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Full text of "Elchanite (Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.), 1969"

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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Cr^^^jC^, ' 


^ <- 

Published hy the 
Yeshiva Llni\'ers 

Brooklyn, Nt 


School spirit is a grossly overused term, but 

to ignore the enthusiastic loyalty and fierce sense of pride its stu- 






to symboliz'nhis spirit, lb attend til a is quite 'an experien ce, for BTA quiikly^nd ' 



of everyone who ever walked its halls or climbed its stairs. At BTA learning 

than in logarithm tables. Others discover high school bowling or student government to be 

their bag. But all 376 






cut and dried digestion 
of facts and formulae. It is from the students 
therefore that the vivacity, vigor, and enthusi- 
asm which is associated with the word BTA, 
stems. Some have tried to attribute the singular 
BTA attitude to the externalities of a building 
and a location, but our move to different sur- 
roundings has scarcely put a damper on the 
high spirit of BTA. Backyard basketball remains 
supreme, and a respectful irreverence towards 
teachers and learning continues to be BTA's 
trademark. The school retains its liveliness and 
diversity because its students have remained 
lively and diverse individuals. The essence of 
BTA lies not in its halls or walls but rather in its 
students. Fittingly this book is dedicated to them. 

thing extra in the school day outside of the 

The name Brooklyn 
Talmudical Academy also conveys a spirit of 
Torah and Yiddishkeit which has pervaded our 
four year stay there. Basically, our school is a 
Talmudical Academy, a Torah institution which 
tries to impart an intense love and devotion for 
Torah and Mitzvot to its bochurim. They, with all 
their apparent irreverence and disregard for 
traditionalism, do have ingrained in them a deep 
and lasting commitment to Torah scholarship and 
Halachic Judaism. Integrally a part of the BTA 
spirit is the ruach of Torah. 








In the morning sun the pool reflects the morning light. 
Brilliant flashes spearing whiteness, softly yet, soft. 
And the ripples will recover from their sleepy night, 
Emanating from the center here, centered off. 

Sun is rising, light becoming wider in the pool. 
Rapid flashes brassy whiteness, not so soft still. 
Ripples spreading outward faster round a central spool, 
And the first reflection is distorted by the hill. 

Noonday sun is blazing on the pool below the tree, 
Torrid flashes burning whiteness, glaring now, harsh. 
Ripples flowing like the waves upon the stormy sea. 
Reflections of reflections glaze the surface of the marsh. 

High is sun, already sinking toward the western sky. 
Warmly flashes purest whiteness, not so harsh, still. 
Ripples fast already slowing dazzling to the eye, 
Last reflection mirror image double of the hill. 

Low is sun, and reddened greatly in the western sky, 
Coolly glowing blended whiteness, soft again, soft. 
Colored ripples intertwining slowly with a sigh. 
Image of the dying sun reflection now is lost. 

Down is sun, but in the west, the color lingers still. 
Softest pink and purple orange shade upon the white. 
And each ripple is embodied with a diR"erent hue. 
But their motion has been ended by the coming night. 

And when sun below horizon 
Sinks before the night. 
Men fear loss of proud reflection, 
Fear the loss of light. 

But if faintest tint or hue 
Will linger in the west, 
Mankind knows their hope eternal, 
And their souls at rest. 

Martin Schijfmiller 






Dr. Samuel Belkin 



Mr. Samuel Levine 
Executive Director YUHS 

Rabbi Dr. Abraham N. Zuroff 
Principal, Supervisor YUHS 

Mr. Charles Bendheim 
Chairman of the Board. YUHS 



Mr. Joseph Strum 
Adminislralive Assistant 
Guidance Counselor 

Rabbi Abraham Besdin 

6 m 

Rabbi Herbert Bomzer 

Rabbi Solomon Drillman 

Rabbi Joseph Epstein 

Rabbi Wolf Durchin 

Rabbi Samuel Faivushevitz 

Rabbi Arveh Lerman 

Rabbi Samuel Fink 

Rabbi Zelo Schussheim 

Rabbi Israel Schepansky 

Rabbi Max Schreier 

Rabbi Zvi Steinfeld 

Rabbi Samuel Shmidman 

Mr. Stanley Greenblun 

Mr. Morris Septimus 

Mr. Martin Bennett 


Headed by Rabbi Louis Cooper, the Math Department 
has a large and avid following among BTA students. Its 
efficiency is apparent in the excellent results achieved by 
students on math Regents Exams. During our Junior 
year the department expanded to include advance 

algebra for juniors and calculus for seniors with 
special interest in higher mathematics. For other 

seniors who wish to elect a fourth year of math there 

is a two term program of advanced algebra and 

placement courses of intermediate and advanced 

Mr. Albert Tarendash 

Mr. Burton Zuckerm; 

Mr. Albert Berkowilz 

Mr. Abraham Perkel 


Although only two years of science are required in 
YUHSB, most students go on voluntarily to study 
chemistry and physics as upperclassmen. This is because of 
the great interest in science acquired during the freshman 
and sophomore years, and also because pf the cordial 

corpulence of the physical science faculty. New syllabi, 
new Regents, and new laboratories combined to make our 
scientific experiences at BTA exciting and rewarding. A 
large number of graduates will major in the sciences next 

The English Department of YUHSB offers a truly mixed 

bag of education in the humanities to the student body. 

Ranging from Shakespearian actors to buffs on Greek 
and Roman mythology, the English faculty is composed 

of diverse and creative individuals seeking the broadening 


of our cultural horizons. Chaired by Mr. Joseph Strum, 
the English department seeks to keep pace with the times 
by proferring the blessings of language and literature to a 

"math and science" minded student body. 

Mr. Murray Rosenthal 

Mr. Arthur Arluck 

Social Studies 

Napoleon said, "'What is history but a fable agreed upon?" 
but the social sciences department of YUHSB tries to 
help the discriminating student discern fact from fiction, 
gospel from fable. Not without its characters, the 
department features old BTA grads, self-styled Q.B.'s, 

and a Drivers Ed teacher. The elective syste 

last year featuring Political Science and A. P. History, 

was continued successfully under the able management of 

Chairman Isidore Rosenman and Mr. Lowell Sanders. 

Rabbi Yaacov Darda 

Foreign Languages 

The Tower of Babel was probably the first site of foreign 
language instruction. Though the results there were far 
from satisfactory, with improved teaching methods and 
sincere, patient attitudes, the foreign language department 
of YUHSB has sought to lessen the confusion. A full 

three years of Hebrew is required, and the Hebrew faculty 
has the capacity to impart the knowledge of Hebrew in a 
significant and meaningful way. French, a two year course 
presented by Mr. Maurice Marshal, has become an 

exciting and sought-after course. 

Mr, Harry Allan 


Two years of art, music, and physical education are 
required in YUHSB. These subjects were, for most 

drawing, by Mr. Allan, an accomplished artist himself. 
In music, Messrs. Lessel and Leibowitz attempted to teach 

students, enjoyable, stimulating, and a welcome change-of- both the basics of musical theory as well as history. 

pace from the regular academic subjects. Art included 
instruction in sketching, design elements, and mechanical 

Mr. Korn's phys. ed. class consisted primarily of 
training in basketball and exercise techniques. 



Martin Schiffmiller 

Letters of Commendation 

Larry Bernstein 
Steven Brill 
Martin Ehrenherg 
Bernard Freundel 
Steven Fries 

Sander Glalt 
Stanley Goldin 
Irwin Hollander 
Martin Incites 
Richard Polirer 

Samuel Sajran 
Harold Schechter 
Stanley Schleifer 
Phillip Waldoks 
Richard Zelenetz 

Joel Baum 
Larrv Bernstein 
Norman Bodenstein 
Solomon Borg 
Leonard Borger 
Ben Brand 
Joshua Braun 
Elliot Brick 
Steven Brill 
Jejf Bronheim 
Steven Dym , 
Martin Ehrenberg 
Robert Fluhr 
Bernard Freundel 
Steven Fries 
Joel Fruchler 


Martin Schiffmiller 
Samuel Safran 

. . Martin Schiffmiller 

Richard Zelenetz 
• , Winners 

Jack Fuhrer 
Sander Glalt 
Bernard Goldblalt 

Stanley Goldin , 

X Bert Goltesman 

Ira Hartman 
David Hollander 
Irwin Hollander 
Murray Jonas 
Mory Korenblil 
Marcus Kurtz 
Steven Mermelstein 
Martin Nolles 
Richard Polirer 
Tevey Ratz 
Naftali Reich 

Neal Ringel 
Chaim Rosen 
Howard Rosenblum 
Alan Rothberger 
Ira Rudowsky 
Samuel Saffan 
Harold Schechter 
Martin Schiffmiller 
Stanley Schleifer 
Ira Silverstein 
Saul Singer 
Charles Snow 
Moshe Steiner 
Phillip Waldoks 
Matthew Weinstock 
Richard Zelenetz 

David Z. 


Benjamin Gamss 
Joel Hirsch 
Leonard Hirsh 
Gary Turk 


mark balban 
The slugging outfielder-captain of our 
Softball team, Mark majored in friendli- 
ness during his stay here. Never without 
his comb, he could usually be found dis- 
pensing varied witticisms. He will take his 
geniality and hairstyle to B.C. next fall. 

joel baum 

Joel, the original skeptic, punctured 
many a dream with his clear and incisive 
logic. Captain of the Tennis Team, he 
traded his racket in for a pair of skis in 
wintertime, as he led numerous gallants 
in the conquest of the snowy peaks. Next 
year Joel will climb up to Y.U. 

murray bein 

Bein Murray, our Hebrew expert from 
Flatbush, quickly formed a lasting com- 
panionship with Willy and "SMOOZED" 
through Gemara for a while. A warm and 
generous member of our Herbie league, 
he will venture Uptown next fall. 

herman bistricer 
Zvi, known throughout BTA for his 
warm personality, is one of the elite of the 
DIB society at YUHSB. After con- 
tributing academically and physically to 
the Yeshiva Library and as Co-Captain 
of the Soccer team, Zvi will use his ex- 
perience in majoring in success Uptown. 

larry bernstein 

Possessor of an astronomical average, 
Larry found time to terrorize Tully in the 
halls. Though Larry's joviality endeared 
him to many of his mentors, his ready 
smile proved to be a handicap in Moe's 
class. Elchy Co-Editor, Topics Bus. Mgr. 
and J.V. star, Larry's multifarious tal- 
ents should map a successful stay in 
Columbia where he will major in Chem. 

robert blashka 
The class shutterbug, Bob's photos 
often found their way into the Topics. 
When not taking pictures, he gave out 
admits and played varsity softball. The 
Elchy Photo-editor will forge on at 
Baruch where he'll major in Business 

norman bodenstein 
Genuine military historians are a rare 
breed and Norman is no exception. De- 
fender of the political Right, Norman 
marched his way into the hearts of all 
his mentors. Co-head of the Library and 
Captain of the Math Team, Norman 
will plan military strategy at Brooklyn 
Poly Honors next term. 

Solomon borg 
If you ever wanted to get anything 
done Sol was there. Editing the Yugar as 
well as the Topics and Elchanite, Sol 
was a very busy guy. Though he never 
found a way to make it to first period, 
thereby endearing him to Rabbi Y, Sol 
will try to make it to Brooklyn next fall. 

leonard borger 
Len, our bibliophile from Brighton 
Yeshiva, sparkled his B.T.A. career with 
caricatures of many rebs. His artistic 
abilities earned him positions on school 
publications, while his pursuit of rare 
mysteries produced his rapport with Mr. 
B. Hoping to major in English, Len will 
sketch at Brooklyn next year. 


ben brand 
Ben reached the pinnacle of power in 
his senior year. Captain of the most suc- 
cessful Yuspeaks, Joe Cool, in the tradi- 
tion of other illustrious personages, was 
elected 8th term G.O. Vice President. BC, 
where he will major in the sciences, will 
become Ben's next steppingstone towards 
international glory and power. 

gary brand 
Gary, one of Cooper's finest, indulged 
in the luxuries of Driver's Education as 
well as Karate. An early member of the 
Paniks and, of late, the 1910 Greenspan 
Company, our fashion pace-setter enter- 
tained many at Chagigot. Computer Pro- 
gramming bill be Gary's major interest 
next fall. 


Joshua braun 
In his Junior year Josh had the dis- 
tinction of being the only Elchy Business 
Manager to collect dues regularly. Josh 
was the 69th student in a row who, when 
polled by Elchy editors, responded by 
naming French as his least favorite sub- 
ject. BTA's Joe Namath will engineer 
his way into a career in Brooklyn. 

elliot brick 
Elliot served on the rejuvenated Stu- 
dent Court and as Arista Prez after three 
terms as Bob's "trained seal". A leader 
of the Glee Club, Elliot also instituted 
the Two-oh-Two Torah Chorus. Yeshiva 
U. will provide Elliot with intellectual 
as well as musical fulfillment next fall. 

Steven brill 
A Club two-oh-two man for three 
terms, Steven had plenty of time to 
sharpen his already acute math mind. 
Steven, who surprised everyone with his 
phenomenal Board scores, will leave his 
powerful position of Arista Secretary- 
Treasurer to major in math at Columbia 
next fall. 

Jeff bronheim 
Jeff kept up with the styles and even 
managed to graduate during his stay 
here. A four year Aquaman and one 
year Maxman, he will continue his ex- 
traordinary antics in Dixie, where he 
will attend the University of Miami. 

jeflF bronner 
Jeff, a former G.O. member, survived 
two consecutive years of Rock consisting 
of lessons in Gemorah and forty winks 
of Chumash. The knowledge he procured 
in YUHSB will someday come in handy 
in Brooklyn where Jeff will major in 

harold brooks 
Heshy found his niche in the fix-it 
world of the Audio-Visual Squad and 
the technical work of the physics lab. A 
learner of 203 and centerfielder for the 
Yuballs, Hesh will travel to the Junction 
majoring in pre-engineering. 

sam davies 
Sam could be found tapping away at 
the drums or scribbling French home- 
work. A drummer par excellence and 
Aquamen Manager, he livened up many 
a Shiur as he brought around the cut 
sheet. Sam will bring his sense of humor 
and his karate to CUNY next year. 

Steven dym 
One of Looie's beautiful people, Steve 
didn't quite manage to endear himself to 
either Zuck or Moe. Head of the YOC 
and Hakol advisor, Gunga will continue 
warming the hearts of mentors Uptown, 
majoring in physics and math. 

howard finkelstein 
Fink, the hairy Chagiga go-go dancer, 
survived a year as keeper of Shmid's 
penalty box. Michel's vast storehouse of 
knowledge enabled him to star in intra- 
mural H.S. Bowl and finally land the 
post of School H.S.B. Manager. One of 
YAT's disciples, hell star in poli-sci in 
Y.U. next fall. 

martin ehrenberg 
Marty, as "Duke," earned his degree 
in endurance with two years apiece of 
Looie and Rocky. A genuinely funny kid, 
Marty livened many a class with his zany 
remarks. Yeshiva University should pro- 
vide Marty with an outlet for his mathe- 
matical capacities. 

1 . _i 

robert fluhr 
Bobby, captain of the successful 
Yusocks and the track team and an art 
editor of the '69 Elchanite, contributed 
his early years in BTA to the Hebrew 
Library. Chagigot would never have been 
the same if not for the adornment of the 
stage by Bobby, who will follow up Mr. 
Berkowitz's inspiration to be a bio- 
chemistry major in Brooklyn or Hebrew 
U. next year. 


Steven iiic:. 
One of the golden throated, Steve 
headed the Glee Club and heckled Zelo. 
The nemesis of the double M of trois 
cent sept, Steve earned a place in the 
inner sanctum after his famous Central 
soujourn. Steve will travel to the junction 
to study Pre-med. 

bernard freundel 
Barry was known for his distinctive 
dress. An ardent member of the mid-day 
mayhem of football, he often found time 
to roam past the double doors. He will 
take his warm humor up to Y.U. next 
year, and you can count on it. 

It maht be titsfooma, but ah don't see the OU. 

You're a better man than I am, Gunga Dym. 

joel fruchter 
Joel's sharp wit was used with discre- 
tion to everyone's pleasure. A member of 
the Hebrew H.S. Bowl team and full- 
back of the Y.A. gridiron, he displayed 
his historical aptitude in APSS. Joel will 
leave these hallowed halls from Y.U. in 
the coming year, to continue his studies 
in the social sciences. 

jack fuhrer 
Mathematician and backyard hoopster, 
Jackie captained the Varsity Math Team 
while Wally, his alter-ego, hit baskets and 
bowled strikes as a member of the Ken- 
more Keglers. With his fabulous math 
boards to reassure him. Jack will brave 
the rigors of Engineering courses next 

benjamin gamss 
A serene good-cheer and a calm sense 
of humor characterized Benny's stay in 
BTA. The former library head and 
pushka pusher of Toras Ernes will for- 
mulate his way into a career in chemistry 
at Brooklyn college in September. 

sandy glatt 
Sandy, despite his frequent and mys- 
terious absences, actually understood 
Looie for three years. One of the few to 
escape the "special" sanitation classes, 
Sandy spent his free time shooting bas- 
kets and attacking Tully. He will go on 
to engineering at Columbia next fall. 

bernard goldblatt 
Bernie's affinity for Talmud was not 
diminished by his virtuosity on the 
guitar. Excelling in backyard basketball, 
his athletic prowess was also evident in 
slow-motion football. He hopes to con- 
tinue his religious studies at Amsterdam 
Ave.'s own Y.U. 

Stanley goldin 
Stan, a commuter on the LIRR, came 
from HANC in his sophomore year, in- 
stantly finding BTA to his liking and vice 
versa. Popular and friendly, he was one 
of the first to win a G.O. election from 
the class of '69 as he garnered the De- 
bating Managerial post. A 202 Club 
member, Stan will sing in RIETS instead 
of the second floor as he majors in Psych. 

Joseph goldstein 
A graduate of Flatbush elementary, 
Joe quickly rose to prominence as a 
highly successful basketball photogra- 
pher, a quality which earned him the 
position of Photography Editor of the '69 
Elchanite. Joe, a favorite of Rabbi Fink, 
plans to attend YU next fall, where he 
hopes to major in pre-law. 

nbert gottesman 
When Bert leaves here to 
major in Psychometrics at 
— Brooklyn, he will not be soon 

forgotten. In a class by him- 
self in "Talmudic Oration" he 
also coached track competition, 
practicing the high jump from 
Maxie's window. He showed mus- 
cle on the library squad, later 
channeling this energy to baseball 

ira hartman 
The "little old tea maker" for the 
Rock, Ira managed to sweeten his Reb's 
beverage. A staunch Bnei-Akivanik and 
part time hockey player, Ira will con- 
tinue washing bottles in the new Belfer 
Science Center where he will pursue 
chemistry and physics. 

Joel hirsch 
Contrary to popular opinion, Joel did 
attend BTA and managed, despite his 
brief presence, to captain the Softball 
Team, edit the Topics sports, warm the 
bench for Normie and make life a little 
difficult for Rocky. Joel will major in bio- 
chemistry when he travels to the Junction 
next fall. 

leonard hirsh 
Lenny, avowed friend of R. Durchin and 
champion of Elchanite monies, was 
characterized by unstinting cooperation 
and good fellowship. A vociferous liberal, 
Lenny will bring his talents and person- 
ality to Y.U.'s history department which 
will train him in the science of politics. 

david hollander 
Dave kept his cool for four years in 
BTA despite administration pressure. 
Head Aquaman and refugee from Rock, 
Dave's logical mind enabled him to win 
many an argument, both formal and oth- 
erwise. Majoring in physics at Brooklyn 
will occupy much of Dave's time next 

mory korenblit 
"Varsity" spent his T.A. career on the 
basketball court. Finally making his 
mark as a utility man in soccer, Mory 
showed academic prowess by constantly 
amazing rebs with his Talmudic skills. 
An advanced history student, he will 
probably major in the same at CUNY 
next fall. 

marcus kurtz 
Marcus, whose hasmadah brought him 
confidante status with Rebbe, equally 
excelled in secular studies. Veteran Var- 
sity debater, YOC head, and ping-pong 
intramuralist, Marcus will go on to pre- 
medat Y.U. 

david lerner 
With an inborn sense of school spirit, 
Dave led many a cheer at Yugar games 
for the team he loved and managed. Head 
and star of the Chagiga and Elchy Busi- 
ness Manager, Dave will miss trading 
barbs with the Rock as he attends BC 
majoring in pre-med. 

emery leventhal 
Em starred as a guitarist of a Chagiga 
band, the Filbin. A "rowdy" of the 
M.M.S. Society, he came into perfect 
harmony with Mr. Tarendash in physics. 
He will attend Pratt Institute next fall 
and major in architecture. 

Well, you see Mrs. Rosenman, there was this piece of 
chewing gum . . . 

Charles levner 
Chuck led the 7th term G.O. and the 
Yugars to their best performance in 
years. President Charles' dealings with 
the tall Rabbi and Captain Chuck's hand- 
lings with the short coach should enable 
him to major in psychology, which hap- 
pens to be his intended interest. Good- 
shooting Chucky will bring his good- 
looks with him Uptown. 


irwin hollander 
Irwin, a Belle Harbor import, kept 
things moving in all classes with his 
penetrating questions. Head of Pur- 
chasing for two years, Irwin single- 
handedly cultured the senior class with 
his Broadway discount tickets. One of 
Zuck's best disciples, Irwin will be tak- 
ing his chem at Poly next year. 

jay Horowitz 
Jay became the whiz of "Garbage" by 
singlehandedly answering Herbie's "Final 
Questions". So great was his affinity for 
Torah that he overcame all difficulties 
to become a one man Max class. He will 
continue his learning while majoring in 
Math at Brooklyn College. 

murray jonas 
When not softballing, Murray sub- 
jected the Parisian to the sincerest 
forms of flattery. A J.V. Alumnus, he 
also played for the Amazing Arista All- 
Stars. Medicine will be Murray's major 
interest at Brooklyn next term. 

alan kalinsky 
Al jockeyed between backyard basket- 
ball and armchair history. He starred in 
the sub-zero Intramural Follies and 
proudly displayed his colorful uniform on 
such occasions. A rowdy and one o' duh 
men, he will major in History at YU or 

marvin kislak 
Marv had the distinction of being the 
only BTA man to get his hands on a 
HILI banner. A YUGAR manager, he 
doubled as LKS. His warmth and friend- 
liness should earn him many friends at 
Brooklyn next fall. 

josef kanotopsky 
A "commencez le devoir" member of 
Moe's chosen clique, Yossy majored in 
commuting for four years. Often heard 
singing on the second floor, Yossy per- 
formed at many Chagigas with the Glee 
Club. A YU dorm bill will replace his 
LIRR ticket for next year as he majors 
in psych. 

mory korenblit 
"Varsity" spent his T.A. career on the 
basketball court. Finally nniaking his 
mark as a utility man in soccer, Mory 
showed academic prowess by constantly 
amazing rebs with his Talmudic skills. 
An advanced history student, he will 
probably major in the same at CUNY 
next fall. 

marcus kurtz 
Marcus, whose hasmadah brought him 
confidante status with Rebbe, equally 
excelled in secular studies. Veteran Var- 
sity debater, YOC head, and ping-pong 
intramuralist, Marcus will go on to pre- 
medat Y.U. 

david lerner 
With an inborn sense of school spirit, 
Dave led many a cheer at Yugar games 
for the team he loved and managed. Head 
and star of the Chagiga and Elchy Busi- 
ness Manager, Dave will miss trading 
barbs with the Rock as he attends BC 
majoring in pre-med. 

emery leventhal 
Em starred as a guitarist of a Chagiga 
band, the Filbin. A "rowdy" of the 
M.M.S. Society, he came into perfect 
harmony with Mr. Tarendash in physics. 
He will attend Pratt Institute next fall 
and major in architecture. 

Well, you see Mrs. Rosenman, there was this piece of 
chewing gum . . . 

Charles levner 
Chuck led the 7th term G.O. and the 
Yugars to their best performance in 
years. President Charles' dealings with 
the tall Rabbi and Captain Chuck's hand- 
lings with the short coach should enable 
him to major in psychology, which hap- 
pens to be his intended interest. Good- 
shooting Chucky will bring his good- 
looks with him Uptown. 

richard polirer 
Our wildly dressed pedant, Richie's 
poetry and prose found their way into 
every school publication. His knowledge 
of literature brought him a berth on the 
High School Bowl Team and his popu- 
larity bought him the post of Secretary 
Treasurer. Richie should follow the path 
of Newman, in the image of Bob and 
major in English at N.Y.U. 

tevey ratz 
A veteran of the Willy word brigade, 
T.V. was drafted into the Rowdy Regi- 
ment late in his career. An A-1 Zuck 
man, he co-captained an undefeated 
bowling team while doubling as an 8th 
term sanitation manager. He hopes to 
clean up at Brooklyn next year. 

naftali reich 
Tully, who ran a hotel every Saturday 
night, regularly got his lumps from Mat- 
ty or Larry during the weekdays. Tully's 
"mishiginah shtick" outraged Sammy 
and Harry, but his basketball antics 
earned him a berth on the Yugars and the 
All-Star squad. The Aretz will be Tuliy's 
new home where he will study at Kerem 

neal ringel 
Neal, who attended YUHSB for ap- 
proximately four years, will be long re- 
membered for his unparalleled voice and 
his Stepforward-kodumbadi. Local Wash- 
ington Heights thugs beware or you will 
incur Neal's wrath — a situation which 
will necessitate his future medical serv- 

chaim rosen 
The quiet man with the sharp wit, 
Chaim instigated many near-riots as a 
spy in the Maxie-Marauders. Always 
around with a helping homework during 
Gemora, he took off to become class 
athletic manager. Chaim will shift his 
many expressions to the Yeshiva College 

allan rosenberg 
Expert at the quick shuffle and the 
equally swift chickee, Whitey also headed 
the Trips Commission while up in the 
G.O. Office. A two year Yugar, he also 
arranged the school sports activities as 
Athletic Manager. Allan will continue to 
delight in Cyn as he travels to Buffalo to 
major in Pre-Med. 

Howard rosenblum 
Howie, who arrived from 
Flatbush to subject his 
mentors to his slashing wit, 
quickly found his way into 
Harry's heart. Howie will have 
to leave his neighbor, the Super- 
visor, to dorm at Y.U. where 
he will concentrate in Biology or 

alan rothberger 
A Crown Heightsnik who made the 
great transition to Ocean Parkway, Alan 
spent BTA enjoying Zuck, enduring Looie 
and learning with Rocky. lY representa- 
tive,, and head of the service squad, Al 
might find himself on Nostrand and Ave. 
H majoring in chemistry before he gets 
an I Y meeting scheduled. 

ira rudowsky 
Rudy, the ruler of the roof for rocky's 
rovers, doubled as a star center for the 
lounge hoopsters. Easy-going and likable, 
he taught many a talmudic tractate in 
204. Rudy will further his sports and En- 
gineering interests at Amsterdam and 

Samuel safran 
Boro Park's greatest accordionist, Sam 
demonstrated his virtuosity accompany- 
ing the Glee Club at Chagigos. While 
heading the Topics and Arista, and serv- 
ing as Elchy literary editor, he managed 
to stay in Rabbi Y's good graces at 202. 
A constant recipient of top grades, Sam 
will go Uptown for math in September. 



One time was a boy. Talked back to me in class . . . Ah threw him. 


harold schecter 
Hector, the Czar of the NYSTL, will 
be long remembered for his distribution 
of the white wintery stuff. After com- 
pleting four years of research on the ef- 
fect of severe environmental conditions 
on two-wheeled vehicles. Hector will 
trade cycle for cyclotron as he majors 
in physics Uptown. 

martin schiflFmiller 
Possessor of the highest grades in al- 
most everything and a three-time winner 
in G.O. elections, loquacious Marty 
would discuss anything with anybody at 
anytime, much to the consternation of his 
mentors. G.O. President, Elchy Co- 
Editor, etc., Marty will leave his titles 
behind as he attends Yeshiva majoring in 

david schildkraut 
Deadeye Dave, Normie's typical Jew- 
ish ballplayer, co-captained the Yugars 
in their winningest seson in five years. 
Dave's classroom antics never found 
favor in the eyes of Willy, but he and the 
Rock managed to endure each other. The 
"Rave" will see action at Brooklyn next 

Stanley schleifer 
Stan, coach of the Payrushim Player, 
who had an extremely successful season 
in his sophomore year, was Co-Captain 
of the Soccer team as well. Brooklyn, 
beware of Stan, the only Senior who 
favors loud and extinct cravates and who 
hopes to get a major in history with a 
minor in Dead Languages. 

joe schlufman 
Our emigre from Crown Heights 
Mesivta, O.J. got right into the stream 
of things by mixing it up with Rocky and 
his friends. A member of the jet set, O. J. 
excelled in French poems and spelling 
bees. O. J. will leave the cheers of the 
slow-motion football crowd for the math 
lecture hall at City next year. 

martin schnall 
An Eastern Parkway bochur who made 
good, Martin spent much of his time in 
YUHSB participating in intramural ac- 
tivities. After two years of studying hu- 
man relationships in room 204, Martin 
will continue his studies in the social 
sciences at Y.U. 

Le Laboureur et Ses Enfants 

ira silverstein 
This worm was usually found mixing 
old YA's signals. Captain of the High 
School Bowl Team, Ira soon found Liter- 
ature and History to be his number. He 
hopes to pursue these scholastic interests 
at Brooklyn next fall. 

saul singer 
YUHSB's math connoisseur, Louie's 
brain child and Bob's desk gouger, Saul 
broke in our new building by breaking 
into Central in his Junior year. Saul is 
sure to integrate Cooper Union with equal 
derivitives of math and mirth next year. 

alan solomon 
Our first licensed driver, Alan used his 
car to great advantage in cutting French. 
Proprietor of the Brighton Beach pizza 
haven, Alan distinguished himself by im- 
pressing Moe with his no-nonsense con- 
versations. A medical career for Alan 
will begin with pre-med Uptown next fall. 

Charles snow 
Charlie, who rode the Faivi-Zelo- 
Frankel-R. Yogel gravy train, edited the 
Hakol, which made many successful ap- 
pearances. An Elgin on the basketball 
court, an Einstein in math and physics, 
Charlie will continue his Hasmadah up- 
town next fall, majoring in math. 

Isidore steiner 
The class debating buff, Izzy talked 
his way into the office of School Debating 
Manager. His forensic abilities aided him 
in avoiding the wrath of his rebs. Captain 
of Chess and Checkers, Izzy will leave us 
for a career in languages at Bar Ilan. 

moshe steiner 
A member of the BTA chapter of the 
DIB society, Moish had the amazing 
ability to disrupt any class. DIB was a 
big Yugar fan. A big wheel on Willy's 
Word Wagon, he will roll up a large 
following at CUNY next fall. 

martin taub 
The guitarist's guitarist, Marty's tal- 
ented person was often seen belting out 
the latest tunes at chagigot. A hairy 
pacesetter, his mustache was the center 
of the Reb's attention. Always willing to 
help out, he will attend Y.U. next fall. 

gary turk 
The table tennis champion from 
Brighton Yeshiva, Gary successfully re- 
turned the slams of Chem's round sadist. 
Known as Turkeleh to Rabbi Fink, he 
starred in intramural sports. He will 
trade ping pong balls for college halls at 
Brooklyn where he'll major in the social 

phillip waldoks 
In the Waldoks tradition, Phil im- 
mersed himself in everything extracur- 
ricular. Editor-in-chief of the Elchanite, 
Topics, Yugar, and the N.Y. Times, 
Wally dissected many a mentor with his 
irrepressible wit. Despite, or possibly 
because of his long sojourn in Club 202, 
Phil will major in Government at Yale. 

howard wang 
Chasky swam his way to prominence 
here after a brief career at Mesivta 
Crown Heights. A coffee connoisseur, he 
Rocked it to him saltily. He will continue 
his mixing at Brooklyn next fall where 
he'll major in pre-dentistry. 

matthew weinstock 
Talented and manysided, Matty made 
his presence felt on the Elchanite drawing 
boards and in Rambam auditorium as 
well as on the basketball court. Leader 
of one of the wildest group of guys ever 
to attend BTA, Matty will depart to 
Harpur to major in political science. 

norman weisman 
"Vince," a foyer footballer, often car- 
ried his grid finesse to Mr. Weiss' class. 
Branching out to other fields, he man- 
aged the Yugars and was a correspond- 
ent for the Jewish Press. His future plans 
include his majoring in math at Bar Ilan 
University in Aretz. 

marvin wertentheil 
Marvin managed to survive two years 
in 204 despite his cynically seeded tzidkus 
and his piously peppered hypocrisy. A 
charter member of the Moe Septimus 
fan club, Marvin will pre-med at the 
oldest and largest in the fall. 

Jeffrey widawsky 
Woody, a JV alumnus who made good, 
finally entered the Rabbi Y Torah En- 
semble Company. With an uncanny 
knack for picking up bits and pieces of 
information at the most unorthodox 
times, Woody will pass up a promising 
career with the CIA to major in Pre-Med 

sol wilner 
A swimming captain deluxe, Sol was 
a Chagiga band regular on his drums. 
His Talmudic aptitude endeared him to 
Rabbi Fink while his attendance record 
earned him recognition. He hopes to 
major in Pre-med at Y.U. next fall. 

richard zelenetz 
Richie, the only one for 
whom Moe ever asked the 
class to applaud, amazed the 
French mentor by saying per- 
fectly well all twenty-two tenses 
without hesitation for his first year 
mid-term. Topics artist and resident 
genius of BTA, the Elchy dropout 
will add some color to the lives of stu- 
students at Oberlin College of Music. 

david Zimmerman 
Zim, whose house key brought him 
fame in YUHSB, is one of the fearless 
ones from Toras Emes. Outstanding in 
the classes of both Rock and Looie, 
Dave, always effervescent and spirited, 
expects to major in math Uptown. 




:._ ....j.^^-^ 



Left to right: Martin SchilTmiller, Phillip Waldoks, Larry Bernstein 

Mr. Harry Allan 
Facult V A dvisor 

the Editors . . . 

1. Richard Polirer, Literary Editor 

2. Charles Levner, Activities Editor 

3. Phillip Waldoks, Editor-in-chief 

4. Steven Mermelstein, Typing Editor 

5. Alan Rothberger, Typing Editor 

6. Martin Ehrenberg, Business Manager 

7. Leonard Hirsh, Business Manager 

8. David Lerner, Business Manager 

9. Joshua Braun, Business Manager 

10. Samuel Safran, Literary Editor 

1 1 . Jeffrey Widawsky, Photography Editor 

12. Robert Blashka, Photography Editor 

13. Solomon Borg, Activities Editor 

14. Larry Bernstein, Associate Editor 

15. Matthew Weinstock, ^/-z fc^/'/or 

16. Leonard Borger, Art Editor 

17. Robert Fluhr, Art Editor 

18. Joseph Goldstein, Photography Editor 

19. Morris Lipschik, Typing Editor 

20. Martin Schiffmiller, Associate Editor 





Left to right, STANDING: Harold Schechter, Ira Rudowsky, Mar- 
vin Wertentheil, Howard Finkelstein, Steven Fries, Irwin Hollander, 
Neal Ringel, Sol Borg, Joel Baum, Phillip Waldoks, Charles 
Snow, Howard Rosenblum, Jeffrey Bronner, Larry Bernstein, Mar- 

tin Schiffmiller, Marcus Kurtz, Leonard Hirsh. SEA TED: Richard 
Polirer, Steve Mermelstein, Murray Jonas, Ben Brand, Jack Fuhrer, 
Harold Brooks, Robert Fluhr, Joshua Braun. 

Arista, YUHSB's chapter of the National 
Honor Society, became much more than a dor- 
mant society of the intellectual and extra-curricu- 
lar elite. Under the direction of Fall Term Arista 
President, Samuel Safran, assisted by Veep Ira 
Silverstein and Secretary-Treasurer Steven 
Brill, Arista tutoring, a service almost extinct in 
recent years was revived. In addition. Arista was 
led to a "Journey to Jerusalem," a film depicting 
Leonard Bernstein's historic concert after the six- 
day war. 

The Spring Term saw new and inspired leader- 
ship by President Elliot Brick and Steven Dym 
and Josef Kanotopslcy, Vice-President and Secre- 
tary-Treasurer, respectively. The Brick adminis- 
tration led the Brainiacs to glorious defeat against 
the Faculty Brawns in the annual Faculty Follies. 
The Spring Term also saw the expansion of the 
tutoring service, which provided over thirty stu- 
dents with help in studies ranging from Talmud to 


j l Mi.» i Ti i :i»« i w i m 


»C( '9 '?^ 


FALL TERM: Left to right: Steven Brill, Secretary-Treasurer. 
Samuel Safran, President, Ira Silverstein, Vice-President. 

L iiSP *f|i 

- !jBL'"*''^^^"^^^^^^^ 

■liWIPMi ■■J 

Left to right, STANDING: Gregory Peck, Paul Hershkovits, Arnold Rotter, Harry Dym, Leon- 
ard Bodner, Martin Yarmush, Herbert Schneider, Sam Moskowitz, Mitchell Wolfson, Oneofda 
Blanks. SEATED: Mickey Svei, Harold Bronheim, Ignatius Loyola, Martin Gold, Martin 
Lebinger, Sam Schuss, Noah Rothblatt, Arthur Weiner. 

SPRING TERM: Left to right: Josef Kanatopsky, Secretary- 
Treasurer. Elliot Brick, President. Steven Dym, Vice-President. 

Rabbi Louis Cooper, Faculty Adviser 

The Senior Glee Club, a bunch of misfits 
and student agitators, managed to remain 
underground this year while giving frequent 
concerts in the second floor bathroom and 
the student lounge. This photograph was 
taken at a secret rehearsal held in the bio 
lab after a tea raid in room 202. Next year, 
the club will go en masse to the cantorial 
institute for the criminally insane Uptown. 


A bunch of misfits and student agitators. 

• • ■ • 



In keeping with the BTA policy that 
there must be at least one team for 
every sport, the '69 seniors instituted 
a slow motion football team. Ace 
quarterback Bart Philbin paced the 
team to an undefeated season with 
victories over Boys High, Erasmus, and 
Clinton in Brooklyn's suicide division. 
Coached by Vince Costello, the Phil- 
bins should continue to rack up wins in 
the league next year, providing the 
lemons last. 

Left ! . VI' '-I t\D/\(, Knuie Pliilhin, Bart Philbin, Safety Philbin, Herbie Philbin. 
KNEJSLI,\G: Vince Philbin, Slam Philbin, O. J. Philbin, Duke Philbin, Crazy Legs Philbin, 
Subb.- Philbin. Gerry Philbin. 

devoir de francais 

Ben and Jonas Murray 

Mr. Maurice Marshal 

Left to right: Moise Steiner, Marcel Lipschick, Fred Dejarnac, Raoul Charpentier, Dave De Gaulle, 
Naftali Reich, and The Boy. 

The French Homework Squad, captained by Ben and Jonas 
Murray (no relation) proved invaluable this year to the senior 
class. Supervising all homework transactions, as well as 
acting and serving as an information bureau and exchange, the 
Flying Francaismen saved many students from receiving 
minuses (or worse). "Mah boys are on a very high level and 
they always do their homework and they are like fifth year 
college," Coach Marshal commented, "but ah am failing most 
of them for one time talking in back of class. Next year ah 
am failing whole class six months in advance because ah 
heard sophomore are wise guy." 


Left to right, TOP: Harry Schmaltz, Paul Merlis, Harold 
Davies. BOTTOM: Barry Laufer, Howard Strizower, George 

Left to right, TOP: Ira Scharaga, Steven Abraham. 
BOTTOM: Ira Kasdan, Aaron Stein, Joseph Yutz, 

Barry Wechsler. 



Left to right, TOP: Yussy Halpern, Arthur 
Weiner. BOTTOM: Michael Baum, Harold 

Left to right, TOP: Sol Borg, Richard Polirer. 
MIDDLE: Matthew Weinstock, David Lerner. 
fiOrrOA/.- Alan Rothberger, Martin Ehrenberg. 

Spring Term 


Left to right, TOP: Paul Merlis, Solomon 
Pretter. MIDDLE: Larry Wein, Lobo Blotch. 
BOTTOM: Ivan Grodko, Punk Again. 


% i% 


' ^» . \ 





Left to right, TOP: Jack Skowron, Robert Rosen 
berg. MIDDLE: David Fisch, Edward Olech 
BOTTOM: Fred and Herman Greenspan. 



Left to right: Mike Kramer, Seymor Hershkovitz, Sam 
Moskowitz, Noah Rothblatt. 

Left to right, TOP: Steven Lipman, Bert Got- 
tesman, Morey Kornblil, Jeffery Bronner. 
BOTTOM: Leonard Hirsh, Martin Ehrenberg. 


FALL TERM: Left to right: Martin Schiffmiller, Vice-President. Charles Levner, 
President. Mitchell Wolfson, Secretary-Treasurer. 

The G.O.'s job is to supervise, regulate, and 
finance all extracurricular activities in YUHSB, 
as well as to act as an intermediary between 
the students and the administration. The Execu- 
tive Council, which directs the G.O. and Student 
Council, consists of the President, Vice-Presi- 
dent, and Secretary-Treasurer. The Fall Term 
G.O. was ably headed by President Chuck 
Levner, Yugar captain, with the assistance of 
Vice President Martin Schiffmiller, and Sec- 
retary-Treasurer Mitch Wolfson. Among the 
accomplishments of this G.O. were the sale of 
season's passes and Garden tickets, many inter- 
esting political and scientific assemblies, and 
the staging of a successful Chagiga, as well as 
the printing and distribution of the G.O. Con- 

In the Spring Term, the Service Squad and 
Student Court, originally planned by Mr. 
Levner, went into action under President Martin 
Schiffmiller. Veep Ben Brand and Secretary 
Richard Polirer aided Mr. Schiffmiller to revive 
the Purim Chagiga, institute a Complaints 
Commission, and plan class trips, including the 
senior trip to Washington (along with Trips' 
Commissioners Alan Rosenberg and Matthew 

Executive Council 

Mr. Joseph Strum, Faculty Adviser 

SPRING TERM: Left to right: Ben Brand, Vice-President. Martin Schiffmiller, Presi- 
dent. Richard VoWrer. Secretary-Treasurer. 

Student Court 

Left to right: Mitchell Wolfson, Student Court 
Chief Justice, Alan Rothberger, Service Squad 

Service Squad 

Left to right: Leonard Hirsh, Joel Baum, Mike Baum. Mitchell Wolfson. Chief Justice. Arthur 
Weiner, Elliot Brick. 

Left to right. TOP ROW: Mitchell 
Kaufman, Harold Bronheim, Martin 
Gold, Ira Rudowsky. Bert Gottesman. 
Stanley Goldin, Howard Finkelstein. 
Josef Kanotopsky. SECOND ROW: 
Dov Cohen, Martin Lebinger. Harry 
Dym, Harold Brooks. THIRD ROW: 
Robert Blashka, Marvin Wertentheil, 
Ira Silverstein, Elliot Nemetski, Hor- 
ace Nice. STANDING: Joshua Braun. 
BOTTOM ROW: Jay Perl, Ira Hart- 
man, Neal Ringel. STANDING: 
Joseph Cool. 

The Topics 

Left to right: Phillip Waldoks, Samuel Safran, Editors-in-chief. 

Sol Borg, News Editor 

Mitchell Wolfson, News Editor 

Mr, Josef Brand, Adviser 

This year saw the advent of 
the "New Topics", a monthly, 
offset-printed journal of BTA 
news, sports, opinions, and lit- 
erature. In an attempt to 
better student journalism at 
BTA, the old mimeographed 
BULLETIN was abolished and 
its staffs combined with that 
of the Topics to form what has 
become the most talked about 
and anticipated publication in 
the school. 

Editors-in-chief Samuel Saf- 
ran and Phillip H. Waldoks 
took advantage of their large 
staff to publish quality stories, 
editorials, and features, more 
frequently than ever before. A 
"College Guidance" column, to 
aid YUHSB students with 
their choice of school, was in- 
novated. An expanded TOPICS 

Left to right: Richard Polirer, Martin Schiffmiller, Feature 

poll was tabulated and published and even a 
crossword puzzle found its way to the feature 
pages to sharpen the minds of the student 
body. Sports stories and "Sports Slants" 
supplemented the weekly reporting of the 
Yugar and new stories captured "where it's 
at" at BTA. 

Advising the editors was Mr. Josef Brand, 
whose criticism and judgement proved helpful 
in the gradual improvement of the paper. 

Left to right: Maishe Yarmush, Matty Weinstocl<, Joel Hirsch, Sports Editors 

Left to right: STANDING: David Lerner, Managing Editor. Leonard 
Borger, Art Editor. Elliot Nemetski, Managing Editor. Sam Mosko- 
witz, Typing Editor, Asher Mansdorf, Copy Editor. Irwin Hollander, 
Business Manager. Joseph Goldstein, Photography Editor. SITTING: 

Bob Blashka, Photography Editor. Alan Kalinsky, Mana- 
ger. Larry Bernstein, Business Manager. Not Shown: Yussie 


Left to right, STANDING: Sanford Schuss, Steven 
Fries, Neal Ringel, Marcus Kurtz, Martin Nottes, 
Harry Dym, Little Snow, Jeffrey Widawsky, Steven 

Dym. SITTING: Elliot Brick, Charles Snow, Editor 
in-chief. Stanley Goldin. 


Left to right; STANDING: Mike Baum, Ta 
Leonard Borger, Isidore Steiner. SITTING, 

The Hakol, the official religious 
pubhcation of YUHSB saw much 
success this year under Editor-in- 
Chief Charles Snow, with the as- 
sistance of Co-Editors Elliot Brick 
and Stanley Goldin. With stimu- 
lating articles in various Jewish fields 
and provocative editorials, it captured 
the attention of many students. 

The outlet for the students' 
creative endeavors is a semi- 
annual periodical called the 
Review. Once a dormant pub- 
lication, it has soared in circu- 
lation and popularity under a 
dedicated and ambitious staff 
headed by Richard Polirer 
editor-in-chief. This magazine's 
scope includes all forms of 
creative writing; poetry, prose, 
the essay, and critique fill its 


The Yugar religiously 
reported the developments 
of the team with the same 
name. Expanding to a 
school distribution to sup- 
plement the home game 
distribution, the Yugar, 
headed by Editors-in- 
chief Sol Borg and Phillip 
Waldoks, gained an avid 


Left to right: STANDING: Noah Rothblatt, Managing 
Editor. Martin Nottes, Managing Editor. Leonard Bor- 
ger. Art Editor, Charles Levner, Feature Editor. Jack 

Fuhrer. Associate Editor. SITTING: Sol Borg, Editor- 
in-chief, Phillip Waldoks, Editor-in-chief. 


Left to right; STANDING: Steven Fries, Josef Kanotopsky. Harold Brooks, Joshua 
Braun, Jerry Jew, Steven Dym, Samuel Safran, Steven Brill. SITTING: Robert 
Fluhr, Steven Mermelstein. Editor-in-chief, Joel Baum. 

The hitherto neglected science 
and math publication of the school 
came into its own this year. The 
Spectrum, under the guidance of 
Steve Mermelstein, discussed 
anything from controversial med- 
ical and scientific projects to 
mathematical puzzlers. Its fresh 
outlook on the twentieth cen- 
tury world of technology con- 
tributed in part to its revitalization. 

Following the revivalist spirit 
that seemed to descend upon the 
minor publications, the Focus, the 
current affairs commentary, 
thrived. Focusing on world ten- 
sions as well as domestic woes, 
it helped prove that students took 
an interest in the world around 
them. Only published once pre- 
viously, the Focus, edited by Rich- 
ard Polirer, made successful inroads 
to increased popularity in future 

Left to right, STANDING: Saul Fischer, Leonard 
Borger, Tevey Ratz, Mike Baum. SITTING: Isidore 
Steiner, Richard Polirer, Editor-in-chief. Harold Pret- 


Serving as the mecca of in- 
tellectual research, the library 
has grown immensely to meet 
the challenge of the student's 
inquisitive mind. Under the 
direction of faculty adviser, Mr. 
Robert Bassell, and student 
supervisors R. Polirer and N. 
Bodenstein, the library acquired 
new research materials as well 
as many interesting best-sellers 
for general use. The library 
has taken its place as one of 
Y.U.H.S.B.'s most essential 

Left to right: Norman Bodenstein, Head. Robert E. Bassel, 
Adviser, Richard Polirer, Head. 



Left to right Standing, Phillip Waldoks, Steven Dym, 
Benjamin Gamss, SITTING: Yussie Halpern, Marshall 
Wilen, Harold Schechter, Head NYSTL. 


Left to right. STANDIIVG: Abe Blank, Mory Korenblit, Elliot Brick. SIT- 
TING: Mike Kramer, Robert Fluhr, Alan Kalinsky. 


The 1968-1969 Yeshiva 
Organization Committee saw 
a miraculous growth from 
its indifferent existence of the 
past few years. Taking care 
of Pesach Provisions, the 
YOC constantly supplied the 
student body with the latest 
Kashruth information. Headed 
by Steven Dym and Marcus 
Kurtz, the Committee was able 
to obtain religious articles for 
YUHSB students at greatly 
reduced prices. 

Rabbi Joseph Epstein, Adviser 


The Hebrew Library, under 
the guidance of Rabbi Jo- 
seph Epstein, provided a place 
where serious gemara stu- 
dents could find any type of 
sefer to aid them in their 
learning. Most rebeim utilized 
the library frequently for 
sources of commentaries and 
haichic texts. 


Left to right, STANDING: Martin Lebinger, 
Martin Schnall, Steven Mermelstein, Joel Fruchter, 
Marcus Kurtz, Head, Steven Dym, Head. Melvin 
Konigsberg, Harry Dym, Barry Snow, Samuel Saf- 

ran, Joel Baum. SITTING Elliot Brick, Stanley 
Goldin, Jeffrey Bronner, Josef Kanotopsky, Jeffrey 
Widawsky. Charles Snow, Benjamin Gamss, Neal 

!=D O 

Arranger of interscholastic 
competition, dispenser of politi- 
cal favors and patronage, award- 
ers of trophies and plaques, the 
Inter- Yeshiva High School Stu- 
dent Council had a successful 
year. BTA captured first place 
in four out of seven competitions 
and managed second place in a 
fifth to continue its domination 
of lY activities. lY Vice-Pres- 
ident Phillip Waldoks made 
sure BTA got a fair shake. 

Phillip Waldoks, Inler-Yeshiva High 
School Student Council Vice-President 

Alan Rothberger, 

Larry Bernstein, 

Left to right: Richard Polirer, Steven Brill, Sol Borg. 

bowl team 

Top to bottom: Ira Silverstein, Martin Schiffmiller, Cap 
tains. Phillip Waldoks. Harold Schechter. 



YUHSB's Varsity H.S. Bowl 
Team, the Yubains, is com- 
posed of individuals expert and 
experienced in the "quick recall 
of specific fact" needed for suc- 
cess in the highly charged competi- 
tion. This year Martin Schiffmiller 
and Ira Silverstein captained a 
successful group of brainy biblio- 
philes who captured high standing 
in Inter- Yeshiva play. 



// ff 




YUHSB's forensic team, the 
Yuspeaks, made use of the power 
of speech and persuasion to go 
undefeated in lY competition. 
Gaining valuable training arguing 
at the office and with the adminis- 
tration, Captains Ben Brand and 
Stanley Goldin imparted their tech- 
niques to the underclass members 
of the team who will continue to 
assert BTA's debating supremacy. 

Left to right, STANDING: Barry Wechsler, Marcus Kurtz, 
Elliot Brick, Isidore Steiner, Martin Schiffmiller, Saul Fisch- 
er, Mike Baum, Samuel Safran, Mitchell Kaufman, David 
Fisch. SITTING: Phillip Waldoks, Allan Pass, Ben Brand, 
Captain, Marshall Wilen, Stanley Goldin. 


Mathematics is a quite 
popular subject in BTA 
and the Varsity Math 
team, headed by Norman 
Bodenstein and Jack 
Fuhrer, performed admir- 
ably in city competition. 
This year a Junior Varsity 
team was fielded to in- 
troduce Sophomores and 
Juniors to the rigors of the 
tough demanding questions 

^ '^^^^ 

Left to right, STANDING: Irwin Hollander, 
David Zimmerman, Martin Ehrenberg, Marcus 
Kurtz, Bert Gottesman, Chasky Wang, Saul Singer, 

Samuel Safran, Jeffrey Bedrick. Martin Schiffmil- 
ler. SITTING: Steven Brill, Norman Bodenstein, 
Captain and Manager. Jack Fuhrer, Captain. 

Competing in one of our 
more intellectual activities, 
the members of the chess 
and checkers team repre- 
sented the school in fine 
standing. Eleven Yuchex 
battled this year to de- 
fend our distinguished title. 
Extraordinary displays of 
skill by Captains Izzy 
Steiner and Saul Singer en- 
abled the team to overcome 
stiff competition. 

Left to right, TOP ROW: Joel Baum, 
Bernard Freundel, Marvin Kislak, Tevey 
Ratz, Martin Ehrenberg. SECOND 
ROW: Gary Turk, Marvin Wertentheil, 
Bernard Goldblatt, Joel Fruchter, Martin 
Nottes, Martin Schnall, Harold Schechter, 
Richard Polirer. SITTING: Isidore Steiner, 
Saul Singer, Captains. 



\ ' 

Norman Ringel, Coach 






^^^B 49 



i ^^^H ^2 



L^^H 74 



I^^H ^^ 



^■^H ^0 



■F^I 63 



W 76 



1 ^^ 

* Alumni 


P, '"•■ 52 

** Highland Prep 


1^^^^ 72 



wA ■' 



^^b^ 65 



P^E] ^^ 



^^H| 4,9 



i^^H 7/ 



^^^^H 56 



kVH '^'^ 



p4m ^ 



fe;-'W /5 




**HILI Festival 


Left to right, TOP ROW: Howard Weinrib, Charles Orbuch, Maishe 
Yarmush, Joshua Bertram, Arthur Weiner, Stanley Adler, Naftali 
Reich. SECOND ROW: Joel Hirsch, Matthew Weinstock, Alan 

Rosenberg. KNEELING: David Schildkraut, Charles Levner, Cap- 

Leading Scorers 


Chuck Levner 

Josh Bertram 


Dave Schildkraut 


Maish Yarmush 


Charlie Orbuch 


Naftali Reich 


Artie Weiner 


A. . 

^ •♦ 


Chuck Levner, Captain 

With a season's record of 9 — 2 (13 — 4 overall), the 
Yugars took second in the Brooklyn-Queens division of 
the MJHSL. Rookie Coach Normie Ringel, former Yu- 
gar and MJHSL great, piloted the Yugars to a suc- 
cessful season. A fine bench and the consistent scoring 
and rebounding of Co-Captain Chuck Levner were the 
major reasons for BTA's success. 

The Yugars began their season on the floor of Madi- 
son Square Garden. There, they engineered the first 
of four defeats of BTA's perennial rivals, the Flat- 
bush Falcons. Chuck Levner averaged 19.5 against 
the Falcons in four meetings, one of which saw a 30 
point performance by the Yugar Co-Captain. 

Easily trouncing all opposition in the Manhattan- 
New Jersey Division of the MJHSL, the only Yugar 
defeats came at the hands of a strong HI-LI five, who 
captured the MJHSL crown for the second year in a 
row. Perhaps the high point of the season for the 
Yugars was the second round of the Chanukah Tour- 
ney, sponsored by HI-LI and held in HI-LI's gym. 


Dave Schildkraut, Captain. 

There, after a previous disappointing loss in league 
play, the Yugars fought and shot themselves into a 
tie with the Hawks at the end of regulation time. In 
a drive led by captains Chuck Levner and David 
Schildkraut, who continually hit shots from the 
outside, and sustained by Tully Reich, who bombed 
four long shots in the tense fourth quarter, the 
Yugars proved themselves to be championship ma- 
terial. Nevertheless, a few clutch foul shots brought HI- 
LI the victory in overtime 74 — 72. 

The end of the season proved to be disappointing for 
the Yugars, despite convincing wins over YCQ and 
Flatbush. The Yugars could not reach that fever pitch 
exhibited in the Chanukah Tourney, and fell victim 
in the playoffs to HI-LI's strong rebounding and 
systematic offense. Nevertheless, the Yugars com- 
piled their best record in five years, and the six jun- 
iors who played integral parts in this year's drive 
should provide Norman Ringel with a championship 
next year. 

J V 

The Junior Varsity, which was revived in our fresh- 
man year, has provided our Varsity with such stars 
as Willie Weinrib, Menachem Taubus, and Chuck 
Levner. This year. Coach Harold Brettstein's Junior 
Yugars were undefeated in season's play, and went on 
to cop their third consecutive championship. Captains 
A. Taubus and I. Schraga were instrumental in this 
year's success, and should play crucial roles in the 
Yugar's drive for the championship next year. 

Harold Brettstein, Coach 

Left to right, STANDING: M. Benjamini, Manager. A. Mansdorf, B. 
Hollander, S. Seiderman, H. Davies, R. Bergelson, P. Merlis, S. Wolfson, 

K. Leifer, R. Rosenberg, D. Mensch, S. Lifshitz. KNEELING: M, 
Abraham, A. Taubus, I. Scharaga, L. Green. 


Jerry Weinberg, Coach 

Possessing four of the league's five top freestylers, 
and led by Captains Sol Wilner and Dave (Bullet) 
Hollander, the Aquamen were invincible this year. 
The freestyler sprinters, M. Svei, G. Kleinhandler, 
and S. Wilner swept past all opposition; distance 
swimmers Hollander, R. Polirer, I. Scharaga, D. 
Unterberg, and M. Wolfson provided the stamina 
of the team; backstrokers C. Wang, S. Lifshitz, and 
H. Bronheim took all comers; and breaststrokers J. 
Bronheim and S. Bamberg rounded out what was 
the best team in years. This year's perfect finish 
has once again affirmed the team's status as a major 
sport in this school. 

Left to right: David Hollander, James Trophy, Sol 
Wilner, Captains. 

Left to right, STANDING: 
Maishe Yarmush, M. Abraham, 
S. Lifshitz, H. Bronheim, S. 
Bamberg, A. Pass, G. Wert- 
heimer, D. Unterberg, D, 
Small, L. Wassner, J. Bronheim, 
I. Shraga, H. Wilner, M. Wein- 
stock. Manager. KNEELING: 
M, Svei, R. Polirer, C. Wang, S. 
Davies, M. Wolfson, G. Klein- 
handler. SITTING: Q. Hol- 
lander, Z. Wilner, Captains. 



M. Ehrenberg; 
ban, Capra"" 

r, T. Ratz 

■ Blashka, 
, M. Li"'- 

J; Baum, H. Brooks, E. Stuarti, SEATED: J. Hirsch, M. Jonas, I 

Powerful hitting and sharp pitching 
characterized this season's YU- 
BALLS. Ace moundsman Moe 
Lipschick and slugging captains 
Balban, Hirsch, and Jonas sparked 
the team to defeat HI LI for the first 
time in several years. Credit is also 
due to the speedy outfielders and the 
equally strong-armed infielders. 

The Kenmore Keglers enjoyed an 
undefeated season this year in 
lY competition. Led by captains 
Richie Polirer, Tevey Ratz, and 
Stanley Adler, the Keglers 
topped off their prefect record by 
easily defeating all comers at 
Madison Square Garden. That 
championship meet saw manager 
Howie Weinrib bowl two sur- 
prisingly strong games as he 
averaged close to 200. 


Left to right, STANDING: A. Kalinsky, H. Abromowitz, I. 
Steiner, M. Benjamini, M. Kislak, J. Baum, C. Orbuch, J. Hal- 
pern. KNEELING: H. Weinrib, T. Ratz, R. Polirer, Captain. S. 
Adler, J. Fuhrer. 


Left to right, STANDING: S. Dym, D. Fisch, M. Abraham, T. Ratz, M. 
Benjamini, C. Levner, J. Baum, B. Freundel, A. Mansdorf, I. Steiner, M. 
Smilowitz, C. Wang, E. Fudd, S. Hershkovitz, A. Kalinsky, H. Glicks- 
man, B. Bunny, D. Lerner. KNEELING: B. Gottesman and R. Fluhr, 
Captains, H. Abromowitz, A. Rosenberg. 

Oldest of the 
school's minor sports, 
the Track Team kept 
up their tradition this 
year by being one of 
the strongest teams in 
the lY. Although 
the Cindermen were 
deficient in field 
events. Captain 
Bobby Fluhr's 
excellent performance ^* 
in track events S^ 

enabled the team ^$! 

to do well in **{ 

competitions. fj: 

. ^ ._ ^ ^** 


Left to right: Isidore Steiner, Spring 
Term. Stanley Goldin, Fall Term. 

Left to right: Charles Orbuch, Fall 
Term. Leonard Bodner, Spring Term. 


Left to right: Richard Pohrer, Fall Term. Howard Finkelstein, 
Spring Term. 


Left to right, STANDING: A. Kalinsky, G. Turk, V. Weisman, A. Mansdorf, T. 
Ratz, R. Fluhr, M. Kramer, R. Polirer, I. Steiner. SITTING: Morey Korenblit, 

Marvin K'lsiak, Head. 

Left to right: H. Brooks, J. Braun, W. Leitman, R. Roth, Heaa. 



»4i«#-«>0KLYN BRANCH 




"I want to inform you all that high school will 
be much different from anything you have known 
in elementary school." 

"Yeah, this dump sure is different." 
ANZ (reading list of freshmen): "Davies, Waldoks, 
Weinstock, Zelenetz, Oh no!" 

The first day of school. "Hey Freshie, what's 
your name? 
Lerman: My name? My name is Rabbi Lerman. 

R. Rabinowitz takes us into the superficialities 
and superfluities of the Gemara ... "I vouldn't 
take ten Hollanders for vun Bistricer." 
Perkel: "Hello I'm General Perkel and this is Mr. 

First test administered to class is Bob's vocab- 
ulay quiz . . . "Duh foist woid what is on dis test 
is duh woid ambidexduh-was." 
Back of class: Mr. B, could you please repeat the 
word? The window was open and we couldn't hear 
Bob: "Duh second woid what is on dis test ..." 

We meet Mr. Gansell who is almost ^^ tall as 
HE is, and almost as brave. 

Ralph: "There I was, outside Berlin, facing the 
whole Russian Army . . ." 

Willie's self-control astounds us . . . 
Willie: "Bernstein, I'll give you a twenty and if 
that doesn't work, I'll fail you," 

Blackout hits New York. Doc delivers candles . . . 
Looie: "I don't want to catch anybody falling out 
the window." 

We discover Rabbi Dardac is descended from 
Ben Torah . . . 

Yoc: "Well, Mr. Weinstock, you don't have to 
finish your tzedakah quota, and I don't have to 

So 1 said to him, "I'll see ya.' 

Harry begms NI campaign . . . 
Harry: "What's your name?" 
Rosenblum: "Rosenblum." 
Harry: "NI, Rosenblum." 
Rosenblum: "No, Howard Rosenblum." 

Cravats finishes jokes one to thirty-nine and 
starts over again . . . For example: 
Cravats: "The reason why there are no bad boys 
in Mirrer is because it would cast a bad reflection." 
... Or, 

Cravats: "Who knows why Flatbush is flat (the 
neighborhood, I mean) ? Because this glacier came 
along and reached East 16th Street and hit a red 
light . . ." 

We meet Herbie (the sadist, not the other one). 
Lessel: "What's your name?" 
Fluhr: "Fluhr." 

Lessel: "Get out and go to the office." 
Fluhr: "What should I tell them?" 
Schleifer: "Tell 'em Groucho sent ya." 

R. Rabinowitz spits in our mugs. Schildkraut 
just spits . . . Septy falls asleep during math test. 
Class decides not to wake him . . . Pigeon flies 
into Cohen's room and launches attack. Cohen: 
"Shmeh peh peh, shme peh peh." 
Max: "I want you to know that as of now you're 
all failing in my book." 

Yoc holds annual bi-weekly auction. Richie buys 
reading privileges for twenty bills. 
Yoc: "I don't care if you have to hock your tephil- 
lin, Mr. Zelenetz, a debt is a debt." 

Transit strike cripples city. Mike Quill becomes 
BTA hero as school gets dismissed four periods 

And so he obscenely said to me, "I'll see you.' 


Strum: "M 'boy, I see you don't pronounce the 

S's right. 

Say strike. 

Student: "Shtrike." 

Strum: "Say street." 

Student: "Shtreet." 

Strum: "Say m'name." 

Student: "Joe." 

Cravats: "I came late today because my mommy 

won't let me drive on the West Highway." 

Willie: "Bernstein, I'll fail you as sure as today is 


Cravats mysteriously disappears. Tall replace- 
ment comes from Canarsie . . . 
Student: "Oh goody, a substitute teacher." 
Berkowitz: "Richard, if you admit you were talk- 
ing just to test me, I'll give you your paper back." 
Richie: "I was not." 
Berkowitz: "O.K. here's your paper back." 

Strum moves class to tears with stirring rendi- 
tion of "The Mountain Whipoorwill" ..."... 
and hell's broke loose in Georgia." 

Wilner and Borg hand in identical homework 
to Doc. Wilner still gets thirty points less . . . 
Lerner mysteriously sets fire to fingers in Septy's 
class . . . ANZ can't understand why more and 
more freshmen act like seniors . . . Berkowitz 
throws temper tantrum ... 

Berkowitz: I can't stand it in here, you're con- 
stantly talking! Martin, what are you saying , 
about me?!!!" 

Marty: "Nothing, Mr. Berkowitz, we didn't get 
up to you yet." 

Richie brings dummy into class . . . 
Looie: "It can sit here if it remains quiet. And 
don't laugh; it has a better chance of passing than 
the rest of you. 
Willie: "Bernstein, get your brother out of here." 

Finals come, as we grin and bear it ... We get 
first taste of Moe as he proctors math Regents . . . 
Moe: "If ah catch you cheating one time on 
Regents, ah take your paper, ah tear it. But if 
ah catch you cheating a second time . . ." 
Archie: "De time is now 4:45. De test ends at 
6:15. You have exactly fifty-five minutes left." 
ANZ: "I wish you all a pleasant summer and I 
hope to see most of you next year in our new 

Feeding time at the zoo 


"Gentlemen, I would just like to tell you that as second 

year students in BTA, you are expected to act in a manner 

befitting a student of Torah . . ." 

We meet the Shmid who spends the first week telling us 

how great last year's class was. 

Willie remains his own inimitable self . . . 

Willie: "Bein, sit down or get out!" 

Bein:"OK Reb, I'll get out." 

Willie: •SIDDOWNH" 

Greenblum takes over geometry and goes on to tell us 

how we must do everything exactly as he does . . . 

Class (singing to the tune of "When Johnny Comes March- 
ing Home"): 

"The only way is the Greenblum Way, Hurrah! 

The only way is the Greenblum Way, Hurrah! Hur- 

O the Desk will cheer and the Shmid will shout. 
To Rabbi Zurojfl kick you out. 

And we'll all feel gay when we do it the GREEN- 
Berkowitz amazes Sophs by returning to teach Bio. 

Berkowitz: "But I am not a substitute teacher!" 
New student pops in from Crown Heights . . . 

ANZ: Your name is Chasky WHA T??? 

Harry teaches mechanical drawing . . . discovers class 

to be as spasticated as he thought . . . 

Harry: "My hoodlums in Erasmus are better than you 

bums, dammit!" 

Flash flood strikes the lab as hose warfare breaks out in 
Shmid's class . . . Bein accidentally turns on faucet and 
Shmid drowns in the spray. 
Shmid: "Is it waining?" 
Shmid: "Bernstein, why is the floor wet?" 
Bernstein: "My banana was leaking." 

Bob sends Singer to the office for gouging de desk . . . 
threatens to stab duh class in duh back. 
Bob: "Schiff'muller, for five points, who was duh second 
brudder twice removed on duh mudder's side of Julius Cae- 
sar in duh play "On duh Beach" by Antonio Verdi, pub- 
lished in toiteen-twunty-six?" 

Your name is Chasky WHAT?? 

Berkowitz begins to wonder why class laughs at every 
other word he says . . . gives lab and is hit on the nose with 
frog's leg . . . 

Berkowitz: Ira, you've evolved beautifully but retrogres- 

Willie catches D. Hollander fraternizing with some non- 
boys from neighboring school . . . demonstrates cool by 
blowing his top. 

Greenblum gets ninth consecutive required theorem 
wrong . . . Rosenbaum shows us how he keeps himself 
going as he passes around some of his reading material 
. . . Rubinfeld convinces us that we know more than he 
does but we'll fail anyway. 

Rubinfeld: "Do any of you know my daughter Leah Rubin- 

Hey guys, wanna cut? 

Lessel becomes track coach . . . catches Waldoks cutting 
and makes him run around yard till he drops. 

We find that Doc doesn't appeal to our senses . . . gives 
class preview of final . . . Chasky gives continuous show- 
ings for a week. 

Metzger starts policy of bi-weekly term papers . . . 
Gives fifty question short answer test . . . throws in four 
essays besides . . . 
Metzger: "Well, basically . . ." 

Student: "Mr. Greenblum, can you prove that theorem?" 
Greenblum: "No, it's not in my book." 

We loosen steam valves in Willie's class . . . Reb blows 
even higher than the radiator. 
Willie: "I just don't understand." 

Steinberg: "Whatsamatter Reb, finally started listening to 

Shmid institutes hockey game . . . three-quarters of 
class spends time in penalty box . . . Rosenblum retaliates 
with Playboy Parushim . . . Mahram Alshich leads the 
league with .500 B. A. 

Berkowitz throws fifty question quiz at us, we throw it 
back . . . Pulls homework check, backs off when Ira pulls 
knife . . . Cries foul when Richie spends first thirty-five 
minutes of class davening Mincha . . . 
Berkowitz: "What do you think I am, a goy off of the 

Sanders takes over Metzger's class . . . Spends first 
two months telling us about his bloody gumbas. 
LKS: "The main export of Albania is rocks." 

J.V. wins championship as Tully walks off with MVP. 
Harold: "Tully, bring back that trophy!" 

Class stares in horror as Bob gets up to write on board. 
Bob: "Some men tink dat everybody talks like Rocky 

Lessel gives test and chortles with glee as twenty-eight 
out of twenty-seven students fail . . . Rubinfeld teaches two 
months work in two days . . . class fails to notice difference. 

B'nee, you will take me down this instant. 

Berkowitz begins to crack down on class community ef- 

Berkowitz: "Murray, are Martin's answers correct?" . . . 
Or, "Larry, if you get a hundred, are you going to thank 
Joshua, Richard, and Sam for making it all possible?" 

We visit West Point . . . Jeff expounds on merits of all- 
boys school . . . Bus ride separates the men from the boys 
among other things. 

Mr. Friend substitutes for Rubinfeld . . . 
Freundel: "Hey Mr. Friend could you do that again?" 

We introduce Friend to Richie who proceeds to have an 
epilectic fit . . . 
Richie: "Stop laughing, you b . . ." 

Shmid can't figure out why things keep on breaking in 
the lab. Almost find out when Singer bombards him with 
a barrage of corks . . . Regents sneak up on us . . . We 
sneak up on Berkowitz . . . 

Berkowitz: "Hector, keep your hand down for the next 
1 1 days." 

We bid auld lang paranoia to Kerby and head for the 
beach with another year tucked under our belts and 
clogged in our minds. 


"Now that we have moved to bigger and better quar- 
ters, I expect you as third year students to preserve the 
dignity of this structure . . ." 

Year starts off with a bang as 302 mysteriously be- 
comes teacher's bathroom and ANZ begins pogroms . . . 
ANZ: "Steinberg, come into my office." 

Bird becomes first victim of massacre: "I don't care 
what obscene symbolism it has!" 

Moe tells us that only two things count in his class — 
"homework, Final, and mah impression." 

Rock begins love affair with Wertentheil . . . 
Rock: Vertentheil, your tzidkus is seeded with cynicism." 

Doc relates his struggle with Og, Melech Habo- 
shon . . . 

Doc: "Boys, you vill stop being a good class or you will 

We meet Zuck, the round sadist. Zuck meets Boden- 
stein, the round fascist. They begin year-long mutual 
admiration society. 

Zuck: "Bodenstein, give me an example of potential 

Bodenstein: "If I roll you down an inclined plane." 
Zuck: "Bodenstein, If you're going to walk around with 
your collar open, please tell your mother to wash your 
undershirt once in a while." 

R. Durchinidiscovers that class is not learning proper- 

R. Durchin: "Veinstock, vat is the metteh?" 
Weinstock: "Reb, I can't stand it in here." 
R. Durchin: "Yes, I know how you feel." 

Max makes the mistake of taking super-garbage on 
the fourth floor . . . Undergoes daily paper airplane 
Max: "What did I do to deserve this?" 

Moe reads class register: "Schiffmiller, ah had your 
brother many years ago ... I never had a Wang be- 
fore . . . Gamss, do you have a sister in the girl's 
school named Gamss? . . . Jonas Murray and Ben Mur- 
ray, are you related?" 

Ex- Metropolitan Opera soprano comes to teach 
Math . . . 

Freundel: "If you keep us in late, Mr. Weiss, we'll tell 
your wife that you're fooling around after work." 

If I see one more person going out that window . 


Louie: "You should have learned this in ninth grade." 
Singer: "But Reb, we had a lousy teacher in the ninth 

Louie: "I remember, I had a lousy class." 

Metzger: The war of 1812 was a big war. What do you 

think of it?" 

Student: "It's pretty good at the beginning but it gets 

boring later on." 

We discover Brand to be an even bigger ham than 
Strum was . . . 
Brand: "You bite your thumb at me sir?" 

Moe continues to live up to our expectations . . . 
Moe: "In between all mah students, ah see 720 eyes 
every day." 

Frankel institutes Bais Din . . . levies fines on all 
wrongdoers . . . 

Frankel: "Five cents for looking out the window, ten 
cents for coming late, fifteen cents for talking in class; 
and if you°give a buck to Tzedakah, you can stay out 
the whole day." 

R. Dufchin becomes more and more disenchanted, 
gives Tully the boot. 

R. Durchin: "You learn Gemara like grass grows on.the 

Willie proves that history repeats itself as he kicks 
out Bein for third consecutive year. 
Willie: "Lerner, one more time and that's it." 
Lerner: "Reb, I plead guilty in the case of Lerner 
versus Willie." 




Much to the Rock's chagrm, lemon layup drills are 
instituted during chazara. 
Rock: "You are a bunch of ennemals, you ennemals!" 

Zuck begins the saga of Flo: "... and there was 
Andy the Ghoul eating his lunch." 

Louie gives class lesson in etiquette . . . 
Louie: "What do you do when you want to say some- 
thing? SHUT UP!" 

Class begins flanking maneuvers in Doc's class. Doc 
tries quarterback sneak but is thrown for a loss as line- 
backers blitz. 

Miro subs for Rock . . . quickly regrets it. 
Miro: "You should have a cancer on the way home." 

Archie gives vocabulary quiz. We fail to match up 
anything with Campbell's soup . . . Richie says twenty- 
two tenses perfectly well to the delight of the stout 

Moe: "Zelenetz, ah give you 99 faw fawh years but I 
can still fail you for one time talking in class." 
Zuck: "Does he really talk like that?" 

We meet Dumbo Yukolis who gives us list of fan- 
tastic individuals. 

Barney: "Gentleman, you have some nerve interrupting 
me while I am speaking." 
Schiffmiller: "Oh, were you speaking, Mr. Yukolis?" 

Zuck fakes out B class by giving sejjarate tests to al- 
ternate rows . . . 

Class: "I can't believe it! He's letting us cheat!" 
Zuck (to next class): "Do you know that thirteen of 
those retards fell for it and failed?" 

End comes for Bergelson as he follows Steinberg, 
Gilden and Rosenwasser to the great unknown. 
ANZ: "Only eighty-seven more to go . . ." 

Max breaks down as class disappears through back 
window. War games begin on roof . . . Class average 
hovers around absolute zero as Zuck gives twenty-fifth 

Zuck: "Bodenstein's all right, it's just that he sits near 
the window, and when the breeze blows in . . ." 
Moe: "Ah want to warn "you that your mahk in June 
will be closely connected with your final, but mah im- 
pression is everything." 
Louie: "#$%&**#!!" 
Class: "Reb, what you said!" 
Louie: "And what I thought was worse." 

Too bad Doc doesn't have a copy of the Regents in 
his drawer . . . Intellectual constipation occurs as we 
take four Regents in three days . . . Can't wait till next 
year when webecome class of 69. 

?: "Gentlemen, I wish all of you to remember that next 
year in, college will be completely different from anything 
you have experienced in four years of B.T. A." 

Moe: "Mid-term final is coming soon." 

Louie begins A. P. course . . . spends first three months 
describing what we will learn, not learn, and not under- 
stand anyway. 

Louie: "Martin, I expected a comment from you because 
you're always full of . . . " 

Tarendash falls three weeks behind after the first day. 
He promises to finish course anyway . . . Besdin brings 
down Rabbi Greenberg who tells us about the Rabbi Drs. 
of today . . . Moe^ells it hke it is . . . 

Moe: "Mah boy knows no French at all but he is fahv 
years more advanced than you ..." Or, "If Zeienetz 
were'a boy in the girls' school, he would be the first." 

We meet Rosenthal, and begin term long put-on . 
Rosenthal: "Who called out?" 
rreundel: "Almost everybody." 

X ne IS made or pretty strong stUH as he 
takes class again ... 

Rock: "Eh Schlufflcraut, vould you kindly sit down, vou 

R. Yogel demonstrates astute knowledge of Enghsh 
language . . . 

R. Yogel: "You either have a stiff nose, a stuffed neck, or 
a horsey throat." 

Once upon a time department . . . 
Moe: "Four years ago ah had six juniors who ah saw 
smiling in class. These three seniors, when ah saw them, 
ah failed them with fawty pawnts and 4 u's six months 
before the report cawd. Ah have not for seven years done 
this, but ah will fail you if you don't do your homework 
every day except when you don't do it." 

Rosenthal tries his hand at teaching ... is forced to re- 
sort to zaps . . . 

Rosenthal: "I called on no one." 
Goldblatt: "He's not here." 

Chanukah Chagiga proves to be a hit as ANZ fails to 
make an appearance. 

Moe continues to overcome all adversity as we reach the 
fifth year level in college ... 

SAT's and Kaplan come and go. Brill pulls 1 568 compos- 
ite on the Boards to the delight of the tall one. 
ANZ: "Brill, I always knew you could do it, after all, you 
did so well on our entrance examination." 
Moe: "Solomon Allan whah don't you know the poem?" 
Solomon: "Well you see Monsieur, I was laid up with 
Dodge Fever." 

ANZ provides a student lounge to seniors. Kalish donates 
a new lock . . . forgets to give the key. 

Tarendash falls six months behind . . . 
Dym: "Mr. Tarendash, could you please repeat that?" 
Tarendash: "Dym, if you could get the $#!rf out of your 
ears, maybe you could hear something." 

Our mornings prove to be even more interesting as the 
year rolls along . . . 

Rock: "Wertentheil, will you kindly leave the room?" 
Wertentheil: "Reb, all you do is pick, pick, pick." 
Rock: "You are a B.S Baal Shtus." 

Herbie organizes class-in-exile . . . Vince is elected Raish 
Galusa in life or death struggle with Bert. 

LKS socks it to us . . . 
Fruchter: Mr. Sanders, why do you teach here anyway?" 
LKS: "It's on the way home." 

Moe: "On Regehnts in Girl's school there ahr fawh 
choices, two of which are equally correct but only wuhn 
is acceptable." 

Rosenthal decides to teach us contemporary literature 
We end up learning Cyrano de Bergerac anyway. 
Rosenthal: "Brooks, don't scratch your head when you 
talk to me." 

Brooks: "At least I have something to scratch." 
Rosenthal (obviously hurt): I'm not bald, I just part my 
hair funny." 

Kalish grows tired of chasing us off the grass, decides to 
lock the bathrooms instead . . . Students threaten to take 
immediate action. 

Moe: "And so ah said to mahself, 'Self!' " 

Purim Chagiga is even a bigger smash than the Cha- 
nukah. ANZ shows up and wishes we didn't . . . However 
Marty manages to impress the Rabbi Dr. with his un- 
usual guitar playing . . . Chasky blows lines, ANZ blows 

ANZ: "You mean to tell me that Wang didn't know what 
he was saying?" 
Students: "But Rabbi ..." 
ANZ: "you mean to tell me ... " 

Yetta starts phone call campaign ... 88 seniors caught 
cutting . . . Jeff takes two week leave of absence . . . 
Yetta: "Do you really expect me to believe that Bronheim 
went to Florida." 

Rock (during middle of test) : Eh, would you kindly stop 

Elchanite raffle proves to be huge success as Phil cops 
second prize . . . 
Waldoks: "But I was supposed to win the T. V." 

Besdin leaves and former Jewish philosophers find 
Willie as irrepressible as ever . . . 

Willie: Grrrr . . . Lerner, I don't care if this is the first 
day, I'm sick o'you . Get out. 

Willie announces first test . . . 
Class: " Reb, what's the test on?" 
Schildkraut: "On Tuesday." 

Rosenthal asks us to write outlines about our deaths. 
Sam writes love letteri to Gary— "So I'll see ya . . . 

Moe tells us about the facts of life: "In France, all the 
lefties raht with their raht hand." 

Spring rites observed with incense burning in Rock's 
class ... 

Rock: "Eh, Singer, I have lived with you for two weeks 
you ennimal." 


i kf^jsi IM^^iltf/vinTliWiTaH fei a V*i^VrMriRl:V it^ i' 

for chem Regents . . . We discover that if it burns, Rosen- 
thal will smoke it . . . ANZ follows up Purim Chagiga 
by ordering partition built between him and the administra- 
tive assistant ... 

ANZ: "If anybody should call in the next three hours, 
Mrs. Rosenman, tell hiift that I'm out to lunch." 

We raid Washington, fail to find statue of ANZ any- 
where . . . Finals approach rapidly, we come in more 

Moe: "Ah want to tell you that you better study for Final, 
if you fail Final, ah will fail you. Ah always say what ah 
mean ..." We don't study for Final; pass anyway with 

Graduation comes, we leave BTA in glory . . . My 
Country 'Tis of Thee forever ... 

Looie begins to panic as A. P. Tests approach; does 
analytic geometry in five minutes . . . Bodenstein decides 
to take CD test . . . Looie brings in tie with strange in- 
scription on it, is forced to hide when class explains how 
everything got screwed up. 





















Mark Balban 125 Ocean Ave 

Joel Baum 100 Linden Blvd. 

Murrav Bern 577 f-.5St 

Larry Bernstein 5100 15 Ave. 

Herman Bistricer 1322 50 St. 

Robert Blashka 576 Eastern Parkway PR2-4598 

Norman Bodenstein 108-31 65 Road, Forest Hills ES3-8429 

Sol Borg 552 1 Ave. K 763-7433 

Leonard Borger 1905 Ave. M 253-9498 

Ben Brand 32 Maple St. IN9-5842 

Gary Brand 183 Ave. O TE7-6076 

Joshua Braun 1470 E. 12 St. 336-3944 

Elliot Brick 3119 Nostrand Ave. DE9-8425 

Steven Brill 1695 E. 21 St 258-6085 

Jeff Bronheim 2338 62 St DE9-3030 

Jeffrey Bronner 21 Story St UL4-3415 

Harold Brooks 1431 53 St ULl-7691 

Sam Davies 2101 79 St 259-7447 

Steven Dym 2457 E. 1 St. DE9-7691 

Martin Ehrenberg 263 Parkside Ave. BU7-41 1 1 

Howard Finkelstein 1221 42 St. UL4-4883 

Robert Fluhr 50 Parkville Ave. 438-7351 

Bernard Freundel 2102 74 St. 259-2307 

Steven Fries 5801 Glen wood Rd. 251-1 129 

Joel Fruchter 520 Crown St. IN7-8443 

Thomas Fuchs 860 51 St. UL4-1865 

Jack Fuhrer 428 E. 46 St. 693-2826 

Benjamin Gamss 23 Tehama St. GE6-7486 

Sander Glatt 1518 E. 8 St. 336-0216 

Bernard Goldblatt 1870 E. 19 St 336-5926 

Stanley Goldin 529 Colonade Rd., West Hempstead 516 IV9-9121 

Joseph Goldstein 1615 E. 24 St CL3-8608 

Bert Gottesman 7803 20 Ave CL6-03 1 1 

Ira Hartman 829 E. 56 St CLl-9182 

Joel Hirsch 4905 Ave. K 253-5865 

Leonard Hirsh 1474 E. 9 St 336-6533 

David Hollander 2723 Strickland Ave 241-4068 

Irwin Hollander 128-19 Cronston Ave., Belle Harbor 474.7797 

Jay Horowitz 1577 E. 18 St DE9-3331 

Murray Jonas 1560 W. 10 St. CL6-5861 

Alan kalmsky 1302 E. 58 St. RN3-3277 

Josef Kanotopsky 692 Hempstead Ave., West Hempstead 516 IV5-5397 

Marvm Kislak 721-AE. 7St. GE8-5764 

Morey Korenblit 1049 E. 12 St. CL8-7274 








Marcus Kurtz 7602 21 Ave. 

David Lerner 

Emery Leventhal 


50 Lefferts Ave 282- 

1527 53 St ULl- 

Charles Levner 2269 E. 63 St RN3- 

Steven Lipman 701 E. 82 St 763- 

Morris Lipschick 258 E. 53 St HY6- 

Steve Mermelstein 29 Maple St UL6- 

Elliot Nemetski 1 1 18 E. 9 St CL2- 

Martin Nottes 2823 W. 12 St ES3- 

Richard Polirer 7400 Shorefront P'kway, Arverne 634- 

Tevey Ratz 5708 Beverly Rd 451- 

Naftali Reich 864 E. 7 St 434- 

Neal Ringel 1829 49 St 633- 

Chaim Rosen 3013 Br. 12 St SH3- 

Allan Rosenberg 2721 Kings H'way 253- 

Howard Rosenblum 1157 E. 14 St 252- 

Alan Rothberger 1350 Ocean P'kway 375- 

Ira Rudowsky 55 Lenox Rd BU7- 

Samuel Safran 1206 55 St UL4- 

Harold Schechter 870 E. 9 St DE8- 

Martin Schiffmiller 116 Lenox Rd UL6 

David Schildkraut 2135 E. 13 St NI5 

Stanley Schleifer 1677 50 St 494 

Joseph Schlufman 1310 E. 84 St RN3 

Martin Schnall 2065-A Ocean P'kway 645 

David Schneider 2537 W. 3 St ES6 

Ira Silverstein 1834 Caton Ave 856 

Saul Singer 4607 14 Ave GE8 

Charles Snow 1424 50 St ULl 

Alan Solomon 2820 Br. 7 St 

Isidore Steiner 1 164 E. 52 St CL 

Moshe Steiner 955 E. 106 St CL7 

Martin Taub 3061 Br. 5 St NI8 

Gary Turk 2284 E. 23 St SH3 

Phillip Waldoks 45 Hawthorne St BU7 

Howard Wang 82 E. 39 St 774 

Matthew Weinstock 1315 E. 10 St NI5 

Norman Weisman 1371 51 St UL4 

Marvin Wertentheil 4803 Ave. K 258 

Jeffrey Widawsky 4710 16 Ave GE8 

Sol Wilner 1 125 E. 57 St HI4 

Richard Zelenetz 2060 Ocean Ave 998 

David Zimmerman 1530 48 St HY4 







Time is was. 

And what a time it was, 

It was a time. 

A time of innocence, 

A time of confidences, 

Long ago, it must be, 

I have a photograph. 

Preserve your memories 

They're all that's left you. 

— Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel 

The sights and sounds of BTA will 
most assuredly pass quickly from 
our memories. Gone will be our 
conception of its buildings, its 
hallways, its staircases. What we 
shall remember will be the enthu- 
siasm and the spirit with which we 
pursued learning and life at BTA. 
Elchanite '69 has tried to capture 
some of that spirit. 

—Phillip Waldoks 

^mm ^'^