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Full text of "The Eells family of Dorchester, Massachusetts : in the line of Nathaniel Eells of Middleton, Connecticut, 1633-1821 : with notes on the Lenthall family"

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The Eells Family 
















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Copyright, 1903, by 
James Junius Goodwin. 



This monograph on the Bells family is the result of a 
lengthy search. Many years since, Rev. Willianf W. Bells, 
of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, made a studj^ of the family in 
America, and after his death, the work was continued by 
his brother. Rev. Bdward Bells, of Washington, D. C. 
Mr. William B. Abbott, of Syracuse, New York, also made 
an investigation concerning the later generations. The 
compiler of this work has had the benefit of the results of 
their researches, which he has compared with the original 
records, enlarging thereon, and making further investiga- 

The Bnglish portion of the work is the result of the 
labors of that energetic and successful antiquary, Mr. 
lyOthrop Withington of lyondon. In this part are " Bx- 
tracts from Parish Registers," " Abstracts of Wills and 
Administrations, " " Close Rolls, " " Chancery Proceedings, 
Bills and Answers." and " Subsidy Rolls." 

The Coat of Arms which forms the frontispiece to this 
work is the same as that on the seal which Major Samuel 
Bells, of Hingham, Massachusetts, affixed to his will, 
August I, 1705. This design is found at the College of 
Arms, London, on an "Ordinary of Arms," made by 
Robert Glover, Somerset Herald, from 1571 to 1588. 
There is nothing on the roll to indicate where the design 
was obtained nor when or to whom it was granted. 


The portrait of Major Eells is taken from a painting 
which has come down through various branches of the 
family, and is now in the possession of the family of Rev. 
William W. Eells, of Pittsburgh. The name of the artist 
and date are unknown. 

To the many persons who have aided the compiler in his 
labors he returns his sincere thanks. 


MiDDLETowN, Connecticut, 
November, 1903. 



The EeivIvS Family in England, 

Abstracts of Parish Registers, .... i 

Abstracts of Wills and Administrations, . . 4 

Close Rolls, ....... 49 

Chancery Proceedings, ..... 65 

Subsidy Rolls, ....... 93 

The Eells Family in America, ... 95 

The Eenthall Family, 173 

Index to English Notes, . . . . . 193 
Index to American Notes, . . . .211 


A lengthy search of various records in England has failed 
to reveal anything by which the ancestry of John Eells, 
of Dorchester, Massachusetts, can be proven. 

That any one wishing to make further investigations may 
have the benefit of the work already done, the results 
thereof are here given. 



1605, Jan'y 9, Richard Wooton & Joan Eles married, 

1627, Sept. 10, John Symons & Xiana Eyles married, 

1630-31, Jan'y 23, Thomas Toope & Joan Eyles married, 

1622, Sept. 16, Thomas, son of Edmund Eales, clerk, 

buried, Plympton, St. Mary. 
1690, Dec. 9, Edward Eales, widower of Staverton & 

Anne Edgcombe of Totnes, wid., 

1626, Feb. 2, Mary daughter of John Eales baptized, 


1630, May 2, Mary daughter of John Eeles baptized, 


1 63 1, Sept. 7, Elizabeth daughter of John Eales bap- 

tized, Barnstable. 
1635, June 28, Thomas son of Nicholas Eales baptized, 


1638, Aug. 19, Robert son of Robert Kales baptized, 

1638, Aug. 26, Mary daughter of Nicholas Bales bap- 
tized, Barnstable. 

1641, June 29, Robert son of Nicholas Bales baptized, 
Pilton Register examined. No Bells entries. 


St. Stephen's Church, Coleman Street. 

1600, Jan'y 28, Bdward Blse sonne of Robert Blse above 


1 601, May 24, James Byles sonne of James Byles bap- 


1602, July 23, Bdward Bales vSonne of James Bales 

beneath baptized. 

1603, Nov. 26, John Eles sonne of John Eles beneath 


1608, May 10, Katherine Byles daughter of John Byles 


1609, Oct. 7, James Byles sonne of James Byles Robin 

Hood Courte baptized. 
1628, Jan'y 3, Robert Bales and Sara Web married. 

St. Botolph's, Aldgate. 

1 61 8, April 7, John Bles and Katharine Cove both of 
our parish married. 

161 8, March 19, Katharine Beles dau of John Beles gun- 
smith and Katharine baptized. 

1620, Sept. 17, Blizabeth Beles dau of John Beles gun- 
smith and Katharine baptized. 

1622, Sept. II, John Beles sonne of John Beles gun- 
smith & Katharine baptized. 

1627, Sept. 30, John Beles sonne of John Beles gun- 
smith, Memories, & Bridget baptized. 


1629, May 31, Margaret Eeles dau of John Eeles gun- 
smith, Mynories, & Bridget baptized. 

1621, Aug. 4, Alice Eeles dau of John Eeles gunsmith 

St. Margaret's, Westminster. 
1619, Oct. 20, Thomas Eales son of John Eales baptized. 
1621, Jan'y 9, Edmond Sellwood and Elizabeth Eiles 



This Court had jurisdiction over the estates of all per- 
sons dying within the province of Canterbury, who had 
property to the amount of five pounds in some diocese of 
the province other than that in which the decedent resided. 
Consequently the abstracts from the records of this Court 
show persons of the Bells name residing in several coun- 

Will of Anthony Eles, Eburye, parish of St. Martins in 
the Fields, Middlesex, yeoman, dated 7 November 1576. 
To daughters Alice Eles and Agnes Eles all leases of 
houses and farm in Ebury, Wife Agnes to hold for life etc. 
To daughters 100 marks each. Brother William Eles. 
Alee Glover to have keeping of chest writings. Jasper, 
William, and Alice, children of Brother Richard Eles, sister 
Ursula Godhelpes's son James and Thomas Godhelpes, 
ditto. Sister Mary Wicker and her two children. Proved 
25 January 1576-7. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Daughtry, 

folio 3. 

Will of William Eeles of Northmymms, Co. Hertford, 
yeoman, dated 4 July 1580. To be buried in Churchyard 
of Northmymms. To Roger Eles my son tenement etc., 
in Wilsdon in Co. Midd. Daughter Anne Eles (unmarried). 
To Wife Alyce and son John farm called Boltons. Residu- 
ary legatee and executrix wife Alyce. Overseer son John. 
Witnesses Henrie Peacham, Robt. Maho, Thelder, Willm 

2 Sept. 1580 Commission to John the son, Alice the relict 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Arundell, 

folio 33. 


Will of William Eeles, servant to Wo. Thos. Forde, 
Esq., dated 29 May 1592. Father Thomas Eeles. Daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Eeles. Executors said Mr. Thomas Forde 
Esq., and father Thomas Eeles. If daughter die all to 
brother Philip Eels the witness. Proved 10 June 1592. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Harrington, 

folio 55. 

Will of John Eeles, Northmymes, Co. Herts., yeoman, 
dated 27 December 1592. To son John lease of Boltons at 
21, Wife Agnes to enjoy said farm of Boltons till John is 
21, to bringing up all my children. To John my other 
lease in reversion of Boltons. If John die, said lease of 
Boltons and other lease in reversion to child wife now 
goeth with if a son, or if a daughter said leases to all my 
daughters. If said children die, to my brother Roger Eeles, 
&c. Three daughters, Elizabeth, Susan and Anne at 18. 
Ditto to child wife goeth with if a daughter. To son 
John lease of South My mmes parsonage at 2 1 . To poor of 
Northmymmes 3 s. 4 d. Rest to wife Agnes executrix, 
she giving ^300 bond to overseers, friend Mr. Eustace 
Grubbe, brother Roger Eeles, and brother-in-law Thomas 
Searnige. Witnesses Henry Peacham the writer, Thomas 
Adams, John Robardes, John Parratt, John Street. Proved 
13 March 1592-3. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Nevell, folio 15. 

Will of Giles Aells of parish of St. Andrewes Under- 
shaft, within the city of London, Merchant stranger, dated 
Sept. 5 1603, I James. To poor of Dutch church in said 
city and to the elders of said church. Poor of St. Andrews 
Undershaft. Cousin Trisca Parmatice of Sandwich. Poor 
of Dutch church in Sandwich. Friend Josias Bayarde. 
Servants to friend John Bayard thelder of Amsterdam, Mer- 
chant. Brother-in-law John Braunce. Cousin Daniell Van 
Hargo of Sandwich merchant. Wife Marye Aeles. Son 
Peter Aeles. To Daniell Braunce and friend Peter Bayard. 
Children of my said son Peter and Anne BoUy, my daugh- 


ter, wife of George Bolly. Executors the said John Bayard 
the elder, Daniell Van Hargoe, Daniell Braunce and John 

To Cousin Jockmy Lawkers of Sandwich Z^^. Witnesses 
William Jones Scr. , Margarete de ffreney. Proved i Dec. 
1603 by ffrancis Walleis Notary Public for Daniell Braunce 
one of the executors. Power being reserved to the other 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Bolein, folio 105. 

23 July 1604, Administration to Margaret relict of Thomas 
Bales late of the parish of St. Olaves, Southwark, Co., 
Surrey, dec'd &c. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book, 1604. 

Will of Joane Eyles, Felpham, Co. Sussex, dated 

Mr. Richardes, Margery Richardes, Mary Eyles, Joan Abias, 
Joan Abias' s daughter, Thomas (?) Abias. Richard 
Washer, executor. Witnesses Thomas Morrys, Thomas 
Leedes. Proved 3 January 1605-6. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Stafforde, 
folio 3. 

Will of William Childe of the parish of Northmymmes, 
Co. Hertford, yeoman, dated 15 Nov. 1606. My body to 
be buried in the parish Church of Northmymmes. Raphe 
Childe my son at 21. To my three daughters. Constant, 
Marye, and Elizabeth Childe at 18, Son-in-law John 
Bales. His three sisters Bliz, Suzan and Anne Bales. 
My two servants John Wetherall and Thos. Morse. Ben- 
nett Pilgram and my other boy Kytt. William Wayte of 
Easonden. The poor of Northmymmes. My three brothers 
Henry, Arnold and Thomas Childe. My sister Mary 
Weekes. Mr, Bowman preacher. Residuary legatee and 
executrix Wife Agnes. Overseers Sir Raphe Coningsbye, 
Knt. and Thomas Marche of Darkes in the parish of 
Southmymmes, Esq. Witnesses Thomas Morse, John 
Wetherheade and W. Wayte ser. 24 Jan'y. 1606-7 com- 


mission to Arnold Childe brother of deceased, Agnes 
Cliilde relict &c. renouncing. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Hudleston, 

folio 3. 

Will of John Eyle dated August 20 1607. Being to 
undertake a voyage into the straits &c. before my depart- 
ure from London. Brother Nathaniell Eyle ;^6o after the 
arrival of the Angell and Pearl in London, in which two 
shippes my adventure at going hath (devised (?)) viz: ^55 
on the Andrew, Mr. Andrew Shilling. /90 on the Pearle, 
Mr. Thomas Best. Sister Margaret Parr for her children. 
Sister Emma Truman. Cousin Richard Phipps. Ellinor 
Chester my fellow in house. All my sisters. Loving 
master Mr. Hugh Hamersley. Proved 2 November 1608. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Windebancke, 

folio 99. 

Will of William Eells, Aldenham, Co. Hertford, yeoman, 
dated Maye 25 161 5. To be buried in Aldenham church. 
Kinsman William Eells of Harrowe on the hill. Three 
daughters of my sister Agnes Paynter. Son-in-law John 
Nycoll and Susan his wife. Richard Nycoll, brother of 
John Nycoll. Son-in-law Thomas Briscoe and his wife. 
Daughter-in-law Jone Ewer. Daughter-in-law Elizabeth 
Fearne. Son-in-law John Briscoe of London, draper. John 
Eeles of Harrow on hill. Ann Woller. Elizabeth Wrench. 
John Eeles of Aldenham all goods in my house in Alden- 
ham repaying to Edward Morse, son of John Eeles sister, 
;^ioo. Margaret Taylor widow. Wife Frisidfide execu- 
trix. Overseers Richard Briscoe, gent., and Thomas Bris- 
coe. Proved ult. June 161 5. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Rudd, folio 60. 

Will of John Yeeles dated 3 October 1614. Eldest Son 

John Yeeles. Son William, my wife . Youngest son 

Henery. Daughter Margerie at marriage or 21. To Francis 
Turner my dau. on condition that my son-in-law Mihell 


Turner do deliver to my executrix to save her harmless 
from a bond which I stand bound with my son-in-law as 
concerning of one Turner. Son Gabriell and Henry at 21. 
Sister Cestion Winch. The poor of Wargrave. Wife resi- 
duary legatee and executrix. Overseers Wm. Thackam, 
Francis Wright, Francis Web and Raphe Willikes. Wit- 
nesses William Thackham, Francis Wright, Fra. Web, 
Raphe Wilkes. Proved 3 June 161 5 by Margerie relict. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Rudd, folio 63. 

Will of William Eyles of Sudburie in Co. Middlesex, yeo- 
man, dated 16 Sept., 13 James I. To be buried in Harrow 
churchyard. Son hyon Eyles. Daughter Ann Eyles. 
Elizabeth Bateman daughter of Richard Bateman ^10 to be 
paid into the hands of Mr. William Page of Sudburie, gent. 
for the use of the said Elizabeth. Ann Huswiche. Son 
Lyon Eyles and neighbor Redcliffe Page executors. Wit- 
ness Alexander Bradle)^, William Hurde. Proved 1 1 Oct. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Rudd, folio 91. 

Will of John Eeles of Sudbury, parish of Harrow upon 
the Hill, Co. Middlesex, yeoman, dated 15 August 1615. 
Servant Agnes Hussy als Reade. Residue to Brother 
William Eeles he to be executor. Witnesses William Dod- 
desley and William Page. 

Memorandum. There is ^10 due to me by bond from 
William Symonds. Sister Mary Eeles. Brother William 
Eeles his daughter Margaret. His daughter Agnes. Proved 
II Oct. 1615. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Rudd, folio 91. 

Nuncupative will of John Eles of Sottwell, Co. Berks, 
yeoman, dated i December 161 7. For goodwill I bear to 
Elizabeth Adams, single woman, all goods. Witnesses Mar- 
gerie Rowland, Alee Wattson, Elizabeth Middleton. 29 
December 161 7, Administration to Elizabeth Adams, leg- 
atee, unmarried. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Weldon, folio 1 10. 


Will of Edward Bales, Broadhempston, Co. Devon, yeo- 
man, dated 20 January 16 17. To be buried in church of 
Broadhempston. Poor of Broadhempston. Poor of Withe- 
combe. Poor of Torbryant. Wife Joane Bales. Son Bdward 
Bales 4 parcels of land in Broadhempston called Great Prest- 
lande and I,ittle Prestlande, Dabins parke and the Tongue, 
also another parcel purchased of Bdward Sumpter adjoin- 
ing my Curtilege of my tenement called the Pitt in Broad- 
hempston for life, pajang to my heirs 2d. yearly. My 
children's children a' noble each. Sister Jone Collamore. 
Rest to son Richard Bales executor. Overseers Isaac Gons- 
well, clerk, and Tobye Rennye of Staverton. Witnesses 
Isaac Gonswell, John Barter. Proved 5 Feb. 1 620-1. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Dale, folio 20. 

Will of Lyon Bales of goodship Wam. dated 

Sister Ann Smith dwelling in Moreclacke. Executor Alex- 
ander Tucker. Witnesses Ralph Harris, William Coop. 
Administration to sister Ann Smith, executor renouncing ' 
28 October 1625. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Clarke, folio 105. 

Will of Walter lies of Wilton Clendon, (Milton Clendon? 
[F. F. S.]), Diocese of Bath and Wells, dated 5 August 
1622. John Perry my sister's son. Alice Perry my sister's 
daughter. Fraunces lies my brother's daughter. Thomas 
lies my brother. Alice King my sister, David King her 
husband. Edward Kirton and William Bisse of Milton, 
To reparation of church of Milton. James Russe, son of 
Thomas Russe, and Richard Russe. Joane and Anne 
Russe. Thomas son of Thomas Russe aforesaid. John 
Jacobb son of William Jacobb. Maud Reeve. Executors 
friends Matthias Webb and Thomas Russe son of Thomas 
Russe. Overseers William Champion and William Jacobb. 
Witnesses William Jacobb senior, William Jacobb, Thomas 
Vickres and Garthrid Russe. Codicil. 12 August 1622. 
Legacies to Christian, John and Alice Perry to be laid out 
in lands by Peter Thacker vicar of Milton Cleevedon. John 


Gilford of Allington parish. lo Ditchett, yeoman and 
George Joyce of Kverchrich for use of said Christian and 
remainder to John and Alice son and daughter of my said 
sister and my overseers to be instead Peter Thacher and 
John Byfford. Witnesses Peter Thacher, Thomas lies, John 
Dake, Maude Reeves, Gartred Russe. Proved 25 November 
1622 by executors. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Savile, folio 100. 

Will of John lies, Southe Wraxall, Co. Wilts, clothier, 
dated 5 Sept. 1628. Sister Susan. Wife Agnes tenements 
late Millards etc. , and lease on tenements of John More 
and John Gibbons etc. To wife Agnes and son Thomas, 
executors. Brother-in-law John Edwards and neighbor 
Henry Malpas overseers. Witnesses Ric Waker, cl. , John 
Waker, cl. Proved to Feb. 1628-9. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Ridley, folio 14. 

Will of Robert Eyles, Flaunsham, parish of Felpham, 
Sussex, the elder, yeoman, dated 24 February 1630. 
Daughter Alice wife of Anthony Nash the younger. 
Grandchild Mary Nash, daughter of daughter Alice at 18. 
Child of son-in-law John Watersfeild by my daughter Mary 
at 18. Daughter Mary Watersfeild. Kinswoman Joan 
lycech. Mary Turgis, wife of Thomas Turgis of Yapton. 
Kinsman Henry Eyles. Neighbor Beniamin Dowsett of 

Felpham. Kinsman William Eyles of Bognor 

Symonds, spinster, daughter of wife of John Whills of 
Aldwicke. Joane Walter widow. Her sons, John and 
William. William Walls of Flaunsham. William Wyatt 
of Felpham and his four children. Kinsman Robert Eyles 
dwelling in Weeke Rowe my godson. Daughter-in-law 
Alice Eyles, relict of son John Eyles deceased. Robert 
Watersfeild, son of John and Mary Watersfeild aforesaid. 
Servant John Eilliot. Rest to daughter Mary Watersfeild, 
executrix, if her husband John Watersfeild give bond in 
^300. Friends Edward Stoker of Yapton and Richard 
Williams of City of Chichester. Mary Eyles of Aldwicke 


widow. Witnesses Richard Williams, Edward Stoker, 
Benjamin Dorsett, John LilHot, John Wyatt. Proved 19 

Sept. 1632. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Audley, folio 95. 

Will of Sarah lies, I^ondon, widow, dated Son 

Richard Hancockes. Daughter Rachell, wife of Thomas 
Phillips. Executor to restore to Mr. John lies picture of 
my late husband, Mr. Thomas lies. Mary Allen. >Eliz. 
Browne. If life spared till next quarter day money then 
due to son Richard Hancockes and son-in-law Thomas 
Phillips. Son-in-law Thomas Phillips and his wife my 
daughter. Because son-in-law Richard Hancockes lives 
most remote from London and son-in-law Thomas Phillips 
is resident in London, Thomas Phillips, executor. Wit- 
nesses Any Rowe, Thos. Reade, John Peck. Proved 4 

January 1635-6. _ . ,• a 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Pile, folio 6. 

Will of Ehnor Eale of Clesbury Mortimer, Co. Salopp, 
Diocese of Hereford, widow, dated 4 July 1636. Walter 
Weaver. Elizabeth wife of said Walter. Richard ffarmer 
the younger. William ffarmer. Elizabeth wife of Hum- 
f rey Newall the younger. Margaret ffarmer. John ffarmer. 
Johane ffarmer my sister. Brother Richard York. Mar- 
garet Wynwood my sister. Sister-in-law Margarett Yorke. 
Richard Yorke the younger my godson. Residuary legatee 
and executor Richard ffarmer the elder. Witnesses William 
Unckle, Jasper Dudlick. Proved 25 October 1637 by execu- 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Goare, folio 137. 

15 April 1639 administration of John Yeeles, Pilton als 
Pulton, Co. Somerset, bachelor, to sister Joan Witherell, 
wife of Christopher Witherell of Glaston, Co. Somerset, 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book, 1639- 
1640, folio 30. 


Will of John Eyles of the Benith in the parish of Hamble- 
don, Co. South' ton, yeoman, dated 23 January 1638. To 
be buried in the church or churchyard of Hambledon. 
Wife Alice. Daughter Anne, wife of Richard Goldsmith. 
Mary Goldsmith. Her brother Richard Goldsmith. Thomas 
Goldsmith. Henry Goldsmith. John Goldsmith. Daugh- 
ter Margery wife of William ffisher. Joane fl&sher. Her 
brother William ffisher. John ffisher. Godson John Eyles. 
His brother Robert Eyles ;^2oo and close of land I bought 
of John Manfeild. His sister Anne Eyles. Her sister 
Elizabeth Eyles. Servant Ellen Bulbeck. Residue in 
trust for son Robert Eyles children. fFriends John ffisher 
of Holte and William ffisher of ffrancklyn and Richard 
Goldsmith of Palsgrove and William Tribe of Hambledon, 
executors. Witnesses William Tribe, Thomas Seaward. 

Codicil. May 17 1639. Richard Goldsmith to have full 
power as executor in trust as my other executors. Same 
witnesses. Proved 4 Oct. 1639 by four executors. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Harvey, 
folio 161. 

Will of Wm. Hunt of St. Peters near Pauls Wharf, 
London, Beerbrewer. "To Wm. Eles ^4 as soon as he 
shall have faithfully served out the time of his apprentice- 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Evelyn, 
folio 116. 

17 April 1645 administration of John Eles als Hilder, 
Ewell, Co. Surrey, to sister Joane Rylye, wife of Thomas 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book 1644- 
1645, folio 41. 

Will of George Eales of Brownsover in Co. Warwick, 
yeoman, dated i June 1643. To be buried in church of 
Brownsover. Son John Eales. Sons William Eales and 
Nicholas Eales. Two daughters of my son Thomas. 


Edward Bales, The daughter of John Bales. Thomas 
Bassett the son of Richard Bassett when i8. Poor of Cran- 
borough and the ringers John Clarke and Edmund Bales 
to distribute it. To poor of Rugbie. Residuary legatee 
and executor son George Bales. Witnesses Thomas Petti- 
pher. Thomas Swift. Hervey Grubb. Proved 20 Febru- 
ary 1645 by executor. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Twisse, folio 12. 

13 August 1647. Administration of the estate of William 
Byles of (Eanning?), Co. Berks, granted to widow Joane 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book for 
1647, folio 123. 

2 December 1647. (Will of) John Bales als Hilder of 
Ashlee Co. Surry, Builder. Sententia between Joane Rily 
als Bales the sister of deceased and brother William Bales 
als Hilder executor of nuncupative will of said deceased, in 
favor of will etc. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Fines, folio 258. 

Nuncupative Will. Memorandum that Warren Bales 
late of ffinchley in Co. Middlesex deceased who dyed two 
years since and somewhat more at the house of Henry 
Coreley tanner of ffinchley being asked &c. , did by word 
of mouth declare his last will nuncupative &c. , a little land 
which my sister shall have and Sir Richard Strowde oweth 
me ^10 and that I give to Mr. Arundell my master. 
Witness Henry Corley. Richard Sutton. 12 May 1648. 
commission to Thomas Arundell to administer etc. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Essex, folio 75. 

Will of William Bales of Hatford, Co. Berks, Clerke, 
dated 15 Feb. 1648. To eldest son Alban Bales houses in 
ffrier lane and house in Wanting called White Hart. Son 
Nicholas. Third son George. Daughter Marie wife of 
Blazius Adams. Three children of daughter Elizabeth 
Masemore deceased twenty pounds on their father's acquit- 


tance. My youngest daughter Jane I^ane. Brother Edward 
Bales. Servant Lucy Thatcher. Kinsman & Godson Wil- 
liam Hammond when freeman of London. Friend William 
Rivers and Edith his wife. Residuary legatee and executor 
son Alban. Overseers friends Mr. Phillipp Yate of ffaring- 
don, Mr. Thomas Bassett of Great Harborough, Co. War- 
•wicke, Mr. Archer of Sommerton, Co. Oxon, Mr. John 
Hinckley of Coleshall & William Masemore the elder of 
Wanting, Co. Berks. Witnesses Edward Eales Sein. 
Edward Eales Jun. Lucie Thatcher. Proved 29 May 
1649 by executor. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Fairfax, folio 72. 

Will of John Ells junior of Henley upon Thames, Co. 
Oxon, malster, dated 12 Sept. 1649. Have purchased one 
messuage wherein I now live from William Benwell of 
Covells of parish of Poppard, Co. Oxon, yeoman. I 
bequeath to Joane my wife for life said messuage, at her 
decease to John Ells my son. John Ells my son at 21. 
Joane Ells my daughter at 21. Daughter Sarah Ells at 21. 
Residuary legatee and executrix Joane Ells my said wife. 
Overseers my father John Ells and my father-in-law 
(Thomas?) Dormer. Witnesses Lawrence Carver, the mark 
of William Jeflfes, Jno. Syler. Proved 28 June 1650 by 
Joane Ells relict and executrix named. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Pembroke, 
folio 91. 

Will of Thomas Ealles of Wroxall, Co. Warwick, yeoman, 
dated 17 December 1649. SonSamuell. His son Samuell. 
Son Richard. Daughter Ann. Daughter Sarah. Daugh- 
ter Mary. Couzen Mary Eales. Sister Smart. Residuary 
legatee & executor son John. Overseers brother Thomas 
ffulford and Joseph Bennett. Witnesses the overseers & 
Richard Ludford. Proved 9 Nov. 1650 b}^ executor. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Pembroke, 
folio 175. 


Will of John Else, town of Northampton, yeoman, dated 
1 2 April 1 65 1 . To poor of St. Sepulchres. Brother William 
Else and his children. Ann daughter of my sister Plow- 
right. Ividia Carswell my maidservant. Servant heretofore 
Elles Nicholls and Sarah Lune. William Else all lands etc, 
in Broughton, county North Hants or elsewhere. Exec- 
utors to be guardians of son during minority. If son die 
all to three nieces, Ann Plowright, Hanna Else and Anne 
Farrow. Executors, friends and neighbors, Mr. Henry 
Sprigg and Mr. Edward Collis. Overseers Mr. Thomas 
Barton, Mr. Hugh Lovell, Mr. John White and Mr. John 
Giles. Witnesses Chr. Younge, Richard Younge, Hen. 
Lovell, Not. Publique. Proved 12 May 1651. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Grey, folio 84. 

Will of John Eales, citizen and grocer of lyondon, dated 
7 November 1646. Sister Mary Eales. Cousin Elizabeth 
Garrit, youngest daughter of my brother Amos Garrit 
deceased, when 21. Cousin John Garrit, Seth Garrit, James 
Garrit, Sara and Martha Garrit and their brother Amos 
Garrit the other children of my brother Amos Garrit when 
21. Sister Anne Flawse wife of my brother-in-law James 
Flawse. William, James, John, Richard and Jervis Flawse 
their children when 21. William, Elizabeth, Sara, Thomas, 
Samuell and Kate Brown children of my friend Thomas 
Brown of lyondon grocer and to their father and mother. 
To their servant Alice Twitchell. To cousin Mary Good 
wife of John Good of Dunchurch, Co. Warwick. Aunt 
Fraunces Croley. Cousin Elizabeth, Martha, Sara, Edward 
and Jno. Collie children of my cousin Edward Collie of 
Northampton. My sister Adams two children John and 
Elizabeth. To children of my uncle William Greene, 
Robert, William, John, Anne and Ellen Greene. To poor 
of Hillmorton where I was born. Residuary Legatees my 
father William Eales and Katherine his wife my mother. 
Executors Richard Critchlow of L,ondon cloathworker and 
Edward Collie of Northampton mercer. Overseers friends 


John Harsenept and Thomas Brodrick. Witnesses Ed. 
Collie, William Rogers, Tobie Coliwell Towne Gierke of 
Northampton. Proved 15 December 1651 by executors. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Grey, folio 238. 

10 June 1652, Administration of the goods of Joane Brad- 
ley als Gardner, als Towne, als Eagles (Eayles?) of I^udlow, 
Co. Salop, to natural brother Edward Bradley. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book 1652, 

folio 105. 

Will of Edward Eales of Bagston, parish of Brodhemp- 
ston, Co. Devon, gent., dated 15 April 1652. Wife Avise, 
two orchards at Weston in said parish which I hold of Mr. 
Christopher Woolston. Rights in several messuages in 
Brodhempston. Tenement in occupation of one Allyn. 
Robert Waringe thelder of Modbury, gent. Mr. William 
ffesse Vicar of Brodhempstone. Mr. William Searle thelder 
of Dartington and John Blackaller of Brodhempston, yeo- 
man, trustees for wife and children. Eldest son Richard. 
Executors the said Robert Waringe, William ffesse, William 
Searle and John Blackaller. Witnesses William Rowe, 
John Coyte. Proved 24 May 1653 by executors. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Brent, folio 196. 

Nuncupative Will of Nathaniell Eles late of Harden, Co. 
Hertford, husbandman deceased, dated 26 July 1653. 
Children of Mr. William Eles. John Eles son of said 
William. Children of Mr. Nathaniell Eles. Richard White 
living with Mr. Nathaniell Eles and to the two sisters of 
said Richard, rents of his house and lands till his brother 
John's son shall come of age. To poor of Harnden and 
Esenden. To Mrs. Wilton and Mary Smith and others. 
His brother's daughter and son. His sister-in-law. Exec- 
utor Master William Eles. Witnesses Mr, William Eles, 
Mr. Nathaniell Eles, goodwife Reynolds, goodwife Lewis 
and others. Proved 18 ffebry. 1653 by executor. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Alchin, 
folio 179. 


Will of John Eles of Harpendon, Co. Hertford, dated i 
Nov. 1649. Son William Eles and his three sons John, 
William and Nathaniell. My son William's wife. My 
brother Child. My daughter ffoster and my son ffoster. 
My son Nathaniell, his daughter Jane and his sons 
Nathaniell and John. Wife of my brother Child. My sis- 
ter Porsey. Poor of Heardon. Executor Son Nathaniell. 
To be buried at Hearpendine or at fflanistead near his wife 
deceased. Proved 7 Feb. 1654 by executor. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Alchin, 
folio 213. 

Nimcupative Will of William Eyles late of Braunston, 
Co. Northampton deceased, who in September 1653 being 
asked etc., said all my goods &c. I give to m}^ brother 
Eyles except one sheep which I give to my sister Elizabeth 
and made the said Edward Eyles his executor. Witnesses 
John Harwood and Thomas Eyles. Proved 8 June 1654 
by executor. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Alchin, 
folio 241. 

Will of Thomas Eales citizen and cooper, dated 10 April 
1654. My goods I leave according to the custom of the 
city. To wife Joane Eales lease of house I now dwell in, 
for life and after her decease to my son William. If said 
William happen to die then to his brother Robert Eales and 
his sister Katherine Eales. Executrix Wife Joane. 

Sealed 13 Day of April. Witnesses Andrew Langley and 
John Walker. Proved 18 April 1654 by executor. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Alchin, 
folio 473. 

10 Nov. 1654 Administration of goods of William Eales 
late of St. Giles Cripplegate to widow Mary Eales. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book for 
1654, folio 133. 


Will of George Eales dated 27 July 1654. Friend John 
Deuerell ;i^2o to be paid in Surratt. Thomas Atkins and 
Thomas Carten. Thomas South. John Townsend. Wages 
due from Hon. East India Company to father Edward 
Eales living at Samford, Co. Berks and he to be executor. 
Witness John Newton, Roger Ballard. Proved last day of 
August 1655 by executor. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Aylett, folio 83. 

7 Feb'y 1655-6 administration of goods of John Eales of 
Mortimers Cross, Co. Hereford, to widow Elizabeth Eales. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book for 
1656, folio 23. 

Will of George Eales of Brownsover, Co. Warwick, yeo- 
man, dated i December 1655. To be buried in church of 
Brownsover. Brother Edward Eales. Kinsman William 
Eales eldest son of brother John. Kinsman Edward Eales 
son of William Eales. Legacies to Kinsman Thomas Eales 
son of said William. Mary Eales daughter of said William. 
Zacharie Eales daughter of William Eales. Sarah Eales 
his daughter. Anne Eales her eldest sister. George Eales 
son of brother John. My brother Nicholas Eales. George 
Eales son of said George Eales Cooke. Ann Hammond 
daughter of my brother John, William Hammond youngest 
son of said Ann. George son of brother William Eales. 
Anne Scale daughter of brother Thomas Eales. Elizabeth 
Berry daughter of brother Thomas Eales. Alban Eales 
eldest son of brother William. Nicholas son of brother 
William Eales. Mary Adames daughter of brother Wil- 
liam. Kinswoman Isabell Hinckle5^ Kinswoman Eliza- 
beth Pettiferr daughter of Thomas Pettiferr. Kinsman 
William Bassett son of my kinsman Richard Bassett legacy 
given him by my father. Mary Bassett daughter of Thomas 
Bassett. The five children of kinsman Edward Bassett. 
Kinswoman Sara Pownie, Kinsman Thomas Bassett son 
of kinsman Thomas Bassett. Kinswoman Elizabeth Bas- 
sett daughter of kinsman Thomas. Kinswoman Elizabeth 


Bassett daughter of kinsman Richard Bassett. Three chil- 
dren of Mr. Tillgharan of Rugbie. Children of my kinsman 
George Bales son of brother John. George Bales his chil- 
dren son of William Bales. Richard Deacon of Rugbie. 
Kinswoman Blizabeth Smith daughter of kinsman Robert 
Hinckle3\ Residuary legatee and executor kinsman 
Thomas Pettiferr. Witnesses William Bassett, George 
Butler, Blizabeth Rugbie, Edward Bassett. Proved ii 
Feb. 1655 by executor. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Berkley, folio 63. 

5 March 1656-7 Administration of Goods of John Byles 
late of Barrowe, Co. Salop, to Widow Dorothy Byles. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book for 
1657, folio 60. 

Will of Robert Bales, of North Bovey, Co. Devon, Tan- 
ner, dated 23 Jan. 1656. Son Jacob Bales lands in Middle 
Lukerdom in parish of Northbovey, in default of heirs to 
son Robert Bales or to his sister Ruth or sister Joane or 
her next sister Phillippa. Daughter Ruth. Daughter 
Joane. Daughter Phillippa. Daughter Mary. Daughter 
Hannah. Grandchild Steven Berry. Kinsman Jenner 
Bales. Residuary legatee and executor eldest son Jacob, 
Overseers son-in-law John Berry of Beisleigh and cousin 
John Bales. Witnesses John Benncraft, Thomas Cook. 
Proved 10 Dec. 1657 by executor. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Ruthen, 
folio 523. 

Will of Thomas Bales of Staverton, Co. Devon, yeoman, 
dated last day of July 1658. Wife Winefred messuage I 
now dwell in and messuage at Sparkewill and other tene- 
ments in said parish for life, after her decease to son John 
and daughter Anne the wife of George Martin of Darting- 
ton, Co. Devon, yeoman. Thomas Bales and John Bales 
the younger son of John Bales my son. Their sisters 
Margery, Ann and Mary Bales. Winefred my daughter 


and her two children. Mary Martin daughter of said 
George Martin. Her brother George and sisters Anne, 
Margery and Elizabeth Martin. Residuary legatee and 
executor wife Winefred. Overseers friends Symon Worth 
Esq. and Hugh Horsham, yeoman. Witness John Rowe, 
Agnes Snell. Proved 25 Sept. 1658 by executrix. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Wootton, 
folio 469, 

Will of Levy Ellis als Witnall (N.B. Eles in margin) 
dated 8 August 1654. Son John bigger house at the Lower 
Marsh where one Hether dwelleth and the lesser house after 
my wife's death. Daughter Margery. Grandchild Ann 
Weson when 21, or day of marriage. Executrix wife Mar- 
garet. Witnesses William Paultuck, Samuell Scudamore. 
Proved London 19 Oct. 1658 by executrix. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Wootton, 
folio 549. 

Will of John Eales of Bilton, Co. Warwick, yeoman, 
dated 22 Feb. 1646. Son George. Daughter Ann Hamon. 
Wife Zacharie for life then to son William and his children. 
Wife Zachary to be executrix. Witnesses John Ennews, 
Thomas Pettifer, Edw: Bassett. 

28 Jan. 1658 administration granted to William Eales 
as relict died before execution. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Wootton, 
folio 679. Also Will filed P.C.C. Jan. 1658-9. 

Will of Mary Eales als Braunce of Braunton, dated 31 
March 1657. Brother Phillip Whitfield. Cousin Honor 
Griffin and Johane Griffin. Executrix Cousin Mary Griffin. 
Witnesses Arthur Dyer, William Winge, Phillip Griffin. 
Proved 2 Dec. 1658 by executrix. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Wootton, 
folio 713. 

Will of William Eales of Weston, parish of Bulkington, 
Co. Warwick, yeoman, dated 6 Dec. 1658, being aged and 


weak. To be buried in churchyard of Bulkington, Aunt 
Dorothie More of Chilverstou, widow. Godson Edward 
Cudd of Filloughby. Wife of John Richardson my child's 
nurse. Former wife's son John Tobie to have diet out of 
lands in Weston. Wife Katherine Bales. Son Samuell 
when 21. House and lands &c. in Weston. Executrix 
wife Katherine. Overseers Richard Jennard, Jun. of Chil- 
verstou and Thomas Richardson of Weston, tailor. Wit- 
nesses Richard Jennard, Thos. Richardson, John Bartows. 
Proved by widow Katherine Bales 19 Feb. 1658-9. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Pell, folio 53. 

9 Aug. 1660. Administration of goods of Peter Eyles 
of Odean, Co. Herts, granted to widow Susan Eyles. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Admon. Act Book for 
1660, folio 123. 

Will of Thomas Bales als Witnall of Chippinge Wick- 
ham, Co. Bucks, husbandman, dated 28 October 1660. 
Wife Elizabeth Bales. Mother Elizabeth Bales. Eldest 
daughter Elizabeth when 21. Second Daughter Joane 
Bales when 2 1 . Youngest daughter Mary when 2 1 . Exec- 
utors Mathew Archdale & John Stevens. Witnesses Ellen 
Cocke als Fange & Ellen Harding. Signed Thomas Bles. 
Proved Nov. 1660. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Nabbs, folio 209. 

Will of Joane Bales. Brother James Humpheries. 
Cousin Robert Richen. Cousin Susan Farlow, Ann 
Smithens. Sister Elizabeth Humphries. Sister Katherine 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register May, folio 138. 

Will of John Beles, Henley upon Thames, Co. Oxon, 
gent., dated, i June 1663. Son Henry Beles and his wife 
Mary. My wife Sarah Beles. Son Richard Eeles of Bon- 
don, barber surgeon. Daughter Sarah Toovey. Daughter 
Mary Higgins wife of Steven Higgins. Elizabeth Wool- 
sey wife of Richard Woolsey. Daughter Sisley Harmer 


wife of Edmund Harmer. Three children of son John 
Eeles deceased, John Eeles, Joan Eeles and Sarah Eeles. 
Sister Mary Randall. Rest to son Richard Eeles and son- 
in-law William Toovey executors. Overseers Mr. John 
Phelps, Mr. John Tyler and Mr. Richard Boult. Proved 
8 August 1664. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Bruce, folio 91. 

Will of John Eeles the elder of Doreton, Bucks, gent., 
dated 25 January 1 670-1. Grandson John Eeles eldest 
son of son Robert Eeles. Wife Elizabeth Eeles. Grand- 
daughter Sarah Eeles daughter of Robert Eeles. Grand- 
son Robert' Eeles. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Duke, folio 76. 

Will of Richard Eeles citizen and barber surgeon of St. 
Bartholomew's Exchange, dated . Wife Anne. 

Son Joseph Eeles. Son Richard Eeles. Son John Eeles. 
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Duke, folio 103. 

Will of Raphe Eles, lyittle St. Bartholomew, near West 
Smythefeilde, Eondon, yeoman, dated 28 December 1622. 
To be buried in Little St. Bartholomew aforesaid. Son 
Edward Eles 40s. in seven years, if living, friend Mr. Moore 
Sondon to have the keeping of it. Rest to wife Mary 
Eles executrix. Witnesses Moore Sondon, Jonas Wood, 
Thomas Alvord, Henrj' Somerscales, apprentice to Hugh 
Treswell, scrivenor. Proved 4 January 1622. 

Archdeaconry Court of London, filed wills. 

10 November 1625. Administration of Thomas Eales, 
St. Margarets, New Fish Street, London, to brother and 
chief creditor Nicholas Eales, widow Mildred renouncing. 
Consistory Court of London, Vicar General Book 13 
(1623-1625), folio 163. 

18 February 1663-4. Administration of William Eales, 
St. Stephens, Coleman Street, to widow Hanna Eales. 
Commissary Court of London, Act Book 20 (i 647-1 665), 

folio 104. 



Will of Edward Bales, Buckleburye, Berks, husbandman, 
dated 21 Februar)' 159 1-2. To be buried in Buckleburye 
churchyard. To mother church of Sarum. Son Richard. 
Son Jeffery. Daughter Joane. Wife Jane and son John 
executors. Overseers Richard Browne of Nutchetche 
Streate and brother William Bales. Witnesses William 
Parker, senior, and Richard Forster. Proved at New- 
berry, 12 October 1592. 

Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, Register I (1591-1596), 

folio 47. 

Will of Henrie Bales, Gressene, parish Sulhamstead 
Abbotts, dated last day of January 1609-10 (?). To be 
buried in church of Sulhamstead Abbotts. To church of 
Sarum. To Margerie and Katherine my son Raphe's 
daughters when married. Brother Thomas Bales. My 
goddaughter Dorothea Bales. Godson Henrie Bales. Son 
Ralph Bales executor. Overseers Thomas Bridgewater 
and Henrie (Sulfield?). Witnesses John Wilkins, Anne 
Bales. Proved 21 April 16 10. 

Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, Register B (1609-16 19,) 

folio 43. 

Will of Joane Bles, Ufl&ngton, Berks, widow, dated 7 
Jan, 1 61 6-1 61 7. To be buried in Ufl&ngton churchyard. 
To mother church of Sarum. To church of Ufl&ngton. 
Son Richard Bles. Son Thomas Bles. Daughter Anne 
Bles in two years or at marriage. Son George Bles execu- 
tor. Overseers Thomas (Pou?) and Thomas Chamberlain. 
Witnesses Thomas (Pou ?), Thomas Chamberlain and Wil- 
liam Repington. Proved 22 January 1617-1618. 
Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, Register B (1609-1619), 

folio 768. 

John lies, illegible, will filed. 
Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, Register B (1609-16 19), 

folio 871. 


Will of George Bales, Braye, county Berks, fuller, dated 
20 November 1625. Son John Eeles and Jacamye his wife 
and heirs of said John Bales ; for want of such to my son 
George Bels and Joane his now wife &c., then to my 
daughter Judith Bels, &c. Son George Beles executor. 
Witnesses Richard Barfoote the elder. Tho. Goud. 
Proved at Readinge 7 April 1624. 

Inventory George Beles of Bray, Co. Berks, clothworker. 
15 December 1623 by Faithful Prince and Tho. Goud. 
15-4-6- Bx. 7 April to ex. 

Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, filed will. 

Will of Thomas Bles, Uplambourne, county Berks, hus- 
bandman, dated 28 June 1638. To be buried in parish 
church of Chippen of I^ambourne. To poor of Chippen 
Lambourne. To poor of Ufl&ngton, Co. Berks. To church 
of Ufiington. Sister-in-law Mary Bles. My three cousins 
Jone Bles, Mary Bles and Frances Bles. To church of 
Bambourne. Cousin Blizabeth Pinnell, daughter of sister 
Anne Pinnell. Friend William Repington. Sister Anne 
Pinnell, executrix. Witnesses William Repington, Ralph 
Demmar. Proved at Newbery 5 October 1638. 

Inventory 7 September 1638 by Richarde Pinnell and 
William Repington ^211-12-1. 5 October 1638. 

Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, filed will. 

Will of Mary Bales, UflSngton, Berks, widow, dated 14 
August 1 65 1. To be buried in Ufiington churchyard near 
late husband. Daughter Johane wife of Richard Saunders. 
Grandson Richard Saunders. Grandchild Mary Saunders 
(my god-daughter) at 16. Daughter Frances Bales till she 
marry. To said daughter Frances £6 yearly for term of 
my interest in two yardlands in Uffington, provided her 
husband willing to convey said £6 &c. Kinswoman, Mrs. 
Blizabeth Brooke, wife of Mr. Robert Brooke. Daughter 
Mary, now wife of Giles Stampe. Son-in-law Giles Stampe, 
executor. Overseers, kinsman, Mr. Robert Brooke and 
brother-in-law, Richard Stampe. Witnesses Thomas Stret- 


ton, Robert Brooke, I. Ridley. Gyles Stampe, executor, 
sworne 12 December 1651. Proved 12 December 1651. 

Inventory 4 September 1651 by Richard Thatcher, Fran- 
cis Thatcher and John Johnson ;^7 6-2-9. Execut. 12 
December 1651. 

Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, filed will. 

Will of Joane Eeles, Wargrave, Co. Berks, widow, dated 
22 August 1650 (1659?). My son William Eeles. My 
grandchild William Eeles and Susan Eeles. Son Robert 
Eeles my close of An Wargrove called Northcroft ( 1 2 acres) 
&c. Grandchild Mary Hobbs, executrix. Overseers, son 
Robert Eels and Henry Borhall, of Wargrave, scrivnor. 
Witnesses Ralph Swane, Thomas Hatbird. Executrix but 
12 years old, admon. cum test, annexed to Thomas Hobbs. 
Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, filed will, 1662. 

Will of John Eels, Bray, Co. Berks, husbandman, dated 
8 February 1659. Daughter Mary, wife of Edward Plum- 
ridge house &c. I dwell in for life, then to Edward Plum- 
ridge 3^e younger, my grandchild. To Mary Plumridge my 
grandchild at 18. Servant Ann Eel. Kinsman Thomas 
Turner. Kinsman Thomas Eels. Joan Honton. Overseers 
William Lemdon and Humphrey Graston. Son-in-law 
Edward Plumridge, executor. Witnesses William Lemdon, 
John lyovell, Jr. Proved 3 February 1664-5. 

Inventory 19 January 1665, ;^59-i6-8. Administration 
to Mary Plumridge, widow, daughter of deceased, the exec- 
utor being dead. 

Archdeaconry Court of Berkshire, filed will, 1664. 

William Eles, Ufton Robbets, Co. Berks, dated 20 May 
1662. Nephew George Eles son to my brother George 
Eles. Wife Ann Eles, executrix. Witnesses Edmund 
Wheeler, Ann Wheeler. Codicil. Nephew Hugh Eles. 
Wife's niece Joan Wheeler. Witnesses Thomas Barker, 
Martha Smith. Proved 12 April 1665. 

Inventory 30 Ma}- 1662 bj^ Ralph Harmswood and 
William Songer, ^26-6-4. 

Archdeaconrj^ Court of Berkshire, filed will. 



Will of John Bales of Quainton in the county of Buck., 
dated , husbandman, sick in body but of good and per- 
fect memory. To be buried in the church or church yard 
of Quainton. My son John my house and land lying and 
being in Quainton and Quainton feilds when 21, condition- 
ally that he shall pay unto my daughter Annis twenty 
pounds when he my son John shall come to the age of 2 1 , 
and also that he shall pay unto my son Thomas five pounds 
when Thomas shall come to the age of 21, and if my son 
John shall refuse to pay this twenty pounds to his sister 
Annis then my will is that she shall have nine acres of my 
arable land etc. My son Henry when 21. My wife Jone 
during her natural life or widowhood. Raphe Hakins and 
Francis Foster overseers. 

Witnesses Daniel Playsted, Raphe Hawkins, Francis 
Foster. Proved 2 October 1630. 

Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, filed wills for 
1630, number 97. 

Will of Thomas Yeales of Quaineton, Co. Bucks, hus- 
bandman, dated 20 September 1637. Sister Joane Clarke. 
My brother Henry Yeales and his heirs all that my part 
of the cloase which I bought of my brother John Yeales 
lying in Wadesden parish called by the name of Bushie 
leas coppice, als Bushie leas penn. My brother Edward 
Yeales. Residuary legatee and executor, my brother Henry 
Yeales. Witnesses Dominick Haysteede, Francis Foster. 
Proved i June 1639 by Henrie Yeales brother and executor 

Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Register for 1639, 

folio 33. 

Will of Margery Eeles of Dorton, Co. Bucks, widow, 
dated 14 February 1638. Wilham Archer son of my 
daughter Elizabeth Eeles. Margerye Archer. My daughter 
Mary White and every one of her children. My daughter 


Elizabeth Moores and every one of her children. My 
daughter Joane Allen and every one of her children. My 
daughter Anne Hobbs and every one of her children. 
Thomas Eeles the son of Robert Eeles. Frances Eeles 
daughter of my son Robert Eeles. Annis Eeles my son 
Robert's widow. William Eeles son of my son John Eeles. 
John Eeles one other son of my son John Eeles. My 
daughter Anne Eeles now wife of my son John Eeles. 
John Grace which was my daughter Capern's son. To my 
old servant Maule. Residuary legatee (my late husband's 
will fulfilled) and executor, my son John Eeles. Over- 
seers Thomas Stevens and John Stevens. Witnesses 
Thomas Stevens his mark, John Stevens. Proved 5 Febru- 
ary 1640 by son John executor. 

Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Register for 1640, 

folio 167. 

See Will of Thomas Hunt of Hitchendon, Bucks, dated 
. Gabriel Eles an overseer. 

Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Register for 1641, 

folio 40. 

See Will of Elizabeth Eovell of Easington in the parish 
of Chilton, Bucks, widow, dated 24 June 1641. To John 
Eeles, Thomas Eeles, Henry Eeles and Agnes Eales. 
Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Register for 1641, 

folio 54. 

Will of Thomas Wytnell als Eles of borough of Chip- 
ing Wicombe, Co. Bucks, Inholder, dated 23 December 
1643. Thomas Wytnell als Eles lease of "Red Lyon" 
&c., wife Anne to have use till he is 22. Son Wytnell als 
Eles. Three daughters Ann, Elizabeth and Sara Witnell 
als Eles. Rest to wife Ann Wytnell als Eles, executrix. 
Overseers Mr. John Gibbons, Mr. Robert Whitton, Richard 
lyucas, and William Davenport. Witnesses Robert Whitton 
and William Davenport. Proved 12 January 1643-4. 
Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, 1643, folio 44. 


Admon. to ? Tho. Lane gent, of Hugenden to administer 
the goods of Elizabeth Eales Willi Kales als Witt- 
nail, f'ris doe Eliz. def. during minority. 
Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Admon. Act 
Book 2, 1667, 

Admon. to. .. .Lane of Hugenden gent, tutor of Wm.. 
Eales son of Thomas Eales to administer goods now admin- 
istered by Math (?) Archdale & Jo : . . . .during minority, 
14 April 1673. 


Will of Peter Eales of Manaton, dated 4 June, 8 Charles I. 
Wife Anstice. Son Phillip's children. Daughter Johan. 
Son John Eales. John Nosworthie. Agnis Comminge. 
Proved 9 July 1634. 

Inventory £16-8-0. 

Principal Registry of Bishop of Exeter, filed will. 

In the Archdeaconry Court of Barnstaple. 

Will of John Eales of Pilton. Dated 5 Sept., 14 Charles 
II. John Eales of Pilton in the county of Devon, Joyner, 
being sicke and weake in body but of good and perfect 
memory, thanks be to Almighty God and calling to remem- 
brance the uncertaine estate of this transitory life and that 
all must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, 
I make constitute, ordaine and declare this my last will and 
testament revoking and annulling bj^ these presents all and 
every testament and testaments will and wills heretofore by 
me made and declared either by word or writing and this 
is to be taken only for my last will and testament and none 
other. And first being penitent and sorry from the bottom 
of my heart for my sinnes past most humbly desiring for- 
giveness for the same I give and commit my soule unto 
almighty God my saviour and Redeemer in whom by the 
merritts of Jesus Christ I trust and believe assuredly to be 
saved and to have full remission and forgiveness of all my 
sins. And that my soule with my bod}^ at the general day 


of resurrection shall arise again with joy and through the 
merits of Christ's death and passion possess and inherit the 
kingdome of heaven prepared for his elect and chosen. And 
my body to be buried in such place where it shall please my 
executrix hereafter named to appoint. And for the settling 
of my temporal estate and such goods chattells and debts as 
it hath pleased God far above my deserte to bestow on me 
I do order give and dispose of the same in manner and form 
following that is to say — 

First I will that all those debts or duties as I owe in right 
or conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever 
shall be well and truely contented and paid within con- 
venient time after my decease by my executrix, hereinafter 
named. Itm I give and bequeath unto my son John and 
to my son Samuel i2d a peece. Itm I give and bequeath 
unto my daughter Mar)^ wife of James Fox i2d. Itm I 
give and bequeath unto my daughter Klizabeth wife of 
Henry Horwood i2d to be paid by my executrix within 
twelve months and a day after my decease. Item I do will 
give and bequeath unto my now wife Mary immediately 
after my decease all and singular my goods chattels and 
debts whatsoever to have and enjoy the same during her 
natural life without any contradiction to her only use and 
behoofe and I do make her my executrix of this my last will 
and testament. Item I will that my said wife shall either 
by her will or deede or otherwise as shee shall think fitt 
after my decease dispose give and bequeath unto my said 
sons and daughters all such my goods and chattells as she 
shall be possessed of to be enjoyed by them after her decease 
in such manner and form as she shall appoint and she shall 
not be unduly troubled by any of my said sons and daugh- 
ters during her natural life for anything concerning my said 
estate besides their said legacies of lad a peece. 

In witnes wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seale 

the day and year first above written A.D. 1662. 

John Bales 

his mark. 


Written on parchment. The document is very mouldy 
and decayed and several (unimportant) words are illegible. 

Proved 1663 ^P (date of proof illegible). 

Inventory ^19-19-6. Taken 27 Feb. 1662 by Jos. Amory 
& Wm. Cooke. 

(Is this the will of John Eells of Dorchester, Massachu- 
setts, father of Major Samuel Eells of Hingham, Massa- 
chusetts? [F. F. S.]) 

Zachary Bales of East Ogwell deceased, administration 
granted to the widow Grace 23 Sept. 1631. Bond /'60, 
Grace Eales of East Ogwell, widow, Stephen Crossing of 
West Ogwell, Co. Devon, weaver, dated 23 Sept. 1631. 

Inventory of Goods &c. of Zacary Eals late of East Ogwell, 
Co. Devon, healyer dec'd, taken and prysed by William 
Renell and Stephen Crossing 13 Sept. 1631, Total ;^2 5-8-0. 
Exhibited at Exeter 23 Sept. 1631. 

Archdeaconry Court of Exeter. 

Will of Laurence Eales of Aishberton, Co. Devon, Cordi- 
ner, dated 13 Aug. 161 2. Body to parish churchyard of 
Aishberton. Thomas Dolbeare, John Dolbeare and Joan 
Dolbeare sons and daughters of Edmond Dolbeare and 
Suzanna Eales. Joane daughter of Thomas Eales. Chris- 
topher Whitewaye son of Christopher Whitewaye. Agnes 
Jarman. Henry Jarman. Agnes Eales one Brass Pan 
which was Ezechiell Casselltons. William Eales. Eliza- 
beth Jarman. Mary wife of Edmond Dolbeare. Margaret 
wife of Angell Scobell. Laurence Knowling. Margaret 
my wife for lyfe. Residue to Edmond Dolbeare and 
Thomas Eales executors. Witnesses John Passe, George 
Baron. Will proved 8 Dec. 161 2. 

Inventory taken by Hy. Whiteway, Geo. Baron, Thomas 
Addiscott & Christopher Whiteway 25 Aug. 161 2. Total 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 


"Will of John Eles of Saverton, Co. Devon, dated lo Sept. 
1618. Son Thomas Bales. Daughter Anne. Daughter 
Jane. Daughter Isett. Daughter Joane. John Burns two 
children. Richard Cook's daughter. Residue to wife (not 
named) sole executor. Overseers Peter Irish of Buckfast- 
leigh, Ellisfford of Staverton. Witnesses Ellissfford, Wal- 
ter Hempston. Proved 30 Oct. 161 8. 

Inventory taken by Peter Irish, EHisford 21 Sept. 1618. 
Exhibited 30 Oct. 161 8 by executors. Total ^^i 09-1 0-0. 
Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of Annie Eales of Staverton, Co. Devon, widow, 
dated 20 Dec. 161 8. Daughter Jane. Daughter Anne. 
Isatte wife of John Burne. Jone wife of Richard Cooke. 
Residue to son Thomas sole executor. Witnesses Chris- 
topher Irishe, Geo. Hempston. Will proved 12 Feb. 1618. 

Inventory taken by Peter Irishe and John Hurseman 10 
Feb. 1 61 8. Total ^55. Exhibited 12 Feb. 161 8 by exec- 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of Warren Eales of Staverton, Co. Devon, yeoman, 
dated 16 Feb., 17 James. Son James Eales. Son Thomas 
Eales at his marriage. Son Edward Eales at marriage. 
Son Walter Eales at marriage. Daughter Johane wife of 
William Wotton of Rotterie. Daughter Jane wife of John 
Symons of Brent. Daughter Mary Eales 60 pounds on her 
day of marriage. To Christian Wotton daughter of William 
Wotton aforesaid. To each of grandchildren. Residue to 
wife Jane sole executrix. Overseers William Wotton & 
John Symons. Witnesses Tho. Caseley, John Lapthorne. 

Commission from Wm. Helyar, M.A., Clerk of the Dean 
and Chapter of Exon, to our well beloved in Christ Mr. 
Martin Keye Vicar of Staverton to swear Jane Eales relict 
and executrix of the Will of Warren Eales late of Staverton 
&c. dec'dj dated 26 Oct. 1621. 

Executed per me Martin Kaye 2 Nov. 1621. Will proved 
4 Nov. 1 62 1. 


Inventory taken by Tho: I^ymbeare and John Standon of 
Staverton. Total ^391-10-4. Exhibited 4 Nov. 1621. 
Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Phillip Eales of Ashburton, husbandman, dec'd. Admin- 
istration granted 20 Jan'y 1622 to Ellery Eales widow. 
Bond of Ellery Eales widow and Thomas Eales of Ashbur- 
ton, husbandman, 20 Jan'y 1622. 

Inventory taken by John Fors of Alison, Nicholas Harell, 
Christ: ffarmothe, /^lo-iyS. 

Exhibited by Mathew Macey in name of executors 6 
Feb. 1623. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of Jane Eales of Staverton, Co. Devon, widow, dated 
29 June 1629. Son James Eales, after his death to Warren 
son of James Eales. Son Edward. Son Walter ^'10 to be 
paid in one year after my death and the ;^30 which was 
given to him by his father. Daughter Joane. Daughter 
Jane. Christian daughter of William Wotton. Jane daugh- 
ter of Walter Eales. All of my children's children. Residue 
to daughter Marie Eales she to be sole executrix. Over- 
seers Hugh Wade and Nicholas Irishe. Witnesses Hugh 
Wade, Nicholas Irishe, Wm. Wotton. No statement of 

Inventory taken by John Symons, Hugh Wade and 
Edward Eales ^^227-7-0 12 Feb. 1629. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

James Eales of Staverton, Co. Devon, dec'd. Administra- 
tion granted to John Abraham, 2 March 1629. Bond, John 
Abraham of Staverton, Co. Devon, yeoman, Elliott Abra- 
ham of Abbots Kerswell, Co. Devon, yeoman and John 
Voysey of Abbots Kerswell, yeoman. ^^200. Dated 2 
March, 1629. Witness Richard Staplehill Reg'. 

Renunciation of Margaret Eales of Staverton, widow of 
James Eales dec'd, in favor of John Abraham who stands 
engaged in divers great sums of money as surety for the 


said James Bales dec' d. Dated March i, 1629. Witnesses 
Will: Rowe, Ri: Preston, Tho : Ivymbeare. 

Inventory taken by Ri: Preston, Tho: Lymbeare and 
Hugh Wade, 8 March 1629, ^59-8-4. 

Exhibited 16 March 1629 by Administrator. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

William Eales of Ashburton, Co. Devon, administration 
granted i June 1641 to relict Joane. 

Bond ;^ioo. Joane Eales of Ashburton, Co. Devon, 
widow, John Skreetch of same. Textorum. Witness Guil. 
Skitt. No inventory. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of John Eales of Aishburton in Co. Devon, cord- 
winer. John Eales and Samuel Eales my sons, Joane Eales 
and Dennis Eales my daughters ^10 yearly out of the 
messuage which I hold of Sir Richard Strode, Knight, by 
lease for 99 years or for the lives of Joane my wife Thomas 
my son and Phillip son of William Michelmore of Buck- 
fastleigh during the whole term of twelve years hence next. 
To my said children all interest in Steere Wood and after 
their death to my executors. Joane my wife all my right 
in the house and pounds granted in lease by John Hynes for 
years determinable in the deaths of Mary, Susan and 
Dorothy my sisters and after my wife's decease to my four 
younger children. To Joane Eales my wife all the remainder 
of the estate granted unto me by Mary my sister in one 
messuage and one tenement garden in East St., Ashbur- 
ton, and all the houses and ground granted unto me by Sir 
Richard Strode for term of twelve years after my decease 
and after the expiration of said term I bequeath to my 
wife the houses wherein Thomas Lane now dwelleth. To 
Thomas Eales my 'son the houses wherein I now dwell and 
the meadow called Leaner and the house wherein Thomas 
Lane now dwelleth after my wife's decease. Residue to 
my wife and son Thomas whom I make executors. My 
loving friends Samuel Tidball, gent., William Mickelmore, 


yeoman, and Ric. Knowlings to be guardians of children 
and overseers of will. Dated lo April 1656. 

Witnesses Wm. Mickelmore and Sampson Jerman. 
Proved in Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, 27 
August 1 66 1 by Jone the relict and Thomas the son exec- 

On a slip of paper. 

Aishburton Parish. Thomas the son of John Eales was 
baptized the i8th July 1644. Ex. per. me Will. Dench Reg". 

Inventory prized 5 May 1656 by John Dound, Peter 
Manne and Sampson Jerman, ^83 — 7-0. Exhibited 27 
Aug. 1 66 1 by the executors. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of William Eales of Ashburton, Devon, husband- 
man, dated 10 January, 12 Charles II. Wife . Son 

William. Son John Eales. Daughter Mar)^ Fursse. Daugh- 
ter Iseto Maning. Daughter Agnes Aetkins. Daughter 
Eling. Apprentice Richard Rendell. Residue to my son 
Philip whom I make my whole executor. Witnesses Wil- 
liam Dugdaile, John Eales. 

Proved in Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, 30 
Aug. 1 66 1 by Philip the son and executor. 

Inventory by Henry Cole, David Maneing and William 
Dugdaile 27 Feb. 1 660-1, ^^35-1 5-3. Exhibited 30 Aug. 
1 66 1 by Phillip Eales the son. 

Bond of William Eales of Ashberton, Co. Devon, hus- 
bandman and Robert Johns of same, weaver, 20 Feb. 1662. 
The condition of this bond is that the above bounden Wil- 
liam Eales being the administrator of the goods of William 
Eale» his father not administered by Phillip his son and 
executor late of Ashberton to well and truly administer. 
Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of Isott Eales of Aishburton, Co. Devon, widow, 
dated 8 Dec. 1662. Son John Eales my half of messuages 
and lands in Aishburton bequeathed unto Margeret Cole 
my sister and unto me the said Isott equally by Marion 


Bond our mother. Agnes Atkins my daughter. Mary 
Furse my daughter. William Bales, Phillip Eales, Isott 
and Hellen Eales my sons and daughters. Residue to John 
Eales my son whom I make sole executor. 

Witnesses Thomas Eales, Jane Bowden and Mary King- 
ston. Proved in Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter 
by John the son and executor 15 Dec. 1662. 

20 March 1662. Administration of goods of Isott ^ales, 
widow, late of Ashburton, not administered by John Eales 
her son and executor, granted to Mary Eales the relict and 
executrix of said John. 

Bond of Mary Eales of Ashburton widow, Thomas Kelley 
of same and Bart. Kelley. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of John Eales of the Parish of Aishberton in Co. 
Devon, husbandman, dated 9 Feb. 1662. Uncle Thomas 
Eales. Joane Avery daughter of Richard Avery. David 
Manning the younger. If my wife Mary Eales be with 
child I give unto her all my messuages for term of her life 
which I have in Aishberton. But if she be not with child 
then she, Mary my wife, to have all said messuages for 
99 years. Wife Mary executrix. Witnesses Thomas 
Lang, Henry Hole, Mark Hole, Ric. Pope, Alex. Pope 
and W. Nichollas. Proved in Dean and Chapter of Exeter, 
18 Feb. 1662, by Mary the relict and executrix. 

Receipt by Mary the relict for the original will i April 

Inventory by Francis Hole and Thomas Salter 17 Feb. 
1662, ^14-2-0. 

Exhibited 18 Feb. 1662 by Mary the relict. • 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of Thomas Eales of Aishberton, Co. Devon, cordiner, 
dated 9 Jan., 20 Chas., A.D. 1644. John Dound and Wil- 
liam Mutchamoore my sons-in-law. To every one of my 
grandchildren. Katherine my wife. Each of my daugh- 
ters. Rest of my goods unto my son John Eales whom 


I do make my whole executor. Said sons-in-law to be 
overseers. Witnesses John Barons, Christ Luce. 

Bond of Thomas Eales of Ashberton, Co. Devon, 
wostedamer and Joan Eales of same, widow. 

19 June 1666. Administration with the will annexed 
granted to Thomas Eales the grandchild of testator. 
Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

30 October 1690. Administration of goods of John Eales 
of Staverton, to Margery the relict. Bond of Margery 
Eales. Inventory by Ric. Preston and Thomas Symons, 
yeomen, 17 January 1689, ^^39-4-0. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of Mary Elles of CuUeton, widow, dated 3 March 
1677. Son-in-law John Elles of Exon. Son-in-law Rich- 
ard Stedam and to his wife my daughter-in-law. Richard 
Stedam's son and his daughter. My cousin Ann Wheler. 
Rest of my goods to Ann Elles my daughter whom I make 
my executrix. Witnesses Ric. Sampson, Ric. Stedam. 
Proved in the Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, 10 
June 1 69 1, by Ann Elles the daughter. 

Inventory by John Wicker and Nicholas Sampson 29 
Sept. 1690, ^22-17-10. 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

I March 1695. Administration of goods of William Eales 
of Ashburton by W^illiam Eales the father. Bond of Wil- 
liam Eales of Ashburton, yeoman, and Joseph Eales, 

Court of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Will of William Yeales of Bury Pomeroy, dated 13 
Jan'y 1614. Father Henry Yeales of Colebrooke. Ellis 
Ballam of Colebrooke. Robartt Yeales my brother. Chris- 
topher Yeales my brother. Symon Yeales my brother. 
Alse Yeales my sister. Henry Tracye son of Thomas 
Tracye of Bury Pomeroy. Joane Tracye daughter of the 
said Thomas. Walter Tracye son of the said Thomas. 


Tamsyn Tracye daughter of said Thomas. Thomas Myller 
of Bury Pomeroy. John Myller of Bury Pomeroy and his 
wife Joane Myller. Residue to Thomas Tracye of Bury 
Pomeroy, whole executor. Witnesses Tho. Myller, Geo. 
Stake. Will proved 7 July 161 5. 

Inventory of William Yeales late of parish of Coulbrooke, 
praysed by Tho. Miller and Rt. Haines, 2 March 1614, 
£2']. Exhibited 7 July 161 5. 

Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 

Thomas Bales of Ilsington, administration granted to 
Joane lyuscombe alias Eales his sister, 14 Sept. 1626. 

Bond £2f>- William lyuscombe of Ilsington, Co. Devon, 
John Leate of same, weaver, dated 14 Sept. 1626. Witness 
Hugh Sweete. 

Inventory of goods etc. of Thomas Eales late of Ilsing- 
ton, husbandman, dec'd, by Paschaw Strangcombe the 
elder, William Eeate and John Leate 2 Aug. 1626, ;^i3- 
18-6. Exhibited 14 Sept. 1626 by Joane I^uscombe sister 
and administrator of dec'd. 

Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 

Will of Thomas Eales of Dartington, Co. Devon, 
clothier, dated 25 Feb., 2 Charles. (1627). Warren Eales 
my brother. James Eales his son. Children of my sister 

Joane the wife of William Wotton. Richard P 

.... of Dartington. Wife Jane sole executrix. Over- 
seers Uncles John Trist of Harberton and Henry Howse 
of same parish. Witnesses Joan Trust, Nicklas Browse, 
Henry Howse. Proved 14 Sept. 1627. 

Inventory of goods of Tho. Eales late of Dartington, Co. 
Devon, clothier, dec'd. Prised by Rot. Stidson, John 
Tryste, Nicholas Evelynge, ^27-8-0. Exhibited 14 
Sept. 1627, per ffloram Beard relict and executrix. 
Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 

Will of Joan Eales of Brodhempston, dated 28 Nov. 1625. 
Anne Smerdon daughter of Robert Smerdon. Mary Smer- 


don daughter of Robert Smerdon. Rest of my children's 
children. Residue to Robert Smerdon executor. Wit- 
nesses Richard Smerdon, Richard Hamhyng. Will proved 
14 March 1627. 

Inventory of goods etc. of Johanne EHes of Brodhempton 
etc. who died the 10 day of Dec. 1627 (?), taken by Ri : 
Smerdon, and Ri : Mayne 14 March 1627, ^15-14-8. 
Exhibited 14 March 1627 per Robert Smerdon executor. 
Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 

Will of Thomas Bales of Buckfastligh, Co. Devon, the 
elder, dated 30 Oct. 1623. Thomas Eyles my son. Mary 
Tape my eldest daughter. Alse Eyles my second daughter. 
To each of the rest of my children when they come to 
lawful age. Grace Eyles my sister. To each of my brother 
Alexander Eyles his children. To ffrancis Doddridg's 
children. Residue to wife leliane Eyles sole executor. 
Published in presence of Walter Chafe, Francis Doddridge 
and my overseers shall be John Canutar and Walter Chafe. 
Proved 11 Sept. 1629. 

Inventory of goods etc. of Thomas Eyls dec'd by Hugh 
Pope and Walter Chafe 12 Feb. 1628, ^^i 8-1 3-7. A copy 
of same will enclosed named Tho. Yealls wrongly dated 
1629 and no witnesses named. 

Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 

Will of Peter Ealles of Northbovie, dated i Aug., 6 Chas. 
I, 1630. Daughter Joane Ealles all my right that I have in 
one Tenement called Healle wherein one William Croutt 
now dwelleth lying in Northbovie. Mary Ealles my daugh- 
ter. Elizabeth Ealles my daughter. Residue to my wife 
Johan, sole executrix. Rulers John Graye, William f&oud, 
my fathers-in-law and John Tapper of Combe. Will 
proved 11 Sept. 1630. 

Inventory taken 7 September 1630 by John Gray the 
elder, Wm. ffloud the elder and John Tapper. Total ;^54- 
3-2. Exhibited 11 Sept. 1630 by relict Joan. 
Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 


Will of John Bales of Northbovey, dated 28 Dec. 1633. 
Eldest son John Bales. Son William Bales. Daughter Wil- 
mote Vogwill. Grandchild Jane, daughter of said Wilmote. 
Residue to youngest son Andrew Bales whole executor. 
Witnesses John Nosworthy, John Nosworthy, Jr. Proved 
at Newton Abbot per Andrew Bales son and executor 19 

Dec. 1635. 

Inventory of goods etc. of John Bales of parish of North- 
bovie, Co. Devon, prised 5 Nov. 1635 by John Gray, 'John 
Nosworthy and Oliver Casleigh. 

Archdeaconry Court of Totnes. 

Will of Robert Bles, of Colsell, Co. Hertforde, dated 2 
August 161 2. To daughter Sara toward the making up of 
her portion all my freehold lands for four years, also ^33 
which my brother William Bles oweth me in case he pay 
the same for redemption of Chester piece and to that end I 
have assigned over to my said daughter all my estate in 
the said Chester piece. Residuary legatee and executor, 
Thomas Bles my son. Overseers friends John Hunt of 
Woodrowe and Giles Wattkins of (Agmondesham?). If I 
die before my son be of age, then I ordain them, the said 
John Hunt and Giles Watkins, my executors. Witnesses 
Christopher Carter, Richard Feild, Thomas Darrante. 
Proved 9 Oct. 161 2 by John Hunt, during minor estate 
Thomas Bles etc. 
Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Register for 
1611-12, folio 104. 

Will of Roger Beles of parish of Basendon, Co. Hertford, 
yeoman, dated 23 August, 15 James. Wife Bridget. Son 
William Beles when 21. Son Nathaniell when 21. Son 
Blisaye when 2 1 . Daughter Anne when 2 1 . Wife Bridget 
for life, paying son John 40s. a year when 21. Remainder 
to son John. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Bridget. 
Overseers brother-in-law Nathaniell Axtell and cousin John 


Eeles. Witnesses W. Wayte, Thomas Searancke and John 
Hill. Proved 17 January 161 7 by executrix. 

Archdeaconry Court of Huntingdon, Hitchin division, 
Register 5, folio 146. 

Will of Bridget Eyles, Essenden, county Hertford, widow, 
dated 23 October 1624. Son John. Son William. Son 
Nathaniell. Brother-in-law William Hille. Son Elisha. 
Daughter Agnes, Henry Whitt. Daughter Agnes exec- 
utrix. Overplus to three youngest sons and daughter Agnes. 
Witnesses Joseph Becke, CI., Henry Dudley, Henry Whit. 

Inventory 29 November 1624 by Thomas Nash, George 
Barley, Edward Nash and Robert Potter, ;!^37-i7-4. List 
of debts. 

Archdeaconry Court of Huntingdon, Hitchin division, 
filed wills for 1624. 

Will of John Eiles, Harmer Greene, 5^eoman, dated 9 May, 
1642. To be buried at Weller. Wife Anne and son Thomas 
lease at Harmer Greene of Mr. Hales land. Daughter Ann 
at 22, if married with consent of mother or after of her 
uncle William Tyler of Whethamsted and William Kentish 
of Burston the elder, if not to her brother Thomas and 
sister Roase. Younger daughter Roase. Poor of parish of 
Weller where I live. If Thomas die unmarried, to Ann 
and Rose. Wife Anne and son Thomas executors. Wit- 
nesses John Hale, John Vartla, John Casse. Proved 3 
June 1642. 

Archdeaconry Court of Huntingdon, Hitchin division, filed 
wills for 1642, old number 35. 

Will of William Eles, St. Peter's, county Hertford, hus- 
bandman, dated 18 December 1641. Brother John Eles. 
Sister Anne Whit and her children at 2 1 . Fellow servant 
Susan Staffe. Brother Nathaniel Eles all my land in 
Easenden. Rest to brother Nathaniel Eles executor. Wit- 
nesses William Harding, Joseph Hyne, Philippe Axtell. 
Proved 26 March 1642. 

Archdeaconry Court of St. Albans, filed wills for 1642. 


Will of Thomas Eeles of Coleshill, Co. Hertford, yeoman, 
dated 14 February, ig Chas. I. Joane my wife. Son 
Thomas at 2 1 . If my son die before age then my wife to 
possess lands, &c., for a term of 40 years after his death, 
she paying to my sister Sarah Beninge out of the same ^4 
yearly and after end of said 40 years or death of my wife, 
said land to remain to the children of my said sister 
Sarah Beninge. To poor of Agmondsham. Executor son 
Thomas. Overseers Edmund Ball and Paul Ives my 
friends. Witnesses Paul Ives, Paul Lynd, senior. 
Memorandum. My sister Sarah her three children now 
living. Witnesses as above. 

20 June 1644. Administration granted to Joanne Eles, 
relict, Thomas Eeles, junior, son and executor named dying. 

Archdeaconry Court of Buckinghamshire, Register for 
1644, folio II. 


Will of Rob. Eles of Yaxley, dated 10 December 1556. 
To be buried in the churchyard of Yaxley. Residue to 
Alice Eles my wife and Rob. Eles my son and Elizabeth 
Eles my daughter. Alice my wife and Rob. my son exec- 
utors. Tho. Clapwell and Rob. Beatryche supervisors. 
Witnesses Ri. Duiie, Vicar, Rob. Cowper, Jno. Homes. 
Proved 12 May 1557 at Stilton. 

Archdeaconry Court of Huntingdon, Huntingdon division, 
book II, folio 85. 


Will of John Eals town of Maidwell, Co. Northampton, 
husbandman, dated last day of July 1588. To be buried in 
Maidwell churchyard. Daughter Jone. Daughters Alice 
& Margery their part at 24 or marriage with consent of my 
wife Constance, my father Nicholas Eales & my brother 
Edmund &c. Son Nicholas to enter on lands in Elson. If 
Nicholas die to son John, then to son Richard. To son 


Richard land in Byfield North Hants at 15. If Richard die, 
to John. Executors wife Constance and son John, they 
to have lease of farm of Maid well. Supervisors brother 
Nicholas, and brother Basely. Witnesses Nicholas Bales, 
William Basely, William Kirke. Proved 8 January 1588. 
Archdeaconry Court of Northampton, ist series, Register 5 
(1578-1589), folio 10. 

Will of Thomas Bale of Wilbarston, Northants, laborer, 
dated 22 November 1600. Francis Bale my eldest son. 
Residue of the portion I promised unto him at the day of his 
marriage to be paid him within three years of the day of 
his marriage with Anne Silbye. Roger Bale and James 
Bale my two youngest sons when 2 1 . Dorothie Bale and 
Anne Bale my two daughters when 21 or marriage. Resi- 
due to wife, she executrix. Henry Moore of Midleton and 
Ri. Bullivante supervisors. Witnesses Rafe Silbye, Ri. 
Bullivant, Francis Bale. Proved 10 March 1600-01. 
Consistorj^ Court of Peterborough, book 7, folio 150. 


Will of Sislye Yeales, L^eafield, Oxon, singlewoman, dated 
15 April 1680. Sister Joye Booton. Kinswoman Joy Boo- 
ton. Kinsman young John Yeales. Kinswoman Elizabeth 
Yeales, daughter of Robert Yeales. Kinswoman Jane, wife 
of George Prattey. Sister-in-law Jane Yeales. Cousin 
Jone Yeales. Cousin Edward Yeales. Sarah Yeales, daugh- 
ter of cousin Thomas Yeales. Cousin Thomas Yeales son 
ditto. Sister Borton. Sister Joane her four children. 
Witnesses John Harris, Robert Giles, William Coley. Rest 
to cousin John Yeales children, executor. Proved 27 
April 1680. 

Oxford Wills, Register A (i 677-1 685), folio 188. 

Will of John Yeales, Leafield, Oxon, husbandman, dated 
19 January 1678-9. To be buried in church of Shipton 
under Whichwood. (Grand) daughter Jane daughter of my 


son Thomas Yeales. Son-in-law Henry Beckwith. Rest to 
daughter Cecily Yeales executrix. Overseers John Harris 
and James Rawlins. Witnesses Rd. Colman, John Shayler. 
Proved 27 April 1680. 

Oxford Wills, Register A (1677-1685), folio 190-200. 

Will of Margaret Yeales, Ramsden, Shipton under Which- 
wood, Co. Oxon, singlewoman, dated 8 January 1690. To 
sister Mary Moyger. Kinsman Robert Moyger. Rest to 
sister Jane Yeales executrix. Witnesses Thomas Sommersly, 
Martha Brand, Will Coley, Proved 11 March 1696-7. 
Oxford Wills, Register B (1686-1696), folio 312. 

The following are references to administrations, wills &c. 
in the County of Oxford of which abstracts have not been 
made for this search. 

William Eyles of Thame, administration, 29 May 1562, 
series i, vol. 7, page 87. 

William Bales of Drayton, will and inventory, 29 April 
1595, series i, vol. 13, page loi. 

Henrye Yeles of Broughton, miller, 27 Sept. 1597, series 
I, vol. 13, page 258. 

Richard Eeles of Henley, 26 Sept. 1665, Caveat book, 
folio 27. 

Thomas Eeles, Henley on Thames, victualer and yeo- 
man, administration, inventory and account, 23 Oct. 1669, 
Act book B, folio 152. 

Edward Yeales of lycmfield, parish of Shipton, husband- 
man, will and inventory, 5 April 1627. 

Consistory Court of Oxford, filed wills. 

The following are among the records of the Oxford 

William Eeles, senior of Thame, bond and inventory, 10 
Oct. 1662. 

William Eeles, senior of New Thame, glasier, bond and 
inventory, 14 June 1683. 

Joan Eeles of Prestland, parish of Thame, spinster, will 
dated 24 Dec. 1694, inventory, 12 Jan. 1694. 


William Eeles, senior of New Thame, glasier, will, 29 
Feb. 1699. 


Will of William Eayles, East Mowlsey, Co. Surrey, yeo- 
man, dated 8 Aug. 16 10. Eldest son Thomas Eayles exec- 
utor. Daughter Alice Eayles. Rest to children equally. 
Overseers John Worman & Cuthbert Hutchinson. Wit- 
nesses John Beast, Wm. Evans, Baldwin Parker. Proved 
20 Aug. 1610. 
Archdeaconry Court of Surrey, Register Berry, folio 125. 

Will of Thomas Eeles of Horsell, Co. Surrey, husband- 
man, dated , To be buried in Horsell churchyard. To 

Katherine leles my daughter ^8 if any of her friends will 
take her to keep to be paid at Michaelmas and if not at 
twenty years of age. Mary my daughter. To my child my 
wife goeth with 40s. to be paid them at twenty. Residuary 
legatee and executrix Elizabeth my wife. Overseers 
John Eeles of Woking and John Loveland of Worplesdon. 
Witnesses John Goringe, William Ireland, Richard Houl- 
ington. Proved 17 April 1617, by Elizabeth, relict and 

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey, Register Stoughton, 
folio 250. 

Will of William Hildar als Eles of Ashted, Co. Surrey, 
husbandman, dated 26 February 161 6. I give to John Hil- 
der, Annis Hilder, Joane Hilder the rent of my house land 
in Ashted till my son William shall be 21 years of age. 
John Hilder to have rent of cottage till my son William 
Hilder be 21. Residuary legatees and executors, John, 
Annis, and Joane Hilder. Overseers John Melsham of Cob- 
ham and John Cooke of Ashted. Witnesses John Melsham, 
John Cooke and Jane Arow. Proved 25 July 161 7, by 
Joane Hilder one of the executors named with power 
reserved &c. 

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey, Register Stoughton, 
folio 261. 


Nuncupative will of John Eeles als Hilder, late of Ewell, 
Co. Surrey, bachelor, died at Ashted 29 March 1645. 
Sister Anne and the widow that is my wife before God. 
Residuary legatee my brother William Eeles. Sister 
Ryley. Witnesses William Bradley, Nicholas Basdmore. 

13 May 1645 commission to William Eeles als Hilder 
brother of deceased and principal legatee. 

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey, Register Harding, 
folio 401. 


Will of William Eales of Flecknowe, dated 22 April 1593. 
To be buried in churchyard of Woolfehampcoate. Indebted 
to Richard Peele, and to my brother Thomas Wilkins and 
to Thomas Hickline and to John Eales and to Henry Eales. 
Son Henry Eales. Son John Eales. My daughter Bridgett 
Eales. Owe to Thomas Goode the younger. Residue to 
wife Agnes Eales & to be executor. No witnesses. 
Proved 12 Nov. 1594. 

Inventory of William Eales of Flecknoe taken 11 May 
1593 by Edward Brooke, gent., John Tomkins, Richard 
Tomkins & Wm. Shaleswed, ;,^2o-6s-2d. 

Coventry and Lichfield, filed wills. Bundle for 1594. 

Will of Richard Ealse of Brandon in parish of Wolston, 
Co. Warwick, husbandman, dated 4 Aug. 1598. To be 
buried in Wolston churchj^ard. Son Richard Ealse. Wife 
Margaret Ealse. Son Roger Ealse. Son Thomas Ealse. 
Daughter. . . . Ealse. Sons John Eales and William Eales 
my overseers. Residue to wife Margaret and she to be 
executrix. Witnesses John Elles, Edmund Barber, Thomas 
Eayeworth, William Ealse. Proved 15 June 1599. 
Coventry & Lichfield, filed wills, Bundle for 1597. 

Will of Anthony Eales of Eillington in Co. of Warwick, 
sheppard, dated 22 January 1 599-1 600. To poor of Eilling- 
ton & Cubbington. To Margery Butler daughter of John 
Butler. Margery Robins daughter of Humfrey Robins. 


Three other children of Humfrey Robins. Widow Blake. 
Alice Kales widow (my mother) . Katherine Bales daughter 
of my brother Thomas Bales deceased. Dorothy Pilking- 
ton, Alice Pilkington and Johan Pilkington daughters of 
John Pilkington, silkweaver, my brother, at 20 or day of 
marriage. Residue to John Pilkington, silkman, my brother- 
in-law and to be executor. Overseers Mr. Thomas Graven 
of city of Coventry, Alderman, and Nicholas Chambers of 
said city, scrivener. Witnesses Thomas Gravener, John 
Rop, Steven Moy, Nicholas Chambers, scr. Proved at L,ich- 
field 20 Sept. 1605. 

Inventory of Anthony Byles late of city of Coventry, 8 
May 1606, by Robert Mason, joyner, and Thomas Shrawley, 

Coventry and Lichfield, filed wills, Bundle for 1605. 

Will of Katherine By ales late of Lodbrooke but now of 
Lyllington, Co. Warwick, widow, dated 10 October 161 3. 
To be buried in churchyard of Lyllington. Mr. Fossell 
minister of Lodbrooke. Son James 40s. in hands of 
Richard Savadge of Kington to be distributed by said 

James to his children. Alice Browne. Cycelie 

Joane Basford of Lodbrook. To Thomas Gloove of Lyl- 
lington. Susan Nicoldes. Residue to John Wellso of Lyl- 
lington, husbandman, and he to be executor. Overseers Mr. 
Thomas Forsett of Lodbrooke. Witnesses Thomas Mayne of 
Lyllington , John Nicolls of Lyllington . Proved 2 3 Nov. 1 6 1 3 . 

Inventory, / 18-5-4, 12 Oct. 161 3, by Thos. Forsett, 

Thomas Mayne, Roger Tibbies, Thomas , William Bell. 

Coventry and Lichfield, filed wills. Bundle for 1613. 

Nuncupative will, John Beles of Streetaston, Co. War- 
wick, shoomaker, dated 28 Aug. 1632. Wife Jane Beles to 
be executrix and to bring up children. If that child which 
is at London be not provided for by those with whom it 
now dwelleth then said child to have a portion equally 
with the other children and if said child be provided for 
by those friends then to have something out of my goods 


at discretion of my wife and friends. Witnesses Richard 
Stapleton, Basell Gibsonn. 

Memo. Jane Eeles and friends think the four children of 
said John Eeles should have £/\. each and the child at Lon- 
don if provided for but 20s. Signed Jane Eeles, Richard 
Stapleton, Basell Gibsonn, William Laughan. Proved 29 
Aug. 1632 at Coventry. 

Inventory John Eeles of Streetaston, ^46, 24 Aug. ^1632, 
by Basell Gibson, William Eaughan, William Willis & 
George Ridgelaie. 

Coventry & Eichfield, filed wills, Bundle for 1632. 

Inventory of Nicholas Eales late of parish of 

Dunchurch, shepherd, deceased, taken 20 March 1639-40 by 
Edward Blackwell, weaver, Henry Crupwell & Marmaduke 
Fawkes, yeomen, ^37-11-8. 

Administration 27 March 16(40?) at Coventry to Widow 
Frances Eales. Bonds, widow Frances Eales of 
and Thomas Eales of Dunchurch, sheppard. 

Coventry and Eichfield, filed wills. Bundle for 1640. 

Will of William Eales of Stockton, Co. Warwick, yeo- 
man, dated 28 Sept. 1639. To be buried in Stockton 
churchyard. Son John Eales all crop on the yard land 
which I have in the fields of Sawbridge in parish of Wolfe- 
mole, Co. Warwick. Daughter Jane Eales one week after 

her marriage to one Daniell Adkins of . Son Henry 

Eales. Residue to son Thomas Eales of Stockton, execu- 
tor. Witness Henry Stallock, Willm Crook, John Simes. 
Proved 8 July 1640. 

Inventory of William Eyles of Stockton deceased 23 June 
1640, by James Hawley, John Simes (not totalled). 

Exhibited at Eichfield 2 July 1640, probated 8 July 1640. 
Coventry & Lichfield, filed wills. Bundle for 1640. 

Will of John Eales of Bilton, Co. Warwick, yeoman, 
dated 22 Feb. 1646-7. Son George Eales. Daughter 
Hanna. Son William Eales. Loving wife Zachary. Wife 


Zachary executrix. Witness Thomas Pettifer, Edw. . 

Proved at Coventry 4 Nov. 1647. 

Inventory of John Kales late deceased in Bilton, 3 Nov. 
1647, by Robert Westley & Fawkes Newbolder, ^90-18-4. 

Oath of executrix Zachary Bales als Jordaine 4 Nov. 
1647, widow of John Kales late of Bilton. 

Coventry & lyichfield, filed wills, Bundle for 1647. 

Administration granted of the goods of Thomas Kales of 
the parish of Holy Trinity, Coventry, to the widow Kliza- 
beth Kales 16 March 1625-6. 

Archdeaconry Court of lyichfield and Coventry, Admon. 
Act Book, Number 14 (1625-27), folio 9, 


Will of John Keles, Marston, parish of Potterne, diocese 
of Sarum, dated 31 January 1633. To church of Sarum. 
To church of Potterne. Brother Christopher KHes. Sister 
Jane Klles. Father John Klles executor. Overseers 
Thomas Yorcke and John Pearse, junior. Witnesses Walter 
Kakens (?), William Ballard (?). Proved 28 May 1634. 

Inventory John Klles the ungeo of Mersham, parish Pot- 
terne 5 Feb. 1633 by John Pearce alias Hurd, Thomas 
Yorcke & Kdward May, ^28-4-2. 
Consistory Court of Salisbury, filed will, (old number 42). 

Will of Ann Yeeles, Ufton, Co. Berks, widow, dated 1 1 
Aug. 1 67 1. To grandchildren 5s. each and to daughters 
ditto. Younge Frances Mondey. Robert Auerds wife and 
her children. John Wickens. Ann Wickens. Betty 
Wickens. Mary Wickens. Goody Mondey. Betty Wickens 
and Mary Wickens. Sarah Cooper. Rest to son Hugh 
Yeeles executor. Witnesses John Wickens, Ann Hall, 
Mary Goode. Proved 27 Sept. 1671. 

Inventory, ^30-1 i-o of Ann Keles late of Upton, Berks, 
widow, 7 Sept. 1671 by Wm. Sanger & Thos. Wickens 
executors, 20 September 1671. 
Consistory Court of Salisbury, filed will, (old number 50). 


Close Roll, 5 James I, Part 32, (1909) 
i,YDAr,i, & Ai. (Latin). Indenture 19 Nov., 5 Jas. I. between 
^'^ Ricm. Lydall arm. & Edmund Boscocke, gent, 

on I pte. , Henr. Scudamore of Kingsburie, Co. 
Midd. , gent. , Edward Hurst of Clifforde Inne, London, gent. , 
George Dally of Newington, Co. Surrey, yeoman & Isaack 
Eyles, cit. & tallow chandler of London on other pte. 
Witnesseth that sd. R. L., E. B. for sum paid by sd. H. S., 
E. H., G. D. & I. E. do sell to sd. H. S., E. H., G. D. & 
I. E. & heirs all that rectory of Brentles & Llandivallie in 
Co. Brecon late parcel & possession of late Prioratt of Clif- 
ford in Co, Hereford with houses, stables, gardens, &c., &c., 
at Westminster 7 Nov., 5 Jas. I. &c. forever. Acknowledged 
same day. Enrolled 27 Feb. 

Close Roll, II James I. Part 44, number 84, (2197) 
Bond of John Beard of parish of Katherine Cree Church, 
taylor, Thomas Eales of parish of Margerete new Fish- 
streete, couper, and Richard Stukyn of Lymehouse, parish 
of Stepney, chaundler, to Edward Phellippes, Kt. Master of 
the Rolls and John Tyndall, Kt. &c. 100. 

Dated, Westminster, 11 October, 11 Jas. I., 1613. 
The condition of this Recognizance is that if James Gam- 
bolle, Henry Kinge, and John Basse, mariners, do stand 
to perform such order as the High Court of Chancery shall 
hereafter make upon hearing of the cause wherein aforesaid 
parties with others, being all mariners, are plaintiffs against 
Robert Wheatley, Christopher Nicholls, Rachel Jones, 
widdow, Michael Meryall, John Eldred, William Squyre, 
Julyan de Rew, and Radolphe Podres defendants, if it 
shall appear on the hearing of said cause that the voyage 
in the ship called the Mary Anne of London was over- 
thrown through their neglect and misdemeanor that then 
this Recognizance void &c. 


Close Roll, 14 James I. Part 26, number 30. 
Indenture made 2 Dec. 161 5 between Nicholas Kales, cit. 
& joyner of London, of one pte. & William Bales of Hat- 
ford, Co. Berks, brother of the sd. Nicholas Bales, of the 
other pte. Said Nicholas in consideration of sum of three 
score pounds paid by sd. William Bales & in consideration 
of natural love he bears &c. , and to the intent that his 
lands and tenements hereafter named should continue in 
his own blood and kindred and that Anne the now wife of 
sd. Nicholas Bales should have jointure &c. in lieu of her 
dower &c., he Nicholas Bales doth grant &c. to sd. William 
Bales &c. freeholds, &c. situate in Greenewich lane als 
Fryer lane in parish of Allhallowes the More in Thames 
street, London, between the stables thereof now or late in 
occupation of John Tybballs als Theobaldes on the north 
part &c., &c., said hayloft now or late in occupation of sd. 
Nicholas Bales being in Greenewich lane als Fryar lane 
&c., &c., to pay in Middle Temple Hall, London, on Nov. 2, 
161 8 &c., then to use of sd. Nicholas Bales and Anne his 
wife forever and after to first sou or issue male &c., in 
default to female &c., and in default then to William Bales 
& heirs &c. Bnrolled 3 April, 14 Jas. I. 

Close Roll, 17 James I. Part 21, number i. 
Indenture 6 May, 17 James I. between Roger Columbell 
of Darley, Co. Derby, esquire and William Blse of Darley 
aforesaid, yeoman. Sd. Roger in consideration of sum of 
money paid by sd. William Blse hath sold all messuages, 
cottages, farmes, lands &c. in Blyton or elsewhere in Co. 
Lincolne &c., &c. Bnrolled 8 May. 

Close Roll, 13 Charles I. Part 31, number 23, (3137) 

EWER Indenture made 30 July 1637 Betweene Henry 

^ Bwer of Southmyms in Co. Midd. , gent. & Abell 

^^^^^ Bwer of Shenley, Co. Hertford, brother of the 

said Henry Bwer of thone part and Thomas Marsh of 


Southmyms, Esq^, John Adderley of the same place & Co., 
Esq^, Naariah Gladman, Viccar of Southmyms, Thomas 
Harison & ffrancis fHexmer of same place & Co., gent. & 
John Eeles & Richard Nicoll of same, yeomen, of the other 
part. In consideration of the sum of ^85 being the poores 
money of the parish of Southmyms & for other good causes 
&c. , &c. , grant a messuage, lands &c. in Southmyms at the 
neither & northend of the streete of Southmyms now in 
occupation of Jonas Wynch abutting South on a footpath 
from said Streete to Northmyms on the East the glebe 
lands of the parsonage of Southmyms called Waldens & 
North the yard of a mess, of Mary Waldens widdowe sold 
to Richard Cole, Esq', of Shenley & others for the use of 
the poore of Shenley & towards the West of said streete 
being the Eondon highwaye &c., &c., in trust for the poor 
of Southmyms &c. , the profitts of the sayd mess. &c. , on 
Some Sonday within 40 days after the ffeasts of St. Michaell 
Tharchangell & the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin 
Mary to be devided by the cheife parishoners to the most 
needy poor of said parish &c. , or towards the binding & 
putting forth of orphans & poor children to be apprentices 
&c. Enrolled 21 Dec. A" p'dict. 

Close Roll, 14 Charles I. Part 11, number 41, (3157) 

WARD Indenture made 30 May 1 637 , 1 3 Charles Between 
^ George Ward of Upton, Co. Yorks, Esq^ & John 

Ward, gent, son of the said George of the one part 
& ffrancis Corbett of Pattrington in the sd. Co., clerk 
& Stephen Eeles of same Co., miller, on the other part Wit- 
nesseth that Edward fferrers of Barne Elmes, Co. Surry, 
Esq'. & ffrancis Phillips of Eondon, Esq"", by Indenture 
dated 14 Dec'., 11 Chas. did grant to sd. George & John 
Ward all that Windemilne & lands appurtaining in Wax- 
ham parcel of the Mano' of Withornsey & Owthorne in 
sd. Co. Yorks then in occupation of Thomas Woodward 
at a yearly rent of 30'. payd as hereafter mentioned being 


part & parcel of the possession of late monastery of Kirk- 
stall with all rights &c. as graunted by letters patent 2 
Aug., 8 James &c. Now in consideration of the sum of 
;i^22 the sd. George & John Ward & in performance of the 
covenant hereafter mentioned grants sayd Windmill &c. , to 
be holden of the King's mat'® that nowe is &c., as of his 
mannor of East Greenewich in Co. Kent by ffealty only &c. 
Enrolled 23 April, 14 Chas. 

Close Roll, 15 Charles I. Part 14, number 16, (3201) 

RAYMENT Indent. 6 May, 15 Chas. Between John Ray- 

^""^ ment of Harpesden, Co. Oxon, Clerk, one of 

the sons of John Rament late of Brome m 

parish of Southill, Co. Bedd., gent., dec'd, of 

one part & John Eeles of Henley upon Thames, Co. Oxon, 
yeoman, of the other part. For 5s. grants all those messu- 
ages & tenements with appurt's in Southill & Stanforde & 
Brome in the parish of Southill, Co. Bedd. called Capps 
with all howses &c. & one close of pasture thereto belong- 
ing containing 3 acres, one other messuage lately builded 
upon & piece of ground called Capps together with said 
piece of ground contg. 2 acres, one acre of meadow in 
Stanford in the broad Meade there, 17^^ acres arrable 
land in the fields of Southill, Stanford & Brome with all 
commodities &c. now in occupation of sd. John Rayment. 
To the use of sd. John Eeles &c. , &c. 

Enrolled 15 May. 

Close Roll, 22 Charles I. Part 15, number 36, (3354) 

EELES ET Indent, i June, 22 Chas. Between Richarde 
WARD&AL £|gg ^i^g younger of West Haddon, Co. 
Northt., yeoman, of one pte. & Dabridgecourt Ward of 
Nortofte sd. Co., gent. & Thomas Sibley of Tecton in sd. 
Co., yeoman, of the other part. For 5s. & other good 
causes &c. grant of lands, pastures &c. in Spratton in sd. 
Co. in occupation of Robert Hollis, purchased of one 


William Clark of Spratton, yeoman, by Thomas Else late 
of Collisbrook in sd. Co., yeoman, dec'd, grandfather of the 
sd. Richard the younger, also arrable lands &c. in the 
fields of Spratton now in occupation of Johes Ward, clerke, 
purchased by sd. Thomas Else and one Richard Dove late 
of Spratton, husbandman, with all rights &c. 

Enrolled 22 June. 

Close Roll, 1650 Part 47, number 4, (3538) 
FREEMAN Indent, triptite 23 April 1650 Between John 
^^ Freeman of the city of Westminster, Co. Midd., 

gent., first part, Thomas Eales citizen & 
woodmonger of London second part & Miles 
Homberston of Furnifalls Inne, Eondon, gent, of third 
part. Sd. John Freeman for ids. paid by sd. Thomas 
Eales & other good causes &c. grants 4 messuages &c. in 
Hinde Court neere Fleete street in parish of St. Dunstans 
in the West now or late in occupation of Thomas Browne, 
D.D., Thomas Walrond, chirurgeon, Stephen Hearne & 
William Dudley, & one messuage in parish of St. Anne 
in precincts of Blackfriars nere Eudgate, London, in occu- 
pation of Josias Smith which sd. 5 messuages were devised 
to sd. John Freeman by his father John Freeman cit. & 
haberdasher of London by will &c. tothesd. Thomas Eales 
& his heirs &c., & it is agreed that sd. Miles Homberston 
may sue out a writt of entrie (sur disseison in le post) 
against sd. Thomas Eales &c. 

Enrolled 7 May A° p'dict. 

Close Roll, 1652 Part 36, number 45, (3676) 

Indenture 18 Feb. 1651 between William 

Steele, Recorder of City of London, Thomas 

Coke, Wm. Bosevile, John Sparrowe, Willm. 

Kenricke, Ralph Harrison, Willm. Scott, 

Silvanus Taylor, Thomas Hubbard, Cornelius Coke, Esqr., 

John Huntt, gent. & Sir Edward Barkeham, Baronet, being 

trusted by act of present Parliament for sale of manors &c. 


belonging to late King, Queen, Prince &c. of one part 
& Griffith Lloyd of St. Ives, Co. Hunting., Stephen White, 
of Wellingborow, Co. of North'ton, Thomas Else of West- 
haddon, sd. Co. North'ton, Bsqr. & Richard Ashby of Pugg- 
brooke, Co. North'ton, gent, of other part. Witnesses that 
sd. W. S. & T. C, W. B., J. S., W. K., R. H., W. S., S. T., 
T. H., C. C. & J. H. & E. B. in obedience to sd. act & at 
the desire of Sir Richard Saltonstall, Kt. & Nicholas Bond, 
Richard Sidenham, Nicholas Lempriere, Esq. & Edw. 
Cressett, gent. & others authorised to treat &c. for sale 
&c. & in consideration of sum of ^7519-19-6 (ist moitie 
being ^3519-19-9). Sir John Wollaston, Kt. & Thomas 
Andrewes alderman of city of London of treasurers ap- 
pointed have by writing 19 June 1650 now produced by sd. 
G. L., S. W., T. S. & R. A. certified to be paid &c. have 
granted &c. Old Enfield Park in parishes of Enfield & 
Edmonton, Co. Midd. bounded on N. by lands, E. Chase 
& Butley's farm & land of one Rogers, on S. & lands of — 
Harvey & Baron Treavor, on W. (553 acres) & lodge house 
in occupation of Charles Crosby &c. , &c. 

Acknowledged same day. Enrolled 8 April. 

Close Roll, 1652 Part 47, number 17, (3687) 

LLOYD ESQR Indent. 8 Oct. 1652 Between Griffith Lloyd 

^ of St. Ives, Co. Hunts., Esq., Stephen White 

of Wellingborough, Co. Northt., Esq., 

Thomas Else of West Haddon in sd. Co. Esq. 

& Richard Ashby of Pugbrooke in sd. Co., gent, of one 

part & Peter Steery, clerk, of the other. The officers & 

soldiers of ye Regiment of Horse under command of Liver, 

gent. Charles Fleetewood by deed dated 23 Feb. 1649 

appointed the sd. Griffith Lloyd their attorney to the several 

uses &c. in proportion to their debentures &c. for arrears 

of pay to contract with the contractors & trustees for the 

sale of Kings, Queens & Princes lands with power to take 

conveyances in the name of said Lloyd, White, Else & 


Ashby & William Buck dec'd in trust for the satisfaction 
of sd. officers & soldiers & sd. Lloyd contracted for the park 
or piece of land called Old Enfield Park in the parish of 
Enfield & Edmonton in Co. Midd. cont'g 553 acres & sd. 
trustees by indenture 18 Feb. 1651, enrolled 8 April last, 
granted to the sd. Lloyd, White, Else, Ashby & Buckall 
that sd. park & one close out of the park 3 roods 34 poles 
& lodge near Enfield town within sd. park & land called 
Hopyard & right of comon in Enfield & all the deer' and 
game and all woods &c. , except as excepted, to be sold in 
trust as aforesaid & there is due to the sd. Peter Steery 
;^520 for arrears of pay, now for payment of the same 
grant 44 ac. parcells of sd. park abutting upon Bushe close 
E., Gregories Mead S., upon Richard Wotters & Robert 
Brown W. , Highway from Enfield to London N., with the 
coppice & wood thereupon & the lodge called Swithans &c. 

Enrolled 24 Feb. 1652. 

Close Roll, 1652 Part 63, number 45. 

LLOYD Indent. 16 April 1652 Between the same 

^ grantors as above & the Hon. Charles Fleete- 

L WOOD ^QQ^g of Glenham, Co. Suff., Esq. for arrears 

of pay due to him & for 5s. grants the manor 

of Woodstock & Hundred of Wootton in the Co. Oxford 

divers lands &c. (long deed). 

Enrolled 21 June. 

Close Roll, 1652 Part 50, number 7, (3696) 

Long indent, mentioning Thomas Else of West Had- 
don. Hunt, whereby William Steele, Recorder of London, 
Thos. Coke, William Bosvile, John Sparrow, William 
Kenwick, Ralph Harrison, Sylvanus Taylor, William 
Scott, Thomas Hubbard, Cornelius Coke, John Hunt & 
Sir Edward Barkham sell manor of Woodstock, Oxon, to 
Griffith Lloyd, Thomas Else, Stephen White & Richard 


Close Roll, 1654 Part 34, (number 3804) 
GRBBNE Indenture 4 Jan'y 1654 Between John Greene 
* the elder of Hardingstone, Co. North' ton, 

yeoman, of the one part & Richard Nayler of 
Stoke Bruen in sd. Co. gent., William Walker 
of Hardingstone, gent., Robert Packwood, John Eyles, 
John Greene & Thomas Gee all of Hardingstone, yeomen, 
of the other part Witnesseth that by Letters Patent under 
the greate Seal & the seal of the Duchy of Lancaster dated 
4 June, 4 Chas. said King Charles granted the manor of 
Hardingstone in the said Co. & all Demesne lands &c. & 
appurtenances (except mines of silver & gold) To Edward 
Dichfield, John Highlord, Humfrey Clarke & flfrancis Moss, 
citizens of London, they paying ^27. os. 9}4d. yearly & 
whereas Tenants of the said mannor did raise a valuable 
sum of money for purchase of same which was to be con- 
veyed to Sr. Francis Harvey, Kt. one of the Justices of the 
Courte of Common Pleas & Robert Greene, gent, in trust 
for the said Tenants & by Indenture dated on or about the 
25 Nov'r, 5 Chas, same was granted to said Sir Francis 
Harvey & Robert Greene and said Sir Francis Harvey died 
many years since & the said Robert Greene also lately died 
leaving the said John Greene the elder his brother & heir. 
Now in consideration of the sum of 5s. and for settling of 
said manor in Trust as aforesaid said John Greene the 
elder grants said manor &c. to said Richard Nayler, 
William Walker, Robert Packwood, John Kyles, John 
Greene & Thomas Gee their heirs &c. as the same was 
heretofore conveyed to said Sir Francis Harvey & Robert 
Greene in trust for them their heirs & all others owners of 
the said lands &c. paying their proportionable parts of the 
said yearly rent reserved &c. 

Enrolled 25 Jan'y 1654. 

Close Roll, 1656 Part 31, number 30, (391 1) 
Indenture 23 May 1656 between Peter Sterry, clerke, and 
Frances his wife, Moses Wall of Braintree, Co. Essex, 


gent. & Tempest Milner, aid. & cit. & M'chant taylor of 
London, on one pt. & Thomas Else of Edmonton, Co. Midd., 
Esq. on other pt. Witnesseth that said P.S. & F. & sd. M. 
W. & T. M. by direction of sd. Frances for consideration 
of ^455 sell 44 acres called Old Enfield Park, bounded on 
S. by Gregories Mead & Richard Wotters & Robert Browne 
on the West &c. & lodge called Swithens all which were 
sold unto Griffith Lloyd, Stephen White, sd. Thomas 
Else & Richard Ashby by indent. 8 Oct. 1652 enrolled in 
Chancery 24 Feb. same year &c. Acknowledged 10 Nov. 

Enrolled 10 Nov. 

Close Roll, 1657 Part 46, number io6, (3973) 
George Eales of Middle Temple, gent., William Chal- 
loner of same, gent. & William Mensell, cit. & grocer of 
London, before Lord Protector do acknowledge to owe 
William Lenthall, Esq., Master of the Rolls & Nathaniel! 
Hobart, Esq., one of Masters of said High Court of 
Chancery ;i^8o to be paid on 29 Sept. next ensuing, if not 
then to be levied on their goods, 10 June 1657. 

Whereas above bounden George Eales having obtained an 
order of the Court of Chancery wherein George, William, 
Samuell & Mary Eales are infants by the sd. George Eales 
their father guardian pits., Thomas Pettifer deft, for the 
receiving of ^40 by sd. deft, for the of the sd. infants, 
condition of recognizance is that if sd. George Eales do 
answer to the pltf. all their respective ages of one and 
twenty 3'eares, their respective legacies, then this void 
&c. Glascock Gyles. 

Close Roll, 1658 Part 10, number 44, (3984) 
X.1TC0TT Robert Litcott of City of Westm., Esq., 
^ according to an award made by Mr. Seriant 


Maynard & Mr. Edward Hoskins dated 5 

Mar. 1657 inst. do release to Thomas Eale of 

Ealing, Co. Midd., gent, all right in one annuity of ;^4o 

issuing out of the Rectory of Ealing in sd. Co. & all 


arrearages &c. now by vertue of an assignment made from 
me due and payable to John Bird of London, goldsmith, 
Grace his wife & Thomas Bird their son so as neither I 
the sd. Robert Litcott nor my executors shall at any time 
challenge any right in sd. annuity &c. Dated 24 March 
1657. 6 April 1658 appeared sd. Robert Litcott &c. 

Enrolled 22 April 1658. 

Close Roll. 1658 Part 12, (number 3986) 

PKTTus KT Indenture 25 April 1658 Between Sir John 

^ Pettus of Cheston Hall in Cheston in Co. 

„ Suflf., Kt. of one part and John Tucker of the 

parish of Woodland in Co. Devon, yeoman, 

Edward Eales of the sd. parish of Woodland, yeoman, 

& John Penny of Woodland, Clothier, in trust for the said 

John Tucker of the other part Witnesseth in Consideration 

of the sum of ;i^50 paid by the said John Tucker and 5^ 

paid by the said Edward Eales & John Penny, said Sir 

John Pettus grants 3 closes & parcells of lands called the 

Mill cliflfes & Mille clifiFes meade in the said parish of 

Woodland now or late in occupation of said John Tucker 

containing 10 acres or thereabouts being parcell of the 

manor of Ipplepen in the sd. Co. & wch Jane Tucker wife 

of the said John Tucker & Jane Tucker hold for their 

respective Estates &c. 

Enrolled 24 June 1658. 

Close Roll, 1658 Part 15, number 14, (3989) 
PETTUS Indenture 25 April 1658 Between Sir John 

^ Pettus of Cheston Hall in the parish of 


Cheston, Co. Suflf., Kt. on the first part and 

Edward Eales the elder of the parish of 

Woodland in Co. Devon, j^eoman, John Coke & John 

Soper both of said parish, yeomen, in trust for the said 

Edward Eales For consideration of ^250 paid by said 

Edward Eales & of 5^ paid by said John Coke & John 

Soper grants a messuage or tenement & one flfarthing of 


land in a place called Way in said parish of Woodland in 

occupation of said Edward Bales being parcel of the 

manor of Ipplepen & which the said Edward Bales the 

elder Edward Bales his sonn & Mary Bales his daughter 

hold by lease or copy of Court roll of the Said manor, 

with all rights &c. 

Enrolled 23 July 1658. 

Close Roll, 26 Charles II. Part 9, (number 4412) 
KAi,Es & AL Indenture made i Dec, 26 Charles II. 1674 
^"^ Between George Bales of West Downe in Co. 

Sussex, Clerk, administrator of the goods of 
Sir Edward fford late of Hasting in Co. Sus- 
sex, Kt. deceased (with the last will annexed &c. to letters 
of Administration) & the Right Honourable Katherine Eady 
Grey wife of the Right Honourable Ralphe Lord Grey 
Baron of Warke of the one part and the said Ralphe Eord 
Grey of the other part Whereas said Ralphe Lord Grey 
by the name of the Hon. Ralph Grey, Esq. one of the sons 
of the Hon. William Lord Grey of Warke did acknowledge 
a recognizance or Statute Staple of the penalty of ;i^3ooo 
dated 22 June, 21 Charles II. to said Sir Edward fiforde. 
Now said George Bales at the desire of said lady Grey in 
trust for whom said letters of administration were granted 
doth release to said Ralph Lord Grey said recognisance & 
all sums of money due thereon «&c. Witnesses Isaac 
Warren & Stephen Waterworth. 

Enrolled 4 December A° p'dict. 

Close Roll, 28 Charles II. Part 14, number 27, (4466) 
soNE Indenture 29 August 1676 between Mary Sone 
^^ of parish of St. Saviors, Southwarke, Co. 

Surrey, widdow, on one part and Thomas 
Bales of parish of St. Olaves, Southwarke, 
Co. Surrey, joyner, of other part. Witnesseth that sd. 
Mary Sone in performance of covenant in one pair of inden- 
tures dated 15 Aug. 1674 between sd. Mary Sone of one pt. 


& sd. Thomas Kales of other, & in consideration of 6d. 
paid to sd. Mary Sone by sd. Thomas Bales &c., doth 
grant unto sd. Thomas Bales 5 acres of meadow heretofore 
called Watses & now called Bull Mead in or near Hackton 
in south end of Hornchurch, Co. Bssex in occupation of 
Thomas Legatt, since in tenure of Samuell Sone the elder, 
late in occupation of Widdow Holeman, & since in the 
occupation of Millett widdow & now in tenure of Wil- 
liam Porter, which meadow heretofore conveyed in inden- 
ture 7 Feb. 1627 with livery & seizin endorsed from Samuel 
Sone the elder to John Finch for use of Samuel Sone the 
elder, then to Samuel Sone the younger, & after his decease 
to use of Mary Sone by the name of Mary Finch daughter 
of sd. John Finch & her heirs forever & sd. meadow con- 
veyed to Samuel Sone the elder from John Begatt by deed 
20 July, 39 Bliz., sd. meadow to have to use of sd. Thomas 
Bales & his heirs. Acknowledged 4 Sept. 

Bnrolled 26 Sept. 

Close Roll, 30 Charles II. Part 2, (number 4503) 
GORGES ET Ai, This Indenture made the 7 December, 30 

HT Charles II. 1678 Between Ferdinando Gorges 

PEMBERTON Qf London, Merchant, John Byles of London, 
Merchant, & Thomas Browne, citizen & Scriv- 
ener of London, on the one part and Sir 
ffrancis Pemberton, Kt., one of His Majesty's Serjeants at 
Lawe, William Cherry of the Middle Temple, London, Bsq'. 
& Robert Pemberton of St. Albanes in Co. Hertf., gent. 
In consideration of the sum of ^7000 paid by said Sir 
ffrancis & of los. paid by said William Cherry & Robert 
Pemberton grant to sd. William & Robert the manor of 
Gosbertowne als Gosberkirke als Barraper in Gosbertone 
in Co. Lincoln with all rights &c. & all that marsh ground 
containing 76 acres more or less now or late in the tenure 
of Thomas Gregg or his assignes, 80 acres marsh in occu- 
pation of Thomas Jeffrey, 15 acres pasture ground in 
occupation of Richard Audsell, other 80 acres of marsh 


land in occupation of said Gregg, 9 acres marsh in occu- 
pation of William Marsliam, other marsh grounds in occu- 
pation of said Jeflfery & Gregg & of Thomas Compton, 
farm in occupation of flfrancis Burkitt, pasture ground in 
occupation of Robert Ramsdale, low ground in occupation 
of William Pindar, messuage or tenement in occupation of 
Thomas Carter, pasture lands in occupation of Thomas 
Nelson, other messuages & lands &c. in occupation of 
Thomas Gregg, Thomas Benington, Thomas Nelson, Jeremy 
Jeffery, Thomas Booth, Henry Harvey, Richard Marrett, 
Mathewe Browne, Thomas Sumpter, William and Thomas 
Harryman, Obed Cust, Samuel Burton, Owen Weldon & 
Phillipp Collington, all which lands messuages &c. are 
situate in Gosbertowne als Gosberkirke in said Co. of Lin- 
coln and all other the lands late of Sir Robert Carr, Bar^, 
vested in and upon the Right Honourable Henry Lord 
Arlington by the name of Sir Henry Bennett, Sir John 
Newton, Bart. & Sir William Wray, Bart, by Act of Par- 
liament for settling the estate of said Sir Robert Carr, Bart, 
all which promises afterwards by Indenture for 6 months 
dated 26 Nov"",, 18 Charles II. 1666 made between said 
lord Arlington, Sir John Newton & Sir William Wray on 
the one part & Henry Mellor of the towne of Derby in Co. 
Derby, gent, and an Indenture tripartite of grant or release 
dated the 27 of said month of November & Indenture 
enrolled dated 6 May, 20 Charles II. Between the said lord 
Arlington, Sir John Newton & Sir William Wray on the 
first part the said Sir Robert Carr on the second part and 
the said Henry Mellor of the third part were granted to 
the said Henry Mellor who afterwards granted the said 
lands, messuages &c. to John Morris, Esq''. & John Wyse ; 
and the said lands, messuages &c. were afterwards granted 
to the said fferdinando Gorges, Thomas Brown & John 
Eyles with all rights, reversions &c. Now said fferdinando 
Gorges, John Browne & John Kyles grant the said lands 
&c. with all rights, reversions, deeds, writings &c. to the 


said William Cherry & Robert Pemberton to the only use 
of the said Sir flfrancis Pemberton his heires &c. 
Enrolled 24 Feb'ry, 31 Charles II. 

Close Roll, 32 Charles II. Part 6, number 9, (4544) 
EEi,Es Indenture 2 January, 32 Chas. II. 1680 be- 

* tween John Eeles of Brill, Co. Bucks eldest 

PHii^upps g^^ ^^ Robert Eeles of Brill, gent, and grand- 

Q child of John Eeles late of Dorton, Co. afore- 

said, gentleman, of one part & Thomas 
Phillipps of Ickford, sd. Co. Bucks, gent. & Moses Slade 
of Wallingford, Co. Berks, gent, of other part. Witnesseth 
that in consideration of sum of 5s. sd.-John Eeles doth 
grant unto sd. Thomas Phillipps and Moses Slade messuage 
or tenement situated in Crowmersh Gifford, Co. Oxon on 
north side of the street there, a lane leading from Crowmersh 
aforesaid to Ewelme on east side together with barnes &c. , 
6 acres of land & field called Hitching field & pasture for 
2 horses & 2 kine &c. now in occupation of John Sadler 
or his assigns & were heretofore bought by the aforesaid 
John Eeles from one John Whitehand and Elizabeth his 
wife & by the sd. John Eeles grandfather to him from one 
John Whitehand and Elizabeth his wife and by the sd. John 
Eeles by his last will & testament in writing among other 
things devised to the sd. John Eeles now party hereunto & 
also land in Hitchingfield 1 1 acres shooteing north & south 
& also on west a way leading from Crowmersh Gifford 
aforesaid towards Oxford called Oxford way on east side 
thereof a cottage now or late in occupation of John I,eaver, 
at south end thereof which sd. acre is now also in occupa- 
tion of sd. John Sadler & was heretofore also purchased 
by the sd. John Eeles the grandfather to him of one John 
Clarke & by sd. John Eeles by his last will & testament 
also devised to sd. John Eeles now party hereunto & also 
all ways &c., 6 acres & one acre of arrable commons &c. 
Sd. messuages &c. unto sd. Thomas Phillipps & Moses 
Slade forever &c. Acknowledged i Feb. by John Eeles. 

Enrolled 19 Feb. 


Close Roll, 33 Charles II. Part 12, nuraber 15, (4566) 
CALTON Indenture 8 Oct., 33 Chas. II. between Paul 
®^ Calton of Milton, Co. Berks, Esq. of one pt. 

EYi^Es&AL ^ j^^^ ^yjgg ^f London, Esq. & William 

Kiflfen of I^ondon, merchant of other pt. 
Witnesseth that in pursuance of certain indentures made 
or to be made between sd. Paul Calton & Susanna his wife 
& Moses Slade of Staple Inne, lyondon, gent, of one pt. & 
sd. John Eyles & William Kiflfen of second pt., Peter Wing 
of Wallingford, Berks, gent, of third pt. & Arthur Evans 
of Wantage, sd. Co. Berks & Thomas Gery of Middle 
Temple, London, gent, of fourth pt., for 5s. paid, sd. Paul 
Calton doth sell to sd. John Eyles & William Kiflfen meadow 
called Westmead (43 acres) in Milton or elsewhere in 
Berks, now or late in occupation of Richard Sherwood & 
land called Nyott (15) in Milton late in occupation of 
Richard Howkins & tenement called Greyhound late in 
occupation of Robert Stone now in possession of Paul Cal- 
ton & meadow called Greate Hale (23) Burdens meadow 
(92) late in occupation of Thomas Burden, now in occu- 
pation of sd. Paul Calton, & Holbrooke (8) & Burdens 
lane late in possession of Thomas Burden, now of Paul 
Calton, & corne mills called Milton mills &c. (70) now or 
late in occupation of Thomas Stevens & cottages in occu- 
pation of John King, William Coulery, John Scarlett, 
Henry Ludlowes, John Plott &c. in occupation of Robt. 
Keate, Widow Hoare, and Thomas Herbert &c. & also 
perpetual nomination to the parish church of Milton & all 
land &c. now parcell to the manor of Milton to sd. John 
Eyles & William Kiflfen forever. 

Acknowledged and enrolled 28 Oct. 

Close Roll, 36 Charles II. Part 10, number 8, (4624) 

wii^MOTT Indenture 14 Feb., i Jas, II. between WiUiam 

^ Willmott of London, gent, of one part & 

EELEs Henry ^eles of Wallangford, Co. Berks, 

gent, of other part Witnesses that for ^400 


paid by sd. Henry Eeles, sd. William Willmott doth acquit 
sd. Henry, being same sum of ;^4oo mentioned in inden- 
tures bearing even date &c. between sd. parties &c. Wil- 
liam Wilmott grants messuage or tenements with appur- 
tenances called Holme Place in Stadham, Co. Oxon, now 
in possession of Michaell Lucy, tenant of sd. William Wil- 
mott & lands &c. i. e. Jacks close (2 acres), the Moore 
(i), the Butts (6), Aliens orchard (i^), the Whaddowes 
(38), Thurlsbridge (36) &c. all in Stadham town lands, & 
granting all right except pasture called Dowleaze in posses- 
sion of John Keene 3 little cottages now or late in posses- 
sion of Robert Miller, Mary Allen, Edward Belson, to have 
and to hold forever. 

Acknowledged and enrolled 16 Feb. 



Elizabeth, Bundle E i, number 63, Evelyn. 
UNDATED. To the Right Honorable S'". John Puckeringe, 
(1595-6?) Knight, Ivord Keeper of the Great Seal of 

Humbly complayninge your Lordships Orato'. Richard 
Eilles of (blank) in the Countie of Som'., yeoman, that 
William Barlowe sometyme Bishopp of Bath & Wells 
being seised in his right as of the Bishoprick of and in the 
parsonage of St. John the Baptist in the town of Glaston 
in said Co. together with the Chapels of St. Benings in said 
town and of West Pennarde and West Bradley in said Co. 
to the said Rectory annexed and so seised by deed indented 
dated the 3"' September in the first year of the Reign of the 
late Queen Mary devised same vnto William Barlowe his 
son for term of 80 years from the expiration of a term for 
years then in possession of Sir Morris Barteley, Knt. which 
term was now long since ended yeilding and paying yearly 
£40. 12,. 4 rent reserved with clause of reentry &c. the said 
lease confirmed by the Dean & Chapter of Bath & Wells & 
said William Barlowe entered & was possessed of said par- 
sonage &c. & so possessed granted the same to John Barlowe 
his brother & said John Barlowe in consideration of the sum 
of ^280 by Thomas Huchins & John Dawes by Deed dated 
10 April, 15 Eliz^'\ granted sd. premisses reserving a yearly 
rent of ^28 ouer and aboue the ^42.13.4 reserved by the 
Bishops lease with condition of reentry if either of said rents 
remain unpaid a certain time &c. The said Thomas Huchins 
then conveyed his interest in sd. premises to William 
Hutchins his brother yet receiving the rents profits &c. of his 
moiety for life and said Thomas by his last Will & tes- 
tament devised same to Dorothy his wife & died & said 


John Dawes in the lifetime of said Thomas conveyed his 
estate in sd. premises to one John Yong of Sturminster 
Newton Castell in Co. Dor', in trust to sever the jointure 
& after the death of said Thomas said William his brother 
did enter into possession &c. & by deed dated 25 July, 21 
KHz*'', granted the Glebe lands in Glaston & West Bradley 
to said John Dawes & to one ffabyan Ransburye for the 
use of the said John Dawes but said Dorothy interrupted 
their possession by virtue of her said husbands will and 
assigned the interest to the said John Yong in trust for she 
intended to marry with one Gregory Morgan and being 
afraid that said Gregory might spend & waste away the 
profitts of said premisses & to the intent to reserve same to 
her owne vse for the better mayntenance &c. and the said 
John Yong in trust for both parties allowed them to take 
the profits and the said Dorothy not long after married said 
Gregory Morgan, and not long after said Gregory Morgan 
was inforced to go into Ireland being in great danger of 
arrest by reason of divers debts &c. and the said Gregory 
then intreated and requested the said John Yong and one 
John Hippisley, gent, to employ said profits on his the said 
Gregories behalf but the said rents not being paid in con- 
sequence therof the sd. John Dawes then reentered and 
shortly after a new deed quadripartite was made in the 26''' 
yere of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth that now is Between 
John Barlowe of the first part John Dawes of the second 
part John Yong of the third part & William Hatch of the 
fourth part and after the said John Dawes assigned his 
interest vnto yo"" Orato'' the said Richard Eiles & your 
orator entered & hath enioyed quiet & peacable occupation 
of sd. premisses for the space of 12 yeres or thereabouts 
But now so it is that said Gregory Morgan having returned 
again from Ireland & being acquainted with contents & 
conditions of the said Indenture did agree to same &c. 
Said Gregory Morgan with intent for the utter undoing of 
you'' Orato'' hath conspired with one Fitzjames & others 


&c. Your Orator praying your Lordship to issue the 
Queens Writ in the Court of Comon pleas &c. 

With Copy of Bill 

Answeres of the several defendants. 

Demurrer of Dorothie Morgan 

Replication of Richard Eyles 

Decree &c. 

James I, Bundle E 2, number 60, Saunders, 
o , To the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Ivord KHesmere, 

18 MAY 1610 , ^ — , , 

lyord Chancellor of England. 

Bill of Complaint of Nicholas Eales of Buckfastlee in 
Co. Devon, husbandman, — yeares sethence your orato'" was 
indebted to one Robert Bounde in sum of ^g.ios. or there- 
abouts by Specialty w'^h your Suppliant intending to pay 
to sd. Bounde entreated to meet him at the house of one 
Philpe to end the same whether he came but refused to 
make any end of the said matter then for that the same 
was an alehouse and promised shortly after that same 
should be ended. Your SuppP. being also indebted to one 
Shere in a sum of fforty shillings by one Specialty part 
thereof being paid &c. they submitted themselves to the 
arbitrament of one Thomas Caunter & others who awarded 
that yo'' suppl'. should pay for use of sd. monies & for 
other things & for full satisfaction of sd. debts & sums of 
money & in Exchange and buying & selling of horses &c. 
which came into the hands of sd. Shere amounting to 
;i^io & you'^ suppP. at sundry times bounden to one 
Rychard Harrys by specialty 20 marks &c. & having paid 
such debts demanded sd. Specialtys Bonds &c. & called 
up Richard ffoster & William Ilberte two of their neigh- 
bours to witness &c. & sd. Harris then delivered up one of 
sd. Bonds but refuseth to deliver other sd. Bonds & so to 
make end of the matter & threatens action &c. to the 
undoing of your suppP. &c. 

(Bill only) 


Charles I, Bundle E 26, number 41. 

, ^ ^, To Rt. Hon. Thomas, I,ord Ellesmere, Lord 
II FKB. (1612?) ' ' 

Chancellor of England. 

Bill of Complaynt of Richard Eles of Broadhempston in 
Co. Devon, yeoman, that one Nicholas Sumpter of Broad- 
hempston aforesaid, yeoman, being for many year seised of 
divers lands &c. but blind & decrepit his onely son 
Edmond manages his Estate for the benefit of said Nicholas 
& sd. Edmund hath granted sundry short leases of parts of 
said lands to yo'' orator with license to plow. On or about 
24 Jan'y, 9 his Mat'*^^ reign that now is ( ? James). Now 
sd. Nicholas & Edmond Combining to defeat yo'' orator of 
the crops on sd. lands have Entred 2 actions at law & to 
further vex yo'' orator have entred suits against two of 
yo'^ orators servants Nicholas Damerell & Thomas Booye 
for trespass in cutting said wheate &c. on the said parcels 
of land denying that sayd Nicholas had leased sd. lands, 
or that sd. Edmond had power so to do & the sd. agree- 
ment being by word of mouth only between your orator & 
sd. Edmond & your orator being an estranger to the laws 
&c. humbly entreats &c. 

(Bill only) 

Series II. Bundle 307, number 31, Tothill. 

To the Right Hon'"^ flfrancis, Lord Verulam, 

3 NOV. 1619 ^ , 

Lord Chancellor of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Rowland Eeles of Chipping Wic- 
kombe in Co. Bucks, mercer. That about 2 years last 
past one John Wheeler of London, marchant, having 
sould certain wheat to the value of ^200 or thereabouts to 
one Henry Robinson and Samuel Trone of Chipping 
Wickombe aforesayd mealmen for payment of which the 
said Robinson & Trone became bound vnto Robert Bewick 
of Newcastle upon Tyne, marchant, by direction of said 
Wheeler and afterwards the said Robinson & Trone or 
some person at their instance satisfied and paid the said 
Wheeler (the said Bewicke being used only in trust and is 


unknown to your orator) the sum of ^loo parcel of the 
said ^200 &c. & afterwards making default of payment of 
the residue of ^100 a quantity of meal of the said Robin- 
son's of the value of ;^6o was attached w'hin the City of 
■ London towards the satisfaction of the said sum and after- 
wards yo"^ orator upon the promise of the said Robinson & 
Trone (for the discharge of the said meal) that they 
together with one Robert Cracknell of Chipping Wickombe 
would become bound in a Counterbond of ;^25o t6 save 
your Orator harmless, your orator became bound with the 
said Robinson and Trone to the Said Bewick in a Bond ot 
^200 conditioned for the payment of the said sum of ;!^ioo 
left unpaid by 40*. weekly & the said Robinson & Trone 
paid ^15 to the said Wheeler by weekly payments as 
aforesaid But now the sd. Robinson & Trone plotting 
with one George Bradshaw of Chipping Wickombe afore- 
said to get of yo'' orato'' the penalty of the said Bond and 
share it among them being much decayed in estate &c. do 
deny to give the said Counterbond for security to your 
orator and have entered into fresh security to the said 
Bewick and by Combination & confederacy with the said 
Wheeler have assigned the said Bond to the said Bradshawe 
& the said Bond is put in suit at Common Law against 
yo'' orator & yo'' orator having noe remedy e &c. prays 
to be releived &c. 

With answer of Samuel Trone 2 of Defts 17 Nov. 161 9. 

With answer of John Wheeler one of Defts 10 Nov. 1619 
& replication of Rowland Kyles Complt to the Answeres of 

Charles I, Bundle E 24, number 37. 

o ^^ , To the Rt. Hon. Francis, Lord Verulam, Lord 
8 FEB. 1619 ' ' 

Chancellor of England. 

Bill of Compl't of John Eyles of ffelpham, Co. Sussex, 

yeoman. Sd. John Eyles became endebted to one Hum- 

frey Gratwicke of Arrundell in sd. Co. in diuers sums & 

in satisfaction leased certain lands in ffelphom for 10 years 


reserving rent of ^20 p. ann. Same being worth at least 
£2,6 p. ann. & sd. Humfrie entred &c. & after one Robert 
Napper of Chichester, Mercer, combining with one Robert 
Grevet of flfelphom, butcher, & John Reggat of Sidlesham, 
shoomaker, how to get sd. inheritance from your orator & 
by pretence of selling a mare to yo'' Orator obtained a bond 
of ^20 & delivered same to said Napper & yo'' orator was 
soon after threatened with arrest at the suit of sd. Napper 
& on the advise of sd. Grevet fled into Guildford in Sur- 
rey but sd. Grevet acquainting said Napper with yo'' orato''^ 
whereabouts said Napper entered suit against yo'' orator at 
Guildford & threatened yo"" orator with arrest unless he 
would deliver the counterpart of sayd lease &c. & your 
orator fearing &c, delivered said counterpart to sd. Gratwicke 
on assurance of said Napper that all bonds &c. should be 
redelivered to yo'' orator. Now sayd Napper & sd. Grat- 
wicke utterly refuse &c. 

With answers of John Ruggett, Humfry Gratwicke 
& Rob* Napper. 

James I, Bundle E 5, number 35. 
To the Rt. Hon^'^ & Rt. Rev''. Father in God 

3 JUNE 1622 

John, lyord Bishop of lyincolne, Lord Keeper 
of the Great Seal &c. 
Bill of Complaint of Richard Eles of Broadhempston in 
Co. Devon, gent. That whereas one Richard Eles dec'', 
Compl'ts Grandfather was seised of divers messuages &c. 
in Broadhempston & Elswhere in the said Countie & per- 
ceiving that Edward Eles his son Compl'ts father had 
buried his first wife & had again married with one Joane 
Davye w'h whom he had a very small portion not exceed- 
ing 100 marks & Compl't being his eldest son, the sd. 
Richard did earnestly entreat the said Edward that what- 
soever estate Should come to the said Edward from the said 
Richard should descend to Compl't after the decease of the 
said Edward & that if he did not give him good satisfac- 
tion that he would perform himself what he desired & that 


he would himself settle his estate so that after the deaths of 
the said Richard & Edward the said estate should descend 
& come vnto Compl't. which the said Edward promised 
faithfully he would do. But after the Death of the said 
Richard the said Joane by her importunity did so far dis- 
inherit Compl't as to enforce the said Edward to give to her 
one tenement &c. in Broadhempston of the yearly value of 
;^4o for her life in lieu of her dower & after her death to 
Edward Eles her son & the said Joane after the death of 
her said husband did enter into the said tenement &c. the 
same being a full third of all the lands &c. of the said Ed- 
ward and further the said Edward did give unto his son 
one other tenement in Broadhempston of the value of ^lo 
yearly & also by his last will did give to the said Joane & 
Edward the greatest part of his personal estate & yet the 
sd. Johne & Edward not greatly contented and perceiving 
that the said Edward had made Compl't his ex"'. Not only 
after his death but in his lyfe time confederated with one 
Anne Smerdon daughter of sd. Johane & the sd. Joane 
Edward & Anne did get into their hands certain deeds & 
writings &c. & did carry away great quantities of gold & 
silver plate & other household stuff to value of ;(<^300 
which Compl't did demand to be returned and agreeing to 
arbitrament it was agreed that Tobyas Reynell, Richard 
Blackaller, Robert Eeyden & Robert Smerdon being near 
friends should hear & award &c. Prays that same may be 
discovered &c. 

Answer of Johane Eyles, widowe, Edward Eyles her 
son & Anne Smerdon, wife of Robert Smerdon, her daugh- 
ter deft", to the Bill of Complaint of Richard Eyles Compl't. 

Sworn at Aish'ton. 22 June, 20 James I. 

James I, Bundle E 2, number 70, Saunders. 
^ „ ^ To the Rt. Hon. & Rev. Father in God, John, 

16 OCT. 1623 

Lord Bishop of Lincolne, Eord Keeper of the 
Great Seal of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Thomas Eles brother & heir of 


William Eles dec''. That said William was at the time of 
his death & long time before seised of one messuage & 
other lands &c. in Walton in Co. Warwick & sd. lands 
&c. with all Deeds &c. after his the said William Eles his 
death descended & came to your Orator as brother & heir 
of sd. William &c. But one Robert Wilcocks, gent. & 
John Browne & Anne his wife has possessed themselves of 
said Deedes &c. and have entered into possession of said 
messuage &c. and Your said Orato'^ at sundry times hath 
entreated the sd. Robert Wilcocks to deliver up said Writ- 
ings & to suffer your Orator to enter quietly & peaceably 
into said messuage & to enjoy same & yet they do still 
refuse to deliver up sd. deeds &c. & do still detain the said 
premises & by reason your sd. orator hath not said deeds 
in his possession is unable to recover & enter said premises 
and therefore humbly beseecheth &c. whether the sd. 
messuage, lands &c. were the inheritance of you'^ sd. orators 
Ancestors &c. as Inheritance of one William Daun dec**, 
whose heir your sd. orato"^ is &c. With Answer of Defts. 

Charles I, Bundle B 3, number 63. 
o. ....r ,Ao« To the Rt. Hon. the I^ord Keeper of the Great 

21 MAY 1020 •"• 

Bill of Complaint of William Eyles late of Wargrave in 
Co. Berks now of Burwey in sd, Co. in parish of Sonning, 
yeoman, was circa i Charles I. seised in fee simple of two 
Copy holds in Wargrave aforesaid held of the sd. manor of 
clear yearly vale we of /■14. & worth ^300 at the least to be 
sold. One Grifl&th fferryman of Sonning aforesaid in said 
year hath given out in speeches &c. that he himself was 
possessed of the farmhouse called Burwey farme in Sonning 
for 21 years by lease from Sir Peter Vanlore, Knt. deceased 
& under Color of such representations prevailed vpon yo"" 
Orato'" to forsake his holding &c. and after the said Griffin 
fferryman pretended to advance Moneys to stock sd. farm, 
but in sequel of a Covetous desire to strip yo'" Orator of his 


copyhold Estate prevailed vpon yo' said Orato"" to borrow 
;^ I CO at the rate of ^8 per loo with Conditional surren- 
der to Humfry Newbery, Esq. steward of said manor & 
then sd. Gri£&n demanded repayment of sd. ^loo under 
coUor that one Ivawrence Halsted had purchased the interest 
of sd. Sir Peter Vanlore & Combining &c. 

With Answere of Grifl&n fFeryman 29 May 1629. 

Bundle E 3, number 17. 
Replication of William Eyles Compl't to the 
Answere of GryflSn fferryman Def. 
Says answeare is very untrue & will prove his said Bill 
to be true, &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 8, number 3. 

, To the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
24 OCT. 1629 ' . ^ , 

Ivord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 

Bill of Complaint of Thomas Eyles of Tuttle Street in 
Co. Middx., Brewer, that 3 years since he became bound 
to one Edward Powell by the poyntment of one John Wing- 
feild in personal sum of ^80 for payment of ;!^42 yo"' orator 
was indebted to said John Wingfeild which said ^42 was to 
be paid by the deliury of 3 barrels of beer of the price of 
6 shillings each barrel every week until the said sum was 
fully paid & yo'' orat"' . did immediately deliuer at the place 
appointed &c. every week & until so much as ;^io or there- 
abouts had been deliu''. in satisfaction of said sum & would 
have continued &c. but said John Wingfeild then refused 
to accept or to allow any other person or persons to accept 
deliuery &c. & sd. John & Edward combining have entred 
an estate in Bankruptcy & with the assistance of the 
Comm''^ of sd. Court have entered yo'' oraters premises & 
taken away certain Books of account & your orator having 
debts owing to him of about ;i^350 is at a loss &c. neither 
will they allow your orator to view such books with intent 
to utterly undo yo'' sd. orator &c. (Bill only much faded.) 


Charles I, Bundle A 2, number 58. 
14 APRIL Answer of Edward Underhall Deft, to the 

CHARi.ES I. Bill Qf Compl't of Hugh Awdley, Esq. 
Compl't (sworn 14 Apl 8 Chas) Answer of Edmund Eales, 
Deft, to same (sworn same date) Believes that Laurence 
Bolton & Edmund Bolton were Seised of the mano'' of 
Granborough & lands belonging of the value of ^525 p. 
ann. as mentioned in said Bill but whether they did about 
Nov^ 1629 Contract with Compl't to sell said manor defen- 
dant Knoweth not. Believes that Compl't may have cer- 
tain leases in said lands &c : Denies any Combination with 
the other Deft^ but only as baylie to his master & that 
Defendant is in full & perfect enjoyment of said leases if 
any there be without let or hindrance from deft, prays to 
be dismissed. 

Answer of William Radburne & Jane his wife defts. to 
Same. Do not know of any agreement made with Compl't. 
Defts. hold a lease from Compl't. 

Answer of George Beale, Clerk, deft, to same mentions the 
Boltons, Zacheus Isham, Ann wife of Laurence Bolton, 
Mary wife of Edmond Bolton. Consideration for said 
manor ^7800. 

Answer of Edmund Bolton & Mary his wife defts. to 
Same. That said Laurence was seised of the manors of 
Granborow & Wolscott in Co. Warwick & the Rectory of 
Granborow & about 20 June, 18 James there was an agree- 
ment made concerning same between the said Laurence & 

Mentions leases &c. to Richard Newdegate & William 
Radburne &c. (sworn same date) 

Charles I, Bundle E 8, number 45. 
^ , To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 

17 JUNE 1632 ' -^ ' 

Keeper of the Great Seal. 
Bill of Compl't of Thomas Eales of Aishb'ton, Co. Devon, 
Cordineare & Katherine his wife heretofore the wife of Zach- 
ary Clewter of Newton Abbott in sd. Co. dec'*. & one of the 


daus. of John Heywood late of Highwicke in sd. Co. , butcher 
also dec''. — yrs past Robert Babb of Newton Abbot seised of 
a close or closes of yearly value of ^lo in Highwicke afore- 
said & Woolborowe. Sd. John Babb leased to said John 
Heywood Thomazine his wife & the sd. Katherine your 
oratrix & the longest liver of them &c. & sd. John Hey- 
wood entred &c. sd. Thomasine dyed before sd. John & the 
sd. John Heywood died so seised & said lands ought to 
come to your sd. oratrix but being then married to the sd. 
Zachary Clewter sd. lease came into the hands of John 
Heywood son of aforesayd John since also dec'', or to his 
son Gilbert & the sd. John the son & Gilbert entred &c. 
& enjoyed the profits &c. during the widowhood of sd. 
Katherine & now the sd. John the son & the sd. Zachary 
being dec'', the sd. Gilbert doth still detain the sd. lease & 
premises &c. & yo'' orator quietly demanding the sd. lease 
& premises sd. Gilbert doth utterly refuse to allow yo' 
orators to enter &c. & pleads that there was arbitrament 
between sd. Zachary & sd. John with answer of Gilbert 

Charles I, Bundle E 29, number 13, Maydwell. 

The Replication of Thomas Eales & Kathe- 
ryne his wife Compl"^ vnto the answeere of 
Gilbert Hayward def\ 

The said Replyants all advantage of Exception to the 
uncertainties of the said answer now & at all tymes &c. 
for speeding the said Cause for hearing Saith that the said 
Defd'^ answer is very imperfect &c. & that of right the 
lands in question ought to come to Said Compl". Katherine 
either by grant bequest &c. from the said Rob'. Babb or 
John Haywood in the Bill named & if any award made it 
was against Zachary Clouter Comp^*^ former husband & 
he being deceased the award is void &c. & that the matters 
in the said Bill are true &c. 

Ev. Trin. Ulto. 


Charles I, Bundle K 12, number 32. 

To the Rt. Hon'ble Tho., lyord Coventry, 
24 JUNE (1633?) ^^ Keeper of the Greate Seale of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Thomas Eyles of Tuttle Streete in or 
near Westminster in Co. Midd. the elder, that 10 years 
since Sir Edward flfrauncis, Knt. was possessed of a certain 
house in Tuttle St. for a term of years not yet expired & 
leased same to yo' orator for 28 yeares at a yearly rent 
of ^3 & yo'' orator converted same at Great costs into a 
brewhouse & made great additions at a cost of ^100 or 
more & greatly increased the value &c. & your orator in 
need of monies to do so sd. Sir Edward lent yo' orator ;^5o 
& likewise became surety for yo'^ orato"^ for ;i^50 more to 
one Allen ffenner. Sayd Sir Edward ffrauncis & Allen 
ffenner both now deceased about 5 years Since & sir Edward 
made his will making his wife & Sir William Goring, Bart, 
his Exors. & shortley after his death the sd. lady fifrancis 
& Sir Edward Goring intermedled with the leases Granted 
by Sd. Sir Edward flfrauncis & authorized one Edmond 
Church to deal with the business & therupon yo'^ orator 
made a fresh agreement with sd. Sir William Goring for 
22 years & for one other house called the daker House 
otherwise y*^ labour in vain with right of renewall &c. & 
also about 4 yrs. since a bargain was made with one William 
Gynger of Ivinghoe, Co. Kent, malster, to give Credit to 
yo' orator for so much malt as would come to ^50 to be 
delivered as yo' orator desired & yo' orator with one Willm 
Dancie, Esq. & one W™. Grover the younger became bound 
in ;^ioo for payment of sayd malt which amounted to 
;^44.5.o & although no more had been deliuered said parties 
entred a suit against yo' orator to recover the full penalty 
although sayd sum had been offered yet they claim a bal- 
ance &c. & Execution was levied by one Nathaniell Samp- 
son the Sherriflf &c. 

With Answer of Sir William Goring deft. 


Charles I, Bundle En, number 5. 
The Replication of Thomas Eyles Compl't. 
To the Answers of Sir William Goreing, Bart. 
& Nathaniell Sampson, gent. Def ts. 

Averres that the Bill is true & the Answers untrue & is 
prepared to swear &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 21, number 18, 

I MAY 16^5 '^^ ^^^ Right Hon. Thomas, Eord Coventr)^ 
Lord Keeper of the Greate Seale of England. 
Bill of Complaynt of Thomas Eyles of Tuttle St. in the 
Cittie of Westminster, Co. Midd. the Elder. 

A similar Bill to above. 
With Answers of Edmond Church, Arthur Apis, Edward 
Wood & Job Bradshawe Def 'ts. 
" Sr. WiUiam Goring Deft. 
" " " William Dancey, Esq. Deft. 

Charles I, Bundle En, number 9. 
Demurrer of Sir WilHam Goring, Bar', one of 
15 JUNE (1632?) the Def "^ to the Bill of Complaynt of Thomas 
Eyles, Comp'". 
That the Bill consists of several parts having no Coherence. 
First against this def", on a pretended mortgage. 
Second That an agreement was made by Edmond Church 
mentioned in said Bill with Compl". that this deft, 
should make a lease of a certain messuage &c. 
called the Eabor in Vain & that the said Church is 
not made a party to this suit. 
Third Concerning a bargain of Malt to value of ^50 made 
by Compl'^ upon one William Gynger & said 
Gynger is not made any party &c. 
Fourth Against Richard Dancy, Esq'. & William Grover 
2 other def. concerning a bond of ^100, whereof 
he supposed the most part to be paid & yet said 
Dancey & Grover obtained Judgement against sd. 


I^astly Against Nathaniel Sampson then Under Sherifif of 

Middx. for taking pltfs goods in Execution and 

selling them at low rates & prices & Keeping some 

of the monies for his own use & benefit &c. 

All w^h matters this def. conceiveth are of several natures 

&c. & requireth several Examinations, degrees &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 4, number 38. 

Plea and demurrer of Richard Dancey one of 
, - J, ■ the Def*^ to the Bill of Complaynt of Thomas 

Eyles CompP. 
That in the term of St. Michaell the Archangell 1629. 
Compl". before exhibited his bill of Complaint. Bargain 
made between Compl". & one William Ginger for Malt to 
value of ^53. & that compl't. this Def". and William 
Grover the younger became bound in ^100 to said Ginger 
for payment. & that Compl". payed for all the amount that 
was due to said Ginger Except ^4. is. id. & said Grover and 
this Def'^ Made answer to the suit then intituted & Judge- 
ment for ^69 in costs &c. made against this def". One 
John Powell of the Strand Exhibited his bill of compl". 
against this def '*. in respect of Execution &c. prays to be 
dismissed &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 7, number 48. 
, To the Rt. Hon. Thomas, IvOrd Coventry, 

28 JUNE 1637 -^ 

Eord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Margarett Eales of Staverton, Co. 
Devon, widow. Whereas Edward Cooke & John Luscombe, 
Esquires, Eords or farmers of the Manno^ of Staverton for 
a long term of years not yet run out, of the grant &c. of 
the Dean & Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, 
Exeter &c. said Lords granted to James Eales yo'' sd. 
oratrixes late husband certeine copyhold Messuages &c. 
& sd. James Eales became seised of sd. messuages & so 
seised of sd. Coppiehould married your oratrix & had a 
good portion with her &c. & dyed after whose decease your 


oratrix ought to hold said messuages &c. according to the 
custom of the said Manor and your oratrix entered into 
possession of sd. messuages. But nowe one William 
Hellier, Clarke, one of the Canons of the said Cathedral 
churche hath by divers means procured from said Edward 
& John the interest in sd. messuages & hath taken said 
lease in the name of Henry Hellier his son now deceased, 
& said Henry Granted an estate in said messuages to 
John Hellier grandson of the said William and the said 
William Hellier desired to thrust out and Evict your said 
oratrix & by Combination with one Samuell Tubball, Cl'k, 
procured the said John Hellier to make an entry &c. and 
after obtained an Ejectment lease & your oratrix was 
arrested thereupon &c. & refuse your oratrix to have a 
view of the Court Roll, Court Book, deedes &c. 
(Bill only.) 

Charles I, Bundle En, number 28. 

6 TUNE i6^Q '^° ^^^ ^^* ^^^- Thomas, Lord Coventrye, 

Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 
Bill of Compl'*, of Robert Eales of Granborough, Co. 
Warr., husbandman. William Eales late of Grandborough 
in sd. "Co., husbandman, dec'', father of yo' orator about 
9 or 10 years last past borrowed of one Richard Harris late 
of same place, laborer, dec'^ £6 & with yo' orato'. entered 
into bond of ^12 with said Richard &c. your orator being 
but a surety & your orators sd. father with consent of sd. 
Richard did yearly pay the interest on said ^6 & also paid 
20^ part of sd. principal a little before the decease of sd. 
Rich'' now 3 years last past & said Richard died intestate. 
Now Mary Harris, Spinster, dau'r, of sd. Richard hath 
taken letters of administration on his estate and hath 
entered into a suit at law on the said obligation of ;^ 12 
against yo"" sd. orator. Offers to pay ^"5 remainder of sd. 
principal with reasonable damages for interest since death 
of said Richard Harris &c. With answer of Mary Harris 


Charles I, Bundle E 27, number 53. 

To Rt. Hon. Sr. Edward Littleton, Knt. 

6 FEB. 1640 

Eorde Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 

Bill of Complaint of Nicholas Eales citizen & Joyner of 
lyondon using the mystery of buying and selling of wood 
& coales &c. at a wharf near Dowgate Hill, hath a great 
stock & there did drive a good trade which one Robert 
Churchman, Beadle of the Merchantaylors Hall in London, 
well Knowing & Knew 3^0' orato' had but one daughter one 
whom he conceived yo'" orato' would settle all or a Great 
parte of his estate &c. & having a son newly come from 
beyond the seas. & having spent a greate part of his fathers 
estate &c. he the sd. Robert was very desirous to match 
his sd. son John to this defend'*' daur. Sara & did promise 
to settle ;^ioo on the marriage & that ^400 which the said 
Robert & John had in an adventure at sea should in 4 mos 
be paid for the better Maintenance of sd. John & Sara &c. 
& to convey lands &c. to yearly value of ^32 & a yearly 
rent of 25;^ after the death of wife of sd. Robert, &c. & 
your orator not doubting the promises consented to sd. 
marriage & sd. Robert directed one John Pickering of Lon- 
don scrivener his son-in-law to draw up some writings & 
shortly after the said Mariage the said Robert & John & 
John Pickering Combined together & shewing your orator 
said writings &c. your orator sealed same without however 
their being read to him they declaring &c. & shortly after 
brought another note of agreement for your orator to sign 
promising former agreement should be cancelled &c. & 
now giveth forth that said note is a bill or bond for ^600 
for your orator to pay to said Robert, and also Endeavoring 
to get all your orators Estate into their custody &c. 

With Answer of Robert & John Churchman & John 

Charles I, Bundle E 24, number 69. 
To the Rt. Hon. Sir Edw". Littleton, Knt. 

15 FEB. 1640 , - ^ , 1 

Lord Keeper of the Greate Seale of England. 


Compl't. of Nicholas Eales cit. & Woodmonger of Lon- 
don that Sir Moulton lyambert, Kt. while he lived of West- 
combe in the parish of Easte Green ewich in Co. Kent, 
dec'', was seised of a messuage or wharf in the parish of 
Greate Allhallowes Eondon between the river of Thames 
South, the Common Dock West & Cozen lane East, with 
Stable & loft &c. & other rooms appurtaining &c. demysed 
to one Richard Wootton deceased & so seised by lease 26 
April 1633 for Consideration of ^"36 paid by yo' orator 
whereof ^6 to be payd to Dame lady Garrard his then wife 
& the yearly rent &c. as by sayd indenture more at large 
appeareth &c. with right of purchase &c. & yo'' orator 
entered &c. & after said Sir Moulton Lambard died & yo'' 
orator was informed about 7 years since that sayd rents &c. 
belonged to the said Dame Jane Eambard the widow & 
relict & you' orator duly tendered said rents &c. & said 
rents were accepted & yo'' orator continued to enjoy sayd 
premises & about 2 y" since said Dame Jane married with 
Sir John Garrard, Kt. who also accepted said rent & suf- 
fered yor orato'' to continue & enjoy said wharf &c. 
Sayd Sir John Garrard now deceased & some differences 
arising between yor orator & Thomas Eambard, Esq. son 
& heir of said S"". Moulton & son to sd. Dame Jane. The 
said Thomas hath often by word of mouth & by letters 
solicited the sd. Dame Jane to question yo'' orato''* estate in 
sayd premisses &c. & having gotten possession of the orig- 
inal lease by Combination with one Michaell Covell to dis- 
possess yo'' orator have entred a suit at law &c. 

With Answer of Dame Jane Garrard, Widdowe & Michaell 
Covell, gent. 

Charles I, Bundle E 11, number 7. 

MCH 1641 Replication of Nicholas Eales Compl't. to 
the Answers of Dame Jane Garrard, wydowe, 
Michaell Covell, gent. & Thomas Eambard, Esq. Def'ts, 
avers that matters in the bill are true &c. 


Charles I, Bundle H 2, number 33, John Page. 
JURAT 21 MAY The answer of Thomas Lambard, Esq', one 
^^41 of the defd''^ to the Bill of Complainte of 
Nicholas Kales, compl"^. 
Said def'^ saving to himself the insufficiency of the said 
Bill and that the said Bill & matters are insufficient to 
maintain the suit against the def*. & are rather out of 
spleen & malice & to cause unnecessary charges that any 
Just cause &c. but to make full answer concerning sd. Def'^ 
doth Conceive it to be true that Sir Moulton lyambard, Knt. 
deceased this deft"^ father was lawfully seised of & in the 
Wharfe & wharfe grounde, &c. in sd. parish of Great 
Alhallowes I^ondon & that he did in his lifetyme make a 
lease of sd. Wharf &c. to the Compl'^ Nicholas Bales & 
had power to make such lease but denieth that he doth in 
any way hinder &c. said Conlp^'^^ or did combine with 
dame Jane Garrard this def'ts. Mother & Michaell Covell 
or either of them Def'ts. to this Bill & prays to be dis- 
missed &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 5, number 16. 

„ , To the Rt. Hon. Edward, L,ord lyittleton, 

8 JUNE 1641 , ^ ^ , 

lyord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Thomas Eyles son & heir appar- 
ent of Thomas Eyles of Sherfield, Co. South' S yeo- 
man, late dec'^. William Eyles of Sherfield yor orators 
Grandfather was seised of a messuage called Carters 
in Sherfield & 24 acres arable, 7 acres pasture, 4 acres 
meadow, 2 acres wood, &c. in Sherfield worth ^40 per 
annum or thereabouts & so seised took to wife one Ann 
Stiffe daughter of Thomas Stiffe heretofore of Bramley in 
sd. Co. Clothier & growing indebted to divers persons 
about 50 years last past Conveyed said lands to sd. Thomas 
Stiffe for a certain consideration & about 45 years since 
died, said Thomas yo' orators father being his only son 
& heir, sd. Thomas then settle his Estate on his said daur. 
Ann he to have use &c. for life & after & then after to said 


Ann and after her decease to said Thomas your orators 
father & his issue &c. and sd. Thomas StifFe made his last 
will & about 40 years since last past died & said Ann then 
entered into possession of sd. messuage, lands &c. & died 
about 30 years last past & sd. Thomas Eyles yo'' orato" 
father then entred &c. & about 2 years since died. Now 
Elizabeth Tailor of the parish of St. Martins in the ffeilds, 
Co. Midd., widow, William Wyfold of Herfield, Co. 
South'*., Gent. & Thomas Wyfold of the city of West"" 
having got possession of the deeds & will of sd. Thomas 
Stiffe &c. have given out that your orator hath no title of 
possession to sd. premisses &c. 

With answere of Elizabeth Tailor & Thomas Wifold. 
31 June 1641. 

Charles I, Bundle E 9, number 12, 

- Further Answer of Elizabeth Tailor & Thomas 
II FEB. 1641 

Wyfold to the Bill of Compl't. of Thomas 

Beleive that said Walter Tailor mentioned in said Bill 
did truly pay the said sum of ^540 for sd. messuage to 
sayd Compl"^ father. 

Charles I, Bundle E 10, number 68. 

- Answer of W™. Wyfold one of the Deft's to 

3 MAY 1042 

the bill of Compl't of Thomas Eyles Compl't. 
Has been informed that Thomas Eyles Compl'ts father 
was seised of the messuage in the Bill mentioned & so 
seised Compl'ts father & Ann his wife by Indenture tripar- 
tite 20 Sept., 12 Chas. between sd. Thomas & Ann of the 
first part & this deft & Thomas Hellhouse of the 2"'* part 
& Walter Tailor since dec'i. & Elizabeth Tailor this def'ts 
sister by the name of Elizabeth I,ewin, widdow, & Thomas 
Lewin her son & heir the other deft Thomas Wyfold this 
def ts brother of the 3'"'^ part for consideration of ^540 
granted to this Def t & the said Thomas Hellhouse the said 
messuage &c., &c. & should levy a fine to use of the sayd 


Walter Tailor, Elizabeth & Thomas Ivewin & that said 
sum was duly paid to Compl'ts father &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 14, number 29. 
^^ ^. To the Rt. Hon. Edward, I^ord Uttelton, 

12 FEB. I641 ' ' 

Ivorde Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Edward Eyles of Lonham in Co. 
South", yeoman. 3 years last past was seised of a close of 
arrable land in parish of Meane stoke in sd. Co. of 15 acres 
or therabouts called Shawford Close & so seised some treaty 
passed between yo'' orator & one John Horner of Exton in 
sd. Co., yeoman, concerning the sale of sd. close & the 
said John being willing to purchase & your orator in need 
of the use of some monies about May, 15 Charles borrowed 
of sd. John Horner ^10 upon obligation indented about 
said date & became bound in the sum of ^^20 to pay the 
sd. ^10 on the feast of St. Michael the Archangell next 
following & about 3 weeks before said feast day your orator 
paid the saied sum and forgot to take up the obligation & 
shortly after came to an agreement as to the sale of the 
said close for the sum of ^100 &c. & being indebted to 
divers persons did acquaint them with said agreement & 
promised to pay his indebtedness on receipt of sd. ^100. 
But now sd. John Horner being a greedy & Couetous man 
& knowing your orators necessitj^ & that he being a very 
young man & only Just lately of age to sell the sd. close, 
but being as aforesaid bound to sd. Horner to sell the same. 
The said John Horner doth utterly refuse to pay the said 
sum of ^100 or to allow your orator to make sale to any 
other person & doth likewise refuse to deliver up said 
obligation of ;^2o but demanded ^10 more forfeiture of 
said obligation & your orator being ignorant of the law 
was forced to pay sd. sum & release the said Horner of his 
agreement to buy the saied close & thereby was unable 
to satisf}'- his creditors as promised & to do so hath suflfered 
greivous loss in having to sell said close at a loss of ;^2o &c. 
(Bill only) 


Charles I, Bundle E lo, number 23. 
^^ , To Rt. Hon. Sir (Ed) Littleton, Eord Keeper 

12 l^EB. 1641 ^ ^ ^ 

of the Great Seal of England. 

Bill of Compr* of Edward Eyles of (Loshani?) in Co. 
South'-., yeoman (smothered in mud & practically unread- 

Answer of John Horner, deft of Epton in sd. Co. about 
a close of arrable land in Meonstoke in sd. Co. held of the 
"Warden & Scholars of the college of Winton of the value 
of ^100 & borrowed Monies &c. 

Charles I, Bundle E 13, number 7. 
To the R\ Hon"^'^ Edward, Lord Littleton, 
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. 
Bill of Complaynt of Richard Eles of Broadhempston in 
Co. Devon, yeoman. That at the request of Richard 
Blackaller of Broadhempston aforesaid about 20 years since 
last past yo'' orato'' became joyntly bound with said Richard 
Blackaller to one John Shapleigh of Totnes in sd. Co., 
merchant, for the sum of /'60 and to one William Began, 
Esq^ for ^40 and yo"' orator trusting in the promises of 
said Blackaller that said sums would be duly paid took not 
a counterbond of the said obligations from him. Now the 
Ex'ors of the said Shaply and the said William Began 
demand payment of said monies from your sd. orator, 
which your orator not having heard or enquired of said 
Shapleigh if said monies were paid albeit which he thought 
were long since paid being 20 years past borrowed &c. and 
now sd. Executors of the Said Shapleigh the said William 
Began and the said Blackaller declare part of said monies 
to be your orators debt well knowing that yo' orator had 
no part of said monies & have entered a suit at law &c. 
(Bill only) 

Before 1714, Collins I, Bundle 104. 
To the R\ Hon. the Lords Commissioners for 
the Keeping of the great Seal of England. 


Bill of Compl't of Edward Eales of Broadhempson, Co. 
Devon, gent', one of the Executors of the last Will of 
Richard Eales late of Broad Hempson, gent. dec**, his 
father. That sd. Richard Eales at the request of one 
Richard Blackaller late of Broad Hempson, yeoman dec*^. 
with sd. Richard Blackaller & as his security about March, 
22 James, became bound to one John Shapley of Totnes in 
sd. Co., merchant, also now deceased, in a bond of ^60 for 
payment of ^30 and interest at a certain day long since 
past & did take no counterbond from sd. Blackaller to save 
himself harmless. The said Blackaller duly paid interest 
until about 22 years past when sd. Shapley made his will 
& John Shapley his eldest son & heir his Executor & sd. 
Blackaller continued paying sd. monies for interest & about 
1 2 years since sayd John Shapley made his will & appointed 
Robert Shapley his brother Phillipp Eevy & Lawrence 
Addams of Totnes, marchants, & Gilbert Eveleigh of 
Totnes, gent., Executors & shortly after died. But sayd 
Blackaller did either pay the sayd John Shapley the son 
the principal of ^30 with the interest due in his life time 
or shortly after to one of his Ex'"'. & sayd Robert Shapley 
hath himself acknowledged said sums were satisfied. The 
sayd Blackaller died about 3 years since & on his death bed 
affirmed that said Principal & interest were duly paid & 
said bond ought to be delivered up. But now the sd. John 
Shapley, Phillipp Eevy, Lawrence Addams & Gilbert Eve- 
leigh have entered said Bond in a suit against yo"" Orato'^ 
alone well knowing that Margaret Eales yo"^ orators mother 
was joynt executor w*h him & hath administered the goods 
of the sayd Richard Eales & Sayd Robert Shapley doth 
prosecute his suit well knowing it was the debt of the sd. 
Richard Blackaller alone, a man of means & well able to 
satisfy his debts himself &c. 

With plea & demurrer of Robert Shapleigh, Phillip Levy, 
Laurence Adames & Gilbert Eveleigh def'ts to the Bill of 
Compl't of Edward Eales Compl'*. 


That in 22 Charles the}- have alredy obtained Judgment 
& Costs in the same matter. 

Before 1714, Collins I, Bundle 135. 
To the Right Hon^'^ the Lords Commission- 
ers for the Keeping of the Great Seal of Eng- 

Bill of Compl" of George Bales, W". Kales, Samuell 
Eales & Mary Bales infants under the age of one & twenty 
years by George Bales of I^ondon, gent', their flfather & 
prochein amy son of William Bales. That George Bales of 
Brownsover, Co. Warr., yeoman, yo'' orato" Greate Uncle 
(that is to say brother to William Bales who was father to 
George Bales yo'' Orator^ father) being possessed of personal 
Estate to value of one thowsand pounds & upwards about 
J St December 1655 made his Will & Thomas Pettifer of 
Brownsover in sayd Co. Warr. his Executor therof & 
directed that ;!^200 should continue in his said Executors 
hands during the life of his brother Nicholas Eales. & his 
Executors to paj^ to his said brother Nicholas twelve pounds 
per annum interest on sayd ^200 for his life and after the 
death of the said Nicholas he bequeathed /^/^o part of the 
said ;^2oo to yo'' orato'^ in these words. I give and bequeath 
to George Bales his children the son of my brother William 
Eales JC40 equally to be divided among them being part of 
/■200 by my Executor, after the death of my brother 
Nicholas &c. and shortly after said George Eales died & 
sayd Thomas Pettifer proved his will & took possession of 
his personal estate &c. & kept in his hands or put out to 
interest the sayd ^200 and paid to the Sayd Nicholas 12 ^ 
p. ann. till his death about November last past, and after 
the death of the said Nicholas the said Pettiflfer ought of 
right to have paid yo'' orators the sayd sum of ^400 &c. 
being all children of the sayd George Eales & all born at 
the time of the said George Eales you'' orato" Great Uncle 
his death & have by their father & guardian several times 
demanded the said sum of ;^4o. & the said Pettifer hath in 


the presence of diuers Witnesses promised to pay said sum 
&c. Yet now the said Pettiffer hath in Speeches &c. denied 
that yo'' orato"" were all the children of said George Bales 
born at the time of yo' orato" Greate Uncle George Bales 
his death and at others that there is no such legacy or that 
he hath not assets suflBcient to pay said legacy with divers 
other wayes to defraud yo'' orator ^ & doth refuse yo'' 
orators an Inventory of the Bstate of the said George Bales 
and hath put in a pretended Inventory which does not dis- 
close the full particulars of the said Estate. Now may it 
please yo'" 1,0^^'^ to issue a writ &c. 

With answer of Thomas Pettifer, Gent. deft. 24 Apl. 1657 
Is willing to pay the said sum of ^40 on a sufl&cient dis- 
charge being given &c. hath paid other legacies to guard- 
ians of children when demanded & hath not refused to pay 
this sum deneys he has ever refused to pay & annexes a 
Schedule of legacies paid &c. 

A Scedule of such sums of money as this Deft, hath 
paid since the death of the Testator. 

Impr: To Edward Bales of Stratton Adderley \ "■ 
in the county of Oxon. J 

" To W"\ Bales of Bilton two Bonds 026 

" To Geo: Bales Cutler in Bondon 030 

To Robert Bury in Bondon 010 

To Bdward Bales of Rugby 010 

To George Bales Cooke in London 030 

To Ann Hamond in Bondon 010 

To John Scale in Bondon 010 

To Richard Deacon of Rugby 002 

To Blasius Addams of Charlton 010 

To Thomas Bassett of Coventry 005 

To Thomas Bassett of Bondon 005 

To Nicho: Bales of North Hincksey 020 

^To Willm Bassett of Brownsouer 010 

To Mary Bassett daur. of Tho: 

Bassett deceased 


To W" & Sarah Powney in London oio 

To Isabell Hinckley of Coaten 050 

To Edward Bassett of Brownsoeuer 005 

Paid to Parents for the vse of their Children that are 

under aee. 

'^ u 

Impr. To Willm Tilghman of Rugby 010 

To Geo. Bales Cooke & Cit. of London 050 

To Edw. Bassett of Brownsouer ,. . . 020 

To Willm Eales of Bilton 059 

To George Eales of London 020 

Paid Nicho Eales deceased for his anuity 012 

Before 1714, Bridges i, Bundle 36, Easter and Trinity, 1661. 
To the Lords Comm". of the Great Seal of 

20 JUNE 1659 

Bill of Complaint of John Eyles of the Devizes in Co. 
Wilts, Mercer. That about Dec. 1 65 1 entred into treaty with 
one Robert Gale then owner of a fee farm rent of the yearly 
value of ;^32 out of a messuage &c. in Devizes for pur- 
chase of said fee farm rent. Sheweth that Edward Peirce 
of Devizes, Esq'". John Taylor, gent. John Stephens, John 
flfreind, Richard Webbe, Edward Hope & Phillippe Cole- 
man all of Devizes & Masters or Burgases of the said 
town or Burrough desired y"'. orato"" to Join with them in 
sd. purchase & yo' orator agreed &c. although if he had 
purchased for himself only he would have made at least ^200 
profit. &c. & about 20 Dec. 1651 at earnest request of sd. 
Richard Webbe, Edward Hope & Phillippe Coleman sent 
them ^200 on a bond of ^400 & on 22 Dec. 1651 a further 
;^200 on bond, said bonds payable with interest at certain 
dates specified &c. & which said sums were to be imployed 
for the purpose of said purchase &c. but said bonds became 
forfeit & about Michaelmas term 1654 yo' orator com- 
menced an action at law for recovery &c. but the said 
Edward Peirce & others named combining about Jan'y 
1655 with one Captain Edward Scotton then quartered at 
Devizes at the house of the said John Stephens then 


Mayo'' of the said Burrough by a pretended Commission 
from Olyver late Lord Protector to order & rule &c. all 
causes of difference &c. among any parties, commanded 
yo"" Orator to come before him & did endeavour to make 
out that yo' orator was a malignant &c. which yo' orator 
in truth never was & would make yo' orator enter into 
a bond of ^1500 as a chavileer &c. unless yo'' orator 
would deliver up to them the sd. Edward Peirce &c. the 
said bonds &c. yo'^ orator being a tradesman in good 
repute & having born the ofl&ce of mayoralty in sayd 
burrough and being in the habit of visiting Bristol fair 
then near at hand & wishing not to lose his repute and to 
Keep said fair as he had been accustomed to do & being 
threatened with arrest if said bonds were not delivered 
which they did threaten yo' orator they would, yo' orator 
was forced to deliver up sd. Bonds &c. & hath gotten no 
redress for the said sums of ^200 & ;!^2oo &c. 

With answer of Edward Peirce one of the def"^ & 
answer of Richard Webbe, John Stephens, Edward Hope 
& Phillipp Collman Def'*^ 

Before 17 14, Bundle 107, number 37. 
^„ To Rt. Hon. Heneage, Earle of Noting- 

15 MAY 1682 * ' 


Bill of Compl't of Mary Eales of Reading, Co. Berks, 
widow, Thomas Eales her son & Mary & Elizabeth her 
daughters infants. That Mary Fettiplace late of Fernsham 
in sd. Co. widow about 20 years since delivered to Edward 
Fettiplace of Univ. of Oxon, gent, her son-in-law ^100, 
the interest to be paid to Compl't Mary Eales for life & 
after to the sd. Thomas & Mary & Elizabeth, which said 
Edward hath done, but now being infirm & aged cannot 
manage sd. trust. Prays that sd. Edward may set forth 
the conditions of sd. trust. 

Answer of Deft 15 June, 30 Chas. II. is ready to pay 
sd. ^100 & prays to be relieved of sd. trust, Alban Eales 
Compl'ts late husband dec'd. 


Before 1714, Hamilton i, Bundle 106, number 43. 
^, . , „ Answer of Edward Saver to Bill of John 

22 MAY 1710 ■' •' 

Eyles, Esq. comp't. Grant of Charles II. to 
John Sayer def'ts father by letters patent of messuage &c. 
as mentioned in Bill sd. John made his will, mentions 
Sir Stephen Fox & deft Mary conveyed sd. lands. 
Deft borrowed ^1000 from Elizabeth Legat secured on 
sd. lands by deft & deft Mary. Sd. premises mortgaged 
to comprt & his brother, no other encumbrance &c. 

Before 1714, Bundle 107, number 53. 
28s^PT. 1716 To Rt. Hon. William Cowper, Lord Keeper. 
Bill of compl't of Elizabeth Eales & Mary Eales, 
spinsters, of Wellwin, Co. Herts, Stephen Adams late of 
St. Albans, gent., dec'd, their uncle in 1699 seised of lands 
in Hemel Hempsted in sd. Co. & in Cambs. had no 
children, by will gave legacies to Compl'ts & their sister 
Anne all daughters of Dr. Luke Eales of Wellwyn. Francis 
Adams relict of sd. Stephen, Said Anne died about May 
last without issue. Sd. Francis combining with Luke 
Eales the younger, Thomas Kelsey & Thomas Clive refuses 
to give security to Compl'ts for payment of sd. legacies. 

Bundle C 5, number 36. 
Pl't'f Rayfe Cheseman, Deft William Baldwyn. Bill to 
enforce claim by lease made to defendant in trust for part 
of a tenament called Robards in a place called Agmondes- 
wood Row in the parish of Agmondesworthe the inheritance 
of Willm. Eilles. Bucks. 

Bundle P 13, number 12. 
Pit. George Putenham, Def. Thos. More, William Crosse, 
Willm. Eelys and Katherine Eelys. Bill to protect title 
by purchase of land in the parish of Sherefelde conveyed 
to Pit. by the Def. More with a covenant for further 


Charles I, Bundle H ii8, number i6. 
The Replication of Willia. Hilder als Kyles Compl't 
against Thomas Rylie & Joane his wife def'ts. The said 
Repl't. reserving to himself now & att all times hereafter 
all advantages of exception to the uncertentys & insufl&- 
ciency of the Def'ts answers for replication therevnto this 
Replt. saith in all things as in his said Bill he hath already 
said & that the sd. Bill & all & every the matters & things 
therein contained are true &c. to be answered unto in such 
manner & form as in & by the said Bill is set forth & 
declared & that the said Def'ts answer all & every the 
matters & things therein contained are untrue uncertain & 
insuficient in the law to be replied unto Without that that 
any other matter or thing in the sd. Answer of Def'ts con- 
tained material or effectual & not herein & hereby suffici- 
ently replied unto confessed & avoided traversed or denied 
is true in such manner & form as in & by the said Def'ts 
answer is set forth. All w'h matters & things this Repl't 
is & will be ready to averr & prove &c. 



Roll 102-463, 21 James I. 

Maunwaton, Peter Bales in lands 20s. 
Rathbourn, John Hales of Greenwaye, in goods ^5. 
Hundred of Tynbridge. 

Aishberton, Hillary Bales in lands 20s. 

William Bales in lands 20s. 

Thomas Bales in lands /"3. 

Roll 102-510, Charles I. 

Aishberton, William Bales of Bemenford in lands £1. 
Thomas Bales in lands £2>' 

The name of Bales does not occur in the Hundred of 
Braunton in any of the following Rolls. 
Roll 100-385, 23 Blizabeth. 

" 101-411, 34 Blizabeth. 

" 102-463, 21 James I. 

" 102-490, 16 Charles I. 
Both Pilton and Barum are in the Hundred of Braunton. 
These Rolls are in good order. 

Perhaps 1 

John Eells 
A resident of Dorchester, Mass., in 
June 1640. Nothing further known. 

Samuel Eells 
Born June i, 1664. 
Died July 16, 1665. 

John Eells 
Born July 3, 1665. 
Died July 13, 1665. 

Esther Oviatt : 
Born iu Milford, Conn., 
March 20, 1665. Died 
April 27, 1700. 

Samuel Eells 
Baptised Nov. 6, 169S. Date of marriage unknown. 
Was cornet of troop of horse in Seconil Regiment, 
New Haven County. Died Jan. — , 1789. 

= Deborah Burwell 
Baptised April 18, 1697. 
Died after 1771. 

3 I II 

-—-r-^-T-^=:^^=:^^— Samuel Eells- -----_s^-_-^^^~ 

Born in Milfonl, Conn., Sept. 2, 1666. Was Constable, Selectman, 
Naval Officer for Port of Milford, Captain, Major and Colonel in the 
Militia. A Deputy to the General Assembly and one of the Assist- 
ants. Justice of the Peace and Quorum and Judge of New Haven County 
and Superior Courts. Married three times but dates of all are un- 
known. Died between Oct. 28. 1752 and March : 

Martha (Whiting) Bryan 
Born about 1662, probably 
at Hartford. Died between 
March 7 and Nov. 16, 1741. 


Esther Eells 
Baptised May 7, 1699. 
Nothing further 

known about her. 

Anna Beard - - — =— 

Born June 30, 1701. Baptised April n, 1703. 
Died May 8, 1736. ist, Jan. ri, 1727-8, 

Rebecca (Wilkinson) Baldwin 
Born in Milford, Aug. 8, 1676. 
Died between March 14, 1750- 
51 and Oct. 16, 1752. 

Graduated at Yale in 1724. Married Date of b 
1737. Pastor of the Cong. Died Jan 
church at New Canaan, Conn., where he died Oct. 15, 17S5. 

7 [ 

8 1 

Martha Eells = 

= Samuel Spencer 

Mary Eells = John Cande 

Born i 

1 Middletown, Dec. 12, 

Born Oct. 20, 1744. 

Born in Middletown, Jan. 18, I Born in Middletown, April 16, 1749. 



Died there Feb. 19, 

Married May 23, 1771. 

1745-6. Died at Holland Pat- [ Married May 30, 1782. Removed 



Died Oct. 12, 1818. 

ent, N. Y., March 24, 1837. , to Holland Patent, N. Y., m 1803, 
and died there April 13, 1821. 

10 H 


1 1 II 1 

Martha Spencer =JehieI Williams, Jr. 
Baptised Feb. 16, 1772. Baptised Dec. i, 1765. 
Married Nov. 10, 1791. 

Hannah Spenc 
Baptised July 31, 177 

r = Zebulon Stow, Jr. 

Baptised Oct. 30, 1774. 
Married Nov. 27, 1794. 

I-,ucy Spencer 
Baptised Jan. 5, 1777 
Died Jan. 28. 1778. 

Betsey Spencer 
Baptised Sept. 12, 1779. 

= Elisha Kirby 
Born Oct. 13, 1774. 
Married Nov. 2, 1800. 

Baptised Marc 
Died Jul 

Mary Morgan = James Allwood Smith 


John Eells 
Places and dates of birth, marriage and death all 
unknown. A resident of Dorchester, Mass., from 
1633 to 1641, when he returned to England. 

Anna LentUall 
Place and date of birth unknown. 
Died at Milford, Conn., Feb. — , 

"2 I 

-Samuel Eells= 

I Baptised at Dorchester, Mass., May 3, 1640. Married at Lynn., Mass,, Aug. 5, 
1663. Resided at Milford, Conn. Custom Master, Commissioner and Town 
Clerk of Milford, Captain of the Trainband and an officer in King Philip's 
war. Deputy to the General Court. Married 2d, Aug. 22, 1689, and removed 
to Hingham, Mass. Selectman, Commissioner of Assessments and Repre- 
sentative to Mass. General Court, Major in the Militia and Justice of the 
Peace for Suffolk Co. Died April 21, 1709. 

: Sarah (Bateman) North 
Date and place of birth uncertain. 
Died at Scituate, Mass., P'eb. 9, 17 

Baptised June 5, 1670. 
Date of marriage un- 
known. Died between 
March 21 and Nov. 14, 

John Eells = Frances Oviatt 

Born Nov. 

at Hinghf 
2, 1738. 

Mary Eells = Fox 

Born Feb. iS. 1670-1. Nothing knowi 
Perbaps living March regarding him. 

Robert Eells 
Born Dec. 14, 1672. 
Buried Jan. 14. 1673. 

Robert Eells 

Born June 25, 1676. 

Buried Jan. 28, 1676-7. 


Born Nov. 26, 1677. A graduate of 
Harvard, 1699. Married Oct. 12, 1704. 
Mau3' years Pastor of the Second 
church of Scituate, Mass., where he 
died Aug. 25, 1750. 

Nathaniel Eells = Hannah North 

Date of birth 1 
Died May : 

Patience Eells 

Baptised March 7, 16S0. 

Nothing further known 

about her. 

I M I! I I I 

-Nathaniel Eells 

Martha Stow — 
Born Aug. 30, 1712. Baptised at MiUord, July 
Died May 12, 1740. 29, 1739, 2d, Feb. 17, 1742-3. 

05. Married ist, Oct. 
Removed to Middle- 
town 1742 and died Sept. 9, 1776. 

Allice White 

Born Feb. 25, 1713-14. 

Died March 5, 1792. 


Nathaniel Eells ■- 
urn in Middletown, Sept. 8, 1748. 
[arricd Feb. 22, 1776. Removed 
) Herkimer Co.. N. Y., about 1796. 
ied at Skaneatales Jan. 7, 1815. 

Huldah White 

Born in Middletown, Feb. 10 

1750-1. Died Aug. 2, 1830. 

Daniel Eells 
tised at Middletown, Nov. 3, 
751. Died Aug. i, 1752. 

Theodosia Eells 
Born in Middletown, June 10, i* 
Removed to New Hartford, N. 
and died there Dec. 7, 1850. 

10 I 

Daniel Eells = 
Born in Middletown, Dec. 1757. Mar- 
ried Oct. 3, 1782. Removed in 1796 
to Herkimer Co., N. Y., and died in 
New Hartford, N. Y., July 17. 185 1. 

Martha Hamliu 
Born in Middletown. March 29, 
1761. Died in New Hartford, 
N. Y.. May 26, 1S34. 

ri I I M I 

ri I I M M~i 

Lucy Spencer = Giles Kirby 
larch 31, 1782. Born 17; 

July 25, 1854. Married Nov. 
Died May 15 1 

Mary Spencer = Titus Morgan, M.D. 

Baptised Sept. 19, 1784. Born Dec. 23. 1776. 

Died May 11, 1845. Married July 5, 1807, 

Died Nov. 22, 181 1. 

Sally Spencer = Joseph Morgan, Jr. 
Baptised May 6, 1787. Born Jan. 4, 1780. 
Died Aug. 6, 1859. Died Juiv s^, 1847. 

Lucy Morgan = Ja 

i Spencer Morgan = Juliet Pierpont 


Among the records of a session of the General Court of 
Massachusetts Bay " holden att Boston, the i8*^ day of 
May, 1631." we find this entry relating to the qualifications 
of freemen: 

" & to the end the body of the comons may be pserued of honest & 
good men, it was likewise ordered and agreed that for time to come 
noe man shalbe admitted to the freedome of this body polliticke, but 
such as are members of some of the churches within the lymitts of 
the same."^ 

Nothing is known as to the date of emigration to New 
England of JOHN EELLS, Bales or lies as the name was 
sometimes written. 

On the Dorchester town records under date of ' ' The 6'^ 
January, Mooneday, 1633" is found this entry. 

" Item. It is ordered that M"' Hill shall have that p'cell of ground 
adjoyneing to his former lott betweene it and John Iles."'^ 

The name of ' ' John Bales ' ' appears in the list of ' ' Free- 
men made att the Genall Court, May i4'\ 1634.'" From 
the vote of the General Court quoted above it will be seen 
that he must have been a member of one of the churches in 
the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The following entry taken 
from the records of the present First Church of Dorchester 
indicates that he was a member of the original church of 
that town, a large part of the congregation of which 
removed to Connecticut and founded the town of Windsor. 

"Samuell Eelles. his ffather beinge memb of the church of WinsC 
was by Comunio of churches baptised 3 mo 3"° anno 1640 "* 

1 "Records of Massachusetts," Vol. i, p. 87. 

2 Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 4, p. 5. 

3 "Records of Massachusetts," Vol. i, p. 369. 

^ "Records of the First Church at Dorchester," p. 152. 


Whether he actually resided in Windsor for a short time 
or whether it is meant that the Dorchester Church as an 
organization removed to that town, is a question. 

From the evidence hereafter given of his later residence 
in Dorchester the latter view of the case would seem to be 
the correct one. For many years the churches at Windsor, 
Connecticut and Dorchester, Massachusetts have both 
claimed to be the original church of Dorchester, which was 
organized in England. 

On the Dorchester Town Votes under date of "4th of 
January 1635." we find that 

" It is ordered that the p'tyes here vnder written shall have great 
lotts at the bounds betwixt Roxbury and Dorchester at the great hill 
betwixt the sayd bounds and above the marsh as foil, not to inclose 

The seventeenth name in the list is that of ' ' John Kales ' ' 
and the size of his lot is given as "20 acres. ' ' ' 

"The 27 June 1636" it was "ordered that M'". Johnson that was 
shall have on acre of medowe next Goodman Eales Pale confirmed 
unto her. ' ' 

Also among the records of this date we find 

" The names of such as are to have niedow in the Marsh by Goodman 

The last in the list is " John Eales 2 acres betweene that 
medow he hath of M''^ Johnson and the Creeke." ^ 

"July 5"', 1636," * * "It is graunted that the ground about Rockj' 
hill shall belong to M''. Ludlow, M'. Johnsons house, George Minot, 
M^ Hill, John Eales and Elias Parkeman, in community amongst 
them, p'vided they do nothing to p'^judice the common passidge of 
people, Carts or cattle, both to the sea or any other as there may be 
occasion, this graunt being not to hinder any fortification, if the 
Countery at any tyme see cause, the bounds being (togeather with the 
wayes) from Jonathan Gillets pale and so round to their several! 
gruounds." * * * 

" It is graunted to M^ Liidlow, M^ Hill and the neighbours that 
haue lotts with them that may run a pale downe into the sea at the 

' Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 4, p. 14. 
^ Ibid., Vol. 4, pp. 16, 17. 


Corner by M'. Ludlowes, and an other betweene M\ Hill and John 
Bales for the securing there Come, and saving of much fensing, 
p'vided they leave stiles and gates for p'sons and cattle, when p'sons 
are disposed to travell or drive Cattle or swine that way to Clam- 
ming." * * * *• 

Other entries on the town records relating to him are as 


"March i8*S (1637) 

The Proportion which each man The Proportion which each man 
is to haue in the necke according is to haue in the Cowes Pasture 
to the rule agreed on for deuide- and other lands according to the 
ing the same as here vder fott same rule of deuision for euery 

on this side the Riuer 

Following this is a list of fifty-seven names of persons 
with their proportion of lands. The fifty-second in the 

list is 

akers. goads, rods. akers. goads, rods. 

* * * o Bales 5 2 2c 5 2 20" 

"June 8* 1640" * * * "John Bales Junior and George * * * are 
to be Cow keep" this yeere, and to haue 5' a Cow, and to keep the for 
the tyme and other Circumstances according to the order of the last 
yeere " ^ 

" 29"^ 7 mo 1640. there was granted vnto John Bells a small p'cell 
of vpland ground Lyeing betweene his marsh and M"^. Hawkins 
ground a Little belowe his house ' ' ^ 

<'jjid_tiiat vpon Februarie 22: 1638: John Bells sould vnto m' 
mather, all his Land in that portio of Land Called Dorchester necke 
which is recorded in the Deuision to be 5 acres ^ 20 Rods:" 

" 28 of 8 mo. 1640. m". that John Bells of Dorchester in new Eng- 
land hath sould vnto nathaniel Patten now of Dorchester aflForesaid 
all his Dwellinge houses and other outhouseinge thereto belongeinge 
with all his Lands in p'priety or comon, and all other appurtenances 
thereto app'taineiuge in witnes whereof I haue herevnto put my hand 
the daye aboue said John Bells " ^ 

It will be remembered that in the record of June 27, 1636 
' ' Mrs. Johnson that was ' ' had a grant of one acre of 

1 Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 4, p. 18. 
' Ibid., Vol. 4, pp. 29, 30. 
3 Ibid., Vol. 4, p. 43. 


meadow adjoining Goodman Bales, also in a further record of 
the same date John Kales was granted two acres " betweene 
that medow he hath of Mrs. Johnson and the Creeke." 
It is possible that John Bales bought this meadow of Mrs. 
Johnson, but it is suspected that she had become his second 
wife before this date and that in this way he obtained pos- 
session of the property. 

It is also perhaps significant that in the disposition of 
the last of his Dorchester property the record of the trans- 
action indicates that he sold more than one dwelling house. 

Further, in the record of June 8, 1640 "John Bales 
Junior ' ' was appointed cowkeeper. Of the persons ap- 
pointed to that office whose history has been traced, most, 
if not all, were under twenty-one years of age. If this 
fact will apply to John Bales, Junior, he could easily have 
been the son of the man whose history we have been 
tracing, and consequently born before the latter' s appear- 
ance in New Bngland. It has long been a tradition in the 
family that John Bells returned to Old Bngland and 
became an officer in the army under Oliver Cromwell. 

The following taken from the note book of Thomas 
Lechford, a lawyer at Boston from June 1638 to July 1641, 
would seem to confirm a part at least of this tradition. 

"Thomas Allen of Barnstable in N E y agreeth w*'' John Eells of 
Dorchester in N E planter for ']o£ in hand payd to convey unto the 
said John Eells & his heires & assignes for ever one house & garden 
w*'' the appurtenances in Barnstable in the County of Devon lying in 
Bowport streete in the occupation of Phillip Cole & Lewis Grove or 
their assignes all rents & revenues reversions therof after the lives 
of the said Phillip & Lewis & all "Writings Leases & counterparts, 
and to be in possession of the rent presently And to make any 
assurance w"'in 7 yeares And to be bound to these articles in 150^, 
and that he shall receive 20^ due to me at the decease of my ffather-in- 
law John Marke of Bramton in Devon y. of his heires executors &c 
or of Edward Langdon of Branton in the County aforesaid y & he is 
to receive the bond of my brother Richard Allen of Branton afore- 
said yeoman And a letter of Attorney for the same." ' 

^ Transactions of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. 7, p. 418. 


' ' This Indenture made the eight day of July in the seventeenth 
yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of 
God of England Scotland France & Ireland King Defender of the 
faith &c Annoqr Dni 1641 Betweene Thomas Allen of Barnstable in 
New England yeoman of the one parte and John Eells of Dorchester 
in New England planter of the other parte Witnesseth that the said 
Thomas Allen for and in consideration of the summe of seventy 
pounds of lawfull money of England to him in hand payd by the said 
John Eells before the sealing and delivery hereof wherof and where- 
with the said Thomas Allen doth acknowledge himselfe truly satisfied 
contented and payd & thereof and of every parte therof doth hereby 
remise release and forever quittclayme the said John Eells his heires 
executors and administrators Doth by these presents grant bargaine 
sell enfeofFe and confirme unto the said John Eells all that y"^ house 
and houses tenement and tenements garden and gardens thereunto 
belonging sett lying & being in Bowporte streete in Barnstable in the 
County of Devon now or late in the severall occupations of Philip Cole 
and Lewis Grove their assignee or assignes and all rents revercbns 
services wages lights easements commodities and hereditaments there- 
unto belonging And all writings leases counterparts of leases deeds 
excerpts records & miniments concerning the same w'^'' are in the 
custody of the said Thomas Allen or any person or persons to his use 
And all standing tables bedsteads wainscott ceeling & other goods 
demised with the premises unto the said P C and L G To have and 
to hold the said house and houses tenement and tenements garden 
and gardens rents revertions services and hereditaments and all and 
singular the premises with the appurtenances unto the said John Eells 
his heires and assignes for ever To the onely use and proper behoofe 
of the said John Eells his heires and assignes for ever To be holden 
of the cheife Lord or Lords of the see or sees of the premises by the 
rents and services therefore hereafter to be of right due & accustomed 
And the said Thomas Allen doth hereby for himselfe his heires exec- 
utors & administrators Covenant promise and grant to and with the 
said John Eells his heires administrators and assignes by these pres- 
ents that he & they shall or lawfully may from time to time and at 
all times hereafter quietly & peaceably have hold and enjoy the 
premises and every parte therof freed and discharged of and from all 
other grants bargaines sales feoffments ioyntures dowers & title of 
dower iudgments executions [illegible] Statutes merchant and of the 
Staple titles troubles charges & incumbrances Whatsoever except the 
severall Leases made of the premises unto the said Philip Cole & 
Lewes Growe each lease being now in being for three lives a peece as 
by the Counterparts therof it doth and may more plainely appeare 
and except the rents & services therefore hereafter to become due & 


of right accustomed for or notwithstanding anything done or suffered 
to be done or suffered by the said Thomas Allen his heires executors 
or administrators or by his or their meanes assent or procurement 
And the said Thomas Allen doth hereby for himselfe his heires exec- 
utors & administrators Covenant promise & grant to and with the 
said John Eells his heires and assignes by these presents that he the 
said Thomas Allen and his heires and his and their wife or wif es shall 
and will at any time or times hereafter within the space of seven 
yeares next ensuing the date hereof make seale & deliver acknowledge 
execute and suffer or cause to be made done acknowledged executed 
and suffered all and all manner of further and other conveyances & 
assurances in the lawe whatsoever for the more sure making & con- 
veying of the premises & every parte thereof unto the said John Eells 
his heires & assignes according to the true intent & meaning of these 
presents be it by grant bargaine sale feoifment livery & seisin fines 
recovery or any other way whatsoever as shall be devised advised or 
required by the said John Eells his heires or assignes or his or their 
Counsell learned in the Lawe and at his or their reasonable request 
and cost & charges in the Lawe so that for the doing or suffering 
therof the said Thomas Allen & his heires and his or their wife or 
wifes be not compelled too travell fourth of the Jurisdiccbn of the 
Mattachusetts Bay in N E and New Plymouth in New England. 

Provided allways that if the said John Eells dye at sea w^'out heires 
of his body that then the premises shall be & remaine to the said 
Thomas Allen his heires & assignes as in his and their former estate 
as if these presents had never bin made. 

In witnesse &c. [lo s.]" ^ 

" Articles of Agreement indented made the 15th day of July Anno 
Dni 1641 Betweene Thomas Allen of Barnstable in New England yeo- 
man of the one parte and John Eells of Dorchester in New England 
Planter of the other parte as followeth. 

1 Imprimis that the said Thomas Allen his executors & adm" 
shall enjoy the twenty pounds w'^'^ he the said Thomas Allen oweth 
unto the said John Eells without rendering to him his executors or 
administrators any account. 

2 Itm that whereas John Mark of Branton in the County of Devon 
yeoman and Edward Langdon of the same yeoman stand bound unto 
the said Thomas Allen in and by one obligation of 40^ condicbned 
for the payment of the summe of 20^ unto the said Thomas Allen his 
executors administrators or assignes upon the decease of the said 

' Transactions of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. 7, pp. 


John Mark as in and by the said obligation and condicbn therof 
it doth & may more at large appeare It is agreed between e the said 
partyes to these presents that the said John Eells his executors admin- 
istrators or assignes shall be payd the said twenty pounds according 
to the forme and effect of the said obligation & condicon therof and 
shall have & enioy the same without rendering any account to him 
the said Thomas Allen his executors or administrators or assignes. 

3 Item that Richard Allen of Branton afores'i yeoman shall deliver 
the bond or obligation aforesaid or the money aforesaid if he hath 
received the same unto the said J E or his assignes ugon lawfull 
demand. In vntnes &c." ' 

" Knowe all men by these presents that I Thomas Allen of Barn- 
stable in New England yeoman doe hereby constitute & in my place 
& stead put my trusty & beloved friend John Eells yeoman my true 
& lawful Attorney for me and in my name to aske demand receive 
and recover of and from the heires executors and administrators of 
John Marke of Branton in the County of Devon yeoman and 
Edward Langdon of the same yeoman the summe of twenty pounds 
of lawfull money of England due or to be due unto me at or upon 
the decease of the said John Marke as in and by the obligation & 
condicon therof it doth & may more at large appeare And the 
obligation therof to demand receive & recover of & from my brother 
Richard Allen of Branton aforesaid yeoman or the said money if he 
hath the same received Giving & granting unto my said Attorney 
my full power & lawfull Authority for me and in my name in execu- 
tion of the premises to sue arrest impleade prosecute & recover And 
upon receipt or recovery in that behalfe to make seale & deliver suf- 
ficient & legall acquittance & release or releases and one or more Attor- 
ney or Attorneys under him to substitute & from time to time to 
revoke and all other matters & things thereabout requisite to be done 
for me and in my name to doe or cause to be done as fully & effectu- 
ally as I myselfe in person might or could doe Hereby ratifying con- 
firming & allowing all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall lawfully 
doe or cause to be done in the premises In witnesse &c 15° Julii 41 . " ^ 

" Me Thomam Allen de Barnstaple in Nova Anglia yeoman tener' 
&c Johi Eells de Dorchester in Nova Anglia pi*' in Centum et Octo- 
ginta libris &c Dat' 15° Julii 41. 

The Condicbn of this obligation is such that if the above bounden 
Thomas Allen his heires executors administrators and assignes shall 

' Transactions of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. 7, pp- 
423. 424- 

2 Ibid., Vol. 7, p. 424- 


from time to time & at all times hereafter fullfill observe performe & 
keepe all sucli articles coven*" and agreements conteyned & expressed 
in one deed indenture or grant and one other writing inituled 
articles of agreement indented made the day of the date of these 
presents betweene the said T A of the one parte & the said J E on 
the other parte which on y« p* and behalfe of the said T A his heires 
&c are to be fulfilled &c Then &c." ^ 

A search of various records in England has thus far 
failed to disclose anything by which John Hells' later his- 
tory can be traced, unless he was the John Eales of Pilton, 
Devonshire, who left a will dated September 5, 1662. See 
page 28. 

Chii,dren of John EEI.1.S. 

2. Samuel, b. ; bap. May 3, 1640 ; m. i. Anna Lenthall. 

2. Sarah (Bateman) North, 
John, A "John Eales Junior" 

was chosen cowkeeper in 

Dorchester June 8, 1640. 

See page 97. 


Samuel Eells son oi John (i)niust have been born 
May I, 1640, as his son Rev. Nathaniel of Scituate, Massa- 
chusetts left a memorandum to the effect that Samuel was 
68 years 1 1 months and 20 days old when he died at Hing- 
ham, April 21, 1709. This would make him two days old 
when he was baptized at Dorchester, the record of which 
is as follows : 

' ' Samuell Eelles. his ffather beinge memb of the church of Winso' 
was by Comunio of churches baptised 3 mo 3"" anno 1640 " - 

He was but an infant when his father returned to England, 
where Samuel is said to have remained until he was about 

' Transactions of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. 7, p. 425. 
2 "Records of the First Church at Dorchester," p. 171. 




twenty-one years old. Just when he returned to America is 
unknown, but on the town records of Milford, Connecticut, 
appears this entry : 

" Mr Samuel Hells of Milford and ana Lenthall weare 
maryed the fift day of agust Sixty three by Captain Marshal 
Comisioner at Lin " > 

Owing to the destruction of the early records of lyynn 
comprising Births, Marriages and Deaths down to about 
1676, Town Proceedings to 1691 and the records of the 
First Church to 1763, it is impossible to determine whether 
Samuel Eells resided at Lynn after his marriage, but if so, 
it was only for a very short time. The records of the New 
Haven County Court show that at various dates from 
November 1666 to April 1671 he served on the jury.' 

The original Land records of Milford prior to 1680 and 
the Town Votes before 1691 are not in existence. 
"A Town Meeting Jan''^ 7"^ 1677 
It is Ordered y'. there shall be A Commitee chosen to Transcribe 
out of y". Old books what is Necessary and of use to be Taken out 
of them and written in y" New book as Grants of Land &c 

The Hon'''" Deputy Gov'' Thomas Welch Deacon Clark Ensign 
Stream Nicholas Camp Thomas Sanford and Sam" Eells are Chosen a 
Committee for y end AflFores'' ; And Sam" Eells is Chosen to Transcribe 
y« Same for Reasonable Satisfaction : " ^ 

The committee did not think it ' ' Necessary and of use ' ' 
to copy considerable which must have been entered in " y" 
Old books ' ' relating to town meetings and other matters 
now forever lost, which would have added greatly to a 
knowledge of the town and its settlers. 

Early in life Samuel Hells displayed abilities which were 
appreciated by his townsmen and he became a prominent 
man at home and in the colony. 

^ Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 18. 
2 New Haven County Court Records, Vol. i, pp. 7, 9, 12, 13, 31 
and 38. 
2 Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 9, reverse end p. 14. 


" At a County Court held at Newhaven June. lo*. 1668 : 
James Bishop is appointed to make entries & receive y® Customes 

of all wines & Iyiquo''s y* are brought in, or Landed, within y* Limits 

of Newhaven according to law for y" yeare ensueing 

M' Sam" Eeles apointed to Doe y" like at milford for y« yeare 

ensueing ' ' ^ 

This appointment was renewed in November of the fol- 
lowing year, and on the seventeenth of December, 1679, he 
was appointed one of the ' ' custome masters ' ' of New 
Haven County. He was continued in office by the County 
Court at a session held June 8, 1681.* 

In May 1681 he was appointed by the town one of a 
committee to obtain from the Indians a deed of the lands 
purchased of them by the inhabitants at various dates, and 
in June, 1685, he was one of the town's representatives on 
a committee to establish the boundary line between Milford 
and Derby. At this latter date, the committee were 
instructed to obtain from the General Court a patent for 
the town.^ 

On the records of the New Haven County Court for 
August 4, 1 68 1, is an entry to the effect that he was 
"appointed Clerke for this Court, the Clerke being gone 
into the Bay.'" 

From an examination of the records, it is evident that 
the appointment was for this term only. 

He was a Deputy from Milford to the General Court of 
Connecticut, in May, 1677, May and October, 1678, '81 
and '82, May, '83, October, '84, May and October, '85, 
May, July and October, '86, May, '87 and October, '89.* 
At the October sessions of that body from 1682 to 1687 

^ New Haven County Court Records, Vol. i, p. 15. 

' Ibid., Vol. I, pp. 28, 119 and 127. 

' Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 9, reverse end pp. 24 and 28. 

^ New Haven County Court Records, Vol. i, p. 128. 

^ Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 2, p. 300. Vol. 3, pp. 2, 
16, 75, 85, 97, 106, 115, 155, 169, 181, 195, 211, 214 and 230. Vol. 4, 
p. 9. 


inclusive, he was one of the persons nominated for the 
office of Assistant to be voted for at the ' ' Court of Elec- 
tion ' ' in May following, but failed to receive a sufficient 
number of votes to be elected.' As a member of the Gen- 
eral Court he was often appointed on important committees 
The report of a committee of four dated " 17^^ of 8" 
1682" bears this autograph '^ 



From May, 1683 to May, 1687 inclusive, he was chosen 
a Commissioner for Milford/ 

On page 25, reverse end of volume 9, Milford L,and 
Records, is this entry : 

" A Town Meeting Jan-'y 5''' 1681 

Samuel Eells y" Town Clerk is hereby Ordered and Impowred to 
Sign Seall & Deliver Authintique Deeds of Sale (to the Severall per- 
sons that the Town hath Sold land unto) in y« behalf of y«. Town;" 

He was also Town Clerk from December, 1686, to some 
time between October 2 and November 21, 1689.' 

In military affairs he was quite prominent. At the Gen- 
eral Court of May, 1669, "Thomas Campfield & Samuel 
Bales" were " confirmed Sarjeants of the Traine Band of 
Milford." In October, 1676, he was promoted to the rank 
of Lieutenant, and in May, 1683 to the Captaincy of the 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 3, pp. 112, 129, 159, 182, 
215 and 241. 

* Private Controversies, Vol. 2, Document 41, Conn. State Library. 
3 Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 3, pp. 115, 140, 169, 195 

and 230. 

* Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. i, pp. 160, 161 and 162. Vol. 

2, pp. 2 to 59. Vol. 3, pp. 22 to 52. Vol. 9, reverse end p. 25. 

* Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 2, pp. 107 and 292. Vol, 

3, p. "6. 


" Jan'': 14*''. 1669 Serg'. Eells hath giuen to him by the Town one 
parcell of Land Containing Six Acres of Measured Land lying in the 
ffield on the West Side of the Mill Riuer att the further End of 
Mashes Swamp bounded with the Riuer East, and West, the Comon 
& North and South, In Length fourty and Eight Rod, and in bredth 
twenty pole wide " ' 

June 15, 1670 Samuel Eells "weaver" of Milford gave 
a mortgage to Alexander Bryan for ^100 of " my dwelling 
house wherin I now Hue and Barn and homelott Containing 
four acres. ' ' ^ 

February 18, 1692-3 he conveyed this property to Richard 
Bryan, grandson of Alexander, and in the deed the property 
is described as ' ' bounded with the Street East the Terrills 
and Briscoes land West Jonathan L,awe his homelott North 
and Thomas Andrews his homelott South." ' 

Owing to the imperfect condition of the early town records 
of Milford it is impossible to identify positively this home- 
stead, but it is thought to have been situated on the West 
side of the highway, facing the open land in front of the 
present town hall. 

January 22, 1676 one mile of the sequestered land was 
ordered divided among the inhabitants. Immediately fol- 
lowing the record showing the division of part of these 
lands among those living on the East side of Mill river is 
this entry : 

' ' The Order of y' Lotts for those that Dwell on y'^ West 
Side of y*^ Mill River begining where y^ Above Mentioned 
Ended " Samuel Eells was assigned lot 28.' 

March 3, 1679 "Samuel Eells of Milford in the Colony 
of Connecticott Gent ' ' purchased of Edward Shippen of 
Boston a dwelling house and land ' ' scituate at the South- 
erly end of the Town of Boston "...." bounded North 
Easterly by the L,and of Nicholas Baxter and John Irons, 

1 Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. i, p. 134. 

* Ibid., Vol. 3, p. 104. 
3 Ibid., Vol. 3, p. 108. 

* Ibid., Vol. 9, reverse end p. 12. 


South Easterly on the highway next the Sea." ' June 28, 
1 68 1 he sold this property to Ann Perry of Boston a former 

On page 78 of volume 5, Milford I^and records, is ' ' The 
List allowed for 1686 " of the taxable property m the town, 
the total amount being /9644-02. "Cap* Sam' Bells " is 
rated at ^079-05. 

May 27, 1689. "Cap' Sam" Eells Timothy Baldwin & Samuel 
Couch proposeing to y^ Town to Have Liberty to build a fulling Mill 
upon y" beaver brook within y" Common fence on Timothy Baldwins 
Land doe promise if y" Stoping of y« water by y« Dam be so y'. it is 
not passable in y" high way for Carts and horses they will make y«. 
way passable by Such a Bridge as shall be Necessary for Carts & horses 
& Maintaine y« Same So long as y'' Mill & Dam shall Stand 

The Town by a full Vote Granted y** Request of y« s'^ Sam" Eells 
Timothy Baldwin & Sam" Couch upon j" Conditions proposed" ^ 

The following account of the events that occurred in 
July 1675, during the war against the Indians, is taken 
from page 23 of the "History of King Philip's War" by 
Benjamin Church, second edition, Newport 1772 : 

" After this Dartmouth's distresses required succour, great part of 
the town being laid desolate, and many of the inhabitants kill'd ; 
the most of Plymouth forces were ordered thither; and coming to 
Russell's garrison at Ponaganset,'' they met with a number of the 
enemy that had surrendered themselves prisoners on terms promised 
by Capt. Eels of the garrison, and Ralph Earl, who persuaded them 
(by a friend Indian he had employed) to come in. And had their 
promises to the Indians been kept, and the Indians fairly treated, it 
is probable that most if not all the Indians in those parts had soon 
followed the example of those who had now surrendered themselves ; 
which would have been a good step towards finishing the war. But 
in spite of all that Capt. Eels, Church or Earl could say, argue, plead^ 
or beg, somebody else that had more power in their hands improved 
it ; and without any regard to the promises made them on their 
surrendering themselves, they were carried away to Plymouth, there 

1 Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 11, p. 297. 

2 Ibid., Vol. 12, p. 271. 

3 Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 9, reverse end p. 38. 
^ In Dartmouth, Mass. 


sold, and transported out of the country, being about eight-score 
persons. An action so hateful to Mr. Church, that he oppos'd it to 
the loss of the good will and respects of some that before were his 
good friends." 

Among the records of the General Court of Connecticut 
for the May session 1676, appears this entry : 

" This Court haueing considered the present danger of the country 
by reason of the enemie's force and strength, and the outrages they 
comtnitt upon the persons and estates of the good people of the 
Vnited Colonyes, judg it necessary that there be forthwith ra5'sed 
three hundred and fifty men in the Colony to be a standing army ; 
they, with the Indians, to be improved by the Councill in such way 
and manner as they shall finde most advantageous for the publique 
good, either in the Narrogancett country or elswhere ; to be raysed 
in the countyes as followeth ; Hartford county, 122 ; Fayrfeild county, 
eighty-two ; New Haven, 78 ; New Ivondon, sixty-eight. Each soul- 
dier to haue a pownd of powder and three pownd of buUetts (of their 
own or of the towne stocks.) To be at Norwich upon the 27* of this 
moneth." ' 

" Capt" Tho : Munson was chosen Capt" for N. Haven County; 
Moses Mansfield, L,"'; Sam" Burrill, Ensigne."^ 


" Vpon the acco* from New Haven of the difficulty of improving 
those ofiBcers that the Gen" Cotu-t pitcht upon in that County, the 
Councill did order and appoynt that I,nt. Moses Mansfelld shall be 
Captain of those new-raysed forces in that County, for the present 
service, and Mr. Sam" Eiles of Milford, Leivtenant, and Daniel 
Sherman, Ensigne, — all which will be expected to giue due attendance 
according to order in their respectiue places, and commissions will be 
prepared accordingly ; and signifyed the same to Mr. Joanes and Mr. 
Bishop in a letter. ' ' ^ 

Perhaps as a reward for services rendered in this war the 
General Court in May 1687, granted to " Capt. Moses 
Mansfeild, Capt. John Beard, Capt. Samuel Eales, Mr. 
John Burr, two hundred acres of land a peice, provided 

^ Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 2, p. 278. 
* Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 279. 
' Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 443. 


they take it up where it may not prejudice any former 
grant to any plantation or perticular person ; " ' 

Among the records of the General Assembly for October, 
1708, is found this entry : 

' ' Whereas the General Assembly of this Colony held at Hartford 
May I2th, 1687, did grant to Capt. Samuell Eells, then of Milford, 
(now of Hingham,) two hundred acres of land, and the General 
Assembly held at Hartford May 13th, 1708, did give and grant to the 
Reverend Mr. James Noyes, of Stoningtown, two hundred ^acres of 
land, provided the same should be taken up without prejudice to any 
former grant, &c. : This Assembly do now order and appoint the 
county surveyor in the county of New Ivondon, or else Capt. John 
Chandler of Woodstock, or either of them, shall survey and lay out 
the said lands granted as abovesaid, and make report of the survey 
thereof to this Court as soon as may be." '■* 

An examination of the Colonial records fails to reveal 
the entry of a survey if one was made. 

Samuel Eells was admitted to membership in the Congre- 
gational Church of Milford, May 15, 1670, and his wife 
Anna, July 10, 1670 ; against her name on the Church 
records is an entry to the effect that she died February, 

On page 82 of the first volume of Births, Marriages and 
Deaths of Hingham, Massachusetts, is this entry : 

"Captaine Samuel Eeles & Sarah North widdow were 
marryed by Captaine John Smith assistant y« 22"' of August 1689." 

She was daughter of John and Hannah ( ) Bateman, 
and widow of Edward North, all of Boston. 

On page i of volume 8, Suffolk Probate Records is 
entered the will of ' ' John Bateman of Boston Now Resi- 
dent in Hingum in the County of Suffolk." The will 
bears the date November 10, 1689, and was presented to 
the Probate Court September 16, 1690. 

^ Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 3, p. 233. 

2 Ibid., Vol. 5, p. 77. 

5 Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 8. 


He refers to himself as "being aged & Infirm of Body," 
and makes bequests to his 

"Eldest son William twenty pounds in money provided he ever 
Appear in this Country of New England." 

"Item : I giue vnto my son Joseph tenne pounds in money if he 
Appear as afforesaid 

Item I giue vnto my four daughters Elizabeth Arnold Sarah Eells 
Rachel Holman and Mary Jones fine shillings apeece And I doe here- 
by make ordaine and Appoint my Louing Sonns in I,aw Samuell 
Eells of Hingum and Isaac Jones of Boston to be Executors of this 
my last will & testament ' ' 

On page 68 of volume 9 of the Probate Records of Suffolk 
County is an entry showing that on July 26, 1683, admin- 
istration on the estate of " Edward North late of Boston 
Marriner dec*^ intestate ' ' was granted ' ' unto Sarah his 
Relict widow ' ' The papers relating to this case comprise 
file number 1289. 

The administration bond for ^600 dated July 26, 1683 
was given by "Sarah North widow, and John Bateman 
Shop keeper both of Boston " 

The two inventories of North's estate are recorded in 
volume 9, page 68 of Suffolk Probate. 

The first, dated July 13, 1683, shows property consisting 
of dry goods, fruit, flax, tobacco and whalebone, and 
' ' Debts owing in Hingham 20-02-09 ' ' The value of all 
which was ;^ 192-02-7, and was signed by John Smith and 
John Prince. The other inventory signed by Joseph How 
and George Briggs is dated July 24, 1683. It comprised 
dry goods, cheese, flax, brooms, sugar, wheat, rye, Indian 
corn, butter, tobacco and whalebone "In the Shop," also 
household goods and wearing apparel. ' ' Sundry Debts 
owing to the Estate in the Town of Boston 41. 10 03 " 
make a total of /i 83-1 2-3. Both inventories aggregate 


The records of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for 
Suffolk County for the term held in March, 1693-4, disclose 
that a suit was brought by Edward Crippen of Boston 


against " Capt Samuel Eles of Hingham Merchant & 
Sarah his wife lately called Sarah North. Said Sarah 
when sole about Oct 7. 1682 of Boston owed plaintiff ^58- 
16-11 for goods &c. Said Samuel & Sarah since inter- 
marriage have refused to pay." 

Samuel Bells removed to Hingham, Massachusetts, soon 
after his second marriage in 1689 and probably in the fall 
of that year. The latest entry on the Milford records 
which bears his name as Town Clerk is dated October 2, 
1689,' and in the annual town accounts of Hingham which 
were dated March 10, 1689-90, is this 

' ' Item to Cap'. Samuell EUes for a Journey to Sittuate about Tho 
Hewit 5s : & for cloath for Richard woods 00-10-10 " 

Also at a session of the New Haven County Court held 
June II, 1690, he was released from the duties of adminis- 
trator on the estate of Robert Haughton deceased "he 
being removed out of this Colon3^" ^ 

Samuel Eells is described as a merchant in the suit 
brought against him by Edward Crippen of Boston (see 

The following entries taken from the accounts of the 
Town of Hingham give an idea of the nature of his business. 

"January the 9* 169I 
Item to Cap* Eells for a Bell rope 00-02-00 

Dec 18. 1696 
To Cap' Eells for the widdow huett and for paper 00-04-00 

Dec 31. 1697 
To Cap* Samuell Eells for one hour glas 00-01-03 

Anno 1700 
It" To Maj^ Samuel Eells for an hour glass 00-01-03 

1 701 
Itt to maj'' Samuell Eells for two ow'' glasses 00-002-04" 

' Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. i, p. 162. This record is 
evidently a copy of an original not now extant : whether he actually 
attested the original or whether his name was added by some other 
person, cannot now be determined. 

' New Haven County Coiurt Records, Vol. i, p. 176. 


It will be remembered that while in Connecticut, Samuel 
Eells was Captain of the Trainband. Whether he held a 
similar position in Massachusetts cannot be determined. 

In the Town Accounts just referred to, he is mentioned 
in December, 1697, as Captain, and as Major in 1700. A 
careful examination of the Colonial Records of Massa- 
chusetts fails to disclose the date of his appointment as 
Major, which title he bore for the rest of his life. At the 
annual town meeting held March 27, 1694, he was chosen 
Commissioner of Assessments, ' and one year later, a Select- 

On the official records of the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts for the session beginning May 30, 1705, the name 
of the Representative from the town of Hingham is omitted.' 
The Hingham Town Records show that at a meeting held 
April 28, 1705, Serj. Josiah Leavitt was chosen as the 
Representative from that town. For some reason now 
unknown, I^eavitt did not serve, and 

' 'At a Town meeting in Hingham in the County of Suffolk in new 
england on the 6^^ day of June 1 705 : the freeholders and others of 
said Hingham quallified to voat as the Law derecteth: By the maiger 
part of the Electers present chose mai"" samuell Eells to serue for 
and represent them at the Great and generall Court or assembly to be 
begun and held at Boston on the 30"' of may 1705: and to represent 
said Town of Hingham at or during the session and sessions of said 
court:" ■* 

In the town accounts rendered at the annual meeting in 
1706 is this item : 

" to Maj' Samuel Eells for deputy charges in 1705 12-00-00" 

At a town meeting held May i, 1706,' he was re-elected, 
and in the town accounts of March, 1707-8, there is charged 

^ Hingham, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, (copy) p. 261. 

* Ibid., Vol. I, (copy) p. 266. 

* Court Record, Vol. 8, p. 116, Mass. State Archives. 
•• Hingham, Mass., Town Records, Vol. 2, p. 192. 

* Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 197. 


^15-09-00 paid to " Maj Samuell Eells for deputis charges 
in 1706" 

Major Eells must have been a man of great ability and 
influence, in evidence of vs^hich the following resolution 
approved July 13, 1706, is taken from volume 8, page 183, 
of the Acts and Resolves of the Province of Massachusetts 

' ' Whereas both Houses of this Court have agreed that John Bor- 
land Sam" Vetch, Roger Lawson, William Rouse Ebenez' : Coffin, & 
John Phillips jun': Shall be Proceeded against upon Attainder of high 
Crime & misdemeanor at the next session of this Court. 

Ordered that M': Nehemiah Jewet, Sam": Eels Esq': M': Nathan". 
Blaygrove M': Benj». Lynde & Col". Sam". Checkley or any three of 
them be a Comittee to Joine with the Attourney Gener": to Draw up 
the attainder accordingly, to set the next week, and any other time 
between the Sessions, M'. Jewet to be Chairman and appoint time &. 
place of Sitting, and that the secretary & Clerk of this House Lay 
before them the Papers & Evidences, relating to the s-*. affair, that no 
time be lost in the Proceeding at the opening of the next session." 

On page 1 94 of the same volume is this entry : 

"To Sam" : Eeels Esq': one of y* s^ Comtee 6, 

dales . . I . .10. . " 

At a session of the Colonial Council held June 12, 1701, 
the Governor nominated " Maj' Samuel Eells for a Justice 
of the peace " in the County of Suffolk, which nomination 
the Council confirmed. In June, 1702, he was re-appointed/ 

On the land records of Suffolk County are entered a 
number of deeds the acknowledgment of which was taken 
by him as a Justice. These and the record of his death at 
Hingham prove that he held the ofi&ce for the rest of his 

The names of Edward North and Sarah North do not 
appear on the Suffolk County Deeds as owning any lands 
at Hingham, nor does that of Samuel Eells before 1705, 
but Eells or his wife must have had some interest in lands 

> Council Record, Vol. 3, pp. 211 and 339, Mass. State Archives. 


there at an earlier date, as is indicated by the following 
vote taken from the town records : 

' 'At a Town meeting in Hingham on the fourth day of May, 1691 = 
Captain Samuel Eells, of said Hingham (by the Town Clerk) pre- 
sented his right to the inhabitants of the said Town of Hingham, 
showing that Whereas, he the said Samuel Eells, is about to build an 
addition to his house of sixteen foot long, and by reason the fence 
goeth rounding next the street, one corner of the house will be about 
two foot further out, then the shop, now his request is that the Town 
would be pleased to grant him liberty, and also, the propriety of so 
much land as he shall need to make his house of the length aforesaid, 
and to remove and set his Shop on the backside of the said house, or 
if the Town please to sell him so much land, and he will give the 
full value thereof. 

The Town, at the said meeting sent three men from the meeting to 
view the land desired, and they, at their return, informed the Town, 
that it would not be prejudicial to the Town to grant the land desired. 
And at the said meeting the inhabitants of the said Hingham, granted 
to the said Samuel Eells, and to his heirs and assigns, forever, the 
above said quantity of land he desired, for the setting his house and 
removing his Shop as aforesaid." ' 

Later appears this entry : 

"At a general Town meeting in the Town of Hingham, in the 
County of Suffolk in New England, on the 30'^'' day of March 1696— 
Captain Samuel Eells of said Hingham, desired the Town to grant 
him a piece of land on the gravely Hill near his house to set a Stable 
upon=The Town then chose, and appointed Benjamin Lincoln, senior, 
and Samuel Lincoln, of said Hingham, to view the Land that he 
desire, and to return to the Town what he desire, and what may be 
conveniently done therein = At a general Town meeting in said Hing- 
ham, on the 25*>' day of March, i7oo=the said Benjamin, and Samuel 
Lincoln, made their Return to the Town as followeth. Whereas, we 
underwritten were appointed by the Town of Hingham, to view a 
small piece of land on the saide of the Hill, by Mr. John Mayo's 
fence, some distance from it, over against Samuel Lincoln's home Lot, 
which Captain Samuel Eells desired to have of the Town to set a 
Barn, or Stable upon, we have viewed, and taken notice of the place 
and we do judge that if their be granted to him about twenty six 
foot long, and eighteen foot wide it will not be any damage to the 

> Hingham, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, (copy) p. 240. 


Town or any particular person = witness our hands, this 25"" day of 
March, 1700= 

Benjamin Lincoln Samuel Lincoln, 
At the said Town Meeting, on the 25*^ of March, 1700 — after some 
agitation about the premises, the inhabitants of said Hingham, to 
wit, the freeholders and other persons qualified to vote in Town 
affairs, as the Law direct — then granted to the said Samuel Eells, 
liberty to set a barn, or stable upon the aforesaid piece of land, for 
and during the Term of five years, he paying to the Town one penny, 
by the year, annually, for rent, so long as his building shall stand 
upon the said Land." ^ ■* 

April 3, 1705, Samuel Eells purchased of Caleb Bate of 
Hingham for ^70 nine acres of meadow and orchard in 
Hingham, part of the property of Joseph Bate father of the 
grantor : the land being bounded North by the street or 
highway, East by other lands of the said Joseph Bate, 
South by land of Daniel Gushing and West by land of 
Samuel Thaxter, also three quarters of an acre of salt marsh 
in Hingham near Bates's bridge.^ 

According to the History of Hingham published by the 
Town in 1893, the tax lists show that his residence was on 
Fort Hill street.' 

' ' Maj Samuell : Eells one of Her maiesties Justices of the peace for 
the County of Suffolk: dyed the 21': day of Aprill : 1709 :" ■* 

There is no gravestone to his memory now extant in 
Hingham, and the place of his burial is unknown. 

June 15, 1713, administration on the estate of Samuel 
Eells late of Hingham " Shopkeeper " was granted to " his 
relict Widow Sarah Eells," the executrix named in his will 
which is recorded on page 50 of volume 18 of the Probate 
Records for Suffolk County. The following is a transcript 
of the original : 

^ Hingham, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, (copy) page 293. 

^ Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 22, p. 226. 

^ History of the Town of Hingham, Mass., Vol. 2, p. 210. 

^ Hingham, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 145. 


"The last will and testament of Samuel Eells of Hingham, in the 
County of Suffolk in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England Shopkeeper, In the name of god Amen. 

I the afForesaid Samuel Eells being in good health of body, and of 
perfect and Sound memory and understanding, blessed be god for it, 
yet being Sencable of my Mortallity, doe hereby make this my Last 
Will and testament, in manner and form following, hereby Revoking 
and making Null and void, all or any will or wills by me heretofore 
by me made, either by word or writing, and this only to be taken and 
held for my last Will and testament. 

First I giue and bequeath my Soul to god (through Jesus Christ) 
who gaue it, and my Body to a decent and Christian Buriall at the 
discretion of my Executrix hereafter named, and as to what worldly 
Estate god hath blessed me with, I doe giue bestow And bequeath 
as followeth. 

Imprimis I giue and bequeath to my dearly beloued wife Sarah Eells 
all my reall estate in Hingham afforesaid to her & to her heirs And 
assignes foreuer, alsoe giue unto her my said wife all my personall 
Estate in Hingham, and all my Debts & personall Estate Due and of 
right belonging to me else where in the province afforesaid, vpon this 
Condition that she my said wife doe & perform and pay what is here- 
after Expressed and mentioned in my said Will for her to doe and 
perform & pay. 

First that she pay all my Just Debts, Secondly that she Doe within 
eight moneth after my Decease, or upon the demand of my son 
Samuel Eells of Milford, in Connecticut Colony, Quitt her claim vnto 
my said Son, & to his heires & Assignes for euer of in and vnto my 
house and land in Milford, that I made ouer to my said wife upon her 
marriage with me, by Instrument Bearing date the 28th day of July 

Item I giue and bequeath vnto my said Sonne Samuell Eells my 
old Dweling house, Barn and homelott & orchard in Milford afores'^ 
with all my out lands of what Kinde or nature soeuer, and that two 
Hundred acres of Land granted to Me by the general Court at Hart- 
ford, all to him and to his heires and assignes for ever, with ye ap- 
partinances he paying to my Daughter in Law frances Eells of sd 
Milford, the sume of thirty pounds, and I doe forgiue my said son 
what he oweth me, Except for Eight thousand of Shingles he had of 

Item I giue to my sd Daughter ffrances Eells my New house in s'^ Mil- 
ford, with the land it standeth on, & the vse of the well and pump 
what she shall have occation for, and free egresse and regresse in the 
yard to goe & come from s'^ well and pump, and some fruit in the 
orchard (when it bareth it) as much as she Shall have occation for, 


for her own vse and all this dureing her widowhood, but if she should 

marry a man that hath no house, then she shall haue the house, & 

the s'' priuilidges Dureing her Naturall life, alsoe I give to my said 

Daughter ffrances Eells five pounds to be paid by my Executrix, in 

goods at money pris 

Item My will is that my Son Samuell Eells pay to his three Children 

out of what I have giuen him twenty shillings a piece 

Item I giue to my grand Child Elizabeth Eells my feather bed that 

is at Milford, with what belongeth to it. 

Item I giue to my grand Children ffrances Eells and Anna Eells, 

fourty shillings A piece to be paid in goods by my Executrix 

Item I giue vnto my son Samuel Eells all my Law books, and three 

duzon of Coat Silver buttons and the coat that they shall be on at my 

decease, & my smalest Silver buttons for a Jackcoat, & the Jackcoat 

that they shall then be on, and my pistolls and Holsters, and my 

silver watch which he gaue me, and my best hatt and belt, & my 

siluer seal, & my great gold ring, 

fiurther my will is that if my Daughter in Law Martha Eells, wife 
of my said son Samuel Eells, should be forced to part w"* the house 
that was her former husbands, to pay her Childrens portions that she 
had by her former Husband, Cap^ Sam". Bryan And if she should 
Survive my said son, that then she shall haue the one halfe my 
afforesd old dweling house. Barns home lott & orchard dureing her 
widowhood which halfe she pleaseth, the keeping of it in repair 
dureing sd time. 

Item I giue vnto my Son Nathanael Eells of Scituate and my Daugh- 
ter Hannah his wife one hundred pounds in money, or goods at money 
price, at the Death of my now wife, or at her Day of Marriage againe, 
which shall first Happen. 

Item I giue to my said Son Nathanael Eells three duzen of Silver 
Coat Butons, and all my largest sort of Jackcoat silver Buttons, and 
my clock, and my Cloth Cloak and my gun, & my Silver headed 

And I do hereby make sd Louing wife Sarah Eells whole and sole 
Executrix of this my last will and testament 

In Witnes that this is my last will and testament I haue hereunto 
Sett my hand and seal this first day of August In the fourth year of 
her Majesties Reign Annoque Domini 1705. 


\ SEAI, I 


Signed sealed & declared by the above sd Samuel Eells 
that the aboue written instrument was his last will 
and testament in the presents of us witnesses 

Nathaniel Hall 

Benjamin Lincoln 

John Fearing 

Jeremiah Lincoln " 

"Suflfolk, ss. 

By the Hono''''* Is*. Addington Esq'. 

Judge of probate &c 

The before written will being presented for 

probate by the Exe' yrein named 

Benjamin Lincoln & John Fearing psonally appearing 

made Oath That he saw Samuel Eells the subscriber to 

the above Instrum*. Sign & Seal & heard him Declare 

the same to be his Last Will & Testam', & that when 

he so did he was of sound Disposing Mind & Memory 

according to these Depon'" best Discerning & that they 

the Depon'' together with Nath'. Hall & Jeremiah Lincoln 

subscribed their Names as Witnesses thereof in the 

Testators presence 

Jur' Cor Is*. Addington 

Boston 23"^ June 1713" 

There being no record of the deed of the house and land 
in Milford given by Samuel Eells to his wife Sarah as men- 
tioned in his will, it was evidently deemed unnecessary to 
record the release of this property from her to Samuel 
Junior, nor is there any record of an inventory or further 
action on the settlement of his estate. For this reason, the 
value of the property he left is unknown. 

August 3, 1713, "Sarah Bells of Scituate widow" con- 
veyed to George Bramhall of Hingham for ^160 " current 
money of New England," "my house and land in the 
township of Hingham lately the estate of Joseph Bate of 
Hingham," containing sixteen acres more or less, bounded 
" Northerly with the Town Street or highway Easterly 
with the Land of Caleb Bate Southerly with the Land of 



Daniel Gushing and Westerly with the land of Samuel 
Thaxter," also one half acre of salt marsh.' 

The following day Bramhall conveyed this property back 
to Sarah Bells together with his dwelling house and forty 
rods of land on the North side of Town street." These 
conveyances show that the widow of Major Samuel Eells 
removed to Scituate presumably to live with her son-in-law, 
Rev. Nathaniel Eells. 

In volume i , part 4, page 8 of the town records of Scituate 
is found this entry 

"Sarah Eells Wido & Relict of Samuel Eells Esq"^ Died February 
the 9"" : 1717" 

January 23, 1718-19, the Plymouth County Probate 
Court granted administration on her estate to Nathaniel 
Eells " Clerk" of Scituate and Hannah his wife who gave 
bonds for the faithful performance of their duties. ' Nothing 
further appears to have been done regarding the settlement 
of her estate. 








b. June I, 1664;^ 
" July 3, 1665 ;■» 
" Sep. 

4. IV. John, 

Children of Samuel and Anna (Lenthall) Eells. 

d. July 16, 1665. 

" July 13, lees.-* 

2, 1666;^ bap. June 5, 1670;* m. i. Es- 
ther Oviatt, 2. Martha, 
(Whiting) Bryan, 3. Re- 
becca (Wilkinson) Bald- 
" Junes, 1670;" m. Frances 
Feb. 19, 1670-1.® 

It is a tradition in the 
Eells family that she mar- 
ried a man by the name 
^ Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 27, leaf 294. 
' Ibid., Vol. 27, leaf 295. 

* Plymouth County Probate, Vol. 4, p. 158. 

* Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 18. 
^ Ibid., Vol. I, p. 23. 

* Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 11. 


" Feb. 18, 1670;^ 


of Fox. On page 55 of 
volume 3, Milford, Conn., 
Land Records is entered 
a deed, dated March 2, 
16S7, and acknowledged 
June 6, 1690, from Samuel 
Eells, Senior, to Samuel 
Nettleton, conveying six 
acres of land in Milford. 
The witnesses to this deed 
were John Eells and Mary 
Fox. This latter signa- 
ture harmonizes with the 
tradition, and is the only 
trace as yet discovered, of 
her after her baptism. 

VI. Robert, b. Dec. 14, 1672;' bap. Dec. 15, 1672;^ bur. Jan. 

14, 1673.-* 

VII. Robert, " June 25, 1675;^ " June 27, 1675;* bur. Jan. 

28, 1676.-' 
5. VIII. Nathaniel, " Nov. 26, 1677;' " Dec. 30, 1677;^ m. Oct. 

12, 1704, Hannah North. "^ 
IX. Patience, " " Mar. 7, 1680.' 


Samuel Eells (^Samuel 2, John i) was born in Mil- 
ford, Connecticut, September 2, 1666* and was baptized June 
5, 1670.' The next that is known of him is this entry on 
page 43 of volume 9 of the Milford Land Records, under 
date of January 13, 1695-6. 

"Serj*. Samuel Eells propounding for a piece of Ground of Twenty 
foot Square at end of y^ Lane by Sam" Couches, Capt. Sam" Bryan 
& L* Sam" Newton & Joseph Peck are Chosen & Appointed to view 

^ Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 25. 

^ Ibid., Vol. I, p. 29. ^ Ibid., Vol. i, p. 32. 

^ Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 15. 

^ Ibid., Vol. I, p. 13. 

^ Hingham, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 130. 

' Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 17. 

^ Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 18. 

9 Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. ix. 


y" Same place & to See whether it may be had without prejudice to y«. 
Town & to make report of y" Same to y** Town ; ' ' 

December 28, 1696 "Sam" Eells is chosen Constable for the year 
ensuing, & sworn, & it is Voted that if the s'' Sam" Eells shall haue 
occasion to goe to sea that he shall haue liberty to appoynt a deputie 
to officiate in his room in his absence, his s"" deputie to be fitt & 
capable of pforming & Executing the s'' office " ^ 

In December, 1699 he was elected one of the School 
Committee and also Auditor of the town accounts, to which 
latter ofl&ce he was re-elected in 1700, '01, '05, '06 ahd '07.' 

At the town meetings held in December 1701, '02, '07 
and '08, he was chosen one of the Townsmen or Select- 
men/ and frequently served on important committees. 

In December 1700 he was one of the persons chosen to 
make the town rate or tax for the salary of the pastor of 
the church. Rev. Samuel Andrews, and in December 1735 
and February 1735-6 he was one of those authorized to act 
regarding the settlement of the colleague pastor, Samuel 

December 10, 171 1 the town "Granted to Maj' Samuel 
Eells and his flfamily liberty to build a Pew for himself and 
family next to y" Great Alley where y*" two Seats hinder- 
most Seats of y® old Guard stand. "^ 

December 14, 1730, he was appointed on a Committee to 
consider a plan for seating or "dignifying" the meeting 
house and one week later on a committee regarding the 
assignment of pews in "y® Lower Gallery." " 

February, 1703-4 and January 171 2-13, he was one of 
the committee to procure from the General Court a new 
patent for the town.^ 

December 1711, February 1736-7 and December 1737. he 
was on the committee to run the town line between Milford 
and Derby, and in December 1719 and February 1736-7, to 

' Milford, Conn., Town Votes, 1696-1751, p. 3. 
2 Ibid., pp. 13, 14, 19, 25, 42, 44 and 49. 
. * Ibid., pp. 24, 32, 47 and 50. * Ibid., pp. 20, 174, 175 and 176. 
' Ibid., p. 59. ^ Ibid., pp. 164 and 165. 

' Ibid., pp. 37 and 64. 


run the dividing line between Milford, Derby and Water- 

In the grant of land made to him by the town January 13, 
1695-6, (see page 120) he is mentioned as Serjeant, but 
it is not known when he received this appointment, or 
whether he later held the rank of lyieutenant. 

Document 21 in volume i of Militia, Connecticut State 
lyibrary is a petition with reference to his election as Cap- 
tain which reads as follows 

" from Milford May. 9. 1699. toe the generall 
Court in thar fsesion at harford your 
Most hombell faruents the traine band of the 
fecout company in Milford wifing all hapinis 
toe atend your worships in this your generall 
assembly and at all times it is alfo our 
homble Requist toe your worships that as 
you ware plesed the last October court 
toe grant Comisions toe our leftenent and 
insign soe that now you would be plesed 
toe doe the like toe our Captaine 
M"" famuell Eeals we still making choys of 
him and desiring that he may be our 
Captain he also doth Exsept of our 
Choys and is wiling to sarue the King 
his contry and our company in that place 
desiring no longer Voyges toe sea then toe 
boston and coasting near home and if 
need soe Require will putt amaster in his 
Roume and atend the Kings saruis 
in the name and behalf of the Company 

Joseph Garnsey Clark " 

The petition was granted and the General Assembly 
established him as Captain of the Second Train band of 
Milford. = 

In May 1709 he was promoted to the rank of Major of 
the New Haven County regiment as appears by this entry 
in the Colonial Records of Connecticut, volume 5, page 95: 

' Milford, Conn., Town Votes, 1696-1751, pp. 61, 86, 179, 180 and 182. 
* Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 4, p. 288. 


" Upon consideration of the age and long service of Major Ebenezer 
Johnson, sergeant major of the regiment of militia in the county of 
Newhaven, this Assembly have thought meet to excuse, and do 
now hereby excuse and release him from any further labour in that 
post. And this Assembly do now choose and appoint Capt. Samuel 
Eells of Milford to be Major of the said regiment of militia, and do 
order that a commission be given him accordingly, and that he do 
continue in the command of the company at Milford ; (whereof he is 
now captain, ) notwithstanding. ' * 

In October 1739, he was appointed Colonel of that regi- 
ment, which he commanded until the election of his succes- 
sor Roger Newton in October 1752.^ 

September 9, 1752 Colonel Hells issued a warrant to 
Samuel Harrison, Captain of the Train band in the Second 
Society of Branford, commanding him "to lead" his com- 
pany to the choice of an Ensign. The original warrant in 
Colonel Eells' s handwriting and bearing his autograph is 
preserved among the State Archives, Militia, volume 5, 
document 7. 

QmA <d^i (?fon9f 

It is a remarkable fact that Samuel Eells was 73 years 
old when he was appointed to this position and 86 when he 

In May 1 702 the General Assembly appointed him Justice 
of the Peace for New Haven County and continued him in 
ofl&ce until May 1705, when he was appointed Justice of the 
Peace and Quorum. This latter oflSce he held until May 


He was a Deputy to the General Court from Milford in 
October 1704, May and October 1705, May and October 
1706, April, October and December 1707 and May 1708, 
serving as speaker in October 1706 and '07 and May 1708.' 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 8, p. 279 and Vol. 10, p. 128. 
^ Ibid., Vol. 4, pp. 378, 414, 467, 500 and 532. Vol. 5, pp. 20 and 62. 
* Ibid., Vol. 4, pp. 481, 498, 521 and 532. Vol. 5, pp. i, 17, 30, 37 
and 40. 


In May 1709 he was elected one of the Assistants and 
held that position until May 1740.' In 1740 and '41 he 
again served as Justice of the Peace and Quorum, and in 
1742 as Justice of the Peace. '■^ The General Assembly in 
May 1 71 1 established "a Superiour Court of Judicature" 
in place of the Court of Assistants. At the same session 
and annually until May 1739 inclusive he was appointed a 
Judge of that Court.' 

At " A Superiour Court holden at Hartford on Tuesday 
March 19*''. Anno R R^ G'^ Tertio Annoq^ Domini 
1716/7," there were 

' ' Present. John Hamlin Esq. Chief Judge 
Richard Christophers ") 
Peter Burr > Esq". Judges " 

Samuel Eels ) 

At this term of the Court there was tried the case of 
"William Pittkin Esq^ Nathan'. Pitkin & Ozias Pitkin of Hartford 
PI", versus Stephen Bishop of Coventry Defend'." 

The record reads that 

"Samuel Eells Esq\ was not in the Judgement in this Case being 
related to one of the Pl*'."^ 

At this date he was living with his second wife, Martha 
(Whiting) Bryan Eells (see page 129) Her half sister, 
Elizabeth Whiting, daughter of Rev. John and Phebe 
(Gregson) Whiting, married Nathaniel Pitkin of Hartford.' 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 5, pp. 89, 143, 206, 309, 
364, 425, 491 and 547. Vol. 6, pp. 3, 43, 108, 174 234, 305, 367, 441 
and 515. Vol. 7, pp. 3, 89, 150, 222, 268, 312, 364, 425, 483 and 543. 
Vol. 8, pp. 28, 79, 157 and 222. 

'' Ibid., Vol. 8, pp. 288, 367 and 448. 

^ Ibid., Vol. 5, pp. 241, 332, 384, 430, 509 and 566. Vol. 6, pp. 11, 
44, 124, 180, 240, 316, 375, 455 and 517. Vol. 7, pp. 5, 91, 152, 223, 
268, 313, 365, 425, 483 and 543. Vol. 8, pp. 28, 80, 157 and 223. 

* Superior Court Records, No. i, 1715 to 1718. 

^ The fact of such a marriage having occurred is stated on page 331 
of "Goodwin's Genealogical Notes," but thus far the compiler of 
this work has been unable to learn when the marriage took place or 


He was appointed in May 1730 Judge of the New Haven 
County Court and acted until May 1737, when he declined 
to serve longer.' 

In June 17 16 he was appointed Judge of Probate for the 
District of New Haven to act during the disability of Judge 
John Ailing.'^ The Probate records do not disclose any 
service rendered by him. 

In October, 1705, the General Assembly passed an act 
granting to certain persons the exclusive privilege <5f pro- 
curing and sending out of the Colony timber for use as 
masts in the Royal Navy. Samuel Eells was one of the 
persons named in said act.^ 

In May, 17 14, he was appointed Naval Officer for the 
Port of Milford.' 

He was one of the Committee of Safety raised in May, 
1704, to take means for the protection of New Haven 
County in time of war.^ 

In the Boston News Letter of June 19, 1704, appears this 
item : 

" New London June 15 On Tuesday Marched Capt. Samuel 

Eells of Millford with 100. men to Reinforce, Major Whiting at N. 
Hampton. This is the 21st. day of the Enemies French and Indians 
March from Canada, as we are informed." * 

In August, 1 7 10, he was selected as one of the Commit- 
tee of War.' 

by whom it was performed. On page 197, Vol. 3, Hartford Land 
Records is entered a deed, dated March 3, 1717-18 whereby Nathaniel 
Pitkin and his wife Elizabeth of Hartford conveyed to John Whiting, 
also of Hartford, i acre and 43 rods of land in the South Meadow 
presumably inherited from the Whiting family. 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 7, pp. 268, 313, 365, 426, 
484 and 543. Vol. 8, pp. 28, 80 and 86. 

2 Ibid., Vol. 5, p. 569. 3 ibid^ Vol. 4, p. 523. 

* Ibid., Vol. 5, p. 437. ^ Ibid., Vol. 4, p. 462. 

^ From an original in the possession of the Massachusetts Historical 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 5, p. 166. 


In October, 1728 and May, 1734, he was on the Commit- 
tee appointed to repair or build the fort at New London.' 

At the October session, 1727, the General Assembly 
ordered proclamation to be made at New Haven, on the i8th 
of that month, of the accession to the throne of George the 
Second. The troops of New Haven and Milford were 
ordered to fire a salute on that occasion, and Major Samuel 
Eells was instructed to see that the order was properly 

In October, 17 18, a Commission, of which he was a mem- 
ber, was appointed on behalf of Connecticut to determine 
the boundary line between New York and Connecticut from 
Long Island Sound to Massachusetts. The General Assem- 
bly took further action on this subject in May, 1719, April, 
1720 and October, 1723, '24 and '30.^ 

At the May session, 1705, he was appointed one of the 
Committee to regulate the settlement of the town of New 
Milford, and in May, 1708, he was one of the petitioners 
for a grant from the Colony of the lands in Newtown." 

In October, 1737, the General Assembly ordered a sale 
at New Haven, of the lands in the town of Goshen. 
Samuel Eells was one of the Committee appointed to take 
charge of the sale and to sign the necessary deeds on behalf 
of the Colony.' 

He was an extensive dealer in real estate, owning lands 
at Adding Plain, Buckingham Hill, Grassy Hill, Indian 
Side, Mashes Hill, New Haven Deers' Delight, Old Field 
Hill, Two Bit Purchase, the Point and the whole of Mil- 
ford or Clark's Island of 13 acres. In "the List allowed 
for ye year 1712 Maj"" Sam' Eells" is rated at ^109.' By 
referring to his will on page 133 it will be seen that he gave 

' Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 7, pp. 215 and 505. 

^ Ibid., Vol. 7, p. 124. 

^ Ibid., Vol. 6, pp. 71, 126, 170, 422 and 496. Vol. 7, p. 296. 

^ Ibid., Vol. 4, p. 517. Vol. 5, p. 56. ^ Ibid., Vol. 8, p. 135. 

* Milford, Conn., L,and Records, Vol. 5, p. So. 


to his son Nathaniel his house and home lot, containing 
about two and a quarter acres, located on the West side of 
Wharf street. One acre and a quarter with the house 
passed into the possession of Stephen Stow, in February, 
1754' and the premises are still known as the Stephen 
Stow place. 

November 6, 1698, Samuel Eells, Jr., and his wife were 
admitted to membership in the First Church of Milford.^ 
During the pastorate of Rev. Samuel Whittlesey a number 
of the congregation became dissatisfied with his theological 
views and attempts were made to form another church. 

The records of the Second Ecclesiastical Society of Milford 
disclose the fact that on January 5, 1740-41, forty-six male 
inhabitants of that town signed a document wherein they 
declared themselves " to be of the Presbyterian profession 
according to the established religion of that part of Great 
Brittain called Scotland," and agreed to act together in 
endeavoring to obtain relief from their religious troubles. 

Colonel Samuel Eells and five others were appointed a 
committee to petition the New Haven County Court on 
the subject. Three of the forty-six names were those of 
Samuel Eells, Nathaniel Eells and Samuel Eells, Junior. 
Action on the petition was postponed until the April term 
of the County Court, at which time the Court authorities 
requested the petitioners not to prosecute their dissent 
with the hope that they might come to an agreement with 
Mr. Whittlesey. 

In November of that year, a similar petition was pre- 
sented to the County Court which was dismissed. 

November 9, 1742, the County Court granted the peti- 
tioners liberty to erect a meeting house, and the Sunday 
following April 14, 1743 (April 17) Rev. John Eells of 
Canaan preached the first sermon in the new meeting 

1 Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. I2>4, p. 557. 
'^ Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 22. 


In May 1750, the General Assembly excused the dis- 
senters from paying taxes to the First Society, and granted 
them certain parish privileges, but they were not fully 
incorporated until May, 1760/ This was the origin of the 
present Plymouth Church of Milford. 

There is no record of any of the three marriages of 
Samuel Eells. it is surmised that his first wife was 
Esther Oviatt, and the late Nathan G. Pond in his 
genealogical papers makes a positive statement to that 
effect. If this is correct, she was the daughter of Thomas 
and Frances ( ) Oviatt of Milford, and was born March 
20, 1665.° As confirmatory of this is a clause in Samuel 
Eells' s will (see page 132) wherein he gives to his son 
Samuel " all the pewter Dishes y* was his Mothers marked 
withT. O." 

Against the record of the admission to Church member- 
ship of Samuel Eells, Jr., and his wife appears this entry 
"Mrs Eells died April 27, 1700.'" 

The following reference is made to Samuel's second wife 
in his father's will, dated August i, 1705 : 

' ' my daughter in Law Martha Eells, wife of my said son Samuel 
Eells, ***** that she had by her former Husband Capt. Sam". 
Bryan" (see page 117) 

On the Milford records we find : 

" M"^ Samuel Bryan of milford and M''^ Martha Whiting Daughter 
of M'' John Whiting of hartford were married the 25"^ Day of Decem- 
ber 1683 by Major John Talcott assistant " •* 

At that time her father, Rev. John Whiting, was Pastor 
of the Second Church in Hartford. Her mother was Sybil 
daughter of Deacon Edward Collins of Cambridge, Massa- 

^ Records of the Second Ecclesiastical Society of Milford, Conn., 
and Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 9, p. 517. 

^ Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 19. 

^ Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 22. 

* Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 40. 


In 1846 Rev. William Newell, Pastor of the First Church 
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, preached and had printed a 
sermon entitled "Cambridge Church Gathering in 1636." 
Appended to this is a record made by the Rev. Jonathan 
Mitchell, then Pastor of 

" The Church of Christ at Cambridge, iu N. E, or the Names of all 
the Members thereof that are in Full Communion : together with 
their children who were either baptized in this Church, or (coming 
from other churches) were in their minority at the parents joyning ; 
taken and registered in the 11. month, 165S." 

"Mr. Edward Collins, Deacon of this Church, and Martha his 
wife, both in f. c. Their children, Daniel, now living at Konnings- 
berg, in Prussia, about 9 yeares old when his parents joyned here ; 
John, admitted into f . c. before he went from hence, being now minis- 
ter of God's word at Edinburgh in Scotland ; Samuel now also living 
in Scotland (the wife of Samuel Collins admitted into f. c. May 31, 
1664. Their child, Edward Collins, baptized June, 1664); Martha. 
Nathaniel. Abigail, and Edward, borne and baptized here." 

"Mr. John Whyting, now preacher of y« word at Salem, and 
Sybill, his wife (daughter to y* forenamed Edward Collins), both 
admitted to f. c. here. Both dismissed to the Church of Christ at 
Hartford. Their children, Sybill and John both baptized here ; Wil- 
liam baptized fifebruar 19, 1659." 

On page 47 of volume 2 of the Records of the New Haven 
County Court under date of " Decenb'" y^ e*"^: 1700," is 
this entry : 

"M" Martha Bryan Widdow y" : relict of Capt. Sam" Bryan late 
of Milford deceased and Administratrix to his Estate appeared & 
presented an accompt of Debt and Creditt upon s'i Estate " 

In volume 3, page 234 of the Land Records of Milford is 
a conveyance, dated January 14, 1700-01 from Gidion Allin 
to John Camp and recorded one week later. The witnesses 
to this deed were Samuel Eells and Martha Eells. 

These facts prove that the marriage of SAMUEL EELLS 
and Martha Bryan, widow of Samuel Bryan, took place 
between December 6, 1700 and January 14, 1700-01. 

By the courtesy of Mrs. Nathan G. Pond of Milford, 


Connecticut, we are able to print the following letter from 
the original in her possession. It is addressed : 


M" Martha Eells 

Living att 


^ M" Marshall Q D C." 

"Honoured Grandmother Boston Sep' 3 1739 

Madam When I wrote to you last I was in hopes to have seen you 
before this time, butt we have been under such Circumstances in the 
family that they would no ways allow of it, have buried out of it two 
Aged Relations the first was my Aged Aunt Powning, the other the 
last week my Aged Unckle Salter both upwards of 70 years, & now 
the fall is near Advancing that will not permitt butt hope if we live 
till next Spring if God Give leave to See the faces of Each other. I 
am Sorry to hear of the Sudden & Awfull Death of my Kinsman 
Benedict Bull & hope it will be Awakening to us all Especially Young 
ones for we know not when nor how soon we may be taken out of 
this world, pray we may be prepared there for, I hope this will find 
you & all friends well as it leaves us at present which with my duty 

to your Self & my Gandfather & all 

ny Cousine " 

The remainder of the letter is torn off but it is not 
impossible to identify the writer. Samuel and Martha 
(Whiting) Bryan had six children, all daughters. Jerusha 
the 3^oungest married after Sept. 30, 1725' William Salter 
of Boston and had a daughter Mary/ who was unquestion- 
ably the writer of the letter. 

Uncle Salter was of course a brother of Mary Salter's 
grandfather and Aunt Powning was sister of her grand- 
mother Salter's second husband Daniel Powning of Boston,' 
the title ' 'Aunt ' ' being used simply as a token of respect or 

On page 359 of volume 10 of the Milford Land Records 
is a deed dated March 7, 1740-41 from Edward Allen to 
Joseph Pritchard. This document was witnessed by Samuel 

^ Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 7, p. 373. 

^ Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 24, p. 178. 

« Ibid., Vol. 28, p. 102, and Suffolk Probate, Vol. 32, p. 165. 


Eells and Martha Eells and bears the latest date as yet 
ascertained at which Martha (Whiting) Bryan Hells is 
known to have been living. 

November i6, 1741 Robert and Jane Treat conveyed to 
Samuel Brisco lands in Milford. This deed, entered on 
page 113 of volume 10 of the Milford Land Records, was 
witnessed by Samuel Eells and Rebeckah Eells, and the 
acknowledgment was taken by Samuel Eells as Justice of 
the Peace. His third marriage must therefore have occurred 
between March 7, 1740-41 and November 16, 1741. 

The widow REBECKAH BALDWIN lived in the Baldwin 
homestead on the East side of Wharf street, and upon her 
marriage with Colonel Samuel Eells simply crossed the 
street to reside in his house. This interesting fact has been 
handed down from her granddaughter Freelove (^Baldwin) 
Stow, who as a child lived with her on the Baldwin place. 

She was the daughter of Edward and Rebecca {Smitli) 
Wilkinson and widow of Samuel Baldwin, all of Milford, 
and was born August 8, 1676.' 

April 30, 1747 Colonel Samuel Eells and his wife Rebec- 
kah, Elizabeth Smith and Ruth Collins conveyed to Edmund 
Treat ^ of two pieces of land near Long Hill ' ' being the 
first Division of Land Laid on our Rebeckah Wilkinson's 
right in the Common Land." ° 

The date of death of Rebeckah ( Wilkinson') Baldwin 
Eells is unknown, but as her will dated March 14, 1750-51 
was presented to the New Haven Probate Court October 
16, 1752, it must have occurred between these dates. 

In this will she made bequests to her son Samuel Bald- 
win, her grandson Samuel Baldwin, and granddaughters 
Mercy and Sybil Baldwin, her son Caleb Baldwin and his 
son Jared, son Thadeus Baldwin, and to his so7i Ann, 
her son Peleg Baldwin and his son Hiall Baldwin and 
Filenah Baldwin and Rebecca Baldwin, her son Joel and 

' Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, pp. 26 and 30. 
"^ Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 14, p. 63. 


his son Joel Baldwin and his daughter Susanna Baldwin, 
her granddaughter Freelove Baldwin, her grandson Phineas 
Baldwin, her granddaughter, Catharine Miles and her 
daughter Rebecca Baldwin.' 

On the Probate records in connection with her will 
appears this entry 

" I Consent y* my wife make her Will Sam" : Eells." 

The date of Colonel Samuel Eells' s death is not on record. 

October 28, 1752, twelve days after the will of his wife 
Rebecca was probated, he made his will, which with the 
Court record is here given in full : 

"At a Court of Probate Held at New Haven March 20*. 1753 

Mefs": Sam": Eells, John Eells & Nath": Eells Ex": of the laft 
Will & Testament of y" Honor*"' Sam": Eells late of Milford Esq^ 
deC^, exhibited s'^: Instrum': in this Court, the Witnefses to which 
being sworn before Roger Newton Esq''. Afs': y" Same is accepted as 
proved in Court & approved for Record. 

s'^. Ex": accept s*^. Truft. 
In the Name of God Amen, the laft Will & Teftam*. of Sam" : Eells of 
Milford in the County of New Haven in y*' Colony of Connect': in 
New England 

I Sam" : Eells af ores'^ : being in Comfortable Health & perfect mem- 
ory and Understanding, not knowing how Short my time may be in 
the world, I do hereby make this my laft Will & Testam': in manner 
& form following firft I give my Soul into the Hands of God thro: 
Jesus Chrift my Redeem', and my Body to a decent Burial according 
to y" Discretion of my Ex", hereafter named, & as to y' worldly 
Estate I have, I do hereby give & bequeath as followeth. — 

Item. I Give unto my Son Sam" : Eells besides what I have given be- 
fore, all y" Reft of my Land in the Hill Lott, so Called, and Barn Lott, 
so Called, & all my Land below the Hill & all my Swamp Land & my 
Sword to him & his Heirs for ever, also my Coat & Waftcoat w"": the 
Silver Buttons & my silver Shoe Buckells & gold Buttons & all the 
pewter Dishes y' was his Mothers marked with T. O. 

Item. I Give to my Son. John Eells besides what I have already given 
him, my Gunn & Silver Watch & one hundred & fourty pounds old 
Tenor out of my Estate : also I give him my Jack & Spit to him & 
his Heirs for ever. 

Item. I Give unto my Son Nath": Eells besides what I have already 

^ New Haven Probate Records, Vol. 8, p. 186. 


given him, my Houfe & Homelot where I dwell (upon Condition y' he 
pay to my Son John Eells one hundred & fourty pounds old Tenor) 
and to his Heirs for ever when my juft Debts are paid, the Reft of my 
Estate to be equally divided between my three Sons Sam": Eells, 
John Eells, Nath": Eells, & that my Ex'": receive & pay my juft 
Debts : and I do hereby appoint my three Sons Sam":, John & Nath": 
to be the Ex'': of this my laft Will & Testam*: In witnefs y' this is 
my laft Will & Testam*: I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal in Mil- 
ford Ocf: 28"": 1752. new Stile 

Signed, sealed & declared by y*' s'^ Sam": Sam"-"-. Eei.i^ [Seal] 
Eells to be his last Will & Testam'. 

In presence of 
Peter Perit 
Peleg Baldwin 
Peter Pond'" 

Nothing further appears on the Probate Records regard- 
ing the settlement of his estate, and it is therefore impossible 
to determine what property he owned at the time of his 
death and the value thereof. 

For a family so prominent in town and colony, it is to 
be regretted that there is nothing whatever in the burying 
ground at Milford to mark their graves. 

ChiIvDREn of Samuel EE1.1.S. 
By first marriage. 

I. Samuei., b. ; bap. Nov. 6, 1698;'' m. Deborah Bur- 

welP and lived in Milford. 

II. Esther, " ; " May 7, 1699;'^ Nothing further is 

known concerning her. 
Evidently dead before the 
date of her grandfather 
Eells's will. 

' New Haven Probate Records, Vol. 8, p. 253. 

* Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 27. 

^ The following entries appear on the records of the First Church 
of Milford. 

Deborah Burwell, wife of Samuel Jr. was admitted to full com- 
munion April 18, 1697. 

Sarah and Deborah, daughters of Deborah Burwell, baptized April 
18, 1697. 

Martha and Mary, twin daughters of Deborah Burwell, baptized 
August 28, 1698. 


By second marriage. 
III. John, b. ; bap. Apr. ii, 1703;' m. i. Jan. 11, 1727-8 

Anna Beard, ^ 2. Abigail 
Comstock^ and was Pas- 
tor of the Congregational 
Church, New Canaan, Conn. 
6. IV. NaThaniEI<, " ; " July 22, 1705;* m. i. Oct. 29, 1739 

Martha Stow,* 2. Feb. 17, 
1742-43, Allice White.'' 

Samuel, son of Deborah Burwell, wife of Samuel Jr. baptized June 
21, 1702. 

On page 77 of Volume 4 of the New Haven Probate Records is 
entered the will of Samuel Burwell Jr. of Milford, which is dated 
March 19, 1712, and was probated August 12 following. 

In it bequests are made to his father wife and children, 

Samuel, Deborah and Mary. 

On page 345 of Volume 4 of the same records is the will of Lieu- 
tenant Samuel Burwell of Milford. This is dated April 29, 1715, and 
was probated May 24 of the same year. In it mention is made of his son- 
in-law, Joshua Dobdell ; grandchildren, Samuel, Joshua, Mary, Eben- 
ezer and Susannah Lobdell ; Deborah, Mary and Samuel Burwell ; 
and Susannah Fowler ; daughter Susannah Fowler ; daughter-in-law 
Hannah Burwell ; son John Burwell and son-in-law John Fowler. 
In Volume 8, page 288 of the Milford, Conn., Land Records is a con- 
veyance dated December 24, 1733 from Samuel Eells Jr., wife Deborah 
and Stephen Miles all of Milford to John Burwell, of a house 2% 
acres and 10 rods of land on the West side of Town Street being part 
of the home lot of Lieutenant Samuel Burwell deceased of Milford. 

' Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 31. 

^ Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. 2, p. 80. 

3 On page 196 of Hall's History of Norwalk, Conn., is printed, as 
taken from the town records, the marriage of Moses Comstock and 
Abigail Brinsmaid February 23, 1709-10, also the death of said Moses 
January 18, 1766. In volume 1764-1767, pages 197-200 of the Fair- 
field, Conn., Probate Records is entered the will of Moses Comstock 
of Norwalk. It is dated January 24, 1754 and was probated February 
II, 1766. In it he makes bequests to his wife Abigail ; sons Abijah 
and Moses ; and daughters Abigail, Hannah, Martha, Sarah and 
Phebe. Part of the estate was declared intestate and ordered divided 
among the widow and children whose names appear in the decree of 
the court. One of the latter was "Abigail Eells wife of John Eells." 

■* Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 33. 

^ Cromwell, Conn., Cong. Church Records. 

* Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 131. 



John EELLS {Samuel 2, John i) was born in Milford, 
Connecticut, but the date does not appear on the town rec- 
ords. He was baptized June 5, 1670.' Nothing whatever is 
known in regard to his boyhood days. He does not appear 
to have owned any real estate, nor is there any clue as to 
his business. There is no record at Milford of his mar- 
riage with his wife FRANCES, which probably took place 
after November II, 1691.^ She is believed to have been 
daughter of Thomas and Frances ( ) OviATT of Mil- 

ford, and therefore born November i, 1669.' This idea is 
strengthened by the fact of her age " about 70" at her 
death in 1738. 

March 16, 1697-8, John Eells was one of the appraisers 
of the estate of Samuel Samford, deceased, of Milford, and 
five days later, acted in the same capacity for the estate of 
Edward Wilkinson of that town.' 

John Bells died a few months thereafter because 

" At a County Court held at Newhaven Novemb'- 14 : 1698. 

An Inventory of y= estate of John Eells late of Milford Deceased 
intestate was exhibited in Court and ffrances Eells wid"' & Relict of 
s'i Deceased haveing given oath to y" p>-sentm* of s'^ estate to y" 
apprizers who also have given oath to y^ apprism' y^ s-i Inventory is 
approved for Record And whereas it is reported & much Suspected 
yt y s^ estate will prove non-solvent this Court therefore order that 
there be a year allowed for y^ Creditors to make their demand upon 
y« s"! estate and also that there be made some publick informan of y^ 
insolvency of y" sd estate in y" town of newhav" & milford." ^ 

In volume 2, pages 224 and 225 of the Probate Records 
for the District of New Haven is recorded 

1 Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 11. 

2 New Haven County Court Records, Vol. i, p. 194- 

3 Milford, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 22. 

* New Haven Probate Records, Vol. 2, p. 202. 

* New Haven County Court Records, Vol. i, p. 267. 


"An Inventory of y" eftate of John Eells late of Milford Deceaf"* 
taken and apprised this 14"^ day of November 1698 by us underwritten 

/• s. d 
I coat 20'/ I veft & breeches 23'/ one fhirt 10' 02 : 13 : 06 

I pr stockings 3V 6''. one fword 14" 00 : 17 : 06 

I gun barrel! and lock 12^ i grofs & y^ puter buttens 9^ 01 : 01 : 00 
I old bed and bolfter 00 : 08 : 00 

3 pillows 15'. I coverlid I6^ i pr of Coverlid 2' : 6'^ 01 : 13 : 06 

I pr of Curtains & vallans 40^ i old bed & 2 blankets 21^-03 : 01 : 00 
I pr sheets i6^ i pr ditto 2o\ 6 napkins & a table cloth 1 1'-02 : 07 : 00 
3 towells & one pillow bear 5': 6'^ one napkin and table 

cloth 00 : 07 : 06 

22" : % of pewter at 2^: 6'^. 02 : 17 : 00 

I platter 3': 6'^. i tankard 8^ i old tankard 3': 6"^ 00 : 15 : 00 

I pewter bason 8'. i ditto 5'. 2 ditto 4\ 00 : 17 : 00 

I q* pot 4". I fait feller 3'. 2 porringers 2'. 2 ditto 18"^ 00 : 10 : 06 

I old fait feller & Saucer 16'^. 2 cups 3\ 00 : 04 : 04 

I candle ftick & porring"' 2^/ 1 champer pot' 6 00 : 08 : 00 

I old tinn lamp & candleftick & puddin pan 00 : 03 : 00 

I brafs fkillet 10'/ i warming pan i4\ 01 : 04 : 00 

I old brafs kettle 3". i old Sword and belt "9 03 : 09 : 00 

I fryan pan 8', i looking glafs & comb 3^ 00 : 11 : 00 

13 trenchers 12'*. i piggin iS*!. 2 trayes 2^ 00 : 04 : 06 

I earthen platter 2\ 2 ditto 4^ i cheft 4'. one box 18'^ 00 : 11 : 06 
I tray & Sive 2^ i cradle 10'. 00 : 12 : 00 

I wheel 6'. i pr of combs 15' 01 : 01 : 00 

I cheft 8^ one table II^ i gr' chaire 6' oj : 05 : 00 

I chair 3=: 6''. one little one 18'* 00 : 05 : 00 

I pr of billows 2': 6''. one hatt 2^/ 2 cowes 7" : 5" 07 : 09 : 06 

5 glass bottles 4\ i pigg 2\ i ax : 4'. 2 books 3': 6'* 00 : 13 : 06 

, , , 35 : 09 : 04 


No : 15 8" of tow 0:2:8 

3 pound of linnen yarn 0:7:6 

3^^" of flax 0:3:6 Timothy Baldwin 

I bible 0:6:0 Milles Merwin 

Nov*": 15"^. 1698 then appeared before me the Subfcriber frances 
Eells the widow and Relict of the Deceafed and gave oath that she 
had given in the whole of her late husband's eftate to y" apprisers 
above s"* that she knew of or remembred and that if any more come 
to her knowledge She will give it in to the apprifers to be apprised 
taken before me Thomas Clarke Justice 

Novemb^ y« 15. 1698 Timothy Baldwin and Miles Merwin personally 


appeared before me the Subfcriber and gave oath that they have Set 
a due valuation and apprifem' on the eftate mentioned in y° within 
written Inventory according to their beft judgm* 

Sworn before me Thomas Clarke Juftis 
Children Eliz"'' : Eells abo' 5 y" old. francis 4^" : anna 2 y" old : 
and y" wid : w"' child." 

Frances Eells was admitted to membership in the First 
Church of Milford, October 8, 1699, and the same day her 
three children, Elizabeth, Frances and Anna were baptized.' 

At the annual town meeting held December 25, 1699, it 
was voted that " widdow flfrances Eells Shall haue her rate 
giuen her that was due to the town y*^ year past."' 

On Suffolk Deeds are entered two documents, one from 
Nathaniel Hobart of Hinghani, Massachusetts, dated Octo- 
ber II, 1706, the other from Stephen Lazell also of Hingham 
dated January 10, 1706-7, both of which were witnessed 
by Frances Eells.' 

On the Plymouth County Deeds is a sale February 13, 
1706-7 from Joseph Henchman to Rev. Nathaniel Eells 
and another to him from Caleb Torrey, March 15, 172 1-2.* 
These two deeds were also witnessed by Frances Eells. 

From these facts it is inferred that after the death of her 
husband, she removed to Hingham and later to Scituate, 

On the record of deaths kept by Rev. Ebenezer Gay, 
D.D., Pastor of the First Church of Hingham, is this entry: 

" 1738 Nov. 2 widow Eells about 70." 

The two married daughters of John and Frances Eells 
resided in Hingham, and the probabilities are that after 
their marriages, widow Frances Eells returned to Hing- 
ham and died there at the time mentioned in the Church 
record, especially as she was the only " Widow Eells" to 
whom this record could refer. 

' Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, pp. 22 and 29. 

^ Milford, Conn., Town Votes, Vol. i, p. 13. 

^ Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 23, folios 71 and 83. 

* Plymouth County Deeds, Vol. 7, p. 154 and Vol. 20, p. 14. 



In volume 2, page 240, of the History of Hingham, this 
date of death is given as referring to Sarah, the second 
wife of Major Samuel Eells. This is impossible because it 
has been shown that she died at Scituate in February 1717. 

Children of John and Frances (Oviatt) Eells. 

I. Elizabeth, b. 1693; bap. Oct. 8, 1699;^ m. Dec. 27, 1710, John 

Stowell of Hingham.- 

n. Frances, " 1694; " Oct. 8, 1699; " Frances Eells dau of 

John and Frances" was 
admitted to full com- 
munion August 7, 1715 
in the church at South 
Scituate, Mass., of 
which her uncle Rev. 
Nathaniel Eells was 
the pastor.^ 

" Frances Eells 
Daughter of Jn" Eells 
Late of Milford Died 
November 14th: lyiS"-* 
" 1696; " Oct. 8, 1699; " Nov. 25, 1714, Thomas 

Wilder of Hingham.^ 

III. Anna. 


Nathaniel Eells {Samuel 2, Jolm i) was born in Mil- 
ford, Connecticut, November 26, 1677,' and was baptized 
December 30' following. His father removed to Massachu- 
setts when Nathaniel was eleven years old, and the lad is 
supposed to have accompanied him. 

' Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i. p. 29. 

* Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 20. 
^ South Scituate, Mass., Church Records, Vol. 2. 

* Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part 4, p. 8. 

* Ibid., Vol. I, part i, p. 22. 

^ Milford, Conn,, Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 32. 
' Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 13. 


Nathaniel was graduated at Harvard College in 1699. 
Among his classmates were John Bulkley and Stephen Hos- 
mer, subsequently Pastors of the churches in Colchester and 
East Haddam, Connecticut, Jeremiah Dummer, afterwards 
Agent of the Massachusetts Colony in London, Edmund 
Quincy, who became a Judge of the Massachusetts Supreme 
Court, and Jonathan Belcher, later appointed Governor of 
Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Jersey. 

The following votes appear on the records of the Second 
Church of Scituate now the First Church of Norwell, Ply- 
mouth County, Massachusetts. 

" At a meeting of the Church and Society upon the north River in 
Sittuate January the 12"' 1702/3 

The day Abovesavd the Church and Society made Choice of Captain 
Stetson, Deacon King, M^ John Cushing, Joseph Turner, Job Randall, 
John Bryant, peter Collamer, Israeli Hobart and James Torrey to be 
their agents to discourse with Lydia Barrell concerning entertammg 
Mr Eells and also to discourse with the Sayd Mr Eells concernmg his 
Settling with us in the work of the ministry : and to make proposalls 
to him as may be Suitable for his Support and maintenance for the 
future in case he Se reason to Settle with us : " 
" 18 day of July 1703. 
The day abovesayd the Society voted that the agents Choson Janu- 
ary the 12"' 1702/3 : Apply themselves to Mr Eells at his Return to 
Hingham Concerning his Settlement in the work of the ministery with 


"At a meeting of the Church and Society on the north River m 
Scittuate August the iS*'' 1703 A vote past to give Mr Eells five 
pounds more than formerly proffered makeing it Sixty and five 
pounds in money : and his fire wood." 

" Scittuate August the 18"^ 1703 

At a meeting of the Church and Society upon the north River in 
Sittuate the sayd Church and Society Agreed to Call M-- Nathanaell 
Eells to settle with them in the work of the ministery, and that the 
Agents formerly chosen Should wait upon the Sayd M' Eells and 
acquaint him with their Sayd vote. And in their behalfe treat with 
him Concerning his settlement and Propose to him what they have 
Agreed to give him for his Support and maintainance (viz) Sixty five 
pound in money and his fire wood Annually ; in Case he Se Reason 
to Settle with them." 


" At a meeting of the Church & Society on the north River in 
Scittuate march the 2'^ 1703/4 the Church and Society Impowered and 
Ordered William Perrey to Repaire the fence about the garden belong- 
ing to the parsonage & to make new what is wanting to enclose sayd 
garden well & Substautiall to the Satisfaction of M' Eells & to bringe 
in his account of the Charge to the Sayd Society. The day Above- 
sayd The Church & Society Impowered & ordered Hatherly Foster to 
Repaire the parsonage house & to do what is necessary to be done to 
the Sayd house to make it tenentable & convienient for M' Eells to 
dwell in : & bring in the Account of the Charg" to the Society. At a 
meeting of the Church Aprill the 5"' 1704 — The Church upon the 
north River in Scittuate voted that Mr Nathanaell Eells Should be 
their pastor & settle with them in the worke of the ministery." 

"On the 23'^ day of Aprill 1704 the Societ}- on the north River in 
Scittuate voted unanimously concuring with the vote of the Church 
aforesayd : ' ' 

"On the 14*'^ day of June 1704 Mr Nathanaell Eells was ordained 
pastor of y* Church aforesayd. ' ' 

The following receipt is interesting as indicating the 
time when he began to preach in Scituate : 

' ' Scittuate, January the first 

Seaventeen Hundred five or Six. 

Received of Deacon James Torrey all that was due to mee for 

preaching here, from the twenty ninth of September one thousand 

Seven Hundred and three till the twenty ninth of September 1704. 

I Say Received by me 

Nathanall Eells." 

From an examination of the Society votes, it would 
appear that the amount of his salary varied greatly at dif- 
ferent dates, owing probably to the depreciation of the 

Beginning with £'jo in 1704, it increased to £()o in 171 1, 
^iio in 1720 and ^130 in 1730. Two years later it rose 
to ^^150 and in 1735 to £1^0. In 1740 it was fixed at ;^200, 
dropping to ^70 in 1742 and increasing again to ^100 in 
1747, and the next year to ^130. 

Four of his sermons were printed, of which three were 
preached at the ordinations of Thomas Clap at Taunton, 
Massachusetts, February 21, 1728-9, of his son Nathaniel 


Eells at Stonington, Connecticut, June 14, 1733, and of 
his son Edward Eells at Middletown, Connecticut, Septem- 
ber 6, 1738. The fourth was an Election sermon preached 
before the General Court of Massachusetts, May 25, 1743. 

A copy of each Ordination sermon is preserved in the 
library of the Connecticut Historical Society, and in the 
library of Yale University is found the Election sermon. 

In 1745 he wrote 

"A Letter to the Second Church and Congregation in Scituate. 
Shewing some Reasons why he doth not invite the Rev. Mr. George 
Whitefield into his Pulpit. To which is added, A Postscript, contain- 
ing an Answer to the Reasons given by a Number of Ministers 
Conven'd at Taunton in the County of Bristol, for their inviting of 
him into their Pulpit." 

The letter begins 

" Dearly beloved in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, You have 
been the People of my pastoral Care and Charge for the space of forty 
Years and ten Months." 

It is dated April 15, 1745 and is signed "your faithful 
and affectionate Pastor N. Eells." 

A copy of this is also preserved in the library of Yale 

The following sketch of Rev. Nathaniel Eells is taken 
from pages 198-200 of the History of Scituate written by 
Samuel Deane and printed in 1831 : 

"There are a few aged people now living who remember him. 
They describe his person to have been of a stature rather above 
mediocrity, of broad chest and muscular proportions, remarkably 
erect, somewhat corpulent in his late years, of dark complexion, with 
large black eyes and brows, and of general manners rather dignified 
and commanding than sprightly and pleasing. He had an influence 
and authority amongst his people that none of his successors have 
exercised, and which may have been in some measure a peculiarity 
of earlier times than these. The controversy with which his prede- 
cessors had been agitated had ceased. The Quakers, by not being 
persecuted here, had become quiescent. Whitefield's New light, and 
his spirit of denunciation had been kept out of his society, by the 
determined stand which he took against him ; and the times were 


prosperous and happy. His people were delighted to see him at their 
doors, as he rode up on horseback to inquire after their health, and 
to hand his pipe to be lighted. We mean no satire by recording this 
trifle ; for he was a venerable man, and so beloved, that every par- 
ishioner would take pleasure in performing such an office for him. 
He was also a leader amongst the neighboring clergy — well acquainted 
with the constitution and usages of the Churches, weighty in counsel, 
and often called to distant parts of the State, and to other States on 
Ecclesiastical Councils. As a preacher, there is reason to believe that 
he did not so much excel as in his dignity of character and soundness 
of understanding. We have seen a volume in manuscript of nearly 
an hundred sermons, which he used to carry with him when he trav- 
elled abroad. They embrace a considerable variety of subjects, and 
enabled him to preach at any time and on any occasion. They begin 
with his own ordination sermon, which he himself preached, accord- 
ing to ancient custom, and include the sermons which he composed 
during the few first years of his ministry. 

Were we to judge of his talents from these alone, we should not do 
him justice. There are a few discourses in print which are very 
respectable productions, and in particular those delivered at the ordi- 
nations of his two sons. He preached the Election sermon in 1743 
(Dent, xxxii. 47.) His sentiments were the moderate Calvinism of 
that day : we have seen one sermon on the doctrine of election, which 
had many explanations, closely bordering on Arminianism. 

In the latter part of his life he continued to speak of Arminian free 
will as an error, but with no asperity. Mr. Lemuel Bryant of Quincy, 
who had gone somewhat before the age in liberal speculations, 
preached for him on a certain day, and delivered a sermon which he 
afterwards printed, (on the text, ' all our righteousnesses are filthy 
rags,') and explained the text in the manner which would now be 
generally acceptable, showing that the formalities of a corrupt gener- 
ation of the Jews were therein described, and not the moral virtues of 
true worshippers, which led Mr. Eells to say, ' Alas ! Sir, you have 
undone to-day, all that I have been doing for forty years,' and Bryant 
with his accustomed wit and courtesy replied, ' Sir, you do me too 
much honor in saying, that I could undo in one sermon, the labours 
of your long and useful life.' An aged and highly intelligent gentle- 
man who related this anecdote to us twenty years since, also remarked 
that Mr. Eells preached a series of sermons afterward, with a view to 
correct Mr. Bryant's errors, but it was not easy, remarked the same 
gentleman, to discern much difference between his doctrine and that 
of Mr. Bryant. On the whole, we believe there has rarely been known 
a ministry of forty-six years, which so many circumstances conspired 


to render successful and happy. There are a few now Hviug that 
remember the solemn day of fasting and prayer, kept by his people, 
on account of his death. 

Mr. Eel Is prepared his own sons and several other young men for 
College, and also for the ministry : amongst whom we can name 
President Clap of Yale College, Rev. David Turner of Rehoboth, and 
Rev. Thomas Clap of Taunton, afterwards Judge Clap. 

There is no man of eminence, but who suffers detraction for the 
very reason that he is eminent. Thus it has often been told as a satire 
upon Mr. Eells, that in his simplicity, he one day directed his scholars 
to dig for a thunderbolt at the foot of a tree, where the lightning had 
made an excavation. We have no great confidence in the truth of the 
story : but if it were true, it was but a specimen of the general ignor- 
ance at that time, in a certain branch of philosophy, for it was before 
Franklin had made his discoveries in Electricity. 

We have no doubt that Mr. Eells had disciplined himself into an 
extraordinary self command. His less placid partner (whose name 
had been North) did not so well endure the disagreeable events of life, 
and when chafed with family vexations, she would say, ' It is won- 
derful that so good a man as my husband should have such wayward 
children.' He would pleasantly reply, 'True, and you seem to be 
sensible that the mischief lies in the North side of the family.' " 

By the will of his father, Nathaniel received " three 
duzen of Silver Coat Butons, and all my largest sort of 
Jackcoat silver Buttons, and my clock, and my Cloth Cloak 
and my gun, & my Silver headed Cane." 

Another clause of the will reads " I giue vnto my Son 
Nathanael Eells of Scituate and my daughter Hannah his 
wife one hundred pounds in money, or goods at money 
price, at the Death of my now wife, or at her Day of 
Marriage againe, which shall first Happen." (See page 


Samuel Couch of Milford in his will dated June 1693, 
after providing for his wife Mary, gave to his daughter 
Elizabeth Couch of St. Mary Ottery, Devonshire, England, 
his homelot also "my Island" called Milford Island or 
Clark's Island in ye harbor of Milford, containing twelve 
acres, together with his personal property. But if she 
come not over within seven years, then to " Nath'^ Eeles 


son of Capt Samuell Eeles now living in Hingham in New 
England." ' 

July i6, 1706, Nathaniel Eells then of Scituate purchased 
of said Elizabeth Couch her interest in these two pieces of 
real estate which he sold to his brother Samuel of Milford, 
October 3, 1707.^ 

February 13, 1706-7 Mr. Eells purchased of Joseph 
Henchman of Scituate for jCi6s " current silver money of 
New England," a dwelling house and outbuildings with 
sixteen acres at or near "Hoop pole Hill" in Scituate, 
bounded North by land of Elisha Turner deceased, East 
by land of John Barstow, South by the highway leading 
to Hoop pole Hill, and West by land of Joseph Gushing 
and the way leading thereto, also twenty-one acres on the 
South side of the highway opposite the piece just described, 
together with all his right in the common and undivided 
lands of Scituate. The witnesses to the deed were Frances 
Eells and Elizabeth Eells.' 

March 26, 17 13, is a conveyance to him from John 
Barstow and wife Eydia, of a house and twenty acres 
adjoining "land or tenement " of grantee, on the East.'' 

February 22, 1 715-16, he bought of Zebulon Silvester 
and wife Mary, twelve and a half acres of the Turner 
property which bounded his first purchase on the North, 
and March 3 following, he purchased of Joshua Turner 
two and a half acres, the remainder of said Turner pro- 
perty." Caleb Torrey sold him one acre adjoining his 
former purchases March 15, 1721-2, Frances Eells being 
one of the witnesses.' 

December 30, 1726, he bought of John Staniford of 
Boston a piece of land seventy feet wide on Eyndes street 

* New Haven Probate Records, Vol. 2, p. 218. 

* Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 4, pp. 48 and 50. 
^ Plymouth County Deeds, Vol. 7, p. 154. 

*Ibid., Vol. 9, p. 416. ^ Ibid., Vol. 12, leaf 20. 

* Ibid., Vol. 20, p. 14. 


in that town, and January i following, he mortgaged this 
property back to Staniford for ;i^i65.' This land was 
owned by his descendants until January 1788." 

"M"^ Nathaniel Eells of Sittuate was married to Mr^ Hannah 
NORTH of Hingham on the 12*^ day of October 1704 by mai' Samuel 
Eels Justis of the peace." ^ 

On leaf 161, volume 40 of Suffolk Deeds is the record of 
a conveyance dated November 6, 1723, from Nathaniel 
Eells of Scituate and his wife Hannah to George Bratohall 
of Hingham, of " all that Our house and land which said 
Bramhall sold to Our honoured Mother Sarah Eells late of 
Scituate Deced." (See page 119.) 

From the first settlement of Massachusetts the law 
required that when a man sold his own real estate, his wife 
should sign the deed as releasing her right of dower therein. 

In this case the wording of the deed plainly shows that 
Hannah Hells was one of the owners of the property, 
thereby confirming the family tradition that Nathaniel 
married his step-sister Hannah, daughter of Edward and 
Sarah (^Batemmi) North of Boston. (See page 109.) 

On the Boston Town Records is an entry, giving the 
births of Paul and Sarah twin children of Edward and 
Sarah North, August 14, 1677.'' The birth of Hannah 
North does not appear on these records, but from her age 
at death as given on her gravestone it must have occurred 
about 1679. The Bateman family belonged to the First 
Church in Boston and on the records of that church are 
entered the baptisms of the Bateman children. Presum- 
ably Mrs. Sarah (Bateman) North also attended the First 
Church, but with the exception of a few entries relating to 
that period, and made at a much later date, there is a gap 
in the records from December 10, 1676 to June 7, 1687. 

^ Suffolk Deeds, Vol. 147, p. 22 and Vol. 41, leaf i. 

2 Ibid., Vol. 162, leaf 49. 

* Hingham, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 130. 

^ Boston Record Commissioners Reports, Vol. 9, p. 142. 


This accounts for the absence of the baptismal records of 
the North children. 

As stated on page 119 Nathaniel Eells "Clerk" and 
Hannah his wife qualified January 23, 17 18-19 as adminis- 
trators on the estate of Mrs. Sarah Eells of Scituate 

The administrators bond is on file at the Plymouth 
County Probate Court and bears their signatures. 



On the records of the South Scituate Society are the 
following entries. 

" The Rev'' M'. Nath". Eells Departed this life August y« "2^^^ 1750 
in the 47"^ Year of his Ministry and 73'' Year of his Age. 

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the South Precinct in Scituate 
on the 11^'' Day of October A. D. 1750. Judge Gushing was chosen 

The Precinct Took an Ace' of their Creditors and Allowed as follows 

in Lawfull Money viz For the Defraying the Charge of Preach- 

£, s d 
ing the Gospel among them the Ensuing Year 70-00-00 

For the Defraying the Charge of the Revd Mr Eells's funeral 20-02-1 1 

Also voted that Mr Joshua Jacob Shall Procure Grave Stones for 
the Rev'i Mr Eells's Grave at the Precinct Charg 

Also chose M^ Joshua Jacob and Joseph Gushing Jun"^ to make up 
Accounts with The Rev^. M^ Eells Executrix relating to his Salary 
and that they shall Account with Her for the Salary to the 29"'. Day 
of September last. 

Also the South Precinct in Scituate at the Aforesd Meeting on y« 
11''' Day of Oct". 1750 Chose the Hon''l^ John Gushing Esq^ M'. 
Joshua Jacob M'. Charles Turner M^ Sam". Stockbridge Dea° Joseph 
Jacob and Joseph Gushing Junr A Committee to manage their Pruden- 
tial Affairs relating to their Galling and Settling a Minister among 
them. — 


Also Voted to Observe a Day of fasting and Prayer to Humble 
themselves under the Rebukes of Gods Providence in the Removal of 
their Rev'' and Dear Pastor M^ Nathaniel Eells by Death and to 
I/Ook to God for His Blessing & Direction in their Endeavours for 
the Resetlement of a Gospel Minister Among them the Day to be 
Appointed by the Abovesd Committee and also the ministers that are 
to Preach on S'' Day. 

Allowed to M" Eells 2S 8d Lawful Money for 

Keeping the Ministers Saturday Nights & Sabbath Day Nights every 
Week Since the Rev^. M'' Eells Death and that the Treasr Pay Her the 

Also Voted that M". Eells Widow of the Rev*. M^ Nath". Eells 
Deceased Shall Account with the Tenant that Hired the Parsonage 
House and Land till the first Day of April next and Receive the full 
Rent to that Time." 

Nathaniel Eells made his will May 27, 1732, which was 
presented to the Plymouth County Probate Court Septem- 
ber 12, 1750, and is recorded in volume 11, page 527, as 
follows : 

' ' In the Name of God amen I nathaniel Eells of Scituate in the 
County of Plimouth in new England Clerk being under Infirmity of 
body but of Sound mind & memory Doe make this my Last will and 
Testament, First I recomend my Soul to God that gave it and my body 
to the Earth to decent Burial at the discretion of my Exec"^. hereafter 
Named In hope of a Glorious Resurrection, and Touching and Con- 
cerning Such worldly Goods & Estates as it hath Plesed God bestow 
on me in this Life I Giue deuise and dispose of the Same in manner 
& forme following that is to say — 

I giue and Bequeath unto Hannah my well beloved wife the Whole 
of all my Personal & mouable Estate my Books Debts due Some 
excepted to be at her own dispose for Euer — 

I giue to my Said wife the use and Improuement of all my real 
Estate Except what Shall be Sold for payment of my debts for During 
The time She Shall Remain my widdo to be for her own Seupport & 
the bringing up my Children Sons to to the age of twenty one years 
Daughters to the age of Eighteen these bequests I make in full for 
her dowery and what She Can demand out of my Estate 

I Doe hereby Impower my s''. wife to make Sale of any Part Of my 
Lands and real Estate for the payment of my Just debts to Giue and 
Execute Good authentic Deed or Deeds for the Same the Debts due 
to me being first apply'd To that use and I doe also Impower her to 


Sell Lands for bringing up my Son North to the Colledge If the 
ProiBts of my Estate is not Sufficient as afores'^ : I giue and Bequeath 
unto my Children Samuel Eells John Eells and Sarah Turner Marj" 
Eells Anna Lenthall Eells viz To Each of them a Large Bible of the 
Largest Sort usuel in this Country to be Paid and Delivered to Each 
of them by my Sons Nath". & Edward — 

I Giue and Bequereath unto my Sons nath". & Edward Eells all m}' 
Books Of all Sorts thay Paying & Delivering to my Said Children 
Samuel John Sarah Mary and anna Lenthall to Each of them a Great 
Bible as afores'^. But my mined and will is that if my Son North Eells 
Should Incline to Learning & Obtain a Degree of Batchelor of arts 
that then my s'^ Books Shall be Equally Diuided betwixt s"^. nathaniel 
Edward and North viz s''. nath". & Edward Shall Returne one third 
Parte of all my Said Books to s''. North he Paying to them the one 
third of the Ualue of the Bible giuen to Each of my Children as afore 
S*. in Case s'^ north Shall not obtaine a Degree as afores'^. the s''. 
Nath". & Edward shall Pay and deliver to Said north a Great Bible of 
the Largest Sort as afores'^. 

it is my mind and will that If my s<*. wife mary agene Before my 
Children are brought up to the ages afores''. that then my s"^. Son 
Nathanial Shall Improue m}' real Estate & apply the proffits thereof 
for the bringing up s''. North to ye college & my Children as aforesd. 
the over Plus if any be Shall be Equally Diuided among all my Eight 
Children in case of my s*^ Wife remarriage or Death Before She has 
sold Lands Sufficient for the uses afores'^. I doe hereby Impower him 
to Sell Lands & Giue Deeds thereof for the s"*. uses 

I Giue and Bequeath unto my Eight Children viz Samuel John 
Nathaniel Edward North Sarah mary Anna Lenthall all the rest Of 
my real Estate in the County of Plimouth Suffolk or Else where viz 
to Each of them one Eighth Part Except my s''. Daughter Sarah har 
Part to be Fourty Pounds ualue Less than the rest She hauing had So 
much out Of my Estate already, To haue and to hold The Same to 
Each of m}' s"*. Children as afores"*. w"\ the Appertenances to them 
their Seueral respectiue haires and assigns for Euer 

Lastly I doe hereby nominate and appointe my s'^ Wife to be the 
Sole Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament in witness whereof 
I haue hereunto Sett my hand & Seal The 27 Day of may anno 
Domna 1732 

Signed Sealed Published Declared by the s"*. Nath". Eells to be his 
Last will & Testament in Presents of 

Joseph Gushing Nathan". Eells-is Seal 

Joseph Cushing Jun''. 
John Cushing Jun"." 


On page 120 of volume 12 of the same records is entered : 

"A True Inuentory of all the Estate Real and personal which the 
Reyi. Nathii. Eells Late of Scituate Clark decesed Died Seizd of that 
was apprised by us y". Subscribers the 5"' Day of Nouember A.D. 
1750 as follows in LawfuU money 

^ s p 
Imprimis To purse and Apparel 12- 2-8 

Item To books 17-18 o 

Item To plate 48-14 8 

Item To other Indoor Moueables M4- 3 4 

Item To outdoor Moueables 55-IO o 

Item To a pew in the Meeting House and J^"^ 

of a Horse Table 5-14 

Item To y''. Real Estate 446-13 4 

Sum Totel j^7io- 3 4 

Joshua Jacobs 
Jos. Gushing ju' 
John Ruggles 
Plimouth ss July T-1751 M" Hannah Ealls Exec''. Made Oath that 
this Inuentory Contained all the Estate that She knows Of and that 
when She Shall know of More Shel Giue it in the apprisers being 
under Oath at the Same Time 

Before Me John Gushing Judge of probat " 

In order to pay the debts of the estate, Widow Hannah 
Hells as Executrix of the will of her husband sold, August 
27, 1752, to her son North Eells for ^82-13-5 the house 
and other buildings and six acres of the farm on the North 
side of the highway.' 

August 17, 1752, Nathaniel Eells "Clerk" of Stoning- 
ton, Connecticut, Edward Eells "Clerk" of Middletown, 
Connecticut, Seth Williams Jr., and wife Mary of Taunton, 
Zachariah Daman Jr., and wife Anna Lenthal of Scituate, 
sold for ^266 "lawful money" all their interest in the 
homestead where ' ' our father Rev Mr Nathaniel Eells in 
his life time dwelt ' ' containing seventy acres on both sides 
of the Town Road.' 

October 25, 1754 and April 17, 1755, David Turner Jr., 

^ Plymouth County Deeds, Vol. 53, folio 108. 


of Plymouth, Ebenezer Hatch of Pembroke and wife Sarah, 
Nathaniel Gushing of Pembroke and wife Anna, William 
Witherell Eells and Robert Lenthal Hells of Hanover, 
Bezaleel Palmer of Scituate and wife Sarah, conveyed to 
North Eells "all interest in the farm of our grandfather 
Nathaniell Eells deed of Scituate Clerk." ' 

March 19, 1757, the Plymouth County Probate Court 
passed an order for the distribution of the estate of Rev. 
Nathaniel Eells, decreeing to his son North Eells }i, and 
as assignee of Nathaniel, Edward, Mary and Ann Lenthal, 
children of deceased Vg. and as assignee of heirs of Sarah 
another child ^, and as assignee of William, Robert and 
Sarah, children of Samuel, a son of said Rev. Nathaniel 
^ of ^^, and to the other children of said Samuel }^ of ^, 
and to the heirs of John Eells deceased another son }i.'' 

In the graveyard at Norwell Centre (formerly South 

Scituate) are two slate gravestones each elaborately carved 

with head and wings, bearing these inscriptions : 

Here Lies the Body of Here Lyes The Body 

Y'' Reu^ M-" Nath^ Eeli<s Of M"^^ Hannah 

Pastor of the Second Eei<i,s The Wife of 

Church of Christ in Reu^^ M"' Nathanieiv 

Scituate who Dyed August Eei<i,s Who Died May 

ye- 25f- 1750 IN THE -ys^' Y'' 2^- 1754 Aged 

YEAR of HIS Age And 75 • years Bi^essed 

In y*^- 47"-oF HIS Ministry Are the Dead Which 

Blessed are the dead Die In the Lord 
which die in y'^ lord &c 

The following is taken from volume 13, page 284 of the 
Plymouth County Probate Records : 

"In the Name of God Amen ; I Hannah Eells of Scituate in the 
County of Plimouth in New England Widdow Being Aged, but of 
sound minde Do make this my Last Will; First I Recommend my soul 
to God that Gave it and my Body to the Earth to Decent Burial at the 
discretion of my exec\ hereafter named and Touching my Worldly 
Goods and Estate I Give the same in manner Following Viz'. 

' Plymouth County Deeds, Vol. 53, folios 108 and 109. 
- Plymouth County Probate, Vol. 14, p. 247. 


Imp". I Give to the Children of my son Samuel Eells Deceas'd Ten 
Shillings Lawful! money to be Equally Divided between them, their 
Father haveing in his Life time had a Large portion Out of my Hus- 
bands Estate — 

Item, I Give to the Children of my son John Eells Dec", ten Shil- 
lings LawfuU money to be Divided between them, their Father haveing 
in his Life time had a Considerable portion Out of my Husbands 
Item, I Give to my Two Daughters Mary Williams & Anna Lenthall 
Damon my Gold Chain to wair about the neck to be Equally Divided 
between them 

Item, I Give to my Grandaughter Hannah North Eells the Daugh- 
ter of my son Sam', a Cow — 

Item, I Give to my grandaughter Hannah Eells the Daughter of 
my son John aforesaid, my smallest Looks. Glass — 

Item, I Give to my grandaughter Ann Cushing my Chist of Draws 
that was mad'". Jones's — 

Item, I Give to my grandaughter Abiah Eells the Daughter of s''. 
son Jn". a Table that was Mad°\ Jones's 

Item — I Give to my son North Ells to the Vallue of Thirty pounds 
two Shillings & Eight pence Lawfull money Out of my moveable 
Estate, he haveing had nothing towards Setting up his Trade or Set- 
ting Out in the world as the Other sons had — 

Item All the Rest of my Estate not herein Before Disposed of I 
Give to be Divided between my Children Nathaniel, Edward, North, 
Mary and Ann and the Children of my Daughter Sarah Dec*. Viz', to 
each of my said Children One Fifth part, and the Other Fifth to my 
Grand Children the Children of my said Daughter Sarah, Only my 
mind and will is that my said Daughter mary's share shall be Thirteen 
pounds six shillings and Eight pence Less then the Rest, and that 
Notwithstanding what is before mention'd my s''. Grand Children the 
Children of my s'' . Daughter Sarah shall have no part of the Residuary 
Legassie before mentioned unless they in the Settlement & Division 
of the Estate which my late Husband the Rev**, m^ Eells Died Seized 
of, allow that their said Mother Received of my said Husband Towards 
her portion Forty pounds Lawful! money, and Account for the same 
in s'l. Settlement, and also allow and pay to my said son. North six 
pounds Thirteen shillings and four pence Out of their shares of my 
said Husbands Estate which he Died Seiz'd of, as my said Daughter 
Anna and some of my Other Children have Allready Done — And if 
they do not make the allowance, and pay as aforesaid then their 
Fifth afores''. shall be Equally Divided between said Nath'. Edward 
North, mary & Anna's and my minde is that said Mary & Anna should 


take Each of them the Bed which I lent them in part of their Respec- 
tive shares, of the said residuary Legcie 

Lastly I Do Hereby nominate and Appoint my three sons Nath'. 
Edward, and North to be Exec", of this my Last Will and Testament 
In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal the First 
day of Sep^ A.D 1752 — 

Hannah Eells (Seal) 

Sign'd Seal'd Published & Declar'd by the said Hannah Eells to be 
her Last will & Testament In presents of 
Mary Gushing 
Mary Gushing Ju'. 
Hannah Gushing " 

And on page 334 of the same volume is entered : 

"A True Inventory of all the Estate which M". Hannah Eells late 
of Scituate Widdow DeC". Dyed Seiz'd of that was Appriz'd by us the 
Subscribers the Eighth day of June A.D 1754, as follows — In Lawful! 

Imp\ To purs. Apparel & Books £'^1-^1-1 

Item, To One Gold Ghain 8 

Item, To plate 32- 3-9 

Item To Other Indore Moveables 86-1 1-8 

Item To Out Doore moveables 15-11-4 

Sum Totall ^170- 4-4 
Joshua Jacob 
Joseph Gushing Ju'. 
John Ruggles 

Plim°, Ss. June 30, 1754, North Eells One of Exec", of sd. Dec**, 
made Oath y'. this Inventory contains All the said DeC^". Estate So far 
as he knows & that when he shall know of more he'l Give it in the 
said apprizers being also under Oath — 

Before Me John Gushing Judge of prob'." 

Ghildren of Nathaniel, and Hannah (North) Eei,i^. 

I. Sarah, b. Aug. i, 1705;' bap. Aug. 5, 1705;'' m. May 

27, 1726, Benjamin Tur- 
ner of Scituate.^ 

^ Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 113. 

^ South Scituate, Mass., Ghurch Records. 

^ Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 28. 



II. Samuei., 

III. John, 

IV. Nathaniel, 

V. Edward, 

VI. Hannah, 

b. Feb. 19, 1706-7;' bap. Feb. 23, 1706-7;' m. 
Dec. 18, 1729, Hannah 
Witherell"* and lived in 
Hanover, Mass. 

" /^<?^.^ 15, 1708-9;' " Jan. 23, 1708-9;'^ m. 
June 4, 1730, Abiah 
Waterman'* and lived in 
Scituate, Mass. 

" Jan. 31, 1710-11;' " Feb. 4, 1710-11;^ m. I. 
Oct. 18, 1733,^ Mercy 
Gushing, 2. Oct. 11, 
1753, Mary (Goodwill) 
Helyer Darrell.^ He 
was many years pastor 
of the Congregational 
Church of Stonington, 

" Jan. 3, 1712-13;' " Jan. 4, 1712-13;'^ m. i. 
July 24, 1740, Martha 
Pitkin,'' 2. May 19, 
1772, Patience (Bulkley) 
Lord,* and was pastor 
of the Congregational 
Church in the North 
Society, Middletown, 

" Jan. 24, 1714-15;' " Jan. 30, 1714-15;' d. 
Dec. 15, 1722.' 

^ Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 113. 

' South Scituate, Mass., Church Records. 

^ The month in the date of this birth is probably an error. The 
baptisms are entered upon the Church records in chronological order; 
and there is more chance for an error in this entry upon the Town 
records than there would be for an error in the entry of the baptism 
upon the Church records. 

* Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 29. 

* Ibid., Vol. I, part i, p. 5. 

* Abstract of Records of "New North Church," in Office of the 
City Registrar, Boston, Mass. 

' Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 122. 

^ Rev. Edward Eells's family record. 

^ Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part 4, p. 8. 



VII. Mary, 

VIII. North, 

IX. Anna Lenthai,, " Oct. i6, 1721;^ 

b. May 8, 1716;' bap. May 13, 1716;'' m. 
Nov. 7, 1738, Seth Wil- 
liams, 3 of Taunton, 

" Sep. 22, 1718;' " Sep. 28, 1718;- m. 

Ruth (Tilden?),-* and 
lived in Scituate, Mass. 
Oct. 22, 1721;* m. Nov. 
30, 1748, Zachary 
Damon, Jr., of Scituate, 
Mass. 5 


Nathaniel Eells {Samuel t,, Samuel 2, John i) was 
baptized iu Milford, Connecticut, July 22, 1705." The date 
of his birth does not appear on the town records and nothing 
is known of his early life, but he is supposed to have made 
Milford his home. He was thirty-four years old when he 
was married, October 29, 1739, at Middletown, North 
Society (now the town of Cromwell) to MARTHA STOW, 
his father " Hon. Sam'. Eells Ass'." performing the cere- 
mony.' She was the daughter of Samuel and Esther 
{Moidd) Stow of Middletown, North Society, and was born 
August 30, 1 71 2.' Martha (Stow) Eells died May 12, 

' Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 113. 

^ South Scituate, Mass., Church Records. 

^ Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 6. 

^ It is stated in Deane's History of Scituate that his wife's name 
was Ruth Tilden. The births of the children of Nathaniel and Ruth 
Eells are entered on the Scituate town records, but there is no record 
of his marriage thereon nor on the books of the South Scituate church. 

^ Scituate, Mass., Town Records, Vol. i, part i, p. 31. 

« Milford, Conn., First Church Records, Vol. i, p. 33. 

■" Cromwell, Conn., Cong. Church Records. 

" Middletown, Conn., p. 25 of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in 
volume I, of Land Records. 


1740/ in less than seven mouths from the day of her mar- 

Nathaniel married second, February 17, 1742-3,^ 
"Allice" White, born February 25, 1713-14, daughter 
of Daniel and Alice {Cook) White of Upper Middletown." 

April 24, 1733, Nathaniel received from his father,' Major 
Samuel Eells, a deed of twelve acres of land at Indian Side 
in the town of Milford. This is presumably the same land 
that he sold to his said father, June 13, 1743/ 

February 27,1744-5, Nathaniel sold to Theophilus Bald- 
win of Milford all his interest in lands in the ' ' Two Bitt 
Purchase ' ' which formerly belonged to his ' ' Mother 
Martha Eells Deceased.'" 

By the will of his father, Nathaniel inherited the home- 
stead of the former. 

One acre of this property he sold April 25, 1753, to Peter 
Perritt, and the remainder with the house Nathaniel con- 
veyed February 28, 1754, to the brother of his first wife, 
Stephen Stow, "Late of Middletown afores'^, now of Mil- 
ford." In the deed the property was described as "y® 
house and land y'. was my Hon'' father Sam'' Eells Esqr^ 
late of Milford Decease' and wherein & on he Dwelt. "^ 

April 10, 1742, Nathaniel Eells of Milford purchased of 
John Shepard of Middletown for ^1000 four pieces of land 
in the " North Parish " of Middletown. 

The first contained eight acres with all the buildings 
thereon and was the grantor's home lot, " bounded Easterly 
on a highway. Westerly on Nath" Ranney's Land, North- 
erly on Nath" Riley's Land, and Southerly on Land that 
Did belong to Sarg^ Sam". Wilcox Dec'\" 

' Gravestone in Quarry Cemetery, Cromwell, Conn. 
^ Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 131. 
^Middletown, Conn., p. 17 of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in 
volume 2 of Land Records. 
^ Milford, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 8, p. 89 and Vol. 11, p. 220. 
* Ibid., Vol. 10, p. 346. 
^ Ibid., Vol. 12, p. 449 and Vol. I2>^, p. 557. 


The other pieces were forty-six acres near Pine Swamp, 
one and one half acres in the lyOng Meadow, five acres in 
the Long Meadow Swamp and three acres in the Further 

The home lot before mentioned, which became Nathaniel's 
residence, is situated on the West side of Main street in the 
town of Cromwell. The Methodist Episcopal Church and 
the Congregational parsonage now occupy the South part 
of the lot, and the North part was for many years the 
residence of Daniel H. Wilcox, and later owned by his 
daughter Mrs. Linus H. Williams. 

Nathaniel Eells was admitted to membership in the Mil- 
ford Congregational Church June 27, 1741,'' and August 
22, 1742 he was admitted to the church in Middletown 
North Society, by letter from the Milford Church.' This 
would indicate that he removed to Middletown soon after 
the purchase of the Shepard lands. 

At the annual town meeting held in Middletown, Decem- 
ber I, 1746 he was chosen a Grand Juror, in 1750 Hay ward, 
and in 1751 and '59 Surveyor of highways. 

"Att a meeting of the Inhabitants of the North Society " 

of Middletown held " Nouember y® 6*^, 1749" 

" Nathaniel Eells Ebenezar Savage Jeremiah Rany and 
John Savage were chosen a Com" to order the affairs of the 
Scoole y*^ year Ensuing" and in November 1756 he was 
again appointed to this ofl&ce. In November 1751 and '52 
he was one of three persons ' ' Chosen a Committee to order 
the Prudentials of the Society the Year Ensuing ' ' ; and in 
November 1753 he " was chosen a Committee Man to assist 
the Collector in apriseing the Loads of wood that May be 
brought into the Rev'' M' Eells the year Ensuing." 

' Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 9, p. 355. 

^ At this period records of baptisms and admissions were entered on 
different pages of the Church book. Several entries of baptisms and 
admissions were made as occurring on this date, which was Saturday. 
It seems as if the clerk should have written June 28 instead of June 27. 

^ Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records, Vol. i. 


Nathaniel Eells died September 9, 1776, and was buried 
in the oldest cemetery in Cromwell, where his gravestone, 
of Portland freestone, ornamented with head and wings, 
bears this inscription : 

In Memory of 

M"" Nathaniel Eeli.s 

who departed this 

Life Sep"- 9*1^ 

A D : 1776 

in the 70"' Year 

of his Age. 

Blessed are the Dead 

which die in the Lord. 

The following is a copy of his will and inventory as 
recorded in Volume 3, pages 361 and 362, of the Probate 
Records for the District of Middletown : 

" In the Name of God Amen 

I Nathaniel Eells of Middletown in the County of Hartford & Colony 
of Connecticutt in New England Husbandman, Being in a weak & 
low State of Health, But of a Sound Disposing mind & Memory, 
Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body & that it is Appointed for all 
men once to Dye : Do make & Ordain this my last Will & Testament : 
And Principally & first of all, I Give & Recommend my Soul to 
God who gave it & my Body to be Buried in decent Christian Burial 
at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter Named, with a Sure & 
Certain hope of a Resurrection unto Eternal Life, and as to my 
temporal Interest wherewith it hath Pleased God to Bless me in this 
Life, I Give & Dispose of the Same in the following Manner and 
form after my Just Debts & funeral Charges are paid. 

Imprimus I give to my Beloved Wife Alis Eells the use & Improve- 
ment of one Third part of my Lands & half of my Indoor Moovables 
I give to be at her Disposal & one Half of my House which Shee 
Shall Choose, & such part of my Barn as Shee Shall need for her 
own use, and my Will is that my Two Daughters Mary & Theadocia 
shall have the Privelage of Living in that Half of the House until 
each of them Shall be married. I Give her a Cow which Shee Shall 
choose & Six Good sheep & a Good Hog with Provisions for One 
Year After my Decease : & my Will is that my Son Nathaniel Shall 
provide Wood for his Mother as much as Shee shall need brought to 
the Door & cut fit for her fire untill my Son Daniel comes to Lawful 


age & then he s"* Daniel shall provide One Half of the Wood as above 
Expressed this I give her During her Natural Life 

Item. I give to my Beloved Sons Nathaniel Eells & Daniel Eells 
my House and Barn with all my Real Estate to be Equally Divided 
between them also I give to my Two Sons above Named all my Wear- 
ing Apparel & Husbandry Tools & all my Stock of Cattle & Horses 
to be Equally Divided between them and my Will is that my Son 
Nathaniel shall have the use & Improvement of my Real Estate 
Given to my Son Daniel untill he comes to Lawful Age he Providing 
for his Brother all that is Necessary for him not Exceeding the Neat 
Profits of his Land & in case this is not needed it Shall be for the 
Benefit of Nathaniel as he is my Eldest Son and my Will further is 
that Nathaniel Shall provide Wood for his Mother as above Expressed 
untill my Son Daniel Shall come of Age & then he Shall provide One 
Half of the Wood as above Expressed, & the Wood I would have cut 
off from the Land Given to my Wife This I give to them and their 
Hiers Forever 

Item I give to my Beloved Daughter Martha Spencer the Wife of 
Samuel Spencer the Sum of Ten Shillings Lawful Money over and 
above what I have Given which I Judge to be Forty-Nine Pounds 
Ten Shillings to be paid by my Two Sons when Daniel Shall come 
to the Age of Twenty one Years this I Give to her and her Hiers 

Item I Give to my Beloved Daughters Mary Eells & Theadocia 
Eells the Sum of Fifty Pounds to each of them to be paid by my Two 
Sons Nath". & Dan'. & Mary & Theadocia Shall take as part of their 
Portion the One Half of the Moveables at Inventory Price & that 
part of the Stock which Shall fall to Daniel by an Equal Division at 
Inventory Price & the Remainder that Shall be due to the Daughters 
from Daniel Shall be paid in One Year after he comes to Age & 
Nath'. Shall pay one half of this part of the Legacy in One Year & 
the Other Half the Next Year after my Decease — 

I do hereby Constitute and appoint my Beloved Wife Alis Eells & 
my Son Nath'. Eells my Executors to see this my last Will & Testa- 
ment Truly Executed According to the true Intent and Meaning 
thereof. In Witness hereof I have sett my Hand & Seal this Twen- 
tieth day of December One Thousand Seven Hundred & Seventy One. 
Signed Sealed Published 

pronounced & Declared by Nathaniel Eells [Seal] 

Nath' Eells the Insealer to be 
his last Will & Testament 
In Presents of us 
Edward Eells, Daniel Willcox Moses White — 



Att a Court of Probate held in Middletown in & For the District of 
Middletown on the 7"' of April 1777 Then the foregoing Instrument 
was Exhibited in Court and was proved to be the last Will & Testa- 
ment of M^ Nath' Eells late of Middletown Dec*, was Approved & 
Ordered to be Recorded in the Registry of this Court and Mrs. Alls 
Eells & Mr Nath' Eells who are Therein Appointed Executors per- 
sonally Appeared in Court and Accepted the trust reposed in them 

Test Bezaleel Fisk Clerk.— 

An Inventory of the Estate of M'. Nath' Eells Late of Middle- 
town in the County of Hartford Deceased Taken by us th^ Sub- 
scribers Apprissors under Oath March 12'''.. 1777. — 
I Blue Coat 35/ i Black Vest 15/ i Blue Great Coat 

12/ I Bever Hatt 20/ 4. 2. o. 

I ^ Leather Breeches 18/ i Old Vest 2/ i Strait 

Body'd Coat 10/ i Wooling shirt 4/ i . . 14. . 

I Linnen Shirt 7/ i '^ Blue Stockings r/6 i 

Stockings 1/6 i ^ Buckles 6/8 
7 Beads N°. i & Furniture ^^5. .8. 

No 3 & Furniture ^3 . . 1 2 . . 6 
No. 4. & Furniture 49/. No. 5. 62/. 
I New Blanket 28/. i f^' Woollen sheets 18/. 14 Yds 
Under Beading 14/. i ^ New Sheets 25/ 

1 ^ Cotton sheets 25/. i ^ fine d". 15/. 5 

sheets 100/. if) Old d°. 8/4 

2 ^ D°. 30/. 7 ? D". ^6. .13. . I ^ D" 

20/. I ^ D°. 10/. I ^ D". 6/8 

4 Knapkins 8/. 3 ^ Pillow Cases 9/. 5 
Yds. Diaper 30/. 

4 Knapkins 8/9. 2 Table Cloths 7/6. 
Draws 40/. i Large Round Table 18/. 

I Chest w''. I Draw 12/. i Large Chest 4/. i Square 
Table 5/. i Round D°. 4/6. 

I Stand 4/6. Small Table 4/. i Old Case & 7 Bottles 

9/. I Sett of Bk. Chairs 18/. i . . 15. . 6. 

10 Old Chairs 15/. i Great Chair & 2 Old Chairs 3/. 

I f Slice & Tongs 6/. i . . 4. .— 

I ^ Small SHce & Tongs 4/. 3 Trammels 15/. Toast- 
ing Iron 4/. Grid Iron i/. i . . 4. . — 

I ^ Cast Cobb Irons 6/. i Old ^ D°. 12/. i Dish Kittle 

3/. I01dd»2/. I.. 3..— 

I Small Pot 2/6. I Great d". 6/. Iron Skillet 2/. Fry- 
ing Pan 4/. 2 Ladles 3/. 17. . 6. 

.6 N°. 2 /5-.7.-6. 
No. 6. 83/4 No. 7. 
t Yds 
18/4. I ^ D°. 
f D». 12/6. 12 
One Case of 


16. 8 

14.. 8.. 6. 

II. .16. . 4, 

4.. 5-.— 

10. .!». .— 

19. . 6. 

3--I4.- 3- 



I Iron Tea Kittle 7/. i Copper d". 6/. i Great Brass 

Kettle 14/. Small do. 12/. i . . 19. . — 

I Large Iron Kittle 18/. 4 Candlesticks 3/. i Warming 

Pan 3/ I Large Looking Glass 16/ 2. . — . . — . 

1 Small Looking Glass 8/. i Great Wheel 5/. i Old 

do 2/. I Sett of Knives & Forks 3/6 18.. 6. 

3 Old Pails 3/. I Tea Pot 4/. i Sett Tea Spoons 18/. 

2 Great Silver Spoons 18/. 5 Pew do i/. 2. . 4. . — 

4 Pewter Platters 11" at 20'^ is 18/4. i Soop Platter. 2 

Basons. 2 Pint Basons & 4 old Plater 9"*. ^ 16/3. i . . 14. . 7. 

4 Plates 5/. 4 Old do & i Bason 4" is 4/. i Qt Cup 2/6 

I Tankerd 2/6 i pint Cup 1/6 15. . 6. 

2 Small Porringers i/. 2 Dry Tierses 10/. i Flower 

Barrel 3/. 4 Old Barrels 2/. 16.. — 

I Bread Tray 1/6. i Old hh'' 2/. i Pork Barrel 6/. i 

Butter Tubb 1/3. i Cyder Bbl 3/. I3- ■ 9. 

1 Cider Bb' 2/6. 2 Old Meet Barrels 3/6. 3 Tubs 3/. 

I Cagg 2/6. II.. 6 . 

3 Large Milk Bowles & i Tray 3/3 i ^^ Stilyards 4/. 

1 Hetcliel 18/. I Course do 6/. i . . 1 1 . . 3 . 

2 Bags 8/. 3 Old do 3/. Corn Fan 3/. i Iron Wedge 2/. 

Beatle Ring 2/6 18. . 6. 

Iron About y" Cart 51/. Clevey Pin 3/. Timber Chain 

29/. Draught do 9/6 4.. 12.. 6. 

I Old Chain 5/6. Plow do 5/. 2 Staples & Rings 7/6 

Hay Knife 2/6. i Dung Fork 3/6 i. . 4. . — 

I Pitch Fork 2/6. Small do i/. Coller 3/6. trases 2/6. 

2 Plow Colters 11/. i. . — . . 6. 
I Sett Harrow Teeth 25/. plow Clevey 2/6. Cart Rope 

2/. I Brush Hook 5/. 2 p'' Thole Irons 2/. i . . 16. . 6. 

I Yoke Cattle ^12. i D" 3 Year Old Steers ;^8. i Cow 

;^ I D°. ^3.. 15. 28.. 5..— 

I Yoke of Two Year Old Steers ;^ i Heifer 

j^2 . . 10. 2 Calves ^3 . . I Old Sow 35/. 1 1 . . 15 . . — 

30 Sheep @ 7/. ^10. .10. I Cow Hide w"^. 60".. 12/6. 

House ;^7o. .0. .0. 81.. 2.. 6. 

Bam & Cow House ^20. Home Lott about 8 acres @ 

/17. ^ acre is £12,6. 156. . — . . — . 

i.)4 Acres of Long Meadow. ^22. .10. About 3 Acres 

D° Swamp @. 7. .10 & part @ ^3 is ^18. 40. .10. . — 

Ab'. 18 Acres of Woolfpit Hill @ ^4/10 is ;^8i. Ab'. 18 

Acres d°. at the Ledges @ 80/. ^72. 153, . — . . — . 


Ab» 52 Acres of the Pine Swamp @ 60/. ;^i56, 3 Acres 

Fur Neck @ 60/. is £(). .0. .0. . 165. . — . . — 

I Small Piece of Ivand in the Round Meadow 10. . — 

£^2?,..lo.. 8 

Daniel Willcox | ^ppraisors under Oath. 
Ozias Willcox ) 

Att a Court of Probate held in Middletown on the 7"'. of April 1777. 
Then the beforegoing Inventory was Exhibited in Court under oath 
in Manner Accustomed was Excepted and Ordered to be Recorded in 
the Records of this Court 

Test Bezaleel Fisk Clerk. 

"Allice" (White) Hells died March 5, 1792, and was 
buried by the side of her husband, her gravestone being 
inscribed : 

In Memory of 

Mrs Ellis Eells, 

Relict of 

Mr Nathaniel Eells, 

who departed this 

Ivife March s*'' 

1792 in the 78''' 

Year of her Age. 

Children of Nathaniei. and "Ai.i,ice" (White) Eei,i^. 

7. I. Martha, b. Dec. 12, 1743;' bap. Dec. 18, 1743;' m- May 

23, 1771, Samuel Spen- 

8. II. Mary, " Jan. 18, i745-6;^ " Jan. 19, 1745-6;^ m. May 

30, 1782, John Cande. 

9. III. NaThaniEIv, " Sep. 8, 1748;! " Sep. 11, 1748;* m. Feb. 

22, 1776, Huldah White. 
IV. Daniel, " ; " Nov. 3, 1751;' d. Aug. 

I, 1752.' 

' Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 131. 
* Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 


V. ThKodosia, b. June lo, 1754;^ bap. June 16, 1754;' removed 

with her brother Daniel 
to New Hartford, New 
York, and died there 
Dec. 7, 1850, unmar- 
10. VI. Daniei., " Dec. 5, 1757;' " Dec. 4, 1757;^ m. Oct. 

3, 1782, Martha Hamlin. 

Martha EELLS {Nathaniel 6, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, 
John i) was born in Middletown North Society (now the 
town of Cromwell) Connecticut, December 12, 1743,' and 
was baptized six days later." She married May 23, 1771,' 
Samuel Spencer, born October 20, 1744,' son of John 
and Elizabeth {Taylor) Spencer. 

His parents resided in that part of Middletown which lay 
East of the "Great River," and he was baptized by the 
Pastor of the Haddam Neck Congregational Church on the 
day following his birth. 

In February, 1771,° he purchased two and one half acres 
of land in the North Society of Middletown to which he 
made additions at various dates thereafter. 

This property was situated a few rods North of the home- 
stead of his prospective father-in-law, and became Samuel's 
residence for the rest of his life. 

' Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 131. 

'■■ This date of birth is given in the genealogical records of William 
E. Abbott, of Syracuse, N. Y., and Rev. Edward Eells, of Washington, 
D. C. The reader will notice a discrepancy between this date and 
that of the baptism. The fact that the baptisms are entered upon the 
church records in chronological order would seem to prove that the 
mistake is in the date of the birth. What the correct date is remains 
to be determined. 

3 Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 

■* Gravestone in South street cemetery, New Hartford, N. Y. 

* Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 130. 

* Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 25, p. 159. 


At the annual town meeting in December, 1784, he was 
chosen Tythingman ; in 1786, '87 and '88 Surveyor of high- 
ways ; Grand Juror in 1790, and from 1792 to 1806, inclu- 
sive, lycather Sealer. 

The records of the Cromwell Congregational Church 
show that May 31, 1772, Samuel Spencer and his wife 
Martha ' ' renewed their baptismal covenant, ' ' and Decem- 
ber II, 1803, she was admitted to full communion. 

Samuel Spencer died October 12, 18 18,' lacking only a 
few days of being seventy-four years old. 

Martha (Bells) Spencer, his widow, died February 19, 
1 82 1,' aged seventy-seven years, one month and twenty- 
seven days. 

The following inscriptions are taken from their grave- 
stones in the Cromwell Quarry Cemetery : 

In memory of In 

Mr, SAMUEI. SPENCER Memory of 

who died Oct, I2*'S Martha Spencer 

1818. In the 73 year relict of 

of his age. Samuel Spencer : 

who died 

Feb. 19, 1821 : 

aged 77. 

Children of Samuki, and Martha ( SpKncer. 

I. Martha, b. ; bap. Feb. 16, 1772;- m. Nov. 10, 1791, Jehiel 

Williams, Jr.'^ 

II. Hannah," ; " July 31, 1774;'- " Nov. 27, 1794, Zebulon 

Stow, Jr. 2 

III. Lucy, " ; " Jan. 5, 1777;'^ d. Jan. 28, 1778, 13 months 

II days old.^ 

IV. BETSEY, " ; " Sep. 12, 1779;' m. Nov. 2, 1800, Elisha 


V. Lucy, " ; " Mar. 31, 1782;^ " Nov. 12, 1801, Giles 


' Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records and Gravestone 
in Cromwell Quarry Cemetery. 

* Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 

* Gravestone in Cromwell Quarry Cemetery. 


VI. Mary, b. ; bap. Sep. 19, 1784;' m. July 5, 1807, Titus 

Morgan, M.D.' 

VII. Sai,ly, " ; " May 6, 1787;' " Sep. 20, 1807, Joseph 

Morgan, Jr.' 


Mary Eells {Nathaniel 6, Samuel t,, Samuel 2 John i) 
was born in the North Society of Middletown, Connecticut, 
January 18, 1745-6,' and was baptized the next day." She 
married May 30, 1782,' as his second wife, JOHN Cande, 
born in Middletown, April 16, 1749, son of Theophilus and 
Hannah {Bacoii) Cande.* He was a graduate of Yale Col- 
lege in the class of 1774, and his diploma was in existence 
a few years ago. 

May 21, 1 78 1, his father "for the consideration of the 
love and natural affection I have for & do bear to my son 
John Cande and for the Consideration of what he has done 
for me Since he arrived of age for himself," conveyed to 
him one half of all his lands in Newfield Society, Middle- 
town, with the North half of the house thereon.* 

April 4, 1 80 1, John conveyed nine acres of this property 
to his sons Samuel and John, Jr.,' which were re-conveyed 
to him in February, 1803.' 

^ Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 

* Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 131. 
' Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 212. 

* Ibid., Vol. I, p. 108. The date of his birth on the town records 
is April 16, 1750. As entered on the records of the First Church, 
his baptism occurred April 23, 1749. In his own family record, now 
1900, in possession of his grandson, Augustus Cande of Holland 
Patent, N. Y., his birth is entered as " 16"^ of April 1749 O. S." The 
entry of his baptism proves that he must have been born in 1749. 

* Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 26, p. 89. 

* Ibid., Vol. 36, p. 209. ' Ibid., Vol. 34, p. 475. 


February 12, 1803, he sold his farm of 86 j4 acres in 
Newfield Society to Benjamin Williams for $3,800/ and his 
name disappears from the town records. 

January 11, 1 803 ' ' John Cande farmer now or late of 
Middletown in the State of Connecticut ' ' purchased for 
$2,163.37 312^ acres of land in that part of Oneida County, 
New York, which was originally granted to Right Honor- 
able Henry Lord Holland and known as Holland Patent." 

This became his home where he quietly passed th€ rest 
of his life. 

He and his second wife Mary were buried in the cemetery 
in the village of Holland Patent, where their gravestones of 
white marble, still standing, are inscribed : 

In IN 

Memory of Memory of 


who suddenly departed this life widow of the late 

13"' April A.D. 182 1. John Cande, 

AGED who died March 24*'> 

71 years. 1837, 

He being dead yet Aged 91 years 

Chii,dren of John and Mary (Eei<i.s) Cande. 

I. Wii<i.iam, b. April 8, 1783;%^ bap. April 20, 1783;'' d. Dec. i, 

1819,5 unmarried. 

II. Daughter, " Dec. 17, 1784;^ " ; d. Dec. 17, 


III. Isaac, " April 7, I786;3.5 " April 16, 1786;'* m. Fanny 

Leonard and lived in Hol- 
land Patent, New York. 

IV. Son, "June 7, 1788;= " ; d. June 7, 1788.6 

V. PoivLY, " Aug. 19, 1789;'.^ " Aug. 30, 1789;* m. Elon 

Andrews and lived in Utica, 
New York. 

' Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 37, p. 35, 

* Oneida County Deeds, Vol. 11, p. 182. 

2 Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. 2, p. 212. 

* Records of the First Church, Middletown, Conn. 

' John Cande family record, now 1900, in possession of Augustus 
Cande of Holland Patent, New York. 



Nathaniel EELLS {Nathaniel 6, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, 
John i) was born in Middletown, Connecticut, September 8, 
1748,' and baptized three days later. ^ He married February 
22, 1776,' HULDAH White, born February 10, 1750-51, 
daughter of Moses and Huldah {Knowles) White of Middle- 
town.^ Nathaniel is said to have been a soldier in the Revo- 
lutionary War and fought in the battle of Bunker Hill. 

The records of the Connecticut soldiers in that war are 
incomplete, and it is impossible to prove the accuracy of 
this tradition. 

" At a meeting of the Inhabitants of the North Society in Middle- 
town " held November 2, 1772 it was " Voted That Daniel Edwards & 
Nathaniel Eells Jun"" Should Be Collectors to Collect the Ministers 
Rate for the Year Ensueing. ' ' 

The following year the committee were Samuel Sage and 
Nathaniel Eells, Jr. 

At the annual town meetings from 1781 to 1788, inclu- 
sive, and also in 1791, he was chosen one of the Listers, a 
Fence Viewer in 1794, and in December, 1780, he was 
appointed one of a committee to purchase powder in accord- 
ance with an act of the General Assembly. 

By the will of their father, Nathaniel and his brother 
Daniel inherited the real estate of the former (see page 158). 
They divided the homestead between them, Nathaniel tak- 
ing the South half, on which he resided. 

June 15, 1 79 1, Nathaniel sold his dwelling house, barn 
and homelot of 4^ acres for ^150.^ Just where he resided 
from this date until his removal to the state of New York 
is unknown. 

' Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. i, p. 131. 
2 Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 
' Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. 2, p. 175. 
^ Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 30, p. 12. 


In January, 1797, lie had become a resident of Whites- 
town, then in Herkimer, now in Oneida, County, New York.' 

February i, 1800, while still a resident of that town he 
bought 50 acres in lot 26 and 50 acres in lot 32 of township 
12 in Boylston's purchase in the town of Mexico then in 
Oneida County.'' These lands he sold in October, 1801, 
and in the deed his residence is given as Frankfort, Herkimer 

In January, 1804, he was a resident of that part of. Mar- 
cellus, Onondaga County,' which in 1830 was set off as the 
town of Skaneateles, and this became his final residence. 

He was by trade a wheelwright and miller, and had 
charge of some mills at Skaneateles which belonged to 
Hugh White, of Whitestown. 

Nathaniel Eells died January 7, 1815.^ 

His widow Huldah (White) Eells died August 2, 1830.^ 

ChiIvDREn of NaThanieIv and HuivDAH (White) EeIvI^S. 

I. NaThaniei,, b. Dec. 7, 1776;® bap. ;'' m. Susan White 

and lived in Whitestown, 
New York. 

II. Huldah, " June 14, 1778;'* " June 21, 1778;'* m. Rich- 

ardson and lived in Alex- 
ander, Genesee County, New 

III. Richard, " Aug. 18, 1779;'' " Aug. 22, 1779;* died Aug. i, 

1830 at New Hartford, New 
York, unmarried. 

' Middletown, Conn., Land Records., Vol. 34, p. 185. 

- Oneida County Deeds, Vol. 7, p. 247. 

^ Ibid., Vol. 9, p. 232. 

•* Onondaga County Deeds, Vol. I, p. 100. 

^ Gravestones in cemetery at Skaneateles, N. Y. 

^ Genealogical Record of W. E. Abbott of Syracuse, N. Y. 

' From October 12, 1776 to June 14, 1778, there was a vacancy in the 
pastorate of the Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church and the 
records for that period are very meagre. This undoubtedly accounts 
for the absence of any entry of Nathaniel's baptism. 

* Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 




V. Sylvester, " Mar. 13, 1783; 

VI. Susannah, " May 8, 1785; 

VII. Horace, 

b. Jan. 31, 1782;' bap. Jan. 13, 1782;^ died Oct. 10, 
1847 at Leroy,' Genesee 
County, New York, un- 

April 27, 1783;^ m. Mary 
Moss Hall and lived in Skan- 
ea teles. New York. 
May 29, 1785;^ m. Jan. 4, 
1803, Capt. Moses Loss' and 
lived in Skaneateles, New 
July 5,1789;' " July 19, 1789;^ m. Asenath 
Newton and lived in Skan- 
eateles, Batavia and Alex- 
ander, New York. 


Daniel EELLS {^Nathaniel 6 , Samuel 3 , Samuel 2 John i ) 
was born in the North Society of Middletown, Connecticut, 
December (5?), 1757,' where he was baptized December 4, 


According to family tradition he was among the Connec- 
ticut troops which were engaged in the siege of Boston in 
1775, and is said to have worked all the night of June 16 
building entrenchments, but in the morning being ordered 
on a scouting expedition he was not in the famous battle of 
Bunker Hill. 

It is a further tradition that in January, 1776, he enlisted 
for three months under Captain Jared Shepard in the regi- 
ment commanded by Colonel James Wadsworth for service 
at Boston. Also that in August of the same year he enlisted 
for three months under Captain Shepard and Colonel Mat- 
thew Talcott, and was in the battle of IvOng Island August 
27, and with the troops in their retreat from New York 
City the following month. 

^ Genealogical Record of William E. Abbott of Syracuse, N. Y. 
' Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 


Again, that at some later period, while on the ocean, he 
was captured by an English privateer and for a long time 
kept a prisoner on the island of Bermuda. 

As confirmatory of these traditions, the records disclose 
that in May, 1774, the General Assembly of Connecticut 
' ' established ' ' Jared Shepard as Captain of ' ' the fifth 
company or train band in the sixth regiment.'" 

In May, 1775, it was enacted that the militia in the towns 
of Middletown and Chatham should comprise one regiment 
to be known as the twenty-third, and Matthew Talcott was 
appointed Colonel thereof.' 

In January, 1776, three regiments were raised in Connec- 
ticut for service until the first of April around Boston. The 
first regiment was placed under the command of Colonel 
James Wadsworth, of Durham.' 

The General Assembly in March, 1776, ordered three regi- 
ments to be formed from the militia for service at New York. 
The second regiment under Colonel Matthew Talcott in- 
cluded ninety men from the twenty-third regiment of militia.* 

The rolls of the Connecticut troops in the Revolutionary 
war are incomplete. 

Up to this time there has not been discovered any oflScial 
record of Daniel Eells's service. 

Daniel married, October 3, 1782,' MARTHA HAMLIN, 
born March 29, 1761, daughter of Nathaniel and I^ucretia 
(Ranney) Hamlin," of Newfield Society, Middletown. 

At the annual town meeting in December, 1780, he was 
elected to the office of Hay ward, and was re-elected in 1781, 
'82 and '83. He was chosen Tythingman in 1783 and '85 
and Grand Juror in 1788 and '89. 

Daniel and his brother Nathaniel divided between them 
the real estate devised to them by their father. As a part 

^ Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. 14, p. 272. 

' Ibid., "Vol. 15, pp. 12 and 43. ' Ibid., Vol. 15, p. 228. 

■* Ibid., Vol. 15, p. 250. 

' Middletown, Conn., First Church Records. 

* Middletown, Conn., Births, Marriages and Deaths, Vol. 2, p. 255. 


of his share Daniel took the North half of the homestead. 
This was also Daniel's residence, and is so stated in the 
deed of sale thereof to John Williams May 26, 1795, the 
consideration being ^330.' 

January 2, 1796, " Daniel Eells of Middletown in the 
County of Middlesex and State of Connecticut ' ' purchased 
of Samuel Hall of Herkimer County, New York, for ^300, 
" lawfull money of the State of New York," 150 acres of 
land in Herkimer County, being part of lot number 4 of 
the lands granted in the patent to William Bayard and 
others, and commonly known as the Freemasons' Patent.^ 

He evidently removed at once to the state of New York, 
and is said to have resided for several months in the town 
of Bridgewater. The lands purchased by him of Samuel 
Hall were situated in the town of Whitestown, which at 
that date covered a very large territory, and in January, 
1797, he had become a resident of that town.' At different 
times thereafter he added to his original purchase. 

In 1798 Herkimer County was divided, the county of 
Oneida, including Whitestown, being formed therefrom. 
In 1827 by the division of Whitestown his lands became 
part of New Hartford, in which town he passed the remain- 
der of his life. 

He was by trade a cooper, and this business he carried 
on in connection with his farm. 

Daniel Eells and his wife Martha were buried in the 
graveyard on South street in the village of New Hartford, 
where their stones of white marble ornamented with urn 
and weeping willows, bear these inscriptions : 


Memory of 


who died 

JULY 17, 185 1 ; 

Aged 94 years. 

^ Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 32, p. 257. 

^ Oneida County Deeds, Vol. 13, p. 604. 

^ Middletown, Conn., Land Records, Vol. 34, p. 184. 




Memory of 


wife of Daniel EELLS 

who died 

May 26' 1834, ^T, 

73 years 

Jesus said " I am the resurrection and the 

life; he that believeth in me though he were 

dead yet shall he live:" John 11' 25— 

II. Robert, " July 26, 1785;' 


Children of Daniel and Martha (Hamlin) Eells. 
Born in Middletown, Conn. 

William, b. July 27, 1783;^ bap. Oct. 10, 1784;' m. Nov. 8, 

1 8 10, Nancy Savage and 
lived in Whitestown, New 

July 31, 1785;^ m. Oct. 16, 
1816, Rebecca Kilborn Hatch 
and lived in Kirkland Vil- 
lage, town of Kirkland, and 
later in the town of West- 
moreland, Oneida County, 
New York.^ 

; m. Mar. 7, 1811, Paul 
Abbott and lived in Low- 
ville, Lewis County, New 

Aug. 29, 1790;* m. Jan. 14, 
1 81 9, Samuel E. Johnson 
and lived in New Hartford, 
New York and Cleveland, 

Nov. 4, 1792;* m. Jan. 17, 
1840, Tillinghast Simmons 
and lived in Paris, Oneida 
County, New York.^ 

Patty, " Oct. 26, 1787;' 

IV. Eanny, " June 28, 1790;' 

V. Nancy, 

Oct. 8, 1792;' 

1 Genealogical Record of William E. Abbott of Syracuse, N. Y. 
* Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 



VI. LuCRBTiA, b. Nov. 30, 1794;' bap. Dec. 7, 1794;' lived in New 

Hartford, New York and 
died Aug. 26, 1865;' unmar- 

Born in the State of New York. 

VII. DaniEIv, 

VIII. DanieIv, 

IX. Mary, 

b. Nov. 22, 1797;^ bap 
" Sept. 12, 1799;' " 

Oct. 5, 1801;' 

; d. Aug. , 1798.^ 
; m. Nov. 19, 1823 Emily 
Langdon Goodrich and lived 
in Constableville, Lewis 
County, New York, and 
Elyria, Ohio.^ 

; m. Oct. 25, 1831, Edwin 
Miller and lived in Con- 
stableville, Lewis County, 
New York, and Elyria, 

^ Genealogical Record of William E. Abbott of Syracuse, N. Y. 

* Cromwell, Conn., Congregational Church Records. 

* Of the children that lived to maturity, this was the first death, 
and the ages of the eight at this date aggregated 584 years. 


Lenthall = 

The dates of birtli of this family being uiilcnown 
Uiey are arranged in the order in which they are 
mentioned in Robert Lenthall's will. 

Date and place of birth 
and pfiretitage all un- 
known. Buried July 

—^ —Rev. Robert Lenthall ^=^^^— _— 

Dales and places of birth and marriage aud 
names of parents all unknown. A resident 
of Weymouth, Mass., and Newport, R. I.. 
1637 to 1641. Returned to England and was 
minister of Barnes, County Surrey. 1649 to 
death, which occurred between May 10 and 


Date and place of birth 
and parentage all un- 

= Thomas I^ughtoii 
A resident of Lynn, 
Mass., in Oct. 1649. 

Living Sept. 3, 1658. 

Died at Milford, Conn.. I-'eb. 

May 3, 164a. Married Aug, 5, 
166.V DiedatHiogham, Mass., 
April 21, 1709. 

ri I M I I in 


" The History and Antiquities of the County of Bucking- 
ham " by George Lipscomb, M.D., printed at London in 
1847, states that a Robert Lenthall was Vicar of Great 
Missenden from June 28, 1604, until after 161 7, that 
another man of the same name was presented with the liv- 
ing in 1627, and that his successor, Byran Emmott, was 
instituted May 10, 1638. 

A Robert Lenthall was Rector of Aston Sandford from 
October 18, 1627, to about August 12, 1643, when his 
successor was instituted. 

Also one of that name became Rector of Great Hampden 
November 30, 1643, and an entry on the Church records 
would indicate that he died in 1647. His successor, John 
Sanderson, was instituted January 4, 1660. 

It will be seen from the evidence given later, that 
Robert Lenthall, the father-in-law of Samuel Eells, 
could not have been the Rector of Aston Sandford, and 
whether he held any of these positions can only be deter- 
mined after further search. 

The Registers of the Great Missenden Church are missing 
prior to 1678. From the transcripts preserved among the 
Diocesan records at Lincoln the following extracts are 
taken : 

' ' The Register of y« names of those w'^^ have bin Babtised in the 
Church of great Missenden in y® County of Bucks in y® yeare of the 
Lord 1605 " 

' ' Baptised 


September * * 

Elizabeth I^eynthall daughf of Rob' Leynthall y" 19 day." 

(Signed) "Robert Lenthall 

Thomas Winter! x. u a >» 
> churchwardens. ' 
Thomas Grace J 


' ' The Register of greate Missenden in y^ of Buck for y' year of o' 
Lord 1614. 

The names of those w^'^ have bin baptised 
* * * * * 

Jane y" daughter of Robert Leynthall ~) 

***** I ^yej-e baptised on the 27. 

***** \ 

Robert Leynthall Minister 

John Putnam I 
/ / / I 

, . !* Churchwardens." 

his m''ke 

Edward Lane J 

The Parish Registers of Great Hampden from 1557 to 
181 2 have been edited by B. A. Kbble white and were 
printed in 1888. We take these extracts from the printed 

On page 3 of the Preface : 

" From 1608 to 1636 the entries are in the handwriting of Egeon 
Askew, the Rector, and from 1637 to 1641 in that of his successor Mr. 
Spurstow. For the next few years we have the notes of Robert 
Leuthall, and during the Commonwealth the entries were chiefly 
made by Thomas Walker, Registrar. ' ' 

Also on page 10 : 

" The entries in the 'Old Register ' to the number of three thousand, 
include many of historical interest, at the head of which stands the 
burial of John Hampden the Patriot (p. 77). Much controversy has 
taken place respecting this entry, and at times its authenticity has 
been doubted. Although it must be admitted that the line has the 
appearance of an interpolation, it will be seen, on careful examination, 
that the handwriting is identical with the other burials of 1643. 
Robert Lenthall was formally inducted on the 30th November, and 
has recorded this fact prior to the record of the Patriot's and other 
burials which took place earlier in the year. As I have stated on page 
174, this Rector had no doubt officiated on these occasions, though, 
owing to the troublous times, he had not entered the fact until later 
in the year. Lenthall was only two years Hampden's junior, and it 
is not unlikely that he may have been at Thame Grammar School 
with him. The two families were connected distantly, at least by 


marriage, but still more closely, perhaps, as friends and neighbours, 
and by identity in education and politics." 

On page 19 of the Register under date of 1625 is entered: 

"Mary Weston, daughter of Isaac Weston and Jone his wife of 
great Missenden parish was upo' i-equest of Mr. Lenthall, Vicar of 
Missenden baptised at Hampden the 4th day of Septemb. anno D'ni 

On page 23 under date of 1643 we find : 

"Robert Lenthall, Rector, inducted y« 2,0^^ of November." 

The last baptism in 1647 was on June 9 and immediately 
following is the attestation of "Robert lyenthall, Rector." 

The record of burials begins with the year 1557. On 
page 77 appear those for 1642 following which is entered 
"Robert Lenthall, Rector, Nove'b : 30, 1643." Then is 
entered the year " 1643 " and underneath 

"N. B. John Hampden Esquire Lord of Hampden Buried June 

On page 78 we find : 

" 1647 " 
"N. B. My daughter Sarah Lenthall was buried y^ eleventh day of 
August An : supra, she came fro' London to Wickham & on ye 
Saturday only to see us & so to returne y" morrow in y" after- 
nocne to Wickham againe, but then fell sick & on Wednesday 
morning following being y^ ii"' of Aug : about an howre before 
Sun rise dyed of y" sicknes & so in y"' Evening we buried her 
in y meade called y" kitchen meade by y^ hedgeside as you go 
downe into it on yo-- left hand, a little below y" pond at y" 
enterance into y« meade : She was aged 14 yeares, eleven 
moneths & seaventeeue dayes — had she lived to Bartholomew 
day she had bin full 15 yeares of age. 
Susanna Lenthall my wife dep'ted this life Thursday evening 
about eight a clock y 26 of August she died of y*' sicknes com- 
fortably & in peace & was buried y« 27 by hir daughter Sara. 
John Gardiner a childe y* lived in my house died of y" sicknes & 

was buried August y* 29th. 
Adrian Lenthall my sonne a hopefuU yong man & neere one 
& twenty yeares of age dep'ted this life, of y^ sicknes, Thurs- 


day morning, a little before day breake & was buried at y» 
head of sister Sara's grave y« same day, being y«= 2""* of 
Septe'b : 
My cosen John Pickering a lad about 13 yeares of age, dying of 
ye sicknes, was buried y« 25 of Septemb : 1647. 

Robert Lenthall, Rector." 

Following this sad record of the Rector's family is a 
burial on " 26 of ffeb : 1647," then appear a few entries in 
1648 and 1649 all of which seem to have been attested by 
" Thomas Walker Regester of Great Hampden 1654." 

The only marriage in 1643 entered on page 113 is headed 
by this entr>' : 

" Robert Lenthall, Rector, Nove'b : 30, 1643." 

On page 153 is, 

"An Ace' of y« Rect" of G' Hampden collected partly f" the 
Register & in part f™ very aged people w™ y" fathers had told, 1764." 

The fourth name in the list is that of, 

" W'" Spurstow, & one of those Heroes who wrote ag' y« Ch'h & 
Establishm': — they were five in Number (viz) Steph : Marshall, 
Edm'^ Calamy, Tho^ Young, Matthew New Comen & y« above W" 
Spurstow." * * * * 

" This Worthy continued till 1642, w° (ace's to y« Phrase of the 
Times) God gave Him a Call to a far Greater Living. 

Robert Lenthall (a suppos'd Relation of y' Speaker's) succeeded y* 
above & continued till y* Year 1647 (see y" dreadfull & uncom'on Fate 
of His whole Family, in y* Year, in y^ Register & in His own Hand 
Writing) when He had y*" like Call as above." 

Appended to the Register and preceding the Index is a 
" lyist of Rectors, &c." compiled by the Editor from various 
sources from which we quote : 

"Robert Lenthall ('a suppos'd Relation of y« Speaker's', p. 154) 
was inducted 30 Nov. 1643 (pp. 23, 77 and 113), though, it is evident, 
from the entries on page 77, that he had been in charge of the parish 
for some months previous, and that he officiated at the burial of the 
Patriot on the 25th of June, 1643. He had previously been Vicar of 
Great Missenden, to which he was presented by Sir William Fleet- 
wood, Knt, in 1627. By his wife Susanna (who died 26 and was 


buried 27 Aug. 1647) he had two children : Adrian who died 2 Sept. 
1647 aet. 21, and was buried the same day ; and Sarah who died 11 
Aug. 1647 aet. 15, and was buried the same day. In addition to his 
wife and children, the unfortunate Rector lost by the plague his cousin 
John Pickering, and a child that lived in the house named John 
Gardiner, both of whom were buried in the same year 1647, as appears 
by the entries in the Rector's handwriting (see p. 78). He married a 
second time, and eventually died as Rector of Barnes, Co. Surrey, 
in 1658." 

The following extracts are taken from 

"Chancery Proceedings, Bills and Answers." 

Elizabeth, Bundle L, 10, number 66, Covdell 4 

To the R'. Hon. Sir Thomas Brumley, Kt., Lord 
^5^6 Chancellor of England. 

Bill of Complaint of Willm. Leuthall of Lacheford, Co. Oxford, 
Esq., that whereas the Dean & Canons of her Ma''«^ chapel of St. 
George in the Castle of Windsor, Co. Berks by deed dated 30 October, 
30 Hen. VIII let to one William Lechlade of Hadua, Co. Bucks, hus- 
bandman, for 30 years from 1556 the Manor of Hasely Magna in said 
Co. Oxon. with certain exceptions & by other deed dated 2 Oct., 3 & 4 
Phillip & Mary certain lands to one John Oglethorp (not John Ogle- 
thorp late of Newington, Esq. deC*.) & by other deed of 7 June, 9 
Eliz. to John Tamwoth, Esq. said leases conve)'ed to yo' orator now 
by contriving with one Abraham Horseman & Edward Wyegate by 
divers pretended leases seek to dispossess yo'^ orator &c. 

With Answer of William Daye, deane of Wyndsore. 

Before 1714, Bridges I. Bundle 3, number 107. 

27 NOV. 1649 To the Rt. Hon. the Lords Com". 

Bill of Compl't. of John Lenthall of Sydbury in Co. Devon, gent. 
Adm'. of the Goods &c. of Jane Lenthall widow dec'', during the 
minority of Richard & Thomas Lenthall her children then infants 
the eldest not above 10 yrs. of age. Whereas Thomas fford of 
Aishbarton in Co. Devon, Esq. dec'', grandfather of sd. Richard & 
Thomas & father of Jane their late mother at time of his decease was 
indebted to one Alfride Denband of Aishberton, John Standen of 
Stauerton, Richard Langworthy of Newton Abbott, John Syms & 
Rolph Browne in divers sums of money & to Richard Lenthall, Gent, 
late of Aishberton, gent, father of sd. infants also dec**, in ;^ioo part 
of the marriage portion of sd. Jane which sd. Thomas flFord had 
promised Sd. Thomas fford about 10 Charles made his last will & 


appointed Thomas fford his eldest son now also deC^. uncle to sd. 
infants his Ex"^ & appointed in a codicil that his debts should be 
paid & the money to be raised out of certain lands specified in his 
own occupation & in occupation of Walter Cater &c. Now Edward 
fford son of sd. Thomas refuseth to pay sayd ^loo &c. 

With Answer of Edward fford for himself & John fford his son an 

Before 1714, Bridges I. Bundle 32. 

To the Rt, Hon"''^ the L,ords Commissioners for the 
8 OCT. 1656 jr-geping of the greate Scale of England. 
Bill of Complaint of Sir John L,enthall, Knt. Marshall of the 
Marshallsey of the Upper Bench. That one Henry Martyn was 
bounden to one Robert Grey, Citizen of London, in ^1000 for pay- 
ment of ;[^500 & sayd Grey died intestate & one Symon Middleton 
Citizen of London & Mary his wife a pretended Kinsman of sayd 
Robert Grey obtained letters of administration &c. & after said Mary 
died & said letters were determined & administration granted to 
Willm. Clotworthy, gent, a near Kinsman of sd. Grey yet sd. Mid- 
dleton pretended he had still administration of the estate & threaten 'd 
Said Martyn with an action in respect of said Bond & caused him to 
be arrested & Said Clotworthy gave yo'. orator acquaintance with his 
administration, yet Sayd Middleton threatens suit at law against yo'. 
sd. orator &c. 

With Answer of Simon Middleton, citizen & goldsmith, of London 
& Edward Smith his Solicitor def'ts. 

Before 1714, Bridges I. Bundle 32. 

^ , To the Rt. Hon. the Com'' for the Keeping of the 
25 NOV. 1656 „ , ^ ^ , 1 

Greate Scale of England. 

Bill of Compl't of William Lenthall, Esq. Master of the Rolls & 
Edmond Lenthall of Great Haseley, Co. Oxon, Esq. That S^ Edmond 
Lenthall late of Latchford in sd. Co. Oxon., Kt. dec^. was possessed 
for a certain number of years of the Manor of Great Haseley & a 
certain meadow parcel of the lands of sd. Manor & by deed 23 May, 
8 Charles assigned to yo^ orator William Lenthall & To S^ Richard 
Tetchburn, Kt. S^ Arthur Lake, Kt. & Charles Mordaunt, Esq. since 
all dec<*. the sd. Manor for residue of sd. term &c in trust for your 
sd. orator Edmond & by survivorship your orator William became 
solely possessed of sd. Manor &c. But now one Edward Smyth of 
Greate Hasely, yeoman, hath entered into the sd. close of meadow &c. 
claiming a pretended lease precedent to sd. assignment &c. 

With Answer & demurrer of Edward Smith, 19 Jan'y 1656. 


Before 17 14, Bridges I. Bundle 39. 

,^ To the Rt. Hon. Edward, Earle of Clarendon, Lord 
14 NOV. 1661 , ^ , , 

Cnancellor of England. 

Bill of Complaint of Sir John Lenthall of parish of St. George the 
Martyr in Southwark in Co. Surry, Knt. & Thomas Lenthall of sd. 
parish, Esq. & Henry Gilburne of Wolledge in Co. Kent. Esq. Thet 
fifrancis Ewre of Bucknell, Co. Oxon., Esq. indebted to yo^ orat"' Sir 
John Lenthall in £1000 by deed 12 Aug. 1656 sold the moiety of the 
Manor of Odington, Co. Oxon. & by Deed i Feby 1656 the Manor of 
Bucknell & diners messuages lands &c. in Bucknell & said Gilburne 
& Thomas Lenthall became possessed of sd. messuages lands &c. 
in trust for the said Sir John &c. but the said ffrances Ewre com- 
bining with one William Jones of Nas^e, Co. Glouc, Esq. & Samuel 
Trotman of the Inner Temple, Esq. & John Penrice of Lincolnes 
Inn, Esq. to defraud yo^ Orators & detain the rents of sd. Manno', 
lands &c. & having Gotten possession of the Deeds &c. refuse to 
deliver up said lands, rents &c. 

Edward Ewre father of sayd fifrancis mentioned with Answer of 

Before 17 14, Bridges I. Bundle 40. 

_ ,. To the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Clarendon, Lord High 
13 TUNE 1662 ^, „ ^ ^ , , 

Chancellor of England. 

Bill of Complaint of Thomas Trott of the Middle Temple, Gent. 
Whereas James Wood, Esq. dec'', in 1657 a prisoner in the Kings 
Bench under the Custody of S^ John Lenthall, K*. Marshall of said 
prison. Yo'' orator managing the aflfairs of the said Wood &c. sd. 
Wood Gave a bond against his escape &c. One John Godfrey obtained 
a bond against sd. Wood & brought an action against him. said Wood 
died in prison &c. Now sd. S^ John Lenthall combining with others 
to force the penalty of said bond from yo'. orator &c. 

With Answer of Sir John Lenthall & Thomas ffountaine def'ts. 

Owing to the lack of Town records at Weymouth, Massa- 
chusetts, before 1641, and of Church records before 1700, 
it is impossible to determine the precise date when Rev. 
Robert L,enthall became a resident of the town, but from 
the following extracts we learn that he was there in 1638. 

" AGenerall Court, held at Newetowne, the 2*^ Day of the 9'^ Mo, 
@ 1637." 

" For as much as this Court hath bene informed of great dissen- 
tions growen in the towne of Waymoth, through the procurement 


of some contentious psons, for the speedy redresse thereof, it is 
ordered, that the Go'nor or Deputy Gov'^no'', being assisted w"' some 
other of the magistrates, shall fourth w"' call before them such parties 
as they shall thinke fitt, & shall take such course for the peace of the 
towne & the well ordering of all aflfaires there, as to their wisdomes 
shall seeme most expedient./" ' 

' ' A Generall Courte, houlden at Boston, the 13"" of the First Month, 
@ 1638." 

"John Smyth, for disturbing the publike peace by combineing w*"^ 
others to hinder the orderly gathering of a church at Waymoth, & 
to set vp another there, contrary to the orders heare established & 
the constant practise of all our churches, & for vndewe pcureing 
the hands of many to a blank for that purpose, is fined 20' & coin- 
itted during the pleasure of Court or the counsell./ 

Rich''d Silvester, for going w"" Smyth to get hands to a blanke, 
was disfranchised & fined 2^/ " 

"M"'. Rob''t Lenthall, vpon his free acknowledgment vnder his 
hand given into the Court, was appointed to appeare at the next court, 
& enioyned to acknowledg his fault, & give satisfaction to the church 
at Waymoth, & to give a coppey (of that hee gave into the Court) to 
the church of Waymoth. ' ' "^ 

John Winthrop, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay- 
Colony, in his History of New England, in writing of this 
matter under date of 1638, saj^s : 

"A church was gathered at Weymouth with approbation of the 
magistrates and elders. It is observable, this church, having been 
gathered before, and so that of Lynn, could not hold together, nor 
could have any elders join or hold with them. The reason appeared 
to be, because they did not begin according to the rule of the gospel, 
which when Lynn had found and humbled themselves for it, and 
began again upon a new foundation, they went on with a blessing. 

The people of this town of Weymouth had invited one Mr. 
LenthalP to come to them, with intention to call him to be their min- 

1 "Records of Massachusetts," Vol. i, pp. 205, 217. 

« Ibid., pp. 250, 252, 254. 

3 " Hubbard, 275, carefully copies his master, but neglects to enlarge 
our knowledge of this clergyman. I learn from Lechford, that he, 
soon after, found him at Newport, 'out of office and employment 
and lives very poorly.' From the proceedings in our Colony Records, 
I. 241, we find his name of baptism was Robert. Calleuder, 62, gives 
all the further information that can be obtained, and confirms my 


ister. This man, though of good report in England, coming hither, 
was found to have drank in some of Mrs. Hutchinson's opinions, as 
of justification before faith, etc., and opposed the gathering of our 
churches in such a way of mutual stipulation as was practised among 
us. From the former he was soon taken oflF upon conference with 
Mr. Cotton ; but he stuck close to the other, that only baptism was 
the door of entrance into the church, etc., so as the common sort of 
people did eagerly embrace his opinions, and some labored to get such 
a church on foot as all baptized ones might communicate in without 
any further trial of them, etc. For this end they procured many 
.hands in Weymouth to a blank, intending to have Mr. Lenthall's 
advice to the frame of their call ; and he likewise was very forward to 
become a minister to them in such a way, and did openly maintain 
the cause. But the magistrates, hearing of this disturbance and 
combination, thought it needful to stop it betimes, and ergo they 
called Mr. Lenthall, and some of the chief of the faction, to the next 
general court in the i month, where Mr Lenthall, having before con- 
ferred with some of the magistrates and of the elders, and being 
convinced both of his error in judgment, and of his sin in practice to 
the disturbance of our peace, etc., did openly and freely retract, with 
expression of much grief of heart for his oifence, and did deliver his 
retraction in writing, under his hand, in the open court ; whereupon 
he was enjoined to appear at the next court, and in the meantime to 
make and deliver the like recantation in some public assembly at 
Weymouth. So the court stopped for any further censure by fine, or 
etc., though it was much urged by some. 

At the same court one Smith was convicted and fined £10 for being 
a chief stirrer in the business ; and one Silvester was disfranchised ; 
and one Britton, who had spoken reproachfully of the answer, vv^hich 

conjecture that he returned home: 'They procured [for a religious 
teacher] Mr. Lenthal of Weymouth, who was admitted a freeman 
here August 6, 1640. And, August 20, Mr. Lenthal was by vote 
called to keep a public school for the learning of youth, and for his 
encouragement there was granted to him and his heirs one hundred 
acres of land, and four more for an house lot. It was also voted, 
that one hundred acres should be laid forth, and appropriated for a 
school, for encouragement of the poorer sort to train up their youth 
in learning ; and Mr. Robert Iventhal, while he continues to teach 
school, is to have the benefit thereof. But this gentleman did not 
tarry here very long. I find him gone to England the next year but 
one.' It seems, the New Lights of Rhode Island were willing to 
have advantage of the old light. ' ' 


was sent to Mr. Barnard his book against our church covenant, and 
of some of our elders, and had sided with Mr. I,enthall, etc., was 
openly whipped, because he had no estate to answer, etc." ' 

Thomas I^echford, a lawyer from England, was a resident 
of Boston from 1638 to 1641, when he returned to England. 
His short residence in this country is accounted for by the 
fact that he differed in his theological views from the min- 
isters and other chief men of the colonies. Not being con- 
tent with holding such different views, he put them in book 
form for general reading, which action made him very 

Thomas Dudley, in a letter to Governor John Winthrop, 
dated " Rocksbury dec. 11, 1638." writes regarding the 
work : 

"I heare that M"" Cotton & M'' Rogers know somethinge of the 
matter, or man, w"" whome you may if you please conferre : I heare 
also that hee favoureth M' Lentall & hath so exprest himselfe since 
M"' Lentall was questyoned by the ministers :" ' 

This reference to a questioning of Mr. I^entall by the 
ministers evidently relates to : 

' ' A disputation held at Dorchester at Captayne Staughtons betweene 
Mr. Lentall & the rest of the Elders of the Bay about some Tenets 
y* Mr. Lentall held. Month 11 & lo"" 1638." 

Notes of the questions and answers regarding the points 
discussed at this interview were taken by Captain Robert 
Keayne, of Boston, who was evidently present. 

Rev. Ezra Stiles, for many years President of Yale Col- 
lege, made a copy of the Keayne manuscript on August 10, 
177 1. This copy, preserved among the Stiles papers in 
Yale University Library, is the only known record of the 

' " History of New England " by John Winthrop edited by James 
Savage, third edition, 1853, Vol. i, p. 346. See also "An Historical 
Discourse on the Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode 
Island and Providence Plantations" by John Callender, 1739, edited 
by Romeo Elton, 3rd edition, 1843, p. 116. 

* Mass. Historical Society Proceedings, Vol. 3, p. 311. 


conference now extant, tlie original manuscript having long 
since disappeared. 

In the course of the conference Mr. I^enthall makes this 
statement : 

" I was for witnessing to the Truth, unjustly cast out of my place, 
to wch I was called by the people, with whom we sweetly agreed. 
Now some of my people came over to N. E befor me, & more I do 
expect ; & thease I take for my people, and hear we desire to reforme 
ourselves & to goe on according to the Custome of the churches hear, 
but whether thear be a Nullity of my first Ordination. » 

The subjects gone over at this disputation related to 
church government and religious belief. There is nothing 
in the manuscript to indicate that Mr. Lenthall's character 
was the subject of criticism. 

On Lechford's return to England he printed in 1642 a 
work entitled "Plain Dealing or Newes FROM New Eng- 
land.' ' In the work he makes this statement regarding the 
Weymouth matter : 

"A Minister standing upon his Ministery, as of the Church of Eng- 
land, and arguing against their Covenant, and being elected by some 
of Weymouth to be their Minister, was compelled to recant some 
words ; one that made the election, & got hands to the paper, was 
fined 10 pounds and thereupon speaking a few crosse words, 5 pound 
more, and paid it downe presently." ^ 

It will be remembered that at the Court held in March, 
1638, Mr. Lenthall was " appointed to appear at the next 
Court." There is no record of his appearance, and he 
probably soon left the colony. 

Among the records of the Colony of Rhode Island are 
found these entries : 

" At the Generall Courte Held at Portsmouth on the 6th of August, 

1 Stiles Manuscript, Yale University Library. 

2 "Plain Dealing," Trumbull edition, 1867, pp. 57. 58- 


By the Generall Consent of this Courte, Mr. Rob't Lenthall, and 
Thomas Cornill, and Ralph Cowland, are admitted Freemen of this 
Body Politike, fully to enjoy the priviledges belonging thereunto " ' 

His name appears in the ' ' Court Roll of Freemen ' ' at 
the election of Colonial officers March i6, 1641.^ 

The wording of the records would indicate that all the 
freemen of the colony met together in one place for the 
election of their officers. 

It is recorded that 

"At the Generall Court of Election held on the i6th & 17th of 
March, att Newport, 1642. 

It is further ordered, that Mr. Lenthall being gone for England, is 
suspended his Vote in Election." * 

Further information regarding him is shown by docu- 
ments in the Massachusetts State Archives which read 

thus : 

Milford March 14"^ i68f- 
" Right Hou'''''« : 

Sir the occation of my Troubleing your Excellency, at this time 

with these lines is of the wrong which Ihaue had in being keept out of 

my Right of ahouse and Land at Rhode Island, which was granted to 

my wifes father Robert Lenthall, & he dyeing without ason IHumbly 

contend she is the proper heire to it, the paper here Inclosed will 

giue your Excellency atrue account of the matter the house & home 

lott and the meadow, is in the possesson of perticuler persons, but 

there is one hundred acres of Land, lyeth in the Comon, unfenced, 

and has been so euer since my father in Law left it ; and that w'^'' I 

humbly request of your Excellency is this, that if your wisdom think 

meet to grant me apattent of that 100 acres of Land, Called Lenthalls 

plaine, as for that which is in pticular mens possession, I Expect no 

relief but by Law, which Icould not haue vnder the former gouer- 

ment, they being quakers, & Henry bull that was in possession of the 

house & home lott was a quaker alsoe, and although I comenced an 

action, & the Case Comitted to the Jury, in the year 1665, yet Icould 

neuer haue a vardit to this day, as p y'' Inclosed doth Informe you, 

& so Ihaue waited w"" patience. Expecting Long since, that there 

would be achang of Gouerme', whereby Imigh haue reliefe, Ihope 

' Rhode Island Colonial Records, Vol. i, p. 104. ' 

^ Ibid., Vol. I, p. no. ^ Ibid., Vol. i, p. 119. 


the length of time may be no Impediment, and now that god by his 
prouidence hath giuen your Excellency the gouerment of the place, & 
being well Certified of your uprightness In Judgment, & Clemency 
to hear those in distress, I thought it my duty, to apply my selfe to 
you, haueing so good an opertunity by Cap': Nicholson, & Cap' 
Rauenscraft whome I hope will giue you to vnderstand my Imperfect 
lines, better then my pen can doe which is all at present, with my 
prayers to almighty god for his blessing upon your Excellency in all 
Concerns I rest Sir your Most humble Seruant 

Samuell Eells " ' 

"A true relation of the case about M"" Robert L,enthalls land at Rhod 
Island as followeth 

In the year 1640 M'' Robert lenthall was granted by the towne of 
New-port, on Rhod Island, 104 acres of Land & giuen gratis, to him 
& his heires foreuer besides meadow, and there was one hundred 
acres of land laid out, & Impropriated for aschool, which he was to 
haue the benefit of it as long as he Keep school, but that Imedle not 
with ; it is still Improued for that use. but that w'' was granted to 
Robert Lenthall & his heires foreuer, lyeth in two places, four acres 
is the home lott, where he built his house, & the 100 acres is in another 
place, called Lenthalls plaine, to this day, all which he possessed & 
Enjoyed for more then three years, & then went to England, & there 
dyed, & left no son. In the year 1649 Jeremy Gold (with whome 
Rob'. Lenthall left his land to let out & to keep the house and fence 
in repair) procures adeed (as his successors say) from Thomas laugh- 
ton of Lynn, wherein is sold to said Jer : Gold, all M'' Lenthalls Intrest 
on Rhod Island, without any order from said Lenthall, with out any 
Consideration in the deed, for any thing paid, or to be paid, so that 
it was sold w"'out order, & for nothing, neither is their any Record 
of the deed. & said gold being in possession of y® said house and land, 
by virtue of y* said deed (Copie whereof is here Inclosed) sells the 
house & home lott to Henry bull, who hath been since Gouernour of 
y* place, giues the out land & meadow to his son daniel Gold, & 
Daniel sells the meadow to seuerall persons, & in all deeds M"" Len- 
thalls title is acknowledged, but as for Lenthalls plaine, that 100 acres 
Jer : Gold gaue to his son Daniel gold, & daniel gold Exchanged it 
w"' his brother John Gold, & John Gold Informing the towne of new- 
port, that he had bought it of M' Lenthall, & desired to Exchange 
it for 100 acres in another place which was granted to him, and so 
Lenthalls plain lyeth in Comon, vnfenced to this day, & no man (be- 
sides my selfe) lays any claime to it, & the reason of my claime is by 

■ Mass. State Archives, Vol. 126, p. 264. 


marriage of Anne, daughter of said Lenthall, & proper heire to the 
said land, there being no son. 

In the year 1665 Iwent w**" my wife to Rhod Hand, and after demand 
sued Henry bull for the house & home lott, and was the first court 
cast, by reason of a law that gaue liberty but for three yeares for any 
in England (where we then were) to sue for any Land &c : which if 
they did not should be cutt off, w'^'' y^ Kings solissiter y- present pro- 
tested against as repugnant to the Law of England, the solissiter was 
M"' W'" dyer. I being cast Entered a review to the next Court & the 
Case was Committed to the Jury but the Jury parted & neuer agreed 
nor gaue any vardit to this day so that the Case is yet depending 

Samuell Eells " ^ 

' ' This deed bareing date the three & twentieth day of October in the 
year of our lord Christ 1649 witnesseth that I Thomas laughton of 
Lynn in the Jurisdiction of the Massachusetts planton by virtue of 
comission vnto me giuen from my brother in law Robert Lenthall 
Clarke (some time of Road Island) & now lining in old England haue 
giuen granted bargained & sold vnto Jeremiah Gold of Newport in 
Road Island afforsaid yeoman all y* houses buildings fences lands 
wood lands earable & med ground with the Appurtinances thereunto 
belonging & containing by Estimation one hundred acres and four 
acres for a home lott be they more or less lying & being within the 
precincts of Newport in Road Island all which lands and meadow 
grounds was giuen and granted vnto the said Robert Lenthall by the 
Free Inhabitants of newport (and hath been for the space of six years 
last past in the possession & disposing of the said Jeremiah Gold by 
the said Robert Lenthalls order vnto him giuen) to haue and to hold 
all & singuler the afforesaid houses lands mead grounds with all ther 
apurtinances vnto them belonging vnto the said Jeremy gould & his 
heires foreuer and Ithe said Thomas Laughton doe for my Brother 
Lenthall by virtue of my comission from him as affore said couenant 
for him & his heires vnto Jeremy Gould & his heires that he the said 
Robert Lenthall at the time of the sale hereof was the sole true and 
right owner of all & singuler the afforesaid houses lands and apurtin- 
ances & therefore doe make warranty vnto y* said Jeremy & his 
heires that this deed is a good & firm & indefeazable deed in the law 
and doe make warrantie vnto them for there quiet & peaceable hold- 
ing & Injoying of all & euery p' thereof from the trouble or molesta- 
tion of any person or persons claim from by or under any right or 
Intrest which the said Robert Lenthall euer had therein or thereunto 

' Mass. State Archives, Vol. 126, pp. 265, 266. 


in witness whereof I the said Thomas Laughton haue for my Brother 

I/enthall on the year & day aboue said hereunto set to my hand & seal 

sealed & deliuered Tho : Laughton [Seal] 

in the presence of 

Robert Nash 

and dauid Barnot B his marke 

vera Copia : 

Now that this deed aboue written is in vallid in law appeares by these 

1 there was neuer any order did appear from Robert Lenthall for 
the sale of the said house & lands 

2 there is no consideration for which it was sold in y" deed nor 
euer any thing paid for it as them selues haue owned 

3 there is no record of the deed " > 
" In the old book page 2'^ and 3'* 

may 23'': 1640 upon the Record of Lands granted thus: Itt: to M' Robert 

Lenthall was granted the number of 104 acrs and giuen grates 

August 20 M'' Robert Lenthall was Called to Keep a publique school 

1640 for the teaching of youth & for his Incoradgm' thereto there 

was granted to him one hundred and four acres of Land and 

to his heires foreuer his home lott being part he is not to pay 

the 40' that was paid for it nor for the hundred two shilling 

p acre according to Ciistome 

Allsoe it was agreed that one hundred acrs should be laid 
forth & Impropriated for a school for the Incoradgment of 
the poorer sort to traine up their youth In learning and M' 
Robert Lenthall whiles he Continues to Keep school to haue 
the benefit of it 

True Copies taken out of the originall Records as they are 
recorded in the booke of Records belonging to the towne 
of Newport in y** Colony of Rhod Island & prouiden'ce 
plantations in New England 

as attest Willm Dyre To : Clerke " ^ 

An examination of the Register of the Church at Barnes, 
in the County of Surrey, England, proves that Robert 
lycnthall was in charge of the parish from 1649 to some 
time in 1658. The following appears on the Register. 

" 1650. Burials. 

July 15. Ciceley y« wife of M'. Rob*. Lenthall " 

^ Mass. State Archives, Vol. 126, p. 267. '^ Ibid., Vol. 126, p. 268, 


The record of burials continue in regular order until we 
come to the date "1658," when there is no record until 
1660. This deficiency in the Register is explained by the 
date and probate of the will of Robert I,enthall the 
minister in charge of the parish, from which it will be seen 
that his death occurred sometime between May 10 and 
September 3, 1658. 

"/« the name of God Ameti this tenth of May one Thousand six 
hundred Fifty and eight I Robert I,enthall of Barns in the County of 
Surrey Gierke at this present time in good health and remembrance 
(blessed be God) doe in manner and forme following and with mine 
owne hand writinge make and appointe this my laft will & testam' 
Imprimis my soule and spiritt I cheerefully and thankefully in the 
faith of Jesus Christ my redeamer resigne and giue vp into the hands 
of God mj Creator And my bodie I leaue to my wife and children to 
see privately without any ringing or trouble of companie interred in 
the churchyard of the parish Church of Barnes as clofe and neare as 
may be to the corner wall of the west and north side of the said 
Churchyard and my graue appointe there to be digged at least eight 
foote deepe And to that purpose giue and bequeath to the Clarke or 
Sexton of the said parish for that service and his attendance there- 
about eight shillings Item to the poore of the said Barnes I giue and 
bequeath Twenty shillings Item to Richard Goldston I giue and 
bequeath Tenn shillings to Nan Blinde five shillings And to poore 
James Bennett five shillings Then for the rest of my worldly goods I 
thus dispose them Imprimis to my owne Brother Adryan Lenthall I 
give and bequeath a L,egacie ring of golde of Eleaven shillings price 
to be sent him if then liveinge Item to my Sister Downes I give and 
bequeath Twenty shillings Item to my Sister Kitely Twenty shillings 
Item to my Sister Male a golde ring of Tenn shillings price Item the 
like to my Sister Hawes if then liveinge a ring of tenn shillings Item 
so to my Sister Laughton if liveing a ringe of tenn shillings price to 
be sent over to her And lastly soe to my Sister Pickeringe a gold ring 
of Tenn shillings price to be sent her, All which legacie rings I will 
to be enamelld with a deaths head and this posey inserted when this 
you see then think of me R. L. Item to Andrew Kitely I give a new 
suite of cloathes and forty shillings in money to put him out to some 
trade Item to my loueing wife Margarett Lenthall I give and bequeath 
the Threescore and fine pounde which shee hath in her keepinge 
which is in parte of the Hundred poundes I promised I would leaue 
her if the Lord would would at my decease Item to the making up of 


the said Hundred to the former three score and five I give and 
bequeath more Twentie poundes of lawfull english money beinge 
parte of that Thomas Signall at the present oweth me which is to my 
wife fower score and fine poundes Item then of that Hundred poundes 
there is tenn poundes to be excepted upon a debt I paid to M^ Barrat 
for my wife Then to the payment of the rest I will and appointe that 
there bee imediately sold of my goods and cattell that I die seized of 
to the value of Twenty pounds whereof to my wife I will and bequeath 
tenn pounds which will make the former fully one hundred with 
advantage And indeed could I otherwise have discharge it, it should 
have beene soe. But since I can not I hope this wilbe accepted of 
and the rather because there is soe little left for my two daughters 
Marrian and Nan Item to my daughter Marrian I give and bequeath 
Twenty poundes of lawfull english money And likewise to my daugh- 
ter Nan twenty pounds of lawfull english money which said forty 
pounds betwixt them is that money in my deske and laid aside for 
them as all that porcbn that I am able to give them besides their share 
in some of my goods as hereafter is expressed praying them thereof to 
accept and therefore to be thankefull to God Only it is my will that the 
Tenn pounde aboue mencbned and made of my goods sould and not 
bequeathed be to my daughter Nan to whome I bequeath it the rather 
for encoragement in well doeinge and because of the infirmitie in her 
sight shee lyes vnder. Item the Silver Cupp with eares I give and 
bequeath vnto my wife with all her owne goods she brought vnto 
mee Then for the rest of all my goods as the Siluer Cann and all the 
Siluer spoones bedds bedding besides curtains pillowes pillowbeeres 
linnen whatsover sheetes pillowbeers table cloaths napkins cubboard 
clothes & with all the carpetts hangings tables chairs stooles and all 
the pewter brasse Irons and whatsoever of my goods vnsould within 
or abroade w"' all my books and noates whatsoever else vnnlencbned 
or vnsould I give divided betwixt them with whatsoever money may 
be made of them or anie of them or whatsoever debtes oweinge, my 
wife to have the first choice and then Marrian the second and Nan 
the third praying that this divident of my goods or whatsoever 
vnbequeathed and to be divided betwixt them in money or goods may 
be done without Jarringe murmurynge discontent or vnthankefullnes 
on either parte And withall chargeinge my two daughters to goe con- 
tent with that they haue and not to giue their mother anie iust cause 
of complaint against them, but to be respective to her and rather to 
receive wrong with patience than in any thinge to doe her the least 
iniury or suffering to be done to her. Item hereby I appointe and 
constitute my loueing wife and my two daughters Marrian and Nan 
equally and ioynt Executrices of this my last will and Testament 
praying them to see the true performance of all the particulars therein 


mentioned and true payment of the legacies therein bequeathed and 
overseers of this my last will and Testament I earnestly intreate to 
be M\ Thomas Eayres of Kensington gent and Thomas Signall of 
this parish of Barnes. To whom I give and bequeath two legacie gold 
rings of Eleaven shillings price apeece to be bought and given them 
by mine executrices entreating and praying them as loveing freinds 
to be assistant to my executrices in the fullfilling of this my last will 
and Testament and to see to the true and faithfull performance thereof 
and of every particular therein according to my meaninge and intent 
That all jarringe and discord may be prevented and loue and peace 
after my decease continued. 

In Witnes whereof the day and yeare aboue written to this my last 
will and Testament contained in two pages of one sheet of paper sub- 
scribed on both sides with my name : I have in confirmation thereof 
sett to my hand and seale Robert Iventhall. 

Proved 3 September, 1658 by executrices Margaret relict & Marrian 
& Anne Lenthall daughters." 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Register Wootton, folio 540. 

It will be remembered that in the deed given by Thomas 
Laughton of the lands at Newport, Rhode Island, he refers 
to " my brother in law Robert I^enthall Clarke (some time 
of Road Island) & now lieuing in old England ". 

The legacy in the foregoing will ' ' to my Sister I^augh- 
ton if liveing a ringe of tenn shillings price to be sent over 
to her^' would seem to prove beyond question that Rev. 
Robert lycnthall of Barnes was the man of that name who 
had been at Weymouth, Massachusetts, and Newport, Rhode 
Island. Also the Milford town records show that the 
marriage of Samuel Eells and Anna Ivcnthall took place at 
Lynn. Until the finding of the documents among the 
Massachusetts State Archives the reason why the marriage 
took place there was a mystery. Now it would seem to be 
clear that Anna was probably living in the family of her 
uncle Thomas lyaughton. 

CHir<DRE;N OF Rev. Robert Lenthai^l. 

I. Marrian, living Sept. 3, 1658. 

II. Nan or Anna, mar. Aug. 5, 1663, Samuel Eells, of 

Milford, Conn. 




Abias, Joan, 6 

Thomas, 6 

Abraham, Elliott, 32 

John, 32 

Adams, ^ , 15 

Adames, >• Blasius, 88 

Addams, ) Blazius, 13 

Elizabeth, 8, 15 

Francis, 91 

John, 15 

Lawrence, 86 

Marie, 13 

Mar)', 18 

Stephen, 91 

Thomas, 5 

Adderley, John, 51 

Addiscott, Thomas, 30 

Adkins, see Atkins. 
Aetkins, " " 
Aeles, see Eells. 
Aells, " 

Allen, [ , 16 

Allyn, i Joane, 27 

Mary, 11, 64 

Alvord, Thomas, 22 

Amory, Jos. , 30 

Andrewes, Thomas, 54 

Apis, Arthur, 77 

Archdale, Math, 28 

Mathew, 21 

Archer, , 14 

Margerye, 26 

William, 26 

Arow, Jane, 44 

Arundell, , 13 

Thomas 13 

Ashby, Richard, 54, 55 > 57 

Askew, Egeon, 174 

Atkins, ^ Agnes, 34, 35 

Adkins, > Daniel, 47 

Aetkins, ) Thomas 18 


Audsell, Richard, 60 

Auerd, Robert, 48 

Avery, Joane, 35 

Richard, 35 

Awdley, Hugh, 74 

Axtell, Nathaniell, 39 

Philippe, , 40 

Babb, John, 75 

Robert, 75 

Baldwyn, William, 91 

Ball, Edmund, 41 

Ballam, Ellis, 36 

Ballard, Roger, 18 

William, 48 

Barber, Edmund 45 

Barfoote, Richard, 24 

Barkham, \ Edward, 53, 55 

Barkehatn, > 

Barker, Thomas, 25 

Barley, George, 40 

Barlowe, John, 65, 66 

William, 65 

Barnard, , 182 

Barnot, Dauid, 187 

Baron, George, 30 

Barons, John, 36 

Barrat, , 189 

Barrows, John, 21 

Barteley, Morris, 65 

Barter, John, 9 

Barton, Thomas, 15 

Basdmore, Nicholas, 45 

Basely, , 42 

William 42 

Basford, Joane, 46 

Basse, John, 49 

Bassett, Edw, 20 

Edward, 18, 19, 89 

Elizabeth, 18, 19 

Mary, 18, 88 




Bassett, Richard 13, 18, 19 

Thomas, 13, 14, 18, 88 

William, 18, 19, 88 

Bateman, Elizabeth, 8 

Richard, 8 

Bayard, ) John 5.6 

Bayarde, f Josias, 5 

Peter, 5 

Beale, George, 74 

Beard, Floram 37 

John, 49 

Beast, John 44 

Beatryche, Rob, 41 

Becke, Joseph, 40 

Beckwith, Henry, 43 

Began, William, 85 

Bell, William . 46 

Belson, Edward, 64 

Beninge, Sarah, 41 

Benington, Thomas, 61 

Bennett, Henry 61 

James, 188 

Joseph, 14 

Benwell, William 14 

Berry, Elizabeth, 18 

John, 19 

Steven, 19 

Best, Thomas, 7 

Bewick, Robert, 68, 69 

Bird, Grace, 58 

John, 58 

Thomas, 58 

Bisse, William, 9 

Blackaller, John, 16 

Richard, 71, 85, 86 

Blackwell, Edward, 47 

Blake, , 46 

Blinde, Nan, 188 

Bolly, Anne, 5 

George, 6 

Bolton, 74 

Ann, 74 

Edmund 74 

L,awrence, 74 


Bolton, Mary 74 

Bond, Marion, 34, 35 

Nicholas, 54 

Booth, Thomas, 61 

Booton, Joye, 42 

Booye, Thomas, 68 

Borhall, Henry, 25 

Borton, , 42 

Boscocke, Edmund, 49 

Bosvile, } William, 53, 55 

Bosevile, ) 

Bowden, Jane, 35 

Bowman, , 6 

Boult, Richard, 22 

Bounde, Robert, 67 

Bradley, Alexander, 8 

Edward, 16 

William, 45 

als Gardner, als Towne, als 

Eagles, Joane, 16 

Bradshaw, ) George, 69 

Bradshawe, I Job, 77 

Brand, Martha, 43 

Braunce, Daniel, 5,6 

John, 5, 6 

Eales als, Mary, 20 

Brickley, W^illiam, 4 

Bridgewater, Thomas 23 

Briscoe, John, 7 

Richard, 7 

Thomas, 7 

Britton, 181 

Brodrick, Thomas 16 

Brooke, Edward, 45 

Elizabeth, 24 

Robert, 24, 25 

Brown, } Alice, 46 

Browne, ^ Anne, 72 

Eliz., II 

Elizabeth, 15 

John, 61, 72 

Kate, 15 

Mathewe, 61 

Richard, 23 




Brown, Robert, 55, 57 

Rolph, 177 

Samuell, 15 

Sara 15 

Thomas, 15, 53. 60, 61 

William, 15 

Browse, Nicklas, 37 

Buck, William, 55 

Bulbeck, Ellen, 12 

Bull, Henry, 184, 185, 186 

Bullivante, Ri, 42 

Burden, Thomas 63 

Burkitt, Francis, 61 

Burne, ) Isatte, 31 

Burns, )John, ... 31 

Burton, Samuel, 61 

Bury, Robert, 88 

Butler, George, 19 

John, 45 

Margery 45 

Butley, 54 

Byfford, John, 10 

Calamy, Edmd., 176 

Callender, John, 180, 182 

Calton, Paul 63 

Susanna, 63 

Canutar, John 38 

Capern, , 27 

Carr, Robert, 61 

Carten, Thomas, 18 

Carter, \_ Christopher, 39 

Cater, i Thomas, 61 

Walter 178 

Carswell, Lidia 15 

Carver, Lawrence, 14 

Caseley, I Oliver, 39 

Casleigh, i Tho., 31 

Casse, John, 40 

Cassellton, Ezechiell, 30 

Cater, see Carter. 

Caunter, Thomas, 67 

Chafe, Walter, 38 

Challoner, William, 57 


Chamberlain, Thomas, 23 

Chambers, Nicholas, 46 

Champion, William 9 

Chase, 54 

Cherry, William, 60, 62 

Cheseman, Rayfe, 91 

Chester, ElHnor, 7 

Child, ) , 17 

Childe, ) Agnes, 6, 7 

Arnold, 6, 7 

Constant, 6 

Elizabeth 6 

Henry, 6 

Mar>'e, 6 

Raphe, 6 

Thomas, 6 

William, 6 

Church, Edmond, 76, 77 

Churchman, John, 80 

Robert, 80 

Clapwell, Tho., 41 

Clark, ) Humphrey 56 

Clarke, ) Joane, 26 

John 13, 62 

William, 53 

Clewter, [ Zachary, 74, 75 

Clouter, ^ 

Clive, Thomas, 91 

Clotworthy, William, 178 

Cocke, als Fange, Ellen, 21 

Coke, Cornelius, 53, 55 

John, 58 

Thomas, 53-55 

Cole, Henry, 34 

Margeret, 34 

Richard, 51 

Coleman, Phillippe, 89, 90 

Colman, Rd., 43 

Coley, William, 42, 43 

Coliwell, Tobie, 16 

Collamore, Jone, 9 

Collie, Edward, 15, 16 

Elizabeth 15 

Jno., 15 




Collie, Martha, 15 

Sara, 15 

Collington, Phillipp 61 

Collis, Edward, 15 

Columbell, Roger, 50 

Comminge, Agnis, 28 

Compton, Thomas, 61 

Coningsbye, Raphe, 6 

Cook, } Edward, 78, 79 

Cooke, i John, 44 

Jone, 31 

Richard, 31 

Thomas, 19 

William, 30 

Coop, William, 9 

Cooper, Sarah, 48 

Corbett, Francis, 51 

Coreley, Henry, 13 

Cornill, Thomas, 184 

Cotton, , 181, 182 

Coulery, William, 63 

Cove, Katherine, 2 

Covell, Michaell, 81, 82 

Cowland, Ralph, 184 

Cowper, Rob, 41 

Coyte, John, 16 

Cracknell, Robert, 69 

Cressett, Edw., 54 

Critchlow, Richard, 15 

Croley, Fraunces, 15 

Crook, William, 47 

Crosby, Charles, 54 

Crosse, William, 91 

Crossing, Stephen, 30 

Croutt, William, 38 

Crupwell, Henry, 47 

Cudd, Edward, 21 

Cust, Obed, 61 

Dake, John, 10 

Dally, George, 49 

Damerell, Nicholas, 68 

Dancey, ^ 

Dancie, > Richard, 77, 78 

Dancy, J William 76, 77 


Darrante, Thomas 39 

Daun, William 72 

Davenport, William 27 

Davye, Joane, 70, 71 

Dawes, John, 65, 66 

Daye, William, 177 

Deacon, Richard, 19, 88 

de ffreney, Margarete, 6 

Demmar, Ralph, 24 

Denband, Alfride, 177 

Dench, Will, 34 

de Rew, Julyan 49 

Deuerell, John 18 

Dichfield, Edward, 56 

Ditchett, lo, 10 

Doddesley, William, 8 

Doddridge, Francis, 38 

Dolbeare, Edmond, 30 

Joan, 30 

John, 30 

Mary, 30 

Thomas, , 30 

Dormer, Thomas, 14 

Dorsett, Benjamin, 11 

Dound, John, 34, 35 

Dove, Richard, 53 

Downes, , 188 

Dowsett, Benjamin, 10 

Dudley, Henry, 40 

Thomas, 182 

William, 53 

Dudlick, Jasper, 11 

Dugdaile, William, 34 

Dune, Ri. , 41 

Dyer, \ Arthur, 20 

Dyre, / William, 186, 187 

Eagles, Bradley als, Joane, 16 

Eakens, Walter, 48 

Eayres, Thomas, 190 

Ebblewhite, E. A. 174 

Edgcombe, Anne, i 

Edwards, John, 10 



Eells, 1 Agnes, 4, 5, 8, 10, 27, 30, 

40, 45 

Aeles, Alban, 13, 14, 18, 90 

Aells, Alexander, 38 

Eale, Alice, 3, 4, 10, 12, 41, 44, 


Eales, Alyce, 4 

Ealles, Alse, 36, 38 

Eals, Andrew, 39 

Ealse, Ann, 8, 14, 19, 25, 36, 40, 


Eayles, Anne, 4, 5, 6, 12, 18, 22, 

23, 27, 31. 39, 40, 42, 

50, 91 

Eel, Annie 31 

Eeles, Annis, 26, 27 

Eels, Anstice, 28 

Eelys, Anthony, 4, 45, 46 

Eiles, Avise, 16 

Eilles, Bridget, ... 2, 3, 39, 40, 45 

Eles, Cecily 43 

Elles, |- Christiana, i 

Ellis, I Christopher, 36, 48 

Ells, Constance 41, 42 

Else, Dennis, 33 

Eyales, Dorothea, 23 

Eyle, Dorothie, 42 

Eyles, Dorothy, 19, 33 

Eyls, Edmund, i, 13, 41, 74 

leles, Edward, i, 2, 9, 13, 14, 16, 

17, 18, 22, 23, 26, 31, 

32, 42, 43, 58, 59, 70, 

71, 84, 85, 86, 88 

lies, Elinor, 11 

Yeales, Elisaye, 39 

Yealls, Elisha 40 

Yeeles, Eliz., 6 

Yeels, Elizabeth, i, 2, 3, 5, 12, 
17, 18, 22, 26, 28, 38, 
41, 42, 44, 48, 90, 91 

Yeles, Ellery, 32 

Yelles, Frances, 9, 24, 27, 47 

J Francis, 42 


Eells, Frisidfide, 7 

Gabriel 8, 27 

George, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 
25, 47, 57, 59, 87, 88, 89 

Giles, 5 

Grace, 30, 38 

Hanna, 15, 22, 47 

Hannah 19 

Hellen, 35 

Henery, 7 

Henrie, ... 21, 23, 26 

Henry, 8, 10, 26, 27, 36, 43, 45, 

47. 63, 64 

Hillary, 93 

Hugh, 25, 48 

leliane, 38 

Isaack, 49 

Isett, 31 

Isott, 34,35 

Jacamye, 24 

Jacob, 19 

James, 2, 31, 32, 33, 37, 42, 46, 78 
Jane, 17, 23, 31, 32, 37, 42, 43, 

46, 47, 48 

Jasper, 4 

Jeflfery, 23 

Jenner, 19 

Joan, r, 22, 36, 37, 38, 43 

Joane, 6, 9, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 23, 
24, 25, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 38, 

41. 71 

Johan, 28, 38 

Johanne, 38 

John, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, II, 
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 
20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 
28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 
39, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 
. 48, 51, 52, 56, 60, 61, 62, 63, 

69, 89, 91. 93 

Jone, 24, 26, 34, 41, 42 

Joseph, 22, 36 

Judith 24 




Eells, Katharine 2 

Katherine, 2, 15, 17, 21, 23, 35, 

44, 46, 74, 75, 9 i 

Laurence, 30 

Luke, 91 

Lyon, 8, 9 

Margaret, 3, 6, 8, 30, 32, 43, 45, 
78, 86 

Margerie, 7, 8, 23 

Margery 19, 26, 36, 41 

Marie, 32 

Mary, i, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 14, 15, 17, 
18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 29, 31, 33, 
35, 36, 38, 44, 57, 59, §7, 90, 


Mildred, 22 

Nathaniel, 7, 16, 17, 39, 40 

Nicho, 88, 89 

Nicholas, i, 2, 12, 13, 18, 22, 41, 

42, 47, 50, 67, 80, 81, 82, 87 

Peter, 5, 21, 28, 38, 93 

Pliilip 5, 34 

Phillip, 28, 32, 35 

Phillippa, 19 

Ralph, 23 

Raphe, 22, 23 

Richard, 4, 9, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23, 

41, 42, 43, 45, 52, 53, 65, 66, 

67, 68, 70, 71, 85, 86 

Roase, 40 

Rob., 41 

Robartt, 36 

Robert, 2, 10, 12, 17, 19, 22, 25, 
27, 39, 42, 62, 79 

Roger, 4, 5, 39, 42, 45 

Rose, 40 

Rowland, 68, 69 

Ruth, 19 

Samuel, 14, 21, 29, 30, 33, 57, 
87, 173, 185, 186, 190 

Sara, 39, 80 

Sarah, 11, 14, 18, 21, 22, 42 

Sislye, 42 


Eells, Stephen, 51 

Susan, 5, 10, 21, 25, 33 

Suzan, 6 

Suzanna, 30 

Symon, 36 

Thomas, i, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 
14, 17, i8, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 
25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 
34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 4°, 41, 
42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 
53, 54, 55, 57, 59, 60, 71, 73, 
74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 82, 83, 90, 


Walter, 9, 31, 32 

Warren, 13, 31, 32, 37 

William, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 
16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25, 
27, 28, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 
39, 40, 43, 44, 45, 47, 50, 57, 
72, 73, 79, 82, 87, 88, 89, 91, 


Winefred, 19, 20 

Zacharie, 18, 20 

Zachary, 30, 47, 48 

als Braunce, Mary, 20 

als Hildar, Anne, 45 

Annis, 44 

Joane 44 

John, 12, 13, 44, 45 

William, ... 13, 44, 45, 92 

als Jordaine, Zachary, 48 

als Rily, Joane, 13 

als Witnall, Ann, 27 

Anne, 27 

Elizabeth, 21, 27 

Joane, 21 

John, 20 

Levy, 20 

Margaret, 20 

Margery, 20 

Mary, 21 

Sara, 27 

Thomas, 21, 27 




Eells, als Witnall, Willi, 28 

Eldred, John, 49 

Eling, , 34 

Ellis, als Witnall, John, 20 

Levy, 20 

Margaret, 20 

Margery 20 

Ellissfford, , 31 

Elton, Romeo, 182 

Emmott, Byran 173 

Ennews, John, 20 

Evans, Arthur, 63 

William, 44 

Eveleigh, Gilbert, 86 

Evelynge, Nicholas 37 

Ewer, 1 Abell, 50 

Ewre, > Edward, 179 

Francis, 179 

Henry, 50 

Jone, 7 

Fange, Cocke als, Ellen, 21 

Farlow, Susan, 21 

Farmer, Johane, 11 

John, II 

Margaret, 11 

Richard, 11 

William, 11 

Farmothe, Christ, 32 

Farrow, Anne, 15 

Fawkes, Marmaduke, 47 

Fearne, Elizabeth, 7 

Feild, Richard, 39 

Fenner, Allen, 76 

Ferrers, Edward, 51 

Ferryman, Griffin, 73 

Griffith, 72 

Fesse, William, 16 

Fettiplace, Edward, 90 

Mary, 90 

Finch, John, 60 

Mary, 60 

Fisher, Joane, 12 


Fisher, John, 12 

Margery, 12 

William, 12 

Fitz James, , 66 

Flawse, Anne, 15 

James, 15 

Jervis, 15 

John, 15 

Richard, 15 

William, 15 

Fleetewood, Charles, 54, 55 

William, 176 

Flexmer, Francis, 51 

Floud, William, 38 

Ford, Edward, 59, 178 

John, 178 

Thomas, 177, 178 

Thos., 5 

Fors, John, 32 

Forsett, Thomas, 46 

Fossell, , 46 

Foster, ) , 17 

Forster, ) Francis, 26 

Richard, 23, 67 

Fountaine, Thomas, 179 

Fox, Mary, 29 

Mary, 29 

Stephen, 91 

Frauncis, Edward, 76 

Freeman, John, 53 

Freind, John, 89 

Fulford, Thomas, 14 

Furse, Mary, 34, 35 

Gale, Robert 89 

Gambolle, James, 49 

Gardiner, John, 175, 177 

Gardner, Bradley als, Joane, ... 16 

Garrard, Jane, 81, 82 

John, 81 

Garrit, Amos, 15 

Elizabeth, 15 

James, 15 




Garrit, John, 15 

Martha, 15 

Sara, 15 

Seth, 15 

Gee, Thomas, 56 

Gery, Thomas, 63 

Gibbons, John, 10, 27 

Gibsonn, Basell, 47 

Gifford, John, 9 

Gilburne, Henry, 179 

Giles, ) Glascock, 57 

Gyles, 1 John, 15 

Robert, 42 

Ginger, } William, 76, 77, 78 

Gynger, ) 

Gladman, Naariah, 51 

Gloove, Thomas 46 

Glover, Alee, 4 

Godfrey, John, 179 

Godhelpe, James, 4 

Thomas, 4 

Ursula, 4 

Gold, Daniel, 185 

Jeremiah, 186 

Jeremy, 185 

John, 185 

Goldsmith, Anne, 12 

Henry, 12 

John, 12 

Mary, 12 

Richard, 12 

Thomas, 12 

Goldston, Richard 188 

Gonswell, Isaac, 9 

Good, I John 15 

Goode, ) Mary, 15, 48 

Thomas, 45 

Gorges, Ferdinando, 60, 61 

Goring, John, 44 

William, 76, 77 

Goud, Tho. 24 

Grace, John, 27 

Thomas, 173 


Graston, Humphrey, 25 

Gratwicke, Humphrey, 69, 70 

Graven, Thomas, 46 

Gravener, Thomas 46 

Gray, ) John, 38. 39 

Grey, ) Katherine, 59 

Ralphe, 59 

Robert, 178 

William 59 

Green, ) Anne, 15 

Greene, ) Ellen, 15 

John, 15, 56 

Robert, 15, 56 

William 15 

Gregg, Thomas 60, 6r 

Grevet, Robert, 70 

Grey, see Gray. 

Griffin, Honor, 20 

Johane 20 

Mary 20 

Phillip, 20 

Grover, William, 76, 77, 78 

Grubb, ) Eustace, 5 

Grubbe, ) Hervey, 13 

Gyles, see Giles. 
Gynger, see Ginger. 

Haines, Rt., 37 

Hakins, see Hawkins. 

Hale, , 40 

John, 40 

Hall, Ann, 48 

Halsted, Lawrence, 73 

Hamersley, Hugh, 7 

Hamhyng, Richard, 38 

Hammond, } Ann, 18, 88 

Hamond, ) William, 14, 18 

Hamon, Ann, 20 

Hampden, John, 174, 175 

Hancockes, Richard, 11 

Harding, Ellen, 21 

William, 40 

Harell, Nicholas, 32 



Harmer, Edmund, 22 

Sisley 21 

Harmswood, Ralph, 25 

Harris, [ John, 42, 43 

Harrys, J Mary, 79 

Ralph, 9 

Richard, 67, 79 

Harrison, Ralph, 53, 55 

Thomas, 51 

Harryman, Thomas, 61 

William, 61 

Harsenept, John, 16 

Harvey, , 54 

Francis, 56 

Henry, 61 

Harwood, John, 17 

Hatbird, Thomas, 25 

Hatch, William 66 

Hawes, , 188 

Hawkins, \ Raphe, 26 

Hakins, > Richard, 63 

Howkins, ) 

Hawley, James, 47 

Haysteede, Dominick, 26 

Hayward, , Gilbert, 75 

Haywood, !- John, 75 

Heywood, ) Thomazine, 75 

Hearne, Stephen, 53 

Hellhouse, Thomas, 83 

Hellier, ) Henry, 79 

Helyar, ) John, 79 

William, 31, 79 

Hempston, Geo., 31 

Walter, 31 

Herbert, Thomas, 63 

Hether, , 20 

Heywood, see Haywood. 

Hickline, Thomas, 45 

Higgins, Mary, 21 

Steven, 21 

Highlord, John, 56 

Hildar, } als Eles, Anne, 45 

Hilder, ) Annis, 44 


Hilder, als Eles, Joane, 44 

John, 12, 13, 44, 45 
William, . .13, 44, 

45, 92 

Hill, [John, 40 

Hille, i William, 40 

Hinckley, Isabell, 18, 89 

John, 14 

Robert 19 

Hingston, Mary, 35 

Hippisley, John, 66 

Hoare, , 63 

Hobart, Nathaniel, 57 

Hobbs, Anne, 27 

Mary, 25 

Thomas, 25 

Hole, Francis, 35 

Henry, 35 

Mark, 35 

Holeman, , 60 

Hollis, Robert, 52 

Homberston, Miles, 53 

Homes, Jno. , 41 

Honton, Joan, 25 

Hope, Edward, 89, 90 

Horner, John, 84, 85 

Horseman, Abraham, 177 

Horsham, Hugh, 20 

Horwood, Elizabeth, 29 

Henry, 29 

Hoskins, Edward, 57 

Houlington, Richard, 44 

Howkins, see Hawkins. 

Howse, Henry, 37 

Hubbard, , 180 

Thomas, 53, 55 

Huchins, see Hutchins. 

Humpheries, } Elizabeth, 21 

Humphries, S James, 21 

Hunt, John, 39. 53, 55 

Thomas, 27 

W^illiam, 12 

Hurd, Pearce als, John 48 




Hurde, William 8 

Hurseman, John, 31 

Hurst, Edward, 49 

Hussy, als Reade, Agnes, 8 

Huswicke, Ann, 8 

Hutchins, } Dorothy, 65, 66 

Huchins, ) Thomas, 65, 66 

William, 65, 66 

Hutchinson, , 181 

Cuthbert, 44 

Hyne, Mohn, 33 

Hynes, ) Joseph 40 

leles, see Eells. 

Ilberte, William 67 

lies, see Eells. 

Ireland, William, 44 

Irish, [ Christopher, 31 

Irishe, > Nicholas, 32 

Peter, 31 

Isham, Zacheus, 74 

Ives, Paul, 41 

Jacobb, John, 9 

William, 9 

Jarman, } Agnes, 30 

Jerman, ) Elizabeth, 30 

Henry, 30 

Sampson, 34 

JefFery, ) Jeremy, 61 

Jeflfrey, ' Thomas, 60, 61 

Jeffes, William, 14 

Jennard, Richard, 21 

Jerman, see Jarman. 

Johns, Robert, 34 

Johnson, John, 25 

Jones, Rachel 49 

William, 6, 179 

Jordaine, Eales als, Zachary, .... 48 
Joyce, George, 10 

Kaye, Martin, 31 

Keate, Robert, 63 


Keayne, Robert, 182 

Keene, John, 64 

Kelley, Bart., 35 

Thomas, 35 

Kelsey, Thomas, 91 

Kenricke, William 53 

Kentish, William, 40 

Kenwick, William, 55 

Keye, Martin, 31 

Kiffen, William 63 

King, ) Alice, 9 

Kinge, ) David 9 

Henry, 49 

John, 63 

Kirke, William, 42 

Kirton, Edward, 9 

Kitely, , 188 

Andrew, 188 

Knowling, Laurence, 30 

Ric., 34 

Kytt, , 6 

Lake, Arthur, 178 

Lambard, } Jane, 81 

Lambert, f Moulton, 81, 82 

Thomas, 81, 82 

Lane, , 28 

Edward, 174 

Jane, 14 

Thomas, 28, 33 

Lang, Thomas, 35 

Langley, Andrew, 17 

Langworthy, Richard, 177 

Lapthorn, John, 31 

Laughan, William, 47 

Laughton, , 188, 190 

Thomas, 185, 186, 187, 190 

Lawkers, Jockmy, 6 

Layeworth, Thomas, 45 

Leate, John 37 

William, 37 

Leaver, John 62 

Lechford, Thomas, ....180, 182, 183 




Lechlade, William, 177 

Leech, Joan, 10 

Leedes, Thomas, 6 

Legat, ) Elizabeth, 91 

Legatt, ) John, 60 

Thomas, 60 

Lemdon, William, 25 

Lempriere, Nicholas, 54 

Lenncraft, John, 19 

Lenthall, } Adrian, 175, 177 

Leynthall, J Adryan, 188 

Anne, 186, 190 

Cicely, ... 187 

Edmond, 178 

Elizabeth, 173 

Jane, 174, 177 

John, 177, 178, 179 

Margarett, 188, 190 

Marrian, 189, 190 

Nan, 189, 190 

Richard, 177 

Robert, . .173, 174, 175, 176, 179, 
180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 
185, 186, 187, 188, 190 

Sarah, 175, 176, 177 

Susanna, 175, 176 

Thomas, 177, 179 

William, 57, 177, 178 

Levy, Phillipp 86 

Lewin, Elizabeth, 83, 84 

Thomas, 83, 84 

Lewis, , 16 

Leyden, Robert, 71 

Lilliot, John, 10, 11 

Lipscomb, George, 173 

Litcott, Robert, 57, 58 

Lloyd, Griffith, 54, 55. 57 

Loveland, John, 44 

Lovell, Elizabeth, 27 

Hen 15 

Hugh, 15 

John, 25 

Lucas, Richard, 27 


Luce, Christ 36 

Lucy, Michaell, 64 

Ludford, Richard, 14 

Ludlowes, Henry, 63 

Lune, Sarah, 15 

Luscombe, Joane, 37 

John, 78, 79 

William, 37 

Lydall, Ricm., 49 

Lymbeare, Tho 32, 33 

Lynd, Paul, 41 

Macey, Mathew, 32 

Maho, Robert, 4 

Male, , 188 

Malpas, Henry, 10 

Manfeild, John, 12 

Manne, Peter, 34 

Manning, \ David, 34, 35 

Maneing, j- Iseto, 34 

Maning, J 

Marrett, Richard, 61 

Marsh, ) Thomas, 6, 50 

Marche, f 

Marshall, Steph., 176 

Marsham, William, 61 

Martin, } Anne, 19, 20 

Martyn, i Elizabeth, 20 

George, 19, 20 

Henry, 178 

Margery, 20 

Mary 20 

Masemore, Elizabeth, 13 

William, 14 

Mason, Robert, 46 

Maule, , 27 

May, Edward, 48 

Maynard, Seriant, 57 

Mayne, Ri., 38 

Thomas 46 

Mellor, see Miller. 

Melsham, John, 44 

Mensell, William, 57 




Meryall, Michael, 49 

Micheltnore, Phillip, 33 

William, 33, 34 

Middleton, Elizabeth, 8 

Mary, 178 

Symon, 178 

Miller, ^ Henry, 61 

Mellor, >■ Joane, 37 

Myller, ) John, 37 

Robert 64 

The, 37 

Thomas, 37 

Millett, , 60 

Milner, Tempest, 57 

Mondey, Frances, 48 

Moore, } Dorothie, 21 

More, ) Henry, 42 

John, 10 

Thomas, 91 

Moores, Elizabeth, 27 

Mordaunt, Charles, 178 

Morgan, Dorothy, 67 

Gregory, 66 

Morris, ) John, 61 

Morrys, J Thomas, 6 

Morse, Edward, 7 

Thomas, 6 

Moss, Francis, 56 

Moy, Steven, 46 

Moyger, Mary, 43 

Robert, 43 

Mutchamoore, William, 35 

Myller, see Miller. 

Napper, Robert, 70 

Nash, Alice 10 

Anthony 10 

Edward, 40 

Mary, 10 

Robert, 187 

Thomas, 40 

Nayler, Richard, 56 

Nelson, Thomas 61 

Newall, Elizabeth, 11 

Humfrey 11 

Newbery, Humfry, 73 

Newbolder, Fawkes, 48 

New Comen, Matthew, 176 

Newdegate, Richard, 74 

Newton, John 18, 61 

NichoUas, W., 35 

Nicholls, 1 Christopher, 49 

Nicoll, [^ Elles, 15 

Nicolls, [ John, 7> 46 

NycoU, J Richard 7, 51 

Susan, 7 

Nicholson, , 185 

Nicoldes, Susan, 46 

Nosworthie, } John, 28, 39 

Nosworthy, ) 
Nycoll, see Nicholls. 

Oglethorpe, John, 177 

Packwood, Robert, 56 

Page, Radclifife 8 

William, 8 

Parker, Baldwin, 44 

William, 23 

Parmatice, Trisca, 5 

Parr, Margaret, 7 

Parratt, John, 5 

Passe, John, . . . . .^ 30 

Paultuck, William, 20 

Paynter, Agnes, 7 

Peacham, Henrie 4 

Henry, 5 

Pearce als Hurd, John, 48 

Pearse, John, 48 

Peck, John, 11 

Peele, Richard, 45 

Peirce, Edward, 89, 90 

Pemberton, Francis, 60, 62 

Robert, 60, 62 

Penny, John, 58 

Penrice, John, 179 




Perry, Alice, 9, lo 

Christian, 9, lo 

John, 9, lo 

Pettiferr, [ Elizabeth, i8 

Pettipher, J Thomas, . .13, 18, 19, 20, 
48, 57, S7, 88 

Pettus, John, 58 

Phelps, John, 22 

Philpe, , 67 

Phillips, ) Edward, 49 

Phellippes, ) Francis, 51 

Rachel 11 

Thomas, 11, 62 

Phipps, Richard, 7 

Pickering, 188 

John, 80, 176, 177 

Pilgram, Bennett, 6 

Pilkington, Alice, 46 

Dorothy, 46 

Johan, 46 

John, 46 

Pindar, William, 61 

Pinnell, Anne, 24 

Elizabeth, 24 

Richarde, 24 

Playsted, Daniel, 26 

Plott, John, 63 

Plowright, , 15 

Ann, 15 

Plumridge, Edward, 25 

Mary, 25 

Podres, Radolphe, 49 

Pope, Alex. , 35 

Hugh, 38 

Ric, 35 

Porsey, , 17 

Porter, William, 60 

Potter, Robert, 40 

Pou, Thomas 23 

Powell, Edward, 73 

John, 78 

Powney, \ Sara 18 

Pownie, i Sarah, 89 

William, 89 


Pragnall, Katherine, 21 

Prattey, George, 42 

Jane, 42 

Preston, Ri 33 

Ric, 36 

Prince, Faithful, 24 

Putenham, George, 91 

Putnam, John, 174 

Radburne, Jane, ' 74 

William, 74 

Rament, see Rayment. 

Ramsdale, Robert, 61 

Randall, \ Mary, 22 

Rendell, i Richard, 34 

Ransburye, Fabyan, 66 

Rauenscraft, , 185 

Rawlins, James, 43 

Rayment, | John, 52 

Rament, ) 

Reade, Thos., , 11 

Hussy als, Agnes, 8 

Reeve, | Maud, 9, 10 

Reeves, ' 

Reggat, John, 70 

Rendell, see Randall. 
Renell, see Reynolds. 

Rennye, Tobye, 9 

Repington, William, 23, 24 

Reynolds, ^, , 16 

Renell, |- Tobyas, 71 

Reynell, ) William, 30 

Richardes, , 6 

Margery, 6 

Richardson, John, 21 

Thomas, 21 

Richen, Robert, 21 

Ridgelaie, George, 47 

Ridley, I. , 25 

Riiy, >) , 45 

Ryley, 1 Jone, 12, 92 

Rylie, [ Thomas, 12, 92 

Rylye, J 

als Eales, Joane, 13 




Rivers, Edith, 14 

William, 14 

Robardes, John, 5 

Robins, Humfrey, 45, 46 

Marger}', 45 

Robinson, Henry, 68, 69 

Rogers, , 54, 182 

William, 16 

Rop, John, 46 

Rowe, Any, 11 

John, 20 

Will 33 

William, 16 

Rowland, Margerie, 8 

Rugbie, Elizabeth, 19 

Ruggett, John, 70 

Russe, Anne, 9 

Garthrid, 9 

Gartred, 10 

James, g 

Joane, 9 

Richard, 9 

Thomas, 9 


Rylie, ^ see Rily 


Sadler, John 62 

Salter, Thomas 35 

Saltonstall, Richard, 54 

Sampson, Nathaniell, 76, 77, 78 

Nicholas, 36 

Ric, 36 

Sanderson, John, 173 

Sanger, ) William 25, 48 

Songer, ) 

Saunders, Johane, 24 

Mary, 24 

Richard, 24 

Savadge, ) James, 182 

Savage, ) Richard, 46 

Sayer, Edward, 91 

John, 91 

Scarlett, John, 63 

Scobell, Angell, 30 

Margaret, 30 

Scott, William, 53, 55 

Scotton, Edward, 89 

Scudamore, Henr., 49 

Samuell , 20 

Scale, Anne, : 18 

John, 88 

Searancke, Thomas, 40 

Searle, William, 16 

Searnige, Thomas 5 

Seaward, Thomas, 12 

Sellwood, Edmond, 3 

Shaleswed, William, 45 

Shapleigh, } John, 85, 86 

Shapley, ^ Robert, 86 

Shayler, John, 43 

Shere, , 67 

Sherwood, Richard, 63 

Shilling, Andrew, 7 

Shrawley, Thomas, 46 

Sibley, Thomas, 52 

Sidenham, Richard, 54 

Signall, Thomas, 189, 190 

Silbye, Anne, 42 

Rafe, 42 

Silvester, Richard, 180, 181 

Simes, } John 47, 177 

Syms, ) 

Skitt, Guil, 33 

Skreetch, John, 33 

Slade, Moses, 62, 63 

Smart, , 14 

Smerdon, Anne, 37, 71 

Mary, 37 

Richard, 38 

Robert, 37, 38, 71 

Smith, I Ann, 9 

Smyth, f Edward, 178 

Elizabeth, 19 

John, 180, 181 

Josias, 53 

Martha, 25 



Smith, Mary, i6 

Emithens, Ann, 21 

Snell, Agnes, 20 

Somerscales, Henry 22 

Sommersly, Thomas, 43 

Sondon, Moore, 22 

Sone, Mary 59, 60 

Samuel, 60 

Songer, see Sanger. 

Soper, John, 58 

South, Thomas 18 

Sparrow, John, 53, 55 

Sprigg, Henry, 15 

Spurstow, William, 174, 176 

Squyre, William 49 

Staffe, Susan, 40 

Stake, Geo., 37 

Stallock, Henry, 47 

Stampe, Giles, 24 

Gyles, 25 

Mary, 24 

Richard 24 

Standen, 1 

Standon, \ John, 32, 177 

Staplehill, Richard, 32 

Stapleton, Richard, 47 

Staughton, , 182 

Stedam, Richard, 36 

Steele, William, 53, 55 

Steery, } Frances, 56 

Sterry, f Peter, 54, 55, 56 

Stevens, } John, 21, 27, 89, 90 

Stephens, ) Thomas, 27, 63 

Stidson, Rot, 37 

Stiflfe, Ann 82, 83 

Thomas 82, 83 

Stiles, Ezra 182, 1S3 

Stoker, Edward, 10, 11 

Stone, Robert, 63 

Strangcombe, Paschaw, 37 

Street, John, 5 

Stretton, Thomas, 24 

Strode, ) Richard, 13, 33 

Strowde, > 


Stukyn, Richard 49 

Sulfield, Henrie, 23 

Sumpter, Edmond, 68 

Edward, g 

Nicholas, 68 

Thomas, 61 

Sutton, Richard 13 

Swane, Ralph, 25 

Sweete, Hugh, 37 

Swift, Thomas, 13 

Syler, John, 14 

Symons, ) , 10 

Symonds, ) Jane, 31 

John, I, 31, 32 

Thomas, 36 

William, 8 

Syms, see Simes. 

Tape, Mary, 38 

Tapper, John, 38 

Taylor, [ Elizabeth, 83 

Tailor, i John, 89 

Margaret, 7 

Silvanus, 53 

Sylvanus, 55 

Walter, 83, 84 

Tamworth, John, 177 

Tetchburn, Richard, 178 

Thackam, William 8 

Thacher, [ Peter, 9, 10 

Thacker, ) 

Thatcher, Francis, 25 

Lucie, 14 

Lucy 14 

Richard 25 

Theobaldes, Tybballs als, John, . 50 

Tibbies, Roger, 46 

Tybballs, als Theobaldes, John, . 50 

Tidball, Samuel 33 

Tilgharan , 19 

Tilghman, William, 89 

Tobie, John, 21 

Tomkins, John, 45 

Richard, 45 




Toope, Thomas, i 

Toovey, Sarah, 21 

William 22 

Towne, Bradley als, Joane, 16 

Townsend, John, 18 

Tracye, Henry, 36 

Joane, 36 

Tamsyn, 37 

Thomas, 36, 37 

Walter, 36 

Treavor, , 54 

Treswell, Hugh, 22 

Tribe, William, 12 

Trist, ^ Joan, 37 

Tryste, >■ John, 37 

Trust, ) 

Trone, Samuel, 68, 69 

Trotman, Samuel, 179 

Trott, Thomas, 179 

Truman, Emma, 7 

Trumbull, , 183 

Trust, see Trist. 
Tryste, " . " 

Tubball, Samuel, 79 

Tucker, Alexander, 9 

Jane, 58 

John, 58 

Turgis, Mary, 10 

Thomas, 10 

Turner, Francis, 7 

Mihell, 7 

Thomas, 25 

Tybballs, see Tibbies. 

Tyler, John, 22 

William, 40 

Tyndall, John, 49 

Twitchell, Alice, 15 

Unckle, William, 11 

Underhall, Edward, 74 

Van Hargo, Daniel, 5, 6 

Vanlore, Peter, 72, 73 

Vartla, John, 40 

Vickres, Thomas, 9 

Vogwill, Jane, 39 

Wilmote, 39 

Voysey, John, 32 

Wade, Hugh, 32, 33 

Waker, see Walker. 

Waldens, Mary, . . . 51 

Walker, [ John 10, 17 

Waker, ) Ric, 10 

Thomas, 174, 176 

William, 56 

Wall, } Moses, 56 

Walls, \ William, 10 

Walleis, Francis, 6 

Walrond, Thomas, 53 

Walter, Joane, 10 

John, 10 

William, 10 

Ward, Dabridgecourt, 52 

George, 51, 52 

Johes, 53 

John, 51, 52 

Waringe, Robert, 16 

Warren, Isaac, 59 

Washer, Richard, 6 

Watersfeild, John, 10 

Mary, 10 

Robert, 10 

Waterworth, Stephen, 59 

Wattkins, Giles, 39 

Wattson, Alee, 8 

Wayte, W., 6, 40 

William, 6 

Weaver, Elizabeth, 11 

Walter, 11 

Web, ^ Francis, 8 

Webb, [■ Matthias, 9 

Webbe, ) Richard, 89, 90 

Sara, 2 

Weekes, Mary, 6 

Welden, Owen, 61 




Wellso, John, 46 

Weson, Ann, 20 

Westley, Robert, 48 

Weston, Isaac, 175 

Jone, 175 

Mary, 175 

Wetherall, see Witherell. 

Wetherheade, John, 6 

Wheatley, Robert, 49 

Wheeler, [ Ann, 25, 36 

Wheler, i Edmund, 25 

Joan, 25 

John, 68, 69 

Whills, John, 10 

White, \ Anne, 40 

Whit, [• Henry, 40 

Whitt, ) John, 15, 16 

Mary, 26 

Richard 16 

Stephen, 54, 55, 57 

Whitehand, Elizabeth, 62 

John, 62 

Whiteway, }_ Christopher, 30 

Whitewaye, i Hy., 30 

Whitfield, Phillip, 20 

Whitton, Robert, 27 

Wickens, Ann, 48 

Betty, 48 

John, 48 

Mary, 48 

Thomas, 48 

Wicker, John, 36 

Mary, 4 

Wifold, see Wyfold. 

Wilcocks, Robert, 72 

Wilkes, Raphe, 8 

Wilkins, John, 23 

Thomas, 45 

Williams, Richard, 10, 11 

Willikes, Raphe, 8 

Willis, William, 47 

Willmott, William 63, 64 

Wilton, , 16 


Winch, [ Cestion, 8 

Wynch, ) Jonas, 51 

Wing, I Peter, 63 

Winge, ) William, 20 

Wingfeild, John, 73 

Winter, Thomas, 173 

Winthrop, John, 180, 182 

Witherell, } Christopher, 11 

Wetherall, ') Joan, 11 

John, 6 

Wyegate, Edward, 177 

Wytnall, } als Eales, Elizabeth, . 21 
Witnall, ) Joane, .... 21 

Mary, 21 

Thomas, . . 21 

Willi, 28 

als Eles, Ann, 27 

Anne, 27 

Elizabeth, . 27 

Sara, 27 

Thomas, . . 27 

als Ellis, John, 20 

Levy, 20 

Margaret, . 20 
Margery, . . 20 

Wollaston, John, 54 

WoUer, Ann, 7 

Wood, Edward, 77 

James, 179 

Jonas 22 

Woodward, Thomas, 51 

Woolsey, Elizabeth, 21 

Richard, 21 

Woolston, Christopher, 16 

Wootton, see Wotton. 

Worman, John, 44 

Worth, Symon, . 20 

Wotters, Richard, 55, 57 

Wotton, } Christian, 31, 32 

Wootton, i Joane, 37 

Johane, 31 

Richard, i, 81 

William, 31, 32, 37 




Wray, William, 6i 

Wrench, Elizabeth, 7 

Wright, Francis, 8 

Wyatt, John, 11 

William, 10 

Wyfold, I Thomas, 83 

Wifold, ) William, 83 

Wynch, see Winch. 

Wynwood, Margaret, 11 

Wyse, John 61 

Wytnall, seeWitnall. 

Yate, PhilHpp, 14 

- see Eells. 


York, ^ Margarett, 11 

Yorcke, |- Richard, 11 

Yorke, ; Thomas, 48 

Younge, } Chr., 15 

Yong, i John, 66 

Richard, 15 

Thos., 176 


Tlie word in parenthesis is the maiden name and that in italics the 
married name of the female. 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Abbott, Paul, 171 

William E., 162, 167, 168, 

171, 172 

Addington, Isaac, 118 

Allen, \ Edward, 130 

Allin, ) Gidion, 129 

Richard, 98, loi 

Thomas, ... 98, 99, 100, loi 

Ailing, John, 125 

Andrews, Elon, 165 

Samuel, 121 

Thomas, 106 

Arnold, Elizabeth .5ai?i?wa«, 1 10 

Askew, Egeon, 174 

Bacon, Hannah Cande, . . . 164 

Baldwin, Ann, 131 

Caleb, 131 

Filenah, 131 

Freelove, 132 

Hiall, 131 

Jared, 131 

Joel, 131, 132 

Mercy, 131 

Peleg, 131, 133 

Phineas, 132 

Rebecca 131, 132 

1676 Rebecca (Wilkinson), 

119. 131 

Samuel, 131 

Susanna, 132 

Sybil 131 

Thadeus 131 

Theophilus, 155 

Timothy, 107, 136 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Barnard, , 182 

Barnot, David, 187 

Barrat, , 189 

Barrell, Lydia, 139 

Barstow, John, 144 

— — Lydia, 144 

Bates, Caleb, 115, 118 

Joseph, 115,118 

Bateman, Hannah ( ), 109 

John, 109, 1 10 

Joseph, 1 10 

Sarah North, Eells, 102, 109, 


William, no 

Baxter, Nicholas, 106 

Bayard, William, 170 

Beard, Anna Eells, 134 

John, 108 

Belcher, Jonathan, 139 

Bennett, James, 188 

Bishop, , 108 

James, 104 

Stephen, 124 

Blaygrove, Nathaniel, .... 113 

Blinde, Nan, 188 

Borland, John, 113 

Boylston, , 167 

Bramhall, George, 118, 119, 145 

Briggs, George, no 

Brinsmaid, Abigail Com- 

stock, 134 

Briscoe, , 106 

Samuel, 131 

Britton, , 181 

Browne, Rolph, 177 



Year of 

Bryan, Alexander, io6 

Jerusha Salter, 130 

Martha (Whiting), 119, 124, 

129, 130 
Richard, 106 

Samuel, 117, 120, 128, 129, 


Bryant, John, 139 

Lemuel, 142 

Bulkley, John, 139 

Patience, Lord Eells, . 153 

Bull, Benedict, 130 

Henry, 184, 185, 186 

Burr, John, 108 

Peter, 124 

Burrill, Samuel, 108 

Burwell, Deborah Eells, . . 

133. 134 

Deborah ( ), . . 133, 134 

Hannah ( ), 134 

John, 134 

Martha, 133 

Mary, 133, 134 

Samuel, 133, 134 

Sarah, 133 

Calamy, Edmd, 176 

Callender, John, 180, 182 

Camp, John, 129 

Nicholas, 103 

Campfield, Thomas, 105 

Cande, Augustus, 164, 165 

Hannah (Bacon), 164 

1786 Isaac, 165 

1749 John, 161, 164, 165 

John, Jr., 164 

1745-6 Mary (Eells), 165 

1789 Polly Andrews, 165 

Samuel, 164 

Theophilus, 164 

1783 William, 165 

Cater, Walter, 178 

Chandler, John, 109 

Year of 


Checkley, Samuel, 113 

Christophers, Richard, ... 124 
Church, Benjamin, .... 107, 108 

Clap, , 143 

Thomas, 140, 143 

Clark, \ 103 

Clarke, S Thomas, .... 136, 137 
Clotworthy, William, .... 178 

Coflfin, Ebenezer, 113 

Cole, Phillip, 98, 99 

Collamer, Peter, 139 

Collins, Abigail 129 

Daniel, 129 

Edward, 128, 129 

" 129 

John, 129 

Martha, 129 

( ). 129 

Nathaniel, 129 

Ruth, 131 

Samitel, 129 

Sybil Whiting, 128 

Comstock, Abigail Eells, . 134 
Abigail (Brinsmaid), . . 134 

Abijah, 134 

Hannah, 134 

Martha, 134 

Moses, 134 

Phebe, 134 

Sarah, 134 

Cook, Alice White, 155 

Cornill, Thomas, 184 

Cotton, , 181, 182 

■ Couch, Elizabeth, 143, 144 

Mary, 143 

Samuel, 107, 120, 143 

- Cowland, Ralph, 184 

- Crippeu, Edward, no, in 

- Cromwell, Oliver, 98 

- Cushing, , 146 

Ann, 151 

Anna ( ), 150 

Daniel, 1 15, 119 



Year of 

Gushing, Hannah, 152 

John, . . . .139, 146, 149, 152 

" Jr., 148 

Joseph, 144, 148 

" Jr., 146, 148, 149, 152 

Mary, 152 

" Jr., 152 

Mercy Eells, 153 

Nathaniel, 150 

1721 Damon, Anna Lenthall, 

(Eells), 149, 151 

Zachariah, Jr., ... . 149, 154 

Darrell, Mary (Goodwill) 

Helyer, 153 

Daye, William, 177 

Deane, , 154 

Samuel, 141 

Denband, Alfride, 177 

Downes, , 188 

Dudle}^, Thomas, 182 

— — Dummer, Jeremiah, 139 

Dyer, \ William, 186, 187 

Dyre, S 

Earle, Ralph, 107 

Eayres, Thomas, 190 

Ebblewhite, E. A., 174 

Edwards, Daniel, 166 

Eells, Abiah, 151 

Abigail (Comstock), . . 134 

1713-14 Allice (White), ...157, 158, 

159, 161 
1696 Anna Wilder, 117, 137, 138 

" (lyenthall), 109 

1 72 1 " 'Li^n'thaXi Damon, 

148, 150, 154 

1782 Clarissa, 168 

1751 Daniel, 161 

1757 " 157, 15S, 162, 166, 168, 

169, 170, 171 

1797 " 172 

1799 " 172 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Eells, Deborah (Burwell), . 134 

Edward, 153, 158, 162 

1712-13 " 141, 148, 149, 150, 

151, 152, 153 

Elizabeth, 144 

1693 " Stowell, . . .117, 

137, 138 

1699 Esther, 133 

1665 " (Oviatt), 128 

1790 Fanny Johnson, 171 

Frances, 144 

1694 " 117, 137, 138 

1669 " ' (Oviatt), .116, 117, 

135, 136, 137, 

Hannah 151 

1714 " 153 

" (North), 117, 119, 

143, 145, 146, 147, 
148, 149, 150, 152 

" North, 151 

1789 Horace, 168 

1778 YL^A^i^\l Richardson,. . 167 
1750-51 " (White), 167 

John, ....95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 

100, loi, 102 

" Jr., 97, 98, 102 

16 — " iig, 120, 135, 136, 

137, 138 

1665 " 119 

1703 " 127, 132, 133, 134 

1708-9 " 148, 150, 151, 153 

1794 Ivucretia, 172 

1743 M.dir'CixQ, Spencer, ..161, 162 

1761 " (Hamlin), .170, 171 

1712 " (Stow), 154 

" (Whiting) ^rjaw, 

117, 124, 128, 129, 
130, 131, 155 

1670 Mary, 119 

1716 " Williams, 148, 150, 154 

1745-6 " Cande, 157, 158, 

161, 164 



Year of 

1801 Eells, Mary Miller, 172 

1792 Nancy Simmons, 171 

1677 Nathaniel, 102, 117, 119, 

120, 137, 138, 139, 
140, 141, 142, I43> 
144, 145, 146, 147, 

148, 149, 150, 152 

1705 " 127, 132, 133. 134, 

154, 155, 156, 157, 

158, 159, 161 
1710-11 " 140, 148, 149, 150, 

151, 152, 153 
1748 " 157, 158, 159, 161, 

166, 167, 169 

1776 " 167 

1718 North, . .148, 149, 150, 151, 

152, 154 

i68o Patience, 120 

1787 Fatty Addoll, 171 

1676 Rebecca (Wilkinson) 

Baldwin, 131 

1779 Richard, 167 

1672 Robert, 120 

1675 " 120 

1785 " 171 

" Lenthall, 150 

1640 Samuel, 95, 102, 103, 104, 

105, 106, 107, 108, 
109, no. III, 112, 
113, 114, 115, 116, 
117, 118, 119, 120, 

128, 138, 144, 145, 

173, 185, 190 
1664 " 119 

1666 " 116, 117, Ilg, 120, 

121, 122, 123, 124, 
125, 126, 127, 128, 

129, 130, 131, 132, 
133. 144, 154, 155 

1698 " 127, 132, 133, 134 

1706-7 " 148, 150, 151, 153 

1705 Sarah Turner, .... 150, 152 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Eells, Sarah (Bateman), 

North, no, in, 115, 

116, 117, 118, 119, 

138, 145, 146 

1785 Susanna Loss, 168 

1783 Sylvester, 168 

1754 Theodosia, . . .157, 158, 162 
1783 William 171 

" Witherell, . . .150 

Elton, Romeo 182 

Emmott, Byran, 173 

Ewre, Edward, 179 

Francis, 179 

Fearing, John, 118 

Fisk, Bezaleel, 159, 161 

Fleetwood, William 176 

Ford, Edward, 178 

John, 178 

Thomas, 177, 178 

Foster, Hatherly, 140 

Fountaine, Thomas, 179 

Fowler, John, 134 

Susannah, 134 

" (Burwell), ..134 

Fox, , 1 20 

Mary, 1 20 

Franklin, Benjamin, 143 

Gardiner, John, 175, 177 

Garnsey, Joseph, 122 

Gay, Ebenezer, 137 

Gilburne, Henry, 179 

Gillets, Jonathan, 96 

Godfrey, John, 179 

Gold, Daniel, 185 

Jeremiah, 186 

Jeremy, 185 

John, 185 

Goldston, Richard, 188 

Goodrich, Emily Langdon 

Eells, 172 



Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Goodwill, Mary Helyer 

Darrell, 153 

Goodwin, , 124 

Grace, Thomas, 173 

Gregson, Phebe Whiting, . .124 

Grenwaye, , 96 

Grey, Robert, 178 

Grove, Lewis, 98, 99 

Growe, Lewes, 99 

Hall, , 134 

Mary Moss Eells, '.168 

Nathaniel, 118 

Samuel, 170 

Hamlin, John, 124 

Lucretia fRauney), . ... 169 

1761 Eells, 162, 169 

Nathaniel, 169 

Hampden. John, 174, 175 

Harrison, Samuel, 123 

Hatch, Ebenezer, 150 

Rebecca Kilborn^^//5, 171 

Sarah ( ), 150 

Haughton, Robert, 1 1 1 

Hawes, , 1S8 

Hawkins, , 97 

Helyer Mary (Goodwill) 

Darrell Eells, 153 

Henchman, Joseph, . . . 137, 144 

Hewit, ] ■ •, Ill 

Huett, S Thomas, in 

Hill, , 95, 96, 97 

Hobart, Israel, 139 

Nathaniel, 137 

Holman, Via.che\ Batentan, no 

Horseman, Abraham, 177 

Hosmer, Stephen, 139 

How, Joseph, no 

Hubbard, , 180 

Huett, see Hewit. 

Hutchinson, , 181 

lies, John, 95 

Irons, John 106 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Jacob, ) Joseph, 146 

Jacobs, ) Joshua, .146, 149, 152 

Jewet, Nehemiah, 1x3 

Johnson, , .... 96, 97, 98 

Ebenezer, 123 

Samuel E 171 

Jones, \ , 108, 151 

Joanes, S Isaac, no 

Mary Bateman, no 

William, 179 

Keayne, Robert, 182 

King, , 139 

Kirby, EHsha, 163 

— — Giles, 163 

Kitely, , 188 

Andrew, 188 

Knowles, Huldah White, . . 166 

Lake, Arthur, 178 

Lane, Edward, 174 

Langdon, Edward, .98, 100, loi 

Langworthy, Richard, 177 

Laughton, , .... 188, 190 

Thomas, .185, 186, 187, 190 

Law, Jonathan, 106 

Lawson, Roger, 113 

Lazell, Stephen, 137 

Leavitt, Josiah, 112 

Lechford, Thomas, 98, 180, 182, 


Lechlade, William, 177 

Lenthall, ^Adrian, ..175, 177 

Leynthall, ) Adryau, 188 

Anna Eells, 102, 103 

Anne, 186, 190 

Cicely ( ), 187 

Edmond, 178 

Elizabeth, 173 

Jane, 174, 177 

John 177, 178, 179 

Margaret ( ), 188, 190 



Year of 

Lenthall, Marrian, .... 189, 190 

Nan, 189, 190 

Richard, 177 

Robert, .173, 174, 175, 176, 

179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 

184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 


Sarah, 175, 176, 177 

Susanna, 175, 176 

Thomas, 177, 179 

William, 177, 178 

Leonard, Fanny Eells, .... 165 

Lincoln, Benjamin, 114,115,118 

Jeremiah, 118 

Samuel, 114, 115 

I/ipscomb, George, 173 

lyobdell, Ebenezer, 134 

Joshua, 134 

" Jr-. 134 

Mary, 134 

Samuel, 134 

Susannah, 134 

Lord, Patience (Bulkley), . 153 

Loss, Moses, 168 

Ludlow, , 96, 97 

Lynde, Benjamin, 113 



Mansfield, Moses, 108 

Marke, John, 98, 100, loi 

Marshal, \ ,....103, 130 

Marshall, S Steph, 176 

Martyn, Henry, 178 

Mather, , 97 

Mayo, John 114 

Merwin, Milles, 136 

Middleton, Mary, 178 

Symon, 17S 

Miles, Catharine, 132 

Stephen, 134 

Miller, Edwin, 172 

Minot, George, 96 

Mitchell, Jonathan, 129 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Mordaunt, Charles, 178 

Morgan, Joseph, Jr., 164 

Titus, 164 

Mould, Esther Stow, 154 

Munson, Tho., 108 

Nash, Robert, 187 

Nettleton, Samuel, 120 

New Comen, Matthew, ... 176 

Newell, William, 129 

Newton, Asenath Eells, . . 168 

Roger, 123, 132 

Samuel, 120 

Nicholson, , 185 

North, Edward, 109, no, 

"3. 145 

Hannah Eells, .... 120, 145 

Paul, 145 

Sarah (Bateman)^^//.s, 102, 

109, no. III, 113, 145 

Noyes, James, 109 

Oglethorpe, John 177 

Oviatt, Esther, iig, 128 

1669 Frances Eells, .... 119, 135 

Frances ( ), . . . 128, 135 

Thomas, ........ 128, 135 

Palmer, Bezaleel, 150 

Sarah (Eells) 150 

Parkeman, Elias, 96 

Patten, Nathaniel, 97 

Peck, Joseph, 120 

Penrice, John, 179 

Perit, ) Peter, 133, 155 

Perritt, ) 

Perry, ] Ann, 107 

Perrey, ) William, 140 

Phillips, John, Jr., 113 

Pickering, ) , 188 

Pickeringe, \ John, . . . .176, 177 

Pitkin, Elizabeth (Whiting), 125 

Martha Eells 153 



Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Pitkin, Nathaniel, 124, 125 

Ozias, 1 24 

William, 124 

Pond, Nathan, G., 128 

Nathan, G., Mrs., 129 

Peter, 133 

Powning, , 130 

Daniel 130 

Prince, John, no 

Pritchard, Joseph 130 

Putnam, John 174 

Quincy, Edmund, 139 

Randall, Job, 139 

Ranney, } Jeremiah, 156 

Rany, ) Lucretia Hamlin, 


Nathaniel, 155 

Rauenscraft, , 185 

Richardson, , 167 

Riley, Nathaniel, 155 

Rogers, , 182 

Rouse, William, 113 

Ruggles, John, 149, 152 

Russell, — ; 107 

Sage, Samuel, 166 

Salter, , 130 

Mary, 130 

William, 130 

Samford, Samuel 135 

Sanderson, John, 173 

Sanford, Thomas, 103 

Savage, Ebenezer, 156 

■ James, 182 

John 156 

Nancy Eells, 171 

Shepard, Jared, 168, 169 

- — - John, 155 

Sherman, Daniel, 108 

Shippen, Edward, 106 

Signall, Thomas, 189, 190 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Silvester, Mary, 144 

Richard, 180, 181 

Zebulon, 144 

Simmons, Tillinghast, 171 

Smith, \ Edward, 178 

Smyth, S Elizabeth, 131 

John, 1 10, 180, iSi 

Rebecca Wilkinson, . . . 131 

1779 Spencer, Betsey Kirby, . . . .163 

Elizabeth (Taylor), 162 

1774 Hannah Stoiv, 163 

John, 162 

1777 Lucy, 163 

1782 ' ' Kirby, 163 

1772 Martha Williams, 163 

1743 " (Eells), ...158, 163 

1784 Mary Morgan, 164 

1787 Sally Morgan, 164 

1744 Samuel,. .158, 161, 162, 163 

Spurstow, William, ...174, 176 

Standen, John, 177 

Staniford, John, 144, 145 

Staughton, , 182 

Stetson, , 139 

Stiles, Ezra, 182, 183 

Stockbridge, Samuel, 146 

Stow, Esther (Mould), 154 

Freelove (Baldwin), .... 131 

1712 Martha Eells, 134, 154 

Samuel, 154 

Stephen, 127, 155 

Zebulon, Jr. , 163 

Stowell, John, 138 

Stream, , 103 

Syms, John, 177 

Talcott, John 128 

Matthew, 168, 169 

Tamwoth, John, 177 

Taylor, Elizabeth Spencer, . 162 

Terrill, — , 106 

Tetchburn, Richard, 178 

Thaxter, Samuel, 115, 119 



Year of 
Birth. Page 

Tilden, Ruth Eells, 154 

Torrey, Caleb, 137, 144 

James 139, 140 

Treat, Edmund, 131 

Jane, 131 

Robert, 131 

Trotman, Samuel, 179 

Trott, Thomas, 179 

Trumbull, , 183 

Turner, Benjamin 152 

Charles, 146 

David, 143 

" Jr., 149 

Elisha, 144 

Joseph, 139 

Joshua, 144 

1705 Sarah (Eells), 148, 151 

Vetch, Samuel, 113 

Wadsworth, James, . . .168, 169 

Walker, Thomas, 174, 176 

Waterman, Abiah Eells, ... 153 

Welch, Thomas, 103 

Weston, Isaac, 175 

Jone, 175 

Mary, 175 

White, Alice (Cook), 155 

1713 Allice Eells, 134, 155 

Daniel, 155 

Hugh, 167 

1750-51 Hiildah Eells, . . . .161, 166 

" (Knowles), . . . . 166 

Moses, 158, 166 

— • Susan Eells, 167 

Whitefield, George, 141 

Year of 
Birth. Page. 

Whiting, , 1 25 

Elizabeth Pitkin, 124 

John, ... .124, 125, 12S, 129 

" Jr 129 

Martha Bryan Eells, . 

119, 124, 128 

Phebe (Gregson), 124 

Sybil, 129 

" (Collins), 129 

William, 129 

Whittlesey, Samuel, . .121, 127 

Wilcox, \ Daniel, ....158, 161 

Willcox, i" " H., 156 

Ozias, 161 

Samuel, 155 

Wilder, Thomas, 138 

Wilkinson, Edward, ..131, 135 

1676 Rebecca Baldivin, 

Eells, 119, 131 

" (Smith), 131 

Williams, Benjamin, 165 

Jehiel, Jr., 163 

John, 170 

Linus, H., Mrs., 156 

1716 Mary (Eells), 149, 151 

Seth, 154 

" Jr-, 149 

Witherell, Hannah Eells, . . 153 

Winter, Thomas, 173 

Winthrop, John, 180, 182 

Wood, James, 179 

Woods, Richard, iii 

Wyegate, Edward, 177 

Young, Thos., 176 


. : illlll Iflillllfii 

..,-^4- ^M ..^3ut ^M' 

^,:^r^* <^..^^ 



!! I