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SOR, CONN. , IN 163b, 





All rights r eser ved. 

Arras: Argent, a bend azure, between three buckles lo-engy gules. 
Crest: On a helmet two ostrich feathers, the one or, the other a! 
gent . 


The arms of the Baret family of Westhall at tne visitation of 
ouffolk in 1561, were as described on the preceding page. At the 
Visitation of Norfolk in 1664, these, with the addition of a crest, 
were borne by Thomas Baret of Norwich, + -ne then representative of 
the family, and a brother of Mrs. Margaret (Baret) (Huntington J 
St ought on. 

A similar snield, excepting that the bend is super-imposed 
over one of tne buckles, appears upon the tomb of John Baret in the 
church of St. Mary, in Bury St. Edmunds. This is doubtless the 
monui.ient referred to by Thomas 3aret in his statement to Sir Edward 
Bysshe in 1671. The line of descent, however, is not, as yet, pos- 
itively determined. 

Ill . 



1. John Baret married Joan . 

2. William Baret married Margaret Love. 

3. William Baret married (2 J, Mrs. Margaret ( Pety shall ) Wing' 

4. Christopher Baret married Elizabeth Clarke. 

5. Margaret Baret married (I), Simon Huntington, and (2), 
Lieut. Thomas St ought on. 

I. JOHN BARET of Ely thbo rough, county Suffolk, England, gen- 
tleman, who lived in the time from about Kings Henry VI to Henry 
VIII, married Joan, whose maiden name is unknown, by whom he had 
two sons and one daughter. He was a devisee of Geoff re.? 3aret of 
Halesworth, in 1483 and of Margaret Koo in I4y8. 

John Baret died in the year I0I6, as nib will of IblO was 
proved by his son William, March 10th, the former year. The fol- 
lowing is an abstract of that instrument: 

John Barrett of Blythborough, in the count ie of Suffolke. 

My soul to God & my body to be buried in tne Church of the 

31essed Trinity of Blythborough, by S Anne on the north side. 

d s 
To the High Altar ii.j iii.j . 

To tne Cathedral Church of Norwich xx . 

Legacies to the churches of Walberswick, Easton and Westleton. 

To buy a pair of silver candlesticks for Blythborough Church 


:<xx . 

To Jonanne my wife t.vo feather beds, mattras <£ halfe of House 

hold stuff. 

Residue to William Barrett my son. 

Executors to make my wife J oh an a grant by writing of an annu- 
ity of x marks out of the messuage wherein I dwell & land wnich I 

late bought of Jonn Koo in Blythburgh & also a like grant to Alice 

my daughter in law, late wife of John Baret my son L a year. 

The messuage and land on wnich above are charged I bequeath to 
my grandchild Jeffrey Baret; but if Jeffrey die then to my son Wil - 
1 iam Baret . 

Johan my wife to nave messuage called the Crown for life, 
wnich ny father dwelled in at nis death. 

Lands in Blythburgh, Bulchamp & Wenhaston. 

William Barrett my son exor. 

Dated the feast of S. Thomas the Martyr, IblO. 

Proved March 10th 1513 by son William Barrett. 

Suffolk Archdeaconry Wills, IoI6-I8, fol. 32. 

The widow died in 1526, leaving a will from which the follow- 
ing is abstracted: 

Johan Barrett of Blythburgh widow, 10 January, 1526. 

My soul to God & our Lady S Mary & my body to be buried in 
the Church of Holy Trinity Blytheburgh by my husband. 

To the High Altar of saii church iii s iiij . 

To Jeffrey Barret in recompense for wearing his stuff my 
greatest best bed, brass pan, &c . 

To Alice Barrett my god daughter bed, furniture, coral beads, 

j ewel ry. 

To Alice Kempe feather bed, ufcc . 

To Margaret Barrett ray da. in law best gown. 

To Agnas Barrett ray tauny gown purfled with shanks. 

To Johan Kent round purfled gown. 

To Audry Barret ray long jet beads. 

To Slizabeth Barret ray green girdle. 

To Johan Peasenhall & A^nas Bedon each a black kirtell. 

To Jonan Kent ray best head kircher. 

Robt . Kent ray godson an ewe. 

Sliz J Southe , KLyn 3ryuse, Kat n Kent kerchers. 

Agnes Sraith ray reband. 

Agnes Arteys beads. 

To John Barrett gold ring. 

Williara Barrett the younger a gold ring. 

John Kent my servant. 

Proved March 14, 1526. 

Norwich Con. Court, Regr. 38, f ol . <i!4a; 
Suffolk Arch. Wills, Io26, f ol . 163. 
oecond veneration. 
Children of John (I) and Joan ( J Baret : 

i. Williara (2). 

ii. Jonn married Alice -■ --, and died before his fathe: 

iii. A daugnter who married Jeffrey Kemp of Woodbridge, 
county Suffolk. 


2. WILLIAM 3ARET, of Blythborough and later of Westhall , coun- 
ty Suffolk, bon and heir, gentleman, proved his father's will March 
10, 1513. He married Margaret, daughter and sole heiress of Rich- 
ard Love of the latter place, and died November 8, 1^47 , having 
Lad by her three sons and seven daughters. His widow was mention- 
ed in the will of her mother-in-law, Mrs. Joan Baret , in Io26, and 
in that of her son, William Baret, in 1^65. 

Third Generation. 
Children of William {2) and Margaret (Love) Baret: 
i. Jane married first, "Philip Sowthells of St. Andrew, 
of Ilkenshall, county Suffolk, gentleman; second, Rob- 
ert Skete* and third, James Jetter of Lowestoft, in 
tne same count}/-. Her will bore date February 14, Io84. 
ii. Agnes married Robert Canon of Wrentham, county Suf- 
iii. Alice married James Barne. 
iv. Awdrye married first, William Barker of Southold, 
county Suffolk, whose will was proved in Ioo7; and 
second, Robert Bardwell , whose will was proved in 
v. Frances married (Alderman J Nicholas Hornsse of Fraus- 
tenton and Norwich, 
vi. Lorothe married Robert Barker of Southold, county Suf- 
vii. Elizabeth married Robert Manning of Ilkenshall, county 

buff oik, who died in 1540. 
v i i i . Wil 1 i am ( 6 ) . 

ix. Xpofer (Christopner i , second son, married Prudence, 
bister of Reginald Rou^e of Baddingham, county Suf- 
x. Richard, third son, was named in his brother William's 
will of 1565. 
3. WILLIAM BARE?, of We s thai 1, county Suffolk, son and heir, 
gentleman, married first, Jane, daughter of William Claxton of 
Chesson and Halesworth, in the same county, Esq. , by whom lie had 
three sons and three daughters, all of whom died without issue. 
ile married second, "Irs. Margaret (Petyshall J Wingfield, daughter 

f Petyshall of Norwich, county Norfolk, and widow of Rev. 

William Wingfield, Abbot of Castle -Acre, in the latter county, by 
whom he became the father of two sons and one daughter. He enter- 
ed the family pedigree in tne Suffolk Visitation of 1561, lived 
four years thereafter and died March II, I5G5. His will, dated the 
day before his death, was proved in 1566. An abstract of that in- 
strument is here presented: 

The tenth of March 1565, I, William Barret of Westhale in the 
countie of Suffolk, gent., doe make and ordaine this my Testament 
b laste will in manner & forme followinge. That is to saye, ffirst 
I bequeathe ray Sowle to allmightie god, fyrmelie belevynge, 
throughe the merits of Jesus Christe my redemer, to have the ffru- 
ycion of his Dy-ine maiestie. 

Hamon Claxton Esq to have the rents of all hereditaments w 

I have of the lease of Margaret Barret r ,y mother until my son Thom- 
as be xxvi yeres of age. 

To Margaret my wife all my other lands, cc . , the wood and 
^rounds called Westhall Wood, ny lands & tenements called Prent - 
outs, the close & meadow called Goddells Close & Goddells meadow 
together with the pastiire parcell of the Wood iow Walter Lenye's 
and lands I ha^e of the lease of Thomas Rous Esquyre, for her nat- 
ural life, she bringing up my two sons Owen & Xpofer and ray daught- 
er Pruclens. At wife's decease said lands to my said sons Owen & 

To Margaret, Hellen & Katherine my daughters on their several 
daies of marriage. 

To Thomas my son one fetherbed & all that belongs thereunto. 

Residue of household stuffe with all my horses xc. , to Marga- 
ret my wife whom with Richard Barret my brother I ordeyne my exec- 

This is the trewe will of the above named William Barret, 
gent., for so muche as is therein contained, beinge wrytten in his 

Lyfe tyme. These beinge wytness: Fraunces Bohun , James Wolnaughe, 

p me Robtu Thompson cler, Willm Wolnowghe. 

A codicill anexed to the Will of the said Willm Barret, beinge 
"Pronounced and declared by hym in his Lyfetyme but not wrytten be- 
fore his Deathe. ne gave unto Margaret his wyfe all the mylche 
kine in the presence of Frances Bohun, Robert Thompsone priste, 


Willn Wolnowghe. Moreover the said Willm 3arret did give unto 

Francis Sohun, gent., xx , these bein^e wytness: James Wolnowghe, 

Willis Wolnaughe. Also he gave unto Owyn Barret, Xpofer Barret & 
Prudence Barret his three golcle Rings that ne used to weare, in the 
presence of tne same wytnesses. And also to Thomas Barret his eld- 
est son one sylver salte pcell gylte & xi silver spones whiche he 
/,ad of .'.is fatner's gyfte, in tne presence of the last named three 

Prob apud Norwicum undecimo die April Ij66 by ?1argaret the 
relict: & by Richard Barret another ex 9 August 1566. 

Norwich Consistory, Boo.-; Folkin, fo. 12. 
The twice bereaved widow, ^i:io had nad sons Anthony and Thomas 
Wingfield by her first husband, married for her third, (Alderman; 
Suckling, of Norwich, county Norfolk. 

Fourth Generation. 
Children of William (3 J and Jane (Claxtonj Baret , 

(who all died without issue J: 
i. Hamond, son and heir, died before nis father, 
ii. William, second son, died before his father. 
iii. Thomas, third son, was living in looo, when he was 

called "eldest son" in his father's will. At the same 
time were living his three own sisters who are men- 
tioned below: 
iv. Eleanor, called "Hellen" in her father's will. 


v. /Catherine. 
vi. Margaret. 
Children of William {6) and Margaret ( Pety shall j (Wingf ield ) Baret , 

(all born in Westhall): 
i. Owen, baptized in Ia6I, married Christian Randall, by 
whom he became the father of one son who died young, 
and two daughters who married and had ia^ue. 
ii. Christopher (4/. 

iii. ^rudence married in Ioy6 , Platman. 

4. CHRISTOPHER BARET, of Westhall, county Suffolk, and later 
of Norwich, county Norfolk, baptized in tne former place in 1562, 
was about three years of age when his father died. After his moth- 
er's third marriage he was taken by ner to Norwich, and in Io74 was 
bound an apprentice for twelve years by nis step -father, Mr. Suck- 
ling. At the expiration of his terra ne located in Norwich as a 
grocer, and married Elizabeth, daughter and sole heiress of Allen 
Clarke of Hebberstow, or Hemmerston, in Lincolnshire, gentleman, 
by whom he had five sons and two daugnters. he became the sheriff 
in I6ID, the mayor of trie city in 1634 and its deputy -mayor in 
16 17. He died in Norwich, in August, 1649, aged about eighty-sev- 
en years, leaving a will of which the following is an abstract: 

I Christopher Baret y elder of tne City of Norwich, Grocer, 
being very ancient & full of riaies, yet, praised be y Lord, of 
sound memory and understanding, warninge before my eyes y contin- 
uall remembrance of man ' id frailty, and desirous to dispose y 


earthly porcon (iod hath comitted to my care undisposed of, doe this 
'6 .July make this my last will and \-esiam<=nt. 

I giue to the poore of S Stephen's parish xliij b iiii d & to 
tiie t( [ayor &c, for the poore of the City v . 

To my two sonnes Thomas and Christopher, all my right & title 
in any accompt or reckoninge between Edmund Doyly Esq. , of Shott- 
isham deceased and me. 

To Catherine my daughter my right & title in the Manor of Pul - 
ham wherein Gooch lived, and my otncr cs+ca+e which Thomas ^reston 
deceased & others purchased, and the said Thomas occupied as my 
tenant, and now Isaac preston his son holds of me in Pulham. To my 
said daughter Catherine one hundred pounds. 

To my son Robert Baret one hundred pounds. 

^o Elisabeth my wife the residue of my eatate. 

I ordeyne sole executrix. 

My loving friends Charles George Cock of the City of Norwich, 
George Cock of Barsham in the Countie of Suffolk, and Robert Cocke 
cf Great Tarmouth + o see my last will carried out. 

John Calthorpe, Sarah Ottway, Easter Herrick, witnesses. 

P rob at urn apud Norwic. 22 Aug. 1649. Juramento Elizabethae 
Baret relictae et executricis. 

Cur. Ep. Norwic. 

As indicated above, Mrs. Baret survived her husband. 


Fifth Generation. 
Children of Christopher (4 J and Elizabeth (Clarke) Baret: 
i. Christopher, the eldest ^on, died unmarried, 
ii. William, tne second son, married Martha, a daughter 
of ------ Morris, of Bristow, by whom ne became the 

father of several children, among whom were Christo- 
pher '.no was unmarried in 1671, an: ; Peter who married 
Jane Thornton, trie daughter of a clergyman of county 
Norfolk , and had isbue. 
iii. Thomas of Norwich, the third -^on, married Sarah, a 
daughter of Francis Cock of tne same city, Esq. , by 
whom ne had several sons and daughters who all died 
without issue, excepting only Thomas who married Hes- 
ter, a daughter of John Mann, Esq., and Elizabeth who 
married William, the second son of Jonn Rayley, Esq. 

'r. Thomas Baret entered the family pedigree in the 
Norfolk Visitation of 1664, at which time he bore the 
arms already described. In 1671, he made the follow- 
ing ststement to Sir Edward Bysshe: 

William Baret of Blyborow in Suffolke married Mar- 
garet y e daughter k sole heiress of Rich a Love of 

e 6 
Westhall in Suffolke in right of y a heiress: wee 

be are y e two Loates Quarterly of a Lion Rampant &c. , 

Sz a Lnevron betwixt 3 Cross Crosslets w J l our paternal 

Coate of a Bend a^ure betwene 3 Lozenges toungued 

Gules in a field Ardent. The s d Will had by hit. wife 


Margaret, William, Ms Eldest Sonn w several! other 

Children, both sonna and daughters, of w c we can give 

noe accompt hut of one daughter y' was married to Aid. 

hornsey of Norw whose daughter was married to Aid. 

Wenman of Norw Cfl in right of w cirL daughter Aid. Hornsey 

did impale y e Baret's Coate & left it standinge on his 

date & soe remaineth where Aid. Wenman now Liveth, yet 

v e nave heard y bone of y e name remaineth about Soul 

or Southwoold, Dunwich & Alburrow townes in Suffolke. 

The ff oresaide W iaret deceased y 8'' of Llovb 1547 

no th 
n Sdw. 6 . 

("he quartering with the lion rampant is probably 
that of the Love family). 

William y e Eldest Sonn of y e fforesaid vF Baret mar- 
ried Jane y e daughter of Will Claxton of Halesworth in 

Suffolke by whom ne had issue, but all dyed w^out is- 

d e 

sue: his 2 wife was Margaret y widdow of ■ — 

Winkefeild, Abbot of Castle -Acre in Northfolke, by 
whome he nad Owen & Christopher and one daughter Pru- 
dence all of which were borne to him in We stall in 
Suff. The s a William deceased y e II jh of March It>65. 

Owen married one Christian Randall by whom he had 

s e e 

one sonn, 2 daught : y sonn dyed yoimg: y daughters 

left issue, but can gi^e noe accompt of them. 


Christopher, beeing very young when his f father 
dyed, was by his mother Margaret (whoe afterwards mar- 
ried to Aid. Suckling of Norw c t brought to iiorw c a 
by his f father in Law Suckling bound out an Appren- 
tice to London at y age of 12 years for 12 yeares 

service; after y expiration of his service he 

c h e 

& seated him selfe in Norw x married Elizabeth y 

daughter x sole heiress of Allen Clarke a Gentleman 
of Hebberstow or Hemmerston in Lyncolnshire by whome 
:.e had male ibsue Cnristop his Eldest Sonn (whoe dyed 
a single pson), William, Thomas, Peter & Robert, be- 
sides severall otner Children both male x female y 
dyed issueless, except only Margaret v«hoe married to 
one Symond Huntington whoe carried her to Mew Eng- 
land & had b eve rail Children by her, but wee can give 
rioe accompt of ner or them, yet think y shee x sev- 
erall Cnildren are Living tnere. 

William y bOnn of Cnristopn married to Martha y e 
daugnter of ------ Morris of Bristow <£ by her had sev- 
erall Children: all dyed isules but Christopher whoe 
is yet a single man x Peter who married Jane y e 

daughter of Thornton a minister in Northfolke 

x by her hath two sonns, Thomas _c William, both very 

Thomas y .5 sonn of Chribtoph Baret married Saran 


e v 

y daughter of ffrancis Cock Esq* by wnora :.e hath had 

severall Children both sonns and daughters: all dyed 

issueless, Butt Thomas ^c Elizabeth. Thomas married 


Hester daughter of John Mann Esq by whome ne hath had 

two Children, John k Sarah, but botn dyed very young. 

Elizabeth married to William Rayley 2 sonn to John 


Rayley Esq by whome she hath now Living foure sonns, 

John, Thomas, William & Augustine & five daughters, 

Mary, Sarah, Elizab, Ann x Rebecca. 

e th 
Peter y 4 sonn of Christoph Baret married to Mary 

y daughter of Wright of :-;eckles in Suffolk by 

wnome he hath had severall Children y dyed young. 

Thomas his eldest married to -, dyed late- 

ly Issueless. Christoph his 2 sonn is still a single 

man: Elizab his daughter married to John Kent of 

London whoe liveth at y Tonns in Crowchet ffryars & 

hath Children by her, but I know not how many. 

e th 
Robert y 5 sonn of Christoph Baret married to 

e r 

Lydia y daughter of ffr: Cock Esq by whome he had 

several Children y dyed young: his eldest was Chris- 
topher who eyed Issueless: his daughter Elizabeth mar- 
ried to Jackson of Yarmouth in Norfolke, March 

& hath by him one Sonn Robert & one daughter Lydia 
both young. 

This ffamily and ther Auncestors did inhabitt in 


Westhall & Blyborough for betweene Si & 6 hundred 
yeares & y Coate of Anne a was sett in y Glass win- 
dowes of y e a parish Churche till y e Late Reforma- 
tion, that tooxe painted Glass as Idolatrous, beate 
them downe, as Robert y youngest sonn of y abovesd 
Christopher did often testify (whilst Liveingj to his 
owne knowledge. There is now extant an Aunchent Mon- 
ument of one of o r Auncestors in Bury.& there was an 
other whoe Layeth buryed in S Martins in the feilds 
as I was informed by a tetter from a Relation some 
yeares since. 

William Baret , 2 d sone to Christoph, beeing ser- 
vant 31 to S r John Suckling, Controuler to y e howshold 

a st 
of his Late Matie Cha y I , about oO odd yeares 

since, searched y heiroulds' office in London & found 

y e Coate verry aunchent, given without a crest, and 

e d 

about 100 & odd yeares after y Crest of a helmet Bar 

& Plumed Or & Azure was added; c we nave a tradition 

amongst vs y it was gi^-en to Will Baret, a french 

t e 

Gentleman y cam over with William y Conqueror Jb was 

with him at y Bataile of Abby , as Stow mentions in 

his list of names taken after y Battaile. 

This statement was made by Thomas Barrett of Norwich 

The word "servant" was then u^ed in England as we use "clerk". 


(whose pedigree was entered in the Norfolk Visitation 

of 1664 J to Sir Edward ijysshe, in a letter dated 4 * 

Nov. 167 I. 

Add. MS. 22,883, fo. 40. 
iv. Peter, fourth son, married Mary Wright of 3eccles, 

county Suffolk, by whom he had, among otner children, 
Thomas wno married "nut died without issue, Christo- 
pher who was unmarried in 1671, and Elisabeth wno 
married. John Kent of London, and had several children. 

Peter Baret wrote a letter to his nepnew, Christo- 
pher Huntington of Saybroox, Connecticut, (a son of 
his sister Margaret), which is preserved in the State 
library at Hartford. Tne following is a copy: 

Cosin Christopher Huntington: Your letter date 

about the 20 September, 1649, from Seabrook, I Re - 

ceaved, & doe pereseve that you have :c shall receive 

to the value of 140 pounds of my Brother Sawton, x 

which, when you have Received, & securitee for what 

shall be behinde unpaide, then give him and my sister 

an acquittance, as from me, in full Discharge of all 

matters & Demands that I can or may Lay claim unto 

from them soe. The Devision of this £140, it shall 

be thus done: whatever is Lost as ox or cowe, or by 


Peter Baret * s sifter Margaret, was then the wife of Lieut. Thomas 
St ought on. 


Reason the Comodities may not be altogether worth soe 
much as you took them for, shall be first deducted 
out of the £140, & then the rest devided: You shall 
take out £5 in tne first place, And then devide the 
rest into five parts, whereof take too to yourself e, 
one to Symon , one to Thomas, cc one to Ann, w will be 
all the five parts; & then give to Symon the other 
five pound, for my Intent is hee shall have £5 more 
than one fifth part} dc I suppose you now know ay In- 
tent & meaning nerein, <i Let it be thus done. I well 
remember I told you that ray Coubin Ann should have 
£20 because that her preferment by way of mariag; but 
I gave you noe Coraission to dispose of the money but 
by my order. Let Tho : his first part be put into Good 
hands & Security taken for it, with allowance for the 
''orbearance that when he shall come to be capable to 
imploy it he may receive it with tne increase. Let 
me know what you doe herein, & sende me an acquittance 
unde'r your hand for your parts as a gift given you by 
me, one under Symon ' s hand for his as a gift given him 
by me, also under Ann ner hand or raarke as a gift giv- 
en her by me. If shee cannot write doe you wittness 
it; & for Tho. Likewise a receipt under his hand as a 
gift given nim also. Let me receive these 4 acquit- 


tances by the next Letters. Let the security for Tho. 
his part be taken in his owne name, dc the yearly in- 
crease that shall be allowed him for it putt into the 
Securitie also. My father it hath pleased God to take 
away out of tnis world in August Last. I pray God 
fitt us for the Like change. My motner is Executive, 
but I cannot heare that c-jiy of you are mentioned in 
his will. For holding in the Barbadoos my father hath 
nothing to show of any debt due to my Brotner Hunting- 
ton, but nne debt which he owes is £17, which is my 
debt, made over to mee under his hand & seale before 
he went away; and £12 he owes me uppon a bond to my- 
self, so tne whole debt is £29, which hath been my 
Loss. All this while the parliament hath tUcen all 
tne King's officers places a.. ay, all England over, and 
I nave hereupon Lost £20 a yeare by this Act, that now 
I am removing myself e towards London, & so cannott (by 
reason of these distractions; think of Sending you any 
Merchant! sing Comodities. Let this inclosed be con- 
veyed to My Brother Stawton. If I have time and Leis- 
ure, I will against the next spring send you over some 
Comodities, but for Dutch cloath cannot accommodate 
you with, for I shall not have any Ways or means to 
gett them upon good teams. I should tnink our North 


County Cloath would sell best, or these beat coarse 
cloths which you send me as a patterne of. You men- 
tion in your letter of Shott , but not what sortes & 
for what use, for thereby we may guess at the sortes 
you should nave. With the price of this kind of 
cloath & the bredth, I should have thereby knowne the 
better what to have done therein; you must hereafter 
write more particularly y e thinge. I shall not fur- 
ther inlarge myself e, but my love to yourself e & your 
Brotners .c Sister Remembered. Comitting you to the 
prtection o^ the alraightie rest, 

Your Loveing unckle 

Peter Baret . 

Norwich, the 20 th aprill , 1650. 

Sende your letters to me by Mr. Edward French at his 
ware howse in the George Yard in Lombard Street in 
v. Robert .fifth son, married Lydia, daughter of Francis 
Cock, Esq., by whom he had, among other children, 
Christopher, the eldest, who died without issue, and 
Elizabeth, wno married a Mr. Jackson of Yarmouth, 
county Norfolk, by whom sne had Robert and Lydia. 

Robert Baret was living in Iu7I. 
vi. Catherine, who was mentioned in her father's will, 
died without issue. 


vii. Margaret (5 J. 

5. MARGARET BARET married in England, about the year 1625, Si- 
mon Huntington, where were born to her three sons and one daughter. 
In 1663, the family sailed for New England, but in approaching 
these shores the husband and father died of the bmallpox and was 
buried at sea. 

Mrs. Huntington located with her children in Roxbury, colony 
of Massachusetts Bay, as is evidence'! by the church record of that 
nlace, in the handwriting of Rev. John Eliot, which is as follows: 

"Margaret Huntington, widow, came in 1663. her husband died 
by the way of smallpox. She brought children with her". 

Mrs. Huntington remained in Roxbury about a year, wnen she 
married circa 1634, for her second husband and as his second wife, 
Thomas St ought on. He came to New England a widower, probably in 
the ship "Mary and John", and located in Dorchester, Mass., in 
1630. He was of an excellent family, being a descendant in the 
seventn generation of Thomas 6t ought on, of St ought on, county Surry, 
England, he became a constable by appointment o r court in Septem- 
ber, 1630, and in the exercise of his duties sol 3 anized the mar- 
riage of Clement Briggs with Joan Allen, in March, 1631. For this 
act, which evidently exceeded his authority, He was fined five 
pounds, but the tax was subsequently remitted. As pioneers of that 
place, the members of the family removed to Windsor, Connecticut, 
in I63b, where Thomas Stoughton bore the gentleman's title of Mr., 

and where, he became a leading and valued citizen of town and col- 
ony. He was commissioned an ensign in the military service in 7eb- 
ruary, 1636, and a lieutenant in April, 1640, and terved several 
tines as deputy to the General court of the colony "between the 
years 1639 and 1648. 

July 14, 1645, Thomas Stoughton the elder (as he is called on 
the Windsor records J deeded to "Thomas, my son", all of his real 
estate in that place, excepting his home lot, the well court, the 
court before t/ A e house and the orchard, which he evidently reserv- 
ed for his own use. Sometime afterward, however, ne sold to his 
bon Thomas all of this reserved property upon condition that the 

grantee would provide suitable maintenance for nib father and moth- 

er-in-law during their natural lives. 

Lieut. Stoughton died March 22 , 1661. Tne date of his widow's 
death is unknown, but in 1671 her brother Thomas thought she was 
1 iving. 

Sixth Generation. 
Children of Simon and Margaret (Baret i (o j Huntington, 

(all born in England J: 
i. Christopher Huntington married in Windsor, Conn., Oct. 
7, Ioo2, Rutn Rockwell, born in 163.5, a daughter of 
Deacon William and Susanna (ChapinJ Rockwell of that 
place. Mr. Huntington was living in Saybrook, in 
1650, where he received from his maternal uncle, Pe- 
ter Raret , the letter which appears in these pages. 




He removed with nis family to Norwich in 1559 or 1660, 
of which place he was an original proprietor, he died 
about. 1691, and his "body was probably interred in the 
Post and Gager burying place in the section known as 
Bean Hill, Norwich. The date of his wife's death is 
unknown. No memorial stones have ever been found, 
ii. (Deacon; Simon Huntington, born in 1629, married in 

Saybrook, in October, luo6, Sarah Clark, born in 1666, 
a daughter of John Clark of ^indt-or, subsequently of 
Saybrook and about Io64 of Milford. 

The Huntingtons removed to Norwich in 1659 or 1660, 
being among the founders of the town. Deacon Hunting- 
ton died there June 28, 1706, and was survived by his 
widow until January 4, 1721. Both were interred in 
the old burying ground in Norwich Town. Within a com- 
paratively few years their memorial stones were re- 
moved from the graves they had. so long and faithfully 
guarded and placed within tne picket fence which en- 
closes tne lot that was secured f -o the brothers (Gen- 
eral J Jedidian, (Judge J Andrew and (Colonel) Joshua 
Huntington by Azariah Lathrop, April 6, 1789. This 
change, made for the better protection of these hon- 
oured stones, was at the instance of Kiss Sarah Hunt- 
ington Perkins of Norwich, a descendant in the sev- 
enth generation. 







4 th 

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IN Y 88 



iii. Ann Huntington was mentioned in the letter of her un- 
cle, Peter Baret , as noted in these pages. Nothing 
further is known of ner. 
iv. Thomas Huntington married first, a daughter of Wil- 
liam Swain of Wethersfield and later of 3ranford, to 
hich latter place Mr. Huntington removed from Wind- 
sor about the year 1603. He married second, Hannah, 
a daughter of Jasper Crane, who went from New Haven 
to Branford in 1652. Mr. Huntington removed with his 
family to the banks of the Passaic river, in New Jer- 
sey, and was t.nere instrumental in laying the found- 
ations of tne present city of Newark. He died prob- 
ably between the years 1685 and 1689. His widow mar- 
ried in or before 1695, Jonn Ward, at one time of 
Branford but subsequently of Newark. 


Index to First Portion. 
BARET, i, ii, iii. 

Christ, opine r , iii. 

Joan, iii. 

J ohn , i i , iii. 

Margaret, iii. 

Thomas, ii. 

William, iii. 
BYSSHE, Sir Edward, ii. 
CLARKE, Elizabeth, iii. 
HUNTINGTON, Margaret (Baret), ii. 

Simon, iii. 
LOVE, Margaret, iii. 
PETYSHALL, Margaret, iii. 
ST OUGHT ON, Margaret (Baret J (Huntington ) , ii. 

Thomas, iii. 
WINGEIELD, Margaret (Petyshall), iii. 

Index to the Body of the Work. 24, 

ALIEN, Joan, 19. 
ARTSYS, Agnes, 3. 
BARDWELL, Robert, 4. 
BARET, Agnes, 3, 4. 

Al i c e , 2 , 3 , 4 . 

Audry ,3,4. 

Christopher, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, II, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18. 

Dorothy, 4. 

Eleanor, 7. 

Elizabeth, 3, 4, 9, 10, 13, 15, 18. 

Frances, 4. 

Geoffrey, I. 

Haiaond, 7. 

Helen, 6, 7. 

Jane, 4, 7. 

Jeffrey, 2. 

J o an , 1 , 2 , 4 . 

Jonn, I, 2, 3, 13. 

Katherine, 6, 8, 9, 18. 

Margaret, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, II, 12, 15, 19, 20. 

Owen, 6, 7, 8, II. 

Peter, 10, 12, 13, 15, 18, ^0 , 22. 

Prudence, 6, 7, 8, II. 

Richard, 5, 6, 7. 

Robert, 9, 12, 13, 14, 18. 

Sarah, 13. 

3ARET, Thomas, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20. 

William, I, 2, 3, 4, o, 6, 7, 10, II, 12, 14. 
BARKER, Robert, 4. 

William, 4. 
BARNS, James, 4. 
BEDOH, Agnes, 3. 
B OHUN , Franc es , 6 . 
Francis, 7. 
BRIGGS, Clement, 19. 
BRYU3E, Sllen, 3. 
BYSSHS, Sir Edward, 10, 15. 
CALTHORPS, John, 9. 
CAHON, Robert, 4. 
CHAPIN, Susanna, 20. 
CLARK, John, 21. 

Sarah, 21. 
CLARKE, Mien, 8, 12. 

Elisabeth, 8, 10, 12. 
CLAXTON, hamon, 6. 

Jane, 5, 7, II. 

William, 5 , II. 

COCa, Charles George, 9. 

Francis, 10, 13, 18. 
George, 9, 
Lydia, 13, 18. 


COCK, Robert, 9, 

Sarah, 10, 12. 
CRANE, Hannah, 22. 
Jasper, 22. 
DOYLY, Edmund, 9. 
ELIOT, John, 9. 
FRENCH, Edward, 18. 
GOOCH, 9. 

vill, I. 
HERRI OK, Esther, 9. 
r.OO, John, 2. 

Margaret , I. 
HORNSSE, Nicholas, 4. 
HUNTINGTON, Andrew, 21. 

Ann, 16, 22. 

(Brother], 17. 

Christopher, lb, 20. 

Jedidiah, 21. 

Joshua, 21 , 

Margaret, iiO, 

Sarah, 22. 

Simon, 12 , 16, 19, 20, 21, 22 

Thomas, 16, 17, 22. 


JACKSON, 13, 18. 

Lydia, 13, 18. 
Robert, 13, 18, 
JETTSR, James, 4. 
KEMP, Alice, 5. 

Jeffrey, 3. 

Joan, 3. 
KENT, Joan, 3. 

John, 3, 13, 15. 

Katherine, 3. 

Robert, 3. 
LATHROP, Azariah, 21. 
LENYE, Walter, 6. 

Margaret, 4, 10. 

Richard, 4, 10. 
MANN, Hester, 10, 13. 

John, 10, 13. 
MANNING, Robert, 4. 
MORRIS, 10, 12. 

Martha, 10, 12. 
OTTWAY, Sarah, 9. 
PERKINS, Sarah Huntington, 21 
PETYSHALL, Margaret, 5, 8. 


PRESTON, Isaac, 9. 

Thomas , 9 . 
RANDALL, Christian, 8, II. 
RAYLEY, Ann, 13. 

Augustine, 13. 
Elizabeth, 13. 
John, .10, 13. 
Mary, 13. 
Rebecca, 13. 
Saran , 13 • 
Thomas, 13. 
William, 10, 13. 
ROCKWELL, Ruth, 20. 

Susanna, 20. 
William, 20. 
ROUS, ^homas, 5. 
ROUSE, Prudence, b. 
Reginald, 5. 
SKETE, Robert, 4. 
SMITH, Agnes, b. 
SOUTHE, Elizabeth, 3. 
SOUTHELLS, Philip, 4. 
STOUGKTOH , (Brother i , 17 . 

^hornas, lb, 19, 20. 
STOW, 14. 


SUCKLING, 7, 8, II. 

Margaret , 12 . 
oir John, 14. 
SWAIN, William, 22. 
THOMPSON, Robert, 6. 
ThORNTON, 12. 

Jane, 10, 12. 
WARD, John, 22. 

WILLIAM the Conqueror, I*. 
WINGPIELD, Anthony, 7. 

Margaret, II. 

Margaret (Petyshall), b, 8 
Thomas , 7 . 
William, o. 
WOLNAUGHB, James, 6, 7. 

William, 6,7. 
WRIGhT, Mary, 13, lb . 

30 i 



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