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0,111280 b, Google 



^-;^r^ "- 

0,111280 b, Google 





Pure Materia Medica. 





vrira comtributiohs from 


DR. AD. UPPE, or P: 



ViW yOKK; FHh 



18 7 6. 

0,111280 b, Google 

Entered looording l« Act of CoDgreu, in the year 1676, 


Id the Office of the Libnriin of CongrcH, at WuhiDgtOD, D. C. 

(HiaifAM t (Kk, 




Aurum FiilTninen>, 

AuruiD Huriaticum, 

Aurum Huriaticum Natronatum,. 

Aurum Satfuratum, 


Baliamum Peruvianum 


Bartrelder (Acid Spring), . . . 

Barjta Acetica, 

Baryta Carbonica, ...... 

Baryta Muriatica 


Bellis PerenniB 


Benzinum Nitricum, 

Benzoic Acid, 



Bismuthum Oiidum, 

Bigmutbum Subnitricum, . , . 

Blatta Americana 

Boletua Laricla 

Boletui Luridn«, 

Boletus 8atana», 

Bombyx Cbrjaorrbcea 

Bombjz Procesiionea, 


Boracicum, Acidum, 

BothropB Lflnceolatu*, 


Branca Ursina, 



Brucea Autidyaenterica, . . . . 

Bryonia, 249 

Bufo, SOS 

Bufo Sahytiensis, SIS 

Buius, 820 

Cacao 820 

Cactus, 821 

Cadmium Sutfarnlum, .... 880 

Calnca, 88J 

Cajuputum, 336 

Caladium, 387 

Calcarea Acetica, 344 

Calcarea Carbonica, ..... 851 

Calcarea Caustlca, S86 

Calcarea Oblorata, 802 

Calcarea ludata 892 

Calcarea Phoephorica, 8M 

Calcarea Sulpburica, . . T . . 410 

Calendula 419 

Oaltha, 421 

Camphora 42-2 

Cancer Fluviatilla, 44S 

Canchalagua, 447 

Canna, 447 

Cannabig Indica, 448 

Cannabis Satlva, 492 

Cantbarls G06 

Capsicum, 540 

Carbo Ani miilis, 549 

Carbo VegeUbills, £65 

Carbolic Acid, S90 

Carboneum, 604 

Carboneum Chloratura, .... MS 

Carboneum Hydrogen leatutn, . . 806 

Carboneum Oiygenisatum, . . . 610 

Carboneum Sulfuratum, .... 617 

CarduuB Benedictus, 688 

OarduuB Harianus, 6S6 





Aurum foliatiim, metallic gold. Preparatiim, Triturate pure gold with 
eugar of milh. 

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JUintl. — Religious excitement,". — In a reverie he says something ab- 
surd,'. — The child woke after three o'clock, earfy in the morning, and spoke 
rapidly in a strong voice, and with red face, thus: "Mother, thou art my 
Jewel of a daughter! What sort of a dog is that? What sort of a head 
18 that at the wall ? What is running about there in the room ?" and many 
other such foolish questions,'. — -Desire for solitude," — ^Loathing of life)'. — 
"Sisgiist for life, luicidal tendency, ".^Good humor the whole day, with 
talkativeness and self-satisfaction (reaction),'. — Tolerable degree of cheer- 
fulness, agreeable ease (after two hours),'. — Frequent weeping,". — [10.] 
*She hou'ls and screams, and imagineg herself irretrievably lod,'. — 'Deapon- 
dent,'. — *Uelanoholy ; he imaffinet he M unfit for this world, and longs for- 
death, which he contemplates with internal delight'. — ^Despondent melan- 
choly ; he imagines he eanmtl succeed in anj/thing''. — * Dejected, and full of 
melancholy,'. — *He m dejected, and seeks solitude.'. — *I£e imagines he has lost 
the affections of kis friends; this makes him sad, even unto tears,'. — Discour- 
aged, and out of humor with himself,'. — The least trifle makes him dis- 
couraged,'. — He feels discouraged and despondent ; he imagines he does 
everything wrong, and cannot succeed in anything,'. — [20.] He is dissatia- 
lied with everything; he imagines obstacles everywhere in his way, partly 
occasioned by adverse fate, partly by himself; this latter makes him mor- 
bidly depressed,'. — *OretU anguish coming from the prcecordial region, and 
driving him from place to place, to that he can remain nowAere,', — Excessive 
anguish, with palpitation of the heart, weariness in all the limbs, and sleepi- 
ness,'. — Qreat angaiah, inoreaiing onto adf-deatmction, with spaamoaic 



coDtractioQ of the abdomen,'. — UDeasinesB, and hurried desire for bodily 
and mental activity ; he cannot do anything faat enough, and canoot live 
so as tc be H&tisfied with himself,'. — He feeb uneasy and uncertain, without 
oi^asm ; he constantly imagines he neglects something, and deserves re- 

E roaches in consequence; he appears to carry this uneasiness about bim in 
is mind, and it deprives him of all energy and perseverance,', — While eat- 
ing, the anxiety of mind leaves him,'. — Timidity,'. — *Apprehermve>iee» ; a 
mere noise at the door made him anxioiu; Ae feared lest some one would Mine 
in; anthropophobia'. — Constant sullen mood and taciturnity,', — [30.] Uu- 
sociable mood,'. — Weariness; causeless veicatiou,", — Some persons are offen- 
sive to him,'. — Peevishness, and want of disposition to speak,'. — *Peflvi«h 
and Tehement ; the least contradiotion exoitei hii wrath,'. — Irapatience ; 
anger,". — CAofeWc and quarrelsome,''. — Violent anger and vehemettce,'. — Ex- 
treme disposition to feel offended ; he was deeply affected and provoked by 
the least thing that seemed to grieve him,', — He becomes angry white think- 
ing of some absent persons,', — [40.] He quarrels with every one, and says 
coarse things,'. — She alternately weeps and laughs, as if not couseious of 
herself,', — Silent peevishness and cheerfulness, of\en alternate (afler one 
and three hours),', — If left alone, he sits still, taciturn, apparently melan- 
choly, in a corner by himself ; but the slightest contradiction escites his 
wrath, whi<;h he first manifests by disputing and talking a good deal, after- 
wards by uttering a few detached words (after three days), . — The intellec- 
tual faculties are more acute, and the memory more iaithful (reaction),'. — 
8he is anxious to reflect deeply about this or that subject ; this, however, 
makes her quite weak, tremulous, cold, and damp over the body,'. — Slemory 

Jlead, — Confuaion of the head,'. — Confusion of the head, early on ris- 
ing, with heaviness in the occiput,".— When standing, vertigo, forcing him 
to sit down,'. — [50,] Great vertigo, when stooping,". — * Vertigo, when loop- 
ing, as ii turning in a dreU ; it goes off on raising (lie head,''. — * When walk- 
ing in the open air, vertigo, as if he were drunk, and would fall to the left side; 
he was forced to lie down, but even then for some time the vertigo relumed on 
the slighted motion (after forty-three hours),'. — His head shakes sideways 
and up and down,'. — Headache as from an incipient cold,'. — Pains in the 
head, caused by intellectual exertions,". — Headache, sometimes as from a 
contusion, sometimes like a painful pressure in one ^art of the brain, some- 
times like a tearing ; it has increased ever since morniog, and disappears at 

3 P.M. (after twenty-four hours),'. — Burning heat of the whole head, worse 
at the occiput,'". — 'Rush of blood to the head,'. — Great determination of 
blood to the brain (after three-quarters of an hour),'. — [60.] Violent rush 
of blood to the head when stooping ; it passes off aft^r raising the head 
again (after eight days),°. — -A kind of hypochondriacal irUoineation ; the 
head feels full of compressed air, especially towards the nape of the neck,'. — 
Boring in different parts of cranial bones,".—* The bones of the head pained 
him on lying down, as if broken, so that all his vittd energy seemed affected,'. 
— Stunning, pressive headache, as from violent wind,'. — Pressive tearing in 
the head here and there, especially in the forehead, with feeling of vertigo,'. 
—Headache, ever since morniug, as from a bruised brain ; when reflecting 
or reading, especially when talking or writing, the headache increases to 
the utmost violence, and a perfect confusion of ideas; when ceasing to re- 
flect, speak, or write the headache ceases, until it disappears entirely at 7 
in the evening (afler six hours),'. — Small, bony tumor on the upper part 
of the left side of the forehead,'. — Burning in skin of forehead,'*. — Pressive 



pain on the forehead externally (after ten hours),', — [70.] Boring in left 
side of frontal bone,". — Boring in left side of forehead,". — Pressure in left 
side of forehead (after an hour and a half),'. — Fine tearing in the fore- 
head,*. — Very frequent tearing in forehead,". — Tearing kendaclie in front, 
ill the forehead and temples, deep in the brain, abating in the open air,'. — 
Tearing in the left side of the forehead, more violent during motion,'. — A 
stit«;h on the frontal bone like a slow drawing (after six hours),'. — Stitch in 
the centre of the forehead, where the hair begins,'. — Prickings, as from 
pins, in the forehead externally (after twenty-four houra),'. — [80.] Tingling 
sensation in the forepart, of the head,', — Small, bony himor on tke right side 
of the vertex, leith boring pain that ifrowg wor/ie when the tumor is touched,^, — 
Burning in skiu of rigiit temple,". — Pressive pain in the temples,'. — Pres- 
sive pain on the left temple externally (after thirty-two hours),'. — Pressure 
on the left temple, worse by touch (after a quarter of an hour),'.^Teariog9 
in the left temple,'. — Severe and constant burning heat on the top of the 
head,", — Tearing pressure in the left tide of the vertex, more violent during 
motion,'. — Tearing in the right side of the vertex (after three hours),', — 
[90.] Tearing in the left side of the vertex (after one and a half hours),'. 
— Cutting tearing pain in the right side of the vertex (after seventeen 
days),'. — Drawing in right side of head,". — Pressive tearing in the right 
side of the head, from the occiput to the forehead (after three hours),', — 
One-sided, sharply throbbing, hacking headache,'. — Grinding, boring, and 
slight throbbing in one side of the head, early in the morning shortly after 
waking, increased by coughing, and bending the head backwards,'. — ilegrim 
returning every three or four days, with stitching, burning, and healing in 
one side of the forehead, qualmishness, nausea, and even bilious vomiting,'*. 
— Tearing pressure in the right occiput,'. — *Fine tearing from the right gide 
of the occiput through the brain as far a» the forehead; more violent during 
motion (ai'ter one hour),'. 

JEyen, — Prominent, protruding eyes,'. — [100,] Sensation of weakness 
and pressure in the ey&s,'.— A kind of burning in the eyes,'. — *Te>iatoH in 
the eye», which makei seeing difficult (after one hour),', — Excessive tension 
in the eyes, with diminution of sight; more violent when fixing the eyes 
upon something; leas when closing them (after nine days),'. — Preemtre in 
the eyes, as from a foreign body,'. — Pressure upon the left eye from without 
inwards (after eight days),'. — Sensation in his eyes when looking, as of violent 
heat, as if the blood pressed upon the optic nerve,'. — Constant feeling of sand 
in the ei/ftt,". — Burning, stitching, drawing, and itching in the inner eanthus 
of the eye*,". — Drawing above the right eye,".— [110.] Excessive spasmodic 
pressure in the posterior tiegment of the left orbit,'. — Fine tearing iu the 
right orbit, close to the external canthus (after five hours),'. — Dull stitch in 
the lower part of the left orbit, from within outwards,'. — Redness of the 
lids at the approach of the menses,". — Bluish appearance of the inner 
canthi,'. — Swelling of the lower lids,'. — * Morning agglutination". — Burn 
ing, stitching, ana itching of the eyelids,'*. — Biting pain in the left upper 
eyelid,'. — Beveral single stitches in the internal canthus and lid of the left 
eye (after thirty-six hours),'. — [120.] Itching and burning in the right 
canthus,'. — * CoJistant hchrymalion'K — *Redness of the sclerotica,". — Sensa- 
tion of pressing out in the internal and superior angle of the left eyeball,'. 
— Pressive pain in the right eyeball, from without inwards; more violent 
during motion (afler six hours),'. — Ditalatiou of the pupils (afler three 
hours and a half),', — Contraction of the pupils (after two and four hours),'. — 
Indistinct sight, as if a blaek veil were drawn before the eyes (after six 



daya),'. — * Half-aightediieM, as if the npper half of the viaion were cov- 
ered with a dark body, so that he can only tee lower objecU with the inferior 
half; Upper olqeota remain invijible,*.— His eight i§ lost for a momeDt,'.— 
[ISO.] Fiery eparks before the eyes,'- — *He cannot diitinguiiih anything 
clearly, because he sees eversrthin; double, and one objeet is teen mixed wim 
the other, with violent tension in the eyes,*. 

EarM, — Moisture behind the ears,'^ — Burning, pricking, and itehing 
behind the ears,". — Boring behind the left ear,". — fiuroiog and etitching 
in the ears,". — Tension in the ears,'.— Presaive tearing in the left tneatua 
nuditorius externus,'. — Hardness of heariug,". — Sense of deafness (12th),", 
—[140.] Crai;kling in the left ear,'.— Humming before the left ear,'.- 
Humming, whistling, and ringing in the ears,". — Raging and roaring in 
the head, as if sitting close to roaring water (after fourteen days),'. — Rijar- 
iug in the ears, early in the morning, in bed,'. 

ISotte, — "Rednen and meUing of the nose,". — *incBrftted, agglutinated, 
painfol nostrils, so that he cannot breathe through the nose,^. — *SuieUing and 
rednegsofthe right noHril, and uTiderneath,*.~SweUing of tlie nose, in the 
room, after walking in the open air,'.— Dark, brownish-red, slightly ele- 
vated spots upon the nose, which ache only when touched (after twenty- 
four hours),'.— [ISO.] *Crust» in the note^K—Cruats, a» from ulcers, in the 
right nos(rM, yellowish, almost painless, and dry,*.— Frequent sneezing,". — 
Coryza,*. — violent fluent coryza,'.- — Coryza, with thick discharge like white 
of egg,". — TAe nostril appears obstructed, although air paetes through it,*. 
— *Senae of obstruction of the nose, as in dry coryza; nevertheleM, the air 
poMBs freely through the nose (after two and a half liours),'. — Burning and 
itchinff on the exterior of the nose,". — -Violent burning io right wing of 
nose,' , — [160.] ^Burning, itching, stitching, and smarting in the nose,". — 
Boring in cartilage of nose,'*, — "Boring in left side of nasal bone, loivfird 
upper maxilla,". — 'Feeling of torenens in the nose,*. — *8orenesa iu both nos- 
trils, especially when touching tltein,'. — 'The light nasal bone aud the ad- 
joining part of the upper jaw are painful to the touch, especially at the 
place where the infraorbital nerve comes out,'. — Shootings in the septum 
of the nose, from above downwards,". — Biting pain in the Tower part of the 
nose,*, — Biting pain in the lower part of the nose, so that the tears came 
into his eyes, as when desiring to sneeze, excited by strong sunlight, or 
exalted, pious grief, or the highest degree of pity,'. — Itching of the nos- 
trils,', — [170,] Itching titillation in the wings of the nose, as in a cold, 
sometimes with desire to scratch,'. — 'Sensitive smell; everything smells too 
strong far him,'. — The smoke of the lamp is offensive,'. — Frequently, a 
sweetish smell in his nose,'. — Momentary smell of brandy in the nose, with 
dyspncea,'.- — *Putrid smell in the nose when blowing it,'. 

JVtCe.— (When speaking, he smiles involuntarily),'. — Redness of the 
face,", — Flushed face,", — Red and blue spots on the face,", — [ISO.] Bloated 
face, shining as from sweat, with prominent protruding eyes,', — *Dramng 
tearing on the left side of the face,". — Itching pricking, as from pins, ou the 
right side of the face,', — Swelling of both cheeks, with swelline of the lips 
and nose, early iu the moruiop,', — Swelling of one cheek, with draining and 
tearing in the vpper and lower jaws, and sensation of hacking, and grum- 
bling pain in the teeth, which appear too long,', — Tension lu the malar 
bone and eara,'. — Violent tearing in the zyyoma, .-^Painful stitches iu oue 
cheek (after first day),'.— * Surd iny ttitclies in the zygotna'. — * Violent boring 
in right zygomatic process, when walking,". — [190.] Burning vesicle upon 
the vermilion border of the lower lip, . — Burning in lips, , — Pain in a 


gland of the lower jaw, as if Bwolleo,'. — Boring in left aide of upper jaw,'*. 
— Boring in right side of lower jaw,". — Tearing pressure at the right lower 
jaw, goinp off by presaiDg upon it,'. — Tearing in the right half of the chin,', 
— Intermittent, dull stitchea in the externftl border of the lower jaw,'. 

Mouth, — Loosenesa of the teeth, even the anterior, in sudden par- 
oxyams,'. — Sensation of dulness of the molar teeth (after half»an hour),'. 
— [200.] The upper front teeth are very painful when chewing,'. — *Tooth- 
ache caused by drawing air into the month,'. — Hacking and grumbling paiu in 
the teeth, with swelling of the cheeks,'. — Dull tearing in the two posterior 
molar teeth of the right upper jaw, excited by touch and eating, with pain- 
ful swelling of the gums,', — When chewing, rnddenly a painful dulnest in 
one of the vpper mohr teeth, ^ . — Single stitches in the teeth,', — 8bootii]g pain 
in the upper row,', — Redness and aivelling of the gums,", — Swelling of the 
gums of the molar teeth of the right upper jaw, with pressive soreness when 
touched, or when eatiug,*.- — Painful pustules on the gums, as if a fistula 
dentalis would form,'. — [210.] Ulcer on the gums, with swelling of the 
cheeks (after ten days),'.- — The gums bleed easily,", — Violent burning in 
tip of tongue,". — Stitching and burning iu the tip and on the edge of 
tongue, and on its under surface,".— Aphthse in the mouth,", — Mouth blis- 
tered inside {200th},",— Smell from the mouth as of old cheese,',— *Pw(riJ 
smell from ike mouth'. — Felid odor from the month, in the evening and at 
night, unperceived by himself,'.— Difficulty in eating,". — [220.] Heat and 
smarting in the mouth,". — A kind of pressure in the region of the palate, 
for several hours,'. — Agreeably sweetish saliva accumulates in the mouth,'. 
— The taste is insipid,'. — Agreeable, milky taste in the mouth,', — Sweet 
taste on the anterior part of tlie tongue.'.—Sometimes, sourish taste in the 
mouth (aft«r two and a half hours),'. — *BUfer ttute in the motUh, with sen- 
sation of dryness (after eight hours),'. — *Putrid taste in the mouth, as of 
gpoil'.d game, between meals,. 

Throat. — Frequently, phlegm in the throat, which can be hawked up, 
but prevents a full inspiration (after two hours),'. — [230.] Much phlegm 
iu tne throat, for several days,'. — Pain in the parotid glands,". — *The 
parotid gland is painful to the touch, as if pressed or contused,^. — Lumpv 
state of the throat; she wakes at night and desires to moisten it (200th ),'^ 
— Burning, stitching, and itching in the throat, worse on swallowing,'*. — 
Drawing and scraping in the throat,'*, — * Dull, pressive pain, either with or 
without swallowing, in a gland below the angle of the lower jaw,'. — Throat 
feels pricked with needles (200th),". — Swallowing food causes a stinging 
sensation in the throat (200th),", — *Stinging soretiess in the throat, only 
during deglutition,'. — [240.] Painful obstacle to deglutition in the left side 
of the pharynx,'. — Attacks of distension of the pbaryns, as in vomiting, 
but without nausea,'. 

Stomach, — He relishes his meal, but bis appetite is not appeased ; he 
could have eaten again, shortly after,'.^He is forced to eat hastily, espe- 
cially at the beginning of the meal,',— Has no appetite for anything; can 
only eat bread and milk,'. — Repugnance to meat,'. — Much thirst for six 
days,', — Burning thirst; desire for cold drinks,". — Desire for spirituous 
liquors,". — Great longing for coffee,'. — [2fiO.] Watery eructations,". — 
Eructations tasting of the drink (beer),'. — Hiccough," — Nausea,". — Nau- 
sea in the stomach and throat,'. — Mental labor causes nausea, which afTecta 
his whole being,'. — Sensatiou of nausea ; discomfort from the stomach and 
in the abdomen,'. — Incliuation to vomit after eating, sometimes even while 
eating,". — Regurgitations as if the person would vomit; with pressure in 



the abdomen,'. — Pain at the stomach, as of hunger,', — [260.] Burning at 
the stomach, and hot eructations (12th),". — Burning, drawing, and cutting 
pain in the stomach,". — *Pres8ure in the region of the stomach, at noon,'. — 

'Pressure on Uie lejt fide, near the pit of the etomaeh, below the cartilages of 
the upper false ribs; more violent during an expiration (after seven days),*, 

Aoaonien. — ^Burning heat and cutting pain in tke right hypochoiv- 
drium,": — Continual pressure in the hypochondria, as from flatulence, espe- 
cially after food or drink, often increased by motion and walking ; gnee 
off without flatus,', — Stitches in the left hypochondrium, like stitches in the 
spleen,'. — Painful stitch in the left hypochondrium,". — Rumbling in the 
abdomen^. — Rumbling in the bowels (after one hour),', — [270.] At night, 
painful accumulation of flatulence, especially in the left hypochondrium,'. 
— Emission of much flatulence (firat day),'. — Emission of much fetid flatu- 
lence (after eight hours),'. — He is mvck frovikd with Jlattileney; it beeomes 
incarcerated %inder the left ribs, with lancinating pain,'.- — Discomfort in the 
abdomen, with sensation as if he should go to stool, especially afler dinner 
(afl«r thirtr-six hours), '.^Pains iu the abdomen, as from labor, as if the 
menses would make their appearance,'. — Heat and drawing in the abdo- 
men,". — Pinching pain, here and there, in the abdomen (after twelve 
hours),'.— Dull pinching and cutting in the abdomen, then diarrhcea, and 
after the diarrh<Ba, distended abdomen,'. — Painful feeling of contraction iu 
the abdomen,'.— [280.] Heaviness in the abdomen, with icy-cold hands 
and feet,'.— Pressure in the abdomen .'.—Tensive pressure in the abdomen 
and the lumbar regions, with desire for stool (after six days),'.— Tensive 
pre^ure in the abdomen, just below the navel, and on buto sides in the 
lumbar regions, with feeling of fulness (after fifty-three hours),*. — Single 
teariugs in the right side of the abdomen, extending as high up as beluw 
the ribs, as if everything there was shattered ; forces him to bend crooked, 
when sitting (afler thirty-six hours),'. — Cutting pain, heat, and scraping 
sensation in the groins,". — Twisting pain In the abdomen, before and during 
stool,". — Colic,". — Colic iu the abdomen,". — Flatulent colic, shortly after 
the lightest and most moderate meals,'. — [290.] Flatulent colic, after mid- 
night ; much flatus rapidly accumulates which does not pass, and therefore 
causes painful pressure, squeezing and anxiety; both when at rest and in 
motion,'. — The abdomen ia tender to the touch,'*. — Protrusion of an in^inal 
hernia, with great cramplike pain ; flatus aeema to get into the hernia,'. — 
Rumbling iu the lower abdomen ,'.^Heat and sensitiveness of the hvpogaa- 
trium,". — Pinching pain ou the Inner side of the ischiatic bones,''. — Weight 
on the pubis,". — Jerking twinges in the left side of the pelvis, causiug him 
to jump or start,". — Weakness in the groin,'. — Want of flexibility and 
painful stifiness in the bends of the groiu and the tendons of the lumbar 
muscles, when walking or spreading the legs, as after a long journey on 
foot (after three and a half hours),'. — Pain in the groin, as from a swollen 
gland,'. — [300.] Burning pain in the abdominal riug, which is otherwise 
healthy ,'. — Drawing from the groin into the thighs,', — -Pressing in the right 
abdominal ring, as if a hernia would protrude, when sitting and stretchmg 
the bo<ly ; goes off when rising,'. — Cutting thrusts iu both groins, forcing 
him to draw the abdomen in and the feet uj),". — Bruised pain in the right 
iliac region, when sitting; goes off when rising and drawing up the thigh 
(after twenty-four hours),'. 

Stool and .^nUA. —^harp stitches in the rectum and anus,*, — Ex- 
ternal hemorrhoids, bleeding during stool,". — The border of the anus is 
painfully swollen,'. — Burning heat and tearing pains at the anus,". — Heat 



and dull pain at the perineum,". — [310.] Diarrhcea,*. — Diarrhoea day and 
nieht; green stoole,". — Frequent diarrhoea, especially at night, with grayish- 
yellow atools," — Nightly diarrhoea, with much burning m the rectum,'. — 
(White-yeilowiah Btool),.— Copious, but normal stool (after sixteen houra),*. 
— Unusually copious stool, in the evening (after ten hours),'. — Soft stool 
every morning, with a little pinching,'. — Stool very large ; passed with 
difficulty,'. — *Very hard, knotty stool every day,'.— [380.] Constipation 
for three days,'. 

Urinary Organs.— Sharp stitches, when breathing, apparently in 
the side of the bladder,'. — Burning, stitching, and smarting in tne urethra,**. 
— Dull tearing in the urethra,'. — Tearing stitches at the glaua, when obliged 
to urinate (aft«r three hours),". — Dyauria,". — Constant desire for micturi- 
tion, with scanty but natural urine,'. — He passes more urine than corre- 
sponds lo the quantity he drinks,'. — Urine greatly diminished,", — Infre- 
quent discharge of scanty, yellowish urine,". — [SSO.J Turbid urine, like 
buttermilk, with much sedmient of mucus,'. — Thick urine, having a strong 
ammuniacat odor, and decomposing rapidly,", — Hot, red urine, containing 

Sexual Organit, — (Mak.) — Moisture around the glans,". — Painful 
twitches in the penis, from before backwards,'. — Painful erections,". — 
Nightly erections, without emissions (first night),". — Erections many nights 
in succession,'.— Prickings, as from pins, at the extremity of the glans; 
every single pricking is followed by a similar one above the navel, towards 
the pit of the stomach (after three hours),". — licking of the scrotum,'. — 
[840,] *8welluig of the right testicle, with pressive pain when touching or 
rubbing it; this symptom came on for several evenings at 6 o'clock, and ceased 
towarde 11 o'clock (after five days),'. — *PreMiTe and tensive pain in the 
right teitioU, as from contudon (after three and a half hours),'.— The sex- 
ual desire, which had been dormant in him for a long time, is roused,'. — 
Much desire for coition, early, after rising, with violent erections,'. — He 
was unable to sleep the whole night, on account of his sexual desire being 
roused ; he finally nad to satisfy it by coition (first night),'.— For two nights 
he is full of lewd fancies, the penis being small and relaxed (second and 
third night),'. — Pollutions at night (the first nights),". — Nightly pollutions, 
with voFuptuous dreams (after seven days),'. — Nightly erections and pollu- 
tions,'. — Prostatic juice comes out of the penis, which is relaxed,'. — [350.] 
Pollutions three nights in succession, without subsequent weakness,'. — (Fe- 
male.) — Drawing pain in the mons veneris,'. — Heat, pricking, and smart- 
ing of the vulva, . — Redness and swelling of the labia majora,". — Burning 
and pricking in the vagina,", — Thick white leucorrhoea,". — Retarded men- 

Respiratory Apparatus. — Husky voice (12th),". — Cough,*. — In- 
frequent short dry oougn,". — [360.] Frequent severe and racking cough,". 
— Cough at night, on account of want of breath,'. — Splitting cough at 
night,''. — Pbtegm deep in the lungs, which is easily thrown up iu lai^ 
quantity ; this is succeeded by free and expansive breathing, whereas gen- 
erally he was asthmatic,'.- Difficulty of raising phlegm (12th),". — Adhe- 
sive phlegm in the larynx, difficult to hawk up,'. — Frequently, phlegm 
deep in the larynx, which he does not succeed in coughing up, even with 
the greatest effort,'. — Frequent deep brecdJiing'. — Difficult breathing,". — 
Difficulty of breathing,'. — [370.] Severe dyspnaa'. — *Dyspncea, also when 
at rest, which cannot be relieved by any position; he amstanily takes de^ 
breath, and cannot inspire air stiov^A,'.— Severe dyspn(ea when walking in. 



the open air,'. — Dvepnoea when laughiug or walking fast, as if the chest were 
too tight for braatfiing and too flat in front (after forty-four hours),', — Dif»p- 
ntea, with dull etitckea in Uu cheat, when iTispirinff*. — Excetsive dytptuxa, unth 
di^umUy of breathing at night*. — Sense of suffocation soon after eating," 

Chest, — During an expiratiun, r&lee in the upper }^rt of the chest, de- 
scending into the abdomen and groin, succeeded by quick beatings of the 
heart, with weakness and apprehension; then slumber,'.— Persistent dry 
catarrh on tlie cheat, early iu the mornine, on waking ; it is with great 
trouble he succeeds in hawking up a little phlegm, and even this only after 
rising from bed (after sixteen hours),'. — Burning, stitching, and pricking 
in the chest,". — [3B0.] Tightness of the thoras, with anxiety (after three 
days),'. — Drawing in left aide of chest, below nipple,", — Oppression of 
chest and abdomen when coughing,'. — A few very violent stitches in the 
chest, over the heart (aft«r seventy-two hours),'. — Intensely painful stitches 
under the ribs when breathing deeply (and yawning) ; they prevent breath- 
ing and yawning ; cease on going to bed, '.---Shudde ring in the right chest, 
when yawning,'. — Pressure in left wall of thorax,". — Pressure on the right 
side of the diest, with extreme anguish,'. — Dull cutting pain on the left 
side, near the sternum; more violent during an inspiration (after nine 
days),'. — Stitches iu the left chest when breathing,'. — [380.] Stitches 
under the left ribs when coughing,'. — Fine tearing stitches on the right 
side, near the lumbar vertebra, going off by pressure,'. — Duil painful 
stitches and lancinations on the right side, near the sternum, under the last 
true ribs,'. — Dull oppressive stitches under the cartilages of the first three 
ribs on the right side ; they sometimes continue as a sensation of a plug in- 
serted there ; sometimes they are slowly intermittent and little felt in walk- 
ing ; externally, the place is red (aft«r sixteen hours), *.^Dull stitches on 
both sides of the chest, with heat in the chest and dyspncea ; increased by 
inspiration,". — Pressure on the sternum, with busy demeanor, as if some- 
thing very agreeable were about to happen,'. — Pressure on the sternum, as 
of something hard, with drawing tearings towards the shoulders,*. — Sharp 
stitches in the sternum (atler two hours),", — Swelling of the precordial 
r^ion and the whole upper part of the abdomen, with a painful stitch 
wneu pressing upon it or lacing it tightly,'. 

JSeaVt and Pulse,— y^ae^n walking, the heart seems to shake as if 
it were loose,'.— [400,] Sometimes, one single very violent beat of the 
heart,'. — Strong irregular beating of the heart,". — 'PalpOation of the heart 
^fter half an hour),'.—* Violeni palpitatioti of the heart (after four days),*. — 
Palpitation when lying on the back,". — "Frequent aitaekt of anguish about 
the heart, and treimUous fearfulness,". — Heat and itching at the heart,". — 
Drawings and cutting pains at the heart,". 

Neck and Back, — Difficulty in turning the head, as in torticollis,". 
— Tension in the neck, as if a muscle were too short, even when at rest, hut 
more violent when stooping (aft^r ten hours),". — [410.] Drawing in nape 
of neck towards left clavicle,". — Drawing in left side of nape of neck,". — 
Tearing pressure in the lower part of the right aide of the neck (after four- 
teen days),'.— Jerking, tearing stitches in the left external muscles of the 
neck (after seven days), '.—Tearing pain on the inner side of the scapula 
and below it, when bending the Dody backwards and to the left (after 
eleven hours),'. — Early .in the morning, such a severe pain in the spine 
that he was unable to move a limb,'. — Heat, pricking, and itchine in the 
back,". — Pain in the smallof the back, as from fatigue (after three hours),'. 
— Drawing iu the muscles of the back,", — Burning heat, which seems to 



Btart from the kidneys and extend to the bladder,".— [420.] Cuttiog over 
the amall of the back when sitting, as if from pressure with a sharp instru- 
ment,',— Heat in the loins,", — Sharp piercing pain in the right loin, only 
during inspiration,'. — Bruised pain in the loius," 

Mxtremities in General. — Going to sleep, numbnees and insen- 
sibility of the arms and legs, early on waEing, more when lying still than 
in motion,'. — Shooting and drawing pains in arms and legs occasionally,". 

Upper Mxtremitie*. — Fatigue in the arms,".— Difficult movement 
of the arms,". — Burning, stitching, and pricitiag in the amis,". — Heat in 
the axillfe,". — [430.] Tearing tension under the axilla,". — Boring in left 
shoulder,". — Boring in letl: shoulder, when sitting,".— Stitching in left ax- 
illa,". — Fine stitches upon the shoulder,". — Soreness of the shoulders, even 
when not touched or moved,'.— Burning in skin of right upper arm,". — 
Drawing in skin of left upper arm,".— Drawing pain down the left arm, on 
the bone, going off by motion,', — Pressure on the under surface and in the 
middle of the right upper arm,*. — [440.] Pressure in the left upper arm, 
near the periosteum (after forty-eight hours),'. — Tearing pressure in the 
anterior surface of both upper arms (after fifteen days),'. — Fine tearings in 
the left upper arm, most severe on uncoveriuc it (after three hours),". — 
Severe bone-pains in the right elbow (200th), . — Boring in right elbow- 
joints,".— Cramplike tearing in the right elbow-joint,'. — ^The forearms feel 
heavy when at rest, but not in motion (after twelve hours),". — Boring in 
right forearm,", — Pressure on the external side of the right forearm (after 
twelve days),', — Pressure on the anterior surface of the forearm,'. — [460.] 
Intermittent tearing presaure on the inner side of the left forearm,', — Tear- 
ing in the bones of the wrist-joint (after eight hours),*. — GrampliJce tearing 
in the bon€» of both wnMg, deep in Uie interior, from the upper to the lower 
row of the carpus, especially at night, but also by day,'. — Stitching and 
pressure in wrists,". — CrsmpHke pain in the metacarpal bones of the left 
hand, especially the thumb, without interfering with motion,'. — Tearing in 
the metacarpal bones,'. — Tension in roots of ririit fingers,". — Boring in fin- 
ger-joints," — Drawing in the finger-joints,'. — -PreBBUre in the last joint of 
the left little finger, and in the right thumb-joint, during rest," — [460,] 
Dull tearing in the joints of all the fingeis, often sprcadmg into the pha- 
langes (after five days),*. — Fine tearing in the right fingers,'. — Fine tear- 
ing in the anterior joint of the right thumb,*. — Tearing in the last joint of 
the left little finger,*. — Tearing in the lowest joints of the right fingers 
(after four days), . — Acut« pain in the finger-joints," 

lA>wer EaitremitieM. — All the blowl appeared to ruth from her head 
into the Unoer extremities ; they feel paralyzed and she hoe to sit down im- 
mediately,'. — Uncommon paralytic pain in the bip-ioint, only when rising 
from a seat and walking, not when sitting,'. — Cramplike pain iu the region of 
the hip, on the inner brim of the pelvis, increased by rubbing (after thirty-six 
hours),". — In the glutei muscles, a fine stitch, several times repeated; winds 
downwards (after sixteen hours),", — [470.] Weakness of the thigh when 
walking,'. — The thigh feels paralyzed, and the tendon of the lumbar 
muscles is so painfiilly stiff, that the thigh cannot be raised,', — Pain in the 
right femur, as if broken, on laying the right thigh across the left,'. — 
Cramplike drawing in the tendon of the psoas muscle, down into the thish 
when sitting, going off when rising,'. — Fressive and tensive pain in t^e 
muscles of the left thigh when walking in the open air, relieved when 
sitting, but not when standing or walking, or by touching the parts,'. — 
Tearing in the thigh as from growing, only during motion, not when sitting 


10 AURUM. 

(after twenty-four hours),', — At night, when lying down, a sore pUce forms 
on the external surface of the left thigh,*. — When sitting, or laying the 
left limb across the right, the poaterior muBcles of the right thigh appear to 
be twitching,'. — Tottering of the knees,'. — Painful stifTness and sense of 
paralysis of the knees, both when at rest and in motion,', — [480.] Simple 
pain, when walking, in tiie right knee,'. — Boring in left knee,", — Puin in 
the knees as if firmly bandaged, when sitting and walking,'. — The right knee 
becomes weak from walking, so that a drawing pain is felt in it when walk- 
ing, and setting the foot upon the floor (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
Pressure iu left knee,". — Stitchioff and pressure in knees,'*. — Hard, red 
swelling of the leg, from the malleofus to the calf, occasioned by the rubbing 
of tlie boots ; going off again after a short rest,". — Boring in right tibia,". — 
Violent boring in centre of left tibia,". — Dull, gnawing pain in both sides 
of the legs, over the malleoli, ti^ther with a few sharp stitches in the tendo 
Achillis when at rest; they pass off during motion (after fourteen hours),". 
— [490.] Pressure on the left tibia, when stretching the leg,'. — Burning 
in calves,". — Pressure in right ankle,'*. — Buriug in left ankle,'*. — Tensive 
pressure near the right internal malleolus (after five days),'.— Swelling of 
the feet ; walking b difficult,". — Boring in back of right foot, toward the 
ankle,". — Boring iu back of left foot, .^Drawing pain in the feet,'*. — 
Tlie heels are painful, as from ulceration ur extravasation of blood,'. — 
[600.] Severe drawing in both heels, in the evening when going to sleep,". — 
Violent stitches on the dorsum of the foot, behind the toes,'. — Pressure in 
the hoilow of the sole of the foot, as from something hard,'. — Tearing pain 
in the posterior part of the right sole (after thirty hours), '.^Rcdne^ and 
burning of the toes,". — Drawing id the toe-joints,'°.— Paralytic drawing in 
the right toes,'. — Paralytic draw mg in the metatarsal bones of the big toe, as 
far as the ^,'. — Fine tearing in the right toes,*. — Violent stitching in right 
toes,". — [610>] Pain as from a bruise or sprain in the last joint of the oig 
toe when walking,'. — Crrinding pain iu ola chilblains (afler one hour),'. 

Generalities. — Tremulous agitation of the nerves, aa iu joyous 
hope,'. — He trembles when he cannot express his anger,'. — (When think- 
ing of a motion, he makes small motions without knowing it),'. — Inclination 
to move from place to place,". — He is constantly impelled to be in motion, 
and regrets hia inactivity, although he cannot do any work,'. — At night he 
could lie neither on the left nor on the right side,'.— Suddenly, great lassi- 
tude, in the afternoon when sitting or lying down ; he fell asleep on account 
of it ; on waking, the lassitude had disappeared (after nine hours),'. — In- 
ternal emptiness and weakness of the whole bodv,'. — [fi20.] Early on 
waking, very feeble,'. — Early in the morning, very tired ; her legs ached so 
that she would have liked to lie down immMiately,'. — Mental tabor wears 
him out; he feels exhausted,'.— All his sensations are fine and acute,'. — 
Excessive seusitiveness in the whole body ; susccptilbility to every sort of 
pain ; on thinking of it, he imagines he already feels it ; everything is dis- 
agreeable to him, . — Comfortable feeling in the whole body (reaction),'. — 
Simple pain, or pain as from a bruise, early in the morning, in bed, in all 
the joints, especially the small of the back and knees ; the pain increases by 
lying still ; and passes off after rising,'. — Great anguish and weakness ; they 
think him near dying,". — In the afternoon, painful drawing in the veins 
with exhaustion,'. — Pressure on the left side, near the lumbar vertebne, 
and on the upper border of the os innominatum,'. — [630.] Pecking, very 
rapid, almost stitching, between the thumb and the index, . — Itching and 
burning shootings, here and there, almost tike stitches,'. — ^All the joints 


AURUM. 11 

feel bruised, early in the morning and the whole foreDoon,'. — Pain as from 
bruises m the head and all the timbt, early in bed, most violent when at 
rest ; passes off immediately aAer rising,'. 

Skln.—hfiTge red pimples on the Tiice,". — Painless smooth pimples on 
the border of the right lower lid.'.^Red pimples on the nose,".— Pimples 
on the lips, with burning, stitching, pricking, and much itching,". — ^Enip- 
tioD of small white pimples all over the hairy scalp, with heat and itch- 
ing, ".^Indurations under the skin, like wheats, on the leg, over the heel 
and behind the knees, with violent itching, which can hardly be borne 
when walking (eleventh day),'°. — [540.] Small elevations on the leg and 
below the knee ; when slightly rubbed, they change to thick, hard nodosities 
under the skin (fillh and eighth day),". — Small and larger elevations on 
the legs and calves, looking like blotches from the stinging of nettles, burn- 
ing and feeling like hard knots, of a dirty yellow color, disappearing again 
after a few hours, and forming less in the room than in the open air, . — 
Eruption on the fcux ; fine pimplen, with tips filled with pus, for some 
hours,'. — Eruption of fine pimples, with tips full of pus, on the neck and 
cheat, for some hours, '.^Pustules in the face and on the neck and chest,'. — 
Sensitive pricking, as with pins, just below the right scapula, near the 
spine (after half an hour),'. — Formication, here and there, over the 
bcKiy,'. — Itching of the hand between the thumb and the index finger,'. — 
Itching of the joints of the feet, especially when walking (seventh day),'*, 
— Itching of the joints and soles of the feet,'°. — [950.] Transient but intense 
itching 01 the abdomen, of the hips, knees, arms and wrists,'°. 

Sleep and DfeamM, — Continual sleepinesi,".— Drowsiness by day,'. 
— Slumber, with weakness of head, when sitting, by day,'. — Invincible sleep 
after dinner; during this sleep his mind wa^ thronged with ideas (after 
four hours),'. — He »ob» aloud in sleep,". — Uneasy sleep, during which he 
feela the pains,'. — Frequent waking, at night, as by fright,', — Atter 4 o'clock 
in the moniing, he cannot sleep well, turns from side to side, because he 
cannot remain long in one position, aud the hand on which he lies soon 
gets tired,'. — * Awake the vilxole night, but wiihout pain; nevertheless, no 
sleepiness or lassitude in the morning,'. — [560,] Sleeplessness; nightly rest- 
lessness,", — Agreeable and sensible dreams, but which cannot be remem- 
bered,'. — * Vivid dreams at night, which cannot be remembered,^. — ^Dreams 
with constant erection, every night,'. — She dreamed the whole night that 
she was in darkness,', — She dreamed much in the evening, immediately 
after falling asleep, as if some one were talking to her; she was yet half 
awake,'. — Dreams full of disputes,'. — He wakes in violent dreams,'. — 
Troublesome, fatiguing dreams,". — He dreams that he would fall from a 
great height,'.— [670.] Frightful dreams,'.— Frightful dreams at night,'. — 
*Frightful dreams about thieves, with loud screains while aeUep,*. — -Horrid 
dream, at night,'.— Dreams about dead men,'. 

Fever, — Very setigitive to cold, ovtr the whole body,'. — Horripilation 
over the whole body in the evening, with dry coryza, without heat or sub- 
sequent thirst,'. — Coldness of the hody, especially of the hands and feet,'. — 
Coldness in the body, almost the whole day, with blue nails, insipid taste, 
and inclination to vomit; followed by increased warmth, but without 
fever,'. — Coldness over the whole body, early in the morning, especially of 
the arms and hands, beginning at the shoulders ; with blue nails, but with- 
out fever,'.— [5B0.] Chilliness in the evening, in bed, with coldness of the 
legs as far as the knees; he cannot get warm the whole night; sleeps little, 
only half an hour at a time, with anxious dreams, which he does not recollect 


12 AURUM. 

(after sixteeD days),'. — Chills through the whole body, as if he had caught 
cold in a draught ; could scarcely get warm ; eveuing, in bed (after sixteeD 
and nineteen hours),'. — In the eveuing, chills over the whole body, with 
coldnesa of the hands and warmth of face aud forehead, without thirst,'. — 
Shivering through the whole body, with gooseskin upon the thighs, and 
shaking of the braiu against the frontal bone,'.— Id the evening, shiverings 
and chills atler lying down ; headache before lying down,'. — Chilliness be- 
tween the Bcapulse,'. — Chills in the back,'. — Coldness of the hands and 
feet, in the evening, in bed,*. — Coldness of the soles of the feet and patellae, 
as soon as he gets into bed in the evening,'. — Violent orgasm, a» if we blttad 
were boiling in all the veins (after twenty-four hours),'. — [S90.] Alternate 
chiiliaess and heat,*. — Coldness of the whole body, and subsequent increased 
warmth, without fever,'. — Heat in face, with cold hands and feet,'. — Sweat 
early in the morning all over the body,'. — Slight perspiration at night; 
only between the thighs was there real sweat (after ten hours),'. 

VondlHons. — Aggravation. — (Morning), Early, after 3 o'clock, de- 
lirious talk; early, on ridng, confusion of head, etc.; early, shortly after 
waking, grindiug, etc., in side of head; early, swelling of cheeks; soft 
stool ; early, after rising, desire for coition ; early, on waking, catarrh on 
chest ; early, pain in spine ; early, on waking, going to sleep, etc., of limba ; 
early, on waking, very feeble; early, very tired; early, in bed, pain in 
joints; early, joints feel bruised ; early, in bed, pain in head, etc.; after 4 
o'clock, cannot sleep, etc.; early, coldness over whole body, etc.; sweat all 
over.— (JVoon), Pressure in region of stomach. — {Afiemooii), When sitting 
or lying down, great lassitude ; drawing in the veins, etc, — {Evening), The 
symptoms ; fetid odor from raoutb ; copious stool ; when going to sleep, 
drawiug in heels ; horripilations over whole body, etc, ; in bed, chilliness, 
etc.; in bed, chilliness; chills over whole body, etc. ; after lying down, shiv- 
ering, etc. ; in bed, coldness of hands and feet ; on getting into bed, coldness 
of soles, etc. — (Every evening). At 6 o'clock, swelling of testicle, etc.— {JViyftf), 
Fetid odor from mouth ; diarrhcea ; diarrhoea, etc. ; cough ; splitting cough ; 
difficulty of breathing; Hearingin wrist-bones; when lying down, sore place 
forms on external surface of thigh ; slight perspiration. — (AJter midnight). 
Flatulent colic. — {Every three or four days). Megrim, etc.— {Walkino in 
open air). Vertigo ; dyspnoea ; pain in muscles of thigh. — (Bending head 
bacheardit), Grinding, etc., in side of he&d.— (Bending body backwards and 
to left side). Pain in one side of the scapula.— ( When btowing nose). Putrid 
smell in nose. — (Breathing), Stitches in left chest ; stitchea apparently in 
bladder.— (ZJeep breathing), Stitehes under the ribs.— ( When chewing). 
Upper front teeth painful ; painful dulness of a tooth.^( Couylnng), Grind- 
ing, etc., in side of head ; oppression of chest, etc. ; stitches under left ribs. 
— (After dinner). Discomfort in abdomen, etc.; sleep. — (Drawing air into 
mouth), Causes toothache. — (After drinking). Pressure in hypochondria, — 
(While eating). Tearing in molar teeth ; soreness iu gums; inclination to 
vomit. — (After eatt'n^). Inclination to vomit; pressure in hypochondria; 
sense of suffocation. — ( When fixing eyes upon something). Tension in eyes, 
etc. — ( When inspiring). Stitches in (^led ; pain in left side ; stitches in sides 
of chest, ete.; pain in right loin. — {InteUectual exertion). Onuses pain in 
head ; causes nausea. — ( When laughing), Dyspncea. — ( (hi laying right thigh 
across left). Pain in right femur. — ( When laying left limb across right), 
Muscles of thigh appear to be twitching, — ( When looking], Sensation as if 
the blood pressed upon the optic nerve. — {On lying down). Bones of head 
painful. — ( When tying stiU), Going to sleep, etc., In limbs ; pain in all the 



Joints. — C When lying on back), PBlpitatioa.T-(SrfM«en meats), Putrid taet«- 
ju mouth. — (Motion), Tearing in side of forehead ; heat on top of head ; prea- 
sure on side of vertex ; tearing from occiput through brain ; pain in eye- 
ball ; pressure in hypochoDdria ; tearing in thigh.— (fVeMure), Presaure at 
right lower jaw ; painful stitch in prcecordial region, et«.— ( When reading), 
IIeadacbe.—<^«P«*'''y), Makes her weak, etc. — {Regt), The symptoms; 
forearms feel heavy; pressure in little finger-joint, etc. ; pain in sides of 
le^, over malleoli, etc. — ( When rinngfrom seat and walking). Paralytic 
pain in hip-joint— (/H room). After walking in open air, swelling of nose. 
— iRubbing),'P&\a in testicle; pain in region of hip. — (ITAen «iHiity), Pain 
in iliac region ; cutting over small of back ; boring in left shoulder ; draw- 
ing in tendon of penas muscle ; muscles of thigh appear to be twitching ; 
pain in kneea, as if bandage^. — ( ITAew silting and gtretchhig body), Pressing 
in right abdominal ring. — {When spreading legs). Want of flexibility, etc., 
in bends of groin. — ( When standing), Vertigo. — {Be/ore stool). Pain in ab- 
domen. — {Daring stool). Pain in aboomen. — (Whm, stooping). Vertigo ; rush 
of blood to head ; tension in the neck. — ( When stretching leg), Pressure on 
left tibia. — (Swo/foiotn^), Burning, etc., in throat; stinging in throat; sting- 
ing soreness in throat. — (Talking), Headache. — {Touch), Pain in tumor on 
tw!«:; pressure on temple; aching in spots upon nose; sorene-w in nostrils; 
tearing m teeth, etc.; soreness in gums ; pain in testicle. — (Uncovering the 
part), Tearings in left upper arm, — ( When walking). Boring in zygomatic 
process ; pressure in hypochondria ; want of flexibility, etc-, in bends of 
groin ; heart seems to snake as if loose ; weakness of the thigh ; pain in 
right knee ; pain in knees, as if bandaged ; right knee becomes weak ; pain 
in joint of big toe ; itching on the leg; itching of joints of feet. — ( When 
VKdldng fast), uyspatea. — ( When toalkirtg and setting foot on floor). Pain in 
knee.— ( When writing). Headache.^ When yawning). Shuddering in chest ; 
stitches under ribs. 

^tneUorntion.— {Towards 11 p.m.). Pain in testicle ceased. — (In 
open air), Feels well ; tearing headache,— ( On going to bed). Stitches under 
ribs cease. — ( W hen closing eyes), Tensian in the eyes. — C3/t/(ioH), *Pttin down 
arm goes off; *paiu in sides of legs.— (Pressure), Stitches on right side go 
off. — (Raising head after stooping). Rush of blood to head. — (On rieing). 
Pressing in right abdominal ring goes off; drawing in tendon of psoas 
muHcle; pain in joints passes off; pain in head, etc., passes off. — (Rising 
and drawing up thigh). Pain in iliac region. — (In room). Elevations on legs 
form less. — (Sitting), Pain in muscles of thigh. 


Formula, Au,0,4NH,0H,. The substance referred to by Hahnemann ia 
doubtful. {See Chr. Kr.. 1, 242.) 

Pains in the bowels (PhaiTnac. Wurt., II), (not obtainable). — Sinkin^^ of 
strength, iaintneaa, cola sweat on the limbs, violent vomiting, convulsions 
(Homoann, Med. Rat. Syst., etc.), (statement of pernicious effects of A., 
leading on to death). — Forcible evacuations from the boweb (Ludovici 
Pharm., etc.), (not obtainable). 




Auric chloride, AuCI,. Preparation, SolutioD in diatilled water for the 
lower potenciea. 

AuihitritUs. 1, Hahnemann, Ch. Kr., 1, 241 ; 2, Mch., ibid.; 3, Molin, 
d. 1. Soc. Med. Horn, de Pari^, 1, 24; 4. Buchner, N. Z. f. H. K., 4, 208 
(proving with 2d cent, dil.); 5, Eberle, ibid, (proving with the 1st, 3d, and 
6th dec. dil., and solution of the crude 1 to 16); 6, "A girl," ibid. (j>roving 
with 1st, 3d, and 6th dec. dil., and the crude solution and trituratioD) ; 7, 
"An officer," ibid, (proving with the 6th dec. dil.); 8, Chrestien from 
Wibmer (efiects of y'^th gr.) ; 9, Magendie, from Wibmer (effects of j'^th gr,). 

Miiidi — Exceaeive clieerfulness, carelcKsnesj,'. — Great sadness,*. — Sad- 
ness, frequent weeping,*. — Sad mood, as though a great misfortune im- 
pended (several da^a),'. — Disgust for life ; inclination to suicide,'. — Un- 
reasonable contranety,'. — Indisposition for mental work,'. — Weakness of 

Hetld, — Confusion of the head,*. — [10.] Frequent dizziness,'. — Vertigo, 
and whirling before the eyes on every motion, with tearing pain over tbe 
eyes, aggravated by stooping, relieved in the open air; lasts all day, and 
only goes off on going to oed at night,'. — Frequent nodding of the head,'. — 
Heaviness of the head,'.— Headache, on rising, after a restless night,'. — 
Pressure on the brain, along the sagittal suture,'. — Throbbing headache, 
with heavy dreams,'.— Burning in the forehead,'. — Drawing headache in 
the forehead (after two hours),. — Violent pain, like a toothache, in the left 
frontal eminence, extending towards the supraorbital foramen (the follow- 
ing day in the right side),'. — [20,] Beatings in the left side of the forehead,'. 
— -Tickling itcbiugof the forehead (after one hour),'. — Drawing pain in the 
left temple, extending to the vertex,'. — Tearing in the left temple, lasting 
several hours, and returning in bed,'. — Violent tearing from the left temple 
towards the ear, with vertigo and tearing over the eye,'.— Tearing paiu in 
the left temporal region, extending tu the right; laste all day, and only 
disappears in bed,'. — Throbbing pain in tbe left temple after rising; re- 
lieved by applying coid water ; returning aft^r midnight, and lasting four 
hours,'. — violent tearing in the right temple,'. — Sensation of coolness on 
the top of tbe head,'.— Burning and stitching in the back of the head,'. 

Ef/es. — [30.] Dryness of the eyes,'.— Burning, pricking, and itching 
of the eyes,'. — Severe pressure in the eyes in open air, and tearing in tbem, 
with complete blindqess,'.— Tearing pain in the left eye,'.— Tearing pain. 

Sinning above the left eye and extending toward the right ear, wnere it 
ast comes out ; tbe pain was so severe that she had to lie down in bed, 
when the pain immediately ceased,'. — The eye symptoms appeared periodi- 
cally for some time,'. — If the eyes are covered with the hand the symptoma 
disappear,*. — Redness and swelling of tbe eyelids,'.— Morning-agglutina- 
tion,'. — Difficulty in keeping the eyes shut,'. — [40.] Biting and itching in the 
right external cantbus, obliges him to scratch,'. — Burningj stitching, prick- 
ing, and smarting of the lins,*. — Burning in the conjunciiva,*. — Weakness 
of visual power, . — Tbe letters disappear, at evening by candlelight, for 
some minutes ; instead of the letters, the paper was white as if not printed,*. 
Ears. — Crusts behind the ears,'. — Burning and itching behind the ears, 
especially at night,'. — Sensation in the left ear, aa if a plug were in it 
(lasted for several days during the proving),'. — Drawing pain in the right 
ear,'. — Sticking pain m the left ear,*. — [fiO.] Deafness in the ears (after six 



hours),'. — Deafness follows the rin^ng id the ears, as if the ears vere wide 
internally aud hollow, aad so Dothmg could be heard distinctly,'. 

None. — Redness and swelling of the nose,'. — Red swelling in the right 
DOStril and underneath, with a painless crust of ulcers internally, ana a 
sense of obstruction, although air passes through,'. — 'Red moelting of the 
lefi side of the nose; Ihe nasal cav'dy i» ulcerated deep in, wUh dry, veilowish 
»cuTf, aiLd sense of obstnicHon, although enough air passes through it, .^Red- 
ness aud itching inflammation of the nose, with subsequent desquamation,'. 
— Crusts in ihe nose, with constant inclination to pick at them with the 
fiugers,'. — *A bad-smelling, watery discharge from the nose, very irritating to 
the lip,'. — Discharge uf a yellow-gi-eenish matter from the nose, without 
bad smell, for seven days (afler ten days),*. — Much sneezing in succession, 
then tearing in the left nasal bone towards the eye, with much injection of 
the conjunctiva and profuse lachrymation, which suddenly appears, and is 
so violent that the tears spirt out,'. — [BOO Thick, yellow corvia,', — Fluent 
coryza nights,'. — Coryza, with much tickling in the throat,'. — Fluent coryza, 
with rough throat and irritation to cough,'. — Burning and itching of the 
nose,'. — Burning and itching pain on the upper part of the nose externally,'. 
— Crawling in the npse, as if something were running about in it,'. 

Face. — Red face,*. — Lightning-like twitches in the right upper jaw,'. 

Mouth, — Jerking toothache in the anterior and upper row of teeth,'. — 
[70.] Jerkinc pain in the teeth, partly on one side, partly iu the upper in- 
cisors,', — Redness and swelling of the gums, especially at night,'. — Aphth» 
all over the mouth,'. — Burning, itching, and smarting in the mouth, '.^Flat 
taste, lasts all Ao-y, with great nausea, passing off at night in bed,'. — Strong, 
metallic taste, with increased saliva, with frequent desire to swallow, and a 
feeling as if a plug were in the throat (after the undiluted solution),'. 

Throat, — Pamful swelling of the submaxillary glands,'. — Pain in the 
throat, and redness of the mucous membrane of the fauces,'. — Scratching 
and pricking in the throat,'. — Difficult deglutition,'. 

8tOinach.~~\_^0.'\ Want of appetite,'. — Loss of appetite,'. — Thirst,'. — 
Risings having a putrid taste,'. — Inclination to vomit after eating,'. — Nausea 
and inclination to vomit, mornings fasting, disappears after breakfast,'. — 
Great nausea and vomiting of the water taken after the gold, with a trace of 
clear blood (from a grain of Aur. mur. \a Bubslance),*, — Vomiting (for a 
quarter of an hour), with violent retching and fuul eructatioua, soon after- 
ward cutting colic, and four watery Btools.C— Violent gaatritis,',— Slow diges- 
tion,'. — Emptiness in the stomach,^ — [90.] Distress at the stomach alter 
eating,'. — BurniDg,stit<?hing,and gnawing and cutting pains in the stomach,*. 
— Painful drawing in the pit of ^e stomach extends to the middle of the 
sternum ; as if a hard body were pressed into the cavity ; aggravated by 
stooping, eatiug, drinking ; it appears only in parosysms,'. 

Abdomen, — Burning in the right hypochondrium,'. — Constant dis- 
agreeable feeling in the right hypochondrium,'. — Stitch in the left hypo- 
chondrium, as from running too fast,'.-^Reduees, heat, itching, and smart- 
ing at the umbilicus,*. — Distension of the abdomen,'. — Swelling and inflation 
of the abdomen,*. — Much flatus passes in the afternoon,*.— [100,] Mnch 
flatulence, with colic and a fluid stool,'.— Drawings in the entire abdomen,*, 
— Drawing pain in the small iutestines, returning the next day, relieved 
by fluid evacuations, eating, drinking, motion, but not by pressure with 
both hands on the abdomen,'. — Dull colic,'. — Violent constrictive colic 
obliges her to double up; lasts three and a half hours, aud only goes ofi" 



in bed,*. — The abdomen is tender to touch,', — Heat aod pricking in the 

Stool and Anus- — ^HEemorrhoids, with diacharge of blood during 
etool,'. — Diarrhcea very violent for several days,'. — Diarrhiea, especially 
at night; gray-whitish stools,'. — [HO.] Continued call to stool, with mucti 
rumbling in the bowels; in spite of the desire, no satisfactory stool,', — Thin 
watery stools (immediately after taking it),'. — Tliin frequent stools, with 
burning at the anus,'. — Frequent thin stools, with tenesmus,'. 

Urinary Organs,— OeaX and itching in the urethra,'.— Burning 
on urinating ; feeling as if the urine was too hot and acrid,'. — Burning and 
smarting in the urethra while urinating,',— Feeling of heat in the urethra, 
with tenesmus vesica ; the urine felt too hot,'. — Sticking pain through the 
whole length of the urethra on standing,'. — Constant desire to urinate,'. — 
[120,] Urine increased,'.— Profuse urine for two and a half days,*.— ^Scanty 
urine ; red thick urine, containing sand,'. — The uriue rapidly decomposes,**, 
— Increase of urea and urates,'. 

Sexual Organit.—iMale.) — Exhausting erections,'. — Violent itch- 
ing of the glans penis wakes at night,'. — Drawing along the spermatic 
cords,'. — Swelling and tension in the testicles,', — Painful drawing in the 
left testicle eitends toward the inguinal ring, recurring by paroxysms,'. — 
{Female.) — Redness and swelling of the labia,'. — A few days before the 
menses, eruption of targe red pimples on the labia ninjora,'. — *CougtarU 
running Jr^m the vulva'. — "Burning and itching of the vulva,'. — "Heat aiid 
itching in the vagina,'. — Severe itching of the pudenda, transient,'. — Men- 
Btrnation too early, more profuse ; the blood was acrid, and made her sore ; 
before the menses she had leucorrhcea (formerly she had had it a short 
time only after menses),'. — Menses, seven days too early, lasted only two 
days (usually four davs) ; blood bright (not so acrid as the last time),'. — 
"Leucorrhcea returned (it had ceased for some time) very profusely, and 
lasted four d^; very acrid, making the thighs sore, with itching of the 
genitals,*. — * Light-yellow (eitcorrhcea, e^wially in the morning,'. 

Respiratory Apparatus, — Tickling in the air-passages, with dry 
cough, as from inspired dust,'. — Difficult speech; deep, hoarse voice,'. — 
Frequent loud cough,'. — [130.] Frequent cough, especially at night,'. — 
Short dry cough in paroxysms, especially at night, followed by heat iu the 
throat,'.— Frequent hard coneh, with white expectoration, mingled with 
threads of blood,'.— Constant thick cough, with thick yellow expectoration,'. 
— Difficult respiration,'. — Short breathing and apparent obstruction of the 
larynx for a few days,', — On standing, heavy deep respiration, as if a stone 
lay on the chest,'. — Sense of suffocation,'. — Suffocative attacks at night,'. 

Chest, — Great oppression of the chest, scarcely permitting breathing,', 
— [140.] Spasmodic drawing between the sixth and seventh ribs, with a 
sensation as though some one attempted to stretch out the heart,'. — Burn- 
ing pains in the left clavicle, transient,'. — Drawing pains in both sides of 
the chest,'. — The right side of the chest felt sprained on standing up; 
touching the pectoral muscles was painful,', — Tearing in the right cheat 
from the middle of the sternum towards the right shoulder-joint ; increased 
by every inspiration (lasts a quarter of an hour),'. — Sticking tearing in the 
intercostal muscles of the right side, then of the left,'.— -Sticking in the 
right pectoral muscles; not increased by pressure, somewhat so hv deep 
inspiralion ; very much increased by motion of the upper part of the body, , 
— Slicking in the prtecordial region, extending toward the middle of the 



steraum, aggravated by every motion and deep inspiration (laatB four 

Seart and I^ulae. — Palpitation of the heart,'. — Burning and prick- 
ing at the heart,'. — [190.] Drawing and cutting pains at the heart,'. — 
Wakened in the night by a sticking boring pain at the point of impulee 
of the apex of the heart, deep in, aa if in the heart iUelf; it lasted some 
minutes; the prove r felt that he could not have longer endured it; not 
changed by deep inspiration, but aa soon as he pressed the hand tightly 
against the pnecordial region the pain disappeared ; immediately atlerward 
a lancinating streaming pain extends from this place, and ends in the left 
bypochondrium ; only momentarily so severe that it interrupts respiration ; 
when he inspired more deeply, the pain disappeared,'. — Oppression about 
the heart, compelling a deep breath, which relieves,'. — A few stitches im- 
mediately over the heart,'. 

Nech and Bticft.— Stiffness in the neck,'. ^Burning, pricking, cut- 
ting pains and stiffness in the back,'. — Bruised feeling in the small of the 
back, which makes stooping aSmust impossible,'. — Painful fatigue in the 
loins,'. — Pricking in the loins,'. 

JExtreniitieH in General' — Unusual prostration of the limbs,'. — 
[160.] Bruised feeling of the limbs,'. 

JJj/per Extremities. — Stiffness in the arras,'. — Burning and lanci- 
nations in the arms and forearms,'. — Sensation as if the left arm were 
sprained,'. — Involuntary shocks in the arms,'. — Painful feeling in the 
shouldera and arms,'.— Paralytic leeliug in the left shoulder, after rising 
(lasts half an hour),'.— Drawing pain in the right shoulder-joint,'. — Draw- 
ing and boring in the middle of the right upper arm, recurring three days 
in succession,'.— -Tearing in the left shoulder, lasts two hours ; the shoulder 
still, after two days, sensitive to touch,'. — [170.] Drawing in the elbows, as 
if a tendon were violently drawn ; frequently returning tor a moment, day 
and night,', — Tearing in the right arm from the elbow-joint to the tip of 
the little finger, so violent that it hinders work,'. — Difficulty in clenching 
the hands,'. — Burning and itching in the hands,'. — Violent drawing in the 
bails of the right hand,'. — Stiffness of the finger-joints,', — Tearing pain in 
the middle finger, after dinner,'. — Swelling in the wrist, without pain, if 
left aloue ; tensive only on bending the band backwards ; stitches in the 
wrist upon seizing anything,'. 

Lower Extremities, — Drawing tearing pain in the muscles of 
both hips, ]ast9 some time,'. — Lancinating paroxysmal pain beginning in the 
front and middle of both thighs, and extending toward the patellse, so severe 
that he must start up,'. — ■[180.] Stiffness of the thighs and legs,'. — Swell- 
ing of the kuees,'.^Heat, pricking, and lanciuations in (he knees,'. — Spas- 
modic tearing in the leg, beginning below the popliteal space, and extend- 
ing to the middle of the calf; lasts four hours severely, and then gradually 
disappears,',— Bruised sensation in tlie lower third of the right leg ; it be- 
comes so paiuful on continuing to walk that he has to limp home ; witli the 
feeling as if it always more and more tended to the great toe, and would 
go off the end of it,'. — Swelling of the feet,'. — Burning in the feet,'. — Red- 
ness of the toes,'.— Tearing on the inside of the right great toe and right 
knee,', — Cutting pain in the toes when walking,'. 

Generalities.— [i^90.'\ Laziness; aversion to all work,', — Weari- 
ness,'. — Weariness during the whole proving, so great that often she could 
hardly go about, and had to rest frequently through the day,'. — Great fa- 
tigue,'. — Uuending feeling of prostration in the limbs, indescribable weari- 

TOL. II.— 2 



nes9 in the whole body ; cau scarcely rise from his seat,'. — Geoeral ere- 
thiBm/. — The excited coadition lasted several years,*. — Drawing tearing 
pains in various parts of the body, especially in the extremities,'. 

SAfn.—Pimples on the lips, with smarting and itching,'.— Eruption 
of small red pimples above the pubis,'. — [200.] Petechite-like exanthema 
on hoth legs, with a small pimple in the centre (disappears in five days),'. — 
Boils on the buttocks and thighs,'. 

Sleep ami Lh'eains. — Frequent yawning soon after taking a dose ; 
it disappears after eating, but returns and lasts two hours,*.— Much yawn- 
ing atl«r eating,'.- — Sleepiness in daytime, even while at work,'.— Sleepi- 
ness ; deep sleep,*. — Sleep very restless, with frightful dreams the whole 
night,'.— Waking with a start,'. — Sleeplessness obstinate,*. — Nocturnal 
sleeplessness,*. — [210.] Troublesome dreams,*. — Heavy dreams of impend- 
ing u II happiness,'. 

Fever. — Chilliness, with gooseflesh,*. — Ftolenf fever,". — Sweat in- 

Cotiditions. — Affgravation. — {Maminf}, On rising, after a restless 
uicht, headache; fasting, nausea, etc. ; leucorrhcea. — (JViyfti), Burning, etc., 
bebind ears irednesf, et<i., of gums; di8rrh<ea; itching of glans peuis; fre- 

?uent cough ; short dry cough ; suffocative attacks ; pain at apex of heart. — 
In open airX Pressure in eyes, etc. — (In hedi, Tearing in left temple re- 
turns. — [AJler dinner). Pain in middle finger, — (Drinking), Drawing in 
Sit of stomach. — (After eating). Inclination to vomit; distress at stomach ; 
rawing in pit of Btomoch; much yawning, — {Every impiration). Tearing 
in riglit chest. — (Deep intpiration). Sticking in right pectoral muscles; 
sticking iu precordial region, — {Motion), Vertigo, etc.; sticking in prsecor- 
dial region. — (Motion of upper part of body). Sticking in ri^t pectoral 
muscles. — {Periodic), The eye-symptoms.— (jifW rieing), Paralytic feeling 
in left shoulder.- ( Upon aeiting anything), Stitches In wrist. — ( On aland- 
in?). Fain through the urethra; heavy, deep respiration; right side of chest 
felt sprained. — (Stooping)^ Drawing in pit of stomach. — ( Walking), Bruised 
sensation in right leg; cutting pain in toes. 

Amelioration^ — (Mght), lu bed, flat taste, etc., passes off. — (In 
bed). Pain in temporal region disappears; colic goes off.— {After breakfagt). 
Nausea, etc., disappears,— ( When covering eyes with hand), bye-symptoms 
diB^ppea.!.— (After eating). Yawning ceases. — (Deep inipiralion). Pain at 
apex of heart disappears; oppression at heart. — (On lying down in bed), 
Pain from above eye towards ear ceases. — (Pressing haTtd tightly against 
pTiecordial region). Pain at apex of heart disappears. 


Chloro-aurate of soda, J'ormu/o, NaCl,AuCI„2H,0, iVeparaiton, Tritu- 

Authoritg. 1, Lembke, N. Z. f. H. K., 11, 17, et eeq,, took the 3d, 2d 
and a solution of the salt in water; 2, Chatterly, Dublin Press, 1852 (ciTect 
of Vo grain injected under the skin) ; 3, Cullerier, from Wibmer, general 
statement of effects. 

Setid. — Headache,'. — Heaviness in forehead, all day,', — Heaviness 
and pressure in forehead,'. — Heaviness in forehead when sitting,'. — Wan- 
dering pains in forehead,'. — Heat and heaviness in tbrehead,. — Violent 
boring in frontal bone, especially on right side,'. — Boring in left side uf 



frontal bone,'. — Violent boring in left frontal bone, deep into left eye,'. — 
[10.] Drawing in left side of forehead,'. — Frequent drawing in forehead, 
above the eyea, with pressure and heaviness, lasting several hours,'. — 
Drawing and boring in the frontal bone,'. — Drawing in frontal bone, vhen 
sitting,'. — Pressure in forehead,'. — Violent tearing in right side of frontal 
bone,'. — Boring in left temple,'. — Boring as with a wedge in left temple,'. — 
Violent boring in right temple,', — Violent boring in left temple,'. — [80.] 
Distensive pressure in temples,'. — Throbbing in temples,'. — Boring in right 
side of vertex,'. — Drawing diagonally across vertex,'. — Tearing diagonally 
over vertex,'.— Violent stitching in left side of vertex,'. — Boring in right 
side of head,'. — Tearing in the left side of the skull bone,'. — Tearing in 
left side of head,'. — Cutting pain in a small spot of right parietal bone,. — 
[30.] Sharp, cutting pain, while sitting, above forehead, on left side of 
head,'. — Heaviness and heat in occiput,'. — Boring in left side of occiput,'. — 
Drawing in bones of occiput,'. — Drawing in occiput,'. — Drawing in left 
occ^ut, . — Lateral drawing sensation in occiput,'. 

I^fes, — Forcible and involuntary closing of left eye, by a violent boring 
in left side of frontal bone,'. — Boring in right eye,'.-— Stitches in left eye,'. — 
[40,] Baring above both eyes,'. — Violent boring iu the orbital bone, above 
the right eye, when walking,'. — Violent boring in bone over left eye,'. — 
Boring above right eye,'. — Constant boring in the bones below the eyes,'. — ■ 
Burning in edges of eyelids,'. — Stitching in right inner canthus,', — Stitches 
in left outer canthus, . — Stitches and burning in margins of eyelids,'. — 
Stitching in right eyeball,'. — [50.] Violent stitches in left eyeball,'. 

JEars. — Deepseated boring in neighborhood of right ear,'. — Violent 
boring in bone oefore left ear,'. — Boring behind left ear,'. — Pressure in 
bone before right ear,', — Burning heat in the ears,'. — Boring In depth of 
right ear,', — Stitches in right ear, , — Stitches deep in left ear,. 

Jfose, — Air passes with unusual freedom through nasal passages,'. — 
[60.] Frequent sneezing,', — Boring in the nasal bones,'. — Boring close to 
right of nasal bone,'. — Violent boring along left side of nose,'. — Drawing 
in nose, from tip upwards ; also, on both sides of nose, with sensation as if 
the organ and adjacent parts were thickened,'. — Pressure in left side of 
nasal bone,'. — Biting pain in right wing of nose,'. 

Face. — Deepseated drawing in &ce and head,'. — Heat in cheeks and 
ears, perceptible externally,'.— Heat in cheeks, and sensible burning,'. — 
[70.] Burning heat in cheeks,'. — Burning in the cheeks, increased by 
stooping,'. — Boring deep in left cheek,'. — Drawing in left cheek,'. — Draw- 
ing pain trom above downward, in left cheek,'. — Drawing in right cheek, 
when sitting,'. — Tearing in left cheek,'.— Stitching in skin of left cheek,'. — 
Fine stitching in the skin of the cheeks, followed by heat,'. — Cutting paiD 
on a small spot of the skin of the right cheek,'. — [80,] Lower lip cracked 
in centre, with biting, burning, and pain when touched,'. — Burning in 
under lip,'. — Burning on the edge of the upper lip,', — Violent stitching in 
left side of under lip,'. — Violent stitching in the vermilion border of the 
lower lip,'. — Biting in the under tip,'. — Pulsation in under lip, with feeling 
as if its centre was thickened,'. — Twitching about the chin, toward the lower 
lip,'. — Drawing iu chin,'. — Boriug in left upper jaw,', — [00.] Boring in left 
side of lower jaw,'. 

Mlouth^ — Tension in the roots of the teeth on the left side,'. — Boring 
in the roots of the l«eth of the right side; also, alternating with stitches 
when sitting,'. — Drawing in the lower incisors,'. — Cutting and boring in 
lower incisors,'. — Bumipg on the under surfoce of tongue, and bdow 



tongue,'. — Deepseated burning below tongue,'. — Burning in the tip of the 
tongue,'. — Persistent burning in tip of tongue, with stitching,'. — Stitching 
in tip of tongue,'. — [100.] Stitching below the tongue, with some scraping, . 
— Biting sensation on tip of tongue, immediately after taking the medi- 
cine,'.— Redness and painful swelling of the mucous membrane behind the 
upper incisors, especially when touched, and by contact with warm or salted 
food,'. — The inflamed spot is like a yellow blister with a red edge, the red- 
ness extending toward the left palate; It afteriCards looks roite-red, is some- 
what painful to touch, and feels rough and swollen,'. — Dryness of mouth 
and throat,'. — Saliva increased,'. — Taste partly sweetish, partly metallic, 
with copious flow of saliva,'.— Long-lasting metallic taste, after each dose,'. 
— Coppery taste in mouth, with constriction of the salivary glands, clear 
saliva and dulness of the teeth, ceasing while eating, but afterwards com- 
mencing again,'. 

TA»VMrf.— -Stitching deep in the throat,'. — [110.] Scraping in fauces, 
with pretty copious flow of saliva,'. 

Stomach. — Short-laeting nausea, immediately after taking the medi- 
cine,'. — Gastric irritation,'. — Pressure in epigastric region,'. 

Stool and Atiits. — Appearance of a hemorrhoidal tumor, which 
protrudes and is painful,'.— Stitches in the anus,'. — Constipation or diar- 

Urlnarp Orgnna. — Stitehlng in the end of the urethra,'. — Cutting 
in the end of the urethra, also on urinating,'.— Very frequent urination,', — 
[ISO.] Excessive diuresis,'. 

Respiratory A}*paratus. — Sudden and very violent scraping in 
the larynx, with violent dry cough, causing gating,'. — Tickling in the 
larynx, with dry cough,'. — Tickling in the larynx, and as if somewhat 
deeper,'. — Very violent tickling in larynx, followed by dry cough, causing 
gagging, when sitting and writing,'.— Much short dry cough,'. — Frequent 
short, dry cough, with scraping in the larynx,'. — Difficult respiration, with 

Cheat. — Wandering pain in left wall of thorax, during rest,'. — Boring 
in the left wall of the thorax, above the nipple,'. — [130.] Drawing pain 
above left clavicle, towards the shoulder and nape of neck, when sitting,'. — 
Pressure, outwards, from the right nipple, on the wall of the thorax, un- 
afii^cted by respiration,'. — Dull pressure between sternum and right nipple,'. 
— Tearing between the ribs, below the left nipple, when walking,'. — Much 
stitching in right thoracic wall,'. — Stitches in ilie wall of the thomx, below 
the left axilla,'. — Stitches in the left thoracic wall, two inches below the 
nipple, unaflected by respiration,'. — Transient stitches in the wall of the 
thorax, now on the right, now on the left, when walking,'. — Seated pressure 
deep in chest, behind the sternum, and extending into the back, when 

Heart and Pulse. — Irregular beating of the heart, with anxiety 
and shortness of breath,'. — [140.] Rapid, sraalt, irregular beats of the 
heart, on slight motion, with oppression,'. — Rapid, irregular beats of the 
heart, when stooping,'. — Several violent beats of the heart, with sensation 
of pressure while standing,'. 

Sech and if«cA;.-— Cracking in the cervical vertebrie on bending 
the head,'. — Burning pain in the skin of the nape of neck,'. — Heat in nape 
of neck, rising into the head and cheeks,'. — Burning and drawing to the 
.left of nape of neck,'. — Tension and pressure in the muscles to the left of 



the nape of the neck, as Air as the left clavicle, increased by bending the 
head to the right, at times also unbearable during rest,'. — Boring in left 
scapula,'. — Pressure in the muscles on the side of the left shoulder-blade,', — ■ 
[liSO.] DraniDg in the doreal vertcbne,'. — Pressure and drawing iu the 
muscles on the left side of the back,'. 

Upper jEa; (remit ic«. ^Bruised pain during rest, in the joints of the 
arms and in the wrista.'.^Deepseated burning in left shoulder, . — Burning 
in skin of right axilla,'.-:— Drawing in left shoulder,'. — Drawing \n the 
shouldera ana upper arma,'. — Drawing and boring in left shoulder,'. — 
Severe and frequent pressure in shoulder-Joints,'. — Pressure and drawing in 
right shoulder,', — [160.] Violent pressure on the right shoulder-blade, . — 
Violent pressure in the left shoulder, when watkiug,'. — Pressure iu the 
right deluiid muscle, nith feeling of warmth which extends into the 
fingers,'. — Stitching in right axilla, during rest,'. — Burning in the inner 
8i<le of right arm,'. — Drawing in the skin of right upper arm,'. — Stitching 
in the upper portion of the left arm,'. — Violent boring above the right 
elbow,'. — Drawing in left elbow-joint,'. — Pressure above the right elbow,', — 
[170.] Pressure in right elbow-joint,'. — Pressure in left el now-joint,'. — 
Pressure iu both elbow-joints, during rest,'. — Violent pressure in bend of 
left elbow, when walking,'. — Pressure in left elbow-joint, and into the fore- 
arm, during rest,'. — Continual pressure in the right elbow-joint, during 
reat, decreasing on motion of tne arm,'. — Violent tearing in left elbow- 
joint, relieved D^ motion,'. — Bruised pain in right elbow-joint,', — Pain, as 
from weariness, in lower part of left forearm,', — Constant pain as from 
weariness in right forearm, with increased sensation of warmth,'. — [180.] 
Burning paiu in skin of dorsal side of left forearm,'. — Boring in lower part 
of left forearm,', — Violent pressure in the right forearm,'. — Very painful 
pressure in botb forearms, when lying quiet,'.— Violent pressure in the fore- 
arm and elbow-joint, when Bitting,'.— Pressure in left forearm, during rest 
of the part,', — Bruised pain in right forearm, during rest,' .—Pressure in 
the left wri^t, then in the right,' .^Pressure in right wrist, then in left, wheu 
sitting,', — Pressure in both wrists, during rest,'. — Pressure in the right 
wrist, during rest of the part,'. — [190.] Pressure in wrist and el bo w -joints, . — 
Cold hands, blue nails, with heat in the face and ear^,'. — ConstAut sharp 
burning iu tlie skin of the back of the right hand,'. — Drawing in bones of 
right hand, with sensation as if they were broken,'. — Burning in tip of left 
little finger,', — Boring in the bones of the right fingers,'. — Boring in the 
roots of the left fingers,'. — Boring in the right finger-joints,'. — Violent 
boring in the first joint of the left mdex finger, during rest of the part,', — 
Tension in the roots of the fingers,', — [200.] Tension in the roo^ of the 
right fingers,'. — Violent stretching sensation in the right fingers, when 
walking,'. — Sensation of stretching apart in the roots of the left fingers, 
afterwards in the left wrist, when sitting,'. — Drawing in the roots of the 
fingers,', — Drawing in the roots of the left fingers,'. — Very painful draw- 
ing in the right fingers, when sitting,'. — Drawing in the roots of the left 
fingers, when walking and sitting,'. — Pressure in the second joint of right 
thumb,'. — Pressure in the joints of the right little finger,'. — Violent tear- 
ing in the second joint of the right thumb,'. — Violent stitching in left 
finger-tips,'. — [210.] Violent stitching, as with needles, in the tip of the 
right little finger,'. — Very painful stitching in several finger-joints, . 

Lower Mxtremities. — Pain as from weariness iu legs when sitting, 
ceasing while moving them,'. — Burning in the skin of right hip,'. — Press- 
ing in the hip-joint, when sitting,'. — Stitching in the flesh on the inner side 



of the left thigh,'. — Pain in right knee, when walking,'. — Burning in the 
skin, above left knee, afterward above rieht knee,'. — Boring in the knee?,'. — 
Boring \a right knee,'. — [220.] Violent Doring in the right knee,', — Violent 
boring in right knee, when sitting,', — Drawing in left knee,', — Presaure in 
right knee,'. — Pressure in left knee,'. — Pressure in right knee, asif broken,'. — 
Boring pressure in the knees,'. — Pressing, during real, in the left knee,'. — 
Violent pressure iu right knee, when sitting,'. — Pressure in the right knee, 
afterwaras in the left, when sitting,'.^ — [230,] Cutting in the skin above 
the left knee,'. — Stitching tn the fleah above right kuee, on the inner 
Bide,'. — Very painful stitching in left knee,'.— Stitching in left knee, when 
sitting,'. — Stitches in left knee, when walking,'. — Bumuig in skin of right 
calf,'. — Burning in skin of left calf,'. — Boring in the tibiie,'. — Boring in 
the lower part of left tibia,'. — Boring, first in right tibia, then in left,'. — 
[240.] Boring in left tibia,', — Boring in left tibia, when sitting,'. — Boring 
in skin of right calf,'. — Violent boring in left tibia, when sitting,', — Con- 
fltant violent boring in left shin-bone, when sitting,'. — Drawing in the 
flhins,'. — Drawing in the right tibia,'. — Drawing in centre of left tibia, ex- 
tending into the ankle,'. — Drawing in lower part of right tibia,', — Draw- 
ing iu lower part of left shin-bone,'. — [250,] Drawing in left tibia, during 
rest,'. — Drawing in calves,'. — Pressure in tower part of left tibia,'. — Boring 
pressure in the tibiee,'. — Cutting in a small spot of the skin of the right 
tibia,'. — Painless crepitus, as from rubbing dry leather, below the inner 
bone of right ankle, when lying still,'. — Boring about the right ankle,', — 
Boring in right ankle, when standing,'. — Much boring in the right ankle,'. — 
Drawing iu left ankle, when lying down,'. — [260,] Pressure in ankles when 
sitting,', — Pressure in right ankle-joint, during rest,'. — Pressure in the left 
ankle, when sitting (several times), . — Pressing in the left ankle,'. — VioJeut 
boring in right great toe,'. — Boring in the bone on right sole,'.— Violent 
boring iu left heel,'. — Boring in dorsum of right foot.'.^Violent boring in 
both sides of the right tendo Achillis.when sitting,'.— Violent, long-lasting, 
and repeated bonug in the right os calcis,'. — [270.] Boring iu left 
OS calcis,'. — Boring in lower part of right shin-bone,'. — Drawing in left 
heel,'.— Drawing in the right foot, from the sole to the tips of the toes, 
when sitting,'.— -Drawing in inner edge of right foot, then of the left, when 
flitting, in the evening,'. — Drawiug in the toes .'.^Pressure on right foot, 
when sitting,'. — Violent pressure on dorsum of left foot,'. — Tearing in the 
sole of right foot,'.— Acute stitching and burning in the ball of the right 
foot,'.— [280.] Stitching in the toea of the left foot,'. — Violent stitches in 
the bails of the foot, '.—-Stretching-a part sensation in the right toes,'. — 
Violent baring in plantar surface of right great toe, during rest, ceasing on 
moving the toe, but again felt as soon ai> the toe is quiet,'. — Drawiug iu 
right toes, when sitting, . — Drawing in right toes when walking or sitting, . — 
Deepseated drawiug m left great toe,' .—Cutting and boring iu left great 
toe,'. — Cutting in tips of right toes, when sitting,'.— Stitching in the back 
of right great toe,'. — [290.] Stitching in tip of right great toe,'. — Stitching 
in the tips of right toes,'.^ — Stitching on the end of left great toe,', — Stitch- 
ing in right toe. . — Stitching in the ends of the toes, when sitting,'. — Stitch- 
ing in tips of right toes,'.— Sharp stitches in the usually painless bunioos, 
while sitting iu easy shoes,'. 

Generalitiett, — General increase of secretions from the stomach, in- 
testines, and kidneys,*. — Great, gene ral,loDg-Iasting erethism,'. — Accelerated 
drculatiou,'. — [300,] Lassitude,'.— Sensation of general weakness and di»- 



comfort, aa if sickDess were coming on,', — Great weakness on rising in the 
morning, though alter resting well, which lasts for an hour,'. 

Fever. — Eemarkuble coldness in the hack,'. — ^markable and long- 
lasting heat of the skin,', — Internal warmth,'. 

Conditions. — Aggravatioii. — {Bending head to right), Tension, etc., 
in muscles to left of nape of neck,— ( When lying down). Drawing in left 
ankle. — ( When lying qviei). Pressure in both forearms ; crepitus below right 
ankle-bone, — ( On slight wwtioii). Rapid, etc, beala of heart. — (During rest), 
Allsymptoms remarkably aggravated; pain in lelt wall of thorax ; t«usion, 
etc., in muscles to left of nape of neck ; pain in joints of arms, etc. ; stitching 
in right axilla ; pressure iu both elbow-joints ; pressure in lell elbow-joint ; 
pressure in right elbow-joiut ; pain in right forearm ; pre^ure in both 
wrists ; drawing in left tibia. — {During rest of Ike part), Pressure in left 
forearm; pressure in right wrist; burning in joint of index finger. — {Contact 
wUh salted food). Pain behind upper incisors. — ( When sitting), Heaviness 
of forehead ; drawing in frontal bone ; cutting pain above forehead ; draw- 
ing in right cheek ; stitches in roots of teeth ; pain above left clavicle ; 
pressure iu forearm, etc.; pressure in right wrist, etc; sensation of stretching 
apart in roots of fingers, etc. ; drawing in right fingers; drawing in roots of 
right fingers; pain in legs;pre8siogin nip-joint ;£drin9 in n^Atibjee/pre^ure 
in right knee; stitching in left knee; bonnginlefi tibia; pressure in ankles; 
pressure in left ankle ; boring in both sides of tendo Achillis ; drawing in 
right foot ; in evening, drawing in inner edge of right foot, etc, ; pressure on 
right foot ; drawing in right toes ; cutting in right toe-tips ; stitching in toe- 
tips. — {When gifting or tnalking). Tickling in larynx, etc, — ( While standing), 
Violent beats of heart, etc.; boring in tight ankle. — (Stooping), Burning in 
cheeks; rapid, etc., beatsof heart.— (IWc/t)> P*'" behind upper incisors. — 
{On urinating). Cutting in end of urethra. — (When walking). Boring in 
orbital bone ; stitches in wall of thorax ; pressure in che^t ; pressure in left 
shoulder ; pressure in bend of elbow ; stretching sensation in right fingers ; 
drawing in roots of right fingers ; pain in knee ; stitches in left knee ; draw- 
ing in right toes. — {Conlad viith warm food). Pain behind upper incisors. 

Ameltoration. — {White eating), Dulnees of teelh ceases. — (Motion 
of arm). Pressure in right elbow-joint ; tearing in left elbow-joiut. — {Moving 
the part), Pain in legs. 


Auric sulphide, Au^. Preparation, Triturations, 

Authority. Moliu, Bull. d. I. Soc. Med. Horn, de Paris, 1, 28. 

Mind. — Desire for solitude. — Gloomy, anxious, wretched disposition. — 
Disgust for life. — Vexation. — Rude, disagreeable mood. 

Mead, — Constant nodding of the head. — Dizziness. — Continual rush 
of blood to the head. — Great itching of the head, especially at night. — [10.] 
Lancinations in the occiput. — Burning and smarting of the scalp. — Falling 
off of the hair. 

Eyes. — Beatings in the eyes. — Redness of the lids. — Mo mi ng-a^l uri- 
nation of the lids.— 8ty near Uie outer canthus. — Lancinations, itching and 
pricking of the lids. — Light is painful to the eyes. 

Ears. — Burning and lancination in the ears. — [20.] Hardness of 

INoae. — Redness and swelling of the nose. — Crusla in the nose. — Fre- 



quect sneezing. — Dry eoryza. — Beatiug and cutting pain in the nose. — 
Lancination and itcfiiiig of the noae. — Great sensttiveueae of the uoae to the 
least contact. 

Face. — PalenesB of the face. — Face covered with red blotches. — [80.] 
Cracked lips. 

Mioiith, — Numb feeling in the teeth. — LanciDationa, drawing, and cut- 
ting pains in the teeth. — Dull pains which liegia in the upper molars, rise 
into the whole head, and then go down into the teeth again. — Redness, 
swelling, and bleeding of the gums. — Discoloration of the tongue and 
gums. — Aphth« on the inside of the cheelcs only, with smarting and lan- 

Throat, — Swelling of the thyroid gland. — Pain in the parotids. — Lan- 
cination and drawing in the thraat.^[40.] Difficult deglutition. 

Stomach.— hosa of appetite. — Urgent thirst. — Tasteless, watery eruc- 
tations. — Watery eructations tasting of the irigesta.-^Frequent hiccough. — 
Nausea. — Inclination to vomit shortly after eating. — Extremely slow diges- 
tion. — Heat and lancinatious in the stomach. 

Ahdomen, — [fiO.] Lancinations in different parts of the abdomen 
about the waist. — Lancinations and drawings in the right hypochondrium. — 
Inflation of the abdomen, with tenderness to touch. — Sensation of a ball 
rolling in the abdomen.— ^nsati on as if something were tearing in the 
abdomen. — On standing up, it seems as if something would fail out of the 
body. — Dull pains in the hynogaslrium. — Lancinations in the hypogastrium. 

Stool attd Anus. — Lancinations, drawings, tearing, itching, and 
cutting pains at the anus. — Stools like rabbits' dung.— [60.] Constipation. 

Urinary Organs. — Nocturnal enuresis. — Thick, yellow, red, and 
Bandy urine. 

Sexual Organs. — (Mtde.) Frequent erections, with desire for an 
embrace, but ceasing immediately. — Impotence, — Heat, smarting, and lan- 
cinations in the penis. — Painful swelling of the testicles. — (/'emo/e.) Red- 
ness and swelling of the vulva. — Moisture of the vulva and around the 
glans. — Heaviness of the genitals in females. — [70.] Heat, lancinations, 
and itching of the vulva. — Thick, yellowish leocorrhcea, e8j>ecially in the 
morning. — Irregular menstruation, sometimes too soon, sometimes re- 
tarded. — Suppression of tlie menses. — Sensitiveness of the uterus to the 

Respiratory ^/>/>fflra«H«.— Hoarseness.— Dry cough.— Nightly 
paroxysms of loud cough. — Frequent tbick cough, especialty in bad 
weather. — Thick cough, with yellowish expectoration. — [80.] Hard cough, 
with scanty expectoi-ation of pure blood. — Thick cough, day and.niglit, 
with insipid yellowish expectoration. — Difficult rei^piration. — Suffocative 
attacks at night. 

CAe«*.— Swelling of the breasts ; they are painful to touch. — Cracks 
on the nipple.— Lancinations and pricking under the clavicles.— Smarting 
and lancinations in the summit of the breasts. 

Heart and J»«iMe.— Palpitations when ascending a height, when 
running, and afler all violent movements. — Dull pains at the heart. — [90,] 
Lancinations at the heart. 

Neck and i*OcA;.~Pain when turning the neck. — Cutting pains and 
burning in the back.— Tearing sensation along the spine.— Lancinations, 
pricking, and heat in the loins.— Bruised feeling in the loins. 

Upper Extreintttes.—Stiffaesa of the arms.— Cutting paras ra the 



arms on moying them. — Lancinatioos and tearing paiDS in the arm. — Red- 
ness and swelling of the back of the hand. 

Zower Ejctremitiefi.— {100.^ Difficulty in walking.— Stiffness in 
the thighs. — Lancinations in the legs. — Swelling of the feet. 

Generalities, — Siaggering gnit.— Painful weariness, stomachache, 
and nausea before the appearance of the menses. 

Skin. — Red pimples on the face. — Pimples on the lips, with beat and 
short stitches. 

Sleep and Dveam/i. — Sleepiness in daytime, with nocturnal wake- 
fulness. — N'ightlj restlessness. — [IIO.] Troublesome, frightful dreams. — 
Dreams of thieves, assassins, etc. 

Conditions. — Aggravationa. — (ffommp), Leucorrhcea. — (Niffht), 
Itching of head; suffi>cative attacks.— ^ FF^n ascending), Palpitation of 
heart. — {After eating), Inclination to vomit. — {Be/ore memet). Painful 
weariness, etc. — {After violent movemei^). Palpitation of heart. — {On mov- 
ing the port), Pain in arms. — ( iVhen running). Palpitation of heart. — {In 
bad weather). Cough. 


SpongUla fiuviaiilU (Spongia palustris, Linn.). Section Protozoa of the 
animal kingdom. Comnwn name. Fresh-water sponge. RiiMian naine, 
Badiaga. Preparation, Trituration of the dried sponge gathered in autumn. 

AtOJumtiei. (Hering's Rfeumfi, Hahn. Monthly, 2, 123.) 1, G. Lingeu, 
effects observed from triturating the drug ; 2, L. Bedford, provinga with 
the 30th dil. 

JUind. — A moan or shriek, caused by the pain in the side,*. — In spite 
of the headache, he is still clear in his mind, and more inclined to mental 
activity than before,'. 

Head. — Dull, dizzy feeling of head,*. — Headache, does not affect the 
mind,', — Headache commencing between 1 and 2 p.m., lasting till between 

6 and 7 in the evening (seventh and ninth days),'. — Headache with in- 
flamed eyes,*. — During the day, more or less headache, with pain in eyebaiU, 
worae in the left ; more from 1 o'clock in the afternoon till 7 in the even- 
ing (sixth day),'. — Headache, from 2 p.m. till 7 a.m., viUh slight aching pains 
in t/ie poelerior portion of both eyeballs, and in the temples (fifth day),'.^ — 
Headache, coryza, and some other symptoms, better on the fifteenth day, 
less during the afternoon (twelfth day). Dull during the afternoon, be- 
ginning at 1 o'clok (thirteenth day),'. — [10.] Headache and soreness of the 
Body, aggravated from 7 to 10 in the evening, on a rainy day (fourteenth 
day) ; slight on the fifleenth day, from 1 to 3 in the afternoon (sixteenth 
day), '.^Frontal headache, during the forenoon, worse in the temples, and 
extending int» the posterior portion of the left eyeball, aggravated by iTwving 
the eyes (tenth day) ; the same on the eleventh day, but worse in the after- 
noon until late in the evening ; the same the thirteenth day, extending to 
both eyeballs, aggravated by moving them in either rfiredion; woree in the 
afternoon, with heat in the forehead and dull aching in the temples,', — 
During the afternoon, heat, pain, and congestion in the forehead, worse at 

7 in the evening (tenth day),'. — Congestion in forehead,'. — In forehead, 
drawing,'. — In temples and eyeballs, pain ; to the temples from eyeballs,'. — 
A very severe headache on the top of the head, remains the same in all 
positions, better at night after sleeping, and better in the morning, return- 



iDg violently after breakfast, lasting several days, C. He. — Scalp wire to the 
touch, with tetter-like eruption ou the forehead, and dull, dizzy feeling of 
the head during the foreuoon (twelfth day) ; soreness leas on the fifteenth 
day,'. — Itching of the scalp, with much dandruff, like tetter, and dryness 
of the hair, thirteenth day ; tetter less on the fifteenth day ; all disappeared 
on the seventeenth day ; hair again soft and uily ; this whole change taking 
place last night raiistly,'. — An excess of dandruff or dry tetter-like appear- 
ance of the scalp, with slight tlchiog (eleventh day),'. 

Eyes. — [20.] Under the eves, blue,'. — Scrofulous inflammation of the 
eyes, with hardening of the I^eibomian glands. N. N. — The right eye is 
irritated and somewhat inflamed, with headache during the afternoon, 
same as the seventh and eighth days,'. — Bluisk-purpie maryin of the eyelidg, 
and bluenew wider the eye (twelfth dayl,'. — Twitching of the left eyelid,', — 
Headache extending tn the eyehaJU^. — Pain in left eyeball from t«mples ; 
from forehead,'. — Pain in the left eyeball and temple, auite severe, extend- 
ing to the left side of the head and forehead (eleventh day),'. — Pains in the 
eyeballs ext«ndiug into the temples, aggravated by turning them in either 
direction (ninth day),'. — At 3 p.m., in the posterior portion of the right 
eyeball, a severe intermitting pain, more or less severe during the afternoon 
(third day); same, and in temple (fourth day) ; in left eye (sixth day),'. — 
Slight aching pains in the posterior portion of both eyeballs and in the 
temples (with headache from 2 p.m. till 7 in the morning), (fifth day),'. — 
[80.] The left eyeball quite »ore, even upon elating U OgkHy (twelfth day),'. 

Enrs. — During the aflernoou, very tUght ehoeks heard tn the ear a» of 
very dintant artiUery (nineteenth day) ; the same three or four times during 
afternoon and evening (tventidth day); occasional and momenlanly up to 
the twenty -seventh day,'. 

S'ose. — Occasional sneezing, with more profuse coryza, most on the 
left side, with occasional stoppage of the nose ; worse in the afternoon and 
evening (eighth day),'. — Sneezing with coryza at times during the day, with 
a cough as from cold, more during the afternoon (fifth day) ; cough causing 
sneezing and profuse coryza (seventh day),'. — Sneezing, fluent coryza, with 
stoppage at the nuse at times (tenth day),'. — Profuse discharge from the 
left nostril (twelfth day); thick yellowish mucus, more during the after- 
noon ; it is also hawked up (thirteenth day),'. — His catarrh lessened per- 
ceptibly,'. — Coryza and cough (ninth day),'. — Itching of the left wing of 
the nose,'. 

Jffacc— Pa/e, ashy or lead color of the face (twelfth day),'.— [40.] Left 
cbeek and malar bone quite sore to the touch (thirteenth day),', — Stiffness 
in the maxillary joints. C. Hg. 

Mouth,— la a decayed back-tooth, drawing, '.—During the afternoon, 
th£ mouth and breath hot and feverith, wUh third for large quantities of wafer 
at a time (tenth day),'. — Mouth and tongue as if scalded,', — Bad tast« in 
mouth, evening,'. 

Throat. — Hawked up a viiteid tolid lump of bloody mvctu in the morn- 
ing (twelfth day). Next day, when first getting out of bed, a mats of hard, 
gluey, bloody mueut, tough and dry (thirteenth day),'. — Throat injJamed and 
tore, especially on swallowing, 2 p.m. (eleventh day) ; increasing same day ; 
quite inflamed and sore, especially on swallowing^ while most other symp- 
toms are better or disappearing (twelfth day),'.— Throat quite sore; tonsils 
red and inflamed, aggravated much on swallowing; 2 p.m. (thirteenth 
day); especialiv upon swallowing solids (fourteenth day); disappeared 
(fifteenth day),'. 



Stomach, — Good appetite, witb less thiret, and with a feeling as if 
the mouth and tougue had been slightly scalded with hot tea (twelfth 
day),'. — But little appetite; took toast for dinner; at 7 in the evening, for 
tea, a small piece of toast and cup of tea, with a bad appetite and bad taste 
in the mouth (eleventh day); better on twelfth day,'. — Diminished appe- 
tite; bowels costive; urine high-cotored (tenth day),'. — Thirst for large 
' quantities of water,'. — [50.] L^ thirst, with a good appetite,'. — At 8 a.m., 
a severe lancinating pain in the pit of the stomach, extending to the verte- 
bra opposite, and to the right scapula, and at times to the right side, re- 
sulting therein a pleuritic pain; also, a pleuritic pain on the left side, 
which, as well as on the right side, is aggravated by contortions of tlie body, 
and on full inspiration (tenth day),*. 

Abdomen. — A lancinating pain, with a buundiDg movement in the 
region of the liver, lasting but a few minutes (eighth day),'. — (Indurated 
inguinal glands. Popular remedy, °.) — (Syphilitic bubo in, the left groin; 
a longish swelling as hard as a stone, uneven, ragged, like a scirrhus ; at 
night, violent lancioations, as if with red-hot needlee,°.) Rosenstetn. — 
(Buboes originating by consensus or cellular irritation, with shooting pains, 
if suppuration has not commenced, will dii<appeariu three days completely, 
if, with rent, low diet, and cold local applications, the tincture of Badit^a 
is given, one drop in a tablespoonful of water,every three or four hours,^.) 
RMenst€in. — (Buboes, with decided fluctuation, are scattered and absorbed 
from six drops of the tincture every day in water,°.) Roeenstein. — (Hsmor- 
rhoide. Popular remedy,",) 

Urinary Orffantt. — Severe, sharp lancinating pain in and near the 
orifice of the urethra, lasting but a few minutes, at noon (third day),'.— 
Urine high-colored (tenth day),'; and reddish (twelfth day),'. 

Rexpiratory Apparatus — [60.] Breath hot and feverish,', — 
* Oeeanonal severe paroxyanu of spatmodic cough, ejecting vuteid mtieui from 
the bronchial tube», which at timet cornea fiying forcihly out of the month, more 
during the atlemoou, caused by a tickling in the larynx as if a particle of 
wugar vxu being dissolved in the throat (sixth day). Similar paroxysms 
during the seventh day, at limes causing sneezing, with profuse coryia, 
most from left nostril ; worse after 1 p.m. (seventh day.) During the eighth 
day quite severe, more in the afternoon (eighth and ninth days),'. — Cough 
with yellowish mucous expectoration (tenth day) ; not as severe the elev- 
enth day, while other symptoms are about the same, and better in the warm 
room (eleventh day); less severe and less freq^uent (twelfth day); much 
better (fourteenth day),'. — Cough causes a sneeiing,', — While lying on the 
right side in bed, and at the moment of becoming unconscious by sleep, 
severe oppressive suffocative attacks from suspended respiration, causing a 
quick enort to prevent sufibcation, by changing position. This is an old 
svmptora, aggravated during the past \teeK ; ne often avoided going to 
sleep in such a position on this account (eighteenth day),'. 

Chest, — Pleuritic pain on full inspiration,'. — Fain in the upper part of 
the right chest. C. H|. — Pleuritic pain, also on the left (tenth da^) ; in- 
creased, with stitches m both sides, aggravated on motion or full inspira- 
tion, afternoon (tenth day) ; increased^ witb soreness of the wbole body, 
especially the chest ; aggravated during the afternoon and evening (tenth 
day),'. — ^A severe, sharp, lancinating pain in the right supraclavicular re- 
gion, in or near the subclavian artery, lasting several minutes during the 
evening (thirteenth day) ; lasting but a few minutes and less severe (foui^ 
teenth day) ; severe lancinating drawing from three to five minutes, 9 



o'clock, evening (fifteenth day) ; slight, for a minute at a time, till the 
twenty -seventh day,'. — Severe stitches in the sides, especially the right 
Bide, from the seventh to the eighth rib, aggravated by the least motion 
(tenth day) ; severe, especially in the posterior portion of right side ; neither 
soreness nor stitches remaining in the left side (thirteenth day) ; the right 
side also better, and man^ other symptoms (fourteenth day),'. — [70.] During 
the afternoon, severe stitches in the sides, especially the posterior portion 
of the right side, a^ravated by the slightest motion, with severe aches and 

Sains in various parts of the body (eleventh day); all gone (eiisteenth 
ayV- — Pftin in the right side only on contortions of the body (fourteenth 

Heart and Ptilse. — Severe, vibrating, tremulous palpitation of the 
heart, even while sitting or lying quiet, upon the least elating or other 
emotion of the mind (twelfth day),'. — While lying in bed, forcible pulsations 
of the heart fe^t and heard, extending from the cheat up into the neck upon 
the slightest emotion or thought (twelfth day),'. — Palpitation of the heart, 
with a fluttering and vibrating upon the slightest emotion of the mind 
(thirteenth day),'.— Occasional spells of severe jerking, fluttering palpita- 
tion of the heart, upon a sudden elating thought or emotion of the mind, 
even while sitting or lying (fifteenth day),', — To-night, white lying on the 
right side, the heart is both heard and felt to pulsate from the chest up to 
the neck (fifteenth dav),'. — Midnight, while in bed, vibrating palpitation 
of the heart, tasting tut a few minutes, after which, while lying on the 
right side, a sensation as if the lower lobe of the left lung was settling down 
or being collapsed ; it appeared to have settled from three to four inches, 
lasting five minutes, and was relieved by changing position (twenty-seventh 

ffech and Sack, — Up Into the neck, palpitation,'. — A very stiff 
neck, C. Hg. — [80.] Occasional severe drawing pains in the nape of the 
neck, lasting but a few minutes at a time (eighteenth day),'. — Stitches and 
stiffness in tlie nape of the neck, aggravated by flexing the head back and 
tbrth, or felt a few minutes at a lime, while sitting still (seventeenth day),*. 
— Soreness and lamenets, with stitches in the nape of the neck, affgravatea by 
bending tlie head back and forth (thirteenth day),'. — (Glandular swellings 
on the left side of the lace, throat, and neck, nearly all of the size of a hen's 
egg, some hard, some suppurating ; they disfigured and enlarged the whole 
region considerably since his early youth, now twenty years ; 30th, in often- 
repeated doses, lessened it very much, more than half the former size,".) 
Fielitz. — In the scapula, pain from pit of stomach,', — Severe pain in or 
near the bead of the right scapula, lasting but a few minutes (tenth day),'. 
— Painful drawing near the spine to the left, downwards from the shoulder- 
blade ; a similar sensation in the forehead, and slightly in a decayed back 
tooth,'.— Sef ere laiiciTiating patna and stitches in the posterior right side below 
the soapvla, aggravated very tMu:h by throwing the shoulders back and the chest 
forward, or contortions of the body; at times eliciting a moan or shriek, 
caused by the pain (twelfth day),'. — In vertebra, opposite pit of stomach, 
pain from front to back,'. — Pain in the small of the back, hips, and lower 
limbs (eleventh day),'. — [90.] In the afternoon, sharp pain felt in the right 
kidney, lasting but a few raomenla (twenty -seventh day),'. 

JExtremitiea.—F&in in the front of the upper part of the right 

shoulder, afterwards in the left shoulder and arm, C. Hg. — Palms of the 

hands hot and dry (tenth day) ; dry and husky (eleventh day),'. — Lower 

■ limbs pain,'. — Hips pain,'. — A pain in the right knee-joint, lasting about 



twenty mioutef, 2 p.m. (Dinth day),'. — Pain in the left koee-joint on going 
uj) or down Btairs (twelfth day),'. — Several hard, small lumps along the 
shin bone, C. Hg. — Au intermitting pain in the muscles of the lower pos- 
terior third of the risht leg, with a sore, contracted, clumBy, bruised feeling 
of the anterior muscles of the lower third of the right leg, which is aggra- 
vated by dezing the foot and going up stairs, when the toes have a teodeucy 
to drop down, as if the foot was asleep, though without the sensation as if 
asleep (sixth day),'. — -The intermitting pain in the pogterior muscles of the 
right leg has not been felt since yestenlay, but there is an ^gravation of 
ail the symptoms in the anterior portion of the same leg to-day, especially 
when going upstairs, walking or flexing the foot, so as to render it quite 
painful and awkward (seventh day). The sore, numb, clumsy, bruised feel- 
ing in the right leg is ameliorated by remaining quiet in the house, aggra- 
vated by going up and down stairs several times during the afternoon, 
rendering it necessary to go up slowly, on account of the uncertainty of 
step, and tendency of the toes to drop down, which makes it necessary to 
step higher with the right foot (eighth day),', — [100.] A pain running 
from the anterior of the right leg to the posterior of the right thigh, be- 
tween 12 o'clock and 1 in the afternoon (ninth day),'.— The anterior mus- 
cles of the right leg sore as if beaten, and a contracted feeling, sore upon 
going upstaira or walking, with a numb feeling while sitting or lying 
(tenth day). The constant sore numb feeling of the muscles of the leg 
continues to be more or less aggravated at times, especially on going up- 
stairs, or flexing the foot (fifteenth day). Soreness aud numbness better, 
and only slighUy troublesome, on going upstairs (sixteenth day),'. — Less- 
ened hard cellular swelling of both legs, C. Ilg.,".— Severe crarapy pains 
in metatarsal bones of botn feet,'. — Sharp, stinging pain in the posterior 
portion of the right heel, a^ravated by the slightest pressure, lasting but 
a few minutes (eleventh day),'. — Bad ulcers on the feet of horses. (Popular 
remedy,".) — Hurts of the hoofe of horees. (Popular remedy,".) — In toes, 
a tendency to drop down as if asleep,'. — Chilblams. (Popular remedy,°.) 

Generalities- — During the afternoon, severe aches and pains in 
various parts of the body, with severe stitches in the sides, especially the 
posterior portion of the right side, aggravated by the slightest motion 
(eleventh day); all gone (sixteenth day),'. — A general torenest of the 
tnvtcfes and integuments of Ike whole body, eRpeciiliy the integuments, ag- 
gravated on motion, and especially by the friction of the clothes (eighth 
day). FUeh and integumenUi feel sore to touch, even of the dothen, with sen- 
sitiveness tu cold and cold air (ninth day). Sore a« if it had been beaten, 
and very semilive to tmieh or the friction of the clothes (tenth day) ; less 
during the afternoon (twelfth day) ; also less sensitive to cold and to cold 
air, and to touch (thirteenth day) ; ail gone (sixteenth day),'. 

Skin. — On forehead, tetter-like eruption,'.— Itching on scalp,'. — [110.] 
Scrofulous diseases, particularly swollen glands. (Popular remedy,".) — 
Bruised spots from iiills or being beaten. (Popular remedy, °.) — Seusitive 
to cold aud cold air,*, — Friction of clothes aggravaten soreness of skin,'. — 
Flesh and skin sore to the touch ; cheek and malar Isoue,'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Restless uight, could lie a short time only ia 
one position, on account of soreness of the muscles and whole body (elev- 
enth and twelfth days),'. — Awoke with frightful dreams, and severe crampy 
pains in the metatarsal bones of both feet, lasting from fifteen to twenty 
*, at 3 to 4 o'clock (third day),'. 



Fever. — Heat in forehead,'. — Feverish hot breath and mouth in after- 
noon,'. — Hot and dry palras of hands,*. 

Conditions. — Agyravation. — {Mortiing), Hawking bloody mucus; 
when first gettioe up, hawking maet of bloody mucus ; 8 o'clock, pain in pit 
of stomach.— (i- or entwn), Frontal headache; dull, etc., feeling of head. — 
{Noon), Pain iu urethra. — (_Aftemoo7t), Between 1 and 2 o'clock, headache; 
1 to 7 o'clock, headache ; beginning at 1 o'clock, dull headache ; until late 
in evening, Jrwital headache; heat, etc., in forehead ; at 3 o'clock', pain in 
eyeball ; ehocks in the ear; Eneezing, etc.; di«;harge of mucus from nos- 
tril ; mouth, etc., hot and feverish, etc ; 2 o'clock, sore throat ; paroxyamt 
ofamgk; same, after 1 o'clock; pain iu kidney ; 2 o'clock, pain in knee; 
pains in various part». — {Afternoon and evening). Shock* heard in ears; 
sneezing, etc. ; pleuritic stitcheg. — {Evening), 7 to 10 o'clock, on a rainy 
day, headache, etc. ; 7 o'clock, heat, etc., in forehead ; bad taste In mouth ; 
pain in supraclavicular region ; 9 o'clock, severe drawing in same. — 
{Midnight), Id bed, palpitation of the heart. — (2 p.u. till 7 a. u). Headache, 
etc. — [Agcending gtairs). Pain in right leg; aore feeling in leg; numbness 
in leg. — {^Bending head back and forth), Stitches, etc., iu nape of neck; 
soreness, etc., in the same. — (Sending foot). Pain in right leg ; Dumbness in 
same. — {After breakjaet). Headache on top of head returns. — {Contortions 
of body), Pleuritic pain ; pom in right gide. — {Friction of clothes), Soreness 
of skin. — {Full inspiration). Pleuritic pain ; in afternoon, pleuritic stitches. 
— C While lying on right side), In bed, at moment of becoming unconscious 
in sleep, suffocative attacks ; pulsations of heart heard, etc. ; sensation in 
]yiJig.—-{Menfal etnotion or thought), Sj^lls of palpitation, — {Motion), Stitches 
in mw; soreness of muscles, etc. ; pains in various parts. — {Moving eyes), 
Frontal headache. — {Pressure), Pain in heel. — {Ooina «p and down stairs), 
Pain in leg; pain in knee-joint. — (On swallowing), Throat inflamed, etc. ; 
sore throat.— ( Throwing shoulders back and chest forward). Pains in side. — 
{Turning the parts in either direction), Pain in eyebaUs.— -{Walking), Pain 
in right 1^. 

AmelMratiotl. — {Morning), Headache on top of head. — (Aflemoon), 
Headache, etc. — (Night), After steeping, headache on top of head ; pains in 
the buboes,°. — {Changing position). Sensation in lungs. — {Warm roam). 


Myroxylon Pereine, Kl. Natural order, Iveguminoste. Preparation, 
Tincture of the baleam that flows from the stems. 

Authority. Lembke, N. Z. f H. Kl., 12, 41, provlngs with repeated 
doses of from 15 to 30 drops. 

Nose. — Bleeding from the right side of the nose without cause, without 
corym, without sneezing, without having blown the nose (eighth day). — 
Repeated bleeding from the nose without cause, at 7 p.u. Slight blowing 
of blood from the ri^ht side of the nose (ninth day). 

Mouth and Throat. — Redness iu the arch of the palate, and pain 
on every touch (thirteenth day). — Redness and pain in the arch of the pal- 
ate persisted in during the whole time. — The whole arch of the palate and 
uvula are dark-red, and very painful, especially upon slightest touch; 
continued for several days. — After every aose, continued scraping of the 



Stool. — The firet dav, two soft Btools. — Profuse fluid stool without pain, 
at 3 P.M. (fifth day). — A copious liquid stool, painless, at 2 p.m., and again 
at 7^ P.M. (tenth day). — Hard stool (fourth day). — Passage of blood with 
the normal stool (does not sufler from hsemorrhoids), (seventh day). 

Urinary Organs. — Sticking in the urethra. — Cutting on urinating. 
— More frequent urinating than usual in the night. — Frequent urinating 
of much clear yellow urine (sixth and seventh days). — Much clear urine 
and mubh urinating (sixth day). — In the third night, more urine than 
usual. — Urine more scanty and darker (eleventh day). — Red coating on 
tlie urinal (fifth day). 

ReKpiratory Apparatus. — Scraping iu the larynx in the fore- 
noon. — Severe scraping in the larynx, and cough, a quarter of an hour 
after taking it. — The same dry cough with scrapings, evenings in bed (fif- 
teenth day J. 

Upper and Lower Extremities. — Several times, eevere op- 
pressive pain in the right wrist (eleventh day). — In the morning, severe 
pain in the left tibia, several times repeated. — Soon after rising, severe 
pnn in the left tibia. — Violent boiing in the right tibia, at 8 a.m., after- 
wards in the left (twelfth day).— At times, severe boring pain iu the tibi» 
and ankles; scratching in the throat, and long-continued dry cough at 
11 P.M., in bed (fourteenth day). — Drawing in the tibia. — Tearing iu the 
tibite, evenings in bed. — Continued boring in the left ankle, afterwards iu 
the right (seventeenth day). 

Sleep and Dreams, — Many dreams of various things. — In the 
night, very mauy dreams, mostly concerning the duties of the day. 

Conditions. — A^graTation. — (Morning), Soon after rising, pain in 
left tibia.^ — (8 a.m.). Boring in right tibia.— (^orwioon), Scraping in larynx. 
(3 P.M.), Profuse stool.— (7 P.M.), Bleeding from nose.— (2 p.m. and 7.30 
P.M.), Copious stool. — (Evening), In bed, cough, etc. ; pain in tibia ; in 
bed, tearings in tibite. — (^Niffht), Frequent urination. — (11 p.m.), In bed, 
scratching in the throat, etc. — ( Toveh), Pain in arch of palate; pain in arch 
of palate and uvula. 


Baptisia tinctoria, R. Br. Natural tyrder, Leguminosie. 

Avthoriiiea. 1, Dr. Wm. L. Thompson, N. A. J. of Hom., 5, 647 (dose 
not given) ; 2, Dr. J. S. Douglass, N. A. J. of Horn., 6, 230 (took repeated 
doses of 1 to 3 drops of tincture) ; 3. Dr. S. R. Beckwith (ibid.) ; 4, W. 
Rowley, ibid. ; 5, L. W. Sapp, ibid. ; 6, J. E. Smith, ibid. ; 7, T. B. Hoyt, 
ibid. ; 8, Dr. Hadley, Trans, of N. Y. St. Hom, Med. Soc., 3, 326 (took 10 
to 25 drops of tinct.) ; 9, Miss Hadley, ibid, (took 15 drops of tinct.) ; 10, 
Dr. Burt, Hale's Hew Remedies (took 10 to 200 drops of tinct., and 30 

S-ains of bark subcutaneously) ; 11, Dr. Burt, ibid, (took 4 to 14 grains of 
aptisin) ; 12 Dr. Wallace, Med. Investigator, 1873 (three provings with 
the one-tenth). 

Mind, — The brain a little stimulated,'. — Febrile excitement of the 
brain, like a beginning febrile delirium in a greater degree,'. — A sort of 
excitement of the brain which is the preliminary, or rather the beginuing, 
. of delirium ; with him it never fails to take place if the fever continues, and 
increases to considerable intensity,'. — Disposition to talk,'. — LoW spirits 
(third day),'. — Unhappy (second day),'. — Felt very gloomy for several 



days (third day),". — *Ca«twt confine hit mind; tort of mid, ioandering 
fefUng,\ — Mind seemed weak, rather than oonfuaed (seeoDd day),'. — [10.1 
Iiiactive mind,'. — 'Indinpoted to tkint; tcatit of potixr to think (second 
day),'. — Dul], stupid feeliug after breaklaat,'.— Very distinct recollectioo 
of what he had beeu readiDg,'.-~Iaability to memorize as ueua],'. 

Sead, — Confiised feeling in the head,'. — Slightly confused feeling of 
the brain,'.— Dul nesfl in the head,'. — A little dulueaa of the head (eecoud 
day),'. — [20.] t^light duliiea§ in brain all day (second dav),*.— Dull, etupid 
feeliug all over the head, with severe pain at the occiput, . — Morning, aner 
rising, dull heavy feeling of head, and headache,'. — Head feelij very 
heavy,". — Head feels heavy, as though he could not sit up,', — Head feela 
very heavy, with pain in occiput (after one hour),". — Bwimming sensation, 
very like that experienced before the operation of an emetic,'. — Hlight 
dizziness and languor,'. — VertlyO^. — " Vertigo, and senmtion of avakneet 
in the entire gyatem, e^pedally in the lower limb*, with weak Anceji,'. — [80.] 
Headache day and night, causing a sensation of wildnee?,'.— Pain in ba^e 
of brain, with lamene^ and drawing pain in cervical muscles (after twenty 
minutes),". — Heavy pain at base of brain (after twenty minutes),". — Slight 
pain of head, with bruised ieeling of forehead (third day),'. — Head telt 
large,'. — Head feela lai^ and heavy (after twenty minutes},". — Fulness of 
the ext«rual vessels of the bend and face,'. — Head full, and feels heavy 
(after twenty minutes),". — Hard, dull headache, very much worse by mov- 
ing (30 grains crude bark), (second day),'". — *l>uU, heniy heiuiarhe {second 
day),". — [40.] 'Dull, heavi/, prefnive AearfucAe,'".— Slight prcasive headache 
and dull pain in loins (from subcutaneous injection of 10 drop.s),'°. — Sore- 
ness of brain, woi-se when stooping,'.— Noise increases the headache,'. — Se- 
vere headache in front (third day),'.— Pain in the whole anterior part of 
the head and in the fore/ieaAf'. — Some headache in front, afterwards 
passing to the back part,'. — In morning, headache in front part of brain,'. — 
Frontal headache, with feeling of fulness and tightness of the whole head 
(after twenty minutes),". — *Frontal headache, with preimire at root of nose 
(after twenty minutes),". — [60.] Severe frontal headache, with pressure at 
root of nose (after one hour),". — Slight pain in the frontal sinuses, mostly 
in the right side,'. — Slight pain in the right frontal sinus,'. — Severe pain in 
frontal sinuses, followed bv sneezing,*. — Heat in forehead (second morn- 
ing),'. — Skin of forehead ieels very much contracted,"'. — Feeling of tight- 
ness across forehead, with pain over right eye (after two hours),". — Skin of 
forehead feeling very tight, with sharp pain in temples,". — Skin of the 
forehead feels as if drawn very tightly over the forehead, with sharp pain 
over right eye (immediately),". — Skin of forehead fflt as if it would be 
pulled to the back part of the head, with numb feeling of forehead and 
face (from subcutaneous injection of 10 drops, after ten minutes),". — [60.] 
Dull pain in front part of head,'. — Dull pain in forehead,'". — In the after- 
noon, dull pain in the anterior lobes of the brain and In the right frontal 
sinus,'. — Dull, heavy pain in forehead," — All the evening, dull frontal 
headache, with smarting of the eyes and a drawing pain down nose,". — 
Constant dull frontal headache, and dull pain in bowels all the evening,". 
— Fressive pain in forehead,'". — Dull pressive pain in the forehead (after 
three hours),". — Feeling as if the forehead would be pressed in (from sub- 
cutaneous injection of 10 drops, after half an hour),'". — In evening, soreness 
in the front part of the head on moving the eyes or turning them upward,'. 
— [70.] Frequent paint in right temple,", — Dull pain in both temples, 
growing more and more intense,'. — Sharp pains in both temples (after three 



hours),". — Sharp paing io temples, very often (30 grains crude bark), 
(second day),*. — Sharp paini by tpeUa in right and Ufi temples". — Buruing 
on top of head and soreness of scalp,". — Dull feeling, especially in the oc- 
ciput, where there was alight paio and fulness (after one and a half hours),*. 
— Dull pressure in occiput (second morning),'. — Soreness of scalp (after one 

Eyes. — Eyes shining,'. — [80.] Congestion of the veswls of the eye; 
they look red and inflamed,'. — Eyea feel swollen, with burning and flight 
lachrymation,'. — Eyes feel aa if being pressed into head, with great conl'u- 
eion of sight; cannot place anything until she looks at it a few seconds; 
everything appears to be moving,". — Eyes smart and ache severely,". — 
Frequent preasivc pain over right eye,'°. — Sharp pain over right eye, then 
over left,'.^ — Partial giaralysis of the eyelids ; it is very difficult to keep them 
open,". — Lachrymatioii on going into the open air (third day),', — Walking 
in open air produced continual and profuse lachrymation (Uiird day),*. — 
'Soreneat of eyebaUa,''. — L^f^-] *EyebaU* fed tore and lame on moving them 
(after twenty minutes),". 

Ears. — Dulness of hearing,'. 

JTuj^e.— Sneezing, and feeling as after taking a severe cold (after twenty 
minutee],", — Catarrh,'. — Thick mucou* discharge from nose,'. — Dull pain 
at root of nose,'. — Severe pressure at root of nose (alter twenty minutes),". 
— Soreness extends to posterior narea (alter twenty minutes),". 

Fuce. — Sallow appearance of countenance, . — *Hot and perceptibly 
fiushed fa/x,'. — [100.] Face feels flushed and very hot,'. — Cheeka burn,'. — 
Burning and prickling of left side of face and Jiead". 

Jttouth. — Teeth and guma have been very sore for two daya ; by press- 
ing on them with the finger, large quantities of blood ooze from the gums 
(third day), ".^Tongue coated whitish, and slightly congested (second 
morning), '.-flight yellow coat on tongue,*, — Toagite coated yellow,"". — 
* Tongue coaled yellow along the centre (second day). . — *TongMe coated at 
first white, with reddish papilla here and there, followed by a yeliovrish-brown 
coating ui the centre, the eagee being red and shining^. — Tongue coated yel- 
low, with flat, hitter taste (second day),". — [HO.] On waking, tongue dry, 
with the same burnt feeling (second day),*.— Tongue feels thick and awul- 
len,'. — Tongue feels aa though it had been scraped^'. — Numb pricking sen- 
sation of tlie tongue,'. — • Well-developed uleert in the Tnotith,'. — Long-con- 
tinued flow of saliva,*. — *Saliva rather abimdant, tomewhai vitcid and flat 
toiting*. — Profuse flow of sweetish -bitter saliva, followed by a dryish or 
glutinous substance ; lips stick together,'. — In the morning, increased flow 
of saliva of a pleasant taste,'. — Increased flow of saliva in the evening.'.-r 
[120.] A most cajAnna flow of saliva, followed by sore throat, with scraping 
and burning,'. — In a short time, an increased secretion of saliva, followed 
by slight pain in the right lung,'. — Taste of food not quite natural,*.- — Flat 
taste in mouth (9 a.m., second day),'°. — Flat, bitter taste in motUh,". — Bad 
taste in mouth,'. — Filthy taste, with flow of saliva,', 

ThTOnt. — In the afternoon, fulness of the throat,'. — Slight angina; 
throat feels swollen or full, with oppressed respiration,'. — * Constrictive feel- 
ing in throat, coating frequent efforts at deglutition,'. — [130.] Sore throat, 
extending to the posterior nares (after one hour),". — Throat tore, and feels 
eontraet^ (after twenty minutes),". — Sore throat, with scraping and burn- 
ing, preceded by a moat copious flow of saliva,'. — Tickling in the throat, 
constantly provoking to cough,'. — Tondle and »oft palate look very red, but 
are not painful (second day),' . — Tonsils congested,". — TonsHs and toft palate 
vol.. II.— 8 



eongetted (second and third dayB),". — Tonsils very much congested, with 
fretjuent tiicliDation to swalluw, which produces pain in the root of the 
tongue,". — Fauces and tonsils Tery much congested,". — Scraped sensation 
extends through the fauces,'. — [IW.] Dryneas and roughness of the phar- 
vnx, extending to the nares, with a stringent sensation, followed af(«r s 
little by an increased secretion from the parts, especially the pharynx,*. — 
Raw sensation in pharynx, with a large amount of viscid mucus,'. — Prick- 
ing sensation in upper part of pharynx,'. 

Stomnch, — Los» of appetite,' '.—Thirst,'. — Constant desire for water,'. — 
Frequent gulping up of air (from subcutaneous injection of 10 drops),**. 
— Frequent eructations of flatus,'. — Nauiea,^ '. — Slight nausea and want of 
appetite,'.— [190.] Slight nausea, with increased heat,*. — Feeling as though 
it would be a relief to vomit,'. — Feeling as if he would vomit, but no nau- 
sea, with severe shooting pain in the left kidney and left side of the um- 
bilicus (from subcntaneouB injection of 10 drops, after fifteen minutes),''. — 
Gone, empty feeling at stomach,'. — Pains in the stomach, and feeling as if 
there was a hard substance in it,'. — Severe pain every few minutes in the 
cardiac portion of stomach (after five hours),'".— A good deal of pain in 
epigastric r^ion all night,'*. — Slight pain all day in stomach and right 
hypochondriac region; pain in right side very severe when walking,'*. — 
Blight pain in stomach and right hypochondriac region and umbilical (from 
snbculaneous injection of 10 drops, after half an hour),". — Pain iu stom- 
ach, abdomen, and right hypochondrium, passing down to right iliac region 
(third day),*. — [160.] Constant pain in stomach and liver, quite Eharp at 
times,'". -—Constant pain in stomach and right hypochondriac region, . — 
Constant pain, of a drawing character, in the epigastric and right hypo- 
chondriao regions, very severe when waiking,'*.~Conetant pain in stomach 
and right hypochondrium of a dull, aching character, and extending to the 
spine ; very much worse by motion, .—At night, frequent pain in the epi- 
gastric region, very much worse by turning over, which he had to do all 
the time,'".— Great distress in epigastric and umbilical region.'', with great 
rumbling,". — Great distress in stomach and bowels all the forenoon, with 
desire to vomit,". — Constant burning distress in the epigastrium, with se- 
vere colicky pains iu the umbilical, and especially in the hypogastric 
region, every few seconds, with rumbling in the bowels and desire to vomit, 
but no nausea (30 grains crude bark),' .—In eveniug, cramp in the stom- 
ach,'. — Heavy aching pain in stomach and liver, with very hot sensatioD 
in those parts,'*. — [1'0>] Constant aching distress in the stomach and um- 
bilical region, with a great deal of pain m region of gall-bladder,". — Con- 
stant dull aching pain in the storaiach and liver,'*. — Dull pain in the epi- 
gastric region,'*. — Dull pain at the pit of the stomach, and constriction of 
the diaphragm,'. — Pressure at stomach, with belching of large quantities of 
flatus,". — Stitching pain in cardiac extremity of stomach,*. 

Abdomen. — Pains in Uver (third dfty),*.^Dull pain in right hypo- 
chondriac region (after three hours),".— *rA« pain, in the liver extends from 
the right lateral ligament to the gall-bladder ; it is aimogt impossible to walk, 
U makes the pain so severe in tiie region of the gall-bladder,". — Suffered con- 
stantly and severely all day with pain in the liver and stomach ; the pain 
caused a numb feeling to pass all over the body,'*. — [180.] Good deal of 
dull pain iu liver, stomach, and umbilical region (second day),'*. — Soreness 
in region of liver,'. — *G)netant duUpain in region of the gall-bladder ; very 
severe on vxdking".-^* Severe pain in region of gall-hladder; lasted one 
hour,". — Good deal of distress iu the umbilical region all day (second 




day),". — Constant dull pain in the umbilical r^on". — Constant aching 
paiDB in umbilical region (30 grains crude bark, second day),'°> — Constant 
slight pain in the uoibilical region,". — Constant dull pain in the umbilicat 
and hypogastric regions ; by spells the pain in hypogastric n^ioD very 
sharp, . — Conataat dull aching paiua in umbilical region, aggravated by 
a ftill iDspiratioti (second day),". — [190.] All day, constant pain in um- 
bilical region, with slight rumbling of bowels (second day),'". — *Fulnet» 
of abdomen,^. — *I>utm»ion of abdomen^. — Flatulence,', — Loud borbo- 

'gmi (third day),'. — Rumbling in the intestines,'. — Slight rumbling in 

le bowela,'*. — Rumbling, with desire tor stool,".— -Slight rumbling in the 
bowels, with a mushy stool (after three hours),"^ — Dull aching diiitress in 
bowels (second day),' . — [200.] Dull pain in abdomen on pressure,'. — Quite 
a number of times there have been sharp shooting pains all through the 
bowels,". — Soreness of abdominal muscles, as if from cold or coughing 
severely,'. — Pain in hypogastrium,'. — Glands of left groin very much swol- 
len, one of them as large as a common-siEed hickory-nut ; very painful 
when walking (second dav),". — Dull drawing pain in right groin, . — Se- 
vere drawing pains in right groin and testicle and right foot,'°. 

Stool find, Anus, — Bowels looee next morning (very uncommon),'. 
— *Diarrk(ea (third day),'. — "Diarrhaie ^ooU dark'. — [S^O.] Soft stools 
(first and second daya), .— Soft mushy stool,". — Soft papeacent stool (sec- 
ond day),". — *Stool papeacent, with a large quantity of nmeus, btU no real 
pain". — Bowels costive,'. — Bowela costive for two days,'. — QmetipaHon 
(fourth day),". — Cona^pation throughout the period of proving (eight 
days),'.— Constipation severe, with haemorrhoids in the afternoon; quite 
troublesome (fifUi day),'. 

Urinary OrpatiM. — *A sort of burning when urinating^'. — [220.] 
Urine is of a whitish color, does not change blue litmus, and has no efiect 
on red paper (second day),". — Urine high-colored,'. — • Urine tiot very copi- 
ous, btU of dark-red eolor,^. 

Rettpiratory Apparatus. — In morning, swelling of the epiglot- 
tis,'.-"Iucreased secretion from the bronchial tubes and fauces, with expec- 
toration of mucus,'. — HoarsenesM to such an extent as to require the utmost 
effort to be understood,'. — In afternoon, disposition to cougn quite trouble- 
some,'. — Lungs feel easier and stronger than usual (curative reaction),'. — 
She was cured by this proving of a troublesome cough of long standing,"*. 
— Constant want to take a Hill breath,'. — [230.] In the aitemoon, diffi- 
culty of breathing,'. — At 6 p.m., oppressed breathing, with cough, soreness 
of right lung, and sneezing,'. — * Awoke with great diMctdiy of breathing; the 
lungtfelt tight and comprised; could not get a full breath; felt obliged to 
open the window to get his face to fresh air, with the same burning heat of 
aurfiuK, dry tongue, increased pulsations of the heart, and accelerated 
pulse, and the same peculiar feeling of the bniin as on first night. An hour 
passed before he could breathe easily and felt comfortably cool,*. — *Oii 
lying down, difficulty of breathing, in half an hour becoming so great that 
he was obliged to rise ; afraid to go to sleep from a feeling of certain^ that 
be should immediately have nightmare and sufibcations. — This dimcultr 
of breathing is not so much from constriction of the cheat aa from a feel- 
ing of want of power in the respiratory apparatus, such as he had only felt 
during a fever, . 

Chest. — Constriction and oppression of the chest,'. — Tightness of chest 
and deaire to take a deep inapiration (after twenty minutes),". — In the 
afternoon, tightness of the chest,'. — Oppression of chest and difficult breatb- 



■ng,". — Sharp pains io chest when takiag a long breath,'. — Pain through 
left of chest,". — [240.] Pain in the right lun?, continuing some time; leM 
pain in the left lung, with some soreness,'. — Rheumatic pains in right side,*, 
— Dull pain in the sternum,'. — In the afternoon, sensatiou of weight and 
oppression in the prtecordial r^ions, with a feeling of unntislied breath- 

Heart an«f PulKe> — Feeling of greatly increased compass and fre- 
quencj of the pulsationa of the heart ; pulsations seem to fill the chest,*. — 
Throbbing in iieart, bo as to be distinctly beard,*. — Pulse, at first acceler- 
ated, afterwards became very low and fitint,'. — Pulse slow and weak ( third 
day),*. — Slow, round, full^pulse,'. — The pulse (usually but little over 70) I 
judged to be 90 or over, full and soft,*. — [2S0.] rulse 70, risiDg, about 
2 o'clock P.M., to 100,'. 

Neck and Back. — Neck stiff" and lame (after twenty minutes),". — . 
*Stiffnees and lameness of eervieal mweUt (after one hour),". — Pain in neck, 
unbearable on moving head (after twenty minutes),". — Soreness of muscles 
of neck,'. — Twitching in latissimus dorai of left side (third day),'. — Lame- 
ness of muscles of back and chest, especially when moving the head (after 
twenty minutes),", — *Baek and hips are very gtiff", attd ache severely (second 
day),". — Pain in back extending to sacrum,'. — Slight Inckache (third 
day),". — [260.] Back aches severely, aggravated oy walking (second 
day),". — Dull heavy aching in lumbar region on going to bed at night,'. — 
Dull aching pain in lumbar region; very severe when walking (!«cond 
day),'*. — Dull pain in small of back (after three hours),". — 'Dull pain of 
the sarrum, compounded of a feeling at from presaure, and faiiguf. from long 
stooping, and «oon extending around hips and down right leg,^. 

MxtremilieH in General. — Wandering pains in all the limbs, with 
dizziness,". — * Aching in limbs'. — *I}rawing paint in arms and legs". — At 
times, drawing pain in right wrist and left ankle,". — Prickling of hands 
and feet, with numbness ; worse on motion,". — [270,] Peculiar thrilling 
sensation through botb hands and feet, somewhat like going to sleep or a 
.want of circulation,*. 

Upper Extremities. — Constant twitching in left deltoid muscle 
((since taking first dose),*. — Pain in left shoulder and arm (after twenty 
iroinutes),". — Pain in left shoulder, extending down the arm (after one 
■hour),". — Drawing pain in shoulder and arms, more in the left (after 
itwenty minutes),". — ^^eel sore and atilT about shoulders and chest (second 
day),". — Numbness of left hand and forearm, with prickling (after one 
hour),", — Numb prickling pain of hand and arm, worse by movement; 
sharp darting pam through the fingers (after twenty minutes),". — The 
hands felt large and were tremulous,'. 

Lower Extremities. — Lower limlw, on walking, feel weak and 
vacillating,', — [280.] Pain in hips and legs, with numbness (after twenty 
minutes),". — Dmwing pains in the left hip (second day),". — Drawing pains 
in right hip and both calves (30 grains crude bark),'". — Soreness in an- 
terior part of thighs, worse after sitting awhile (third day),*. — Darting pain 
in left knee and malleolus of left side (third day),'. — Drawing pains in 
leg8,".^Leg8 ache,". — Cramp in calves of legs whenever he movea them,". 
— Drawing pain in calves of legs,''.— Severe drawing pain in both calves,". 
— [290.] Frequent drawing pain in calves (second day),". — Drawing pains ' 
in the legs (after three hours),". — Foot and leg prickly, and can move but 
little,". — Left foot numb, and prir.kUs (after twenty minutes),". 

Generalities. — *liestless,\ — *B«>tleu; doei not sleep quietly; wants 



to get up, and yet does net vmtt (o,', — *I>urinff (he evening, vneaay, regllett ; 
omild confine himself to notkinff ; wanted to be moving from place to place (sec- 
ond day),'.— No disposition to move,'. — On goiug to bed, feeling of in- 
ability to make either physical or mental exertiuu,'. — * Or eai languor^. — 
[300.] Feels weair and obliged to lie down (after twenty miuutea),". — 
After walking, feeling of rather painful weariness of tiack and lower limbs, 
especially the right, and the right shoulder and arm,*. — Painful weariness 
of the whole left side of body (after one hour),", — * General tired, bruited, 
sick feeling in allparit of the body, yet does not feel very badly (third day),'. 
— Debility,'.— Muscular debility,'. — Through the day, rather weak (second 
day),'. — *Feel rather weak and tremulous, as though recovering from a fit of 
tiekne«s, and as yet incapable of vigorous mental or phygieal exertion (third 
day),'. — Feeling very weak, and trembling a good deal,". — Very weak and 
faint,". — [310.] *Sensation of weakness in the entire system, egpeeiaUy in the 
lower limbs, with teeak knees and vertigo,'. — Proetration (third day),'. — 
Feeling of great prostration, with flashes of heat from small of back in all 
, directions,*. — Prostration and increased perepiration upon the least exer- 
tion,'. — Felt stronger on walking in open air (third day),*. — Very faint and 
weak; legs tremble and ache,". — Paralysis of whole left side ; left arm and 
band entirely numb and powerless,". — General feeling of having slept too 
long and too hard, with a bloated feeling of the eyes (third day),'. — Feel 
KS though had taken cold ; throat sore, and sneezed several times,". — */n- 
deseribable «cA feeling all oiwr,'. — [320.] Rheumatic pains and soreness all 
over the body,'. — Stiffness of all the joints, as though strained,'. — Feel stiff 
and sore all over; dread to move," — Each time after waking from the 
nightmare, the parts on which he lay soon became exceedingly painful, es- 
pecially the sacral region and bips. Af^r lying for not more than ten 
minutes upon the bacR, the eacral rezion became intolerably painfiil, as 
though he had Iain on the barn-floor all night, and inducing the conviction 
that a short continuance of the position would produce bedsores. Wlieu 
turning on the other side, the same sensation was produced on the hips, 
obliging him at last to turn on his face to relieve these parts,'. — Intolerance 
of pressure on all parU on which pressure was made ; could not rest back 
against chair without pain from the pressure ; obliged to change sitting 
posture every few minutes from same cause ; even the feet became equally 
painful from resting on the floor,'. — Slight erratic pains in various part« 
(fourth day),'. 

Skin. — Livid spots appear all over the body and limbs; size of pea to 
three-cent piece ; thickest on body ; without sensation ; not elevated, and 
irregular in shape (aflxr six weeks),". 

Sleep antt Dreams, — Drowsiness; disposition to have eyes half 
closed (third day),'. — FeeJ drowsy, and must sleep (after three hours),". — 
Drowsy, stupid, tired feeling,'. — [330.] Unusual sound sleep,'. — Deep sleep 
tilt 3 A.M.,'. — Slept profoundly all night, and was not even waked in the 
morning by the breakfast-bell, a very unusual occurrence (second day),'.— 
Slept well until midnight, then could not sleep any more," — *Sl^t very weli 
nntil '2 a.m., thai very restless till morning,".— SiejA until 2 a.m., then could 
not sleep any more,". — *Slept until 3 a.m. ; amid not sleep any more, but had 
to toss about eonstatUly f30 grains crude bark, second day),'*. — Slept well 
until 1 A.M. ; awoke witn severe cutting pains in hypogastric region, with 
loud rumbling of the bowels ; very rettUss after (second day),".— %lept two 
or three hours, and waked from a troublsaome dream, with difficult breath- 
ing, a sort of nightmare; felt on waking as if the room was insufferably 



hot and close, hioderiog respiratJOQ,'. — After sleepiog about two hours, had 
nightmare, IVom which he seemed to be a long tune ia roueiug himself by 
violent efforts to move and to make a noise. The anxiety continued some 
time after waking. (Raa never had nightmare for many years, except 
when sleeping on back, or, very rarely, on left side. In alt the instances 
recorded, waa sleeping in usual position, ou right side),', — [340,] Lay 
down and slept an hour, waking from a sort of nightmare with moderate 
tigbtneas of the cheet and correspondingly difficult breathing, which was 
Boon over (after one and a half hours),'. — ^lept well the remainder of the 
night, after having, for a short time, slight febrile chilly horripilations over 
tlie lower limba and hack,*. — Had a very restless night (second day),". — 
At night, sleepless, disturbed,'. — Resilest night, with frighlj-id dreatiu,'*. — 
Dreams at night,'. — When asleep, continual dreaming,'. — Dreamed all 
night ; In dreams triumphed over all opposition,'.— Dreams about fighting 
and disputations, but always comes off best,'. — Frightful dreamt," ". — [350.] 
Dreamed of being bound down with a chain across the mouth,". — At uight, 
slept two or three hours, and dreamed of laboring hard in deep snow, suffer- 
ing with heat from the exertion, and finally being smothered in the snow,'. 

J^tefcr.— Surface of body chilly,'.— Slight chill about 11 o'clock a.m.,'. 
— Forenoon, chill over back while sitting by a hot fire,'. — In evening, 
great chilliness on going into open air,*. — Slight chilliness in the lower 
limbs and back (very soon after taking),', — In evening, chills over back,'. — 
Most uncomfortable burning heat of the whole surface, especially the face ; 
it compelled him to move to a cool part of the bed, and finally to rise and 
Open a window and wash his face and hands; with these symptoms there 
was a peculiar feeliug of the head, which is never felt except during the 
presence of fever,'.— ^Dn wakiog at 3 a.m., flashes of heat ana feeling as if 
perspiration would break out,'.^r380,] General heat after going to bed,'. 
— Burning sensation over the whole body, followed by perspiration, vomit- 
ing, and diarrhcea,'. — Heat of the face (after a few minutes),', — Flashes of 
beat over face.'.^At night, heat and burning in lower extremities so in- 
tense as to prevent sleep much of the uight.'.-^hill all day, with fever at 
night,', — Whole surface of body feels hot and dry, with occasional chill, 
principally up and down the back, as if ague were coming on,'. — Extremi- 
ties feel hot, except the feet, which are cold,'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation.— ^Jfominy), After rising, dull feeling of 
head, etc. ; frontal headache ; increased saliva ; swelling of epiglottis ; on 
waking, 3 a.m., flashes of heat, etc. — {Forenoon), Distress in stomach, etc. ; 
chill over back ; about It A.m., slight chill. — {AJtemoon), Fain in anterior 
lobes of brain, etc. ; fulness of throat; disposition to cough; difficulty of 
breathing ; 6 p.m., oppressed breathing, etc. ; tightness of chest ; sensation 
of weight, etc.,, in pnecordial regions. — {Boening), Frontal headache, etc.; 
on moving eyes, soreness in front of bead ; increased saliva ; cramp in stom- 
ach ; uneasy, etc. ; chilliness ; chills over back. — {Night), Pain in epigastric 
r^ion ; difficulty of breathing ; on going to bed, pain in lumbar region ; 
heat, etc., in lower extremities.— ( Goi«j into opwi air), Lachrymatiou, — 
( Walking in open air), I>achrymation.— (^/ter going to bed), General heat. 
— (Beer), All symptoms.— (.iyJer breakfast). Dull teeling. — {FnU intpira- 
tian). Pains in umbilical region ; sharp pains in chest. — {Lying down). Dif- 
ficulty of breathing. — (Motion), Headacne ; pain in stomach, etc ; prickling 
of tiands, etc. ; uumb pain of hand, etc.— (Moving head). Pain in neck ; 
lameness of muscles of back, etc. — ( On moving leg«). Cramp in calves. — 
(^Noite), Headache. — (AJUr eOHng), Soreness of thighs. — (^(^ing). Sore- 

ly GoOqIc 


neas of braiD. — (Tuminff over). Pain id ep^astric r^ioD. — ( On toaiiiiy), 
ToDgue dry. — ( Walkina), Pain in right side ; pain in epigastric, etc., re- 
gions; pain in gall-bladder; pain in glands of groin; backache; pain in 
lumbar region ; weataeas in lower limbs, etc. — {AfUr vxilHng), Wearineas 
of buck, etc. 
AmeltoraHont — ( WalUng in open air). Felt elronger. 


CoM springs in Upper Hungair ; temperature from 45° to 50° F. 

Analytis (Schultes), 16 ounces furnished 11.59 ^rainB of residue, contain- 
JQg sodium carbonate, ti.07 grains; sodium chloride, 3.03; potassium car- 
booate, 0.75; potassium chloride, 0.62; ferrum carbonate, 0.40; silica, 
0.35 ; extractive, 0.37. 

Authority. Dr. Schreter, Archiv. f. Horn. Heilk., 19, 1, 176; provinge 
by himself (1); his wife (2); and a child (3); from sitz-baths, and from 
drinking the water. 

lUind. — During the nhole time there is a kind of slight intoxication, 
though no special exhilaration; nor is he less active; especially he sees 
indistinctly, particularly when walking,'. — Lively and contented,'. — Dis- 
position rather earnest than lively,'. — More fretful and sensitive; every 
trifle vexes him ; he is morose, reflective ; will not speak nor answer,'. 

ITend, — Confusion of the bead after drinking, as aAer intoxication. 
With this she ia not lively, but rather indifferent and in an earnest mood,'. 
— Confusion of the whole head, burning and dry sensation of the eyes, and 
qualmishness in the stomach,'. — Headache as if stupefied with preasive 
heaviness in the brain,'. — Heaviness in the whole bead, especially in the 
occiput; itdraws the head backwards,', — Preesiveieaviuess of the head with 
drawing iu the neck,'. — Heaviueas in the head immediately on waking,'. — 
[10,] Plethoric iwrsons suffer on driukiug the water with severe conges- 
tion of the head, , — Boring headache, which concentrates itself iu the right 
eye, at evening in the open air,'. — Constrictive sensation in the forehead, ex- 
tending down to the root of the nose, in the evening after smoking,'. — Draw- 
ing tearing headache in the occiput, extending down to the neck, with a 
waving sensation in the brain after one-half hour,'. — Drawing tearing 
headache in the occiput, extending into the neck, even while in the bath,. 
— After the bath, when he lies in bed to rest, the drawing in the occiput 
end in the neck repeats itself, with throbbing and pulsation in the occipital 
vessels,'. — Pulsating in the occiput and neck, with sticking pains therein,'. 
— Throughout the whole time scurf on the occiput; it itches and, after 
scratching, becomea covered with a yellowish amber-like scurf, and at the 
same time ezudea a moisture,', 

JByea and Ears. — Burning and dryness of the eyes, with confusion 
of the head, and qualmishneaa in the stomach,'. — After coition, preasive pain 
over the left eye and in the eyeball itaelf,'. — [20.] In plethoric persons the 
eye becomes agglutinated at night from using the water,'. — In plethoric 
persons agglutiuation of the eyes at night, and a violent congestion of the 
head is caused by the use of the water,'. — Especially on walking be does 
not see distinctly, throughout the whole time as if he were slightly intoxi- 
cated,'. — Sticking in the eara,'. 

Ifone and J^OUth, — ^The corners of the nose become eroded, as in 
severe coryza. Constrictive sensation in the upper incisors, as if they were 



firmly pressed together, aod hence became asleep, a kind of numb aeoBa- 
tion, . — A hollow tooth beeomea ulcerated, with swelling of the cheek,'. — 
After becomiug chilled in the night she is attacked with a niging tooth- 
ache,'. — Toothache in a hollow tooth, a kind of tearing-drawing, aggravated 
by cold water and by touch of the finger,'. — Grumbling in a hollow tooth,'. 
— Throbbing pain in a hollow tooth, . — [30.] Inky taste on the tongue, at 
night on waking,' .^ — He is obliged to expectorate much frothy saliva,'. 

Thvout. — Much hawking and raising of mucus,'. — Dryness in the 
throat,'. — Scratching in the throat, causing a dry cough,'. 

Stonuich. — Appetite increased, especially in the evening,'. — Sensation 
of hunger soon after breakfast, which disappeared after eructations,'. — 
Eructations aft«r the acid water,', — Eructations soon after drinking the 
acid water in large quantities,'. — Empty eructations in the evening,'.— ^40.] 
Eructations, as of bad eggs, in the morning,'. — Eructations, with a crawl- 
ing passage of air through the nose several times (after six minutes),'. — 
Qualmishness in the stomach, with confusion of the head, and a sensation 
of dryness of the eyes, '.^Nausea .'.—Vomiting at breakfast,'. 

Abdomen. — Distension of the abdomen, . — Abdomen distended like 
8 drum,'. — Distension of the abdomen with passage of flatulence,'. — Pas- 
sage of flatulence,'. — A kind of colic, pinch ing-d rawing pain in the abdo- 
men, in the morning on waking, immediately after a glass of the water,'. 

Stool and Anuit.—\PQJ\ Crawling in the rectum,'. — The hamoi^ 
rhoids protrude very much, and pain when walking,'. — (The hteraorrhoids 
protrude with the stool),'.— Burning in the hsemorrhoida during the siti- 
bath .'.^Desire for stool (after ten minutes),'. — Desire for stool, which is 
more firm, though normal inform.'. — Alnight desire for stool, but with much 
pressure; no stool follows,'. — Hard stool in the morning,'.— ^ tool twice in 
the day, consisting of large cohesive masses,'. — Stool in the morning imme- 
diately on waking, and followed by a second, and in two hours bya third; 
the last is pasty, dark greenish-brown, with protrusion of the hemorrhoids,'. 
— [60.] Stool six times in the day, the first normal, the others liquid with 
raucua and bright-red blood, with great protrusion of the hwmorrhoids; also, 
at other times, frequent desire for stool when only blood passes. On walk- 
ing, the haamorrhoids become strangulated and cause a constant desire, tenes- 
mus, and pressure in the rectum,'. — Stool copious, soft, normal in form and 
color,'. — One hard stool like nuts and sheep dung,'. — No stool during the 
day,'. [Secondary action.] 

Urinary Orf/rtns.— Discharge of a little mucus from the orifice of 
the urethra, which leaves a spot as of semen,'. — Burning in the orifice of 
the urethra during a cold batn,'. — Burning, twinging sensation in the ori* 
fioe of the urethra during a bath,', — Burning when urinating, with a gnaw- 
ing sensation along the urethra, even when not urinating,'. — Urging to 
urinate, with burning and cutting, which returns later, and even when walk- 
ing,'. — Frequent urinating day and night,'. — [70,] Frequent urinating of 
clear white urine,'. — Frequent urinating, though little at a time,'. — On uri- 
nating in the morning the stream is always interrupted ; is obliged to stop 
eight times and commence again before the bladder is emptied,'. 

Sexual Organs. — Male. Throughout the whole proving, no erec- 
tions and no sexual desire, though to-day when caressing sudden desire for 
coition, which was reciprocal ; his wife had until this time complete want 
of sexual desire (seventh day),'.— Strong erections toward morning, and 
also in a warm bath ; on coition, however, very little sensation, ana none 
with the ejaculation ; the semen is watery (seventeenth day),'. — Burning 



in the genitals and tuemorrhoida duriog a sitx-batfa,'. — The testicles are 
heavy, lai^r, and seem swollen in the evening,'. — Female. Biting and 
burning internally in the female genitals; feeling well generally after a 
bath,'. — Sticking in the female genitals,'. — Usually after menstruation 
there was desire for coition, but this time none, and on coition ouly tran- 
sient enjoyment,'. — [80.] Meostruation appeared on the thirty-second day 
(the previous time on the fortieth day), the first day more profuse than 
usual, the blood passed in clotted masaes like liver, is very fetid ; the secoud 
day no blood only at night ; the third day almost none ; formerly she had 
pains, this time none,'. 

Respirntofy Apparatus and Chest. — Hoarseness during the 
whole proving; most severe in the morning,'. — Hoarseu ess, even in the 
bnth, and also in the morning on waking,*. — Hoarseness and a scraping 
sensation in the throat,'. — -Difficult breathing,'. — Sticking in the chest, with 
pressure of breathing, and drj'ness in the throat in the afternoon,'. 

Jleart and Pulse- — After drinking coffee, palpitation of the heart, 
anxiety, heat, congestion of blood in the head, with confusion, sleepiness, and 
reatlessncM in the whole body (after two hours),'. — Cramp of the heart; it 
seems as if it were constrictM, though only for a moment with a stitch,'. 

JVerfc and ^ocfc.— Oppressive pain in the neck, extending iuto the 
occiput,'.— He feels sore below the shoulder and in the lumbar region, espe- 
cially on elevating the arms, and on walking,'. — [90.] He feels bruis^ and 
lame in the small of the back in the evening,'. 

Upper Extremities. — Trembling of the arms and hands, even 
when resting them upon anything; if he holds anything in the hands the 
trembling is wor«e,'.— The halls of the little Snger of the left hand feel 
frozen, are red, itch, and burnforseveratdays, most severely in the morning,'. 

Lower Extremities. — Bruised pain in the flesh of the nates and 
hip-joint,'. — While walking the knees knock together, and a sensation of 
fatigue and weakness in the thick flesh of the thigh,'. — Weakness of the 
knees, especially on walking; they knock tojfetner,'. — Throughout the 
whole proving, weakness of the knees and heaviness of the feet,'. — Weak 
in the knees, especially when walking, with yawning,'. — Spasmodic con- 
traction in the left calv. — Throbbing and pulsating in the tendo Achillis 
of the left foot, as if something were in it, and then it goes to sleep as if it 
became numb ; this disappears on walking, and returns on sitting still (no- 
ticed during a walk in the morning),'. — [100.] The right heel feels frozen ; 
this extends as far as the toes,'. — At night, in bed, sticking in a corn, which 
wakes him,'. — The nails of the toes are colored bluish, as if from tan, espe- 
cially in the corners where they are covered by the neighboring toe,'. — The 
skin between the toes is inky black,'. 

Generalities. — So weak that he can BCarcelyriaeforsleepines«>,in the 
forenoon,', — General well feeling after a bath,'. — Transient swarming Ben- 
sation in the face and on the body,'. 

Skin, — Nettlerash for several days, especially in the morning and even- 
ing, with sticking pains, which compel him to scratch, after which it burns,'. 
— A tetter on the forehead and below the right eye, which itches very 
much, and dries up after a few days,!. — During the last days of the prov- 
ing a pustular eruption appeared on the abdomen as large as a half dollar, 
with itehing in the evening ; it then became dry, and remained stationary 
for some time,'. — [110.] On the right nates a small furuncle, which dries up 
after awhile,'. — In a cold bath, a pricking sensation, as with needles; the 
whole body becomes red, with elevated patches like nettlerash ; especially 



are the hsods and feet swollen, so that be cannot extend the hands well 
for two hours ; the legs become red,'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Tawning,'. — Much yawning in the forenoon. 
— Sleepy and weak the whole day,'. — Very eleepy iu the morning ; he has 
no will to rise, and feels chilly,'. — In the foreunan and afternoon bo very 
eleepy that she is obliged to sleep several hours; at nieht many dreams 
and restless sleep,'. — For three nights he wakes several times, but soon 
sleeps again,'. — (Falls asleep late and wakes early, with restless, indistinct 
dreams),'. — Vivid dreams of funerals,'. — -Dreams at night of journeying^, 
with restlessness and anxiety,'. — [120.] Anxious dreams of being pursued,'. 

Jifewcr.— Dread of a cold bath ; he will not remain long in it,'. — (In 
the night while asleep he took off his shirt, laid the pillow at the foot of 
the bed, and finally awoke on account of chilliness. The child has two 
attacks of fever like quartan fever; chilliness iu the evening, alternating 
with heat without thirst, with pain in the head and abdomen without sweat; 
it disappears after several loose stools ; this followed eating pears,',) — After 
the bath internal shivering and chilliness in the hands, with blue nails and 
burning heat over the whole skin,'. — Heat in the face, alternating with 
shivering in the back (after one and a half hours),'. — Heat and confusion 
of the head,'. — Heat and sweat on the forehead (after half an hour).-^Heat 
and sweat on the forehead, with restlessness aft^r coffee,'. 

Conditions. — Ag^avation. — (Morning), Eructations; on waking, 
immediately after a glass of water, colic in abdomen ; luiargeneti ; itching, 
etc., in little finger ; nettlerash. — (Forenoon), Yawning. — {Afternoon), Dry- 
ness of throat, — (Evening), Id the open air, headache, etc.; eructations; 
testicles seem swollen ; bruised feeling, etc., in small of back ; nettlerash ; 
itching on abdomen ; chilliness, — (MiglU), On waking, inky taste on tougue; 
agglutiuatiou of the eye ; in bed, sticking in corn.— (During Uie silz-balh), 
Burning in the hiemorrhoids.— (j4t breakfast). Vomiting, — (After being 
chilled). In the night, raging toothache. — (After drinking coffee). Palpita- 
tion of the heart, etc.; heat, etc., on forehead, etc. — (After coition). Pain 
over left eye, etc. — (During a cold bath), Buruiag in orifice of urethra; 
prickling sensation, etc. — ( Cold water), Toothache. — (After drtnldng). Con- 
fusion of the head. — (Holding anything in hand). Trembling of the anns 
and hands. — (After teratcking), Nettlerash burns. — ( On tilling gtill). Throb- 
bing, etc., in teudo Achillis returns. — (Towh of the finger). Toothache. — 
( On waking). Immediately, heaviness iu the head. — ( When walking). Sees 
indietinelly ; hemorrhoids protrude, etc. ; hsemorrhoids become strangulated, 
etc.; sore feeling below shoulders, etc.; knees knock U^ther; we^nets of 
the hneee. 

Amelioration. — (£ii«n»«sf). Appetite increased. — (Aflerabaih),Gea' 
real well feeling. — [After emciations), SeusatJOD of hunger disappears. — 
(On walking), Throbbing, etc., in left tendo Achillis, etc., disappears. 


Barium acetate, C^,0 Ba. Preparation, Triturations. 

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Lagard, Union Med., 1872, 637, a case of poisoning, by taking a solution 
of Bar. ac. by mistake for Sulphovinate of Soda, as follows : Bar. ac. 



gramiues 30 ; syrup of curntnte, grammes 60 ; vrater, sufficieut to dissolve. 
A portion only of the liquid vas taken, but with a fatal result) ; 9, ibid. ; 
(the physician in the last case took 8-10 grammes of the liquid to test it.) 

Mind, — Sudden, exce^ive, but transient an^r and wrath, even to rage 
from very little cause ; eaaily provoked to action (after many days),'. — 
Anthropophobia,'. — All self-confidence has disappeared,'.— Sad mood,'. — 
Grief at every trifle,', — Groat solicitude and anxious care,'.— She is very 
anxious and careful about very insignificant things, which formerly were 
perfectly indifferent to her,'. — Solicitous and fearful. The alight«st noise in 
the street seems to him like a fire alarm, and he is frightened thereat, so 
that he starts in every limb,', — Dread, When walking in the street, she 
imagines that people are criticizing her, and judging her wrongfully, which 
makes her anxious, so that she will not look up, will look at no one, and 
sweats all over,'. — An evil, fearful suspicion suddenly takes possession of 
her, as if, for example, a loved friend had been taken suddenly deathly 
ill,'. — [10.] Out of humor, fretful,'. — Fretful, morose, disinclined to 
work,'. — Exceedingly obstinate, irritable mood ; excited about trifles {very 
eoou),', — *He vxtven Jor a long time between opposite retobttiom (after sev- 
eral days),'. — *Dv.ring the day she resolves to vndertake a certain matter in 
the evening, bvl scarcely is the time come when she repents it, and is undecided 
whether the shall do it or no(,', — Extreme irresolution ; he proposes a short 
journey, but as soon as he makes preparation he changes tiis mind, and is 
inclined to remain at home,', — 'Forgetfulnets. He forgets the words he 
UKH about to speak. In the midst of a ^eech, he is often unable to remember a 
very common word,^, 

SnaA. — Confusion of the head, which extends to the temple and fore- 
head,', — Confusion, dulness, and heaviness of the head,': — Vertigo on 
moving the body,'. — [20.] Dulness in the head,', — Dulness in the head, 
with tensive confusion in the forehead and eyes, especially in the inner 
canthi,'. — Light feeling in the head, as if it was empty (after three or four 
hour*),', — Violent pressing in the whole head, as though it would burst 
asunder, especially violent in both frontal eminences, and over the orbits 
(after four and a half hours),*.— A burrowing headache in the forehead 
and temples,'. — Stupefying, dull pressure in the forehead, just over the root 
of the nose,'. — Painful pressure in tJie forehead, just over the right eye,', — 
Dull pressing pain from within outwards in the whole forehead, especially 
in the orbits, very much aggravated on raising the head erect, disappear- 
ing on stooping (after ten hours),'. — Small, severe stitch in the right fron- 
tal eminence, from within outwards (after nine hours),*. — Twitching deep, 
internally in the temple, orbit, and ear of the left aide,'. — [30,] Pressive 
pain in the left temple (after some days),'. — A heavy, pressing thrust in 
the left temple, extending outwardly (for two and a half hours),'.— A bur- 
rowing headache, in the top and front of the head, almost daily in the 
morning after rising, continued through the forenoon, and disappearing in 
the afternoon. On shaking, the brain feels loose,', — Pressive pain through 
the right half of the brain, from the neck to the frontal protuberance (after 
one and a half hours),', — A press! ng-asunder stitch, beginning in the left 
side of the head, traversing the whole left occiput, and ending in the 
cervical vertebne (after nine nours),*, — Heavy sensation in the whole occi- 
put, especially close to the neck, with a tension of the same, though with- 
out influence upon motion (after four hours),'. — Sudden sensation as of 
drawing, extending from the occiput over the right ear and lower jaw,'. — 
Dull, pretsive pain in the occipital bone, extending from the cervical ver- 



tebrte behind the right ear, obliquely to the parietal boae, in the afUrnoon, 
at 4 F.M., and atlerwards, the following dav, at the eame hniir,'. — The scalp 
is paiufiil to every touch,'.— -A creeping over the scalp, aa if the hair stooa 
ou end, without cold sen eat! on, '.—[40.] Here and there in the scalp alow, 
Sue stitches, which compel scratching,'. 

Ef/eM. — Aching and fatigue in the eyes, with pressure in them,'. — Dull 
pressure in the left eye after a twinging pain in tne left temple and orbit, 
with a sensation as though the eye would water, and a kind of weakness 
which compels her to frequently close them. Finally this presses also in 
the right eye,'. — Pressure deep in the eyes, which is worse if she looks at 
one point, or upwards and sidewise, but is relieved by winking or looking 
downwards (after several days),'. — Continual pressure on the eyeballs,'. — 
Rapid alternation of dilated and contracted pupil, whereby it is not quite 
round, and seems to have several obtuse angles (after five niinules),', — 
*Everylliiug neemg enveloped in a rniet /or several minutes. Jfghe clones the 
eye and presses the bail a tittle w>i(A the hand there is a pressive pain in the 

Ears. — A drawing stitch in the left mastoid process, aggravated at in- 
tervals in a small spot, which is exceedingly painful afterwards, especially 
on touchin? it or turning the head,'. — Severe stitch, so that she must cry 
out, several times in the day, below the right ear, near ramus of the lower 
jaw (after twenty-four hours),', 

Foce. — Cadaverous pallor,'. — [SO.] Pate face, drawn features, eye- 
brows rather drooping,*. — 'Sensation as if the whole skin of the face wwra 
covered with cobwebs'. — Sensation of beat in the face, without redness,', — 
Sensation as if the whole face were exceedingly swollen ; it was, however, 
only very slightly so, although the usual deep furrows in the far* had 
almost entirely disappeared, and the face seemed smooth for some hours 
(after half an hour),'. — Tension in the face which draws down the eyelids, 
with inclination to expectorate saliva,'. — Tensive sensation in the whole 
&ce, with nausea and diarrhceic stool (after one and a half hours),'. — Ex- 
ceedingly unpleasant sensation extends over the whole skin of the face 
and scalp, and especially the temporal region, as if something were drawn 
tightly over it, with a cold sensation in the face (very soon),'. — PaiufuL 
stitch in the fitce,'.— Broad wheals on the upper lip under the skin, very 
painful to touch,'.^ — -Feeling in the upper lip as if it were swollen, with a 
sensation on the inner surface and on the palate, as if burnt or numb,'. 

Mouth and Throat. — Swelling of the gum of the right upper back 
teeth, it looks red, and has a dark-red narrow border around the teeth ; 
from cold drinks the tooth pains, and its vicinity is sensitive,'. — [60.] Cold 
tongue, somewhat black,'. — Pustules in the ri^ht corner of the mouth, pain- 
ful to touch,'. — Sudden spitting of saliva, without nausea,'. — Very bitt«r 
taste in the mouth with the natural taste of the food,'. — Detestable taste in 
the mouth,' — Horribly disagreeable styptic taste of the drug, lasting more 
than twenty-four hours,'. — Utterance imperfect,'. — Pungent taste in the 
throat on smoking tobacco (which he is accustomed to), (after three-quarters 
of an hour),*. 

Stomach.— GrtoX appetite all day ; and if be has eaten so as to be 
only moderately satisfied he is soon again hungry ; if he becomes completely 
satisfied, he feels great discomfort and heavines-s therefrom,'. — Aversion to 
eating, and yet a sensation of hunger,'.— [70.] Very little appetite, with a 
natural taste of the food ; no hunger,'. — Little appetite ; when he attempts 
to eat it will not go down ; food has a natural taste but is repugnant to 



him, and eating gives discomfort,'. — Satiety the whole day ; whatever abe 
eats is without huager,'. — If she eats even a very little she ie completely 
satisfied, aud expenenceti a painful heaviuess in the stomach as from a 
stone, with a sensitive gnawing; the pain is relieved by sitting erect or bend' 
ing backwards, but only for a short time; it is very much aggravated by 
sitting bent,'. — Very urgent thirst for forty-eight hours, only to be allayed 
by holding a small piece of ice in the mouth,'. — Empty, Uisteleaa eructa- 
tions (quarter of an hour),'. — Empty eructations, with insipid taste aud 
collection of water in the mouth, without nausea,*. — EnictaUons of air with 
a seusation in the epigastric region, aa if it would force itself painfully 
through it, which causes a sore seusation ; afterwards, tasteless eructationa 
follow,'. — Nausea,'. — Sensation of nausea in the stomach, qualmishness,'. — 
[80.] Nauseous aeu8ati on ; an uncomfortable feeling with a kiud of qualm- 
ishness,'. — Nausea in the stomach when walking, aggravated on touching 
the epigastric region ; without collection of sal iva,'.— Nausea, followed by 
sudden and very copious vomiting of bile, and a brownish substance (con- 
sisting, no doubt, of the chocolate taken that morning), (after ten hours),'. — 
Retching,'. — Several attacks of very copious vomiting,'. — Vomiting almost 
regularly every hour, for twenty-four hours,'.— Heaviness in the stomach, 
with nausea in the morning, and fasting; disappears after breakfast (after 
many days),'.—Heaviness in the pit of the stomach as from a load, making 
respiration difficult, relieved by deep breathing, hut aggravated by carrying 
even a slight weight, '.^Heartburn after some eructations,'. — Sudden draw- 
ing pain in the pit of the stomach from time to time,'. — [80.] Pressure in 
the epigastric region with oppressure of the breath, and sensation as if od 
deep oreathing the breath were arrested there, together with a rough voice, 
which is only transiently relieved by frequent hawking; the pressive pain 
is aggravated by the slightest food, . — Seuaitive, dull sticking just below 
the pit of the stomach, near the eusiform cartilage, which continues as a 
simple pain,'. — Painful writhing eeneation ta Ike ttamaeh when, on eating, the 
food passes into it, as ifH had to force its way through against soreplaces.K — 
Even when fastiog she feels a sore pain in the stomach for several days 
together,'. — Sorepain in the piiofthe stomach, on external pressure aud on 
breathing (first day),'. — The pressive, sore sensation and gnawing in the 
stomach are most severe when stauding and walking, as also when sitting 
bent; when lying on the back, on bendiug forward, or when pressing on 
the stomach with the hands, she feels only the painful pressure, not the 

AbUotnen, — Pressive paia on a small spot in the right hypochondriac 
region only when breathing (especially when breathing deep), the place is 

painful to pressure (second day),'. — Borborygmi,', — Borborygmi (after V 
nours),*. — Rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen,'. — 1^100.] Sevt 
rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen,'. — Gurgling in the abdomen o 

moving it. Sensation of much fluid, although she had drank nothing (in 
the afternoon),'. — Unpleai>ant aensatiou in Uie upper abdomeu, as before 
vomiting,'.— Sensation in abdomen as if diarrhoea would ensue, with chilli- 
ness,'.— Pinching in the upper portion of the left aide of the al>domen, in a 
amail spot just below the left hypocbondrium, increased by pressure with 
the Gngers (after quarter of an hour),'. — Griping pain extending through 
the whole abdomen from above downward,'.— Sudden, violent, pinching 
pain in the region of the transverse colon, as from flatua pressed forcibly 
through it,'. — Violent pain aa from diarrhoea, drawing, here and there, 
through the whole abdomeu ; relieved for a abort time by a loud rumbling 



in the bowels,'. — Some audden, sharp stitches in the right side of the abdo- 
men which make her cry out,'. — i^uddeo, coDstrictive paiD in the lower 
abdomen above the pubis, which is worse by paroxjsnia ; it gradually dis- 
appears (after five minutes),'. — Suddenly a violent atircb from the right 
groin into the abdomen, so that she starts,'. 

Stool. — [HO.] Frequent desire for stool, although she goes no more 
frequently than usually, and the passage then is natural,'. — Urging to stool, 
with violent pain in the abdomen, as if the intestines were spn^ out, then 
a soft stool followed by renewed ui^ing (after one hour),'. — Frequent urging 
to stool, with painful aching in the lumbar region, and creepiug colduefie over 
the head and along the thighs (w in dytentery, and then a wfi ttool at thort 
intervals; contiDuing; pain in the loins with renewed urging to gtool,^. — In- 
voluntary stools,'.— Soft graiiular stool without any difficulty,'. — Stool soft, 
finally becoming like diarrhcea,'. — Half liquid stool (after two hours), fol- 
lowed by constipation,*. 

Urinary Orffann.—lacreaaed discharge of urine,'. — He is obliged 
to pass clear, watery urine frequently, though only a little at a time, . — 
Frequent and copious urinating in the morning, &sting, without havine 
draoK anything,'.— [120.] When appetite improved and thirst lessened, 
the urinary secretion became very considerable,'. — Almost complete incon- 
tinence of urine and fseces,'— Clear and abundant urine,'. — During twenty- 
four hours the urine held a great deal of mucus in suspension, but no baryta 
was found on analysis,'. 

Sexual Organs. — Red, eroded, moist, burning, hot spot between th« 
scrotum and the thigh,'. — Profuse sweat of the scrotum,', — A formerly 
swollen epididymis swells anew very violently,', — Diminished sesual de- 
sire,'. — Menstruation is somewhat more profuse, and continues longer than 
usual, but is not accompanied by the usual pain (curative action), . 

Itesitlratory Ajtparatim. — Pressure Just below the larynx, which 
does not afifect swallowing (after three houra),*, — Voice rough on account of 
tough mucus, which constantly collects in the fauces and laryux for several 
days together; on hawking he raises but little, and makes his voice clear 
for but a short time,'. — [130.] Voice extinct,'. — Respiration very slightly 
affected,". — Respiration gradually more and more embarrassed,'. — Respira- 
tion imperfect aod verv frequent; respiratory sound almost imperceptible,'. 

Ghent. — Pressive heaviness across the chest, increased on inspiration, 
which gives a sticking pain below the end of the sternum (after half an 
hour),'.— Itching on the chesD,'.— -Transient stitch in the right side of tlie 
chest, between the sixth and seventh ribs,'. 

Heart aiid Pulse.— DaW, deep sounds of the heart,'. — Puh<e 125- 
130, very small and very frequent,'. — Pulse slower than normal by sixty- 
five beats,'. — [140.] Pulse remained pretty regular, but notably slackened 
(56 instead of 70). (lu similar cases baa been observed to fall to 2.V-) — 
Marked, but very short-lasting, irregularity of pulse, on one occasion,'. 

Necie anA Sack, — Pressive, tensive pain of the left side of the neck 
during rest and motion,*. — After the first vomiting, the muscular relaxa- 
tion afiected the posterior muscles of the truuk ; he was too prostrated to 
remain in his arm-chair, and had to go to bed,'. — Sensation of heat in th« 
back,'. — Artxioui geniation, with discomfort and resllessitese in the lumbar 
region like urging to stool; relieved transiently by the passage of flatus or 
eructatious of air; at last, several stools follow at short intervals,'. — A 
tbrobbiag, grumbling sensation in the small of the back,*. 



Mjeiremities in Oeneral. — Scarcely able to sit up in an arm- 
chair ; extreme rauacular relaxation in every limb (after fifteen hours). — 
A traoBient stitch on the left shoulder-blade, and on the onter eide of the 
right thigh,'. 

TTpper ExtremitieSt — Heaviness of the left arm, it is moved with 
difficulty; the shoulder alone seems to act; the band and forearm are 
paralyzed (after seven hours),'. — [ISO.] Sensitive drawing in all the bonea 
of the right arm,'. — A sudden, transient, pinching pain on the left shoulder- 
blade (after half an hour),'. — Painful digging in the left shoulder-bone,'. — 
Id the bones of the rieht arm a sensitive pain at a small spot,'. — Pain, as 
if beaten in the middle of left humerus,'. — Transient, painful drawiug in 
the left forearm, as if in the bone, during rest and motion (after one and a half 
hou re), '.—Bruised paiu, worse by paroxysms, on the back of the forearm, 
as if in the bone (after many days),'. — Rhythmical twitching in the ex- 
t«rnal condyle of the wrist,'. — Twitching in the inner condyle of the wrist 
in slow, wavelike paroxysma iu the morning when lying in bed,'. — Cramp- 
like, pressive pain in the right wrist, extending from within outward (after 
three and a half hours),'. — [180,] Tearing of the wrist-joint, extending to 
the ti[ffi of the fingers,'. — Burning-crawling on the back of the hand and 
fingers during the day, only transiently relieved by scratching,'. — Violent, 
small stitches in the lowest joint of the left index finger, during rest and 
motion (after nine and a half hours),*. 

iMWer Extl-e/nlties, — Giving way of the right leg, then of the left 
leg (after eight hours),'. — Tearing extending down the leg, most painful, 
and lasts longest in the knees, and also in the other joints, the oaief, the 
hips, and the ankles,'. — lutermitting tearing from above downwards, in 
the right nates,'. — Tearing in the external and anterior side of the thigh, 
extending downward under the skin, as far as the knee when walking (after 
seven hours),'. — Painful aching on the inner side of the left knee on rising 
and putting the leg forward in walking (after many hours),'. — Pressive 
pain in the left knee, more towards the inner side when sitting; on extend- 
ing the foot, it becomes a dull, pressive sensation,'. — Sharp stiiches in the 
inner side of the left knee, sudden, so that she startx,'.— [170.] Violent 
stitches through the left knee on going upstairs, they leave a kind of pain- 
fulparalysis in it,'.— A feeling of weariness in the legs ; jerks in the foot,'. 
— Feeling as of a cold air just along the leg as far as the coudylea,', — 
Drawing pain down, the whole lefi leg,*. — Tearing extending from the knee 
downward under the skin, when walking (after seven hours),'. — Sensitive 
drawing in a small place in the left tibia (after three-quarters of an hour),'. 
— Drawing pain in the left sole,'. 

GeneraHtiea. — Lies on his back in bed, deprived of voluntary mo- 
tion,". — The paralysis extends rapidly from above downwards, affecting firat 
the abdominal muscles, next those which have their insertions in the chest, 
then those of the neck, and lastly, the sphincters of the bladder and rec- 
tum,'. — Great fatigue; he desires to lie or to sit constantly,'. — [180.] The 
muscular relaxation lasted twenty-four houre, then gradually, but quite 
rapidly diminished, following the same course as when it came on. In less 
than twenty hours after the first slight muvemente of feet and hands, he 
was able to hold himself in a chair, and sit up in bed, and could soon take 
a few steps on the floor of his room,'. — General debility (after three or four 
hours),'. — Alarming debility (aftei' two hours),'. — Increased weakness, could 
scarcely put out nis left arm to ring the bell,". — Loss of vigor and 
power; when standing, the knees give way ; the spine pains, especially in 



the lumbar re^oD, as if he had taken a long ride ; he fbela uncomfortable 
in the whole body, and desires constantly to sit, or rather lie; would rather 
walk than stand,'. — Aft«r eating, depressed, weak, uiicomfurtable, with 
coDStaut desire for stool, and an anxious sensation in the lumbar r^ion, 
when at rest,'. — Inability to cough, to expectorate, to articulate worda of 
more than two syllables (owing to &iture in expiration), or to lift the head 
from the pillow,'. — The general system ntmaiued teeble for more than a 
month ; the discoloration of the tissues and emaciation lasted still longer, 
and sleep did not become sound and refreshing until eightorlen weeks had 
elapsed,*. — Death in about twelve hours after taking the poison, with 
undisturbed intellect, and without having stirred from his supine pos- 
ture,'. — Indescribable malaise (after three or four hours),'. — [180.] Draw- 
ing in the whole body, now here, now there, especially in the joints,'. — Dull 
pressure as it' bruised, slowly increasing and decreasing, here and there, in 
a small spot,'. — The whole body feels bruised, with weariness and heavi- 
ness of the limbs,'. — The symptoms (tearing, drawing, throbbing), in the 
bead and the limbs, appear more on the left side,'. 

AA'Jji.-— Eruption of acne pimplee on the chest, they disappear in a few 
day^,'. — Pustules on the left middle finger, with a sore pain on touching,'. — 
Fine seuiti live stitches here and therein the skin,*. — in tolerahle crawling 
in the whole body, especially on the back, hips, legs, ankles, the back of 
the leet and fingere, wakes him at night, keeps him constantly scratching, 
which, however, only traosieotty relieves, after three nights in succession, . 
— Cratcliny and burning needU-ttUehai, here and there, often sudden in a 
amall e^xA: 4ie is compelled to scratch and rub, although it does not relieve,'. 
— Feeling a» if the head and face were covered with parchment,*. — [200.1 
Very diiagnKable foroiication aud pricking under the akin of the bead and 

Steep aiul Dreaina. — Frequent yawning, whereby the eyes become 
suffused,'. — Yawning, slretchiug, and sleepiness,'. — Overpowering sleepi- 
nes:^,'. — She caonot help falling asleep in the afternoon, and nods continu- 
ally,'. — Wearied with sleep in the forenoon,'.-^Al though he was very tired 
and sleepy on going to bed, yet the first sleep was very uneasy and fre- 
quently interrupted, he awoke frequently without cause,*. — She wakes more 
frequently at night than usual ; she seems too hot, throws olT the covering; 
her feet ache as if she had stood for a long time during the day ; this dis- 
appears after rising and walking about,' .^lu the morning when waking he 
does not feel refreshed ; the limbs are tired as if bruised; he feels better, 
however, atWr rising,'. — Confused dreanl^<, restless sleep, frequent waking, 
and a great fatigue, so that he soon falls asleep again,'. — [210.] Confused, 
coiomiuglud dreams,'. — Vivid, strange dreams,*. — Dreams of dead persons 
(it however dui« nut frighten him), with raurnmrings in sleep (first night),*. 

Fst'er. — Skin cool,'. — Skin cool, even cold and rather moist,'. — Skin 
cold and covered with profuse sweat,'. — Chilliness, especially in the arms 
with goose-flesh, and yawning, in repeated attacks,'.— Shivering chillineas 
in the head, with dull tension in the malar bone as if there would be goose- 
flesh in the face, as if the hairs stood on end,'.— Chilliness and freezing 
extend down through the whole body, in repeated attacks with cold hands 
(after seven hours)7. — Chilliness in the forenoon, coldness rising in the pit 
of the stomach with painful pressure, so that it seems if the hairs were drawn 
together ; it then extends slowly down the arms and legs into the feet,*. — 
[^0.] Short attacks of shivering, with quick flashes of heat, mostly in the 
back ; the chilliness seems to extend from the face, in which there is a feel- 



ing of teuuon (after one hour),'. — After repeated chilliDess exteodiDg from 
the pit of the stomach, the whole body oecomea warm except the feet, 
which remained cold ; after ten minutes, cbiliinesa again,'. — Fliuhes of heat 
over the whole btxly, followed by exhaustion, so that the hands sink down ; 
the face and hands hot, the rest of the body cold,'. 

Condtttotis. — AggraTation. — (^Morning), After rising, headache in 
top, etc.; when tasting, heaviness in stomach, etc.; vhea lying in bed, 
twitching in condyle of wrist. — (Forenoon), Chilliness, — iAflemoon), At 4 
o'clock, pain in occipital bone. — (On ascending «fai>«), Btitehes through 
knee.^-( When breaihing). Pain in right hypochondriac region. — ( Carrying 
a wtii^At), Heavine88 in pit of stomach, etc. — {From cola drinks), Tooth 
pains. — (After eaiing). Depressed, etc. — (The aligldettfood). Pain in enigas- 
trie region. — (lutpiraiion), Heaviuees across chesL — ( On moving the oody\ 
Vertigo. — (/'rewureiMtA jinjer*), Pinching in upper abdomen. — (Raiting 
head). Pain in forehead.— ( On riotny and putting leg forward tn walking). 
Aching in left kuee, — (When »iiting). Pain in left knee. — (Sitting bent), 
Heaviness in the stomach ; pressive sensation and gnawing in stomach. — 
{ On imoking tobacco). Pungent ta8t« in throat. — (Standing), Pressive sensa- 
tion and gnawing in stomach. — (Touch), Stitch iu mastoid pnicess. — 
{Touching ^igcutrie reoion). Nausea in stomach. — (Turning head), Stitch 
in mastoid process. — ( Walking), Nausea in stomach ; preasive sensation and 
gnawing in stomach ; tearing in thigh ; tearing from knee downwards. 

A.niel( oration. — (Morning) After rising, tired feeling in limba. — 
{Beading baekward). Heaviness in stomach. — (Bending forward). Gnawing 
in 8t«mach. — (After breakfad), Heaviness in stomach, etc, disappears.-^ 
(Deep breathing), Heavintss in pit of stomach. — (Eructationg ofnir), Anx- 
MiM teiimlion, e(c., in lumbar region. — (Lying on back), Gnawing in stom- 
ach. — {PoMoge of fiatiit), Atuciout eentation, etc, in lumbar region. — (Prey- 
ing wiih hand). Gnawing in stomach not f4lt-—{Aficr ruling and walking 
about). Aching in feet disappears. — (JSHHiig erect). Heaviness in stomach. — 
(On stooping), Pain in forehead disappears. 


Barium Carbonate, BaCo^ Preparation, Triturations. 

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Mind. — Emotions. Slieht delirium and stupefaction at night, as 
in fever,'. — He imagiues he walks on his knees (Rust),', — Children do not 
desire to play,'. — Lachrymose at night,', — Sad and fearful; he has all 
kinds of sad thoughts about his future slate, and thinks that he is lost en- 
tirely; in the evening (after thirty-five days),'. — Dejected; he does not 
wish to speak,'. — Suddenly becomes dejected in the evening,'. — Dejection 
and dread of men,'*. [*ln scrofulous children treated by Baryta.] — Ex- 
tremely despondent and depressed ; she believes that she must die; cries 
(seventh to tenth day),*.— [10.] Despondent and anxious,'. — Anxious; 
evenings in bed ; she feels obliged to open her clothes,'.'— Great fear and 
cowardice,'. — Great ennui and ill-humor,\ — Peevish and quarrelsome,', — 



Good hiinior becoroee miBchievoosness,'. — * Oreat irraoluHcn abotii &maU 
thiiifft ; ke wanU to drink the cup of coffee, then again not ; doe* not Lnaw 
whaihenhaUdo*. — Intellect. In the morning, on wakiug lie feels stupid,*. 
—Children are inattentive when Btudying,'. — ^Want of memory (after six- 
teen hours),'. — [20.] • Great forgetfulneM, so (Aot he doet not Imow what he 
hat ivri tpoken (after tweuty-seveii days),'. 

Aeaa. —ConfuHlon and Vertigo. Confusion in the head when sit- 
ting ; passes off in the open air (after twenty days),'. — Confuaion and heavi- 
ness in the bead in the evening, with sleepiDess; the head constantly falls 
forward ; at the same time he is fretful and tired (after forty-six days),*. — 
Dulness in the head ; confusion in the head. Id the morning od waking, and 
in the whole forenoon (after twenty-seven days),'. — Vertigo,'. — Vertigo on 
rising up from stooping,*. — Vertigo, so that lie does not know where he is 
when walking along a little path,'. — Vertigo, with headache on stooping 
(after twenty-five days),'. — Vertigo, with nausea on stooping,'. — Vertigo, 
80 that everything seems to turn around suddenly on raising the arm (after 
twelve days),'. — [sO.j Vertigo in the morning after rising, every thing turns 
around, with a faint, nauseous sensation in the stomach (eighth to eleventh 
day),'. — Dizziness in the head, so that he must sit and hold it still, with 
nauseV- — General SeitMatiomt. Humming in the head, as of boiling 
water (after twenty-seven days),'. — When she raises herself, it seems as if 
her head would tumble about,'. — Feeling as if the brain were loose; it 
seems to fall here and there when moving the head (after forty-five days),*. 
— In the morning on waking, first heaviness, then after rising, lieat in the 
head, with coldness in the hands and feet,'. — Headache from walking,', — 
Headache in the evening, with which every noise, especially the human 
voice, hurts the brain very much (after five days),'. — Distending pain in 
the head and nose,'. — Headache, as if the head were pinched together,'. — 
8evere sticking in the whole head, iucreasing and decreasing (after three 
days),'. — [40.] Sticking in theheadcomes on immediately from the warmth 
of a stove,'. — Violent stitches in the brain, with heat and crawling in the 
head (after fifteen days),'. — On stamping with the feet, a shaking in the 
brain ; great rush of blood to the bead ; it feels as if the blood stagnated 
there, and could not circulate (after twenty-seven days),'.— Itching, cree[>- 
ing here and there in the head, which disappears on scratching,*. — F<yfe- 
head, and Temples. On stoopiug, a sensation as if everything would 
fall forward in the forehead (after sixteen days),'.— Pressive pain in the 
forehead from within outward (twelfth day),'.— Pressure, with heaviness in 
the right side of the forehead,'.— Violent, dull stitches in the left frontal 
eminence, on stooping when washing,'. ^-Severe throbbing in the forehead, 
deep in the brain on stooping (after thirty days),'. — Tensive sensation in 
the whole skin of the forehead, it seems too tight; after a meal,'. — [SO.] 
A burning stitch in the right temple,*. — Dull stitches above the right temple, 
in the morning when yawning,*. — Pulsating in temples,". — Vertex and 
Parietals. Pressure in the brain beneath the vertex, extending towards 
the occiput, on waking from sleep, with stiShess of the neck,'. — Tearing on 
the vertex,'. — *Pretsive sticking on the verier, which extendt through the whole 
head, tohenever he stands in the sun,'. — Tension, with burning in a small spot 
on tbe left parietal bone (after one hour),'. — Painful squeezing together of 
the bead from both sides, then tearing in a small spot on the left parietal 
bone, and afterwards in the left side of the occiput,'.^ Fine tearing in a 
small spot on the right parietal bone, deep in the bone,*. — Tearing, with 
twitching at short intervals, deep in the biain, beneath the right ear, im- 



mediMdy renewed hy touching,'. — [60.] Sticking in the sides of the head, 
also after dinner and in the evening, when it is rooet nevere in the left ?ide,*. 
— ^Dulltititchesin thelefteideof the head, extending from the occiput to the 
frontal eminence, or alternately here or there,'. — Throbbing, with sticking 
in the left side of the head (after seven days'),*. — Fain, as if the hairs weie 
pulled up on a small spot on the right panetal bone,'. — Occiput and 
Exterior. Rheumatic pain in the occiput, with swelling in the glands of 
the neck,'. — Tearing in tne left side of the occiput, relieved by bending 
the head backwards,'. — Throbbing in the occiput, extending to the frontal 
eminence ; In the evening (after five days),'. — An old tumor hitherto pain- 
leae on the scalp becomes larger, and begins to pain as if ulcerating, when 
touched,'.— The hairs fall out when combing (after four days),*. — Crawling 
as from ants over the whole scalp ; in the evening,'. 

Eyes. — In General. [70.] The eyes are swollen in the morning,'. — 
Redness of the white of the eve and lachrymatioo,'. — Redneea of the white 
of the eye, and a white pimple upon the eye near the cornea,*. — Weakneea 
of the eyes, especially in the evening by candlelight; during the day, a 
cloud is before the lell eye ; by candlelight, a glimmer,*. — Violent pains in 
the left eye, and extending tbence over the temple into the ear (after twenty 
hours),'. — Burning in the eyes on exerting vision,'. — Dry heal, and pres- 
sure in the eyes,'. — Pressure in both eyes, with itching as from dust,*. — 
Itching oj the eyet,'. — Tearing in the eyes,'. — [80.] Itching, burning pres- 
sure, soreness, and dryness in the eyee,'. — Oi'bit, SroWf and JAdB. 
Sen»tioD,'as if a burning spark passed from the upper margin of the right 
orbit to the root of the nose,'. — sharp drawing over the left eye, extending 
from the nose towards the temple ; .in the evening.'. — Swelling of the lids 
in the momiug,'. — Inflamed redness of the eyelids internally,'. — Matter 
externally on tne lids, e»peHally in the morning,*. — Agglutination of the 
eyes,'. — The eyea are difficult to open in the morning,'. — ^he eyes close in 
the evening in the twilight,'. — Twitching tearing in the right upper lid,'. — 
[90.] A Btitch through the left upper lid,'. — Itching on the border of the 
upper lid,'. — Sties in the left internal angle of the eye,'. — Agglutination 
of the eyes in the external canthi at night,'. — Burning in the eyes in the 
inner canthi, with profuse lachrymation,'. — Pressure in the exteToaJ canthuB, 
as if a grain of sand were in it,'. — Twitching-ettcking in the external can- 
thus,'. — JBalls and Vinion. The eyeballs are painful,*. — Frequ^t ob- 
scuration of vision,'. — After a meal a gauze comes before the eyes,'. — [100.} 
*8en»alioa as of gmae before ike evet, in the morning and i^Ur a meal,'. — 
Sparks before the eyes in the dark,'. — Sparks of fire before the eyes, and 
tearing in them,'. — The candlelight is encircled by a halo with rainbow 
colors,'. — Black spot before the eyee (after twenty-four hours),'. — Double 

Earfi.— -External and Subjective. 'The gUnd below the right 
ear is nroUeii and painfal to tonoh,'. — Tearing behind the right ear,'.^ 
Crawling pain in the bones in front of the right ear,'. — Boring in the right 
car so violent that she must cry out,'. — [UO-J * Drawing pain in the eare.a 
Iniid of txoinging earache,'. — At night, frequent drawings in the ears,'. — 
Tearing in the left ear, extending outward,'. — * Tearing, mih boring and 
drawing in the bona in front of the right ear,'. — Sticking deep in the left 
ear,'. — Severe stitches in the ear constantly for two davs (after twenty-eight 
days),'. — Throbbing and hard pressure after midnight, deep in the right 
ear, upon which he lay, and, upon turning to the left side, in the left ear,*. 
— Crawling and twitching in the left ear,'. — *Itching in the eart (after 



twentj^-four days),'. — Severe itchine in the loft e«r,'. — Bearing, PSM^O 
Sensation as if hard of hearing,'. — Hardnett of hearing firtl tiajw,'. — •Sswre 
htuting in the ears, in the mening, like a ringing of belu ajtd a vioiaU tmnd,', 
— Crauking in both ears when Bwallonin^,'. — ^Crackling vn one ear on 
tweJloviing, as if it were breaking,^. — CracKing in the ear, when walking 
fast, when swallowing, iineeziag, etc.,'. — Craehinge in the ears at night, . 
— He cannot lie upon the left ear, because there is a crackling in it which 
extends to the right ear, which prevent his sleeping (an«r e^ven days),'. 
— *A rewrberation in the eor in blowing the note violmtly,^. — Ringing in die 
ears,*. — [130.] Ringing in the ears,*. — Violent, long-continued ringing in 
the ears,'. — Roaring and buuing before the ears (after twenty-eight days),'. 
— Increased roaring of the ears; difficulty of hearing (in several),'. — 
Sounding in the ears, even when breathing, like a sound ins-board (after 
two days),'. — Stunning noise in the ears (after two days^,'.— Throbbing in 
front of the left ear if he lay upon it,'. — Throbbing IiEe a pulae in the 
(left) ear, upon which he lay at night,*. 

Nose. — ^The nose seems swollen and internally agglutinated,'. — The 
nose is stopped,'. — [140.] *Obitliiate dryilM* of the noae,'. — Frequent but 
transient catarrh, sometimes only for one hour,', — Continual catarrh, with 
Stopped sensation in the nose (fifteenth dav),*. — Fluent catarrh, which rap- 
idly appears andsoon again disappears,*. — Fluent catarrii, with a hollowdeep 
voice and dry cough, in the morning and during the day, but not at night, . 
— Frequent diBcharG;e of mucus from the nose,'. — * Discharge of tiiiek, yellow 
mveus from the nose,. — Frequent inclination to blow the nose, with discharge 
of thick mucus, whereupon a constant sensation of dryness remains (eighth 
4lay),'. — Sneering, so violent the brain is shaken by it; it leaves behind a 
feeling of dizziness (first day),'. — Frequent sneezing in rapid succession, in 
the evening,*. — [IfiO.] Freqtienl nose bleeding,^. — Frequent and profuse nose 
bleeding (after twenty-four hours),'. — Bleeding of the nose several times 
jv day (after twenty-four days),'. — Nose bleeding in the morning when in 
bed, bright red blood,', — The nose bleeds easily when blowing it or clean- 
ing it,'. — £very time when blowing the nose a stream of blood,'. — The nose 
pams in the tip and margin,'. — Burning in a small place on the top of the 
nose, as from a drop of hot fat,*. — Crawling on both sides of the nose,'. — 
The smell is very sensitive,*. 

Face. — [160.] *Faee pwJ^,'.—*R<fc /ace,'.— Redness of the face in the 
«veuing (after twelve days),*. — Great r^jness in the face, with purple-red 
lips, and severe congestion of blood immediately,'. — Twitching in the left 
etda of the face,'. — Sensation of swelling in the face,'. — Sharp stitches in 
fitce,'. — * Tensive feeling in the whole skin of the face,'. — Rough, red spot on 
the right cheek,'. — Swelling of the left cheek and the r^ion behind the 
ear, with pain in the temple (after thirty days),'. — [170,] Crawling or 
creeping in the left cheek (first day),'. — Swelling of the upper lip, with 
burning pain,'. — Lower lip cracked, . — Vesicles on the lower lip,'. — In the 
morning, after rising, the lips are dry,'. — The upper lip feels swollen,'. — 
Burning in a small spot on the red part of the lower lip Rafter seveuteen 
days),'. — Dry sensation in the lips and in the gum ; drinking does not re- 
lieve it,'. — Burning, smarting iii the lower lip,'. — Fainful gnawing in the 
left side of the lower jaw,'. — [ISO,] Tension in the lower Jaw extends as 
far as the os hyoides,*. — *Ciifiitot close the lower jaw without great pain in 
the artietUaiion,^. — Pressure under the chin, increased by touch and bi 
moviag the lower jaw,'. — Tearing in the lower jaw of the right side,'.- 




stitch in the middle of the low«r jaw,'.— GlaDds on the under jaw are pain- 

Mwtth. — Teeth and Gums, (Tooth becomes rapidly boilow,'.) — A 
Bound tooth becomea loose, and pains when eating and for some time after- 
wards,'. — At times, an involuntary chatterin); of the teeth,'. — FretptetU OTul 
profuse blesdinff of Uie teeth'. — [190.] Toothache, evening in bed, not by 
day (after eight davs),'. — Burning pain, now in the upper, now in the lower 
teeth of the left eiae, with accumulation of much daliva in the mouth ; he 
cannot lie Vipoa his aide becaifse the side of the heed feels as if pressed in, 
and it throhe in the left ear,'. — Tenitive and sticking pain in all the right 
teeth,'. — Boring in the teeth as if they wonld be rent asunder, if he takes 
anything cold or warm into the mouth,'. — Crawling-burning in the lower 
teeth (after thirty-six days),'. — A sensitive crawling in the tips of the teeth, 
in the evening (after six days),', — Drawing, jerking, thmbbin^ toothache, 
as though something were seated under the teeth, extending into the ear 
and the right temple,'.— Painful gnawing in the roots and gum of the back 
teeth,'. — Grumbling in the back teeth,'. — Grumbling in a decayed tooth 
during the day,'. — [200.] Tearing in the bach teeth,'. — A sore, painful 
toothache ; she cannot touch the teeth,'. — Throbbing pain, with great sea- 
■itivenesa in the lower hack teeth, in the morning af^r rising,'. — Gum 
swollen about a hollow tooth,'. — The gum bleeds and seems to retract from 
the teeth,'.— 2V>nf|MC A vesicle under the tongue,'. — Pointed vesicles in 
the middle of the tongue,'. — Burning vesicles at the tip of the tongue, of 
long duration (after six days),'. — Tongue much coated,'. — *Ibnptie coated, 
at ij /u»y,'.— [210.] Hardness of a spot in the middle of the tongue, with 
burning under touch for several days (after eighteen days),'. — Dryness of 
the tongue in the morning, with sensation as of swelliug in the throat when 
swallowing,'. — Pain in the side of the tongue, as from vesicles,'. — Tearing 
on the left border of the tongue, which smarts and pains as if sore,'. — 
*Smarting, Wming pain w* (Ae tip of tha tongue (fourth day),'. — Rawness 
on the tongue, in the morning on waking ; ,if it touches the palate it feels 
as if it were a grating-iron (after thirty-one days),'. — Mouthy Saliva^ 
and Tofltc. * The vhole mouth becomes JUled with iujtamed vendee, espedaUy 
the palate and the inside of the cheeks,'.— iiach thick mucus in the mouth, . 
— *Much trouble with tough phlegm, which has no end ; from it the moutii be- 
eomea very dry, and ther^rom akJTid of thirst,'. — Intolerable odor from the 
mouth, which he does not perceive himself (after five days),'. — [220.] Dry- 
ness in the mouth, in the morning after rising,'. — Afouth is sticky,'. — ^The 
mouth feels numb in the morning (third and fourth days),'.-— Stitches 
in the palate, as with needles (after nine days),'. — Continual spitting of 
saliva for eight days (after thirty-eight days),'. — The mouth is constantly 
full of water which rises from the stomach (after fourteen days),'. — During 
tJie morning sleep, saliva runs out of the mouth,'. — Taste completely lost 
for several days, . — Sweet taste behind the root of the tongue (after nine- 
teen days),'. — ^Mduth bitter and slimy, with coated tongue (sixth day),'. — 
[230.] Foul, bitter taste and smell in the mouth,'. — Foul taste in the mouth 
every morning, with very coated tongue,'. — Salty taste in the mouth and 
throat in the afternoon,'. — Sour taste in the mouth, in the morning after 
rising (after fony-etght days),'. — Sour taste in the mouth in the evening,'. 
— Sour taste in the mouth before eating, not after it,'. 

l%roat. — In General, 'Takes cold very easily, and bas an inflam- 
mation of the throat in consequence,'. — Dryness and severe painful sticking 
and pressure, as from swelling, in the back part of the left side of the throat. 



only when swallowing (after four days),'. — *Afier ehiMinait, and heat, and 
braUed Reeling in all the limbs, an infitimmalion of the throat, writh gweliing of the 
palate and tonaUs, which tuppurate, and on aeeount of which he cannot open the 
jaws, neither speak nor swaUoio, with dark-brown urine and loss of sleep (after 
eighteen days),'. — Feeling as if there were much mucue in the throat, and 
hence much desire to drink in order to relieve the sensation,'. — [240.] A 
fbeiing as though the throat were swollen internHlly in the morning, when 
swallowing, wiUi dryncM of the tongue,'. — *AUaeis of ehokitig in the throat 
o^ler dinner, when sitting and writing, teith sensation as if the thyroid gland 
were pressed inward, wAwA ther^ impedes respiration (after twenty-eight 
days),'. — Choking or constriction in the throat, with arrest of breathing, so 
that he is obliged to open his clothes during dinner (after twenty-six 
days),*. — •Cfanah-trfionmtAe throiA,%mth sensation on swallowing as if a plug 
were in the region of the larynx; worse in the afternoon,'. — Pressive pain in 
the throat when swallow inz,'.— Sticking in the throat (aflcr fourteen 
days),'. — Sticking pain in the throat on swallowing,'. — 'Sticking in the 
throat, worse when swallowing, with dryness, in the evening (after six days),'. 
— Pain in the throat from taking cold ; a sharp stitching pain when swal- 
lowing (seventh day),'. — *8maTtiag pain in tlL« throat when nrallowinff, 
tlion^ most on empt; iwaUowing ; therewith the throat is painful exter- 
nally on both sides to the toueh^. — [260.] Rawness in the throat, followed 
by severe paroxysms of cough (after one hour),'. — *Rawness and smarting 
in the throat after a night-sweat, more painful on empty iwallowing than 
when swallowing (soft) food (after forty-eight hours),'. — The throat is 
scraped and raw, worse after swallowing (after two days),'. — Tickling in the 
throat, which causes a constant hawking,*. — Pharyttx anA TonttilH. 
When sneezing, a sensation in the pharynx as if a piece of flesh had be- 
come loosened in the upper part of^ the fauces, with burning at that spot 
(after four days),'. — A feeling in the pharynx following previous scratch- 
ing, as if a pine or a morsel had become lodged there, . — *A sensation tn 
the pharynx as if a fine leaf lay before the posterior nares, in the morning after 
waking (second day),'. — Swelling of the left tonsil,'. — 'Swelling of the iub- 
mazillary gland (after thirty-nine days),'. 

Stomar.fl. — Appetite itnd Thirst. Insatiable,'. — [260.] Hunger, 
eveu on rising in the morning (after two days),'. — (Desire to nibble,'.) — 
* Sensation of hunger in the stomach, but no appetite (after ten days),'. — Want 
of appetite,*. — Appetite slight for several days,'. — Lioes of appetite for three 
weeks (after twenty-six days),'. — Indifference to sweet things,'. — Aversion to 
fruit, especially to plums,'. — Thirst almost every evening at 6 o'clock (after 
sixteen days),'. — Thirft, with dryness in the mouth,'. — Eructations 
andSlccough- [270.] Frequent eructations,'. — I ucessant eructations,'. 
— Many eructations in the afternoon (aft«r twenty-five days),'. — Eructa- 
tions from the afternoon until lar into the night, which prevent his going to 
sleep (after forty days),'. — After dinner, suppressed eructations, followed 
by spasmodic constrictive pain in the stomach (after seven days),'. — Forci- 
ble eructations, with pressure in the stomach, as if a stone rose and fell 
down again,'.— Empty eructations wake him from sleep in the morning 
(after forty-two days), . — After a (natural) stool, much empty eructations 
(after a few hours),'. — Frequent eructations of air, with sensation as if a 
lump of the size of a hazel-nut rose with them, in the morning (after nine- 
teen days),'. — Eructations sweetish, or of bitter water, after dinner,'. — [280.] 
Frequent bitter eructations,'. — Rancid eructations,', — Sour eructations 
duly, a couple of hours after eating,'. — Hiccough,'. — Violent hiccough in the 



forenoon and after eating,'. — Naiitien, Vomititta, and Seimatlotnt. 
Nausea, as from ibul stomach, in the raomiDg,'. — Nausea in the morning, 
fasting, nith palfHtation and anxiety,'. — Frequent vomiting of mucus,'. — 
Vomiting fluid, water and chalk, followed by prostration,*. — * A feeling of 
wetskneta in the etomaeh, which disappean afier eating,'.— [290.^ Cold and 
empty feeling in the stomach,'. — It seems as if the stomach hung down 
loose,'. — Pain In the stomach,'. — Burning in the region of the stomach in 
the afternoon,'. — Feeling of repletion in the stomach .'.^Fulness of the 
stomach, after eating, as if he had eaten too much,'. — Pain in the stomach 
as if it were too lull and tense ; urinating difficult,'. — Sense of tension and 
heaviness in pit of stomach, as from flatulence and palpi tation,'.^ — Constric- 
tive pain iu the stomach in the afternoon,*. — *Pre«sure in the gfomach, ai 
from, a stone; relieved by eruetattom*. — [300.] Severe pressure in the stom- 
ach, with nausea, aft«r eating bread, not aft«r cooked food, even when very 
little, with collection of saliva in the mouth,'. — Pressure and choking in 
the right side of the stomach, extending into the chest, as if a hard body 
pressed upward with difficulty, from morning to afternoon,'. — Drawing- 
tearing in the pit of the stomach, with a feeling as if a heavy body were 
there, oq becoming erect aad on stooping (after seventeen days),'. — Fine 
stitches through the stomach into the spine,'. — *Se7i«ilivene^ of thepU of 
the ttomaeh ; on ^^pping hard he feeU every step painful in it'. — Ulcerative 
pain iu the stomach when pressing upon it,'. 

Ahdwnett.—Ilyitochondrla and Umbilicus. Pressive pain 
in the region of the liver, more when moving, and still more when touching 
it,'. — Short sticking below the right hypochondrium, without afliicting res- 
piration (after half an hour),'. — Violent dull stitch in the left hypochon- 
drium,'.^ — -Pains in the abdomen about and below the navel, whicD extend 
downward into the thigh ; with violent pain on the left side from the point of 
the hip, extending forward, and pain in the region of the right groin (after 
three days),'. — [310.] Pains in the abdomen ao violeut that the navel is re- 
tracted, and he is obliged to crouch ; in the evening,'. — Pinching around the 
navel, more in sitting than when moving,', — Fiucbing around the navel on 
the slightest motion made at night when lying down, and by day when sit- 
ting ; passage of flatus relieves tJie pain, and it ceases entirely when walking 
(after twenty-seven days),'. — Sudden stitches below the navel (after four 
days),'. — InGenerat, Fulnessof the abdomen (after nineteen days),'. — 
*Diitennon of the abdomen,^. — * Painful (/Mtefiiion of (Ae a^domen,^. — "Hard, 
tsiue abdomen,'. — Offensive flatus, . — *( On turning in bed, U seems ae if 
the intestines fell from one side to the other),'. — [320.] After a customai^ 
walk, pain in the abdomen, followed by an exhausting night-sweat (fiftb 
day),'.— On account of pains in the bowels he cannot sleep at night; when- 
ever he moves a little, the pains return (after twenty-seven days),'. — Teu- 
sion of the abdomen, with sensitiveness of the abdominal walls when touch- 
ed,*. — A feeling iu the abdomen as if something in it were swollen ,',^Many 
troubles in the abdomen from flatulence, whereby the haemorrhoids protrude, 
with pain when sitting,'. — Feeling of contraction in a spot of the size of the 
hand in the leftside of the upper abdomen (after two days),*. — Pinching in 
the bowels, with nausea,', — Pressure in the right side of the abdomen in the 
morning, after waking, in bed; disappears alter rising,'. — Pressive pain in 
the forenart of the abdomen, as if external to the intestines, in the muscles, 
especially at evening, becoming unendurable when walking and on motion ; 
speedily relieved when sitting and lying, but soon returning -on walking 
(after twenty-four hours),',— ^vere cutting pain in the abdomen wakes 



him about midniebt,'. — [330.] Pftinful cattiog in the abdomen, eepecially 
arouud the nsTel, in the eveDiag (after fifleea days),'. — Cutting colic at 
night,'. — Severe drawing -cut ting, extending upward in the left side of the 

upper abdomen,*. — Stitchea in the right side of the abdomen when hie 
coughing, when turning the body, when yawning and breathing deeply, not 
when walking,'. — A Btitch in the right side of the abdomen, and, at the 
same time, in the vmall of the hack (af\er two days),'. — Throbbing here 
and tliere in the abdumen,'. — Hypogotitrium and lUac Region. 
On urinating, pinching in the lower bowels,'. — Drawing pain deep in the 
lower abdomen, down along the right groin, as from a string (after two 
days),*. — Pressure in the abdomen, above the pubes, in the morning, in 
bed, when lying nn the back,*. — (Inflammation of a hernial ring (after 
three days), .) — [3i0.] A preaiiing outward in the abdominal ring on mov- 
ing and during stool,'. — Cutting in the lower portion of the bowels at night, 
with pressure towards the rectum, with rending pains in the intestines, with 
a feeling of fulness above the pubee, as thougn everything were stopped 
and the abdomen would buret, when lying out straight ; afterwards, stool, 
first hard, knotty, then liquid, with much pressure, with relief of the paiu 
in the bowels, followed by burning in the anus (after two days),'. — Itching 
in the hernial ring,'. 

Rectum and Anus. — Sticking in the rectum the whole day, and a 
hard stool,'. — In the anus, many hemorrhoids of the size of a haiet-nut, 
with smarting and sticking pains,'. — Not only with the stool, but also with 
urination, the hemorrhoids protrude,'. — After the stool, moist hemor- 
rhoids,'. — Passage of blood from the anus frequently, with distension of 
the abdomen,'. — Burning in the anus,^^Wilh the (natural) stool, burning 
in the anus,'.— [360.] Biting in the anus,'.— Crawling in the anus,'.— Pain- 
ful soreness around the anus, as if he had beeu excoriated (after five 
days),*. — Bore pain and buruing around the anus towards evening,'. 

Stool. — Very frequent desire for stool,'. — Urgent desire for stool ; she 
cannot retain the stool because it is forced out rapidly,'. — Frequent small 
stools, with feeling of great relief,'. — Diarrbceic stool (first and thirtieth 
days),'. — Diarrhceic stool, mixed with blood (in a child),'. — Diarrhoea at 
night, with hemorrhoidal pains,'. — [860.] Diarrhoea towards morning, 
preceded by pain in abdomen; later in the day, suddenly, yellow stool, 
with mucus and blood,', — Soft stool, with very argent desire (previously 
there had been a hard one), followed by a burning and a pressing asunder 
in the rectum (first and second days),'. — Stool very hard, difficult to pass, 
with pain in the rectum and bloody mucus,'. — Tough stool one day ; hard 
Stool, with burning in the anus,'. — ^Light-col u red stool,'.— Ruwi^e of round 
Wornu,'. — A passage of round worms in the stool,'. — Small pin-worms pass 
with the stool (in an adult),*. — Blood with the stool,*. — Stool omits some^ 
times lor one day,'. 

Urinary Organs. — [370.] Increased purulent gleet,'. — On urinat- 
ing, burning in the urethra (fifteenth day),' '. — After dinner, much desire 
to urinate,'. — Urgent desire to urinate; she cannot retain the urine, it 
passes 80 rapidly,', — After urinating, renewed desire therefor; afterwards, 
every time when walking, a few drops of urine pass ; disappears on sitting,'. 
— Frequent passage of urine every other day (after twenty-nine hours),'. — 
Increased urine ; she rises twice every night to urinate ; passes much each 
time (after nineteen days),'. — Seldom and scanty urine, with burning in 
the urethra (eighth and seventeenth days),'. — The urine, clear on p 
soon become cloudy (Bute),*. — The urine has a yellow sediment,'. 



Sexual Orffans. — (Mhle.') [360.] Numbneea of the genitata, for 
aevei^ minutee (after twenty-eiEDt days),'. — Slow erection (uinth and 
fourteenth days),'. — Erection in the morning before rising, vhich was eel- 
dom the case (after seventeen days),', — Erection all night (thirtieth day), 
(secondary action),'. — In the evening, sudden erections, more violent 
than for a Tear, with shivering and such desire that coition was nocessary 
(after ten hours),'. — Erections while riding, with impotence,*. — Twitching 
in the glans,'. — Violent itching on the right side of the scrotum, which he 
cannot sufficiently scratch,*. — Burning in the left testicle (after thirteen 
days),'. — Much inereated »exual t/enre (secondary action),*. — [WO.] Dimin- 
ished sexual desire,*. — Palls asleep during coition, without eraissioD of 
semen (twenty-first day),'. — Sexual desire disappears the first day,'. — (Id 
coition, emission takes place too soon),*. — Emissions in a man thirty years 
old, who never before had the like,'.— -Several emissions follow each other 
in close succession (in a married man), followed by exhaustion (after 
tbirty-five days),'. — Profuse, nightly emissions shortly after coition (fourth 
day),'. — Emissions in an old man followed by a leeling of drjmess in the 
whole body (after ten days),'. — (IPemale.) Discharge of bloody mucus 
from the vagina, with anxious palpitation and restleasuess of body, pain in 
the small of the back, weakness amounting to faintness,'. — Painful draw- 
ings like tearings by jerks in the pudenda, so that she must cry ont, in the 
evening (after &ur days),'. — [400.] Continually increased sexual desire in 
women (curative action),'. — Increased dettire for coition in women, which 
is more violent and lasting (curative action),'. — Menstruation appears two 
days too early,'. — Menstruation appears too early and is too profuse,'. — 
Menstruation very scanty,'. — Menstruation very scanty, lasting only one 
day, usually lasts two or three,*. — During menstruation, a preesure like 
a heaviness over the pubes in every position,'. — During menstruation, cut- 
ting and griping in the bowels,'. 

Retiplratory Apparatus. — Stitches in the air-pasnffes (second 
day),*. — *In the laryHx a JetUng ae if he irupired only mnote (after twenty- 
seven days),*. — [HO,] Hoarseness (after fourteen days),'. — Hoarsenera, or 
rather loss of voice (for several weeks),'. — Cough after midnight,', — Suffo- 
cative cough,'. — Cou^h excited by continued speaking (after thirty-five 
days),". — Dry cough in the morning after rising, followed by a sensation 
as if a hard body were &lling down in the chest (twentieth day),'. — Dry- 
short cough in the evening,'. — Dry cough for three days, caused bv a tick- 
ling in the bronchi and in the prsecordial region, which is relieved only at 
night, sometimes also aft«r dinner,'. — Violent dry cough in the evening, fol- 
lowed by weakness in the head,'. — Cough with expectoration of mucus,*. — 
[480.] Cough, from an incesant irritation, with mucous expectoration,*. — 
A loose cough, with salty, starch-like expectoration, having lasted four 
weeks, disappears (curative action),'. — Arrest of breathing, eiUier in cough- 
ing or not (ninth day),'. 

Ctiestt — Pains in the chest,*. — Fulness in the chest, and painfnlnen 
BB if bruised in the left side,'. — A fulness in the chest with short breathing, 
especially on ascending, with stitches, in the chest, especially on inspira- 
tion,'. — Pressure and tickling in the chest with dry cough, disappears 
(curative action),'. — Stitches extending from the cheat to the shoulder,*. — 
Bore pain in the cbest and on it, externally,*. — When coughing, a sensa- 
tion of soreness in the chest,'. — [430.] Sensation of severe palpitation on 
the forepart of the chest,'. — Burning externally in the whole breast, with 
redness of the skin,'. — Tearing and sticking externally in the breasts (after 



niaet«ei] dare),'. — Pain in the ri^ht ribs, with cold hands and feat, and 
heat and reane^ of the dieeka (afl«r two days),'. — Tranaient burning in 
the left side of the cheat,*. — Sudden Bticlcing and burning, bo that she cried 
out on account of it, deep in the left, aide of the chest, in the afternoon 
(after four days),'. — Traneieut Htitcfaeg in the right side of the cheet caused 
her to cry out, in tlie evening (after two days),*. — Stitches in the left side 
of the chest (after four tiouK),'. — Small stttchee in the left aide of the chest 
on every respiration (after nineteen days),*. — A violent stitch in the left 
side of the chest on lifting a heavy weight with both hands (after twenty 
days),*. — [440,] Throbbing, with sticking pain in the lefl side of the chest, 
extending upward from the pit of the stomach,'. — Dull stitches under the 
sternum, deep in the cheat, followed by a bruised pain at that spot (first 

Heart and Pulse, — Violent, long-lasting palpitation,'. — At times 
violent palpitation (during the first fiiurteen days),'. — Palpitation of the 
heart when lying on the left side,'. — Palpitation of the heart, which is re- 
newed when thinking of it, for then it makes her anxious, most at midday,'. 
— Pulse full and hard,*. 

Nech arul .Bac/f.— Swelling in the neck, which, after a time, extends 
over the whole head, with redness and ulcerative pain in the skin, aud 
*gTeai svieiUng of alllhe glandsofikit region for leveral day« (seventh day),'. 
— Stifiaess in the neck on waking from midday sleep (after twenty-four 
hours),'. — Boring bone pain in the neck, which is neither increased nor 
diminished by motion nor by touching (third day),'. — [450.] 'SeTWal 
■WoUen gland* in the neok and oooipnt,'. — Dislocating pain in the left 
shoulder-blade,'. — Burning in the upper part of the right shoulder-blade,'. 
— Burning stitch on the outer border of the shoulder-blade (second day),'. 
— Dull stitches through the left shoulder-blade to front of the chest (third 
day),'. — Bruised pain between the shoulders (fifth and tenth days),'. — In 
the moruiag, on rising, pains between the shoulders, so that he is quite slifi' 
therefrom and cannot turn himself; afterwards, they extend into nape of 
neck and left shoulder, where they are very violent, then into the vertex 
aud across the pectoral muscles into the left nipple,'. — Weakness and 
powerlessness in the spine, it falls together when sitting a long time,'. — 
Great pain in the right side of the back on lying down,'. — Tensive pain 
extending from the spine forward, under the right ribs when rising from 
sitting, and when stooping far forward (to lift soraethine up),'. — [460.] 
Backache, as if he had lain too hard,'. — Throbbing in the back and severe 
pulsation during rest, especially after emotionable excitement (first day),'. 
— Heaviness in the small of the back and in the loins, as from taking 
cold,'. — Pain in the small of the back (after twelve days),'. — Painful draw 
ing in the small of the back, as if a heavy body broke down (after six 
days),'. — Teiuive pain in ihe tnuUl of the back, worse in the evening, so that 
he could not rise from sitting not bend himself backward,'. — Sticking in 
the small of the back, worse when sitting than on motion (after eleven 
dayB),'.~~A violent stitch in the small of the back,'. — A sore pain extends 
from the small of the back around the abdomen externally,*. — During 
menstruation, bruised pain in the small of the back,'. — [470.] Burning in 
a small spot on the left side of the lumbar vertebrse, aud at the same time 
in the lower part of the left shoulder-blade, worse wheu rising from sitting, 
better when walking ; also at night, so that he can lie upon only one side 
(seventeenth aud nineteenth day),'. — Burning in the loins, which extends 
across through the abdomen,'. 



Extrefnities in General. — ExceBsiTe weakness in all the limba 
in the afternooD, then towards evening; sweat at night; vomiting;, this 
all reappears (according to a three-day type),*. — The ieet, the arms, etc., 
go to sleep on lying upon them,'. 

Upper Extretnitiefi. — Audible cracking io the tthmilder-Joint, 
OD every motion of the arm (after eighteen days),*. — Throbbiug, alternat- 
ing with tearing, now in the left shoulder, uow l>etween the Khoulder-bladeo, 

alao at night (nmeteenth day),'. — In the axiUtt Hfuier the arvu, frequent pain 


n the ^biufs.'.-^welling of the right arm with pain of the axillary glands,'. 

— The arms are heavy and trembling,'. — The arms fall asleep when lying 
upon the table,*. — [480.] The left arm foils asleep, she can only bring it to 
again by much rubbing,'. — Fain in the bone of the upper arm as if an ulcer 
would form,'. — ^Tension here and there in the arms, always only in a small 
^t (tiecond day),'. — Twitching- tearing in the bend of the right elbow,\ — 
Twitching almost like shuddering in the bend of the left elbow, extending 
to the middle of the upper and forearm,', — Pain a« from a blow, above the 
left elbow,'. — Pain in the elbow, as if bruised,'. — Paralytic pain in the /ore- 
ami in the morning, disappearing on motion, and returning during rest,*. — 
In the left forearm painful learings extending from the middle of it to the 
wrist,*. — In the wrist and in other parts of the right arm, tension or draw- 
ing,'. — [490.] Drawing in the left wriat, extending to the middle of the 
upper arm,*. — Sudden tearing pain in the wrist,*.-~Duli sticking in the left 
wriBt, relieved by motion,'.^ Distended veins in the hands, with redness 
thereof (twelfth day),*.— The hands tremble when writing,'. — Pinching 
pain in the hand,'. — Wrenching pain in the back of the bauds,'.— At first 
crawling io the hands, then they fall asleep,*.-~CrBcking in the joints of 
the thumb and little finger on moving them,'. — Drawing in the last joint 
of the thumb and also in the fourth Guger,^8o violent that it seems as if tlie 
finger would be torn off,'. — [600.] Drawing pain in the last joint of the 
thumb,'. — Drawing under the thumb-nail,'. — Drawing in the index-finger 
as if paralyzed, with a sensation on touching it or bending it as if it were 
pithy, especially at the tip,*. — Stitch in the last joint of the thumb, also 
suddenly in the tip of the thumb, so violent that it frightens him,'. — Throb- 
bing in the middle joint of the middle finger as of a hammer,'. — Ulcerated 
naifon the left fourth finger (second day),'. 

Lower Eoctretnities. — Hip and Thigh, Tension in the legs 
extending up to the hips, as if all the tendons were too short; most severe 
when standing, relieved when lying (thirty -seventh day),*. — Pain in the 
right hip-joint on walking in the open air,'. — Pinching pain in the right 
hip-Joint, as if it were stin or screwed up, it extends downward along the 
front of the thigh,'. — Sudden stitches in the hip-joint, as if it woufd be 
wrenched out, with pain on walking, as if it would break to pieces,'. — 
rfilO.] Burning in the nates,'. — Drawing pain in the right nates, as if the 
flesh were torn off,'. — Violent stitches in the nates,'. — Stick ing-itching in 
thcnatcfl,*. — Twitching in the thigh above the right knee,'. — He drags the 
legs, especially on ascending steps, on account of a sensation of lameness in 
the middle of the thigh,'. — (Neidhard),'. — She said she had pains in Uio 
thigh during sleep,'. — Burning in the beud of the thigh, as if in the bone 
when sitting,'. — Drawing down the front of the thigh as if in the bone, re- 
lieved when walkin| (twenty-seventh day),*. — A feeling of pressing-inward 
in the bend of the nght thigh,'. — [JISO.] Sudden, dull sticking on the inner 
surface of the thigh which frightened him (fourth day),*. — Violent sticking 
in the right thigh, so that he could scarcely walk (fourth day),'. — Tearing 



in the right thigh, in the momiug after riaing, relieved by the warmth of 
the bed (Dineteenth day),'. — From the left foot, internal atitches through 
the whole thigh into the testes, hinder walking,*. — Excewive bruised feel- 
ing in the thighs,'. —Violent bruised pain in the middle uf the right thigh, 
which aft«r awhile extends over the whole leg, and lasts from the afternoou 
till towards midnight,*. — A blow in the thigh above the right knee when 
standing, so that he believed he nouid &11 forward,'. — Knee,Ijty, find- 
Att-hle, Pain in knees and legs,*. — Tearing on the inside of the knee, ex- 
tending to the middle of the tibttn, relieved when walking, returns when 
sitting?. — Cutting-burning in the right knee-pan,'. — [530.] In the right knee, 
at times, a rapid momentary pain, tike a cutting with a knife, which makes 
the leg lame, . — *StUehing pain in (Ae kn«e joints,^. — (Burning soreness in 
the knee-pan),'. — Twitching in the right calf,*. — Weakness in the legs in 
the morning, so that he sinks down (tenth day),*. — In the tower leg, espe- 
cially in the right tibia, paralytic p&ln relieved by elevatiug the leg, as for 
example, on a sofa,'. — Tension in the tibiae, in going down a mountain 
(sixteenth day),'. — Tension in tiie tendons of the calf as if they were too 
short (fifteenth day),'. — Tension and tearing in the legs, relieved by walk- 
ing (sixteenth day),'. — Much cramp in the legs,'. — [MO.] Cramp in calves,', 
■—-Cramp in the calf on stretching out the leg,'. — Drawing nain as if in the 
hones of the leg, in the evening when sitting, was obligetl to stand and 
walk about,'.— Tearing and tension in the bones of the legs, extending 
downward to the feet, somewhat relieved when walking (fifteenth day),'. — 
Crawliugs in the left calf as though going to sleep, when sitting,'. — Pains 
in the legs at night, as if he h^ taken a very long walk or danced too 
much,'. — Pain as from a sprain in the ankle,'. — Pain as from a sprain in 
the ankle, and on the hack of the foot, even when at rest, with severe stick- 
ing, on motioQ,\—F'eet and ToeUt Trembling in the feet when standing, 
80 ijiat he is obliged to take hold of something to prevent falling (tentn 
day),*, — When walking in the open air, the right toot becomes cold, and 
there is a tension in the calf,'. — [650.] TJueasiness in the feet,'. — Uneasiness 
in the feet when sitting, is constantlv obliged to move the leg, in order to 
relieve the tension in the thigh, and the burning in the pubic region,*. — 
Drawing pain in the feet, only when walking,'. — Tearing in the feet ex- 
tending to the knee, worse on motion,'. — Sticking deep in the hall of the 
right foot,'. — Ulcerative pain in the hall of the foot on stepping, especially 
in the morning afl«r rising,'. — Sticking in the heel,'. — Burning in the soles 
of the feet the whole night, yet he cannot endure anything cool on thero,'. 
— Spasmodic pain in the soles of the feet,*.^The tough skin on the sole of 
the foot pains as if sensitive when walking, like a corn,'. — [660,] Pinching 
in the toes on stretching out the foot,'. — Drawing pain in the toes (after 
five da^),'. — Drawing, violent tearing in the right great toe towards the 
tip,'. — Tearing and stitching in the left great toe by the nail, with continued 
sensitiveness of the place, with great fretfulness (first day),'. — Corns make 
their appearance on the toes,'. — Pinching pain in the corns,'. — Sticking in 
a corn,'. 

Generalities.— T\ 
on rising,'. — After dinne 

in the open air is dillicult for him ; but the tarthi 
becomes/. — [670.] A short walk btigues him very much ; he is obliged to 
sleep soon afterwards,'. — • Weary, <u with tleepy eyes during the whole day'. 
—'After eating, so tired thai the oannof raiee the hatida; the is too weak to 
mattieaU'. — Great weakness ; can scarcely raise heraelf in bed ; if she does, 



the pulse immediately becomes rapid, jerking, and hard, and after several 
minutea scarcely perceptible,". — Great weakness and lassitude of the body, 
BO that he almost sinks down, in the evening at 8 o'clock,'. — When lying, 
a weakness, which generally seems a kind of heaviness ; is most insupport- 
able,'. — Faint t'eeliug at night; she is obliged to vomit profusely on the 
following day ; is still nauseated the second night,'. — Unusual sensitiveness 
of all the senses,'. — Feeling generally sick,'. — A very unpleasant relaxed 
condition of the joints,'. — L"^'*-] The whole upper part of the body feels 
numb and stiff,'. — At night everything .rocks within him, as in a ship,'. — 
Tight and tenee feeling in the whole U)dy, with anxietv in the forenoon,'. 
— ^PiucbiDg pressive pain in many places in the body, . — Drawing in the 
whole boay, now here, now there (al^er seven days),'. — Drawing, alter- 
nately in the right shoulder, in the legs, in the arms. Id the occiput, and 
in the eyes, with heaviness of the occiput, great weakness, and sleepiness, 
causing dizziness,*. — Sticking as from needles in the whole body,'. — some- 
times, stitches in the joints,'.— Feeling bruised over the whole body, and 
very weak (after tweuty-lbur hours), . — Feeling bruised over the whole 
body, in the morning on waking (eleventh day), . — [690.] In the morning 
at 8, suddenly feels as if the circulation ceased ; a tingling In the whole 
body, extends into the tongue and the ends of the fingers and toes, with 
anxiety for fifteen minutes ; then feels deathly tired,'. 

Skiilt — Desquamation of the skin on the hack of both hands (twentieth 
day),'. — Dryness of the skin of the hands like parchment (fifth day),*. — 
The skin on the back of both hands is rough and dry,'. — The skin on the 
tips of the fingers becomes chapped and scales off,'. — Eruption on the right 
eyebrow, with a sticking pain when touched,', — Eruptions on the ears,\ — 
•Fatty tumori, eipecially abont the neck," (St. CI. S.).— Pimples in va- 
rious places, for example, on the arms, hips, nose, upper Up, forehead, etc.,'. 
— Pimples on the sides of the scalp,'.— Small pimples in the face like boils, 
though without sensation,'. — [SOO.] A cluster of small, itching pimples, 
with a red base below the left comer of the mouth,'. — Itching pimples in 
the neck cloee to the scalp (third day),'. — Itching pimples on the wrist,', — 
Pimples on the f«t, which spread like the itch,'.— (Tetterlike) rash on the 
upper part of the forehead, with a sensation that is more burning than itch- 
ing,'. — Small boils on the forehead,'. — ^A very uncomfortable small boil on 
the right wing of the nose, near the tip,'.^( Boils on the upper arm),'. — 
Small ooils on the nates,*. — A small wound becomes easily unhealthy, for 
example, having got a splinter in the finger, which whs drawn out again, 
the wound would not heal ; it ulcerated and throbbed ; the pain prevented 
her sleeping at night,'. — [610.] Burning in many places on the skin, now 
here, now there (seventeenth day), '.^Severe itching over the whole body, 
which prevents her sleeping for several hours at night (twenty-ninth day),'. 
— Itching here and there, which is only partially relieved by scratching,'. 
— Itching here andthere; scratching iijoUowed oy a violent pedn'.—BarB- 
ing-itching, here and there,'. — "Itching and biting on the tealp, and on the 
temples (afler third day),'. — Itching, evenings in bed, now in the face, now 
in the back, the hands,', — Itching upon the left shoulder-blade, with 
small pimples after scratching,'.^ — Severe itching in the thighs, even at night 
(eleventh day),'. — Violent itching on the back day and night,'. — [620.] 
Much itching, with eruption upon the back,'. — Itching on the small of the 
back and between the nates ; must scratch it raw,'. 

8le^ and Dreams. — Much yawning, every morning,'. — Frequent, 
severe yawning,'. — Great sleepiness atler dinner, every day,'.— Great sleepi- 

ly GoOqIc 


ueas in the evening, bis ejei close involuntarily,*. — Falle asleep late in the 
evening, and then the Bleep is very restlese with dreams,'. — Frequent wak- 
ing at night, eveiy hour,'. — Frequent waking at night; child calls for its 
parents,'. — Loss of sleep at night, on account of a sensation of great heat,'. 
— [630.] Evenings in ned the' thought which she had had through the 
whole day that she would sleep very well prevented her sleeping all night,'. 
— Sleepless,'. — Starting in the evening on falling asleep, as from fright, so 
that the whole body rises up,'. — Is not refreshed by afternoon sleep, heavy, 
feels bruised ; the head is painfully confused ; constant yawuing (atler four 
hours),'. — Talking during sleep (in an old man),'. — Drettnitt nearly aU 
m^Af,'.— Confused dreams for several nights, so that in the morning on rifling 
it is some time before she collects her mind,'. — Anxious dreams (UmoH (very 
night, with restless sleep,'. — Anxious dreams at nisht, with heaviness of the 
haul in the morning,'. — Fr^htful dreams,'.— -[610.] Frightful dreams, on 
account of which ^e wakes id a sweat,'. — Frightful dreams of lire and 
the like (afler eight days),'. 

Fever. — Coldnens. Greatsensitivenere to cold (after twelvedays),', — 
CoDstant coldness, as if cold water were dashed over her; worse in theaAer- 
noon (seventh to tenth day),'. — Sudden chill, with gooaeflesh ; external cold- 
ness; bristling of the hairs; in the foreuoon,'. — At 8 o'clock ic the evening, 
coldness of the whole body, with shivering beginning in the feet, with brist- 
ling of the hairs (twentieth day),'. — Chilliness, with thirst in the afternoon 
(seventh (lay),'. — Chilliness on going into a room from the open air,'. — Shiv- 
ering in the arms, which disappears by the warmth of a stove, but is aggra- 
vated by the least draft of air; in the auerooon,', — Coldness of the hands, with 
itching,*. — Heat- [650.] Skin hot and dry,'. — Alternations of heat during 
the day (ninth day),'. — Transient heat frequently rbiug in the head ( fourth 
day),*. — The whole night, restless on account of internal heat (iu a child),'. 
— Heat at night and anxUty, so that he does not know what to do with him- 
self; lasts till morning od rising (fifth and fourteenth days),*. — She cannot 
lie upon the left side, on account of oi^asm of blood and violent palpita- 
tion, with a feeling of soreness in thelieart, and great anxiety,'. — He is 
attacked with heat when eatiug or drinking,'.— After dinner he becomes 
very warm and uncomfortable, and feels a pressure iu the right side above 
the stomach,'. — Violent heat and sweat in the head, then thirst in the even- 
ing (eleventh day),*. — Heat toward evening, with little thirst; violent pul- 
sation extending into the bead; on rising, vertigo, even to falling; heat 
the whole night, with disturi>ed sleep; next day violent thirst; pours down 
whole glasses of water, with very thick, white coating on tongue,'. — [660.] 
Heat in the head, in the morning on rising, and sticking as with knives 
(after seventeen days),'. — Dry heat of the face in the atternoon (twelfth 
day),*. — Hot hands ; frequently dips them into cold water,'. — Coldness 
and Seat. Alternation of coldness and heat towards evening,'. — Chilli- 
ness in the forenoon, suddenly in the evening he becomes too warm in the 
whole body, and the blood pulsates in the head,'.— Dry heat the whole night, 
with sleeplessness, and, if she put her hand out of bed, colduess, chilliness, 
and thirst (twelfth day),*. — Now heat, now coldness, the whole night,'. — 
Cold sensation in the right side of the head, as from ice, and at the same 
time a burning sensation,'. — A burning cold sensation in the forehead, in 
the forenoon (seventh day),'.— Icy coldness of the feet from afternoon till 
evening, with heat in the whole body after lying down (seventh day),*. — 
[670.] Heat and redness, frequently of one cheek, with coldness of the 
other,', — Sweat. Sweat for several nights, after midnight (seventh day),'. 



— Exhaustinff night-aweat (thirteenth day),'. — Profuse sweat on the left 
side, especially on the head,'. — Sweat on the inner surface of the hands 
and fingers in the afternoon (eighteenth day),*. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Momtng), On waking, feels stupid ; on 
waking, confusion in the head; after rising, vertigo ; on waking, heavi- 
ness, etc., in head; when yawning, stitches above right temple; eyes swollen; 
swelling of the lids ; matter on the lids ; eyes difficult to open ; tensation 
as of game before the eyeg ; in bed, nose-bleed ; after rising, lipe dry ; after 
rising, pain in lower back teeth ; dryness of tongue ; on waking, rawnesa 
on the tongue ; after risiug. dryness in the mouth ; mouth feels numb ; foul 
UmU; after rising, sour taste in mouth; when swallowing, feeling as if 
throat swollen ; after waking, sensation in the pharynx ; frequent eructa- 
tions; nausea; fasting, nausea; after waking, in bed, pressure on right side 
of abdomen ; in bed, when Iving on back, pressure in abdomen ; after ris- 
ing, cough; on rising, pain oetween shoulders; during rest, pain in fore- 
arm ; after rising, tearing in thigh ; weakness in the legs ; after rising, pain 
in ball of foot ; on rising, trembling ; on waking, bruised feeling all over ; 
at 8 o'clock, suddenly, feeling as if the circulation had ceased, etc.; much 
yawning; on rising, beat in bead. — (J^orenoon), Confusion in head; hic- 
cough ; from morning to afternoon, pressure, etc., in right side of stomach ; 
tight feeling in whole body ; sudden chill ; chilliness ; burning cold sensa- 
tion in forehead.— <Jfoon), Palpitation of heart. — {Af\ernoon), Salty taste 
in mouth ; constriction in throat ; eructations ; burniug in region of stom- 
ach ; pain in stom.ich ; sticking, etc., in chest; weakness in the limbs; 
coldness ; chilliness ; shiverings in the arms ; dry heat of the face ; from 
afternoon till evening, coldness of the feet ; sweat on the hands. — ( Towardt 
evening), Pain, etc., around anus ; heat, etc. ; alternattous of coldness and 
heat. — {Evening), Sad, etc.; suddenly, becomes dejected; in bed, anxious; 
confusion, etc., in head ; headache ; sticking in the sides of the head ; 
throbbiDg In occiput; crawling over scalp; weakness of the eyes; drawing 
over left eye ; in the twilight, eyes close ; buzzing in ears ; frequent sneez- 
JDg; redness of the face; in bed, toothache; crawling in tips of teeth; 
sour taste In mouth ; sticking in throat ; at 6 o'clock, thirst ; fnim after- 
noon until far into the night, eructations; pressive pain in forepart of ab- 
domen ; cutting in abdomen ; sudden erections ; drawings in the pudenda ; 
dry cough ; dry, short cough ; stitches in right side of chest ; pain in small 
of back ; when sitting, pain in the bones of the leg ; at 8 o'clock, great 
weakness, etc.; in bed, itching; becomes too warm, etc.; sleepiness; 8 
o'clock, coldness all over, — (iVijAt), Lachrymose; a^lutination of eyes ; 
drawing in ear ; crashings in ears ; on slightest motion, when lying down, 

flinching around the navel ; cutting colic ; cutting in lower liowels ; when 
ying out straight, feeling of fulness above pubes; diarrhcea; burning in 
left aide of lumbar vertebne ; throbbing in left shoulder, etc. ; pains in the 
legs ; faint feeling ; eveirthing rocks within him ; restlessness from heat ; 
h^t with anxiety; dry neat, etc.; now heat, now coldness. — {Abovt mid- 
night). Cutting pain in abdomen. — (After midnight). Throbbing, etc., in 
right ear; cough; for several nights, sweat ; exhausting sweat. — (Toviardt 
morning), Diarrhcea. — {Lead draft of air). Shivering in arms, — ( Walking 
In open air), Pain in right hip ; right foot becomes cold, etc. — ( On ascend- 
I'nj), Fulness in the chest. — {On 6/[>ipin(7 nose), Reverberation in ear; bleed- 
at the none. — ( When breathing deeply). Stitches in right aide of abdo- 
men. — ( When coughing). Sensation of soreness in chest. — ( On defending a 
mmmUtm), Tension in the dbiie. — {After dinner), Sticking in udes of head ; 



when eitting and wntin^, attacks of choking in throat ; 8uppre»ed eructa- 
tioDs; eructations sweetuh, etc.; desire to urinate; every day, great eleepi- 
ness; becomes Vtry warm, etc. — {Before eating). Sour taste iu mouth. — 
( Wlten eating'). And for some time aftervardg, sound tooth becomes loose, 
etc. — ( lfA«n eohny or rfrin;tt'ti^), Heat. — (After eating), lhii]y,]a two houn, 
sour eructatiuns ; violent hiccough ; feeling of repletion in stomach ; tired. 
— {AjUr eating bread). Pressure in stomach. — (After emotiimtU excitement), 
Throbbing in the back, etc. — (On exerting vimon). Burning in eyes.— (i^ 
aage of jtatue), Vmchm^ around navel. — (When A icmuj^Atny), Stitches in 
right side of abdomen. — ( On inipiraiion). Stitches in the chesL — { On UfttJig 
akeavy uieigki with both Aa;i/&), Stitch in left side of chest. — ( When lying). 
Weakness. — (On lying down). Pain in right side of back. — ( When lying on 
ear). Throbbing in front of ear. — ( When lying on left ride), Palpitation of 
heart. — (After a meed), Tensive sensation in skin of forehead. — (During 
meuttrtuUion), Pressure over pubes; cutting, etc., iu bowels; pain in small 
of back. — (ifotion). Pain in region of liver; pains in bowels; pain in ab- 
domen ; pressing out in abdominal ring ; sticking in ankle,etc.; tearing in 
the feet. — (Moving lower joio). Pressure under the chin. — (On ratting herteff 
in bed). Immediately, pulse becomes rapid, etc. — ( On raiding the arm\ Sud- 
denly, vertigo. — (On every respiratitm), Stitches in left chest. — ( While rwi- 
tny). Erections.— ( When rising from tiainjr). Pain from the spine forwards; 
burning on left side of lumbar vertebrse.— -^Onri«i'ny from stooping^. Ver- 
tigo; seems as if his head would tumble about; drawing, etc., in pit of 
stomach. — (After aeralching). Violent pain; pimples on shoulder-blade. — 
(When nKt'n^), Confusion of head ; pinching around navel; sticking in 
small of back; burning in bend of thigh; tearing on inside of knee re> 
turns ; crawling iu left calf; uaeasioess in the feet. — ( When fining a long 
time), Weakness, etc., in spine. — (During tleep). Pains in thigh.— -( When 
(ineeiin^). Cracking in ear; sensation in pharynx. — (Conlinued ^atking). 
Excites cough. — (On etamping with the feet). Shaking in the brain, etc. — 
(Staiiding), Tension in the legs ; trembling in the feet — ( On ttaading in the 
tun). Sticking on vertex. — (During etool). Pressing out in abdominal ring. 
— (After atooT), Mucii empty eTuc\&t\ona; moist haemorrhoids. — (On stoop' 
iiig). Vertigo ; sensation as if everything would fall forward in the forehead ; 
when washing, stitches in frontal eminence ; drawing, etc., iu pit of stom- 
ach. — ( When stooping fitr forwardt), Pain from the spine forwards. — ( On 
stretching out the foot). Pinching in the toes. — (On stretching out the leg). 
Cramp in the calf — (IFA«n wontfouptny), Crackiug in both ears; crackling 
iu one ear; drvnes^ etc., in back part of throat; sticking in tbront worse. 
— (Empty neaOowing), Smarting pain in throat ; rawness, etc., in throat. — 
{After eaallowing). Scraping in throat. — ( On taking anyOiing cold or warm 
into mouth). Boring in the teeth. — ( Toncli), Renews tearing in brain ; pres- 
sure under chin ; pain in region of liver ; indolence, etc. — ( When turning 
body). Stitches in right sirie of abdomen. — ( On turning in bed). Intestines 
seem to fall to one side. — ( On urinating). Pinching in lower bowels. — ( On 
uMfitini^), Pressure in the brain ; from midday sleep, etifiuess in neck. — (On 
walking). Headache; pain in abdomen becomes intolerable; drawing paia 
in the feet. — ( When walking fast). Cracking in ear. — (After walking), Pain 
in abdomen. — -(On going into warm room from open atr), Chilliness. — (jFrom 
warmth of stove). Immediately, sticking in head comee on. — ( When yawrir 
ing), Stitches in side of abdomen. 

Amelioration. — (Morning), After rising, pressure in side of abdo- 
men.— (JVijAfJ, Fluent catarrh ceases; dry cough. — {In open air). Many 



symptoms disappear; coofuaion of head passes offi — {Bending head hack- 
VMTO*), Tearing in occiput. — {During dinner), Many symptoms seemed to 
abate. — {AJler dinner), Dry cough. — (After wiiwy), Weak feeling in stom- 
ach disappears, — {Eleoating kg). Pain inlowerleg.—(STirfotw»w), Pressure 
in stomach ; pains in the chest — (Lying), Fain in abdomen ; tension in 
le^s. — (Motion), Many symptoms disappear ; pain in forearm ; sticking in 
wrist. — (On seratehing), Itching, etc., in head disappears. — (Siitinff), Pain 
in abdomen ; desire to urinate ceases. — (Standing), Many symptoms. — 
( When walking). Fain around navel ceases ; burning on left side of lumbar 
vertebne ; drawing down thigh ; tearing on inside of knee ; tension, etc., 
in legs ; tearing, etc, in bones of leg.— ^ Warfnth of bed). Tearing in right 
thigh. — (_Dry, warm (^plieoHons), Puns in chest. 


Barium chloride, BaCli2H,0. Preparation, Solution of the crystals in 
water (1 to 10), for the lower dilutions. 

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in A. H. Z., 8, 350, poisoning of a woman, let. 42, bv half an ounce, taken 
for gastralgia ; 15, SchwelgK, from Wibmer, general statement of effects of 
i to 3 grains; 16, Walsh, Lancet, 1859, a girl, eet. 22, took a teaspoonful 
by mistake for epsom salts ; 17, Wolf, Casp. AVoch., 1850, a student took 
three teaspoonfuls. 

JSind,, — Anxiety,' " ". — Great internal anxiety, which bends one to- 
gether,". — Great anxiety, with retching,'. 

Bead. — Vertigo,'. — Vertigo; whatever he looked at seemed to turn 
around,'. — The head is affected,'. — Feels bo heavy in the head that he can 
scarcely sit up,'. — Headache,", 

Eyes ana Ears. — Eyes deeply sunken (after one and a half hours),". 
— [10.] Catarrh of eyes, ears, nose, . — The eyes become quite stiff, he cannot 
move them,'.— Left eyelid paralyzed,". — Deafness,". 

Face, — Face pale, with an anxious expression (after half an hour),". — 
Face red,".— Spasmodic drawing of muscles of face,'*. — Sensitive drawing 
in the muscles of the face,*. 

Mouth and Throat. — Looseness of the teeth,*. — Toothache, at first 
fine sticking, then (twitching), throbbing, like the beat of the pulse, espe- 
cially after sleeping, and after midnight, which compels him to sit up in 
bed, but which is neither increased nor diminished by touching it, nor bv 
biting, nor by cold water,'. — [80.] Coated tongue,'. — Tougue and mouth 
dry,'^ — Offensive smell from the mouth, as from mercury.'. — Swelling of 
the palate,'. — 'Swelling of the talivary glands'. — Profuse salivation,'. — Bad 
taste in the mouth, even the food tastes badly,'. — Swallowing difficult,". 

Stomach. — Lobs of appetite,' ". — Nausea,* ' ". — [30.] Nausea, immedi- 
ately,'. — Nausea (after half an hour),'*. — Retching,*". — Increasing and 



incessant, tormenting, inefiectual retching; cannot lie,'*. — Inclination to 
vomiting,'", — Violeot vomiting,". — Violent vomiting of Blimy, watery 
fluid,". — Vomiting of everything taken, tvlth stringy mucus (one and 
a half hours},". — Vomiting of small portions of a uuuseous looking and 
tasting substance, for six hours,'. — Vomiting in the morning,*, — [40.] Vio- 
lent vomiting, with anxiety,'.— Vomiting and pain in the abdomen,". — 
Troubles with the stomach,'. — Pain in the stomach,".— Warmth in stomach 
goes to chest and head," — Cramp in the stomach," — Pressure in the stom- 
ach,*. — Pressure in the stomach, and nausea, with great anxiety,'. 

Abdotnen.~~Fa\n in the abdomen,'. — Continual pain in the abdo- 
men,". — [50.] Burning pains in the abdomen .".^Violent burning in the 
abdomen,".— Slight colic," — Pinching pain in the pelvic cavity," 

Stool, — Diarrhcea,''. — Continued aiarrhcea,*. — Painful diarrhoea,". — 
Profuse dlarrhcea, without pain in the bowels, for ten hours,'. ^Liquid 
Stool,*. — Stool greenish and chopped,'. — [60.] Stool coated with mucus,'. 

UrinaTy Organs. — Painful urinating,*. — Increased desire for uri- 
nating,'.— Constant urinating,*. — Involuntary uriuating,*. — Increased urine 
(after twenty-four hours),". — -Urine has white sediment,'. 

Sexttal Organs, — Frequent emissinus at uight,'. — Induces menstrua- 

Besplratory Apparatus and Chest.~Voke weak,".— [70.] 
Cough,'— Dyspncea,'.— Oppression,'. 

Beart arM Pulse, and .Bacfc.— Beating of the heart irregular, 
pulse scarcely perceptible (after one and a half hours),". — Pulse rapid, 
full,".— Pulse soft and irr^ular,". — Pain in the back,". 

Extremities,— &yie\\\Dx of the hands and feet,'. — Trembling of the 
liraba, faintness, twitchings,' .— Twitcbings in hands and feet,", — [80.] 
Extreme weariness of the muscles of the limbs (after oue and a half hours),", 
— (The iimbs are cold, paralyzed),'. — Hands and feet paralyzed,".— Pain- 
less twitching in the arm, especially at night,'. — Tension in the legs,". — 
Cramp in the toes,'. 

Generalities. — Trembling,", — Convulsions,". — Death, with violent 
convulsions (after seventeen hours),". — Immobility of the body,".- [90.] 
General paralysis, for two days,". — Weak n ess, '^,— Laxity of the muscles of 
the body, and sinking of the strength, so that he was scarcely in a condi- 
tion to crawl or move the liraba,'. — The body feels so heavy that be cannot 
keep up, like loss of power,'. 

Skin. — Skin inflamed,". — Small eruptions on the skin,'. — Itchlike 
eruptions on the body and throat,'. — Itching eruption on the neck,'. — On 
the side of the tip of the nose, a broad red pimple, with a biting, tickling, 
sore sensation, with small fine stitches on touching and rubbing it, though 
these sensations d gjgit ea^git'im to scratch it,'. — Scurf-like eruption on 
the abdomen and uB^^j^H^')-] A kind of scurf; profusely suppurating 
eruption on the sc^^HlHfii rating glands discharge more,". — Tearing- 
burning in denud€^m^K^^Biting pain in the skin,'. 

Fever. — Surfacecold( after one and a half hours),'*, — Ice-cold extremi- 
ties (after half an hour),"^Tertian fever,'".— ^Dry heat of the whole body 
both day and night,'.^Internal heat in the upper part of the chest,'. — 
Fever with thirst,". — [HO.] Increased perspiration .'.-—Sweat,". 

Conditions — Aggravation. — {Morning), Vomiting. — (Night), 
Twitching in the arm. — (^Afier mtdnisht), Toothache. — (_Afier sleeping). 




Atropa Belladonna, L. Nai. order, Solanaccie. Cffnimim namet. Deadly 
Nightsnade. (German) Tollkirache. Pr^xiration, Tiucture of the wbole 
plant, when beginning to flower. 

Authorities.'f (1 to 85 from Hahnemann, R, A. M, L., 1.) 1, Hahue- 

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hooping-cough patients after the administration of large dosea of the 
extract; 21, Bucholz, effects of two-grain doses of the powdered root given 
to a boy, as prophylactic of hydrophobia; 22, Buch'oz, poisoning of a young 
boy ; 23, Carl, symptoms produced bv a decoction of the root in a chronic 
sufferer from rheumatic gout ; 24, Cullen, effects of the infusion in a sufferer 
from cancer of the lipa ; 25, De Launay d'Hermont, poisoning of an adult ; 
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and in jaundice; i, man, let. 29; iii, woman, «t. 35; iv, man, xt. 24; v, 
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nection with his epilepsy ; viii, man, iet, 20 ; ix, woman, ^t. 25 ; x, woman, 
ffit. 40 ; xi, youth of 16 ; xii, man, let. 33, an cpilepto-maniae ; siii, man, tet. 
28, a melanch olio-maniac, in whom epilepsy supervened ; xiv, woman, tet. 
37 ; XV, woman, let 38 ; xvi, man, sst. 38, epilepto-maniac ; xvii, woman, 
let. 29, epilepto-maniac ; xviii, woman, set. 32, epilepto-maniac; xix, man, let. 
23; XX, woman, set. 34; xxi, man, let. 34, epilepto-maniac; xxii, woman, 
let. 42, a violent epilepto-maniac, raging and convulsed throughout; xxiii, 
a youth of 15 ; xxiv to xxvi, cases of jaundice ; 41, G — ch, effects of an 
infusion of Bell, leaves given as an injection for incarcerated hernia ; 42, 
Hosenest, poisoning of a young woman; 43, Henning, effects of grain doses 
of the powdered leaves given for the cure of pemphigus; 44, Hochstetter, 
effects of an iufusioo iu an adult ; 45, Hoffmann, statement of the effects of 
soporifics in general, including opium; 46, Horst, nwsdning of an adult by 
the inspissated juice; 47,Hoyer, poisoning of an old tHHan; 48, Hufeland;|| 
49, Juste, effects of a single full dose, iu an adult, ^^n as a prophylactic 
of hydrophobia ; 50, Lamberger, a narrative of the five months' treatment 
of some mammary indurations by an infusion of Bell.; 51, Lentin, effects 
in a case of mammary scirrhus ; 52, Lottinger ; || 53, Monetti, poisoning of a 

t All of Hkhnemsnn's authorilies are given ; others are carefully sal«cted. 

iNot accMiible. 
By the benies understood alwaya unleia differently elated. 
H Not found. 



pnpp7 by the juice of the berries ; 54, MappuB, fatal efiecta of a lai^ 
quantity of the juice mixed with wine ; 55, Mardorf, poisooing of aeveral 
peraoDs ; 56, May ;| " a baccis in infantibus," HahDemaDD in Fragmenta de 
Vir. ; 57, Med. Ch. Wahrn.;f 58, Moibaoua, poironing of a man ; 59, Muller, 
effects of Bell, taken for angina faucium in a man of 50 ; 60, Miinch, effects 
of 4 to 14 grains of the powdered root given as a prophylactic of hydro- 
phobia ; 61, Ollenroth, eSects in a case of mammary scirrhus ; 62, Porta, 
effects of a strong infusion ; 63, Rau, poisonine of a man ; 64, Remer, eSects 
of full doses of the powdered root, in a case of melancholia occurring at the 
climacteric ; 65, Sauter, i, effects when taken in fully developed hydrophobia ; 
66, Sauter, ii, poisoning of a child ; 67, Sauvage« ;| 68, Scbaffer, efiects 
when given to cnildren for pertussis ; 69, Schreck, fiital poisoning of a boy ; 
70, Sicdius it 71, Soleuander, poisoning in an adult; 72, Timmermann ;f 
73, Vicat, au account of the general e^ta of the leaves and berries ; 74, 
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Bell.; 88, Frank, proving (from A. H. Z., 32) of the Ist dil., 10 to 50 
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g^rl. Bit, 23, with 60 drops of the 1st dil. ; 91, Kluky, provings by 12 per- 
sons, with the extract, ^ grain to 1 dr. doses ; 92, Purkinje, proving with 
20 drops of an aqneous solution of the extract; 93, Scheidtweiler, took a 
piece of the extract ; 94, Schlosser, efiects of a small dose of the extract ; 
95, ibid., effecl^ of n Jg gr. of the extract applied to the eye ; (96 and 97 
omitted) ; 98, Waltf, effects of 4 grains of the dried root; 99, Wasserberg, 
effectsof pills of Bell, extract ; 100, Bon Id uc, poisoning of several children; 
101, Buchner, chronic poisoning of a man ; 102, Buchner, poisoning of a 
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ibid., poisoning of an old woman ; 109, ibid., poisoamg of a youn^ man and 
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eral persons; 112, ibid.; 113, Goldsohmidt, poisoning of a boy; 114, Gaul- 
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an infusion of herb. Bell.; 116, Hirschman, poisoning of a child; 117, 
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two boys ; 119, Koch, poisoning of a boy ; 120, Kramer, poisoning of a 
boy ; 121, Kurtz, poisoning of two children ; 122, Labbe, poisoning of a 
man, 20 years old, by an infusion of herb. Bell.; 123, Laurant, poisoning 
of a boy t>T20 grainsof ext. ; 124, ibid., poisoning of a child, li years old, 
by 10 grams of ext; 125, Liedbeck, poisoning of a boy; 126, Meliou, 
poisoning of two children; 127, Pinard, poisoning of several children; 128, 
Rosenberg, poisoning of a man; 129, Balzb., M^. Chir. Ztg., poisoning of 
a man by a clyster of 3 quarts of a decoction ; 130, Beiler, poisoning of a 
boy ; 131, Teschemacher, poisoning of two women ; 132, ibid., poisoning of 
two girls; 133, ibid., of a woman ; 134, ibid., of two children ; 135, Trapen- 

f Not found. 



art, poisoDiog of a man ; 136, YosDack, poisoning of a man ; 137, Wenzel 
Huber, poisoaing of a boy; 138, Gazette d. Sante, poisoning of two chil- 
dreD ; 139, ibid,, of a man ; 140, Zabri, from Kiirner Wurt. Carr. Bl., 
poiBomDgof two adults and five children; (141 to 176 ar« taken from RtAh't 
riswnl j. d. I, Soc Qai. (Jtfoi. Med.), 4, 402, vAere references are furnished, 
but no detailt). (On subsequent critical research, most of these additional 
authorities given by Koth have been found to refer to the eSecte of Bell, 
when given to patients ; they are therefore omitted, though the subsequent 
numbering could not be ciianged vithont great trouble.) (177 to 213 are 
taken from Hughes monograph on Bell., Hahn. Mai. Med., Part III.') 
177, Hughes, case ii, poisoning of a child with S to 12 grains of ext. ; 178, 
Hughes, lil. Dr. Gray, effects of 8 to 10 grains of ext. on self; 179, poisoning 
of an adult by half an ounce of liq. Bell. ; 180, poisoning of a boy by ext. ; 
181, ditto; 182, ditto; 183, ditto; 184, poisoning of a child of four by ber- 
ries ; 185, poisoning of a lady by a dr. of ext. ; 186, poisoning of six per- 
sons ; 187, ditto of ten persons ; 188, effects of Bell, plaster to an abraded 
surface ; 189, poisoning of seven persons by berries ; 190, poisoning of a 
boy of 14; 191, poisoning of a man of 75 by ext.; 192, miscellaneous; 193, 
poisoning of a man ; 194, efibcts, from Harley ; 195, 8cfaneller, provings 
with } to 4} grains of ext.; 196, Anstie; 197, Christison ; 198, HempeT; 
199, Horing, pisoning by 25 grains of ext.; 200, Orfila ; 201,pBreira; 202, 
Taylor ; 203, Trousseau et Pidoux ; 204, Lancet, 1844, effects of ext. to fore- 
head; 205, Lancet, 1854, effects of 3 grains of ext.; 206, B. J. of Horn., 
poisoning of a boy; 207, Teste, poisoning of girls by decoct, of leaves; 208, 
Aldridge; 209, Fuller, a number of children treated with the ext., for 
chorea ; 210, Lond. Med. Rec., 1873 ; effects of i gr. of ext., three times a 
day, for 12 days, for diabetes insipidus ; 211, BoecRer, Beitrage ; 212, Ley, 
in Lancet, 1844; 213, Schroff; (214 to 241, addUumal provinga, and aeleeted 
poiaoning coses); 214, Hering, symptoms from Archiv, 13, 2, 181; 215, 
Houat, proving of the 15th dil. ; 216, L. B. Wells, provings, N. Y. St. Horn. 
Med. 6oc. Trans., 10, 129, Miss F. R, sat. 22, took 4th dil. ; 217, ibid.. Mm 
C. E. C, set. 19. took 4th dil.; 218, Dr. Schenk, ibid., took 10 to 30 drupe 
of tinct., repeated for several days ; 219, Robinson, provings with the 200th 
and 30th, B. J. of Horn., 25 ; 220, Voigt, in Summarium, 1835, poisouing 
of a woman by a suppository of the ext.; 221, Goldachmidt, Casp Woch., 
1838, poisoning of a boy; 222, Vierdier, Joum. de Montpellier, 1844; 
poisoning of a girl by infusion of the leaves ; 223, Evans, Br. Med. Journ., 
1861, poisoning of a girl, bbl 9; 224, Woodman, Med. Joum. and Gaz., 
1864; a man, set. 24, took two oz. of a liniment composed of ext. of Bell., 
glycerin and water ; 225, Asprea, Lo Sperimentale, 1870, poisoning of a 
woman by a clyster of ext. ; 226, RoUet, Wien. Med. Woch., 1865, poison- 
ing of two boys ; 227, Smith, E. P. K., N. A. J. of Hom., 14, 653 ; poison- 
ing by an infusion of Bell, leaves; 228, ibid., poisoning by teaspoooflil 
doses of Tilden's ext.; 229, Dufresne, Bib. Hom. d. Geneve, 1, 322; 230, ' 
Marsh, N. Am. J. of Horn., 4, 122, poisoning by 17 grains of ext.; 231, 
Hollier, Pharm. J., 16, 549, poisoning by decoction of Bell, roots ; 232, N. 
Am. J. of Horn., 1, 182, poisoning of four women by the herb in brandy; 
233, Juum. Hehdom., 1834, poisoning of two children by 12 and 24 grains 
of ext. ; 234, Hirschel's Zeit. fur Horn., 12, 16, poisoning of a hoy ; 235, 
A. H. Z., 85, 175, poisoni^ of scvenpersons by eating beans cooked in a 
dish that had contained fiell. ext.; 236, Ouarda, Quart. Hom. Joum., 1, 
482, symptoms after 12 grains of the ext. taken for sleeplessness; 237, 
Schleisstener, effects of the root of Bell, mixed with the food, attempt to 



poisoQ, Z. f. Hoin. Kl., 1, 213 ; 238, Tnrdieu, Etude sur empois., effects of 
Bell, plaster ; 239, ibid,, poisoning by infusion of the leaves, three persous ; 
240, ibid., poisoning of a man from eating without washing his hands, afl«r 
digging Bell, roots; 241, Mncfarlan, proving with the 6" (Fincke). 

Mind. — Emotions, Moffe, and Fury. *Anger, proceeding even 
to pOToxygTM of tonvvlsive rage,"^.-^*She tottea ahmd in her bed in a perfect 
rage,". — *Rage; the boy doen not know hia parent».'\ — [Kagc ; he injures him- 
self and othem, and beats about himl," (Case 12). — *He bit at whatever eame 
before him,". — *Incliiiatioii to bite those around them,'. — [He tries to bite 
those standing about him, &t night]," (Case 18). — *Ingtead of eating what 
he had asked for, he bit the wooden gpoon in two, gnawed the plate, and 
growled and barked like a dog,". — She attempted to bite and itrike her 
attendants, broke into fits of laughter, and gnashed her teeth. The head 
was hot, the face red, the look vild and fieree,'". — [10.] ['Inclination to 
bite those about him, and to tear everything abont him to pieces],'. — 
^Inclination to tear everything abont them to pieces,". — *8he tears her 
nightdress and bedolothei,''. — [He tears everything about him, bites and 
spits]*. — [He strikes his face with hie fists],* (Case 12).^They stammered 
out violent language,**. — ♦Fury,"*'. — *Asgiiig violent fnry,\— *FnrionB 
delirinm," "". — *Fnry ; she pnlled at the hair of the bystanders,".— [20.] 
The forcible administration of fluid medicine makes her furious,". — ^{Fury, 
with grinding of teeth and convufowiM],".— 'Snch ftiry (with burning heat of 
the body and open, staring, and immovable eyes) that she Lad to be held 
constantly, lest she should attack some one ; and when thus held, so that 
she could not move, she spat continually at these abont her,". — Mania. 
Mania, iu which the patient was often very merry, sang and shouted ; then 
again spit and bit," — Madness ; in his exceeding restlessness he jumped on 
the table, bed, and stove,'**. — Violent madness; the children scratched 
themselves with their nails,'". — Insanity,**. — Insanity, with various gesticu- 
lations," — He ia beside himself, raves, talks much about dogs, and his arm 
and fece swell,". — * Insanity ; Iheytlripped themeelvee, and, dad only in their 
ghirts, ran ovt iiilo the streets in broad daylight, gtiftieuiating, dancing, laugh- 
ing, and uttering and doing many absurd things,".— [SO.^ Crazy fita, with 
great loquacity or absolute speechlessness, or with alsurd buffoonery, fao- 
tastic gestures, and improper behavior,"'. — *Left the house and stripped 
themsehe* naked ; one woman went into the fields to work, at night; another 
went into the street before the house to dust and sweep ; another, with ex- 
cited singing, cut open the pillows, and Bcatt«red the feathers about the 
yard and street ; another went naked to the neighbors to caress the men,"*. 
— * The paroxyems of madness were occasionally interrupted by loud laughing 
and grinding of the teeth ; the head was hot, the face red, the look wild 
and staring ; ;3u/se small, and very frequent ; pupils dilated; the arteries of 
the neck and head visibly pulsating; pul^ i'ull, hard, and frequent,*". — 
She did foolish things, tore her clothes, pulled stones out of the ground and 
threw them at the passers-by,". — He took a piece of bread for a stone, and 
threw it fer away, laughing violently and running about the room,"', — 
Bidiculous gestures ; she feels after those about her ; now she seats herself; 
now she acts as if she were washing or counting money, or as if she were 
drinking,*'. — [He claps the hands, wags the head to either side, while 
stringy saliva hangs down from the lipa],*° (Case 22). — [She claps the 
hands together over the head, with a short, very violent cough, which 
threatened suffocation at night],'" (Case 22). — *He talks like a maniac, with 
t Mode up of S. I40S and 42. 



flaring, proinided eyes,", — Delirium. •Delirium,". — [40.] Delirium 
(mother and child, within a.a hour),™. — Continued delirium,'". — Constant 
delirium,**. — * Rambling delirium,'^ mhwhh — j^jg musing ; raving; delir- 
ium, with illusions of tne senses,"'. — Delirium, returning by paroxy3ras,".t 
— *Delirium, either eonfinvaiu or recurring m paroxysms, mirthful at first, 
but tubsequently changing to fury,". — Delirium ; she lay upon one aide, the 
head beat forward, and the knees drawn up, gesticulating violeotly, and 
murmuring unintelHeible words,"*. — * Very delirious ; she would peraM that 
there were very horrid monsters all over the room, staring at her,. — Wildly 
delirious, but quite fantastic, almost hysterical, laughing, crying, and not 
at all conacious,'". — [fiO.^ During the delirium, loud screaming, cries, and 
laughing.'^.—^Pe/triHni ; the boy JTtmped OQt of bed, talked a great deal, 
«w» lively, and often lauglted ; eonseiousneat was entirely gone ; he did not rec- 
ognize kit p(rrenti,'^. — Delirium ; the child is very restless, talks confusedly, 
runs, jumps, laughs convulsively ; face purple ; pulse accelerated ; the look 
very much changed ; he has fever (after one hour),'". — *Iiithe evening he 
was seized with lueh violent delirium that it required three men to con- 
fine him. His face was livid ; his eyes injected and protruding, the 
pDpils strongly dilated ; the carotid arteries pulsating most violentiy ; a 
full, hard, and freqnent pnlse, with loss of power to swallow, "*. — The 
delirium was of a busy, restless, vivid character, but generally rather 
pleasing than otherwise. The patients appeared to think they were pursuing 
their ordinary occupations ; one boy appeared eager in flying a kite, . 
another pulled tables and chairs about, thinking he was working m a coal- 

§it, and a woman appeared to be remarkably busy with her household 
uties. All their movements were of a quick excitea character, strikingly 
resembling delirium tremens,"'. — The delirium wos attended with phan- 
tasms, and in this respect resembled that caused by alcohol, but the mind 
did not run on cats, rats, and mice, as in the case of drunkards. Some- 
times the phantasms apiieared to be in the air, and various attempts were 
made to catch them or chase them with the bands; at other times they 
were supposed to be on the bed. One patient (a woman) fancied the sheets 
were covered with cucumbers,™. — His delirium would now be of a merry, 
now of a quarrelsome character; sometimes he would see figures which he 
tried to catch, etc.,'". — The slight delirium that followed the action of the 
narcotic was of a strange, yet not unpleasant, kind. The intellectual op- 
erations at times were very vivid. Thoughts came and went, and ludi- 
crous and fantastic spectacles were always uppermost in my mind. I was 
conscious that my language and gesticulations were extravagant, yet I had 
neither the power nor will to do otherwise than I did ; and, notwithstauding 
my bodily malaise, my mind was in a state of delightful exhilaration,"". — 
She complained firet of " a sensation of madness In her brain," then suddenly 
lost the power of speaking and swallowiog, and fell into a comatose state. 
The head was bent forward on the chest, eyes closed, breathing heavy and 
stertorous, pupils widely dilated, hands and feet cold, pulse scarcely per- 
ceptible, jaws firmly fixed. After rousing, appeared conscious when spolcen 
to, but could not answer. Soporose throughout the day, speech gradually 
returning. (Second day,) Has passed a restless night, sleep being much 
disturbed by frightful dreams ; complains of intense pain in the liead, and says 
that a feels enomoualy large ; gnat intolerance of light and noise. At 
aoon, very delirious, and would persist that there were hyrrid monsters all over 
the room staring oi her. (Thini day.) Head much relieved after leeching. 
t Not found. 



Passed a restless night, her sleep, she says, being disturbed by " miserable 
phaDtoros." From this point eradual amendment took place,*". — Sood 
after the spasms, delirium (in which, however, the patient knew hia doc- 
tor),*". — [60.] Delirium, with fierceness,". — •Lelinum and heat,**. — Vio- 
leot delirium, alternating with lethargy ; the bo^ apjteared very much 
heated,'". — *ExcUed and ddirioia, with violent motion of the omw and Ug», 
inareasinff to a raging delirium,'^. — At times he is delirious, at Umes he 
answers rightly when questioned, and bemoans himself,".— -She mutters 
like one asleep,*'. — Senseless talk," " " (Case 5). — Continual senseless chat- 
tering and laughter (a^er half an hour),'**. — Speech loud, diaconnected,'^. 
— [70,] [•i3efirwiM(a/it(ny;o6Mene],"(Ca8ell).t—^he spoke constantly and 
rapidly, talking nonsense,**. — Speaks in broken sentences and deliriously,'". 
— *Her mirid was disordered, ao that speech did not eorreepond to thought, 
nor thought U> sense, nor sense to the objects present,". — Her heightened but 
deluded fancy conjures up before her a multitude of beautiful images,*. — 
The boy's iancy was very active, but he passed quickly from one idea to 
another ; they were mostly of a lively character, relating to his plays,'". — 
Hallucinations and confusion of mind,". — Hallucinations, with vertigo,"*. 
— Hallucinations, with great restlessness ; she did not know the bystanders ; 
she laughed out,"". — *He imagined he saw things not pretent,"". — [80.] 
Groped for things which did not exist,"'. — He imagines he sees birds fly- 
ing off through the chimney, and wishes to follow them by the same 
route,". — [Delirious talk of aog», as if they swarmed about him},'*. — Talks 
of wolves being in the room ; with full pulse,". — He looked about ; he talked 
about mice and other dark-colored animals which he saw,***. — Visions of 
wolves, d(^, giants, and tire,*". — At the height of the poisoning, the 
woman was in a state very closely resembling that so often seen in deurium 
tremens. Excessive terror was paint«d on her countenance, and she re- 
sponded to all questions by pointing with a trembling finger to swarms of 
'unclean beasts, which she fancied were scrambling all over the walls, beds, 
table, etc., of the wards (from 5 grains used as a suppository),'**. — Fancied 
he saw ghoate and animals in the fire,". — He imagines he sees ghosts and 
various insects,".— He imagines he is riding on an ox, or some such 
thiog,". — [60.] It seems to her that her nose is transparent, and a spot 
on the left side of the head transparent and colored brown,'. — [He raves 
as in a dream, and cries he must go home, because everything is burn- 
ing up there]," (Case 21). J — Lying in bed in the evening, it appears 
to him as if tie were floating away with his couch ; ten evenings in suc- 
cession he imagined, immediately aft«r lying down, that he was floating 
in his bed,'. — Lively and playful the next morning, apparently well, but 
completely unconscious, so that when he was oflered a piece of bread he 
thought it was a stone, and threw it from him,*". — *Ee sought oontiiinally 
to spring out of bed,". — ^Wlien pat into bed, he tprang out again in de- 
lirium, talked oon4tantl7, Isnghed out, and exliibited oomplete loai of 
conioioTLsneM ; did not know his own parents (this lasted the whole 7iight),^. 
— *In his delirium he threie himself down from a height," ". — She jumped 
into the water,". — -*Ih his delirium he picked at the bedclothes and tltr^w 
them of, and songlit continnally to spring ont of bed,".-— Condition resem- 
bling constant intoxication,"'. — [100.] Intoxication,'.^-State of joyous in- 
toxication ; she danced and jumped about in such a way that the neighbors 

t See S. 864. 

X These two s.vmptoina are tsken from the following: "On December 6th, nived 
in his sleep; he cried out, 'All is on fire at home; it la naceasary that I should re- 



thought she had been driDking,*". — State of iDtoxicatian, with disturbed 
vision and difficult Bp>eech ; he imagines that he cannot move hia tongue 
(after live bours),^ — As if drunk, immediately after a meal,', — Directly 
after a meal, as if intoxicated (after six and a half hours),". — Intoxication 
immediately after drinking the least quantity of beer,'. — Great exniteroent ; 
non he sioks, now scoldi>, while the lirabs are in coDstant motion,'*'. — Vari- 
ous gesticulations,**. — [She makes premrations for returning home],** (Case 
21). — A tailor was poisoned with a Belladonna injection, and for fifteen 
hours, though speechless and insensible to external objects, went through 
all the customary operations of his trade with great vivacity, and moved 
his lips aa if in conversation,'". — [110.] He performs foolish ridiculous 
tricks (aft«r one to eight hours),'. — The speech was more incoherent in the 
evenine," — [Nightly delirium, which is absent during the day},** (Case 
7). — [Incoherent ravings at ntght; during the day he is in bis right 
mind],** (Ckse 16).— The delirium ceases after a meBl,*.~Talkative- 
nees," *", — Constant unintelligible talking,"". — *GarTutihi; he conitantly 
M*et fooliih and absurd language, at which ne often lauffht alovd; vihen ad- 
dreteed he turns toiaard the speaker, but does not answer correspondingly 
(after half an hour),"*. — Great garrulity, with a silly unmeaning smile ana 
laugh,"*. — Garrulity, unlike his usual mood, with squinting and extremely 
stupid expreeaioD,'". — Desireit and Aversions. [120.] Takes pleasure 
only in voluptuous ideas,*". — Inclination to violent exercise and rapid 
travel ling,"*. — Fondness for games of chance, "*. — Love of solitude, aver- 
sion to society, and dislike to conversation,"*. — Dread of solitude, of 
ghosts and thieves,"*. — Not inclined to talk ; he desirea solitude and quiet ; 
every noise and the visits of others are disagreeable to him,'. — She anhor- 
red all liquidg, and acted frightfully, bit tne jaws tiglitly ti^tber, and 
raved so that she was obliged to be tied down, . — Avetsion to all fluids, 
so that she demeaned herself frightfully at the sight of them,". — Abhor- 
rence of all liquids ; he would scream violently as soon as a spoon or glass 
containing liquid was brought to his lips, would convulsively set his teeth 
together, and, if forced to swallow some, violent general convulsions would 
immediately occur,"*. — JUoodSt The expression and actions denoted un- 
common cheerfulness ; with incessant senseless talking,'**. — [130.] Merry 
ciaziness,".— In the evening, the boy was uncommonly lively and cheer- 
ful ; he laughed, screamed, sang, and quarrelled in a loud voice, but very 
loon became sick, and vomited,'". — Unrestrained and exuberant mirth; 
inclined to quarrel without cause, and disposed to laugh in an annoying 
manner,*. — Very mirthful mood ; he is inclined to sing and whistle (in the 
evening, after thirteen hours),". — Great mirthfulness after supper; the 
vital powers were increased to an extraordinary degree for a quarter of an 
hour, after which came drowsiness,". — Frequent laughter,** (Case 5). — 
Loud lauKhter,** " ** ". — Constant loud laughter,**. — Involuntarv, almost 
loud, laughter, without having any taushable thoughts," — Stupid laughter 
and merry delirium,*". — [Iw.] She laughs a long time with herself,** 
(Case o).-— Continual laughter, whereby the subjects jumped high up, from 
emotions of wild joy, danced, made the most remarkable gesticulations, 
and performed different motions of the body with the greatest rapidity and 
dexterity (after one hour),"*. — [She breaks out into loud laughter, sings, 
and touches things near her], (Case 17). — [Laughing and singing, she 
touches objects around her the whole day],** (Case 22). — Singing," — Ho 
sings and warbles ". — Singing and loud talking in sleep,'. — [ Weeping},". — 
Very exdted mood ; she is readily brought to weep, . — ^Violent weeping. 



whimpering, and honling without cause, accompanied with timorousness, 
usually within twelve hour^,'. — [ISO.] Weeping and extreme ill-humor on 
awaking out of sleep,'. — In the intervals free from spasms, she utters the 
most violent cries, as if she were suffering great pain,". — Dejected, despond- 
eQt,".f — She is so anxious and confused that she fears she ia about to die,". 
— Anxiety and inquietude,", — Very anxious and timoroiia,".— *£y day, 
great anxiety; she has no peace anywhere ; it teermd to her at if the mvM. fiee 
aieay,'. — *AftJ:iety, anguish, trembling, eomttuU re^letimew; groans, cries, 
and weeping, especially in the afternoon and at night,"'. — Anxiety during 
the menses, **, — Much anxiety, followed in an hour by perspiration,*.— 
[160.] Id her momeatary lucid intervals she complains of intolerable an- 
guish, so that she wishes to die,". — In walking in the open air, she is over- 
whelmed with tearful anguish ; she ia weary of life, and inclines to drown 
herself,'.— [She begs the bystandere to kill her],** {Case 22).— Tearful tim- 
idity,'. — Timid mistrust,'. — Cowardice, distrust, suspicion, inclination to 
run away,*". — He starts in affright very readily, especially when any one 
approaches him,". — Events which had been previously anticipated with 
pleasure appeared to him in an anxious light ; he thought them fearful 
aud dreadful,". — 'Timorous insanity ; he is afraid of an imaginary black 
dog, of the gallows, etc. ; more in the first twelve hours than afterwards,', 
— On seeing a drink which was offered him, he became very restles-s, the 
gesticulations and rolling of the eyes became more violent, and the face as- 
sumed an expression of great fear,'". — [170.] He feared that death was 
near,". — [jS/w w so anxuiMt and ajiifused that ghe fears she i» about to die],'". 
— [She tries to strangle herself, and begs the bystandera to kill her, because 
ahe believes that she will certainly die],** (Case 22). — [He tries to es- 
cape],". — He escaped, under some pretext, into the open field,". — 'Extreme 
irritability of temper,'". — The merest trifle provokes and irritates him ; he 
is dissatisfied with everything,'". — Exceedingly irritable and sensitive hu- 
mor, with inclination to utter abusive language and to strike,'", — Fretful- 
ness; nothing seemed right to him ; he was vexed with himself,'. — He was 
fretful about this and that,'. — [180.] Extremely morose and serious,'. — 
Silent ill-humors (after eight hours) ; on the two following days he was in 
his wonted mood ; the day after that, however, his ill-humor returned,'. — 
Whining ill-humor about trifles, with headache as if a stone were pressing 
the forehead,'. — Want of cheerfulness, ill-huraor, inclined to nothing,'. — 
Extreme ill-humor after sleep ; he bites those around him,". — He is very 
easily made angry, even about trifles,'. — Violent quarrelsomeness, whict 
cannot be appealed,', — At times he is delirious, at times he answers rightly 
when questioned, and bemoans himself,".— At one time he utters ridiculous 
nonsense, at another he talks rationalty,'.^ — After the talkativeness, dumb- 
ness,". — [190,] Hourly alternation of weeping and fretful humor,'.— At 
first, sad, weeping, which then passed into impatient and vehement howling 
(with chilliness), (after one hour),'. — Sighing, alternating with jumping 
and dancing,",-— Groaning, alternating with bursts of laughter, songs, and 
gambols,"'. — [At one time he hurriedly grasps at those standing near, at 
another he starts back in fear],". — Disinclination and indifference to every- 
thing; deficient activity of mind aud body,". — Apathy; nothing could make 
an imprp.ssion on her ; after some days there succeeds a very sensitive, fret- 
ful mood, in which nothing gives her pleasure,'. — Extreme indifference for 
hours ; one could have taken her life without affecting her,'. — Intellect, 

f Not found. 



XftOUffJlt, ^Paroxysm of cerebral exaltation, wUh abundance of ideat and 
images, generally fantaetut and incoherent,"*. — His uncommon liveliness and 
readiDess of thought, and the abeence of his customary hypochondriac 
mooda, seemed remarkable to hiraself and the physiciaD, . — [200.] *Se 

rke rapidly and kaitilv"\—{^Menial confutton], . — Mental confusion, bo 
it he knew not whether he was dreaming or awake," — Confusion of 
mind; he imagined himself rich, owner of a large house, etc. (after a 
quarter of an Lour),". — Confiision of mind, general trembling, transient 
heet of face (after half an hour),'".— Confusion of mind, with flickering 
before the eyes,"*. — Confusion of the senses ; sleepy, yet awake, he imag- 
ines he is dreaming,". — Thoughts became disturbed and confused,"'. — 
Talked confusedly,"'. — Speech slow and confused,'". — [210.1 Disordered 
coosciousness,". — First this occurred to him, and then that, ne could not 
think in an orderly manner, and forgot immediately whatever he thought 
or read about,". — His manner of expression is incomplete ; speech very 
difficult,'". — He sat lost, as one in a dream,*, — Heedlessness and freq\ient 
absence of mind,"'. — Mental weakness,". — Weakness of the mind and 
memory,'". — Loss of understanding and memory,"*, — Stupidity,", — Irra- 
tionality, stupidity,"*. — [220.] Loss of the thinking faculty ; one is stupid, 
and like an idiot, . — Intellectual obscuration,"".— <)btu sen ess of sense,'. — 
Impaired understanding for some weeks,*'.~~Entire disappearance of intel- 
ligence," ". — He docs not seem to know where he is,"'.^He paid no atten- 
tion to those about him, in fact, seemed unconscious of their presence ; only 
now and then, when addressed in a loud voice, he stared at the speaker for 
an instant, like one suddenly roused from a sound sleep. The face was a 
little flushed (after eight hours),'™. — Disinclination to all kinds of mental ex- 
ertion,*. — Aversion and incapacity for all work, and especially for all efforts 
of thought,'". — JHemory. Lively memory (after twenty-four hours),'. — 
[230.] He remembers things long Dygone,*. — He remembers things which 
happened three years ago,*'. — Temporary return of the lost memory," (Case 
5), — Diminished memory,'. — Loss of memory,"'. — Forgetfulness of what 
had taken place,"*, — His memory, for two or three days after, was very de- 
fective,"". — Memory very poor for two or three days; he remembered nothing 
which took place after the doctor came,*". — Very weak memory ; he forgets 
in a moment what he was about to do, and cannot recollect anything, . — 
Absence of mind; he is apt todohisbusinesswrong, and forgets things which 
he had just intended to do,".— [340.] During the headache, disappearance 
of the thoughts ; she forgets what she has just thought, and cannot recol- 
lect herself,'. — He did not know his own relatione,". — The boy does not rec- 
ognize his parents,"". — TnnensiMlity. Insensibility, loss of conscious- 
ness,"* "". — Insensibility to all external objectB,'". — Insensibility,. 
rattling breathing, and convulsive movements in .the face and hands,". — 
Entire insensibility, stiflness of the lower limbs, extreme distension of the 
superflcial bloodvessels, with strangely red, swollen countenance, very fiill 
and rapid pulse, and excessive sweat,". — Complete loss of consciousness,*". 
— Consciousness disappears ; he no longer recognizes his surroundings, and 
b^ins to rave (after naif an hour),"*. — Loss of the senses," " " (after two 
hours)," ". — [Loss of the senses, with convulsions of the limbs],".^[860.] 
[Loss of consciousness and convulsions of the arm, at night],*° (Case 14). — 
Senselessness, as in intoxication, and a kind of active delirium,'". — After 
a little time, loss of consciousness, with stertorous respiration,"*. — He lay 
four daya without taking any nourishment, motionless, like a dead person ; 
he could not be roused,". — Lethargic, apoplectic condition ; for a day and 



a night tlie^ lay without any motion of the limlw; if pinched by the by- 
standers, they opeoed their eyes, but uttered ao sound/*. — The patient's 
manner was apoplectic, and severe engoivement of the vessels was present. 
This state of partial coma was altematea by paroxysms of uncontrollable 
tendency to motion and rapid automatic movement, attended with convul- 
sive laughter. No well-marked convulsions made their appearance, al- 
though, during the brief intervals of sleep, a slight eubsultus of the muscles 
of the face and extremities was noted. — A sort of coma, with araall, weak, 
unequal pulse," — *OonuUose condition, with rattling in the throat, very red 
face, dilated pupils, eonvuleiotu of the tipper extremitiea, very hot skin, v/ith 
red tpoU on neek and chest, and feverish pulse (afl«r half an hour),'". — 
Stupor and loss of consciousoess,"'. — [280.] Slight stupor or lethargy,"'. — 
Persistent stupor {afler five and a half hours),*". — Stupor, with violent 
convulsions of the extremities,'". — Stupe feet ion," " '* ". — Well-marked 
state of stupefaction,*", — Very great stupefaction,*'. — Profound stupe&c- 
tion, which, at times, is interrupted by a shrill scream, betraying great 
anxiety,"*.— Stupefaction and vertigo, from congestion of the head,"*. — He 
lies as if stupefied ; rattling in the throat ; twitchings of face and hands 
(after half an hour),"". — Stupefaction ; she lost consciousness, became rest- 
less, and struck about her forcibly (after four hours),"*. 

Head. — Confusion and Vertigo. [270.] The whole head is mud- 
dled for manv days,"*, — Bewildered feeling in the head,'". — Confused and 
muddled head (after five minutes),". — Con&sion of the head, offgravaied by 
movement^. — Confusion of the head on moving It, but still more on walking; 
even when relieved, it returns immediately on walking (after five min- 
utes),".— In the evening, he complains of confusion of the head; with ex- 
traordinary garmlity,"". — Confusion of the head, as in incipient intoxica- 
tion, with continually increasing dulneas,". — Confusion of the head, with 
cloudinessandfeelingof intoxication, as from smoking tobacco and drinking 
spirits, "'.—Head confused, with pain in forehead,"*—* Vertigo,^ mu n n « »P 
— [280.] Vertigo, he staggers as if drunk," — Vertigo, impossible for her to 
stand, everything turns around (after three hours),™. — Vertigo, as if every- 
thing turned in a circle (after one hour),'. — * Vertigo; it appears to Him at if 
objecU around him neayed to and fro,'*. — * Vertigo, mostly at night on turning 
over in bed, or wken getting up in the morning, also when walking, and on 
every change of position,''". — * Vertigo increased on any movement of the body,"^. 
— llie confusion of the head gradually increases to real vertigo, which is 
aggravated on motion,", — * Vertigo, with perceptible pulsation in the head, 
dilated pupih, with nausea (after one day),". — * Vertigo, with rush of blood 
to the head, roaring in the ears, and slight mistiness of visioii (after one day),". 
— Vertigo, with headache and drowsiness, relieved after sleeping (after one 
hour),**"'.— [290.] Vertigo, with dimness of vision; he saw snow-flakes, 
etc., before bis eyes, and' the pupils were much dilated (after one day),'", — 
Immediately after, vertigo and dimness of vision, recurring three days after- 
wards at the same hour,". — Vertigo, and a feeling as if intoxicated ; gait 
was tottering, face red and turgid ; he was in good humor and remarkably 
talkative (after half an hour),'". — Vertigo, with nausea; dazzling of the 
eyes, reeling, dulness, trembling, and anxiety,"'. — Vertigo, with lassitude, 
anguish, and fainting,"'. — Vertigo aud pain in all the limhs,**. — Vertigo, 
and trembling of the hands,"". — Vertigo, and trembling of the hands, so 
that they could not perform any work with them,", — Vertigo, with trem- 
bling of'^the hands and contraction of the fingers,*", — Attacks of vertigo 
during rest and motion,"". — [300.] Attacks of vertigo, with dulneea of 



sense, lasting a few minutes (after twelve hours),'. — Vertiginous reeling^''. 
— A vertigo-like sensation of reeling in the whole head while sitting,'.— Se 
attempted to get out of bed with a reeling, drunken motion ; his speech 
was thick and indistinct,"". — He reeled in walking, held on by the walls, 
compltuned of anguish and vertigo, and often spoke irrationally like a 
drunken man,". — ^Vertiginous staggering," " ". — The first effect was vertigo, 
increasing to such an extent as to render it impossiltle to walk without 
staggering, *". — He staggers when walking like a drunken man,*". — On 
rising in the morning, Sie staggered about as if drunk," ". — She rose early 
from her bed, and staggered tu and fro like one intoxicated," (Case 14), . 
— [310.] While walking, he staggered and spoke senselessly as if drunk,"". 
— It seems as though everything about him was turning round,'". — Feeling 
as if he was turning round like a ball, and as if waltzing from right to left, . 
— Turning round in the head, vertigo with nausea, as afler turning quicklr 
in a circle, or as on waking from the morning sleep after a night of^ revel- 
ling,*. — ^Such violent turning in the head that fae was unable'to distinguish 
objects, much less be serviceable in his occupation,"'. — Turning in the 
head, and at the same time a similar turning in the scrobiculus cordis ; 
after riung up it became so bad in walking, that she could no longer dis- 
tinguish anything; everything vanished from before her eyes,'. — Swimming 
of the head, as iu a state of intoxication,™. — Dizziness (after five hours), . 
— *Ditnnet» with etnaaHon as if a board were before her /ore Arad,".— Sensa- 
tion sometimes of dizziness, sometimes like the vibration of a pendulum, in 
the head,"".— J>l General. [820.] ♦Swettino of the head; - ".— *if«id 
nooUen to double itt ewe,". — * Great etoelling of the head and rednen over the 
whole body (in two boys),". — Trembling of the head and limbs,"'. — Un- 
steadiness of the head and hands,'. — * Throwing the head hither and thUher, 
even to shnking; then again, convulsive beuding forwards of bead and 
trunk,'". — [Violent shaking of the head],**. (Case 6.) — [Violent shaking of 
the head, frothing from the mouth and loss of consciousness],* (Case 14). — 
[After hiccough, slight convulsions of head and limbs, followed by nausea 
and lassitude],". — *fTerhead U drawn baekwardt; theborei deep into thepiU 
low at night;. — Unconsciously, he often scratches his bead and rubs hie 
noee,'". — [330.] A kind of cerebral apoplexy seized one of them, causinff 
her to fall down inBensible,"". — Determination of blood to the head ; red 
cheeks,". — *Rwh of blood to the head ; pulsation of th« cerebral arterios, 
and a throbbing in the interior of the head ([after five minutes),". — *Strottg 
rush of blood to the head, wUh beating in the temples, and burning in the 
^M," . — * Cfanyertion of blood to the hmd, with dtmger of apoplexg;'^. — Con- 
getHonof blood to the head, viih bleeding of the nose and extreme dulness,"'. 
— A shepherd died comatose twelve hours after eating the t>erries. At the 
autopsy the bloodvessels of the head were gorged,'", — Ebullition of the 
blood towards the head, without internal heat of the head ; when he leaued 
the head backwards it appeared to him as if the blood rushed into it,'. — 
*Ckmfwion ag if intoxicated,"*"''^^. — Confusiou of the head as though 
from much brandv and tobacco,'. — [340.] Confused head and intoxication, 
as from wine-drinking, with bloated, red countenance,". — During a sudden 
rigor, great confusion of the head and sight, red eyes and swollen face, 
which IS covered with very small, irregularly shaped, dark-red spots, espe- 
dally on the forehead," (Case 19). — Constant confusion of the head and 
drowsiness (after four hours),'. — Confusion of the head, with swelling of \he 
glands in the nape of the neck rafter, six hours),'. — Dull, uneasy sensation 
all over the head (after half an hour),"'. — Sense of dulneee and turning in 



the head ; elte felt better in the opea Rir, worse in a room (after quarter of 
an hour),"*. — Dulneaa of the bead, with &tigued, torpid, batted reeling,"'. 
— Wearineas of the head ; inability to raise the head after stooping,"". — 
Head heavy (aecond day),"'.— Heavy, pressing feeling id whole head (after 
five and a half hours) ,'".—[350.] Head heavy all day (firat day),"'.— Ho 
feels his whole head heavy, as if from intoxication, **. — His whole head 
feels BO heavy that he seems about to fall asleep ; he is not disposed to do 
anything,'. — Head felt heavy on rising in morning (after eight and a half 
hours), . — On stooping, the blood mounts to the head, which becomes 
heavy as if giddy,*. — Feeling of heaviness and fluctuation in the head, as 
if there was a vessel of water in it,'". — Heaviness of the head and vertigo,"'. 
— Weight in the head as though he would fall,".— Weight on the head, 
with dull shootings (after fourteen hours),". — ''Indintdion to lean the head 
againtt Mmething hard and eold,'^. — [360.1 Headache,*". — Headache all 
day (second day),'". — Blight headache,"". — [Violent headache]," (in several 
cases). — *Very intense headache,™. — Pain in the head shifting to the 
scapulse," (Case 8). — The pains in the eyes are correspondingly felt in the 
bead, and often even in the heart,"*, — Violent dull headache (soon after),"', 
— Headache as if the brain were numb,'. — Complains of intense pain in the 
head, and says that it feels enormously laree,'". — [370.] Heaaaehe, with 
confusion and duluess of the senses,". — *Headache, with dixzineM, aggro- 
v(ded by Hooping, and, if relieved, immediately reproduced on motion,", — 
* Violent hsadcuAe, diiefiy in the orbital region, with redness (jf the eyes and 
face (after one hour),'".^ Violent headache, and feeling of pressure iu the 
eyes, which were much injected,'". — *Painin the h«adand eyebalU, which 
felt as if starting from their soekelt,^". — Headache, with transient blindness," 
— Violent pains in the head, with swelling of the lids, heat in the face, and 
lachrymation (after three-quarters of an hour),". — Headache and weari- 
ne£is, the face red,'"". — Headache and great lassitude on awaking,'. — Stupe- 
fying headache, with painful lassitude, bad temper, and inciiuation to lie 
down,"'. — [380.] Headache, with burning miliary eruption over the whole 
iMidy,'", — TUe headache ia worse after dinner and in the evening,"'. — The 
palm in the head are aggravated by noisfl, motion, when moving the 
eyes, by ihocki ; eontaoti the least exertion, and in the open air,^". — Con- 
tinuous distension of the whole brain,'". — Sensation of swelling and extra- 
ordinary expansion in the brain,'", — * The feeling in the head was that of 
violent congestion, a fvil, tense, and throbbing state of the cerebral vessels, 
identically tlie same seTisalion as watdd be produced by a ligature throton round 
the neck, and impeding the return of the venous circulation,"^. — * Violent press- 
ing in the whole liead from within outwards, as if it would burst (after three 
hours).'. — * Headache as if the sutures of the skuU were being torn open, and 
as if a lever were being applied, whereby the head was forced ammder'". — ■ 
*In the open air, ike sensaiwn of bursting in the head is very violent, and he 
is a&aid to ooagh on accoont of the increaae of pain it causes (alter three 
and a half to four hours),', — Headache, as if the head were screwed to- 
gether on both sides, and thereby rendered narrower,'. — [380.] Peeling of 
burning and swelling in the cranial bones,*".^ — Burning in the brain, with 
sensation as if the bones of the head had become soft, and fallen apart,"'. — 
Burning, preaeive, lancinating, painful, or crampy pains in the head, chiefly 
in the forehead, along the orbital vault, at the nape of the neck, and on 
the right side of the nead,"*, — Boring and pressing headache during the 
day, in different places ; in ^e evening, shooting,*, — *Incessajit drawing and 
e^Mosive pain in the head, as if svmethtng in U rocked or swayed in a jerking 



, —Oppressive pain in the head (mother and child, third day),**. — 
Sensatiou of hard pressure over the whole head,"*, — Prewnre in the headi 
now here, now there, which occapies each time large areas,'. — Draniug- 
pressive headache,'. — ^Fresiive headache, especially in the forehead (afler 

two daya),'. — [400,] * Pressure deep in the brain over the whole bead, during 
and after loalHng m the open air,'. — *Painfiil pressure in the head, espe- 
cially in the lower part of the forehead directly above the nose, intoler- 
able on stepping or treading,". — Pressure and pulsation in the head, felt 
mostly in the forehead and eyebrows,'". — Lancinating headache, causing 
vertigo, and extending to the eyes,'". — Out ting- tearing pain in the head, 
which moves about from one part to another,'. — ^Slabbing through the head, as 
ifwithadtmble-edged knife, in the eveni/ig,'.—* Tlireeviolent severe gtafcs through 
the head, from the forehead to the ocdput, whereupon ail previona headache 
suddenly diaappearB,'^ — Painful shootlug in the whole head, especially in 
the forehead,"". — Terrible headache, made up of dull or pressive shootings, 
which dart through the brain from all sides,'. — Throbbiuosin the head,™. — 
[410.] Violent throbbing of the brain,"',— * Violent throobing in the braia 
from Dehind forwards, and towards both tidfli ; the throbbing ends on the 
surface in painAil shootings,", — Throbbing sensation, which for a short 
time alternated between the head and chest. He compared it to the move- 
ment of a pendulum (after half an hour),*". — Pulsatiug headache, with 
Jiressure at vertex,"'. — "Jerking headache, which becomes extremely vio- 
ent on walking qnickly or on going rapidly upstairs, and where at every 
step there is a jolt downwards, as If a weight were in the oooiput (after 
forty-eight hours),'*. — Shocks and balancing sensation in the head, mostly 
when walking fast and going ujetairs,"'.— Feeling in the brain as of the 
swashing of water,", — I^feliead. Confusion of the head about the fore- 
head, and at times a reminder of vertigo (after half au hour),". — Cloudi- 
ness in the forehead, as if an oppressive cloud moved to and fro, especially 
under the frontal bone,'. — A sensation externally, as of contraction of the 
muscles of the forehead and eyee,".— [420.] Cold sensation in the brain, at 
the middle of the forehead,'. — 'He was &equently obliged to stand still 
in walking, &om the violence of the pain in the forehead ; at every step 
it seemed as if the brain rose and fell in the forehead; the pain was 
ameliorated by pressing strongly on the part (after six days),'. — l)ull, 
frontal headache on the left aide,'". — *Headache above the orbits, ae if the 
brain were compressed, so that he was obliged to dote the eyes,'.— Violent 
crampy pain in the frontal eminence, which extends down over the zygoma 
to the lower jaw,". — Early in the momiug, headache, as if something in 
the forehead over the eyebrows sank down and hindered the opening of 
the eyes (after four hours),". — *Boring pain vnder the right frontal eminetiee, 
early in the morning, eoon after waking'. — Drawing in the head towards the 
forehead, as if the brain would dilate,'". — *Draviing pain in the frontal bone 
and in the nape of the nec)fc, both when at rest and during motion,'. — Gnawiae 
pain externally in the frontal eminences,". — [430.] Oppressive frontal 
neadache,", — *Pain in tAooping forwards, as if everything would issue at the 
forehead,'". — A weight at the top of the forehead, which causes vertigo, 
and a sense as if intoxicated (atler fourteen days),'.— Pressive pain behind 
and above the eyebrows in the forehead,"'. — *Headaclte,asiflhe brain 
would bepreesed out, in the forehead, just above the orbits, which prevents the 
eyes being opened, and obliges him to lie down (with excessive contraction of 
the pupils and very weak voice), (after five and twenty-four hours),'. — 
Violent pressive pam in the left frontal eminence, from within outwards,'. 



— * Tensive pregture in the right fide of the forehead,''. — Pressive pain below 
the right frontal eniinence, which aoou occupies the eutire forehead (after 
leii miautes), decreases &t interv&ls, but oaiy to return with greater vio- 
leDce,'. — Preaaive pain under the frontal eminences, soon after waking, on 
rising,'. — Headache above the eyes only, lilte a weight in the head, early 
oil wttking ; when touching the eye he ieels pain,'. — [MA.] *Beadaehe, as 
if a atone were pressing the forehead, relieved by laying the head down, and 
tlcx^iing, wish dilaied pv,pU», and whining ill-humor about trifles (after three 
houra),'. — *Seniation as if the brain were pressed towards the forehead, which 
disaj^eared directly on bending i/ie head a Ikile baektoarda (after one and a 
quarter hours),*. — ^FreisiTe pain in the forehead, lo severe during motioii 
tnat it eaiiBed him to close hii eTes ; ea*ier in «ittitig; he vxu obliged to lie 
down, vpon which it disappeared; it returned immediately on rising, for two 
days, and vku not aggravated by eating or drinking ; bid, a* toon as he v>ent 
into the open air, the forehead seemed to be presied in as if a heavy stone lay 
on it; on the third day, the pain disappenred entirely, while he was sitting 
in the room,*. — Sharp shooting in both frontal eminences, from within 
outwards (after two hours),".— -Tearing shootings in the head over the right 
orbit,'. — Fine shooting, burning pain in the left- frontal eminence (after a 
quarter of au hour),*.— ^ve re shooting in the right frontal eminence, in- 
creased by bending forwards, ameliorated by pressure (after five min- 
utes),"*. — Tearing in the forehead,'. — Tearing in the forehead, externally,'. 
— Violent pains of a tearing character in the anterior part of the head,'. — 
[4fiO.] Buruing-tearing pain in the left frontal eminence (after four hours),'. 
— Strong pulsation of the bloodvessels in the forehead, and pain as if the 
bones were lift«d up,'. — Temples. Severe pain through temples,"". — At 
3 P.M., slight headache in left temple (second dayj,"'. — Cramplike com- 
pression at the temples and forehead,"'. — Dull, darting pain in right tem- 
ple, affecting the eye (after five minutes),"'. — *A drawing-down in Hie 
temples and m the right orbit,'. — Drawing and pressive pains in the right 
temple, with sensation as if it would burst,"'. — Cutting pressure in the 
temples, from within outwards, which increases in violence, spreads through 
the brain, and there posses into a strong throbbing, constant in all posi- 
tions,". — A pressive feeling of weight from the centre of the brain towards 
the temples, with diminution of hearing in both eara,".^480.] *Pres»ive 
pain in the rigid temporal region, which on supporting the head with the hand 
increases lo a sense of bursting, and extends into the right frontal eminence 
(aft«r eight hours),'. — Tearing pressure in the right temple, and in the 
vertex, which extends in various directions,', — Violent pressure in the left 
temple, from without inwards, which spreads itself over the entire anterior 
half of the brain, on that side where the head is supported bv the hand 
(ailer three-quarters of an hour),'. — "^Stabbing as if with a knife, from 
one tomple to the other,*. — Pressive shootings in the temples, from within 
outwards,". — * Violent shooting pain in the right temple, for a quarter of an 
hour (after twenty-five hours), . — Dull shooting in the left temple, from 
within outwards, . — Throbbing and beating of temples,*". — Vertex and 
Fartetaln. Crampy pain, passing ofT rapidly, in the right side of the 
vertex (after eleven hours),". — Pressing in the right vertex, shifting to the 
left and then back again to the right, . — [470.] Tensive preisure in the 
left vertex and in the forehead (after twenty-four hours),'. — *Headaehe in 
the vertex, a kind of twisting, sometimes also digging, sometimes tearing ; the 
pain became much more violetU on external pressure ; the skull seemed to be 
quite thin, as if it eoidd be pressed' through,*. — Tearing pain in the right 



verUx, iDCreBsed by moTement,'. — Slight lateral headache (third day),"'. — 
Pdin in left parietal bone, extending to the temples (after five hours),'". — 
Headache in left parietal bone, increasing and extending to right temple 
(after forty minutes),*". — lu about three-quarters of an hour after rising, 
and after stirring around quite briskly, the right side of the head schea, 
but without that heavy feeling (after nine and a quarter hours),'". — Draw- 
ing pain in the right side of the head, and at the same time in the right 
arm, when at rest after dinner,'. — ""Iiiafliiant, dnll, preeuTft pain on one 
or other tide of the head (after five and tweutv-four hours),'. — Violent 
pressure from within outwards, in the whole left half of the brain, especially 
violent in the forehead (after two and a half hours),". — [480.] Sensation as 
if a bar of iron was preeeiDg on the head in the direction of the ears, with 
hardness of hearing,'". — Darting pain under left parietal bone (after four 
houra),"'. — *Sharp catting pain tw the right tide of the head, from the frontal 
to the otxipUal region, becoming general, anrf at lad tettling in left parietal 
bone,'". — *Stat>bingg in. tiie right nds of the head, a» if with a two-edged knife, 
which next are fell in the front of the head, then in the vertex, then in the occi- " 
put, so that she cannot lie on eitner side*. — ^Tiirobbing aches in the parietal 
regiou.lastingnearly two hours (after five and a half hours),"'. — Occtput 
and External, Occipital headache,"*. — *Senmtion of weight, with vio- 
lent pressing, in the oedpiU (after two and a half hours),'. — Throbbing pres- 
sure in the left side of the occiput (after five hours),'.— A cutting pain in 
.the head to the left of the occipital protuberance,'. — In the evening, some 
severe stabs in the occiput, immediately behind the ear, rapid as ligntning, 
so that he could have cried out (after six days),'. — [490.] Some dull shoots 
in the left side of the occiput,". — Nodosities resembling small exostoses, at 
several places on the head,"'. — Eruption of hard and very sensitive pimples 
on the seal p,"'.~^C rusty herpetic eruptions, scales and ulcers, on the 
hairy scalp,"''. — Sensation as if the hair on the top of the head were being 
pulled (after three and a half hours),"'. — Pain externally in the whole 
head, resembling that which remainsin the integument after strong tugging 
and pulling at the hair,". — *The hoftd extenuoly !i lo lenutlTS that the 
leait eontaot, even the prftmrft of the hair, gives her pain,*. — Soreness 
of roots of hair,*", — Crampy pain on the scalp, with feeling as if the hair 
was being plucked out,"'. — Raw pain on the scalp, as if it had been burnt,'". 
— [500.] The hair of the head, which was previously naturally electric, is 
so no longer (after twenty-four hours),'. — Falling ofi* of the hair, chiefly 
around the head,*". — Hairs which become discolored, brealc easily and fall 

EyeM.—In General. Pu^ appearance about the eyes,"*. — Black 
circle around the eyes, as if one had received a blow,"". — Eyea inflamed, 
red, and blood^ot, even to the iris,"'. — ''The eyea are inflamed, and have a 
xeild expremon,"*. — Inflammation of the eyes ; the conjunctiva is covered 
with red vessels, with shooting pain ; the eyes water,': — Inflammation of the 
eyes ; swelling of the veins of the sclerotica, with a tickling sensation,'. — 
Inflammation of the ^es ; the cornea is dimmed, and the lids are swollen 
(after five minutes),", — [510.] The took is somewhat dim, uncertain, un- 
Bteadv, as in amaurosis, without his suffering in the least from that dis- 
ease,' , — *The eyes are very animated, with fully dilated pupils,". — Bold 
look,*. — *ffad a staring expression (for three davs),*". — *The eyes had a 
staring look,"*"'. — Staring eyes. — Though he is Qlind,the eyes are -open,". 
— Protruding eyes (after one hourj,'". — Eyes protruding,'". — *The eyet 
are pngeoUny and •parUiny,*'.— {680.] *Protruding, sparkling, furious 
vol. iL— 6 



eyet ; sometimes without expression, dull, and filmy,"*. — * Thg eye» protrud- 
ing, glaring, and vihoUy intentibU to Hght (after four hours),'". — 'lyofnided 
eves, wUk dilated pupils (after six hourB\".-~*The ejes protradilig ; pnpili 
ulated; with a itaring look,'". — *The eyes are protruding, shining, the 
pupils dilaied, and completely inaentible to light (ait«r four houra),'". — The 
ejes protruding very much, immovable, sometimes as if swimming in teats, 
with dilated pupil,'", — Eyes closed (after six hours),"". — Eyes half closed, 
threatening (after one hour),'", — Eyes were glittering, fixed,"*. — Eyes 
Bparkliug, fixed, glittering, and prominent (second day), . — Yellowness of 
the white of the e^es,'. — [fiSO,] In the morning, the white of the eye is 
streaked with red, with pressive pain,^. — Yellowish hue of the sclerotica, . — 
Bluish sclerotica (in the Bopor},"*,— ^The eyes are red, glittering (glassy), 
and turn about in the head],". — Mucous raembraae of eyes and lids deeply 
injected, and much swollen (after six hours),". — Squinting,™. — Strabis- 
muB,"'.— [The eyes are distortedl," (Case 8).— 'The eysi bMome distorted, 
with redness and swelling of the face,". — *SpQmu of the eyes, distorting 
'ihetn^. — [640.] Eyes spasmodically turned up, and showing only the 
whites,"'.— The eyes turn spasmodically round and round,'*. — Rolling of 
the eyeballs (for three days),". — The eyes, which protrude from their 
sockets, roll around,'". — *The eyes are in constant motion, the pupils «»■ 
iremely dilated,'".— Eyw and hands are in constant spasmodic motion,". — 
Eyes alternately fixed and very movable,*". — Sometimes the eyes rolled 
wildly about, at others they were immovable, fixed on one point,'". — Fres- . 
sive pain over right eye,"*. — The eyes tire very 80(m ou reading,". — [660.] 
*Eye dry; motion attended with a sense of dryoMB and ttiffitesi,"*. — 
* Dryness of the eyes (the nose, the mouth, and the gullet ),"-f — 'Feeling of 
burning dryTwss in both eyes, more violent altematelv in the one or the 
other (after seven hours),". — *Pain and burning in Uie eyes,'* (Case 1). — 
Very frequently repeated sensation of heat in the eyes, and as if the eyes 
swain in tears,". — *Fe8ling of heat in the eyes ; it was as if they were mr- 
rounded by a hot vapor,'. — While walking in the open air, a sensation of 
heat blowing against the eyes, and fiue sticking pains, afternoons ; at the 
same time drowsiness (after five minutes),". — *Bnniingr heat in the eyes,*". 
— Burning in the eyes, coupled with acute itching; both, however, cease 
when the eyes are pressed upwards,", — Intolerable burning and dryness of 
the eyes,"*. — [660.] Sensation of burning and roughness iu the eyes, as 
from sand or pepper,"*. — His eyes seemed lo him to De too large,"".— Ach- 
ingpain iu eyes, , — Drawing pain under the left eye from below upwards,'. 
—Feeling in the eyes aa if they protruded,"'.— Pressure in the eye, as of 
a grain of sand,** (Case 5). — A general pressure in Ixith eyes, as if hard 
tmriiig-water had got into them,".— Pressive and digging pain in the eyes, 
ielt even in the head,"". — Shooting in the eyes from within outwards, . — 
Smarting in both eyes,*. — [670.] Crawling, pressive pain in the eyes, as if 
they were full of sand ; she was obliged to rub them (after one hour),' * ". — 
Itcningof theeyes, with lancinating pains from one canthus to the other,"*. 
— 'Sensitiveness of the eyes,". — Brow, Orbits, and Lids, iMCh- 
rpmation. A pressive pain in the left supraorbital ridge, together with 
distressing weakness of vision of the right eye on writing, whereby the letters 
swam ; and an oppressive sensation, as if the right eyelid hung down para- 
lyzed,". — Pain in the orbits ; often it feels as if the eyes were being torn 
•out, sometimes (and more lastingly) as if they were being pressed into the 

f The observer adda after >'eyei," "with burning in theee and in the lidt." 



head ; in addition to vhich there is a pain which presses down from the 
forehead into the eyes,', — Darting pain in and near the orbit of the left 
eye and near the vertebral extremity of the eighth rib (afler four hours),*". 
— A confused pressure comes in the right orbit, and alternately shifla into 
the forehead and back again,'. — Pressing pain in the upper part of the 
socket of the eyea (after four and one-quarter hours),"'. — Dilated eyelids; 
eyes wide open,'. — *The lid» wide open; eyes shining and protruding,"^. — 
[oSO.] The lids are wide open, the eyea protruding far from their sockets, 
rolling, squinting, and almost insensible to external impreaslona,"". — Both 
eyelids tumid,"". — Swollen lids, which are ulcerated and bleared,'". — Slight 
swelling of the lower eyelids (after four and one-quarter hours),"', — The 
I»Ipebrffi of the left eye were pufiy, and redder than those parts on the 
right side; and the upper left lid was prolapsed, as in ptosis,''". — A livid, 
1^-colored spot upon the eyelids contrasted horribly with the deathlike 
paleness of the face (in the sopor),"*. — ^Tarsal edges of lids injected,'". — 
Sties on the upper lids,"*. — Frequent jactitation of the eyelids," . — Twitch- 
ing and convulsions of the lids,"". — [880.] An incessant quivering (and 
blinking) of both eyelids," — Quivering-of the left upper lid, and a slight 
burning in the outer canthus, with dilated pupils," — An incessant trem- 
bling and quivering of the right upper eyelid, continuhig the whole day, 
and at last becoming painful,*. — Spasmodic and involuntary closure of the 
lids, even when the eyes are shut, as if a bright light was shining on them,"'. 
— Heaviness of the lids ('"), especially of the right upper lid,". — Heavi- 
ness of the lids, with a feeling as if a sticky mass were lyitig between them 
and the ball, which compels rubbing; pupils dilated; confusion of the 
head, and drowsiness (after two and one-half hours),*. — Throbbing pain in 
the lower eyelid towards the inner canthus, with great i nH am matory swell- 
ing at that point, and much lachrymation, for half an hour (after thirty- 
two hours),". — The internal canthus of the left eye is very painful, even to 
a slight touch,'. — Itching shoots in the internal cauthi, which rubbing only 
temporarily removes (after one hour),". — Swelling and suppurative inflam- 
mation of the left caruncula lachrymalis, at first with burning, afterwards 
with pressing pain, for three days (after four days),". — [600.] *In the morn- 
ing ike lids are completely agglutinated,' ".—Trembling mucus before the 
left eye, so that she must rub it frequently,".— *i(icArymo(io)i,". — Flow of 
tears, which seem to burn the lids,"'.^In voluntary lachrymation,'. — *Laeh- 
tymation, wi(A great photopJiobia ; all light is intolerable,"^. — * Total absence of 
lachrymation, artd Ttiotion of the eyea, attended with a sense of dryne^ and stiff- 
ness; the eonjundival vessels f idly injected,"'. — Conjunctiva and Sail. 
Conjunctival sac injected with blood,"*. — Conjunctiva injected, bluish,™, — 
The conjunctiva of the ball is injected with bluish blood,'" '". — [610.] The 
conjunctiva red, the lids heavy, the eyes shining, and as if swimming in 
tears (afl«r five minutes),", — *The conjunctiva red, the pupil much dilated; 
look staring,"*, — • Tunica conjunctiva highly injected, and the whole eye promi- 
nent and pretematitraUy brUliant^'". — -The vessels of the conjunctiva and 
the white of the eye are congested with blood, the pupils dilated, and the 
hall is generally turned upwara (afl«r two hours),'*. — Eyeballs unnaturally 
prominent (after six hours),"'. — *Eyeballs red and prominent,'".— Pimpha 
and ulcers on the cornea,'". — The eyeball has a constant trembling mo- 
tion,'", — * The surfaoe of the ball became quite dry, which caused a very^ disa- 
greeable and uncomfortable sensation, which eoulanot be relieved by winkitig 
or aontinued eUmng of the eyes (after one hour),". — Pain in eyeballs,"".— 



[620.] Pain in the eveballi, intolennce of ligtitt «-od fnojuDctiTsl inflam- 
mation, followed by dilated pupils and I088 of sight permanently,"'. — When 
she closed the eyes, a preeeive pain deep in the eyeball,"*. — Puptlll, * The 
optic disk greatly deepened in tint, and the reliTtal arieriet and veint much en- 
Ua-ged, the veim m(Mi markedly m (from one drachm of extract), (after an 
hour and a half),*". — *Dil4ted pnpili (nearly every prover). — 'DiUtation 
of the pnpili (after three and one-half hours),". — *Next to its influence on 
the circulation, tlie most prominent effect of the action of Belladonna con- 
sists Id dilatation of the pupils,'". — Pupils partially dilated,". — CoDsider- 
able dilatation of the pupils (after six houra),"*. — Pupils strongly dilated,"*. 
— Great dilatation of pupils,""**. — [680.] PupiU remarkably dilated'^ — 
The pupils uncommonly dilat«d, so that the Jrisbecomee almost aline(afl«r 
seven hours),'", etc. — Extreme dilatation of the pupils,". — Extreme dila- 
tation of the pupils (from the application of a freeh Belladonna leaf to an 
ulcer below the eyo),". — The pupils extremely dilated, n(A at all sensitive 
to light, while vision seemed to be totally lost (after four hours),"*. — Dila- 
tation of the pupils, especially the right (after five minutes),", — The right 
pupil shows B very large circular ditatation,". — Complete dilatation of the 
pupil of the right eye, and blindness for three weeks (from injecting the 
juice of the plant into tha eye). Daziee, — In the sopor, the pupils paralyti- 
cally dilated,"".— "Dilated, immovable pupils," ".—[640.] I\ipiU dilaUd, 
inteneible^. — The pupil dilated and immovable, the eye totally devoid of 
expression,"'. — Dilatation of the pupil, with weakness of sight (after one 
hour),". — Dilatation of the pupils, with presbyopia,'". — Pupils strongly 
dilated, aod contracting imperfectly," — Widely dilated and sometimes 
contracted pupils,"', — *Contraeied pupiU (after ten minutes),' (after one 
and a half hours)," (after two and a half hours),". — The dilated pupils 
become somewhat smaller after several hours, but the right won lees con- 
tracted than the left (after five minutes),". — Very contracted pupils the 
whole day, which first begin to dilate in the evenmg,"*. — Excessive con- 
traction of the pupils, with headache,'. — [660.] Iride» in*en»ibie to light,'". 
— Pupils insensible, and extremely dilated (aftier six hourv),*". — Vision- 
Vision diBturbed,"'. — Disturbed vision and hallucinations,"*. — Disturbance 
of the visual power and presbyopia, with dilated pupils,". — Imperfect sight, 
objects appearing white to hira,'".— Weak or feeble vision,".— Eyes were 
somewhat weak, or objects were seen as if through glass, not obscured,"'. — 
Weakness of vision increased, without any dilatation of the pupils,"*. — 
Weakness and transient loes of sight, witn widely dilated pupils, as in 
amaurosis,"'.— [880.] Great &ilure of sight,".— [Great obacuratioil of 
sight],**. — Obscuration of sight from dilated pupils,". — On writing, he must 
close the eye whose pupil is more dilated, in order to see the lines plainly 
(after a quarter of an hour)," ". — Obscuration of sight, with extremely 
dilated pupils,** (Case 26). — Obscuration of vision, so that he could not 
distinguish surrounding objects ; dilated pupils,'". — Complete obscuration 
of vision, BO that she could not walk alone without running against every- 
thing; the eyes look as if quite amaurotic,"*. — Dulueas of sight for three 
hours,** (Case 17). — Sight and hearing quite dull ; he did not answer to 
loud calling (after four hours),'". — Dulness of sight, with trembling of all 
the limbs,** (Case 1). — [670,] Extreme dimness of sight,*', — Dimness and 
weakness of sight,"*. — IHmties» of sight or ortiw/WiWneM,"" *'*'**'•". — 
Dim eight ana blindness, with dizziness, headache, and weakness of the 
imbs, . — Dimness of sight, dryness of the mouth, and pain in the abdo- 



8 of eight alteniatiDg with cramps ii 
head,aD<I lasaitutleof the limbe,"(C 

a in the hands and feet, 
'•(Case 18).— Indistinct- 
neae of vieioa was moat complained of when the pupile were of their natu- 
ral Bize, and were contracting freely under the stimulus of light,"*. — The 
impaired vision of Belladonna is chiefly or entirely presbyopia. In two 
ca»ee, raagnifying glasses enabled the subjeet to read with ease,*". — ^Long- 
eightedness (presDyopia) as in old age," — Presbyopia ; he can only read 
large type,"*. — [680.] Distant objects appear clearer than near ones, with 
dilated pupils,". — He can see distinctly only quite distant objects and com- 
pletely parallel rays, as those of a star in the heavens (after injecting the 
juice of Belladonna into the eyes),"**. — A feeling as if he could s^ noth- 
ing, and yet he saw when he tried to see something, and strained hie eyes 
for the purpose,". — The visual power appeared almost lost, but if the boy's 
attention was aroused he recognized the persons about him, but only for a 
fewmoments, after which he returned to the land of dreams ; he imagiued 
he saw a number of different objects, flies, birds, fishes, horses, soldiers, etc., 
with which he was constantly busy,"*, — Vision as if through a fog, the lids 
heavy, and in the eyes a sensation as if they protruded from their aockete," 
— Darkness before the e^es, while loolciii{', iu the morning,'". — In reading, 
he can discern nothing in the book but the white margin which surrounds 
the area of black letter-press," — The sight of the right eye had become 
rather clearer, but that of the left eye more impaired, the upper lid more 
tumefied and prolapsed, the conjunctiva more vascular, and raised above 
the margin of the transparent cornea, which in a few days became opaque, 
and a small quantity of a puriform fluid had accumulated in the anterior 
chamber of the eye,'". — Vision is not present in the left eye, the lid of 
which is drooping, inflamed, and very painful when touched, . — She says, 
" can see distinctly for a moment only, and then mv &ce becomes horribly 
distorted" (after twenty-eight hours), . — [690.] He sees nothing close at 
hand ; at a distance everything appears double,"*. — Vision at times lost, at 
times only obscured, with excessively dilated and quit« immovable pupils," 
— Loss of sight at sunset,'". — While walking in the open air, and in bright 
light, vision was weaker than in a room, or in the dark,". — Transient blind- 
ness, with headache,** (Case 17), — Blindness,"", — He awakes blind,", — 
Such notable blindness was observed, that she could not read ordinary 
print,"*. — Complete blinduesa,", — [TOO.] He was quite blind, and stared 
vacantly,'". — The eyelids did not close when the hand was passed suddenly 
before them. He had evidently lost the power of vision, altliough he stared 
fiiedly at objects as if he saw them,'", — [Blindness ; the pupil of the right 
eye is extremely dilated and incapable of contraction]," (Case 11). — ^The 
visual power is altogether lost (in a state of stupor), (after four hours),'". — 
Vision so complet^y lost that even the brightest light cannot be distiu- 
guiflhed,'", — Retinaquite insensible to the influence of strong daylight,"*. — 
[Photophobia ; he avoids looking at the light],**. — Her room was darkened 
(light was unendurable),"*. — She se^ oWects inverted,". — ^Dipltmia (after 
MX hours),"*. — [710'] *I>ovblevmon,'* " '". — Objeeta are teen dovbu," " "". 
— Objects appeared double, and they seemed to revolve and run back- 
wards,'**. — * Objeeti appear double, upside doton, or erooked^K — *Every object 
in the room, bM real and tpeiind, nad a dovbU, or at least a dim outiiite, 
otoini} to the extreme ditatation of Ae pupHs,'". — [Objects are seen manifold 
and dark],**. — The sight (e. g., of letters) is multiplied, not clear, and irregu- 

t Not found. 



lar (ftfter one bonr),". — Reading by lamplight was difficult ; the linea 
jumped hither and thither,", — Letters Bwim while reading,"'. — Evenings, 
la b«d, on reading as usual, the letters flowed one into the other, bo that it 
was utterly impossible for him to read," — [720.] Objects seem to tremble 
and scintillate, as if viewed through b mist,*". — Illusions of vision; saw 
everything confused, as if through a ft^ or smoke, '^.^After vertigo came 
on the anection of the eyesight, every object growing dim, ai thongh a 
cloud were betweeo the eye and it ; sometimes objects appeared double, and 
passed L>efore the eye with an undulating motion. I ooserved that by a 
strong effort of the will a concentration of the nervous power, this paraly- 
sis of the retina (?) might for a moment be combated, but only to return 
with greater severity when the mental effort had been succeeded by its cor- 
responding relaxation. The pupils were immovably dilated,''". — Without 
f glasses he could see the letters larger than usual ; he saw sharper with the 
efl eye than with the right, which was not the case in the normal stale,". 
— On seeing himself in a glass, he asserted Ibat he squinted badly, and 
that both eyeballs were turned towards the nose,*". — On readiu)^ the letters 
shone, partly like gold, partly like blue size, and trembled,". — *Everythiiig 
he looks at leema red,"'. — *A large halo appears round the flame of thft 
oandle, part7;Dolored, the red predominating ; at times the light seems ai 
if broken up into rays,". — * The flame of a candle appeart encircled by a col- 
ored htilo, or stretches out and is lost in long rays,"*. — All colors appear to 
him reversed ; the black stove seems white, red objects of a pale yellow, 
the burning light brilliant in all colors, etc.,'", — [730.] Mist before the 
eyes,". — *He sees sparks before the eyes,", — *Lar$e dright ^mrha before 
we eyes,'. — ['He sees sparkt, as of electricity, before the eyes, emeeially on 
moving (Aent],". — * Oooanonal fttuhes of light before ike eyes,"'. — When lay- 
ing her hand upon her swollen cheek she sees flames before her eyes, and 
the air seems to her like a fog-mist,*. — She sees in the ceiling of the room 
a white star as large as a plate ; and across it, from left to nght, light, sil- 
very clouds seem passing ; oftentimes and in various places,'. — * Chromopna 
(after six hours), . — Muscie volitantes, flames and sparks before the eyes,"'. 
— In the morning on going out (about 10^ a.m.), black points and stripes 
before the eyes, which soon disappear and soon return (no trace of them 
in the atternoon),"'. — [740.] Vision confused in a high degree ; they con- 
stantly endeavored to grasp fancied surrounding objects, as persons, blades 
of grass, handles, etc.,"'. — Visions ; he sees only dark-colored animals, 
black cats, etc.,™. — He stared now straight before him, now around, and 
screamed out that he saw rats, mice, dogs, cats, and la^ black animals 
(always only dark objects) on the walls, furniture, etc. These dark visions 
lasted four houra. About this time the body, especially the cold extremi- 
ties, began to grow warm, his face became lively and red, the eyes viva- 
cious, bright, expressive of joy and astonishment; the lips dry; speech 
was short, but articulation distinct ; his answers to questions were hasty, 
laconic, and dir. It was very difficult to draw bis attention for a moment 
from his yet all-brilliatit visions ; he was enraptured, appeared happy, and 
content ; his limbs were in constant motion ; he groped with his hands after 
colored butterflies, shining insects, etc., which he fancied he saw on the 
physician's clothes, '".—-Nothing could rid my eyes of the most disgusting 
spectral cockroaches, swarming all over the room,'". 

Earn. — In General. 'Inflammatory noelling of the ears, and also of 
the parotids,"^. — Wind rushes out of her ears," (Case 9). — Very abundant 
secretion of cerumen,"'. — Purulent discharge from the ears,"*. — Purulent 



moiature exudes from tho ears, for tnenty dayB,*. — Bleeding from tlie 
ears,'". — [750.] Violent pre§aiire on the maatoid process below the enr,'. — 
Incisive uirusts through the mastoid process below the ear (after twelve 
hours),".— Behind the left ear the muscles are painful as far as the throat, 
as if they were violently pressed upon, and a similar pain also in the miia- 
cles of the forehead,*. — Presaiue teariug behind the right ear (after half an 
hour),'. — Slight cutting pain oehind the ears (after fifty minutes),"'. — 
Tearing pressure in the lower half of the cartilage of the right ear,'. — Tearing 
pain on the posterior side of the cartilage of tne left ear,'*. — Drawing pain 
from the ears into the nape of the ueck,*. — A transient shoot darts from the 
ear to the chin (after one hour),". — Great liability to be cold, aud to be 
affected as from chilblaiua in the eat8,''^ — [760,] Seu^tion of heat, with 
drumming in the ears,*". — Burning in the ears, with deaf neas,'".— Pinching 
in the ears, first in the right, then in the left, immediately after hiccough, . 
— Slight earache (after three and one-third hours),'". — Earache, accom- 
panied with great headache,'".~~0talgia in the left ear (after five days),*. — 
Boring pain close to the rigbt ear,*. — A disagreeable pressure iu the meatus, 
as if one were boring in it with the finger,". — Feeling in the external mea- 
tus, as if some one pressed upon it,". — Tearing externally in the right ear, 
from before backwards,*. — [770.] *Teariii(f la tlie internal and external 
ear, in a downward direGtion,'. — Tearing pain in the rightextcrnal ear, and 
the whole of the right side of the face downwards (alter twenty-four hours),*. 
— A very disagreeable feeling in the right ear, as if it would be foreibly 
torn out of the head,'.— Pain in the ears and temples, as if they were being 
alternately torn out and pressed in, alternating witb a Bimilar pain in the 
orbits,'.— Shootings in the external meatus,". — Shootings in the internal 
ear, with hardness of hearing on that side,'. — Shootings in the internal ear, 
during eructations from the stomach, having the taste of the iugeata (after 
twelve hours),'.— *j4 cute ihrugU in the hiiemal ear, with pinching, like ear- 
acAe,".-^Pul8ation iu the ears, with increased sharpness of hearing,*". — 
IfeaPtnff, [Increased sensitiveness of hearing],". — [780.] * Very gensiiive 
to lovd tone», he starts every ftme,"°.— Hardness of hearing,"*. — [Difficult 
hearing],*" (Case 23).f — Deafness, as if a skin were drawn over the ears,'. 
— Attacks of deafness, from congestion of blood, chiefiy in the evening,*". — 
He could neither hear nor speak plainly,"'. — Total loss of hearing and 
speech (after four hours),'". — What was said to him sounded like a hum- 
ming noise,™. — *Noisea in the ears,'". — Ringing in the ears,'". — [790.] 
Kinging iu the ears (morning after taking), , — Occasiogally disturbances 
of hearing, as singing in the ears,*". — In the mornin ^immediately after 
waking, a fluttering and bubbling before the ears,'.— -He fancies he hears 
distant voices, or the warbling of mrds,"*, — Whistling and vocal murmurs 
in the ears, with pressive disttsnaive pains as if something inside was trying 
to enlarge the cavity,"'. — Roaring in the eara, vertigo, and dull colie^ 
(Case 9). — *Roaring or ringing in the eorg,". — *Roaring, tingling, and hum- 
ming in the ears,'". — Remarkable roaring in the eon, and at the same time 
flickering before the eyes, especially the left, so that he was obliged to rub 
them frequently, with twitching of the left upper lid (after five minut«s),'*. 
— First, a din as of trumpets and kettledrums in the ears, and as of tiie 
rushing of wind, immediately ; afterwards a bumming and buzzing, worse 
when sitting, better when standing and lying, still better when walking,'. 
Nose. — Objective and I>t8charges. [800.] *lSpofthenosered, 

t Immediately a(l«T a *evere epileptic psroxy«m. 



VunUen, and tfuninff,'^. — *Sudden redneu in the tip of the rusae, wiik a hurtl- 
ing aetuotion.,". — Rednew of the Bchneiderian meiDbrane,". — [Very cold 
iiose]," (Case 12).f — Ulcen, ctubIb, and fiwum in the nostrile and at the 
border of the nose,'", — The mucus in the nostrils dried to crusts,*". — The 
boy ofken bores his noae,'". — Frequent sneering,"*. — Paroxysms of snee*- 
ing,"*. — *Frequent dry meering, with tiekHng, eepeeially in the left nostril,'^. 
—^810.] Coryi», with dischai^ of clear and whitish rancus,"*. — Fluent 
coryza, on one side of the nose, and from one nostril only,'. — Coryza with 
offeDsive smell in the nose, as if of herring-pickle, especially when blowing 
the nose,*. — Now stuffing in the nose, now water flows froin it,*. — Left 
nostril somewhat moist, followed br sneezing and collection of mucus in 
the nose, throat, and -air-passages (tnird day),*"- — The right nostril some- 
what stopped, followed by sneezing, and afterwards a slight coryza,*". — 
*Mueug mtaxd viitfi blood bhwit,'". — Discharge of clotted blood when blow- 
ing the nose,*'*. — Bleeding of tlie nose immediately, the whole night, early 
in the morning,'. — Hemorrh^e through the nose and mouth (when throw- 
ing up the berries, from the operation of an emetic),". — [820.] • Very fre- 
quent epi^aieit, with puleaiive pains in the head, eepeeially at night tohen in 
bed, and on waking in the morning,'^. — Sensations, *DryneM of the note 
and lipg, the latter very red"'. — Dryness of naaal cavity, with dull frontal 
headache, "°. — *Dryne*s of the Sehneiderian membrane, and of the eye*, with 
a burning sensation in them and in the lid»^. — Dryness and obstruction of 
the nose, for several weeks,*". — *Seneation of dryness of the Sehneiderian 
nienibrane (after one hour),". — The left nostril is very painful and closed 
up by matter in the morning,"", — Sensation as if the nose were full of 
blood, and on the point of bleeding,"'. — Cramp at the root of the nose,". — 
Drawing pains in the nose, with sensation as if it was turned up towards 
the forehead,"*. — [830.] Painful drawing over the left half of the nose,'. — 
Pressing pain in the bones of the noae,*. — Pressure, stitches, and pulsations 
in the nose,"'. — Fine stitches in the tip of the nose, the whole night, be- 

f inning in the evening,'. — Fine ehootings below the nose (after half an 
our),". — Bruised pain in the bones and cartilages of the nose,"*. — Above 
the wing of the nose, pain ati if bruised on touching the part,'.— Smell. 
'Great seiuitiTenew of smell ; the fainted odor, especially that ofiobaeeo, it 
unbearable,'^'. -~~ Olfaction loo sensitive ; the smell of tobacco and soot is in- 
tolerable to him (after one hour),".~Camphor ia loathaome,'.— [840.] Ol- 
factory organs insensible to the strongest stimulants (after six hours),*". — ■ 
Bread smells ('), and tastes sour,' *. — Smell like rotten eggs before the nose, 
for a quarter of an hour (after four hours),". — Smell of rotten eggs, and of 
freeh fish, before the nose,*", 

Face. — Objective. Stupid expression,". — Rather stupefied expres- 
sion,*". — The expression of the lace is stupid astonishment, the eye is life- 
less (after ten hours),"*. — Countenance anxious but vacant,*". — Expression 
was lively, denoting joy and astoaishmeDt,"*. — Extremely haggard face, 
expresdve of uneasiness and anxiety,'". — [860.] The face is sunken, and 
covered with a cold clammy sweat,'".— The features are disfigured, and on 
expiration the boy pufla as if hot,'". — Countenance pale,"".— Paleness of 
the face," — [Sudden paleness of the face, lasting some time],** (Case 16),t 
— Paleness of the face, with increased appetite,*° (Case 5). — Paleness of 
the iace, with thirst," (Case 5).§ — The child was pale, cold, and as if in a 

f Continuing during Mven dsys of msnia. 

i 3ucb sudden pallor it not uncommon in epileptics. 

I Not found. 



fainting condition,"*. — Pale, y'ellow, earthy complexion,"*. — Jaundiced com- 
plexion,'", — [860.] The habitual coppery face of the old man became violet, 
and the conjunctiva buibi was injected with bluish blood,"*. — Bluish red- 
ness of face,™. — Bluish-red face, with great beat of the bodj, every even- 
iSg,". — The pale fece becomes suddenly red,"*. — [Frequent excessive j:!il e- 
nesB of the face, suddenly changing to redness, vith cold cheeks and hot 
forehead]," (Cose ll).t — Umoontea rednegg of the face,"'. — *OTeat red&eM 
of the face (after two hours),". — Jtemarkable redness of the face (after one 
hour),", — *yaoe extremely red,*", — Blood-red countenance,". — [870.] 
^Slowing: red, liot face (after half an hour),*". — ^Glowing redneii in the 
fiuie, witii violent iuezpreuible pains in the head,"*. — Face dirty-red,™. 
— Scarlet redness of the face and chest during sleep,". — 'The face was very 
red, wUh a staring look,"'. — Pace red ; eyes shining, and seem to be swim- 
ming in tears (aiier two and a half hours),"'. — Fery red faae, with general 
loarmth and great rest/ewness, this, however, was soon followed by paleness 
of the face and lassitude,'". — Rednese and heat of the face, with great thirst," 
(Case 14), — Vetr red, hot face, with icy coldness of the limbs,"'. — *Faoe 
red and not, ana face, neck, and cheit much swollen, '". — [880.] *Gre&t 
ledneas and heat in the faoe, without sweat (after twenty-four to thirty 
hours),". — *Thefaee teas red and turgid,"'. — Red, swollen faee,". — Red and 
swollen face (after two hours),". — The face was red and swalleu, hut the 
rest of the body pale,". — The face red and distended, the look disturbed 
and threatening,™ '". — The face scarlet imd gieoUen, especially about the 
eyee,™.— [Red, swollen face, with staring eyes],**. — The face of a usually 
pale and lean man is uncommonly red aud swollen ; the heat Is general 
and strong, the pulse full and rapid, with excessive sweat (aftier half an 
hour),™. — Red spots like scarlatina, and purple blotches like bruises on 
the face,"'. — [890.] There appeared on the face, especiaily on the left 
cheek, along with increased neat, red irregular patches of the size of a 
crown piece, which disappeared and again returned,'", — Dark-red spots in 
his ftce, resembling the rash of scarlet fever ; with full pulse,". — [The skin 
of the tace is thickened as if an eruption would break out],". — Tense 
and rough skin of the face,"*. — Face full of wrinkles,"*. — *SwoUen fooe,' ". 
— Face swollen (after six hours),'", — Face greatly swollen (after six 
bofiTs),'".— His face was so nmeh swollen and red as quite to change his usual 
appearance. His daughter remarked that the wrinkles of old age had dis- 
appeared, and he seemed much fatter than usual ,'".-^ welling of the face, 
especiallv of the lips,".! — [900.] Erysipelatous swelling of the face,"". — 
Pace full and flushed; amendment was indicated by a diminution of heat 
and fulness of face, and by returning consciousness, .—Puffy, flushed, and 
mottled face,"*. — *T(unef action •and redness of the &oe and lips,"". — *The 
face is much swollen and hot,". — * Great swelling of the face, and itUense heat, 
which at times extends over the whole body,". — Face swollen, eyes dim, and 
pupils dilated (after ten hours),'". — Hard, large swelling in the face near 
the nose and eye, with swelling also of the parotid gland on the opposite 
side, of five days' duration,*" (Case 19). — The muscles of the fece show a 
remarkable mobility (aft«r one hour),'". — *^asms in the faee,". — [910.] 
'Spaimodio action of the maides of the face,'". — Alternating contortion 
of the muscles of the fhce,"*. — Convulsions of the facial muscles, with 
ridiculous motions of every description,'". — Convulsive motion of the mus- 

of epileptic paroxysmB. 



cles of the leftside of thefece, eapeciBllyof the left comer of the mouth,"*. 
— *CouTiilnTe movement of tlis faoiu miuolea, with dutoitiim of the 
mottth,'". — Distorted featiires,".t — The fece is disfi^red by convuleioiu 
and swelling,'*'. — [6be distorts the iaelal muscles horribly, eticka the tongue 
far out, clucks with the tongue, and retches even to vomiting, by parox- 
ysmsl," (Case 13). — Twitchingsof face and hands (after half an hour),"". 
' — *The mtucles of hie face, Java, and Hmba were a^UUed by eonvuliive tvriieh- 
inga (from the leaves),"*. — [820.] Gonvtthive play of Ihe facial mu»cle», vnlh 
grinding nf the teeth, And at times stretching and extending of the limbs,'". — 
Senstttions. Numbness of the face,*". — It appeared to him as if his face 
had become swollen (after three huurs},"". — Sharp pains in the facial bonee, 
with sensation as if they were swollen,'". — Neuralgic pains extending from 
the temples to the lower jaw, and accompanied with pulsative and presaive 
pains in the bead,"*. — Clieeks and Lips. Clieeka very red,*". — The 
checks purple-red (after one hour),'", — Redness of the cheeks ; the fece is 
turgid, with general beat (after two and a half hours),'", — On awaking in 
the morning, a small, bluish-red spot on the left cheek, which gradually in- 
creases in size, until the bluish-red swelling occupies the whole cheek, ex- 
cessively a^ravated by movement; after some days the other cheek swelled, 
and the swelling lasted eight days,'. — Swelling of the cheek with burning 
paiD,^ — [830.] Swelling, sometimes of one cheek, sometimes of the other,"\ 
— Swelling of the left cheek near the nose and eye, which came on in the 
night, increased the next day, with heat, and lasted five days,*" (Case 13). — 
*PreMing below the rigid zygoma,', — *A tearing and drawing bdow the right 
zygoma (after quarter of an hour),'. — Pinching pressure on the left zygoma,". 
— The lips, and especially the upper one, crack iu the middle, in sneezing 
and coughiug,'. — Lips enlarged, chapped, full of phlyctensB,"'. — *Great 
■welling of the apper lip ; it feels tense on opening tiu moutli,'. — Abscess 
of the upper lip, causing painful swelling, with fever, headache, and loss of 
appetite, ending iu free discharee of pus,". — Spasmodic movements of the 
lips,". — [940.] *A man suffered wUh a sardonic laugh for years, i^ter Bella- 
donna poisoning,'*'. — *Dry, burning, gwoUen, and hardened Upa, . — At the 
outer edge of the lips, a burning pain,Bud small vesicles (after twenty-four 
hours),"*. — • The lips, mxicoua membrane of the mouth, fauces, and note, eery 
hot and dry,"*. — Drawing in the upper lip, with subsequent red swelling,'. — 
Jaws and Chin, Jaws firmly closed,". — Lockjaw,' ". — *Tke jaws are 
closed eoavulsivety, and very difficult to open,"*. — She closed her teeth so firmly 
that it became necessary to break out a tooth in order to pour fluids down 
her throat,". — *0n attempting to pour down liquid, tetanic closure of (A« 
mouth, and regurgitation of the liquid (after four hours),'". — [960,] * The 
lower jaw M pressed convulsively against the upper, with a red face, and a 
peculiar staring look,'". — * Convulsive closing of Uic jaws, and contraction of 
the muscles of the face and extremities; aesX da,j, increase of convulsive move- 
ments, wiih redness of the face, and profuse perspiration ; great rigidity down 
the spine,"*. — *She clenched ker teeth together, so that great force eould not 
open them{*'), with stortings in all the limbs <aid chilliness^. — Cramp and 
compression of the jaws,"'. — She feels as if her lower jaw were drawn back- 
wards ; it hurts her much to advance it, and biting causes excessive pain,". 
— Clucking (as of a hen) along the under edge of the lower jaw,", — Fine 
shootings in the socket of the maxillary joint (after one hour),". — *Shoot- 
ing» extending from the superior maxiUa vnto the interTial ear,'. — ^Shooting 

f Nut found. 



and lention of One Itneer jaw, in the direction of the ears". — On masticating, 
a violent shootin); in the right maxillary joiat, extending into the ear, 
whidi continues for some time after he has finished, though it then rather 
resembles a drawing or pulliDg,"*. — [960.] *Fuie tearing on the inner 
■nrfacfl of the oorner of the left lower jav, in the left tonsil and behind 
the latter, anaffaoted by oontaot ; the tearing is more violent during deglii- 
titiou,'. — A nestling, ap aamodic sensation in the chin,*. — Sharp shootings in 
the chin,". 

Mouth.—Teeth and Gtima. Teeth turn yellow and decay,™. — 
Suction of the hollow teeth it! th the tongue causes blood to flow from them, 
without pain,'*, — Grindingof the teeth,™. — Violent grindingof the teeth," — 
[Grinding of the teeth, with copious saliva running from the mouth],*" 
(Case 6). — [Grinding of the teeth and spasm of the right arm],*" (Case 20). — 
(Gna.^hing of the teeth, with much froth from the mouth, smelling like bad 
eggs],*° (^se 22).— [970.] The front teeth are as if too long,'.-?rhe child 
complained of great pain in his teeth (after fortji'-eight hours),"*. — An 
indennite slight pain iu both upper middle incisors, rapidly running 
through them (after five minutes),". — Toothache, with drawing in the 
ear,'. — Toothache, with swelling of the cheek, especially on t^e right 
Bide,''t — Cramplike drawing pains in the teeth, as if they were being 
pulled out,"'. — (A digging toothache, of brief duration), . — Toothache 
rather drawing than shooting,'. — Unpleasant sensation, as if her teeth 
would be forced out of her head,"*. — A drawing in the anterior molars of 
the right upper jaw, remaining unchanged under all circumstances,*. — [980. j 
Dull orawins; in tho np^er right row of teeth, through the whole night ; 
the pain would not permit sleep ; the painful part was somewhat swollen 
(with burning pain), and felt hot to the touch ; sometimes, painful jerkings 
iu the teeth,'. — Toothache, a sharp drawing from the ear down to the hollow 
tooth of the upper jaw, wherein the pain becomes boring, easier while eating, 
more violent afterwards, never entirely ceasing during the day, but most 
violent at night, and completely preventing sleep (after drinking coflee, 
the pain becomes a dull jerking and boring),'". — Tearing pain in a lower 
hollow tooth and in a sound molar adjoining; the pain becomes excessive 
from contact with air or food (after four hours),'. — A fine shooting pain in 
one of the upper hollow molars during the whole day, in consequence of 
which he can nardly sleep at night, followed by swelling of the cneek,', — 
He wakes up after midnight with violent tearing (?) in the teeth,'. — On 
admission of the open air, a steady pain in the teeth, a simple toothache, 
like a soreness,'. — Toothache in the evening after lying down, and during 
mental occupation, a dull pain in the nerve of the fang of the tooth, 
almost as if it were Bore, ana, when worse, like a continual cutting,'. — The 
teeth are painful in biting anything, as if the roots were ulcerated and 
would break short off,'. — Several very painful jcrkines or bubblings in the 
nerves of the fangs of one or more teeth,'. — Toothache, worse in the even- 
ing, at night, after eating, in the opeu air, and by any contact,"'. — [990.] 
The toothache does not come on during a meal, but in the first few minut^ 
alter ; it increases graduallT to a high degree, and as gradually diminishes ; 
it does not follow drinking, . — Constant inclination tu pass the tongue over 
the teeth, in order to relieve the pains,"', — Frequent Weeding of the 
gums,"'. — The gum bleeds near to a hollow tooth (after six days),'*. — 
Vesicle in the gum below one of the front teeth, with pain as if it were 
burnt,'. — Extremely painful swelling of the gums on the right side, with 
fever and sense of chill,** (Case 20). — Heat in the gums, witn itching and 



throbbing,'. — The gum, on being touched, pains as if ulcerated,'. — Scrapiog 
and scratching in the gums, unaffected by external iufluences,". — Pulsa- 
tion and pain ss from an absceH in the gums, which are inflamed and 
swollen,'".— [1000.] Itching of the gums (after half an hour),"".— Ex- 
tremely troublesome itching in the gums, with pain in the throat,". — 
Tonffuet The tongue is white-coated (after a quarter of an hour),". — 
Toneue covered with a tenaciouswhite coating, which comes off in shreda,*". 
— The tongue is white-oo&ted ; appetite very slight," — Whitish, yellowiEh, or 
grayieh coating on the tongue, . — [The tongue is covered with a quantity 
of tenacious ^eiio wish -white mucus],". — The vessels beneath the tongue are 
bluish, and lujected with blood,'". — Tongue rather dark, but moist (after 
twenty-eight houre),'". — ^Ihe tongue and palate d&rk-red; she complftiiu 
of dryness of the tliroat, and of difficult swallowing (after half au 
hour ),***. —[1010.] Furred tongue,'*. — The tongue is moist and white- 
coated,'". — Tongue rather moist, rosy red,". — *The papUla on Vie tongue 
are of a deep red color, inflamed ana mueh nooUen (af^r three days),"*. — 
Cracked, white-coated tongue, with much flow of saliva,*. — The tongue 
is Bwoilen (after six hours), '". — The swollen tongue is pressed close De- 
hind the lower incisors,'*. — The swollen tongue projects oevond the lips, 
and is turned, now here, now there,'", — Cramps at the base of tongue (after 
fourteen hours),"'. — * Trembling of the tongue, . — [1020.] Stammering of the 
tongue,", — Tongue heavy, thick, and as if paralyEcd,"'. — Impaired mobility 
of the tongue; consequent impeded speech and difficult swallowing,", — 
Tongue as if paralyzed ; dry and cracked,"*. — Tongue felt paralyzed ; diffi- 
culty in articulating,*". — Vesicles and small burning pimples on the 
tongue,"*. — •Dryness of the tonffne,"*.^* Toujim parched, . — The tongue 
dry, as if covered with a crust,'". — Tongue dry, of a yellow-brown color, , — 
[1030.] *The tongtte ftuiiy dry from the ehiltTg mouth, and vxu iwoUen thick; 
It wan scarcely pouible U> gd, tome drops of milk into the moutJt (alter ten 
hours),"*.— *Tongve dry, cracked, difficult to motie,^. — *DryneB8 of the 
tongne and throat, beooraing so great as to interfsre with speech,'". — 
He noticed that his tongue and throat were extremely dry, and that his 
tongue was covered with a white clammy fur, which he could pull off in 
strings. He drank some water, which seemed even to increase the sense 
of dryness of the tongue,"*. — Tongue, mouth, and fauces devoid of moisture, 
as if they had been composed of burnt shoe-leather. The secretions of 
the glands of the mouth, and the saliva, were entirely suspended. A 
draught of water, instead of giving relief, seemed only to mcrease the 
unctuous clammy stale of the raucous membrane,"'.^A feeling as if the 
tongue lay deeper in the mouth than usual, and so the buccal cavity was 
more spacious,*. — The tongue feels as if asleep, lifeless, and furred (m the 
morning),*.— Feeling of coldness and dryness of the anterior half of the 
tongue, .^The whole tongue is painful, especially to the touch,'^. — Feeling 
in the tip of the tongue, as if there were a vesicle on it, which caused a 
burning pain on being touched, for two days,'. — [1040.] In the middle of 
the tongue, which is coated white, a severe smarting pain, as if from a 
vesicle (aft«r three days),"*.— JfouC/l in General, slimy mouth, with 
the feeling as If a bad amell came from his mouth as when the stomach is 
disordered,'. — Slimy month in the morning on waking, with preaaive 
headache, both of short duration,'. — Raw places in the buccal cavity and 
on the palate,"*. — Bad smell from the mouth, especially in the morning 
and when fasting,'". — The mouth is drawn on one side by spasms,", — [The 



right comer of the mouth is dnvn outward],* (Case ll).t — CoDTnlaive 
chewiDg and foam from the mouth,'*. — IBiralytie weahtets of the internat 
parts of the moutt],".— 'DryneM in the month," ".—[1050.] *J>ryneta of 
the mnuth (after a quarter of an hour)," '". — *Drynett of moiUh (second 
day),"". — *DryneK in the mouth, which w almost beymd relief". — On chew- 
ing dry bread, he could not collect it to a maaa,". — Constant spitting, 
without ejecting saliva,*". — Aridity in the mouth, as if the mucous mem- 
brane had been removed by some pungent or corrosive Bubstance,**. — 
Sensation of great dryness of the mouth, with very irritable temper; at the 
same time, the mouth and throat look moist,' "*. — Sensation of great dry- 
ness in the mouth ; there vaa a very little tenacious mucus on the tongue, 
and the lips were hot and peeled off,'. — *Drytte»» in the vumth, with 
thirst,' ^''^'^^*Dry,bvm,ing mouth, with great thirit,^'^. — [1060.] *Dr7&eH 
of month and throat,"'. — His mouth and iauoes at this time (to use the 
vords of an attendant) were as dry as a chip,"'. — ^Dryness of the month 
and pharynx, toith a seme of eonitrietion of tite throat (after one hour),'". — 
Dryness lu the mouth ; he sits at table end chews his food, without being 
able to swallow it; the throat felt as if constricted (after half an hour),"". — 
*Dryness of the whole inner lining of the cheek, the tongue, ivhieh looks as if 
burnt, the roof of the mouih, and the pAoTjna:,"* '". — • Qreat drynese of mouth 
and pharynx, with thirst,". — * Troubleaome, ctmHiiued drynesn of the mouth, ■ 
lips, and throat, with a violent longing for drink,bvt not tatislied by drink," ", — 
* Feeling of dryness in the mouth and throat ; especially troublesome on. attempt- 
ing to swalUnv". — ^Dryness of the month and throat, with difficult swallow- 
ing, "". — *Exee»»ive dryness of the mvuih and throat, especially the tongue: 
patieid cannot ewalhw,'". — [1070.] Dryness in the mouth and throat, with 
a scraping sensatioa in the game, and difficult swallowing,". — Dryness of 
the mouth and throat, with difficulty in swallowing; water did uot pass 
down easily; with frequent ex])ectonition of mucus from the pharynx,** . — 
*Dryness, burning and scraping in the mouth and throat,"*. — *Buming in 
themouth,^. — Sensation as if the whole mouth was burnt and full of 
phlycteme,*". — Heat and dryness of the mouth and pharynx, with thirst 
and nausea,'". — *Sensation of heat and dryness in the mouth and pharynx, 
extending to the stomach ; the epigastric region was painful and swollen, with 
constant thirst,'™. — Soreness on the inside of the cheek ; the mouth of the 
salivary duct is as if eroded,'. — Raw feeling at the corners of the mouth, an 
if they would ulcerate,"*. — Sfillva. Salivation,'.— [1080.] Abundant sali- 
vation,*'. — The saliva in her throat was thickened, tenacious, white, and 
clinging to the tongue tike glue, so that she was obliged to put something 
fiuid into her mouth,'*. — Tenacious saliva hangs in long strings from the 
mouth,** (Case 20). — Viscid saliva, which adheres to the tongue aud escapes 
in stringy foam from the mouth,"*. — Tenacious mucus in the mouth (") with 
sensation of dryness, (') hanging in long strings from the mouth,". — Follow- 
ing the paiu in the forehead, an increase of saliva in the mouth ; mucus also 
collected in the upper part of the throat, which was raised b^ hawking,"'. — 
He has much mucus in the mouth, especially in the morning after rising, 
sometimes of a putrid taste,'. — His mouth is full of mucus in the morning; 
he has to wash it out from time to time ; it disappears after a meal,'. — 
Accumulation of water in the mouth in the eveniug for half an hour,'. — 
*Thielc, vhitish mucus accumulates in the mouth and throat, with constant 
inelinaiion to hawk and swallow,"^. — [1090.] Foam from the mouth,**. — 

t See note to S. 175. 



Bloody foam issues copiously from the mouth (shortly before death),". — 
[Bloody foam from the mouth, GonTulsions of the head, and gDaahiog of the 
t«eth, from moraing till noon]," (Case 22). — TOHte* Insipid taste ia the 
moulb,'- — Slight sweetish taste iq the mouth,*. — Weak, aromatic taste,". — 
Disgusting taste in the mouth, with cleau tongue,'. — Disagreeable, nauseous 
taste in uie mouth and empty enictatioas,".— Clammy taste, wiLh white- 
coated tongue, and sense of emptiness in stomach,**.— Slimy taste in the 
mouth,'. — Pappy taste in the mouth, with white fbrred tongue (three hours 
after one-<)uart«r grain),'". — [1100.] Salt sourish taste in the mouth,"*. — 
He had a taste in the mouth like sour wine,**. — Bitter taste, or taste 
of blood, and sometimes a slimy and nauseous taste in the mouth,*". — 
Spoiled taste in the mouth," (Case 8). — Putrid taste comes up out of the 
fauces, even when eating and drinking, although food and drink have 
their proper taste,". — Putrid taste in the mouth after ehe has eaten,' ", — 
Extraordinary tAst« of the saliva,", — At times everything eaten tastes 
salt,*". — Salt taste of food, as if everything bad been salted (after twenty- 
five hours),"*. — At the commencement of a meal food has its proper taste, 
but all at once everything appears to her to taste too salt or disagreeably 
insipid, with a feeling in the throat as if she should vomit what ehe had 
taken,'". — [1110.] In the evening the bread and hutl«r, or at least the 
' last of it, tasted very sour, and be generally experienced more or less heart- 
burn afterwards, which continued for two houre (on eight evenings in 
succession) (after four days),'. — Broth which had been taken appeared sour 
and left a scratching sensation in the throat,**. — (Bitter taste of the bread 
and apples in the evening),'. — Loss of taste,". — Speech, Speech rapid, 
interrupted,*". — Speech slow, impeded,*". — Paralytic weakness of the or^ns 
of speech,'. — Stammering weakness of the organs of speech, with full con- 
sciousness,'. — Stammering speech,"". — He stammers like one intoxicated,", 
— [1120.] Indistinct speech; stuttering,"*. — They utter badly articulated, 
confused sounds,'", — Difficult articulation,*". — Speech became more and 
more difficult,"*. — Difficult speech, difficult breatniug, and great lassitude ; 
afterwards anxiety,'. — Speechlessness,'*. — Dumbness,". — She suddenly lost 
the power of speaking and swallowing and fell into a comatose slate (after 

Tfiroat. — Jn General. *The mueow membrane, Jrom the potlerior 
third of Vie palate as far dovm a* eould be seen, vku of a aetp erimmn color, 
tmd the totmU toere much enlarged,'*'. — Redness of the throat, and burning 
along the whole alimentary canal,'", — [1130.] Aphthous inflammation of 
the throat,'". — A great deal of mucus accumulates in the throat, interrupt- 
ing respiration, and giving rise to constant hawking ,*".—& me mucus in 
the upper part of the throat, with a general sensation as if a catarrh of the 
throat and fauces would develop ; the arches of the palate, tonsils, and pos- 
terior wall of the pharynx were swollen and inflamed (repeated in different 
provers), (seventh day),'". — 'Ax toon as the throai began to feel sore, there 
was a great expectoratutn of light mueiu,™', — Raising of a quantity of phl^m 
from the throat (ajter three-quarters of an hour),". — Spitting of blood from 
the throat,"*. — In her unconsciousness, she frequently put her finger deep 
into her throat, scratched at her gums, and pressed her throat with both 
hands,". — The throat ia swollen iutemally,*".! — *Dryne*ii in the throat," *". 
—Dryness of throat (mother and child, within an hour),*".— [1140], *Oreat 
dryneii of the throat," "'.—'Exeeesive dryneet of the throat,*.~'DTja«s» of 

t Not found. 



the throat, without difficulty in swaHowing or Bpeaking (after one hour),"*. 
— *DryneM and burning of ihroat,"^. — Pain in the throat," ". — At first, he 
complained of pain in the throat,'". — Pain in the throat and colic,** (Case 
6), — 'Sensation of heat and dryness in the throat (after five minutes),'". — 
*Hi» throat became hot and (fry,"*. — * Violent burning in the throat (the 
mouth at the same time being naturally moiat), tWticA U not at all relieved 
by drinking, but is by a little tugar, though only for a moment,*. — * Burning 
Mtd, great dryness, and roughness in the throat,'^'^. — *Sensation as if a large 
tum&r was growing in the throat and topped it up,"'. — [1160.] Sensation of 
oonslriction in throat (after five hours), . — His throat and fauces felt con- 
stricted on account of the too great dryness of the mouth ; tliere was not 
a particle of mucus there, and only m<>derate thiist, yet he could swallon 
the milk he was drinking,"*. — Comiriction of the throat with choking sensa- 
tion,"^* — Dniisg deglutition, foeling in the throat aa if it were too narrov, 
or drawn together ; u if nothing wonld paai properly (after two hours),"*. 
— Painful constriction in the throat, which extended to the stomach, with 
hurtling aud violent thirst,'". — A pressive sensation in the throat, in the 
region of the tonsils (seventh day), . — Something seemed to her to rise up 
out of the abdomen and lo press on the throat, vith retching, but without 
sense of nausea or vomiting,'^. — Shootings in the throat on the left side, 
alike between and during the acts of deglutition,'. — *A violent shooting pain 
in the throat on swallowing and breathing,^\ — Soreness of throat (alter five 
hours),*". — [1160.] Throat a little sore (after reading aloud one hour),"'. — 
*Soreness extending from throat to ears (morning after taking),*", — *Felt 
great soretiess in the throat, which looked very red about the tonsils and palate,"'. 
— *He felt great soreness in the throat, which looked very red about the tonsils 
and palate. The soreness extended to the ears,'". — *Sore throat, which in- 
creases every hour; heat, scraping, narrowing, and feeling of soreness,'. — Sore 
throat; during deglutition, scraping in the soft palate aud sensation as tf 
the part had been rubbed sore,'. — For a week afterwards he had sore 
throat, difficulty of swallowing to a great degree, with considerable redness 
of the mucous membrane of the mouth and fauces ; the tonsils slightly 
swollen (from one dose of gr. 4i of the ext. ),'*'. — Some tickling now and then 
in the throat (after ten days),™. — J\>nsils, Fauces, and Pharynx. 
'IbTuile inflamed,™. — In the throat, inflammation of the tonsils, which 
suppurate after four days, during which time he cannot swallow a drop," 
(C^se 25). — [1170.] Inflammation and swelling of the tonsils, aud of the 
entire throat,'". — Small pimples and abscesses on the tonsils,"*. — Cramp 
extending from right tonsil to the tq> of the pharynx (after fourteen 
hours),"'. — Infiammation of the fauces, . — Tenacious mucus in the fauces," 
(Case 6). — Throwing up of blood, seemingly proceeding from the fauces,",! 
— *I)ryneBi of the lanoei, causing excessive difficulty of swallowing, and al- 
teration of the voice,'". — *Abont the foncei the uniatioii of Atynm waa 
moat diatreiiing. It induced a constant attempt at deglutition, and finally 
excited suffocative spasms of the fauces and glottis, rettewed at every attempt to 
«u>a/&>u, "".^Burning sensation in the fauces ('"), eveir time she took a 
dose,". — Long-lasttug burning pain in the fiinces ; foocl and drinks bum 

f It ended in death. AUo after death blood flows from the note, moulh, and 
B&n of thuae wlio bave been poisoned by Beliadonna; they hHve a b 1 nek i«h- violet 
hue, either in the fkce only or on one side of tbe body, or over tho whole surlaee, or 
these parts are covered with gangrenous spot« ; the epidermis peels off easily, tbe 
abdomen becomes inBated, and putrefaction sets in lometimes witbin twelve hours, 
M Bb. Gmelin und Faber have atatcd. 



like brandy,**. — [1180.] Severe spasm of the pbaiynx (after six houra),'°*. 
-^Dryness of the pharynx,**. — Slight burniDg seasation in the upper part 
of thepharyQz; must frequently anallow; this was rather moredimculttbaa 
usual, as if the pharynx vere epasmodically constricted; this lasted for 
some time aud returned at intervals (sixth day),"'. — Constriction of the 
pharynx,"*. — Great constriction of the pharynx,".| — Qreat constriction of 
the pharynx from dryness of the part,".— Sensation of constriction in 
pharynx, at the same time the throat feels very dry, and is actually desti- 
tute of moisture,'". — Paiuful narrowing and contraction of the pharynx ; 
when preparing to swallow it feels tense and stretched, even when nothing 
is swallowed; during actual deglutitiou it is not more painful, the feeling of 
the fauces being narrowed itself amounts to pain (after sixty hours),". — *Sore 
throat, ehoolinffs in tkepharynz, and pain lu from an iiUemal gwelling, only 
felt during deghdition, and upon twnvig the head round; liLevjise token feel- 
ing Ike tide of Ihe neck, but notwhenatreetoringpeaUng,'. — (Esap/tOffUS 
and Deglutttion, * Contradion of the amphag\i», Irating a short time 
btd frequently recurring, more during dealutition than between, and foUowad 
eacii time by a Bcrapiag seiiiatioa in the region of the epiglottis, as if the 
latter vera raw and iore,'°. — [1190.] Constaut urgius and wanting to 
swallow ; it was as if he would choke if he did not swallow,'. — The throat 
is painfiil during deglutition and expectoration, a sensation of swelling, 
more on the left si de,f -Swallowing caused a pressive paiu in the posterior 
portion of the iaucea,"'. — *Impedea deglutition,', and many others. — 'Diffi- 
cult swallowing," im i» m im m — *Di^{ciUi and painful deglutUion,^. — 'Ex- 
tremely difficult and painful deglutition,'" — Dysphagia (" on account of want 
of moisture of the tissue"),'". — * Only with difficuUy and by constantly taking 
liquidg in he able to swallow solid food, , — ' He twaUovx water with the greatent 
difficuUy, and can only get the very amaSesl quantity of it down,*^ — [ISOO.] 
Deglutition very difncnlt, so that of driuk, taken even in the smallest 
quantity, only a part could reach the stomach ; the rest was thrown out 
again forcibly, with general spasms (aft«r one hour),"*.^ — *At first, he pushed 
away a glass of sugared water; when, on being coaxed, he attempted to drink 
it, only a few drops passed down, Ike rest wag forced out of the mouth by spas- 
modic contraction of the muscles of deglutition, .■~'P&'in\Ksa inability to swal- 
low,'. — His throat was contracted so that he could not swallow," — He 
chewed his food without lieing able to swallow it, because hi:) throat seemed 
to him contracted,". — He cannot swallow on account of the dryness in the 
mouth, the fauces, and the nose," — A constant but unsuccessful attempt ut 
deglutition was observed, aud at every renewal of the attempt the niuscles 
of the throat and pharynx would be thrown into violent spasmodic action,'". 
— External, Painful swelling of the submaxillary glands, also of those 
of the neck and nape of the neck,'". — Strong pulsations of the carotid,'". — 
^Shootingi in the parotid gland,'.— [1210.J * Violent shooting in the right 
parotid, extending into the external ear, where it becomes cramplike, and then 
disappears (after two hours) ; it returns again the following day, also at tlie 
same hour,\ 

Stomach. — Appetite. Unnatural appetite ; he wants to eat alt the 
time and relishes everything,'". — Violent longing for food, aud greedy 
swallowing of it,"*. — Decided hunger, but no iuclinntion for any one kind 
of food,'. — He is seized with a desire for this or that, but he has no relish 
if he eats it,'. — Appetite for thin broth, and for bread and butter, but for 

f Sm 8. 1140. 



nothing else ,*, — Appetite very much diminished,** ". — Diminished appetite, 
Buimal food is especially disagreeable to him,". — Loss of appetite,*". — 
Complete loss of appetite,'".! — [1220.] Loss of appetite in toe morning, 
with disgust for all food, esjrecially meat and acidn,"'. — Loss of appe- 
tite, with increaeed thirst,"'. — Loss of appetite, with feeling of emptiness 
and hunger; if he begins to eat, he relishes the food, and eats as usual,'. — 
Want of appetite,"". — Want of appetite, with headache," (Case 10}.^He 
ate without appetite or taiite; swallowing was somewhat difScult on accouot 
of dryness in mouth aud throat, with a feeling of fulness in the abdomen ; 
repeated gripiuga around the navel, as if he were obliged to go to stool; 
relieved afler passing wind,". — All his appetite goes away atler smoking 
tobacco,'. — No appetite ; he loathed everything,',- — -Aversion to food," **. — 
Aversion to food, lasting a long time,'. — [1230.] [Entire aversion to all 
kinds of food and drink, with frequent, weak pulse]," (Case 16). — Repug- 
nance to acids,'. — ThiVHt, *Qreai (hirst,"'. — *Anxiotie seeking /or drink, . 
— *Exee»eive third for cold water (after four hours),". — Excessive thirst, 
with preference for cold water,'", — Considerable thirst for cold drinks, 
without heat (after seven hours),". — Desire to drink from large vessels and a 
great deal at a time,'", — Extremely troublesome thirst,".— Violent thiret,*". 
— [1240.] Violent thirst (after one howr),'". — Violent thirat, which he is 
unable to satisfy on account of inability to swallow,'". — Great thirst and 
difficult swallowing,'". — Excessive thirst ; repeated vomiting, after she had 
drunk with large swallows,'", — [Great thirst, frequent micturition, copious 
sweat]," (Case 22), — Uncjuenchabie thirst, with uncommonly slow pulse 
{after ten hoUrs},'". — Desire for beverages, without appetite for drinking; 
he scarcely put the drinking- vessel to his mouth before setting it down 
again (alter eight hours),", — Tormented with burning thirst aud heat in 
alt parts ; she craved drink from time t-o time, but repelled it when offered,". 
— Aversion to milk, which she generally and very readily drinks ; it ap- 
pears to her to have a loathsome, very disagreeable smell, and (bitter^ 
sourish) taste, which disappears, however, after continuing to drink, ""_ — 
Most astonishing thirst in the evening, with watery taste, though all liquids 
are loathsome to her,*.— [1260.] Great thirst during the catameuia," — 
After a long sleep, violent thirst," (Case 19), — After the sweating at first 
induced had diminished, the thirst increased, and the appetite fell off,"' 
(Case 10), — Thirst very slight, notwithstanding the general heat,'",— No 
tbirBt,*" . — No desire for drinks; absenco of thirat, , — *AveTsitm to aW 
Jluids, eo that she behaves frighifuHy at the sight of them. The forcib/e adminis- 
iration of fluid medicine makes her furious, . — Coffee is disagreeable to her,*,, 
— Repugnance to beer, ^.—Eructations and Siccovgh. Ineffedual 
inclination to eructate. Half-suppressed, incomplete eruelalions^. — [1360.] 
Slight eructation,'",— Frequent eructations from the stomach,".— Sobhine 
eructations ; a spasm composed partly of eructation and partly of hiccough, , 
— Tasteless eructation and flatulence in the bowels, witn transient stitches 
in the left breast; the following night he awoke at 1 o'clock, on account 
of distension and griping in the nypogastric zone, with troublesome nausea ;: 
passing wind relieved (after five minutes),". — Eructations tasting of the 
ingest a,'.— Sour eructations,"', — Burning, sour eructations, during which a 
corrosive acid moisture came into the mouth, with a kind of strangling,"'. 
— Frequent bitter eructations,*". — Bitter eructations after a ineal,', — Putrid. 
eructations," (Case 8), — [1270.] Eructations and vertigo," (Case 15). — 

f In connection with S, 9S0, 



Eructations with want of appetite,** (Case 17). — Several attacks of violent 
hiccough," — Violent hiccough, vhich jerked her up, after which she be- 
came deaf until the next attack,*. — FrequeuC spasmodic hiccoughs, nhich go 
on even to suffocation,'". — [Hiccough with convulsion, alternately of the 
left arm and right leg, followed by violent thirst, with redness and heat of 
the head],*. (Cufle 14).— Violent hiccough about midnight," (Case 6). — 
[Hiccough at night, with profuse nweat]," (Case 14). — Nausea. Squeam- 
ishness after break fast,'. ^Nausea,"*. — ^1280.] Feeling of nausea (after two 
and a half hours),"'. — Kansea in the stoinaoh,'. — Nausia without vomit- 
ing,"*. — Frequent attacks of nausea in the forenoon (after seventy-two 
hours),'. — Nausea, with sensation of fulness in the throat ; 'nausea gradu- 
ally changes to burning (after three and five-sixth hours),'", — Nausea and 
eructations, with taste of the ingeeta,"*, — Nausea and pain in the stomach,"', 
— ^The influence of medicinal doses on the intestinal secretions is not very 
marked, but when given by the mouth and in large dnees. Belladonna fre- 

3uently causes nausea, and in poironous doses vomiting, and sometimes 
iarrhcea,"*. — Nausea and inclination to vomit (after six hours)," '". — 
Nausea and disposition to vomit,"*. — [1390.] Nausea and desire to vomit 
(mother and child wilhin an hour),'". — Nausea and inclination to vomit, but 
entire inability to vomit, '".^ — ^Nausea and inclination to vomit, often before 
eating,"'.— (In coughing, the stomach turns, as if vomiting would come on, 
even when it is empty), . — Disposition to vomit when walking in the open 
air,*. — Nausea, inclination to vomit, and such violent thirst that they were 
obliged to drink an excessive quantity of water,".— Nausea and inclination 
to vomit, in the throat (not in the scrobiculus cordis), with occasional bitter 
eructations, in the evening,"*. — Inefiectual disposition to vomit ; empty 
retching,' '. — Inclination to vomit; unsuccessful retching; he cannot vomit ; 
inexcltabilily of the stomach,". — Ixiathing with inclination to vomit, espe- 
cially when be would eat," — [1300.] Frequent loathing and retching," 
(Case 2). — VomiHtiff. Ftwntfmff,*" *" '". — Vomiting {aii^t thirty min- 
utes),'". — Excessive vomiting,". — Vomiting (after six hours), followed im- 
mediately by sleep for several hours,". — Threw her food up within half 
an hour after eating (soon after taking),*". — Vomiting of undigested food, 
which had been taken twelve hours beibre,". — Vomitmg of whitish watery 
substances,"*. — He often spat out or vomited mucus,*". — -Vomiting of mucus 
after noon," (Case 5), — [1310.] Vomiting of bile and mucus," — Vomiting 
of bile, with much straining, trembling of the limbs, cold sweat, etc,,"'. — 
Vomiting of a large quantity of dark bluish-red fluid (containing the ber- 
ries), followed by loss of consciousness and delirium,*". — Vomiting, in the 
evening,** (Case 5). — Vomiting, which often occurs in the evening or at ■ 
night, . — Violent vomiting of food, often without nausea or straining, 
especially after meals,"'. — Vomiting after drinking milk, followed by slight 
amelioration," — Vomiting after eating or drinking (second day),'*'. — Vom- 
iting and profuse sweat, , — Vomiting, vertigo, and flushes of heat,". — 
Vomiting, with diarrhcea, vertigo, and cramps,"*, — [1320.] Difficulty in 
exciting vomiting,'" '" '". — He did not vomit after fourteen grains of tartar 
emetic, and did not even feel nauseated by it,'^. — Stomach. Inflamma- 
tion of the stomach (post-mortem),", — Region of stomach is distended but 
painless,'". — The pit of the stomach and hypogastric zone were swollen and 
tense,"", — After lying down in the evening in bed, distended epigastrium, 
with tensive pain in the stomach,'. — He lay vpon ki» slomach, with the head 
resting on the hands and raised up,*". — It is as if there were something in 
.the pit of the stomach, which always makes him cough,'. — Feeling of emp- 



tiaeea in the stomach (three hours, after gr. ^),'*- — Distress in the stomach 
(aft«r three-quarters of an hour),'". — [1330.] Pain in the stomach (two 
cases),'". — Sharp pain over the stomach (after four and a half hours),"', — 
Violent stoniachache, lasting a short time,'", — Severe pain in stomach 
(mother and child, within an hour),"". — Fain in stomach, with slight nausea 
(immediatelY),"'.— "^crucioiiny pairw about die pit of the stomach,''*.— *At 
nighi, periodical pains at the pit of the stomaeh, with trenwr'. — *BurmTig in 
the stotnach," ".—Burning of the atoniach, every time she took a dose,'',t — 
Sensation as if there were burning hot balls in the stomach, and something 
acid and corrosive in the pylorus,"'. — [1340.] Burning pain at the orifioe 
of the stomach,".-— Burning in the stomach and oesophagus, with desire to 
vomit,"', — Heartburn (when smoking) ; a scraping, burning, smarting sen- 
sation remains long after, at the commencement of the throat and upper 
Sart of the larynx (after two hours),', — After eating, the stomach and ah- 
omen feel swollen and oppressed," . — While walking, frequently a squeez- 
ing in the scrobiculus cordis, a sort of crampy sensation, which obliges him 
to draw a deep breath,'. — Cramp pains in stomach and bowels (mother and 
child, within an hour),'", — After eating a very little food, a peculiar con- 
tractive sensation in the stomach,". — Spasm in the stomach, like cramp,". 
— Long-lasting spasm of the stomach, always during the midday meal,. — 
Spasmodic pressure on the stomach,*'. — [1360.] A pressure in the pit of 

utes),"'. — Violent pressure at the pit of the stomach, felt only in v 
it forces him to move slowly (after forty-eight hours),". — Violent pressure 
in the stomach, with inclination to vomit,' .—Sensation of a bar pressing 
on the Hloniach and pnecordial region, with crampy and contractive pains, 
. often with inclination to vomit, headache, epiatasis, trembling of the limbs, 
and great weakness,'". — Shootings at the pit of the stomach,' '. — * Violent 
' ihoo&ng euUinq pain in the pit of the ttomach, forcing one to bend the body 
backwards, ana to hold one's breath^. — Pinching right across the epigastrium 
and downwards us if in the colon,", — * Region of stomach sensitive to touch*". 
— [1360.] Painfuluess of the epigastric zone to touch,'*, — Pulsations, unea- 
siness, and feeling of inflammation in the stomach,'", — Painless throbbing 
and beating at the pit of the stomach,'. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Fulness below the short ribs when 
BtDoping; fulness at the pit of the stomach and darkne^ before the eyes 
(afler four days),'. — The abdomen is tense round the ribs,". — When press- 
ing on the epigastrium, pain as if the hypochondria were being pressed 
out,'. — Belladonna increases the secretion of bile,'". — Swollen, painful 
liver, preseuiing swellings like abscesses,'". — Heaviness and pulsations in 
the hepatic region, with sensation of swelling in that part, and inclination 
to lean to the left side and to draw up the right shoulder,'". — Cramps of 
the liver, involving the chest and exciting paroxysms of cough and sufib- 
cation,"^.— [1370.1 Pulaative pains, with anxiety at the liver, extending to 
the epigastnum," . — -Pinching laterally in the abdomen, in the hepatic re- 

S'on, so that in attempting to rise from his seat, he could not for pain,'. — 
nil shootings in the right side of the abdomen near the false ribs,'*. — 
Sensation of inflammation and swelling of the spleen,'". — Sharp pain in the 
Bplenic r^ion (after six hours),"'. — PuTsative, crampy, and deepseated pains 
in the region of the spleen,"*. — Umbilieal legion. A constriction 

f See S. 1076, 



of the belly in tbe umbilical region, as if a ball or lump were forming,'*, — 
* Along with ike senBotion of duieneion of the abdomen, eonttrietive pain behw 
the umbUkiu, vihieh comet injerkt, andjorcea (me to leanfaruiard bent double 
(after four hours),'. — Soonatier a stool, a tensive seusatiou below the navel 
for only a few moments (second day),"', — Squeetlog and clawing around 
the umnilicus, so that he was obliged to bend forwards,'. — [1380.] A squeez- 
ing together in the umbilical regiou, more in the middle of tbe day and in 
tbe atternoon,'. — After eating, violent pinching below tbe umbilicuB, im- 
mediately under the abdominal walls (after two and a half hours),'. — 
Griping about tbe navel (after quarter of an hour),". — Dull etaba, as with 
a kxiife, in the left side below the umbilicus,'. — Violent stabs, as with a 
blunt knife, between the right hip and the umbilicus (after twelve hours),', 
— From the regiou of the navel, round the left hip as far as the lumbar 
vertebne, a shooting stab, aa if in one thrust, which terminated with great 
painfulness in the latter r^ion (after three^nartera of an hour),'. — Itching 
shooting in the umbilicus, which disappear on rubbiug it (after one hour),' , 
— In Genetat, Indammation of the upper part of the abdomen (post- 
mortem),". — Abdomen somewhat distended,'". — Distended, yet neither 
hard nor painful abdomen,". — DisteusiiKi of the abdomen, with rolling or 

grumbling of the inteatiuefl on the left side,". — After a confined motion, 
istenaion of the abdomen and heat of head,** (Case 14). — Distension of the 
abdomen, and transient pains in the abdomen,". — The abdomeu is meteor- 
ically distended, the diaphragm pushed forcibly upwards (after five hours),"*. 
— Meteoriam,'" '" '" '". — Great meteorismus,'", — Meteorism of the bellv, 
with constipation, in one case subsiding and recurring with the delirium,'*'. 
— [Distended, bard abdomen], ".—The abdomen disteuded and very hard,'", 
— Inflammatory swelling of the abdomen,"*. — [1390.] Swelling of abdo- 
men, formation of flatulence, and pinching in umbilical region, ". — Swell- 
ing of the belly, and aphthse in the throat,'". — The abdomen swollen, the 
pulse small and frequent,'", —* Tunie/adion of the abdomen, which was very 
tender to the touch, constipation and weak pulse,'". — (Extraordinary and 
preternatural infladon of the abdomen, after death),". — Inflation of the 
abdomen, as by a mass of water around the bowels, especially in the um- 
bilical region, which becomes prominent,"*. — A drawing-in of the abdomen, 
with pressive pain (in lying), . — Violent recurring rumbling in the abdo- 
men,'.— Loud rumbling in the abdomen, as if everything there were jum- 
bled topsy-turvy (after half an hour),"*.— A mmbliug and pinching in the 
belly,'*.— ^1400,] Borborygmi and flatulence, which extend from the 
abdomen oven into tbe stomach, with burning and pressive pains in the 
pnecordial region,'". — Discharge of much wind,". — Very frequent e; 
of almost inodorous flatus,'". — Flatulence without smell, and son 
having a putrid odor,*". — Wind in the bowels, tasteless eructation, and 
urgency to stool, but which amounted to little,".— With the desire for stool, 
feeling in the abdomen as if diarrbcea wuuld set in, with internal heat 
in the abdomen (after one hour),". — Pain in tbe belly,"'. — Violent pain in 
the abdomen,"" '*. — * Feeling of heal in the abdotnsn ae if from a hot iron*'*. 
— Occasional heat in the bowels, chest, and face,"*. — [illO.] *Heat in the 
belly (with anxiety^, in the eh^ and in the face, with obstruction of the 
nose,". — * Burning m the abdomen,'\'f — ^Burning, eompremon, and pinching 
in the abdometi, obliging him to bend double^. — Sensation of fulness in the 
abdomen, especially soon afler a stool (seventh day),'".— * (7o/ic, spasmodic 



teiuion from ik^ tAetf todeepin fA« oMamen, which doM not permit the body 
to be moved in the least (after half an hour),', — The abdomen was rather 
contracted,"*. — Pinching in the intestines,*. — Violent pinching deep in the 
abdomen, which becomea much more violent on drawing oneself in, and in ' 

bending the upper part of the body to the left side (after six hours),'. — In 
the evening, always severe pinchings in the abdomen, followed by a soft 
motion,"*. — Pinching colic, whereby he is obliged to sit with hia body bent 
double, with ineffectual urging to diarrhtea, and subsequent vomiting,'. — 

S420.] An extremely severe griping in the right side of the belly, also, 
aip sfacx)ting8 from thence to the right side of the cheet, as far aa the 
axilla,".— * (Xic, at if a spot in the abdomen were aeized viith the nails, a 
griping, elvtching, cUnoing^. — ^Colic,*". — Continual colic,** (Case 1). — Colics 
and cramps in the abdomen and in the loins, with inability to keep Btill,"*. 
— [Goiic, constipation, diuresis, with eructations and inclination to vomit],** 
(Case 12). — Very severe colic, with affection of the head and paralytic 
weakness of the entire right aide of the body,". — [Colic, constipation, 
diuresis, with eructations and inclination to vomit],**.— Col io and leucor- 
rhraa," (Case 1^).— (After drinking milk, colic, a few shooU),'.— [1430.] 
Colic as from a heavy weight pressing, only when walking and standing, 
disappearing every time he sits down,'. — A dull, irritable drawing in the 
whole circumference of the pelvis ; this pain is alternately felt in the sacrum 
and the os pubis,'. — Drawing in the abdomen as from flatulence, rumbling 
and passage of wind,". — Drawing pains in the abdomen, with cold feet,' . 
— Heavy, dull, bearing-down pain in the abdomen and pelvis ; (symptom 
repeated several times, and very similar to what prover suffered at every 
period), (after two and three-quarter hours),"'. — Pressure in the al>domen 
as from a atone, with paina in the loinR,** (Case 18). — Pressure, di^^ging, 
cutting, and atitching m the abdomen,'". — Stitching and burning in the 
abdomen, as also in the hvpochondria and loin a,"'.— Fine sticking, as of 
countless needles, from withm outward. In whole abdominal and thoracic 
cavities,"*. — (Cutting in the abdomen in the evening, a few hours before 
going to bed),'. — [IMO.] In the morning in bed, in the left side of the 
belly on which he is quietly lying, a preciaive cutting, which disappears as 
aeon as he lies on the other side, ".^11. 30 a.u., sharp pricking pain in 
abdomen (second day),'".—*Lotig-Iaatiiig pftinftilness of the whole abdo- 
men, ft« if it were all tore and raw (after one hour),"^. — Ail showed signs 
of teuderness when pressed even slightly on the abdomen, particularly over 
the ovarian region, . — Raw pains in the trowels, as if they were burnt or 
scraped,"*. — ^ExaeBBive tendenieBB of the abdomen, which cannot bear 
the Blightest tonoh,"*. — Hypoffastrium and IHac Region. The 
hypogastric zone is sunken in, soft, and nowhere painful,"". — In the evening, 
feeling of fulness in the hypogastric tone, very white-coated tongue, want of 
appetite, slight griping in the bowels, rumbling, and feeling of accumula- 
tion of flatulence, which, however, will not pass off,". — Drawings in the 
hypogastric region on the right side over the horizontal ramus of the pubis, 
occasioned by wind, which alao passed away,". — [Presaure very low down in 
theabdomen,asfrom aheavy weight]," (Qise26).t— [1460.] * Violent ont- 
tinff presBOre in the hypogutrinm, now here, now there (after one hour),'. 
— * ( Jii Ihe morning, apreesing, at if everything totnild be forced out towards the 
organs of generation, with distension of the abdomen; after the pressing, the 
abdomen eonfracted, and this wasfollovxd by a discharge of white mucus jrotn 

t Apparently a lymptom of the patient'i disewe. 



the vagina),^. — *In the jnorning, immediaiely after getting ovt of bed, a violent, 
t«7m've, pressing pain in the whole of the kt/pogngtriwn, but egpecially in the 
region of the os pubis : it appears as if the hupogastriun (rarely the epigas- 
trium), were apasmodieaUy constricted, aometi'mes an if it were distended (al- 
though not really so) ; pains which gradually increase and gradually decrease 
(after twenty-four hours),'. — */n the hypogastrium, immediately below the 
umbilicus, a feeling as if the internes pressed ovlwarda, ckieflj/ in standing 
(after six days),". — Cutting ia the whole of the hypogaatnum, yet most 
violent in the left side,'. — When rising from his seat, he feels a pain in the 
crests of the ilia, as if a sharp body were protruding there,". — Swelling of 
the inguinal glands,"". — Fine shootings in the left groin,". — Severe shoot- 
ings in the inguinal glands,'. — In sitting with the trunk bent forwards, a 
feeling in the right groin as if a bard body pressed outwards,"*. — [1460.] 
In the right groin, at the inguinal ring, in sitting with the trunk bent for- 
wards, a feeiing aa if a hard body prseed from within outwards, without 
the part feeling hard to the touch (after six days),". 

Mectum and Anus. — Hremorrhoidal flow for several day?,'. — 
Hiemorrhoidal discharge of decomposed blood, even when not at stool,*". — 
Sense of constipation,' . — *Sgueezing, constrictive pain in the lowermost in- 
testines, alternately with dvU shoots or jerks in the direction of the perineum 
(after thirty-six hours),'. — Contractive pain in the rectum, then ulcera- 
tive pain in the epigastrium ; thereupon rapid evacuation of mucous diar- 
rhoea; lastly, tenesmus,'. — Pressing in the rectum towards the anue," — 
*A sort of tenesmus, a constant pressing and urging towards the amis and 
genUals, alternating with painful contractions of the anus (after twelve 
hours),'. — Distinct, rapid, severe shootings in the rectum, during stool 
(afler three hours),'. — Itaw feeling with burning and constrictive pains in 
the rectum,'". — [1470.] Voluptuous tickling in the lower part of the rec- 
tum,'. — Itching in the lower part of the rectum,'. — Violent, sudden, painful 
itching in the rectum and anua,'. — Prolapsus ani during stool,'". — Intoler- 
able itching at the anus,"'. — Violent itching, and at the same time con- 
atrictivB sensation in the anus,'. — Itching at the anus externally, when 
walking in the open air,'. — Itching and moisture at the anus and peri- 

Stool, — Ureent inclination to go to stool,"*. — Constant desire for stool,'. 
— [14B0.] Urging to stool, which is thinner than usual, bid passes in proper 
quantity,^ — Ui^ing to stool and colic," — *Frequent urging to stool, without 
result, or with a very scatiiy and hard evacuation,. —* Frequent urging to slool, 
aomdimes ijteffecttial, and with tenesmus,"". — Ineffectual urging to stool, fol- 
lowed by vomiting,'.— *iS(7-ai7»iit3 fa sfoti/; the evaeuaiion is undoubtedly diar- 
rhceie, hut very little is voided, and immediately after follows much-increased 
straining (after three hours),'".— First, a soft diarrhceic stool; subse- 
quently, however,frequent desire for stool, of which little or nothing comes,". 
— Frequent evacuations,'". — Diarrhosa,*". — At times, diarrhceic evacua- 
tions,". — [1490.] When taken by the mouth in poisonous doses. Belladonna 
sometimes causes diarrhcea,'".— Copious and frequent stools,'". — Very fre- 

?|Uent small stool; one evacuation is hardly finished before an urging ia 
elt for another,'". — Small, loose stools, with sharp, stitching pain above the 
umbilicus (after one and three-quarter hours),'". — Stools often with sweats 
and flow of urine,"'. — Frequent thin stools with tenesmus; frequent desire 
for stool, obliging him to go every quarter of an hour (after forty-eight 
hours),'. — [Several watery stools, immediately after profuse sweat],**. — 
Frequent watery stools, studded with small white flocks, with colics, cramps 



in the stomacli and limbs, chillB, headache, debility, and ^estles»Iles9,''^ — 
An offensive, greenish diarrhcea (af^r nineteen hours),'*'. — Diarrhoea with 
dark dischai^es (second uight),°°. — [1500.] Diarrhoea, inclination to vomit, 
and pressure at the stomach,'" (Caae 14). — Diarrhcea, with pressure at the 
stomach, burning in the at>domen, and inclination to vomit,"'. — [Involun- 
tary passage of fffices],*" (Case 22). — Small,. rapid, involuatary evacua- 
tions,*. — Light-colored, rapid, and involuntary stool,'". — Involvntary evacua- 
tion, temporary paralyeis of the sphincter ani,". — Unusually diminutive stool, 
only very small evacuations resulted for several days,'.— ^tool somewhat 
less consistent than usual, and colored greenish ; this greenish color of the 
faces was observed during the whole time of the proving,*". — Pappy stools 
mixed with mucus,*. — Soft.yellowish, greenish, browuiah, or whitish stools,*". 
— [1010.] Passage is considetabiy harder and more scanty than usual," — 
Stool as white as chalk, "f — A copious, fluid, greenish evacuation,'". — 
Granular,yellow,somewhatmucoua stool,'. — [Greenish stool ],*° (Case 25).^ 
—[Green stool, with profuse urine, and also with sweat],*^ (Case 24).§^ 
Green stool, ffecea enveloped in reddish mucus (seventh day),"'. — *Slimy and 
bloody diarrkceie gtooU, . — Stools have a very sour smell,'. — Discharge of 
ascarides and lumbrici, with stool,"'. — [1520.] Torpid slate of the bowels,'". 
— Evacuation slow and dry (after one hour),". — Delayed and difficult, 
although soft stools,"*. — Thepaamge it perceptibly retarded," '" '" '" "* "' '" '". 
— Suppression of fieces and urine, with pnifuse sweat,". — She discharged 
neither fseces nor urine, but sweated extraordinarily,'", — [Constipation J,**. 
— Constipation,*". — Constipation, with colic, uneasiness, and burmug in the 

Urinary Organs. — Bladder, Kidneifft, and Urethra, 
The bladder half paralyzed,"",— [1630.] His bladder was full of urine on 
admission (after nine hours),'". — Fain in the region of the bladder; desire 
to urinate ; only a few drops of urine were evacuated by the catheter,"*, — 
Burning in the bladder, with frequent urination, especially at night,"*. — 
Sensation of turning and twisting in the bladder, as if from a large worm, 
without desire to micturate,'. — *Tene»mut of the bladder,™. — *£hiU press- 
ing in the vesical region during the night,'. — Nephritic colic, often accom- 
Snied with vomiting,"'. — Painful sensation on urinating and evacuation, 
■ some time,™. — Irritation in the urinary passages, especially the neck of 
the bladder, with strangury, and passage of dark, bloody urine, with great 
heat ; scarlet redness of skin, the whole body, palate, and pharynx (after 
one hour),'". — Burning in the urethra and violent urging to urinate, with- 
out being able to pass any,'".— [IHO.] A long stitch in the urethra, which 
commenced iathe bulb and extended to the orifice, in walking (after three 
huurs),l — Between the acts of micturition, dull shootings in the urethra 
behind the glaos, especially during movement,'.^Kaw pains in the urethra, 
with discharge of a few drops oi thick, yellowish mucus, and sometimes 
of blood,"'.^~Titillation in the urethral canal, with feeling as if a sound 
was being turned round in it,'", — Urination. No incbDation to pass 
water,*".-— Frequent desire to urinate,'". — * Very frequent detire to uriruUe, 
even if only a few drops Itad accumulated,^. — *Freqiiettt desire to urinate, 
but the urine voided in remarkably small quantities, although of a natural 
cofor,' ' " ". — Urging to urinate, but can only do so drop by drop,*". — Fre- 
quent call to pass water, which yet could only be done after a great effort 

t Not found. J Iteturn of bile to stool ; curative effect. 



and guUatim. The urine wtu normal, and micturition caused no pain,*".^ 

SUtSO.J Violent ureency to urinate, the urine, however, pawed only with 
ifficulty, in a Bmatl stream,". — Two hours later, he was affected with ex- 
treme desire to micturate, though he could pass only a few dropa of per- 
fectly colorless urine. Prom this time till he lost consciousuesa his desire 
to pass urine was constant ; wherever he could retire he did so, but suc- 
ceeded in eij)elline from the bladder, with considerable effort, only a few 
drops of colorless fluid,'", — Frequent urinating,™, — Frequent micturition, 
obscuration of vision, and thirst in the momiiig," (Case 14). — Much urin- 
ating,". — Some urine passed (after an enema) for the first time (after thir> 
teen hours); twenty-niur hours after this urine excreted copiously,'^. — 
Urine more copious than the drink taken would warrant,**. — Diuresis,*. — 
(Belladonna is, indeed, in the truest sense of the word, a diuretic, and more 
powerful, perhaps, than any other we po8sess.)-^ne other fact relative to 
the effects of Belladonna is worthy of not«, viz., Its tremendous diuretic 
power. I have observed that it does not seem to reach the kidneys until 
It has been some time in the stomach, and has exerted its specific influence 
upon the brain. But its power over the secretiou of urine is very great. 
I am confident I passed, in the course of an hour, three pints of urine, ac- 
companied with a slight strangury at the neck of the bladder,"', — [IMO.] 
The diuretic effect of the drug now (after two and three hours) began to 
be experienced, the patient evacuating an enormous quantity of limpid 
urine,'". — [Frequent micturition of profuse urine],", — Frequent and copi- 
ous emission of urine (after one hour),"*, — Frequent copious emission of 
pale, diluted, watery urine,". — Frequent, rather scanty, discharge of thick, 
reddish-brown, iridescent urine,™ — [Diuresis at nigbt.with profuse sweat],*. 
— [Diuresis, with the appearance of menstruation],**. — Emission of urine 
increased, and mostly involuntary,'". — *He cannot retain his urine,'. — In- 
voluntary micturition (in three children),'*. — [1570.] Involuntary emission 
of urine (in three children),'". — [_Involuniary emweivn of wriiw; lemporaTV 
paralysis of the neek of the btadder],''. — The urine continued to flow invol- 
untarily without interruption, and was like clear spring-water, without 
smell. When one attempted to catcb the urine in a chamber, the patient 
took the vessel, and held it off with one hand outside the bed, while with 
the other he held bis penis, and continued to urinate,"*.— Unconscious 
emission of urine while in a stupor,'*. — 'HU urine escape from him during 
a deep skep in the doj/lime'. — Involuutary urination, of^n at night and 
during sleep,*". — ^Afler urinating, cold sweat all over the body,"°. — The 
urine became more tcanty, and passed with exertion (after one hour),". — 
* Diminished vrine^. — Remarkable diminution in the urinary excretion," "'. 
—[1680.] *Thev.nnewas scanty for the fird (u«n(y-/(twrAour*,'"— Anuria in 
two cases,"". — Excretion of urine now increased, now diminished,". — Diffi- 
culty in urinating,"^. — Bladder full and distended; the urine flows slowly 
and sluggishly through the catheter,*".— Ischuria for twenty-four hours ; 
fbr six days after this the secretion did not exceed six ounces in the twenty- 
four hours, very high-colored, and apparently very thick (on twelfth day 
of taking one-half a grain of extract three times a day for diabetes insipi- 
dus),*'*. — Violent strangury towards the close,"'. — Violent strangury, with 
bloody micturition (case of poisoning by 46 grains of the extract),'".— Could 
neither urinate nor discharge stool, . — He passed no urine, and the bladder 
was evacuated by the catheter, the quantity being scanty, and strongly am- 
nion lacal,"".— [1590.1 Retention of urine,'"'""". — [•Beteation of urm«, 
which only passes drop by drop],". — Retention of urine almost invari- 



ably occurs during t)ie action of a full dose of BelladoDDa, and dysuria 
very often follows. We mav encourage a patient to make prolooged efforts 
to pass urine when fully under the iofluence of the dru^, and be will either 
fail altogether, or only pass a fewdrachms, and this not in little jerks nhich 
indicate spa«n, hut in weak driblets. Indeed, the absence of spasm is 
readily detenuined. If a full-sized flexible catheter be passed under these 
circumstances, it meets with no opposition, but passes readily into the blad- 
der, and the urine flows as sluggishly as from the bladder of a patient 
afflicted with hemiplegia,'". — Retention of urino; often he would take the 
chamber without success ; he ran much about, could not lie quiet for a 
minute, and had twitching of the facial muscles (after a quarter of an 
hour),'". — Suppression of urine, sometimes with constipation, sometimes 
with diarrh<ea,™. — Suppression of urine and stool, for ten hours,', — JJrf/ne. 
Emission of a quantity of watery urine, with sweat,'". — Frequent discharge 
of pale, watery urine, with copious sweat,'". — Whitish urine,'. — Bright- 
yellow, clear urine (after four hours),'. — [1600.] [Clear, lemon-colored 
urine],". — Golden-yellow urine,'. — [Fei&w, turbid wn'ne],". — Urine with 
greeaiah reflections,"'.— ITa for deep red, with a light sediment,*". — Blood- 
colored urine,"*. — Urine dark, and increased,".— Emission of dark, bloody 
urine (after one hour),"^. — Belladonna increases the vesical mucus in the 
urine,"'. — Urine with a white, thick sediment (after twelve hours),'. — [1610.] 
^The urine beeomea tiirbid like yeast, with a reddish gedtmenf,'. — Thick, yel- 
lowish-red, hrickdust sediment in the urine,"'. — Discharge of gravel with 
the urine,'". 

Sexual Organs. — {Male), Red pimples and growths like small 
condylomata on the penis,'".— A sofl, painless tumor on the glans,'. — 
Frequent erections,". — Freauent involimtarjr erections and involuntary 
emissions of urine,"". — Weakness and relaxation of the genitals (from one 
and seven-eighths grain), '".-^Irritation of the genital organs, in boya, which 
was manifested by constant erections, and by seizing the member with the 
hands,'". — Immediately after urinating, a smarting paiu in the outer edge ot 
the prepuce,'. — [1620,] Heat and redness of the penis, with constant semi- 
erection,'". — In the forepart of the glans, an itching titillation resembling 
a flea-bite,*. — Sensation as if caused by an accumulation of serum in the 
scrotum,"*. — Inflammatory swelling of the testicles,"". — Drawing and 
lancinating pains in the spermatic cords and testicles,'". — During micturi- 
tion, drawing in the spermatic cord,'. — Before falling asleep in bed in the 
evening, a tearing upwards in the left spermatic cord, repeated a few 
times,". — Violent shootings in the testicles, which are drawn upwards 
(after ten, eighteen, and tnirty hours),". — Increased sexual desire,"". — In- 
difierence in the night to the distinction of the sexes ; no lascivious, lustful 
thoughts will enter his head ; the sexual desire in the imagination is as if 
extinct,". — [1630.] Entire loss of sexual desire,"*. — Discharge of prostatic 
iuice,'". — Discbarge of prostatic juice from a relaxed penis, . — Nocturnal 
pollutions,'". — Nocturnal emission of semen, during relaxation of the 
penis,'. — Nocturnal emission of semen without lascivious dreams (the first 
night),", — Feeble, but abundant, ejaculation of semen,"*. — {Female), *Af 
every itep violent tkootings in the genital region, as if in ike internal sexiial 
organs (after sixteen hours),"*. — *Badly imelling hemorrha^ &om the 
ntems,", — ^Burning, pressure, uneasiness and weight in the uterine re- 
gion,'^. — [1640.] Cramps of the womb, with feeling as if it was growing 
narrow,"'. — Before the menses, uterine colic with weakness of sight,"*.— 
^Burning in the ovarian region^. — Leucorrhcea and colic,** (Case 14). — 



Flesh-colored or milky lencorrhcea, with a great deal of eolie,*". — Me- 
trorrhagia of light clotted blood,'", — *[Hetrorrha^, the blood having 
a bad imell],'.— *A violent preasin; and urging toward! the Mzaal 
organs, ai if everything wonld fall out there ; worse on sitting bent and on 
walking, better on standing and sitting erect (after ten hours), "".f — Bringing 
on of the catamenia/. — Increased menses {curative effect),". — [1660,] 
'Inordinate menitrual discharge may oeeiir stidderily in females,'^'. — Greater 
flow of the menses, with retaiidation till the thirty -second, thirty-sixth, and 
forty-eighth day,*. — Catamenia appear four days too soon,'. — 'Hemes too 
soon and very profsie, of thick, deeomposed, dark-red blood,*". — Menses 
sometimes delayed, or of pale blood,"*, — During the catamenla, great 
thirst," (Case 14). — During the meiisea, fever, painful lassitude, colic, pains 
in the limbs, weakness and iuclination to remain lying down,"'.— Increased 
sexual desire in women, especially before the meuGSs and in the evening ; 
absence of desire, and even aversion to an embrace, in the morning,*". 

Respiratory Apparatutt.—Larj/nx, Tracfiea, and Bron- 
chi. Catarrh, or coogh with ooryza,'. — Catarrh, with cough, coryza, and 
the head and eyes severely affected,'". — [1660.] A great deal of tenacious 
mucuii in the larynx add nasal fossie,'". — *The diyness extends into the 
larynx, roulering the voice kiakg, and often inducing dry cough,"* '". — 
*Painfol dryueM in larynx, yet with an wiconau^ubU av^sion to all 
drinkg,°\ — The sensibility of the larynx was so much impaired and degluti- 
tion so imperfectly performed, that, on introducing a warm infusion of 
coffee into the patient's month, the liquid collected about the larynx, and 
his features became alarmingly turgid in consequence of impeded respira- 
tion,'". — Evfiry inspiration causes irritation with dry cough,'. — Pain under 
. larynx, with hiccougb, after eating (from one and seven-eighths grain),'". — 
'Sensation as if the larynx was inflamed and iwoUen, tritb snoring 
breathing, and danger of suffocation,'".— Secretion of a great deal of watery 
phlegm,'". — ^Sensation a* if some one constricted his larynx,*". — Sensation 
as if the larynx was narrowed and torn,'". — [1670.] Spasmodic movement 
of the larynx as if it was being tied up,'". — Sensation of ulceration and 
bleeding of the larynx,'". — * Violent scraping in larynx excite a dry cough,". 
— • Tickling and burning in the larynx with violent paroxysms of cough,'". — 
*/» the evening, after lying down m bed, tickling-ilching sensation m the back 
part of the top of the larynx, calling a dry, short cough, which he cannot 
suppress,^. — ^The upper part of the trachea is affected ; he coughs up a sub- 
stance resembling old catarrhal mucus, of a purulent appearance (in the 
morning in bed and after rising), (after sixteen hours),'. — Noise and rattling 
in the orouchial tubes, with insensibility,".— Fb(cc. *Now and then, 
while speaking, tfie voice, which had been weak, becomes suddenly hud and 
clear,'". — The voice became so sharp and clear that her own father did not 
know it (naturally somewhat husky),"*. — *Sough, hoarse voiec,^. — [1680.] 
* Voice hoarse and weak,"*. — *Hoarse, rough voice, with dryness in the 
throat, the seat of which she accurately located in the larynx; she had to cough 
frequently, and swallow often; witen swallowing, she complained of pain in 
the larynx,'". — Hoarse, dull, shrill, whistling, nasal voice,"", — * Hoarseness,'*. 
— 'HoaraeneiB (after six hours),**. — *Hoarse>iess amounting to aphonia,"'. — 
*Hoaraeness, which was especially noticed when oryiug,'".— The voice 
seems changed, and slightly oppressed,'". — The voice is changed, soft and 
hoarse,"*.— speaking is very difficult for him ; he speaks in a piping tone 

t Lying, lilting, C. D. 



of voice,'. — [1090.] Voice weak,"*. — Temporary loss of speech (aphonia),". 
— Almost complete aphoDia,"*. — *Aphonui, or confuted sounds uttered with 
pain,'^. — Cotinh and Expectoration. KaTrness aod drTUCBa in the 
upper part of the larynx excites a cough, ".^Cough, hollow and scraping,'. 
—Cough, with Io98 of breath, noisy inspiration, face red and swollen as in 
hooping-cough,'". — Cough, especially in the afternoon, at night in bed, and 
during sleep,'". — Croupy cough (two boys),'".— A sort of croupy cough,"*. 
— [1700.] *Cmtgh, with a bloody taste in the mrmth,'. — Cough, with tearing 
sensation in the chest, and painful shocks at the nape of the neck and iu 
the abdomen ."'.—Cough, with prickings, as if with needles, in the side 
under the left ribs (after six hours),". — Hard fit of coughing, bb if some- 
thing had "gone the wrong way,""', — (Attacka of coughing, which end 
with sneezing),'. — Attack of coughing, followed by heat,'. — * Cough com- 
menceg in the evening (about 10 o'clock), and oeeurs every qwirter of an hour 
or ofiener tji three or four fits at a time,'. — Night-cough, which frequently 
awakes her out of sleep, after which, however, she falls asleep agaia 
directly,'. — Cough after eating and great thirst,* (Case 12), — * Violent 
cough during steep, witJi grinding of the teeth,'. — [1710.J *BefoTe each attaek 
^coughing the child is quiet, arul immediately befofe the cough comes on, sAe 
begins to cry', — During coughing, the child strain!; much aud is fretful,'. — 
*Dry cough, whereby the throat is scraped"'.— *Short, dry, noisy, spasmodic, 
or else hollow and baane cough,"'. — Violent, dry cough as if a foreign 
body had lodged in the larynx, with coryza (after three hours),". — Attack 
of coughing as if one had inhaled dust ; he is awakened by it at night, with 
mucous expectoration,*. ~ [For several days in succession, about dood, 
violent cough, with expectoration of much tenacious mucus]," (Case 22). — 
Mucus in me air-passages expectorated by coughing and hawking,"'. — 
Expectoration of viscid and whitish mucus,™. — Phlegm, especially in the 
morning,"'. — [1720.] At times expectoration of blackish, thick mucus,*". — 
In the morning, when coughing, expectoration of b]i;ody mucus,'. — Spitting 
of blood,'". — 'Heemoptysis of clear, bright-red blood, rarely coagulated 
and black,"'. — Iteaptration. Respiration is often sighing, without ap- 
parently being otherwise difficult (after eight hours),'". — [Sighs],".! — 
Stertorous respiration (after a quarter of an hour),". — The breathing heavy 
and stertorous,"*. — Respiratory murmur vesicular, though without rat- 
tling,'". — The breathing was stertorous, and the respiratory sounds, hastily 
examined over the anterior part of the chest, were modified by r&les,"*. — 
[1730,] Respiration deep, at times yawning (after seven hours),'". — The 
breath is hot; respiration accelerated (after half an hour),"*'"'*'. — 
*BespinUimt rrgnd and somewhat oppressed,'". — Respiration irregular and 
very rapid,""". — Respiration by jerks, groaning, accelerated,'". — Violent, 
short, hurried, anxious respiration (after eighteen hours),". — Respiration 
retarded, at times whistling,'",— No difference is observed in the rate of 
respiration, even during the maximum acceleration of the pulse,'", — Rea- 
piraCion short and hasty,"". — Respiration short, hurried, sometimes very 
oppressed,'". — [1740.] Shortness of breath, anxiety and suffocative fits, 
especially at night and in the afternoon,'". — *Skortne»a of breath after 
drinking coffee in the aftenwon (after three days),*. — Intermittent breathing 
in the night, iu sleeping and waking; inspiration and expiration together 
last only half as long as the pause before the next inspiration ; expiration 
occurred by fiE« aud starts, and was louder than inspiration; inspiration 
lasted only a little longer than expiration,'. — At times he l3reathed, at 

t Immediately beTore death. 



times he sppeared to h&ve drawn his last breath, such attacks recurrinz 
four times in a quarter of an hour,". — Respiratioa aDxioua, and attended 
with the brazen atridulons souad of croup, . — Respiration laborious and 
occaaioualiy stertorous (post-mortem; congestion of the lunpis),"". — Diffi- 
cult respi ration*. — *Breath hot, retptroHon difficult^. — Very difficult 

Chest. — In General, Inflammation of the lungs,". — [1780.] En- 
goi^meut and abscesses of the breasts,*'. — * Erytipelaioua neellmg of the 
%TeaM*^\ — The breasts suddenly become flaccid and flat, or else inflamed 
aud swollen, with increaged secretion of milk,*". — Burning in the chest, 
with sensation as if the lungs were swelling up and inflating the thorax,'". 
— Burning and drawing pains in the nipples, especially the right,"'. — Vio- 
lent constriction across the chest, as if it were being pressed mwards from 
both sides (after eight hours),^ — In the evening in bed, such a constriction 
in the chest, which did not paas off on coughing for the purpose, that he 
could with difficulty draw in his breath, juat as it the mucus in the larynx 
prevented him, accompanied by a burning in the chest (after sixty hours),'. 
— • Tightnets of the diat,"". — *OppreMwn. of the cAMf,",— Oppression of the 
chest and difficult breathing, especially when walking and in the evening 
in bed, with sibilant mucous and often crepitant rftle,'". — [1760.] Exceed- 
ing weight and oppression of the whole chest,"". — *Painful pressure in the 
ehest, extending into the 6aeA,"*. — *Premve pain in the cfe»( and b^ween the 
^vidert,'. — Pressing pain in the chest with shortness of breath, and at the 
same time between the scapulee, in walking and sitting,'. — Acute presnng 
in the region of the sixth true rib from within outwards (after a quarter of 
an hour),", — Stitches and pulsations in the chest,"*. — In walking, fine 
Stitches below the clavicle from before backwards (after four days),'*. — 
3 P.M., stitches in cheat and Juat below right axilla (second day), . — Fine 
shooting pain in the chest, (Oases 11 and 18). — Shooting, disappearing 
quickly, like atabs with a blunt knife, below the last two ribs, cloae to the 
xiphoid cartilage, and above the false ribs (after eight minutes),*. — [1770.] 
Scraping, digging, and often lancinating pains in the cheat, with constant 
inclination to cough, often without the ability,"*. — Great inquietude and 
beatine in the chest,'. — Sternttm. Pain at sternal extremity of fifth rib 
(after Teas than one hour),"'. — Sharp, cramping pain just below the ex- 
tremity of the sternum, gradually extending to the pit of the stomach and 
upward to the sternum, and over the cardiac region (after nine hours),"'. 
— An acute pressing pain in the sternum directly above the xiphoid carti- 
lage,*. — Stitches in the sternum in coughing aud yawning,'.^ — Shooting, 
pinching pains in the chest, on both sides of the upper part of the sternum, . 
— A beating pain under the sternum above tie scrobiculus cordis,', — 
SidiCft. Pains more in the left than right side of the chest,"*. — ^Burning in 
(Ac right ehetl*. — [1780,] Pressing in the right chest, which causes anxiety,'. 
— Pressing aqueeeing pain in the left and right sides of the chest,'. — A 
pieesing pain below the right nipple,*. — Intermittent, pressing cutting iu 
the ri^t side of the chest, unaffected by either inspiration or expiration 
(after three hours),". — In the right side of the chest, a deeply penetrating 
and constant stitch, unaffected oy the breathing,". — Fine stitches in the 
left aide of the chest from the sternum towards the axilla, more violent 
during motion, unaSecEed by the breathing,", — In the right side of the 
chest, stitches here and there below the skin, in some measure external,'. — 
Stitches in the side of the chest under the nght arm, which hinder the 

f Not found. 



breathiDg, towards eveniDg,'. — (Preaaive shooting pain in the left eide under 
the ribs),'. — ConstaDt pressive shootiug in the cartilageB of the left ribe, 
more violent, and changing into an almost burning sensation, duriug expi- 
ration (after three hours), . — [1790i] A corroding gnawing pain l^neath 
the cartilages of the last ribs on the right side (after two hours),*. 

Meart and Pvtlse. — JPi'iecoi-dium and Heart. Great anxiety 
about the prsecordia,". — Prcecordial anxiety during the catamenia," — After 
dinner and supper, prtecordial anxiety, headache, redness of face, and 
bitter tast« in the mouth," (Case 14). — Anxiety was noticed about the 
heart, a peculiar troublesome sensation from time to time, like that noticed 
with an intermitting pulse ; in fact the pulse did intermit at times (after 
one hour),". — Pressure in the cardiac region, which arrests the breathing, 
and causes -a sense of anxiety,'. — Sensation of cardiac oppression in the 
Bcrobiculus cordis ; she could not breathe properly ; thereupon nausea, ris- 
ing up in the throat as if she would vomit ; and so oppression and nausea 
alternated every seven minutes (afer a quarter of an hour),"". — The ac- 
tion of the heart was feeble (after two hours),'".— The action of the heart 
was feeble, and the pulsations of the radial artery were 116 in the minute, 
regular, and weak (after two hours),"*. — Weak but frequent beat of the 
heart (after a quarter of an hour),". — [1800.] Beat of heart and pulse 
smaller and somewhat contracted, but not accelerated,"".— Starts and trem- 
bling of the heart, which feels large and heavy,"'. — When she goes upstairs 
the heart clucks; a sort of palpitation,"*. — Violent beating of the heart,™. 
— Beating and palpitation of the heart, with great oppression of the chest,"'. 
— Violent palpitation,'''. — Violent palpitation, and active, ncceleratetl 
pulse,"". — Palpitation of the heart, with pulsation of the carotid and tem- 
poral arteries, heat and reduess of face ; generally with congestion to the 
head, and fever (after a quarter of an hour),", — (During rest, palpitation, 
with feeling as if the concussion extended to the throat, more violent dur- 
ing movement, and with difficult, slow respiration),'. — iHiltie. Very feeble 
pulse (after one hour),'", — [I8I0.] Pulse very feeble and almost count- 
less,'". — Pulse scarcely perceptible,"", — ^Pulse small, contracted, uot to be 
counted,'" '". — Pulse full, aud slightly accelerated ,'".—* Full, &eqaent 
pnlse, increased by ten beals,'.—*VTH»9 ftlll and qniok (90 to 100), (after 
six hours),™. — 'J^fee/uW, oioiril20,"'. — Pulsestrong, frequent,™.— Strong, 
rapid pulse,"*. — *Pu1bb mnch inoreaaed in foro« and frequency,'". — [1820.] 
Very small, quick pulse,'.— Pulse small, compressed, and very quick (I'M 
to 130), (after six hours),"*. — Pulse regular, small, and 120,™. — Pulse very 
feeble, and quick,'*'. — Pulse extremely accelerated ,"•. — Accelerated pulse, 
strong or small, sometimes full and slow, or small and slow, or harcl and 
tense,"*, — Pulse 80 (second day),"". — Pulse 80 to 90, and regular,™. — Pulse 
90 (second day),™.— Pulse 100,"— [1830.] Pulse 110,™.— Pulse 120 to 
130,"'. — Pulse very slow and full,"'. — Lai^e, full, slow pulse,'. — Very 
small, slow pulse,*. — The pulse was soft, and slower than usual,"". — Pulse 
weak and slow,™. — Pulse extremely slow, filiform, and irregalar,™. — Pulse 
sank from 80 to 75 per minute (after ten minutes),"'. — Pulse 70, feeble, 
and compreasible,'".— [1840.] Pulse 60 (after five and a half houra),"'.— 
Pulse 37, radial artery full, bard, and firm to the touch, with entire inseo- 
sibility; a vein being opened in the arm, the blood, which flowed slowly, 
was dark and thick,'". — Pulse irregular; one Btrong beat is quickly fol- 
lowed by four or five weak onee (after half an hour), . — Pulse small and 
intermitting,'". — Pulse contracted, very accelerated, often intermitting (aft«r 
seven houre),'". 



Necic and Back.— Neck. *Swe/ling of the ghndt on Ae left »ule of 
theneek,&t which spot he aleo frequently compUiDS of a burniDg paio,'". — 
"Swelling of the gutndt in the nape of the neck, with cloudiness of the bead 
(after six days),', — *Injlam.mation and swelling of the plaadt of the luek and 
of the back of the throat,'"^. — ^Swelling and atiffnete o^the neck and nape of 
the neck, especially on the left side, with crampy paina at the least move- 
ment,"'. — Drawiug pains and pressure at the nape of the neck,'". — [I860.] , 
Presaive pain externally in the neck, when bearing the head backwards 
and when touching the part,'. — *In coughing, a violent preating pain in Uie 
nape of the neck, oi if it would break (after three and a half bouraj,*.— Sharp 

Sfiin between the laat cervical and first dorsal Tertebne (aft«r lour and a 
alf hours),"'. — Sensation as if the nape of the ueck was atruck with a 
hammer,*". — Back in General. Weakness of the spine, with heavi- 
ness of the head, and stooping walk,"'.— Stiffa ess of the muscles of the 
back and lower extremities prevents him from sitting up in bed, or raising 
himself upright ; if supported, he is able to stand on his feet, but is unable 
to move them or to walk,™, — Rheumatic pain in the back," {Case 15). — 
Burning sensatiun, as if the spinal marrow was on fire,'".— Cramps in the 
back and chest,'". — Cramplike pressive seusation in the middle of the 
spiual column, which I)ecomes tensive when he attempts to straighten the 
back (after half an hour),*, — [I860,] During the menses, a cramplike 
tearing, now here and there in the back, now in the arms,'. — Pain as 
if dislocated in the right side of the back and the spinal column,'. — * Gnaw- 
ing in the fipi}ial eoTiimn, with cough,^. — Pressive pain at the left of the 
spinal column, under the false ribs,'. — Stabbings as if with a knife from 
without inwards in the vertebne,*. — Shooting and gnawing pain in the 
spinal co\Mma^.^J)ornal. Painful stiffness between the Bcapulie and in 
the nape of the neck when turning the head and neck to and fro, in the 
morning (after sixteen hours),'. — Distensive and rheumatic paias, with feel- 
ing of dislocation between the shoulder-blades,'". — Pain between the scapulae, 
OS from a strain,'. — Cramp-pain, almost like pinching, between the right 
scapula and the spinal column, '*. — [1870.] Violent drawing along the spine 
between the scapuls, in the evening,'. — Drawing, cutting pain behind nght 
shoulder-blade,"'. — Pressive pain under the left scapula, more towards the 
outer side,'. — Drawing pressure between the right scapula and the spinal 
column,'. — Fine shootings in the right scapula,' . — Repeated electric shoots 
from the left scapula to the right (after one hour),". — Lumbar. Bum- 
iug and weakness in the loins ; he walks with difficulty and bent over,'". — 
Spasmodic sensation in the left lumbar region,'. — Cramps and pressure in 
the loins, extending into the bladder and groins, with inclination to bend 
over and squat,'".-— Cramps and pains of dislocation in the loins and back, 
with painful stiSbess of these parte,"*. — [1880.] Sharp slight pain in left 
loin, just above ischium (after ten minutes),"'.— Cutting pam in right loin, 
and in lower extremity of the sternum (after fifty minutes),"'. — Intensely 
painful sensation of cramp in the lumbo-sacral region and the coccyx; he 
can only sit for a short time, and while sitting becomes quite stiff and unable 
to rise again for pain ; he cannot even lie down well ; be often wakes at night 
because of it, and has to turn on the other side because of the violence of 
the pain ; he cannot lie at all on the back ; be is relieved chiefly by stand- 
ing and walking slowly about, but he cannot walk iast (for eight days),**. 

MxtrentiHes in General.— Objective, The bloodvessels of the 
limbs are distended, especially the arteries in the neck pulsate, so that when 
the lower Jaw is opened it strikes against the upper one at every i>eat, and 



thua gives rise to a eliffht chatteriag of the teeth ; at the same time warmth 
and feeliog of warmtn in the whole body, more especially in the head,'. — 
Swelling of the injured arm and foot,". — I^sity of all the limbs (after a 
quarter of an houi\),". — Trembling of the limbs, '". — Trembling and lassi- 
tude of the limbs, (Case 1). — Trembling of the limbs; tottering gait, with 
raising up of one leg, as if be had to ascend a hill; wherefore he fells down, 
and is unable to rise again without aid,'° — The limbs are in a constant 
tremble ; if a limb was lifted it would again fall powerless,"*. — [1890.] 
Trembling in all the limbs, inability to walk, distended velus over the 
whole body, and disagreeable sense of irritation in the throat, for several 
days,". — [With sudden outcries the hands and feet tremble],*" (Case 1). — 
Extremities constantly in motion, especially the hands, for he is constantly 
busy trying to catch brilliantly colored, glittering, fiery hallucinations,*". — 
The limbs are in constant motion, even without interruption, during the 
whole night,'".— *ire slowly movet the extremities itpiword*, trembling; then, 
vfith greater force, he thrown than dovmujardg,^''. — The extremities would often 
involuntarily perform the motions peculiar to the daily duties of the indi- 
vidual,"'. — * Twitchingt of ike limbs,". — -(Painful) twitchings in the arms; 
more in the right than in the left leg,''*.^I3ontortionB of the extremities ,"•. 
— Alternate sti-ange distortions of the limbs, and complete immobility,". — 
[1900.] Convulsions of the limbs,"*, — * Convulsive movemenl» of the limbg,*'. 
— All the limbs are in convulsive motion,'". — *Conval«ive momentary extenr 
Hon of the limbs on awaking out of sleep,'. — [Spasmodic stretching of the 
limbs, with contortions of the eyes]," (Case 12). — Convulsive twitching, 
turning, and moving of the upper and lower limbs,'"- — Sitasms of all the 
limbs, . — [Spasms of the limbs, with hiccough]," (Case 14). — Numerous 
cramps, spasms, agitation, and contortion of the limbs,"*. — Sensations. 
*Heavine«8 of the hands and feet'.— [1910.^ [Lossitwrfe of the limbs'],". — 
Lassitude of the limbs,".— Indolence in all the limbs, and indispositioa to 
work,*. — In course of time the extremities become so feeble, and almost 
lame, that he could neither stand upright nor raise his hands,"'. — Paralytic 
weakness of all the muscles of the upper and lower extremities (after six 
days^,*. — ^Paralvtic weakness, and feeling of paralysis in the limbs, or on 
one side of the body,"'. — All the limbs seem paralyzed (after six hours),*". 
— [Paralysis of the right arm and right leg]," (Case 11).! — Stiffness of all 
the limbs, under the semblance of a feeling of lassitude,'. — Frequent stiff- 
ness and immobility of the limbs ; for instance, he was not able to stir his 
left foot,"*. — [1920.] Great uneasiness in all the limbs, so that he did not 
know where to put himself,'. — Burning, puleative, lancinating, pressive, 
crampy, or tearing pains in the limbe,'". — Like gnawing of many ants in- 
ternallv in the bones of arm aud thigh creeping from above downward,"*. 
— Pulhng, jerks, and shocks in the limbs,"'. 

Upper Extremities. — In General. Swelling of the arm,". — 
Red or dark swellings on the arms and hands,"'. — Trembling of the anus 
on the slightest motion,'". — [He raises the right arm involuntarily, and 
without his knowledge, above hia head],*" (Case 22). — She occasionally 
stretched out her arms and hands, as if uie would seize something,". — His 
upper limbs move as if affected with chorea,*". — [1930.] The arms and 
hands were in continual contortions,". — Convulsive shaking of the arm, as 
from excessive shuddering,'. — Jerking and nervous trembling of the arms 
and hands,"'. — [Concussive spasms of the arms]," (Case 1), — -[Spasm of the 

t S«e note to S. 664. 



right arin, nith griodiDZ of the teeth]," (Case 20).^^ramM and spasms 
of the arms and hands, . — On eating, he would often put his hand instead 
of the spoon into his soup ; of^n, also, he was unable to find his mouth 
with the spoon, and wouM run it alongside,™. — ^nse of great lassitude in 
the arms, but still more in the hands, as if she must let them hang down,"*. 
— Heaviness in both arms,'. — A heaviness and paralytic feeling in the 
upper extremities, especially In the left arm," — Heaviness of the left arm, 
relieved by venesection,*" (Case 23).>-[1940.] Stillness, so that she could 
not bend it, in the right arm, upon which she had not lain, at 3 a.m., with a 
feeling as if it were shorter than the other, and with a tearing pain 
therein ."■.-rA (aense of) itretolune: and twUtiiig in the npper extremi- 
tiei,". — Paralytio drawing^ preaanre, with wealaeaa, in the right npper 
and forearm (after four days),'. — Shoulder and Arm, Painful swell- 
ing of one of the left axillarv glands (after five hours),'. — Shooting preft- 
■nre on the top of the left ahonlder (after three hours),'. — Sharp tearing 
pain under and in right armpit (third day),"'. — Jerking in the shoulders, 
with numbness and heaviness of the arms,"". — [Spasm of the right arm, 
with grinding of the teeth],". — Inclination to work the arms, as if per- 
forming gymnastic exercises,"'. — Weakness aa of paralysis, first in the 
right upper arm, afterwards also in the forearm (afler eight houre),". — 
[I960.] [Paralysis of the right arm]," (Case 11).! — [The arm feels numb 
and painful],^. — [Rheumatic pain in the right arm, with sense of formii;a- 
tion ; on the following day spasm of the same arm]," (Case 14), — Sprain- 
ing and contused pain in the arms,"'. — She complain«l of a very painful 
cramp in the left arm and in the back, which in the evening extended to 
the thigh," (Case 6). — Crampyand tearing pains in the arms, starting from 
the shoulders and stopping at the elbows,*". — Drawing pain in the inside 
of the left upper arm,*. — A drawing downwards in the muscles of the right 
upper arm, which, when it had reached the region of the elbow, twitched 
upwards again to the axilla, and there ceased for awhile,'. — Drawing pain 
in left arm near insertion of deltoid muscle, relieved by pressure (after 
five hours),"'. — Paralytio tearing pressure in the anterior snrfaoe of the 
left npper arm (afler five days),'. — [1980.] Paralytic presinre in the left 
upper arm, with paralytio feeung and weakness of the whole of the left 
arm,'. — A violent stabbing pain, as with a blunt knife, below the head of 
the humerus, from within outwards,'. — Tearing pain in the humerus,". — 
Bruised pain in the upper arms (afler six hours),".— £(6oiP, JPorearm, 
and Wrlitt. A rumbling in the bend of the left elbow, as if water or 
some heavy liquid were running through the veins,'. — (When moving or 
touching the elbow it pains as if burnt),'. — Paralytic drawing piiiu in the 
elbow, and in the fingers of the left hand,*. — Cutting pain in tne interior 
of the left elbow-joint when walking,", — Sharp shootmgs externally in the 
left elbow-joint (after seventy-two hours),". — Twitching of the tendons and 
muscles on the Inner side of the forearm (after four hours),'" '". — [1970,] 
Feeling of slight warmth along the back of the right forearm, as of ap- 
proaching numbness, and a slight paralytic feeling along the anterior tibial 
nerve (in a few moments),"', — Dull aching in the muscles of the forearm 
(after half an hour),"'. — Tearing in the flexor surface of the left forearm, 
and in the palm of the hand and sole of foot," — Sharp pain shooting 
from the wrist along the course of the ulnar nerve to the elbuv-joint (after 
half an hour),"^. — Acute and tender pain in the radius of the letl arm, 

t See not« to 8. 864. 



near pronator quadratu^ muscles. (This pain has heeu present, at in- 
tervals for yeara, thongh not for a few months), (after half an hour),"'. — 
Cut ting- tearing in the lower muscles of both forearms,'. — Fine shootings 
in the left forearm (after tweuty-four hours),". — Dull shootings in the 
middle of the inner forearm, which gradually increase, and at leugth be- 
come very violent,'. — 11.30 a.m., dull, throbbing pain aloug the radial 
nerve of right arm (second day),"'. — Burning-throbbing in tlie left fore- 
arm, near olecranoQ ulnce, and posterior ridge of radius, aggravated by 
touch and light pressure; this sensation repeated itself often during the 
day ; in the evenmg a similar pain appeared at the base of the scapula, 
near the angle ; this spot appears to be warmer, and also worse on pres- 
sure,". — [1980.] He is uot aole to turn the hand easilj' and freely on its 
axis (as when dropping into a glass) ; be can only turn it by jerks ; it is as 
if there were a deficiency of synovial fluid in the carpus; this impeded 
motion, however, is painless (after four hours),'.— Paralytic tearing in the 
carpal bones,'. — Hands and Fingers. Swelling of the hands,**. — 
Great swelling of the hand,".— Swelling and stiffness of the joints of the - 
hands,"^ — The hands swell and become dry ; he could not take hold of 
anything without dropping it immediately (after three-quarters of an 
hour),". — Constant motion of hands and fingers, '".—The hands were in 
constant motion, the boy played with his fingers, pulled and jerked at the 
covering, and snatched at various imaginary objects,"'. — -Feeling of stiff- 
ness in the right hand and the fingers ; she cannot bend them,"*.— -T>ry sen- 
sation in the palms of the hands, which felt uncommonly smooth (after 
one hour),**, — [1990.] Pain in the bones of the hands as if they were 
pouuded,"'. — Dislocating pain in the joints of the hands,"'. — ^Tearing pres- 
sure in the metacarpal bones and the first joint of the left index finger,'. — 
Shooting-tearing in the metacarpal bones of tbe left hand,^ — Sharp shoot- 
ings in the metacarpal bones of the thumb (after one hour),".- — Slight sore- 
ness of the hands (after ten days),"". — Soreness of the hands on pressure,*". 
— The anterior joint of the middle finger is as if stiff and painful on bend- 
ing; a simple pain (? sore),'. — Pamfol drawing in the posterior joint of 
the left middle finder, ai if in the perioBtenm,'^. — The tips of the fingers 
of the left hand are painful, as if they had been jammed,'.— [2000.] Tear- 
ing-cuttiug in the muscles of the right little finger.'.^Paralytic tearing 
in the middle joint of the right index finger,'. — During general chill, 
shootings in the tips of the fingers from below upwards, especially when 
grasping,', — Pain in the tip of tne middle finger, as if some foreign body 
bad lodged in it and produced ulceration ; the pain is greater when touch- 
ing the part,". — Pulsalive or buruine pains on the finger tips, as if they 
bad been forcibly pinched or struck, . 

Lower Extremities, — In General. Five or six spasms of the- 
muscles of the limbs, trunk, and lace,™. — Trembling in tbe legs,™. — ^A sort 
of stretching; he is obliged to extend the legs (after eleven days),'< — Weak- 
ness of legs,"'. — -His legs fail him,™. — [SOlO.] He seemed to exercise very 
little control over the lower extremities, and to have very little power iu 
them. It waa clear he must have fallen to the ground had he been left 
without support. On being led about both legs dragged, but neither one 
more than the other (after eight hours),'". — It was some days before she 
was able to walk, even with the assistance of a person on each side of her; 
this inability to walk did not arise from weakness, but she appeared to 
have lost all power of controlling the action of her legs,"". — Powerlessnese 
of the lower limbs, so that she must lie down, with nausea, trembling, 



anxiety, aud vertigo,". — Temporary paralysis of the lower ]iaib3,".f — {Pa- 

ralj/iiia of the lower extremities, together wUk the neek of the bladder, and the 
tphiiieter atii],'. — Stumbling, when walking,™, — Tottering gait,'*"". — The 
gait ia insecure, tottering ; standing is untertaiu (after one hour),""*, — 
Staggering,™, — A drawing heaviness in the legs,',— [2080.] Painful sensa- 
tion of heaviness in the right 1^, when laying it over the left (after four 
hours),*. — An unpleasant sensation iu the joints of the lower extremities, 
particularly iu the knees, as if they would give way, especially when 
walking, and when going down stairs,'. — J£lp and Thlyh. Fain in 
the left hip, with limping," (Case 20).— When lying upon her ri(,'ht hip, 
she feels a pain in her left; hut when she lies upim the painful hip, all 
uneasiness subsides (after eight or nine days),'. — Neuralgig pains in the 
hips, groins, thighs, and knees, coming on in paroxysms, and aggravated 
in the afternoon and at night, by contact and esercLse,*'^ — Cramjiy pains, 
with stiffness, in the hip aud ham, especially on the left side,"^ — Paralytic 
tension, while walking, in the hip-joints, as if they were dislocated,". — Three 
or four violent shoots in the right hip, when at rest and in motion,"*. — 
Heaviness in the thighs, even while sitting,'. — Excessive heaviness and 
stiSiiesa in the thighs while walking,'. — [2030.] In walking, heaviness of 
the thighs and legs, with stiffness of the kuee-joints (after twelve hours),'*. 
— [Increased heaviness of the thigh and leg (with discharge of yellow 
mucus from the nose, with increased thirst)]," (Case 2o),J — At uight, he 
felt a paiu iu a small spot on the left tbi^h, between the knee and trocbao- 
ter, which changed to a burning- throbbing next day ; on close examina- 
tion, a slight erysipelatous redness was found, which, however, soon disap- 
peared,*'. — Cramp pain in the glutiei muscles, with tension, on bending the 
body forwards,'*. — Paralytic drawing iu the right thigh and leg,'. — A pain 
drawing from within outwards on a small spot on the inner side of the left 
thigh (after one hour),'. — A knife-stab in the middle of the thigh, more 
towards the posterior side, immediately after a meal,'. — Cntting Blioota in 
the external mnsclei of the right thigh, jvat ahove the knee, only when 
sitting (after two hours and a half),". — Cutting twitching- tea ring in the 

Cterior muscles of the letl thigh when silting (after thi'ec-quarters of an 
ir),'.— Sor« pain on the inner side of the thigh,'.— [2040.] Pahi in ike 
thighs and len, as if they were bmiaed all over, and ax if they were 
rotten ; fine shooting and gnawing along the shafts of the bones, with 
violent tearin? in the joints ; the pain gradually rises from the tanal 
Joints to ths hips, obliges him, wMle sitting, continaally to move and 
shift the feet, and beoomea milder when walking (after four hour:<),". — 
The ischia feel sore; it seems to her as if she had no flesh ou them ; never- 
theless she has more comfort in sitting on something hard than on a soft 
aeat,'. — Hard pressure in the middle of the anterior surface of the right 
thigh,*.— -A fluctuating throbbing pain in the upper and inner part of the 
left thigh- (after twenty-nine hours},'. ^ — JKiieeS. A twitching in the bend 
of the right knee (after a quarter of an hour),'". — A twitching in the bend 
of the knee, extending upwards into the muscles of the thigh,'. — {^Tremor 
of the ifcueea],".— Violent pain in the knee,"'. — Cramplike pain in the right 
knee, near the patella towards the outer side, when sitting, ^ — Cramp pain 
in both knee-joints, particularly about the patellse ; she could not walk up- 
stairs,"', — [2050.] Squeezing and pressing pain in the bend of the right 

IS she bad beforo be(;inning Bclladonnk. 



knee,'. — In walking, the outer hamBtrin^ of the left knee-joint feels tight, 
and as if too short ; it alternates with a similar seusation in the inner hatn- 
string, but that in the outer one la more inteuse," — Pressive shooting in 
the right patella, while sitting (after three and one-half hours),', — Dull 
shoots in the bend of the left knee (after a quarter of an hour),'. — Prick- 
ings below the left patella, when sitting,'.— Shooting tearing thron|;h the 
left knee, and a crawling on the left Bole ; at the same time tearing in left 
hand, in the upper third of the nietacarpdi b<jne of the little finger,**. — 
Very rapid buDltling, as of water, in the forepart of the left knee, when 
sitting (immediately),". — Tinghng-quivering sensation over the right knee 
when sitting (aft«r a quarter of an hour),'. — Legs. Nervous feeling in 
the legs, with luctination to keep them all the time in motion, espeeially at 
night in bed,'". — After lying a short time (a quarter of an hour) felt a sin- 
gular seusation in the legs, a kind of numbness crawling over the legs; 
right leg affected first ,™.^2080.] Great weakness in the legs; lasting a 
long time (after half an hour),'", — Paralytic la-'situde in both legs below 
the knee (") in going upstairs,"'. — Tremulous heaviness of the legs,'. — 
Heaviness, trembfing, and paralytic weakness of the legs,"^. — Uncommon 
tension in the muscles of the leg, especially in the calf, where he also fi'els 
a sort of eruwling,". — Sensation like a "growing pain" in the right leg, a 
feeling of stiffness combined with heaviness,'. — Cramps in the legs,'". — An 
oft-repeated sensation, as though he would be seized with a cramp in the calf,^. 
— Drawing on the left tibia near the knee,*. — Pressure in the forepart of 
the left tibia, when standing,'. — [3070.] Tearing pressure in the middle of 
the inside of the \t%, nninflaenced by motion or contact,'. — Sharp shoot- 
ings in the left calf, coming up from the lower part,". — Boring or tearing 
shoots in the tendoAchillis,'. — Tearing pain in the tibia,'. — Tejiring in the 
left calf, frecjuently recurring,". — A turning-tearing in the leg upwards 
through the inner surface of the patella,*, — Dull tearing in the legs,'. — 
Drawing- tea ring pain in the right tibia, with sensation of pressing asunder 
therein (after four hours),*. — The slightest contact makes the legs feel as if 
they were being scratched,'". — A sen.'ation in the legs.drawing from below 
upwards, as of crawling externally, but internally as of innumerable shoot- 
' ings,". — [2080.] A sensation in the leg as if it were jammed, and a com- 
motion (dull tearing) and stir therein, especially at night, relieved bj' let- 
ting the leg hang down (after ten hours), , — Ankle, i'oot, atl<l Toen. 
While walking in the open air, tension in the right tarsal joint,'. — Swell- 
ing of the feet,'. — Swelling of the feet, especially in the eveuing,"'. — When 
walking he raises up his feet as if he were stepping over a high obstacle,'''. 
— In walking, he lifts hia feet as if he must step over things lying in his 
way; like a drunken person,'""™. — -Numbness of Feet and Tegs,'". — Occa- 
sional lassitude of the feet, with drawing pain therein,'. — Sharp pain at 
the base of the first metatarsal bone of the right foot (after four nours),"'. 
— The foot was so painful that she bad to keep the limb horizontally ex- 
tended and immovable,".t^[2090,] Cutting-drawing at a small spot in 
the feet, which extends from below upwards, first through the legs and 
thighs, afterwards through the small of the back up to the shoulders,*. — 
A sort of painless drawing or creeping from the heel to the toes, around 
the hones (after thirty hours),'. — While walking or bending the foot to- 
gether, pain in the metatarsal bones as if dislocated,'.— Tearing pain in the 
metatarsal bone of the great toe,'. — Dull shoots in the dorsum of the left 

t Ir 



foot \FheD sitting; external pressure does not afiect them," — Wheo tread- 
ing upon the letl foot, paiufut shootings dart up to the knee (after thirtj- 
elght liours),". — Creeping in the feet from helow upwards (after twenty 
hours),'. — Pain, as if bruieed, in the ball of the heel, when treading on it, . 
— A bubbling in the foot, as when water ia dropped therein (after fifty-four 
hours),'. — Burniug in the soles of the feet, as if he was walking on fire,"*. 
— [2100.1 Burning and digging in the soles of the feet,'. — Tension in the 
sole of the right foot, in the region of the heel, changing into a teuBive 
pressure ; when pressing upon the part this pain disappears for some time 
(after a quarter of an hour),', — Cramp in the sole of the foot, in the even- 
ing when in bed, when drawing up the kneea,'. — Boring, diggine pain in 
the 3oles of the feet (after several hours),'. — Drawing pain in hollow of 
right foot (after forty minutes),'". — (While walking) tearing in the pole of 
the left foot, with occasional shootings, for a quarter of an hour,".— Shoot- 
ing pain in the solea uf the feet (after half an hour),'. 

Geaei'dlitlef*. — Objective, In bed, he lay on his belly, the head 
bent backwards and the chin resting on the hand, without seeming to take 
any notice of what was done or said in the room,'".— The whole body was 
swollen and red,". — Increased turgor of the whole bixly ; burning heat of 
the skin ; extremely red face ; hasty motion of the hand:^,'". — [2110.] Death 
ensued, and a universal gangrene through the whole body, which in a short 
time became black throughout, and so flaccid that the cuticle adhered to 
the surgeon's hands,". — Distension of the superficial veins of the body, with 
insatiable thirst,". — ^[The head and the rest of the body drawn quite over 
backwards towards the left side, so that he could not walk]," (Case ]l)t- — 
Suddeu inflammations,". — ^Transitory inflammations (phlogoses), and rather 
diflieult breathing," (Case 4). — Api>plectic condition (after epileptic con- 
vulsions),". — (After death, rapid septic change occurs),'**. — (Belladonna 
appears to affect more powerfully the flexor surfece and fibrous mem- 
branes; the left half of the body more than the right),". — All motions 
are performed with great ha.-^te,"'. — All her motions and actions were un- 
steady and uncertain,™. — [2120.] In mostof the cases the power of the will 
over the muscles was so far disordered that the muscular movements were 
somewhat irregular, causing a kind of staggering or jerkings,'*. — The * 
whole body is in constant movement hither and thither, as hi chorea,". — 
Ineessant movements of the body, especially of the arms,". — Muscles in 
constant motion, partly alternate contractions of single muscles, partly au- 
tomatic motions, startings of the limbs, biting motion, carphology, . — 
Tremor,** " *". — iSpasmodie twitehiugs for some days (3 grains extract),*". — 
Subsultus tendinumi^.^-Subsultus tendinum and earphologia,". — -When 
the medicine has been given in gradually increasing doses there ia subsul- 
tus ; when a single large dose has been given convulsions occur,'". ^Five 
or six times couvulsive catchiugs of the extremities, face, and trunk, such, 
he says, as animals have when bitten by venomous serpents (aft«r five 
hours),'"*. — [2130.] Occasional jactitation, . — Frequent aud almost unin- 
terrupted spasmodic jactitations, sometimes so violent as to make it neces- 
sary to prevent him from being rolled, or partly thrown, out of bed. The 
movements of the limbs were of a changing character, now simulating 
chorea, now hysterica, and, after a little while, tetanus, even to opisthoto- 
nos,"". — Convulsions,". — Strong convulsions and very loud ravings,". — 
*Convttltione; distortions of all Uie mtuclet, '""'"'. — The convulsion spread 



over the whole body, ttod produced various frightful contortions (after six 

hours),'". — ^Repeated eonvuMons and horrible gpatmt, etpeeially of the flexor 
muMles,". — • Violent eonmlxiom ; distortion of the limbu and eye*'". — Alter- 
nate strange distortions of the limbs, and complete immobility,", — CodtuI- 
sions, with most ludicrous gestures, and whistling, singing, and crying, all 
together,'". — [2140.] Frequent convulsions, often alternating with a throw- 
ing hither and thither of the extremities,'", — The convulsions did not 
always appear in the same degree; they would alternately slacken, even 
stop for a time, and return agaiu (after one hour),'".— [After hiccough, 
slight convulsions of head and limbs, followed b^ nausea and lassitude],'* 
(Case 14). — Excessive spasms, simulating true epilepsy,". — *Epileptio coa- 
TUlaions,". — Epileptiform spasms, without clenching of the tliumbs,'". — 
'Epileptic eonvuUiont, followed by an apoplectic condition^*. — Repeated con- 
vulsions and horrible spasms, especially of the flexor muscles,". — Tetanus, 
with curvature of the body backward or forward, and sometimes to oue 
side,"', — Inquietude,". — [2150.] "Great inqaietude; ehe cannot remain 
geuted long in. one place; it drives her about'. — * Bodily inquietude; he was 
obliged constantly to move the vhole body to and fro, and efpecially the hands 
and feet; he cannot stay long in any posiUon; nou) he liet, now he tits, now 
he stands, so that he m always changing his posture in one way or another,''. — 
Incessant movement of the body, especially of the arms, with unaltered 
pulse,". — Restless mien,". — [iTe walled round and round in a- circle]. — 
Extraordinary restlessness,™. — Restlessness is a marked result of the action 
of Belladonna in massive doses,'". — Great restlessness ; the body is thrown 
now to one side, now to the other ; now the chest is raiseil, and now the 
abdomen,'". — Great restlessness, especially of the hands,'*. — Great restless- 
ness; he throws his hands about; pulls at the covering, and searches with 
his fingers, as after insects (after five hours),"*. — [2160,] • Great restlessness ; 
the beat about her with handt and feet, to that force had to be used to restrain 
A^,'". — Rettletsness ; every moment lie wiibed to f^et ovt of bed, but would 
then fall back t'n great prottralion,"^. — *Jiestlesmiest at night; grinding of the 
teeth, and now and then coni'uhions (after ten hours),"". — Active movement 
here and there in bed,", — *Restleit totting about in bed,"*. — The boy throws 
himself about the bed, unconscious,'*. — Great restlessness ; the girl threw 
herself about on the bed, with a sardonic smile,"*. — * Great resllessnfst ; 
the boy wiihed to escape, arid had to be kept on his couch by force; at the 
same time he developed a vigw and ttrength far beyond his age". — Constant 
uneasiness and agitation ; inability to sustain a conversation, or to stay in 
one place,"". — Was generally restless and unmanageable, refusing to an- 
swer, or to sn-allow, or to be examined ; appeared profoundly intoxicated 
(after one hourj,"*.— [2170.] Restlessness, weariness, hypochondriac mo- 
roseness,"'. — He was restless in the extreme, and would not lie down for an 
instant ; his hands were in constant motion ; he seemed as if busy moving 
some light objects. Occasionally he raised his feet alternately some dis- 
tance from tLe ground, as if ascending stairs. He moved his mouth inces- 
santly, evidently with the idea that he was talking; but the sounds he 
uttered were inarticulate and altogether unintelligible,'". — Stiffness GTItt 
Paralysis, Stiffness of the whole body,".— General or partial spas- 
modic rigidity of the body,"'. — Stiffness of body, whereby the head is 
drawn backwards, and the body agitated by single jerks, like electric 
shocks,"". — On getting up and attempting to stand, felt paralyzed ; could 
walk with difficulty, . — [Paralysis, now in one, now in another part]," 




(Case ll).t — [The left side, especially the arm, ia completely paralyzed]," 
(Case ll).t— ^ne hour after he had lost the power of articulation, and 
■ireseated the general appearance of a person seized with slight paralysis. 
ie was quite unable to stand or walk, and his limbs were in a state of 
tremor and agitation. He became cold, and nearly approaching a state of 
iusen«ibility ; the eyes had a wild, vacant appearance ; the respiration was 
laborious and occasionally stertorous. Afterthree hours more the tempera- 
ture of the body had increased, liice swollen, and insensibility more complete. 
No active delirium was manifested, but from the general appearance of the 
eye and, features, no doubt that peculiar derangement existed, subdued 
partially by the pi'essure on the cerebral organ, so as more nearly to ap- 
proach the character of apoplexy. He died seventeen hours after taking 
the poison. The post-mortem examination showed the presence of great 
congestion of the brain, particularly at the base, and of the medulla ob- 
longata, together with considerable (serous?) etfusion,"'. — Debility niul 
Faintnesn, Languor and apathy,'".— [2180.] Lassitude of mind and 
'■''''■'• " n toall . ■ ■ ■ "■ 

body,\ — Lassitude, indolence, aversion to all exercise and occupation," 
Previous to the catamenia, lassitude, colic, want of appetite, and dimness 
of sighl,"(Case 17), — Feeling of weariness for an hour or two in the after- 
uoon (first day),'". — Failure of strength," — Failure of strength; great 
weakness,' " ", — He falls down without oeing able to raise himself,™. — All 
her sCrengtb goes in an instant,"'. — Weakness,'*'. — General debility,"*. — 
[2190.] Weakness of the body,". — Muscular weakness, almost boraering 
OQ paralysis,". — Paralytic weakness of all the muscles, especially of the 
feet,. — Ho weak that he could not walk in a room without leaning against 
the wall,"". — General weakness, and such prostration that the girl could 
scarceiv stand,'". — Frequently recurring short attacks of great weakness; 
she feels as if too heavy, and as if drawD down, so tliat she would sink to- 
gether,'.— Great weakness of the left side, numbness of the left face and 
arm, and a prickling sensation in the same parta (from application of the 
extract to the forehead),'"*, — Weakness, with totteriug gait ; the knees fee) 
as if they would give way; he cannot walk,'. — General feeling of weak- 
ness, like a threatening faint, and inability to stand upright,'". — General 
weakness, sick feeling, and apathy,".— [220 0,] State of prostration (after 
six hours),"". — Great prostration,", — Great prostration, with internal burn- 
ings,".— Prostration of strength, with nervousness,'". — Fainting fits,'". — 
Attacks of faintness,",! — Attacks of syncope,"'.— G^nCT^af Sensi- 
bility. Exaltation of the general sensibility, with cheerfulness and agrec- 
abieness,". — "Qreat irritability and impreasionahlenesi of the leiuea ; he 
tastes and smelli everytMng more acutely ; the lenie of taste, of sight, 
uid of hearing is keener, a^ tiie mind is more «ailly moved, and the 
thoughts more active (after three hours},' '". — 'Excessive nervous excita- 
bility, Tith exalted seoiihility of all the organs ; the least noise, the 
least light is annoying,'",— [2210.] If touched by any person, she jumped 
as if in great alarm. This I observed to occur wnenever her hair was re- 
moved from her face, or when I felt her pulse (after eleven hours),'", — 
*PiiinfiU sensitiveness of the skin to all contact'. — [Exceesive sensitiveness to 
the cold air],". — Complete anaesthesia of the whole body for several days 
(after a quarter of an hour),*. — Upon recovering perfect consciousness 
(after thirty houre), a remarkable numbness, extending over all parts of 
the trunk and extremities, attracted attention, and persisted for several 

f Sua note to S. 864. X Not found. 



days. No pain could be excited while this condition continued, by forci- 
bly pinching the skin of the forehead, or of other part^; and although an 
unusual sensation nas perceived by the patient at the moment, he could 
not with his eyes avertea from the operation point out the precise spot sub- 
jected to compression,"'. — General Sensations. Hie senses deceive 
/it)n,".^Falns in all the joints, and a peculiar feeling as if these pains, with 
a cold sensation, continued to gnaw as far as the tips of the fingers and 
toes,'". — In the evening she attempted to stretch herself, but was unable to 
do BO for pain,*. — On turning in bed, whole system began to feel bad,"*. — 
Ordinarily, when a pain had reached its highest degree, it disappeared 
suddenly, and inatautlj there arose in its stead a pain in some other place,*. 
— [£220.] Frequent cramps on the right side of the body, from the clavi- 
cle to the region of the spleen,"'. — Cramps and weakness, wilh ebullition 
of blood in the head,'". — Boring pain in the glands,'. — Digging pains in 
the Joints, and burning pains in the bones, witn great weakness, . — (The 
parC^ where the shooting pain bad been were extremely tender to touch),'. 
—Palpitation and tickling in the muscles,*". — *A beating of the arteries of 
the head and of aU parts of the body, in the morning on waking'. — She waa 
much auuoyed by a constant sensation of trembling in all the muscles of 
the body," '". 

Skin. — General Ajmearance. Cold, painful, long-lasting uodosi- 
ties and swellings {seemingfy a secondary effect),'. — Distension of the cuta- 
neous veins,', — [2230.] Bkin appeared white like a statue (unnatural),*". — 
Yellowish color of the skin,'". — 'SreelHng, heat, and redness of the skin,'^. 
— Inflammation of the surface of the whole body,". — The aflbcled parts 
are much disposed to take on a phl^monous, erysipelatous, and gangrenous 
character,'". — Erysipelatous inflammation, which appears, disappears and 
returns frequently on the face, and sometimes on the chest and nipples, "*. 
— *£edne» of tie whole body (">, with qoiolc pulie,". — *Redn«as of the 
whole body, wmi([iuckptdae,'. — The skin red ; superficial veins swollen,"*. 
— Skin red, with only slight fever,'". — [2840,] Face, cheat, and extremi- 
ties extremely red,'". — [Redness and sweiling of the affected portions],". — 
In the girl, general scarlet redness,'". — "Rednejii, like icarlatiiia, of the 
entire lorfaoe of the body (after sis hnurv),™. — 'Scarlet redness of the 
■ar&ce of the whole body, arpecially of the face, with marked action of the 
brairt". — *A Karlei redness suddenly spread over the body, expedally the face 
and limbs, wUh which appeared heat and exaltation of aU the faculties; still 
without thirst,'". — Scarlet suffusion of the skin in young children and those 
who have a delicate skin. Generally, nothing more than a temporary blush, 
but in rare cases, and in persons who are liable to vascular irritation of 
the skin, the redness remains, and its disappearance is attended with slight 
roughness and desiiuamation,'.— •iSwir/ef redness of skin of face and neck, 
followed, on the second day, by peeling off of the cuticle,'". — Scarlet red- 
ness of the face and chest during sleep, .—Blotches and growths on the 
skin, like sugillations, ecchymoses, and boils,"^. — [2250.] Inflamed red 
patches of the skin, and irregvlarly-shaped scarlet spots over the body (after 
sixteen hours), '.^-Spots aud red pimples at the nape of the neck and 
back,'". — [Blood-red sputa over the whole body, especially in the face, on 
the throat, and cheat], . — The akin of the whole body, espiecinlly the chest, 
is spotted scarlet, without beat of the head, or increased temperature of 
the body,'". — Dark-red scarlet spots over the whole body, with small, quick 
pulse, tightness of the chest, an ezisting cough much increased in violence, 
delirium, excited memory, rubbing of the noee, and dilated pupils, ". — Chest 



and belly are covered with small, red, somenhat elevated, painless spots, 
frequeatlj disappearins;, and then suddenly reappearing, with general red- 
ness of the skin,". — ^Tlie chest and thighs are sprinkled over with very 
small dark-red spots, of irregular shape and size," (Case 19), — The baeb 
of both hands are covered with small red epots, which disappear again 
speedily,", — Dark-red spots on the face, resembling those of scarlet fever, 
with full pulse," — The skin is rough, and chapa easily,'". — [2260.] Skin 
very easily wounded ; it seems to be burned and excoriated by contact with 
the lightest garment,*", — JSnipHons, Dry, Small, hard, subcutaneous 
tumors,'". — A great many comedoneg or black pores in the skin,'", — 
*ETythemaof skin,^". — Erythema and burning itching of the vulva,'". — 
{^Rerl, tcaly eruption on the lower ■parte of ihe body a» far at Oie ahdonieii]^, 
— *Scarlet eruption (first day),". — *Eruptionlike tcarlatiwt all over face and 
body (after six hours),"*. — *The eruption, which recalle elonely enough that 
which chaj-aderizes gearlatina, ha* been noticed by numerous observers,'"'. — 
* The face, upper ezlremitiea, and Irunk exhibited a diffuse scarlet efflorescence, 
studded wUh innumerable papilla, very closely resembling the rash of scarla- 
tina. The eruption terminated abruptly at the wrists and fiexure of the tliighs, 
ike re-tt of the body retaining the natural color. The skin wot hot and dry,"'. 
— [2270.] Scarlatina-like eruption on the fece and neck, not on the trunk 
or extremities,"*, — Scarlet eruption on the arms and legs (in several cases),'", 
— Cutaneous eruption resembling measles,". — *Erupfions like roseola and 
scarlatina, with fiver, sore throat, cough, headache, efe.,'". — Red or whitish 
miliary eruptions, like nettle-rash, with burning itching,'". — Miliairand 
measly eruptions, as also pustules, as of small-pox, on the face,'". — Papu- 
lar eruption resembling lichen agrius, especially on the hands,'", — Papular 
eruption on face, and furuncles,". — Small, pale-red papules in the comers 
of the mouth, with sensibility ; they soon disappear without suppurating,\ 
— Red, burning, and very obstinate pimples, especially on the forehead,'", 
— [2280.] Pimples and ulcere on the lipa,"*, — A white-tipped pimple under 
the left wing of the nose, without pain,'. — Small, red, aud very burning 
pies on £e tip of the nose,"'.— Small, intensely itching pimples on the 
,'". — At the root of the nose, two email red elevations, wnich feel pain- 
l,as if subcutaneously ulcerated, only when touched (after sixteen days),", 
—MIotHt, IPuatUlar, nnd TTlcerated. Blisters, as from burns, on 
various parts of the body,'". — Blister on the huger, with painful inflamma- 
tion a, "'.—Eruption on the akin of bullse, which emit a quantity of limpid 
or creamy lymph ; and therewith such intense pain that the patient, though 
accustomed to suSering, cannot refrain from lamentations and tears. When 
on the foot, it is so painful that she has to keep the limb horizontally ex- 
tended and motionless," — Bullte, which easily burst op>en, ou the palmar 
surface of the foot, and on the tibia,", — [Painful boils on the 8temuml,".t 
— [22&0.] Boil upon the shoulder,'. — Boils on the calves and thighs,"^. — 
Pustules and some small ulcers,™, — Pustulous pimples, with swelling and 
redness of the surrounding parts,'", — Small, red, painless pustules appear 
on the temple, at the right comer of the mouth, aud on the chin ; when 
scratched, bloody serum exudes (after thirteen hours),",— On the skin of 
the face a slight pimply exanthema broke out, which suppurated slowly, 
and dried up in a few days,'". — Pustules at the borders of the lips, with 
smarting pain,' '. — A small pustule on the upper lip, with creeping sensa- 
tion whue untouched, but contact produces an itehing shooting therein,'. — 

f Probsbly tbe effect of long-continued wet dreuinga an the 




Pustule* 1>reak out oa tli* cheek and note, whioli rapidly fill with ptu, 
become covered with a cnut,'. — Pustules appear od the nape of tlie neck 
and on the arms, quickly fill with pus, and become covered with a crust,'. 
— [2300.] The back, cHpecialiy in the Bcapular region, is covered with 
large red pustules; the whole skin looks red, and sioarts as if sore when 
touched, but in the tips of the pustules there is fine shooting (after ten 
days),". — [A pustule breaking out close to the nail of the right index finger, 
and emitting a quantity of humor],*" (Case 15).— Eruption like sraall-pox, 
with tendency to invade the brain and mucous membrane?, '".—Herpes and 
pustules, especially on the fece, ulceratinf; and bleeding easily, "'.^Burn- 
ing ulcers, which bleed very easily,"*. — Ulcers and crusts on the pinnic of 
the ear?,"'. — Painful ulceration on the side of the nostrils where the latter 
unite with the upper lip,'. — The nostrils and the comers of the lips are 
ulcerated, but neither itch nor pain,'. — In the corner of the mouth an ulcer 
with red edges and corrosive itching,'. — Corners of the mouth ulcerate, 
just at the commissure of the lips, with uncommonly severe tearing pains 
roundabout, even when unmoved and untouched,'. — Sensationn. \ 2310.] 
Sensation of pinching in a great many [jiaces on the skin,'". — [Prickling 
biting sensation in the whole skin, especially on the soles of the feet],", — 
Pleasant prickling, as of worms, in all the pores of the skin,"'. — In the 
evening In bed, itching prickings, like flea-oites, here and there on the 
skin,'. — Itching stinging on the scapulse, inducing him to scratch, whereby 
it is relieved,". — Sensations of formication," (Case 14). — Intolerable itch- 
ing of the whole body,"'. — [Itching in the whole body, and an eruption of 
red spots like flea-bites] (after four hours),".— Crawling itching over the 
whole body, fugitive, now here, now there,". — Tearing itching here and 
there, especially after lying down at night in bed; after rubbing, there 
only remains tearing pain, but this in a greater degree,'. — [2320.] Frequent 
scratching of various parts of the body, especially the neck and chest,"*. — 
Scraping itching of the forehead (after one hour),'*. — (A titillating itching 
on the left scapula),'".— During the first few dajfs, occasional creeping-itcbing 
of the skin or the legs and back,'". — Violent itching of the feel,'. — Biting 
itching in the feet and their dorsa,'. — ^A creeping upwards in the left arm, as 
when a fly walks along the skin, which frequent rubbing does not remove,'. 
Sleep and Dreams, — Sleepiness. Frequent yawning,". — Fre- 
quent yawning, as if he had not slept enough (after two hours and a half),". 
— Frequent yawning, and then shiverings over the body, but which only 
course along the external surface of the skin, in the evening,'. — [2330.] 
Continual yawning,"".— Yawning like that of an intoxicated person," — 
[He yawned and retched until the face was blue; while one hand was 
stretched above the head, the other, unmanageable, kept striking the ab- 
domen], *° (Case 13). — During the cataraenia, yawning and chills coursing 
along the back," (Case 14). — * Great inetination to sleep,'" "". — Drowsiness 
(after half an hour),'. — Drowsiness (after about four hours and a half),™. 
— Great drowsiness,**, — Notable drowsiness immediately on waking,'. — 
Invincible drowsiness, especially towards evening ; he falls asleep in spite 
of himself, wherever he happens to be,"'. — [2340.] Towards evening, even 
at twilight, drowsiness with yawning; but in the morning he feels as if he 
had not slept enough,'. — Uncommon drowsiness and dulness of intellect,'". 
— Drowsiness, often with vertigo and yawning,"'. — Continued drowsiness, 
with desire to stretch the limbs, from 5 to 11 p.m. (after eleven houre),". — 
Drowsiness full of inquietude,". — Drowsiness or comatose sleep, with start- 
ing awake fiill of terror,'".— Sleepiness ; the girl closed her eyes for several 



seconds, then alowly half-opened them again, as if forcibly resisting sleep 
(after four hours), "*,^Iii the nioroiug after rising, uncommon sleepiness, 
although he had slept well during the night; also, on attempting to rend, 
the lett€rs run together," — Somuolent condition,".— Xireat somuoleuce,". 
— [8350.] {^Qaite profound somnolenci/, wUk tubnulUis tendinum, pale, cold 
face and cold hands, and hard, gmall, rapid pulae"],". — Slumber,". — Lethargic 
slumber,"*. — Fit of profound lethargic slumber, with cold lace and hands,'". 
— The night sleep waa quiet and unbroken, with pleasant dreams,™. — In 
the morning he is unable to rouse himself from steep; on awaking he ia 
very much out of humor,'*, — In some of the patients the delirium subsided 
into a sort of sleep, attended with pleasant dreams, which provoked laugh- 
ter,'* — Sleep at night, with dreams which he cannot remember; he fell 
asleep earlier thau usual, and awoke earlier not unrefreshed, but soon re- 
lapsed into the lassitude of the limbs continually present at other times,'. 
— Profound sleep," — Deep sleep for twenty-four hours," — [2360.] Very 
deep sleep,'. — Very sound sleep with much dreaming, until towards morn- 
ing (after five days),'. — She sleeps much, and if tlie cough awake her she 
falls asleep again directly, and yet in the morning she is giddy and tired,*. 
— Heavy sleep, with starts and jerks of the limbs, cries, singing, complaints, 
etc.,'".— Soporose condition,".— Soporose, stupid condition, from which the 
child could not be wakened, with convulsions of the facial muscles,"". — 
Sopor (after the convulsions),™, — ^They lay in a soporose condition, with 
violent convulsions of the extremities ; the head was very hot, the iace red, 
the eyes protruding,™. — Sopor, coma, or lethargy usually follows the de- 
lirium; and sometimes the delirium retunis as the sopor goes off,'". — It 
is only after moderate medicinal doses that we witness soporific effects ; 
after lai^r doses, insomnia and delirium occur,'.— [2370.] Croaking and 
moaning in sleep,'. — During his stupefied sleep, he opens his eyes, looks 
about him wildly, and relapses into stertorous slumber,". — During sleep, 
tendency to bury the head in the pillow, and draw up the legs,"'. — After a 
good uight's sleep, the boy awoke early, looked wild and staring, and his 
lower extremities were as if paralyzed, so that he could neither stand nor 
walk.'", — On waking, fatigue, headache, and aggravation of all thepains,"', 
— Slef-ltleiisneSH. * He etarU up ob in affrtglit., and awakes,'. — *He sturta 
ai la affright and awakes, when he is jnst falling asleep,', — *Iil the even- 
ing, frei^aent itarting as in affright, when jnat on the point of &lling 
asleep ; the feet were jerked upwards and the head forwards". — *81ie ftarted 
as in affright, in otherwiie qniet sleep, feeling as if she were falling 
deep down, which canted her to shndder violently,"*. — Heavy, disturbed 
sleep, with stertorous respiration,™ — [2380,] Sleep very light,". — *Sleep 
restless,"". — *Very rsitless sleep," — Wakeful from restlessnasH.'". — *At 
night, the boys became reittesB, spoke irrationally, and conld with diffi- 
culty be kept in bed,'". — With restlessness, he woke from the noon sleep, 
screamed, and stamped his tect,"^.—* Restless sleep, with active drearns".— 
*Sleep restless, disturbed by dreams and irrational iaUnnff,'". — Un^xmy sleep 
before midniglU; the child tossea about, kicks, and quarrels in its sleep,', 
— 'He rises at night, and walks up and down in deep thought],** (Case 18), 
— [2390-1 Frequent awaking at night out of sleep, as if he had slept 
enough (first night),", — Frequent awaking out of sleep, and though he 
turns now on this side and now on that, still he finds no rest, and cannot 
fall asleep again,", — Waking up too early, ofton with inability to go to 
sleep again,"'. — "She awakes tn the night fitll <tf fright and fear; k appeared 
to her as if there was something under the bed which made a noise ; the felt 



dry heed on axeaking'. — Waking directly ttiler midnight in a sweat, he 
cannot go tu sleep again ; and theaweat continues during the waking hours,'. 
— He wakes out or sleep three times about midnight; he raises himself three 
timea to vomit, witli cold sweat as from anguish, but in vain,'. — *Conti>ival 
but ineffectual efforU to obtain gleep,'", — *SIe^lMgnes»' " "*. — Sleeplessness 
for several days,". — Sleeplessness for several nights,**. — [2400.] Sleep- 
less until 1 o'clock, not restless ; then slept till 6.30 a.m. ; rose unrefreshed, . 
—Nightly sleeplessness, with restlessness and agitation,"'. — Sleep prevented 
by anguirth,', — Nightly sleeplessness owing to auguisli, with drawing pains 
in all the liiab$,'. — He cannot sleep at night ; a fancy that he has some 
pressing business hinders him from sleeping,'. — Dreamjt. He dreams 
immediately on falling asleep,'.— Slept well, except dreaming,"'. — She 
dreams more than usual, but peacefully, and about household afliiirs,"*. — 
Vivid dreams, which, however, he could not remember,". — Sleep full of 
dreams ; she was occupied with a great number of people ; she wished to 
get away, but could not,".— [2410,] Dreams of performing gymnastic ex- 
ercises, of walking, running, and riding in a carriage,'". — He had every 
night dreams which much fatigued his mind, and was prostrated in the 
morning when he ought to have got up,". — *Anxioitg and frightful dreamt^*. 
— \He is constantly awaked out of sleep by fearful dreams ana convulmons'],". 
— He is disturbed by frightful visions when falling asleep,'". — Frightful 
dreams vividly remembered,'. — Fright in dreaming, in consequence of 
which he awakes with sweat on the forehead and at the pit of the stomach,'. 
— He was constantly awaked out of sleep by frightful dreams and convul- 
sions,".— Sleep intolerable, on account of greatly increased pains and 
frightful dreams,'. — He dreams of danger fnim fire, and awakes in conse- 
quence,'. — [2420.] Dreams of battles, fires, and of being pursued by 
giants,'". — At night, very stuiiclied sleep, anxious dreams about murderers 
and street-robbers; he heard himself shouting loudly once, but did not 
thereupon come to his senses,". — Sleep disturbed by miserable phantoms,'". 
Fever. — ChilllneSM. Temperature of the skiu very low,"". — Skin 
at first natural, afterwards cold,*".— On the emission of a great quantity of 
urine, and during increased appetite, he was quite cold to the touch,*. — 
Coldness of the whole body,"".— -General intense cold, or cold accompanied 
with partial heat, often with nausea, flow of urine, dimness of sight, draw- 
ing and pains in the limbs,'". — Immediately ailer meals, excessive coldness, 
with gnashing of the teeth, and trembling of the limbs while lying. He 
soon fell asleep; on waking, was moderately warm, had dilated pupils, and 
eyes shining, protruding, as if swimming in tears; redness of the face,*. — 
Hands and feet cold,*". — [2430.] Hands and feet becom^ very cold,"'. — 
At times, coldness of the hands, with otherwise normal temperature of the 
skin,'". — Quickly passing feeling of coldness in the right hip-joint (after one 
hour),". — The lower extremities are cold and rigid, without being lame,'". 
— *Feet iee-cold; can scarcely be %caTVied (after one hour\". — Cold feet, with 
bloated, red face, and flow of blood to the bead,'. — Chilliness.^.^Chilli- 
nesB and shuddering, with goose-skin, even near to the warm stove (after 
one hour),". — Chilliness, especially in the arms, with goose-flesh, in undress- 
ing ; at the same time, redness and heat of the ears and nose,'. — Febrile 
chiUineas, with fine shooting pains in the chest," (Case 11).| — [2440.} A 
violent chill seizes her in the back or scrobiculus cordis, or in both arms at 
the same time, and spreads itself from thence all over the body,'. — Unusual 

f S«e S. 840. 



chill after bathiug,"'. — ShudderiDg 4uriDg stool,'. — Sliglit shuddering, with 
obscuratioQ of vision, immediately after iioou,** (Case 1). — The body, at 
first cold, became warm (after four houre),™, — Heat of the skin alternat- 
ing with chillij, but without fever,"*, — Fever, with alternate coldness aud 
heat, or shivering followed by beat, especially in the afternoon and at night, 
once or twice a daj','or every two days,"*. — Fever ; febrile chill in the morn- 
ing, followed by slight heat," — Fever; shivering over the body in the after- 
noon, flu.'iheB of heat,'. — Fever ; sudden alternations of heat and chill both 
without thirst, with sleepiness in the daytime (after twelve hours),". — 
[2450,] Attacks of fever frequeitily recurring during the day; the shaking 
chills are followed by general heat and sweat over the whole body, without 
thirst either in the cold or the hot stage,'. — *Several attaekn offerer m one day, 
during which the hot stage followed Uie cold within a few minutes to hnlf an 
hour after, always without thirst in either stage, and ■Rioxtlu with eoiiftuiioit of 
the liead,'. — Towards evening, fever ; convulsive shuddering lifts him up in 
his bed ; two hours after, heat and general sweat, without thii'st either dur- 
ing the shuddering or the heat,'. — Fever; thrills of chilliness running over 
the whole body (aft«r one hour); four hours after, feeling of heat, and 
actual heat, especially in the face,'. — Fever; at night febrile chill, suc- 
ceeded quickly by heat of body, with frequent micturition and lassitude of 
the limbs ; on the following night two attacks of the same kind, with ver- 
tigo and thirst," (Case 1). — Fever; chill in the evening in bed, then heat; 
the chill commenced in the sacrum, spread itself over the back, and down 
again over the thighs,'. — Fever; in the evening while she was undressing, 
slight chilliness over the body, then heat in the whole of the left side of 
the body,'.~-Fever ; during the external coldness of the body, an internal 
burning heat,'. — Head sometimes ice cold, sometimes burning hot,"'. — 
♦Temperature of the head very much increased, of the rest of the body 
dillUlmhed,'".—{2iS0.^ Face hot, extremities cold,"'.— Ifptt*. Skin hot,"*. 
— Burning s\L]a,"'.—The body burning luit like lire, with bluish redness of 
skin,'". — *The sfcui hot, dry, scarlet, eipecially intenae on the face and 
ears,"'. — 'Temperatnre of «lin very much raised ; skin scarlet, es|>ecially 
on the face and anterior half of trunk (after half an hour),'". — * Tempera- 
ture of skin increased, face red, puhe aeeekrated, with senseless talking, and 
tottering about as if drunk,"^ '". — Febrile disturbances," ". — [Febrile symp- 
toms every other day],**. — Fever after each dose,", — [3470.] Morning after 
taking, had fever without thirst,"*. — [Buriiiny/ei«r(«^)iocAa), (after twelve 
hours)],", — Evening fever,".f — Fever, with phantasies; the boy talked 
about criminals whom he seemed to see ; hearing seemed dull,'". — Intenae, 
erysipelatous fever, accompauied with inflamed swellings, passing even into 
gangrene,'.— (Fever ; first putrid taste in the mouth, then heat of the face 
audhamls; the pain increases after the disappearance of the heat),'.— 
^Violent heat^.—* Burning heat,". — *Bnniinjiieat within and withont,''. 
— *I)iteTnal burning,". — [ii!480.] Buniingheat; the distended veins lie like 
cords on the skin, with loud delirium and violent twitchings (after half an 
hour),'". — ^Burning heai of the body, with extreme distension of the superfi- 
cial bloodeesieh, and furious delirium,". — *Burniiuf heal over the whole body; 
skin universally red ; pulse ftdl, quick, and extremely freqve.nt,"*. — Dry, burn- 
ing heat, generally with swelling of the veins, strong pulsations of the ar- 
teries, redness and pufiiness of the face, intense thirst, especially for cold 
water, restlessness, delirium, foolish behavior, frenzy, impulse to beat and 

t Notroaad. 



kill,'". — Burning heat in the brain, and simultaneously in the soles of the 
feet,"'. — Buruing in head, palate, and fauces; feet ice-cold,'". — Burning 
heat over the tkce, without thirst (after ten hours),". — Sensation of burn- 
ing heat in the whole face, without redness of cheeks or thirst, with mod- 
erately warm body aud cold feet (after four hourg),', — [Every day, after 
the midday meal, great heat of the body, especially of the head, so that 
the face from time to time is very red]," (Case 12). — After drinking beer, 
internal beat,". — [2490,] Great heat aud redness of the cheeks," — Heat 
all over the body, with bluish redneas of the whole surtuce," — *6reat heat, 
dietetigxon of the tiiperjicial veing of the body, and insatiable thirst". — *£ir- 
eessive heat, distended veins, insatiable third, with anxiety and trembling 
(after half an hour),™. — Heat in the head, externally perceptible faftcr 
a quarter of an hour),"*. — •Heat and rednesa of the head OtAy, \~^* Reai 
and pulsation in the head, with burning of the eyes,"^. — 'The head and 
fac« not, the latter somewhat puffy,'".— 'Head hot; face red ; eyei pro- 
trading ; pupils dilated, look stanng."*. — Every day, for twelve days, 
about nooD, sudden heat of bead and redness of face, with considerable 
obstruction of vision and great thirst, lasting an hour,*" (Case 14).— [2*00.] 
Heat of the head alternating with diarrhcea," (Case 14). — Sensation of 
creeping heat in the face under the skin (after a quarter of an hour),". — 
Sensation of heat in the &ce without external redness,". — Heat in the foce 
the whole day, as if wine had driven the blood to the head (after twelve 
hours),', — On the face, such an increase of heat tliat it actually glowed, 
became brownish-red, and turgid,'". — Heat and throbbing in the fece, with 
congestion to the head,'". — Great internal heat about the region of the 
stomach,**. — General dry heat in the extremities of the feet and hands, 
with thirstlessness and paleness of the face, lastine twelve hours, '.^In the 
evening, heat in the hands and feet, but not in the arms and thighs),'. — 
Heat, especially in the feet,'. — [2810.] Great heat (immediately), followed 
by very profuse sweat," (Case 25). — Great heat of the body; exceedingly 
violent and rapid pulsations of the arteries, especially in the temporal re- 
gion, with confusion of the head nud subsequent profuse sweat," (Case 24). 
— Heat from below upwards ; a sweat as of anguish breaking out upon her, 
followed by nausea, with terrible auxiety, the sense of nausea descending 
lower and lower,'. — The skin is burning hot, and partially covered with 
sweat (after one hour),'". — *Beitsatioii of heat, witB aotuu heat in the 
whole body, but particularly in the face, which was red and covered with 
sweat, with conftision of the head (after four hours),'. — Sweat. The 
general effects of Belladonna on the circulation predispose to sweating,'". 
— Increased transpiration,".— Sweat (after some hours),", — General sweat, 
suddenly occurring and as quickly disappearing,". — Perspiration which 
stains the linen yellow,"'. — [^520.] Copious sweat,"*. — Profuse sweat," 
(Ca«e 6). — [Very profuse, long-continued sweat, staining the linen dark],** 
(Case lU). — Profuse sweat, especially at night,". — Profuse night-sweat 
which does not weaken,". — Proi'iise sweat at night, sometimes only on cov- 
ered parts,"'. — Profuse sweat, with diuresis," " (Cases 21 and 22). — Profuse 
cold sweat of the hands,'. — Violent sweating every night,**. — Sweat in the 
morning,". — [8580.] [Sweat all over from four in the afternoon till mid- 
night, then sleep white sweating],". — Nieht-sweat (*), which smells like 
something burnt,'. — He sweats over the wnole body at the least exercise, 
mostly on the face, down the nose. While walking in a strong wind, and 
BO sweating, colic is induced,'. — Sweat during the sleep,". — [Sweat over the 
whole body during sleep],". — The hair is very often moUt with perspira- 



tion,"'. — Frequent aud profuse perepiratioD of the fnce,"'. — Cold sweat on 
the face, especially after eating,'". — (Fever; after the chilt frit quite well 
for a few hours, then sweating in the face, hauds (?), and feet (?) before the 
heat came on; no sleep during the hot stage; slight headache with the 
sweat in the face, but none in the cold stage or in the hot),'. — Sweat of the 
feet, withiiut warmth, iu sitting,', — [2540.] Sweating of the genital organs 
in the night,'. — Skin of the whole body remarkabl;^ dry,*". — Skin dry aud 
insensible (after six hours),"*. — Skin dir and burning (after sis hours),™. 
— The skin was dry aud burning, and the pulse smalt, wiry, hard, and ex- 
tremely frequent," 

CoiKlttioHs.—A^gT&v&tiaii.— {Morning), When getting up, vertigo ; 
on rising, head heavy ; early, headache ; early, soon after waking, pain 
under frontal eminences ; soon after waking, on rising, pain under frontal 
eminences; early, on waking, headache above eyes; in about a quarter of 
an hour after rising, aud after stirring about, side of head ached ; white of 
eye streaked with red, etc.; darkness before eyes; on going out, black 
points, etc., before eyes ; immediately after waking, fluttering, etc., before 
the ears ; bleeding of the nose ; on waking, epistAxis, etc. ; tongue feels 
asleep, etc.; on waking, slimy month ; bad smell from mouth ; after ris- 
ing, inuciM in motUh ; loss of appetite, etc. ; in bed, cutting in belly ; press- 
ing towards geuerative oi^us, etc.; immediately after getting out of bed, 
pain in hypogastrium ; frequent micturition, etc.; in bed and after rising, 
phWm; when coughing, expectoration of bloody mucus; when turning 
head to and fro, stiffness between scapulte, etc.; beating of arteries of head, 
etc.; after rising, sleepiness, etc.; febrile chill; sweat. — (/brejwwii), Attacks 
of naiisea.^(^6ou( noon), Cough, etc. — (^Vtwn), Squeezing together in um- 
bilical region. — (^Jl'eraortn), Pains in general ; anxiety, etc.; while walking 
in open air, sensation of heat blowing against eyes; vomiting of mucus; 
squeezing together in umbilical region ; cough ; shortness of breath ; after 
drinking coBee, shortness of breath ; pains in hips, etc.; feeling of weari- 
ness; shuddering, etc.; fever; shivering. — {Towards evening). Stitches in 
chest; drowsiness, etc.; fever, etc. — (&«i hi j). Violent delirium; speech 
incoherent; lively, etc.; mirthful mood; headache; stitches through head; 
stitches iu occiput; in bed, on reading, letters run together; attacks of 
deafness; face bluish-red, etc.; after lying down, tooUiache; toothache; 
accumulation of water in the mouth; sour taste of bread, etc.; a-itonishing 
thirst; nausea, etc.; vomiting; pinching in abdomen, etc.; a few hours 
before going to bed, cutting in abdomen ; feeling of fulness in hypogastric 
zone, etc.; before falling asleep in bed, tearing in spermatic cord ; sexual 
desire; after lying down in bed, tickling, etc., in larynx; about 10 o'clock, 
cough commences; in bed, constriction, etc., in chest; in bed, oppression 
of chest, etc.; drawing along the spine; swelling of feet; in bed, when 
drawing up knees, cramp iu sole of foot; in bed, itching pricking on the 
skin; yawning, etc.; in bed, chill, etc.; while undressing, slight chilli- 
ne8.s, etc.; heat in hands. — (A'lt^/ii), Pains iu general; tries to oite those 
about him ; claps hands together over the head, etc.; delirium ; ravings! ; 
anxiety, etc.; loss of consciousness, etc. ; on turning in bed, vertigo; in 
bed, epistaxis, etc.; toothache; drawiBg in upper teeth; toothache; hic- 
cough, etc.; vomiting; burning iu bladder, etc. ; pressing in vesical region ; 
diuresis; in bed, cough; shortness of breath, etc.; intermittent breathing; 
pains in hips, etc. ; pain in thigh ; in bed, nervous feeling iu legs ; sensa- 
tion in leg as if Jammed; reMlewnfif!; etc.; in bed, afler lying down, itch- 
ing; tever; febrile chill, etc.; profuse gweal; sweat of the genitals; 5 to 



11 P.M., drowsiness, etc.; 4 p.m. till midnight, sweat all OTer. — (Before mid- 
ntj/Af I, Uneasy sleep. — (About midnight). Hiccough ; wakes ihree times, ett. 
— (After midnigkl),TciiTiBg id ihe teeth. — (Kv^ry other day), Febrile symp- 
toms. — (In open air). Pains in head; bursting seitfatiuu in head; pain in 
forehead ; toothaclie. — ( Oii admimon of open air), Paiu in teeth. — ( Math- 
ing in open air). Anguish, etc. ; pressure in brain ; weakness of vision ; dis- 
position to vomit; itching at the anus; tension in tarsal joints. — (On a»- 
ceHifiN^ «(am), Shocks, etc., in head ; heart clucks; lassitude in le^. — {On 
axendiiig liaira rapidly). Jerking lieadaohe. — {After bathivg), Unusual 
chill. — {After dri nit 113 6eer), Internal heal. — (Rending fortcardii),iiVf3(Hm^ 
in frontal eminence. — (Bending head baekwards). Pain in neck. — {Bending 
upper part of body to left side). Pinching in abdomen. — ( When bending fett 
together). Pain in metatarsal bones. — (In biting anything). Teeth paiul'ul. — 
(Blowing note). Offeuaive smell in nose. — (After breakfast), Saueamishne»<. 
■—(Cold air). Pains in face. — (Cold bathing). Pains in geueral. — (Contatt), 
Pains in general; pains in head; toothache; paina in hips, etc.; itching- 
shooting in pustule on lip. — (Contact with air or food),Ta,in in lower teeth, etc. 
— (Co)ttradietion), Pains iii general. — (Coughing), Pain in head ; slilehesin 
Etemum ; much straiuing, etc. — ( When crying). Hoarseness. — (During deg- 
lutition). Tearing in comer of jaw ; shootings in pharynx, etc. — {Descend- 
ing a hill). Sensation in joints of lower extremities. — (After dinner), Head- 
ache; when at rest, pain in side of head; prsecordial anxiety. — (Drau-ing 
odMf/f in). Pinching in abdomen. — (After eating), Toothache; iiutrid taste 
in mouth; pinching Delow umbilicus; pain under larynx; cough, etc. ; cold 
sweat on face. — ( Lrercise), Pains in hips, etc.~-(£rertion). Pains in general ; 
pains in bead. — (During exniration),&aooX\Dg in cartilages of ribs. — ( When 
feeling tide of neck), Shootmgs in pharynx, etc, — ( When graming), During 
chill, shootings in finger-tips. — (Oreat heat). Pains in geueral. — {In bright 
light). Weakness of vision.— (.i/fer a meal). As if drunk ; in a few min- 
utes, toothache; bitter eructations; vomiting of food; immediately, stab 
in the thigh ; coldness, etc.^-{During midday meal), Spasm of the stomach. 
— (After midday meal), Every day, heat of body. — (Before menseg). Uter- 
ine (Kilic, etc. ; sexual de*iire; lassitude, etc. — (During meti eei), ADxiety; 
thirst; fever.etc.; prsecordial anxiety; tearing in back, etc. ; yawning,etc. 
— (During tnental occupativn). Toothache. — (After drinking nii/k). Vomit- 
ing; colic. — (Motion), ConAiBion of head; vertigo; headache; pains in 
head; pain in forehead; pain in right vertex; swelling ou cheek; between 
actii of micturition, shootings in urethra; stitches in chest; palpitation, 
etc.; trembling of arms. — (After a confined motion). Distension of the ab- 
domen, etc. — {Moving eyeg),V&ms in head; sparha before eye». — (Noite), 
Pains in hcad.~{ Change ^ poiilion), Vertigo,— (iVewu re). Headache in 
vertex. — -(Light preiuure). Throbbing in forearm, etc. — (Pret^re on epigas- 
trium), Puin as if hyiKichondria were being prrased out. — (Too prolonged 
rfpo«e), Pains in general. — (On mi'n^), Pain in forehead returns. — (Kit- 
ing from teat), Paiu in cre.'.ta of ilia. — (Sitting), Reeling seii«ition in head; 
hunmiing,etc., in ears; stiHiiess in back; shoots ismtiscles of thlg'h; pain 
in knee; shooting in patella; prickings below patella; bubbling in knee. 
— (Sitting betit), Dremng-out feeling in ^oin; pressing towards sexual 
organs ; shoots in dun<um of foot. — (During sleep). Cough ; violeut cough, 
etc. ; scarlet redness of face, etc. ; sweat. — (After tleep). Pains in general ; 
ill-humor. — (After a long sleep). Thirst. — (iSaiwfiHj), Colic; pn's.'sure in 
foreimrt of tibia. — (t&epping), PrtSAure in head; shootings in genital region. 
— (During stool), tiliootings in rectunn. — (After stool), Tensive sensation 



below navel ; sense of fulnefls in abdomen. — ( Wlien ttooping), Blood mounts 
to head 1 fulness belowshort ribs.etc.; paio in glutei muscle!<. — (Afiertwy 
per), Mirthfulneas ; prfficordial anxiety, etc. — (Supporting head with hand). 
Pain in temporal region. — (Change of temperature). Pains in face. — (Afitr 
tmoking tobacco). Loss of appetite. — ( Touch), Pain in neck ; throbbioK in 
forearm, etc,; paio in middle finger-tip. — (Treading), Prewure id head. — 
( When treading on lefifoot), Shootings up to the knee, — ( Wheti treading on 
heel), Pain in ball of itee\.-~~(On turning in bed). Whole system began to 
feel bad). — {On turning head row »d), Shootings in pharynx, etc. — (AJIer 
diminution of sweat), Thirst; appetite fell off.— ( IFAiVe vrifiatiiig). Draw- 
ing in spermatic cords. — (After urinating), CtAd sweat all over; iname<li- 
ntely, pain in edge of prepuce. — (On waking). Weeping, etc.; convulsive 
extension of the limbs ; fatigue, etc. — ( Walking), Confusion of head ; ver- 
tigo ; colic; Btitch in urethra; pressing towards sexual organs ; oppression 
of chest, >^tc.; stitches below clavicle ; sensation in joints of tower extremi- 
ties ; tension in hip-joints; heaviness, etc., in thighs; haroM ring feels tight, 
etc.; pain in metatarsal bones; tearing in left sole. — {Walking quirkly), 
Jniiiig hsadaohe. — ( While walking in a gtroiig wind and sweating). Colic. 
— (CItange of weather). Pains in general. — (/n a wind). Pains in general ; 
pains in face. — {Yawtiing), Stitches in sternum. 

Ameltoratton. — ( On bending head baekwardu). Sensation in hrain 
disappears. — {After continuing to drink). Bad smell, etc., of milk disap- 
pears. — (On beginning to m(). Return of appetite. — (White eadny), Tooth- 
ache. — (Ptming JIatuience), Distension of hypogastrium, etc. — (Leiflug leg 
hang down), Jammed sensation in legs. — (Laying head doivn). Headache. — 
(0*1 lying down), Pain in forehead disappoirs ; humming, etc., in cars. — 
(On lying on right gide). Cutting in belly disappears.— (Xfier a meal). De- 
lirium ceases. — (Pasning tongue ot'er iedn), Toothache.^-(/'res«(re), Shoot- 
ing in frontal eminences ; pain in lefl arm ; tension in sole of foot. — (Strong 
pressure). Pain in forehead. — (Preying eue« upward). Burning in eyes, etc. 
— (On rubbing). Itching shootings in umbilicus disappear. — (Sitting), V»3ll 
in forehead. — (On tilting (/oii'ii). Colic disappears. — (.Sitting erect), Pressing 
towards sexual organs. — (Standing), Humming, etc., in ears; pressing-out 
feeling in hypogastriura; pressing towards sexual organs ; cramp in lumbo- 
sacral region, etc. — (Stooping),Ile&d&che. — (Suyar), Bumiug in throat (for 
a moment).— (IFawtn^), Humming, etc., in ears; cramp iu luml>o-sacral 
region, etc. ; bmiied pain In thighi, etc. 


B, perennis, L, Nat. order, Compositge. Preparation, Tincture of the 
whole plant nlien in flower. 

Authority. Dr. Thomas, Br. Journ. of Horn., 16, 325 ; proving of the 

. tincture, 20-drop doses repeated for fourteen days; of the 3d dilution; 

effects of external application of the tincture, and of chewing the flowers. 

Send. — A little giddiness in the head at times (after two weeks), (from 
the tincture). — Headache extending from occiput to sinciput (after two 
weeks), (from the tincture). — Brain feels as though contracted in the fron- 
tal. region (after two weeks), (from the tincture). 

Stomach. — Want of appetite (after two weeks), (from the tincture), 
— Slight nausea (after two weeks), (from the tincture). 

Upper ExtretnltleM. — Pain in inner side of right forearm, as of a 



boil developiDg (after two weeks), (from the tiactiire). — Pain in inner side 
of left foreami, as of a boil developing (after two weeks), (from the tinc- 
ture). — Pain iu middle finger of lefl hand, as of a gathering, for a short 
time only (after two weeks), (from the tincture). 

Skin, — Development of a small boil (after five hours), (from external 
application of tincture).^ — Small boil at the angle of the inferior maxilla, 
right side (after chewing the flowers). — Painful pimple a little behind the 
angle of left inferior maxilla (3d dilution), (after third day). — Large boil 
on Daek of neck, commencing with a dull, aching pain, some difficulty and 
brnised pain in keeping the head erect; began ae a slight pimple, with 
burning pain in the ekin, increasing until, in six days' time, it was very 
large, of a dark, fier^, purple color, and very sore, burning and aching 
paiu iu it ; accompanied witti headache extending from occiput to sinciput, 
of a cold, aching character; brain as though contracted in frontal region, 
dizziness, etc. (after two weeks), (from the tincture). 


A product of distillation from Petroleum, formula, C,H,. Ftq>ara- 
tioti, Tincture with alcohol. 

" Authority. Dr. J. Heber Smith, N. E. Med. Gaz., 1870. (Symptoms 
from a workman in a rubber factory, who for weeks had his hands and 
arms daily bathed in benzine, and drank water impregnated with it.) 

Jlliiiti, — Weeping at trifles, and despairing of recovery. — Extremely 
irritable and faultfinding. 

Head, — Severe darting pains in occiput, from below upward, recurring 
in paroxysms, aggravated by motion, and especially by rising after sitting. 

Eyrs, — Could not turn eyes upwtird or to one side without severe ach- 
ing and throbbing. — Conjunctiva appeared somewhat congested. — A great 
white hand seemed to appear to him, in the darkness, coming outspread 
toward bis face, causing him in terror to scream for the watcher. 

Face. — Occasional sudden puffing up of the left check and of the calf 
of the left leg, as though the parta were filled with air, going off in a few 
hours, and returuing again. 

M.outh. — Teeth covered with sordes (during typhoid condition). — Sore- 
lies*, and sensation of looseness in the upper incisors. — [10,] Tongue parched 
and brown (during typhoid condition). — Painful, round, white ulcers in 
the mouth, especially on the inside of the cheeks. — Hot and very offensive 

Stomach. — Entire loss of appetite. — Craving for lemons and cider, — 
Terrible thirat (during typhoid condition). — Extreme thirst for ice-water, 
satisfied with a sip, but wanting it again directly, 

Abtlonien. — Continual soreness to pressure in the abdominal walls, — 
Huat, and grinding, wearing pains in the lower part of the bowels, worse 
Just before stools. 

Stool and Anus. — Several times an hour, a stool, smelling of ben- 
zine, of lead-colored mucus mixed with bright blood, accompanied by some 
tenesmus, and followed by throbbing in the anus and rectum, and laucinat- 
in? pains from below upwards, continuing about five minutes. These stools 
fitllowed him with diminishing severity about ten days, preserving their 
characteristics to the last. 

TJt'inary Organs. — [80.] Pressing pain in the bladder. — After 
VOL. II —9 



pasaiag urine, throbbing and amartiDg in the neck of the bladder and in 
the urethra for several minutes. — Dark, offensive urine. — Sediment in the 
urine like red sand. 

Seapiratory Apparatus, Chent, and Pulse. — Eveir few 
days, continual dry, hacking cough. — Continual soreness and aching in the 
olaviculfti- regions. — Pulse wiry, averaging 96 per minute. 

Back and Extremities. — Continual aching and throbbing in the 
lumbar region, made worse by a full inspiration. — Extreme irritation of the 
kidneys.— -<!!on tin ua) soreness and aching in the muscles of the upper arms. 

Generalities. — [30.] Wasted, paflid.and exhausted. — General pros- 
tration. — At one time he sank very low, approaching a typhoid condition. 
— Complained of a sensation of &lling through the bed and floor (during 
typhoid condition ). 

Sleep and Dreams. — For three nights, before the sweating bc«an, 
complete insomnia, with unpleasant thoughts crowding the mind, and wide- 
open eyes, before which photopsic illusions floated continually. 

Fever. — Chills seized remote parts and passed toward the head, from 
the thumbs to the elbows and from them to the shoulders, and from the 
small of the back to the shoulders and vertex. — Cold compresses came off" 
Steaming in a few minutes, smelling of benzine, and stained a deep yellow, 
which could only be removed by long exposure to the bud. — For seven 
Dighta, copious, general, warm sweat, toward morning, very exhausting, 
tbllowed on several succeeding mornings by perspiration only on the breast, 
on the aids not lain upon, and in the axillfe. 

Condttians. — Aggravation. — {TmBord vwrtdng), S>yiea.t.—{FuU in- 
epiration). Aching, etc., in lumbar region. — (^Motwn), Pains in occiput. — 
(^Rising after giUing), Pains in occiput. — [Before stool). Heat, etc., in lower 
bowels. — (Turning eyes upward or to one side). Aching, etc, in eyea. — 
{After urinatiiig). Throbbing, etc, in neck of bladder. 


Nitro-beitzine (" essence of mirbane," or " artificial " oil of bitter al- 
monds). Formvla, C,^,NOj. Prepared by heating Benzol with Nitric 
acid; the oily fluid formed is washed and rectified; it is miscible with Alco- 
hol, has an odor of bitter almonds, and is very poisonous. 

Authorities. 1, Treulich, Wien Med. Presse, 11, 13, two cases poisoned by 
taking about half a thimbleful; 2,Bahrdt, Archiv f. Deutsch. Hellk., 1871, 
poisoned by drinking about six drops in some liquor ; 3, Letheby, London 
Hosp. Kep., 1865, J. E. spattered some on his clothes, so that he inhaled 
the fumes; 4, Ibid., G. G. took a little in his mouth by mistake; he imme- 
diately spit it out and rinsed his mouth with water; 6, Ibid., 11. A, took a 
little in his mouth to remove the smell of tobacco ; 6, ibid., a woman cooked 
some food in a cup which had contained Nitro-benzol ; 7, Krcuser, Wurt. 
oorr. BI., 37 (A. H. Z., M. B., 16, 48) ; 8, Riefkhol, Deutsch. Kl., 1868 ; 
9, Schenk, Zeit. f Ger. Med., 1866, a pregnant girl poisoned heraelf ; 10, 
Muller, ibid., a young man took a teaspoonful in water; 11, Helbig, 
Deutsche. Mil. Arz., 3, 1873, several soldiers drank some from a flask. 

Mind. — Extreme mental excitement (after two hours),'. — Inability to 
think connectedly,', — Unconscious (after a quarter of an hour),". — Uncon- 
scious, with leaden colur« livid lips, moderately warm skin, and weak, 
irregular pulse,'. — Unconscious, with livid face, purple lips, dilated pupils, 



slow, difficult, and scarcely perceptible respiration, and death,*. — Loos of 
conacio Clan ess,'. — ^Loes of coDsciouaness, fell from her chair (aft«r half aa 
hour),*. — Loaa of consciousness for twenty-four hours,'. — Comatose some 
hours,'. — [10.] Complete coma, which appeared suddenly,'. — Profound 
coma, wirti livid, purple fece, closed eyes, moderately dilated pupils, cold 
skin, difficult, slow respiration, pulse small, slow or accelerated, irregular,*. 

Itead, — Vertigo,^ '. — Vertigo and headache,'. — Headache,'.— Sensa- 
tion of formication under the scalp, or as if the hair was hnstliug up,'. 

JEyes and Earn. — ^The white of the eye had a livid loo^, vessels 
greatly enlai^ed, pupils much dilated, insensible to the light,*. — Strabis- 
mus,". — Stanneeyes,'. — Lids closed,'. — [80.] Great injection of the conjunc- 
tiva biiibi,".— Eyeballs roll from right to left constantly,'. — Eyeballs 
constantly roll on their vertical axis,'. — The eyeballs showed a constant 
turning inward and outward in a slow regular motion, with the visual ases 
perfectly parallel,'. — Eyeballs seemed enlarged,'. — Pupilt dilated,^ *, etc. — 
Pupils dilated, sluggish,'. — Violent roaring in the ears, and sounds,'. 

jFave.- — Expression stupid,'. — Stupid expreaeion of face (after four 
houra),*. — [30.] He looked atupid and aick (after four hours),'. — Face 
puffy, swollen, and had a relaxed look,'. — Cvanotic face,', — Face cyanotic 
(fourth hour),*. — Face blue,'. — Blue color in the face (after twenty min- 
utes),".— Face blue and pale,'. — Face bluish-gray, aunken,". — Face red,'. 
— Face red, with purple lips and cold akin (after two hours),*. — [40.] Tris- 
mus,'. — Trismus and tetanus,". — Lips of a dark blue color,". 

Mouth, — Tongue white, somewhat swollen,'. — ^Tongue thick and soft,*. 
— Mouth clenched,'", — Mucous membrane of lipe and mouth livid and 
swollen,*. — Stammering speech,'. 

Stomach and Abdomen. — Burning in throat and stomach,'. — 
Kausea (after four hours),'. — [fiO,] Inclined to vomit,'. — Vomiting,'. — Vom- 
iting (atVer half an hour), '.^Vomiting while unconscious,', — Vomited 
what he had eaten (after four hours),'.— 5'ains in the abdomen,'. 

Seniiiratory Apparatus. — Sighing respiration,'. — Respiration 
rattling, frei^u en tly interrupted,". — Respiration regular, somewhat difficult; 
on auscultation, mucous rflles in the large bronchi, . — Respiration short aud 
rapid (after three hours),'.- — [80.] Respiration exceedingly slow, so that it 
frequently ecema to cease,'.— Respiration and pulse continued to become 
slower until the patient died,'. — Respiration very superficial aud slow,'. — 
Dyspncea (after two hours),'. — Respiration difficult, catching, and acceler^ 

Chest. — Oppression of the cheat,', — Severe oppression of ehest,'. 

Heart ana Pulse. — Heart exceedingly irregular (after two hours),*. 
■ — Palpitation (after half an hour),'. — The heart treat 120 a minute ; caro- 
tid and temporal arteriea pulsating,'. — [70.] Pulse small, rapid,'.— Pulse 
100, very weak, and irregular,'. — Pulse 130, weak, and intermitting (after 
two hours),'. — Pulse full and slow,'. — Pulse scarcely perceptible,". 

JVccfc.— ^tiff neck,'. — Stiffness of the neck, trismus, and fibrillar twitch- 
ings in the masseter muscles,'. 

Extremities. — Twitchings in the hands and feet,'. — Twitchings in 
arms,'. — Arms spasmodically flexed,'. — [80.] Arms spasmodically flexed, 
sometimes extended,'. — Arms spasmodically flexed at first, afterwards re- 
laxed,", — Finger nails colored blue,". 

Generalities. — Gait totterine and uncertain, as if intoxicated,'. — 
Tottering gait, and tendency to fall,". — He walked like a drunken man, 
staggering lere and there,'. — Violent convulsions,'. — Convulsions paroxya- 



mal,', — Convulsions and loss of consciousness ; the head sunk upon the 
shoulder; purple lips, and clenched teeth ; the eyes closed (sixth hour),'. — 
Chronic cramps and tetanus,", — [90.] Tetanic convulsions, relieved for a 
few minutes by dashes of cold water, and followed by deep coma,'. — Te- 
tanic spasms of the flexor muscles, especially of the upper extremities and 
of the niasticatore,'. — Faintuess,'.— Sinking, . — Was obliged to lie down on 
account of ezha-ustion (after half an hour),'. — Symptoms come suddenly, 
several hours after taking,'. 

8hln.~~T\\e skin, especially the face and neck, algo of the extremities, 
was livid,'. — Skin bluish-gray, . — Skin dry and cyanotic, lips blue,". — Irri- 
tability of the skin completely lost,'. 

Sleep and £>rea7ns, — [100.] Sleepiness,'. — Complaius of sleepiness 
(after four hours),'. 

Fever. — Skin cold,". — Sweat on the forehead and face,". 

Condition. — Amelioration, — {Darting cold woter). Tetanic 


Benzoic acid, C,H„CO,OH. Obtained, by sublimation, frum Gum ben- 
zoin, or artificially from several aromatic hydrocarbons. Preparation for 
we, Tincture or trituration. 

Avihorilies, 1, Dr. Jcanes, Trans. Am. Inat., vol. i (symptoms obtained 
from himself and others, sick and welh, with the Ist to the 15th potency; 
2, Dr. Lingen, ibid, (took of an alcoholic solution i gr. to 1 oz., five drops 
every morning and evening for several days); 3, Keller, Am. Arzn. Prufn, 
p. 705 (examined the eifect of crude doses upon the urine) ; 4, Nusser, ibid. 
(took 80 grs. of the 2d trit. at one dose); 5, Petroz, Bull. d. 1. soc. med, 
hom, de Paris, 5, 60 (the original proving); 6, Hauff, from Hering, Am. 
Arzn. Prufn (effects of a drachm daily, an hour after dinner, on a person 
having arthritic nodes on the fingers, et«.).t 

Jtfind. — The mind is inclined to dwell upon unpleasant things. If he 
eaw any one who was deformed it made him shudder," '. — Sadness,'. — Sense 
of anxiety," '. — Sense of anxiety while sweating,'. — Activity of mind while 
at work, afterwards anxiety,'. — He was much surprised that, while writing. 
Tie omitted words every moment, which never was the case before (sixth 
and seventh days),', — Comatose conditiou. (Ilisch, Med. Zeit. Russl.) 

Head. — Confuaion of the head,'. — Confusion of the head, and sleepi- 
ness,'. — [10.] Vertigo, making hira fearful of falling sidewise, usually in 
the afternoon,'. — Excitement and lightness of the head, when sueezing in 
the morning,'. — Sensation as if there were air in the head,'. — Tired feeling 
in the head, as from night- watching,'. — Seusation of coldness in the head, . 
— Sensation of shaking in the head,'. — The head-symptoms are generally 
accompanied with depression, lassitude, and loss of appetite,'. — After men- 
tal emotions, headache,'. — The head-symptoms are woree during rest, return 
periodically, and are often accompanied with pains in the stomach, nausea, 

fagging, and cold hands,'. — Pain and heat in the organs of reverence and 
rmness,'. — [20.] Pressure upon the whole upper part of the head and on 
the spinal column, as if it were pressed togetber like an elastic body, so 

■a gi*cn with tbe eymp- 



that be stretched himself involuntarily and bent Forward- This senaation, 
without being painful, produces extreme anxiety, two days iu succ«saion in 
the forenoon, while sitting,'. — Rheumatic pain on the outside of the head,*. 
— Formication iu the forehead,'. — Hard throbbing of the temporal arter- 
ies,'.— Pain in the temples, in the region of the organ of const ructiven ess,'. 
— Pain in the lett temple,'. — ^Hammering pain inUie temples, obliging him 
lo lie down,'. ^Tearing pitiu in the vertex,'. — Internal pain and bruised 
feeling in the sides of tne head,'. — Itching of the hairy scalp,'. 

JSyeH, — [30.] Distres.'i in the eyes, as from want of sleep,', — Burning 
heat in the eyes,'. — Burning heat in the lids,'. — Itching in tne outer, and 
then in the inner, angle of the right eye,'. — Throbbing in the eyeballs,'. 

Ears. — Swelling behind the ears, which seems to reach the periosteum,', 
— Starting in the ear,'. — Itching in the left ear,'. — Puffing in the ears from 
pulsation of the temporal arteries,'. — When swallowing, noise in the ears,'. 
— [40.] Sensation in the ears like a sound of confused voices, especially 
when swallowing or when walking in the open air,'. 

Nose, — Redness at the angles of the nose,'. — Pain in the nasal bones,', 
— Irritation in the left nostril, such as precedes sneeiing, yet without being 
able to sneeze,'. — Sneezing and hoarseness,'. — A cold in the head readily 
occurs from exposure to cold ; is renewed every day,',— Epistaxis,'. — Pres- 
sure at the root of the nose,'. — Sensitiveness of the nose,'.^Itehing of the 
septum of the nose,'.— [50.] Diminutionof the sense of smell,'.— It seemed 
to him that he smelled dust, cabbage, or something stinking,'. 

Face. — Circumscribed redness of the face,'. — Numb feeling in the face,', 
— Burning heat of the fece,'. — Burning beat on only one-half of the face,'. — 
Tension in one side of the face,'. — Preasive sensation in the face,'. — Trem- 
bling of the lips,'. — Itching of the chin,'. 

Mouth. — ^t^**-] Involuntary biting of the lower lip at dinner, on two 
successive days,'.— Stitches in a right lower hollow molar,'. — Slight cutting 
pain in the teeth,'. — Slow Jerking in a right upper molar,'. — The Benzoic 
oil has been given for toothache,". (A.) — The resin has been used as a 
chewing-gum in toothache,". (Schrceder.) — Extensive ulcerations of the 
tongue, with deeply-chapped or fungoid surfaces,'. — Velvety coating on the 
tongue.'.t — Tongue with a white mucous coat in the morning,*. — Tongue of 
a slightly bluish color, '.^[70.] Soreness on the back part of the tongue,'. 
— Soreness of the back part of the tongue, felt most while swallowing,'. — 
Sensation of soreness and rawness at the root of the tongue and on the 
palate,'.— An ulcerated tumor in the left side of the mouth, upon the soft 
commissure of the jaws, behind the last molar teeth," '. — Heat around the 
mouth,'. — Aft«r-taste of the food,'. — Slightly acid mucus,'.^Taate of blood,', 
— The bread tastes 8moky,'.^riat, soapy taste after drinking water,'. — 
[80.] Salty taste of food,'. — Bitter taste, with pressure at the stomach and 
erne tat ion, '.^-Bitter taste on drinking coffee or milk,'. 

Tftroat. — Collection of mucus in the throat,'. — The thyroid gland feels 
swollen,'. — Sensation of swelling or of contraction in the throat,r — It feels 
as if there were little lumps in the pit of the throat, as if food were stick- 
ing there. (Fr. Husmann.) — Angina feucium and angina tonsillaris, with 
the characteristic urine," '.—Heat in the oesophagus, as from acid eructa- 
tions,'. — Sensation of heat and scratching in the ceaophagus and throat. 
(Pereira.) — [90,] Extreme>y unpleasant scratching in the throat. (Leh- 

it suspicion of syphilitic a&eclion ; in both 



ruann, Phys. Cbimie.) — IMfficulty ia sw&llowiDg,*. — Incomplete swallow- 

Stomach. — IncreaBed appetite in the evening,'. — Loss of appetit«, 
mornings,'. — In the evening, thirst with el eepineae,'.— Singultus,'. — Nausea, 
mornings,*. — Nausea, with gagging ; with disturbances about the head,'. — 
Nausea, with loathing, and constant malaise,*. — [100.] Vomiting of a salty 
substance,'. — Bitter vomiting,'. — With pregnant women, gaatrlc derange- 
ments when ascending a height,'. — Sensation of warmth in the stomach,'. 
— Burning in the stomach. {Honigberger.) — Pressure in the stomach and 
eructations,'. — Fatigued by the pressure of the clothes on the epigastrium,'. 

Abdotnent — In the region of the liver, constant, fine, out violent 
stitching, midway in the upper portion thereof; it seems to be superficial, 
and is not increased by pressure (seventh day),*. — Obstruction of the liver,°. 
(Honigberger.) — Cutting about the navel, relieved by stool,'. — [110.] Un- 
common discharge of wind downward in the afternoon and evening of first 
day,'. — Pain in the left side of the abdomen, immediately below tne short 
rihs,'. — Sensation of heat throughout the abdomen,', — Tearing bellyache,'. 
— Tensive pain in the groins,'. 

Stool and AnU8. — Contraction of the extremity of the rectum,'. — 
Stitching in the rectum,'. — Slightly elevated, round surfaces, of a wartlike 
appearance, and circular form, varying in diameter from half an inch to 
an inch and a half, at places running into each other, nearly covered both 
sides and the bottom of the sulcus ani, and causes much smarting and 
soreness of the part, with strong-scented and highly-colored urine" (after 
previous use of Copaiva for chancre),', — Fine stitching in the anus, on the 
evening of first day,*. — Formication at the anus,'. — [120.] Urging to stool, 
with iuefFectual straining,'.— Bowels freely open, with extraordinary pres- 
sure to stool,'. — *Diarrhaea of children ; the disoharge ii oopioiu, watery, 
olear-colored, rery fetid ; the nrine at the same time ii nnoomounily de^ 
red, and the arinoiu odor very strong (in very many cases curative, or at 
least relieving)," '. — *Frothy sfoo/,'. — *Fetid, watery, white atooh, very 
oopioui and exhanitiiig, in infants, the urine being of Tery deep-r^ 
eoior,° '. — Putrid, bloody stoo!,'. — Insufficient stool,'. 

Urinary Organs. — Vesical catarrh,". (G. Bird.) — Irritability of 
liie bladder. Too frequent desire to evacuate the bladder, the urine nor- 
mal in appearance," '. — Gleet, °. (Honigbei^r.) — [130.] Urine at first in- 
creased in quantity only, and not in frequency. In a tew days urination 
became exceedingly frequent, with strong pressing and discharge of a. clear 
urine. Urine of an aromatic odor and saline taste, the odor long retained ; 
most in the forenoon,'. — Urine more copious, somewhat turbid, otherwise 
of a natural color and odor. After the daily use of a drachm after dinner, 
no Benzoic acid was found in the urine, traces of urea, and only mere 
traces of Hippuric acid,*. — Enuresis noctuma of children, where Nitrum 
&iled,°. (Young.) — Decrease of the quantity of urine,'. — Urine aromatic,*. 
— *Feiid urine, wUh prolapsus -uteri. (C. Hg.) — Urine of a very repnlaive 
odor, of a changeable color, brownish, elovdy, of an alkaline reaction ; effer- 
vescing with hyarochloric add; v^ite, ftoceiUent sediment in the urine imma- 
diately after its passage, consisting of the pko^hate and carbonate of lime, 
wUhout uria acid. Tlie patient was pale, languid, with a sense of weakness 
in the loina. (Farquhar.) — Thick urine,'. — Bloody urine,'. — Hot, scalding 
urine, of a deep-red color, and strong odor, causing so much suflering in 
its passage that this was performed but once a day," '. — Morbid condition 
of the urine, as in persons with calculus or gouty diathesis," (Ure), with 



concretions of urate of animonia,°. (Neidhard.^ — [140,] *0rme highly 
colored, gomeiimea of the color of brandy ; the orinoiu odor nceedingly 
■troiig,° '. — Urine of tbe above character, of a specific gravity greater than 
that of healthy urine; passed into tbe same retains its place below 
the healthy urine without admixture, and, though of a very deep-red color, 
deposits no sedinient,' '. — Dark reddieh-brown urine, of greater specific 
gravity than normal, with au acid reaction, even af^r some weeks ; at the 
same time many fleeting paiua deep in the region of the bladder, not when 
urinating, but at other times ; also with deposit of mucous granules, and, 
when standing, l>ecoming, in a few days, covered with a thick, filmy crust, ° 
(one-twentieth grain of the undiluted acid). (C, Hg.) — A granular kind of 
mucus, mixed with phosphates, in the sediment of the urine,", (Gfarrod,)— 
Affords no relief where there are phosphates in the sediment. (G. Bird.) — 
After thirty-two graius of pure Benzoic acid, taken in the evening before 
going to sleep, the morning urine reacted uncommonly acid, even after 
being evaporated, and standing twelve hours, whereupon only the usual 
sediment of earthy salts presented itself. The Uric acid and urea were 
both contained therein, apparently in normal quantity,'.— A scruple, taken 
an hour after a meal, was followed, in some hours, by five or six ounces of 
urine ; on adding Hydrochloric acid to this an abundant precipitate of 
Hippuric acid appeared, but no trace of Uric acid. (Ure.) — One of the 
few acids which manifestly increase the acidity of the urine. (Lehmann.) — 

Increases the acid of the urine and makes it slightly irritant, (Garrod.) — 
Not the uric acid but the urea disappears. (Garrod.) — [150.] Dark or 
highly colored offensive urine, quite peculiar (afi«r suppressed syphilis and 
gonorrhoea. In many cases)," '.f — In cases with an excess of unc acid in 
the urine, tbe urine oecomee normal after the use of Benzoic acid,°. (G. 
Bird.) — Never saw anything so effectual ; the urine was clear after the first 
dose, and in two days was entirely free from mucous deposits ; the irrita- 
bility of the bladder was diminished, and in four days the patient could be 
left tn himself,". (Soden.) 

Sexual Organs. — Male. Painfulness of tbe ^nilals,'. — Pressure 
at the genitals. — Haw pain of the genitals,'. — Smarting of the frieuuni 
pneputii,'. — A thrilling, almost painful sensation on the left side of the 
glans penis, extending into the urethra, so severe as to occasion starting, 
ending in a sensation of tickling and itching,* .—Itching on the glans,'. — 
Itching in the sulcus behind the corona glandis,'. — Female, [160.] Men- 
struation too early,'. — Betarded menstruation,'. — Weakness after the 
menses,'. — Too, long-lasting lochia,'. 

Renpt/ratory Apparatus. — Copious secretion of mucus in the 
bronchi,'. — Slight transitory hoarseness and thrice-repeated sneezing, in tbe 
morning, with a pleasant excitement and lightness (Leichtigkeit) of tbe 
head, which, together with its more rapid disappearance, distinguished it 
from tbe more ordinary symptoms of talcing cold, of the prover,'. — Rather 
increased than diminished the cough. (Pereira.) — When the fumes of Ben- 
zoin alone are produced they occasion a cough. (Schnsder, Arneischatz.) 
— Violent cough from inhaling the fumes. (Pereira.) — Produced an ex- 
hausting cough in healthy {>ersons (the flowers). (Med. Zeit. Russlands.) — 
E170.] Given for a tormenting, tight cough, every powder produced a vio- 
ent cough, then extraordinary weakness, sweat, and a state of coma last- 
ing ao hour; at tbe same time tbe skin ispaler and cooler; tbe pulse weaker 

t The gohorrboM wm, in moEt case*, luppregied by Bala, copaiv. 



and less frequeDt ; respiration Dormftl (from the gttblimated but not pwrijied 
fiowers). (Ilisch, in Med. Zeit. Rum)., 15, 1852.)— Cough Beems produ»»d 
by something acrid or dry in the chest,'. — Cough after a slight cold,', — 
Slight hacking cough, directly after riaing (second day),*. — Cough excited 
by inspiration,'.— Troublesome, constant, dry, hacking cough, after sup- 
pressed gonorrhcea,' .^Co ugh, followed by eK]>ectoration of greenish mucus,'. 
— The respiration at times somewhat whistling (second day),'. — Difficulty 
of breathing on awakiDg,^ — Asthma, with inflammatory rheumatic com- 
plaints," '. 

Chettt. — [180.] Bumiug in the nipples,'. — Sensation of swelling in the 
mammary glands, also in the thyroid gland,*. — Morbid agitation in the 
chest,'.— Sense of roughness in th'c chest,'. — PainfLiI starting in the chest,'. 
— Sensation of swelling in the chc3t,'.^Can scarcely bear the pressure of 
clothing ou the chest, '.^A cutting sensation in the chest,'. — Fine, slight 
stitches in the middle of the chest (evening of the first day),'. — Pain some- 
times in the middle of the breast; a kind of stitching (second day),'. — 
[100.] In the evening in bed, somewhat of stitching in the chest, especially 
on breathing deeply (first day),'. — It is said to furnish the greatest relief 
in diseases of the chest ; reduces the obstruction of the pulmonary vessels, 
and promotes expectoration,", (Lewis's Mat. Med.) — In the last period of 
simple pneumonia, where great weakness prevails,". (Schregar.) — Typhus 
pneumonia; asthenic affections of the chest. (Schregar.) — Asthenic pneu- 
monia of a young man ; aft«r the strength had sunk daily, the difficultv 
of breathing increased every hour till it attained a fearful degree,", (Golo- 
achmidt.) — ^Pain in the left side. (Houigberger.) — Pain about the third rib 
on the right side, midway between the sternum and the side; increased by 
respiration,'.^Deep penetrating pain in the posterior part of the left side 
about the sixth rib (second day),'.— Pain in the left side about the sixth 
rib, increased by deep inspiration, and by bending the body to either side,'. 
—Pressure on the ribs,'.— [800.] Stitching in the right side of the chest,'. 
— Weak feeling in the prsecordial region,'. 

Hcftrt and Pufne.-~ViiAa\a.\\n% beating of the heart,'. — Intermit- 
tent beats of the heart,'. — Palpitation of the heart with trembling,*, — Pal- 
pitation of the heart while sitting, also after drinking,', — Awakes after 
midnight, with palpitation of the heart ; every morning at 2 o'clock, with 
heat and hard pulse. Throbbing of the temporal arteries prevents his get- 
ting to sleep again,'. — Wakes after midnight, with violent pulsation of the 
heart and temporal arteries (pulsation 110 in the minute), without external 
heat, and cnnnot fall asleep again. lu the morning, the tongue covered 
with a white mucous coat; some nausea and total loss of appetite. Had 
eaten peaches in the evening. In the afternoon, at four o'clock, all these 
symptoms had vanished (fourth day),'. — Pain in the region of ike hearty. — 
The pains change their place incessantly and suddenly, but are the most 
constant in the region of the heart,'. — [210.] Pulse full,', — He wakes every 
morning about 2 o'clock from strong internal heal, and a hard, bounding, but 
not <^uickened pulse, so that he must lie awake upon his back, because the 
pulsation of the temporal arteries sounds like puffing in his ears, and pre- 
vents him from going to sleep again (lasting eight weeks),'. — Accelerated 
pulse (first, second, and third days),'. — Pulse slow,'. — Pulse slower and 
weaker {from the suSlitnated but not purified JUnvert). (Ilisch, in Med. 
Zeit Russl.) 

Jfeck and Sack, — Sliflriesa of the neck, but only on one side,*, — 
Pressure in the nape of the neck,'. — Violent itching in the nape of the 



neck,'. — Pain in the right side of the back, between the tenth dorsal ver- 
tebra and the side,'. — Pressure upon the spinal column,'. — [220.] Hot 
burning pain in left kidney, with drawing when stooping,". (If eidhard.) — 
Dull pain in the region of the kidneys,'. — Sore paiu in region of left kid- 
ney,". (Neidhard.) — Nephritic colic,". (fWilliamson.) — Sense of coldness 
at the sacrum,'. — Starting in the loins,'. — Stiffness in the loins, with pains 
in the kidneys,", (Neidhard.) 

Extremities in General. — Nodes on the joints of the upper and 
lower extremities, knicking and cracking on niotiou,'. — In both wrists, be- 
tween the metacarpal bones, abundant gouty deposits, and swelling of the 
elbow-joints. Theaukle,also,innotfree(l drachm daily for six mouths')," '. 
— Old, gouty concretions,", (Neidhard.) — [230.] Tearing and fine stitch- 
ing in variou.s parts of the limbs,'. 

Upper Extremities. — Sensation of swelling under the axilla,'. — 
Tearing pains, apparently in the bones of the arra.'.^Fine or severe stitch- 
ing on the outer surface of the right arm ; afterwards on the left arm, inner 
surface (evening of first day),'. — Tearing below, in the right radius,*. — 
Tearing at the outer surfiice of both wrista, as if in the bones (third day),*. 
— Cold hands,', — Cold hands with head symptoms,'.— A kind of itching in 
the palra of the right hand, with slight but deep tearing in the upper meta- 
carpal joints of the little and ring fingers (evening of first day),'.^The 
fingers are as if swollen ; a ring became too small (second day),*.— [240.] 
The fingers remain somewhat swollen ; therewith tearing and fine stitching 
in various parts of the limbs, especially in front at the metatarsal joint of^ 
the right great toe (fourth to seventh days),*. — Pain in the finger joints of 
the right hand,'. — Paralytic pain of the fingers,'. — Tearing in the metacar- 
pal joint of the lefl thumb,*. — Tearing deep in the upper joints of the left 
index finger (second day),*. 

Lower Extremities.— lAS9\taA% in the lower extremities,'. — Sen- 
sation as if the lower lirabs were tightly bandaged,'.— Pain in the right 
hip,'. — Gnawing pain in the left hip, then in the thigh, next in the knees, 
then in the toes,'. — Pain in the left hip, in the knee, and the toes at the 
same time; the worst in the toes; leaving the toes, it seats it^lf in the 
muscles of the calf, and then iu the knee. After leaving these parts it 
appears in the right thigh and ankle, '.^260.] Tearing pain in the anterior 
surfiice of the thigh,'. — *Swe/ling of the right knee, ivilk pain a» of wfcero- 
tioii of ike ■whole leg,wiihpain» in the kidneys,°. (Neidhard.) — ■■* Cracking in 
the knee-joint^. — *Senae of dryneat in tlte knee-joint^. — Pain in the Hght 
knee,' *.^Pain in the left knee,'. — *Pain in both knee»,K — Drawing pain in 
the knees after drinking wine,', — Pain iu the gastrocnemii,'. — Sharp pain 
in the left ankle during the time it supports the weight of the body while 
.walking,'.— [260.] When supporting a slight part of the weight of the 
body upon the leu foot, severe pain in the tendo Achillis, close to the os 
calcis,'.^Pain in the right tendo Achillis and in the region of the heart at 
the same time. After leaving the right, the ]>ain appears in the left tendo 
Achillis,'. — Numbness in the toes,', — Pain in the toes,', — Pain iu the large 
joints of the great toe, with slight tumefaction and redness,'. — In the small 
toes of the right foot, especially in the middle joints, a kind of deep sensi- 
tive tearing ; subsequently, in the right knee, the last joint of tlie metacar- 
pal bone and of the left thumb, and in the radius of the right forearm, etc. 
(second day),*.— Deep, persistent tearing in the lowest iomt of the great 
toe (Second day),*. — Tearing and tliUhing, espemally in the metatarsal jointa 
of ike right great toe*. — Stitch passing perpendicularly upward through the 




right great toe, followed bv a burning, which increases gradually to a stitch ; 
appeariug afterwards in the left great toe, from which it vauishes with a 
' irilllDg sensation, in the moraing while lyiog down (eighth day),*. 

GeneraUHeS.—Emnci&Ua (the r«Bin). (Schneder.) — [270.1 Trem- 
bling, with palpitatioD of the heart,'. — * Wearinett tmd ^owifut^,*.— Extreme 
weakuess, sweat, and comatose condition. (Ilisch., \d Med. Zeit. Russl.) — A 
pain passes from the right haod, and appears in the left arm, es(«QdB down- 
wards into the elbow, and next appears in the region of the heart ; later 
in the right thigh and ankle,*. — Purifies the blood, and is used in vulnerary 
potions," (tincture of the flowers). (Schneder.) — Syphilitic rheumatiam," . 

Skin, — Eruption of red spots on the fingers, .—Itching on various 

Erta of the body and extremities, yielding ratner an agreeable feeling on 
lug scratched, but leaving a burning,'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness, with dnlness of the head,'. — Sleep 
tolerably sound ; somewhat disturbed by dreams the first day ; the follow- 
ing day good,'. — [280.] Deep sleep,*. — Starting un from sleep,*. 

IFever. — Horripilation before stool,'. — Cool, paieskin, with sweat, weak- 
nesH, and coma, (Ilisch., in Med, Zeit. Russl.)— -Coldness of the back,*. — 
Coldness in the knees,'. — Feeling of coldness in the knees, as if blown upon 
by a cold wind (ninth day),'. — Cold feet,'. — Violent internal heat on wak- 
ing,'. — Heat during the coryza,'. — [290.] Sense of heat in the oesophagus,' ; 
in the stomach,'; in the belly,'. — Heat, with sweat,*; heat, with cold in 
the head,' ; with nightly palpitation of the heart,'. — Coldness, with feeling 
of heat,*.— <!oldnes8, then heat and sweat,'. — Crentle, universal exhalation 
from the skin (evening of the first day),*.— Slight sweat after the disap- 
[>earance of the other symptoms,'. — SulMequentTy a very copious perspira- 
tion. (Lehman n.) —The crystals produce sweat in syphilis, with very great 
benefit, especially when mixed with Guaiacum. (Schroader.) — Copious 
night-sweat, niter taking 32 grains, in the evening ; the first night, not the 
fofiowing, from repeated doses,',— -Sweat, with anxiety,'. — [300.] Sweat, 
with itching,'.; — Sweat while eating ; while walking,',— -Sweat of the feel,'. 
— Sweat, with aromatic odor,". — Cold sweat on the head,'. — Cold sweat on 
Uie face,', — Cold Bweat on the face, with heat,'. — Cold sweat on the feet,'. 
— Exhalation from the skin less active than before, while a drachm was 
taken every day for six months,*. 

Conduions. — Aggravation. — {Morning'), On waking, head symp- 
toms occur ; when sneezing, excitement, etc., of head ; white coat on tongue ; 
loss of appetite ; nausea; directlyafter rising, cough ; on waking, difficulty 
of breathing; while lying down, stitch through great toe, etc; on waking, 
heat. — (Forenoon), While sitting, pressure on head, etc. ; urinary symptoms. 
— (J_/tem«)n), Vertigo. — (£uenmy). Symptoms of nose; thirst, etc.; in bed, 
especially on breathing deeply, stitch in chest — (Afier viidnigH), 2 a.m., 
wakes, with ^Ipitation ; wakes, with heat, etc. — (^Every day). Cold in head 
renewed. — (Open air), Eye symptoms. — ( When tBolldng in open air), Sen- 
sation of voices in ear.— (^OTOffure to draught of air), Head symptoms. — 
(When ascending a h^lU), In pregnant women, gastric disturbances. — 
(Bending body to eiiher side), Pain in left side,— h; When bbmring no»e\ 
Trunk-symptoms.— ( On drinking coffee). Bitter taste. — (During coryza). 
Heat. — (Ajler drinking). Palpitation.— { TFAifc eating). Sweat. — (After 
menial emotion), Head-symptoms occur.— (//wpirtrfion), Excites cough. — 
(On. drinlcina milk), Bitter taste. — (On moving after long fitting). Trunk- 
symptoms. — (Periodic), Head-symptoms. — (Reading by artifieial light). Eye- 
symptoms. — (Revpiration), Pain in side. — (Rett), Head-symptoms. — ( While 



sitting), PalpitatioD. — (Before ttooi), Horripilation. — ( Whett rteallowitig), 
Noiae in ears ; Bensatiou of voices in ear ; soreness of tongue. — ( On fum- 
ing in bed at nigfd), Trunk-eymptoine. — {Unoovering onetelf), Head-flymp- 
toms.-^ When waUang), g to raacn -symptom 9 ; eye-syniptoma ; sweat. — (Afkr 
drinking water). Flat tast«. — (Afier drinking mine). Pain in knees. 

Amelioration. — {Evening), Increased appetite. — (After eating), 
Mouth and throat symptoms. — ( JWrfion), Symptoms of the face. — (Ex- 
ternal heat), Srmptonis of the face. — (Fremire), Symptoms of the face. — 
(Afier ttoof), CuttiDg about the navel. 


Alkaloid, derived from the roots of Berbena vulg. and Columbo (Coccu- 
lus palmatus); C„H„NO,. fVeportdioTi, Trituration. 

AnthorOy. Herberger, Bucbner's Repert. f. d, Pharm. (from Wibmer) ; 
took four grains in the morning. 

' Stomach and Abdomen. — Eructations. — Cuttings and rumblings 
in abdomen. 

Stool and Anus. — Painless desire for stool. — Copious fluid stool, 
with pains in abdomen. — Thin evacuation, without pun. 

Genei'alitiea, — Weak, sick feeling. 


Berberis vulgaris, Linn. Nat. order, Berberidaceffi. Common names. 
Barberry. (German) Sauerdom. (French) Le Vinettier, Preparaiion. 
Tincture of the bark of the root. 

Authoritiet. Symptoms not designated are from Hesse (Journ. f. t)om. 
Arznium, 1, 1834), obtained as follows: took, himself, an infusion of half 
an ounce of the root, after four days a third infusion of the same evapo- 
rated from six to two ounces ; the second prover, a stout unmarried woman, 
sBt. 26, took infusions of six drachms of the root; the third, a married 
woman, set. 35, took infusions and powdered bark of the root ; the fourth 
pr0ver, a male teacher, lean and phlegmatic, took similar infusions ; the 
□fUi, a servant girl, nt. 19, took the same.f Dr. Hesse, in his introduction, 
says : " I have also made some experiments with potencies, and will give a 
short account of them here because I did not include in the r^um^ all of the 
symptoms, especially those which did not coincide with those obtained from 
large doses." These provings are now for the fir^t time incorporated in the 
r£flum^ as follows : 6, The roiirth prover took a drop of the 5th potency ; 
7, A servant girl, sBt. 18, took repeated doees of the 6tb ; 8, A girl, tet. 14 
(never menstruated), took the same ; 9, A servant girl, let. 19, took the 
same ; 10, An old woman, set. 60, healthy, took one dose of the 30th. 

Jlind. — Mental dejection, with difficult thinking and weakness of 
memory. — Anxious sensaUon if she moves, stands a long time, rises from 
sitting, even in the morning when rising, and while in bed and rising from 
it — Anxious mood, with great fear and fright from 4 o'clock in the after- 
noon till going to sleep; in the twilight some dogs and children appeared 
as lai^ again as natural. — Out of humor; he is satisfied with nothing. — 

t Thete Ave proving* are not detignated in any way by Hesse. 



She experiences a certain ill-will, a spirit of intrepidity. — Very fretful, peev- 
ish mood, eren becoming a loathing of life. Remarkable melancholy and 
disiucliuation to speak, which she can in no way overcome, with quiet, not 

thoughtful, sensual longing (second and third days). — Indifferent, depressed 
mood, with slight interest in the outer world, disinclination to work, contu- 
sion. — Indifferent, quiet, even apathetic mood at times. — Contemplation of 
necessary mental work becomes difficult, and affects the head very much, 
es|>ecially in the moruing. — [10,] During mental work, external occurrences 
easily cause disturbatiee, usually unnoticed ; he easily loees the connection, 
becomes fretful, and must cesBe work. 

Sead.—Confuftion and Vertigo. Confuaion of the head, as if 
coryza would follow. — -Tensive-pressive confusion of the whole head, as if 
a cap were drawn over it, and as if it would be drawn downward from be- 
hind (several times).— Confuaion and dizziness inthe head (after two hours). 
— Confusion, heaviness of the head, often also with pressure in the fore- 
head, and great prostration and fretfulness; cliilliuess, sometimes with slight 
heat between the attacks of chilliness; this commences in the morning 
af^r waking, continues till after midday, when it is followed by an in- 
creased warmth, especially in the head, with symptoms of an impending 
coryza, especially moisture of the nose aud sneezing, which, however, goes 
no farther ; these attacks are repeated during the lon^ proving, and aggra- 
vations alwava begin with them.— Feeling of intoxication in the head (after 
two to three hours). — * Vertigo and diKineMmfAeAead (after half an hour). 
Vertigo on stooping (first day). — Vertigo on walking, so that she almost 
fell, with faintish weakness (eighteenth day).^Vertigo and sensation of 
fainting, with great weaknesa (tenth day). — ^[^O.] During rather hard work, 
with frequent stooping and exertion of the arras, a whirling vertigo on 
rising up, so that she must turn from left to right and forward, and with 
difficulty keeps erect ; with attacks of faintnefls, pre^ive frontal headache ; 
followed by chilliness in the back and in the occiput, as in the coldest 
winter; for half an hour (forty-fourth day). — *I>iznneu in the head (first 
day). — Head in General. Feeling of emptiness, and gloominess in 
the head repeatedly. — Feeling of heaviness in tne head. — Heavy, pressive 
headache, with great weariness and prostration {third day),*. — *A feelina 
in the head o^ifU were becoming larger (afler an hour and a half). — Feel- 
ing of fulness in the head, especially in the forehead (after two to thfee 
hours). — *A puffy sensation in the whole head (after nine hours). — Tensive 
sensation in the head (afler nine hours), — Headache as if the skull would 
burst; on stooping, a sensation as if something shook in the head, and aa 
if everything would come out at the forehead (first day),'. — [30,] Dull, 

CrcBsive, sticking headache (afler nine hours). — Pressive pain in the whole 
ead (after an hour aud a half). — Pressive headache, especially in the fore- 
head, but also extending towards the vertex (afi«r three hours), — Pressive 
headache, especially in the forehead, as if it would bruise the head, or also 
as if it would be pressed down by a heavy weight (second day),'. — Pressive 
headache, with heaviness and confusiou of the nead, especially in the morn- 
ing hours during the first days, and returning aflerwarda at times. — *Tear- 
ing pain in the whole head, now here, now there, in the forehead, in the tempUi 
(frequently reluming the first weeks). — Forehead. Stupid sensation in 
the lurehead (after half an hour, and after ten hours). — On stooping, a 
painful sensation in the forehead and inthe eyes, as if the brain were heavy 
and fell forward (after ten hours). — Pressive headache, as if the forehead 
would press out (first day),*. — Pressure in the forehead for several days to- 


BERBERia 141 

gether. — [40.J An out ward -preseiiig headache in the forehead and temples 
(ointh day). — Press ive-tensive headache in the forehead, temples, and eyea 
(after three hours, and frequently later). — Pressive headache, now over the 
eyes, now in the frontal eminences, now in the temples, now in other places 
in the forehead (seventeenth day). — A pressure in the upper part of the 
right frontal region (seventh day). — Pressive-twinging tensive pain in the 
forehead several times repeated during the first days, caused and increased 
by stooping, belter in the open air (as most of the head symptoms are gen- 
erally). — Sticking headache internally in the forehead (after nine honrs). — 
Sticking tearing neadache in the forehead and temples, sometimes lasting 
only half a minute, sometimes several minutes, rarely longer, — Sticking 
pain in the forehead and in the temples, now very fine, now very severe; 
seldom continuous, but rather coming and going m paroxysms, generally 
ceasing suddenly. — Headache in the forehead, sticking, paroxysmal, lasting 
one-half to three miuutes, especially shooting suddenly through the supra- 
orbital region (after half an hour and ten hours, and frequently). — Stick- 
ing, shooting, or also twitching or rolling pain, at several points in the left 
frontal region, about an inch above the margin of the orbit, extending out- 
ward and upward (after three hours). — [50.] Violent stitches in the right 
forehead extending outward to the side (fitlh dav). — Stitching pain and jerk- 
ing in the forehead, also in the upper part of the head when stooping (after 
nine hours), — Temples. 'A peculiar cold tensalion m Ike right temple (one 
hundred and eighth day). — Tensive pressive pain in the left temple. — Pres- 
sive pain in the right temple extending forward to the eye, af; if in the 
bone, with stitches shooting into the forenead (third and fifth days). — Pres- 
sive pain in the right temple, as if it were thick, or would be pressed out, 
increased by touch (after half an hour). — Dull stitches in the right tem- 
ples (after two hours and a half). — Piercing stitches in the left temple 
(second day). — A stitch from without inward in the right temple (after two 
hours). — Jerking stitches in the right temple extending into the right eye. 
then shooting into the vertex (after four hours). — [60.] Twitching, tearing 
pains at times in the temples (first day),'.— Slight tearing in the temples 
and forehead (seventh day).— Slight transient tearing in the right temple 
and the right cheek (after twelve hours, and frequently also afterwards). — 
ParlelalH, Occiput,and External. Single stitches in the left parie- 
tal region. — Tearing pain in the left parietal eminence ; it pains somewhat 
on touch. — Pressive-tensive pain in the occiput, as if the scalp were too 
small and the brain too large (second day). — Tearing in the left occipital 
region. — Tearing pain in the left occipital region for two days in succegaion, 
lasting several hours ; and returning it extends upward from the throat 
and neck to this place (twenty-sixth day). — The integuments of the head 
and iace feel puffy and tense (after two hours and a half). — Tensive seusa- 
tion in the scalp and the skin of the face, as if the head were swollen ; the 
scalp is difficult to move (first and second day), — [70.] A tensive numb 
sensation of the skin of the head and face (after three and four hours). — 
Smarting or corrosive sensation in the skin of the head and face, now 
here, now there, aggravated by rubbing ; sometimes, afterwards a red spot 
appears. — Corrosive itching or sticking in the skin of the head and face, in 
various places, repeatedly. — Itching below the hair, chiefly in the occipital 
region, either simple or biting or burning, associated with fine stitches, fre- 
quently with a sensation of warmth in the skin, mostly in the evening, 
causing scratching, by which it disappeared for s moment, but soon reap- 
pearea in other places, sometimes lasting only a few minutes, sometimes 



several hours (thirty -sixth, seventy-fiflh, niDety-tbird, and one hundred 
and seventh days, etc.). 

Eyetf, — In General. In most of the provere the eyes seemed to lie 
deep, encircled by blue or dirty-gray rings tor a long time, — The eye was 
excessively and uniformly red (second day),', — Inflammation of the eyes 
became so much worse in the afternoon that it is like what I have experi- 
enced from large doses (second day),'. — ^The eyes feel very dry (second 
day),'. — Dryness in the eyes almost constantly. — Dryness and biting or 
burning, also sometimes an itching sensation in the eyes, frequently also 
with a feeling as if sand were between the lids and the eye, at times with 
a slight redness of the conjunctiva of the lid and even of the ball ; this 
symptom did not only appear very early, on the first or one of the first 
days, but also lasted throughout nearly the whole proving, with intermis- 
sions. — [80.] A feeling of stiffness in the eyes, with dragging (first and 
second days). — Bubbling sensation in the ri^ht eye lasting a quarter of 
an hour (eleventh day). — A bubbling sensation in the left eye, transient 
(after four hourt, and also in the evening of third day). — Painfulness of 
the eyes (second day).'|' — Pain in the eyes, as after crying. — A somewhat 
painful sensation on beginning to read or write (seventh day). — A eensa- 
tiuu in the eyes as if they were cold, as when one goes into the cold air, 
with some lacbrymation on closing them (seventieth day). — Burning in the 
eyes, from 12 o'clock (first day),*. — Burning sensation with dryness and 
redness in the eyes, with some matter in the canthi (seventeenth day). — 
Violent burning in the eyes which were very painful, especially on moving 
them (second day),'. — [80,] Burning in the eyes at 3 o clock lu the afler- 
noon, and at the same time a sensation as if sand were in them ; they con- 
tinued to get worse until she went to sleep ; the left eye was worse than the 
right (first day),". — Violent burning and dryness in the eyes with a dim 
look to them ; great redness of the conjunctiva of the lids, and a dim, in- 
distinct look, as if there were a mist before the eyes, in the morning after 
rising, for several hours (sixty-third day). — Troubles with the eyes increased 
towards afternoon, and especially in the evening; the eyes bum like fire 
and are very dry (third day),'. — Pressure in the eyes (after seven hours). 
— Pressure in the eyes, as if he had cried a long time, — Pressure and burn- 
ing in the eyes (after two hours). — Pressure in both eves, and pain on mov- 
ing them, less during rest, accomjmnied by heat and Durning in them (sec- 
ond day),'- — Sensation in the eyes as if they were forced out (second to 
fourth day). — Sticking in the eye, mostly coming from other parts, as draw- 
ing from toe forehead or from the temples Into the eyes, or rising in the eyes, 
and spreading hence to the forehead ; usually sudden shooting stitches. — 
A digging-sticking pain lasting several minutes, beginning deep in the eye 
and extending obliquely across the middle of the upper orbital margin 
upward and outward into the forehead, first in the rigtit, and soon after in 
the left eye (seventeenth day). — [100.] Several piercing stitches in the eyes. 
— Four stitches shoot from the eye outward into the forehead, so violent 
that she is frightened (seventeenth day). — A slight, sometimes sensitive 
tearing in the eyes. — Throbbing in the left eye, for a short time (after three 
hours). — External Parts. Itching in the eyebrows, burning, biting or 
sticking, frecjuently returning, sometimes with fine burning, or burning- 
itching sticking. — Tensive sticking pain over the right orbit (ninth day). — ' 

I Host or the uye troubles teem to bo iigifrHvntrd in the open air ; motion of the 
eye« a^ruvatet the pHin. 


Biting, fine sticking, and itching pain in the margins of the orbits, in the 
skin, especially in the inner canttms. — TeariDg paiD in the upper marein 
of the left orbit, extending towards the forehead (third day). — Tearing 
patu in the inner angle of tne right orbit, extending towards the nose and 
forehead (fifteenth day). — Tearing in the bone in the margin of the orbits, 
especially the lower margin, frequently extending into the orbital cavity ; 
sometimes it only begins to pain when touched (twenty-ninth day, et geq.) 
— [110.] Tearing in Uie outer side of the left orbit, with tendency to lach- 
rvmation. — Several stitches from the left; orbital margin shoot quickly to 
tne right frontal eminence (after half an hour and ten hours). — Twitching 
in the region of the right upper orbital mai^n (second day). — The eyelids 
became much inflamed and swollen, especially the left (fourth ana fifth 
days),*. — The eyelids are red on the inner surface, and the margin covered 
with a white frothy fluid (first day),', — In the morning after rising, a fine 
white crusty substance on the dry margins of the lids. — The left eye was 
agglutinated in the morning (second day),". — ^Twitchin^ in the lids when 
r^ing by lamplight, seldom by daylight. — Heaviness id the lids on mo- 
tion. — A feeling in the eyes as if there were two dropa of cold water be- 
tween the margins of the lids, or between the lids and the eyeballs. — [180.] 
In the inner angle of the left eye a feeling as if a foreign body were in it ; 
the lachrymal caruncle seemed somewhat inflamed ; the conjonctiva in the 
inner canthus was verv diy.- — In the morning, after rising, a sticky sensa- 
tion in the margin of toe lids.— Sensation of dryness in the lids if they are 
closed (after two hours). — Fine burning or biting at difierent small spots 
on the lid.r— Pinching-tearing pain in the eyelids (sixty-third day).-^Tear- 
ing drawings and twingee in the lids,- — ^Fine sticking, a very sensitive pain 
on the border of the left upper lid rather towards tne outer part, as from 
a needle, lasting one-half minute twice in succession ; it then becomes a 
burning. — Biting pain beneath the rieht lower lid, — Tearing in the upper 
lids. — Tearing in the lower lid of uie left eye, — [ISO.] Crawl ing-biting 
sensation on the mai^in of the right lower lid repeatedly, becoming a 
twitching, bubbling sensation in the lid, several times repeated in a quarter 
of an hour. — Itching in the lids, at times burning, biting or fine sticking, 
seldom smarting. — Itching in the canthi ; at times biting or sticking, — The 
conjunctiva of the margin of the lids is very red, and also the sclerotic 
(second day),'. — Ball and Vist&nt Painful tearing in the left eyeball, 
intermittent, extending obliquely from above downward and outward, last- 
ing two minutes. — At times the vision is someivhat dim ; it seems better 
near than far.—The eyes become dim and felt as though she should soon 
go to sleep (first day),'°. — Sensitiveness of the eyes to bright sunlight at 
times, though not veiy great. — Daylight blinded her more than lamplight 
(second day),\ — If she wishes to look at anything fine, she is obliged to 
hold her hand before her eyes to shield them from the daylight, and still 
more from the lamplight, which blinds her (third day),*. — [140.] If she 
exert the eyes in sewing, it becomes black before them (third day),*. — She 
was not able to sew, because everything seemed to run t<^ther (second 

Mara. — Below and behind the right ear, a small swelling of the size of 
a hazel-nut, sot very painful, apparently a swollen cutaneous gland (fourth 
to eleventh day),— ^n the left external ear, near the head in the skin, a 
pimple of the size of a millet-seed, painful to touch ; it disappears after 
six or seven days (fortieth day). — Great heat in the left outer ear, then 
after one and a half hours great coldness of the same and of the temples 



(after eight hours). — ^Tensive, violent etitching-pressing pain, with sticking 
in the right ear, as if something were diggiog in the ear, laat^ half a min- 
ute in the evening (seventeentn dsv}< — Drawing pain in the ears, ending 
in several Htitches lasting several minute?, frequently during the day 
(eighteenth day). — -Pressive pain wilh stitehee in the right ear, a^ if some- 
thing were digging in it, lasting half a minute in the evening (seventeenth 
day). — Pressing-e tic king pain starts from the side of the throat helow the 
jaw, quickly passes out of the ear with a alight or severe stitch, especially 
upon the left side (eleventh day). — A piercing-sticking pain id the right 
ear, in eluw stitches, as if a powerful animal were in the ear and stutig with 
a thick sting, in the aflemoon at 5 o'clock for a quarter of an hour (seven- 
teenth day). — [150.] A long jerklike stitch in the right ear, as if it came 
out through the drum, when at work, while sitting, as if a nail were forced 
through, or OS if a living, stinging animal were in the ear, so violent and 
surprising that she starts up and involuntarily grasps the ear, wiih fine 
digging stitches between the pains, with a sensation as if the ear were full 
ana dragged downward, lasting from ten minutes to a quarter of an hour 
(seventh and fiHeenth days, as also at other times).— ^Tearing-sticking in 
the internal ears, alternating with the same symptoms in other parts of the 
head (eleventh day, and frequently). — Drawing stitches deep in the right 
ear from helow upward, lasting about twenty seconds. — Tensive violent 
stitches in the right ear from without inwanl .-—Several stitcher in the right 
ear (second day). — Moderate pressive stitehes in slow sensitive jerks deep 
in the right ear for a minute, repeated after a quarter of an hour ; then, 
after half an hour, tearing in the aniitragus for half a minute (twenty-fifth 
day). — About fifteen bubbling stitches In the left ear from without inward, 
at last a continued stitching, then changing to pressure, then a stopped 
sensation for half a minute (sixty-fifth day). — Two stitthea, as with fine 
thorns, in the left ear (after three hours). — Pressive, painless throbbing 
and wbizKing in the left, seldom in the right ear, in quickly following 
shocks, two to fifteen in number, as if the air or the wing of a bird struck 
against the drum, with a feeling of dryness and coldness in the ear, very 
frequently repeated (thirtieth, thirty -second, fortieth, and one hundred and 
first days). — Tearing in the bone behind the left ear. — [160.] A slight tear- 
ing in the externa! ears. — Tearing in one or the otlier internal ear, mostly 
only for a short time, now severe, now slight. — Itching in the outer ears, 
now simple, now biting, or burning, or sticking, with fine stitches and in- 
creased sensation of warmth ; at times also several pimples on the outer ear. 
— Ringing in the right ear, long continued, beginning deep, then becoming 
higher, several timesduring theday, and for several days together (thirtieth 
and thirty-second day). 

Nose, — The nose and eyes are moist, as if a coryza would come on (after 
eight hours). — Profuse fluent catarrh (seventeenth day). — *Tlie mueoiu 
membrane of the nose seemed in most of the provers dry,wiUi little discltnrge; 
in one prover, however, at a later time, a coryza, which lasted several min- 
utes, appeared iu the left nostril, and apparently involved also the frontjil 
and maxillary sinuses ; in the beginning, a yellow, burnt-smelling water, 
afterward purulent, sometimes whitish, at times yellowish or greenish mucus, 
also of a burnt smell and taste, was blown from the nose and hawked up, 
especially in the morning, though not a large quantity. — In the morning, 
on rising, she loses a few drops of clear blood from the left nostril, which 
had never before been noticed (ninth day). — At about 6 o'clock in the 
morning some drops of clear blood are discharged from the left nostril, 



followed by a preseiog pain in the left temple exteading forward to the eye 
(uiuth day^. — *Dryne«e oj the nose, and a sensation aa if she would have a 
catarrh, with frequcat aneeziog (secoud day),'.— ^^170.] Biting guawing 
aeueatioD at the tip of the nose. — Crawling in the letl nostril very sensitive, 
as if she would sneeze, which she did not do (first day). — Frequent crawl- 
ing, biting, or itching in the nostrils.- — Itching in the akin of the nose, at 
times burning, biting, or fine sticking ; also fine burning or itching stitchee, 
at times some pimples arise upon it. 

Face. — In General, and CheeJen. 'Pale expremon of the face 
(in persona much afiected by the drug), a dirty grayUh look, «mi4«ji cheek», 
deeply sealed eyes, eurrounded by bluish or blackieh-gray circles ; very sickly 
expremon for a long time. — A dark red, very painful, small spot appears, 
following a transient sensation of coldness; it soon enlarges, and by and by 
extends over the whole face, with a sensation of great heat ; this symptom 
repeated several times in one afternoon (fifth day).— A feeling as if cold 
drops of rain spattered in the face on going from the bouse into the open 
air, several times (seventieth day, et geq.y—A chilly, tearing pain in a small 
spot on the left cheek. — -Presaive pain, sometimes alternating with tearing, 
in the left upper jaw.~-8ticking cold sensation in a small spot ou the letl 
cheek. — [180.] Tearing, pressive pain in the left cheekbone, especially in 
the malar fossa (t«nth d^).-— Tearing, sticking pains in both cheek-bones 
(fifteenth day, et ae^.).— Tearing, sticking pain in the right cheek, shooting 
hy jerks into the temples, lasting for several minutes (after two and a half 
hours). — Severe tearing in the posterior portion of the left cheek-bone in 
three violent jerks from below upwards. — Tearing pains in the right upper 
jaw, extending from the angle in front of the ear into the temple. — Aching: 
presaiiig jerk in the right cheek, as if one had received a box on the ear 
(thirty-third day). — lAps and Chin. A bluish-red color on the inner 
side of the lower lip.— On the inner side of the lower lip towards the angle, 
a dull red, somewhat bluish ^pot about the size of a small bean.^*i>rjfiies8 
of the lips.- — In tlie morning after rising and also during the day, a sticky 
ieeling on the maigin of the lips. — [ISO.] Fine burning in several small 
places in the upper lip.— Burning in the outer margins of the lips for half 
a minute, frequently also longer, aa if they had been covered with pepper- 
water, or were swollen, several times. — Burning sensation in the upper lip, 
in the right comer of the mouth, as from pepper, with a bubbling sensa- 
tion and a drawing-downward feeling in it (twenty-second day). — In the 
right half of the lower lip a pressive-p inching pain, as if it were pinched 
with the fingers for several minutes. — Fine stitches in the margin of the 
lips; sometimes itcliiug, sometimes buruing. — On the left side of the upper 
lip a twitching, bubbling sensation, as if something were jumping on it for 
several minutes. — Slight tearing in the left side of the upper lip, with some 
burning and tingling. — Fine, painless, quick throbbing in the upper lip just 
over the right corner of the mouth, for half a minute, — Itching in the lips,, 
which disappeaiB on rubbing, but soon returns; sometimes bitiug or burn- 
ing. — Cold burning sensation on the left aide of the chin. — [200.] On the 
margin of the horizontal ramus of the right lower jaw, about the middle, 
a preHsive pain In the bone, as if the place were squeezed together with two 
fingers (fifty-fourth day). — A burning stitch in the left side of the chin. — 
Pain in the lower margin of the lefl lower jaw, near and Just in front of 
the angle for half an inch, only noticed when touching it, feeling as if one 
had received a blow on this spot, for several days in succession (forty-sixth, 
to fifly-eecond day). — Press! ve-sticking pain in the jaws, especially in the 

VOL. 11—10 


lover, during the day and also in the night (thirteenth day). — Jerking 
stitches in the angle of the left loner jaw, digging-biting extending in the 
row of teeth on the lower jaw and the back teeth for half a minute, as if 
the gum were loosened from the teeth, or as if they were raised up. 

Slouth, — Teeth and Gums. Dull aching in the hack teeth of the 
left upper jaw, as if they were too long.- — Slow digging paiu in a right 
upper incisor in the root, as if it were denuded from the gum, for several 
rainutes (eighteenth day). — A drawing, bubbling pain presses downwards 
in the first upper incisors of the left side, with a sensation as if the teeth 
were exceedingly sensitive to the touch, were too long or blunt, and as if 
something heavy hung upon them; after a few days a small boil in the 
gum over them. — Tearing in the left upper incisors, extending to the supe- 
rior maxillary bone (for a quarter of an hour). — Frequent piercing stitches 
in the teeth of the right side of the lower jaw, as if one of them were 
carious, with a sensation as if the teeth were too large or blunt, with 
great sensitiveness to the cold air, especially with tearing and sticking 
in the lower jaw, in the afternoon and at night for several hours in succes- 
sion (tenth day). — [810,] Several stitches in the two anterior lower back 
teeth of the right side, followed by a sensation as if they were too long 
(after two hours). — Tearing pain in the back teeth of the left upper jaw 
(tenth day). — Tearing tn the two back teeth of the left upper jaw for half 
an hour, then extending to other parts of the face.— A scraping-gnawing 
pain in the whole row of the back teeth of the lower jaw of the left side, 
as if in the roots or necks of the teeth (eighteenth day). — Dirty red scum 
on the gum of several of the front teeth of the upper jaw, less on the lower 
jaw and on the back teeth. — On the gum of the upjier row several small 
white pimples ; the smallest is of the size of a grape-seed, the largest of a 
fiax-seed, either rouud or flattened, painless, lasts several weeks. — Above 
the two upper back teeth of the left side a few small pustules, which be- 
come ulcers and continue for a long time. — Slight though noticed bleeding 
ofthegum several times. — Mouth inGeneral, Saliva, and Taste. 
A painful white vesicle in the forepart of the right side of the tip of the 
tongue. — On the right side of the tip of the tongue two red pimples as 
large as a poppy-seed stung violently, especially on touch ; the forepart of 
the tongue seemed stiff and thick (forty-second and forty-third days). — 
[230,] a ticking-burning sensation in several small points on the left side 
of the tongue, as from fine needle-noints ; painfuluess of the tougue to 
touch and motion ; no vesicles visible (eighth, ninth, thirty-eighth, and 
thirty-ninth days). — Some flue stitches in the tongue, especially in the right 
side (second day). — Nauseous metallic smell from the mouth for a long 
time. — Dryness and sticky sensation m the mouth of all the provers. — Dry- 
ness in the mouth, but stilt more in the buces, worse In the morning aft^r 
rising, with a ]>eculiar sticky sensation, rawness of the mucous membrane, 
white tongue, diminished secretion of saliva, *or a sticky frotliy saliva like 
eoUon; seldom with thirst and heat ; loss of taste or not quite perfect taste ; 
this condition is somewhat relieved by eating and drinking, but it returns; 
after eating, the taste is somewhat sour. — The mouth and throat feci sticky, 
pasty, and as if burnt (third day),'. — A cold sensation in the left corner of 
the mouth. — Smarting- burning on the mouth and on the chin, sometimes 
like a formication. — Sticky saliva. — Insipid, nauseous taste arises from the 
stomach like heartburn (after one to three hours). — [230.] A scraping- burn- 
ing taste iu the mouth and throat like heartburn (first day). — Long-continued 
bitter scraping-burning taste of the Berberls root, especially in the palate, 
of three persons; in one person it seemed as if it came up rnto the tnroat; 


BEBBERIg. 147 

ahe could not get free from it Dearly the whole of the first dav. — Taste as 
bitt«r as gall (fifth day). — Bitter taste Jn the moutb at 8 -o clock In the 
moming (second day), . — Taste as bitter as gall fur half an hour, every 
time after eating (eighth day). — Bitter aiid sour taste for three hours after 
taking, and the whole day. — Frequent taste of blood, especially iu the 
morning, sometimes also iu the afteraoou. 

Tftroatt — Arches of the palate, uvula, tonsils, and pharynx are some- 
what red (second and third days). — Dryness in the throat, and pressure in 
iJie back part of the palate and pharynx (after eleven hours). — Iu the 
upper part of the right side of the throat, just below the angle of the jaw, 
a digging-sttokiug pain extends into tJie ear aud out again (seventh day). — 
Smarting pain on the throat, especially on the right side ; scralcbing increased 
it, and caused a large, red, hot spot (ninety-fifth day). — [340.J Scraping 
in the throat (after lour hours). — -Scraping sensation in the throat as if it 
were somewhat raw, as if be would be attacked with catarrh (twelfth day). 
— Scraping sensation in the throat as in commencing angina, so that she is 
obliged to hawk aud raise frequently, without any difficulty in swallowing, 
for several hours (after four hours). — Scraping sensation iu the throat iu 
the morning (second day). — Scraping sensation in the throat in the mom- 
ing on waking, as if the throat would become sore, which continues uutil 
the throat becomes moistened. — Scraping sensation in the throat iu the 
evening, it extends into the pharynx, stomach, and air-passages (third day). 
— Scraping in throat greatly relieved by drinking water,'.— Scraping sen- 
sation in the throat, especially in the morning aft«r rising, nearly every 
day for several weeks, sometimes with pain iu one side of it. — Pain in the 
left tonsil caused and increased by speaking, and also by swallowing, with 
a sensation as if the seed of a fruit were sticking in the throat ; the touails 
and the arch of the palate of this side are somewhat red and rather sensi- 
tive to pressure, as are also the neighboring parts of the throat to motion 
(fiftJi to seventh aud seventeenth days). — (Completely developed inflamma- 
tion of the tonsils, arch of the palate, uvula, pharynx, witli bright, fiery 
redness, and swt lliug ; sensation as if there were a lump in one side of the 
throat) painful stifihess of the neck as from a blister ; great hoarseness, in 
the morning a discharge of much thick, yellow, gelatinous mucus; violent 
pains, more on empty swallowing ; dryness, scraping, rawness, aud burning 
m the throat, without thirst, extending down into the pharynx and air- 
passages; tongue white, sticky ; *galiva »tieky like soapsuds; the troubles 
last violently ouly two days, but for eight days there remains a sensation as 
of a plug in the throat, and for several weeks rawness, dryness, and ^icrap- 
ing in the throat ; at last catarrh (eleventh and eighteenth days in two 

Stomach. — [250.] Increased appetite (second day). — Increased appe- 
tite (after a loug-continued use of the tincture of the Berberis root, by a 
girl suffering from weakness of the stomach, and loss of appetite),". — Great 
appetite (first day). — Very good appetit«, almost canine hunger (fourth 
day). — Very good appetite (after five to six hours) ; increased appetite in 
the evening (first day). — Hunger without appetite (third day). — Loss of 
appetite, with a bilious, hitter taste (eleventh day).— Almost complete want 

■f Thii coDdition appeared in two women ju»t ■! the lime when an influenm whb 
THging here, which 1 did nol cunsider assuciftled witli tliii angina. It niHy lie, liow- 
evvr, thut ihii attack wub depvudeot in il« peculiar development upun lliid circuni- 



of hunger and appetite ; food has almost do taste (seventeenth and twenty- 
first days). — No real hunger, appetite, or taste (first day). — Severe thiret 
wakes her several times at night (first night),'. — [880.] Increased thirst 
nith dry mouth, especially in the alternoou, seldom in the morning, in sev- 
eral persons. — *Eructations (soon after taking the drug). — Eructations fre- 
quently alternating with yawning (after an hour and alialf). — *Eruetation» 
teUbmit bad tagte or smell (an hour after taking the drug, and also several 
times afterwards during first day). — ^T wo hours after taking frequent bil- 
ious eructations (lasting nearly naif an hour). — Frequent eructations and 
fripings in the abdomen, as of wind, without passing any (firet day),". — 
[iccough for nearly a quarter of an hour (seventeenth day). — ^Transient 
nausea (after one hour). — Xausea lasting one hour (after half an hour). — 
Nausea and qualmishness before breakfast, disappearing afterwards (second 
day). — [870.] Nausea after dinner; siie thought she would be obliged to 
vomit (first day),"*. — Feeiing of discomfort and nausea (afl*r three hours). 
— "Hearibum (soon after taking it). — After eating, a preasive sensation in 
the epigastric region as if it were distended, evenings till 9 o'clock (sixty- 
first day),'. — Pressure in the region of the stomach five hours after eating 
(seventh day). — A sticking pain in the region of the stomach for half an 
hour and at times afterwards, though returning slighter (seventh day). — A 
violent sticking, burning, peculiar pain in the stomach, like heartburn, 
though much more violent, it also extends upward into the pharynx (eighth 
and twenty-first day). 

Abdomen.— -Hypochondria. Twice, a bubbling sensation below 
the t ip of the false ribs, in the forepart on the right side, in quick succftsiou ; 
severebubblingsensation.asif one shook a bottienf water, or as if one forced 
air into the flesh, on the external border of the right shoulder-blade near the 
axilla (ninety-seventh day). — *Ih the kypoc/iondriac region, near the border of 
ike fake ribs, about three ineke» from the Unea alba, violent dieking pain Jor a 
quarter of an hour, increased by pressure, extending across into the region of 
the stomach ; it appeared first when walking ; walking slowly did not relieve 
it (after a quarter of an hour), (also notit'ed from the 5lh dilution). — Pres- 
sure in the ibrepart of the right hypoehoudrium, extending inward into the 
border of the false ribs (forty-sixtn day). — [280.] Pressure in the region 
of the liver, on the mai^iu of the false ribs, about three inches from the 
linea alba, lasts a quarter of an hour (third day). — On the border of the 
fuhe ribs of the right side, about two and a half inches from the linea alba, 
thirty-six to forty successive burning stitches at intervals of four to eight 
seconds (nineteenth day). — ^Stieking-preimive pain in the region of the liver, 
increased by pressure, corresponding to the region of the gall-bladder, on a 
small spot; lasts three hours, though not continuous (second hour and 
frequently afterwards, even until forty-sixth day). — * Sticking pain, 7tot very 
penetrating, in the region of the gall-bladder, for several minutes (after nine 
hours). — *6ticking pain inlke region of the gall-bladder for a short time, in- 
creased by pressure (after an hour and a halfl. — Drawing- tearing pain 
below the tips of the false ribs in the left hypoctiondrium on inspiration ; 
it feels as if something were torn loose at the affijcted spot. — Pressive pain 
in the left hypochondrium extends backward or downwanl. — Tearing-stick- 
ing pain in the region of the left hypochondrium, in front (forty-sixth and 
tbrty-eight days), — Uinbillcan, Slight gri pings around tlie navel (after 
eight hours). — Intermittent pain pressing from within outward in the left 
side of the abdomen, about an inch from the navel, as if something living 
were in the spot, about the size of a half dollar, lasting from two to three 


minutee (twenty-second day). — [2B0.] Cuttiog-drawiag pain in the left side 
of the navel in a spot of the size of a (Quarter of a dt^lar, extending deep 
inward, for a minute violent, then continuing dull for about two minutes. 
— *Pain m the region about three inehes to me side of the navel, eorregpond- 
ing to a place in front of the kidneys, and rather to uie side, mostly sticking, 
Bometimea dull, sometimes fine, or also burning or gnawing, usually only in 
one side, seldom in both sides ; usually confined to a aniall place or a point, 
sometimes pressive when it is more diffused, for tbe most part aggravated 
only by deep pressure, seldom, then violent, but returning nearly every day, 
frequently continuing for hours, with momeatary intermissions, oAeu coo- 
tiuuing only a short time, often extending to the lumbar regioti or to the 
groins, the liver, the spleen, or the utomaeh. — Superficial tearing-slicking rain 
ID the left side of the navel. — Twisting pain in the region of the navel, in 
a place as large as the palm of the hand, for a few minutes (after nine 
hours).— A few fine, sharp, deep stitches at the left aide of the navel. — 
Fine stitches in the right side of tbe abdomen, at the side of the navel but 
somewhat above it, for a minute, — At times, twinging around and above 
tbe navel, in the left side of the abdomen (first day> — Zn Glliefol, 
Fermentation in the abdomen, especially in the region of the colon, with 
percent ible motion of the intestines, and moving of wind (first day). — Loud 
rumblings (after nine hours). — Frequent rumblings in the abdomen, so 
that they can be heard externally (fifth day). — [300.] Great rumbling in 
the bowels folluwed by the passage of flatus (after two hours). — Slight rum- 
blings and movings in the abdomen, followed by the passage of some flatus 
(after eight hours) .—-Frequent passage of copious, seldom offensive, flatus, 
usually preceded by painless gripiugs, at times with a seasatton of warmth 
in the anus; all the provera (first, second, and third days). — Movings in 
the abdomen, as though a stool would come soon; it does not take place 
(second day). — Feeling of movinga in the intestines, not painful, auon after 
taking it. Writhings in the region of tbe stomach (after half an hour). — 
Slight pain in the abdomen, lasting five minutes (after half an hour). — 
Pam in the abdomen, iu the morning, in bed (second day),', — Violent burn- 
ing pain under the skin, and extending into it, in the left aide of the abdo- 
men, about four inches from tbe navel, in a spot about an inch and n half 
in diameter, lasting half an hour (ninety-fourth day), — Twinging, con- 
stricting sensation in the walls of the abdomen, lasting five to eight miu 
utes. — Twinging, constrictive sensation in the up)>er part of the left side of 
the abdomen, especially in the left hypochoudrium across towards the navel, 
for a few minutes.— [310.] Colic-like pain in the region below the navel, of 
short duration (third and sixth days). — Transient colicky pain in the ab- 
domen (firat day).— At times, giipings in the abdomeu (second day). — Slight 
griping and constrictioua iu the intestines (sixty-seventh hour j. —Pain lesa 
griptngs in the abdomen, followed by the passage of flatus (after two 
Eoura). — Aching, pressing sensation in the region of the left descending 
colon (after eight noura), — Urging and moving in the abdomen before the 
Btool (second and third days). — Writhingeinthe abdomen (after one hour). — 
Violent cuttings in the abdomen, lasting for two or three minutea, repeated 
two or three times (seventh day). — Cutting pain in the abdomen several 
times in the afternoon, as if diarrhiea would come on ; it lasted till the 
next day, when there was diarrho^ once in the morning and afternoon 
(fourth day),'. — ^[320,] Cutting-sticking pain in tbe abdomen, at times, for 
several minutes (tenth day). — Cutting-jerking pain about an inch and a 
half from the linea slba, an inch above the navel, extending in slow draw- 


150 BERBEBI8. 

ings outward across the left lumbar region (nmeteeuth day). — ^Tearings in 
the ahdomeD (after a half hour to one hour). — At 10 o'ciock in the even- 
ing, on going to sleep, violent, sticking, tearing, colicky pain in the upper 
part of the abdomen, lasting about an hour, extending into the stomach 
and in the left side to the left hypochondrium, mostly corresponding to a 
place in front of the kidneys, very much increased by breatning, motion, 
and touch ; respiration short ; the abdomen somewhat distended and hard ; 
the pains return the next morning on becoming erect when rising, though 
they IfiRt only for a f9.w minutes, and return again afterward, though less 
severe (fourth and fifth days).— ^me stitches extend across the abdomen 
in the region of the stomach (twenty-third day).— A tearing or sticking 
pain extends around the body in the. abdominal muscles. — JTypOffftft- 
tfinm and Iliac Region. 'In the right inguinal region, near the ab- 
dominal ring, tome varicose vftfu, the longest about an inch and a half long; 
thev extend downward to the thigh, preceded by pressing in this repon 
(third day). — Peculiar cold sensation in the region of the right abdominal 
ring, becoming more like a burning, — Twinging pain in both Poupart'a liga- 
ments, also especially above them, extending outward and into the inguinal 
rings, for a few minutes (third day). — Cutting pain extending inward in 
the left inguinal ring, as if it were depressed (forty-ninth day). — [330.] — 
Drawing pain above one or the otherPoupart's ligament, extending towards 
the thigh. — In the inguinal region of one side, and above and in Poupart'a 
ligament, especially in the region of the inguinal ring aa the chief point, a 
dragging, sticking pain, with pulselike stitches, sometimes also a painless 
bubhling sensation, mostly appearing when walking and standing, and 
thereby aggravated ; they extend downward into the testicles and the upper 
anterior portion of the thigh, outward into the region of the kidneys, at 
times also beginning in this last place, together with fine stitches in the ab- 
domen in front of the region which corresponds to the kidneys posteriorly, 
several times. — Just above the middle of the right Poupart's ligament, ten 
sensitive stitches, extending from without inward, returning after five min- 
utes, and becoming a twinging pain. — Throbbing stitches in the right in- 
guinal region, by paroxysms, shoot suddenly, for a few minutes in succes- 
sion, down into the thigh, as with needles (seventh day), — A tensive sensa- 
tion in one or the other inguinal ring, aa if a hernia would appear, frequent, 
especially on standing and walking. — Itching-burning pain in the region 
of the left inguinal glands, — Pressive pain in the re^on of the right ingui- 
nal glands, which are painful when touched, as if they would become 
swollen (third day). — Pressure in the leftinguinal region (first day). — Pres- 
eive sensation in the right groin near the inguinal rin^, above and to the 
outer side of it, as if someuiing would protrude at this place, extending 
down to the thigh.— Pressive sensation in the region of the inguinal ring, fre- 
quently. — [340.] Tensive-sticking pain above the right Poupart's ligament, 
about the middle of it. — D ragging-sticking pain above the left Poupart'a 
ligament, extending outward and upward. — Several stitches in one or the 
other inguinal region, and above Poupart's ligament. — * 
pnin in the right ingninal fold, vAth tenmon on motion. — Itching sensation in 
the region of one or the other inguinal rings. — Above the anterior border 
of the lefl ilium, along down Poupart's ligament, five slow drawing or cut- 
ting severe stitches, so that she had to cry out. — D ragging-sticking pain 
extends from the anterior inferior spinous process of the left ilium, and a 
little above it, towards the inguinal region and the thigh (eleventh day). — 
Tearing-sticking pain in the anterior region of one or another iliac crest, 



extending up towards the abdomea.— /Teariug-stickiDg pain across from the 
spine into the crest of the ilium, at times remaining at this place, at times 
extending downward into the pelvis, or upward into the muscles. — Teariug- 
stickiug pain in the crest of the ilium to the region of the anterior spinous 
process, and also farther backward, sometimes at this place only, sometimes 
extending inward and upward into the walls of the abdomen, mostly to- 
wards Foupart's ligament and the region above it, at times downward into 
the thigh. — [350.] * Deepseaied, sensitive, tlieking pain in the ilium of one or 
■ Me- oilier side, an inch to an inch and a half fiom the spine, extending ob- 
liqwely in-ward towards the saa^m, sometimes with bubbling-like, deeply 
penetrating stitches. — 'Five or six sharpy stitches, from the origin of the kfl 
Pouparfs ligament at the ilium, extending along doien it ; a quarts of an 
hour afterumrds, a stitch shooting outwardly into the left side of the female 
vreihra. — Tearing-sticking pain above the crest of the left ilium, in the 
morning when vakiag.—* Tearing pain in the posterior portion of the iliac 
crest, ttsitalli/ only on one side, extending downward into the gluteal muscles, 
or into the bones. — D ragging-tea ring pain in the anterior portion of the iliac 
crest, extending into tlie abdomen to one or the other side. — Gnawing, 
tearing, ulcerative pain in the same place in the ilium. — Stick ing-tea ring 
pain aoout the middle of the outer posterior surface of the left ilium, severs 
and deep in the bone, extending from without inward for several minutes, 
in the raornlug on waking, when in bed. — Smarting pain in the region of 
the crest of the right ilium, extending down into the hip (ninety-third day). 
Rectum and A:nun, — 'Constant feelings though she must goto tiool 
(third day). — In the anus, hsemorrhoids appeared frequently, with a burn- 
ing pain after a stool ; the evacuation is frequently hard and of a dirty blood 
color externally (second and third weeks, and frequently). — [360,] Irrita- 
tion in the anus, frequently returning (first and second days).— Sensation 
of warmth in the region of the anus (first to third day, afterwards fre- 
quently ).—* Violent bnming paia in tiie anug, at if the parts aronnd it 
wereiore,_/i"eg«e»f/yre(urn{i(j, flHiicoHd'nui?!^ a fonyd'nie (nineteenth, thirty- 
seventh, fortieth, and fifty-first days, etc.). — -Peeling of fulness in the anus 
after one hour, — Pressing in the anus (seventh day). — 'Slight sticking sen- 
sation in the anus (fifth day). — Transient stitching in the anus (second day). 
— Transient slight stitches in the anus (after three hours). — 'Burning stUch- 
ing pain during, before, and after stool (fourth day). — 'Tearings extending 
around the anus. — [370.] 'Smarting pain in the anus (third day), — A feel- 
ing of soreness and burning in the vicinity of the anus ; there arose hsem- 
orrhoids, which lasted several weeks, as large as an acorn, and frequently 
caused itching and burning (ninetieth day). — 'The shin for some distance 
around the anus feels ei/mpleiely raw, with severe burning for some days; vio- 
lent faiji on touching the sore place, and great sejuntiveness uiAen sitting; finally 
a thm scurf appears on the border of the anus ; this condition returns sev- 
eral times, though later in a less degree (sixty-third day). — Throbbing pain 
in the anus for a minute (in three hours and a half). — Crawling in the 
anus, as from ascarides (after two and six hours). — Itching in the anus 
(second day). — Pressive pain in the perineum in front of the anus (for half 
a minute). — Digging-sticking pain, with short jerking stitches, as if she 
had been pierced by a thorn and the perineum were pressed upon it, Ex- 
tending deep into the left side of the womb (seventy -second day). — * Crawl- 
ing, burning, itcliing in the anus and about it. 

Stool, — 'Urging to sfoo/ (second day)- — [380.] Ureing before the stool, 
eepecially in the colon, and extending into l^e small of the back (first and 



second days). — Tensive urging to stoAl io the small of the back and anus 
(first day).-— Stool id the morniog, with preaeure aad pain (third day). — 
Stool passes easily (first, second, and third days). — A satisfactury soft stool 
passes easily (after a warm infusion of half an ounce of the Berberis root) 
(the next morning). Stool at first somewhat bard, then soft (twenty hours 
after a second warm infusion of the same root). In the morning of the 
second day a similar stool (after a third infusion of the same). — Easy, co- 
pious, natural, not hard stool in the evening, which is not usually the case 
(first day). — Easy, soft, profuse stool in the morning (second and third days, 
in two persons).— -Copious, soft stool in the evenine, at an unusual time, 
(niue hours after taking an infusion of the root, followed in twenty hours 
by another similar one.) — Copious, soft stool, followed for half an hour by 
a pressive- tensive sensation in the small of the back and rectum (twenty- 
four hours after taking one-half drachm of the powdered bark of the root). 
— Copious, soft stool nt an unusual time in the afternoon ; the next morn- 
ing there followed the ordinary evacuation, preceded by much pre^ure in 
the small of the back and anus (eight hours after two scruples of the root). 
— A loose movement three or four times a day, with cutting pains (eighth 
to tenth days),*. — [390.] Three soft stools, usually she had only one or two, 
with great urging; (third day). — Three copious, thick, pasty evacuations 
(eis, thirteen, and twenty-six hours after one-half drachm of the powdered 
bark of the root). Hard stool (third day). — Diarrhceic stool without cut- 
ting pain (second day),". — Diarrhoea twice (first day),*. — Fully developed 
diarrhtea, consisting of four pasty, yellowish evacuations, the first six, the 
last ten hours, after taking the drug, with rumbling without cuttings, much 
passage of wind, at times some nausea, much thirst, heat in the face and 
confusion of the head, with increased appetite in the evening (after a de- 
coction of three and one-half drachms of the root). — Stool scanty, thin- 
formed, but not hard (fifth day). — 8tool scanty and rather hard (seventh 
day).— -Stool scanty, hard, or also soft, thin-formed, delayed (after three 
days, frequently afterwards, in several people).t — The next morning the 
usual evacuation seemed harder, not copious (sixth hour), then a more co- 
pious, softer stool (after ten hours), afterwards a profuse, pasty evacuation 
(aft«r twenty-four hours), again (after twenty-five hours), and again (after 
twenty-eight hours), preceded by severe pressure, especially with the first 
evacuations (after ten grains of Berberis). — Stool hardish and in small 
quantity (fourth day). — [400.] Stool firm, hard like sheep dung, with 
much, frequently ineffectual, urging (ninth day). — After the stool a com- 
fortable sensation of relief. — *A Imig-eontiiiued genaation ajter the utool, as 
if one had jutt been to etool, or as if one had just recovered from a pain in 
Vie antts (first to third day). — Sensation after the stool as if one must soon 
go again, with perceptible movement of the intestines (first aud second day). 
— * Constipation (ninth day). — No stool (second day),'. 

Urinary Organs. — Sidneys and JBlodder. *A stiekmg- 
digging, or digging-tearing pain in ona or the other kidney regions, as if 
it were suppuratinff, aggrawAed by deep pressure. — Drawing pain in the left 
kidney region. — * Tearing, pulsating pain in the righi kmney. — * Tearing 

t Prom small doses the atool aeemi to be retarded. I leave to others to judf^e 
whollier retarded or increased diarrhisii-tilce etuol U the secondary action. Tlie dis- 
tinctioTiB seem to me not to easy, because the potencies alio produced diarrhcea. 
How then will we account for thn purging effect of large do»ea, followed by an in- 
clination to constipation and retenlJon of itool 7 


BERBEBia 153 

pain in Ike region of both kidneys soon after rising in the morning, which ex- 
tends sidewai/s and forward, both upward and downward, so that tlie whole 
region of the back between the thorax and the pelvis is affected. If she stooped 
the lower part of the back felt stiff, and ii wxm with difficulty that she could 
«land up on account of this painful stiffness. This tearing was noticed even 
when sitting, more severe than when standings was relieved in the afternoon 
(second day),'. — [410.] Bubbling seosalion in the left kidney region, ex- 
tending across into the abdomen and into the bladder (tenth day).t — Burn- 
ing-itching, biting-smarting pain in the region of thn bladder — 'Bomillg 
pain in the bladder, sometimes when it is full, sometimes when empty, even 
after urinating, for several times, frequency also in the morning before urinat- 
ing for the first time. — * After urinating, a sensation in the bladder as if one 
must go again soon, or as if some urine remained behind. — Pinching con- 
strictive pain in the region of the bladder, — Pressive pinching pain in one 
or the other side of the region of the bladder ; on pressure u^on it there 
sometimes arises burning in the whole urethra, — *Drawing-«hcking pain 
in one or tke other itde of the bladder, extending down into the female 
urethra, often arising in the lumbar region, and extending along the 
oonne of the nretera. — -Pressive pain in the region of the bladder trhen filled, 
and also when empty, and after urinating, very frequently and continuous 
in three provers. — • Violait cutting-tensive pain deeply se<ded in the left side 
of the bladder, at last becoming a sticking obliquely in the female urethra, as 
tf in its orifice, lasting a few minutes (twenty-fifth day).~*PainiU ontting'S 
in the left aide of the region of the bladder extend into the orethra, com- 
ing from the left kidney along the oonrae of the ureter (nineteenth day). 
— [480.] * Cutting coristrietive pain in the bladder, sometimea when full, some- 
times when not full, sometimea immediately after evacuating it. — *Tiolent 
■ticking pain in the bladder extending from the kidneys, only increased 
by severe pressure after half an hour, without desire to urinate (seventh 
day). — Tearing-sticking pain in the region of the bladder, especially on the 
left side, just aoove the symphysis and extending into it, then passing into 
the left side of the penis, or also returning higher up. — Violent stitches in 
the bladder, which compel one to urinate. — ^veral stitches in the region 
of the bladder, either when the bladder is full or after urinating, and also 
at other times (forty-eighth day). — As many as forty stitches iu the blad- 
der, pulselike, above the symphysis, at last becoming a slight sticking pain, 
lasting a short time ; returning in a less degree during the next day, when 
the bladder is not very full (fifty-ninth and sixtieth days). — Urethra. 
"Burning in the urethra, — *Buming pain in the female urethra during and 
after uriiuding, though more at other times (seventh day, and very otien at 
other times). — ^Burning in the urethra, usnally more towards the anterior, 
sometimes also more posteriorly, or along the whole length of it, often con- 
tinuing for several hours, for the most part more on one side, usually when 
not nrinating, but sometimes also when urinating and soon afterwards. — 
The morbid urine seems warmer than usual when urinating. — [430.] Smart- 
in^-burning sensation in the left side of the urethra, with intercurrent bub- 
blmg-Iike shucks. — Momentary constrictive pain in the posterior portion of 
the urethra, — Pressure when urinating (after two hours). — Cutting pain in 
the urethra, frequently more upon one side. — *Cuttingpain in the urethra, 

t The Eymptomiin t1 
becoming erect, in silt 



tifter UHDating aod also at other times (after two hours, aod frequently). — 
Slight sticking in the urethra (aft«r eight hours, and frequently). — 'kicking 
pain in the female urethra beginning in the &^(ier, sometimes in the middle, 
sometimes on one side. — Sticking pain in the female urethra, as if a thorn 
were sticking into it. — Sensitive sticking pain in the urethra, extending into 
the bladder (third day). — Jerkjng sticking sensation in the female urethra, 
with a spasmodic constrictive sensatioa for several seconds. — [440.] Several 
stitches in the urethra. — Smarting constrictive pain in the urethra, — Smart- 
ing in the urethra after coition, once even a sensitive pain in it during 
ejaculation of semen, — Smarting pain in the urethra and the glans, chie6y 
towards the forepart and upon one side, or extending into the bladder, re- 
turuing frequently and continuing a longtime; either the urethra pains 
are caused or aggravated by motion. — Smarting-bitiug pain in the urethra, 
frequently with a sensatiori of soreness, more when not urinating, sometimes 
transient, sometimes continuous, chiefly in the forepart, but sometimes also 
extending backwards into the bladder or rectum, frequently more paiu on 
one side. — Bubbling seusation in the posterior portion of the urethra when 
sitting. — Crawling sensatioa in the posterior portion of the male urethra 
(for t(¥o minutes).— Itching along the urethra. — Crawling-itching pain in 
the urethra a few times when not urinating, when the bladder is uot full. — 
3Itcturitton Und JJi'ine. Pressure to urinate (after three hours). — 
[450.] Excessive desire to urinate, especially in the morning immedi- 
' ately after rising. — Sometimes diminished, sometimes increased discharge 
of urine ; when increased the urine is commonly a clear, light water, or 
slightly tinged, deposits only a slight sediment of mucus, when scanty it 
usually deposits a sediment ; the former is the case in the beginning and 
during the aggravations, the latter during the reaction of the medicine ; at 
times, however, intercurrent conditions arise (in all provers.) — *Pale,yellow 
urine, either uritli a slight transparent gelatinoas lediment which doei 
not deposit, or a turbid, flocculent, daylika, copions, macoos sediment 
mixed with a white, or whitish^gray, and- later a reddish mealy sediment. 
— The clear, saturated, yellowish, thick urine has a decided appearance of 
the yellow of the Berberis root, seldom remaining clear, but depositing a 
mucous sediment during the aggravations of the proving, and usually in 
the beginning ; generally very soon or sometimes later becoming separated, 
flocculent, or like mealy water, *and d^ositing a copious mucous and mealy- 
like sediment, with uihite-grayisk, white, or dirty-reddish, or red granular sedi- 
ment, with yellowish-red crystals upon the bottom and sides of the glass. — 
* Urine bright-yellow, with a profuse mucous sediment, but was not cloudy 
(second day),'. — Dark, dirty, wine-yellow urine, which commonly separates 
and deposits a copious sediment, as in the previous case, or only gelatinous 
flakes. — Greenish urine, clear, or just tinged, in the beginning somewhat 
turbid, depositing only some mucus, but becoming cloudy, but only seldom 
settles. — *Inflammatory red urine, which like the last separates and de- 
posits a thick sediment, seldom remaining unchanged and becoming merely 
thick. — *Blood-red urine, wMch speedily becomes tnrhid and deposits a 
thick macons and bright red mealy sedim.ent, slowly beeoming dear, but 
always retaining its blood-red color, with violent pains in the kidneys (in one 

Cirover).^During convalescence from the drug-disease the urine has for a 
ong time *a clear mvcom sediment. — [460.] The changes in the urine vary, 
increasing and diminishing with the medicinal disease; even on the same 
day it changes in various ways, it may be even uormal ; pains in the loins 



and hidneyB frequently accompany the morbid urine, though not always; 
usually the urine passed first in the morning afler rising is cloudy. 

Sexual Organ)*, — Male — Pettitt, Decided feeling of wealcnees 
in the geuitals alter coition. — A sen^ of weakness and loss of irritability 
of the external male genitalH after urinating, and al)io at other times. — The 
penis seems somewhat shrivelled and retracted. — Frequent erections (first 
day). — The mucous membrane of the penis seems to be dry. — Cold sensa- 
tion in the prepuce and glans at times, also with a somewhat numb sensa- 
tion. — A pinching constrictive pain extends downwards from the mons 
veneris alon^ the dorsum of the penis. — Several stitehea in the glaua. — Fine 
stitching pain in the penis (for half a minute). — [470.] Fine stitching in 
the penis in the forepart.— Smarting pains in the anterior portion of the 
left side of the penis coming from the ui-ethm. — Smarting pain in the left 
side of the penis, more externally, chiefly in the forepart of the mucous 
membrane of the glans, and in the part behind this spot, when walking 
and afterwards, also after coition (one hundred and eighth, one hundred 
and twelfth, and one hundred and twenty-second days, etc.). — Smarting- 
burning pain in the corona gkndis. ^marting-bumiug pain in the left 
side of the penis, especially in the corona glandis.^Smarling-buming pain 
in the upper part of the right side of the penis.— Smart! ng-buming itch- 
ing pain in the prepuce. — Scrotum ana TenticlcH, Secetial De- 
siveH, Sensation of coldness, light tearings in the left side of the scrotum, 
— Smarting, constricting pain in the left lower portion of the scrotum, last- 
ing six to eight minutes when walking. — Sore pain in the scrotum, espe- 
cially in the sides, most frequently on the left. — [480.] Itching in the scro- 
tum, either simple, or burmng, or with fine stitches, at times smarting or 
crawling. — Bumingpain in one or the other testicle, seldom in both, as if 
they would swell.-— Constrictive pain in the testicles and in the spermatic 
cord, with contraction of the scrotum, as if it would be drawn uii against 
the abdomen ; the scrotum is shrivelled and cold, with pressive pain in the 
testicles. — Drawing-pressive pain in one or the other teeticle, seldom in 
both at the same time, sometimes extending up the spermatic cord. — Pres- 
sive pain in both testicles, sometimes in only one, sometimes for only a 
short time, or for several hours. — Cutting-sticking pain, at times very sen- 
sitive, in the testicles, at times in only one, at times in both together. — 
Single or several stitches in one or the other testicle (fortieth, sixty-third, 
and ninety-first days, etc.). — Smarting or smarting-buming pain in the tes- 
ticles, at times in only one, at times in both. — Crawling pain in the testi- 
cles, usuallv in only one (most of the pains in the external genitals are 
caused and aggravated by motion).— *S)/i pulpy swelling of the lejl tper- 
matic cord, especialiy in the lower portion, teveral timet when walking, v/itk at 
tirnen drawing, burning, or smarting, or tearing paing, at times also when sit- 
ting, with pain extending dovm into the testicles, especially the epididymis. — 
[490.] * Drawing pain in the spermatic cord of the right, frequently of the 
left side, extendiiig doion itdo the testicles, or up into the abdominal ring. — 
Stitching pain in the spermatic cord of one or the other side. — Several fine 
stitches in the spermatic cord .-Smarting pain in one or the other sper- 
matic cord, at one time in the region of the abdominal ring, at another be- 
hind it, at another more beneath it, often extending into the testicles. — 
*Smarting-bumivg pain in the spermatic cord, ivith several sfilehes, now on 
one, note on tlie other side. — ^Twin^ne pain in one or the other spermatic 
cord, only at the abdominal ring, or also extending down to the testicles. — 
Diminished sexual desire in both sexes; the ejaculation of semen during 



coitiuD \b uaunlly too soon, and the desire is weak and passes Boon away ; 
in women orgasm is delayed, sometimes associated with cutting or stickiiig 
pain. — Emission at night, which is usually very seldom. — FetHftlBt 
Piuching constrictive pain in the region of the mons veneris aod the blad- 
der, sometimes only on one side, 60 me times when full, sometimes after empty- 
ing the bladder, immediately, or a long time afterwards, — Tearing pain in 
the mons veneris coming from the inguinal region. — [MO.] Twinging-tear- 
iog in one or the other side of the moDs veneris, sometimes also in this 
whole region, very frequently. — Burning, itching, or biting, also smarting 
sensation in the mons veneris. — Smarting-itching pain in the mons veneris. 
— 'Seiuatioii of bnmiug and soreneaB in the vagina, frequently vary sen- 
litive, especially in the anterior portion, even extending to the labia, some- 
times only on one side, but frequently also in the upper part in the region 
of the orifice of the urethra, often continuing a long time (twenty -eighth 
and thirty-sixth days, etc.). — In oue side of the vagina, especially in the 
left, fine, or weak, or sharp, or dull, or violent stitches, sometimes like 
needles, ten to twenty in succession, twinging, or burning, twisting or lung 
drawn out, and leaving the part painful, extending from within ouLward, 
at times ending in the urethra, often appearing so suddenly and violently 
that she is frightened; the vagina, duriug an examination, is very sensitive 
when touched with the finger (thirtieth, forty-first, forty-third, fifty-ninth, 
and sixty-first days, etc.),— Smarting pain iu the vagina, usually only upon 
one side, sometimes coutinuous.^Menstruation appears as usual two days 
too soon, but lasts only two days; with it and afterwards violent pain in 
the hack and loins. The second timt; it apDears two days too soon, with 
pains in the bock, and lasts only one day and a half. — In the fourth return 
menstruation appeared one day too soon, the discharge was grat/i»h mueus, 
then bloody, seatiiy. The fifth period omitted entirely ; on the sixth some 
watery blood passed ; then untU the eighth again grayish iwieu*; Jot sorne 
dayt previous to it violent tearing m the limbs, wUK severe pain in the back; 
at times on only one side, with a feeling as if bruised, as if suppurating, 
almost like labor pains, so that at times ane could not lie upon it, especially 
at night, sometimes also pain in one hip-bone; draggiug pain in the thighs, 
extending into the calves, especially in the veins of the leg, which are in- 

{'ected with bhiod ; also pain iu the lumbar region ; once in the evening in 
)ed, violent tticking on me left side of the abdomen two fingers' breadth from 
the navel, extending in long stitches into the left aide of the vagina ; fretful, 
tired of life mood ; great dejection; amaxtuig pain in tll6 yag^oa, bnming, 
Tiolsnt pain and soreneBS in the anas; pressive tensive pain iu the upper 
arm and shoulder, extending up into the neck. — Menstruation appears at 
the customary time and normally, but on the third day it ceases, and re- 
appears on the fifth day, but more like bloody water; occumpanied with 
great weakness and violent drawing, sticking headache. — Menstruation 
appears at the right time ; the second day it is more like bloody water ; on 
the third some drops of dark blood pass ; on the fourth a passage of dis- 
colored mucus, then nothing more; during the first days dragging pain in 
the genitals, severe pain in the small of the back, and violent, dragging, 
pressing, splitting headache on the right side, with a feeling of faintuess. — 
[510.] Menstruation appears at the right time, but is very scanty, does not 
appear in the usual way ; at first is pale, expedited by a foot-bath ; it never 
lasts beyond the fifth day, while it usually continues seven days ; scarcely 
half the usual amount passes, and the discharge is more like bloody water, 
At the beginning much chilliness and pain in the small of the back; vio- 



lent tearing in the whole body, eBpeciaily on the Jeft side ; painful distcnBiou 
of the abdomen (fourth and filth daya), violent pain in the hidneyg, also 
stitches in the cheet ; verj- sickly look; violent, bursting headache only dur- 
inethe first days. 

Se»piratory Apparatun atid Chest. — Voice, and Chest 
in General. Hoarseness, with pain or inflammation of the tonsils. — Op- 
pression of the chest, appearing several times, eBpecially at night with 
violent fluent coryza. — learing in the left pectoral muscles extending to- 
wards their insertion in the arm. — Drawing, tearing pain in the walls of the 
chest, sometimes relieved by stretching or by exerting the muscles. — Violent, 
sudden, cutting, constrictive pain in front of the middle portion of the chest, 
extending down to the abdomen, so that she is obliged to bend double fo; 
half a minute (twenty-first day). — Single slow stitches here and there in the 
chest extending inward. — Sticking pain in the anterior middle region of 
the cheat aggravated by deep breathing, together with a short dry cough 
(twenty-first day). — It seems raw in the chest as in catarrh, and an habitual 
occasional expectoration from the chest is increased (second to sixth day). 
— Scraping sensation in the chest (second day), — [fi20,] Scrapine, scratch- 
ing sensation of rawness and soreness in the chest. — Sides of Chest. 
Pain near the leil mammary gland, deep, iuternallj, extending outward 
and downward through the mammary gland in about ten stitches (eighth 
day). — A peculiar sensation of coldness in the right side of the chest for a 
short time (one hundred and ninth dayj.—Tearing, burning pain in the 
lower border of the left pectoralis major extending towards the arm. — Ten- 
sive drawing pain in the left side of the chest more towards the back (thirty- 
eighth day). — Sticking, drawing in the left side of the cheat on the lower 
and outer part, extending from the left hypochoudrium towards the hack 
and shooting back and forth (seventeenth day). — Pressive pain in the left 
aide of the cheat as if between the mammary gland and the wall of the 
chest, most severe behind the nipple, extending from within outward into 
the mammary glands so that the middle of the sensation is in the nipple, 
with a teeling aa if the gland were swollen (sixty-fifth and eighty-eighth 
days). — A bubbling pressive pain in the region of the left pectoralis major 
lor half a minute in the evening in bed, coming from deep in the chest, 
with tension in this region an<l somewhat impeded respiration (forty-third 
day). — Sticking pain in the left mammary gland (ninth day). — Sticking 
below the left mammary gland towards the heart. — [680.] learing, stick- 
ing pain extending around the right side of the chest in the forepart (forty- 
sixth day). — Tearing, sticking pain, extending from the right side of the 
chest near the ahoulder-blade up to the arm and seating itse.'f in the muscles 
of the inner side of the upper arm for two minutes (aeventeeuth day).-~'A 
stitch in the right clavicle (fiftieth day).^ — -A penetrating atitch in the right 
clavicle (seven ty-third day). — Pulselike stitching in the right clavicle one- 
third of a minute (fifty- first day). — Single stitches in the right aide of thcchest 
from without inward (forty-fifth day). — Several burning stitches as from 
wasps in the region of the right clavicle (eighty-eighth day). — Some burn- 
ing stitches in the left side of the chest near tne nipple. — Three deep, violent 
burning stitches below the right clavicle crossing horizontally into the first 
ribs (seventy -seventh day). — Lon^ drawing stitches, leaving pain in the 
region of the false ribs of the left side from below. — [MO.] Tearing pain in 
the dorsal side of the left wall of the chest, somewhat below the shoulder- 
blade. — ^Tearing in the right side of the chest chiefly in the forepart, some- 
times also in the shoulder-blade between it aud the spine, two days in suc- 



cesaioQ with oppression of the chest. — Drawing tearing pains in the sides of 
the cheet chienv in the left more towards tKe back, also in the shoulder-bladeg 
(forty-second day). — Pulsating at last more pressive and tensive, tearing 
ID the left side of the chest below the axilla extending to the riba for twu 
minutes. — Several rather sensitive stitches in the left side of the chest ex- 
ternally and in the lower portion (after ten hours). — Jerking, intermitting, 
not severe stitches in the left side of the chest, almost as if she received 
electric shocks (eleventh day). — Sticking, jerking pain like electric shocks 
extends downwards from the left breast into the forepart of the left hypo- 
chondrium and then extends backwards; the whole lower part of the left 
side of the chest and of the abdomen is painful (eighth and twelfth Jays). — 
Sometimes a bubbling sensation in the right side of the chest somewhat 
below the middle (twenty-third day), 

Seavt and Puttie, — Frequent palpitation (twenty-first day). — 
Paiuful twinging stitches in the region of the heart extending outward and 
downward (twentieth day). — 1560.] Pulse slow and weak in several persons. 

Neck and Back. — Neck. Cold sensation in the left side of the 
neck in a place of the size of a quarter of a dollar, becoming a slight 
burning, — Tensive, burning sensation in the upper part of the left side 
of the neck with stiffness. — Tensive, not very sensitive, pain in the neck 
with stiffness, lasting for several minutes, several times. — Tensive feeling 
of stiSness in one or another place on the back or side of the neck. — 
On stooping, a drawing pain in the neck as if the muscles were tense 
(after half an hour). — Tearing, pressive pain in the cords of the neck, 
worse on the left aide. — Burning, sticking pain between the shoulders (for 
ten minutes). — Tearing, sticking pain in the left side of the neck and 
posteriorly in slow jerKS extendiug upward to the occiput (seventh and 
eighth days). — Sudden stitches shoot rapidly from the left side of the neck to 
the muscles on the inner side of the upper arm, so that she Is startled by 
them (twenty-first day). — [860.] Lightning-like stitchea shoot from the 
right clavicle upward on that side of the neck in six to eight jumping-like, 
long stitches, as if one were pierced with a sharp needle (fourth day). — 
Shooting, violent, cutting tearings on the left side of the neck in the muscles 
near the axis, lasting several minutes, with paiuful stifiuess of the neck, so 
that she is not able to move the head (third day). — Tearing in the left side 
of the neck for half a minute (fifty-first day).— Slight tearing in the upper 
part of the left side ofthe neck. — ^Rheumatie tearing in the left side of the 
neck. — Tearing in the right side of the neck several times for half a minute, 
once also with pain on external pressure (forty-sixth day).— Superficial 
tensive tearing on therightsideof the neck. — Sack. — Dorsal Region, 
Just below the left shoulder-blade rheumatic pain esteuding into the lumbar 
region. — On the outer lower mai^in of the right-shoulder-blade and in the 
ribs externally, she noticed at times when grasping it a violent cixitinued 
pain, as if the region were swollen, or injected with blood, suppurating (fifty- 
fifth to sixtieth days). — Drawiug in the shoulder-blades and sides of the 
cheat in the region of the pectoral muscles,— [570.] Tearing, sticking 
pain in the right shoulder-blade across the back, as if the region were 
ulcerated (forty-second day). — Digging, pulsating stitches in the region of 
the tip of the left Bhoulder-blade, extending upward and outward below the 
shoulder, chiefly along its inner margin (one hundred and tenth day), — 
Tearing in the tip of the right shoulder-blade (forty-eighth day). — Pre^aive 
tearing in the left shoulder-blade extending to the shoulder, the left upper 
and anterior pectoral region along the expansion of the pectoral muscles, 



and also over the forearm and hand (for two days). — Digging, aticking 
t«ariDg in the tip of the left shoulder-blade. — Teariug pain juat below the 
Bpine of the right scapula, extending outward to a place aa large as half 
a dollar, first noticed on touch, at ten o'clock ia the evening, and continuing 
the next day (twenty-eighth day). — Pressive-tensive tearing pain in the 
right shoulder-blade externally, or rather superiorly, towards the sboulder, 
extending upward into the fleah of the upper arm and into the left clavicle 
and pectoral muBcles ; in the latter it is irritating, aa if some muscular fibree 
were torn ; movement of the arm is painful and difficult, continuing for a 
whole day (twenty-fourth day). — Suddenly when leaning against the arm 
of a chair a violent deepseated pain at the tip and along the outer border 
of the right shoulder-hlade, also extending towards the axilla in the lower 
portion of the shoulder-joint, involving the whole joint, and extending 
down along the inner side of the arm to the elbow ; the parts seem bruised, 
swollen or suppurating; the shoulder-joint seems sprained. On raising the 
arm the sensation extends into the chest and arrests the breathing. The 
pain often extends from the right side of the neck ; it is relieved during 
rest; pressure and motion increase or excite it anew; the upper arm is 
painful, deep in the bone, as if there were something living in it; the second 
day chilliness in the aSbcted part, extending down into the region of the 
kidnevs, with goose-flesh (third to eighth day V— Sticking pain ^tween the 
shoulder-blades increased by inspiration (eleventh day). — Tearing pain 
between the shoulders (tenth day). — [580.} Tearing pain in the spine 
between the shoulders. — Tearing pain in the hack between the shoulder- 
blades, extending towards the lumbar region (after six hours). — Feeling of 
Coldne.s8 with a kind of painless tearing in the upper part of the right side 
of the back (one hundredth day), — Tensive, sticking pain in the region of the 
lower dorsal vertebra extending toward the lumbar region (second day). — 
A stitch from the lower portion of the dorsal vertebra extending through 
the chest, so that it took away her breath ; it pains some time afterwards ; 
breathing is on that account more difficult (forty-fifth day). — Frequent 
tearing on both sides of the dorsal spine. — Litinbav Region. A bum- 
iug-tensive pain in the lumbar and sacral regiuns.^ — Burning, burning-itch- 
ing, or burning-digging in one or the other lumbar region, seldom in both, 
sometiraea also in the sacral region, generally superficial or at times deeper, 
but then also sticking or gnawing, JrejwnZ/y extending around Ike. abdomen, 
— ^Tensive stilf feeling in Uie lumnar region, with a kind of numb sensation, 
sometimes in the morning, on waking, when lying upon the back, with a de- 
cided lameness of the body. — Fressive-digging or gnawing pain in one or 
the other lumbar regions, as if an ulcer would appear. — [590.] Tearing, 
dragging pain in the sacrum, with dragging pain in the anus. — "Pressive 
or trative pain in the region of the loins and kidneys, gometimes on one 
lida only; lometimes on both, or fret^uently across the Bmall of the back, 
at tunea extending downwards into the posterior portion of the pelvis, 
of the thighi, mid even to the calvet, with a feeling of stiffiiesH and lame- 
neBS or twelling in the back and lotner extremities, and a warm sensation in 
the affected parts, at times also a kind of numbness in them ; the sensations 
alternate often in the lumbar and sacral regions, contiouing a long time 
and frequently returning, — *iSicking or stidcing pressing pain, at times slight, 
at times very sensitive, in one or the other lumbar region, noic in a small spot 
when Uis a simple sticking, now in a larger place, when it is ehiefiy pressing, 
either exactly in the region oj the kidneys, or at times extending above or below, 
Intt especially ontward, so that it eztenda around the side of the abdomen 



in front, or to tlie region of the hipi, govietimeg also in the tpine and extend- 
ing dovm to the tntall oj the back, and the re^on of the bladder and groins ; 
emnelimes fine, ionietimee duU; the dicking sometimee extendi from the region 
of the kidneys straight forward into the abdmnen, at timet vHh a nnmb, 
paralyzed, braised sensation ; frequently returning and lasting a long time. 
— A violent stitch beginning in the lumbar portion of the spine and exteod- 
iog outward acroes tne left lumbar region (forty-seventn day). — 'Some 
gtOehea in one or the other lumbar region, especially in the region of the 
kidneys, at times fine, at times dvU, at times as if a nail were sticking in, and 
so violeiit and sudden that it staps the breath ; from wii/unU invtard. — * Burning 
stitches, single or several in succession, in the region of the loins and kidneys. — 
Pul^eliku etitcbes at short or long interval? from without inward in one or 
the other lumbar and kidney region. — flight superficial tearing in one or 
the other lumbar r^ion, — *Tear-ing or tearing-slicking pain m the region of 
the loins and kidneys, usually tpore upon one side, frequently at the same time 
in the email of the back, as if tho region were cmshed or bruised, with a 
feeling of stiffiiess, so that it was difBoult for her to rise from sitting, 
so that the hands must assist rising; sometimes also involving the hip, the nates, 
and the upper and posterior portion of the extremities, at times also with a 
sensation of nnmbness. — Buobling gensation in the lumbar regiuu usually 
on only oue side, sometiraea lasting a short time, eometimes several minutes, 
more when lying and when risins from sitting. — [600.] *A feeling of 
warmth in the lower part of the back and in the small of the back, as if the 
lumbar region were asleep, extending down into the sacirum, the hips, and the 
posterior portion of the tkigJis. — Burning- itch tug in the lower portiou of the 
back. — Sftcral Reaion. Burning pain in the sacrum, mostly with ten- 
sion and pressure. — Drawing pain in the sacrum, usually one-sided, or 
pressing, or tearing, or alternating therewith. — *Fressive-tensive or pressing 
sensation in the sacrum, deep, internal, when severe, with a feeling as if the 
bone would be forced asunder, frequently with a teeliiig of heaviness, warmth, 
or uumbness, or buzzing, usually more noticed in the morning in bed im- 
mediately on waking, worse when sitting and lying, generally omtiuuing 
a long time, frequently returning, sometimes relieved or removed by a stool 
or passage of flatus ; sometimes upon only one side, increased by stooping. — 
Digging pressure, or tearing-stickmg pain in the sacrum.— A dull twinging 
stitch obliquely from without inward and downward, in the left side of the 
sacrum, in the morning, in bed, on waking, accompanied by pressure. — 
Twinging pain in the sacrum with desire for stool (on the first days). — 
Superficial tearing pnin in the sacrum, frequently upon only oue side. — 
Tearing or tearing-sticking pain in the sacrum, at times only on oue side. — 
[610.] Bruised and paralyzed feeling in the sacrum, as after unaccustomed 
long stooping, otlen in the morning, immediately on waking, mostly worse 
when sitting and lying than when walking, very frequent and lasting. — 
Itching iu tne sacrum, burning, biting, or with fine stitches. — Tearing pain 
in the region of the left tuber ischii. — Tearing pain in the right tuber 
ischii, extending forward to the right side of the uterus, for several minutes 
when sitting.^Bubbliug sensation below the tuber ischii, extending inward 
and downward, as if a worm as large as the finger were forcing its way 

Jllipvr ExtrcmiUe8.Shou1der, Pain in the left shoulder, 
e3|)«cially deep In the joint in front, ae if in the head of the humerus, as if 
tbe'parta were swollen, chiefly when moving the arms backward, always 
noticed on pressure for several himrs (fifth day). Pain iu the left shoulder 


BERBERIS. • 161 

exterually and posteriorly, as if the arm had been Btrained or wrenched 
(thirty -second day). — A rheumatie, paralytin-like pain in the right slioulder 
and gmne stiteket over the left eye,'. — Superficial tensive drawings in the 
shoiilders. — Teariiig-stickiug pain in the shoulders. — Burning-sticking in 
the i-^ion of the right ncnmiioo, exte»din|; into it (one hundred and seventh 
day). — [620.1 BubhlJng-like digging pain and a living movement in the 
forepart of the right Blioulder-joint, external to and somewhat l>elow the 
head of the humerus. — Tearing-sticking pain along the border of the 
right shoulder, and then extending quickly down the outer side of the arm 
and ending in a fine stitch in the tip of the little finger.^Tearing pain in 
the shoulder-joint, especially in the forepart.— Tearing in the left shoulder 
extending across the whole shonlder-blade and down the back, especially 
on motion ; it continued several days (sixth day),'.— Tea rings, beginning 
along the border of the left shoulder, extending up on the side of the neck 
and throat as far as the left side of the occipital region, where it becomes 
seated (forty-sixth and forty-seventh day). — Corrosive smarting sensation on 
the lett shoulder. — Pain in the right shoulder as if it would suppurate. — 
Bubbling-like sensation in the right shoulder, chiefly in the forepart, not 
painful, as if something living were in it and would bore its way out, severe 
a few minutes (seventh and fifteenth days). — Arm. Weakness and a par- 
alyzed leeling in the arras, becoming painful on exertion after some violent 
exercise of the arms, and a painful sensation iu the muscles for several 
days, especially on motion, though also at other times, caused or increased 
by pressure. —Burning pain on the inner side of the lelt upper arm two 
tuches below the joint, superficial in the skio or just under it, with somo 
pressure at intervals of two or three seconds, whereby the pain becomes 
worse (twenty-sixth day). — [630.] Tensive pain in the muscles of the right 
upper arm. — Pressive pain in the arms, especially in the thick niuaclee of 
the shoulders, in the inner muscles, and also on the inner side of the upper 
arm, leas of the forearm. — Drawing tensive sensation in the arms at times 
with slight tearing, often with a feeling of heaviness and loss of power in 
them. — Violent press ive-teusive pain in the left upper arm, about the mid- 
dle of the forepart and somewhat inward on the bone, as if something 
would be torn loose, so that it is sore as far as the bone, for two minutes 
(fifty-seventh day). — Drawing pain in the outer side of the left upper arm. 
— Drawing pain iu the outer part of the upper arm extending down to the 
elbow-joint (thirty-fifth day). — Forcible pressive pain in the middle and on^ 
the outer anterior side of the left upper arm in the vicinity of the bone,, 
with a heavy sensation, 60 that she must let the arm hang down for a minute, 
followed by heaviness, which continues a long time. — Sticking pain in the 
thickfleshof the left upper arm in front, three inches l>elow the joint. — Five 
stitches in quick succesNion on the inner side of the right upper arm, just 
below the axilla, with burning between the stitches and afterwards.— Six 
sharp stitches on the inner side of the left upper arm, just below the axilla,, 
as if a fine splinter were thrust deep into the bone, ending in a long-drawn 
stitch. — A burning stitch, external in the middle of the right upper arm. — 
[640.] Burning stitch in the thick flesh of the right upper arm. — Tearing 
on the anterior portion of the left upper arm. — Tearing pain in the muscles 
of the inner aide of the right upper arm for half a minute, — Slight tearing 
as if under the skin in the outer side of the left upper arm to the middle 
(for quarter of a minute). — Tearing in the upper and inner portion of the 
left upper arm for half a minute, with burning. — Tearing pain for a minute 
deep in the bone, extending from the middle of the inner and anterior por- 


162 - BERBERIS. 

tioD of the left upper arm dowa over the elbow-joint, in the radius to the 
wrist and the inner side of the back of the metacarpus, so that she, being 
attacked during a somewhat arduous work, is obliged to allow the arm to 
hang down and iDcline towards the leftside, with a feeling of heaviness and 
swelling in the arm (fort3'-fourth day). — Drawing- tearing pain in the left 
arm at the insertion of the pectoral muscles. — Drawing stick! ng-tea ring 
below the right shoulder-jnint, on the inner and posterior side of the upper 
arm, in a place in the flesn about two inches long, for a quarter of an hour 
(twenty-ninth day). — Two pressive tearings in the outer middle portion of 
the right upper arm, extending to the bone. — Pressive and digging tearing 
in the bone of the left upper arm, behind the belly of the bleep:', from with- 
out inward, for an inch in length', lasting twelve seconds. — [6S0.] In the 
anterior region of the right upper arm, just below the shoulder-joint, several 
painful, jerking-like, digging tearings deep in the bone, on asuritice of about 
an inch and a naif (ninety-firat day), — Four bubbling-like tearing in the 
muscles of the iuner side of the left upper arm, extending from within out- 
ward, at intervals of a few seconds (one hundred and twenty-first day). — 
Bubbling sensation in the muscles in the middle of the right upper arm 
extending outward (nineteenth day). — Bubbling in the forepart of the 
right upper arm, two inches below the shoulder-joint, in about twenty pulsa- 
tions. — Bubbling sensation in the right upper arm, three inches below the 
joint, external between the muscles and the bone (twenty -second day), — 
Bubbling sensation in the thick flesh of the right upper arm, on going to 
bed, aa if the muscles were alive, three times in succession (one hundred 
and Rfth day). — Elbow, A violent pain in the tendon of the biceps st 
the bend of the elbow, suddenly after lifting or moving the arm, especially 
on extending it, and reaching deep into the joint and forward for a way 
along the radial side of the forearm, as also upward along the outer and 
posterior surface of the upper arm. — Burning pain in the outer anterior 
part of the left elbow (one hundred and third day). — Burning in the outer 
anterior portion of the left elbow, not only in the skin but also deep in the 
desh and extending outward, for a minute, — Burning pain as from nettles 
in the right elbow, between the olecranon to the inner condyle of the 
humerus (ten seconds). — [660.] Tensive sensation in the flexor surface of 
the left elbow, a few inches on the forearm, extending forward, especially on 
extending the arm, for a minute. — A dmwing- tensive pain in the outer por- 
tion of the left elbow-joint. — T witching-sticking pain above the right elbow 
extending upward a tew inches. — Crawling-stickmg pain in the left elbow. 
— Tearing-sticking pain in the forepart of the right elbow-joint, especially 
in the tendons of the muscles, caused and increased by motion, for eight 
minutes (twenty-seventh day). — Tearing pain in the right elbow extending 
outward. — Violent tearing in the right elbow, extending slowly along the 
outer border of the ulna, as if something scraped the bone, and as if it were 
distended at the same time, with a feeling of lameness and heaviness of the 
forearm, several times in the day (seventy- fourth day). — Drawing- tea ring 
pain in the right elbow down to the lower portion of the forearm, — Smart- 
ing pain in the elbow-joint. — Corrosive pain in the right elbow, — Fore' 
avtn. [670.] A lymphatic swelling in the flexor tendons of the left fore- 
arm on the lower and inner border of the ulna, two inches from the wrist, 
moderately hard, not very painful to touch, almost not at all on motion, 
not red, only covered with two petechial-like spots an inch long, not very 
hot, with burning pain in the skin, lasting several days, then slowly disap- 
pearing (tenth weelt). — Numb paralyzed pain in the ezteusor surface of 



the l«ft forearm about two inches fmni the wrist, extpnding into it, and on 
motion to the elbow, deep internally j she Ib obliged to lay the arm out 
straight ; if the hand hangs down the pain becomes more violent, aod then 
the forearm feels an if asleep (twenty -second day). — A cold sensation like 
tearing in the right forearm on the anterior marg-Jn of the radlu)^. — Burn- 
ing pain in the outer side of the left forearm. — Burning in the styloid pro- 
cess of the right radius ; a red spot appears which becomes larger on rub- 
bing (one hundred and first day). — Blight burning pain on the outer aide 
of the radius of the left forearm, some inches below the elbow (one hundred 
and fourth day). — Biting-burning piiin in the middle of the outer side of the 
left forearm for ab6ut five minutes, then becoming a pressive uumb sensa- 
tion. — Biting tearing-burning pain in the ulnar side of the right forearrn. — 
Pinching cnustrictive pain in the lower external portion of the left forearm. 
— Press ive-p inching painlike cramp, in the flexor surface of the right fore- 
arm, two inches from the wrist-joint, for about ten seconds, soon again for a 
longer time. — [6S0,] Drawing pain in the left forearm outward external 
in the flexor surface after exerting it. On long-continued grasping with 
the right hand, pain in the flexor muscles and heaviness of the hand and 
forearm. — Pressive pain in the extensor surface of the right forearm (one 
hundred and sixth day). — Prcwure in the flexor surface of the right fiire- 
arm, two or three inches from the wrist, in a place of the size of a quarter 
of A dollar, as if it extended into the bones. — Btitchiug pain in the muscles 
of the left forearm below the middle of the ulna. — A stitch in the muscles 
of the left forearm, slowly penetrating inward along the radius for about 
ten seconds (seventeenth day). — Four stitches in ouick succession along the 
inner side of the right forearm, in the muscles and tendons of the ulna, from 
about the middle straight downward.— A burning stitch on the dorsal side 
of the forearm, about two iuches from the wrist. — A burning stitch in the 
right radius, two inches from the wrist, extending from without inward to 
the bone. — A violent pressive boring stitch in the inner side of the right 
forearm, four inches from the wrist, as if a nail were forced into the bune 
for a minute, not increased by pressure.— Tearing in the left forearm, from 
without inward. — [690.] Fine tearing as if under the skin in the flexor 
surface of the forearm. — Tearing in the right forearm along the inner side 
of the radius, for half a minute. — Tearing in the muscles in the flexor sur- 
face of the radius, extending from the elbow-jointdownward, for a minute, — 
Violent tearing pain in the right forearm, chiefly in the ulnar portion, ex- 
tending from the elbow into the wrist, and baok again, at the same lime 
extending into the posterior lower portion of the muscles of the upper arm, 
with a sensation of heaviness and powerles^ness of the arm, lasting nearly 
the whole night and even continuing the next morning (sixty-nimh to 
seventieth days), — Pressive-tensive, exceedingly painful tearing, aggravated 
by paroxysms, in the left forearm from the elbow-joint into the ulna, espe- 
cially in its lower portion, deep as if in the bone, extending to the back of 
the hand and the middle joint of the fingers, with heavine^ and powcrtess- 
ness of the arm, as if she could not raise it, as if it were swollen, returning 
several hours in succession and lasting each time from one-half to one 
minute, in the evening, and also again the next morning (forty-fourth day). 
— Bmarting pain on the back of the forearm, just behind the left wrist, 
aegravatetl by rubbing. — Smarting or smarting-burning pain in various 

E laces on the forearm, several times, especially on the outer side, aggravated 
y rubbing; at timesa red spot fy)pefti« after it. — Wrist. Pain in the 
wrist after exerting the hand. — Transient burning pain io the wrists. — 



Burning pain as from nettlea on the back of the Icfl wrist, aggravated by 
rubbing, several times, once extending down between ttie metacarpal hones 
of tbc little and ring fingers. — [700.] Some itching- burning or biting 
stitches in the wrists. — Gnawing pain in the right wrir^t, sometimes for only 
a minute, sometimes for two houre (one huudn-d and third day). — Prcssive 
|miu in the right wrist, chiefly on the outer side, as after a bruise, exteud- 
nig into the Imiid. — Violent sticking in the right wrist, beginning iii the 
forearm somewhat above it, uxtemling down deep through the joint into 
the middle of tlie band, lasting nearly half an hour, and returning. — A 
burning stitch iu the left extcrual wrist-hone, followed by a ttligbt burning. 
— Slight transient or continued tearing in the wrist-joint- — Tearing iu the 
inner side of the left wrist extending to the flexor surlace of the ring finger, 
pcnetniting deep into the joint of the liAnd, and then continuing a jerking- 
sticking.^- Fearing in the wrist, alternating with tearing in tlie hands and 
fingcr^.-^'GornKtive tearing on the back of the right wrist, extending from 
the nielucar|ial hone of the index finger to its last joint. — Hdiltln, A 
sene^ution as if cold drojie of rain fell upon the back of the hand when she 
went from the bouse into the open air («;veuth day). — [710.] An increased 
seiiiKitirm of warmth in the palms of the hands, frequently with itching or 
crawling, as in chilblains. — ^Burning pain iu the back of the right hand. — 
Smart ing-buming pain iu the region between the fourth and fifth metacarpal 
bones of the right baud, aggravated even by a slight touch (seventy -third 
day}. — Violeut pressing digging and humming pain on the back of the 
whole of the right hand, arising in the rcgionof the first joint of the fingers, 
with a sensation of hcuvinc:<s in them, so that she must let tliem hang down, 
at !l o't-!iK-k iu the evening, little noticed the next morning (forty-fifth day). , 
— Slicking pain in the iinter hoi-dcr of the right hand. — Tearing leusive- 
sti<.'k]n<; iu the right j>alin in the region of the midtacarpal bone of the little 
finger, extending deep towanl the little finger (for quarter of a minute). — 
A severe stitch in the jiatm of the leti, hand, beginning in the middle of the 
wri.-l ami extending deep to (Ite middle of the pulm, after exerting the 
bund (foiiy-fourlh day). — Suddcu stitches in the lell palm, cutting iut4> it 
from the outer side, slmoting back and forth, so that she involuularily seizes 
the hand. — A burning stitch on the back of the left band between the 
metacarpal bones of the iudex and middle fingers, from without inward, 
continuing to burn af'tcrwaitl. — Touring in the outer bulls of the left palm. 
— [^720.] Tearing iu the middle metacarpal bones of the right hand, with 
qnii-k ]iulnutions therein, frequently returning in single tearings. — Tearing 
jHiin in the outer jHtrtion of the bitck of the left hand, in tbc region of tbc 
fourth and fifth metacarpal bone, soon changing to a gnawing. — Tearing in 
the left hand along the metacarpal bone of the little finger. — Sensitive 
tearing on the external margin of the right hand, for a uiinute, extending 
forw:ird to the little finger, so that the whole hand is affected, — Wauderiug 
tearing iu the back of the hand, frequently extending into the extensor sur- 
face of the finger, frequently ending in stitches iu the ti|>s nf the fingers. — 
Gjmwin<;-smarting pain on the Imck of the lelt hand, aggravated by rub- 
bing.— Tearing pulsating pain deep in the lelt palm in the region of the 
metacarpal bone of the middle finger, for some minutes (one hundred and 
second d^y), — Filigei'M, Slight redness of the tip. of the finger and of the 
back of the first two phalanges, with frequent itching in them, as after slight 
freezing, several times. — Slight pain, with sliffiiess iu the second joint of 
the left index finger, chielly on bending it (ninety-third day). — Iu the 
metacarpal buiie of the little finger of the right hand, the same pain on 



motion and pressure, also extending to the neighboring extensor tendons ; 
the joint of the first phalanx ta visihly swollen ; the pain is soraetimes very 
severe, sometimes less (fifty-first to sixty-third days). — [730.] A peculiar, 
extremely painful sensation in the tip of the left index finger, something 
like a panaritium, as if it would suppurate, most severe under the iiaiF, 
where it seems as if the flesh around it would be torn loose ; she cannot rub 
the akin withuut causing a most violent pain, and has a severe sensation of 
heat in it, which, however, is not noticed on examination, also some pain 
in the second joint of the same finger (fifty-first day).— Burning pain l>e- 
tween the metacarpal hones of the second and third fingers of llie right 
hand. — Burning pain in the inner side of the dorsal surface of the right 
index finger. — Burning pain on the back of the right index finger.^Biirn- 
iug between the thumb and the index finger of the left, hand; on rubbing, a 
red spot appears. — Burning as from nettles on the back of the second joint 
of the right index finger. — Bnrning as from nettles in the second joint of 
the left index finger, with stiffness, especially when bending it (ninety-third 
day). — Gnawing-bii ruing pain as from nettles in the first joint of the left 
middle finger, nggravatwl Dy rubbing, for several minutes. — Burning pain 
in thefirst joint of the left index finger for several days together, aggravated 
by rubbing ; after a time red pimples appear, which do not maturate (one 
hundred and sixth day). — Burning pain with fine stitches as from impels, 
along the metacarpal bone of the right middle finger; on nibbing, the pain 
scatters (ninety -seventh day). — [740.] Jerking- burning pain in the ouler 
surface of the right middle finger from the second joint into the nail, a.'' if in 
the hone. — Drawing in the second and third joints of the right index finger, 
for one miaute. — A humming pain in the outer side of the third phalanx 
of the right middle finger (ninety-ninth day). — A humming pain in the tip 
of the left index finger, as if it would suppurate (seventy -second day). — 
Pressive pain in the region of the first joint of the left thumb, in the hone, 
extending into the second joint (ninety-first day). — Biting-sticking |)ain iu 
the ulnar side of the second phalanx of the right middle finger, for a few 
minutes. — Fine stitching sticking pain In the flexor surface of the first joint 
of the left index finger. — A stitch in the ball of the right thumb.-^A stilch 
in the ball of the first joint of the left little finger.-^-Some stitches in the 
flexor surface in the first portion of the index finger, changing to slight 
sticking. — [750.] Two stitches on the back of the first phalanx of the index 
finger, changing to slight stitches, which last a quarter of a minute.^ — Pix 
iluhing stitches in the region of the first joint of the left index finger, on the 
inner side. — Ten to fifteen stitehes as with fine needles from without inward 
iu the middle of the flexor surface of the first phalanx of the left index 
finger, at last changing to fine continued stitches. — Several violent stitches, 
at times lasting only a few seconds, at times a quarter of a minute, in the 
tip of the index or ring finzer, at times also involving the other fingers, 
frequently. — fititching pain in the inner surface of the right thumb, some- 
times caused by pres-iure upon it. — Burning stitch in the inner side of the 
metacarpal bone of the right index finger, for ten to fifteen seconds. — A 
burning stitch on the inner side of the third joint of the left index finger. — 
A burning stitch on the inner side of the second joint of the left index 
finger. — Burning stitches on the outer side of the second joint of the right 
index finger. — Biimiog stitches in the inner side of the metacarnal bone of 
the left little finger. — [780.] Fine burning stitches in the secona and third 
joints of the left little finger, for half a minute. — A twitching-cutting stitch 
extending across from the first joint of the little finger of the left hand into 



the palm.— Fine pulselike stitches iu the tip of the right index finger. Pain 
with stifTueaa in tne second joint of the right middle fioger, in the moroiug 
on waking, at first aggravated by pressure, for a few niiautes. — Bubbling 
stitcliea iu the iiiDer eide of the lip of the right thumb, deep under the naif, 
as if ahoodug out from the bone, for a few seconds (Beventy -first day). — 
Tearing in the balls of the thumbs. — Tearing along the inner surface of the 
right thumb. — Some tearings in the finger joints.— Tearing in the tips of 
the fingers, especially of the index finger. — Teering on the back of the 
finger, now here, now there, chiefly in the joints. — Tearing under the nail 
of the left thumb, from without inward .^770.] Tearing iu the itmer side 
of the joint of the left index iiugur Hcveral times during the day, lasting 
several minutes. — Tearing on the inner surface of the first joint of the rif^hi 
index finger (ninety-seventh day). — Tearing in the metacarpal bone of tlie 
rigiit thumb backward toward the wrist, changing to eight penetrating 
Btitches in the same place. — Tearing in the metacarpal bone of the ring 
finger, somewhat aggravated by pressure, for twelve lo fifteen minutes. — 
Violent tearing on the right side of the index finger, so that she almost 
trembled,asif the flesh were torn loose from the bone, foraminute (seventy- 
fourth day). — Tearing from the sectmd joint of the middlefiuger of the right 
hand backward along the tendons Ot the wrist, for half a minute. — In the 
first portion of the right middle finger, a tearing pain as if sprained, chiefly 
in the first joint, especially on motion and touch, with swelling of the 
parls about the joints, mostly on the back and in the sides, also of the 
phalanx itself, with cracking of the joints on motion (twenty -second to 
sixtieth day). — Tearing, now alight, now violent,in several fingers, especially 
on the back, frequently with some stiffness of them, especially in the index 
and ring fingers, frequently changing into outward shooting Btitches in the 
ti|>s of the fingers, sometimes lasting only a few seconds, sometimes for 
several minutes. — Tearing along the metacarpal bone of the lefl index 
finger, with pulselike stitches extending inward m the bone. — Tearing in the 
outer side of the left thumb, as deep as the bone, increased by pressure, 
with some pulselike stitches from without inward, near the joint (seventy- 
second day). — [780.] Tearing in the ulnar side of the left thumb as deep as 
the bone, increased by pressure, with a few intermitting pulselike stitches from 
without inward near the joint. — Tearing along the aide of the metacarpal 
bone of the right little finger, for half a minute, with a sensation of heaviness 
and powerlessness in the outer portion of the baud. — Burning-tearing in 
the volar surface of the first joint of the right thumb. — Drawing- tea ring iu 
the second joint of the right index finger and near it, on the back. — A 
humming-tearing in the left thumb, with a feeling as if it were distended 
and heavy, for a few minutes, several times in the day (sixty-fourth day). 
— Smarting-tearing pain in the outer surface of the left index finger, aggra- 
vate<l by rubbing, and changing into a burning pain.- — Smarting pain on 
the back of the fingers. — Bubbling sensation in the ball of the right thumb 
(nineteenth day). 

Lower JSjctremitiea. — In General. Great weakness of the 
lower extremities during a walk, so that he scarcely felt them, as if numb 
(fiftieth day). — Sensation of weakness, and as if bruised, in the lower ex- 
tremities, sometimes with heaviness and stifibess, and a paralyzed feeling, 
as after a long march, or as if the parts were strained, as if the muscles 
were too thick, usually in the soft parts, though not seldom also in the 
bones, with pain, which is easily excited by motion, though not always 
aggravated, through nearly the whole period of the proving, sometimes 



worse, sometimes better. — [790.] A feeiiug in the lower extremities, as if 
they were becoming emaciated, which reaUy seemed to be the case. — Great 
heaviness, bruised sensatiou, and lassitude in the lower limbs, eBpectally in 
the thighs, mostly in ascending stairs, with great weakness (fifty-first day),'. 
— Drawing-tensive sensation in the lower extremities over a large surface, 
sometimes also with slight, rather superficial tearings, and a heavy or stifi* 
paralysed feeling.especially when rising after sitting a long time. — Violent 
Druised pain in the whole of the lower extremities, so that he cannot rise 
from his seat without assistance from his hands; the knees feel used up 
and appear paralyzed ; he sutlers especially along the posterior surface, 
from the loins and sacral region downward ; the calves feel as if bruised 
sore; pressure and motion increase the pains, especially stooping, for six- 
teen hours; at last the pain extends downward more into the feet (third 
and fourth days). — JTi/i nnfl T/ltffh, Burning pain in the region of 
the left trochanter. — Pulselike burning stitches, extending from the right 
trochanter downward deep inwardly, lasting half a minute. — Slight draw- 
ing pain in the region of the right trochanter. — Tearing pain in the region 
below the trochanter. — Tearing pain in the hip bones of one side near the 
spine. — Tearing from the posterior border of the hip bones downward and 
inward.— [800.] Creeping cold sensation on the outer side of the thigh, 
as if quicksilver were running on or beneath the skin, sometimes accompa- 
nied by tension in the muscles, or a sticking sensation, though painless, 
mostly when standing, seldom when sitting, at times ending in burning. — 
On the posterior portion of the left thigh, about five inches from the joint, 
in the morning after rising, in a spot of the size of a ten-cent piece, a sen- 
sation as if it were touched by a cold substance, as b^ a piece of cold metal, 
or by a cold animal, so that she grasps hold of it in fright ; repeated the 
next day at noon (forty-third day). — Transient sensation of warmth on the 
outer portion of the left thigh (one hundred and fifth day).— Transient 
sensation of warmth on the posterior lower portion of the left thigh, ex- 
tending down into the upper part of the calf (one hundred and fourth day). 
— Feeling of warmth on the posterior upper portion of the thigh for a 
short time. — Burning pain in the left nates. — Burning pain on the inner 
side of the lower portion of the left thigh, aggravated by even slight touch 
(one hundred aud sixth day).^Burning pain in the inner anterior side of 
the upper part of the right thigh.— Tension in the muscles in the upper 
and anterior part of the thigh, when walking, frequently changing into a 
pain. — Tension in the thighs and nates from the hips downward, with numb- 
ness, and at times increased warmth. — [810.] Tensive pain in one or the 
other bend of the thighs, as if the tendons were too short, when walking, 
— Drawing-tensive sensation in the posterior muscles of the thigh. — Draw- 
ing-tensive pain in the muscles of tne outer side of the right thigh, out- 
ward and backward, as if a cramp would come. — Drawing-tensive pain in 
the. tendons of the thigh, extending downward over the knee-cap, when 
walking, for some minutes. — A pinching sensation in the muscles of the 
thigh, especially the flexurs, and in the calves. — On more violent motion 
than usual pinching in the muscles of the thighs. — Tensive contraction of 
the muscles of the thigh, especially on the posterior surface and in the 
calves, chiefly when walking. — Drawing pain in the nates, — Drawing from 
the small of the bock on one or the other side from the nates down into 
the thigh. — Drawing pain in the anterior region of the pelvic bone straight 
outwara into the muscles of the thigh. — [830.] Drawing pain in the mus- 
cles of the right thigfa,tvo inches above Uieknee. — Drawing pain from the 



region of the trochtmler dowunard ioto the thigh. — Drawing or drawiofr-ten- 
sive seDsatinn or pain on the inner aide of the thigh. — At night when fulling 
to sleep, slight workings, like crawling^ or drawings, on the outer side of 
the left thigli, extending downward over the kaee, tblluwed hf a craniplike 
sensation in the calf, with tingling in it and the outstretched foot (forty- 
seventh day}. — Dragging sensation in the nates and the upper posterior 
portion of the thigh, starting from the sacrum, — Gnawing on the outer 
upper portion of the left thigh. — Gnawing palu ou the posterior surface of 
the left thigh above the hollow of the knee (one hundred and twenty-sec- 
ond day). — Gnawing sensation on the outer lower region of the right thigh, 
capeciully when waiting ; is caused and aggravated by rubbing (one hun- 
dred and eighth day), — Biting-gnawing in the outer lower side of the left 
thigh above the knee (eighty -eighth day). — Teuaive-pressive pain in the 
tliiglia, calves, and knees, as if the muscles were too short.— [830.] Stick- 
ing pain, mostly transient, in the nates. — Sticking pain, often violent, from 
without inward. In the middle of the posterior or anterior region of the 
thish, very frequent in rest and also after motion, confined to a small ^pot. 
— Burning-sticking pain in the outer anterior portion of the right thigh 
below the middle, for a few minutes. — Tearing-sticking pain penetrating 
deep into the bone, in the outer middle region of the right thigh, several 
times in succession. — Pulselike sticking pain in the posterior lower purtinn 
nf the right thigh, for twO'thirds of a minnle, whereby he imagines that 
by the finger he noticed a pulsation in the affected part (sixty-fourth day), 
, — Bubbling sticking pain in the middle of the posterior portion of the left 
thigh. — A stitch in the inner posterior and middle portion of the thigh in 
the flesh from without inward, long drawn out, wheu walking. — A stitch 
through the left thigh, in the forepart somewhat above the middle, from 
within outward (twenty-first day). — A stitch in the left nates when stand- 
ing, extending deep into the muscles. — Three violent stitches in the fore- 
part of the left thigh, about five inches from the knee, extending into the 
nesh, as with a needle, or as if an animal stung one, so that, thinking this, 
one grasps the part in order to find the animal ; quarter of an hour after- 
wards, two stitches near the knee. — [840.] In the posterior and inner aide 
of the left thigh, six inches above the knee, four stitches from without in- 
ward, like severe stings from insects. — About thirty bubbling stitches, at 
intervals of one or several seconds, in the middle of the left thigh, whereby 
he thinks he can feel a throbbing with the liogera; mostly a touch causes 
continued pain. — Some stitches in the middle of the left thigh, external, ex- 
tending upward along it. — Some burning stitches in the outer upper side 
of the rigiit thigh, — A biting stitch in the inner and lower portion of the 
left thigh.^A long-drawn stitch in the inner posterior side of the middle 
of the left thigh, when walking (seventy-fifth day). — Deep violent stitches 
on the inner side of the right thigh, two inches from the knee, extending 
obliquely downward in this place to the opposite side, chieflv when step- 
ping upon it ; when sitting at rest, rather paroxysmal, less sensitive stitches 
(one hundred and eighth day). — Pulsating stitches In the muscles of the 
posterior portion of the left thigh, deep from without inward, lasting a 
quarter of an hour, when walking and sitting (ninety-third day). — Bit- 
ing pain in the skin, in a small spot on the inner and upper side of the 
lefi thigh. — Guawing-biting sensation on the outer anterior side of the 
left thigh about the middle.— [860.] Tearing pain in the thick flesh of 
the left thigh, about the middle of the forepart. — Tearing pain in the 
forepart of the thigh and downward over the knee. — Tearing pain on the 
inner side of the thigh. — On the outer side of the left thigh tearing pain, 



as if under the ekin. — A tearing pain in the |ower outer side of the right 
thigh above the knee, extending down into the outer part of the leg and 
calf. — Tearing or tearing-drawing pain on the outer or inner side of the 
thigh. — Tearing, or tearing-sticking, or drawing-tearing pain, iu the muscles 
of the posterior portion of the thigh, chiefly ahout the middle. — Tearing 
or tearing-sticking pain in the extensor muscles of the thigh, often arising 
after motion. — Tearing pain in the outer side of the thigh, sometimes only 
in one side, sometimes spread over the whole thigh, remitting and recur- 
ring, chiefly after motion .^-Severe tearing pain in the left or right nates, 
when ^valking, extending deep into the ischium, for nearly a minute, also 
of a less severe kind, — [860.] Severe tearing in the left femur, from the 
trochanter down to the knee-joint, aggravated by paroxysms, for quarter of 
an hour, when sitting. — Tearing pain in the lower external and anterior 
portion of the right thigh, sometimes also of the left, when walking, at last 
changing to a tension. — Biting-tearing pain in the inner, upper, and ante- 
rior region of the left thigh, when walking (ninety-third day). — Sore pain 
in the outer anterior side of the right thigh (eighty-second day). — Sore pain 
in the bend of the thigh (niueiy-first day). — Smarting pain in the outer 
side of the right thigh, soon after, in the middle of the forepart. — Pressive' 
pinching- throbbing pain in the upper anterior portion of the right thigh, 
wheu standing aud walking. — Painless bubbling in the lower portion of 
the right thigh, as if a stream of air as large as a Jinger, or a worm of the 
same size, forced itself through the flesh, lasting several minutes (seventieth 
day). — Bubbling twice in the lower aud anterior portion of the right thigh, 
not far from the knee. — Bubbling sensation in the muscles of the right 
thigh iu the forepart, moving here and there, as if something living were 
crawling therein. — [870.] Bubbling sensation in the posterior and upper 
portion of the left thigh, just below the nates, for one minute, slowly dig- 
ging and working in a spot as large as two hands, — Bubbling sensation in 
the forepart of the right thigh, evenings in bed, extending aloug the thigh, 
with fiue interruptions, as if a stream of water or blood forced its way 
through the flesh (forty-flrst day). — Knee. Great swelling of the veins 
near the knee-joiuts, in the lower and posterior portion of the upper part 
of the calves. — A sensation as if weak, bruised, and paralyzed in the knees, 
during and after walking, and on rising aft«r sitting a long time, very fre- 
quently. — Biting- burning sensation on the inner side of the right knee, for 
several seconds, returning slightlysoon afterwards.^ — Drawing-burning pain 
in the right hollow of the knee. — Tension in the knee-joint, now in one 
side, now in the forepart, especially in the region of the patella, now pos- 
teriorly, chiefly in the tendons, as if they were too short, frequently accom- 
panied by a sensation of heaviness or paralysis, especially noticed when 
moving, particularly when stretching, often caused for the first time thereby, 
— Violent pinching pain in the right popliteal space and calf, when sitting 
down in the evening, when lying in bed, lasting an hour, after a moderate 
walk (eighty-sixth day).— Violent cramp in the left popliteal space, when 
stepping or stamping, extending downward into the middle of the calf and 
upward into the thigh, while standing; when she does not step hard it 
is less, accompanied by tingling and heaviness in the affected parts, as if 
they were enlarged, for two days in succession (fifty-ninth and sixtieth 
days). — Drawing pain in the patella, extending downward into the anterior 
upper portion of the leg, caused by walking, and also arising of itself, — 
[880.] Gnawing pain on the outer aide of the left knee-pan (one hundred 
and third day). — Pressive pain in the left hollow of the knee, extending 



through the joiDt to the patella, with a feeling as if the knee were atifTand 
swollen; bending, and especially esteu ding the knee, aggravates it; the 
tendons seem too abort (niuety-first day). — Tensive preesive pain in the 
right patella, and iu the ligaments and tendons behina it, after walking. — 
At night, a sticking-presstve pain across the left koee (thirty-firat day). — 
Teariug'prea^ive pain in the right patella and in the ligaments behind it, 
caused by motion. — Sticking, then Durning pain below the mai^in of the 
left patella, extending inward into the joint, when walking, lasting more 
than a minute. — Sticking pain iu the inner side of the right knee, extend- 
ing outward into the tendons of this region. — Sticking pain above the 
margin of the patella, when going upstairs. — Sticking pain through the 
right knee-joint, from before backward beneath the patella, when walking, 
eo that stepping she starts up and is obliged to favor the foot, four times 
in succession, returning afterward twice (forty-ninth day). — In the morn- 
ing, when she goes down staira, after rising from bed, when bending the 
knee, a violent sticking pain just above the patella, as from a nail deep in- 
wardly, so severe for several hours in succession that she is lame ; afterwards 
it changes to a pressure (aching), (fifty-second day). — [890.] Slow sticking, as if a large nail were forced inward in a small spot in the right 
nee, in the forepart near the lower margin of the patella, deeply penetrat- 
ing, disappears during rest, caused by motion, and lasts nearly three hours, 
with heaviness in the calves. — I>ra wing-sticking pain in the left hollow of 
the knee, extending downward into the upper part of the leg, for a minute 
and a half; the same pain in the inner side of the right knee, rather su- 

Eerficial. — ^ome stitches shoot tlirough the knee-joint. — Stitches in the 
nee-joint, now in one, now in another place, especially on the inner side. 
— Four stitches below the right knee-inint shooting into the knee obliquely 
from below upward beneath the patella, when walking. — Burning stitches 
infrontabove the left knee-joint, so that he is frightened! — Bubbling stitches 
in the region above the left knee (ninety-fourth day). — Bubbling long- 
drawn stitches iu the tendons of the outer side of the left popliteal apace, 
for a few minutes, when walking and standing (^venty-first da]f ). — On the 
inner side of the left knee-joint near the patella, violent pain shooting 
backward into the koce^oint, and through the joint beneath the patella, 
as if it were swollen aud inflamed, when bendiug the knee, from 4 till 11 
in the morning: the pain disappears during rest in an extended position. 
— Several teariugs in the knee-joints more or less severe. — [900.] Tearing 
or tearing-sticking pain in the knee-joint, most frequently in the inner side, 
though also in the outer anterior and posterior portion, also frequently ex- 
tending into the neighboring parts. —Tearing in the tendons of the knee, 
especially the posterior muscles, when walking or standing. — Smarting pain 
in the forepart of the left knee near the patella, twice in succession. — Legs, 
Sticking pain' in the right leg near the lower part of the tibia, when walk- 
ing. — Sunaitive tearing-sticking pain in the left leg, on the side between 
the tibia and fibula, in the extensor muscles, especially in their tendons, 
two inches above the joint, extending down into the external malleolus and 
the outer side of the back of the foot, lasting more than half an hour. — 
Burning-aticking pain in the middle of the left leg, on the outer side near 
the tibia about the middle, for about three minutes, several times returning. 
— Tearing pain along the whole outer side of the right leg, into the exter- 
nal malleolus and down over the outeraide of the back of the foot, then 
also extending upward along the outer sideof the thigh. — Tensive pressive- 
tearing in the outer portion of the left leg, a few inches above the external 



malleolus between the tibia and fibula, with intermi^ioD?, nearly half an 
hour. — Bitiug-stiDgiDK pain in the middle of the outer portion of the rieht 
leg, chiefly when walking and standing. — Corroeive pain on the outer side 
of the left leg.— [910.] Sensation of coldness, almost tearing, on the front 
of the right tibia. — Tearing-tensive pain in the middle of the tihia, extend- 
ing upward to the knee. — Tensive aching or pressing pain, sometimes ac- 
companied by burning, or warm feeling, or numb sensation, in the tibia, as 
if the bone would become distended, with a bruised and heavy sensation 
in the leg, sometimes lasting only a short time, sometimes several hours, a 
few times with a bubbling sensation, also sometimes alteniating with tear- 
ing or sticking, or associated with them, when walking and standing, though 
also arising spontaneously at times, even in the morning on waking in bed ; 
rubbing causes at times Durning iu the skin of the tibia. — Burning-gnaw* 
ing pain on the inner anterior Bide of the right tibia below the knee, when 
walking, aggravated by rubbing. — Sticking puin in the tibia, especially iu 
tlie middle, from without inward, mostly in a small spot, when walking and 
standing, seldom when sitting. — Tearing-sticking pam near the middle of 
the left tibia, extending outward. — Tearlng-stieking pain in the middle of 
the tibia, in the bone, in intermitting, twinging jerks, for more than a min- 
ute, as if the periosteum would be torn loose.— Corrosive sticking pain io 
a small spot in the middle of the crest of the tibia. — A single stitch in the 
ri^ht tibia. — Three stitches in the innei side of the left tibia, about the 
middle. — [920.1 A severe burning stitch in the lower portion of the left 
tibia, in the skin on the outer side close to the ridge of the bone, as if it 
pierced the bone, so that she starts. — Three fine burning stitches from with- 
out inward, externally near the left tibia, a few inches above the ankle. — 
Three sudden burning stitches, penetrating inward, in the outer side of the 
left tibia, as if she were painfully stung by an insect, so that she starts (one 
hundredth day). — Several fine burning-itching stitches on the outer side 
near the middle of the right tibia.— Superficial tearing on the tibia, at the 
side of it. — Sinsle transient tearings in the tibia, — Tearing pain in various 
places in the tioia, most frequent in the middle, frequently extending up- 
ward into the knee and downward into the ankle. — Tearing in the sides of 
the tibia, sometimes superlicial and slight, sometimes deep and violent. — 
Tearing, at times tearing-sticking pain iu the tibia, down along its inner 
surface, with preasive, or bruised, or warm sensation, or burning, as if the 
bone would be pressed asunder, when walking and standing, and also when 
sitting. — Tingling, very painful tearing in the right tibia, a few inches from 
the joint, extendii^ upward, greatly aggravated by pressure, lasting a few 
miiMites. — [930.] Biting-smarting |>ain in the middle of the right tibia, 
aggravated by rubbing and motion, and changing to a sore pain. — Violent 
scraping pain in the inner side of the right tibia, from the inner malleolua 
upward. — Smartiug-bu ruing pain in the upper part of the right calf, ex- 
ternally below the knee, extending backward and downward over the calf, 
with a bruised sensation. — Cramplike pain in the left calf, when sitting, 
for a few minutes, as if the muscles were bruised (ninety-first day). — Ten- 
sive pain in the calves, when walking, especially when rising after sitting 
a long time. — Cramplike pain in the upper part uf the left calf, evenings 
in going upstairs. — Cramplike pain in the left calf, in the evening when 
going to sleep, for quarter of an hour. — Cramplike pain in the right calf, 
with several stitches, for half a minute, when walking. — Drawing or draw- 
ing pain in the calves, now hero, now there, usually only in isolated spots, 
sometimes with a feeling of beiug asleep, heaviness, or stiBhess. — Sticking 



in the upper ianer portion of the left calf, ?oon changing to a bub- 
bling aeusatinn, a^if a bloodvessel were thrubbin^ under the skin. — [840.] 
Sticking pain from within outward in the right cflif, immewhat abovo the 
middle, for forty Hecuiid^, retumiag af[«r about t«n minutes, and continu- 
ing a long time, but moileratety. — Sticking pain in the calves, now xlight, 
now severe, chivfly in the niiildle, during ami after motiim, continuing dur- 
ing rest, even arming without motion, though t^ldom, ofkn penetrating 
deeply, — ^Drawing-.sticking pain, extending outward to the middle of the 
right calf, for ten minuteii. — In the puter portion of the ri;;ht calf, near the 
tibia, a slow, cutting, sticking pain, for a few minutes. — Burning corr(ii<ive 
etiekini; on the outer and posterior portion of the middle of the right 
calf. — Tearing'Sticking pain m the calves, especiallv in the middle. — A tew 
or several stitches in succession in the calves. — Burning stitches in the 
middle of the letl calf. — Biting pain on the outer and anterior portion of 
the left calf, when walking. — Tingling sensation in the calves, as of being 
asleep. — [9A0.] Tearing pain in the calves in various ])laces, especially in 
the middle, sometimes extending into the teiido Achillis or the knee. — 
Superficial tearing pain on the outer side of the left calf, extending down- 
ward from the knee. — Teusive cramplike tearing in the upper and inner 
portion of the right calf, especially when walking and standing (one hun- 
dred and third day). — Pressive tearing pain in the left calf, extending as 
far as the bones, ior_ several seconds. — Dull, pressive, bruised pain in the 
calves. — Bubbling in the leil calf, deep in the muscles. — In the outer por- 
tion of the middle of the left calf, bubblings, mornings in bed {one hun- 
dred and ninth day). — A lymphatic swelling of the left tendo Achillis, 
which for some time feels uneven, still more, however, in the depressions 
near it, which are almost filled up, only at first dusky, pale-red, atterwards 
dusky-red spots along the tendons ; at first violent pain nn raising the foot, 
less when stepping upon it, which after a time is relieved, and only returns 
periodically, with a sensation as if a heavy weight hung upon the foot, 
disap|)earing iu a horizontal position ; when stretching out the foot extend- 
ing upward iuto the calf and hollow of the knee, with a sensation as if the 
parts were bruised ; frequently with pressive or grumbling pain ; cramp in 
the sole of the foot if the foot hangs down ; at first fiexiun is almost impos- 
sible on account of the severity of the pain ; sometimes pressive bubbling, 
or tearing, or frightful itching aggravated by rubbing, also burning iu the 
effected {mrts; at one time dcsouarantion of the fkin; ehilliness in the 
evening of the fourth day; swelling of the affected portiou of the foot 
after motion, and swelling of the heel, so that the accustomed shoe is 
too tight, with burning in it, and cramp in the foot (thirtieth to sevenlicth 
days); decided traces of the swelling last till the two hundred and fifty- 
ninth day, only somewhat painful to pressure. — At times severe, at times 
slight pain in the tendines Achillis, as if they had been excessively strained. 
— Pressive-tensive pain in the tendines Achillis, when standing and walk- 
ing, and afterwards; seldom when at rest, — [980.] Drawing pain or draw- 
ing-tearing in the tendines Achillis in the same conditions. — Sticking or 
drawing pain in one or the other tendo Achillis. — Sticking pain in the left; 
tendo Acnillis, when walking ; more in the posterior portion, in a few par- 
oxysms. — A few stitches iu the tendines Achillis. — Burning stitch in the 
left tendo Achillis (seven ty-tliird day). — Intemiitting stitches in the left 
tendo Achillis, when sitting and hanging the foot. — Tearing pain in the 
teudiues Achillis, sometimes extending up into the calf, usually continuing 
nearly all day, when standing and walking, and also when sitting. — Smart- 

ly GoOqIc 


ing pain on the inner side of the l«ndines Achillia, extending upward to 
the eutf, white sitting. — Ankle. Violent pain bdow the left iuternal mal- 
leolus, when walking, with swelling of the ligaments and tendons in this 
region, extending to the inner portion of ihe foot as far as ihe great toe 
(ninety-first day). — Cold sensation, with a kind of painless lenriD^behind 
the left external malleolus (one hundred and fifth day). — [970.] Burning 
pain just above the letl external malleolus. — Burning pain on the left ex- 
ternal malleolus. — Gnawing on the forepart of the right ankle, for twenty 
seconds.— -Gnawing pain on the external malleolus of the right foot, sonic- 
times lasting only a lew seconds, sometimes hours. — Gnawing and sticking 
in the region above and behind the left external malleolus (ninety-eighth 
day). — Violent pressive pain in the inner right malleolus, for half a min- 
ute. — Sudden sticking pain in the left ankle, when running, for twenty )<ec- 
ouds, so that he be<'atne lame (sixty-third day). — Sticking in the inner 
malleolus of the right foot, changing to two violent stitches when stepping. 
— Sticking in the inner side of the left ankle on bending the joint oiitwai-d, 
fiir half a minute. — Biting sticking on the anterior and outer side of the left 
malleolus. — [880.] Pulselike sticking in the left external malleolus fnira 
without inward, for six minutes, in the murning when waking, returning after 
a quarter of an hour as ^^iugle stitches. — BulibUng-sticking |>ain in tiie left 
internal malleolus^, for five minutes, preceded for ten minutes by simple 
sticking, at last changing to a dull, diffused, bruised, or numb pain, with 
increased sensation ot warmth on the inner side of the leg.— Five violent 
stitches on the inner malleolus of the right foot, extending across from be- 
fore backward (fortieth day). — A stitching in the right antcle from without 
inward, when standing. — Two piercing, verv severe stitthos in the anterior 
region of the right autle, when walking. — Two sharp stitches on the right 
external malleolus, extending into the joint, when walking, — A burning 
stitch on the outer left malleolus, changing to abuniing-sticKing. — A burn- 
ing stitch in the outer anterior portion of the right aukle, followed by itch- 
ing. — Two btiruing stitches below and in front of the iutenial malleolus of 
the left foot. — Tearing in the ankles extending, now downward, now up- 
ward. — [980.] Tearing in Ihe inner malleolus of the left foot down into the 
heel. — line tearing in the forepart of the left ankle across to the inner 
malleolus and down to the sole of the foot. — Violent tearing in the left 
external malleolus, extending upward into the tendons, for half a minute. 
— Tearing in the outer anterior portion of the left ankle, extending upward 
into the leg and downward into the back of the foot. — Severe tearing, 
almost sticking, from the left jexlemal malleolus upward into the neighbor- 
ing tendons, for forty seconds. — Tearing in the inner malleolus of the left 
foot, changing to a burning. — Tearing in the left inner malleolus for half 
an hour, with a sharp stitch extending inward. — Tensive-tearing pain upon 
the forepart of the left ankle. — Drawing-tearing pain in the left external 
malleolus, extending forward and downward. — Tearing, or tea ring- tensive, 
or sticking pain in ilie malleoli; seldom lasting ; very frequently. — [1000.] 
Violent tearing and digging pain in the left external malleolus, extending 
into the little ti>e, so that he is not able to move the foot, in the evening 
when going to sleep, lasting several minutes ; afterward several slighter at- 
tacks. — Severe pain when touched, in the tendons and neighboring portions 
of the bone, in the region in front, and somewhat above both malleoli, es- 
pecially of the left foot, discovered accidentally on motion (fifty-ninth to 
sixtj'-sixth days). — Smarting pain in the ankles. — Bubbling twitches from 
the left internal malleolus across over the joint, as if something living 



were moving in this place. — Smarting-itching pain on the forepart and sides 
of the left ankle. — t!\tot> On stretching out the left foot, pain in the fore- 
^rt of it. — Pain in the feet, especially in the toes, as from chilhtiiina. — 
Burning pain, as from nettles, on the outer border of the left foot. — ^nsa- 
tion In the left hollow of the foot, as if the tendons were too short, like a 
cramp, when walking and sitting. — Two sharp stitches in the whole of the 
outer horder of the right foot from without inward, theu, on stepping, three 
more. — [1010.] Five violent stitches in the outer and middle portion of the 
left foot, penetrating from above to the under side, as if the ibot would be 
nailed down, after a few minutes. — Three frightful stitches between the 
metatarsal bones of the fourth and fifth toes of the left foot, as if a uail 
were forced from above through the foot, when standing (forty-fourth dsy). 
— A tearing in the inner border of the left foot. — Jerklike tearings in the 
outer border of the right foot, involving the whole extent of the metatarsal 
bone of the little toe, lasting several minutes, while sitting after a walk, — 
Corrosive pain on the inner border of the Jeft foot. — Burning pain on the 
outer portion of the back of the right foot. — Corrosive burning on the outer 
anterior side of the back of the left foot.— On the back of the right foot 
across behind the Grst joint of the four out«r toes, tensive pain, becoming 
sticking on stepping, for a quarter of an hour, in the morning on rising. — 
Four stitches on the outer side of the back of the right foot, when sitting, 
leaving a pain after them (fifty-first day). — Tearing pain on the back of 
the right foot in the middle, extending to the middle toes, when sitting. — 
[1020.J At one time drawing, at another tensive, at another sticking-tear- 
ing on the back of the foot, drawing back and forth, at one time less, at 
another more severe, frcqueatly ending as a stitch in the tips of the toes. — 
Corrosive pain on the outer side of the back of the left foot.- — Bubbling 
sensation on the back of the left foot, extending towards the little toe. — 
Pain in a corn in the right sole frequently. — Tingling, at times crawling 
sensation of warmth in the soles, often at the same time in the toes, and on . 
the back of the foot, as in frozen feet. — Burning in the soles of the feet, 
especially in the evening. — Sticking-burning pain in the »)les of the feet, 
— A stitch in the left sole juat behind the second toe, changing to a slight, 
frequent, bubbling sensation. — Ten or fifteen sensitive stitches in the sole 
of the right foot, at the first joint of the middle toe, when standing, from 
without inward, — A piercing stitch on the inner side of the right sole. — 
[1030.] Two burning stitches penetrating inward in the right sole behind 
the joint of the first loe. — Crawl ing-stitching iu the sole of the foot and 
on the back of the first joint of the left middle toesl — Violent pulsating 
stitches, deep in the left sole not far from the heel, for several minutes, 
from without inward (twenty-sixth day).— Tearing on the outer border of 
the right sole. — Tearing pain in the sole of the left foot and in the meta- 
tarsal joinla of the toes. — -Tearing pain iu the soles of the feet, now here, 
now there, frequently with crawling motions, and a sensation of increased 
warmth therein. — In the middle of the sole of the left loot, rather exter- 
nally, a pain, as after bruising the foot. — A burning sore pain in the inner 
side of the left sole. — Stitches in the balls of the feet, seldom lasting more 
than a few minutes, frequently only half a minute, — Pulselike stitches iu 
the right balls of the feet. — Tearing in the balls of the feet, mostly of the 
great toe, sometimes only for half a minute, at times lasting for hours, when 
walking and afterwards, or also when sitting ; very frequentiv, chiefly when 
stepping, when it is first noticed. — [1040.] Sticking pain in t^e heel, mostly 
in the lower surface, extending deep into the bones, most frequent on mo- 


tioD and when ateppiDg, often only noticed wben etepping. — Tearing-stick- 
iDg pain in the heel, when walking, especially on stepping, extending deep 
into the bones, seldom when sitttDg.>~TingIing tea ring-st idling in the right 
heel, extending deep into the bonea, laeling a few miuutea, ati if there were 
something living in it. — Pulselike sticking pain, especially on the lower 
surface of the heel, in two to twenty stitches, at times fine, at times violent, 
from without inward, ofWn changing into stitches lasting a few minutes. — 
Single stitches in the heel, especially in the lower portion. — Three piercing 
stitches across thrnuKh the right heel from without inward, when standing 
(thirty-third day).— ^ven severe stitches from the anterior outer portion 
of the mai^in of the left Iieel at intervals within five minutes, as if a sharp 
instrumeDt were thrust deep through the skin, when walking, on stepping, 
80 violent that he must eink down (ninety-tbird day). — Burning-stitching 
in the inner side of the left heel. — A sensitive cutting stitch in the left heel, 
slow, occupying half a minute in passing through (seventeenth day). — 
Tearing pain in the heels, especially when walking and stepping, sometimes 
also in single learings, very frequently, seldom wheu at rest.— [1060.1 Sen- 
sation of suppuration in the heels, especially after long standing. — Toes, 
A pain, as if sprained, in the metatarsal joints of the toes of the right foot, 
and away backwards into the middle portion of the foot, with a sensation 
as if the parts were swollen, for two days, increased by taking hold of it 
(ninth day). — Burning' pain in the tip of the left great toe. — Transient 
burning on the back of tlie first joint of the left great toe, while sitting. — 
Digging pain in the right great toe, as if it would become inflamed. — 
Tiugling-diggiog jiain in the right great toe, for a minute (eightj'-seventh 
day). — ^Tearing sticking-dig^ing pain in the whole tip of the right great 
toe, for a minute, — Severe sticking pain in a corn in the left second toe. — 
Severe sticking from without inward and backward in the great toe, lasting 
at times onlv a itw minutes, at times for several hours ; it comes on while 
walking, ana continues while at rest ; with every step there is a stitch (six- 
tieth, seventy-third, and eighty-fifth days, etc.). ^Burning or s martin g-stick- 
iug on the back of the second joint of the right second toe (seventy-first 
day).^1060.] Jerklike sticking in single toea.^Craw ling-sticking in the 
right great toe.— Twinging drawing-sticking in the right fourth toe, ex- 
tending backwards along the back of the toe into the foot. — Sensitive jerk- 
ing-sticking in the right great toe from without inward, several hours in 
succession, worse when walking. — Pulselike sticking pain in the great toes, 
at times penetrating inward, at times outward. — Stitches in the tips of the 
toes, especially of the great toes. — Several stitches in the ball of the left 
great toe, extending forward into the toe (one hundred and second day). — 
In the ball of the right great loe, frightful stitches, penetrating inward as 
from a pointed nail (one hundred and first day), — Three stitches through 
the metatarsal joint of the little toe from above downward (forty-fifth day), 
— 7Ei(^bt or ten deeply penetrating stitches in the first joint of the left fourth 
toe (eighty -eighth day). — [1070.J Stitches, frequently sharp, in the tips of 
the toes, chiefly of the great toes, sometimes penetrating inward, sometimes 
outward, — Fine burning stitches on the left great toe, as from needles, ex- 
tending from the ball.— Jerttlike severe stitches in the metatarsal joint of 
the right great toe,— Pulselike stitches in the region of the first joint of 
the third toe of the left foot, from below upward, when sitting, for twenty 
seconds. — A stitch on the back of the metatarsal joint of the left fourth 
toe, extending forward into the toes, while standing (forty-fourth dayj. — 
Violent stitches in the under surtace of tiie right great toe, when walking. 



for fire or six minutes, — Tingling pain in the whole of the right great toe, 
as if it would swell (one hundred and third day). — Crawling and burning 
in the toes, sometimes with fine stitches. — Crawling in the tirst phalanges 
of the four outer left toes. — Tearioz in the metatarsal joint of tne second 
toes.— [1060.] A tearing in the hall of the fouMh toe of the right foot- 
Single tearioga in the toes, esjrecially in the joints. — Tearing in the toes, 
Bomctimea drawing, sometimes sticking, sometimes burning in the joints, 
on the Burface, and in the tip<, sometimes slight, sometimes severe. — Tear- 
ing-wrenchiug pain in the third'and fourth toes of the right foot, sometimes 
with single stitches, lasting nearly the whole day. — Tearing in all the toes 
of the right foot, while sitting. — Burning- tearing pain in the ball of the 
little toe. — Violent sticking tearing in the right great toe, from the second 
joint to the tip, for one and a half minutes, while sitting after walking 
(forty-third day). — Jcrklike tearing? in the first joint of the right fourth 
toe. — Violent pain in the second toe of the left foot, as if it would suppu- 
rate, for ten minutes. — A. sensation in the tips of the great toes, as if they 
had been painfully bruised, at times only by a pressure upon them. — [1090.] 
In the second and third toes of the right foot an ulcerative or bruised pain, 
for two days, with intermissions (sixth to seventh days). — Burning, corro- 
sive, or sore pain in the toes, especially in the two last and the great toe, 
sometimes also in the second and third toea, even af^r a short walk, with 
pale redness of the toes, as after superficial freezing ; tight boots are unen- 
durable ; the outer border of the foot frequeutiy suffers also ; the skin be- 
tween the toes is very painful to touch ; sometimes with itching- tearing 
between the toes. 

Oenei'ftltttes. — Attacks of faintness with sudden orgasms of blood 
after a walk ; sweat and hoat in the upper half of the body, coldness, pale- 
ness and sunkenness of the face, oppression of the chest, shortlv before 
going to sleep ; on lying down in bed she shivers ; she sleeps heavily, tosses 
about uneasily and has heavy dreams (fifly-first day).— Continued, even 
slight, occupation fatigues her very much, and sweat breaks out easily. — In 
tlic evening frequently great fatigue, so that she cannot keep awake. — In the 
eveuiug aud after supper she was very soon tired, and she was obliged to go to 
bed very early (first <luy),". — Great fatigue in the evening ; he goes to bed two 
hours sooner than usual, and falls asleep sooner than usual (first day). — 
Faintlike weakness when walking, standing, or if she rises up, with vertigo 
(twulfUi and thirteenth days). — Great weakness in the limbs, and in the 

whole body, increased by walking or long standing, even slight e 
affect her very much. — Exhaustion even to trembling, so that slic feared 
that her knees would break down ; vertigo on rising up when she stooped 
(thirteenth day). — [1100.] G>!neral prostration, so that she has no desire to 
do anything, after six to ten hours. — A condition near to faintnecs, after 
riding, followed by a short walk, so that she must lie down. — General 
bruised sensation iu the whole body, especially in the lower limbs, as afler 
great fatigue. — After long stooping, she leels as if bruised aud unable to do 
anything (twelfth day). 

Skin. — General Appearance. The skin frequently becomes 
sticky and scales off, and a tliin, brownish, superficial scurf appears on its 
inner margin. — Two small red spots on each side of the forehead (sixty-fifth 
day ). — On the forepart of the left shoulder, three small, punctiform, mottled, 
dusky-red spots, at times smarting slightly (seven tv-fourth dav). — On the 
forepart of the right shoulder, two dusky-red mottled spots nearly confluent, 
oue about a quarter of an inch, the other about five-fourths of liu inch long. 



somewhat painful upon sraiiping it, as after a bruiw of the skin or like 
"vibices" (forty-fourth day). — A pale duaky-red, mottled spot as lai^ 
as a half-dollar near the extenml condyle of the left humerus, at times 
burning aud itching as if congested, in the middle of an elevated uettle- 
rash-like welt. — Small dusky-red, petechial -like, at times slightly itching 
or burning spots, on the foreiirm, also at times on the back of the hand, 
chiefly near the wrist and a few inches from it. — [1110.] A severely smart- 
ing spot an inch and a half long, bright red, on the inner side of the left 
thigh, about five inches from the knee, lasting more than half an hour; 
rubbing aggravates the pain ; the spot disappears the next day.— i>«/>- 
tlonn. Single, seldom grouped, sticking, red, bunting-itching or sticking, 
or gnawing pimples on the skin, sensitive to pressure, usually surmiinded 
by a red areola, with small tips containing pus, at last changing to brown 
spots like liver spots. — Several pimples on the lipa.— Pimples at timeison 
the chin. — Several pimples on the throat. — Some pimples in the skin of the 
chest, most numerous on the shoulder-blades. — Pimples on the neck, some- 
times isolated, frequently in groups, especially near the hair. — Some pimples 
on the back. — Some pimples upon the shoulders. — A pimple on the tip of 
the right elbow, which became much inflamed by rubbing. — [1120.] Isolated 
pimples on the back of the fingers, at one time one on the radial side of the 
right ring finger. — On the back of the first phalanx of the right index 
finger a small superficial pimple as if a wart would form. — Some pimples 
on the nates. — A few pimples on the thigh. — On the left upper arm just 
beneath and behind tne shoulder a patch of nettle-rash, two-thirds of an 
inch long, itching somewhat, aflerwards desquamating ( fifty-fiflh day). — An 
itching spot of nettle-rash on the left upper arm, a few inches above the 
elbow. — A nettle-rash -like itching spot on the back of the left hand, in the 
forepart, between the second and third metacarpal bones.— In the ball of 
the right hand, three superficial semi-transparent small warts, disappearing 
after some time (one hundred and first day). — Superficially, or rather just 
under the skin, a wart as lai^ as a millet-seed, on the outer surface of the 
third phalanx of the right middle finger, slightly itching (one hundred and 
fifVh day). — On the inner right side of the lower lip, a vesicle as large as a 
small pea, becomes flattened ; the next dav two smaller ones arise. — [1130.1 
On the mucous membrane of the lips ana cheeks, several very painful and 
very red inflamed pimples, with deep though not broad suppurating points 
in tne centre. — SetlnatlonH. Simple pain in the skin in a small spot in 
the middle of the outer and anterior side of the right thigh, for a mmute ; 
after ten minutes some biting stitches in the same place. — Ooid sensation in 
the skin in a small spot below the right nates. — Momentary cold sensation 
in the skin on the inner anterior portion of the left thigh, as if a few drop 
of ice-cold water had been spattered on the skin (seventy-sixth day). — in 
the upper and forepart of the right thigh, a sudden sensation, as if a cold 
nnimal a few inches long, about the size of a lizard, lay on the skin, so that 
she hurriedly shook the clothes in order to get rid of it (sixty-ninth day). 
— On the posterior lower portion of the right thigh, in a small spot, a sensa- 
tion as if the skin touched some cold metal or ice, or as if a drop of ice-cold 
water were spattered upon it, lasting a few minutes while walking (ninety- 
fourth day). — Momentary cold sensation, as if ice-cold water touched the 
skin on the outer side of the left leg not far from the knee (seventy-fourth 
day). — A sensation as if cold water were spattered on the skin at a small 
spot below the left calf, for a few minutes.— Odd sensation in a small spot 
in the skin on the upper outer portion of the lefl If^. — Cold sensation above 
VOL. II.— 12 



the left internal malleolus in a ^pot in the nkiD of the size of a penny. — 
[1140.] Burning pain in front above the middle of the right upper arm in 
the skiu (one hundred and third day). — Burning pain In tlie skin of the right 
thumb inward. — Violent burniiig pain in the skin on and near the meta- 
earpal bone of the middle finger of the left hand, for a few minutes (seventy- 
first day). — A violent burning several times, with itching, that compels her 
to scratch, in the rieht cheek in front of the ear down to the lower jaw 
(fourth day),^ — Sticking, burning pain in the skin an inch from the right 
side of the navel and somewhat above it, lasting for half a minute. — 
Gnawing pain in the skin in the upper part of the right side of the chest. 
— Gnawing pain in the skin of the wriste, aggravated by rubbing, — Gnaw- 
ing pain in the skin in the upper anterior portion of the right thigh (one 
hundred and sixth day). — Gnawing paiu in the skin in a small spot in the 
left thigh, above the middle of the forepart, for a few seconds.— Gnawing 
pain in the skin of the calves, mostly caused and aggravated by walking. 
— [UfiO.] Itching burniiig-sti eking woke her frequently iu the night, now 
here, now there, on the extremities and on the trunk, and which often com- 
pelled her to scratch (one and two nights),". — A fine stitch in the skin as 
from an insect, on the pisterior external and upper portion of the led upper 
arm (one hundred and fourth day). — Fine stitches iu the skin in the inner 
surface of the last joint of the left index finger, — A burning stitch in the 
skin about two inches to the left of the navel. — Burning stitches in the skin 
of the lettsirleof the abdomen, two inches from the navel, followed by itch- 
ing.-— Burning stitch in the skin in the middle of the right ihigfa externally 
and pa-'teriorly. — Fine burning-itching stitches in the skiu of the left 
heel. — Two sudden biting stitches in the skin of the flexor surface of the 
left forearm, two inches from the wrist. — Two biting- itching stitches in the 
skin in the middle of the flexor surface of the right forearm on the radius, 
lai-ting fi)r one minute, becoming a biting-itching (eighty-seventh day). — 
Sniariing here and there in the skiu of the chest. — [1160.] Smarting 
paiu iu the skin in the posterior portion of the lower and outer side 
of ihe right thigh, lasting some minutes. — Gnawing, burning, sore pain 
in the skin of the right popliteal space, when walking, for a few minutes 
(ninety-seventh day). — CWrosive sensation in the skin in the region of the 
left loner orbital margin. — A feeling of formication on the right side of the 
upper lip. — Violent itching on the external surface of tlie lids and the skin 
of the temples and of the forehead, which compels her to scratch, which 
only momentarily relieves her; the region about the eye becomes quite red 
in consequence (first day),'*. — Itching on the chin. — Itching in various 
places of the skin of the chest, now in front, now in the sides or in the 
axilla, chiefly in the skin of the shoulder-blades, obliges scratching, but 
thereupon soon disappearing, but readily returning, sometimes biting, or 
with fine stitches or burning. — Itching in the skin of the neck, though not 
so otlcu as in other places. — Itching on the neck, frequently burning or 
bitiiig. also corrosive, with fine stitches, which compel scratching aud are 
relifvud by it, but soon return again. — Itching in the fossa above the left 
clavicle. — [1170.] Itching in the lumbar region, at times burning or biting 
or sticking, as from hairs or fleas. — Itching in the region of the shoulder, 
chiefly on the anterior or posterior border of the axilla, causing scratching, 
sometimes burning, biting, crawling, or fine slicking, also in the axilla. — 
Itching in the right upjier arm externally above the elbow. — Itching, at 
ti nil's simple, at times burning, or also with Sue stitches, in and arouutf the 
elbow, moreuui !:> outer than on its innerside. — Itching in the flexor surface 


BERBERI6. 179 

of the left forearm. — Itching in the flexor surface of the right forearm, 
from the elbow to the middle of the forearm, — Simple or hi ting- itching 
in the wristB.— Itching on the back of the hand or in the palms, at 
one time eimple, at another burning or hitiog or fine sticking or crawl- 
ing, relieved hy rubbing, but eoon returning in the same or another 
[dace. — Itching in the fingers, a simple burning fine sticking, or stitch- 
ike. — Itching in various places on the thigh, simple or burning or with fine 
stitches, or biliug or fine sticking, causing scratching, by which it disappears 
but easily returns. — [1180.] Itching on the knee-joint, now in front, now 
behind, now on one side, simply burning or accompanleil by fine stitches. — ■ 
Violent itching in the skin of the knee and thigh in the afternoon, which 
causes her to scratch them, aAer which it soon disappears, but returns 
again (second day),'. — Violent itching in the legs, rapidly changing places, 
gometloies widely extended, often with burning or fine sticking, or a sensa- 
tion of increased warmlh. — Itching in the calves, sometimes burning, biting 
or with fine stitches. — Itching in the region of the tendines Achillis, some- 
times burning. — Itching ou the ankles and malleoli, simply burning or fine 
sticking, sometimes extending to the backs and sides of the feet, also bit- 
ing. — Itching on the backs of the feet, simple burning, biting, or sticking. — 
Itching In the soles, now simple, now biting, now burning or fine sticking. 
— Itching In the heels. — Itching in the toes, especially on the backs, simple 
burning, crawling, biting or burning, also with fine stitches or fiiie sticking 
in them. — Burning Itching pain about the middle of the right upper arm, 
in the forepart and externally, for a few minutes. — [1190.] Violent, smarting 
buruiug itching ou the back of the left foot, twice in bed before going 
to sleep, once also in the day when sitting, aggravated by scratching, which 
she is compelled to do ; she Is obliged to change the position of the feet in 
bed constantly and to seek cold places (sixtieth to sixtj'-second dhvs). — 
Stitch ing-1 ike itching on and behind the left external wrist, In the skin. — 
Biting-itching in the region of the elbow externally, es))ecial]y somewhat 
above it, relieved hy scratching, which causes a slight redness of the skin. — A 
biting or burning itching in the flexor surface of the left forearm not far from 
the wrist. — Biting-Itching in the middle of the right leg externally, near 
the crest of the tibia, aggravated and caused by walking. — BIting-itching 
puin on the inner anterior portion of the left tibia. — Smarting Itching pain 
in the skiu of the right upper arm in the middle of the outer portion, 
aggravated by rubblug, 

bleep and JJretttnu. — Yawning, alternating with eructations (after 
one and a half hours).— Tearing in the left side of the chest (after nine 
hours). ^Repeated sleepiness during the day, especially in the morning, 
also after eating, so that he is obliged to lie down. — Sleep unusually long, 
till 7 o'clock in the morning, with a weary and bruised sensation and a 

S«ssive pain in the head, back and loins (forty-sixth day). — [1200.] 
ifficult waking in the morning, when she cannot rightly recollect, cannot 
collect her thoughts, and must exert all her power to get awake (seventh 
day). — She is unable to fall asleep before 2 o'clock in the night (twelfth. 
day), — He wakes frequently and very easily about 2 to 4 o'clock, cannot 
sleep aeain in spite of the fact that he is still very tired, or he falls asleep 
again, but also wakes again ; with tension in the head, rush of blood to it 
and excitement. — Frequent wakine from sleep in an unusual pMition on 
the left side. — Frequently restless sleep disturbed by itching-burning or by 
anxious dreams. — Kcstless sleep full of dreams, which Is quite unusual. — 
In the morning when waking be often does not feel refreshed, but weary 
in body and mind. — At night a condition between sleeping and waking; 


180 BERBERI8. 

in which she ie tormented with a eystem of educaUon, which at times 
assumes the form of a tree, at another some other wonderful form ; she 
tries in vain to get rid of the image, arouses from slumber and opens the 
eyes and becomes very fretful about it (ninth and tenth days). 

Fever. — Chilliness. — Creeping chilliness at times, especially on 
going into the cold air (third day), .—Slight chilliness before dinner t>etter 
afterwards (first day), — [1210.] Chilliness, especially during the hours be- 
fore dinner, at times also afterwards, with ice-cold feet, dryness and 
stickiness of the mouth, without thirst i paiu in the region of the left tonsil. 
— Slight chilliness in the r^ion of the stomach (after nine hours).— Slight 
chilliness in the back for about a quarter of au hour, at seven and a half in 
the evening (seventh day). — Sensation of chilliness In the back and on the 
posterior portion of the arms, extending down to the hips, in the evening 
shortly before going to sleep, several times, as if she were wrapped in clat£ 
dipped in ice-cold water, for twenty minutes, after which she became warm ; 
alter the second attack, swelling of the left tendo Achillis (twenty-sec<md to 
thirty-first day). — Chilly sensation in the morning, from 11 o'clock, for a 
few hours (third day). — Frequent sensation of chilliness in the head, with 
cold feet, coufusio^ of the head, even pressive headache, as if he would be 
attacked with coryza, in the morning ; the head is often hot therewith ; the 
hands are rather cool than warm. — In the afternoon the warmth extends 
over the whole body, with tendency to sweat. — In the forenoon, alternating 
chilliness on the back, on the outer side of the anus and in the calves; in 
the afternoon, burning stitches, increasing at night, without thirst, without 
dry mouth ; dizziness and violent sticking paiu in the head, with aiigiua ; on 
the third and following days, sweat of a somewhat urinous odor. — Chilliness 
in the hands and feet and in the whole body, with heat in the face, from 11 
o'clock on, with ice-cold feet; the bands teel warm. — Chilliness over the 
whole body, so that she shivers, followed by heat, for a few minutes (second 
day). — Rapidly-creeping chills, even shiverings in various parts, especially 
beginning in the face and arms and extendnig over the back and chest, 
followed Dy heat, with anxiety and oppression of the chest, especially iu the 
forenoons and evenings ; the heat was so violent that she was obliged to 
jump into water (third day). — [1220.] Coldness in the whole body in the 
evening, followed by heat, with increased thirst. — Heat and Sweat, 
— Increased ecnsatiun of warmth over the whole body (after eight to nine 
hours). — Sensationof heat through the whole day (thirteenth day). — Sensa- 
tion of heat over the whole bod}', at 6 o'clock in the evening, for about a 
quarter of an hour, followed by a cool sensation (fourth day).— Increased 
warmth in the head (from two to three hours). — Heat in the head (second 
day),'. — Feeling of great heat in the head ; also excited by touch (after nine 
hours). — Heat m the temples and coolness iu the cheeks (after eight hours). 
— Increased heat in the face (after five hours), — A slight, burning, warm 
sensation in the face. — [1230.] Burning heat in the face, more subjective 
than objective, with reduess of the cheeks (after three hours). — Transient 
heat in the face, with reduess frequently returning (after ten hours). — 
Some heat in the face, with a sensation of coldness in other parts ; after a 
few hours the heat extends over the whole bod^ ; the hands and feet be- 
come warm; without thirst. — Painful bumin|; in the cheeks, with redness 
(after four hours). — Heat in the hands and in the head, in the aftenioon, 
for several days. — Tingling sensation of warmth in the legs, especially 
when sitting, as if they had been rubbed with woollen clothes — Tingling 
.sensation of warmth in the feet. — In the evening and at night the heat in- 



creases, with tecdency to sweat (tenth to elereoth day). — SensatioD of heat 
ID the body, with sweat breaking out easily on motioQ, standing, etc.; in 
the evening, about 6 o'clock, slight chilliness.— Heat in the head after eating 
and in the afternoan of the first day and on many following days; the head 
sweats easily on exertion, stooping, Btfl.nding, etc. — [1240.] Bhe sweat 
several times very profusely after midnight and woke several times on this 
account (one, two, and three nights)/". — Inclined to sweat on the slightest 
exertion, especially in the afternoon, with a feeling of anxiety (eighth to 
eighteenth day). — At times cold sweat covered the face (first day), . 

CondittottS, — Aggravation. — {Momiiig), When rising, anxious sen- 
sation; while in bed, anxious sensation; contemplation of mental work 
becomes difficult, etc.; chilliness, etc. ; pressive headache, etc. ; after rising, 
burning, etc., in eyes ; after rising, crusty substance in lids ; after rising, 
sticky sensation in margin of lids; drops of blood from nostril; about 6 
o'clock, drops of blood ; after rising, sticKy feeling on margin of lips ; after 
rising, dryness in the mouth; 8 o'clock, bitter taste in mouth; taste of 
blood; scraping iu throat; on waking, scraping in throat; after rising, 
scraping in throat; in bed, pain in abdomen; on becoming erect when 
rising, pain in upper abdomen returns ; when waking, pain above crest of 
left ilium ; on waking, when in bed, pain in left ilium ; soon after rising, 
pain in regiou of both kidneys; before urinating for first time, pain in 
bladder; immediately after rising, desire to urinate; after rising, urine 
cloudy ; iu bed, immediately on waking, sensation in sacrum ; in bed, ou 
waking, stitch in left side of sacrum ; on waking, pain in middle finger ; 
aft«r rising, sensation on left thigh ; when going down stairs, after rising 
from bed, on bending the knee, pain above patella ; from 4 till 11 o'clock, 
when bending knee, pain in knee-joint; bubbling in middle of left calf ; 
when waking, sticking in left malleolus; on rising, pain on back of right 
foot; sleepiness; chilly sensation; chilliness in head, etc. — {Forenoon), 
Chilliness ou back ; from 11 o'clock, on, chilliness in hands, etc.; creeping 
chills, etc, — (Tmiiarda afternoon), 'Troubles with the eyes, — (Afieriwon), 
Symptoms in general ; 4 P.M., till going to sleep, anxious mood, etc.; in- 
flammation of eyes ; from 12 o'cIock, burning in eyes ; 3 o'clock, burning 
in eyes, etc. ; red spot on face, etc.; thirst; pain in abdomen; itching iu 
skin of knee, etc. ; heat in hands, etc. ; heat in head ; inclination to sleep. — 
(Evening), Itching below hair ; troubles with the eyes ; pain in right ear ; 
scraping sensation in throat; till 9 o'clock, aft«r eating, sensation in epi- 
^tric region ; at 10 o'clock, on going to sleep, pain in upper abdomen ; 
in bed, pain in region of pectoralis major; at 9 o'clock, pain in back of 
hand ; in bed, sensation in right thi^h ; when lying iu bed, pain in popliteal 
space, etc. ; when going to sleep, pam in left calf; when going to sleep, pain 
in left malleolus ;'burning in soles; great fail ffiie; 7,30 o'clock, chilliness 
in back; shortly before going to sleep, chilliness in back, etc. ; creeping 
chills, etc.; 6 o'clock, sensation of heat through whole body; heat; 6 
o'clock, slight chilliness. — (Night), Oppression of chest; on going to bed, 
bubbling sensation in arm; when falling asleep, workings on left thigh; 
pain across left knee ; heat, — (^After midnight), Very profuse sweat. ^( (hien 
air^, Most of the eye troubles. — (Going from howte into open air), Feeling 
as if rain dropped on face. — (Bending finger). Pain in joint of finger ; burn- 
ing in joint of finger. — (Before breakfust). Nausea, etc. — (Breathing), Pain 
in upper abdomen. — (Deep breathing). Pain in middle of chest.— --(J._/ier 
coitian). Smarting in urethra ; feeling of weakness in genitals ; pain in left 
side of penis. — (Going into cold air). Creeping chilliness. — (Before dinner), 


182 BERBERI8. 

Otillineg^, etc. — {After dinner), Kausea. — (After eating). Sour taste ; bitter 
taste; sleepiness; heat in head. — {During ejaenlation of temen). Pain io 
urethra. — {After exerting arm), Paiu iu left forearm, — {Afler exerting hand), 
Paiii iu wrist; stitch in left palm.— (Erfendiiiy arm), Pain in tendon of 
biceps; seasation in surface of elbow. — {On Umg-eontinved grouping with 
right, hand), Paiu in flexor muscles, etc. — ( Taking hold of foot), Paiu in right 
toe joiuta.^-{ZfuH5fi/ij down the hand). Pain in surface of forearm. — (Iimpi- 
ration), Paiu below false riba; pain between shoulder-blades.- — {Lifting 
arm), Pain in tendon of biceps. — {Lying), Symptoms in region of kidneys; 
bubbling sensation in lumbar region ; sensatiou in sacrum ; bruised, etc., 
feeling in sacrum.- — {Lying down in bed). Shivering, — (Motion), Anxious 
sensation ; paiu in upper abdomea ; tension in inguinal fold ; most of nains 
in external genitals ; pain in right shoulder-blade ; tearing in left shoulder; 
bubbling sensation in muscles of arms ; pain in elbow-joint ; pain in middle 
finger; pains in lower extremities; pinctiiu^ in muscles of thighs; tearing 
in muscles of thighs; tearing iu thigh; tension iu knee-joint; pain in right 
patella, etc.; pain in right knee; pain iu middle of tibia. — (Moving eyes). 
Pain in eyes. — (Moinng arm» backward), Pain iu left shoulder. — (Presntre), 
Pain iu region of gall-bladder; pain in right shoulder-blade; pain in left 
shoulder; bubbliug seusation in muscles of arm; pain in right middle 
finger-joint; tearing in ringfinger; tearing in left index finger ; tearing in 
left thumb; tearing in right tibia. — {Deep premure). Pain in region on side 
of navel; pain in kidney region; pain ■□ bladder. — (On raiting foot). 
Violent pain. — { On beginning to read or write). Painful sensation. — ( When 
reading by lamplight). Twitching in lids. — (On rising from gitting), &ux\oue 
sensation ; bubbling sensation in lumbar r^ion ; sensation in lower ex- 
tremities ; sensation iu knees; pain in calves. — {On rising from stooping). 
Whirling vertigo, etc.; kidney symptoms in general. — (Rubbing), Sm&rting 
in skin of head, etc.; pain in back of forearm ; pain in various places on 
forearm ; paiu ou back of left VFrist ; pain on back of left hand ; pain in 
tip of fore finger ; pain in finger-joint ; pain in joint of fore finger ; pain in 
index finger; gnawing sensation on thigh; paiu on right tibia; pain in 
middle ot tibia ; pain in skin of wrists ; pain iu skin of upper arm.— ( When 
running). Pain in left &n^\e.^{Scralc}nng), Itching on back of foot. — (Sit- 
ting), Bubbling sensation in urethra ; seosatlon in sacrum ; bruised, etc., 
feeling in sacrum ; pain in tuber ischii ; teariug in femur ; pain iu left calf; 
pain in teudines Achillis ; after a walk, tearing in border of foot ; stitches 
on hack of foot; pain on back of foot; burning in great toe; stitches in 
left third toe ; tingling warmth in legs. — ( Wlien sitting down). Pain in right 
popliteal space, etc.— -( If Aen sitting and flanging the foot), Siitch&i in left 
tendo Achillis. — (Speaking), Pain in left tonsil. — ( When stamping), Cramp 
in left popliteal space. — {Ending), Cold sensation on fhigh ; stitching in 
left nates; paiu in upper right thigh ; stitches in left popliteal space; tear- 
ing in tendons of knee ; pain in middle of leg ; pain in tibia ; pain in spot 
on tibia; tearing iu right calf; pain in teudines Achillis; stitching in 
ankle ; stitches in right sole ; stitches through heel ; stitches in left fourth 
toe. — {On standing a long time), Anxious sensation; sensation of suppura- 
tion in the heels. — ( When stuping). Cramp in left popliteal space ; stitch 
iu right malleolus; tearing in balls (>£ {eet; pains in he^l.— -{Afler stool), 
Sensation as if one must soon go again, etc.— (iMoqpm^), Vertigo; sensation 
as if something shook in head, etc, ; painful sensation in forehead, etc.; pain 
in forehead ; pain in forehead, etc. ; lower part of back felt stiff; symptoms 
in r^ion of kidney ; drawing pain iu neck; sensation in sacrum ; pain in 



lower extremities ; pain in right leg ; feel as if bruised, etc. — (Stretcltinff), 
Tensiou iu koee-joiut ; stitcliea betweeu metatarsal bouee. — (Swallowing), 
Pain ID left tonsil. — (^Empiy ewatlowing), Paius in throat, — {Totich), Pain 
ill rigbt temple ; pain in upper abdomen ; pain between metacarpal bones; 
pain in middle finger; pain in left \\\\^.— (After 'urinating). Sensation in 
bladder as if one must go again soon. — ( Wafking), Vertigo, etc, ; pain in 
Btde of peuia ; pain in lower portion of scrotum; swelling of spermatic cord ; 
gnawing ou right thigh ; Btitch on left thigh ; pain in right thigh ; pain in 
left thigh ; pain in upper right tliigh ; tension m muscles of thigh ; pain in 
bend of thighs ; pain in tendons of tbigh ; contraction of muscles of thigh ; 
stitch in thigh ; sensation in kneea ; pain in patella; pain in right patella; 
pain through knee-joint ; stitches below knee-joint ; stitches in left popliteal 
apace ; pain below margin of left patella ; tearing in tendons of knee ; pain 
in right leg ; pain in tibia ; pain in right tibia ; pain in spot ou lihia ; pain 
in calves ; paiu in right ca!f ; pain in left calf; tearing in right calf; pain 
in tcndinea Achillis; pain in left tendo Achillis ; stitchea in right ankle; 
stitches in right malleolus; pain below malleolus ; stitches in left heel; 
tearing in heels ; sticking in right great toe ; cold sensation on thigh ; pain 
in skin of c&\t—{AJter a loalk). Attacks of faintness. 

Amelioration. — (Afternoon), Tearing in kidney region. — (Evening), 
Increased appetite. — (Opeft uiV), Head symptoms generally ; pain in fore- 
head. — (Drinking vxUer), Scraping in throat. — (Eating and drinking). Dry- 
ness in mouth, etc. — (Rent), Pressure in eyes, etc. ; pain in right shoulder- 
blade ; pain in right knee ; pain in left knee-joint. — (Stretching or exerting 
mtttclea). Pain in walla of cheat. 


Hydrated oxide of Bismuth, Bi,0,OHr Preparation, Trituration of the 

oxide prepared according to Hahnemann's instructions. 

AutliorUieg. 1, Hahnemann, R. A. M. L., 6, 250; 2, Hermann, ibid.; 
3, Hartraann, ibid. ; 4, Laughammer, ibid. 

M^ind,. — Solitude is unendurable,'. — Ill-humor the whole day ; he was 
very quiet and would not talk; in the evenings more cheerful,'.^ — He is 
tncrose and discontented with his condition and cmnplain* about it (after 
twenty-four hours),'. — Restless peevishness; he is discontented with every- 
thing; at times he sits, he lies down ; at times ho walks around, and remains 
only a abort time in one position, because it becomes very irksome to bim,'. 
— He commences one thing and then another, but keeps to one thing only 
a short time.'. 

Send. — Confveion of the head,'. — Vertigo; a sensation as if the head 
waa tumiug in a circle (after one hour),'. — Vertigo; a sensation ag if the 
anterior half of the brain were turning in a circle, several limes during Uie 
day, lasting several minutes,'. — In the morning, long-continued dizziness,'. — 
[10,] The head seems as heavy as a hundred-weieht (after one hour),'. — 
A burning contractive pain in the head, especially in the forehead and 
eyes,'. — Didl cutting pain in the brain, which begins above the right orbit and 
extends to the occiput (after three daya),'. — Dull pressive-d rawing in the 
head, now here, now there,'. — Dull pressive-dramng in the head, now here, 
now there, more violent on motion,'. — Boring pain from within outward, at 
times in the right, at times in the left frontal eminence, sometimes in both 
at the same time (after nine hours),'. — Sudden digging and boring in the 



forehead, the eyes, and the nose down to the tip, fta with a dull instniment ; 
an alteruately contracting and distending sensation,'.— -'Pmuure and een- 
gation of keavinem in the forehead, more violent on motion,^.—* Violent pressive 
heavy pain in the forehead, es|iecially above the root of the nose and in both 
temples when sitting (afler three and a half hours),'. — Tearing pain in the 
forehead above the right inner canthus and in the back part of the orbit 
(after twenty-four hours),'. — [20.] Severe pressure in both temples from 
within outward, not affected by motion or touch (aAer two and a half 
hours),'. — Tearing pressure internally iu the right temple, still more ex- 
ternally, increased by pressure,'. — Preneure and sengation of heavinefn in the 
OKiput, tnore violent on vwtion,\ — Twitchiog-tearing pain in the whole left 
side of the occipital bone, moi'e violent close to the parietal bone (afler two 
and a half hours),'. 

Ej/cs. — Muevi in both eanthi (after eight and a half and ten hours),'. — 
Premire on the right eyeball, from before backward and from below vpimrd 
(after ten hours),'. 

Earn. — Tearing pressure in the external cartilage of the ear, which 
disappears on pressure (after four days),'. — Drawing pressure in the ex- 
ternal meatus in the left ear (after twenty-four hours),'. 

Face, — Earthy-colored face, blue rings around the eyes ; the features 
are quite changed, as if he had been aick,'. — Pressure regularly recurring 
at short intervals in the right malar bone, unchanged by touch, . 

Bioiitll. — [30.] Drawing pressure in the back teeth, extending from 
the back teeth into the front, with drawing pain in the cheeks,'. — The gums 
are swollen, sore and painful ; the whole of the interior of the mouth is just 
as sore and sensitive,'. — In the eveuing, white-eoated tongue, without heat or 
thirst (seventh and twelfth hours),*. — In the morning a taste of blood ; the 
mucus hawked up is colored with blood,'. 

Stomach. — *Nausea in the stomach; hefeeh at if he wotdd vomit, eepe- 
eially violent after eating'. — *Pre»gure in the etoma^k, especially after eat- 

A.bdomen, — Humbling in the loner part of the bowels, without sensa- 
tion,*. — Loud rumbling in the right side of the abdomen, when standing 
(after two hours),'. — I-requent passage o/_/Ia(M«,'.— Painless rumbling in the 
lower part of the abdomen,'. — [40.] Discomfort in the lower abdomen, 
with pressure, now here, now there (after eight hours),'. — Pinching pain in 
the lower abdomen, now here, iiotu there (after seven hours),'. — Pinching 
preamre, nmv here, now there, in the lower abdomen, with rumbling and grum- 
bling,'. — Pinching presnire in the lower abdomen, and rumbling with desire ; a 
sensation ae if he must go to stool,'. 

Stool and Urinary Orf/ans. — In the evening, desire for stool 
without effect (after thirteen hours),'. — *He is obliged to urintUe frequently, 
every time profusely; the urine is watery (after twelve hours),'. 

Sexual Organs, — Pressive pain in the right testicle, more severe 
when touched (after two hours),', — At night an emission of semen, without 
voluptuous dreams,*. 

IteHjdratory Apparatus, Chest and Heart,— A. cough which 
wakes himatuightfrom sleep, with profuse expectoration, also just as much 
cough by day,'. — Oppression of the chest,'.— [fiO.] ^Pain in the ched and 
back, vntK hirning and boring,^. — A hot burning contraction of the chest, so 
that it is difficult to breathe or to speak,'. — *Fiiichiii^preBBiTe pais in the 
region of the diaphragm, extending transvenely throngh the chflBt, ui/ien 
walHng (alter two hours),'. — (Pinching stitches in the region of both nipples 



unaltered by inspiration or expiration),*. — Fine tearing stitches in the re- 
gion of both nipples (apparently Buperficial in the lungs, and at the same 
time in the pectoral muscle9\ at times more severe when inspiring or ex- 
piring,'. — Dtill stick ing-tearing in the region of tlie last ribs,'. — Pressive 
pain, DOW more, now lesa severe, in the right side of the chest, near the ster- 
num in a small spot, unaffected by inspiration and expiration (af^er four 
hours),'. — Severe pressure near the leic nipple, extendmg inward toward 
the sternum,', — Teoring around and near the left nipple (after two days),'. 
— Intennittiug stitches in the lowest false ribs of the left side at their union 
with the dorsal' vertebra,'. — -"[80.] Fine stitching in the sternum in the 
middle, not affected by inspiration or expiration (after eight hours),'. — 
Beating of the heart,'. 

Jfeck and. Sack. — Sensation of twitching in the mnscles of the right 
side of the neck,'. — Tensive pressure on the right side of the neck in the 
cervical vertebra, during motion and rest (after three hours),'. — Sharp 
pressure on the upper border of the right scapula and the clavicle,*. — Pain 
in the left side of the back when sitting, as if one had stooped too loug (afler 
eight hours),*. 

Upper Extremities. — Preasive tearing in the right shoulder-joint,'. 
— Paralytic ttvakness and wearine»* in the right arm'. — (Spasmodic) con- 
tractive tearing in the muscles of the right arm (aft^r fourteen hours),'. — 
Spasmodic contractive pain in the anterior muscles of the left upper arm 
during complete rest of the body (after twenty-four hours),*.^ — [70.] Para- 
lytic pressure in the forepart of the right upper arm,'. — Hard pressure in 
the left forearm, more in the lower and outer part,'.— Para /yfie tearing 
pregsure in the right forearm, e»peciaily in the bonee of the icriel (aft«r one 
nour),'. — Paralytic tearing preseiire in the right foTearm,iiyuxird the ovter side, 
at tiines more in the upper part, at times more iu the lower part, which dis- 
appears on motion and touch,'. — Cutting tearing in the muscles of the 
lower part of the right forearm (after twelve hours),'. — A grumbling pain 
in both bones of the left forearm, as if bruised (after thirteen hours),'. — 
Violent tearing in the bones of the left wrist (after one and a half hours),'. 
— Tearing in the bones of the right wrist, which disappears on motion,'. — 
Sensitive tearing upon and around the right styloid [»w;ess, extending into 
the muscles of the hands, less violent in the process itself (after deren 
hours),'. — Trembling of the hands, noticed when eating,'.-— {80.] Feeling of 
weakness iu the hands as though he could not hold a pen, with trembling 
(aft«r eight hours),'.— Itching, tearing pressure in the inner processes of 
both hands, which causea scratching,'. — Tearing in the metaearpal bonet of 
the right index and middle Jingerg (after eleven hours),'. — Intermitting fine 
tearing in the ball of the left thumb (after two houre),'. — Fine tearing in 
the lost joints of the left fingers,', — -Fine tearing in the tips of the fiiigerg of 
the right hand, e»peeially wider the nails (after three days),', — Pressive tear- 
ing in the tips of the fourth and fifth fingers of the right hand,'. 

Lower Eietremitiett. — Intermitting hard pressure above the left 
knee-joint, in the lower part of the thigh, towards the outer side, unchanged 
by touch or motion,'. — Drawing in the middle of the calf and the anterior 
portion of the left leg down into the foot,'. — Drawing in the right external 
malleolus, which disappears on motion,'. — [90.] Tearing pain below the 
right external malleolus, which every time terminates behind in the tendo 
Achillis (after nine hours),'.— Tearing pain iu the right heel near and from 
the tendo Achillis (after five hours), . — Fine tearing in the left heel,*. — 
Pressive tearing between the two last left metatarsal bones, close to the 

,v Goodie 


toe?, nliile sitting (after ten houru),'. — Fine tearing in the last pfaalangee 
of the left toes,'. — Presaive tearing io the tip of the left great toe,'. 

Genet'alitieH and Skin. — Weaknai» and exhattdion,\ — Corrosive 
ilclting near the tibia and the back* of both feet Ttenr iJie joinU, which become* 
mueli worse on tcrattMng; U obliged to scratch himself until U bleeds,*. 

Sleep and I>reams, Fever. — In the morning, a few hours after 
rising, an exceisive sleepiness, btit after eating lie was unable to take his aceus- 
tained nap for several days'. — During work he is overpo\¥ered by excessive 
inclination to sleep; he reads without knowing what ; he immediately falls 
asleep and has vivid and confused dreams,'. — [100.] He lies upon the bai^k 
at night,'. — In the evening while slumbering, violent starting^, as if he fell 
(after fourteen and a half liours),*. — At night.freqnent toaHng in she}) as from 
fright*. — At night, frequent vnkings with weariness,'. — Restless sleep ai night, 
on account oj voluptuous dreams, without, or frequently with, emission of semen,*. 
— At night, vivid anxious dreams,', — Flushes of heat through the whole 
body, especially in the head and over the chest, without chill preceding or 
following, in the morning soon after rising (after twenty-four hours),*. 

CoiUlltioUH. — Aggravation. — {Morning), Dizziness; taste of blood; 
flushes of heat. — {Evening), White-coated tongue; desire for stool; while 
slumbering, violent startiugs. — ( When eating). Trembling of the hands. — 
(After eating), Natuea; pressure in stomach, — ( Wlien inspiring or expiring), 
Stitches in region of nipples;. — (Motion), Drawing in the head ; pressure, etc., 
in forehead; pressure, etc., in occiput— ^Pressure), PresauK in right temple, 
— (Serateliing), Itching near tibia, etc. — ( When rifling). Pain in forehead ; 

Siiu in side of back ; tearing between metatarsal hones. — ( When standing), 
umbling in abdomen.— ( ToiicA), Pain in right testicle. — (When walking). 
Pain in region of diaphragm. 

Amelioration. — (Evening), Motk cheerful. — {On mod'tw). Pressure 
in forearm disappears; tearing in honesof wnst ; drawing in right malleolus 
disappears. — (On pressure). Pressure in cartilage of ear disappears. — {On 
touch), Pressure in forearm disappears. 


Formula, Bi,0„N,0j,20Hp (Magisterium biamutbi.) Prepar(dion, 

Authorities. I, Kemer, Heidlbg. Kl. Anna!., 1829 (from Wibmer), 
took 2 drops for heartburn ; 2, Wernek, ibid., two girls, about 18 veurs old, 
took 6 grams in the morning, fasting ; 3, ibid., a uoy, 6 years old, took 6 
grains after supper ; 4, ibid., some men took from 6 to 12 grains at a dose ; 
5, ibid., a man took 15 grains, and the next day 20 grains ; 6, ibid., a man 
took 15 grains ; 7, a man took 40 grains at one dose ; 8, Wernek, ibid., took 
20 grains immediately after a meal. 

JTeod.— Head somewhat confused on rising,'. — Vertigo,'. — Vertigo 
(after two hours),'. — Vertigo on violent motion (after one hour),'. — Slight, 
transient headache,'. — Headache, especially in the frontal region,'. — Head- 
ache and vertigo (after first dose),'.— Headache and vertigo (after one and 
a half hours),'.— Heat and confusion of the head (after one hour),'.— [10.] 
Slight transient pain in the forehead (after half an hour),'. — *Pressure in 
the frontal region,^. — *Pressive pain in the frontal region (after one hour),'. 

Eyes, — Eyes red, sight somewhat dim,'.— Conjunctiva red,'. — Redness 
of the conjunctiva. 



J^nrs and None, — Dry nose,'. — Roaring in the ears,*. 

Mouth and Throat, — Tongue coated,'. — Tongue furred,'. — [20.] 
Tongue coated white,'. — Offensive taste in the mouth, , — Taste bitter,'. — 
The faucea and uvula were inflamed, with burning lu the throat, difficult 
swallowing, and thirst,'. 

Stomach. — Appetite completely lost,'. — Thirst increased,', — Much 
thirst and no appetite,". — Erudatlom of wind after drinking a glass of water*. 
—Frequent empty emctatioas and feeling of discomfort in the stomach, 
soon followed by a liquid stool, but not bilious (after three hours),'. — Vio- 
lent eructations, gripiugs in the bowels, and sudden slight bilious vomiting 
(after one and a half hours),'. — [30.] Nausea and slight bilious vomiting, . 
— "Naiiaea, wHk presture in the stomach (after one and a half hours),'. — 
Vomiting and diarrhcea, with retching and burning in the throat (imme- 
diately),'. — Passage of much flatus from the stomafh (after four hours),'. — 
Passage of odorless flatus from the stomach,'. — * Uiicomfortable feeling in 
the etomach (after half an hour),'. — * The pressure in the stoviach changes to 
a burning (after one hour),'. — "Presmre in the region of the glomaeh (after 
half au hour),'. — *Pressure in the »tonuich (after one hour),' '. — *DiMre8sina 
pressure and the region of the stomach (after three and a half 
hours),'. — [40.J *So7ne pressure in the region of the atoinaeh, and empty erue- 

A-hdomen, — Rumbling in the intestines, and eructations (after one 
hour),'.— Passage of much flatus, followed by a thin bilious evacuation,'. — 
Colicky pains in the bowels,'. — Gripings in the abdomen, followed by two 
liquid bilious evacuations (second day),'. 

Stool and Urtttfirf/ Organs. — A liquid bilious stool (after three 
hours),'. — Two loose movements in the bowels, with gripings, at 6 P.M. 
(second day),'. — Two liquid stools, with gripiugs, at 4 p.m. (third day),'. — 
During the poisoning be passed no urine, and the region of the bladder 
was not distended,'. 

SesfAratory Apparatus and Pm?sc.— Difficult breathing,*.— 
[50.] Pulse spasmodic,'.— Pulse tense, spasmodic,'.— Pulse small,'. — Pulse 
small, tense, and spasmodic,'. — Pulae accelerated, contracted,'. — Pulse 
somewhat accelerated, small and tense,'. — Pulse rapid, bard, small, 97,*. — 
Pulse, at midnight, 95 and spasmodic,'. 

Extremities and iS'feep.— Cramps in the hands and feet,'. — Night 
very res tl ess,'. 

Fever. — [60.] Extremities cold,'. — Temperature somewhat increased,'. 
— Heat over the whole body,'. — Heat iu the whole body (after two 
hours),'. — A feeling of beat over the whole body,'. 

Conditions. — A^raTation. — {After drinking water). Eructations. — 
(Oft violent motiati). Vertigo. — (0« rising). Head confused. 


"The great American Cockroach," probably kakerlae insignia. 

Nai. <^der, losecta (common in Brazil). Preparation, Triturate Uie live 
insect with sugar of milk. 

Authority. Pathogeneeie Bresilienne (Mure). 

Head, — Numbness and heaviness of the head. — Pain in the temple, 
with lancinations now and then (second day). — Aching pain in the temples. 
— ^Acute pain in the temples, every now and then, at 4 P.M. 



JEf/es. — Pricking, as by a 6j, in the corner of the left eye, at 10 a.m. 
— LachrymatioD. — Yellowuees of tlie sclerotica. (When the prover had 
the jauDdice, for which the Blatts is considered empirically as a specific, 
he felt a number of pain§ which have been reproduced in this proving, such 
as general prostration, weariness, etc.) 

JfosSf Jtocc, and Mouth. — Watery discharge from nose. — Yellow- 
ness of (ace, — [10.] Very salt saliva. 

Stomach and Abdomen. — Transient bloating at pit of stomach. 
— Slight colic. — Pain in transverse colon, duodenum, and pit of stomach. 

Uritiary Organs. — Much heat in urethra, when urinating. — Yel- 
low color of urine, increasing more and more. — Urine of a bright yellow, 
albuniinouB (second day). 

Chest. — Acute pain in chest, af^moon (second day). — Violent pain in 
chest, with want of breath (second day). — Pain in right side of chest. 

JTccfc find Back, — [20.] Prickings in right side of neck. — Pain in 
back, right side. — Pain shilling from back to shoulder-blade. 

Lower Extremitieit. — Sense of weariness in the hams. — Cramp in 
right leg (second day). — Pain in right leg, from ti>e9 to knees. — Pain in 
feet, here and there, sometimes in the sole (second day). — Pain at left little 

OeneraliHes. — Lazy. — Extreme weariness when going upstairs. 

Sleep and Fever, — [30.] Frequent yawning.— Chill and shudder* 
ing, for half an hour.— Shuddering, with sense of heat and moisture all over. 

The proving was interrupted by an accident. 


Boletus purgans, Pers. (Boletus laricis, L. ; B. laricinus, Berk.) 

JVat. order, Fungi. Preparation, Trituration. 

Authority. W. H. Burt, W. Horn. Obs., 2, 154, provings with the 3d 
trit. and the crude substance. 

Mind. — Very gloomy and despondent. — Irritated at the least trifle. — 
Absence of mind. 

Sead and Eyes. — Head feeling ver? light and hollow, with deep 
frontal headache and great faintneas. — Bull frontal headache. — Dull 
frontal headache, a^ravated by motion. — Deep drawing pains in fore- 
head. — Neuralgic pains in the temples. — Agglutination of the eyelids 
everv morning, with dull achiug pains in the eyeballs. 

Mouth, — [10.] Teeth and gums very sore.— White coating on the 
tongue. — Thick yellow coating on the tongue, so that the marks of teeth 
are shown.— Flat taste in the mouth. — Fiat, bitter taste. — Strong coppery 
taste for several days. — All kinds of food taste unnatural. — Loss of taste. 

Stomach. — Loss of appetite. — Feeling in the fauces as if I would 
vomit. — [20.] Nausea, lasting but a moment — Constant nausea, with dis- 
tress in the stomach. — Nausea and vomiting. — Great faintness at the epi- 
gastrium. — Distress in the epigastric and umbilical regions. — Distress in 
the stomach and umbilicus, with frequent nausea. — Cutting pains in the 
stomach all night. — Severe sharp cutting pains in the stomach every few 
minutes, with dull aching distress in the umbilicus, and loud rumbling of 
the bowels all night. 

Abdomen. — Heavy dragging pains in the liver, more in the rights 



lobe. — Dull buroiug distress in the right lobe uf the liver aod epigastrium, 
with dull drawing paios in the right lobe of the Hver and vhole dorsal 
region .-^[30.] Dull aching pains in the right lobe of the liver, with dull 
frontal headache. — Full inspiration produt-es sharp cutting paine in the 
right lobe of the liver and whole dori<al region. — Suarp culling pain near 
the gall-bladder. — Burning distress in the region of the gall-bladder all 
the afternoon, with sharp pains in the stomach, and heavy aching diBlress 
in the whole liver, especially the right lobe.— Stools preceded by severe 
pain and distress in the umbilical region, and followed by the same symp- 
toms. — Sharp cutting pains in the umbilical and hypogastric regions liefore 
stool. — Sharp cutting pains in the umbilical and hypogastric regions, be- 
fore stool, and followed by the same symptoms. — Constant rumbling in the 
abdomen before stool. — ^vere dull aching distress just below the stomach, 
all day, that produces great faintness ; it was terrible to endure. — Great 
distress in the bowels before stool. — [40.] Great diatreas and pain in the 
bowels aft«r stool. 

Stool.— Great disposition to strain after stool. — Twenty grains acted as 
a cathartic in eight hours. — Forty grains, taken before breakfast, acted as a 
most violent cathartic in two hours, — Papescent stools, with pain, — Papescent 
stool, with high fever. — Thin, yellow, papescent stools. — Yellow, papescent 
stools, mixed with something tnat looks like oil, in drops the size of a cent 
down to small drops. — Soft papescent stool, followed by dull, heavy, ach- 
ing pains in the liver and umbilicus. — Thin, very dark-colored, papescent 
stool8.^[fiO,] Dark, lumpy, dry stools, — Black, lumpy, dry stools, mixed 
with bile and mucus.— Stools of pure mucus. — Stools of natural consisleuce, 
of a dark color, and mixed with bile and mucus. — Stools of bile, mucus, 
and blood, — Fifty grains produced bloody stools, with high fever. — Stools 
that run from the bowels a stream of bile, mucus, and black fecal matter, 
preceded by great burning distress in the epigastrium, right lobe of liver, 
aad umbilicus, and followed by the same symptoms. — Stools of undigested 

Urinary Organs, — Urine at first diminished, and then slightly in- 
creased. — Urine high-colored and scanty. 

Pulse and Bncft.— [60.] Pulse 100, soft and full.— Dull heavy 
pains in the dorsal and lumbar regions. — Severe dull aching pains in the 
whole dorsal region, that aeem to proceed from the liver. — Great weakness 
of the small of the back. — Severe dull pain in the lumbar region, greatly 
aggravated by rising up. — Dull aching distress in back and legs. 

Upper Extreinitiet*. — Great weakness of the arms. — Severe aching 
distress in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. 

Lower Extremities, — Great weakness of the legs. — Severe aching 
distress in the hips, knees, and ankles, during the chills and fever. ' 

Generalities. — [70.] Great restlessness after midnight. — Very weak 
and languid. — Great faintness after stool. — Great aching distress in all the 

Fever. — Chilliness along the spine, with frequent hot flashes of fever. 
— Disposition to yawn aud stretch when chilly. — Fever all one afternoon 
and night. — Skin hot and dry, especially the palms of the hands. — Face 
hot and Pushed, with severe frontal headache. — Hands hot and dry. — [80.] 
Waking at midnight, two different nights, in a profuse perspiration. 

CondlttoHtf, — AgjfraTation. — (Mammff), Aj^lutination of lids. — 
(Night), Pain in stomach, etc. — {Midnight), Perspiration. — {OnfiUlinepi- 
raiion), Pains in liver. — (Jibfum), Headache. — (Jtinng vp), Pain in lum- 



bar region. — {Before stool), P&in in umbilical, etc., regions; rumbling in 
abdomen ; distress in bowels. — {Afier stool). Distress in bowels. 


B. luridus, Fries. (B. aigrescens, Pall., etc.) 

Nat. order, Fungi. Common natnes, German, Hexenpilz, Feuerpilz, etc. ; 
French, Fauiceps, or Oignon de loup. Preparation, Triturations. 

Avihorily, Delle Cliiaje, Tossicologia, p. 143 (from Boudier, by Huae- 
mann, p. 158), effects of eating the roastea fungi. 

Deliriutw, followed by death (^fourth day), — Headache. — Suokeu features 
(second day). — A violet color of the nose aud lips (third dav). — Intense 
thint. — Violent pain in the epigastrium (after two hours). — Meteorismiis 
' (third day). — Euceedingly fetid stool (third day). — Pulse small, irregular 
(second dav). — Subsultus tendinum (fourth day). — Urticaria luberosa 
(speedily followed by death), (third day). — Cold sweat (second day). 


B. satanas, Lenz. 

Nat order, Fund. Preparation, Triturations, 

Authorities. 1, Lenz, Boudier on Fungi, translated from the French by 
Husemann, tasted a piece of the fresh fungus, but spit it out soon; 2, Salz- 
manu, ibid., ate some cooked in salt aud water, and roasted ; 3, six persons 
poisoned by eating the roasted muahrooms (Wien. Med. Presse), from N. 
Z. f. H. Kl., 13, 55. 

JUttitl.—Fe&r and restlessness,', — Intellect undisturbed,'. 

Much ami Earn. — Sparks before the eyes, alternating with obscura- 
tion of vision,'. — Noises in the ears,'. 

Month and Throat. — ^Troublesome dryness in the mouth and 
throat,'. — Violent burning aud scraping in the throat,'. 

Stomach. — Unquenchable thirst,'.— Nausea,'. — Sudden nausea (after 
two hours),', — [10,] Retching and vomiting,'. — A desire to vomit came 
very suddenly ; between the attacks there was very little nausea, and no 
pain when vomiting the lost time; after about three hours he noticed a 
slight trace of blood,'. — He was obliged to vomit (afler two hours and three 
hours, and repeated twenty times within three hours),'. — Vomiting repeated 
thirty times within two hours,'. — He vomited everything that he took,'. — 
Salzmann continued to vomit (after the contents of the stomach) a bitter 
fluid, which was finally mised with blood; olive oil did not entirely re- 
lieve the vomiting, nor when mixed with charcoal,'. — Epigastric region 
distendeil,', — Perceptible pulsation in the epigastric region,'. — Frightful 
pain in the stomach,'. 

Abdomen. — Abdomen sunken and frightfully painful,'. — [20.] Ob- 
stinate tension of the abdomen,'. 

Stool. — A profuse diarrhoea of blood and of the mucous membranes of 
the intestines,'. — Watery evacuations,'. 

C/test and Pulse. — Oppression of the chest,'. — Pulse scarcely per- 

Hxtrem^ities. — A sudden sensation through all bis limbs as though 
he would be attacked with apoplexy (after two hours),'. — Violent, ex- 
tremely painful cramps in the muscles of the limbs and of the face,'. 



Qeneralities. — Loss of all strength,'. — A great iveakneas suddenly 
(after two hourE),'. — So weak that he could scarcely stand or walk (after 
two to eight hoiira),'. — [30.] Excessive weakoeRs, amounting to faintneM, 
whilat the vomitiog continued ; repeated ten or twelve times in an hour,'. — 
Great discomfort in the whole hody,'. 

Fevev, — Limbs cold,'. — Coid sweat over the whole body,'. 


Lipparis chi^rsorrhoea. Clam, Lepidoptera. 

Common name, Brown-tailed moth (common on apple and pear trees in 
Europe). Preparation, Tincture of the living caterpillar. 

Authority. Calmeil (as in next), effects of handling a cocoon. 

In a few hours, painful pricking in the conjunctiva; unendurable heat 
and burning in the lids, on the neck, and on the sides, especially on the 
chest. Soon after, redness of these parts, and an eruption of small blisters, 
with itching and heat. 


An insect belonging to the class Lepidoptera. 

Common name. Procession moth (common in Europe, on oak treesj.f 
I^eparatian, Tincture of the live caterpillars. 

A-ut/ioritie». 1, Calmeil, N. Journ. de Med., vol. 9, effects of disturbing 
a nest; 2, Galignani's Messenger (Pharra. J., 22, 136), a boy shook from a 
tree an immense number of the caterpillars into his naked breast. 

JSj/es, — Painful swelling of the lids,'. — Laehrymation,'. 

Stomach ami Extremities. — Nausea,'.— In the morning, swell- 
ing of the hands and finger-joints,'. 

Skill. — Skin covered with large red spots, which were soon followed by 
a general swelling,'. — Dr. C. preserved a uest of the caterpillars in a lai^ 
glass vial, which was not opened for ten years. At length it was opened 
in the presence of several persons, all of whom caught the eruption,'. — If a 
uest of the insects is touched or stirred up, persous within reach of the 
emanations arising therefrom will be attacked with a papulous eruption, 
more or less confluent, which will last several days and be attended with 
violent itching,*. — The arms are covered with hard, large, uneven, areola- 
forraed tuberdes, with a ted areola, so thick as to leave hardly any space 
between,'. — Eruption of a wonderful number of linear-formed tubercles 
over the whole arm, and even over the cheat aud abdomen ; most marked 
near all the joint?,'. — [10.] Sensation as if a foreign body were under the 
skin,'.— Itching of whole body,'. — A severe itching sensation, so that he 
was compelled to run home for a-ssi stance,'. — Itching, evenings, not relieved 
by anything,'. — Itching of both hand?, increasing to a pain, . 

Steep and T>reatn-g. — Frequent waking, nights,'. — Dreams that 
the arm is being cauterized, and arrows thrust into the muscles,'. 

JFever. — Burning heat ; great desire to scrape the skin,'. — Violent heat 
of arms and face,'.— Fever, somnolency, and delirium, followed by death,'. 

Utixa thu irritutiun of thu skin tbut the haire 



BoNDONNBAU MiKERAL Water. (SaiDtes-FoDtaiDes.) 
Chemical Analyiu. 
In ooe litre, there was contained 

Free Sulphuric AcW, a Ince, but it ia very perceptible at the spring. 

Free Carbonic- Afid, | the volume. 

Bicarbonate of Lime 1 nacm™™™^. 

do. M«gneiia, / O-SMgraram, 

do. Soda 0.008 'I 

Potash, salts, a trace. 

rSoda, 1 

SulphatM {probably anhydrous) of i Lime, J- O.tMS " 

ChloridB of Sodium OW. 

Alkaline, Iodides and Bromides 0.008. 

Sti^quioxide of Iron with Manganese, . . O.Ofri. 

Silica and Alumina, 0.1-28. 

Earthy PhoBphatea, a trata. 

NilTogenized organic niatterB, un uncertain amount. 

Authority, Dr. Espanet, Journ. de la Soc. GalHeane, 2d Series, vol, 4, p. 65. 

Jtfind. — Gloomy thoughts; painful anxiety. — Irritability, bad humor 
(from the first). 

Head. — Slight vertigo, sometimes followed by obnubilation (during the 
first days). — Dulness, heaviness and uneasiness in the head, with bad 
humor. — Compressive headache (coutinuiug after, leaving off the water). — 
The head seems too full, with internal pulsation at the base of the brain, 
nearly all the time in the evening. — Throbbing in the head, with pricking 
in the throat.— On moving the head, bruised pain internally, with vertigo 
(at the beginning). — Feeling of constriction at the forehead, with irasci- 
bility. — [10.] Swelling of the temporal veins and of the bands, with throb- 
bing, but without redness (after fifteen days). — Slight lancinating pain, with 
heat, at the temples. — Drawing aud itching in the hairy scalp. 

Eyes, — Lancinations in the orbits aud in the he^d, with evening chilli- 
ness. — Red, painless swelling of the puncta lachrymaUa (in an old man), — 
A succession of sties for a month after leaving off the water, — The lids feel 
swollen and tense, especially in the morning, — Drawing in the eyelids from 
time to time ; they are opened with difficulty during the first fortnight. — 
Itching of the lids and sensitiveness of the eyes to light (after one month). 
—Yellow tinge of the albuginea, with paleness of Hae conjunctiva and oi 
the mucous membrane of the palate and fips (aft«r five weeks). — [20.] Red- 
ness of the conjunctiva, without pain (after three week8).^The eyeball feels 
as if compressed, during the first week. — Sparks before the eyes (during the 
first fortnight, in a patient laboring under nepatic obstruction). 

EUVS- — Increased discbarge of a clearer mucus (after three weeks). — 
Dryness with heat in the ears (in the beginning).— Heat and throbbing in 
the ears (at the beginning). — Sensation of fulness in the ears, with deafness. 

Nose, — In the morning, several times, a slight discharge of black blood 
from the nose (after fifteen days). — Chronic stoppage of the nose, in a gouty 



subject. — Repeated, short-lasting stoppage of the nose. — [30.] Dryness of 
the nose, with pricking. — Throbbing at the root of the nose, with redness 
of the Dose (alter two weeks). 

Face. — Paleness and varying color of the face, towards evening. — 
Chapping of the lips, as from winter weather (just before leaving off the 

31outh. — Discolored and denuded teeth, with small ulcers on the 
gums. — Grinding of the teeth at aight (at the close of the season). — Several 
molar teeth feel too long, and are painful every night. — Tongue poiuted, 
yellow, with bright-red tip. — ^Tongue coated white, with red papillte. — 
Clammy mouth, with sour taste (at the last). — [40.] Dry mouth without 
thirst (unusual). — Sensation of heat and swelling in the mouth (after a 
reiieticion of the water). — Abundaat saliva (after one month). 

Throat, — The bottom of the throat is bright-red. — Dryness of the 
throat. — Heat with pricking and lancinations in tne tonsils (the first days). 
— Uneasy feeling, aij if from congestion of the tonsils (after three weeks). 

)S(oMrtcft.— -Great and continual hunger (while taking the waters, and 
afterwards). — Thirst during the first days; afterwards, entire absence 
of thirst. — Insipid, mucous eructations, after taking the water. — [60.] 
Epigastric swelling, with habitual heat. — Liquid gui^liug in the stomach 
when lying down in the evening fat the last). — Burning heat, with uneasi- 
nejts at the stomach after a meal (afrer two weeks).— -Painful heat at the 
epigastrium, us from flatulence. It shifts about, often becoming seated at 
the hypochondria, towards llie last. — Sensation of fulness, which takes 
away the appetite (at first).— The epigastrium and hypochondria are 
sensitive to touch, after the first week. 

Abdomen. — Inflation of the abdomen. — Sensation of heaviness in the 
abdomen. — Tension and heat of the abdomen (towards the last). — Colic, 
followed by a diarrhceic stool, with tenesmus, after the first days. — [80.] 
Lancinating pains here and there in the abdcmen. 

Rectum and Anun. — Protrusion of the anus, after every stool, in a 
child troubled with worms. In a week, this symptom disappeared perma- 
nently. — Heat and pricking at the anus (after one month). — Itching at 
the anus (after fifteen days). — Profuse sweat of the perinseum (after the 

Stool. — Towards the last, the evacuations become easier and more' 
regular. — Watery and mucous stools (in the beginning). — Stools yellow^ 
afterwards green (in a patient who had had jaundice). — Hard, curled,, 
dark-green evacuations (after one month). — In the beginning, difficult 
stools at long intervals (in a cachectic patient, previously dyspeptic). 

Urttinri/ Orffaim. — [70.] A former discharge from the urethra re- 
appears at the end of the season. — Pricking in the urethra. — Frequent and 
abundant discharge of urine, which becomes turbid after passing. — The 
uriue is very abundant and clear (in the beginning). — In the beginning, 
reddish uriue, having a strong odor. 

Heorual OrgailK. — Mucous dLscbarge from the prepuce, with itch- 
ing, — More frequent erectious in the morning. — Dry heat of the vagina (in 
the first fbrtiiight). — Mucous or serous discharge (after three weeks). — The 
menses appear for the first lime (after three weeks). — [80.] Regular return 
of ihe menses after a five months' suppression. — Menses too early (in a very 
lymphatic young woman). — The menses, usually regular, are retarded for 
one week (after fifteen days). 

Mespirntory Ajtparatus. — Constant snorting, aa if there was a 

VOL. 11 —18 



foreign body in the larynx. — In the beginning, irritatioD and dry cough, 
with headache. — From time to time, short-lasting hoarseness (towards the 
end). — Slight dry cough (in a patient with gastritis). — Blood-streaked ex- 
pectoration (in chronic bronchitis). 

Cftest, — Paroxysm of spasmodic oppression, with hiccough. — Habitual 
opprea^ion, witii sensatiou of heat under the sternum, after the first day& — 
[80,] Sensation of heat, fulness and oppression of the chest (towards the 
last). — Stitchlike pain in the right lower-portion of the chest. 

xfeart. — Palpitation, the first days, — Tumultuous actiou of the heart 
after a meal (after three weeks). — Seuse of tension and fulness at the region 
of the heart (after one month). 

Neck ami Hacle, — Drawing and stiffness in the cervical muscles. — 
Slight pain in the back, shifting aoout rapidly. — Fains in the kidneys, ex- 
tending towards the bladder, after every meal. — Slight Ian ci nations, with 
heat, iti the region of the kidneys (after one mouth).— Compressive [>ain in 
the loius (at the last). 

JExtrenUHes in General. — [100.] The veins on the limbs are 
more prominent (afler the season). — Heaviness of the limbs, with difBculty 
in moving them (after the season). — Nervous tension and greater agility in 
the limbs (after one week). 

Upper Hjctremiti^g. — Extreme sensitiveness, with scarcely any 
swelling, of the axillary glands. — A previous induration of a mammary 
gland continues. — Constant heat in the palms of the bauds. — Stiffness and 
sensitiveness of the finger-joints. 

Lower ExtfetnftieH. — Dull and decpseated pain in the iuslde of 
the thighs {at the last). — Pains, when in bed, in the long bones of the 
lower extremities. 

Generalities, — Increased sensitiveness of the whole cutaneous sur- 
face (in the firat fortuigbt). — Cachexiie, the results of autisyphilitic and 
febrifuge treatment, — [110.] Convalescences which left the patients iu a 
confirmed cachectic condition. — Various symptoms of former syphilis. 

Skin. — Mottled skin, as in cold weather. — Sensitive, colorlesf pimplea, 
like tubercles, appear iu succcj^ion, on the scalp, for several days (after six 
weeks). — Eruption, here and there, of large, red and very sensitive pimples 
(after the first week). — Small, red, acuminated pimples on the face (after 
sis weeks). — A very itching kind of eruption, like uettle-rush, appears, on 
the same patient, every time after leaving off the water. — General eruption 
of furfuraceous blotches (aft«r the fifth diu- and fifth bath, and lasting until 
a week after leaving off the water). — A furfuraceous tetter on the nose ex- 
tends to the external ear, and causes a discharge from the fold of the latter, 
which disappears with the eruption, in fifteen days, and after taking the 
water for six weeks. — Eruption of very painful boils, which succeed each 
other for five weeks. — [120.] Ulcers cease suppurating while taking the 
waters and for a long while after, with general improvement of the health. 
— A profusely suppurating fistulous ulcer on the tibia leaves off suppui-at- 
ing.— General itching, especially troublesome over the more muscular por- 
tions of the limbs,— -Itching of the wings of the nose and of the eyes, 
followed by redness and very small pimples (after one month). 

Sleep and Dreatrnt. — Frequent yawning with shivering (after 
fifteen days). — Drowsiness in daytime (after four weeks). — Light sleep, 
frequently interrupted (unusual). — Habitual sleeplessness, with starting 
when on the point of falling asleep. — Dreams which interrupt sleep (iu the 



Fever. — Shivering all over the body (at the beginniDg).— [130.] In- 
ternal heat, with fluehes of heat in the' chest (after the seasuu). — Sensation 
of external cold, with traneicnt shivering folIowe<l by heat and by pricking 
on the fkin. — Easy sweat (from the beginning). — The least exertion brings 
on a profuse sweat (at the last). 

C*mdittoti8. — AggravaUon. — (J/ornijij;), Eyelids feel swollen, etc.; 
bleeding at the nose ; more frequent erections. — ( Towards erenhig). Paleness, 
etc. — (Eveuiiig), Head feels too full ; chilliness ; when lying down, gurgling 
iu stomach. — (Night), Teeth feel too long, etc. — {A_fter a meal). Burning 
heat at stomach ; tumultuous action of heart ; pains in kidneys. 


Boric acid ; formula 7(B,0,)5-i(H,0). 

J^eparation, Solution of the crj-staJa iu alcohol. 

Authority. A. H. Z._33, 15, S. J., took repealed doses of the third dil. 
(from Inaug. Dis. on Boras and the Borates), 

Hend. — Head unusually confused on waking in the morning. — A gastric 

Slouth and 27i»*Off^— Much cold saliva in the mouth. — Hawking. 

Stomach and Abdomen. — Great nausea and heaviness in the 
stomach, which disappears after walking in the open air. — Retching and 
vomiting of tough mucus, with watery fluid which is very strongly alka- 
line. — Vomiting of tough fluid substances sti-ongly alkaline (after sixteen 
minutes). — Heaviness and restlessness in the stomach till dinner. — Rum- 
bling in the abdomeu in the afternoon, and two scanty pasty stools. 

Stool and l/Hnary Orf/aiis, — [10.] A pasty stool, — A moder- 
ately transient pain in the region of the ureters. — Frequent and urgent 
desire to urinate. — Urine nearly double the normal in amount. 

Generalities and SA"/h.— General discomfort, which disappears 
after a walk of two hours. — Some time after beginning the proving of the 
alkaline Borates, an eruption was noticed ou the right thigh, consisting of 
vesicles, which continually extended and became covered with crusts; in 
the middle, a circumscribed spot as large as a ten-cent piece, surrounded 
by new vesicles, which were very moist when broken {Impetigo figurata, 
Willan). — After two months, t^is eruption extended to the right lower 
leg ; it then passed over to the left lower leg and disappeared, eight months 
after first breaking out, and two months from tlie time of taking auy 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), On waking, head confused. 
— (Aflemoon), Rumbling in the abdomen, etc. 

Atnelioration, — {After «Wj!:i»pmopen air), Nausea, etc., disappears, 
— {Ajter a walk), General discomfort disappears. 


Natrum biboracicum (2BO,Na.B,O,,10H,O). Sodium biborate. 
Prepnration, Triturations. 

Autiiority. 1, Hahnemann, H, Ch, Kn., 2, 281; 2, Schreter, ibid.; 3, 
Fischer, Z. f. V. <Eat., 1857, p, 217, provings with tiuct. of Borax (Borax 


196 BORAX. 

5 grs., Alcohol 100 drops), on pelleta; 4, Dr. J., loaug. dia., Berlin, 1845, 
experiments with powdered Borax, • 

Jt£lntt, — Voluptuous mood (after five weeks),'. — Very cheerful, lively, 
alfeetiunHte, with desire and liking for all work, in the forenoon (sixth 
day),'. — The child cries at intervals very violently, ceases after a few min- 
utes, and is again contented and playful,'. — Very earnest (after one 
day),'. — Low-spirited and peevish (second day),'. — • Very anxiou» on riding 
rapidly down a hill, conirary to his civttom ; he feeU a» though U would lake 
awi'j hii breath (first five weeks),'. — * The child becomes atixious when dancing; 
if one roeh it in the arms it lias an anxions exptesiion of the face dnriog 
tne downward motion (the fir^t three weeks),'. — Anxiety with rumbling in 
the bowela (after ten hours),'. — *Qreat anxiety, with great sUepinem; the 
anxiety inerefued unlil 11 o'clock in the evening, when the person became 
dizzy and sleepy, and fell asleep,'.— [10.] 'Anxiety, with weakness' and 
trembling in the feet, and palpitation (when mesmerizing), (after three 
days),'. — 'Fright; both he and she start vp al a distant ihock,\ — ^Fright; he 
ttarts in all his Umbs on iuaring an anxioiu cry (after four weeks),'. — * The 
baby it frightened at hawking and sneenng,'. — Dread and fear of contagion,'. 
— Irritable during Important business (after eight days),'. — The child is 
fretful, whines and cries, coutrary to its custom (first day),'. — Very fretful 
in the aftcruoon at 4 o'clock, and peevish, although he was in good humor 
previously ; be rebukes people for trillcs, for several days (eighth day),'. — 
'Before the eu^ stool in tlie afternoon, fretfiil, Ul-humored, indolent, and dia- 
contented; after it, liecly, contented leith hinvtelj and the world, and looking 
cheerfully into the future (after twenty days),'. — Violent ; he scolds and 
swears at trifles (first day),'.— [20.] Violent, fretful, ill-humored (first 
day),'. — He does not become offended, and is inditferent to thin^ which 
usually vex him very much (curative action), (fifteenth day),', — 'Pleasure 
and activity in his businci^s (curative action), (after five week.->),'. — At times 
Ilia thoughts vanish (fourth day),'. — *I{e idlei through tlie afiernoon, does 
t«j( really get at hit work; changes from one business to another, from on^ room 
to anothfr; does not keep at one business,'. — Disinclined to work; he does only 
what he is obliged to as if by force (the first five weeks),'. — lie is obliged 
to reflect a long time, until he knows everytliing that he has done through 
the day; for a long time he is not certain whether he had been at a place 
yesterday or to-day (sixth day),'. 

Jletul, — On walking, head confused,*, — The whole head confused, with 
stitching in left ear, evening (first day),', — Vertigo, in the morning in bed 
(fif^h day),'. — Vertigo In the evening when walking, as if some one pushed 
him from the right side towards the left (filth day),'. — [80.] Attacks of 
vertigo, with loss of presence of mind (third day),*. — Giddy and full feeling 
in the forehead in the morning, so that he immediately lost his good humor 
(fourth day)/. — Light, clear head (sixth day),'. — Heaviness in tlie head 
(first day),'. — Heitdache, with confusion of the whole head, and sticking in 
the left ear (finit day),'. — Fulness of the head on ascending a mountain or 
steps (fifth day),', — Fulness in the head and pressure about the eyes, as if 
they were held fast, so that he can scarcely move them,'. — Fulness in the 
head and pressure in the small of the back when sitting, togerher with a 
sleepy sensation in the eyes (seventeenth day),', — Fulness in the head in 
the morning, with lack of clear ideas and presence of mind, so that be is 
unable to perform any mental work, and has no desire for it; after walk- 
ing in the open air he is belter, but still feels great weakness in the feet 
and joints (second day),'. — Aching in the whole head, with naiisea, incUnaiion 


BORAX. 197 

to vomit, and trembling in the whole body, in the morning at 10 o'clock (in two 
fefbale provers at the same time), (secoud day),". — [40.] Dull pressive 
headache in the morniu^, especially in the forehead (first day),'. — During 
menstruation, throbbing in the head and roaring in the ears,*. — Headache 
in the forehead, with sticking in the lefl ear, and a hollow lower back tooth 
on the left side, in the evening (foirteenth day),' ('). — Drawin^r pain in the 
forehead extending towards the eyes (fourth daj-),'.^Pre5Sive drawing 
headache in the forehead above the eyes and towards the root of the nose, 
at times extending into the nape of the neck ; on stooping a severe pressure 
in the frontal bone; when writing and reading the pain becomes much more 
violent, with pressure in the region of the spleen (sixth day),'. — Dull pres- 
sure in the forehead (sixth day),', — Pressive headache above the eyes; soon 
disappears when walking in the open air (fourth day),*. — Sticking headache 
over the eyes and in the temples, alternating with heat and colduess, so 
that at one time the hands were very hot, at another quite blue, with stick- 
ing in the swollen glands in the neck, which afterwards became softer and 
smaller (fourteenth day),'. — ^Twitching pain in the forehead, with nausea 
and tearing in both eyeballs, in the afternoon (first day),"C'). — Throbbing 
in the forehead,'. — [30.] Sticking from the right temple to the left half of 
the forehead,'. — Pressive sticking in the right temple (eleventh day),'. — 
Rhythmical pressive dull sticking in the right temple (fortieth day),'. — 
Throbbing in both temples (fourth day),'. — Throbbing headache in both 
temples, especially in the right (sixteenth day),'. — Headache in the vertex 
and forehead, in the evening (second day),' ('). — Boring in a small spot in 
the vertex (twentieth day),'. — Tearing in the vertex in the forenoon, with 
a'great roaring in the ears (eighth day),'. — Stitches, transient, in the left 
side of the head in the vertex, afterwards transient stitches in the genitals, 
and in the following night lascivious disgusting dreams, in a married woman 
(first day),'. — Stitcues deep in the right side of the head, with discharge of 

Eus from the right ear; stitches so violent that he involuntarily drew back 
is head, together with tickling in the left ear, such as precedes a dis- 
ehai^, followed by very acute hearing (thirty second day), . — [60.] Tear- 
ing in the left half of the head, starting in a hollow tooth (fourth day),'. — 
Throbbing headache in the occiput, as if it would suppurate there, with 
shivering over the whole body, lasting the whole night and following day 
(second day),'(°). — Pulsating rush of blood into the occiput (sixteenth 
day),'. — Sensitiveness of the external head to cold and change of weather,'. 
— 'Aa in Plica Polonica, the child's hairs become entangled at the tipg and 
riick together, so that tliey cannot be separated; if theeie bunchei are cut off they 
form again (for ten weeks),'. 

Eyes. — The infant becomes very red around the eyes when crying 
(fourth day),'.— Sensation in eyes aa if something had lallen into them, 
which disappears on rubbing, first in the right eye, then in the left, four 
times during half the day, and returning next day at noon (seventh day),". 
— Burning in the eyes and momentary contraction of them as soon as he 
removes the glasses (after six days),'. — Pressive burning in the right eye, 
in the afternoon (third day),'. — Pressure above the eyes from time to time 
(tenth day),'. — [70.] Pressure in the right eye very painful, as if it would 
be pressed into the orbit, in the morning (after five weeks),'. — Sensation in 
the right eyelid, while sitting, as if something pressed out from within, from 
between the skin coming from the temples; immediately followed by pres- 
sure around the eyes (fourth day),'. — Cutting in the left eye lengthwise, 
coming and going suddenly (thirty-seventh day),'. — In the left eye, three 


198 BORAX. 

stitches in succession, evening ftliird day),' ('), — Itching in the ej'es, with 
a sensation at times as if sand were in them (fourth day),'. — *The lashes 
turn invKird toieard the eye and hifiame it, especially in the outer canlhns, 
where the tnargiiis of the ltd are very sore (aixth weelt),'. — InHammatiDn of 
the margins of the lid in an in&Qt ; he rubs the eyes and at night they are 
agglutinated (first day),'. — Iiifi'imination oftlw, lejl eye in the inner canthvs, 
with nightly agglutinations (first days),'. — ' Inflammation of the right eye in- 
the external canmu), wUK irregularUy of the lashes; agglutination of the eye at 
night (thirty-fifth day),'. — At night the eyes are agglutinated with hard, 
dry mucus, which irritates the eyes like sand (fifth week),'. — [80,] In the 
morning the eyes are agglutinate*! and lachrymate (fifth day),'. — In the 
evening it is difficult to close the lids, and in the morning difficult to open 
them (fifth week),'. — Pressive pain in the upper lid on opening the eye,'. — 
Soreness in the external canthi (after five weeks),'. — Lachrymation of the 
eyes (eighth day),*, — Itching in the iuternal cautbus, so that she must fre- 
quently rub it (first days),'. — Tearing in both eyeballs, with a twitching in 
the forehead, and nausea in the afternoon,' ('), — Stitches in the eyeball, 
with contraction in the right upper lid (eighth day),'. — Obscuration of the 
left eye in the evening; she was obliged to make great exertion, but still 
saw nothing (niutb day),' (*)- — Sensitiveness of the eyes to the candlelight 
in the evening (third clay),'. — [90.] *Fltekering before the eyes in the vwrn- 
ing ivhen veiling, so that he does not see dixtindly; there seem to be bright 
moving reaves, now from tlie right to the left side, now from above downward, 
several mornings in mceeseion (after twenty-four days),'. 

Earti, — Inflamed hot swelling of both ears, with a discharge of pus 
from them (twenty-seventh day),. — Purulent discharge from both ears 
preceded by itching in the occiput (nineteenth day),'. — A purulent dis- 
charge from the ears, with sticking headache (after thirty-two days),'. — A 
previous discharge from the ears ceases (curative action),'. — Suddenly a 
sensation as if the ear were enveloped or stopped,'. — Fain in the ear; a sen- 
sitive pressure behind the right ear (alter six days),'. — Stitches in the ears 
(after six weeks),'. — Stitches in the ears in the morning when washing in 
cold water (after three days),'. — Stitches in the left ear, on waking un- 
usually early (fourth day),'('). — [100.] Stitehes in ilie left ear, in two 
provers (after fourteen days),'. — Stitching in lefl ear (in a man), (fourteenth 
dayj.^ — Stitching in left ear, with headache in the forehead, and stitching 
in left, lower, hollow, molar tooth (in a female), evening (fourteenth day), . 
— Sore pain in the ear on boring in with the finger (thirty -second day),'. — 
Itching in the left ear, and sore pain after removing the ear-wax, in the 
evening, when walking; at the same time a kind of sticking in the left side of 
the neck (nineteenth day),', — Diflicnit hearing in the left ear, in a child five 
j-ears old (ninth day),'.— -Crackling in the left ear, as if thick wax were in 
it which stopped the ear, which then opened again, in the evening (tenth 
day),' ('). — Dull drumming in the left ear, as if over a subterranean vault 
(fourteenth day),' ('). — Ringing and piping in the right ear, which after- 
wards changed to a roaring (twentieth day),'. — Roaring and ringing in 
right ear (eighth day),' ('). — [110.] Roaring in the ears, and much difiicult 
hearing (eighteenth and nineteenth days),'. — Rushing in the left ear as from 
a storm (third and fourth days),'. 

iVoj»e. — Tlie infant rubs his nose vigorously with the hands, and then 
the eyes (fifteenth day),'. — {*Red and shining sxoelling of the nose, with 
throbbing and tensive seitsation),'. — *Ih the upper and forepart of tite left 
nostril, towards the lip of the nose, a small boil, with sore pain and swelling of 


BORAX. 199 

lAe tip of the no»e (tenth day),'. — * VUeration in tlie left nostril, in the forepart, 
in the tip, \intk gore pain and meelling oj the tip of the nose (tenth day),'. — 
*Many dry enudu in the noee, which noniituiMy form again alter being removed 
. {after sixteen days),', — SneeKing, with great paiuftilnesB ; he tries to stop it, 
since it causes severe sticking in the right side of the chest ; for three weeks 
(after six days),'. — Sneezing and fluent coryza (first days),'. — Fluent coryza 
with much crawliDg in the nose (after sixteen days), . — [120.] Discharge 
of much greenish ihiuk mucus from the nose,', — Bleeding from the nose 
(after twenty-five days), '.^Bleeding of the uose in the morning, and in the 
evening pulsating headache (after six davs),'. — Some blood is usually dis- 
charged on blowing the nose, preceded by itching in the nose (eighteenth ' 
day),'. — Itching and crawling in the nose ; he is obliged to put bis finger 
into it (after twelve days),'. 

Face. — *Erysipelas in the face (after thirty-four days),'. — * The face of 
the infant looh pale, suffering, earthy (first day),'. — Swelling of the face 
with pimply eruptions on the nose and lips (fir«t days), '.^Swelling, heat 
and redness of the face, with tearing pain in the malar bone, and severe 
pain in the swelling when laughing (thirty-first and thirty-second days),'. — 
A feeling in the right side of the face, by the mouth, as if cobwebs bad 
formed there,', — [130,] Dull tearing in the lefl cheek, starting from a 
hollow tooth, with pressure in the forehead and in both eyeballs (after four 
days),*, — Red inflamed swelling as large aa a pea on the lower lip, with 
burning soreness when touched (forty-first day),'.— Twitching of the muscles 
near the right corner of the mouth several times,'. — Burniug in the upper 
lip below the left nostril, in the morning in bed (seventh day),' ('). — Burn- 
ing pain in the lower lip, soon passing away, in the evening (third day),' ('). — 
4 A.M., sensation in the lower lip like the crawling of insects (fourth day),'. 
— Crawling on the lips as from beetles (second day),'. 

Mouth. — Teeth and Gums. A piece broke out of a hollow tooth 
of itself (after six days),'. — The teeth seem too long (first day),'. — Tooth- 
ache in an upper hollow tooth, with burning of the cheek, which pains as if 
tense when touched (after seven days),'.— [140.] Constrictive griping in a 
hollow tooth (after four days),'. — Toothache in a hollow tooth, dull griping, 
in wet rainy weatlter, in five provers,'. — Aching in the hollow teeth in bad 
weather (after forty days),'. — Dull, pressive boring in the hollow teeth in 
the evening, Jn cool air (first day),', — Pressive-digging toothache, after every 
supper and break^t ; is relieved by tobacco smoking; for several days 
(after forty days),'. — Drawing pain in the teeth,', — Fine intermitting 
stickings in all the teeth, mostly in a hollow back tooth in the left lower 
jaw (second day),' ', — Slicking toothache in a left lower hollow back tooth, 
with sticking in the left ear and headache in the forehead, in the evening 
(after fourteen days),", — Tearing from the hollow teeth into half of the 
head, if they are touched with the tongue, or if cold wat«r ta taken into the 
mouth,'. — Tearing and griping in an upper hollow tooth, which seems to 
be larger than natural, so that she cannot bite or cleucb the teeth ; with 
infiammation and swelling of the gum as if a gum-boil would form ; iu the 
evening the pain extends into the lower teeth, and then disappears on going 
to sleep (fourth day),', — [160.] Crawling and tickling in the lower incisors, 
followed by accumulations of saliva in the mouth (atW seven days),'. — 
Swelling of the gum for three days, with pressure in the hollow teeth iu bad 
weather (after forty days),'.— */ji^amed large guxlling on the outer side of 
the gum, which paint severely (gum-boil), with dull pain in a hollow tooth; 
iweUing of the cheek and whole left side of the faee, at far at below the eye, 


200 BORAX. 

where there u an elevated ademaUnu etaellintj (smelling of Chamomilla re- 
lieves the paia), (after thirty-six dayB>,'. — The gums of the upper teetJi 
bleed without pain (aller sis days^,'. — Tongue, 'An aphtha on the tongue 
(after thirty-tnree days),', — *Iied blisterg on the tongue, as if the glcin were ■ 
eroded ; they pain on every jnotion of the tongue, or if anything salt or sour 
touches them (after five weeks),'. — Dryness of the tongue in the afternoon 
(third day),'. — Falling oaleep of the tongue, so that respiration is impeded,'. 
— Cramp in the tongue, as if stiff and gone to sleep, so that hi-catliiiig is 
impeded thereby,' ('). — JHouth, *Aphth(E in the mouth faft^r four 
weeks),', — [160.] *An aphtha in the inner side of the cheek, which hleedt 
when eating (after thirty days),'. — *The infant'n palate was wrinkled and it 
oried frequently wlien nursing (after four weeks),*. — *The mucoiu viem- 
brane of the forepart of the palate is tkrlvelkd as if burnt, and pains, 
e^ectaUy when chewing, for several days (after six days),'.— Slimy mouth 
(first day),'.— *The month of the infant was very hot,'.— Pain in the 
corners of the mouth, as if they would ulcerate (after twenty days),'. — 
Copious cold saliva,*. — l\ittte, *The tade is flat and itiaipid (after five 
days),'. — *She had no taste when she ale anything, for aeeeral weeks (after 
eight days),'. — The soup has no taste at dinner; it causes sweat (eighth 
day),'. — [170,]* Sitter tasle; if she eats anything or neallotag saliva everytiiing 
tastes bitter (second day),' (')- 

Throat, — Much mucus accumulates in the throat, which he must ex- 
pectorate,'. — Tough mucus in the throat, which is difficult to loosen (after 
eighteen days),'. — Much tough mucus in the throat, which he must hawk 
up with much exertion, so that he vomits (after six days),'. — *Tough 
whitish tnuciis in the fauces, whicli is loosened only after great exertion (lor 
. several days), (aft^r five days),'. — A piece of mucus streaked with blood is 
hawked up (aft«r nine days),'. — Hawking of mucua in the morning; the 
mucus is easily raised in lumps,'. — Green loose mucus is hawked from the 
throat (after twelve days),'. — Dryness in the throat (after five days),'. — 
Roughness in the throat, as if a grater were in it,'. — [180,] Throat rough in 
the moroiDg,'. — Burning in the throat; this causes him to swallow saliva, 
which is paiuful (ninth day),'. — Rawness in the pit of the throat, with 
drawing stitches in it when coughing and sneezing, and with relief after 
hawking up mucus (eleventh day),', — Scraping in the throat, causing a di7 
cough (after first day),'. — Tickling in the throat, provoking a dry cough 
(after four weeks),'. 

Stomach. — Appetite. Great appetite in the evening,'. — Increased 
appetite for breakfast (fourth day),'. — Appetite much less than usual (after 
five days),'. — Less hunger and appetite than usual (first five weeks),'. — 
Diminished hunger ana appetite, frequently however hunger without real 
appetite (after five days),', — [190.] He eats very little,'. — He has less 
appetite, especially for sunper (after eight days),'. — She has very little 
appetite in the evening for several weelts (after eight days),'. — Loss of 
appetite, nausea, drawings in the head from the vertex to the temples, and 
drawings from the abdomen toward the groin, every evening for several 
days (fifth week),'. — No appetite for dinner (after twelve days),'. — No 
more desire for tobacco (second day),'. — Thirst in the morning ; he must 
drink a great deal (fourteenth day),'. — Longing for sour drinks (fourteenth 
and fifteenth days),'. — SLccough and Nausea. The iufant hiccoughs 
very often,'. — Severe hiccough, which makes the throat raw,'. — [800.] 
Hiccough after eating (eighth daj'),'. — Nausea,'. — Nausea during eating 
(after nineteen days),'. — Nausea with periodic inclination to vomit (fifth 


BORAX. 201 

day),'.— Nausea in the morning, with inclinatioD to vomit ; disappears after 
dioDer (sixth day),'. — Nausea immediately after wakiug, with great in- 
cliuatioD to vomit, which however does oot follow until he drioks water, 
when he vomits a large quantity of mucus and some bitter substAnco with 
great exertion (seventeenth day),'. — Kausea followed by vomitiiig of mucus, 
with heat and rapid feverish pulse (after Hveuty-three doya),'. — Nausea 
even to vomiting when riding (first day),'. — Nausea and little appetite 
(fourth day),'. — Nausea in the stomach, with pain in the sternum, from 3 
o'clock in the afternoon till evening, several days in succession (after five 
days),' ('). — [210.] Nausea and sick feeling even to fainting, in the morn- 
ing (sixth day),'. — Frequent nausea and fomtness in the afternoon (after 
twelve days), . — Nausea at the thought of eating, at noon, with coldness, 
drawing headache and pain in the abdomen, followed by three attacks of 
diarrhoea (after tv/entj days),'. — Vomtttng. Vomiting tough fluid sub- 
stance,'. — Vomitingofsourmucus,afterbreakfast (of cocoa), (second day),'. 
— Heaviness in stomach, diminished by walking in open air,'. — Epi- 
gastrium, Pain in the stomach, as from bad digestion, on externa! 
pressure on the pit of the stomach (second day),'. — *PaiH in the region of 
the stomaeh ajter lifting tomething heavy ; the pain goes into Uie irmali of the 
back, where it becomes sticking, so that she cannot turn without pain the whole 
night; in the morning better (two days before the menses), (thirteenth day),'('). 
— * After eating, which he relislies, great distension, discomfort, sick feeling and 
ill humor; in the evening, on going into the open air, somewhat relieved 
(after fortj^-one days),'. — Afler eating apples, with mutton, fulness iu the 
stomach, with peevishness and iI!-humor ; fulness in the head, as if the blood 
forcibly pressed into it (nineteenth day),'. — [220,] Constrictive pain in the 
region oi the stomach (after six days),'. — Constrictive jjain in the region of 
the stomach every day from four in the morning till twelve at noon, a kind 
of winding-up sensation, which extends to the spine, where it causes a stick- 
ing, for several days in succession,' ('). — Pressure in the stomach (first day),'. 
— Pressure in the stomach after every meal (first days),'. — After eating 
pears, especially in the morning or forenoon, pressure in the pit of the 
Btomach, with discomfort,'. — Pressure in the pit of the stomach, which dis- 
appears ou walking,'. — Pressive-sti eking in the stomach, with oppression of 
the chest, which compels him to take a deep breath, which, however, he can- 
not do on account ol sharp pinching pain in the right side of the chest,'. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. A sensitive pressure in the region 
of the spleen (first dav),'. — In the left hj'pochondrium, a feeling as of vio- 
lent pressure, as with tne hands, when riding in a carriage without springs,'. 
— Pressure, and sometimes a burning, with a sensation in the left hypo- 
chondrium on deep breathing, as if something rose up into the chest from 
the region of the spleen, which sank down again on expiration (after six 
days), . — [230.] A pressure in the left hypochondrium, from the lowest 
ribs to the hip-bone, which is increased by external pressure, after a mid- 
day sleep till evening (second day),'. — Preasive pain in the left hypochon- 
drium, as if a stone lay there, when dancing ; on continuing to dance it 
disappears (after fifteen days),'. — On the second day afi«r menstruation 
pressure, aa from a stone in the right hypochondriac region, extending to 
the shoulder-blade, from which place the pain extends spasmodically into 
the stomach and small of the back, followed by vomiting,' ('). — Cutting in 
the right hypochondrium soon afler breakfast, extending downward across 
through the bowels, followed by diarrhcea; evacuation sudden (third 
^^J^i- — Cutting in the left hypochondrium on walking rapidly, as if a 


202 BORAX. 

hard, sharp, movable piece were there, with a sensation in the abdomen 
as if only hard pieces were in it much mixed up (after six days),'. — The 
drawing-sticking pain in the right side of the chest extends down into the 
right tlnnk, where it becomes exceedingly painful on hiccoughing, sneezing, 
coughing, and yawning (three weeks),'. — Abdomen, Rumbling in ab- 
domen,*. — Much rumbling in the abdomen at night, relieved by passing 
flatus upward and downward,'. — After dinner, rumbling in the abdomen 
and diarrhcea (third day),'. — Much flatulence,'. — [240.] Much discharge 
of flatus,'. — Formation of flatulence and frequent passage of it,'. — Abdo- 
men distended after supper (fifth day),'. — *tlatiileiit distention afier every 
meal (after five days),'. — Weakness in the alxtoinen (fourth day),'. — 'Pain 
in the abdomen neveral times through the day, as if diarrhaa wovM result,'. — 
Immediately after eating, pain in the abdomen, as if diarrhcea would come 
on; disappears afler a midday nap (second day),'. — *lHneliing in the abdo- 
men, at different times,', — *Finehing in the abdomen, with, diarrhma (after 
twenty days),'. — Pinching constrictive pain in the abdomen above the navel, 
so that she is obliged to bend double, then It ceases; daily in the morning 
for five minutes (after eight days),'. — [250.] Griping pains in the abdomen, 
with shivering and gooseflesh (after aix days),'. — During menstruation, 
spasmodic dragging and shooting pain in the groin,'.-— Stitching in the ab- 
domen, in the region of the uterus, in the evening, in bed (second day),'. — 
*At the time of the metises, pain in the groin like stitehing and premng; at 
the next period they were absent, on account of which »he received, six 
weeks afterwards, two pellets of Borax 1st, whereupon the menses appeared 
on the following day, with griping in the abdomen,'. 

Kectutn and Anns. — Contraction in the rectum, with itching (after 
forty days),'. — Stitches in the rectum in the evening (after two days),' ('). 
— A swollen vein in the anus as large as a pencil, and painless (second and 
third days),', — Brown mucus in the anus after the stool (after nine days),'. 
— Boriug-sticking paiii in the anus and small of the back (after fifteen 
days),'. — Itching in the anus in the evening (seventh day),'('). — [260.] 
Ib^hiug in the anus, as from haimorrhoidal mucus (sixteenth day),'. 

Stool. — After smoking, a feeling as though diarrhcea would come on 
(sixth day),'. — Freq^uent desire for stool, with rumbling in the abdomen 
and diarrhoea-like discharges (first days),'. — Frequent desire for stool, with 
pinching in the bowels, and easy, pasty evacuations,'. — Desire for stool in 
the morning; at first hard, then diarrhcea-like discharge, with burning in the 
anus (first day),'{'). — Very soft stool in the morning; in the evening the 
usual evacuation (after seven days),'. — Frequent very easy stool e\'ery day 
(first days),'. — Two scanty, pasty stools,'. — Diarrhcea-like stool in the after- 
noon, with much wind, following a hard stool in the morning (fifth day),'. 
— Diarrhcea, two or three times, without pain (after one hour),' ('). — [270.] 
The child has three stools a day, the last like yellow water,'. — Stool every 
hour, soft, slimy, without other symptoms (third day),'. — Diarrhcea during 
the first three days (in a subject constantly troubled with constipation),'. — 
Diarrhcea after breakfast, four times in succession (fourth day),'. — *Diar- 
rhcea six times, from the morning till 2 P.M., withmti pain (fifth day),' ('). — 
Diarrhcea, with rumbling in the abdomen (first days),'. — Diarrhoaa sudden 
toward noon, with nimbfing and grumbline in the abdomen (fourth day),'. 
— Diarrhtea, without pain, twice a day, followed by diachai^e of mucus 
and blood (sixteenth day),', — Diarrhcea immediately after eating, with 
weakness in the joints and legs, which is relieved after walking (first day),'. 
— The primary action of Borax is diarrhoea, followed by no stool for sev- 


BORAX. 203 

eml days, afterwards a hard stool daily,'. — [280.] Soft stoo! (first three 
days),', — Hard stool, with straining (sixteenth day),'. — Pale miiciis passes 
four times, with the stool once involuntarily (fourteenth day),'. — •Soft.ligit- 
yoUoV, nmooilS atooi, three times a day, with weakness and exhaustion (first 
days),'. — * Greeit Moot in the infant preceded by crying {sixth day),'. — Tena- 
cious, glutinous, yellowish mucus with the stool (eighteenth and nineteenth 
days),'. — Reddish liquid mucus with the stool, as if it was colored with blood 
(twenty-first day), '.^Passage of blood and mucus from the anus (ninth 
day),'. — Passage of round worms,'. — [290.] Constipation, with ftecos like 
sheep-dung fiir ten days (after several days),' '. 

Urinary Organs. — Pressure and sticking in the region of the kid- 
neys, increased on turning (after three days),'. — Dark-blue spots at the ori- 
fice of the urethra, as if the skin was ofi', with biting pain on urinating 
(after twenty-four days),'. — The orifice of the urethra seems agglutinated 
with gum,'. — Burning tension in the urethra after urinating,'. — Hmarting 
pain along the urethra, especially when touched (after twenty-six davs),*, — 
"Smarting in the urethra ajler vrinating (fifteenth, twentieth, and thirtieth 
days),'. — *The orifice of the urethra pains as if sore after unuating,'. — 
During involuDtary emission, cutting pain in the urethra; the semen was so 
thin that he thought he uriuated,'. — *Severe urgent desire to urUiate, so that he 
can scarcely hold the urine (first days),'. — [300.] Severe urging to urinate at 
night, several times (twenty-fifth day),'. — *At night he must rise several 
times to urinate (after thirty-four days),'. — After an emission, urging to 
urinate, and on urinating cutting in the urethra,'. — 'Desire to urinate, with- 
out being able to pass a drop, with cutting in the genitals and distension in 
both hips, for two hours (first day),' (*). — Frequeut urinating (first days),'. 
— *The infant urinates nearly every ten or twelve minulen,and frequently 
ories and icreamB hefore the urine pasBes, for a long time (after six days),'. 
— 'Hot nrme in the in&nt (after four days),', — *Pungent smell of the 
urine (first davs),', — Pungent peculiar smel! of the urine (first two weeks),'. 

Sexttfll Orgarm. — Male. Tensive erection in the anoming on 
waking (fourth day),'. — [310.] Frequent excitement of the genitals with- 
out desire for coition (first day),'. — Stitches in the genitals, soon disappear- 
ing (first dav),'. — Sticking sore pain, especially when touched oil the penis 
at the margi'n of the place where a chancre formerly existed (after twenty- 
four days),*.— While resting his hands in a kind way upon a sick female 
he had sensual sensations without desire for coition (third day),'. — Indif- 
ference to coition (first five weeks),'. — He is obliged to wait a long time 
during coition for the discharge of semen (after five weeks),'. — Emission 
with di'enm of coition, whereby the semen came very rapidly, which woke 
him,'. — On coition, the semen parses very soon, and (here is a continual irri- 
tation in the genitals (after five weeks),', — Female. Easy conception 
during the use of Borax observed in five women,'. — A woman who had been 
Sterile fourteen years on account of a chronic acrid leucorrhren, in addition 
to other remedies at last took Borax ; she became pregnant and the leucor- 
rhcea improved,". — [380.] Sticking in the region of the uterus (second 
day),'. — Sensation of distension and sticking in the clitoris at night (sixth 
day),'. — LeucoTrh(8a white, like mucus, without other symptoms, fourteen 
days after menstruation (after fifteen weeks),'. — *Leueorrhfea thick as paste 
and white, for five days (after four days),'.— IrfUeoirhiBa like the white oJ 
an eg^, with BeuaatiDn aa if warm water were flowing down, several 
days (after twelve days),', — Menstruation appeared one day too soon, with- 
out any trouble (after four days),'. — Menses three days too scon, without 
any pain (after seven weeks),'. — MenstFuation four days too early, without 


aoy trouble ; only the evening and the morniog preceding its appearance 
heaviness on the chest, iviih difficult breathing and much roaring in the 
ears (after twenty-six days),'. — *Meiiiiei four daf/g too toon and very profuee, 
with gripings in the abdomen, tiauxp-a ani pain in tlie afomadi, extending into 
the tmall of the back, which lasted till midnicrht, when a profuse sweat broke 
out aod she fell asleep (eighth day),'. — The menses omitted the second 
month after taking the drug, but after she had taken a dose of Borax in 
the sixth week appeared the next day, with piuchings in the abdomen,*. — 
[330.] The menses, which had omitted six weeks, appeared immediately 
after taking Borax, lasted one day and again disappeared ; it was so copious, 
however, that it seemed more like a hemorrhage,'. — Suppression of the 
menses tor fifty-four days, without any trouble, then they appear, without 
pains at first, somewhat pale; in the afternoon, however, reader and more 
profuse; they cease uu the third day in the night and return again on the 
ibiirth (they should have appeared three weeks after taking the drug),'.- — 
Meusea two days very scanty, the third day very profuse, with pale-red 
blond, until the sixth day, with weakness, so that she cuuld scarcely stand,'. 

Rexitiratory Apparatus. — Tearing in the larynx, in the evening 
(third day),'. — Dry hacking in the child,'. — *Hacking and violent cough, 
Kith alight expectoration, of a mouldy taste and of the laine Bmell, from tlie 
ehe*t, with every paroxysm of cough; in the evening (third day),'. — Night 
cough,', — Cough, with scraping in the throat and pressure in the chest (first 
day),'. — "Dry cachectic cough, as in old people, especially in the morning 
on rising ami in the evening when lying tfown.w'A Hicking in the right side 
of the eked and right flank; washing the chest with cold water afforded the 
most relief, but after drinking wine tJte pains were aggravated; for twelve 
days (after three weeks),'. — Cough, with expectoration of mucus, mostly in 
the morning, with pain in the region of the liver, which still continues until 
noon (fourth day),'.— [340.] Streaks of blood in the mnem, when coughing 
up a white mucus which is difiicult to loosen (eighteenth day),'. — Respira- 
tion difficult (after eighteen days),'. — Respiration difficult; he is obliged lo 
breathe deeply, which he cannot do on account of stitches in the chest (the 
first days),'. — 'Every three or five minutes he ie obliged to take a quick, deep 
breath, which it every (t'me followed by a stitch in the right side of the chest, 
with a subdued painful sigh and slow ej:piration (after seven days),'. — 
''Arrest of the breath when lying in bed ; he is obliged to jump up and 
catch for breath every time he has a stiteh in Ike right side of the chest (after 
seven days),'. — Shortness of breath after ascending steps, so (hat he cannot 
sfreak a word, and when he speaks he has every lime a stitch in the rig^ht 
Bide of the cheat ; so also in running or on any exertion of the body which 
heats him (after eight days),'. 

Chest and Heart. — The milk is increased (fourth day),', — Much 
milk flows from the breast, so that the bed becomes wet (after thirty-two 
days),'. — The milk which flows from the breast becomes cheesy and curdled 
(the first days),'.— Anxiety in the chest In the evening, in bed (first day),'. — 
[360] Oppression of the chest in the evening, in bed (first day),'. — Heavi- 
ness on the chest, so that for a time she cannot breathe (after six weeks),'. 
— Weakness in the chest, with dryness in the throat (ninth day),'. — At 
every attempt to breathe the chest becomes contracted (fourteenth, fifteenth, 
and seventeenth days),'. — Tightness of the chest, with constrictive oppres- 
sion of the breath on ascending steps ; he is then obliged to take a deep 
breath, which is accompanied every time by a sensitive drawing stitch in 
the right side of the chest (sixth day),'. — Press! ve tightness, extending from 
the pit of the stomach into the chest when sitting stooped; it impedes res- 


BORAX. 206 

pirntion and causes a stickiDg in the lung (seventh day),'. — Drawing pain 
m a email spot in the intercostal muscles, which changes on beudmg toward 
theleftsideintoa pain a« from a severe blow,'. — Pressure in the chest,' ('). — 
During a de«p inspiration a sensation as If something with a burning pres- 
sure arose from the left hypuchondrium into the chest and sank down again 
on expiration,'. — Fressing on the chest, with »;raping in the throat and 
cough (first day),'. — [360.] Pain in the pectoralis major muscle, as from a 
hard bed, with soreness on touch, at night (third day),' ('). — Tearing from 
the larynx into the chest, provoking cough (after five weeks),'. — *With 
every cougli and deep iiupiratiaii sticking in the olieat (after seven day^),*. 
— Stitches in the chest as from incarcerated flatus (first days),'. — Stitches, as 
with fine needles, from the back of the chest, in the evening (after eight 
days),'. — *^itches in thf. ch^t wkeit yawning, coughing, and breathing deeply 
(seventh day),'. — When lying quietly stretched out upon the buck the 
chest feels somewhat better,'. — Pains in the chest are mostly relieved by 
walking slowly about the room ; he then feels most comfortable,'.— 'Con- 
traelive pains in the left breast when the child nurses the right (first days),'. — 
*Gripingg and sometimes stitches in the lejl mamma, and when the child hag 
nursed me is obliged to oomprem the breast with Iier hand, because it aches on 
account of being empty ,'. — [870.] Drawing pain in the right intercostal mus- 
cles if he bend forward and to the right (after six days),'. — • With every 
paroxysm of cough sticking in the right side of the chest in the region fif tlie 
nipple; in the evening (third day),'('). — Stitches immediately in the right 
side of the chest if he raises the arm (seventh day),'. — Stitches in the left 
ribs, with soreness iutenially in the chest,'. — With every inspiration stitch- 
ing in the left side of the chest as with a knife (second day),'. — *Stitekeg 
betu'een the rib» of the right side, so that he cannot lie upon that siile on account 
of the pain, with »eimfive drawing and obstruction of breathing, so that he lias 
to catch for breatli; if he lies npon the painful side llie pains immediately 
aicaken him from sleep (first four weeks),'. — Hlitching in the region of the 
left ribs, with aching in the chest; cough with expectoration of mucus 
several times during the day, especially in the morning ; i^ith a pain in the 
region of the liver, which also continues without the cough till noon (fourth 
day),*. — If he holds the painful side with the hand, on account of the pain 
in the chest, it is somewhat relieved,'. — * When coughing he is obliged to 
press the right aide of the eked and flank with the hand, tvliereby the paing are 
tolerable (the first three weeks),'. — Sticking pressure on the sternum after 
dinner, iucreasetl by deep inspiration (fortieth day),'. — [380.] A feeling 
OS if the heart were on Uie right side and were being squeezed (seventh 


Nech and Sack. — Rheumatic drawing pain in the neck, which ex- 
tends to the left shoulder and then into the shoulder-blade, in the evening 
when walking in the open air (forty-first day),', — Pain in the back, when 
sitting and stooping, as from pressure (third day),', — Pain in the back 
when walking (first day),'. — Pam in the back, with much mucous discharge 
with the stool (nineteenth day),'. — Burning in the back while silting (fifth 
day),'. — Dull backache when stooping (sixth day),'. — Dull pi-essure in the 
back (seventh dav),'- — Pressive pain in the back oo both shoulders,'. — 
Stitches inthe rig'ht lumbar n^ion, increased by stooping, in the morning, 
while walking, relieved when sitting (first day),'. 

Upper il'xfrcmifics.— [390.] Drawing and tearing pain in the 
shoulder and between the shoulders, so that he canuot stoop, for eight davs 
(after five weeks),'. — Momentary stitches as with needles in the right 
shoulder,'. — Pressure un both shoulders,'. — Burning pain in the upper arm 


206 BORAX. 

a hand's breadth aroimd the whnle arm (second day),'. — Sticliing in the 
palm, with a feeling in the whule hand, extending above the wmt, aa if the 
arm had gone to sleep, in the evening (aecond day),' ('). — Teariug and 
breaking sen^tion in tne forepart of the right hand, as if rhenniatic (after 
fifteen days),'. — Burning heat and redness of the fiiigervi, even from slight 
cold, as if they had been frozen (after twenty-four days),'. — Throbbing pain 
ill the tip of the thumb day and night, frequently waking him from sleep 
at night (second and third daya),'. 

Lower Extremittea. — Burning pain on the left thigh a hand's 
breadth around the whole limb (eighth day),'. — A burning in the right 
thigh near the pudenda, which is increased by cough or laying the band 
upon it (third day),'. — [400.] Transient tearing in the bone of the right 
thigh, extending from the middle downward and up again, from morning 
till noon, and again iu the evening (seventh day),' ('j.-— Erysipelatous in- 
flammation and swelling of the left leg and foot afler violent dancing, with 
tearing tension and burning in it, atid increased burning pain when touched; 
on pressure with the finger the redness dit<appears lor a moment (seven- 
teenth day),'.- — Numb sensation with heat in the left lower leg,'. — In the 
foot where the erysipelas was a tension on the back, so that standing be- 
came difficult; she was not prevented from walking (twenty -second day),*. 
— A feeling of heaviness in the feet on ascending steps, in the evening (first 
day),J('). — Formication and trembling of the feet, with nausea aud ten- 
dency to faintness; disappears when walking in the open air (fourteenth 
day),'. — Pain in the beel, as if sore from walking,'. — Stitching in the sole of 
the foot (in two persons at the same time), (second day),' {'). — Inflamma- 
tion and itching on the balls of the little toes as from freezing (fifteenth 
day),'. — Sensitive burning pain in the great toes, especially in the balls, 
particularly when walking (aft«r forty-one days),'. — [410.] Pain in the 
joints of the toes of the left foot on stepping, as if something pressed them 
(twentieth day),'. — Freqiient stitches in the corns, particularly in rainy 
weather (first days),'. — Boring stitches in the corns, relieved by pressing 
upon them (first five weeks),'. 

Generalities, — *The infant becomes pale, nearly earthy-colored ; the 
previously firm flesh becomes soft and flabby ; he cries a great deal, refuses 
the breast, and frequently screams out anxiously in his sleep (firet thi-ee 
weeks),'. — While meditating at his work, trembling in the whole body, 
especially in the hands, with nausea and weakness of the knees (eighth 
day),'. — Restlessness in the body, which does not permit him to sit or lie 
long in one place (firxt day),'. — After an animated conversation restlessness 
iu tne body, nausea aud stupefaction and vertigo (third day),'. — During a 
meal restlessness in the whole body, with nausea, so that he could only eat 
with efibrt ; stretching backward aflorded relief (after twenty days),'. — 
She feels very weak aud powerless (after five weeks),'. — Weakness, espe- 
cially in the abdomen and limbs (fourth day),'. — [420.] Loss of power in 
the joints (fiftii day),'.— Prostrated, weak and tired, with heaviness In the 
feet (firet days),'. — Weak, indolent, fretful, thirsty after the midday sleep, 
with heat when walking in the open air, and on the head aud face, 
with confusion of the head, pressure in the forehead and eyes, which pain 
on touch as if sore ; together with inclination to breathe deeply, and when 
doing so, sticking in the intercostal muscles, with hard, quick pulse,'. 

Skin. — * Unkealihineiit of the shin ; slight injuries suppurate and ulcer- 
ate,'. — Two hard wartlike indurations on the inner surface of the hand, 
after it had been beaten somewhat strongly with a stick (after thirty days),'. 


BORAX. 207 

—Whitish pimples, as large as flaxseed, with red areola, on the chest and 
throat, as far as the nape of the neck (sixth week),*. — Inflitmed pimples im 
the back of the little toe, which pain like eoms (fifteenth day),'.— Papulous 
eruption in the face (after four days),'.- — Red papulous eruption ou the 
cheeks and around the chin, in the infant (after five weeks),'. — A corroding 
blister forms upon the nates (fifteenth day),'. — [430.] Large herpetic spote 
upon the mouth, and the upper lip very scuriy, follow burning heat,'. — 
Herpetic eruption on the uatea of the child (after four weeks),'. — Pustule 
with red areola on the middle finger nf the right hand, with swelling and 
etiffiiess of the finger, which continues to suppurate and pain after the 
opening of the pustule (after thirty days),'. — Old wounds and ulcers are 
inclined to suppurate,'. — Long-continued suppuration of a place under the 
thumb nail, where she had stuck a needle, with painfulness to touch,'. — A 
suppurating spot in the heel, which had been rubbed by the shoe,'. — An 
ylcer in the left axil! a,'. —Violent itching and crawling on the oa coccygis, 
so that he cannot help scratching, followed by a discharge of niucua from 
the anua (after thirty-two days),'. — A feeling as if a cobweb were lying 
upon the skin of the hands,'. — Itching here and there on the backs of the 
hands, with irritation to scratch, aa if bitten by fleas,'. — [410.] *Severeilch- 
ing ou the backt of the finger joinia, go that he is obliged to »crateh litem v'lo- 
leutlyi'. — Itching on the malleoli (second, ninth, and tenth dap),'. 

Steep atid Dreams. — Very sleepy and tired in the evening,'. — 
Sleepiness at midday, and deep sleep for two hours (eighth day),'. — >Sieep 
early in the evening, and long sleep in the mornine, tor four weeks (after 
eight days),'. — *The child at tJte bread deepa more than ^laual, but icakeafre- 
qiieiitly (first days),'. — Much sleep in the twilight, but when he went to bed 
sleep disappeared, although during the day he had taken much exercise, 
and had slept but little the uight previous (after seven days),'. — Falls 
asleep late and wakes early (after six days),'. — He wakes before midnight, 
and cannot sleep till 2 o'clock,'. — He wakes at 1 o'clock in the night, and 
rannotsleep again till 4, on account of much thinking (ninth day),'. — [4fiO.] 
"She inakea wieommonly early, at 3 o'clock; she cannot fall asleep a^am 
tbr two honn, on accoimt of heat in the whole body, espeoially in the 
head, M'lVA evxat on Ike thigh (eleventh and twelfth days),' ('). — He wakes 
at 4 o'clock in the morning, and is quite wide awake, so that he goes to 
work with cheerfuln&is (after five weeks),'. — Very wide awake in ihe even- 
ing,'. — Restless sleep; she could nut sleep, but tossed about the bed (twenty- 
first day),'. — Restless night; he could not sleep well on account of rush of 
blood to the head, restlessness of the body, rumbling in the abdomen and 
diarrhcea (first dnya)".^*.A child five years old tosses abottl, eriee the whole 
night till 4 in the morning, frequently out of its sleep, and in the morning is 
in a whining mood; the infant frequently cries out of its sleep, and anx- 
ionaly grasps its mother, as if it had been frightened by a dream (fii-st 
two weeks).' ('). — Restless sleep, with thirst and coldness (first day),'. — He 
can sleep only on the left side; as soon as he turns u{K>n the right side he is 
awakened by drawing-sticking pains in the right intercostal muscles (seventh 
day),'. — A teeling as though he had not slept enough in the morning,'. — 
Voluptuous dreams (thirtieth day),'. — [460.] At uight, lascivious disgust- 
ing dreams (in a married woman), (first day),'. — She di'eams »Jf option, 
but without pleasurable sensation (fourth day),'. — Vexatious dreams,'. — A 
dream of sore throat and other diseases,'. 

Fever, — Shivering over the whole body at night and the following 
day, with throbbing pain in the occiput, as from suppuration (second 
day),* (*). — Chilliness over the whole body, especially in the back, without 


208 BORAX. 

tbirst, with flat taste, rawness of the laryax, stitches in the chest when 
breathing, weakness, prostration, stretching of the limbs, contracted quick 
pul^,togctherwithheat,heaviDeeB,andstupefiiction,anditithehead, burniug 
of the eyes, with sensitivaness to light (twenty-third day},'. — A chill at 
night, from 2 to 4, with trembling, vomiting of the food, tearing in the 
thighs and pain in their bones, as though they would be broken, followed 
after sleep by heat and thirst ; afterwards, at half-past eight in the morn- 
ing, bitter vomiting, followed by sweat, with diminished thirst (second 
day),'. — Coldness, with headache and suteequent heat, without thirst; on 
walking in tbe open air, the headache ceases, and she feels quite well (four- 
teenth day),'. — Coldness every second day, in the afternoon, with thirst 
and sleep, followed, on waking, by heat, with pressive pain in the inguinal 
ring, witnout subsequent sweat (thirty -eighth day),'. — with the erysipela- 
tous inflammation of the lower leg, first coldness, shivering, and thirst, 
with vomiting of food and bile, followed by heaviness in the head and 
throbbing in the temples, with restless sleep at night, only slumbering, anr) 
afterwards (on the sixth day) nose-bleed,'. — [470.] Coldness in the after- 
noon, ft^m 2 to 6 (after thirst in the forenoon) ; then until going to sleep, 
heat, with pressive pain in the left hypochondiinm (fifth week),'. — Cold- 
ness immediately after eating, with more thirst than appetite for dinner, 
and tensive drawing backward around the hypochondria, and heat sud- 
denly rising into the head on taking a deep breath ; then heat in the even- 
ing, at 6, during which he must tie down until 10, then sweat, and after 
the sweat thirst, for four days (fifteenth day),'. — At one time cohluess, at 
another heat, frequently with sweat in the face, duving which coldness 
runs up the back, with stretching of the limbs, with weariness and sleepi- 
ness, so that be is obliged to lie down in the afternoon, without, however, 
being able to sleep; when walking, he drags the feet, and is fretful and 
taciturn,'. — Heat if she puts the hands under the bed-covers; as soon as 
she puta them out she becomes cold again (fifth day),'. — Heat in the even- 
iug, in bed, and sweat, but immediately on rising he becomes chilly (seven- 
teenth day),'. — Burning heat and redness of the toes, with some coldness, 
as after freezing (after twenty-four dnj-s),'. — Flushes of heat frequently in 
the morning, with nausea and inclination to vomit (second day),'. — The 
infant ha* a hot huad, hot mouth, and hot palms (fourth, fifth, sixth, and 
seventh days),'. — Heat in the head in the evening, when writing, with 
thintt and sensation as if sweat would break out (seventh day),'. — Burning 
heat and redness of the left cheek (after four days),', — [480.] Perspiration 
at night,'. — Sweat during the morning sleep ; when dressing he feels cold, 
aud is seized with a dry cough, with rawness in the chest, as after taking 
cold (fifteenth day),*. 

Couilltioiin. — Ap^avation. — {Morning), In bed, vertigo; ^ddy, 
etc., feeling in head; at 10 o'clock, aehing in whole head, etc. ; headache; 
pressure in right eye; when writing, flickering before eyes; when washing 
in cold water, stitches in ears ; on waking unusually early, stitches in left 
ear ; nose-bleed ; in bed, burning in upper lip; hawking of mucus; throat 
nnigh ; thirst ; nausea, etc. ; after eating peas, pressure in pit of stomach, 
etc. ; pinching, etc., in abdomen ; desire for stool ; till 2 P.H., diarrhoea ; on 
waking, erection ; on rising, dry cough, etc. ; cough, etc. ; stitch in region 
of \eil ribs ; on stooping, while walking, stitch in lumbar region ; flusiics of 
heat; during sleep, sweat. — (forewMK), Cheerfulness, etc, ; tearing in the 
vertex ; from 4 o'clock till noon, pain in region of stomach ; after eating 
peas, pressure in pit of stomach, etc.; tearing in thigh-bone. — (Tmcard 


BORAX. 209 

noon), Diarrhcea, etc. — (Noon), Nausea, etc. ; sleepioeas. — {Afternoon), At 
4 o'eluck, fretful ; before etoot, fretful, etc. ; pain in forehead; boring in 
eye; tearing tn eyeballs; dryness of tongue; from 3 o'clock till evening, 
nausea, etc. ; frequent naufiea, etc. ; diarrlicea-like stool ; every second day, 
coldness, etc. ; from 2 to 6 o'clock, coldness. — {Evening), Head confused ; 
when walking, vertigo; headache in forehead, etc. ; headache in veitex, 
etc. ; stitches in leit eye ; ob.scnration of left eye ; stitching in left ear ; when 
walking, itching in left ear, etc. ; pulsating headache ; burning jmin in lip ; 
in cool air, boring in teeth ; sticking tootiiHche, etc. ; great appetite ; very 
little appetite ; loss of appetite, etc. ; in bed, stitching in abdomeu ; stitches 
in rectum; itcliing in anus; tearing in larynx; hacking, etc. ; on lying 
down, dry cough, etc.; in bed, anxiety in chest; in l)ed, oppression of 
chest; stitches (rom back of chest; with every fit of cough, sticking ic side 
of chest ; when walking in oiien air, pain in neck ; sticking in palm, etc. ; 
tearing iu thigh-bone; on ascending a height, heavy feeling in feet; in bed, 
heat, etc. ; when writing, heat in liund, elc. — {Night), Rumbling in abdo- 
men; urging to urinate; sense of distenMon, etc., in clitoris; pain in pecto- 
lalis major; eliiverin^;; from 2 to 4 o'clock, chill, etc.; perspi ratio n. -—( Oj) 
ascending a height). Fulness of the head ; shortness of breath ; tightness of 
chesl, etc. — {On bending forward and to tlie right). Pain in intercostal mus- 
cles. — {Afier breakfoM), 'iiiothtiche ; vomiting; cutting in right hypochon- 
drium ; diarrhcea.— {^( every attempt to breatlie). Chest oecomea constricted, 
— {On devp breathing), Sensation in left hypochondrium ; stUdies in chegt; 
pressure on sternum. — (After animated conversation), Restlessness, etc. — 
{Coughing), Stitches in pit of throat; ttihhea in cheat; pain in right side of 
chest; sticking in ehed; burning in right thigh. — {Dancing), Anxiety ; pain 
in left hypochondrium ; inflammation in leg. — {After dinner). Rumbling in 
abdomen, etc. — (JSad'ni/), Nausea ; hiccough; distension, etc. ; apples with 
mutton, fulness in stomach, etc. ; paiu in abdomen, etc. ; diarrhoea ; cold- 
ness, etc. — {During involunlari/ emission). Pain in urethra. — {After an 
emission), UrKing t(i urinate. — {la any exertion of body which heats). Short- 
ness of breath. — ( Hiccoughing), Pain in right side of chest. — ( With every 
inspiration), Stitcliing in chest. — {During deep inspiration), Sensation as of 
something rising into chest; sticking in cbeet. — {Laying on of the hand). 
Burning in right thigh. — (After lifting), Paia in stomach. — (_IF/tc» lying 
in bed), Arrest of breathing. — (During a meal), Re^llessncss, etc. — {After 
every nwd), Pi-essnre in stomach ; flatulent distension. — ( While meditating). 
Trembling of whole body. — (During menstruation), Throbbing in the head, 
etc. ; pain in groin, etc. — 1 On opening eyes). Pain in up[>er lid. — (On rais- 
ing arm). Immediately, stitches on right side of chest.— -(fieatftHj), Pain in 
forehead. — ( When riding). Nausea. — ( When riiiing in carriage without 
springs), Feeling as of pres-inre with hands. — {When sitting). Fulness in 
head, etc.; sensation in right eye; burning iu back. — (■iitting stotyied). 
Tightness from pit of stomach into chest; pain iu back. — iSnceting), 
Stitches in throat; poin in side of chest. — (After smoking). Feeling as 
though diarrhcea would come on. — ( On stepping). Pain in joints of toes. — 
(trooping). Pressure in frontal bone; dull backaehe.— (J^er supper). 
Toothache ; abdomen distended. — ( Touch), Pain in urethra ; pain in penis. 
— {On turning). Pressure, etc., in kidney region. — (Urination), Tension in 
urethra; smarting in urethra; cutting in urethra. — {On tcaking). Head 
confused ; immediately, nausea, etc. — ( When walking), Pain in biick ; pain 
in great toes. — (On walking mpidly). Cutting in left hypochondrium,— -(/n 
wet weatlier). Toothache in hollow tooth ; stitches in the corns. — {In bad 

VOL. 11.— 14 



Keaiher), Aching in hollow teeth; pressure lu hollow tetith. — {Drinking 
wine), Paius iu chest. — ( Writing), Paia io forehead. — {Yawning ), Paio in 
right side of chest. 

Atneliorfitton. — (Morning), Pain in stomach. — (Afiernoon), After 
Btool, lively, etc. — (Evening), On going into open air, distension, etc. — 
( Walking in open air). Headache ; fulnesa in head ; heaviness in stomach ; 
formication, etc., of the feet. — {On bending double), Pain in abtlomen 
ceases. — {Afier dinner). Nausea disappearE. — {On continuing to dance), 
Pain in left hyt^ochoudrium diaappeai-s. — {Hawking vp mueun). Rawness 
in throat. — [Holding painjul »ide with hand), Pain in chest. — ( When lying 
guietiy elrefched out upon the back). Chest feels better. — {Afier midday nap). 
Pain in ahlomen, etc. ; weakness, etc. — iPretmire), Stitches in groins- — 
(Rubbing), Sensation in eyes. — (Sitting), Stitches in lumbar region. — (To- 
baceo smoking). Toothache. — ( Walking), Pressure in pit of stomach ; weak- 
ness in joints, etc. — { Walking nlowlg about roam). Pains in cheat ; feels most 
comfortable.— ( Washing cbeM wiih cold water), Sticking iu chest, etc. 


B. lanceolatus, Wagler-Dumeril ; synonyms, Coluber glaucus, Linn. 
Vipera crerulescens, Laurent ; Coluber megara, Shaw; Copliias lanceolatus, 
Merrem; Ci'aspedocephalns lanceolatus. Gray (Trigouoce])liale jauue, 
Cuvier; Vipera janne; Fer-de-lanee). 

An Ophidian of the family Crotalidte, found in the Island of Martiniiiuc. 

Authority, Dr. Ch. Ozaiiam, L'Art, Med., ly, 116 (A collection of cases 
(15) and general ohservatious on the effect of the bite, quoted from Dr. 
Bufz, " Enqu<?le sur le serj>ent de la Martinique.") 

JUfllfl.— Consecutive and long-lasting hypochondria. — Ideas confused. 
— Coma, becoming deeper until death ensues. 

Send. — Vertigo. — Frequent dizziness. — Hemicrania. 

Eyes, — Amaurosis (sometimes immciiiately after the bite). — Persistent 
amaurosis. — Amaurosis, without perceptible dilatation of the pupil. — 
Hemeralopic amaurosis; can scarcely see her way, especially after sunrise. 
—[10.] Pupil a little dilated. 

Face, — Altered countenance. — Hippocratic countenance. — Injection, 
more or less dark and bluish, of the entire cutaneous surface of the face ; a 
hue like that of cholera iu the algid stage, or that in the last stage of yel- 
low fever. 

Mouth, — Trismus (after eighteen days). — Inability to articulate, mtk- 
out any affection of the tongue (after seven to fifteep hours). 

Stomach. — Gastric uiucous membrane dotted red. — Thirst. — Nausea 
and vomiting. — Vomiting. — [20.] Vomiting, followed by a nervous trem- 
bling. — Painful sensation extending to the epigastrium. — Intolerable epi- 
gastric malaise. 

Abilomeii. — Small intestines of a livid redness exteriorly. — Small in- 
testines dotted red, — Mucous membrane of the small intestines, especially 
the jejunum, inflamed in different parts. — Small intestines of a deep blue 
color, confined entirely to the muscular layer. — Severe pains in the abdo- 
men, which extend to the epigastrium and become intolerable (after a few 
hours). — The entire abdomen is sensitive to pressure. 

Stool and Urine. — Colliquative diarrhoea. — [30.] Kxmaturia. 

Respiratory Apparatus anil Cfiest. — Trachea and bronchi 



blue. — Ail the i<ymptoins oi pulnionary congestion, oppressed breathing, and 
bloody expectoration, more or less profuse (niler three to «ix days), — 
F record tat paius. 

Heaft and P^dse, — Soft, flabby heart. — Black 8i>ots on the peri- 
cnrdium and under the endocardium. — Pulse and respiration become tttovr. 
— Frequent and compressed puUe. 

ExtrcniitieH In General. — Speedy swelling of the bitten limb. — 
The swelling, at flret pule and confined to the parlH around the bite, be- 
comes livid and involves the entire limb, both below and above the bite. — 
[40.] Tlie swelling of the part bitten gradually extends to a great distance 
from its original seat; the limb becomes triple its ordinary size, and is soft 
and flabby, appearing as if distended with gas. — Enormous bloody infiltra- 
tion, lilte that which results from a violent bruise (of the bitten limb). — 
The extremities become cold. — Almost entire inability to move the right 
arm or right leg. — Paralysiti of oue arm, or of one leg, only. — Severe pain 
in the bitten limb. 

Upiter Extremities. — Arm swollen from band to shoulder. — Very 
considerable tumelaction of the whole limb, from the lingers to the shoulder 
and adjacent portion of the chest, sol^, like emphysema, very sensitive, 
with blue ^'pols. — Afler being bitten in the little finger of one hand paralysis 
began in tlie linger-tips of the olher hand, and extended over the whole of 
that side. — Cellular tissue, and also the muscles of the forearm (where tlie 
bite was inflicted) engorged with black blood. — [50.] The bones of the 
forearm and hand are laid bare. — Consecntive necrosis. — Numbness in the 
right arm (afler a bite on the right hand). — Anchylosis nnd deformity of 
the hand, which becante united into one immovable hone, with the wrist 
and Angers racked tt^elher. 

Lower Extreiiiitlett, — Legs infiltroted with bloody serum. — Very 
extensive suppuration of the leg. — Utstruction of the skin of the whole leg. 
— Left thigh enormously swollen, and of a bluish color, with here and 
there blotches of a deeper hue,'. — Softening of tlie cellular tissue in the 
hollow of the ham, and at the posterior portiou of the thigh, including one 
half of the limb.— Gangrene of tlie skin over the whole anterior portion of 
the righb leg from the foot to the knee. — [60.] Gangrene of the mu^les of 
the leg. — Interior extremity of the tihia laid bare (after fifteen days). — 
Tibiii-tarsnl articulation laid open. — Paralysis of the leg. — Gangrenous 
ulcer on the great toe. — Intolerable ])ain in the right gi'cat toe (the patient 
having been bitten on the left thumb). 

(ienernlitiett. — GEdematous swellings, like elephantiasis. — Infiltra- 
tion of bloody serum, equally didused throughout the substance of the ' 
cellular tissue, but better marked in the vicinity of the bites. — Very exten- 
sive suppuration. — Suppuration and sero-sanguinolent infiltration of all llie 
tiwucs.-^,''''-] Within two or three days suppuration sets in, the skin comes 
off, and, if tlie proper incisions are not made, the pari becomes gangrened ; 
portions of cellular tissue are detached, with a reddish sanious discharge; 
tlie tendons and bones are laid bare ; the joints are exposed ; sphacelus iu- 
vadc'a the parts, especially the fingers; the whole limb is dissected alive; 
colliquation succeeds, and if the patient does not succumb to the conse- 
quences of purulent absorption, or of gangrene, amputation becomes neees- 
sarv. — Remarkable fluidity, dissolved condition, of the blood. — The blood 
u black, or rusty -look i ng ; very fluid. — Hemorrhages of various kinds, 
and especially from wounds. — Very fluid black blood flows in jets at the 
leadt movement. — Capillary heiuorrhiige aflcr amputation; blood dis- 



charged coiitinQousIy, not by jets ; very fluid and very pale. — Muscles laid 
bare. — Tbe bJackened muscular tissue is dit^sectcd off bit by bit. — Cfiriea of 
the bones. — Emaciation. — [80.] Tetanus (after amputation). — Nervous 
trembling. — Opisthotonos (after fourteen days). — Convulsions and death 
(after two days). — Paralysis (generally incurable). — Hemiplegia of the 
right side (after five and seven hours). — ^Inexpressible latitude. — Weaknens. 
—-Repeated fainting fits. — Frequent gyncope. — [90.] Indefinable malaise; 
general uneasiness. — Intolerable pains in the swelling- 

S/r/w.— Bluish skin (of the legl.— Yellow skin, as in yellow fever.— 
Skin as if affected by a most extensive and severe bruise, — Bli>ody sub- 
cutaneous and iutermuscular infiltration. — Blackish, serous infiltration in 
the intermuscular tissue. — Many phlyctenre are formed under the epider- 
mis (of the bitten limb).— Phlyclenie iu the hollow of the ham.— Obstinate 
ulcers. — [100.] Abscess, more or lees considerable. — Fistulous openings. — 
Wounds heal with difiiculty. 

Sleei> ail^ Dreams, — Drowsiness. — Very remarkable sleep or coma, 
which may end in death. 

Fcvfr. — Chilliness. — Slight sfiiverinff, follorirsd byveri/ profuse cold iteeaL 
^Sometimes very great external heat. — General heut.^Hifrh fever. — [110.] 
Body covered with a cold and viscid sweat. — Profuse cold sweats at the 
beginning and end of the disease. 

(See Fesula Glauca.) 

{See Heracleum Sphondylium.) 


Lycoperdon Borista, Pers. Nat, order, Fungi ; Common names, Warted 
Puff ball, Kugelschwamm. Preparation, Triturations. 

Anthoritiet. 1, Hb, Hartlauh and Trinks, Arzneimittellehre, 3 ; 2, Ng., 
ibid.; 3, S., ibid.; 4, Petn>K, Journ. d. 1. soc. gaU 4. 82, symptoms observed 
' by M. Gerard from inhaling the fumes of the burning fungus; 5, Ibid., 
symptoms observe<i by a young woman from olfaction of the tincture. 

Mind — Emotionnt. Talkative,'. — Very open-hearted ; she spoke 
of her own failings, coutrarv to her custom,'. — Avei-se to everything after 
dinner,', — Very much exhilarated; life seems very pleasant to her, in the 
morning, but, towards evening, out of humor and (wevish,*, — Very coura- 
geous and vigorous ; he would like to fighi with everybody,'. — Melancholy 
the whole day,*. — Dull and depressed; and towards evening she became 
very weary,'. — Very much depressed (after three hours) ; then alterniiting 
moods and (after seven hours) great sadness, amounting to melancholy,', — 
Angiiit'h ; she felt as if enveloped in a black vapiir,'. — [10.] Great nemi- 
tivenegii; became easily offended at everything,'. — Very apprehensive, and 
at the same time fretful ; she was disinclined to do any work,'. — Very irri- 
table ; everything affected her,'. — Peevish mood, for an hour in the mom- 



ing after rising (fifth day"),'. — Ill-humored, fretful, and apprehensive, with 
confusion of the head,'. — Ill-humor, confusion of the beaa, gloomiuess, aUo 
peeviahnesH and irritubility, for fourteen days,', — Peevish, fretful, aud ill- 
humored during a violent headache in the afternoon,'. — Fretful, ill-humored, 
aud indifferent to life,'. — At one time life seemed very exciting to him, at 
another very httteful,'. — In company she was lively; alone, sad, depressed, 
and not interested in anything,', — [^0.] Extremely indifferent to all exter- 
nal ohjeets (ninth day),'. — Iiitelfeetual. Confused thoughts,'.— Stupid 
feeling,'. — Very absent-minded, so that it was impossible for her, even on 
great exertion, to pay attentiuu to what one was saying or doing (after 
tliirtcen days),'. — She is very absent-minded, makes niistakea iu writing, 
leaves out whole syllables, and writes several words entirely wrong (after 
five days),'. — Lost in thought ; he often looked vacantly for several minutes,'. 
— Weak memory,". — He recollected only with difficulty the trausactions of 
a few hours previous,'. — Feeling of stupefaction at times,*, 

Henil. — Coiiftisloti aitfl Vei'tlffo. The head is somewhat con- 
fused aud heavy,'. — [30,] The head was very much confused and dizzy after 
coition; he was unable to sleep for a long time,'. — Head Very much con- 
fused and empty, with drawing about the whole head, especially iu the 
morning,'. — Head very much confused ; he could not think correctly, with 
heaviness and ju'essure iu the forehead,'. — The head was very much con- 
fused and painful on stooping, mostly in the left temple,'. — Vertigo for sev- 
eral minutes,'. — Vertigo; the whole room seemed to turn about with him,'. 
— Frequent transient vertigo,'. — Frequent vertigo, wherewith all bis senses 
left iiim,'. — Vertigo, eveu to falling forward, towards evening,'. — Vertigo, 
which drew him backward,'. — [40.] Vertigo, on rising, as if everything 
turned around in a circle with her, aud she could not trust herself to staud 
upright,', — A kind of vertigo, with stupe&ction, in the raoniing on rising 
from his chair, so that he nearly fell down (second day),'. — *Siidden attach 
of veriigo and feeling of ttupidity in the head, on rising ; fhe lose» Mn»«oti«- 
neio fur a jnament, preceding and following a headache, in the vwrning,'. — 
Vertigo and feeling of heaviness in the head, while standiug, followed by 
sudden jerking of the head backwanl,'. — Dizziness, in the morning,'. — 
Dizzy aud stupid, and a feeling of whirling in the head, after risint; from 
stooping (first day),'. — Seimatlons. Heaviness of the head,'. — Heavi- 
ness of the head (after a few moments),'. — Stupefying headache, especially 
iu the forehead.'. — In the evening, the head is stupid and heavy, and feels 
as if bruised (second day),'. — [M-] Headache, on waking, as after too 
much sleep,', — Headache, with heaviness of the head, which makes her ill- 
humored and unable to think continuously ; the pain is increased on lyinr, 
and is most severe on wakiug from the midday nap, and is combined with 
a kind of pulsating beating in the head ; its chief seat is in the forehead 
over the uose, which is at the same time stopped (after fifteen days ),'. — She 
did not dare to raise the head at night, from dread of unendurable pains, 
whicb were somewhat relieved toward morning (after twelve days),', — 
Headache as if suppurating; a raging in the whole brain, coming ou in 
the cold air aud continuing iu the room at 8 a.m.,'.— Tlie whole head seems 
larger than usual, with the headache,'. — On waking, at 3 o'clock in the 
morning, very violent headache, with which he feels every pulsation, aud 
which threatens to burst the head asunder; it gradually disappears ou the 
outbreak of sweat, especially on the head (seventeenth day),'. — A contrac- 
tive sensation and a feeling of dulness in the head, disappearing after break- 
fast (first day),'. — The brain feels as if screwed together, with a heavy sen- 


214 B0VI8TA. 

sation, in the morniag, disappearing in the open air (eighth day),'. — Dull 
headache, frequently returning,'. — Dull headache, with weariness,'. — [60.] 
After walking in the open air, violent pressive headache, with a feeling of 
heaviness, mostly in the occiput, in the morning ; this pain disappeared at 
night, but immediately returned when Hbe went into the open air iu the 
morning, and disappeared again in the room (fifth and siicth days),'. — Vio- 
lent pre^ive headache on coming into the room from the open air, on both 
sides, with some throbbiug, in the evening,'. — Dull pressive headache, in 
the morning,'. — Head feels as if compressed by a tight bandage, but with- 
out pain (aft«r a few moments),'. — Tearing in the whole head, wilh heavi- 
ness and bruised sensation continuing almost constantly,'. — All the pains 
are felt deep in the brain,'. — FotehufKl, Painful boring outward in the 
left side of the forehead, at 8 p.m.,'. — Pressure in the forehead,'. — Heavy 
pressure on the forepart of the head, especially the temples,'. — Dull head- 
ache, like a pre?aure, above the right eye, extending toward the temjKiral 
region,'. — [70.] Pre®>ive pain and a feeling of heaviness in a small spot on 
the lert side of the forehead, deep internally and pressing upon the eye, for 
four minutes; the pain returns soon with redoubled jje verity, whereby it 
seems as if there were a cloud before the leil eye, which disappeared by 
frequent wiping ; in the rooming on moving about,', — Stitches in the middle 
of the forehead, rather externally, in the evening (first daj"),'. — First 
stitches, then pressure, in the forehead,', — Stitches and tearing in the right 
frontal eminence, which extend toward the right ear,', — Sharp stitches in 
the right side of the forehead, twice in succession,'. — Sharp stitches in 
the right frontal eminence, in frequent succession,'. — Extremely painful fine 
stitches, deep in the forehead, in the evening (fourth day),'. — A painful 
twitching in the brain, in a email ^pot above the right frontal eminence, 
which frequently remits and retunis,with peevish mood, at 2 p.m.,'. — Tear- 
ing pain in the forehead, extending to the left side of the occiput, and then 
back again to the forehead, and becomes seated in the left temple, where it 
remains several days (tenth day),'. — Fine tearing iu the middle of the 
forehead, rather externally, in the morning (first day),'. — £800 Violent 
unendurable tearing in the forehead, with heaviness in the head, on .stoop- 
ing, and burning in the right eye (fourth day),'., — Press ive-tearing in the 
forehead, especially above the orbit", which extends into the root of the 
nose (sixth and seventh days),'. — T''inple». Heaviness in the temples,'. 
— Compressive headache starting from bolh temples,'. — Intolerable painful 
pressure and throbbing in the right temple, with great fretfulness ; the pain 
extends down to the neck, and there disappears, in the morning,', — Sticking 
and jerking in the left temple,'. — Several fine stitches in the left temporal 
bone,', — Fine teariug in the left temple, extending towards the ear (after 
three-quartere of an hour),', — A raging ordigging-tcaring in the left temple, 
deep in the brain, in the afternoon,'. — Violent tearing in the right temple 
and in the right half of the forehead, frequently intermitting (tenth day),'. 
— Vertex. [80.] Stupefying headache of the whole vertex, with heat in 
the eyes,'. — Constant slight drawings in the whole top of the head,'. — Pres- 
sure upon the vertex,'. — Violent sharp stitches on the vertex ; they extend 
over the whole head ; in the afternoon,'. — Frequent, fine, extremely pain- 
ful stitches on the left side of the vertex ; this place is also very painful to 
touch ; in the evening.'. — Violent tearing on the vertex, which is painful 
on touch, OS if bruised, together with fine tearing on the margin of the 
right concha ; in the morning,'. — Bruised pain on the left side of the ver- 
tex, when touched and when not,'. — PartetalH, Painful pressive heavi- 

ly GoOqIc 


ness in the right side of the head,'. — Beatiog and roaring in the right side 
of the head at 7 a.m., wheu coming into the room from the cold air,', — 
Pressure in both sides of the head,'. — [100.] Pain as though the brain 
would be pressed together from bolh aides, in the afternoon Clourth day),'. 
— Coinpresaive jmio in both sides of the head on coming into the room after 
walking in the cold air (eighth daj"),'. — Dull pressure in the left side of 
the head,'.— -Sharp stitches on the right side near the vertex,'. — Some fine 
stitches in the right side of the head at 7 a.u.,'. — Sensitive dull stitches in 
the upper part of the right side of the head,'. — Sudden dull stitches, like 
boring, deep in the right side of the head, so that she was obliged to cry 
out,'. — Violent tearing in the right side of the head,'.— Severe bruised pain 
in the whole right side of the head, which even affected the eye, at 10 a.m.,*. 
— Painful throbbing, as in an ulcer, in the right side of the head,'. — [110.] 
Headache, almost like a throbbing, on a small spot on the left side of the 
head, in the afternoon, at 1 o'clock,'. — Occijmt, Confusion and heavine^ 
iu the occiput, with inclination of the lids to fall down, and feeling as if 
the eyes would be dniwn backwards, especially in a bright light, in the 
evening, together with anxiety and uneasiness of the body,'. — Dull head- 
ache in the occiput, with tension in the temples,'. — Pressive pain in the 
occiput, which extends over the vertex to the forehead, in the forenoon,'. — 
Severe pressure on both sides of the occiput, from which place the pain ex- 
tends to the forehead ; a feeling in the occiput as if everything would pro- 
trude; in the afternoon till evening (fifth day),'. — Pain in the occiput, aa 
if a wedge would be pressed in,'. — ^Violent sticking and tearing in the left 
side of the occiput, continuing a long time,'. — Dull, boring-pressive stitches 
in the occiput, extending to the forehead over the left eye; in a warm room 
in the afternoon,'. — Violent fine stitches in the left side of the occiput, in 
the morning, at 7 o'clock,'. — Tearing in the occiput, and at the same time 
in the lower jaw,'. — External Head. [120.] The hair falls out,'. — 
Small sore spots on the scalp, with itching,'. — Small reddish blisters, with 
sievere itching, on the scalp, . — Great sensitiveness of the scalp generally 
to touch ; she could not even endure the comb,'. — Itching on the head as 
if the whole head was full of lice, especially in the morning,'. — ttdiing over 
the whole sealp, extending to the neek, expectally if he became warm, to that he 
iww obliged to tfrateh the forehead, which teas nal relieved by gcratching'. 

Eye. — Objective. Kedness of the eyes,*. — Inflammation of the left 
eye,'. — The eyes are closed involuntarily, though without drowsiness (after 
a few moments/. — Lost in thought ; she looked a long time at one point,'. — 
Subjective. [130.] Weak eyes, without lustre, or snap,'. — A feeling as 
if something was in the right eye, with iachrymation in it (first day)!". — 
Burning in the eyes, and such great heat in the cheeks that she thought 
they would burst,*. — Heat in the right eye, and a painful contractive feel- 
ing in it, for an hour,'. — Pressure in the eyes, as if something were in them ; 
with which the left eye is red (after eight days),'. — Stitches over the left 
eye, as with a pointed instrument,'. — Excessively painful tearing, deep in 
the right eye, which extends above it to the forehead,'. — Smarting in tha 
eyes, so that be had to keep them shut,*. — Orbit, etc. Tension in the 
left eyebrow,'. — Extremely painful pressure and twisting deep In the right 
orbit ; the bone is very sensitive to pressure, during menstruation, '.^140.] 
Pressive sticking in the right orbit,*. — A sudden turning wheu sitting, or a 
sensation of a sudden current of air above the left eye, above the root of 
the nose,'. — A feeling of painful contraction, with stitches over the left eye, 
as if the left frontal eminence would be screwed together ; the pain began 



at the root of the nose, and extended outnard behind the left frontal emi- 
nence, with lachtymatioa of the left eye ; afterwards the place above the 
eye was sensitive to pressure; after the pain ceased heat arose over the 
whole body, with a feeliug aa if sweat would break out diiriog diuoer (fifth 
day),'. — Stickiog iu a small spot above the left eye, with redness of ihe 
cheek, without exteroHl heat, after dinner,'.^ — LiUH, Could uot open the 
eves well iu the morning (sixth day),'. — The left eye was agglutinated ill 
the morning,'. — The eyes were always agglutinated in the morning,'. — 
Irritation of the eyelids (second day),'.— The cauthi are red (after thirty- 
two days"). — Lachrjpnnl Apparatlttt, Lachrymation, in the morn- 
ing,'. — Vision. [160.] It seems as though there were a veil before the 
eyes, in the morning, on rising (after four days),'. — Illusion of vision ; she 
feared that a person sitting near ber would stick the shears into her eyes, 
although slie sat two steps away and was cutting paper ; all her visual 

Eerceptions were distorted ; it seemed as though the shears were close before 
er eyes,'. 

Efii: — Objective. Twitching iu the left external ear, for ten min- 
utes,', — (A copious purulent offensive discharge from the ear, which had 
lasted four years, disappeared),'. — Subjective. Heat and burning from 
the right ear, extending down to the angle of the lower jaw,'. — ^Drawing in 
the ears (after three days),'. — Stitches iii the ears,'. — Stitches in the right 
ear,'. — Tearing in front of the right ear, which suddenly disappears, after 
dinner,'. — Extremely painful tearing iu the left ear, in the afternoon,'. — 
[160.] Tearing deep in the right ear, and a tensive sensation on the border 
of the concha,'. — A feeling of picking in the left ear, as though something 
were lying in it,'. — Severe itching in the ears, with some difficulty of hear- 
ing,'. — Hearing. He did not hear distinctly, understood many things 
wrongly, and also made mistakes in speaking,*. — (In the ears, especially in 
the right, frequent noises, like rain),'. — Roaring in the left ear, with dimin- 
ished hearing for a short time,'. 

Nose. — Objective. The septum of the nose where it unites with the 
upper lip is red and sore.'. — "Scabby nostrils,'. — A scab in the nostril ia 
frequently renewed ; after removal, the sore place burns,'. — Coryza, for a 
few raotnents onlj",'. — [170,] Stopped eoryza,'. — Stopped coryza, in the 
morning, after rising, with frequent sneezing; with which she could draw 
air only through the right nostril,'. — She is frequently obliged to blow the 
uose, whereby only thin water is discharged,'.— Frequent need to blow the 
nose, though but little nasal mucus ia discharged,'. — The uose ia very much 
stopped ; troubles her in speaking,', — Great stoppage of the nose ; she could 
only get air through with great difficulty ; with pressure in the temples,'. — 
At night, the nose is stopped ; she cannot draw air through it (eighteenth 
day),'. — The left nostril is stopped, and a few drops of water run out of it 
(seventeenth day),'. — Fluent coryza,'. — Fluent coryza; thin mucus is dis- 
charged from the nose,'. — [180.] Fluent coryza, with confusion of the head,*. 
— The previously profuse, tough, yellow nasal mucus, a quantity of which was 
discharged, became white and more profuse (alter sixteen days),'. — Fre- 
quent sneezing,'. — Sneezing, in the morning, after waking,'. — *A Jew drops 
of blood from Ihe nose every time on sneezing (fifth day),'. — *Bleeding of vie 
nose in the tnoming*. — Subjective, Constant feeling of coryza in the 
nose, and swelling of it (fifteenth day),', — Burning in both nostrils, as if 
thev were sore,'. — A contraction over the nose, with a feeling of heaviness 
ana pressure as though the skin were too short,'. 

Face. — *The face U very pah, in the woming, afUr rising, for several 


B0VI8TA. 217 

days (after fourteen daj-s),'. — [190.] Great changes of color in the face, 
which is at one time red, at another pale,'. — Tension and hent rise into 
the face,'. — Locally, Boringaudeiijiginjiiubolh malar bones,'. — Cracked 
lipsi'. — On the inner border of tlie lell side of the lower lip burning, ns in 
a cut,'. — Fine stitche?, as with needles, or as from splinters, in the lower 
lip,*. — Violent tearing in the left side of the lower jaw, and in one of the 
teeth,'. — A feeling of throbbing on the left side below the lower jaw ; she 
believes that a gland mufit be swollen,'. 

Month. — Tt-et/i. The teeth are frequently coated with mucii!=,'. — The 
teeth, gums and lips are filled with clotted blood, in the morning, on waking,'. 
— [200.] Slight gnashing of the teeth, now and then, in the evening, as in 
a chill (after fifteen days),'. — A hollow tooth seems longer than the others,'. 
— Toothache, aa if the exposed nerves were rubbed,'. — In the evening, in 
bed, toothache, which was only relieved by warmth (after fourteen daym),'. 
— The toothache ceased on going into the open air,'.— Painful boring in 
the teeth, in the evening,', —Digging-boring pain in a hollow tooth, with a 
tearing pain in the rigbt side of tlie head, and stitches in the ears, very 
mneh increased by cold,'. — Digging pain in a hollow tooth, mornlDg and 
evening,'. — Tearing-digging iu the hollow teeth, extending thence into the 
temples, in the evening in oed,'. — Drawing toothache, aa if the roots would 
be torn out, in the evening,', — [210.] Dull drawing pain in the hollow 
teeth (afier twelve hours),'. — Painful drawing a few times in a hollow tooth 
of ihe right lower jaw, in the evening,'. — Very painful drawing toothache 
awoke her before midnight, and lasted an hour, three nights iu succession,'. 
— Violent drawing pain in the hollow back teeth of the left lower jaw, Jor 
tvm evenings in stuxession, in bed, which lasted till morning, during men- 
struation,'. — Dull toothache, which she had not had for several years, fol- 
lowed by long-continued, elevated, pale swelling of the upper lip and sweat, 
all night, till morning, which was especially profuse on the head (after three 
weeks),', — Stitches in the sound teeth, especially at night, so that he could 
uot sleep on account of it; the gum bled easily; the pain was relieved if 
he sucked the blood out of the teeth with the tongue,', — The stitches in the 
teeth extend into the eyes,'. — Pain in the upper front teeth ; they pain on 
touch, and do not bear chewing ; with the upper lip beginning to swell, 
the toothache was somewhat relieved ; the swelling increases so that the 
lip hung far over the lower one and was even with the nose ; after the 
swelling of the lip had somewhat subsided, the left cheek began to swell ; 
all the swollen parts were painful to touch (atW fifteen days),'. — Jerking 
toothache (fifth day),'. — Gums. Swollen, painfu! gum,'.^[220.] The 
gum retracts so that the teeth seem longer,'. — An inflamed spot on the 
gum over a decayed root, which is painful by itself, and still more when 
touched, like an ulcer, with throbbing, with a feeling as if the root were too 
long,', — An ulcer on the gum, from whicii blood exudes on pressure,'. — 
Clear blood oozes from the mouth (gum) even without sucking the gum,'. — 
Aeofien as he enckii Ike gum blood comet info Ike moidk,wilh which the whole gum 
becomes painful,^. — Tongue. Yellow-coated tongue in the morning (after 
seven days),. — A red spot, painful to pressure, near the left ligament of the 
tongue, where it is united to the tongue, for several days (after thirty-five 
dava),'. — A small depressed ulcer on the left margin of the tongue, sore and 
painiiil to touch,'. — Iu the morning, after waking, burning in the lip and a 
numbness on the posterior portion of the tongue, and over the whole mouth, 
for four mornings in succession (after thirteen dap),'. — * Ousting pain in the 
tongue, repeat^ several days,'. — General Mouth. [230.] Offensive 


smell from the mouth (sixth day),'. — (Internally in the left cheek a swell- 
ing; this disappeared and a burning blister developed on the cheek exter- ■ 
nally, filled with yellow fluid, which became Battened and dried up the next 
day),'. — Great dryness in the mouth, as if she had sand in it, with thirst,'. 
— Towards evening, the mouth became very dry ; in the evening he was 
always full and satiated, and had no appetite,'. — Numbness of the whole 
mouth and tongue, in the morning, after walking ; it disappears after eat- 
ing,'. — The whole mouth seemed numb and burnt, in the moniing, on 
waking, with a bitter slimy taste and imreuess of tke throat,'. — Burning and 
heal iu the mouth, without thirst,', — Painful tension in the mouth, in the 
right cheek,', — Stit-kiiig pain in the palate, which extends to the chin, for 
Bcveral minutes (first day),'. — Saliva. Much collection of taliva in the 
mout/i,'. — Taste. [240.] Bud taste with much mucus in the mouth,'. — 
Bitter taste,'. — Taste of blood iu the mouth,*. — Speech. Stammering,'. — 
He stammered at times, when reading ; was not able to pronounce several 

Throat, — SensattoUS. Dryness in the throat, on waking, sticking 
on swallowing, and numbness in the mouth, disappearing after rising ana 
eating,*. — Great dryness in the throat, in the morning, on waking, so that 
the tongue seemed almost like wood,'. — Frequent pain in the throat,'.— 
Burning in tfie tkroal,'. — Sore throat in the evening ; painful when swallow- 
ing the saliva, as if something were sticking in the throat; he was unable 
to swallow food easily,'. — [280.] Scraping in the throat, with irritation to 
cough (first day),'. — Every morning, scraping in the throat, with mucus,'. 
— The sleep was frequently interrupted by scraping iu the throat; she was 
obliged to hawk up mucus,'. — .Scraping and burning iu the throat, as if he 
bad eaten something too hot,'. — Scraping and burning in the throat, causing 
a dry cough,'. — Rawness of the throat, in the morniug, after rising* and in 
the evening, for several days,'. — ^Tickling in the throat, which obliges her 
to cough frequently, in the afternoon, at five (third day),'. — Slight irrita- 
tion of the pharynx,*. — Swelling of the cervical glands,'.---Swollen cervical 
glands, with tension and drawing pains, for six days,'. 

Stomach. — Apfjetlte. [260.] Constant excessive hunger ; he was 
unable to eat enough, and was soon hungry again,'. — (Hunger in the after- 
noon, contrary to custom),'. — Hunger towards evening,'. — She reli.ihed the 
foo<l, although afterwards she had a pressure in the stomach as if she had 
overloaded it,'. — Appetite without real hunger,'. — No appetite; she was 
obliged to force herself to eat,', — No appetite for cooked food, only for 
bread (eleventh and twelfth days),'. — A child loses its appetite; the whole 
bodv becomes hot, with puffy, scarlet face ; it lies and vomits mucus and 
food; followed by excessive sweat through the night, mostly on the head, 
with nose-bleed twice during sleep (after twenty-seven days),'. — Thirst. 
Great longing for water and wine,'. — Thirst the whole daj' (afler twenty- 
one days),'. — [270,] Thirst, the whole afternoon and evening, contrary to 
his usual habit (fourth day),'. — Thirst, especially in the evening,'. — Thirst, 
during the chill,'. — Thirst for cold water,'. — Thirst for milk, in the morning 
(afler four days),'. — Much thirst, towards evening, as if she had eaten 
much salt food,'. — Unquenchable thirst (after three hours),'. — Los» of 
thirst,'. — He had an unnatural thirst ; previously he almost never needed 
to drink,'. — EructatlOHH and Hiccough. Empty eructations, sev- 
eral mornings, fasting,'. — [280.] Frequent empty eructations, even before 
breakfast,'. — Eructations, tasting of the breakfast, the whole forenoon,'. — 
Eructations of gas,'. — Inclination to hiccough; it only, however, amounts 



to half a hiccough, in the forenoon,'. — Severe, long-lasting hiccough at 
I P.M.,', — Frequent hiccough, an hour after dinner,'. — Jfansea, 
Qualmishness in the stomach, as if one had not eaten for a Jong time,', — 
*Great qualmishness in the stomach, with inclijiatioD to vomit, in the 
morning; thotigh only water was vomited; with nausea; this ceased after 
breakfast,'. — Nausea,". — Nausea in the stomach, as if she would vomit, in 
the forenoon,'. — [290.] Nausea and palpitation, worse on motion ; with 
chilliness,'. — Nausea and coldn&*s,in the forenoon,'. — Nausea, with chillinetta 
in the morning, with sticking-tearing toothache, especially on the left side ; 
the pains were relieved by cold water,'. — Excessive nausea and shuddering, 
in the nioTning, so that she could not get warm ; followed by vertigo, which 
relieved the headache,', — Stomach. Distension and fine twinges in the 
epigastric region ; relieved by passage of offensive flatus at 8 a.u. (seven- 
teenth dav),'. — Giiigling in the stomach, in the morning, relieved after 
eating (eleventh day),'. — Gurgling on the left side, near the pit of the 
stomach, in the evening,'.-rA feeling in the stomach, as if one had fasted, 
even after eating (twentieth day),'. — Every morning on rising, it seems as 
though the stomach was foul, with a nauseous taste in the mouth ; after 
some time this disappears and he has an appetite ; for fourteen days in suc- 
cession,', — A cold feeling in the stomach, as if a lump of ice lay in it,'. — 
[300.] Burning, externally, in the pit of the stomach, together with frequent 
fine stitches in it, after dinner,'. 

Abdomen. — Hypochondria. Frequent sharp stitches in the right 
hypochondrium, near the hack,'. — Stitches, with a peculiar indescribable 
pain, in the right hypochondrium (twelfth day),'. — Some stitches in the left 
tiypcwhondrium, and, at the same time, in the left elbow,'. — Burning stitches 
in the left hypochondrium, on sitting bent, which disappear on becoming 
erect,'. — Umbilical. Very transientbuming intematly about the navel, 
at 11 A.M.,', — Sticking colic about the navel, . — Stitches about the navel 
(after one hour),'. — Frightful colic in the umbilical region after eating, as 
if knives wei-e cutting the abdomen, for several minutes (third day),'. — 
Twinges about the navel, with griping, in tlie morning on waking, as if 
he should go to stool,'. — Ocncrnl Abdomen. Distended abdomen, 
with pain in it (eighth day),'. — [310,] Distension of the abdomen, with 
rumbling in it, which disappeared after passing flatus in the morning (fifth 
day),', — Great distension of the abdomen, which constantly increases till 
midnight, and at lust disappears after the passage of flatus (eleventh day),*. 
— .Severe rumbling and noises in the abdomen, as if diarrhcea would ensue, 
though a diarrhoea-like stool occurred only after several hours,'.— Much 
rumbling in the bowels, as from a purge, alwa}'s relieved by passage of 
flatus,'. — Very severe rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, with constipa- 
tion,'. — Frequent pajwage of flatus,'. — Very frequent passage of loud flatus, 
followed by distension of the abdomen and colic, at 5 a.m.,'. — Much passage 
of flatus, after lying down in bed,'.^OfieQsive flatus, especially in the 
morning and eveniug (first day),'. — Oflensive flatus, and rumbling in the 
abdomen, in the evening,'. — [320.] Very violent pain in the abdomen, as 
if everything were dried up, in the evening in bed {eighth day),'. — Cold 
feelings creep about the abdomen,'. — Pain almost like burning, in both 
sides of the abdomen, after dinner,'.— Tension and sticking in the upper 
part of the abdomen,'. — Spasmodic pain in the abdomen, csnecially on m- 
spiration and on drawing in the abdomen (after fourteen aays),'. — Colic, 
night and morning, with diarrhoaa,'. — (Colic, and some chilliness, always 
after dinner),'. — Frightful colic, so that he was obliged to bend quit« 



double, and could not siand erect, with high-colore<l urine and much thirst 
(after twenty-four houra),'. — Sonsationa ut' colic in the intestines, iu the 
aflernoon, with an inclinatiou to an evacuation,'. — Colic-pain in the 
abdomen, with tremhling and gnashing of the teeth, on account of cold- 
ness, especially after the stool; the pain is very violent, especially in the 
morning on waking, with distension of the left side of the abdomen and 
urging to stool ; on turning about, or pressing on the abdomen, the side was 
relieved ; it was more severe during rest ; stool followed after one hour, was 
firat hard, then fluid, with immediate relief of the pain,*. — [880.] Twisting 
pain in the abdomen,'. — Cutting pain in the forepart of the abdomen, in 
the morning ; was relieved after eating,'. — Cutting in the abdon>en, which 
extends towards the stomach, and freciuently intermitting in the evening; 
the pains are renewed the next morning and last till noon ; only pas.aage of 
Eatus relieves them,'.— Stitches in the abdomen, as with needles,'. — Stitches 
in the abdomen on stooping,'. — Stitches in the abdomen, with a feeling of 
discomfort,'. — Violent twinges in the right side of the upper abdomen, 
after dinner,'. — ^The abdomen is sensitive, inierually and externally, so 
that she could not bear it touched and was obliged to walk bent (eleventh 
day),*. — Pains, as from suppuration and tearing, in the abdomen, with 
diarrhoea and great exhaustion, on the last day of menstruation,'.— Violent 
motions in the abdomen, relieved by passage of flatus ; with urging to stool, 
in the evening (Gt'th day),'. — [310.] Trembling and cutting in the abdomeu, 
as if diarrhnea would ensue, for a quarter of an hour; relieved after the 
passage of flatus ill 10 a.m.,'. — Hypogastrluiu and Iliac Retffoni*, 
Pain in the lower abdomen, extending from the left side to the right, as if 
the bowels were suppurating,'. — Violent pain as from constriction in the 
right groin, relieved by stretching out the body,'. — Pinching as with two 
fingers in the right groin,'. — Frequent sharp stitches in the right groin 
(fifth day),'. 

Rectum and, Anus. — Very violent pressing pain deep in the rec- 
tum, extending forward, after the diarrhoea,'. — Severe itching in the rectum, 
as from small worms, on riding,'.— Burning iu the anus, continuing a long 
time, after a watery stool,'. — Transient stitches through the perineum to- 
wards the rectum and genitals,'. — Urging to stool without effect, with 
passage of flatus, at 6 a.m.,'. — Urging to stool, when only a little thin stool 
of a yellowish color passed, followed ny burning in the anus (fifth day),'. — 
[350.] Painful urging to stool, followed by three attacks of diarrhcea, and 
afterwards tenesmus and burning in the anus, with prostration of the whole 
body (twenty-first day),'. — After aa ordinary stool, a feeling as though 
diarrhoea would still come on,'. 

Stool, — IHarrhfea. Diarrhoea six times during the day, with cutting 
pains in the abdomen (eleventh day),\ — Diarrhea, with pain, in the mom- 
ing, with which the abdomen felt as if suppurating,'. — Diarrhoea, with 
colic, in the evening,'. — Diarrhcea, with tearing in the abdomen, and ten- 
esmus in the rectum, at night,'. — *DiarrhoBa, frequently before and during 
menBtmation (nineteenth day),'. — Quite wotery diarrho^, four times in 
succession, with tenesmus and burning in the anus (sixth day),', — Frequent 
fcccal diarrhcea in the morning (fourth, fifth days),'. — [360.] Profuse diar- 
rhiBa, morning and evening,'. — A stool three or four times a day; he was 
obliged to make great exertion when the stool, at first hard, then soft, 
passed,'. — A soft stool followed soon after tlie customary evacuation,'. — 
An ordinary stool, although he had had the usual stool in the rooming, 
before taking it,'. — Two liquid stools a day until the thirty-first day, mostly 



in the fopenoon,'. — Stool, soft iu the raoniing, hard iu the evening (second 
day),'. — Stool Dorma) Id tlie morning, liquid in the afternoon (eleventh 
day),*. — Irregular stool ; it occurs at an unusual time of the day and is too 
hard,', — Stool more copious than usual,*. — Stool soft (sixth day), hard 
(seventh ilay),'. — [370.] Stool sofler and more regular than usual,".— It 
seems to make a hard stool soft, as a secondary actiun,'. — CoiUttipatlon. 
Constipation for three days,'. — No stool the second day,'. — No stool on 
the third day of the menstruation,'. — Stool only everj' second or third 
day and rather hard,'. — The evacuation follows with difficulty and great 

Urinary Orgarm. — Pain in the region of the kidneys,". — Urethra. 
The orifice of the urethra is inflamed and agglutinated,'. — Pain in the 
urethra on urinating, an if the urine passed over a sore place (fourteenth 
day),'. — [390.] Burning in the urethra when not urinating,'. — Burniug Id 
the urethra on urinaliug,'. — Burning in the urethra after every urination 
(second day)'. — Stitches in the urethra,', — Itching iu the urethra when not 
urinatiug,'.-rFrequent urging to urinate, but only a little urine passed,'. — 
Frequent urging to urinate; she was oblige<l to rise at night to urinate, and 
considerable passed,'. — Very frequent urging to urinate, with a profuse 
discharge of urine,'. — After urinating, soon again frequent urging thereto; 
she, however, passed only a few drops,'. — Micturition, (irequent uri- 
nating with sudden urging),'. — [390.] Increased passage of unne in the 
afternoon,'. — She passed urine four times in the afternoon and much each 
time (after ftinr days),'. — Urine frequentlv intermitting on urination,'. — 
XJrius. Urine clear-yellow, with a slowly forming cloud,'. — The urine 
was yellowish-green, afterwards turbid,'. — Urine turbid, like gruel, with 
violet sediment, for several days in succession,'. 

SrXKfil Ort/tntSt—^taie. Burning iu the genital organs,'. — A red, 
hard, painlul no<lule in the skin of the penis, which suppurates (fourteenth 
day).'. — Emissions two nights in succcn^iou, which was once a.<iSociated with 
a voluptuous dream (in one who had never had the like before),'. — 
Feittfffe. A voluptuous sensation iu the genital organs,'. — [400.] Sore- 
ness on the mons veneris during menstruation,'. — Some leucorrhosa for 
eight days,'. — Leucorrhoea after menstruation,'. — *Profuse leucorrhcea, of 
a yellowish-green color, so acrid that it almost eornides the pudenda am) 
thighs,'. — * Very tiilck, mucoiu, teiiacioitg teitcurrhaa when wifkhiff,'. — *Dis- 
eharffe of thick leiieorrhcM, lite the v'kile of an egp, when vinlking*. — {*Men- 
atrwilion four dayn too mon and more pnifiue than vnual, tbllowed by some 
leucorrhtpa ',*. — Menstruation eight days too early,'. — Menslruatiim nine 
days too early and rather profuse (two dayn after taking it),'. — Mfiistrua- 
tion nine days too early and more profuse than usual,'. — [410.] Menstrua- 
tion two days too late, coming on In the eveniug, on lying down ; after mid- 
night painful vrging towanln the. geuHain, with great heavmeim in the rmuill of 
the back, Khick wa/i eonewhtU relieve<i the next day with discharge tif blood,*. — 
Menstruation live days too late,'. — Menstruation was less than u.sual and 
did nut ctmtinue so hmg,'. — Mcn^'truaiiou did not last a.s long as usual, and 
flowed mostly at night,'. — * The meimet flow moet profuxely in the morning, 
but scanty during the day and night'. — The meusimal blood was very 
watery, with weariness of the thighs,'. — *Tr(icea nf menstruation between the 
mennet (ninth, tenth, thirteenth, eluhleenth davs),'. 

Itexitirutory Oi-ffaiis. — Lnrynx. (jtreat scraping in the larynx 
as if sore, extending down into the i-hesl, with much tough mucus in the 
chest, which threatens to auflucate her; this mucus is raised with difficulty 



anfJ tastes salty,'. — Tickling in the larynx provoking cougli,'. — (Frequent 
irritation to cough from tickling in the larynx ; the mncus which Rhe ex- 
pectorates ia very tough and only loosened with great effort),'. — Voice, 
[420.] HoarseuesB every morning,'. — Catarrhal voice, with rnughne^ in 
the throat, the whole morning (sixth day),', — Coui/h. Cough, excited by 
tickling in the trachea, in the evening and momiog after rising for several 
days in succession,'. — C<uugh caused by tickling in the chest, which she 
could not suppress in the morning on entering into the room from the cold 
air (seventeenth day),'. — Spasmodic cough; difficulty of breathing; deep 
auxious respiration ; in feehle tones she called for help ; when the window 
was raised the fresh air revived her and was very agreeable,'. — Dry cuugh 
in the evenijig and morning for an hour,'. — Dry cough in the morning 
after rising for half an hour (twentieth day),'. — Mesplrtition. Deep, 
noisy breathing,*. — Anxious breathing,'. — Oppressed breathing,'. — [430.] 
Shortness of the breath on every exertion of the bands,*. 

Chest. — Feeling of heaviness on the chest, as if something lay upon it, 
and she could only breathe deeply,'. — Cutting-burning in the middle of the 
chest, more externally, twice iu succession,*. — Oppression and heat in the 
chest, which rises into the head,'. — Oppression in the middle of the chest, 
with fine stitches, on breathing,'. — Oppression of the chest ; he was fre- 
quently obliged to sigh in order to get a full breath, with which he could 
not hear anything on the chest, and his lanrc waislbitnd seemed too small,'. 
— A severe pressure extend.'^ from the pit of the stomach up into the chest 
after eating ; better when walkiug, worse when sitting; sometimes with a 
drawing- tearing pain in the left side of the head,'. — Stitches in the chest, 
extending from before backward, increased by deep breathing, during 
dinner,'.-— Si itches first in the middle of the chest, then in the right hypo- 
chondrium, and afterwards in the left (tenth day),'. — Ffonf. Burning on 
the sternum and visible pulsation, especially in the pit of the stomach,'. — 
[440.] Feeling of constriction below the sternum,'. — Pressure beneath the 
sternum and in the stomach,'. — Sjiasmodic pressure beneath the sternum, 
as if the stomach were overloaded, six days in succession,'. — Paiuful stitches 
in the middle of the sternum,'. — Painful dull stitches, or boring, in the 
sternum, in the evening (third day),'. — Stitches, frequently in succession, 
ID the forepart of the lower portion of the ch&^t, when standmg stooped and 
without influencing the respiration ; after dinner,'.— iS/rfcs. A visible pul- 
sation above the right mamma, near the clavicle,'.— Stitches in the left side 
of the chest,'. — Stitches in the right side of the chest, and at the same time 
in the right great toe,'. — Stitched, as with an awl, in the upper part of the 
left mamma, extending through to the hack,'. — [450.] A burning stiteh 
on the outer portion of the left ribs,'. — A alow, dull stitch in Ihe lowest 
ribs of the right side in the morning,'. — Fine stitches in the forepart of 
the left lowest ribs, which extend up iuto the chest,'. — .Sharp stitches in the 
right side of the chest, with constant stretching, in the forenoon,'. — Sharp 
stitches in the right side of the chest beneath the axilla, so violent that she 
cried out, in the morning, third- day,'. — Very sensitive, sharp stitches in 
the lower portion of the left side of the chest,'. — Severe sharp stitches 
below the right ribs, alternating with stitches in the right grain,'. 

Heart. — Fulness and anxiety in the pnecordial region (after one hour),', 
— Pressure Id the priBcordial region, with tension in the temples, with pres- 
sure on the sternum,'. — Sharp pain iu the prfficordia (after a few moments),*. 
— [460.] *Palpitation,'. — Palpitation, with vertigo aud headache,'. — Palpi- 
tation in the heart, with congestion to the head, heat aud thirst, with iteh- 



ing in the right eye,'. — Palpitation, with trembling of the whole body and 

Neck and B(fck. — lieck, StifTuesa in the neck, in the morning, on ■ 
rising {fourth day),'. — Painful tension on the right side of the neck, on 
moving the head, with twitches in the left, ear,'. — Tension and pain on 
pressure, as from a blow in the neck,'. — Stitches in the nape of the neck, 
during rest and motion, in the evening,'. — Sharp atitchcs on the left side 
of the neck, extending into the left ear,'. — Tearing in the tendons of the 
left side of the neck,'. — Back. [470.] Sticking and tearing pain on the 
inner border of the right shoulder-blade, with a feeling as though a piece 
of it would be torn off, on sitting beut, disappearing on becoming erect,'. — 
Several violent stitches, as with a knife, between the Bhoulders, in the 
afternoon,'. — (An old pain in the back, with stiffness after stooping, disap- 
peared), (after seventeen days),° ', — Sticking pains in the lumbar region, 
increased on turning the body,'. 

ExtremitiCHin General. — * Great wearineet in the hands and feet 
the whole day*. — Suddenly, great weariness in the hands and feet, in the 

Superior ExtremitieH. — Weariness in the arms, especially in the 
shoulder-joints,'. — Loss of power in the left arm,'. — The left arm felt lame 
and spramed, so that it was with difficulty that he could raise it above the 
head; the pain increased during the day so much that at last he could 
scarcely make any movement with the arm ; after sweat in the morning, 
the pain was very decidedly diminished (fifteenth day),'. — The right arm 
was painful and sore to the touch, with pressure in the shoulders,'. — 
Shoulder. [4S0.] A previously morbid onion-like smell in the asillie 
was very much increased (after three days),'. — She could not move the 
right arm freely; she had no power in the shoulder-joint,'. — Difficult to 
raise the right arm ; she seecned to have no power in the shoulder,'. — Sen- 
satiou in the right shoulder-joint as if it was exhausted by great esertion ; 
she had no strength at all in the arm, and if she took hold of anything it 
pained,'. — Great tension in the shoulder-joint,'. — Tension in the shoulder- 
joints, as" if they were too short, on bending the arms backward,'. — Violent 
dull stitches and tearinga on the inner border of the left shoulder-blade, 
deep ill the bone,', — Violent tearing in the right shoulder-joint (after 
twelve days),', — Painful piercing-tearing in the right shoulder-joint, in the 
afternoon (fifth day).'. — Arm. Violent pain on Uie inner side oT the left 
upper arm, as if it would break, in the forenoon,'. — [490.] Violent tearing 
in the outer aide of the left upper arm, es|>ecially in the Iwne, in the after- 
noon,'. — Bruised pain in the right upper arm, in the bone, relieved by 
firmly pressing upon it, in the morning,'. — Elbow. Very feusitive bor- 
ing-sticking pain beneath the elbows, on the margin of the radius; it ex- 
tends to the fingers, wliich become lame on account of it, for two minutes,'. — 
Stitches in the right elbow, afterwards in the left also, in the evening,'. — 
Tearing in the left elbow, in the morning (after three days),'. — Severe 
tearing in the tip of tlie right elbow,'. — Painful tearing in the right elbow, 
in the morning,'. — Forearm. Paralytic and itching sensation in the 
radial arteries of the forearm (first day),', — Sticking and tearing on the 
inner side of the left forearm,'. — On the inner side of the forearm, near the 
thumb, a very sensitive pain, as if the tendons were torn ; the same sensa- 
tion in the other arm, but on the outer side, in the direction of the index 
finger,'. — Wrist. [600.] A feeling of numbness in the left wrist,'. — Spus- 
mixlic drawing in the tendons of the left wrist,'. — Sprained and ulcerated 



pain m the left wriat, in the middle of the upper surface, on a small spnt 
only perceptible to touch or on bending the hand upward and downward,'. 
. — Sticchea in the right wrist three duy^ iu successiiHi ; if she took hold of 
anything, especially if she brought the thumb and index finger together, 
the atitchea became more severe ; after this ceased in the right hand, it ap- 
peared in the left, though only for a short time,'. — Very sensitive sharp 
stitchoa in the right wrist,', — Tearing a hand's breadth above the wrist, 
and extending into it, in the morning,'. — Tearing and throbbing in the 
right wrist, in the evening (seventh dav),*. — Pain, as if suppurating, in a 
small spot on the back of the right wriat, on l>ending the hand and press- 
ing upon it,'. — Hand. Trembling in the hands, with palpitation and 
anxiety,'. — *Ij033 of power in the hands,*. — [910.] *She had no power in 
the hands, especially in the right, and almost allowed the »Ughteiit objerts to 
fall,froin weaknem'. — The hand is stifl'; cannot easily close it; with feeling 
of weakness in the lingers,', — The left hand is heavy ; she cannot move it 
easily,'. — The right hand feels oa heavy as a hundred-weight, tof^ther with 
a severe pain, aa if bruised, in the place where the pulse is felt; it does 
not tolerate any touch,'. — Fiiif/ers. (One finger after another suppurates 
like a panaritium ; as soon as one healn, another becomes sore), (after ten 
weeks),'. — Stitches in the joints of the right index finger, while working,', 
— Violent tearing tn the left thumb,'. 

Inferior Extremities, — Hip, An intermitting pain in the right 
hip, on stooping, as if the sacrum were broken,'. — Biting, as from flca.-^, un 
the hips and on the abdomen,'. — T/llf/fl. Slight burning on the thigh, 
above the knee,^ — [620.] A piercing stitch in the middle of the left thi^b, 
on sitting down,'. — S >re feeling in the bond of the thigh, during menstrua- 
tion,'. — Bore feeling in the bend of the right thigh ; in walking, it feels aa 
though something woollen rubbed against it,'. — JKiwe. A feeling of 
weariness in the hollows of the knees,'. — Stiffness and pain in the lell knee, 
if he tries to stretch it out, after it has been bent for some time,', — Slick- 
ing pain in the left knee, especially on rising from sitting,', — Violent 
atitches in the left knee-joint, nearly the whole forenoon, on rest and 
motion ; she thought that she could not endure it (second day ),',-^ Violent 
sharp stitches on the inner side of the right knee, as if in the bone,', — Sen- 
sation above the knee-cap, as if it had been bruised,', — Xcgft The right 
leg is very much asleep; the same in any position, for a quarter of im 
hour, iji tlie afternoon (first day),'.— [530.] The whole left leg is so sleepy, 
with crawling, as from ants uptm it, that she cann(Tt stand upon It,*. — Very 
weary pain iu the right lower leg, during mens tniat ion,', — Kaging or beat- 
ing pain iu the right fibula, with tearing extending up to the knee, iu the 
afternoon (sixth day),', — Cramp in the left leg,'. — Cramp in the calves 
towards morning, in bed; it was so violent that the pain ctmtinued 
till evening, as if the leg were too short (after fourteen dnj-s),', — Tran- 
sient Ktitchea in the left leg, and in the chest,'. — Sharp stitches in the 
middle of the left tibia (second day),'. — Ankle, Slmrp ftilchee in the right 
external midenlus, together with painfulue.-^ of the inner malleolus (third 
day),', — F^tnt, Heaviness of the feet,', — Drawing and tearing in the right 
foot,*. — [S40.] Tearing dragging-d rawing pain in a foot which had bten 
sprained in childhood, as if the joint had been broken, with swelling of the 
foot, so that she could not put on the shoe,'. — Pain iu the forepart of the 
left sole, when walking, tor several days (twenty-ninth day),'. — Burning 
in the left sole,', — Toes. Stitches in both great toes, extending into the 



ankles, in the evening,', — Pain in the corns,'. — Extremely violent pain in 
a corn, for a long time (after eighteen days),'. — Stitches in the corns,'. 
General Symptoms. — Objective. Freouent stretching, without 

sleepiness,'. — * V^y awheard; everything fall* frcrm his hands*.— Debility. 
Feels very weary,'. — [550.] Very weary the whole day,'. — Very weary and 
exhausted, after a walk (sixth and seventh days),'. — Great weariness, 
obliging her to sleep after dinner (fifteenth day), . — Excessive weariness, 
in the evening, after eating (first day), '.^Excessive weariness, during and 
after dinner (fourtii day),'.— Such loss of strength that she could neither 
rise nor hold her head up,'. — A sudden attack lilce &intness, at noon, when 
sitting down, as if objecta turned bottom upwards (third day),'. — Wben 
trying to walk, she fell down in a swoon ; her limbs and body became stiff,'. 
— Although everj'thing was done to restore her, she again fell down and re- 
mained motioule.ts; she was in despair,'. — Restlessness. She found no 
rest,'.— [360.] Uneasiness, anxiety, uupleasaat warmth, and heaviness in 
the abdomen, and alternating scusations of coldness through the whole 
body,'. — Sensations. (He feels as if intoxicated by wiue),'.— General 
anxiety and weakness of body, eructations, nausea, distension in the ab- 
domen, pas^ge of flatus, frequent yawning, and stretching of the limbs, 
with irresisti^e desire to sleep (after two hours),' .^Uruised feeling in the 
whole body, especially in the joints of the arm and the abdominal mus- 
cles, on motion and touch (fourlccnth day),'. 

Skin. — *The skiii of the Sngera becomea unusually dented by the in- 
strnmenti with which she was working (shear* or ImiTea),*. — Erup- 
tions, Dry, Goose-flesh over the whole body, with severe itching,', — 
The comers of the mouth are broken out,'. — Very severely itching small 
spots, like a tetter, on the right t^idc below the chin ; the itching was not 
relieved by scratching,'.— A painful eruption on the temple,', — Itching 
eruptinn on the thr'ont,'. — [670.] A small reddish swelling, hard to touch, 
like a boil, on the right leg,'. — Pimples over the whole body, with very 
severe itching,'. — Itching and small pimples on the head (afler three 
weeks),'. — Large, scattered pimples, papulous, on the forehead, without 
itching (seventh day),'. — Several tensive pimples on the upper and lower 
lip (after twenty days),'. — Several pimples on the left side, near the mouth, 
. without itching,'. — An itching pimple, which itches still worse after scratch- 
ing, on the forepart of the neck,'. — An eruption of hard, red pimples, as 
large as peas, which itch very much, and burn, and then disappear after 
some days, on the chest, on the left hand, and on the left foot ; after scratch- 
ing the itching is worse,'. — *The hands are covered with small, dry, reddish 
pimples, which gradually disappear after a few days,'. — Several pimples, 
which do not itch, on the back of the hand, and between the middle and 
ring fingers,'. — [MO.] An itching pimple above the knee,'. — A pimple on 
the tibia, with a sensation as if burst, . — *Eruption on both feet of small, 
red, rash-like pimptes, with an itching-burning pain, with which the feet 
are covered, as far as half way up the calves ; lasting two days, scratching 
does not affect them,'. — Moist. A number of small vesicles containing 
water, about the left corner of the mouth (after twenty days),'. — White 
blisters on the right hand, with red areola, and great itching ; they disap- 
pear after half an hour,'.— Small, red, sore, painful blisters on the backs of 
both feet, and at the roota of the toes,'. — I^stular. (A panaritium ap* 
peared from a small prick of a needle),'. — An itching, maturating eruption 
on the forehead,'. — Maturating eruption in the left comer of the mouth, on 
the chin, and on the forehead,'. — A previously existing wart developed a 
VOL. ti.— 16 



red point, suppurated and disappeared (after tneuty-one days)'. — [690.] 
Two loDgish, datteued pustules, filled with matter, uuder the nose, upon 
which a scab remaiDcd for more than fourteen days (afier eleven days),*. — 
An ulcer in the right ear, with pain in it, ou swallowiug,', — SeitHationS, 
General. Itching' on tha body, on the lower jaw, on the left eide, ex- 
tending to behind the ear ; on the left side of the neck, on the abdomen, 
on the right arm, on the inner margin of the right foot, on the heel, over 
the whole body, especially on the handa, and on the head,' '. — Itching over 
various parts of the body, with red pimples,'. — Itching over the whole body, 
in the evening, tbilowed by the appearance of tetter (tenth day),'. — lAtcal. 
Creeping, aa from insetta, on the back, at night,', — Violent itclung, which 
always rttums after ecratchine, on the forepart of the scalp, on the inner 
side of the right upper arm, and on the left shoulder,'. — Itching, which was 
not relieved by scratching, on the left side of the head, on the nose, on the 
chest, on the abdomen, ou the inner side of the right upper arm, on the 
inner side of the left forearm, on the right hip, on the inner side of the 
thigh, here and there on the limbs,'. — Itching, which was relieved by 
ECratching, on the forehead, on the right side of the nose, on the right 
ahouider, on the letl hip, on the inner side of the right knee, in the hollows 
of the knees, in the right sole,'. — Itching in the ear, which disappeared on 
boring in with the finger,'. — [600.] Itching in the ears and eyes,'. — Con- 
stant itching on the torepart of the nase, which does not disappear after 
scratching,'. — Itching in the upper part of the right nostril, with mefiectual 
attempts lo sneeze,'. — Itching, which becomes worse after scratching, near 
the nose, beneath the lower jaw, below the right hip,'. — Severe itching on 
the chest; after scratching, small itching piuiplea appeared,'. — Itching on 
the left side of the chest, which caused a fine eruption ; disappeared the 
next day (fifth day),', — "Severe itching on the eoeeyx, to thai he wat obliged 
to ecraii'Ji U till tore, whereupon a cniH appeared, which remained some days 
(after one day),'. — Violent itching ou the arms, always at evening, and 
after washing, biting and burning in them (after three weeks),', — Itching 
and biting in the arms, repeated daily, e#ipecially in the evening, and also 
in the morning after washing,'. — Estraordinary itching in the right arm, 
for several days (ninth day),'. — [610.] Burning-itching ou both forearms, 
in the region of the pulse, not relieved by scratching, in the evening , 
(seventh day),'. — Violent itching on the right forearm ; the place remains 
red and burning a long time after scratching,'. — Severe itching ou the inner 
side of the right forearm, not relieved by scratching, but a number of small 
itching pimples appeared,'. — Severe itching on the inner side of the left 
forearm ; she was obliged to scratch it till itbled,'. — Violent itching on the 
right knee, which disappeared only after scratching a long time,'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Sleepiness. Much yawuiug, in the even- 
ing,'. — Frequent yawning, with sleepine-ss, in the afternoon at five, '.^ Great 
sleepinesa early in the- evening'. — Very sound, quiet sleep at night, and when 
he arose later than usual in the morning, great weariness, especially in the 
limbs,'. — Sleep after eating, quite contrary to his habit,'. — [620.1 Sleepi- 
ness during dinner (third day),'. — Great sleepiness, after dinner (fifth day),'. 
— Sleeplessness. Little sleep,'. — sleep, with much tossing about 
the bed,'. — Very restless night, she awoke every hour,'. — When he awoke 
at night from a very sound sleep, he did not seem to know where he was,'. — 
Dreams. Sleep full of dreams,'. — Dreams of past and future events,'. — 
Many dreams of subjects of previous conversation, in a sound sleep,'. — 
Tiresome dreams,'. — [630.] Anxious dreams of serpents which had bitteu 



her; that she would die ; that she hada bleeding wound, etc. ; wliereumm 
she awoke and continued anxious a long time after waking (after fifth 
day),'. — Vexatious dreams, and waking every tncment through the night,'. 
— Frightful dreams, that she was in a cellar and the walls were falling in ; 
thai she was obliged to remain and could not get out,'. — Dreams of danger 
of drowning, and that some one had fallen into the water,'. — A dream of 
ghosts, whereupon she awoke frightened,'.— Uu remembered dreams (after 
tour days),'. 

Fever.— CMllinCSH. He was chilly the whole day, with cold 
hands,'. — She was constantly chilly on the uncovered parts, on the neck 
and chest, and was obliged to bind cloths about them, even at night (third 
and fourth days),'. — Although she sat by a warm stove she was chilly 
the whole day (second day)'. — Chilliness at 5 a.m., in bed, three mornings 
in succession,'. — [640.] Chilliness every morning from six to nine, cold to 
touch externally, with griping in the abdomen, without subsequent heat, 
and without thirst,'. — ChUlinesa the whole evening, she could not get warm 
(fourth day),'. — Chilliness in the evening, lasting the whole night (eleventh 
day)i'- — A shaking chill lasting a few uiomcuts, in the evening, on lying 
down in a warm room (afler fifteen days),'. — Shivering and coldness, during 
supper,'. — Chilliness wilh thirst, with tension and stitches in the throat, so 
that slie could nut turn her head easily, also with sticking in the chest,'. — 
Constant cold hands and feet,'. — Feet very cold at night, could not be 
warmed,'. — 'Intermitting fever of eight days' duration ; severe f hi 11 every 
evening from seven till teit, commencing with chilliness in the back, the first 
day with thirst, without subsequent heat or sweat; every time with violent 
drawing pain in the abdomen (after four days),'. — Chilliness, with glowing 
heat of the face,'.— fie««. [660.] Orgasm of blood, with thirst,'.— In- 
creased warmth in the whole body, in the afternoon (third day) .'.--Great 
warmth and sweat over the body, in the evening (first day),'. — Frequent 
flushes of heat,'. — Much heat and thirst, the whole day,'. — Heat, anxiety 
and restlessness, the whole day,'. — Frequent heut and oppression of the 
chest, so that he was obliged to be uncovered, whereupon he felt better,'. — 
Sweat. Sweat, especially upon the chest, every morning from fi've to six, 
for eight days in succession,'. — Profuse sweat under the arms, when walking 
slowly in a cold temperature (first day),'. 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — {Morning), For an hour after rising, 
peevifh mood ; head confused, etc. ; on rising from chair, kind of vertigo, 
etc. ; dizziness ; on waking, at 3 o'clock, headache ; after walking in open 
air, pressive headache; pressive headache; on moving about, pain, etc., on 
left forehead; tearing in forehead; tearing on vertex, etc. ; 7 o'clock, on 
going from room into cold air, beating, etc., in right head ; 7 o'clock, stitches 
m left occiput ; itching on head ; lac-hrymation ; on rising, seems as though 
veil before eyes ; after ri.'dng, stopped coryza ; after waking,sneezing; after 
rising, face pale ; on \vaking, teein, etc., full of blood ; yellow-coated tongue ; 
after waking, burning in tip of tongue, etc.; after waking, numbness of 
mouth, etc. ; on waking, dryness in throat; scraping in throat; after rising, 
rawness of throat; thirst for milk; fasting, empty eructations ; qualmish- 
ness in stomach, etc.; nausea, etc.; gurgling in stomach ; on rising, stom- 
ach feels Ibul, etc. ; on waking, twinges about navel ; 5 o'clock, passage of 
flatus, etc.; oSensive flatus; on waking, colic pain in abdomen; pain 
in right arm; pain in abdomen ; diarrhtea, etc.; fcecal diarrhcea; profuse 
diar^cen ; hoarseness ; after rising, cough ; on entering nwm from cold air, 
cimgh ; dry cough ; after rising, dry cough ; stitches in right ribs ; stitches 



in side of chest ; on rising, Btifiiiess io aeck ; tearinK in right elbow ; tear- 
ing above the wrist; afler wafhiug, itching, etc., in armg; 5 o'clock, in 
bed, chilliness; 6 to 9o'clock,ehi!liu&w; 5 to 6 o'clock.Bwcat.— {Forenoon), 
Pttin in occiput ; emctalions ; iuclin&tioD to hiccough ; nausea in stomach ; 
nausea, etc.; 11 o'clock, burning about navel; liijuid stools; stitches ia 
side of chest, etc.; pain in left arm ; stitches iu knee-joint. — {Noon), At- 
tack, like faiutneds. — {Aflcrnooii), Duriiis violent headache, )>eeTish, etc.; 
2 p.»., twitching in the brain ; raging in left temple ; till e^'euing, pressure 
on occiput; in warm room, stitches in occiput; tearing in left ear; 5o'tloc'k, 
tickling in throat; hunger; sen^tion of colic iu inleiitines, etc.; increased 
passage of urine ; stitches between shoulders ; tFeariness in hands, etc.; pain 
m shoulder-blade; tearing in left arm; right leg asleep; pain in right 
libula; 5 o'clock, yawning, etc.; warmth in whole body. — (Toward evening). 
Out of humor,etc.; wear^; dry mouth; thirst. — (£.Vein'iiy), Vertigo; head 
stupid, etc. ; 8 o'clock, pain iu left forehead ; stitcher in middle of forehead ; 
stitches iu forehead ; stitches in side of vertex ; especially in bright light, 
confusion, etc., in occiput; gnashing of teeth; in bed, toothache; boring 
in teeth ; in bed, digging in nullow teeth ; drawing toothache ; drawing in 
hollow teeth ; in bea, during menstruation, ;>ntn in holloiv teeth ; sore throat; 
rawness iu throat ; thirst ; gun^llng on left side ; offensive fiatus ; offcusive 
flatus, etc.; in bed, pain in abdomen; diarrhoea, etc. ; profuse diarrhtca; 
cough ; dry cough ; stitches in sternum ; stitches in nape of neck ; stitches 
in right elbow; tearing in left elbow; tearing, etc., in wrist ; stitches in 
great toes; after eating, weariness; itching all over; itching on the arms; 
Itching, etc., in arms; itching on forearms; yawning; early, o rent tleepi- 
ness; Mlliness; shaking chill; warmth, etc., over thetody. — (Xig}U),Pa.ia 
iu head, on raising it; nose stoppetl; stitches in sound teeth ; diarrhosa, 
etc.; feet cold. — {Before midnigltt). Drawing toothache. — {Toxoard morn- 
ing). In bed, cramp in calves. — ( Open air). Feeling in brain disappears. — 
{Bending hand and presaing on it). Pain ou back of wrist. — ( On bending 
arnus backward). Tension in sbouldur-joints. — {Depp breathing). Stitches iu 
chest. — {Bringing thumb and index finger together), Slttchos in wrist. — (Dur- 
ing chill), Thir«t. — (After coition), H^d confused. — {Cold), Pain in bollow 
tooth. — {After the dlarrhiea). Pain in rectum. — {During dinner). Feeling of 
contraction, etc., over left eye; stitches inchest; weariuess; slecpinesu-. — 
{After dinner). Averse to everything; sticking above left eye; hiccough ; 
burning in pit of stomach ; colic, etc.; pain in abdomen ; colic twinges in 
upper abdomen; when standing stooped, stitches in chest; wearineits; sleepi- 
ness. — (Drawing in tlie abdomen). Pain in abdomen. — (After eating). Pres- 
sure into chest. — (On exerting hands). Shortness of breath. — {Inspiration), 
Pain in abdomen. — {Lying), Headache. — {After lying down in bed). Pas- 
sage of flatus. — {Before men»truation), 'Diarrnoaa. — {Daring nieiistruation), 
Pressure, etc., in right orbit, etc.; diarrhcca; sore feeling in bend of thigh ; 
pain in right leg. — {After menetjiKition), Leucorrlicea. — {Motion), Nausea, 
etc.; bruised feeling all over. — (Daring rest). Colic pain in abdomen. — 
( On riding), Itchiug in rectum. — ( On rising), Vertigo ; attacks of vertigo, 
etc. — (Rijsiug fnm sitting), Pain in left knee. — {On rising from stooping), 
DiKzy, etc. — {In room). After beiug in open air, pressive headache.— 
{Scratching), Itching of the pimple; itching near nose, etc, — (StHJny), Pres- 
sure into chest; stiicn in middle of thigh. — (On sitting bent). Stitches in 
left hypochondrium; stitches, etc., on right shoulder-blade. — (Standing), 
Vertigo, etc. — {After stool). Colic pain in abdomen. — ( On stocping). Head 
confused ; heaviness in head ; stitches in the abdomen. — {During ttippa-), 

,v Google 


Shivering, etc, — {Tovek), Bruised feeling all over- — (Turning body). Pains 
iD lumbar region. — {On urinniMiy), Burning in urethra.— < On waking). 
Headache. — ( When walking), Leucorrhcea ; pain in sole. — -{Aftpr a walk). 
Weary, etc.— -{ On becoming warm), Itching over whale fcalp.-—( While uvrk- 
ing), Stilches in finger-joint. 

AinelloratfOH. — (^fiwHiHy), Exhilarated; after sweat, )iain in left 
arm. — (fitwiijiy), Cutting in abdomen intcrraita. — (Toward morning), Pain 
in head. — (Open nir), Toothache. — (Afier firrait/W), Qualmishness.— (CoW 
ttwf^r). Toothache. — (Afier eod'ny), Numbness of mouth ; gurgling in stom- 
ach ; pain in abdomen. — (On becoming erect). Stitches on right shoulder- 
blade. — (PoMage of fiattis). Distension, etc., in epigastric region; rumbling 
in bowels ; cutting in abdomen ; motions in abdomen.— (J'l'rm pressure). 
Pain in right upper arm. — (Pre»sing-on abdomen). Colic pain in abdomen. 
— (After rising). And eating, dryness in throat. — (Sucking blood out of 
teeth). Stitches in teeth. — (Turning about). Colic pain in abdomen. — ( Ver- 
tigo), Headache. — ( Walking), Pressure in chest,— { Warmth), Toothache, 


The pure elementary substance (Bromine), 
Preparation- Tincture, and dilutions with distilled water- 
Authorities. (1 to 17 from Bering's resumi, Neuee Arehiv, 2, 3; when 
the preparation used is not noted with the symptom or referred to in this 
list, it is understood to be the 30th) ; 1, Lipne, provings on himself, a young 
woman, and on others ; 2, C. Hering, proving on himself and others, in- 
cluding a girl and a married woman; 3, F. Hausemann, provings on 
himself with different potencies, from the 30th to the 3d, for several 
months; 4, Schmid, a.; 5, Rchmid, b. ; 6, Seliraid, c. ; 7, Neidhard; 8, 
Heimerdinger, inaug. dia. Tubingen, 1S37, took 5 and afterward 8 drops 
of Brom. in distilled water; 9, Horing, inaug. dis, Tubingen, 1838, took 
daily in the morning a teaspoouful of a solution of 6 di-ops in \ an oz. of 
water, afterward increasing doses to 9 drops; 10, Lcewig; II, N. N., taken 
from Noak and Trinks ; 12, Gosewich, provings on himself and others; 13, 
Fournet, from Trousfieau and Pidoux, took two drops in some gum arabic 
water; 14, Butzke, Dissert. Bero!., 1828, took daily 3 to 13 drops of a 
solution of 1 dr. of Brom, in 4 ozb. of water ; 15, " Ch, W " (in Hering) ; 
16, Franz, Berlin. Jahrb. f. Pharm., 1828, effects of the vapors (he also 
made numerous experiments on various animals) ; 17, Carwig (from Her- 
ing); 18, Lembke, A. H. Z., 37, 115 et seq., provings with the Ist; 19, 
ibid., provings with the 3d; 20, ibid., provings with the 2d; 21, ibid., 
provings with the j'^th ; 22, Czerwiakovski, De Brora, (from Roth) ; 23, 
Glover, Edin. Med. Jonrn., 58, 120 (ibid.); 24, Dublin Press, 1850 (ibid.); 
25, Duffield, case of poisoning, N. Y. Med. Record, 2, 323 (from Detroit 
Rev. of Med. and Phann.); 26, Berridge, N. E. Med. Gaz., 9, 403, 
proving of Miss A. B., with the cm. of Fincke. 

Jtlilid. — He becomes averse to his business ; it seems as though he must 
relinquish it,'. — Lively mood iu a hypochondriac,'. — Lively disposition,". 
— A pa thy, weakness,". — Taciturn,'. — Disconcerted, with increased sensation 
of warmth in the head,". — In the evening some apprehensiveness, oppression 
of the heart and some headache. — No action on the pulse or heart, rather 
upon respiration (after he had taken the drug for sixteen days increasing 
to fourteen drops; having taken in all 132 drops),*. — In the evening when 



alone it aeema as though he vas obliged to look about him, and would 
somewhere see an apparitiou (from the 3d),', — He ia unusually out of 
humor for five days (from the 3d),'. — [10.] Fretfulness,'. — Quarrelsorae- 
ii&w,'. — CoDSciousDess is not disturbed,". — Desire for mental Uibor^. — Great 
activity in busioess,'. — Indispoi-ition for mental work," — Diaincliiied to 
read,". — The previous desire to read disappears,". — The thoughts are 
difficult to fix upon any object; the condition of the patient yesterday 
was difficult to call to mind (after six hours),". — Loss of ideas, . — [20.] 
Lack of ideas,". — Very great forget fulness,'. 

Head. — Confusion and Vcrttgo. Confusion of the head,". — 
Onfiision of the head as if a hoop were about it the whole day, causing 
vertigo,'. — Confusion in the head the whole day (after the fourth dose),'. — 
Confusion of the head, especially in the forehead ; pressure on the bmwa 
and root of the nose, frequently affecting a small place above the eyes 
alternately in one or the other side,'. — Confusion of the head, with heavinera 
(half an hour),". — laeipient vertigo,". — Commencing vertigo (first day),". 
— Vertigo, especially at evening on lying down, with confusion of the 
head,'. — [30.] Vertigo, worse in damp weather,'. — Vertigo, especially if 
crossing a little running water.'. — Vertigo as soon as he steps the foot over 
water; the foot la drawn involuntarily in the direction of the stream,', f — 
Vertigo, with naasca (twelve minutes after 8 drops),'. — Vertigo, with 
tendency to fall backward (second day), (from the 6th),'.— Vertigo, with 
a feeling as if one would fall to the ground, with flushes of heat (alter one 
and a half houra),". — Vertigo, with bleeding at the nose and subsequent 
headache (from the fumes), . — A slight vertigo, with nausea, continued 
inclination to vomit, without, however, actual vomiting, six minutes after 5 
drops,'. — Dizziness in the head (after half an hour),'*. — Dizziness in the 
head (second day),". 

General Sensatlonn. — [40.] Headache as a conaequerit symp- 
tom,". — Violent headache throughout the whole head for two hours, 3 to 4 . 
P.M. (third day), (from first),'.— Dizzy headache in the morning on waking, 
with itching over the whole body, especially on the chest ar^d between the 
shoulders,'. — Toward evening in rather damp weather pains in the bones 
of the head, mostly in the forehead and occiput (second day),". — A sensa- 
tion deep in the brain soon after dinner (that was eaten with little appe- 
tite), as if apoplexy were imminent; a sensation as if he would lose his senses 
and have vertigo, equally severe when walking or sitting, lasting a quarter 
of an hour,". — Slight headache, with here and there vertigo,*.— Headache, 
especially in the forehead, alternating with pain in the small of the back,'. — 
Hciidache and severe stitches in the lung if he attempts to breathe deeply ; 
he is obliged to cough frequently ; the pulse is full and hard, in the begin- 
ning somewhat slow, afterwards from 80 to 85 (several hours afcr twenty 
to tliirty drops),'. — Bursting pain in the head, more ou the left side (from 
fifth),'.— Preasive pain over the whole head immediately,".— [fiO.] Dull 
pressive headaclie,''.— JFore/iend. Ho must keep the forehead wrinkled,". 
— Confusion in the forehead,'. — Heaviness in the forehead," — Pain at 
times in the frontal bones,". — Pain in the frontal bone in the evening, with 
stitches in the larynx,'*. — Headache in the forehead for several days,*. — 
Pain in the forehead after dinner (second day),'. — Stupefied headache in 
the forehead worse during rest, disappearing during riding,'. — Pain and 
pressure iu the forehead (soon),", — [60.] Fain in the forehead, with preth 

t In a strung young man who was not otherwiso nervout, 0. Hg. 


sure ; sense of heavmess and increased warmth,'*, — ^Tbe pain over the left 
eye extendi luto the forehead, frith a burning seusatinn and an oppres- 
Bive benumbing pain,*. — Boring in the left side of the frontal bone,". — 
Severe boring in the left side of the frontal bone,". — Pressure in the left 
frontal bone, then in the right,". — Pressure in the frontal bone with con- 
fusion in the forehead,". — Limg-continued pressure in the frontal bones, in 
theroom, not in theopenair (half an hour), . — Pressure in the forehead,". — 
Pressure in the right frontal eminence,". — Pressure in the forehead above 
the eyes,''. — [70.] Pressure in the forehead, with heaviness in the head, 
with atsiudi nation to think,". — Pressive pain in the forehead," — Preasive 
pain in the forehead (second day)," — Pressive pain in the forehead several 
times, soon disappearing,". — Dull pressive pain in the forehead,". — A hot 
pre^ive headache in the forehead extending inward ; throbbing and ex- 
tending to the maxillary bone, at 9 a.m.,*. — Pressive headache, as if digging 
over the eyes,'. — Pres-sive pain in the forehead, deep in the eyes, with sen- 
sitiveness of the eyes when reading (fourth day), , — Dull pressive head- 
ache in tlie forehead in the morning, fmm whicn the eyes become affected 
(thirteenth day) after repeated doses,'. — Pain in the forehead, as if every- 
thiug would press outward, in the forenoon,'. — [80.] Slight pressive nam 
in the forehead, especially on coughing,". — Tearing in the frontal bones,". — 
Temples, etc. Rather severe pressure in the bone in the left temple 
(after three hours),". — Painful pressure in the left temple, together with a 
constant diEEy-fecling in the head,'. — Pressure on the vertex,". — Left-sided 
headache,'.— Pain on the left side of the head (from 5ih),'. — Pain in the 
left side of the head, which extends to the left eye (from the 3d),*. — 
Headache from the left ear to the left temple, aggravated by stooping,'. — 
Slight drawing in the left side of the head (from the 8th),'.— [90.] 
Pressure in the right anterior lobe of the brain and in the right side of the 
nasal bone (first day),'. — Tearing in the right side of the cranial bone?,". — 
Stitching pain through the right side of the head (from the 3d),'.— 
Headache after drinking milk, liKe a severe throbbing, and a hard pulse in 
the left side ; relieved if he lies upon the right side with his arms over his 
head,". — Trickling-crawling in the left half of the head and on the left 
cheek (afternoon of second day),'. — Headache; heaviness in the occiput, in 
(Ae heat of the mm ; goet avjay in the gknde (from the 1st),'. — Heat in the 
occiput,".^Crawling beneath the skin of the occiput". 

Myc». — Eye in General. Clonic spasms in the muscles of the 
eyes, in the face, and in the limhs,".t — Severe inflammation of the eyes,". 
— [100.] The right eye becomes inflamed and dim, with I achry motion,'. — 
Pain over the right eye with photophobia (after two and a half hours),". — 
Slight pain, frequently in and above the right eye, with some inflamma- 
tion of the conjunctiva (first day), (from 1st),'. — Distressing burning in 
the eyes, with spasmodic closing of the orbicularis and increased lachryma- 
tion ; eonfusinn of the head, with severe pressure upon the chest, and 
cough (from inhaling the vapor),'. — Paroxysmal pressive pain in the eyes 
and root of the nose, as if extending from the interior of the brain toward 
the vertex,'. — Sticking in the eyes and in the chest,". — Stitches through the 
kjt eye,*.— External Partn. Dull, pressing, stupefied pain (a dead 
pain) over the left eye,'. — Sticking sensation about the orbits, . — Trickling 

t Compare twitcbiiiES in the face and hands with violent burninj; tind rcrftping 
in the throat, etc, AIT the ranvulaions noticed in animalB are on); fatal lymptuma 
and without any value. (C. Hg,) 



in the left arcua supecciHaris (afternooa of second),*. — [110.] The eyes will 
close, as if sleepy,". — The lids are very heavy ; he can only open and keep 
them open with great difficulty, with coldness of the lids (from the 3d),', — 
Stitches in the lids of the left eye when reading (second day),". — 
(•Throbbing stitches in the left upper lid, extending to the brow, the fora- 
nea^,and left temple; increased by estemal pressure, motion, and stooping; 
relieved by rest; a pain which unfits him for every work),'.t — Biting in 
the margins of the lids (one hour),", — Ciittiug in the right inner cantnua, 
then in the outer,". — Severe cutting in the right inner canthus ; the next 
day the same symptom in the left inner canthus," — Stitches in the canthi,". 
— Stitches in the right inner canthus,". — Itching above the right external 
canthus, relieved by scratching {from 8th),'. — [120.] Distended tortuous 
vessels in the conjunctiva bulbi of both eyes, with stitches in the lids,". — 
Ocular conjunctiva dull and wrinkled,".— Biting in the conjunctiva palp.,". 
— Increased lachrymation (from the vapor) *. — Lachrymation of the right 
eye (from 5th),' etc.— PMpii« and Vision. Pupils uormal,".— A kind 
of vanishing of sight when sitting and reading in the evening, as if a wind 
before the eyes took away the power of sight (from the vapor),', — Daylight 
is somewhat sensitive to the eyes,".— Sensitiveness of the eyes to bright 
light,'. — Some photophobia," — [130.] Photophobia, with pressure on moving 
the eyes," — A gray point before the ri^ht eye moving up and down with 
the movement of the eye, on looking into the distance and also near to 
(one hour),", — Lightnings before the eyes,'.— Illusions of vision ; it seemed 
as though all kinds of things jumped up on the ground before her,'. — Illu- 
sions of fantasy; it seems to him as though strange persons were looking 
over his shoulder (from the 30th),' .J 

Earfi.—P&\a in the right ear, appears and disappears at the same time 
as a tickling on the right cheek (in the afternoon of second day),'. — To- 
wards evening a burning sensation in the left ear, as if a coal or hot water 
were in it,'. — -Dull pain deep in the right ear,", — Pressive earache, as if 
internal around the ear, tirst in the left, then in the right, in the evening 
before going to sleep,".— Pressure as with a plug in the upper part of the 
left ear, followed by sticking in the tip of the tongue (morning of third 
day),", — [140,] Sharp stitohes behind the left ear (one hour),". — Stitches 
deep in the right ear,". — Stitches deep in the right ear, with heat in the 
whole ear and great sensitiveness of the liead to cold air (second day),". — 
Stitches in the right ear (one hour),", — Stitches deep in the left ear,", — 
Throbbing in the ears,'. — Tickling in the right lavator auria, behind the 
right ear, on the lobule of the left ear, relieved by scratching (from the 8th),', 
—Tickling on the mai^in of the right ear (from the 7th),°.— Noise of dis- 
tant rushing in the ears,". — Continued rush In the right ear,". — [160.] 
Ringing in the right ear as if full of bells,'. — Constant roaring in the ears, 
worse in the left (from first to third day),'. — -Roaring in the ears, and in the 
morning the right ear feels closed (fourth day),". 

Nose, — Objective and discharges. Some twitching in the 
right side of the nose (first day),'. — Severe iuflammatory affection of the 
mucous membrane of the nose, &uccs, and respiratory organs, has l>een 

t (This symptom occurred in n young watch maker, who hsd Buffered every two or 
three weeks for several years; it generally continued three or fuur days, A very 
marked aggravation a^r Bromine X, improvement in one hour and no return 
Bfter seven weeks.)" Lippe. 

i(Tbe provera of the last two symptoms were in different places, proved at very 
^rent times, and did not know une another's symploois. C. H^.) 


noticed since taking Bromine, also palpitation of the heart, frequently, 
at times when walking, at times on rising from chair,", — Swelling and pain 
in the left side of the noee on pressing it, as if a boll were forming (from 
the 3d),'. — Ulceration in the leit nostril like cruet, with tingling under it 
(second day),'- — Crustsin the right nostril, second day; crusts lo the Dostrils, 
especially in the right, in the morning of third day, .—Much mucus in the 
nose, 'sometimes with streaks of blood, in the afternoon (second day),". — 
Much tough white mucus, mostly in the right nostril ; sometimes pieces of 
tough yellow mucus in both nostrils (second day),". — [160.] Yellowish 
mucus from the nose, and yellowish expectoration,". — The nose is stopped 
by mucus (fifth day),". — Stopped nose, scanty mucus (one hour),". — Stop- 
page of the nose, together with fluent coryza, with Inchrymation of the 
right eye,'. — Sneezing,". — Sneeaing (first day),". — Sneezing a few times," ". 
—-Sneezing several times (after four hours),", — Sneezing frequently," — 
Violent shattering sneezing, followed immediately by stoppage of the nose 
(from 5th), '.^[170.] Much sneezing, which is frequently repeated (after 
several days) ; nasal mucus is secreted in large quantities, especially in the 
posterior portion of the nares; at times the mucus is very watery, mixed 
with streaks of blood ; at other times there is obstinate dryness in the nose,". 
— Coryza for two days,", —Coryza with stoppage of the right nostril (from 
8lh),\^*Severe coryza, wliereby the right nostril ig stopped and aore ikrouyhout 
(evening of second day),'. — Continued coryza, with discharge from the right 
nostril, and at the same time stoppage of it (from 3d),'. — "Long-continued 
obstinate ooryca, with soreness beneath the noae, and on the margin of 
the nose (from 5th),', — *Fltient am/za, in which the Tight noelrilie more 
affected and more stopped, afterwardt the lefi (from 6th),'.- — *Fluent coryia, 
with frequent violent sneezing; corrosive soreness under the no*e and on the 
margins of the no»e (second day), (from 6th),'. — Several drops of blood after 
blowing the nose (second day),". — Nose-bleed after slight blowing of the 
nose, on the right side," — [l80.] On the third morning, on blowing the 
nose some blood from the right nostril,".— On blowing the nose, some blood 
from the left nostril,". — Some blood from the left side of the nose on blow- 
ing it; the blood is binght red," — Nose-bleed after oppression of the chest 
(from fumes),". — Nose-bleed for twelve minutes, with relief of the chest and 
eye symptoms (from fumes),*.^ — Awoke with nose very cold, subjectively 
and objectively (second and third nights),".— It seemed to him as if a fluent 
coryza would appear, with soreness in the right nostril, as if he had pulled 
out some hairs ; with dim eyes, and violent pain in the right ribs, and little 
appetite (from the fumes); the same symptoms returned afterwards, from 
the fumes mised with iodine,'. — Pain on the right -side of the tip of the 
nose (from the 5th),', — Pain in the left compressor nasi on pressing upon it 
(from the 5th),', — Momentary pressure in the nasal and superior maxillary 
bones, and in various places in the frontal bones,". — [190.] Soreness in the 
nose, and crusts,'. — * The whole nose is sore, and the wings of the nose swollen; a 
seurf forms in if-, with pain and bleeding on wiping it (from 7th),', — Soreness 
and swollen feeling, firet around the lamilla and then in the wings of the 
nose, then crusts; and also constant crustiness of the right nostril, which 
bleeds after removing it (from 7th),'. — Smarting beneath the right nostril 
(first day),'. — Slight crawling, at first below the left nostril, then on the 
right cheek (from 8th), '.^Tickling in the nose (half an hour),". — Tickling 
in the nose, as if he would sneeze immediately,". — Tickling in the left side 
of the tip of the nose (from 7th),'. — Tickling in the left nostril, afterwards 



ID the riEht (from 8th),', — Itching in the nose, with cootiuued emell of 

Face. — [200.] Pale color of the face soon after eight drops,'. — Hot 
unpleasant seDsation in the face, eepecially below the aose, tickling-smarting 
a» from cobwebs, espednlly on moiing the nose, together with fluent coryza 
and lachrymation of the right eye (from 5th),'. — SensatioQ in the cheeks, 
more in the right, afterward in the left (first day), (from 30th) ; also in 
the left (from 7th),'. — Tension in the lefi cheek extending to the lower jaw, 
at times with pressive pain extending into the left ear (second day), (from 
3d),'.— Tickling on the left cheek and left side of the head ( from' 7th),'.— 
Tickling on the left malar bone, afternoon (second day), (from 8th),'. — 
Tickling on the right cheek relieved by scratching (from 8lh),', — Tickling 
crawling in the middle of the left cheek, fifst day, more in the left cheek 
(second day),'. — Pain in the left zygoma, and stitches in the ear, then the 
same pain in the right side,'. — Pain in the left zygoma in the evening, then 
stitching in the left ear, then pain in the right zygoma (from 7th),'.— [210.] 
Fain in the upper lip as if it were bruised, and in tliis place, extending from 
the right corner of the mouth, several yellowish spots as large as the head 
of a piD, which seem to lie beneath the epithelium and contain a yclloivish 
fluid ; the sensitiveness of the part is not great,". — Burning of the up[>er 
lip, which therewith feels verv smooth (from 3d),". — A momentary sensa- 
tion as if the middle part of the upper lip and the neighboring portion of 
the nose were stretched,". — Soreness of the upper lip, with coryza and long- 
continued desquamation of it (from 3d),'. — Tickling in the upper part of 
the right side of the upper lip; disappears on slight scratching, but returns 
again (from 8th),'. — Tickling in the right corner of the mouth, afternoon 
(second day), (from 7th and 30th),*, — •Slight swelling of the articulation 
of the left jaw, with cracking in it when chewing ; swelling and hardnet* 
of the left parotid, which is warm to touch ; i-osy red swelling of the tonsils 
and difficult swallowiug ; tension and pre.isure in the throat, when swallow- 
ing and when not; the pain in the throat is esjecially increased when 
swallowing fluids ; hawking up mucus.'.t— Boring in the right lower jaw 
(third day),". — Vetr painful boring in the right lower jaw-bone," — Pres- 
sure as from a dull body in the front of the left joint of the lower jaw, but 
deep in extending towards the lowest fos-^a of the left nostril, as if in the 
Eustachian tube; on swallowing, the motion of the superior musicles of the 
pharynx changes this sensation for a moment; it lasts half an hour,". — 
[220.] Some paiu on the left side of the lower jaw in a hollow tooth, which 
seems excited by a current of air when blowing coals,". 

Mottth. — Teeth-and Gums. A hollow tooth seems too long when 
biting,'. — The teeth become very blunt and remain so for some time, although 
he had taken two swallows of water immediately after it,". — Pain in the 
teeth of the left side,', — Pain in a hollow tooth of the right side, and in the 
left upper eye teeth (second day), (from 6th),'. — A painful sensation in the 
left side of the upper jaw in a hollow tooth which was never painful before, 
asif toothache would develop,".— A peculiar sensation of commencing pain 
in the left side of the upper jaw ; appears several times without being caused 
by pressing or touching the teeth,".^ — Toothache, especially in a hollow 
tooth of the left side of the lower jaw ; the anterior half of the hollow tooth 

t (In B scvun -year-old girl two weeks Bfter a norma! Httftck of the mensles ; im- 
provement began in nine hours from the doM of Bromine S, and thu whole dUnp- 
peared within four days.) Lippe. 



pains as if sore wlien toucbed, and seems to be loose,'. — Drawings in some 
hollow teeth on either side,", — Long-continued dull aching in a hollow 
tooth,''. — [230.] Stitching pain, at first from the forehead to the lower jaw, 
and hence into a hollow tooth, with throbbing paiL in it,'. — Sensitiveness 
of a hollow tooth to cold water (one hour),". — Throbbing beneath a hollow 
tooth,', — External pressure relieves the toothache,'. — Thegnm pains in the 
morning {from 5th),'. — Tongue and JUouth In General. Inflam- 
mation of the tongue (in half an hour),". — Pimples on the posterior portion 
of the right side of the tongue,'. — The tongue cannot be protruded (in four 
hours),". — Dry sensation on the tongue,". — Burning as from pepper under 
the tongue,", — [240.] Burning and sticking on the under surface of the 
tongue,". — Sticking on the tip of the tongue, and afterward suddenly dis- 
appearing tickling in it (from 5th),*, — Sliarp stitches in the tip of the 
longue,".^Iuflammation of the whole buccal cavity (in half an hour),**. — 
Dryness in the mouth continuing half an hour,'*.— SensatioD iu the mouth 
and pharynx as after a glass of rum,". — Heat of the mouth (i drop tinct.),", 
— Heat in the mouth, cesophagus, and stomach, together with colic,". — 
Burning sensation in the mouth, pharynx, and stomach, with pain in the 
abdomen,". — Feeling of burning m the mouth, pharynx, and stomach ; in- 
creased secretion of mucus, iudiuation to vomit, severe eructations and 
stomachache,'*, — [280,] Burning from the mouth to the stomach, accom- 
panied by internal heat,". — Sore pain ; slight smarting on the arches of the 
palate (second day),'. — Saliva tind Taste. Increased secretion of saliva 
every time after taking it,*, — Increased secretion of saliva (from fumes),*, — 
Increased secretion of saliva ; salivation, with increased mucus in the mouth 
and nose,". — If inhaled it increased the saliva, lachrymation, nasal mucus, 
caused coryza, cough, slight headache here and there, and vertigo,'". — 
Much thin saliva,". — Much thin saliva (one hour),". — Much collection of 
thin saliva (one hour),". — Thin tasteless saliva,", — [260.] Tasteless saliva,". 
— Collection of tasteless saliva (after three-quarters of an hour),". — Con- 
strictive sensation in the orifice of the salivary glands, with flow of saliva,". 
— Very disagreeable taste (immediately, from 40 drops tinct.),". — Very 
natiseous, offensive taste from six drops in half an ounce of water,'. — Taste 
is very strong, peculiarly puckered, burning and o Sen si ve,".— Sweetish 
taste in the mouth (half an hour),". — Decided salty taste in the tip of the 
tongue for several minutes (one and a half hours),". — Sour taste,'. — In- 
tensely bitter taste at the tip of the tongue, without other gastric symp- 
toms,". — [270.] It leaves a strong scraping taste (13 drops in water),'. — 
Very acrid, scraping, offensive taste, or rather exciting nausea, if taken 
without water,*.^ — Violent burning taste immediately after taking,", — Water 
tastes salty in the morning fasting,'. 

Throat. — In General. The throat is stiff and painful on turning 
the head, on the left side,'. — In the morning, the throat is stiff, so that she 
cannot turn the head,'. — A very acrid burning extending from the tongue 
to the stomach ; tin account of which he becomes nauseated, has great in- 
clination to vomit, the mouth becomes filled with saliva, respiration difficult 
and somewhat painful (from 20 to 30 drops),'. — Sticking in the throat,". — 
Stitches in the throat, with lachrymation and flow of thin saliva,". — 
Stitches near the hyoid bone, with secretion of thin saliva; afterwards 
coldness in the tip of the tongue, with flow of saliva,".— [280.] The throat 
is very sore and raw (second day), (from 6th),'.— Scraping in the throat,", 
— Scraping and frequent hawking of scanty mucus from the throat,". — 
Scraping and sticking in the throat, lasting two hours,". — *Scraping in the 



ikroal and a rough deep voux, continued fot an liour (sooQ after tabiDg),". — 
Peeling of rawuess in the throat, with severe stitches aud tickling in the 
larynx, lachrymation of the eyes, and a feeling as if the larynx were laced 
together, in the evening (second day),". — Fauces, Chronic iuAammation 
of the fauces, with a dry sensation, was aggravated (from the Ist),'. — In- 
flammation of the fauces and uvula, with dry cough, caused by irritation 
of the elongated uvula, especially severe in the morning; yellow thick 
nasal mucus, streaked with some blood, without sneezing or blowiDg of the 
nose, both of which conditions are usually very severe, with corj'za, laiitiiig 
some days, and disappearing gradually (fitlh day),". — Fauces and uvula 
are red, .—Fauces dark-red, the tonsils covered with much mucus, scrap- 
iag-sticktng sensation of rawness, some swelling of the tonsils; repeated 
aj\er several days (soon after taking),".— [290.] Feeling as if a small 
body were in the fauces, which caused hawking,".— Unpleasant puckered 
sensation in the fauces, followed by burning and sensation as if sore,". — 
In the fauces, at firat, an unpleasant puckered sensation, followed by burn- 
ing and sorenesti; salivattoo lasted a quarter of an hour, with increase of 
mucus in the mouth and nostrils (soon after 5 drops\'. — Puckering in the 
fauces,". — Scraping in the &uces, which causes hawking,". — Scraping and 
dryness iu the fauces towards evening,". — JPIutrf/nx, (Enophai/tiSf 
and Exterti.ul». Feeling of warmth, which increaiies to a buniing, ex- 
tending through the whole pharynx into the stomach, especially distressing 
in the pharynx (after 8 drops in an ounce of water),'.— Sensation of burn- 
ing and scraping in the pharynx, so violent that far some minutes there 
are convulsive twitch ings in the face and in the hands, with strong inclina- 
tion to vomit and forcible empty retchings (after daily doses increased to 
45 drops),". — Raw, unpleasant feeling in the pharynx (immediately"],*. — 
Pressure arising from the stomach into the ossophagus," — [300.] Burning 
in (esophagus and stomach (J drop tinct.),". — Swallowing is especially 
painful in the whole of the right side of the fauces, which is dark-red and 
without secretion of mucus, ".^Pain iu the submaxillary glands of both 
side* (first day),'. — Slight pressive pain in the left, submaxillary gland 
(second day), '.—Stitches in the glands at the side of the hyoid boue," 

Stomach. — Appetite and Thirst, Appetite neither increased 
nor diminished while taking it (for sixteen days),'.— Good appetite and 
digestion; embonpoint increases (in provers of large daily doses),". — 
Diminished appetite,". — Not much appetite (fifth and sixth days),". — 
Little appetite," — [310.] Very Httlc appetite the whole day,'*. — No appe- 
tite,". — Desire for acids, which aggravate the symptoms and cause diar- 
rhoea,'. — Aversion to the customary tobacco-smoking; it causes nausea 
and vertigo,'. — Thirst,". — Aversion to drinking cold water,'. — Eruc- 
tations and Hiccough, Eructations shortly after taking it (from 
the 8th),'. — Emptv eructations,", — Empty tasteless eructations (first day),". 
— [320.] Eructations of tasteless air (from 3d),'.— Eructations taste of 
bromine (soon),". — Empty eructations, with taste of bromine,". — Eruc- 
tations like foul eggs (from five to seven days), (from 3d),'. — Frequent 
eructations, with vomiting, whereby much mucus is thrown up (after 5 
drops),', — Many eructations of tasteless air and much rumbling of air in 
the abdomen,". — Remarkably frequent empty eructations aud much rum- 
bling in the abdomen,".— Frequent regurgitations,". — Hiccough (2 drops 
tinct.),". — Nausea and Vomiting, Qualmishness in the pit of the 
stomach, with empty eructations,". — [330.] Nausea," — Nausea (2 drops 
tinct.),**. — Slight nausea,* ". — Some nausea,". — At times, transient nausea,'. 



— Slight sentiatibn of nausea io the epigastric region,". — Nausea toirard 
evening, witliout being able to vomit ; better after eating,*, — Nausea, hic- 
cough, increased secretion of mucus (after 2 drops),". — Nausea, eructations, 
roughness in the stomach, month full of saliva, slow pulse, and congestion 
of the chest,'*, — Great inclination to vomit, increased discharge of niucus, 
and profuse eructations,".^ — [340.] (Exceedingly offensive vomiting, sud- 
denly, after allopathic doses, which were given to a patient to remove in- 
durations in the stomach. After persistent continuance of the drug a con- 
stant retching set in, exhausting the patient even to dying ; it could not be 
relieved by the usual methoila ; Lacheais, X, relieved it at once, prolonged 
the patient's life, and enabled him to go home and die comfortably),'. — 
atotnacfl. Inflammation of the stomach ; supinations io the stomach like 
ulceration,", — Feeling of emptinees in the stomach,'.— Emptiness in the 
stomach ; better after eating, for which, however, he had no longings,". — 
Feeling of heaviness in the stomach,".— Warmth in the stomach, with 
confusion in the forehead (first day),". — Warmth and burning in the 
etoRiBch, and flow of saliva,". — Warmth in the region of the stomach,". — 
Warmth in the stomach, immediately,". — Warmth in thp stomach, nau- 
sea, empty eructations, increase of saliva, fvith pressive heaviness in the 
forehead, with sensitiveness of the eyes; continued for a long time,", — 
[350.] Slight attacks of pain at stomach (40 drops tinct.),". — Violent pain 
in the epig)ietric region, woree upon pressure, relieved by bending forward, 
together with a distended abdomen and flush^ of heat starting from the 
back (first day),". — Severe pain In the stomach, now and then," — Burning 
pain at stomach (in half an hour),".^ — Burning in the stomach constantly 
(after large doses),' ".—A kind of contractive cramp in the stomach at 11. SO 
A.M.; disap|)cars after eating,'.— Aching in the stomach, as if diarrhoea 
would ensue, followed in about an hour by a liquid stool, with some urging, 
although two hours before he had a normal stool, at noon (first day),". — 
Slight pressure of the stomach (after one hour),", — Pressure on the stomach, 
as from a stone, with internal heat,'. — Constant pressure on the stomach, 
OS of a stone (latest action),'. — [360.] Pressure in the stomach and right 
hypoohoiidrium, with sensation of fulness,". — Long-continued pressure in 
the stomach, increased by pressure with the band,", — Excessive pressure 
iu the stomach, with inclination tu vomit, eructations, colic, and rumbling 
iu the abdomen (a quarter of an hour after 10 drops),". — Sticking pain in 
the pit of the stomach, extending to the navel, increased by deep pressure, 
and generally seems to be deeper than the stomach (from 8 to 11 A.U.),". 
— The pain iu the stomach is increased by pressure,". 

Abattmen. — Hypochotidrlac and Unibllicnl Rcgiofta. 
Sensation as of a ball in the left hypnchundrium (after six hours;,. — Pain 
in the left hypochoudrium," — Pressure upon the hypochondria is painful,". 
— Violent cutting in both hypochondria, deep, extending to the side of the 
navel, especially on the left side, with a soft abdomen, increased by pres- 
sure," — Transient stitches in the hypwhondria from right to left," — 
[370] Sharp stitches in the left hypnchondrium," ". — Sharp stitches in the 
right and left hypochondria," — Stitches in the left hypochoudrium,". — 
Sharp stitches iu the left hypochondrium," — Sensitiveness of the hypo- 
cliondrium and epigastric region to pressure, with flow of saliva,". — Pulsa- 
tion iu the right hypochondrium in the evening,". — Pain i^ the liver," — 
Decided pain in the region of the liver, especially on pressure and riding, 
with great distension and hardness of the right hyjHH-hondriuni, and a 
feeling as if a hard body were sinking down there ; last« from ten to twelve 



hours (after three dajs),". — Stitches ehnotiue from the liver tonard llie 
navei, , — Dull pain id the region of the spTeeu, exteudiDg towards the 
epiiial column,''. — [380.] The paia in the abdomeu exteuds from the 
Btomach to the navel, and below the short ribs {first day),".— Severe pain 
to the left of the navel, deep, inureased by pressure,". — Pain in the region 
of the navel, increased by drawing in the walls of the abdomen,". — Cutting 
pain in the region of the navel, after eating, increased by pressure (after three 
and a half hours),". — Sticking pain on the left side from the navel to the 
inner surface of the wall of the chest, increased by pressure, morning and 
evening, and in the evening cuttings deep in the region of the navel, in- 
creased by pressure, lasting half an hour, with stitches extending tiiwards 
the rectum, to the neck of the bladder, and along the right spermatic 
cord,'*. — Jro Generul, * Tipnpanitic dUtetisirm of (lie abdomen and parage 
of much wiiirf,". — The abdomen is ful! of wind, as is shown by percussion, . 
■—Slight twitching in the left side (from 8th),'. — Sounds of gas in the in- 
testines, and also in the (esophagus,". — Rumbling in the bowels,". — [390.] . 
Rumbling in the abdomen,". — -Much rumbling in the abrlomeii,". — Fre- 
quent rumblings in the abdomen,", — Rumbling and fermenting in the ab- 
domen (from four to six days), (from 3d),'. — Rumbling in the abdomen 
and slight pressure in the stomach," — Goutinned rumbiiug, with passage 
of flatus and empty eructations,". — Flatulence," — Passage of flatus (after 
two hours),". — Passage of much odorless flatus (from 8th),'.— Pleasant 
sensation of warmth in the abdomen, with accelerated pulse (after 5 drops),', 
— [400.] Pain in the left side for several days,*. — Paim in the abdomen and 
tinidl of the hack, as during menstruation ; pamtge of much jlatus, as ivas the 
ease during menstruation,',— After tobacco-smoking, very violent pinching 
pains in the abdomen, better when pressing upon it, worse on sudden mo- 
tion ; on sitting bent and pressing upon it he noticed the pain only during 
expiration, not during inspiration (from 3d),'. — Slight gripings in the in- 
testines immediately after taking, each time (after 6 to 8 drops),'. — Severe 
gripings in the intestines (from 13 drops),*. — Colic (i drop tinct.),'". — 
olic, violent pains in the abdomen,'. — Colic and borborygmi,". — Before 
meustruntion, sticking in the abdomen, relieved by lying bent,'. — Some 
right inguinal glands are much larger than usual, without paiu,". — [410,] 
Pain in the left inguinal ring,". — -Pain in the left inguinal canal, espe- 
cially on walking, pressure, and cough,". — Paiu iu the left side of the ab- 
domen, becomes a dr^^ing toward the inguinal ring (from 8th),'. — Pain 
in the crest of the right ilium (from 8lh),'. — Boring in the posterior por- 
tion of the left crest of the ilium,", — Stitches in the anterior spine of the 
crest of the left ilium,". 

Rectum a-nd Anuti. — Painless h«morrhoida (third day),". — Soft 
painless hemorrhoid as large as a nut {second day),". — * IVUK the diarrhoea 
of black facet, blind kwmorrkoidg, which pain severely, which he had had for 
years but were never so painful. They disappeared after nux and sulphur, 
but returned in fourteen days very painful, ana continued for a longer time; 
cold and warm washing aggravated them; nux and sulphur did not relieve; 
capsicum and the use of saliva relieved,*. — Very frequent but ineffectual 
anal tenesmus (in three hours),", — [420.] Some fine stitches in the anus," 
— Tickling in the anus (first day), . — Much itcbiug-crawliug iu the auus, 
as if something living were moving in it,". 

Stoi/l, — Severeurging to stool, with which much more wind than ftecesis 
passed at 2 p.m., following the natural morning stool,'*. — Frequent desire for 
stool, with passage of flatus and stitches in the anus,". — Regidar evacua- 



tioD, with slight teuesmuB,'. — Diarrh<Ea of black fieces and painful bEemor- 
rhuida (latest action),*. — Violeut diarrhoea relieved by black coffee,*. — 
*Diarrh(Ea after every meal ceases, but returiia after eating oysters," '. — 
Stool in the beeJDDing luure constipated than usual, then two stools iu each 
day thinner ana more copioua than usual," — [430.] Repeated paaty stools 
(after 144 drops taken within ninth day),*, — Several pasty stools through- 
out the day, twice at night; from daily doses (eleveutn day),'. — No action 
ou the intestines from 10 or even 20 drops, if it was omitted the following 
day; but pasty stuols from a dose of 30 drops,', — Soft stool after he had 
had the usfial one in the morning,", — Obliged to rise twice at night on 
account of thin stools if he took it after the morning hours (from 20 drops 
daily), (fouith and fifth days),', — Thin, diarrhcea-like stool an hour and a 
half after 13 drops; this is repeated four times till the next morning,*. — 
Diarrhcea-like stool, bright-yenow, preceded by cutting and rumbling in 
the abdomen (fifth to seventh day), (from 3d),'.— Mucous, somewhat 
diarrh<Ea-lil;e stool, with much wind, the second and the following davs 
(from lat),'.— Thin fluid stool,".— Soft stool, with disapiwarance of the 
hemorrhoids (third day),", — [440.] Stool-like sheep-dung, with pressure in 
the stomach and abdomen,'. — Stool iu the forenoon hard, tough, brown, and 
glistening ; it breaks to pieces like sheepKiung,*. — Hard stool (second to 
third day),'* '*. 

Urinary Organs. — Pain in the region of the bladder and in its 
sides, with desire to urinate (after half an hour),", —Some clear drops of 
mucus flow from the urethra (on different days),'*. — Burning in the urethra 
after urinating,', — Pressure in the prostate gland when walking (third 
day),'*. — Sume fine stitches in the orifice of the urethra," — Stitches in the 
urethra (fifth day),", — Someslight stitches in theurethra (half an hour),". — 
[480.] Some stitches in the urethra extending towards its orifice,". — Stitches 
in the end of the urethra (fourth day),". — Pulsation in the urethra behind 
the teslicles,". — Frequent calls to urinate,". — Renewed desire to urinate, 
although he had urinated a short time before (after half an hour),". — The 
desire to urinate continues, with tickling sensation in the lip of the urethra,". 
— Very little desire to urinale,". — Dribbling of urine after urinating (from 
third to tenth days),'. — After urinating some drops of urine continue to 
flow, which huru very mucii,'. — Increased secretion of urine (2 drops 
tinct.),". — [460.] The secretion of urine seemed somewhat increased,'. — 
Diminished urine,'. — Urine scanty (first day),". — Urine scanty and dark,". 
— Urine scanty and dark (second day),". — Urine very scanty and dark 
duriug the whole day,". — Urine scanty, dark, and turbid, with a red sedi- 
inent, - — Scanty, very dark, and very turbid urine for several dap; it 
deposits a whitish sediment, adhering to the vessel,". — Urine diminished, 
dark at times, with a red coating on the vessel (during the whole proving),". 
— The scanty urine, which is passed after much desire, is clear and darker 
than usual,". — [470.] The urine becomes cloudy and decidedly ammoulacal 
after one hour,".— The urine contains large flakes of white mucus,". 

Sexual Orgaittl.—Jifale. Erections in the morning,'. — Erectiuna 
in the morning from 3 to 8 o'clock ; for several days (from fumes),'. — 
Pressure in the right spermatic cord,". — Pressive-piuchiug pain in the 
penis, more on the right side, in the evening (eleventh day), after repeated 
doses,'. — Stitches in the glans and in the sides of the dorsum of the penis,". 
— Stitchefl in the glans penis,". — Long stitches extending through the penis 
to the glans,". — Swelling of the left testicle, with sore pain,'. — [480.] In- 
creased firmness of the testicles (from 8tb),'. — Coldness of the left testicle,'. 



— Increased neiual desire (fourth day). — Early emission during coition,', — 
Emissions the thinl night in a man who had none for three years,'. — 
Emissions for two nights in succession,'. — Female. *Loud pamige of 
JlcUiis from the vagina (from fifth to eighteenth day),'. — Sore paJu in the 
pudenda,', — Before menstruation pain in the back, feeling of weakness aiKl 
want of appetite,'. — On accession and during menstruation frontal headvcne; 
a feeling on stooping as if the eyes would fall out,'. — [490.1 On the appear- 
ance of menstruation headache,'. — Menstruation appeared too early and 
profuse,'. — Menstruation appeared iu twenty-oue days in one who menstru- 
ated regularly,'. — Menstruation was delayed when she took Bn)miDe 3Uth 
on the appe&rance of the usual forebodings, B.,'. — *( Menstruation, which she 
had every six weeks, passed without any pain ; she used to suffer every time 
after it had continued a few hours from the most violent sticking cramps, 
which continued from six to twelve houre, so that she could scarcely remain 
lying, followed by sore pain in the abdomen ),■". — Clear blood, with the 

Respiratory Apparatus.— Larynx, Trachea, and Voice. 

Much hawking of scanty mucus from the larynx," — *Cold BOtuation in 
the larynx, vith a cold feeling whan inspiring, after breakfast; better 
after shaving,'", — • Cundriction in (Ae larynx,". — ^Sticking conafrtrfi'oM t'n the 
larynx,". — [600,] Pain, as if crushed, in the left side of the larynx,". — 
*Eeery lime on swallowing saliva a etifcb. in the posterior portion of the larynx, 
wilh a feeling of eontradion,^'. — Stitches, with pressure in the larynx,'', — 
Stitches, with itcliiug iu the larynx (fourth night),'*. — Severe stitching in 
the larynx, with Iachrymalion(atler five minute:"),". — *Scrapiny and raw- 
ness in the larynx provoking oongi,". — "Scraping in the larynx provok- 
ing dry OOT^h, in the evening (first day),", — "Tickling m tlie larynx, fol- 
lowed by cough,". — Frequent tickling in the larynx with dry cough, which 
is immiidiatcly followed by tickling again ; during the cough pain iu the 
left side, extending inward from the nipple,". — Tickling in the larynx, with 
irritation to cough; constrictive sentation deep in the throat, and dry antgh; 
coppery taste on the back part of the palate ; spasmodic sensation extend- 
ing downward from the throat, witl) dry cough in the evening, and scrap- 
ing in llie throat (firit day),". — [510.] Drj-ness in the trachea,". — *Coii- 
traded seiigation internally in the Iracliea, Or a feeling as if the pit of the 
throat were pressed against the trachea; it lasts two days (from 6ih),". 
— *Tickling in the trachea on inspiring, which causes a cough,'. — 'Hoarse- 
ness,'". — •Hourscnes* ia wor^ie in the aif'ternoon than in the forenoon (from 
6th),'. — 'Hoarseness, loss of voiee ; he cannot ipeah elearly ; thevoiceis 
weak and soft, with a feeling %n the throat as If scraped raw (in the evening), 
(from 7th), . — Coiiffh, Cough, with pain in the chest,*. — Cough exciied 
by scratching and tickling (from 6th),'. — * Cough excited by deep insjnra- 
tirm,'. — 'Coogh, with paroxysms of snffiwation suddenly on swallowing 
(from 5 drops iu half an ounce of water); respiration is very sliort ; is obliged 
to catch for breath,'. — [520.] Short cough without expectoration, wilb sore 
pain in the chest,'. — Slight hacking cough,'. — Hacking cough several times 
in the day,*. — Violent cough, and sensation of sulphur fumes, followed by 
confusion of the head and dull pressive headache (from fumes),". — Rough 
cough,". — Racking cough, which does not allow one to speak,". — Dry 
cough,". — Dry cough several times,". — Frequent dry cough, soon after tak- 
ing,". — Dry cough, from a continued slight tickling rawness iu the throat 
(Irom 7ih),'. — [530.] Dry cough, in the morning (second day),". — Now 
and then a dry cough, with pain in the left side of the chest," — Dry cough, 



with sticking in the left side, extend id g from the left nipple into the chest,". 
— A rough, nollow, dry cough, with great tatigiie (from 3d),'. — HeSptTn- 
tiott. The glottis had closed wiih a spasm, and did not yield willingly,'^. — 
Spasmodic respiration (in four hours),", — Deep breathing becomes a yawn- 
ing,*. — Quick and short breathiug (in half an hour),". — Necessity for 
breathing deeply (first hour),'". — Deep expirations now and then (after an 
hour and a half),", — [MO,] Frequent deep breathing (first day),'*. — Fre- 
quent deep expiration, when sitting (soon),''. — ''Deep forcible in^iraiion is 
neeessan/ from time to tivif,'*. — A feeling as though he could not breathe 
CDOugh, aud must voluntarily breathe more strongly (soon after taking),". 
— • OppTemon of breath immediately after taking it, with deep inepiratwn, 
together with a sensation as if he did not get enotigh air into the chest, on ac- 
count of which he elevates the thnrax and inspires forcibly,'^ — *£)iffiailly of 
breatliing; he cannot inspire stiffident; when walking, even rapidly, better; 
worse inthe morning, better in the evening aud at night (third day),'. — 
Short, diflicnlt breathing, with prolonged inspiration and mucous rftle (in 
two hours),". — Difficult painful breathing,". — Frequent difficult breath- 
ing,", — Frequent difficult respiration (after half an hour),". — [650.] Res- 
piration ia very much embarrassed ; he is obliged to catch for breath,', — 
Respiratory troubles ; it seems as if inspiration was prevented by an im- 

Kdiraent in the middle of the chest (from 3d), (even after six weeks),'. — 
ipcded respiration, as from a slight pressure on the lower end of the 
breast-bone (from 8th),'. — Impeded respiration, from a slight prcissure in 
the pit of the stomach,*. — Inspiration of very concentrated fumes causes 
dyspncea ; for a long time the saliva, etc., is increased ; it is followed by 
cough and pain in the chest ; after some time pain in the abdomen ; after 
two hours a pasty stool, which is repeated three times in the afternoon, be- 
coming very thin ; a slight hacking cough remains for several days,*. — If 
a large quantity is inspired it causes severe oppression and cough, together 
with a very full pulse, which, however, is not faster than usual. The se- 
cretion of saliva markedly increased; it is followed by vertigo, frequent 
bleeding of the noJ«, and finally a headache remains. All the conditions 
disappear within four to six houre," — (*An asthma, in a girl of sixteen 
years, had remained for ten years alter measles, eo that the girl was never 
able to walk rapidly nor ascend steps without being very much exhausted ;■ 
disappeared after five doses of five globules of the 30th, which she took for 
proving,*^'.) — Chest. — In General. Swellingof the mammary glands,',, 
— Congestion to the chest,". — Peculiar sensation of weakness and exhaus- 
tion in the chest,". — [560.] The pain in the cheat continues; is especially 
noliced when coughing,". — Pain under the ribs, especially on pressure, more 
in the right side,". — Burning in the chest, with sut^equent sensation of heat, 
only gradually disappearing, with inefiectual efforts to vomit,". — Tension 
in the chest,'. — Slight feeling of fulness in the chest and throat, increasing 
towards noon, continuing till evening, and feeling as if a soft substance 
were between the lungs and the breast-bone (from 6th),'. — A sensation of 
constriction of the chest impedes respiration and is verj' unpleasant, with 
a dry tickling cough the whole of the first day and the following days, last- 
ing only an hour (from 1st),'. — Paralytic drawing pain through the chest 
and toward the shoulder-blade and arm (left),'. — Feeling of anxiety in 
the chest, with difficult breathing,". — Pressure from the chest at times, . — 
Slight pressure upon the chest on deep inspiration,". — [570.] Pressure in 
the upper part of the chest,", — Pressure in the upper part of the chest, 
with difficult breathing (first day),", — Slight pressure in the upper part of 



the chest, as if breathing was difScult,". — Pressure several times io the 
upper part of the chest, with oppressed breathing soon after taliiiig,". — 
Severe oppression, cough, headache, and vertigo (from the fumes),'. — Stick- 
ing pain here and there iu the walla of the chest, uniufluenced by breath- 
ing, . — Stitches in the upper part of the chest, with difficult breatfiiog and 
sensation of distension (first day),". — Sides and Sternum. Paiu in 
the right lung (from 3d),'.— A pain in the right side of the chest, gradu- 
ally extending towards the back, lasting some hours (first day), (from liit),'. 
— Paiu iu the right wall of the cheat, on waking (second aay),". — [MO,] 
Pain in the right side between the seventh and ninth ribs, especially ou 
motion, ".—Constant pain in the right side beneath the rib?, especially on 
somewhat deep pressure (after seven hours),".— The pain in the right side 
of the chest increased very much toward evening ; lifLiug a light weight 
with the right hand incre^ed the pain, so also walking, on account of the 
increased motion of the pectoral muscles ; at times the pain exteuds to the 
dorsal muscles of the same side, and then is alao increased by expiration; 
this continues until he falls asleep ; it awakens bim at night in turning the 
body ; continues equally severe the next morning ; only disappears after five 
days ; it is especially severe in the morning and evening ; worse when mov- 
ing the thorax ; less when walking than when sitting ; especially severe on 
waking; rest is almost impossible,". — The pain ou the right side under the 
ribs still continues, though not so severe all the time; it is aggravated hy 
pressure on the sixth day; this same pain continues the following days, 
sometimes so violent that even breathing becomes painful ; the abdomen is 
therewith distended with gas ; a stooping posture and moderate pressure re- 
lieve the paiu, which seems to be in the region of the gall-bladder, and 
which, on deep breathing, extends to the navel ; also, however deep, when 
fasting, the pain is not noticed ; it seems to be most severe two hours after 
eating,". — Pain, like a pressure, in the right side of the chest,', — Pressive 
pain in the right lung (from 8th),'.— Pressure in the wall of the chest below 
the right nipple,". — A sensation in several places in the right wall of the 
chest, as if it were pressed from within outward ; not increased by breath- 
ing, but by motion of the thorax ; at 6 p.m., and several times repeated 
during the evening (first day), ".^-Sticking in the right side of the chest 
beneath the fourth rib, with palpitation (from 7th),'.— SAarp sfitefte* ik ihe 
right side of tlie cheat, especially when walking rapidly,'. — [6flO.] Severe 
stitches between the sixth and seventh ribs of the right side, at 6 p.m. (from 
the fumes),'. — Tickling in the right side of the chest in the region of the 
sixth rib (in the afternoon of second day),'. — A tickling spot in the region 
of the right eighth rih (from 8th),'.— Transient paiu in the left cheat,'.— 
Very transient pain in the left lung (from 8th),'.— Wandering pains iu the 
left side of the chest uninfluenced by breathing ; afterwards these pains ex- 
tend to the right side of the chest, where they became pressive ; they then 
leave the left side and continue in the right side for three days; they appear 
immediately on walking, are neither increased by breathing nor by motion, 
only aggravated by bending both shoulders forward, with slight flexion of 
the upper part of the chest, or by turning the thorax on its axis, whence the 
pain seems to be in the muscles of this region,". — Severe pain on the left 
side under the ribs, several times ; it quickly disappears ; on the night of 
the sixtli day the same pain extends higher up, and is somewhat more vio- 
lent; worse when lying bent; not increased by breathing,'*. — Pain in the 
left side of the chest hy the fourth rib, and tickling in the right side of the 
.head (from 7th),'. — Paralytic drawing pain through the left side of the 


chest towards the shoulder-blade and into the left arm (from 7th),'. — Pres- 
sure iu the left pectoral muscles,". — [600.] Pressure below the left clavi- 
cle,", — Tearing in the left o!avicle,''.~Sticking paiu in the left side of the 
chest,'. — Sticking pain on the left side of the chest, extending towards the 
arm,*. — Transient stitches in the left side below the ribs,'*. — Pi-essure in the 

Heart and P«(«e.— Palpitation of the heart,". — Palpitation per- 
ceptible in the region of the heart, Which is noticed even without laying 
the hand upon it, together with forcible breathing (after three hours;,". — 
Violent [lalpitation of the heart In the evening, so that she cannot lie upon 
the left side,'. — Palpitation when walking, without cause (second day),". — 
[610.] Slight oppression around the heart and palpitation, at the same time 
the inspired air seems very cold, with tendency to yawn (from 3d),'. — Pulse 
rather slow and hard during the two provings with large daily doses,'. — 
Pulse very full, not accelerated,'*, — Pulse more frequent, . — Full, hard, at 
first slow, afterwards accelerated pulse,". — Pulse C4 to 70 fifteen minutes 
after five drops; after thirty minutes again normal,". — Pulse 70 after eight 
drops; in fifteen minutes only 62,'. 

A'eck atitl Bnclc. — A glaud as large as a pea on each side of the 
neck (second day),".— Twitching in the left lalissimus dorsi (from 8th),'. — 
10 A.M., aching pain at inner border of left scapula up to neck, on moving 
left arm or sitting leaning to left (fifth day) ; it extended half way down 
upper arm ; worse on moving arm (seventh day) ; nearly gone, but worse in 
evening (ninth day),*,— [620.] Boring iu the spinous processes of difltrent 
vertebiie at various times (fifth day),"'— Pressure in the left dorsal mus- 
cles,"'. — Wandering pressive pain in the dorsal muscles below the shoulder- 
blade,". — Tension in the right lumbar and dorsal muscles, increased by 
moving these parts,". — Sticking-tickJing in the spiue, more towards the 
right side (from 7th),', — Sore pain in the small of the back, unchanged on 
rising or on motion,'. 

iSctremitfeft in General. — Great stifibess in all the limbs at 11 
A.M., better in the afternoon,'. — Pains in the limbs, afterwards alternating 
with chilliness and heat,*. — C!ompression in the upper arm, iu the forepart 
of both knee-joints," — Crawling in the fingers aud short twitches in the 
muscles of the foot and the regiuii of the knee (after a quarter of an hour) ; 
repeated from time to time; slightly perceptible the next morning; it ap- 
peared a quarter of an hour before colic and rumbling iu the bowels,". 

Upper Extremities, — [630.] Great restlessness and jactitation of 
the arms (in three hours),". — Great loss of power and weakness of the 
arms,'. — Weakness in the left arm,'. — The whole left arm feels paralyzed,*. 
— Constriction in the upper extremities,". — Drawing iu the right arm from 
above towards the baud, together with a pamlytic sensation in the left 
arm.'.f — Pain in the right shoulder (first day),'. — Pain below the shoulder 
(from 5th),'. — Painful paralytic sensation in the left shoulder, soon disap- 
pearing ; afterward paralytic pain in the right shoulder-joint (from 8tli ),'. — 
Sensation of heat m the forepart of the right shoulder-joint,". — [640.] 
When walking in the street a severe rheumatic, dull, constricting paiu ; it 
extends into tne right shoulder and theuce into the arm, where it disap- 
pears (second day), (from 1st),'. — Pressure in the right shoulder-joint,". — 

t In H person whohaddispn^cof tlieheart,lle often eipericncnl the last 
with pnlpiutiun and sounds in the hcnrt which dcnoU-d chanjjua in the 
the left Side of the henrl. C. Hg. 



Pressure and weariness in the left ahoulder-joint,". — Sharp stitches \a the 
right asilla,". — Burning stitches on the top of the right shoulder-joint,". — 
Bruised pain !n left shoulder, afterwards in the right el bow -joint,". — Crack- 
ing in the left elbow-joint,'. — Sticking in the iuuer condyle of the right 
elbow,". — In the afternoon a paralyzed feeling in the left arm, as after a 
blow, on holdinc the left arm bent, when walking, together with ill-huraor," 
— Sensation in ihe forearms, from the wrists to a little below the elbows, as if 
thej- were in a vice ; afterwards a sticking pain in the fingers, which extends 
toward the head (seventy-five minutes after ten drops).". — [8fi0,] Tearing 
in the arms in the evening, especially in the hands and fingers,*, — Pressure 
in the left wrist,". — Violent pain in the right hand ; once it shoots. into the 
middle finger, with throbbing pain,*. — The fingers of the right hand be- 
come so stiff that ahe is afraid she will let the dish fall which she is hold- 
ing in her hand,'. — Dead pain in all the finger-joints of the left hand ; the 
pain extends hence to the elbow and shoulder, and pain in the upper and 
lower part of the arm,'. — Hot bromine (thirty-six to tbrty degrees R.) 
placed upon the dorsal surface of a finger caused more violent burning 
pain than on the flexor surface ; in the latter case the yellow spot soou 
easily disappears; in the former it remains yellow for more than fourteen 
days, and gradually disappears in fine scales,*. — Pressure in the root of the 
left fingers,". — Pressure in the metacarpal bone of the right index finger,". 
— Pressure on the hack of the joint between the first and second phalanges 
of the right fourth finger,",— Severe compression at the basis of the left 
fourth and fifth fingers,". — [660.] Tearing in the fingers,". — Tearing in 
the first phalanges of the right fourth and fifth fingers," — Tearing through 
the left founli finger and in the right third and iburth fingers,". — Tearing 
in the middle joint of the middle finger of the left hand, which obliges one 
to extend the fingers,*. — Tearing asunder pain between the metacarpus and 
the first phalanx of the right finger," — Jerkiike tearings through the left 
thumb, at 6 p.m., in the frontal Done very frequently, through the right 
great toe, in the lower part of the right leg, in the right knee, with bruised 
pain when sitting, in tlie evening," — Severe cutting on the back of the 
wh<de of the left fourth finger, . — Stitches in the fingers," — Stitches on 
the back of the joint between the first and second phalanges of the left 
fourth (iuger continue the whole forenoon,". — Severe burning stitches in 
the tip of the left index finger,".— [670.] Fine stitches on the back of (he 
right little finger, when some bright-red small spots appeared and lasted 
the whole day,". 

Lower Extremitieit. — Weakness of the left leg,'. — Paralytic sen- 
entiuu in the right leg,'. — In the evening on going out a throbbing pain in 
both legs, especially in the right, with stiffness in the limb as far as the 
f<Hit, and with stiff'uess and pain in the right great toe and in the middle 
toft",'. — Stiffness in front of left thigh on walking (seventh day),". — Twitch- 
ing in the inner side of the right knee (from 8th),'. — Pain in the right 
knee and downward, with a feeling of heaviness in the right leg,". — Pain 
in the left knee and hip, worse on motion (second morning),". — Rheumatic 
pain in the left knee (from 5th),'.— Burning pain in the left knee,'.— [680.] 
Pressure in the left knee,". — In the right knee a dull pressive pain in the 
bone,". — Pressive pain in the bend of the riglit knee (from 5lh),'. — Pres- 
sure in the forepart of the left knee,".— Throbbing in the forepart of the 
right knee while sitting, lasting several minutes,".— A pain in tlie forepart 
of the leg, extending to the right side, like gnawing or sawing, sudden, 
severe, and transient,". — Dull pain deep in the left, then in the right leg, 



vh lie sitting,'*. — Dull pressive, fatiKuiug pftin in the banes of the left leg 
(second day),". — Pressure deep iu the left leg,". — Pressure in the head of 
the right tibia,".— [690.] Boring in the left tibia (half an hour),".— 
Boring pain in the right tibia (after nine hours),", — Boring in the right 
tibia several times,". — Boring in the lower part of the right tibia,", — Vio- 
lent boring paius at times in the left tibia," — Pressure in the right tibia,". — 
Pressure with a sensation of weariness deep in the left leg, which extends 
through tlie left ankle into the foot,". — ^Pressure in the right internal 
malleoli,", — Pressure in the right ankle, especially in the inner malleoli," — 
Pressure in the left ankle and in the bones of the right metatarsus and 
the bones on the back of the right foot,". — [700.] Iu tlie evening, when 
stepping, violent pain in the middle of the bail of the left foot, as if one 
stepped upon a hard body, with paralyzed sensation of the knee-joint and 
al^ somewhat in the hip ; immediately afterwards, as this becomes better, a 
pressive paiu in the left side of the throat near the thyroid cartilage,". — 
Tension in the tendons on the back of the right foot on bending the ankle 
vheo walking (after four hours),". — Drawings in the tendons on the back 
of the right foot,". — Pressure on the back of the right foot,". — Tearing Iu 
the tendons on tlie back of tlie right foot,".— Cold sensation in the left 
great toe,'. — Pain in the right toes (from 8th),'. — Almost constant pain in 
the fourth toe of the right foot (in the evening of second day),'. — Pain in 
the tip of the right fourth toe, together with tickling on the forehead and 
paiu in the inner side of the ridit knee,'. — Cutting in the flesh near the 
nnil of the great toe.'". — [710.] Waking at night with crawling and cold- 
ness of the left great toe,', — A corn on the right little toe becomes painful 
and grows rapidly,'. — Slight burning and pain in a com on the fourth toe of 
the right foot, and beneath the ball of tlie foot (first day, repeated second 
day iu the afternoon, and evening of eleventh day, after repeated doses),'. 

Generalities. — Embonpoint increased,", — If introduced into a cut 
it becomes unhealthy-looking, and a green decay forms about it, with an 
offensive odor,". — Cracking in the joints, in the morning after rising (seeond 
day),'.— In the afternoon Uie throat, neck, arms, and legs become stiff, so 
that she is afraid that she would not be able to walk, with a headache ex- 
tending from the occiput towards the forehead, shooting and dragging as if 
everything would press out in the forepart of the head,'. — General trem- 
bling (first and second day), (from 3d),'. — Feeling of weakness,". — Great 
weakness and loss of power,'. — [720,] If she wakes at night, 'a sensation of 
trembling weakness as though she could not rise (sixth day),'.^\Veak and 
sleepy the whole afternoon and evening (second day),".^Great weakness 
after breakfast n.s if bruised ; she is scarcely able to make the bed,'. — Great 
weakness when walking, which compels her to sit down,'. — Great exhaus- 
tion; she canuot work any more, and must lie down,'. — The whole body is 
very much affected and weak, continuing a long time after all the other 
symptoms had disappeared,'. — Great indisposition,' '. — Physical aud mental 
indisposition during the whole proving,". — Sensation as of fasting; feeling 
of heaviness in the head, with some stiffness in the muscles of the neck,". — 
Sensation as if the Hesh were loose and bruised on touch, especially on the 
left side of the chest,'.— [730.] The right side suffers most,'.— The whole 
left side is most affected,'.^ — Many symptoms on the left side,', — A glass of 
stimulants did not relieve him,'. 

Sfctit, — Colors tlie skin yellow,", — It destroys the skin very rapidly, 
with severe buraiDg and consequent inflammation,". — Several small red 
spots on the back of the left hand, more towards the thumb and index finger ; 


246 , BROMIUM. 

they Gomedraes itch, sometimes not, moo disappeariDg, and then again re- 
appearing ; several of them change to small vesicles, which dry up within 
twelve to twenty-four houra, and leave a small red spot,". — Papulous erup- 
tion above the right inner canthus ; paina on touch ; a waterj- discharge on 
pricking (from the 3d),". — Pimples on the nose, and at the same time on 
the back part of the right aide of the tongue,'.— Pimples on the right ring 
finger, on the ulnar side of the third phalanx, without pain, only disap- 
pearing after eight weeks (first day),'. — [740,] On the anus a small pimple, 
painful when rubbed, which he never had before (after twenty-four hours),". 
— The pimple by the anus is not a hamorrhoid, but is seated directly in 
the suture just before the anus, and can be felt with the finger as a pimple 
seated on or beneath the skin ; it pains only on strong pressure, but more on 
rubbing, even with soft paper,". — Boih on the armn and in the face (later 
action),°.t — Severe cutting in the skin of the ball of the right great toe," — 
Stitches in the skin on the malar bone,". — Stitches in the skin on the 
larynx,". — Feeling as if something living in the skin, especially in the arms 
and legs,'. — Slight prickling in the skin, with a sensation of warmth, chang- 
ing to a burning, and dryness of the part after external use,". — Tickling 
over whole body, easily relieved by scratching,'. — Tickling on the right 
side of the forehead, on the left side of the occiput (from the 8th and also 
from the 5th),'.— [7M.] Tickling on the right shoulder (from 8th),'.— 
Tickling on the legs,', — Tickling on the outer side of the left thigh (In the 
afternoon of second day),'. — Tickling below the right knee-cap, disappears 
on scratching (from 8tn),'. — Itching soon relieved by scratching,'.— Itching 
in various places in the skin that causes scratching, whereby the itching 
ceases, but soon reappears,". — Itching, now here, now there, mostly in the 
right side of the face, , — Itching between the fingers, soon disappearing on 
scratching,". — Tickling-itching soon disappearing, always in a small spot, 
now in the right side, now in the left (second day),'. 

Sleep and Dreams. — Yawning, early in the morning; great yawn- 
ing the whole day; full inspiration causes yawning (from 3d),'. — *Con- 
tinned yawning, with the regpiraiory troubles (twelfth day), (after repeated 
doses),'. — * Continual yawning the whole day, with difficulty of breathing 
( from 30th),'.— [760.] Yawning and heat in the fece and nose (from 6th),'. 
— Very sleepy (from 3dl,'. — 'Very much inclined to sleep,". — Great incli- 
nation to fall asleep, ".-^Even after eight weeks, irresistible sleepiness during 
the day and also the whole evening ; every exertion to throw it off is in- 
effectual,'. — Great sleepiness and weakness ; can scarcely keep on the legs ; 
great inclination to sit down, yet he feels better when moving about,'. — In 
the evening, when writing, almost irresistible sleepiness, with confusion of 
the head ; it seems as though the scalp were too tight, or as thoTig;h a band 
were tied around the bead, with some pain in the shoulder,'. — When read- 
ing in the evening, he became sleepy at an unusual time, but as soon as he 
put out the light and tries to sleep he cannot ; he lies awake for hours with- 
out cause (after the fumes),'. — Very sound sleep (two nights),". — Prolonged 
unrefreshing sleep in the morning,'. — [770.] In the morning he sleeps very 
long, OS if stupid ; la unusuallv sluggish ; he will not rise until 10 o'clock 
(from fumes),'.— Insufficient sleep in the morning ; he always falls asleep 
again, and when he wakes it seems almost impossible for him to rise (in 

+ (Nook nnd Trinks huva fiiruncles, but In a ease in which tliey were produced 
om the brr)mide3. The thirtieth potency, however, is deciiive. It is now seen 
lit they arc produced by Bromine itself. C. Hg.) 



four persons), (after the 30th),'. — Decided aoporat night, early in the even- 
ing and late in the morning ; one is obliged t<> make great exertion to rise,". 
—Sleep very light; he is easily awakened (two nighta),". — He awakea 
bright in the morning, at 5o'c1ock (curative action),'. — Wide awake in the 
evening, cannot sleep,'. — Starting in sleep,'. — Startings and twitchings in 
sleep,'. — She lies asleep with her mouth open,'. — Dreamy night {one night),". 
—[780.] Night full of d ream s,*.~Reatl ess dreamy sleep,*. — Starting from 
sleep the second night, on account of restless dreams, he sprang out of t>ed, 
and only came to his .=ienses by putting his feet on the cold floor,". — Vivid 
dreams, and wide awake on waking,". — Vivid dreams at night; he is as- 
cending a height,*.. — A vivid dream in the second night, a^ if one were 
climbing a steep place, etc., and moving about in the bed without waking 
from sleep (two nights),". — Vivid dreams of joumeyings, climbings, quar- 
rels, and fightings, with distinct recollection on waking,'. — She dreams of 
nothing but dying, coffins, and funerals (tenth day),', 

Fever. — Chilliness. Sensitiveness to cold air, especially when walk- 
ing ; immediately a cold sensation runs through the back into the legs,", — 
Sensitivenew to cold air, and chiilinesa on motion in the evening (second 
day),". — [780.] Sensation of coldness at times (after one and a half hours),". 
— ^Very chilly, with confusion of the head; with headache extending into the 
left eye (from 5th),'. — Shivering through the whole body; very chilly, with 
external coldness, which is somewhat relieved by the warmth of the stove 
(from 3d),'. — Fi'o&nf shiverings, with yaimtiitg and Btretehing, as in inter- 
mittent fever, which she had ten years before ; with this the head is eon- 
fused ; drawing in the left tibia down to the ankle, whereby the foot becomes 
quite cold ; (Am is repeated every other day, at a chillinets vnth cold feet (from 
30th),'. — Coldness in the back and limbs in a warm room, at 3 p.m. (second 
day),". — Creepings down the back (from 5th),'. — Creeping coldness over 
the back,'^ — li^owaud then coldness over the back, with cold hands and feet 
(after one hour),". — Cold drawings down the back (from 8th),'.— Cold 
shivering drawing down the back (from 8th),'.— [800.] Chilliness in the 
back when sitting, several times (after five hours),". — *Hands cold and 
moist,".— Cold tips of the fingers,".— Cold, exceedingly unpleasant drawing, 
through the whole body, with rapid alternations of warmth, at fir^t in the 
left hand and side (from 8th),'. — Heat. Sensation of internal burning ; it 
seems as if she were in a hot vapor, though without sweat, in the forenoon,*. 
. — Burning sensation in the whole body, while performing moderate manual 
labor; a clammy sweat breaks out in the evening, twelve hours after the 
burning in the ear (from 80th),*.— At 9 a.m., an internal burning; after- 
ward it seems beneath the skin and flesh,*. — Heat rises into the head, now 
and then,". — Increased warmth in the forehead and chest (soon),". — Heat 
of the face.".— [810.] Heat in the nose and on the left cheek (from the 
7th),'. — Heat in the back, which extends into the head and face,". — Fre- 
quent heat, extending over the body from the back,". — Heat of both hands 
(from 7th),'. — Heat of both hands and heat of the head, with coldness in 
the rest of the body,'. — The right hand is hot and full, as if distended (fmm 
8th),'. — Heat in the feet (from 3d),'. — Heat in the feet, in other respects he 
feels quite cold,'.— Sit'coi. Sweats easily on slight movement,'. — Sweat in 
the palms,". — [820.] Profuse sweat in the palms (after three hours),". — 
Sweat in the palms, with increased warmth (after one and a half hours),". 

Conditions. — Aggravation. — (Morning), On waking, dizzy, head- 
ache, etc. ; pain in forehead ; gum pains ; fasting, water tastes salt ; throat 
stiff; cough; ereetiona; dry cough; difficulty of breathing; pain in right 



chest ; after rising, cracking of the joiats ; 9 o'clock, iateraal burcing. — 
{Forenoon), Fain in forehtsad; 11.30 o'clock, cramp iu stomach; 11 o'clock, 
stiffness in lirobs. — {Afiemoon}, Blood-slreakeil mucua from nose; tickling 
on malar bone; hoarseness; when walking, feeling in led arm, etc.; throat, 
etc., become stiff. — {Toward evening), In rather damp weather, pains of 
head ; burning in lell ear ; scraping, etc., in fauces ; nausea. — {Evening), 
Apprehenaiveness, etc.; vertigo; pain in frontal bones, etc.; when sitting 
reading, vanishing of sight ; before going to sleep, earache ; cutting in both 
hypochondria ; pulsation in right hypochondrium ; cutting in left side ; pain 
in penis ; scraping in larynx ; pain in right chest ; palpitation ; tearing in 
anus ; on going out, pain in legs ; when stepping, pain ip ball of foot ; on 
motion, chilliness. — {Evening till midnight), '■Symptoms in general, — {Acids), 
Aggravate the symptoms and cause diarrh<ea, — {Bending »houlders for- 
ward). Pains in left side of chest. — {Lying bent), Pain in left side. — {Afier 
breakfiisl). Sensation in larynx, etc. — (Chughing), Pain in forehead ; ]>ain 
in cheat. — ( Crossing running water). Vertigo. — {Damp weather). Vertigo. — 
{Drawing in abdominal walk). Pain in region of navel. — {A.Jter dinner). 
Apoplectic sensation ; pain in forehead. — {AJler eating). Pain in region of 
navel, — {Hawking up mucus). Pain in throat. — (In heat of sun). Headache. 
— {On deep inspiration). Pressure on chcst.-~( Lrfing down). Vertigo, — 
{Before menstruation). Slicking in abdomen.— (j_ftifr dnnki7ig milk). Head- 
ache. — {Motion), *Stitcbes in upper lid; pain in right side; tension in 
lumbar, etc., muscles ; pain in left knee, etc. — (On moving eyes), Pressure. 
— {Moving nose), SenseUion in face. — ( When moving thorax). Pain in side of 
chest. — {Afier eating oysters), *Diarrhcea returns,". — {Pressure), Stitches in 
left upper lids; pressure in stomach; pain in stomach; cutting in hypo- 
chondria ; pain in region of liver ; pain to left of navel ; pain in left aide. — 
{Deep pressing). Pain in pit of stomach ; pain in right side. — ( When read- 
ing). Sensitiveness of eyes; stitches in eyelid. — (Rest), Fain in forehead. — 
(Riding), Pain in region of liver. — (In room). Pressure in frontal bones. — 
( When sitting), Symptoms seem to increase ; deep inspiration ; throbbing 
in right knee; pain in legs; chilliness in back. — (Stooping), Headache; 
•stitches in upper lid. — (Swallowing fiuide). Fain in throat. — (Svxillowing 
saliva), Stitch in larynx. — (Tobacco-smoking), Causes nausea, etc.; pains in 
abdomen. — ( TSirning head to left side). Throat stiff, etc. — ( Turning tkorai on 
its axis). Pains in left chest. — (After urinating). Burning in urethra. — (On 
waking). Pain in side of chest. — ( Walking), Pressure in prostate gland ; 
palpitation; stiffness in front of thigh; weakness. — (Walking rapidly), 
StiUAes in right chest. — (In warm room). Symptoms seem to increase. 

Amelioration.— (Afiernoon), Stiffness in limbs. — (Evening), Diffi- 
culty of breathing. — (NigJU), Difficulty of breathing. — (Motion in open 
air). Symptoms in general. — (Alcoholic stimulants). Cured. — (Vapor of 
alcohol). Most of the symptoms. — (Ammonia), Most of the symptoms. — 
{Black coffee), Diarrhcea. — ( Cough), Pain in Inguinal canal, — (After eating). 
Symptoms disappear, etc.; nausea; emptiness in stomach; cramp in stcmach. 
— (Whenfastinn), Pain in right side not noticed, — (Lying bent), Sticking 
in abdomen. — (Lying on right side, with arms over head), Headache. — 
(Motion), 'Most of the symptoms. — (External pressure). Toothache ; pains 
in abdomen ; pain in inguinal canal ; pain in right side. — (Rest), 'Stitches 
in left upper lid. — -{When riding), Symptoms disappear. — (In shade). 
Headache goes away. — (After shaving). Cold sensation in larynx, etc. — 
(Stooping), Pain iu right side. — ( Walking), Mental and bodily conditions ; 
pain in inguinal canaT; difficulty of breaUiing ; pain in right side of chest. 



See Strychnos Nux \ 


An alkaloid, obtained from the bark and seeds of Strychnos Nux vomica. 
Formula, C^H^NjO,. Preparation, TrituratioDs. 

Authority. Lepelletier, Gaz. des Hop., 1851 (Zeit. f. Horn. Kl., 1, 57), 
effects of 0.02 to 0.90 of a gramme. 

Head. — Headache. 

JEf/CS. — Hazy viaion. 

Ears. — Ringing iu the ears. 

Stomarh. — Diminished appetite. — Thtretjfromdrynessof the mouth. — 
Nausea. — Burning in the Btoraach. 

Urinary Orgnns. — Increased urinary secretion (once). 

Sexual Organs. — E^et■tiou^ 

Upper Extremfttoi. — Twitching of the fingers. 

Geueraltttes. — Sudden jerkings, especially of the lower extrenii''';s 
(increasing in intensity with the dose), spreading generally, but not ac- 
companied with trismus and tetanus, and not extending to the oesophagus 
and pharynx, as is the case with strychnia. — Twitchings in the paralyzed 
as well as in the healthy muscles. — General weakness. 

Skin. — Formication. — Itching of the skin. 

Sleep. — Deep sleep, after the attacks. — Sleeplessness. 

Fever, — A fever of short duration terminates the attacks. 


Bryonia alba, Liaa. Natural order, Cucurbitaceee. (hmmon name, 
White Bryony ; Oerman, Zaunrebe. Fr^yaration, Tincture of the root, 
procured before flowering. 

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20 to 50 drops of tincture; 12, Wm. Huber, proved (Bryonia diotca^, be- 

S'uning with the 10th dil. and gradually descending to the 3d ; 13, Wm. 
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Huber, proving with the 30th and 25th decimal dil.; 15, ibid., with 15 to 
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■ 250 BRYONIA. 

Wachtl, two provings, first, with 100 drops of tincture, second, with 200 
drops ; 27, ibid., 1st dec. dil. ; 28, ibid., 6th dil. ; 29, Dr. Watzke, 25 to 80 
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5 to SOdropaof tinct. oi Bryonia alba ; 32, Dr. Wurmb, 20 to 300 drops of 
tincture ; 33, Zlatarovich, 8 to 50 drops of tincture ; 34, " Gary Johann," 
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13), 10 to 200 drops of tincture; 40, ibid., 1 to 70 drops of tincture; 41, 
Lembke, N. Z. f. H. Kl., 4, 75, proving with 20 to 60 drops of tincture ; 
42, Dr. T. Dwight Btow, H. Month., 5, 359, took 15 drops of the 1st dec. 
dil. ; 43, Dr. E. C. Price, Am. Horn. Obs., 2, 521, proving with 30 to 50 
drops of the tincture. 

Mlntl. — MmottOJlM, Delirium. Mental illusion ; her head seemed 
too heavy,'. — 'Irrational taUdi^ of his bmineil, for an hour (after half 
an hour),'. — ■''Nightly delirium,^, — *In the morning at daybreak deliriovt 
prattling: about basiness to be attended to ; this disappears when the pain 
commences,'. — About 10 o'clock at night, a delirioua frightful fentasy, as 
of soldiers cutting him down ; that he was on the point of escaping ; with 
great heat in the body, sweat (without thirst) ; the delirium relieved by uncov- 
ering and getting cool,'. — Moodlt. Much crying for one and a half days,'. 
— *{Great degpondeney; disindined to tliink; exhaKslion of the intftleduat 
poviert),'. — *Deipondent*. — A very unusual melancholy mood,". — [10.] 
* Great depression, and very moro»e mood willwtil any came, miile contrary to 
hi« luAit, . — My usual lively disposition becomes cbangeJ to hypochon-