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The importance of preserving family records in print is 
now nniversally admitted by intelligent people, and famil}- 
liistories are constantly appearing. In the pages tliat fol- 
\o\v, an elaborate genealogy is not attempted, but simply 
a modest effort to gather a few threads that might other- 
wise be lost. It was hoped that Edward Ball might have 
been traced to his English home, but as was usually the 
case with the first comers to New England, no record is 
found to assist tlie investigator, nor is Edward's name 
found in any ship list as a passenger. 

At least half a dozen Balls of his generation, or the gen- 
eration before, are found as settlers in various parts of New 
England, but they are not any of them known to be con- 
nected with the subject of our sketch, though one of them, 
John Ball, early of the Isle of Shoals, was there engaged 
in prosecuting the fisheries, which was in part tlie avoca- 
tion also of Edward J^all. 

Nicholas Ball. 

Block Island, R. L, 1891. 

Edward Ball and Some of His Descendants. 

Edward Ball\ the first settler of that surname who ap- 
pears at Block Ishand, was born probably about 1640, and 
died in 1714. He married Mary George, daughter of 
Peter and Mary George, of Block Island. She was born 
Sept. 7, 1645, and died after 1714. The island had been 
purchased in 1660 for <£400 by sixteen persons, many of 
whom became permanent settlers in 1661. Among these 
first settlers was Peter George, the future father-in-law of 
Edward Ball; and Mr. George received lots Sand 9 with 
Simon Ray, in a division of lands in west part of the 
island, also lot 16 in north part of the island for his sole 
use. These grants may have decided Edw\ard Ball as to 
his own location later. There was, perhaps, a white popu_ 
lation of fifty persons when Edward Ball first came to the 
island, with an Indian population several times greater. 
The records are but meagre that relate to the early history 
of Block Island, but Ave find Edward Ball was a freeman 
there in 1678, and in 1689, when the French privateers 
made a descent upon tlie island, it, is probable that he suf- 
fered from their plundering, as did his neighbors. In 1696 
he and Simon Ray were chosen trustees for funds for a 
harbor. In 1700 the Rev. Samuel Niles was invited to the 
pastorate of the church at Block Island, and Edward Ball 
was appointed with Joshua Raymond and Simon Ray to 
lay out and appraise lands which were to be given Mr. 


Niles for a house lot. In 1702, June 8th, he was Deputy 
Warden, and held the office of ''Crowner," (i. e. Coroner.) 
In 1704 he was sheriff. He made his will Aug. 16, 1714 ; 
proved in the same month. He mentioned his wife Marj, 
sons Peter, John and Edward, daughters Mary Hall, Eliza- 
beth Hall, and Jane Dickens, and grand-daughter Patience 
Hall. His inventory showed a bull, 4 cows, 4 heifers, 3 
steers, 2 calves, 20 sheep, 16 lambs, mare, colt, 8 hogs, &:c. 
Edward^ and Mary (George) Ball had children as follows : 

I. Marv Ball, m. Hall. 

II. Sybil Ball. She was mentioned in Mary 

George's will. 

III. Elizabeth Ball, m. Hall. 

IV. Jane Ball, m. John Dickens. 

V. Edward Ball, alive in 1714. 

2. VI. Peter Ball, m. June 30, 1716, Mary Harris. 

3. VII. John Ball, b. June 10, 1687, m. (1st) Sept. 1st, 

1710, Sarah Rathbone ; m. (2d) Dec. 2d, 
1718, Sarah Dickens. 

2. Peter BalP (Edward^), married June 30, 1716, Mary 
Harris. He was a large landholder and prominent in pub- 
lic affairs. He was Deputy to the General Assembly in 
1734, and was appointed in 1735 with Captain Simon Ray, 
to improve the £1200, allowed by the General Assembly, 
to build a pier at Block Island or repair the old one. He 
deeded on May 20, 1755, to Robert Hull, and Thankful, 
his wife, (daughter to said Peter Ball), all his real estate 
and personal property, including household goods and 

Peter and Mary (Harris) Ball, had children as follows : 

I. Mercy Ball,)). Feb. 2, 1718. 

II. Thankful Ball, b. Oct. 26, 1721, m. Robert Hull. 

3. John BalP (Edward^), was born June 10, 1687, and 
died in 1769. He married (1st) Sept. 1, 1710, Sarah Rath- 


bone. He married (2d) Dec. 2, 1718, Sarah Dickens, 
daughter of Thomas and Sarah Dickens. His 2d wife was 
born July 5, 1696. He made his will Oct. 9th, 1764, 
(proved April 13, 1769). Executor, son Edward Ball. 
He mentions his Avife Sarah, son Edward ; daughters 
Sarah Dodge, Priscilla Dunn, and Catherine Whale}^ ; and 
grandchihlren as follows : grandson Peter Ball, four chil- 
dren of daughter Priscilla Dunn, viz. : Jane Rose, Catha- 
rine Dodge, Samuel Dunn, Jr., and Ellis Dunn ; and daugh- 
ter Elizabeth's three daughters, viz. : Mary Wright, Sarah 
Dodge, and Elizabeth Dodge. 

John^ and Sarah (Rathbone) Ball, had chikhen as fol- 
lows : 

I. PrisciHa Ball, b. Aug. 10, 1711, m. Samuel Dunn. 

II. Sarah Ball, b. Aug. 20, 1714, m. Dodge. 

John^ and Sarah (Dickens) Ball, had children as follows : 

III. Catherine Ball b. July 29, 1719, m. Dec. 17, 1741, 

Samuel Whaler. 

IV. Elizabeth Ball, b.^Aug. 7, 1720, m. Dodge (?) 

4. Y. Edward Ball, b Mar. 12, 1727, m. Aug. 31, 1746, 

Mary Dodge. 
4. Edward BalF (John^, Edward i), was born March 12, 
1727, and died June 17, 1796. He married Aug. 31, 1746, 
Mary Dodge. Administration was taken on his estate 
June 25, 1796. He was buried in the old cemetery which 
overlooks the great Salt Pond. The gravestone bears the 
following inscription : 

*'In memory of Mr. Edward Ball, who died June 17, 1796, 

in the 70th year of his age. A kind husband, 

tender father, affectionate friend, and well 

beloved by all his acquaintance. 
"As you pass by pray cast an eye, 
As 5'^ou are now so once was I, 
As 1 am now so must you be, 
Prepare for death and follow rne," 


EdwarcPand Mary (Dodge) Ball had cliildren as follows : 

I. Sarah Ball b. Nov. 22, 1746, d. Dec. 23, 1747. 

II. John Ball, b. Mch. 17, 1748, m. Fidelia Little- 
held. He had sons, 1, Lyman (who among other 
children had, Lydia, Sarah, Caleb, Phebe, Wm. 
B. S., and Joseph) ; 2, Bartlett, (who among other 
children had Bartlett, and Thankful, now living, 
who m. John Ball, the son of Samuel & Peggy 
(Mitchell) Ball,) 3, Joseph, died 1852, (who 
had four sons viz. : Joseph, deceased, John, 
living in Otsego county, N. Y., C. S. Ball, 
of Springfield, Mass., and O.D.Bali, j\L D., 
practicing in Albany, N. Y.) 4, Lydia, (who 
m. Capt. Pendleton of Isleboro, Maine. A 
grandson of hers publishes a paper at Bel- 
fast, Me., and others are interested in coast- 
wise shipping in Maine.) 

5. III. Peter Ball, b. July 23, 1750, m. Elizabeth Sims. 

IV. Thankful Ball, b. July 31, 1752. 

V. Edward Ball, b. Nov. 17, 1754. He had a son 
^ Samuel, who married Jan. 28, 1796, Catherine 

Dodge, daughter of Rev. Thomas Dodge. He 
had 1, Bathsheba, b. Nov, 25, 1798, m. Edmond 
Dodge ; 2, Susannah, b. Aug. 30, 1801 ; 3, Ed- 
ward, b. Sept. 27, 1804 ; 4, Samuel, b. May 6, 
1809, m. Olive Mitchell, daughter of Amos 
Mitchell ; 5, Priscilla, b. March 20, 18— ; 6, 
Thomas D., b. Dec. 4, 18 — , moved to Connecti- 
cut, and married; 7, Jesse, b. July 25, 18 — , 
m. Abby Mitchell, daughter of Amos Mitchell. 
(Samuel and Jesse and their wives still living, 
as also Thomas). 

VI. Elizabeth Ball, b. Sept. —, 1756. 

VII. Dorcas Ball, b. Oct. 7, 1758. 


VIII. Niilluiiiicl Ball, 1). Dec. 25, 17G0. 

IX. Isaiah Ball, b. June 28, 1763, in. Peggy Dodge. 
He bad among others, 1, Gideon (who married 
Lydia Dodge, and bad Gideon, Leander A., 
Amanda and Charlotte) ; 2, Nathaniel (who 
had son Nathaniel who married Margery Rose, 
dauHiter of James F. Kose. They had Asa, 
Henry, (twins), Nathaniel and Kay ; the last 
two still living). 

— X. Samuel Ball, b. July 13, 1766. 

XI. Mary Ball, b. Jan. 5, 1770, m. Elias Little- 
tield, Avho was drowned in Salt Pond through 
the ice ; she afterwards married Thomas Lit- 
tle field. 

5. Peter Ball* (Edward^ John'-^, Edward^), was born 
July 23, 1750. He married Elizabeth Sims, of Westerly, 
R. I., born Oct. 20, 1752, daughter of William and Jerusha 
(Lamphere) SiniK. 

Peter* and Elizabeth (Sims) Ball had children as fol- 
lows, though not in this exact order: 
6. I. Edmund Ball, b. 1779, m. (1st) in 180-t, Charity 
Dodge ; m. (2d) about 1833, Mercy Mitchell. 

II. Joshua Ball, b. , m. (1st) Priscilla Dodge, 

dau. of Rev. Thomas Dodge ; m. (2d) Margaret 
Wright. He lived just west of William P. 
Ball's present residence, on same side of road. 
By his first wife he had 1, VV^illiam, who left 
the island when a young man ; 2, Eliza, who 
m. Wm. Dodge ; he is now living ; 3, Lydia, 
who married Joshua Sprague ; 4, Joshua, Jr., 
who m. Dorcas Bali, daughter of Washington 
Ball. They had four sons : William, Abel, 
Simeon and George, of whom only Simeon sur- 
vives, the parents having died in middle life of 



consumption, and their three other sons of same 
disease before manhood. 

III. Peter Ball, b. , m. a Miss Fish, in New 

York State, and moved to Exeter, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., where he died, about 80 years of age. 
He had among other children, a daughter 
Phebe, Avho married Alvin Coleman. The 
Richfield Springs Mercury, Sept. 5th, 1889, 
has this notice : 

"Mrs. Phebe Coleman, widow of the late 
Alvin Coleman, died at the residence of her 
daughterin-law in this village, Aug. 30, having 
attained the age of 80 years and ten months. 
Deceased was a daughter of Peter Ball, and 
belonged to one of the several families Avho em- 
igrated from Block Island and helped to settle 
the township of Exeter in its Pioneer days. 
They were a sturdy. God-fearing race, and from 
them have descended some of our most 
j^roininent and respectable citizens. The 
deceased possessed strong traits of character, 
and was a worthy scion of the parent tree. 
Since the death of her husband she has resided 
with Mrs. Helen Coleman, of this village, 
where her declining years were made as pleas- 
ant and peaceful as possible." 

Mr. Alvin Coleman and Helen, his wife, had 
a son born in 1856, whose name is A. L. Cole- 
man. In 1885, with his wife and their boy 
five years old, he emigrated from Richfield 
Springs to Red Bank, Big Horn County, Wy- 
oming Territory, where they now own a ranch 
of 160 acres. He is a menil)er of the new 
State Legislatui-e at the present time. 

IV. Samuel Ball, 1). , m. Margaret Mitchell, 

daughter of Alexander and Dorcas Mitchell, 


aiul had cliildreii : 1, Jolii], wlio m. Thankful 
I>alU daughter of Bartlett, and 2, Esther, avIio 
niairied (1st) Rev. P^lijah Hose ; (2d) Roljert 
Dodge. She is still living. 

W Sarah Ball, b. , in. Levi Mitchell, and 

had six children, viz : 1, I^evi ; 2, Peter ; 3, 
Ambrose; 4, Angeline; 5, Lucy: 6, Jerusha. 

VI. Elizabeth Ball, b. about 1794, m. (1st) Mark 
Dodge, son of Mark and Penelope Dodge ; m. 

(2d) John Willis, son of Abel Willis. She 

died, a widow, at Block Island, April 13, 1878, 

in about her 84th 3^ear, without issue. 

\ll. Abel Ball, b. , m. Nancy Paine. They 

had one child named Abel, who married a New 
York lady,and after following the sea for many 
years as an oliicer of a ship, returned from 
New York and settled on Block Island. He 
was born Sept. 7, 1805, and died Dec. 18, 
1852. His widow died twenty-six years later, 
and both are buried in our cemetery here. 
The}' had four children : 1, Nathaniel, 2, 
Nancy, mari-ied Bowen, 3, Theophilus, and 4, 
Abel Edward, all are living. 

6. Edmund BalP (Peter^ Edward^, John^ Edward^), 
was born 1779 and died July 16, 1864. He married (1st) 
in 1804, Charity Dodge, daughter of Joshua and Hannah 
(Littletield) Dodge. She was born 1787, and died Sept. 
10, 1829. He married (2d) about 1833, Mercy Mitchell, 
daughter of Joseph and Ruth (Williams) Mitchell. . She 
was born in 1792, and died Jan. 8, 1856, without issue. 
Edmund Ball's house was demolished about 1865. It 
stood on the brink of the hill on the east part of the lot 
batween the road and pond, now owned by Hiram D. Ball, 


one lot intervening between that and a Town Bridge 
known as '^Sam Mott's Bridge," bearing southwest from 
the same. 

The births of Edmund Ball's children which are to fol- 
low are taken from his family Bible. 

Edmund'^ and Charit}' (Dodge) Ball had children as 
follows : 

I. Alzadie Ball, b. July 25, 1805, m. April 17, 

1825, Silas Mott. Mrs. Mott now living. 
They had 1, Lucre tia; 2, Ruth Ann; 3, 
Ebenezer ; 4, Marium ; 5, Alden. 

II. Angeline Ball, b. Dec. 4, 1808, m. May 10, 

1829, Ebenezer Tourgee. She d. Aug- 3, 
1888. Two sons, viz. : Dr. Eben Tourgee, 
Director of New England Conservatory of 
Music, Boston, and Jeremiah H. Tourgee, 
who enlisted in 2d R. I. Reofiment on June 
Dili, 1861, as a private, and was promoted to 
a First Lieut., and served through the whole 
war of the Rebellion, and received an hon- 
orable discharge on June 14th, 1865. There 
were daughters Charity, Mary A., and Anna 
C. Tourgee. 

III. Lucretia Ball, b. May 20, 1811, m. Abram 

Mott. She d. Feb. 10, 1864. Their son, 
Nathan Mott, the only child, now living. 

IV. Ruth Ball, b. Feb. 28, 1813, m. (1st) George 

Brown in 1835. They had Elizabeth, 
Octavie and George ; m. (2d) Aaron W. 
Dodge, in 1865. She d. May 18, 1877. 
Y. Hannah \j. Ball, b. July 6, 1815, m. (1st) Thos. 
Rose, Jan. 3, 18c3 ; m. (2d) William Tap- 
lin, Aug. 2, 1853. By 1st marriage, Thomas, 
Edward and Hannah ; 2d niarriage, Lawison. 


VI. Hiram D. Ball, b. June 22, 1818, m, (1st) Cath- 
erine Mott, daughter of Thos. and Catherine 
(Mitchell) Mott. Had one son, Noah, wlio 
died from effects of disease contracted while 
in the arni}^ ; m. (2d) Mary Ann Mott, dau. 
of P'reeman and Hannah (Littlefield) Mott. 
Had Hiram A., Macy A., Cluwity D., and 
Adrietta, all living. 

VH. Noah D. Ball, b. June 13, 1820, ni. Ruth 
Dodge, daughter of Moses and Nancy (Ball ) 
Dodge. Had one daughter, Josephine, who 
m. Joseph Ball, son of Limon. He d. 1844. 
He sailed from New York, mate of schooner 
Empress, of Taunton, Mass., Benjamin 
Shores being Master, bound to Richmond, 
Va., on the 20th day of May, 1844, and nei- 
ther vessel nor crew has been heard of since. 

VIII. Almira P. Ball, b. April 23, 1822, m. William 

Mitchell, who now lives in Westerly, R. I. 
They have two sons, Nicholas and Hammett. 

IX. Elizabeth M. Ball, b. Oct. 2, 1824, m. (1st) 

Joseph Holmes, Feb. 1842. They had two 
sons, Joseph and Frank L., whose names 
were chano-ed from Holmes to Camm in 
1855; m. (2d) Isaac Camm, June, 1852; 
By 2d marriage, one daughter, Anna^. 

X. Charity D. Ball, b. Mch. 13, 1826, m. Apr. 13, 

1843, Joseph W. Sherman ; had chiklren as 
follows : Joseph, Frederick, Irvin, Herbert, 
Frank, Clarence, Harriet, Jennie, and Effie. 

7. XI. Nicholas Ball, b. Dec. 31, 1828, m. (1st) 
Eliza Millikin ; m. (2d) Mrs. Almedie Ros- 
alind Littlefield. 


7. Nicholas Ball^, (EdmuncP, PeterS EdwarcP, John2, 
EdwarcP), was born at Block Island, Dec. 31, 1828. He 
marjied (1st) Ang. 17, 1861, Eliza Millikin, daughter of 
Abraham and Sybil (Littlefield) Millikin. She was born 
Sept. 23, 1829, and died April 14, 1870. He married (2d) 
April 5, 1871, Mrs. Almedie Rosalind Littlefield, daughter 
of Solomon and Catharine A. (Willis) Dodge. She was born 
Nov 19, 1845. His first marriage was performed at Crans- 
ton, R. I., by Rev. John W. Col well, of that place. His 
second marriage was at Newport, R. I., b}^ Rev. Charles 
Howard Mai com of that place. 

The career of Nicholas Ball has been sketched several 
times by other hands, and it is not in the plan of this little 
work to give more than a brief summary. He lost his 
mother when he was but an infant,* but desires to pay this 
tribute to his step-mother : that she was a kind, and affec- 
tionate woman, beloved and respected bj^ all, and that she 
could not have administered to the wants of the children 
l)etter if she had indeed been their own mother. 

At fourteen, Nicholas Ball went to sea in a subordinate 
capacity. In 1819 he was chief mate of a ship bound to 
California, where he located twice for a time, but in 
1854 was back at Block Island, engaged in business there. 
He was Representative in the General Assembly in 1854 
and 1855, and State Senator most of the time from 1858 to 
1872. His efforts toward procuring for Block Island its 
breakwater, life-saving station, signal-station, and subma- 
rine cable, are matters well luiown to most who Avill see 
this sketch, as also his career as a hotel proprietor. 

in April, 1890, he again visited California as a member 
of tlie Society of California Pioneers of New England, in 
which society he was a director. 

Nicholas and Eliza (Millikin) Ball had children as 
follow^s : 


I. Eugene Randall Ball, b. iMay 6, 18ri2 ; d. Aug. 
12, 1865. 

IT. Cassius Cla3^Ball, b. Nov. 15, 1854, m. Alice O. 
Lewis, dau.of Wni. P. and Wealthy (Dodge) 
Lewis, on June 15, 1876 ; had one son named 
Nicholas. Alice, his wife, died Sept. 13, 1884 ; 
2d marriage was on Sept. 8, 1886, to Lucre- 
tia, daughter of Nathan and Phebe (Dickens) 
Mott. They have one daughter, Lucretia 
Beatrice, born Dec. 22, 1887. 

III. Effie Aurelia Ball, b. Nov. 28, 1855, m. April 14, 

1880, Frank C. Cundall, of Ashaway, R. I. 

IV. Philemon Galusha Ball, b. Feb. 28, 1858, d. Sept. 

11, 1858. 

V. Imogene Yergelia Ball, b. Sept. 14, 1859, died 

Aug. 17,1870. 

VI. Schuyler Colfax Ball, b. Dec. 23, 1861 ; m.Lena 

W. Bartlett, of Haverhill, Mass. 

A boy w^as born May 5, 1874, of Nicholas Ball's second 
marriage, but died two months afterwards without a name. 

Note. — I shall be pleased to have any omissions or errors as to 
dates, names, etc., that may be found to exist in these pages, by the 
readers thereof, reported to me. 


Block Island, R. L 


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