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IM1I II l>l 

3 3433 08185054 1 

> v'C 

'V ' 











THE N3\V yI:^ 

^ 4927 

From the Library of 
Professor George N Oloott 

FEB 2 3 1927 

TO : 














The cop7 &om which the present edition haa been printed, 
was prepared with great care for the press by the esteemed 
Author shortly before his himented decease. 

The additions are eqttal to abottt one^fifth of the work. 

Calcutta, August 2^rd, 1852. 




The liberal patronage extended to the previous editions of 
the English and Oordoo Dictionary by the European Commu- 
nity, and by Heads of Colleges and Seminaries of learning in 
India, while it calls for the warmest thanks of the Author, 
has encouraged him to exert himself to the utmost, that his 
leisure from professional duties would admit of, to improve 
and render acceptable the present edition of the work. 

The improvement, he trusts, will be perceived, in the atten- 
tion he has paid to the different shades of meaning assigned 
to most EngUsh words, and to the copious additions made to 
the work generally, both in its collection of English words, 
and in their Oordoo renderings. 

He has also, in compliance with the wishes of some of his 
Friends added a Second Part to the present Edition of the 
work, consisting of an Oordoo and English Dictionary, abridg- 
ed from his larger work ; and comprising a collection of some 
Thousands of Oordoo words, in conunon use. This improved 
edition of the Enghsh and Oordoo Dictionary, with the Oordoo 
and English part appended, the author now offers to his nu- 
merous Patrons, and the Pubhc in general ; and trusts, that 
should his recent efforts to serve them, afford a plea for their 
80 doing, they will be pleased to extend to it the munificent 
support they have for Thirteen years so hberally granted to 
his Three works, undertaken to facilitate the study of the 
Oordoo language, and insure its ready attainment for every 
practicable purpose. 

Delhi, the 19ik September, 1845. 





A or An, is expressed sometimes 
by ek, A man, ek rourd, or by 
koee, 4 certain man, koee murd. 
A, before participles, is either 
rendered by ko, as, he went o- 
walhingy woh syr ko gya, or by 
the infection of the verbal noun 
otily, theif went a-swimming, we 
pyme pye. A, implying pro- 
portion, as bi/ the yard, may be 
rendered, fee guz, sur-i-^uz, 
guz peechhe : or per month, mu- 
heene peechhe, hur muheene, 
niuheene men. A, denoting on, 
as, on board ship, is expressed by, 
juhaz pur. 

Aback, ad. peechhe, pichharee, 
pichhlee or, pichhlee turuf. 

Abaft or Aft, ad, pichhware, pee- 
chhe, juhaz ke pichhle rookh. 

Abaisance, s, koornish, prunam, 
sulam, tazeemun, numuskar. 

Abandon, v, chhor deua, turk kur- 
na, tyagna, tujna. 

Abandoned, a. chhora hooa, turk 
keeya gya; (wicked) khwar, khus- 
ta ; {house) oojar, soona, weeran. 


Abandonment, s, turk, tyag. 
Abase, v. zuleel k. pust k. bekudr 

k. hukeer k. kumtur k. neecha k. 

Abased, pa, khufeef, hulka, soo- 

book, pust, neecha keeya gya, 

Abasement, s, pustee, khiffut, be-. 

kudree, ziUut. 
Ab^sh, V, shurmana, lujana, shur* 

minda k. shurmsar k. lujjit h. 
Abashed, pa, shurminda, lujjit, pu- 

sheman, khufeef. 
Ab4te> V, a, ghutana, kum k. ku- 

mee k. ootlirna: v, n, ghutna, 

kum h. pur jana, ootuma. 
Abated, pa, ghuta, kum, munda, 

dheeroa, hulka hooa. 
Abatement, s, ghutao, kumtee,. 

tukhfeef, ghutee, ghata, kumee, 

A'bbey, s. muth, dhurmsala. 
Abbot, s, muhunt, muth-dharee. 
Abbreviate, v, ikhtisar k. kotah k. 

kum k. mookhtusur k. moontuk* 

hub k« sunkhep k. ghutana. 
Abbreviation, s. ikhtisar, sunkhep, 

Abdicate, v. chhoma> turk k. 


I 5 ] 


^n^na, iya|^in« tajm, pad tyg 

k. pod cfajoot h. 
Abdicatkm, f. fork, Ijik ; (o^ m 

tknme) tark i soltanot, raj tjm;. 
Abdieator, f. tank, tjafree; (oae 

wko fonaka the world) laA-i- 

Abdomen, #. pet, shikiim, kotba, 

oodur, talpeL 
Abdominal, a. tolpetee, thiknmee, 

Abd6ction, %. jooda k. nlog k. 
Ab^, ad, bistor-por, bicbboone- 

pur, chaipaee-par, polung-pur, 

pnra booa. 
Aberrance, f. berah ka cbalun, 

bodiahee, bhntkaee, coomrahee. 
Aberrant, a. goomrah, bhutka 

Aberration, %. chook, knsoor, goom- 

rabee, khuta, awargee, beiahee. 
Ab^ V. modud k. puchh k. btma^ 

jut k« suhara daia, suharoa, 

tnkajota k. 
Abutment,!, mudud, gnbajrta, koo- 

roukit poorcliiik, himayut. 
Abettor, f. mooaivin, mududgar, 

puchchbee, poorcbukee, hamee, 

Abbdr, v. nnfhit mkhna, ghinana, 

boora manna, glan rukhna, kura* 

hiyut rukhna. 
Abhorrence, %, nufrut, kurahiyut, 

gUan, gbin. 
Abhorrent, a, mukrooh, namoowa- 

fik, ghinouna, na guwar. 
Abide, V. ruhna, tbuburna, tikna, 

butna; (iy one** voord) koul pur 

Ability,!, kablivut, liyakut, takut, 

mukdoor, dustrusee, dakhul, 

tamurth, shukti, purakrum, bul. 
Abject, a. zuleel; khufeef, putlt. 

tabah, aeeck, kbwar, bewukr, 
kfaiuab, hnlka; (jern/Sr) cbap« 

Algectly, adL pajeeana toar-se, 

kumeene-pone-se, khiffutana. 
ifbiectiiess, s. zfllut, khifibt, khwa* 

lee, postee, kburdbee, kumeen- 

gee, dooigut ; {^enodibf) chaploo- 

see, p^eepun. 
Abguratioo, s. inbiraf, phir-jana« 

kusom ka khana kbee bat se, 

Abjnre, v. kosnm kbana kisee bat 

ae, phir jana, turk k. chbor 

dena, moonhuiif h. baa ana, 

moonkir h. 
Ablative, a. halut i nusbee-yane 

Able, a. kabil, jog, dana, giyaoee, 

laik, samurthee. 
Able, V. sukna, laik h. liyakut 

rnkhna, mukdoor rukhna, kood- 

mt rukhna, takut rukhna. 
Able-bodied, a. tunawur, lorawur, 

kutta, muzboot*deel-ka, tuwana, 

kuvee, huta kuta, kuwee-hykul. 
Ablbtion, s. wucoo, tibarut, snan, 

goosl ; (of the hands) ab-dust. 
Aboard, ad, kbhtee ya juhaz pur. 
Abode, f. mukan, dera, thikana, 

ruhna, bood-bash, muskun, isti- 

karaut, sookoonut, basa, bus-o- 

bas, ustban, asrum, usthul, 

juguh, ruhaish, thaon. 
Abodement, f. agum, shoogoon, 

Abolish, V, rudd k. mookoof k. 

ootha d. door k. lop k. 
Abolished, jMt. moukoof hooe, ootha 

deeya gya, batil hooa, nest 

nabood hooa, madoom hooa. 
Abolition, $, nuskh, ibtal, moukoo- 



t 3 ] 


Ab6mloable» a% mukrooh, nujis, 
boora, bud, puleed, ghinouna, 
na-gn^ar, kureeb, nafrutee. 

Abominableness, s, nujasut, gula- 
zat, puleedee, kurabiyut 

Abominably, ad, nihayut, buboot, 
hud se ziyada, kureeh. 

Abominate, v, nufrut rukhna, boora 
manna, d6or bhagna. 

Abomination, 8, nufrut-uiigezee^ 

Aborigines, s. kudeem-ool-wutn, 
oosool-ool-wutn| usi roees des 

Abortion, s, pet girna, iskat>i-ba- 
mu], gurbh-pat. 

Abortive, a, (^abortion) bewukt ka 
juna, Qsumuyee, ukaluj ; (Jruit- 
less) labasil, befaeda, zaya, bri- 
tha, unurth. 

Above, pr, oopur, bala ; ala, surus, 
boolund, ugla; {more) ziyada; 
{above one another) tule-oopur, 
neeche-oopur, ek-pur-ek ; {above 

■ alt) puhle> sub se puhle, 
ouwul, ouwulun, age ; {above- 
mentioned) murkoom, muzboor, 
namboorda ; {person of respec- 
tability) mousoof, iHumdooh : 
ad» {above measure) be-hudd, 
hudd se ziyada, be-kyas. 

Abound, v. buhoot h. rouamoor 
h. ifrat-se h. kusrut-se h. poor 
h. bhurpoor h. bhur jana, puri- 
poom b. 

About, pr, charon-turuf, gifd, 
gird pesh, aspas, idbur-oodbur, 
gird-a-gird, cnoun-turuf, cbaron 

- or, chou-gird ; {near to) kureeb ; 
{engaged in) musroof, luga 
hooa ; {cenceming) babut : ad, 
aspas, gird-a-gird ; {indirect) 
pherphar, gboom-gboomao* 

B 2 

Abrade, v. a, ghiffia, rtgtima, 

Abrasion, s, rugur, ghisao^ rugra- 

wut, ghisawut. 
Abreast, ad, luge luge, burabur- 

men, burabur-se, puhioo-buh- 

puhloo, ekuch, kurekur. 
Abridge, v, ghutana, kum k. ikhti- 

sar k. mookhtusur k. kotah k. 

sunkhep k. chbota k. 
Abridged, pa, or a, mookhtusur, 

rooontukhub, kotah, sunkhep. 
Abridgement, s, ikhtisar, intikhab, 

sunkhep, sararth. 
Abroad, ad, babur, pufdes, bides, 

Al)rogate, v. nuskh k. ootha dena, 

rudd k. moukoof k. mitatia, 

metna, unyutha k. 
Abrogation, s, nusbk, munsookhee^ 

moukoofee, rudd, istirdad, un- 
AbrCipt, a, {sudden) uchanuk, uch- 

anchuk, nagab,ekaekee; {craggy) 

oonch-neech, behur, nusbeb- 

furaz ; {rude) goostakh. 
Abruptly, ad. {unexpectedly) be- 

dhuruk, ekaek, nagab, uchan- 

chuk, ukusmat ; {bluntly) be- 

imtiyazee-se, be-mouka, be- 

Abruptness, s, {bluntness) be-im- 

tiyazee; (Aas^c) juldee, hurburee ; 

{unevenness) na-humwaree. 
Abscess, s, phora, gbao, doommul. 
Abscond, v, bhagna, chhipna,looka 

ruhna, rooposh bo rubna, duba 

rubna, chbipa rubna, posbeeda 

Absconder, s, bhugora, rooposh, 

Absence, s, j^ryr-baziree ; pus gee- 

bttt, peecbhe ; {of mind) guflut ; 

A B S 

[ 4 ] 


be>khoodee; (tep^ration) joo- 

daee, bijog, bichhoha. 
A'bsent, a, gyr-hazir; (in mind) 

gafil,doochitta ; {teparate) joodei, 

bichbra, bijogee. 
Absent, V. n, gyr-hazir b. ; [in 

mind) gafil h. ; (separate) bich- 

booma, jooda h. 
Absent^, s, gyr-hazir. 
Absolve, V. inaaf k. chhor d. 

bukhshna, mugfirut k. chhuma 

k. ufoo k. mookti d. 
Absolved, pa^ mooaf, mugfoor, 

khulas hooa, cbhima keeya gya, 

ufoo keeya gya. 
A'bsolute, a, mootluk, sur i khood, 

kool-mookhtar, swadheen ; {com- 
plete) poora, surasur, kumal, 

mootluk, niput. 
Absolutely, ad. nibayut, niput; 

ipoiitively) ulbuita, khwah-mu- 

khwah, uwushyuh. 
AbsolOtion, s, inuaf, ufoo, goonah- 

bukhshee, chhuma, mookti. 
Absorb, t7. sokh lena, pee lena, 

juzb k. khynchna, choos lena, 

akursbun k. 
To be Absorbed, v. n. sokh-jana, 

juzb h. pywust h. khupna, 

murna; {in meditation) gurk 

b. doobna. 
Absorbent, s. jazib, sokhne-wala. 
Absorpt, pa. juzb keeya gya, sokh 

ho gya, pee gya. 
Absorption, «. sokh, juzb, leen. 
Absi^in, V. baz ana, purhcz k. 

hatb oothana, dustburdar b. 

kinara k. durgoozurua, tujna, 

kinara rubna or k. 
Abstemious, a, purhezgar, sunju- 

mee, moottukee, parsa, nemee, 

ulp bhogee. [riyazut-se. 

Abstemiously, ad, purhezgaree-se. 

Abstemiousness, <. purhezgaree^ 

riyazut, nem, parsaee. 
A'bstinence, ». purhez, nem, sunjum, 

ihtiraz, nirbhog. 
A'bstinent, a. purhezgar, parsa, 

nemee, riyazutee. 
A'bstract. «. khoolasa, moojmul, 

loob-i-loobab, intikhab, sun- 

khep ; {of an account) goshwara. 
Abstract, V, intikhab k. nikalna, 

vibhinn k. sunkhep k. mutantur 

Abstracted, pa. intikhab keeya 

gya ; (refined) moogluk ; {absent) 

bekhubur, bekhood. 
Abstriictedly, ad, kuta-nazur kur- 

Abstraction, f. kuta-nuzree, joo- 

Abstractly, ad. mootlukun, kuta- 

nuzar kurke. 
AbstrCise, a. dukeek, moogluk, 

bareek, goorh, uprukash, ghor, 

Abstrdsely, ad. dukeek turuh-se, 

mooglukun . 
AbstrCiseness, s. dikkut, bareekee, 

Absdrd, a. yawuh, na-muakool, 

birtha, khoorafatee, beja, be- 

hooda, bemanee, pooch, unurth. 
AbsCirdity, s. wabee-tubahee, be-, 

hoodugee, wahiyat, yav\^a-goee, 

khoorafat, sutur-putur, bootlan, 

oot putungee, unurthta, nirbood- 

dhita, phukoriyat. 
AbsOrdly, ad. behooduh turuh-se, 

yawa-goee-se, be-turuh-se. 
Abundance, s. ifrat, kusrut, bu- 

hoot, bisyaree, ufzaish, ziyadutee, 

sursaee, boohtat, buhootayut, 

udhikaee, 6rawanee. 
AbOndant^ a» buhoot, dher, buhoo- 

A C C 

[ 5 i 

A C C 

tcra, ziyada, firawan, bisiyar, 

Abundantly, ad, kusrut-se, ifrat- 

se, buhoot sa. 
Abase, s. galee, dooshnam, door- 

nam, la-sookhun ; (reciprocal) 

galee-gulouj ; (tinjusl censure) 

toohmut, lim, kulunk, dhansa; 

(blame) gila, sbikwa, shikayut ; 

(misuse) bud-istiumalee, bud- 

rusmee, bud-umulee. 
Abuse, p. galee d. cbherna, ninda 

k. ; (treat ill) bud-soolookee k, 

booraee k. 
Abiiser, «. bud-zuban, gulhenda. 
Abusive, a, bud-zuban, zubandu- 

raz, gulhenda, jibhara. 
Abusively, ad, zuban-durazee-se, 

muIaiDut ke tour pur. 
Abyss, «. guhrao, koond, gar, 

oorak, gurha. 
Acacia, «. ukakeea; (the tree) 

buboo], keekur. 
Academical, a. roudrusana. 
Academist, s. talib-ool-ilm. 
Adidemy, «, muktub, mudrusa, 

pathsbala, vidyaly. 
Acajow, *. (cashew-nut) kejoo ba- 

Acanthus, «. {holly-leaved) hurkut, 

Accede, v, n. razee h. kail h. manna, 

kubool k. 
Accelerate, v. juld k. chulana, 

seeghr k. 
Accelerated, pa, juld keeya gya. 
Acceleration, s. juldee, zoodee, 

A'ccent, t. luhja, zurb, hurkut, 

eirab, tuluffooz ; {pronunciation) 

mukhnij, kiraut, oochcbarun. 
Accent, v, mukhruj uda k. zurb 

lugana, theek oochcbarun k. 

Accentuate, v. a, zurb lugana, eirab 

Accentuation, s, dooroost tuluffoor, 

Accept, V, kuboolna, lena, rukhna, 

manna, gruhun k. ; {a bill or 

hoondee) sukarna. 
Acceptable, a, mukbool, pusun- 

deeda, mun-bhaona) khoob, 

uchchha, bhula. 
Acceptably, ad, pusundeeda tour- 

seh, uchchbee turuh-se. 
Acceptance, s, kubool, pusund, 

Acceptation, s. (of a word) istila- 

hee-muanee, urth ; (reception) 

istukbal, gruhun. 
Access, 5. rusaee, dukhl, goozara, 

puhoonch, goozur, duramud, 

pyth, pruvesh, rah ; (of a fever) 

noubut, baree, churhao ; (to have 

access) rusaee pan a. 
Accessary, n, {additional) fazil; 

(accomplice) satbee, sungee, sun- 

Accessible, a, moomkin-ooddoo- 

khool, rusaee, pane laik, pu- 

Accession, s. burhtee, briddhi ; 

(to a throne) tukht-nusheenee, 

Accidence, s, amud-namuh, mee- 

zan, byakurun ka puhla bhag. 
Accident, s, ittifak, sunjog, majra, 

noubut| surgoozusht, roodad^ 

wakia, (pi, waridat), dyvat 

dyva-guti, ukusmat sunjog ; 

{calamity) hadisa, afut, bula, 

sudma, biput. 
Accidental, a, ittifakee, naguhanee, 

ukusmat, arizee, sungojee, gybee, 

bbabee, ukusmateeyu. 
Accidentally, ad, ittifakun, sunjog- 

A C C 

[ « ] 

A C C 

38, ukusmat, yoonhee, naguha- 

Acclamation, i. afreen, shabashee, 

Acclivity, s. churhaee, churbao. 
Acc6miDodate, v, zurooriyat-se 

khubur lena; tuwazoo k. asra 

d, ; khubui^eeree k. puhooo' 

chana ; (adapt) humwar k. ; 

(conform onei iclf) zumana-sa- 

see k. 
Accommodation, $, f^oonjaish, 

sumaee ; thikana ; luwazima, 

usbab ; (of a difference) railap, 

Adcdmpany, v, humrah h. or jana, 

sath chulna, humrahee k. lug 

Accomplice, f. sathee, shureck, 

3un&ee, rufeek. 
Accomplish, v, nibahna, bujana, 

tumam k. surbura k, busur 

lejana, poora k. poorn k. 
Accomplished, jMi. a. tumam, poora 

hooa ; tyar, sumapt ; (person) 

kabil, kamil, roahir, sooghur, 

prubeen, goonwunt, sahib-hoo- 

nur, poorn. 
Accomplishment, <. tumamee, un- 

jam ; akhirut, insirami surunjam, 

sumapti, surburahee, nibah ; 

(ornament) jouhur, khoobee, 

wusf, hoonur, kabliyut, goon, 

Accompt, <• hi8al>kitab, lekha- 

jokha, moohasuba. 
Accomptant, f. moohasib, hisab- 

Aocord, V. milna, eksan h. moo- 

tabik h, burabur h. lugna, theek 

Accord, <. mel, ittifak, milap, 

miiaOy ulaka, rooonasubut^ nis- 

but; (of hii own accord) upne 

ap, ap-se, aphee-se, khood 

bukhood; {of one accord) ^ dil, 

ek mun. 
Accordance, s, mel, mootabukut, 

According, pa. bumoojib, moota- 

bik, moowafik, unoosar, unoo- 

layee, jysa, jis turuh» bukoul, 

burhookm, burhusb ; (to custom) 

Accordingly, ad, oos-burooojib, 

moowafik ooske, oos-tour-se. 
Accost, V. sahib sulamut h. 

tokna, mookhatib h. sulam 

k. ram ram k. bhet k. numuskar 

Account, 8, hisab, hisab-kitab, 

iekha, lekha jokha, moohaaba ; 

(to settle accounts) hisab saf k. 

Iekha phurchha k. ; (to state an 

account) wasil bakee k. ; (to 

draw out an acomn^) juma-khuij 

likh lana. 
Account, *. (information) khubur, 

ittila, nukl, nhwal, hukeeknt, 

sumachar, burnun, vivurun ; 

(estimation) etibar,kudr, purteet ; 

(sake) khatir, waste, subub, 

bais, jihut, liye, mare, babul, 

karun, hetoo. 
Account, V, a, sumujhna, janna ; 

(answer for) juwabdihee k. ; 

(give an account) hisab dena. 
Accountable, a. rooohasibudar, 

juwabdih, zamin, zimmudar. 
Accountant, s. moohasib, mootus- 

uddee, moohurrir, hisab nuwees. 
Account-book, s, duftur, buhee, 

Accounted, pa, (esteemed) mana 

gya ; (reckoned) hisab keeya gya. 
Accoutre, v. sojawut k« sujna* 

A C C 

[ r ] 


Accoutrement, s. taz-samaD, surim- 

jam, sazbaz. 
Accrue, o. hastl h. ana, faida h. 

oopujaa, ootpunn h. prapt h. 

Accfrnmlate, V. jorna, jama k. but- 

oraa, sungruh k. sunchy k. 
Accumulation, s. jumao, kusrut, 

boohtat, toda, dher, sunchy, 

Accumulative, a, jo burhe, jo zi- 

yada ho we, 
A'ccuracy, s, sihbut, dooroostee, 

chouksaee, shooddhta, nirbhool- 

ATccuTate, a. tbe^, suheeh, soodb ; 

(person) choukus, soorta, khura, 

A'ccurately, ad. theek-thak, sifahut- 

se, dooroostee-se, soort-se. 
jXccurateness, f. sihfaut, doorustee, 

Accdrse, v. a. lanut d. kosna, 

srapna, buddooa dena. 
Accursed, a, muloon, lanutee, sra- 

Accusation, s. mulamut, nalish, 

dawa, buramud, ittiham, toofen, 

tana, taaa-zunee, shikwa, gila, 

upwad, dosh. 
Accdsative, a. seegu-i-mufool, 

Accuse, V. dosna, ilzam d. toohmut 

lu^ana. Urn lugana, dawa k. 

moottuhim k. dokh lugana, 

dhansa d. oolahna d. upwad k. 

dosh lugana. 
Acctecd, pa, muzmoom, toohmut 

zuduh, moottuhum. 
Accuser, $. moodduee, mookhalif^ 

badee ; (fiffxratwely) damuugeer, 

A^dstom. V. moohawira k. uraa^ 

rubt k. adutk. muamool bandh- 

Da, moostamil k. ubhyas k. 

Acedstomary, <, muamoolee, dus- 

tooree, rusmee. 
Accustomed, pa, adee, khogur, 

umulee,.moorruvvuj, [pou. 

Ace, s. {of cards) yukka ; {of dice) 
Acetous, ad}, khutta, toorsh. 
Ache, 8 durd, dookh, peer, bed : 

V- dookhna, durd k. pirana. 
Achieve, v. sur k. sarna, surbura k. 
Achievement, <.jokhim,bura kam. 
Acid, a, khutta, toorsh, uml. 
Acidity, s. toorsbaee, khuttaee. 
Acidulate, v, a. khutta k. toorsbaee 

d. uml k. 
Acknowledge, v, ikrar k, knboolna, 

man lena; kail h. etiraf k. 

sweekar k. ; (a favour) ihsan 

mauna, goon manna, shookr- 

goozar h. 
Acknowledgement, «» ikrar, etiraf, 

sweekar ; (gratitude) shook- 

rana, goonanbad, . shookr goo- 
' zaree, munnut. 
A!cme, f. boolundee, ouj, oorddh- 

bhag ; (crisis) noubut, cburhao. 
A'com, s. buloot. 
Acquaint, v. ittila k. khubur k. 

jutana, agah k. kubna, butlana, 

sumacbar kahna, junana, gyat k. 
Acquaintance, 5. ashnaee, shina- 

saee, janpuhchan ; cheenh, puh- 

chan, rubt, tuaroof, wakfeeyut, 
. rooshinasaee ; (Me person) ashna, 

chinharee, janpuhchan, soorut 

ashna, atmeeyu. 
Acquiiinted, a. wakif, ashna, moot- 

tuli, agah, muhrum^muhrumkar. 
Acquiesce, v, kooboolna, man lena, 

ruzamund h, prusunn h, khoosh 

b. razee h. summuti h. 


[ 8 ] 


Acquiescence, «. ruzaihundee,ruza, 

prusunnta, khooshee, summuti. 
Acquirable, a, mooyussur, pane- 

laik, roilne-wala. 
Acquire, v. hasil k. kumana, pyda 

k. prapt k. 
Acquirement's, tuhseel, kusb^hoo- 

nur, ilm. 
Acquisition, t, tuhseel, hasil, prapt, 

Acquit, V. be-goonah tbuhrana, 

soorkh-roo k. chboma, mookt k. 

nirdoshee thuhrana ; (to act 

one^s part) busur lejana, upnee 

Acquittal, f. soorkh-rooee, ibra, 

mooburra bona, be-goonah thu- 

burna, mookti. 
Acquittance, s. ibra-^namuh, kubz, 

la-dawa, farig-khuttee. 
Acre, s, kutuh zumeen ka, kureeb 

do beegha. 
Acrid, a. tez, tulkb, cbirpira, chur- 
ch ura. 
Acrimonious, a, kurwa, kutoo. 
Acrimony, s, tezee, chirpirahut, 

jhai, kurwabut, purpurahut, kur- 

Across, ad, ara, benda ; (aver) par, 

warpar ; {to go across) par jana. 
Acrostic, s, mooumma. 
Act, 8. keeya, kumee, karo, Bui, 

kurtub, umul, kurtoot, kriya, 

kurm, karj. 
Act, V, kurna ; (conduct one*s self) 

upnee nibahna; (a play) nukl k. 

suwaog k. 
Auction, s, fiul, kurtub, kumee, 

kam ; (opposed to rest) hurukut, 

joombish ; (at law) mookud- 

duma; (fight) luraee, jooddh; 

(to be slain in action) kam-ana, 

joojhna^ khet ruhna. 

Actionable, a. udaiutee, suza-tulurb 
Active, a. chalak, mihnutee, choost, 

phoorteela, kamkajee, shrume^ 

oodyogee ; (an active, transitive 

verb) fiule-lazimee ; (as a medi^ 

cine) suree-oot-taseer, kargur. 
A'ctively, ad, phoortee-se, cha- 
lak ee-se. 
Activity, s, chalakee, phoortee, 

Actor, s, nukkal, bhand, suwangee, 

Actress, s. nukkalin, bhandin, su- 

wangin, bhanmutee. 
Actual, a. fiUhukeekut, theek, rest, 

tubkeek, wakuee, nufs-ooUumr, 

kutuee, juthartb. 
Actually, ad, tuhkeek, wakuy, fil- 

hukeekut, suchmooch, theek 

Actuate, v. kurana, hurkut d. tuh- 

reek d. chulana. 
AcCimen, s, tez-fuhmee, zukawut, 

zihn, zeerukee, 
Actite, a. (sagacious) tezfufam, 

zuheen, zukee, chutoor, soorta, 

toond, tez; (violent) shudeed^ 

teekshn ; (penetrating) tez-ukl. 
Acutely, ad. tezee-se, sbiddut- 

se ; (ingeniously/) tez fuhmee-se. 
Acuteness, s, tezee ; (subtleness) 

zihn, soort, chutooraee, tezfuh- 

mee ; (of' a disease) shiddut, 

Adage, s, kuhawut, mukoola, mu« 

sul, pracheen oopdesh kutha. 
Adamant, s, heera, ulmas. 
Adamantine, a, ulmasee, sukht, 

bura kuthin. 
Adam's apple, s. (in anatomy) 

Adkpt, V, moowafik k. theek k. 

hum war k, burabur k. suman k. 

A D H 

[ 9 ] 


Adaptation, i. theek h. raoowafik h. 
Add, V, jorna, izafa k. miluna ; 

lagana, burhana, briddhi k. ; (in 

cloth) pywund k. or lugana ; 

{figures) juma k. theek k. mee- 

zan dena. 
ifdder, $. surp, samp. 
Addict, V. kho dalna, adee k. 

busheebhoot bona. 
Addicted, pa, a. kho-gur, lutzuda, 

umulee, ubhyasee. 
Addition, «. ufzoodgee, burhtee, 

briddhi ; {in arithmetic) meezan, 

Addidonal, a. zaid, ufzoonee, eezad, 

ziyada, udhik, bishesh, burhtee. 
ATddle, a. khalee, khakee, guhda. 
Address, t. ulkab, puta, khitab; 

{petition) iltimas, biny-putr ; 

{dexterity) joogut, hikmut, ny- 

poonyut ; {complimentary) adab, 

ulkab ; {delivery) sookhunsazee ; 

(where to find one) puta, thikana. 
Address, v. mookhatib h. urz k. 

knhna ; {as a suitor) durkwast k. 
Adduce, V. a, izhar k. kuhna, but- 

Ad^pt, a, kamil, oostad, mahir, 

baneekar, poora, pukka, pru- 

beeu, kareegur. 
A^dequate, a, kafee, moowafik, bus, 

kabil, poora, theek, burabur, 

suman, unoosaree, juthajog. 
A'dequately, ad, undazeh-se, moo- 


Adhere, v. chipukna, luga ruhna, 
. pywust h. chimutna, chiputna, 

sunjookt bona. 
Adherence, *. pywustugee, chus- 

peedugee, guthao, lugao, wufa- 

Adherent, a. wabusta, rufeek^ sa- 

thee, ulakedar, sungee, roootu 

ullik, raootuwussul, sunjookt. 
Adhesion, «, pywustugee, chipkab, 

liptao, chuspeedugee. 
Adhesive, a. jo chupkeh, luslusa, 

lusdar, chipchipa, lubluba, loab- 

Adjacency, s. koorbut, nuzdeekec, 

Adjacent, a, kureeb, luga hooa, 

uikut-vurtee, pas-ka, 
A'djective, a, sifut, goonbachuk 

Adieu, ad, ulwidau, ullah-belee, 

khooda-hafiz, bida. 
Adjoin, V, a. milana, lugana : v. n, 

moottusil h. pywusta bona. 
Adjoining, pa, mila-hooa, luga- 

hooa, moottusil. 
Adjourn, v, naga k. burkbast k. 

moukoof k. nivritti k. 
Adjournment, s, burkhast, mou- 

icoofee, mooltuwee, tateel. 
Adjudge, t^ hookm k. futwa d. 

aji^ya dena. 
AdjCidicate, v, a. shuruh ke moo- 

tabik fysul k. 
A'djunct, a, ilhak, moolhuk, jor. 
Adjuration, s. kusum ka khilana, 

sonh dilana. 
Adjfire, v. kusum dila kuhwana. 
AdjCist, V, fysla k. rufa k. chookana, 

dooroost k. suhejna, syntna ; 

{scales) dhura bandhna. 
Adjusted, pa, dooroost, theek, 

arasta, subeeh, burabur, fysul. 
Adjtistment, s, fysula, infisal, choo- 

kouta, sufaee, tusteea, sihhut, 

A'djutant, 5. ohduhdar lushkuree ; 

{j^ird) hurgeela. 
Adjutor, t. mududgar, mooawin. 
Administer, v, dena, puhoonchana; 


[ 10 ] 

A D V 

(justice) insaf k. niyao k. ; (an 

oath) kusimi dilana. 
Administration, s. intizani, sur- 

burahee, raj-kaj, umul-dukhl, 

hookoomut, uml, raj. 
Administrlitor, *. (to a will) wusee ; 

{of justice) udul-goostur. 
Administriitix, s, zun wuseeyut- 

Admirable, a. nadir, ujeeb, toohfa, 

unoop, khasa, ujooba, uchuoi- 

bba, unokl^, udbhoot, uchruj ; 

(an exclamation) wah wah 1 kya 

Admirably, ad, vjub turuh-se, 

khasee turuh-se. 
Admiral, s, meerbuhr. 
Admiralship, s, meerbhur ka ohda, 

A'dmiralty, s, meerbuhr ka duftur. 
Admiration, s. tuajjoob, hyranee, 

uchruj, uchumbha, chumutkar, 

prusunsa, buraee. 
Admire, v. tuajjoob kt chnmutkrit 

h. prusunsa k. ; (to love) rugbut 

rukbna, chahna, moohubbut 

rukhna, piyar k. 
Admirer, s. ashik, shoukeen, shaek, 

Admissible, a, > wajibee ; kabil 
Admittable, a. ] duramud-ke, 

Admission, s. dukhl, goozur, rusaee, 

moodakhulut, pyth, goonjaish, 

duramud, pruvesh. 
Admittance, s, dukhl, goozur, 

Admit, V, ane d. pythneh d. ; 

{allow) manna. 
Admonish, v. nuseehut d. dant- 

na, sumjhana, surzunish k. oop- 

desh d. [waiz. 

Adm^nisher, s, nasih, nuseehut-go, 

Admonition, s, nuseehut, wai, 

pund, oopdes. 
Admonitory, a, nuseehut-amez, 

Ado, s. tug-dou, dourdhoop, durd- 

i-sur, mushukkut, mihnut, puri- 

Adolescence, s, juwanee, bootoog, 

Adopt, V, (a custom) ikhtiyar k. 

ukhz k. ; (a son) mootubunna k. 
Adopted, a. (child) lepaluk, moo- 

Adoption, s, (of a child) mootu- 

bunna k. ; {a custom, ^,) ikhti- 
yar k. ukhz k. D^J^S* 
Adorable, a, kabili-purustish, poo- 
Adoration, s, purustish, bundugee, 

pooja, ibadut, sijda. 
Adore, r. purustish k. poojna. 
Adorn, v, zeenut d. singama, 

sunwama, singar k. bunao k. 

arasta k. araesh k. zeb d. 
Adorned, pa. arastuh, moozyyun, 

singara hooa. 
Adrift, ad, buha phirta, dawan-dol. 
Adroit, a, chutoor, dhoort, chalak. 
Adroitly, ad, dhoortee-se, chala- 

kee-se, chutooraee-se. 
Advance, v, chula ana, burhna ; 

(propose) pesh k. ; (money) pesh- 

gee dena : v. a, age lana, ug- 

wana, burhana; (expedite) tur- 

ukkee k. burhaua, juld kurana. 
Advanced, /?fl.burha-hooa; (monei/) 

peshgee deeya ; (proposed) kuha ; 

{in y&xrs) boodha. 
Advancement, s, turukkee, budh- 

tee, budhao, churhao. 
Advanced-guard, t. harawul. 
Advantage, s. (gmn) sood,kumaee, 

moonafa, yaft, faida, labh, nufa, 

basil ; (superiorki) gulba, fouk. 

A D V 

[ tl ] 

A F F 

Advant^eous, a, moofeed, faidu* 

mund. goonjaisbee, soodqaund. 
Advantligeously, ad, faede-se, 

A'dvent, «. ana, amud. 
Adventitious, a. arizee, chundroza, 

ittifakee ; (additional) zaid. 
Adventure, s. majra, surgoozu3ht, 

roodad, hadisa, jokhim. 
Adventure, v, a, bimmut k. jokhon 

Adventurer, s. himmut^baz ; moo- 

safir, roootulashee. 
Adventuresome^ a, jokbon kee bat, 

Adventurous, a. diler, kbutumak, 

ugmuna, dil-cbula, mun-chula. 
Adventurously, ad* diieree-se, 

A'dverb, 8. burf tumeez. 
Adversary, $. dooshmun, byree, 

bureef, moodduee, gunecm, moo- 

Adverse, a. mookbalif, buruks, 
« namoowafik. 
Adversity, s, mooseebut, tubahee, 

shamut, suktee, tungee, apda, 

doorgut, biput, bud-bukbtee. 
Advert, V, n. lihaz k, mootuwujjih 

h. moolahuza k, gour k. socbna, 

dbyan k. 
Advertency, s. tuwujjoob, khyal, 

gour, dbyao. 
Advertise, v. ishtibar d. zabir k. 

kbabur k. 
Advertisement, $, ishtibar, ishtibar- 

nama, khubur. 
Advice, s, sulah, mushwura, rous- 

lubut, nuseehut, pund ; {intelli- 
gence) khubur, ittila, agahee. 
Advisable, a, bihtur, makooi, uslab, 

moonasib, laek, jog. 
Advise^ V, Kulah d. ya k. butlana, 

kabna, nuseebnt d. muslubtit 

d, (inform) khubur d. khu- 

burdar kurana, jutana ; (to be 

informed) khuburdar b. agab h. 

jutaya jana. 
Adviser, s, sulahkar, moslubutee, 

Adulation, 8, khoosbamud, cbap- 

loosee, lullo putto. 
Adulator, s. kboosh-amudee. 
Adulatory, a, khooshamud-ana. 
Ad6it, s, balig, juwan, turoon, 

bura, syana, hoshmund. 
Adulterate, v, milounee k. milana, 

khonta k. 
Adulterated, a. milounee, kurra, 

kulb ; (coin) khonta, mekbee. 
Adulteriition, a. khontaee, tugul- 

Adulterer, t, zanee, fasik, zinakar, 

chbinula, purstree-gamee. 
AdCiUeress, a* fahisha, fajira, chhl- 

nal, zaneea. 
AdCilterous, 0, zinakar, huranfkar. 
AdCiltery, t, zina, chhinala, fisk-o« 

foojoor, zinakaree, biyubhichar. 
Ad^ltness, a, booloogut, juwanee. 
Advocate, s. wukeel, bamee, oree, 

shufee, pucbchhee. 
^ra, a, sun, sumbut. 
Aerial, a. buwaee, akasbee. 
Aerie, <. hooma shaheen ka gbonsla. 
Afar, ad. door, pure. 
Affability, s. khoolk, roooruvvut, 

hilm, sistachar, moolaemnt, uh- 

leeut. • 

Affable, a. mooruvvutee, milapee, 

huleem, sahib-mooruvvut, khu- 

leek, khoosh-ukblak, milunsar. 
Affably, ad, ba-mooruvvut. 
Afiair, s. mooamila^ mookudduma, 

umr, bat, babut, kaiii> kaj, moa- 


A F F 

[ 12 ] 

A G A 

AflTect, V, usur k. lugna, ruchna; 

{atsume) ikhtiyark. ; (feign) mis 

k. huhana k. heela k. 
Affectation, s. mukr, nukhra, heela, 

buhana, nukhra-bazee ; {ostentu' 

tion) fukhr, uoomaishJ 
AfTected, pa, a. nukhrehbaz; (griev 

ed) gumgeen, durdnak, dookhee. 
Affectedly, ad, mukr-se, nukhra- 

Affectedness, <. nukhra, buhana, 

bunawut. [dilsoz. 

Affecting, pa, jnnsoz, durd-ungez. 
Affection, $, piyar, oolfut, lar, lag, 

doolar, mya, ishk, chah, moo- 

hubbut, neh, sneh, preet, prem. 
Affectionate, a. pyara, oolfutee, 

shufeek, myawunt, durdmund, 

Affectionately, ad, piyar-se, moo- 

Affi'ance, s. nkdi-nikah, tukiya, 

etimad, bhurosa : v, a. mungnee 

k/sugaee k. sumbundh k. 
Affidavit, 8, liulf-namuh. 
Affiliation, 9, roootubunna kurna, 

furzund kurna. 
Affi'nity, s. nisbut, sumbundh, 

rooonasubut, ulaka, lugao, mel ; 

{by marriage) nata^ byah-sum- 

Affi'rm, V. bit-tuhkeek kuhna, bu- 

chun d. ikrar k. 
Affirmation, 5. ikrar, bacha, etiraf, 

koul, buchun, dawa. 
Affi'rmati^^, $, raoosbit. 
Aifi'x, o. sath jorna, pywusta k. 

Afflict, V, eeza d. runjeeda k. 

sutana, dookh d. tukleef d. 
Afflicted, pa. dilgeer, mug-moom, 

azoorda-dil, runjeeda, gumgeen,- 

guronak, pureshan, moozturib. 

Affliction, 5. runj, tusdeea, tukleef, 

eeza, dilgeeree, dookh, moosee- 

but, gum, pureshanee, dikkut. 
Afflictive, a, dookh -daee. 
A'fflueuce, 5. asooda-halee, tuwun- 

guree, asoodugee, luchhmee, 

A'ffluent, a, asooda-hal, i^runee, 

doulutmund, tuwungur, maldar, 

Afford, V. de-sukna, dustrus h. 
Affray, $, fusad, shor-hungam, ju» 

Affrii^ht, V. durana, dur dikhana. 
Affront, V. khufeef k. be-udubee k. 

hutk k. unadur k. haika k. hu- 

keer k. 
Affront, «. hutk, zillut, khiffut, 

ihanut, unadur, hikarut, sooboo- 

Afloat, ad. buhta, buhao-pur, tyrta 

Afoot, ad. pydul, paon paon, py- 

ron, pa-peada. 
Afore, pr. pesh, puhile, ugle. • 
Aforesaid, a. muzkoor, muzboor. 
Afraid, a. durta, bhyatoor, duhshut- 

nak, khoufnak, bhyman. 
Afresh, ad, sur-i-nou, pher, phir, 

dobara, pher-se, doosrakur, 

A'fter, ad. peecbhe, buad, pur ; 

{according to) moowafik ; (after 

all) akhirush, akhir ko. 
A'fterbirth, s, kheree, lijhree. 
Afternoon, 8. sipuhur,teesra-puhur, 

din dhule. 
Afterpains, *. gumbhelun ka durd. 
Afterward, ad, buad-iskeh, akhirko, 

is-peechhe, akhir, bad-uzan, 

A'ga, 5. aga. 
Again, <mI, pher, doosrakur, pher- 

A G I 

[ 13 ] 

A G U 

kur ; (affain and again) ber ber, 
pber pher, bar bar. 
Agliiiist, pr. khiiaf, burkhilaf, bur« 
oks : (over against) samne, 
roookabiU sunmook; (up the 
stream) oojan. 
A!gate, s, yushm, yushb, sungsoo- 

Age, «. oomr, sin, arbul, ayoo ; 
(time) uhd, wukt, zumana, doura, 
usr, joog; (old age) boorhapa, 
koohun-salee ; (age of discretion) 
A'gedy a, oomr-ruseeda, peer-sal, 
sal-kboorda, boodha, koohn-sal. 
Agency, f. goomashtugee, wukalut, 
niyabut, wusatut, peshkaree ; 
(operation) laseer. 
Agent, s. goomashta, wukeel, pesh- 
kar, naeb ; (political) kaim-mu- 
Aggrandize,!?, surfuraz k. burhana. 
Aggrandizement, s. surfurazee, uz- 

mut, burhtee. 
Aggravate, v. budtur k, ziyada k. 

dochund k. burhana. 
Aggregate, a. mujmooa, joomla, 

Aggress, v. a. puhle chhema, ya 

humla k. 
Aggression, s, zubur-dustee, pesh- 

dustee, chher, chherao. 
Aggr&sor, s. chhernewala, tukseer- 

war, mubnee-fusad. 
Aggrieve, v. a. dookh d. run- 

jeeda k. 
Aggrieved, pa. dookhee, runjeeda. 
Aghast, a, bhouchukka, hybutnak, 

hukka-bukka, hyrut-zuda. 
Agile, a, choost, chalak, juldbaz, 

shitabkar, choost-chabook. 
Agility, s. chalakee, choostee; 
phoortee, juld-bazee. 

Agitate, v. (to shake) hilana, lub- 
rana, oolthana, hilkorna, hurukut 
d. doolana; (discuss) rud-o- 
bndul k. nnoonazura k. buhusna* 

Agitation, s- hilao, doolao, hulkor, 
hurkut, joombish ; (perturbation). 
bhuruk, dhuruk, iztirab, ghubra*. 
but ; (discussion) rud-o-budul. 

Agnus castus, s, sumbhaloo, mala. 

Ago, ad. hooe, goozre, goozush- 
ta; (long ago) mooddut hooe, 
kubhee-ke, kubhee-se, jubhee-se. 

Agonize, v, a. jankundunee men 
h. uzab men h. siyasut men h. 

Agony, s. jankundunee, uzab, 
kusht, kles, runj. 

Agree, v. razee h. kubool k. manna, 
ruzamund h.; (^a^/)milna, eksan 
h. burabur h. moowafik h. ; (sti- 
pulate) shurt k. ikrar k. buchun d. 

Agreeable, a. pizeera, pusundeeda. 
moowafik, munzoor, murgoob, 
dil-pusund, guwara, munmanta. 

Agr^ableness, s, khoobee, dilpus-. 
undee, bhulaee, sootraee, lutafut, 
lootf, nufasut. 

Agreeably, ad, bu-moojib, moo*, 
wafik, mootabik ; (pleasantly) 
khooshee-se, khooshee khooshee. 

Agreement, s. shurt, uhd, kurar, 
wada, koul, ikrar, uhd o pyman, 
buchun ; (in writing) ikrar- 
nama; (concord) milap, itiifak, 
moowafukut, rubt, mel, lugao, 

Agriculture, «.kisht-karee, krisanee, 
khetee-baree, ziraut, turuddood, 
khetee, kisanee. 

Agridilturist, s. kishtkar, kisan. 

Aground, ad, sookhe-pur, khoosh- 
kee-men, zumeen-pur, chur-pur, 
ura, utka. 

Ague, f, tup i lurza, jooree, jare. 

A K I 

[ H ] 

A L I 

ka bookhar, tup-i-noubut ; (a 
quartan) tijaree ; {intermittent) 

Ah, interj, ah, hae, wae, of, ub. 

Ahli, interj* uha, uy-wae. 

Ah^d, ad, pesh, kubl, age, ugaree. 

Aid, V, mudud k. koomuk k. 
suhaeta k. oopkar k. : s, mudud, 
koomuk, suhara, ianut, pooshtee, 
dustgeeree, yawuree^ suhaeta, 
imdaid, istianut, mooawunut. 

Aid-de-c&mp, s, moosahib. 

Aider, s, satbee, janibdar, mudud- 
^r, suhae, oopkaree. 

Ail, V. dookh d. eeza h. tukleef b. 

Ailing^ pa, a, uleel, manduh, bee- 
roar, murees, roi^ee. 

A^ilment, $. dookh, murz, bikar, 
azar, rog, beemaree, mandugee. 

Aim, 5. shust, dut, nishana; {dc' 
sign) mutlub, tak, ghat, daon, 
bhed, kusd, muksud, irada, 

Aim, V, shust bandhna, uzm k. 
irada rukhna, tak bandhna^ kusd 
k« muksud rukhna. 

Air, «. huwa, puwuo, byar ; ab o 
huwa ; (climate) ab o huwa, 
panee ; (m music) nuwa, ahung, 
dhurun ; (mein) woza, chcd, 
doul, dhuj, wuteera; (airt) ukur, 

Air, V. a. huwa d. sookhana, dhoop 
d. ; {to take the air) huwa khana. 

Airing, s, huwa-khoree, syr. 

Airiness, s, huwadaree ; {of manner) 
choolboolahut, uchpulee, ulbela- 

Airy, a. huwadar ; (vain) soobook, 
ochha, hulk a, chhichhora, chool- 
boola, chunchul ; (gai/) rungee- 
la, ulbela. 

Akin, a. suga, rishtudar^ natedar; 

(timifar) moowafik ; sutnan, 

Alabaster,*, yushm-kafooree, mur* 

mur i soofyd. 
Alacrity, s. khooshee, hoolas ; 

chouop, zouk, dtldihee, dilgur- 

Alamode, ad. riwajee, dustoor- 

mootabik, raij. 
Allirm, 8. roula, hooHur, shorahar, 

gouga, hungama, shor, gool« 

gooloo, go(fl-gupara. 
Alarm, v, durana, bhurkana, 

chounkana, khoburdar k. jutana, 

ghubrana ; {an army) kamur- 

bund kurana. 
Alarming, part, duhshutnak, houU 

nak, durouna, bhyanuk. 
Alasl interj. hae, wae, durega^ 

ufsos, wawyla. 
Albeit, ad, ugurchi. 
A'lchymist, s, keetniyagur, rtisayu- 

A'lchymy, s, ilm i keemiya, rusaen, 

Alcohol, s, koohul, shurabi-nab^ 

Alcove, s, koobba. 
Ale, i, boza. 

Alembic, s. bhubka, kurumbeek. 
Al^rt, a. choukus, chalak, phoor- 

teela, hoshiyar, charbank,tezrou. 
Alertness, «. chouksaee, pboort, 

jhutputee, hoshiyaree, teiruwee. 
Algebra, s, ul-jubr, jubr-o-moo- 

Alias, ad. saniyun, oorf. 
Alible, a, mookuvvee, poosht. 
Alien, t, purdesee, puraya, bega- 

nuh, ujnubee, oopree. 
Alienable, a, jooda kunie-laik 

Alienate; v, a. {estrange) jooda k. 


L 15 ] 

A L M 

turki*moohabbut k« dil oothaoa ; 

{give away) hiba k. bukhshna, 

de dalna. 
AUeo^on, s. joodaee, moofonikut ; 

{qftheJacMUies) bekboodee. 
Alight, V, ootur purna, nazil h. 
Alike, a. burabar, eksan, mooaha- 

bib, ekhee, suinaoi» sadrisb. 
Alike, ad. wysa, oosee turuh. 
AlimeDt, s. khoorak, khana, giza, 

rizk, koot, ahar. 
Alimentary, a. mookuvree, poosht. 
Alive, a, jeeta, zinda ; (active) 

chalak, choost. 
Alkali, s, nurouk, juwa-khar. 
A'ikaline, a. kharee.* 
All, a, Bub, tuman, sara, kool, 

durobust, jooz-o-kool, sukul, 

sugra ; {all night) rat bhur, tu- 

mam rat ; {all at onte) ekaek, 

nagohan, uchancbuk, dufatun, 

ek baigee ; {all fours) ghootnon. 
AU-hail, $, moobaruk, jy, afreen. 
All^y, V- tukfeef d. dheema k. 

tbanda k. thamoa, ghutana, aram 

d. hulka k. 
Alleg^on, ^. dawa, hoojjut, koul 

Allege, o. kuhna, zahir k. 
All^iance, t. itaut, mootabiut, 

furman-burdaree, wufiEi-daree, 

Allegorical, a, mujazee, tumseelee, 

A!llegory, s. tumseel, misal, tush- 

Alleviate, v. furo k. tukhfeef d. 

kum k. hulka k. ghutana. 
Alleviation, s, tukhfeef, tusken, 

kumtee, ghutee. 
Alley, $. ko^a, gulee, naka, bur- 

2un. • 

Alliance, i. kuiabut, nata, rishta, 

biraduree, nisbut; (of states) 

rah-o>rusm, rah-ruwish, ittifak, 

moowafukuty rah reet, mel, 

Alligator, s, ghuriyal, mugur, 

Allot, V. bantna, tukseem k. bukhra 

k. dena, butao k. kismut k. 
Allotment, s. hissa, bukhra, una, 

bunt, butwara, bha(|r. 
Allow, V. ruwa rukhna, manna, 

kubool k. dooroost rukhna, 

ijazut d. moojra d. guwara 

Allowable, a. ruwa, jaiz, wajibee, 

rooobah, hulal, dooroost, theek. 
Allowance, s» bukhra, hissa, 

mooutad ; (income, pension) 

ooloofa, amud, mooshahira, mu- 

wajib, khoorakee. 
Allowed, pa juwaz, wajibee, ruwa, 

moobah, dooroost, hulal. 
Alloy, 5. milounee, chaahnee, pooth; 
Ali6de, V, ishara k. kinaya rukhna. 
A116re, v. phAoslana, fureb d. moh- 

na, lobhana, khynchna. 
AU&rement, s, laluch, turgeeb, 

fureb, moh, phooslawa, kushish, 

Alluring, a, dilrooba, dilkush, 

dilchusp, dilfureb, mohnee, mun- 

AllCision, s, ishara, kinaya, munsha, 

eema, moorad. 
AliCisive, a, mooradee, eemaee, bu- 

tour kinaye ke. 
Ally, «. koomukee, rufeek, mudad- 

gar, shureek. 
Almanack, f. putra, tukweem. 
AlmIghty, a, huktuala, kadir- 

mootual, surb-shuktiman, kadir* 

Almond, <. badam, louz. 


t 16 ] 

A M B 

Almoner, $, behla-burdar. 
Almost, ad, kureeb, unkureeb, 

nuzdeek, lugbhug. 
Alms, t. khyrat, bheekh, dan, lun- 

gur, suda-burt, [dhurm-sala. 
Alms-house, s. lungur-khana, 
Aloes, *. elwa, moosubbur ; {tree) 

gheekwar ; {wood) ood, ugur. 
Aloft, ad, bala, oopur, oonche, 

Alone, a. ekla, tunha, jureeda, 

chbura, ukela; {let alone) chhor 

d. jane d. 
Along, ad. sath, sung, shamil ; 

(lengthwise) lumban men ; {go 

along) cbule jao, door ho ; 

{along with) sun<:i^, sath, bumy, 

bahum ; {together) sumet, sood- 

Aloof, ad, ulug, pure, door, ula- 

hida, chhooia, kinare, niyara. 
Aloud, ad, shor-se, pookar-ke, 

boolund-awaz-se, gool kurke. 
Alphabet, a, ulif be, kuh khura. 
Alphabetical, a, tuhfljjee ke kai- 

deh-se ; kukbura dhub. 
Already^ ad, isee wukt, ubhee ; is- 

se peshtur, puhle-se. 
Also, ad. bhee. 
Altar, s. koorban-gah, jug-vedee, 

muzbuh, bedee, kumela. 
Alter, V, budulna, tugeer k. pulut- 

na, tubdeel k. budlee k. 
Alteration, s. budlee, tubdeelee, 

tugeer, furk, tufaw'ut. 
Altercation, s. tukrar, tunta, hooj- 

jut, jhugra, bukhera, rud budul, 

khuta putee. 
Alternate, a. baree baree ka, moo- 

tubuddil : v. baree baree-se ana. 
Alternately, ad, bara baree, para 

paree, baree baree-sCi uoubut- 

AUemative, s, ilaj, wujuh, turuh^ ^ 

soorut, doul, MTuzu, halut, rah. 
Although, ad, ugurchi, goki, hur* 

chundki, gurchi, bawujood-i-ki. 
Altitude, s, bulundee, oonchaee, 

irtifau, oonchan ; {to take the- 

altitude) boolundee undaza k. 

oonchaee utkulna. 
Altogether, ad, sub sumet, bilkool, 

niput, nidan, mootluk, muhz, 

surasur, nira, sub sooddha. 
A'ium, s, phitkiree, zaj. ^ 

AiCiminous, a, phiikiree-amez. 
Always, ad. humeshuh, suda, moo- 
dam, nit, hur wukt. 
Am, hoon. 
Amain, ad, zor-se; be-tuhasha,- 

Amalgamate, v. a. dhaton ko mi- 

Amanuensis, 5. mooddau-nuwees 

mudud-nuwees, izhar-nuwees. 
Amaranth, s. juta-dharee, gool- 

khyroo, taji-khooroos. )i 

Amass, v, jorna, juma k, butorna, '1 

zukheera k. 
Amateur, s, kisee funn k^ shaik. 
Amatory, a, ishk-ungez. 
Amaze, v, tuajjoob k. ghubrana, 

hyrut-ufza k. chukchoundha k. 
Amazed, pa, a, hyran, mootajib, 

dung, surgurdan, huwas-bakhta, 

mootuhyyur, bhounchuk. 
Amazement, s. ghubrahut ; tuaj- 
joob, hyrut, surgurdanee, hyra- 

Amazing, pa. ujub, hyrutee, ujeeb, 

uchumbha, hyrut-ungez 
Amazingly, ad, buhoot, nihayut, 

niput, shiddut-se. 
Ambassador, s, elchee. 
Ambassage, s, elchee* geeree. 
Amber, «. kuhrooba. 

A M M 

[ t^ ] 


J^mbergris, «. amlmr. 

Ambagnity, s..i8htibah, moogaluta, 

pech, hipet,dhokha, pher, shoob- 

ha, shuk, doobdha, bhurum. 
AmMguoas, a, roooshtubuh, gol 

gol, Dtohtumul, pechdar> moob- 

hum, bhurmeela. 
Ambidoo, 5. uzm housila, oomung, 

tuma, himmut, Mrs, daeea, 

dhooQ, laluch. 
Ambitious, a. hoasiia-mund, oom- 

nngee, sahib-housila, boolund- 

nuzr, alee munish, sahib-daeea, 

A'mble, t?. n. yargha chulna. 
Ambuscade, \s. kumeen-^a, ghat, 
Afmbash, j dubkee, dubba, dao. 
Ameo, ad. ameen, uysa ho, umun- 

Amenable, «. zimmudar, juwabdih, 

Amend, v. dooroost k. islah dena, 

bunana, soodharna, sumbhalna. 
Amendment, 5. dooroostee, sihhut. 
Amends, «. dund, tawan, joormanc^ 

ewuz, inoosadura. 
Amerce, v. dund bhurwana. [nik. 
A'methyst, f. murtees, yakoot, ma- 
A'miable, «• f^yara, hurdii-uzeez, 

oek-nihad, muhboob, nekbukht. 
Amiableness, s. khoobee, nek- 

bukhtee, nekoibadee, nek zatee. 
A'micable, a. dostana, faila mila. 
Amicably, ad. dostane tour-pur. 
Amtdst, pr, beech, durmiyao. 
Amiss, ud. tukseer, boora, dos, 

gulut, bhool, zuboon, bud, ua- 

Amity, s. dostee, ikblas, oons. 
Amndniac, s. (gum) sumng hu- 

maroa : (sal) noushadur. 
Ammunition, s, baroot^lee, sa- 

man i jungee, ugbab jungee. 

Amnesty, s. muafee-namuh, uman- 

Amongst, pr, durmiyan, beech- 

Amorous, a, ashik-tun, kamee' 

uyyash, rusiya, ishkbaz. 
Amorously, ad. ashikana, piyar-se. 
Amount, s. juma, joomla, tadad, 

mublug, mujmooa, moth. 
Amount, v. tidad bona, burhna. 
Amphibious, a. do-oonsuree, hum- 

khooshkee-h umabee. 
Ample, o. bura, wuseeu, buhoot, 

kooshada, furakh. 
Amplify, 17. burhana, tool tuweel 

k. moobalu^a k. chund dur 

chund k. tool dena. [khee. 

Amplitude, s. phylao, wusut, fura- 
Amply, ad, buhootat-se, kusrut- 

se, ifrat-se, ziyadutee-se. 
Amputate, v. uzv ka katna, un^f 

ka katna. 
Amputation, s. uzo ka kutao. 
Amulet, s. gunda, hirz, taweez. 
Amiise, v. buhlana, tufreeh d. tala 

d. talmutol k. lu^^a rukhna. 
Amusement, $. buhlao, tumasha, 

tufreeh, khel, shoo|(l, dil-lugee, 

Amusing, ;mi. jee-bublaoo, dilchusp, 

mun-lugun, mun-bhaona, chit- 

An, art. ek, yuk, yuk furd. 
Anagram, s. tuhreef. 
Analogy, s. mooshabuhut, nisbut, 

kureenuh, moonasubut, moowa^ 

fukut ; (6y analogy) kureene-se. 
Analogous, c< .mooshabih,moowafik, 

burabur, shubeeh. 
Analysis, s. tushreeh, tufseel, tuf- 

seer, touzeeh, tujuzzee. 
Analyze, v. tufreek k. jooda jooda 

k. jooz jooz. k. 

A N G 

{ 18 ] 


A'narcby, s, gudur, hulchul, undher, 

bud-umulee, bebundobustee, un- 

dha dhoondh, dheenga dbangee. 
Anathema, s, luanut, dhirkar, srap. 
Anatomy, s. tushreeh. 
Ancestor, s, judd, boozoorg, bura, 

bap-dada, poorkba. 
Ancestors, s. aba-ujdad, bapdade 

bure, poorkhan, boozoorg. 
Ancestry, s. khan dan, poorkhaee. 
Anchor, s, lungur juhaz ya kisbtee 

Anchorage, «. lugan, lungur-wara. 
Anchorite, s, tarik ood dooniya, 

tupuswee, bunbasee. 
Ancient, a, kudeem, pesheen, poo- 

rana, ugla, dereena, pooracheen ; 

(flncicnis) mootukudeemeen, poo- 

raneh log, kooduma, uwael ke 

log, suluf ke log, sabikeen, 

Anciently, ad, age, puhle, kudeem 

men, uvvul men. 
And, conj, our, wuh, o, uroo, wa. 
Anecdote, s, chootkoola, nookta, 

An^w, ad, pher, sur i nou, nyeh 

sir-se, pher-se, doosrakur. 
Angel, s. firishta, doot, muluk. 
Angelical, a. firisbta-sa. 
A'nger, ». goossa, khufgee, krodh, 

kop, rag, jhul ; {to anger) 

Toosana, goosse k. khufa k. 

krodh k. 
Angle, s. kA)na, nok, gosha, khoont. 
Angle, v.n. shust-phcnkna, bunsee- 

A'ngry, a. goosse, khufa, krodhee, 

bud dumag. 
Angrily, ad, goosse-se, nakhoosh 

hokur, jhirkee-se. 
A'nguish, $, runj, ulum^ koft, 

siyasut; uzab, uzeeut. 

Angular, a, goshedar, konedar. 
Animadversion, s. surzunish, ilzam^ 

tazeer, hurfgeeree, tana, tana- 

Animadvert, v. hurfgeeree k. uyb- 

jooee k. ilzam d. dokhna. 
Animal, s. janwur, hywan, juntoo, 

Animalcule, $. keera, keeree, hush- 

Animate, v. himmut bundhwana, 

zinduh k. jilana, chounp d. jee 

d. tusuliee d. poorchuk d.dharus 

Animated, pa. zinda, chalak ; {ai 

language) turrara, numkeen. 
Animating, a, dilerana, shoojaut- 

ufza, rooh-ufza. 
Animation, s, zinduh-dilee, janda- 

ree, zindugee, turaree, numuk. . 
Animosity, s. udawut, khoons, byr, 

kud, nifak, keena, boogz, lag. 
Anise, s. uneesoon, badiyanuh, 

Ankle, i, tukhna, gutta. 
Annalist, s. rawee, moowurrikh. 
Annals, s. tuwareekh. 
Annex, i>, loga d. wusl k. jorna. 
Annexed, pa. joora hooa, luga hooa, 

pywusia, jora, pywund, mootu- 

Annihilate, v. nabood k. muadoom 

k. nasna. 
Annihilated, pa, muadoqro, funa, 

nest-nabood, binas, nas hooa. 
Annihilation, s, nestee, udum, fuua, 

Anniversary, «. bursee. 
Anno Domini, sun-eesuvree, suni- 

khoodawundi-ma, suni-bukbs- 

Annotation, s, tufseer, teeka, shur- 

ah, hasbeea* 


[ 19 1 

A N X 

JinDotator, 5. moofussir^ teekakar. 
Anno^Dce, t7. khubur d. jutaoa, 

zabir k. 
Annoy, v. kbijana, dik k. tukleef 

d. sutana, roosana. 
Annoyance, s. tusdeeu, dtkkut, tuk- 
leef, eeza, zuhmut. 
Annoyer, s. kbijane-wala. 
Annua], a. hursaluh, burus bums 

ka, buruswait. 
Annually, ad. hurburus, bursal, 

sal busal. 
Annuitant, s. saliyanu-dar. 
Annuity, 5. saliyanu. 
Annlii, V, rudd k. rounsookb k. 

nioukoof k. metna, batil k. ootlia 

Anodyne, s. moosukkin, tuskeen- 

bukbsb duwa. f mulna. 

Anoint, v. malisb k. ubhishek k. 
Aaonaaious, a, be-turteeb. 
Anonymous, a, f^oomnam, goopt- 

Another, a. doosra, our, ek-onr. 
Answer, ^.Juwab, oottur, ootara. 
Answer, v» juwab d, ; (cormpond) 

mootabik h. ; {succeed) theek 

ana, buuna, soodhurna, sudhna, 

nibbna, bun ana. 
Answerable, a. zimroudar, juwab- 

dih ; {equal) burabur, moowa- 

Ant, s. cheeonta, cheeoontee. 
Antagonist, s, hureef, roookhalif, 

Antarctic, a, junoobee, kootb kee 

Antecedent, a. mookuddum, puhle, 

kubl, age, uwul. 
Antechamber, s, dur-dalan. 
Antedate, v. peshtur tareekh dalna. 
AntedilCivian, a. Nooh ke toofan 

se puhle ka. 

€ 2 

Antelope, s, hurun, f^ruwuzn. 
Antemeridian, s. dopuhur puhle. 
Anterior, a. pesheen, puhle, age^ 

Anthem, $, munkubut, stoot-ka- 

Antic, a, muskhurana : s. mus- 

khura, bhand. 
Antichrist, s. mookhalifi-museeh, 

dujjal, bipreet-khreest. 
Antichristian, a. khilaf deen i mu- 

seeh ke, khreest-mut bipreet. 
Anticipate, v. peshdustee k. pesh 

bundee k. 
Anticipation, s, pesh-dustee, pesh- 

bundee, pesh-bundish, ugmuna- 

Antidote, s, tiriyak, zubr-moohra, 

Antimonarchical, a. khilaf badsha- 

hut ke. 
Antimonial, a. soormuee. 
Antimony, s, soorma, unjun. 
Antipathy, «. nufrut, chirh, ghin, 

glan, kurahiyut, istikrah, goorez. 
Antipodes, s, mookatir. 
Antiquarian, s. mootukuddum- 

Antiquate, v, poorana k. 
Antique, a, kudeem, pracheen, 

Antiquity, ». ujjle wukt, kudeemee, 

uwael, suluf; {ancientness) ku- 

Antiscorbtitic, a, kharish kee duwa. 
Antiseptic, ». surun kee duwa. 
Antithesis, s. mooariza. 
Antlers, s, baruh-singa. 
Anvil, «. uhrun, sundan, nihaee. 
Anxiety, «. undesha, iikr, soch, 

chinta, purwa, turuddood ; {de^f 

Tpremon) oodasee; {apprehension) 

iztirabee, sunsy, tu^huvvoosh. 

A ? P 

[ 30 ] 

A P P 

A'nxious, a. ftkr^mund, undesba- 

Aak, moozturib^ mooturuddid, 

A'ny, a, koee,koocbh. 
Aorist, i, inoozaru, moobbum. 
Ap^ce, ad, juldee, toort, shitabee. 
Apart, ad, ulabida, ulug, jooda> 

niyara, bhin, ekant, ek turaf. 
Apartment, s, kothree ; {womerii) 

zunana, mubuUsura ; {merCs) 

A'pathy, 8, be-ptirwaee, mujhooli- 

yut, moorda-dilee. 
Ape, 6. bundur : v. a, tukleed k. 
Aperient, a. moolyyiiK 
Aperture, «. ebbed, soorakb. 
Apex, s. nok, chontee. 
Aphorism, s. mukoota. 
Apocryphal, o. na-mooutubur 

Apiece, ad, ek ek, hurek. 
Apocalypse, s. wuhee,mooabahidaty 

Apologize, ^), oozr k. mooazurut k. 
Apologue, s. musul, dristant, hit- 

Apology, 5. oozr, mooazurut, min- 

tee, urz-marooz. 
Apoplectic, a, suktub mizaj. 
Apoplexy, «. sukta, parussool. 
Apostacy, s. burgushtugee, inbiraf, 

Apostate, «, burgushtub-uz-deen, 

moonhurif, moolhid, moortud 
Apostatize, v, n, burgushtai-deen 

h. moortud h. irtidad k. phirna. 
Apostle, s, rusool, huwaree, firis- 

tada — Museebee, prerit Musee* 

Apothecary, s, uttar, punsaree. 
Appal, V. durana, dur dikhana, 

hybutnak kurana. 
Apparatus, «. alat, ku) kauta, lu- 

waeim, sazo^man, usbab, sur- 

unjaro, samafi, samigree. 
Apparel, s, posbak, libas, k upre, 

puhrawa, bu»tur. 
Apparent, a. «abir, sureeb, prugut, 

fash, uyyan, \?azih, budeehee, 

ulaneea, khoola, prukash, pur- 

Applirently, ad, zahire, ddchne 

Apparition, #. bboot, aseb, say a, 

pret, soorut-wuhmee. 
Appeal, ». moorafa : v, a, moorafo 

k. roojoo k. 
Appear, V. dikhlaee d. nuzur ana, 

mualoom h. aoojhna, deesna, 

zahir h. 
Appearance, «. soorut, shukl, ula- 

mut^ numoodar, roop, nomaish, 

munzur, zahir, roop, numood. 
Appease, v. tuskeen k. thunda k. 

dheema k. munana, sant k. 
Appeasement, s, tuskeen, tushuffee. 
Appellant,^. moodduee,dadkhwah, 

Appellation, s, lukub, ism ; {pL) 

ulkab, nam. 
Appellative, s. lukbee, jinsee. 
Append, V, n, lugana, joma. 
Appendage, s, zumeema, ilake ka, 

doombala, lahik. 
Appendix, s. zyl, khatima, tutimma. 
Appertliin, v, ilaka rukhna, tuaU 

look rukhna, lugao rukhna, lagna, 

shamil h. 
Appetite, s. isbtiba, bhookh ; (de- 
sire) shouk, chab, khwabisb, 

Applaud, V. surahna, wabwah k. 

afreen kubna. 
Applliuse, s. afreen, shabasbee, 

raurbuba, tareef, suha, touseef, 



I «t ] 


jlpple, «. seo, seb ; (ef the eye) 

pootlee, murdoom*i^hushin. 
i^plicable,a. Uik,tlieek,moonasib> 

suzawar, dooroost. 
i!pplic&UoB, j« tundihee, mushult* 

kut, soee, koshish, kud-o*kaw- 

bh, mihnut, jihd, shoo^l, dikkut; 

{tttuly) mootala ; (petition) dur- 

khwast, urz, istidooa. 
Apply', ». lugana ; (stick) chepna, 

chipkana ; (use) kam in<;ii iana ; 

(studif) mootala k. ; (adidre$$) urz 

k. durkhwast d. 
Appolnty V, mookurrurk. thuhrana, 

moouyyun k. taeenat k. 
Appointed, pa, roookumir keeya 

gya, thuhraya booa, tueenatee. 
AppoiDtment, f. oohda ; tuuyyoon ; 

Apportion, v, n. wajibee tukseem 

Apposite, a. theek, bur-muhul, 

moonasib, dooroost, laik, shaista. 
Appositely, ^d^ theek turuh-se, 

Appraise, v. nirkh thuhrana, ankna» 

kootna, mol thuhrana, keemut 

Appraisement, s. unkao, koot. 
Appraiser, s. uiikwyya, nirkhee, 

Appreciate, v, a. kudr k. useez 

Appreciation, s. kudr*danee. 
Apprehend, v, (seize) giriftar k. 

pukur lena; (conceive) sumujh- 

na, kyas k. khyal k. bicharna, 

dureeaft k. maloom k. ; (dread) 

uodesha k, khouf k. durna, 

khutra rukhna. 
Apprehension, s. (conception) su- 

mujh, utkttl, kyas, bicbar, khyal, 

danism dbyan, fulun> fubmeed ; 

(seizure) giriftaree, pukraec ; 

(dread) khutra, undesha, dur, 

khurka, dhurka, khutka, chinta, 

duhshut, khouf, tushweesh, hou- 

ka, bhurum, wuhm, wuswas. 
Apprehensive, a. wuswasee, tursao, 

Apprentice, s. shagird. 
Apprenticeship, $, shagirdee kisee 

pesheh kee. 
Apprise, V. jutana, khubur d. ittila 

k. agah kurana, moottula k. 

khuburdar k. goshgoozar k. 
Apprized, pa, agah, moottula, khu- 
burdar, jutays-hooa. 
Approach, s, amud, ana : v, nu9- 

deek ana,pasana,a*puhoonchna, 

kureeb hona. 
Approbation, s. munsooree, pus- 

und, ruza, khooshee. 
Appropriate, t?. upna k. mukhsoos 

k. kam men lugana, thuhrana, 

mookurrur k. 
Appropriation, s, tushukhkhoos. 
Approval, s. pusund, munzooree. 
Approve, t^.pusund k. xnunzoor k. 

Approved, pa, pusundeeda^ roun- 

zoor, kubool, mukbool. 
Approximate, a. nuzdeek, kureeb, 

moottusil, pas, nereh. 
Approximlition, s. nuzdeekee, itti- 

sal, koorb. [wazim. 

Appdrtenance, s, mootuullik, lu- 
A'pricot, s, zurd*aloo, khoobanee. 
A'pril, 8. chyt-bysakh. 
Apron, I. tuhbund. 
Apt, a, (inclined) mail, shoukeen, 

ragib, tyar, hazir, shaik, nioos- 

tuid ; (Jit) makool, laik, kabil, 

theek ; (acute) tez fuhm. 
Aptitude, s, Uyakut ; istiadad, su- 

ieeka, shaistugee, shouk, inyU 


E 22 ] 


A'ptly, ad. muakool turuh, sulee- 

keh-se, uchchhee turuh. 
A'ptness, s. liyakut, suleeka, is- 

tiadad, shouk, royl. 
Aqua fortis, s, tez-ab. 
Aquarius, s. koombh, sitara-dulo. 
Aquatic, a. abee, duriyaee, jul- 

cbur, puniha. 
A'queduct, s, nuhr ; rooohree. 
A'queous, a. abee, panee-sa, mur- 

A'quiline, a. (nose) tote kee see 

A'rabic, s. urubee zuban ; (gum) 

bubool ka gond, sumg-i-urubee. 
A'rable, a. jyyud, kabil i ziraut. 
Arbiter, «. salis, moonsif. 
Arbitrarily, ad, surkhoodee-se, be- 

kaideh, zoolm kec rab. 
A'rbitrary, a. be-kaida, mookhtar 

i kool, mootluk ; (without rule) 

gyr-moouyun, bekaida, be- 
. thour thikana. 
A'rbitrate, v. a. salisee k. punchaet 

k. rooonsifee k. 
Arbitration, s, salisee, punchaet. 
Arbitrator, s. salis, punch, moonsif. 
A'rbor, «. koonj. 
A'rc^num, s, raz, bhed. 
Arch, s» mihrab, goombuz ; (of a 

circle) kous. 
Arch, a. thuthe-baz, khoosh-tuba, 

thuthol, hunsor. 
Archangel, «. muluk mookurrub. 
AVched, pa, mihrabdar, goombuz- 

dar, mihrabee. 
A'rcher, s, teerundaz, kumnyt. 
A'rchery, s. teerundazee, kumnytee. 
Architect, s, miumar, meer'^imarut, 

A'rchitecture, «. miumaree. 
Archipelago, s. juzair. 
A'rcbiyes, s, duftur. 

A'rctic, a, turfi-shimal. 

A'rctic circle, «. kootb-sbimalee. 

A'rdency, 5. tezee, ditsozee, dil- 

dihee, hurarut, humiyut. 
A'rdent, a. gurm, tez; {fervenf) 

A!rdently, ad, sui^rmee-se, ish- 

tiyak-se, dilsozee-se. 
A'rdour, s. gurmee, hurarut, diU 

sozee, dhoon, humeeut, duhuk, 

julun, sozish. 
A'rduous, a. mooshkil, dooshwar, 

sukht, kuthin, bharee. 
A'rduousness, 5. doosbwaree, sukh- 

tee, ishkal. 
Are, hyn, ho. 

A'rea, «. my dan ; (court) suhn. 
Argiil^iceous, a. chiknee mittee ka, 
A'rgue, V, buhsna, bad k. moona- 

zura k. 
A'rgument, 5. bubs, churcha, moo- 

nazura, rud-budul, jhugra, tuk- 

reeb ; (reason) wasta, hoojjut, 

jihut,bais ; (proof) sunud,duleely 

Argumentative, a. hoojjutee, tuk- 

raree, moobahisee. 
A'rid, a. khooshk, sokhtuh. 
Aridity, *. khooshkee. 
A'ries, s. boorji-humul, mekh. 
Aright, ad, theek, dooroost. 
Arise, v. oothna ; (the mn) tooloo 

h. ooduy h. ; (be produced) nik- 

ulna, basil h. ; (issue) sadir h. ; 

(awake) so-ootbna, jugna. 
Aristocracy, s, rueesan-i-sultunut. 
Arithmetic, s. ilra i hisab, gunit, 

hindusa, funn-i-siyak. 
Arithmetical, a. siyak ke kaide 

Arithmetician, s, rukumi-siyak-nu- 

wees, siyak dan, hisabdan. 
Arky s, (of the covenant) taboot 

A R R 

[ 23 ] 


sokeena; (o/*^oaA) kishtee Noob 

Army 8. banh, bazoo, bbooja l-iqf 

the sea) sola, kharee, kol, khal : 

V. hothiyar bundhana. 
Armadillo, s. kism janwur. 
A!rmed, a. kumurbund, hutbiyar- 

buDd, moosullah. 
A'rmistice, s. mooblut luraee kee. 
A'rmlet, $. bazoobund ; (of the sea) 

duriyacbub, kharee, kbal. 
A'rmory, s, sUab-khanuh. 
Armour, 5. silah, zirub, buktur, 

jousbun, char-aeena. 
Armourer, i. silahsaz, sykulgur. 
Arms, «. huthiyar, saz-bundook, 

dhal-tulwar, hurba, alati-jung ; 

(armorial bearing) kbandaa kee 

ularaut, nishan. 
Army, j. lusbkur, fouj, sena, dul. 
Aromatic, a« khooshbodar, soo- 

Around, ad, aspas, gird, bur turuf, 

charo-or, girdpesh, girdagird. 
Arouse, v, jut^ana, ootbana, hosb- 

yar k. bedar k. 
Arquebuse, s, kurabeen. 
Aniick, s. sburab kullal kee. 
Arraign, v. udalut men ittiham k. 

buramud k. iizam d. dawa k. 
Arraignment, s. dawa, nalish. 
Arrange, v. sunwama, dooroost k. 

turteeb d. theek k. soodbarna, 

tbikana lugana, dbubsir lugana, 

arasta k. sijil k. 
Arrangement, s. turteeb, dooroos- 

tee, intizam, sujawut, bundobust, 

Arrant, a, mubz bud, kutta. 
Ardiy, v, suf-araee k. pura bandh- 

Arr^rs, f. bakee, bukiyat. 
Arrest, V. giriftar k. kyd k. 

Arrest, s. kyd, bubs, bundee, girif- 

taree, nuzur-bundee. 
Arrival, 1. amud, ana, puboonch, 

Arrive, 0. puboonchna, dakbil h. 

A'rrogance, 5. goostakbee, gooman, 

ghumund, firounee, tukubboor, 

ghoor, sbekbee, ubunkar, gurbb. 
Arrogant, a. mugroor, goostakb, 

mootukubbir, firoun, uhunkaree, 

gurbbee, khood-been, ghumun- 

A'rrogantly, ad, goostakhee-se, 

ghumund-se, gooroor-se, tukub- 

Arrogate, v, kbyncb k. dawa k. 

ikhtiyar lena. 
Arrow, s, teer, ban. 
Arsenal, s, silah^kbanub; 
Arsenic, s. burtal, sunkhiya. 
Arson, s, sbubur-sozee, khanub- 

Art, $. boonur, fun, goon, sunut, 

kareeguree, dustkaree; hikmut, 

joogut, ilm, muharut, suleeka, 

dhub, dustgab, oostadee ; (trade) 

hirfa, kam, pesha, kusb. 
Artery, s, shiriyan, rug. 
Artful, a. heelubaz, furebee, syana, 

hikmutee, joogtee, pukka, muk- 

kar, cbbulee, fylsoof, dumbaz, 

Artfully, ad. fureb-se, joogut-se, 

Artfulness, s, beela-bazee, dum- 

bazee, syanpun, fylsoofee, muk- 

karee, fureb, cbhul. 
Artichoke, t, hathee-chukf kism 

Article, I. (clauu) babut;. (fMirtt- 

ctdar) bat ; (of trade) rukum ; 

(the def,) hurf i tareef, (indef.) 

A S C 

I 24 I 


hurf i tunkeer ; {articles qfpeaccy 

4*0.) uhd-nama, koul-naroa. 
Articulate, a, saf, shoosta^ khoola, 

spusht, uspusht ; v. saf tulufTooz 

k. bolna, oocharna. 
Articulately, oc^.saf saf^ udai mukh- 

Articulation, s. mukhruj, oochar. 
A'rtifice, #. heela, buhana, mukr, 

bundish, bunawut, duga, thu- 

^ee, chhul, fitrut, fun. 
Artificer, s, kareegur, uhl i birfa, 

Artificial, a. hoonuree ; bunawut 

ka» hikmutee, turkeebee, umulee; 

(fictitious) nuklee, jbootha, sakh- 

ta, tukleedee. 
Artillery, s, top-khanuh ; {great 

guns) topen. 
A'rtisan, s. kareegur. 
A'rtist, s. oostad, hoonurmund, dust- 

kar, soogbur. 
A'rtless, a. bbola> be-sakhta, bhon- 

doo, unaree, modhoo, seeda, 

Artlessly, ad. suikee-se, bholeh- 

As, conj, jysa, jis turuh, jon. 
Asafoetida, s, heeng, ungoozuh. 
Ascend, v. ootbna, churh jana, 

suood k. oorooj k. boolund h. 
Ascendency, s. gulba, foukiyut, 

tuijeeh, ziyadutee. 
Ascension, 5. oothna, oorooj, su^ 

ood; {(}four Saviour) miuraj. 
Ascent, 8, churhao, oorooj, suood ; 

{height) bulundee, ooncbaee, 

Ascertain, v, duriyafl k. tbuhrana, 

tusbkhees k. kootna, janchna. 
Ascitic, f. sahid, tupussee. 
Ascribe, v, dena, lugana, nisbnt d. 
.munsQob k. mukbsoos k. 

Ashamed, a. shurminda, kbtijii^ 

nadim, lujjit, pusheman. 
Ashes, 8. rakh, bhusm, kbakistur, 
Ashdre, ad, khooshlee pur, kina- 

reh pur. 
A'shy, a. siyah-soofyd. 
Aside, ad, ulug, ek turuf, ek bii|(^l 

ko, kinare, jooda, furuk, ekant. 
Ask, V. poochhna, poorsish k. is-* 

tifsar k. ; {beg) mangna, dur- 

khwast k. suwal k. cbahna. 
Askant, ad. tirchhee. 
A'sker, s, sail, talib, poochhwyyft* 
Aslant, ad. tirchha, terha, banka. 
Asl^p, ad, sota hooa, neend men. 
Aslope, ad. dhaloo, dhal-se. 
Asp, a. ufuee, balishtiya samp. 
Asparagus, s. kism turkaree. 
Aspect, s. chihra, soorut, hyut, 

shukl, roop. pykur, munzur. 
Asperity, s. kurukhtugee, dooroosb^ 

tee, sukhtee, khooshoonut. 
Asperse, v. toohmut lugana, lim 

lugana, budnam k. kulunk luga- 
na, doshna. 
Aspersion, s. toohmut, lim, booh* 

tan, kulunk, ittiham. 
Aspic, 8. balishtiya-sampy ufuce. 
Aspirate, v. mukhruj-se uda k. 
Aspiration, s. kiraut ; (desire) hou- 

Aspire, v. mm k. arxoo rukhna, 

lulchana, shusht bandhna. 
Asquint, ad. tirchhee nuzur-se. 
Ass, s. gudha, (fern, gudhee) khur. 
Assail, V. hum la k. churhaee k. 
Ass4ilant, s. humla-awur, churhaee 

Assassin, s. katil, khoon-rez, sufiak» 

khoonee, butyara. 
Assassinate, v. kuti k. khoon k. 

mar dalna, thikane lugana, 

hutya k. 


[ M ] 


Assault, 8, humla, ehurhaee : ft, a, 

humEa k. marna. 
I Assay, s. tujrooba, uyaf, porukh^ 

kus : V. uyar, k. kusna. 
Assiyer, <, purkhiya, nukkad, uyar- 

Assemblage, s, boojoora, umboh, 

bheer, mujinooa. 
Assemble, v, junta b. ekutthe h. 

fiirahuni b. ekja b. joorna. 
A88embiy,s,mujlis,jumaut, subha, 

mubfil, mundulee. 
Assent, t. ruza, pizeeraee, ijazut, 

Assent, v. kubool k. ruzamand h. 

manna, ban k. ruza d. 
Assort, V. kuhna, rutna, budabudee 

kubna, ikrar k. 
Ass^rtiony «. kuha, konl, ikrar, bat, 

bucbuD, bacba, mukoola, dawa, 

Asanas, v, khiraj lugana, tushkhees 

Assessment, s, kbiraj, muhsoot. 
Assets, 8, jaedad. 
Asseveration, s, kusum ke sath 

Assiduity, 9, kosbish, suee, miisb- 

tikkut, kuddro-kawisb, jibd, 

surgurmee, tukyood, mihnut, 

dboon, istiklal. 
Assiduous, a. mibnutee, musroof, 

dboonee, saee, surgurm, moos- 

Assiduously, ad, suee-se, mihnut- 

se, kosbish-se. 
Assign, V. tbubrana, mookurrur k. 

moouyun k. mukbsoos k. dena ; 

(a reason) butlana. 
Assignee, s. zimmudar, tuuyyoon* 

Assignment, s. barat, tunkbwah ; 

(qfland) jaegeer. 

Assimilate, v, a, iksan k. moowafik 

k. burabur k. milana. 
Assimilation, s, moowafiikut, ek- 

Assist, t;. modnd k. snbayuta k. 

oopkar k. koomuk k. 
Assistance, s. mudud, subaeta, 

oopkar, dustgeeree, subara, ia^ 

nut, taeed, imdad, pooshtee, 

tukweeut, istianut. 
Assistant, #. mududgar, mooawin, 

koomnkee, satbee, suhaeh; (tn 

office) pesbkar, naib. 
Assize, 8. (rate) nirkh, bbao : v. 

nirkb lugana. 
Assizes, 8, udalut, mubkuraa. 
Associate, v. soobbut rukhna, rifa- 

kut k. mihia, mel rukbna, sath 

rukhna, milap rukbna: 8. sbu- 

reek, rufeek, sajbee, sbamil, 

sungbatee, bum-nusbeen. 
Association, 8, ittifak, moowafukut, 

sajba, sburakut, sbirkut, mel, 

bundisb, sazisb. 
Assort, V. mootufiirruk k. thaois 

thaon k. tufreek k. turteeb d. 
Assortment, 5. khep (mal ka); thok. 
Assume, V. tukhfeef d. tusullee 

k. tusbuffee k. tbunda k. tbum- 

Assu^ger, s. jo tuskeen de, jo 

tusbuffee kure. 
Assu^sive, a, tuskeen-bukbsh, 

gum'-goodaz, aram-bukbsh. 
Assiime, v. ukhz k. le lena, furz k. 

ikbtiyar k. ; (airs) sbekhee k. 

fukhr k. itrana. 
Assuming, pa. a, sircburba, sbokh, 

mugroor^ mootukubbir, goos- 

Assurance, «. (certainty) yukeen, 

etibar, bhurosa, niscbuy; {fimu 

ness) dileree^ tukweeyut, istiklal^ 


[ 26 ] 


tnkweeut; {impudence) dhitaee, 

mucrraee, goostakhee, shokhee, 

shekhee; {ussurance in God) 

AssCire, v. yukeen kurana, tushuf- 

fee d. tusuUee d. sumjhana, 

khatiijuma k. 
Assliredly, ad. ulbutta, be-shuk, 

mookurrur, beshoobuh. 
Asterisk, s. nishanee. 
Astern^ ad, peeche juhaz ke. 
A'sthma, s. duma, zeek-oonnufus. 
Asthmatic, a, oopur dumaee, sun- 

Astonish, v. uchumbha k. tajjoob k. 

hyran k. ghubrana, chukchoun- 

Astonishment, s, hyrut, ucbumbba, 

hyranee, chumutkar, behuwasee, 

uchumbha, tubyoor. 
Astray, ad. goonirah, bhutka. To 

^0 Astriiy, v. bhutukna, goomrah 

Astrlnge, v a. kubz k. sukorna. 
Astringent, a. kabiz, bundhezee, 

Astrolabe, t, oostoorlab. 
Astrologer, i, noojoomee, jotishee, 

moonujjim, rummal. [mul. 

Astrology, s. jotish, noojoom, ru- 
Astronomer, s. huyutdan, jotishee. 
Astronomical, a. hyutee, jotish-ka. 
Astronomy, s. hyut, jotish. 
Asdnder, ad, jooda, ulug, bhin. 
Asy'lum, s, punah, asra, mamun, 

uman, darool-uman, surun. 
At, pr. men, ko, pur, py ; {at once) 

ekiukht, ekbargee. 
Atheism, s. nastik-mut, duhriya- 

pun, ilhad. 
Atheist, s. duhriya, nastic. 
Atheistical, a. duhriyaee, nastik, 

Athirst, ad. piyasa. 

Athletic, a. mooshtunda, shuhzor, 
kutta, koongra, zorawur, bul- 

Athwart, pr, ara, bynda, tirchha. 

Atlantic, s, buhri-zoolmat. 

Atlas, $, nukshon kee kitab ; utlus. 

Atmosphere, s, buwa, akash. 

Atom, $, zurra, kunika, unoo. 

Atone, V. kufara k. prayuschit k. 

Atonement, s. kufaruh, iwoz, pra- 
yuschit, budla. 

Atrocious, a. ushurr, ushud, muha 
papee, shudeed. 

Astrocity, «. muha-pap, bura goo- 
nah, goonah-uzeem, goonah-ku« 

Attach, V, girweeda k. luga lena, 
moh-lena,hilana,gantbna; {join) 
milana, wusl k. lugana. 

Attached, pa. a. chuspeeda, gir- 
weeda, hila-mila, dilbusta^ wufa- 

Attachment, s.rugbut, rooohubbut, 
chuspeedugee, lugga, girweedu- 
gee, dil-bustugee, wufadaree. 

Attlick, V. hiimla k. mama : 5. 
humla, cburhaee, dhawa. 

At^in, V, buhum-puhoonchna, ba- 
sil k. pana, milna« pyda k.hasil h. 

Attainable, a, mooyussir, yaftunee, 

milunhar, moomkin-ool-hoosool • 

Attainment, s, kusb-hoosool, wusf, 

kumal, goon, jouhur; (of one* s 

wishes) kamyabee, kamranee. 

Attempt, s, kusd, koshish, jutun, 

suee, jihd, azmaish ; {attack) 

humla, chot : v, kosbish k. ; 

{attack) humla k. 

Attend, V. mootwujja h; gour k. 

dhyan k. dil d. kan lugana, 

soonna ; {wait on) hazir h. hazir 

ruhna, raoujood ruhna ; {observe) 


L 27 ] 


takna, niharna ; (a$ a physician) 
khubur lena, poochhna, duwa- 
panee k. mooalija k.; {to the 
door) puhoonchana. 

Attendance, «. hazir^bashee, taee- 
natee, khidmut, noukree ; {on the 
sick) beemar-daree, beemar- 
poorsee,khuhur-geeree ; {service) 
moolazimut, moojra ; {dance 
attendance) nach nachna, tana 
bana k. 

Attendant, s. hazir-bash, tueenat; 
{servant) khidmutgar, khadim, 
moolazim ; {on the sick) beemar- 
dar, khuburgeer. 

Attention; s. lihaz, khiyal, chouku- 
saee, dhiyan, soort, hoshiyaree, 
khuburdaree, tiuimmool, soch, 
fikr, gour, mooiahiza, ihteeat ; 
{to a guest) tuwujjooh, i^ur^ 
siinman, sistacbaree. 

Attentive, a, choukug, mootwujjih, 
soorta, soochet, raoostuid. 

Attentively, ad. khuburdaree-se, 
gour-se, soort-se, dil lugakur. 

Attest, V. shahidee d. guwahee d. 
sakhee d. 

AttestlitioD, s. tusdeek, shahidee, 
guwahee, sakhee, shuheedaree, 

Attire, s, poshak, libas, kupreh, 
busun: v, puhinna, puhnana, 

Attitude, s, dhuj, halut, tour, wuza. 

Attorney, s. udalutee wukeel. 

Attract, V. girweeda k. lobhana, 
mohna, lulchana, khynchna. 

Attraction, s. moh, kushish, juzb, 

Attrlictive, a, dilbur, dillugun, 
munmohun, mun-hurun, dil- 
chusp, dilkush ; {as the magnet) 

A'ttribute, «. wusf, sifut, khassiyut, 

mahiyut, goon : v. thuhrana, lu - 

gana, munsoob k. nisbut lugana. 
Attrition, s. ragur, ghisao ; {con- 
trition) nudamut, pushemanee. 
Avail, V. faida h. kam ana, phulna t 

s. faida, hasil, nufa, labh. 
A'varice, s. hirs, laluch, huwus, 

tuma, lobh, lulchahut. 
Avariciously, ad. laluch-se, tuma- 

se, lobh ke mareh. 
Ava^nt, int. door ho, chuleh ja, 

lumbeh ho, doot, bhag. 
Ad bum, a. my-goon, bhoora. 
Auction, s. neelam, hurraj. 
Audacious, a. nidur, be-udub, 

Audaciously, ad, goostakhana, 

goostakhee-se, dhitaee-se, bedur 

Audaciousness, Audacity ^ s. shok- 

hee, beudubee, belihazee,dhitaee, 

bebakee, seena-zoree. 
AOdible, a. jo uchchhee turuh soona 

jae ; {vdice) boolund awaz. 
Audibly, ad. awaz boolund-se, 

bang boolund*se. 
Audience, s. uhl i mujlis, soonne- 

wale, srote; {of an ambassador) 

moolazumut, moojra ; (give atuit- 

ence) bar-i-am k. ; {hall of audi' 

ence) deewan-i-am. 
Addit, s, hisab ka janchna. 
Additor, s, {hearer) soonne-wala, 

srota ; {of accounts) moohasib, 

Avenge, v. intikam lena, budla 

AVenue, s, naka, goozur, ruwish, 

koocha, gulee. 
Avdr, V. buda budee kuhna, ikrar k. 
Average, s, ousut, surasuree, da- 

masahee. ^ ' 

A u a 

[ 28 ] 

A W F 

Averse, a. naraz, roofjrurdan, moo- 
kbalif, nakhoosh, phira hooa. 

Aversion, s. nasazee, roogurdanee> 
etiraz, kuraheeut, chirh, ghin, 
gian, goorez. 

Av^rt, V. dufa k. talna, baz nikbna, 
hutana, door k. pulutna, mor d. 

Aught, pro. koochh, koee cheez. 

Augment, v. burhana, ziyada k. 
udhik k. ufzood k. 

Aliger, i. burma. 

A6gur, s shoogooniya: v. shoo- 
goon d. 

A'ugury, $. shoogoon, fal. 

August, s, bhadoit ka muheena. 

August, a. alee-shan, alee-jah, 
boozoorg, junab-i-alee, prutapee. 

A'viary, s. boolboolee khanuh, chi- 
riya khanuh. 

Avidity, «. shouk, ruprbut, tumun- 
na, chounp, huwus, dil-dihee, 
arzoo, hirs, tuma, laluch. 

Aunt,*. (paternal) phoophee; {ma- 
ternal) khala, mousee ; (paternal 
uncle*8 wife) chuchee, taee ; (ma- 
ternal uncle^s wife) moomanee, 

A vocation, 8, shoogi, dhundha, 
kam, kaj, noukree. 

Avoid, v. baz rahna, purhez k. 
buche nihna, door bbagna, 
ihtiraz k. 

Av6w, V. ikrar k. zahir k. 

Avowal, f. ikrar, izhar,etiraf, dawa. 

Avowedly, ad, deede*o*daniste, 
janboojh ke, kusdun. 

Auricular, a, sumaut, kan-men 

Auspicious, a. mooWruk, yoomn, 
soobh, sazgar, nek, mootuburruk. 

Austere, a. sukht, kuttur, toond, 
kurukht, kurra, dooroosht. 

Austerity, 5. sukhtee^toondee^ khoo- 

shoonuty kurukhtigee, dooroosh- 

A'ustral, «. joonoobee, di^hin ka. 
Authentic, a. suhee, tuhkeek, 

mooutubur, suchcha, prumaniky 

Authenticate, v. a, eabit k. suhee 

k. tuhkeek k. 
Authenticity, t. suchchaee, sihhut, 

pruroan, etibar, mooutburee. 
Adthor,*. banee.haneekar; (tor iter) 

moosunnif, grunth-kar. 
Authoritative, a. husbool hookm, 

Authority, s, hookoomut, ikhtiyar, 

mukdoor, zor, iktidar, mookh- 

taree, purakrum, surdaree. 
Authorize, v. ikhtiyar d. roookhtar 

k. hookm d. 
Authorized, pa. a, ruwa, dooroost, 

moobah, jaiz, dooroost, theek. 
Automatons, a. mootuhurrik, bi 

nufsihee-mootuhurrik, biz zat. 
Autumn, s, khizan, put-jhur. 
Autiimnal, a, khizanee, khureefee. 
Auxiliary, a. mududgar; (army) 

koomukee lusbkur. 
Aw&it, V, ruhna,rah dekhna, intizar 

ruhna, thuhurna, bat dekhna. 
Awake, v. jagna, jag-oothna: a. 

ju^ta, bedar. 
Aw^rd, V futwa d. hookm k. 

thuh^ana: s. futwa, hookm, fysla. 
Aware, ad, khuburdar, agah, soo^ 

chet, moottula, wakif, jutaya 

Awliy, ad. gya hooa, gyr hazir, 

caib, chula gya, door, bahur. 
Awe, s, dur, roub, hybut, dubduba, 

dubao, dhumuk. 
A'wfu1,a. hybutnak, houlnak, dura- 

ona, bhyanuk. [kee. 

Awfulness, t. hybutnakee, houloa- 


I 2« ] 

B A I 

Awhile, ad, surra, thorn, cfaunde* 
Awkward, a. phoohur, unaree ; 

{mdegeaU) besuteeka, budzeb, 

besuj, budnooma, budwuza, be- 

A'wkwardness, $. unareepun ; {in- 

elegance) budnoomaee, bedoulee. 
Awi, g. durufsh, rapee. 
A'wning, s. shumiyana, saeban. 
Awry', ad, tirchha, terha, bjmda, 

Axe, s. koolharee, tesha. 
Axis, s. mihwur, meroo, kootb. 
Axle, 8. dhooree. 
Ay, ad, ban, bole, udichha. 
Aye, ad. humeshuh, moodam, suda, 

A'zure, a, asmaoee rung, ueela. 


BikAy V. fi. bhenbhiyana, tnimiyana. 

Babble, v, burburana, bukiia. 

B4bbler, s, bukwadee, bhurbhu- 
riya, yawa-go, barbureea, phi- 

Babe, $, buchcha, sheer-khora, 

Baboon, s. lungoor, bunooman. 

Bachelor, s. mocjurrud, koara, na- 
kud-khooda, unbyaha. 

Back, s. peetb, poosht; (rear) 
pichhwara; (behind one's back) 
peetp^echhe, pusgybiit; (of a 
book) pooshta; (Jail back) peech- 
he hutna; (turn the back on) 
peechbe dena, peechha pherna, 
peeth pherna. 

Back, ad, pher, baz, wapus ; (give 
hueh ^ thing) wapus d. pher d. 

Backbite, v, a, «hoogul-khoree k. 

chooglee khana, gummazee k. 

gilah k. ninda k. 
Backbiter, s. choogal-khor, gee- 

butgo, peeth-lugaoo. 
Backf^&mmoD, «. nurd. 
Backslider, 5. murdood, goomrah. 
Backward, a, na-raz, roogurdan, 

kusheeda, dheeJa, kahil, rouj- 

B^kwards, ad. oolta ; (and for» 

wards to go) tana bana k. 
Bacon, s. soour ka nimkeen gosht. 
Bad, a. bud, boora, khota, nakara, 

Kuboon, khurab, bigra, nusht ; 

(wicked) moofsid, budbatin, 

khonta, budzat, shureer, may- 

00b ; (hurtful) moozir, ziyankar ; 

(sick) beemar, manda, oleel, 

azaree, ro^ee, dookhee. 
Badge, s. tngma, ulamut, nisha* 

nee, sunud, chupras, chinh. 
Badger, s, beejoo. 
Badly, arf.booree turuh-se,beturuh, 

Badness, s. booraee, budee, khura- 

bee, khotaee, zuboonee ; (rfe- 

pruvity) budzatee, shurarut. 
Baffle, V, hyran k. ajiz k. dhokha 

d. bhutkana, muhroom k. beurlh 

k. ukaruth k. zaeuh k. 
Bag, s, thyla, bora ; thylee, khu- 

reeta, keesa, himiyanee ; (ofmo^ 

ney) tora ; (of musk) nafa, mirg- 

nabh; (a waterman's) mushk, 

pukhal ; (case) gilaf, gurara. 
B%gage, s. usbab, cheezbust, saz- 

baz ; (of an army) buheer ; (slut) 

koottama ; (bag and baggage) 

gharbar, tumam-o-kumal. 
Bagpipe, s. shuh-na. 
Bail, 6, zarainee ; (the person) za- 

min; (for money) mal-ftamin; 

B A L 

[ 30 ] 


(for appearance) hazir-zamin ; 

(J'or cmiduct) fiulzamin ; (to give 

or stand bail) zaminee d. zamin 

h. ; {admit) zamiaee manna, ya 

kubool k. 
Bailable, a. laik zaminee ke. 
Bailiff, s. suzawul, dustukee, chu- 

Bait, 5. chara, dana, toma, ahar; 

{snare) jal, phunda. 
Bait, 0. chara dalna \ {a horse) 

ghas-danu d ; {beasts) luruna ; (to 

rest) soostana. 
Baize, s. puttoo. 
Bake, v. tunoor men ya tijal men 

Baked, pa, a. tundooree. 
Baker, s. nanbaee, rotee-wala. 
Bake-house, s. tundoor-khana. 
Balance, v. burabur k. pasung k. 

toina, wuzn k. ; (an account) wa- 

silbakee k. : s. {scales) turazoo ; 

(of account) bakee. 
Balcony, s, buramda. 
Bald, a. gunja, kul, chundla. 
Baldness, s, gunj, chundla. 
Bate, s. gutthur, guttha, mot, busta. 
Bale, V. ooleechna. 
^^leful, a. zuboon, boora, bud, 

Balk, V. na-oommyd k. muhroom 

k. niras k. mayoos k. 
Ball, s. golee ; {of cloth) gend ;{for 

cannon) gola ; (dance) tiach. 
Ballad, 8, geet. 
Ballast, s. juhaz ko kaim mkhne 

ka bojh. [mee. 

Balloon, s. booij i kagzee, ya resh- 
Ballot, s. koora. 
Balm, 5. bulsan ; (the plant) bad- 

Balmy, <t. tuskeen-bukhsb, sookh- 


Balsam, s. bulsan, ro^n i bulsan ; 

(flower) gool-mihndee. 
Balustrade, s, bulustra, kutuhra. 
Bamboo, s, bans. 
Ban, s. lanut, bud-dooa. 
Band, s. bundhun, bund ; (troop) 

guroh, gol ; {if music) taifa ; 

(royal) roushun-choukee, nou- 

B&ndage, s. puttee, bundhun. 
Banditti, s. lootereh, kuzzak, pin- 

Bandy, a. terha. 

Bandy-legged, a. bangoor, phidda* 
Bane, s. zuhr, bikh ; (injury) 

Baneful, a. zuhr-dar, zuboon, khu- 

rab, nooksanee, bud. 
Bang, t7. peetna, mama, markoot k. 
Banish, v, kharij k. shuhr-budr k. 

julawutun k. nikal d. 
Banishment, «. julawutun, des- 

Bank, «. kinara, teer, kuchhar ; 

(dike) pooshta, bundh, bandh ; 

(of sand) chur, guthana ; (Jbr 

money) kothee, khuzana, bunk. 
Bank, v. buodh bandhna, pooshta- 

bundee k. 
Banker, s, surraf, kothee- wala. 
Bankrupt, s, dewaliya. 
Bankruptcy, s, dewala. 
Banner, s. nishan, jhunda, baota. 
Banquet, s. buzm, unjoomun, muh- 

fil, ziyafut, ootsou. 
Banter, v. thuttha k. muzakh k. 
Banterer, s. thutthebaz, thuthol, 

Bantling, s, buchcha, tifl, koduk. 
Baptism, s. istubag, g[Ota, rusm 

moodakhila deen museehee kee. 
Baptize, v. istubag d. gota d. 
Bar^ V. buUee ya biliee Ingaoa; 


[ 31 ] 


(kinder) rokna, muna k. ntkana, 

baz rukhna, burujna, mooza- 

humut k. 
Bar, s. buUee, billee, rooozahimut, 

muna, rok-tok ; {of a harbour) 

chur ; (obstacle) ar, rok ; {tf 

gold) suHakh^eent, puttur, chuk- 

Barb, s. ankree ; {a horse) tazee. 
Barbarian, f. 1 jahil, dubungyinoo- 
B^rbarous, a. j rukh, gunwar, 

Blirbarism, s. jihalut, moorkhpun. 
Barblirity, f. bedurdee, beruhmee. 
B&rbarously, ad, bedurdee-se, be- 

Barbed, pa, a. khardar, unkreedar, 

Barber, s, naee, hujjam ; (a horse's) 

Bardy s. bhat, korkyt. 
Bare, a, nungra, buruhna, khoola, 

looch; {mere) sirf, khalee, nira, 

fiikut; {as ground) putpur; 

{leajUis) moondla, beburg-o-bur. 
Bare, v, kholna, nunga k. ooghar- 

Bare&ced, a, be-hya, beshurm, 

begyrut, nirlujj. 
Barefacedly, ad. beshurmee-se, be- 

gyrutee-se, behya hokur. 
Barefaced ness, s, beshurmee, be- 

Barefooted, ad, nunge-pyron. 
Bareh^ded, ad, nuoge-sir, sir- 

khoole, ooghare-sir. 
Barely, ad, sirf, fukt, nira, khalee. 
Bargain, s, shurt; {the thing bought) 

souda: v. bhaok. dam cbookana, 

mol thubrana. 
Bargp, «. buj nu 
Bark, v. bhouukna ; {trees) bukkul 


Bark, s, (of a tree) bukkul, cbhal^ 

post; (skip) chhotajuhaz. 
Barley, s.jou. 
Barley-corn, s. jou, juwa. 
Barn, s, khirmun, umbar, khuli- 

Barometer, s, huwa our mousim 

dekhne ka aluh. 
Barrack, s, v^oron kee ulunsr. 
BItrrel, «. peepa, tooiig ; (of a gun) 

nal, nalee. 
Biirren, a, (ground) oosur, sbor; 

{tree) be-sumur; {woman) banjh. 
Barrenness, s, banjbpun ; {of soil) 

oosurpun; {of intell^t] kum- 

Barricade, v. a. moohasura k. 

bherna, koocba-bundee k. : s, 

kulubundee, ar, naka-bundee. 
Bkrrier, s, surhudd, siwana, mend, 

Banister, i. wukeel buree udalut 

Barrow, s, burab, buth-garee. 
Barter, v, udla budia k.; 5. udia 

budla, iwuz-mooawiza. 
Base, a, pajee, urzul, kumeena, 

bud, rizala, si6a, bukeer, neecb, 

kumkudr, nakus, begyrut, boo- 

ra, nabukar, budzat, khonta; 

{bass) khuruj ; {as coin) mekbee. 
Base,«. neeo, neo,boon, usas, bekh, 

boonyad ; (pedestal) koorsee. 
Basely, ad, begyrutee-se, budza* 

tee-se, kbontepun-se. 
Baseness, s, kumeengee, pajee-pun, 

rizaipun, budzatee, begyrutee, 

Basbful, a. shurmeela, lujeela, 

Basbfulness, s, shurmindgee, sun- 

koch, sburmgeenee, hijab, laj. 
Basils I. kalee toolsee^ nazbo. 

B A U 

[ 32 ] 

B £ A 

Basflicbn, t. khyncbne ka mur- 

Basilisk, t. ufee, balishtiya. 
Basin, s. houe ; {bason) lugun, tas. 
B^sis, 1. boomyad, jur, mool. 
Bask, V. gham lena, gurmana. 
Basket, s. tokra, tokree, duliya, 

jhouwa ; (for clothes) pitara^ 

pitaree ; (for fowls) khancha. 
Bason, s. zurf, basun, burtun, tas ; 

{bowl) piyula ; (wash-hand) chi- 

lumchee ; (pond) houz. 
Bass, s. khuruj. 

Bass-relief, a. oobbra, bur-amuda. 
Baste, V. peetna ; (meat) poochara 

d. ; (to stitch) dhaga daina. 
Bastinada, s. kootuk» 
Bastion, s. booij. 
Bat, s, chumgeedor, shub-pur. 
Batch, 8, ghan, thok. 
Bath, s, (hot) hummam; (cold) 

goosl-khana, houz. 
Bathe, v. nuhana, goosl k. usnan 

k. shnan k. 
Battalion, s. pultun, lushkur-pi- 

Bntter, V. dhana, girena, mtsmar k. 
Battery, s. morcha, dumduma ; (to 

raise a battery) morcha-bundee 

Battle, «. luraee, joodh, jung, run, 
sungram, jung o judul ; (^the 
field of battle) khet, mydan ; (a 
pitched buttle) suf i jung; (to 
give battle) lurna, mookabula k. ; 
(to join in battle) bhirna. 

Battle-arr^y, «. suf-^araee, suf bu 
suf; (to form in battle array) 
pura bandhna. 

Battle-axe, s, phursa, tubur, gun- 
dasa, tuburzeen. 

Battlement, «. fiiseel, moodar. 

Biuble, «. bech, khilouna, nacheez. 

Bawl, V. ehtllana, hank martia) 
pookarna, huUa-muchana, keel- 
karee mama, bang d. 

Bay, «. sumoondur kee kharee; 
(tree) tuj; (salt) panga Ion, 
kuchcha numuk. 

Bay, a. (colour) koomyt, lakhee, 
soorung, teliya. 

Bay-salt, s, panga Ion, kuchcha 

Bayonet, s, sungeen, suneen. 

Bdellium, s. googul. 

Be, V. bona. 

Beach, s. kinara, par, lub i duriya, 

Beacon, s. nishan, ulamut, puta. 

Bead, 8. dana, munka, pot ; {a 
string qj beads) tusbeeh, mala. 

Beak, «. chonch, minkar. 

Beam, 5. shuhteer, kuree; (weaver's) 
toor ; (of a balance) dundee ; 
(of the sun) kirn, purtou, purtu- 
wa : V. purtuwa dalna, kira 

Bean,«. phulee, lobiya, bakla, bora, 
sem> chheemee. 

Bear, «. reechh, bhal, bhaloo. 

Bear, o. (eyuiure) burdasht k. suhna. 
tuhummool k ; (carry) dhona, 
oothana, lejana; (allow) manna; 
(fruit) phulna, phul lana; (a 
child) junna ; (the young of ani- 
mals) beana, biichcha d.;(witness) 
guwaHee d. sakhee d. shahidee 
d. shahid h. 

Beard, s. darhee, reesh. 

Bearded, a. durheela, reeshaepl. 

Be&rdless, a. bereesha, umrud, 

Bearer, s. hummal, kuhar, rouhra. 

Beast, s. by wan, pusoo, choupaeh ; 
(of prey) pbarkhaoo, durinda ; 
(of burden) ladoo, barburdar ; 


t 38 ] 


(a wild beast) wiAshee ; (of 

choBe) shikar, syd ; (Beasts) bu- 

BeastKoess^ s. hywaniyut, gilatut, 

nujasut, gundee-chal. 
Beastly, a. hy wan-khuslut, hywan- 

aa, gunda, guleez, bubaem-see- 

rut, nujis. 
Beai, V. marna, peetna, thonkna ; 

(a Arum) hiijana; (bmhes) jharna ; 

(batter) dhana, girana ; (conquer) 

shikust d. mania, hutana, purajy 

k. jeetna, futeh paita, jy pana. 
Beat, s, mar, war, chot ; (of a 

drum) tumboore kee awaz. 
B^ten, pa, a, mara, zuda, mugh. 

loob; (road) seedhee-rah, cbuU 

tee-rah, numood rusta. 
Beatific, a, furhut-bukbsh, bihisb- 

tee, moksh-roop. 
Beatify v. bihisht men dakhil k. 

julai men puhoonchana, by- 

kooDth puhoonchana. [beeh. 
Bating, s, marpeet^ zudokob, tum- 
Beatitude, t. bihishtee imbisat. 
Beau, s. banka, uyntbe-kban. 
B^auish, u, ukurbaz, ulbela, chhu- 

beeia, rungeela. 
Beaver, «. ood-biko. 
Bea&tiful,a. khoobsoorut, sooodur, 

huseen, sooroop, soothra, khoosh- 

roo, naxneen, shukeel, khoosh- 

Dooma, sujeela, soodoul. 
BealitiffiUy, ad. khoobsoortee-se, 

uchchhee turuh-se. 
BeaCitify, t7. a, singama, zeenat d. 

arasta k. seb d. sunwama, 

banana, soodhama, araish d. 
Bea6ty, 8, khoobsoortee, jumal, 

hooisn, aoothraee, kh<)osh-noo- 

BecaCise, cor^, is Hye, is waste, 

kiyon ki, is subub-se. 

BeckoB, V. ishara k. eema k, but* 

lana, syn k. 
Became, v. bo-jana ; (befit) sujna, 

uchchha lugna, zeb d. 
Becoming, a. moonasib, lasim, laik 

zeb-awur, khoosh-nooma. 
Bed, «. bichhouna, fursh, bistura ; 

(of a garden) keearee, chumun ; 

(of a river) tbul, thao ; (ttratumy 

tub, tubuk, purt. 
Bedding, s, bichhouna, bistura, 

Bedrid, a. sahib-i-firash, sahib-i- 

bistur, khut-luggoo. [khat. 

Bedstead, s, pulung, charpaee, 
Bee, «. shuhd kee mukhee. 
Beef, «. gao-gosht, bure janwur 

ka gosbt, gae ka gosht. 
Beer, s, boza. 
Beet, «. chookundur. 
Beetle, 5. goobreela. 
Befil, V. n. waki h. goozurna, 

ho-jana, a-purna, beetna. 
Bef!t, o. a, moonasib h. khupna, 

laik h. phubna. 
Before, pr. puhle, peshtur, age, 

kubl ; (in presence of) rooburoo, 

age, samne, hoozoor, sun^ 

Beforehand, ad. puhle puhl, age se, 

ouwulun, peshtur. 
Befriend, v. dustgeeree k. moo- 

rubbee-geeree k. mudud k. inihr- 

banee k. dostdaree k. pooshtee k, 

gourpurdakht k. kirpa k. soo- 

look k. 
Beg, o. bheekh mangna, mangna, 

suwal k. tookra mangna, bhich- 

chha mangna; (ask) durkhwast 

k. tulub k. iltija k. chahna. 
Beg^t» t7. pyda k. junana. 
Beggar, s, fukeer, mungta, bhicb- 

chook, guda, gudagur. 

B £ I 

[ 34 ] 


Beggarly, a. mooflis, knngal, 
khwar, dalidree : ad. pajeeana. 

B^ary, «• iflas, fukeeree, kun- 
galpun, guda-guree, khwaree. 

Begin, v, shooroo k. agaz k. 
arumbh k. bunane lugna. 

Beginning, s. shooroo, agaz, ar- 
umbh, ibtida, puhul, uvvul, 
uwael : ad, (of' a month) goorra. 

Begone, int. door-ho, chula-ja, 
lumba-ho, ja, jata ruhl 

Begotten, pa. moulood, pyda keeya 

Beguile, v» fureb d. buhkana, 
thu^na, duga d. bootta d.; 
(timCf pain, ifc) buhlana, bhoo- 

Behalf, s. waste, khatir, liye, ka- 
run, hukk men, hetoo, nimitt. 

Behave, v. chal-chulna, beohar k. 
chulun dikhana. 

Behaviour, t. chal, beohar, chulun, 
tureek, wuza, bolchal, rah-ru- 
wish, chal dhal, dhung, utwar, 

Beh^d, V. sir katna, moond 
katna, gurdun mama. 

Behind, pr. peechhe, pichhware, 
ukub, pu8-gybut, gybana; {in* 
Jerior) kurotur, ghut. 

Behold, V. dekhna, niga k. nuzur 
k. takna, niharna, lihaz k. moo- 
shahida k. tukna, bilokna. 

Behold, int. dekh, dekho, dekhiye. 

Beholden, pa, a, ihsanmud, mum- 

Beholder, $. dekhwyya, dekhne- 

Behove, v. zuroor h. furz h. laik h. 
moonasib h. wajib h. lazim h. 
jog h. chaheeta, chahiye, luhna. 

Bling, 8, wujood, ustnit, sthit ; 
{creature) mootunuffis, jandar* 

Bel&bour, v, a. peetna, marnay 

kootna, thonkna. 
Belch, t, dukar, arog. 
Belch, V. n. dukarna, arog lens, 

dhikar lena. 
Belie, v, jhoothalna, jhootha k. ; 

(calumniate) toohmut lugana, 

lim 1. boohtan 1. ittiham k. 
Belief, s. etkad, eeman, pruteet, 

nischy, etibar, ukeeda. 
Believe, v. etkad k. eeman lana, 

pruteet k. manna,* bawur k. 

putiyana, snchcha janna, etibar 

k. nischy j. 
Believer, s. mooutkid, eemandar, 

bhukteeman, maiinewala. 
Bell, s. ghunta ; (gong) gburee, 

ghuriyal ; (beU^man) ghuriyalee, 

ghunta pandeh. 
B^lle, s, bankee, ulbelee, nazneen, ' 

chhylee, rungeelee. 
Belles-lettres, s. ilm-o-hoonur, ilm- 

Belligerent, a. jungee, jungawur, 

luranka, jooddhee. 
Bell-metal, «. bhurt, kaitsa, uzh- 

dhatf phool. 
Bellow, V. dukarna, gurujna, bum- 

bana, duhukna, duharna. 
Bellows, s. dhounknee, khal, duma, 

Beily, t, pet, shikum, oodur; 

(beUv'ache) murora, pechish, 

dura i shikum ; (helly'fretting) 

Belong, V. ulaka rukhna, tuallook 

rukhna, lugna, mootuuUik h. 

puhoonchna, lugao r. shamil h. 
Beloved, a. piyara; (ye»i.)piyaree, 

uzeez, muhboob ; (Jem,) muh- 

booba, preetum. 
Below, ad, neeche, tule, zer. 
Belt; s, purtula, petee, duwal i 


[ 35 ] 

B £ S 

kurour, dowalee, buddhee ; {of a 

saddle) tung, furakee. 
Bemoan, o. a. wawyla-gum-ufsos- 

nalu k. ah marna, thundee sans 

bhuraa, tuassoof k. 
Bench, t. choakee, koorsee ; {of 
jtatice) muhkama, musnud i 

Bend, t, khum, terhaee, bul. 
Bend, v» terha-khum-kuj k. nihoo- 

Tana, morna. 
Ben^tb, pr, neeche, tule ; (un- 

hecoming) na moonasib) bud zeb. 
Benediction, s. dooa, usees, asheer- 

bad, bunikut. < 
Benefaction, «. inam, bukhshish, 

dan, niamut; {public) niyaz, 

wukf, sunkulp. 
Benefactor, $, kureem, mookhyyir, 

wulee-i-niyamut, data, moohsin, 

oopkaree, snnkulpee, dyawunt. 
Beneficence, 8» khoobee, fyz, nia- 
mut, khyr, bukhshish, oopkar, 

dad-dthish, dya, nekokaree. 
Ben^cent, a. fyyaz, sukbee, jou- 

wad, mihrban, dyal, nekokar^ 

Beneficial, a. moofeed, faiduhmund, 

bhula, uchchha, khoob, goonka- 

ree, oopkaree, bihtur. 
Benefit, s. ihsan, niamut, faida, 

dya, bukhshish, inayut, ultaf, 

hoosool: V. faida-moonfyd be- 

turee h. 
Benevolence, s. nikoee, shufkut, 

mihrbanee, nek-khwahee, khyr- 

khwahee, khyr^ shufkut, moo- 

ruvvut, seel. 
Benevolent, a, mihrban, sahibmoo- 

ruwut, shufeek, khyr-khwah, 

nek-khwah, khyr-undesh, seel- 

Benign, a. buleemi suleem, kha« 

D 2 

leek, bhula-manus, shufeek, 

Benignity, «. khoobee, bhulaee, 

bhul-munsaee, khoolk, moolayi- 

Bent, a. terha, bul khaya hooa, 

kuj : 5. {inclination) roojoo, myl, 

Beni]mbed,pa. a. thithoora, ufsoor- 

da, soon, thunda pur gya, behiss. 
Bequeath, v, de-murua, wusiyut k. 

hibba k. 
Bequest, 5. wukf, hiba, sunkulp. 
Bereave, v. le-lena, buzor lena. 
B^rry, s. dana, phul. 
Beryl, s* feeroza. 
Bes^h,o. bintee k. minnut k. iltija 

k. ijz k. sumajut k; girgirana, 

mintee k. ajizee k. ; {ath) durkh* 

wast-goozarish k. iltimas k.urz k. 

istida k. chahna. 
Bes^t, V. ghema, chhenkna, moo- 

hasura k. ; {dun) dhuma d. 
Beside, jpr. pas, nuzdeek, kureeb, 

nere, dhig. 
Besides, pr. ulawa, siwa, ooprant, 

oopur iske, sath iske. 
Besiege, V. moohasura k.kilubundee 

k. ghema, gher lena. 
Besmear, v, a, choopuma, alooda k. 
Besot, V. a. mudhosh k. surshar k. 

mutwala k. 
Bespatter, v. a. chheente dalna, 

bhur d. alooda k. ; {reproach) 

toohmut d. 
Bespeak, v. kuh-rukhna, le-rukhna, 

furmaish d. rok rukhna. 
Bespoken, pa, furmaishee. 
Best, a. uchchhe-se uchchha, sub- 

se bhula, bihtur-se bihtur, tooh- 

fe-se toohfa, oulatur, oottum. 
Bestir, V. a. moostuid k. surgurm k» 
Bestow, V. dena, bukhshisli-ttta- 

B E W 

[ 36 ] 

B I L 

inayut-hiba^an k. ; (apply) iuga- 

na, khuruchna. 
Bet, s. shurt, hor : v. 'ahuft lugana^ 

hor bandhna. 
Betake, v. roojoo h. lugna. 
B^tel, I. pan, tumbbl. 
BeteUnut, i. soopiyaree, soopaiee, 

chhaliya, chiknee. 
Betel-seller, s. tumbolee. 
Bethink, v. yad k. dil men lana. 
Betide, v, waki h. goozurna. 
Betimes, ad. bur-wukt, sawere, 

Betriiy, r. jhonkna, be-wufaee k. 

duga-se sompna ; (ditcover) khol 

d. purda-duree k. bewufaee k. 
Betrayer, 5. dugabaz, dugouliya; 

{of secrets) lootra, purda-dur. 
Betroth, t7. a. nisbut k. munsoob k. 

muDgnee k. sogaee k. sumbundh 

Better, a. bihtur, bhula, uchchha : 

V, bihtur k. soodhama, bunana, 

sunwaraa, isla d. 
Better, 5. horee, shurtee. 
Between, pr. durmiyan, beech men« 
Beverage, 1. shoorb, rus. 
Bew4i], «. a, ufsos k. wawyla k. 

80g k. matum k. gum<*zaree k. 

koorhna, jheekna. 
Beware, v. khuburdar- baz- agah- 

moottula-soochet-hoshyar ruhna. 
Bewilder, v. bhutkana, ghubrana, 

bhoolana, goqmrah-surgurdan- 

bhurmeela k. b'hurmana. 
Bewildered, jM. '«r; bhoola, bhutka, 

Bewitch, v. a. jadoo-furefta-totka- 

tona k. muntur phenkna, saya 

Bewitched, a. bhoot-pret luga, saya 

pura, aseb zuda^ furefta> moob« 


B^wHiy, t7. a. purda^aree k. be* 
wufaee k. 

Beyond, pr, pore, oodur, oo»- 
turuf; (pust) bakur, door; {su- 
perior) ufzul, chnrb, burhtce ; 
{(dHfve) siwa, ziyada. 

Bezdar, s. zuhr^moohra. 

Bias, s. roojoo, my I, rugbut: r. 
loobhana, mail k. roojoo kurana. 

Bible, s. kitab-mookuddus, dhurm« 
poostuk, dhurm-grunth. 

Blcker,v.tunta k. jhugra k. rugra k. 

Bickering, s, jhugra, rugra, tunta, 

Bid, V, kuhna, furmana, irshad k. 
butana, bolna, agya k. ; {charge) 
takeed k. tukyyood k. jutana; 
{invite) dawut k. tuwazoo k. 
neotna, boolana. 

Biennial, a. do^saluh, do^bursa. 

Bier, s. taboot, junaza, urthee. 

Biestings, s. peosee. 

Big, a, bura, mota, k'ulan, jaseem, 
bharee ; {toith child) hamila, pet- 
se, oomyd-se, do-jeeya, gurbhi« 

Bigness, «. buraee, xnotaee, jusa- 
mut ; {size) kudr, kulanee, kud. 

Bigot,«.mootuiissib, hutthee, puch- 

Bigotry, 8» tuussoob, huth, puchb. 

Bile, s. pit, sufra ; (boil) phora, 

Bilious, a, sufrawee ; {choleric) 
gurm-mizaj ; {fever) tup, jur. 

Bill, s. {beak) chonch ; {account) 
hisab; {note) tumussook, dus- 
tawez ; {of exchange) hoondee ; 
{of parcels) beejuk ; {of sale) 
buynamu; {declaration in torit- 
ing) soorut-hal, muhzur. 

Billet, 5. chithee, rookka^ patee; 
{qfwood) chyla. 


[ 37 ] 

B L A 

BUluTds, s. UBtft>kheL 

Billion, s. kfaurb. 

Billow, t. mouj, luhur, hilkora: 

v. luhrana, hilkoraa. 
Bin, s, kotfaee. 
Bind, V. bandbna, jukurna, kusna ; 

(make costive) kobz k^ (a book) 

jitd-bandhna ; {as an t^fprentke) 

afoagird k.; (over) hazir-zaminee 

lena. * 

Binder, s. {of <k hook) jUdgur, jild- 

Binding, s, bund ; {of a book) 

jild*bund€e, joozbundee, jild, 

sheeraaa bundee. 
Biography, s. ravee, nfdiil, tuzkira- 

Biographj, *. ruwayut, nukl, tuz- 

Biped, t. do-paya» 
Bird, t. chiriya, pnrind, punchhee. 
Bird catcher, t. cmree-mar, syyad. 
Birdlime^ «. lasa, chep. 
Birth, f . junum, tuwuliood, pyda- 

ish ; (Uneof^e) khandan, kool. 
Birthday, $, junnm^din, sal-giruh. 
Krthplaoe, «. wntun, junum->dhur- 

tee, jununi-bhoom. 
Birthright, t. faukk i wiladut, mou- 

roosee, junumuns, pytrik, abaee, 

Biseuit, §« kak^ koora, girda, koo» 

leecha, bUkoot, 
Bishop, «. ipiskoof. 
Bismuth, t. uzjdfaat, phool. 
Bit, t. tookra^ kuta, zurra, dulee, 

botee ; {of a bridk) lugam, 

duhana ; (whit) tunuk, zura, 

koochh ; {mouthful) nuwala, look- 

ina, grast 
Bitch, t. kootiya, koottee, swanee. 
Bbe, 9* katna, dant-marna, kat- 

khaaa^ moon^Kshalmay bhum- 

bborna ; ^ a snake) dusna ; 

{asafith) khootkar k.; (cheat) 

Biter, a. kutkhuna, kutuha, moon^ 

hael ; (a horse) mooiegeer. 
Bitten, pa, a. kuta, dusa. 
Bitter, «. kurwa, tuikh; {tevere) 

kutta, uihud. 
Bittern, s. bugk^ chumur buglee, 

Bitterness, s, kurwahut, tulkhee; 

(malice) byr, boogz ; (grief) 

gum ; (of temper) jhanjh, toon- 
dee; (cf satire) sukhtee, khoo* 

Bitumen, «« nuftu, kufr-ool-yu- 

Blab, 8, purda*dur, lootra, chhi- 

chhora : v. purda fash k. purda 

duree k. kholna. 
Black, a. kala, siyah, syam ; (horse) 

mooshkee, shub-rung ; (horrible) 

sukht, shudeed ; {black and blue) 

neela peela : f. siyahee ; (of the 

eye) pootiee; (clad in black) 

Blacken, o. a. siyah k. kala k. ; 

(defame) hurf lugana, kuluiik 

lugana, roosiyah k. kala^moonh 

Blackguard, Sk pujora, awara, 

loocbcha, shoohda, rind. 
Blackish, a. kala-sa, soormuee^ 

rung, siyah-fttm. 
Bl&ckness, s, siyahee, kaluk. 
Bl4cksmith, s* lohar, ahungur* 
Bladder, s, phookna, musana ; (the 

gall-bladder) pitta, zuhra* 
Blade, s, (of gnm) putta, puttee, 

pat ; (i^a sword) phul ; {of a 

kmfk) phtilra. 
Blain, $i phora, phoonsee, phupho* 


B L £ 

[ 38 ] 


Blame, s, ilzam, dos, mulamut, 

dokh, hurf, oolahna; v, dosna, 

dokhna, ilzam d. moolzim k. 
Bl^meable, a. moolzim, dosee, 

tukseerwar, dokhee, goonuhgar. 
Blameless, a. begoonah, bekoosoor, 

betukseer, nirdokhee, mooburra, 

Blamelessly, ad, nahukk, besub- 

bub, bekoosoor, bekhuta. 
Blanch, v, chheelna, mookushshur 

k. chhilka ootarna. 
Bland, a. rooolaim, nurm, luteef. 
Blandishment, s. naz, kurushma, 

an, uda, chonchla, choochkaree, 

jhaonlee, mashookiyut. 
Blank, a. soofyd, kbalee, sada, 

kora, saf; (verse) nuzm gyr 

mookufia,nu8ur,moosujja, buhr- 

i-tuweel ; {in writing) sufedee, 

buyaz, khalee. 
Blanket, s, kumlee, kummul. 
Blaspheme, v. koofr kuhnai 

Eeshwur ninda k. 
Blasphemous, a. koofr-amez. 
Blasphemy, s. koofr, £eshwur-nin- 
: da. 
Blast, s, jhoka, jhukkur; (sound) 

awaz : v, (bUght) jhoolus d. ; 

(destroy) garut k. sutttyanas k. 

chouput k. ; (on^s reputation) 

budnam k. burbad k. abroo lena. 
Blaze, V, bhobhukna, bhurukna, 

anch oothna, shooula mama, 

dhan dhan julna, luhrana : s, 

bhubooka, shooula, jot, roshnee, 

bhubhuk, lath, luhar, dhudhuk, 

Blazon, v. phoonk-oora d«dhm- 

dhora peetna. 
Bleach, t;. oojla-soofyd-saf k. 
Bleak, a, rookha; (weather) guU' 

duh-buhar^ surd, thunda. 

Bl^r-eyed, a. chipra, dhoondhla. 
Bleat, V, mimiyana : 8, men men, 

bhen bhen. 
Bleed, v, luhoo jana ; (drop) tu- 

pukna; {at the nose) nokseer 

phootna ; (to open a vein) fusd 

kholna, luhoo lena. 
Blemish, «. uyb, dag, khot, knl- 

unk, nooksan, hurf, dhubba, 

ouf(oon, dok, booraee: v, a. 

uyb lugana, dag lugana; 
Blemished, pa, a, uybdar, khota, 

boora, dagee^ dagdar, dugeela. 
Blend, v. milana, shamil k« amez k. 
Bless, V, dooa d. burukut d. asees 

d. ; (prosper) burkhoordar k. 

kamyab-bhula k. ; (praise) su- 

rahna, shookr uda k. tuhseen k, 

tareef k. suna k. khwanee k. 
Blessed, >pa.moobaruk,nekbukht. 
Blest, ) suadutnrund, khoosh* 

hal, bhagee, bhagman. 
Blessedness, s, suadut, khooshee, 

khoosh-halee, anund, guneemut* 
Biasing, s, dooa, burukut, asees. 
Blight, s. pala, hurda, jhola: v. 

jhoolsa d. koomhlana, moor- 

jhana, jhola mama, mar d. 
Blind, a. undha, na-beena, kor, 

netr-heen ;(qftm eye) kana ; (at 

night) rut-oundhiya. 
Blind, V. undha — , na*beena — ^ 

korchushm k. 
Blind, s. purda, puttee; (for a 

(horse) undheree ; (deception) 

dhokha, bhoolawa, heela, buha« 

na, mukr, moogaluta. 
Blindfold, v, ankh moondhna, ankh 

bund k. undheree dalna. 
Blindly, ad, ankh moonde. 
Blindness, s, undhlaee, na-beenaee» 

kor-chushmee ; (night) rut-ouiii* 

dha^ shub koree. 

B L O 

[ 39 ] 


Bitnk, v» timtimana, michmichana. 
Blinkard, a, dhoondhla, teondha, 

Bliss, f. imbisaty bilas, furhut, 

suaduty shadee, bashashut, hoo* 

las, anund, rahut. 
Bliss^l, a. dii-koosha, faru- 

bakhsh, bilasee, rahut-ungez. 
Blist^, $. pbuphola, chbala, abila : 

«• polastra lugana, phupbola 

Blilhe, a, khoosbwukt, huitsmookh, 

khooflh-di], kuiolee, khoosh-hal. 
Blitbesomeness, s. kboosh-diiee, 

Bloat, V, soojna, pboolna, bhubh- 

rana : «. phoola, sooja. 
Bl^tedness, s. bhubhrahut, soojun, 

Block,!, koonda, lukkar; {ofmar'» 

hie) chatan ; {of itone) silee ; 

{an obstruction) kanta, ar. 
Block, V. n. gbema, bund k. ania, 

moobastua k. rokna, naka bundee 

BlockMe, s, moohasura, nake- 

bundee, ghera. 
Blockhead, «. uhmuk, bewukoof, 

bhooch, bhukwa, kat ka oolloo. 
Blood, t. luhoo, khoon, rukt, soor- 

khee, lalee; {dacent) zat; {fo' 

mify) khandan ; {to void) luhoo 

byiiina ; {bloodshot) sbeer-gurm, 

Bloodshed, s, khoonrezee, kutU 
Bloodstone, «• hujur-ood-dumm, 

Bloodsucker, t. {lizard) girgit. 
Bloody-flux, s, is^hali-ldioon, lu- 

Bloom, V. khilna, phoolna, shigoo^ 

ta h. : 5. kulee, phool ; {of youth) 

nou*juwanee, bubar, jobuiu 

Bldoming, a. noujuwan, buharpur. 
Blossom, I. kulee, phool; {of man- 

goet) moul ; {of the dhak) tesoo. 
Blot, «. dag, chheent, dhubb%; 

(blemi8h)\i\iTf, dag, nooks, uyb: 

V. dagdar k» bhur d. ; {blot out) 

metna, muhv k. 
Blow, $. ghoonsa, mookka, zurb, 

sudma, chot, war, thes. 
Blow, 0. {at wind) chulna ; (with 

the breath) phoonkna ; (a fire) 

dhounkna ; (sound) bujana ; 

(kindle) duhkana ; {blow out). 

phoonk d. ; {blow over) tul jana, 

pur jana. 
Bludgeon, s. luth, lathee, sonta* * 
Blue, a. neela, asmanee*rung. 
Bluish, a. abee-rung, neela-sa, 

BlCinder, $. cbook, bhool, gulutee, 

khuta, koosoor : v, chookna, 

bhoolna, gulutee k. khuta k. 
Bldnderbuss, t. dhumaka, duroa« 

Blunt, a. (as a knife) koond, be-ab ; 

(rough) oojjhur; %flain) sada, 

urburung ; (dull) koond zihn, 

BlCintly, ad. be-irotiyazee*se, goos- 

takhane, beudubee-se. 
Bl^ntness, s. koondee ; (roughness) 

goostakhee, be-imtiyazee ; (du/« 

neu) koond zihnee. 
Blush, V, khujil h., shunninda h., 

muhioob h. shurmana : s. khija- 

lut, hijab, lujja, shurm. 
Blaster, 0. dhoom muchana, kulla 

thuUa k. turturana. 
Bldsterer, i. lafzun, phankra, kulla- 

zun, ukur-foon. 
Boar, f. soour, khook, burah: s. 

(tide) ban, hoomma. 
Board, s. tukhta ; (of a booh) put« 

B O I 

[ 40 ] 


tha; (Jbod) khoorakee; (table) 

dusturkhwan, mez ; (council) 

mujlis ; (Jbr ioriting) tukhtee ; 

(on board) juhaz-pur, nao-pur; 

(to board) bhirana, churhna ; 

(to plank) patna; (board tnth) 

khana peena k. 
Boast, V. dum mama, laf zunee — , 

fukhr k. hankna, pookarna: s, 

shekhee-bazee, buraee, laf zuoee, 

bur bolee, kuUa durazee, lumbee 

chouree, lunturanee, moobaluga. 
Boaster, «. burbola, lafzun, khood- 

furosb, kbood-suna. 
Boat, s, kishtee, nao. 
Boatman, t, mullah, kishteeban, 

Bode, V, shoogoon*— , jutounee d« 
Bodice, s. ungiya, seenuh buDd, 

Bodily, a. jiamanee, budunee, de« 

hee, shureer ka. 
B<Sdkio, s. sooa, duroush. 
Body, I. jism, budun, deh, kaya, 

shureer, tun, kalib, deel. 
Bog, s. duldlll, phusao, pank. 
Boggle, v. pusopesh — agapeechha 

k. hudiyana, jhijhukna, hutukna, 

chounkna, hichukna. 
Boggier, I. durpokna, chounkel. 
Boil, 9, phora, doombul. 
Boil, v. a. oobalna, josh d. ooseej- 

na, ountana: v. n. khoulna, 

oobulna, khudbudana, khulbula- 

na, josh-khana, pukna, phootna. 
Boiled, pa. a. oosna, oobala, josh 

deea hooa. 
Boiler, s. deg, mat, kura. 
Boisterous, a. toond, undhiao, 

toofanee, undhur-sa. 
Boisterously, ad. zor-se, shiddut-se, 

bushiddut, toofan kee turuh, 


Bold, o. nidur, beer, mvrdana, 

juwanmurd, Mbusee, buhadur^ 

soorma, mungura, bepurwa, 

shermurd ; (daring) bebak; (rude) 

sirchurfaa, bebya, nirlujj, be- 

B61dly, ad. dtlerana, bepurwaee-se, 

mnrdangee-se, bedharuk ; {rude' 

ly) goostakhee«se, shokhee-te. 
Boldness, s. dilawaree, joornt, bu- 

haduree, bebakee, shoojaut, muz* 

bootee; (rudeness) goostakhee, 

beshurmee, shokhee, behyaee^ 

Bole, «. (armenian) gil i urmunee^ 

mooltanee mittee. 
Bolster, s. tukiya, balish, guddee. 
Bolt, s. billee, chbitkunee, hoorka : 

V. bund k. biilee lugana, chhit- 

kunee-ded.; (oitOjhutnikulna; 

(up) jhup-de oothna. 
Bolus, I* dawa kee golee. 
Bomb, s, goobare ka gola. 
Bombard, v, goobaranshulana. 
Bomblist, s. laf zunee, buraee, 

moobaluga, dhurulla. 
Bond, s, bund, puttee, bundhun ; 

(for debt) iumuBsook, dustawez; 

(of' union) ulaka, nisbut, 'tual- 

Bondage, i. useeree, goolamee, 

kyd, bund, gihftaree. 
Bondmaid, s, bandee, lonndee, 

kuneez. kuneezuk, cheree, che» 

lee. ^ 
B6ndman, s, godam, bunda, 

Bondsman, t. zamin, kufeeU 
Bone, 8, huddee, oostookhwan, har» 

Bonfire, «. atashbazee, ulao, dhoo* 

B6nnet^ s. topee. 

B O R 

[ « 3 

B O U 

Bdoay, a. khoobaoorut, soondnr^ 

8oot^^ Toopwunt ; jnugUQ, 

khoosh-tnba, hurkhchit, hims- 

Booby, s. bhooeh, ugyan. 
Book, s. kitab, poostuk, pothee, 

grunth, suheefa, mala. 
B(x>kbinder, 5. jildg^, suhaf, 

Book-keepiog, «. hisab-kitab, ba« 

bee-khata, lekha jokha. 
Bookseller, «. kitab-furosh, su- 

Bookworm, «. kbisaree, keera ; 

(studiata) kitab-ka-keera. 
Boon, 4. bukhshish, uta, inayut, 

dan, inam, bun 
Boor, f. gunwar, dthatee, moorh. 
Booii^, a. gunwaroo, betumeea, 

Boorisbness, s. gunwarpun, dibka- 

niyuty moorbta. 
Boot, «. moza cburmee. 
Booth, «. jbompra, murhee, chhup- 

Booty, f. loot, guneemut. 

Borax, s, sohaga, tunkar, boruk, 

Border, s* kinara, damun, kor, 

chhor, anchul ; (of a dresi) sun- 

jaf, mugzee ; (margin) hashiya ; 

(of a field) mend, seem, siwana. 
Border, v. luga hooa h. danda 

menda h. .pywusta h. moot- 

tusib h. unkureeb h. 
Borderer, s. surhuddee, siwaniya. 
Bore, V. chhedna, soorakh k. bur- 

mana, salna; (pe$ter) khijana, 

sntana, hyran k. dik k. : s. (qfa 

gun) moohree, teer ; (tide) ban, 

Boreal, a. oottura, shimalee. 
Borer^ i. burma. 

Bom, a. pyda hooa, junma, jnna i 

(to he horn) pyda h. mootawul- 

lid h. junumna. 
Borrow, v. kurz lena, oodhfir lena ; 

(a thing) mang lena, ariyut lena, 

moostar lena. 
B6som, «. chbatee, s^na, god. 
Botanic, a. nubatatee. 
Botany, $. ilm i nubatat, jureti 

Botch, s. chat, dag, pboia : tu a* 

btgarna, lidhrana. 
Botcher, s. bigaroo, lidhraoo. 
Both, a. dono, hur-doo» 
Bottle, t. botul, sheesha. 
B6ttom, «. tula, penda, pendee; 

(of a river) tha. 
Bottomless, a. utha, ugum. 
Bough, s. dal, shakh, dalee, dala. 
Bougie, s. buttee. 
Bounce, v. n. kood^oothna, lupuk« 

na, oochhul puma, choukree 

bhurna, koolanch mama, tuppa 

Bound, V. koodna, oochhulna, koo- 

dukka marna; (rebound) pulta 

khana ; (limit) hudd bandhna. 
Bound, a. bund, mookyyud ; (o6- 

liged) ihsanmund ; (as a hook) 

moojullud ; (limit) bundhej, 

mooutad ; (qfa hall) tuppa. 
Boundary, s, hudd, surhudd, dan-* 

da*menda, chhor, intiha, kina- 
Boundless, a. behudd, benihayut, 

upar, beintiha, ununt. 
Bountiful, a, sukhee, kureem, fy- 

yaz, denewala, mookhyur, danee, 

Bountifully, ad. dil khol ke, suk- 

hawut-se, data roop-se, koosha- 

dub dilee-se. 
Bountifulness, s. fyz, sukhawut. 


[ 42 ] 


Bounty, t. sukhawnt, kurum, fyz, 

bukhshish, nawazish, dya. 
Bow, «, sulam, koornish, numus- 

kar; (instrument) kuman, dhu- 

nook ; (of a ship) peta, seena : 

17. (salute) sulam k. numuskar k.; 

(bend) luchana, nuwana, nihoo- 

rana, jhookana, khum k. 
Bowels, s. untriyan, anten. 
Bower, s, koonj. 
Bowl, 5. ptyala, jaiA, kasa. 
Bowman, s, kuman-dar, dhunook- 

dhur, icumnyt. 
Bow-string, t. chilla, roda, churhao, 

Box, I. sundook ; (smaU) sundook- 

cha ; (thump) thuppur ; (for 

pills) dibiya ; (blow) ghoosa ; 

(on the head) dhoul. 
Box, o. ghoosum ghoosa luma. 
Boxer, s, moosht-zun. 
Boy, s, lurka, chhokra, lounda, 

baluk, bala, chhora. 
Boyhood, t, luruk-pun, lurkaee, 

buch-pun, toofooliyut, balapun, 

Boyish, a. iurka-sa, tiflee, cbibulla, 

lounda sa. 
Brace, s, bundhun, kusun, bun- 

dhan ; (of a drum) jotee ; (^qf a 

bed) udwaen; (a pair) jora,jooft. 
Brace, v, bandhna, kusna, jukuma ; 

(make tense) sikorna, sumetna; 

(a drum) churhana. 
Briicelet, s. bazoo-bund, bhooj- 

bund, nounuga, nourutun ; nou- 

geeree, puhoonchee. 
Bi^cket, t. istada i deewal-geer. 
Brackish, a, khara, lona, ehor, 

numkeen, mulmula. 
Br&ckishness, t. kharapun, lonaee. 
Brag, V, n. shekhee k. fukhur k, 

l^zuneek. lumbeechouree hank* 

na, bur bdna, kalla marna : s, 

lufzunee, phunkraee, kulla, bur 

Braggaddcio, «. > lafzun, ghu- 
Bra^rt, Bragger, s, $ mu Adee, 

Braid, v. goondhna: f.luree, chotee, 

lut, mendhee. 
Brain, «. mugz, bheja, dimag. 
Brake, $, kanton kee jharee. 
Bramble, s. khar. 
Bran, t. cboukur, bhoosee. 
Branch, i. dal, dalee, shakh ; (of a 

river) sota, khal : v. phylna, 

phylana, shakh dur shakh h. 
Brand, v. hurf — , dag — , uyb— , 

kulunk lugana, dagna: «. dag, 

hurf, kulunk ; (stick) looktee. 
Brandish, v. bhanjna, chumkana^ 

ghoomana, phirana. 
Brandy, s. shurab, mud. 
Brasier, 5. thuthera, kusera, bhur- 

tiya ; (^re-pan) ungeethee, kang« 

ree, borsee, 
Brasil-wood, «. bukkum, mmeeth. 
Brass, s. peetul, birinj. frinjee, 
Bi4ssy, a. peetulha, peetulsa, bi« 
Brat, s. chinga, lounda, chengla. 
Bravado, «. dhumkee, geedur-bhbu« 

Brave, a. buhadoor, diler, shopjau, 

soor, beer, dilawur, juwanmurd, 

jodha, murdana, sawunt, jooru* 

tee, roostum. 
Brlively,a^. buhadoorana, dilerana, 

shoojaut-se, murdana, bejan ho* 

Briivery, «. shoojaut, juwanmurdee, 

dileree, buhaduree, joorut, shu- 

hamut, dilchulee, muzbootee. 
Br&vo, interj, shabash, wah-wah, 

afreen, wachhreh, wahjee, mur* 


B R £ 

t 43 ] 

B R I 

Bmwl, #. jhugTB, nigra, gool, gu- 

para, bukhera, shorehur. 
Brawler, t. jhugraloo, luraka, bu- 

kberiya, gongaee. 
Biawn, s» sooar ka gosht; {strength) 

bill, chukka; {of the leg) pind- 

Bray, o. kootna ; (as an ass) rykna. 
Brazen, a. peetul-ka, peeUee, be- 

Bitzenfaced, t. shokh, goostakh. 
Breach, i. durz, shigaf, nukub, 

koorobhul, sendh, durar; (o/* 

peace) bidut ; (difference) bigar, 

niiak, khulul, ikntilaf, bhuDg, 

nachakee, Qa-ittifakee. 
Bread, t. rotee, nan; (livelihood) 

rozee, dana-panee, uojul, ab 

khoorish, rizk, zeest. 
Breadth, i. chouraee, chiiklaee, urz ; 

(^ cloth) puhna, bur; (of a 

rieer) pat; (of a wall) asar. 
Break, «. torna, phorna, pbama, 

turkaoa : s» toot, phoot ; (of day) 

bhor, turka, bihan, bamdad; 

(pause) wukfti. 
Briers, s, raoujen. 
BrelikfiBSt, «. hasree, nashta, ni» 

haree: v. hazree khana, nashta 

k. nihar torna. 
Breast, s, chhatee, seena ; (female) 

choofichee, pistan, jijiya, kooch. 
Breast-high, a, chhatee-chhatee. 
Br^tplate, «. chupras. 
Breastwork, s, fnseel, seena-punah, 

knngoora; (parapet) shuhr-pa- 

Breath, «. dam, sans, swans. 
Breathe, v. dum lena; (revenge) 

intikam ka dum lena ; (one's last) 

akhiree dum lena. 
Br^thing, s, dum ka lena, sans ka 


Br^hless, a. bedum, bejan. 
Breecb, s. peechha; (^ a gun) 

Breed, v. pyda k. junana ; (as ami' 

ntals) byana : s. us), zat, nusl. 
Brewing, s. turbiyut; (manner) 

chal, chulun ; (good breeding) 

hoosn khoolk. 
Breeze, s. jhoka, rumuk. 
Brethren, s, bhaeeyen, biraduren. 
Brevity, s, kotahee, ikhtisar, son* 

Brew, V. (ale) bosarkushee k.; 

(plot) bandhna, guthao k. sazis« 

Brewer, s. boza-gur. 
Bribe, i. rishwut, ghoos, moonh 

bhuraee : v. rishwut dena, ghoos 

dena, hath rungna, huram khila- 

neL;(briber) rashee, rishwut dene- 

wala ; (the person bribed) rishwut 

khor, rishwut khanewala, gunda 

Bribery, s. rishwut khoree, ghoQS. 
Brick, t. eent, eenta, khisht. 
Brickbat, «. rora. 
Brickdust, t. soorkhee. 
Brickkiln, s. pujawa. 
Bricklayer, «. raz, raj, gilkar. 
Bridal, a. biyah ka, shadee ka. 
Bride, s, doolhun. 
Bridegroom, «. doolha* 
Bridge, «• pool. 
Bridle, «. Ipgam, bag. 
Brief, a, kotah, mookhtusur, mooj* 

mul, sunkhep, chhota. 
Briefly, ad. ikhtisar-se, hasiliknlttn, 

Brier, s. kuteela per ; (sweet) seo« 

Briglide, s, toomun, dusta. 
Brigand, s. kuzzak, lootera, pin-^ 


6 R I 

[ 44 ] 

B R O 

Briprht, «. roushttfi, sftf, oojla, 

ohumukta, taban, oojjal, pru- 

kash, julwugur, phurcha. 
Brighten, «• roshunk., oojla k. 

chumkana, jhulkana, jila dena. 
Brightness, t, chumkahut, roushneei 

abdaree, oojala, julwuguree, 

prukash, tab, shufFafee, sufaee, 

zoohoor, phurchaee. 
Brilliancy, s. tabdaree, roushnee, 

oojalapun, zoohoor, prukash, 

tab, phurchaee, abdaree, chum- 
kahut, shuffafee. 
Brilliant, a* rounukdar, chumukta : 

8, {a diamond) ulmas, heera. 
Brim, $. kinara, lub, moonh. 
Brimful, a, lubalub, rooonhamoonh, 

lubrez, moolubbub, bhurpoor, 

Brimstone, s, gundhuk. [ya. 

Brinded, a, khaldar, ubluk, lahuri- 
Brine, s. ab-shor^ lon-gura, loiia- 

Brmg, V. Una. 
Brinish, Briny, a» khara, lona, 

numkeen, noona. 
Brink, s, kinara, teer, kurara, tut. 
Brisk, a. chalak, choost, phoortee- 

la, tea, juldbaz, juld. 
Briskly, ad. chidakee-se, juld, 

phoortee-se, toort, jhutput. 
Briskness, <. chooetee, ohalakee, 

tezee, phoortee, juld bazee, zinda 

dilee, juldee, jandaree. 
Bristle, «« kuch, soour ka bal. 
Britain, «. moolk ungrez ka. 
British, a, ungreaee buna, ungres 

kee wilayut ka. 
Briton, <. thukhs i ungrez« 
Brittle, a, nazook, thoonka, tbuska, 

soobook, toonuk, bhoorbhoora. 
Brittleness^ «• nazocJcee, bhoorbhoo- 


Broach, v. dihedna, saiha, khohi4. 
Broad, a. choura, urzdar, pubndar, 

burdar ; {(^fen) khoola, zahir. 
Broad-cloth, s. bunat. 
Broadness, s, ohouraee, urz, bur» 

puhna, chuklaee. 
Broadsword, 8. tega, shumsher. 
Brociide, t. keemkhwab, zurbaft^ 

surdoz, badla, tumamee. 
Brocage, s. dullala, dustooree. 
Broccoli, s. ktsm i kobee. 
Brogue, i. gulut tuluflfooz. 
Broil, s. jhugra, bukhera, tukrar, 

jhunjhut, kuzeea. [bab k. 

Broil, V, bhoonna, jhoolusna, ku* 
Broken, pa, toota, phoota, shikus- 

ta; {hearted) diUshikusta, dilfi« 

gar, shikusta-khatir ; (backed) 

Broker, i. dullak 
Bronze, s, peetul. 
Brooch, t. kism i zewur, gyhna. 
Brood, 1. jhol, buchcheh. 
Brood, v.seona; {think) undesha k. 

fikr k«, turuddood k., sog k. 

chinta k. 
Brook, «. nala, dhara. 
Brook, 9* suhna, burdasht k. tu« 

hummool k. ungez k. oothana* 
Broom, t. jharoo, booharee. 
Broth, t. shorba, shoorwa. 
Brothel, s. kusbee^khana, beswa ka 

Brother, s, bhaee, biradur. 
Brotherhood, «. bhaee^chara, bira« 

Brother-in-law, s. buhnoee, sala. 
Brotherly, s» biradur-«nuh, bhaee > 

ka sa. 
Brow, t. ubroo, bhoun. 
Browbeat, v. dubana, dubkana. 
Brown, a. bhoora, badamee-ning^ 

gundoomee rung. 


i <^ ] 

B U L 

BrtfwBith> 0. Ikhoora-sa, gundoom 

Browaey v* d)uma» choogna, chai» 

khana, ghaspat khana. 
Bruise, 9* koochnlna, kootua, duU 

na, peesna, duliya k, chukna 

dlOOT k. 
Bruise^ t. chot, zakhum, glMO. 
Bruit, «. ufwah, kbubur, shohruh, 

sumbad, sumachar. [ka. 

Bnmt, f • sudiiia, zorb, <^ot, dhuk* 
Brush, t. kooncbee : {for Jiiet) 

cbouree, cbounr, morchhul: v, 

koofichee maraa, jbama, jhar- 

ponch k. [jUDgul. 

BrMiwood, «. jharee, jharboota, 
Bf^tal, a. hywaoee, be-ruhm, 9UQg- 

dil, kuttur, kutta, kroor, kutbin, 

kuthor, nirdy, nitboor. 
Brutality, *, be-insaniyut, bywa- 

niyut, beruhmee, bedtirdee, kut- 

horta, kuUurpuQ, kuUiiotaj 

kroortf^ nirdypuu. 
Brutally, ad, bedurdee-8«, berub- 

m^-9e, hywan ka sa, kuthiatit- 

se, nirdy-roop^e, kroorta-se. 
Brute, $. bywwi, jauwur, wuhsbe 

hywan-i-mooUuk, pushoo, jun- 


Brutish, a. hywan sa, hywanee, 

janwur sa, pusboowut. 
B&bble, «• boolboola; {deception) 

dhckha, moogaluta, indrayun 

ka pbul, bbugaee, dhoort: v. 

khudbudana, khulbulana, kboal- 

na ; {to cheat) dbokbh d. duga- 

dena, thugn^. 
Buck, s» huma, him, miig ; {beau) 

banka, cbhyla, bisnee. 
Bucket, s, doi, dolcbee. 
Btickle, s, bqksooa : v, lugaaa^ kQ»- 

na, bandhna. 
Buckler, s. dhaly phvureey sipur. 

BiK^ram, t. momjama. 

Bud, t, konpui, kuiee : o. kuli3raiiay 

konpul lugna. 
Budge, V. butna, tulna, surukua, 

dubna, digna. 
Budget, «. tbylee, bookcha ; {itore) 

ganth, poonjee. 
Buff, 8, kbal, post, ehumra, sabur. 
Bufiklo, I. bhynsa, myhika ; {fern.) 

bhyus, muhisb. 
B^et, V. dhouliyana, mookke 

mama, ghoosiyana, thuppur m. 

thupera mama: 8. mookka, 

gboosa, dhoul, thuppur, thu- 
Buffoon, 5. muskbura, bhand, zu- 

tullee, pbukkur baz, suwangee^ 

Buffoonery, «. muskhurapun, tu« 

muskhoor, suwang, bhandpuna. 
Bug, t, khutmul, ninaya, khut- 

ke«pa ; {fly) gundhee. 
Bugbear, s. bhokus, wuhm, dhu- 

rukka, gogo, khiyal, dhurulla. 
Biiggy, 5. ek ghore kee garee, ek- 

Bdgle, «• (horn) tooraee, nursinga. 
Bugkiss, s, gao zuban, lissan-oos« 

Build, t>. bunana, tuameer k. chin* 

na, ootbana; {depend on) bhu- 

rosa k. etimad k. oomyd k. as- 

rukhna, etibar k. 
Builder, s, miumar, raz, raj. 
Biiilding, t. huwelee, imarut, mu- 

kan, ghur, kotha, kothee. 
Bulb, 8. ganth, giruh, kund, mool. 
Bulbous, a. giredar, gutheeia. 
Bulge, V. n. phootoa; {jut otd) 

Bulk, 8. motaee, kud ; {the majo' 

rity) jumhoor, uksur, buhoodha, 



[46 ] 


BCilky, a. juseem, mota, • bura, 
kudawur, bharee, sthool. 

Bull, s. nur-gao, andoo-byl, bur- 
udh ; (a free bull) sand ; {the 
constellation) sour, brikh ; {blun^ 
der) bhool, chook, gulutee. 

Bulldog, 5. kism i kootta, aug; 

Ballet, 8, golee. 

BCiUion, s. chandee-sona, seem»o- 

Bollock, t. byl, burud; {driver) 

Bully, s. shekhee-baz, ukurphoon, 
pburphuriya, banka : v. dhum- 
kana, dhirana, babaee k. dhouns 
dhunilla k. goorfish k. 

Bullying, s. lafzunee, shekhee, ba- 
baee, dhouns, dburuUa, goorfish. 

Btilrush, 5. bura-motha. 

Bulwark, 5. kumur-kotai purkota, 

Bump, f. goomra, gaitth^ guthiya, 

Bumpkin, s. gunwar, koonda, 

Bunch, s. goochchha, khosha ; {of 
plantains) gyl. 

Bundle, s. guthree, bookcha, busta : 
V, guthree bandhna. 

BCingle, V. bigama, khurab k. 

BCingler, s. unaree, bhooch ; {fe- 
male) phoohur. [chinh. 

Buoy, «. luQgur-nooma, lungur ka 

Buoyancy, s, hulkapun, tiraopun. 

Buoyant, a. hulka, tiraoo. 
. BQrden, s, bojh, bojha, bhar, bar : 
V, zerbar k. bojh rukhna, ladna, 
bojha dhuma. 

Btirdensorae, a, bharee, dookhdaee, 
dooshwar, guran, 

BCireau, s, ulmaree. 

Burglary, 5. nukub, sendh, kom- 
bhul ; (6y more than one) daka. 

Bdrial, f. gaf-thop, kufun-Klufun^ 

tudfeen, sumhad. 
Btirial-ground, s, kubaristaD, go- 

Burlesque, s, thuttha, kbit lee, tu« 

Bum, V, julana, phoonkna, dahna, 

dugdh k. ag d. ag lugana; 

{brand) dagna ; {with Itut) must 

Burning, «. sozish, julun, hurarut : 

a, sozuak, sozinda, julaoo, mooh- 

rik, tabnak ; {mountain) julta 

puhar; {place for the hindoo 

dead) musana, murghut ; (a 

burning fever) tup i raoohrik. 
BCiming-glass, s, atushee-sheesha. 
Btirnish, v, jhulkana, jila d. oojia 

k. chumkana ; {polish) sykul k. 

saf k. raanjna, chiknana : v. rim 

chumukna, jhulukna. 
Burnt, a. jula, sokhta; {offering) 

koorbanee-sokhta, hom. 
Burr, s. kan kee louh. 
Bbrrow, t>. bil khodna: «. bil, 

mand, gurha, gurtt. 
Burst, «. phootna, turukna, tootna, 

phutna ; (in tears) zar zar rona, 

zar-o-nizar rona, phoot phoot 


BCiry, V. gama, mittee d, dufn k. 
thopna, sumadh d. dufnana. 

Bush, s. jhar, jharee, jhunkar. 

Btisily, ad. tundihee-se. 

BCisiness, s, kam^ kaj, mutlub, 
dhundha, kar, shoogl, muksud, 
zuroorut, ooddim, karj, kurm, 
vishy, pryojun ; {trade) pesha. 

Buss, ^. bosa, chooma, muchchbee^ 
roittha, mittho, mitthee, bubbee. 

Bust; s, neem-kud; pootla. 


[ 47 ] 

C A L 

B6stard, s. junglee mooig. 

B&stle, s. dour-dhoop, tugapoo, 
huijmuij, dboom dham : 9. aour 
dhoop k. dhoom dham k, toga- 
poo k. 

Busy, a, nmsbgool, kam men 
musroof, surgurm, gultan-o-pe- 
clmn, moostugrak, ooddyumee; 
{meddling) hur degee chumcha. 

But, conj. lekin, mugur, pur, py, 
amraa, iek, wuhekin, poon, pu- 

BCitcher, s. kusaee, kussab* 

Bbtler, «. kbansaman. 

BbtmeDt, s, pooshta. 

Butt, s. huduf, nisbana, amaj, 
khaktoda, cl 

Butt, V. tukkur Uirna, tukrana. 

Bbtter, s. muk]pmy muska, noun- 

Biitterfiy, s, 
B^itteris, s, 




purwana, pu- 
>mturash, nalbund. 
rs. ehhachh, muttha. 

sooreen, chootur, ni- 
i. ghoondee, tookma. 
lole, s. kaja, moondee^ hul- 

3, s, pooshta, pichhot 

1, a, rungeela, cbhubeela, 

khoosh-tuba, zinda dil, uchpula. 
Buy, V. mol lena, khureedna. 
B6yer, s. khureedar, gahuk, liwyya, 

Buzz, V. bhin-bhinana : s. bhin- 

Buzzard, s. zugun, zimch, sousagur. 
BCizziDg, s. bhin-bhinahut, phis- 

By, prep, se, wuseele; (near) 

nuzdeek, pas, nikut, nere^ su- 


By-and-by, ad, dum bhur men. 
By degrees, ad, ahiste ahiste, rufte 

rufte, dheere dheere. 
By-no*mean8, hur^^iz nuheem. 
By-stander, s. sbiJiid, sakhee, gu- 

By-way, s. pug-dundee. 
By-word, s. kuhawut, musul, nukl. 

Cablil, V. a, sazish k. bundish k. 

mushwurut k.amezush k. durun- 

dazee k. 
Cabal, s. sazish, bundish, footoor, 

musluhut, mushwurut, ittifak, 

guthao, eka. 
Cabbie, s. kurumkulla, kobee. 
Clibbage, v. a. kutur k. biyont k. 
CiibiD, s. {of a ship) kothree juhaz 

kee ; {cottage) jhopra, murnee. 
Clibinet, «. {room) khulwut-khana ; 

(cotmcil) deewan-khass ; {bojr) 

Cabinet-maker, s, burhaee, nujjar. 
Ciible, 9, luhas, russa, boorj. 
Clickle, 9. ghen pen k. kaka k. 

kurkurana; (gigg/e) khilkhilana. 
Cadence, s. ly, luhja, ilban, swur. 
Cadet, s. mootuwukka, oommyd- 

war ohda lushkuree ka. 
Cage, «. pinjra, kufus. 
Cajole, V. pbooslana, dum d. lulio 

putto k. 
CfliLe, s. kak, rot, sheermal, phool- 

ka, kuchouree, puratha, mal- 

pooa, girda. 
Calamitous, a, shamutee, biputee, 

afut-zuda, bud bukht, ubhi^a, 

Caliimity, s, afut, bula, mooseebut, 

C A L 

[ 48 ] 


sudma, undher, dhukka, biput, 

apud, kala wukt, dyvee, ulae 

Calc^ureous, a, choona-sa. 
Calcine, v, a. khakistur k. kooshr 

ta k. bhusm k. mama. 
Calculate, o. jorna, hisab k. undaza 

k« utkul k. gintee k^; (a nativity) 

junmputree dekhna. 
Calculation, s. burawoord, hisab, 

tukhmeena, tadad, undaza, gin- 
tee, shoomar, moohasuba, lekha, 

Calculous, a. kunkreela, kirkira, 

Caldron, s. kurah, deg, bunda. 
Ciilendar, s. tukweem, putra. 
Calender, 9» (cloth) koondee k. 

Cadf, 8. buchhra, buchha; (/em.) 

buchhee, buchbiya ; {dolt) gao- 

dee, koond; (of the l^) pindlee. 
. Caliber, s, nulee bundook kee, 

soorakh top ka. 
Calico, £. chbeent. 
C^lix, ». punkhree. 
Calk, V, gahna, durz bundee k, 

kala puttee k. 
Call, v» {name) nam rukhna ; 

{aloud) boolana, peokama, hank 

marna, awas d. tema, lulkarna ; 

(visit) moolakat k. tushreef 

lejana,milna; {in question) shuk 

Call, s. hank, pookar, boolahut, 

boolawa, lulkar, shubd. 
Called, a, moosurama, namzud, 

Calling, s. pesha, kusb^ ooddim, 

dhundha, karobar, rozgar, beohar, 

C&Uous, a. sukbty kuthor, kurukht; 

roorfaa, kuffra> nithoor. 

Callousness, s. sukhtee, kmrukht- 

gee, kutborpun, sungdilee, ku- 

thorta, nithooraee, kuthinta, ku- 

Callow, a. bebal o pur, loonda 

Calm, a. {still) thuma hooay theer, 

sakin, nischul, soosthir; (easy) 

kboosh, chyn-men: s, asaish, 

chyn, rahut, asoodugee, sookoon, 

sookh, chyn: t>. dheeruj d, 

thunda kurana, dilasa d, tuskeen 

k. dharus bundhwana. 
Calmly, ad, moolaimut-se, aluste, 

dheere, suhuj-men. 
Calmness, s. dheeruj, chyn, moo- 

Calomel, s. pare ka kooshta* 
Caltrop, s, gokhroo. 
Calumniate, 9. budnam k. tooh- 

mut lugana, Itm lugaua, dhaasa 

d. do8 lugana, ninda k. 
Calumniator, «» moofturee, fitoo- 

riya, toohmutee, ninduk. 
Calumny, s, toohmut, lim, ittiham, 

bootlan, toofan, dhansa, ninda, 

Calve, V. n. biyana, gae buchcha 

Calx, s, kbakistmr, chhar, bhusm. 
Climbric, s. chundelee. 
Camel, s. oont, shootoor ; {female) 

oontnee, sandnee. 
C&mera-obscdra, s. tusweer dekh- 

ne ka aluh. 
Camlet, s. puttoo. 
Camomile, s. baboona.. 
Camp, s, kumpoo, lushkur-ga, 

Campaign, s. (plain) mydan ; {of 

an army) chhaonee, lam bund- 

Citmphire, i. kufoor, kupoor. 


[ 4^ ] 


Gaff> If. mkntb, 

Cua, s. koolhfti, dodgtu 

Ctoi^-bird, s. bootodi-httiaraas- 
CaAeet, f». meCt)ft,Auflkh k^rndd k. 

ttfttam^ bittil k. rotiheo kr 
CftneeUated, a, ehmrkhana, jaldsr. 
0k66ety t. (ihe e&niidiaiieny sur- 

tttay kurk ; {diiea$e) sartaii, iia- 

soof, bttiidur-g4uK».' 
CkfHfid, «. lastbas, suokcha) raoon- 

sify khura, sadik, belugao, be- 

riya, befyb o r^ra, bemukr o 

fbreb, 9eena saC, 8aldil> ntakuput, 

seedha, surul. 
Cfrndida^e, t. oommyd#ar, mootu^ 

wukkdby talib, khwahan, asrit* 
Candidly, Md, stilaee'^e, rastee ke 

sath, 8uchchaee-*8e, khwraee-se, 
dindle, s. buttte^ ghuma; {wax 


mochhlee kee butteei 
(^ttMHelighty 8, obiragh^bottee ka 

Ckndietftick, $. dbvlttHidaih 
Cliaddur, «. rastee, suobatie, mfeuoe^ 

kburaee, sidk, insaf, rooonslfee. 
Cindy, t. pagna. 
Cane^ i, (ttaf) ohkoree, sonta, 

lathee, bed; (recrf) ny; (lug^r- 

6ime) ny sbtekior^ giuma, eekh, 

Cmioe^ a. kttlbee, |cootteb kee sat 

ktc; {appetite) houka. 
Ciaiater, s. dabba. 
CiAker, fi ghoon, keera ; {of a tdre) 

mawad i fasid. 
GknkerFOrtn, s, keera, gb<Km, soof- 

800 fee* 
Cfuinibal, f. adum-kbiM*, laohhtis, 

maooosh adbaree, amK^h 


Cannonade, o. a. topen eMana, 

ll^eh' manMw 
Cannonier, i* go^dat, topundaz. 
Cannot, ir. it. nubeewsukta. 
Can6e, $^^ detiga,^deDgee. 
Canon, s, kanoon, aeen, luMek, 

dn^toof, labita, ftet. 
C^rnopy, I. saebanv cbhntr, thwDi- 

Cant, i. bhiwger-khaneii kee bat* 
Canth&rides, Sw kism nmkkee. 
Cant6nmen^ 9, ohhaonee, iniAikur- 

C&nvas, t». ehhaitnay jtnebna* 
Ganvass, t. wilayntee tat, kirttk. 
Cap, s. topee, taj, koolah. 
Culpable, d, kabil, kadir, rusa, laik, 

moolBtuid, joga, tuwana. 
Capacious, a. kooshada, wuseeu, 

Capacitate, 0, c. kabil k. Kyakut 

Capiicity, s« kabliytrt, istittdad, m* 

lahiyut, liyakut, shuoor, hy&fiyiit, 

jogdi, saraunh, shvikt^ houaki, 

Ci^[>«a-pie, ad. iurtapa, snrapa. 
Cape, «. {collar) gureban; (Aeoi- 

Ciiper, 9. (berry) teKtee ; (feap) 

bukur-kood, ooehhah 
Capital, a. {ctime) usfand, kubeera^ 

bura, 8hudeed, uoeem, kooshtu- 

nee, jeemar: 9. (city) daroos* 

sultunut, rajdhanee ; {9tock) 

pootijee, mayub. 
Capitulation, Si roooamuta, nhd-o^ 

pyman, mooamukt, koul o kur- 

ar, koul nama^ 
CI»pon, f. khusiya moergh, ukbta 

Capdoey«. wah%talaTK>o»4Bi2a* 

C A R 

[ ^ ] 


jee, kbiyaly besubatea, usthir, 
• luhujr. 
Capricious^ a. tulavvoon-misaj, 

hurdum khiyalee, lubree, chun- 

chuly ustbir^ ichchhook. 
Oipricorn, s. judee^ mukur rashi, 

Captain, t. sur-guroh, luahkaree, 
- seiia-puti; {naval) nakbooda, 

Ciiptiousy «. hoojjatee, tukraree, 

bukberiya, jbugraloo, toonook- 

misaj, nookta*cheen, uybjo, ku- 

ziya dulal, chirchira. 
CliptioQsness, s, toonook-mizajee, 

kuj bubsee, nooktub-cbeenee. 
Captivate, V, furefta k. mobna, 

pbunsana, lobbana, mob lena, 

iitkana» khyncb lena, buskur 

lena, mobtt k. 
C&ptivated, a. muftoon, dil-luga, 

cboor, furefta, ashik. 
Captivating, a, dil-fureb, mobnee. 
Captive, s, kydee, useer, bundbooa, 

bundee, giriftar. 
Captivity, s, useeree, giriftaree, kyd, 

bubs, pa-bundee. 
Captor, s. ^rtnda, pukumewala, 

Capture, v. luraee men pukur lena, 

loot k. mar lena. 
Car, s, garee, bubul, rutb. 
Carav&n, $, karwan, kafila. 
Caravansary, «• karwan-surae. 
Caraway, s. zeeruh-i-roomee, uj- 

waen, soa, ujmod. 
Carbon&de, v. a. keema-para k. 
Clkrbuncle, s^ sbub-cbiragb ; {pirn" 

pie) moobasa. 
Carcass, «. lasb, lotb, dbur, sbou. 
Clird^ s, gunjeefa, tas : v. dboonna, 

Cardamom, u dacbee^ kakoola* 

Carder, «. (of cotton) dbooniya. 
C&rdtnal, a. azim, uzeem, mookh- 

yub, prudbaoi sbresbtb. 
Ciurdinal-points, «. utrafi-juhan, 

Carding, s, dboonaee, toombaee* 
Care, s, fikr, kbyal, undesha, turud- 

dood, cbinta, socb; {caution) 

moobafuzut, ibtiyat, jutun: «• 

fikr k. undesba k. turuddood k. 

cbinta k. kbiyal k. socb k. 
Car^n, v. a, gabna, durzbundee k. 
Car^r, ». dour. 
Careful, a, kbuburdar, bosbyaf, 

cboukus, soorta, savdban, soo* 

Clirefully, ad, kbuburdaree-se, ju- 

tun-se, ihtiyat-se, chouksaee-se, 

savdbanee-se, soort-se. 
Carefulness, s. undesba-nakee, fikr- 

mundee, cbet, cbouksaee, khu- 

burdaree, j utun, savdbanee, door- 

Clireless, a, gafil, bekbubur, be^ 

ibtiyat, dbeela, bepurwa, usoch, 

ucbeta, begour, usavdban. 
Clirelessly, im{. bepurwaee-se, guf- 

Carelessness, s, bepurwaee, guflut, 

bekbubree, gafilee, be-ibtiyatee, 

Caress, V. piyar k. nuwazisb k, 

lar k. dooiar k. [bar. 

Cargo, s. kbep. bburtee, bburao^ 
Carminative, a. oad-boor, baoburta. 
C&rmine, s, kirmizee, soorkb, lal. 
Clurnage, s. kutl, kboonrezee, joojb, 

kital, sungbar. 
Carnal, a, jismanee, nufsanee, bu- 

dunee, debee, shareerik ; {lecher'- 

oui) shubwutee, kamee. 
CamiiUpn, s, goolnaree rung ; {the 
flower) goolnar. 


f 51 ] 


CarnivoroiiSy a. goshukhor, duriD-* 

da, mas-udharee, mas-bhojee. 
Carudsttyy 8, mussa. 
C^bro), s. gan, geet : «• gana-bujana, 

chohul k. 
Carodse, v, shuiab peena, uysh k. 

mudpaD k. 
Ctfouaer, s. uyyash, oubash, sbo* 

rabee, mykbor. 
Carp, V. uybjoee k. kuj-buhsee k. 

khoorda-geeree k. jhuguroa, ooi- 

ujbna, dosh dhurua. 
C4fpenter, $, burhuee, khatee, nuj- 

Carpentry, #. nujjaree, burhuee- 

Carptf, s, tukraree, kujbubs, soo- 
. khuD-cheen, uybgeer, uybjo, 

. nookta-cheen. 
CiftTpet, s. fursh, shutruDJee; (trnall) 

Carriage, s. suwaree^ sej-garee ; (of 

loadf) bar-burdaree, bojhaee, 

dhoolaee ; (behaviour) .cbal, chu- 
j )un, ruwish, tour, wuza, ruftar, 

wuteera. [kasid. 

Carrier, $. bar-burdar, hummal, 
C&rrion, s. moordar, sura-gosht. 
C4rrot, s, gajur, zurduk. 
C^rry, v. le jana, dhona ; (effect) 

pesh-lejana, kam-nikalna; (carry 

off) le-bhagna; (behave) chal- 

ehulDa; (carry on) chulana; 

(carry through) nibahna, par- 

Cart, s. garee, . chhukra, lurbee, 
. lurbiya. 

Carter, 8, garee-wan. 
C^rtila^e, s. koorree, moormooree 

C&rtouch, 8, tosdao. 
Cartridge, s, tonta; (ball) jungee- 

toista ; (light) juloosee tonta. 

E 2 

Carre, v. khodna, chitarkarae k*t 
(meat) katna. 

C&nrer, «. chittera, nukkash; (of 
8tone8) sung-turaah. 

Cascade, «. jbuma, abshar, chadur. 

Case, s. (coioering) gilaf, miyan, 
khol, khana ; (of itatrumenti) 
gunj ; (razoni) kisbut ; (box) 
sundook, petee ; (condition) hal, 
balut, dusa, brittant ; (in vsriting) 
soorut-hal, muhsur ; (for booh) 
joosdan ; (of a noun) halut i 
(repre$entation) goozarish, urs; 
(in ca8e) mubada. 

Cement, 8, khirkee, jhuroka. 

Cash, 8, Dukd, rok, roopyeh pyseh^ 
rokur, zur nukd, nukdee* 

Cashier, s. fotudar, tuhweeldar, 
khusanchee, rokuriya. 

Cashier, «. burturuf k. door k. nam 
katna, mazooi k, moukoof k. 
nikal d. juwab d. 

Cask, 8, peepa. 

C^ket, 8, dibba, singar-dan. 

C^sia, s. tuj ; (the leave8) tejpat f 
(purging) umultas. 

Cast, 8. (throw) tuppa ; (of the eye) 
gumza, kujee ; (of the dice) dhal ; 
(form) nuksha ; (tribe) cat, jat, 
koum ; (metal) dhal wan, kalibee^ 

Cast, V. phenkna, dalna; (away) 
pherak d. door k. ; (8catter) ohhi- 
trana, bukhema; (8hed) tharnay 
koorez khana; (dimm) puchhama, 
putukna; (off) ootama; (lots) 
koora dalna, nam-nikalna; (ndn) 
khona, gharut k. ohouput k^; 
(tip, accounts) meezan d. hisab 
k, joma. 

Castaway ,a. gya-goozra, nikumma, 
khwar, obtur. 

Caste, s. zat, koum, jat. [garb. 

C^fitlei I. kalay kot; (smaU) gurbee^ 

C A U 

[ ^2 ] 


Cant^ 9^ kiwH-ood. 

Castor-oily s. urund k» te1» cendee 

Citrate, 9. <kkh«8ee k.; (men) 

kkN^ k. ; (a Aorse) akbtuh k« ; 

Casuoly ov ittifakee, ankee^ nagu- 

hapeQ^ ttehanckuk. 
C^9uall|r, ad, ittifidcun. 
Casii^ty, A. ariza, hadisay surgoo- 
. imiihW ittifak, dybee. 
C^Qiily <« alim, tukreeree. 
Cf^ols.try, I, tukreer. 
Cat, s. billa, btilao> goona, biral ; 
^ (/ewl) billee. 
^^ia^ud»«^ fikriitoi-ujiias, ti/aha, 

beejuk, taleek^ 
Camp^m, t. loobdee, lopree. 
Cataract, s. jhumay abshar, cbadur; 

M'tlw afe) motiyabind. 
Catairrh, Si zookam, Dusia, surdee. 
Catastrophe, s, hadisa, bula^ bud- 

uDJaro, biput^ bipda, doordusha, 

C^a^l)^ V. puk.unia,bujhana, pukuc 

lena ; {prey) shikar k. ; (6ec(mto' 

gious) tttgna* usur k. 
^^hing^ Qi chhootiha. 
p&tcb-word> «w pae-rukab* 
C&tech^cal, a. 9uwal-o*juwab ke 

tour pur, prushn oottur kee reet 
. se. 

C^teebism) «« suwal-juwab kee 
. kitab) prusbnottur ka poostukw 
CateniitioQ» s, silsila, ulaka, iugao. 
Caterpiila^ iw kumla. 
C^gut, s, tant. 

CathlirtiCy a. joollab^ moos^iil). 
Cath^ral, s. giija i kulan, audr 
. gwja* 

C&ttle, 8, dhor, dangnr, muwa^ee, 
. gae-byl, choupeb. 
(}miU ^* fisi^, pet ka purda. 

CftmleriMv t^. o^ dag d. goo( d. 
j Cavalc&de, <• suwaree, jilou. ' 

Cavalier, «. auwar kar, ghoor* 

Ciifalry, «. tnaaiCMka risala, ghoor* 

Cafe, >ju kboh^ goepha^ gar, 

Ckvem, ) kundra. 

Clivti, t, nooktaHsheenee, etiras, 
uyb-joee, huvf-geeree, khoordu- 
geeree: 9. tukrar k. nookta- 
ckeenee, k. bad*anoobad k. 

C&vity, s. gurha, khokhra. 

Ciuil&ower^ s. pliool-lu>bee4 

Cause, V. kurana. 

Cause^ s, subub, bab, jihut, kantn^ 
moojib, tukreeb, wi]}tth; {law^ 
tuit) mookudduma» mooamula. 

Catol^t, a* be-subub, nahukk, 
be-moojib, betukreeb, yooahee. 

Cadseway, s. khurunja, thuhrab. 

Caiistic, s. tez-iU) kee sulaee. 

Ciiutery, t. dag, gool; 

Cauterise, o. dag d. gool d. chvika 
d. julana. 

Ca(iUoD,«.ibtiyat^bosbiyafee, ebon- 
kusaoe, undesha, soch, tuum- 
iiiool, huzur, fikr, takeed, dhiyau ; 
(wafning) tumbeeb, jutaona, 
nuieehut, savdhauee: v, khu« 
burdar kuraua^ agah kurana, 
hoshiyar kuraoa, kan kholda, 

Catitious, a. choukus, khuburdar, 
hoshiyar, aga, door-undeth, 
akibut undesh, soorta, toocheta, 
savdhan, suchetun* 

Cliutioualy, ad, khuburdaree-se, 
ihtiyat-se, chouksaee-se, dekh 
bhal kur, savdhanee-se, socb- 
boojh kur, hosbiyaree«^ae. 

Cawy o. kao.kank. 

C E L 

[ « ] 

€ £ R 

Ceese, v, moukoof iu llnunii«,\ms« 
ana, thufaurna, mookuvet nilvna, 
^qstana, tnrk k. dustburdar Ik 
hatb o^ana, dioolHia. 

Ceaseless, a. moodaaiee, dauDee, 
be-intiha, lugatar. 

C^dar, 4. surr, vuvo. 

Cede, V, huwala k. soopoord k. 
tusleem k. sospna, urpFttQ k. d^ 

C^ng, s. chhut, sukf. 

Celebrate, v. smhaay touseef k» 
taieef k. »iiia*khwaiiee k. buraiea 
k. prasiiDgw k. biira kar manfia $ 
(^God) humd k. goonanbad k. 
dbttUB manna ; (a da^) maima) 
moobaruk rakhaa ; (a weddinjg) 
biyah-rucfaana ; {aftust) Uido* 
shee k. khoonramee k. ootsoa k« 

Celebrated, a. namee, nimiwur, 
namdar, nuroood wab, nuMh^^ 
boor, maroofy mousoo^ sumani) 
numoodar,muiDdooh, pruti^ba 

Celebratien, t. {prMm) suna, taraef ; 
ustoot, prusungsa ; (feast) sfaa- 
dee, khoomimee, khooehee, oot* 

Celebrity, t. kfaooshnam, neknam^ 

namworee, aboahnii, sookfayati. 
Cel^ty, t. juHee, shitabee, zoodee, 

pboort, begee, chi^xiokee, cha- 

book*d«ttee, ohoottee, ootawul. 
Celery, s. ujwaeen-kkorasanee. 
Gel^tial, a* asmaaee, bithi6httte> 

junnutee, firdousee, fulufeee, 

swurgee, twurgbasee. 
C^bacy, $, koaqmn, moojumidee, 

tajreed, tujunood, bebiyahee. 
Cell, $, gopha, hoojra, koonj, ghopa, 

fcaha, kothree. 
Cellar, t. tub^ana, chor^Lbana^ 


C%lli]lar,<«. kbanulidar, kbtoa-kba- 

Cement, v. joma, tnilana, wasi k, 

py wasta k, 
O^ent, f . (glue) sivresii $ (me^rtar) 

rekbta, gucb; {4elder) tafika,jor, 

Cfeiieer,9. dboopdan^ ooddan. 
Censor, s, moohtusib, reet-bicha« 

Censorious, a, uyb-go, mooatariz, 

uybjo, khoorda-geer, tMitrfgeep, 

mooftaree, oindyk, u^badee. 
Cens6riousness, $, uyb-goee, hurf- 

geeree, n^okta-cbieenae, kboorda* 

Censurable^ «. kab^-ilfeam, laik* 

mulamut, ninda-jog. 
C^nsat^^ '«. ilcam d. moolziai k. 

dokhna, uyb lugana. 
C^nsate, 9k ilftam, taan, dc^th, tinm^. 

tushnee, ninda, upbad^ ha jo. 
Ceirt, ». yuk-8ud, sou, sykm. 
Cent^mal, a, sykra. 
Centipede, t. kunkhajoiOM, httvar- 

Central, a. beeehobeedi k&, dur^- 

miyanee, beecbla, mootawussit. 
C^iHrie, s. beech, murkuz, dulpmi>- 

yan, eiHidb, mudar^ wuat. 
Centdrion^ <. sou ju wan ka juttiadar. 
C^ntury^ «. tudee, sott-buiraS| ftui- 

sumbut, sud-sala. 
Cerate, t« marhutn* 
C^reclotb^ i, momjiitfi^lh. 
Ceretn6nk>u«, d. tukullobfee, sahii^ 

dar, tukullodf-mitlij, ^htadia- 
• ree. 
Ceremony, s, nism, zfihirdafee, 

tukulloof, chtil> Bisbtaohar, bioo^ 

Certain, a. mookumir, subeeh^ tab- 

kecky ^ukccnee, todl/ aitehy. 

C H A 

[ M ] 

C H A 

beshuk, jaryb, mootuhnkkuk, 

suchcha, pruman ; {some) haze, 

koee» koochh. 
Certainly, ad, ulbutta, znroor, be- 

shvik, hur aeena, khwah mu» 

khwahy uwush. 
Certainty, «. suchchaee, tuhkeek, 

yukeen, isbat, tuhukkook, thika* 

na, tyoou. 
Certificate, s. sunud, chitthee, pru- 

j06rtify, «. sabit k. tuhkeek k. moo- 

kurrur k. thurana, jutaDa, pru- 

jnao d. 
Cerulean, a. asmanee-rung, abee* 

Txxng, kuboodee, ukasee. 
Cerumen, $, kan ka my). 
Ceruse, t. sufeda. 
.Ce9S, 8. khirajy damasahee, baj» 

Cesaktion, $, tuwukkoof, rooohlut, 

fporsut, rok, bundee. 
Cession, s. tusleem, tufwees, soo- 

poordy buwala, tubweel, sumur- 

pun, sonpna. 
Chafe, V. khijana ; gurmana* 
Chaff, t, bhoos, bhoosee. 
Chaffinch, s. kism chiriya, 
Ch^ngdish, s. ungethee, borsee, 

atusbdan, kangree, munkul, muj- 

X!hagrln, s. khufiigee, jhoonjblahut, 

jhanjh, runjeedgee, nakhoosbee, 

budmuzugee, azoordugee, bor- 

bumee, koorbun^ 
Xlhain, $. zunjeer, sankul, saiikur^ 
, sungul ; (teries) silsila» 
Chain, v. zunjeer-se bandbna, 

zunjeer k. 
Chiur, #. khoorseQ, choukee. 
Chairman, «. meer-mujUs, sahib- 
. mujlis. 
jChaise, «, gar^, bugghee, sej^aiijee. 

Ch&lice, f. ufgba. 
Chalk, s. khuriya. 
Challenge, s. dawa, tulub : v. {to 

fight) luraee magna, mookabula 

cbahna ; (at a centry) rokna, 

roktok k. 
Chamber, s. kothree, khanuh, hooj« 

Chamberlain, $, nazir. 
Cham^Iion, s. kism girgit, bookulu- 

Champ, V. a. chabna, chibana. 
Champaign, $, mydan ; kism my. 
Champion, s« puhlwan, jungawur, 

hummal. [na. 

Chance, v, waki h. ittiiak h. a-pur- 
Chlincellor, i, sudr oos soodoor, 

Chimcery, t, sudur udalut, sudr 

Chandelier, «. jhar. 
Chimdler, s. shumusaz, buttee- 

Change, s. bud lee, tubdeelee, inki. 

lab, tugyyoor, tubdeel, udul*^ 

Change, v. budulna, udlee-budlee 

k. budlana, tubdeel k. ; {money) 

bhunjana, bhoonana, torana. 
Changeable, <i. mootuIuvWn, besu- 

bat, gyr-moostukil, mootugyyir, 

chunchul, mootuzulzuK 
Ch&ngeableness, «. besubatee, tu- 

luvvoon, bool-huwusee. 
Channel, s. nala, dhara, kharee, 
. Bota, nalee. 
Chant, V. gana, surod k. 
Ch&os, $, hyoolaeh oola, usthirta. 
Cha<Stlc, a. durhum burhum, gur- 

Chap, s. durz; budun ka phutnah. 
Cfa&pel, «. ibaidut-ga, bunaigee-ka» 

mukan, giija-ghur. 

C H A 

t 55 ] 


Cfa&plaiD, f. khadimi-deeni-Ma- 

Chliplet, f . sihra. 

Chapter, s. bab, fusl, purb, uddhi- 

Char, V, koela btinana. 

Oi&racter, s. ank, nuksh ; hurf^ 
uchcbhar, wasf, shukhsiyut ; 
(rank) murtuba, nam, faoormat^ 

Characteristic, a. kbassiyut ka puta 
ya ulamuu 

Characterize, V. a. kho yakhassiyut 
ka byan k. moomtaz k. 

Charcoal, s. koela, zoogal. 

Charge, s, umanut, huwala, soo- 
poord, tuhweel, tuht, zimmawa- 
ree, rokhaee, rukhwalee, zimma ; 
(command) hookm, umr, agya; 
(cost) khurch, lagut; (office) 
khidmut, oohda, pad, pudbee, 
pudwee ; (accusation) bad, shik- 
wa, gila, oolahna, toohmut ; 
(eshortation) tulkeen, nuseehut, 
pund, oopdes; (onset) humla, 
charfaaee ; (of a gun) chot. 

Charge, v. (entrust) umanut rukh- 
na, soopoord k. sonpna, zimma 
rukhna; (impute) lugana; (ac- 
cuMe) dawa k. iialish k. ; (com^ 
mand)hookm k.; (attack) hurola 
k. cburhaee k.; (load) bhuma; 
(enjoin) takeed k. tukyyood k. 

Chargeable, a. keemutee ; (imputom 
ble) zimmawar. 

Charger, s, tubak; (horse) usp i 

Chariot, f. sej-garee. 

Chariot^r, s. ruthban, kochban. 

Ch&ritable, a. mookhyyir, sukhee, 

' data,poonyatmai^danee,dansheel, 
fyyazy gureeb-purwur f {liberal 

in sentiment) 9ahib-800-1ook» 

uyb-posh, khuta-bukhsh. 
Chkrity, s, (benevolence) lootf, fyz, 

prem, kuroona, sneh, piyar ; (to 

the poor) k by rat, poon, dan. 
Charm, v, jadoo k. jhama, muntur 

phoonkoa ; (captivate) furefta k, 

moh-lena, bhoola-lena. 
Charm, s. taweez, totka; ufsoon, 

tilism, tona, sihr, lutka. 
Ch&rmer,5. jadoogur, tonha, syana; 

(beloved) janee, mun-mohun, dii- 

bur, mun-hurun. 
Ch&rming, a. mohna, dil-chusp, 

soohaona, dilrooba, pusundeeda, 

Chart, s. nuksha moolk lub i dmiya 

Charter, s. putta, uhd-nama, sunod 

ijareh kee. 
Chartered, a, sunudee, ijarehdar. 
Chase, v, khedna, rugedna, khuder* 

na ; (drive away) hankna, door 

k.; (hunt) shikar k. : s, puchhera, 

ruput ; (of a gun) nal ; (hunting) 

Chasm, s. durz, shigaf, durar, 

Chaste, a, pakdamun, pakzat, pa« 

keeza, shoosta, soosheel, puvitr, 

kool-wuntee, pak, 
Ch&stely, ad. pakeezgee-se. 
Chastise, v.suzad.tumbeeh k.gosh* 

malee k, kan uynthna, dund d. 
Ch^tisement, s. suza, tumbeeh, 

goshmalee, dund, kan uynthee. 
Chiistity, s, fmkeezugee, pak-damu* 

nee, soosheelta, pakee, sut. 
Chat, s. batcheet, gooftugoo, kee^ 

lokal : V. batcheet k. gooftugoo 

k. baten k. gup-chhup k. 
Chlktter, v» ten ten k. bukna ; (ol 

teeth) bujna, pisna. . 


[ <^ ] 

€ H i 

(MMBtVf !• turbiiriy«, buli^ukijra. 
Chaw, v> a. chabiia» chubaa$k. 
Cheap, a. susla, urian, muoda, 

ghut ka. 
Cb^fip«iQ, V, a. tosta k. utzim* k. 

mol ghutaiia> kum keemut k. 
Qi^apness, #. urzanee, sustaee, 

kum keemutee, ghuttee. 
pbeat) V, thag];)a» dugabazee k. 

chhulna, d^g^ d. fureb k. 
Cheaty $. tliMgaae» duga, cJihuly 

ftireb; (^n^i;^) ^ug, dugabaz, 

furebee, nutkbnt. 
Cbeck, J. rok^dttbao, ^r, moozaba- 

mttt, utkap, ffkoom^iuiut, kyd, 

sud : 9. utkana, Fokoa ; (M^e) 

cUi»ta>8<^rzuai4b k. ; (fln ofcon^nt) 

mookabula k. roilana. 
Q^i^cV^Xy V, «. |i^e« k, iBoor«ik^ k. 
Checkered, a. rangarung, teetur 

budloe ; (vHirk) meorukka^saj^ee. 
Cheek, 8. gaiy rookhsar, ro^kh. 
Cb^ktooth, jf . darb. 
Cbeer, v. khoosb k. boplsana, dil- 

but«{e k; iuskeen 4* tushuffee d. 

dilasa d. jee burbana, khatirjuiDa 

k* tur i%m k^ d^daree k. reejf 

bana, sab us d. 
Cbeer, $, khoomimee, anuod, uysh, 

rabut, khoosbee, mugunti^, 
Cbe^rful, a. kboo«h, kboosbmizaj, 

khoo9b^ti^ba,di]-3hadt khoosb-Or 

kboQmim, musroor, kboosb-dil, 

bilaaee, bufkbityanufidee, borkb- 

Cb^falljr, ad, kboosbee^se, budil, 

bv9ur-o-chu8bm, kbooshee khoo* 

shee, sir an]f:hon-fle, anqnd-se, 
Cb^rAUness, <. kboosbe^, kboo^r 

t^l^vee, ziipda«4il^ apund, bpo- 

las, mugwap^ 
Cbe^rljM?, a. oo4a^y dilgacr, «ifg»e. 
Cheese, s, puu^en 

Cbaese-caice^ i. ki$m mitbaee# 
Chequer, V. doorungee k. ubvee k. 
Cb^risb, t, palna, purwuciab k^ 

kbuburgeeree k. ouwazisb k^ 

bimayut k. nibahna, nirvab k^ 
Cb(;risber, 9» moorubbee^ bam^, 

onee, uodata, pruti-paluk. 
Cb^ry, $. aJoo4>aloo, sbabdana* 
Ch^rubiW; *, kurrpobiy^;^, ^wurg. 

ke doot-gun. 
Cb^i»ut, #. abab<-bviloot: «. (ba^ 

Cbess, s. sbutni9J. 
Chest, s. supdookf petee ; ^afdronjo* 

eri) ulmacee, 
Cbevallery <• abtibsuw^r, gbor- 

cburba, suwarkar. 
Cbeven, s. kism mucbcbbee, 
Qbew^ f9, cbabna» cbubana; (J^he 

<^) jopgalae k. joogaUia. 
Cbic^n^, ) «. beela-^uwala ly$o- 
Cbic&nery, > lal, talmutol^ X9ukr 

o fureb^ 
Chicken, s. cbiogna, pboooai bu^h- 

^ba moorgee ka. 
Chicken-bearted^ a, boozdil, dur- 

pokoay kbajf, iiamurd, joobo^ 
Cbide, V. dantna, jbirukn^ gboo« 

rukna, jhifkee d. gboorkoebutapa, 

^urzunisb k. jboonjblaqa, zujur 

o toubeekb k. dbjiiinjLana, dbuin- 

kee d, duraoa. 
Chief, «. uvwul, bura, sudr, noo- 

Cbiaft '• surdar, riiees, meer, inook<« 

tuda, walee, surwur* surkbyl, 

Chiefly, ad. khoosoosun, uvwulon, 

uksur, besbtiiTf publeh, 
Chilblain, |. biwaee. 
Cbild, I. bucbcha, lurka, tifl, baluk; 

(.^ ) lurkee, pbbgkr^, Ufluka, 


€fl I 

[ 57 j 

C H B 

CWMbirthy $, jimna, juDaee. 

Childhood^ s. buc^Min, tiflee, )u- 
fnlcpiHi* ^kaee« tpofooUynr^ 
balapun, uyam-tiflee, buchobu- 
fae» «lmii-i-tiflee, sigr-siuee. 

Cbil4iih» «, lurica sa, choolboola, 

baola, lurlce ka sa. 

C^M w h nest,i> Ufl-mizajee,litrkae^ 
chibulla-puDy cbhicboorpua. 

Cbildlewy a» |a->wulttd, ni-poot, oo^ 
beHeuliMl* iiisnntaD, upootr, air- 
buns; (Jem.) banjh. 

Chydiea^ lu lurkes bales, kucb 
biicb, iiyial utfal. 

CIttU. 0* suvd, tbunda» «urdee, s«et, 
thundy ufsoordgee, booroodjut, 

Cbimc^ s, ^ talmel; (e/'a 6e//) 

tbivokar; (^o/) gujur : v. milna, 

buni-iabnpg h. woowafik h, ektal 

h»;(a$ verse) humwuzn b« mou- 

(au«»4i»9 #. dbokha, soiab, vuhm, 

khijral, kluyal 1 latyl. 
Cbim^rical, a. wubfnae;, dbokba sa, 

GMmneir, «• bookhare^, dbooamra^ 

dooddaq, doodkush, gUkhuo^ 
Cbin, s, thoree, thoodde^, zukun^ 

CbiB-eoi»gh, 4u kpokur-^khansee* 
Chink, V. chhun chhuoAoa, kbon 

Ctok* #. ivffh ^bed« soorakb, du* 

rar, ahigtf, ehak, rukbna. 
Cbmt0, s, ebhetnu 
Cbipy «r c}»bipt^, cbylee, chbeebin, 

CUpBMBMMyy s. rumul, g«Aioodrik« 
Chirp^ t?, cboorugna, rei k. jbin- 

garnm choMi choon k. cbe^ 


CfairC»f0O9, $, uurah* 

Chkely ii. jookbanea^ <^beiiee, tan- 

Chit, <. ehitthae, patee, rookka* 
Chit-chat, $. bat cheet, keelkal, 

boicbat kulma kolam, kuftbf 

barta, kuth op kuthuo. 
Chi¥e«» «. a#ot phoakm ka. 
Cbqioi^ 4(. khaaa» tobia, Att(ee8t» 

nadir, muakool, pusund, muv 

man, cbokba, munbhaona, O0t» 

turn, bihtur, pusuudeeda. 
Choice, «, ikhtiyar, pusuad, mune^ 

khooshee, reejh, banchb«. 
Choir, I. taifa guvyon ka. 
Choke, V. gula gboistoa, di^n bund 

k. gula phanana, pbussMt wt* 

Ch6ler^ f . oit, anfira ; («f^^) gboos* 

sa, Jcrodh, rag, kop. 
Ch^era morbui, s. hyza, soohuxnt 
Choleric, o. gurju-mizaj^ toond, 

ghoossawnr, atusbee^^niz^i, kfo» 

Choose, V, pusund k. ehabna, 

iohhant, eboon, ya ehoog lemu / 
Chop, s. diilee, pva, toolusa, tifcka. 
Chord, $* tar, dhopn* 
Chorister, «. guviya. 
Chorography^ «, Uro-i^riyazee^ 
Cbdrus, t, juwabee, j«wab, kiire^ 

tal o soor. 
Chosen, a. pusundeeda, Qiukbool* 

munzoor, choona hooa, muno- 

Christ, i. Khoodawund Yusoo Miu> 

seeh bukhshinda i jubao, Pru*^ 

bhoo Yishoo Khreest, ubbishikt 

Christen, v. a. deen Huseehet men 

shamil k. namkunin k. 
Cbfiitia«, M, Yusoowa^, £es«e% 

C I R 

[ 58 ] 

C I R 

Christilinity, *. deen-Eesnwee, Ee- 

«aee-mazbub, Kristan-dhurm. 
Christinas, s. Museeh kee pydaish 

ka din, bora din, Kreest ka junm 

Chronic, a«moozmtn,der-pa, dinee, 

Chronicle, i. tuwareekh, wukayeh. 
Chron6logy, s. ilm i tuwareekh. 
Chry'salis, s. badama. 
Chry'solite, s. yakoot, 1a1. 
Chry'stal, s, bilour, knlum. 
Chum, 8, humkhanuh, humhoojra, 

Church, 8. juroaut i eesaee, kuleesa^ 

mundulee, giija-ghur. 
Church-yard, s. kubrbtan, gorus- 

Churl, a. gunwar; (miser) bukheel, 

kripun, kunjoos. 
Churlishness, i. sungdilee, kur- 

ukhtgee, beruhmee. 
'Chum, V, bilona, mutbna. 
Chyle, s. kyloos, rus, kymoos, 

Chy'mist, v, keemiyagur, rusaenee, 

keemiya-saz, moohuvvis. 
Chy'mistry, s. keemiya, rusaen,kee- 

Cicatrice, 8, zukhum ka dagh. 
Cider, $, shurab seb kee. 
Cimeter, 8, tegha, shumsher. 
Cinder, s. (cold) koela ; (hot) un- 

Cingle, 8, ghoreh ka zerbund, tung. 
Cinnabar, 8, shungurf. 
Cinnamon, s. darcheenee. 
Cion, 8, tuhnee. 
Cipher, 8, sifir, bindee; (Jigure) 

rukum, ank. 
Cipher, v, hisab k. 
^Circle, «. ghera, daira,girda, koon- 

dul, chukkur, bulka, munduU 

Circuit, f. gurdish, doura, pher, 

chukkur, gusht. 
Circular, a. gol, mooduvnir, hulka- 

Circulate, v. gurdish k. phhma; 

{08 the blood) douma, chulna^ 

buhna ; (8end round) chulana, 

jaree k. ruwan k. phylana. 
Circulation, 8, gurdish, douran, 

phera, ijra, chulun. 
Circumtobulate, v. n. gird phir«> 

na, girdawuree k. purikurma k« 

ghera k. 
Circumcision, t. khutna, soonut. 
Circ(imference,s. gher, daira,^hera, 

gird, girdpesh, doura, mooheet i 

Circurojicent, a. moottusil, aspas^ 

girdpesh, kureeb, nuzdeek, lug- 

bhug; {places) gird-nuwah, utraf, 

huwalee, suwad, koorb o juwar, 

Circumlocution, 8, tool-kulam, 

ghoomao, pech, gurdish-lufzee, 

pecheedgee, marpech, pher. 
Circumscribe, v, hudd bandhna, 

dubana, bebus k. mujboor k. 
Circumspect, a, choukus, hoshiyar, 

choukunna, ihtiyatee, savdhan, 

Circumsp^tion, 8. chouksaee, thti- 

yat, hoshiyaree, door undeshee, 

Circumstance, s. hal, hukeekut, 

kyfiyat, bat, uhwal, brittant, 

uvustha, beora, vishy. 
Circumstlintial, a. bistarit; {fidC) 

moofussul, wazih; (accidental) 

ittifakee, arizee. 
Circumstlintially, ad: moofustulun, 

tufseerwar, mushroohun. 
CircunMT^nty 9. dhc^a d. thugna^ 

uyaree k. * * 

C L A 

[ 5«> ] 


CirccimT^ntkniy $, thugaee, kuput, 

chukr-mukr, pecb-pach, uUum- 

gallnm, dugabazee. 
Ctrcumventor, s. dugabaz, iylsoof, 

€hhidee> nytar, mootufunnee, 

kuptee, haram-zada. 
Cifcos, s. ukhara, moosara. 
Cist«rD,«. houK, chuh-bucha, cbou- 

bocbcba, koond. 
Citadel, s. kola, gurfa, kot ; {maU) 

Citation, s. tulab, dustuk. 
Cite, V. tulub k. elam k. boola 

CitiaeD, s. shuhree, shuhrwal, nu- 

Citron^ s. tooniDJ. 
City, s. shuhr, nugur. 
Ci?et-cat9 s. mooshk-bilaee. 
C'mly a. kbnleek, roiluiuar, tahib- 

soolook, sabib-ukhlak, sooebeel, 

sisht-acbaree, soo-soobhao, bhu- 

Ift-maDus; (territorial) moolkeef 

roaiee, deewanee ; (war) khana- 

Civil-coort, i, udalat deewanee. 
Civilian, s. uhl i kulum, sahib i 

Civility, s. khoolk, uhliyat, mooda- 

rat, soolook, admeeyat^insaniyut, 

salahiyut, hilm o hya, sisht- 

achar, bhul-munsee, ao-bhogut. 
Cinlixe, v. admee bunana, turbiyut 

k. sudhana. 
CiriUlaw, s. aeen deewanee ka. 
Civilly, ad. ukhlak-se, udub-se, 

Civil- war, «. khanu-jungee. 
Claim, s. dawa, durkhwast, sawal, 

istehkak : o. dawa k. tulub k. 

dad roangna. 
Claimant, s. daweh-dar, moodduee, 

dad-khwah, talib, tulubgar, daee. 

Cl&mber, v, churhna. 
Clamminess, $. lusUisahut, chip* 

chipahut, lu8,les,luzoojut,luzuj, 

Cl&mmy, a. chipchipa, lislisa, lus* 

dar, lesdar, luznj. 
Clitmour, $. shor, gool, gouga, 

dhoom, josb-khurosh, kulkuT, 

hooUur, hank-pookar: v, gool 

muchana, shor k. gouga oothana, 

pookama, dhoom muchana. 
Ciamp, $, puttur, putra : v, puttur 

juma, puttur lugana. 
Clan,s. firka, koum, kool,kbaQdan. 
Cland^tine, a. posbeeda, chhipa, 

khoofiya, goopt, mukhfee. 
Clandestinely, ad, choopchoopateh, 

goopchoop, chhipakur, khoofi* 

yutun, choree choree. 
Clang, f. (o/aniM) jhunuk, jhunkar, 

khutakhut, jhurajhur, turatur, 

dhuradhur; (of a trumpet) ioo^ 

too, bhofi-bhon. 
Clap, I. khutka ; (of thunder) kuruk. 
Clipper, «. lutkun (ghunte ka), 

Clliret, s. lal-shurab. 
Cl&rify, V. myl katna, saf k. 
Cliirion, t, kuma, book, tooruee, 

Clash, V. jhunjhunana, tukrana, 

khutkhutana ; (oppoie) mookha^ 

lifut k. urnd, zid k. 
Clashing, ». jhunkar, jhunuk, khut- 
ka, tukkur, jhurajhur. 
Clasp, V, bugul-geeree k. jukur-ke 

f>ukuma, guhna; (embrace) gule 
ugana, koulee men lena, chhatee 
Clasp, s, bugul-geeree; (hook) 

unkree, kanta. 
Class, $, Idsm, zat, jins; (order) 
duija ', (reading, S^e,) jumaut. 


r «o ] 

€ L I 

Cl&ssic, «. moowafik, mooutdbtt. 
Clatti6eibtioii9 $. jiAswaree, siluh* 

bundee, tnjoeei. 
Ci&tter, f . khurkhurahut, kbtitkhat : 

fr. khuikbarana, thukthukona, 

turturana, klmtkJitrtma ; (chat^ 

ter) hokbvk k. 
Clause, s. fikra; (artick) •dofa, 

Cl^viele, i, Inivslee. 
Claw, s, nakhooB, chungool, puoja, 

noofa^ nukh. 
Claw, V. pwija niarna, nochna, 

khtiroebna, chontfana, buluitoa. 
Clay, s. ohflcnee mittee, pindid, 

chuhla; (pivparecQ gara ; {tiuxt 

with straw) kabgiJ. 
Clean, a, aaf, sootfata, pak, oojia, 

pakeeza, aooehh, nirmul, phur- 

cliba, oojjul ; (not toed) kora. 
CleAD, o. aaf k. oojlana, manina, 
Cidanliness, s. sufaee, pakee, pa- 

keezgee, nnfasut, soo^raee, ooj- 

laee, Boochbta, nirmulta. 
Cleanse, v, saf k. oojlana, manjna, 

puvitr k. 
Clear, a. shuffaf, tufa, phiupcbha, 

nirmul, oojjul ; {as water) nidum ; 

{apparent) zali^, sureeh, kboola, 

ashkara, ulantya, pratuksb ; 

{free) azad, khulas, chhoota. 
Clear, v, saf k. oojla k. ; (t^sengage) 

sooljhana, kholna; (remove) sur- 

kana* mfa k. ; (free) azad k. 

chhoorana. [wana. 

Cl^aranee, f. chulan, nikasee, ru- 
Clelirly, tul. sofaeeHse, saf saf, zu- 

hifa, sureehun. 
Clearness, s. sufaee, oojlaee, shuf- 

&fee, burrakee ; {pertpkuit^) 

Clean-sighted, a. tez-nnzur, door* 

uodesb, prubeen, beena. 

Ckare, v. (split) pkama, ebeem^ 

katna ; {atiaeked) chinrnt, loga, 

lipta, gutha, ya draspeeda ho 

Cl^v«r, M, koolbaiee, tubor, phur- 

sa, boogda. 
CleH^ s. durar, durz, chak, eMted, 

luruk, rukhna, phuta, cheer. 
Clemency, s, ruhm, shufkut, rah- 

iiMit, amoorzish^ hilm, durdmoA^ 

dee, moolaimut, nunnee, mya, 

dya, kripa, kaioona. 
Client, a, Tuheem, gulbor, kuleem^ 

roooturuhhim, moolairn, kifroo- 

mawant, kripal, dyawumt, mihr* 

Clench, v. a, mootthee men pukot* 

Clergy, «. khadiman i deen Mnsee- 

hee, Kbreest-mut ka sevuk^^n^^ 
Cl^rgynian, s. khadim i deen Mu- 

seebee, Rhreest-mut ka seyuk. 
Clerk, s. nuweesinda, katib, noo- 

bunir, Iddiuk. 
CUver, a. chutoor, chalak-dust, 

hoshiyar, kamil, dooroost, pru* 

been, goonwan, goonee, aipooiu 
Clew, «. (of thread) golee, pinda, 

moya, kookree, peohuk ; (gtade) 

sirishta, rah, puta, thikana, soo- 

Client, I. moowvkkii. 
Cli^, s. kbttra pvhar, dhang, ihring, 

chonta, teela. 
Climate, t. snrEumeen ; «b o huwa, 

ukleem, huwB panee. 
Climb, 9. churhna. 
Cling, V. diimut jana, loga rohnay 

liput jana, lutka rulina. 
Qink, V. thimthimana, jhuajhunaaa, 

Clip, V. kuturaa, fcatoa, turasbnay 


C L O 

[ at 1 

C O A 

^OAk» I, lubada^ fiugool, banneef 
choga; (cover) puxxla^ p^hUh, 
ot, ebhi|>ao, 

CiDtk, V. cbhipana^ dhampna^ ot 
k. purda k, fghuree. 

dock,,!, gimreergburq^a^dhuruiri- 

Clockmaker, s, ghuree-saz. 

Clody s. <fiielm dul% lomk^ pinda. 

baf ; {shoe) khumoon. 

ClaiBtei, s. gosha, hoojra, inurhee. 

Close, V. bund k. bhema^ moodna, 
cUMpna, dhampna^ lugana, bhi* 
Taos ; (ihe^etfes) meecbaa; (end) 
khuUn k. tamam k. niberaay 
BtpUaa;. (jom) nulana^jhcsnay 

Qo8e» a. tiunainee, tkhk, unt 

Close^ a. bund, moonda,. rooks; 
(wei^ker) khumus^ ghamaft; 
{narrowy tung ; (Joined. toUh) 
ffmvaXA^ m\\^ luga ; {near} 
mooUcisil, pasy ner^ ; {dy) puk- 
ka, uyar; (thick) ghuna, gooa- 

. jfM ; (pompoiU) thos, sungeen. 

CkMeness, s. (narrowneu) kotahee, 
tungee ; (mciaity) nusdeekee, 
koocb f (ihi^ness) goonjanee ; 
(ow^Mic^fieM) sungeenee ; {of the 
weather) khumtabut, ghumus. 

Closet, M, khulwut-khana^ gosha, 
kotbcee, hooJTa« 

Qotfa, f. kupra, pardia, bustr. 

Clothe, V. kupre-pubrana, orbaita, 

Clothes, $, kupre, parcba, bastur, 
joffeb> libaS) posbak, poshisby 
pohrawa, olanusha. 

Cioad, «. ubr, badoi, budlee^ gbuta, 
megh, gboD. 

CldttSaat, Oi b»-«ibr, saf, khoola; 

Clo6dy, a, gbuta, budlee^ dhoondia, 
ubri gMlaoB; ubf i aigaik 

Clout„«. pywand, jor ; (ragy looo* 

l^ee, luogotee. 
Clove, s. bung, kurunfool, mekhuk. 
Cloven, par^ (footed) pbata-toom. 
Clover, <• kism ghas, tuAeel. 
Clown, $^ gunwar, moorakb, dib* 

kanee, rostaee. 
Qownisb, a. gunwaroo, imgbarh, 

koonda-aaturasb, ukhur. 
Clowniahneis, s. dihkaii-puii,guii«' 

Cloy, V. ugbana, set k, cbbukna, 

jee bhuroa, rooonh pbir jana. 
Club, t. sonta, luth, cbob, lathee ; 

{auemhly) mujlis ; (of poett} 

Cluck, V. kootkootana, kurkurana, 

koAtkoot k. 
' Clump,*. (o/*twod)koonda,Jttkm; 

Clumsy, a. unaree, koorb, kham- 

Mar; (fsm.) phoobur, khelarbela^ 

(ugly) budwuza, bedoul^ bud- 

doul, bud-byseeut. 
i Cluster, «. khosha, goochchha. 
Clutch, s. girift, mooabt, punjuh, 

choQBgul^ bath, poikur^ kd[»aa,. 

dao, guh. 
Clyster,. «. bookaa^ piohhaiBe> umiil 

i tayir. 
Coach, s. 49ej-garee^ 
Coachman^ «. garee-wan, koehwan. 
Coadjutor, «. rufeek, satbee,.sbur- 

eek, sajhee, yawur,. sungatee,^ 

suhayuk, sungutee. 
Coii^ate, o. a* jumana. 
Coal, s* pubaree koela> kanee koe- 

k^4.(iwe) ungara. 
Coalesce, v. n. mil^jana, pywusta 

h. joorna, jootna, amekbta h. 

mukhloot h. 
CoaKftion, s. ntel^ ikhtUat, amesisb,. 


C O F 

t «2 ] 


Coarse, a» (cloth) mota; (rude) 

koonda-i-naturash, na-shaista ; 

(c/timty) bedoul, bud-doul, be- 

Coast, s. lub i duriya, sumundur 

ka teer, ya tut, ya kinara. 
Coat, s, koortee, ulkhaluk, kuba; 

(o/* mail) jbiium, buktur, char- 

aeeua, khod, zira. 
Coax, V, phooslana, buhlana, dam- 

dilasa d. choomkana. 
Coaxer, s. dumbaz, chaploos, 

phooslarebaz, phooslaoo. 
Cobbler, s. chumar, parudoK. 
Cobweb, $, mukree ka jala, nusj i 

Cochineal, s. kirmiz firungee. 
Cock, s. moorg, moorga; (male) 

nur ; (of a gun) tota, kul, ghoru. 
Cockade, s. puron ka goochchha. 
Cockcrowing, s. bangi-rooorg. 
Cocket, s. ruwunna, nikasee kee 

Cockfight, s. moorg-bazee. 
Cockle, 1. kism i seep. 
Cdckroach, s. tilchutta. 
Cockscomb, s. taj-khuroos, toor- 

Cocoanut, t. naryul, naijeeL 
Cod, 1. kism i mahee. 
Coddle, V. a. neemjosh k; 
Code, s. kitab aeen kanoon kee. 
Cddicil, 1. pus-wusiyut. 
Coequal, a. humsur, humchushm, 

sum tool. 
Coerce, V, a, buzor kurana, zubur- 
> dustee kurana, juburun kurana. 
Coeval, 8. hum-usr, hum-oomr, 

humjolee, sumkaleen. 
Cofiee, 1. kohwa, boon. 
CbfTer, s, sundook, petee. 
Cofiio, <..taboot, sundook mureh 


Cogent, a. kuwee, zuroor^ laboocf; 

drirh, uful. 
Cogitation, s, fikr, undesha^ tunid- 

dood, khiyal, soch, chinta, 

dhyan, bhaona. 
Cognizable, t, musmooo, soonne- 

Cognizance, f. tuhkeekat, baz* 

khwast, bazpoors, furiyadrusee. 
Cohabit, o. n. humbistur h. bum. 

soohbut h. humkhwaba h. hum* 

agosh h. sunsurg k. , 

Cohabitation, s. soohbut, sungut, 

hum-bisturee, humkhwabee, 

humagoshee, sunsurg. 
Coheir, s.hum-irs, di-unsee, bum- 

Cohere, «. n. pywusta h. lug jana, 

Coherence, <• chuspeedugee, sim- 

tao, sutao, wusl, mel. 
Coherent, a. chuspeeda, pywusta, 

sunjookt; (connected) mootuul- 

lik ; (consistent) moowafik, theek. 
Coh^ive, a. chuspeeda, chipchipa, 

Coil, V. a, goondlee bunana. 
Coin, s, sikka, zurb, moodra. 
Coinage, s, zurrabee. 
Coincide, v* mootabik h. milna, 

ekdil h. 
Coincidence, s, mootabukut, moon- 

asubut, lugao, ilaka, tuallook^ 

tutabook, tutbeek, mel. 
Cold, a, thunda, surd, seetul, khoo- 

nuk, seela. 
Cold, s, thund, surdee, jara, boo- 

roodut, khoonkee ; (caiarrh) 

rezish, zookam, nuzla, noozool, 

Coldly, ad. guflut-se, be-purwaee- 

se, dhirkaree-se. 
Coldness, c. surdee^ thund^ seetulta. 


t 63 ] 


Cold aeasoo, t. jara, surma. 
ColiCy t, koolunj, baosooly baegola. 
Collar^ s. gooloo-bund ; (of a gar* 

maU) guieban; {leather) putta; 

{metal) touk. 
ColUue, V. niilana» mookabula k. 
Collateral, a, burabur burabur, 

bom-pohlooy lugeh lugefa. 
Colleague, s. rufeek, shureek, hum- 

munsub, hum-ohda, sathee. 
Collet, V. juma k. ekuttha k. bot- 

oma, ekja k. ; {revenues) tuhseel 

k« oogahna. 
Collection, $, ijtimau, tuhseel, zu- 

kheera, sungruh, sunchiU 
Coll^tively, ad, ekuttha, subsu- 

met, hyut i mujraooee. 
Collector, s. oogahnewala, amil, 

sahib i tuhseel. 
College, i. mudrusa, path-shala, 

Collegian, $. talib ilm, bidiyarthee. 
Collier, s. koeleh ka puhar khodne* 

Colliery, t. koeleh kee khan. 
C6iIi6ower, s. phool-kobee. 
Collision, s. dhukka, tukkur, thes, 

jhurpa jtiurpee. 
CoUoquiid, o. {phroMey SfcJ) rosmur- 

ra, moohawura. 
Colloquy, «. batcheet, gooftugoo, 

bolehal, suwal juwab. 
Collision, $, fureb, sazish, sutta- 

butta, karsazee, bundish, ittifak, 

sakht, chhul. 
CoUy'rium, «. soorma^ koohul, un- 

Colonel, f. salar, huzaree. 
Cdlonise, v. a. abad k. shuhur bu- 

sana, nou-abad k. 
Coloinnluie, s* chihiUsutoon. 
Colony, i. abadee, nou-abadeei 

desMUur kee bustee. 

Colour, f. rung, burun ; (appmr" 

once) soorut, roop; {pretence) 

buhana, mis, heela. 
Colour, v., rungna ; (to palliate) 

bunana; {blush) shurm khana, 

Coloured, pa, a. rungeen, rungeela, 

rungburung, goonagoon. 
Colours, s, nishan, uluro,jhunda, 

Colt, s, buchhera; {^y) buch- 

C61umn, s. sutoon, kbumb, peeU 

Comb, V. kunghee k. bahna ; {wool) 

dhoonna, toomna. 
Comb, s. kunghee, bahnee. 
Combat, s. luraee, jung o jidal, 

jooddh, run. 
Combatant, s. luraka, mookabil^ 

hureef, jodha. 
Combination, s, bundish, amezish, 

sajha, ittifak, mel. 
Combine, o. milana, jorna, pywusta 

k. ganthna, joorna. 
Combiistible, a. soznak, julunhar. 
Come, V, ana ; (a superior) tushreef 

lana, dakhil h. 
Comedian, t. suwangee, nukkal. 
Comedy, s. suwang, nnkl. 
Comeliness, s, kboobsoortee, 

khoosh-undamee» hoosn, soo* 

roopta, soundurjta. 
Comely, a. khoobsoorut, soondur, 

huseen, turuhdar, khoosh-un- 

dam, shukeel, nek-munzur, soo- 

roop, sujeela, sootree, soodur- 

Comet, s. sitara doomdar, dhooro- 

ket, poonchhya tara. 
Comfit, s. kism mitbaee, nookuU 
Comfort, s, tusnllee, tuskeen, shant, 

dildaree^khatirdaree, suma4}u^n ; 


t «4 ] 


V. tasulle« d. tuslMcn lutitfhti^ 

k. skanti d. 
Comfortable, A* (m^emMmitMeet) 

afWMfa-haly umuii'^kyfr ; (ffmmg 

annfoft)tmkee^bMa!l^ shanti- 

Comfert«r, t. tusullee kume wala, 

gum-khwar, sookh-data. 
Cmfyrt\it9s, $. oodas^ bekusv be^ 

chara, diltung, dilshikust^ slmnti- 

ruhity umt-'bden. 
Comical, a. thuthebaz, choohia, 
' thui)kol) himsor. 
Cdming, s. ana, amud, awaee; {of 

tf iaperior) tushreef. 
Command, s. hookm, irefaad, ag- 

giya, nmr, furman, furmooda, 

furmaisb, kuba, adesb ; {author^ 

ity) hookoomut: «. bookm k. 

funnana, agya k. ; {nde) surda- 

ree k. surwuree k« riyasut k. 
Comm^der, s. surdar, salar, suf* 

gnrohjudhyuksb, prudban, udbi- 

pttti; (m chief) sipah-salar, 

Commemorate; v. yad-garee k. oors 

k. yad*dibee k. smoruntirth k. 

Commemor&tiott, s, yad^dibee, oors, 

sbadee, soort, smunin, soomrun. 
Comm^ce,v.shoorookw arumbb k. 
Commencement, $* sbooroo, agaz, 

ibtida, arumbb* 
Commend, 9. {praise) stirahna, ta<> 

wef k. touseef k, ; {recommend) 

sifarish k. tukreeb k.; {deiufer) 

bowalft k. tusleem k. soopoord 

k. sompna. 
Commendable, a» laik-tftreiKf> kabiU 

tubseen, 9urabneh-jog. 
Commendation, #. tweef, mtidnb; 

tukreeb^ stooti, ustbot, mubi*- 

CommeMunttey A bnitt^iicb^ 

Cdmmetit, ) #. sbnroh, ha^inytt) 
C6mment«ry, 5 teeka^ tnfceer, 

Commentator, ^ moofesstr^ ahaii^ 

tedmkar^ bbasbkar^ 
Commevoe, s. soodaguree^ tijanity 

bunuj, byobar, byopar. 
Commercial, a, tijarutee, sonda* 

garana, bunujee, byopar ka. 
Commin6tion,f. resa reia ka kurha, 

zurra zurra ka koma, ohoora 

eboora ka kurna. 
Commiserate, V. rubm k.durdmiin- 

dee k. turs kbana, dyak. roya It^ 
Commiser^ion, #. yahiii> durd- 

mnnctoe, dya, tura, turubhooBii> 

Commission, t. sonud; {truti) 

umeenee ; {on colleetion$) moo- 

bnssil-ana; {command)JvLrmmh ; 

{perpetration) kurtub, keeya; 

{on goods) roosoom, dustooree. 
Commissioner, t, sahib iazim. 
Commit, V. {intruit) huwaki> k. ; 

{imprtson) kyd k.; {j[>erpetrai€) 

Committer, $4 mujlis^ punobaet; 
Commodious, a.. muUKOo]> wuaee, 

Commodity, i, jins, mal, fooda, 

Commod6re, «. jungee jubason^ ka 

Common, a, mnsbboor, iidna» 

neech, kurokudr ; (general) am ; 

{plenty) buhoot ; {ir^Brior) 00- 

tuita booa, kumtur^ rasee.- 
C6mmon, <. mydan. 
Commonly, ad, uksur, besbtur, 

barba, uksur onkat, bar ban 
Cdmmonplact-book, s. 1 


[ W ] 


Cmnmons, $, uwRm« 
Commonwealth, s. riyasut t jum* 

boor, intMami-am. 
Comaiotion, #. bulwa, fitna, hnl- 

chulee, fuaad, khulbulee ; (per^ 

twbatioH) istirab, bjakoolce, 

Conro^ne, v. hiun*iookhun fa. ba* 

ten k. moshwura k. bolna, barta- 

Comm^nkite, «. kuhna, khubur k. 

butana; (give) dena; (be «m- 

nededf) ulaka rukhoa. 
Coramanic&tion, s. tuallook, ilaika, 

rubt, met, lugao; (information) 

htUa, khabur. 
Communion, s. amud-ruf), oons, 

sungut^ suth-sung, mel, bolchal, 


Community, s. khass o am, jam* 
boor, Uulk, gvroh. 

CommCite,t7. a. tubdeel k. budul d* 

. Compact, i. shurt, uhd, ittifak,* 
koul-kurar, kubooiiyut, likhtunff. 

Compact, a* poorkar, thoi, sirt, 
gufs, poor; (brief) roookhtusur. 

Comp^ ion, <. rufedic, shuredc, moo- 
sahib, »athee, sungce, humdum, 
yar, hum-soohbut, soohbul^, 

Company, f . (^r«etti) mihman ; (oi- 
$embly) mujlis ; (fdlowthip) 
toohbut, rifidcut. 

CcMBpliratively, A(i. ba-nisbut,moo- 
kaoU men, undaze^se. 

Comp&re, v. milana, mookabula k. 
tusbbceb d. moo«habuhut d, 
moonasubut d. tool k. 

Comp4rison, s. mooshabuhnt, mk« 
al, nisbut, oopma, tumaed, moo- 
kabula, rooow8)ubttt, tatbeeky 
toolta^ sadrUb. 

Compass, «. gherna, gird k. moo* 
faasura k. chheidcna ; (attain) 
haaM k. pmpt k. 

Compass, «. ghera, chukknr, gnr- 
dish, dour; (reach) puhoonch, 
rusaee ; (extent) mikdar, wusut, 
thikana, hudd ; (a pair of com* 
pauet) purgar ; (the mariner's 
compost) kootb-nooma. 

Coropi»sion,<. durdmundee, ruhm- 
dilee, dya, mya, tursmundee, 
mihr, turuhhoom. 

Compassionate, a. ruhmdil, room* 
dil, dyal, durdmund, mihrban, 
sahib-durd, ruheem, mooshiik, 
nurrodil, kuroonawunt. 

Compassionate, v. ruhm k. durd- 
mundee k. tuTs khana, gum- 
khwaree k. dya k. mya k. 
kuroona k. 

Compatible, a. laik, muakool, sha- 
ista, kabil, jog, oopjookt. 

Compeer, t. humsur, humchushm, 
burabur, hum-duija, hum-mur- 
tuba, [dustee kurana. 

Compel, V. bu zor kurana, subur- 

Comp^ndioue, a. roookhtusur, 
rooojmul,' moontukhub, kotah, 
sunkhep, lughoo. 

Compendium, s. khoolasa, ikhtisar, 
intikhab, ijraal, «ejaz, stmkhep- 

C<Mnpen8ate, v. ewus d. tulafee k. 

Compensation, t. ewus, tulafee, 
juza, ujr ; (damage) dand, goo- 
Buhgaree, mukafat. 

Competence, s. (ofjbrtune) furagut, 
asooda-halee, ganth poora, wuju 
kuiaf, furakhoor. 

Competent, a. kabil, laik, rooowa- 
fik, burabur, jog, oopjookt ; kafee, 
bus ; (reoMonable) wajibee, dpo- 
roost, theek. 


[ 66 ] 


Competition, s, mookabulut, hiska 

hiskee, boda budee, moonazuut, 

rikabut, badanoobad. 
Competitor, s, bureef, mookabil; 

hum-mutlubybum-muksud, pru- 

ti*puksh, pruti-baduk. 
Compil^ttioD, <. taleef, mujmoou, 

sunchy, suDgruh. 
Compile, V. taleef k. juma k. fura- 

bum k. suDchy k. sungruh k. 
Compiler, t, moouUif, jami, sunchy* 

Complacency, s. khoo9bee,mooruv* 

vut, diljumuee, khatir*jumuee, 

eoosheelta, anund, suntokh. 
Complacent, t, khoosh-tubuh, moo- 

Compllun, V. furiyad k. nalisb k. ; 

haeb baeh k. koprkoorana, nala 

k. bilap k. ; (sick) nasaz h. uleel 

h. beemar h. mand b. 
Complainant, <. furiyadee^ mood- 

duee, moostugees, nalisbee. 
Complitint, 8, baeb, ah, dureg, 

ufsos, bilap ; (accusation) shika- 

yut ; naUsh, furiyad ; (diseate) 

beemaree, mandgee, rog, 

Complaislmce, ». uhliyut, khoolk, 

mooruvvut, seelta, ukhlak, in* 

saniyut, admiyut, sulahiy ut, sish- 

tacharee, seeUoobhao. 
Camplaisknt,a.khuleek,uhl, sahib- 

mooruvvut,800seel,bhula, khoob, 

nurm, sahib-ukhlak. 
Complaisantly, ad, mooruvvut-se, 

moolaimee ke sath, khoolk-se. 
Complement, <. tiudad, gin tee, shoo- 

Complete, a. tumam, poora, khutm, 

tyar, kami), mookummul, sum- 

poorn, sumapt : v. poora k. 

tumam k. unjam-ko*puhooQcha- 

na, nibahna, nibah d. nibemay 

sumapt k. 
Completely, ad, surasur, surapa, 

durobust, muhz, eklukht^ nipat, 

Completion, t, tumaroee, unjam, 

tumamiyut, itmam, tnkmeel, 

iklititam, moontuha, tutmeem,. 

nibera, sumpoomta, poorapUD. 
Complex, a. pecheela, ubtur, pech 

dur pech, ooljba. 
Complexion, <. rung, roop, bum. 
Compliance, «• kubool, eejab, 

ruzamundee, istirza, summuti» 

Complicated, a, pech dur pech, 

ooljha, pecheela, pecbeeda, pech 

pech, ubtur, mooe-moojaud. 
Compliment, t. tukuUoof; moodara, 

sularo, pru nam, adur, sishtachar, 

Compliment, v. moobaruk badee 

d. tuhneeut d. ; {flatter) khoo« 

shamud k. zahir-daree k. chap- 

loosee k» mukkaree k. 
Compliments, s, sulam ; (to a 

superior) bundugee. 
Comply', V. ruzmund h. kuboolna, 

buja lana, razee h. summut h. 

ungeekar k. 
Compose, v, (make) bunana, jor- 

na, kuhna, likhna; (calm) tus* 

keen d.; (adjust) dooroost k. 

rufak. ; (in jvjn/twg) hurf juma- 

na; (music) turuh dalna, soor 

karhna, soz nikalna; (as an 

author) tusneef k. insha k. 

ruchna ; (arrange) theek k. tur- 

teeb d. [dheema. 

Composed, a. sunjeeda, moostukil, 
Comp6ser, s, moosunnif, insha- 

purdaz, grunth-kar; (o/* music) 

turuh-saz, soor-karhee. 


C er ] 


Goinpofiitimi. t. milawut, turkeeb ; 

(of a debt) damasahee ; (ofmedi" 

cme) dQwaaaiee ; {work) tusneef, 

inshay mchoa ; (rf a diferemce) 

rufa-du^ moosaluhuh, infisat. 
Conp^itor, f. buif jumanewala, 

Qcbebhuron ka sujanewala* 
Compost, s. khat, kliad. 
Conpdsure, t. chyn, asaisb, BoMi^ 

athirta, umn. 
Compodnd^ V. moorukkub k. niila« 

Da, mukhloot k. amex k. ; {«dJ9Ut) 

moosaluhu k. damee rusud k. 
Cofflpottody s. milao, moorukkub, 

aiDas, mukhloot, ain^^ta, tur- 

kcebee; (word) lufz«i-moorukkub. 
CompdandedyS. moorukkub^mukh- 

)oot» amei, turkeebee; (word) 

Compounder, $. duwasaz. 
Comprehend, v, sumujhna, duri- 

yaft k. bodb k. boojhim ; .(com' 

prue) moosbtumul h, mootu- 

lumroin h^ byapuk h. 
Comprehensible, a. kabil-i«fuhm, 

sumujhne-laik, moowafik i kyas. 
Comprehension, <. sumt\)b, fuh* 

meedy duriyaft, boojh, ukl, zlbn, 

idrak, moodruka, bodb, puh- 

o(mcb, hichar, gyan. 
Comprehensive, a^ (acute) cuheen, 

tes^ohm, fuhn^eda, sahib-tubu, 

idieel, sukee ; (campeHdunai) 

Ccmipress, v. dubana, nichomay 

Compression, t. dubao, simtao. 
Comprise, v. shamil k. moondurij 

h. duij k. 
Compromise, v. moosaluha k. put- 

ka k. hnm-shurt lu fysul k. 
Compulsion, <« sor, siyadutee, 

biauty tuaddee, zubur-dustee^ 

F 2 

lorawuree, lu^uddood^ soolm, 

CompQlsive, a, zaliroanuh, subur* 

dust, sukht, jubree, jubrun, 

be-ikhtiyaree, kuhrun. 
Compdlsively, ud, zoolm-se, jub- 

mn» busor. 
Compdnction, s. uisos, tuassoof, 

puchuwa, pushemanee, khudsba, 

khulish, puahchaUap, unootap. 
Computation, s. gintee, shoomar, 

tioidad, moohasba, sunkbya. 
Compdte, «. ginna, shoomar k. 

suukhya k. 
Computer, $, moohasib, hisabdan, 

Cdmrade, $, hum-khana, rufeek, 

bungee, sathee, ukhareh ka yar, 

humjoolf, sunsurgee. 
Concatenation, $. siisila-bundee, 

zungeera-bundee, tusulsool, lur» 

Concave, a, mobjuvvuf, khokhla, 

kbalee, chhoochha, kousee. 
Conceal, V. cbhipana, posbeeda 

rukhna, purda k. mukhfee rukb- 

na, kboofiya goopt rukbna, ot k. 

buchana, dbampna, nuzur buch- 

ana, lookana* 
Concealed, a. purdaposb, chbipa 

hooa, mukhfee, kboofiya; (;)er«m) 

Concealment, s. posheedugee, chhi- 

pao, roop(^ee, gopun. 
Concede, V. manna,fazee h. huwala 

k. de dalna, kubool k. ; (a point) 

dooroost manna, jaiz rukhna, 

ruwa rukhna, summut h. swee* 

Conceit, <• kbiyal, kbood-purustee, 

gbumund, tukubboor, luhr, 

CoDceitedy a, kbood-been, gooma« 


[ ^B ] 


nee^ ubbimanee, khoocUptisund, 

dumagee, dambhik, gurbbee, 

Conceitedly, ad. ghnraund-se, tu- 

kubboor-se, dumag-se, uhung- 

kar-se, ubhiman-se. 
Conc^itedness, ». khood-pusundee, 

tukubboor, uhungkar, ubhiman. 
Conc^vable, a. mootnsuTvur, 

moomkin-ool-fuhm, kabil-idrak^ 

sumujhoe-jog, kabU-kyas. 
Conceive, v, sochna, sumujhna, 

mualooin k. duriyaft k. unbhuv 

k. bicharna ; {in the vxmh) hu- 

mul-ae b. bamila h. pet-se h. 

oommyd-se h. pet ruhna. 
Conc^tioiif s. boniul, pet, gurbh ; 

(underttdmdinf^) khiyal, fuhmeed, 

idraky sumujE, dhyan, unbhuv, 

Concern, z. mooamula, surokar, 

ulaka, wusta, lugao, karobar, 

denlen, vishy, karj ; {regard) 

fikr, undesba, cbinta, bhaona; 

{regret) durd, gum, dilgeeree, 

oodasee, sog. 
Concern, v, ulaka mkhna, dukbl k. 

bath dalna; {mahe tarrowful) 

dilgeer k. oodas h> 
Concerned, a, (grieved) dilgeer, 

oodas, sogee; (associated) shu-> 

reek, sajhe men ; {connected) 

luootuuUik, ulakadar : v, dilgeer 

h. ufsos k. puchhtana, oodas h. 

sogee h. 
Concerning, prep, babut, hukk, 

pur, \ashy. 
Concert, v. bondobust k. bundish 

k. theek k. dooroostee k. ittifek 

k. musluhut k. 
Concert,*, (of music) roshun-chou- 

kee, gana bujana, ragrung. 
Concession, <. ijabut, kubool, swee* 

kmr ; (grant) marbumut, ini^i^ 

risyut, dan, prudan. 
Conch, s. khurraoohra, sunkb. 
Conciliate, v, tusBya k. milaaa, 

mila lena. 
Concise, a. ketah, mookhtusor, 

ikhtisar, nioojmul, sui&bep, 

chhota, hruswu. 
Conciseness, s, kotahee, ikhtissff, 

ijmal, sunkhepun. 
Conclude, v. tumam k. khutm k; 

akhtr k. poora k. sumpoom k. 

suniapt k. nnjam k. chookana ; 

{infer) kiyas k. nuteeja nikalna ; 

(determine) thuhrana, mookurrur 

k. ; (suppose) khiyal k. sumujhiia, 

janna, utkul k. kyas k. 
Conclusion, s, tumamee, unjam, 

akhirut, insiram, intiha, khutm, 

khatima, unt, sumapti, siddhant ; 

(result) nuteeja. 
Conclusive, a, kutuee, shafee, kati, 

khatiro, pramanya, untkaree. 
Conc6ction,f. buzm, puchao,tuhleel. 
Conc6mitant, a, lazim, lahik, jookt, 

satliee, sunsurgee. 
Concord, s, mikip, moowafukut« 

mel, tutabook, eka, soolh, ash^ee, 

sohbut burar, ghal mel, milao, 

bunao, sunjog; (harmony) hum- 

ahungee, dumsazee. 
Concordant, a. moowafik, mootabik, 

moottu^, moottuhid, dnmsaz ; 

(consonant) humawaz, humsu* 

feer, humsoor,humsout, bumrag; 

(unanimous) ekjihut, ekroo, ekjee. 
C6ncourse, s, hoojoom, mujma, 

izdiham, bheer, umboh, kusrut, 

logon kee mela. 
Concretion, s. jumao, injinad, 

bustugee, jumun, moonjumid. 
Concubine, s, hurum, sooryt, mud- 

khoola, khuwas. 


[ 69 ] 


C<Mie6pi9ceiice> $. skuliwut, mus- 

tee, kftm. 
CoDc^piflcent, a, must, shuhwutee, 

shuhwut-purust, kamee, kama- 

Cooo^Ty V, moottufik h. manna, 

^uiil h. roilna, kubool k. 
Conc^rrenoe, <. tttifak, ittihad, d^a, 

moowafukut, tuwafook, ikhtilat, 

inibaty ekcfakta, ekmun, mel; 

(hdp) himayut, suhayuta ; (om- 

sent) kubool, istirza. 
Concurrent, a. moottufik, moowa- 

fik, bahum, raeottuhid, ekdil. 
Condassioa, s. joorobish, dolao, 

lugzisfa, barkut, tuzulsool. 
Condemn, v. futwa d. goonubgar 

tbuhrana, bookm suea ka d. 

dosbee tbuhrana, dundjog tbub- 

raaB ; {cetmane) shikwa k, napu- 

sund k. sbikayut k. ninda k. 

dosb dhurna, ilxam d. etirai k. ; 

(raect) rudd k. 
Con<ieinn&tion, #. futwa, suKa ka 

bookm, kisas. 
Condense, v, jumana, f^rhsi k. : 

«. n. moonjumid b. jumna. 
Condescend, v. tuwujjooh k. shu- 

fukut k. mihrbanee k. gureeb- 

purwuree k. mootwujjuh b. 
Condescension, ^ tuwujjoob, ukb- 

lak, usbfak. 
Coadlga, a, wiyib^ moonasib, kik, 

makool, jog,.oocbit, oopjookt. 
Condiment, <• musala, cbashnee, 

Coodiaon,. c. bal, kyfiyut, ubwal, 

halut, alum, dusa, guti, uwus- 

tba ; {ranJe) munsub, sban, mur- 

tuba, ouj, duija, pud ; (Uiptda- 

tion) sburt, boc, ikrnr. 
Conditional, a. sburtee, mushroot. 
Cond^e, «• matum poorsee k. 

gumkhwaree k. udai*tazeeut k. 

khed k. sog k. 
Condolence, t, maturo*poorsee, 

gum-kbwaree, poorsa, udai*ta* 

xeeut, sapa. 
CondCice, v. moomid b. mudud k* 

suhaeb h.tukweeut d. subayuta k, 
Condbeive, a, moomid, mooawin, 

subaee, oopkaree, jo mudud 

Conduct, s. chal, tureeka, ruwish, 

chulun, wuca» ruwyya, yruteera, 

dbung, tour, utwar, soolook, 

sbewa, beobar ; {management^ 

tudbeer, zubt, intisuun, bundo- 

Condbct, V. lecbulna, Igana, ruh- 

noomaee k. puhooncbana ; (man» 

age) cbulana, ruwan k. karru- 

waee k. ibtimam k. 
Conductor, s. pesbwa, pesbrou, 

rubnooma, ruhbur, ugwa ; (i/>t- 

rittud) badee, moorsbid, gooroo ; 

(manager) ijraekar. 
Conduit, $. nubr, ab*rez, abjoo, 

absbar, moobree. 
Cone, 1. mtikhroot, gao-dooro. 
Conf&bulate, v. n. gupshup k. bat- 

cbeet k. gooftugoo k. kid«B k. 

bumsookhun b. 
Confabulation, «. batcbeet, bolcbal, 

bola chalee, gooftugoo, zikr 

miizkoor, keelokal. 
Conf^ion, <. mithaee, sheereenee, 

moorubba, bulwa. 
Confectioner, t. bulwaee, rikabdar, 

moorubbasax, mitfaaee^furosb. 
Confederacy, s. bundisb, sazisb, 

eka, ittihad, mel, milap; (com" 

pact), ubd-o^pyman, kouUkurar, 
Conf6dtfate, v, sasish k. bundisb 
k.bum-ubd k. n^feek b. saibeeb. 


[ ro ] 


Conf(^«rate, f. rufeek, sathee, sun- 
gee, sungutee : a. moottuiik, 
milapee, moosharik, moottuhid. 

Confer, V. (bestow) inayut k. uta k. 
dena, dan k. prudan k. bukhshna, 
murhumutk.; (converse) suwal 
juwab k. kuhna, butiyana. 

Conference, s. suwal juwab, moo* 
kaluma, moobahusa, moozakura, 
kuthopkuthun, batcheet, kutha 

Conf^, V. ikrar k. kubool k. kail 
h. ban k. ikbal k* manna, such 
kuhna, sweekar k.; (diseUne) 
butlana, kuhna. 

Confusedly, ad, mookuirur, be- 
shuk, be*shoobha, yukeenun, 
umudun, buda^budee. 

Confi^sion, s. ikrar, etiraf, eejab, 
kuha, izhar, kubool. 

Confide, v. bhurosa k. etmad k. 

C6nfidence, s, etmad, bhurosa, as, 
oomyd, khatir-jumuee; dileree, 
istikliU^ (arrogance) shokhee. 

Confident, a. mootuwukka ; moos- 
tukil ; (impudent) goostakh, sho- 

Confidential, a. rasdar, purdudar, 
muhrum, motumud, huroraz, 
bhediya, bhedee, dumsaz, hum- 
dum, muhrumkar. 

Confine, v. kyd k. bund k. ; (kmmd) 
moonhusur k. muhsoor k. ; (re- 
strain) rokna» utkana. 

CiSnfine, s, hudd, siwana, seem, 
surbudd, danda. 

Confined, <i. bundee, kydee, moo. 
kyyud, muhboos, sindanee, pa- 
bund ; (narrow) tung, kotah, 

Confinement, t. kyd, bund, girif- 
taree, ihtibaa, hubs, useeree. 

Confirm, v. tusdeek k. suhedi k. 

kaim k; sabit k, thuhrana, sthir 

k. sthapun k* sundeh door k. 

muzboot k. pukka k. 
Confirmlition, <• isbat, sooboot, 

tobkeek) istiklal, mucbootee, 

tuhukkook, btihleam, thuhrao, 

mookurruree ; (proof) dulalut, 

Confirmed, a. sabit, mookuirur, 

moouyyun, mootnliokkuk ; (es- 

tablished) kahn moohkum, bur- 

Confisclite, v. zubt k. koork k. 

khalseh lugana, rok lena. 
Confisctition, s. zubt, koork. 
Conflagrfition, s. atush-zudugee, 

atush-zunee, ag, ugwahee, vgni- 

C6nflict, #. jhuta putee, hMrace, 

khurkhusha, iung, tnnta, nigra, 

sungram, jooddh ; (agony) runj, 

kulup, kuluk, koft, dookh. 
C6nftuenoe, s, sungum, roohana; 

(crowd) urn boh, kusrut, izdu- 

ham, bheer, mujma. 
Conflux, 1. sungum ; (crowd) am- 

boh, kusrut, bheer, itduham, 

Conform, «. manna, kuboolna, 

moowafik h. ruzamund h. el& 

rung h. 
Conformable, a. moowafik, moo- 

tabik,burebur, ek doul, ek rung ; 

(iuhmisHwe) mootee, mootuhum- 

mil, tabi, udheen. 
Conformably, ad. bu-moojib, mo^ 

wafik, mootabik, bur-hookm, 

Conf6rmity, s. mootabukut, moo- 

wafukut, mooshabuhut, humwa- 

ree, milao, ulaka, lugao^ unoo* 

muti, adursh. 


[ ri ] 


ConfoCind, v, (mingk) roukhloot k. 
durhum burhum k. ubtur k. gur- 
bar k.mtlmd. ; (perplex) bhoond- 
lana, hukka-bukka k. surgurdan 
k. ; {axtom$IC) behuwas k, pure- 
shaD k, moozturib k. gbubrana, 
byran k. byakool k. ; (deUrtn/) 
garut k. paemal k. sutyanas k. 

Ccmfront, v. rooburoo k. mookabR 
k. samne k. doobodoo k. sun- 
mookh k. charchuflhm k. milana. 

Confl^se, V. ghubrana, ooljhana, 
oolta poolta k. durhum-burhuin 
k. byakool k. 

Conf&sedf «. ubtur, durfaum-bar- 
haro, pech dur pech ; {tqpt^- 
twrxy) oolta-poolta ; {detracted) 
ghabra, hyran. 

Ccmf&tton, s. ubturee, ooljfaawa ; 
ghubiahut, ooljhera, burhumee, 
chukchoundhee, byakoolta, be- 

Coni&te, «. la-juwab k. kail k. 
rudd k. batil k. jhoothalDa, hnr- 
ana, katna, upruman k. 

Congeal, v. jomna, moonjumid h. 
jum jana, busta h.: v. a, ju- 

Congealment, i. > jumawuty chuk* 

CongelatioD, «. ) ka, bustugee, 

Congee, f. sulam, kornish. 

Cong^iai, «. ek-dil, hum-duid, 
ek.rong, moowafik, hum-rung, 
dumsas, khatir-khwah, ek-bhao ; 
{ogreeahle) khatir-khwah. 

ConglOtinate, v. jootana, jorna. 

Coniriitttlate, «. rooobaruk bad 
kuhna, JTJykar munana, moo- 
barukee d. moobarukbadee d. 
dhunyu dhunyu kuhna, anund 

Congrat«lation,t. moobanik-badee, 

' moobarukee, budhaee, budhawa, 

Congreglition, f. jumaut, subha, 

Congruity, i, moowafukut, ittifak, 

mel, ekta, humwaree. 
Congnions, a. theek, moowaiik, 

laik, moonasib, humwar, shaista^ 

sujta, khupta. 
Conic, ) a. gaodoom, soorungee, 
Conical, S minaree, gao-doomee, 

Conj^tural, a, khiyalee, kiyasee, 

wuhmee, utkulee, goomanee, 

ihtimalee, unoomanee, unbhuT 

ka, bhurum ka. 
Conj^ture, f. kiyas, utkul, tukh- 

roeena, unooroan, gooman, un- 

daia, bhurum, khyal, ihtimal. 
Conj^Sintly, ad. bil-ittifok, milkur, 

Conjugal, a. nikahee, zoujee, biyah- 

C6njugate, v. a. gurdana, tusreef k. 
Conjunct, a. pywusta, moottufik. 
Conjunction, t. mel, wual, milao, 

lugao, ittisal, ijtimau, jor,jog, 

sumbundh, oykyu; {cf planett) 

kiran jog ; (m grammar) utf. 
ConjQnctiye mood, a, shurtiya, 

rousari, summilit, sunglugn. 
ConjCincture, s. halut, dusa, ittifak, 

zimn, sumuy, goufi. 
Conjuration, f, iadoo-guree, tihr- 

karee, totka, jhar, phoonk, tona, 

C6njure, «. jadoo k. tona k. ; (tm- 

r'tune) wasta dilana, sumajut 
. kusum dilana, bintee k. 
Conjurer, i, jadoogur, uisoongur, 
sahir, sihrkar, toonba, siyana, 
goonee, sihr^r, sihrbas, juntree. 
Connect, «• milana, wutl k. jorna, 


[ r2 ] 


luganai gaHthna, joc^t k. pywust 

Connected, a, mila-hooa, mootuul- 

lik, luga hooa, pywusta, mootu- 

wussil, jookc, joora. 
Connexion, <. ulaka, nisbut, mel, 

tuallook, wasta» surokar, tuwus* 

sool, JG^t }0T, sumbundh ; (car^ 

nal) soobbut, ashnaee, lag, dos- 

Connivance, f. chushm^poshee, 

igmazy anakanee, mutiyabut, 

tusahoo^ ankb-cbbipaee. 
Connive, v, chusbm-poshee k. ig- 

xnaz k, ankb-chhipana, muti- 

yana, tusabool k* ani^anee k. 
Connoisseur, <, uUama, roahir, wa* 

kifkar, beena, prubeen, purkbiya^ 

purkbee, sboukeen, goodiya. , 
ConnCibial, a. biyah ka, bivab*- 

Conquer, v. futub k. jeetna, futub 

pana, sur k. shikust d. mugloob 

k. gulba pana, galib h. lelena, 

nmrna, dubana, dnstboord k. 

wur rubna, jy k. purajy k. 
C<$nquered, a. mugloob, sbikust 

paya, purajy hooa, adbeen. 
Conqueror, s. fuuhmund, galib, 

jyman, futeb-nuseeb. 
Conquest, <• futub, tuskbeer, jy, 

jeet ; jo futeb men batb awe. 
Consanguinity, $, kurabut, bura- 

duree, kheshee,koorbut, yeganu* 

gee, upnaet. 
Conscience, s. eeman, tumeez, 

batin, dhurum, neeut, zumeer, 

teenut,. vivek. •. 
Conscientious, a. eeitiandar, safba* 

tin, diyanutdar, hukk-sbinas, 

kbooda*turs, . rast-mooanaula, 

dbunoatma, aeenusaf, dhunnee, 

ubli ibrut| khura^ tbeek. 

Conscientiousness, s, kbooda-tur* 

see, diyanutdaree, eemandaree, 

8ucbcbaee,bukk-sbunas(ee,db urm, 

rastee, khurapun* 
Conscious, a. wakif, kbuburdar, 

agab, mahir, moottula, mubrum* 

kar, jankar, alim, wakifkar^ soo- 

bodb, suchetun, suturk. 
C6nsciou8ness, s. wukoof, kbubur, 

ittila, agabee, tumeez, ilm, hiss, 
. chet, sugyanta, sucbetunta. 
Consecrate, v, mukhsoos k. tbuh- 

rana, sunkulp k. 
Consent, s. ruza-mundee, murxee, 
. khooshee, kubool, eejab, munou* 

tee, summuti : v, razee h. kubool 

k. ruzaraund h. manna, ruza d. 

ban k. 
Consequence, s« unjam, nuteeja, 

muhasil, pruti-pbul, unt; (mo* 

ment) purwa, moozaika. 
Consequent, a. moontuj, mooukb- 

khur, moukoof, pushehad-agut.. 
Consequently, ad. lihaxa, bunutee* 

ja, is-subub>se. 
Conserve, i. (of rotes) goolkund, 

gool-sbukr : v* moorubba bu- 

nana, pagna; {flowers) gool- 

kund bunana. 
Consider, v. socbna, gour k. tu« 

ummool k. sumujbna, boojbna, 

ukl dourana, fikr k. dekbna, 

bbaina, bicbarna, dhyan k. khyal 

Considerable, a, buhoot, bisiyar, 

udbik ; {retpectt^le) numood, 

Considerate, a. fubmeeda, zeebosb, 

sunjeeda, imtiyazee, mootuum- 

mil, door-undesh, akibut-undesh, 

bicharwan, dbyanee. 
Considerately, ad, tuummool-se, 

akilaoa, dekb*bhal-ke| moolahu- 


[ 73 ] 


sft-ae, tamtez-we^ sumujh^boojh- 

ConsideriOion, $. lihaz, khiyal, im- 

tiyazy moolahuza, tmneez, tu- 

riiddood, sumujh, boojhy socb, 

dliyan, bichar; {importance) roo« 

yot. roodaree, edbar, man ; 

(amqfeiuation) ewuz, ujr, badia, 

jaza; (motive) bais, subub, ka-^ 

Gouaigii, e. huwala k. de bhejna, 

soopooid k. zimma k. tusleem 

k. nmanut rukhna, sompna; 

(a p propr i ate) thuhrana, mukh- 

900S k« moouyyun k. 
Consist, V, bona, moorukkub h. 

thuhurna; (agree) moowafik h. 

iBOotabik h. 
CoDsistency^ s, moowafukut, moo- 

tabukuty liyakut, moonasabut, 

shaistugee; (iktuity) jumawut, 

bostugee ; (stability) kiyam, is« 

tihkam, lugao, thour-thikana. 
CoBsistent, a. mootabik, saz^jrar, 

moonasib, laik, tbeek; (favi) 

bnsta, moonjumid. 
Consollition, «. tusollee, tushuffee, 

tuskeen, itmeenan, dilasa, dil- 

buree, diljumaee, khatir-jumaee, 

shantiy dharus. 
CoQSolatofyy a. tusk^n-bukhsh, 

aiam*bukbsh, tusuUee-ana, gum* 

I^MMar, dookh-hurun. 
Ccmsdley V. tusullee d. tushuffee d. 

tusi^eeo k. khatiijuma k. dilasa « 

d. . 
CoBsdlidate, V. sukbt k. jumana, 

moonjumid k. ; (a wound) bhur 

lana, burabur k. jorna. 
Consonantf s» hurf i subeeh, burun^ 

CoQsonfintp a. mootabik, jog, tbeek. 
Consort, s. zouj, kbusumi soigay 

hurodum, humsur, jora joree, 
stree wa swamee, sububasee, 

Conspicuous, a. zahir, mushhoor, 

, ulaniya, prugut, khoola, mu- 
aroof, numood, numoodar, noo- 
mayan, pratuksh, prukash, uz* 
hur, julee, roodar, oo^agur, 
maloom, rooshunas, prukasbit ; 
(prominent) oobbra. 

CoDspicuousness, s. roodaree, nu- 
moodaree, zabiree. 

Conspiracy, $. bundish, sazisb, 
ittifok , eka, koojookti, jog, sunjog. 

Conspirator, > $• moofsid, bugee, 

Conspirer, > sazisbee, bund- 

Conspire, v. bundish k. moottufik 
h. guthna, humsulah h. milna, 
musluhut k. 

Constable, $. chuprasee, dustukee^ 

Constancy, $, oostoowaree, paeda« 
ree, subat, kiyam, kurar, tikao, 
istihkam, stbirta, drirhta, por- 
haee ; (resolution) istiklal, dnee* 
ruj, himmut, dhooo, teha, sabit- 
kudmee ; (fidelity) wufadaree. 

Cdilstant, a, moostukeem, sabit, 
utul, moostuhkum, kuraree, 
porha, sthif, uchul, drirh ; (de* 
termined) sabit-kudum, kaim- 
mizaj, dharusee ; (Jmtf^td) wu« 
fodar, suchoha. . < 

Constantly, ad, bur wukt, hurdum, 
bumesfaA, nit, dumrbudum, bur 
aiH chhin chinn, suda, sur?uda, 

Constellation, s. booij, ras, taht 

Consternation, i. hyrut, gbubrahut, 
bottl, bjrraiiee, ixtirab, bebuwasee, 
surgurdanee, pureshanee, dhur- 


[ 74 ] 


ka, bboachakkee, doog, slnn^ 
ochombha, bjakooUsy bckni ce ^ 

Conslip^OD, $. knbSy kabsijFQt, 
inkibaz, moonknboz, bandbezy 

CoDf dtuent, s, moowakkil, sab ; a. 
tuiee, zatee, kbilkee, jibillee» 

Constitute, v. mookumir k, Aab- 
rana, moouyyun k. khnra k. 
nijok k. roukbsoot k. 

CoQstitlition, #• mizaj, tnbijFiit, 
tuba, teenut, turisht, swubhao, 
foobhao ; (ji^ovemment) intisanv, 
bundobust, cubt-nibty nasm-o* 
nusk, moolk-daree, desb kee 
bifustha, raj kee bivustha; (tn* 
ttitutum) labitu, kanoon, rusm. 

Constitutional, a. satee, usiee, 
junumee, khilkee, jibillee, 
pydaishee, prukrit, prukritee, 
soobhaoee, swubhaoee ; (legal) 
sbnraee, jaiz, moobah, juwaz, 
dooroost, theek, juthartb, biwus- 

Constrain, v. mujboor kurwana, 
dubana, buzor kurwana. 

Constraint, 9. rok, dubao, iitkeo» 
kyd; (comfmlmn) zor, jubr, 
•uburdttstee, zoolm, zorawuree. 

ConstHnge, v^ (con^rict) sikoma, 

Constrini^ent, a. jo bundhej ya 
sumet kure. 

ConstrOot, v, bunana, tuameer k. 
bina k. ; (a building) imarut 
bunana, or, — ootbana. 

Construction, t. bunawut, turkeeb, 
bunao, sakht, tuameer, doul, 
dhanoha; (meamrtg) muzmoon, 
manee, urtb ; {arrangemmt) rubt, 

Constme, v* smajhaiia, moanee 
kuhna, butana, tokreer k. 

Cdosul, t. wnkeel shahanob^ wa« 
keel sohaoee, elehee. 

Coot&lt, V, musluhnt k. musbwura 
k. salah k. bichar k. puramnish 
k. ; (a$k iidvice) maslubut lena, 
nuteehat lena, pooebhna ; (a 
botdk) ddLhna, dariyaft k. 

Consultiuion, 8, muslubut, mutb- 
wura, inoo8hawiTa,shooia, sowab 
deed, paramnrsb, moDtruna. 

CoosCunable, a. jn)ne»iBOowafik, 
Icabil-sokhtnnee, latk julneke. 

Consbme, «. oorana, burbad k. 
surf k. zajra k. garut k. tuluf k. 
suttiyanas k. ; (bum) bhusm k. 
julana, dahna, khak k. ; {decay) 
sueef h» doobla h. nukeeh b. 
natuwan h. sookhna, chhy h. 

Consummate, a, poora, puua, ka- 
mil, pookhta, sumpoom : v. 
tumam k. nibahna, poora k. 
sumapt k. busur lejana, akhir k. 

Consummation, s^ tumamee, akbi. 
rut, akibut, insiram, tukroeel, 
unt, sumapt, shesh ; (nuptial) 
gouna, khilwut, shub i zooiaf. 

Consumption, $. khuroh, khurj, 
khuput, kuttee; (digease) sil, 
nufs, ood dum, obuee, chbyrog. 

Consumptive, «• muslool, mud- 
kook. [ittisal. 

Contact, s. lugao, mus, chbot, mel. 

Contagion, 9, sirait, tuassoor; 
(plague) wuba, muree. 

Contligious, a» saree, mooussir, 

Contain, «. shamil h. mooshtumil 
h« sumana^ byapuk h. rukhna, 
dhuma, ajana, umana, sumaee 
rukbna ; (rg/hiin) purheii k. 
tbamna, rokoa* * 


[ rs ] 


Gonttointtey 9, alooda k. chhot k. 

Ri^lMik k. bhurna, nusht k. 

bhrasht k. bigtrna, opufitr k. 

v^ioodh k. 
Gootamfnated, pa, «. napak, gu. 

leesy kuseef, nojis, moolufms, 

nshoodhy upiiTkr. 
Gontamin&tion, $. chhot, aloodgee, 

napakee, pulfiedee, my). 
Contihnn, «. ihaniit k. hukeer jan- 

na, bedi janna, hukanit k. 

toocbchh k. chhota jaana. 
ConUmplate^ v, gour k, tuummool 

k. dekhna, moolahuta k. tuta?- 

▼oor k. tajweez k. tumddood k, 

soch k. dhyan k. 
CoDtempl&tion, s* soch, tuuimnool, 

fikr, dhiyan, moolahusa, tusuv- 

▼oor, tuj weez, turuddood^ chinia; 

(study) mootaltt. 
Conttopl&tive, a. roootttummily 

fiknnund, dhiyanee, roootusuv- 

▼ir, mootufakkir, mooturuddid, 

Contemporary, $, faam-uar, hum- 

Somalia, hum-oomr, hum-wukt, 

mooasir, hum-ahd, ek kaleen, ek 

kalka, ek sumyee. 
Contempt, «• ihanut, hikanit, khif« 

fut, soobookee, motummut, tu- 

anu-sunee, tuhkeer, ibtisal, tui- 
' leel, upman, ninda, uvugya. . 
CoBt^mptible, a. hqkeer, khafeef, 

soobook, nacheez, nileel, bekudr, 

moobtuzui, ihanutae, 80obo(4» 

maya^neech, upmanee, toochchh- 

Cont^mptibleness, $. bekodreeyZala- 

lut, ibtizal, muzullut, bewukuree. 
Contemptuous, a. raugroor, beudub, 

Contend, v. jhuguma, nookabula 

k. luma, moonakusha k.; (vie) 

humchushmee k. hiska k. bura- 
buree k. dekh julna, birodh k. 

Content, a. razee, khoosh,kani, snn- 
tokhee, rucamund, serchushro, 
mooktufee, khoorsund, munbhu- 
ra, snntoosht, tript, shant, sabir. 

Contentment, $, kunaut, suntokh, 
sobr, serdiushmee, seree, ug- 
haee, triptta, tripti, pet-bhoraee. 

Contents, f. fibrist, ioomla, moo- 
kudduma; (o/'o look) mutlub, 

Contention, «. jhurpa, kuziya, tun« 
ta, bukhera, luraee, moojadula, 
mookabnra, rudd o budul, jhug- 
ra, nigra, uizau, khulbh, bibad, 

Contest, f. jhurpa jhurpee, kfaulish, 
ihugra, tunta, luraee, nigra, 
Dad»noobad, jooddh, kuziya, 

Contest, V. tukrar k. tunta k. hooj* 
jut k. jhuguma, luma. 

Context, f* kureena, rouzmoon. 

Contiguity, s, koorb, ittisal, pywus- 
tugee, nuzdeekee. 

Contiguous, a. moottusil, pywusta, ' 
nuzdeek, pas, nikut, mila, joora. 

Continence, s. tukwa, purhezgaree» 
parsaee, nem, snnjum, tukawut, 
ihtiraz, jitendriyuta, indriyu* 

Continent, a, purhesflfar, moottukee, 
moohturiz, sutee, jutee, jitendree, 
sadhoo. [dweep. 

C6ntinent, s. dweep, burr, rouha- 

Contingency, s. arizu, ittifak, sun- 
jog, wakua, ukusmat, dyvat. 

Contingent, a. arizee, sunjogee, 
ittifakee, ukusmatee, dyvee ; {oc* 
cational) muzkooree ; (expenses) 
muzkoorat, ikhrajat. 


[ 76 ] 


Continual, a. lugatar, humethe 

ka, moodamee, niuka^ daimee, 

ununtur, suda-kalee. 
Cootinuance, $. thuhrao, istikamut» 
. moodawumut, bumeishgee, du- 

wam, istimrar, nitta, tikao. 
Continue^ t, ruhna, derpa h. buhal 

nihDa, tikna, lika ruhna, tha« 

hurna, thuhra ruhna, tihit ruhna, 

Contortiou, «. uynth, murora, pecl^ 

pher, but. 
ContoQr, 8, doul, wuza, tbukl, 

nuksh, daira, akriti, akar. 
Cdntraband,, a. inuDa, mumnoou, 

koorkee, koork-puieer, mshid, 

Contract, s. ijara, theka, mookata, 

kutkuna, chookouta, uhd-nama^ 

likba-purh€e, bor. 
Cootr^t, V. uynthna, ukrana, sun- 

koch k. sukoma, sumetna, si- 

mutna; (a debt) lena; {can^ 

ttringe) buadbeij k. ; (lesien) 

tuog k. kotah k. mukhtuaur k, 

tuukhep k. ; {bargain) shurt k. 

hor bandhna ; (betroth) mungnee 

k. sugaee k. j[te. 

Contrdetible, a. jo. aookre, jo sinoi* 
Contraction^ f. simtao, jukrao, in* 

kibaz, jukrahat; (abridgment) 

ijmal, kotabee, nunkhep. 
Contractor, s, moostajir, theekcdar, 

kutkuaadar, ijal^ar. 
Contradict, v. lidd k. tukrar k. 

buruksee k. kat d. jhoothalna, 

pulutna, phema, buikhilaf k. 
Contradiction, «. aidd, tukrar, khi- 

laf, ttturroos, birodb, pultao, 

Contradictory, a. nookbaltf, bur- 

uks, mookhtulif, bipureet, oolta, 


Contrariety, I. ikhtiktf) namoowa- 

fukut, mookbalufut, zidd,birodh, 

birooddhta, bipureetta. 
Contrary, a, khilaf^ bur^uks, bueed, 

oolu, phira-booa, birooddh, 

Contrast, $, mookabula. 
Contr^t, V. mookabula k. milana* 
Contravene, v. a* mooaabim h. 

rokna, hail h. baz rukhna, nisbad 

k. badha junmana. 

Contravention, s. mobzahtttnut, 

mookhalufut, ar> rok, nished, 

Contribute, v. mudud k. mooawin 

h. dena, imdad k. moomid h. 

puboonciiana,Buhayuta k.chunda 

k. dan k. 
Contribution, $* chunda, bihfee, 

dan, inayut, mudud, Buhayuta. 

C6ntrite, a. pusheman, nadim, 
mootuussif, taib, shunninda» 
puchhtaoo, khedee, khedjookt, 

Contrition, s. puchhtawa, nudamut, 
touba, tuusBOof, putheimanee, 
shurmindugee, . kbed« unootap, 

Contrivance, s, ecjad, joogut, hik- 
mut, munsooba, tujweea, buna- 
wut, ikhtirau, jor tor, oppayu, 
kulpna ; (artyi^) funn, hUunut ; 
(piot) buodish, sakht. 

Contrive, v. eejad k. tudbeer bandh- 
na, ioogut k..nukBha bandhna, 
bundish k. joma, kulpna k« ni- 
kahM, oopayu k. 

Control, V. muhkoom k. rokna, 
ler k. tabi kuma ; (an wxomU) 
janchna, mookabula k. jatia k* 
sur-i-hisab rukhna, haziree lena^ 
mouioodat lena : m. zubt| utkao, 


[ n ] 


rok ; (power) ikhtiyar, hookm, 
kttoo^ zubt, iitVK>*nutb. 

CoKoUer, #• umeeiiy suriiob, daro- 

' ga, nadr ; {qf acanmti) moes;* 

C6ntroveray, #. moobahusa, radd- 
bodnl, bubs, bakheira, hoojjut, 
jhagra, kuha-kuhe«, kuziya, 
kud-o-kawisb, sawal-juwab, 
kab-poochhy goshtee* badanoo- 
bad, tokrar, bibad. 

CoDtrorert, v. nidd*budul k. bu« 
hama, jhuguraa, tukrar k. booj« 
iut k. suwaUjuwab k. badanoo- 
bad k. moobabusa k. bibad k. 

Contttmacioas, a. beodub, goos« 
takh, betumeex, beimtiyaz, sHqo 
reer, Dafonnan, mugra, dbeeth. 

Cdntmnacy, i. beudubee, goosta* 
kbee, shorapooshtee, beimtiya* 
tee, dbeethaee, shurarut, nafar- 

Contam^oufl, a. budzubaii, gu- 
lenbda, dnreeda-duhun, mooah 
ka pboobor, behya, burbola, 
belogam, nblajj. 

CoDtumely, s. bud-zubanee, du- 
reeda-duhnnee, befayaee, iiir« 
lujjta, ninda. [laee. 

Contusion, #. chot, tbokur, kooch- 

Convalescence, s. ifak&, tnkhfeef, 
aram, ifakut. 

Convene, v. mujlis jama k. ekja k. 
joma k. joorna, butooraa, ek- 
than h. ekutr k. ekuttha k. miloa, 

Convenience, i. (fitness) moonasu- 
bat, tuwafook, jogta, khnput; 
(ease) arani, asoodugee, anand, 
sookh ; (opportunUy) dao, kaboo. 

Convenient, f. muakool, tfaeek, 
laik, moonasib, lazim, sbaista, 
soobhita, jogv oopjookt. 

Conv^tion^ i. mujlis, Mibha, ij« 

roau; (contract) ubd-o-pyman, 

koal-kurar, niyaiu. 
Converge, v. n« milnai mail b. 
Convere&nt, a. agab, wakif, ashna, 

moottula, mahifi khuburdar, 
' mtiakool«gOf (experienced) as^ 

mooda-kar, pukkiii nipoon, vig- 

Conversation, a. gooftogoo, bat- 

cheet, tikr-muskoor, tuckira, 
* bolcbal, baten, mukaluma, chor- 

cha, bola-chalee, kuha-soonee, 

kal^mukal, ktilima^kulam, raz o 
' niyaz, niroz o kinaya. 
Converse, a, boNkhilaf, buruks^ 

khilaf, oolta, birooddh, bipureet. 
Converse, v. bat-cheet k« batefi k. 

bdna-chalna, kuhna soonna^ 

hum-kulam b. hum^tookhnn b. : 

f. batcheet, gooftugoo, bolcbal^ 

chardia, tuzkira. 
Conversion, #. tubdeelt balut, inki- 

lab| goonah^se phirkar Khooda 

kee turf roqjoo bona* 
C6nvert, #. nou*mooreed, ahish^ 

Convert, V. budul dalna, pber d. 

moonkulub k. phirana, pultana, 

mun phema, mut budulna, mut* 

antur h. 
C6nvex, a. koobbudar, goombaz- 

dar, goombuzee. 
Convey, V. lejana, ootha lejana; 

(transfer) hiba k. dena, bukhsb- 
. na, huwala k. 
Conveyance, #. lewaee ; (grant) 

hiba ; (carriage) suwaree, bar- 

burdaree, bahun ; (deed of) 

hiba-nama, dan-putr. 
Convict, f. bnndhooa, muhboos, 

mookyyud, useer, zindanee. 
Convict^ V, goonubgar thuhraoa, 


[ rs ] 


moolzim k. nioojrim thuhmnay 
tukseerwar thuhrana, koosoorwar 

Conviction^ #. ilzam, sooboot, up-, 
radh ka thuhrana ; (confidence) 
etikad, etimad, tuyukkoon. 

Convince, «. kail k. kaiUmuakool 
k. sumjhana, etikad pur lana. 

Convivial, a. khoosh-tuba, khoor- 
runi, milapee, miluntar. 

C6nvocate» v» a. tulub k. boolana, 
juma k. ekuttha k. snbha by- 

Convoke, v. juma k. (jysa mujlis), 
subha joerna. 

Convoy, «. budruka rusanee: v, 
moolmfuzut k. puhooitchana, 
bimait k. buchana. 

ConvCilse, v. ukrana» uynthna, mu- 
roraa, tulmulana, ukuijana, 

Convdlsion, #. uynth, muror, chi- 
nuk-baee, tushunnooj ; (commO' 
Hon) hungama. 

Coo, V, koo koo k. gootukna. 

Cook, V, pukana, randhna. 

Cook, s. bawurchee, rusoya, ru- 

G6okery, «. bawurchee-guree, pu* 
kaee, rusoee-kar, pukwaee. 

Cookrooniy «. bawurchee-khana, 

Cool, V, thunda k. surd k. seetul 
k.; (relax) thunda h. hut jana, 
dheela h. gafil h.: a. thunda, 
surd, seetul, seela, aeluk; (Mo- 
(/^) sayadar. 

Coolly, ad, (ddiherately) tuum- 
inooUse, ahisle, tudbeer-se, 
dheere, 'thuhurkur; {wUh re- 
serve) udumi-moohubbut se, 
kusheedgee-se, kum tuwujjoo- 
se, khynch-se. 

Coolness, s. surdee, thunduk, see- 

tnlta, thuudaee, thund ; {reserve) 

kusheedgee, kum*tawujjoo, I ' 

mi-muhubbut, rookhawut,! 

muzgee ; (coUectedneu) tuiim* 

mool, dheeruj. 
Coop,f. (JorfowU) tapa, khanchA, 

durba ; (Jorpigeomt) kool kofA, 

thatur, durba. 
Cooper, f. peepofi ka bunanewaku 
Co*6perate, v. moottufik h. dcdil h. 

bahum h« shureek h, sath h. 

eknxun h. mudud k. 
Co-opeHuion, #. ittifak, mel, ek 

Coot, f. pundoobbee, juUmooigha« 

bee, zag-i-abee, zagnoul. 
Coparcenary, 1 1. shirekut, wirasut, 
Coplirceny, J siyha* 
Co*pirtner, s. shureek, sajhee. 
Co*|)tonership, «• shicakut, sajlia. 
Cope,.o. humsuree k. mookabula 

k. buraburee k. humchushmee k. 

puhoonchna, pana, sumta k. 

toolta k. JQgta lu 
Copious, a. buhoot, kuseer, wafir, 

ziyada, juthesht, munmooktay 

bahoolyu. , 
Copiously, ad» ifrat^se, kusrut-se, 

buhoothee, buhoodha, firawanee- 

Copiousness, s, buhootal, ziyada* 

turee, ziyadulee, wufoor, ifrat, 

kusrut, firawanee. 
Coppel, «. ghunya, moos, kootha- 

Copper, f. tamba, mis; (boiler) 

kurah : a. misee. 
Copper-plate, «. tambe ka putr. 
Coppice,! f^ jharee, jungula, bu- 
Copse, j nee. 
Copulation, s. moobashurut, sooh^ 

but, moojamuut, jimau, rooo- 

karubut, doula, rut, kel, khel, 


[ 79 ] 


sunganiy mitboon, jooftee, due* 
deekee, tunsurg. 
Copulative, a. hurfi-utf. 
C^jf V, nukl k. ootaroa : «• nukl, 

Copy-hold, «. suDud, puUa. 
Copyist, $, likharee, nukl-nuwees, 

Coquetry^ s. nas, nukhia, ishwa, 
jhaoalee, choachla, giimza, kur* 

ishma, ntikhfe-baieC) uda» iih* 

wa-guree, bhao. 
Coqiiette, i. niikhre-bas, cbotichle* 

Imz, isbwugur, jhaonleebas, kur* 

ushma-baz, nasneen, naspurdaz. 
Coral, f. moonga, rouijan, boosood, 

Dujr«^)ol-bubr ; (a ckikfi) cboot- 

Cord, «. dor, dora, rusee, jeora, 

jeoree, ruauO) rusree. 
Cordage, #. russen, bundbun. 
Cordial, a. (intHgorating) mookuv* 

▼ee, poosbt, moofirreh ; {sincere) 

kulbee, suchcha, jaaee ; (« car* 

dial) pooshtaee, mookovvee. 
Cordiality, # . •achchaee, gurumjo- 

see, sudakut, rastee. 
Cordially, ad» budil, sbouk-se, 

busur-o-cbushm, budil o jan, 

rastee-se, sucbchaee-se, gurm* 

Core, «• jigur, duroona, undur, 

batin, untor, bbeeturla sar ; {ojf 

a sore) keel. 
Coriander, s, (seed) dhuniya, ^b- 

neez ; (plant) kotbmeer. 
Cork, f. ^utta, dant, dat. 
Corkscrew, s. pechkusb. 
Cormorant, s, cbooba-mar, moosh- 

Com, f. naj, un, unaj, gulla, dana; 

(green) kbuveed, khood, ziraut ; 

(on the feet) gutta, gokbru. 

Com-eb&ndler,i. buniya, Di\i beoh* 

nevnUa, bukkgl. 
Com^ian, #. ukeek, yumunee. 
Corneous, a. teeog kee manind. 
C<Smer, s, kona, gosba, kooni, kon, 

kbooiit, turuf ; (of the nail) kor ; 

{^the eye) koa. 
Comer-atone, #. sungi*goaha. 
C6met, s. kuraa; (i^ horse) ulum- 

Cornice, # . kugur, kungnee, kuraus. 
Coronation, #• jooloos, teeka, raj- 

abbisbek, mookoot dbarun kriya. 
Coronet, s, taj oomraoee, taj umee- 

C6rporal, i . naek, umuldar. 
C<Srporate, a. moottufik, ek-mujlis, 

Corpdreal, a, jismanee, debee, sha* 

reerik, kaya»ka. 
Corps, «. pultun, gol; (cavalry) 

Corpse, s. moorda, lasb, lotb, 

mooa, mrituk, mura, muiyut. 
C6rpulency, «. jusamut, motapa, 

tun-awuree, furbibee, stboo. 

C6rpulent, a, juseem, mota, f\irbih^ 

tonawur, toondyla^ stbool-kaya. 
Correct, v, tumbeeb k. gosbmalee 

k. tadeeb k. cbunga bunana, 

roktok k. aadbna, dund d. aiya* 

sut k. ; (amend) suheeb k. islab 

d. tbeek k. dooroost k. sbooddb 

k. sbodhna, soodharna. 
Corr^, a. tbeek, subeeb, dooroost, 

soodb, tubkeek. 
Correction, #• (puni^ment) uiab, 

siyasut, suza, dund, ookoobut, 

sbasun ; (amendment) islab, sib- 
bat, sbodb, dooroostee. 
Correctly, ad, tbeek, sibbat»se, 

tbed( theek^ sulieeb subeeb. 


[ 80 ] 

C V 

Corresp6ud, v» milna, bumbor h. 
mookabil h. eksan h. theek h. 
ilaka rukhnai lugna^ juwab h. ; 
{hy Utter) khutt kitabut rukhna, 
nuwisht^-khwand rukhna, khutt- 
khootoot rukhna* lekba^purhee 
rukhna, likhutpurhut ruknna. 

Correspondence, s. rooowafokut) 
tuallook, ulaka» mootabukutt 
moonasubut, tutabook^ lugao, 
mooshabuhut ; {intertourte) rah- 
rusm, bolchal, surokar, wasta; 
{btf letter) khutt-kitabat, nu« 
wisht-khwandy chitthee»putr, Hk« 
hut purhuty khutt-khootoot, 

Correspondent, s. ashna, ulakudar, 
arhutiya, beohariya : a. moowa- 
fik, mootabik, burabur, eksan, 
mooshabih, ekhee, suman, laik, 

Corroborate, v. taeed d. tusdeek k. 
pooshtee d. muzboot k. ; (con- 
firm) sabit k. sooboot ko pu* 
hoonchana, tukwiyut d. mooh- 
kum k. moostuhkura k. oostoo* 
war k. thuhrana, sthir k. dru-h k. 

Corroboration, s, taeed, tukwiyut, 
pooshtee, suhaeta, istuhkam, 
oostoowaree, muzbootee, roudud. 

CorrOde, v, kha jana (jysa zung), 
nas k. 

Corr6sive» a. boorinda, kat^ gulaoo, 
jo nashe ya ghoolawe. 

CorrCipt, V. surana, oobsana, gula* 
na, nusht k. ; (vitiaie) bigama, 
khurab k. ; (bribe) rishwut denee, 
ghoos d. 

Corriipt, a, sura, oobta, fiisid, 
bigra, nakis, nakara, khota, 
khurab, bud, zuboon ; (through 
bribery) rishwut-khor, rashee. 

Corrupter, s. mooAid, bigaroo, 
nusht-karuk, doosht-karuk. 

Corriiptible, a. sumewala, ianee, 
surunbar, funa-piseer ; {given 
to bribery) rishwut-pizeer. 

Corruption, s. surao ; [matter) koo- 
doorut, peeb ; (bribery) rtsh- 
wut-khoree; (wichedneu) bud- 
zatee, khota^, dooshtta. 

Corrusc^on, s. chumuk, loukti. 

Cdrsair, «. durivaee dakoo ; (pira- 
tical vettel) dukaetee juhaz. 

COrselet, s, oharaena. 

CorCigcant, a. bhubhukta, luhokta, 

Cosmetic, f. oobtun, gaza, sondha. 

Cost, «. keemuty mol, dur, bhao, 

COstive, a. kubz, bund« 

Costiveness, #. kubz, kubziyut^ 
bundhcj, bundhez. 

Costliness, «. besh-keemutee, gur« 
an*keeinutee, guran^buhaee. 

Costly, a, keemutee, besb-keemut, 
guran-buha, guran-keemut, bu« 
hoot-rooi-ka, doormoolyu. 

Costdme, i. iibas ka tour. 

Cot, f. khat, charpaee, khutiya, 

Cot^mporary, s. hum-usr, roooasir, 
hum-uhd, hum-zumana, ek-8u«> 
my-ka, ^-kaleen. 

cottage, f. murhee, jhompree. 

Cotton, f . rooee, pooinba, kootn ; 
(tree) kupas, semul. 

Couch, V, ghootDOfi pur bythna, 
dubuk ruhua. 

Couch, «• pulung; tukht-posh, 

Cove, f. kol, kharee. 

covenant, #. uhd o pyman, konl, 
shurt, ikrar, hor, bucha, puo, 

c o u 

[ 81 J 

c o u 

jnooiidiia« oiAmti, jb^mpna, 
chhopna; (coace*/) khusposh k, 
chhipana, lookanft, goopt k. ; 
(iM^er^ buduMia, muhfoos nikh- 
BS^ ar k. puna d. himayut k. 
•m d.; (with boards) pMtoa; 
(with leather) murtiMia; (tnett- 
hate) MODft ; IcopukOe) bhuraaa« 

C^vec, t. 8«irpo6hy dbukm; (pre" 
tence) bahana, chhul, mis ; {of a 
hook) putiha, dofteen; (^ a 
latter) U£ei&, kham. 

C^vmmg, ) <• poshish, likaf» bala- 

Coverlet, S posh, rutaee, deo- 
laee, goodree, pukmgpo^, ntba- 
lee; {for a Carriage) gilaf, 
ghuta«>top ; {for a hone) gurdu* 
nee, jhool ; {for vfalU) piuchbu- 

Coverty &. (thiehet) jhafee, ot; 
jhoood, jhar : «• chhipa^ goopt, 
ptnhan* khoofiya. 

Covet, v^ lahich k« tama k. loloha- 
oa, lobhaoa, bud-^ugah k. nusur 
lugttiMky chahna, jee lugana, )ea 
jalan% lobh k. tokna^ bud iiiixur 

Covetous, a. lalchee, lobhee, Uraee, 
ktnee-Jtuttoo^ . bnees, taan, tarn* 
ma, lalucb-khora. 

C6vetou»ess, i. kabb, laluchy hk$f 
tuma, boidia. 

Covey, s. (a bdieh) j/M^ pot; 

Cough, s. kbanaee, kbookhee^ 
kboorra, kboo«ree>jioor£iib, kaiih- 
rog, ootkasbi : «. khansna* 

Cool«er, J. pbar, phalee, pfaal. 

Council, I. mujUs, puach, mufafil^ 
muntri-sttbha^subfaa; (witpreme) 

Country s. mctduhut) mushwam. 

nuseehttt^ muta, pttudi nt, |Mra« 

nureh, muntraaia* 
Counsellor, i. nooaheer, manttee, 

sttlahkar, muslahutea, puranu 

urshee, puramurshuk, maatiee; 

{coi^idtmi) m^mnMrac. 
Count, V. glnna, ^looinar k. jorna, 

ttudad k. giatee k. sunkfaiva k% 

hisab k. ; (redbMi) jaana, rukhna. 
C6uQtenanoe, «. cbihra, soorut, roo, 

mookhra, mooffh^ ^^'^^ ^^9» 

roop, mookh, deeoar, jumal; 

{patronage) towuifooh, shulkut, 

roodaree, rooyut, mibNbaneei 

oopkar, suhayta. 
Countenance, 9. inibr«baiiee k. 

moonh Ivigana^ kitdr*daaee k. 

oopkar k. si^yta k. pahta> 

pniti*palun k« 
Covntenanoer, <• hamee» moorab* 

bee, puchchhee> oree« mududgar, 

Counter, ad, mookhalif : a. oolta, 

birooddb, biputeet: 1. (fiier^ 

cAatits*) dookaft kce met, tat. 
Odiinteract,^9.«» bvMtHaf k. torna, 

katna, buruksee k« oolta k. bir* 

Counterfeit, a. jbootbay^kulb, jual, 

tugoUoobee, khot% nuklee, jalee, 

libasee, tukleedee^ kntshn, bhug- 

ke, dugul : 9. waW k. ; {Jorge} 

tuculloob k. jal kt jalsazee k. 

Airid hi libaace bunana; {pre" 

tend) buhana k. heela k. mb k. 

Countertn&nd, ^t* kookm pohit d. 

budol d. Yudd k» munsookh k. 

agy»ph^mB^i%ya purtborttun k. 
C^untarmine, s. ooltcte aoorang, 

nokb *ser mikb, toorung lule 

sdoroi^i soorung neecbe soo«- 


c o u 

[ 82 ] 


counterpane, s. pulung-posh. 
Counterpart, s. jora, pulla, juwab, 

doosra, yeksan, mootabik. 
Counterscarp, s, pooshta, dohra- 

Countless, a. besboomar, ungunit, 

unginut, sunkhya se bahur. 
Country, i. moolk, des, bhoom, 

wilayut, kishwur, bulad, dyar; 

{native) wutun, junum«>bhoom ; 

(opposed to town) dihat, beroon- 

jat, moofussul, kusbat : a. desee, 

dihkanee, beroonee. 
Countryman, 5. gaonwala, dihatee, 

gunwar, dihkan ; (farmer) kisan, 

County, s, zilla, chukla. 
Couple, s. do, jora, jooft, zouj : 

V. joma, milana ; {marry) sum- 

bundh lugana, guth-jora k. ukd 

Couplet, s. byt, choupaee, doha, 

shiur, sortha. 
Courage, s. dileree, buhaduree, mur- 

dangee, himmut, shoojaut, mur- 

doomee, soorma-pun, jodha-pun, 

sahus, beerta. 
Courageous, a, diler, buhadoor, di- 

lawur, juwanmurd, soor, beer, 

shoojau, murdana, juree, joddba, 

sahasee, soorma. 
Couriigeously, ad, dileree-se, dile- 

rana, buhaduree-se, himmut^e, 

murdangee-se, sahus-se beerta- 

Cdurier, s, kasid, hurkara, pyk, 

dourafoa, nama-bur, doot. 
Course, s. dour, duput ; {progress) 

ruftar, chulun, chal ; {c/'a river) 

dhara, buhao; {race ground) 

ghoor-dour ; {toay) rah, rusta, 

leek; {succession) baree; (cow- 

duct) chal, chulun, dhung ; {se^ 

ries) surishta, silsila ; {of course') 

mookurrur, beshuk, beshoobha. 
Courser, f. badpa, goolgoon, su- 

moond, shubdez. 
Court, f, durbar ; {of justice) 

udalut, muhkuma, kuchuhree ; 

{yard) angun, suhun, jilou- 

khana, ungnaee. 
Court, V, chahna, durkhwast k. ; 

{flatter) khooshamud k. ; {ask 

in marriage) mungnee k. 
Courteous, a, khoosh*kho, nek- 

nihad, milunsar, khoosh-ukhlak, 

uhl, khuleek, soo-swubhaoee, 

soosheel, shisht, shist-acharee. 
Courteously, ad. khoolk-se, ukhlak- 

se, khoosh-kho-se. 
Courtesan, i. kusbee, tuwaif, kun- 

chunee, lolee, beswa, besya, 

Courtesy, «. ukhlak, mooruTTut. 
Courtesy, i. khoolk, murdoonnee, 

nek-nihadee, moodara, ittifat, 

iootf, adur, awa*bhugut, u^taf. 

milunsaree, soo-sheelta, shishtta. 
Courtier,- s. durbaree, hoozooree, 

moojruee, durbar-rus, aulamee; 

{time-server) zahirdar, doonya- 

C6urtship, s. oonseeyut, dostee^ 

Cousin, f. chuchera phoophera 

bhaee buhin, mamoozad kha- 

lazad bhaee buhin. 
Cow, «. gou, gae, goroo, dhenoo. 
C6ward, 5. durpokna, boozdil, 

kum-joorut, duraloo, sahus- 

ruhit, moorgee, namurd. 
C6wardice, i. boozdilee, namurdee. 
C6wdung, «. gobur; {dry) oopla, 

kunda, urna, gointha. 
Cowherd , ^ «. palee, uheer, goala. 
Cow-keeper, > ghosee, uheer. 

C R A 

[ 88 ] 

C R A 

Cow-house, s, gosala. 

Coxcomb, t. lafiEun, deeagiya, 

khood-been, khood-nooma; {the 
flower) tag i khuroos, gooUkes, 
Coy, a. shurroeela, bhurkel, shurm- 

geen, choukel. 
Coyness, t. bijab, shurm, laj. 
Cozen, V. a. duga d. fureb d. chhul- 

na, thugna. 
Crab, t. kekra, kurkkat 
Clubbed, a. toorsh-roo, toond-kho, 

chirchira, bud-mizaj; {writing) 

Crabbedness, s. bud-mizaiee, toond- 

khoee, toorsh-rooee, chirchira- 

Crack, i, durz, phut, shjgaf ; {fit- 

9ure) bal, khutt ; {tound) kuraka, 

kuruk, kurkurahttt, chutaka. 
Crack, v. turukna, chutukna, 

phootna, phutna, chitkana, phut- 

kama; (crackle) muchmuchana, 
^ munnurana, kurkurana, kuruk- 

na, moormoorana; {in glass, Sfc) 

bal €tBa« 
Cracked, a. phoota, moodar, balee. 
Cracker, s. putakba, atushbaaee. 
Crackle, v. n. chutukna, churchura- 

na, muchmuchana, murmurana, 

kurkurana, moormoorana. 
Cradle, f. palna, hindola, pingoora. 
Qraft, 5. hirfa, pesha, kam, ooddim, 

bevsayu, byapar ; {fraud) duga, 

heela, fitrut, Uiugaee, chhul, 

syanpun ; {river craft) chhota 

juhaz, kistee wugyra. 
Craftily, ad. fureb-se, heeluh-se, 

syanpun-se, fitrut-se, duga-se, 

cbhul-se, mukr-se. 
Craftiness, s.fylsoofee, mokr, fureb, 

robubazee, syanpuD, mukkaiee, 


G 2 

Craftsman, «. kareegur, uhti hirfa, 

peshawur, uhli-pesha. 
Crafty, «. fitrutee, siyana, heeluba^ 

uyyar, iylsoof, mukkar, mootu- 

funnee, nutkhut,chhulee, dhoortt, 

Crag, f. kurara, sahil, shel. 
Cr&gged, ) a, oonchneech, behur, 
Criiggy, ) ooficha-khalee, nusheb- 

Cr^igginess, s, nahumwaree, oon* 

chaee, neechaee, gyr-moosuttuh. 
Cram, v, n. thosna, chhukana, 

thoofisna, nigulna, thansoa, 

Cramp, i. ukur-baee, tushunnooj, 

ukur-baoo, baee, bat-rog ; {con- 
straint) utkao, bund, kyd, mani, 

Cramp, V. nkur-jana, thithrana, 

thithur-jana, ukuma ; (restrain) 

ToknA, utkana, burujna. 
Crane, s, sarus, luglug; {the in- 

strwnent) churkh, tfaeka. 
Cranny, s, durar, phuta, durz. 
Crape, #. kupur-dhoor. 
Crash, «• dhuraka, gurgurahut, 

dhumaka, burhurahut, khurkhu- 

Ciiter, «. jwalamookhee, julte- 

puhar ka nikas. 
Crav4t, s, gooloobund. 
Crave, v. mangna, istida k. chahna, 

durkhwast k. tulub k. suwal k. 

jachinga k. 
Craving {appetite) s, houka. 
Ci4wfish, s. jheenga. 
Crawl, V. ryngna, khisukna,loorhna, 

Ci^ness, s. zof, zaf, nukahut, 
natuwanee, nakoowutee ; {of in- 
tellect) khuluUdumag, khoorafut. 
Crazy, a. huwas-bakhta, zueef. 

C R E 

L S4 ] 

C R I 

behuwas, oonniatt» intuloobH>ol- 
huwas, doorbuL 

Creak, v. IdrkiraDa^ chirchirana, 
choon-choon k. churchurana. 

Qream, s^ mulaee, balaee, doodh 
kee sar. 

Crease, s, thikan, cheen, goenjluk, 
ehoomnit : v. shikun^dalna, shik- 

Crefite, o. pyda k. bunana, kbalk 
k. sifujna, ahfiati k. ootpuna k. 
rucbaa, mrmaiui k* 

Creittiaay $^ afreenisb, khilkut, 
sriahfty pydaish, ootputti, shrisbti, 
rucbna, khulk*ooliah, mukbloo- 

Cr^iotyi^ khalik, kartar, afreenin- 
duli,, sir) unbar, afireedgac, khul- 
lak, sbrisbti-kurta. 

Cr^twfe^ s. mukblook, khulk^ 
;m8bt; (depeiulMnt) bunda, par- 
wurda; ((tmimalf ^c.) janwar, 
juntoo, jeev, by wan ; (a rational 
creatttre) bywan-i-natik; (on tr- 
ratwnal creature) bywan«i*-gyr- 
natik, hywaa-i-mooduk, hywan- 

Credence, «• etibar^ etimad* purteet 

Credentials, s, sunuden, usoad, 
dustawez, purteet-putr. 

Credible, a. moutubur, etibaree, 
laik etimad, moutttmud,.manne- 
jog, pruteet-^og. 

Credit, s. etimad, bhurum, sakh, 
bburosa, niscby, put; {opposed 
,to debt) oodbar, nisiya, warn, 
padust; (in account) moojra, 

Credit, v. manna» etibar k. vukeen- 
lana, putiyana, nisbchy k. bbu- 
rosa, k.; (tolendorgiveoncredit) 
oodhar d. kurz d, warn d. 

Creditable, a. aaooatubur, etibaree, 

Toodar, rooyuldar, bburmala, 

oomda, porteeiee. 
Creditor, i. kui2«khwab, dhuaee, 

bouriya, boubra. 
Credulity, s. aada-dilee, bbx>laee9 

sada-loubee, bbolapun. 
Credulous, «. suree^fol-etkad, zs* 

cef-ttkad, bbola, sada-diL 
Creed, #. kulima, gaitiee, rauntr. 
Creek, #. kol, khaiee. 
Creep, V, ryngna; (ae plants) phyU 

aa ; {move slowfy) alusteb-cbulaa. 
Creeper, s. bel, luta. 
Crescent, i. hibl, teen roaa chaod 

kee sbukl. 
Cress, r. haJim, turub-tezuk. 
Cresset, s. akas de^a, roshandan. 
Cr^, s. toorra, tognut; {helmet) 

kbod ; {qf'a mwke) phua ; {Ufft) 

cbinda, kulgee, sbikna. 
Crated, a. pbunyla, kulbhadar, 

Creat-ftdlen, a. na-oommyd, dil- 

tang, mayoos, niras. 
Cret^eous, a. kburee-mittee-sa. 
Crevice, f. durz, shigaf, sooiakb, 

ebbed, chbidr. 
Crew, A. nbl i jubaz, mallab. 
Crib, s, kbooriee, tban ; (forJo/wU) 

tapa, kbaacba. 
Cribble, i. obulna. 
Cricket, <• jheengur; (moje) gboor* 

Crier, s. moonadee, dbundboriya; 

(to prayers) moouzsin. 
Crime, s, tukseer, gofooali, joorm^ 

kbuta, isiyan, dosh, dokb, pap, 

kookarm, upradh, udburm. 
Criminal, s, moojrim, goonuhgar, 

asee, budkar, kbatee, tukveerwar, 

papee, upradbee, kookurmee, 

doshee, dokhee, udhurmee. 

C R 

[ 85 ] 

C R O 

Oiminal, o. namakool, mayoob; 

{not cinl) foujdarae. 
Criminal courts, s. udalut i fouj- 

CriminaHty, s. joonn, goonubgaiee, 

Ciimmale, «. goonubgar-thuhrenay 

Crfminal-law, s. aeeni-8i3rasut 
Crimson, s. ktrmiaee, toorkh, nr* 

guwluiee, lal, ubbasce. 
Cnoge, V. cbaf^oosee k. khoosha- 

mud k. hijajut k. sumi^ut k. 
Cripple, f. lungca, loola, loonja, 

lung, upung, pungoo, «^ : ©. 

Inngrana, lung k. 
Crisis, f . (of a diietm) boohran ; 

rog ka not wa xtmA ; (height) 

kumal, uyn wnkt, saut. 
Crisp, a. koorkoora, meormooray 

Criterion, I. puta, nishaB, pubobao, 

alamut, cbinh. 
Critic, I. BodEta-dan, baredc-beea, 

dokeeka-sunj, nooktai^iiDJ, du- 

Critical, c. (accaratey subeeh; 

(jpenon) moo-shigaf, soorta, ba- 

Criticise, o. kboorda-beenee k. nyb- 

joee k. kboorda-geeree k. dokhna, 

ilzam d. doena. 
Criticism, s, nookta^-cfaeenee, uyb- 

joee, kboorda-geeree, dukedca- 

sunjee, bareek^beenee. 
Croak, v. turtoon k. turturana, gbur- 

ghon k* 
Cr6ckery, s. mittee ya cbeenee ke 

bujtun, zooroof gilee ya cbeenee. 
Crocodile, s. mugur, gborial. 
Cr6ny, f. moohibb, dost, yargar, 

hnm-jolee, lungotiya-yar. 
Crook, $, unksee, oyntbun, bul, 

uynth : o. terha k. lucbana, lueb- 
kana, jhookana, khum d. 

Cr^ok-backed, a, koobva, koozu- 
pootbt, kburoeed-poosbt, koobba, 
beenga, binga. 

Crooked, a. terba, tirchha, kuj, 
khum, kbumdar, terha-bera, 
lerha-baaka, ungush*bungush, 

Crookedness,'*, terbaee, khum, ku- 
jee, terba-pun. 

Crop, I. (product) <u$I, root, ritoo, 
oopja, pydawar ; {of a bird) pota, 
jbojb, housla. 

Crop, tx. cbbantna, turashna, katna, 

Cross, o. ara lugana ; bynda luga* 
na ; (a river) par h. ; ootuma, 
oobioor k. goozuma, goozar k. ; 
{thwart) rooosahumut k. roooza- 
him h. ; muna k. ; {cancel) kat 
d. kulum mama^ kulum kbyncb« 

Cross, s. suteeb : a. ara ; {perverse) 
mugra, butheela, sorkush, much- 
la, mootumnmrrid ; {peevish) 
chirchira, bud-mizaj, bud*kbo. 

Crossbow, I. goolel, kuman* 

Crossness, s. butb, zid, israr^ istib- 

Cr6ss-way, i. ebouraha. 

Crouch, V, dubuk-bythna ; {cringe) 
paon*pnma,hath joma,minnut k. 

Crow, s. kouwa, kag, zag. 

Crow, V. bang d. ; {bluster) she- 
khee bughama, shekhee mama, 

Crowd, s. bbeer, umboh, izhdibam, 
thuth, jumao, cbupkulush, kus- 
rut, dungul, alum, boojoom, 
mela-thela : v. bbeer lugana, um. 
boh k. izdibam k. ; {piit cUse) 
ghuna k. goonjan k. bhur d. 

C R U 

[ 86 ] 

C U L 

Crown, s. m, roookut, kookthU 

shahee ; (of the head) chandee, 

taloo, tundee ; (of a hilt) ehoit- 

tee; (money) deenar; (kmdi) 

khal isa, khass, surkaree, tooyool : 

V. taj rukhna ; (ewer) dharopna ; 

(adorn) zeenut d. rounuk d. 

araish d. ; (reward) ujr d. ; (Jin' 

ish) tumam k. 
Crowned, a. tajdar, s&hib-taj. 
Crdcible, f. koothalee, ghuriya, 

bota, koolhiya. 
Criicify, v. suleeb d. choumekha 

k. suleeb pur thonkna. 
Crude, a. kham, kuchcha, natu- 

mam, nakis, upukk ; (half ripe) 

guddur, gudraya hooa. 
CrCideness^. kuchcha-pun,khan]ee. 
CrCidUy, s. bud-huzmee, ujeerun, 

Cruel, a, bedurd, beruhm, kuthor, 

nirdy, sung-dil, jullad, bemihr, 

bemya, kroorh, nithoor, sukht- 

dil, zalim. 
Cruelly, ad» sukhtee-se, bedurdee- 

se, beruhmee-se, nirdy-roop. 
Cruelty, s. beruhmee, bedurdee, 

sung-dilee, kussabee, kroorbta, 

nithooraee,kuthor-pun, nirdypun. 
Crdet, 8, sirke ya tel kee sheeshee. 
Cruise, v, dooshmun ke juhaz ko 

Crumb, s. choora-bhoora, reza, 

choora-cbara, rezgee, jamgee ; 

(of bread) gooda. 
Crtimble, v. choor h. choora h. 

bhoorbhoorana, chukna choor h. 
Crdmple, v* shikun dalna, jhol dal- 

na, choorus dalna, choonnut d. 
Crtipper, s, doomchee. 
Cruset, 8. ghuriya, moos. 
Crusher, koochulna, choor-choor k. 

musulna, toma. 

Cmst, s. chhilka, pupree, post, 

chhal, pupra ; (of a pie) purt ; 

(of bread) post. 
Crutch, $. bysakhee, tekee, suharee. 
Cry, f. po^r, hank, chillahut, 

gooloo, giriya, furiyad, naluh, 

kook, figan; (of hawkers, birds^ 

4 c.) bolee ; (voice) awaz, suda, 

Cry, o. (etdl) pookama, hank mar- 

na, awaz d. tenia, lulkama; 

(weep) rona, giriya k. zaree k. 
Crystal, i . bilour ; (of salt) k\x\\aAn : 

a. bilouree, bilour-ka ; (of sugar} 

Crystallized, a. kulumee. 
Cub, f . pilla, buchcha. 
Cube, s. kuab, ghun, shush puhloo ; 

(in arithmetic) juzr. 
Ciibeb, f. kubab-cheenee, seetui 

Ciathxi, s. hath, ek-hath ka nap. 
COckoo, i. kokila. [ree. 

C^cuittbef, «. kheera; (wild) kuk^ 
Cod, f^ joogalee, pagoor. 
Cue, s. chotee ; (hint) ishara, puta. 
CCidgel, s. ludi, sonta : v. luthiya- 

na, peetna. 
Cuff, f. dhoul, thuppur, thupera ; 

(of the sleeve) poya,. kos, mohree. 
Cuff, tf. dhouliyana, thuprana, thu- 
pera mama, thuppur marna. 
Cuirass, #. char-ainuh,. joushun. 
Cuir^sier,. s. bukhtur-posh. 
Ciilinary, s^ tubbakhee, tubkbee, 

Cull, V. choonna, choogna, binna, 

intikhab k. biluchna. 
C&lly, t>. thugaee k. fureb d. dugad. 

Ciilpable, a. goonuhgar, mooIaim« 

dokhee, joormee, wajib-oot-tuk* 

seer, doshee, dosh<jogyu. 


[ 87 ] 


Culprit, 5. moojriro, goonuhgar, 
papee, upradhee, tukseerwar, 
khutaka. . 

Cultivate, V, {land) khetee k. tu- 
ruddood k. ; {improi^e) turbiyut 
d. arasta k. dooroost k. bunana, 
soodharna. . 

Cultivation, s. zuraut, khetee, jo- 
taee, turuddood, khetee-baree, 
kisanee ; {improvemerU) dooroos« 
tee, 30odhraee, turbiyut. 

Cultivator, 5. kisan, kishtkar, hul- 

Culture, 5. zuraut, khetee, turud- 
dood, khetee-baree, jotaee, kis- 

Cumber, v. utkao k. bharee k. 

Cftmin, V 


Cunning, a. siyana, pukka, chutoor, 
uyyar, fylsoof, heela-baz, muk- 
kar, hikmutee, mootufunnee, fit* 
rutee, dhoortt : s. hikmut, fitrut, 
iylsoofee, syanpun, uyyarec, roo« 
bubazee, uyycurgee, chutoomee. 

Cunningly, ad, fitrut-se, heela-ae, 
hikmut-se, chutooraee-se. 

Cup, s. piyala, kasa, jao^ kutora^ 

Cup, V. seengee lugana. 

Cupboard, s, basun rukhne kee 

Cupidity, 8, ishk, huwa-o-huwus, 
kam, shuhwut, shareerik-akank- 
sha, kam-abhilakh. 
Cupola, f. goombuz, koobba. 
Copper, s. seengee-wala, sbakh- 

Cdpping-glass, $, seengee, ghuriya, 

Cur, s. kootta, loonda, lendee; 
(mappisk person) khoor-jboora. 

Curb, $, zunjeer, kuree; {impedi* 
tnent) rok, zubt. 

Curb, V. rokna, thamna, kyza k. 
lugara d. sumbhalna. 

Curd, s. khoa. 

Cure, V. chunga k. uchchha k. 
mooaluja k. tundooroost k. bhula 
k. ; (a ditorder) ilaj k. door k. 
rufa-dufa k. mooaluja k. shufa 
d. sihhut d. 

Cure, s. ilaj, mooaluja^ shufa, sih- 
hut, aram, oopae. 

Cured, pa. uchchha hooa, bhula- 
chunga, sihhut-paya, tundoo^ 
roost ; (as meat) nirokeen. 

Curiosity, i. shouk, razjoee, khoj, 
tufuhhoos, kun-rus, poochh- 

f)achh, unoosundhan-echchha ; 
rarity) toohfa, souf^at, unokha, 
unootha; (pi.) ujaib, ujaib-gu« 
raib, tuhaif, toobniiat. 

C&rious, f . shoukeen, khojee, razjo, 
mootulashee, bhediya, sundhan- 
echchhook : a. ujeeb, nadir, ujeeb 
o gureeb, unootha, chumutkar. 

Curl, s. zoolf, kakool. 

Curlew, #. kurarakool. 

CCirly, a. ghoongharia, pecheela, 

CCirrant, s. ungoor-khooshk, tabdar. 

C&rrency, «. ijra, kusrut ; (ofmo" 
ney) chulun, ruwaj, chal. 

CCirrent, # . {rivulet) nalee ; (stream) 

Clirrent, a, raij, jaree, mooruwuj, 
ruwan, riwajee, chulnee, chulta, 
chulit ; (as money) halee, jooloo- 
see ; (language) rozmurra, moo* 
hawira ; (coin) raij-ool-wukt, 
chulun-ka, sikka ; (general) am, 
mushhoor ; (price) nirkh, bhao ; 
(year) ub ka sal. [saz. 

Carrier, s. chumar, dubbag,churm- 

c u s 

[ w 3 

O A O 

Cftny, p» (leaiha'y kimiana, pukana, 

dulMigut k. ; {a kersey kluinihra 

k. miilQa. 
CGrrycomby «• khurabray khur- 

Ciinj'ik^ovLff t^. a. khooshama<» 

CQiry^stuf, #. masalufa. 
Cuvse, «• bad«dooa, luanut, luan, 

srap, phitkar, dhikkar : v. kosna, 

Inaiuit k, budniooa d« arapna^ 

Cursed, pa* a« muloon, H^uidood, 
* la&tttee, trapk, kota-hooa. 
COrsoiy» tu ciittUe*hooey uyavdhan, 

soranifQe; (view) nuxur ijmaiee, 
Curtikil, V. kvm k. kotah k. gfau- 

tana, katna^ cbhota k. suak- 

shep k. 
Ciirtaini i. maaiiree, purda. 
CCirtaiii-gaa«e, s. kapur^dhoor. 
Curve, 1. kbuiDi terhaee, kuj, beak, 

X €6rved, a* terba, kuj, kbumdar, 

C^sbion, s. gaddee, tukiya; (of 

-ttate) musnod. 
Cteafd-*apple, i. sb»feeia» 
Custody, s. (care) umanut, mkb- 

waleeynigukbaBee»hitout, buwa* 

lut« tufweez, ruk^a, mchebba; 

{imprisimment) kyd, hubs, bund. 
CCMtom, f. (manner) dystoor, rusm, 

cbal, ruwyya, ruwish, diulun, 

reet, mwaj, kaida, buifdhe}, sur- 

ishta,. tareeky rali<»ru8m, beobar, 

mutmoov; (hahU) adut, mua- 

mool, ubbbyas, rubt; (tribute) 

khiraj, muhsool, lugta, bibree, 

kur, den^tf 
CCistomary, a. mf mo<^, nismee, 

bu-dustoor, mooruvmj, dustoor- 

moowafik; dustooree* 

Customer, i. kboreedar, gahufc^ 
usamae ; (of a brahman) jtijinen. 

Custoin-housei «• sair, kuror kee 

Cut, part, kuta-hooa; (prepared 
for oie) buna-bunayay tyyar. 

Cut, $, {wound) zukh«, kbott, 
cheera; (form) kuta; (Aaptf^ 
turasb, byotit; (piece) tookra, 

Cut^ V. kataa, turasbna, kutuma; 
(carve) ttuksb k. tookra todcra k. 
para para k. katna, khund khand 
k. ; (preclude) mabroom k. baa 
yukbna; (.^m) bunana ; (a«/) 
kat-uikalna ; (shape) biyratna ; 
(akridge) gbutaaa. 

Cutaneous, a. jildee, postea* 

Cdticle, I. chumra, post 

CCitlass, e. kbunjur, lega, neemeiuw 

CCi^r, f . lobar, karadgur. 

CGtpurse, «. jeb-kotra, keesabeor. 

Ciit-throat, «. katil, khooniez, gu)<- 

Cotter, #• kism juhaz. 

Cy'de, s. doura, kum, joog. 

Cy'Under, i. nul, ponga ; (rollery 

C/inbal,«. jbanj; (emaU) man* 

Cy'press, s. suro, aunr, 

Cy'prus, «. ubresbum. 

Czar, s. kysur, badsbabi-roos. 

Dab, o. /»• cboopuma, poochara k. 
Dabble, v. dubdoob k. lotpot k. 
Daffodil, «. nurgis. 
D^ger, i, kutar, pesh-kubx, kbun* 

jur, biehhtya, bicbkira, sbum^ 



[ 80 ] 


JMdlff o. hur-roia» din-dioksy n^ 
mumiee^ roumirre ka, youmee, 

DiBy^ mL vos roi, hue roz, roE bn* 
roB, din Jul din. 

"DmnJalffad, nusakutrse, UitefuUie; 

Diuntincsff, «• nnzakiity lutafiit« 

Dainty, a. nazook, luteef| nnfees, 

I, toohfa, Biamnt; (pi,) 
nn&is, tubaif, toobfek-jaU 

Dysy, s. gooliobukar. 

Dai€» s. cbra, khok, ghate^ ghatee. 

DUlianee, #. rao-cKao, rung-ras, 
doolar-piyar, chooma-chatee, 
ehooma-^oomee, rag^sohag^naif 
nukhra, bos-o-kinar ; (delay) 
dcRe, dining, dheel, blloinb. 

D&lly, «. rao-diao k. doolar-pyar 
k. bos^o-kinar k« bofla»baaee k. 
cbooma-^batee k, ; (delay) deree 
k. dheel k. dining^ £• wukt 

Daaif s. janwuroM kae mada ; (^ani) 
bandk : tf. bandh-bandhna. 

DIunage, #. nooksan, zurur, zi3Fan» 
ghata, khulul, bigar, kubaliat, 
khnvabee, huruj, lota paemalee ; 
(reparaiion) jureamana, tawan, 
nuxMadora, dund : «. nooksan k. 
bigarna, kbiaara k. 

DftaMgedy a. dagae, dagdar, nook, 
•anee, bigra, khnrab. 

Damascene, \s. akKHbookhara, 

DamsoBy j aloo«riianiee. 

Dimask, i, mootkiijjur ; (ohth) 

Damaskeen, «• a. ($teel work) jeu* 
hnr banana ya nikalna. 

Dame, s. begum, beebce, bee^ kud* 
banoo, swaminee. 

Damn, v. mnloon k. Inanut k. 
nariiee thyrana, juhunnum bhej- 
nsi kotnl^ trapna. 

DamnftdoB, t . hnlakut, bud-akibnt, 
lanutt-khooda, nnunt dund, nu- 
rak ka dnnd, doxnkh kee suza, 
sutya^nash, sunr^nash. 

Damned, pa. kmntee, muloon,doB- 
khee, narakee, juhnnnumee. 

Damp, s^ (vtqHfur) bhapb, ubkhara, 
bookhar ; (moisture) nuroee, tu* 
Re, rootoobut, seel; (dejection) 

Damp, a. tor, num, numnak, mur« 
toob, geela, oda, bbeega. 

Damp, V. murtoob k. nom k. oda 
k. geela k. seela k. ; (daect) diU 
geer k. oodas k. ufsoorda k. ran* 
jeeda k. turd k. thunda k. 

Dampness, t. numee, tnree, tnra* 
wnt, rootoobut, seel. 

DIunsel, 5, lurkee, cbhokree, koo- 
maree, subelee, joowotee. 

Dance, s, nacb, ruks, ramish-»guree, 
khooniya^gtme : o. nachna, ruks 
k. koodm^phandna; (al/Cfuiaiice) 
peechhe luga ruhna, peedihe pu» 
ra rukna, nach nucbana. 

Dancer, i. nachne•wak^ nuchwyya ; 
(Jem,) nadme-walee, rukkaa. 

Dandle, v, a, koodana, oochhalna, 
kbilana, hilana, huivia. 

Dlmdruff. s. roosee, bufift, suboosa. 

Danger, #. khutra, dur, bhurum, 
kubahat, jokhon, mookhatura, 
khouf, dhuika, khutka, beem, 
shunka, chinta, jokhim, purwa. 

Dangerous, a. khutur-nak, bhyun* 
kur, pooTokhutur, bhurmeela, 
^unka-junuk, apudeeyu, shun- 
kut-jookt, khouf-nak« 

D4ngle, «. hifukna, hilugna. 

Dapper, a. chalak-choost, soobook- 
dust, goot*gynee, nata, nata^beer, 
choa*dunna, thingna. 

Dfipple,«, ublnk,do-runga, kubra. 

D A U 

[ 90 ] 

D E A 

Dare, v. joorut rukhna, himinut 

rukhna,murdang[ee rukhna,heeya 
. rnkhna, poorkharut rukhna; 

(defy) dbirana, dhumkana. 
Daring, a. himmutee, diler, soor, 

dilawur, bejan, murdana, buha- 

door, mun^chula, shoojau, bebak, 

beer, sahusee, nirbhy. 
Daringly, ad. dilerana, buhadoo- 

ana, shoojaut-se, beerta-se, sa- 
• bus*se. 
Dark, a. undhera, tareek^ undha- 

dhoondh, undhkar, ghoop; (igno^ 

rani) jahil, ugyan. 
Darkness, s, undhera, undhiyara, 

tareekee, zoolraut, undher; {igno' 

ranee) jihalut,ugyanta, moorkhta. 
Darling, 8. piyara, doolara, larla, 

lal, lukhti-jigur, jigur-bund, 

chush-chirag, uzeez. 
Darn, v, rufoo k. 
Dart, s, bhala, burchhee, bullum, 

neza, sel, nachikh, burchha, bur- 

Dash, V. putukna, zor-se dal d. 

de-mama; {in pieces) chukna- 

tihoor k. reza reza k. choor choor 

k. ; (mingle) amezish k. milona, 

amekhtak.; (blot) mitana, kat 

d. kulum-khoorda k. 
Dastard, s, booz-dil, durpok, na- 

murd,ghubraoo,khaif, durpokna. 
. Date, s. (of time) tareekb, tith, 

mitee ; (duration) duwam, thuh- 

rao ; (the fruit) khujoor, khoor- 

ma, chhoohara, tumur. 
Dative, a. halut nusbee ya mufoo- 

liyut, sumprudan-karuk. 
Daub, o. potna, lesna, bhuma, lu- 

gana, leepna, chhopna. 
Daughter, s, dookhtur, betee, kun- 

niya, lurkee, bint, pootree, dhee, 

jaee, buchchee, ioundiya. 

Dliugbter-in-law, ». bnhoo, putoh", 

budhoo, doolhun, wusna. 
Daunt, V, durana, dhirana, dub- 

kana, dhumkana, duhshut d. 
Dauntless, a, nidur, bcbak, be- 

purwa, nidhuruk, bedhuruk, be- 

Dawn, 8, turka, bhor, soobuh, noor 

ka turka, gujur-dum, phurcha, 

pou, pou-phatee, suhur, soobh- 

dum, bamdad, peelee, prat-kal, 

umrit-vela, prubhat : v. turka b. 

prubhat h. poh phatna, peelee 

phutnee, din nikulna. 
Day, s. din, roz^ divus, youm, bar, 

Daybook, s. roz-nama bubee, 

khusra, roznamcha. 
D^y-break, i . tuika, bhor, phurcha. 
Day by da^, ud, ruzburoz, horroz, 

din ka dm. 
Day .light, «. bam-dad, roz roushun* 
Dayspring, s. bamdad, turka, pob, 

soobh, suhur, peelee-pbutee. 
D^ystar, #. zoohra, sook. 
D%-time, i . din ko. 
Dazzle, V, tirmirana, jtgmigana, 

D^on, s. oohdudar kuleesiya Es* 

wee ka, khadim girje ka. 
Dead, a. mura, mooa, foutee, mur- 

hoom, dehant ; (as trade) munda^ 

soost, dheela. 
Deadly, a. karee, hulakoo, kattl, 

moohlik, maros. 
Deaf, a. byhra, kur, soom. 
Deafness, s. buhraee, buhra-puna, 

Deal,f. (quantity) kudr, buhoot; 

( fir wood) cheer kee lukree ; (a 

great, c/ea/) buhootera. 
Deal, V. bantna, tukseem k. hissa 

k. bhag k. una k. kismut k.; 


[ ^i J 


(with) mooamula k. soolook k. 

bevsayu k. ; (trade) tijarat k. 

beobar k. binij k. soudagfee k. 
D^et, «. soudagur, beoparee, kar- 

baree, toojjar ; {in com) buniya, 

DMiasff s. karobar, mooaiDula, 

surokar, ilakuh, lenden, byobar, 

Bear, a. {beloved) piyara, uzeez; 
* (coitly) muhungra, guran, tez, 

kurra, buhocMnoolyu, buhoot 

mol ka. 
Dearly, ad, shouk-se, ashikana, 

buboot keemut-se, buhoot mol- 

D^amess, s. muhngee, garanee. 
Dearth, s, kal, kuht; (scarcity) 

tora, kiim*yabee, killut, kumee, 

Death, s. roout, murun, murg, ujul, 

kuza, kal, mritoo, mirt. 
Deathless, a. umur, laroout, ukal. 
Death-like, a. mout ka sa, murg« 

Debiir, v. a, baz rukhna, kharij 

rukhna, muhroom k. 
Debase, v, be-abroo k. zuleel k. 
. soobook k. post k. hulka k. hu- 

keer k. khxxtee^V.; (adulterate) 

inilounee k. 
Debate, t. buhs, moobahosa, kuzi- 

ya, jhugra, rugra, mookabura. 
Deblite, v, buhs k. buhusna, jhu- 

guma, moobahusa k. 
Debauch, #. bud-j)urhezee, khoo- 

mar, beitidalee, oubashee, uysh. 
Debauch^, s, uyyash, rind, oubash, 

budkar, khurabatee, huram-kar, 

shureer, zanee, lumput, looeh- 

Debauchery, «. oubashee, uysh, 

fisk-o*foojoor,rindee, bud-karee> 

huram-karee, uyashee, rindee-* 

bazee, awarugee, ubturee, him- 

pnt-puna, loochcliapuD, shoohda- 

Debilitate, v. kumzor k. natuwan 

k. zueef k. tor d. nakoowut k. 

nukee k. doorbul k. chheen k. 
Debility, #. kumzooree, na-koovvu* 

tee, Dukahut, zouf, natuwanee, 

nirbnlta, Dirbulee, doorbulta, 

Debt, i. kurz, dyn, rin, den, warn, 
D^or, $, kurzdar, dendar, riniya, 

bakeedar, dyndar, wamdar, dhar- 

Decalogue, s. khooda ke dus 

hookm, dus-a§^a. 
Decamp, V, kooch k« rufoo chuk- 

kur h. chul-purna, bhag nikulna, 

ja-puma, chule iana, lumbe h. 
Dedint, v. oondelna, uitharna, 

oojhulna. [mama. 

Decapitate, v, a, sir katna, gurdun 
Dec^y, s. tunuzzool, zuwal, ghutee, 

ootar, dhulao, ghutao, ghuttee, 

rhas, kshy. 
Dec^y, V. boseeda h. zuwal h, 

mooijhana, dhulna, ootuma, tu. 

Duzzool h. surna, goozuma,gima, 

puma, tootoa, lutiyana, khy- 

jana, khiyana. 
Dec^e, 5. mout, intikal, wufat, 

waki, rihlut, wisal, kooch, de- 

hant, rorttyoo, murun. 
Deceased, pa. murhoom, mootu- 

wufia, mooa, mura. 
Deceit, 8. fnreb, cblml, duga, mukr, 

heeIa,iool,kuput, dhoortta, thu* 

gaee, nino. 
Deceitful, a, dugabaz, furebee, 

chhulee, mukkar, mukr-amez, 

thug, fitmtee, funn*furebee, meo* 

tufunuee, mootufuttin. 


[ n ) 


Det^ve, w. duga d. tkuf^BBy dihul- 
na, dlKdcba d« vindhUuiay duga- 
baiee k. bboolawa d. balm d. 

DeceiTer, i. dogabav, c^bulee, 
thug, mukkar, fitrulee, huebee, 

Dectober, i. Ughun-Pooai. 

Deeeney, s. sbaistugee, acastu^ee, 
makooliyut» imtiyax, udub, jogta, 
sobha; (modestif) shurm, WtoLXy 
laj, hijab. 

DecM^nnial, a. dubsala, dutbttna. 

Decent, a. thaista, muakooly laik, 
arasta, oochit, jog, sobhaman, 
toohata, imtiyazee-ba-lumees ; 
Keen, iunuldar, iffutdar, pak*- 
damuDy sahib i shuimi 

Decently, od. imtiyaz^ae, sbaistu- 
gee*9e, muakool turuh-se, ara«<- 
tugee^se, dooroostee-se, tuneez- 
se; {modeftly) hijab-se, ihttrm*- 
geenee^e, laj ke satb. 

Deoeption, t, dhokha, ala bala, nu- 
surbund, bboolawa, wuhm, chhu* 
lawa, nye-rungee, pntbundhaa, 
deeth, dttth, ditb-buadee, boorka 

Decide, v, thuhrana, fysul k. futwa 
d. hookm d. moonkuta k. kilisal 
k. rufa k. cbookana, kuta k. 
nisbputti k« niTeroa, niray k. 
phurcha k. purcbha k. 

Decidedly, ad. niput, sureeh, bil* 
kool, sub-sumet, nidan. 

Decider, i. moonsif, hukum, moot^ 

Decipher, v. hull k. kholna, buta* 
na, tuabeer k. butlana, byan k. 
sahir k. kholkur kuhna, goorh- 
arth prukasoa. 

Decision, i. infisal, futwa, hookm, 

fyila, mptara^ diookouta, fymil, 

nispnttiy nivera, phozdub pnr- 

Decisive, a. kutuee, sbafee, noon* 

knta, poora, natik, kamtl^ saf, 

nisputti-junuk, nimy-jog;. 
Deek^ i. tqkhtii-bnndee, putao, 

muoEtl ; (« tto0 decker) do mun- 

zila juhaz* 
Deck, V. arasia k. xeb d. snnwarao, 

ehiknana, bunana» arasta-*py« 

nsta V. tukuUoof k. shobhit k. 

nirbhooshit k, 
Ded^ia, v, tukieer k. byan k. ka- 

lam k, bukban lu Tuniun k. 
Declaimer, f . khoosh-tukreer, moo- 

karrir, ooohdiaree» bukta, bu» 

Dedaiition, s. izbar, gufvabee, ta- 

beer, mubzur, isbat, tukreer, 

tushreeb, prukasb. 
Declare, v. kubna, zahb k. ikrar k. 

bolna, prukash k« pmcbama. 
Declension,!, tusreef, giurdaSyVir 

bhukti, pud-sadhun. 
Declinable, a. mootusurrif, moon^ 

surif, surf-puaeer. 
Declination* s. roosool, tunuisoo], 

ootar, kiant; (bending) jbookao. 
Declin&tor, i. dhoop-ghuree buna. 

ne ka ek ouzar. 
Decline, v. dhulna» gbutna ; (ttoitp) 

jbookna; (r^vMe) inkar k.; 

(thun) ihtiraz k. baz mhna; 


Declivity, i. ootar, dhal. 

Dec6ction, i. joshanda, karha. 

Decompose, v. a. gulana, mooruk- 
kub ko jooda k. 

Decorate, v. singama, araish d. 
sunwama, singar k. bunao lu 
arasta k« teep-rtap k, toom^turak 

D £ £ 

[ W ] 

D £ F 

iu tvjanm, toothra k. mndkmnm^ 

«oUiit k. bhooshit k. 
Decoration, f. zeenut, seb^ bnniio, 

wnsPagtBj singar, sobka, lyonao. 
Decdnim, «. takeka, bystut, tfaais- 

iigee, in^iysm, liyafcot, soodbub, 

bfaul-munseey admiyut, shisbta- 

Decoy, v. wurgalana, pbooslanay 

bujhana, fureb d. phusana, bub- 

kana, toga lana. 
Decrease, v. gbutn^ kua b.^a- 

taMu kum k. chegna. 
Decrease, t. gbutee, km&ee, gbut- 

tee, kumtee, tukh£eef, kusr, m* 

yooQta, koosoor, nooaool. 
Decr^f. fatwa, hookm, infis^d, 

istifta, biwustba, agya ; {the di- 

atne decree) takdeer, kuza«o-ka-» 

dur : •»• iutwa d. hookm k, iur- 

inana» thubrana, tbanna, agya k. 

Decrepit, o. zueef, ddira ; (fem,) 

dokree^ mooabimeey peer-i-fur* 
' toot, boo<&ia-pboo8« mooan, 

jeeniy biiddb, 
Deery'y v, uyb lugana, budnam k. 

komkudr k. dokbna, muzummut 

k. nam dhuma, muiamut k, 

Dpwad k. doomam k. ukhiyati k« 
DMicate, v. khass k. nuzr k. cbor- 

bana; (a book) mudob k. nam 

pur k. 
Dedbce, v, miteeja nikatiia> banl 

istikbraj k. 
Dediust, v. wuxa k. aimba k. mooj-* 

ra lena, mabsoob k. katna, ni* 

Deduction, s. (comeguence) mi«N$a, 

basil ; (tubtracHony miobaieey 

wQzeeyat ; (<m mmey) botta^ 

koosoor, wuaa. 
Deed, s. kam, kurnee, ki^, karuj. 

kirdar, vaittl, keeya, sakhta- 
purdakbla, karm; ^esphit) jo« 
kbim, uchumbha, udbhoot-kam, 
asbebuij^kaaiy aehrcj y (papery) 
kubala, sunud, ka^i puttur, 

Deed of gift, t, biba-namub. 

DeeaiS t. nmakMNb k» eumojbna, 
jmo% duriyaft k, bicbarni^ 

I)^» A* gyh^ iimeek> gumbbee- 
fa, gork^dby doobao, ugum^ 
gumbbeer, doofgam ; (intidums) 
gbatee, dugouliya, lapatee, fit* 
nitee^rasteen ka samp, turtodee ; 
(obiomie) dakeek, moosbkil, ku- 
tbin, goorb ; (sag^Kious) bareek- 
beea, dudceekasbiDas, teeksfaun* 
booddbi, gyanwan ; (artful) 
pukka, mootafunnee, syaost 
uyyar ; (grave in Mnmd) bharee. 

Deep, $, sumoondur, segur, duriyai* 
sbmr, bubr-i^moobeet. 

Deepen, v. pfobra k. iimeek k. 

Deeply, ad, nihayut, buhoot ; 
(prqfinmdfy) dikkut-te, gum* 

Deer, «. bonn, mirg, ahoo, kali«biii^ 

D^ee, V. bigama ; garut k. mi8«» 
mar k. khurab k« tuluf k« nash 

DefcmitMMi, $. bud-namee, boob- 
tan, toofan, iftira, ittiham, Ikn, 
dbaasa, upowad, doornam. 

Defbme, v. budnam k. rooswa k. 
toohnmty k. uyb lugana, iisam d. 
upnwad k. dooroam k. dbaasa 
d. jbaiisa d. bm lugaaa. 

Defitult, $, koosoor, kotakee, kusr ; 
ayb ; kbiita, dosb. 

Def(6asible, a. rudd ya moukoof 

Defeat, t;. sbikust d, bunna^ bhu. 

D E F 

[ 94 ] 


f^atm, mama, huEeemut d.; 

l/rustrate) burbad k. saya k. 

raegan k. 
Del^t, f. shikust, fauzeemuty bar, 

purajy, mar. 
Defeated, pa. shikust paya, huraya, 

Defect, f. kusr, koosoor, uyb, khu* 

lul, nooksan, zuwal, cbook, 

kfauta, kubahut, dokh. 
Defective, <i, nakis, khota, phoota, 

uybdar, na*tumani. 
Defence, «. punah, hifasut, ar, 

vFookao, arwar, urtula, asra ; 

(vindication) oozr, mooazurut, 

sufaee ; {reply) juwab, oottur. 
Defenceless, a. be-punah, behima* 

yuty lachar, asra-heen. 
Defend, v. himayut k. dustgeeree 

k. puchh k. buchana, pooshtee 

d. arna, yaree k.; {vindicate) 

mooazurut k. ; {reply) juwab d. ; 

(uphold) sumbhalna, ' thambna, 

suhama, suhara d. stihaytu k. 
Defendant, f. mooddauleh, turuf- 

sanee, pruti-badee. , 
Defended, pa. muhfidoz, bucha* 

hooa, umun. 
Defender, f. hamee, himayutee, 

rukliwala, hafiz, ruchchhuk, 

nuseer, nasir, buchwya, bucha- 

newala, puchchhee, ruksha-kur« 

Defensive; a. buchaoo, moohafiz- 

Defer, t;. mooltuvee rukhna, tal d. ; 

(delay) der k. dheel k. dirung k, 

soostee k. tulmutol k,; irejfer) 

roojoo k. pesh k. 
Deference, t, udub, Uhaz» moota* 

buut, adur, udheenta. 
Defiance, s. hunkar, dheenga-dhan- 

gee, dhumkee. 

Deficiency, f. kurotee, kumee, 

ghutee, kusr, ghuttee, ghata, 

Deficient, a, kum, ghutiya, kasir, 

ghut, nyoon, upoorn, kotah ; 

(a« money) mulut, butuha, butte- 

Defile, s. naka, gulee, koocha, suk- 

ree-gulee, suket-rusta, kshoodr- 

Defile, V. alooda k. napak k. ush- 

oodh k. usouch k. usoocbi k. 

upuvitr k. bbrusht k. ; (a$ $oU 

diets) pantee pantee chulna. 
Defilement, «. napakee, gundugee, 

gulazut, nujasut, aloodgee, chhot, 

upuvitr-ta, ushouch, myl, mul- 

Definable, a. kabil-tushkhees, ka* 

bil-tuuyyoon, kabiUbyau, bur- 
Define, v, butlana, sumjhana, byan 

k. tareef k. theek k. burnun k. 

bukhan k.; (decide) thuhrana ; 

(niark) hudd bandbna. 
Definite, o. (certain) mookurrur, 

tuhkeek, muhdood, theek, nish- 

chit, nirdharit; (article) hurfi- 

Definition, s. tushkhees, tareef, 

bukhan, bicbar, urth, byakhyan. 
Definitive, a. kutuee, mookuramul, 

Definitively, ad, kutuun, theek 

theek, saf saf. 
DefiGxioUf s. zookam, nuzla, rezish, 

noozool, huwa-zudgee. 
Defdrm, v, bigama, bedoul k. 

khurab k. bud-oosloob bunana, 

nakara k. tukhreeb k. 
Deformed, a. . bud-shukl, bedoul, 

bud-undam, kureeh*munzur, 

bud*huyut, bud-soorut, bud- 

D E G 

t ^5 ] 


byseeyut, namonzoon, bukr> 

Deformity, 5. bud-shuktee, bedou- 
lee, kureeh-munztrree, bud-soo- 
Tutee, kubahut, khurabee, koot- 
sit»robp, usoondurta, bukrta. 

Defraud, v, thugaee k. duga d. 
chhulna, foreb d. duga-ba»ee k. 

Defray, v, (jysa khtirch) oothana, 
uda k. lugana, dena. 

Defunct, a. murhoom, raugfoor, 
gureek-tuhraut, mrit, mure. 

Defy', V, dhirana, dhumkana, 
dheenga-dhangee k. luraee chah- 
na, dheenga-mooshtee k. khum- 
thonkna, dhumkee d. dubana. 

Degeneracy, s, khurabee, ibtizal, 
pust-himmutee, khissut, tunuz* 
zoo), rujut, dunanut, dunaut, 
booraee, budee, kum-kudree, 
khubasut, khubees-teenut, doosh- 
kurm, upkurm, kookurm. 

Degenerate, v, tookhm bud h. kum- 
kudr h. khurab h. nakis h. moob- 
tuzul h. goozur jana, bigunia, 
bud-usl h. dooshkurm-anvit h. 
kookurm-anvit h. 

Degenerate, a, moobtuzul, kum- 
kudr, khwar, znleel, khureb, 
kum-us], na-khuluf, budzat, bud, 
bud-utwar, nusht, dooshkurm- 
anvit, kookurm-anvit. 

Degradation, s, behoorroutee, roos- 
waee, fuzeebutee, istikhfaf, khif- 
fut, ibtizal, khurabee, bekudree, 
ihanut, zillut, hukarut, neechaee, 
udhumta, pud-bhrusht. 

Degree, v, behoormut k. zuleel 
k» kumkudr k. tugeer k. ootarna, 
neech k. pud-bhrunsh k. purl- 
bhrusht k. ghutana. 

D^aded, a. beabroo, behoormut, 

rooswa, bekudr, khufeef, kum- 
kudr, hukeer, upumanit. 

Degree, s, durja, murtuba, rootba, 
kudur, munzilut, paya, noubut, 
tubka, pud ; (descent) poosht, 
peerhee; (in geometry) duija, 

By Degrees, ad, ahiste-ahiste, ruf- 
te-rufte, kudum-bukudum, mur- 
tuba-bumurtuba, kudre-kudre, 
thore-thora kurke. 

Deject, V. oodask. dilgeer k. toma, 
shokanvit k. oodvign k. 

D^ected, a. oodas, dilgeer, diltung, 
azoorda, gumgeen, burkhasta, 
dil-burdashta, burdashta-khatir, 
ufsoorda-dil, sumigoon, sagwar, 
pu£hmoorda-dil,durmanda, moo- 

Dejection, s. oodasee, dilgeeree, uf- 
soordugee, azoordugee, mulalut, 
runjeedgee, mulola, nakhooshee, 
ufsoorda-khatiree, shikusta-dilee, 
sog, mlan. 

Deify, t;. khooda k. khooda kur 
manna, deota k. deo-prutishtha 
k. khooda bunana, khooda janna, 
ullah kur-manna. 

Deign, v. mootwujjih h. tuwujjooh 
k. utoofut furmana, ittifat k. 

Deism, I. touheed, tusuvwoof, soo- 
fee-guree, bedant. 

Deist, f . moolhid, bedantee, soofee- 
muzhubee, mootusuvvif, uhli« 

Deity, f. khooda, ullah, purmesh«- 
wur, brumh, mabooa, puru- 

Delay, s, tuwukkoof, deree, dirung, 
dheel, uber, bilumbh, der, ta- 
wieek, ihmal, tusahool, moohlut, 
ber, goun, ursa. 

Delay, v, deree k. deir lugana, ursa 


[ 96 ] 


lugaoay lool k. dirung lu bUiyiib 
k. dhe^ k. tawukkoof k, iiber k. 

Del^table* a. dilpnzeer, muzehdar, 
murgoob, dil-pusund^ sohana. 

Delegate, s, wukeel, naib, peshkar, 
pesh-dust, prerit^ firistada. 

Delegate, v. bbejna^ firittada k. 
prerna k.; (entrust) bawala k. 
sompna; {appoint) mookurrurk, 

Deleg^iion, <• wikalut, niyabut, 
elchee-guree, prerna. 

Delirious, a. moohlik, moozir, 
zubrdar, summee, zuhreeta, na- 
sbuk, mrityoo-karuk. 

D^berate, v. sochna, kbiyal k. 
bicharoa, tttummool k. fikr k. 
undesha k. gour k. tujweez k. 
dhyan k. bicbar k. 

Deliberate, a. sahib-tudbeefy moo- 
dubbir, door-undesh, gumbbeer, 
mual-undesh, suBjeeday suche- 
tun, soostbir, dheema. 

Deliberately, ad^ soch^kur, moo* 
dubbirana, socb-sumujh^kur, 
soch-gooh kur, jan-boojh kur, 
soosthir.hokur, dheema^, dhy- 
an«s6, ahtste-dheere. 

Delibei4tioo, s, tuuxnmool, £kr, 
dhiyan, gour, akibutpundeshee, 
tujweez, soch, soch-btchsc, bi- 
ckiar, uodesha, khouz ; (caution) 
khuburdaree^ ihtayat, chet, tood- 

D^iieaey^ $. (el^tmee) nuiakut, 
lutafu^ toohfugee^ komulta, 
soondurta, sookh-bbao; (neat' 
ne$i) pakeezgee, soogsaee, soot- 
raee ; (pleatantneas) khoobee, 
luuut, auka-daree, mitzuhdaree, 
soo-swad; (<o/hiesi) moolatmut; 

D^oate,«^iiaiook, nazneen, te6h« 
fo, kboosh-undun ; (neat) pa« 
keeza, soogor; (nice) wuhmee, 
wu8wasee,mootttwubhim; (fine) 
bareek, puteel, tboomka; i$qft) 
moolaim ; (weak) kumzor, uibul, 

Delicately, ad, nuzakut-se^ moo- 

Delicious, a. luteef, luzeez, muzu- 
dar, khoosh-zaika, toohfa^ kbassnt 
suwadee, zaikudar,' mooluzzuz, 
khoosh-muza, sooadur, khoosh* 
guwar, moostttluz, sooswad, 

Deliciousness, i. lootf, lutafut, 
nufasut, muzudaree, luzzut, 
tuluzzooz, nvouL 

Delight, s. khooshee, kboomunee, 
anund, sooroor, shadee, imbisat, 
buzz, musurrut, soor, suntokb. 

Delight, V. khoosh h. musroor k. 
reejhna, hoolusua, ahlad anund 
b. mugn h. 

Delighted, a. khoosh, khoorrum, 
muhzooz, musroor, shad^ shad- 
man, khooshnood, khoorsuad, 
ahadan, furhan^ mugn^ aiMnd^ 
anundit, hurkhit. 

Delightfaly a. dil-chusp, furmh- 
bu)Lhsh, dilkush, khooshaind, 
poor-buhar^ khoorrumee, funih- 
nak, munohur, munorus, hurkb- 

Delightfully, ad. kyfiyut-se, kboo- 
shee-se, satb-khoorrumee^ke. 

Delineate, v, tusweer khynchna, 
nuksha khynchna, diyah kulum 
k. shubeeh kbynchna, doul bo* 
nanatChhTOOotama; (describe) 
butkma, byan k, tukreer k. 

Delineation, s, nuksha, khaka. 

DeHnquency, ^^ joorm^ gooaab. 


[ ^ ] 


. khata, tukseer, koosoor, isiyan, 
muasiyut, muasee, pap, upradh, 

Delinquent, i. tokseerwar, mooj* 
rim, goonuhgar, asee, khutakar, 
kbatee, upradhee, doshee 

Delirious, a. huziyanee, behosb, 
bekhood, behuwas, behiss-o-hur- 
knt, uchet, ubodh, mudhosh. 

Detlrium, s, gush, bekhoodee, be- 
hosbee, behuwasee, huziyan, 
sursam, mud-faosbee, gushee, 

Deliver, v. (liberate) chhoorana, 
nujat d. azad k. ; (a discourse) 
tukreer k. ; {of a child) junana ; 
(iave) ipixiidh d. buchana ; (give 
up) huwala k. tufureez k. soop- 
oord k. sompna. 

Ddiirerance, s. mukhlusee, iihaee, 
cbhootkara, khulasee, nistara, 
azadee, nujat, gut, istikhlas, 
ooddhar, mookt ; {utterance) 
tukreer, goyaee, gooftar, tuluf- 

Deliverer, t. mukhlusee-kumewala, 
cbhooranewala, ooddhar-kurne- 
wala, nojat-dihinda, mookti- 

Dedvery, ». khulasee, cbboottee, nis- 
tara; {conveyance) puhoonchao, 
puboonchaee, tubleeg; (child' 
birth) junaee, wuzu-humul. 

Dell, s. gurfaa, khunduk. 

Delude, v. buhkana, dhokhad. bah- 
lana,bbutkana, khak 
dalna, igwa k. jool d. thugana. 

Del^er, f. dugabaz, furebee, buh- 
kaoo, mpogwee, bhoolaoo. 

Deluge, ». toofon, toogiyanee, jul- 
pnUy, julpruwah, churhao, jul- 

DddaioDy s. dhokha, duga, mooga- 

luta, tilism, khiyal, fuieb, ta* 

wufaihoom, khwab, numood be* 

bood, surab, roaya. 
Delusive, a. buhkaoo, bhoolaoo, 

duga*amez, chhulee, mayik. 
Demagogue, s. mootufunnee, moo- 

Demand, «. dawa, bad; {requiti* 

tian) chah, suwal, istida, prushn ; 

khwahish, tulub, roootaliba ; (on 

goods) gubkee, poochh, khuput. 
Demlind, v. dawa k. bad k.; (re- 
quire) mangna, tulub k. chahna, 

prushn k. ; (ask) suwal k, dur- 

khwast k. poochhna. 
Demarcation, f. hudd^bundee. 
Dem^n, v. (behave) clialochulna, 

beohar k. ; {debase) kumkudr k. 

moobtuzul k. hulka k. pust k. 

khwar k. neecha k. 
Demeanour, s. wuza, chal, dhung, 

chulun, wuteera, ruwish, ruftar- 

gooftar, beohar, achar, achrun. 
Demerit, s, chook, bud*chal, khu- 

ta, khotaee, na-shaistugee, ou- 

goon, koosoor, uyb, budee, 

Dem^ne, <. zumeendaree. 
Demise, $, wufot, intikal, rihlut, 

wisal, mrityoo, murun, mout, 
. dehant. 
Democracy, s, suUunut i jumhoor, 

sadharun raj. 
Demolish, v. mismar k. dhad. gira 

d. met d. tor tar k. 
Diemdlished, a. giraya hooa, pae- 

mal, oojar, weeran, mismar 
Demolition, t. paemalee, tubahee, 

weeranee, mismaree, khurabee. 
D^mon, $, jinn, deo, bhoot, dyt, 

bhootna, danuv. 
Demoniac, i. bhootuha^ bhoot-hi* 

ga^ aseb«zuda. 


t W ] 

D E P 

Demdnstrablei a. dulalut-puzeier, 

- |>niman*jog« 

Demonstrate,. o. dulalutk. butlana, 

duleel lana, sabit k. dikhana, 

pniman se nisdiy k. sthir k. 

tbabnina, sudicha k. 
Demonstration, s. duleel, boorhan, 

isbat, pruman. 
Demonstrative, a. moosbit, moo- 

duUil, mooburhin, prumanyu, 

Demonstratively, ad. duleeUse^ du« 

lalut-se, pruman kur ke. 
Demiir, t;. pus o pesh k. utakna, 

shuk rukhna, hichkichana, aga- 

peechha k. sundeh k. bhunim 

rukhna, doobdha rukhna, unmu* 

Demdre, a. rouhjoob, goorbumis* 

keen, bugla^bhugut; (grace) bha- 
. ree, gumbfaeer, dheer. 
Demurely, ad, faijab-se, muhjoo- 

bana, bharee-bhurkum hokur. 
DemOreness, i. shurro, hijab, laj ; 

(gravity) sunjeddgee, bhareepun, 

Demurrage, s, guhree, rokaee« 
Den, f. gopha, gar, mand, thur. 
Denial, t, inluir,nanh, nutun, nunh<* 

kar, tunafee. 
Denier, i. moonkir, inkaree, moo- 

Denominate, v, nam rukhna, kuh- 

na, bolna, raoosumma k. 
Denominated, a. moolukkub; (to 
r be) kuhlana, kuhana, bajna. 
Denote, v. butana, dikhlana, dula- 

lut k. jutana. [moolzim k. 

Dendunce, v, dhumkana ; ulanijmh 
Dense, a, garha, sungeen, moon* 

jumid, kuseef, ghun, goonjan. 
Density, s. sungeenee^ injimad^ 

kusaiuty garhapun. 

D^ta], a. duntee, dundanee, dan- 

Dentifrice, $. munjun, missee. 

Denlide, v, a, khalee k. ooghara k. 
nunga k. 

Denunci^ion, f. jutaonee 

Den/, V. inkar k. mookuma, moon* 
kir h. nutna, nah k. auheeit k. 
nu manna« [diiiid. 

D^odand, s, sudka, niyaz, dao« 

Dep^, V. chuia jana, ruwanuh 
h. pudbama, sidhama, bida h. ; 
(to decease) rihlut k. muma, kal 
k. untkal h. 

Department, i. oobda, khidmut, 
muhal, ilfiJca, zimma, kaij. 

Departure, s. kooch, ruwangee, 
nukl-roukan; (decease) wtuat, 
rihlut, mout. 

Dep^, V, lutukna, luga ruhna ; 
(trust) bhurosa rukhna,tuvukkool 
rukhna ; (reit on) moonbussir h. 
moukoof h.; (confide in) oommyd 
rukhna, sucbcha janna, etlmad 

Dep^ndance, t. (connexion) ulaka, 
mel, lugao, sunjog, silsila; (con- 
Jidenee) bhurosa, etimad, oom- 
myd, etibar, asra, as, purteet, 
putiyara, bhurum; (sul^ction} 
tabidaree,itaut, furman-burdavee, 
mootabunt, udheenta. 

Dependant, a. mootuullik, mool- 
huk, moonhusir, moukoof, moo* 
tuwussil, mooltawee,puii-adheen, 

Depi§ndent, $, mootalik, mootuwus- 
sil, damungeer, luwahik, bunda, 
wabusta, pichh-Iuga, pichh4u- 
goo, purbus, purja. 

Depict, V. tukreer k. buyan k. bu- 
tana, nukl k. bukhan k, bur- 

- 9uu k» : 

D E P 

t W 1 

D £ R 

boora, skudetd, kabil«>giriyany 
'^^i^^* pttreBbftD, door-btMg, 

Defdore, o. koorlma^ wawyla k. 

ufiios k. puch]^aIU^ hae hae k. 

ah k. aaree k. gir^ k. noaha k. 

bUap k. kbed k. fsakhee. 

Deponent, <, shahkl, guwati^ sakb, 
Depopnlaltef «• fieeraa k. oojaniay 

be^birag k. takhU>-tazk.takht- 

o-4araj k. zer subor k. garut k. 

tubak k. burbad kjtuhas-nulMis k. 
Depdpulated, «. oojar, weemn, be- 

chiragy paemal, tuhus-nuhas. 
Depopuli^tion, $, weeianee, pae- 

malee, khurabee, be-ehiragee» * 
Deportment, «. chuluD, tureek^nif- 

tar, idhnng, chal, ruwyya, m- 

wish, wuteera, achar, msm-o-rab. 
Depose, «. (attett) guwahee d* 

takhee d. sbohadutd. ; (degrade) 

kbarij k. mookool k. ; (a king) 

Ittkht-se ootama, tngeer k. 

moukoof k. pud-chyoot k. 
Dep6sit, 9. sompna, rukhna, uma* 

nut rukhna, soopoord k« huwala 

k. limma k. tufweez L< tuhweel 

men d. dhuma, rukb-ohhoniay 

Deposite, $, umaiiuty dhurour, 

dhurohur, wudeeut. 
Deposition, t. thuhadut, izkar, zu* 

ban-bundeey shahidee, sakhee. 
DepdsUoiy, i< umanut-khana* 
Depot, $, bhundar, zukheera, uma- 

nut«khana ; stluh-khana* 
DefNrire^ v, khurab k. khota k. 

boom k. fasid k. bigarna, 

bbnisht k. nusht k. 
D^iriinty, i« khotaee, fiisad, boo- 

raee, khubasu^ khurabee, inkU 

lab, dooshtta, bttdee» . 

H 2 

Deprecate, o. istigfiur k. touba k. 

taib h. kbooda kee punah chah- 

na; {intercede for) shuikut k. 

oozr*mooazurut k. ooar-khwahee 

k. shufee h* 
Depr^ate, v. ihanut k. hukamt k«^ 

soobook k, bulka k- ghutana, 

mu^ommut k. dubana, ootama, 
Deprediition, «. loot, takht a taraj, 

loot mar, lootpat. 
Depredator, u rahzun, kunak^ 

butpar, looteyra^ koottau-^oot- 

tureek, sarik, doozd. 
Depr^, I. dubana, pust k. gho- 

tana ; (deject) dUtung k. ser k. 

ufsoorda k. oodas k. 
Depr^sion, $, dubao, pustee ; (cic- 

jection) oodasee, dilgeeree. 
D>eprfve, r. le lena, cbheen lena, 

khos lena ; (of right) hukk-tulfee 

k. ; (o^/i/«) jjan-se mama, hurun 

k, marsutna. 
Depth, », gyhrao, oomuk, guhmee, 

gumbheerta, dopigumta, goorhta, 
Deput^oa, !» wikalut, uofeenee, 

niyabut, amanut-daree. 
Depiate, v, bhejna, irsal k. trukeel 

k. wukalut d. nijog k. prerun k. 

puthana, ruwana k. firistada k. 
Deputy,. f» naib, peshdust, peshkari 

mooshrif, janisheeD, umeen, pni« 

Dereliction, Sw turk, tiyafi^> cMiOo- 

laee, puri^tyag, goomrahee^ 

Deride, v. diuttba k. tuana mama, 

bunsee k. tumuskhoor k, muz*- 

buka k. parihas k< 
Derfeioa, &* thuttha, ttta&a, tumtis* 

khoor, muskhuree, hunsee, reesh- 

khundee, thutholee, mnzak, tVL* 

rafut, rouskhurugee, mizah, is- 

tihaa, tbuttha-musak. 



[ 100 ] 

D E S 

Derivtition, i. ikhraj, booniyad, jur, 

mool, ootputi ; {etymology) wu- 

juh tusmiyuh ; (tource) musdur; 

(in grammar) ishtikak. 
Derivative, a. mooshtuk. 
Derive, v. pana, wusool k. pydak. 

hasil h. ukhz k. ootpunn n. ; (oi 

a word) mooshtuk k. 
Derogate, v. hukeer k. be-kudr k. 

ghutana, be-wukr k. toochh k. 
Derogation, i. hukarut, be*kudree, 

bewukree, soobkee, istikhfaf, 

Derogatory, a. mayoob, na-moo* 

nasib, nalaik, bueed, ghat, ujog, 

D^rvis, <. doorwesh, fukeer, goshu- 

nusheen, zaviya-goozeen. 
Descant, v. tukreer k. byan k. tuf- 

seel k. tushreeh k. tufseer i, 

bukhanna, burhana, tool-tuweel 

k. tufseelwar kuhna, bistar-roop 

Descend, t7. ooturna, nazil h. sadir 

h. virarid h. furod ana, neeche 

Descendant, «. nusi, suntan, shakh, 

buns, dal-pal ; (descendants) ou» 

Descent, <. ootar, tunuzzool, noo- 
. zool ; (s/ope) dhal, ootar ; (mva- 

sion) yoorish, churhaee, moohim ; 

(extraction) usl, khandan, ghu* 
, rana. 

Describe, v, byan k. butana, tuk- 
reer k. bukhan k. burnun k. 
Description, i» byan, nukl, touseef, 

bukhan ; (of a person) .khal- 
. khutt, hiliya, chihra-nuweesee, 

khutt-o-khal, suroop-p^tree ; 

(sort) soorut, tour, turuh, wuza, 

doul, rukum, kimasb, prukar 
Descry', v.. takna, dekhna,,nirukh« 

na; (to he descried) nticur ana, 

soojh purna, dikhaee d. 
D^rt, $, byaban, jungul, suhra, 

dusht, bun, wadee, badiya : a. 
. (wUd) weeran, khurab, khalee, 

soona, luk-o-duk, bun khund. 
Desert, f. (merit) kudr, hukk, liya- 

kut, munziluti rootba, murtuba, 

Desert, V. chbor d, turk k. tyag k. 

chhor bhagna; (run awtqf) 

bhagna, firar h. 
Deserter, s, bhugora, firaree. 
Deserve, v. moostuhuk h. laik h. 

suzawar h. moostoujib h. jog h. 

mooktuzee h. kabil h. 
Deslccant, s, sookhaneka murhum. 
Design, s. irada, uzm, kusd, mun- 

sah, ahung, murkooz, ghat, ban- 

chha, ubhiprayu, munuskamna ; 

(scheme) fitrut, tujweez ; (pUtny 

nuksha ; (plot) *bundish, guthao. 
Design, V, (purpose) irada rukhna, 

munsooba k.; (make) bunana, 

pyda k. ; (plan) nuksha bunana. 
Designedly, ad. jan-boojh kur, 

kusdun, deeda o danista, bil- 

kusd, umdun, ichchha-poorwuk. 
Designing, a, ghatee, bud-teenut, 

khood-guruz', guruz-ashna, bud. 

khyal, daogeera, dhoortt, chu- 

toor, syana. 
Desirable, . a, chahiye, chaheeta, 

diUpusund, pusundeeda, mur- 

goob, ubhilakh-jog, akanksha- 

Desire, f. chah, khwahish, moorad, 
"lalsa, tumunna, rugbut, akank- 
sha, ichchha, chouTip, kamna^ 
zouk, chao, chat, banchha, bi- 
sun ; (request) urz, istida, isti£sar. 
Desire,, V. (wish for) chahna,khwa« 
bisb k, turusna; lulchana^. ban- 

D E S 

[ 101 ] 

D £S 

chha k. laluck k. ; (requett) dar- 

khwast k. mangna ; (bid) kuhn% 

furmana, irshad k. 

Desirous, a, mooshtak, shaik, ish- 

tiyak-mund, raigih, talib, shou* 

keen, khwahan, khwahish-mund, 

bisunee, arzoomund, ichchhook* 

Desist, V. baz ruhna, dust-burdar 

h, moukoof k. ihtiraz k. purhez 

k. hath oothana, roh-jana, ni- 


Desk, $. likhne kee mez, daftur kee 

Desolate, a, weerao, oojar, takht-o- 
taraj, khak-siyah, khalee, be- 
chirag, suttiyanas, soona, tubus* 
nuhus, zer-zubur, garut, tubah, 
oojur ; (dUcofisolat^ oodas, dil- 
geer, unath; (a desolate place) 
f . weerana, khundur, oojar. 
Delate, V. oojama, weeran k. 
suttiyanas k. tubah k. garut k. 
be*<:hirag k. tuhus-nuhus k. 
takht-o-taraj k. khak-siyah k. 
soona k. bustee-heen k. 
Desol&tion, t. tubahee, weeranee, 
tohus*Duhus, khurabee, be-chira- 
gee, unath, oojar ; oodasee. 
Despair, f. na-oommydee, mayoo- 
see, yas, nirasa, be-tuwukkooiee, 
bhurosa-shoony u . 
Despair, v. na-oommyd h. inayoos 

h. niras h. bhurosa tootna. 
Despatch, V. ruwana k. bhejna, 
dourana, cfaulana, puthana ; 
(kili) tbikana lugana, oudh k. ; 
(Jinish) akhir k. tumam k. 
Despatch, f. juldee, shitabee, zoo- 
dee, sheeghrta; (packet) khu- 
Desperate, a. (/earless) nirbhy, 
be-bak, nidur ; (hopeless) be 
tuwukkool, Diras, bhilrosa-heen ; 

(irrecoverable) behal, tabab ; 
(mad) muJDOOOy siree, nirasy 
Desperately, ad. bebakee-se, nidur 
ho kur, tuhuTvoor-se ; (in a great 
degree) bushiddut, beuihayut, 
Desperation, s, bebakee, behuivva- 

see, tuhuwoor. 
D^picable, a. zuleel, pajee, ku- 
meena, khufeef, soobook, be- 
kudr, bewukr, klmsees, moobtu- 
zul, hulka, khwar, dunee, too- 
D^spicableness, i. bekudree, be- 
wukree, ztUu^ khwaree, hukanit, 
ihanut, dunaut, istikhfiaf. 
Despise, v. hukarut k. kurotur jan- 
• na, hukeer janna, pust sumujhna, 
toochchh k. hulka janna, hech 
sumujhna, nacheez janna. 
Despite, 5. udawut, byr, mookha- 
lifut, zidd, bud-undesee, uks, 
bur-uksee, dwesh, eerkha, hinsa. 
Despite, v. khijana, julana, khufit 
k. koorhana, nakhoosh k. sutana. 
Despoil, 0. a. loot-lene, zaya k« 

chheen lena 
Desp6nd, v. naK>ommyd h. mras 

h. mayoos h. bhurosa-heen h. 
Despondence, t. na-oommydeey 

roayoosee, ^ras, nirasa. 
Despot, $, zalim, jabir, mookhtar^ 

kool, swadheen, swadheen-raja. 
Despotic, a. moostukil, mookhtar- 
Dessert, s, tufukhohat, phulahar, 

mewezat, mithaiyan. 
Destination, f. thikana, muija. 
Destine, v. mookuddur k. muk« 
soom k. thubrana, mookurrur k. 
sthapun k. niioopttn k. 


I io« 3 


D6tftined,Wi. mookaddqr, inoouy- 
y<}n,^moQfkumir, mooshukhkhus'. 
Di^stiny, s. tukdeer, kismut, kuza, 
hone«, nilfleeb, sur-nuwishty bo- 
tub, udrisht, pnalubdh. 
D^titttte, a^ lac^ar, ajiz, bemuk- 
door, be*walee*warisydurnaanda, 
beomwa, be«dust->o-pa, unath, 
mitr-heen ; (vHmtin^) khalee, 
Tuhit, he^n, shoonyu. 
Destroy, r. garut k. tubah k. nest- 
nabood k. nas k. tulput k. mittee 
k. kbak k, gbdna, tuhus-nohus 
k. nusht k. ; (^ay watte) oojama ; 
(spoil) bigarna, khurab k. ; (roge) 
dha dena; {kiU) kutl k.saf k. 
sungharna, budh k. huiak k. 
De^royed, a. tubah, garut, khurab, 
muliya-met, hulak, tuluf, moon- 
hudiin,khak-siyah, takht*o-taraj, 
zer-aubur, khurab-khusta> shi- 
. kustai suttiyanas, zayia. 
Destroyer, i. hulakoo, oojaroo, bi- 
garoo, Bungharoo, garutgur, 5ut- 
Destruction, f. tubahee, hulakut, 
weeranee,, suttiyauas, paemalee, 
khwaree, khurabee, itibidaro, hu- 
. lakee, mlsmaree^ shikustugee, 
chhuy, suDghar, tukhreeb, nasb, 
, vioash. 

Destructive, a, inoozir, moohlik, 
' nashuk, vinashuk, hinsuk, ou- 

goon-karee, dhwunsee. 
.D&ultory, v> berubt, sursuree, be- 
. surishta, amasuree, bezubt, moh- 

,Delaeb* t?. jooda k. ulug k. bibhinn 
k.; {troops) bbejaa, tyeenat k. 
Detached, p<u jooda, ulug, ulahida, 

Detlichmeat^A, gol, dusta, tueena- 

tee, guroh, sena-ka ek-uns; (on 

forage) kuhee. 
Detail, s, tufieel, moofussnl, titu* 

run, tishesh kutha ; (m d^aU) 

mushroobaiiy moofussuhiB, mou- 

Detliil, V. moofussttl kuhna ja bu* 

tana, tufeeel k. tufreek k. uhig 

ulug kuhna. 
Det^n, V. rokna, udLana, baz ndch- 

na, bytha rukhna, kyd k. 
Det^t^ o. ddLh«paoa, pukur lemu 
Detection, f. itsha, dhur-pukur, 

dhnrao, pidcur, girift, pukrahut. 
Detention, t. rookao, utkao, kyd. 
Det^r, «, durana^ cfauslmi-noomaee 

k. duhshut d. 
Deterge, v. a, saf k« alaish nikalna. 
Detergent, a. jo saf kure, jo alaish 

Deteriorate, «• «. khurab k« ubtur 

k. budtur k. 
Determinate, a. tubkeek, moouy- 

yun, moosummum, theek, mu- 

Determination, s. {intention) kusd, 

uzeemut, irada; {resolution) is* 

tiklal, dboon, p^nihad, tujweez, 

bidiar, pesh-khath*, murkooz'- 

khatir, ma fizzumeer, airdbarun ; 

(decision) umr, futwa 
Determine, v, thuhrana, irada k. 

theek k. bichama, tusmeem k. 

thanna, moosummum k. pukka 

k. ; (decide) hookm k. futwa d. 

(finish) akhir k. tumam k. khutm k. 
Determined, a. (resolute) moostu- 

kil, muzboot. 
Detest, «• mukrooh janna, ghin k. 

tunuffoor k. glan k. 
Detestable, a. mukrooh, gufees, 

naguwar, ghinouna, puleed, ku- 
re^, kubeih ; mukbooJi 

D E V 

[ 103 ] 


Detest&tion, t. nufrut, gfain, karft- 

hfjruty istikiah, ghinounay glan. 
DetDr6ne, o, tukht pur se ootaitia, 

kholy sttltttiiut lu badshahee*^ 

kharij k. nj-cbyoot k. stnghasun 

diyoot k« guddee-ae ootarna. 
DeliLsty V* uyb-goee k« geebat k, 

bngoee k« iftira k* Din& k. ukh- 

yst k. toobmnt kgtuia. • 
Detiteer, s. uyb^, toohmutee, 

VDooftureey ninduk^ gominas. 
Detriusdoay t. uybgoee, toohiiiiit» 

boohtaoy gecbui, budnamd^ ifti- 

ta, nkhyaliy Dioda. 
D^tiinent, t, nooksaoy kubidiut, 

kbalol, nookff nidis, ghata, hani^ 

tota, sorur. 
Detrimental, a« mooiif^ oogoon- 

karee, mookbil* 
Devastluton, j. weenttee, paema- 

ke, baibadee, tubabee, nath, 

Per^pe» v. boll k. kbdna, waxih 

k. sooy baaa* nikaliia, pnikasbaa. 
Deviate, v. bhutukna, goomrah h. 

chookna, roosuvdan h. moon- 

bnrif b. Dtkiu ^um» babor \u 

oodool k. kutrana. 
I>efi4tiony f. bbutok, goomfabee, 

roogoidanee, inbirai^ berabee, 

sulaluty tuiawocKBy bbram, bhool. 
Davice, t . (eonirwmiee) bikniat; 

jooguty fitnity iiMiiifooba» taj- 

weezy kutkuoa* kulpna* eopayu ; 

(fin a shield) uknuU, nishaiii 

IMvil, I. ibleea^ ibytan, HiaxeeL 
"Dinowi, a« kujfou^ budiah, bba^ 
- taknay bbruraun-karak. 
DeTise, «. tudbeetf k« maniooba 

dounna^ teiad k* ikfatiraa k. 

nikalna, kalpna k,; {hegveath) 
. de-miini% biba k« . 

Dev6id, a, khalee, tihee, bugyr, 
iidum, sboonyuy rubit, been. 

Dev61ve, v. ek se doosre ko pu- 

DeT6te, 9. totuddook k. niyazk. 
fida k. cburbana, warna, nusr k» 
koorban k. nisark. nicbbawur k. 
nidibrawul k. ootiarg k. dan k» 
urpun k. ; {appropriate) mukh- 
8009 k. tbnhrona ; (eurte) luanut 
k« nufreen k« murdood k« 

Dev6ied, a. (appropriated) moo- 
sbnkbkbus, mookanrur, moduy* 
yun, sudka, jao-nisari ware ; (aiu 
dieted) musroof, mail, Inga-booa, 
adee, kboogur, kboo-ginfta ; (ter* 

' vant) fidwee, banda, kumtnfeen» 

Devoid, s. abidy poojaree, bbogut, 
zabid, riyacntee, rooortazy jogee, 
tuposwee, tupeshwur* 

Dev^otton, $, bundugee, ibadat, pa* 
rustisb, zoobd» riyasut, ooboo- 
diyut, bbuktee^ bbugtaae, dhyaD» 

Dev6ur, v. kba^jana, bbukdian k« 
bhukhus jana, kba lena, dboo* 
kosna, grasna, dhakosna. 

Devout, a. numazee, mooCtiabbkl, 
pana, sabib-dil, sadhoo. 

Dew, Si OB, shubnum. 

Dewlap, f. cbuddur, gobgub, cha- 

.. dur, cbudur, hika. 

Dexterity, i. dostkaree, sunat, 
dustrus, dot^iab, batb-«baiakee, 
cbutoorta, nipoonta, butboutee, 

. karee-guree ; (cic/to%) cbatokee, 
chutputee, cbutukychurbdast. 

Dexteroae, f. kareegwr, dastkabifr 
cbalak*dust, choost chalak, tcz« 
dust, nipoon ; {tubtle) pukka^ si* 
yana, chotoor. 

Detleioiisty, ad, ebakikee^se, cboU 
putee-se, cbutooraee*«a. 


[ 104 ] 

D I O 

Diabetes, t. silsili-boul. 

Diadem^ i. ^Jyheero, taj, koolah^ 

Diagnostic, 5. ulamuti-marz 
Diagonal, a. gbshuh-dar. 
Dial, s. dhoop-ghuree, mikiyas, 

Dialect, 5, bolee, bhakha, zuban, 

Dialectic, f. ilmi-muntik. 
Dialogue, t. suwal-juwab, prush^- 

ottur, moozakura, mookaluma, 

zikr-xnuikoor, kutb-opkuthun. 
Diameter, $, dul, biyas, kootr, 

Diamond, s, beera, ulmas. 
Diarrho^, s, dust, is-bal, sungrib- 

nee, utisar, jiriyan i shikum. 
Diary, <« roznaraa, roznamcba. 
Dice, <. gunjfa,kimar, pasa, gittukb. 
Dictate, t. irshad,furmana,hookm, 

umr, agya. 
Dictate, v. {order) furmana, kubna, 

hukm d. ihtimam k. agya k. ; 

(a letter) ibarut kubna, iUcbana, 

Dictatorial, a, hookmee, bakimana, 

kurtrit-roop se. 
Diction, s, roz-murra, ibarut, tuk- 

reer, bolchal, kuba, kubawut, 

bblee, banee, bhasba. 
Dictionary, s, loogut, furhung, 

kosb, ubbidban. 
Did&ctic, a. jo nuseehut de. 
Die, $. rung, kbizab, wusma, 

busma; (stamp) sikka, zurb, 

Die, V. muma, font h. wakua h. 

wufat pana, dehant b. ; (colour) 

rungna, rung cburbana, rung d. 
Dier, f. rungrez, subbag. 
Diet, s, kboolrak, abar, kbana,bbo- 

juu; giza. 

Differ, v. ulug b. furk b. bbin bhia 
b.; {disagree) ikbtiiaf nikbna, 
beech puma. 

Difference, #• furk, tufawut, beech, 
ikbtiiaf, joodaee, tukhaloof, tu- 
farook, iftirak, tugayoor, tuba- 
oon, bhed,bhaa»antur; {variance) 
unrus, na-moowafukut, nasazee, 
na-ittifakee, inoogairut, phoot, 
bigar ; {ditpute) kuziya, buhs, 
jhugra, tunta, rugra. 

Different, a, ulug, ulahida, our, 
mookhtulif, niyara, moobain, 
mootubain, bhinn, usuroam; {dis- 
similar) na*moowafik, mookhalif. 

Difficult, a, moosbkil, dooshwar, 
kuthin, dukeek, bharee, ishkal, 
goorh, sukht, doobur. 

Difficulty, f. ishkal, dikkut, jhun- 
jhut, pech, sukhtee, dooshwaree, 
junjal, oosrut, goorhta ; {trouble) 
mihnut, kudd*o-kawish» jidd-o- 
jihd, thukaee : (distress) dookh, 
eeza, kusht, puresbauee, kush- 

Diffidence, s, bijab, shuk, wuhm, 
wuswas, sunkoch, shoobbs, sun- 

Diffident, a. shukkee, wuhmee, 
wuswasee, sunkocbee, tindesha- 
nak, sundeb-jookt. 

Diffhse, V. phylana, ruwaj d. riwaj 
d. khindana, bukhema, moon- 
tushur k, bistar k. 

Diffbse, a, tuweel, moofussul, 
mooshurrub, bistar; (scattered) 
moontushur, puragunda. 

Dig, V, khodna, goma, kboorpee k. 

Digest, V. buzm k. puchana, tub- 
leel k. pak k. bhusm k.; (ar" 
ranf^e) arasta k. moomttub k. 
pyrasta k. turteeb d. 

Dig^ted, a. huzm, pucha, sioon- 

D I L 

[ W ] 

D I R 

buzni^ tuMeel, moobulliil ; (or- 

rmng^ arasta, mooniUub. 
Dig^tive^ a. husumee, pueliaiie« 

wmla : t. paehak, hasima. 
Digger, <. beldar, khodunhar, ka- 

Digging* <• kbodaee. 
Deified, a. sfaandary 8ahib-i*tum. 

kanuty snnjeeda, mooshujun^ 

D^ifyyO. surfurai k. rootba d. 

murtuba d. munsub d. booiund 

k. burbana. 
Dignity^ «• mnrtubat munsub, ix- 

zut, duija* muiiEulut, shan, 

wukr, roodaree, kudr, paya, jab, 

sfa^fy hoonnut, iftikhar, Duti 

gynity Domood, tuQikunut, aub- 

duba, an, anbao, munush, man, 

Digrto, V, bhutukna, jhar-pubar 

k. ffoorez k. puth chborna, pech- 

Digression, f. goorei, jbar-pubar, 

pech-pach, bhutkaee, puth- 

Dike, «. (ditch) kbae, kbunduk; 

{bank) pooshta, bandh. 
Dillipidate, o. n. tubah b. dhuh 

puma, gir puma, dbub jana. 
Dtkue, v» burbana, tooMuweel k. 

kbolna, cbourana, bistar k. 
Dilatdriness, s. deree, dirungee, 

takheer, tuwukkoof, dheel, kahi- 

Dilatoij, a. abista,dbeema,dirung, 

Dilemma, $, doobdha, hysbys, 

Diligence, t. koshish, tnndihee, 

nuhnut, dhoon, himmut, sur- 

gurmee, dil-gurmee, purisram. 
Diogenti a. suigunni musb^ikku* 

tee, tundih, musroof, dilgurat, 

bujid, mushgooly bazir-bash, shi« 

tab«kar, ihagil, shrumee, dboo- 

Diligently, ad. tundibee-se, kosbish 

kur ke, mibnut«te, sorgurmee- 

Dillite, V. putla k. ruke^ k. pbee- 

Dim, a. dhoondbla, ehooadhia, 

Dimension, $, undaia, urs o tool, 

map, pymaish, mikdar, wusut, 

ura tool-o-oomuk, lumbaee-chou- 

raee^^uhraee, purimao, prumao, 

Diminisb, v, a» gbntana, kum k. 

chhota k. katna, kotab k. wuza 

k. minha k. tukhfeef k. : «• n. 

ghutna, kum b. 
Dimindtion, «• gbutee, kumee, tu« 

wal, kumtee,kotahee, ghata, min- 

haee, tukhfeef, tusgeer, kast, tuk* 

Diminutive, a. chbota, kocbuk, tu« 

nik, nunba, kshoodr, lughoo. 
Dimity, <• doriya, sec^Lhee, seen- 

Dimness, !• dhoond, dboondlaee» 
Dimple, s. gul-gitta. 
Din, t. shor, gool, dhoom, gooU 

gupara, doond, gohar. 
Dine, v. khana khana, ehasht k. 

nosb (urmana, bhojun k. 
Dinner, $. kbana ; (great) ziyafut. 
Dint, «• sor, bul, tikut ; (1^ dint) 

Dip, «• doobona, gota mama, du* 

bona, gota d. doobkee d. 
Diploma, <• tunud, dustawez, put- 

Dire, a, boulnak, duraon% bybat* 

nak| bhyanuk, daroon. :* 

D I 8 

t ^0« ] 

D I S 

D'iT4ci, a. teedha, saf, belogBO, 
•oodha, sqjha, ipusht^ kbc^la, 

Direct, V. (imtruct) turbiyot k. 
aikhana, sikhlana; {point out) 
butlana^ ihtimam k. agya k. ; 
{ordfr) furmana, theek k. ; sadh- 

• na^ tama; {regtdate) bundo- 
bust k. dooroost k. ; (aim) 

. iii^Da k. 

Direction, $. (patky rusta, rah, 
. puth; {ordef') hookniy kuha, 
. nmr, ihtimain, surburahee, agya ; 
{qf a Utter) puta, nam our tbika- 
, na, sur-nama* 

Director, 5. (manager) kar-pur* 
daZy karkpon^ mookhtar^^kar, sur* 
kob, moontuzim; {inttructor) 
iDoosbeer, salah*kar, muntree ; 
(guide) ruh-pooma, ruhbur; 

• (jqnritual) hadeC) mooishid, goo^ 
too, pe». 

Dtr^tly^ ad. ubbee, isee^wukt, 

fourao, toort, isee-dum. 
Dkefttl, a. bdulnaky duhshutnak, 

duraona, bbyanuk, mopheeb, 
■- l^but*Dak« 

Dirge, $. mursiya, sog ka geet. 
Dirky t. neent^cba* 
Dirt, f. inyl, malamut, koodoorat, 

- mnl, keechi muleeiitay kudoorut^ 

Dirtiness, s* guiidugee, aloodgee^ 
gulazuty nujasuty moteauta^ na- 

Dirty, «• myla, imjis, cUkut, ma* 
leen, mulguja, ch&ta, alooda, 

- puleedt iKUMtf, cbiriB-alooda, moo* 
kuddur, koaeefy myl-bbuia, pu- 

« lisht, UushtuL 

Disable, V. lachar k. be-bus k. be- 

^ mukdoor k; naiunlaii k. i^ii k. 

nibul k* bigarnar^ . ^ ; 

Ditid)lUty, $. bemttkd<mree, laeha- 
ree, be-koodrutee^ na-takivtee. 

Disadf^tage, n nooksan, ghata, 
ziyan, lumr, tota, kusr, kuba* 
but, hani, kubeeh. 

Disadvantageousjfl. befaida, lahasil, 
gyr-moofeed^ moont. 

Disafil^cted, a. bud-khwah, b«d» 
undesh, bud-gooman, bud-zutin, 
budbur, be-dD, bud-batin, kbota. 

Disafiection, s* bud-zuimee, bttd* 
goonDanee, biid*buiee« bud^an- 
desbee, bud-sigalee, 

Disagr^ v. tia-moowaftk h. jh^ 
guma, mookbalif h. phoote mb- 
na« bigurna, unbuna b. 

Disagr^«tbte, a, napusund, Aagu- 
war, Irad-^aza, na-moowi^, 
be-muza, oe-suwad, na-kboosb, 
na-mukbool ; (in countenance) 
zisbt-roo; {m diqf&tition) zizbt- 

Disagreeableness, <. na^gnwafee, 
na^posundeedugee aa^ptisuodee, 

Disagreement, <• (misundertiandm 
ing) bigar, na^noloowafukut, run* 
je^ugee, na-khooshee, rookawut, 
cfoukha-chukhee, birodb, khyn- 

Disallow, o. nuh^manna, namuti- 
zoor k^ iotkar k. rudd k« bama, 

Disapp^, V. gaib b. jata rubna, 
mufkood h. na-pideed h. goom 
h, kafoor bo jana, mfoo-cbukkur 
h. chhipna, chumput H. ruwa h. 
oor jana, bbag jana, ulop bo jana* 

Disappoint, o. na-oominyd k. na- 

. moorad k. niras k, mayoos k, 
Ba-kam k. dobkana> dant kbut- 
te k. be-as k. asba-bhung k. 

DisappoiiitiQeDty^t. naioomniydeay 

D I 8 

« lor ] 

D I S 

mayoosee, namoondee, yas, na- 

kamee, bcKiiiiaeebee, hinnay mtth- 

TOoiiiee» mraaee* 
'Dmippnbutioaf $, na-muasooree, 

na-posuiukey na-khoofbee^ gyr- 

mukboolee, na-guwarae. 
Dbaf^prove^ v. namnmoor k. aa* 

fMisuiMi k. mvtrodi k. 
Didiatery t. afat. Input, mooapebut, 

hadisa, sfaainuty huiradisysudmay 

docnr-dlisha, bala, bod-bokhtee, 

knsht, dookhy dyragut, bipud, 

Disastrous, a. shamutoe^ aftit-ni- 

teeda, afiit^uda, mooeeeboU 

zuda, door-bhagyu, doordntha- 
. grast, munboos* 
Disavow, V. iokar k. mookuma, 

oah k« usweekar k, [raee, iba. 
DisaT6waI, u iakar, nufee, mook- 
Disl^nd, V. pultun tor d» 
Disbelief, t. be-etibaree, be-eeBi»- 

nee, be-etikadee, un-pruteet. 
Disbelieve, v. numanna, bc-edkad 

h. inkar k, moonkir h. 
Ditbdne, vw khuieb k, turf k« 

oothana, kbuij k. 
DisbdEsemeat, t. khurch, surf, 

mukhanj, idchrajat, musarif, 

Disdod, V. door k. bur-tura^ k. 

nikal d. raoukoof k. chhor d. 
Dise^D, V, mualoom k. imtiyaalB. 

puhchanna, dekhna, tukna^ bi- 

ebaff k. duriyaft k. bilokaa. 
Diaoeroer, a. wakifkar, imttyazee, 

tumeezee, tarbaz, mixap-baz, 
• Dusm. 
Discernible, a, zahir,khoola,dddi- 

■e-4Mk, kabil-idrak» 
Discerning, a. fuhmeeda, leeruk, 

dana,. hi^iyar, bareek-been, in^ 

tiyazee, vi?ekeej,.bicbaFwao. . 

Disc^nimeBl, f. imtiyaf, tumett, 
duriyaft, fuhmced, zeerukee, 
moolahuza, idrak, rooodrika, li« 
has, booddhi, bicbar, vivek. 

Disch^e, t. khulasee, rihaee, 
chhoottee, chhootkara; {dmd^ 
fiofi) burturfee; nikas; (exph" 
sion) shulluk ; (Jbr mon^) fiffig* 
kbtttee ; (Jrom an obligatum) sa* 
fee-naroa, fysuUnaxna; {perfifrm' 

Dneh&rge, o. . {free) Idiulas k. ; 
(uniimd) ootama; (fire) cbbor* 
na;(adeM) uda k. ; (perform) 
buja lana; (expectorate) phenk* 
na, girana; (i^ stool) bythna; 
(i^ifjiiiai) juwab d. 

Disciple, t . shagird, shi^, mooraed, 
chela, tulmeez* 

DiseipMne, f. (edtteation) tadeeb, 
ttdub, turbiyut ; (regulation) 
buttdobust ; (punUhment) turn* 
beeh ; (subjection) hookiii, tabi- 
daree. [gurdavifi. 

Dbcliiro, V. inkar k. nanh lu voo« 

Xtisclose, «. labir k. butlana, khol- 
d. ashkara k. shaea k. prukas 
k. ; (teil) kuh d. goshgoozar k; 

Discolour, v. budrung k. dagdar 
k. dbubbedar k« 

Dfscofl^t, v» shikust d. mugloob k. 
huzeemut d. pun^y k^ jeetna, 

• huvana. 

Discompose, 9* (agitate) ghubrana, 
moozturib k. hyran k. hirasan k. 
niooztur k. be-buwas k. i^iniib 
d. be^yn kur d. iztirar d. ui- 

. tkif k. ; (mkplaee) ubtur k. oo- 
lut-poolut k. durhum-barhum 1. 
beturteeb k« mooMusbur k» moo- 
tofufruk k. bithrana. 

JHsqonc^rt, V. kbukil dalna, kbo- 
d, ubtur k» bigama. 

D I S 

[ J08 # 

D 1 S 

Discdnsolate, a. dilgeer, gumgeeoy 

oodas, mulool, uftoorda, moo- 

ttumund, muhzoon, dil-tung, 

be-diiy durdmund, khedit^ so- 

Disconsolateness, t. oodasee, uf- 

soordgee, dilgeereey gumgeenee, 

be-dilee, sog. 
Discontent, t. be-subree, be*kuna- 

utee, na-razee. 
Discontented, a. be-subr, be-kuna- 

ut, bezar, nakhoosh, ranjeeda, 

narazee, usimtokhee, usuntoosht. 
Discontinnancc, s, naga, wukfa, 

moukoofee, bund. 
Discontinue, v. moukoof k. naga k. 

moonkuta k. moout^ul k. bund k, 

rokna, chhorna. 
Discord, t . bigar, na*rooowafukut, 

fusad, unrus, fitna, khuHsh, 

phoot, na-chakee, chukha-chu- 

khee, fitna, ashob, na-sazee, un- 

buna, unroel. 
Discordant, a, na-moowafik, nasaz, 

bur-uks, mookhalify be-ittifak ; 

(m music) be-tan, be^tal, be-soor, 

tal-betal, unmel. 
Discover, v. zahir k. ashkara k. 

dhoondh*nikalna, ifsha k. uyan 

k. fash k. numood k. moonku- 

thuf k. prukash k. dekh-pana ; 

(invent) nikalna, eejad k. 
Discovery, t. inkishat, ifsha, pur« 

daofash ; {invention) eejad, ikh- 

tira, ihdas. 
Discount, f. butta, phirta. 
Discduntenance, v. khatir nuh kur- 

na, moonh pberna, bimookh h. 
Discourage, v. a, himmut toma, 

dil-chhota k. as-boojhana. 
Discourse, t; gooftugoo, tukreeb, 

keel-o-kal, sookhun, baten, ku* 

tha, durs, kulam, bukhan. 

Discr^it, o. a, be-etibar k. khu- 

feef k. budnam k. soobook k. be- 

abroo k. hulka k. fuzeebut k. 
Discr^t, a. fuhmeeda, sahib-imti* 

yaz^ akil, sunjeeda, sookbun- 

Buni, akibut-undesh, gumbheer, 

sahtb-suleeka, suleeka-shiar, soo« 

chet, gyanee, sumujhwan. 
Discr^tly, <ui{.tudbeer«se,sukekeh. 

le, imtiyaz-se, sumujh-se. 
Discretion, t . imtiyaz, ukl, tuum- 

moot, socb, bichar, fikr, unde- 

sha, gour; {power) ikhtiyary 

muraee, bus. 
Discriminate, v, imtiyaz k« puh- 

channa, bichama. 
Discrimination, t. tumeez, tufreek, 

furk, vtvek, bichar. 
Diacriroinative, a. kudardan, mua* 

kool-been, bicharwan. 
Discus, f. chukkur. 
DiscGss, V, moobahusa k. radd* 

budul k. bad*anoobad k. bi« 

Diac&tient, t . moohulHl. 
Disd&in, f. ihanut, hikanit, kur^ 

hiyut, nung, tuhkeer. 
Disdain, v. hikarut k. khufeef jan* 

na, khiffut k. ar rukhna, hulka- 

janna, soobook janna,toochchh k. 
Disdainful, a. mugroor, mootukub- 

bir, uhunkaree, ^oostakh. 
Disdainfully, ad, hikarut-se, tukub- 

boor*se, ihanut-ae. 
Disease,!, murz, azar, beemaree, 

be*aramee, rog, muruz, arisa^ 

Diseased, a. beemar, azaree, ma- 

reez, rogee, runjoor, arizee. 
Disemb&rk, v. juhas*se ootuma ya 

Disembogue, v. duriya ka sagur 


D I S 

t lOd ] 

D I S 

Du6D9age» v. diboora d. nung k, 

jooda k. 
Disengl^^, pa, mooattul, bekar, 

beshoogul, farig, khalee, bytha ; 

(released) azad^ khulas, riha, 

chhoota. [iooh, ihanut. 

Disesteem, t. hikarut, kum-tuwuj- 
Disfiguration^ t . bud-soorutce, bud- 

noomaee, be-doulee. 
Disfi|i^re, v. bud-soorut k. bigar- 

na, budoooma k. be-doul k. 
Disgorge, v. a, rudd k. oogulna, 

moonh kee rah nikalna. 
Disgrace, i. rooswaee, roosiyahee, 

sillut, fuzeehutee, hutk, sooboo- 
. kee, ar, nung, hulkapun, up- 

man, ukhiyati, kulunk, bud- 

Disgrace, v. be-hoormut k. fuzee- 

hut k. kulunkee k. budnam k. 

upman k. 
Disgraced, jMi. rooswa, budnam, 

be-abroQ, be-hoormut, be-izzut, 

roosiyah, kala-moonh, kulunkee. 
Disgi^ceful, a, mayoob, namakool, 

nashaista, kubeeh, zuboon, na* 

Disguise, s. bhesh, bhekh; (prC'- 

tence) heela, mukr.' 
Disguise, V, cbhipaoa ; (by dress) 

bhes bud ulna, roop bud ulna, 

soorut bunana. 
DisgCist, f. nufrut, ghin, glan, ku- 

rahiyot, uroochi. 
Disgust, V, mootunuffir k. oochat- 

na,jee hutana, phirana, bhugana. 
Disgusted, a, mootunuffir, bezar, 

nakhoosh, burkhasta*khatir. 
Disgusting, a, kureeh, mukrooh, 

naguwar, ghinaona. 
iDish, s. rikabee, tubak, thai, bnr- 
^ tun, purat ; (victuals) khanay 

salun. .• 

Dishearten, v. a, burdashtnh-kha- 

tir k. bedil k. dasit khutteh k. 

behimrout k. sh^usta*dil k. dil 

Dishevelled, pa. darhum-burhumy 

bikhreh booeh. 
Dishonest, a, be-eeman, buddiya* 

nut,be*diyannt, udhurmee, khota. 
Dish6nour, o. a. be-hoormut k. 

be-izzut k. abroo ootama, be- 

gyrut k. budnam k. 
Dishonour, t. be-hoormutee, be- 

wukree, be^gyrutee, budnamee, 

be-izzutee, Ixl-abrooee. 
Dish6nourable, a. mayoob, zuleel, 

pajiyana, kulunkee, upumanee, 

Disinclination, t. na*razee, nufrut, 

khynch, unichchha. 
Dising^nuity, s, mukr, riyakaree, 

kuput, khotaee, huft-rungee. 
Disingenuous, a. kuptee, khota, 

riyakar, fylsoof, mukkar, huft- 
Disinherit, v, muhroom ool irs k. 
, akk k. kharij-ool-irs k. nir-udhi- 

kar k. 
Disinterested, a. begurz, be-tuina, 

nir-lobh, nir-akai^csha. 
Disinterestedly, ad, be-gurzee«se, 

Disinterestedness, t. be-gurzee, be- 

tumaee, nir-lobh, be-laluchpuna, 

Disjom, V, jooda k. ulug k. ulahida 

k. bhinn k. 
Disjoint, v. bund bund jooda k. jor 

kholna, ookhama, moofusul k. 
Disjunct, a, jooda, ulug, ulahida. 
Disjunction, t . joodaee, iftirak, hijr, 

bichhoha, firak, ujog, usundhi. ^ 
Disjunctively, ad, ek ek, jooda 

jooda, furduQrfurduD, foorada- 

D I 8 

[ "0 ] 


foorada, fupeedun-foreedmiy uU 
ug-ulugy ttlahida-ulahida. 

Disk, J. giida, kooniy mundul, 

THaMVey f • nofrut, kurahijut, gfain, 
khynch, gooreSy erazy kusheed, 

Dislike, v. na-chahna, erai k. 
khynch k, nakhooih h« na-pu-* 
lund k. jee pherna. 

Dislocate, v. ookhur jana, xurb 
puma, jor kboolna, sunikna, 
ootur jaaa (jysee huddee). 

Dislodge, v. ootha d. nikal d, door 
k. huta d. 

Disloyal, a, nimuk-httrain, numuk- 
buhuram, be-wufa, be-eemau^ 
bud-diyanoty khain, bagee. 

Disloyalty, t. numuk-huraraee, be- 
wuraee, be^^emanee, bod-diya- 
nutee, khiyanut, bugawut. 

Dismal, a. (dire) bottling, moo- 
'-jeeb, bhyanuk ; (sorrowfid) oo« 
das, gum-geeiiy dookhdaee, k|^ed- 
junuk ; {dark) taredc, undhera ; 
(gUxmy) soona, soonsan, lukM>- 
duk, bhonda, oojar, weerana. 

DiBmimtle, v. shuhr-punah torna, 
shikust*i-bisar k. nunga k. 

Dismliy, f. duhshut, hiras, hoal, 
khouf, turs. , 

Dismember, v, a, band bund joo- 
da k. tookia tookra k. giiia gira 
ulug k. uzv uzv ulug k. 

Dismiss, v. {tend away) rookhsut k, 
moorukhkhus k. wida k. rookhsut 
d. bida k. wudau k. ; (a court) 
burkhast k. ootha d. ; (a smt) 
na*musmoo k. ; {ducharge} bur- 
turuf k. door k. juwab d. cbhoo- 
% ra d. nikal d. ; (from office) mou- 
koof k. muazool k. kharij k. tu« 
geer k. bekar k. 

Dismission, t. rookhsot^ dtfaoottee ; 
(of a court t SfC.) burkbast; (dis- 
Jiarge) burturfee, moazooleeg^ 
roouluwfee, tugeeree, kharijee, 
ikhr^j, pud-chyoot, 

Dismdun^ v, ooturna. 

Disob^ienoe, i. na-inrmaneey snr* 
kushee, be*itaut, hookm-oodoo* 
lee, oodool'hookmee, oodool, 
tumurrood, agya-lunghun, uvu* 


Disob^ient, a. nafurman, be-hook* 
mee, surkush, gurdun-kush, gyr« 
mootee, mootumurridy huuee, 
hutteela, be*lugam. 

Disobey, v, 0(^ool-hookmee k« 
nuh-manna,surkushee k. tumors 
rood k. 

Disoblige, v. runjeeda k. na kboosh 
k. azoorda k. koorhana, khufa k. 
nsuntoosht k. 

Disobliging, a. be-mooru?viity na* 
inihrbao, na*moolaim. 

Disorder, s. {irregularity) be-tur- 
teebee, durhumee-burhumee, be- 
bundobustee, oolut-poolot, ub- 
turee ; {tumult) hungama, khul- 
beelee, huij^muij, roula; (in" 
disposition) beemaree, marz, 
kusl, kahilee, nasazee, rog ; (per* 
iurbution) iztirabee, ghubrahut, 
iztirar, be-tabee, be-kulee« bya- 

Disdrder, v, nbtur k. dnrhum^bur* 
hum k« oolut-poolut k. 

Dis6rdered, a, (irregular) ubtnr, 
durhum-burhum, gurbur, be* 
imizam, be-bundobust ; (indis* 
poted) manda, mureez, kusl- 
mund, kahila ; (agitated) ghabra, 
moozturib, be-kurer, mooztur. 

Dt86rderly, ad, be-turteebee-se^ be- 
tbikana^ gurbur, ubtur. 


[ til ] 

D I S 

yoob, b&-Kubt, ubtUTy be-bondo- 
bust, Da>huDJar« 

Di«6wn, 0* «• iiduur k. mookornay 
moooJar b. iba laba, iba k. 

IXtparage, «. bekudr k. khufeef k. 
ibaout k. loobook k. hakarut k« 
kumkudr k. burf laaa, bolka k. 
nooks laoa, sookhun lana, eerad 
k« kusunban k. boora kabna, 
ootarna, nuior se girana, tooehh 
k. Bioda k.: 

Disp&ragament, f. kumkodraey too- 
bookee, hokaruty be-kadree, hu* 
tuk, ibaout, nooks^ ujb, soo» 
khuD. . 

Disparity, <. tttfiEiwal, ikhtilaf, 
beecbf fiyrk, na-moowafukut, 
mnmanta, utoolyutat beora. 

Dispasaonate^ a. booidbary hu- 
leeniy suleem-oot-tuba, be-lagao, 
mootubttmmil, sa^ moonsif-ana, 
be-zuhra, be-pitta, be*nig) be- 
bawa-o-buwus, dheer, soo-stbir* 

Disp^tcby «• niwana k. bfacjoa, 

rthana ; (kiU) mar didoa, budb 
kutl k, butya k. 
Dispel, o. dufa k. door k. rufa k, 

pboofik d. 
Disp^sary, t. duwa-khanuh, sfaifiu 

DispeDS&tion, «• (dUtrilmtion) ia* 

kisam, tukse^m, bant; (exempt 

Hon) muafee, chhooraee. 
Dispensatory, s, ulfaz-i-udwiya. 
Dispense, v. bantna, tukseemk* 

kismut k. butaee k. butao k, 
Disp^psy, f . bud*buzmee, ujeera. 
Dispme, v, bukberna, khindana, 
- puragunda k. moontushur k. 

phylana, cbbitkana, bitbrana. 
Dispersed, a. moontushir, mootu- 

mniky tiUir-bitar, puraguaday 

punsban, juhan-tuban, l&ur- 

oodbur, teen-teruh. 
Disptoion, f. intishar, pmagnn^ 

dugee, tofrika, puresbanee. 
Dispirit, V. a. aaM>orda k. himmut 

tonia, slukiista*dil k. oodas k, 

Disptrited, «. be-dil, be-bioimut, 

oodas, himmut*bar, himmut- 

DispUice, V. be-juguh k. be^ja k. 

sturkana, bichbuna, kootbour k, 

be-mouka k. ; (dUmiit) mou- 

koof k. masool k. tuseer k« 
Dispi&nt, V. a. per ko ak ja-se 

doosree ja ropna. 
Display, f, noomabb, numood, 

Display, V. dikhana, nomood k. 

phylana, aahir k. 
Dbplease, v. nakboosb k. rootha- 

na, koorhana, bezar k. usuq« 

toosht k. krodh junmaua, azoor« 

da k. runjeeda k. 
Displeased, a. nakboosb, azoorda, 

naraz, guran-khatir, kusheeda« 

khatir, oodas, dikk, muleen. 
Displeasing, a. naguwar^ na-pu- 

Displeasure, t. nakhoosbee, khuf- 

g^, azoordugee, bezaree, gura- 

nee, runjeedgee, oodasee, mu* 

leenta, krodh, rag. 
Disposal, s. (patcer) ikhtiyar, btis, 

kubza, hath, kaboo. 
Dispdse, v, {arrange) sujana, raoo- 

ruttub k. sunwarna, soodhama ; 

(give) de-dena, hiba k. inam d. } 

(incline) mail k. ragib k, roojoo 

kurana; (sell) becnna, hudiya 

k. ; (a horse) shadee k. ; (placej 

rukhna, dhuma. 
Disposed; a. (arranged) mo^rut- 

D I S 

[ 112 ] 

D I S 

• tub, arasta ; {inclined) inail» roo- 

joo, ragiby shoukeen. 
Dttp6ser, t. (arranger) kasiniy 

moontuziin, tujaoo, nazim, n«z* 
. zam, .sahib*i-8uleeka| (giver) 
. bukhflhinda, bukhtbnewala, da- 
ta, kureem. 
Disposition, . s, (prder) sojawut, 

arastugee, dool, reet^ dhara; 

(temper) mizaj, kho, khuslut, 

tubiut, soobhao, tubu seenit. 
Dispossess, v* be^ukhui k. kharij 

k. nikal d« 
Disprop6rtion, t . tufawut, namoo- 

wafukut, be-undazugee, be-eti- 

dalee, bud-undamee, be«doulee, 
. bud-sujee, na^sazgaree. 
Disproportiooed, a. na-moowafik, 
. nasazgar, be-undaza, be-thikana, 

befoul, bud-suj, b&-hisab, gyr- 

mootusawee, na>mouzoon. 
Disprdve, v* jhoothalna, batil k* 

rudd k. munsookh k. upruman 

k. kat d. 
Disputant, t. buhhas, sumbadee. 
Disputatious, a. ihugraioo, bukhe- 

nya, tukraree, hoojjutee, buhsee, 

Disptite, f. (controvert^) bubs, tuk- 

rar, moobahusa, boojjut, moo- 

nazura, moojadula, nizau, goofl- 

o-shineed, bibad, sumbad; (guar" 

rel) lui^ee, khoosoomut, jhugra^ 

Disptite, V. buhusna, jhugurna, 

bubs k. lurna, ttinta mucbana, 

tunta k. 
Disqualify, V. nalaik k. nalaik h. 

namakool h. na-moowa6k h. 
Disquiet, v. moozturib k. be-chyn 

k. hyran k. dookh d. chhema, 

sutana, eeza d. khijana. 
Disquietude, «. beehyuee^ bekulee» 

. be^aramee, dookb, eeza^luideeay 

tukleef, ^iikkut, runj, zuhmut, 

Disquisition, t. moonazum, tok* 

reeb, bad-anoobad. 
Disres^rd, s, be-purwaee, ffuflot, 

bud-lihazee, be«khubree, be-ilti- 

fatee, tugafool, chashm-poshee, 

anakanee, kootsa, uvugya. 
Disregard, v, nuh-manna, be-pur* 

Dva b. bud-lihazee k. be-khubree 

k. be-iltifotee k.; (look over) 

chushmposbee. k. anakanee k. ; 

(neglect) guflut k. gafil h. 
Disreglirdfui, a. gafil, budlibaz, be- 

purwa, be-khubur. 
Disrelish, v. nuh-chahna, nufrut 

rukhna, goorez k. be-zouk h. 
Disreputable, a, na-muakool, ma- 

yoob, nashaista, nalaik, boora^ 

Disrepute, t. rooswaee, budnamee, 

be«kudree, fuzeehutee. 
Disrespect, t. be-udubee, goosta- 

khee, shokhee, turki-udub, be* 

imtiyazee, nuigraee, be-udaee« 

Dbrespectful, a. be-udub, goos* 

takh, be-imtiyaz, niradun 
DurespectfuUy, ad,, 

goostakhana, unadur-se. 
Dissatisfaction, s. na-kboosbee, be- 

zaree, khufgee; (discontent) be* 

subree, be-kunaut^ narazee, usun- 

Dissatisfied, , a, . naraz, nakhoosb, 

bezar, runjeeda, burkbasta-kha- 

tir, usuntokhee. 
Dissect, V. kutu booreed k. cheer* 
. na, chak k. jooda jooda k. ; (tn- 

vestigate) janchna, imtihan k« 

pureeksha k. 
Diss^mblei v, mukr k, buhana k. 

D I S 

[ tl3 ] 

D I 8 

chhipana, riya k. posheeda k. 

kaput k. dhampna. 
I^ss^mblingly, ad. mukr-se, fureb- 

86, heela^se, chhuUse, kuput-se. 
Disseminate, v, phylana, shoohrut 

d. mushhoor k. zahirk. pusarna. 
Dissension, s. kuziya, bukbera, 

ikbtilaf, bif^ar, nifak, unbunao, 

be-itti&kee, nasazee, fusad, fit- 

na, luraee, mookhalufut, bibad, 

kbarkhttsba, nizau, tor-phor. 
Dissent, t, ikbtiiaf rukhna, mookh- 

Dissertation, t . tukreer, byan, bu<- 

khan, vyakhiyan. 
Dissimilar, a. moogair, na-moo- 

wafik, dog, be-meyl, bur-uks, 

be-jor, diookhalif, na*humwar, 

na-jins, our-jins. 
Dissimilarity, f. na-moowafukut, 

ikhtilaf, tu&wut, mookhalufut, 

Dissimulation, s. mukr, riya, chhul, 

fureb, riyakaree, igmaz, nu>odara. 
Dissipate, v. oorana ; {tpend) surf 

k. burbad k. israf k. 
Dissipated, a. oubash, awara, bud- 

wuteera, bud-chal, uyash. 
Dissipation, «. oubashee, awarugee, 

bud-chalee, uyashee, tumash- 

beenee, bud-wuzuee, tubakaree. 
Dissoluble, a. gulunhar, kabil-goo- 

daz, gulne-laik, goodaktee, ghooU 

Dissolve, V, a, (to liquify) gulana, 

ghoolana, goodaz k. goodakht k. 

piglana, tiglana ; (a charm) jhar- 

na, phoonkna, ootama, dum k. ; 

{dismiss) burkhast k. ootha d. 

moukoof k. : v, n, gulna, ghooU 

na, goodaz h. pigulna, tigulna. 
Dissolved, a. goodaz, gula, mootu- 

hoUal, pigla, ghoola^ tigla. 

I Diss6lvent, a. goodaiinda, jo gu* 
lawe, jo gboolawe, goodakht- 
kooninda, gulwya, ghoolwya^ 
piglane-wala, tiglane-wala. 

Dissolute, a, oubash, awara, be* 
kyd, lao-balee, bud-wuza, rindee^ 
khurabatee, bud-wuteera, khwar* 

Dissoluteness, f. oubashee, awara- 
gee, be-kydee, khwaree, bud« 
chalee, bud-chulnee, bud-karee. 

DissolCition, s, goodaz, goodakhtu- 
gee ; (annihilation) nestee; {death) 
murun, mout ; (destruction) khu- 
rabee; (<^an assembly) burkhast. 

Dissonance, s, na-moowafukut, un« 
mel, unmil. 

Dissu^e, V. muna k. bhanjee-mar- 
na, dil-pherna, baz-rukhna, rok- 
na, burujna, moomanuut k. 

Dissuader, t. moozahira, mani^ 

Dissuasion, t. muna, moomanuut^ 
imtinau, buruj, munaee. 

Distance, s, dooree, ursa, fasula, 
pulla, tufowut, door-durazee^ 
musafut, tuppa, purtab, moofa- 
rukut ; (of time) mooddut ; (re- 
spect) udub, adur, sunman ; (re- 
serve) khyvich^ rookawut, ka» 
sheed, ihtiraz. 

Distaff, f. panj. 

Distant, a. door, tufawut, bueed, 
door-dust, door-duraz, musafuti- 
bueed, pulla ; (reserved) na-ashna 
mizaj, unmila, rookha, gjrr-moo- 
tuarif, ujnubee. 

Dist^te, s, nufrut, istikrah, f^hin, 
tunuffoor, uroochi, ghrina ; (dis^* 
Uhe) bud-muzugee, bud-zaika. 

Distemper, s. beemaree, murz, azar, 
rog, peera, kusala. 

Distend, v. phylana, pusarna^ 

D I S 

[ 114 ] 

D I S 

phoolana, nufkh k. wusut bur- 
hana, puhnawur k. 

Distention, t. phoolao, nufkh, 

Dlstichy s. byt, dohra, doha, furd. 

Distil, V. tupukna, risna, buhna, 
choona, mooturushih h. ; (/i- 
guor) abkaree k« chooana, tup- 

Distillation, f. urk-kushee, abkaree, 
tupkao, chooao, chukeedgee, tu- 
katoor, turushshooh, mookuttir. 

Distiller, s. abkar, kular, kulal, 

Distinct, a. (different) )(yo^hy bhinn, 
inootufawut, mootugair, mootu- 
bain,mootufurruk,prutbuk, ulug, 
moofussul; (jspecijied) mookur- 
rur, mooshukhkhus, rooouyun ; 
{cleiir) saf, zahir, wazi, khoiola. 

Distinction, «. {difference) imtiyaz, 
furk, tuineez, tushkhees, tuny- 
oon, tukurroor, beora, bhed, 
vishesh; {diviiion) fusl; {rank) 
shan, uumood, ezaz. 

Distinctly, nd, saf saf, moofussul- 
un, tu&eelun, mushroohun, pru- 
thuk-roop se, spusht-roop se, 
^hinn-bhinn, jooda-jooda. 

Distinctness, f. sufaee, bhinnta, 

Distinguish, t>. jooda k. furk k. ; 
(prrfer) kudr k. burhana, hoor- 
inut d. izzut d. moouzzuz k. 
muijada d. ; {judge) tumeez k. 
puhchanna, janna; {make con^ 
gpicuous) namee k. muaroof k. 
numoodar k. namwurk. mush- 
hoor k. 

Distinguished, a. uamee, muaroof, 
moomtaz, numoodar, moohtu- 
shum, prusidh, khyat. 

Distort, r. uynthiia, terha k, kiy k. 

pech d. oomethna, siboma, khum 
k. morna. 

Distortion, s. uynth, muror, pech, 
murora, mor, sikor, uynthun, 

Distract, v, {confound) ghubrana, 
uklana, moozturib h. chul-bichul 
k. ; (harass) ajiz k. sutana, 
dookh d. ; {make mad) deewana 
k. baola k. siree k. oonmutt k. 

Distracted, a. ghabra, moozturib, 
surgurdan, pureshan, be-huwas, 
be-ousan, suraseema, ashoofta, 
surgushta, be-tab, be-kurar, hul- 
kan, mooturuddid, atoor, ghub- 

Distraction, ^. ghubrahut, iztirabee, 
iztiraree, be-tabee, kuluk, tus- 
huttoot, kushmukush, khyncha- 
kbynchee; {commotion) g^duf, 
footoor, khubbalee, inkilab, hur- 
boom ; {discord) unbun, unbu- 
nao, fusad, nifak; {madness) 
souda, shoreedgee, shoreeda- 
suree, baola-pun, sir. 

Distrain, v. koork k. utkana. 

Distraint, s, koorkee, utkao. 

Distress, s, tukleef, eeza, pure- 
sbanee, tungee, tusdeea, uziyut, 
dookh, biput, junjal, runj, ku- 
sala, oosrut, biputti, door.guti, 
klesh ; (pecuniary) kum-khur- 
chee, oosruti-khurch, tihee-dus- 
tee, tungee-i-khurch, iflas, na- 

Distress, V. dookh d. sutana, by- 
ran k. tung k. tusdeea d. eeza d. 
runjeeda k. pureshan k. 

Distressed, a, pureshan, mujboor, 
roooflis, dookhiya, ajiz, tung, 
hyran, tung-dust,tubab, khurab- 
hal, shikusta-hal. 

Distribute; v. bantna, tukseem k. 

D I V 

[ 11^5 ] 

D I V 

butaee k. hissa k. ; {tnctuals at 

meals) purosna. 
Distributer, s. kasim, buntwyya; 

(ofvictuak) purosiya. 
Dbtrib&tioDy s, tukseem, buntaee ; 

{of food) torabundee. [mubal. 
District, s, zila, purguna, chukla, 
Distriist, s, sbuk, ryb, gooman, 

be-etimadee, bhurum, be-etiba- 

ree> bud-zunnee. 
Distrust, V, shuk-rukhna, gooman- 

rukhna, be-etimad h. etibar nu k. 

putiyara nu k. bhurum-rukbna. 
Distrustful, a. budgooman, budbur, 

budzunn, shukkee, bhurmee, be- 

Disti'^tfulness, s. budgoomanee, 

budzunnee, be-etikfulee. 
Disturb, V. burj k. hurukut k. 

chberna, ooktana, khului kur- 

^ana, ghubrana, byakool k. 

moozturib k. 
Distiirbance, s. hnij, hurukut, 

bhung ; (tumtdt) hungama, fu- 

sad, hurj-muij, hoollur, shor- 

gool, tonta, dunga ; (distraction) 

be-kuraree, iztirabee, bekulee. 
Disturbed, a. {perplexed) mooztu- 
rib, byakool, ghabra. 
Disunion, s. joodaee, be-ittihad, 

be-ittifakee, phoot, phor-tor. 
Disunite, v, ulug k. jooda k. ula- 

hida k. bhinn k. 
DisCise, V, a, door k. moukoof k. : 

s. be-istiumalee, be-rubtee, be* 

Ditch, f. khaee, khunduk ; (round 

a tent) pahee. 
Ditto^ ad, uyzun, wohee, tutha. 
Ditty, f. geet, surod, guzl. 
Dive, V, gota mama, gota khana, 

doobkee mama, boorkee mama, 


I 2 

Diver, t. gota-khor; (a fowl) pnn- 

Diverse, a, our-tureh ka, bhinn. 
Diversify, v. a, rung-burung k. 

tubdeel k. bhant-bhant k. goona- 

goon k. rung-rung k. budulna. 
Diversion, «. syr, tumasha, buhar, 

dil-lugee, tufurrooj, kbel, kreera, 

koutook, leela ; (tttming) inhiraf, 

pher; (in toar) bhoolawa, buh- 

kao, moogaluta. 
Diversity, s. rung bu rungee, furk, 

tufowut, tujawuz, ikbtilaf, tugair. 
Divert, V. (amuse) buhlana, khila- 

na, phirana ; (one's self) khoo* 

shee k. ; (turn aside) moonhurif 

k. pheraa, moroa. 
Divest, V, le-lena, ootaraa, hurun 

k. khos lena; (foee) bureck. 

kbalee k. 
Divide, V, bantna, tukseem k. ; (<e- 

parate) ulug k. ulahida k. ; 

(halve) do-tookra k. do-took k. 

do-para k. udhiyana. 
Dividend, f. hissa, butaee, bant, 

kist, uns, bukhra, muksoom. 
Divinition, s. rumul, tuabeer, dyv- 

Divine, v. tuabeer k. butana, du- 

riyaft k. rumul phenkna ; (con- 
jectttre) sumujbna, duriyaft k. 

mualoom k. tama, boojhna. 
Divine, a. ilahee, rubbanee, bu- 

hishtee, dyvee, khoodaee, sahibee. 
Divine, s. khadim i deen-Musee« 

hee, dhurm-oopdeshuk. 
Diviner, s, gyb-dan, rummal, noo- 

joomee, falgo, jotkee, bhudree. 
Divinity, s. khoodaee, ilahiyot, sa- 
hibee, uloohiyut. 
Division, s, tukseem, buntaee, 

buntao ; (share) hissa, bhag, kis- 

mut; (partition) ot, purda; 


I 1^6 ] 


(discord) unrus, unbunao, phoot, 

nifok ; [section) fusl, bab, udh- 

Divorce, s, tulak, tyag. [na. 

Divorce, v, tulak d. chhorna, tyag- 
Diur^tic, a. jo peshab lawe, dra- 

▼uk, mootr-karee. 
Didrnal, a, din ka, youmee, roz* 

roz ka, rozeena. 
DivCilge, V. zahir k. burmula k. 

fash k. butlana, uyyan k. ulaniya 

kuhna, ifsba k. prutyuksh k. 

pnigut k. prukashna, prucharna. 
Dizziness, s. dourani-sur, ghoom- 

ree, chuk-choundhee, undha- 

Dizzy, a, mudhosh, chukchoun- 

dha, aurgurdan, undha-cboun- 

Do, V, kurna, bunana, ruchna, 

buja*lana, sadir k. sarna; (an- 

swer) bona, bunna, chulna, ka- 

fee h. kifayut k. 
Docile, a. turbiyut-pizeer, honhar, 

sudhaoo, islah-pizeer, chalak- 

zihn, tez-ukl, sikhun-bar, moo- 

laim-tubu, udub-amoz, dheer, 

sbisht, numr, saoo. 
Docility, ». turbiyut-pizeeree, su- 

dhawut, islah-pizeeree, turbiyut- 

pizeeree^ udub-amozee. 
Dock, s. (stwnp) doond ; (for ves- 
. $els) gooddee. 

Dock, V, lundoora k. doom katna. 
Docket, s, nishan, nam-nishan. 
Doctor, I. {a learned man) alim, 

fskii\, mouluwee, moolla, moo- 

durris, pundit; (physician) hu- 
. keeiD, byd, tubeeb, chikitsuk. 
Doctrine, s. tualeem, musia, shi- 

ksbya, oopdesh, mut. 
Document, s, nuwisbtu-jat, kagvz, 


Dodge, V, n. kona-kanee k. kuni- 

yana ; (shuffle) talmutol k. dar- 

mndar k. 
Doe, s. hurnee, mrigee. 
Doer, f. fail, kurta, kurne-wala, 

amil, kurunhar,kurwya, karinda. 
Doeskin, s. mrig-cbhala, khal-hu- 

Doff, V, ootar d. door k. 
Dog, s. kootta, kookur, sug, kulb, 
Dogkeeper, s, doriya. [swan. 

Dogma, s, kaida, kanoon, swu- 

mut, atm-dhurm. 
Dogmatical, a. kbood-nooma, swu> 
m ut-abhil umbee, dambhik, khood - 
rae, khood-ukl, puchchhee. 
Dogrose, s. sada-goolab, goolabi- 

Dog's-bane, s. koochla. 
D6gstar, s. soohyl. 
Doings, s. kam, kiya, kurtoot, 

kurm, kriya, kaij. 
Doleful, a. gumnak, oodas, mu- 

lool, dilgeer, oocbat, mugmoom. 
Dolefulness, s, oodasee, dilgeeree, 

gumgeenee, mulal, oochatee, 

Doll, s, gooriya, pootlee, goodda, 

gooddee, labut. 
Dolour, s. gum, oodasee, sog, kbed. 
Dolphin, s. doolfin. 
Dolt, s, uhmuk, saduh-louh, koon- 

dai-naturash, thooa, jur* 
Domain, s, sair, milk, rajutvu, raj- 

Dome, s. goombuz, koobba. 
Domestic, a, ghurela, ghureroo, 

hila hooa, ghureloo, paloo, pula, 

pulaoo, kbana-purwur, pula- 

hooa, ghur-ka, knangee, ashiya* 

nee ; (broil) khana-jungee ; (fond 

of home) khanub-dost ; (economy) 

khanudaree, grihustee. 


[ nr ] 

D O U 

Domestic, s. noukur, kbanapurwur, 
wabusta, luwahik, mootuullik, 
log-bundoo ; pL luwahikat, moo- 
tuullukat, mootuullukeen, wa- 

Domestics, f. (servants) shagird- 
pesha, khidmutgar-log. 

Domination, s, hookoomut, surda* 
Tee, sahibee, riyasot, raj, umuU 
daree, hakimee, hookm, furman- 
ruwaee, dawuree, khooda-wun- 
dee, khawundee, sultunut, raj- 
pat, suAungee, surkobee, rajul- 
▼u, raj-purakrum. 

Domini, v, hookoomut k. sahi- 
bee k. sir-pur churhna, surhun- 
gee k. oopadruv-se raj k. 

Dominion, s. hookoomut, sultunut, 
raj, surdaree, riyasut, khawun- 
dee, umul, umuldaree. 

Donation, ^. uta, bukhshish, dan, 
dad-dihish, nuzurana, wuhb. 

Done, part, kiya, buna, hooa ; (to 
be done) akhir h. tumam h. ho 

Donor, s, bukhshinda, dihinda, da- 
ta, denewala, moouti. 

Doom, «. futwa, hookm, umr, fur- 
mooda, agya; {end) akibut, unt ; 
(fate) kuza, nuseeb, bhag, lilat, 
kupal ; (ruin) khurabee. 

Doom, V. mookurrur k. mootuuy- 
yun k. thuhrana, budna; (sen- 
tence) futwa d. hookm k. agyak. 

Door, t. durwaza, dur, dwar, deor- 

Doorframe, f^ choukuth. 

Doorkeeper, s, durban, deorheedar, 

Dormant, a. sota hooa, khwabee- 
da ; (secret) mukhfte, moouttui. 

Dormitory, s, khwab-gdi, ararn- 
gahy sone-ka ghur. 

Dose, f. mooutad, 0Dshud*ka pun- 
man ; (quantity) mikdar, undaza. 

Dot, s. nookta, bindee. 

Dotage, s, khurafut, khirfut, boor- 
hapa ; (on a mistress) f ureftugee, 
joonoon, ashooftugee, sheftugee, 

Dotard, \ s.suttnra-buhutra,moon- 

Doter, J hunee, nuheef, peeri-for- 
toot, peerani-sal, peer-sal ; (on c 
mistress) mujnoon, furefta, shefta. 

Dote, V. moonkhurif h. soudaee h. 
deewana h. murna. 

Ddtingly, ad, be-nihayut, bushid- 
dut, nidan, utyunt. 

Double, a. dohra, dotuh,doochund, 
doona, do-bala, dwi-goon,doo- 
goona ; (as a letter) mooshuddud, 
doot ; (deceitful) doomoonha, 
doobhashiya, buhroopiya, doo- 
runga, doogundee, doochittee, 
mukkar, dorooiya, doo-rookha, 
huft-rungee, riyakar. 

Double, V, dohrana, ^oochund k. 
dwigoon-k. ; (fold) morna, tuh- 
k. tuh-jumana, bhanjna^ 

Double-dealing, t. do-rungee, riya- 
karee, huft-rungee, mukkaree, 
tuzweer, kuput. 

Double-mindcKl, a. mukkar, hee- 
lubaz, do«ohitta, do-dUa. 

Dduble-tdngued, a, durog-go, doo- 
runga, doo-bbashiya, do-jeeUia, 
kazib, jhootha, kuzzab. 

Doubly, ad. do-chimd, doo-goona. 

Doubt, f. shuk, shoobha, sundeh, 
doobdha, ishtibah, gooman, ryb, 
khutka, ihtimal. 

Doubt, V. shuk rukhna, shoobha 
rukhna, ishtibah k. doobdha 
rukhna, sundeh k. ; (fear) nn- 
desha k. durna ; (hesitate) puso- 
pesh k. jhijukna, hichkichana. 


[ 118 ] 

D R A 

Doubter, s. shukkee, wuhmee, wus- 

wasee, bhurmee, mootuwuhhim. 
Doubtful, a. (ambigiums) moosh- 

tuba, raushkook, golgol, gyr- 

mookurrur ; (suspicious) wuhmee, 

bhurmee, sundehee, doobdhaee; 

(hazardous) khuturnak. 
Doubtfully, ad. shoobhe-se, sbuk 

Doubtless, a. and ad, beshuk, be. 

shoobha, yukeenun, bit-tuhkeek, 

nissundeh, la-ryb. 
Dove, s. fakhta, koomree, puudook, 

ghoogoo, kubree. 
Dove-cot, f. kubootur-khapa, dhab- 

lee, kabuk, dhaba, koolkool. 
Dove-tail, s, koolfee. [loee. 

Dough, s. goondha-hooa ata, pera, 
D6wer, s, juhez, duhez, jehaz, tu- 

jheez, dyja, deja, kunya-dan; 

(jointure) muhr, kabeeu. 
Down, f. rom, rooan, rongta, roen, 

roongta; (of the chin) subza, 

khutt; (pile of velvet) khwab; 

(wool) pushum ; (plain) mydan, 

D6wncast, a. sumigoon, mubjoob, 

goopchoop, shurmgeen, lajwunt, 

Downwards, a(^. 1 neeche, tule, zer, 
Down, prep, J hetb. 
Downfall, r. tubahee, khurabee, 

khwaree, suttyanasee, udhu-pu- 

tun, biputti. 
Downright, ad, (plain) seedha, 

muhz, sureeh, usi, tbeek ; (open) 

saf, zahir, spusht; (complete) 

pukka, poora, kutta, nihayut, 

Downy, a, (soft) nurm, komul, 

moolaim, pola, roendar, gala-sa, 

pushmee, rooee-sa, khwabdar, 

phaha-sa, pbaya-sa. 

Dowse, V. ghoosaya thuperamar- 

lia, mookka mama. 
Doxology, f. stoot ka geet, suna ka 

geet, ousaf ka geet 
Doze, V. oonghna, ankh lugna, so- 

na, jhupuk jana, ulsana, neend- 

ka-dookheea h. 
Dozen, s, baruh, dwa*dus. 
Draft, s, (for mmiey) hoondee; 

(cattle) ladoo, luddoo, barbur« 

Drag, V, ghuseetna, khynchna, 

Dragon, s, uzhduha, ujgur, uzhda, 
Dragdon, s. suwar, ghoor-churha« . 
Dr^-rope, s, jjroon. 
Drain, s, mohree, budur-rou, mo- 

ree, nala, nalee ; (ditch) khaee, 

Drain, v, (strain) pusana, cbhanna, 

nikalna ; (effip^y)khalee k. ; (dry) 

sookhana, khooshk k. 
Drake, s, but. 

Dram, s, miskal ; (draught) ghoont. 
Dr&ma, s, nukl, indur-jal, natuk. 
Draper, s. buzzaz, purcha-furosh, 

Drapery, s, buzzazee, kupre-ka- 

beohar, bustr, hoolla, bunao, 

choonao, singar. 
Drastic, a, moos-hil. 
Draught, s, (drink) ghoont ; (sketch) 

nuksha; (of a letter) moosuwu- 

da ; (of a net) khincbaee, khep ; 

(of an account) khusra ; (of a 

boat) panee torna ; (beast) ladoo, 

bojhyl, bar-burdar. 
Draw,v. khynchna, uynchna, eench- 

na, tanna, karhna nikalna; (a 

picture) tusweer khyTtchna, chhu- 

vi khynchna ; (a sword) ooriyan 

k. ulum k. karhna ; (lead^ chula- 

na ; (a bill) hoondee k. ; (cast) 

D R E 

[ 119 ] 


dalna; {suck) choosna ; (attract) 
juzb k. . khynchna; (pull out) 
ookhama, nikalna ; (entice) lul- 
chana, mohna» loobhana ; (curb) 
rokna, utkana, thamna. 

Dr$iwback,s. phirtay riajut, chfaoot^ 

Drawbridge, s, pool-tukhta. 

Drawer, s. kolumkar ; (of a bureau) 
ghur, kfaaouh. 

Drawers, s, p^rjama, izar ; (short) 

Brnwing, t. nuksha, nukkashee, 
tnsweer, chhuvi. 

Dread, s, dur, bhy, bhou, ashunka, 
bbeet, hybut, undesha, khouf, 
duhshut, sunka, dhurka, khutra. 

Dread, v. duma, kbouf k. duhshut 
khana, khutra k. hudiyana, du- 
rupna, shunka k. bhy manna. 

Dr^ful, a. houlnak, bhyunkur, 
hybtttnak, dubshutnak, bhyanuk, 
ibrut-nak, duhshut-unge£, bhy- 
man, daroon, shunka-junuk, 

Dn^dfuUy, ad, bushiddut» bu* 
nihayat, shiddut-se, bu-duijai« 
kumal, burahee, utyunt. 

Dream, s, soopna, khwab, swupn ; 
{idle fancy) wuhm, khyal, dho- 

Dream, v, khwab dekhna, supna 
dekhna ; (imagine) khiyal k. 

Dreamer, s, (visionary) wuhmee, 

Dr^y, a. houlhak, oodas, 8ung« 
lakb, shoonyu. 

Dregs, s. tulcbhut, doord, koodoo- 
rut, kusafut, nichor, gad, myl, 

Drench, v. bhigona, tarbutur k. 
shorbor k. 

Drenched, a. shorbor, luthputh. 

Dress, s. poshak, libas, puhrawa, 

jora, kupre, . bustur, puridban, 

purichchhud ; (honorary) khu|ut, 

khilut, sur-o-pa. 
Dress, t;. puhinna, puhima, kupre 

puhinna ; (adorn) singama, sun- 
. wama, sujana, araish k. ; (a 

wound) murhum puttee k. 

zukhm bandhna ; (fcod) pukana, 

Dribble, v, tupukna, choona. 
Driblet, s. khoorda, reza. 
Drier, a. jazib, jo sookhawe. 
Drift, f. muksud, mutlub, ghat, 

ubhiprayu, munsa; (of rain) 

bouchhar, jhikor. 
Drill, f. burma ; (exercise) kuwaid. 
Drill, V, salna, chhedna, soorakh 

k. ; (soldiers) kuwaid sikhana. 
Drink, V. peena, nosh k. soorukna, 

ghootna, pan k. 
Drink, s, koochh peene ka, shoorb, 

Drinkable, a, peene-jog, peene-Iaik, 

peene-moowafik, nosheedunee. 
Drinker, s, peene-wala, nushu-khor, 

peewukkur, noshinda. 
Drip, V. tupukna, jhima. 
Drive, V. hank d. khedna; (cat- 

tie) hankna, chulana, dourana; 

(force in) dhusana, ghoosema; 

(a nail) thonkna, mama, peetna ; 

(expel) door k. nikal d. ; (a car^ 

riage) hankna, dourana, chulana. 
DrivS, f. lar^ looab, lal, ral. 
Driveller, s. uhmuk, gaodee. 
Driver, t. hunkwyya, gareewan, 

Drizzle, V. n, phoohee puma, 

phoohar puma, ihoosiyana. 
Droll, a, (comical) ujeeb, ujub, 

tumasha, bhula: s, muskhura, 

thuthol, hunsor. 

D R U 

[ 120 ] 


Dt^fSmedlury, s, sandnee, bookhtee. 
Drone, 8, mujhool, moorda, soost, 

mukhee-mar, dheela, macha-tor. 
Droop, V. mooijhana, koombhlana, 

puzhmoorda b. zueef h. na-tu- 
~ wan h. nibul h. 
Drop, f. boond, boondee, kutra, 

chbe^ta> tupka; (ear-ring) lo- 

Drop, V, choona, tupukna ; (issue) 

chhootna, nikulna; (in battle) 

thour ruhna, panee nu mangna ; 

(put) nikul puma ; (cease) mou- 

koof rubna, jata ruhna; (in) 

apurna, ajana. 
Dropsicaly a, julundhuree, moos- 
- tuskee, juloduree. 
Dr6psy, s. julundhur, istiska, pun^ 

doodur, muhodur, julodur. 
Dross, s, my], foozla, koodoorut ; 

(of metals) keet, khoobs, khad. 
Drossy, a. inyla, mookuddur. 
Drove, s, guUa, kutar, hulka, gol, 

Drover, s. f^ulluban, choupan, chur- 

vtraha, burdiya. 
Drought, s. khooshk-salee, kboosh- 

kee, sookha, imsakUbaran, kuht, 

Drown, v. doobona, gurk k. doo- 

bana, doobna, booma. 
Drowsiness, s, oongh, ulsan, pee- 

nuk, oonghas, oonghaee ; (tWo* 

knee) soostee, dheel. 
Dr6wsy, a, nindasa, khwab-alooda, 

ulsata, nidraloo ; (slothful) mu- 

jhool, alusyee. 
DrCibbing, s, marpeet, zudo-kob, 

zudo-zurb, koot-peet. 
DrCidgery, s, tuhul, ruwunnaf^uree, 

pazoree, pae-murdee, dasutvu. 
Drug, s, duwa, oukhud, daroo, du- 

waee, oushud, durman. 

DrCigljrist, 8, uttar, puMaree. 
Drum, s, dhoi, dholuk, tiiraboor, 

dohul, tnbul, tubla, mirdung, 

duf, duphlee, dumama, nibaiiay 

pukhawuj, dunka, nilkkara, neu- 

Drum, v. dhol bujana, tuoo&oor 

bujana, nukkara bujana. 
Drcimroer, s, turoboorchee, dho%k> 

tubuUnuwaz, dholkiya, dohul- 

kob, dufalee, tubul-chee, pukfaiU 

wujee, mirdungiya. 
Drdnkard, s, shurabee, nushehbaz> 

shurab-khor, daim-ool-khudiry 

roy-khor, my-nosh, umulee. 
Dr6nken, a. mutwala, must, mud- 

hosh, mutt, mataU 
Drdnkenness, s. nusha, nushakbo* 

ree, mustee, kyf, shurab-khwa- 

ree, my-khoree, nusha*bazee» 

Dry, s. sookha, khooshk, rookha, 

nirus ; (thirsty) piyasa, tishua, 

tishna-kam; (as awel^ undha, 

uta-hooa, be-panee. 
Dry, V. sookhana, khooshk k.; 

(over afire) senkna. 
Dryness, s, khooshkee, sookhawut ; 

(o/* temper) rookhawut; (bettoeen 

friends) koodoorut, budmuzugee, 

D^al, a. moosunna, doo-buchun. 
Ddbious, a, mooshtuba, golgol, 

tuzubzoob, sundehee. 
Duck, s, but, butuk, butukh. 
Duckling, f. butuk*ka buchcha. 
DCicktile, a. moolaim, nurm. 
Ductility, s, nurmee, moolairaut. 
Dudgeon, s, khufiigee, runjish, bud- 

muzugee, krodh, kop. 
Due, a. (proper) muakool, wajibee, 

laik, dooroost, jog, oochit ; («j:- 

act) theek, jutharth; (asadtbi) 


[ 121 ] 

D W E 

chaheetfe, bak^e, lena, chahiyeh, 
dena ; (rigki) hukk, hukk hoial ; 
{fee) mursoom, zabitana; (ctii* 
torn) muhsoo], lagut, dustoor. 

Dde^cui. seedha, rest, theek theek. 

D6d, f. do shukhson kee luraee, 
tnbunchofi kee luraee, chhooree- 
kutaree, khana-jungee. 

Duke, s, murtuba-i-umeeree« [tara. 

D^ldiner, s. sitar, tumboora, chou- 

Doll, a, (dtdlard) gaodee, uhmuk, 
moordar-mittee, bud-zihn, kor- 
dil, koudun ; (low) codas, dil- 
geer; (slow) mujbool, dheela, 
80ost,kahil ; (dim) teera^ dhoond ; 
(drowsy) khwabnak, ulsana, 
makhmoor; (of hearing) ooncha 

Dnlness, s, (sttq>idity) koondzihnee, 
gubawut, koudunee, ubluhee, hi- 
makut ; (laziness) soostee, kahi^ 
lee,muibooIi; (<fimne»)dhoondh* 
laee, ciioondhlaee ; (drowsineu) 
nindas, khwabnakee. 

D^ly, ad» uchchhee-turub-se, jysa 
cbahiyeh, theek theek, wajibee 

Dam by a, goonga, goong, bookm ; 
(silent) choop, choopchap, sakit, 

Damb-b^ls, s, rooogdar, meel. 

Dun, V. tukaza k. dhurna d. 

Dun, f . mootukazee, dhurnyt, tu- 

Dunce, t. ubmuk, bhakwa, oot, 
be-wukoof, gubee, sadeh-lou, 
bhoogga, buleed, moorkh. 

Dang, s. gandugee, guleez, mal, 
biththa, chirkeen, buraz; (of 
horses) leed ; (of goats) meng- 
nee ; (of birds) beeth, peekbal ; 
(of cows) gobuFy sirkeen ; (wio- 

DCingeon, s, bhounra, tiyah-ehah. 
DCiQghiU, f. kooree, dulao, muz- 

bula, ghoora, koora. 
Dupe, f. modhoo, bukree, furefta, 

pa-mooreed, mooteeu, bhola. 
Duplicate, f. moosunna, pyth, 

Duplicity, f. do-rungee, riya, mukr, 

dimbh, thugaee, chhul, chutoo- 

raee, fureb, pech. 
Durable, a, paedar, oostoowar, 

muzboot, tikaoo, thuhraoo, moos- 

tukeem, rooostuhkum, moohkumy 

der^pa, mookhuUud, kaim. 
Durlition, t. kiyam, buka, tikao, 

paedaree, derpaee, miyad, du- 

warn, subat, tbuhrao. 
During, pr^. mabyn, urseh men, 

hoteh Dooeh, beech. 
Dusk, f. neema-sham, gop^i^oovy 

dhoor-sanj, musa, deeva-jule. 
Dusky, a. dhoomla, dhoondhla, 

dhoondhulka, kala, siyah, tareek^ 

Dust, f. dhool, dboor, gurd, khak, 

goobar, ruj, renoo : v, jharna, 

jharjhutuk k. dhooriyaua, gurd 

Dtisty, a. gurd-alooda, khak-amez, 

khak-alooda, goobar-alooda, 

Dutch, s. kouroi-wulundez. 
DCitiful, a. shaista, moouddub, 

sueed, rusbeed, khuluf, nek« 

bukht, numuk-hulal, wufadar, 

tabidar ; (son) supoot; (servant) 

DCity, f. furz, kurtub, kam, wajib, 

kumee ; (tax) muhsool, lugta. 
Dwarf, s. bouna, thoomka, thingna. 
Dwarfish, a. thingna, nata, chhota, 

Dwell, a. ruhna, busna, sookoonut 


[ 122 J 

£ A S 

k. bood o bash k. riyasut k. tik- 
. na, baa k. furokush h. ; (on a tub' 

ject) byan k, tukreer k. tumheed 

k. bukhanna, goyiaee k. 
Dweller, f. mookeem, bashiDda, 

nakin, nihne-wala, ruees, basee. 
Dwelling, s. mukan, mukam, mus- 

kun, jae, juguh, bhu¥un» ghur. 
Dwelling-house, s, huwelee, mu- 
kan, kothee, ghur, muhul-sura, 

Dwindle, v. ghutna, sookuraa, 

oolurna, kum-kotah h. 
Dy'ing, pa, murta hooa : s. {colow' 

ing) rungta, rutigwaee. 
Dy'nasty, s, khandan, ghurana, 

poosht, al-i-sooltanee, doodman. 
Dy'sentery, s. is-hal, jiriyan i shi- 

kum, utisar, seet-rus. 
Dy'spepsy, #. budhuzmee, ujeern. 

Each, pr, hur-ek, ek-ek ; fee ; {each 
other) apus-roen, buyek-deegur, 
bahum, bahum-deegur. 

Eager, a, mooshtak, arzoomund, 
surgurm, huwus-nak, shoukeen, 
shaik, mail, tundih, ubhilakhee, 
chestit, louleen ; {impetuom) juld, 

Eagerly, ad. shouk-se, ishtiyak-se. 

Eagerness, s, shouk, chomp, arzoo- 
mundee, surgurmee, huwus, 
chah, tun-dihee; (impetuotity) 
toondee, tezee, juldee. 

E&gle, s. ookab, hooma-shaheen, 

E^^let, s. hooma-shaheen ka put- 

Ear, 8. kan, gosh, kum ; (of wheat, 
Sfc.) bal, khosha. 

Earless, a. kunkuta, boocha. 

£&r-ring, f • jhoomka, balee, gosh- 
wara, koondul, loluk. 

Earl, «• murtttba umeeree ka, pud- 

Elurly, a. suwera, sidousee, turka, 
bhor, sukal ; (oi fruit) ugy ta : 
ad. suvere, turke, buree fujur, 
bhor-ko, bihan-ko. 

Earn, v. kumana, pyda k. hasil k, 
ooparjun k. 

Elime8t,a. moostuid, surgurm, dil- 
soz, gurm, bu-jid, saee, chestit, 

Earnest, s. byana, saee. 

Earnestly, ad. jee-jan-se, dil-lugm 
kur, shouk-se, moostuid hokur, 
bujid hokur, jutun-se, oodyog-se. 

Earth, $. mittee, khak, matee, gil, 
mrittika,bhoomi zumeen ; (world) 
prithee, dhurtee, urz. 

E&rthen, a. mitiyala, gilee, sufalee. 

Earthly, a. urzee, khakee, dooni- 
yawee, mittee-ka, gilee. 

Earthquake, s. bhoo-chal, zulzula, 
bhookump, bhooeen-dol, hala- 

Ear-wax, «. kan ka myl, khoond. 

Ease, «. aram, chyn, sookh, rahut, 
asoodugee, asaish, kul, bisram» 
shanti ; (facility) asanee, sulasut. 

Easily, ad, suhuj-men, asaniyut-se, 
unayas, sookh-se, sookh-poor- 
vuk ; (readily) khooshee-se. 

East, 8. poorub, mushrik. 

E^terly, ad. poorwa, shurkee. 

Eastern, a. poorbee, shurkee, mu- 

EliStward, ad. poorub ko, mushrik 

Elisy, a. suhuj, sulees, asan, soo- 
gum, suhul, hulka; (in ctr- 
cumstancet) asooda, asooda-hal, 
kboosh-hal, sookhee, farig-hal; 


[ 123 ] 


{if temper) mootuhum-mil, 

boordbar, suleem-oot-tuba, moo- 

laim, hideem, gureeb, seedha; 

{in mind) nichint. 
Eat, V, khana, nosb k. bhukshun k. 
Eatable, a, khaoe-laik, khoordunee, 

khane-jog, kabili-tunawool. 
Eater, <• khorinda, khanewala, 

Eaves, 5. oltee, oree, purang. 
Ebb, s. bbatha, ootar, juzr, zuwal. 
£l)Ooy, s. abnoos, saj. 
EbuUitioQ, s. josh, oobal, joshish. 
Eccentric, a. kujrou, khubta, bu 

kur-chalee, bhurkyl, bukr-gamee. 
Eccentricity, s. khubt, kujruwee. 
Ecclesiastic, s, fukeeh, khadimi- 

deen Museehee, Yishoo-dhurm 

ka sevuk. 
Ecclesiastical, a, deen Museehee 

kee Disbatc^ Yishoo-dhurm-pru* 

E'cho, s. goonj, awaz, suda, raddi- 

sada, hazir-juwab, pruti-dhwuui. 
Echo, V. gooDJna, awaz ana, suda 

Eclat, s. shoohrut, dhoom-dham, 

hooha, sookhyati, rounuk, tej, 

prutap, chomuk-rumuk, chu- 

Eclipse, s, gruhun, guhun ; {total) 

poora-f(uhun, surb-gruhun; {qjf 

themn) soorj-gruhun, koosoof, 

inkisaf ; {of the nioon) chundr- 

grahun, khoosoof, inkhisaf. 
Ecliptic, s. mintukut-ool-boorooj, 

tureeka-shumsee, kranti-britti. 
Economist, s. kifayut-shiar, jooz- 

rus, kifayutee, surfukar, kum- 

Economy, s. kifayut-shiaree, ki- 

&yut, ukli-muash, jooz-rusee, 

tuleeVa-shiaree> wara ; {arrange- 

ment) turteeb, intizam, doo- 

E'cstacy, s. wujd, buree khooshee, 

purum-anund, ush-ush, sumau, 

be-khoodee, mugnaee, hursh, 

Ec8tlitic,a. mugun, bag-bag, khoosh, 

mujnoon, shoofta, ashoofta, be- 

khood, be*hosh. 
E'ddy^ s, girdab, bhounwur, chukr, 

bhounree; {wind) gurdbad, bu- 

Edge, «. {margin) kinara, lub ; {of 

a blade) dhar, barh, dum, teek- 

shunta; {to be on) dant khutte 

bona. [jhalur. 

Edging, «. sunjaf, mugzee ; (Jringe) 
Edged, a. abdar, tez, dhar, teek* 

Edging, s. sunjaf, toee, mugzee, 

E'dible, a. khaneka, kabili*giza, 

Edict, 8. munadee, ishtihar, fur- 
man, umr, hookmi-hakim, raj- 

Edific&tion, s. turbiyut, taleem, su- 

dhao, tadeeb, tuhzeeb, arastugee, 

bhulaee, ta-uddoob. 
E'difice, 8, imarut, huwelee, mu- 

kan, muhul, ghur, kothee. 
E'dify, V. a. taleem d. turbiyut k. 

sikhlana, arasta k. tadeeb d. 
Edition, 8. chhapa, chhupaee. 
E'ditor, s. mooruttib, sihbut-rusan, 

E'ducate, v. turbiyut k. taleem d. 

sikhlana, soodharna, admee bu- 

Education, s. turbiyut, taleem, see- 

khun, sikhlaee, siksha. 
Eel, s. bam, gounchee, mar-mahee, 


E F F 

[ 124 ] 

E L A 

ESkee, v, metna, muhT k. kulum- 

khoorda k. kat d. mulmet k. 

muliya-met k. silput k. chheelna. 
'Effect, V, kurna, kurana, bujana, 

suT k. sarna, unjam d, chulana, 

kur-lena, insiram k. siddh k. 
Eff^t, $. usur, taseer, kyfiyut, 

umul, tuossoor, hasil, phul. 
Effects, 8. mal, usbab, jaedad, sa- 

man, mal-o«.mutau, moujoodat, 

umwal, usasa, ushiya, uyn-ool- 

mal, samugree> dhun, sumput, 

Effectual, a, karee, kafee, moous* 

sir, goonee, goonkaree, kar^^ur, 

teer-bu-buduf, kam-ka-nafizf 

kurm-jog, pbul-dayuk. 
Effectually, ad, bilkool, niput, sum- 

poorn-roop-se, kurar-wakuee, 

Effeminacy, s, na-murdee, zunana- 

pun, booz-dilee, joobn, na-kusee. 
Effeminate, a, na-murd, zunana, 

booz-dil, booz-dila, hetha, stree- 

vut, nupoonsuk, boda, napoz, 

Effervesce, v. oobulna, josb khana, 

josh-oothna, phen-ana, oobal 

Effervescence,!, oobal, josh, giliyan. 
E'fficacy, «. taseer, goon, umul, 

kyfiyut, usur, phul, basil, tuus- 

Efficient, a, kafee, goon -karee, 

mooussir, pbul-dayuk. 
Efflorescent, a, shugoofta, phool 

luga hooa. [knura. 

EfflCivia, s. bbap, bookbarat, ub- 
E'ffort, f. koshish, suee, jutn, jihd, 

dour-dhoop, oodyog, oodyum, 

Effrontery, s. be-shurroee, goosta- 

khee,beuyaee, shokhee, nir-lujjta. 

Effulgence, i. tujullee, noor, jot^ 

jutwa, chumuk. 
Effulgent, a» julwugur, nooranee, 

jili^ar, chumkeela, moojulla^ 

EtfCision, s, rezish, buhao, jiriyan. 
E. G. (for example) musulun, mu- 

8ul-to-mu8ulun, jysa-ki, cboo- 

Egg, 5. byza, unda. 
Egg-plant, $, byngun, badunjan, 

bhanta ; {of large growth) ma- 

E'glantine, 5. seotee, nusreen, gooH" 

nusreen, usturoon, jul-nusreen. 
E'gotism, 8, kboodee, munee, una- 

E'gotist, 5. kbood-furosh, khood- 
nooma, khood-been, atm-shlagbee, 
joufurosh-o^gundoom nooma. 
Egregious, a, bura, sukht, ushnd, 

kutta. [nikas. 

E'gress, f. buramud, kboorooj. 
Eight, d. ath, husbt. 
Eighteen, a, utharuh. 
Eighth, a. athwan, usbtumee. 
Either, prep, koee-ek, koee. 
Ejaculation, 5. dooa, doorood. 
Eject, V, nikal d. kharij k. be- 

dukhl k. sulbi-ikhtiyar k. ; (void) 

ky k. rudd k. istifrag k. ooltee 

k. zumeen dekhna. 
Ejection, s, ikhraj, be-dukhlee. 
Ejectment, 5. baz ya ikhraj -nama. 
Elaborate, a. mooshkil, dukeek, 

kuthin, moogluk, moodukkuk, 

dooshwar, shrum-sadhyu« 
Elaborately, ad, dikkut-se, mihnut* 

se, dooshwaree*se. 
Elapse, V, goozurna, beetna> moon- 

kuzee h. 
El&stic, a, lucbeela, chimra, khum- 

dar, luchukdar^ dumdar. 

£ L £ 

[ 125 3 

£ L 

Elasticity, 5. luchukdaree, dum. 

Elate, V, phoolna, mugroor h. 
mootukubbir h. 

Elated, a. bag-bag, nihal, khoosb, 
baleeda, mugn, anund. 

Elated, v. phoolna, buglen bujana, 
khilna, khil-khilana, bag-bag h. 

K'lbow, s. kohnee, mirfak, aruDJ. 

Elbow, V, kobniyana.. [reef. 

E'lder, a. bum, jetba, kulan, shu- 

E'ldesti a, sub se bura, boozoorg. 
tur, sub se jetba. 

Elect, a, burgoozeeda, pusundeeda, 

. muDoneet, mukbool, moojtubay 
moostufa, moomtaz. 

Elect, V, pusuod k. buigoozeeda k. 
ikhtiyar k. munoneet k. budna. 

Election, s. burgoozeedugee, goo- 
zeen, ikhtiyar, intikhab. 

Elective, a, iotikfaabee, ikhtiyaree. 

Electricity, s, juzb, khyitchao, ku- 

Elegance, s. toohfgee, lootf, kyfiyut, 
nuzakut, zebaish, khoobee, luta- 
fut, rouQuk, mutanot, mulahut, 
komulta, soothraee^ sooghraee, 
zeb, zebae^ 

Elegant, a. toohfa, luteef, khoob, 
soondur, khoosh-nooma, sooth- 
ra, khassa, uchchha, nazook, 
Jkhoosh-usloob, besh, muleeh, 
^omul, sookhwar, khoosh-kutu, 
kh^uda, kh.-chhub, kh.-undaz. 

Elegantly, ad, nuzakut-se, khoo- 
bee ke sath, uchchee turuh, 

E'legy, s. mursiya, soz-goodaz. 

Element, s, oonsoor, tut, tutwu, 
bhoot ; {rudiments) inouzoon, 
bidya-bhyas ka sootr, shoorooi- 

Elementary, a, oonsooree, uslee, 
boonyadee, gyr-moorukkub. 

E'lephant, i. hathee, feel, hustee, 

guj, kala-puhar; (Jfem.) huthnee, 

feel madiyv; (young) patha, 

Elephantiasis, 5. feel-pa, daool-feel. 
E'levate, v. oonchana, boolund k. 

surfuraz k. aurbulund k. 
Elevated, a, boolund, ooncha, sur. 
' furaz, mooulla, moortufa, moom. 

Elevation, s. boolundee, burhtee, 

turukkee, surfurazee, oorooj, 

suood, irtifau, furaz. 
Eleven, a. gyaruh. 
Eleventh, a. gyarhwan ; (day) eka- 

Elicit, V, a. khynch-nikalna. 
£ligible, a. oula, bihtur, muakool, 

usluh, unsub, laik-ikhtiyar, wa. 

jib-ool-khiyar, moostoujibool. 

intikhab; (worthy) laik, moor- 

E'lision, s. huzf, lop, door kuma. 
E'lixir, u ukseer. 
Elk, s. baruh-singa, guwuzn, sam- 

bur, sabur. 
£11, f. kism guz, dira, zira. 
Ellipsis, s. ^ukli-byzaee, tukdee- 

ree-kulam, mookuddur, kridunt. 
Elocdtion, s. fusahut, zuban-awu- 

ree, lussanee, lukluka, koovvuti- 

kulam, koovvuti-byaneeu. 
Elongate, v. lumbana, tanna, tool 

k. burhana, tuweel k. mumdooda 

k. deergh k. bistar k. 
Elongation, s, burhao, lumbaoj 

mudd, deerghta, bistar. 
Elope, V, bhagna, chumput h. fu- 

rar k. mufroor h. rumjana, pula- 

na, pulayun k. 
£16pement, a, firar,jchumput, goo- 

rez, roo-poshee. 
Eloquence, s. fosahut, bulagut, 

£ M A 

[ 126 1 

£ M B 

khoosh-goee, goyaee, khoosh- 

tukreeree, sheereen-gooftaree, hu- 

lawut, sulasut, • zuban-awuree, 

sookhun-ranee, sookhun-wuree, 

sookhun-sunjee, sookhun-pur- 

dazee, sookhun*goee. 
Eloquent, a. khoosh-go, fuseeh, 

buleeg, lussan, khoosh-gooftar, 

sheereen-kulam, lufiaz, sookhun- 

dan, sheereen-zuban, gouhur-rez, 

khoosb-gup, 80okhun-awur, zu- 

han-awur, sookbuDrara. 
Else, ad. nubeen-to, wugur-nuh. 
Elsewb^re, ad. our-kubeen, our-ja. 
Eldcidate, v, wazib k. zahir k. 

kholna, rosbun k. saf k. asbkara 

k. moobuyun k. urtb k. 
Elucidation, «. tufseel, tuabeer, 

tusbreeb, touzeeb, tusreeb, byan, 
' bumun, byakbyan. 
£l(ide, V. bucbna, cbbootna, ankh 

cbhipana, ankb cboorana, dubna, 

nikul bbagna. 
Elusive, a, bubkaoo, beela*bund. 
Ely'sian, a. rabut-wur, aram- 

bukbsb, bubisbtee, junnutee, 

Elysium, s, bibisbt, junnut, udun, 

Emaciate, v, doobia k. lagur k. 

lutana, sookh-jana, gbool-jana, 

Emaciated, a, doobia, lagur, nu- 

beef, lukkat, zar-o-nizar, kak, 

Emaciation, i. dooblaee, laguree, 

nubafut, ujuf, dooblapun, sook- 
• taee. 
Emanation, s, noor, zuboor, jot, 

Emancipates v. azad k. kbulas k. 

cbborna, cbboorana, riha k. 

moostukblus k. 

Emancipation, 8, azadgee, rihaee, 

isfikblas, cbboraee. 
Embalm, v, khoosb-bo bburna, 

momeeya k . 
Embankment, s, poosbtu-bundee, 

bandh, bund, gil-undazee, 
Embiirgo, s. juhaz ke cbulne kee 

surkaree munahee, duriyaee su- 

fur ka rok. [suwar b. 

Embiirk, o« kisbtee ya jubaz pur 
Embarrass, v. gbubrana, ooljbana, 

moozturib k. tunk k. by ran k. 

ajiz k. suTgurdan k. dikk k. 
Embarrassed, a. ajiz, byran, sur- 

gurdan, gultan-pechan, lacbar, 

giriftar, durmanda, apud-grust. 
Embarrassment, s. ghubrabut, izti- 

rab, junjal, ooljhera, tungee, ku- 

sbakushee, tusdeea, dikkut,.sur- 

gurdanee, ginftaree, pecb, jala, 

Emb^sador, «• elcbee, wukeel bad- 

shabee, raj-doot. 
E'mbassy, $. elcbee-guree, sundes, 
. pygam, wukalut-sooltanee. 
Embillisb, v. singarna, zeb ' d. 

araisb d. arasta k« rungeen k, 

chiknana, sobba d. 
Emb^llisbed, a. arasta, mooruttub, 

moozyyun, sobhit. 
Embellisbment, s, araisb, arasta« 

gee, sujawut. 
E'mbers, s. bhoobhul, ungare. 
Embezzle, v, gubn k. kbiyanut k. 

cboorana, cbut k. moosna, 

cboree k. 
Embezzlement, t. cboree, kbiyanut, 

dustboord, gubn, hatb-pheraee, 

goee, surta-burta, cbalak*dustee, 

itlaf, tulufi-mal. 
Embezzler, s. roali-murdoom-khor, 

gbaogbuppee, le-lot, khaoo-loo- 

taoo^ buram-kbor« 

£ M B 

[ i27 ] 


E'roblem, s, ulamut, nbhao, puta, 

pahchan, chinh, bhao, ibarut, 

nomoodari tumseel, drishtant, 

mdunh, oopma, unooroop, prati- 

Emblematical, a. tumseel-ana, ula- 

mutee, drishtant-roop, ibarut-dar. 
Embody, v, juma k. duij k. moo* 

JQSSum k. ; {men) fouj-bundee k. 

ghol-buDdee k. [dharus d. 

Embolden, v, diler k. istiklal d. 
Emboss, V. phool juma, gool 

juraa ; (engrave) moonubbut k. 

Embossed, a, moonubbutee. 
Embowel, v. pet cheeroa, pet chak 

k. antriyan nikalnee. 
Embrace, s. koulee, bugul, god, 

kunar, agosh, wusl, wisal, fUin- 

Embrace, v. bngul-geeree k, gtdeh 

lugna, milna, hum-kunar h. 

koulee-men lena, koula-kouleek. 

aUngon k. ; (a religion) ikhtiyar 

k. ukhz k. manna, kubool k. 

dharna, gnibun k. 
Embrasure, s. top ka jburoka, nind. 
Embroider, v, karchobee k. boota 

nikalna, gool-boota k. chikun* 

karee k. (^nn k. 
Embr6idery, ». cbikun-dozee, gool- 

karee, boote-karee, chikun-karefe, 

kar-chobee, zor-dozee, kytooni- 

Embrdil, v. pbnsana, ooljhana, fu- 

sad kurwana, jhugrana, fusad 

dalna, ag lagana. 
Embroiler, s. mootufunnee, toofa- 

nee, jbugraloo, bukheriya, tun- 

Embryo, s. bucbcha, juneen, san- 

cha, moorut, soorut^ gabba, 


Emendation, s. sihhut, islab, aras- 

tugee, tus-heeh. 
E'merald, s, zumurrood, punna, 

Emerge, v. nikulna, tooloo k. 

oopur ana, nirgut h. 
Emergency, s, zuroorut, badisa, 

tukaza-wuktee, bheer, khynch, 

Emmery, s. koorund. 
E'metic, a. mookuee, ky kuranewa* 

lee duwa, moostufrig. 
E'migraht, f. des-tyagee, bewn- 

E'migrate, v, purdes jana, jilawu- 

tun h. gureeb-ool-wutn h. 
Emigration, s. jila-wutunee, hijrut, 

des-tyag, nukl-mukam, desantur 

gumun, prubas* 
■ Eminence, i. {height) ooncban, ir- 

tifau, boolundee, ooncbaee ; {dis» 

Unction) durja, paya, rootba, 

boozoorgee, munzulut, jaho-j ulal, 

ouj, ouj-mouj, numood. 
E'minent, a, namee^ moortufa, 

boozoorg, ata, bura, moomtaz, 

namwur, zeerootba, surbulund, 

numood, boozoorgwar. 
E'missary, s, bhediya, jasoos, 

mookbbir, bbedee. 
Emit, V. nikalna ; {light) dena ; (a 

scent) muhukna. 
E'mmet, «. choonta. 
Emollient, a, moolyyio, nurm, koo- 

na, komul-karee. 
, Emolument, s. faida, basil, nufa, 

labh, mahusul, pyda, pydawar, 

Em6tion, s, josb, lubur, muiola, 

durd, iztirab, ashooftgee, koo« 

doorut, bhao. 
Empale, V, ft. dar pur kbyncbna; 

soolee d. 

£ N A 

[ 128 ] 

E N C 

£'inperor, s^ sfauhinshi^, sooltan, 

muharaj« chukr-wurtee^ raj-dhi- 

E'mphasis, s. zurb, takeed, gooroo- 

Emphatic, a. takeedee. 
£/ffipire, $, sultunut, badshahut, 

mumalik, mubroosa. 
Empirick, «. Deem-bukeem, kbut- 

Employ, V, noukree-men lugana, 

shoogul k. musbgool b. moosb- 

tuguT rubna, burtna. 
Employment, s, noukree, kbidmut, 

«hoogl, kam, ulaka, rozgar, ro- 

zee, roushgoola, tuallook, karo- 

bar, rozee ; (office) obda^ mun* 

Emporium, s. urung, pytb. 
Empoverish, v. mooflis k. muflook 

k. fukeer k. moobtaj k. kungal 

k. nirdbun k. 
Empower, v. a. mookbtar k. ikbti- 

yar d. koodrut d. bookoomut d. 

ulaka d. mukdoor d. 
E'mpresS) $, mulika, kbatoon, mu- 

E'mpty, a. kbalee, reeta, tibee, 

soona, cbboochba ; {ignorant) 

tibee-dimag, be-mugbz, ubmuk, 

E'mulate, v. bum-suree k. biska k. 

bum-chusbmee k, mookabula k. 

rees k. bumta b. 
Emuliition, «. biska, rees, bouns, 

gyrut, buraburee, mookabura, 

rusbk, bounsa-bounsee. 
E'mulous, a. bounsee, birsee, mu- 

noj og-akanksbee> 
Eniible, v. a, kurana, koovwutd. 

tukwiyut k. tuwaua k. 
EniMit, V. f urmana, bookm k. thub* 

rana, umr k. stbapun k. agya k. 

Enamel, i. meena, ab; {of the 

teeth) jila, cbumul, jbuluk ; (in- 

laying) koondun, meenakareey 

koft, rung, jurao, panee. 
Eniimel, v. meenakaree k. koft k. 

koondun k. jurao k, 
Enameller, s. meenakar, koft*gur, 

Enamoured, a. girweeda, sbefta, 

furefta, asboofta, asbik, dil»dada, 

Encamp, v. dera k. mookam k. 

kbema k. purao k. ootuma. 
Enchant, v. ufsoon k. jadoo k. tona 

k. mobna, bus k. muftoon k. 

nuzurbund k. mobit k. tuskheer 

k. zuban k. 
Encblinted, a. sibra-zuda, oras- 

boor, mobit ; {delighted) khoosb, 

musroor, mugn, dil-sbad, sbad- 

Enchlmter, 8, jadoogur, ufsoongur, 

sabir, ditbbund. 
Enchantment, 5. jadooguree, uf- 

soongusee, shir, ditbbundee. 
Encblinting, a. dilfureb, dilkusb, 

dilbur, dil-rooba, sobnee, soon- 

dur, pyara. 
Encb^e, «. juma, mundhna. 
Encircle, v, gberna, moohasura k. 

ibata k. roundhna, nutga k. 
' besbtun k. 
Enclose, v. (ground) barb lugana, 

ihata k. ghema ; (a letter) mul- 

foof k. bund k. lupetna» luf k. 
Enclosure, s, iftnce) gbera, ihata, 

barh, char-deewaree, hisar ; 

{place inclosed) suhun, cbouk. 
Encomium, <. tuareef^stoot, afireen, 

tuhseen, suna, mudb, ustoot, 

prusungsa, goonan-bad. 
Encompass, v. gberna; moobasra 

k. beshtuQ k. 


[ «• J 

£ N E 

JBBCOunter, <. (battle) loraee, judul, 
juDg, jooddh ; (diipute) kuz^a, 
jbi^ra, khurkhiisBa ; {mdden 
meeting) bhuubhjaray moolakat- 

£oc6iiDter« v. khot-put h* dochar 
h. mookabila k, Wtn%, moot- 
bberk. moond tukraaa, samne 
h. samna h. 

^Boduraga, v. dilata d« pooch k. 
khatirjuma k.d^areed. bhorosa 
d. moonh lugaoa, flfthus d. tnh- 
reek d. dom d* 

EocoDTagement, s. dilasa, tukwiyut, 
tusuUee, tufareek, bimayut, dust* 
geeree, dhanis» bhurosa. 

Encrdach, o. dukhl k. hatk dalna, 
kodum marna, pytkaa, burfa- 
cfauloa, duba Uau^ katna, burhaa. 

EocroachmeDt, t. dustdurazfie, zi- 
yadutee, liyada-tulubee, kat, 
dabao, budd ahikuone. 

Endunber, v. u, ho^h d. Uiaree k, 
dubaaa, ladna, phusana* 

Eacumbrancey s. paoa kee beree, 
gule kee phaMsee, gule ka bar, 
cbhatee ka puUhur^ pubary ak ka 
puttliur, badba. 

Encyclop^dtay i. mujmu-ooUoo- 
loom, jami-oo-looiii, vidya^hara- 

End, s« (fiondution) unt, iatiha, tu« 
mamae, kinara, akhir, ui^am« 
suninjam, gaity aheab, sumapti, 

Ead^ V, tumani k« akhir k.iiiberna, 
cbookana, sama, poorn k. nip^ 
tarna; {destroy) nesl-nabood k. 
muadoom k. nashna. 

Endimger, v. a. khutre-m«» dalna, 
jokboi» loeit dalaa* 

Eadear, v, pyara k* uaees k» iaria k. 

End^arraent, s. Xu, nas» piyar, 

ikhlaa, ashikee» moobubbut, ooU 
fut, khatir*geeree, uzeeiee, aoo- 
hag, raO-<hao, dUdaree. ^Idu« 

Endeavour, f. kochtsh, kusd, suee, 
mihnot, purisnnii, jidd^o^jibd, 
himmut, ijtihad, cheslrta, oodyog. 

EedelkYour, t;. kofbish k. mibimt k* 
Eor mama, kusd k. jidd'O-jibd 
•k. tuee k. oodyog k. purisrom k* 

E'ndive, s, kasnee. 

E'lNlIeM, «. be-iatiha, be-hudd, 
uBiUDt, be-payaii, be^^thayut, 
na-mootunaheey nit-ka, oaeema, 

Endorse, •• dustkhntt k. peshanee 
dagna, luhee k. sukarna. 

Endow, «. wukf k. bukbshna, luj- 
beez k. muhr k. britti d. dan k. 

EndowmeQt; s, wukf, niyaz, khy- 
rat, nuer ; (quality) wugf, goon, 
boon or, jouhur, khoobee. 

Eud^e, «. uta k. inayut k. rooha- 
nee ntamutefi bukhsbna. 

EndCiranre, s. butdasht, subr, lab, 
dheerta, sumaee, tuhuromool ; 
(eimtimianoe) anxKlawumutv bu* 
ka, paedaree, tbubrao, tikao, 

End()ire, «. subna, burdanht k. 
khynchna, khaoa, oothana j (con- 
tinue) rubna, chulnii^ kbwpna, 
kbulua, derpa b« thuhuma. 

E'nemy, s, deoshinuu, bynee^ shu* 
troo, hureef, khusum. 

Energetic, a, mooussir, kuvee, moo- 
tuburnk, moostuhkaro, musboot, 
sahusik, bulwunt, prubbao*wan; 
(ttyk) pookhta, muteen, 

E'uergy, s, koovwut, zor, bul, tuk« 
wiyut, mutaniUyOotsah, prubhao, 

Enerrate, v. komsor k. na-takat k. 
Kueef k, natttwan k, otrbd k. 

'EN "I 

r 130 ] 

E N 

. doorbiil k. tor d. namurd k. na- 
koovvut k. 

Enforce, v. {compel) umul men lana, 
chulana, jaree k. ; (ttrengthen) 
muzboot k. moostuhkum k. ku- 
wee k. ootoowar k. zor d. porah 
k. pookbta k. 

Enfranchise, v. azad k. chhoorana, 
khulas k. ruees k. shamil k. 

Englige, V. (employ) mushgool h. 
lugna, prubritt h.; (Jight) lurna, 

. bhima; mydan k. ; (attach) upna 

. k. chuspeeda k. girweeda k. dil 
lugana, dil-lugee karwana, tual- 
]ook-i.khatir rukhna; (contract) 

• shurt bandhna, koul-o-kurar k. 
hor bandhna, chookouta k. mush- 
root k. theka k. 

Engaged, a. mushgool, musroof, 
mooshtugil, mookyud ; (attached) 

Eng^ement, s. (contract) koul, 

• ikrar, shurt, hor, waida; (Jight) 
luraee, mookabula, muanka; 
(mental) shoogl. 

Engaging, a, pyara, mohna. 
Engender, v. a, pyda k. junmana, 

ootpunn k. 
E'^ngine, s. kul, ala, alut, faurba, 

ouzar, sunut, juntr. 
Engineer, s. gurh-kuptan. 
E'nglish, s. ungrez : a. ungrezee. 
E'ngUshman, «. ungrez. 
Engr&ve, v. kunda k. khodna, nuksh 

Engraver, 8. kundugur, moohr-kun, 

Engross, v. upnana, le-lena, rokna. 
Enhance, v. ziyada k. mol burhana, 

keemut churhana. 
Enhancement^ s. burhtee, ziyadutee. 
Enigma, «. mooumma, puhelee, 

• chee^tan, loogz, eeham. 

Enigmatical, a. moogluk, dukeek, 
gamiz, rumz-amez, goorh. 

Enj6in, v. takeed-se kuhna, furma. 
na, hookm k. umr k. agya k. 

Enjoy, V, kamyab h. khooshee k. 
mouj k. kamran h. bhoogutna, 
mouj mama, biluchna, moorad 
pana, uysh k. bhogna, sun- 
toosht h. 

Enjoyment, «. sookh, uysh, khoo- 
shee, anund, asaish, hoolas, mu- 
za, luzzut, kyfiyut, ishrut, rus, 
bhog, suntosh, hulawut. 

Enlarge, v. burhana, kooshada k. 
ziyada k. furakh k, wusee k. 
wusut d. bistar k. ; (release) azad 
k. chhoorana, riha k, rihaee d. 

Enlargement, s, burhao, burhtee, 
furakhee, kooshadugee, ufzaish; 
(release) khulasee, rihaee, chhoot- 
tee, chhootkara, mukhlusee ; (ex* 
aggeration) moobaluga. 

Enlighten, v. moonuvvur k. roshuo 
k. nooranee k. oojaia k.; (tn- 
struct) turbiyut k. tadeeb k. sikb- 
sha k. gyan d. 

Enlightened, a. sahib-kumal, uhli- 
dil, uhli-deed, roshun-rae, hukk- 
shinas, sahibniil, roshun-zumeer, 
agah-dil, i^yanee. 

Enlist, t^.bhurtee k. nam likhaoa, 
noukur k. nigah-dasht k. 

E'nmity, «. dooshmunee, byr, uda- 
wut, inad, khoosoomut, nifek, 
budkhwahee, uks, mookhalufut, 
hureefee, 8hutroota,birodh,dwesh. 

Ennoble, v. mooshurruf k. oomrao 
k. mahee-muratib d. moohturum 
k. moouzzuz k. moohtushum k. 

Elnormity, «. booraee, goonah i ku- 
beera, zuboonee, uyb, ishtidad, 
' muha»pap, muha-dooshtta. 

E N T 

I 131 ] 

E N T 

Enormous, a, bura, shadeed, sukht. 
Enough, ad, bus, buhoot, kafee, 

kifayut, wafee, buhoot-koochb, 

Enr^, V. a. gooseeh kurana, gu- 

zubnak kurana, builium kurana, 

ag k. bhurkana,bud-dimagk. kro- 

dhee k. juiana, khushm-geen k. 
Enrapture, v. bag bag k. mugun k. 
' musroor k. wujd kurana. 
Enrich, o. doulutmund k. jyyud k. 

taliwur k. tuwungur k. mootu- 

muvTul k. dhunee k. dhunwan k. 

gunee k. moostugnee k. 
Enrol, V. ism-nuweesee k. fihrist 

pur nam likhna, durj-i-duftur k. 

duftur men cburhana, dakhil-i- 

duftur k. 
Enrolment, t. ism-nuweesee, fihrist, 

Enshrine, v. tuburrook jan kisee 

cheez ko hifazut-se lupet rukhna, 

gilafee k. gilaf kur rukhna. 
E'nsign, s. jhunda, nishan, ulum, 

byruk, raet; {mark) ulamut, pu-, 

ta, puhchan. 
Ensign, t. {hearer) nishan-burdar, 

ulum-burdar, ulum-dar. 
Ensllive, v. a. ghoolam k. useer k. 

burda k. bundhooa k. swa* 
' dheen k. 
Ensnlire, v. phunsana, phandna, 

ghat k. pbansna. 
Ens^e, v. nuteeja h/ bona, hasil h. 
' oopujna, phulna. 
Ensure, v. kaim k. thubrana, zimma 
' k. beema k. 
Entail, v. bandhna, lugana, cbur- 

Entangle, v. phusana, durbum-bur- 

hum k. phandna, ooljhana, utka- 

na, giriftar k. gultan*pechan k. 

bhunwur-jal mtn dalna, gheroa; 

K 2 

ganthna, pech-dur-pech k. ; ( ptt^ • 

zle) moozturib k. ghubrana, 

rooozshtur k. be-tab k. .awara-o- 

surgurdan k. 
Ent&nglement, s. ooljhera, phunsao, 

utkao, guthao, pech, pechush. 
E'nter, v, undur ana, dakhil h. 

pythna, sumana, bheetur ana, 

pruvesh k. dhusna, ^hoosna; 

(penetrate) guma, bythna ; {by 

writing) likhna, kulum-bund k, 

moondurij k. 
E'nterprise, s, jokhim, moohimm, 

jan maree, kusd. 
E'nterprising, a. jokbimee; {intrC' 

pMJ) janbaz, sberraurd. 
Entertliin, ». {converse with) goof- 

tugoo k. ; {a guest) mihmanee k. 

ziyafut k. ghur boolana, khilana- 

pilana; {amuse) buhlana, khoogh 

k. ; {a servant) noukur rukhna. 
Entertainer, s, mezban, mihmandar. 
Entertainment, s, mihmanee, mih- 

mandaree, ziyafut, tuwazoo, kha- 

na, bhojun, jeonar. 
Enthral, v» hulka-bugosh k. goo- 
lam k. 
Enthrdne, v» a. tukht pur bythana, 

guddee pur bytfiana, jooloos kur- 

EnthCisiasm, s. josh, khurosh, sur- 

gurmee, tuassoob, rujut, ishk, 

EnthCisiast, s, surgurm, uhl i rujut, 

mootuussib, ashik, oonmutt. 
Entice, V, wurgulana, phooslana, 

buhkana, lobhana, fureb d. tur- 

geeb d. mail k. tuhrees k. moob* 

tila k. jbansa d. niohna. 
Enticement, s, igwa, dilroobaee, 

tulbees, dil-furebee, mob, phoos- 

' Entire, a. sumoocha, tumam, sara. 

E N T 

t 132 ] 

E P I 

kooUee, durobost, poora, sub, 
kool, kamil, joomla, tumam*o- 
komal, be^kom o kast, «aUm, 
koolloohoom, suheeh,flukul,9uin- 
poorti, sumust* stimoodayu. 

Entirely, ad, bilkool, niput, sura- 
sur, eklukht, balbal, »urbu»or, 
yuk^kulum, subbee» sub-sooddha, 
sub^sumet, sumpoorn-roop, ni- 
dan, fil-joomla, bit^tumam, bil- 
koolleea, be-kvisoor. 

Entitle, 17. khitab d. nam rukhna ; 
(.give a right to) hukkdar k. moos* 
tuhukk k. zee-hukk k. suzawar k. 
udhikar d, 

E'ntity, s. bustee, wv^jood, hciftt*o- 
bood, zat, kaem 

Ent6mb, o. a. dufun k. ^arna, mit- 
tee d. candfoon k. undheree koth- 
ree-tnen rukhna mukbureh men 
soopoord k. 

E^QUaiis, 9, untriyan, anten, rodeh« 

E'ntrance, «. dukhl, rusaee, pythao, 
puboonch, bar-yabee, dookhool, 
pyth, pruve^h, umul-dukhul ; 

' ipamge) rah, goozara, mudkhul. 

Entrance, v, gush men dalna, inoor- 

. ohbit k. be-khood k. 

Entr&p, V. a. ph^ana, pbundemen 
bujhana, pukuma, pecb men 

Entreat, v. sumi^ut k, iltija k, bin* 
tee k. munana, urz k. durkhwast 

. k. iltiroas k. ghighiyana, miutee 
k. minnut k. lujaiut k. biny k. 
ntyaz k. ajizee k, ba-illiah tulab 
k. goozarish k. 

Entretfty, (. mintee, mimaut, bintee, 
iltija, istidf^, sumajut, urz, ilti- 
xms, goezarishy'Iujajut, urz«dasht, 
DTdas, birty, niyaz, niyaz-mundee. 

Entry, s. {insertim) dakhila, pyth ; 
ipoTxh) duble«z, deorheey astaaa. 

Env^Qpe, «. chba-jaoa, dhasapna, 

E'tivelope* 4. Ufafa, khol. 
Envenom, v. zuhr-alooda k. zuhr 

men boojhanay suhr^ar k. 
E^Hvious, a. hasid, dahee, bud- 

diushm, juliya« husood, hoora, 

juUuwaee, jhulaha, shoom^nusur, 

took-wya, oatuwan-been, ru8<h. 

keef bud»kbwah, sifla, poor. 

husud, bin»uk, dweshee. 
Environ, <«. moohasira k. ghema, 

inhisar k. mubsoor k. gher lena, 

ihata k. gird-a»gird k. 
Environs, s. girdpesh, utraf, aspas, 

gird-nuwah, nuviraee, pyraoooon, 

huwalee, juwar, kooi4>-o-juwary 

suwad, pas-puros. 
EnCimerat4 v. shoomar k. ginna, 

byan k. moofussul kuhna^ tufeeel 

k. tadad k. hisab k. 
Enumeration, s. giotee, shoomar, 

hisab, tuuddood, tiudad, byan, 

E'Qvoy» <. wukeel, rajdoot, elohee, 

sufeer, pygambur, pyambur, 

E'nvy, s. busud, dab, rees« husrut, 

byr, jhul, ag, julun, reshk, khij, 

kbeej^ dwesb, droh, hinsa, eerkha. 
Envy, V. khoonsana, nesb-zuoee k. 

busud k. julna, fushk k. bud- 

khwabee k. 
Epaulette, £. Jbubba, phoondna. 
Ephemeris, s, tukweem, rosami, ro- 

zeena, din-din ka vivurun. 
E'pic, a. buhadoorana shiur-hika- 

yut-go, beer-ka-oopakhyan. 
E'picure, s. shikumpurwur, petar- 

thoo, peto(^ ohutora, petpaloo, 

shikum^purust, shikum-bunda, 

bhogee, khaoo. 
£lpid^mic^ a. phyla booa 0>^^ 

E.Q tr 

[ 133 I 


beemaiee), am,akim«ge#r) jnban* 

geer, ghur-ghur, surb-byflfpok, 

E'pigram, i, raooki«e, hiteefii, joo- 

f^t, nodLta, goffoly roobaee. 
£'pilepsyy«. mirgee, sura, aposnar. 
E'pisode, s. baC m<» bat, kissa dur 
~ kissa, bikayiU dor bikayut. 
Epistle, «. khutt, moktoob, nama, 

putree, putr, chitthee, cbupatee, 

hkhiHiy Hkbttt, roAka, rakeema, 

patee, moorsula, kitabat. 
Epistoiary, a. kkiiOee, maktoobee. 
Epitaph, s, kootaba i kubr. 
Epitfai^animii, i, mungaUaehar, 

bcHira, soohag* [tab. 

E'pitbet, s. Ittkub, silat, wtisf, khi- 
Epitooe,. s. ikhtisar, iiKx^htusir^ 

E'pocb^ J. aciD, smabut^ saka, shak. 
E'qual, a, burabtv, ekflan, raooka- 

bil, moowafiky laoosavee, nu* 

seer, toolyu,. soman, raootabik ; 

{adequate) kabil, huk. 
Ecfi^tity, s. traffaburee^ hanh'Siiree, 

meokabuia, rooosftwat, bum. 

ehusfaiDee, tusawee, hom-taee 

moowafakut, mei, tooiynta, s^m. 

ta, rees. 
E'quully, ad, burabur, eksan. 
EqiMiiimtty, b«i»waree, eksaaae, 

yckaaugee, akta, 8thir4>hao. 
Equ^tor^ s, kbuttUistuway rekha- 

E'qeerry, s. meer-i^nstubid, meer. 

akboT, jitoadaTy dapoga^-torola. 
Equestriao, a, suwar, shuk-Auwar, 

gbor^-ftosar, kwawu]. 
EquidlatHtity a, litiiii«fiisila, ekpiiMe- 

pnr, btinB<.pi]^ki, ek«pi»Ua^ ■kM)- 

Equilateral, a. charon turuf bera- 

bur^ iaootunnveo.Qd«»iizku 

Equilibrtatiiy f. fau2D«>wiizanee, eti- 

dal, tadeely boraburte, sttmtay 

E'quinox, s, {vernal} tutidal i ru- 

bee, vSshoovot-pud ; {aubimnaQ 

iutidal t klMute4e, buri^pud. 
Equip, V. moosulluh k. huthiyar 

limwe ke bundkwane silah d, 

saa*o«saoMQ d. tayar k. sujaaa. 
E'quipage, s, surunjam, pesh kha- 

nah, sax-o-yurak, keel*kaata, 

Equitable, a. tbe^, wajtbee, bukk, 

ctoofooft, ratt, aiooiisifeau, ju« 

tharth, niyayuee. 
Equitably, ad, nKKmsiiana, insaf 

kce rah, wajibea torub, theek 

thaek, hokk hukk. 
E'qoity, s. iusa^ udi, bad, udalut, 

hukk, lasUbaxee, niyaya, n^ao, 

jutharth*i<ta, bicfaar. 
E«|iiivaleiit, a. hiim»keeinat, iwuz, 

budia, iwu2«iitookabi), hum*kiidr, 

biim.budal, moobadula-mootu* 

sMPee, sum^moolya, tooiyu-bul^ 

Equivoeal, «. mcxMuin, gol bat, 

pecheeda, Boeosobaub, goi*goi. 
E(^vocally, ad^ shoobhe»se, kapetn 

se, pbec^se, doobdha-se. 
EquivecatioQ, sw lugzish, pher^ 

ghoenoao, mukr-ebi^r, tbbam^ 

tusubzoob, gkol^gboomao. 
Equivocate, t^ zubaii pulutna, 

iogsisb k. fol bobia, pher jaaa. 
E'ra, 8. taradih, sod, sumbut, 

Em'dicate, «. eokbama, bekhkunee 

k. isteesal k. ; {end) moukoof k. 

batil k. nash k. 
Ei^jie, V. metna, muhv k. cbheel d. 

tuluf k. httkk k. hikk k. khak 

k. munsookh k. 


I 134 ] 


Ere, oJ. peshtur, puhle, age. 
Erelong, ad, thoree mooddut inen» 

thore dinon men, koochh. une 

men, koee dum-se. 
Er^t, V, khura k. istada k. taraeer 

k. bunana, nusb k..kaim k.. bur- 
pa k. 
Er^ct, a. khura, istada, seedha, 

kaim, rast, sojha, moostukeem, 

Err, v. chookna, gulut k. khuta k. 

bhoolna, suhv k. bisuma, bhu- 

tukna, goomrah h. 
E'rrand, s. pygam, sundesa, sundes, 

Eri^ta, 8, giilut-nama. 
E'rrhine, a^ nas, hoolas, nuk- 

chhinknee. [bhrum-neek. 

Erroneous, a. gulut, ushooddh, 
Errdneously, ad. gulutee-se, bhooU 

kur, suhwun, khutaun. 
E'rror, s, gulutee, bhool, chook, 

bhrum, khuta, dosh. 
Eructlition, s, dukar, arog, dhikar. 
Erudition, s. ilm, jouhnr, fuzeelut, 

kabliyut, ilmeeyut, danish, mari- 

fut, bidya, gyan, punditaee. 
Ertiption, s, phoonsee, proos, boo- 

soor; (emiuion) nikas; {of a 

volcano) fuvwara, dhudhuk. 
Escalade, s, kumund-undazee. 
Escape, s, buchao, ruksha, buchna, 

bhagna, goorez, rihaee, mukhlu- 
, see, firar, pulayun. 
Escape, V, buchna, bhagna, chhoot- 

na, goorez k.; (miu) chookna, 

bhoolna; (Mun) buch-nikulna, 

bucha«ruhna, muhfooz rukhna, 

sulamut rukhna. 
Esch^t, V, bytoolmal h. 
E'seort, s, budruka, kafila-kush. 
Escritdir, s, sundook-cha, likhne 

ka buks. 

E'scutent, a. khoordunee,, khane 
laik, khadyu. 

Esp^ial, a. khass, vishesh. 

Esp^ially, ad, khoosoosun, khoo- 
soos, ulul-khoosoos,. vishesh - 

Esplanade, s, mydan. 

Espouse, V, biyah k. ; (help) him- 
ayut k. pooshtee d. sumbhalna,. 
puksh k. 

Espy^v. tukna, door*6e dekhna, 

Esquire, <. buhadur, singh,. muha- 
raj, rae. 

E'ssay, s. (attempt) kusd, azmaish^ 
pureeksha, oodyog ; {of metals) 
uyar, kus, tao ; (treatise) risala. 

Essay, v. kusd k. azmana, pureek- 
sha k. oodyog k. dekhna ; (mee^ 
tals) kus k. uyar k. taorakusou-^ 
tee churha lena, ta iena. 

E'ssence, s. mahiyut, usl, sar, utr, 
khoolasa, jouhur, urk, rus, ni- 
chor, nufs, sut, heer, mool, choa, 
bhao, tutwu ; (perfume) phoolel, 
itr, soogundh, bas, khoosh*bo. 

Essential, a. jouhuree, zatee, us- 
lee, uynee, jibillee ; (necestasy) 
zuroor, avushuk : (plur,) zuroo- 

Establish, V. kaim k. thuhranay 
theek k. sijul k. khura k. nusb 
k. bythalna, muzboot k. oostoo- 
war k. moostuhkum k. mookur- 

. rur k. moouyun k. burpa k. 
bubal k. paedar k. slhapua k. 
drirh k. 

Established, a. kaim, mookurrur, 

- moouyun, bubal keea hooa, muz« 

boot, paedar, oostoowar, itioos* 

tuhkum; (custom) dustoor-ooU 


i Establishment, s.. bundhan, mukan* 


[ ^35 ] 


mookarror, moouyfiD, kiyam, 
thuhrao, paedaree, istikarout, 
istihkam, oostoowaree, sthirta ; 
{regulation) bund-o-bust, inti- 
2am ; (income) saliyana, yaft ; 
(fixed state) tuyoon, tukurroor, 

Estlue, $> milk, meeras, mumlooka, 
mouroosa, mutrooka, hal, dusa, 
turka, mal, dhun, sumput; (cou' 
ditian) uvustha. 

Esteem, s, (respect) khatir, kudr, 
iszut, hoormat, etibar, riyaut, 
tukrem, aumadur, man, etimad ; 
(regard) piyar, oolfut, chah, soeh. 

Est^m, o. chahna, uzeez janna, 
moohabbut rukbna, rugbut rukh- 
na, tukreem k. etibar k. 

Esteemed, a. uzeez, pyara, moouz* 
zaz, mookurrum, zee-etibar, 
moohturum, murgoob, juswunt, 

E'stimate, s, burawoord, tusbkhees, 
undaza, koot, kun, dana^bundee, 
unkao, nuzur-uodazee, kunbaee, 

. tak-duma. 

Estimate, v. utkulna, utkul k. ank- 
na, tukhmeena k. kootna, tarDa, 
nuzur-undaz k. unkao k. 

Estimation, s. shoomar, undaza, 
ank, tushkhees, ukl, lekha; 
(opinion) fuhmeed, sumujh, khi- 
yal, fuhm, nuzur, bicbar ; (re- 
gard) piyar, moo&ubbut, oolfut, 

Estrange, v, jooda k. jee huta lena, 
begana k. ulug k. chit torna, dil 
pherna, dil khynchna, mun mar- 
na, oochut ruhna, oochatna. 

Estrangement, s, khyncb, began u- 
gee, jee butaee. 

E'stuary, s. surooondur kee kharee. 

£t cetera, ad. wugyra, ityadi, gyr- 

zalik, foolan-foolaii, umka-dhum- 

ka, our sub. 
E'tching, s, tambeb ke puttur ka 

Eternal, a. ubudee, uzulee, unad, 

ununt, laezal, ubud, daim, dai- 

mee, jawyd, jawedan, jaweda- 

nee, bakee, paedar, buka-i-dai- 

mee, sunatun, ukshy, ushesh. 
Eternally, ad, bumesha, moodam, 

nit, suda-kal, suda-survda, du- 

waro, daimun, survda. 
Eternity, «. kidamut, uzul, humesh- 

gee, akibut, duwam, moodawu- 

mut» ubud, buka, nitta, ununt- 

kal. [duwa. 

E'ther, s. huwa i khalis, kism i 
Ethereal, a, asmanee, akasheeyu, 

E'thics, s» ilm i ukhlak, nuseehut- 

nama, neeti-vidya, suubhavik- 

Etymology, «. wujih-tusmiya, isb- 

tikak, tushukkook. 
Eviicuate, v. (eti^ttf) khalee k. 

chborna, tyagna ; (discharge) ni- 

kalna, ikhraj k. kharij k. 
Evacuation, s, tukhliya, tunkiya, 

ikl^ ; (^ itool) dust, jhara. . 
Evade, v. talna, bubanak. kutrana, 

heela k. g^l gol bolna ; (escape) 

nikul jana, nikul bhagna. 
Evanescent, a, fanee, cbulta booa, 

nuksh bur ab, be-subat, na- 

Evangelical, a. bu-moojib injeel ke. 
Evlingelist, s, injeelee, injeel-nu- 

wees, injeelee-khadim, munguU 

sumachar ka lekbuk wa pru- 

Eviingelize, v* injeel kee Uleem 

denee o turbiyut kumee, injeel 

kee rab pur lana, khrisMan k. , 


t 13<5 ] 


£fipor«U^ V. ooT'jADa, hiiwa bo. 

jana, kafoor ho jaiia« 
Ev^ion, f . tala^ Ma, heeluhuwala^ 

talum-tola, ooran-ghaee, ghol- 

ghoomao, lyt^o-Ial, heel-bocjiat, 

bunawut, lupet-snpet. 
EvisWe, 0. go4 goly^moozulxiiib, 

moojmul, gyr^nookurrory us- 

E'ven, a, {letd) butabtir, humwar, 

moostuwee, chouins, cksa, moo- 

sutta, sunian; {straight) seediia, 

rest; (clear) saf, purchiia) be 

kum o kast, bebak. 
EVen, ad. bbee ; (m camp,) bee« ee. 
Even now, ub-bhee. 
E'veningj s, sham, Mmjb, snndhiya, 

snr-i-gbam, wuk«t-mugrib,iDusa. 
EVenness, s. humwarae^ burabu- 

ree, secdhliee, rastee. 
Ev^nt, 8* majniy sur^^goozusbl, itti- 

fak, uhwa], hadisa, noubut» brit- 

Unt, bat, kissa, kyfiyut, kbobur* 

churitr; [comequenee) miteeja, 

sQinra, akhimt, phut. 
Eventful, a, poor^luulisa^guTdisbee, 

B«entutUly, ad. akhir^ko. 
E'ver, ad, knbhoo, knbhee, ksdhee, 

survda, nit 
E'vergreen, i, snda l)uhar, snda- 

Evert^ting, a, datmee, la-iuwa), 

nit^ka, hmneshe ka, kami, be- 

zuwaU ununt, uvinashee, nkshtiy. 
Evermore, ad» humesba, suda, moo^ 

daiD, nit, niruntur. 
E'very, a. har«ek, hur, ek-ek, snb, 

iiirdttn fimktn. 
Every-day, a. hur-roi, din*dln* 
E'very-where, ad, hur-jugnh, hur* 

ja, hnr^mukam^ 8ttb-tlK>iir, hur- 


£f ndence, i. (Ustiman^) fpamtbee^ 

shahidee, duleel, siiuhadttt, pru- 

man, sakbee; (prwf) dnlalot, 

istidlal, scmud ; {wittetB) guwah, 

shahid, sakhee. 
ETvident, a. zahtr, uyan, miialooin, 

burmula, prukas, rosbtm, hoo* 

wyda, ashkara, bud«ehee, pideed, 

mooburhofl, ulaniya, spusht, 

prutuksh^ byukt, s&kshat. 
E'vidently, ad. sahira, snreehun, 

E'vil, s. booraee, bodee, zuboonee, 

kubahat, uyb, khnmba, khooba- 

suty mulamnt, khoobs, dooabtta ; 

{misforttme) bula, afnt^ apda. 
E'vit, a. boom, bud, zuboen, khu* 

Tab, uybdar, kbota, mayoob. 
E'vil-doer, t^ budkaf , shuretf, bud- 

fiul, hcnram^kar,gooiinbgar, b«d- 

utwftv, koo-ki:trmee, pap-Vuree 

bud-ufal, bud-kirdar. 
EMI-minded, a. bud-batm, bud- 

aun, boora dtl ka, bud-undesh, 

moonafik, bud^kho. 
E'vil-sp^aker, $. budgo, koo-bu- 

Evince, v. zabir k. duleel kina, 

butlana, prukash k. dekhana. 
Eulogium, 9. kuseeda, tuareef, 

mudh, mudhitt, snna, prusnngsa. 
Etouefa, $. khoja, hecjra, khwaja- 

sura, mookhnnnus, nupoonsuk. 
Evolution, s, burkut :(pi.) kuwaid. 
Euroclydon, s, sumoondur kee ek 

toofanee huwa. 
Europ^n, a. wilayutee, firutigee. 
Europ^n, s. ubli-wilayut, uhil- 

EVe, i. bberee. 
E'wer, 8. afltaba, dustgee. 
Exacerblition, x. shidduti-mun, 


£ X A 

[ 137 ] 

E X C 

£saet, 0. tiiedcy bvrabury moote- 

b&, dooroost, poore, mookum- 

mul, sumpoorn, jutbafth ; (mcu- 

rttte)si]dieeh, soodb; (ptmclti«2) 

waida-wufk ; (severe) sakht«^r ; 

{kaneU) khura, taf. 
Enet, V. khot lena, diiba kur lena, 

ziyadotee-se lena, tasbtickk>od-se 

£iaetioD9 j. mootaiuba, obwab, 

nx>iooBiy toboobaty bax-joma. 
£xactly, ad. theek-theek, sihbol-se, 

boo^biKboo, In^aynuhee, bu- 

jtasahee, theekiii»-tbeek. 
Exactness, t. bnrabureey tokmcel, 

dooroostee, amstugee, cboaksaee, 

faoshyaree, rastee, prnkritta, ju- 

Ex^esatey «» moobaluga k. Itun- 

ba-choura k. buflMUia, ^ada k. 

ExaggeratMNi^ I. moebaluga, bur- 

baoy tooMuiPee), Umbce^^faou* 

ree, Imnba-ehoonu 
Ezliit, V. boolund k. suWuraz k. 

tobseeit k. borhanaj (praise) 

teareef k. suDa k* 
Exaltation, s. surfurazee, b«id«ndee, 

irtifa, eoroo), ooj. 
Exalted, a. surfuraz, sarbeoliiiid, 

QceemHMtthan, moomtas, oom- 

da^ bala» bab>B«ishfeD, itifiee-ool- 

kudr, moouHa, burtur* 
Examination, s» imtifaan, tujfooba, 

tojweez, asmaish, purakb, baz- 

spoors, puredcsha,^ juchwaee. 
^jikmmey v, axmana, janchna, pu« 

rukhnsty imtihan k. tofakeek k. 

ddcfana, goor k. cbhanna, bichar- 

na, pureeksha k. 
Extoiiner, s. moomtahin, tujroo- 

bQ-kar, jnchwya, janchne-wala. 
Exiimpiey #. (pattern) numooaa, 

iBiisut, dnsbtanty misal, moo- 

manl, stmud, nuteer; (app^d 
, to punishment) ibrut^ siyasut, 

cbasltin - noomaee, tukhweef, 

diet, jntacMMt. 
Exasperate, t;. khufa k. khijaoa, 

dikk k. g!OOS«eb k. rai^eedak. 

funj d. rootaaa, jukaa, bhur- 

E'xeaivate, «« a. khodna, kom% 

khokba k. khokla k. 
ExeovMoa, t. kb«daee. [udbik h. 
Exc^, o. ziyada ha«i, borhna, 
Exe^ading, a. wUiayut, mpnt, ba« 

hoot, ziyaski, biwshiddut. 
Exc^l, V. ufanl h. bthtor h. subkut 

le-jana, fouktynt te-jana, shanif 

mkhna, tuijaeb rakbna, kumi h. 

faik h. ehiiHita k. 
E'xoelleaoe, «k kkoobee, fuzedut, 

lootf, toobfi^ee, kamal, foukiyut, 

tuijeeh, shuruf^ bhakie^ ziyadu- 

tee, odAiikaee, boraee, sursae^ 

oottumta, shreshttay boosoorgee, 

Excelleney, t. (title) junabi alee, 

hnamt, shree*miihiaraj. 
Excelleoty «. toohfii, khoob, bihtot, 

kkasa, besh, imnikoc^, lat»ef, 

pakeeza, uchchha, oottimo, bhula, 

soothra, ebokka, soondar, nadip, 

sums, moostnsna, shresbth. 
Except, prep, bidoon, bu^gyr, biaa, 

siwae, bujooa, iUa, kutu<»nusur. 
Except, V. ehbor d. furogoozasht k. 
Exe^ion, f. olihoot, shaz ; (o^^eo 

tion) nooks, sundek; (to take) 

boora manna. 
Exceptionable, o. kabil-i-etirax, gi- 

riftunee, etirazee, eerad-puzeev, 

Exc^ s. burbtee, knsrut, ziyadu^ 

tee, boobtat, sbiddut, udkikaee. 

E X C^ 

[ 138 ] 


. sursaee, furawanee, ifrat, shid- 

dut, toogiyaoee, tujawooz, bu- 

Exc^ive, a. nihayut, ziyada, uf- 

zoody buhoot, udhik, surus, ni- 

put, utyunt. 
Exc^ively, ad, nihayut, bushid- 

dut, buhooty be-hudd, hudd-se 

Excbanjire, s. udia budlee, raooar 

wuza, budlee, moobuddul, moo- 

badula; {on bills) hoondawun, 

£xch^uer, s. khalisa, khuzeenaf- 

byt-ool-mal, khizana. 
Excise, f. mubsool, sair. 
Excite, o. turgeeb d. poorchuk d. 
. ragib k. tuhrees d. ruchana, ish- 

tialak. ooksana, oobbarnayooska- 

na, dOurana, churbana, jugana. 
Excitement,. «. tuhreek, turgeeb, 

tuhrees, ruchao. 
Exciym,. o. chillana, pookaroa, 
, shor k. pookar oothna. 
Exclamation, t. shorshar, furiyad- 

o-figan, gool, gool-goola, nalu, 

hae hae, wae wae, toubudhar. 
J^xcICide, V. kharij k. nikal d. baz 
. rukhna, munu k. rokna, bahur k. 

budur k. nikasna, 
ExdOsive, a, ulawa, chhorke, kutu 

nuzur, ma siwa, ma wura. 
jExclOsively, ad, ulawa. 
ExcommCinicate, v, a. soohbut dee- 

Dee*se kharij k. mut-se nikalna. 
Excoriate, v. a. khal oodberna, 

chheelna, ruguma, ghbna. 
E'xcremeiit, s» bishtha, gundigee, 

beeth, alaish, gait. 
Excrescence, s. mussa, ganth, mas- 

bridh, moordar-chumra. 
Excrdciate, o. dookh d. azar d. 
. eeza d. kushth d. klesh d. 

ExcCiIpate, v. be»goonah; thuhrana, 
nirdokhee thuhrana, be-joorm 

Excursion, j. syr, mutur-gusht, 

Excdsable, a. kabili-u(6o, mazoor, 
oozr-puzeer, wajib-ool-riyayut, 
kabil-i-oozr, chhema-jog. 

ExcCise, J. oozr, buhana, muazurut, 
heela, boojjut, bintee, mintee, 
pozish, nukbra, nuktora, tukrar, 

Excise, «. buhana k. oozr k. hooj- 
jut k. bat butana, bala butana, 
kuhiyana ; (remit) bukhshna, 
durgoozur k. muaf k. chhor d. 
chhema k. 

E'xecrable, a. bud, boora, muk- 
rooh, kureeh, muloon, lueen, 
lanutee, mutdood. 

E'xecrate, v. luanut k. kosna, phit« 
kama, bud-dooa k. dhir k. 

Execr&tion, s. luanut, nufreen, srap, 
bud-dooa, phitkaree, dhirkaree. 

E'xecute, v. kurna, bujana, tumam 
k. uda k. bujalana, busur-lejana, 
chulana, kurana; {hang) gul d. 
phansee d. 

Execution, «. gul, phansee, kutl, 
kisas ; (of orden) buja lana ; 
(performance) ihttmaro, tuma- 
mee, nibera, kar-ruwaee, nibah. 

Executioner, t. jullad. 

Ex^utor, J. wusee. i 

Ex^utrix, f. zuni-wu!iee. 

E'xemplary, a. (as punishment) 
ibrutee, ibrut-ungez, ibrut-noo- 
ma, ibrut-anu; (virtuous) nek, 
sahib-tureek, salib, moosalih, 

Exemplify, v. misal lana, nuzeer k. 
sunud pukurna, nidurshun d. 

Exempt, V. chhoora rukhna, bucha 

EX. a 

[ 139 ] 

E X O 

rakbna, khulas.k» azad k. ood- 

dhar k. 
Exempt, a, -chhoota-hooa, kholas, 

asad, rauaf, balmr, muhfooz, nh&. 
Exemption, c ibra, bucbao^ rihaee, 

E'xercise, s, (iabour) kosrut, mih- 

nut, shoogl, aadhun, purisitim ; 

( Tproctice) istiiHnal, rooobawura, 

ubhyas; (taik) subuk, suntha; 

{motiony pbit«chul, dol-dal, ooth- 

Exercise, v, [employ) shoogl k. is« 

tiuroal k. luga rukhna, mushk 

k. ; (as troops) kuwaid k. ; (ati- 

thorUy) hookm cbulana ; (dumb' 

bells) n^oogdur pherna. 
Ex^ V. kosbish k. tundibee k. 
• xor marna, dour dboop k. tuga- 

poo k. dour k. ta-mukdbor k. 
. bhur-mukdoor k. oodyog k. 

shrum k. sadhun k. 
Exertion, f . kosbisb, tuDdihee, mib- 

nnt, joostoojoo, jutun, suee, jihd, 

judd, surgurmee, purisrhum. 
Exhalalion, s, (vapour) bookhar, 

ExhiUe, V, mootusaid h. muhukna^ 

huwa h. suood k. bhap oothna. 
Exhkist, V. a. khalee k. kburch k. 

9wrf k. oorana, tumam k. gun- 

Exhibit, V. zahir k. dikhlana, moon- 

kushif k. numood k. pracrut k. 

prukash k.* [ree, dikhlaee. 

Exhibition, «. inkishaf, numooda- 
Exhilarate, v, khoosh k. bag bag k. 

miigun k. hoolsana, shad k. 

phoola d. hurkhit k. sbadman k. 

ifusroor k. furuh kulb basil k« , . 
Exhilarittion, s. tufreeh, furhot, 

kbooshee, hoolas^ shadee/bushat 


Exh6rt, V4 nuseehutd. pund d. oop-. 

des k. siksha k. waz d. 
Exhortation^ s. nuseehu, waz, pund,, 

oopdes, siksha^ 
Exhorter, s, waiz, nasih. 
E'xigency, s, zuroorut, ihtiyaj, tun-. 

gee, bheer, khynch, kushish, ik- 

tiza, laoharee, door-uwustha,, 

E'xile, s, (banishmeni) shuhr-budu- 

ree, jilawutunee, des-tyagee, 

mook-randa, be-wutunee ; {the 

person) shur-budur, jUa-wutun, 

E'xile, V. jila-wutun.k,.: pa. jila- 

wutun bona. 
Exist, V. bona, ruhna^ moujood h. 

sthiti h. usthit h. jeena. 
Existence, s, wujood, bood, bona, 

zindugee, hustee, jeevun, sthiti. 
E'xit, s, kooch, ruwanugee, rihlut, 

mout, murun, rarityoo, prusthan, 

gumun, vida, bida ; (dauth) inti* 

kal, purlok. 
Ex6nerate, v. a, ibrae-zimroa k. 

azad k. chhoorana. 
E'xorable, a, huleemi chhema-ka- 

ree, oozr-puzeer, santwu-neeyu. 
Exorbitance, i. foozoolee, ziyadu- 

tee, be-nihayutee, be-huddee, be- 

kyasee, udumi-undazuh, upuri- 

Exorbitant, a. ziyada, be-hudd, 

ziyada-tulub, udhik, be-undaza, 

be>kya8> be-thikana, be-nihayut, 

E'xorcise, v, a, jhama, phoonkna, 

bhoot nikalna, muntur-juntur k. 

ufsoon k. hazirat k. jadoo k. 
Exorcism, s, jhar-phoonk, hazirat, 

muntr-juntr, ufsoon, jadoo*guree. 
Exordium,' s, deebaja, deebieicha, 

mubda, munsha, mookudduma. 


[ 140 ] 


£z6tic» a. bi-desee, desaworee, u)-. 

nubee, par-deeee, par*moolkee. 
ExpandtV. phytana, khilna, pa- 

sarna ; (as a flower) khilna, phool- 

na, sihgoofta k. 
Expanse, t. phylaa, satuh, pusracv 

Expatiate, v. tuCuel k, byao k. 

byanwar k. tool-tuweel k. tuf- 

seelwar kabna, tushreeh k. bu* 

kbaiUM^ bistae-roop bolna, bu- 

khan k. 
Exp^, v» rah-dekhiia, ocmjfd 

rukhna, intizar k. bat dekbna, 

bat johna, bi^ niharna, bhurosa 

Exp^tttit, s. oonydwar, mootu- 

in^ukka, asrit, moontmsir, mootu- 

russid, mootawukki. 
Expectlition, s, oomyd, intiaaree, 

tuwakkoo, asa, bhdroiay turas«* 

aood, oomyd-vrntee, 
Expectoi^tiony t^ klumkbar, bal- 

gum, kuf, kuf-shikuaee. 
Exp^diency^ t. loooooni, aocnoorut, 

moonasubut, shaistugee, susa- 

waree, woojoob, liyakut, jogta, 

Exp^ient, a, zuroor, lazini, wajtb, 

moonasib, fun, unsub, joff, oo. 

chit, kurtubytt, dorkboor, theek. 
Exp^ient, s, tudbeer, ilaj, tuda- 

rook, oopayo, joogat, cbara, rah, 

E'zpedite, v. jtdd k. shitabee k. 

ootala k. sbeegr k. 
Expedition, s. (haste} juldee, sfai. 

tab-karee, obalakee, cboostee, 

phjQort, sheegr-ta, tajeel, sbitab ; 

(journey) suftip ; (military) dour, 

Expeditious,, a. juld, phoorteela, 

choost^ chalak^ sbitab^ jald-baz. 

shitab-kar^ sbe^y tmatk, oo- 

ExpeditioQsIy, ad^ jaldee*te, pfaoor- 
'toe-se, oottu>le, jhut^Qt, sheegr, 

jhut-potee^se, ^itabee^ beg. 
Exp^), V. kharij k. nikal d« babtir 

k. door k* khuderaa, humdanm. 
Exptod, o. kbuveb k. surf k.. kliu- 

pana, logana, oothana, bof k. 
Expanse, s, kburch, lagut, dam, 

surf, musruf, oodiaii, kbnpao, 

khuput, buy. 
Expensive, a. (costfy) kwmv^er 

guian^buba, mahunga, guran, 

damea; (esptravagasU) mooshfy 

ooraoo, lootaoo. 
Expensiveness, s, foozool-khovchee, 

isra^ ziyada-kbonshee, garaaee. 
Exp^rieaoe, s. waktf-karee, aziBoo- 

au^aiee, tujrooba, ti^roobakka« 

ree, kardanee, irotihaa, asmaiih^ 

purukh, pucteksba, unbhou. 
Exp^rieneed, a. wakif, samooMBn, 

kar-«amooda, tajrooba^ar, kar- 

dan, waki^kar, kar-paidax. 
Experiment, s. tajrooba, ianHian, 

purukh, azmaish, pureeksha* 
Experimental, a^aatibaBee^ tujioo* 

baee, pare^shuk. 
Experimentally, ad. imtihaa-se, 

tujrooba^^e, pundcb-ser pwae- 

Exp^yO. chabik, wakif-kar, ma- 

hir, pukka, choukas, khubttpdar, 

pookbta, suleeka-shiyar, syaaa, 

nipoon, chutoor, duksh, hosnyar. 
Expertness,^ s. khnbordarea, makiU 

karee, mubarat, bosbyaree, dioiik- 

saee, chntooraee. 
E'xpiate, v. knfara k. mitana, pra« 

ynschit k. 
Expi&tion, s, kufiua, prayusebit, 



[ 141 ] 

E X Q 

£xpiHitk>n, «• akIiinEit, tamamee, 

nut, sbesh. 
Eif^re, V. (die) dam nikulnft, mur- 

na, font h. ; {terminaU) akhir h. 

goozar jana, abash h. 
Explain, o. biitanay sumjhaoa, 

mnanee kuhna, byan k. nrth k. 

burnun k, 
ExpkiB^ttoii, s, attnanee, tufted, 

byaoy aharahy burnun, inkiahaf, 

tufteer, tedca. 
Explanatory, a, byanwar, sburuh- 

war, tttfteeiee, mooshumh. 
^cplleit, s. saf, sufeeb, waiih, 

khoola, zahir, spu^t, prukashit, 

poriakar, bynkt. 
Explicitly, atL saf saf, theek 

theek, zdiira, sureehaii, beore- 

war, spusbt-roop^se. 
Explode, V. oorana, be-ruwaj k« 

do<» k. ootha d. bfauk-deoored. 
Exploit, s. moohimm, kurtoot, ku« 

ladttut, uohruj, uchumbha, ud* 

bhoot kam, asbdiuij kam. 
Explore, v, dhoondbna, joost o joo 

k. chfaan mama, tujussoos k« 

tutol mama. 
£xpl6aion, j. dhumaka, oomo, 

dbumuk, dhunika, dhan^^ttmn, 

bhuraka, jhuraka, kuruk, bhuk. 
Export, V. mat desawur ko bbejna. 
E'xport, s. buramud, toursoola, 

irsal, bhurtee. 
Expose, V. hsh k. puTda*duree k. 

kbol d. burmula k. asbkara k. 

izhar k. ifsfaa k. prakash k. pru- 

gut k. ; {endanger) kbutre-men 

dalna; (eUxgrace) budnam k. 

rooswa k. fuzeebut k. 
Exposition, s. tufieel, shurah, mu- 

anee, urth kee teeka. 
Expositor, s. muanee-puidas, moo- 

fussir, muane-nooflia, byan^az, 


tur kuma. 
Expostulate, v. tnkrar k. sua^ha- 

na, jndd o kudd k. gooft-o-shoo- 

need k. kuha-kuhee k. rudd-bu- 

dul k. bad-auoobad k. 
Expostullitioa, s. gooft-o««booneed, 

rudd-budul, tukfar, koba-kuhee, 

judd-o-kudd, oottar^rutyoot- 

tuf, bad«anoobad. 
Expire, s. purda-duree, tisha, 

izhar, prukash kurun, tushbeer. 
Expound, V. tufteel kubna, manee 

byan k. urth k. burnun k. sum- 

ExDress, o. kukna, butasia, nishan 

d. puta d. dulaiut k. prukash k. 

zahir k. ; (pronounce) tulu£^z 

k. oochebania, uda k. ; (squeeze 

out) nicboma, nikalna, pdna. 
Eapnbas, 5, (meetemger) douraha, 

sandnee suwar; (metsage) py- 

garo, sandes, sumachar. 
Exprte, a. saf, kfaoolapbooa, asb- 
kara; {jMritoc</ar)natdL. . 
Expr^sion, i. Iu^b, bolae, bat, soo« 

khun, buchun, banee, wak, bol, 

koul, kulima, shubd ; (utterance) 

tulufifooz, oocbdiar. 
Expressive, a. dal, poor^mutlnb, 

autaen, moanee Aooma. 
Expr^ly, ad, tukyyood-se, kus« 

dun takeed-se, takeedun. 
Expulsion, $. ikhraj, nikal, door 

kurun ; (e^/ton) be-dukhiee. 
ExpCmge, v. kulum mama, metna, 

hukk k. jnuhv k« 
E'xquisite, a, nufees, nadir, pakee- 

za, udicfaha, bihtur, kamil, uti- 

soondur, oottum; (uwere) shu- 

deed, ^shiddut*ka, sukbt^ sun- 

Exqumteneasy s. nufasut, ktafut, 


[ 142 ] 


' toohfugee, pakeezugee ; {teverity) 

ziyadutee, shiddut. [bakee. 

E'xtant, a. moujood, burturoan, 
Extempore, ad, fiUbudeehuh, be- 

tuumroool, naguhanee, be-sakh- 

ta, be-pruyas. 
Extend, v. phylana, burbana, koo- 

shada k. ziyada k. ; (stretch out) 
-' pusarna; (lengthen) lumbana, 

bistar k. ; (reach) puhoonchna 
Extensive, a, wusee, kooshada, tu- 

weely bistaree, phylaoo^ puhna- 
> wur, choura-chukla, ureez. 
Extent, 8, wusut, Kooshadugee, 

tool, phulao, puhnaee, furakhee, 

durazee, lumbaee, bistar. 
Extenuate, v, kum k. tukhfeef k. 

mookhuffuf k. hulka k. 
Extenulition, s. ghutao, kumtee, 

ghutee, tukleel. 
Exterior, a. beroonee, bahir ka, 

bahirla, bahiree. 
Exterminate, v. ookhar d. nest-o- 

nabood k. mita d. ooparna. 
Extesmindtion, 8. ookhar-puchhar, 
■ bekh-kunee, be-boonyadee, mi- 

tao, ookhrao. 
External, a. zahiree, bahiree^ ba- 

hurla, beroonee. 
Extinct, a. moukoof, akhir, mua- 

doom, tumam, moonkutu, nest, 

gaib, goom, tuhleel ; (dead) fout, 

'Extinction, 8, inkitau, unt, nas, 

funa, udum ; (of fire) boojhao. 
Extinguish, v. boojhana, thunda k. 

mitana, gool k. bootana, burba- 
na, furo k. 
Extinguishable, a. jo boojhaya jae. 
Extinguisher, t. gooUgeer, gool- 

Extirpate, v. ookhama, bekh-kunee 

k. ootha d. jur per se ookharna. 

Extol, f. surahna, humd k. sitaisfa 

k. touseef k. suna k. toareef k. 

khoosh-nam k, ustoot k. stooii 

k. goon manna, dbunyu manna. 
Extort, V, jubrun le Lena, buzor 

lena, ziyadutee k. nichor lena, 

dust-durazee kur lena, khasot 

Ext6rtion,f. dust-durazee, ziyada- 

tulubee, khynch, nichor, sukht- 

geeree, ziyadutee, loot, gudr, un- 

dher, unyayu. 
Extortioner, t. dust-duraz, sukht- 

geer, situmgur, jabir, zalim, gud- 

dar, un^ayee. 
Extr&ct, V. istikhraj k. nikalna, 

nichoma, khynchna. 
E'xtrlict, 8, khoolasa, khoollus, sar, 

sut, heer, mugz, gooda. 
Extraction, s. (noble) usalut, nuja- 

but; (lineage) zat, kool, usi, 

Extriineous, a, ujnubee, oopuree, 

bahuree, be-iliJ^a, be-lugao, be- 

Extraordinarily, ad, ujub toruh-se, 

uchruj roop-se. 
Extraordinary, a. ujub, tuajjoob, 

ucbumbha, unokha, ujeeb. Usa- 
nce, nadir. 
Extravagance, t. foozool-khurchee, 

braf, foozoolee, be-undazugee, 

Extravagant, a, foozool-khurvh, 

moosrif, ooraoo, wur-kharch ; 

(immoderute) gyr-wajibee, be- 

mouka, be-ja, foozool. 
Extr^mej a. (last) akhiree, pichhla ; 

(great) buboot, ziyada, sbudeed, 

' utiyunt, bura, ushud, be-*thikana. 

Extremely, ad. nihayut, niput, bu- 

shiddut, bu-durjai kumal, huddU 

durja, nidaa. 

F A C 

[ 143 ] 

F A C 

Extr^mit^r, s. intiha, kinara, hudd, 
. akhirut, uihayut, unt, sira> nok, 

• chhor, akhiree, noubut. 
E'xtricate, v. chboorana, azad k. 
. kbulask. nikalna, riba k. ood- 

dbar k. buchana. 
Extiiberance, s. masbridh, gantb, 

sooja, moordar-cbam. 
Exdberance, s. bubootat, kusrut, 

ifrat, firawanee, foozoolee, adhi- 
' kaee, sursaee, burbtee. 
Exult, o. kboosb h. boolusna, mu- 

gun b. mubzooz h. kboosb-wukt 

b. koosbadaroo b. bilusna, pbool- 

na, kboosb-bal b. anundit h. 

anund k. 
Eyiis, f. baz ka puttba. 
Eye, J. aiikb, cbusbm, deeda, nyn, 

D€tr ; (iight) nozur ; {of a needle) 

Eyeball, «. pootlee, murdoom-i- 

E'yebvow, s, ubroo, bboun. 
E'yeiasb, j. mizl^;aii, papnee, bu- 

• rootiee. 
E'yelid, s, puluk. 
Eyetootb, s. daiitee. 
Eyewitness, t. guwab, sbabid, sa- 

Ey'ry, s, sbikaree obiriyon ka 
. ghofMla. 

F&ble, 8. kissa, kubanee, bikaynt, 

nukl, kutha, dastan. 
Fiibric, f. iroanit. 
Fabulous, a. jbodtba, bunaee bat, 

kulpit, mithya. 
Face, f. moonb, mookh, cbihra, 

mookbra, roo, kiyafa, rookh-sar ; 

(Jront) aga; ugaree, pesb, Sam- 

oa; (ostttrance) sbokbee, goos- 

Face, V. (turn about) moonb pber- 
na; (front) samne b. mookabi) 
b. rooburoo b. doobudoo b. sun- 
mookh h. ; (an instrument) 
moonb cburhana, bar luganr 
san lugana. [samne. 

Face to face, ad, rooburoo, amne- 

Fac^tious, a. tbutbol, kboosbtnba, 
zinda-dil, bunssoo, tbutbe-baz, 
luteeia-go, zureef, bunsor, 
kboosb-gup; (sentiment) zuree- 
fana, zuratut-amez, rindana. 

Facetiousness, s. kboosb- tubuee, 
zurafut, zinda-dilee, thutbe-ba* 
zee, bunsor-pun. 

Facilitate, v. asan k. subuj k. 

Facility, f. asaniyut, asanee, su- 
booliyiit ; (affability) kboolk, 

Facing, pa, samne, mookabil. 

Facing, t, hasbiya, sunjaf, kor, toee. 

Fact, 8, (case) bukeekut, usl ; (deed) 
kam, fiul, burkut, kurtub. 

Faction, s. sazisb, ittifak ; (discord) 
fusad, fitna ; (tumult) bungama, 
bulwa, bulchul, gudr. 

F^tious, a, dunguee, fusadee, bu- 
kheriya, iitooriya, fitna-ungez, 
moofturee, moofsid. 

Factor, f. gooroashta, kargoozar, 
karinda, karokajee, arbutee, kar- 
koon, kar-purdaz. 

Factory, «. kothee, kar-kbana. 

Factotum, f. buboo-goona noukur, 
hurbabee, bubuigoona noukur. 

Faculty, s, (ability) istiudad, boota, 
liyakut, koovvut, kooc^ut, shukti, 
ksbumta, purekrum ; (capacity) 
wukoof, snuoor, ukl, suleeka, 
danaee, sooghraee ; (quality) 
goon, kbufvas; taseer. 

F A I 

[ ^44 ] 


Fade, v. (wither) koomlMm, jboo- 
rana, khooshk h. sookh ja«a; 
(languish) doohla h. nukeeh h. 
natuwan h. doorbul b. ; {as co* 
lours) oodaa h. pheeka h. ootur 
jana; (vanish) oor jaoa, jata 
ruhoa, sail h. 

Fkded, a. (as colours) hulka, seetha, 
ootra hooa, roorha. 

Feces, s. (settlings) turchhut, 
doord, seethee, foozla, jumawut, 
iiijimad; {excrement) gundigee, 
burac, alaish. 

Fag, V. n loanda h. tbukna : v. a, 
manda k. thukana, tubal k. doiKr 
dhoop k. dourana. 

Fag-ena, s. ootar. 

F4got, J. guttha, bojby balbee, 
bhar, bar. 

Fail, V. (he deficient) chookna, kum 
h. kasir b. kumtee b. ghutna, 
f^butee h. ; (m hmness) tulput 
b« tat oolutaa, dewala nikuUia, 
tootna, bydi jana, sitbiyana, sH- 
tee bbool jana; (perish) mou- 
koof h. muadoom b. jata ruboa, 
moonkuta b.; (decay) ghutna, 
dbulna; (miss) cbookna, kbuta 
k. koosoor k. ; (forsake) cbbor 
d. tujna, dal d. 

Failing, s. koosoor, uyb, kbuta, 
ebook, bbool, nisiyaii, tukseer, 

Failure, s. kumtee, koosoor, kuaee, 
kotabee, tukleel, killut, kullid, 
uadaree ; (bankruptcy) dewala. 

Fai^, ad, jee-cbabta, dil-men ana, 
mun-chabna, mun^men ana. 

Faint, a. feeble) juieef, natuwan, 
manda, soost, nirbul, doorbul, 
klant, kabil, pussbmoorda ; (co- 
lour) pbeeka, oodas; (voice) 

Faint, «• gush meti «na, moorohba« 
jnet» ana, tyorana, got-men ana, 
ankbon-men undher ana, jee 
doolxia, girejana. 

Faiat-bearted, a. booz-dil, boda, 
kucbcba-dil, kbam«dil» moorda- 

Faint-b^artedoess, s, boooc-dilee, 
namurdee, kham-dilee, joobn. 

Fainting, s, gusb, gusbee, zouf, 
moorcbba, tuwala, taawuTy be- 

Faintness, s. nukabut, zof, kum- 
soree, nakoowutee, maodugee, 
na^tuwanee, doorbulta, sooatee, 

Fair, a. (handsome) khoobsoorut, 
itoondur, sbukeel, huseen, soo- 
roop; (white) gora, soorkb o 
soofyd, gour-rung, chitta, gool- 
roo, sub^b, muleek; (proper) 
wajibee, tbeek, muakool, ju- 
thartb ; (i»0t cl<mdy) saf^ khoola, 

Fair, t. (market) pytb, petfa ; (re/t- 
gious) mela, mujma, iishdibam, 

F^rly, ad. raatee-se, insi^-ae, su- 
faee-se, wajibee-wajibee, theek- 

Fairness, s, (beauty) kboobaoeitee, 
boosn ; (whiteness) soorkh-soofe- 
dee, goraee; (cUamess) sufaee, 
sbuffafee, nirmulta; (excellence) 
sootliraee, pbarchbaee, pakeez- 
gee; (justness) rastee, khuraee, 
insaf, udl, niyao. 

F&iry, s. puree, ubcbhura^ 

Faith, s. eemao» etikad, pruteet, 
niscby, dhurum, ukeeda ; (trust) 
bburosa, etimad, putiyaia ; (re 
ligion) deen, mux-bub, millut, 
dhurm, mut, puntb ; (coa/Sc/ence 

F A L 

[ 145 ] 

F A L 

^ in God) towokkool ; (honestt/) 
sidk, eemandaree, snchchaee, 
sut ; (fidelity) wufa, wufa-daree, 
diyanut-daree ; (promise) koul, 
kurar, buchun, bacha, kuba, bat 

F^tfaful, a. eemandar, wufadar, 
diyanutdar, nurouk-hulal, dhur- 
mee, deendar, mootadyin, dbar- 
nnk, motumin; (hortest) kbura, 
stichcha, sadik. 

Faithfully, ad. diyanutdaree-se, ee- 
mandaree-se, numak-hulalee-se, 
wufa-daree^se, dhurm-se, such- 

F&ithAilness, s. eemandaree, diya- 
nutdaree, wufodaree, numuk- 
hulalee, khuraee, suchchaee, 
khyr-khwahee, sidk^ sudakut. 

FaithlesSytf. be-eeman, jhootha, bud. 
diyanut, be-wufa, udhurmee, nu- 
muk-huram, khain, kazib. 

Faithlessness, «. be-eeinanee, be- 
wufaee, bud-dtyanutee, numuk* 
huramee, udhurm, khiyanut; kizb, 

Faldited, a. unkreedar, khumdar. 

Falcon, s, baz, shahbaz, shaheen, 
shikra, joorra. 

Falconer, s. bazdar« 

Fall, 8. putkun, putun, puchhar, 
cbot, sookoot ; {of rain) jhuree, 
tukatoor; (violence of a fall) 
jhok ; (ikath) murg ; (ruin) tu- 
bidiee, garutee, sutya-nasee, bi- 
nas; (diminution) zuwal, ghu- 
tee ; (cedence) ootar, dbal ; (cas- 
cade) jhurna, abshar ; (autumn) 
khizan, putjhur. 

Fall, V. girna, purna, putit h. pu- 
chhar khana ; (decUne) ooturna, 
dhulna ; (apostatize) moortud h. 
deen-se. phir jana ; (be slain) kam 
ana, joojhna, khet ruhna; (be 

degraded) khufeef h. rooswa h. 
fuzeehut h.;(be overthrown) pae- 
mal h. tuluf h. ; (decrease) kum 
h. ghutna, ooturna, bythna, pur 

Fallacious, a. jhootha, mnkr-amez, 
bunawut ka, libasee, mithya, 

Fallacy, t. jhooth, moogalta, mukr, 
kizb, dhokha, fee, lupet, goulu- 
tee, dhoort-ta. 

FaHen, a. putit, bhrusht. 

Fallible, a, nisiyan-pizeer, chookne 
jog, moorokin-oos-suhv, bhran- 
ti'vishisht, bhrum-jog. 

Fidlow, a. bunjnr, ooftada, be.tu- 

.ruddood, khalee, gyr-muzrooa, 

pnree-hooee, purtee~ be-ktshtkar. 

False, a. jhootha, kazib, moozuo- 
vir, mithya ; ( perfidious) khota, 
dugouliya, lupatiya ; (treacher^ 
ous) numuk-huram, bewufa, 
udhurm ; (counterfeit) tukleedee, 
libasee, jalee, bunawut-ka ; (hy- 
pocritical) riyakar, mukkar, pa- 
khundee. [nihad, bud-zat. 

False-hearted, a. bud-batin, bud- 

Fklsehood, > s, jhootb, kizb, durog. 

Falsity, J heela, mukr, fureb, 
mithya, dhokha, zoor, tulbees, 
buhana, khotaee. 

Falsely, ad. jhooth-se, be-wufaee- 
se, kizb-se, udhorm-se. 

Falsification, s. tugulloob, sakhtgee, 

Fiilsify, V. jhoothalna, jhoot kuhna, 
tugulloob k. katna, kritrim k. 
khota k. 

Filter, t^. huklana, looknst k. hich- 
kichana, lurburana, lirbirana, 
digmigana, lurkhurana, thokur 
khana ; (tremble) kampna> thur* 


[ 146 J 


Fame, s, neknamee, jush, shohra, 
keerut, hooha, nam, jus, soo- 
khyati, uzmut, nam-wuree, nami- 

Famed, a. names, mush -boor, ma- 
roof, namwur, keert-wan, jus- 

Familiar, 8» ashna, yar : a. uhl, hu- 
leem, be-tukuHoof, khula-mula, 
mila-joola, hila, ram, maloof, 
bhao-sheel, milun-sar, alapee, 
gyatee, hila*mi]a, agah, wakif, 
manoos; (well-knoion) muaroof, 
mualoom, oorfee, amee, rusmee ; 
(demon) bhootna, aseb, dyt. 

Familiarity, s. be-tukulloofee, mel, 
ikhtilat, rabt, ittihad, milap, 
oonsiyut, irtibat, khooltu, sooh- 
but, koorb, oolfut, moosahubut, 
oonsut, eetilaf, sungut, sunsurg, 

Familiarize, v, khogur k. adee k. 
hilana, ram k. sadbna. 

Family, s, ghurbar, kootoombh, 
ghurana, tubbur, uhl-o-uyal, 
suge-sodre, uyal-utfal, joroo- 
buchche, kubail, kubeela-daree, 
bal-bucbche, lurke-bale, puri- 
war, got. 

Famine, s, kal, kuht, muhngee^ gu- 
ranee, kuht-salee* 

Famish, V. bhookhon mama ; fakon 
murna, bhookh-se murna. 

Famous, a. namee, musbhoor, mua- 
roof, namdar, numood, nam-wur, 
numoodar, jus-wunt, roodar, 
shoohrutee, ultam-nushru, keerti- 
man, jus-swee, khyat-apunn. 

Fan, s. punkha, punkhee, bena, 
bijna, beejna, bad-kush ; (for 
grain) soop, chbaj. 

Fan, r. punkha jhulna^ punkha 

Fanatic, s, khubta, mujnoon, moo- 

Fanaticism, 8, tuassoob, hurarut-i- 

deenee, joonoon, souda. 
Fanciful, a. mootuwuhhim, wns- 

wasee,shukkee, khiyalee,tilismee. 
Fancy, », khiyal, wubm, kiyas, tu- 

suvvoor, dhyan, tuwuhhoom,ut- 

kul, kulpuna; (taste) suledca, 

dhub, doul ; (inclination) shouk, 

chah, myl, rugbut, ichchha; 

(chimera) tilism, dhokha, luhur, 

turung, mun-mouj, mouj, was- 

wusa, mrig-trishna. 
Fancy, v, khiyal k. sumujhna, jan* 

na, utkulna, tarna« zunn k. mua- 
loom k. gooman k. ; (like) jee 

dourana, chahna, luhrana, luh- 

Fang, s. bikh ka dant, nab, beer, 

Fanged, a. khugyla, duntyla. 
Fantastic, a. muskhurana, suwan- 

gee, bhundytee, kulpit. 
Far, prep, door, pure, pulle pur. 
Farce, s. suwang, sang, bhundaee^ 

Farcy, s. ugin-bao, bursatee* 
Fare, s, bhara, kiraya, oojoora^ 

(food) khorisb, khana. 
Fare, v goozran k. nibhna, goozur- 

na, beetna, kutna, goozara k. din 

katna, oukat-busree k. 
Farewell, ad. khooda-ha6z, ullah- 

belee, fee-uman-illah, ulwuda. 
Farin&ceouS; a. bhoorbhoora, da- 

Farm, v. thekeh men lena, ijara 

men lena. 
Farmer, «.(cow^acfor)thekedar, ija- 

ruhdar; (landholder) zumeendar^ 
Farraginous, a. punch-mel, moo- 



[ 147 ] 


Farrier, s. nalbund. 

Farther, a, our-door, door-tur, pu- 

r^y &g^ ; {moreover) ulawuh. 
Farthest, a. sub-se door^ sub-se 

Farthing, s. udhela. 
Fascinate, v. jadoo k. tona k. furefla 

k. muntur cbulana, sihrk. mohit 

k. muftoon k. 
Fashion, f. doul, turkeeb, oosloob, 

dhub, shukl, chal, chulun ; {jnafi" 

ner) tour, tureek, rah ; {custom) 

dustoor, riwaj, aeen, chal-dhal ; 

[uiage) kusrut, raij-ool-wukt ; 

{cut of clothes) tarash, kutu, 

chbant, byont; (rar^) shan, 

shurafut, nujabut. 
Fashion, v, bunana, doul-pur lana, 

gurhna, dhalna; {fit) humwark. 

burabur k. moowa&k k. theek k. 
Fashionable, a. raij, rusmee, riwa- 

jee, mooruvvij, chulunee ; (gen- 

teel) ushraf, nujeeb. 
Fast, 5. roza, hurt, oopas, oopwas, 

Fast, V. roza rukhna, burtee ruhna, 

unahar ruhna. 
Fast, a. muzboot, jukra, bund, 

kaim, moostuhkum, moohkum, 

oostoowar, bundh, kusa ; {fixed) 

utui, uchul. 
Fast, ad, {firmly) muzbootee-se, 

zor-se ; {near) pas, nuzdeek, ku- 

reeb ; {mifl) juld, toort, shitabee. 
Fasten, V, muzboot k. kusna, jorna, 

lugana, bund k. bandhna, jukur- 

na, lugna, chimutna. 
Fastidious, a. wuswasee, nuk-chur. 

ba, khoosh-dumag, mirza-mizaj, 
. chhyl-chikniya, nuk-sondhoo. 
Fastidiousness, s. mirza-mizajee, 

Fasting, a. nuhar-moonh. 

L 2 

Fastness, «. muzbootee,oostoowaree, 

istihkam, kiyam,paedaree,drirh- 

ta ; {fort) kulu, gurh, kot. 
Fat, 5. churbee, chiknaee, riwaj, 

Togun, chikkun. 
Fat, a. mota, furbih, tyar ; {as meat) 

churbeedar, chikna ; {portly) 

juseem, bharee, sthool, poosht, 

Fatal, a, katil, hulahul, karee, 

moohlik, raaroo, sungbaroo, na- 

shuk, pran-nashuk ; {destined) 

mookuddur, buda. 
Fatality, s, tukdeer, kuza, kismut, 

Fatally, ad, kuzaun, tukdeer-se. 
Fate, «. tukdeer, kismut, kuza o 

kudur, likba, puralubd, dyvagut, 

honee, likhtub,hotub,mookuddur. 
Father, s. bap, bawa, pudur, pita, 

walid, babajan, kiblugah, wulee- 

Father-in-law, «. susoor, khoosr. 
Fatherless, a, be-pudur, be-bap, 

yuteem, pitr-heen, pita-ruhit. 
Fatherly, a. pidurana, bapka-sa, 

piduree, pita-sa. 
Fathom, 5. adumkud, char-hath, 

bum, poorsa. 
Flithom, V, {sound) thah lena, map- 

na ; ( penetrate) puhoorichna. 
Fathomless, a. aihkh, be-thah, 

umeek, ugumyu. 
Fatigue, s. thukaee, hulakee, ook- 

taee; mandugee, soostee, shranti, 

klanti ; {labour) mihuut, mu- 

shukkut, purishrum. 
Fatigue, v. thukana, hurana, ook- 

tana, tung k. ; {bejatigued) thuk« 

na, manda h. 
Fatigued, a. thuka, manda, hara, 

ajiz, soost, kahil. 
Fatness, s. churbee, chiknaee, mo- 

F A V 

[ H8 ] 

F E A 

taee, firbuhee; (corpulencif) mo- 

tapa. [pulna. 

Fatten, V. mota k. furbih h. taza h. 
Fabcet, s, gutta, thenthee. 
Fault, s. tukseer, koosoor, khuta, 

joorm, nooks, uyb, dokb, chook, 

khot, ougoon. 
Faultless, a, be«koo80or, be-goonah, 

be-tukseer, be-uyb, lajoorm, su- 

heeh, nir-doshee^ nir-dokhee, be- 

Faulty, a. goonubgar, koosoor-war, 

tukseer-war; (defective) uybdar, 

khota^ dokhee, nakara, nakis; 

{erroneous) gulul. 
Favour, «. mihr-banee, ihsan, ku- 

nim, nuwazish, inayut, tuwuj- 

jooh, shufkut, lootf, tufuzzool, 

kripa, dya, moorubbee-guree, 

mya, iltifat. 
Favour, V. mihr-banee k, moonh d. 

moonh lugana, moonh churhana; 

inayut k. kripa k. dya k. 
F^ourable, a. mihr^ban, kururo« 

furma, kripa-wan ; {conducive to) 

moomid, mooawin, mudud-gar ; 

{propitious) roooradoo, bukhsh ; 

{convenient) sazkar, laik, moona- 

sib, moowafik. 
Favourably, ad, shufkut-se, mihr- 

banee-se, ushfak-se. 
Favoured, pa, adj. mukbool, roun- 

zoor, mumnoon, burgoozeeda, 

riyayutee ; {well-favoured) nek- 

munzur, khoosh-roo ; {Ul-favour- 

ed) zisht-roo, kureeh-munzur. 
Favourer, s, hamee» jantb-dar, 

puchchhee, mooltufit, moorub- 

bee, wuseela. 
Favourite, s. moonh-Iuga,moosahib, 
. mookurrub, nudeem, bum-julees, 

nak ka bal, moonh-lugoo, pyara^ 

murgoob; khatir-khwah. 

Fawn,s. him ka buchcha, gizal, ahoo* 

budia, himouta, mrig*shavuk. 
Fawn, V. khooshamud k. chaploo- 

seek, ghighiyana. 
Fawner,s. chaploos,khoosh-amudee. 
Fawning, s, chaploosee, khoosh- 

Fawningly, ad, khoosh-amudee-se, 

Fealty, s. itaut, furman-burdaree ; 

{fidelity) wufa-daree. 
Fear, s.dur, duhshut, bhy, undesha, 

sunka, khouf, turs, hiras, bhou, 

dburka, joobn, subm. 
Fear, t7. durna, duhshut k. khouf 

k. bhy manna, duhna, suhm 

JG^na, suhmna. 
Fearful, a, durpok, duhshutnak, 

tursan, hirasan, booz-dil, khaif, 

na-murd; {dreadful) mooheeb, 

duraona, houlnak, hybut-nak. 
Fearfully, ad, dur-se, duhshut-se. 
Fearless, a. pidur, bekhouf, be-bak, 

nidhuruk, be-jan, diler, nir-bhy, 

Fearlessly, ad, nidur hokur, be-ba^ 

kee*se, be-khoufiee-se. 
F^lessness, f. be-bakee, nidur* 

puna, buhadooree, be-janee. 
Feasible, a, moomkin, bonhar, jo 

keeya jae, roo-burah, oosoobee- 

pizeer, rah-budih. 
Feast, s, ziyafut, jeonar, khana, 

jeevun-war, bbojun ; ootsou, 

Feast, V. ziyafut k. [ka kam. 

Feat, s. kurtub, kam, jokhim, sahus 
Father, s, pur. 

Feathered, a, purdar, punkhdar. 
F^atherless, a, bebal-o-pur, moon« 

da, moondla. 
Feature, s, khutt o khal, chihra. 
Feaze, t?. a. russee ka bul kholna. 

F E L 

[ 149 ] 

F E R 

JF^rifuge, ». tupmar, jwur-nasuk ; 

{nut) kurunjwa. 
Februlition, s. fatiha, pindpar. 
FecCindity, s. phulwuntee, bura- 

wuree, koovut-i-touleed, nameeu. 
Fee, s. ujr, oojoora, mihnutana, 

Feeble, a. kumzor, kahil, natuwan, 

nakoowut, nukeeh, nirbuiy ajtz, 

soost, manda, kahila. 
Feed, v, khilana, jimana, palna, 

khilana pilana, purwurish k. 
Feel, V. chhoona, mus k. mualoom 

d. I urns k. musas k. muhsoos h. ; 

(Jbr othert) turs khana, durd- 

mund h. 
Filing, f. rikkut, dilsozee, durd, 

durdmundee, hiss, khiyal, pirwa. 
Feeling, a. dilsoz, durd-ungez, 

Feign, v. buhana k. mukr k. heela 

k. dikblana, chhul k. ; {invent) 

banana, bandbna, sakhta k. 
Feigned, a. jhootha, bunaya-hooa, 

libasee, kulpit. 
Feint, s, buhana, heela, dhokha, 

bhoolawa, moof^aluta, dekhawa. 
Felicity, «. khooshee, sookh, chyn, 

furhut, khoorrumee, khoosb-ha- 

lee, anund, hoolas, kooshul. 
Feline, a. goorba-kho, billee-sa. 
Fell, a, sungdil, be-dureig, kuttur, 

sukht, khoon-khwar, nithoor, 

kroor, kuthor. 
Fell, V. kat-girana, kat-dalna. 
Fallow, s. hnm-chushm, rufeek, 

hum-jolee, hum-sur, sathee, sun- 
gee, jot; {match) jora, joree, 

doosra, burabur; {eqtiat) sanee, 

nuzeer ; (contemptttous) loochcha, 

shoohda, lookku, lookundra. 
Fallow-creature, «. hum-khulk, 


Fellow-helper, s, mududgar. 
Fallow-servant, s, hum-khidmut, 

F^low-student, s. hum-muktub^ 

hum-durs, suhu-pathuk. 
Fellow-sdfferer, s. humdurd, hum- 

azar, hum-suffeer, hum-awaz, 

Fellowship, t, shurakut, yuganu- 

gee, rufiakut, cons, oonsut, oon* 

seeyut, sum-bhao, sungita, mel, 

ikhtilat, moowafukut. 
F^lon, s, inoojrim, goonuhgar, asee, 

muha-doshee ; {a whitlow) chhi- 

Felonious, a. bud, fasid, sbureer, 

zuboon, doosht, doorachar. 
Felony, <• goonahi-kubeera, goona- 

hi-uzeem,muha-pap, muha-dosh. 
Felt, s. numda, numud. 
Female, a. mada, madeen, zunana. 
Feminine, a. mustooratee, ourut- 

nooma, stree, stree-jat ; {in gram,) 

moounnis, stree ling. 
Femoral, a. jangbee, ranee. 
Fen, $, duldul, dhusim, dabur. 
Fence, «. ihata, ar, ot, ghera, char- 

deewaree, inbisar, gher. 
Fence, r. ghema, ihata k. barb lu* 

gana, sudd bandhna; {guard 

against) buchao k. ; {with foils) 

puta hilana, lukree phenkna. 
Fencer, s. putyt, banyt, phenkyt* 
Fencing, «. phuree-gudka. 
Funnel, 8, soa, sbuput. 
Feodary, s, jageerdar. 
Feoff, V. a, ja^eer d. zumeen ka 

mootusurrif k. 
Ferment, v. josh khaoa, khumeer 

oothna, oobulna, 
Fermentlition, 8, josh, khumeer, 

oobal, ountaee. 
Feropious, a. durinda^ be^^lurd, 

F E T 

t 150 ] 

F I D 

kuttuT, be-ruhm, khoon-khwar, 

khoon-asham, kroor, kutthur, 

nir-mohee, hinsuk, bunela. 
Ferocity* s. durindugee, be-durdee, 

sungdilee, be-ruhmee, kboon- 

khwaree, kroor-ta, kuthor-ta. 
Ferrule, s, shiyam, hulka, kura, 

kuree, chhulla, choora i {of a 

scabbard) kothee, tuhnal. 
F^rry, s, goozara, ghat, mabur, 

goozur, ootara. 
Ferryman, s. mullah. 
Ferryboat, s. ghat kee nao, goo- 

zare kee nao. 
Fertile, a, jyyud, zurkhez, burkutee, 

zur-rez, ser-hasil, oopjaoo, py- 

daishee, kabil-i-pydawur, goon- 

jaishee, fyz-rusan, raootuburruk. 
Fertility, ». zurkhezee, tur o tazu- 

gee, burkut, zur-rezee. 
Fertilize, v, jyyud k. koovvut d. 

poor-zor k. 
Fervent, a. surgurm, dilsoz. 
Ferula, <. kumchee, tusma, duwai, 

Fervour, s, dilsozee, soz, surgurmee, 

ag, ugun, oomung, jigur-sozee, 

jan-sozee, chounp. 
Fester, v. phudphudana, pukna. 
Festival, s. eed, teobar, purub. 
Festive, a. eedee, khoosh, musroor. 
Festivity, s, khooshee, shadee, 

khoorrumee,khoorsundee, anund. 
Festdcous, a. ghas ka, kahee. 
Fetch, V, lana : s. buhana, dhokha, 

heela, fitrut, funn, fureb, lupet, 

mukr, chhul, mis. 
F^tid, Fcetid, a. f^unda, budbo, 

mootuufTun, oobsa. 
Fitter, V. pykureean dalna, zunjeer 

men dalna, pabund k. bandhna, 

utkana, beree dalna. 
Fitters, s, bereean, pykureean. 

Feud, t. jhugra, fusad, bukhera, 

tunta, jhunjhut, kuziya, khur- 

F^ver, «. tup, bookhar, jwur, jooree, 

hoomma. [gurm. 

Feverish, a, tup tup, bookharsa. 
Few, a. thore, chund, kuleel, un- 

duk, do-ek, do-char, birle, ulp, 

Fib, i, jhooth, kizb, durog. 
Fibre, ». resha, soot, nus. 
Fibrous, a. resh udar, rugeela,nu8dar. 
Fickle, a. chunchul, be-kurar, tu- 

luvvoon-mizaj, chupul, soobook- 

mizaj, bool-huwus, be-thikana, 

ustbir, soobook-pa, achha. 
Fickleness, ». be-kuraree, chun- 

ch^ee, chupulta, tuluvvoon- 

mizajee, na-paedaree. 
Fiction, 8, bunawut, jhooth, tugul- 

loob, eejad, ikhtirau, sakht, 

bundish, bao-bundee, kulpna, 

Fictitious, a, jhootha, sakhta, tu- 

gulloobee, nuklee, umulee, kul- 

pit, kritrim, maya-roopee. 
Fictitiously, ad. jhooth-se, fureb- 

se, bunakur. 
Fiddle, s. sarungee, sarinda, behia, 

choutara, sitara. 
Fiddle, v, sarungee bujana ; (trifle) 

tapa-toee d. mukhee mama, pa- 
nee peetna. 
Fiddle-faddle, s. wahiyat, latail, 

huk jhuk, tana bhumee. 
Fiddler, s. sarungiya, sarungee- 

Fidelity, s, eeman-daree, numuk* 

hulalee, wufa-daree, suchchaee, 

diyanut-daree, diyanut, wufa, 

Fidget, r. n. choolboolana, uhra- 

tuhree lugaaa. 

F I G 

[ 151 ] 

F I L 

Fie, fie, intj, touba touba, shurm 

kee bat. 
Fief, s. jageer, altumga, zumeeii- 

daree, tuuUooka. 
Field, s. khet, mydan> muzrooa, 

kish, kish-kar, kisht-zar, kshetr ; 

{of battle) ruzm-gah, nuburd- 

8*h, jung-gah,awurd-gah, ronn* 

bhoom, jooddh-bhoom, beer- 

Field-piece, s, sufree, top, ruh-kula, 

ruhikia, goobara. 
Fiend, 5. bhoot, pret, bhootna, pi' 

leed, puleet. 
Fierce, a. toond, durinda, be-rnhm, 

dooroosht, sungdil, kurukht, 

sukht, khoon-khwar, khoon-rez, 

doorunty raganwit, bhyanuk, tez. 
Fiercely, ad, toondee-se, dooroosh- 

tee-se, sung-dilee-se, be-ruh- 

Fierceness, <. toondee, kurukhtgee, 

doorooshtee, durindugee, sung- 

dilee, be-ruhmee, rag, prugulbh- 

ta, bhyanuk-roop. 
Fieriness, «* gurmee, huranit, hid- 

dut, jhal, tezee, toondee, atush- 

Fiery, a, atushee, tez, atush-mizaj, 

toond, atush-een, naree, harr, 

gurm, hadd, aginee, ag-sa, ugni* 

soobhao, sbooula-khoo. 
Fife, s. bansree, moorlee, banslee, 

ulgoza, ny. 
Fifer, s, banslee-wala,nK)orlee-waIa. 
Fifteen, a. pundruh. 
Fift^nth, a. pundrawan. 
Fifth, a, paitchwan, punjoom, 

Fiftieth, a, puchaswan. 
Fifty, a, puchas, puncbas. 
Fig, t. unjeer ; (wild) goolur, • 
Fight, s. luraee,jungJooddh,ruzm, 

runn, sungram, karzar, mooja- 
dula, nuburd, marika. 

Fighty V, luma, jhu|(urna, luraee k. 
jung k. mydan k. mara-maree k. 
mar-kootaee k. jhurupna, jooddh 
k. dust-bu-kubza h. 

Fighter, s, lurwyya, luraka, lume- 
bhirne-wala, jung-awur, lurun- 
har, moobariz, mooharib. 

Figurative, a. mujazee, tumseelee, 
rungeen, shuklee, raooradee, 
drishtantee, oopma-roop. 

Figuratively, ad. mujazun, moora- 
dun, tumseelun. 

Figure, 8. (form) soorut, shukl, 
roop, hyut, hykul, kalbood, ka- 
mut, akar, moorti ; (in gram,) 
rooohawura,siyaki-kulam,dhub ; 
(eminence) noomaish, shoohrut; 
(statue) nuksha, prutima ; (paint- 
ing) nuk-kashee, chitr-karee ; 
(kproscope) ruml, zaicha ; (figure) 
ank, rukum, udud, hundsa ; (in 
rhetoric) moorad, misal, kinaya. 

Figure, t?. bunana,nuksha k. ;(shew) 
dikhlana, butlana, misal lana, 
tumseel lana; (carve) moonuk* 
kush k. ; (conceive) khyal k, 
kyas k. 

Figured, a, moonukkush. 

Fil&ceous, a, reshehdar, tagehdar* 

Filch, V. chorana, moosna, choree 
k. hur lena, doozdee k. 

Filcher, s. chor, chotta, doozd, sank. 

File, J. sohun, retee ; (of soldiers) 
kutar, pant, pungut. 

Filial, s. furzundee, beta-sa, pisu- 
ree, supootee. 

Filings, 8. retun, reza, choor, boo- 
rada, choora. 

Fill, v« bhuma, poora k. ; (satisfy) 
ser k. ughana, tript k. 

Fillet, 8, puttee, bund, kusaba, bun. 

F I K 

[ 152 ] 

F I R 

dhfrn. Bare, chotee*bund; {of 

meat) pootthe ka gosht. 
Fillip, f. chooikee, cboochkaree, 

tukore, ungooshtuk. 
Fillip, v. chooikee bujana, chooch- 

Filly, *. buchheree. 
Film, *. jhillee ; ^n the eye) phool- 

lee, jala. 
Filter, v. chbanna, nikharna. 
Filth, f. myl, ^ulazut, alaish, gu- 

leez, cbikut, kusafut, keet. 
Filthiness, s, nijasut, gulazut, gun- 

dugee, chiktuee, ghinahut, mu- 

Filthy, a, myla, gunda, guleez, mu- 

leen, bhishtui, na-saf, ghinghina. 
Fin, f. muchhlee ka pur, pur-i- 

Final, a. akhiree, pichbla, akhir, 

ukheer, puseen, pustureen^shesh; 

(happiness) moksh, nujat; (com- 
plete) kamil, poora. 
Finally, ad. akhirush, akhir ool amr, 

pus, akibut-ool-umr, hasiUi-ku- 

lam, ul-kissa, ul-guruz. 
Finlince, s. maNgoozaree, raj>kur, 

rajuswu; (pL) amud, yaft, py- 

daisb, roahusul. 
Find, V. pana, inilna, hath-ana, 

hath-lugna, bubuna-puhooncb- 

na, pyda h. basil h. mooyussur 

b. ; (acquire) basil k. pyda k. ; 

(observe) duryaft k, dekhna; 

(catch) pukuma; (award) hookm 

k. futwa d. ; (provick) puhooTi- 

cbana, kbubur-geeree k. khubur 

lena ; (discover) thikana lugana, 

nikalna, pukur pana, dhoondh 

k. khoj k. 
Fine, s, jureemana, dund, joorma- 

na, tawan, moosadura, goonuh- 

garee, danr. 

Fine, a, bareek, mubeen, putla^ 
rukeek, kaguzee, sooksbum, jhil- 
lee-sa, puteel, jhir-jhira-sa ; (eie^ 
gant) luteef, naiook ; (excellent) 
khasa, toobfa, toorfa, besb, na^ 
dir, bhula, ucbchha, oottum, nu- 
fees, bihtur, khoob, sboosta, 
soothra; (soft) moolaim, nunn, 
sookwar, komul. 

Finely, ad. bareekee-se, sufaee-se, 
sootbraee kesatb,uchchhee turuh« 
se, nuzakut-se, toobfugee-se. 

Fineness, s, bareekee; (pureness) 
sufaee, khuraee ; (elegance) nu- 
zakut ; (excellence) toohfugee, 
khoobee, sootbraee; (showiness) 
numoodaree, rounuk, jiladaree, 
zurk-burk, bhuruk ; (softness) 
rooolaimut, nurmee, komujta. 

Finery, s. bunao, araish, zebaish, 
sunwar-singar, zeb-zeenut. 

Finesse, 3. heela, mukr, fitrut, bu-^ 

Finger, s. oonglee, ungoosbt. 

Finical, a. cbibilla,cbibaola,ocbba, 
lurbaola, shykh-cbillee. 

Fining-pot, «. gburiya. 

Finish, v. tumam k. onjara ko 
pubooncbana, sama, bhoogtana, 
mooruttub k. ty k. niberna, kuta 
k. niptana, cbooka d. sumapt k. 
sumpoorn k. 

Finished, a. tumam, akhir, khutm, 
kamil, mookuramui, tyar, poora^ 

Finite, a. mubdood, unit, intibaee^ 

Fir, s. sunobur, durukhti-cbilgoza. 

Fire, s. ag, ugun, atush, nar, unul. 

Fire, v. ag luganee ; julana ; (agim) 
chhoma, cbulana; (a salute) su« 
^mee ootarna. 

Fire-engine, s, dum-kuU 

F I S 

[ 153 ] 


Fire-annsy f. topen, bundooken. 
Fire-fly, «. joogDOO, patbeejna, kir- 

muk i shubtab. 
Firelock, f. bundook, puthur-kula. 
Firewood, $, eendhun, julawun. 
Fireworks, s. atush-bazee. 
Firing, s. ag ka lugaoa ; {Juel) een- 

dhuD, julawun. 
Firm, «. muzboot, oostoowar, kura, 

burkurar, paedar, sabit, mooh- 

k\im, kaim, rooostukll,drirh, utui, 

sthir; (compact) thos; {solid) 

garha, gufs, busta. 
Finn, $, kothee surrafe kee, souda. 

guree kothee. 
Firmament, s. asroan, akash, fuluk. 
Tirmly, ad. muzbootee-se,drirhta-se. 
Firmness, s. muzbootee, oostoowa- 
. ree, paedaree, kiyam, subat, por- 

baee, burknraree, istiklal. 
First, a, puhia, uvwul, ugla, jetha, 

First, ad. puhile, uwulun, age, pru- 

thum, ibtida men. 
First-born, s, puhile-ka, puhul-ka, 

puhlou?itheeii-ka,puhlouta, puh- 

Fish, 8, muchchhee, muchhlee, ma- 

hee ; (Uiige) muchh. 
Fish, V. muchhlee pukurnaya mar- 

na, muchh lee-ka shikar k. ; (with 

a rod) bunsee khelna. 
Fisherman, s, muchhlee-wala, ma- 

hee-geer, mahee-shikar, much- 

chhee-mar, dheemur, dheenwur. 
Fl8hery,s. mahee-8hikar,mahee-gah. 
Fish-hook, s. kanta, kooUab, shost. 
FisUing-rod, f. bunsee. 
Fish-monger, $, mahee-furosh, 

muchchhee-walaf muchhlee-wa- 
la : (Jem*) muchhwm, muchhlee- 

walee. ' 
Fishy, a. bisand, bisahiod. 

Fissure, f. chak, turuk, darz, shigaf. 
Fist, 8. mootthee, mookka, ghoosa, 

mook, moosht, dook. 
Fisticuffs, f. ghooflum-ghoosa, 

mookka-mookkee, moosht*bu- 

moosht, ghoonsum-ghansa, lup* 

Fistula, «. nasoor. 
Fit, «. (of a fever) baree, noubut, 

churhao, gulba, josh, halut, shid« 

dut ; (fainting) gush, zouf, gu- 

shee, be-hoshee ; (of drunkenness) 

nusha^ umul. 
Fit, a. laik, dooroost, theek, moo- 

wafiky moonasib, buja, muakool, 

suzawar, unsub, wajib, lazim, 

oochit, jopr. 
Fit, t7.phubna, sujna, theek h.Iuf^r. 

na, dooroost h. phubun h. byth* 

na, zebaish h. 
Fitness, s, dooroostee, liyakut, moo- 

wafukut, shaistugee, suza-waree. 
Five, a. panch, punj ; (game of Jives) 

gend-bazee, gend gidouvul. 
Fix, V. thuhrana, mookurrur k. 

kaim k. sthapun k. niroopun k. 

sthir k. garna, jurna, lugana. 
Fixed, a. kaim, sakin, moostuhkum, 

muzboot, sthir, bil-mookta, moo- 

kurruree, sthapit, niroopit. 
Fixedness, s, kyam, istuhkam, isti- 

kamut, subat, paedaree, oostoo- 

waree, kurar. 
Flabby, a. jhoorjhoora, nurm, piJ- 

pila, pichpicha, zholeeda, dheela. 
Fiabbiness, s, pilpilahut, zholee- 

dugee, dheela-pun, nurmee, soost- 

Flag, s, nishan, jhunda, dhuja, bao- 

ta, liwa, ulum. 
Flag-officer, s. nishan-burdar, ulum- 

Flagy V. soost h. dheela b, zueef h. 


[ 154 ] ^ F L E 

ootur jana, shrant h. ufsoorda h. 

muzhmoorda h. soost-undara h. 
Flagellation, s, kore-bazee, shullak. 

bazee, chabook-bazee, huddi- 

Fl^eolet, s, uigoza, kism i bamlee. 
Flagitious, a. boom, khota, bud, 

ushur, shureer, murdood, uti- 

doosht, muha-papee. 
Flagrant, a, zahir, mushhoor, mua- 

roof, prugut, ashkara, shaeeu, 

Flail, s, jeree, jelee, khirmun-kob, 

Flake, s, {of cotton) gala, phaha, 

puhil, jubgoot; (/oyer) tub, purt, 

Flambeau, s. mushul, mushal. 
Flame, s. shola, ancb, bhubhuk, 

luhur, lou, jot. 
Flame, v. shola oothna, dhudhuk- 

na, bhurukna, mooshtuil h. 
Flaming, a. sbolu-zun, mooshtuil, 

sholu-geer, prujwulit, dhudhukta, 
Flammability, s. julne kee khassiyut. 
Flank, s, kokh, bukkhee; (of' an 

army) dahnee, baeen, puhloo, 

Fl^innel, «. loee wilaetee. 
Flap, s. damun ; {clap) jhutuk. 
Flap, w. jhutkana, jhulna; {the 

wings) pur mama. 
Flare, v. chumukna. 
Flash, s, chumuk, bhubhuk, luhuk, 

burk, kouTidh, jhuluk, jhumuk. 
Flash, V. luhukna, bhubhukna, 

chumukna, kouTtdhna, jhumuk- 

na, jhulukna. 
Flashy, 6, bhurkeela, chumkeela, 

rungeela, bhurukdar, luhkeela, 

jhumukre-baz,dhumkeela, cbhy- 

la, chhubeela. 
Flask, «. seengra, kooppa, kooppee. 

Flat, a, burabur, chupta, suman; 
{vapid) seetha, be-rus, be-suwad. 

Fiatiy, ad. saf saf, khol-kur. 

Flatten, v, chupta k. dubana, hum- 
war k. chuptana, bythalna, su- 
man k. 

Flatter, V. khooshamud k. phoos- 
lana, chaploosee k. phundhlana, 
luUo-putto k. chapa-loosee k. 
jhoothee prusungsa k. 

Flattery, s. khooshamud, chaploo- 
see, lullo-putto, chapa-loosee, 
mithya-prusungsa, mash-khoree, 
khooshamud-duramud, dum-ba- 
zee, phoolasre-bazee. 

Flatulency, s. baee,bao,reeh, nufkh. 

Flatulent, a. badee, nu£fakh, byala^ 

Flaunt, v» phurana, lunturanee k. 
turawa mama, thurrana, thiruk- 
na, doonkee lena, bhuruk dikha- 
na, dehwurkee lena. 

Flavour, «. suwad, muza, zaika, 
luzzut ; {odour) khooshbo, soo- 

Flaw, *. uyb, durz, khot, jirm, 
dokh, mooks, sookm; {in glass) 

Flax, s. sun, sunee. 

Flax-dresser, s. sun bunane-wala. 

Flay, v» khal-khichwana, khal-ood- 
herna, khuliyana, chumree lena. 

Flea, s, pissoo, kyk, keek. 

Fledge, v. a, purdar k. 

Fledged, a, purdar, ooraoo. 

Flee, V, bhagna, bicbulna, goorez k. 
firar k. mufroor h. rum jana, 
chule jana, tul jana, peeth d. 

Fleece, s, oon, pushm. [buhr. 

Fleet, ». buhr ; {in charge of) meer- 

Fleet, a, chalak, bad-pyma, tez-rou, 
bad-pa, juld, juld-bar, sheeghr- 
gamee^ ootaola. 


[ 155 ] 


Fluting, o. arizee, chund-roza, be- 

buka, oorta, hoobabee, be-subat, 

nuksh-bur-ab, nukshi-toorab, 

cbula-chulee, buhta. 
Flesb, s, gosht, mans, luhm. 
Fletcher, s. teer o kuman ka bu- 

nane-wala, kumungur. 
Flexible, a, luchlucha, dumdar, 

lucheela, chimra, moolaim, nurm. 
Flexure, s. luchkao, khum, mor, 

kujee, dum-daree, moolaimut, 

Flight, s, goorez, firar, bhagna ; (of 

birds) purvvaz, ooran, tyran,ooraee. 
Flimsy, a, jhirjhira, jhillee-sa, boda, 

kumzor, na-paedar, jhona-sa, pu- 

teel, chheen. 
Flinch, V, hutna, tulna, hichkichana, 

kutrana, khisukna, surukna, hilna, 

phima, tujawooz k. kuniyana, 

kuchiyana, inhiraf k. 
Fling, V, phenkna, dalna, chulana. 
Flint, 8. puthree, chukmuk, chuk- 

mak, chukhroukh. 
Flinty, a, sukht. 

Flippant, a. turrar,lubluba,toortoora. 
Flirt, a. thugnee, butte-baz. 
Flirt, V. jhuijhurana. 
Flit, V. ooma, mukan budulna. 
Float, V, buhna, tyma, chulna. 
Float, «. bera; (of a fishing line) 

tinka, khupuchchee, tirenda. 
Flock, s, gulla, rewur, ruma, pat. 
Flock, V, juma h. jooma, butorna. 
Flog, V, chabook mama, kore mar- 

na, kyt mama, bet mama, ta- 

ziyana k. 
Flogging, s. mar, mar-pitaee, kore- 

Flood, 8. churhao, sylab, toofan, too- 

gyanee, barb. 
Floor, 8. fursh, zumeen, guch; 

(story) kotha,^ bam. 

Flooring, *. tukhtu-bundee, putao. 
F16ral,a. phoolon ka, gooUmunsoob. 
Fl6rid, s. soorkh, lal, gool-rung, 

gool-fam, sooha, rata, gooUnar, 

Florist, 8, phool-wala, gool-kar, 

gooUcheen. [tinungna, lotna. 
Flounce, v. turuphna, oochhulna. 
Flounder, v, sutputana, cbhutputa- 

na, lotna, sitpitana. 
Flour, 5. ata, myda, soojee, ru^a. 
Flourish, V. tur o taza h. serab h. 

shadab h. taza h. phoolna, khilna, 

khil ruhna, luhluhana, duhduha- 

na ; (brandish) chumkana, pheraa, 

ulumk.; (prosper) turukkee k. 

abad ruhna, khoosh-o-khoorrum 

ruhna, khanu*abad ruhna. 
Flow, V* buhna, jaree h. chulna, 

jhuma, buh-chulna; (as milk) 

ooturna ; (as metals) panee h. 

pichpichana ; (melt) pigulna, goo- 

daz h. ghool jana. 
Flower, s. phool,gool, poosp;(j?riOTe) 

buhar, jobun, oomung, ooroog; 

(meal) ata, pisan, choon, ord, 

Fldwer, v. phool-lugna, phoolna, 

shigoofta h. shughofa h. khilna. 
Flower-garden, 8, goolzar, chumu- 

ni-zar, goolistan, phoolwaree, 

Flower-pot, s. phool-jharee, gool- 

dan, kooza. 
Flowery, a, phoolon ka bhura hooa ; 

(florid) rungeen, soondur. 
Ylowvif part, oor-gya. 
Fliictuate, u. dawan-dol h. be-kurar 

h. dodil h. mooturuddid h. be- 

subat h. be-thour-thikana h. 
Fluctuation, 8, dawan-dolee, beku- 

raree, be-subatee, tuzulzool, us- 


F A 

[ 156 I 

F O M 

FICiency, <. zuban-awuree, lussanee, 

goyaee, lussaniyut. 
Fluent, a, lussan, zuban-awur, tez- 

zuban, sookhun-wur, soo*bukta, 

soo-kuthuky churb-zuban, soo- 

FICieDtly, ad, saf, ruwan, be-lugao, 

surput, soo-bukta roop-se. 
FiCiid, a. rukeek, putia, puteel. 
FlOid, «. panee, rus, rukeeka, ru- 

Fluidity, «. syalee, rikkut, rikakut, 

putlahut, buhao. 
Fluke, «. kanta lungur ka. 
FICiinmery, «. nishasta, falooda, ma- 

Flurry,*. jhutaka,hurburahut,juldee. 
Flush, V. tumtumana, soorkh h. 

tumukna; {with joy) bag bag h. 

Flute, «. bawsree, bunsee, ny, moo- 

ralee, ulgoza. 
FlQting, 5. sutoon pur ka kumru- 

khee kam. 
Flatter, V. phurphurana, turphura- 

na, phurukna ; (agitated) ghub- 

rana, dhukdhukana, be-kurar h. 

moozturub h. 
Flutter, 8, dhuruk, phuruk, phur- 

phurahut, be-kuraree, be-iztura- 

Flux, s, buhao, rezish, jiriyan, sylan, 

noozool ; (dysentery) is-hal, dust, 

Fly, 8, mukhee, machhee, rougus. 
Fly, V, oorna, purwaz k.tyran k. tyr 

k. ; (run away) bhagna, goorez k. 
Fly-flap, 8, chour, chouree, moor- 

Foal, V, byana. 
Foal, f. buclibera, buchheree. 
Foam, 8, kuf, phen, jhag. 
Foam, V, phen nikalna, kuf lana, 

jhag dalna; (be enraged) burhum 

h. ag h. krodhit h. 
Fob, f. dub, phent. 
F6cus, 8, mudar, nookta. 
Fodder, 8, ghas, chara, ghas*pat, 
* kah, gyah, churee. 
Fo^, 8, dooshmun, mookhalif, by- 

ree, guneem, hureef, udoo, shu- 

troo, uri. 
FcEtus, 8, buchcha pet ka, juneen. 
Fog, 8, kohur, kohasa, dhoondh, 

Foible, 8, uyb, koosoor, hurf, kho* 

taee, kan. 
Foil, 8. (for fencing) puta, gudka, 

phool-hulha; (for jewels) dak, 

Foil, t7. hurana, shikust d. muhroocn 

k. namoorad k. 
Fold, t7. tub k. ya lugana, lupetna, 

morna, santna ; (a letter) mulfoof 

k. kham k. bund k. ; (shut) luga* 

na, bandbna, bherna, moondna. 
Fold, 5. (ply) tuh, purt; (plait) 

cheen, choonnut, goonjluk ; (for 

sheep) bara, uskur, khibak. 
Foliage, s, burg buhar, burg-sazee, 

Folk, 8, log, admee, murdoom, 

F6II0W, u. peechhe ana, pyruvee k. 

chal chulna. 
F61 lower, ». pusrou, damungeer, 

pyruvee kurnewala, pyrou, mook- 

tudee, pushchat-gamee. 
Folly, 8. be-wukoofee, na-danee, 

uhmukpun, himakut, sufahut, 

bulahut, ubluhee, hoomuk, oon- 

mutta, ugyanta. 
Foment, V, a. senkna, gurm k. ; 

(mischief) fusad oothana, burpa k. 
Fomentation, s. senkao, senk, tukor, 

tukmeed, kumad. 

F 33 

[ 157 ] 


FoDd, a. ashik, mail, nehee, shaik, 

asukt, unooragee. 
FoDdle, «• piyar k. doolaraa, soo- 

Fondness, s. piyar, chah, shouk, 

ruorbut, oons, lar, ittifak, doolar, 

neh, unoorag, soohag, sneh. 
Font, f. istibag ka bouz. 
Food, s. khorak, ahar, koocb kha- 

oeka, bhojun, giza» koot, khoo- 

rish, tuam, risk, rusoee, unn. 
Fool, s. uhmuk, be-wukoof, nadan, 

gaodee, pagul, sadu-loub, moorkb. 
Foolish, a. be-wukoof, be-hooda, 

be-khubur, ugyan, baola; (o6- 

stird) pooch, be-hooda, mooh- 

mul, be-muanee. 
Foot, 8, paon, pyr, kudum, pa, pug, 

churun, gor; {on foot) pydul, 

pyrow, piyada-pa, paon-paon, pa- 

pydul, pa-piyada. 
Footing, s, dukhl. 
Footman, s. piyada, hurkaru, pyk. 
Footpath, s. pug-dundee, butiya. 
Footstep, s, kudum, nukshi-pa, 

Foot-stool, s. peerha, peerhee. 
Fop, 8, chhyla, banka, kujkoolah, 

khoodobeen, ukryt. 
For, conj, waste, liye, khatir, budle, 

Forage, s, chara, rusud-panee, kuhee. 
Forbear, v* baz-ruhna, dust-burdar 

h. dur-goozurna, dur-goozur k. 

chbor d. 
Forbearance, «. subr, dheeruj, ihti- 

raz, purhez, burdasht. 
Forbid, o. muna k. rokna, dantna, 

nishedh k. 
Forbidden, a. mumnoou, moomtu* 

na, bujjit, munuhee, nishiddh. 
Forbidding, a. kureeh, mukrooh. 
Force, s, zor, takut, bul, koovwut, 

tuwanaee, tuwan ; {violence) jubr, 

zoolm, zubur-dustee, tuaddee, 

seenu-zoree, bul, bulatkar ; {troops) 

fouj, lushkur, dul, sena. 
Forced, a, mujboor, lachar, be- bus ; 

{preued) begaree. 
Forceps, f. cliimta, mocheena, 

Forcible, a. muzboot,kuwee, bulee; 

{energetic) muteen, takeedee. 
Forcibly, ad. zuburdustee, jubrun, 

zor-se, zoolm-se, ziyadutee-se, 

Ford, s. pae-ab, thah. 
Ford, t7. pae-ab jana. 
Fordable, a, pae-abee, ootbla. 
Fore, a, ugla, uvwul, puhia, ugwa. 
Forebode, v, agahee d. pesh-khub- 

ree k. agum kuhna, age-se jutana. 
Foreboding, a. agum, agahee, pesh- 

Forecast, v, pesh-bundee k. door- 

undeshee k, tudbeer k. mual-un- 

deshee k. kulpna k. 
F6refather, «. judd, boozoorg, bura, 

poorkha, moons. 
Fore-finger, *. ungooshti-shuhadut, 

kulme kee oonglee, subbaba. 
Fore-foot, «. ugla paon. 
Fore-front, ». ugaree, aga. 
Forego, v. chhor d. baz-ana. 
Forehead, «. peshanee, kupal, ma- 

tha, jubeen, seema. 
Foreign, a, bidesee, ujnubee, pur- 

desee, desawuree, gyr-wutunee. 
Foreigner, ». bidesee, purdesee, uj- 
nubee, gyr-moolkee. 
Forekn6w, v. age-se janna, puhle- 

se mualoom k. 
Foreknowledge, «. ilm i gyb, bhavi- 

gyan, bhuvishyut-gyan. 
Foreman, «. peshkar, peshdust ; {of 

a jury) meermujUs. 


[ 158 ] 


Foremost, a, puhla, ugla, ugwa, 

bura, ala. 
Forenoon, s. do-puhur-se puhle, 

Forepart, 5. aga, ugwara. 
ForerCinner, $, peshrou, ugwa, moo- 

kuddum, ugooa, ugr-gamee. 
Foresee, t?. age-se dekhna, age-se 

sooj puma, pesh-beenee k. 
Foresight, «. pesh-beenee, door- 

beenee, akhir-beenee. 
Forest, s. bun, jungul, dusht. 
Forestall, r. peshtur-se khureed 

rukhna, bhur rukhna, zukheera 

Fore-thought, s. pesh-bundee, door- 

undeshee, akibut-undeshee. 
Foretell, t?. agum kuhna, pesh- 

khubree k. jutana, bhuvishyud- 

vakyu kuhna. [pywusta. 

For ever, ad, humesha, suda, nit, 
Forewarn, v. a. agah k. jutaua>khu- 

bur d. khuburdar k. 
Forfeit, s, dund, jureemana, joor- 

mana, goonuhgaree, moosfaddura, 

dand. * 

Forfeited, a. zubt, koork. 
Forfeiture, s. zubtee. 
Foresee, i?. peshtur-se dekbna ya 

mualoom k. age-se janna. 
Forge, «, lohar-khana. 
Forge, V, jual-sazee k. libasee k. 

nukl bunanat 
Forgery, «. jual-sazee, libas, tugul- 

ioob, tukieed, jual, kritrim. 
Forget, V. bhoolna, furamosh k. 

bisurna, nisiyan k. suhv k. 
Forg^tfulness, «. bhool, furamoshee, 

nisiyan, bhoolaee, bhoolahut, 

Forgive, t?. bukhshna, muaf k. 

kshuma k. durgoozur k. ufv k. 

ufoo k. 

Forgiveness, s. muaf, bukhshisb, 

ufoo, kshuma, mugfirut. 
Forglver, s. bukbshinda, amoorzgar, 

guflTar, khuta-bukhsh, kureem, 

Forgiving, o. {as God) gufoor. 
Fork, s. kanta. 

Forked, a. do-shakha, do-kanee. 
Forlorn, a. be-kus, lachar, tunha, 

oodas, ekla, unath, lundoora, niras. 
Form, s. doul, shukl, soorut, nuk- 

sha, wuza, turz, turuh, roop, 
. doul-dal, hyut, pykur, hykul, 

akar; {order) turteeb, arastugee, 

intizam ; {appearance) noomaish ; 

{ceremony) rusm, dustoor, kaida, 

zabita ; {elegance of figure) dhuj, 

suj, sujawut, nuzakut. 
Form, V. bunana ; {arrange) arasta 

k. mooruttub k. sujana, tyar k. 

Formal, a. zahir-dar, tukuUoofee; 

{customary) rusmee, kanoonee, 

byoharee. [keeb, sakht. 

Formation, s. bunawut, bunao, tur- 
Former, a, ugla, pesheen, puhla, 

sabik-ka, uvwul. 
Formerly, ad. age, puhleh puhl, 

peshtur, sabik-men, uwaiUmefi, 

pichhle dinora men. 
Formidable, a. raooheeb, houlnak, 

bhyanuk, duraona, roubdar, hy- 

but-nak, duhshut-nak, dubshut- 

Formula, 8. nooskha, kanoon, dhara, 

bidhi, oodhahurun. 
Fornication, «. zina, huram-karee, 

chhinala, rundee-bazee, fisk, pur- 

stree gumun. 
Fornicator, s. chhinula, zanee, hu- 

ramkar, fasik, budkar, khelar, 

tumasha-been, purstree-gamee, 



[ 159 ] 


Fornicatress, s, chhinal, zaniya, fa- 

bisha, fiasika, fejura, murd-baz. 
Forsake, v» cbhor d. turk k. tiyagna, 

tujna, roogurdan b. ; (abitttin) 

baz ana. 
Forsw^, V. jhootbee kusum kbanee. 
Fort, s. kila, gurb, gurbee, kula, 

kot, bisar. 
Forth, ad. babur. 

Fortbwitb, ad. fourun, ubbee, toort. 
Fortification, s. kiluh-sazee; gurb, 

kulub-bundee. ' 
Fortify, V. rouzboot k. moostuhkum 

k. moobasura k. ; (confirm) dile- 

ree d. moostukil k. istiklal d. 
Fortitude, ». joorut, dileree, dila- 

wuree, dbarus, sahus. 
Fortnight, 5. do-utbwara, pukb. 
Fdrtress, $» kila, gurb, kula, gurbee, 

Fortuitous, a. arizee, ittiiakee, na- 

gubanee, sunjogee, ukusmat, 

Fortuitously, ad, itti&kun, arizun, 

ittifak-se, suojog-se, ukusmatee, 

dyvat roop. 
Fortunate, a, nuseeb-wur, kboosb- 

nuseeb, taliwur, bbagman, bukb- 

tawur, suadut-mund, nek-bukbt, 

tali-mund, bedar-bukbt, bubru- 

mund, sou-bbagyu, kritarth. 
Fortunately, ad. bhag-se, nuseeb-se. 
Fortune, s. nuseeb, kismut, bhag, 

Fortuneteller, $. rummal, bbudree, 

nuseeb-go, xnoonujjim, jotisbee- 

gunuk, dukoutee, mocAla-dua- 

Forty, a. cbalees. 
Forward, a. dil-cbula, ugmuna; 

(presumptuous) sbokh, be-udub, 

goostakh ; {ready) bazir, moos* 

tuid, tyar. 

Forward, ad, age. 

Forward, v. (promoff) juld kurana, 

burbana, cbulana ; {convey) pu- 

booncbana ; (patronize) dustgee- 

ree k. subaeta k. 
F6rwardne8S, $. (eagerness) dilchu- 

lee, tezee, cburpurabut; (impw 

dence) goostakbee, sbokbee, be- 

udubee, be-slmrmee. 
Fossil, s. kanee, madinee, putbur 

dbat wugyra, 
F6ster, v. palna, posna, purwurisb k. 
F66ter-br6tber,«. doodh-bhaee,koka, 

dba-bbaee, dbubaee, buradur-i- 

Foster-sister, s, doodb-buhin, kokee. 
Foster-cbild, $, le-paluk, mootu- 

bunna, pula-hooa, pala^booa, 

godleea-booa, purwurda. 
Foul, a. myla, nujis, gunda, alooda^ 

mooluvvus, muleen; (as water) 

gudia ; (tiit/atr) na-rast, udburm ; 

(as weather) gunda-bubar, an- 

dbee*panee ka din. 
Foul, V. my la k. alooda k. bbur d.. 
Foulmouthed, a. gulbenda, dureeda- 

duhuD, kul-jibba, kul-moonba. 
Foulness, s. mylapun, aloodugee, 

nujasat, gulazut. 
Found, V. neeoon rukbna, booniyad 

6aAnee;{establish) tbubrana, moo« 

kurrur k. ; (invent) ibdas k. ikh- 

tirau k. eejad k, ; (cast) dhalna. 
Foundation, s. neeoo-, neem, boo* 

niyad, usas, bina, bekh. 
Founder, s. . banee, moojid, moous- 

sis, mookbturi; (of a charity) 

suda-burtee ; (caster) kusera, 

bburtiya, bburt-saz. 
Founder, v. (a horse) lungra k. ; (a 

ship) doobna, gurk b. mara jana» 

bytbjana, shikust h. 
Foundery, 5. lohar-kbana« 

F R A 

t J60 ] 

F R A 

Fountain, s, koond, chushma, sot, 

bum, choya» sota, mumba ; {a 

jet) fuvvara ; (original) usl, mub- 

da, mubna, munsha. 
Four, a. char, chuhar. 
Fourfold, a, chougoona, chuhar- 

Four-footed, a, char*paya, duwab, 

chou-paya, chuhar-paya. 
Four-score, a, char-beesee, ussee, 
* char-koree. 
Four-square, a, chou-khoonta, moo- 

rubba, choukor, chougosha, chou- 

puhul, chou-turka. 
Fourteen, a, chouduh. 
Fourt^nth, a. choudhwan^ chutoor- 

Fourth, fl. choutha, chouth, cbu- 

Fowl, s, purind, pukshee, chiriya, 

moorg, punchhee ; (domestic) 

moorgee, kookree ; (vmter) moor- 

Fowler, s. chiree-mar. 
Fowlingpiece, f. bundook, shika- 

Fox, s. lomree^ lokhree, loin, rabah, 

Fraction, s. kusr, uns, took, hissa, 

khoorda, reza, lukseer. 
Fractional, a. muksoor, mookussur ; 

(a fractional nwnber) ududi. 

Friictions, s, kusoor. 
Fracture, s, shikustgee, toot, durar, 

durz, turuk. 
Fragile, a. thuska, boda, phoos- 

phoosa, nazook, toonook, shee- 

Friigment, s, tookra, parcha, para, 

kita, poorza, resa, rukhta. 
Fragrance, «. khooshbo, muhuk, 

soogundfa, soo-bas. 

Fr&grant, a. khooshbo-dar, moout- 
tur, sondha, muhkeela, soo-basee. 

Frail, a. nazook, toonook, fanee, 
bekurar, khuta-puzeer, zueef, 
suree-ooz-zuwal, na-paedar. 

Frfiilty, 8. na-paedaree, kumzoree, 
toonookee, nuzakut, nazookee, 
natuwanee, doorbulta. 

Frame, s, dhancha, doul, bunawut, 
kalib, khana ; (of a door) chou- 
kutb ; (shape) nuksha, doul, wu. 
za ; (state) hal, dusa. 

Frame, v, bunana ; (Jit) sadhna, 
soodharna, theek k. lugana ; (re- 
gulate) arasta k. dooroost k. ; (in 
the mind) bandhna, tuzweez k. 
kulpna k. ; (c&ntrive) eejad k. 

Franchise, v, a, azad k. riha k. 

Frangible, a. phooska. 

Frank, a. sadu-dil, betukulloof, saf- 
dil, seena-saf, kooshada-peshanee, 
pakteenut, surul, nis-kuput. 

Frank, s, be-muhsoolee chitthee; 
(money) kism i sikka. 

Frankincense, s. loban. 

Frankly, ad, saf-dilee-se, be-tukul« 
loofee-se, saf saf, kholkur, koo* 
shadu-dilee-se, khool ke, surul 

Frankness, s, saf-dilee, sadugee, be- 
tukuUoofee, kooshada-dilee. 

Fr&ntic, a. deewana, soudaee, muj- 
noon, khubtee, siree, shoreeda, 

Fr&nticness, 5. deewanugee, souda, 
joonoon, shoreedugee, khubtaee, 

Fraternal, a. buradurana, buradu- 
ree, yuganugee, bhaee-ka-sa, 
bhaee-sa. [duree, bhyapa. 

Fraternity, «. bhaee-chara, bura- 

Frlttricide, «. buradur-koosh, bhrata. 
budh, bhratri-hutya. 

F R E 

[ 161 ] 

F R E 

Fraud, s. duga, chhul, heela, thti- 

gaee, jool, fureb, fitrut, bubana, 

mukr, chutooraee, dhoortta. 
Friiudulence» i. duga-bazee, heela- 

bazee, jooi-bazee, fureb, chhul- 

butta, thugaee, talbees. 
Fr§iudulent,a.duga-baz, heela-baz, 

chbulee, jool-baz, bud-diyanut, 

be-eeman, khain, furebinduh, 

guddar, tuibees, dhoortt. 
Fraudulently, ad. duga-bazee-se, 

fiireb-se, chhul-se, heela-se, bud- 

Fraught, par*, poor, bhura-hooa, 

muamoor, poorn. 
Fray, s, Inraee, bulwa, hungama, 

kboon-khuraba, jhugra. 
Freak, s. wuhm, uchpulee, luhur, 

khiyal, turung, iuluk. 
Fr^kisb,a.wuhmee, muD-moujee« 

hurduin-khiyalee,chunchul, luh. 

ree, turuDgee. 
Fr^kle,s.dag,luhsuii,'mugu8, khal. 
Freckled, a. mugsee, khaldar, dag- 

dar, teeturee. 
Free, a. azad, chhoota-hooa, be- 

kyd,nir.buQdh,be-lugao, mookt, 

moohnrrA; {/rank) kooshadu- 

dil ; (land) muafee, la-khiraj ; 

(letter) be-muhsoolee. 
Free, v. chbooraua, azad k. khulas 

k. ribaee d. riha k.chhootkara k. 

ooddhar k. ; (clear away) saf k. 

Fr^booter, s, kuzzak, lootera, pin- 

dara, garut-gur. [tukht-taraj. 
Fr^e-booting, s. kuzzakee, loot, 
Freedom,5.azadee,ikhtiyar, chhoot- 

kara, azadugee, mookt, ooddhar; 

(^independence) furagut-halee, as. 

ooda-halee, swadbeen-ta ; (ex^ 

e;i7/7/ion) cbhoottee, muafee, khu- 

lasee ; (eate) asanee, suhooliyut. 


Fr^hold, s, jageer, altumga, zu- 

meendaree, tualiooka 
Fr^ly, ad, upneikhtiyar-8e,khatir- 

khwah ; (largely) ba-ifrat, ziya- 

dutee-se; (^enerott5/^)kooshadu- 

Fr^eness, s. (candour) rast-bazee, 

sadugee ; (generosity) sukhawut, 

Freeschool, *. khyratee muktub, 

Frfetone, s, sungi-regdar, bulooa- 

Freeze, r. jum- jana, moonjumid h. 

busta h. 
Freight, «. bar-burdaree, kiraya, 

Freio^ht, v. bhurtee k. ladna, bo- 

jhaee k. 
French, a. franseesee. 
Frenzy, 8, joonoon, deewanugee, 

m ujnoonee, oonmuMia,boura-pun« 
Frequent, v. amud ruft jukhna, 

aya jaya k. 
Frequent, a. uksuiiya, lugatar, 

Frequently, ad. uksur, beshtur, 

barha, duffatun, buhoot bar, uk- 

sur-oukat, ky-bar, busa-wukt. 
Fresh, a. taza ; nya ; (cool) surd, 

thunda ; (verdant) sursubz ; (not 

tired) taza-dum, chak ; (florid) 

Freshen, v, taza k. 
Freshness, s. tazugee, tur-o-taza, 

sursubzee, soorkh-a-soofydee,tu- 

ree, turawut. 
Fret, V. f^his-jana; (vex) khijana, 

chherna, chirana, chirhana, risa- 

na, khoonsana ; (grieve) koorh- 

na, khufa h. dikk h. nakhoosh h. 

bezar h. 
Fretful, a. chirchira, khufa, bezar. 

F R I 

[ 162 ] 


dikk, azoorda^ nakhoosh^ khoon- 

saha, roosaha. 
Fretfulness, $. khufeee» besaree, 

na-khooshee, chirchirahuU 
Fr^uwork, f. rookhrahut. 
Friable, a, phooska, bhoorbhoora, 

Fnctioo, $. rugur^gbisawut, gbisao, 

roulaee, dulaee, rnulun, dulun. 
Friday, s, jooma, sook» sookr-war. 
Friend, $, dost, milr, dost-dar, yar, 

meet, mookhlis, hubeeb, moo- 

hibb, ikhlasmund, mooshiik, 

Friendless, a. be-kns, be-yar, be- 

ashna, be*cbara, mitr^heen, bun- 

dhoo-heen, unath, be-moorub- 

bee, be walee-waris. 
Friendly, a. dost-ana, moomvwu- 

tee, milunsar, inoohibbana, ya- 

rana, ashna-purust, dost-purwur, 

yar-sa, bandhoo-wut. 
Friendship, s. dostee, betee, mitrta, 

ikhlas, ashnaee, kbyr-khwahee, 

moohubbut, hoobb, ittihad, irti- 

bat, rubt, yaree, dost-daree, dust- 

geeree, moorubbee-geeree, mibr- 

bauee, shnfakut, hit, lugun. 
Frigate, $, juhaz-jungee, goorab. 
Fright, f . dur, duhshut, bhou, bhuy, 

Frighten, v. durana, duhsfaut dila- 

na, bhurkana, hirasan k. duh- 

shut-nak k. bidkana, bichkana. 
Frightfnl, a. daraoo, houhiak, bhya- 

nuk, duraona, mooheeb, hybut- 

nak, bhyunkur. 
Frightfulness, s. houl-nakee,hybut- 

nakee, moobeebee, dur, houl, 

dnhshut, bhy. 
Filgid, a. thunda, surd, seetul. 
Frigidity, $, surdee, khoonukee, 


Fringe, s, jhalur, anchul. 

Fringed, a. jhalurdar^ 

Frisk, V, koodukna, oocbhulna, 

phoodukna, phurukna, chuplana. 
Frisky, a. uchpul, ulola, chupla, 

turul, koodukkur. 
Fnt, f. khar, jts-se kanch buntaby. 
Frith, f . sumoondur kee kharee, kbal. 
Fritter, v. kooturna, tookra tookra k. 
Frivolous, a. udna, soobook, hulka, 

pooch, toochchh.neeyu. 
Friyolousness, i. soobookee, hulka- 

pun, bad-huwaee. 
Frizzle, v, a. gool-jburee k. oo« 

methna, ghoorchiyana. 
Frock, $. pyrahun, koorta* 
Frog, f. roenduk, gouk, dadoor. 
Frolic, a. khel, ulol, kulol^ kreeca, 

Fr61ic V. khelna, shokhee k. kulol 

k. kreera k. 
From, pr. se, setee, ke pas se. 
Front, s. samna, moonh, chihi% 

mocdura ; (front to front) roo- 

bu-roo, doo-bu-doo, amne^sam* 

ne, mookabula. 
Front, V. samne h. mookabil h. 
Frdntier, $, sorhudd, hudd, seem, 

Frost, s. pala, jara, surma, thar ; 

{kitten) pala ka raara. 
Frost-work, s. koft*karee. 
Frosty, a. surd, thunda. 
Froth, f. kuf, phen, jhag. 
Frdthyj a. kufiiar, phenaha ; (emp. 

ty) soobook, oehba, hulka, chhi- 

Fr6ward, a. goostakh, ziddee, hut- 

heehi, khood-rae, shokh, shureer. 
Frowardness, s. goostakhee, sho« 

khee, shurarut, huth, zidd. 
Frown, v. ghoorukna, teoree chur- 

hana^ cbeen-ubroo k. cheen bu- 

F R U 

t 1«3 ] 

F U M 

jubeen h. ankb^ikhUna, toorah. 

roaee k. bhuwen terhee k. kuj- 

Frown, t, ghoorkee» teoree, eheen- 

nbroo, cheen-bu -jubeen. 
Frozen, part, juma-hooa, thithra- 

hooa, ufsoorda, moonjnmid, 

bosta. ^ 

FrncUferous, a. bar^awar, phulun- 

ta, bardar, mewedar. 
FrCictify, o. a^, bur*awur k. buro- 

mund k. pbulwunt k. bardar k. 

phulana, mewedar k. 
Fr6gal, a, kiiayutee, jooz-rus,inoou- 

tudil, tudbeeree, sulamut-rou. 
Frugality, s. kifiayut-shiaree, jooc- 

rusee, sulamut-ruwee. 
Frugally, ad. joox-rusee-se, kifayiit« 

se, sulamut-ruwee-se. 
Fruit,!, pbul, mewa, b«r, sumur, 

Fr^terer, i. inewa*furosh. 
Fruitful, a, phuldar, mewedar, bar- 
dar, pfaulwan, pbulwnnt, phu- 

lanta ; (soU) jyyud ; (woman) lor- 

kouree, mootnburrik; (jfienieaus) 

wafir, kiiseer. 
Fruitfnlness, s, bardaree, pbaldaree, 

mewedaree ; (ckUd'bearing) biich- 

FrCiition, s. bor-khoree, bnr-khoor- 

daree, kam-yabee, muk»ud-wu« 

ree, kam-ranee, hooaool, wusool, 

FrCiitless, a, nis-pbul, npbul, be- 

bur, be-snmur ; (woman) banjh ; 

(vain) be-faida, ubus, britba, 

birtba, ukarutb. 
Fruitlessly, ad. befatda, lahasil, 

nabukk, jbooth-mootb, ukarutb. 
Frumeni&ciotis, a. najka, naj-sa. 
Frustrate, V. mobroom k. na-oom- 

myd k. mayooa k. ninis k. bU 

M 2 

yorth k. be-buhra k. be-moomd 

k. oomed-sbikunee k. 
Fry, V. tulna, bboonna, btriyaii k. 

Fry'ing-pan, $. kurahee. 
FCiel, s. eendhan, julawuD. 
Fugitive, f. bhugora. 
FCigitiye, a.C/2ee/tf^)afisea,cbaDd* 

roca, cbulayuman, be-kurar, na- 

paedar, be-buka. 
Fulfil, V. poora k. uda k. buja^laaa, 

wuta k. bur*lana, sama, tumam 

k. nibabna, busar^laoa, eefa k. 
Fttlfilroent, s, tumamee, uda, su* 

mapt, sur-unjam, aibah, nirrah, 

siddhi, itmam. 
Full, a. poora, bbnra, poor, mna^ 

moor, sumpoorun, bhurpoor ; 

(wkoie) sara, mumloo ; (satUfied) 

ser, atooda, tript, ughana ; {own) 

suga, hukeekee ; (<ompleU) poora, 

kamil, mookummil,tumaui, sum* 

poora ; (moon) poorua-maaee, 

poora chand. 
Fnller, f. dhobee. 

F^llei^s-earth, s. reh, sujjee-mittee. 
FCilly, ad, uchchbee tureb-se, bu. 

khoobee, khol kar, bat bat, tuf« 

seelun, byan-war, bilkooUiyuh, 

bi-tumamihi, susipoorn roop- 

Fullness, «. poorapun, bhurpooree, 

raamooree, seree, a8oodugee,bliu- 

rawut, bburaee, pooraee, poomd^ 

sumpoornta, puri-poomta. 
Fulsome, a, na-guwar, mukroob, 

gbinouna, na-pusuad; (obscene) 

poocb, foohsh. 
Fumble, v. bees bumla k» tuloopur 

k. khalee tbutbana, uaareepun k. 
Fumbler, a, unaree, moorkb, koor, 

bhooeh, phoohur, koor-muga, 

noorhy beac. 

vv n 

i 164 ] 

F Y 

Fumbling, s. khynch-khanch, tapa- 

toee, heez-humla, thoos-thas. 
Fume, 8. dhooan, dood, dookhan ; 

{vapour) bbaph ; ( passion) josh. 
Fume, V. dhooan oothna ; {in a 

rage) josh khurosh men h. juzbu 

men h. 
Fumid, a, dhooandar. 
Fdmiuate, v. dhoonee d. dhoop 

julana, bhupara lena, iukibab k. 
. dhoonee lena. 
FCiroigation, s. bhupara, bookhar- 

kushee, dhoonee. 
Fun, s. tumasha, khillee, khel, ba. 

zee, shokhee, koutook. 
Function, s, oohda, khidmut, kam, 

kaj ; (power) koovwut. istiudad, 

kabliyut. [gunjeena. 

Fund, s. poonjee, maya, sur-maya, 
Fundament, s. koon, mukud, soofra, 

dooboor, tihee-gah. 
Fundamental, a. uslee, zurooree, 

zatee, moolee, booniyadee, mool- 

Fdneral, s, moordunee, gumee, oo- 

thaonee, myut, junaza, taboot, 

Fungous, a. {of a sore) masbirdhee, 

dhurtee ka phocl-sa. 
Funicular, a, reshehdar, sootdar. 
FCinnel, s. chonga, kimuh, keep, 

keef; (for smoke) dhooanra, 

F(inny, a. muskhura, thuthol, tu» 

mashe ka, shokh, koutookeej 

Fur, s, sumoor, posteen. 
FCirbish, v, sykul k. jila d. opna. 
Furbisher, s. sykulgur, siklee-gur. 
Fdrious, a, dee^anu, mujnoon, 

siree ; {raging) toond, burhum, 

asboofta, pruchund, krodbee ; 

{violent) shudeed, zor-ka^ tez. 

FCirl, V. lupetna, bandhna. 
FCirlong, s, mecl ka alhwan hissa. 
F&raace, s. bhutthee, bhar, atush« 

dan, kanoon. 
Fdrnish, v, dena, puhoonchana^ 

surburahee k. khubur-geeree k. ; 

{Jit vp) sujna, sunwurna, moo- 

ruttub k. arasta k. 
FGrniture, s. usbab, saman, luwa- 

ziroa, saz-O'Saman^ usasa, utala^ 

usas-ooUbyt, samugree. 
FOrrier, «. sumoor-furosh. 
F&rrow, s, regha, huraee, khutt, 

bah, lukeer, regharee. 
FCinher, ad, our- door, our-pure^ 

burh-kur, our fasiiu-se. 
Fbrther, v. mudud k. suhaeta k. 

turukkee kurana, koomuk k. 
Farthest, a. sub-se door. 
Fiiry,s.guzub,jhanjh, josh-khurosh, 

tysh, rag, kop, kuhr; {a fury) 

Fuse, V, pighlana, gulana, goodaz 

k. tighlana. 
Fdsible, a. jo t^ulaya jawe. 
FCision, s. pighlao, tighiao, goodaz, 

Fuss, ». tugapoo, dour-dhoopy 

FCistian, s. kism kupra. 
Fdtile, a. soobook, hulka, behooda, 

pooch, unurth, britha. 
F6ture, a. moostukbil, bhuwishyut, 

ainda, honhar, bhawee; {tense) 

zumana-i-moostukbul, bbuvi- 

Fuifirity, «. ainda, age, ookba, aki- 

but, akhiruty alumi-gyb, bhavi- 

Fy or Fie, inij, touba, oof, aewab^ 

fish, ooh, uh, ooee, wooee. 


[ 165 ] 



Gabble, s, genpen, bukbuk, bur- 

burahut, jukjuk-bukbuk. 
Gobble, V, burburana, bukna, ^hen- 
pen k. choorugns, bukwas k. 
Gobbler, $, burburiya, yawu-go, 

baojhuk, batoonee, bukwasee, 

jhukkee, bukkee, bukbukiya, 

Gable, s. {end of a kowse) pakha, 

pukhwa, bazoo; (roof') dhulwan 

Gad, V, koocha-«^urdee k. hurza- 

gurdee k. dawandol phiraa, ru- 

burna, churkh marna, chukkur k. 
Gadder, s. hurza-gurd, awara, bao- 

Gkd-fly, «. dans. 
Gag, V, a, moonh-bund k. dulhiya- 

na, zuban bund k. dum khufa k. 
Gage, V, a, pytnaish k. napna. 
G4ily, ad,, bunao- 

se, rusik-roop-se,, 

bhuruk-se, araish-se. 
Gain, s. faida, labh, nufa, basil, 

barha, warn, yaft, buhra, prapt, 

beshee ; (earning) kumaee. 
Gain, o. faida h. nufa oothana, labb 

h. moonfyd h. ; (win) jeetna. 
G4iner, s. nufa-yab, moontuii, buh- 

rumund, bahru-yab, moostufeed, 

buhru-wur, kumaoo. 
Gainful, a. moofeed, goonjaishee, 

sood-inund, faidu-mund. 
Giinsay, t;. tukrar k. rudd-budul k. 

katna, rudd-o-kuduh k. jhoo« 

Gait, f. chal, ruwish, ruftar, wu- 

teera, kbiram, guti, mushee. 
Galaxy, s. kuhkushan, asman ka 

rasta. [bureeja. 

Gltlbanum, «. kunnuh, beerzud, 

G&langal, s. kooleejun. 

Gale, $, andbee, toofan, toond-bad, 

Gall, s. pit, sufra ; {anger) goossa, 

Gall, V. rugur jana ; (vex) dikk k. 
Gallant, a. rungeela, bhurkeela, 

mookuUuf ; (brave) juwan-murd, 

gazee-murd, janbaz, soornia,beer, 

sahusee, soor. 
Gallant, s. yar, jar, rusiya, isbkbaz, 

uyyasb, ashik-tun, ashik-roizaj, 

tu mash. been, bud-wuza ; (para^ 

mour) yar, asbna, ankh-luga, 

Gallantly, ad. dilerana, juwan-mur- 

dee*se, murdanu-war, murda- 

murdee-se, shoojaut-se. 
Gallantry, s. ishkbazee, uyyashee, 

tumash-beenee, ashikee, yaree; 

(bravert/) juwan-murdee, beerta, 

buhaduree, shoojaut, dileree. 
Gallery, $. chhujja, buramda, bar- 

cha ; (of picture*) tusweer-khana ; 

(of mirrors) slieesh-muhul, aee- 

G^ley, 8, kisra juhaz. 
Galling, a, dookh-daee, tukleefee, 

peera dene-wala. [tuban. 

Glillipot, s. koolhiya, koolhur, mur^ 
Gall-nuts, s. majoo-phul, mazoo. 
Gallop, s. rou, bug-chhoot, surput, 

Griillop, 9. bug toot jana, pashna, 

kob jana, surput dourna, kuruk- 

na, rou men jana, duptana, bug- 
chhoot dourna. 
Gallows, $, phansee ka kath, gul 

kee lukree. 
Gamble, v. jooa khelna, kimar-ba- 

zee k. bar jeet khelna. 
G&mbler, s, jooaree, kimar-baz, 



[ 166 ] 

G A Z 

G&mboI,«. kbel kooci, kUol, ulel, 

Game, $. khel, bazee, boord-bakht, 

luhvu-laab; (joke) thut-tha, 

khillee, tumuskboor, muskbura- 

pun; (m 8porimen*$ language) 

shikar, syd ; (cock) useel-moorg ; 

(match) daoy bazee. 
Game^ ». khelna ; (Jbr money) jooa 

khelna, kiroar-bazee k. 
Gamester, i. jooaree, kimar-baz, 

G4muty s, surgum pudnee. 
Gander, f. butka, buttuk. 
Gang, 5. gol, dul, jutha, taife, jum- 

ghut, guroh, umboh, thok. 
Gltngrene, t. khora, surun. 
Gaol, $, kyd-khana, jel-khana, 

bundee-khana, zindan, zindan* 

kbanu, jyUkhanu, jihl-khauu, 

muh-bus, pundit-khanu. 
Gap, 1. chbed, cbak, shuk, rukhna, 

Gape, V, jumaee-lena, jumhaee 

lena ; (stare) dekh rubna, hakka- 

bukka rubna. 
Garb, s, poshak, libas, puhrawa, 

bana, purichhud. 
Giirbage, «. ojbree, fooila, ojh. 
Glirden, $, bag, bag-cba, bageecha ; 

(bugeecha), chiimun. 
GMener, s, bagban, malee. 
Gardening, t, bagbanee. 
Glirgle, f. kooUee, gurgura, gurara. 
G&rgle, 9, kooUee k. muzmuza k. 
- gurgura k. 

Gdrland, i. sihra, bar, mour. 
Girlie, $, luhsun, seeur. 
Glirment, s. posbak, libas, kupra, 

poshish, bustr. 
G&mer, f. khutta, kotha. 
Gtoet, «. yakoot. 
Glirnish^ V. arasta k. singama, soo- 

dhama, sunwama, sobhit k. bhoo- 

shit k. 
Garrison, s, gurh-wale, uhl i kila, 

kileh kee fouj. [poor-go. 

Gltrrulous, a, bukwadee, bukwasee, 
G&rter, s, mozabund, puttee. 
G4s, f. rousbun-huwa. 
Gash, », zukhro-i-karee, ghao-gum- 

bheer, boogara. 
Gasp, V. hamphna, dum chnrhoa ; 

{the last) akhiree dum lena, mooa' 

dum lena, ghurra lugna, sooe 

tunuffooz h. 
Gate, s, durwaza, dwar, phatuk» 

phulsa, dwara. 
G&teway, f. deorhee, dehleez. 
Gather, v. juma k. butorna, ekut* 

tha k. sumetna, furahum k. jor. 

na; (pluck) toma; (pick up) 

choonna, beenna ; {taxes) tuhseel 

k. tuhseelna, oogahna ; {collect} 

iuma h. joorna, butoorna, fura« 

hum h. ; (as clouds) ghirna, oo* 

Gathers, s, choonut. 
Gaudily, ad, araish-se, bunao-se^ 

Gaudiness, s. bhuruk, chutukyzurk, 

burk, arabli. 
Giiudy, a. rungeela, chutkeela, 

bhurkeela, turuhdar, raookuUuf^ 

rungeen, zurkee, burkee. 
Gauge, V. mapna, pymaish k. purl- 

man k. 
Gauze, s. kupur«dhool. 
Gay, a. khoosb, mueun, bhurkeela, 

bag bag, zinda-dil, khoorruro, 

dil-shad, khoosh-tubu. 
Gayness, i. khooshee, shadmanee, 

khoorrumee, zinda-dilee, khoosb* 

tubuee, bushashut. 
Gaze, V. takna, tuk ruhna, dekh 

ruhna, ghoornai ankh lugaoa. 


[ 167 ] 

£ N 

Gu^te, s. ukhbar,fumacharputr. 
Oazing-stock, s. ungoosht-nooma, 

nishanu, nigaru, nuzur-gah. 
Gear, f. keel-kanta, saz-saman, 

Geld, o. khasee k. ukhtar k. khae 

nikal dalna. 
Gelding, f. khusee, akhta* 
Gem, s. juwabir, rutn, jouhur, 

Gemini, s, (anutellatum) jousa, 

roithoon, hirna-himee, adum- 

G^der, s, jins, seegui-tanees-wu- 

tuzkeer, ling, jati. 
Genealogical, a. nusubee ; (table) 

Dusub-oama, koorsee-nama, bun- 

Genealogy, s. husb-nusub, bunsa- 

wulee, nusl, asl, koorsee, peer« 

hee, kool. 
General, a, am, roooruvwij, umoom, 

mootluk, sadharun. 
General, s. sipah-salar, senaputi. 
Generality, s, oomoora, shoomool, 

Generally, atL uksur, oomoomun, 

buboodba, sadharun roop-se. 
Gr^neralship, f. sipah«salaree. 
Generate, v. jumna, pyda h. byana. 
Generation, f. pydaish, ootput, 

tuwuUood, junm ; (race) usl, 

kool, ghurana; (progeny) oulad, 

buns; (iuccettion) poosht, peer- 

hee ; (age) zumana, joog, dour. 
Generosity, s, sukhawut, fyz, iyya- 

zee, toufeek, kooshada-dilee, su« 

kha, kuramut, bukhshish, datri- 

twu, dansheelta. 
G^eroui, a. sukhhee, fyyaz, ku- 

reem, sahib-toufeek, kooshada- 

dil, kurum-bukhsh, kurum-eoos- 

tor, data, poon-&tmay dan-sheel ; 

(as food) tukwiyut-bokhth, 

poosht, tukweeyutee. 
Geneva, f . jin shurab. 
Gonial, a. khatir-khwah, dil-pusund, 

humwar, guwara, swa-bhawik. 
Genitals, s. shurm-gah, sutr, ling, 

Genius, s. kho, seerut, kbuslut, 

mizaj, soobhao, tubu, tubeeut ; 

(mental f acuity) zihn, fuhm, zu- 

kawut, idrak, fuhmeed, shuoor, 

moodrika, booddhi, gyan. 
Genteel, a, shaista, shoosta, roeerza- 

yanu, roeerza-munish, sufeela, 

murdoom-amez, shisht. 
Gent^Uy, ad, khoolk-se, tukuUoo^ 

se, shaistugee-se, udub-anu. 
Gent^lness, s. shoostugee, shaistu- 

gee, khoolk, ukhlak, uhliyut, 

sujawut, shisht-aoharee. 
Gentile, f. deo-poojuk, kritrim-tha- 

koor poojaree, bhinn*mut ke log. 
Gentility, s, nujabut, shurafut, 

khoolkiyut, insaniyut, adum-gu- 

ree, murde-admiyut, bhul-roun- 

see, meerzaee, ushrafut, moo- 

Gentle, a, gureeb, nurm, dheema, 

komul, luteef, suleem-oot-tubu. 
Gentleman, s. ushraf, sahib, murde* 

admee, bhula'inanus, miyaii-ad- 

mee, zadu. 
Gentlemanly, ad, murde-admee-sa, 

ushraf-anu, bhule^manus-ka-sa. 
Gentleness, s, moolaimut, hilm, 

nurmee, goorbut, mooruvvut, ko- 

raulta, numrta, mridoota, soo- 

Gently, ad, moolaimut-se, nurmee- 

se, ahisteh, dheere, rusaen-se. 
Gentry, s, ushraf- log, kool-wunt- 

log, shoorufa, noojuba, roousa. 
Genuine, a. useel, khalis, chokha, 

G I D 

[ 168 ] 

G L A 

suheeh, khura, nij ; {as a trans. 

lation) theek, dooroost, suheeh. 
G^nus, f. jins, jati, gun, rukum. 
GeiSgrapher, s. joografiya-dan,bboo- 

Geography, s. joografiya, bhoogol 

bidya, goUadhyae. 
Geometrician, s. moohundis, kshetr- 

puriman vidya, hundusa-dan. 
Geometry, s. ilm i musahut, puri. 

man-bidya, bundusa. 
Germ, s, konpul, gabh, kunsee, 

unkhwa, unkoor. 
Gesture, s. wuza, dhub, halut, uda, 

hurkut, bhao, ^oul. 
Get, V. pana, prapt k. basil k. hath- 

lugna, bath-ana, jooma, mooyus- 

sur h. milna, roil-jana. 
Ghastly, a, bhoot-sa, moorda-sa. 
Ghost, f. (apparition) bhoot, pret, 

bhootna, saya, purchhaeen, soo- 

rut-wuhmee, gol ; (spirit) rooh, 

atma ; (the Hofy Ghost) rooh-ool- 

koods, rooh-mookuddus, rooh- 

pak, puvitr-atma, shooddh-atma, 

Giant, s, rakshus, deo, dyt, danuv, 

Gibbet, s. pbansee kee lukree. 
Gibe,s. tuanu-zunee, thutholee, tuan- 

tushneeu,Iuan-tuan, tusukhkhoor, 

tunz, kulami-istihza, ruroz, soo- 

Gibe, V. tuan-tusbnee k. thutholee 

k. tuanu-zunee k. 
Giber, s, thuthe-baz, zureef, huzzal, 

thutholiya, rumz-baz. 
Giddiness, f. ghoomree, dourani- 

sur, choundbee, tewur, choun- 

dhi3rahut; (unsteadiness) cbun- 

chulaee, chunchulahut, chupulta. 
Giddy, a, chunchul, chupul, uch- 

pul, ulbela, uchet, usthir; (in- 

toxicated) mudhosh, be-khood, 

Gift, s, uta, dan, bukhshish, inam, 

hiba, murhumut,nuzr, nuzurana, 

dad-dihish ; (faculty) kuraraut, 

wusf, kabliyut, goon, liyakut. 
Gifted, a. liyakut-wala, goonwunta, 

kuramutee, goon-wan. 
Gigantic, a, kuwee-hykul, dyt-sn- 

roopee, ifreet-soorut, moobeeb, 

Giggle, v. khilkhilana, kheekhiyana, 

Giggler, s. khilkhiliya. 
Giggling, f. haha-heehee. 
Gild, V. soonuhra k. ; (illuminate) 

moonuvvur k. roshun k. 
Gliding, f. tila-karee, zur-nigaree. 
Gimlet, s. burma. 
Gin, s. phunda, dam ; (liquor) kism- 

Ginger> s, udruk, ada ; (dry) sonth, 

Gingle, s, jhunuk, khun-kbun, 

jhun-jhun, tun-tun, jhunkar. 
Gingle, V. jhunjhunana, tuntunana, 

jhunkarna, jhunukna. 
Gird, 17. lupetna, bandhna, kusna, 

jukuma, lugana. 
Girdle, s, kumur-bund, putka, 

arbund, kuti-bund. 
Girl, s, lurkee, chhokree, loundiya^ 

kunya, bucbee. 
Girlish, a, lurkee-sa, chhokree-sa. 
Girth, s. tung ; (single-girthed) ek* 

tunga; (surcingle) furakhee. 
Give, V, dena, bukhshna, de dalna^ 

inayut k. 
Giver, f . deuewala, data, bukhshin* 

da, dewyya, dihinda, dewal, de« 

wa, danee. 
Gizzard, s, puthree, sung-dan. 
Glad, a, khoosh, khoorrum, aDun- 

G L £ 

C i«« ] 

G L O 

dit, bag bag, shad, dilshad, rous- 

roor, muhzooz, khoor-sund, ni- 

hal, mugn, shadroan. 
Gladdeo, v. khoosh k. hoolsana, 

aound k. dilshad k. 
GlMly, ad, khooshee-se, shouk-se, 

bu-khooshee, anund-se, khoor- 

ruraee ke satb. 
GUulnesSy s, khooshee, anund, shad- 

maoee, sooroor, sbadee, khoor- 

sundee, imbisat, furhut, burkb. 
Glad-tldings, s. busharut, khoosh- 

khuburee, rooozhda, mungul-su- 

machar, munguUsumbad. 
Glance, s. nuzur, rumuk, jhaonlee, 

jhulkee, jhuluk, nigah. 
Glance, v, jhulukna, nigah k. 

nueur k. 
Gland, s, giltee, goothlee. 
Glanders, s. kunar. 
Glare, s. jhuluk, jugmugahut, tab, 

tabish, jot, bhuruk, jhuljhulahut. 
Glaring, a. (notarioia) zahir, ash- 

kara, fash, prugut ; (gaudy) bhur- 

keela, chumkeela, rungeela. 
Glass, s. sheesha, kanch; (cup) 

piyala, jam ; {burning) aftabee 

sheesha ; (mirror) aena. 
Gl^y, a, sheeshe-ka, sheeshe-sa. 
Glase, V, sheesha jurna ; (vesselt) 

rougun pherna ; ( paper) ghotna, 

moohra k. uhar d. ; (linen) 

kulup k. 
Gl&zier, s, sheesha jume-wala. 
Gleam, s. purto, jhuluk, chumuk, 

tab, durukhsh, roshnee, jug- 

mugahut. [jhulukna. 

Gleam, v. chumukna, jugmugana. 
Glean, v. khosha-cheeoee k. been- 

na, choonna, lounee k. 
Gl^aning,«. khosha-cheenee, lounee. 
Glee, 5. khooshee, hurkh, anund, 


Glide, v« suhuj men buha jana, goo- 

zurna, beetna, chule jana. 
Glimmer, v. jhilmilana, jugmuga- 
na, dumukna. 
Glimmering, t. jugmugahut, jhilr 

Glimpse, s. jhilmilahut. 
Glitter, v, jhulukna, chumukna, 

jhumukna, jugjugana, luhukna, 

chumchumana, dulukna. 
Glittering, a. durukhshan, moo- 

nuvvur, durukhshinda, burrak. 
Globe, s. koora, gola, bhoo-gol ; 

(the celestial globe) koorai-fulko ; 

(the terrestrial globe) koorai-urz, 

khugol o bhoo-gol. 
G16bular, a. gol, gola-sa, kooruwee, 

golwan. [golee4 

Globules, f. gol-dana, ruwa, golee- 
Gloom, f. dhoomlaee, undher, taree- 

kee, teerugee, zoolmut, undhkar ; 

(of aspect) oodasee. 
Gl6omy, a. dhoomla, undhera, ta. 

reek, teeru ; (melancholy) oodas, 

dilseer, rookha. 
Glorify, v, hurod k. tuareef k, mu- 

hatum k. lazeem k, buraee k. 

dhunn manna, goonanbad k. 
Glorious, a. juleel,zooUjulal,uzeem, 

mujeed, tejuswee, tejomy, tej- 

wunt, prutapee, prutapwan. 
Glory, f. julal, tej, humd, uzmut, 

fukhr; (heavenly blessedness) im" 

bisat-buhishtee, swurgeeu-sookh. 
Gloss, f. jila, moohra, jhuluk, chu- 
muk, op; (comment) shuruh, 

Glove, f. dustana. 
Glow, s. duhuk, hurrarut, tumtuma- 

hut, ag, luhur. 
Glow, V. duhukna, tumtumana, 

luhluhana, dheekhnai tupna, 


G O L 

[ 170 ] 

G S 

Glowing, a. gurai, tabnak. 
Glow-worm, s. joognee, shubtab, 

Glue, s, suresh. 
Glu«, o. turesh lugana, jorna, 

wusl k. 
Gllitinous, a. luslusa, chipchipa, 

GUitton, f. petoo, ukool, khaoo, bi- 

siyar-khor, bhukshuk, pet-arthoo. 
Gnash, v, kichkichana* peesna. 
Gnat, s. mucbchhur, kootkee, mus. 
Gnaw, o. kooturna, chubana, chu- 

Gnomon, t. dhoop-ghuree ka kanta. 
Gnomonics, f . dhoop-ghuree ka ilro. 
Go, o. jana, sidharna, chulna, chuU 

ta h. ruwanu h. goozur k. ; {re- 

spectJulUf) tushreef lejana. 
Goad, f . pyna, ar ; (/or elephants) 

Goal, s, thikana, muksud, munziU 
Goat, f. bukree, bukra. 
Gobble, V, bhukh-jana, ghup-ghup 

k liana, dbookusna, bhukosna, 

lup-lup khana. 
G6bblet,s. kutora,jam, piyala,ka8Qh. 
God, f. khooda, ullah, eeshwur, 

purmeshwur, rubb, yah, baree, 

baree-tualla, nareyun, bhugwan, 

G6dhead, s, khoodaee, ooloohiyut, 

ilaheeyut, eeshwurta, bruhm-twu. 
Godliness, s, deendaree, khooda. 

purustee, khooda-tursee,eeshwur- 

sewa, eeshwur-bhuktee. 
Godly, a<f. deen-dar, khoodapurust, 

khooda-turs, dharmik. 
G6down, s. godam. 
Going, f. jana, chulna, sidharna, 

Gold, 4. sona, zur, tila, swum. 
Gold-beater, s, wuruk-sas. 

Golden, o. sonuhra, soonuhia, zu- 

reena, tilaee ; (age) sut-joog. 
Goldsmith, s. sonar, zur-gur. 
Golf, f. gend-putaka ka khel. 
Good, 8. bihturee, bhula, mungul, 

kulyan, khyr, bhulaee, khyriyut, 

salamtee, faida, bhudrta. 
Good, a. uchchha, bhula, khoob, 

bihtur, muakool, nek, kbassu, 

besb, toohfa, dooroost, theek, 

wajibee, soobh, neko, bhudr. 
Goodnature, 5. nek*khuslut, uch« 

chha-soobhao, nek-teenutee, soo* 

swubhao, bhul-rounsee. 
Good-nlitured,a. nek-teenut,khoo8b* 

kho, nek-kho, nek-mizaj, shaislu* 

mizaj, gool-admee, gureeb. 
Goodby'e, ad. khooda-hafiz, uUah- 

belee, fee-uman-ullah. 
Goodness, s, nekee, khoobee, lootf, 

bhul-munsaee, nikoee, sulahiyut, 

bhulaee, bhudrta. 
Goods, s. mal, usbab, umwal, mu- 

tau, cheez-bust, jins, ushiya, 

utala, wustoo. 
Good-will, f. khyr-khwahee, huwa* 

Goose, 8, bans, raj-hans, buttukh, 

Gooseberry, t. phurphota. 
Gore, s. iuhoo, khoon, roodr. 
Gore, v. seengiyana, seeng marna, 

doon marna, bhonkna, hooliyana, 

Grorge, V. nigulna, nako-nak bhur- 

na, nako-nak khana, hulk tuk 

khana, uphurna. 
Gorgeous, o. bhurkeela, aleeshan, 

uzeem-oos-shan, moozyub, moo* 

Gormandize, v. bhukhna, uphurke 

khana, bhukusna. 
Gosling, t. bans ka buchcha. 

G R A 

[ in ] 

G R A 

Gospel^ t. iojeel, kboo^-khuburee, 
muDgul 8umachar« moozhda, 

Gossamer, t. boodhiya ka soot, kata. 

Gossip, t. lubra, bat-cheet, gup« 

Govern, v. umul k. surdaree k. raj 
k. hookoomut k. prubboo-ta k. 

GdveiMible, a, sudhaoo, sadh, 
bookin-pizeer, hookm-burdar, 
bookmee, funna-burdar. 

Governess, s. oostanee, atoo, goor* 

Goveroment, s. umul, umuldaree, 
raj, hakimee, bundobust, hookm- 
ranee, prubhoota. 

Governor, s. amil, hakim, surdar, 
nazim, sooba, wulee, walee, 

Governor-General, «. bura-sahib, 
moolk-malik, moolkee-Lord-Sa- 
hib. [koeela. 

Gourd, f. kuddoo, petha, koomrha. 

Gout, «. nukris, bat-rog, nikrus. 

Gown, f. cbupkun, pesh-waz, ja- 
ma, pyrahun. 

Grace, s. fuzl, toufeek, unoogruh, 
kripa; (elegance) jumal, suj, 
dbuj, uda, naz, an, bunao, khoo- 
bee, kurushma, soondur-ta. 

Graceful, a, sujeela, zeba, soondur, 
tunihdar, khoosh-uda, rana, mu- 

Gracefulness, t. sujawut, zebaee, 
lootf, khoosh-ruftaree, soondur- 
ta, mulahut, soodoulee, si-douiee. 

Graceless, a, kum-bukht, shureer, 
na-laik, ubtur, na-khuluf, bud. 
zat, kupoot, murdood, mulamu- 
tee, randa. 

Gracious, a. mihr-ban, dyal, ru- 
heem, amoorzgar, kureem, kripa- 
loo, dya-wunt, ksbemawaa. 

Gr&ciously, ad. mibrbanee-se, nn* 

wazish-se, dya-se, kripa-se. 
Gradation, s, durja, krum, tudreej, 

paya; pud pud. 
Gr&dually, ad, rufte rufte, duija bu 

durja, krum krum-se, bote bote, 

kudre kudre, zurra zurra, tbora 

tbora, kudum-bu-kudura. 
Graft} V, pywund lugana, kulum k. 
Grain, s. unaj, naj, guUa, dana ; 

(particle) zurra, ruwa, unoo, ku- 

nee ; (of wood) rug, jouhur, jigur. 
Graminivorous, a, ghus-kbaoo, ghu« 

siya, iluf-kbor, churinda, cbu- 

Gr&mroar, t. kaida, surf o nuhv, 

Grammarian, f. surfee, nuhvee, 

ubli-surf-o-nubv, byakurunee, 

nub V. surf-dan. 
Grammatically, ad. kaide-se, bya« 

kurun kee reet-se. 
Granary, s. gola, gunj, kotba, ko« 

thee, guUa-khanu, khutta. 
Granate, Granite, f. kism i jouhur. 
Grand, a» oomda, uzeem, bura^ 

muha, shureef, kubeer, muhut. 
Grandchild, t. pota, potee, pisur. 

zadub, nubeera, nubeeree ; (by 

the daughter) nuwasa, muwasee, 

natee, nutnee. 
Granddaughter, s. potee, doohtee, 

Grandeur, f. shan, uzmut, bibhou, 

boozoorgee, hushmut, shikob, 

shoukut, dubduba, shobha, uy- 

shuij, jah-o-julal 
Grandfather, s. (paternal) dada; 

(maternal) nana. 
Grandmother, f. (paternal) dadee; 

(maternal) nanee. 
Gr&ndson, t. pota, nuwasa, dohta^ 


G R A 

[ 172 ] 

G R E 

Oranlvorous, a. danuh-khor, pur- 
wurda, pula-hooa. 

Grant, s, bukhsbish, uta, inayut, 
inam, biba, dan, murbumut ; 
(in land) jaegeer; (in writing) 
hiba-naraa, furman, sunud^ pur- 

Grant, v. dena, bukbsbna, uta k. 
murbumut k. inayut k. bukb- 
sbish k. dad o dibisb k. prudan 
k. ; (allow) kubool k. manna. 

Granulary, a. danubdar, ruwedar. 

Granule, «. ruwa, dana, reza, kunee. 

Granulous, a. danubdar, ruwedar. 

Grape, s. ungoor, dakb. 

Grapnel, <. kanta-jubazee, cbbota 

Gr&ppie, V, gubna, pukurna. 

Grasp, s. girift, punja, kubza, 

Grasp, v» pukurna, gubna. 

Grass, f. ghas, trin. 

Griisscutter, s. gbusiyara. 

Grfissbopper, s, pbunga. 

Grate, s, jhunjburee, mooshubbuk. 

Grate, v. rugurna, gbisna, kirkira- 
na, boorada k. 

Grateful, a. sbookoor-goozar, ib. 
san-mund, numuk-bulal, sbakir, 
musbkoor, minnut-dar, mum- 
noon; (agreeable) kboosb, gu- 
wara, mukbool, bbaona, soobao- 
na, pyara. 

Grfiler, $. gbisnee. 

Gratification, «. furbut, kboosbee, 
kbatir-daree, tufreeb, muksud- 
wuree, uysh, boolas, suntokb, 

Griitify, V. kboosb k. rijhana, naz- 
burdaree k. suntoosbt k. tript k. 

Grating, s. jbunjbree, moosbubbuk. 

Gi^tis,a£{.mooft, yoonbee, bila-iwuz. 

Gratitude, s, isban-mundee, numuk- 

hulalee, sipas, sbookr, sbookr<» 

goozaree, goonanbad, sbookran- 

Gratuitous, a, mooft-ka, inamee. 
GralCiity, «• inam, bukhsbisb, sila, 

Grave, s, kubr, gor, muzar, su- 

Grave, a. sunjeeda, bbaree-bbur^ 

kum, gumbbeera, sabib-tumku- 

nut, moodummug, sabib-munisb ; 

(clothes) kufun. 
Grave-digger, «. gorkun. 
Gravel, s, kunkur, kunkuree, sung-r 

Graver, «. cbbenee. 
Gravity, <. sunjeedugee, gumbbeer* 

ta, tumkunut, munisb, dheerta ; 

(weight) wuzn, bojh, sikl. 
Gr^vy, s, ab-gosbt, yukbnee, ab" 

josb, pusao. 
Gray, a. (hair) pukka, do-moo, do- 

mooa, siyah-soofyd, kbakistiree, 

kbiebree, udb-pukka, kucbcba- 

pukka ; (as a haze) soorkba, mug<* 

see ; (as morning) dboondbulka. 
Graze, v. cburna, cburana ; (tottch 

lightly) rugra kbana, cbat jana. 
Grazier, s. cburwaba, rukbwala, 

Grease, f. cburbee, cbiknaee. 
Great, a. bura, uzeemi boozoorg, 

kulan, oomda, boozoorg-war, 

Greatly, ad. buboot, bu-sbiddut, 

nibayut, bura kur, niput, nidan. 
Greatness, «. boozoor^^ee, oomdu- 

gee, buraee, uzmut, boozoorg- 

waree, kulanee, jab-o-julal ; (rio- 

lence) sbiddut, isbtidad. 
Greaves, s. lobe ka moza, paon 

kee silab. 
Greece, (. yoonan. 

G R I 

[ 173 ] 

G R O 

Gr^diness, s, lobh, laluch, trishna, 
houka, hirs, tuma, goorsina- 

Greedy, a, bur-peta, bhookhmooa, 
lobhee, lalchee, tami, tummau. 

Green, a. {in colour) subz, hura, 
huriyala, sursubz ; {/rah) taza, 
tur-o-taza ; {unripe) guddur, 
kuchcha ; {inexperienced) unaree, 

Green, s. subza, hureeree ; {grassy 
plain) murghzar, subza-zar. 

Greenness, f. subzee, sursubzee, 
tazugee, tur-o»tazugee, turee, tu- 
rawut, huriyawul, huriyalee. 

Greens, s, sag, subzee, bbajee, tur- 

Greet, v. sahib-sulamut k. sularo k. 
sulam-oo-ulyk k. dust-bu-sur h. 
joohar k. adab k. milna, nu- 
muskar k. [siyut 

Gregarious, a. golee, rewur-khas- 

Grenade, s. ban, hookka* 

Grenadier, s . gurandeel, bandar. 

Grey, o. kubra. 

Greyhound, f. shikaree kooUa< 

Gridiron, s. grildan. 

Grief, s. gum, sog, ulum, koft, 
runj, undoh, hum, khed, dookh, 

Grievance, s. dookh, sukhtee, jubr, 
undher, zoolm. 

Grieve, v, gum k. kulupna, koorh- 
na, ufsos k. puchhtana. 

Grieve, o. a. sutana, runjeeda k. 

Grieved, a, gumgeen, dilgeer, run- 
jeeda, dookhee, undoh-nak, moo- 
tuussif, undoh-geen, huzeen. 

Grievous, a. dookh-daee, durd- 
ungez, sukht, shudeed. 

Ghrill, o. bhoonna, biriyan k. tulna. 

Grim, a. mooheeb, hybut-nak, 
rooha, dooroosht, kurukht. 

Grimace, f. khees. [dant-nikalna* 
Grin, o. khisiyana, dant-nikosna, 
Grind, V, peesna, duhia ; (with a 

grindstone) san d. ; {sharpen) barh 

rukhna, tez k. ; {the teeth) kur- 

kurana, kirkirana, kutkutana. 
Grinder, «. peesunhara; {Jem,) 

peesunharee ; {tooth) darh. 
Grindstone, 5. san ; chukkee, sil. 
Gripe, v, jukur kiir pukuma ; {pain) 

murorna, pechish k. 
Gripe, I. girift, muchor, choongul, 

kubza, punja, hath, mootthee ; 

{pain) muror, murora, pechish ; 

{the gripes) pechish, murora; {in 

horses) koorkooree. 
Gripe, v. pukuma, guhna, muchor- 

na, punju men lena ; {the belly) 

murorna, murora k. pechish k. 
Gristle, s, koorree, chubnee huddee. 
Grit, «. duliya, kunee; {gravel) 

kirkir, sung-reza. 
Grittiness, «. kirkirahut. 
Gritty, a. kirkira. 
Groan, s. ah, kurah. 
Groan, o. kurahna, kusukna, ah 

mama, ah-o-zaree k. 
Grocer, s, bukkal, punsaree. 
Groin, s, chud, chuddha, junghasa. 
Groom, s. saees, suees. 
Groove, s, khundhana, khana, ghur. 
Grope, V. tutolna, toa-toee k. tona. 
Gross, a, mota, juseem, bharee, 

tunawur ; {inaccurate) kucheha ; 

{indelicate) fahish, moogulluza. 
Grossly, ad, nihayut, niput; (m- 

delicately) be-shurmee-se. 
Grbssness, s, motaee, burapa, jusa* 

mut, zukhamut, tunawuree; (t'/i- 

delicacy) foohsh. 
Grotto, s, goopha, khoh, koonch, 

gosbu; hoojra, surd-khanu. 

G a cj 

[ 174 ] 

G U A 

Grot^ue, a, huft-ningee, adba 
teetur-adha buter. 

Grove, i. koonj, darukhton ka 
jhoond, koonj-bun. 

Grovel, o. rengna, khwar ruhna, 
furo-roaya ruhna, khufeef nihna, 
zulalut ikhtiyar k. zuleel ruhna. 

Ground, s. zumeen, dhurtee, bhoom, 
prithiwee, prithee, bhooeen, urz ; 
(not water) khooshkee, sookha; 
(bottom) thah ; (in painting) zu- 
meen ; (came) bais, subub, was- 
ta, karun ; (origin) jur, shooroo, 
utl, mool. 

Ground, v, sumeen pur rukhna; 
(arms) solana ; (tn a $cience) ka- 
mil k. zihn nusheen k.poora k. 

Groundless, ad. be>8ubub, be-moo* 
jib, be-thikana, nahukk, be*-bai8, 

Ground^rent, t. zumeen ka kiraya, 
malgoozaree, khuzana, purfout, 

Grounds, s. (^dregs) tulchhtat, koo- 
doorut, doord, myl, gad. 

Group, t. mujma, bheer, jutha, 
umboh, hoojoom, tolee, gurob. 

Grouse, t. junglee-moorg. 

Grow, V, oogna, oobna, punupna, 
punpunana, jumna, burhna ; (be 
produced) pyda b. oopujna; (at 
Jruit) pbulna, lugna; (tm^ove) 
turukkee k. ; (become) ho^ana ; 
(proceed) nikulna, basil b. 

Growl, r. goorrana, ghoorglioorana. 

Grown, pa. a, ooga hooa, juma 
hooa, burha hooa, burb gya, 

Growth, t. burhtee, roeedugee, ba- 
leedugee, mimoov, burhao, brid- 
dhi; (progrest) turukkee; (prO' 
duee) pydaish, basil. [baona. 

Grub> t, ketree, kirmttk ; (a dwarj) 

Grudge, t. keena, rushk, goranee, 

nifak, udawut, koodoorut, byr, 

lag, inad, dooshraunee, koput, 

eersha, dwesh, goobar, tukud«. 

door, koolfut, hinsa ; (reluctance) 

husrut, dureg, ufsos. 
Grudge,o. khooiisana, udawut rukh- 
na, chherna; (to be reluctant) 

dureg k. 
Gr&el, f. peechh, mand, pusao, 

Gruff, a. sukht, toond, kura, tulkh, 

Grbffly, ad, sukbtee^se, kora-pun- 

se, toondee-se, toorshee-se. 
Gkfiffness, t. sukhtee, toondee, doo« 

rooshtee, kurukhtee, toorshee, 

Grtimble, v. koorkoorana, burbura- 

na, turturana, ghoonghoonana. 
Grdmbler, f. burburiya, koorkoori- 

ya, koorkoorane-wala, ghoon* 

GrCimbltBg, t. koorkoorahut, bur- 

burahut, turturahut, ghoonghoo- 

Grunt, V. goorrana, ghoorghoorana. 
Guaranty, t. zamin, kufeel, bamee. 
Guarantee, «. zima k. zarain h. 

ziromukar h. ijara k. hamee bhur- 

na, zimmudar h. 
Guard, s. (tentinel) puhra ; (watch" 

man) choukeedar, puhradar, pah. 

rooa ; {of a tword) dust-punah, 

dustugee, belchuk, uree, dal ; 

(tn fencing) ar, eera ; (state of 

caution) hoshiyaree, khuburdaree, 

cbouksaee, chouksee, ihtiyat, 

ruksha, buchao. 
Guard, v, hiiazut k. moohafuzut k. 

buchao k. niguh-banee k. ugoniay 

boshyar ruhna, ruksha k. 
Guarded, «• muhfooty moohafusut. 


[ 175 ] 

H A C 

GoMiant f« nmeen, hamee, uma- 

nutdar, moorubbee, moohafis, 

niguh-ban, haris, rukhwal, satir. 
Guardianship, s. umeenee, umanuty 

moohafuzut^ niguhbanee, hirasut. 
Gaa?a, s. umrood. 
Goesa, s. kiyas, khiyal, pindar, uU 

kul, unbhou, unoommn. 
Guess, V. kiyas k. ulkul-se kuhna, 

tarna» rouaioom k. unooman k. 
Guest, f. roihman, utith, warid. 
Guidance, s. hidayut, ruh-noomaeey 

ngwahee, peshwaee, ruh-biixee, 

irshad, moorshidee. 
Guide, f . ruh-nooma, ruhbur, ha- 

dee, pesbwa, mooktuda; (tptri* 

tutJ) hadee, moorshid, peer, goo- 

roo ; (runner) douraha, bulahur, 

bulabee, ugooa. 
Guide, V. ruh-noomaee k. hidayut 

k. butana, chulana, dikblaua. 
Guile, s. heela, fureh, mukr, kuput, 

jool, bootta, chhu), dhoort-ta. 
Guileless, a. bhola-bbala, sada, be- 

riya, muasoom, sadu-Iou, nadan. 
Guilt, s. goonah, khuta, upradh, 

koosoor, dokh, ehook, pap. 
Guiltless, a, be-goonah, nir-dokhee, 

mooburra, masoom, buree, nir- 

upradhee, nis-papee. 
Guilty, a. goonuhgar, tukseerwar, 

upradhee, khutakar, moolzum, 

moojrim, asee, papee. kail. 
Guise, s. bhes, libas, soorut, shukl, 

bana, bunao, purda. 
Guitar, s. sitar, keetar. [gird^ab. 
Gulf, s. kol,koond; (6d£(y)bhunwur, 
Gullet, s. nuretee, hulk, boolkoom, 

gula, nurkhura, nai-gooloo. 
Gulp, v. a. gutukna, gurp-se kha* 

na, ghoTit iana, nigulna, dbokna. 
Gum, f. gond,sumug; (i^the teeth) 

musoora, lissa ; (Jree) gondnee. 

Giimmy, a. gond-sa, luslusa, chip- 

chipa; (eyes) chipra^ kichra, 

chipruha, keeehurha. 
Gun, s, bundook ; (cannon) top. 
Gunner, s. golundaz, top-chee. 
Glinpowder, t. baroot, daroo. 
Giinwale, t. juhas ka seena-punah. 
Gush, V. buh-nikulna, phoot lukuU 

na, oomundna, dhurdhurakur 

nikulna, phoot-buhna. 
Gust, f . (<rf wind) jhoka, jhupka, 

Gut, t. ant, antree. 
Glitter, f. moobree, budur-rou. 
Giittural, a. hulkee, kunth-ya. 
Gymnlistic, a, wurzishee. 
Qy'psum, <• kism khuree-mittee. 


Habeas-c<$rpus, s, khulasee-nama. 
Haberdasher, ». bisatee, parche* 

wala, dust-furosh, rezu-furosh, 

Habergeon, t. gule kee silah. 
Habit, s, kho, adut, dustoor, wuza, 

shewa, tureek, ruwya, wuteera, 

kaida, soobhao; (dreu} libas, 

bhes; (praUiee) ubhiyas, rubt, 

tour, ruwish. 
H&bitable, a. ruhne-laik, kabil-isti- 

kamut, ruhne-jog. 
Habitation, f. mukan, rouskun, dera, 

ruhna, huwelee, ghur, grih, aluy, 

basa, niwas, stban, ikamut, soo- 

Habitual, a, mamool, ubhiyasee, 

moosawat, kho»pizeer. 
Habituate, v. kho dalna, adut pu- 

kuma, ubhiyas k. gudbana, kno- 

Hack^ V. tookre tookre kur dalna. 


C 176 ] 


kootur dalna, pash pash k. chup- 

pa chuppa k. 
H^gard, a. lagur, murbhookha, 

doobia, kak, dangur, dhugga. 
Hail, s. ola, puthur, zhala, tugurg. 
Hail, v. ola purna, puthur purna ; 

(salute) sahib-sulamut k. sulam 

k. ; {call) hank marna, awaz d. 

pookarna, lulkarna. 
Hailstone, f. ola. 
Hair, s. bal, bar, kesh, moo ; {doton) 

roan, pushm, room, roongta. 
Hairy, a. mooedar, moeena, pusb- 

mee, roongta-dar. 
Hlilberd, s. gundasa. 
Hale, a, bhula-chunga, huriyala, 

taza-tuwana, ucbcbba-bicbchba. 
Half, s. adba, nisf, neem, nisfee, 

neema, udhwar, udhiyaee, urddh. 
Half-way, s, adbee-rah, adha-rusta. 
Hall, i. dalao, bargab, uywan ; (of 

audience) deewan-am, 
H^llelujah,s. ulbumd-oolillah, eesb« 

wur kee jy, tusbeeb-o-tubleel. 
Hiilloo, V. a. lulkarna, pookarna, 

hoolkarna, cbhooch-karna. 
Hallow, V, mookuddus k. puvitr 

janna. , 
Hallowed,^, pak,tukuddoos, puvitr. 
Halo, s. halub, koondul. 
Halt, V. lungrana, lung k. lung 

kbana, lung mama ; (itop) thuhur* 

jana; (in a march) mookam k. 

tikna, tbuhurna, dera k. ; (faul- 

ter) huklana, looknut k. ; {hesi- 
tate) pusopesh k. aga-peecha k. 
Halter, s. phansee, bag-dor, russee, 

Halve, V, udhiyana, adhon-adh k. 

nisfa-nisfee k. do-neem k. tun- 

seef k. do hissa k. dwi-bhag k. 

biUmoonasufa k. 
Ham^ s. ran, jangh, koola, poottha. 

Htolet, s, khera, pooreey poora, 

purwa, kuriya. 
Hiimroer, s, huthouree, hutlioura, 

martoul ; (of a gun) fuzool. 
Hammer, v. thonkna, peetna. 
Hammock, s. juhazee kbat. 
Hamper, s. dala, dulwa, chbeeba. 
H^mper,v.ooljhana, junjal men daU 

na, phunsana, giriftar k. utkana. 
Hamstring, v, a. puttheb katna» py 

marna, kooche katna. 
Hand, s. hatb, dust, punja. 
Hand breadth, s, char-ungool, char- 

Handcuff, v. a. bath-bandhna, huth- 

kuree k. 
Handful, «. mootthee-bbur, moosht, 

roootthee, moosbt-bhur. 
Handkerchief, s. roomal, ungochha. 
Handle, s. dusta, bent, dasa, kubza. 
Handle, v. batb lugana; cbhoona; 

(mention) tushreeb k. touzeeb k. 

tufseel k. zikr k. burnun k. 
Handmaid, s, useel, dasee, suhelee, 

daee, daya, mama, mamuk. 
Handmill, s. chukkee, asiya. 
Handsome, a. khoob-soorut, soon- 

dur, 60otra,buseen,zeba,jumeel, 

khoosb-roo, khoosh-nooma. 
Handsomely, ad, bu-khoobee^ ucb- 

chee turuh-se. 
Handspike, s. cbob. 
Handwriting, s, dust-kbutt, hatb- 

Himdy, a, dust-kar, sooghur, kabil- 

d\ist;(convenient)mv)koo\^kwm ka. 
Hang, V. tangna, lutkana ; (execute) 

pbansee d. gul d. dum kbufa k. 
Hangings, «. jhalur. 
Hangman, s, juUad. 
Hank,^. pbentee, pecbuk, iQchcbha. 
Hap, s. kismut, bhag, tala, nuseeb ; 

(accident) ittifak, de?agut. 

H A a 

t t77 ] 

H A R 

H&piy, od, shayudy itti£Eikun, iui- 

fi^)less, a, kum-bukht» ubhaga, 

be-nuseeba, bud-bukbt, siyab- 

bukht, nigpon-bukht. 
E^ppen, V. ho-jana, sadir h. bona, 

w^ h. a-puraa, toot-purna, 

goozuraa, beetna. 
Happiness, s. khooshee, suadut, 

sookh, asooda-halee, kamranee, 

khoosh-halee, anund, kam-garee. 
Happy, a, khoosh, khoomim, anun- 

deR, kamran, musroor, muhsooz, 

magun, sookhee, kam-yab, kam- 

Harangue, s. kulam, tukreer, moo- 

Harass, v. kbijana, sutana, uziyut 

d. tusdeea d. runj d. dookh d. 

dikk k. ajiz k. tung k. tbukana, 

takleef puhoonchana, kusbt d. 

klant k. 
Harassed, a, bulak, bulkao, doo- 

khee, mootuuzzee. 
Harbinger, f. ugwa, burkara, doot, 

Harbour, s. bundur, kol, jubaz 

kee ot. 
Hard, «. sukht, kurra, kulhin, sun- 

geen; {difficult) mooshkil, shu- 

deed, bharee, dooshwar ; (cruel) 

kuttur, zaiim, kurukht ; {unjust) 

gyr-wajibee, na-muakool. 
Hard, ad. {near) kureeb, pas, luge 

hooe; (<W^c«%) mushukkut-se, 

mihnut-se, durd-i-eur-se ; {fait) 

juldee, sbitabee ; {violently) zor- 

se, shiddut-se. 
Harden, v. sukht k. kurra k. 
Hardhearted, c. sung-dil, kutta, 

kuthor, dooroosht-kho, kuttur, 

Hardiness, «. muzbootee ; {bravery) 

dileree, tuhuvvoor, be-bakee ; 

{effrontery) goostakhee, dhitaee, 

iDugraee, be-udubee. 
Hardly, ad, mooshkil-se, dikkut-se, 

Hard-m6uthed,a.ek-bugga, moonh- 

zor, bud-lugam. 
Hardness, f. sukhtee, bedurdee, 

sung-dilee, kurukhtee, doosh- 

Hardship, s, sukhtee, runj, tusdeea, 

zooiro, jubr, bidut, kusht, jour, 

thukaee, oopudruv. 
Hiirdy, a, muzboot, shub-zor, 

sukht, sahibi-takut, kuwee-mi- 

zaj ; {brave) murdana, be-bak, 

mootuhuvvir ; {impudent) goos- 

takh, mugra, be-shurm. 
Hare, s, khur-gosh, soossa, lum- 

Hark ! intetj, soono, dekho, kan 

Harlot, s. kusbee, kunchinee, fa- 

hisha, chhinal, fajira, fasika, 

shuttah, kuhba. 
Harm, f. nooksan, zurur, zuboonee; 

ziyan, tota, runj, dookh. 
Harmless, a. (good-natured) bhola, 

seedha, be- bud, gureeb, bod la, 

gegla, bhoogga, muasoom; (tn- 

nocuous) be-ziyan, be-nooksan, 

Harmonious, a, poor-soz, khoosh- 

awaz ; {concordant) sazgar, eksan, 

H&rmony, s, luhun, tal-mel, turun- 

noom ; (concord) mel, ittihad. 
Harness, s. saz, surunjam, saman, 

Harp, «, been ; (Jew's harp) mOor* 

chung. *^ 

Harper, s. burbut-nuwaz, chungee. 
Harpoon, 3. tekana. 

H A V 

[ ITS ] 

H £ A 

Harpooii^r,s. tekana chulane-wala. 

Hiirpsichord, s, sitar, 

Harrow, s. henga. 

Harsh, a. kusala ^ (rude) torn, bud- 

Hkrshness, s. kuiawut, khur-khura- 

hut; {teverity) sukhtee, dop- 

rooshtee, kurukhtee. 
Hart, f. hurin, mrig. 
HarUbom, f. burn ka seeng. 
Harvest, t. fusul, ziraut, dirou* 
Hash, o. keema k. 
Hasp, s, cbbupka. 
Haste, t. juldee,^ ootaolee, jhuput, 

shitabee, phoort, tuajeel,1stiujal, 

sbitab«karee, begee. 
H^ten, V, juldee k. dourana, shita- 
bee k. sheegbr k. twura k. 
Hastily, ad. juldee-se^ toort, beg, 

shitabee, ootaole, jhutpatee*8e ; 

(rashfy) be-tudbeeree*se« be-gour. 
Hlisty, a. juld, shitab, ootaola, 

phoorteela, shitab-baz ; (roih) 

be-lihaz ; ( passionate) toond, 

juld-mizaj, julturung. 
Hat, t. topee, koolah. 
Hatch, V. sena ; (contrive) bandhna, 

oothana, iftira k. 
H^tchel, s. mongree. 
Hatchet, f. koolharee. 
Hate, 0. dooshmunee rukhna, byr 

rukhna, boora manna, mukrooh 

Hateful, a. mukrooh, mayoob, boo- 
ra, bud, zuboon, kureeh, na- 

muakool, na-guwar. 
Hatred, f. dooshmunee, byr, keena, 

udawut, boogz, bud-khwahee, 

khoosoomut, dab. 
Have, V. rukhna, pas h. bona. 
Haven, s» bundur, juhazon kee ot 

Havener, t. sbahi-bundur. 

H&aghtipess, s. gooroor, ghumund, 

dimag, mugrooree, pindar, kibr, 

istikbar, khood-beenee, gurb» 

uhunkar, buraee, tukubboor. 
H&ughty, a. mugroor, ghumundee, 

mugra, poor-gooroor, ukur-baz, 

mootukubbir, uhunkaree, gurbit. 
Hiful, v. khynchna, uynchna, gbu« 

Haunch, s. ran^ jangfa, koola, 

poottKa. [nishost-gah. 

Haunt, t. thangee, udda, ukbara, 
H&voc, t. garut, tubahee, nash, 

gudr, khurabee. 
Hautboy, s, shuhnae, soomae, nr. 
Hawk, t. baz, joorra, shikra. 
H&wker, s. phereewala; (of eata^ 

hUi) khanche-wala. 
Hay, s. sookhee ghas. 
Hazard, f. jokhon, khutra, undesha, 

mookhatura, wuswas, chinta ; 

(game) jooa, kimar-bazee. 
Haze, s» kohra, kohasa, kohur. 
He, pron. wuh ; oosneh. 
Head, s, sir, sur, matha, moor, 

moond, sees. 
Head, a. surdar, prudhan. 
Headache, i. durd i sur, sirdookhna. 
Headband, s. surbund, puttee. 
Headlong, a. oundha-moonh, sir 

ke bul. 
H^strong, a. dheeth, sir-zor, sir- 

churha, urei, goostakh, sbokh, 

be-Iugam, seena-zor. 
Heal, V. chungak. shufa d. uchchha 

k. sihhut d. ; (disputes) rufo-dufa 

k. riia k. fysla k. 
Healthi s. tundooroostee, sihhut. 
Healthy, a. tundooroost, chunga, 

bhula-chunga, suheeh-ool-budun, 

suheeh-o-salim; (wholesome)moO' 

wafik, moofeed, khoosh-guwar, 


H £ A 

t 179 1 

H £ I 

Heap, t. dber, dheree, umbar, toda, 

gtinj, ras, tal, butoura, toomar. 
Heap, V. juma k. jorna, ekutthan k. 

thopna, ek-ja k. dher iugana. 
Hear, v. soonna, kan lugana, isti- 

man k» kan d. shruwun k. dhyan 

luf^na, lean k. ; {attend to) moo- 

tuwujja h. lihaz k. ; {obey) manna. 
Hearer, t, soonne-wala, soonwyya, 

shrota, shtnuwa,8hoonwa,shinwa. 
Hiring, s, sboonwa, soonaee, soo- 

nawut, sumaut. 
H^ken, v. kan lugana, dbiyan k. 

mootuwujjuh b. surgosbee k. 
Hearsay, f . soonee-soonaee bat, su- 

Heart, f. dil, kulb, kbatir, chit, bee- 

ya, birdy, untur, batin, zumeer. 
H^rtily, ad. bu*dil, dil-se, shouk- 

se, dildihee-se, jee luga ke, dil- 

H^rtburn, 8, wuj-ooI-fuwad,umul- 

pit ; {to have) kuleja julna. 
H^ut-buming, t. {ditcontent) nn- 

rusj fusad, bigar. 
H^rtless, a, be-dil, unmuna, mu- 

no-bbung, sahns-rabit. 
Heartlessly, ad, be-dilee se. 
Heartlessness, t. be-dilee, boo- 

H^rty.a. surgurro, moostuid, such- 

cha, rest, dil-gurm, tun-dih, dil- 

soz;(tnAiea/M)tun-dooroo8t, bhu- 

la-cbunga, suheeb-ool-budun. 
Heat, I. gurmee, tao, buranit, tu- 

pish, tab, sozish, ugin, ootfap ; 

(of temper) atush-mizajee, juld- 

Heat, V. gurmana, dbeekna, gurm 

k. tana, taona, dheekana; {as an 

oven) Jhokna ; {toater, with a hot 

iron) boojhana, dagna. 
Heath, s. jharee. 

N 2 

H^tben, s, boot-purust, deopoo* 
juk, kritrim-thakoor poojaree. 

Hiatbenism, i. boot-purustee, deo- 
pooja, kritrim-thakoor pooja. 

Heave, v. oobhama, oothana ; (caft) 
phenkna; {pant) dhurukna, 

Heaven, f. asman, buhisht, swurg, 
bykoonth, junnut. 

H^venly, a. asmanee, buhishtee, 
akashee, swurgee, junnutee. 

H^viness, s. bojh, bbar, sukalnt, 
wuzn ; {dejection) oodasee, gum<^ 
geenee; {languor) soostee, ulsan, 

H^vy, a. bharee, wuzunee, gurait, 
sukeel ; {iad) ghumgeen ; {op* 
prestive) dooshwar; {at food) su- 
keel; {at sleep) bujjur; {laden) 
dubel ; {drow^) ulsana. 

H^rew, «. ibranee, ibree. 

Htotomb, f. sou bylon kee koor- 

Hedge, s. barb, bare. 

H^gehog, t. sahee, seenh, kbar* 

H^ging-bill, s. dao, bunsiya. 

Heed, t, khiyal, dbiyan, lihaz, pur* 
wa, savdhanee, chouksaee* 

Heed, v. khiyal k. dbiyan lugana, 
manna, lihaz k« savdhan fa. soo* 
chet h. 

Heedful, a. choukus, soochet. 

Heedless,fl.gafil,be-khubur, be-pur* 
wa, be-fikr, be-tudbeer, uchet. 

Heedlessness, t. gufluit, be-khubu- 
ree, be-purwaee. 

Heel, 8. eree, pashnuh. 

Heifer, s, byhree, osur, buchhiya, 

Height,*, oonchaee, boolundee, oon- 
chan, tandj oonchahut ; {extre" 
mity) shiddut, josh, noubut, uyn. 


[ 180 ] 


Heighten, «. ooncha k. ooncbaiia ; 

(raise) burhana; (aggravate) ziya- 

da k. bharee k. 
Heinous, a. zuboon, shudeed, bura, 

kubeera, uzeem. 
Heir, s. vrms, udbikaree, hukk-dar, 

Heiress, s, warisa. 
Heirless, a. la-waris, be-walee- 

waris, be-waris. 
Heliacal, a. shumsee, sooruj-ka. 
Heliography, s. byan aftab ka. 
Helly s. juhunnoom, dozukh, nuruk. 
Hellebore, s. kootkee. 
Hellish, a. juhunnumee, dozukhee, 

shytanee, narkee. 
Helm, «. putwar. 
Helmet, s. top, khod. 
Helmsman, t. manjhee. 
Help, », mudud, imdad, suhaeta, 

oopkar, mudud-garee, pooshtee, 

istianut, ianut; (rem&di^) ilaj, 

charu, oopae. 
Help, V. mudud k. suhaeta k. oop- 
kar k. thambhna, sumbbalna. 
Helper, f. mududgar, suhae, mooa- 

win. [karuk. 

Helpful, a, mpomid, moofeed, oop- 
H^lpless, a, la-char, be*mukdoor 

furo-mandu, be*suhae, oopae. 

ruhit, be-bus, be-bal-o-pur, la- 

ilaj, be-kaboo, nadar. 
Helplessness, s. la-charug, be-rouk- 

dopree, furo-mandugee, nadaree. 
Helve, J. koolharee ya busoole ka 

be;it, dusta. 
Hem, s, umul-puttee, loorhiawun, 

kungoora, mugzee, sunjaf, kor. 
Hem, V, umul-puttee seena, mug- 
zee lugana ; (nurround) gherlena, 

moohasura k. 
Hemisphere, s. nisf-odl-urz, nisf- 


Hemp, s, sun, pat, suni. 

Hen, s, moorgee ; (J'm.) mada. 

Hence, ad, juhan-se, eehan-se, 

idhuNse; (Jar thit reaton) is 

waste, is liye. 
Henceforth, ad, ub-se, is wukt-se, 

bad iske,ainduh,age,saneeun-hal. 
Heptagon, f. huft-puhloo, sutkona, 

Her, pron. (poss,) ooska, ooskee ; 

(ace) oosko. 
Herald, s, dhindhoriya, moonadee. 
Herb, s, nubat, boota, juree, boo* 

tee, sag, durukht. 
Herl^ge, s. ghas-pat, subza, chu- 

raee, bunas-puttee, huree. 
Herd, t. jutha, guUa, rewur, jhoond. 
Here, a. yuhan, eehan, is jugub, 

Hereafter, ad. is peechhe, bad is ke^ 

bad uzeen, akibut-men. 
Hereby', ad, is-se, is-pur. 
Her^itary, a, mouroosee, bupou* 

tee, judd, abaee, nuslee, nuslun- 

bad-nuslun, butnun-bad>butDun. 
Herein y ad, is men. 
Heresy, f. phoot, koo-puth. 
Herewith, ad, is ke sath. 
Heritage, s. meeras, wirasut, bupou« 

tee, wursa, irs, mouroos. 
Hermaphrodite, f. hijra, mookhun** 

nus, kheev, nupoonsuk. 
Hermit, s, goshuh-nusheen, bun. 

H^ro, f. buhadoor, beer, shoojau^ 

soorma, soor, gazee, puhlwan, 

juree, soor*beer, rawut. 
Heroic, a, buhadoor-anu, diler-anu, 

Heroism, s, buhaduree, beerta, 

shoojaut, joor-ut, soorma-pun. 
H^ron, Hem, s, booteemar, bugia* 
Herpes, s, gunj. 

H I D 

[ 181 ] 

H I G 

Hers, pron, ooska, ooske» ooskee. 
Herself, pron. ap, upnee-ap. 
H^tate, v. pus o pesh k. doobdha 

itikhna, aga*peechha k. hysbys« 

men h. kuniyana, dodtt h. shuk 

rakhna, suiuiieh k. ; (m tpeaking) 

htdikichana, atukna. 
HesitlttioB, $. pus o pesh, doobdha, 

shuky wuswas, hysbys, turud. 

dood, shush o punj, aga pee- 

chha, chul bichul, undesha, awi- 

dha, sundeh, sunshy. 
Heterodox, a» bidutee, kharijee, bi- 

rooddh, biAoddhodhonneey koo- 

Heterogeneous, a. g3rr jins, na*moo« 

tabft, na-moowafik, usum-jatee- 

yu, bijate^n. 
Hew, V. kat dalna, turashna, took- 

ra tookra k. [suddus. 

Hexagon, #. shush-puhloo, moo- 
Hexagonal, a. chhu kooa, shush- 

gosha, khut kona. 
Hexameter, f. khutpud, khut-pudee 

shlok, moo8uddu8« 
Hey, Heyday, tut;, ahha, obho, 

ullah uUah, jyjy, shabash, kya 

khoob, kya bat hy. 
HIekup, $, hichkee, fowak, ooslook, 

Hlckup, o. hichkee lerta, hichkee- 

yana, hichkee lugna. 
Hidden, a. chhipa, posheeda^ goopt, 

mukhfee, pinban, nihan, moostu- 

tur, looka; {diu^peared) xoo\K»Yi, 
Hide, f. chursa, udhouree, khal, 

eham,chumra,post, jild, cbumree. 
Hide, o. chhipana, posheeda k« loo. 

kana, dhookana, gopun k. duba. 

na, mudfoon k.; (conceal) dubuk. 

na, chhipoa, lookna, posheeda h. 

dhookiMy dubna, sutukna, roo- 


Hide, and Seek, t. ankh-michoulo, 
ankh-michouvul, chor-moondou- 
ra, chushro-bunduk, sur-mamuk, 

Hideous, a. mooheeb, hybutnak, 
bhyanuk, zisht, moostukruh, zish- 
roo, bud-hyut, bhyunkur^ ku- 

Hldeousness, s. hybutnakee, zisht- 
rooee, hybut, duraona-roop. 

Hie, V. jttldee chula ana, bege ana, 
ootaoTe ana, sheeghr ana. 

Hierogl/phic, t. hurf i nukshed, 
hurfi shuklee. 

Higgledy-piggledy, oi. oolta*pool- 
ta, gurbur, ubtur, durhum-bur- 
hum, gyr*raooruttub, idhur-ka- 
oodhur oodhuNka-idhur. 

High, a, ooncha, boolund, ala^ bala, 
oochch, oorddh, muhut, moortu- 
ia ; {bred) useel, nusulee, zat ka 
uchchha ; (dear) guran, muhnga, 
bura, mol ka : {Mo$t High), hukk 
tuala, ullah tuala, surb-opurist, 
baree tuala, ezudi-mootual. 

Highland, s. kohistan, puhar, koh, 

Highlander, s, puharee# kohistanee, 
kohee, puhariya. 

Highly, ad. buhoot, nihayut, niput, 

Highness, f. ooitchaee, boolundee, 
irtifeu, rifut, bnrturee, balaee; 
(title) huzrut, junab i alee, mu- 
haraj, muhottumta, rauhamuhim, 

Hlghminded, a. mugroor, uhun. 
karee, gurbbee. 

Hisfh-wliter, s, jwar, churhao. 

Highway, f . sbuh-rah, suruk, dugra, 
shah -rah, rajputh. 

Highwayman, t. kuzzak, rahzun, 
butpar, koottaoot-tureek. 


[ 182 ] 

H O L 

liil&rity, «. khoosh-dilee, chohul, 

sinda-dilee, khooshee, shadma- 

nee, mui^naee, hurkh. 
Hill, s* puhar, purbut, giri, koh, 
. jubul. 
Hillock, s. puharee, teela, doong- 

ree, tekra. 
Hilly, a, puharee, kohsur, purbutee. 
Hilt, 8, mooth, kubza, dusta. 
Him, proH, oosko, isko, iseh, ooseh. 
Himself, pron. ap, aphee, khood, 

upneh ap. 
Hind, 8. hvirnee, baruh-singee, chi- 

Hinder, v. rokna, moozahumut k. 

muna k. utkana, nished k. barna, 

badba d. 
Hinderance, 8, utkao, moozahumut, 

rookao, moomanuut, h)ktok ; 

{hinderer) moozahim, hail, mani. 
Hinge, 8, nur-mada, nurmadgee, 

{a pivot on which a door turns) 

chool kubza. 
Hint, 8, ishara, kiuaya, eema, rumz, 

syn» sunket. 
Hip, s. kooli^, pooth, sooreen. 
Hire, <. kiraya, bhara, rouzdooree, 

theka, oojoora, oojrut, hukk-hu. 

lal, kumaee, mihnut-ana, oojoo- 

radaree, chookouta, rozeena. 
Hireling, «. oojooradar, muzdoor, 

rozeenadar, thekedar. 
His, pron. iska, ooska, iskee, ooskee. 
Hiss, V, talee mama, phish k. ; (as 

a snake) phoonkarna. 
Historian, s. moourrikh, sahibi- 

tareekh, tuwareekh-dan, rawee, 

nakil, uhli siyur, ittihas-karuk. 
History, s. tareekh, tuwareekh, hi- 

kayu^ ruwayut, ittihas, churitr, 

brittant, oopakhyan, kutha. 
Hit, V, mama, lugana, chot4ugana; 


Hither, ad, idhur, is-turuf, wureb* 
Hitherto, ad, ub-tuk, hunoz; yuhafi- 

tuk, aj-tok. 
Hive, 8, {bee) mohal; (wasp) 

chhutta« 1 [burn. 

Hoar, a, soofyd, pukka, shookl- 
Hoard, s, poonjee, maya, jama, 

gurwa*dhun, khizana, gunj, gunr 

jeena, roopyon ka ghura, du« 

Hoard, v, juma k. jorna, butoma, 

sunchy k. 
Hoarfirost, s, pala, kobur, kora. 
Hoariness, s, sufedeeJ^ 
Hoarse, a, bharee awaz, gooloo- 

giriftu ; (to be) awaz byth jana» 

gula puma, gula khurkhurana. 
Hoarsely, ad. bharee awaz*se. 
Hoarseness, s. bharee-awaz, swur- 

bhung, giriftugee-awaz. < 
H6bble,v.mutuktachulna, thoomk- 

kur chulna, koodukna, lung 

H6b-nail, s, jooteh ka mekh. 
Hocus-pocus, 8. nut-bidya, chutuk- 

phutuk, n<|tuk*chatuk, chhoo* 

Hoe, 8, phoura, bel, koodal. 
Hog, t, soour, burah, khook, khun* 

zeer, sookur. 
Hoist, V, churhana, khura k. oo- 

Hold, «. pukurna, guhna ; (contain) 

sumaee rukhna, ana, umana, 

goonjaish rukhna. 
Hold, 8, girift, pukur; (support) 

asra, tekun; (power) bus, ikh- 

tiyar ; (of a vessel) duhra ; (den) 

roand ; (a fort) gurhee, kula, 

Holder, a, rukhnewala, dharuk. 
Hole, I. chhea, bil, soorakli, gurha, 



t 183 ] 

H O R 

Holiness, s. pakee^(<ee, tukuddoos, 

puYitruta ; (title) huzrut. 
Hollow, a, khalee, khokhra, phonk, 

chhoochha, thotha, pola, khokh* 

la ; {unfaithfiiS) bewufa, riyakar. 
Hollow, s. khokh, phonk, gurha. 
Hollo, irdj, O \ ureh, uy, ho, u-jee. 
Holy, a, pak, inookuddu8,dhurmee. 
Holy-Ghost, s, Roohoolkoods, pu- 

Holiday, $. teohar, purub. 
Homage, s, tasleeroat, bundugee, 

tabidaree, itaut, pruDaro. 
Home, $, ghur, mukan, dera, 

Homely, a. sada, gareeba-mou, 

kumroo, unghurh. 
Home-made, a. {chth) ghurkuttee ; 

{dome$tic) ghureloo, ghur ka, 

Homicide, s. murdoom-kooshee, 

Homicide, a. murdoom-koosh, hu- 

Homogeneous, a, hom^jins, eksait, 

ek-jms, soman, sum-jad. 
Hone, s. puthree, sillee. 
Honest, a, mooutubur, diyanutdar, 

khura, suchcha, rast-baz, uma- 

nut-dar, mootudyyun, seedha, 

Honesty, s, mooutubqree, eeman- 

daree, suchchaee, diyanut, rast- 
baiee, tudyyun, eeimin, sut. 
H6nestly, ad. eemandaree-se,khufe- 

pun-se, suchchaee-se. 
Honey, s. shuhd, mudhoo, mou, 

osl, ungbeen. 
Honey-comb, s. mohal. 
H6nour, 8. iczut, wukr, man, adur, 
bhurum, put| wikar, uzmut, boo- 
zoorgee, buraee. 
Honourable, a» sahib-izzut, mooh- 

turum,adurman, zee-izzut,mooh- 

tushum, sahib-hoormat. 
Honorary, a. izzut-bukhsh. 
Hood, 8, top, koolah. 
Hoof, 8, soom, khoor. 
Hook, 8, ankree, ankra, kaitta. 
Hookah, 8, hookka. 
Hooked, a, unkreedar, kuj, terha. 
Hoop, 8, koondlee, ghera, huika. 
Hooping-cough, s. daba, kookur- 

Hoot, v. kisee ke peechheh talee 

bujana, dootkama, luan-tuan k. 

ungooshtnooma k. 
Hop, V. koodukna, phoodukna. 
Hope, s. oommyd, asa, tuwukkoo, 

as, bhurosa. 
Hopeless, a, na-oommyd, mayoos, 

niras, be-tuwukkoo, bhurosa- 

Hopper, s. chukkee ka gala. 
Horde, 8. oordoo. 

Horizon, 8, oofuk, kinara-i-asman. 
Horizontally, ad, pura hooa, zu- 

meen ke burabur. 
Horn, 8, seeng, shakh, koorn. 
Horned, a. shakhdar, seengdar, 

Hornet, s. zumboor. 
Horoscope, s. iunum-puttree, tali- 

nama, zaeecha, lugun-koondlee; 
Horrible, \ a. hybut^nak, bhyanuk. 
Horrid, / zuboon, boora, moo- 

heeb, houlnak, mukroob, ibrut- 

ungez, suhum-geen, wuhshut- 

H6rror, s, hybut, houl, dhurka, ib« 

rut, wuhshut, muha-shunka. 
Horse, #. ghora, usp, ushwu. 
H6rseback, 8, ghore pur suwar. 
H6rsebreaker, s. chabuk-suwar. 
Horsedealer, s. ghore ka soudagur* 
Horse-doctor, s. salotr^e. 

H U 

[ 184 ] 


It6rse-1eechy u rae-jonk, bhynsa- 

Horseman, i. suwar. 
Horserace, f, ghoor-dour. 
Horse-radish, $. suhujna kee jur. 
Horse-shoie, s, nual. 
Horticulture, 8. bagbanee, malee- 

guree, nukhl-bundee. 
Hose, I. mozeh, joorab. 
Hosier, s. mozeh-baf. 
Hdspitable, a, syyah-dost, nihinan- 

purwur, moosafir-nuwaz, uhli- 

moodara, moosafir-dost. 
Hdspita), 8, dar-oosh^shifa, beemar. 

khana, chikitsa-aly, duwa-khana. 
Hospitality, 8, mihman-purwuree, 

moosafir-purwuree, moodara, 

mihman-daree, mihman-nuwo- 

zee, utithi-sewa. 
Host, s. mezban, sahib*khana, mih- 

man-dar ; {army) Iqshkur, fouj, 

dul, sena-sumooh. 
Hostage, 8, ol, yoorgmal. 
Hostile, a, mookhalif, birooddh, 

Hostility, 8» mookhalufut, udawut, 

luraee, dooshmunee, byr, bi- 

rooddhta, jooddh, run. 
Hot, a. gurm, tutta; {fiery) tez, 

chutputa, churpura. 
fiotel, 8, surae ungrezee. 
Hot-se&son, s, mousumi-gurroe^ 

khursaha, gurmee ke din. 
Hotwinds, i. loo, loon, soomoom, 

H6vel,s. jhompra, jhompree,chhup- 

pur, kaza. 
Hover, v. pura phima, phirta ruh- 

na; (as hird8) mundlana, luga 

Hough, V, a, nus katna, py katna. 
Hound, 8, shikaree-kootta, akh6t 

ka kootta. 

Hour, I. ghuree, saut, urhaee-ghu. 

ree, ghunta. 
Hourglass, s. sheesha-saut, shee* 

Hdurly, a. ghuree pur ghuree, hn? 

ghuree, ghuree-gnuree, saut bo 

saut, athon puhur. 
House, 8, ghur, roukan, huwelee, 

khanu, byt, grih, sura. 
H6use-breaker, s. nukkab, sen- 

dhiya, nukub-zun, seiidh-mar. 
Hdusehold, «. ghurrana, khandan, 

puriwar; {servants) shagird-pe- 

shu ; (goods) ghur bar, usas-ooU 

byt, utala, khanman. 
House-h61der, s. khanudar, mukan- 

dar, sahib-khanu, ghur-wala, 

ghur<*baree, grihusth. 
Hous^-keeping, s, grihustee, ghur- 

kurna, khane-daree. 
House of C6roiiions, s, mujlisi-am. 
House of Peers, #. mujlisi-khas, 

H6use-rent, s. ghur ka kiraya. 
House-wife, i. maliknee, bee bee, 

bee wee, khawindnee, ghurnee, 

grihusthun, grihinee. 
How, ad, kyse, kis turuh, keon«kur, 

H6wever, pron, toubhee, tispur- 

bhee, tahum, tuthapi. 
H6witzer, s, uraba. 
Howl, V, bhounkua, pookar pookar 

rona, nouha k. nala k. booka k. 
Hubbub, ad. dour dhoop, hurbu- 

ree, bheer bhar, hank-pookar, 

hulchul, bulwa. 
Hue, 8, rung, bum ; {cry) hooha, 

hank-pookar, gool, shor, 'gohar, 

gool gupara, pookar khuder. 
Huif, 8. khufugee, chir, jhanjh. 
Hug, V. chhatee-lugana, gule-luga- 

na, koutee bhurna. 


[ 185 ] 


Huge, a. burft, kulaii, tizeem, muha, 

Hitik, s. khd yti kothee iuhazee. 
Hall, s. khol. 
Hum, V. goongoonana; (of beet) 

Hainan, a, insanee, busbree, ma- 

nookhee, loukik, munoosb-sum- 

Hbman, $. (being) adumzad, insan, 

admee, bushiir, rounookb. 
Hmnline, a, durdmund, ruhro-dil, 

bhula-manus, room-dil, mootu. 

rubhim, dyaloo, puropkaree. 
Haroanity, $, insatiiyut, admtyut, 

hilm, murdooroee, turobhoom, 

bbul-muDsee, dya. 
Humble, a. gureeb, khaksar, furo- 

tuQ, udbeen, roiskeen, ubkur, 

mootubummil, buleem, naror, 

Hbmble, v, neecba k, pust k. 

udheen k. 
Hbmbly, ad, gtireebee-se, udbeen* 

taee-se, numrta-puorvuk* 
Hiimid, i». num, murtoob, oda, 

geela, bbecjii, bheega. 
Humidity, 8, rootoobut, turawut^ 

seel, turee. 
Humililition, i. furotanee, ijzo-inki- 

sar, kusri*nufe. 
Humility, i. kbak-saree, inkisaree, 

huleemee, numrta, udbeentaee. 
Hbmonr, t, rus, mizah, thutbeb- 

bazee, luhur, thutholee. 
Hfimour, v. khatir rukbna, nazbur- 

daree k. murzee rukbna, icbcbha- 

poorvuk k. 
Humorous, a, tbutbol, kbooshtuba, 

zureef, bunsor, rusik. 
Htimpbacked, a, koobra, koobba, 

koozu-poosht, khuraeeda-poosbt, 


Hundred, a, sou, sy, sud ; (per 

cent,) sykra; (tfumsand) lakh, 

lukh, luksb. 
Hundredtb, a, souwan. 
Hbnger, «. bbookb, ishtiba, goor- 

sinugee, kshooda, cbbooda; (to 

hunger or be hungry) hhookh lug- 

na, bbookha b. kuleja mulna, 

pet men ag lugna, untriyan kooU 

noowullab purbna, dozukh ko 

Hbugry, a. bbookba, goorsina, 

Hunt, V. sbikar k. rugedna, aber k. 

akbet k. 
Huntsman, f, sbikaree, syyad, bu* 

heliya, bbeliya, budhik, 
Hurds, $. cbeep. 
Hurl, e. gira d. 
Hbrricane, s. andhee, toofan, 

Hurry, s, sbitabee, juldee, hurbu- 

ree, bega begee, doura douree. 
Hurry, v. juld k. shitab k, hurbu- 

ree k. burburana. 
Hurt, s, cbot, zurur, ziyan, nooksan, 

Hurt, V. chot d. dookb d. eeza d, 

nooksan k, 
Hbrtful, a. moozir, ziyan-kar, nook- 

sanee, zuboon, boora. 
Husband, 8, khawind, put, sboubur, 

zouj, pee, peea, kant, bhatar. 
Hbsbandman, s, kisan, krisbuk, 

Husbandry, t, kisanee, kisbtkaree, 

zirautee, bulaee»bowaee. 
Husb, interj, choop, khamosb. 
Uusb-rooney, s, risbwut, moonh- 

Husk, 8, cbhilka, post, bukkul. 
Hut, 8, jbompra, cbbuppur, mun- 


I D B 

r 186 ] 

I G N 

HCit-builder, $, chhuppur*baitd. 
Hutch, s. kothee, obhree, koothla. 
Hyacinth, s, sumbool. 
Hydradlics, s. ilmi-abruwaDee. 
Hydrocele, s, ab-noozool, dookooI. 
Hydrocephalus, <• sir-ko panee 

Hydr6meter, #. panee napne kee 

ek alut. 
HydToph6bia,s. hurok,8ug»guzeeda. 
Hy^na, », churkh, lukra, churg. 
Hymo, s, geet, bbujun, munkubut. 
Hypochondriac, a. houldil, sou- 

daee, khufukan, khulul-dumag, 

Hyp6crisy, s. riyakaree, mukr, ku- 

put, do«rungee, bhugul, chhul. 
Hypocrite, 9. riyakar, mukkar, kup- 

tee, do-runga, zahir-nooma, moo- 

nafik, doo-rooya. 
Hypocritical, a. zahir-purust, muk- 

kar, doo-rooee, mukr-amez. 
Hypdthesis, s. kiyas, ihtimaly utkul, 

tukhipeen, unoobbuy. 
Hyssop, 8. Z00&. 


I, pron, myn ; (I mysdf) myn ap. 

Ice, burf, yukh. 

Ichneumon, «. rasoo, newul, ben- 

jee, nevla. 
Ichor, s, zurd-aby xuhr-ab, panee 

ghao ka, zurd-aba. 
Ichthy61ogy, 9, muclihliyonka byan. 
Id^ 9. khiyal, wuhm, tusuvwoor, 

sumujh, soch, fikr^ fuhmeed, 

bodh, mut, sunskar, unbhuv. 
Id^l, a. khiyalee, wuhmee, kulpit, 

arizee, bhurmee, mansik. 
Identical, a. wuhee, mootabik, bura- 

bur, eksan, ekhee. 
Identity, i. mootabukut, tutbeek^ 

ekta, tut-swqroopta, tad-atmyu, 

I'diom, 9, moohawuta, rozmurra, 

istilah, turzi-kulam, siyak kularo, 

siyak subak, buchun-dhara» bolee 

kee reet. 
Idiomatical, a, istilahee^ mooha- 

wure-ka, mujazee, 
I'diot, 9, gaodee, geedee, bhukwa, 

gustangur, koudun, uhmuk, ub- 

luh, gubee, madurzad-moourra, 

junm-ka-moorkhy bewukoof, 

junm*dhoondha, pagul, khepa, 

rdle, a, {lazy) mujhool, alusee, ka- 

hil, aram-tulub, aramee, dheela, 

soost, iiikumroa; {unemployed) 

bytha, tbalee, bekar, moouttul, 

niskurm ; (trifling) bey-muanee, 

behooda, pooch, moohmul, uka- 

ruth, britha. 
I'dleness, 9, soostee, mujhooleey ka- 

hilee, alus, kuhoolut, dheeU 
Tdol, s. boot, moorut, prutima, 

pootlee, kritrim-thakoor. 
I'dolator, 9, boot-purust, moorU 

poojaree, kritrim-thakoor poo- 

Idolatry, s. boot*purustee, prutima- 

pooja, moort-pooja, kulpit-tha- 

koor pooja. 
Idolize, V. poojna, uzeez janna, 

khooda-sa jauna, deo sumujh 

If, conj, ugur, jo, kash, go. 
I'gnis^fatuus, i. ag shytanee, doiih, 

gol-byabanee, looka, chhulawa. 
Ignite, V, ag lugna, julna, dubukna, 

bul oothna. 
Ign6ble, a, kumeena, pajee, rizala, 

siffa, bud-usl, rijala, neech, furo. 

mava, bud-zat, bud-nusl, tookhm- 

budy koo-jat. 


[ 18^ ] 


IgtioiDtiiioas, a. na-shaista, kubeeh, 
suboon, bud, fuzf^utee, mula- 
mutee, dagee, kulunkee, upuma- 
nee/ neecb, rooswa. 

Ignominiously, ad. be-boormutee* 
se, rooswaee-se, kulunk ke sath. 

Fgnominy, i, rooswaee, budnamee, 
be-gyrutee, kulonk, fuzeebutee, 

. tufzeeh, be-hoormutee, upuman, 
door-nam, ukhyati, dag. 

Fgnorance, $, jabilee, nadanee, be. 
wukoofee, ugyanee, jihl, be-khu- 
buree, jihalut, be-shuooree, na- 
wakifiyut, oa-shioasaee, ugyanta, 
ubodhta, unjanee, jahiieeut, hi- 

rgnorant, a. nadan, be-wukoof, 
jahil, moorkh, ugyan, be-khubur, 
na-wakif, unjan, hech-mudan, 
behoshy kum*ukl, oa-fuhm, be- 
shuoor, unaree, bhooch, ugyat, 
ubodh, na-shinas. 

Fgnorantly, ad, nadanee-se, nada- 
nistu, uDjane, ugyanta-se, be- 
khuburee-se, be«shuooree-se^ ug- 

Iliac (passion), «. koolinj, bao-sool. 

Ill, a,' boora, bud, kubeeh, zisht, 
koo, khota ; {uck) beemar, man- 
da, nasaz, uleel, be-araro« kusuU 
mund, rogee, dookhee, peerit, 

111, s. booraee, budee, zuboonee, 
kubahut, khotaee, uyb ; {misfor- 
tune) afut, bula, shamut. 

Ill-behaved, a. bud-wuzu, bud-soo- 
look, kuj-khoolk, koo-luchchhu- 
niya, koochal. 

I'lUbred, a. bud-ukhlak, bud- 
khooik, goosta^h, be-imtiyas, be- 
tumeez, bud-utwar, bud-kesh, 
be-udub, bud-aeen. 

Ill^al, a. na-dooroost, khilaf-shu- 
ra, huraniy na-jaiz, bila-mush- 

roou, gyr-hulal, bywustha-bi- 

rooddh, ubidhi, ujutharlh. 
Illegality, s. udum-shureeut, na- 

dooroostee, be-shuruee, khilaf- 

Illegally, ad, khilaf-aeen, be-shura, 

uj utharth-roop-se. 
nibble, a, na-khoondunee, budr 

khutt, na-khwandunee. 
Illegitimate, a. huram-zada, bi- 

Ill-favoured, a. bud-soorut, zisht. 

roo, kureeh-munzur, bud-hyut, 

kubeeh, kooroop, kud-akar. 
Ill-b6moured, a. bud-mizaj, bud- 

khootk, bud-kbisal. 
Illiberal, a. be-fyz, tung-dil, bu- 

kbeel, tung-chushm, toonuk-zur, 

kum-housila, kripun, udata. 
Illiberlilicy, s. bukheelee, tungdilee, 

tung-chusbmee, bookhl, imsak, 

pust-bimmutee, doon-himmutee, 

Illicit, a, huram, beshura, munu, 

na-ruwa, na-dooroost, unoochit, 

Illiterate, a. na-khwanda, oommee, 

jahil, unpurh, be-suwad, moour- 

ra, huyoola. 
Illnliture, #. bud kbuslut, bud- 

teenutee, toonook-mizajee, bud- 

nihadee, zood-runjee, shurarut, 

koo-swubhao, koo-bhao. 
Illnlitured, a, bud-kho, bud-mizaj, 

bud-teenut, bud-surisht, bud- 

khuslut, bud-nihad, zood-runj, 

bud-seerut, koo-swubhavee, doo- 

rilness, 8, beemaree, muruz, rog, 

mandugee, arza, kusul, peera. 
ril-timed,a. be-mouka, be-wukt kf|. 
IllCide, o. chhulna, bhoolana, dho- 



t 188 ] 

I M M 

Illuminate, v, oojala k, oojagur k. 
roshun k. nooranee k. moo« 
nuvvur k. 

Ill-treatment, s. bud*soolookee. 

Illfimine, v. moonuvwar k. noora- 
nee k. oojjul k. roushun k. oo- 
jala k. 

niuminiition, 8, rotishnee, tujullee, 
durukhshanee, doorookhshundu- 
gee, noor, jugajot, tabanee. 

Illusion, «. fureb, dhokha, tilism, 
khiyal, wubm, bhrum, maya, 

Illustrate, v, tufseer k. wazih k. 
moonkushuf k. kbolna, moobu- 
yun k. urtb k. [shurrih. 

Illdstrative, a, rooobyyun, moo- 

lUdstriouS, a, namwur, namee, nu- 
roood, moomtaz, wala-kudur, 
mush-hoor, shureef, boolund- 
murtuba, namdar, boozoorg, boo* 
zoorgwar, mymoon, mookurrum, 
wala-kudr, khyat-apunn, zee* 

Fmage, i. moorut, shubeeh, shukl, 
sunum, prutima, pootlee. 

Imaginable, a, mootusuvwur, bo- 

Imliginary, a, khiyalee, wuhmee, 
tusuvvooree, mouhoom, kulpit. 

Imagination, s, khiyal, wuhm, ki. 
vas, tusuvvoor, soch, munsooba, 
bichar, fikr, utkul, dhyan, goo* 
man, kulpna. 

Iro^ine, v. khiyal k, sumujhna, 
sochna, btehama, mualoom k, 
tusuvvoor k. kulf^na k« 

Imbecility, s. zof, soostee, kum* 
zoree, mujhoolee, doorbulta, kum 

Imbibe, v. pee*lena, sok-Iena, juzb 
k. mooftjuzub k. khynch lena, 
choos lena. 

Imbftter, v. kurwa k. tuikh k. bU 
garna, barhum k. moonuggis k. 

Imb6iden, v. diler k. dileree d. 
goostakh k. shokh k. dilaWur k. 
tukwiyut d. suhasik k. 

Imb6wer, v. a, koonj banana, pe> 
ron se sayadar k. 

Imbrue, v. bhuma, alooda k. 
doobona; (with blood) khoon- 
alooda k. 

Imbiie, v. surdob k. ruchana. 

Fmitate, v. pyruwee k. tutubboo k* 
nukl k. ittiba k. iktida k. tukleed 
k. mafik k. manind k. unooroop 
k. unoobritti k. 

Imitiktion, s. tutubboo, munkool- 
bibee, nukl, iktida, tukleed, moo- 
tabuut, unoioroop, unoobritti. 

Fmitator, #. mootutubbi, pyrou, 
mookuUid, mootabi, unooroop- 
kar, unoovurtee, pyro; (jnimic) 
nakil, soorut-nuwees. 

Imm^ulate, a, be*jirm, be-uyby 
pak, buiee, saf, tahtr, pak-o- 

Immaterial, a, rooojumid, gyrmad- 
dee, be-wujood, be*jism, bila* 
jusud, na-l^oolanee, be-joubur, 
deh-rubit, nirakar, nirankar ; (tm- 
importani) bemanee, ba-hoodah, 
pooch, be-urtb, unawushyuk. 

ImmatCire, a, kuchcha, kham, na- 
pookht, natumam, na-ruseeda; 
{half ripe) guddur, do-rusa, 
neem-pookhta, kuchcha- pukka. 

Immeasurable, a, be-ititiha, be« 
hudd, be-undaza, gyr-muhdood, 
be-nihayut, hila-kiyas, la-intiha, 
bila-hudd o shoomar, be-payan, 
useem, upurimeyu. 

Imm^iate, a. fourun, toort*ka, ku- 
reeb, lugbhug ; tut-kshun. 

Immediately, ad» ubhee> foiirun. 

I M M 

[ 189 J 

I M P 

toort, isee dum, filfour, tudhee, 
tubhee, bila-tuwukkoof, dumi- 
nukdy tazudum, bu*inoojurrud. 

Immeinonal, a, yad se bahur, ku- 
deemee, biia«yad, kudeem^sabik, 
nuseeuD*mun9eea, bisniunieeyu. 

Immense, a, bum, be-nihayut, be* 
payan, be-undasa, be-budd, la- 
intiha, be-kuren, gyr-niootqna- 
bee, be-kiyas, luko-dok, bila- 
huddo-shoomar, be-hisab, na- 
muhdood, be-gaet, useem, upari* 
meyu, ununt, rouha. 

Immensely, ad, t>uhoot, hudd-se xi- 
yada, bu«shuddit, hudd-se babur, 

Imm^Dsityy $. be-nihayatee, be- 
payanee, be-kuranee, udumi«uo- 
dasub, be-kiyasee, useemta, mu* 

Imm^rge, v. doobona, gurk k. du- 
bona, moostugruk k. 

Immerse, «. doobona, dob d. gotu 
dilana ; (tfi busineu) musroof h. 

Immersion, $. gota, doobkee, dob. 

Immethddicaly a, bedbub, besulee- 
ka, be-turteeb, berubt, beoosloob, 
na-murboot, koo-dhub, be-doul. 

rnnninent, a, nusdeek, kureeb, ni* 
kut, oopusthit. 

Immobility, $, udumi-huruknt, soo- 
koon, moouUulee, be-burkutee. 

Immoderate, a. be-undasa, be- 
hudd,gyr-roooutudil, be-thikana, 
siyadu, buboot, be«hisab, be-eti- 
dal, moontuhiz, mootujawiz, 
upurimit, usungut. 

Immoderately, ad. buboot, hudd-se 
ziyada, nihayut-buhoot, gyr- 
roooutudil, be-thikane. 

Imm6dest,a. be-hya,shokb-chushm, 
be-shurm, be-gyrut, be-bijab, be- 
udub, gyr-ar, fahish, na-pak^ 
zisht, nirlujj, phoohur. 

Fmmddesty, s. be-hijabee, be*shur« 
roee, b^hyaee, be-gyrutee, ni« 
lujjta, nir-sunkoch. 

Fmmolate, v, koorbanee k. zubih k. 
bull k. churhana. 

Immoral, a. bud-wuza, bud,boora, 
bud-kirdar, bud-muash, nabukar, 
bud-shuar, bud-utwar, mayoob, 
bud-kimash, bud-tureek, udbur* 

Immorlility, s, booraee, budee, bud- 
kirdaree, bud-muasbee, bud-ki- 
mashee, fobsh, foojoor, fisk, udu* 
mi-hoonur, uneeti, udhurmta. 

Immortal, a. be-murg, umur, uvi* 
nashee ; {the Divine Being) hu* 

Jrool-kuyoom, huyoon*layumoot, 

Immort&lity, s. buka, hyat-jaweda« 
nee, umurta, be-murgee, udtimi- 
murg, hyati-bakee, zinduganee- 
bezuwal ; (water of) urorit-jul. 

Immortalize, v. umur k. bakee 

Immoveable, a. utul, kaim, moos- 
tukil, udiul, gyr-mootuhurik, 
bila-burukut, na-ruwan, sthawur, 
drirh ; (immcneabk effects) mal- 
gyr-munkoola ; (moveable and im^ 
moveable effects) mal munkoola o 
gyr munkoola. 

ImmOnity,*. muafee, rihaee, azadee. 

ImmCire, v. bund k. kyd k. ; (in a 
wall) chooiiwa d. cboonaoa, mo« 
miyaee bunana. 

Immutability, s. be«tubdeelee, su- 
bat, udumi-tugeer, sthirta, ni« 

Imm(itable,a, be-tubdeel, umit,bila- 
tugyyoor, biia-tubuddool, gyr- 
mootugyyir, sthir, nityu, upuri- 
▼urttuneeyu, ucbul, utul. 

Impair^ a. bigama, khurab k. nook- 


I M P 

[ m ] 

1 M P 

san k. ghutana, kum k. lutana^ 

ziyan k. 
Impalpable, a, soorma-sa, miheen, 

Import, V, dena, bukhshna; {in' 

form) kuhna, butlana, gab kura- 

na, kbubur d. 
Impartial, a. moonsif, adil, safgo, 

gyr-hamee, be-guruz, na-janib. 

dar, dooroost, zoo-udalut, zee- 

udl, nir*pukshee, pukshpat-heen, 

be-janibdaree, buk-go. 
Impartially, ad,, insaf kee 

rah-se, insaf kee roo-se, nyao-se. 
Impassable, «. be-goozara, be-ni- 

kas, musdood, bund, ugumyu. 
Impatience, i. be-subre^ be-istttk- 

lalee, na-shikebaee, iztirabee, jul- 

dee, udomi'subr, na-subooree, 

Implitient, a. be-subr, be-tunum- 

mool, be-istuklal, na-sbikeb, juld- 

baz, udheer, ootaola. « 

Impeach, V. buramud k. nalish k. 

apbad k. dosbee k. istugasa k. 
Impeachment, s. buramud, nalish, 

dawa, istugasa, upbad. 
Impede, V. utkana, rokna, ama, 

tuarroz k. baz rukhna, badha 

Impediment, s. utkao, rok, rooo- 

zahimut, ar, hail, mani, badha ; 

(in speech) looknut, lugzish. 
Impel, V, chulana, dourana. 
Impending, a, kureeb, nuzdeek, 

sir.pur, dur*pesh, oopusthit^ ni- 

Impenetrable, a. be-goozara, be- 

dukhl, gyr-moomkin, ood-doo- 

khool, la-mooti^ssir, ubhedyu, 

iipruveshyu, ugumyu ; {hard) 

hujjur, putthur. 
Impenitence, $. udumi-toubah, udu« 

mi-pushemanee, gyr-mootuus- 

[mp^nitent, a. be-toubuh,gyr-moo- 

tuussif, gyr-nudamut, kuttur, be* 

tmdeshu, ununootapee. 
Imperative, a, umr, agya-soochuk I 

{imperiout) hookoomutee, hook* 

Imperceptible, a, na-mualoom, gyr- 

muhsoos, gyr-numood, udrishyu, 

ugochur, uprutyuksh. 
Imperfect, a. na-tumam, kham, 

udhoora, unbuna, nakis, kasir, 
. tidh-buna,u8umpoom,usfaooddh« 
Imperfection, s, uyb, koosoor, 

nooks, jirm, udumi-kumal, zu» 

wal, ochhaee. 
Imperial, a, badshahee, shahun- 

snahee, sooltanee, udhiraj-sum- 

Imperious, a. mootukubbir, sir- 

churha, jabir, hakimana, zaliro, 

hookoomutee, dambhik, dum- 

bhee, gurbbit, ruoonutee. 
Imperiously, ad, tukubboor-se, ni« 

oonut-se, hakimanu-tour-se. 
Impertinence, $, be-udubee, goos* 

takhee, be-lihazee, mugraee, bud* 

lihazee, shokhee, be-imtiyazee, 

hurza-goee, hurza-duraee, be* 

hoodugee, na-makoolee, ushisht* 

ta, niraduree, dheethaee. 
Impertinent, a, goostakh, be^-ndub 

shokh, be-lihaz, mugra, be-im. 

tiyaz, dheeth, be-hya, na-makool. 
Impertinently, ad, goostakhee-se, 

be-udubee-se, goostakfaana, be* 

Impervious,ci.gyr-dookhool, jis men 

kooch pyth nu suke, gyijazib. 
Impetuosity, s. zor, gulba, shiddut, 

tezee, toondee, sukhtee, hiddut, 

ishtidad, gurmee, juldee, hurarut. 


[ 1^1 ] 


Inp^oous, a, sbudeed, tez, toond, 
sukht, juld, guzub^nakykhashm- 
nak, prabul. 

rmpetos, s, EOT, kooTwut, tuhreek, 
jiddo-jihd, oodyog, bul. 

Impiety, i. be-deenee, fisk, foojoor, 
na-khoodatursee, ilhad, udhurm, 

rmpious, a. be-deen, fasik, iajtr, na« 
khoodatuTS, budkesh, moolhid, 
na-khooda, udhurmee, doosht, 
papisth, buhir-mookh. 

Implacability, f . sungdifee, be-ruh- 
mee, be^urdee, shooturkeena, 

Implacable, a, be-ruhm, jiska tus- 
feeya su ho suke, sungdil, be- 
durd,sukh^ be-muzhumut, nirdy, 
usantuneeyu, kuthor. 

Impl&nt, V, juma d. ropna, kulum 
lugana, bona, bythalna. 

rmpiement, s, huthiyar, ouzar, aluh. 

J'mplicate, v. phusana, ooljhana, 
lugana, lupetna. [kinayu, eema. 

Implication, s, {inference) isharu, 

Implicit, a, kamit, poom, tamm, 
be-koosoor ; (inferred) roooradee, 
moohussul, mootuzummin. 

Implicitly, ad. bila-tufawut, bil- 
yukeen, yukeenun, ba-etimad, 
tumam ; {by implication) isharu- 
tun, kinayutun, zimnun. 

Implore, v. dooak. iltijak. min- 
nut k. ajizee k. bintee k. muna- 
na, isttda k. ijz k. tuzurroo k* 
mangna, chahna, gheeghiyana, 
girgirana,arzoo k. urdas k. prarth- 
na k. tumunna k. istimdad k. im. 
dad tulub k. furiyad k. 

Imply', V, rouanee rukhna, moorad 
rukhna, ishara k. butana, nutee* 
ja rukhna, dulalut k. moosheer 
h. jutana. 

Impolite, a. be-mooravyut, be- 

khoolk, be-iltifat, be-udub, adur- 

Imp61itic, a. namuakool, na-moo- 

nasib, be.tudbeer, kotah-undesh, 

be-mouka, be-ja, be-moonasib. 
I'mport, s, muzmoon, muksud, 

mual, muanee, dulalut, iirth,tat. 

P^JJ ' (E^^^) bhurtee, amdunee* 
Import, V. desawur-se mal lana. 
Importance, s. kudr, moozaiku, zu« 

roorut, umri-moohim. 
Important, a. bharee, bura, uzeem, 

zuroor, gurati, moohim, awu- 

Importunate, a. mootukazee, hujidd^ 

mookyyud, mooktuzee, poor»bu- 

jid, inoojuvviz, aaar-rusaw, bin- 

tee-karuk, dhurnyt. 
ImportOne, v. tukaza k. peechhe 

puma, ajiz k. dubana, tung k. 

sutana, azar d. ya puhoonchana, 

Importunity, s. tukaza, tukyyood, 

takeed, jiddo-jihd, naz-o-niyaz, 
, ajizee, ilhah, mintee, bintee, 

Impose, V. dhokha d. furebd. 

chhulna, thugna, duga-bazee k. 

heelu k, huwala k. ; (at a tax) 

churhana, lugana, thuhrana. 
Imposition, «, fureb, dhokha, jool, 

chhul-butta, heela, mukr, ullum* 

gullum, buhanu, alabala. 
Impossibility, «. be-imkanee, 8:yr- 

imkan, istihalu, udumi-imkan, 

Imp6ssible, a. gyr-moomkin, na- 

honee, moohal, be-imkan, na- 

boodunee, na-moomkin, moom- 

tina, na-shoodunee, usadhyu, 

usummut, unhonee. [baj, rusm. 
I'mpostyi. muhsool, khiraj, lagut, 

I M P 

[ t92 ] 

I M P 

Imp6$tor, s. thug, mukkar, heelu* 
baz, mooUibbiSy buhana-saz, uy- 
yar, chhulee^ moozuvvir, fitita- 
f[UT, zoo-fooDOOfi, cluga*baz, bu« 

. hoo-roopiya. 

Imposture, s. heela*bazee, duga- 
bazee, tuzweer, mukr, tulbees, 
duga» heela, thugaee. 

I'mpotence, s, na-koovrutee, zof, 
kumzoree, natakutee, natuwanee, 
be-roukdooree, udumi-koodrut, 
vdumi-koovvqt, durmandgee, 
doorbulta, nirbulta; {incapacity 
of propagation) napinurdee, soos- 
tee, soost-undamee, inneeyut, na- 

rmpotent, a, na-tuwan, zueef, be* 
mukdoor, Be-ikhtiyar, be-bus, 
be-takut, kum-koowut, be sur o 
pa, be-hukeekut, ochba; (frtVA- 
out vower of propagation) na- 
mura, innee, heez, lullee, zueef- 
ool-bah, soost-rug, heez-humla, 
zoost-uDdam, dheela, kumzoor, 

Impoverish, v. fukeer k. dhunheen 
k. ; {land) doobla k. 

Imp6wer, v. ikhtiyar d. mokdoor 
bukhshna, wukeel k. wukalut- 
namu d. rootba d. 

ImpT^ncable,a. moohal,na-moom« 
kin, gyr-moomkin, moomtunu, 
unhonee, be-imkan, na-boodu- 
nee, na-shoodunee, usadhyu. 

I'mprecate, v, bud-dooa k. kosna, 
uzeemut purhna, syfee purhna, 
nufreen k. lanut k. 

Imprecation, «. bud-dooa, lanut, 
nufreen, luan, kala moonh neele 
hath paoTt. 

Impr^able, a, jis ko le nu suken, 
gyr-moomkin-oot-tuskheer, ku- 

lub, ujeet, jubur, iijy, bijy, 

Impregnlkte, «. petsek. hamilak. 

gabhin k. baraar k. abistun k. 

poorbar k. gurbhinee k. phul- 

wunt k. 
Impress, V. nuksh k, nishan k. ta- 

seer k. usur k. chhap d. ; (on the 

mind) zthn nusheen k. nisbaii- 

khatir k. 
Impr^sive, a. diUchusp, rounohar. 
Impression, s. nuksh, dihap, usur, 

ulamut, taseer ; (Mtion) chhapa, 

Imprint, v, chhapna, dilchusp k. 
Imprison, v. kyd k. muhboos k, 

touk-zunjeer k. kyd men dalnn^ 

jyl-khanu mendalna. 
Imprisonment, s. kyd, kydbandee, 

hubs, jyUkhaou, zindanee. 
Imprdbable, a, ukl-se door, khilaf« 

kiyas, bueedool*fuhm, un-hona, 

gyr-moohtumul, be-ihtimal, na- 

Improbabf Uty, s. udum ihtimal. 
Imprdper, a, gyr-wajibee, na-rooo- 

nasib, boora, na-rouakool, beja, 

bemouka, be-muhl, na-laik, na- 

suwab, be-thikana, unoochit^ 

Impropriety, s. na-dooroostee, na- 

shaistugee, na-muakoo)ee, na- 

humwaree, na-mooiaimee, na« 

hunjaree, unoochitta. 
Improve, t;. bihtur k. soodhama, 

turukkee d. nikhama, sunwama, 

sadhna, khoobtur k. shooddh k* 

oottum k. 
Improveable, a. turbiyut-puzeer, 

moomkin-ool-mufad, sadhunhar, 

bunun*jog, sudhaoo, kHbili-islah. 
Improvement,, s. bihturee, turukkee, 

turbiyut, arastugee, soodbraee. 

I M P 

[ iw 1 

I N A 

M^boodae, taieem, islah^iiHUuKs 

I«piondeiioe,«. kotah-undesheeybe* 
tadbeeree, udmni-baseerut, be- 

laprondent, «. betudbeer, kotah- 
oodeah, be-baaeenit, gyr-tuda- 
rook, gafil, na^ibut-undesh. 

Iiiipr^d^ce» #. be-tumeoee, be- 
katiyaxee, be-tudbeeree, guflut, 
tttgafool, be-khubuiee, udumi- 
hoshiyaree, udumi-biiseeruty be- 

ImprCidenty a. be-tumeec, bdihaz, 
Da*8uiBttjhy be-tudbeer, be-imti- 
yas, gafil, be*khubur, na-akibut- 
uodesby pust-fitrut, nadan, 

rmpudeuce,s. be-shurmee^be-hjraee, 
b^-gyratee, shokh-cbushmae, be- 
udubee,turki-udub, wikahut, sho- 
khee, goottakhee, udumi^dub, 

rmpudent, a. be-hya, be-shurni, 
goo8takb» shokhochushm, be* 
udttb, sir^chiffha, cbushro-dinee- 
da, purda^ur, hureef, oiiiujj, 

ImpudeDtly, ad, be-shurmee-se, 
goo8takbee-fe, bebya-pan»se, be- 
udubee-se, nirlujj bokur^ goos- 
takh-anu, »hokb-aDu» 

rmpulsey «. burukut, zor, osur, dhu- 
kha, jhonky sudmu, taseer. 

Impiiiiity,s.(tMlA)be>8iiaa, be-uzab, 
be-mar, be-uziyut, udumi-ukoo. 
but, udmni^uzaby dund-ruhkta. 

Impure, a. napak, puleed, nujis, 
alooda, pUeed, bbura-booa. 

Impurity, #. na-pakee, cbbot, gun. 
dagee, aloodugce, nujasut, gula. 
lut, myl, mol, kudoorut, alaish, 
kutafiit, iiporitrta, utbooddhta, 

Imputable, a, moohtumul, ibtimal- 
puaeer, lugne ya lugane jog. 

Imputation, f. lugao, ihtimal ; [cen* 
iure) toohmut, boohtan, iftira, 
dosh ka higana, ittiham. 

Impiite, V. lugana, (jysa nekee ya 
budee,) munsoob k« tbuhrana, 
dburna, bandhna. 

In, ad, men, undur, bheetar, dur* 

Inability, #. natakuiee, nakabliyut, 
mujbooree, be-mukdooree, la* 
chaiee, na-tuwanee, be-busee, na» 
kooTutee, ajizee, udumi-koodrut, 

Inaccessible, a. begoozara, jis men 
dukbl nuheeit, be-churhao, be- 
lugao, moomtunu-ool-woosool, 
gyr-wusl-puzeer, ugumyu, upru- 

Inaccuracy, $, gulutee, chook, bbool, 
udumi-islah, bhrum, ushooddhta. 

Indurate, a. gulut, gyr*suheeh» 
nadooroost, ushooddh, be-ialah, 
theek uubeen. 

Iniictive, a. soost, dheeht, atramee, 
majhool, be-shoogl, aram*4ulub, 
soosteea, alusyee, nir^oodjfogee, 
na-bukar, kahil. 

Inadequate, a. gyr-kafee, kum,gyr- 
mooktufee, kasir, ghut,ghat, wp, 
nyoon, un-oopjoolS, nakis, thora ; 
{incompetent) na-ladi, nakabil. 

Inadmissible, a. buki-tnoodakbulut- 
nuheen, na-musmoou. 

Inadvertence,, s. guflut, bekbuburee, 
tugafool, be-iltifatee, furamoo« 
shee, tugafool-keshee, suhv, be- 
hosbee, publoo-tihee, furamosb- 
karee, guflut-sbiaree, usavdhaota, 
bbool, furamosbee, cbook. 

Inadvertent, a. gafil, be*khubur, be* 
aood, be^soorty be-iltifiit^ ucbet, 

I N C 

[ »^4 ] 

I N C 

Inndv^rtently^ ad. bhool kur, cbook 

kur, gufluUse, guflutun, suhwon, 

ba-suhvy un-UTudhaoopoorwuky 
. chook-se. 
Inalienable, a. gyr-moonfuky bila- 

infikak, joozilayunfuk. jjeev. 

Infmtmate, a. be-jan, moorda, nir- 
Inlinity, «. khooloo, khooloov, khu- 

la, inkhila, shoonyuta. 
Inapplicable^ a. be-mouka, gyr* 
• mooUbik, be-lugao, na-moowa- 

fik, gyr*moontubuky bila-moo- 

rujjuy upniyojuneeyu. 
InatUntion, «. guflut, gafilee, be- 

purwaee, togafool, tugafoolee, 

chushm-poshee, anakanee, ankh- 

chooranee, khuta, ihmal, moosa* 
' . humut, usaTdbanta. 
Inattentive, a, gafil, be-khubur, be- 
, ilti^BLt, be-purwa, kahil, mujhool, 
■ usavdhan. 
Inaddibley o.. jo soonaee nu de, 

In|iugui&tioD, I. jooloos, soogun, 

shoogoon, teeka, ubhishek. 
Inampicious, a. na-moobaruk, 

usopbh, nuh9, munhoot, bud, na- 

musood, shoom, be*taie, bud- 
' ukhtttr,uinuDgtil*karee, ushoobh- 

tabred, a, jigree, jonmee, zatee, 

inutboou, tuksalee, jouhuree. 
Inclilculabley a. ungunu, beithoomar, 

unginut, uganuneeyu. 
Inoant&tion, s, muntur, uisoon, usee* 

mut, jadoo, tona, jhar-phoonky 

Incapable, a. na^kuk, na-kabil, na» 
. uhl,naHru8a,unaiee,be-iDukdoor, 

aree, usumurih, ujog. 
Incapiicity, •. iia*kabliyut,na-nisaeey 

na*la^ee,udumi«ittittdad, udami. 

ukl, utumurthta. 

iDcanmttmi, i. moojusMm hona, 

khooda ka outar. 
Incliatioat, «. be-ihtiat, be-tudbecr, 

safil, be^tuummool, bUa^moola- 

huza, uchet, usavdhan. 
Incendiary, i. aUish«ufroz, fusftdee^ 

toofanee, fitna^andaz, fitooriya, 

moofkuree, khanasoz, kuxiya-dul- 

lal, kbanu*kbttrab, moofeid, bu« 

kheriya, ghur*julaoo, gbur^ho* 

voo, siteza-kar, khoochur, gnhu« 

dahuk, jwaluk, 
Tncense, s, loban, ood, bookhoor, 

ugar, dhoop. 
Indnse, v. khufii k. julaiia, ag k. 

koorhana, azoordu k. ranjeedu k. 

khushmnak k. krodhit k. 
Inc^ntiTe, $. moohurrik, turgeeb, 

bait, subttby luhur, tuhreek, igwa, 

Incessant, a, mootawatir, dclukht, 

lugatar, pyhum, pydurpy, daem, 

uluttuwatoor, uluUittisal. 
Incessantly, ad, jhuiajhur, lup lup, 

ath ath ansoo, zar zar, daema, 

Incest, I. zina ba kurabut, zint ba 

khweshan, gotr-gumun. 
Inch, s. tusoo, do-oongul, do-un- 

Tncident, i. hadisa, waku, itti&k, 

majra, suigoozusht, arizu, roodad, 

Incidental, a. ittifakee, nagulNUiee, 

ukusmat, dywat« 
Inciuon, i. cheera, sukbm, kutao. 
Incite, V, tuigeeb d. ooksana, burpa 

k. igwa k. tubrees d. bin dilana. 
Incitement, «. turgeeb, bais, laloeh^ 

tubrees, hirs, karun, ubhipiicyn. 
Incivility, $, be-moontrwuttee^ bod- 

ukhlakee^ be-iltifaleey uahishta- 

char, ttsubhyuta 


[ 1^5 ] 

I N C 

fttdtoeney, «. tukhtee, be-nihmee, 
doorooshtee, udumi-ruhmut, adu* 
nu-shirfkut, kroorta^ nhhooraee, 

iBclement, «. be-rahm, be-durd, 
Sttkht, be-tbufknt, be-mya, nirdy^ 
kroor, kathor, roorii, klesh-daee. 

iDclinable, a, mail, ragtb, rooostuid, 
hasir, tyar, roojoo, khwahan^ ar* 
soomund, stir^rm, kbura. 

Indinlaion, t* kbwabish, chab, ar- 
xoo, myl» nigbttt, shouk^ urman^ 
loocb, mylan, huwos, choanp, 
chat, lou, Kouk, anoo-mundee, 
icbchha, akanksha, prubrttti. 

Incline, v, roojoo b. mait b. chabna, 
jhookna, jee-chulaaa, diMoura* 
wuiy araoo rukbna ; (bend) jhook* 
na, novna, 

Inclinedy «. ragib, mail, sbaik, shou- 
keen, chuspeeda, icbcbhook, ak« 

loclCide, V. sbamil k. dakbil k. 
moondoij k. milana, doij k. sba- 
mil h. mooshtumU b. shoomool 
b. jorna. 

.ndCided, a. moondunij, musbroool, 
dakbil I moosbtumul. 

lacognito, ad. cbhipa booa, posbee- 
da, mukbfee, na-mualoom, roab- 
joob, moohtujub, mooatutur. 

Incoherent, a, be-thikana, gyr-moo^ 
tabik, be«thouMbikana, be-lugao, 
be-muanee, be-mel, be-siyak« 

rncome, s. amud, amudunee, mu- 
basil, yaft, mudakhil, ma»hasul, 

Incommode, v. a« eeza d. ooljbana, 
tusdee d. tukleef d. submut d. 

Ine^nrounicable, a. nakabili 'goof- 
tar, na-gooftanee, uprukashyu, 

Incomparable, a, be-nuieer, lasanee, 

o 2 

be«miflif, be*manind, unoop, 
nnokba, be-budul, be-udeel, bila- 
tushbeeb, be-numoon, nadir, . 
unoopum, utoolyu. 

Incomplitible, a. khilaf, bueed, na« 
moona8ib,mootuariz,ujookt, ujog. 

Incompetent, a. na^kabil, na-rusa, 
nasas, na-laik, na^sueawar, usa^ 
mortb, ujog. 

Incomplete, «. na*tumam, nakis, 
usumpoom, usumapt. 

Incompreh^sible, a. g3rr»mootu« 
suvwir, be-kiyas, sumujh<*se ba» 
bur, gyr-moodruk, be*wubm, 

Inconceivable, a, be-kiyas, somujh- 
9e bueed, bila-idrak, namoomki* 

nakis, kasir, na-tumam, upruma* 
nyu, umanyu. 

Inconsiderable, a, tbora, kumtur, 
na-cbeez, la-sby, be-kudr. 

Inconsiderate, a. be-tuummool, be« 
lihaz, be-ibtiyat, be-tudbeer, be* 
undesha, be-goar, be*toruddood, 
be*tumeez, be-fikr, be«purwa, ga- 
fil, uvivecbuk, cbinta*rubit. 

Inconsiderateness, «. be-fikree, be* 
tuummoolee, be*libazee, be^ibti* 
yatee, be-tudbeeree, be-purwaee, 
guflut, udumi'buseerut, uvivech-^ 
na, umuROJog. 

Inconsistency, $, na-mootabukut, 
ikbtilaf, na*moowafukut, mookha* 
lufut, na*sazgaree, udumi^moona- 
subut, usungutta. 

Inconsistent, a. bueed, na-moona* 
sib, be-moojib, na-mootabik, bur* 
khilaf, be-thikana, nasaz, be-sir* 
o-paon, door, na-moowafik, be- 
muanee, be-mel, moonafee, usun- 
gut, unoopjookt* 

I N C 

[ l«^« ] 

I N D 

Inconsolable, a. jo tnsullee na ma- 
ne, gyr-mootusullee, gumgeen, 
dilgeer, nakabilt-tusullee. 

Inconstancy, s, na-paedaree, tuluv- 
woon, be-kuraree, be-subatee, be* 
mee, udumi-oostoowaree, usthir- 
ta, chunchulta, cbunchulahut. 

Inconstant, a. be-kurar, be<*wufa, 
be-subat, na-paedar, be*istiklal, 
siyah*chusbro, soobook-sar, na- 
oostoowar, usthir, luhree, chunt 
chul, turul, kshunik. 

Incont^table, a. kati, shafee, ku- 
tuee, be-tukrar, la-kiilam, tamm, 
be-meen-mekh, la-juwab* 

Incontineney, s, bud-purhezee, be* 
iutidalee, ujitendriyuta, ustiteeta. 

Incontinentia, bud-purhez, be-bun* 
dheyj, be-iutidal, koo-sunjumee, 
ujitendriyu, indriyu-doshee. 

Inconv^ience, 8, be-aramee, tukleef, 
hurj, kubahut, zubmut, ashob, 

Inconvenient, a. namuakool, be- 
dhub, be-kaboo, moozky mootu- 
suddi, oughut. 

Inconv^tible, a. gyr-mootubud-dil. 

Incorporate, v, milana, ek*thor k. 

Incorporeal, a. bejism, moojurrud, 
be-jusud, betun, atmik, nirakar, 
deh-heen, niroop. 

Incorr^t, a, gulut, gyr-suheeb> na- 
dooroost, usoodh. 

Incorrigible, a, kutta, shareer, la- 

. ilaj, gyr-islah-piaeer, gya-goozra, 
bura-khota. . 

Tncrease, s. izafa, ufzaish, ufzoonee, 
tnrukkee, burhtee, burkut, bur- 

. boutee, izdiyad, udbikaee, sur- 
saee, briddhi, ootpunn. 

Increase, v. ziyada k. bnrhana, kus. 
rut d. kuseer k, udhik k. 

Iiicredible,a. gyr.mooutubitr,be*eti« 
bar, na*bawur, na*nianne-jog, na« 
laiki-bawur, na-wajibool*etiinad. 

Incredulity, s, be-itukadee, udumU 
eeman, uduroi-etikad. 

Incr^sti V. a. purt jumana, lepna, 
tub diurliana, Ihesna, 

Incublition, 9, seona. 

Inculcate, v. tulkeen k. sikhlana* 
nuseebut d. sumjhana, btitana, 
oopdiaht k. ; (ertforce) takeed k. . 

IncCirabent, a, wajib, lazim, furz, 
zooroor, moonasib, unsub, mook- 
tuza, kurtubyu, 

IncCir, V, mootubummil h. oothana, 
jog b. moostuhukk b. 

IncCirable, a, la-ilaj, be charu. 

IncCirsion, s. takht«o*taraj, yoortah, 
hurola, dour, toork-taz, takbt*o- 
taz, akrumun. 

IncCinrate, v. a. terha k. luchana^ 

Indebted, a, kurzdar, dyndar, rinee, 
riniya ; {obliged) ibsanmund, mur<4 
boon, inumnoon, mushkoor. 

Indecency, t. be-udubee, na-shais- 
tugee, turk-i-udub, be-^imtiyazee, 
goostakhee, nir«lujjta, usboobbta. 

Indecent, a. be-udub, goostakh, be* 
imtiyaz, na-shaistu, na-laik, na- 
muakool, be-purdu, be-nung, 

Indecently, ad. na-sbaistugee-se, be* 
udubee-se, be«udubanu, goosta- 

Indecision, s, sbukk, be-istuklalee. 

Indecisive, a, bekurar, be>istubkam. 

Indecorous, a. na-shaista, na*ma* 
kool, be-nung, be-bya, ushbbt. 

Indeed, ad. such, fil-hukeekut, fil* 
waki, ulbutta, wakuee, tuhkeek, 
yukeenun, suchmooeh, be-sbuk^ 
ul-hukk, suheeh by, autyu, theek, 

I N D 

[ tor ] 

I N D 

fodefttigable, a, mihniitee, stee, 

dhoonee, mushakkmee, jo thuke 

Indef^ibte, a. jo rackl ya dnh. nu 

ho suke. 
Ind^nite, «. gyr-mookumir, be- 

thikana, bila*ti]U3ryooi], tnoob- 

faum, Qtkul-puchchoo, unirneet. 
Ind^ible, a. umit, gyr-rouhv, jigu- 

ree, nukshi-kul-hujur. 
Indelicate, a, be^Hhaz, nalaik, na- 

muakool, pooch, luchur, fahish, 

oapak, moordar,u8ubhyu,u8hi8ht. 
Indemnification, t, tawan, dund, 

danr, . moobadola, moosadura, 

Indemnify, o. tawan d. bhor d. danr 

bhuroa, moosadura d. moobadula 

d. niaha bhoma. 
Indemnity, $. buchao, rihaee, uz 

ukoobut, moosullum, uz tazeeb, 

azad, uz ukub, muaf. 
Indent, V. khundanii-dar k. dunda- 

nudar k. puchhkana; {cotUrwt) 

short k. 
Indented, «. khundanu-dar, dunda- 

nodar, luhriya, ruhwana. 
Indenture, s. ikrar-namuh, uhd- 

namu, koul-namu, niyum-putr. 
Independence, b, be-niyazee, azadee, 

istiklal, khood-auree, mookhtaree, 

istigna, ikhtiyaree, udumi-zubto- 

Tubt, swadheenta. 
Independent, s. sur i khood, moos- 

tukil, be-niyac, mookhtar, bira- 

sihee, moostugnee, azad, iarigool- 

bal, khod-sur, burae-kfaood, ma- 

lik, kaim-binufsihee, swadheen ; 

(unconnected) gyr-'mootuuUook, 

be-lu^ao, ulahidu. 
Indescribable, a, be-byan, gyr»moo* 
, byun, jo buma nu jae. 
Indeterminate, a. gyr-mookumir, 

bila-tuuyyoon, na-muhdood, gyr- 

Indeterminition, t, be-istiklalee, 

udumi-tuuyyoon, udumi«kurar. 
Fndex, $, dal, rooodullul, nishan; 

(of a book) iihrist, nirghunt. 
Fndia, <. hind, hindoostan, bharut- 

khund, bharut-vursh. 
Fndian, a, uhli-hind, hindoostanee. 
Indian-corn, «. bhootta, mukuee, 

Fndicate, v. butlana, ishara k. du. 

lalut k. dikhana. 
Indication, s. duleel, isharu, ula- 

mut, kinayu, nishan, eema, chinh, 

lokshun, puta, syn. 
Indicative, a, moosheer, khuburee, 

ismee, zurfee, prukasfauk. 
Indifference, ». be*purwaee, be-gu. 

ruzee, guflut, tugafool, ufsoordu* 

dilee, rookhawut, usavudhanta. 
Indifferent, a. (negligent) be-purwa, 

be-gurz. mujhool, ufsoorau-dil ; 

(pastable) byn byn, uysa-wysa, 

nu bhuki nu boom. 
Indifferently, ad, be-purwaee-se, 

guflut-se; {indiscriminately) su. 

rasuree, oomoomun. 
rndigence, $. iflas, mooflisee, tung- 

dustee, tihee-dustee, be-nuwaec, 

ihtiyaj, oosrut, killut, be*zuree, 

be-mukdooree, niyaz-mundee, 

duridr-ta, deenta, kungal-pun. 
Fndigenous, a. desee, moolke^, 

Tndigent, «. mooflis, kungal, muf- 

look, muflook-ool-hal, be*nuwa, 

hajut-mund, moohtej, nadar, gu» 

reeb, miskeen, be^uro-pur, fu« 

keer, niyaz-mund, duridr, deen, 

dhun-heen, thun thus gopal. 
Indigested, a, (not arranged) be- 

turteeb, ubtur, dttibum»burhum. 

I N D 

f JM ] 

I N D 

na-moonittub, gyr-munsoom, na* 
moontuzum; (as ^ood) na-huim, 
be-tuhleel, jo pucha nuheeii, 

Indig^tible, a, sukeel, ^r.moon* 
huzm, rooofotunu-ool«hasiiiy na- 

Indigestion, s. bud-huxmee» ii}ee- 
run, guranee, na*guwaruh. 

Indignant, a, guzubnak^ kuhr-a1oo« 
da, khushm-geen, guzubee, tysh. 
nak, poor-rkuhr, azoordu^khatir, 
krodhanwit, kopit. 

Indign&tioQ, <• gniub, kubr, julun, 
jbuljhulakut, josh-khurosb, jhuU 
lahut, khushm, tysh, krodh, kop, 

Indignity, «. hutuk, ihanut, fuaee* 
hutee* hukarut, khiflut, tufzeeh» 
soobkee, hulkaee, istikhfaf, una- 
dur, upuman, tuhottook. 

I'ndigo, «. neeU 

Tndirect, a, terba, bukr, na*rast, 
oolta, na-dooroost. 

Indir^tly, ad, pherphar-se, isharu- 
tun, peeh-se. 

Indiscernible, a. be-numood, gyr* 
zahir, gyr-ashkar, udrisht, upru- 
kashyu, udurshuneeyu. 

Indiscreet, a, be-lihaz, be-katiyaz, 
be* tumeez,b^adab, be-tuu mmool , 
be-undeshu, be*ihtiyat, be*tud- 
beer, be*shuoor, kura»ukl, gafil. 

Indiscretion, «. be-lihazee, be*tuniee- 
zee, be-tuummoolee, be^undeshu- 
gee, be-4hti3ratee, be-jmtiyazee, be* 
shuooree, udumi-hoshyaree, guf- 
lut, uvivechna. 

Indiscriminate, a, gyr-moouyyun, 
am, gyr*mooshukbkhus, be-tush- 
khees, nurm<^rm, be*tbuFbo» 
puchmel, shamiUbal, surasuree, 
upruthuk^ ttbbed. 

Indiscriminately, ad. oomo<MDuii» 

sub ko, sadhanin-roop-se, yonhee. 
Indispensable, a, lazim, furz, wajib- 

ool*uda, zurooree, wajib, uvusb* 

yu*kurttubyu, uti-pruyojun-arth. 
Indispensibly, ad, surooratun, woo- 

joobun, furzun, la^bood, iazi- 

Indisposed, «. na^saz, uleel, run* 

joor, beemar, mureez, kusl-mund, 

kusli*miziy ; (tmuHllmg) nakhoosb* 

naraz, mulool. 
Indisposition, s. maiMJugee, na^sa* 

lee, beemaree, kusUmundee, ula*> 

lut, kusala, tukussool, peera. 
Indisputable, a, kutuee, yukeenee, 

sureeh, zahir, gyr-kabili-etiraz» 

wajibee, be-tukrar, la-rudd, la- 

kuiam, la-bubs, beehoo»-chura, 

moomtinu-ooUbuhs, tbeek, doo# 

roost, utul. 
Indisputably, ad. kutuun, yukeen. 

un, sureehun, bil*yukeen, be* 

shuk, be*shoobhu, tuhkeekun. 
Indissoluble, «. moomtunu-ooMn- 

fikak, gyr-kabil-oot-tufreek, gyrw 

moohuUul, gyr-tuhleel-pizeer, un* 

guluneeyu, ungula. 
Indistinct, a, gol gol, mooiubzub, 

nasaf, na-mualoom, uspushi; 

upruihuk, ubhed. 
Indistinctly, ad, tuzubaoobe*se, na* 

murbootee-se, be-rubt, na-ashkar. 
Indistinctness, s. na«murbootee, tu* 

aubzoob, be^rubtee, kbult, tush* 

Inditement, s. urzee-dawa, nalisb- 

Individual, a, moofrid, furd, wahid, 

ek, moonfurid, ras. 
Individual, s. shukhs, admee, ek* 

kus, nufur, usamee, asamee, tun» 

juna^ mootunuffii. 

1 N D 

[ 199 ] 

I N E 

hMhiMktf, ii Awdtynt, tilidiyiit, 

wahidiyut, juktaee, prutyekta, 

UiYinble»^- jo tttkseem ya tof- 

reek Quhee» ho tnke, gyMufreek 

piaeer, {syr-moomkui oot tuk« 
. teon* ubbedneeyu. 
radocUe* «» gyr*islah piaeer, aa* 

tnrbiyut piaeer. 
Fodoleaee, t. aoostee, kabilee, alkus, 


iitkut» lUsaee. 
Fiidoleat, «. soosi, kabil, alkutee, 

Bmjliool, dbeela^ utkutee, kuin 

kufkiit* arani*tiilub, kum-him- 
. met, icahil-misa}, kahiUwujood, 

alu^roe, upalMij, kaai^or. 
Iadubilable« c lakolaoi, beshak, 

Tukeeoee, be-shoobku, bila-shuk, 

De-gooman, nissundeh. 
Induce, v, turgeeb d. burpa k. rug* 

bvt<^laBa,.tahreek k. lul€liaBa« 

mail kurwaoa, hirs dilwaiia» tub. 
. leeak. 
InducemcEat, #. tatgeeb, baitySubttb, 

kanili, moohucrik, igwa, tuhrees, 

tuhredk, aimitt, igmas. 
Indulge, V. Daz4iufdarea k. piyar k. 

iiiAyut k. khalir rakhaa, aumee 

rukhna, jee burfaana.. 
ladCilseiioe, f . doolar, lar, nazhur. 

daree, pyar, thuflctit, dil.daree, 
. khaiir-daree, nuwasUh, iltifat, 

kurum, naz;, (Juwmr) inayut, 

murfaumut, knpa. 
Inddjgent, «. shufeek, mihrban, 

mootuwujjih, durdmund, kureem, 

mooCuruhhini, aas»burdar, inaya<* 

arunC, dya-sheel. 
rnduraw, v. tukhft hojana, kura ho. 

jana, putthur ho jana, kuthio h. 

ladftstriouff a, nuhnutee, kumera, 

taee, jabid, khuttoot kutnaooj 

Bdushukkutee, mihnuukusb, kam. 

kajee, cbalak, koshuhee, oodyo* 

gee, purishrumee. 
Fndustry, t, mihnut, suee, surgur- 

mee, koshisb) jiddo-jihd, oodyog; 

Inebriate, 9. mudhoth k. muthoaa, 

must k. surmust k. sunhar k. 

Duriiu lana, mutwala k. 
InebtiitioD, «. mustee, mudhoshee, 

surofQustee, be-kboodee» nusbu. 
Ineffable, a. be-byan, gyr-tuluf- 

foos, moofldtiDai-goyaee, ukuthyu, 

«kath«Beeyu, nir*Qoch-charee* 
loeff^tual, a. be*uftur, betaieer, la- 

hasil, be-iiEuda, gyr^mootuussir, 

na4^afee, bila-kyfetyut, gyr«>Enoo-f 

usar, zaya, burbad, unurtbuk, 

Fnetegance, f. na-aebaee, aa-mou- 

soonee, bud«noomaee, bud-oos* 

loobee,bud-doulee,.be-dou]ee, na-» 
. shoostugeeyudumi'iutafutyudumU 

Inelegant, a. namakooli budaooma, 

na-aeba, be-lootf, bud'>oosloob, 

bud-doul, be-rounuk, be-buhar^^ 

bud«zeb, na-mouaooiit be*Duxa« 

kut, be-doul, na-shoosta, be-ab. 
Inequ&liiy, s. futk,ta(awut, udumU 

etidal, usurota, utoolyuta, ujogta ; 

(unevemiesi) nahumwaree, oonoh- 

neech. I 

Inert, «• soost, kahil, nnoouttul, alu. 

syee ; (motifftUett) gyr-mootuhar- 

rik, be*>httrukut. 
Inestimable, a. besh-keemut, be- 

buha,.UBiot, unmol, guran-buha, 

be-keemut, umoolyu. 
Inevitable, a. nagooseer, lailij, utul; 
^ mookuddur, roookurcur, gyr* 

moomkia-ool-firar, uvanmeeyu. 

I N £ 

[ 200 J 


kin-ool-ufoo, gyr-muuzoor, na- 
oozrwpizeer, gyr-mootuuzzir, na- 
mukbooUooIoozr, ukthuina-jog, 

Inezh&ustible, a. be-nihayut, be- 
hudd, be-payan, jo surf nuheen 
ho suke, be-shooniar, gyr*8urf^ 

Inexorable, a. be*inihr« be-ruhm, 
sung-dily be-turs, nithoor, na- 
mihrban, sukht, toond, gyr*ooKr- 
shunwa, gyr«oozr-pizeer, kroor, 
nirdy, udya-sbeel. 

Inexp^ient, a, na-moonaaib, be*ja, 
be-mouka, be*muhul, na-shaistu, 
unoochit, un-oopujookt. 

Inexperience, t. na-azmooda.karee, 
na-tujroobu-karee, nou-amozee, 
unaree-pun, kuchcha-pnn, upu. 
reeksha, udumi-wukoof, udunii. 

Inexperienced, a. unaree, na-azmoo- 
dukar, nou-anioz,natujroobii.kar, 
kham, kuchcha,agyat, be-wukoof, 
nadan, gyri-tujribut, gyr-inoojur- 
rub, nawakiii-kar. 

Tnexpert, a, na-wakif, be-suleeka, 
kuchcha, gegia, be-utkul, uputoo, 

Fnexpiable, a, be-ufoo, be-mugfirut, 
jUka kufara nu ho suke, umochu- 
neeyu, uprayuschitt-jog. 

Inexplicable, a. la-byan, ugum, la- 
huU, bila-tabeer, be-kyas, urth 
booddhi se ugumyu. 

Inexpressible, a. be-byan, namoom- 
kini-tuluffooz, moomtunai-goyaee, 
ukttthyu, ukuthuneeyu, upru- 

Inextinguishable, a, nu-boojhunhar, 
umit, moomtuna-ool-itfa, unirv- 

raextrieable, a. mala-yon-ban, pedi 
dur peeh, shakh dur shakh, ahy- 
tan kee untree. 

Infallible, a. uchook, suheeh, na* 
khufa, yukeenee, moohukkak. 

Inflillibly, ad, ucbookee-se ; (eer- 
tainly) y ukeenun, ba-yukeeo, tnh* 
keekun, la-bood, kuuiuo, mcio* 

rnfamous, «. budnam, TOOtwByiiMt* 
yoob, roo-siyah, be-gyrut, be-ab- 
roo, be-hoormut, buddoo, dooah* 
nam, kala-moottb, kburab, nuk- 
koo, fuzeehutee, door-naroee, uti- 
doosht, ninduneeyu, kulankee. 

Fniamy, «. bud-namee, rooawaee, 
kulunk, roo-siyahee, ar, ongooahu 
noomaee, be-abrooee, nong, up« 
jus, upuroan, onjush, door-Dam, 

Fnfancy, «. buch-pun, toofooliyut, 
tiflee, chhoot-pun, luruk-pun, 
lurk-pun, lurkaee, buchchugee, 
tiflugee, bala-pun, baluk-pan, 
bal-avustha, shishoo-kal. 

rnfinit, s. buchcfaa, tifl, lurka, ba- 
luk, sheer-khora, sheer-kbwar, 
kochuk, bal, geda. 

Infanticide, s. buchcha-kooshee, ba- 

rnfantile, a. tiflana, bucfapan ka, 
buchkanu, buchganu. 

Fnfantry, «. pydul, piyada, pa.piya- 
da, piyada-pa, pudatik-sena. 

Inftituate, 9. shefta k. fureftak. mo- 
hit k. deewana k. behosh k. be* 

Infatuated, a. ashoofta, furefta, dee* 
wana, khubta, moobtila, moo« 
khubbut, himakuUzudu, mohit, 

Infatul^tion, s, deewanugee, ashoof- 
tugee, be-hoshee, deewan-pun. 


[ «0t ] 

I N F 

• riieftiiKce, fureftugeey ndavi-ukl^ 

nob, batooha. 
liifi^cty 9. usur k. chhot liigiia, tira* 

yut k. ufbonut phjlaim, mootu- 

offoon b. taseer k. lugnay sarana, 

IxdicdoD, f . sirayut, taussoor, ufbo* 

naty touffooD, cbbot, 
lofectiousy a. chhot, saree^ cbbotiha, 

phylaooy gundb-rog. 
JTafelidtyy t. kam-bokhteey bad- 

bukhtee, sbamut, siyah-roi, ithu- 

kawiit, siyah-bukhtee, guian- 

Inf^t, V. tujwees k. utkulna, nutee- 

ja nikalna, kyas k. unoobhuT k. 

uDooman k. 
rnferrace, s. nuteija, baMl, khook- 

sa, kyas, anoobhav* unooman. 
Inferior, a. udna, ghat, kumtur, 

ooturta, ghat, kum, kihtur, furo* 

tur, putt, neecha, bulka, ocbha, 

oouees-bees, nyoon, ghut-ka. 
Infeiidrity, «. kumturee, ghutee, 

Ibroturee, kihturee, doooee» ny- 

oonta, neechta. 
Inf^^nial, a. shytanee, doznkhee, 

juhunnoomee, naree, usfulee, nar- 

kee» patalee, udbum. 
Fnfertile, a, oosur, shor, lona, kuUur, 

na-pydavvar, be-burkut, bunjur. 
Infest, 9. sutana, eeza d. uzeeyut d. 

axar puhoonchana, tusdeea d. na- 

khoosh k. khafa k. ; (the roads) 

rah marna, rah-zunee k. 
rnfidel, «. kafir, be-deen, be-eeman, 

jo wuhee ka moonkir hy, nastik. 
Infidelity, «. be-eeroanee, bedeenee, 

nastikta ; (perfidy) khiyanut, bud- 

diyanutee, duga*bazee, numuk- 

Tnlinile, a. be-nihayut, be-payan, 

gyr-roootunahee, na-mootunahee. 

be-hudd, be*kimar, be-knran, na- 

rooontuha, be-shoomar, la-intiha, 

be-huddo-gayut, be-kyas, be-un« 

daau, useem, ununt,iipar, ushesh, 

Infinitive, a. musdnr, bhao*bachuk. 
Infinity, «. be-shoomaree, be-niba. 

yutee, be-huddee, be-payanee, be. 

kuranee, uparta, anuntta» uteem. 

ta, usunkhyuta. 
InHrm, a. sueef, knmzor, nukeeh, 

na-tuwan, boda, na-kooTvut, kiim« 

takut, nuheef, moonhunee, mooi- 

mnhil, nibul, doorbul, usuniurth, 

ksheen. [sbifo. 

InHnnary, «. beemar-khana, daroos* 
Infirmity, «• lof, na-tuwanee, kum* 

zoree, zueefee, nutakut, na-koo- 

wutee, doorbulta, ksheenta ; (dis^ 

ease) rog, murz, azar ; (of mind) 

inkhiraf, khuraftit, 
In6lime, v. julana, soolgana, ag*1u- 

^ana ; (at the eyes) ankh oothna. 
Inflammable, a. julunhar, sokhtu* 

Inflammation, 8. josh i khoon, ju* 

lun, soztsh, ihtirak, jwulun ; (of 

the eyet) ashob, lalee. 
Inflammatory, a, moohnk, gurm, 

jwala-jookt, tap-?ishisht. 
Inflate, o. phoolna, nufkh k. phoo* 

lana, ukuma, (gooroor-se.) 
InfKition, $, intifakhy nufkh, phoon* 

Infl^t, V. (a Yioim, Sfc.) gurdanna, 

tusreef k. aurf k. vibhukti k. 
Inflation, s, gurdaa, tusreef, tusur- 

roof, vibhukti. 
Inflexibility, t, sukhtee, kurukhtu« 

gee, mugraee, dhitaee, huth, sur-* 

kusbee, inad. 
Inflexible, a, sukht, kurukht, sur- 

kush, mugra, tumurrood, kuthin. 


[ i02 ] 

I N H 

Inflict, 9. a. suzacU lugana, duod d. 

siyasut k, 
I'nfluence^ t, usur, taseer ; (power) 

hookm, roub, dubao, prubbao* 
rnfluence, v. usur k. . 
Influenza, t, kism nuzla^ 
rnflux, s, dookhooJ, duNarood, 
. rooodakhulut, pruwab. 
Infold, «, lupetna, dbampna, 

Jnf61iate, v, a, putiyana. 
Inform, o. khubur d. ittila k. juta- 

ua« agah kurwana, butlana, goth- 

gooxar k. kubla bbejna, moot- 

tuli k. 
rnformal, a. be*kaidu, khilaf-aeen, 
Inf<6rmant, «. raookbbir» kbuburdar, 

gojnda, bbediya. 
Information, <• khubur^ ittila^ aga- 

bee, sumacbar, sumbad. 
Infrliction, s. fuskh, shikust, rukbnu, 
. sh&uttugee, bbungta. 
Infrangible, a, na*sbiku8tunee, jo 
. tora nu jae, jo rudd nu bowe. 
Infringe, o. fuskh k. rudd k. bbung 

k. oollungun k, [ooUungun. 

Infringement, $, fuskb, rudd, bhung, 
Inf u migate, v.a. dhooeit*se sookhana. 
Infuse, V. ilka k. dalna, phooiikna; 

{maceratt) bhigona. 
Infusion, i. nookoob, kbesanda. 
Ingenious, a. soogbur, suleeku- 
. ahuar, hoonur-mund, kbooab* 

fuhm, zukee, zuheen, tez-fubm,sa- 
, hib'Suleeku, sahib-sbuoor, ukeel, 

fnheem, goonwan, gyanee, ehu- 

toor, vigyu, prubeen. 
IngenGity, «. hoonur, suleeka^seeru. 
. kee, soogburaee, sbuoor, shuoor* 

daree^ sibn, zukawnt, lootf, luta* 

fut, surulta, seedhaee, prubeenia, 

Ingenuous, a. rast» khura^ seedha, 

bertya, saf, bei^godr, kbalis, mukh* 

ius, zukee, sada, ukuput, aurul. 
Inis^nuousness, s* jraslee, »ucb, tur 

faee, J^huraee, be*riyaee, sidk, 

rast-bazee. . . 
Inglorious, a. kbufeef, be<-gyrut, be* 

bumeeyut, be-nam, hulka, be^ 

izzut, rooswa, kubeefa, gyr-nam* 

dar« hukeer, moobtuzul, upu* 

manit, ujusbswee. 
rng6t, I. ohimdee ya sonekadulaya 

eent, dula, tban. 
Ingraft, v^ pywund lugana; jumana. 
Tngrate, a. asteen ka samp, na-sipas^ 

flumuk*buram, doon-bimmut 
Ingrlttiate, v* .pet men ghooana, dil 

men dukbl k. putton men py thna. 
Ingratitude, «. numuk^buramee, na* 

shook rae, na^sipasee, koofrani- 

niumut» ukritugyata. 
Ingredient, «. jooz, musaluh. 
Tngress, f. dukbl, dur-amud, goo* 

zara, dookbool, raoodakbatut, 

bar*yabee, pyth, ana, pruvesb ; 

^t'ngreii and egreu) amud^ruft, 

amud-shood, dookbool*o*kboo. 

rooj, ana-jana, awun-jawun. 
IngCilf, V. girdab men dalna, bhun- 

wur men purna, oomuk men 

Inhabit, V, ruhna, istikamut k. bus* 

na, bood-o-ba^ k. sookoonut k« 

sakin b. bas k. busuti k. 
Inhabitable, a. kabili-istikamut, rub. 

ne-laik, abad-pizeer, abadee>pi- 
. zeer, busuti*jog, niwasrjog, bus* 

Inhabitant, «. sakin, rubnewala, ba-* 

shinda, ruees, mookeem, ruhun* 

bar, mukeen, bu sun bar, busbasee, 

khoosb-bash, nibasee, niwasee. 
Inhabited, a. abad, busa-busaya, 

muamoor, busta. 

I N I 

[ 808 3 


Liblik, V. san» ke sath khyttch len^ 

oisbwM leoa. 
Iiiharmoiiious, a. be-tal, be-talmel, 
. aa-taagmr, ikft*iiiouxooD,namhttn« 

gee, lUHihiiiif , gyr-ilhan, 
JsMtenU a. latee, khilkee, uslee, 

tubiee, jibiUee, nioodgura, untur* 

▼untee, uiitur*jat, sung-lugn. 
Inherit, v. wan» h. umul dukhul 

pana, nwlik h. meeres pana, wkra- 

sot paiia» udhikar pana, udhi* 

karee h. 
Iiih^taiice» «. ineeras, wirasut, tar* 

ka, irsy motrooku, udhikar, bu- 

Inb^tOTy f. warity udbikaree. 
Inhibit, v, munu k. rokna. 
Inhibition, $, munu, munahee, mu* 

oaee» moomanuut, moozabumut, 

utkao, rookao, rok»tok. 
Inhoqiitable, th be-moodara, be« 

fyi,be-tuwaBoo,be»toufeek, upur* 

Inbtoan, a. be-durd, be-turt, kut- 

tur, be-ruhm, be*milir, be*fihuf* 

kut, be-mooruv?ut, na-insan, 

dooroosht, shoom-chushm, nirdy, 

nishthoor, kroor, kuthor. 
Inhumanity, t, be-durdee, tung^di- 

lee, be-rukmee, sukhtee, gyr- 

admeeyutee, khilaf*admeeyuteet 

nishthoorta, nithooraee, kroorta, 

Inimieal, a. mookhalif» khilaf, by* 

ree, birodhee. 
Inimitable, a. be^nuieer, be^mtsl, 

moomtunu<»oon.nuteer, gyr-moo- 

tutubbi, unoopum. 
Iniquitous, a, boora^ bud, mayoob, 

zuboon, papisht, patukee. 
Iniquity, «. pap^ budee, uyb, boo* 

raee, zuboonee, iisk, mayoobee, 

doothtta, patttkf udhuim. 

Initial, a. publa, mookuddum, our- 

wul, adyukshur. 
Initiate, v. dakhil k. shamil k. tikh* 

It^na, shooroo kurana, adi«slu« 

Injdct, «. undur dalna; (with a ty- 

ringe) pichkaree d. 
Injudicious, «. be-shuoor, be*8ulee* 

ka, naiaik, nashaista, be-tuura- 

roool, be*buseerut, uvivekee. 
Injiinction, s. hookm, urar, takeed, 

tukyyood, kuha, funnan, agya, 

I'njure, v. bigarna, kburab k. nook- 

san k. zaia k. [nasfank. 

InjCirioas, o. moosir, zar, hinsuk, 
Tnjury, t, nooksan, zurur, ziyan, 

khulul,kubabut,han, fusad, huij, 

bigar, hinsa. 
Injustice, «. be-tnsafee, gyr«waji- 

bee, uniyao, na*insafee, be*dade^ 

zoolm, situro, be-udlo-dad, na- 

hukk, unyae, ubichar, udhurm^ 

Ink, t, siyahee, roshnaee, kalik, 

kaluk ; (red) soorkhee, shungurf, 

shinjurf, shingurf. 
Fnkstand, «. duwat, kulum*dan. 
Iulaid,par^ juraoo, moorussa, moo* 

nubbutee, tuh*nisha», kunda, 

koft, jurit. 
Inlay, v. junta, kulum«karee k, 

moonubbut k. obitr-vichitr k. 
Fnlet, t. goozur, rah, kharee, kbaU 
IVimate, «. hum-khana, suhubasee. . 
Tnmost, a. bheeturla, duroonee, ba- 

tinee, unduroonee, antreek. 
Inn, «, surae, moosaflr-khanuh, 

I'nnate, a, zatee, tubiee, uslee, jigu- 

ree, khilkee, itbillee, bizzatee^ 

jouhuree, 3wubnavik> untur«Turt- 

tee, unturjat« 

I N Q 

[204 ] 

I N S 

Tnner, a. bheeturee, unduroonee, 
bheeturla, duroonee. 

rnnermost, a, subse bheetur ka. 

Tan-keeper, t, bhudyara, mihtur. 

I'nnocence, s, be-goonahee, sut, be- 
joorrnee^ pakee, sufaee, muasoo- 
miyut, soorkh*rooee, nirdoshita. 

rnnocent, a. muasoom, bejoorm,' 
mooburra, be-goonah, pak, saf, 
inuasoom*sifut, soorkhroo, nir* 
doshee ; (harmleu) gureeb, sada, 
seedha, unjan. 

Tnnovate, v, ihdas k. eejad k. ikhti* 
rau k. nou-pyda k. nou-turs k. 
tazu-riwaj d. unreet k. 

Innovation, «. ihdas, eejad, ikhtirau, 
be-riwaj, nou-pyda, nou-turz, ta- 
zu-riwaj^ unreeti. 

Innovlitor, s, moobtudi, moojid, 
moohdis, mookturi. 

Innoculate, v, teeka d. godna, puch- 
ne d. deevlee bandhna. 

Innuendo, i. ishara, kinaya, rumz. 

Innumerable, a. be-shoomar, ungi- 
nut, be»taedad, bila-taedad, reg- 
ruwan, gyr-mootuuddtd, be-gaet, 
be-nihayut, usunkhyu. [masoom. 

Inoffensive, a. beshurr, bezurar, 

Inordinate, a. be-undaza, behudd, 
be-kaeda, be-thikana, upuriroit. 

I'nquest, s, poorsisb, bazkhwast, 

Inquietude, «. bechynee, bekulee, 
be-aramee, tushweesh, zuhmut. 

Inquire, o. poochhna, poorsish k. 
duriyaft k. tuhkeek k. khubur 
lena, khubnr-geeree k. poochh- 
pachh k. khoj k. suwal k. 

Inquirer, t. khojee, mootulashee, 
talib, joya. 

Inquiry, i. poorsish, pooch-pachh, 
joost o joo, tufted, istifsar, tu- 
jussoos, tuhkeekat 

Inquisitive, a. khojee, tulashee, ja- 

soos-tubeeut, khuburgeer, unoo- 

rnroad, s. dour, takbt, yoorish, bul- 
la, akrumun, churhao. 
Insline, a, deewana, baola, mujnoon, 

siree, khubtee, oonmutt. 
Ins&nity, s. deewanugee, souda, joo- 

noon, khubt, oonmutt-ta, boura* 

pun, baolapun, deewanu-pun. 
Insatiable, a. na-asooda, na-ser. 
Inscribe, v, likhna, subt k. 
Inscription, s, kitaba, likhnt, mur* 

koom, kootaba, kutba. 
Inscrdtable, a. jis kee talash nu ho 

suke, gyr-moorakinoot>tufuhhoos, 

goorh, goopt, ubhed. 
Fnsect, s. keera, kirm. 
I'nsecure, a. be>ainn, mukhtoor, 

khouf-nak, undeshu«nak. 
InsecCirity, s, be-umnee, khutra, 

undeshu, khouf, khutka, dur. 
Insensibility, s, be-khuburee, be- 

hoshee, uchetun-ta ; (stupidity) 

be-wukoofee, himakut; (torpor) 

ioostee, mujhoolee ; {indifference) 

Insensible, a. be-hosh, be-khubur, 

be-hiss, uchetun, be-soodh, soon ; 

(indifferent) be-punva. 
Insensibly, ad. ahistu ahbtn, tnd- 

reejun, bit-tudreej. 
Inseparable, a, lazim, lazim-wu« 

mulzoom ; (as Jriends) ek jan* 

dokalib, sheero-shukur, dooganu. 
Insert, V. dakhil k. likh-rukhna, 

kulum bund k. doij k. moondu* 

ruj k. 
Insertion, f. dakhila, idkhal,indiraj, 

kulum-bundee, likha. 
Fnside, s, bbeetur, unduroon, un* 

dur, batin, untur. 
Insidious, a, fitrutee, lupatee, gha- 

I N S 

[ 205 ] 

I N S 

. tce,ayyir«kaboo^hee,diigooliym» 

asteen-ka-samp, roooiee, rooo- 

tufunnee, mootufuttin, ioo-foo« 

HOOD, protarok, dhoortt* 
I'nsighty «. dukbl, buaeerut, wukoof, 

sbunakht, pubehan, ittilau, man* 

fat, bodb, puruk, pyth. 
Insignia, s. tugma, bana. 
Insigbificancy, $, be-muaneeynt, na* 

cfaeeiee, be-kudree, be»boodugee. 
Inngnificant, a« na*cheei, bekudur, 

be-muanee, la-shy, be*hoodu, 

unurthuk, kshoodr, toochehhu- 

Insiec^, «• na-rast, zahir-dar, 

doonin^, doo-rooa, na-suf, moo* 

nafik, riya*kar, be^wufo, jhootha, 

Insincerity, u na-rastee, be-wufaee, 

doo-rooee, doo-rangee, zahir«da- 

ree, riya-karee, kuput, usurulta, 

Insinuate, v, duNana, ghoosna, 

pytbna; {hint) ishara k. awaza 

pfaenkna, tan k. 
Insinuating, a, dumbaz, churb-su- 

ban, dilfureb, dil*bur, diUkusb, 

diUrooba, mun.hurun, bus-karee. 
Insinuation, «. dum^basee, dil-ku- 

shee, ghoos«pyth ; {hint) isharu, 

kinaya, awazu, eema, tuureej, 

Insipid, a. pheeka, b^-muza, be- 

numuk, be^luzzut, seetha, ulona» 

Insipidity, f. be^mozufee, be-luzzu* 

tee, be^umkee, pbeekahut. 
Insist, 1^. hut k, urna, israr k. bujid 

h. istibdad k. kaim ruhna, moos- 

tukil ruhiia. 
Insniure, v. phusana, pukurna, phun* 

dana, phansna, 
Tusolence, s. mugraee, goostakhee. 

shokhee, sur-kusbee, tumursood, 

dhitaee, be-udubee, be-imtiyazee, 

be-odaee, tukubboor. 
I'nsolent, a. mugra, shokh, goos* 

takh, mootukubbir, be-udub, sur* 

kush, gurdun-kush, dheeth, be- 

irotiyai, mootumurrid, toork* 

rnsolently, ad, goostakhee-se, goos* 

takhanu, be-udubanu, mootu* 

Insolvable, a, jo nuheen gale, un- 

gutit, lahull, mooshkil. 
Ins6lTencyy «. dewala. 
Insolvent, a. dewaliya, nadar. 
Fnsomuah, ad, eehaa*tuk, is*mur« 

tube-tuk, yuhan-tuk. 
Insp^t, V. dekbna, nioolahuza k. 

Insp^tion, t, nuzur, nigah, lihaz, 

purukh, nuzur- undazee. 
Insp^tor, s, moohtumim, nazir, 

umeen, mooshrif, surkob, pur- 

khiya, dekhwyya. 
Inspiration, $, oopur ka duni, dum* 

kushee; {divine) iiham, ilka, 

awaz-gyb, puvitr-atma ka avesh, 

Eeswfaur-avesh, dyv-gyan. 
Inspired, a. moolhim, ilhamee. 
Inspirit, v. zindu k. jiiana, tuhreek 

k. turgeeb d. ungekhtu k. bur- 

ungekhtu k. tuhrees d. 
Instability, 8, na^paedaree, besuba- 

tee^ udumi-subat, be-istiklalee, 

usthirta, chunohulta. 
Instalment, $, rausiiud, nusheenee, 

ubhishek, teeka; (of money) kis^. 
Tnstance, s. musul, niisal, sunud; 

($olicUation) durkhwast, istida, 

tukaza; (Jbr instance) musulan, 

yanee, cboonan-chi, jyse-ki ; (/# 

instance) misal lana, uazeer lana, 

drishtant d. 

I N S 

[ 206 ] 

I N T 

rnstant, «. duro, an, pu\, lamhu, 

luhzu, kshun, chhin. 
rnstant^a. mootukazee, mookyyid, 

Tiistantaneous, a, oosee dum ka, 

isee dum ka, tuukshunik. 
I'nstantly, ad, ubbee, founiti, filfour, 

isee-dum, isee*wukt, bu-moojur* 

nid, fil-hal, toort. 
Inst^ady ad, iwuz» budul, bajae, 

juguh, budle, bu-muniiluh, iwa- 

zun, sunte. 
Instigate, v, tuhreek k. rugbut d. 

ooksana, wurgulana, wttrgulanDa, 

Instigition, t. tubreek, taigeeb, tah* 

rees, igwa« oobhar, bur-ungekh- 

tugee, dum-dilasa. 
Tnstigator, s. moofsid, {tt8adee,mub- 

na i fusad, moohurrik, moogwee. 
Instil, V, ilka k. dalna, lihn nu- 

sheen k. 
Fnstinct, «.ukl ihywanee, zatee-nkl^ 

bosb, soodh. 
Fnstitute, v. mookurrur k. thuhrana, 

kurar d. sthapun k. bandhna. 
Institiiiion, t, tuuyyoon, mookomir, 


khoos, sthapit bymstha. 
Institutor, «. mocjid, banee. 
InttrCict, V. sikblana, taleem k. but- 

lana, sumjhana, amokht k. jutana, 

ukl d. siksha d. oopdesh k. 
Instr^iction, i. taleem, turbiyut, sik- 
sha, tadee^, tulkeen, tufheem, 

sikhaee, seekh, oopdesh, vigya- 

pun, nuseehut. 
Instriictive, a. tualloom-piseer, tu* 

uddoob-bukhsh, moohuziib, nafi, 

moofeed, oopdesh-junuk. 
Instructor, $, moouHim, imxraddib, 

shikshuk, oopdeshuk, udhyapuk. 
rnstrument, $, aluh, huthiyar, ousar. 

Instram^ntal, a, moomid, mudad* 

gar, roooeen, karuk. 
InsbfTerable, a* gyr-burdaaht, sukht, 
deed, be-hudd, usuhuneeyu. 
Insufficiency, «. na-taikee, na*kabi- 

liyut, na*rusaee, dumi4iyakut, 

Insufficient, a. na*kabi], gyr-kaiee, 

kasir, na-rusa, nakis, usumarth. 
Fnsular, a. babut tapoo ke, jasee* 

ruh-mnnsoob, oopdweep-8om« 

Fnsult, s, hutuk, ihanut, soobkee, 

tunz, tuan, roulamat, upuman, 

usunman, chher. 
Insult, V, hutuk d. ihannt k. chher- 

na, tunz k. 
InsCiperable, a. naheen snr hone- 

wala, mooshkil, gyri-mugloob, 

njy, ujit, ujitneeyu. 
Insmance, s, beema. 
Insurgent, $. fntooriya, fusadee, bn- 

gee, fitna-ungei, guddar. 
Insurrection, s. bulwa, hungama, 

gurdee, fitna, fusad, dunga. 
Integrity, s. diyanut, rast*basee, 

suchchaee, sidk, umanut-daree, 

rastee, khuraee, khurapun, sa* 

dhoota, snrutta, nekokaree. 
rntellect,f. ukl,beodh,hosh,shiK]or, 

idrak, fuhm, firasut, danaee, bood- 

dhi. gyan. 
Intell^tual, o. uklee; booddhi*yi- 

shyuk ;(/Kni7erf)koovTut-i-inood* 

rika, koovTut-i-uklee, 
Intelligence, 8, khubur, sumachar, 

ittilau, agahee, sumbad, bodh^ 

gyan, prubeenta. 
Intelligencer, t. ukhbar-nuwees, 

mookhbir, wakiu-nuwees, wuki^ 

ya-nigar, suwanih-nigar, suma- 


1 N T 

[ 2or ] 


IfilMligent, a. boshiyar, kbobuvdur, 
. daiia, akil, fabeem, sahib-wukoof, 

wakifkar, sahib^sbuoofy danish- 
• miuKlymi]ance*n]t,muanee*fubmy 

suroujhdar, zee-hosb, iee-«huoor, 
. fabmeeda, ubii-idrak, gyanee, 

prubeen, boddba, booddhUman, 
. goonee, vigyo. 
Int^gible, a. kabii i fbliiB» fokin* 

piieer, sumujbne-laik. 
Intemperance, s, bnd-purbesee, be- 

ibdyatee, be-^dalee, nsnnjitm. 
Intemperate, a. bud-pnrhes, be^ 

ibtiyat, be-etidal, gyr*moohtat, 

gyr-mooatndil, be^lugaro, usun- 

Intemperately, ad. bad-pnrheiee^se, 

be*eudaiee*se, usunjttm*foop*te. 

InteroperatenesSy «. bod-^puti 
be-etidalee, gyr*mooutadilee, 

Intend, V. hrada rukbna, kusd k. 
tbttbrana, usm k. uieemat k. 

Int^ndant, «. umeen, daroga, amil, 
kurora, nazir. 

Intense, a, t hudeed, be-hudd, bura, 
nibayut, liyadu, sbiddut ka, be- 
nfliayut, utishy, utiyunt. 

Intensity, «. sbiddut, gukbtee, xiya- 
dutee, tttiyunt-ta. 

Intent, a, musbgool, mnsroof, dboo- 
nee, avisbt. 

Int^n^ ) s. irada, kosd, uzm. 

Intention, i munsooba, munsa, 
muddi«nustir, muknoonUbatin, 
manus^ ubbiprayu; {aim) mtik- 
sud^ mutlub, moodda, muksood, 

Intentkmally, ad. knsdum, deed wo 
danista, jan boojb kor, umudun, 
ndbudake, tradatun, iradee. 

Intently, ad. goar-se, jiddo-jibd-se. 

InteutDest, «r fuee» kothish) jibd, 

kodd, jiddo-jibd, kuddo-kaitish, 

diUdibee, tun«dihee, mun-lugee, 

Inter, V. gama, dofun k^ mittee d. 

diibana, duba d. gil«dur-gil k. 

mudfoon k* rakhna. 
Interdilary, a. kubeesa, lound ka, 

Intercede, v. sbufant k. bukNib* 

wana, pnrartb-prartbna k, beeeb- 

walee k. 
Intercept, v. tokna, pukur lena. 
Intercession, $, sbuiaut, wisatut, tu« 

wossool, pnrartb-prartbna, beecb* 

Intercessor, «. sbofee, beeebwal, 

Intercblinge, f . moobadula, tnbdeel* 

janibyn, mooawuza, budul. 
Interdiange, v. udia budlak. ewus* 

mooawuiu k, moobabndulu k. 
Intercourse, s, ilaka, surokar, amud 

raft, rabrubt, anajana, mooamulu, 

irtibat, amud-sbood, ulap, sum- 

Interdict, v» munu k. nisbedb k, 

warun k. 
Interdiction, i. munu, munbaee, 

raunaee, nisbedb. 
Interdictory, a. moomanuutee, ni- 

Tnterest, t. (concern) guruz, pnrwa ; 

(adwmiage) faida, nufa, labb ; (^ 

mon^) biyai, sood. 
Fnterest^ o. dil-lugana, lobbana, tur- 

geeb d. 
Interested, a. gnrui-rouad, gurzee, 

Tnteresting, a. dikbusp, mnnobur, 

dil-lugun, dil-kush. 
Interfere, v. batb ddna, dnkbl k< 

mookbill b. kbulal k. 
lateijectiou, i. bnrf i nida. 

I N T 

[ *08 1 


rnlerin, f. usna, una, darmiyan, 

beech} zimn, antur. 
Interior, a. bheeturee, duroonee. 
Interline, v. sutron ke beech beech 

men likhna. 
Intermeddle, v. hath dalna, dukhl 

k. moodukhulut k. dustundaz h« 

du8t-undazee k. 
Intermediate, a. durmiyanee, beech 
. beech ka, roootuwussit, beechla, 

Interment, $, dufan, tudfeen, mit- 

tee dena. 
Interminable, a, be-hudd, useem, 

Intermission, «• wukfa, ni^, beech, 

untur, moohlut, untra. 
Intermit, v. baree*se ana, untur-se 

Intt^rnal, a, bheeturia, undur ka, 

duroonee, batinee, jiguree, undu- 

roonee, dilee, munee^ anturik. 
Internally, ad* bheetur-se, undur*8e, 

Interpolate, v. a. santhna, ibarut 

tugulloob k. 
Interpose, v, durmiyan \u wuseela 

h. beechwalee k. are d. beech- 

beechao k. purarth-prarthna k» 
Interposition, «. wusatut, woseela, 

marifut, beech-beechao, 
Int^pret, v. tuijooma k. butlana, 

tusbreeh k. urth k« sumjhana; 

{dreams) tabeer k. 
Interpretation, i. tnijoomu, tusb- 
reeh, tufseer, byan, taweel. 
Interpreter, «. roooturjim^ turjoo- 

man, do-bhasbiya, urth-karuk; 

{of dreami) tabeergo, mooubbir, 

Interrogate, t;. poochhna, poorsxsh 

k. istifsar k. poochh pachh k. 

sawal k. durkhwast k, prusha k« 

Interrog&tion, s. istifsar, suwml, 

poorsish, pooch pachh, istifham, 

suwal-juwab, prushn. 
Interr6gative, s, hurf i istifham, istif* 

hamee, prusharth. 
Interrogator, s. moostufsir, sail, 

poorsan, poorstmdu, poochh unhar. 
Interrupt, v. hurukut k. huij k. ut* 

kana, n>kna, hartj h. hail b. chher-^ 

na, badha k. bighn k. khumlit k. 

bhanjee mama; {in speMng) 

bat kalna. 
Interrdption, $, hurukut, hurj, ut- 

kao, huijmuij, rok, khulul, tuar* 

rooE, badha, bighn, bhanjee. 
Intersect, v, a, tukato k. raootukati 

h. katna^ chhedna. 
Intersperse, v. idhur oodhur dalna, 

bukherna, idhur oodhur lugana, 

idhur oodhur phenkna. 
Interstice, s, iasila, phank. 
Tnterval, t. durmiyan, beech, nrsa, 

zimn, untur, rausafut, wusut, us- 
na, wukfa, mabyn; {distance) 

Intervene, v, durmiyan puma, beech 

ana, fasii h. mootuwussit h. beech 

beech h. 
Intervention, s. tuwussoot. 
Interview, 5. moolakat, deedar. 
Interweave, v. a. biuna, durmiyan 

Inte&tate, 8. be-wuseeyut. 
Intestine, a. bheeturia, daroonee. 
Intestines, <t. anten, untriyan. 
Intlir&l, o. ghoolam k. 
I'ntimacy, 8, itti&k, ikhtilat, mel. 
Fntimate, v, kuhna, jutana, ishara k. 
rniimate, «. hum-dum, humsohbut^ 

muhrumraz, muhrum. 
Fntimately, ad. ikhtilat-se. 
Intimation, s. ishara, kinaya,( 

{notice) khubur, agabee« 


[ 300 ] 

I N V 

IntSmidftte, v. darana, duhshut dik^ 

Da, dantna. 
FntOy prep, meii, bheetai^ vndur, 

lDt61erable, a, gyr-nootulMimiitu], 

jo suha nu jaeh. 
Intoxicate, «. mutwala k. 
Intoxicated, «. mutfraia, mudiiosh, 

most, cboor, aunanst, budmast. 
Intoncating, a, nushedar, nushee- 

la, umnlee, khoomaree; (jukty 

SfcJ) 8ab2ee,bhmig, churusygonja, 

majoon, bootee. 
Intoxic&tion, s.nasha,mo8tee, mod* 

bodiee,8iiT8haree,8unDU8lee, bad- 

mustee, mukbroooree. 
Inti^table, a. mugra, 8udka»booa 

Doheen, surkosh. 
IntrliDsitive, a. fiuli lazimee, ukor* 

Intr^ty, t. nianut, bintee, sumajut, 

latr^h, V, gird khmiduk khodna, 

khaee aspas kbodna, morcfaaban- 

dee k. sulabut koocha k. 
latrencbment, $, k^aee, khundak, 

ghera, morchal, sulamut-koocha, 

Intrepid, a. be-bak, be-jaa, nidur, 

janbaz, bimfnntee. 
iDtrep^ity, s, dileree, bebakee, to- 

Intricacy, «. nioo8hkil,eolihao, pech, 

lupet, jnnja]. 
Fntricate, a. pecbeeta, pechdar, ool- 

jba,pecb-durpech,junjake, ghal- 

tan pechan. 
Intrimie, f. 8azish, bundi8h, lugga, 

anth 8aiitb, sutta butta. 
Intrigue, 0. sazlsh k. guthao ganthna, 

karsazee k. 
Intvuwic, a. hokeekee, catee, uslee, 


Intrinsically, od. biszatihi. 
IntrodCice, vu raookikat kurana, nu« 

lana; (an instrument) cbuiaaa 

(« cuttom) jaree k. 
Introd(iction, s. idkhal ; (to a book) 

deebacha,taiDi)eed, mookadduma* 
Introddctory, a. tumheedea; 
IntrCide, v, dukhl k. ghoosna, p3rth- 

na, dust undazee k. bath aalna, 

moodakhulut k. 
Intruder, s. ghoosonbar, mookhil, 

purdehdur, dustundaz. 
IntrOsion, s. moodakhulut, dukhl, 

idkhal, ghoospyth. 
IntHist, 0. sompna, soopoord k. 

zimma k. umanut rukhna, tuf* 

weez k. 
Intuition, s. zokawut, iJka, ilham. 
Intuitive, a, ludoonnee. 
Intuitively, ad, ifham-se. 
Intwine, v, bul d. butna. 
InWide, V. churh jana, humla k. 

yoorish k. 
Invalid, s. mnaioor, aueef, sookh* 

InvUid, a. batif, mvnaookh, rudd. 
InvUidate, v, jhootha k. batil k. 
Invalidity, t. fuskh, bootkn. 
Invliluable, a. bebuha, unmol, beah* 

Invariable, a. gyr-mootuluwin, be- 

tttbuddool, be-tugyyoor. 
Inv&riably, ad, bila-naga, humesha. 
Inviision, s, taraj, humluh, gulbuh, 

yoorish, churhaee, lushkurkui^ee. 
Inv^tive, 8, galee, zuban-durazee, 

dooshnam, tuana^zunee, bujoo. 
Inveigh, V. ilzam d. tuan tushnee k. 
Inv^le, t^. lobhana, fuiefta k. iuU 

Invt^nt, V. eejad k. ; (feign) bunana, 

ganthna, santhaa. 
Invented, part, buna, eejad keeagya. 

I N V 

[ 210 ] 


InT^Dtion, «. bunawut ; eejad, ihdas. 
I'nventory^ t, siyaba, fihrist, furd, 

Inverse, a, oolta, moonkulub, muk- 

loob. [na. 

Invert, V. ooltana, kulb k. oundha- 
Inf^st, V. dena ; (o town) mooha- 

sura k, ; (with an honorary drest) 

Ifiv^tigate, 9. chhanna, tufteesh k. 

duriyaft k. tujweez k. hull k. bi- 

Investiglition, $. tujweez, tuhkeek, 

khoj, joost ojoo, tuhkeekat, bi- 

char, junchao, tukdou. 
Inveterate, a. koohna, poorana, 

shudeed, sakht, kutta. 
Invidious, a. hasid, udawutee, 

Invigorate, v. poosht k. koovwut d. 

muzboot k. tuwana k. 
Invigorating, a. poosht, mookuv- 

wee, koovwut-bukhsh, 
InvigOT§ktion, t. tukwiyut, tuwanaee, 

Invincible, a. ujeet, gyr-mughloob. 
Inviolable, a. be-fooloor, be-zuwal. 
Inviolate, o. pak, be-koosoor, be- 

InvlsibM,a.ghaib, na-deeda, udrish, 

Invitation, s* dawut, neota, tuwazo, 

Invite, V. neotna, davirut k. boolana. 
Inundation, 8. sylab, tooghiyanee, 

gurk-ab, churhao, doobao. 
rnvocate, v, munana, nam lena, 

Invoc^ion, s. dooa, moonajat, istida. 
I'nvoice, s. beejuk, chalanee, siyaha, 
. fihrist i ujnas. 
Inv6ke, v. dooa k. munana, nam 


Inv6lve, V. boljhana, phtisana, uu 

Involved, part, giriftar, phusa hooa* 
Inv61untary, a. be-ikhtiyaree, be. 

bus, izturaree. 
Inu^ndo, s, ishara, kinaya. 
InvCilnerable, o. bujr-ungee, roeen* 

tun, ukut, nazukhm-puzeer. 
InCire, v, kbogur k. adee k. adut 

Inward, a. bheeturla, duroonee. 
Inwrought, a. juraoo, moorussa. 
Ipecacuanha, «. kism duwa. 
Irascible, a.chirchira, toonookmizaj» 

zoodrunj, toond, atush-mizaj. 
Ire, 1. ghoossa, khufgee. 
Fris, s* dhunook, hulkai-pootlee. 
I'rksome, i. sukht, ddoshwar, moo- 

Tron, «. loha, ahun. 
Irons, i. beree, huth*kuree. 
I'rony, s. hujo muleeh, tusukhkhoor. 
Irrddiate, v, oojieda k. roushun k. 

moonuvvur k. 
Irrational, a, gyr i natik, la-akil. 
Irreclaimable^ a. gya-goozra, niput- 

Irrefragable, a, jo rudd nuheen ho 

suke, shafee. 
Irregular, a, be-tour, be-turteeb; be. 

kaida, khilaf dustoor, khilaf-mua. 

mool, khilaf-kanoon, be-niwaj. 
Irregularity, $, khilaf dustooree, be- 

Irrelevant, ii* be-ulaka, be-nisbut, 

Irrellgion, s, be-deenee. udhurmee. 
Irreligious, a. be-deen, udhurm. 
Irremediable,!^ . ... 
Irreparable, r-^^-'^'^J- [tukil. 
Irresistible, a. utul, muzboot, moos- 
Irresolute, a. beJstiklal, be-kurar, 



[ 211 ] 

J a B 

I iT^r e rence, «• be-udubee, turki- 

Irrevocable, a. amit, larudd, utal, 

Frritable, a. khisiyana, zoodrunj. 
Irritate, o. khijana, cliberna, chira- 

na, khufa k. dikk k. chirchirana. 
Frritate, a, guzub-alooda, kbufa, 

dikk, khusbmnak. 
Irr6ption,«.cburbaee, yoorishytakbt, 

dookhool, duramud. 
Fsinglass, s. muchbke kee ant ka 

Fsland, s. tapoo, juzeera. 
Fsolated, a, ulug, jooda, ulahida. 
Fssue, o. jaree h. nikulna, risna ; (an 

order) jaree k. 
Fssue, s,(egreis) khoorooj,nikas,rah, 

mukbarij ; (fontanel) gool ; {con- 

sequence) nuteeja; (termination) 

akhirut ; (progeny) oulad. 
Fstbmus, «. oonook i urz, gurdun i 

It, pron, nom, wob ; (pou.) ooska. 
Ftem, «. uyzun, dufa, babut. 
Itinerant, s. khanub budosh, rumta, 

Itinerate, v, ramta pbima, syr k. 
Itcb, 8, kboojiee, khaj, kbarisb. 
Itself, pron, wuh ap. 
Fvory,*«. hathee-dant, dundan ifeel. 
I'vy, «• ishk-pecha. 

J^nth, s. kism juwabir. 

Jackal, «. geedur, sbigal, siyal. 

J&cket, 8, kumree. 

Jlickfhiu, s. kuthul. 

Jail, 8, kyd-kbana, zindan, jel-kba> 

Jailer, s, kyd-kbana ka darogba. 
Jklap, t. kism joollab. 
Jam, t. moorubba* 

Jamb, 8. bazoo. 

J&n)2;le, v, jhuguma, chukha«chu« 

Jap&n, «. kism rougun. 
Jar, 8, jburpa jhurpee, kbur-khara<' 
hut; (i7este/)murtuban,gol,mulka. 
J&smlne, s. gooH-yasroeen, chum* 

belee, bel, johee-jahee. 
Jasper, 8, yushm, jubuijudd. 
Javelin, 8. burchhee, neza. 
J&undice, s, kunwul, yurkan. 
Jaunt, 8, syr, muturgusbt. 
Jaw, 8. jubra, kulla. 
Jay, 8, neel-kunth, subzuk. 
J^ous, a, shukkee, bud-zunn, bud- 

gooman, jhuliya. 
Jealousy, 8, bud-goomanee, sbuk, 

jhul, wuswas, rushk. 
Jeer, s, tuana-zuuee, tuan-tushnee, 

J^rer, «. tbutholiya, bolee-mar, tua- 

JehoTah, s. Yahoo, Rubb. 
Jejune, a. rookha, seetha, ochha. 
Jelly, 8, looab, lobab. 
Jeopardy, s. khutra, janbazee, hula- 

kut, jee-jokhon. 
Jerk, 8, jhutuk, huchkola. 
Jest, 8. thuttha, kbillee, muzakh, 

J^ter, 8. thuttheh.baz, tbuthol. 
J^sus, «. Khoodawund Yusoo Mu- 

seeh bukhshindai-juhan. 
Jet,f.sungi-moo3a,siyah-tab; (spout 

of water) phohara, fuvwara. 
Jew, 8, yuhoodee. 
Jew's-harp, «. moorcbung. 
J^wel, 8, jouhur, rutn, guhna. 
Jeweller, «. jouhuree. 
Jingle, 8, jhunuk, jhunjhun, jhun- 

kar, thuntbun. 
Jingle, V. jbunkarna, jbunjhunana. 
Job, f. karo, kar, tubul, mibnut. 


E 2t2 I 

K A L 

Jockey, i. chabook-suwar. 
Jocund^ a. khoosh, mugun. 
Joe, v» huchkola d. dhukka d. 
Join, V, jorna, milana, lugana. 
Joined, par^ joora,mila-hooa, joota- 

hooa, pywusta. 
Joint, <• giruh, ganth, jor, bund ; 

{of meat) tookra. 
Joint, a, mila-joola, mooshturik. 
Jointure, s, muhur, duhez. 
Joke, I. tbuttha, khillee, luteefa, 

Jollity, s. rung-rus, zindu-dilee. 
J611y, a. rungeela, khoosh o khoor- 

mm, zinda-dil. 
Jolt, V, dhukka-lugna, hichkana. 
Jonqtiille, s, gooli-shubbo. 
Jot, s, nookta, zurruh, til, raee ka 

JoTial, a. khoosh, musroor, shad- 
roan, muhzooz. 
Journal, s, roz-nameh ; {account) 

Journey, s, sufr, moosafiree. 
Joy, s.khooshee, khoorrumee, anund, 

Joyful, a. khoosh, anund, bag bag, 

mugun^ shadman, khooshwukt. 
JoyfuUy, ad, khooshee-se. 
Joyless, a. oodas, dilgeer. 
Jubilee, i. khooshee, ootsou, nouroz. 
Judge, s, moonsif, kazee. 
Judge, v. tujweez k.insafk, bichar- 

na, duriyaft k. sumujhna. 
Judgment, s, insaf; Idiscernment) 

imtiyaz ; {decree) futwa ; {day of) 

Judicature, s, hookoomut, kuza. 
Judicial, a, shuruee, kazee-ana. 
Judicious, a. akii, dana, sahib i 

shuoor, uklmund, sahib-tumeez, 

Jug, s. koolhur, koolra, kooza. 

Juggler, I. dith-bund, bazee-gnr, 

Juice, I. rus, uruk, panee, doodb. 
J6icy,a. ruseela,rusdar,tur, urukdar. 
JCilap, f . joolab. 
Jtoble, V, a, ghalmel k. gudbud k. 

roilana, mukhloot k. 
Jump, s. koodukka, choukree, phu- 

lang, koolanch, zughund. 
Jdnction, i. aungum, meK 
Jtincture, s» an, mabyn, wukt. 
J6ingle, s, jungul, bun. 
Junior, a. oomr ya ohdeh^men 

chhota, sugeer. 
Juniper, s, suro-kohee. 
J6piter, i. mooshturee, brihusput. 
Jurisdiction, s, umul-daree, tuhut, 

ilaka, kulumrou. 
J&ry, s, punchayet udalutee jo nekee 

budee kee tujweez kure. 
Just, a. theek, hukk, fukut, sirf ; 

{equitable) adil, moonsif; (of 

toeights) poora, khura ; {proper) 

moonasib, laik, muakool. 
Just, ad, theek Uieek, wajibee tu- 

JCistice, 8, insaf, niyao, dad. 
Justifiable, a. wajibee, dooroost, 

Justification, s, sufaee, himaynt, tus- 

fiya, be-joormee. 
Jiistify, V, soorkh-roo k. be-|;oonah 

thuhrana. [sifana. 

JCistly, ad, wajibee turuh^se, moon- 
J6stness, s. dooroostee, hokiyut, 

Jiivenile, a. juwan, nou khez. 



Kalendar, i. putra, tukw«em. 
Kklif s. sujee, kulee. 

K I N 

C 213 ] 

K N O 

Kaw, 9. kan Van k. 

Kedger, $, chhota lungur. 

Keel, s, juhaz ka tula. 

Keen, a, tez, chokha; (eager) 

moostuid, sbaik, gurm ; {tevere) 

KienVfy ad, tezee-se. 
Keenness, s. tezee, chokhaee, char- 

phurahut, jlianjh, abdaree. 
Keep, V. rukhna ; {detain) utkana, 

rokna ; (tend) rukhwalee k. moo- 

hafuzut k. ; (preserve) buchana, 

muhfoos rukhna; (restrain) bai 

rukhna ; (oi^erve) manna, moo- 

tubumik janna ; (ane^s toord) ni- 

bahna,poorak.; (maintain) ^nn, 

purwurish k. 
K^per, t. rukh waIa,rukhwyya,moo« 

hafiz, ugoriya, niguhban. 
K^psake, s, yadgaree, yaddad. 
K^nnely t. tasee-khana, doree-kha- 

na; (pack) kootteh ; (gutter) bu- 

dur-rou, moohree. 
Kernel, i. gooda, mughz, geeree. 
Kettle, s, ketlee. 
Kettledrum, t. nukkaruh. 
Key, t. koonjee, ehabee, talee. 
Kick, t. lat, lukud, tbokur. 
Kick, 9. lat mama, lutiyana. 
Kid, t. hulwan, bukree ka buehcha. 
Kid, o. biyahna. 
Kidnap, v. lurka choorana. 
Kidney-bean, s. lobiya. 
Kidneys, t. goorda. 
Kill, 9. mar dalna, khoon k. kutl k. 

jan se mama. 
Kiln, f. puzawa, bhntthee, awa. 
Kin, f. rishta, nata, upnaet, yuga- 

nugee, kurabut, biraduree. 
Kind, a. reihr-ban, shuieek, durd- 

mund, khoob. 
Kind, t. kism, rukum, turuh, ras, 

za^ nou. 

Kindle, v. soolgana, julana, phoonk- 
Kindly, ad, mihrbanee-se. [na. 

Kindness, s. mihrbanee, ihsan, soo- 

look.tuwujjooh, riayut, nuwazish. 
Kindred, s. bhaee-bund, kootumb, 

ukruba, yuganeh, khesh-kurabut. 
Kindred, a, eksan, ekrung, ekdil. 
King, s. badshah, shah. 
Kingdom, s, badshahut, sultunut, 

mumlukut, raj. 
Kingfisher, s, kilkila, gotukhor. 
Kinsman, t. rishtuh-dar, natedar, 

yugana, kureeb, kurabutee, nutyt, 

Kiss, V. choomna, bosa lena. 
Kitchen, s. bawurchee-khana. 
Kitchen-garden, s. falez, baree. 
Kite, s. cheel i'Xpaper) putung, kun- 

Kitten, s, billee ka buehcha. 
Klick, V. titkama. 
Knack, s, dhub, joogut, snleeka, hik- 

mut, utkul. 
Kn&psack, t. jhola, jholee, bookcha. 
Knave,<.dugha-baz, ehhulee, uyyar, 

buddiyanut, joolbaz, dugholiya. 
Kn&very, t. dugha-bazee, joolbazee, 

Knavish, a, shureer. 
Knead, t. goondna, sanna, mandna. 
Kneading-trough, s, kuthra, kuthou- 

Knee, «. ghootna, zanoo. 
Kneel, v, ghootna tekna, dozanoo 

Knife, s. chhooree, chhoora. 
Knight, s. buhadoor, mirza, rae. 
Knit, 17. boonna, binna. 
Knitting-needle, t. binneh kee sooee. 
Knob, s. goolmekh. 
Knock, t. mookkha, thoknr, zurb : 

V, khurkak. khutkhatana, thonk- 

na, peetna. 


[ 114 ] 


Knot, t. girih, gaiith ; (matrimonial) 

okdi nikah. 
Knotty, a. gutheela; {diffiadt) pech- 

dar,. mooghluk. 
Know, V. janna, puhchanna, wakif 

h. sumujhna, mualoom k. khu- 

burdar h, rooottila h. cheenhna. 
Knowing, a. pukka, hoshiyar, siya- 

na, wakif, khuburdar. 
Knowingly, ad, jan boojh kur. 
Knowledge, t. iim, wakfiyut, giyan, 
, khubur, hosh, danish. 
Known, a. jana hooa; mualoom; 

mushhoor, muaroof, fash. 
Kn&ckle, s» gutta, mu£sil. 

Lable, s. sur-nama, kaghuz. 
Laboratory, i. karkbana. 
Laborious, a. mibnutee ; (arduoui) 
. dooshwar, roihnut-tulub. 
lAhouTyS, mihnut, muzdooree, suee, 

dhoon ; (travail) durd i zih ; jun- 

neh ka dookh. 
Labour, V. mihnut k. koshish k. 

muzdooree k. tusdeea oothana. 
Llibourer, t. muzdoor, koolee, roz- 

Litbyrinth, s. pech, pech o tab, mar- 

pech, pher. 
Lac, i, lakh, lah. 
Luce, s, kulabutoon, gota, kinaree, 

L^ceman, s, kinaree-gota-wala. 
L^erate, v. cheerna, chak k. 
Lack, t. kumee, kumtee, killut. 
Lack, V, kum h. ghutna, ghata h. 
Lacker, i. look, roghun. 
Lac6nic, a. mookhtusur, kotah. 
Lad, t. chhokra, lounda, lurka. * 
lAdder, f, seerhee, zeena, nursynee, 

siddhee, synee. 

Lade, v, ladna, bojh churhana. 
liiden, a, luda hooa^ bojhaee, bhnra 

Lliding, 9, ludao, ludan, bojhaee. 
liidle, i. doee, chumcha. 
L&dy, t. beebee, bee, begum. 
Lag, V. dheela chulna, peecbhdi 

liiity, s, dooniya-dar, grihustee. 
Lake, s, jheel, tal, surwur. 
Lamb, s, burruh, bher ka buchcha. 
L&mbent, a. luhkeela. 
Lame, a, lungra, lung. 
Lament, v, haeh haeh k. ufsos k. 

bilap k. ghum k. jhikna> nala k. 

rona, chhatee peetna. 
L&mentable, a, kabil i matum, gum- 

khez, nouha-ungez. 
Lamentation, t. wawyla,zaree, bilap, 

matum, ah-zaree, nala, eiriya. 
Lamina, s. wuruk ya chhilka. 
Lamp, <. chiragh, diya, deewa. 
L&mp-black, s, kajul. 
Lamp6on, «. hujo. 
Lampooner, s, hujo-go. 
Lance, s, burchhee, bhala, neza. 
Llincet, i. nushtur. 
Land, v. turee se khooshkee pur 

ootuma, ootarna. 
Land, «. zumeen, bhoomee, dhurtee; 

(shore) khooshkee ; (countty) sur- 

zumeen, moolk. 
Landlady, s. ghurwalee. 
Landlord, s. ghurwala, malik. 
Landscape, <. mudd i nuzur,nuzarah. 
L&nd*tax, s. khiraj, bihir, bala. 
Lane, s. gulee, kooncha, naka. 
Languor, s. kahilee,soostee» zueefee, 

mandugee, kumzoree, nukahut. 
Language, t. zuban, boiee, bhakha. 

L4nguid,a. kahil, soost, zueef, i 

da, mujhool, nukeeh. 

L A T 

I 215 } 


I Laiignish, o. beemar ruhna, koomla- 

tna, olsaQa,gu]a chula jana,zueef h. 
limtern, t. fanoos, kundeel, lalteyn. 
Lap, s. god, godee ; {of a garment) 

damun, anchul. 
Lap, V. chupur chupur peena. 
Xiipidary, t. joahuree, hujjar. 
Lapis-lazuli, s. la-JQwurd. 
liipse, s. chook, bhool, ghultee : v. 

ahista ahista goozurna, beetna. 
Larceny, s, choree, doozdee. 
Lard, s, soour kee taee hooee chur- 

Large, a. bura, kulan, uzeem. 
L&rgely, ad. ba-ifrat, buhoot-sa, bo- 

hootat ke sath. 
Lark, t. ugin, chukawuk. 
Lascivious, a. shuhwutee, kamee, 

Lash,<. (stripe) mar, zurb, chabook ; 

{of a whip) phoondna. 
Lass, s. chhokree, lurkee. 
Lassitude, s, kuhalut, soostee, man- 

dugte, zoufy alus, be*tabee, thu- 

Last, a. pichhla, akhir, akhiree, uk- 

heer : ad. peechheh : v. thuhuma, 

chulna, paedar ruhna, tikna. 
Disting, pirt. a. paedar, chulaoo, 

tikaoo, daimee, derpa. 
Lastly, ad. sub se peechheh, iJchir 

ool umr. 
Latch, t. phirkee, billee. 
Late, a, uber, der, be-wukt ; {at 

fruits) puchheta ; (former) ugla ; 

(of late) ajkul ; {the late) mur- 

hoom. [roz-se. 

Lately, ad. thore din hooee, chund 
Lateness, t. deree, der, dirung. 
L4tent, a. chhipa hooa, posheeda, 

mukhfee, goopt. 
Lliter, ad, ourhee^er-se ; (recent) 

«urfaee nya. 

L&teral, a, puhlooee. 
Lath, I. burunga, purchhut. 
Lather, s. saboon ka phen. 
Ditin, a. lateen, lateenee. 
Latitude, s. urz, chouraee ; koosha- 

L4tten, t. teen ka putr. 
Latter, a. pichhla; (modem) moo« 

Llittice, t. jhunjhree, jalee. 
Laudable, a. laik i tareef, laik i 

tuhseen, kahili tareef, tuareefee. 
L&udanum, s. ufeem ka gholwa. 
Laugh, V, husna. 
Iiiughing-8tock,<. ungoosht^nooma, 

huduf, muzbukuh. 
Laughter, s. hunsee. 
Lavish, t7. beja surf k. oorana, bur- 
bad k. israf k. zaya k. 
Lavish, a, foozooUkhurch, moosrif, 

Launch, v. gooddee pur «e ootama, 

Law,s.fikuh,8hunih, shureeut, aeen, 

shastr, biwustba, smriti. 
Lliwful, a. jaiz, shuruee, moobah, 

hulal, doorof^st, ruwa. 
Lawless, a. be-kyd, be*lugam ; be- 

shuruh, be-kaiduh. 
Lawn, t. murgh-zar, mydan. 
L&wsuit, t. mookudduma, nalish, 

L&wyer, s. uhl i fikuh, udalut ka 

Lax, a. soost, dheela. 
Laxative, a. jo dust laweh, mooly- 

Lay,«.rukhna,dhuma;letna; (bwy) 

garna, dufun k. ; {as eggs) denti; 

(bricks) bichhana ; (save) bucha- 

na, juma k. 
L4yer, s, purt, tub, tubuk (of ma^ 

sonry) rudda. - 


[ «1« ] 


Ldyman, $, doooiyadar, grihust. 
Lazy, a. soost, kahil, alusyee, kam- 

chor, askutee^ dheela. 
Lead, s, seesa, rang, soorb. 
Xiead, «. le-chulna, bath pukur cbu- 

lana ; {draw) khyncbna ; (induce) 

tuhreek d, 
L^der, s, surdar, peshwa, surguroh^ 

Leaf, 5. puttee; (of a book) wuruk, 

punna, pana. 
I^iiNigue, s, sazisb, mel ; derb kos. 
Leak, v. cboona, risna, tupukna. 
L^y, a, toota, punchora, durzee. 
Lean, v. tukiya k. lug ke rubna; 

(over) jbookna ; (inciine) mail h. 
Leanness, 5. dooblaee. 
Leap,i».koodna,pbaiidna, oochbulna. 
Leap-year, j, lound ka burus, sal-i 

Learn, v, seekbna, tubseei k. 
Learned, a. alim, fazil, mouluwee, 

L>eArner, s, talib-ilm, sbagird, moob- 

tudee, . 
Learning, «. Urn, bidya, ilmiyut. 
Lease, s» ijara, theyka. 
Least, t. sub se chbota. 
L^tber, <. cbumra, cbam^ chirm. 
Leave, «. rookbsut, ruaa, cbhoottee, 

ijazat, bookm. 
Leave, v, chhorna, tiyagna, turk k. 

de*muma, hiba k. 
Leaven, s, khumeer, mawa. 
Livings, s. jhootha, oolush, akhor, 

fooBla, bucha. 
L^tare^ i. durs, oopdes. 
L^ger^ f . bubee, kuata, duftujr. 
lice, t. neewan. 
Leech, s. jowk. 
Leer, v, tirchhee nuzur k. kunukhi- 

yon dekboa. 
Leesy <. gad, doord, turchbut 

Leeward, ad. huwa ke inookaUi. 
Left, part, bucha-hooa, bakee. 
Left, a. ban, bayaM, chap, oolta ; 

(left'hanckd) kbubba. 
Leg, s. tang, pindlee. 
Legacy, t. wusiyut, hiba. 
Legal,, a. jaiz, shuruee^ udalutee^ 

Legate, s. wukeel, elehee. 
Legation, s. wukalut, elcheeguree. 
Legend, t. tudtirut-ool-ouliya, u£ui* 

na, pooran. 
Leger, 5. buhee, khata. 
Legerdemain, $. nu2ur-bundee,dith< 

bund,^ioogut, cburkr, bazeeguree. 
Legible, a, purhne-jog. 
Legibly, ad, saf saf, spusbt*roop-se. 
L^ton, & gurob, toomuQ, dul. 
Legislate, v. moolk-daree ka kam k. 

intiiam k. 
Legislation, s. aeen-kanoon bundle. 
L^islator, 9, shari, ^vazi col kaooon* 
Legislature, s. surkar. 
Legitimate, a. usl, buIaKiada. 
LegCiminous, a, museenadar. 
Leisure,s. foorsut, oukash, soobihta, 

furagbut, cbhoottee, chbootkara. 
Lemon, », neemboo. 
Lemonade, i, sburbut-leemoo. 
Lend, v, kurz d. ariyut ^« oodhard. 
L^der, <. kurz dene-imla* 
Length, s. lumbaee, tool. 
Lengthen, v* lumban% durai k. ta« 

weel k. burhana. 
lingthwbe, a. lumkaopmen, lum- 

Lenient, a. moolaim, huleem, moo- 

Lenity, 4. ruhm, nurmee, dya, 

Lens, $, kism sheesba. 
Lentil, s. musoor. 
L^o, s. boorji-usudy singb. 

L I A 

t 217 ] 

L I G 

Lteine, a« sheree, bubree. 

Leopard, s. cfaeeta. 

I^per, t. korhee, mubrusee. 

Leprosy, t. korh, burns. 

Less, a. kuro, kimitur, thora. 

Less, t. cbhota. 

L^Mee, s. moostajir, theekedar, ija- 

rudar, puttedar. 
Lessen, v. gbatana, kom k. 
LessoD, s, subuk, path, suntha; 

(admoniUoti) nasec^ut, ohet ; (ne- 

primand) gosbinalee. 
Lest, conj, moobada, shayud, uysa 

nuho, kudacbit. 
Let, V, dena, ijazutd. ; {hire) kiraya 

ko d. bhara d. ; (let go) cbhor d. ; 

{lei down) ootanuk 
Let, s. utkao, rok, ar, badha, 8udd« 
Lethargy, s. subat, bujar-oeend. 
Letters. hurf,uksbur ; (c^ii //e) kbutt, 

chitthee, aawishta, cbuktee, put* 

tra, shooka. 
Letters, s, ilm, ilmiyut/ bidya. 
Lettuce, 8, kafaoo. 
L^vee, t. durbar, subha. 
L^vel, a. burabur, hum war, ekaan, 

chourus, surput. 
L^ver, t. dhenklae, theka. 
Leveret, t, khurgosh ka buchcha, 

Levity, u soobookee, hulkaee, chu< 

pulta, ochbapun. 
Levy, o. juma k. ; (farcei) fouj- 

bundee k. ; (money) dandoa. 
Lewd, «. musty shtthwutee,lumput, 

I^^wdaess, i. mustee, shuhwut, kam. 
Lexicon, t. loogut, furbung, kosh, 

Lexicographer, «. mooullifi loogat. 
Liable, a» mootuhummil, puseer, 

Liar, a. jhootha, kazib, duroggo« 

Ltb&tion, I. sburabjo devte koohur- 

bawe, turpun, urpun. 
Libel, I. gila, mulamut, kulunk, 

shikayut, lira. 
Liberal, a, sukbee, iyyaz, hoosilu- 

raund, data, kureem. 
DberSiiity, s. fys, sukbawut, kuntm. 
Liberally, Md, koosbada-dilee^se, 

Liberate, v. chhoorana, khulas k. 

azad k. 
Dberittkxi, i. chhootkara, mukh- 

Libertine, s. fasik, rind^ budkar, 

fajir, khurabatee. 
Liberty, i. chhoottee, ruza, mukh- 

lusee ; (choice) ikhtiyar. 
Libidinotis, a, must, shuhwutee. 
Libra, 8. boorji-meezan, toola. 
Librarian, s, kootoob-khanuh ka 

Library, i. kootoob-khanuh. 
Lice, 8, jooew. 

Licence, s. purwana, faookra, agya. 
Licentious, a. lumput, huramkar. 
Lick, V. chatna; (thrMh) mama, 

Lid, 8. dhukna, dhupna, surposh. 
Lie, t. jhoot, durogh, kizb. 
Lie, V. jhooth kuhna ; (down) letna ; 

(lie in) junna; (lie in wait) ghat 

men ruhna. 
Lieu, 8, iwuz, budul. 
Lieutenant, s. naib, jumadar. 
Life, 8, jan, zindugee, zinduganee, 

hyat, jeewun, dum, jee. 
Lifeless, a, be-jan, be-dum, moorda. 
Lifetime,, i. hecn-hyat, jeetejee, tu* 

Lift, V, oothana, churhana, boo- 

lund k. oo«tehana. 
Ligament, i. bund, puttee, py, nui, 


L I N 

[ 218 ] 


Light, f. oojala, oojiyala» roashnee, 

noor, chandna. 
Light, a, hulka, soobook; chun- 

chul; (as colours) pheeka; (as 

troops) chhura, jureeda. 
light, V, roushun k. julana, barna, 

balna ; (kindle) soolgana ; (alight) 

ooturna, nazil h. ; (fall) girna, 

Lighten, v. hulka k. khalee k. ; 

(Jlash) chumukna. 
LSghtness, s. hulkaee, soobookee, 

lightning, t. bijlee. 
Like, a. moowafik, manind, bura- 

bur, tool, niyae, misal, jysa. 
like, V. chahna, pusund k. 
Likelihood, s. ihtimal, doul, asar, 

Likely, ad. moohtumul, honhar, 

Liken, v. tumseeld. oopma d. moo- 

kabula k. 
Likeness, t. mooshabuhut, moota- 

bukut, misal, tunasool. 
Likewise, ad, bhee, neez. 
Liking, s. chah, rugbut, shouk, chat. 
Limb, t. uzoo, uog. 
Lime, i. choona; (lemon) kagzee 

Lime-kiln, «. chooneh kee bhutthee. 
Limestone, s. kunkur, choona ka 

Limit, s. hadd,8eero,siwana,intiha. 
Limitation, t. kyd, bundhan. 
Limited, a. muhdood, bandha-hooa. 
Limner, t. moosuvwir, chitera. 
Limp, V. lungrana, lung k. 
Limpid, a. saf, nirmul, nithra, 

Linch'pin, i. keelee, chabee, zamin. 
Line, s, khutt, lukeer, dundeer, 

dbaree, tuhreer ; (of men) kotar. 

pungut; (of a book) satr; (poe^ 

try) misra, byt; (strit^) dora; 

(trench) khunduk ; (equator) 

khutt i istiwa; (progeny) nasi. 
Line, v. ustur lugana, muihna« 
Lineage, s. usl, nusl, buns. 
Lineament, i. khal khutt, roop ka 

Linen, s^ kupre, poshak, kutan. 
Lfnen-dr&per, t. buzaz, kuprewala. 
Linger, «. murta*ruhna, khatlugna ; 

(delay) der-lugana. 
Lingual, a. moordhanee. 
Linguist, <. zuban-dan. 
Lining, s. ustur. 
Link, t. kuree, koolaba, silsila; 

(torch) mushul. 
Dnkboy, t. mushulchee* 
Linseed, «. ulsee, tookhmi«kutan. 
Lint, t. ulsee ka sun, soof. 
Lintel, <• choukut, putao. 
Lion, f. sher, bubur, singh. 
Lioness, t. singhnee, shemee. 
Lip, s. lub, hofith, onth. 
Liquid, a. rukeek, putla. 
Liquid, s. peene kee cheez. 
Liquidate,v.uda k. bebak k. putana. 
Liquor, t. rus, uruk ; (strong) shn* 

rab, daroo. 
Dquorice,«- moolhnttee, usloossoos. 
Lisp, t7. looknut k. tootlana. 
List, I. fihrist, furd, ismwaree. 
Listen, v, soonna, kan-lugana, moot- 

wujjih h. dhiyan lugana. 
Listless, a. be-khubur, mujhooV 

gafil, soost, u&oorda-dil. 
Literal, a. hurfee, loogwee, hamil \ 

Literary, a. babut ilm ke. 
Literati, s» ooluma, foozula. 
Literature, s, ilm, ilmiyuU 
Litharge, s. moordasung, 
Lith6s^phy, <. puuhur ka <^ibapa* 

L O A 

[ 2J» 1 

L O N 

litigate, V. mookuddonoa lurna. 
Jit^Uon, t. kuziya, tunta, rugra, 

kissa kuziya. 
Lhigious, a, jhugraloo, tuntebaz, 
. bokheriya, kuziya-jo, moofsid. 
Litter, t. dolee, choupala; {Jbr 

horiet) ghas; (brood) jhol; (of 

ihingg) ulaeh bulaeh. 
little, a. thora, tunuk, zurra; 

(younger) cbhota, sugeer. 
Little, ad, thora thora, ahiste ahiste. 
Littleness, s. chhotaee, killut, ku- 

mee, undukee, udnapuii. 
Live, V. jeena, jeeta ruhna, zindu- 

ruhna, goozran k. oomr katna, 

nibahna; (ttay) ruhna, busna, 

tikna, thuhuma. 
Live, a. jeeta, zinda. 
Livelihood, s. rozgar, mueeshut, 

muash, jewka, rizk. 
Liveliness, i. zindudilee, khoosh- 

Lively, a, zindu-dil, khooshtuba* 
Liver, s. kuleja, jigur. 
Llver-complliint, s, duidi«jigur. 
Livery, s, bana, wurdee, tugma. 
Livid, a, neela peela. 
Living, a, jeeta, zinda ; (living creo' 

ture) jan-dar, prandhar, pranee. 
Living, f. mueeshut, jewka, gooz- 
ran, muash. 
Lizard, s. chhip-kulee. 
Lo, interj, dekh, lo, aeh, wah. 
Load, t. bojh, bojha, bhar, lad. 
Loadstone, s, choombuk patthur, 

sung i muknatees. 
Loaf, 9. paon-rotee. 
Loafsugar, t. kund. 
Loom, s. pindol. 
Loan, s, ariyut, kurz, oodhar. 
Loath, a. na-raz, roogurdan, ku- 

Loathe^ v. nufrut rukhoa, ghinana. 

Loathing, $, nufrut, kurahiyut, ghm, 

Loathsome, a, mukrooh, ghimiona, 

nufrut- ungez. 
Lobe, s. kan kee louh. 
Lobster, t. jheenga. 
L6cal, a, mukanee, khass. 
Lock, f. koofl, tala, talee i (of hair) 

zoolf; (of a gun) kul. 
Lock, t7. koofl lugana, talee deuee^ 

bund k. 
Ldcker, t. khana, sundook, ulroa- 

ree, duraj. 
Ldcket, t. dhoogdhoogee. 
Locomotive, a. mootuhurrik. 
Locust, s. tiddee. 

Lodge, s. jhompra, murhee, tukiya. 
Lodge, v» tikna, ruhna, dera k. oo- 

tuma, thuburna ; (heejp^) rukhna. 
L6dger, $. kirayadar. 
L6dging, t. boodbash, mukan, ju- 

guh, dera, basa. 
Loft, t, kotha, utaree, bam, chou« 

Lofty, a. ooftcha, boolund, ala, ba« 

la ; ( proud) mugroor. 
Loftily, ad, gooroor-se. 
Log, i, luttha. 
Loggerhead, #. uhmuk, gaodee, 

Logic, t, muntik, ilm i moonazira, 

Logician, t. muntikee, sahibmun- 

tik, niyaeyik. 
Logwood, s. bukkum, sundul* 

Loin, 9, kumur, miyan. 
Loiter, v, tale bale k. tal mutol k. 
Loll, p. leta ruhna, lot pot k. 
Lonely, a, ekla, ukela, tunha, oodas. 
Long, V. chahna, turusna, lulohana, 

mooshtak h. jee lug-ruhna. 
Long, a. lumba, durez, tooUtuweel ; 


[ 220 ] 


(far) door; (dilatory) dbeela, 

soost, dining. 
Longevity, t. oomr-durazee, chi- 

Looting, I. chah, ragbut, isfatiyak, 

lalsa, shouk, myi, urman. 
Longitude, s. tool, lumban, durazee. 
ZA>ng8iiffering, a, boord-bar, moo- 

tuhummil, dheeruj-wan. 
L6ngway8, ad, lumban-men. 
Look, V, dehkna, nigah k. nuzur k. ; 

(expect) intizaree k. bat dekhna ; 

(look after) khubur-geeree k. ; 

(seem) nuiur ana, soojh-puma, 

inualoom fa. 
Look, s, nuzur, nigah, drisht. 
L6oking-glass, «. aeena, arsee, shee- 

aha, durpun. 
Loom, «. taut. 
Loop, t. phuiee, hulka, phunda, 

Loop-hole, s, randa ; (evasion) heela. 
Loose, a. dheela, chhoota-hooa, 

ulug ; (tit principles) fahish. 
Loose, V. kbolna, ehhor d. azad k. 

dheela k.. 
Looseness, s. dheelaee; (irregula- 
rity) bekydee; (lewdness) mus- 

tee; (diarrhaa) petchulnee, is- 

hal, jiriyan-i-shikum. 
liOp, V. katna, chhaittna, turashna, 

Loquacious, a. ziyadu-go, batoon^, 

Lord, «. khawind, malik, wulee, 

khoodawund, prubhoo, swamee, 

Lordship, i. surdaree, roalikiyut; 

(title) khoodawund-niamut. 
Lose, V. khona, goom k. guwana ; 
. (pppoeed to win) hama, shikust 

khana ; (contrary to gain) nook. 

san oothana ; (bewil&r) bhutka« 

na, goomrah h. ; (squander) oora- 

na, lootana; (miss) chookna, 

Loser, s. hnrwyya, khowjrya. 
Loss, t. nooksan, khisara, tota, ban, 

Lost, part, khoya-hooa, goom, gya- 

goozra, burbad, nust. 
Lot, s. nuseeb, bhag, kismut ; (die) 

koora ; ( portion) hissa, bant, 
L6tion, s, gazuh. 
Lotos, s, kujtwul, pudum. 
Lottery, t. soorttee, shurtee, chit- 

thee ka khel. 
Loud, a. awaz-boolund. 
Loudly, a. pookar kur, sor-se, boo- 

lund awaz-se. 
Love, t. piyar, chah, ishk, prem» 

preet, raoohubbut, oolfut, moh. 
Love, V, piyar k. chahna, prem k. 

preet k. moohubbut rukhna, ool- 
fut rukhna* 
Lovely, a. piyara,nazneen,di1rooba, 

khoobsoorut, muhboob, dilbur. 
Lover, $, ashik, pee, preetum, pre- 

mee, peeya. 
Lovingly, ad, pi3rar-8e. 
Lounger, t. hurzu-^urd maehetor. 
Louse, «. joon, chillur, sipush. 
Low, a, neecha, pust, nusheb; 

(mean) udna, neech, chhota, sifil, 

kumeena ; (in price) urzan, susta ; 

(in stature) kotahkud ; (depress* 

ed) oodas. 
Low, V, dukrana, bumbana. 
Lower, a. turla, neechia ; kumtur. 
L6wer, v, neecha k. dabana, ootar* 

na, jhookana ; ghutana ; (froum) 

Low-land, s, neechan, zumeen-nu* 

sheb, khadur. 
L6wly, a, furotun, gureeb, soosheely 

huleem, ninFaya, boordbar. 

L U N 

[ 22t J 

L Y I 

Ldwness, t. neechaee^ pmtee; 

(meanneti) kumeenpun ; {(^^^t) 

oodasee ; (of price) urzanee. 
Loyal, a, numuk-huial, wufadar. 
L6ymlty» $, namuk^hulaleey wufiii- 

Ldzenge, i. loaz, koors. 
Liibricate, t7. a. cbikoa k. tela k. 
L6cid, «. durukhsban» saf, oojjol, 

burrak, taban. 
Lock, t. Duseeb, kismut, bbag, 

kurin, muksoom. 
LCickless, a, kambukht, budbukht, 

budnuseeb, ubbagee. 
L&ckj, a. khoosh-nuseeby bhagwan, 

biikbtawur, nuseebwur, bukht- 

yar, nekbukht; {at time, 4^,) moo- 

baruk, nek, soobh. 
Lbcrmdve, a. faedu-mund, moofeed, 

liusre, s. nufa, faeda, labh. 
Ludicrous, a. muskhuree. 
Ludicrousnesi, «. muskhurapun. 
Log, V. gbuseetna, kbynchna. 
L6ggage, i. ugrum bugrum, aljun* 

jal, purtal. 
Ldkewarm, a. sheer-gurm, goon- 

goona ; (indifferent) sardmihr, 

L&kewarmnessy t.sheergunxiee; (in- 
difference) sordmihree, guflut. 
Lull, V. solana, neend lana, loree d. 
Liimber, s, ugrum bugrum^ ullur 

buUur, bulae buttur, 
Liiminary, t. roushnee, joU 
L^minous^ a. loushuD^ nooranee, 

Lump, f . dhela, dula, dulee, tookra, 

para, pera. [pagulpuna. 

Liinacy, f. deewaugee, souda, sir, 
L(inar,a.cband-ka, kumuree, mabee. 
LdnMic, t. deewana, soudaee, sir- 

ree, sira, baola. 

Luncb, I. nashttt, kulewa. 
Lungs, i. phephreh, shith. 
Lunt, t. tora. 

L6pine, s. toormis, bakilai-misree. 
Lurch, s. khuraba, afut kee halut. 
Lurch, V. thugna; dubukna; kha 

Lure,9. lulehana, pbooslana, tuma d. 
Lurk, V* dubukna, ghat-neii bylh- 

na, cbhipa ruhna, kumeeii men 

ruhna, posheeda rubna. 
Luscious, a. meetha, sbeereen, mu* 

sudar, iuzees. 
L^sciousness, t. meethas, ibeeree- 

nee, musudaree, luzsut 
Lust, s. mustee, shuhwut, kam, 

Liistful, a. must, shuhwutee, kamee, 

nufsanee, shuhwut-purust. 
LCistre, <. jhuluk, cbumuk, abdaree, 

noor, roshnee, roshnaee, jila, 

julwa, chumkahut, abtab, bhu- 

ruk, uks; (renotim) shoobrut, 

namwuree ; (tconce) jhar. 
Lbsty, a. muzboot, posbt, mota, 

sorawur, shuhzor, kburmott ; 

(corpulent) choudhur, butta kutta, 

gudbuda, gubda. 
Lbtanist, t. been-nuwaz, burbut. 

Lute, s. burbut, been. 
Lnxtuiancy, s. ifrat, kutrut, ziya- 

dutee, boohtat. 
Luxbriaot, a. kuseer, wafir, phyla- 

Luxiirious, a. uyyasb, sookhbhogee, 

aram-tulub, jushunbaz, nuis« 

L&xury, «. uysb, usbrut, rungrus, 

bhog-bilas, uyyashee, shikum- 

purwuree, nufs-purwuree. 
Lying, «. durog-goee, jbooth, kH- 


MAG [ 222 ] 

M A L 

Lying-in woman, t. jucba. 
Lynx, i. cheeta, pulung. 
Lyre, s, been. 
Ly'riCy a. rekhta. burbutee. 

Macaroon, t. kism meethaee. 
Mace, I. usa, chob ; (qrice) . jawut- 

ree, bisbasuh. 
Mace-b^er, s. sonta-burdar, chob- 

dar, usa*burdar. 
MachinlitioQ, s. iitrut, sazish, mun- 

soobuh, bundish, sakht. 
Machine, s. aluh, zurf, kul, sunut. 
Machinery, s. kulkanta, sunuUsazee, 

kulwul, juntur. 
Macrocosm, s. alumi-koobra. 
Mad, a. deewana, baoia, siree, sou^- 

daee, khubta, pagul, pugla. 
M&dam, t. beebee-sahib, beejee, 

M&dder, t. munjeeth, chhur-chhu- 

Madhouse, s, pagal*khanuh. 
Mlulman^ s, pagul, deewanuh. 
Mildness, s. deewan-pun,^ souda, 

joonoon, bourahut. 
Magazine, s. silah-khauuh. 
Maggot, s. keera^ kirm, peelooa. 
M%ic, 8. jadoo, totka, ufsoon, sihr, 

tUism, uzeemuUkhwanee. 
M&gical) a. ufsoonee, tilismee. 
Magician, s, jadoo-.gur» tonha, sahir, 
. ufsoongur. 
Magisterial, a. hakimee; hakima- 

nuh, mootukubbir. 
Magistrate, s, hakim, amii, foujdar, 

Magnanimity, t. bousiluh, alee- 

himmutee, diJ o dimag, anban, 

Magnanimous, a. shoojau, alee- 

himmut, sahib-housiki Anbanee. 

M&gnet, 8. miknatees, chofrnibuk, 

Magnificence, s. jah o julal, rounuk, 

thath, bousila-mundee 
Magnificent, a, alee-shan, uzeem, 

sahib-shikoh, uzeem-oosbshan. 
Magnify, v. burhana, boolund k. ; 

sunakhwanee k. 
Miignitude, $. kulanee, uzmut ; un- 

Maid, 8. kooaree, do-sheezuh, kun* 

niya ; useel. 
Mail, 8. joushun, ziruh ; (bag) kam- 

dak, thylee. 
Maim, v. lungra k. zukhmeek. 
Mkimed, part, lungra-ioola, zukh- 

mee, ghail. 
Main, a, sudr, uvwuL 
Main, t. (gro88) mujmoou, kool ; 

(ocean) sumoondur. 
Mainly, ad, ziyadu-tur, uksareeyuh. 
Mainmast, s. juhaz ka bura miks. 

Maintain, v, (affirm) but k. israr 

k. ; (support) palna, purwurish k. 
Maintenance, s, purwurish ; {Uving) 

rozee, koot. 
Maize, 8, jooar, bajra ; (large) mvk^ 

ka, mukuee, bhootta. 
Majestic, a, shuhanuh, badshahee. ^ 
Majesty, t. julal, dubdubuh, boo* 

zoorgee; (title) hoozoor, huzrut^ 

Mijor, a. ala^ bura ; (of a s^Uogism) 

M&jor, 8. obdedar-foujee. 
Make, v, bunana, pyda k. kurna ; 

(moftey) kumana; (constitute) 

mookurrur k. thuhrana. 
Maker, i. kbaiik, srijunhar ; bunane* 

Mlilady, 8. murz, beemaree, arza. 
Male, 8, nur. 


[ 223 ] 


Malediction, $, bud-dooa, srap. 
Malef&ctor, s, moojriro, budkar. 
Malevolence, t. budkhwahee, bud- 

xannee, bud>goomanee. 
Malevolent, a. bud-gooman, keenu- 

wur^ badzunn^ ghoonna, shoo- 

M^ice, s. keenuh, byr, boogz, bud- 

khwahee, bud-undeshee. 
Malicious, a, keenuh- wur, bud-un- 

desb, budzunn, shootoor-keenuh. 
Mallgn,o. budnam k. kulunk lugana. 
Malignant, a, bad-roizaj, keenuh- 

weer, sbootoor-keenuh, bud-un- 

desh, budzunn. 
Mallet, $, mogree, mekhchoo. 
Maltr^t, V. bud*80olookee k. una- 

dur k. marpeet k. 
Mamm^, s. ma, uroma, uromajan. 
Man, t. admee, shukhs, munookh, 

jun, pooroos ; (man*qf»war) jun- 

Manacle, s. huth-kuriyan. 
Mlinage, v. chulana, kurna, sur- 

burahee k. surunjam k. nibahna, 

sarna, sadhna. 
M&ni^ement, t. surburahee, inti- 

zain, buod-o-bust, ihtimam, kar- 

Manager, s. surbnrah-kar, karbaree, 

kargoozar, peshkar, daroga. 
Mandate, $, bookm, fnrman. 
Mandatory, a. hookmee, furmanee. 
M&ndriBke,t. lukhmuna-lukhmunee. 
Mane, s. yal, chonlee. [shus. 

Man-^ater, $, murdoom-khor, rak- 
Mange, i. kharish, khoojlee. 
Manger, t. than, khuruk, bara. 
M^ngie, V. poorze poorze k. dhoj- 

M&ngo, t. am, umba ; (a young 

mango) umbiya, kyree; (rfrteS 

mtmgoei) umchoor. 

M&ngy, a. kharishtee. 

Mlinbood, <• juwanee, booloog; 

( protoeu) murdanugee ; {virility) 

murdee, poosht-ta. 
M&niac, s, deewanuh, mujnoon. 
Manifest, a, zabir, suree, burmula, 

prugut, khoola, wazih, ulaniya, 

roshun, hoowyda. 
Manifest, o. zabir k. dikhana. 
Manifestation, t. zoohoor. 
M&nifestly, ad. zahira, khoola- 

Manifi6sto,i. hookm-namuh,i8htihar. 
Manifold, a, buhoot-sa; goona- 

goon, rungarung, uksam-uksam. 
M4nikin, t, murduk, murdwa. 
Mankind, f.insan, busbur,adumzad. 
M&nliness, s. murdanugee, juwafr* 

murdee, murdmizajee. 
Minna, «. munn, tubasheer, too- 

Manner, s. turuh, tour, doul, wuzuh, 

dhub, oosloob, tureek, wujih; 

(cta^om)du8toor, rusm, cbal, kho, 

wuteera; (kind) kism, rung. 
Mannerly, a, khuleek, moouddub, 

Manners, s. adab, ukhlak, chal, 

ouza, raho-rusm, rusmiyat. 
Manoeiivre, $, hikmut, tiidbeer. 
M&nor, s, tuallooka,^rukba, jageer. 
Mansion, <. huwelee,muhul,mukan. 
Manslaughter, s, murdoom-kooshee, 

Mltntle, s. ghooghee, ulfa. [jae. 
Miinual, a. dustee, jo hath-se keeya 
Manufactory, s. karkhana, kothee. 
Manuf^ture, s, karee*guree, kar-o- 

Manufacturer, t. karee-gur. 
Manure, v, khat dalna, sarna. 
Mlinuscript, i. kulumee-kitab, dut^ 



[ 224 J 


Many, a. buhoot, bobootere, dher, 

Map, 5. nukshub* 
Mar, V. b^^aroa, kbcdul k. 
Marble, <• sung i murmur. 
Marcasite, i. lonmakbee. 
Marcb, v, kooch k. cbnla-jaaa. 
Mare, s. ghoree, madiyan. 
Margin, «• bashiyub, kinanu 
Marginal, a, hai9biyu-dar. 
M§ur^;old, t. genda, phidcee, sud- 

burg, huzara. 
Marine, a. buhiee, dttriyaee, su- 

Mariner, t. uhli jubac^ sipahee- 

Maritime, «• bubree. 
Mark, f. nishaa, ulamut, puta, 

cheenb, soorag; {badge) tugma, 

nisbanee ; {imjfreBsion) nuksb, 

dag; (proof) dulee], dulalut ; 

{buU) nisha&flv buduf ; (on cloth) 

ank, rukum. 
Mark, v, nisban k. ; (coruitkr) gour 

k. kbiyal k. 
Market, I. baiar, pynth, mimdee, 

Marketable, a. fufokbtuoee. 
Market-price, i. mrkhi-bazar, ba- 
zar ka bhao. 
Marksman, «. nishwM-nDdaz^ sbust- 

Marl, s. pindol. 
Mitrmalade, s, moofobbft. 
Marqu^, s. dera jucneiee. 
Marns^, s, biyak, nikab^ sbad^t*; 

( proeesiUm) burnt. 
Marriageable 4i.biyabse jog, kabil- 


Marriage^^sent* $. saebuk. 
Married, a. biyab^iooa ; aikabee. 
Marrow, s. gooda, mugs i ooetukb^ 

M km, 9. biyah k. nikab k, shadee k. 
Marso, i. duldul. 
Marshal, v. suf araee k. 
Miirshy, a, serab, num» seelee- 

Mdrten, s, ubabeeU 
Martial, a, jungee, sipabee-aiMib, 

Martingal, s, aserbund, pesbbund. 
Martyr, s. sbubeed. 
Martyrdom, i. shubadut 
Marvel, v. tajjoob k. uobombha 

M^nrellous, a, ujub, ujoobub, 

uchumbba, ujeeb. 
Masculine, a. (ta gram.) Hioozuk- 

kur, pooting ; (mrOe) nurdanub. 
Mask, s. boorkub, irakab ; (suU^r- 

ftmfi) beela, buhana. 
Mask, o. boorkub lugaoa; (Aide) 

chhipana, posheeduh k. 
M^on, «. raz, miumar. 
Masquerade, s. boorka-posbee. 
Mass, «. thooa, lounda, loobdba, 

Massacre, «. mookatulub, kitaL 
Mast, s. mnstooi. 
M&ster, t. malik, khawiad, sabib, 

aka; (of a school) moouHim, 

mian-jee, oostad ; (of a ship) na- 

Master, v, mnigloob k. dubana, 

lerdust k. 
M&steriy, a. & ad. oostadanub, oos- 

tad-sa, oostadee. 
Mastery, s, oostadee. 
Masticate, v. chabna, kichidna, cbi* 

Mlistiff, s. pnbaree kootta. 
Mat, s. boriya, chutaee, suf. 
Matcb, s, (contest) mookabuhib; 

(marriage) biyab ; (of brimsUme) 

diya-sulaee ^ (feUow) jora, jooA, 


C 225 J 

M fi D 

bun^r ; {of a gun) torft, fii- 

leetuh ; (tinder) sokhtuh. 
M&tchlessy a. lasaoee, be-nuzeer, 

unokha, unootha, be-manind. 
Mate, «. jora« jooft ; rufeek. 
Material, a, jismee, maddee ; (im- 

portani) bharee, bura, zuroor. 
Materials, t. surunjam, luwaumuh, 

asbaby saman, murmusaiab. 
Materially, ad. luroorutun, uibayut, 

Mat^al, a. maduree. 
Matbem&tics, «. ilm i riyazee, 
M^ricide, s, madur-kooshee. 
Mtoimony, s. biyah, uikah, shadee. 
Matrimonial, a. nikabee, biyah ka. 
Matron, f. mama, peerzun. 
Matter, s. maddun, jism; (pus) 

P^b ; {affair) bat, babut, mooa- 

muluh. 1. 

M^tock, s. belcha. 
M&ttressy s. toshuk, gudalnb. 
Matdre, a. pokhtuh, pukka ; karail, 

Mat&reiy, ad, bu-tuummool, uch- 

Maturity, s pokbtugee, ruseedu. 

gee; (puberty) booloog ; (per- 
fection) kumal. 
Maund, s. ek mun. 
Maul, V. peetna, dboonna, thutbi- 

yana, kootpeet k. zudokob k. 
Mausoleum, j. rouza, mookbura. 
Maw, <. jbojh, pota. 
Maxim, «. nuKslab, mukoola^ kaida. 
May, 5. jetb. [bbunwurjal. 

Maze, $. pech, ooljbao, uecli pacb, 
Me, prim, moojhe, moojhko. 
Meadow, I. murgzar, cburfu^ah. 
Mea^r, a. doobla, lagur^ bukeer, 

putla, nuheef, kak. 
Meal, s. khana, bhojun; {flour) 

ata, besun, $Qttoo, pisan. 

MMy,.a. danedar. 

Mean, a. kumeenub, pajee, neecb, 

bukeer, aifla. 
Mean, v. muanee rukhna, iraduh 

Mean, s. oosut, iutidal. 
Meander, ». bank, pher, ghoomao, 

Meaning, <• muanee, urtb. 
M^ness, t, pajee.pun, rizalpun, 

pajee-guree, kbi£fut, soobookee, 

Means, «; wnaeela, wusatut, muar« 

fut, doul; (fortune) mayuh, 

poonjee, wusut. 
Meantime, \ad. is durmiyan, is 
Meanwbile, J mabyn men, is ur- 

se men, is beech men. 
M^les, t. khusra. 
M^ure, V. mapna, napna, py- 

raaish k. 
M^ure, i, map, nap, undazuh, 

pymood ; (for meoiuring cloth) 

guz; (liquids) pymana; {for 

grain) kuttha ; {in. verse) wuzn, 

meezan, nuzm; (musical time) 

tal, tan ; (moderation) etidal ; 

(limit) hudd, tbikana ; (for lat:d) 

jureeb, russee, bans ; (in poetry) 

buhr, chhund. 
M^urement, i. pymaish, masa* 

hut, jureeb.kusbee, naptol, nap. 

jokh, beega-shoomaree, rukba. 

Meat, s, gosht, mans ; (food) kha* 

na, giza, tuam. 
Mechanic, s. uhl i hirfub. 
Mechanics, s. ilm-i-jur-i-sukeel. 
Mecbanum, s, turkeeb, bunawut. 
Meconium, s, junum-gooh. 
M^dal, s, sikka-i-kudeem ; tugmu 

futuh ka, inamee tugma. 
Meddle, v. dukhl beja k. hath dalna. 


t 226 ] 

M £ R 

Midler, «. dukhed, har dtgee 

chmnclia, uluMuppoo. 
M^iate, v, shufaut k. beechwalee k. 
MedilitioQ, «. shulaut, beechwalee. 
Medi&tor, s. shufee, beechwal. 
Medical, a, tubeebee, bydukee. 
Medicinal, a. tibbee, oukhudee. 
M^icine, t. dnwa, oukhud. 
Mediocrity, i. etidal, ousut. 
M^diUte, V. fikr k. dhiyan k. 

sochna; (contrive) munsoobuh 

Meditation, s, tuununool, mootalah, 

dhiyan, fikr, soch. 
Mediterrlinean, a. bubsh wa yoo- 

nan ke durmiyan ka sumoondur. 
Medium, s. wusatut, ousut, etidal, 

Medley, i. ghal roel, gud bud, khul- 

ta-roulta, gurhgunj. 
Medullary, a. goodyla, muglisee. 
Meed, i. ujr, sumruh, phul. 
Meek, a. gureeb« nurm^ tuleem^ 

M^kness, $. i^reebee, luinBee, 

moolaimttt, hilm. 
Meet, V. milua, moblakat k. bhet k. 

MMinff, s, moolakat, bhet; (os- 

$embly) subha, jumaut. 
M^ness, «. mootabukut ; moona- 

subut, shaistugee. 
Melancholy, 1. khufukan ; oodasee. 
Melancholy, a. khufukaoee, sou- 

daee mizaj, oodas. 
Meliorate, v. hal kee behtaree k. 
Mellifluous, a. sheeieeo-zuban, shu- 

Meilowy a. pukka, pokhtuh, piU 

pUa, ghoola. 
Melodious, a. poor-sos, gooloosoi, 

ruseelee. [muh. 

Mi^lody, t. ahungt rus, ilhan, nugh- 

Meion, s. (musk) khi^boosu ; (los. 

ter) turboos. 
Melt, V. gulana, ghoolana, pighlanmt 

Melting, s. gulun, pighlahut 
Melting, a. (affecting) dilgoodas, 

Member, s, uzoo, ung, jooz; (ofm 

community) mujiisee. 
Membrane, s, jhillee, purda. 
Memento, $, yadgaree, tugma. 
Memoir, s, tuzkiruh, surgoozuaht. 
Memorable, a, kabil-yad, yadawur, 

tuareefee. [sufeenuh. 

Memorandum, t. jrad-dasht; (book) 
Mem6rial, s yadgaree; (petitiom) 

urzee, urzdasht. 
Memory, t. yad, hifz, soodh, chct, 

soort, hafika. 
Men, s. admee, log. 
Menace, v. dhirana, dhumkana, 

choorukna, dantna, gboorkee bii- 

Menace, s. dhumkee, gboorkee. 
Mend, v. murummut k. sarna, soo- 

dhama, bunana ; (dam) rufoo k. 
Mendicant, s, fukeer, bhichcbook, 

byragee, mungta, guda. 
Mendicity, t. fukeeree, gudaee. 
Menial, a. noukree-pesha, tubulwa. 
Menses, t. hyz, muhna ; {to km^e 

the memei) kupron-se. 
Mensur&tioDy s. musahnt, jareeb- 

Mental, a. dilee, kulbee, uklee. 
Mentally, ad. diNse, munoroun. 
Mention, v. sikr k. kuhna, nma 

lena, churcha k. • 
Mention, t. zikr, tuzkira, churcba, 

muzkoor, kuha-kuhee« likr-mus- 

Mercantile, a. soudaguree ka, tija* 

rutee, muhajuaee. 

M E S 

[ 227 ] 


M^roenary, «. khood-gnn, sur-asb^ 

na, ghurz-ashna. 
M^cer, i, ubreshmeena-furosh. 
Merchandise, $, soudaguree, tija* 

nity byopar, bunij ; {goods) mal, 

jins, rukum. 
Merchant, s. sondagur, byoparee, 

muhajoD, toojjar. 
M^rchaatman, i, soudaguree lia 

Mirciful, a. raheem, kareem, dyal, 

kripawuDt, ruhman. 
Mercifully, ad, ruhm-se. 
M^rcileftSr a, be-ruhro, sungdil, 

kttthor, be>diird. 
Mercury* s. (quicksUver) para, seem- 

ab ; {the pLnet) utarid, boodh. 
Mercy, s. ruhm, dya, ruhmut. 
Mere, a. sirf, nira, muhz, fukut, 

Merely, ad. sirf, fukut, kevul. 
Mei^dian, s. nisf oon nihar, inudh- 

yan; (Une) kbutt-i-nisf oon ni- 

har ; ( perfection in rank) kuinal. 
Merit, s. kudr, khoobee, wusf ^ goon, 

liyakut, jouhur. 
Merit, o. inoostulmk h. laik h. su- 

zawar h. 
Meritorious, a, wajib-ool-ujr, moos- 

toujib-ool-inayut ; uhUi-suwab. 
Merits, s. {of a case) nek bud, bhu- 

la boora, murum, nusheb-furaz, 

Merrily, ad, khooshee-se. 
Merriment, s. khooshee, shadee, 

Merry, a, khoosb. shad, mugun, 

khoorrum, khoosh-wukt. 
Merry-indrew, $, rouskhura. 
Mesh, s, shubka, khana, shubuk, 

jalee, jhunjhree. 
Meas, «. khana, shirakut men kha- 

na, sajheh men khana. 

Q 2 

Message, $. pyam, pygfaam, sundes, 

Messenger, s. kasid, pyghambur, 

doot, khuburdar, pygamee, sun- 

Messiah, i. Musee, Khreest, ubbi. 

shikt, bukhshinda-i-juhan. 
Messieurs, plur. sahiban. 
Messmate, s. bum-sufruh. 
Messui^e, $. mukan, huwelee. 
Metal, s. dhat, 6liz. 
Metlillic, a, dhat-ka, filizee. 
Metamdrphosis, s. tubdeeli-soorut. 
Metaphor,!. tumseel,oopma, mujaz. 
Metaphorical, a, mujazee, drish- 

tantee, tumseelee. 
Mefaph/sics, s. ilm-i-ilahiyat, ilm- 

i-mabud oot tubee-«e. 
Mete, V. napna. 
Meteor, s. shuhab, look.. 
Methinks, v. moojhe mualoom hota, 

moojhe soojh purta. 
Method, s. turteeb, wuzuh, doul, 

oosloob, turuh, tour, dhub, hik* 

mut, suleeka, joogut, intizam, 

kaida, tbikana. 
Meth6dical, a. mooruttub, arasta; 

{at a penon) sunjeeda, usloobdar. 
Metre, i, buhr, wuzun, meezan, 

nuzm, kafiya. 
Metrical, a. munzoom, ba-kafiya, 

mookufia, moosujja. 
Metropolis, s. dar oos sultunut, 

rujdbanee, pae-tukht. 
Mettle, «. phoort, jan, tezee, turrara, 

janbazee, kuruk. 
Mettled, a, janbaz, phoorteela, kur- 

Mew, V, billee sa bolna ; {shed fear 

thers) kooreez k. pur jharaa. 
Mew, s. pinjra. 
Mice, s, choohe, mooshan. 
Microcosoi, s. alumi sooghra. 


[ 228 ] 

M I N 

lilleroseopevs. sheeshn-i-kuliift-been. 
Mid, Middle, a, mudh ka, durmi- 
. yani^. 
Mid, Middle, s. beech, durmiyan, 

mudh. [dhiyan. 

Mid-day, «. dopuhr, zoohr, mu- 
Middle-finger, s, beech ka oonglee. 
Middling, a, miyanuh, uysa wysa. 
Midnight, s. adhee-rat. 
Midst, a. beech, durmiyan. 
Midway, s. adhee-rab, udh-beech. 
Midwife, s. daee, kabiluh. 
Mien, s. wuzuh, chal dhung, dhuj. 
Might, s, zor, koovwut, koodrut, 

but, takut, mukdoor. 
Mightily, ad, zor-se, nihayut, bu- 

hoot, bushiddut. 
Mighty, a. kuvee, muzboot, alee. 
Migrate, v. tubdeel-i-mukan k. des 

Milch-cow, 8. doodhyl. 
Mild, a. moolaim, suleem-oot-tu- 

bub, huleem, mom-dil. 
Mildew, s. chittee, phuphoondee. 
Mildness, s, nurmee, hilm, komul- 

ta, moolaimut, nurm-dilee. 
Mile, $. mei^l, adh-kos. 
Milestone, j. meel ka putthur. 
Militant, a. luraoo, lurakn. 
Military, a. lushkuree, jungee. 
Military,*, lushkur, pultun, sena, 


Militia, s. sibundee, gunwardul. 
Milk, 8, doodh, sheer ; (o/' plant) 

Milkmaid, s. doodh-walee, goalin, 

Milkman, i. doodb-wala, goala, 

Milkyway, s. kuhkusban, rah^oiyd. 
Millennium, s, Musee ka huzar bu« 

rus suUunut kurna. 
MlU-ox, s. kolhoo ka byl. 

Millstone, ». chokkee ka pat. 

Million, s. dus lakh. 

Mimic, V, nukl ootarna, moonh bu- 

nana, tukleed k. 
Mimicry, s. nukkalee, tukleedee. 
Minaret, s. munar. 
Mince, v. keema k. reza poorza k. 
Mind, s. mun, dil, jee, mood- 

rika, zumeer ; (inclination) chah, 

khwahish ; (opinion) rae, tuj. 

weez ; (memory) yad, hafiza ; 

(intention) irada, kusd. 
Mind, V. manna, khatir men lana, 

dil lugana, dhiyan k. lihaz k. 
Minded, a. mail, khwahan ; (evil- 
minded) bud-khwah ; (high-mind- 

ed) boolund-himmut ; (low-mind' 

ed) pust.himmut, pust-housila. 
Mindful, a, khuburdar, hoshiyur, 

soochet, yadgar, agah. 
Mine, pron. mera, upna. 
Mine, s. khan, kan ; (under waili) 

soorung, nukub. 
Miner, s. kankun, madun-kawin- 

duh, soorung luganewala. 
Mineral, a, dhatee, khanee, kanee, 

Mineralogy, t, ilm-i-muadun. 
Mingle, v. milna, amez h. 
Mingle, t). a. ghal mel k. miUmm, 

amez k. 
Miniature, s. tusweer i sugeer. 
Minion, j. luga-Iipta, tulheroo. 
Minish, v. ghutana, kum k. 
Minister, ». (of state) wuseer, 

muntree ; (of religion) khadim-i- 

deen, khadiin. 
Minister, v, khidmut k. 
Ministry, s, wuzarut; khidmut; 

(of the gospel) pesha i khadim i 

deen Yusooee. 
Minor, i. na-balig, na*ruseeduh, 

kumsin, khoordsal. 

M I S 

[ 229 ] 

M I S 

If in6rity, «. khoord»salee, na-rusee- 

d^igee, balapuD, narasaee^ 
llinstrel, <• bujiintree, kulawunU 
Mint, «. (plant) poodeenuh ; (Jor 

moncMf) tuksal. 
Minute, s. pul> lurohuh, luhzuh. 
HinCite, a. zurru-sa, bareek,dukeek. 
Minute, o. likh-leua, kulumbund k. 
MinCitely, ad. tuhkeekat-se, bal bal, 

Iflimcle, s. moojuza, udbhoot kam, 

Miriu;ulou8, a. ujeeb, udbhoot, as- 

Mire, s. keech» keechur, dul-dul, 

Mirror, s. aeena, arsee, durpuD. 
Mirth, $, khooshee, anund, khoor- 

rumee, hoolas, sooroor, hunsee, 

Miry, a. dhusun. 
Misanthrope, s. insan-dooshmun. 
Misapply', v, bejakhurch k. zaya k. 

beja lugana, guwana, btirbad k. 
Misapprehend, v. nuh boojhna,Quh 

sumtijhna, khilaf sumujhna. 
Misapprehension, s. na-suroujh, na- 

fuhi^ee, chook, bhool, khuta, 

Misbehlivp, v. bud chal chulna. 
Misitehavioiir, f. budcha), budsu- 

lookee, budchulun. 
Mi>carna$;e. s. bud-unjamee ; [aboT' 

thn) ficurhhpat, iskati-humul. 
Miscarry, v. na-moorad h. unbun- 

na ; (u$ a kt ter) jaisi ruhna; (Jhe 

womb) pet girna. 
Miscellaneous, a. mootufurik. 
Mischief, $. budee, hooraee, nook- 

s»n, shurarutt zurur, khulul, 

MSscbievous, a, bud, moozir, sha- 

recTy moofsidf ziyankar. 

Misconception, $. ghulutee, be-su. 

mujh, nafuhmee. 
Misconduct, s. bud-chal, bud-fyl, 

Misconstrue, o. khilaf byan k. bat 

Miscount, V. ghulut-shoomaree k. 
Miscreant, «. bud-zat, khota, rour- 

dood, moortud. 
Misd^, s. bud-fylee, koo-kurm, 

budkirdaree, budkaree. 
Misdem^nor, s. khuta, koosoor. 
Miser, s. kunjoos, kripun, bukheel, 

moomsik, mukheechoos. 
Miserable, a. pureshan-hal, khwar, 

tubah ; zuleel, khurab-khusta, 

shikustaba), khana-khurab* 
Misery, s. pureshanee, khurabee, 

mooflisee, bula, zillut, iflas. 
Misfortune, s. mooseebut, afut, bi- 

put, kumbukhtee, tubahee, kum- 

nuseebee, door^ut. 
Misgive, 0. undesha pyda h. jee hut* 

na, dil shahidee nudena. 
Misguide, v, bhutkana, goomrah k. 
Mishap, J. bud-ittifak, bula, biput, 

booraee. [bhoolana. 

Misinform, v. jhoothee khubur d. 
Misl&y, V, bhool kur rukhna. 
Misle, V. tup tup giraa. 
Mislead, «. goomrah k. bhutkana, 

rah-bhoolana, buhkana. 
Mismanage, v. bud-ihtimam k. bur- 
hum k. bigarna. 
Mismanagement, s. bud.intizamee, 

bud-umlee, be-tudbeeree. 
Misp^l, V. ghulut hije k. bud-imla 

Misp^nd, V. bud*surfee k. oorana, 

burbad k. guwana. 
Misplace, «. a* beja rukhna, be-ju- 

guh k. be-thikana rukhna, be* 

mouka rukhno, be*thottr rukhna. 

M O C 

[ 230 ] 


Misrepresent, v. khilaf byan k. 

jhootha butana. 
Miss, 9, sahib-zadee, beebee-jan. 
Miss, V. chookiia, goom k. nupana. 
Missile, a, door-undazee, nuth- 

Missing, part, jata ruha, goom hooa. 
Missionary, s. firistaduh, injeel ka 

Mist, s. kohur, kohasa, dhoondh. 
Mistlike, s. chook, ghulutee, bhool, 

koosoor, khuta. [men hy. 

Mistaken, a, bhoola hooa, ghulutee 
Mistress, s. sabibuh, mulikuh ; (of a 

school) oostanee; (hotae) ghur- 

Mistrust, t. shuk, bud-goomanee, 

doobdha, wuswas. 
MistrCistful, a. budzunn, budgoo^ 

man, shukkee, bhurmee. 
Misty,a.dhoondhla, ghoobar-alooda. 
Misunderstand, v. khilaf sumujhna, 

na-fuhmee k. ghulut sumujhna. 
Misunderstiinding, $, bigar, bud* 

muzugee; {muapprehtnsion) na* 

fuhmee, chook. 
Mite, s, ghoon ; (particle) zuruh. 
Mitigate, v, kunr k. munda k. tukh- 

feef k. hulka k. dheema k. 
Mitigation, s. tukhfeef, ifaka, riayut. 
Mittimus, s. sunud muhboosee. 
Mix, V. milona ; milna. 
Mixed, a. amez, roila-hooa. 
Mixture, s. milao, milounee, rooo- 

Moan, i. ah, hae, kurah. 
Moan, V, kurahna, nala k. ah k. 
Moat, s. khunduk, khaee. 
Mob, t, bheer, hoojoom, dungul, 

Mobile, s. uwara, uwam-oonnas. 
Mock, V. chirana, bichkana, moonh* 

bunanay thuttha k. 

Mockery, i. thuttha, hunsee. 
Mode, J. soorut; tour, dhub ; wuzuh, 

reet; {in miaic) mukam, gram, 

rag, raginee. 
M6del,s. numoona,kutkuna,nuk8ha. 
Model, V. bunana, doul pur lana. 
Moderate, a, mooutudil, moowafik , 

miyana, etidal. 
Moderate, v. kum k. tukhfeef k. 
Moderation, j. subr, tuhuromool ; 

etidal. [niootakhir. 

Modem, o. nya, hal-ka, judeed. 
Moderns, s, mootakhureen, pichhie. 
Modest, a. lujeela, shurmeela, muh- 

joob, shurmgeen. 
Modesty,*. laj,hijab,ghyrut,shunD. 
M6dify, V. doul par lana. 
Modificlition, s. turkeeb, turash^ 

M6dish, a. riwajee. 
Modulate, v. awaz-bunana. 
Mohair, j. toos. 
Moiety, s. adha, nisf, nisfee. 
Moist, a, tur, num, seela, geela ; se* 

rab, oda. 
Moisten, v. tur k. silana, neemtur k. 
Moliisses, t, seera, chhoee. 
Mole, 9. (spot) til, musa ; (the am- 

mal) chhuchhoondur; (dyie) 

band, pooshtuh. 
M6ie-hill» s. moos-koel. 
Molest, V. khijana, chhema, sutana, 

tukleef d. khisiyana k. kulpana. 
Molestation, j. eeza, runj. 
Mollify, V. moolaim k. nurm k. 
Molten, o. dhutwan, kalibee. 
Moment, «. (of time) lumhuh, luh. 

zuh, dum bhur, saut, pul ; (tm- 

portance) moozaikuh, bharee. 
Momentary, a. ek dura ka, saut 

bhur ka, napaedar, arizee. 
Momentous, a. mohim, bharee, sun* 

geen, zuroor ka, garaii. 

M O R 

[ 2ai ] 


Monarchy «. badshah, shah, sooltan, 

mulik, mubaraj, raja. 
If onarchy, «. badshahut, sultunat, 

raj, roumlukut. 
Mdnday, s. do-shumba, peer, soin* 

Money, i. zur, nukdee, kharch, 

pyse, roopye, mublug. 
Moneyed, a, maldar, roopyewi^la. 
Moneyless, a. niooflis, be-zur, 

uheedust, nadar. 
Monitor, s. naftih, waiz ; (ai ichool) 

Monk, f. doorwesh, jogee, rahib. 
Monkey, $ bundur. 
Monopolize, v, (grain) ghullufaro- 

shee k. mar-rukhna. 
Monopoly, s, ijaruh, theka. 
Monotony, s. tuwalee-hurkat. 
Monsoon, «. mousum kee huwa. 
Monster, i, ujeeb-ooUkhilkut, ra- 

M6nstrou8, a, rachhasee, uchum- 

bbe ka. 
Month, «. muheena, nnas, roah. 
Monthly, a. mahee, mahwaree. 
Monthly, ad, hur-muheene, muhee* 

ne ke muheene. 
Monument, s, (memento) yadgar; 
•^ (tomb) kubr. 
Mood, s, hal, seega. 
MooQ, s. chand, chundru-ma, mah- 

tab, kumur. 
Moonlight, s. chandnee. 
Moor, V, lungur dalna, lugana. 
M6oring, s. lungurgah. 
Mopish, a, soost, oodas. 
Moral, a. iikhlak ka; (virtuout) 

nekmurd, khoosh-ukhlak. 
M6ral, s. nuseehut, pund. 
Moralist, s. udeeb, nasee. 
Morality, s. ukhlak, wuteera. 
Moralize, v. ukhlak butana. 

Morals, #. wuzuh, wuteera. 

Morass, s. duldul. 

More, a. our, ziyaduh, sums, bu« 

Moreover, ad, ulawuh, tis pur bhee, 

siwa is ke. 
Morning, $, fujr, soobuh, bhor, tur- 

ke, biban, bamdad, suhr. 
Morning-star, s, zohruh. 
Mor6se, a, kurukht, toorsh-roo, 

Mor68eness,s.dooroo8htee, bud -mi- 

zajee, toorsb-rooee, kurukhtugee. 
Morrow, s. kul, furda. 
Morse, s. duriyaee ghora. 
Morsel, s. lookma, nuwala. 
M6rtal, a, fanee, naswan, funa- 

Mortal, s. insan, bushur, adum, 

khakee ; (wound) karee. 
Mortality,s. bushriy ut ; ((iesf rticfioti) 

funa ; (plague) muree, murgee. 
M6rtar, i. guch, gara ; ( pe$ile) ha- 

wun ; (for bimbt) ghoobara. 
Morti^age, v, girwee rukhna. 
Mortificiition, f . surawut. 
Mortify, v. sur-jana ; khijana ; du- 

Mosliic, a, juraoo, khodwan. 
Mosque, s. musjid. 
Moss, s. kaee. 
Most, a, uksur, beshtur, ziyadutur, 

M6stly, ad. uksur, beshtur, bu- 

Mote, t, zurruh, kunika. 
Moth, s, purwana, putunga. 
Mother, j. ma, umma, madur, mata, 

roaee, muhtaree, waliduh, urn- 

Mother-in-law, s. sas, khoosh. 

Motherless, a. be-madur« 

M O U 

[ 232 ] 

M D R 

Iif6therlyyW.tnaduranuh, maka-sa. 
Alother of pearl, i suduf, seep. 
Motion, s. hurukut, joombisht 

M6tionle8S, a, be«hurukut, sakin, 

M6tiTe, i. stibub, moorad, ghuruz, 

mutlub, bais. 
]V16tley, a, rung a rung, puchmel. 
M6tto, s, sujuh. 

Move, V. hilana, surkana, hurukut 
d. ; ( persuade) inunana ; (excite) 
ooksana; ( propose) pesh k. 
Moveable, a, mootuhurrik, ootha- 

ne laik. 
M6veable8, t, mal, usasa, cheez 

bust, jins. 
Movement, «. hurukut, ruwaruwee. 
Moving, a. dil-soz, dil-kush, dU- 

goodaZy jigorsoz. 
Mould, <« phuphoondee; (earth) 
mittee ; {form) sancha ; (make) 
turash, nukthuh. 
Mou id, V, ph nphoondee ] ugna ; 

(form) doul dalna, bunana. 
Moulder, v* khak-mittee h. resuh- 

reztth b. 
Mouldiness, s, phuphoondee. 
Mouldy, a, phi^phoondee l\iga* 
Moult, V. pur-jharna, kobreez k. 
Mound, $. mend, toduh, gilunda* 

zee, pooshtah. 
Mount, s. teela, puharee. 
Mounts V. c'hurhnay suwar lu 
Mountain, s, puhar, purbut, giree. 
M6untainou«, a. puharee, purbu- 

tee, kohistan. 
Mourn, v. ghum k. koorhna, ufsos 

k. matcim k. 
Mournful, a. sogee, ghumgeen. 
M6urniBg,>ii. ghum, matum. 
Mouse, s. choohee, moosee. 
Mouthy f . noojdi, roookb. 

M6uthful, 8, ouw«lMh, lookma. 
Mow, V. dirou k. khet katna. 
Much, A. bubootj buhootera, bi^ 

siyar, bura. 
MCicilage, «. lus, looab. 
MCicus, *. renth. 

Mud. s chuhia, keechur, chikkur. 
Muddy, a. €«dla, myla; 
Muffle, V. dhampna^ orbna. 
Mug, s. ab-khoruh. 
Mfilberry, s. toot, shuhtoot. 
Mulct, Vr joormana lugana, juree- 

mana k. 
Mule, s. khtichcliur. 
Mdllet, s. urwaree muchhiee. 
Multifarious, ) a. goonagoon, rung 
MCiltiform, j bu rung. 
Multiplicand, s. muzroob, j;oonuk. 
Multiplication, <. iwb^ puhara. 
Multiplicator, s. zarib, goon« 
MultipUcity, s. ifrat, ku^ral, bu- 

Mtiltiply, V. burhaua, ziyada k.; {in 

arithmetic) zurh d. 
MOltitude, s. bheer, hoojoom; 

(many) ifrat, buhootat^ 
Mum, interj, choop. 
MCimble, v. boorboorana, gil-bil k. 

MCimmery, «. buhooroop-pun. » 
MCimmy, s, momiyaee. 
Munch, V, chupur cliupur khana. 
M(indane, a. dooniyawee, sunsaree. 
Mdn^oose, «. rasoo, newul. 
Munificence, s. sukhawut, toufeek, 

Munificent, a. sukhee, data, koo- 

Munition, s. saman luraee ka. 
Mdrder,^. khoon.huttiya, kuti, ghat» 
MOrderer, s. khoonee, huttiyara, 

Mdrderous, a, khoon-khwar, jullad. 

M U T 

[ 233 ] 

N A R 

M6ninir, v. koorkoorana, bhin* 

MliiTOir^ i. wnbali.hjTwan, rouree. 
Mtisole, t, putha, py; {shell) seepee 

Mlisciilar, a* koongra, juseem. 
Muse« V. fikr k« gbour k. socfana, 

khouz k. 
Museum, s, zttkbeeroh*i«>ujaib. 
Mushroom « s. kboombee. 
]d6sic, s. moosukee, rag, sarod* 
Musical instniinent, s. baja, saz. 
Musician, $, moosukee-dan, sasin- 

da, bajuntree. 
Musk, s, mooshk. 
Musket, f. bundook; bundook 

M&sk-rat, «• cbhuchhoondur. 
Musk^eto, Si muohchhur. 
Muskm^D, s, khurbooza, suida. 
M6siin, f. mulmul. 
Mu8t> V. chabiye* zuroor, lazim, 

hoga, purega. 
Mustard, s. raee, sureort. 
Must^chios, s, moochhen. 
M6ster, v. gin tee k. rooujoodat lena. 
Muster-roll, s. moujoodat naroa, 

M6st7, a. oobsa, boseeduh* 
M Citable* a, na-paedar, mootughy- 

yur, fanee, besubat. 
Mute^ a. ohoop, khamosh, sakin, 

Mutilate, o. kat koot k. uzv katna, 

Mutilated, a. lungra-loola, hath-pyr 

knta-hooa^ bigra, nooksanee. 
Mutineer, s. dunguee, fusadee, bu- 

gbee, phira^booa. 
Miatiny,«. dunga, inhiraf,bughawuty 

fitoor, fbsad, fitna. 
M&tter, 9« koorkoorana, goongoo- 

M6tton, s, bber ka gosht. 
Mutual* a. doo-turfee, turfyn^ 

apus ka« 
Mutually, ad, apus men, dono« ne. 
Muzzle, 0. Ruxmh bund k. 
Muzzle, s, chheenka. 
My, pron, mera, upna* 
My'riad, s, dus huzar. 
Myrrh, s, moorr, hindee-bol. 
My'rtle, s, hinna, roendee. 
Myself, proft. myn ap, myn kbood, 

myn bee. 
Mysterious, a, mukhfee, raz^ bhed , 

My'stery, s. sirr, nw, bhed, mmz. 
My'stical, a. mukhfee, raz ilabee, 

Mythological, a, deo*mala ka, pou- 

Myth6logy, i. tuwareekh jinn, deo^ 


N&bob, s. nuvwab. 
Nadir, s. simt-ool-riji. 
Nag, s, uspee tazee, yaboo. 
Nail, s. nakhoon ; (of ircn) keel^ 

' mekh. 
Nliked, a, nunga, burubna. 
Nakedness, s, nungfaee, buruhnugee. 
Name, s, nam, ism. 
Namely, ad. yanee, nrthat. 
N&mesake, a, hum-nam, sunamee, 

Nap, t. neend, jhupkee. 
Nape, s. gooddee, gurdun, nar. 
N&phtha, s. nufta. 
Napkin, s. roomal. 
Narcissus, s. nurjrus, ub-hur. 
Narcotic, a. mooskir, 
Nard, «. nurd, sumbool, Jutamasee. 
Narrate, «. byan k. nuki k. 
Narration, t. uhwai, hikayut. 

N E A 

[ 234 ] 

N B R 

Narrow, a, tun^i^y sukre, kum urz. 
Narrowly, ad tungee-se, mooshkiU 

86 ; (carefully) ghour-sey tuky- 

Nasal, a. ghoonna, unoo-nasik. 
Nasty, a, ghuleez, royla. 
Natal, a. junumee. 
Nation, s. koum, log, desce. 
National, a, koumee. 
Native, t, zatee, wutunee, desee. 
Nativity, «. junum, tuwullood ; wu- 

tun, junum-dhurtee. 
Natural, a. zatee, usiee, swubha- 

wee; tubuee; (unaffected) be* 

sakhta, suhuj ; (illegUimute) hu- 

Naturally, ad. beezatee, swubbao- 

se; (iponianeousfy) ap^se, uz- 

Nature, s. khuslut, zat; (quality) 

khasiyut; (sort) kism, wuzuh. 
Naval, a. jubazee, buhree. 
Nave, $. nabh ; (ring) awun. 
Navel, s. naf, nabee. 
Naught, t, kooch-nuheen. 
Naught, a. boora, bud. 
Naughtiness, $, shurarut. 
Naughty, a. bud, boora. 
Navigable, a, kishtee ya juhaz ke 

jane laik duriyao. 
Navigate, v. juhuiz-ranee k. kishtee 

Naviglition,«. mullahee,juhazee-ilin. 
Navigator, «. mullah, nakhooda. 
Nauseate, v. nufrut ruklina, jee- 

Nauseous, a, ghinaona, mukrooh. 
Nautical, a, babut juhazee. 
Navy, t. buhr-jungee. 
Nay, ad, nuheen, nub. 
Neaptide, s, munda-joar. 
Near, f.. nuzdeek, pas, nikut. 
Near, prep, pas, kuiie, sumeep. 

Nearly, ad. un-kureeb, lugbhug. 
Neat, a. soothra, khoosh-nooma. 
Neatly, ad. uchchbee turuh-se» on* 

fasut-se. [bee-zurooree* 

Necessaries, s. zoorooriyat, usba- 
N tossary, s. jae-zuroor, paekhanuh • 
Nec^ity, #. zuroorut, pruyojun ; 

(need) hajut, ihtiyaj. 
Nec^sitous, a. moohtaj, .bajuu 

mund, niyazmund, tunghal. 
Neck, s. gurdun. 
N^kcloth, s. gooloobund. 
Necklace, $, mala, har. 
N^romancer, $. jadoo-gur, sahir. 
Need, $. durkar, ihtiyaj, zuroorut, 

guruz, chuh. 
Need, v. cbahna, ihtiyaj rukhna. 
Needful, a. zuroor, lazim. 
NMle, s. sooee ; (large) soott. 
NMlework, s. silaee, hoonur. 
NMless, ad. be-fiuduh, la-hasil. 
Needy, a, kungal, moohtaj^ moof- 

lis, dalidree. 
Nefarious, a. boora, khonta. 
Negative, s. nufee, nuheen, inkar. 
Neglect,!;, ghuflutk. ghafil h. bhool 

Negl^t, s. ghuflut, be-khuburee« 
N^ligent, a. ghafil, dheela. 
N^Iigently, ad. ghuflut-se. 
Negotiate, v. mooamulut k. 
Negotiation, i. mooamuluh, juwab- 

N^gro, s. hubshee. 
Neigh, J. hinhinana. 
Neighbour, s. purosee, humsayuh. 
Neighbourhood, $* puros. 
Neither, pran, yih nub woh. 
Nephew, 9. bhuteeja, bhanja. 
Nerve, s. nus, rug. 
Nerveless, a. na*tuwaii, nir-bul. 
Nervous, a. mooshtunda^ bur* 



[ 235 ] 


Veai, i. ghonsla, basa. 

Net,s. jtU,jala. 

Nether, a. turla, aeechla. 

Netty s. sudor juma. 

N^ted, a. jaldar* 

Nettle, V. khijana, dikk k. 

N^ver, ad, kubhoo nuheen, hargiz 

nuheen, usla, zeenhar. 
Nevertbel^s, ad. tahum, toubhee, 

tispur bhee. 
Neuter, a. uiug, moobarra ; (gen* 

der) mookhunnis, poolling. 
New, a. nya, nuwa, nou. 
New-fashioned, a, nou-rusmee, nye- 

tour-ka, nye^ustoor-ka. 
N^wly, ad. tbore dinon-se, dureen 

News, s. khubur, sumachar, sun- 

Newspaper, f. ukhbar, sumachar- 

Next, a. doosra, ugla, purla, nuz* 

deek ka. 
Nib, $. nok. 
Nibble, a. khootuma. 
Nice, a, khassuh, luzeez, soondur ; 

(accurate) bareek-been ; natook. 
Nicety, ad, uchchhee turub-se, ba- 

Niche, s. tak, tak-cha. 
Nickname, s. bud-Iukub, oorf. 
Niece, «. bhuteejee, bhanjee. 
Niggardly, a, kripun, tung-dil, tung* 

chushm, khusees. 
Nigh, ad, nuzdeek, pas, kureeb, 

^^gl^^y* ^> unkareeb. 
Night, «. rat, shub; (all night) 

saree-rat ; (to-night) aj ka rat. 
Nightingale, $. boolbool. 
Nightly, a, shubeenuh. 
Nightly, ad, bur rat ko. 
Nightmare, $. kaboos, juknu 

Nimble, a, ehalak, tezrou, choosto- 

Nine, a, nou, nuh. 
Nineteen, a. oonees. 
Ninth, a, nuvwan, nuhoom. 
Nip, V. nochoa, chootkee lena. 
Nippers, s. mocheen, mochna. 
Nit, J. leekh. 
Nitre, s. shoruh. 
No, ad. nuheen, nuh, na. 
N6ble, a, ushraf, kooleen, alee- 

nusub, umeerzada, oomda. 
Nobleman, s, oomrao, umeer. 
Nobly, ad. umeeranuh. 
Nobody, s. koee nuheen. 
Noct&mbulist, s. oosneenda, khwab- 

syr, ooneenda. 
Nocturnal, a. shubeenuh, rat ka. 
Nod, 0. jhookna,8ir-nihoorana ; (be 

drowsy) jhupkee men oongbna. 
Noise, s. shor, ghool, awaz. 
Noisome, a. moozirr, ghinaona. 
Noisy, a. kulla-kar, dhoom dhamee. 
Nominal, a, ismee, nam ka. 
Nominate, a. mookurur k. thuhrana* 
Nominative, s. fail, kurta. 
N6nage, ». khoordsalee, kumsinee, 

Non.app6ir8nce.> ^ ^ i 
Non-attendance, S ^ ^ 
None, a. koee nuheen, koochh nu- 
Non-existence, «• nestee, udum, 

Nonsense, s. yawuh, behooda goee. 
Nonsuit, V. la-dawa k. 
Nook, i. kona, goshuh. 
Noon, 9, do-puhur, mudhiyan. 
Noose, 9. phansee, phunda, phoon- 

Nor, conj, uuh. 
North, t. oottur, shimal. 
North^ty «. eesan. 

N U D 

[ 236 ] 

B E 

Norttiern, n. oottura, shimalee. 

Northstar, i. kootoob-tara, dhroov. 

Northw^t, s. bayiib, bhundar kona. 

No^, s« nak. 

Nosegay, s. gool-dusta, toorra. 

Nostril, f. Duthna. 

Not, ad, nuheen. 

Notable, a, mushhoor. 

Notch, $, khundana. 

Note, o. moolahizuh k. kulum 

bund k. 
Note, s. (mark) nisbati, chinh ; 

(fume) wukur, namwuree; (/e^- 

ter) khtitt, chitthee ; (promissory) 

tummussook ; (explanatory) tuf- 

Noted, a, mushhoor, namzud, 

Nothing, «. koochh nuheen, hech. 
Notice, s. khiyal, nigah; (intimo' 

tion) khubur, ittila. 
Notice, V. moolahizuh k. khiyal k. 
Notificifttion, j. tshtihar. 
N6tify, V. khubar k. jutana. 
Nation, s. khiyal, wuhm. 
Notorious, a* mushhoor, namee. 
Notwithstanding, c<m;. ugurchee,go- 

kee, hurchund, bawujoodee kee. 
Novel, a. hal-ka, nya. 
Novelty, s, nou-rusee, nouttirzee. 
Novice, s. nou-amoz, unaree. 
Noun, $, ism, sungya. 
No6nsh, V* palna, purwurish k. 
No6risher, «. palnewala. 
I^oiirishing, a, poosht, mookuvwee. 
NoGrishmeot, s. koochh khaneka, 

Now, ad. ub, fil-hal, bil-fiuU 
Nowadays, ad. in-dinon, aj-kul, 

dureen wila. 
Ndwbere, ad. kuheeit nuheen. 
Noxious, a. moozirr, ziyan-kar. . 
NGdity, J, nungapun, buruhuugee. 

Nuisance, «. moozirr, dookhdaee. 
Null, a. batil, ruddee. 
Nullify, V. batil k. rudd k. 
Numb, a. thithra, soon. 
NCimber, s. gintee, shoomar, ank, 

rukum, hindusuh. 
Numeration, $. ilm-i-hisa, gunit 
Numerical, a. ududee, shoomaree, 

NCimerous, a. buhoot, bisiyar. 
Niiptial, a. nikaliee, biyah-ka. 
Nuptiftis, s. biyah, shadee. 
Nurse, s. daee, doodh-pilaee. 
Nurse, V. palna, doodh-pilana. 
Niirsery, s. daee-khana; (of plants) 

Nurture, t. purwurish, turbiyut. 
Nut, s. jouz ; (betel) sooparee ; 

(toater) talmukhana ; ( purgative) 

NCitmeg, s. jae-phul, 
Niitriroj9nt,s. purwurish, ahar,ghiza. 
Nutritious, a. poosht, mookuvwee. 


Oaf, s, cot, oolloo, gaodee. 
Oak, «. buloot, seeta-brichh. 
Oakum, f. sun. 
Oar, s, dand, danr. 
Oat, s. wilaetee jou. 
Oath, $. kusum, soueund, huluf. 
O'atmeaU s. jou ka ata. 
O'bdurate, a. mugra, dheeth, hu- 

Ob^ienoe, 9. tabi-daree, itaut, 

udheenta, furmnn-burdaree. 
Ob^ient, a. furmun-burdar, tabi* 

dar, udheen. 
Ob^sance, s. tusleem, bundugee, 

' O'belisk, s. me€;nar, lath. 
Ob^y, V. manna, furman^burdarM 

k. tal^idaree k. biiJA lana. 

O B S 

[ 237 ] 

O C U 

Obf taarr, s. wufiit-hama. 

01>ject, s. muksud, pruyojub, ghu- 

ruz, moorady moodda. 
Object, V. iutiraz k. oozr k. 
Obj^ctioD, «. iutiraz, tukrar, fee. 
Obj^tor, t. mooturiz, hooj-jutee, 

Obl&tion, $, niyaz, bhet, nuzur. 
Obligation, $, (jhUy^ furz ; {Juvour) 

ihsan ; ( promise) ikrar, koul. 
Oblige, V. ID uj boor k. ihsan k. kha- 

tir-daree k. 
Obliging, a, khuleek, oopkaree, 

sahib* mooriivvut, dost-purwur. 
Obliqoe, a. tirchha, terha. 
Obliquity, s. goomrahee, bud-chal, 

Obliterate, o. metna, munsookh k. 

mitana, mukr k. 
Oblivion, «. furamoshee, nisiyan, 

O'blong, a. lumbchoura. 
6'bloquy, s. ilzam, kulunk, mula- 

miit, dokh. 
Obndtious, a. moolzim ; (liable) 

Obscene, a. pooch, ftthish, yawa- 

duhun ; ghuleez, napak. 
Obs6enity, «. fohsh^ mooghuliuzuh, 

phohuraee. [goorh. 

Obscbre, a, undhera, roukhfee, 
Obscdre, v. undhera k. mooghluk k. 

chbipana, chhana. 
Obsc&rity,s. tareekee,mooghaIutuh, 

goorhta, zoolmut. 
O'bsequies, », tujheez^o<i>tukfeen, 

kriya kurai. 
Cbs^qniotis, a. tabi-dar, mlheen. 
Observable, a, zahir, prugut. 
Observation, s, lihaz, dhiyan ; (mt^* 
' ing) mukooluh, kuhawut. 
Observatory, <. mursud^ rusud^ 


Observe, v. manna, lihaz k. dekk- 

na, moolah uza k. 
O'bsolete, a. be-riwaj, loopt. 
O'bstacle, s. moozahuinut, hail, ba- 

dha, ar, harij, sudd. 
O'bstinacy, f. muchlaee, huth, mug- 

raee, gurdun-kushee. 
O'bstinate, a, muchia, hutheela. 
ObstHict, V. rokna, bund k. arna. 
ObstHiction, *. rookao, uikao, rok, 

ar, sudd, tuarrooz. 
Obtain, v, pana, prapt k. 
Obtliinable, a, milne-wala, dust- 

yab, yaftunee> 
Obtrude, v. beja-dukhl k. beech 

men ajana. 
ObtCise, a. koond, benok; {dull) 

O^bviate, v. talna, dufu k. buchana. 
O'bvious, a. zahir, ashkara, khoola, 

prugut, burmula, sureeh, uyyan. 
Occ^ion, s. dao, noubut, ghat. 
Ocdision, v.kiima, kurana, burpa k. 
Occ^ionally, ad. kuhhee kubhee, 

gahe gahe, itti&kun, wukt be* 

wukt, jubtub. 
OceOlt, a, mukhfi^, goopt. 
O'ccupant, s, mootusurrif, kabeez. 
Occuplition, s, shooghui, dhundha ; 

kam, kaj ; (trade) pesha, hirfu. 
O'ccupy, V. tusurroof k. tuht men 

OccCir, V. bona, vraki h. beetna, 

roodad h. 
Occurrence, v. hadisuh, wakiuh. 
O'eean, s« sumoondur, sagur, buhr, 

O'chre, $, geroo, peelee-mittee. 
O'ctagon, «. husbt puhloo. 
Octavo, «. ath-wurka. 
O'cular, a. busree, ankhon ka de* 

kha; (<i^}nims^ra^ton)du]eel busree. 
O'culist, I. suthiya, koohhal. 

O H 

[ 238 ] 

O N L 

Odd, A. phoot, phootkul. 
Cyddly, ad, ojub ture-se. 
Odds, s. furk, beech; {advantage) 

ghulubuh ; {strife) phoot. 
Ode, s. ghuzul, kuseeduh. 
O'dious, a, mukrooh, ghinynda, 

ghinaonh, zisht. 
O'dium, s. mulamut, dokh. 
Odoriferous, a. kliooshbo, moouttur. 
O'dour, s, khoosh-bo, muhuk, soo- 

gundh, bas. [hukk men. 

Of, prep, ka, ke; (/em.) kee; {about) 
Off, ad. purse; door; bbag gya; 

{to be off) chula jana; {to come 

off) ootur ana, buch-nikuliia ; 

{disappear) jata-ruhna ; {as a gun) 

chhootna ; {well off) khooshhal. 
Oflal, Offals, s. foozla, ojhree, jhoo- 

tlia, akhor. 
OffSnce, «. lukseer, dos. 
Offend, t>. bezar k. goonah k. 
Offender, «. tukseerwar, dokhee. 
Offensive, a. zuboon, boora, moo- 

zirr, napttsund. 
O'ffer, V. dena, a^e rukbna, niyaz 

k. nuzur k. cburhana, bhet k. 
O'ffer, «. goozarish ; ( proposal) bat ; 

{attempt) kusd ; ( price) mol. 
O'ffering, s. nuzur, niyaz, bhet, 

O'ffice, s. ohda, khidmut, ulakuh ; 

( for business) duftur-khanuh. 
O'fficer, s. ohdu-dar, uhl-i-kar. 
Officiate, v. khidmut bujana, niya- 

but k. 
Officious, a. phupphur-dullal, foo- 

O'ffspring, s. oulad, suntan. 
Oft, Often, ad. barha, uksur, barbar. 
OV*«« ^' fi^^onXee d. naz k. 
O'giing, f . jhaonlee, naz. 
Oh, inteij. hael wael wahl ah! 


Oil, i. tel, rQughun, roughun-siyah. 
Oilman, t. telee, telwala, koloo- 

Otlmil, s. kolhoo. 
Oily, a. chikna, telijra, tilenda, rou. 

Ointment,!. murhum,mom-roughun. 
Old, a. poorana,kohnuh ; {old man) 

booddha, bridh, boorha ; {old 

wotnan) boodhiya. 
Olfactory, a. mushmoomee. 
O'live, s. zytoon. 
O'men, s. shugoon, soogun. 
O'minous, a. bud-shugoon, ushoobh. 
Omission,*. chook,koosoor,ghuffut, 

Omit, V. chhor d. huzf k. bhoolna, 

chookna, furo-goozasht k. tuho k. 
Omnifarious, a. bur kismee, sub 

tour ka. 
Omnipotent, a. kadir-i-mooUuk, 

Omnipr^nt, a, hazir-o-nazir, surb- 

biyapee. [giya-ta. 

Omniscience, s. ilm-i-ghyb, surbu- 
Omniscient, a. alim-ool-ghyb, sur- 

bu^iya, dana-o-beena. 
On, prep, pus, oopur, bur, se. 
On, ad. ekbar, ek murtubuh, ek 

dufa, ek ber, ek wukt ; {former'" 

ly) age, peshtur; {at once) ek- 

bargee, dufa-tun. 
One, a. ek, yuk, wahid. 
One, s. shukhs, admee, jun, 
O'ne-eyed, a. kana. 
O'neness, s. ekta, wuhdaniyut. 
One's self, s. ap, khood. 
O'nerous, a, bharee, dopshwar, 

O'nion,. s. piyaz, roopa-bel. 
O'nly, ad. sirf, fukut, nira, khalee, 

kewul : a* ekla, eklouta, ek, 


O P P 

[ 239 ] 

O R A 

CViifet, i. Iniinlub, bulku 
O'nward, ad, age, burh ke, pure. 
Cyfiyx, t. sung-soolymanee. 
Ooze, V, risna, choo-nikalaa. 
O^y, a. poonruhul, keechraha, 

Opacity, s. ghyr-shufiafee, kusufut, 

O^ke, a. dhooiidla, garha, stbool, 

kaseef, gbyr«8huffaf» gbi^lees. 
O'pal, «. dooiibiya putthur. 
O'pen, a. kboola, wax, koosbadub ; 

(p/otft) zabir, prngut 
O'pen,o. kholna, pusarna; (dueaver) 

zahir k. ; (a hmour) cbeerna ; (be- 

gin) ahooroo k. 
O'peniag, t, sbigaf, 8bak, rab ; shoo- 

rooy ammbb. 
O'pealy, ad, kboola kboola, zahira. 
O'penDett, #. saf dilee, sufaee, sadu- 

O'pera, f. rag*subba. 

O^fierate, v. usur k. taseer k. umul 

k. kargiir h. kam k. lugna, moo- 

ussir h. 
Operation, t, usur, taseer, umul; 

(sttrgieal) katkoot, kuta-booreed, 

jurrab ka cbeer pbar. 
O'perative, a. rooosir, kargur. 
Opbtb&lmia,!. man ankb ka, asbo- 
' bi-cbusbm. 
O'piate, s. kbwab-bukbsb, solaoo, 

aram-rusaa, tiriyakee, ufeem- 

aineys, kbwab-awur. 
Opiaion, s. kiyas, raeb, tujweez, 

danist, sumujh, kbiyal, bichar, 

gooman, duriyaft, ukl, janib. 
Oplnionative, a. kbood-raeh, up- 

httdda, kbood«putttiid,kbood-8ur, 

Cpium, s. uieem, ufyoon. 
Opponent, i, mookbalif, moodduee, 

lagoo, roookabil. 

Opportliae, a. makool, burwukbt, 

uyn-wukt, tbeek, dooroo9t, laik, 

moonasib, burroubul. 
Opportunity, $. dao, goua, kaboo, 

nioukub, gbat, ousur. 
Oppose, V. sarona k. mookabuiub 

k. rokna, arna, inoozahumut k. 
O'pposite, a, samaeb, mookabil, 

Opposition, s. mookabula, zidd, 

buruksee, tuarrooz, nioomannut. 
Oppr^s, V, zoolm k. sutana* ziya- 

dutee k. 
Oppression, s. zoolni, undber, ziya* 

dutee, situm, jour, tuaddee, 

zuburdustee, sukbtee, jubur, 

Oppr^sife, a. bbaree, doosbwar, 

Oppr^or, s. salim, situmgur, 

murdoomazar, bidutee. 
Oppr6brious, a bud, boora, ma- 

yoob, roulamutee. 
O'ptics, i, ilm i miuiazunib 6 

O'ption, s. ikhtiyar, kboosbee, pu- 

siind, cbah, murzee. 
O'ptionaU a. ikbtiyaree, tubuee. 
O'pulence, s. doulut, tuwunguree, 

sumput, taliwaree. 
O'pulent, a. doulut-mund, maldar, 

tuwiingur,taliwur, roopyeb-wala, 

Or, conj. ya, utbwa, ki. 
O'rade, s. kulam rubbanee, akasb- 

O'ral, o. zubanee, moonb-bola. 
Or&ng-Ootang, $. bun-roanus. 
O'range^ #. 8un->tura, rung-tara, 

Or&tion, $. tukreer, kulam, soo* 

kbun, waz. 
O'rator^ s. kboosb-tukreer, aoo- 

O R I 

I 2^0 ] 


bukta, £uban*awar» tukreeree, 

O'ratory, s. khoosh-tukreeree, zu* 

bau-awaree, lussaniyut, sookhun- 

Orb, I. ehurkh, kooruh, mundul; 

(circle) douruh, chukr. 
O'rbit, s, doura, dalra. 
Orbicular, a. mooduvvur, got, go- 

lakar, chukrakar. 
O'rchard, t. bagh, bagheechuh. 
O'rchestre, s. Q0ubut4(hana. 
Ordain, v. mookurnir k. thuhrana, 

moouyyun k. kaim k. 
O'rdeal, s, purcha, par^eksha, 

O'rder, «. turteeb, dhub; (com" 

mand) hookiu^ furmao, agya. 
Order, v. furmana, hookm k. {Jbr 

articles) furmaish k. 
Orderly, ad, bu«turteeb, thikane-se, 

dooroost, bu-kaida^ turteebee, 

bundobustee, intizamee. 
O'rdinance, t, kanoon, hookm, reet, 

shuruh, kaida, rusm. 
O'dinary, «. am, mamoolee, rtts- 

mee, rasee, umulee ; (metin) ku- 

meeoa, neech; (ugly) nazeyba, 

O'rdnance, s. top-khanuh, topen. 
O'rdure, «. bishta^ mul, gooh. 
Ore, s. dhat^ filiz. 
O'rgan, s. aiuh, uzoo^ iudree ; 

{musical) urgoonoou. 
O'rganist, s, urgoonoon-nuwaz. 
Organization, s. turkeeb^ bunawut. 
O'rganize, o. turkeeb k. dooroost k. 

Oriental, a. shurkee, poorbee^ 

O'rifioe, s, moonh, (ihhed, soorakh. 
O'rigin, s. usl, booniyad, arumbh, 

mubda» rounsha. 

Original, s. usl, mo09Uwudah» 

Original, a. aslee, uvwul, sdi, 

puhila, zatee, booniyadee. 
Originally, ad, ibtida-men, uslee- 

yutun, puhleh, uvvulun, usi- 

Originate, o. wujood-pukurna, 

shooroo h. sadir h. 
O'rnament, s. zeb, guhna, singar, 

araish, zebaish, zeeuut, soUia, 

roimuk, bohar, khoobsoortee. 
Ornamental, a, araisbee, khoosh- 

nooma, zeenutee, zebawur. , 
Ornamented, a. araish-dar, rung- 

een, moozyyun, arasta. 
Ornithology, s* puriiuiUnama. 
Orphan, s, yuteem; yuteem o 

O^pimeat, $. zumeekh, hurtal. 
O'rrery, «. gurdishi-syyarat k^ juntr. 
Orthography, s, imla, rusmkhuu. 
O'rtolan, 9^ bugeree. 
Oscillation, «. dolna, dolao. 
O'spray, ». duriyaee-baz. 
Ossification, s. huddeeyahnt. 
O'ssify, V. huddiyana. 
Ostensible, a. zabir, khooia, nu- 

OstentatioD, s. khood-noomaee, 

hooha, fukbr, khood-sitaee. 
Ostentatious, a, khood*DOoma, 

khood-sita, teemtamee. 
Osteology, j. tushree-oolMsam, har- 

O'stler, s. saees, suees. 
O'strichy J. shootr^moorg. 
0'ther,a. doosra, our,<deegiir,ghyr. 
O'therwise, ad. nuheen to; our 

turuh se, koochh our. 
O'tter, «. oodbilaoi sug^abee. 
O'vali a, unda*sa, byzawee, bada* 

O V E 

[ 241 3 


Cven, s. tunoor, tundoor, bhar. 
CKver, prep, and ad, oopur, pur, 

bala; {acroti) par; (more) ziya- 

du, ufsood, besnee, &zil. 
Overkwe, v, dubana, durana, dhum- 

kee men rokhna. 
Overb^ring, a, toork-mizaj. 
(yverboard, ad. kbhtee ya juhaz 

Overcist, o. chhana, andbera k. 
Overcharge, v. ziyaduh dam chur- 

hana ; (eat) chbukna. 
Overcome, v. mughloob k. jeetna. 
Overflow, V. ehhulukna, oomadna ; 

(deluge) }v\ihul b. doobna. 
Overflown, pwrt. lub«rez, dooba« 

hooa, julthul. 
Overgrown, pa, a, buhoot burb gya, 

pbyl gya. 
Overbuy v* soon-Iena, choop ka 

soonna. [asar. 

Overjoyed, part, khooah, furhat- 
Overload, v. bharee k. buhoot bojh 

Overlook, v. dekhna; chushmpo- 

shee k. muaf k. anakanee k. igh- 

maz k. durgoozur k. 
OvermCich, a, buhoot, hudd-se 

Overnight, s. puhlee rat, uvwul 

shub, rat ko. 
O'verplus, s. bakee, bukiyat, izafa, 

foozia, fazil, bukiya. 
Overpower, v» mughloob k. duba« 

na, zerdust k. zer k. raujboor k. 

Overrke, v. dam churha kur kuhna, 

ziyaduh kur manna. 
Overr^h, v, thugna, dugha d. 
O verrCile, v. buta d. talna ; (nt aside) 

Overrtin» v. (at an enemy) takht ta- 

raj k. ; (tpread) byap-jana. 

Overs^, r. niguh-banee k. dekhna, 

ihtimam k. nigah k. 
Overs^r, s. daroguh, niguhban, 

Overset, V. a. oolut d. oundhana, 

ooltana : v. n. oolut jana, tule- 

oopur h. 
oversight, s, chook,^hulutee,bhool ; 

(superintendence) niguh-banee. 
Oversleep, v. buhoot so jana. 
Overspread, v. phylna, chhana, 

muamoor k. 
O'vert, a. zahir, khoola, burmula. 
Overtake, v, dour kur pukur lena. 
Overthrow, s. paemalee, khurabee ; 

(defeat) shikust, bhugel. 
Overthrow, v. shikust d. mama, hu- 

rana ; (overturn) gira d. dhukeU 

na; (nun) paemal k. gharut k. 
Overture, «. pyam, bat, suwal, 

Overturn, v. pulut d. zerzubur k. 

ooltana, oundhana. 
Overwhelm, v. dubona, ghurk k. 
Ought, f. koochh, koee dieez. 
Ought, V. chahiye, chahita, lazim, 

wajib, moonasib. 
Oviparous, a. unduj, byza-nihad. 
Ounce, I. adhee chbutiJc, do-tola. 
Our, Ours, pron. humara. 
Ourselves, pron, hum ap. 
Oust, 0. a. kharij k. nikedna, ootha 

d. bedukhl k. 
Out, ad, bahur, beroon ; (put out) 

kharij; (as fire) boojbana; (au^ 

dihly) pookar kur; (expended) 

khurch hooa. 
Outcast, I. awaruh, kharij. 
OCiter, a, bahurla, beroonee. 
Oittermost, a, bahirla, subse ba- 
hur ka. 
Outlandish, a, bi-desee, ujnubee. 
OOtlaWy 4U wajib-ool-kutl, baghee. 


t 2*2 ] 


06tl«t, $, nikas ; ( of a river) moon- 

Outline, s. nokshob, khaka. 
Outlive, V. jeeta ruhna. 
Outrage, a. dunga, bidat, bulwa, 

Outrageous, a, ghuzubnak, kuhr- 

Outside, $, bahur, oopur oopnr. 
Outstrip, «• dour men peechbe k. 
OCitward, a. bahuree, zahiree. 
Outwit, o. thukaoa, kan katna. 
Owe, V. dhoratia, kurzdar h. 
Owl, s, ooUoo, boom, pencha, gboo* 

Own, pron, upna, nijka. 
Own, V, upnana ; {acknowkdge) ku- 

boolna ; {claim) dawa k. 
O'wner, s. malik^ waris. 
Ox, s. budbiya, byl, bulud. 
O'xfly, $. dans. 
O'yster, s. kustoora. 


Pace, f« kudom ; {ambie) yurgha. 
Pace» o. yurgha cbulna ; (to march) 

kboosh khiram chulna. 
Paciic, a, suleera, roiiapee, soolh- 

Pacification, s. milap, tusfiyuh, 

soolh-karee, tuskeen. 
Pacify, V, tusfiyuh k. raunana, sum- 

Pack, s. bustuh, guttha ; ( of cards) 

gunjeefa ; (of dogs) jutha. 
Pack, V. bandhna, lupetna. 
Package, 5. bustuh, guttha, moth. 
Packet, s, poolinda; (mail) dak 

kee thylee. 
Packthread, s, sootlee^ doree. 
Pad, 1. guddee, khogeer. 
P&ddle, I. dand, ehuppoo. 
l^iddock, s, roenduk, beag. 

Padlock, s. koofi, tala. 

Psan, s. kurka, shadiyana, mun* 

gul, futuh-nama. 
P&gan, <• bootpurost, deopoojuk. 
Pliganism, $, bootpuruslee, deo* 

Page, s, sufha; {in waiting) khuwas. 
Page, 9. wuruk-daghee k. 
Pageant, s. pootlee ; (sAour) tiimasha. 
Piigeantfy, s, dhoom dham, hooha, 

Pagoda, <.devul,mundir,bootkbana. 
Paid, pret. uda hooa, deeya-gya, 

Pail, s, (far milk) dohnee. 
Pain, s, durd, dookh, peer. 
Pain, o. dookhna, peerana, durd k. 
Painful, a. durd-ungez; (difficult) 

dooshwar, mihnut-tulub. 
Painfully, ad. mihnuUse, thuk 

thuk ke. 
Pains, s. mihnut, suee; durdi-sur, 

doar-dhoop, tugapo, purismm; 

(of child-birth) durdi-sih. 
Paint, o. rung d. ; (a picture) tus- 

weer khynchna ; (a likeness) shu* 

bee khynchna. 
Painter, «. moosuvwir ; (o^ doors, 

carriages^ 4fC.) rungsaz. 
Painting, s, moosuTwuree ; (of doors, 

Sfc.) rungsazee ; (a picture) tus- 

Pair, s. jora, jooft, jot, joree. 
Palace, s, muhul, douhit-kbanuh, 

Palank^n, s, palkee, nalkee. 
P&latable, a. muzu-dar, luzeez, 

khoosh-zaika, suwadee. 
P&late, s. taloo. [pheeka. 

Pale, a. zurd, peela, settha ; (Jaini) 
Pale, s, dunda ; (bounds) hudd. 
P&lenefs, s. zurdee, peelaee, pbee- 


[ a« ] 


Palette, i« tokhtee. 

Patisiidp, t, kutuhra. 

Pall, t. dioddur. 

Pklltate, «• hulka k, riayot k. tukh- 

PalHiition, t. tukhfeef. 
Pallid, a, neela-peela. 
Palm, «. khujoor, tar; (qftkekmnd) 

huthelee ; {in fiiean(re)char ungool. 
P4hnUtry, s. stimoodrik, dukoutee. 
Palpable, a. kabil-ool-lums ; (eoi- 

dent) zahir,8uree; (grots) shadeed. 
Palpitate, o. dhurukna, dhuk dhuk 

k. pburukna, dhumukna. 
Palpitation, f. dhuruk, kbufukan, 

Palsied, a. loonj, soon, shull, pucb- 

chha-gbatee, urdhungee, situngee. 
Palsy, $, falij, urdhung ; (paralytit) 

jhola, lukwa, shull, kuinpbaee, 

Paltry, a. nikumma, nakara, soo- 

book, bekudr. [da k. 

Piiinper, o. cbbukana, nazpurwur- 
Plonpered, a. lurbaola» nacpurwur, 

Pampblet, t, risaluh. 
Pan, t, kucabee, kurab, tumbiya; 

(qfagumlock) piyala, kan ; (kmee- 

pan) cbupnee, aeeoa, ainkb, goor- 

gee ka hadda. 
Pancake, $, loocbwee, malpooa. 
Pane, s. aeena, cboukor, purkala. 
Panegy'ric, s. mudb-nama, kusee- 

da, suna. 
Paneg/rist, t, muddah, suna-go. 
Pang, s, koft, runj, ulum. 
P&nic, s. bybu^ houl. 
P&nnel, «. pakhur, palan. 
P^ic-8tnick, a. bybut-nak. 
Pannier, «. kbancba, dala. 
Pan,t, V. harapbna ; (long) turasna, 
Pantal6ons, t, paejama, izar. 

R 2 

P4nther, $, cbeeta. 
Plintomime, 8. suwang. 
P&ntry, s, bbiHidara, niamut-khana. 
Pap, $, pistau ; (food) lupsee. 
Pap4, «. baba, iMiwa, babajan. 
Paper, s. kagbuz. 
Pkpermaker, u kaghuzee. 
Par, t. moosawat, burabur. 
Parable, s. tumseel, drishtanty misal. 
Parabolical, a, tumseelee, drish- 

rantee, mujazun, majazee. 
Parade, i, dhoom dbam ; (array) 

suf araee ; (exercise) kuwaid. 
Piiradise, $, firdous, Junnut, bubisht, 
Paradox, s. ]upet,'duleel tulub. 
P^ragrapb, «. fikra, prukurn. 
Plirallel, a, burabur, moosawee, 

Paraly'tic, a. muflooj, shull, urdh- 
ungee, situngee, soonbuhree. 
Paramount, a. bura, sudr. 
P&ramour, t, yar, lugwar, ashna, 

Parapet, $, fuseel. 
Plirapbrase, «, turjoomuh bu tuf- 

seel, tu&eer, taweel. 
P&rasite, $, khooshamudee, rikabee- 

Parasol, «* chhutree. 
Parboil, v, neemjosh k. 
P&rcel, 4, poolinda, bustub. 
Parch, V, bboonna, biriyan k. 
Parchment, s, meshee, duftee. 
Pardon, $, muaf» muafee, bukhshisfa, 

ufoo, cbhuma. 
Pardon, v, muaf k. bukhshna, chhor 

d. durgoozur k. muazoor rukhna, 

riayut k. 
P&rdonable, a, kabil-ool-ufoo. 
Pare, v, kutarna,turashna,chheelna. 
Paregdric, a. moolyin, duwa-aram- 



[ 246 J 


P^estal, f. pae-sutoon. 

P^igree, «• nusub^ pooshti usl, »I- 

sila, peerbee. 
P^Iar, «. bisatee, pykar, khoorda- 

Peel, V. chheelna, chhilka-ootama. 
Peel, s. chhilka, post, chhal. 
Peep, V. jbankna, nikul-ana, nu- 

Peep, $, jhankee; {peep of day) 

DOor ka turka. 
Peer, s. bumsur ; (nofr/bimn) umeer. 
P^rless, a. be-nuzeer, la-sanee, 

P^Tisb,a. cbircbira,toonook-mizaj. 
Ve%, I. mekh, khoonta, kboontee. 
Pelf, 5. doulut, mal. 
Pelican, i. huwasil. 
Pelisse, s. kism zunana libas. 
P^let, s, goolela, golee. 
Pellm^U, ad, kasul musul, dulroul. 
Pellucid, a. shuffaf, ninnul. 
Pelt, v. phenk marna. 
Pea, V, bund k. moondna. 
Pen, <• kulum, Ukbnee. 
P^nal, a. tazeeree, ibrutee. 
Penalty, s. suza,goonub-garee,dundy 

tawan, jureemana, joormana. 
Pencil, i. soormuee-kulum. 
Pendant, «. jhoomka, lutkun. 
Pendent, a. latka booa, awekkta. 
Pending, a. mooullukee; {a came) 

dair, pesh. 
Pendulum, s. latkun. 
Penetrable, a. cbhedne-jog, sal unbar. 
Penetrate, o. chhedna, snmana, 

dukhl k. ; {comprehend) sumujh- 

na, duriyaft k. 
Penetrating, a. tez; {acute) tez* 

fuhm, chumntkar, chokha. 
Penetration, «. dukbl, tez-fuhmee. 
Penguin, s. kism sumoondur kee 


Peninsula, s. juzeerub. 

Penitence, «. touba, nudamut, uf- 

808, istighfar, pushemanee. 
Penitent, a. pusheman, nadim^ moo* 

Penknife, s. cbakoo, kolumturash. 
Penman, %. kboosh-nuwees ; (<i«* 

thor) moosunnif. 
Pennant, s. pburuhra, dhoja. 
Penniless, a, be-zur, nikouriya. 
penny, «. ek tuka; {yoeighli) do- 

pension, «. wuzeeia, rozeenuh. 
pensioner, $, wuzeefudar, rosee- 

PensiTe,a. fikr-niund,oodas,dilgeer, 
Pentateuch, $, touryt. 
Pentbouse, %, saeban, osara. 
PenCiltiroa, a. ma kubl akhir. 
Penurious, a, kunjoos, tungdil, 

soom, bukheel, tungchushm, jooz* 

ru8, khusees. 
penury, s. tung-dustee, tihee-das- 

tee, kungalta. 
people, s. log, admee, koum. 
people, V. abad k. busana. 
Peplistic, s. huzm kee duwa. 
pepper, «. mirch; {long) peepul; 

{black) kalee-mirch, goUmirch; 

{red) lal- mirch. 
peppermint, s. poodeena, nuana. 
Peradventure, ad, shaid, moobada. 
Perambulate, o. phira k. syr k. 
Perceivable, > a, zahir, numood , 
Perceptible, 5 muhsoos. 
Perceive, o. dekhna, mualoom k. 

duriyaft k. 
Perception, s, wukoof, cbet, su- 

mujh, duri3raft, chitwun. 
Perch, s, {for birdt) chukkus, udda* 
Perch, V. bythna. 
Perchance, ad, shaid, ittifakun, 


P £ R 

[ 247 1 


FercKtien, $. tubahee, hiilakut, tot- 

tiyanftsee^ khurabee, gharutee. 
Peregrin&uon, ». moosafuru:t, sufr. 
Peremptory, a. natik, katee, shafee. 
Perennial, a. baruh-masiya. 
Perfect* a, kamil, poora, tumam. 
Perfect, V. poora k. kamil k. niber- 

na, nibahna, busur lana. 
Perf^^tion, «. kumal, kumaliyut, tu- 

Perfectly, atL uchchhee turuh-se. 
Perfidious, u, numuk-huram, be. 

wufa, khota, dughabaz, khain, 

Perfidy, s. numuk-huramee, be*wu- 

fiiee, khotaee, udhurm, khiyanut, 

Perforate, o. chbedna, soorakb k. 
Perfdrm, v. kuma, buja-Iana, ni- 

bahna, uda k. po«ra k. nibtana, 

Perf6riDance, f. keeya, eefa, uda, 

nibah ; (composUion) tusneef, in- 

Perfdrmer, t. koonindub. 
Perf&me, $. khootbboee, soogondb. 
Perftimer, s. gundhee, uttar. 
Perhlps, ad, shaid, kya jane, 
peril, s, khutruh, undesbuh, dur. 
perilous, a. khutur-nak. 
period, <• dour, zumanuh, usur, 

hungam ; {end) uat, akhir ; {duru' 

tion) ursuh ; {time) wukt, uyyam. 
Periodical^ a. mousumee, uyamee^ 

perish, 9. gharut h. nest nabood h. 

nas h. 
perishable, a. fanee, na-paedar, 

perjure, v. jhoothee kusum khana. 
perjury, s. jhoothee kusum. 
permanence, s. tikao, kiyam, thuh- 

rap, paedaree, subiftt, buka. 

permanent, a. paedar, rooostub- 

kuro, kaim, derpa, sabit, pukka. 
Permission, $, ijazut, ruza, punivan- 

gee, istirsa, izn, bookm. 
permit, s. ruwunna. 
Permit, o. ijazut d. ruwa rukhna. 
Permutation, s. tubdeel; {settle^ 

ment) tubuddool. 
Pernicious, a. zuboon,moozir, boora« 
Perpendicular, a, khura. [k. 

Perpetrate, v. kurna, bud-hurukut 
Perpetual, a. daimee, istumraree. 
Perpetually, oii.humeshub, nit, suda. 
Perpetuate, v. kaim rukhna, daim 

Perplex, v. ghubrana, hyran k. ool. 

Perpiexed,a. byran,ghubraya-hooa; 

(complei) durhum burhum. 
Perplexity, s, gbubrahut, jbuiijhut, 

(>ech, junjal, tushweesh, asnoof- 

Perquisite, «• dustooiee, luwazima, 

perry, s. kism shurab. 
persecute, v, sutana, azar d. 
Persecution,!, tusdeea, tukleef, eeza. 
persecutor, s. moozee, situmgur, su- 

Perseverance, 5. dhoon, joosto joo. 
Persevere, v. kaim ruhna, durpy h. 
Persian, a. farsee, foors-ka. 
Persist, v. kaim ruhna, huth k. 
person, $* shukhs, admee, nufur, 

jun ; {self) ap, khood ; {appear » 

ance) kathee, pykur; {in gram-' 

mar) seeghub. 
Personable, a. khoob-soorut, tu- 

personage, s. bura admee, umeer 

admee. [nij. 

Personal, a. shukhsee, khass, upna, 
personally, ad,}^Qod, ap, usalutun. 


[ 24a ] 


Personate, v. soorut bunana. 
Personiiicition, s, mujaz-uklee« 
Perspective, s, (glast) doorbeen. 
Perspicuity, s. sufaee, suiasut, asa- 

nee, shuffafee. 
Perspicuous, a, saf, wazih, khoola. 
Perspiration, 5. puseena, urk, puseo. 
Perspire, v, puseejna, uruk lana. 
Persuade, v. munana, surojhana. 
Persuasion, s. turgheeb, munao. 
Persuasive, a. turgheebee, moowus* 

sir, diinusheen. • 
Pert, a. shokh, goostakh. 
Pertain, v. ulakuh rukhna, nisbut 

Pertinacious, a, mugra, hoojjutee. 
Pertinacity, s, muchlaee, dheetaee. 
Pertinent, a. theek, dooroost, mua- 

kool, burjusta. 
Pertly, ad, shokhee-se, muchlaee-se. 
PertCirb, t?. ghubrana, moozturib k. 
Perturbation, s, ghubrahut, be-ku- 

raree, be-huwasee, bekulee. 
Pervade, t7.sumana,dur-ana,pythna. 
Perverse, a, huteela, ziddee, kujrou, 

Pervirseness, s, zidd, huth, kujru- 

wee, muchlaee. 
Perversion, s. burgushtugee, inkilab. 
Pervert, v. bukhana, goomrah k. 

pberna, rooonkulub k. 
Pervious,a. jo chhedajaejo saia jae. 
Peruke, «. balon kee topee. 
Perusal, s. mootala, purhna. 
Pertise, v. purhna, banchna, mootala 

k. moolahuza k. 
Pest, s, muree, wuba ; (antioyance) 

junjal, bula. 
Poster, V, khijana, hyran k. dikk k. 

chhema, tung k. ajiz k. 
Pestiferous, a. zuboon, bud, moo- 

zirr, fasid. 
Pestilence^ s, taoon, wub% muree. 

Pestilential, a. moozirr^ zuboon, 

boora, fasid. 
Pestle, $, dustuh, butta ; {wooden) 

Pet, V. ladla k. doolara k. chhatee 

Pet, t. jbaajh, chirchirahut, khuf- 

gee ; {darling) ladla, doolara. 
Petal, s. pukhree, puttee. 
Petition, o. urz k. cbahna, suwal d« 

durkhwast k. urzee d. 
Petition, s. urz, durkhwast, suwal; 

urzee, urzdasht, ureeza. 
Petitioner, s. fidwee, sail, mooltumis, 

talib, dadkhwah, niyazmund. 
Petrify, v. puthrana, puthur hojana. 
Petronel, <. suwar ka tumuncha. 
Petticoat, s. luhnga, saya, ghughra, 

phuriya, dhubkt. 
Petty, a. chh«ta, khoord, kochuk, 

kummaya, furomaya. 
Petulance, s. shokhee, goostakhee, 

dheetaee, be-udubee, mugraee. . 
Petulant, a, goostakh, mugra, shokfi, 

dheeth, muchla. 
Petulantly, ad, goostakhee^se. 
Pewter, i. just, roop-just. 
Phalanx, «. ghol, joot. 
Phantom, s. khiyal.batil. 
Pharmacy, «. duwa-sazee, uttaree. 
Pharisaical, a, zahiree deendar. 
Pheasant, s. ^uhoka. 
Phenomenon, s. ujeeb, nadir ooz zu« 

hoor, muzhur. 
Phial, «. sheeshee. 
Philanthropist, <. kbulaik-dost, in« 

Phillinthropy, «. nek-nihadee. 
Philology, «• ilmi-surf-o-nuhv, kai* 

Philosopher, <. hukeem, fylsoof. 
PhildsopherVstone, s. parus-put- 


P I G 

[ 249 ] 

P I N 

Philosophy, «. liikinut,ilm-i«hikiiiut. 
Phlegm, 8, bulgham, kuf. 
Phlegmatic, a, bulghumee, surd- 

misajy soost-tubeeut. 
Pboanix, s, kookoos, oonka. 
Pbleme, «. nushtur, belkar. 
Phrase, s. ibarut,istilah,baty looghat. 
Phraseology, $, ibarut, moohawu- 

nih, turzi-kulam. 
Phrenzy, s. deewangee, joonoon, 

Pby'sic, s. tibb, tubabut, tubeebee ; 

(remedies) diiwaee, iliy ; ( purge) 

Phy'sical, a, tibbee. 
Physician, $, hukeem, tubeeb, byd. 
Physiognomy, s. ilm-i-kiyafuh, ki- 

Piazza, s, bar-ja. 
Pice, $, pysa ; {double) tuka. 
Pick, V, choonna, beenna, choogna, 

intikhab k. 
Pickaxe, i. koodal, koodalee. 
Pickle, 1. achar. 
Picklock, s. chor-koonjee. 
Pickpocket, «. guth-kuta, jeb-kutra, 

Picture, s, tusweer, nuksha, shubee. 
Pie, 8, sumbosa. 
Piebald, a, ubluk, kubra. 
Piece, s, tookra, parcha ; (of cloth) 

Piece, V, jorna, pywund k. santhna. 
Piecemeal, a. tookre tookre, rezuh 

rezuh, paruh paruh. 
Pier, «. sutoon, khumb, payuh. 
Pierce, v, chhedna, salna, phorna. 

(vioUnt) tez, kurra, shudeed. 
Piety, 6. deendaree, khooda-tursee^ 

tukwa, tukawut. 
Pig, $, ghenta. 
Pigeon, «. kubootur, kupot. 

Pigeon-hole, $. khanu. 
Pigeon-house, s. kabuk, kubootur- 

Pigmy, f. balishtiya, bouna. 
Pike, s. nezuh. 

Plkeman, s. bhale^burdar, neza-baz. 
Pillister, i, chou*goshuh, sutoon. 
Pile, <, dher, toduh ; (funeral) chita. 
Pile, v. tule oopur rukhna, dher k. 

Piles, s. buwaseer. 
Pilfer, V. chorana. 
Pilferer, «. huth-lupuk, oochukka. 
Pilgrim, s. ziyarutee, jatree, hajee. 
Pilgrimage, «. ziyarut, teeruth, hujj. 
Pill, 8, golee, hubb. 
Pillage, 8, loot, takht-taraj. 
Pillager, «. looteyra, gharutgur. 
Pillar, 8, sutoon, khumb ; lath, mi- 

nar ; (qf8tate) rookn. 
Pillory, 8, churkh. 
Pillow, s. tukiya, balish. 
Pillowcase, 5. tukiya ka ghilaf. 
Pilot, 8, manjhee, ab*shinas. 
Pimp, I. kootna. 

Pimple, 8, phoon8ee,phoriya,danuh. 
Pin, 8, ( peg) mekh, khoontee. 
Pincers, 8, cheoontee, sundasee ; 

(tweezers) mochna, nuk-choonta, 

Pinch, V. nochna, chootkee lena, 

chimtee lena, bukotna ; (oppress) 

zoolm k. nichorna, peesna ; (dis^ 

tress) tung k. ajiz k. 
Pinchbeck, s, punchrusee. 
Pincushion, s, tila-danee. 
Pine, V, jhoorna, gula jana, biluk« 

na, hoorukna, sookhna. 
Pine, 8» 8unobur;(Arem€i<)chilghozac 
Pineapple, s. ununnas, 
pinion, 8» punkh, bazoo ; (manacle) 

Pink, 8, gooli-kumful ; (colour) goo. 

P I T 

[ 250 ] 

P L A 

labee ; (Jiguratwe) surduftur, 

Pinnace, $. kism-Ukishtee. 
Pinnacle, #• kulus ; {of a hill) cbo* 

tee, koolluh. 
Pint, s. adh-fler kee botul. 
Pion^r, «. beMar. 
Pious, a. deendar, dhurmee, khoo- 

da-purust, moottukee, salih. 
Pipe, 5. nulee; (mutioal) pongee; 

(barrel) peepa. [jana. 

Pipe, V. bunsee bujana, pongee bu- 
Pipkin, s, hundiya, dej^cha. 
Pique, 9. lag, boogfaz, keemih, khu- 

lish, ganth, khoonus. 
pirate, s. dakoo-duriyaee. 
Pismire, s. cheoontee. 
Pistlicbio, s, pista. 
Pistol, Nt. tubuncha. 
Pit, s. gurha, ghar. 
Pitch, s. ral ; {degree) noubut ; 

{state) halut. 
Pitch, o. (Jlx) khura k.{tmearwith 

pitch) nU lugana ; {J(bUI headlong) 

sirke bul gima; {fix on) tbun- 

rana, pusund k. 
Pitcher, s. mutka, gbura, 
pitchfork, 5. punja. 
Piteous, a. durd-ungex. 
Pitfall, $, chor.gurha. 
Pith, «. gooda, mughz; {vigour) 

8or, boota. 
Pithy, ad, poor-mughz, goodyla; 

{Urong) muzboot, muteen. 
Pitiable, a. ruhum-puxeer, wajib* 

' oor-ruhm. 
Pitiful, a, durd^ungez ; {paltry) hu- 

keer, hulka, moobtuzul. 
Pitiless, a. be-rubtn, be-durd. 
Pittance, <• wuzeeiuh, rozeenuh, 

tookra-tera, niwala. 
Pity, «. ruhm, durd, turs, dya, mya, 

moh, turuhhoom, duregh. 

Pivot, s. keela, khoonta. 

Pl&cable, a. huleeoi, moolaim, ina« 

Plac&rd, s. funnan. 
Place, t, juguh, mukan, thikana ; 

{stead) ewuz ; (o^)ohda, muii« 

sub ; {rendence) moc^uun. 
Place, V. rukfana, dhur d. sujaotty 

lugana, khura k. 
Placenta, s. phool, pooryn, kheiee. 
Placid, a, suleem, buleeniy mootu- 

Pl&giary, s. tusneef-doozd, wxxk. 
Plague, s. niuree, wuba, zaoon ; 

{annoyance) afut, bula, junjal. 
Plague, o. dikk k. sutana, chhemay 

khijana, ajiz k. hyran k. tung k. 
Plaice, s. raoe-muchhlee. 
Plain, a. burabur ; {clear) saf, zahir ; 

{artleu) bhola ; {hare) ninu 
Plain, <. raydan. 

Pl&inly, ad. saf saf, zahira, rastee-se. 
Plaint, I. naluh, ah, hae, furiyad, 

Plliintiff, f. furiyadee, moodduee. 
Plkintive, a. g^riyan, ghumgheeB» 

Pliiinwork, s, sadee silaee. 
Plait, V. shikun d. tub-jumana. 
Plan, s. {plat) khaka; (ybrm) nuk- 

sha, kutkuna, tudbeer, thatb* 
Plan, V. joogut k. nuksha bandbna, 

tujweez k. 
Plane, «. rundub. 
Plitnet, s, grub, syyaruh. 
Pllinetary, a. fulukee, gruhee. 
Plank, s. tukhta. 
Plant, V. bona, lugana^ jmnana; 

{fix) khura k. 
Plant, s. nubat, pouda, nukhl. 
Pllintain, s. kela. 

I Plantlition, s, nukhl-bundee ; {ctAo' 
1 ny) abadee bustee. 

P L E 

t 251 ] 

P L U 

Pllister^ $, rekhta ; (tahe) ttturfaum. 
Plat, s. kutu zumeen ka. [lep. 

Plate, s. rikabee, burtun, basun; 

(sUver) looroof-i-seemee. 
Pl&tforra, «. chabootra; {teaffold) 

Plat6on, $. ghol, guroh sipahionka. 
Plotter, «• kuthra, kuthoutee. 
PlaCidit, $, shabasbee, afreen. 
Plausible, a, zahir-noomay charub- 

zabaH, zahirdar. 
Play, V. khelna ; {on an inttrmment) 

Play, «. khel, bazee, kilol. 
Playfellow,!. IuDgotiyayar,humbaz. 
Pliiyfal, a. alola, uchpul, ulel. 
Plliyhoase, «. nach-ghur. 
Plaything, s. kbilouna. 
Plea, 8, bat, wujuh, oozr, mooazu 

rut, hoojjut, duleel. 
Plead, V. juwab suwal k. duleel lana, 

hoojjut k. juwab-ruddJQwab k. 
Ple^i8ant,a. khoo8h,uchchha,kboob, 

Pleasantly, ad, khoosbee*se. 
Pl^antaess, s, khoobee, lutafut, 

lootf, muza, bubar, khooshee. 
Pleasantry, s, khoosh-tubuee, thu- 

tbolee, loteefa, nookta-bazee. 
Please, v. kboosh k. rijhana, razee 

k. buhlana. 
Pldased, a. kboosh, razee, bagh 

bagh, khooshnood. 
Pleiising, a. khoosh-nooma, uch- 

chha, pyara, munbhaona. 
Plelisure, s. khooshee, sookh, rung* 

rus, muza, sooroor, lootf. 
Plebeian, t, neech, udna. 
Pledge, I. girou, girwee, rihn ; (of 

lote) yadgaree. 
Pledge, V. girou rukhna, girwee 

PUiadesj s. sooryya, purween. 

Pl^nary,a. tumam-o-kumal, moom- 

Plenipotent, a. roookhtar*i-kool. 
Pi^itude, s. pooraee, kuroal, ku- 

Plentiful, a. buhoot, buhootera, zi 

yaduh, muzeed, kuseer, wafee. 
Plentifully, ad» ba-ifrat, buhoot-sa, 

kusrut*se. [a. buhoot. 

Plenty,*, buhootat, if rat, kusrut: 
Plethora, $» ifrati khoon. 
Pl^horic, a. durowee, rukt*8un- 

Pliable, a. luchukta, moolaim» 
Pliant, a. moolairo, luchlucha. 
Plight, t. halut, dusa, Hal. 
Plinth, s. sutoon ka tola. 
Plod, V. mihnut k. pyr ghuseetna. 
Plot, 8. {of ground) kuta, subzuh ; 

{cabal) sazish ; (stratagem) fureb, 

Plough, s. hul, koolbuh. 
PloCighman, s, hulwaha. 
PloCighshare, s, hurus. 
Pluck, V. chheen«lena; (ptdl) oo» 

Plug, s. dat, gutta. 
Plum, 5. byr, her. 
Plumb, 0. panee-napna. 
Plumcake, s. louziyat. 
Pluroe, s» pur, toorra. 
Plume, V, pur jharna; (to pride^ 

4*c.) turasn k. ghumund k. 
Plummet, t, lungur, lutkun, sha- 

kool, sawul, sahol. 
Plump, a. mota*tazuh, tyar. 
Plumpudding, $, kism meethaee. 
Pliinder, i. loot, ghuneemut, loot- 
pat, lootaloot, yughma. 
Plhnder, v. lootna, taraj k. gharul 

k. mar lena, khana-khurab k. 
Plhnderer, s. lootera, gharo^;ur, 

ghuneem, kuzzak. 


[ 252 ] 


plunge, V. ghotnh d. ghotuh marna. 
PKiral, a, juma, buhoo-buchun. 
Pluriility,!. jumeeut, kusnit, boohtat 
Ply,v. mushf^hooi ruhna, mihnut k. ; 

\peiter) ajiz k. 
Poach, V. neem-josh k. ; {plunder) 

Pock, s. gotee, cbhala, seetla. 
P6cket, <. jeb : v. jeb men nikhna ; 

{bear) suh-lena. 
Pocketbook, i, dustugee. 
Pod, i» phulee, chhemee, post^dora. 
Poem, «. ghuzul, kuseeda, kutu- 

bund, musnuwee. 
Poesy, 6, suja. 
Poet, s, shair, kub. 
Poetical, a, shair-ana, mookuffa. 
Poetry, t. shiur, shyr, byt, nuzm, 

Poignant, a. tez, toond, sukht, 

Point, «. nooktuh, bindee; (en(/) nok ; 

{ttop) chhewa, ayut; (of the com- 

pats) disa, rookh ; {subject) babut. 
Point, V. tez k. nok-nikalna; {direct) 

puta butana ; {guns) suhee k. ; 

{sentences) ayut dalna; {aim) 

shust bandhna. [hurrik. 

Pointed, a. nokdar ; {keen) mootu- 
Poise, V. burabur k. 
Poison, s, zuhr, bikh : v. zuhr d. ; 

zuhr alooda k. 
Poisonous, a. zuhrdar, bikhbhura. 
Poker, s, koorelnee. 
Polar, a. kootbee. 
Pole, s. dunda; {measure) jureeb; 

(of the earth) kootb, dhroov. 
Polecat, «. moosk-bilaee. 
Polestar, s. kootb, dhroov-tara. 
Police, s, bund-o-bust, intizam, 

zubt, foujdaree ; {office) thana. 
policy, s. 6trut, hikmut, umulee 


Polish, V. jila d. ghotna, sykal k. 
Polite, a. khuleek, khoosh-khoolk, 

khoosh-ukhlak, rusaen. 
Politeness, s. khoolk, mooruYWut, 

Politely, ad, khoolk-se, mooruvwut 

ke sath. 
Politic, a. fitrutee, tudbeeree. 
Political, a, uoolkee, amilee ; (cttn- 

ning) fitrutee. 
Politician, s, fitrutee, tudbeeree. 
P61itic8y s. oomoor-i-mumlukut. 
Polity, s. intizam, bundobust. 
Poll, V, chhantna, turashna. 
PoUCite, V. napak k. alooduh k. 
Pollution, s. aloodugee, napakee. 
Polyanthus, s, kism phool. 
Poly gamy, s, kuseer ool uzwaj. 
Poly 'pus, 8. nakra. 
Poly'theist, s. mooshrik. 
Pomatum, s, momroghun, sohag- 

Pomegranate, s, unar, darim. 
Pommel, s, huma ; (of a sword) 

doombaloh : v, peetna, mama. 
Pomp, s. shan, dhoom dham, dub. 

duba, hooha, shikoh, roub, bush- 

Pompous, a. alee-shan, noomaishee. 
Pond, s, talab, tal, pokhur. 
Ponder, v. sochna, ghour k. tusb- 

weesh k. 
Ponderous, a. bharee, wuznee. 
Poney, s, tangun, tuttoo, yaboo ; 

{hUl) goonth. 
Poniard, s. pesh-kubz, khunjur, ku« 
Ponton, s, kishtiofi ka pooh [tar. 
Pool, 5. koond, dubra, dabur. 
Poor, a. ghureeb, kungal, raooflis, 
miskeen, tiheedust, tungdust, tung- 
Poorly, ai, tungee-se, [hal. 

Pop, V. pil puma, a-puma. 
Poppy, 5. post. 

P o s 

[ 253 ] 

P o u 

populace, I. log, dungul, jarohoor, 

uwam-oonnas. [^"j* 

Popular, a, am, oomoom, mooniv. 
Population, s. abadee, murdoom- 

Populous, 0. abad. 
Porcelain, f. cheenee ke burtun, 

Porch, t. osara. 

Porcupine, s. sehee, khar-poosht. 
Pore, $. musam. Isahee. 

Pore, 17. deeda rezee k. cbushin 

dokhtur k. 
Porpoise, s, soos. 
Porous, a. jhir jhira, rousamdar. 
Pork, s. soour ka gosht. 
Porphy'ry, s. sungi-soomak. 
Port, 5. bundur ; {door) durwazuh ; 

{aperture) jhuroka ; {mien) chal. 
Portable, a, hulka, dustee, sufuree. 
Portal, $. yutush-khanuh, buroutha, 

ustanuh. [h. 

Portend, v. agum kuhna, jutana, dal 
Portentous, a, nubs, munhoos, us. 

Porter, 5. d urban, deorheedar ; (car- 

rier) pulludar. 
Porterage, «. muzdooree. 
Portfolio, s. joozdan. 
Portico, 5. uywan, pesh«gah. 
Portion, $. hissub, bukhruh, bant. 
Portly, a. sahib-i-tumkeen ; {corjni' 

lent) juseem, [nee. 

Portmanteau, t. khoorjee, jamuda- 
Portrait, t, shubee, tusweer. 
Portriiy, t>. tusweer khynchna. 
Pose, r. hyran k. pooch pachh k. 
Position,!. wuzub,dhub,doul,haIut. 
Positive, a. moojibuh, eejabee; (rf»- 

rect) shafee, katee, seedha ; {ttuh' 

horn) khoodrae, khoodsur. 
Pdsitively, ad. eejabun ; yukeenun ; 


Possess, V, rukbna, tusurroof k. 
Possession, «. tusurroof, kubsu ; 

{property) milk. 
Possessor, s, malik, kabiz, moo* 

Posset, s. uchhwanee, punjeeree. 
Possibility, f. imkan, ihtimal. 
Possible, a. moorokiny honhar, bo- 
Possibly, ad, shaid, [nee. 

Post, s. (office) ohduh ; (mail) dak ; 

{ttation) mukan; (of a bed) 

dunda ; (of wood) khumbh. 
Postman, s. dak-wala. 
P6stage, s. muhsool. 
Posterior, a. moookhkhur, peechhe. 
Posteriors, s. nisbustun-gan. 
Posterity, I. al, oulad, nusl. 
Posthaste, «. doura douree, dour 

Posthumous, a, pusmoorda ; (child) 

P6stmaster General,^, jumelee dak- 

wala sahib. 
Post-office, s, dak-ghur. 
Postpone, t). moukoof rukhna, roool- 

tuwee rukhna. 
Postscript, s. tutimma i khutt. 
Posture, s. wuzuh, halut, dhung. 
Pot, $. handee, deg; (for water) 

Potash, 8, khar, sujjee. 
Potato, i. i»!ioo;{iweet) shukur-kund. 
Potent, a, zor-awur, kuwee. 
Potentate, $, furma furma, shuhin* 

Potion, 5. shurbut, shoorb. 
P6tsherd, s. theekra, theekree. 
Potter, s. koomhar, koolal. 
Pouch, «. thy lee, tosdan. 
Pdver^, s, iflas, mooflisee, tuDg« 

dustee, tungee, kungalpun. 
Pdulterer, s, moorghban. 
Poultice^ I. loopreei loee, loogdee. 

P R A 

[ 254 ] 


P6ultiy, «. mooi^hee-bafis, wu- 

Pounce, s. chungool : v. chungool 

marna, jhupata marna. 
Pound, 8, adh-ier; adhee^ushnifee 

Pound, V. kootna, choom k. ; {im' 

priHm) koork k. bund rukhna. 
Pour, r. dalna, oondelna. 
Powder, s. choora, choorun, book- 
Powder-horn, s. seengra. [nee. 
P6wer, 5. koodmt, mukdoor, takut, 

kaboo, bus, ikhtiyar, iktidar. 
Powerful, a. zor-awur, kuwee, zu- 

burdust, ghalib. 
Practicable, a, kurdunee, honhar. 
Practical, a, umulee, istiumalee, 

inuamoolee, kusrutee. 
Practice, «. mushk, rubt, umul; 

(habit) adut, kho ; (cuttom) dus- 

toor, ruwaj, chal; (knack) joo- 

zut, sunut ; (of physic) tubabut ; 

(of artillery) chaud-maree. 
Practise, v. mushk k. kuma,keeyak. 
Practitioner, s, mushshak, tujroo- 

bukar, ubhiyasee. 
Pragmlitical, a, unboohiee daee^ 

goostakb, boozna-khoy bundur- 

Praise, Si tuareef, suna, sitaish, toa- 

seef,tuhseen,muduh,humd, sipas. 
Praise, v. surahna, tuareef k. suna- 

khwanee k. sitaish k. humd k. 

tuhseen k« 
Praiseworthy, a. tuareef ke laik. 
Prance, o. koodna, phandna, ka- 

lanch marna. 
Prank, «. kulol-ulol, khel, teneeba- 
Prate, o. bukna, burburana. [zee. 
Prater, i. burburiya, phurphuriya. 
Prkttle, s. bukbuk, chochla. 
Prawn, s, jfatenga. 
Pray, v. numaz udak. dooa manga ; 

(intreat) durkhwast k. dtthiMS 

mangna, urz k, 
Pr&yer, s, numaz, dooa, bintee, ur- 

das, iltimas, istidooa. 
Preach, o. waz kuhna, manadee k. 

durs kuhna. 
Preacher, s. waiz, moodurris. 
Preamble, s. deebacha, tumheed. 
Precarious, a. zuwalee, arisee, be- 

kurar, bebuka, besubat. 
Precariousness, «• besubatee, be- 

kuraree, bebukaee. [rook. 

Precaution, s, pesh»bundee, tuda- 
Prec^e, «. mookuddumh.agejaDa, 

peshruwee k. 
Precedence, s. tukdeem^ sobkut ; 

(priority) tukuddoom. 
Prec^ent, a, mookuddum, kubl, 

Precedent, s. sunud, nuseer, misal, 

surishta, muamool, dustoor. 
Preening, a, peshtur ka, age ka. 
Precept, 8, hookm, umr, kiuia, far- 

mooda, musula, pund. ^ 

Pr^ptor, $. ooftad, udeeb, moo- 

ullim, turbiyut-amoz. 
Precious, a. uzeez, keemutee, nadir, 

beshkudr, guran-maya. 
Pr^ipice, $, tek, dang, oonchan. 
Precipitance, s, hurboree, be-sub- 

ree, juldee. 
Precipitate, v, sir ke bal gima ya 

Precipitate, a. juld, be-subr, ootaola. 
Precipitately, ad, juldee-se. 
Precipitation, s. juldee, be-subree. 
Precise, a. theek, choukus. 
Preclude, v» kharij k. nikal d. baz 

Prec6city, s. pukka-ponchee* 
Preconceive, v. age-se suma|hiia^ 
Preconception, $. pesh-be«nee,pesh- 



[ 255 ] 


P^ecCirsor, s. ugwa. 

Predatory, a. lootaoo, kuzzakee, 

Predectoor, s. mookuddum, sal if, 

rooolukuddum. [na. 

Predestinate, v. mookuddur k. bud- 
Pr«dicaiiieDt, 8, halut, noubut, dusa. 
Predict, v. age-se kuhna, khubur d. 
Predletion, s. khubur, pesheen-goee. 
Predominate, v. gbaiib h. [zor. 
Pred6ioinance, «. subkut, ghulba, 
Pre-eminence, s, fbukiyut, ufzuli- 

yut, subkut, shurfiyut, turjee. 
Pre-eminent, a. churb, ufzul, moom- 

taz, faak, ghalib, surfuraz. 
Pre-€sistence, 5. pesh-hustee. 
Preface, s. deebachuh. 
Prefer, v. bibtur janna, turjee d. ; 

{exalt) surboolund k. ; (exhibit) 

zahir k. pesh k. 
Preferable, a. bibtur, uchchha uhsun. 
Preference, s, foukiyut, turjee, sur- 

Preferment, s. surfarazee, turukkee, 

Pregnancy, «. humul, gurbh, pet. 
Pregnant, a, poor, muamoor; (as 

a tDoman) humilub, pet-8e» oom- 

Prejudice, s, tuassoob; {against) 

bud-goomanee ; {/or) turufdaree. 
Prejudicial, a. rooozirr. 
Preliminary, s. tumheed, mookud- 

Prelude, s, tumheed; {in mutic) 

Prematbre, a, be«wukt, bemoukuh. 
Premeditate, v, age-se tbanna, pesh- 

bundee k. 
Premium, s. inaro. [k. 

Premise, v. age-se jutana, tumheed 
Premises,^. mookuddumeh;(Aotties, 

S^c.) umla. 

Preparation, $, tyaree, amadugee. 
Prepire, v, tyark. tyaree k. arastuh 

k. dooroost k. [h. 

Preponderate, v» ghalib h. wuzunee 
Preposition, s.hurf. ubbiyueh shubd. 
Prepossess, o. mail k. 
Preposterous, a, lugho, pooch, be« 

muanee, behooda, urburungee. 
Prerogative, s, hukk. 
Presage, i. shugoon, fal, soun. 
Prescience, s. ilm-i-ghyb. 
Prescribe, v. butlana, thuhraoa, 

mookurrur k. ; {medically) mooa- 

lija k. nooskha butana. ' [hooa. 
Prescribed, a. mookurrur, thyraya* 
Prescription, s, (mediciii)nooskhuh ; 

(rule) kaida. 
Presence, s. hoozoor ; haziree, hazir- 

bashee ; roo bu roo, samne, age, 

Present, a, hazir, moujood ; (as 

time) hal ; (at ftretent) til hal, ub, 

dur een wila. 
Present, s. nuzr, inayut, uta. 
Present, o. dena, goozrana, nuzur 

k. bukhshna, agerukhna;(a^fe- 

lock) bundook jhookana; (exhibit) 

zahir k. 
Presently, ad, ubhee, ub, filfour, 

fourun, toort, fiihal. 
Preservation, $, buchao, hifazut, 

Preserve, v. buchana, muhfooz rukb- 

na, sulamut rukhna, umun men 

rukhna, umno-aman rukhna. 
Preserver, «. buchanewala, hafiz, 

purwurdigar, niguhban. 
Preserves, 8, moorubbeh. 
Preside, v. surdar h. surkob h. 

hookm rukhna. 
Presidency, ». sudr. 
President, s. ruees, surdar, surkob ; 



[ 256 J 

P R I 

Press, I. (for oil, ^x.) kolboo, shi- 
kunja ; {throng) bheer ; (printing) 

Press, V. dabna, nichoroa ; (dittreu) 
tung k. (urge) tukyyood k. 

Pr^sman, 8, chhape-gur. 

Pressure, 8. dubao, bojh. 

Presume, o. duriyaft k. sumujhna ; 
(assume) goostakhee k. 

PresCiinptive, u, utkulee, kbiyalee. 

PresOmptuous, a. goostakh, shokh, 
be*udub, be-imtiyaz, mugra. 

Pres6mption, s, goostakhee, mug. 
raee, shokhee, be-udubee; (pro- 
hahility) ibdmal ; (supposition) 
wuhm, khiyal, utkul. 

Pretence, s, buhana, heela, oozr, 
bunawut, sakht, heela^huwala. 

Pretension, \ s. buhanuh ; heeiuh; 

Pretext, j {claim) dawa ; (plea) 
hoojjut, jihut, tukreeb, illut. 

Pretend, v. buhanuh k. bat bana- 
na ; (claim) dawa rukhna. 

Pretem^ural, s. khilafi-adut, kura- 
rautee, khurki-adut, istidrajee. 

Pretty, a. kboob*soorut, soothra, 
soondur, khoosh-nooma, pakeeza, 

Prevail, v, jaree h. phylna, mooruv- 
wuj h. ; (have effect) pesh-ruft 
h. ; (overcome) jeetna, ghalib 
rukhna, wur ruhna. 

Prevailing, a, raij, alum-geer, phy. 
la hooa. 

Prevalence, s. ghuluba, ruv^aj, usur, 
zor, taseer, ziyadutee. 

Prevaricate, v, bat-budulna, lyto- 
lal k. heela huwala k. tufawut 
bolha, zuban budulna. 

Prevarication, «• heela huwala, tal- 
mutol, chukr mukr, lytolal, tufa- 
wut, chulbichul, iubur subur, . 
lughzisb, tana bana. < 

Prev^nty a. rokna, muna k. utkana, 

thamna, chhenkna, baz rukhna. 
Prevention, s, rok, utkao, mooma« 

nuut, moozahumut, hail. 
Previous, a. peshtur ka, age ka, 

kubl, mookuddum. 
Previously, ad. puhle, peshtur, age« 
Prey, ». shikar, syd ; (booty) loot. 
Price, 5. mol, dur, bhao, keemut, 

dam ; (market) urz bazar ; (rate) 

nirkh, bhao ; {value) kudr, naali- 

yut ; (reward) ujr, ujoora. 
Prick, V. choobhona, gura d. guro* 
Prickle, s, kanta, khar. [na. 

Prickly, ad, kuteela, khar-dar» 

Prickly-heat, «. gurmee-danuh. 
Pride, s. ghooroor, tukubboor, di- 

magh, sheykhee, mughrooree. 
Priest, s. jajuk, poorohit, gooroo^ 

Priestcraft, «, peeraee, shykhaee. 
Priestly, a. moorshidana, shykha- 

nuh, peeranuh. 
Prim, a. phoon-phaee, mookutta, 

Primary, a. puhla, uvwul. 
Prime, a, khassuh, tohfa, besh, cho« 

kha; (cost) usl khureed. 
Prime, s» buhar, ab o tab ; (mink^ 

ter) mudar ool moohamm, wu- 

Prime, v, runjuk pilana. 
Primer, s, kitabi-moobtudeean. 
Primeval, a, uslee, puhela. 
Primitive, ci.kudeem, poorana, ugle 

wukt ka. 
Primrose, s. kism phool. 
Prince, s. badshah-zaduh, koon- 

wur; {sovereign) badshah. 
Princess, s. badshah-zadee, raj-koo- 

Princely, ad, shahanuh. 

P R i 

[ 257 ] 


Principal, a. sudr, uvwul, puhla, 
usl ; {of a college) moodurris. 

Principal, g, juma, ras-ool-mal. 

Principality, s. soobub. 

Principally, ad. ziyada-tor, puble, 

Principle, «. subub i utwuI mad- 
dub, sut, jouhur; {comcience) 
diyanut, neeyut; (e/bnenO oon- 
soor, tut, bboot ; {origin) usl, 
mool ; {motive) bais, jihut. 

Print, f. Duksh, cbhap : «. chbapna. 

Printer, s. chhape-wala. 

Printed, s. cbliapa, chhupa booa. 

Prior, a, age, kubl, puble, utwuI. 

Priority, s. uvwuliyut, pesbee, kida- 
mut, tukdeeiD, tukuddoom. 

Prism, i, bookulumoon. 

Prison, $. kyd-kbanub, bundee- 
kbana, zindan. 

Prisoner, s. kydee, bundbooa, bun- 
deewan, bundee, oseer, muhboos. 

Pristine, a. usl, ouwul ka, kudeemee. 

Privacy, «. purdub, posbeedugee, 
pinhanee, mustooree ; {retire- 
ment) kbulwut, tunbaee, gosba- 

Private, a. mukbfee, kboofiyub : s. 
{soldUer) sipahee. 

Privately, ad, kboofiaDub, kboofi- 
yub, cbhipeb cbbipeh, chhipkur, 
cboop choopate. 

Privation, «. udum, edam. 

Privilege, $, bukk. [pate. 

Privily, ad. cboop kur, choop cboo- 

Privities, s, sutr, indree, undam ni- 
banee, budun. 

Privy, a. wakif, kbuburdar, mub- 
rum, mahir, moottuleb, jankar. 

Privy, s. jae-zuroor, pae-kbanub, 

tttttee, sundas. 
Prize, s. bazee, busil, boord \ {plun- 
der) loot, gbuneerout. 

Prize, V. gbuneemut janna, uzeez 

janna, pyara janna ; {rate) su- 

mujbna, ginna, shoomar k. kha« 

tir mejiiana. 
Probability, s. ibtiroal, doul, soo- 

rut, honharee, turub. 
Probable, v, ugblub, honbar, moob- 

tumul, uklee, ghalib, kiyasee. 
Pr6bably, ad, shaid, kiya-jane. 
Probation, s, duleel ; imtiban. 
Probationer, s, moobtudee, oom- 

Probe, V, tobna, kbodnee k. 
Probity, s. diyanut, khuraee. 
Problem, s, muslub, suwal. 
Problem4tical, a. moosbtuba. 
Proboscis, «. sooud hatliee ka» 
Proceed, V. jana, chulna, nikulna, 

turukkee k. 
Proceeding, «, mooami]uh,burukut, 

karo, fyl, cbal, kurtub, kurnee, 

soolook, umul. 
Proceedings, s, wakiat, roodad, 

mooamilat, burkat suknat. 
Proems, s. yaft, basil, pyda. 
Process, f. turkeeb; {(qmce) gur* 

disb ; {at law) moofimulub. 
Procession, s. suwaree, tbatb. 
Procl4im, v, munadee k. sbohrut d. 

isbtibar d. musbboor k. jaree k. 

dhindhora pbema. [nadee. 

Procl&imer, s. dbundhoriya, moo- 
Proclam&tion, s. isbtibar, munadee, 

Procristinate, v. tal mutol k. ajkul 

k. boon ban k. talna. 
Procrastination, s, tal mutol, tala 

bala, wukfa, ajkul, imroz furda, 

takbeer, lytolal, ubtub. 
Procreate, v, pyda k. junmana. 
Prdctor, «. wukeel buree udalut ka. 
Procurable, a. mooyussir, dusty ab, 



[ 258 ] 


FfooCire, v. pydak. la-sukna, mung- 

ProcCirer, «• mooshata. 
Prodigal, a. moosrif, ooraoo, foozool- 

khurch, shuhkhurch. 
Prodig&lity, «. israf, foozooi-khur* 

chee, tuluf. 
Prodigious, a. ujeeb, bura, muha. 
Prodigy, $. uchumbba, ujooba, bool- 

ujub, istidraj, ujub-ooUujaib. 
Produce, v, (bear) phulna, pyda k. 

oopjana ; (cottie) kurana; {ihew) 

hazir k. dikhana. 
Produce, s. hasii, muhasil, pydawar. 
ProdCiction, s. pydaish, kam, keea ; 

(compo$ition) tusneef, insba. 
productive, a. buhruwur ; (fertile) 

zur-khez, goonjaishee. 
[profanation, s, be*udubee, be-tu- 

Profane, a. be-udub, napak, hu- 

ram, be-tumeez. 
Prof&ne, v, alooduh k. napak k. 

roooluvvus k. 
Prof^ss^ o. ikrar k. zabir k. dikhlana. 
Professedly, ad. zabirun, ikrarun, 
Protessiou, s, ikrar, etiraf, koul. 
Pror^88ioBal,*«. umulee, kusubee. 
Proi^8sor,«. mookir;(pt<6/tc teacher) 

inoodurris, mooutlim. 
Proffer, v. age rukhna, tuwazo k. 

nuzur k. goozrana. 
Proficience, s. turukkee, burhtee, 

muharut, chumutkaree. 
Proficiency, s. turukkee, tuhseel. 
Proficient, 8, rooontuhee, kamil, 

mahir, wakifkar, oostad, goonee. 
Pfohle, 8, tusweer i ek chushmee, 

ek rookhee. 
Prdtit, 8, faiduh, nufa, labh, basil, 

moonafa, sood. 
Profitable, a. faide*mund, nafe, 

soodmund, faidabukbsb. 

Profitably, ad. ba-faiduh. 
Pr6fligacy, s. sboodapun, fisk, foo- 

joor, loochpuna, budkaree. 
Pr6fligate, s. fasik, kbwar, budkar, 

khurab, kbusta, nabukar, fajir. 
Profound, a. umeek; {ab8truse) 

Prof&se, a. moosrif; (exuberant) 

Profusion, 8. foozool-khurchee ; 

(abujidance) ifrat, boohlat. 
Progenitor, «. judd, poorkha. 
Progeny, 8, nusi, oulad. 
Prc^nostic, 8, ulamut, peshkhubree, 

agum, tali-noomaee. 
Progn6sticate, v. peshkbubree d. 

puf)Ie-se kuhna. 
Progress, s, cbal, dour ; (improve^ 

ment) turukkee. 
Progressively, ad, rui\a rufta. 
Prohibit, o. muna k. burujna, baz 

rukhna, raoozahumut k. 
Prohibition, s. munahee, oioo- 

Project, o. (contrive) eejad k. ; (jut 

out) nikui-ana. 
Project, 8, eejad, tujweez, hikmut, 

Projection, s. nikal, oobhar, chujja. 
Proj^cture, s, koochh oobhra ya 

nikla hopa. 
Projector, 8. moojid, mookhturee. 
Prolific, a. (a8 a female) lurkoree, 

Prolix, a. tuweel, duraz. 
Prolixity, s. tool tuweelee, durazee, 

Prologue, 8. tumheed, khootbuh, 

sookhun goosturee. 
Prolong, V. tuweel k. burhana. 
Promenade, i. syr; syrgah. 
Prominence, 8, oobbar. 
Pr6minent, a, oobhra hooa. 


[ 259 ] 


Promi9cnotts« a. gurbur, ghdmei, 

m«khloot, amekhta, aneyz, dur- 

hum burbum, gargunja. 
Pr6mise,f . wada,ikrar, koul, bucbuD. 
Pr6rais8ory, a. shurtee, kumree, 

ProcBontory, s. cbotee» koollui kob. 
Promote, v, (prefer) burhana; 

(Jbrward) tukwiyut d. taeed d. 

Prom6iion» f. turokkee, surfurazee, 

Prompt, A. ehalak, juld, mooetuid, 

bazir, tyyar, hoshiyar. 
Prompt, V. btttlaoa ; tuhreek d. 
Promptitude, f. chalakee, moos* 

tuidee, hoshiyaree, choukusaee. 
Promulgate, v. isbtihar d. cbubma, 

phylana, shoohrut d. 
Prone, «• mail, roojoo, ragbib. 
Proneness, s. rughbut, myl, khwa- 
ProDg, s. kanta. [hish, 

Pr6nouD, s. zumeer, nam-bacbuk. 
Pronounce, v. tuluffix>z k. oocb- 

Pronuncilition,s. tulufiboz,oocbchar. 
Proofy s. duleel, prunan, boorban, 

isbat, sooboot. 
Proof, a, khura, uyar-mseedub, jait* 

cba hooa. 
Prop, s. tboonee, tek,poo6btee-ban. 
Prop, V. tbamna, sumbbalna. 
Propagate, v. junna, oopjana; 

(spread) jaree k. pbylana, moo- 

ruvvuj k. 
Propagation, $, tuwullood, oot- 

punn; (spread) ruwaj, pbylao, 

Propyl, V. ^urana, cbuUna. 
Propensity, «. rugbbut, sbouk, myl. 
Proper, a. dooroost, tbeek, moona- 

sib, laik, shaista^ moostoujib, 


s 2 

Properly, ad, ucbcbhee turuh, jysa 

chahiye; (strictfy) hukeekutroen. 
Property, s. kbassiyut ; (estate) mal, 

Pr6pbecy, «. pesheengoee, kbubur. 
Prophesy, v. kbubur d. pesheen- 
goee kuhna. 
Prophet, $, pyghumbur, nubee. 
Proph^c, a. nubee, rusoolee. 
Propktate, v. miiana, tusfeeya k. 

Propitiation, s, kufarub, prayuscbit. 
Propitious, a, mihr-ban, mootu- 

wujjib ; (/avourable) moobaruk, 

sueed, mootuburrik, sazgar. 
Proportion, f. undazuh, mikdar. 
Proportionate, a, burabur, moo* 

Proposal, s, suwal, tujweei, dur-* 

khwas^ sookhun, rae. 
Prop6se, v. durpesh k. age lana, 

urz k. 
Proposition, s. suwai, durkhwast, 

Proprietor, $, malik, dbunee. 
Propriety, s. shaistugee, dooroostee, 

moonasubut, liyakut, buijustu- 

gee, rouakooHyut. 
Prorogue, v. na^yib k. tal d. moii- 

koof rukbna. 
Prosaic, a. nusree, nusurana^ 
Prose, 8, nusr. 
Prosecute, «. durpy b. pymwee k. ; 

(sue) nalish k. 
Prosecdtion, s, nalish ; (search) tu- 

gapo, joosto joo, tulasb, pyruwee, 

Prosecutor, s» moodduee, nalisbee. 
Prdselyle, s. mooreed, mooutukid. 
Prosody, $, oorooz, meezan. 
Prdspect, s. mud i nuzur, deed, nu^ 

zur; (hope) oommeyd, bburosa^ 



[ 260 J 


Prosper, v. bolbala ruhna, kamyab 

ruhna, buhrumund ruhna, sur- 

subz h. phoolna phulna. 
Prosperity, 9, ikbalmundee, buhru- 

roundee, kamyabee, suadut, tu- 

rukkee, sursubzee. 
Prosperous, a, ikbalmund, sursubz, 

khanu^bad, kamyab, talimund. 
Prostitute, s. kusbee, beswa. 
Prostrate, v. pust k. sijduh k. pyron 

pur puma. 
Prot^t, V. buchana, himayut k. 

punah d. 
Prot^tion, i. himayut, buchao, pu- 
nah, moohafuzut, pooshtee, ni* 

gahbanee, saya. 
Prot^tor, s, hamee, hafiz, dustgeer, 

himayutee, niguhban. 
Protest, V. ikrar k. etiraf k. theek 

theek kuhna. 
Protest, s. ikrar, etiraf, kuha. 
Protestation, s. koul, etiraf, ikrar. 
Prototype, s. usl : a. mool. 
Protract, v. dirung k. tool khynch- 

na, burhana, tuweel k. 
ProtrCide, o. nikul purna, nikul ana. 
Protuberance, s. goomra, oobhar, 

giltee, ganth. 
Proud, a. mughroor, ghumundee. 
Prove, V, sabit k. thuhrana, thikana 

proved, a. sooboot, theek. 
Pr6vender, s. charuh, ghas-pat. 
Proverb, s. musul,tumseel,kuhawut. 
Proverbial, a. kuhawutee, musu- 

Provide, v. surunjam k. tudarook k. 

tyaree k. ; (stipulate) shurt k. 
Pr6vidence, «. purwurdigaree, niz- 

zakee ; {foresight) akibut-un- 

Provident, a. akibut-uudesh, joo- 


Providentially, ad, Khooda ke fu* 

zul-se, Khooda kee inayut-8e« 
Pr6vince, t. soobuh ; (office) khid- 

mut, oohda. 
Provision, f. khana, ghiza; (pre- 

paratum) tyaree, tudbeer. 
Provisional, a, shurtee, mushrootee. 
Proviso, t. shurt. 
Provodition, «. chirh, chher. 
Provoke, o. chherna, ghoossuh ku- 

rana ; tuhreek d. 
Prov6king, part, ghuzub-ungez. 
Prdwess, «. buhadooree, joonit, 

shoojaut, juwan murdee, himrout. 
Prowl, V. geedurgusht k. 
Prdximate, a, kureeb, nuzdeek, un- 

Proximity, s. nuzdeekee, koorb, 

ittisal, koorbut. 
Proxy, s. ewuzee, budulee. 
Prude, s. mukkaruh, chilitree. 
PrGdence, t. ihtiyat, libaz, tumeec, 

hoshiyaree, imtiyaz, tudbeer. 
PrCident, fl. choukus, hoshiyar, sun- 

jeeduh, sahib imtiyaz, zeeruk, 

dana, chutoor. 
PrCidently, ad. hoshiyaree-se, ira* 

Prune, o. chhantna, kulum k. 
Pruneilo, s, kism mewa; kism kupra. 
Pry, V. jhankna, bhed lena, jasoo- 

see k. 
Psalm, f. dhurro-geet, muzmoor ; 

(the Psalms) zuboor, muzameer. 
PCiberty, s. boolooghut, jobun. 
P&blic, a, mushhoor, ashkara ; am. 
P(ibltc, s. khulk-oollah, uwam-o- 

khass, khilkut. 
Publiclition, i. ufsha, ishtihar. 
Publicity, s. zuboor, shoohrut. 
Publicly,<M^. ulaniyu, zahiruh, khoo- 

la hooa. [d. 

P&blish, V, ishtihar d. zahir k. ruwuj 


[ 261 ) 

P U R 

Publisher, s, ishtibar denewala, 

P6eker, v, a. cheen d. kooncheea d. 

P^ding, s. kism meethaee. 
Paddle, s. keech, gara. 
PCienle, a. lurka sa, ochha, buch- 

Puff!, f . jhofika, jhukola, mouj. 
Puff*, V, phoolna, ukurna. 
Pbgilist, f. ghooseh-baz. 
PCiisne, «. chhota, sugheer. 
Puissant, a. muha bulee. 
PuU, o. uynchna, khynchna, kusna. 
Pull, I. khynch, jbutka, kushish. 
Pallet, $, iDOorghee neem kubabee. 
Pulley, s. ghirnee. 
PCilinonary, a, pbepre ka. 
Pulp, s. gooda, mughs. 
Pulpit, s. mimbur. 
P^lpy, a. goodgooda, nnrm, pola. 
Pulsation, s. dhuruk, turuph, tees, 

Pulse, $, nubz, naree. 
Pulverise, v.booknee k.soorma-sa k. 
Pumice-stone, $, jhama, sung i 

Pump, s. bum : v. bum chulana ; 

bhed lena. 
P6mpkin, «. kudoo, gheea ; {sweet) 

Pun, s, zoo^manyn, eebam, joogut, 

do urthuk. 
Punch, t. chhenee ; {a dapperjellow) 

nata, guch gyna. 
Punch, V, chhc^na, salna. 
PCincheon, s, sikka, chhap.^ 
Punctilio, s. tukulloof. 
Pdnctual, a. theek, khura, wada- 

wufa, suchcha, rast. 
Punctuality, t. suchchaee, khuraee, 

rastee ; {punctuality) wuhm, tu- 

Punctually, ad, rastee-se, such- 

Puncture, s. chhed, soorakh. 
Pfingency, «. tezee, jhal, julun, 

Pungent, a. tez, jhal, purpura. 
PGnish, V. suza d. 
P(inishment, s. suza, tumbeeh, tua- 

zeer, siyasut, kisas. 
P6ny, a, chhota, nunha, 
Plipil, «. {of the eye) pootlee ; 

{tcholar) shagird, tulrneez. 
PGppet, I, pootlee, kuth-pootlee, 
P&ppy, «. pilla ; (jig) murduk. 
Purblind, a. choondha, dhoondha, 

PCirchase, v. khnreedna, mol lena. 
Piirchaser, i. khureedar, gahuk. 
Pure, a, saf, moosuflfa; {genuine) 

khalis ; {mere) sirf, khalee ; {in^ 

nocent) mooburra; {unpolluted) 

pak ; {at language) shoosta. 
Purely, ad, sirf, muhz, nira. 
Pdreness, s, shuffafee, chakhaee, 

Parity, $, sufaee, pakeezugee, shoos- 

tugee, pakee, tuharut. 
Pfirgative, a. jooUabee, moos-hil. 
Purge, V, jhama, saf k. 
PCirify, V. saf k. nithrana, nitbama, 

Purification, t, tuharut, sufaee, pa- 
Purling, part, a. chhul chhulaoo, 

Purloin, v, chorana, khiyanut k. 
Purple, a, urghuwanee, lal, soorkh. 
PCirport, $, muzrooon, mooddua, 

muksud, mutlub, moorud, mua- 

nee, kboolasa. 
Pbrpose, i. irada, kusd, rouksood, 

uzm, munsoobuh : v, irada rukh- 

na, munsoobuh bandhna. 


[ 262 ] 


P6rpose1jr, ad, kusdun, janboojh- 
kur, deeida-o-danista. 

Purr, o. khoorkhoor k. 

Purse, i. keesuh, humiyanee. 

Pdrser, t. bhundaree. 

PCirsiain, # . loniya, khoorfa. 

Pursdant, a. mootabik, ba-moojib, 

Purs&e, V, peechba k. rugedna, 
pyndeh puma. 

Par86er, #. khuderoo, rugedoo. 

PursCiit, s. tuakoob, pyruwee, ru- 
ged ; {learch) koslush, tulash, 

PursCiivant, $, choobdar, isawul. 

Purvey, V. rusud puhoonchaoa. 

Purulent; a, peebiyaha. 

Pus, «. peeb, rad, reem. 

Push, V. dhukelna, dhukka d. pelna. 

Pusillanimous, a, namurd, booz- 
dil, dnrpokna, be-himmut. 

Pfistule, t, pljoonsee, phuphola, 
abiluh, chhala. 

Puf, V, rukhna, dbur d. ; {toge- 
ther) joma ; {hack) hutana ; {in 
writing) kulumbund k. ; (off) 
moukoof rukhna ; {out as a light) 
boojhana, gool k. thunda k. 

Putrefaction,*, surawut, boseedu- 

P&trefy, v. suma, gulna, oobusna, 

Plitrid, a. sura, boseeda, suriyol. 

Putty, f. pooteen. [k. 

PCizzle, 9. ghubrana, hyran k. tung 

Py'ramid, t. meenar; {of Egypt) 

Pyre, «. chita. 

Quack, s. neem-hukeem. 
Quack, t;. kan kan k. 

Quadrangle, t. cboukhoonta, moo- 

Quidrant, t, roobu-dairub. 
Quadruped, $, chou-payuh. 
Quaff, V. dbokna. 
Qul^rgy, a. panka, duldula. 
Quagmire, t, dulduL 
Quail, $. buter. 
Quake, v. kampna, luruzna. 
Qualification, s. liyakut, istiudad, 

wusf, goon, jouhur, hysiyut. 

Qualified, a, laik, kabil, moowafik. 

Quiility, X. wusf, kyfiyut, gooit, 

mabiyut ; {rank) murtuba, man- 

zulut; (jgrandees) ashraf, shoo- 

rufii, oomura. 

Qualify, v, laik k. kabil k. doo* 

roost k. arasta k. 
Qualm, s. oobkaee. 
Quantity, s. rooutad, undaz, mikdar. 
Quiirrel, s. jhugra, kuziya, bukbera, 

rugra, bigar. 
Qu&rrel, v, jhugurna, luma, Uinta 

k. kuziya k. 
Quarrelsome, a. jbugraoo* 
Quarry,!, kan i sung, puthriya khan. 
Quart, s, ser-bhur. 
Quarter, s. choutbaee, pao; {in 
battle) uman ; {point) sumt, tu* 
ruf, disa; (o^n toum) moohaU 
Qu^irter, v. char hissa k. ; {station) 

mookam kurana. 
Quarterly, ad, si-mahuh, ti-mahee. 
Quartz, s. kism putthur. 
Quash, V. dubana, mitana. 
Quliver, v. luhukna, guhguhana. 
Queen,*!, niulikuh, begum, ranee. 
Queer, a. ujub. 
Queil, V, rufu k. dubana. 
Quench, v, boojhana, thunda k. ; 

{still) dufa k. door k. 
Query, i. suwal, prushn. 

Q U I 

[ 263 ] 

R A I 

Quest, s. tulash, dhoondh, khoj. 
Qu^tion, f .suwal, poorsish, istifsar, 

Question, V. poochhDa, suwal k« 
Qu^tionable, a. suwal-tulnb, 

Quibble, $. joogut, heela buwala. 
Quibbler, i. joogutbaz, furfundee. 
Quick, a. juld,shitab-kar,jhutput; 

(aUve) zinda. 
Quicken, v. jilana, zinda k. 
Quicklime, t, cboona, ahuki-kliu- 

Quickly, ad, juldee, 8hitabee. 
Quickness, s. {of intellect) leerukee, 

Quicksand, s, chor-baloo. 
Quickslghted, a, tez*nuzur. 
Quicksilver, t. para, seem-ab. 
Quiet, a. choop, ghureeb. 
Quiet, f. chyn, aram. 
Quiet, V, choop kurana, tbumana. 
Quietly, <ttL ahista, choop-chap. 
Quietness, $, khamoshee, choop ; 

{mildneu) ghureebee, moolaimut, 

Quill, s, shah-pur, pur ka kulum. 
Quilt, f. ruzaee, goodree, balaposh, 

lihaf, sour. 
Quince, s. bihee, bihy sufuijul ; 

(ieedi) bihee-dana. 
Quinsy, s. khoonak. 
Quintessence, s. khoolasuh, sar. 
Quire, s. dustuh kaghuz ka. 
Quirk, s. bareekee, joogut, lupet, 

Quit, V, chhoma, turk k. baz-ana. 
Quite, ad, nihayut, niput, bilkool. 
Quittance, i. farigh-khutee, farkhu- 

tee, safee-nama, baz-nama, khut- 

Quiver, $, turkush. 
Quiver, v. kampna, luhukna. 

Quoit, s. tyya, chuktee ; (the game) 

Qu6ta, s, hissuh, bukhruh. 
Quotation, s. iktibas, istimbat, is- 

Quote, V, iktibas k. sunud lana. 
Quotidian, a. rozmurra, hurroza, 

youroeea; (fever) hoomae you- 

mee, tupi rooowaziba. 
Qu6tient, s, basil. 


R&bbit, I. khurgosh, lumkuna. 
Rabble, «. bheer, dungul, rubak- 

Race, 8, khandan, nusi ; (contest) 

dour; (course) douruh ; (of gin* 

get) gawih, giruh. 
Rack, I. shikunja; (^or^ttre) siyasut. 
Rack, o. shikunje men khynchna; 

(tquease) nichorna. 
Racket, 1. ghool-ghupara. 
U^y, a, rusdar, muzedar. 
Radiance, s. purto, purtuwa, tu- 

juUee, tab, julwa,jot, prukas, 

Radiant, a. nooranee, chumukdar, 

moonurvur, tabdar, julwugur, 

Rklical, a. uslee, tubuee. 
Radish, i. moolee, toorb. 
Rlidius, I. nisfool-ktttr. 
Rlia, I. bera. 
Rafter, s. kuree. 
Rag, i. cheethra, dhujjee. 
Rage, t, ghoossuh, jhnljhulahut, 

krodh,juljulahut, kuhr, ihanjh. 
Rage, V. ghoossa k. jhoonjhooliina, 

jhuUana, gliuzub men ana. 
Ragged, a. goodur. 
Rag-stone, «. sillee, puthree. 
Rail, J. kutuhra. 


[ 264 ] 

R A S 

Rail, o. kutuhra lugana; (abute) 

dooshnam d. 
Rliillery, s, thuttba, muzakh. 
Raiment, s, poshak, kupra. 
Rain, s, menh, barish, burkha. 
R4inbow, s. dhunook, kous i koo- 

Raindeer, t. kism hurin. 
Rainy-season, s. bursal, chounoasa. 
Raise, v. oothana, khura k. ; (a re- 

port) oorana; (collect) juma k. ; 

(breed) palna ; {the price) tezk. 

guran k.; (ej:a//)burhana; (excite) 

tub reek d. ; (animate) jitana, 

zinda k. 
Ralsin,s.moonukka,kishn)ish, dakh. 
Rake, t, oubash, rind, zinakar, 

khurabatee, fasik, loochcha, 

Rally, V. thuttha k. ; (troopt) bag- 

Ram, V. thansna ; guz k. 
Ram, 5. mendha, bhera. 
Ramble, v. syr k. dolna, phima. 
Rambler, s. sylanee, syranee, syr- 

baz, hurza-gurd, awara. 
Ramify, v, shakh dur shakh k. jal 

Riimmer, s, guz, thusnee. 
Rampant, s. ghalib, khurmust. 
Rampart, s. fuseel, ulung ; (of a 

citT/) shuhr punah. 
Ramrod, s. guz. 
Rancid, a, bo-dar, kurwa. 
Rancorous, a. keenawur, poorkee- 

na, ghoonna, lagee. 
Rancour, s. keenuh, booghz, lag. 
Random, a, be-thikana, be-undaz, 

Range, o. turteeb d. soodhama, 

arastuh k. 
Rank, s. kutar, suf ; (station) mur- 

tuba, durja. 

Rank, o. kutar-se khura k. ; (e$- 

teem) shoomar k. sumujbna. 
Rank, a, bud bo, bisanda. 
Rankle, v. pukna, khutukna. 
Ransack, v, lootna; {search) tu« 

lash k. 
Ransom, #. iidiyuh, chhorawa : v. 

lidiyuh d. azad k. cbboorana. 

khulas k. 
Rant, s. buk, jbuk, burza-goee, bur* 

Rap, V, khurka k. khutkbutanay 

khutka k. thokna, mama. 
Rapiicious, a. gharut-gur, ghao- 

ghup, lootera. 
Rapacity, s, gbarutguree. 
Rape, s. jubr, purdaduree, fuzee- 

Rapid, a. juld, tezrou ; (as a river) 

turkha, zor-ka. 
Hapldity, i. juidee, zor, tor, tur- 

Rapine, i. loot, lootpat, ghudr, 

Rapture, s. wujd, kumal-kbooshee, 

mugunaee, kumal isbtiyak. 
Rapturous, a. dilrooba, wujdawur. 
Rare, a. nadir, unokha, kumyab, 

napyd, unoop. 
Rarefy, v. putla k. rukeek k. 
Rarely, ad, kubboo kubhoo, gabe 

Rareness, s. kumyabee, nadtree. 
Rarity, s, kumyabee, nadiree, luta- 

fut, toohfuzee, nayabee. 
R^cal, I. huram-zadub, pajee, na* 

bukar, thug, dughabaz. 
Rascality, s, buram-zadugee, na- 

bukaree, dugbabazee, tbugaee. 
Rascally, a, kumeena, pajee, kum- 

Rase, V. dbana, mismar k. 
Rash, a. be-dhuruk, be-lihaz, be- 

R A V 

[ 265 ] 

K £ A 

tuhashuh, be-tuummool, be-ihti« 

yaty be-tudbeer, nidhuruk. 
Rash, $, garmee-dana, pittee. 
Rashly, ad. juldee-se, ootaoolee-se, 

Rasp, s. sohun, retee. 
Raspberry, s. kism mewa. 
Rat, f. chooha, moosa, ghoos, chhu- 

Ratafia, f. kUm shurab, 
Ratan, t, bent, bed. 
Rate, ». bhao, nirkh ; (degree) un- 

dazuh, moatad; (tnanner) tour, 

Rate, V ankna, bhao thuhrana ; 

{tcold) jhirukna. 
Rlither, ad, bulki, is-se behtur. 
Ratification, s. tusdeek. 
Ratify, V, tusdeek k. moostubkum 

k. theek k. 
Rational, a. zuvil, unkool, natik, 

mnakool, uklee, moonasib, sha« 
Rationally, ad, ukl-se. [ista. 

Rdtsbane, i. summooifar. 
Rattle, f« khurkhurahut, jhuukar, 

R^ttle^ V. khurkhurana, jhunjhu* 

nana, jhunkarna. 
Rattlesnake, t, kism samp. 
BiLvage,v, weeran k. oojarna, takht- 

o-taraj k. gharut k. paemal k. 

lootna, khurab k. 
Rave, V, burburana, hiziyan bukna. 
Ravel, V. ooljhana, ooljherna, ubtur 

k. pech dur pech k. durhum bur- 
hum k. 
R^ven, t. kala kouwa, zag i dushtee. 
Ravenous, o. durinduh ; (greedy) 

petoo, murbhookha, bhookhmooa, 

Ravine, i, nala, khaee. 
Ravish, a. jubr k. ; (delight) mohna, 

wujd men lana. 

Raw, a, kuchcha, kham ; (inexpert. 

enced) unaree ; (excoriated) chhila 

hooa ; (bleak) surd. 
Ray, f. kirn, purtou. 
Riizor, t, oostoora. 
Reach, s, puhoonch ; (power) dust- 

rus, bus, mukdoor : v, puhoonch- 

na ; (ttretch) pusama; (give) puk- 

ra d. 
Reaction, s. pultao, koovwut-baz- 

R^d, V, purhna, banchna, path k. 

mootala k. ; (the S. S.) tilawut k. 

kiraut k. 
Reader, s. purhnewala, karee, pa- 

Readily, ad, juld, fourun, surput, 

be-utkao, dil-se. 
Readiness, s. tyaree ; (ease) asanee, 

suhuj ; {promptitude) dildihee, 

juldee, shitabee. 
Reading, s. mootala, purhna, pur- 

haee, path ; (of the S. S.) titawut, 

Re^y, a, tyar ; (at hand) kureeb, 

nuzdeek, pas, moujood, hazir ; 

(apt) moostuid, roojoo, (quick) 

juld, teyz, teyzfuhm. 
R^al, a. uslee, hukeekee, suchcha, 

Reiility, s. suchchaee, hukeekut^ 

R^lize, V. basil h. moujood k. bu- 

Really, ad. such-mooch, ulbutta,fil- 

waki, filhukeekut, bit-tuhkeek. 
Realm, s. badshahut, raj, moolk, 

Ream, i. bees dust on ka guddee. 
Rellnimate, v. zinda k. jila d. 
Reap, V. dirou k. katna; (obtain) 

basil k. pana. 
Reaper, s. katnewala, dirougur. 

R E C 

t 266 ] 


Rear, s. pichhwara, peechlia. 
Rear, v, (build) tameer k. oothana, 

chinna; (bring up) palna, posna, 

purwurish k. ; (educate) taleem d. 

sudhana ; (at a hone) uluf h. chi- 

raghpa h. khura h. 
Reason, v, tuuromool k. moobahusa 

k. ukl dourana, tukreer k. buhs 

k. moonazura k. 
Re&son, s. ukl, nootk ; idrak, fuhm, 

Re^onable, a, wajib, theek, hakk, 

muakooi, dooroost, uklee. 
Reasonableness,*, liyakut, muakoo- 

liyut, dooroostee; (moderation) 

Re&sonins:, «. moobahisa, tukreer. 
Reasonably, ad. ukl-mundee-se, 

wajibee turuh-se. 
Reasstime, v, o. phir ikhtiyar k. 

phir le lena. 
Rebel, t . surkusb, baghee, moonhu- 

rif, nafurman. 
Reh^I, V. surkushee k. phir-jana, 

buj^bawut k. bughee h. sur oo- 

Rebellion, s. surkushee, bughawut, 

nafurmanee, inhiraf, bulwa. 
Rebellious, a. gurdun-kush, dungyt, 

ReboCind, v, pulta khana. 
RebCike, v. dhumkana, dantna, 

jhirkee d. duputna, chushm- 

noomaee k. sursunish k. 
RebCike, s, dhumkee, dant, duput, 

l^hoorkee, cliushmnoomaee. 
Rebus, I. mooumma, lupet. 
Reclill, V, pher boolana. 
Recant, «. irtidad k. phir jana. 
Recapitulate, v. mookurrur kuhna. 
Rec^e, V. hutua, phir jana. 
Receipt,^, ruseed, puhoonch, kubz ; 

(recipe) nooskha. 

Receive, «. lena, kubool k. pane; 

(a visitor) istukbal k. 
Receiver, s. lenew^a. 
R^ntly, ad, tbore dinoit se, chund 

roz hooeh. 
Receptacle, i. khana, ghur, juguh. 
Reception, t, kubool, gruhun ; (of 

a visitor) istukbal. 
Recess, s. mukan>mukhfee; (suspend 

sion) nagha, wukfa. 
Recipe, 9, nooskha. 
Reciprocal, a, doo-turfee. 
Recite, V, byan k. bumun k. 
Reckon, v, ginna, shoomar k. su- 

mujhna ; (build on) bhurosa k. 
Reckoning, s. gintee, hisab, taidad, 

Recl&im, v. sudhana, dooroost k. 

Recline, v. tukiya kjetna, pur jana. 
Reclhse, t. gosha-nusbeen, khuU 

wut-goozeen, khulwut-nusheeu. 
Recognition, », puhchan, shunakbt, 

tuaroof, chinh. 
R«^ognise, v. puhchanna, chinh na, 

mualoom k. 
Recoil, V. pulta khana. 
Recollect, V. yad k. soodh k. 
Recollection, i. yad, soodh, soort, 

cheyt, yadgaree. 
Recommence, v. pher shooroo k. 

sur i nou shooroo k. 
Recommend, v, sifiEurish k. 
RecommendiUion, t. sifiirish, tcik- 

Recompense, s, iwut, sumruh, bud- 
la, juza. 
Reconcile, v, milana, tusfeeya k. 

soolh k. 
Reconciliation, t. milap, tusfiyuh, 

mel, soolh. 
Reconnoitre, v. bhed-lena, halchal 



[ 267 ] 

R E F 

R^eord, s. dtiftar. 

Record, v. diirj k. duftur men da- 

khil k. 
Recorder, s, surishtu-dar. 
Rec6irer, v. shufin d. chunga k. aram 

h. ; (find) pher pana. 
Hecdverf, s. sihhut, shufo, aram. 
Reco&nt, v. kuhna, byan k.nukl k. 
RecoCine, s, (to have recoune to) 

roojoo h. ikhtiyar k. 
Recrelitiony t, buhlao^ syr, gool* 

gusht, tufreeh, dillugee, reejhio. 
Recruit, v. tukwiyat d. ; {toldien) 

Duee bhurtee k. nigabdasht k. 
Recmtt, s. nya sipahee. 
Rectify, «• dooroost k. soodhama, 

sunwarna, islah d. 
R^titude, f. rastee, khurapun, di- 

yanar, nekee, sidk. 
Recur, v. roojoo b. ikbtiyar k. 
Red, a, lal, soorkh. 
R^den, v. soorkh k. lal b. turn- 

tuinana, lultana. 
Radish, a. lal*sa, soorkh runfir. 
Red^m, v. azad k. cbhoorana, 

khulas k. 
Red^mer, i. azad kamewala, moos- 

tiikhlis, buchwyya, bucbanewala. 
Redemption, s. mukhlusee, azadu- 

gee, rihaee, chhootkara. 
Red-lead, i, sindoor. 
Redr^, i. insaf, dad-khwahee, ilaj, 

Reddee, v, ghutana ; (disgrace) 

zu\ie\ k,; (in arithmetic) toma ; 

(cashier) burturuf k.; (to ashes) 

khak kur d. ; (subdue) tubut men 

lana, dubana. 
Redaction, s, ghutao, dubao; (of 

price) gbutee, riayut, kumtee; 

(in arithmetic) torao ; (suhjugd' 

tion) mughloobiyut, tuskbeer. 
Redundance, «. boobtat, siyadutee, 

isdiyad, fooxooliyut, kusrut, uf- 

saish, ufzoonee. 
Redundant, a. ziyaduh, ufzood, zaid, 

buhoot, ufzoon, wafir, kuseer, 

foozool, muzeed. 
Reed, #. ny, nul, nursul, nezuh ; 

(pipe) bansree. 
R^-grass, t. puteyl, burroo, sur- 

put, sirkee, kunda, sentha. 
R€«k, V, bbapb nikulna, dhooan 

Reel, o. luchchba bunana, utema ; 

(stagger) digroigana : i. uterun. 
Re^eoforce, v. taeed k. koomuk k. 

pooshtee d. tukwiyut d. 
Re-estlibli!ih,v.buhalk. pherkaim k. 
Ref^r, V. roojoo k. roobukar k. soo- 

poord k. huwala k. sompna. 
Reference, s, ulakub, nisbut, tual- 

Refine, v. saf k. rooosuffa k. nirmut 

k. myl katna; (gold) khalisk.; 

(improve) arasta k. moouddub k. 

Refinement, s. sufnee ; (improve- 

mentj arastugee,dooroostee,soodh- 

raee; (nicety) dikkut, bareekee, 

Refit, V. rounimmut k. 
Reflect, V. uks dalna ; (thinh) ghour 

k.; (blame) ilzam d. ; (consider) 

undeysba k. sochna, bicharna, 

Reflection,^, (blame) ilzam ; (thought) 

socb, ghour ; (shadow) uks, pur- 

Reflex, f. ootar, juzr. 
Reform, v. dooroost k. sodhana. 

isiah d. 
Reformation, s. tadeeb, soodhraee, 

islah, sudhao. 
Reformer, s, mooslib, adeeb. 
Refr&ctoriness, s. sur-kushee, gur- 


[ 2«8 1 

R E L 

dun-kushee, mugraeey dbeetaee, 

tiimorrood, iobiraf. 
Refractory, a. sur-kush, mugra, gur- 

dun-kush, dheeth, mootumurrid, 

RefHtin, v. baz ana, ihtiraz k. dur- 

goozur k. baz rubna. 
Refr^h, o. taza-dum k. buhlana, 

tur o taza k. 
Refr^hment, $. aram, asaish, tar o 

tazugee, istirahut, sookb, chyn. 
Refuge, <« punah, asra, umn, uman, 

surun ; (expedient) ilaj, tudarook, 

oopaeh, chara. 
Refug^» I. punah-geer, zinharee, 

Refulgence, <• tujuUee, noor, jot, tab, 

cbumuk, julwa. 
Refulgent, a. julwugur, nooranee. 

tabnaky taban, moonuvvur. 
Refdnd, v, wapus d. pher d. moos- 

turid k. 
Ref&sal, <. inkar^ na-pizeeree, nu- 

fee, uab. 
Refbse, v. inkar k. napusund k, 

nukama, nuheen k . 
.Refuse, », na-pusund, foozluh. 
Refutation, s. rudd, ibtal, bootlan. 
Reftite, v. rudd k. munsookh k. 

batil k. ghulut thubrana. 
Regain, v. pher pana. 
R4[al, a. badsbabee, shabanub. 
Reglile, V, tazu-dum k. kboosh k. 

Regltfd, t, (attention) dbyan, gbour, 

undesha, purwa, tuuromool, 

rooolahuZa, tuwujjooh ; (e»teem) 

khatirdaree; (affection) moobub- 

but, ikblas ; (look) nigab, nuzar. 
Reg4rd, o. purwa k. khatir men 

lana, udub k. pas k. 
Reg&rdless, a. be-purwa, gbafil, 


Regenerate, o. pher pyda k. sor i 

noa pyda k. (joDum. 

Regenerlttion, s. Doa-pydaish« nya- 
Regent, s. kaim-mookam. 
Regicide, i. badsbab-koosh. 
Regimen,!, purhez, tudbeer i ghisa. 
Regimentf . pultun ; (o^Aone) ritaluh. 
Regimental, a. pultunee. 
Region, t. ukleem, des. 
Register, s. duftur. 
Regret, s. u6os, pucbtawa, taussoofy 

mulola, soch, busrut, dureygh. 
Regret, V* pacbtana, ufsos k. ghum 

Regular, a. burabur, theek, doo- 

roost, bakaida, bakuneena. 
Regularity, #. dooroostee, kaida, 

turteeb, kureena, intizam, bundo* 

bust, oosloob, sijilbundee. 
Regularly, ad, burabur, turteeb-se, 

Regulate, V. dooroost k. turteeb d. 

intizam k. theek k. mooruttub k. 
R^gulus, $, dhaton ka jouhur. 
Reheiirse, v. do>barak. kulma moo- 

kurrur kubna. 
Reject, V. na-pusund k. namunzoor 

k. door k. 
Reign, o. sultunut k. umul k. raj k« 
ReimbCirse, o. bbur d. iwuz d. tawan 
Rein, i. bag, inan, zumam, ras. [d. 
Reinstlite, o.^bubal k. 
Rejoice, v. kboosh h. reejhna, khoo- 

shee k. shadman h. bagh bagh h, 

musroor b. 
Rejoin, o. pher joma ; (rephf) rndd 

i juwab k. 
Reiterate, o. bar bar kubna, dohrana. 
Relapse, $, iyadub, oud i murz. 
Relate, V. kubna, nukl k. 
Reliction, s. byan ; (of kindred) 

rishta; (connexion)* tuallook, 



[ 269 ] 


R^istiye, t. rishtu-dar, kootumb : a, 
mootualiook, babut ka, hukk 
Relax, V. dheelak. soost h. ; (ease) 

ReiaxlUion, t. dbeel, kahilee; 

(amiaement) tufunnoon. 
Relaxed, a, dheela, soost, kahil. 
Reieise, v. chhoorana, azad k. kho- 

las k. 
Release, s. rihaee, chhootkara, aza- 
dee, khulasee, mukhlusee, nujat. 
Rel^Dt, V, nurm h. momdil h. 
Relentless, a, sung-dil, kuttur, be- 

ruhm, bedurd. 
Reliance, i. bhurosa, tuwukkool, 

tukiya ; (tnat) etibar, etimad. 
Relicty s, bewa, rand. 
Relief, f. aram, chyn, tukhfeef; 
(he^) mudud ; {of a sentinal) 
Relieve, v, aram d. ; mudud k. ; 

budlee kurana* 
Religion, t, deen, rouzhub, tureek, 

mut, dhurm, punth. 
Religious, a, deendar, dhurmee. 
Relinquish, v. chhor d. turk k. 
- dur-goo2urna, baz-ana. 
Relinquishment, s. turk, tiyag. 
Relish, s. muzuh, luzzut, zaika, 


Reluctance,^. na>khooshee, na-ruza- 

mundee, duregh, khynch, kushee* 


Rely', V, bhurosa rukhna, etimad k. 

Remain, 9. ruhna ; {be left) bakee 

Remainder, s, bakee, bucha hooa. 
Remains, «. lash, mittee. 
Remark, v, dekhna, lihaz k. khiyal 

k. ghour k. 
Remark, s. kuha, buchun, koul^ 

Remarkable, a. ujeeb, ujoobuh, 

uchumbha, nadir. 
Remediless, a. la-ilaj, la-boodee. 
Remedy, s. ilaj, tudbeer, charuh, 

Remember, v. yad k. yad rukhna, 

soort k. chet k. soodh k. 
Remembrance, s. yad, chet, soort, 

Remind, v. yad dilana, soort k. 

soodh k. 
Remiss, a. soost, mujhool ; {negli^^ 

gent) ghafil. 
Remission, s. tukhfeef, riayut ; (par* 

dan) muaf. 
Remissness, s.dheel, kahilee, soostee. 
Remit, v. kum k. muaf k. ; (money) 

Remittance, », irsal ; (hill) hoondee. 
Remnant, s, bakee, bukiyuh. 
Kem6nstrate, v, tukrark. rudd budul 

k. hoojjut k. 
Remora, s, kism muchblee. 
Remorse, <. puchtawa, ufsos. 
Remote, a. door, bueed. 
Remdval, s, mazoolee, tugheeree; 

{of a disorder) dufeeyuh; {of place) 

kooch, nukl i mukun. 
Rem6ve, v, nukl i mukan k. chula 

jana ; (dismiss) door k. muazool k. 
RemCinerate, v, bhur d. nishan k. 
Rend, v. phama, cbeema. 
Render, v. dena, uda k. ; (translate) 

tuijooma k. 
Rendezvofis,^. udda, mukur, mujmu, 
Ben^w, V. nya k. suri-ncu k. 
Rennet, s. puneer ka mawa. [ana. 
Renoiince, v. chhor d. turk k. baz- 
Ren6wn, s. namwuree, jus, shoohra. 
Renowned, par^ a, namwur, namee, 

namdar, mushhoor. 
Rent, V. kiraya k. kirayeh ko d. 
Rent, I. kiraya, bhara; (income) 


[ ^ro ] 


amudunee, muhasil; {break) chak^ 

Repair, v. murummut k. sunwarna. 
Reparation, s. iwuz, budia, tawan» 

Repartee, s.hazir-jawabee, budeehu* 

goee, joogut, filbudeeha, juwab- 

awur, sood-juwab. 
Rep&st, I. nashia, julpan. 
Repay, v, budla d. suza d. ; (recom- 

pence) ujr d. ; (re-imburse) bhur d. 
Rep^l, V. munsookh k. moukoof 

k. routrook k. 
Repedt, v. dohrana, mookurrur kuh- 

na ; dohrah kur k. doobara k. 
Repedtedly,ad. barbar, barha,uksur. 
Rep^l, V, huta d. 
Repdlknt, s, kism duwa. 
Repent, V, puchtaua, ufsos k. pu- 

sheman h. suntap k. touba k. 
Repentance, s. pucbtawa, ufsos, pu- 

shemanee, touba, dureygh. 
Repetition, s. dohrao, tukurroor, 

Repine, v. koorhna, jhooma, ghum 

khana, koft khana. 
Replace, V. pher rukhna, bubal k. 
Replenish, v. bhurpoor k. lubrez k. 

muamoor k. 
Replete, a, poor, muamoor, bliura- 

Repletion, s, seree, bburpooree. 
Replevin, v. a. zaminee pur koochh 

chhor d. 
Reply', V, jawab d. oottur d. 
Report, s. khubur, ufwah, shoob- 

rut, churcba. 
Repose, s.aram, chyn ; {sleep) neend. 
Repose, v, sona, aram k* tukiya k. 

bhurosa rukhna. 
Repreh^nsibleyO. kabil i ilsam, mua- 

yoob, dokhee. 
Represent, v. dikhlana, butlana; 

{penonaU) suwang buoaoa, oukl 

k. ; {by petUion) urs k. ; {by a 

representative) wukeel k. 
Representiition,s. shubeeh, tasweer ; 

(petition) iltimas, urz, urz-mua- 

rooz ; {memorial) urzee, urzdasht; 

{(ffice of ' representing) wukalut. 
Representative, a. wukeel, naib, 

Repress, o. dubana, rokna, thamna^ 

baz rukhna. 
Reprieve, o, wukfa d. 
Reprimand, s. chushm-noooHiee^ 

jbirkee, ghoorkee, sursunish. 
Reproach ,s. tuana,m nJamutjOolahna. 
Reprobate, a. khwar, khusta, bud^ 

khota, khurabatee, gya goozra. 
Reprobate, v. rudd k. mulamut k. 
Reproof, s, gosh-malee, surzunish. 
Reprove, t?. ilzam d. ; dantna, sur- 
zunish k. gosh-malee k. . 
Reptile, s. keera mukoura. 
Republic, s. jumhoor, ijmau. 
Repfignance, $, nufrut, duregh^ 

ghinn, khynch, kusheedngee, 

Rep^gnant^ a. khilaf, gyr-mootabtk* 
RepCilse, s, hutao, shikust, puspaee^ 
Reputable, a. mooutubur, bhula, 

Reputlition, s. hoormut, izzut, eti- 

bar, abroo ; {Jame) neknamee. 
Repute, o. ginna, sumujhna. 
Requ^t, s, urz, durkhwast, suwal» 

iltimas. [tulub k. 

Require, «. chahna, zooroorut h. ; 
Requisite, a. zooroor, mutloob,. 

chahiyeh, durkar, moonasib. 
Requite, v. iwuz d. bhoogtana. 
Requital, s. iwuz, budla, mookafat,. 

juza, intukam. 
Rescind, v. nuskh k« moukoof k« 

ootha d» 


[ 271 ] 


Q^scue, V. chhoofana, khulas k. 

asad k. riha k. 
Research, s, khoj, tulasb, joost*o- 

joo, tufteesh. 
Resemblance, s. mooshabuhut, shu- 

beeh, cnel, Duzeer. 
Resemble, v. mooshabih h. maniDcl 

h. inilna, mooshabuhut rukhna. 

Resent, V. boora manna, guranee 

lana. [lag. 

Res^tment, s. udawut, byr, kud, 

Reserve, v. rukh-cbhorna, ootha 

Reserve, s. khyfich, tukulloof. 
Reserved, a, shurmeela; poomba- 

duhiim kumgo. 
Reservoir, s. houz, talab. 
Reside, v. ruhua, sookooaut k* bus- 

na« tikna. 
R^idence, s, mukan, ghur, moo- 
kam, muskun, kiyam, bood o 
bash, ruhna. 
Resident, a. ruees, ruhuewala, ni- 

basee, mookeem : s. bura sahib. 
Residue, s. bakee, bucha hooa, tu- 

Resign, p. isteefa d. dust burdar h. 

durgoozuma, ibrae-zimmuh h. 
Resignation, i . isteefa ; {stdfrniuion) 
mootabuut ; (io the divine will) 
Resin, Rosin, s, ral, dhoona. [na. 
R^lst^v. samna k. mookabula k. ur- 
Resi stance, s, samna, mookabula, 

moozahumut, rok tok. 
Res61ve, v. thuhrana« thanna ; bi- 
chama, kusdk. kurour bandhna ; 
{solve) hull k. buUana. 
Resoluble, a. gulaoo, ghoolaoo, ka- 

Resolute, a. mungura, diler, oos- 
toowar, rooostukil, muzboot, 
munchula, sabit-kudum, porha. 

Resolution, «. kusd-i-moosummum, 

uzm-i-bil juzm ; (determination) 

tujweez. [na. 

Resort, v. ekuttha h. juma h. butoor- 
Res6rt, t, bheer bhar, chupkulush. 
Resource, t. ilaj, charuh, oopae, 

tour, hilia, hikmut, joogut. 
Resp^t, V. udub k. manna, tazeem 

k. adur k. ; {relate to) ulaka rukh- 

na, moonasubut rukhna. 
Resp^t, i. udub, tazeem, adur, tuk- 

reera, izzut, bhao, niyas, man, 

khatir, pas, pasdaree ; (consideru^ 

tion) dhyan, ghour, moolahuza, 

iltifat ; (relation) nisbut, roel. 
Respectable, a. izzut-dar, hoormut- 

wala, moohturiim, moowukkur, 

mootubur, sahib-abroo,adurwan. 
Respectfully, ad, udub-se, ijz-o- 

Respective, a. khass, upna upoa, 

nij, mukhsoos. 
Respecting, part, babut men, Imkk 

Respire, v. dum lena, sans chhorna. 
Respite, s. foorsut, furaghut, chhoot- 

tee, softa, soobihta, nagha. 
Resplendence, s, tujullee, julwa, 

durukhshindugee, jot, prukas, 

chumuk, jugmugahut. 
Resplendent, a. julwusrur, moonou- 

wur, roushun, tabnak, jhulukdar, 

durukhshan, nooranee, durukh- 

shinda, jotman. 
Respond, v. juwab purhna. 
Response, $, juwab. 
Responsibility, «. kufalut, juwab- 

Responsible, a. zimmudar, juwab- 

dih ; mooutubur, etibaree. 
Responsive, a. juwabdih, juwabee. 
Rest, s, aram, asaish, sookh, chyn, 

itmeenan, kul. 


[ 272 ] 

R E V 

Rest, V, aram k. ; (die) mama ; (ttop) 

thuhur jana ; (depend an) tukiya 

k. iDOukoof rukhna, moonhusur h. 
Restiff.a. uriyul, bud-nikab^ much- 
la, mugra. 
ReMitCition, t. wapus, bazdih, bhur 

deiia, istirdad, wapusee. 
R^tless, a. bechyn, be-aram, be- 

tab, bekurar^ bekul, byakool, 

R^tlessness, s. be-aramee, be-chy- 

nee, be-kuraree, bekulee, iztirab. 
Restdrative, a. shufft bukhsh, moo- 

Restoration, s. {to office) buhalee ; 

(giving back) wapus, bazdihee, 

Restore, v. wapus k. pher d. ; {to 

office) bubal k. 
Restrain, v, rokna, baz rukhna, ut- 

kana, ama, ihambhna, bund k. 

zubt k. 
Restraint, s. rok, utkao, bund, kyd, 

moozahumut, zubt, tuarrooz. 
Restriction, i. rok, kyd, huddbun- 

dhee, bundhej. 
Result, I. nuteeja, kyfiyut, basil, 

nichor, bazgusht. 
ResCime, v. pher lena, pher ikhti- 

yar k. baziyaft k. 
Reshmption, s, baz-geeree, pherle- 

na, bozyaftee. 
Resurrection, s, hushr, kiyamut, 

pher jee-oothna. 
Resuscitate, v. a, moorda jilana, 

phir zinda k. 
Retail, v. khoorda bechna, khoorda 

furoshee k. phootkur bechna. 
Retain, v. rukhna, luga rukhna. 
Retaliate, v. bud la lena, iwuz d. 
Retalilition, i. budla, mooka&t, 

juza, iwuz. 
Retard, v, rokna, huij k, utkana. 

Retch, V. oolta k. zumeen dekhna, 

okna, istifragh k. ky k. 
Retentive, a. sumaoo, goonjaishee ; 

(of memory) zoo-koovwut i hifz, 

k u wee-ool-hafizuh. 
Retention, t, imsak, thumaOy hihy 

Reticular, a, jaldar, jhunjhreedar. 
Retinue, $. jilo, zyl, suwaree, sathee 

sunghatee, tujummool. 
Retire, 9. ulug h. kinare ho jana ; 

goshe men jana ; hut jana. 
Retirement, s. khilwut, goshuh, 

tunhaee, gosha-nisheenee. 
Retort, V. pulut mama. 
Retract, o. inkar k. pulatna. 
Retr^t, s. (of an army) puspa ; 

{retirement) goshuh, knilwut* 

gah ; {asylum) mamun, puuah. 
Retr^t, V, hutna, puspa h. peeth d. 

goorez k. 
Retrench, v. kum k. ghutana. 
Retribution, t, tulafee, budla ; moo- 

Retrograde, a. puspa, wapus-rou, 

Retrospect, s. baz-poors, pusnuzree, 

Retrospective, a, pus-been, baz- 

RetCirn, s, pher ana, phima, baz- 
gusht, phirao ; {retriitutUm) iwuz, 

intukam, juza, tulafee; {profit) 

nufin, pydaish. 
Return, v. phema, phir-jana, pu- 

lutna, loutna, loutana. 
Revelil, v, zahirk. hoowydak. kuh- 

na, fash k. kholna, moonkushuf 

k. ashkara k. 
Revel, t>. budmustte k. dhoom- 

dham k. 
Revelation, $. wuhee, mookashfa. 
Revenge, 1. intikam, budla. 

R E W 

[ 273 ] 

R I F 

Revengeful, a. keetm-war, ghoooa, 

Rfevenue, $, mal-goozaree, muh- 
sool, tuhsed, khiraj, amud, mu- 

dakhil, juma, amudunee. 
Rev^berate, v, pulut ana, goonjna. 
Revere, v. tukreem k. tazeem k. 

booxooig janna. 
Reverence, s. tukreem, taieem, ton- 

keer, ihtiram, ikram, esaz. . 
Reverend, a. booiooig, moohtu- 

ram, moooxzum. 
Reverently, ad, udub-se, udubana. 
Reverie, s, fikr, dhiyan, khiyal, soch. 
Reverse, t. oolta, inkilab, buruks. 
Reverse, v. pulut d. pher d. oolutna. 
Revtoion, s. bukk i wirasuU 
Revert, o. phirna. 
Review, v. nuzur-sanee k. urz i 

lushkur k. nuzur-undaz k. 
Revile, v. galee d. mulamut k. gu- 

iiyana, doosbnam d. tuantusbnee 

k. lazuban-kubna, lacbikar-kub- 

na, Itttama. 
Reviler, s. tuanu*zun, mulamutgo, 

Revise, v. nuzur-sanee k. islab d. 

subee k. 
Revival, $, tazugee, sursubzee, baz- 

Revive, 9. sursubz h. taza h. jee- 

jana, zinda b. 
Reviving, a, tusullee-bukbsb, tus- 

•Eev6ke, v, nuskb k. rudd k. met d. 

ootha d. rounsookb k. 
Revolt, V, pbir-jana, moonhurif h. 

bagbee b. bugbee h. roogurdan b. 
Revolve, V, pbima, gurdisb k. 

cburkb-mama, gird-phirna. 
Revolbtion, t . pbera, gurdisb, dour ; 

(political) snab-gurdee. 
Reward, s, ujr, oojrut, oojoora, juza. 

Rhiipsody, u nasri4)eQkd, kulamt* 

Rhetoric, s. ilmi-fusfthut, i1mi*bu- 

lagfaut, ilmi'kulam. 
Rhetorician, i. fiisee-kulam, ubli- 
Rheum, $. libar, nulla* [kulam. 
Rheumatic, a. batee, baeeba. 
RbeCimatism, «. baee, wujumuiasil* 
Rhinoceros, s. gynda, gurgudun. 
RhCibarb, s. rewund*cbeenee. 
Rhyme, t. kafiyub, took, rudeef. 
Rib, »• puslee, punjur, 
Rlbaldiy, t . phukkur, huzul, pooch» 

moogbullaza, foobsb. 
Riband, s, kor, feeta. 
Ribbed, a, punjreedar. 
Rice, «. cbawul, birunj ; {boiled) 

bbat, kboosbka. 
Rich, a, doulutround, dhunee,. mal* 

dar, gbunee, zurdar. 
Riches, s. doulut, mal, sumput, 

dbun, malo-mutau, aur o zewur. 
Rick, s, dher, utala, umbar. 
Rid, V. cbboorana, azad k. ribaee 

d. kbulas k. ; (clear) kbalee k. 

saf k. jhar d. 
Riddance, s. cbhootkara, azadee, 

Riddle, f. pubelee, mooumma, 

Ride, V. suwar h. churhna. 
Rider, #. suwar, cburhyta. 
Ridge, s. danda,dhara, mend, raang; 

{of the back) reer; {of a house) 

murkucba, mungra, bundera, 

mangur; (pole) burenda^ bulen- 

dee, thoonee. 
Ridicule, 1. tbuttba, muzakh, tu- 

muskhoor, buitsee, thutholee, 

Ridiculous, a, bunsaoo^ kabil-i« 

Rifle, V, lootna, cboorana. 

R I P 

[ 274 ] 


Rig, V. siDgama, suawama. 
Right, s. hukk ; ( power) ikhtiyar ; 

(W left) dafaina. 
Right, o. theek, dooroost, wi^ibee ; 

(not kfi) dahina. 
Righteous, a* sadik, rast-bas, nek, 

Righteousness, f. sidk, rastbaiee, 

nekee, bhulaee, nekokaree. 
Rightly, ad. the^ theek, ucbchhee 

Rigid, a. kurra, sukht, kuthor. 
Rigour, s. thund ; (austerity) sukh- 

tee, doorooshtee. 
Rigorous, a. sukht, kurra ; (exact) 

Rill, s, nalee, sotee, abrez. 
Rim, s. kinaruh, kor, lub. 
Rind, s. chhilka, post, kushr, buk- 

kul, bukla« 
Ring, s. chhulla, ungoothee ; (Jbr 

the toe) unwut; (for the nose) 

nuth, besur, boolak, lutkun; 

(circle) hulka, daira, ghera, koon- 

dulee, mundul; (of^Us) tunkar, 

jhunkar, jhunjhunahut. 
Ring, V. bujana, jhunkama, thun- 

thunana; {sound) bujna, jhun- 

jhunana, tuntunana, sunsunana. 
Ring-dove, 8, pundook, iakkta. 
Ringleader, $, sur^^roh mubna-i- 

fusad, sur-hulka, moohra, moof- 

sid, footooree. 
Ringlet, s. zoolf, puttha, kakool. 
Ringworm, s. dad. 
Rinse, v. khungalna, dhona. 
Riot, s, dunga, hungama^ fosad, 

Riotous, a, dunguee, moofsid, khur- 

must, oodmadee, bekyd, beznpt. 
Rip, V, chak k. oodhema, pharna. 
Ripe, a. pukka, pokhta ; (mature) 


Ripen, V. pttkana, pokhta k. pal d. 

Ripeness, t. pukaee, pookhtogee, 

baleedugee, ruseedugee. 
Ripple, 5. sursurafaut. 
Rise, s. churhao, burhtee. 
Rise, v« oothna, khura h. tooloo b. ; 

(in price) ziyaduh h. tez h. 
Risible, a. hunsor, zahik, 
Risk» 5. khuira, jokhon. 
Rite, 8. reet, rusm. 
Rival, 5. hureef humdaee, rukeeb, 

hummutlub, hummuksud^ sout. 
^valry,s. soutiya-jhul, rikabut, lag. 
River, s, duriya, nudee, nud, rood« 
Rivet, V, mekhon-se jukuma. 
Rivulet, «• nuhr, nala, nudee, nuliya. 
Road, 8. rusta, rah, rasta, dugra, 

bat, puth, suruk, subeel, meig, 

gyl, dugur, pynd, pynda. 
R(Mun,v. rumna,doIna,bhutka phir* 

na, phira phirna, awara phirna. 
Roar, V, goonjna, duharna, chin- 

ghama, gurujna, ghoorrana. 
R<wst, V. kubab k. biriyan k. 
Rob, V. choorana,' ruhzunee k« 
Robber, «. ehor, ruhzun, kuztak, 

chotta, butmar. 
R6bbery, s, choree, daka, ruhzunee, 

kuzzakee, doozdee. 
Robe, s. kuba, pyrahun, jama» 
Robust, a, mooshtunda, shutvcor, 

kuwee, poorzor, seenazor. 
Rock, 8, chutan, puhar, tekra ; (de* 

fence) punah. 
Rock, V, dolana, hulana, hiiana, 

dugmugana, dulmulana. 
Rocket, 8. ban, huwaee. 
Rdcksalt, 8* sendha-numuk, labouo 

Rocky, a. sungistan, puthreela. 
Roe, s, hirneej (offish) muchblce 

ka unda. 


[ 2T5 3 

R U O 

Rogue, t. boram-zaduh, notkbut, 

dughabazy ghuddar, thug ; (o^go- 

hond) loochcha, awara. 
Rdguery, «• dudut-basee, Dutkhu- 

tee, huramzadugee, thugaee. 
Roll, f. bund; (writing) fard; 

{bread) piyaluh kee rotee ; (mt/ft- 

tary) isro^nuweesee. 
Roll, o. pberna, lupetna» loorhana, 

looTkana, dugrana, gurgurana, 

Raier, s. (bandage) puttee; (of 

stone) belan, loroa. 
Romtoce, s. kubanee, daatan, kis- 

suhy uftana. 
Rom^Dtic, o. unokha, ujeeb, ujub. 
Romp, V. uchpulaee k. chuDchul- 

puna k. 
Rompins, t. uchpulaee, hathamo* 

ree, knurmustee, chunchulaee. 
Rood, s. kuttha, biswa. 
Roof,<.ehhttt,8ukf,putao; (thatch- 
ed) chhuppur, chhan. 
Rook, f. kism-i-kottwa; (cheat) du- 

Room, 8. juguh, raukam, goonjaish ; 

(apartmefU) kothree, khanub. 
Roomy, a. kooshaduh, wuseeu. 
Roost,!, bueera. 
.Rooty 8. jur, bekh, mool. 
Ro6ted, part, gura hooa, jukia hooa; 
Root up, V. ookharna. 
Rope, 8. rusee, doree, jeoree. 
Rope-dimoer, s. nut, bazeegur. 
Rose, f . gool, goolab ka phool. 
Rdsewater, s, urk-i-goolab. 
R6sin, 8. ral. 
R6strum, 8. mimbur. 
Rosy, a. goolabee, gool-rung. 
Rot, V. surna, gulna, bbseeduh h. 

bigusna, boosna. 
Rotation, f. gurdish, douran^ her- 



Rote, 8. nok-zuban, biiii, uzbur 

Rdtten, a. sura, gula, boseedub. 
Rove, o. phirn k. rumda, hurta* 

gurdee k. 
Rough, o. khoorkboora, namoolaini; 

khurkhura, urbor; (severe) kur- 

ra, toorsh, tooudkho. 
R6ttghDe88,s.khurkhurahut, nab um - 

waree ; (of taste) kusao, tulkbee ; 

(severity) toorshee, toondee. 
Round, a. gol, raooduvwur, moos- 

Rouse, V, jugana, oothana, bedar k.** 

hoshyar k. 
Rout, s. bheer, hujoom ; (of an 

army) shikust. 
Route, 8. rusta, rah. 
Routine, s. dustoor-ool-umul. 
Row, s. kutar, pungut, suf, pa«tee« 

Row, V. kheona, dand-pelna. 
Rower, s. dandee, rouHah, khewya* 
R<Syal, a. badshahee, shahanuh. 
Royalty, s. sultunut^ badshahee. 
Rub, V, mulna, malish k. ruguma^ 

ghiisna, manjhna, muldu) k. 
Rubbish, 8. koora, kurkut, kbuso- 

Ruby, s. laJ, yakoot, manik. 

Rudder, 8, putwar. 

Ruddy, a. aoorkh, lal. 

Rude, a, be-udub, goostakh, shokh, 

be-mooruwut, belihaz. 
Rudeness, s. goostakhee, shokhee, 

be-udubee, bemooruvmtee, be- 

Rudiment, s. kaiduh. 
Rue, V. puchhtana, ufsos k. tuas- 

soof k. hyf k. nudamut khyitcbna. 
RCiffian, 8, hulakoo, juUad, kuitur, 

lueen, murdood. 
Rug, f. Qumduhi kummuU 

S A V 

[ 278 ] 


Slirca8m> 8. tuan, mihna, tuauuh, 

tunz, tuan-tushnee, luantan. 
Sarclistic, a. tuan-amez. 
SarcdphaguSy s. putthur kee taboot 

ya knbr. 
Sardonyx, 8. kism jouhur. 
SarsapariUa, s. ooshba, muko. 
Sash, s»jaly selee. 
Satan, «. shytan, dooshmuni-insan. 
Satanic, a. shytanee. - 
Satchel^ s, thylee, joozdan» 
Satiate, v» ser k. ughana. 
Satiety, «. seree, asoodugee. 
Satin, s, utlus. 

Satire, s. hujo, zom, muzummut 
Satirize, v, hujo k. 
Satisfaction, s. khatir-jumuh, dil- 

daree, khatirdaree, khatimiflhad, 

itmeenan, dilasa ; (amends) budla, 

iwuz. ftirpusund. 

Satisfactory, a, khatir-ktiwah, kha- 
Satisfied, a, razee, ruzamund, 

khoosh, asooda, ser, dilshad. 
Satisfy, v. razee k. khatirjumub k, 
Sliturate,v. ser k. bhur d. 
Saturday^ «. suneechurwar, shumba. 
Savage, a. jungulee, wuhshee ; 

(cruel) sungdil : s, bun-manus. 
Sauce, s. chutnee, chashnee. 
Salicer, s. tushturee, pirich^ 
Sauciness, <. goostakhee, shokhee, 

mugraee, be-udubee. 
Saucy, a. mugra, be-udub, goos- 

takb, shakh, muchla. 
Save, V. buchana, punah d« hima- 

yut k. sulamut rukhna. 
Save, ad^ siwae, chhoot, chhor* 
Saviour, s, buchanewala, shufee, 

riha-kooninduh, bukhshinda. 
Salinter, v, behooda phima, hurza* 

gurdee k. rumna. 
Slivonr, s» luzzut, muza, suwad, bo, 

bas, muhuk. 

SiiTOury, 8, muzu-dar, luseez* 

khoosbguwar, swadee. 
S&usage, s. koolroa, iungoocha. 
Saw, 8. ara, aree. 

S4w^ust, f. boorada, boora, boor. 
Sliwyer, s, arakush. 
Say, o. kuhna, bolna. 
^ying, s» bat, kuha, sookhuQ, ka« 

hawut, kouU kulam« mukoola, 

bolee. [pupree. 

Scab, s. khoonind, deolee, ungoor, 
Sc&bbard, 8, miyan, ghilaf. 
Scabbed, a, kharishtee, khajbhora. 
Scabbiness, t. kharishtee*puna. 
Sciffold, 8, muchan. 
Scald, V. olma kur d. julana ; bhoo^ 

lusna, jhoolusna. 
Scale, 8. (balance) turaioo ; (of a 

fith) cbmlka, fiilns ; (gannU) sur* 

gmn-pndnee; (gradatioftsi) dur- 

juh, siJsila. 
Scale, «• churfana; (off) pupree 

Scallion, 8, kism waz. 
Scalp, 8. khopree ka chnmra. 
Scaly, a. cbhilke-dar. 
Sctoniony, 8. sukmooniya. 
Sclimper, v. chumput h. sutukna. 
Scan, V. tukteea k. wuzn k. janch- 

na, tuhkeek k. imtihan k. 
Sclindal, s. uyb, budnamee, foos- 

waee, iftira, kulunk, boohtan, 

gila, mulamut. 
Scandalize, v. toohmut lugana, 

budnam k. 
Scandalous, o. mayoob, mulamu- 

tee, bud, boora, moofturee. 
Scanty, a. thora, kum,kuleel,unduk. 
Sclipula, 8. kandhe kee huddee. 
Scar, s. dagh, nishan-i*zukhm. 
Scarce, a. kum-yab, napyd. 
Scarcely, ad, mooshkil-ae, doosh- 



[ 279 ] 


Scarcity, 8. tora, guranee* kUlut^ 

k uiD*yabee» tot% kumee, nayabee. 
Scare, o. durana, bburkanaf bich- 

Scari^ f . orfanee, ek^putta. 
Scarify, v. a. puchfana d. khoochi* 

Soviet, 8. sooltanee banat ; {cokur) 

lai« soorkh. 
Scate, s. lapchee. 
Sditter, 9. khindana, cbbitranay bu- 

kberna, phylana. 
Sc4vei^er, s. khak-rob. 
Scene, s. mud-i-nuxur, deed, rnnn- 
Scent, i. bo, bas, muhuk. [zur. 
Seated, a. kboosh-bodar. 
Sceptic, s. roootushukkee, moon- 

Sc^re^ s. usa. 
Schedule, 8, furd, duftur. 
Scheme, s. nukshuh, kutkuna, tud- 

beer, fitrat, roimsooba, hikmot, 

sazish, tujweez; (purp<m) mul- 

lub, oaoodda. 
Schism, s. bidut, khalul, fiisad, 

phoot, rukhna. 
Scndlar, f . shagird, tulmeet ; alim, 

&xil ; {8tudent) talib ilm. 
Schoi&stic, a. muktubee, alimana* 
Sctiooi, ff. muktob, chuUsal. 
SchooUeliow, s. hum-muktub. 
Scb^master, 8. mooullim, niyafi- 
Scienoe, t. ilm, biddiya. [jee. 

Scientific, a. ilmee. 
Scimitar, s. neemchuh, surohee. 
Scion, 8» tuhnee. 

Scissars, s» kynchee, mikraz. [k. 
Scoff, V. tuanuh d. guliyana, thottha 
Scoffer, 8, taanu«zun, moostuhaee, 

huznl, xahik, huslgo* 
Scold, 0. jhugurna, galee d. jhiruk- 

na, lutama. 
Scold, s. lurako, kurkusa. 

SdStdiag, f. jbirka jhirkee* 
Scoop, V. kooredna, khukhonia. 
Scope, 8, muksud; {q>ace) urH» 

Scorch, V. jhoolaana, bhoolsana. 
Score, s. lukeer ; (<aceourU8) hisab ; 

{ttoenttf) koree, beesee. 
Scorn, 8, ihanut, istihza, soobkee. 
8c6mful, a. moodummigh. 
Sc6rpion, «. bichhoo, ukrub. 
Scoandrd, s. budzat, lookiindra, 

kooroomsak, kultuban, ahoohda, ' 

Scour, V. manjna, saf k. muloa, 

Scourge, 8, chabook, kora. 
Scout, 8, jasoos, bhediya. 
Scr&mUe, v. chheena-jhuptee k. 

lootna, chheen-chhinao k. chheen- 

chhan k. 
Scrap, 8, took, kuturun. 
Scrape, v, chheelna, khooruchna; 

{gather) joma. 
Scrape, s. tungee, mooshkil, kush 

mu kush. 
Scr&per, s. khoorchnee; (for ihe 

tongue) jeebee. 
Scrapings, t. khoordiun. [na. 

Scratch, v« khoojana ; (mue) chheel- 
Seratch, s. khoitch, khoorench, noo- 

Scrawl, V. chithema, keeremukoure 

Scream, v. cheekhna, chinsharna, 

kilkaree marna, kookna, ehillana, 

Screech-owl, s, ghoo-ghoo* 
Screen, t;. ot k. buchana, ama, chhi- 
Screw, s. pech. [pana. 

Scribble, v. kul«m*ghuseetna, ku« 

lum-kushee k. 
Scribe, 8. katib» likharee» lekboky 



[ 280 ] 


Scrip, «. poorauh ; (tt^chel) tbylee. 
Scripture^ s. kitab mookuddus. 
Scrdfula, f. kunthmaiay sunpat, 

Smll, f. furd, duftur. 
Scrdtuniy t, fota, undkoSr 
Scrub, V. mulna, ghosna. 
Scruple, s. shoob-ha, wuswas, wuhm, 

shuk , tshtibah, turuddood, sundeh. 
ScHiple, s. (weight) suwa masha. 
Scrutinize, v, janchoa, chhanna, 

imdhan k. 
Scrutiny, <, imtihan, jancbjuchao, 

Sc&ffle, s. kbyncha tanee, dhoul 

dhuppa, jootee-pysar, dhukkum 

dhukka, mookkum-mookka, nm- 

ra-maree, jbupta jhuptee, kulla 

Sculk, «. dubok ruhna, rooposh h. 

kuniyana, jee-cbhipana. 
Scull, s, kbopree. 
ScOUion, s» degsho, tuhlooa. 
Sculptor, <• nidikasb, sung-turasb. 
ScOlpture, 5. nukkasbee, sungtura- 
^uin, s. jbag, myl, kuf. [sbee. 
Scurf, s. bufo, bboosee. 
Scurrility, s, zuban-durazee, kulla* 

bazee, foobsb, poocb,tuan-tushnee. 
ScOrrilous, a. kuUu*baz, xuban- 

duraz, poocb, dureeda«Kiubn, 

Scuttle, V. a, jubaz kee pendee men 

ebbed kur dubo d. 
4Scytbe, $. buswa, durantee. 
Sea, t. sumoondur, sagur, bubr, 

duriya i shor. 
S^oast, s. lub i duriya, kinarub. 
Seal, V. moobur k. 
S^ling-wax, t. lakb. 
Seam, s. seewun, dokht. 
Seaman, s. jubazee. 
Seamstress, 1. seenebaree, durzin. 

S^p(^, f. bundur. 

Search, v. dhoondbna, tulasb k. 

kboj k. tulasbee lena* 
S^rcher, s, mootulasbee, tukishee, 

kbojee, kbojwyya. 
Season, s. mousum, fusul, ritoo, 

sumo, bubar, uvyam, wukt, din. 
Season, V, musalah d, muzudar k. 

cbashneedar k. numkeen k. 
Seasonable, a. bur-wukt, burmu* 

bul, bur-uyyam. 
Seasoning, s. musalub. [tbuka. 
Seat, s. bytbuk, asun, nisbust, l^- 
Seat, V. bytbalna, bytb-ana. 
Seated, part, nusbeen. 
Secede, v. butna, nikul*ana« 
Seclftde, o. ulug k. kbarij k. 
Second, a, doosra, doyum, sanee. 
Second, s, satbee, bamee : v. modud 

k. poosbtee d. 
Secondary, a. sanee, doosra. 
Secondhand, a. ootra hooa, gbutka. 
Secresy, s. purdu-posbee ; razdaree, 

purda, posheedugee; (ioUtude) 

tunbaee, kbilwut; (iilence) kba« 

moshee, sookoot. 
secret, a. posbeedub, mukhiee, 

mustoor, pinhan, chbipa. 
secret, s. raz, bhed, sirr* 
secretary, s. meer-moonshee. 
Secrete, v. chhoopana, posbeedub 

k. cbhipana, ikhfa k. 
secretly, ad. chhoopake, chora cho- 
ree, khoofiya, bala-bala,cbbipake. 
Sect, s. firkuh, punth. 
Section, $. fusul, kand. 
secular, a. dooniyadar. .^ 
Secundine, t. jbillee. 
Secbre, a. mubfooz, be*kbutra, su* 

lamut: «• bucbana,mubfooi nikb- 

na ; kyd rukhna. 
SecOrely, ad. umun-se bucba ke^ 


S E L 

[ 281 ] 


Sec&ri^y f . buchao ; (bail) laminee ; 

samin ; (refuge) puDah. 
Sedite, a, dheema, kurar-mizaj, 

gumbheer. [ta. 

Sedateness, t . kuraiee, kiyam, dheer- 
Sedentary, a. sakin. [n^yl* 

S^iroent, s. gadh, turchhut* doora, 
fieditioo, t. hungamuh, bulwa, fa- 

8ad» fitea, dunga, ashob, loola, 

footoor, tuma. 
Saditious, a. bughee, sorkuah, fit- 

na-ungez, moofeid, dungyt, foo- 

iSedCice, «. buhkana, worghulanna, 

bhutkaoa, ighwa k. goomrah k. 
Seducer,*, mooghwee, wurgbulanne- 

wala, bigaroo, jhansooy oobbaroo. 
Sed&ction, t. ighwa, goomrahee, 

bhutkao, phooslahat. 
S^ulous, a. mushghool, saee, ko* 

shishee, surgurm. 
Seduloa8ly> ad. mihnut-se, koshish- 
See, v« dekhna, nuzur k. [se. 

Seed, 8. beek tookhro, biya ; {qferm) 

munee, dhat. 
S^ed-time, s. boaee. 
Seek, V. dhoondhna, tulash k. khoj- 

na; {solicit) chahna, durkhwast 

k. tulub k. 
Seem, v. muidoom h. soojhni^ dekh- 

purna, nuxur-ana, dikhlaee d. 
S^mingly, ad. zahir men, dekhne 

Setoly, a. moonanb, sbaistuh, 

khooshoooma, zeba. 
Seesaw, 8, jhoola^jhoolee. 
Seetbe^ o. oabalna, seejhna. 
Se^r, $, chooToot [lena. 

Seise, V. pukurna, giriftar k. pukur 
Sel^t, a. choona hooa, chokha. 
Sel^tion, t. intikbab, pusund. 
Self, s. ap, kbood. 

S^fisb, a. khood-ghunee, swar- 

theei khood-mutlub. 
S^lf8ame,a. wuhee-ap,wuhee,ekhee. 
Sell, o. bechna, faroKht k. by k. 
Salter, s, becbnewala, fiiroshindiih, 

Selvage, $, kinanu 
Semblance, s, roooshabuhut, shu- 

bee, bhes, roop. 
Semicircle, <• neem-dairuh. 
Seminal, a. tookhmee. 
Seminary, s. mudrusa, muktiib. 
Senate, s. mujlis ttmeeree, 
S^ator, $, mujiisee. 
Send, «. bhejna, puthana, rawanoh 

k. iraai k, firistaduh k. 
Senior, a. jetha, bura, kulan. 
S^nna, f. suna-mukkee. 
Sensation, s, hiss, cbetuotaee, hu- 

wass, soodh, ousan. 
Sense, s. sumujh, chet, soort ; {mean" 

ing) muanee; {knowledge) wu- 

koof, khubur ; (place) moukuh. 
S^seless, a, be-hosh, be»huwas; 

(sitiptd) be-wttkoof ; {abturd) be- 

Senselessly, ad, be-wukoofee-se. 
Sensibility, s, toonook-huwasee, na* 

zookee, ghyrut, 
sensible, a. ( percepiible) muhsoos ; 

(aware) agah; (convinced) kail, 

mookir ; (wise) dana, sumujhdar. 
sensitive, a« jandar, jeeta; (ccm- 

tcioui) chetun. 
sensual, a, shohwutee, nnfsanee, 

Sensuality, #• mustee, nufsaniytit, 

shuhwut, shuhwut-purustee. 
sentence,!, (decition) futwa, bookm ; 

(maxim) musul ; ( period) fikinh. 
Sententious, a. muteen, nooktu- 

sunj, mukoola-go, nookta-puN 

daZ| poormughz. 

S E R 

t 282 J 

S H A 

S^ndment, <• ree, kiyas, sumiijb, 

ghour, khiyal, fikr. 
Sentinel, «. pubntdar. 
Separate, a, jooda, ulug, tufawut, 

Separation, 8. joodaee, mooforikot. 
Septic, a. suraoo, gulaoo. 
Sepulchre, s, gor, kubr, muzar. 
S^pulture^ s, dufun. 
Sequel, <• akhir ; (comequeuee) nu- 

Sequ^ter, 9. ulog k.; (property) 

koork k. 
Serene^ a, dheema, sakhi, kaim-mi- 
Ser^neiy, ad. chyn-se. [zaj. 

Serenity, 8, chyn, dheenij, tuhutn- 

mool, kuraree. 
Serjeant, i. dufu*dar. 
Series, 8, silsiluh, surishtuh. 
"Serious, a, eumbher, mootuhum- 

mil, boordbar, sunjeeda, bharee- 

Seriousness, #. sunjeedugee, tu- 

Sermon, s. waz, nnsiBefaut. 
Serous, a. abee, punsa. 
Serpent, s. samp, surp, mar. 
Serpentine, a. sunpeela, pechdar, 

Servant, 8, noukur, chakur,khadim, 

das, moolazim, khidmutgar. 
Serve, o. noukree k. rozgar k. ; 

(antwer) bona, kafee h. 
Service, «. noukuree, cbakuree, tu- 

hul, khidmut; buiidugee; (6tiii- 

ne88) kam ; (advantage) faiduh ; 

{wor8hip, S^,) bundugee. 
Serviceable, a, kam ka, moofeed, 

fieiidamund, kargoozar. 
Servile, a, khoosh-amudee, pf^ee- 

mizaj, chaploos, ghoolamana, pa* 
- jiyana. 
servitude, i. tabi-daree, ghoolamee. 

serum, !• xufdab, ptinchha* 

session, 8, ijlas. 

Set, V. bytlMdna, dhorna, rukhna ; 

(8tone8) juma; (a di8iocatwn) 

cburfamia ; (roxors) tez k. pubna- 
Set, a. (withjewek) juraoo. [na« 
Set, 8, mel, joree, jor, thok, kabeel. 
Seton, s. nath, gool. 
settle, V. rufa k. mitana; (fis) moo* 

kurur k. thuhrana I (prec^jntate) 

theerana ; (an account) chookana* 
settled, a, sabit, kaim. 
Settlement, s. bundobust, infisal; 

(coiony) bustee. 
settler, s. batee, bnsnewala. 
sever, V. jooda k. 
several, a. ky-ek, k3reh, baie,chiind. 
severally, ad. ek ek, jooda jooda, 

furdun furdun. 
Severe, a, sukht, dooroosht, toond ; 

mootukyyid. fra. 

Severely, tuL shiddut^-se, w^*8e, bu* 
Severity, 8, sukktee, be-rnhmee, 

Sew, V. seena, silana. 
Sex, 8, zat, jat ; (Me female) mus* 

sexton, 8. gor-kun* [risbtee. 

Shiibby, a, rizaluh, pujoura, kha- 
Sh^ckle, V. zunjeer meit dalna, py- 

kuree dalna. 
Shade, 8. chhan, chfaaon, aaya; 

(degree) tao bhao. 
Shade, v, sayuh k. chhan k. 
Shadow, 8. purchhaeen, purchha- 
Shady, a. sayadar* [wan. 

Shaft, ff. teer ; (o^ a wdt) kochee ; 

( pit) nalee. [meen, 

Shl^gy^ <t* jhnbra, jhubooa, pus* 
Shake, v» hilana, jhutkana, jhukor* 

na, joombish d, ; (a v^ip) dikha^ 

na ; (qmtwr) hilna, dotoa, dtg« 



[ W3 ] 

S H O 

Sb&king) s. dd, digmigao, joom* 

bish, lunish. 
8hlilIow, a, pae-ab, oothla ; (tUfy) 

ochha, holka, kumxurf. 
Sham, V. bahanuh k. muchlaee k. 

jhooth roooth k. 
Sham, «. pakhund, pekhna, jhoo- 

tha, bunawut, mis. 
Shambles, s. kussab*khanuh. 
Shame, s. sharm, sbuitnindngee, 

laj, hijab, khijalut, ghyrut, ar, 

hya, nung. 
ShlimefiM^, a. shurmeelay sbur- 

maoo, shaniroroo, hijabroo. 
Shameful, a. mayoob, shumutoo, 

Sh&melesa, a, be*shurro, be*hya, 

Sh&roois, <« pttharee bukree. 
Shank, s. pindlee, sak. 
Shape, s. doul, soorut, turaib. 
Sh&peless, a. be-doul, bodkuta. 
Shapely, a, turuh-dar, wuzu«dar, 

kbooshkuta. [k. 

Share, v, batitna, burtana, tukseem 
Share, t. bant, hissa, bukhra. 
Shark, 8. nihung, naka, sher i du- 

Sharp, a. tez, abdar ; (pointed) no- 

keela j (jBiere) kurra ; ( piercing) 

kuteela; t^UM^ cboukunna. 
Sh^pen, V. \«i k. barh d. dbar 

Sharper, t. oocbifkka, nutkhut. 
Shiirply, ad. tezee-se, sukhtee-se. 
Shatter, V. choor k. tookra tookra h. 
Shave, $. hujamut bunana, khutt 

Sb&rings, t. cbheelan chhalun. 
She, pron, wuh. 
Sheaf, s. poola, doatuh. 
Shear, v. kutoma ; {reap) katna. 
Shearsyf. kutactiee, miknay kyncbee. 

Sheath, «. miyan, khol, ghilaf. 
Shed, g, oosara : v. jbama, daloa ; 

(of tean) girana; (m Hood) 

khoon-rezee k. 
Sheep, s. bher, bheree, mesh. 
Sh^pfold, s. bhersala. 
Sheepskin, t. meshee, 
Sheep's^e, s. kuroshma-mizuree. 
Sheer, a. nira, saf. 
Sheet, f. chuddur, chadur; (qfpa^ 

per) tao, tukhtuh. 
Sheif, $. tukhtee, tand, tak-i-chobee. 
Shell, f. chhilka, khupra; (mot/) 

kouree, sunk, seep. 
Shelter, I. boehao, ot, sayuh, urtula. 
Shelving, a. dhal, dhaloo. 
Sh^pheKl, s. guduriya, gultuban, 

pasban, bhereewala. 
Sheriff, <• foujdar. 
Shield, s. dhal, sipur ; punah : v. bu- 

chaaa, punah d. 
Shift, s. doul, soomt, nibah ; (stra* 

tagem) fitrut ; (evasion) tala bala. 
Shift, o. dolta ruhna ; nibahna, din 

katna; (change) budulna; (re" 

move) surkana. 
Shin, 9. nulee kee huddee, pindlee. 
Shine, o. chumukna, jhulukna, jug. 

mugana, roushun h. 
Shining, a. chumukta, jugjuga, 

durukhshan, roushun. 
Ship, s. juhazi v, jubaz pur chur- 

hana, ladna. 
Shipping, s. buhur juhazon ka. 
Shipwreck, s, juliaz-shikunee. 
Shipwright, s. juhaz-saz. 
Shirt, s. kumeez, pyrahun. 
Shiver, v. kampna, thurthurana, 

Shivering, s, kampnee, thurthuree, 

kupkupee, sursurahui. 
Shoal, t, jumghut, jhoood ; (skehe) 

cbur, thul. 

S H O 

[ 284 ] 


Shock, s. dhumok, sudma; {of com) 

Shock, o. sudma puhoonchana ; 

{offend) burhom k. 
Shocking, a, wuhshut-ungez, ma- 

yoob, bhurkaoo. 
Shoe, s, joota, paposh. 
Shdemaker, t. mochee, jooteewala. 
Shdestring, «. duwal. 
Shoot, s, poudh, koftpulygabha, kyl. 
Shoot, V. {dart) chulna ; {with ihot) 

golee marna ; {arrow) teer chula- 

na ; ( project) oobhurna ; {throb) 

tees mama. 
Shop, f. dookan ; karkhanuh. 
Sh6p*keeper, «. dookandar. 
Shore, «. kinaruh, teer, lub ; (/i/r- 

ther) par ; {hither) war. 
Short, V. chhota, kotah, kum ; 

{scanty) tung ; {direct) seedha. 
Shdrten, 9. chhota k. ghutana,kom k. 
Shorthand, s. sur i hurf likhaee, 

kism shikust. 
Short-lived, a. kum-oomr, kom- 

zeest, kuleel-ool-hyat. 
Shortly, ad. juld, thore dinon men. 
Short-necked, a, kotah-gurdun. 
Shortness, s, kotahee, tungee, kil- 

lut, kumee. 
Short-sighted, a, kum-nuzur, 

dhoondhla, kotah-nuzur, motee- 

Short- sightedness,s. kotab-nuzuree, 

Shot, s. {ball) gola, golee; {maU) 

Shove, V, dhukelna, thelna, pelna, 

Shovel, s. bel, belchuh. 
Should, pret* chahiye, jo, ugur, ku* 

Shoulder, s. kandha, khuwa :v, kun- 

dhiyaoa, kandhe pur rukhna. 

Shout, s. nuara, jy jy kar, kilkaree. 
Show, V, dikhana, butana, sumjha- 

na, zahir k. ; ( prove) dulalut k. 
Show, s, tumasba, syr ; {Jigure) rou- 

nuk ; {plausibility) zahirdaree. 
Shower, s. jhuree, ihupaka, jhu- 

maka, jhupas, burkha. 
Shower, o. bursana» daloa^ jhuma, 

Showy, a. numoodar, noomaishee, 

rounukdar, araishee* 
Shred, «. kutrun, turasba, katun. 
Shrewd, a. pukka, siyana, hoshiyar, 

uyyar, ghag, chutoor. 
Shrewdly, ad, siyanpun-se, boshi- 

yaree-se, chutooraee-se. 
Shrewdness, s, hoshiyaree, siyan* 

pun, chutooraee. 
Shriek, s. cheekh, chinghar. 
Shriek, v. cheekhen mama, chin- 

ghama, kilkaree k. 
Shrill, a, bareek. 

Shrimp, s. jheenga. [sijdagah. 

Shrine, «. durgah, muzar, astanuh. 
Shrink, v. hutna, tulna, digna, hi* 

chukna; {as the belly) peeth pet 

ek h. pet lug jana. [ua* 

Shrivel, o«sookurna, simutna, sookh- 
Shroud, s, kufun, chadur i liiaia : o; 

kufnana, tujheez o tukfeen k. 
Shrub, s, jharee, boota^ goolboon. 
Shrug, V. hucbuki^^hna, kandha 

hilana, mondhe churhana. 
Shudder, v, roan khuka h. ihichukna, 

thurthurana, jhijhukna,hulhuIaoa. 
SbCiffle, V. {cards) milana, ubtur k. ; 

{prevaricate) tal mutol k. ajkul 

k. chukur mukur k. 
Sh&ffler, 5. talmutoliyai robabaz» 

Shun, V. kunaruh k. baz ruhna, 

purhez k. bhagna, ulug ruhoai 

kuniyana, ktttr^iMu 

S 1 G 

[ 285 ] 

S I M 

Shot, V. bond k. Ingtna, dena, 

moondna, bhirana, bberna ; (the 

eya) meechna. 
Sh&tter, s, jhilmil, 
ShCittle, t. nal. 
Shy, a. bhurkel ; (catUioui) chou- 

konna; {wary) khuburdar; (re- 

ierved) kusheeda. 
Sick» a. beemar, manday mureez, 

axaree, rogee, uleel. 
Sicken, v. beeroar h. ; (langmth) 

jhoorna, gulna, koorfana. 
I^ckle, s, durantee, buswa, dantee. 
Sickly, a. sueef, soost, uleel, nasaz. 
Sickness, s. beemaree, azar, murz, 

rog, dookh, mandugee, zuhmut. 
Side, f. turuf, rookh, puhloo, pan- 

jur, pukha ; (of a leaf) sufhuh ; 

{quarter) sumt, disa. 
Side, a, tirchha, terha. 
Side, V. turuf h. 

Sideways, ad, puhloo pur, kurwut. 
Siege, s. moohasuruh, kuluh bundee. 
Sieve, s. chulnee, chhulnee. 
Sift, V. chalna, jhama, kupurchhun 

k. phutukna, phutkama, rolna; 

(examine) chhanna. 
Sifting, s. chalun, jharun. 
Sigh, V. ah mama, t^undee sans 

Sight, s, nuzur, busarut, beenaee, 

deedar, drisht, nigah ; {charming) 

buhar, mouj, luhur; (spectacle) 

deed, munzur;(a^ stgA^)dursunee. 
Sightless, a, nabeena. 
Sightly, a, nunioodar, deedaroo, 


Sign, s. nishan, ulamut, syn, puta, 

chinh, isharuh, eema, nishanee, 

luchchhun ; {comtellatUm) boorj, 

ras, nichhuttur; {manual) byz, 

soojem), khutt ; {miracle) cheytuk. 

kurushma; (military) bolee; 

{couttter*$ig;n) bolee ka juwab, 

shurt hurt. 
Sign, o. dustkhutt k. suhee k. 
Signal, «. ishara, nishanee. 
Signal, a. mushhoor, nam*wur. 
Signalize, o. namwur k. 
Signature, s. dustkhutt. 
Signed, part* dustkhuttee, suhee 

keeya hooa. 
Signet, s, mohur i dustee, moohur* 

khass, khatim. 
Significant, a. dal, ba-xnuanee. 
Signification, t. muanecy urth, mui« 

Signify, v. muanee rukhna, butana, 

dikhana ; (6y iigm) isharuh k. 
Silence, s. khamoshee, goopchoo« 

pee, choop ; {oblivion) nisiyan. 
Silent, a. choop, khamosh, choop« 

ka, choopchap, sakit. 
Silently,a(^.choopke, choop chap-se. 
Silk, «. reshum, ubreshuin ; (*tuff) 

Silken, a. reshmee, horeeree. 
Silkworm, s. reshum ka keera. 
Silliness, s. bholapon, sadugee, una- 

reepun, bhondoopun, soobkaee. 
Silly, a. bhola, saduh, bhondoo, 

nadan, unaree, kuchcha, hulka, 

ochha, soobook, beshuoor, be- 

suleeka, kumhousila. 
Stiver, f. chandee, seem, nookruh ; 

{coin) roopyya. 
Silver, a. chandee ka, nookruee, see- 

Silversmith, s. sadekar. 
Similar, a. burabur, eksan, rooo- 

Similarity, s. mel, moosawat, bu- 

raburee, tutbeek, tujnees. 
Simile, «. misal, tushfalee, musl^ nu- 

zeer^ mooshubba. 

S I N 

[ 286 ] 

S R I 

Similitude, s, moosawat, 4iia8l, 

Simmer, v. sunsonana, chhunchhu- 

nana, sorsurana. 
Simper, v. mooskoorana. 
Simple, a. bhola, saduh ; (eaty) 

suhuj ; (bare) nira, khalee. 
Simpleton, s, unaree, sadu-louh. 
Simplicity, t, bholapun, seedhaee, 

rastee, sufaee ; (enje) asaaee. 
Simply, ad. sirf, fukut. 
Sin, s. goonah, pap, joorm, isiyan, 

Since, ad, jub ki, jub-se, sera ki^ is 

waste ki, buad. 
Sinctire, a, rast, suchcha, khalis, 

seedha, sadik, khura, safdil, be- 

riya, siddeek. 
Sincerely, ad, rastee ke sath, sach- 

Sincerity, «• rastee, sodichaee, su- 

fSaee, sidakut, beriyaee. 
Sinew, «. lius, py, putba. 
Sin^l, a, goonuh-gar, asee, khuta- 

kar, joormalooda. 
Sing, 0. gona. [lana. 

Singe, V. jhoolsana, bboolsana, ju* 
Singer, $. guwya, ganewala ; (Jem.) 
Singing, s. gana, ragrung. f gaen. 
Single, a. tunha, ek, ekla, wahid ; 

(unifufrriefQunbiyaha, moojurrud. 
Singly, ad, ek ek, furdun furdun, 

Singular^ a. moofrud, wahid ; (tm" 

common) unokha, unotha, ujub. 
Singularity, K unokhapun, noodrut, 

Sinister, s. bud, kuj, zuboon, narast. 
Sink, V. doobna, ghurk h. bythna, 

dhusna (jyse keech men); (as 

ink) phootna ; (to deereate) dhul- 

na, ootuma. 
Sink, i. nalee, putal*moohiee. 

Sinless, a. be-gootiah, nis»papee» 

Sinner, 8, goonuh-gar, papee, asee, 

moojrim. [sukna. 

Sip, V. soorukna, ghooitt leoa, choo- 
Sir, s. sahib, jee, miyan, lala, tha* 

kur, baboo. 
Sire, s. bap, baba; muharaj, khoo- 

dawund i niyamat. 
Siren, s. thugnee, mohnee. 
Simame, s. kbandanee nam. 
Sirup, s, sheeruh, rus. 
Sister, s. buhin, huro-sheerub. 
Sister-in-law, s. bhabee, bhawuj, 

nund, salee. 
Sit, V. bythna; (Jit) phuboa, theek 

ii,;(asa council) mujiis k. ijlas k. 
Site, «• mookam, thikana. 
Sitting, s, bythuk, ijlas, nishust; 

(tip) jagna, shubbiedaree, shub* 

Situate, a. hy, sthit hy. 
Situluion, <. juguh, mookam, thaon ; 

(state) hal, halut, doul, tunih. 
Size, s, mikdar, undazuh ; (stature) 

kud ; (glue) suresh ; (of a horse) 

ras, khoontee. 
Skein, s. untee, phentee. 
Skeleton, s. tushree, dhanch, injur, 

pinjur, thuturee; (Jig.) tidda, 

Skeptical, a. wuswas6e,duleel tulub. 
Sketch,!. nuk8huh,kutkuna : v. nuk* 

shuh bunana, nuksha khynchna. 
Skiff, s. donga, purewa. 
Skilful, a. kabil, hoonurmund, soo- 

ghur, mahir, wakifkar, rusa» 

goonee, oostad. 
Skilfully, ad. hoonurmundee-se. 
Skill, s. hoonur, goon, istiudad, ru« 

saee, suleeka, muharut, wukoof. 
Skilled, a. (versed) muhnun, muh« 



t 387 ] 

8 L I 

Skim» 0. myl k«tna, jfaag lena, pu- 

Sana; (over) chultee nuxord^hna. 

Skimmer, $. kocbhnee, kiifgeer. 

Skin, V. cbamra oodheraa, ehumra 

khynchaa, ehumra nikalna, khal 


Skin, s, ehumra, cham, khal, post, 

churm, khulre, ndhouree. 
Bklnny, a. chumrokhee, aookha- 

Skip, V. koodukna, ehholangna, 

Skirmish, s. jhurpa jhurpee, khata- 

Skirt, $, damun, xyl. 
Skittish, a. ulel, chunchol. 
Skulk, o. dubukna. 
Skull, «. kliopree. 
Sky, s, asman, akas, ftduk, suma. 
Sky-light^ s. roushundan, tabdan, 

Sky'-roeket, t. huwaee. 
Slab, s. tukhtuh, sila, tuaweez. 
$lack, a. dheela ; {remiu) mujhool ; 

{slow) munda. 
Slackness, $, dheel, dheelaee, soos- 

tee, dheemaee, mundaee. 
Slag, 8, dhaton ka myl. 
Slake, r. (thirst) boojhana ; {Ume) 


Slander, s, toohmut, budgoee, lim, 

kttlunk : v. toohmut lugana, bud- 

iiam k. iim lugana, boohtan 


Slanderer, s. toohmutee, boohtanee. 

Slanderous, a, toohmutanu, limmee, 

jhootha, kulunkee. 
Slant, a. tirohha, terha, benda. 
Slap, s. tumacha, thuppor, thupenu 
Slash, V, katna, chherna. 
Slate, s. tukhtee i sungee, pu three. 
Slave, s. gboolam, lounda ; (/em,) 
loundee, bandee. 

Slavery, s. gboolaraee. 

Slaughter, s. kutl, khoon-resee, gur- 

Slavish, a. g^oolamanuh. 
Slay, 0. kuU k. mar dalna ; {ani" 

mats) hulal k. 
Slayer, s. khoonee. 
Sledge, 8, huthoura. 
Sleek, a. ehikna. 
Sleep, s. neend, khwab: v» sona, 

aram k, ; (at the feet) j,h\injlhunei'' 

na, jhoonjhoonee churhna. 
Sleepiness, s, oonghaee, ulsaee, 

khwab-nakee, neendasy khwab* 

Sleepy, a. neendasa, oonghasa, 

khwab-nak, ulsana, khwabalooda. 
Sleet, ». menh our burf kee burkha. 
Sleeve, s, asteen. 
Sleight, s. dhandbul, joogut, hik- 

mut, dithbund, shuubida, kula, 

Slander, a. putla, soobook, bareek. 
Slice, 9. phaiiken katna, kutla katna. 
Slide, V. phisulna, khisukna, ru- 

Slight, a. hulka, thora; (thin) too- 

nook, putla, puteel. 
Slight, V. hulka janna, hikarut k. 
Slight, s. hikarut, khiffut, soobookee. 
Si^tly, ad. surasuree, ahiste. 
Slim, a. putla, ki^huzee. 
Slime, s. keecli, keechur, chuhla. 
Siiminess, s. keechurahut, luslusa* 

hut, chipchipahut, looabdaree. 
Slimy, a. chuhluha; (viscous) luj« 

luja, luslusa. 
SHng, s. gopun, fulakhoon. 
Slip, s. phisul, khisuk, ruput; (of 

paper) bund : v. khisulna ; (err) 

chookna ; (creep in) ghoos-ana. 
Slip-knot, s. suruk-pbansee. 
Slipper,!, chuproanay pbiddo,bytha. 

S If A 

[ 288 ] 

S N £ 

Slippery, a. chikna, phisluha, kbis- 

luna; (mutable) napaedar. 
Slit, V. cheeraa, pharna, chak k. 
Sloop, s. chhota jahaz. 
Sloping, a. dhaloo. 
Sloth, $. soostee, kahilee, alkas, alus. 
Sl6tl][ful^ a. soost, kahil, alkusee, 

alusee, Shun-tulub. 
Slovenly, a, gbulees, mijis. 
Slougb, i, dul dul, dhusao; (shin) 

kenchlee; {of a wound) chbichra. 
Slow, «. ahistu, dheela, soost, mun- 

da; (indolent) mujhool; {dull) 

Slowly, ad. abista, houle houle. 
Slowness, s. ahistugee, dheel ; {(Ma» 

toriness) deree. 
Slug, & kism seep. 
SlOggard, s, aram-tulub, alkusee. 
Sluice, 5. moobree. 
Sltimber, s, oongh, oonghaee, kuch- 

chee neend, jhupkee, neemkhwab. 
Slur, I. hurf, dagn. [dee. 

Slut, 8, nigoree, phoohuree, khun. 
Sly, a. siyana, ghuddar, mootufun- 
Sly'ly, ad. siyanpun-se. ^ [nee. 
Smack, o. ebotakha mama, chut- 

karna : s. chutakha, chutkara. 
Small, a. chhota, khoocd, kochuk, 

sugheer, nunha. 
SmallnesSy s. chhotaee, khoordee, 

thoraee, sugharut. 
Smallpox, $, seetla, mata, cbecbuk. 
Smart, a. tez, kurkeela, churpura, 

toond, chutkeela, juldbaz, zin- 

dadil ; {witti/) bazirjuwab, joogu* 

tee, numkeen, chokha. 
Smart, s. churpurabut, purpura- 

hut, julun. 
Smart, v. purpurana, julna, lugna, 

churpurana, khurukna. 
Smartness, 5. tezee, toondee, chu- 

tuk, hazir-juwabee, chokhaee. 

Smitttering, «. shoodboody ilmisoo* 

book, kunrus. 
Smear, v, leepna, leesna, bhuma, 

mulna, lugana. 
Smell, s. shamuh,800Dghaee ; {odour) 

bo, bas rouhuk : t?. soongbna, bo 

lena ; bas-ana. 
Smelt, V. gulana. 
Smile, 9. mooskoorana, tubussoom 

k. mooskana. 
Smite, V. mama. 
Smith, 8, lobar, ahungur. 
Smoke, 5. dhooan, dood. 
Smoke, v, dhooan nikulna ; (tobac^ 

co) peena, dum lugana. 
Smoking, a. bookka peena. 
Smoky, a. dhoo?tasa, dhooandar* 
Smooth, a. cbikna, moohrudar, saf, 

Smoothly, ad, moolairoee-se. 
Smoothness, s, chiknahut, xnooiai- 

mut, sufaee, ghotaee, moohruda- 

ree, bumwaree, buraburee» 
Smother, s. dum gbontna; {siqh' 

press) dubana. 
SmCiggle, V. mubsool marna, choree 

choree lana. 
Smut, s. (mildew) chittee; (obsce* 

nt/y) khoorafat, zutul. 
Snail, s. ghongba. 
Snake, s, samp, keera. 
Snake-c4tcher, s. sumpera, margeer. 
Snap, V. chutuk jana ; (bite) katna ; 

(the fingers) chootkee-bujana ^ 

(as a dog) lupukna. 
Snappish, a, hurkya, kutkuna, kut- 

Snare, s. phunda, phand, dam. 
Snarl, v. ghoorrana. 
Snatch, v» chheenna, jhuputna. 
Sneer, t;. nak churhana, mibaa 

mama, tana marna. 


( 289 ] 


Sbeeie, o. chheenkna. 

Snip, 9. kutur dalna. 

Snipe, f. chaha. 

Snore, v. khurraU lena. 

Snort, 9. phoonkarna. 

Snout, s, thoothnee. 

Snow, <. burf, him. 

Snuff, 8, nas, hoolas ; (of a candle) 

SnCiff-box, f. nas-dan. [gool. 

Snuff, o. soonghna; (a candle) gool 

turasbna, -gool katna. 
Sniffers, s. gool-geer, gool-turash. 
Snug, a. muakool, soothra. 
So, ad. U3rsa, wysa, tysa, is-turuh, 

oo8-turuh, yon, yoit-kur. 
Soak, o. tur k. bheegona, jazb k. 

Soap, f. saboon. 
Soap*earth, t. re, rehee. 
Soar, V. oorb-chulna. 
Sob, V, sisukna, siskee bhuma, 

S6ber, a. purfaezgar, moottukee, 

ba*hosh,sunjumee ; (ierMms)8Un- 

jeeda, moodubbir. 
Sobriety, i. purhezgaree, sunjum, 

Sociable, } a. milapee, milunsar, 
S6cial, i soohbutee, ashna-mi- 

zaj, oonsee, murdoom-amez. 
Society, s. soohbut, rifakut; (asso^ 

ciation) mujlis, shirkut, moo- 

S6cket, s. khanub, gfaur, chhed. 
Sod, s. dhela. 
Sodomy, $, lounde-bazee. 
Sofa, i. tukht-posh. 
S6ft, a, nurm, moolaim; (meUaw) 

pilpila, goolgoola ; {delicate) 

Sdften, V. nurm k. moolaim k, pil- 

pilftna, goodgooda k. 
Softly, ad. ahistu, boutei ruse ruse. 

Softness, 8, nurmee, moolairaut, po- 

laee, goodgoodahut, pilpilabut. 
Soil, V. dugheela k. 
Soil, «. zumeen, mittee, dfaurtee. 
S6joum, V. sufur k. khooshbashee k. 
Sojourner, s, moosafir, khooshbash, 

Solace, s. tuskeen, tusullee, khoo- 

shee, rahut. 
S6lar, a. shumsee, soorj ka. 
Solder, s. luhim, tanka : «• joma, 

tanka lugana. 
Soldier, 8. sipahee." 
Soldiery, s. sipah-peshuh. 
Soldierlike, a, sipahiyana. [tula. 
Sole, 8. tulwa, tulooa ; {of a 8hoe) 
Sole, a. tanha, ekia; (mere) sirf. 
Solecism, t. umur moohal. 
Solely, ad, sirf, fiikut. 
Solemn, a. rooabdar; (grave) sun- 

Solemnly, ad, sunjeedugee-se. 
Solemnity, 8, rooabdaree ; (gravitif) 

S61emnize, v. {a fe8twal) manna ; 

(a nuirriage) kurana. 
Solicit, o. mangna, durkhwastk. 

arzoo rukhna, istudooa k. 
Solicitlition, 8, istidooa, dnrkhwast, 

tumunna, niyaz, arzoo, minnut. 
Solicitous, a. arzoomund, mootu- 

munnee. flish. 

Solicitude, 8, fikr, tur^ddood, khu- 
Solid, a, (not fluid) moonjumid ; 

(derue) thos. 
Solidity, «. sungeenee, thosaee. 
Soliloquy, 8. k'hood-kulamee. 
Solitary, a. tunha, ekla, khilwut* 

gooaeen. [wi^^ 

Solitude, 8. tunhaee, goshuh, khol- 
S61stice, 8, {8wnmer) ootturaen-800« 

ruj ; {winter) dukbinaen-sooruj. 
Solve, V. 80o]jbana» hull k, kholna. 

so A 

t HO 1 


Solvent^ 0. («iWa) sttDdtn n^ldw; 

SolOtion, s. pigblno^ fwm ; (flcj4»- 
nalMvi) httU» 90Qyb«», iokisbM- 

Soioe, a. kooohh, tkoni^ fhun4, 
kwif ik«]|e^ tkore; (oK> km& t 
{one) koee ; (obi.) kisee, kUoow 

ek turuh. 
Something, |. koocbb» IJbMakthoot, 

Sometime, ad, kudhee ««i kiidhftd. 
Sometimes, ad. \m» w^t^ Vm>Wk(9<^ 

SMttewhat, 8. kooehh-^K 
Somewbei^, «d kuhe^m kiseejiigiiJb^ 
SomnlfiercNd^ a., iji9<l^, kh^«»b'4iHiuf • 
Son, s. beuu h»ka, fttsur, liA<2^uad« 

poot, pootr. 
Soa4o4«^Wii. dMMd. jumtDj^e. 
Song, s, geet, gan, surod. 
S6ngs(«c, I, giiwy«, ga9#w«K^ 
S6QM!jt» I* tu^piA^ dbporpud^ kbiyaU 
Sonorous, a, poor-awajs. 
SoiMbij^ <^ b4t«rpu9» ilHiiynt. 
Soon, 11(2. jul<)«iek.ahi}»b,bfig»QQlaola. 
9Qd)i»fff, #4. puble, pesbMir,, QWh 

Qo^ «., kiiiiuU d<tocU)h^ 
Sootb, 9. bAiblapa ; WAk^ti k.. 9QP- 
Sof^ Ip, tookr^t lookmuh^ [inim.. 
^phism, s. pech, lupet, onM^Ukj^e, 

dbpkha, [u»gf«,,80Q^apf>» 

^(^Qti&Qt,a^ khwal^-awury kbwftbi* 
Sorcerer, «. jadoogur^ 
Sorc^ness,. i, jadp^mee. 
Sorcery, s, ny^ut^, t)|»kh9«imt,, J8r 

doO)» tpna, iQtkd^ 
fordid, a, kirpun» bukh^. pfl|i«e, 

soqniA nqiMtf ,. diiMD, diitHOg. 
Sor% <• gbao : a. d^kOPO^ poor* 

dui^; (mp/en/) slmdAKfi* ^dkkt, 

9fi^i iinmmdi bscAr, oAkKjM^b*. 

S6rely, ad, bukool, nihayitt, akid- 

Soreness, s, dookh, datd, peec. 
Sorrel, s. chooka^ kbuifeartfag, tocv- 

S6rrow, «. uisos, gHutt, niojeedogee.. 
Sorrowful, a. oodoa, dilgear, glHun- 

geMi, mufool, asooidjw 
S<«pry, a. dilgear, p«shemaii.; («ii^ 

Sort, s. rukuna, kiam : 9.. rukimvu- 

kwA k. ^othai^ tbeek k. s (cp»i" 
; join) mikm% jonia» 
1 90^9 <b mutiiiala, kahosh, uftemat^ 
I Dostee. 

S^veteign^i. badshah,. ^mfeey raifl^ 
Sovereign, a. mootluk, moMaJkiL 
S6vereignty, s. badsbfllm^ sultmwty 

hookoomin^ nyasat. 
Soul, $, rooh, pnm, jeew 
Sfmm^ ». aavaa^ si]iib» sfeub^i 
Sound, a, khura, be-uyb,; {k09Uhy) 

fOQSt ; («i «(0i|») bbaiae : «« Oa« 
Mom) thah kiui^. nap»fl>; (li^) 
tiijtploa, btuiui» awaz d, bakMG 
bujana. piboobee. 

Spiindly,. <M^ «cMih^ tturuk, bin 

Soup* «. sborba, ab^j^sb. 

Sour„ a*, kbuila, tooiisb* 

SQjt»ce> 8, aikfts,, aaaol, butamud^ 

Sounnesa, k t^orsbcjO, toorsbaaa* 

Souse, V. jbuputna. 

Soujl)^ vdukmiPrjoimoob. 

Southward, a, dukhui\ k^ 

Sow, 8. soQiima* 

Sow, V. bona, tqakhm KSfit k. 

Si»wet^ I. bonawalift. 

Sowiogi,!. hf}9»» I {teofon) bapee. 

Space, «. ursa, beech, fasib wosut ; 
Uim) inoodiiiiit» wukt. 

Sf^ious, 4. koo)»bada, wiisceu, 
funkb, wnsttlee. 

S P £ 

r ^ i 


spade, f . kooMe*, phoam. 
Spw, 9. bcOishty bitta, hihai. 
Spar, «. knree. 
Spare, o; (mmt) badMua, efahor «l. ; 

Q{^iriiig, •. MAkYirtee^ kunkhoreh) 

jomtfus, cangdnst. 
Spark, $, cbingaree, pttHuiga, pltoolt 

looka ; (6eM»> eMiyla, baiiiak 
Spftikle^ It. dungaree aikultta; 

(shine) chitniukBa; 
Splufow, r. ckiiiya. PiijpmI^ 

Spasm, t, chunuk, chubuk, muror, 
Sp&tler, 9. chktmkM, alooda k» 
Sp&nn, t, hudda, motra. 
S'pawa; r. mvdlhlee ke ande. 
Speak, 9. bolna, bat k. kokaa. 
Speaker, s. bolwya, raootukuUim. 
Spear, «. bbala, burchhee. 
Sp^man, s. bhala-burdar, bbulyt. 
SpMal, a. khass, mukhsoos, moo- 

Sp^ialiy, ad. kboosoosun. 
Sp^eie, s, nukdw 
Species, t, zat, kism. 
Speclfie, o. jinsee, kismee, catee : $% 

(a tpet^k) moojurrub. 
Sp^c^jr, V. butanar, tasbkheet k. 
SpMraen, s: numoetm, bangee. 
SpMotts, o. n^iwiooraa, mookiin« 

ma, cbikna, bubrungee. 
SpMousness, s. zahtr-neomaee. 
Speck, t, dagh, cbkeenta, boond, 

gool, ebittee, dbabba. 
SfMekledj o. cfailkubra, kouriyala, 

dagbdar, ckitleedar, kbaidar, tee- 

Sp^6tacle, i; tumasba, seowas^. 
Sp^tades, «. ebuahmvdi, uymik. 
Spceti^tor, s. dek^iwy^, tamashbeen. 
Spectre, «. bboot, aseb, safvah, 


4 V 2 

l^pi^late^ «k bklyi^ k. timmmool 

k. sochna. 
SpeeuMitiocH «* sodi, Idiiyal, dbiyaH» 

munsooba, kijpas; 
Sp^ealatDr, r. noRsooba^i. 
Speeeb, r. kalam, bolee, tulaffoaa, 

Speechless^ a; be^' Wi ba a , hfr>jtiwab, 

Speed, f. juMHee, oeOwlee; (proS' 

perify) khyriyuf, bb^laee, fatah. 
SpMiiy, oA juldee-se, tooit, Iburun . 
Speedj, «. jttM; ibitttb, dratkeela, 

cbaiak, teR 
SpeU, tn munt^HT, jadd<HtOBa,guada. 
Spelt, V. imia' k. ; (#o ^iMh) biije 
Sp^UiDg, «. imla, hijjeb [k. 

Spends fh kb«upachna ; ( past) kattuu 
Spendthrift, «. ooraoo, moosrif. 
Sp^m^ iL muse^ dfaaC, biij, noot« 

fa, tookhm. [tel. 

Spermaic^, «; mudih ka bheja y4 
Spew, V, ky k. ooka k. mmeen 

Sphere, s. ginkrb, koebbah, sipthr ; 

(place) thikana, juguh. 
Spbesical, a; gof, moodUvwur. 
Spice, f. masalbh. 
Splcy,a, (aromatic) muhkeela, gum- 

keda ; fteittened) musaluHdar. 
Spider, f . mukree,mQkra^ tinkoboot 
Spike, s, {of com) ba], kbosbuh f 

^fUiwj' Riekn, KGeiv 
Spikenard, «. jutamaiMe, cbbur, 

Spillt V. chbulkaaa, gtraaa. 
Spin, V. kattm, soet-katna. 
Splnage, s. isibnaj, pdvk, batbooa; 
Spindle, «. tokla; (sftiM) dtmthia. 
Spine, s. reerh, sooib. 
Spfnner, f. katunharee, katnewalce'. 
SplniniiMvbetl^ s, churkha, chur- 



C 2w ] 

S P R 

Sptoster^ t,. kootne, )bagfayr-biya- 

Sfiiral, a. meenarBey nagdoun^ mu- 

roreedar, pecbdar. 
Spire» s. pecii ; {steq^le) meenar. 
Spirit, t, rooh, atma^ jeeoo ; (ghoti) 

bhoot ; {temper) misaj ; (courage) 

dileree ; (magnanmiiy) hiinmut ; 

(essemx) sot; (liquor) shurab, 

mudra; (briskneu) tezee. 
Spirited, 0. turraruh, diler, jandar, 

janbas. [yut-roofaee. 

Spiritualty, «. roohaniyut, khassi- 
Spirituous, a. tez, chokha. 
Spit, V. seekh pur ohurhana; (Jrom 

the mouth) thookna: t, seekh; 

(spittle) thook. 
Spite, «. keenuh, booghz, kud, zidd, 

koodoorut, lag, khoons, ganth, 

khoosboonut, khoosoomut^ udu- 

wut, khulish. 
Spiteful, a, keenu-wur, gboona, 

lagee, ^dee, gutheela. 
Spittle, 8, thook, looab. 
Splash, «. chbitukua, alooduh k. 

bhur d. 
Spleen, s. tillee; tup-tillee ; (anger) 

luhnr, turuDg ; (fn€/aftcAofy) dil- 
. geeree. 
Splendid, a, bhurkeela, rounukdar, 

oomduh, rungeela^ moojulla, 

Splendour, s. rounuk, tujullee^ noor, 

shoukut, bburuk. 
Splenetic, a. chirchira. 
Splice, V. santhna. 
Splinter, s. phans, rezub, kirch. 
jSplit, V. phama, cheema, chak k. ; 

(peate) dulna; (break) tootna, 

phootna, turukna. 
Spoil, V. bigama, khurab k. aura- 

na ; (plunder) lootna, oojama : «. 

loot, ghuneemut i 

Spdiler, «. lootera, ^faarutgnr. 
Spoilt, «. khurab, b^^ra, zaia, bnr- 

bad, khwar, tuhus-nuhus. 
Sponge, 8, jnooa-baduly isfunj.. 
Spontlineously, ad. ap-se, uzkhood, 

aphee ap, khood bu khood. 
Spoon, s. chumcha, chnmuch. 
Sport, 8, khel, jee4>uhlao ; (jgame) 

shikar; (jeif) thutha. 
Sp6rt8nuin, $. shikaree. 
Spot, 8. dagh, chbeet, chittee^ khal, 

boond, gool, dhubba. 
Sp6tle8s, a. be-daghy be«uyb, la^ 

Spotted, a, dugheela, chitteedar, 

khaldar, chitla. 
Spouse, i. xouj, zoujuh, jooft, jora, 

joree, hukkbulal. 
Spout, s. tontee, pur-naluh. 
Spout, V. zor-se oondelna^ fuvwa- 

ruh chhootna. [ana*' 

Sprain, 4. muror, moch : v. moch^ 
Sprawl, V. lotna, turuphna. 
Spray, s. phoongee, phoonung ; 

(of the tea) mouj, pben sumoon- 

dur ka. 
Spread, v. bichbana, phylana, pu* 

sama; (ahrood) oorana; (cover) 

chhana; (U^) cburhana, lugana. 
Sprig, t, tuhnee, shakh*chuh. 
Sprightly, ad, chhubeela, chool- 

boola, chohlee. 
Sprii^, s. bubar, busunt ; (boufice} 

jhupta^ jhuput; {elasticity) lu^ 

chuk ; (iattrument) kumanee ; 

(leap) kood; (fountain) muB»- 

buh, bumbuh, fuvvara. 
Springe, «. paedam, phanda. 
Spring- tide, t. kuthal, mudd i kamiL 
Spring, V. (grow) oothna, jumna; 

(bound) phandna ; (a miviei) oora- 
na ; (bind) luchukna. 
Sprinkle, v, cbhirukna. 


[ 293 J 


Sprout, V. dalee Dikulna, punupna : 
«. kompul; tragoor, gabha, kyl, 
kulgfaa, ak. 

Spruce, a, chhyla, ulbela, bunathu- 
na, lutputa, chikna. 

Spr^ceness, t. chhylapan, chikna- 
hut, ulbelaed. 

Spur, 8. kanta ; (excitement) nlo<w 
hurrik : v. er k. 

Spurious, a. jhootha^ jal. 

Spurn, V. lat mama ; hikarut k. 

Spy» 8. jasoos, bhediya: «. takna ; 
{08 a 8py) jasoosee k. bhed lena. 

Spy'giass, f. door-been. 

Squabble, s. bukhera, tunta, jhugra. 

Squadron, f. toomun^ dusta, ghol ; 
(fieH) buhr. 

Squalid, a. gunda, nujis, muleen. 

Squail, f. jhoka, jhukola. 

Sqa&nder, if. oorana, gunwana, bur- 
bad k. lootana, khona, buhana. 

Square, a. moorubbuh;cboukhooii« 
ta, chourus, chougosha, charsoo, 
cboukor; {number) burgunk,burg- 
mool ; {angular) goshebdar. 

Squats V. choukree mar bythna. 

Squeak, v, kikiyana. 

Squ^ttmsh, a, ghinyna, muchlata. 

Squeeze, V. du^na, nidioma^ P^l~ 

Squib, «. putakha, tonta. 

Squint, v. tirchha ddchna. 

Squint-eyed, a. bhynga, donuera, 
kujbeeii, i^iwol. 

Squill, 8, iskeel, kunda, junglee pi- 

Squirrel, 8, gilehree. 

Squirt, v. pichkaree mama. 

Stab, V. bhonkua, hoolna. 

Stability, s. kiyam, thikana, thuhrao, 
' paedaree, oostoowaree, subat, 
iiHkibooiee, isUkla). 

Sli&ble, a, burkurar, muzboot, oos- 

toowar, kaim^ paedar, moostukilj^ 

St&ble, 8. ustubul, tubela. 
Stack, 8, tal, utala, dher, guree. 
Staff, 8, lathee, sonta, usa, dunda. 
Stag, 8, baruh-singa. 
Stage, 8. ukhara, tumashu-gah ; (of 

a journey )mutisil; (ftepjduijah, 

Stage-coach, s. dak kee garee. 
Stagger, v. digmigana, lirbirana, 

S^gnant, a, na-mw^j bund, sakin. 
Stagnate, v. rookna, bund b. 
Stain, V. daghee k. dagh lugana; 

{the hear^ busma k. khizab k.; 

{tamuh) hurf lugana, kulunk lu*> 

Stain, 8, dagh^ dhubba. 
Stair, f. seerhee, zeenuh, pyree. 
Staircase, s. pyrhee, poursal. 
Stake, 8, khumb, khoonta ; {at "play) 

shurt: .9. thambhna; {wager) 

shurt bandhna. 
Stale, a. basee. 

Stalk, «. dalee : v, uynth kar chulna. 
Stall, 8, than. 

St&llion, 8. luggoo-ghora, sand.' 
St&men, s. {in hotam/) soot. 
Stitmmer, r. huklana, looknut k. 
Stiimmerer, «. huklahai looknutee. 
Stammering, 8. huklahut, lughzish. 
Stamp, 8, chhapa; (iorf) soorut, 

turah: V. paon peetna; {mark) 

Stanch; a. musboot, khura : v. bund 

k. {jy8a luhoo.) 
Stand, V. khura rahna ; (fiut) kaim 

ruhna; {be) ruhna, bona; (en* 

dure) suhna ; {aMe) manna. 
Stand, s, {*top) utkao; (frame) 

dhatich, ghurounehee ; (d^iadti/) 

tungee, pa-bundee. 


C m 1 


nirkh ; (model) numoaank^ 
SUmding, for^. khttcHf lMickaiftr» 

moomoee ; (cofsr) pukka. 
Sttediig, ^ kndwrnul;, paedapeei 

(com) khuree kbelee. 
^tandish, 4. koknadiMi. 
StluiM, I. sliiur, hfi, kubit^ doha, 

kita, roobaee. 
Staple^ A. tbjriu hooa, ual, bura, 

ttnmgee : «. aruog, ^ola. 
Stkr, s. tara, sitara. 
Stvroh^s. «ishA8ta» kulup, mawa^ 

Stai«9 V* gboorna, takIll^ dekh rub- 

Stdii^ht, J. ehandnee. . 
Stirling, t. kism chtriya. 
Start, V. choufikiia I (tei off) €biilna, 

Stiirtte, p, bburkaoa. | 

,SUrve» V. bhookh^ijTf^ nibna,»i 

bbookon maroa* 
Starved, a. murbhookba. 
Statie,«. hal,balut; (ip^0iii2otir)thatb; 
*(gof«r»Miflo<)«ultiiBut, umuldaree, 

raj, surkar. 
Stat9, V* kuhiM^ byan k> sikr k. 
St&telyjfl.oonMiUib^aleeshan, uzeem, 

StateBMDt, t. 8Qorut*bal, balbukfia- 

St^esmanv i. ubU-ktilum^ 
St^tiop, «, i«^h, tbikana ; {rank) 

murtubuh, duija, mudarij. 
St/&4iQii, 9* ^Menait k* mootyyun k. 

St&ti<MMMyt 0* 8«lun, mookeem. 
StitioDer» «. kagb^izea. 
Stittkmery^ t. k^buz kulum wag by- 

Statuary, t. (nN) boot*tuia«bee ; 

(artut) booMnnsb. 

Statue* «• moonit, boot. 
Stature, «. kadd, kamuit^ dael. 
Statute, s. kanoon, kaidub; i 
SUi?t» 9. tooknt tookia k. 
Stay, V. rubiMy UMibunM^ tikntt ; 

(yry) tbambni. 
Stay, tni;. rubo, thubro* 
Stay, f. tikao, niboay bood^basb^ 

{prop) suhara. 
Stays, «. ui^ya* cfaolea, iattfanii% 

Stead, «* iwuz^ budtee, juguh. 
Stebdfait, a. katni, kakn^omj, 

moostukil, moostabkuHi, aabi^ 

Ste^&sUy, 4idL muabootee-ae. 
St^d fastness, s. oostoowam^ nuii- 

Ste&dy, a. kum-misf4«kftiai» qmms^ 

tafai^wn, moostttkil, sui^eeda. 
Steak* s. botee, tikka. 
Steal, V. oboonMUi, aioosiia. 
Stealtb, 9p eboree, doosdee* 
Steam, i. bbapb, bbupara* bookhar^ 

Steed, i» bad-pa, aool^juaab, aor 

mund, ghazee-murd. 
Steel, «. kharee, foukid, ispat: v. 

putbar k. foulad cburbaaa. 
Steep, a. ooncba, khura : s. kuiar. 
Steep, 9. bbigooa. 
Staple, I, auRar» }«lb. 
Steepness, s. khuraee. 
Steer, v. rah-butana^ebubiaa ; kisb- 

tea ebalana* 
St^rsman, f. roanjbee. 
Stem, s. sbakb ; (ntfe) bunt, biis^ 

Stem, 9. rokoa, bund k» 
St^neb, «. budbo, taiboa. 
Step,«.cbttlDa,kudttm daloa; {oner) 

langhoa; (tip) buifaiia; {kuck) 



t 2W ] 


»e|>, f. WdMn; (gmi) ohal; {^ii 
itatr) seerbte; (ifc g i W ) inijoli. 

SlMle, a« btajur^ kitilar, oositr. 
Sterility, s. kulluraee, oo xiwte^ . 
Snetmt «• smUk, tooMl, kura. 
Stafn, Sk kiihtee k« ptohhwMm. [se. 
St^rnljS «if. takhteefe, kurwth^t- 
St^waidy «. khansaman, bhiuHlairee. 
Stick, s. lukrab, cbhutee, lathee. 
Stick, V. chipukna, ohioMtna, lugna. 
Stickiness f. latliMahat, hiS) cbep. 
^okle^ p» hooyut k* «m% ooprala 

k. rugurna. 
Sttfi^ m. naitibolaiKS ukm kmt; 

(^bniNi/) rookba. 
Stilfen^ V. k«rta k. 
Stifle, v. dum gkontna ; («fffiiigtiuA) 

dubaaa, bombaaa* 
Stigma, f. hur^ kuluaki dagh. 
Stignaciie, tk bddaam k. kuiottk 

lugaiMs ungeothtnooma k. 
Siill, ud, abtuk, ub^toree, haaos, 

9lill^«%cbbop» aoaiitans (MMry)cko^ 

chap ; {motunUeu) be^hmrukut. 
SliU» «k bhiibka, aaibeek^ bhutlee. 
Still, o. choop kurana. 
StiUbai^ «• mooa-booa. 
StilUiess, s. sooDsanee. 
Stikty •* jaogluya. 
Stimulate, v. tuhreek k. rughbut d. 

chulana, douraiuu [rtes* 

StlflMilas^ I. tuhreek, turgheeb, tub*- 
Stingy fk dankt netb : v, daakiya&a, 

Stingy^ «. kirpton, bukbeel, tuagdil, 

Stinky 4, bad-bo» biMUid, <>ofooaat. 
Stint, V. mookyud k. pet katiia. 
Stipandy I. oolMfiis wuxeif% resee* 


8tipul«te,». badmsahurt k.tb<ih- 

Stipatttton^ «. thuit, i drt bm i d e c . 
Stir, 9. kbisakna, tatoa, tunilnia, 

ootbna, joottifoteh d. hilaaa ; (ttK 

titt) chulana, tuhreek dw higaaa. 
Stir, «. faal chttl, booUur, i&oom 

Stinrupv «» rikab. [toorup&iab 

Stitch, V, tankna, seenat bukbiya k. 
Stitch, $. tankai bakhiya; (pmn) 

tees, kusuk. 
Sdleiiiag, $. bakhfiva^ top. 
Stock, s. {trwttk) toiitt, moosla, 

fola; (^«gtpi)koonda; (iwdU 

cloth) gootooband ; {ti^al) 

poonjffs I {wtiath) biaat» 
Stock, V. (a gun) koonda logaaa. 
StMdng, $, aMKab saotee. 
Stocks, s. katb; (for n'iotti^^.) 

Si6«acb^ «. o|h, Qjhlae. 
Stone, t. putbar : 9. sangsltr k* 
Stone, a. sungee, putbrae. 
Stooa^ntter^ $, suag^^urasb. 
Stony, a. putbiaela, sangistali^ 
Stool, i. machee, peerha, choakce* 
Stoop, vw jhaokna, hHioovihu 
StODi, V. rookna, band h.; rokna^ 

taamna, dabna. 
Stop, $. ulkao^ rok ; <pt»ili<) msban. 
St6ppaga» «» baadeoi utkao, rok. 
Store, f. dher, zukheera. 
Storehouse, s« bhundara, umbar* 

Store, e. zukheera k. bhartee k. 
Storm, t, andhee, toofan ; (coaiiao- 

turn) undher, ghudnf ; (a coiap) 

Storm, V. dour mama, kutao k. 

churheesttwareelena, purao mar* 

na; {at night) ahbapa mama^ 

shub-khoou maraa. 


[ 296 ] 


Stdrmy« a. undhiyao, toofanee; (tea) 

rooujkhez, moujzun ; (seoion) 

sawuD-bhadon, undbee-panee ke 

din^ undhee-byar ke din. 
St6ryy <• kissa, kuhanee, dastan ; 

(Jloor) kotba, munzil ; {of one) 

ek-inuhla; (^^too) do>munzila; 

(of three) te-munzila. 
Story-teller, «. kissa-Uiwan, nuk* 

liya, ufsanago. 
Stove^ 8n tunoor, bhar, bhuttee, 

Stout, a, muzboot, porba^ koongra, 

neemun, gholdang. 
Stdutness, t. iiiuz1]^otee, porbaee, 

nimunaee, koongraee. 
Stow, V. a. dbur. rukbna, dber kur 

Str^dle, V. banda chulna, koosha- 

dub-roii chulnay tang chhitra kur 

Striiggle, V. idhur oodhur phima, 

juban tuhan phima. 
Straggler, <. awara. 
Straight, a, seedha, sojha; (tight) 

choost, kusa, tuna. 
Straighten, v, seedha k. 
Stralghtway,ad. fouran,tudhee,toort. 
Strain, v. chhanna; (sprain) moch- 

ana; (at stool) kankhna; (en* 

deawntr). bhur mukdoor k. janfi- 

sbanee k. hath pyr marna. tug- 

dou k. [dhub. 

Strain, s, mochy luchuk ; (manner) 
Strainer, s. chhunna, safee, safu. 
Strait, s. naka, gbatee; (distress) 

Strait, a. sukra, tung, choost. 
Straiten, v, tung k. kusna, tanna ; 

(contract) soc^rana, sumetna. 
Strand, s. kinaruh lubi-duriya. 
Strangey a. oopuree, puraya, biga- 

na ; (wonderful) ujub. 

Striuigeiy t« gbyr*adtnee, unjaii ; («0f« 

acquaint^ nawakif, na-shinas. 
Str&ngle, v. phansee lugana, gula« 

ghontna, tusma khynchna. 
Strlingury, s. hubs ool boul, «eek 

ool boul. 
Strap, s, duwalee, tusma, cbuoiota. 
Str&tagem, s, heeluh, fitrut, dho- 

kha, mooghalta, dhan(&ul, fann- 

fureb, dugba. 
Strlitum, s, tub, tubuk^ purt. 
Straw, s, poolee. 
Strawberry, «. kism mewa. 
Stray, v. bhutukna, goomrah h* 

Streak, s. lukeer, khutt, dharee, 

Stream, s, dhara, dhar: v. dhar 

bandh kur nikulna ; jaree h. 
Streamer, s. phuruhra, putaka. 
Street, s, suruk, rusta. 
Strength, s, tot, koovwut, oostoo-^, 

waree, but, porhaee, takut^ tu« 

wanaee, ousan; (force) tor^ 

^^ngthen, v. muzboot k. sor d. 

Str^gthener,s. mookuvwee, poosh* 

Strengthening, a. mookuvwee, 

Strenuous, a. sur-gurm, muzboot, 

Stress, s, bojh, bar, lor. 
Stretch, v. (tighten) khynchna; 

(extend) phylana, tanna, burhana, 

khumiyaza k. pusama. 
Strew, V. bukhema, khindana. 
Stricken, a. (wounded) zukhro- 

khooida ; (in years) Aftlkhoorda, 

Strict, a. khura, sukht, sukhtgeer. 
Strictly, ad, takeed-se, hukeekutun. 


t ^^ ] 


t, suklrtee, takyyood, 

Sfrieture, t. simtao; (ammadver' 

sion) diher chhar. 
Stride, v« pholaog iiiftnia« dog 

bhuma, lumba kudum chulna, 

pyr po8«r clmliUL 
Strife, «. tonta, jbagfrn, fuMd, tana* 

tanee, aifak, rar, tuoaia ; (eiim- 

UuUm) rees. 
Strike, V. mama, thonkna ; (tenti) 

oothana; (lower) ootarna; (Jire) 

jbarna ; {mitmdt) hatlMsbhoroa. 
String, f . rusee, doree ; (Jbr Aamg» 

img clcthei) ulgunee. 
String, V. piroaa, pohna; (im •«• 

iimment) tar churhaoa* 
Stringy, a, resha-dar. 
Strip, V. nonga k. oogbama, oori- 

yan k. be-sutur k. buruhna k. 
Stripe, f. dundeery doriya; {bkw) 

mar ; (Uuh) kora. 
Striped, a, luhriya, dhaieedar, 

Stripling, f. gubroo, ulbur, neem- 

juwaii, unviid, be-reesba, tub- 

(^▼e, fh lor maraa, khynoha-tanee 

k« ;. (cofUeti) zidd k« ; {emulate) 

rees k. hirs k. dekha-dekhee k. 
^tioke, $, mar, chot, thoiik : v, 

faatb. phema, poqehkarna, suh- 

S^ll, V. koocba-gardee k. dawan 

dol pbima. 
Stroller, s, koocha-guid, bubetoo, 

Strong, a. muzboot, jubur, kuwee ; 

(of a $tretm) tnrkha; (ardent^ 

a$ ^Uiis) umulee ; (healtl^) 

bhula chunga; {as tea) karwa, 
. tiilkb f (concm) mookbtusuTy 

moojiz, muteen. 

Structure, «. (edifice) iumrot; 

(make) bunawut, turkeeb, doul. 
Sifibggle, «. mibnut, dour, khyncba* 

tanee, cbbeyna*cbhanee, hoosbt- 

raootht, jaiifishanee; (conteet) 

Striiggle, V, hatb-pyr mama, jidd o 

juhd k. ; (with a penan) kooshtee 

k. mardbar k. 
Str6mpet, t. beswa, knsbee, fiihi- 

tha, kasbin. 
Strot, «. ukurkur cbolna, mukrana, 

Stdbble, s. kboontee, nuruee. 
StCiblxMrn, a. dheetb, butheela, 

mugra, riddee, uryl, gurdun- 

kusb, kboodsur, bajjur. 
Stud, s, (button) goolmekh; (of 

hones) paegab, kbyl. 
Stud, V, phool jama, moomssa k. 
Stbdent, s. talib-ilm, bid-yartbee. 
StCidy, $, mootala, moosbahida, 

Stbdious, a, mootala-dost, ilmdost. 
Stuff, s. (furniture) saman, ugar- 

Iw^r; (materiaU) kimam : tr«^ 

thansna, ghooseroa ; (obetruct) 

Staffing, s bhurawnt, musala. 
Stumble, v. thokur khana, luchuk- 

StCimblingblock, «.^utkao, badha, 

urburung, bukhera. 
Stump, s. thoonth, toond, kboontee. 
Sum, V. sir pbir jana, ghiraee kha- 
na, be-hosb k. buhra k. 
Stiipeflaetion,, moor^ 

chha, be-khoodee, be>khubaree, 

Stupendous, a, ti^oob, ujub; 

uebumbbeh ka, nadir, i^eeb. 
Stbpid, a. be-wukoof, koondsthii, 

mudhoshy be-hoosb, la-ukl. 


t «« ] 


dubunga, hoordunga, gynHmiig^r, 

MMtr^ o. bd^kBB, ^ootlaiMi. 
Sty, «. soour-kbanuh ; {in the ejfe) 

«t)jMibave6, ipotMHijuReek 
Style, s. istilah, ibarat, tubitcr; 

(mge) Uritsb, Mtub; (tVn^nc*^ 

ment) kulum ; {of a dUU) iniktjFas. 
Style, 0* k«ihna,<ianis«d lu lakub d« 
ScyipCk) «. ditwttokabis. 
Suivity^ s. kkoolk, flaoodara, lootf. 
SCibaltern, a* Mf-hookne^ 
Subdivide) ». iuksetm sanee k. 
SubdQe, V. dtobaiia, nivghloob k. ; 

(«A« jNUfioni) D«4s-koo»liec k^ 
SubdM, «• AMighkob, atifM^ 

Subject, s. ryyut, pruja, tobi«dar ; 

(likmne) i^wal, mnsm^oBy ukmhU 

Sdbgeot, a, zer^aaya, tabi ; {Uahle) 

Subj^tion, «. tabi-daree^ dubao, 

itaut, iB«gfal<Mbiyut, tnajbooMe* 
Subjoin, •upeecfaheb Ukhna^ 
S&bjugate, r. tuhut men lana, ka- 

boo mta (ana, httlka bagosh k« 

busmen lana. 
8ubj64ictive*mood, t, shurteeya* 
Sublime, «» ala» oomduhi booluiid, 

moouUa, muteen. 
Sublimity^ «. bo<4uiid«p«rwasee, 

SCiblunarv, a, dooniyawee, ser fu« 

luk, tuAt ooi kumur. 
Submarine, o. sumioontlaMule ka. 
Submissioa, i, itaut, ajiaee, ta^ 


Sabiobitve»ai> Hfc i ' dttn n wAko MI^ 

S»bMik^ «« aga ruiibna, peril It. 

manna, tabi b. d«bna. 
S«lbdrdinal«k a. «er4Mekm^ tabt*d«. 
Snbordin&tion, ^ fler4iooklBee, 

subt, 8il8ilab«adciEi» biMMMmst, 

wtLfM • nuakb, too ot a b iut^ 
Suborn, «« gantbna, khum 1^ 
Subpoena, «. tulub-chtuiiejak 
SubacHbe» «• dual*4h«tt k« Mdl 

Subscdption, *. d«et-^kkutt; {ton- 

iriSnttvin) cbunda, bihiee. 
Sdbsequen^ «• pichhk, akbir Inu 
SCibaequcBUy, «/. peeobbe, boMJ^ 
Sttbs^ent, a. wooawin, aooaiid, 

dvbaidi^ 9% tub-tfuifacen b» bytilk 

jatia, jtnnm^ ifairluia. 
Sobaidiary, «. koonukee, khivme* 
S&bsidy, «. khiraj, nanl'^buiioee ; 

(triM^ petb^wib. 
Subsist, V. bona, rubna, bunna; 

{lime) jeena, goottm k^ din k«tiNu 
SufaaisteiMe, s» miiasb, risk^ koot» 

S^bstanoe^ t. («^ti^ cbees, shgri 

(tmnct) utl, sar, beer; (toeoM) 

mai, bteat^jti^d. 
Subat&ntHil, ck ualte, joubureai 

{itrmug) mucbootj^ {rwk) laaMar. 
Substantiate, v, sabit k. 
S64Mtantivek I. iami viiby ka shiibd» 
Substitute, s. ewuzee, badale^y ka* 

Substitution, f. udul-budnl, uwnzr 

moo*wiisttb% fbeelailk 

Sdbitrftigei «« ala4iaiu» ouhana, 
SubterWineoua^ ih ief4raroeen, 

S^btUa, «. bar«ak« dnkeek, sook- 

sbum, toonooky lnleeC» 


( W 1 

nv I 

shumta, wno»Aig8i&^ {tee. 

S&btlety, t, chutooraee, Ian, Ikrat. 


Subvert, o. ter-zubur k. tixldnoo^ 

SCiburbSy f. damun i j h<hr, iniwahi 

&oo6e4, «• pybttoi h. iMotuiitalir 
ku jff6fufy h. ; (« frttkeemor) 
kaim-mukam h.; (prosper) kam- 
ytb K iMikt«dwur fa. flubbna fMdr 

S ae A s,. t, borokut, kam^yidiee, 

Succ^ful, «. kaai«7«b, biiiira«r«r, 

. bedarbokbt. 

Svee^Mkm, j. towatooTy pydurpy ; 
{to an office) ja&4iuaheeMa» ka- 

Succ^ssive, a. mootuwatir, lufatar, 

pyhum, pydurpy. 
4Siicc^8Mveiy, «^ pydarf^, ek pw 

ek, pyhum, aniui«6iafiua« 
Snoo^tor, c. jae^nvsbecn, kauB* 
. makam, Uiultif. 
Soodncty «. Mookhturar, rooojii, 
8(iocour, e. madud, aahayuta. 
S(iecolent» «« nseelay msdar. 
Saco^mby «. dvbiia. 
BodHprqi. «yim jy«, wyta* tysa ; 

(tmCf place, Sfc.) foolanub, foo- 
. kan, w>Bfa ; (oR) oos. 
SCick, v» choo9na, peeiia« 
SfsMBt V, pilana, dood d. 
Sickling, «• iheer-khora> dood ka 

8Ciction» J. khichao, choowu>. 
JS^ddaa, a. uohancbuk, aagah^ eka 


Siiiefcly, ai. -Aa ^ee* aokanobuk, 

iiig«bBn» be-khttbork 
Sii^caam, <. nohanohuke^^ 'aa;^ 

hanee» be-khuburee* 
^Skids, 1. aab^on ka ku£. 
JSkifi» «««a)ub k,; (%) AaagMt^z- 

St chahaa. 
SCiet, s. goordeh kae ehurbee. 
Sbfier* cu (bear) tahoa, burdasfat k. 

<wtliaiia; {admk) jaiz rukhna; 

(<o be injured) uookshan ana; 

^eapikUljf) maiia jana, gvU pana. 
S^erabH «• kabU-burdashtt su. 

Sli£RHBnoe^4. burdasb^ tubaimaool. 
Suffering, s. eeza, uziyut, dookh. 
Sufferfir, t« dookhee, musloom. 

Snfiiot, «* kafee b. kifttyut k« fmh 

k. wafee h. nibhna, 
SufScieney, 4. kifayut; (co«i/)«<eii^ 

cy) wujuh^gODcran, asoodugee; 

{aifility) kabliyut, rusaea, isti- 

«dad, bousila, bisat. 
SuflScieot, «. kafee, bus, wafee, 

buhoot, laik, kabil, bukadr ibti- 

Suffocate, «. dum ghontna, gula 

f^jftaa, dumbusta k. 
Suffrage, «. koul, ruza. 
Suffliae, cu cfabana, bhur-jaai^ 

SCigar, 4. cbeeoee, shukkur^ khaod, 

S&garcatte, z. gunna, poufida. 
Sugarc&ndy, s. misree» 
Sugg^t, «. buUana, isbara d. 

S«igg^stion,«.gosb*gooiaree, sulah. 
J^cide^ «. kbood-kooshee, atuidh- 

ghatae ; (the penon) khood-koosb^ 

Suit,s»joiai {peiitum)mM;{r€ti* 


[ 300 ] 


fwe) julebi (at law) mookuddu* 

ma : v. phubna, milna, lugna. 
Suitable^ a. moowafik, theek, suxa- 

Suitor, s. talib, dad-khwah, oom- 

med war, rooodduee, moostughees, 

moostughasee, khwahaii. 
SCilky, a, tnoonb«phoola. 
SCiUen, a, na*khoosh, kusheeda, 

moonh-phoola, barhum, toorsh- 

SCillenness, i. oochat, tukkaddoor, 

burhumee, suraseemagee, roo- 

khaee, kusheedugee, nakfaooshee. 
SCiUy, V. bigaraa, bhuma, kburab 

S(ilphur, f. gundbttk, gogrid* 
Sultan, i, scK>ltan. 
Sidltry, a4 khumusy gormee shiddut 

Sum, i, koollee, hasil, khoolasuh ; 

(qf money) mubltigh ; (compen* 

dium) moojmul. 
Sum, V. jorna, juma k.; (up) khoo- 
lasuh nikalna; (comprise) mooj* 

mul k. 
Summary, a. kotah, mookhtosur, 

moojiz : «. ikhtisiMr, sonkhep* 
Summer, «. gurmee, tabbtan, khur- 

S6mmer-hou8^, f. baruhduree^ 
Sdmmit, s, koolluh, sur, chontee. 
S&mmon, v. tulbee k. tulub k. 

pukur mungwana. 
SCimmons^f. tulbee, tulub, boda* 

wa, boolahut. 
Sumptuous, «. oomduh^ mooghur- 

rjak, jhulajhul, jhukajhuk-. 
SCimptuoui^y, ad, 6huh khurchee* 
Siimptuousness, «. oomdugee. [se. 
Sun, «. sooruj, aftab, shums. 
6(inbeam, f. kirn, purto. 
SCiiiburati a. dhoop ka jub^ . 

SCinday, s. dcshomba, etwar. 
SCmdial, s. dhoop«ghuiee. 
S6odry, a. ky ek, (^mndy ^lore^ 

86, bazeh. 
Sunflower, s. soQCoj mookhee^ god 

i aftab. 
SCinrise, #. sootvj oody, tooioo e 

Sunset, s. sooruj ka doobna* g^oo- 

roob i alti^. 
SCmshine, «. dhoop, gham, germee. 
Sup, o. biyaloo kbana, usha kbana. 
Superabtmdance, «• bukoot, ifrnt^ 

Superannuated, a, kohmi^saly khid- 

mut-ruseeduh, salkhoorda. 
Sup^rby «. oomduhy ala» uzeem^ 

Supercikrgo, s* ebocundar. 
Supercilious, a. mughroor, oynlha, 

kusheeda, uukohnrha, ighmaaee, 

Superficial, a. oothla^ ocbha, kham, 

Superficies, s. sutiih^ wusuti 
SupediDe, a. buhoot miheen, ba« 

reek se bareek. 
S«pMuoui^ a* h»l^ u&ood, laid. 
Superintendence, s* ihtimaBidaiee, 

surburahee, niguhbanee, mMtm 

rut, surkobee, Buflawulee. 
Superintendent^ f. ihtimamdarv aoTf 

kob, suzawuly darog^, naar^ 

moiptttwiilee, meersaman, nigulu 

ban. . 
Superior, a. behtur, budur, ottia, 

ala, churhta. 
Superiority, «. bufturee, subkut, 
. shur^ ouliyut^ tuf^Beel. 
Superlative, a. ufzul ; (deffreeyaee* 

ghai-tulieel ya mo^sfedugba. 
Supem&tural,a. fouk ool in^amyat^ 

fouk ool adut, khirki-adut. . 


t 301 ] 

s u s 

Superw^be, v. «. oopur likhiui, 

lifefa likhna. 
SupencHplion, s. sur-namub. 
Supercede, v» ulug k. 
Superstition, s. wuhni, woawlis, 

bhurum, tuassoob. 
Saperstitious, «. wuhmee, wuswa- 

see, mootuussib, batil eemaii. 
Sapervkor, 5. nazir. 
Supine, a. soost, alknsee, kahil. 
S^per, f. biyaloo, usha. 
Snpplint, V. huta d. juguh mama. 
S6pple, a. nurm, luchkeela, moch* 

Supplement, $, tutimma. 
Suppliant, a, arzooraund, niyaz- 

mund, mooUcrmis, mooUujee, 

mududjo, mududkhwah. 
Supplicate, is paon porna, iltimas 

k. iltija k. thorhee-me» hath d. 

nazoniyaa k. ghighiyana. 
Supplication, f . iltija, minnut, bin- 
tee, ijs, dooa, ah-o-zaree, mintee. 
Supply', V. (relieve) khuburgeeree 

k. ; (^fiimith) puhoonchana, py- 

da k. surburahee k. 
Support, v» thamna; (feed) pur- 

wurish k. ; {bear) subna. 
Stipp6rt,<. suhara, tukwiyut ; (imim. 

tenance) koot 
Supportable, a, suhaoo, kabil bur- 

Suppose, V. kiyas k. suroujhna. 
Supposition, 5. khiyal^ kiyas, utkul, 

Suppr^s, v. dubana, muliyamet k. ; 

(conceal) chhipana,^mukhfee k. 
' Sdppurate, v. pukna, pibiy^na. ^< 
Suppui^tion, s. pukao, pibiyahut. 
Supremacy, s, surwuree, surdaree, 

^ukiyut. [dur. 

Supreme, a. bura, uzeem, ala, su- 
Siircingle, t, petee> bala-tung. 

Sure, a. yukeen, such; (firm) 

Surety, t. «aminee; (thepenon) stt- 

Surf, f. mouji-buhr, bulkora, tu- 
ning, phen. 
Surface, t. sutuh, moonh, oopur. 
SCirfeit, f. uphraee, ujeerun. 
Surge, s. mouj, luhur, turung, bul- 
kora, jhtikola. 
SOrgeon, s. jurrah. 
S&rgery, $, jurrahee. 
S&rly, a. tulkh<i>roo, rookha. 
Surmise, s. kbiyal i kham, dugh- 

dugha, dhurka, utkul. 
Surmount, v. sor k. ty k. furo k. 

insiram k.^ 
Sdmame, s. lukub, tukhulloos. 
Sui^^s, V. surus h. subkut lejana,. 

ghalib h. wur ruhna. 
Surplus, «. bucha» fitzil, burhtee, be- 

shee, buchut, ufsoonee. 
Surprise, s. hyranee; ghubrabut; 

Surprising, part, tajoob, ujub, ud- 

.bhoot, mootuujjib» 
Surrender, v. sompna^ buwala k. 

simmuh k. 
Surreptitious, a* choraoo, musrook. 
Surroiand, v. ghenia, gird k. 
Surt6ut, s. banmee koartee. 
Survey, 9. jureeb-kushee k. ; (viewy 

Surveyor, ^ jureebkusk. 
Survive, v. jeeta ruhna. 
Survivor, s. jo- jeeta ruha. 
Susceptible, o. mootuhummil,akhis^ 
Susp^t, V. sboobha rukbna, sbuk k» 
Suspend, v. tangna, lutkana ; (de^ 

k^) mooltuwee mkhna ; (from^ 

office) moouttul k« 
Susp^nse^ 8, doobdha^ faysbys, ha- 

luti-urafee. . 

S W I 

[ «)« ] 


Sttspension, «. liilitao>; {dek^y^t* 

wukkoof, moouttulee. 
SttspleMB, f . sliiiMi, shoebha, m* 

desha, sundeh, wuhm, wuswas^ 

klmtlM, 4lK>]Jia, klraiMb. 
Suspicious, a. shukkee, budgoo- 

maa, ishtibahet, Miunii«ela«. 
Sustain, V. stunbMiNi; {eiukipe) 
^ SuatiluBaff, f. hamea* FsNibaA. 

SCistenance, i. khorak^ ajeevW 
Sutler, 5. nanbaee, bfanthiyani. 
Swagger, s, lutak imituk, hHuk^ 

chal, ohun o kiniiii. 
S«*IUlow, i; ubabeel; (tkroatygcAt^ 

Swyiow^wortf «i nuidav^ ak. 
Swamp, s, duidul, dhusan. 
Swan, f; raj*«hnii». 
j^warm, n )bix>nd, hoojoomi nikdi^ 

ham : r. bhinbbtnaiia, bhinukna. 
SOT&rtby, flk saoftla^ gundoom-run^. 
Sway, 0. hookoomut k. ; (-Mat) reo- 

joa kurana, mootuwujjilL k. 
Swear, v, kusum khana^ sougund 

Sweat, V. puseena lana, pu$eej|na. 
Sweep, 9. DQohama, jlmriui. 
Sweeper, s. mihtur, bhuagee, chooh- 

Mi, kfaakrob, hulalkbor. 
Sweepings, i; jhanin, bodiarun, 

kooro, kvrkia, khashak. 
Sweel, a. nia a th a» sboeften. 
Sweeten, v. roeetha k. slieereen k. 
Sweetheart, $, dikmnd, dilfureb, m- 
Sw^tish ,a. meelfaa-sa. [jsiy a. 

Sweetmeat; «. meeibaee, sheereenee. 
8Mi4et06se, r. maethas, sheeteanat. 
Sku^ eu 800}iia^ phoelBa, worm h; 
■' bhubdbiana. 

QwalMngi ^ wunn, aoojun, phoola. 
Swift, a. juld, teirott^ sbitab ; {home) 

puwimohal^ badpa, dooganuir; 

{rider) shuhsuwar. . 

8wtftu € S9', s. j«ldae, tez^ iuw a a, tkk» 

tabee, toondee, begca^ ootaoka; 
Swim, V* p3Fni% tynia^ 
Swindler, $, dhoosbas, thug^ auu^ 

Swine, s. soouc. 

Swio^, «^)boolD% dalcHi: a jhatlau 
Switdiy tL cbhuiee, bet. 
Swivel, f . zumboorka, juafat 
Swoon, A gbasb, momfabaw 
Swoop, V. jhuputna. (^Iegh» 

Sward, * tulwar, abumshet^ 9y^ 
Sy^eophant; «; kkooslnnBudeew 
Sy'ilable, s, hijja. 
Syllogism, si ktyaa. 
Sy'lvw, oi jungulee^ dashtee. 
Sy'mbd^ s^ ulamut, nishan, moomd. 
' Symbolical, a^ atemutee, Sal. 
Sy^mmetry,. 8. undaaa,. koroena^ 

khoosh^^loulea, turasb. 
Sy'mpathy, i^ bcim-dhRiee, diiso« 

aee, rikkat. 
Symptom, 8, nlamut, asar,. chmh, 

nishanee, puta; 
' Sy^nagoguc^ i» tfbadutgahi»yiihooii. 
Synecdoche, 8, cikr ioos iradub 

kool, aikp kool iraduh jooiv 
Sy'nod, s* mojiis mooshaikluiDa. 
Synonymous, a. humfmiaaiieey moo^ 

Synopsis, s^ijmal, ikhtisac. 
Sy'ntax, 8. nuhv. 
Sy'dnge, «. pichlaree. 
Sy'^tem, 5. kaiida, doul, band o bust; 
Systematic, a. moowafik kaide. 

T^bemaole, <. kbenni, dent^ tum^ 

boo ; mookttddus-juguh. 
l^bK «^J°(iM^diiatuf-khwaa; ^Um) 

TU>le»aloth^ a; ttWB kiie^ehadiir. 
Tablet^ a. tukhteei louh.' 

T A M 

t ^ 3 


Tacitimiityi «. kbamosbee, stikoot. 


TiMUlM;^ H MtUBJMB jttllM k« 

lltctics, •; liMMi i jungk 9>fNibgiine. 
TiidfoU» i* mw idh ik ^buch<eh»» 
T&ffetai s. tafta. 
Tail, f. dooB, p aa wch . 
'MIor, n diMiet. 
Tainty v. bigarnay alooda k. surana, 

%hiiiab k. 
Take, o. lena, le-lena; koboolf k. 

mik«ff lMa» 
TakiB^^ $, \1am9 gmftaice. 
Talc, t, tulk, ubrok. 
Tale, f . kisaa, kubanea^ daslao, nakl. 
Talebearer, 5. » kac gb ui»kbar, gbam- 

roaz, lootm, buramu^^t 
^^Jtnt, s. looy yy e w ka tara ; (a^*- 
/ify) jjouhur, goon, wusf» boomir, 
Talisman, s, tilism. 
Talk, 9. baten )u bal-cheet k. goof- 

tugoo k. bolna, kuhna. 
Talk, «. b a» c bee t , gooftugoo^ kulam. 
Talkative, a. bakbukiya, baloenee, 

Talker, $. bukwyya; (bomter) laf- 
luiu [duras. 

TaM, a, luinba, ootieha, boohmd, 
T^Uow, $, cburbatv 
Tally^ 9. tbeek h. milaa, bumlntr b. 

moowaflk puma. 
Tiilon, t. naknooiik 
T^kmarind^ $, imlee. 
Tambourine, s. khunjufee. 
Tame, o. hila^booa^ pula-booa. 
TtefMti 9. b».jadukb^ k. ya hath 

Tan, V. iMkaiNs dabbagbat k. ; (5y 

iAe itm) julana. 
T&ngible^ a. ehbeane-aioowafik. 

T&nk, 8, tulao, talab, tal. 
Tknner, t. cbiiBiar, dabbagb. 
Tantaliie, «^ lulebaaa, tunana. 
Ttotaoioual, a» burabar, 

Tap) •; thap, thopea: v^ cbhednaf 

Tiipraot, 1. maoshu 
Tbpe, f; pottee,. pheeta, niwap. 
Tbf»er, fh n. gaodoom h. 
Tftpesiry, a moosbajfur. 
Tar, 5. kitran, ral, guadu»bifOia. 
Tki4n^ila, «; kiMs bum muknt 
T&rdy, a. ahista, dbeema, soost, 

dining, kahH, munda. 
inwt, $i (weetfy nifouoet, gbaspat ; 

(toeight) dhura. 
"Pfttgel, t. dbal^ sipup. 
Tarnish, 9. aJooduh k. myia k. 

Tarpbaling, 9, tiirpal* 
Tarry, 9. thuhuma, ruhna, tikjana. 
Tbitar, $, taiar. 
Taitiy, ad. tulkb cabanee-se, sukh- 

Task, t. kan, tubul, shooghl ; 

(Mour^ mlbaut^ mashukkut ; 

mookntta, chookout% koot. 
Tiissel, fk jbttbba. 
Tbslev 9^ ehttkkna, taika lena. 
little, 9. bukna, gup mama. 
Tbctlar^ fi bttkbea, jukkee. 
Tattling, s. buk, satul. 
Tbwam, s. kuHal-kKanuh, mykha- 

nub^ mykiNhdi. 
TaaaC, 9. laana k. mehna mama. 
Tianis^ S4 bvikb-ms, booij i sour. 
Taatdtogy, ». tukurroar, tukfar. 

T E M 

r 304 ] 


Tliwdry, «. besuj, bhunmgee. 

Tawny, a. saonla. 

Tax, s. muhsool, kur, lukat 

Taxation, t . ry-bundee| kur bundee. 

Tea, s. cha. 

Teach, v. sikhlana, tualleem k. 

T^chable, a, turbiyut-piseer* 

Teacher, s. oostad, mooallimy mee- 

ait-jee, gooroo. 
Tear, v. pharna, cheeroa, chak k. 
Tear, 5. ansoo, ushk, ab-deeduh. 
Tease, v. khijana, sutana, dik k. 
Teat, s, thun. [duraz ; oochat. 

T^ious, a. ahistu, dbeema, kahil ; 
Teem, v. bhura-hooa h. poor h. 

muamoor h. 
Telegraph, s. boata khabur pu- 

hooncbane ka. 
Telescope, s, door-beenw 
Jell, t». kuhna, bolna, butana, 

khubur d. 
Tell-tale, s. chooghulkhor, lootra, 

Temerity, $, be-lihazuhgee, be- 

tuhashuhgee, be-bakee, tuhuv. 

Tamper, s. mizaj, tubeeyut, soo- 

bhao ; (of iron) ab : v. moowafik 

k. mooutudil k. 
Temperance, s. iutidal, purhez. 
Temperate, a. purbezgar, suDjninee ; 

'Tempest, s. andhee, tooftui. 
Tempestuous, a. tooftinee, undhi- 

Temple, s. mabud, mundir, hykul ; 

(iif'the head) kun-putee« 
Temporal, a. dooniyavee, sunsaree. 
Temporize, o. zumanu sazee k. 
Temporary, a. chund-roza, ariiee. 
Tempt, V. wurghulana, igbwa d. 

luichana, bubkana, loobhana^ 

turgheeb d. phooslana, tursaoa. 

Tempt&tion, s. ighwa, tuma, laiudi^ 

tishna, turgbeeb, lobh, tuhreek, 

Tempter, s. wurghulane-walay 

moohurrik, turgbeebdih, lulchaoo. 
Ten, a. dus, dih. 
T^nablei a. ruhne ya rukhne laik. 
Tenacious, a. sukbt, kurra ; (gimti' 

nout) ehip-chipa, lus-lusa. 
Tenluiity, i. lusiusahut, chep» cbus- 

Tenant, s. kirayudar, aaamee. 
Tend, v. nigahbanee k. rukhwaiee 

k. mail b. 
Tendency, s. myl, roojoo; {drift) 

Tender, o. nurm, moolaim, komul. 
T^ndernesst m, nunnee, moolaimur, 

Tendon, s, bus, py, patba. 
Tendril, 8^ soot, darhee. 
T^net, «. musla, koul, reet 
I'^nour, s. muzmoon, kureenub ; 

tureeky cbal. 
Tense, s, zuman, seeghub, kal, 


Tenty i, khema, dera, tumboo. 

Tenter, s. ankree, unkree. 

Tenth, a, duswait, dusum, duboom. 

Tendity, «. putlabut. 

Tepid, a. sheer-gurum, goongoona. 

Term, «. bat, ibarut ; (}knue) 

istilah ; (stipulation) ^urt ; 

(time) wukt ; (setiion) julsa. 
Termagant, 8, lurankee, kurkusa; 
Terminate, v. tumam k. akhir b. 
Termination, s, tumamee, akbir, 

unjam, unt. 
Terrace, s. chbut, bam. * 
Terraqueous, a. kbooshkee^o^ree^ 



[ 305 ] 

T H O 

T^err^fltrial, a. ursee, zumeenee^ 

Terrible, \ a. houlnak, bhyankur, 
rific, J " 


Terrific, J dtthshut-ungee, ibrut* 

Terrify, V. duiana, dubshut d« 

Territory, s. inoolk, des. 

Terror, t. dnr, houl, hybut^ sanka, 

bby, khouf, hires. 
T^rtmn, a. tijaree. 
Test, $. kusoutee, uyar, mihuk, tuj- 
TestlM^eous, ci. seepdar. [rooba. 
Testament,^, wuseeyut-nama, dhun- 

putr; (old testament) kitab i 

uteek ; (netr) injeeU 
TestlUor, t. rooosee. 
Testlitnx, s, raoosiya. 
T^ter, f. pulungposh ; (bed) chhu- 

Testify, v. gawahee d. dulalut k« 
Testimonial, i. sbubadut-nama, gu« 

T^timony, s* shahidee, guwahee. 
Tether, «. pugha«. 
Tetter, t. dad, selee, baidur. 
Text, «• mutun, usl, mool. 
Texture, s. bunawut. 
Than, ad, se, us. 
Thank, v. shookr k. ibsan manna, 

goon manna. 
Thankful, a. shookr^goozar, ihsan* 
Thanks, s. shookr. [mund. 

That, pron, wuh; (ohl.) oos, jo; 

Thatch, t». chhuppnrbundee k. chha* 
Thaw, V. pighlana, gulana. £na. 
The, art. w^. 
Th^tre, <. nach-ghur. 
Theft, 8. choree, doosdee. 
Theme, $. kyfiyut. 
Then, ad, tub, tud, oos wukt, pher, 

tOytou. , [bhee-se. 

Thence, ad. wuhan-se» tud-se, iu- 

Thenceforth, 1 &d, tis-peechhe, 
Thenceforward, / bad oos ke. 
Tbe6cracy, 8. khooda^umul, ees- 

The6iogy, «. ilm-i-ilahee, bruhm- 

Theory, t. .ilm, biddya, kiyas. 
There, ad. wuban, oos juguh. 
Thereabout, ad, un-Jcureeb, kam« 

Therefore, ad. is liye, is waste, oos 

waste, par, is pur, libaza* 
Thereon, ad, tis pur. 
Thermometer, «. gurmee stirdee ke 

mikdar ka ala. 
Thesis, s, mookudduma, mutlub. 
Thick, a. mota, garha, duldar, gudla. 
Thicken, v. garha k. 
Thicket, 8. jharee, jungul. 
Thickness,'*, motaee, duklaree, garha* 

pun, gudlaee. 
Thief, 8, chor. 

Thievishy a, hath-lupka, oochukka» 
Thigh, 8, jangh. 
Thimble, 8, ungooshtanuh. 
Thin, a, putla, miheen, bareek. 
Think, v. kiyas k. sochna, sumujhna* 
Thinness, 8, putlaee, rikakut, jhira- 
Third, a. teesra. [hut» 

Thirst^ 8, piyas, tishna, tishnugee* 
Thirst, tf. piyasa h. turusoa. 
Thirsty, a. piyasa, tishna. 
Thirt^n, a. teruh. 
Thirteenth, a. terhwan. 
Thirty, a. tees. 
This, pron, yih ;,(pbl,) is. 
Thistle, 8. oont-kutara, bhatkntya^ 
Thither, ad. wuhati, oodhur. 
Thong, 8. tusma. 
Thorax, 8, panjur, chhata, petee. 
Thorn, s. kanta, khar. 
Thomless, a, nikuntuk, bekhar. 
Th6my, a. kuteela, khardar. 

T H R 



T I D^ 

Th6roagh, «u kamii; pooni. 
Thoroughly) ad, surasur^ bilkool. 
Thou, pnm, too, tyn. 
Though, coTtj. ugurchi, joki, go, 
. goki, uzbuski, halanki, judyupi. 
Thought, $, fikr, soch, undesha, 

turuddood) toshweesh, dhyan, 

Thoughtful, «. fikr-mund, soch- 

men, undeshu«nak, mooturuddid. 
Thoughtlens, a. be-fikr^ be-purwa, 

be-khubur, ghafil, be«turuddood. 
Thousand, a. huiar. 
Thr&ldom, f. useeree, ghoolamee, 

Thrash, v, (com) gahna; (beat) 

Thrashing-floor, f« khuleeban, kbir- 

Thread, s. soot, dhaga, taga, tar. 
Thread, v. pirona, luriyana, gooth- 

na, taga dalna. 
Tbr^ten, v.' dhumkana, dhumkee 

d. dhirana, jhirukna. 
Threatening, a. dbmokee, bhubkee, 

Three, a. teen, ti. 
Thr^hold, $. duhleez. 
Thrice» ad. teen-duia, teen-beree> 

teen<i^bar, teen*murtuba. 
Thrifty, 41. ki&yutee, kumkhurcb, 

Thrill, V. thurthurana, sunsunana, 

sursurana. • 
Thrive, v. turukkee k. taza h« sur- 

subz h. punupna. 
Throat, s. gula, buluk, nuretee. 
Throb, IS dhumukna, tupukna, tees- 
mama, kusukna, chusukna. 
Tbrone, 1. tukht, singhasun. 
Throng, 8, bheer, umboh, izhdiham, 

mujma, thut, bungama. 
Throttle, ^ nurkburee^ tentoo^. ■ 

Through, prep, se, wuseele^ marRit« 

dwara, kur ke ; (through and 

through) warpar. 
Througbout, ad. bilkool, dur-o-bust, 

Throw, V. pbeskna^ dalna, cbulana. 
Thrum, $, tugga. 
Thrush, $. chharoo, tup-kbalub, 

Thrust, V. ghooserna, bhurna, dalna, 

dena; (push) dhukiyana, nikal- 

na; (stab) bhonkna, boolna, 

Thrust, s. hool, bbonk, kho9icha. 
Thumb, s. ungootba, ungoosbtnur^ 
Thump, 8, dhuppa,dboul,dbumaka. 
ThCinder, s. guruj, kuruk, kuraka. 
Thiinder, t. gurujna, kurukna, gur- 

Th Cinder-bolt, i. bijlee, saika, bujur. 
Thdnder-struck, a. bijlee-mar, hy- 

Thbrsday, s, joomurat^ bribuaput- 

bar, punj-shumbub. 
Thus, ad. yon, is turuh, uysa. 
Thwart, v. mooklmiifut k. zidd k. 

buruksee k. 
Thyme, «. ipar, 

Thysdlf, prok. too-ap, toobee, too 
Ti^ra, 8, surpech. [khood. 

Tick, 8. (Imae) cbicbirae; (of a 

watch) kit kit. 
Ticken, 8, kism kupra. 
Ticket, 8. chitthee, chuktee. 
Tickle, p. goodgoodana; rijhaoa, 

bagb bagb k. 
Ticklish, a. goodgoodiya; ebun* 

chul, be-kurar. 
Tide, 8. bbatba^joar, cburbao*ootar, 

Tidings, 8, kbttbur, sumacbar. 
Tidy, a. thuna-buna, cbikna, 


T I T 

[ 307 ] 


Tie, V. bandhoa, jukarna, kosna. 
Tie, f. bund, bundbun, ganth, giruh. 
Tiffin, s, juUpan, nashta, kulewa. 
Tiger, t. bagh, sher, teodooa. 
Tighten, v, kusna, tanna, khyncfa- 

na, jukoma, choost k. 
Ughtness, s, tungee, ehoostee, tu- 
Ti\e^ «. kbupra, khuprel. [nao. 

Tiling, s, khupryl. 
Till, ad, tuk, tuluk, lo, toree, lug, 

ta, tueen ; jub-tuk, jub lo : v. jot- 

na, hul-chulana. 
Tilli^, <. jotaee, hulwaee. 
Tilt, f. saeban, numgeera ; {esercite 

Umber, t. lukree, chob ; lutha. 
Timbrel, s, mirdung, pukhawuj. 
Time, $, wukt, tumy, kal ; (reign) 

usr, dour ; (interval) ursa ; {lei- 

sure) foofsut ; (opportunity) dao, 

kaboo ; ($ea$on) uyyani, rit, ritoo ; 

(turn) haxy baree, dufa; (in mu" 

tie) viX, mel. 
Hmeserving, a. sumanasaz, rikabee- 

Timid, «• dur-pokna, booz-dil, 
. wtthmee, tursan, wuswasee. 
Timidity, <. booz-dilee, «f uhm, duh- 

shut-aakee, wutwas. 
Tin, f. kuluee, rang. 
Tincture, <• rung ; (mtdkine) khu 
Tinge, v. rung d. [sanda. 

' Tingle, o. jhunjhunana. 

Tinsel, t. tash, punee, jugjuga. 
Tiny, 0. nunha. 
Tippet, s. zunana gooloobund. 
Tipple, V, piyala-bazee k. [mykhor. 
Tippler, <> piyala-baz, shuri^bee. 
Tire, «. thukana, hurana. 
Tiresome, a. thukaoo, pittemar. 
Tissue, s. zhrbuft, badla, tumamee. 
Tit-for-tat, ad, iidle ka budla, ewuz* 

moottwi^ . 

2 X 

Tithe, s. dnsans, duh-yuk, ooshr. 
Titillate, v, goodgoodana. 
Titill&tion, t. gocnigoodee. 
Title, s. kbitab, nam, ulkab, pud* 

bee; (r^AO^ultl^- 
Titlepage, », sur*nama, sur i louh. 
Titter, v, khilkhilana. 
TitUe-tiittle, $, laf-guzaf, ghupsbup. 
To, prep, ko, koo, ke tueen, kune, 

Toad, f. menduk, ghouk. 
Toast, V, senkna. 
Tobacco, s. tnmakoo. 
To-day, ad, aj, imrof • 
Toe, s. pyr kee oonglee; (great) 

Together, ad. ke-sath, sumet, ekuthe, 

Toil, s. mihnut, dookb, douidhoop, 

kusbt, tugapo. 
Toil, V, mihnut k. zor mama, dookh 

bhuma, pyr gbuseetna, lahoo pa- 
nee k. rubuma, dourdhoop k. 
T6ilsome,«. mihaut-tulub, diukaoo. 
Token, s. nishan, ulamut, asar; 

T61erable, a, duhaoo, kabil-i-bur- 

dasht. [na« 

Tolerate, v, jail pukhna, rawa rukh* 
Toler&tion, s. chusbm-poshee, igh- 
Toll, s. Kukat, sair, rah-daree. [mas. 
Toll, V, (a hell) bujana. 
Tomtit, s. pidree. 

Tomb, s. kubur, gor, mukbura, rou- 
To-mdrrow, ad, kul, furda. [zub. 
Tone, s. luhjuh, awaz ; ly, nuwa. 
Tongs, s. dust»punah, clumta. 
Tongue, t. jeebn, zuban ; (language) 

bolee, bhakha. , 
Tongue-scr&per, », jeebhee. 
Tonne^, », juhaz ya nao kee py« 

maish, bojhaee ka bhara. 
Too, ad, buhoot, nihayut, nipot. 


[ 308 } 

T R A 

Todt !«. huthiyar, Duzar, alut. 
Tooth, 8, dant, dundan. [peer. 

Tooth-aehe, s, durd i dundan, dunt- 
T6oth-brush| «. dtuoun, miswak. 
Tooth-pick, $, khilah 
T6oth-powder> s* munjun. 
Top, s. sira ; choittee, sikhur, oo- 
. pur ; (t(n/) luttoo. 

?6pax, s. pokbraj, zuburjud. 
6pic, 8, muzmoon, moodda. [ka. 
T6pmo8t, a.ooporia, sub-se oopur- 
Topdgraphy, i. tukhteeoolbiiad. 
Topsyturvy, a</.oohit poolut, zer-o- 

zubur, tule oopuf, durhum bur« 
Torch, $, mushal, fuleeta. [hum. 
Torment, v. dookh d. runj d. kbija« 

na, Iculpana, julaila. 
Torment, «. uzab, uZeeyut, kusbt. 
Torpedo, «. kismi-muchhlee. 
Tdrpid, a. thithra, soon, surma- 

Torpor, «, thithrahut, ukrahut. 
Torrent, «. syl, sylan^ nala* 
Torrid, a. muhrooka ; jalta. 
Tortoise,:*. kuchooa« 
Torture, 8. jan-kunee, jan*kundun. 
Toss, v. phenkna, oochhalna. 
X6tal, a. kool, mootluk, sub, tu« 

mam, mtijmooa, juroa, joorola. 
T6tter,«. dij^migana, luruzna, dolna. 
Touch, V* chhoona, mus k. tutolna, 

hath lugana. 
Touch-stone, «. kusoutee, mihuk, 

T6uchy, a. juliya, chirchira, 4oo« 

Tough, a, sukht, chimra. 
Tour, 8, syr> syyahut, gusht, phera ; 

(turn) baree, noubut, doura, 

bud lee. 
Tow, «. sun : v. goon-khynchna. 
Toward, \prepp Jcee turuf, kee or, 
Towards, / ke pas. 

Towel, t. dast-mal, safee, txnftoehha.^ 
Tower, 8. boorj, gurguj. [poora. 
Town, «• ahuhur, kusba, nugnr^ 
T6wnsroan, *. shuhree, kusbatee. 
Toy, f . khilouna. 
Trace, v. khoj-nikalna, sooragh iu- 

gana,thang lugana; (Jind) pokur- 

na, pana, nikulna; {mark cut) 

Track, «. leek, nukshpa; (path) 

pugdundee, rah. 
Tract, 8. moolk, zumeen ; (treatise) 

risala, gootka. 
Tractable, o. muhkoom, ghureeb» 

Tr&ctableiiess, «. itaut, ghoorbut^ 

Trade, «. souda-guree, tijarut, biyo^ii 

par, bunij : v. soudaguree k. 

biyopar k. bunij k. 
Trader, «. soudagur, biyoparee. 
Tritde-wind, 8^ mousimee-huwa. 
Tradition, «. kuhawut, nukl, riwa- 

yut, hudees, tudawool, kubee 

hooee bat. 
Traditionary, a. soonee-soonaee^ 

nuklee, mootudawul, zubanee, 

Traduce, v. toohmut lugana, bud* 

nam k. [tijarut. 

Traffic, s. soudaguree, biyopar, 
Triigical, a. hybutnak, mooheeb, 

Trail, v. ghuseetna. 
Train, v, turbiyut k.sadhana^ udub 
Train-oil, f. muchhlee ka tel. [d. 
Triiitor, s, dugbabaz, numukhttram^ 

ghuddar; (to kings) padshah- 

dooshmun; (to country) wutun- 

Trammel, s. pabund, pykunu 
Triimple, v. paemal k. lutarnA» 

roundna ; (as horses) lap k«. 

T R A 

I 309 ] 

?r R £ 

Trance/ s. be-khoodee, suktuh. 
Tiinquil, a, mooruifa, theer. 
Traoquillity, t. amm, chyn, rahut, 

Transact, v. mooamUa k. 
Transdction, s, kar-o-bar^ mooamu* 

la, majra, sopgoozushu 
Transcendent, a. sums, fouk, be- 

nuzeer, baladost, fidk, pesbdust. 
Transcript, s. nokl, ootara. 
Transfer, v. ek juj^ub-se our juguh 

k. sompna, zimmuh rukhna. 
Transfiguration, <. tubdeel i sbukJ, 

Transhx, v. war«par k. 
Transform, v. soorut budnlna. 
Transgress, v. khuta k. bookm- 

oodoolee k. rudd k. [seer. 

Thtnagr^sioti, t. khuta, chook, tuk- 
Transgr^ssor, s, tukseerwar^ khu- 

Transient, d. arizee, fanee^ napae- 
y- . dar, cfaula-chuiee. 
Tiinsitive, o. fiui imootuuddee, su- 
. . korrauk. 

Tianslto, V, turjoomah k. 
Transiktion, $, turjoomuh. 
Traasmigr&tion, «« nukl i mukan ; 
■ awaguwun. 

TransOiit, v. bhejna, irsai k. 
Transparency, t. shufiafee, oojiaee, 
' nirriiulta, borrttkee,.sufaee. 
Transparent, a. saf» sbaffiif^ nirmul, 

oojjul, burrak. 
Transpire^ o. be-purd b. khool-jana. 
Transplant, v. ek joguh-se dowree 
. jugab ropna. 
Transport, p, ladna, bbiir»fajaBa ; 

(ejrOtf) jula wutcm k» 
Transpose, V. oolut*pool«t kw kulb k. 
Transverse, u, ara, beAda, titicbha. 
Tmp^ I. kul, phunda* 
Tfi4p-door, $, chor*dur«msa» 

Trippings, s. jhvrbbeti^ araisheni^ 
Trash, 8, ugur bugur, ulae-bulae. 
Travail, v junna, durd men h. 
Travel, s. sufur, rooosafirut, syr : v, 

sufur k. 
Traveller, $. moosafir, rahee, rumta. 
Triivelliiigs, t. moosafiree. 
Travels, s. sufur-namuh. 
Tr^verse^ o. ara, benda, tircbha. 
Tray, s. khwan, khwancba. 
Treacherous, a. be-eeroan, dugba< 

. baz, ghuddar, chhulee. 
Treachery, s, dugbabazee^ dugba, 

cbhul, budzatee. 
Treacle, s. tiriyak, rab. 
Tread, v. pyr rukhna; pyr^se dab 

na, roundna. 
Tr^on, «* dugha-bazee, kbiyanut, 

numuk-huramee, ghudr, chhul. 
Treasure, s. khuzanub; (hoard) du< 

feenuh, dumra. 
Treasurer,!, khuzanebee* 
Treasury, 5. khuzanub. 
Treat, v. juwab suwal k, soolooic 

k. $ (/east) ziyafut k. 
Treat, s. ziyafut, mibmanee. 
Treatise, s. risala, tiooskha, iMuna. 
Treatment, s. soolook, beobar, ebal 

(medical) malja. 
Treaty, t. uhd-o-pyman. 
Treble, a. tigoona, si-chund. 
Tree, «. durukht, per, brichh. 
Trimble, p, kampna, luruzna, thur- 

Tremendous, a. houl-nak, hybut- 

nak, durouna, mooheeb. 
Tremor, s. kampnee, lurzish, kup- 

kupee, lurza, tburthurahut, thur- 

Tremulous, *) a. thurthuraha, lur- 
Trembling, y zan. 
Trencher, s, kuthra, kuthoutee. 
TrepklitioD, t: lurza> hul cbui^ . 

T R I 

[ 310 J 

T R U 

Tr^spfXsSy s. khuta, tukseer, chook, 

Trusses, i. zoolf, gesoOy kakoo), 

toorra, puttha, bubree. 
Trial, s. imtihan, tujweez, purukh, 

bichar, azmaish, tuhkeekat. 
Triangle, s, rooosullus, ti-konuh, 

Tribe, I. firkub, gurob, kool, buns, 

bum, koum. 
Tribulation, s. tusdeeu,ruDJ,sunkut, 

ghum, dookh, koft, biput, afut. 
Tribunal, s. musnud, muhkuma. 
Tributary, a. khiraj-goozar, baj-goo- 
Tribute, t, kbiraj, pesbkush. [zar. 
Trice, f. jhupkee, lup. 
Trick, 8. heeluh, buhanub, tal tol, 

fureb, funn, joogut, hikmut, huth- 

pher, sutbut, fitrut. 
Trickle, a. reesna, tupukna, jhuma. 
Trident, 8, tri-sool. 
Triennial,. «• si-saluh, ti-saluh, lu 

Trier, s, jacbunhar, purkhiya, im- 

Trifle, V' khelna, fiul ubus k. muk* 

khee mama, tbalatboolee k. . 
priding, a. hulka, soobook, ocbha. 
Trigger, s, kul bundook kee. 
Trigonome.try, «. moosuUus ya ti- 

kone kee pymaish ka ilm. 
Trim, a. buna thuna, cbbeela-chha- 

la, mookutta, turasha-kburasha. 
Trimming, 8, zer-damun, gota, jha- 
. lur» kinaree, zurkburuk, jhuka- 

jhuk, jhulajhul, kamdar. 
.Trinket, «. rezrruwa, gubna, putta, 
. bhugfee-guhna, pata. 
Trip, V, paon lugna, tbokur kbana, 

nakhoon lena ; (err) cbookna, 

bhoolna; (lig^tfy) jbumuk-ae 

cbulna, tbirukna, thoomukna. 
Tripartite, a. ti*bhagfb ti-phanka. 

Tripe, t. ojhreif, roda, ant, unlree. ' 

Trip^talous, a. ti-puttee. 

Triple, a. ti^oona, sichund, tibra* 

t:!?^^' }'•*'-«'"'•'-•«- 

THpod, 8. trtpud, tipaee, sipayoh. 
Tripper, t. urungebaz. 
Trite, a, poorana, kudeem. 
Triturate, v. rugurna, gbusna. 
Trivet, 8. tipaee, atpayuh. 
Trivial, a. bulka, subuj, udna, mo- 

book, bekudur. 
Triumph, «. futih, jy, feerozee. 
Triumphant, a. futilimuiHl, ghalib, 

feerozmund, fiitihyab, moozuffur, 

Trollop, 8. pboohiir, geglee^ bodlee, 

Troop, $. gurob, gbol, jutha ; (ijf 

kor8e) risaluh. 
Tr6oper, «. suwar, bargeer, ghor- 

Tropic, s. {of Canceii'} daira raa oos 

surtan; (ttf Capncom) kbntt i 

Trot, V. doolkee jana, poyon jarau 
Trouble, s, dookb, tusdeea, tukleef, 

eeza, runj, musbokkut, rotfaiiut, 

Tr6uble, v. dtkk k. sutana, toadeea 

d. chhema, khtjana, kulpana^ 
Troublesome, a, eeza*dihund, run- 

jawur^ tnoozee. 
Trough, 8, kuthra, koonda. 
Trowsers, «. pae«jamuh^ iaar. 
Trdwel, s. kurnee. 
Triiant, 8, awaruh, koochagurd, 

Truce, s. moohlut, tuhtimmool, 

tvukfai tu^okkooCi 
Tr^kie, tu dubukna, jigecjigee k. 
Trudge, r. pyrwgrbnseetna, rubuma. 
True, a. such^ 8uchcha> rast, hukk. 

T U M 

I 311 ] 

* W E 

yukeen, sut, dooroost, - theek ; 

(fnt/^) wuhdari {honeit) 

■True-Kearted, a. saf-dii, suchche- 

TrCily, ad. stich-mooch ; fii-hukee- 
■ kut, wakuee, borhukk. 
Trumpet, s. toorhee, kurnae, soor. 
Trunk, t. jurwut, moosla, soond ; 

suiidook mofida hooa« 
Trust, $. etibar, etimad, bliurosa, 

tuwukkool, tukiya ; (credit) oo- 

dbar, kurs; (charge) huwala, 

zimma, rukhwalee. 
Trust, 9. bawur k. manna, puttya- 

na, bhurosa rukhna, ettbar k. ; 

{crtdit} oodhar.d. ; (deponi) 

umanut rukhna, sompna, soo- 
• .poeid k. 

Trustee, s. umeen, umanutdar. 
Tr&sty, A« eemandar, wuftwiar, uma* 

nutdar, diyanutdar. 
Truth, t, rastee^ sacbehaee, sut, 

hukk, sidk, huktyot, hukeekut, 

Try,o. asmana, jajichna,pcirukhna, 

tujwees k. aSmaish k. ; (test) ku- 
. soutee pur churhana; (attempt) 

Tiibev <• nolee. 

Tdberde, s, gittee, ganth, masbird. 
IHiesday, s. munjsul, si-shumba. 
Tuft, «. toorruh, kulghee. 
Tug, r* khynchna, uynchna. 
Tuition, s. tualeem, turbiyut, tul- 
Tiilip, «. lalub, sblikaik. [keen. 
Tumble, v. gir-purna, gtma, pu* 

'chbarkhana; (toUalwta) lotna, 

lotpot k. ; (a$ a tumbler) kuia- 
. baxee k. ; (thr<m dmon) girana, 

dalna, dha^i. 
T^mbl^r, i. nut ;. (glan) abkhora ; 

(pigeon) giribbax, lotun. 

Tiimor, >• wurm, phdra, ^6omra« 

Tumult, f.4>ulwa,.kulchul,bukheni, 

ashob, ghoolghoola, khnlbuiee. 
Tun, #. bum peepa, uthaees mud 

ka wuzn. 
Tune, $, rag, ly, soor. 
Tune, V. dooroost k, humsaz k. ^ 
TCineful, a. khoosh-awaz, khoosh« 

TCinnel, i. chonga; (of a chimney) 

diiooaiikush ; (wuter aground) teu 

zumeen kee mihrabdftr rah.. 
T&rban, t. pugree, cheera, dustar. ' 
TCirbid, a. gudia, mookuddur, 

Tbrbulence, s, kfaul bulee, istirab^ 

bekuraree, iztirar. 
Turf, s. chupra, doob-choura. 
TCirl^y, »• ipetoOf feel-moorgh, 
T^rkoi^ f . feeroza* 
TCinneric, s, huldee, chobxurd. 
Turn, »• phirna, budoUjana ; (onU 

lathe) khuradna. 
Turner, s, khuradee. 
Turning, s, gurdisb, phirao, douran. 
Turnip, i. sbulghum. 
Turnkey , s, kydkhane ka darpgha. ' 
Terpentine, s. tuipun-tel ; (crude) 

TCirpitude, t. budeatee, khotae^^ 

sillnt, snlalut. 
Tiirret, s. kungoofa, knius. 
T6rt)e, s. kucbooa, sung poosht, 
TCirtle-dove, s. fakhta, koomree. 
Tush, inWj, pish, ok - 
Tusk« s. dant, i\^b,^Jkooch1ee. 
TCisked, a, nabdar^ dantyL 
Tutenag, s. tamcbeenee. 
TCitor, s. utaleek, mobultiid. 
Twain, a. do, dono. 
Twansr, s. tunkor, ^n, timeunaiiut. 
Tweezers, i. mochna. 


[ 312 ] 


Twelfth, a. barfawtn^clwadusee. 
Twelve, a. baruh, d wad as. 
Twelvemonth, i, boirali-maS) bu- 

Twenty, a* bees, beesee, koree. 
Twice, ad. do-baruh, dober^ do-du- 
Twig, s. tuhnee, dalee. [fub. 

Twilight, f. godhoolee, moonnun- 

dhera, 8ur-i*sham, neemasham. 
Twin, s, jourya, do, touum. 
Twine, t. sootlee. 
Twinkle, v, jugmugana, tumtuma- 

na, doogdoogana. 
Twinkle, 1 «•. jhilmilahnt^ turn- 
Twinklings J tunaahut^ doogdoo- 

gahut, jhtipuk. 
Twins, <. jocwfiii, tuwaroan, jawan ; 

{the cmuteUation) dopykur* 
Twirl, V. pherna, cbukkur d. 
Twist, s. uynth, muror^ bul, pech, 

uyntha,niurora, uynthun, pechish. 
Twit, V. odlahina d. tuana marna. 
Twitch* «4 cbheenna, khusotna, 

Twitter, 9. cheen cheen k. 
Two, fl. do. 

Ty'mpan, s. tumboor, dhol. 
Ty'mpanum; s, kan ka purda* 
Type, s, ulamut, nisban, puta; 

(printing) chhape ka hurf. 
Ty'pical) a, dal* ulamutee. 
Tyrannical, a, zoolmee, situmee* 
Ty'rannize, «. zoolm k. 
Ty'mnny, s, zoolna, undher, ziyadu- 
Ty'rant, s. zalim. [tee. 

Ty'roy #• nouamoz, moobtudee. 


Ubiquity, #• haziree-naziree. 
U'dder, «. thun, kheeree, lewa. 
IJ'gliness, <• bud«40oratee, bud*shu* 

U'gly, a« bud*soorat, bhoundi. 
U'lcer, s. nasoor^ kooruh, kurha, 

Ultimate, a« akhiree, khutumee; 

pichhla. [nmr. 

U'ltiroately, odL akhir-ko, akhirool- 
Ultramarine, o. snmoondur par ka. 
U'mber, s. kism chiriya-o*mnchhtee. 
U'mbrage, f. (ikadow) chhan ; (of' 

fence) guranee^ nakhooshee, Inid- 

Umbrageous, a. saye-dar. 
Umbr^la, s« chhutree, cbbata. 
U'ropire, <. salis, dormiyanee. 
UnliUe, a. be-mukdoorf na-kabir, 

Unacceptable, xi» na»pu&und, na- 

munaoor. . . 
Unaccomplished, a, na-tumam, nu- 

Unaccountable, a^ ukl^se bahor; 

(notanswerabk) zimmudarnuheeti. 
Unaccfastonied, a. be-rubt, adut 

nuheeti, gyr-moostuumndl, na- 

muhrum, be-moohawira^ 
Unacquainted, a« na-wakif, na- 

muhrum, unjan, be-khnbur, na- 

ashna. [shuh. 

Unadvised, a, be-sulah, be«tuha^ 
Unaffected, a, {artleu) aeedha, be* 

sakhtuh ; {unmm>&i) gyr-moo- 

Unalterable, a. umit, utul,be-budut. 
Unambitious, a* be«housila, kum- 

himmut [ittihad. 

Unanimity, 8, ekta, ittifak, ekdiiee, 
Un&nimous, a, moottufik, ekdil, 

bum*mu8hwttrut» hum-kuiam,ek- 

soo, eksookun. 
Unlinswerable, a. la*juwab, la<«ttdd. 
Unappalled, a. be-khouf> nidur. 
Unappeasable^ a. jtaka tusfiyuh nH 

ho suke. 

U N B 

[ 313 ] 

U N C 

JJiiapjpr^ed, a. Ba*putand» na* 

Vuk^y a, mukabily na-kuk^ na* 
. dooroost. 
Un&nned, a, ni-huita, be-silah, be. 

Unascertained, a. tuhkeek nuheen 

k^a hoattf be-mualoom, na- 
. 4uhkeek» 

Unasked, a. nn-manga, binboolaya. 
Unaspiring, a. be-iraduh. 
Unassisted, a^ be-mudud,be*suhara« 
Unattainable, a, gyr-mooyassur, 

Unatt^mpted, a, na-azmooduh. 
Unattended, a. chbura, ekia,. ju- 

Unavailing, a. be-fudub, ubus, la- 
basil, be-taseer. 
Unavoidable, a. ntul, umit. 
UnaOtborised, a. be-sunud, be- 

bookm, be^ruaa. 
Unawares, ad. ekaek, ucbancbuk, 

nagab, naguban, be-kbubar. 
Un&wed, a, b^kbouf, nidur. 
Uttbecdming, a, na^sbaistub, na* 

jaakod, naseyb^ budiiooma. 
Unbeli^, <. be-etikad, be-«emanee, 

nnpruteet. [tukid^ 

Unbeliever, s, be-eeman, gyr«moou- 
Unbiassed, a. be^lag, ba-puchb, 

apuchb, bemyU 
Unbidden, a. un-boohiya» be«neota. 
I^iblaaiafaie, a. nir-dokhee, la* 
"^ joorm, be-goonah. 
Unblto^ed, Urni-J^ulunk^ be-nyb, 

Unbl^ a. puresbair, na-kboosb. 
Unblown, a. nubee» kbila, na-sbi- 

Unb6m, a. na>^pyda, un-juna. 
Unbdsom, ti. batin kakubna, kboor 

fiyub kubna« 

Unbought, a. na-kbureeda. 
Unbounded, a, be-budd, upar, be- 

nihayut, be-tbikana, gyr-mootun- 

baee, gyr-moobeet. 
Unbridled, a, be*lugam.. 
Unbroken, a, untoota, na*shikusta« 
Unbrotherly, ad^ be-buraduranuh. 
UnbGried, o. na-mudfoon, be-gor 

o kufun. 
Unbbrnt, a. an*jula, na-sokhta. 
Unbbtton, v. gboondee kholna. 
Unciindid, a, narast, usut, nasaf. 
Uucluigbt, a. un*pukra, na-giriftub. 
Unceremonious, a, be*tukulloof. 
Uncertain, a« gyr-mookurrur, be* 

tbikana, gyr*aioouyyun, be^subat, 

Unchangeable, a. be-tubdeel, umit, 

lazuwal, larudd. 
Uneb&ritable, a. tungdil, befyz. 
Unchaste, a, fttsik, fiUiish. [fil. 

Uncircumspect, a. be-kbubur, gha- 
Uncivil, a, bud-kbo<olk, be-mooruv* 

wut, na-ubl, gyr-khoolk. 
Uncivilized, a. be^turbiyut. 
U'ncle, «. (pa/erraa/) cbucha; (ma- 
ternal) mamoo. 
Uncl^n» a. napak, nasaf, alooduh. 
Uncleanness, s. napakee, nasafee. 
Unclouded, a, be-ubr^ bin -bud* 

dul, saf. [dbub. 

Unconi^ly, ad» be-doul, be*suj, be* 
Uncomfortable, «• be^ram, dil* 

kburash, nakhoosh. [yvb* 

Uncommon, u, unokba^ nadir, kum* 
Uneonc^rned, a. be-p«rwa, be-fikr, 

Unconfirmed, a, be-isbat, be-tusdeek. 
Unconnected* a. be*lugao, be»tu* 

allook. [be-8ur« 

Unconquerable, a* na-mugbloob^ 
Unconscionable, a. udhurmee, bud- 

niyut, bttd-dijanut« 

U N D 

[ 314 ] 

U N £ 

UncourtBous, a. be*moeravwuty 

Uncouth, a. bbonda, be-usloob. 
Uncover, o. oogharna, kboloa, 

nunga k. 
Uncre&ted, a. fryr-muklilook. 
U'nction, s. oobtun^ malish. 
U'nctuous, a. cbikna, telha. 
Uncultivated, a. be-turuddood, na* 

abad ; {theperton) be-turbiyut. 
UncGt, a, uii-kuta, na-turasb^uh. 
Undaunted, a. be-bak, nidur, jaitbaz. 
Undeceive, v. ankhen kbolna, an- 

khon kee puttee kbolna. 
Undecided, a, na-fysul ; be-iraduh. 
Undeflled, a. be-di^h, ucbhoota, 

Undefined, a. gyr-rooosbukhkhus, 

Undeniable, a, ia-rudd, gyr-etiraz. 
U'nder, ad. neeche, tule^ zer, tabi ; 

(ie»8) kum. 
Undergo, i». suhna, ungezna, bur* 

dasht k. oothana. 
U'nderhand, ad. dur-purduh, ehboa» 

pa chhoopee. 
U'nderling, s. tuhtee, tulheroo, ku- 

mera, zenrdust, korpurdaz. 
Undermine, v. soorung-lugana ; 

U'ndermost, a. neechla. 
Undem^th, ad. neeche, tule. 
Underrate^ v. kutn keemut lugana. 
Understand, v. sumujhna, duriyafl 
' k. wakif h. muaioom k. 
Understanding, t. sumujh, Itihm, 

ukl, boodh, duriyaft, fahmeed, 

idrak wukoof. 
Understood, pa. surajha, boojha, 

maloora hooa, 
Undertlkke, v. halh logana, ikhtiyar 
- ' k. beera oothana» £muluh. 

Undertaking,* f. kam, kar, mooa- 

Underv&lue, v* kum mol thuhrana) 

na-kudree k. 
U'nderwoodt $. jbaree. 
Underwriter, s. beema-wala. [ka. 
Undeserved, a« gyr-waiib, nabukk 
Undeserving, a. na-Iaik, na-moos- 

UndesSgning, a. be-riya, nikuptee. 
Undesired^a. unchaha, be*khwastuh. 
Undetermined, a* gyr-mookurrur, 

Undigested, a. be-huzm, chhatee 
. pur dhura. 

Undiscerned, a. be*mua)oom. 
Undisceming, t. be*tumeeZy be- 

Undisciplined, a. be-kuwaid, na« 

amoklituh, berubt, bezubt, be- 

bundobust, be-tudbeer. 
Undiscovered, a, be-roualoom, na* 

Undisguised, a. be-riya, saf, see- 

4ha sadtth. 
UndistCirbed, a. be-hurukut. 
Undivided, a. gyr-tukseem, unbota, 
Und6,v.unkiya k. oodhema, kholna. 
Undone, a. na*turoatD, na-tyyar; 

(ruined) tubah, gya-goozra. 
Undoubted, a. be-shoobha, la-iyb, 

Undress, v. kupre ootarna. 
U'ndulate, v. hilkom kbana, tule 

oopur b. lubrana. 
Undut&tion) i« hilkom, labor, mcmy 

Undiitiful, a. kupoot, iia-khiila( 

Uneasiness,^, be-chynee, bep«ramce^ 

bekulee, betabee, be^kuraree. 
Uneasy, a. be-aram, be-chya, be* 

kul, beiab, bekorar. 
Unemployed, a. be^^sbooghl, be* 

kar, be-rozgar, ... . ^ - 

U N F 

[ 315 ] 

U N I 

UnenKf^htisned, a, be»tiirbiyut, jahtl. 
Unequal, a. be-roel, na-humwar, 

Unequivocal, a. shf, spusht, yukee- 
Unerring, €1. uchook, be-khata. [nee. 
Unessential, a. be-hukeekut, zur- 

oor nuheen. 
Uneven, a, oofieh-neech, nahum- 
. war, behur. [hooa. 

Unexampled, a, be-surisbtun, an- 
Unexpected, a. na-guhan, ekaek, 

Unexp^tedly, ad, na>guhaiiee*8e. 
Unexplored. a« be-muaioom. 
Unextinguished, a. un-boojha booa. 
Unfi^Hng, a, la-suwal, numoor- 

jhawe jo. 
Un^ir, a. na-rast, na-dooroost. 
Unfaithful, a. be-wufa, jhootha, 
- bud-Houl. [waj« 

Unfashionable, a, be-chulun, be-ri- 
Unfttbomable, a. uthah, ugum, 

Unfavourable, a. na-mihrban ; na- 

Unfl^vourabiy, a(L na-niihrbanee*se. 
Unfathered, a. be-pur-o-bal. 
Unfi^ling, a. be-rohm, be*turs, 

JUnf^igned, a. be-riya. [soos. 

Unf^It, a. be-mualoom, gyr-muh- 
.Unfi^tter, e. a. beree Jcatna, kyd-se 

Unfinished, a* na^^tnmam, natyyar. 
Unfit, a. na-laik, na-muakool, na- 
dooroost, na*8hai8tuh, na-kabi). 
Unfl^ged, a. be-baUo*pur, geda, 

Unfold, V. tub kbolna,kholna; hull k. 
.Unforeseen, a. na^deeduh, be*mua- 

.Unfo^iying, a. be-ruhm, ntrdy. 
Unfdrmedi a. unbuna, na«tyyar. 

Unf6rtified,, be»at 
Unfortunate, a. bud-nuseeb, kuro» 

nuseeb, budbukht, bebuhra. 
Unfounded, a, be-subat, be-thikana. 
UnfrSeindly, a. na-ashna mizaj. 
Unfruitful, a, uphul, be-bur, be- 
Unf6rl, V. kholna. [surour. 

Unfiimished^a. be-sujaya, be-araish. 
Ung^nerous.a. be«fyz,tung-chushm. 
Ungent^l, a. na-uhl, be-adniiyut. 
Ungird, v. kumur kholna« 
Ungodiness, $, be^eenee, udharra. 
Ungodly, v, be-deen, udhurmee, 

Ung6vernable, a. turkush, moonh- 

zor, be-lugam. 
Ungrateful, a. na-shookr, be*sipas, 

numuk-buram, be»ihsan« 
Unguarded, a. be-lihaz ; be-ar. 
U'nguent, s, momroghun. 
Unhluidy, a, be-dhub, na-muakooI. 
Unhappy, A. na-khoosh, dii«-tung, 

Uuhelilthy, a. na-saz, uleel, bee- 
mar, nasihut. 
UnheM, a. un-soona. 
Unholy, a. napak, upuvitr. 
Unhdrse, p, ghore pur-se ootama. 
Unh6spitable,a. na-roihman*nuwaz. 
UnhCimbied, a, jo dubaya nu gya, 

Unhurt, a, be-chot, be-sudniuh. 
U'oicorn, «. gynda, gurgudun. 
U'niform, s. tughmuh, bana: a. 

burabur, eksan. 
Uniformity, s, eksanee. 
U'niformly, ad, mel-se, burabur. - 
Unim&ginable, a, be-kiyas. 
Unimpaired, a. jo bigra nuheen. ^ 
Unimp^ached, a. bedagh, be*ilzam. 
Uninformed, a. be-khubur, unpurha. 
Uninhibited, a. na«abad. i 

Uninspired, a, na-mooihum.,. * 


[ 316 ] 

U N N 

Uninstr(icted, a. be-tualeem. 
Unint^Iigibley a, be-sumujh, na- 

danista, unjan. 
Uninterested, a. la-ghurz. 
UointerrCipted, a» niruntur, bilana- 

gha, tuwatoor. 
Uninvited, a. un-boolaya, be-neota, 

U'nion, $, htifak, yeganugee. 
Unique, a, lasanee, bemisU 
U'nison, <. ek-soor, hum-awaz. 
U'nit, t. ek, ekum, ekka. 
Unite, V. ek.k. roilana, jorna. 
United, a. rooottufik, ek-dil, moot* 

tuhid, pywusta./ 
Unitedly, ad. milke^ ek dilee-se« 
U'nity, f. wuhdaniyut, ekta. 
Universal, a. mootluk, koollee. 
Universality, t. koolliyut. 
Universally, ad, bil-kooU, durobust. 
U'niverse, t. alum. 
University, s, mndrosuh. 
Uujust, a, be-insaf, gyr-wajibee. 
UnjCistifiabie, o. gyr-moomkin ool 

Unjustly, ad, be*in8afee«>8e, nahukk. 
Unkind, <{. na-mihrban, bedurd, 

Unkindness, t . na-mihrbanee, be- 

Unkndwingly, ad. unjan*se, na- 

Unknown, a, unjan, na-mualoom, 

Unlace, v, a, doree kholna. 
Unlade, v. oobharna. 
Unlawful, a. huram, khilaMiuruh, 

na-ruwa, na-jaiz. 
U^il^amed, a. na^khwandubi un- 

Unless, conj. ugurnu, wugurnu. 
Unlettered, a. un»purb, na-khwan- 


Unlike, a, moowafik nuheeyiy gyr- 

Unlikely, ad, un-honee. 
Unlimited, a. be-hudd, be^ihayut 
Unload ,v. lad ootama, bojh ootama. 
Unlock, 0. a, koofl kbolna ; (toive) 

Unlovely, a. upreeyu, na>dilrooba« 
Unliicky, a. bud-yoomun, nuhs, 

shoom, kumbokbt, zuboon, 

Unman, v. oodas k. dilgeer k. him« 

mut khona. 
Unmanageable, a. be-kaboo, bud* 

Unmanly, «tf, aa-murd, oa-rour- 

Unmannerly, ad, bud*khoolk, koo* 

Unm&rried, a. un-biyaha, be»ni« 

kah, kwara. 
Unmask, «• boorkub ootarna, bhes 

Unmatched, a. unoop, bejoree. 
Unmeaning, a, be-muanee, biyarth. 
Unm^asurable, o. bd«hadd, be- 

payan. [nirdy. 

Unmerciful, a, be-ruhm, be-durd. 
Unmercifully, ad, be*rubmee-se. 
Unmerited, a, nuheen-1^, nuheen* 

Unmindful, a. ghafil, be-khubur, 

Unmlngled, ) a. na-amekhtoh, ui^ 
Unmixed, ) mel. 
Unmolested, a. be-moozabumu^ 

Unmoor, v, lungur oothana« 
UnmoVed, a, be^Hkknt, utul. 
Unnlitural, a. khilaf4-zat, khi]af4« 

tubiut, khilaf-adut. 
Unnecessary, a. gyr-i-zoropr, nu- 

been zuroor, . . 

U N P 

[ 31T ] 

U N R 

UnnCinAbered, a, un^gina, be-sboo- 

Unobserved, a. un-dekba, nadeeduh, 

Unoccupied, a. gyr-mootusurruf. 
Unoffending, a. begoonah, nirdosee. 
Unopened, a. nuheen-khoia, bund. 
Unoperattve, a, gyr-mooussur, be- 

Unpack, o. guthree kbolna, bojb 

ootarna. [booa, 

Unpliid, a. un-puta, uda nuheen 
Unp&latable, o. be-muzuh, be-swad. 
Unpardouable,^a.gyr-muaf, bukhsh- 

ne«laik nuheen. 
Unpardoned, a. jo bukhsha nubeen 

fi^a, muaf nuheen booa. 
Unperc^ived, a. be*mualoom. 
Unphilosophicai, a. kbilaf-Hhikmut. 
Unpleasant, a. na-guwara, napu- 

sundeedub« [dood. 

Uuploughed, a, bin-jotee,be*turud- 
Unp6Hshed, a. be*jila, be-sykul ; 

{ruitic) oorumba, bhooch, un- 

Unpolite, v« be-mooruvwot, bud- 

Unprlictised, o. na*aimoodukar» 
Unprecedented, a. be-sirishtuh, be- 

muamooi, be-kaiduh. 
Unprejudiced, a, be-tuassoob. 
Unpremeditated, a, be-fikr, be*tu« 
- ummool, bin-soch. 
Unprepared, a. na*tyar; (j)ers(m) 

Unprincipled, a. bud-niyut, bud- 

zat, bud-teen ut, udburmee. 
Unprofitable, a, be-faidub, lahasil, 

Unpropitious, a. na-mihrban ; na- 

moobaruk, be-burukut. 
Unprotected, a. be-walee waris, be- 

wuseela ; .( p2ace) be-<sayuh. 

Unprovided, a, be-surunjam; be-« 

sur-o-saman. [kut. 

Unprov6ked, a, be-chber, be-hur- 
UnpCiblisbed, a, clihupa nuheen. 
UnpCinished, a, be-suza, be-tumbee. 
Unqualified, a, na-laik, na^kabil, 

Unquenchable, a, gyr-moontufee, 

nuheen boojhnewala. 
Unquestionable, a. bila-etiras, be- 

Unr&vel,v.sooIjhana, kbolna, hull k. 
Unread, a, un-purba, na-khandub. 
Unreasonable, a. gyr-wajibee, bueed 

ool ukl, na-moonaaib, na-mua'* 

kool, beja, be-thikana. 
Unreasouabieness, s, na-muakoolee« 
Unreconciled, a. milaya nubeen 

gya, tusfiyuh nuheen hooa. 
Unreglirded, a. na-poorsan, unpoo-* 

chha. [jha. 

Unrelenting, a, be-ruhra, unpusee^ 
Unrepented, a. na-pusheman shoo^ 
Unreserved, a, be-lugao, saf. [da. 
Unres6ived, a. be-kusd, be*iraduh. 
Unrestrained, a, be-iugam, be-zubt, 

be-tuummool, be-tulmsha. [gya. 
Unrevealed, a, jo zahir nuheen kiya 
Unrevoked, a. jo nuskh nuheen 
Unrewarded, a, be-ujr. {hooa. 

Unriddle, v. hull k. kholna. 
Unrighteous, a. udburmee, na-salih« 
Unrighteousness, a. udhurm, bud- 

karee. [pookhtuh. 

Unripe, a. un-puka, kuchcha, na« 
Unrivalled, a. be-misl, be-manind, 

be-misltl, unoop, lasanee. 
Unrol, V, tub kholna, lupet kbolna* 
Unrbffled, a, thyra hooa. 
UnrCiliness, $, be-zubtee, be-iuga« 

inee,^uikushee, mugraee. 
Unrbly, a, be^lugam^ be-zubt, 


U N S 

[ 318 1 

U N U 

Unsafe, o. be-nmun, na-0ulamut, 

Uoslmctified, a. na-pak. 
Unsatiable, a. oft i ^s ooduh. 
I)nsatiiiartory, a, na-moowafik, na- 
. 'ptzeera. 

Unslivour3r,«uh, be-zaikuh. 
Unsiy, V. bat pheraa, bat pulutna. 
Unscrew, v. a. pech kholna. 
Unfilled, a. be-moohr, khoola. 
Unsearchable, a, tubkeek«se bahur, 
. tufteesh-se bahar. 
Unsteonable, a. be-wukt, be-uy- 

yam, be-ja. [muakool. 

Uns^mly, ad, im^shaistuh, na- 
Uns^en, a, un-dekha, na-deeduh. 
Unserviceable, a, nikumina. 
Unsettled, a. be-bundobust; be«ku- 

rar, ghubraya hooa. 
Unshaken, a. undola; (m mind) 

Unsh^ath, v. ulum k, khynchna. 
Unsheltered, a. be-sajruh, be-ot« 
Unshod, a. nunge-pyr. 
Unshorn, a. un-kutra, un-moonda. 
Unsightly, ad. bud-nooma, bud- 

soorut, budzeb. 
Unskilful, a. be»boonur, narusa* 
Unskilled, a. na-wakif, na*kabil. 
Unsociable, a, un-mila, na-amez. 
Unseid, a, nuheen-bika, 
Unsoldier-like, a. na-sipahana. 
Unsolicited, a. durkhwast nuheen 

keeya hooa. 
Unsolicitous, a. nuheett««hahta. 
Unsought, a. tinmanga. 
Unsound, a, khonta, uybdar. 
Uns6wD, a. unboa, na^kashtuh. 
Unspeakable, a, be-byait, be-tuk- 
Unspotted, a, be-dagh. [reer* 

Unst&ble, a. ohunchul, be-kurar, 
. napaedar, bCfSubat, be-kiyam, 


TTmtjfndfcst^ n 'be-kurar, be*kiyaiD. 
Unsteadiness, s. be-kuraree, be- 

Unstring, v. russee kholna, bun- 

dhun kholna. 
UnsubdCied, a. inughloob nuhee 

Unsuccessful, a. na^^noorad, be- 

Unsuitable, a, be>mel, na-moowafik. 
Unsupported, a. be-suhara. [rukhe. 
Unsuspecting, a. jo sbukk nuheen 
Untiiinted, a. pak, sal, beboo. 
Uiitlisted, a. un*chukha, unchhooa. 
Untaught, a. un-seekha, na-arookh- 
Unterrified, a. nidur. [tuh* 

Unth&nkful, a, na-shookr, na-sipas. 
Unthinking, a, be-fikr, be-lihas. 
Untie, V. bund kholna, kholna. 
Until, ad. jub-tuk, jub-lo. 
Untimely, ad. be-wukt. 
U'nto, prep, ko, ke-tuee». 
Untold, a. un«kuha. 
Untouched, a. un-chhooa. 
Untoward, a. mugra, sur-kusb. 
Untractable, a. be-subt, be*kaboo, 

UutHed, a. na-azmooduh. 
Untroubled, a. nir-mul, be-ghoo- 
UntrCie, a, narast, usut [bar. 

Untrdth, a, na-rastee, jhootb. 
UntOtored, a. be-tualeem. 
Untwist, jr. sooijhana; oodher- 
Untwine, j na. 
Unvanquished, a. ujeet, namugh* 

Unvaried, a, 4)e-tubdeeleey budulta 

Unveil, V. zahir k. kholna, bhed 

butana. Ltub, 

Unviolated, a. un<*bigra, nathilcus- 
Unusual, «• be-ebulun, be-riwaj, 

na«muamoQl, l^^iatiuoiaL 

U R B 

[ 319 ] 


Unutterable^ a. be-byaii» jo kuha 

nir jae. 
Unwliiled, a, bei^sbuhrpunafa. 
Unwarily, ad, be-chooksee-se, be- 

Unwlirrantable, a, be-sanud, be* 

wujhuh. [ibtiyat 

Unwfiry, a, gbafil, be-khnbur, be«> 
Unw&ihed, a, un-dboa, na-shoostub. 
Unw^ried, a. uthuk. 
Unwelcome, a, na-mukbool, na- 

pusund. [beroar. 

Unwell, a, Da-8ai» uleel, mandub, 
Unwholesome, a. na-moowafik, na* 

guwaruh, naguwara. 
Unwieldy, a. t^aree, wnxunee. 
Unwilling, a. be-dil, na-raz, nabur. 
Unwillingness, s, narazee, bedilee. 
Unwise, a. nadan, be-shuoor, la-akiL 
Unworthy, a. na*laik, iia-<siizawar, 

bekudr, nikumma. [tub. 

Unwritten, a. un-likha, na-nuwish- 
Unyoke, a. jooa ootanuL 
Up, ad, oopur, bala ; (not asleep) 

ootha, juga. 
Upbraid, v. mulamut k. oolabinad. 
Uphold, o. thamna, sumbhalna. 
Uplift, 17. oopur oothana. 
Up6n, ffrtp. oopur, pur, bur, bala. 
U'pper, a. oopur^ia, bata-tur. 
U'ppermost, a, oopur-ka, oopurla. 
U'prigbt, <i. khura, seedba, theek. 
U'prightness, s, kburaee, seedhaee, 

rastee. [shor-shur. 

U'proar, s. ghoolghupara,ghougha, 
Upi'^t, V. oolutna, tule oopur h* 
U'pshot, s. unjam, nuteejuh. 
U'pside, s. zer-zubur, oolut poolut, 
. ':tule-o6pur« [lut. 

U'pstart, f. kul ka admee, noudou- 
U'parante, ad. oopar-ko. 
UrbUnity, s, mooruvwut, bhul* 


Urge, ff. takeed ^. tukazuhk. duba* 
U'rgency, «. zuroorut. [na. 

U'rgent, s, zuroor, takeedee; bujid. 
U'rine, i. peshab, moot. 
Urn, s. jhujhur; gooldan. 
U'sage, s. reet, chal ; (cmtam) dus- 

toor, ruwaj, kaidub. 
Use, s. kara, rubt, istiumal. 
Use, 17. kam men lana, burtna; 

(treat) sbolook k. 
U'seful, a, kam-ka, moofeed. 
U'seless, a. nikumma, nakis, nu- 

Uselessness, t. lahasilee, nabukaree. 
U'sher, s. (undef-Uacher) khvlee* 

fub, snr-i-ushur. 
IFsher, v, moolazimut kurana. 
U'sual, a. muamoolee, mooruvwuj, 

U'sually, ad, iiksur, beshtur. 
U'surer, s, biyaz-khor, sood-khor. 
UsCiiious, a. btyajoo. 
Us6rp, V.' zuburdustee lena. [dee. 
Usurpation, $, dust>durazee, tuad- 
UsGrper, t. dust-duraz, ghasib. 
U'sury,s. biyaz-khoree, sood-khoree. 
Utensil, <. burtun, zurf. 
Utility, s. kam, faiduh^ nufuh. 
U'tmost, a. nihayut, niput, bhur. 
U'tter, a» niput, nihayut, 
U'tter, V. kuhna, bolna. 
U'tterance, g, tutuffooz, oochchar. 
U'tterly^ ad, niput, nihayut, biikooly 

mootluk, muhuz. 
U'ttermost, a. intiha; nihayut. 
Uviita, s. kouwa, ghantee. 
Uxdriousy a, zun-mooreed, 2un- 


V&cancy, #. juguh ; (lUtiessneu) 
mujhoolee, be-khubufee* . 

V A R 

[ 820 ] 

V E N 

V&cant, a. khalee ; {thoughtless) be- 

Vacate, V. khalee k. 
Vacatiob, $. naghub, tuateel. 

VftS.} '•khola.khooloo. 
Vagabond, s. durbadur^ oabasb. 
Vague, a, be*thikana, gyr-moo* 

Vain, a. (/mitlett) ubus, be-faiduh ; 

[arrogant) khood-been. 
VaingloriouSrA. shekhee-baz, lafzun. 
Vainly, ad. ubus, befaide, jhoot- 

Valerian, s. btUee-lotun. 
Valetudinarian, s. daim-oolmun. 
V&liant, €t, muzboot, diler, sboojau. 
V41id, n. suhee, dooroost, jaiz, 

Validity, «. muiboolee, oostoowaree, 

Valley, s. durruh, kho. 
Vlilour, s, dileree, sboojaot. 
Valuable, a, keemutee. 
Valuation, s. unkao, tushkhees. 
Value, s. keemut, mol, kudur. 
Value, V. mol k. ankna ; (esteem) 

uzeei janna. 
Valve, s, kewar. 
Van, s. agaree, horawut. 
Vane, s, bad-nooma, byruk. 
Vanguard, s. hurawol. 
Vanish, v. ghaib h. jata nihna, lop h. 
V^ity, s. be«hoodugee. 
Vanquish, 9. shikustd. mughloob k. 
Vanquished, a, mughloob. 
Vanquisher, s. ghaUb, futihmund. 
Vlipid, a. be^muzuh, pheeka. 
Vapour, s. bhap, bookhar. 
Variable, d, roootuluvwun, phirta. 
Variance, s. ikhtilaf, mookhalufut. 
Variation, s. tubdeel, her pher; 

(difference) fark. 

Viiriegate, v, ubree L 
VMegated, a. ningarung, goona- 
Varieties, s. uksam, anwau. [goon. 
Variety, t. torah bu turufa, nikum 

V&rious, a, rung rung ka, mootu* 

Vlirnish, t. roughun. 
V&ry, V. budul d. pheroa ; (differ) 

tufawut h. 
Vase, I. gooldan. 

V&ssal, s, ghoolam, ryjrut, tabidar. 
V&ssalage, 4. ghooUunee, ryyutgu- 
Vast, a. bura, uceem, kubeer. [ree. 
Vastly, ad, nihayut, niput. 
Vat, f. honi, chub-buchu. 
Vault, t. (arch) goombuz ; (cellar) ' 

Vaults, a. foombuzdac; 
Vaunt, o. laf zunee k. 
Vaunting, s. laf. 

Veal, s. biichhre ka gosht. [zee. 
V^etable, a, turkaree, bhajee, sub* 
Vegetate, 9. jumna, oogna, burhna* 
Veget&tion, s, baleedugee. 
Vehemence, s, shiddat, zor» tezee. 
Vehement, a. toond, tes. 
Vehicle, s. suwaree. 
Veil, t. boorkuh, ghoongut. 
Veil, V, boorkuh orhna, ghoongttt k* 
Vein, s, rug, nus. 

V^lluiDy s. wuslee chunDeena, khus* 
Velocity, t. zoodee, choostee, lez- 

Velvet, s. mukbmul. 
V^ual, a. sookhun-furosh. 
Vend, V. bechna, bikree k. 
Vender, t. bechnewala. 
Venerable, a. boozooig, mookuimiii. 
Venerate, v. tuazeem k. 
Vener&tion, s. tukreem, toaseenu 
Ven^ian, j. jhilimlee. 
Vengeance, s, budla, intikaio. 

V E R 

[ 321 ] 


Vengeful, a. keenu-wur. 
Venial, a. wajib ooi ufoo. 
Venison, t, burn ka gosht. 
V^uom, s, zuhr, bikh. 
Venomous, a, zuhrdar. 
Vent, s, chhed, soorakh, nikasee. 
Vent, V. sans choma; (divulge) 

zahir k. 
Ventilate, v, huwadar k. 
Ventilator, t, bad-kush. 
Ventricle, s, miada, kotha, kbana. 
Venture, v, kusd k. ; (dare) himmut 

bandhna, jokiion oothana ; (Aa- 

zard) wuswas men dalna: s, kusd ; 

jokhon ; (chauce) nuseeb. 
Venturesome, a. khutur-nak, jo- 
khon ka. 
V^nus, s. {the star) zoohra, sook, 

shookr. [kut. 

Veracity, t, suchchaee, rastee, sida- 
Verandah, t, buramda. 
Verb, s. fiul, kriya ; [intransitive) 

fiul lazimee; (transitive) fiul 

mootuudee ; {auxiliary) zabiti- 

Verbal, a. lufzee, looghwee, zubanee. 
Verbally, ad, zubanee; {literdlfy) 

lufzunbuh lurzun,hurfun hurfun. 
Verbatim, ad, lufzun bu lufzun. 
Verbose, a. toolkulam, luffazee, 

Vdrdant, a. hura, hurera, subz, hu- 

riyala, sur subz, tur-o-taza. 
Verdict, s, buda, tujweez. 
Verdigris, $. zungar, pitlaee. 
Verdure, <, subzee, sur-subzee, hu- 

reree, subzuh, turawut, huraee. 
Verge, s, kinaruh : v. jhookna, 

mail h. 
Verify, V. sabit k. sooboot k, such- 

cha k. isbat k. thurana. 
Verily, ad. filwakee, such, wakuee, 


Verity, f . suchchaee, rastee, hukee- 
Vermic^lli, f. sewyan. [kut. 

Vermilion, f, shungurf ; {Jig,) soor- 

khee, lalee. 
Vermin, t. keere mukoure. 
Vernlicular, a. desee, moolkee. 
Vernal, a. buharee,busuntee, ribuee. 
Versatile, a. huft-rungee, tuluv- 

woon-mizaj, buhoo-roopiya. 
Verse, i. {line) misruh, took; (poe- 

tn/) nuzm, shiur, chhund; {of 

the Bible, Sfc) ait, pud. 
Versed, a, kabil, rusa, puhooncha, 

Versificlition, <• kafiya-bundee, ku- 

bitaee, mookuffa, shairee. 
Versifier, i. nazim, shair, kub, ku- 

beesur, shiurgo. 
Versify, t. nuzm k. kubit bunana. 
Version, t, turjooma, chhapa. 
Vertebral, a, reerh ka. . 
Vdtebre, i. reerh kajor. 
Vertex, t, simt-oor-ras.. [see. 

Vertical, a, sir pur ka, simt oor ra- 
Vertigo, i. ghoomree, douran i sur, 

ghimee, bhounree, ghoomeree. 
V^ry, a. buhoot, bura, nihayut. 
V^icle, t, phuphola. 
Vesper, s, zoohra ; {evening) sham, 

V^sel, t. burtun, basun, patr, zurf ; 

{shipf Sfc.) juhaz, kishtee, nao ; 

(vein) rug. 
Vest, s, unga, ungurkha. 
Vestibule, s. deorhee, duhleez. 
Vestige, 8, nuksh-pa, chinh. 
Vestment, > s, poshak, libas^ pyh- 
V^sture, ) rao, jora. 
Vetch, «. moth, oord, musoor, ka- 

boolee chuna. 
Veteran, «. jung-azmoodijl, poora« 

na sipahee, pykar-deeda. 
Vex, V. dikk k. chherna; khijaoa» 


[ 3M ] 

V I O 

sutonay kalpaaa, koorfaana, kki- 

sijana, aioorda k. roothana, be- 

zar k. julaaa. 
Vexiuion, t. tusdeea, dikkut, ttzi- 

yut, surdwrdee, ghoossa, dookh. 
Vex^ons, «• dookb-daee, azardih, 

eezan-nisaoydilkhnmsk, durdsur. 
V^xed, a, dikk, kllufi^ nakboosb, 

azoorduh, runjeeda, mookuddiir. 
Vixv, i, moozeey sutaoo. 
Vkd, f • sheeshee. 
Viand, i. khana, prosad* 
Viands, i . cburb ghiza. 
Vibrate, v. jhoolna ; phurokna. 
Vibration, «. joombisb, pburphu- 

Vice, t, uyb, kbot, khotaee, badee, 

booraee, lut, zuboonee, dokb, 

illut, sburarnt, shurr. 
Vice-president, f. naib*hakim, kaim- 

Viceroy, t, soobudar, soobuh. 
Vicinity, t, jpuros, bumsayagee, 

koorb, shoom. 
Vicious, a. uybdar, kbota, boora, 

uybee, bud, shureer. 
Vicissitude, i. noubut, baree, pbe- 

ree, dour, wokt, tubdeelee. 
Victim, <. koorban, bulbaree, tu- 

suddook, fidiya, wara, warun. 
Victor, », gbalib, futih-mund, gha- 

zee, feeroz, feerozmund. 
Victdrious, a. futih-bukhsh, futib- 

nuseeb, futihyab, feerozbukhsh. 
Victory, f.futih, feerozee,jy,nu8nit. 
Victuals, <. khana, khorak, bhojun. 
Vie, V. rees k. dekha-dekhee k. bu- 

raburee k. moofakhurut k. zid- 

dum zidda k. 
View, s. nigah, nuzur, deedar; 

{daiffn) munsooba; {protpect) 

mudd i nuzur. [nuzur k. 

View, V, dtJihna, tukna, nigah k. 

Vigil, f . jagrun, shub^bedarea. 
Vigilance, i. chouksee, khuburda- 

ree, hosbiyaree, ihtiyat, bedaree, 

agfdiee, soort, chounk. 
VigUant, a, cboukus, kbuburdar, 

boriujrar, bedar, i^^, soorta, 

soorteela, choukuana, bedardil. 
Vigour, t, zor, koovwut, takut, bul, 

tuwan, tukwiyut 
Vigorous, a. zorawur, shub-zor» 

knwee, bulwunt« 
Vile, a, nukarub, nabukar, nujis, 

bud, boora, bekudr, rizala, neech^ 

zuk^, kfawar, doon. 
Vilely, ad, booree-turufa-se. 
Vileness, i. nujasut, zillut, pustee, 

nabukaree, siflugee, zulaiut, 

Vilify, V. budnam k. kulunk luga- 

na, dagh lugana. 
Villa, «. bagb. 
Village, t, gaon, bustee. 
Villager, <. gunwar, bustee-wala. 
Villain, s. buram-zaduh, budzat, 

chundal, gbudda, thug, fnsadee. 
Villainous, a. bud, pajee, kumeena. 
Vlllany, s. huram-zadugee, dugha- 

bazee, thugee,chundal-pnn,bud- 

Vindicate, v. taeed d. pooshtee d« 

mooburra k. pak k, 
Vindidition, s. oozr, urz muarooz, 

ibra, taeed. 
Vindictive, a, keenu-wur, intikam- 

Vine, t, ungoor kee bel, tak. 
Vinegar, <. sirka, khul. 
Vineyard, t. takistan, ungooree- 

Vintage, s. ungoor kee fiisL 
Viol, f . been, rubab, sarungee. 
VIolable, o. zuwaUpuzeer. 
Violate, V, bigarna ; {ir^nge) rodd 

V I s 

[ 323 ] 

V O I 

k.; {ramk) hoonnut lena, pur- 

daduree k. 
Violation, f. hiskhp rudd; (rape) 

Viollitor, 8. fasikh ; {ravitker) pur- 

Violenoe, t, zor, jubur, zuburdus- 

lee ; (vehemetic^ josh, khorosb, 

toondee, ghalba. 
Violent, a. shudeed, tez; zabur- 

dust, dustdura^ 
Violet, g, bunufsha, nafunnan ; (co^ 

loured) banufshuee, akilkhanee. 
VioUa, f. saniDgee. 
Viper, I. ufee, sunpoliya. 
Virgin, <. bakira, do-sfaee^a, kwaree. 
Virginity, i. bikr, do-sbeezugee, 

Virgo, s. (the tign) sumboola, kun- 

Vir^ty, 8. murdee, roojooliyut 
Virtual, a. tiklee, uslee* 
Virtually, ad. filhukeekut-men, usl- 

Virtue, f . nekee, nekoee, khoobee ; 

(quality) wusf, sifut; (eficaq/) 

taseer, goon, kyfiyut 
Virtuous, a, nek, bhula, khoob, 

moostuhsun, nekokar, nekbukht, 

Virulence, i. shiddut, sukhtee, te- 

zee, toondee. 
Virulent, a. shudeed, sukht, tez, ku- 

taoo ; (maUgwmt) zubree, kati). 
Virulently, ad. shiddut-se. 
Visage, $. chihra, roo, moonh, 

mookhra, deedar. 
Viscous, \ a. lijlija, iooabdar, chip- 
Viscid, J chipa. 
VisiHlity, i. numoodaree, zuhoor. 
Visible, a. zahir, numoodar, pru- 

gut, ashkara. 
Vision,*, (^sigbt) beenaee, nuzur; 

Y 2 

(manifettatium, ifc.) bushara, 

khwab khiyal. 
Visionary, a. wuhmee, luhree. 
Visionary, i. mun-moujee, khiyal- 

Visit, V. moolakat k. dskbna, milna. 
Visit, f . moolakat, bhetit, moolaza- 

Visitation, s, gu^t; {punishment) 

Visiter, s. moolakatee. 
Vital, a. zinduh, jeeta. 
Vitals, s, jigur. [sana. 

Vitiate, v, bigama, khurab k. nu« 
Vitiated, «. lugra, khurab, znbooa, 

boora, bud, mayoob, budzat. 
Vitious, a. bud^ budzat, khota, 

bud-kho. [chiyana. 

Vitrify, v. sheesha ho jiina, kun- 
Vltriol, f, tootiya, zaj ; (blue) neela 

thotha ; (white) hieerarkusees. 
Vit&perate, v. mulamut k. 
Vituperiition, i . mulamut. 
Vivieity, s. ziiMlu*dilee, mugunaee, 

shigoofta^dilee, mugunta, bi^a- 

ViTid, a. {at coiourt^ shdch, tez, 

chutkeda, roshun, bhudceela, lal- 
Viviparous, a. pinduj. [olaL 

Vocabulary, t, furhung, looghut. 
V6cal, a, ntuwalee, soutee. 
V6cally, ad. baton-se. 
Volition, <• pei^uh, kirfab, ood« 

dum, kusub. 
Vocative, s. (case) halutL-nida. 
Vogue, s. chal, riwaj, ehukin. 
Voice, s. awaz, suda, gula, shubd ; 

(of a verb) soegha ; (active) see- 

gha-maroof; (passive) aieegha* 

Void, a. khalee, tihee ; (disengaged) 

nioouttul. \nm. 

Void, 9. nikalna, dalim^geHiiiy^l^ 


[ 324 ] 

W A I 

Volatile, a. chunchul, seemabtubu, 

Volcano, s. Julta-puhar, sholukhez. 
Volition, ». ikhtiyar. 
Volley, s, shulluk, barb. 
Volubility, f. chalak-zubanee, zu- 

ban-awuree, phurphurahut, toom- 

Voluble, a. zuban-awur, cbalak- 

zuban, turrara. 
Volume, s. jild, kitab, poostuk, 

Voluminous, a, toomaree, tooltu- 

Voluntarily, ad. ap-se, uz khood, 

Voluntary, a. ikhtiyaree, iradee, 

kusdee, uzkhood. 
Volunt^r, *. khood ruza sipabee, 
.. nujeeb. 

Volliptuous, a, 1 uyyash, oubash, 
Voldptuary, s. J rusiya, shikum- 

purust, yarbash. 
Voluptuousness, t. shikum-purus* 

tee, uyyashee, oubasbee. 
Vomic-nut, *. myn-phul, jouz ool ky . 
Vomit, V. ky k. rudd k. istifri^h k. 

oobkaee lena, zumeen dekhna. 
Vomiting, s. oobkaee, istifragh, 

rudd, ky. 
Voracious, a, joo-ool-bukur, khaoo, 

bhookh-mooa. [kur. 

V6rtex, s, bhunwur, gird-ab, chuk- 
Votary, *, fidwee, bunduh, jannisar. 
Vote, V. koul k. 
Vouch, V, suheeh k. tusdeek k. 

suchcha k. 
Voucher, «. sunud, likhtung, dust- 
• awez. 
Vouchsafe, v. mihrbanee k. tuwuj- 

jooh k. nuwarish k. 
Vow, s. munnut, nuzur, ihram. 
Vowel, s, hurfi illut, swur ; (syiw- 

boU of voioels) matra; {vowel' 

points) iurab. [yaee. 

Voyage, «. juhazee*9ufur, syr-duri- 
Voyager, «. duriyaee-moosafir. 
VCiIgar, a. (vernacular) am ; {mean) 

kuraeenuh, neech. 
Vulgiirity, t, kumeenpun, pooch, 
VCilnerable, a, raoomkin-ool-rauj* 

VGlture, $, gidh, nusur, kurgus. 


Wad, 8, nuwala, kusun, zamiu. 
Wadding, s. zamin, kusun. 
Waddle, V, jhoomta chulna, rautuk* 
' ta chulna, dugmngee chal chulna. 
Wade, V. paeab ootuma. 
W&fer, I, tiklee, tikiya. 
Wait, r. buha-lejana. 
Wag, <. thuthol, muskhuruh, thut- 

the*baz : v. dolana, hulana. 
Wage, V. kuma, luma. 
Wager, 8. shurt, buda-budee. 
Wages, 8, tunkhwah, mooshahira>, 

Wliggery, s. thutthe-bazee, mus- 

Waggish, a. thuthol, thutthe-baz. 
Waggon, 8. chhukra, uraba, garee. 
Wagtail, 8. mumola, sawa, dhobee- 

Wail, V. wawyla k. kookna, bilbila- 
W^iling, 8. nala, wawyla. [na. 

Wainscot, 8, tukhte-bundee. 
Waist, 8. kumur, kut. 
Wliistband, s. kumurbund, putka. 
Waistcoat, «. futoohee, choice. 
Wait, V. ruhua, rah-dekhna, inti- 

zaree k. thuhuma; {attend on) 

hazir h. 
Waiter, 8. khidmutgar, hazir-bash. 
Waive, v. chhor d. baz-ana. 


[ 325 ] 


Wftke, t7. jagna, oothoa, bedar h. 

Wakeful, a, bedar, jagta. 
Wakefulness, s, bedaree. 
Walk, $. syr, chihil-kudmee ; (gaii) 

<ihal, ruftar. 
Walk, V' chulna, phirna, tuhulna, 
. chibil-kudroee k. dolna, syr k. 
Walker, s. chulwya, chulnewala. 
Walking-stick, $, lathee, chhuree. 
Wall, *. deewar, deewal, bheet. 
Wallet, f. jhola, jholee. 
Wallow, V, lotna, ghultan h. lotpot 
Walnut, s, ukrot. [h. 

Wan, a. zurd, peela, zafranee. 
Wand, «. chhuree, lukree. 
Winder, t). phira phirna, bhutukta 

phirna, gooinrah h. dolna, rumna, 

hurzagurdee k. awara h. 
Wanderer, s. goomfah, awaruh, da- 

wan-dol, durbudiir, hurzagurd, 

Wane, s. zuwal, tunuzzool, ghutaee. 
Want, 17. (wUh) chahna ; (n«?rf) dur- 

kar h. ; (deficient) kum h. 
Want, $, (ne&i) ihtiyaj, hajut, rout- 

lub, projun ; (d^/ictency) ghutee, 

kumtee ; ( penury) tungee, iflas. 
Wanting, a. chaheeta, kumtee, na- 

kis, natumam. 
Wiinton, a. must, lumput, bud- 
must, khilar. 
Wantonness,*, mustee, chunchulaee, 

sbokhee, be-huyaee, be-lagamee. 
War, «. luraee,.jung, judal, joodh. 
W&rble, f?. chuchuhana; (quaver) 

Ward, V. buchana, punah d. 
Ward, s, (a pupil) palookra, pur- 

wurdai; (district) muhuUa. 
Warden, s. uroeen, umanutdar. 
Wardrobe, s. tosha-khanuh. 
.Ware, s, souda, jins, mal, cheez-bust. 

Warehouse, f. kothee, jins-khanub, 

W&rfare, t, luraee-bhiraee, jung- 

bazee, jungjidal. 
Warily, ad» khuburdaree-se, hoshi- 

yaree-se, choukusaee-se. 
Warlike, a. jungee, luraka, jodha, 

ghaziyana, ruzmpesha, sipahiya- 

na; (scores) jungee-saman. 
Warm, o. gurm k. gurmana. 
Warmth, t. gurmee, hurarut, tupish. 
Warn, v. jutana, khuburdar k. agah 

k. takeed k. 
\yamirig, s, ittila, khubur, agahee, 

jutaee ; (example) ibrut-nooma. 
Warp, V. uynthna, muror khana, 

terha h. khum h. 
Warrant, s. sunud, dustuk, purwa- 

nuh : V. (justify) jaiz rukhna ; 

(support) pooshiee d. ; (authorize) 

ikhtiyar d. 
Warrantable, a. jaiz, lazira. 
Warrantableness, s, dooroostee, ju- 
Warranted, o. shurtee. [waz. 

Warrior, s, jungee, buhadoor, soor- 

ma, beer, ghazee, sufdur, jodha. 
Wart, 8, mussa. 
W^ry, a. choukunna, hoshiyar. 
Wash, V, dhona, saf k. 
Washerman, 5. dhobee. . 
Washerwoman, s. dhobriee, dhobin. 
Wasp, «. bhir, zumboor. 
Waspish, a, chirchira, bud-mizaj. 
Waste, «. israf, burbadee, foozool- 

khurchee ; (desert) weerana. 
Waste, V. ghuiana, gula d. ; (spend) 

oorana, guwana, khona, burbad k. 
W^ste-book, «. khusra buhee, khata. 
Wasteful, a. ooraoo, moosrif, foo- 

Watch, s. choukee, puhra, nigub- 

banee ; (period) puhur ; (cloeh) 

ghuree, saut. 

W E A 

[ 326 ] 


Watch, «. choukee d. niguhbanee 

k. ; {obsenfc) taknsy dekhta ruh- 

ntkf nuiur rukhna. 
Watchful, a. hoshiyar, choukus, 

khuburdar, choukunna. 
Watch'house, s. thana. 
Watchmaker, i. ghuree-sax. 
Wlitchman, «. choukeedar, pasban. 
Witer, s. panee, jul, ab, ncer, 
Walter, r. panee d. seechna, panee 

chhirukna, chhirkao k. 
Walerbearer, s, buhishtee, panbhu- 
Wlttercourse, i. nala. [ra. 

Water-cresses, i. lootpootiya, Ioq^ 

W&terftUI, «. jhuma, chadur, abshar. 
Wiiter-fowl, «. moorgh-abee. 
W&terlily, s. kumal, pudm. 
Waterman, i. mullah, khewut. 
Wlitermelon, «. turbooz. 
W&termill, s. puochukkee. 
W&tery, a, punifaa, abee, punsa; 

(moUt) murtoob. 
wattles, «. thathor, tuttee. 
Wave, «. mouj, lubur, tuning, huK 

Wave, V, dolna, hilkorna, monj 

mama, jhoomna* 
Waver, t?. pus-o-pesh k. hichukna, 

mootuniddid h. be-kuiar h. 
Wavering, a. pus-o-pesfa, turud- 

dood, aga-peechha, shush o punj. 
Wax, s. mom ; {of the ear) tentee ; 

(sealing) lakh. 
W^candle, s, mom kee buttee* 
Wiixen, a. momee. 
Way, f. rah, rusta, mamg, subeel, 

W&ylay, V. rah-marna, ghat lugana. 
Wayward, a. huteela, ziddee, mug- 

ra, shokb, khood*pusand. 
We, pron, hum. 
Weak, a, kum-zor, na-towan, soost, 

zueef, nukeeh, igtz, nibnl, nata* 

kut, natab, zuheer. 
W^ken, V, kumzor k. 
Weakness, t, kumzoree, na-takutee, 

ztieefee, natuwanec, ajizee, nuka- 

hut, zouf, nibulta, lUBkoovvutee, 

soostee ; {Jviblt) uyb. 
Wealth, s, inal, doulut, dhun, durb, 

sumput, zur, roaliyut, maya, 

W^lthy, a. mddar, doulutmund, 

ghunee, tuwungur, taliwur, zur- 
Wean, v. doodh chhoorana. [dar. 
Weapon, t. huthiyar, hurbuh, alub, 

Wear, «. poshak, puhrawa. 
Wear, v. puhima, orhna; {connme) 

W6irer, i . puhirwyya. 
W^iness, s. thukaee, mandogee, 

soostee, hulakce, lyizee, tab, oo- 

Wearisome, a. thukaoo, mulalungez. 
W^y, a. thuka, manduh, balak, 

soost, furomanda, kofta. 
Weasel, «. newul, rasoo, benjee. 
Wither, «. mousim, uyyam, ritoo, 

din, sumy ; (air) hnwa. 
Weather, «. buch ke nikulQa,moo6h- 

kil se goozurna. 
Weathercock, s. huwa-aooma, bad- 

nooma; (^.) baoKlundee, chun* 

chul, be-kurar. 
Weave, v* boonna. 
W^ver, f. joolahub, momin^ noor- 

baf, bafinda. 
Web, <. than, parchuh; (iptder'x) 

W^bfboted, a. wusulpa. 
Wed, V. biyah k. nikah k. 
W^ing, «. diadee, biyah, 
Wedge, «. puchchor, phunee. 
W^n<^ay,<. boodb,charthiimbuh. 

W E L 

( 327 ] 

W H E 

Weed, s. ghas-pat, uraha. 
Week, s, huftuh, uthwara. 
Week-day, i. etwar stwa koee diD. 
W^kly, ad. hnr huftuh, hufteh ka 

huftuh, hur uthwara. 
Weepy V, Tona, giriyaii k. zaree k. 

ansoo girana, bilukna, bHbilana ; 

(biUerfy) lar car rona. 
W^per, «. ronewala, giriyan. 
W^piog, i, rona, giriyan, zaree. 
W^vil, f. ghooo. 
Weigh, V, tolna, wuiun k. ; (heave 

t^) oothana ; (examine) janchna. 
Weight, f. waian, tol ; (standard) 

tola, bhuree ; (Jor weighing) bat, 

bat ; (load) bojh ; (pressure) du- 

bao ; (inqtortance) kudur, bisat. 
W^ghty, a, bharee, wuzunee. 
Welcome, a. moobaruk,khoosbaind, 

Welcome, s, moobaruk, snlamut; 

(hindneu) adurbeohar, tuazeem, 

tuwazo, aobhao. 
Welfare, t. bihtaree, khyrafiyut, 

khyr, bhulaee, khyriyut, rozbi- 

hee, khyrkhoobee, aalaintee. 
Well, t, kooa, iodara ; (with stqts) 

Well, a. uchchha, bhala, khyr, 

bihtur, nek, kboob; (in heaUh) 

bhula chunga, tundooroost, su- 

heeh-salim, bilkhyr. 
Well, ad, uchchhee turoh, bukhoo- 

bee, dooroost. 
Wellb^ing, i. bihtaree, khyr, bih- 

Wellborn, a. pak-nizad. 
Wellbred, a. khoosh-khoolky nek- 

utwar, mttjli8*deeda. 
Welld6ne, interj. shabash, afreen, 

wah wiU). 
Wellnigh, ad, un-kureeb, lugbhug, 


Wellwisher, s, khyr-khwah. 
Welter, o. lotna, turpharana. 
Wen, s, goomra, goomree, rusou- 

lee ; (m the neck) gulgund. 
Wench, f. chhokree, Inrkee, kuneez. 
West, «. pachchbum, moghrib,. 

Westward, ad, pucbchhum ko, 

roughrib ko. 
Wet, a. bheega, bheeja, geela, tur, 

oda, num. 
Wither, t, budhiya, khuasee. 
Witness, f . geelaee, numee, turawut» 

Wetnurse, «• dbie, daee, doodh- 

Whale, «. sumoondur ka bura 

Wharf, s. ghat. 

Wh^rfoge, s, ghat ka muhsool. 
What, pran. (that which) jo ; (obi) 

jis ; (interrog.) kiya. 
Whatever, pron^ jo koocMi, jttna, 

Wheat, f. genhoon, gundoom, go- 

WhMle, V. phooslana» dum d. 

fureyb d. jhania d. 
Whaler, «. pbooslaoo, dumbaz>' 

Wheel, «. puhiya, p3rya; ghtmee; 

(for spinning) churkhee. 
Wheel, V, pfatrna, gboomna. 
Wh^Uwrighty I, puhiya bunane- 

Whelm, v.tluba d. oondha d. 
Whelp, s. pilla; (tiger^s) bughera. 
When, ad, jub, jud, jis wukt, 

jttbhee ; (interrog,) kub, kud, kis 

Whence, 01^. kuhan se, kidhur se; 

(person) kis admee se. 
Whenever, oi/. jub kubheejis wukt. 

W H I 

■[ 328 ] 

W I D 

Where, ad, juhan, jb juguh, jid- 

hur; {interrog,) kuhan, kidhur, 

kis juguh. 
Whereabouts, ad. kounsee juguh 

men, kidhur ko. 
Wherelis, ad, uzbus ki, bawujoode 

ki, choon ki, halan ki. 
Wherefore, ad. is leeye, is waste. 
Wherry, s, punsoee, donga. 
Whet, V. tez k. dhar lugana, san d. 

teyz k. chokha k. 
Whither, pron. kiya; ugur; kounsa. 
Whetstone, s. san, siiee, puthree, 

Whey, s. doodh ka panee, absheer, 

ma-ool jobun. 
Which, pron. jo ; (obL) jis ; ja ki, 

jounsa ; {interrog) koun, kounsa, 

kis kis. 
Whichever, pron. jonsa, jis ko. 
While, \ad. jub tuk, jublug, jitnee 
Whilst, J mooddut. 
.While, s. mooddut, der, wukt, ursa. 
Whim, 8. khiyaU luhur, wuhm,mouj. 
Whimper, v. khinkhinana, pinpina- 

na, ginginana. 
Whimsical, a. luhuree, hurdum- 

khiyalee, tuluvwoon-mizaj. 
Whine, v. iheenkna, rona. 
Whip, 8. chabook, kora. 
Whirl, V. phema, phiraDa, bhun- 

Whirlpool, f. bhunwur, girdab. 
Whirlwind, f. bugoola, buboola, 

Whisk, 8, kooncha, koonchee. 
Whisker, s. mochh. 
Whiskey, 8, kism shurab. 
Whisper, v. phoosphoosana, kana- 

phoosee k. 
Whisperer, s. phoosphoosuha. 
Whistle, r. seentee bujana. 
Whistler, s. seenteebaL 

Whit, 8, rutee, til, zuruh. 

White, a. soofed, oojIa,oo}jul, dhou- 

la, gora, burrak, saf, kafooree. 
White-ant, 8. deemuk. 
Whiteness, 8. soofedee, oojlaee. 
Whitewash, i. soofedee, kuluee. 
Whither, ad. kidhur, kis turuf. 
Whitlow, <. oongulhara. 
Whiz, V, sunsunana, sursurana. 
Who, proH, (relat.) jo, jin ; {obi.) 

jis ; [inter,) koun ; {obL) kis. 
Whole, a. sara, sumoocha, tumam, 

sub, kool, durobust, surasur; 

{unimpaired) moosuUum. 
Whole, 8, kooiliyu, juma, joomluh, 

roujmooa, ijman. 
Whdiesale, s. ihok, ekjaee, durbusta. 
Wholesome, a. guwaruh, moowafik, 

Whom, accus, kisko, kinko, jisko, 

Whore, 8, kusbee, beswa, chhinal, 

kunchinee, fahisha. 
Whoredom, i. chhinala, kusbee- 

Whoremonger, f. kusbee-baz> run- 

Why, ad. keon, kahe, ki^ liye, kis 

waste, kahe ko. 
Wick,^ 8, buttee, futeeluh, fuleeta. 
Wicked, fl. shureer,doosht, bud,bud- 

zat, mayoob, afnt kee pooriya. 
Wickedness, s« shurarut, khotaee, 

budee, zuboonee, khubasut. 
Wicker, a. jhaoo ka buna. 
Wicket, 8. khirkee, dureechuh. 
Wide, a. choura, chukla, wuseeu, 

Widen, v. chourana, phylana, koo- 
shada k. 
Widow, 8. bewa, rand, bidhwa. 
Widower, s. rundooa, bezun. 
Widowhood, «. rundapa^ bewapun. 

W I N 

[ 329 ] 


VfiMi, s. chouraee^ puhaa,^ bur^ nrz; 

Wield, 5. ohulana, phenuu 

Wife, s. kubeela, zouja, munkooha^ 

beebee, joroo,stree. 
Wig, s, bal ka kuntop. 
A^ld, a. juDgulee^dushtee. 
Wild, 1«. juDgul^xlushty.bya« 

Wilderness,/ ban, suhra, bun. 
Wile, t^ heela, fiirab, mukry bubanai. 
Wilful, a. huttee, huteela ; {inten- 

tional) udbudai 
Wilfully, ad, kusdun, irade-se, jan- 

Will, s, murzee, kboosbee; {latt) 

wuseeut-nama. [ma»a. 

Will, V. chahna, irada rukhnav fur- 
Willing, €u raxee> ruzamund^ ra* 

ghib, khoosh, khooshnoodi 
Willingness, s. razamundeei khoosh- 

W'lllingly, ad, khooshee^se.. 
Wlllow,^ibed, bet. 
V^iijf a. heelo-bax, furebee, moo« 

Wimble, t, burma. 
Win, «. jeetna, ghaUbhv ; (conct/i- 

ate) girweeda ,k. moh-lena. 
Wince, v, dooluttee mania. 
Winch, 8, uyntbuR. 
Wind, s, huvra^.puvQn^^^pouRr 
Wind, r. {turn round) pherna; 

(twist) morna; (a watch^ docky 

Sfc) kokna. [kur. 

W-lnding, «« bank^ pher, raor, cbuk^ 
Winding-sheet, », kufun. 
Windmill, s, puwun-chukkee. 
Window^ «. kiarkhee, jhurokai 
Wind-pipe, *, nulee, nurkhura. 
Windy,a.badee,nuffd(h; (%oea^r) 

bao boukha ka din. 
Wine, 8, my, mud, mudra, shurab. 
Wing,«. pur, punkh, bazoo; (of an 

army) bughul, puhloo. 

Winged, a, punkheroo, purinda, 

Wink, «. puluk mama) 6hushmuk 

Winner, », jeetwya, ghalib. 
Winning, a, mohna, dil-rooba> dil* 

kush, dil-fureyb. [sjQif k. 

Winnow, vi phntukna, pifbhortta, 
Wlnnowing^fbn> s.soop, ohhsj. 
Winter, »* jara, surma. 
Winter, v, jara katna. 
Winter-dress; s, jurawul. 
Wipe, V. poracbhna, saf k. 
Wire, 5. tari 
Wisdom, t. ukl, datiaee, danish, 

giyan> kbirud, shuoor. 
Wise, a^ akii, dana, giyanee, khi^ 

rudmund, zeehosh. 
Wise, 8i (moHfier) turtih, dhub: 
Wisely, ad, ukl-se, sumujh^kur. 
W4sh, t'i chah, arzoo, tlimunna, 

urman, khwahisb^ rughbut; 
Wishful, 4t*- raeeshtak, arZoofi&ucrd, 

mootumunnee, raghib.- 
Wit> s^ 2ihn, zeerukee, tets-fubni'i^, 

zurafu^ lootf; luteefa, liitafdt, 

Witch, «4Jadoo-gumee, sahirft, ton- 

Witdicpaft, «k jadbo, tbria, sibr. 
With,proi». sath, sungj bb*-my, my, 

hum -rah ; (ufnong) durmiyan, 

beech men. 
With&l, a» ulamrh/ sath is ke, 

oopur is ke. 
Withdraw, v. huta lenai 
Wither, v, koomlanaj mdorjhana, 

sookhjana, ufsoorda h. puzh- 

moorda h^ thithrana, jhoorana; 
Withhold, V, baz rukhna,' pUhldo- 

tifaee'k. rokna. 
Within, prcp. bheetur, undur, du- 

roon, men. 

W O R 

[ 330 ] 

W R A 

With6ttt, prep* bahur, beroon ; be, 

bughyr, bin, bidoon, siwa. 
Withstand, v. arna, rokna, samna k. 
Witness, <• {perton) guwah, shahid, 

sakhee ; (te$timony) guwahee, 

Wittily, ad, joogut-se. 
Witty, fl. tez-fuhm, chutoor; tez- 

tubeeut, hurraf, zurraf. 
Wizard, i . siyaoa, amil, jadoogur. 
Woe, s. gbum, ulum, ufsos, duregh. 
Woe-be-gone, a, ghumzuduh. 
W6eful, a. ghumnak, runj-alooda. 
Woefulness, s, ghumgeenee. 
Wolf, «. bheriya, goorg. 
W6man, s, ourut, zun, stree. 
Womanish, a. zunanuh, oumtsa, 

Womankind, <. ourut*zat, alum i 

nisa, alum i mustoorat. 
Womb, «. gurbh-stban, pet, rihm, 

undheree-kothree, buchchadan. 
Wonder, v, tajjoob k. dung h. nch- 

umbha k. hyran h. 
Wdnderful, a. ujub, ujoobuh, 

uchruj, unokha, tuajjoob. 
Wonted, part, muamoolee. 
Woo, V. ishk k. lugun lugana, naz o 

niyaz k. 
Wood, «. (forest) jungul, bun; 

(timber) lukree, kath, chob. 
W6odbine, s. kismi-durukht. 
W6oden, a. lukree ka, chobee. 
Woodpecker, «. hood-hood, khoot- 

W6ody, a. jungulee. 
Woof, s. bana, pood. 
Wool, 8, oon, pushm, soof. 
Woolen, a. oonee, pushmee, push- 

Word, s. bat, sookhun, buchun, 
, lufz, kulmuh, kulam.* [usur k. 
Work, tj, kam k. mihnut.k.; (operate) 

Work, t, kam, kar, shooghl, dhun- 

dha, tuhul, kaj, mihnut. 
Workhouse, s, karkhana. 
Workman, «. kareegur, kumera, 

Workmanship, t. karee-guree, bun'*- 
■ wut, dustkaree, sunut, hikraut, 

World, s, dooniya, juhan, sunsar, 

jugut, alum. 
Worldliness, t, dooniya-daree. 
W6rldly, ad, dooniya-dar, dooni- 

yawee, sunsaree. 
Worm, 8, keera, kirm. 
W6rm-eaten, a. keera*khaya, kirm- 

Wdrmwood, «. ufsuuteen-roomee, 

Worn-out, a, poorana, jeem, gya- 

goozra, be-hal. 
Worry, v, bhunbhoma, hulak k. 
Worse, a, budtur, our-boora. 
Worship, t, bundugee, purustish, 

ibadut, pooja, aradhun. 
Worshipful, a, pooj, poojneek, 

kabil i purustish. 
Worshipp^, s, abid, poojaree. 
Worst, a, sub-se boora, budtureen. 
Worsted, a, oonee-soot. 
Worth, I. (value) keemut ; (virtue) 

khoobee, wusf; (importance) 

Worthless, a. nukara, nikumma. 
Worthy, a, laik, moostuhukk ; (ex- 
cellent) khoob, nek. 
Wound, $. zukhm, ghao. 
WoOnded, a, zukhmee, ghail, muj- 

Wr&ngle, v. jhugurna, buhusna. 
Wr&ngler, s. hoojjutee, tukraree, 

Wrangling, i. jhugra, rugra, tukrar, 


W R I 

[ 331 ] 


Wrap, V. lupetna, orhna, tub k. 
Wrapper, t, lupetun, bethun, dust- 

Wrath, 8. gbuzub, kuhur, krodh^ 

Wrathfal, a. gfauzubnak, krotthee. 
Wr&thfiilly, ad, ghuzubnakee-se. 
Wreak, v. dalna, girana. 
Wreath, s, (garland) sihruh ; (jcurl) 

lupet, muror. 
Wreath, o. lupetna, murorna. 
Wreck, ©. torna, tubah k. 
Wrench, v, uynthna, murorna, 

Wrest, t>. chheen lena. 
Wrestle, v. kooshtee luma, puchhara 

. pocbharee k. 
Wr^tler, t, kooshtee-geer, publwan. 
Wr&tling, *. kooshtee. 
Wrestling-yard, s. ukhara. 
Wretch, «. kumbukht, nigora, bud- 

nuseeb, bu4bukht» 
Wretched, a, behal, kungal, pu- 

reshan, bekus, ashoofta, afutzuda. 
Wretchedness, s. kum-bukhtee, be- 

halee, zillut, fulakut, be-kusee, 

Wright, i, burhuee. 
Wring, r. murorna ; (squeeze) 

Wrinkle, s, (of the skin) jhoorree ; 

(in cloth, Sfc) cheen, shikun, 

Wrist, s. puhooncha, kulaee. 
Write, V, likhna, tuhreer k. ; (down) 

kulumbund k. ; (impress) ganth- 

na ; (compose) tusneef k. 
Writer, s, lekhuk, katib, likharee ; 

(author) moosunnif. 
Writing, s, (composition) tusneef, 

insha; (copy) likhawut, nuwishta; 

(business of) likhaee. 
Writing-master, «. khoosh-nuwees. 

Wrong, <. nooksan, zurur, kubahut ; 

Wrong, a. nadooroost, ghyrwajibee, 

na-hukk, be-insaf, namoonasib, 

zuboon, mayoob. 
Wrongfully, ad, be-insafee-se. 
Wry, a, terha, kuj, tirchha. 

Yacht, s, kism i j uhaz. 

Yam, s, rut-aloo. 

Yard, s. {court) suhun, angun ; 

(measure) guz. 
Yarn, s, soot. 
Yawl, s, kism i kishtee. 
Yawn, V, jumhaee lena. 
Yea, ad, han, buleh. 
Year, j. burus, sal, sun, sumbut. 
Yearly, ad, sal ka sal, bur sal, hur 

Yearly, a. ek-saluh, ek*bursee. 
Yearn, v. uynthna, murorna, pecli 

Yeast, s, mayuh, khumeer. 
Yell, V, chillana, kilkaree mama. 
Yellow, a. zurd, peela. 
Yellow-orpiment, s, hurtal. 
Yes, ad, han, buleh, suheeh, waki. 
Yest, s. mayuh, khumeer, mawa. 
Yesterday, s, kul, pichhla-din, dee- 

Yet, conj, toubhee, tahum, tispur- 

Yew, 8, kism-i-durukht. 
Yield,!?. (produce) pyda k,; (resign) 

huwaluh k. 
Yoke, s, jooa ; (pair) jora. 
Yoke, 17. jotna, jooa men lugana. 
Yokefellow, s, hum-jot, hum-inan. 
Yolk, s, undeh kee zurdee. 

Yon '* f '*• P"^^*' pureka, wuh. 

Z E A 

[ 332 ] 


You, phm. 

Young, a. juwSb, kum-oomjr, cbbo 

ta/kboordsal, kumaio^sugheersiiL 
Young, «, bMchoha* 
Yoiinger, s, chhota, sugheer. 
Younp^est, a. sub se cbhpta. 
Yotiiigster, s, cbingui bucboongm. 
Your, pron. toomhara, upna, apka. 
Yourself, pron. loom ap, aphee, 

toomhee; (o6/.)upneh. 
Youth, s. juwanee; juwan^ gubhroo. 
Yodthful, a, juwan. 

Zany, s, thutholiya, muz^huk. 
Zeal, 5. dhoon, sur^gurmee, ghyrut, 

humeeyut, hiurarut^ tezee, josh, 

Zealot, s. zabid, shykh. 
Zealous^ a. sur-gurm, tun^dih, jan^ 

fisban, dilsos, saee^ moostuid, 

iafisoc. * 

Zebra, s. gorkhur. 
^edoary, s, zudwar^ jitdwar, mr*» 

Z^nith,^ 8, 8iin(>tOor*ras ; (ncdiry 

simt-oor^nuzur^ siml^oor-Jfiudum. 
Zephyr, t, liuseem, badi-suba* 
Zest, s. ^aikuh, rouzuh, swad. 
Zigzag, a. terha-banka. 
Zinc, 8, dusta. 
Zodiac, s, mintukutfool-boorooj^ 

Zone, i, kumurbund ; {the torrid 

zone) rointukue-mub*rooka; {the 

temperate) mintukue-mootutudila; 

(thejrigid) mintukjue^nmbrooda. 
Zoologist, s. ilm i hywanat-dan. 
Zoology, $, ilm i hy^anat, jeeoo 

junt kee biddiya. 

;^''V ?:i:\'t 

\ 'r