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woke up 
fell out of bed 
dragged a comb 
across my head 
found my way downstairs and had a cup 
and looking up 
i noticed i was late 
got my coat and grabbed my hat 

made my bus in seconds flat . . . 

a day in the life, beatles 

published by the students of 
yeshiva university high school 
1277 east 14th street 
brooklyn. new york 1 1 230 



our morning is comprised of Hebraic studies, 
talmud's constant challenge echoes the heri- 
tage of our forefathers, torarfs unique quali- 
ties are apparent in that it affords the op- 
portunity for the rabbi to instruct, the pupil 
to absorb, and for both to gain . . . 

A liberal education forms the backbone of 
the secular studies, combining insight and 
perspective to project a real and clear image 
of the world . . . 

bta doesn't turn out methodical mathematicians or 
soulless scientists. The school forms a policy where 
the temper of the mind in conjunction with the body 
is cherished more than pure academic credentials. It 
is a school of spirit — a spirit of constructive accom- 
plishment, which each day realizes new horizons. 


1 ^ 

^2 Bi c 

= ymtwm*' ^ i 


a day in the life 


OM <=RM>i <=Mxaftam <zN. 2uioff 


Students are hereby ad 
except in emergencies, no armour 
be made in classes during the sc 

manifold activities will be posl 
bulletin boards located in the J 
on the FIRST FLOOR. 

Students who are intei 
therefore urged to consult the b 
boards for information of activi 



"w m 

II "Vfllllfe 



rabbi solomon drillman 

rabbi alfred cohen 





. <- W 


(nr. Joseph siriini 

mr. ivan rosenthal 


mr. barney vukolis 



rabbi louis cooper 

chairman .^^^^. 

coach, math team W4k 


mr. william werblowsky 



rabbi dr. fred bohensky 


mr. abraham perkel 
general science 



mr. albert berkowitz 


mr. burton zuckerman 

W^ 1 

mr. albert tarendash 




rabbi wilfred wolfson 

Jewish history 

IB r\ ■ m 


F^jpE v 

Br Kv 

mr. maurice marshal 

dr. thomas mc donald 




mr. leon leibowitz 

mr. harr\ allan 


hyman abramchick 
chicky, a mirrer refugee, often 
risked his life on the staircase, the 
shorter half of bta's answer to mutt 
and jeff, he found soccer to be his 
interest, chicky will dance his way 
to bedford and avenue h. 

howard abramowitz 
one of looie's selected few, 
howie utilized his mathemat- 
ical abilities to measure angle 
shots upstairs in the pool 
room, his feet were put to 
good use as he captained the 
yusocks and cindermen. an 
ardent b'nei akivanik, howie 
hopes to spend his time next 
year working on a kibbutz. 

tanley adler 

vhen not arguing with the rabbi, president 
;tan found time to attend some classes and 
nany movies, captain of the bowling team 
and kingpin of the school, Stanley succeded 
n obtaining a pool table for the student 
Dody. his experience as a benchwarmer will 
lelp him next year, when he will have to 
attend classes. 

she/don alster 

shelly, who got "excused" from 
gemorah many times, developed a 
sharp shooting eye as he played 
half court from 9 to 1. a prime 
target of the reb, oscar made the 
rounds from the lounge, to zim- 
baro's, and to beth's. shell) will 
major in "ennemel" behavior at 

marc aron 

marc was noted for his vast knowl- 
edge of man's endeavors on the 
playing field, he scored his own 
baskets as a j.v. forward, and 
later on scored other players' bas- 
kets as yugar manager, marc will 
pursue his higher education at the 
oldest and largest. 

neil aronson 

neil, a latecomer from eastern 
parkway, continued his tradition 
by coming tardy many a morning. 
a fine asset to the yusocks, he 
helped steer the soccer team to 
victory, neil will major in pre- 
dentistry in nyu next year. 

Steven bamberg 

another member of the mass migra- 
tion from mirrer, steve finally 
developed gills after swimming 
eight nights a week, anchor man in 
the bedrick to kerschen to bamberg 
literary team, steve aspires to be- 
come a samana. following in the 
footsteps of johnny weismuller, 
steve will blossom into a great 
Olympic swimmer. 


here he is! startling steve and his flamin' candles! 

michael baum 

an emigre from the wilds of jersey, 
mike quickly gained respect in the 
eyes of his peers, an apologist for 
the political right, mike became a 
fervent follower of r. kahane. sup- 
plementing his vice-presidential 
career by doing manual labor in 
the bookroom, he also debated for 
the yuspeaks. mike will continue 
succeeding in all his endeavors at 

Howard banner 

a founder of the tsna and writer 
and star of the chagiga, zach was 
also known for repudiating the 1 3th 
amendment when he made slaves 
of the freshies in the library, among 
his other distinctions were editing 
the klavenstein courier, playing the 
forbidden song on his harmonica. 
and authoring the master of the 
staff, chaim will continue writing 
epics while majoring in science in 

Jeffrey bed rick 

jeff was constantly number one in 
our school when it came to boards, 
regents, or completing the trilogy, 
his immense knowledge gained him 
the captainship of the yuclids, a 
starting berth on the dunedain, 
and the post of h.s. bowl manager 
in his senior year, all these qualifi- 
cations enabled him to become the 
only bta student going to princeton 
next fall. 

abraham blank 

bta's louis harris, abe could always 
be found polling students on ques- 
tions such as "did you copy your 
french homework?" and register- 
ing their answers for further anal- 
ysis, abe also was our historian 
and marked down in his "diary" 
many incidents that were humorous 
and many that were scandalous, 
pending charges of libel and black- 
mail, abe should do well in y.u. 
next year. 

Joshua bertram 

josh matured into a ferocious center, grabbing 
rebounds at both ends of the court, he became 
everyone's favorite, except possibly bill wiener's, 
possessor of a strong and accurate arm, shoe 
pitched the yuballs to victory, big shoe will bring 
the mighty-mites a championship next year as 
he attends yeshiva. 

Joseph blank 

joey, the elder (20 minutes) of the 
blank bros., teamed up with abe as 
art editors of the elchanite, topics, 
and anything else that turned up. 
a fine student, joey served as vice- 
president of arista. ... or was that 
abe? anyway, whoever he is will 
go on to y.u. next year, leaving 
bta only one abe and joe pair. 

burt blass 

burt was one of harold bretstein's 
most promising pupils, the tall 
one surprised everyone when he 
dutifully informed our french 
mentor as to the true significance 
of his punishment assignments, 
after doing many a french punish- 
ment, burt will go on to brooklyn 

'i got my job through the n.y. times.* 

irwin blum 

irwin rose from obscurity to the 
heights of power as g.o. and iy 
president, a philosophical anar- 
chist, he quickly became a charter 
member of the tsna, where his 
insane and inane actions were put 
to constructive use. famous for 
surrealistic verse and love of comic 
books, irwin's literary talents 
served him well as feature ed. of 
the topics and ass. editor of the 
elchanite. irwin will continue 
fighting evil with pen and/or sword 
at Columbia, where he'll major in 
history and megalomania. 

leonard bodner 

lenny, two term athletic mgr., suc- 
cessfully ran efficient intramural 
games in all sports, his shooting 
helped the arista basketball team 
in its quest for respectability. 
Lenny will trade his whistles for 
a dissecting kit as he majors in 
biology at b'klyn. 

leslie braun 

leslie came to ta in his sophomore 
year and wasted no time trying to 
join the frantic fold of frodo's 
fanatics, unable to gain entry until 
his senior year, he nonetheless 
learned to excel in fencing and 
elven lore, les will major in psy- 
chology in brooklyn this fall. 

harold bronheim 

boots, who possessed the biggest 
station wagon in brooklyn, put it 
to good use lugging amplifiers as 
assistant chagiga head, a fine back- 
stroker, he contributed to the 
aquamen's victories, harold will 
put on tefillin next year in stony 
brook where he will major in as- 
tronomical physics. 

ira buckman 

bucky, who abandoned everything 
and made that long and treacher- 
ous peregrination from mirrer to 
our new and virgin building, could 
always be told apart from wargon 
because of his red hair, one of 
mr. metzgefs poli sci boys, ira 
will continue next year at b'klyn, 
where he'll major in the social 

louis davies 

louie, a scion of a musical house, enter- 
tained many at various chagigas. man- 
ager of the swimming team and carrier 
of the cut sheet, he was often seen 
riding shotgun on unty's motorcycle, 
louie will major in italian culinary arts 
in city. 

dov cohen 

a swimming team dropout and jv 
alumnus, dov found true happiness 
hoarding money for the elchanite. 
a good man with a pencil, dov was 
art editor for the review, focus, 
and dialect, dov's good looks 
should help him when he goes up- 
town to major in business ad- 

harry dym 

a learner from toras ernes, harry 
came to bta to head the yoc and 
hakol. after being a charter mem- 
ber of the faivi-fan club, he 
"dimmed' 1 out for a year and a 
half in club 202. harry's affable 
personality and sense of humor 
will help him at amsterdam and 

peter John farkas 
our number one hungarian, pete 
quickly made a name for himself 
as number one pool shark, a jv 
alumnus, peter was out in the 
backyard regardless of rain, snow 
or classes, one of frank's favorites, 
peter john will major in pre-law at 
cuny next year. 

jerry feig 

shuttling back and forth between 
zimbaro's and the student lounge, 
jerry managed to attend h.w.b.'s 
shiur occasionally, one of our 
topics circulation managers, jerry 
will give up peddling newspapers 
for studying bio-chem in nyu next 

saul fischer 

saul, who spent most o\' his time getting admits, gained a 
reputation in yuhsb as the great dissenter, captain of the 
dunedain, ass. editor of the elchanite. topics feature editor, 
and editor of the review, he also labored for the tsna and 
iww. after a year on hach. saul will go to u of Chicago, where 
he'll plan for a career in manual labor. 

,... ,. .„>...,. .J.,.*-,... . . 

elliot fishman 

the studious type, elliot especially 
excelled in math and was a de- 
voted member of looie's class, 
showing his diverse abilities by 
his membership on the bowling 
and math teams, elliot will major 
in pre-med at nyu. 

arnold fries 

though first known as Steve's 
brother, arnie quickly made a 
name for himself as a hot-tempered 
swordsman and reader of the tril- 
ogy, a veteran of the lerman to 
s.d. route, arnie should put his 
talmudical skill and quiet demea- 
nor to very good use next year at 

i van gins berg 

ivan, who achieved the nickname of 
killer in rabbi lerman's class, was 
vicious only when blocking shots 
in the locker room hockey games. 
a member of jack's a. p. club, he 
will major in the social sciences at 
yeshiva next year. 

martin gold 

marty, a former jv star, was al- 
ways among the first out on the 
lawn for a game of football, a 
social science man, he joined 
jack's a. p. club, marty's winning 
smile will gain him many friends 
when he takes the a train uptown. 


solomon goldman 
Syria's own contribution to bta, 
sol was noted for his immense 
knowledge of tanach and his prow- 
ess on the gridiron, he pursued 
both these interests to good mea- 
sure, captaining the hebrew h.s. 
bowl team and extolling the merits 
of alex webster's finest, solomon 
will trade football for gemorah as 
he enters the hallowed halls of 
yeshiva u. 

thank heavens i saw my doctor, i thought there was some- 
thins wrone with me! 

/red greenstein 

fred, whose bright smile and loud 
remarks livened up many a math 
class, endeared himself to zuck and 
looie. aside from being typing 
editor of the topics, "c.c." will be 
remembered for his guitar playing 
at the chagigos. freddie will major 
in chem next year at b'klyn. 

joel halpern 

joel, after a year in mta, returned to brooklyn 
to matriculate at yuhsb. guardian of the stu- 
dent lounge and bomzer's coffee-man, he man- 
aged to play for the yuballs in his spare 
time, joel will continue shooting pool and 
going to knick games next year, when he 
attends erna michael. 

yussie halpern 

topics editor, literary editor of the 
yearbook, and library head, yussie 
still found time to maintain a high 
average, a three term member of 
club 202, yuss was one of r. yogel's 
favorite masmidim. yussie will 
travel to the junction to major in 
either english or history. 


marcus hanfling 

marc, a leader of the sophomore 
year mirrer migration, also cap- 
tained the east faction in the civil 
war in r. schepansky's class, soft- 
ball mgr. and head of the glee club, 
marc will be best remembered for 
the reputation s.d. gave him as a 
heretical influence, marc will con- 
tinue selling tickets at yu next 

paid hershkowitz 
p.j., as paul prefers to be known, 
was always willing to borrow a 
french homework when the need 
arose, a protege of mr. brand, he 
also survived a double period of 
mr. metzger in his senior year, 
p.j. will pursue his interest in the 
social sciences at yeshiva, where he 
will organize the hungarian stu- 


► V 4 

11 V 


seymour herskovits 

shim, who proved that a studious nature and 
a popular personality could go together, 
gained fame as the cup-bearer of the 69th 
glass of the reb's tea. editor-in-chief of the 
spectrum and young israel big wig, it's cer- 
tain that he will do well when he goes on to 

Steven jacobowitz 
jocko's brilliant intellect, often 
belied by his quiet demeanor, was 
demonstrated by his excellent 
regents and board scores, his 
special proficiency in mathematics 
should prove to be of good use to 
him when he goes to brooklyn 
college next year. 

lenny kanarek 

lenny, one of our boys from flat- 
bush, was one of our most avid 
yugar fans, though he was often 
quiet in class, one of h.w.b/s 
favorites, lenny will resume his 
scholastic career at yu where he 
will major in the social sciences. 

mitchell kaufman 

mitch's fine forensic fortitude fol- 
lowed from many long hours spent 
arguing religion with his rabbeyim. 
captain of the debating team, and 
trips commissioner, mitch was 
also one of the leaders of the lawn 
football movement, his sharp 
tongue should be a great asset to 
him at Columbia. 

be quiet, monsieur, you'll be happier on mars. 

michael kramer 

ascending to the arista presidency cloaked in his eternal 
green jacket, mike developed his literary talents and 
became editor-in-chief of the bulletin, ass. editor of the 
review, and feature editor of the elchy. a member of the 
tsna and a penelope man, he headed our chagigas and 
played harmonica in the halls, mike hopes to get it 
together at Columbia next fall. 

david kerschen 

though he came to ta from mirrer 
in his junior year, dave's popularity 
got him elected to the position of 
elchanite photography editor, a 
man of books, he was a member 
of the bedrick-kerschen-bamberg 
literary trio, dave will take his 
camera to brooklyn, after a brief 
stay in istanbul. 


martin lebinger 

possessor of a keen mind and a 
willingness to work, marty ex- 
celled in all his endeavors at bta. 
after two years of r. drillman, 
marty took the big jump to club 
202. the only one to drop out of 
looie's class after receiving a 90, 
marty will take his affable person- 
ality to Columbia to major in bio- 

■ HncLUlM 

W Ct\uyfi-h 


rrifK UirriL ic 


william leitman 

william, who adopted the name 
of ellasar, gained reputation as 
the caped crusader, reading the 
tolkien trilogy in his soph year 
turned batman away from a prom- 
ising career in crime fighting and 
filled him with a desire to go west, 
billy exchanged his traveler's 
checks for a nun-chuka and quickly 
became the terror of the hallways. 
his love of healing and concern for 
human suffering should help him 
when he majors in pre-med at yu. 

hillel lichtenstein 

hillel, whose haircut made front- 
page news, was the hardworking 
typing editor of the topics and 
elchanite. popular with moe and 
looie, hilly nonetheless was mainly 
associated with the round sadist 
whom he imitated at chagigas. 
harpo will continue to pursue his 
love of physics next year at yu. 

sam moskowitz 

sam could always be found clicking away at his 
typewriter, elchanite typing editor, bulletin and 
topics managing editor, member of the math team, 
and arista sec'y-treas., "sham" was always doing 
something, an a. p. math club member, sam with 
the aid of his proficiency in mathematics will major 
in math at yu. 

Jeffrey neiman 

jeff, who knew more about sports 
than anyone in bta, awed every- 
one when he predicted a mets 
world series championship in 1967. 
next year, we will find jeff in b.c. 
and the n.y. giants in the super 
bowl, oh well . . . 

raht mah dear boh, there is no chocolate mess. 

alex novak 

transferring over from mirrer in 
his soph year, alex spent his last 
days in our new building, a resi- 
dent ben-torah in bomzer's class, 
he made the long trip to locust 
ave. from brighton beach each 
morning, alex's legs will serve 
him well on the staircases of 
brooklyn next year. 

norman palgon 

surprising us all by pulling 100 on 
his first strum composition, normie 
spent his four years at bta shoot- 
ing slapshots at stahl. the only 
one of us to be born with hair on 
his chest, he could always be found 
bribing zuck with ranger tickets, 
maintaining his policy of unselfish 
devotion to the cause, normie will 
wear his sssj button next fall at 

charles orbuch 

a three year varsity man, Charlie's 
height and strength helped him 
pull many rebounds, serving as 
athletic mgr. in his junior year, he 
was one of the first members of 
the class of '70 to win in a school 
election, charlie will travel to be 
to study medicine. 

alan pass 

our best driver, alan immediately 
became the most popular chauffeur 
when he purchased penelope. al 
was constantly using his car, either 
to pick up the topics, to transport 
the tsna, or to take the swimming 
team to practice, as chagiga head, 
he helped create two of the best 
shows in years, alan will give up a 
profitable career in hotel waiting 
for college as he takes his auto- 
mobile to buffalo. 

alan pelikow 

alan and his camera seemed al- 
most ubiquitous as he photo- 
graphed every aspect of school life 
for the elchanite and the topics, 
his most amazing feat was helping 
convince sam levine to shell out 
$200 for a darkroom, where alan 
spent most of his senior year, alan 
will take the darkroom with him 
to bedford and ave. h. next year. 

harold pretter 

finding ample time during the fall 
term to recreate the bulletin, 
harold was also editor-in-chief of 
the review, dialect and focus, al- 
most having an answer to every 
french question, he entertained his 
classmates with his antics as well 
as being a charter member of 
frankel's forum, harold will leave 
the g.o. office for cooper union 
next year where he will major in 
the fine arts. 

jay perl 

jay's most noteworthy achievement in his 
four years of talmud was bringing 57 
dollars for israel to r. cohen so he could 
pass gemorah. a j.v. alumnus, jay spent 
most of his time honing his skills in the 
backyard, however, he always had time 
to go to the movies with stan and gomez 
if the opportunity knocked, jay plans to 
continue playing ball and smiling at cuny 
next year. 

gary radzin 

gomez, whose ardor for the hoop did not cease even 
after he broke his leg at it while cutting harry's class, 
was a valuable asset to both the yugar-cheering and 
teacher-breaking squads, a learner from way back, 
gomez made it really big in his senior year in the rock's 
class, a spring term ath-mgr., gary will leave bta for be. 

robert roth 

shutterbug par excellence, bob was 
photography editor of everything, 
a member of the dunedain, he 
spent as much time fixing the 
buzzers as he did pushing them, 
bob showed his versatility by head- 
ing the audio-visual and newspaper 
squads, his knowledge — obscure 
and practical — should be a great 
asset to him when he goes to the 
main center. 

noah rothblatt 

manager of the yugars, noah had a 
wide range of duties from ordering 
buses to defending us against the 
outrages of bill schecter and bill 
wiener, the controversies in which 
he became embroiled taught him 
to be quick on his feet, which 
proved useful to him as captain of 
the cindermen. noah will get on 
the right track next year in 

arnold rotter 

a math and science man, arnie 
astounded everyone by never 
coming to berkowitz's class, 
rounding out his abilities by 
excelling on the yuclids, he was 
one of looie's fervent followers, 
scoring phenomenally high on the 
regents scholarship test, arnie will 
major in bio-chemistry in b'klyn. 

manny ruchelsman 

manny who holds the honored 
position of being the first of us 
to receive his very own draft 
card, was one of jack's poli sci 
scholars, the only one to get 100 
on the american history regents, 
he was the manager of both the 
softball and chess and checker 
teams, after four trying years at 
bta, manny, who will major in 
poli sci at yeshiva, is not sure 
himself how to pronounce his 

Steven Salomon 

arriving from mirrer as a junior, steve drew 
the attention of the student body and suspi- 
cion of the tsna by ordering rings for the 
seniors, an enthusiastic pool shark, steve 
hopes to avoid the eight ball next year in 

dis liddle piggy went to market 

gary schlesinger 

gary amazed us all with his frantic and moving dance 
interpretations at our chagigas. one of moe's favorite 
clowns, he was the only one ever to be able to lose his 
sight one period a day for two weeks, gary will ad- 
vance his terpsichorean talents next year at bar-ilan. 

ira schaer 

one of our fervent b'nei akivaniks, 
ira busied himself by playing soc- 
cer for the yusox and football for 
the lawn football movement, ira 
will take with him the relevant 
education he received to israel, 
where he will collect eggs and 
shovel manure on hach. 

elliott scheinberg 

eli, who came from the wilds of 
torah vodaas to bta in our junior 
year, astounded moe with his 
memorization of several master- 
pieces by victor hugo. his well- 
known ability helped him become 
rock's t and 1 boy. elliott will major 
in math or physics in technion in 
the fall. 



mark schlusselberg 
mark, who displayed an amazing 
amount of scholarship in both 
gemorah and math, was one of 
the few students in bta to learn 
during chazarah and to under- 
stand looie. a true yeshiva bochur, 
mark will nonetheless go on to y.u. 
next year. 

herbie Schneider 

a cheerful attitude won herb many 
friends in bta. captain of the yusox, 
herbie led the soccer team to vic- 
tory, he was one of the few who 
made arista in his junior year, 
herbie will travel uptown in the 
fall to major in the sciences. 

sam schoss 

a serious scholar in tosefot and cal- 
culus, sam succeeded in both club 202 
and looie's class, nonetheless, he found 
time to help edit the hakol and head 
the glee club, sam will take his golden 
voice to yu where he'll major in biology 
or chemistry. 

ezra skolnick 

ezra, whose immense knowledge of 
history proved an enormous asset 
for him scholastically, also suc- 
ceeded in becoming one of the 
dunedain's starting four on the 
h.s. bowl team, manager of j.v. 
basketball, ezra should "manage" 
to succeed at belkinsville this fall. 

david small 

a far rockaway commuter, dave 
was always willing to lend his 
car for clandestine trips to staten 
island, when not dragging a car- 
load of seniors around, dave served 
as photography editor of the 
elchanite, and breastroker for the 
aquamen. we wish dave success 
in his unending search for parking 
space when he attends brooklyn 
next fall. 

marvin slomowitz 
neither rain, now snow, nor sleet, 
could prevent moishe from a game 
of football on the lawn, one of the 
sages of club 202, marv found 
ample time to compile the yugar. 
captain of the yuballs, marv will 
trade bats for books next year at 

mo is he smilovicz 

making the journey over the much 
trodden road from boro park to 
bta, moishe, manager of the soft- 
ball team, also found time for the 
track team, the soccer team, the 
glee club, and other sundry teams, 
moishe will learn how to get into 
everybody's mouth as he majors in 
pre-dentistry up at y.u. 

david stahl 

when not demonstrating at the 
soviet mission with betar, sssj, or 
jdl, dave spent his time scoring 
goals in the locker room, next year 
dave will remove his hockey stick 
from ta and get the puck out of 
here when he journeys to brooklyn 

there i was on forty yard line . . . tacklers all around me! 

moshael Straus 

mosh, one of looie's geniuses, 
spent much of his senior year 
waiting for waldo to get 20 points, 
an all-round student, being one of 
the cindermen's speedsters and 
also a merit letter winner, he was 
often plagued with cries of moe's 
"moshael, you are absent-minded", 
moshael, an expert in undershirts, 
will continue his studies in y.u. 

michael svei 

fastest freestyler in the east, 
mickey ably led the aquamen. 
g.o. sec'y-treas., he also 
busied himself as i.y. repre- 
sentative and activities editor 
of the elchanite. mick was 
noted for his head of hair, 
becoming one of the reb's 
favorite targets, mickey will 
exchange stopwatch for slide- 
rule, as he majors in math in 

david unterberg 

the only senior with a motorcycle, 
dave could always be seen giving 
his friends free rides, a karate 
expert and aquaman, "dave pity" 
became a pretty good man with the 
cue stick, going to b'klyn next 
year, bronson shouldn't find it too 
hard getting a parking space for 
his bike. 

simeon vogel 

simeon, who possessed moe's fa- 
vorite name, became noted for 
cutting his soph year and going to 
israel. however, he so missed the 
cheerful yuhsb atmosphere that he 
decided to return, a sojourn in 
jack's a. p. paradise often caused 
him to regret his return, simeon 
will leave ta for good to go uptown. 

morris wargon 

morris, a mirrer immigrant, proved 
that french homework could be 
done anywhere, a member of s.d.'s 
"silent majority" and jolly jack's 
a. p. class, morris could be told 
from bucky by his red hair, he 
will study pre-law at y.u. next fall. 

arthur weiner 

captain of the yugars, artie was as 
good a scorer on his sat's as he 
was in basketball, when not shoot- 
ing hoops, waldo would always 
volunteer for a game of touch 
football, surviving a year each 
with zuck and tarendash, artie will 
take his corner shot to bedford 
and ave. h., where he will major in 
the sciences. 

Howard weinrib 

howie, who really knew how to welcome 
the new year in a big way, was generally 
known as captain of our triumphant 
yugars. munchkin, as he was 
called by thousands of mjhsl fans, was 
also elchanite activities editor, howie 
will take his yugar glory to city next year. 

then came radzin 

hey, reb, this tea is something else! 

andre weiss 

andre' who came to ta from the 
hebrew institute of boro park, be- 
came enmeshed in such diverse ac- 
tivities as the chess team, the li- 
brary, and the student struggle for 
soviet Jewry, a profound scholar, 
andre 7 will succeed in buffalo next 
year, where he will major in 

dav id weiss 

mysteriously losing his voice when 
moe assigned the french poem, 
dovie managed to get a week and 
a half extra to study for it. an 
a. p. math dropout, he decided to 
leave the complexities of calculus 
for college, next year, dovie will 
go to kerem b'yavneh, where he 
will do his thing. 

marshall wilen 

marshall excelled both in the aca- 
demic and extra-curricular spheres, 
editor-in-chief of the bulletin, fea- 
ture editor of the topics, and head 
of the library, he also proved an 
asset to the debating team, mar- 
shals writing ability will work in 
his favor as he majors in english 
at brandeis. 

mitchell wolfson 

mitch, a notable member of bta's 
royal family, was one of the most 
successful students academically 
and one of the most active extra- 
curricularly. possessor of the high- 
est average, as well as superlative 
sat and merit scores, he was elchy 
editor-in-chief, ass. editor of the 
topics, iy representative, and a 
charter member of frodo's fan club, 
mitch will continue to do well 
when he studies pre-med uptown. 

martin yarmush 

one of bta's most well-rounded 
students, academically as well as 
athletically, maish was noted as a 
yugar star and as editor-in-chief 
of the elchanite. sports editor of 
topics, iy representative, softball 
captain, member of the h.s.b. team 
and possessor of the only yogi 
bear nose in existence, honeycomb 
amazed everyone with his cutting 
ability, trading basketballs for 
three marbles and a dead rat, maish 
will prove a fine asset to y.u. 

Steven zlotnick 

cosmo, noted playwright, poet, 
novelist, and tolkien society mem- 
ber, was also involved in some 
respectable activities such as cap- 
taining the yuchex and working 
for the chagiga and library, zach 
will continue writing his pernicious 
poetry at buffalo and will eventua- 
ally find his way to west hemp- 

eli zuker 

eli, a crown heights deserter, came 
to ta just in time to enjoy our im- 
maculate edifice, he quickly became 
a distinguished member of garbage, 
cuny will be eli's next institute of 



i-p corp< 


miettaei: &rame. 
martin lebinge> 
arnoM rotter , 

moshaei sttx 
mklusej svei 

marshal! wiien 

mrtcheli m (Alton 

semi finalists 
martin lebinger 
mrtcheli woljson 

governor's committee award 

mitchell woljson 

federation of french alliances award 

martin levinger 

grand street boys association award 

a. s. m. ' -■westingttattse 

new ,york state regents scholarship 

Stanley adler 
sheldon aister : 
chami. banner 
mkha.el bautn ■■■-■■ 
Jeffrey, bed tick " 
Joseph blank, 
■ irxritt bhim 

harold bronheim 
ira buckman 
harry dvm 

marc hanfting 
Steven jaeobowitz 
mitchell kaujman 
mkhael kramer . 
martin levinger 
william leitman 
hillel lichtenstein 
sain moskowitz 
norm an palgon 
atan pass 
jay perl 
robert roth 
noah rothblatt 
arnold rotter 
ira schaer 


Howard abromowitz 
paul hershkowitz 

mark sehhtsselberg 
herber.t Schneider 
sam schoss 
ezra skolntk ' 
moish smilomcz 
moshaei , st rdus 
mkhael svei 
arthur weirter 
andre weiss . 
davld weiss ; 
mars hall wilen 
mitchell wolfson 
niartin yarmush 
Steven, zlotnick 
eli zuker 

1. In the beginning g-d created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was 
without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of 
g-d hovered over the face of the waters, and g-d said, "let there be y.u." and there 
was y.u. and g-d saw y.u. that it was good, and g-d said to himself, "self, that's 

2. and y.u. lived 20 years and it begat mta. and it came to pass when yu was 9 
and 40 years, it conceived once more and begat a second son. and it called the sec- 
ond son bta. and yu saw that the brothers were lonely and it prayed to the 1-rd. and 
the 1-rd caused yu to conceive once more, and yu begat two daughters, and he called 
the daughters central. 

3. and yu loved his oldest son mta and he kept him by his side, yea, up in Wash- 
ington heights he kept him. and the younger son he sent away from him saying: "go 
ye forth in to wilds of brooklyn and settle ye not there, but wander ye forth from 
place to place and send your sons unto me/' 

4. and bta went out from the presence of yu and dwelt in president street, and yu 
sent forth his favorite son to guide the children of bta and to deliver to them the 
laws of yu. and the son was called rabbi doctor anz. 

5. and anz led his people forth from president street until they reached the little 
red schoolhouse on church and bedford, and they dwelt therein many years and 
they multiplied. 

6. and it came to pass that yu sent forth funds unto his children and commanded 
anz saying: "get ye forth all thy people, yea even the freshies, and journey to the 
land that i have chosen for thee." 

7. and, of course, anz obeyed. 

liber fresherae 

A these are the chronicles of the people of anz who came unto him in the year 

5727, one score years after the birth of bta. 2. and the children came unto him 
saying: "you mean the little red one? on the right?!" for they were freshies, and 
they knew not the ways of bta. 3. and they climbed the stairs until they reached 
- ^ I the auditorium/shul/lunchroom/hockey rink, and they assembled there in great 
I multitudes, yea, all nine and sixty of them, for there they waited in fear and 
**^* trembling for the words of anz. 4. for they were freshies and knew not the ways 
of bta. 5. and anz spake unto the people, and amidst the roar of microphones 
and the shuffling of the papers he said; "i have taken thee from among the multitudes of the ap- 
plicants and i have chosen thee to be my own. therefore ye shall keep my covenant and act in the 
manner becoming to a yeshiva boy." 6. and all the freshies said, yea, even as in one voice: "we 
hear and we shall obey." 7. and anz sent unto the children his administrative assistant, the one 
they call Joseph, and Joseph explained and taught the laws of anz to the freshies; and he also 
gave out the bus passes and the schedule cards. 8. and the people saw that it was good, for they 
were freshies and . . . 

betty boda b 
ought a bit o 
f bitter butt 
er. she put th 
e bitter butt 
er in her bat 
ter. the bitt 
er butter mad 
e her batter 
bitter, betty 
boda bout a b 
it of better 
butter, she p 
ut the better 
butter in the 
bitter batter 
. the better 
butter made h 
er bitter bat 
ter better. . . . 

for they were freshies and knew not the ways of bta: ... an administra- 
tive assistant in the basement? . . . bennet: here's a problem for you; a man 
bought something for 6 dollars and sold it for eight, a) how much did he 
buy it for, b) how much did he sell it for . . . cohen: i can double talk about 
anything; i'm a rabbi . . . faivy: if a lady gives birth; let's say to a child . . . 
fischer: what brocha do you make on lsd in a sugar cube? lerman: tfillath 
haderach . . . ollie tells us that we are equal to junior super garbage . . . 
blank: about my report on the soviet army, i called the embassy on their 
unlisted number, and now there is this big guy following me around . . . 
willie: davies stand up. davies sit down, i just want to see if you are alive 
. . . batman comes to bta . . . enters strum's class in full uniform. . . mr. 
merlis, i can't hand in my report, i got stabbed and it went through the re- 
port, and then i had to sneeze; and the only thing around was . . . ollie gets 
mugged, he walks cautiously into class the next week . . . perkel: bronheim, 

put all four of your feet on the floor . . . bennet: alster and aron got eighty — forty apiece . . . goldman 
brings his twin brother into school . . . zinberg leaves the sixty nine because he found it too easy . . . 
lerman: pretter, pretter, pretter . . . pretter: what? what? what? . . . merlis: either somebody talked or 
that was a deep belch, which reminds me of the story of the guy who drank six pepsis and burped seven 
up . . . leitman: . . . um . . . oh . . . well . . . skip it . . . lerman: good question . . . yoc: i am always 
late because i teach in the yeshiva university high school for non-boys . . . willie: fries, baby . . . ruben- 
heim: who's absent? . . . class: zinberg! . . . bronheim: rabbi rubenfeld, do you know how to multiply? 
. . . rubenheim: of course, i have six kids . . . ollie: aron, get out from mine class, and close the win- 
dow behind vou . . . 

willie: wolfson, shut up and get away from the window . . . yoc: i 
don't want to paskin for you, but if you do it, you're chayav kares . . . 
strum: the next voice i hear will be that of somebody not taking the 
test . . . lerman: alster, do you understand it . . . alster: yes reb . . . 
lerman: goodie, goodie gumdrops . . . harry: feig, stop looking out of 
the window . . . feig: but i can't be, it's a frosted window . . . harry: 
ni dammit . . . roomers begin to circulate that we will join the non- 
boys next fall . . . the boilers break and we open the windows . . . ollie: 
you are all a bunch of maniacs, you all need a psychiatrists . . . perkel: 
well boys, i see by my watch that we have three months of school left 
. . . yoc: rrrrrrrrrrronnnnni ssssimch chchchchchchchchchaaaaaa,/. 
krrrrrahhhhh es hachchchchchchchchumashshsh . . . perkel: over the 
passover holidays i want you boys to grow some bread mold . . . mer- 
lis: i remember the time me and connie hawkins held off the entire 
boys high with one pinkie ... we all go to see the mets at west point 
. . . blum: oh my g-d, we can't leave; we left klavenstein behind ... we 
just ran him over . . . kramer: oh my g-d poor algernon ... he later 
nearly defeats wolfson for president . . . maish chases batman all over 
the school . . . lerman: leitman what are you running for? leitman: my 
life! . . . rubenheim: pass, i want you to write me a report . . . pass: on 
what subject? rubenheim: oh on anything that interests me. pass: 
what interests you? . . . rubenheim: sex . . . lebowitz: camptown races 
sing this song doodah doodah . . . korn: this here is the gym, i expect 
you boys to report here every week for calisthenics . . . where is' the 
gym? ... we experience our first dope raids . . . 

polka dots and pinstripes invade the school . . . willie: wolfson, 
are you talking again? . . . lebowitz: ouhn sprrinngggfieelllddd 
moouunnntaaiaiain . . . merlis: of course i'm good in sports, i'm a 
Spanish athlete . . . rotter: of course, mr. merlis, you sure know how 
to throw the bull . . . rosenberg brings a playboy into the school . . . 
rosenberg: playboy is a very intellectual magazine, and the articles 
aren't bad either ... he also explains the various appellations for 
the oldest profession in the world ... we time ollie and he breaks 
the record — 46 "vats" in a minute ... the other 14 seconds were 
spent puffing on a cigarette . . . palgon supplies yoc's fund with 
$6,369 (unofficial estimate) . . . roth proves to dardac that the 1902 
tzarist ruple is worth .54 cents and not the half a penny as dardac 
claimed ... the freshman year ends as yarmush cuts his 96 period 
of general science . . . 

liber sophomoric 

are the accounts of tl , Mginz as they journeyed forth from their home in the 

little red schoolhouse into the new, modern, and spacious quarters across the street 
f rom n bc studios. (2) and up from the basement rose Joseph, for anz saideth unto him: 
"gather ye thine college catalogues and bringeth them unto me and settle ye there, by 
my side, yea, even in mine own office." and Joseph obeyed. (3) and all the people re- 
joiced as they came upon the new and modern building, but as they entered they found 
", that it was central and they said: "you mean it's the ugly one on the left?" for they 
were sophomores and did not yet know the ways of bta. (4) and anz spake unto his peo- 
^ pie and commanded them saying: "look ye not upon the non-boys next door for they 
are an abomination unto me. and tread ye not on the grass, nor shall ye smoke it, for 
it is holy unto kalish. and remember; this is a nice clean building so keep it clean and act in the manner 
becoming to a yeshiva boy. (5) and they travelled down to the lunchroom/auditorium/locker room/ 
hockey rink and they saw the pillars there, and they said, one man unto the other, yea, even as in one 
voice; "yecccchhhh!" (6) and it came to pass that the people wandered forth from the building and they 
searched, far and wide, for the hoops they inquired. But their quest was for naught, for they were not to 
play basketball in the new and modern building, and it was then that they discovered that the lunchroom 
/auditorium/locker room/hockey rink was also the gym ... in their new and modern quarters. (7) and 
so the people gathered in the bathrooms, but lo, the bathrooms were empty of paper. (8) and they de- 
parted from the bathrooms, even as in one great sigh, and rushed for the staircases, but they found there 
was but one staircase, and the people fell upon one another and cried unto the leader anz. (9) and anz 
pacified the people saying: from this moment on ye shall have three minutes in between each class, not 
two as before, and ye shall be known as the people of yuhsb. (10) and all the people rejoiced, for they 
were sophomores and still did riot know the ways of bta. 

for they were sophomores and . . . we enter the new building and we find the third floor on the first . . . 
anz: whoever has the door signs, please slip them under the door of the g.o. office ... we move next door 
to the girls . . . lerman: do they have a school next door, or do they just fool around . . . perl: may i 
leave the room? . . . archie: no, you went last month . . . berkowitz: here on this planet we have plenty 
of carbon dioxide and water^two inexhaustible sources that when combined can form food — and all we 
can get is seltzer . . . banner: please ignore the flames outside; this is only a drill . . . archie: a scabrous 
personality, a living wart . . . wileri: i have two poems, which should i read? . . . archie: the other one . . . 
brand: the liver used to be considered the source of all emotion, now we have a broken heart — then it 
was chopped liver . . . schmidman: how much do i hear for this coin? . . . aron: 69 . . . schmidmari: why 
is it always 69 . . . greenstein: can i get my book, i left it downstairs? . . . doc: kayn, bnee . . Jacobs: 
can i get my book, i left it at home? . . . doc: wait till greenstein comes back and we will all go to- 
gether . . . yukolis: how come your sweater is full of chalk? . . . freddie: where? . . . yukolis: where i 
just had my hand . . . luber: ok now, paint a still life . . . Jacobs: how about a dead man? . . . luber: no 
self portraits . . . lerman: how many kids wear tzitzis? all right, how many bench? how about asher 

yatzar? — ok, how many believe in g-d? . . . miro: if you get one more negative, you will be 
for three days definitely, possibly two, maybe one . . . metzger: obviously . . . strum: the i 
hear will be that of somebody not taking the test . . . who's absent, besides fischer? . . . fiscl 
here! . . . yukolis: what'd you do, take a bath? i couldn't smell you . . . walking into berko\ 
daniel boone and cindy adams caressed daniel boone's baby's arm (arm?) . . . vel: greenste 
done? . . . freddie: no, i haven't finished cheating yet . . . we realize that we are walking o 
ground that rudolph valentino walked on . . . batman disappears and winds up in los angele 
rumored that he was filming a certain space show in hollywood ... 

vel: Jacobs, when you're finished with wilen's 
paper, please hand it in . . . berkowitz hands out 
papers and we start to cheat, he tells us that this 
is pavlovian instinct . . . berkowitz: you know, 
like with the dog . . . willy: wolfson shut up . . . 
alarm put up between bta and central . . . alarm 
broken between bta and central . . . korn decides 
to teach gym ... he then changes his mind . . . 
lerman: i'm in a bad mood; my daughter is sick 
. . . insell: i hope she feels better . . . lerman: 
don't get wise, she's only two — now my other 
daughter, she's three . . . doors between bta and 
central locked . . . the doors are broken . . . 
archie: what's fettered mean? is that what comes 
off" chickens? . . . lerman: i've got a lot on my 
mind; i guess i need a haircut, put that in your 
diary, abe . . . yukolis: familiarize yourselves 
with chaucer, cervantes, and fischer . . . pass: 
how do you spell fischer? . . . yukolis: d-o-p-e . . . 
farkas: hey, reb, say quack, quack . . . two foot 
freshie walks in with cut sheet . . . rubenheim: i 
didn't know they had a headstart program in this 
school . . . lerman: money isn't important to me, 
only health . . . adler: is that why you work here? 
. . . goldman brings tuning fork into the lab . . . 
berkowitz: funny, it doesn't sound like the bell 
. . . seeds of the tolkien society planted, we go to 
Philadelphia . . . blum, banner, fischer, bedrick, 
kramer, zlotnick, and wolfson become the seven 
and crown klavenstein the king . . . p.j.: my 
throat hurts . . . metzger: here's a band aid . . . 
kramer: mr. berkowitz, when is the midterm? . . . 
berkowitz: why? . . . kramer: because we're hav- 
ing a test that day . . . berkowitz: which test? . . . 
kramer: biology . . . berkowitz: ok, in that case, 
i'll change it to monday . . . windows on doors 
between bta and central painted over . . . paint on 
windows scratched off . . . lerman: zlotnick, shut 
up or i'll send you to a convent . . . banner, blum, 
and zlotnick write "twiddler of the thumbs", little 
did they know . . . greenstein: archibald! . . . 
archie: scum of the earth . . . miro: i'll give you a 
zero mit anz's pen; it's a good pen . . . archie: 
where's pass? . . wilen: he's dead . . . radzin: he's 
got lung cancer . . . kaufman: he's pregnant . . . 
archie: pass really gets around, doesn't he . . . 
lerman: (to freshie with the cut sheet) don't you 
know who blum is? he always looks like he al- 
ways comes late . . . farkas: i got a splinter in my 
hand . . . perl: send him to dr. zuroff . . . Jacobs: 
i'm not fat; it's my clothes . . . strum: boys, you 
definitely will not have me next year . . . 



le mouert Uvre 

months passed, and once again the people of anz gathered at the portals in the tunnel un- 
|4||^ derneath the arch. (2) and anz spake unto them saying: now time has come and ye shall 
ill : I become upperclassmen in the eyes o( yuhsb. and i want you to remember that this is a 
^**W%1 yeshiva and i want you all to act in the manner becoming to a yeshiva boy. (3) and now 
#P that ye are upperclassmen, ye shall be allowed to have many choices: ye may choose 
chemistry, or ye may not choose chemistry, ye may choose a. p. math, or ye may not choose it. ye may 
choose french, or ye may not choose french. but ye shall have french, for such are the ways of bta. (4) 
and all the people knew that it was so. (5) and anz sent unto his people a frenchman, and they called the 
frenchman moe. (6) and moe spake unto the people saying: you must do mah homework everyday — 
neatly, underlined in red, or else i will rip it. and if you will not bring it, you will have to bring me a note 
from the rabbi, in a sealed envelope, always remember: ah am just a little bit smart, but in that little 
bit, there is a lot. (7) and as the people sat with the rulers and red pens, they couldn't believe that it was 
actually happening. 

and all the people knew that it was so: zlotnick 
walks into the room leaving door open . . . rosen- 
thal: zlotnick, how would you like to close the 
door . . . cosmo: no thanks, i don't smoke . . . 
wolfson: monsieur, can i go to the bathroom? . . . 
moe: i do not allow you to leave the room only 
if it is an emergency, is it an emergency? . . . 
mitch: no . . . moe: in that case, you may go . . . 
zuck: you know what they say — the larger the 
animal, the smaller the brain . . . moe: a friend of 
my friend is my friend, you have learned algebra? 
(writes on board: + + = + = friend of my friend is 
my friend; +-=- = friend of my enemy is my 
enemy; — = + = the enemy of my enemy is my 
friend;) is this not logical? . . . durchin; and then 
there are men who fool around with women . . . 
kaufman: wha, wha, wha? . . . durchin: and i 
thought you vere sleeping . . . moe: do you know 
how to tell if a canary is a male or a female? if 
he sings, he's a she . . . louie: write this down, if 

i have to tell you again, i won't . . . moe: saul fischer, what is your first name . . . zuck sits down and 
says: i've been known to sit this way for seven days . . . bedrick: anybody else would die of starvation 
. . . strum: well hello boys, i really didn't want to have you this year but . . . metzger: (to kid reading) 
read slower, they have to finish their french homework . . . zuck: i'm getting angry, and when i get an- 
gry i throw acid . . . louie: a hyperbola keeps getting closer and closer to the asymptote, but never 
reaches it. that's how come they call it hyperbola . . . rosenthal: bronheim, tell us what thoreau says 
here . . . harold: he says, that a man should be able to count all his affairs on the toes and fingers on his 
hand . . . louie: i hope that your problem is that you can't express yourself, because if you can express 
yourself, you have a problem . . . cosmo: well, nobody's perfect . . . strum: well, i wouldn't say that no- 
body's perfect; i look in the mirror occasionally . . . skolnik shouts out . . . zuck: what is the matter? 
. . . skolnik: i don't know, it just doesn't register in my brain . . . zuck: it would help if you had a cere- 
brum, it's hard to concentrate with only a medulla and a spinal cord . . . 


louie: that's enough, in fact it's more than enough, 
and i believe that more than enough is enough is 
enough . . . metzger: the nation today is imbued with 
middle-class values, such as doctor, lawyer, indian 
chief . . . louie to fred: soon you'll even be able to 
figure it out . . . greenstein: but reb, you're the 
teacher . . . louie: you'll be able to figure it out, and 
not only are you not a teacher, but your not even a 
student . . . moe: i am the highest marker in the 
school, in regards to french . . . strum: now here's a 
date that you should all remember, i usually don't 
ask dates, but this one is exceptionally important 
and you should remember it. write just one sentence 
about it. it is fifteen . . . well . . . umm . . . rosenthal: 
terrific . . . zuck tells us about fio: you see, when 
you go to med school, the first thing they send you 
to is anatomy lab. and as you go up in the elevator, 
the smell gets stronger and stronger, then when you 
get to the tenth floor — there are 500 cadavers star- 
ing you in the face, and in the middle of the room 
there is this teacher dr. butcher, really, no kidding, 
that was his name, and we had this little old lady 
named fio . . . moe: all the compound tenses are in 
the past, except the future . . . louie to fred: fred, if 
you kept your two cents to yourself, you'd be rich 
by now . . . moe: when mah son the boy he wants 
some money, he flatters me and ah can detect it. ah 
ask him; boy, how much money do you want, and if 
it is not too much, a few cents, ah give it to him . . . 
tolkien society grows, it slowly infiltrates and gets 
ready to take over the school, klavenstein runs for 
president again and loses, tsna gets rejected by the 
g.o. . . . tsk, tsk, tsk . . . klavenstein courier begins 
circulation ... we go to hershey and patronize a 
nice little howard Johnson's . . . zuck reenacts creep- 
ing crud experiment . . . greenstein gets down on his 
knees and begs . . . louie: a hyperbola keeps getting 
closer to the axis, but never touches it . . . kramer: 
how close? . . . louie: even closer than that. . . . zuck: 
who gives you a haircut, schoss, roto-rooter? . . . 
louie: education is trying to knock abstract ideas 
into concrete heads . . . zuck: i have this excellent 
weight — weight problem . . . strum: i definitely will 
not be having you next year. . . . 

VIM* A Ltf'Jh$ $&4friM"f 



the summer passed, the time came and the people gathered for the fourth time to hear the words 
of their beloved leader anz. (2) and anz spake unto them saying: gentlemen, just because it is your 
last year in the yeshiva university high school in brooklyn for boys, it doesn't mean that you 
should not take it seriously. (3) and all the people laughed, for by now they had come to know the 
ways of bta. (4) and anz angered and the words issued forth from his mouth and he said: from this 
time on ye shall be known as seniors, for ye are an abomination in the eyes of yuhsb. (5) and the 
seniors spewed forth, yea, up to the fourth floor they spewed, even into the senior lounge, for there 
was enshrined the pool table. (6) and all the seniors played with their sticks and balls on the table 
(^r livEI until a voice thundered upon them: How dare ye cut classes to play in the lounge, ye have tried my 
patience much too long, and to punish thee i will confiscate all your balls and sticks, close the 
lounge, and ye shall all go uptown, to y.u. (7) but the seniors did not wish to go to y.u., and they transgressed the 
words of anz, and they applied to harvard, yale, Columbia, and buffalo. (8) then spake strum: boys, boys, do you really 
think that you'll make all those colleges? i don't see why you should bother filling out those applications, why waste 
my time and your money. (9) and try as they may, the seniors could not throw off the yolk. (10) and all the people 
of anz would go to yu, except those who went to brooklyn and they sighed and said to one another: at least we'll be 
getting away from him. (11) for they were seniors and were getting sick and tired of the ways of bta. 








ye shall be known as seniors: . . . louie: the a. p. test 
has two parts this year — part one and part two . . . 
pretter: i nominate mr. frank for vice president . . . 
smilowitz: what's his last name? . . . mr. metzger: 
please read chapters one and two, and then pages 34 
through 46, oh, by the way, what course is this? . . . 
kaufman: mr. marshal, your lesson was asinine today . . . 
moe: i'm glad you liked it . . . rabbi frankel's rule of 
thumb: you can only learn from listening, you can't 
learn from talking, i'll tell you why — if you know what 
you're talking about, you know it already, if you don't 
know what you're talking about, you certainly can't 
learn anything from it . . . rock (to alster): you are suf- 
fering from oral diarrhea, take some oral kaopectate . . . 
fischer walks in late: kramer will be coming up in a 
minute . . . metzger: don't threaten me . . . louie: this is 
one of the few days you're all here, that is, (points to 
greenstein) if you can count him all here . . . tarendash 
(to pretter): it's amazing how they can fit the brain of a 

peanut in something so large . . . feig reads the ancient myth of syphilis and how he rolled the stone up the hill, in 
frank's class . . . moe: all the cities in france do not take an article, except some . . . cosmo smokes his glasses in 
poli-sci . . . louie: please be quiet! or shut up. either one . . . rock (to alster): are you thinking about money or beth? 
. . . pretter (to rabbi frankel): good morning, reb . . . rabbi frankel stares at him. pretter: boker tov, reb . . . rabbi 
frankel: i appreciate the translation . . . 

Teocher'i Signalu 
9 A.M. 
11 A.M. 







... we have strum again . . . strum: i really didn't want to have you 
again . . . tarendash: how would you do this one? . . . pretter: you erect 
a perpendicular . . . hilly: oh, erect your own perpendicular . . . blum gets 
elected president . . . tsna finally gets approved by g.o. . . . rock (to alster): 
man to man, how can she stand you? . . . louie: (to greenstein): i don't want to 
say it to you — that you could brighten up a room just by leaving it — so i won't 
tell you . . . but if you take a hint, i won't mind . . . moe: pretter, you are 
going to be sent home yesterday . . . the janitor walks into r.y.'s class, r.y.: eh, 
he is a conscious arbiter . . . harry: he is a conscientious worker, you mean 
. . . r.y.: how do you say it: . . . harry: conscientious . . . r.y.: sis, awright, ehr 
vaist oich nicht . . . pretter: reb, can i go to the bathroom? . . . rabbi frankel: at 
least you know where you belong . . . rock (to alster) you sound much 
better when you are quiet . . . louie: we have now reached an understand- 
ing of limits ... or rather the limit of our understanding . . . computer 
teacher: the rental of a computer is about 1/50 the purchase price, that 
means, a machine renting for $130,000 a month would cost about a million 
and a half . . . greenstein: do you get a 2 percent discount? . . . teacher: 
yes, if you pay cash . . . cosmo brings in a laugh box . . . louie: actually, 
this is very interesting ... it would be even more interesting if you 
understood it ... 3 am, march 19 — passy, jerry, chicky, cosmo, and harold 
make a pilgrimage to the shrine in philly . . . louie (to fred): shut your f- 
mouth — i didn't have time to stick in the rest of the word . . . and what- 
ever he guesses it to be — he's right! . . . alster: transfer me out of the 
class . . . rock: you'll go to rabbi frankel . . . alster: why? . . . rock: let 
him suffer too . . . jj: may i leave the room? frank: no . . . jj: but i have to go 
in somebody's period . . . frank: go in the next period then . . . jj: but, i 
don't have a next period ... we decide to vote on jj; he has to go out of the 
room . . . jj goes out, we vote on it, and vote it down, it turns into a riot, 
surrounded by a roomful of screaming kids, frank says: now let's discuss this 
seriously . . . after jj returns, we inform him that he can't leave . . . 
greenstein talks in class, louie throws eraser at him. greenstein: it's two for 
a quarter, reb . . . rock (to alster): you are here, but it's still not a pigsty . . . 
moe: if you memorize the poem, it is ok, if you don't still it is ok, but it 
means a definite failure in January . . . louie: i'll tell you, e =2.71828 . . . 
and i'll tell you something else! natural log of x = log x to the base e! this 
doesn't apply to us, but i like to overwhelm you with these facts . . . 
louie: part II questions of the ap test i have from 1958 on. part I questions 
are secret, so i only have a few . . . rock chants: dust to dust! earth to 
earth! go to the bathroom . . . louie: you understand the first method, and 
you probably don't understand the second method, but if you do under- 
stand it, you will next have the problem of when you use one and when the 
other, the answer is sometimes . . . rock: peace . . . strum: boys, i definitely, 
repeat, definitely, absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt will not 
have you next term . . . i hope . . . and so to bed. 

I -—InoFw ilisa f 

LOveL>l REM* 


tolkien society of the new age 

*i • n 

A | 

& 1 

I lip 


rag | 1 V ST 

the tolkien society of the new age was founded on may 28, 1968 
in Philadelphia at independence hall by king algernon jehestlegard 
klavanstein with the purpose of spreading elvish and numenoreon 
lore, in its spare time it sponsored the fencing team, the committee 
of march 25, and the industrial workers of the world organizing 

t.s.n.a. arose from the underground when it got irwin blum elected 
g.o. president on a tolkien ticket, an increasing number of junior and 
sophomore members should insure the t.s.n.a.'s continued existence 
in bta while the "Philadelphia seven" move on to contaminate hu- 


with the increasing conflicts in the mid- 
dle east, bta seniors felt it imperative to 
help out. after rigorous training in cycle 
riding and fighting techniques, the volun- 
teers were incorporated into the army as 
the 69th motorcycle unit, nicknamed the 
"yusangels", the unit played an integral 
role in the defense of the southern border, 
it is rumored in Jerusalem that next fall 
the "yusangels" will kidnap nasser. 

this winter saw the conceivement of a new 
team, the yupoles. consisting of several sturdy- 
seniors, the skiing team braved the wrath of the 
slopes and rabbi zuroff in order to hold weekly 
practices at mt. gitchegoomy. the yupoles, im- 
proving immensely, hope to enter in world-wide 
competition next season. 


under the tutelage of colonel ricardo korno- 
telli, the yudrags have become an expert group 
of drivers, practicing every sat. night and Sunday, 
the yudraggers were victorious in the world- 
renowned meet — staten island run. captain alan 
victorio passodretti, in his famous penelope, set 
a national record in the monticello grand prix. 
special thanks to the pitcrews. 


left to right: standing; dave small, allan pelikow, dave kerschen, yussie halpern, marshall wilen, michael kramer, robert roth, mitchell wolfson, hillel lich- 
tenstein, sam moskowitz. joe blank, alan pass, maish yarmush, harold bronheim, sealed; irwin blum. dov cohen, howard weinrib, mickey svei, saul fischer, 
abe blank. 


right: gary radzin, alan pass, dov cohen, arnie 
sam schoss, harry dym, dave kerschen. 


el, boris bel- 


left to right: back row; shimie palgon, barney google. 
sealed; kibby koo, moish benjamini, from row; barry 
hollander. howie levine. 


left to right: ronnie beckermus, zachary 
taylor. norman gold, jody yarmush. 







left to right: front row; demosthenes Schwartz, ima sleep, 
boris krupa, gabby hershkowitz, back row: peco mandel, 
spaz blass. 

left to right: top; solomon pretter, dore svei, 
bottom; l.s.mft, meatball Steinberg, booga 


left to right: front row; hasta logatz, allan 
hofTman, eddy ollech, back row; yehuda char- 
lap, shimmie palgon, allan weiss. 




left to right: top row; jay perl, lvan ginsberg. bottom 
row;)oe blank, burl blass, sam moskowitz. 



left to right: mike baum, vice-president 
stan adler, president, mickey svei 

the function of the g.o. is to co-ordinate the various student activities 
in bta. consisting of two representatives from each class, the general 
organization met bimonthly on thursday nights to pass bills and set 

the fall term's g.o. executive council was headed by president Stanley 
adler. an active president, stan brought about the addition of a pool 
table and a ping pong table to the student lounge, his eloquence in debate 
with rabbi zuroff also managed to gain various extra days off for the 
student body, in all this he was ably aided by vice-president michael 
baum and secretary treasurer mickey svei. 

in february the spring term executive council took over under the 
leadership of president irwin blum. elected as a candidate of the tolkien 
society irwin proved loyal to the cause and supported all pro-elvish leg- 
islation, his meetings were both controversial and lengthy sometimes 
almost exceeding an hour, blum also became the first school president 
to make use of the presidential veto, despite (or because of) this despotic 
(or enlightened) general attitude things still were done, sharing the credit 
for the finest g.o. in school history with blum were vice-president louie 
davies and secretary-treasurer david fisch. may the days of glory return, 
go. faculty advisor, mr. Joseph strum, should be complimented for 
. i J in time, counsel, and patience that he gave the g.o. 


left to right: dave fisch, secretary treas- 
urer, irwin blum, president, louis davies, 
vice president. 

mr. Joseph strum 
faculty adviser 


formed in order to promote and organize inter- 
school functions and competition among several of 
the yeshiva high schools in the metropolitan area, 
the i.y., after the relative inactivity of recent years, 
once more began to assert itself as a potent inter- 
school force, under the administration of irwin 
blum, schedules were made up and distributed for 
most activities and plans were even made to res- 
urrect the i.y.'s long defunct newspaper, besides 
this, blum, a rampant expansionist, declared a 
policy of manifest destiny for the i.y. and carried 
this through to the point of bringing in a new mem- 
ber into the league, this was elizabeth yeshiva 
which joins the present membership consisting of 
bta, mta, rjj, ycq, flatbush, hili, and ramaz. 

guarding bta's interest at the few, but signifi- 
cant, meetings were yuhsb's i.y. representatives 
mitchell wolfson, martin yarmush, and mickey 

george wolfson 

teddy blum 

left to right: back row; father martin luther yarmush, arnie rotter, mike baum, fred greenstein, 
hilly lichtenstein, elliot fishman, abe blank, middle row; mickey svei, mitch wolfson, hairy bronheim, 
mike kramer, sam moskowitz, joe blank, howard banner, harry dym, manny ruchelsman, marc han- 
fling, bottom row; marty gold, mitch kaufman, herbie Schneider, marty lebinger, hunk hershkowitz, 
sam schoss, yussie halpern, waldo weiner, noah rothblatt, marshall wilen. 

amid the stormy sea of student unrest, the is- 
land of knowledge that is arista remains firmly 
rooted, sowing and reaping the seeds of torah 

under the guidance of rabbi louis cooper, the 
y.u.h.s.b. chapter of the national honor society 
has retained and improved its traditional ability 
to reach the students through its program, pre- 
sided over by michael kramer and mitch kauf- 
man, arista has expanded its tutorial capacity, 
and now offers aid to any student requiring 

the door to the widening cultural and intellec- 
tual horizons of new york city and its vicinity 
has been opened to members by the society 
through its trips and other activities. 

left to right: martin lebinger, vice president, mitchell kaufman, 
president, arthur weiner, secretary treasurer. 

rabbi louis cooper. 
faculty adviser 

top to bottom: michael kramer, president, joe 
blank, vice president, sam moskowitz, secretary 

Tie Topics 



strengthening its role as the official school pub- 
lication, topics '69-'70 attained a reputable posi- 
tion in school affairs, editor-in-chief yussie 
halpern, along with associate editors mitch 
wolfson and maish yarmush, published 8 issues, 
highlighted by popular feature articles, pertinent 
editorial comment on world affairs as well as the 
campus scene, frequent contributions by the fac- 
ulty, and extensive sports analyses on the bas- 
ketball team and the importance of athletics in 
every student's life. 

with the aid and patience of faculty adviser 
Joseph brand, the editors have succeeded in pre- 
senting a lively and creative newspaper. 


bta's sports journal, the yugar diligently 
reported all matters of interest concerning 
the basketball team, given out at every home 
game, the yugar was always up-to-date with 
league standings, scoring records, and other 

left to right: top row; josh bertram. abe blank, middle row; harry 
dym. noah rothblatt, editor-in-chief, bottom row; joe blank, moishe 


this year's winner of the lazarus award, 
the resurrected bulletin rose from the dead 
under the guidance of harold pretter, mi- 
chael kramer and marshall wilen. a rather 
mediocre complement to the topics, the 
mimeographed bulletin ushered in a revo- 
lution in b.t.a. journalism, by making 
paramount the activities of the central 
flat fixing team, we hope next year's staff 
will keep the corpse alive. 

left to right: top row; alan pass, simeon vogel. arthur weiner. 
middle row; mike baum, sam moskowitz. ezra skolnick, 
bottom row; irwin blum, marshal wilen, michael kramer. 
harold pretter, editors-in-chief. 


the spectrum, the school's 
science and math publication, 
achieved success as an outlet 
for yuhsb's science-minded, 
under the guidance of editors- 
in-chief arnold rotter and 
seymour herskovits, the spec- 
trum discussed the effects of 
science on society, as well as 
offering provocative articles 
in the full spectrum of the 
sciences, its interesting and 
informative articles gained it 
many future readers. 

the hakol, the official re- 
ligious publication of 
y.u.h.s.b. saw much success 
under the guidance of editor 
harry dym and co-editors 
sam schoss and barry snow, 
providing the student body 
with interesting articles rang- 
ing from Jewish culture to 
Jewish philosophy, the hakol 
was truly a "voice" of the re- 
ligious division of b.t.a. 

the review provided a printed 
podium for those students with a 
literary bent, the first issue dealt 
with themes like existentialism 
and social morality, the second 
was devoted to the lord of the 
rings, editors saul fischer and 
harold pretter should be congrat- 
ulated on jobs well done. 


left to right: standing; sam shoss, 
fred greenstein, Jeffrey greenstein, 
sitting; sam moskowitz, elliot fish- 
man, arnie rotter, seymour hersko- 
vits, editors-in-chief. morris 

left to right: top row; bubbles skolnik, 
sam moskowitz, dov cohen, mike kra- 
mer, irwin cory, joey blank, bottom 
row; cosmo zlotnick, saul fischer, har- 
old pretter, editor-in-chief. Jeffrey bed- 

left to right: top row; mark schlusselberg, elliot fishman, mor- 
ris wargon, martin lebinger, martin hecht, fred greenstein, leslie 
braun, paul herskovitz, bottom row; barry snow, harry dym, 
editor-in-chief, sam schoss. 

high school 

"where are the dunedain elessar, elessar?" chants the rhyme, 
well, bta's dunedain were up there buzzing away in many a wild 
high school bowl game, though their style, set by captains irwin 
blum and saul fischer, was at times unorthodox and though 
neither guy lombardo nor william tell ever won the heisman 
trophies, our neonumenoreons came up with the right answers 
more often than not. slaughtering rjj, ycq, and mta, and in turn 
being defeated by flatbush, they were one of bta's most success- 
ful squads. 

on the intramural side h.s. bowl managers irwin blum and 
Jeff bedrick kept the t.s.n.a.'s solemn pledge not to lay a crown 
of thorns upon the buzzers of bta and not to let the h.s. bowl 
system be crucified upon a cross of gold. 

6 ow\ 

left to right: ezra skolnik, howard levine, maish yarmush, saul fischer, irwin 
blum, captains, Jeff bedrick. bob roth, Steven zlotnick. 

debating team 

under the able leadership 
kaufman, the yuspeaks w 
successful against the iy 
new and relevant topics ga 
debating team vast audien 
found the "men with the 
scintillating with wit at deb 

because the upperclassm 
a monopoly on the yuspea 
debating team (called " 
vides an outlet for fresh 
sophomores with forensic ; 

intramural debating exp 
a renascence under manage 
fisch and ira kasdan. 

>f mitch 
jre very 


ned the 
ces and 

pn have 
is, a j.v. 
'he yu- 
[) pro- 
lien and 


s david 

left to right; top; alan pass, saul fischer, middle; harris cogan, mike baum, 
zakheim, bruce wayne: bottom; marshal wilen, irwin blum. mitchell 
an, captain: david fisch 


lh team 

this year our varsity calcu- 
lators, the yuclids, managed a 
highly successful season in the 
interschool math league, cap- 
tained by math aces jeff 
bedrick and "mad sam" mos- 
kowitz and guided by faculty 
adviser rabbi louis cooper, the 
"whiz kids" proved invincible 
in such fields as analytic ge- 
ometry, advanced calculus, 
and long division. 

left to right: top row; t. I. scheinberg. itchy blum, 
maish yarmush. mitch wolfson. sam moskowitz. 
middle row; elliot fishman. mike baum. howie 
abromowitz. dave kerschen. boilom row; arnie rot- 
ter, fred greenstein, jeff bedrick. captain, mickey 








left to right: back; 
andre weiss, alan 
pelikow. arnie fries, 
manja logatz, from: 
manny ruchelsman. 
joe blank, irwin 
blum. jeff neiman. 
abe blank, captain. 
david stahl. 


J0K ?> I 







n F 


1 W SV.V" 

h *| 


left to right: back row: marty gold, ira schaer, jody yarmush, 
front row; manny ruchelsman, cosmo zlotnick, captain, jocko 
jacobowitz, andre weiss, moshael Strauss, Jeffrey bedrick. 




acquiring new books and maga- 
zines, the yuhsb english library is 
constantly on the move, with special 
emphasis on its nystl and reference 
sections, it has renewed its expansion 
program and taken adequate advan- 
tage of its spacious facilities, under 
the leadership of y. halpern and m 
wilen, and the guidance of faculty ad- 
visor mr. r. bassell our library has 
played an active role in the develop- 
ment of the educational process at 

left to right: mr. robert bassel, mar 
shal wilen, yussie halpern. 

"otzer hasfarim", rabbi 
epsteins hebrew library, 
provided many valuable aids 
for rebbeyim. aside from 
talmudical materials, many 
philosophical and historical 
works were put to good use 
by an inquisitive student 


rabbi Joseph epstein 

left to right: bob dyian. geron- 
tius greenstein. abe blank 

the lot of the student is 
not a happy one, but twice a 
year come the chagigas, and 
like breaking a car with a 
sledgehammer, we let out 
our frustrations on stage 
with music and humor that 
sometimes borders on the 
sarcastic, but more often on 
the absurd. 

under the daring direction 
of mike kramer, alan pass, 
and co-head harold bron- 
heim, the chanukah chagiga 
was given a place in history 
as the first chagiga with a 
musical skit: "twiddler of 
the thumbs", written by 
banner, blum, zlotnick, and 
the tolkien society, a bril- 
liant recitation of "maitre 
corbeau" by farkas, fischer, 
& schlesinger, a horrible re- 
turn to vaudeville by wolfson 
and kramer, and looie and 
the fallafel balls led by 
band head looie davies, sup- 
plemented the skit. 

left to right: top row; moishe slomowitz, rip van pretter. 
harry dym, seymour hershkowitz, fred greenstein. dave 
stahl, steve Salomon, paul hershkowitz. bottom row: 
morris wargon, arthur caruso, ed ames, marc handing, 
head, sam schoss, head, martin lebinger, hillel lichten- 
stein.jody yarmush. 

the purim chagiga broke all records by selling 200 tickets 
on the day of the show itself, made obvious by the innocuous 
absence of the glee club and the Rabbi, the chagiga rose to 
new heights by staging "duh gansa megillah," b.t.a. style. 
on the musical side of the show, fire, earth, air, etc. and 
amazingly absurd senior songs were augmented by the al- 
truistic appearance of "blue". 

many thanks to: abe and joe blank for their artwork; 
jerry feig and steve zlotnick for the fine job in obtaining the 
food; and mrs. rose kramer (without whose apartment 1035 
salami sandwiches could not have been made.) 

left to right: alan pass, harold bronheim. michael kra- 
mer, heads. 

left to right: eddy allech. robert roth, 
scuba duba. 













left to right: william leitman, robert roth, big bill 



ht: yaakov applebai 

™ iOS 




under the aegis of sophomore coach 
norman ringel, the yugars embarked 
on what promised to be the first bta 
championship in a millenium. 

undaunted, the yugar five began a 
long season by routing rjj, but had to 
rely on six last minute foul shots to 
outdistance mta in the second game, 
then, on wed. night, nov. 26. the bta- 
hili rivalry was brought to life in the 
opponent's gym. it was a tense, see- 
saw battle, no team leading by more 
than five points at any time, in the 
fourth quarter, "shoe" bertram and 
hili's jeff rosen vied for a rebound 
and came down in a scuffle; bertram 
was ejected from the game. 

left to right: top row; steve seiderman, maish yarmush, josh bertram. paul merlis, arthur weiner. captain, charlie 
orbuch, bottom row; Stanley adler, ira schagara, sol lipschitz, howard weinrib, captain. 

during the ensuing argument among 
einer, ringel, and the refs, the many 
over-excited fans poured out onto the 
court, believing that coach ringel had 
decided to forfeit the game, when the 
court cleared, the game continued, as 
the time ticked away neither team 
gained the advantage and it seemed 
that an overtime would be required, 
however, with three seconds left maish 
yarmush was fouled and sank the free 
throw for a yugar victory. 

hili's coach bill weiner, who lost the 
?ame on the court, nevertheless, won 
3ry over the conference table, he 
ted the game on the grounds that 
Dertram was ejected hili should 
seen awarded a technical foul 

■■**•■■ ^*% 

the team did not let the 
league's decision affect them 
as they handily won their next 
seven games. 

suddenly the tides turned, 
the yugars fell off their high 
horse as they lost their final 
game of the season to hili. 
weiner's boys defeated bta a 
second time in a playoff for 
first place. 

in the norman palefski play- 
off, the flatbush falcons pulled 
off a shocking upset by 
defeating our team. 

the yugars completed their 
frustrated season with an en- 
viable record of 12 — 3. 

yugar scoring 

maish yarmush 


josh bertram 


arthur weiner 


ira scharaga 


howie weinrib 


charlie orbuch 


paul merlis 


sol lipshits 


stan adler 


steve seiderman 


avie taubus 


season 's record 












































## flatbush 






***replay of protest 

# playoff 
# # norman palefski 


the junior varsity, which has 
provided the varsity with such stars 
as maish yarmush, howie weinrib. 
and josh bertam, could not match 
past years" performances, never- 
theless, under the able coaching of 
simon margolis and leadership of 
captains joel wolfson and david 
menche, the junior yugars won 
their last three games to finish 
with a respectable record of 5 — 4. 

left to right: top row: whitney fichlenbaum. david kaufman. gamal 
ben-chaim, sherman shildkraut, middle row: dore svie. mgr.. manja lo- 
eatz, harris cogan, michael halpern. harris maslow, pompom pomeranlz, 
booster, stewie stern, mgr.: sitting: howie strizower, shloimie genuth, 
jerry Joseph, racquel weltz: kneeling: joel wolfson, david menche, cap- 



left to right- top row; waiter winchel, bobo aronson, hesh wilner, ug lee duck- 
ling lost n. found, shimie palgon, middle row; david kerschen, david small 
managers, howard glicksman, manny ruchelsman, joel lowenberg, ira schaer. 
noah rothblatt, dovie weiss, moishe smilowicz, seymour herskowitz, neil aron- 
son bottom row; david stahl, chicky abramchick, norman palgon, captain 
moish benjamini, andre weiss, marc hanfling, kneeling: howie abromowitz 
herbie Schneider, captains. 

left to right: top row; david small, shloimie genuth, dovie weiss, harry fallik; middle row: marc 
hanfling, manager, mike abraham, myron rosenberg, stan adler, paul merlis, moses slomowitz, 
captain, spiro bertram, moishe smilovicz, maish yarmush, captain, mitch wolfson, ballboy, artie 
weiner, manny ruchelsman, dov cohen, howie weinrib, joel halpern; bottom row; kevin leifer, ira 
buckman, gary radzin, michael jonas, manager 

left to right: top row; gary schlesinger, dave unterberg, 
howie abramowitz, middle row; belly halpern. gary radzin, 
elliot fishman, marc aron. joel halpern. bottom row; howie 
weinrib, permit perl. Stanley adlerface, captain, dov cohen. 

left to right: top row; munchkin weinrib. dov 
cohen. gary radzin, bottom row; stan adler. 
maish yarmush, captain, jay perl. 

math mgrs.— fall— jeff bedrick, spring — sam 

athletic mgrs. — spring — 
gary radzin, fall — tree- 
beard bodner 









high school bowl mgrs 
— spring — jeff bedrick 
fall — irwin blum 

. , , wxitwy modern 
ttte exact maw < < , 

perplexity and anxiel 
for identity is alway 

become disenchanted 

lere now does the person ti 
ormity by swaying from sta 

destined humdrum existence and tin 

conformity, they feel they are buckin" 

because of their uniqueness, they enjoy a se 
joyed when they were "ordinary", so they sai 
recognition, however, they sacrifice more than soci; 
and their principles while pursuing an unattainable commodit 
how fortunate are we jews? we are, and always shall be ; 
ments of our age. we are and always shall be apart from tl 

torah is timeless and knows of no chronological boundaries, so an 
and customs, we shall not give into the demands of society so tl 

better things that life has to offer ai 
tors that have kept the Jewish spiri 

ve find our identiu 

gion, its beauties, and its truth and its honest, we identify 
our ancestors did thousands of years ago, and just as we shall 

a sonnet for penelope 

by kramer 

she was the driving spirit to my soul, 
like to the night a trilling nightingale, 
and succor'd me with automotive dole- 
to lift my feet from asphalt's trodden trail. 

from van wyck, o'er the belt, and on the thruway, 
we first espied the world in which we dwell, 
until upon ajourney home from rock'way, 
her pistons purred her final kiss farewell. 

and now fore'er engraved into my momory, 
from carburetor to her bumper's end, 
with diamond headlights and a golden chasis, 
penelope, my lover and my friend. 

though wheels may cease responding to your steerings, 
old cars ne'er die, they only lose their bearings. 

1 -U- ' 1 II -1-4- 1 1 IUU 

j 1 Jill 

till 1 I 1 ^niw§f 


2270, where are you? 

oh, your crimson stained building 
with your black peaked roof 
the pigeons that lived there 
left all over their proof 
the public school doorknobs, opening 
to those sky-colored rooms 
with those forever cracked walls 
just waiting to fall to their dooms 
the echoes of the countdowns 
that raised the dust off the floor 
and loosen the doors off the hinges 
just a little more 
the sliding closets 
with the freshies locked inside 
the cries, the shrills, the laughs 
coming from outside 
rickety desks engraced with autographs 
and unforgettable, unmentionable quotes 
whenever radiators leaked 
we sailed paper boats 
instead of fire engines 
we have the trains 
our.auditorium, gym 
and lockeroom are all the same 
instead of erasmus 
we have the opposite sex 
now only 1 staircase 
(for emergencies an annex) 
instead of a concession 
we see more of jack 
the class of 1970 
would like to have 2270 back 
by abe & joe blank 

the disconcerted mind of m 

isee but i cannot feel . . . 

i listen but i cannot express . . . 

he was driven by a rare madness, digging into the soul itself, the an- 
guish of remaining unnoticed by all, tore deep into his flesh. 

why was he left out of the joy of life? couldn't they comprehend his 

he tried to adapt, but he wasn't accepted, for him being different was 
the scourge of life, stifling any possible chance of fulfillment, yet he tried. 

why are they laughing? can't they see that they're wrong? shouldn't 
they try to help me? is it right for one man to help one another or isn't it? 
. . . no, it's every man for himself . . . i'm alone as it has always been, 
it's just me and . . . and i seem to be against all of them, but why? 

feeling constrained by his own inability he lost all hope of being ini- 
tiated into society, tired of trying to piece together the pernicious puzzle 
of life, his sense of repulsion grew, the source of his rejection he finally 
destroyed, he kills. 

by yussie halpern and alan pass 

the world 

by maish yarmush 

men come, muscle men proud of the size of their limbs and the rod 
they tote, but are without brow or cranium, scientists, men of learning, 
considered by many as the best people — invincible atheists, religious men 
define and redefine hypocrisy — usually by self-illustration. 

they mingle, and, then, in the strong fire of their released passions, 
they acquire an unalterable hate for one another, they fight brutally with 
one another and most die. 

do they die because their conscience seeks no more to flourish, or do 
they die because they were isolated through life in egoism, and egoism 

the living remainder, who now must share the same room, when their 
armor is removed, come together despite their differences in the ancient 
community of dreams and fatigue, everywhere, joy, profit, and de- 

it is not, though it may seem so, a description of the outside world 
propelled by an orgy of greed and brutality, it is the image of the micro- 
cosm which revolves within the bounds of the human frame. 


by alan pass and yussie halpern 

sunrise, the beginning of a new day. 
or is it a new day? 
each day is different 
in essence, the same. 

to live; to belong 

confined to a restricted existence 

planning, working, pursuing, attaining. 

a search for identity 
reaching for a reason 
a clue explaining why? 
a hint at interpretation. 

the significance of being 

man fulfills himself 

yet he doesn't understand. 

dependence on the omnipotent 
the quest for relevance 
seeking to ascribe meaning 
to a life of aimlessness. 

hyman abramchick 

howard abramowitz 

Stanley adler 

sheldon alster 

marc aron 

neil aronson 

Steven bamberg 

howard banner 

michael baum 

Jeffrey bedrick 

joshua bertram 

abraham blank 

Joseph blank 

burt blass 

irwin blum 

lenny bodner 

lesly braun 

harold bronheim 

ira buckman 

dov cohen 

louis davies 

harry dym 

peter farkas 

gerald feig 

saul fischer 

elliot fishman 

arnold fries 

ivan ginsberg 

martin gold 

solomon goldman 
fred greenstein 

joel halpern 

jules halpern 
marcus hanfling 
seymour herskovits 
paul hershkowitz 
Steven jacobowitz 

jay Jacobs 
leonard kanarek 
mitchell kaufman 
david kerschen 
michael kramer 
martin lebinger 

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william leitman 

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david weiss 

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marshall wilen 

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mitchell wolfson 

453 quentin rd. 


martin yarmush 

5100 15 ave. 


Steven zlotnick 

1640 ocean ave. 


eli zuker 

1040 e. 57 st. 


a day is the life is merely a fleeting 
moment of our lives — it comes and it is 
gone, but what has it meant? we have 
been brought closer to omniscience, and 
we have been brought closer to our 
fellow man. but have we achieved a 
pinnacle of success? 


*■*-■■'.. --__ 

,- jK s <JlH 


1 ' 


■bL IjjL^H