Nancy Foley 

Selena Roe 

Elizabeth Giffels 

Kikuko Sasayama 

Laura Hanson 

Ana Siu 

Linda Harger 

Marianne Talbot 

Myra Hickman 

Lynda Taylor 

Renee Houle 

Laura Troy 

Julie lames 

Anne Van Horn 

Cynthia Johnson 

Rosemarie Von Zabern 

Cathy Johnson 

Nancy Wallace 

Jodi KropHn 

Kim Watkins 

Virginia Migliorist 

Cindy Zahnow 

Rebecca Oalmann 

Wilson's Showgirls: 

Sally Barlow 

Dawn McVaugh 

Eva Barnett 

Misa Okada 

Garry Biggleston 

Sarah Peaden 

Janice Boone 

Paulette Pfeiffer 

Mary Conley 

Carol Reigle 

Georgette Dolezal 

Emilie White 

Priscilla Echols 

Martha Walters 

Dorothy Fennel 

Maureen Walsh 

Lori Groenewoud 

Pamela Siegel 

Debra Horstman 

Lisa Sanderson 

Deborah Hossfield 

Lorrie Nevin 

Karen Kitchen 

Mary Lagano 

Marlaine Krouse 

Derry Hutt 

Mimi Leeds 



^yt^,-^^:',^. ■■■' 

:"^:.- i ',-"' .^;.V,</5.i.'; v*:*>*>>;" 


'Breakfast in America^' 

Edmund Herman 
Kevin Bock 
Leslie Bodtke 
Mary Ellen Clutter 
Alan Craig 
Maura Crovells 
William Gates 
Charmane Hayman 
Jena Hjelm 
Kathryn Hoff 
Andrew Hradesky 
Koren Huber 
Craig Jones 
Steven Kleckowski 
Doris Malouf 

Sam Maynes 
Ulysses Monroe 
Janet Morse 
Lars Olson 
Brian Peterson 
Rhonda Peterson 
Menno Ploeg 
Ainsley Reeder 
Renee Registrar 
David Ritchey 
Michael Simmons 
Dorothy Smith 
Timothy Storm 
Elizabeth Sugden 
Karen Young 

Kirby: "Close to the Edge" 

Donna Ampol 
Martha Armacost 
Mary Booraem 
Dianne Coombs 
Lisha Daigle 
Deborah Davis 
Kim Deehan 
Terry Elder 
Bonita Freeman 
Trina Frye 
Beatriz Garcia 
Donna Hammond 
Merri Hankins 
Linda Hart 
Fourzaneh Hodjati 
Paula Johnson 
Pamela Jones 

Elena Kandilakis 
Sally Knapp 
Yuko Koshizaki 
Annamaria Krajna 
June Moment 
Marsha Needham 
Shelia O'Neal 
Faye Paige 
Laura Roddy 
Maria Rodriguez 
Ubelda Sarria 
Susan Sweeney 
Tra Mi Vo 
Carolyn Von Zabern 
Sheila Walters 
Jill Wolfinger 


> St. Petersburg 
Sunshine Skyway^ 

, -.,^;ja&^~-4 


:-«^?*-»'jtew~ ■ 

The James Gang Rides Again . . . 

Jay Aemisegger 
Salvador Aleguas 
Michael Allen 
Christopher Ballard 
Daniel Barto 
Karl Bohne 
Mark Bready 
Michael Cacciaguda 
Lloyd Carter 
Kevin Dembinski 
Vincent Garcia 
Mark Hoadley 
Keith |ones 
Alejandro Licairac 
Michael Lopez 
Mark Marotto 
Julie James 

John McCausland 
Michael Medei 
Spenser Nickel 
Carmelo Paterno 
David Paul 
David Reichman 
Kevin Roberts 
Michael Rosselet 
Clifford Rubin 
Philip Saul 
Edward Schaejbe 
George Scheld 
Robert Streit 
Stephen Timmer 
Tobin Watterson 
Floyd Wideman 


Douglas: We Don't Like to Sleep Alone 

Maureen Clancy 
Carolyn Carbone 
Amy Fox 
Natholie Lavoie 
Nancy Ryder 
Marsha Riedesel 
Christie McClelland 
Teri Ross 
Kay Alderman 
Teri Coy 
Tracey Kukla 
Lorri Booker 
Julie Simpson 
Clarissa Bellstedt 
Felecia Benson 

Cindy Broses 
Amy Bradley 
Catherine Cottrill 
Cynthia Ennis 
Karla Ellis 
Iliana Giraldo 
Gabriella Henryk 
Anne Hopson 
Cassandra Kennedy 
Andrea Kloeckener 
Susan Peak 
Tina Pike 
Rachel Sanita 
Karen Smothermon 
Rita Johnson 

Blakely: We Are the Champions' 

^^^^^^^^ Emll Abood 

Thomas Pasternak 

^ Curtis Colberg 

Michael Payer 

^^^^B; Daniel Debevoise 

John Perillo 

^^^^K Charles Oourney 

Mark Perry ' 

^^^^K Kirk Dunn 

Nicholas Polis 

^^^^H; Dugias Dutcher 

Leonard Rizzotti - 

^^^^B, David Fisher 

Chuck Skinner 

^^^^K- Paul Fredette 

)ames Smith 

^^^^K' Andrew Hanretty 

David Soloman 

^^^^H David Hoffman 

Todd Swenson -a^i^^^a 

^^^^B }ames Landry 

John Tamburro ali^^H 

^^^^K Ross Lankenau 

Randolph Telford ^^^H^| 

^^^^B' Richard Leandri 

John Urban ^^^^B 

^^^^B Michael Lindberg 

Christopher Vecchione ^H^l 

^^^^B Frank Lovaglio 

Ronald Westmoreland ''^^ 

^^^^B Craig Low 

Michael Wojtowicz 1 

^^^^B; Michael Panado 

^^^^B; *Dedicated to the Biggest Champion of All. . . ,| 

Hk... . 

Andy Hanretty 


"Cheap Sunglasses'" by Kennedy 

r ^ 

^^K Brook Babock 'TiMiiil 

Br Broderick Henr}^ '^^i^^^H 

^H| Michael Bell 

Drew Kandilakis l^^^H 

^Hp Charles Bowen 

Ravi Kapdor ^^^H 

^Hft Richard Brown 

Frederick Nolte '^^^H 

^^B' Gary Cannedy 

Kamolchai Padungkit ^^^H 

^H|). John Cappabianca 

David Paltrineri l^^^H 

^H| Edwin Carson 

Jim Rattray i^^H 

^^H, Ronald Crockett 

Charles Ridley ^^^H 

^^B William Cunningham 

Christopher Spinnenweber ^^^H 

^^B Mark Cushman 

James Stansell l^^^l 

^Hk Bruce Dean 

Francois Vandervegt I^Ih 

^^Hj Jeffrey Dodge 

William Vickers ^^^H 

^^H Harley Evans 

David Ward '^^^H 

^^B -Ben Fasano 

Greg Williams ^^^H 

^^^E Joseph Forney 

James Workman ^^^H 

^^B Patrick Gustafson 

Beau Plessner t^^^H 

Berkeley: ""What a Fool Believes . . . 


Manuel Aguayo 
Andrew Donovan 
Walter Duffy 
Susan Grandone 
David Johnson 
Danielle Lynch 
Lori Matossian 
Allison Meardon 
Brett Ramsay 
Sima Saffary 
Pamela Stickney 
Roger Touchberry 
Elisa Verges 
Debra Wicks 
Anthony Wojciechowski 

Anita Baas 
David Duffy 
Kelvin Faulkner 
Tim Hadden 
Joeseph Levi 
Katharine MacNiven 
Warren Marline 
Alison Mulhall 
Philipe Schdene 
Diana Shives 
John Sullivan 
Joy Trent 
Robert Waters 
Jana Wofford 
Kathleen Woodward 


Ain't Misbehavin' 

Roger Blake 
Pat Castiglia 
Jamie Escanellas 
Earl Harper 
Gary Levinson 
James Martin 
Kevin McGonigle 
Erik Myhran 
Victor Pina 
Peter Rovezzi 
Walter Schwind 
John Simmons 
Jay Townend 
Katsukiko Umetsu 
Joeseph Vondracek 
Bradford Weston 

Shawn Butler 
Reid Dick 
Gregory Goldberg 
Greg Herman 
Thomas Maiville 
Joe Massinello 
Bruce Mcintosh 
James PhilHps 
John Podimsky 
Scott Saunders 
Roy Silver 
Michall Thornburgh 
Doug Tveten 
Karl Victor 
Jeffrey Walters 

American Pie 

Denizens of Dante: 

Charles Austin 
Raleigh Bern' 
David Brzana 
Tern' Buchanan 
Luis Changlima 
Anthony Doblin 
Wallace Eggert 
Donald Erdman 
David Gray 
Joseph Gray 
William Heyward 
Michael Hood 
William Hood 
Kraig Johnson 
Lance Kirkbride 

Timothy Lemieux 
Kenneth Lewandowski 
Fernando Martinez 
Maurice McKay 
Bruce Montrose 
John Munk 
Yasuhiko Nishizawa 
William Schmidt 
Randolph Scott 
Matthew Securd 
Anthony Silva 
Glenn Smith 
Michael Stanley 
Andrew Stults 
Robert Thurlow 
John Williams 




1 ^^" 


■ ■ tf 

The Afro- American Society 


■, ,•■■«.•!(;.•>.•/ 







\ ^^ 





^^^B i&j 




^H 'S 



•■. -'-^^^i^,-- 








M !■■■■■■ 

P?. ^ 





r£^ i 




V-_ ■ "^.'.■■-c- >*- .rr^. 

.»^-.i *'«i»i«.€fc,i;«...S! 




Faculty and Administration 

Jack Eckerd 

Chairman of the Board 


Peter Armacost 




Lloyd Chapin 

Vice President and Dean of Faculty 

Ed Stevens 

Director of Planning and 
Analytical Studies 

Earle Clifford 

Exec. Asst. to the 

Mark Smith 

Dean of Students 


^7 College Chaplain 

Q ... 


Barry McDowell 

Director, Campus 


Adeline Kreutz 

Exec. Sec. to the President 

Marjorie Nincehelser 

Exec. Asst., Development 
and College Relations 

Marc Barlow 

Admin. Asst. to President, 
Asst. Sec'y to Board of 

Bill and Vivi Ruggles 

Director Int'l Student Affairs 
Sec'y Director of Housing 

Ellen Walters 
Dottie Armbruster 

Sec'y. Registrar's Office 

Ruth Trigg, Registrar 

Clyde McKenney, Asst. to 

Pete Radeka Manager SAGA Food Service 
Ron Warfield, Director SAGA Food Service 

Sal Capobianco 
Judy McKenney 
Joeseph Bearson 
Ted Dembroski 
Mike Flaherty 
Peter Hammerschmidt 
Robert Lyon 
James MacDougall 
Anne Murphy 
Tom Oberhofer 
Claud Sutcliffe 
Bart Tebbs 
Bill Winston 

Pat Bouwman 
Jerry Blazey 
Jean Cobb 


A. Howard Carter III 


Back Row: Dr. Meacham, Dr. Neithamer, Dr. Guida, Dr. Walker. Front Row: Joseph, 
Dr. Hudson, Dr. Hanes, Dr. Block. 

Dr. Ferguson 

Dr. Reynolds 


J. Stanley Chesnut, Alen Carlsten, Keith Irwin, William McKee, James Matthews, Rejan Genz, Carolyn Johnston, Julienne i 
Empric. : 


Fri. and Sat. — 11 am to 12 pm 
Sun.-Thurs. — 11 am to 11 pm 


Phone 867-6467 

2204 — 62nd Avenue So. • St. Petersburg, 


Gifts and Accessories 

Between Sears and Maas Brothers 


2220 62nd Avenue South 

Open 11-11 


"We Make Our Own Ice Cream" 


The Eckerd College Yearbook 

Box E Eckerd College St. Petersburg, Florida 33733 

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