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Full text of "English-Arabic Dictionary: For the Use of Both Travellers and Students"

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The object of this book is clearly iudicated by the title : 
it is intended to be a companion to the Traveller who visits 
the East for pleasure or business purposes, and a help to 
the advanced Student who begins to translate from English 
into Arabic. In the interest of the Traveller, therefore, 
primary regard is paid to the modern idiom, as it is spoken 
at the present day, principally in Egypt - and Syria. For 
the benefit of the Student, on the other hand, to still 
greater extent, recourse has been had to the literary and 
even poetical Vocabulary ; nay, in order to give a fuller 
idea of the character and richness of this remarkable 
language, numerous words have been inserted which belong 
to various slang dialects, as, for instance, the nicknames 
given to the principal necessaries of life in the Tufaili 
dialect. Any reader versed in these studies will, therefore, 
on close examination, find a great deal of curious and 
useful information condensed in this comparatively small 

Guided by the idea that the task of a Dictionary is to 
supply those etymological facts which cannot be taught by 
the Grammar, the Author has excluded regular forms of 
inflexion, but carefully recorded the irregular plurals of 
nouns and adjectives, both in the Arabic and Homau 


character, and given in full the Aorists of verbs after the 
Preterites, in transliteration, both of them in the third 
person singular. On the above-stated principle, he might 
have dispensed with the Aorists of the derived forms, and 
of quadriliteral verbs, as these are regularly formed from 
their Preterites. To enhance the usefulness of the book, 
however, it appeared ad visible to give those Aorists also. 
He who studies the language, not from a scholarly point 
of view, but for practical ends, can scarcely be expected 
always to remember the rules for the formation of this class 
of words, and will be glad to find them ready to hand. At 
the same time, the knowledge of the Aorists enables him to 
form from them the active and passive participles, or, in 
the parlance of the Arabic Grammarians, the nouns of the 
** Agent" and "Patient"; and thus it became feasible to 
pass over a great many words, which in English are either 
originally participles, or nouns derived from verbs by the 
syllables -er, -or, -<or, &c. The Arabic for such words has, 
therefore, only been given when they have a particular 
form or a particular msaning of their own. A few examples 
will illustrate this. 

On page 1 of the present volume we find the words 
Abandoned, Abashed, Abet, Abide. The rules* for the 

• Tbese rules are ;— The Agent of a triliteral verb follows the measure 
JcU fa'il, that is to say, the first consonant of the root is pronounced 
with re, the second with i. Its Patient foHows the measure Jy*^ mapnl, 
viz. the syllable ma is placed before the root, whose first consonant is 
pronounced without a vowel, whilst the second takes /?. From derived 
forms and quadriliteral verbs the two participles are obtained by 
chanpjing the initial yu or ya of the Aorist into mu, and i)ronouncin*g 
the last consonant but one with i (/) for the Agent, with a (a) for the 
Patient. Compare the examples, mdkus, matrak, mudntvua, mtistaf^nuy 
muhajjalf given above. 


formation of the Agent and Patient teach us that 
"abandoned," in the sense of "forsaken," would be 
matruh; in the sense of "given over," musallam. There- 
fore only the meaning of " profligate " has been rendered 
into Arabic. From the verb hajjal^ " he abashed," the 
participle muhajjal is regularly derived ; but besides that, 
the form hajlcin is in use, and has consequently been 
mentioned as an equivalent. From the Arabic Preterite 
makas or the Aorists yastaqim, yuddwim^ the active 
participles, mdkis^ musta^imy muddwim^ are as easily 
formed as the English " abiding " from the infinitive 
**to abide"; and if the Reader knows that the Arabic 
word yuharrilc means " he abets " or " incites," he will 
not have the slightest difficulty in translating the English 
word " abettor " by muharrik. 

By this appeal to the spontaneous mental activity of an 
intelligent Student space has been gained for a far greater 
number of words, both English and Arabic, than other- 
wise could have been comprised in a volume of the same 

With regard to the sources from which this Dictionary 
has been compiled, the Author was not contented to 
consult and to follow the works of a similar scope, which 
have appeared in France, Germany, and in this country, 
but he has largely supplemented the information thus 
gathered by extensive reading of the best Arabic writers 
up to the present day. Not only Hariri and the Arabian 
Nights have amply contributed to this little volume, but 
the works of contemporary authors, as Nasif-al-Yaziji, 
Dr. Bustani, Faris-el-Shidiao, &c.. Manuals in different 
branches of knowledge, written by natives, and translations 


from European standard books into Arabic, have afforded 
valuable assistance. Unfortunately the whole of the 
manuscript was in the hands of the publishers before 
Dr. Badger's great Dictionary came out, and during the 
ensuing year, while the printing was unavoidably delayed, 
the -Author's time was fully taken up in preparing an 
Arabic-English Dictionary, on a vastly enlarged plan (now 
in the Press) ; so that, to his very great regret, he could 
not avail himself of the substantial help which this 
important work undoubtedly would have lent him. 

Nobody can be more keenly alive to the imperfections 
of this book than the Author, and he will be thankful for 
any hint which fair and intelligent criticism may have to 
offer him, with a view to future corrections and improve- 
ments in another edition. Still, as it is, he ventures to 
hope that he has, in a certain measure, supplied a real 
want ; and he will feel himself amply rewarded for the care 
and labour bestowed on it, if it affords aid and wins friends 
to the study of a language which not only possesses great 
beauties of its own, and a rich literature, but which will 
also become of more and more practical importance to 
Englishmen, as the Eastern policy of the empire follows 
out its destinies — let us hope, not in narrow- minde 1 hostility 
to, but in friendly and mutually advantageous alli.ince with, 
the Muhammadan World. 

London, September ISth 1882, 
an the day of the Battle of TeUel-Kebir. 



Tub Arabic letters have, in this Tolume, been transliterated as 
follows : — 

^ a, i, u, at the beginning of a word (see the remark on the 
Hamzah below). 

v» b. 

«*> t. 

^ 8. Pronounced like the English th in thing. 

e j. 

C t. A guttural aspirate, stronger than h. 

t h. Pronounced like the Scotch ch in loch. 

^ d. 

^ z. Pronounced like the English th in that^ with. 

ij* s. 

\> sh. Pronounced like the English ah in shut. 

(^ 9. Strongly articulated a. 

^ d. Similar to the English th in thia. 

^ X. Strongly articulated palatal t. 

^ Z. Strongly articulated palatal z. 

£ '. Strong guttural, the pronunciation of which must be 
learnt bv the ear. 

t g. 

u f. 

J q. 

4) k. 

J 1- 

f* m. 

(^ n. 

ft h. 

^ w. 

c5 y. 

The Hamzah has not been marked at the beginning of a word, where 
it has always the Alif for a prop,^and is pronounced as a, i, u, preceded 
by a very slight aspiration, like h in the English word " honour." 

The vowel signs have been rendered by a for — , i for — , u for — ; the 
long vowels by a for H , — , or 1[ , t for ^jr , e for ^^— , at for ^jr , tl for 

^ a' O " 

^— , o for ^— , ai* for ^— , all to be pronounced as in Italian or 

The Arabic ^5 ^ and y- are represented by i-y and it-w, the f emimne 
termination S— by o-^, in which cases the final letters are joined to the 


bodies of the words by a hvplien, ^o show that in modem Arabic they 
are not to be pronounced, uuk'ss the two former are followed by a 
feminine or plural termination, or the feminine noun in S- is placed in 
a state of construction with a pronominal suffix, or another noun pre- 
ceded by the article. 




A9 indef, art, freqaentlj expressed 

by I (fern, term.) subjoined to 

a generic noun, as, j*i gamar, 

"fruit"; Ij^ samara-t, "a fruit." 
Aback, adv. (backwards) \j^ wara; 

\jp ij^ min wara. — Qyy stt/rpriae) 

iUfc Jlc *ala gafla-t. 
Abakdon, V, (leave) *^y tarak, ya- 

truk; j^ bajar, yahjur; f^^ 

hajar, yuhajir. — (give over) fX» 

sallam, yusallim. 
Abandoned, adj, (profligate) j^^U 

fajir (pi. j^ fujjar, ff\)i fawa- 

jir) ; OH^ fasiq (pi. &a--i fasa- 

qa-t, j^^ fussaq). 
Abandonment, 8,a. ^y tark ; j^ 

hajr; (^^fk^ hi j ran; n. *^\jsi\ in- 

tirak ; jW6^\ inbijar. 
Abase, v. J33 zallal, yuzallil ; J«^^ 

azall, yuzill ; yt. baqqar, yii^aq- 

qir ; ^^ watta, yuwatti. 
Abased, adj. JJ»i zalil (pi. J3^ 

zUill, ""iSX azill&, SiS\ azilla-t); 

y^a^a^ mu^taqar. 
Abasement, s. S^U». ^aq&ra-t ; yt^ 

ta^qir ; Je^JJ tazlil. 
Abash, v. J^o- iajjal, yuliajjil; 

0)^ baza, yabzi. 
Abashed, adj. o^^^ ^jl&n. 
Abate, v.a. JU qallall, yuqallil; 

j^ naqqa^, yunaqqi? ; n. j^ 

naqa^, yanqu^. 
Abatement, s. ^yj^Sf taqlil; (j^t^ 

tanqi9 ; (^ nuq? ; ^^ nuq94n ; 

S^lx#« mukasara-t. 

Abbess, 8.y^\ ^j rayisa-t ad-dair ; 

u&>leA\^^ L^j rayisa-fc ar-rabibat. 
Abbey, s. y*^ dair (pi. 5;^*> duy^ra-t, 

iyS\ adyira-t). 

Abbot, s. ji'^\ u^j raps ad-dair 
(pi. "^^ ruBj 

j^j ray 

\ u^j rayis 

Abbreviate, v. y*A qa^^ar, yuqa?- 
9ir; y^*^ ibta^ar, yahta^ir. 

A BBEE viation, 8. jUi».\ ibti^ar 
^Usi\ iqti^ar. 

Abdicate, v. {^ Jj^ tanazal *an, 
yatanazal ; J)*» ta*azzal, yata'az- 
zal ; Jyc\ i*tazal, ya'tazil. 

Abdication, «. J^v^^^ i*tiz&l; Jj>y 
nuzul ; JjU* tanazul ; *«J^ tark. 

Abdomen, «. ^U ma'na-t (pi. ^ -at, 
(j)/y» mu'fbi, (jj'y* mu'un). 

Abduction, «. s-J^ salb ; 

Abebbation, «. JIU (jlalal; (:)VAy 

tauban ; U^ galaf. 

Abet, v. (incite) ^J^ J**- ^amal 
'ala, yabmil ; *^j^ b^i"^^ '^9 
yuhairik. — (hack up) ^y^ JA ^add 
zabra-bu, yaiidd. 

Abeyance, a.y^s ta'ahbur. 

Abhoe, v. ^^ karib, yakrab ; (/*| 
bagad, yabgu^. 

Abhorrence, «. ^^a^ istikrab ; 
i^y karaba-t ; ^ss^t/ karabiy a-t. 

Abide, v. •^•* qa'ad, yaq'ud ; j»Ua-^ 
istaqam, yastaqim ; tXX* makas, 
yamkus. — (continue) f»t*> dam, 
yadum ; f»^W dawam, yudawim. 




Abilttt, 8. SjJkl qudra-t ; j^asJ^ iqti- 

dar ; W»^ qabilija-t. 
Abject, adj, ytfif^ haqir; u ^*^^ 
hasis, J^ wagd (pi. *>Uit^\ 

Abjegtness, «. ^*> danija-t (pi. 

ViUo danaya); S'^Uj dana'at ; ^^S 

zilla-t ; 5^^ haqarat. 
Abjttbe, v. J^) rafad, yarfud ; *W^ 

jahad, yajhud ; /i nakir, yankar ; 
/j\ ankar, yunkir; ^^ artadd, 

Abjuration, «. *>^^*h jahM ; A^^ 

Able, adj. j*>V5 qadir ; JjVi qabil. 
Ablution, «. J--i gasl, gusl ; JL-j:^^ 

igtisal. — (before prayer) ^y^^ 

wadii. — (with sand) ^*^ tayam- 

Abnobmal, adj, (^yVS)^ J^ 4ud<^ ^1- 

qan^n ; t^^-A^ ^ gair madbut. 
Aboabd, adv. s-^^^ ^^ fi-'l-mar- 

Abode, 8, {^^""^ maskan (pi. (j^^U-^ 

masakin) ; J^^ mahall (pi. J W» 

mahall) ; Jy^ manzil (pi. JjU* 

Abolish, v. ^^\ abtal, yubtil ; ^--i 

nasah, yansah, ^^ fasah, yaf- 

Abolition, «. JM ibtdl ; J«M tab- 
til, e^ butlLi. 
Abominable, adj. **/ karih ; fijy^ 

makr^h ; g<^ 6ani* ; sa>^u>» 

mamqut ; u>.dA^ maqit. 
Abominate, v. ^/ karih, yakrah ; 

b/Aj\ istaln-ah, yastakrih; (J>^ 

bagad, yabgu^; «*^*^ maqat, 

Abomination, s.a. ^^ makraha-t, 

makruha-t ; j^ kabr, kuhr ; n. 

8.^ makriina-t ; ^U^xa 6aiii*a-t 

(pi. ffXjA 6anayi*) ; ^Uws^ qabt- 

ba-t (pi. cjWJ qab&yih, cW* qi- 

Abobioinal, adj. 8. ^J^\ a? li-y ; 

^J^^\ awwali-y; ^•x* (j^ i^f^ 

(^uy^ mutawattin min qadim az- 

Abobtion, 8. t\ju^ isqat ; c^^ \\r\^^ 

Abortive, adj. tyu^ masqut ; 

tj^t^ jahicj ; ,ja5^ naqis. 
Abound, v. ^ kasur, yaksur ; \J^ 
fad, yafid ; ^^ wafar, yafir, s-^-a*- 

ha^ab, yahsib. 
About, ^rep. Jy*- haul. — (speaking 

of time) J^^ 'and ; f^ nahw. — 

(concerning) 0* *an ; ^J^ fi. 
About, adv. '\ijS taqriban; ^ 

Above, prep. adv. v5y fauq. — (more 

than) {^ ji^ aksar min. 
Abrade, v. ^y^ akal, ya'kul. 
Abrasion, s. uy* saraf , J^ akl. 
Abreast, adv. J^^^ *-A-o ^J^ fi ^aff-in 

Abridge, t7.. Abridgement, «., aee 

Abbreviate, Abbreviation. 
Abroad, adv. (without doors) "V;^ 

harijan. — (out of the country), 

''\ji barran. 
Abrogate, v. Jk^ ibjal, yubtil ; JJaj 

battal, yubattil ; ^---i nasah, yan- 
Abrogation, s. J^\ ib^al ; ^--i 

nash ; csJy tark. 
Abrupt, adj. (st^ep), *-M\^ waqif ; 

^Va» ^amih. — (sudden) ^^ ^J^ 

'ala gafla-t. 
Abruptness, s. (rudeness) ^V-aa. 

Abscess, s. ^ habba-t ; J^^ dum- 

mal, ^*> dummala-t (pi. J^U*> 

damamil) ; ^>*> dumbala-t (pi. 

danabil) ^/ qarh (pi. t^ji 

Abscond, v. ^J^^ ihtafa, yahtafi ; 

^\ inqalaS yanqali*. 
Absence, s. ^Q«^ gaiba-t ; s^W^ 

Absent, v. s^^ gab, yagib. 
Absent, adj. (in mind) c>aa-« mu- 

^attat ; ^U sahi. 
Absentee, s. s-^^ g^yih. 
Absolute, adj. (despotic) v3^ 

mutlaq ; J&sl.^ mustaqill. — (com^ 

plete) J^\? kamil ; f»^ tamm ; j»UJ 

Absolution, s. y^ *af ii ; Syuu mag- 

fira-t: (^/^ gufran: Xh^ tah- 



Absolyb, V, /t gaf ar, jagfir ; /^\ 

igtafar, yagtafir. 
Absobb, V, (imbibe) ULAi na^if, 

yan^af; s-^ nagab, yangib, 

yangub ; s^y* ^arib, yalirab. — 

(wholly to engage) Jaai ^gal, 

ya^gal. — (be absorbed in thought) 

J**A»^ i^tagal, ya^tagil. 
Absobption, 8. &ai\ ibtila*; v»yfc 

Abstain, v, q*^ imtanaS yam- 

tani* ; ^j*-^ ihtama, ya^tami, «-A^ 

kaff, yakuff ; J^j zahad, yahzad 

(all with 0ji *an). 
Abstemious, adj, ^ ♦■^t^>« mu^tami ; 

•wfctj zabid. 
Abstemiottsness, 8. Usa.^ ihtlma ; 

JUfej zuhd; l*y\jbx zahada-t, <^^ 

Abstinence, «. f Ua«^ imtina* ; «-A^ 

kaff ; ^^ qata*a-t. 
Abstbact, adj. (existing in the mind 

only) Jk^^^ mujarrad. 
Abstbact, s. (epitome) i*)^*- hiila- 

^a-t ; yois^ muhta^ar. 
Abstbact, v. (separate) oy^ jarrad, 

yujarrid. — (purloin) J^ na^, 

yan^ul ; sSj^ saraq, yasruq. 
Abstbaction, «. Jkj/r tajrid. — (deep 

thought) j^JJ^ iftikar. — (absence 

of mind) ^ sab^. 
Abstbitse, adj. <3U»» muglaq ; f^^v^ 

mubham ; (jh^«> daqiq. 
Abstbuseness, 8. '^fJ^ ta'qid. 
Absubd, adj. vV*^ j6^ {^ min ger 

ma'na, JsjJT x* 4^dd al-*aql; 

Jl^^ mubal. 
Absubditt, 8. (^^^ hazayan, *A.^*^ 

Abundance, 8. 5y^ kasra-t; s ^^<* 

hi^b ; S*>V2j ziyada-t ; (jM f aid ; 

(joi-j rah? ; ^; raha. 
Abundant, adj. jt^ kasir; J^ 

f ayid ; ^\ wafir ; j^y* mauf ur ; 

^) zayid. 
Abuse, «. (insult) fij^ bahdala-t, 

&»i »? jeb ^atima-t. — (misuse) Wa4i 

Abuse, v. f^^ ^atam, ya^tim, yas- 
tum ; ^attam, yusattim ; w-^- sabb, 


Abusive, adj. s-**<-» sabib (pi, 

vstW-* sabayib) ; ^U satim. 
Abut, v. ^ys\ itta^al, yatta^il. 

Abutment, s. (of a bridge) ij^ 
kahi (pi. v>W^kiba8, ij^\ akhni, 
J^\^\ akba^). 

Abyss, s. ^j*^ *umq (pi. jUa^ 
a'maq); ^ lujja-t (pi. g^ lu- 
jaj) ; ^y^ hawiya-t. 

Academy, s. *U1c (^\^*) diwan *ula- 
ma. — (school) L^j'^ madrasa-t. 

Academician, s. f^^ ^alim (pi. 
*Ulc 'ulama). 

Accede, v. s^ ^j-*; rada bi, yar^a; 

J^ qabil, yaqbal. — (to a throne) 

{j^ jalas, yajlis. 
AccELEBATE, V. J^ 'ajjal, yu'ajjil ; 

£j^\ asra*, yusri*. 

ACCELEBATION, 8. J«^ ta'jll ; 

^\j^\ isra*. 
Accent, s. (tone) 0^ lahn (pi. 

(:)^\ alhan, Q)yJ luhun). — (pro- 

nunciation) laAi* talaffug. 
Accept, v. J-J qabil, yaqbal ; J<3J 

taqabbal, yataqabbal. 
Acceptable, adj. Jt**^ maqbM; 

j^^A/» ma^kur ; w-^-u^ munasib. 
Acceptance, «. J*«i qabul. 
Acceptation, «. (received meaning) 

(^ji*^ ma'na (pi. <^^ ma*ani) ; 

iSy^ fahwa (pi. (^W^ fahawi). 
Access, s. J^*> duhul ; J**^ wu^iil. 
Accessible, adj. *^\jsii\ J6«* sa- 

hil al-iqtirab. 
Accession, s. (addition), 8*>y3 

ziyada-t. — (to a throne) u-^^ 

Accessoby, adj. (additional) J^^j 

zayid. — (accomplice) ^j* **^;^ 

s-^«a5\ ^arik fi-'z-zamb. 
Accident, s. S^^ ittifaq ; < l »-Ma^ 

mu^iba-t (pi. s-St^-*^ masayib) ; 

l^j^ *ari4a-t (pi. u4;V *awarid) ; 

^*>U. hadiga-t (pi. v£>*>\jo. ^a- 

Accidental, adj. i^j^ *aridi-y; 

^^f^ *aradi-y. 
Acclaim, v. j^ hallal, yuballil. 
Acclamation, s. J<J^ tahlil. 
Acclivity, s. fiy^ *uluwwa-t (pi. 




^^ 'aUw!); J? taU (pi. J!^? 

tilal, jyiJ tumi). 
Accommodate, v. (3*^ waffaq, yu- 

waffiq ; v>»^ tabaq, yutabiq. 
Accommodation, «. (adaptation)\.;,>* munasaba-t ; Wi^»*« muwa- 

faqat. — (agreement) ^U^ mu^a- 

laha-t. — (comfort) &^)i lazima-t 

(pi. j»j\y lawazim). 

Accompaniment, «. (in music) ^W 

Accompany, v. s-^^ ?ahab, yu^a- 

hib; v>*^; rafaq, yurilfiq ; gi^ 

i^ayaS yusayi*. 
Accomplice, «. w-^J^^ ^^ *«^/» liarik 

fi-*z-zamb ; s-^J^^ Jb*; rafiq az- 

Accomplish, v. J*^ kammal, yu- 

kammil; ^_5-4i qa^a, yaqdi; f^ 

tamman, yutammim ; ,j^ halla^, 


Accomplished, adj, (completed) 
^Uj tamam ; J*^ mukammal. — 
(in mind or person) ^^*A s-^^ 
9ahib adab; U^ latif; J^^ 

Accomplishment, s, (completion) 
^U5\ itmam ; J*4«^ takmil. — 
(talents) J^ fa41 (pi. J^ fudul, 
JU*^ afdal); Si^ fadila-t (pi. 
JjU* fadayil) ; jU^kaii&l (pi. «>^ 

Accord, v, (agree) ijis\ ittafaq, ya- 
taffiq ; ♦^e^^ ittahad, yattahid. — 
(grant) ^^ samu^, yamsuh. 

Accord, Accordance, s. S^^ itti- 
faq; *>W itti^ad; ^\f muwa- 

According to, Accordinolt, adv, 
s-^^ bi-miijib; * i "■ ** ft hasab, 
basD ; i«U3 s-^^ <J^ *ala mftjib 

Accost, v, (corns near) s^jJ qarib, 
yaqrab. — (address) s-J»U. h&tab, 

Account, s. s^U* ^isab. — (hiU) 
s^L^^ JUj»li qayima-t al-hisab. — 
(narrative) jt^ habar (pi. j^\ 
ahbar) ; ^ qi99a-t (pi. (^a-ai 
qi9^9<./^(^^^ a><ia9i9)* — (onaccauni 

of) y}^\ (j^ min ajl; w-^^ bi- 

Account, v. (esteem) * i p hasab, 

yah sub. — (explain) j^ *abbar, 

yu*abbir ; ^ fassar, yufassir. 
Accountant, «. s-^W* muhasib. 
Account-book, fi^ daftar (pi. y U^ 

Accoutre, v, y^ jahhaz, yujahhiz ; 

^ sallah, yusallih. 
Accoutrement, s. ^jlc *adda-t (pi. 

*>Ac *udad) ; yt^r tajhiz. 
Accrue, v, J^ ha§al, yah^al ; *>^3 

zad, yazid. 
Accumulate, v.a. ^m^ kawwam, yu- 

kawwim ; g^->. jama*, yajma* ; 

#J lamm, yalumm; n. ^*^\ 

ijtama', yajtami* ; f^\ iltamm, 

Accumulation, s. f^^ takwim ; 

g^->- jam* ; W lamma-t. 
Accuracy, s, ^^ sahhat ; W^ dabt ; 

^^ diqqa-t ; ^J^'^ tadqiq. 
Accurate, adj. t-^^-*^ madbut ; 

<3SJ^ mudaqqiq. 
AccuRSE, V. {^y^ la*an, yal*an ; ^!l 

la*aii, yula*in. 
Accursed, adj, (^f^ mal'iin (pi. 

(jj^fiJU mal4*in) ; (^^ la*m. 

Accusation, «. ^U^ tuhma-t (pi. 
^ tuham) ; h^^ ^ikaya-t ; l^^ 
6ikawa-t ; i^^ 6akwa. 

Accusative, s, s-^-J na^b (pi. s^UJ\ 
an^ab); &> Jy^^ al-mafM 

Accuse, v. s^ ^ taham bi, ya- 
thim; ^J>^ ^J^\ i^taka *ala, 

Accuser, «. f^^ tahim; ^j^aA^ 

mu^taki : <jfcJ^ mudda'f . 
Accustom, v, <J^ ^^ *awwad *ala, 

yu*awwid. — (oneself) '^fS ta*aw- 

wad, yata*awwad. 
Accustomed, adj, *-iy*U ma'lilf; 

*>•«*• muta*awwid; S<sm^ mu*- 

Ace, s, *>y fard (pi. *>^y firad) ; ^\ 

Ache, s, ^^ waja* (pi. gW^ wija*, 

£W)\ auja*). 



Ache, v, gftif tawaj^'aS yatawajja' ; 

gBr\ ittaja*, yattaji*. 
Achieve, v. J^ kammal, jukam- 

mil ; ^ ♦ ^ tammam, yutam- 


ACHIEYBMENT, 8, ^ tt^ f 'ajlba-t (pi. 

sHt^^ <ajajib) ; S*x<»'*»- hamida-t 

(pi. J4U0. hamajid). 
Acid, ac^. (jA#«U haini4; cr^^ 

naqis ; jf^ madir. 
Acidity, s, l^y*^ hamfida-t. 
AciDULATB, v. (>*A. hamina4, yu- 

Acknowledge, v, jS\ aqarr, yuqirr ; 

uy»\ i*taraf , ya'tarif. 
AcKNOWiiEDGMENT, 8, ^f\ iqrar ; 

u\^\ i'tiraf. — (thanks) ^y^ 

AcoBN, 8, ^^ ballut. 
Acquaint, v. y^\ ahbar, yuhbir; 

s^f^ *arraf, yu^arrif . 
Acquaintance, «. }^f^ ma*rifa-t 

(pi. «J^JVJu• ma*arif). — {knowledge) 

^ *ilm (pi. f»y^ *uliiin). 
Acquiesce, v, ^J^J rada, yarda; J<i 

qabil, yaqbal; J J^*«^ imtasal 

li, yamtasil. 
Acquiescence, «. J^i qabul; ^ 

rida ; J^^^^ imtisal. 
Acquire, i;. <jeUs^\ imtalak, yam- 

talik ; s ^*>«iS ^ iktasab, yaktasib ; 

J«- ^a^^al, yuha^^fil;' JU nal, 

Acquirement, Acquisition, s, 

^%sA imtUak; v^L^ iktis&b ; 

J,>-je* ta^^il. 
Acquit, «. j;» barrar, yubarrir, /fc 

gafar, yagfur; <jaU. halla?, yu- 

Acquittai,, 8. ykc *afii ; ^ijitii^ mag- 

AcBE, «. (field) J&»» haql (pi. Jyb. 

tuqM) ; i»»fc git (pi. oVL^ gitan). 

— (meotfureTiten^) (^jW f addan (pi. 

e^^U fadadin). 
AcBiD, adj. *-^f- tirri^; /• niurr 

(pi. j\f\ amr&r) ; v«U hamiz. 

(pi. j\fy amrar; ; v«vo. namiz. 
Acrimonious, adi, jW harr. 
AcBiMONY, 8. ^yy mar4ra-t ; 


AcBOBS; adv. 

miinbarifan ; 

J^jSM^ mu'taridan; {J>f^^ bi-'l- 

Act, v. J** fa*al, yaf*al; J^Vc 

*amal, yu*amil. 
Act, 8. (deed) J*i fiq (pi. JUi\ 

af'al) ; J^Ji *aml (pi. JUc< a*mal). 

— (decree) yA amr (pl.j^V 8*^4- 

mir), oW firman. — (o/ a drama) 

•y^ jaz' (pi. \y^\ ajza'). 
Action, «. (law-suit) 8^*> da*wa-t 

(pi. «:>\ys*> da*wat) ; ^5^^ da*wa 

(pi. <4j^*> da*awa) ; f^y niza*. — 

(battle) S^ waq'a-t (pi. giVi^ 

waqayi*) ; ^j^^^ mxiharaba-t. 
Active, «. (in grammar) f»yi*4J\ ^U^* 

sigat al-ina*lum ; JcUJ^ al-fa*il. 
Active, adj, ^^^ harik ; ^\i naiit ; 

gA« Buni'. — (in grammar) v^J^*^** 

Activity, «. ^f^ haraka-t; i^VAJ 

na^at ; ^^^ himma-t. 
Actor, s. (stage-player) s-^ la*ib ; 

s^UJ la*ab ; <^*>Va ^adi. 
Actual, adj. ^JhH^ l^SLqiqi-j ; v^ 

Actuality, s. aM<»- haqiqa-t ; i^^ 

waqi*a-t (pi. 5>Vi^ waqayi*). 
Actuate, v. vsJ^ harrak, yuharrik ; 

J40- hamal, yahmil. 
Acute, ^Vi qA^i' ; *>Vo. hadd ; ^U 

ma^i. — (ingenious) ,^^ zaki ; {^ 

AcuTENESS, 8. Sjto. hidda-t ; ^J^. 

hiddiya-t. — (actA?»en) 4^fitna-t; 

^\j^ flrasa-t ; i^S zakawa-t. 
Adage, s, (proverb) j^ masal (pi. 

JU/«^ amsal). — (old saying) J*S 

qaul (pi. ^\^\ aqwal, ^^ aqa- 

Adamant, s. ^U3\ almas. 
Adapt, v. s-^^ nasib, yunasib; 

<3»^ t^l>^» yutabiq. 
Add, v. u\^ adaf, yu^if ; *>^J zM, 

Addeb, 8. ^^\ af*a (pi. ^^^\ 

Addict, t?. (oneself) ^J^ ^^fS ta'aw- 

wad *ala, yata'awwad. — (Jbe ad" 

dieted to) s^ ^p wala* bi, yaula*. 
Addition, s. Sjvy ziyada-t; ^^\ 



Address, v, {speak to) s-^^ hafab 

yuhatib; fS^ kallam, yukallim 

Address, «. ^ya^ hu^ba-t (pi. s-^ 

hutab) ; v>Uad. hitab. — {of a letter) 

s^fS^\ (^yi^ *unwaii al-maktub. 
Adduce v. (bring forward) f»Jiqad- 

dam, yuqaddim. — {quote) ^^ 

zakur, yazkur. 
Adept, «. jA^ mahir (pi. 8^ ma- 

hara-t) ; ^<«iS- habir. 
Adequate, adj, v>*^^ muwafiq; 

s— ^ munasib ; \Si^ layiq. 
Adequateness, Adequacy, s, ^^ 

liyaqa-t ; ^\y muwafaqa-t ; 

LfJ^ munasaba-t. 
Adhere, v, {stick) s^ (j^\ iltasaq 

bi, yalta§iq ; ^;J lazam, yalzam. — 

{he a partisan) Q* s— ««* ta'a^^ab 

maS yata'a^^ab. 
Adherence, Adhesion, s. j^ 

lu^uq ; (:jV^^ iqtiran. — {agree- 
ment) *lA; ri4a ; S^\ ittifaq. 
Adherent, s, vjMj rafiq (pi. *^j 

rufaqa, ^j rufqa-t, jjVij rifaq); 

Jk-<^ la^iq. 
Adherent, Adhesive, adj, v>*'^ 

multa^iq ; t)^ lazij ; tx^ multa- 

Adhibit, v. J4Ju«.^ ista'mal, yasta*- 

mil ; «Jy» ^arraf , yu^arrif. 
Adieu, «. fW^ wada*. 
Adjacent, adj. J-as^ mutta^il; 

j^V^^ mujawir ; v>*»)U mula^iq. 
Adjective, s. cA*^ wa^f (pi. sJ^y\ 

au^af) ; ^^ ^ifa-t ; o«* na*at 

(pi. w^^ nu*ut). 
Adjectivelt, adv, ""^^f^ oa'atan. 
Adjoin, v. v3-^ la^iq, yal^aq ; J-«»j 

wa^al, ya^il ; J->f^ itta^al, yatta- 

Adjoining, see Adjacent. 
Adjourn, v, /-^ ahhar, yu'ahhir ; 

Je^^ amhal, yumhil; ^^^ hazaf, 

Adjournment, «./e^*\? ta'hir ; JW^^ 

imhal ; ^^ hazf . 
Adjudge, Adjudicate, v. J f^ 

bakam li, yahkum. 
Adjudication, s. f^ tukm (pi. 

^\^\ al^kam); S^j^ ^uk&ma-t. 


Adjunct, s, ^j/^ isLuk (pi. *^\^\ 

a^rak, ^j/b, ^uraka) ; s-s>^ nayib 

(pi. v>\y nuwwab). 
Adjunction, s, y^\fJb>\ i^tirak. — 

{addition) ^^\ idafa-t. 
Adjure, v. ^W ^^ ^««^^ aqsam 

ale-hi bi-*llah-i, yuqaim ; JA^ 

na^ad, yunasid. 
Adjust, v, s-^j rattab, yurattib ; 

f^ nazzam, yunaggim ; ^5*^ 

tabaq, yu^abiq. 
Adjustment, «. s^/ tartib ; f^JbjS 

Adjutant, s, s-^ naqib (pi. %» 

nuqaba) ; sH»^ nayib (pi. s^iy 

nuwwal)) ; ^^^ mu'awin. 
Administer, v, j»^ dabbar, yudab- 

bir ; f^^ hakam, yahkiim ; ^j*Li 

sas, yasus. — {physics) giW *alaj, 

Administration, s, ^ju» tadbir 

^W- siyasa-t. 
Administrator, s. »»j^ mudabbir 

J-^^ wakil (pi. U^ wukala). 
Admiral, «.^^^^T amir al-bahr 

)^^ u^ raiyis al-bahr. 
Admiralty, s, j^\ SjU\ imarat al 

bahr; j^\ S^^ naga'ra-t al 

Admirable, adj. s^e» >^ 'ajib. 
Admiration, 9. s-^^ 'ajab ; s ■*■»•? 

ta*ajjub; s^Vv^&-\ isti'jab. 
Admire, v. (^ s-^^u^ ta*ajjab min, 

Admirer, s, s-^v^^^ muta'ajjib. — 

— {lover) ,jt>\^ *a^iq. 
Admissible, adj, J-i yuqbal (3 

aor, pass.) ; J^<A» maqbiil. 
Admission, s. {to a person or place) 

J^»> duhM ; Jjj-^ WU9M. — 

{granting) &^W\ ijaba-t ; J^ 

qabiil, qubM. 
Admit, v, v>j dahhal, yudahhil; 

adhal, yudhil. — {aUoWy grant) 

J^ qabil, yaqbal. 
Admittance, s, JU.a^ idh&l ; Jis. j 

dahl; J^J duhftl. 
Admix, v. IqU. |ialat, yahlut ; ^ 

mazaj, yamzaj. 
Admixture, s, UL*^ hilt (pi. IU\ 

ablat) ; I'kfAX ihtiUt. 



Admonish, v. ^ na^ah, yan^ah ; 

tc^ wa'as, ya*iz ; ^ nabbah, yu- 

Admonition, s. ^^ wa*aza-t ; *>^j^ 

ir^ad ; s-^/ targib. 
Ado, 8, ^^ gauga ; ^^Ul6 galgala-t ; 

s^\^\ id^irab. 
Adolescence, «. ^p^ ^abubiya-t. 
Adolescent, adj. 8. s^U ^bb (pi. 

Q)\^ ^ubban, s^W*»^ a^bab, ^Qa 

^ababa-t) ; s^^ ^bub. 
Adopt, v, (a son) ^y^ tabanna, 

yatabanna; *W^ ^^ds!f\ ittahaz-hu 

abnan, yattahiz ; ^S\ izzahar, 

yazzahir. — (an opinion) ;;)-*-«*'' 

tahassan, yatahassan ; j\j^\ ihtdr, 

yah tar. 
Adoption, s. ^y^ tabanni ; hi<s 

tabniya-t ; jLjSe5^ ittihaz ; Syi 

8^^\ baniiwa-t az-zahira-t. 
Adorable, adj, *>yf»^ ma^biid ; 

St>\^K-J^ s-^^^ wajib as-sajada-t. 
Adoration, 8, SoV-i *ibada-t ; Sj\^»- 

sajada-t ; ^^^»-« sujiid. 
Adore, v, J J^^*- sajad li, yasjid ; 

Jk^ *abad, ya*bud. 
Adorn, v. ^^j zan, yazin ; ^j zay- 

yan, yuzajyin ; jj^j zawwaq, yu- 

Adornment, 8, {jiyy tazwin ; s^y) 

zawaq ; «J|^j zuhruf . 
Adrift, adv, j»^W bi-'l-*aum; 'WVc 

Adroit, adj, io\J^ ikiiv (pi. jVLe* 

^uttar) ; <3«J labiq ; y^U mahir. 
Adroitness, s, l^^ sa^ara-t ; A*Wi 

labaqa-t ; S^^ mahara-t ; Uft^ 

ma'rifa-t ; £a& haffa-t. 
Adulation, g. jkUJ tamliq ; ^^y 

muwajaha-t; ,Ja^o<J taba^bu^i. 
Adulatory, adj, jjU^ inumalliq ; 

v3^Ua« mutamalliq ; ^\y muwa- 

Adult, ^^ balig. 
Adulterate, v, j^j zawwar, yazaw- 

wir; JuJ^ afsad, yufsid; J^ 

gas^, yagui^. 
Adulteration, s. jV— -^^ ifsad; 

t>L-i fasM ; ji^y tazwir. 
Adulterer, s, ^J^^} zani (pi. *A>\i) 


Adultery, «. Uj zina ; <>-«i fisq ; 

0^ hauQ, hawan. 
Adultness, 8, ^^ bulug; ^^ 

Adultress, 8, ^\) zaniya-t (pi. 

i^^)} zawani). 
Advance, v, f*^ taqaddam, yata- 

qaddam. — (money) «-.Al- sallaf , 

yusallif ; ^J>y^ aqra4, yuqrid. 
Advance, 8, ^•^a? taqaddum. — (of 

money) «-A^ salaf ; ^••v*^ g*^ daf * 

Advancement, 8. ^J^ taqdim; 

^^J^ taqaddAm ; g^^Ai-^ istidraj ; 

Jiy tarraqi ; *V»;\ irtiqa*. 
Advantage, s, Sj^^ fayida-t (pi. 

Jo^fci fawayid) ; ijda^ iiianfi*a-t 

(pi. ^^ manafi*). 
Advantageous, adj. g*^ nafi* ; jlju 

Advent, 8, *>!^!s-»i\ j»W-o ^iyam al- 

milad; ^i s^.»3^ "is^^ maji al- 

Adventure, 8, ^^^Vc *arid (pi. y*j\^ 

^awarid); ^ ha^ar (pi. ji&. 

hitar, j^\ ahtar) ; S^V^ mu- 

hatara-t (pi. ;i»U^ mahatir). 
Adventurer, s, ijy^-i^ t^fsuni-y 

(pi. Sjjb,\i^ tafa^ina-t). 

Adventurous, Adventuresome, 
<^dj. {^y^^^ mujtari ; j^W jasir. 

Adverb, 8, «J(^ harf (pi. «^^^ hu- 
ruf) ; s^^ zarf (pi. s^J^^ zuruf). 

Adverbial, adj, <^yfe» zarfi-y. 

Adverbially, adv, '^^ garfan. 

Adversary, 8, ^•^c *adu-w (pi. 1j^\ 
a*da; ^5^^^ a*adi). — (in a laW' 
suit) f¥'<^ ha^m (pi. j»Ud.^ ah- 
9am) ; ^ i ' TA , hasim (pi. ^ ♦ ort 

Adverse, adj, cAJU^^ muhalif; 
^Vat^ muha^im. 

Adversely, adv, aa dudd, didd ; 
Juij bi-dudd ; u*-^^ bi-*l-*ak8. 

Adversity, 8, S^^ ^aqawa-t ; (j-«s«* 
nahs ; Safti sidda-t (pi. j^\ja sada- 
yid) ; ^o dubaila-t ; A<i nakad. 

Advert, v, ^y^ i*tana, ya'tani; 
> > ^^>-g-> taqayyad, yataqayyad. — 
(refer to) J^ j^\ asar ila, yu^ir. 

Advertise, v. j^ habbar, yuhab- 




bir; yt^\ ahbar, yuhbir; fitA 

ashar, yu^hir. 
Advertisement, s. y^ habar (pi. 

^y\ ahbar); S;W i^ilm-t ; f^\ 

Advice, «. ^^^^i-* na^iha-t (pi. ^U> 

na?avih) ; j^ ^aur (pi. ^fi^\ as- 
Advisable, adj» ^34^ layiq ; s-^^^ 

wajib ; s— ^ munasib. 
AlDvisableness, Advisability, «. 

iL»>.l8.># munasaba-t. 
Advise, v, c*^ na^ah, yuna^ih; 

v^ i^ ^\ aiar *ale-hi bi, yu^ir. 
Advised, adj, (prudent) jti^ s-^^ 

9ahib tadbir (pi. s^W-l a^hab). 
Ajdvisedly, adv, (on purpose) *^J^ 

Advocacy, «. ^^ safiVa-t. 
Advocate, s, Jt:^^ wakil (pi. *l^j 

wukala) ; ^^U*^ inuhami ; J^U» 

munadil ; M* faqih (pi. 'M* fu- 

Advocate, v, ^^^ ta^affa*, yata- 

Aerate, v. <^y^ hawwa, yuhawwi ; 

^j rayyah, yurayyih.^ 
Aerial, adj. ^J^y'^ liawayi-y. 
Aerolite, s. t^y'^y'^^ hajar bawi-y. 
Aeronaut, «. \^(^\— ^ musafir aJ- 

Ajar, adv. Ju«> ba*id ; ♦>«*> (^ min 

Affability, «. «-J^ lu^f ; ^VU lata- 

fa-t; jU!l\ ^^ sabulat al- 

ahlaq; ^Vjl^ baiMisa-t. 
Affable, adj. f^^ halim; c Ji jJ 

la^if ; (j-st*^ anis ; \J»}^ ba- 

Affair, s. f\ amr (pi. jy«^ umur) ; 

^^ haja-t (pi. va>W-Vft. hajat, cVa. 
6a gl (pi. J^-*^\ a^£f, J^-a:^ 

taj, c?iW tawayij); JUa gugl, 


Affect, v. (influence) /\ as gar, 
yuassir. — (touch, move) {^J^ 
bannan, yutannin ; ^jij raqqaq, 
yura<iqiq.— (pre/end) jJL5 qallad, 
yuqallid ; ^\ aghar, yuzhir. 

Affectation, Affbctedness, s. 
5*-? ta^annu* ; 8U\^ mubaha-t. 

Affected, adj, (not natural) 

Affection, «. Je^ mail; 8j^ mu- 

wadda-t ; ^<««e» mubabba-t. 
Affectionate, a^, *>«*3* wadud ; 

OkA*» 6afiq ; h-**^ mutibb ; <^*>\*>j 

Affiance, v. s-Ja«»- batab, yabfub ; 

ha^tab, yubattib; i^^ ^sX^Jk 

6abak li-'z-ziia-t, yaibuk. 
Affiance, s. S^ hutba-t. — (confi- 
dence) »>U;x^ i'timad. 
Affidavit, e. f^^ ji/S taqrir bi- 

Affilla.te, see Adopt. 
Affinity, e. ii\ji qaraba-t; ^Uj 

Affirm, v, J^^ akkad, yu'akkid; 

J/ qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Affirmation, s. J^:^*^ ta'kid ; «^W*\ 

isbat ; o^As^ tahqiq ; f^jS taqrir. 
Affirmative, adj. ^_yb JuJ ta^diqi-y ; 

oSt^fi=^ tabqiqi-y ; ^W-} ijabi-y. 
Affix, v. ij2 la^saq, yula^^iq. 
Affix, s. SIqs^ mutta^ala-t. 
Afflict, v. f^\ agamm, yugimm ; 

OjoA ahzan, yuhzin ; h bala, 

yablA ; ijb\d. jL^ kasar ha^ir-bu, 

Affliction, s. 03*^ buzn (pi. (^\yoA 

abzan, (^j^ huzun) ; Jb gamm 

(pi. ^jr^ gumum) ; &>Vr kaba-t. 
Afflictive, adj. ^ mugiinm ; 

jo^ mukaddir. 
Affluence, s. ^^^ gana ; JU mal 

(pi. J V^ amwal) ; ^^ wusa* ; lyf 

sarwa-t ; S^ kasra-t ; *Wj raha . 
Affluent, adj. ^^ gani;"yU 

wafir; Ji^ jazil ; ^ kasir. 
Afford, v, s-a^ wabab, yahab; 

J«* *ata, ya*ti. — (he able) jJJ5 

qadar, yaqdir. 
Affray, s. 4)rajja-t; cW?j\ irtijaj. 
Affright, v. .^ys. hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif; fy* fazza*, yufazzi*; lr^\ 

ar*ab, yur*ib. 
Affront, v. J^ ^^ ta'adda *ala, 

yata'adda ; ^S\ azza, yu'azzi. 
Affront, s. ^^smS ta*addi; h^\ 

aziya-t; «- ^,^ naq^Ti baqq. 




Afloat, culv. W^ 'Ajiman. 
Afoot, adv, "Va^U m&^ijan. 
Afobb, adv, J-J {^ min qabL 
Afobe-hand, Afobe-time, adv. 

Vfi^V^ sabiqan; ^V^ sAlifan; W*^ 

qadiman ; ^•J^ (j^ min qadim. 
Afobe-mentioned, Afobe-named, 

Afobe-said, adj, \^^ mazkiir. 
Apbaid, adj, Uk^U. nayif (pi. ^^f- 

huwwaf , c-Afi^ hiyyaf , *^^ haui). 

— (he afraid) Uf\^ haf, yahaf; 

gv* faza*, yaf za* ; J*^ jafal, yaj- 

Afbesh, adv. Afc*^- (^ min jadid ; 

^y^ ^J^ sani marra-t. 
Afbont, adv, *>Ui qu^ad ; h^ mu- 

Afteb, prep, (of ph^e) wAi*. half ; 

\)^ wara. — (of time) •*«» ba*d; 

*»A9 ^^ min Wd. 
Afteb, Aftebwabd, Aftebwabds, 

adv. »J«i e)^ min ba'd-hu; fJ 

Afteb, conj. ^ J^ ba*d ma; •^•^ 

Q)\ ba*d ann ; t« s-*^ gabba ma. 
Aftebnoon, «. y^ *afr ; cy^^-aft 

'asriyat ; yi^\ •»«» ba*d ag-zuhr. 
AoAiN, adv, "^-a^^ aidan ; At*^ {jy 

min jadid. — (a^ain and again) 

'^^y mararan. 
Against, prep, a* dudd, didd ; ^^ 

*ala ; ^5^ hiUf . 
Age, «. ;*^ *umr ; (^ sinn. — 

( 'period of time) J<fr jail (pi. 

JW^ ajyal) ; y^^ dahr (pi. y^^ 

duhftr) ;' f^ 'a^r (pi. ^\ a'^ar, 

Aged, (m(/. j^^ *ajftz ; j^tsA ihtiyar ; 

0-^ musinn; {^\ <j* (^^ 

ta*in fi-'s-sinn. 
Agencjy, 8. ^^^ wakala-t; fia-^^ 

Agent, «. Jo^^ wakil (pi. )^^ wu- 

kala) ; J^U f a*U ; J-Vc '^mil. 
Aggbandise, v. j4 kabbar, yn- 

kabbir ; ^ 'azgam, yu'azgim ; 

g-^ wassa*, yuwasai* ; ^^ ^\) 

zad 'ala, yazid. 
Aggbandisement, %. jtf^ takbir; 

f^ ta*2im, 5>-/ tausi*; *y\i^)\ 


Aogbavatb, v. (make worse) ^ 

saqqal, yusaqqU ; "Uj^ j^t^ ^ayyar 

arda, , yn^ayyir. — (make angry) 

s-^^^ ag4ab, yugdib; ^V&^ agdz, 

Aggbayation, 8. ^ saqla-t ; s^U&\ 

Aggbegate, v.a. g^-^ jamaS yaj- 

ma* ; f»^ kawwam, yukawwim. 
Aggbegate, Aggbegation, s. £4^ 

jam' ; ^y^ takwim ; &W jum- 

Aggbess, v. f^^ hajam, yahjnm ; 

J4A. hamal, yahmil. 
Aggbession, 8. f*^V^ hujiim ; ^l**- 

Aggbessivb, adj. <^*»*^ muta'ad- 

Aggbessiyeness, 8. v^*]^ ta'addi. 
Aggbessob, 8. ^Va hajim ; v5J^«a« 

muta'addi; v5*>^ badi. 
Aggbieye, v. v>Jlc *azzab, yu*az- 

zib ; (^y»-\ ahzan, yuhzin ; ^ 

zalam, yazlim. (See Afflict.) 

Aghast, adj, (:)^}t^ hairan. 

Agile, adj, ti^ na^it ; J«^^ *&jil ; 
J!JuA ^mlal; Ul^m, hafif (pi. 
^Utf. hifaf , ^Us.^ ahfaf, Us.^ ahif- 

f*^) ; C^r* ^^^^* (P^* O^r* sur*an ; 

f • ^ > pl- £^r* sira*) ; ,3*1^ ra^iq. 
Agility, 8. ^Va* na^ata-t; l^\^ 

sahama-t ; ^^j ra^aqa-t ; ^^Ua 

^amlala-t ; ^ hiffa-t ; ^/» 

sur'a-t ; Sl^ 'ajala-t. 
Agitate, *^^ ^arrak, yuharrik; 

^J ^^jj» yQ-rujj ; yfe hazz, yahuzz ; 

tj^ qallaq, yuqalliq; ge* hay- 

yaj, yuhayyij. 
Agitation, 8. ^W^^ nayaian ; 

^) rajja-t; ^ huzza-t; s^\;^\ 

idtirab ; v5^ qalaq. 
Agitatob, 8, ^j^/» muhanik ; ^/^ 

0ji* darrab fitan. 
Ago, adv, "Va^U sabiqan; J^ (^ 

min qabl. 
Agonise, v. n. gj^ naza*, yunazi* ; 

a, s^Ac *azzab, yu*azzib. 
Agony, «. icjU* mnnaza*a-t; gy 

^J:^yti^ niza' al - maut ; sA>\jCm 

*j^yt^\ sakrat al-maut. 


■ I » "■ 


fia »-t«-^« t ''f '^V .' Qi* 

yp* -^ .i-..-.r»ar,»: 

■ • •• 

• 11- nM».t;t^^ 

N f, ^ y;. 


(''y^^ .» ■ 1 • 4t r.*-. • u- ■ ' Uf J' .' i.Ul.- • 

»•'.*..* Vr^ 11*4* '.■■*.-, 

A > 

t V V I 

^/'/^« *//wy /^wU M.\ ii\iSiZ ni^an, 

A«M, « ((ttfifjfi) i^ )iiya-t ; J^ 
'iii^'l , .j^^ fnuriul; JLJU Tiia<jiHad 
(|/1 iju\«^ iiiJi/jimi«l; ; ^^ garad 

Utuit (y\, ^\Mt\ ahdaf) ; ^Ui 
fii^An, ^^UM niHuu (pi. ^^i^ 
"".vAiiinJ; ^/ Kiira<ii. 
Aim, m, \^ Imwa (pi. j^y^^ abwi- 

y»*-<); c<; rib (1>1. C^; riyat); 
tuimun (pi. (•Lj^ ansam) ; 
lUiHlm (pi. ^Ui uisam). — 


^j^ iJu 

ki« ^1 



11:1 -..•jw* JL-i . 

- ki- 

: ■ i. 

Ai^: iHjL, f. j^ ci; rob al-'araq. 

Aiy. . HOLic, -3 5j. ^«aH.. ruhi-v. 
Al'.-.'Te. ^. ^.^-»« madja' (pi. ^U^ 
i:--*riHv> J ; A-i qabia-t (pi. n^V«J 
q:'', v_^ qubab) ; ;As^ hidr (pi. 
:y^ hudiiT) ; jisc ^ars (pi. JU^^e 
Alderman, s. (^ saih (pi. e^ 
I suyiih). 
I Ale, 8. i\yi buza-t. 
I Alert, adj, (vigilant) d^ nabih; 
^f^ muntabih; ^j^^ haris; 
j«A^ hazir. — (active, nimble) JaAi 
Alertness, «. ^ fc V-<— s nabaha-t; 

6W^\ intibah ; llti na^a^. 
Alosbba, 8. i^VAj\^ ^tV\ ^ <il|Q 
al-jabr wa-*l-muqabala-t. 




Alien, s, s-s(;^ garib (pi. W^ gu- 

Alienate, v. (property) g^ ba', 

yabi* ; ^J^ Ja> naqal ila, yanqul ; 

J^ hawwal, yuhawwil. — (the 

mind) /o nafPar, yunaffir; J^^ 

e)^ ab*ad *an, yub*id. 
Alienation, s. ^^^ hawala-t ; ^ 

naqla-t ; ^W^ mubaya'a-t. — 

(aversion) Sy» nafra-t ; yw ta- 

naffur; S^W *adawa-t, jj^-JUa 

Alight, v, Jy nazal, yanzil ; j>>eA 

inhadar, yanhadir. 
Alike, adj, ^^^V-j;^ mutasavi ; J^ 

misl ; J*^ magil ; J'W* muma- 

sil ; 4U-A 4abih ; ^i^ nagir, J^U^ 

Aliment, «. va>y qut (pi. ^y»\ aq- 

wat) ; J^ akl ; f»^ ta*am (pi. 

^U^^ at*ima-t, va>U«l»^ a^'amat) ; 

y^U^ ma'ai. 
Alimentary, aci/. ^yyi quti-y ; 

o^-jA* muqit. 
Alimony, s, ^^^ kalfa-t ; to na- 

Aliquot, e, J^^*xs*» j.\c *adad mu- 

Alive, adj. ^^ tai-y (pi. W*-^ 

ahya) ; J^\^ 'kjii. 
Alkali, s. ^Js qali ; ,JJ^\ ^ milh 

al-qali ; (^Ua^ u^nan. 
All, (ui;. jS^ kull ; ^6*^ jami*. 
AlLL, 8. S^ kuUiya-t: fiW jum- 

Allay, v, (jX«. sakkan, yusakkin ; 

{^ tamnian, yutammin; ^5^* 

hadda, yuhaddi ; «-AAis^ haffaf , 

Allegation, 8. *i^jt^ irad ; ji/s taq- 

Allege, v. ^^^ aurad, yftrid ; /^ 

?akar, ya?k^ ; ^y) rawa, yarwi ; 

1^ qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Allegiance, 8, ^Uz^^ istiq^ma-t ; 

Si\xo 9adaqa-t; lrt\L fa'a-t; lt»<S 

Allegobical, flwi;. ^^y^j ramzi-y ; 

<^jV^^ majazi-y ; <jJ^ makni-y ; 

f^yiO* mukanna. 
Allegobically, adv. ^U^W bi-'l- 

kiuaya-t ; y*^^ bi-*r-ramz ; ')3^»^ 

Allegorise, v, J^ masgal, yu- 

inaa§il ; yj ramaz, yarmiz (yar- 

muz) ; fji^ kana, yakni ; ^-i 

li\jS}\ ^ y»^\ ^^^iA^ ^- e -^ fassar 

^ayan bi-ma'na - 'r - ramz wa-*l- 

kinaya-t, yufassir. 
Allegory, «. h^ kinaya-t ; J<s-W 

tamsil ; SjW i^ara-t ; y»; ramz 

(pl.jy«j rumuz) ; 3^*^ majaz. 
Alleviate, v. «-AA4- haffaf, yu- 
haffif ; Je^ sabhal, yusahhil. 
Alleviation, s. U L A ^ tahfif , Je^— * 

tashil ; U^ tasliya-t. 
Alley, 8. (narrow road) jjVij zuqaq 

(pi. 0^j zuqqan, Aij^ aziqqa-t) ; 

iji^ haniq (pi. iji\^ hawaniq). 
Alliance, «. ^e^ *and (pi. *>^ 

*uhiid) ; SjLjfcL-*-^ mu*ahada-t ; 

jj^^ ittifaq. — (by marriage) 

Sy^U^ inu9ahara-t. 
Alligator, 8. c^--^ timsah (pi. 

^^U> tamasih. 
Allocate, v. g*^ wada*, ya^a* ; J». 

hatt, yahuU. 
Allocation, s. ^ hatt, frb ^^4* 

(pi. £^^^ auda*). 
Allocution, 8. ^^ hu^ba-t (pi. 

s-^ hutab) ;' s^\Sfl«i- hi^ab. 

Allot, v, ^»-i qasam, yaqsim ; qas- 
sam, yuqassim ; <ja-acw ha89a9, yu- 

Allotment, «. ^^ hi^^a-t (pi. j^-a** 
hi^a?) ; ^U— J qisma-t. 

Allow, t;. (^^\ azan, ya'zan; ^^-• 
samuh, yasmuh. — (both with 4i 
(^jA^ la-hu bi-sayin) ; ^^ a5 ^jod-j 
rahha? la-hu fi, yurahhi?. 

Allowable, adj. ^^y\ s-^^^ wajib 
ar - ruh^ia-t ; cW^ mubah ; yiW 

Allowance, 8 (:)S\ izn; 8jM ija- 
za-t ; i^j ruh^a-t. — (portion) 
8ee Allotment. — (ahatement of 
price) ^j^ naq?. 

Alloy, v. laU. halat, yahlut. 

Alloy, «. UU. hilt (pi. ^W ahlat). 

Allude, v. ^J\ jW a^&r ila, yuiSir ; 
,^\ a*na, yu*m ; {^ ^y^ kanua 





'an, jukaDni; ^J^ fahha, ju- 

fahhi (with s^ bi and fj\ ila). 
Allube, v. <r>^ jazab, jajzub ; 

i^yt\ agwa, yngwi. 
Allurement, e. s^«W jazb ; \^^ 

igwa ; h^y^ gawaya-t ; s-*^/ tar- 

AlliTsion, 8, y^ ramz (pi. j«^j 

ramuz); ^Us kin&ja-t; SjW 

Ally, v,a, J*^ wa^al, ya^il; g-^^ 

jamaS yajma'; n. ae^ itta^ad, 

yattahid; (ys\ ittafaq, yataffiq 

(both wilh g* ma*); s^ g-^J^* 

ijtama* bi, yajtami*. — (by mar- 
riage) y^U ^ahar, yusahir. 
Ally, e. JUfcU^ mu*ahid ; oM^s*. mut- 

tafiq ; .x^^** muttahid ; c A JU 

talif (pi. lAU hulafa).' 
Almanac, «. ^y^ taqwim (pi. aj^W 

taqawim); oV«c!l\ «^^ fihrist 

al - a*yad ; &->»\->3jy ruznama-h 

Almiohtiness, 8, lt^\ SjAS qudra-t 

Almighty, adj, ^J^ J^ <J^ ;»>Vi 

qadir *ala kull ^e-y; J^^ U^ 

4abit al-kuU. 
Almighty, e. ^JU? 5!!^ allah ta- 

Almond, «. j^ lauz, loz; 85^ 

Almost, adv. JJli 'i\ ilU qalil ; V 

JelS lau-la qalil ; >^jS taqriban ; 

•uft 'and. 
Alms, s. ^jl« ^adaqa-t; ^U.^^^. lia- 

sana-t; S*^i zakwa-t: Sl^3 za- 

Aloe, s, ^y^ 'and (pi, (^\j^ 'idan, 

•>^^^ a*wA4); ^y^ qumari-y; 

jt^ 9abr. 
Aloft, adj. JVc </lli ; g^^ rafi*. 
Alone, a<i/. j^*^^ wa^id; J^J•-^ wa- 

hid; *>yu#« munfarid; ^yka*« mu- 

Along, prep. JjU^ bi-*t-tM; j^ 

Aloof, adv. s-^i*^- <j^ *ala jamb; 

^V> ^ «ala n&hiya-t; ^M^ 

ba'ld. "^ ^ ' 

Aloud, adv. ^U «jt>^ bi-f aut *&li. 

Alphabet, 8. W^ hija ; V^\ *^^;^ 
huruf al-hija; (^ ^ ^ ♦■■ ^ ^ *^li*' 

huruf al - mu*jam ; «-A3!J^ ^}f^ 
^ hunif al-alif ba; '>er^ abjad 
(=a, 6, c, d, arrangement of the 
letters according to their nu- 
merical value). 

Alphabetical, adj. ^}^ s-^ey ^J^ 
V^\ 'ala tartib huruf al-hija. 

Already, adv. *3u» qad ; •vfii fa-qad ; 
•3^ la-qad. 

Also, adv. ^\ aidan ; UU^ kama- 
nan ; isilSi kazalik. 

Altar, 8. ^^ mazbali (pi. c*^*^ 
mazabih) ; J-^-^-^ haikal (pi. 
J^^ hayakil ; s^\;*^ mihrab (pi. 
SH[;V^^ mahaiib. 

Alter, v.a. jtA gayyar, yugavyir ; 

Ja> badal, yabdul ; baddal, yu- 

baddil; n. jt*» tagayyar, yata- 

Alteration, 8. j«** tagyir; jt*s 

Altercate, v. f jV> naza*, yunazi* ; 

f^U ^jar, yu^ajir, •>) ladd, ya- 
Altercation, 8. ^jU# munaza*a-t ; 
S^U^ musajara-t ; ^J^ ladad. 

Alternate, 1;. s-^ taqallab, yata- 

qallab ; s-^U? ta'aqab, yata'aqab ; 

^^jJVj j4Ji 'amal bi - 'd - daur, 

Alternately, adv. jy'3S\^ bi-*d- 

daur ; i^iU^iVj bi-'l-mu*aqaba-t. 

Alternative, 8. (choice) jW^^ ih- 

tiyar; ^ hira-t; s^WsJ^ inti- 

Altitude, 8. ^ 'alii-w ; £^j\ irti- 

Always, adv. WW dayiman; J^ 

^^^J»X\ *ala-'d-dawam. 

A.M. (Artium magi8ter) f»^^ fi^^ 
lti*i^\ mu'allim al-'uliim al-ada- 
biya-t. — (Anno Mundi) {^y^ (j^ 
^U3^ min takwin al-'^Iam. — 
(Ante Meridiem) j^\ J<i qabl 

Amalgam, 8. &*«*^^ ^^^jUJ^ Uua.^ 
vjM^^ ihtilat al-ma*&din bi-wA- 
sitat az-ztbaq. 




Amalgamate, v. (^*y\m^\ Uk halat 

al-ma'adin, yahluf. 
Amanuensis, e. s-^^ katib (pi. 

s^^ kuttab) ; ^U oasih. 
Amass, v. ^^ jama*, vajma* ; /J 

lamm, yalumm ; f*f kawwam, 

Amateur, e, ,^«Vfc gawi (pi. «*>^»^ 

guwAt); s-3^ t^lib (pl. s^»t 

tullab) ; ^ s-^^j ragib fi. 
Amatory, adj. iJa\b. «a4iq; <j&a* 

Amaze, v. ^<o- hayyar, yu^ayyir; 

s-^^ 'ajjab, yu*ajiib ; (J^>>\ ad- 

ba^, yudhi^. 
Amazement, e. ^iyt^ ^ira-t; s-^^ 

*ajab ; s-^^^ ta*aj jub. 
Ambassador, s, ja^ safir (pl. \/t^ 

sufara); J^j rasul (pl. J-j 

rusul) ; JW* marsal (pl. ^\t)^^y• 

marasil) ; ,j^\ ilchi-y (pl. lt^\ 

ilchiya-t, Turk,), 
Amber, s, (yellow) ^^^ kahru- 

man; Vj^ kahruba (vulg. k/ 

Ambergris, s, jt^ 'ambar ; ^U. ^-oc 

*ainbar ham ; jt^ *abir. 
Ambiguity, s, »W*a^ i^tibah ; SjieAwr 

ta*qida-t; ^\«»\ ibham ; ^J^\^\ 

^^X^^ iltibas al-ma'na. 
Ambiguous, adj, ^^^ raibi-y ; 

^^^M4^\ ^j*^ > aU multabis al-ma'na ; 

^ j * * ** mu'amma ; ta l^ - fc ** musak- 

kak ; ^%6t^ mubham ; ^n}-:^*^ ^^ 

zu ma'nen. 
Ambition, «. It^ bugya-t; tUs>\ 

intifah; g^l tama' ; <Ua him- 

Ambitious, adj. g^lL tami' ; £UL 

tamma' ; ^Uib ^3 zfi himma-t. 
Amble, v. v^ habb, yahubb ; Jj^y^ 

harwa], yuharwil. 
Amble, s. s-***- habab; fi^yfc har- 

Ambulance, s, yL^^ U^ i\\B naq- 

q&la-t li-murada al-*askar; ij^ 

(j«o-jj;%«J\^ LyJ\ *araba-t al-ma- 

radla wa-'l-majrutin. 
Ambuscade, Ambush, s. {^<^ ka- 

nun; ^f. ^^ matra^ b^^ua«t 

(pl. cj^ matArib) ^ kaid. 

Ameliorate, t;. ^ ^allah, yu^al- 

lih; c^^ a^lah, yu^lih; ^sw-» 

^ahhah, yufahhih; Jj^^ a'dal, 

Amelioration, «. ^^JU* ta^lih ; 

C^^ iflah ; Jj***? ta*dil. 
Amen, «. (j^^^ amin. 
Amenable, ad;, {responsible) s-^lU* 

mutalab; J^&-^mas'ul. — (govern- 
able) gja- muti*; ^V«i yuqad (3 

aor, pass.). 
Amenability, s. ^ ^ mutalaba-t ; 

^e^yi^^ mas*iiliya-t. 
Amend, v. Amendment, s. see Ame- 
liorate, Amelioration. 
Amends, s, (compensation) SUIX*« 

makafat ; a2^U^ mu'awa^a-t ; 

jjA^ *iwa4 (pl. u*^^^ a* wad). 
Amenity, «. SJJ lazza-t (pl. «y\JJ 

lazzat, •^^•^ lazayiz) ; ^VlaS la^a- 

Amerce, v, ^j^\ ^^ ^^ qada 

*ale-lii al-jarima-t, yaqdi. 
Amethyst, s, (^/ karkahan ; Ju^ 

karkand ; f^^^W jaballaqiim. 
Amiable, adj, J ^ . » a ^ maqbiil; 

s^«t^«« mahbub; «-AjJ lajif (pl. 

^UaJ li^af). ' 
Amiableness, Amiability, s, UkU 

lutf ; ^Vy latafa-t. 
Amicable, adj, ^j^\ anis; «JtsU 

latif (pl. sJ^ litaf) ; s^^ mu- 

Amicableness, s. «>U« wadad; 

^^f^t^ muhabba-t; ^^ latafa-t; 

^pA.'iX l^^ suhula-t al-ahlaq. 
Amid, Amidst, prep, ^y ^ fi wast ; 

(^ ben, bain ; {^ min. 
Amiss, adv, y^\ 4«h^ ^J>^ *ala wajh 

as-8& ; sJU^ V, bi-'l-hil4f . 
Amity, s. l^y muwadda-t; K^* 

Ammunition, s, 8^j zahira-t (pl, 

^U.3 zahayir) ; &^^ak^ jabhana-h 

(Fers,), — (ammunition waggon) 

^^\ ^^ *araba-t al-harb. 
Amnesty, s, f\^ y^ 'afii 'amm; 

0^ aman ; ^U» mutaraka-t. 
Among, Amongst, prep, (f)^ bain ; 

(^ U m& bain ; (^ U ^ fi in& 

bain; {^ min. 

Amo] 14 

Amorous, adj, v>*^ *»siq (pi. J^-*^ 

*ussaq) ; «^yu^ masguf. 
Amorousness, «. ^J-*^ 'isq; «-AAAi 

sagaf ; ^^^^^ muhabba-t. 
Amount, v, ^ balag, yablug. 
Amount, s, ^W jumla-t; (^ 

mablag (pi. ^W^ mabalig). 
Amphibious, adj, ij;j^ <^^ barri-y 

Amphitheatre, s. tj*^ •'^•^^ maq*ad 

bi-duraj ; SSjtu* ma*araka-t (pi. 

vsJjU^ ma*arik) ; (jj^»V* inaidan 

(pi. c:)^'*^^ mayadin). 
Ample, adj. ^\^ wasi* ; g^-^ wasi* 

(pi. J^^ wisa*); s-^j^j rahib; 

(-»<~i fasih. 
Ampleness, Amplitude, «. a*-^ 

wus'a-t ; ^^ si'a-t ; &^<^ fasha-t. 
Amplification, «. ^fr«*y tausi* ; 

J«y« tatwil. — (in words) ^^^ 

i^ala-t ; i*5W^ mubalaga-t ; JtsA»i» 

Amplify, v. g-^ wassa*, yuwassi* ; 

^W balag, yubalig; *y\) zad, 

Amputate, s. \f^ glo» qa^a* 'ad wan, 

Amputation, s. ^ qa^. 
Amuse, v.a, ^J^ salla, yusalli ; {j^'S 

anas, yunis. — (one*8 self) ^^— * 

tasalla, yatasalla ; W^\ imbasat, 

yambasit ; fy^ tanazzah, yata- 

Amusement, s. XJL—? tasliya-t ; ^y 

nuzha-t ; l»U-^\ imbisat- 
Anachronism, s, t^j^y^^ c5* ^ 

galat fi-*t-tawarih. 
Anagram, s, s^^ ^ laf 2 maqlub ; 

s-^ qalab. 
Analogical, Analogous, adj, 

s-^^ munasib ; s-^^""^ muta- 

nasib; a»U^ mus^bih; <j-W* 

Analogise, v. s-^^ nassab, yunas- 

Analogy, s, Lt J <f^ munasaba-t ; 

v^Uj tanasub. 
Analyse, v. J-* fa^^al, yufa??!! ; 

^f\ a*rab, yu'rib ; J». l^all, ya- 

Analysis, «. (grammatical) s^V^ 


i*rab. — (clunnical) Jts-a^ taf^il ; 

J*- hall ; ^%A inhiiai. 
Analytical, adj. ,^ ^alli-y; 

^Ji!'oio taf^iii-y. 
Anarchic, Anarchical, adj, ^J^ 

fk^^\ 'adim al-hukm ; ^Vl^^ J^y* 

muzil an-nizam. 
Anarchy, s. f^^\ f*«xc <adam al- 
hukm ; u^y^ taiwi^ ; J5ls*.^ ih- 

tilal ; c/* ^ Cj* harj wa marj. 
Anathema, «. j»^ hirm, hurm (pi. 

j»/w hurum, j^^j;*- hnriim) ; ^^ 

la'anat ; ^ qa^'. 
Anathematise, v, (^ haram, yah- 

rim ; {^ la'an, yal'an. 
Anatomical, adj, «^^/^ ta^rihi-y. 
Anatomise, v, c/» ^rrah, yu^ar- 

Anatomy, s, ^y^^ ^ 'ilm at-tas- 

Ancestor, s, m- jadd (pi. *>^J^ ju- 

dud, *A^\ ajdad); U»L. salaf 

(pi. ^SU suliaf, s^XJ aslaf). 
Ancestry, «. J> a 1 (pi. J\^\ awal) ; 

s-^— * nasab (pi. v*L-i\ ansab) ; 

Ji^^ii^ al-awayil. 
Anchor, «. S^y* mirsat (pl.^cr^V* 

marasi) ; s-J^ halb (pi. s^j|» 

hulub, v^^ufc^ ahlUb). 
Anchorage, s, o**/* marsa (pi. 

,^5-^/« niarasi). 
Anchovy, «. ^yr^ anjiiya-t. 
Ancient, ot^'. ^ai qadim ; <3*sc 

*atiq (pi. jVsfi *itaq). 
Ancients, g. UjlSJ^ al-qudama; 

Ji\^5\ al-awayil. 
And, cow/. ^ wa. 

Anecdote, «. i-if qi99a-t (pi. ij^^ 
qi^aa) ; ii\^ ^ikaya-t (pi. ^^5^*. 

Anemone, s, vjk*»» ^iq (pi. iji^^ 

Anew, adv, j«j^ ^^ min jadid. 
Angel, s, cdU malak ; *^%» malak 
(pi. S^%» malayika-t). 

Angelic, Angelical, adj, ^j«^X« 

Anger, s, s-^^ ga4&b; K^ gaiz; 
v>^ hulq; OM*- b&^^ ; 


Anoeb, v. ^^^ agAZy jugiz ; v^^^ 

ag^ab, yugdib; ^\ ahfag, yu^- 

Angle, «. ^^j zdwiya-t (pi. ^^^j 

zawaya); ^^ qurna-t (pi. ^J^Ji 

qarani). — (for fishing) S^U* gin- 

nara-t (pi. «y> at, and yUo 

sananir) ; J^W balu* (pi. ^\y 

Angle, v. csU— .Xe-J ta^ajjad 

samak, yata^ajyad. 
Angry, adj. (^W^ gadban. 
Angular, adj. ^\^} ^•i zu zawaya. 
Anguish, s. Sj^ sidda-t (pi. J^^aflb 

sadayid) ; v>;^ karb ; ^^ diqa-t ; 

s^\J^\ idtirab ; ^U3\ uAM»\ inqi- 

bad al-hatir. 
Animadversion, s. {ohaervation) 

4l2».)U mulahaza-t. — {censure) ^^ 

laum, lorn ; l^^ mazzama-t. 
Animadvert, v. {turn the mind to) 

^jAJ dSV^ Jqc^ a*ta biilhu li-se-y, 

yu*ti; Ja-«^^ lahag, yulahig. — 

{hlame) ^^ wabbah, yuwabbih ; 

^S lam, yamm. 
Animal, s. o^y^ haiwan (pi. vt>U\«^ 

haiwanat); ^W dabba-t (pi. 

s^^^*3 dawwab) ; f^t^ bahim (pi. 

^W bahayim). 
Animal, adj. o*^,?**" baiwani-y. 
Animalcxtle, 8. j^^a- huwwain (pi. 

cijUjyfc. huwwain at). 
Animate, v. ,j«a.^ ahya, yuhyi. — 

{encourage) ^A*- harrad, yuhar- 

rid, s-i; raggab, yuraggib. 
Animate, adj. ^^ bayy (pi. itfiA 

ahya) ; t)j ^*^ ?^ ruh. 
Animated, a5;. {lively) ^'^ nabih ; 

J5»y^ bai^s; 0\;Jaj batran; ^^ 

Animation, s. vA^*^^ inti*as. — 

{liveliness f spirit) ^ti^ ba^sat; 

tUi naiat ; ^*^ hadda-t ; Sj\^ 

Animosity, s. ^Uu^ kaiaha-t ; >i^ 

kaid ; J^ gill ; »*&»- haqd. 
Ankle, «. s-^ ka'ab (pi. s^U^ 

Anklet, s. JatJi^ halhal (pi. J*^ 

halAhil, J«-^U haiahil). 
Annalist, s, t/y muw*arrih. 

18 [Ano 

Annals, s. M\^^ tawarih ; XiA\ ah- 
bar. - J - 

Annex, v. J\ u\A adaf ila, yudif ; 

J^^ alhaq, yulhiq. 
Annexation, s. ^\^\ idafa-t ; £*>^3 

ziyada-t; jU4\ ilhaq. 
Annihilate, v. v5^^ mahaq, yam- 

haq ; mahhaq, yumahhiq ; f^ 

damar, yadmur; dammar, yu- 

dammir; *>V*\ 'abad, yu*bid ; ^^ 

a*dara, yu*dim. 
Annihilation, s. (j ^ ^ mahq; 

jV^/» muhaq ; ^J^J tadmir ; S j\i^ 

Anniversary, s. «^y^ »M^ *aid 

Annotate, v. c>*» ^arah, yasrah ; 

^-i fassar, yufassir. 
Annotation, s. c/» ^rh ; yf^JS 

tafsir ; ^^ ha%a-t (pi. ^J^^^ 

Announce, v. p^\ ahbar, yuhbir; 

y^ habbar, yuhabbir ; fis^ a*lam, 

yu*lim. — {cjood news) y^ ba^sur, 

Announcement, s. jW ihbar, yt^ 

tahbir ; ^- ta^lim ; ^\ i*lam. 
Annoy, v. ^'^ az*aj, yuz*ij ; Jcj 

za"al, vuza*'il ; s-*>^ at'ab, yu- 

Vib ; jA amall, yumill. 
Annoyance, s. ^ saqla-t ; s-*? 

ta*ab ; i^y^ ta^wis ; ^%» ma- 

Annoyed, adj. ^J^) za*lan. 
Annual, adj. <4^ sanawi-y ; ^Jf^ 

Annuity, s. <^^ ^ J daf ' sanawi-y ; 

hy^ sanawiya-t. 
Annul, v. ^-^ nasah, yansah ; ^ 
battal, yubattil ; JW\ ab^al, y ubtil. 
Annular, adj. ^y^ mudawwar; 

^Ax.^ mustadir; l£^\ JXa^ 

bisikl al-halqat. 
Annulment, s. ^ nash ; J«kj* 

tabtil ; J^^ ibtAl. 
Annunciation, s. see Announce- 
ment. — {feast of) l^\^\ Juxi *aid 

Anoint, v. (^^ dahan, yadhun ; 

dahhan, yudahhin ; ^^ masah, 





Akoiktsd, 8. ^i^\ al-maaib' 
Anomalous, adj. ^^^ •x-* 4idd 

al-qanum ; i^^^-i* jt^ ger madbi^t 5 

^ysX* ^ ger man^um. 
Anomaly, «. ^\bi ^ 'adam nizam ; 

t^ ^ qillat dabt. 
Anon, adv, JWJ^ ^^ fi-'l-hal ; HVo. 

halan ; AicU ^^ min 8a*at-hu. 
Anonymous, adj. J** gufl (pi. JU^^ 

agfrd) ; ^5\ .^jAfife^ muhfi-'l-ism, 

^^^ J.J«^^ majhul al-ism; ^^ 

JU^^ katim ism-hu. 
Another, adj, jtA ger (pi. j^\ 

agyar) ; /A ahar ; f . i^j^\ uhrd 

(pi. {^jiA aharin, ^\ uhar, ^^j^} 

Answer, v, ^W j&wab, yujawib ; 

s^W^ ajab, yujib. — (he surety) 

JA^ kafal, yakful ; 0-*^ 4aDiui 

Answer, s, ^^ jawiib (pi. ^sA 

at, ^^\ ajwibat) ; ^^V* niu- 

Answerable, adj. (what may he 

replied to) s^^^^ v3*^ <iabil al- 

jawab. — (responsihle) er*U da- 

min ; ^ kafil (pi. S^ kufala'). 
Ant, «. ^Ui namla-t (pi. J^i naml, 

JUi nimal). 
Antagonism, «. ^^-4. bu^uma-t ; 

iSU^ mudaddat ; ^J^ dudiyyat. 
Antagonist, s. ft^<^ ha^im (pi. f\^ 

ahsam) ; f^tfo^ hasim (pi. U-a*. 

hu8amA ; j^ didd, dudd (pi. 

S\j^\ a^dad). 
Antagonistic, adj. ^5^^*^ *ada- 

Antarctic, adj. ijty^\ s-^«5^ j^W^ 

mujawir al-qu^b al-janAbiy. 
Antecedent, s. f**3^ muqaddam. 
Antecedent, adj. ^^a&s** mutaqad- 

dim ; v>»^ sabiq. 
Antediluvian, adj. o^^^^ J^ ^ 

min qabl at-tufan. 
Antenuptial, adj. {j*/^^ J<J» (^ 

min qabl al-*urs ; c^^^ J<j^ e)^ 

min qabl an-nikah. 
Anterior, adj. v>»^ sabiq; j».x«ap» 

Anthem, e. g <w^ tasbib ; i^J^ 

madihat (pi. ^^•s^ madayih). 

mn^yjfi "^^Z 

Antic, «. S^ae**^ masbara-t (pi. 

Antic, adj, 

j4.L-^ masanir). 
Antichrist, «. JW**^^ ps— »i^ al- 

masih ad-dajjal. 
Anticipate, v. v3-?-* sabaq, yasbiq ; 

sabbaq, yusabbiq, ^ bazz, ya- 

Anticipation, 8. Ok<-^ tasbiq. — 

(expectation) j^Sasi^ intizar. 
Antidote, 8. JJ^/ tiryaq ; f^\ J^ 

dudd (didd) as-samm. 

Antimony, 8. ^^W^^ J^ kuh] 
i^fahani-y ; •u^^ i§mid, iismud ; 
i,A<^\^\ j^^ bajar ar-r&suht: 
(^y^^\ antimun. 

Antipathy, 8. ^\/ karahat; ^ 

Antipodes, 8. V6-a*«i SjU^ ^Aj)!^ (jjlC 

sukk/in al-ard mudadda-t liba'< 

Antiquarian, Antiquary, 8. iJVi 

A^jJd\ ^UHl, Tilim bi-' al 

Antiquated, adj. J^«--* masbuq 

^jju^ mutaqaddim. 
Antique, adj. ^J^ qadim (pi. Uj; 

qudama) ; <3*sc *atiq (pi. ^i\si 

*itAq, Use *utaqa). 
Antiquities, 8. A^^J^d^ jW al-asa: 

Antiquity, s. S>^^\ JW^^ al-ajya 

al-haiiya-t; ^U\ JW!!^ al 

ajyal al-madiyat. 
Antithesis, 8. •a^ ^idd, 4udd. 
Antler, «. JV^\ o;* qam al 

Anvil, 8. o^juu. sandan (pi. (2^«>U. 


Anxiety, 8. j^ dajar ; ^j^ duj 
ra-t ; v5^ qalaq ; ^ hamm (pi 
fty^ bumum). 

Anxious, ac(/. s^^jJa-^^ mu^tarib ;jJk^ 
mukaddar. — (desirous) 
mustabi ; ^J^ v^\) ragib fi. 

Any, adj. (^^ U ^3^ ayyu m& kan 
yakun ; ^^ U^ mabma kan. 

Anybody, Anyone, s, {^ J^knl 
man ; ^^ ^J\ ayyu man. 




Anyhow, adv, ^f^^\ {^ ^f bi- 

wajh min al-wujSh. 
Anywhere, adv, Uaj^ aina-raa ; ^^ 

O^ ^y* v5^ fi e mauda' kan. 
Anywise, adv. fV*^^ ^ tf^ bi-nau* 

min al-anwa*. 
AoBiST, «. £j^-*^ mudari*. 
Apace, adv. J^^ bi-'l-*ajl ; l^y^ 

Apart, adv. '^^yu^ munfaridan ; 

sjyu^ ^y J^ kuU wahid bi-mu- 

Apartment, s. ^^ auda-t (pi. 

^^^ uwad) ; «^^(rf bait (pi. «t>^ 

buyut) ; l^ycSi* maq^ura-t ; 4A«i» 

Apathetic, adj. ^t-J\ ^J^ 'adim 

Apathy, a. itJL-J^ *».\c *adam al- 
mubala-t ; SjJ^ balada-t ; ^^ 

Ape, 8. ^^ qird (pi. ^^^ qunld) ; 

(^y*^ maimiin; (^^juu. sa^dan 

(pi. c:)-!**^*- sa*adin). 
Ape, v. jJJ» qallad, yuqallid. 
Aperient, a. J«-«^ musbil ; {^4^ 

mulayjin ; J^-^ ^^•> dawa mushil. 
Aperture, a. W^ fathat ; j/- 

harq (pi. i^^f- huriiq) ; (^-At* 

manfas (pi. J-iU^ manafis). 
Apex, s. ty auj ; (j*\j r'as (pi. {j^^^ 

arAs, (j*jy ru'us). 
Aphelion, s. {^ ^>j5\ j^ ^^\ 

i.r»4-AJ^ aqsa bu'd al-ard min aiS- 

Aphorism, 8. J^ ma^al (pi. J^^ 

amsal) ; c5^; ra* j (pi. \^ ara). 
Apiary, «. J^^ manhal. 
Apiece, adv. <^^ J^ li-kull wahid. 
Apish, adj. J^ muqallid. 
Apocalypse, 8. J^;^^ ^^ j^ ^j!; 

ruya mar yohana ar-rasul ; v>u5r 

(.r-^— -J^^\ kitab abfikalibsis ; 

c- Aj AX? taksif ; (^M^ jalayan. 
Apocryphal, afl(/. ^^i- miinkar (pi. 

/U/» manakir) ; s-s|/« marib. 
Apologetic, Apolooetical, ac?/. 

,^^\Ju:c\ i*tizari-y. 
Apologise, v. )p^ tabarrar, yata- 

barrar ; ^^^ itazar, yatazir. 
Apologist, 8. ^J•^ t^™i* 

Apology, 8. (excuse) SjJut* ma*zarat 
(pi. jJU^ ma'azir) ; ^^s^\ i*tizar. 
— {defence) 6UV^»» muhama-t. 

Apoplectic, adj. <jS^ sakti-y. 

Apoplexy, 8. ^^^^ sakta-t ; Sji*^ 

Apostasy, 8. {^^^\ {^ S\^^ irtidad 
*an ad-din ; ;j^j3^ ^\ inkar ad- 
din ; y^ kufr ; *W^ jahd. 

Apostate, 8. (j>4j3\ vsJ^Ij tarik ad- 
din ; 'iSy* murtadd. 

Apostatise, v. ^^J^^ {^ ^^ irtadd 
*an ad-din, yartadd. 

Apostle, 8. ^s^f- hawari-y (pi. 
(:^^;^>^^ al - hawariyun) ; J»-j 
rasfil (pi. J-j rusul) ; ^JL. salih. 

Apostleship, 8. & — JV--J rasala-t; 
^y^j rasuliyya-t. 

Apostolic, Apostolical, adj. J^j 

Apostrophe, 8. ^L-lVae-^ muhataba-t ; 
IM- hutbat (pi. s-Ja^ huiab). — 
(the mark) glo» A^ haraka-t 

Apostrophise, v. s-J»^ ha^ab, yu- 

Apothecary, g. o^^^^ ijzaii-y; 
^_5>5ju- saidalani-y (pi. rfjl^ 

Appal, v. Jy^ hawwal, yuhawwil ; 
s-^;^ ar^ab, yur*ib. 

Apparatus, 8. va>5\ alat ; Sjl-c 
*udda-t (pi. *>J^ *udad). 

Apparel, 8. tj^ libs ; ^^ badla-t ; 
s^W* siyab or s^\f\ aswab (pi. of 

Apparel, v. (j^ labbas, yulabbis ; 

,^j-^ kassa, yukassi. 
Apparent, adj. y^^ zahir ; ^\^ 

Apparition, 8. (phantom) JV^a. 

hiyra ; cJbU ttVif (pi. U\^ tuw- 

Appeal, v. y^ ^S^ ^J^ 6S^^ ^^ 

rafa* da*wathu ila hakim akbar, 

yarfa* ; «^^ gawwas, yugawwis. 
Appeal, 8. (for mercy) iS\kxJ\ 

istigasa-t ; p^ ^»^W. J\ S^j gij 

raf* da^wat ila hakim akbar. 
Appear, v. f^ zahir, yazhar ; (jjVj 

ban, yabin ; c^ lah, yaluh. 





Appearance, a. (look) j^ zuhur ; 

j^^ gahir ; ^jyo ^ura-t ; q)^ ba- 

Appease, v, (j)^ sakkan, yusak- 

kin ; i^'^ hadda, yuhaddi ; ^^^ 

ahda, julidi. 

Appellant, «. ^^ — cJu^ munda'i ; 
e^AA»,^ mustagis ; aj^j ^\j 
rafi* da'wat-hu. 

Appellation, s. f^\ ism (pi. U^^ 

asma, ^^^\ asami) ; ^ tf ^ Zj tas- 

Appellative, «. (j'^'O^^ f^\ ism al- 

Append, v, v3^ *allaq, ju'alliq. — 

(add) ^lA^ adaf, yu<j5f . 

Appendage, s. Appendix, «. ^ ■♦■ ^ ♦■ ^ 

damima-t (pi. ^JW dama'im) ; 

Ji3 zel, zail (pi. J^*S zuyul, J^»i^ 

Appertain, v. ^^ ha??, yahu§f ; 

s '■■ " ■ ^ ^ intasab, yantasib. 
Appetite, s. J^^ v./-« nafas akl ; 

Waft.^ i^tiha. 
Applaud, v. J v5** ^affaq li, yu- 

§affiq ; Jl^ hallal, yuhallil ; ^V^*- 

habbaz, vuhabbiz. 

Applause, «. Jk*** ta^fiq ; JJi^ 

Apple, 8. ^^ tuffaha-t (pi. c^ 

tuff ah). 
Appliance, «. ^^j-»^ wasila-t (pi. 

J*-^ wasil, J^-^ wasa*il). 

Applicable, adj\ v>»^ mu^abiq; 
<3i\y* muwafiq. 

Application, s. c ? - « ■■ ? Vi » tatbiq ; 
^ _, g . ) \ li >• mu|abaqa-t. — (study) 
j\^st^\ ijtihad ; J^e^^ jahad. — (/or 
a place) s-J^ talab. 

Apply, v, (a law, &c,) oM» tabbaq, 
yutabbiq. — (employ) J^as-^ ista*- 
mal, yasta'mil. — (apply oneself 
to) >>^Si^\ ijtahad, yajtanid; *M» 
taqayyad, yataqayyad. 

Appoint, t). ,^4— samma, yusammi, 
J«i^ ja*al, yaj'al; ^ qallad, yu- 
qallid ; s-^-* na^ab, yau^ub. 

Appointment, s. s-^-a*-^ man?ab (pi. 
s-*-^ mana^ib) ; ^^^ wagifa-t 
(pi. UkJU.^ waz&yif). — (for a 

meeting, Ac) JJ^^ ittifaq ; 

iiia*had ; ^Ujy» mi*ad. 
Apportion, v. ija^ bass, yahuaf ; 

jja-ai- haa^a*, yuhaa^ia ; f^ qaf- 

9am, yuqaasim. 
Apportionment, «. ^/S taf riqa-t ; 

fi^f'xJS taksim. 
Apposite, adj, ^Ji^ layiq ; v>*^^ 

muwafiq ; s-^^ munasib. 
Appositeness, s, ^U/> munasa- 

ba-t ; ^\y muwafaqa-t. 
Appraise, v. ^ sa"ar, yusa"ir ; 

{^ saramau, yuijamniin ; jAS 

qaddar, yuqaddir. 
Appraiser, s. J!l*> dallal ; j— «^ 

Appraisement, «. {^^t^*^ tahmin ; 

;-*-*> tas*ir ; ;«J^ taqdir ; Sj>^^ 

Appreciable, adj, ;«J^^ {^y^^ 

mumkiu al-taqdir. 
Appreciate, v. y\ a'azz, yu'izz ; 

yt^\ i*tabar, ya*tabir. 
Appreciation, s. l^^\ iJyt^ ma'ri- 

fa-t al-qima-t; ^yi> taqwim; 

(j^f^ tasmin. 
Apprehend, v. (understand) ^ 

fahim, yafham , v* (^ {a^in bi, 

yaftan; s^jS\ adrak, yudrik. — 

( fear) ^W hCd, yahaf ; f^ faza*, 

yafza*. — (seize) cdu-* masak, 

yamsik; ^ Ji-i qabad *ala, 

Apprehension, s. (conception) ^ 

fahm; ^^ wahm. — (fear) s^y^ 

hauf, hot'; ^Vfifc^ mahafa-t. — 

(seizure) JSuS qabd. 
Apprehensive, ^•^ fahim ; JiVe 

%il. — (fearful) wAlVd. ha'if; 

«-Aji^ hawif. 
Apprentice, s. fJjcs^ muta'allim ; 

«>^^ ^ '^e^I* talmiz fi ^ana'a-t 

(pi. ^^ talamiz). 
Apprenticeship, s. f^»s ta'allum. 
Apprise, v, yt^ habbar, yuhabbir ; 

yt^\ ahbar, yuhbir. 
Approach, v. v*y^ qarib, yaqrab; 

^r^y^^ icjtarab, yaqtarib ; ^*> 

dana, yadnu. 
Approach, g. ^\jss\ iqtirab ; J^j 

^J^ dahAl ila ; v»y qurb. 




Apfsoachable, adj, y^\f3>i\ Je- 

sahil al-iqtirab. 
Approbation, see Approval. 
Appropriate, v, (set ajyart) ^J^ 

halla, yuhalli; ^^ *ayyan, ju- 

*ayyiii. — (take possession of) 

tfVL ♦ . 7 J \ istamlak, yastamlik ; 

Jyw\ istaula, yastauli ; (j^A^u.^ 

istalhaq, yastalhiq. 
Appropriate, adj. «3-^3 layiq; 

s-^U* munasib. 
Appropriateness, s, ^U^ muna- 

saba-t ; l^\y^ muwafaqa-t. 
Appropriation, s, is5)Ui-\ istim- 

lak ; ^U. haf^a-t ; {j^^^^d^ tah§i§. 
Approval, Approbation, «. 

^ L ,.^ ? .^^ istihsan ; s^\^<ax«»\ isti^- 

Approve, v, i^'^^^r^ istahsan, yas- 

tahsin; s^^.as«.\ ista^wab, yasta?- 

Approximate, w.a. sj>>i qarrab, yu- 

qanib; n. vyti^ iqtarab, yaq- 

Approximate, adj. s-st;S qanb ; 

^^^fi taqribi-y. 
Apricot, «. & ' t ,i j u^ musmu^a-t (pi. 

u - *- * -*" * muiSmus) ; (jV nis. 
April, s, ^V-^-j nisan. 

Apron, s. aL^ f A^at (pi. M fuwa-t) ; 
f^^^ mihzam (pi. (•jW* maha- 
zim) ; jvS^ mi'zar (pi. jjU ma'- 

Apt, adj. tj^\y muwafiq; ,J43 la- 
yiq; s-^^ munasib; j-i^ 

Aptitude, Aptness, s. ^ .f- J j^ mu- 
nasaba-t; ^W^ liyaqa-t ; ^U 

Aqua fortis, «. s-^US\ UJ\ al-ma al- 

Aquarius, «.y^^ e;»burj ad-dalw; 
U3\ s-^^ sakib al-ma. 

Aquatic, Aqueous, adj. ^U ma- 
yi-y (vulg. ^^^U mawi-y). 

Aqueduct, «. UJt ^^^^ majra al- 
ma; 8Ul qana-t, ^US qanaya-t 
(pi. ^ qina, va>\^Ul qanawilt) ; 
^^ qari-y (pi. ^/\ aqriya-t, 
(jkji qurydn). 

Aquiline, aw^^. ^^^ nasri-y. 
Arable, o^J. *a*j06> y^hras. — (a/rahle 

land) *i>/*^ yi;\ ard tuhras, &c.). 
Arbiter, Arbitrator, s. ^_^J^ J^ 

wakil *urfi-y; ^Vi qMi (pi. 

SUi quda-t) ; lofi-^ wasit ; f^i^ 

Arbitrariness, s, ^ zulm; ^ 

qahr ; jW^^s-^ ihtiyar. 
Arbitrary, adj. (despotic) ^^ 

zalim ; joU qadir. — (amded by 

will) jVsi^ muhtar ; i^<t^ ihti- 

Arbitrate, t;. W^^ ^^^ hakam 

*urfiyan, yahkum. 
Arbitration, ^j^ ^^ hukm 

Arbour, s, ^/t *ari^at (pi. J^\j^ 

Arc, s. }t^i^ lai. hatt muqantar; 

6^\jJ\ £«Li qat'at ad-da'irat. 
Arcade, s. •V*^^ «-A* §afP *awamid. 
Arch, ». lf>yi qau^ara-t (pi. j^^ 

qawa^ir) ; l^ qantara-t (pi. 

>U5 qanatir) ; jU> (aq (pi. SViVL 

Arch, adj. ^-M^ zarif ; c-AjjU latif . 
Arch, prefix, (j^ ra'is. 
Archangel, «. <l<?^»J\ ^^m^j ra'is al- 

Archbishop, s. i^U5\ ^j-^j ra'is 

al-asaqifa-t ; q)\^ mutran (pi. 

Sjj\li^ matarina-t, (:>*j^ mata- 

Archer, s. (j*\yi qawwas (pi. ^\^ 

qawasa-t, (;)«-»\y qawwasin) ; ^y^^J 

rami (pi. fiUj ruma-t). 
Architect, s. jU*^ mi*mar; *U| 

banna' (pi. (^/^ bamia'iin) ; 

(j->iJ4*» muhandis. 
Architecture, s. ^\ fM 41m al- 

bina ; SjU«X\ al-*imara-t. 
Archives, s. ^j»^\J^\ iJUd. hizana-t 

al-qaratis ; jUjjf i*^ nazna-t ad- 

dafatir; AiCs. jxkj daitar hana; 

(^\^*> diwan (pi. (:)i^^^*^ dawa- 

win) ; jU^ kinar. 
Archness, s. ^^ zarifa-t. 
Arctic, adj. JUa ^amali-y. 
Ardent, adj. ^j^at- suhn; o^^ 

hami ; ^^ ^arr. 




Abdoub, 8, ^ haoT ; ^j\^ harara-t ; 

v>y* ^aub. — (zeal) Sj^fc gira-t. — 

(0/ love) J^^ wajd ; ^^^«^ jawa. 
Abduous, adj. s--*-5 sa'ab (pi. s->^** 

8i*ab) ; «— »c 'asir ; J^^ mus- 

Area, s. ^^ sahat (pi. ^^\ at, c^ 

sail, ty^ siih) ; Aaa--i f usha-t ; 

^j^ *ar§a-t). 
Abena, 8. (J^^i^i^ maidan; ^j»^ 

ma'raka-t (pi. *^j\»^ ma*arik). 
Argue v. (discuss) e-^^ bahas, 

yubahis. — (reason) ^^ baj^j> 

Abqument, 8. (controversy) s±^s^. 

bahs (pi. *±>M abhas) ; S^U^ 

munagara-t. — (reason) ^^^ huj- 

ja-t (pi. e%o- bujaj). — (subject) 

i±^^^t^ mabhas, e^**^ madmiiii 

(pi. 0*^Va^ madAuiin). 


adj. ^j-W* qiyasi-y. 
Abgumentation, s. ^i'^•»<i tala- 

Abid, adj. {j^h yabis ; U^aM nasif ; 

Jo-^ qaliil ; ^ niuqfir. 
Abidity, Abidness, s. {j*^^ yabs ; 

^T^ yabiisa-t ; A***^ nasfa-t ; 

^^^ quhiila-t. 
Abiqht, adv. \J^^ bi-'l-haqq ; 

s^\^\lj bi-'9-8awab. 
Abise, v. f*^ qain, yaquin.— 

(ascend) ff^ tala*, yatla* ; .x*- 

9a*id, ya9*ad. 
Abistocracy, 8. ;»^^ f^^^ taliak- 

kum al-akabir ; ji^\ ^=1-' tasal- 

lut al-akabir ; ^^S^ j^e<-^ jamhiir 

Abistocbat, 8, ji^\ ^ ahad al- 

Abistocbatic, Abistocbatical, 

adj. •^^/•3\ f^ v./aKyahu9? hukm 

Abithmbtic, 8. s^V-^\ ^ 41m al- 

tiisab ; ^y\ ^ 'ilin ar-raqm. 
Abithmetical, adj. ^Jt^^<^^ muha- 

Abithmktician, v>U-J\ ^Ja} «^jW 

*arif l)i-*ilm al-hisab ; s-^W^ 

mukasib ; f*U»; raqqam. 
Abb, 8. (of Noah) ty^^ *■*«*- safi- 

na-t an-N^h. — (of the covenant) 

J^\ ^^\S tibut al-'ahd. 
Abm, s. £l;3 zinV (pi. ^^\ azru*) ; 

»xcU sa^id (pi. ^y* sawa4d). 
Arm, v. fJ^ sallah, yusallih. — (one-' 

sdf) ^^ tasallali, yatasallah. 
Armament, s. ^j^ «t>^^-j^ tajhizat 

Armistice, s. ^^\^ miihadana-t ; 

iSj\^j» mutaraka-t ; t^^^ ^j rafa* 

Aemober, Abmoubeb, 8. c^ sal- 
lah ; ^ka»l-\ gU-D sanna* asliha-t. 
Abmoby, s. t^^^ ^y^ haziia-t as- 

Armpit, s. W^^ M» nuqra-t al-ibt- 
Arms, s. pi. c^ silah (pi. ^*i-^ 

asliha-t). — (coat of arms) ^)^ 

s- — ''^\ *alayim an-nasab. 
Abmy, s. (j2^j*^ jais, je^ (pi. u^w^ 

juyiis) ; ^^— ^ 'askar (pi. j^Cx 

*iisakir); Jt;*^ jund (pi. oy^. 

juniid, *>^^ ajnad). 
Aroma, s. ^}j rayiha-t (pi. ^\^ 

rawayih) ; ^ *atar. 
Aromatic, adj. }b»^ mu'attar. 
Abomatics, 8. ^^\ atyab; ^^ 

*utur ; ^^ *aqaqir ; «y\4^ 

Arouse, v. ^f- harrak, yuharrik ; 

'^ nabbah, yuDabbih. 
Abbaiqn, ^ ^^^>sA^ iiStaka *ala, 

yastaki; s^ ^ tahain bi, yat- 

Abraignment, liS^ sikaya-t. 
Abbanoe, v. s-^j rattab, yurattib ; 

f^ na^gam, yunazzim ; l^c *aba, 

Abbangement, 8. s-t>?y tartib; 

ft^ tangim ; j»\fc* nigam. 
Abrant, adj. ^y waqih ("pi. c^^ 

wiqah) ; M-* safih (pi. \^ su- 

Abbay, v. Uu> 9a£f, ya^uff ; s-*») 

rattab, yurattib. 
Abray, s. cA^ ma^aff; «JU ^afP 

(pi. vjyLc 9iifilf). 

Abrkars, 8. ^J\i baqi ; «yV<>*^ baqi- 

Abbest, v. ^ ^jLii qabad *ala, 

yaqbid ; vaL^ masak, yamsik. 




Abbest, 8, ^^ hausa-t ; «<X*«^ 

mask ; gM qabd. 
Abbival, 8, y}yo^ WTi9ul ; •^^^ 

wuriid; f»;*^ qudiim. 
Abbiye, v. J*; wa§al, ya^il; ^ 

balag, yabluj^^ ; J«i\ aqbal, juq- 

bil ; *>;; warad, yarid. 
Abrooance, s. p^ takabbur, p^r 

tajabbur, ^^ 'atw, *uttuw. 
Abbogant, adj. p^^^ mutakabbir ; 

j.j'V^ mutajtbbir; U[;>*i^ mu- 

Abeooate, v. ^*>^ idda'a, yadda*i. 
Abboqation, v. ^*>^ iddi*a. 
Abbow, 8. f^9-» sahm (pi. fX^^ 

siham) ; AjUi nu^^aba-t (pi. s^lAi 

nus.sab) ; J-i nabl (pi. Jlji 

Arsenal, «. t^^^ j^«^ dar as-sil&h ; 

&i\s^f tars-hana (Pers.). — (of 

artillery) 4J^^y» top-hana. 
Absenic, 8, ^j) zamih ; (^UJl* 

Absenic, AbsenicaL; adj, ^^^-a^^j 

Abt, 8, ^^*ic 9an*a-t (pi. q\^ sana- 

yi*) ; (^ fann (pi. (^yi funun). — 

(cunning) flL-j*- hila-t (pi. Jts«»- 

hiyal) ; yC« makr. 
Abteby, «. ^y;^** saryan (pi. (:)^\/» 

sarayin) ; ^\j rafiz (pl.y^jn rawa- 

fiz) ; v>jU darib (pi. v>jW da- 

Abtful, ad^. ^^ makkar; JU^^ 

Abtfulness, 8, ^j^ makariya-t ; 

jWa-^ ihtiy&l. 
Abticle, 8. (cJuuse) !•/* ^art (pi. 

^^/» ^urAt); S**^ m&dda-t (pi. 

•M^ mawadd). — ('merchandi8e) 

cJUo ^anaf (pi. «*J^\ asnaf). 

— (in grammar) SSyui\ al-ma*ri- 

fa-t ; «-Ajh*s5\ u^ft. harf at-ta*rif ; 

f^\^ udii al-alif wa-'l-Mm. 
Abticle, t?. ^j^ sarat, yasru^. 
Abticxtlatb, v. t*5 lafag, yalfig; 

J^^ (:)trf bayyan al-lafz, yubay- 

Abticulate, adj. (dUtiTict) ^f> 

9arih ; {^ bayyin. — (jointed) 

J<«A^ mufa^^al. 

Abticttlatenbss, 8. ^bAl; tala£Eu2 ; 

Abticulation, «. (diMnctn€88) ^tiSs 

talaffuz. — (a joint) J-aA^ mafsil 

(pi. J-9^ mafa^il). 
Abtifice, 8, Alee- liila-t (pi. Jeo- 

hiyal) ; SjlX» makida-t (pi. JcjlC* 

Abtificer, Artisan, «. ^U> §ani* ; 

ibUc s-^^ sahib §ana*a-t (pi. 

^UaJ\ v>V*^\ a§hab a9-8anayi*). 
Artificial, adj, <^Uko\ i§^ina*i-y ; 

^JUii *amli-y ; g^-a»« mu^anna*. — 

(fictitious) )))-^ muzawwar, 

^i^c* musanna'. 
Abtillebist, 8. ijfs%jf^ topji. 
Abtilleby, 8. (guns) v>^4> tuwab 

(for ^^ \Turk,) ; ^\jJ\ al-ma- 

diifi*. — (the troup) <^^-tf¥;^ t^PJi- 

Abtless, ac^j. e*^^ sadij ; W««^ 

Abtlessness, 8. &L^ basata-t; 

^\ju sadaja-t. 
As, conjy ^ ka ; J^ misl. 
Ascend, v. •^*« sa'id, ya§*ad ; gU» 

tala*, yatlu* ; tali*, yatla*. 
Ascendency, s. ^^j^ taqaddum ; 

s-J^ tagallub. 
Ascension, s. (feast of) ^^'i\ J^^* 

*aid al-irtif a* ; oyuJ\ ^^ *aid a?- 

Ascent, s. ^f^ 8a*ud, siVud. — 

(hill) lyJ^ *uluwa.t (pi. ^^ 

*alawi-y) ; J? tall (pi. JIJJ tilal, 

jyj tulul). 
Ascebtain, v. v5**- haqqaq, yu- 

Ascebtainment, 8. v5d**^ tahqiq. 
Ascetic, s. •va^j zabid. 
Asceticism, s. JUfej zuhd ; SoUj za- 

hada-t; <^y tazahhud. 
AscBiBE, v. J->e- hammal, yuham- 

mil ; J^ s-^->-* nasab ila, yansub, 

yansib ; ,jfl-j^ has^a?, yuhassia. 
AscBiPTiON, 8, *>^^ isnad. 
Ash, 8, ^^^\ (^V«J S^^ sajara-t 

lisan al-*a?afir. 
Ashamed, adj, (^^:f- hazyan ; (^"^^^^ 

hajlan ; J^^^at^ mahjul. — (to he 

ashamed) J^i^ hajjil, yahjal ; 




.\ istaha, yastahi, v>*\j 

wa'ab, ya'ib ; v»*V>\ itta'ab, yat- 

Ashes, a. *>V^; ramad ; ^-sA* fafi- 

ya-t ; Syio safwa-t. 
Ashore, adv. p^\ ^^ f i-'l-barr ; ^^ 

Jd.LJ\ fi-*8-8aliil. 
Ashy, adj. ^^*>^j ramadi-y. — (grey) 

^V^;u* sinjabi-y. 
Aside, adv. s-^^ J^ *ala jamb ; 

U|;t ^J^ *ala taraf. 
Asinine, ^4;^©- himari-y. 
Ask, v. {questixyti) ^♦«4s-\ istafham, 

yastafhim ; j-JU-.\ istafsar, yas- 

tafsir. — (Jbeg) J^'U. sa'al, yas'al ; 

s-J^ talab, yatlub. 
Askance, Askant, adv. *l^^ *ari- 

4atan ; v-i\je=^W bi-'nhiraf ; 'Vi^*^^ 

Aslant, adv. *Uy»^ mu'taridan. 
Asleep, adv. "W^ n&'iman. 
Asp, Aspic, e. ^^\ af'a (pi. <^^^ 

afa4) ; u^W^^ csU^ malik al-hay- 

Asparagus, a. (^y^ haly^, bil- 

yaun ; j»^JA balyiim. 
Aspect, s. 4«m wajh (pi. ^fA ujuh, 

ift^ wiijAn, 4^j\ aujuh) ; jtA^ 

manzar (pi. ^^^ manazir). 
Aspen, b. tV^^ )^^ al-baur ar- 

Asperity, a. ^yJ^ hu^una-t ; ^\^ 

Asperse, v. v/»j rass, yaru^^ ; \^Jo 

taras, yatrus. — (alander) ^^ ^ 

Damm *ala, yanuinm ; ^J^ ^5/^^ 

iftara *ala, yaftari. 
Aspersion, a. {Ji^y tarsil — 

(alander) \j^\ iftira; i^^^i na- 

Asphalt, a. /•*■ humar ; jf^^ hii- 

mair ; o^f ytf qafr al-yahAd. 

Aspirant, a. s-J«» t»ilil> (pl- ^^^ 
talaba-t, v>JJit tuHab) ; Jk«/»murid. 

Aspirate, v. a-j^j ^j^ I^aJ lafaz bi- 
kull nafas-hu, yalfug; {^ t*J 
ij^\ lafaz min al-halq, ya]fuz. 

Aspiration, a. (ardent wiah) Jb^ 
garad (pi. ^\/^\ agra4) ; (guttu- 
ral pronunciation) ij^\ ej^ t*J 
lafz min al-halq. 

Aspire, v. ^^ u^Vj nafas fi, yuna- 

fis ; juii qa^ad, yaq^ud ; ^j9SA,\ 

istaha, yaitahi. 
Asquint, adv. *3^^ ahwalan. 
Ass, a. jUe. himar (pi. j*.**- hamir). 

— (ahe aaa) (^^^ itan (pi. ^^\ 

Assail, a. ^^^ hajam, yahjum; 

J4** hamal, yahmil (both with 

,J^ *ala). 
Assailable, adj. &^ f^W^ e>^^ 

mumkin al-hujiim alehi. 
Assassin, a. J»vi qatil (pi. JU5 

qnttal) ; jUS qattal, JV^*^ mug- 

tal ; csJU-U fatik. 
Assassinate, v. Jj;S qatal, yaqtul ; 

tfiUl fatak, yaftik. 
Assassination, a. J*i qatl; taXs* 

Assault, v. f^^ hajam, yahjim. 
Assault, a. ^y^ hujum ; ^ ♦ »i» haj- 

ma-t ; ^^^ hamla-t. 
Assay, v. ^ *ayyar*, yu*ayyir ; ««W 

hakk, yahakk, yahukk. 
Assay, a. ;W^ *iyar. 
Assemblage, Assembly, a. i^W 

jama^at ; j; ♦ » >• majma' (pi. 

g^V^B^ majami*) ; u-i^ majlis 

(pi. (^W^ majalis). 
Assemble, v.a. ^^^ jamaS yajma* ; 

n. ^4^^ ijtama*, yajtami*. 
Assent, v. ^y^^ radi, yar^a; J<J 

qabal, yaqbaf. 
Assent, a. J^ qabM ; Uj rida. 
Assert, v. ^j za*am, yaz*um; jj^ 

qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Assertion, a. yi/S taqrir ; ^j za*m. 
Assess, v. c-AJ^ ^* alqa takalif, 

Assessment, a. UUI^ taklif (pi. 

Ul^\^ takalif) ; (j*X» maks (pi. 

{j^y^ mukus) ; ^j rasm (pi. ^^j 

Assessor, a. u»^W jalis ; ^\i qacji 

(pi. fiUS qudat). 
Assets, a. ci>\o^^ maujiidat. 
Asseverate, v. f^^ ^j za'am bi- 

qasam, yaz*um. 
Asseveration, j^ takid; «t>le^\ 

Assiduity, a. a^^\ j^ mudawama-t ; 




l^\y muwazaba-t; *>Vea^\ ijti- 

had ; •M? taqcayyud. 
Assiduous, adj. ^^e^^^^ mujtahid ; 

s-^^^ muwagib; (^y*^ muda- 

Assign, v. o*«i *ayyan, yu'ayyin; 

^>-»s. ha§9a9, yuhas^i? ; J^ haw- 

wal, yuhawwil. 
Assignable, adj. (^ j *^^ e)^*^ 

mumkin at-ta'yin; J«>^^ J»^ 

qabil at-tahwil. 
Assignation, s. S1\^ hawala-t. 
Assignee, s, J^^ wakil. 
Assimilate, v. M* sabbah, yu- 

^bbih; J^ massal, yumassil. 
Assimilation, s. L^-^ ta^bih; 

J«^UJ tamsil. 
Assist, v. (^^^ *awan, yu'awin ; <^^ 

SiVad, yu8a*id; fi^ JA sadd 

gahra-hu, yaiidd. 
Assistance, s. li^ ma'iiiia-t ; ^^ 

*aun ; *>J^ madad ; y^ na^r ; 

AAcU<^ musa'afa-t. 
Assizes, 8. {^y«s^'^ ^^ nagir al- 


Assizes, SV^aaS^ u~*W* majlis al- 

Associate, v. ^^ *aiar, yu^a^ir; 

J^ ^akal, yu^akil; UVd. halat, 

yuhalit (all three with the ace. 

of the person) ; &»^ iJLs«s-\ ihtalat 

ma'ahu, y ah tali t- 
Associate, s. oM; rafiq (pi. Va*^ 

rufaqa, U>\i^ arqaf ) ; s-^^ ^ahib 

(pi. v>V*^^ ashab. — (^partner) 

*ili/» ^arik (pi. ^^ suraka). 
Association, s. -S^U^ inu*a^ara-t ; 

i-s^* 9iihba-t. — {in a commercial 

sense) ^j^ iirka-t. 
Assort, v. gy nawwa', yunawwi* ; 

J5^\ aikal, yu^kil; s—ft^waddab, 

Assortment, b. s-^y taudib ; 

f^fS tanwi*; ^J<^ ^W jumla-t 

Assuage, v. (j^ layyan, yulayyin ; 

,jX^ sakkan, yusakkin; «-.A^ 

haffaf, yuhaffif . 
Assume, v. (suppose) {J>^ farad, 

yafrad ; ^^ qaddar, yuqaddir. — 

{take upon oneself) ^\ ahaf, 

ta'huz. — {claim) ^jCo\ adda*a, 
yadda*i. — {presume) pSo takab- 
bar, yatakabbar ; psf tajabbar, 
yatajabbar; ^5fcA> tafahhar, yata- 

Assuming, adj. ^j^^ma^ muta'ajrif ; 
ySs^ mutakabbir; ^ayu^ muta- 

Assumption, s. SdA ahz ; JU^I 
ittihaz. — ( supposition) ^^W* 
qiyks.— {feast of) £Va;^S\ j^ <aid 

Assurance, s. Ju^ ta'kid; jk*^ 
tahqiq. — {promise) J^^ wa*d.— 
{trust) JVXj\ ittikal ; J^ tawak- 
kul. — {boldness) ^'^f^ jara'at.— 
(insurance) ^j-^y-^ saukira-t ; 
SjL-J\ (;>*4-4> tadmin al-hasara-t ; 
^;y^ sikurta, A-i^yL- siku- 

Assure, v. ^ akkad, yu^akkid. — 
{promise) '^^ wa*ad , ya'id ; J^ 
ta'ahhad, yata^ahhad. — {insure) 
fy^ saukar, yusaukir ; SjL-^\ ^^^#-4 
daraman al-hasara-t, yudammin. 

Asterisk, s, l^ i^ara-t. 

Astern, adv. ^^y^\ ^ fi-*l-kausal ; 
\^ wara. 

Asthma, «. <^H^^ «3*^ diq an-nafas; 
^j rabw, rabu ; s^/ karb {Sxfr) ; 
^ lahsa-t. 

Asthmatic, Asthmatical, adj. 
{jr^\ (36-* dayyiq an-nafas; 
LT^^ yS^ vj^ mubtala bi-diq 

Astir, adv. "^/^^^ mutaharrikan. 

Astonish, v. \JJtiS\ adhas, yudhis ; 
Jfi>3\ azhal, yuzhil ; s-^^ *a'jjab, 
yu'ajjib ; yt^ hayyar, yuhayyir. 

Astonishment, s. s-^^ ta*ajjub ; 
&JU.i^ J dahsa-t ; &^-»— a - hira-t, 
haira-t; v>\^A:i-\ istigrab. 

Astound, v. yt^ hayyar, yuhayyir. 

Astounded, &^^ samih. 

Astray, adv. 'SU dallan. 

Astride, adv. "V^i^^ if jajan ; "W^j 


Astringent, s. (j^^ qabid (pi. 
cL>lA,U qabi^at). 




AsTBOLOQEB, 8. f¥^>*^ muDajjim. 
AsTEOLOGicAL, odj. f^y^ nujA- 

Astrology, s, f^^^^^^ ^ *ilm at- 

Astronomer, s. ^ csUaJ^ ^U^ uj^Vc 

j»^>J\ 'arif bi-*ilm al-falak wa- 

'n-uujum; ijtUAJ^ ^ habir bi-'l- 

falak ; ^J^\ ^Vc 'jiliin al-haiya-t. 
Astronomical, adj. ,j^ falaki-y. 
Astronomical table, s. J^«^ jad- 

wal (i>l. J^W jadawil) ; g>3 zij 

(pi. vijW'-; zijat). 
Astronomy, f^y^^^ cdlAJ^ ^ 41m 

al-falak wa-'n-nujum ; ^<W\ ^ 

*ilin al-liaiya-t. 
Astute, adj, (^ fat in ; Ja«3\ ^^J 

zaki-y al-*aql; ^U* Jfi>\ ahl 

firasa-t. — (crafty) j^ makkar. 
Astuteness, s. ^^ fi^na-t ; ^\;* 

firasat. — (craftiness) j^ makr. 
Asunder, adv, '\*Ajio\ mfiradan. 
Asylum, s. W^ malja (pi. '^^^'^ 

malaji;); ^U malaz (pi. J^Su. 

maLiwiz). — (for lunatics) Vaju3\^\o 

dar as-^ifa. 
At, prep. v> ba, bi ; ^J^ *ala ; J^J 

lad ; ,j* f 1. 
Atheism, a. ^\ *yy^y j^^ inkar 

wujiid allah; aM\ (^\y^ nukran 

allab ; y^ kufr. 
Atheist, s, ^\ ^ft-^f^ n&kir wujud 

allah ; ^\^ kafir (pi. jU^ kuffar). 
Atheistical, adj, ^^^ munkir. 
Athirst, adj, (^^-ftJoc *at^an (pi. 

^y.^ *atasa, v^Uq^ 4^^^). 

Athlete, s, {^^^ pahluwan (Fers. 

pi. e«y^ pahalawin) ; g^V-i^ 

mu^ari* ; •^►•^ sadid. 
Athletic, adj. ^sf qawwi-y ; ^^ 

Athwart, adv. 'Uy*^ mu'taridari ; 

^j^^ muaharitan. 

Atlas, s. (maps) (;)\^\ (•jrj Sr*^^ 
niajm^* rusftm al-buldan; v>U^ 
^^IL^\ kitab al-qiitas. — (siUc- 
satin) LT^^ atlas- 

Atmosphere, s, y^\ al-jaww ; \^\ 
al-hawa; ^^\ ^^\^ dayira-t al- 
Bawa ; c^ 1^1?, lauh. 

Atmospheric, Atmosphebical, 

adj. ^y^ hawa'i-y. 
Atom, s. 8ji zarra-t (pi. ^ -at, 

j*i zarr); W* haba (pi. ^\ 

Atomism, s. (^ f^^\ s-^e^ s-^«*^ 

4>yui\ y^^^ mazhab tarkib al- 

'alam mm aj-jaubar al-mufrad. 
Atone, r. ^ y^ kaffar *an, yu- 

kaffir ; {^ yyu-.\ istagfar min, 

Atonement, s. S^Va^ kaffara-t ; 

)^ takfir ; jVAju«\ istigfar. 
Atrocious, adj. (horribh) ^/ 

karih ; t^^ makrfth ; ge-JA iani* ; 

c^yu^ mamqiit. — (cruel) <j-^ 

qasi ; ^^ galim. 
Atrociousness, Atrocity, s. ^Ua 

^ana*a-t; S^«i^ kabira-t. 
Attach, v. ij^ la^^aq, yula^^iq ; 

^j rabat, jarbut ; ja ^add, ya- 

Attachment, s. (affection) ^-c^^ 

muhabba-t ; Sj^ mawadda-t. 
Attack, f^^ hajam, yalijum ; J<*a> 

hamal, yahmil. 
Attack, s, f^y^ hujum ; ^Ue. ham- 
la- 1. 
Attain, v. JU nal, yanal ; ^J^ J-*. 

hasal *ala, yah^al. 
Attainable, adj. y**^ muyyassar ; 

J^-ft^J^ {^^^^^ mumkin al-hu^uL 
Attainment, s. ^y^ hu^ul ; ^)«-«o^ 

tah^ll. — (proficiency) J-a* fa^l 

(pi. Jr^ fudill, JUi\ afdal). 
Attempt, v. j^ jahad, yajhad; 

^ '^^^\ ijtahad fi, yajtahid ; 

s^ f*^\ ihtamm bi, yahtamm ; 

(^ o*** 83.*a fi, yas*a. 
Attempt, s. ^^ju. sa'i ; J^en^ jahd; 

*>W^ ijtihad; J^ jidd; 

Attend, v. (accompany) 

9ahab, yu^ahib. — (he present) ^ 

Jiadar, yahdur. — (listen to) ^;^\ 

istama', yastami*; sa^^ na^at, 

Attendance, s. ;^ hudur; ^J«t 

hidma-t. — (retinue) s-^y« mau- 

kab (pi. s-^^ mawakib) ; 





Attendant, s, f*oU. hddim (pi. 

f*^J^ huddam, f«J^ hadam, iUj^^ 

hadama-t); g»^ tabi* (pi. ^^ -An, 

g-J tabaS g»y tawabi*.) 
Attention, «. Usc\ i«tiiia ; ♦M* ta- 

qayyud ; f>UMt\ ihtimam. 
Attentive, adj. ,JLc ^\^ wa*i *ala ; 

s^ ,jAA*- mu*tani bi ; ^^ J^>fl^ 

muqayyad fi. 
Attenuate, v. ijij raqqaq, yuraq- 

qiq ; »-A!q3 laftaf, yulattif . 
Attenuation, s, «jky tarqiq ; 

UL^ taltif. 
Attest, v, ^^ sahid, ya^had (with 

s^ bi and ^J^ *ala). 
Attest, Attestation, s. Sol^** ^a- 

hada-t. ; j\jS\ iqrar; va>W*^ is bat. 
Attic, e. ^u-i f asjiha-t. 
Attire, v, <j*J labbas, yulabbis ; 

L-^ kasa, yaksu ; {^) zayyan, yu- 

Attibe, 8. s^^ siyab ; *^\f\ aswab ; 

^j zina-t ; Ja- hali (pi. of ^^ 

Attitude, «. i^U hala-t ; ^^«a 

hi'a-t; Sj^ qi*da-t. 
Attorney, s. ^y vakil (pi. *!^j 

Attorneyship, «. a3^^ wakala-t. 

Attract, v. s^«W jazab, yajzub, 
yajzib ; *t>«*^^ ijtazab, yajtazib ; 
s-J^ jalab, yajlub, yajlib. 

Attraction, «. v>)^^Hi-\ istijlab ; 

s^\j^\ injizab. 
Attractive, adj. s^W- jalib ; v>3l«>. 

Attractiveness, 8. h^W jaziba-t ; 

l^^^ jazibiya-t. 

Attribute, v. s-*— * nasab, yansib. 

— {grammatically) ^^ asnad, 

Attribute, 8. {quality) Sjlo sifa-t ; 

i«^ hA^^a-t ; «-A*^ wa^f (pi. ^^^\ 

ausaf). — {in grammar) y ^ '> " » 

Attune, v. ^^^ JJ^ 'addal al-illa-t, 

yu*addil ; s\sS\ ja ^add al-autar, 

ya^idd; {X«f aslah, yuf lib. 

Auburn, adj. j4^\ asmar, f. \j4>-^ 
samri (pi. j4^ sumr). 

Auction, s. S\y4i\i l*^ bai'at bi-'l- 

mazad ; ^/^ tahrij ; eV t &!•&]. 
Auctioneer, «. J3*> dillAl (pi. 

^1^*> dallalin) ; jL.*4«« samsar 

(pi. ^U— sainasir). 
Audacious, adj. {daring) ^W jasir ; 

j^— «► jasiir. — {impudent) M-» 

safih ; ^^ waqih. 
Audaciousness, Audacity, s. S^l--^. 

i'asara-t ; i\ft jur*a-t ; ifcU- saf&. 
Audible, adj. £^*— ^ masmti. 
Audience, 8. {admittance to a hear' 

ing) il^Uu muqabala-t; ^\y 

muwajaha-t ; SUJU mulaq&t. — 

{a88embly of hearers) ^j-J^ maj- 

lis ; (^^;^^^ al-hadir^n. 
Audit, s. va>W^— J^ l/*^ fahs al- 

Audit, v. v>V-^\ ja^ fe.haf al- 

hisab, yafha?. 
Auditor, 8. {hearer) g^U* sami*; 

^♦A-"- mustami^ — {examiner of 

accounts) va>W^— J^ (;^\ amin al- 

hisabat; uyft-» mu^rif. 
Auditory, 8. u^'J^ majlis (pi. 

<^^y» majalis) ; (j)^UJ\ as-sa- 


Aught, Ought, s. ^J^ 6e-y. 
Augment, v. *>jj zawwad, yuzaw- 

wid ; j^ kassar, yukasgir. 
Augment, Augmentation, 8. Soly 

zivada-t ; *>Vjoj\ izdiyad. 
Augur, s. JVaX\ ^\h f&tih al-fAl; 

^\js. 'arraf (pi. ^y *arrafa-t) ; 

JU^ rammal. 
Augur, v. JVaX\ ^ fatah al-fal, 

yaf ta];L ; ^^e*3\ cJ^ *arraf al-gaib, 

Augury, s. J^ fal ; y>j zajr. 
August, acZ/. J^ *ali ; JssW jalil ; 

^•Jifi *azim. 
August, «. v>^ ab ; ^^yu,^\ agiis- 

Aunt, s. {patei'nal) ^Uc *ammat.— 

{maternal) ^^ hala-t. 
Auricle, a. <^*i^ uzn (pi. (^\S\ azan). 
Aurora, s.j^ fajr ; y^\ ja ^aqq 

al-fajr ; ^^ ^ubh. 

Auspice, s. A^ f&l. — {auspieetf 
patronage) £— lU*. him&ya-t ; 





SUU^ muh^m&t; SAeLw* mu- 

Auspicious, adj. »^>*- sa'id ; ^^«-^ 

mas*ud ; J«a^ muqbil ; ;-«- hair. 
Austere, adj. ^^ ^ariin (pi. ^^yo 

9awarim) ; cr»^ *abis (pi. (j->^^ 

'awabis) ; s-*-' 9a'b. 
Austerity, «. <^\f> sarama-t ; Sja 

iidda-t ; h^ 9a*uba-t. 
Authentic, adj. ^^»^« sal^ib ; «w^ 

sabit; (jSow^ muhaqqaq; OM^*,^ 

Authenticate, «. ^^-» Bahhah, 

yu^ahhih ; ,3a*" baqqaq, yuhaq- 

Authenticity, v. c:^^,* ^ihha-t; 

iA(^ haqiqa-t. 
Author, «. «-AJU mu'allif; UL;-*^ 

Authorisation, b. ij^^ tafwid ; 

,j^^f tarhis ; (^^\ izn. 
Authorise, v. jAS qaddar, yuqad- 

dir; ^^\ J^^ f aw wad ila, yufaw- 

Authority, «. ^^^iJL. sul^ana-t ; SjjkS 

qudra-t; ^^^\ iqtidar; ;W»^ 

i*tibar. — {authority referred to) 

oU^\ isnad. 
Autocracy, «. ^ Ui**.>* A .»m- sultana-t 

Autocrat, «. Jasw» (jjUbL. sultan 

Autograph, «. j^j !«&. batt yadd. 
Autumn, «. «-A4/- harif ; ^;J^ J-i 

fa?! al-harif. 
Autumnal, adj. o*s^/- harifi-y. 
Auxiliary, adj. 8. f>\i na^ir (pi. 

jUJ nu§9ar, ;-* na?r, nu8ar,;Uai\ 

ansar) ; (^^^ mu*awin ; .xcLw* 

Avail, v. (omself) ^^ S^Mx^\ ista- 

fad min, yastafid ; v> C*^^ ^' 

tafa' bi, yantafa*. — (he of use) 

J ^ nafa* li, yanfa*. 
-A^VAiL, «. gi& nafaS naf ; 8***^ fa- 

yida-t ; SjVi\ ifada-t. 
-^^^AiLABLE, adj. '^^ mufid; e»^ 

^Afi* ; joU q&dir. 
-^'^AJticE, 8 L*^ hissa-t ; jJ» tama 
^^t iins4k. ' 


Avaricious, adj, ^t^^^ ^a^i^ ; J«^. 

bahil ; (j->a— ^ basis. 
Avariciousness, 8. J*^. buhl, 

bahal ; iLL.^ hasasa-t ; <.Jk53\ j^.*^ 

jumud al-kafiP. 
Avaunt, interj. t) nih ; ,jA^^ imii. 
Avenge, v. /^ sa'ar, yas'ar ; SdA 

jU3\ abaz as-sar, yahuz. 
Avenue, s. (passage) •Jj^ maurid 

(pi. ^j\y» mawarid) ; JAt* manfaz 

(pi. diU^ manafiz). — (of trees) 

kjyfi» sajariyya-t ; j^^>A\ UU |aLfif 

Aver, v. jji qarrar, yuqarrir; J^ 

akkad, yu^kkid; ,jSt^ haqqaq, 

Average, s. ^^ wasa^. 
Average, adj. la-^ mutawassit- 
Averment, s. v5e*«^ tahqiq; J^ 

ta'kid ; s^\^\ isbat. 
Averse, adj. (disinclined) y^ nafir 

(pi. ;« nuft'ar, ji\^ nawafir). — 

(unfavourable) ci3Vi*» muhalif. — 

(he averse) ^^ ^ nafar min, 

Aversion, s. aa\/ karaha-t; l^ 

Avert, v. '^\ ab*ad, yub*id ; U[^ 

harraf, yuharrif. 
Aviary, s. j^ cu^ bait tuyiir; g^ 

j^ burj tuyiir (pi. ^y^ buriij). 
Avidious, (w^y. ga-i timmi* ; (^U>^ 

sarban ; j:^f^ hari?. 
Avidity, «. fi^ ^ahwa-t; £4! 

tama*; AfiUL ^auia'at ; l6>\^ 

saraha-t ; ^J>f^ hirs. 
Avocation, s. Jaa ^ugl (pi. JVaai^ 

a^gal); AU-fc- maigala-t (pi. 

Ji^^ masagil). 
Avoid, v. s-*^^ ijtanab, yajtanib ; 

s-^^ tajannab, yatajannab; j^ 

hazar, yahzar; '^^/^ taharras, 

yataharras (the last three with 

Avoidance, «. v>Ua^\ ijtinab ; jJk^ 


Avouch, v. *xS\ akkad, yu'akkid; 

sA^ gabbat, yusabbit; sx^\ 

asbat, yusbit. 
Avow, v. K^f^\ i*taraf, ya*tarif ; y\ 

aqarr, yuqirr. 




Avowal, s. u\f&\ Hirki;^\yi\ iqrar. 
Await, v. y^^A-fistan^ar, yastanzir ; 

j^\ intazar, yantazir. 
AwAKB, v.a, ijt^ fayjaq,yufayYiq ; 

A-<i nabbah, yunabbih ; *-4l\ 

aiqaz, yiiqiz ; n, &<j^\ intahab, 

yantabih ; jU f aq, yafiq ; JfcM-^ 

istaiqaz, yastaiqiz. 
AwAKB, adj. j^-fV* f4yiq; A-«i 

Award, v. J ^^ ^akam li, ya^i- 

Award, «. ^»^ huktn (pi. f>\^\ 

abkam) ; Us qalja (pi. i^\ aq- 

Aw ABE, adj. gUa^ muttali; a<ju^ 

Away, adv. Aj><9 ba*id; intetj. tj 

ruh ; ^^^^\ im^i. 
Awe, 8. ^«A haiba-t ; h^ muha- 

ba-t ; ytif tauqir ; f^f^^ ihtiram. 
Awe, v. s-^ tahayyab, yatahay- 

yab; v-i^ hawwaf, yuhawwif. 
Awful, adj. t- A -aafe^ mubayyif; 

J*%^ majaflSl ; J^ mahiil. 
AwFULNBSs, 8. ^^ haiba-t. 
Awhile, adv. "S^v* muddatan ; "^ 
jibjl\ ^ habbatan min ad-dahr. I 

AwKWAED, adj. f^f^ ga^im ; vA/^ 

Awkwardness, «. ^a^^^.tf gusii- 

Awl, «. )f^ mihraz, mahruz (pi. 

j;^ab^ mahariz). 
Awning, 8. ^^it^ haima-t; ^^^ 

mizalla-t (pi. v£>\ -at, JUk« 

Awry, adj. e^ mu*awwaj ; ijyL* 

Axe, 8. ^^*U f&»a8 (pi. ^^/^ fu'us) ; 

W;i furra*at; M balta-t (pi. 

U} bulut). 
Axiom, «. Sj^Vs qa'ida-t (pi. J^y 

qawa*id) ; l/t^ qa^iya-t (pi. 

l*-4» qa4aya). 

Axis, 8. s-^ qutb ; ^Jai qu^ba-t 
(pi. s-Ja» qu{ub). 

Axle, Axle-tree, «. jy^^ mihwar 

(pi. j^W* mahawir). 
Ay, adv. ^ na'am. 

Aye, adv. *U«^*> dayiman ; ^a^^ 

Azure, «. ^^^U- ^j^y laun sam^wi. 
Azure, adj. i^^jjj)^ lazwardi-y ; jj^\ 
^^i|U^ azraq samawi-y. 


Babble, v. ^r^ laqa^, yalqus ; iji\ 

abaqq, yubiqq; fi^ ^ kas§ar 

al-kalkm, yukagsir. 
Babble, 8. vJ^ baqq; WAi f a^( ; 

^^ galaba-t. 
Babbler, 9. o^ Jp laqq baqq ; J^ 

qawwal; ^A^ laqqas ; ^^ y^ 

Kasir al-kalam. 
Babe, 8. jAt tiA (pL J^^ a^fal) ; 

^-A* J^^ walad 9agir (pi. jU« S^^ 

aulad sigar). 
Baboon, «. (^y*^ maimiiii (pi. 

(;)«^W* mayamin). 
Bacchanal, 8. h^ nuiiraba-t (pi. 

%yjj\A0» maiarib). 

Bacchanalian, 9. i^j^ suraba-t 
s^^^ ^arrab ; jt^ sikkir. 

Bachelor, 8. v>j^ *azib (pi. v>\yft 
*uzzab) ; v>)c\ a'zab (pi. (^^y^ 
*uzban. — (academic title) ejj*^*^ 

_ • 

Back, 8. j^ zahr (pi. yy^ zuhiir.) 
Back, adv. \)^ ^J^ ila wara ; \y^ li- 

Backbite, v. ^J^y waia, yasi. 
Backbiter, 8. ^J^^) wa^i (pi. va>Uj 

Backbone, ^\ j/> haraz az-zahr ; 

j^\ K\ 1 .. silsila-t az-zahr. 

Back-door, 8. v^U. v»l| bab haf?. 




Backslide, v. ^^^ irtadd, yartadd. 
Backslideb, 8. ^y murtadd. 
Backstairs, «. ^^ e;*> daraj ha?? ; 
j^ JL- sullam sirr (pi. Ji^ 
Backward, adj, (^X^ kaslan (pi. 
^J^ kasla, JU-^kasala); jij^ 
muhmil ; J;*^^^ mutahamil. 
Backward, Backwards, culv. (^ 

\^^ min wara. 
Backwardness, «. JUa\ ihinal; 

J^W tahamul. 
Bacon, 8. ^ ^♦■'* jty^ ^iya^ fahza-t 
hinzir mumallana-t ; jiy^^ f«^^ 
^l^m al-hinzir. 
Bad, adj. ^^^j radi-y (pi. ^^j\ ar- 
diy&) ; JtVc *&til ; >i/i jarir (pi. 
j\^\ a^rar) ; /i 6arr ; ^^ qabi^. 
— («c*, ill) o*J/^ mari^. 
Badge, «. &*»i^ *alama-t (pi. ^ -at, 
^J8^ *alayim) ; (^j^ nisan ; (^^^ 
ni^an (pi. t)^**^ nay asm). 
Badger, «. ^>JS^ j^ *anaq al-ard 

(pi. iS^\ a'naq, j^ *uniiq). 
Badness, 8. jAi ^arr ; S^ 4>j radawa-t ; 
e.*<^ hubs ; ^W^ habasat ; ^W5 
Baffle, v. s-^e** hayyab, yuhayyib ; 

Jiaj battal, yuba^til. 
Bag, «. v>^/h jirab (pi. ^^^ ajri- 
ba-t) ; ^ hurj (pi. eV^ ahraj). 
— (small bag) u^ kis (pi. ^^^ 
Baggage, 8, u^ laba^ ; Ri^^ ha- 
wayij ; JU*-^ ahmal ; J^^ asqal ; 
s^W««^ asbab. 
Bag-pipe, ytr^ 'unnaiz (pi. ye^^ 

*ananiz) ; ^^ qirba-t. 
Bail, v. ^ kafil, yakful; J*^ 

takaffal, yatakafEal. 
Bail, s. J^aS kaTil; c^U 4amin; 

{j^'*-^ damin. 
Bailiff, 8. ^♦X^^ J^; rusiil mah- 
kaina-t (pi. J-; rusul) ; J-**^ 

Bait, «. i— ^ t^*mat (pi. ^•-•^ 

Bait, v. ^ ta"am, yuta'*iin ; s^«W 

jazab, yaj^ib. 
Bake, v. (bread) y^ b^baz, yabbiz ; 

habbaz, yuhabbiz. — (fishf etc.) 
J* qaJa, yaqli ; qalla, yuqalH. 

Baker, «. jW^ habbaz; ^y far- 

Bakery, Bakehouse, «.>^fie• mah- 
baz (pl.^U^ mahabiz). 

Balance, s. (scales) (:)^yt^ mizan 
(pi. va>U\^^ mizan4t, {^yij^f ma- 
wazin). — (large ones) ajV-J qab- 
bana-t. — (equilibrium) ^^y* niu- 
wazana-t ; ^oU* mu'adala-t ; 
^\L--i qistas. — (balance of ac- 
counts) v>UJ^ J.^*^ mi'dal al- 
hisab; s^UJ\ .^-t-o; ra9id al- 
hisah.— (surplus) i^ talawa-t. 

Balance, v. (in walking, etc.) f^^ 
ihtazz, yahtazz ; ^)\ irtajj, yar- 
tajj; JiW tamayal, yatamayal. 
— (make equal) iS)^ sawa, yu- 
sawi; <^^ sawwa, yusawwi. — 
(settle accounts) v>^--*J^ \j^ 
hallas al-hisab, yuhalli§. 

Balcony, s. ( ^ ■ * *- «a^ ^hnisin (Pers.) 
&ivy\ yLu« manzar at-ta<ia,-* (P^- 
jtU« manazir). 

Bald, adj. ^^ a?laS f. V«U ^al'^ 
(pi. e^ 9ul0 ; c^^ ajlah ; e/\ 
aqraS f . Vry qax*a (pi. g^^ qur', 
^Vry qur*an). 

Baldachin, s. s3^\j-» sir&diq (pi. 
*^\ -at). 

Baldness, «. ^ ^ala* ; ^J<h jala- 

Bale, s. W;* farda-t (pi. ^^»>y fa- 
radi, *>V^ ^frad) ; tyw balAt (pi. 
^V bawalit) ; ^i rizma-t (pL 
l*j; rizam, razam, ruzam). 

Bale, v. (bundle up) f^ l^azam, 
ya^zim ; hazzam, yuhazzim. 

Baleful, adj. u^ nahis ; *«Ue- 
muhlik ; ^ raucjirr. 

Balefulness, 8. u-»^ nahs; ^^ 

Balk, v. s-e^ hayyab, yubayyib. 

Ball, s. (to play with) ^ kurra-t ; 
i^U» ^aba-t (pi. reg. and v»^ t^- 
wab). — (for fire-arms, Ac.) ^ 
killa-t (pi. Jl^ kilal) ; ^^ rafa- 
9a-t. — (dancing) u^> ) u-W* 
I majlis wa raqs. 




Ballad, s. U£ gin& (pi. (^^\ 

agani) ; ^e^ gannijat (pi. ^j^Ufc 

Ballad-makeb, 8, ^Ui ^a'ir (pi. 

Myi4. ^a*ara'). 
Ballast, «. lyn^ tafbira-t; l^y^ 

Ballet, ». ^^j raq§ ; iS}r*j U^) 

raq? ramuzi-y. 
Balloon, «. ^yu* d^U. t&ba-t man- 

f uhat ; \^ M qubba-t hawa'. 
Ballot, s, W kurra-t. 
Ballot, «. ^ v<b^^ intahab bi-'l- 

kurra-t, yantahib. 
Balm, s, f^y* marham (pi. f^^ 

Balmt ad^, (soothing) (^ layyin. 
Balsam, s. ^^^ balsam (pi. f^h 

balasim) ; (^Ui} balsan, bala- 


Balsamic, adj. ,^4^ balsami-y. — 

(odoriferous) Jbm^ mu^aftar. 
Baluster, Balustrade, «. {:^y^j*y 

darabzin (Pers,). 
Bamboo, «. (:)^jyt^ haizur&n (pi. 

^\^ hayazir). 
Ban, 8. (•/»- tiirm ; ^^ la'nat. — 

(bans or banns) t^^) ftWU^ ma- 

nadat zawaj. 
Ban, V, ^ la*an, yaran ; Ajlft Uj 

da'a aleh, yad*6, yad*i. 
Band, s. (fillet) ^Ue 'a^abat (pi. 

sHt^ 'a^ayib, s-*-^ 'u^ab) ; i^Wj 

ribata-t. — {troop) i^W jama'a-t ; 

lj») zumra-t (pi. y») zumar) ; 

i^j^ surba-t (pi. v>j^ surub, 

v>\^\ asrab). 
Band, v. (unite) %y*f^ tahazzab, 

yatahazzab ; ^^^^-af tahai^ad, yata- 

Bandage, «. ^^ b^faz (pi. va>VLUD. 

bnfaza-t) ; 1-^; riba^ (pi. Wj 

rubut) ; ^^ lafafa-t (pi. i-AiU2 

Bandit, «. ,j^^;»- b^i^an^i-j; li*^ 

qa^i-y (pl- £^ qutta*). 
Bandy, «. o^^^ faulajan (Per*.). 
Bandt, v. ^^ ^) rama al-karra-t, 

yarmi. — (dispute) J^W^ j&dal, 

Bane, s. (poison) (^ samm (pi. 

^^4— sumiim). — (anything pemu 

cious) i^^ mahlika-t. 
Baneful, adj. (poisonous) ^%--« 

musimin. — (pernicious) *4Ue*« 

mublik ; j-^ mu^iiT. 
Banefulness, s. &^^ mahlika-t; 

l^ tahlika-t. 
Bang, s. ^j^ 4sLrha,-t ; UJ lafma-t. 
Bang, v. f*^^ ^adam, ya^dim. 
Banish, v. *^j^ tarad, ya^rad ; ^Ji 

nafa*, yanfi ; Jf^ sarkal, yusar- 

Banishment, s, *y^ tard ; ^Jli 

nafi ; ^i^\ intifa. 
Banister, see Baluster. 
Bane, s, (of a river) ^ ^aU (pi. 

ty-Ai sutut); ^^ haffa-t.— (of 

the sea) J*-^ sahil (pi. J*-^^ 

sawahil) ; ^J^^ ik%i. — (hanking^ 

house) ^jt^ §airafiya-t ; ^u«3 

u\yo dukkan ^arraf. 
Bank, v. (deposit money) g^^ wada*, 

yada*; g^y auda*, yudi*. — (dam 

in) Ju sadd, yasudd. 
Banker, s. u\yo ^arraf (pi. ^^W* 

Bankrupt, «. jy*^ maksiir ; ^jUa^ 

Bankruptcy, ». X^\ inkisar ; 8^ 

kasrat ; ijM\ iMs ; ^^ falasa-t. 
Banner, s. S;»*U) bandera-t; jjW 

bairaq (pi. jjWi bayariq). 
Banquet, s. ^U^^^ walima-t (pi. 

^S; walayim) ; ^^ 4ijafa-t ; 

i[)jU maduba-t. 
Banter, v. ey^ barraj, yuharrij ; 

ty mazah, yamzab. 
Banter, s. tj^ harj ; cy* mazb (pi. 

t^^ mizah) ; \^6^u.\ istihzd. 
Baptise, v. •we 'ammad, yu'am- 

mid ; j^ na^^ar, yuna^^ir ; (jJaft 

gattas, yugattis. 
Baptism, s. h^y^j^ ma'miidiyat ; 

*>Uc 'imad; ^t>*^ tan^ir; i^h^ 

9ibga-t ; ^^ gitas. 
Baptist, s. (8t. John) (^\. \ »»n«» 

mu'midan ; *v«a^ mu*ammid. 
Bar, «. (holt) ^j^^j*^ darbas (pL 

tr*»^j*> darabis) ; (3^ galaq (pi. 

S^\ agl&q, iSM\ agaliq).— (o/ a 

court of justice, &c.) ^j wasj. — 




(ingot) ^^^tw— sabika-t (pi. cfc\JV<— 

Bab, v. (shut) o^ galaq, yagliq, 

yagluq ; Ja» qafal, yaqfil, yaq- 

ful. — (hinder) jVc *aq, ya*Aq ; 

Qt^ manaS yamna^ 
Babb, 8, (of an arrow) ^r>^ kuUab 

(pi. s-J5i^ kalalib) ; ^^ huttaf 

(pi. c A a ^ ^ ^ hatatif). — (horse 

from Barhary) ijtj^ o^-^- hi^an 

Babbabian, 9. f^^\ a' jam (pi. 

fX^\ a* jam). 
Babbabic, adj, (savage) {J^f^ 

Babbabism, 8. (in speech) ^%fi 

'ajmat; {^ la^n (pi. ^^ 

Babbabity, s, S^^^ qasawa-t ; ^ 

Babbabous, adj, ,,5««Vi qasi; ^VL 

Babbeb, s. jV hallaq; (:)>y mu- 

zayyin ; <^Uft. haffaf ; ^^*«a. has- 


Babd, «. f^ ik^ir (pi. \^ su'ara). 
Babe, adj» ^^;^ *ari ; (^jVj^ *uryan. 
Babe, t?. ^J,J^ *arra, yu*arri; •3-j. 

jarad, yajrud ; «-A^ka4af, yak- 

iii ; ^ Wallah, yasallih. 
Babe-faced, adj, ^^ waqi^ (pi. 

cVij wiqat) ; M-* safih (pi. ^VgA*. 

sufaha') ; V^o. JJli qalil haya'. 
Babb-facednbss, s. ^^) waqa- 

ha-t ; ^\A^ safaha-t ; S^%^ fan- 

jara-t (Pers,), 
Babelt, adv, (with diffictdty) •x^W 

Babbness, s. (nakedness) ^^ 'ura \ 

hf^ *urya-t; Wj zaU- — (aridity) 

^^ quhiila-t. 
Babgain, «. (agreement) ^^ 'abd 

(pi. o^ *ubiid) ; jW ittifaq.— 

(a cheap purchase) ^^^^j i^j^ 

^arwa-t rabisa-t. 
Babgain, v. (stipulate) ^jU s&rat, 

yuiarit ; '^ *abid, ya*bad ; J-^jb 

^^^ 'amul bazar, ya*mal. 
Babge, «. v>j^ qarib (pi. vt)^yi 

qawarib); j^j^j zauraq (pi. Jj^j^j 


Babk, s, (of a tree) jAi qisr (pL 
j^ qu^ur). — (of a dog) ^ 
nabh. — (ship) h^ sa^na-t (pi. 
(^U- safayin, (^ sufun). 

Babk v. ( peel) jAi qai^r, y uqa^- 
^ir. — (as a dog) ^ Daba>^, 
yanbah, yanbih ; ^^^ 'awa, 

Babley, s. jt»A ^a*ir. 

Babm, s. S^ti^ bamira-t. 

Babn, s, ^^ ^auna-t ; j^\ amb&r 
(pi ji^\ anabir) ; (^ys^ mabzan 
(pi. ejU^ mahazin). 

BabOMBTEB, 8. ij'^\y \^\ (^\yt^ 

mizan al-bawa' wa 'X-Xaaa, 
Babometbically, adv, (^ys^ £L«\^ 

\^\ bi-wasi^a-t mizan al-hawa. 
Babon, g. (^^ji baron. 
Baboness, «. (^^j<)\ i^jA amr&t al- 

Babbace, Babbaces, s. /l^\ l6\i 

qa'at al-asakir. 
Babbel, s, J**/ barrnil (pi. J-«W 

baramil) ; ^ battiyat (pi. 

^J^ batati). — (of a gun) 8j^U 

masura-t (pi. ;«-^^ mawasir) ; 

i«*«h ju*ba-t (pi. v>W ji*ab). 
Babben, adj. (land) /<^ *&qir (pi, 

/\^ *awaqir) ; ^^ *aqim (pi. 

l*V&e *uqam). — (he barren) yte 

*aqur, ya'qur; J^#« mahal, 

yam^al; J^\ am^al, yum^il. 
Babbbnness, s, ^Ujic uqma-t ; i/^ 

*uqrat ; SjUte *aqara-t. 
Babbicade, 0. {j^\y^ mitr&s (pi. 

;^;V5^ mataris) ; a- sadd (pi. 

^^Ju\ asdad). 
Babbicade, v, ^^j^ J4* *amil 

mataris, ya'mal. 
Babbieb, s. (obstacle) *>^ sadd (pi. 

j\ju\ asdad). — (boundary) Ji*« 

hadd (pi. *>^J^ hudAd). 
Babbisteb, «. (^^ejJ\ JfiT^ wakil ad* 

da*wa (pi. )^fj wukalii). 
Babbow, «. ^V^ naqqala-t. 
Babtbb, v» J«X) badal, yabdil $ ^\i 

qa4, yaqi4; u^^Vi qawa4i yuq&« 

Babteb, «. Mj^ badal, ^«>W^ muba- 
dala-t; J-ei*^ tadbil; J-^^Um 




Basalt, 0. (^y j^ hajar ^aw- 

Base, adj. ^J^^ wati-y ; Jo dani-y ; 

(j-e— A- basis ; y^ haqir. 
Base, 9. (foundation) (j*^\ asas; 

a;— -• misnad. — (principal part) 

J— o^ a^I (pi. J^-*^ u^iil). — 

(pedestal) S^^ qa*ida-t (pi. ^^^^^ 

qawa'id). — (in music) ^ bamm 

(pi. (•y^ bumum). 
Baseness, s. 5;^ haqara-t; S*^»> 

dana'at; dL., ^^ . basisa-t (pi. 

^^U-4. basa'is). 
Baseless, adj. (ji\^^ j^^ (^ min 

gair asas. 
Basement, s. ^^b ^ M tablita-t. 
Bashfql, oc^j. v> j i>^^ mabjiib ; 

f^'Suji^^ muhtaiim; ^j^x«*^ mus- 

Bashfulness, s. ^ hay a ; ^ 

*iffat; au^hijala-t. 
Basic, adj. ^J^^ a§li-y. 
Basin, s. (vessel) «>-ftJ» t^^t, t^^t 

(pi. tytJ. tu^^t)- — (of a fountain) 

iSji birka-t (pi. *43y birak). — 

(dock) W* mina (pi. J^^ ma- 

waui, (;)** niiyan) ; il^\ iskala-t 

(pi. J^U asAkil). 
Bask, v. (j«««>^ taiammas, yata- 

Basket, «. ^ quffa-t (pi. Ubtf 

qufaf); ^ salla-t (pi. ^\ -at, 

JIL. sulal); J«ij zambil (pi. 

J^jUj zanabil). 

Bass, s. ^ bamm (pi. j»^ bumiim). 

Bastard, (•^jJ^ c:^^ ibn al-haram ; 

VJj JkJ^ walad zina ; j^^ bun- 

duq (Syr.) ; ^j zanim. 
Bastard, adj. (spurious) j^y mu- 

zawwar ; ^J^-** musanna*. 

Bastinado, «. ^^ 'alqa-t, *ulqa-t 

(pi. j^ *alaq, *ulaq). 
Bastinado, v. ^kaU v>/* darab *al- 

qa-t, yadrub; t^ qakat, yaq- 

Bastion, s. ^^ burj (pi. e^^\ 

abraj) ; Iti^ tabiya-t. 
Bat, 8. (animal) U^.^ watwat (pi. 

Wj^y watawi^ ; v>^ buffai (pi. 

yM^ huf&fi^). 

Batch, «. (of bread) l^ hubza-t. 

— (assortment) iW jumla-t. 
Bath, s. (•W ^amm^m (pi. ui>UU*. 

Bathe, v. f^^^ istahamm, yasta* 

bimm ; ^m«^ tahammam, yata- 

^ammam ; J-«*^\ igtasal, yagta- 

sil ; J«*^ tagassal, yatagassal. — 

(in the sea) (^ sabah, yasbah. 
Bath-keeper, s. ^^^-^Ua. ham- 

mami-y ; (^h ballan. 
Baton, s. ^ 'a^a ; hjy^^ s-^^^&i 

qa^ib al-mami^riya-t. 
Battalion, s. ^j\ or{a (pi. ^^\ 

ori^t) ; j^^ tabur ; *^^ bulAk. 
Batten, v. (fatten), (;;-•— samman, 

yusammin. — (dung) J?j zabbal, 

Batter, v. ^J.^^ sabaq, yashaq ; jo 

daqq, yaduqq ; (j-yfc haras, yah- 

rus ; harras, yuharris. 
Batter, s. ULs- hiU (pi. IU\ ahlat). 
Battering-ram, s. (Jk^^V^ man- 

janiq (pi. ^\ -at, ^^ majaniq, 

«3«>^^»^ majaniq). 
Battery, s. ^\'U1\ Uu> ^aff al- 

madafi* ; ^\j^ Ji\ alay (Turk.) 

madafi*; 6^^ tabiyah (Turk). 
Battle, s. l»Jy waqa*at ; ^W« 

muharaba-t; JUS qital ; iiJla^ 

muqatala-t; (^ kaun, kon (pi. 

(^\^ akwan). 
Battle, v. J^U qatal, yuqatil ; JJV» 

taqatal, yataqatal ; viJjUJ ta*arak, 

Battle-field, s. ^y mauqa'a-t ; 

^f^^ mu^tarak. 
Battlement, s. J*-* fa?il (pi. (^%ak 

fuslan, JU fi9&l); Xy. ^urfa-t 

(pi. o[;Ai ^uraf) ; itiJki quzfa-t (pi. 

«*J«^ quzaf). 
Battle-order, s. cJL»« ma^iaff. 
Bauble, s. ^J^'^ la iSay, la ^e ; 3l<jd 

Bawl, v. fi na*ar, yan*ar; ^v^ 

ji^-^jaS yuja*ji*. 
Bay, adj. ^J\fi^^ a^qarani-y ; yaA 

f^*y\ ah mar adham. 
Bay, n. (of the sea) ^yj- jiin ; ^^ 

halij (pi. gU huluj, cjW^ hul- 

jan). — (laurel-tree) j\t g&r (pi. 




j\yt\ agwdr, (^\jtA gir&n). — (bark) 
^ nabh. 
Bay, v. (harJc) ^ nabah, yanbi^, 

Bayonet, e, ^^ barbat. 
Bayonet, v. ^y^\i ^J»!L ^a*aii bi-'l- 

harba-t, yat*an. 
Be, v. 0^ kan, yakun; (imper,) 

Beach, e, J*-^ sahil (pi. J»-^^ 

sawahil; J<»Vai ^ati (pi. o^^^ 

Beacon, s. u-^^ faniis (pi. (j^V 

fawanis) ; Sj^ manara-t (pi. 

yiU*« manayir). 
Bead, s. ^ habba-t. — (of silver) 

^W juman (Pers,), — (headsy 

rosary) ^^^«-» subha-t (pi. 

subab, «i>Urt— subuh&t) ; 

Beadle, s. J»^ ^urti-y (pi. ^A 

6urat); ;yy tausur (pi. jj\f 

tawasir) ; ^-4*^ muhdir. 
Beak, s, f^ ininqar (pi. ;«*^ ma- 

A A \ 


Beam, s. (timber) ^^-a-*- ba^aba-t ; 
s ■'*'* /-*► jisr ha^ab (pi. j^— ^ 
jusiir) ; ^^^ siihiya-t (pi. o^^jA^ 
^wahi). — (of scales) (:)^yt^\ M 
qubba-t al-mizan. — (ray) JUa 
^u*a* (pi. ^»^\ a^i"at, ^«a. ^u^u*). 

Beam, v. j ^- ^x ft i 6a*ia*, yu^a*^i* ; 
U\ ada, yudi ; j/»^ asraq, yu^riq. 

Bean, s. J^ ful; (j^f turrnus; 
iL^y liibiya-t. 

Bear, s. v»^ dubb, dibb (pi. v>W^^ 
adbab, v^-> dubab). 

Bear, v. (carry) J**- hamal, yab- 
mil; J^ sal, ya^U ; Js*. saqal, 
yasqal. — (suffer) J-»-s^^ ihtamal, 
yabtamil; j^ ^abar, yaabur 
(with ^ *ala). 

Bearable acZ;. (he bearable) (^\a 
ban, yahiin. 

Beard, s. &^ lihyat (pi. ^^ 
liba); e^»i zaqan (pi. ^y^S 

Bearded, a^f;. ^^ ^•^ ?u lil;iya-t ; 
^^j ^\ abii zaqan. 

Beardless, cwE/. *>^^ amrad, f . ^•>/« 
maxd4' (pi. *>/• murd). 

Beardlebsnesb, «. Sj4^ murClda-t. 
Bearing, «. (behaviour) *^^ suliik ; 

tf-V L ^/* maslak ; £««*« sira-t. 
Beast, «. 0^^<s«*- haiwan (pi. «yV»^^,jfc. 

haiwanat) ; ^^»> dabba-t (pi. 

v>\^o dawabb) ; ^»«6f babim (pi. 

^V^ bahayim). — (\oild beast) 

(jto^j wahs (pi. J^^^ wuhu6). 
Beastliness, «. ^"MH babimiya-t. 
Beastly, ad/. ^W^ J^ misl al- 

Beat, v. v»^ darab, yadrib, yadrub. 

— (conquer) s-J^ galab, yaglib ; 

j^ kasar, yaksir. — (throb) J*> 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Beat, s, ^/* darba-t ; I'i^ latsa-t. 
Beatific, adj, *«JjW» mubarik, ^^ Wy» 

i A 1 A A 

Beatify, v. (make happy) -^fc- ^ 

as'ad, yu8*id. 
Beatitude, s, •^*- sa'd ; SoU— 

Beau, s. (/op) )'3^ gandar; j|^»>^ 

gandiir. — (lover) v>*»^ *a^iq (pi. 

jVjuc *u^saq). 
Beauteous, Beautiful, adj, {j--"^ 

basan ; J<><-^ jarail ; u^^ ku- 

"wayyis; c«^ malih (pi. t^ 

Beautify, v. t)— «- hassau, yuhas- 

sin ; (^j zayyan, yuzayyin ; J-^-h 

janimal, yujammil. 
Beauty, s. {^-^ ^ husn ; JW 

jamal ; ^%» malaha-t ; ^^<y>*-2^ 

kuwayyisiya-t. — (beautiful wo- 

man) JU^ ^ \^ «w\J S\^\ imrat 

zat baha wa kamal. 
Beaver, s, (animal) U3\ v^ kalb 

al-iiia ; ^j\i &^ e^^««>" haiwan 

jand badastar (A. Pers.) ; c^^ 

tarab. — (of a helmet) Ui gima. 
Becalm, v. {^y^ sakkan, yusakkin. 
Because, conj, (j!^ li-ann ; s, ^■■■i 

(:)\ bi-sabab ann; q)\ J«^3 li-ajl 


Beck, s. S^W i^ara-t ; U^ warn', 

Beck, Beckon, v. ^y\ auma, 

yumi ; j\a\ aiar, yu^ir. 
Becloud, v, ^ gayyam, yugay- 





Become, v. ;V« gar, ya^ir. — (befit) 

j5 laq, yaliq ; 0^ baqq, jahiqq ; 

s-^^ nasab, yunasib. 
Becoming, adj, (fit) jmli laviq ; 

s-^U* munasib. — (graceful) «-A4^ 

Bed, Bedding, s, ^^ farsat ; v/*/ 

fars ; v^y firas (pi. vAji^ furii^). 

— (of a river) j^\ ^j^^ majra 

an-nahar. — (flower-bed) ^^) rau- 

dat (pi. u^Vjj riyad). 
Bedaub, v, ^ latah, yal^ah ; *a>^ 

law was, yulawwis. 
Bedeck, v. {^y zan, yazm; (^j 

zayyan, yuzayyin. 

Bedew, v. J1» tail, ya^ull. 

Bedim, v. fi^\ aglam, yuzlim ; ^ 

'attam, yu*attim. 
Bedizen, v, (ji) zayyan, yuzayyin ; 

j^j zawwaq, yuzawwiq; *^^) 

zahraf, yuzahrif . 
Bedlam, «. ^U-i^U maristrm (Pers,) ; 

^4^^ jW dar as-safa. 
Bedlamite, s. (^y'^^^ majnun (pi. 

(j-j>^%^ majanin) ; \J»^^ malt us. 

Bed-kid, Bed-bidden, adj. ^f^ 

Ji^/^\ tarih al-fira5$. 
Bedstead, 8. c^^*^ taht (pi. «t>^ 

Bee, «. Ales* nahlat (pi. J*** nahl). 

Beech, s. (j^) y^ ^ajar-zan ; *V* 
X^\y^\ (jft^ sajar *e.4 as-sawwah. 

Beef, s. <^ys^ f^ lahm baqari ; ^•^ 

{^y'ii^ lahm na^in. 
Beehive, «. Jsc» a«^ haliyyat nahl 

(pi. \i^ Ijalaya) ; S^\/ kuwara^t 

(pi. yi\^ kawayir). 
Beeb, 8. iyni bira-t ; f ^ fuqa* ; 

6j^ bAza-t ; v^3^ biiza. 
Beet, Beet-boot, «. j*^>^ sawandar 

(Per8.) ; J^^^i banjar ; yjl^ silq. 

Beetle, «. J***- ju'al (pi. (^)W 

ji*lan) ; & - Lk i A hunfisa-t (pi. 

^j-iUd. hanafis). 
Befall, v. v&>a&. hadas, yahdas ; 

0;^^ jara, yajri ; jb/^ *arad, 

Befit, v. jS laq, yaliq; s-^^ 

nasab, yunasib. 
Befool, v, (lead astray) £*^ hada', 

yahda* ; j-^ garr, yagurr. — 

(delude) (jtA gass, yagu6^. 
Befobe, prep. ( of place) ft\<^ qud- 

dam ; f\A amam. — (of time) J^ 

qabl ; J-i (^ min qabl ; conj, 

U J-i qabl ma ; {^\ y^ti qabl 

ann ; adv. J<i ^ min qabl. 
Befobe-hand, adv. (•^asX li-qud- 

dam ; J^ ^ min qabl. 
Befobe - time, adv. 'Uj^a^ mu- 

qaddiman; '3^ awwalan; "^U. 

Befbiend, v. (^^ *awan, yu*awin ; 

(^\s\ a*an, yu*in ; J^U. sa*ad, 

Beg, v. (intreat) ^j^f tarajja, ya- 

tarajja ; J^ sa'al, yas'al. — (for 

alm8) •W* liahaz, yashaz ; J^-J 

tasawwal, yatasawwal. 
Beget, 8. J^^ walad, yalid; J-i\ 

ansal, yunsil. — ('produce) fi^\ 

ajhar, yughir ; vjli- hallaq, yu- 

Beggab, 8. *>V^Ai ^ahhaz; J^t* sa- 

yil ; J^— ^ mutasawwil. 
Beggab, v. j^\ afqar, yufqir. 
Beqgaby, 8. fl faqr ; ^j^^\ iflas. 
Begin, v. ^^j^ bada, yabda; \J^\ 

ibtida, yabtadi ; J-«9- ja*al, 

Beginning, 8. y^^ badw, badii; 

'\'i^\ ibtida' ; {j^\) ras. 
Begibd, v. tU.\ ahat, yuhit ; *-J^ 

kannaf, yukannif. 
Begone, interj. t; ruh ; ,^j-^^^ 

imsi ; '^a^-. suhqan ; Hj^ bu*- 

Begeime, v. *A>y lawwas, yulawwis. 

BeGBUDGE, v. ^J^ ^J^ \'i*>A JU»a. 

hasad ahad 'ala se, yahsid. 
Beguile, v. {J^ ga^^, yagu^6 ; 

i>^ hadaS yahda; ^^ masah, 

Beguilement, 8. (J^ giii ; ^^ 

hiyana-t ; j^ makr. 
Behalf, s. 6js>^ fayida-t (pi. JstV 

fawayid). — (on behalf of) ^\ ^^ 

min ajl. 
Behave, v. cdJL salak, yasluk. 
Behavioub, 8. ^^ suluk ; ct U ..^^ 

maslak ; ij^^ sira-t. 





Behead, v. cr*V^ f^ qata* ar-ras, 

yaqta* ; ^3^^ v»;-i darab al-'unq ; 

Behest, «. jA amr (pi. y\^\ awa- 

mir) ; fk^ hukm (pi. ^\>^\ ab- 

Behind, prep. <-Ali. balf ; \j^ wara* ; 

adv. ^j^ {^ min wara'. 
Behindhand, adj. o*^r^ muta- 

wani ; Je>WJ^ mutaba^i. 
Behold, v. ^ nazar, yangur ; gU» 

tatalla*, yatatalla*. 
Behold, interj. Jti\ ungur; \^\J^ 

baDaza ; U\ iza. 
Beholden, adj. (indebted) oy^*^ 

Behoof, s. 6j«V* fnyida-t; l*y\i\ 

ifada-t; g*i naf*. 
Behove, v. see Befit. 
Being, a. (existence) *>y»-; wujiid; 

(j)^ kaun. — (condition) JW hal. 

— (thing in existence) {^^ kayin 

(pi. «i>UjtV^ kayinat) ; *W^ mau- 

jud (pi. «i>Wy»-^ maujudat). 
Belaboub, v. v»j-* dai-ab, yadrib, 

Belch, v. (J^ faii, yafu^^. 
Beleaguer, v.^W ha^ar, yuba^ir ; 

^\o5 ^aba^ar, yataha^ar. 
Belfbt, s. ^j>^\y!y\ g^ burj an- 


Belie, v. (tell a lie) s-»»^ kazab, 
yakzib. — (show to he false) s-»*^ 
kaz^ab, yukazzib. 

Belief, s. ^ siqa-t ; *Mxc\ i*tiqad ; 

SUjx\ i*timad. — (religions) (^W^ 

iman ; (^*> din. 
Believe, v. (trust) jAsc^ i*taqad, 

ya*taqid ; e?^^ aman, yumin. — 

(credit) j*^ ^addaq, yu§addiq. 

— (think) (^ zann, yagunn; {^yu^ 

bamman, yuhamiuin. 

Believeb, s. (^y mumin. 

Bell, s. u*^^ naqiis (pi. \j^\^ 

nawaqis). — (small one) ^j*^ 

jams (j)l. ij^f^\ ajras). 
Belle, s. JW sa>\^ ^y\ imra-t 

zat jamal. 
Belligerent, adj. s. s-*^^^^^ muta- 


Bellow, v. f^ na*ar, yan*ar ; ^ 

bar, yabur. 
Bellows, s. i^V4&^ minfab ; ^Aa^ 

minfah (pi. ^^ manafib). 
Belly, s. {^ batn (pi. {^^ biitun) ; 

J^/ kir^ (pi. oS»|^ kurus). 
Belong, v. J ,jfl*- ba§f li, yabu?? ; 
s2\ intasab, yantasib (mostly 


expressed by tbe words indi- 
cating possession, as £U#* mata' ; 
JM^ haqq; JU mal, <tc.). 

Beloved, adj. v*^^^^ maJ^b^b ; 
jy&*/» ma*6uq. 

Below, pr&p. adv. sj>^ taht ; ^^ 
(^ au^a min ; (^ J*-^ asfal min. 

Belt, s. f^^ hizam (pi. «a>^ -it, 
6^fA ahzima-t, f^ huzm) ; jUj 
ziinnar (pi. ^VJj zananir) ; ^ 
kamar (pi. ^Ui^ akmar, Fere.) ; 
(j^^ ^auiaq. 

Bemire, v. ^^ lawwag, yulawwis ; 
^^ wassab, yuwassib ; ij^ naj- 
jas, yunajjis. 

Bemoan, v. ^^ <-*-^ asif *ala, 
ya'saf; ,^ oj^ t^zin 'ala, ya)^- 

Bench, «. •x*&« maq'ad (pi. •xeVfr* 
maqa*id) ; cu^*^ taht (pi. va>y* 
tuhut). — (of stone) ie-Ja*^ ma^ta- 
bat (pi. s-J>^ ma^atib). — (tri- 
hunal) iU^^^ mahkama-t (pi. 
f^\^/» mahakim). 

Bend, v.a. ^y^ hana, yahni; ty^ 
*awwaj, yu*awwij ; ^^ gana, 
yasni; <^y lawa, yalwi; n. JU 
mal, yamil ; ^^^\ inhana, yan- 


Beneath, prep. adv. ^a<^ taht; 

^s.^ i^ min taht. See Below. 
Benediction, s. ^ baraka-t ; cill^ 

tabarruk (pi. «yf -at). 
Benefaction, s. ytfi- her; u^jA 

*urf ; (;)U-^^ ihsan ; ^U** ni*ma-t 

(pi. f^ ni*am). 
Benefactor, s. ^J^ (;>--^/» muhsin 

ila; ^ f^^^ miin*im *ala; f^/ 

Benefice, s. (a church living) ^M>^ 

i«--iUi wazifa-t kanayisiyya-t. 
Beneficence, s. j^\ J«i £4 al- 

her ; *>y^ jud ; (jjt-^^ ihs&n. 

Ben] 35 

Beneficent, adj. f^»^ mon'im ; 

^j^ karim ; (^«-^>» muJ^sin. 
Beneficial, adj. »M^ mufid ; g*^ 

Benefit, a. {favour) (^U-^^ ibsan ; 

^\^ karamija-t; ^U** ni'mat. 

—{profit) fiJ^U %ida-t; gW 

Benefit, v. {do good to) ^^ an'am, 

yun*im ; (^j^-e-^ ahsan, yuhsin. — 

{gain an advantage) gf^\ intafa^ 
' jantafi* ; *>\i^\ istafad, jastaf id. 
Benevolence, «. ^>si^\ ^;)-^-^ husn 

al-lafta-t ; LA/ karama-t ; «J^ 

lutf ; ^Vft *&tifa.t (pi. Ul^V 

Benevolent, adj. j«^ bayjir ; *-AJb5 

latif ; ^•fc*^ mun'im. 
Benight, v. fJ^\ a^lam, yuzlim. 
Benighted, e. ^W jahil (pi. JW 

Benign, Benignant, adj, f¥^ 

halim (pi. UJi^ hulama, f>%A ah- 

1am) ; «-*/^ ra'iif ; ,JoWi 4af iq. * 
Benignity, s. ^ hilm ; ^\^ rafa-t. 
Bent, s. {curvature) Ubc*^ inhina; 

t^^^ in'iwaj. — {disposition) Jty* 

Bent, adj, tf^ mu*awwaj ; ^_j*w^ 

munhani ; «JUte^ mii*aqqaf . — 

{addicted) J^U^ muta'alliq ; f^y 

miila' (both with v* bi). 
Benumb, v, ;*>^ haddar, juhad- 

Bequeath, v, ^^y^ •i^S ^j-o^ wa99a 

li-ahad bi-^e, juwa^^i ; <J^ 

^^ hallaf bi-wa^ija-t, yuhallif ; 

«-A»^ waqaf, yaqif. 
Bequest, s, ^^ wasiya-t ; <-i^ 

^^y halaf muwa^^a. — {for 

pious uses) <-Ai^ waqf (pi. «^^^^ 

Bereave, v, {deprive of) (^ 

haram, yaJ^rim. — {render desti- 
tute) i}^\ agkal, yuskil. 
Bereavement, s. ^ yatm, yutm, 

yatam ; J^ sukl. 
Bebby, 8, s-^ habb ; ^ habba-t 

(pi. ^yt^ hubub). 
Berth, s. s-^f/^^ ^ f^^ manam 



Beseech, v. ^J^ ^rJS tadarra' ila, 

yatadarra ; fj>*^\ iltamas, yalta- 

Beseem, t;. s-^^ nasab, yunasib ; 

j3 laq, yaliq. 
Beset, v. tW^ ahat, yu^it ; ^U. 

ha^ar, yuha^ir. 
Beside, prep, s-**^ jamb ; s-^W: 

Besides, prep. ^J^ SjI^j ziyada-t 

Besides, conj. «fiW*i ^ ger zalik. 
Besiege, v. ^W ha^ar, yuhasir. 
Besmear, v. 1»5 lat, yalu^, yalit; 

J^ tala, yatli. 
Besom, s. ^ L^j^ miknasa-t (pi. 

fj»^\^ makanis) ; S^&J^ muqai^- 

Besot, v. {stupefy) (jtAj dahhai, 
yudahhis. — {intoxicate) j ^ »\ 
askar, yuskir. 

Besottedness, s. ^ sikr. 

Bespatter, v. ^J^j^ tarta^, yutar- 

Bespeak, v. {order) ,J^ ^j*) wa99a 

*ala, yuwa??!. 
Besprinkle, v. J^j rt^i, yaru^^ ; 

\J^^ taras, ya^ru^. 
Best, adj. 0— e-^ ahsan ; J^^ af 4al ; 

s^^ atjab. — {one*8 best) ^Ju» ^JA 

(jjV^S^ ala* qadr al-imkan. 
Bestial, adj. ^j^^a^i bahimi-y. 
Bestir, v. *^^ harrak, yuharrik. — 

{one's self) f^\ intahamm, yan- 

tahimm ; *^f^ taharrak, yata- 



Bestow, v. s-^^ wahab, yahab ; 

^Jos. *ata, ya'ti ; J*^ bazal, yabzil, 

Bestowal, s. VLc <ata' (pi. l^\ 

a*tiya-t) ; l^y» mauhaba-t (pi. 

\y mawahib). 
Bestrew, v. \J»j rass, yarus^. 
Bestride, v. ^ fajj, yafujj ; (fc-^ 

fas^ah, yufa^sih ; s-^ rakib, 

Bet, s. (^V^J rihan; {:^\f tarahun. 
Bet, v. (j'^^f tarahan, yatarahan ; 

^j\^ ta^arat, yata^arat. 
Betake, v. ^y tawajjah, yatawaj- 

jah ; ^J^ ^^^\ iltaja ila, yaltaji. 




Bethink, v, /^^ tazakkar, yata- 

zakkar; y^ tafakkar, yatafak- 

Betide, v. J-»- hasal, yah^al ; *A>»>ft- 

badas, yahdis. 
Betimes, adv. cs^^ ,J^ *ala waqt. 
Betoken, v, ^^5^ j^\ a^ar ila, yusir ; 

^Jst Jj dall *ala, yaduU. 
Bete AY, v. (jj^ han, yabun ; j*^ 

gadar, yagdir, yagdar. 
Betrayal, s. jJ^ gadr ; ^W^ hiya- 

Betroth, v. s-i**- hattab, yubattib. 
Betrothal, «. ^-Joa, hutba-t. 
Better, adj, adv, (^^^-^^ ahsan ; 

J^^ afdal; ^^ ahyar; s-^^ 

Better, v. ^\ aslab, yuslib ; ^ 

9allah, yu^allih ; J->— c^ a*dal, 

yu*diL — (morally) ^j<r^ ^ nag- 

sam sirat-bu, yunazzim. 
Bettor, «. l»j\^ mu^arit ; (j^^y* 

Between, Betwixt, prep, {^ ben ; 

{^ U ma ben. 
Bevel, s. h^\j zawiya-t; S^Saw* 

Beyeraqe, 8. v»^/i sarab ; ^j^ 

^arba-t; v»)rA^ masrub (pi. ^ 

Bevy, s. ^^ surba-t. — (of people) 

C^ fauj (pi. g;^ fuwuj, eV^ ^^- 

Bewail, v, ^J^ c^ nab *ala, ya- 

Beware, v. j^ bazar, yahzar ; 

j«xsft.\ ibtazar, yabtazir. 
Beware, interj. *^^\ f^ csJVj^ ayyaka 

summ ayyaka ; ;«W^ f$ j-W^ al- 

hazr summ al-hazr. 
♦ » — • . 

Bewilder, v. \J^c\ adbas, yudbis ; 

jiP- hayyar, yuhayyir. 
Bewilderment, s. Sj^*^ dabasa-t; 

,^Utojj^ indiba^ ; 6;,;*- hira-t. 
Bewitch, v. (by sorcery) ^^ raqa, 

yarqa ; ^^^ sahar, yashur. — {by 

personal charms) Ua^A sah^at, 

Beyond, adv, prep, \j^ waru, \j^ U 

ma wara ; j^ fauq. 
Bias, s. (pypjudice), f^^ wabm 

(pi. ft^^ auburn). — (inclination) 

Je^ mail. 
Bias, v, J** raayyal, yumayyil; 

«-a1oc *attaf, yu*attif . 
Bib, v. vy*» sarib, yairab ; s-^««* 

ta*abbab, yata*abbab. 
Bibber, s, ^j^ j^iTab ; s-si^ iir- 

rib ; s-»Wfi *abbab. 
Bible, s. (j-jA«3\ v»U^^ al-kitab al- 

muqaddas; «t>^j^^ at-taurat. 
Bid, v. (order) y^ amar, yamur. — 

(a price) ^^ *arad, ya*rid ; ^^/^\ 

a'rad, yu*nd. — (to bid adieu) £*>^ 

wadda*, yuwaddi*. — (6ui good 

^y) <J^ (^ sallam *aia, yuHal- 

Bide, v,a, (endure) ^^ ^ ^abar 

*ala, ya^bur ; J-^-s*-^ ihtamal, yah- 

tamil ; n, (abide) ^^\ aqam, yu- 

qim ; ^^jX- sakan, yaskun. 
Biennial, adj, (jj-^sju. J^ kull sana- 

Bier, s, «i>^^ tabut (pi. c:^6»^y ta- 

wabit) ; (jA.-*-> na*^ (pi. v-r»^ 

Bio, adj. ;<«^ kabir (pi. jW^ kibar, 

kubar) ; ^»Jac *azim (pi. j»V!i»c 

*izam, \— iJbc *uzama). — (with 

child) ^JLjft" hubla (pi. ^J^ ba- 

bala) ; SL»\^ hamila-t. 
Bigamist, s. (j^^/*W t^y^ muta- 

zawwij bi-imraten. 
Bigamy, s. ^\;^W ^^f^^ az-zijat 

Bight, s, (bay) ;^ baur (pl.j^^^ 

abwar) ; (^ft- jun. 
Bigot, Bigoted, adj, S'-a*^^ muta- 

*a8flib ; ^Jf^cM^ ta*a99ubi-y. 
Bigotry, s. s-^-a*? ta*a§9ub. 
Bigness, s. j^ kubr, kibr, kibar; 

f^ *uzm, ^igm, ^igam ; Wafi 

Bile, s. »/• mirra-t (pi. ^y* mirar) ; 

^^ 9afra ; \^y^ sauda, soda. 
Bilious, adj. c5^^;*-» 9afruwi-y ; Jk3^ 

\jiul\ muwallid as-^afra; v^^^*>^ 

Bill, s. (beak) j\&i^ minqar (pi. 

;«iU^ manaqir). — (pruning knife, 

&C') Jv^ minjal (pi. J^^U* ma- 

najil) ; JU> nnq9al (pi. J«-«Uu 




maqafil). — (printed advertise- 

ment) ijU^ kitaba-t. — (account) 

Si^L-a. hisab; s^U-sJ\ JUjU qaji- 

mat al-hisab. — (money order) 

^\^ hawala-t. — (of law) A-a.^ 

Billet, s. ^/^ tazkira-t (pi. /^^ 

tazakir) ; ^;^ waraqa-t ; ^j 

ruq*at (pi. gU^ riqa*). 
Billet, v. (quarter soldiers) {>)^ 

sakkan, yusakkin; Jy^ anzal, 

Billion, *^\ Uil\ Uii\ alf alf alf ; 

(^^ bilyiin. 
Billow, s, tr* mauj (pi. t^¥»\ am- 

Billow, v. 5^ maj, yamiij ; ^I^? 

tala^am, yatalatam. 
Billowy, adj, ^V^^ (J»^^ muta- 

la^im bi-*i-amwaj ; ^y mawwaj. 
Bin, s, v3^*3^^ ^andiiq (pi. ^32jUc ^a- 

Binary, adj. ^y^ musanna. 
Bind, v, W; rabat, yarbi^, yarbut ; 

J^ *aqad, ya*qid ; J^ji qayyad, 

yuqayyid. — (a book) •xl^ jallad, 

yujallid ; csJlU- ^a-bak, yahbik. 
Binding, s. s^*^ 5»»«V tajlida-t 

Biographer, s. ijtr^ s-^^ katib 

Biographic, a^j. j6^\ ^^ yahu?? 

Biography, «. lj<^ sira-t (pi. ;*- 

siyar) ; Ij^ tazkara-t. 
Biologist, «. ^ s-^*-^ ^ahib *ilm, 

&c. (See the following.) 
Biology, s, S^«J^ ^^ ^ v»W-^ ^ 

'ilm asbab wa ^awar al-hayat. 
Biped, adj, (^i)^) ^^ zu rajlen. 
Birch, s. (tree) "^f^ batula. — (rod) 

s-**-4* qadib (pi. (^W^ qudban). 
Bird, jt^ ^air, ^er (pi. j^ t^yur). — 

(small) j^*-afi ^a^fiir (pi. ^^-a^ 

Birth, «. SjS^ wilada-t ; S^ mi. 

Birth- DAY, ^S^ ^^ yom miladhu ; 

S^^\ Jk,jc *aid al-milad. 
Biscuit, s. tU— iB^ baqsimat. 
Bisect, v. ^ qata*, yaqta* ; *-A-a> 

na^af, yan^uf ; ^^ wassat, yu- 

Bisection, s. cJ L ya;J tan^if. 
Bishop, «. Utj^\ usquf (pi. aasU^ 

asaqifa-t, <-&iLi^ asaqif ). 
Bishopric, s, Ma-^ usqufiyat. 
Bismuth, s, ^Ju»fiJ\ dluJti^ marqa- 

^i^a-t al-qa^dir. 
Bit, a. (0/ a horse) *aU fakk ; ^^J 

lijam (pi. ^^ lujum, ^^^ alji- 

ma-t). — (small 'piece) i«i»i qit*a-t 

(pi. (^ quta*) ; v»^ lasiib, 

Bitch, «. l^ kalba-t ; SU3 la*a-t. 
Bite, v. (jAc *a4^, ya*ad4. 
Bite, Biting, s. ^^ *adda-t ; l^ 

Biting, adj. (severe, sharp) *)U. 

Bitter, adj. f murr (pi. ^f\ am- 

Bitterness, s, l^f marara-t. 
Bitumen, «.»♦*- humar; ^e**"**- hu- 

mair; ^y^ ya qafr al-yahud; 

U» naft. 
Bituminous, adj, ^Jo^>^ naf^i-y. 
Bivalve, s, ^^ mahar; Sjl^#« 

Blab, v, ^ namm, yanimm, ya- 

Black, adj, *y-^ as wad, f. \*iy» 

sauda (pi. ^ym sud) ; f^A ad- 
ham, f. UfcJ dahma (pi. *ifc*> 

duhm); ^\ akhal, f. JU^ 

kahla (pi. ^ kuhl). 
Black, «. (colour) *>^^ sawad. — (a 

negro) ^^\ as wad (pi. (^W^ 

Black-bird, «. j|/»A sahrur (pi. 

^;Wai saharir). 
Blacken, v, (make black) *y^ saw- 
wad, yusawwid. — (defame) f^zis^ 

sahham, yusahhim. 
Blackguard, s. i^"^ falati-y; 

^j^yM hulbii? (pi. ^"^ halabi- 

9a- 1). 
Blacking, s. kji b6ya-t, bfiya-t. 
Blackish, adj, *>^-w« muswadd; 

,^U^^ aswadani-y. 
Blacksmith, s, *>^j^ haddad. 
Bladder, s. ^^ masana-t; ^p^ 




mibwala-t. — (gall bladder) ij\f 

Blade, «. ^^ iia§la-t (pi. JW 

ni§al, J-a>^ an^ul). 
Blamable, adj, j»y3^ s-^^^ wajib 

al-laum ; fX^\ O ^*" " * musta- 

hiqq al-malani; ^ yulam. 
Blame, v, f>'^ lam, yalum; (*^ 

zamm, jazumm ; s-^«fi *ajjab, 

yu*ayjib; ^^ wabbah, yuwab- 

Blame, 8. f*^ laum ; l^S^ mazam- 

Blameless, adj, ^\j^ a^^ U ma 

*aleh *itab ; v»Ue IJ 1& yu'ab. 
Blanch, v.a, ^Ji^ bayya^, yubay- 

Bland, adj. f^^ halim ; Q>>y^ 

Blandish, v, »-At^ la^af, yulatif ; 

,3^ mallaq, yumalliq. 
Blandishment, «. 3^)U midafa- 

fa-t ; Jk^ tamliq. 
Blandness, «. ^^^ *uziiba-t; ^ 

hilm ; ^U^ wada*a-t. 
Blank, cwi/. (white) (j^\ abyad. — 

(empty) J^ hali. — (without 

rhyme) g^^-^ y6^ ger musajja*. 
Blank, «. (empty space) jj^ hu- 

lu; U»fi^&'. 
Blanket, «. <-.4^ lahaf ; «^V^ 

lihaf (pi. U^ luhuf).' 
Blaspheme, v, cJJ^ jaddaf, yu- 

jaddif ; y^ kaf ar, yakfur. 
Blasphemer, «. «^*^>^ mujaddif. 
Blasphemous, adj. vj*i»><r tajditi-y. 
Blasphemy, s, <-Aji»*«r tajdif. 
Blast, «. i^ nafha-t (pi. «t>^ -at). 
Blast, v. {blight) J**i zabbal, yu- 

zabbil. — («pZt^ rocA:« by gun- 

powder) jj» XB,jjQ,r, yutayyir. 
Blaze, s. ^ lahaba-t; s-^ 

Blaze, v.n. s-^ lahib, yalhab ; 

s-^ talahhab, yatalahhab ; s-^^ 

iltahab, yaltahib. — (spread news) 

^\ aihar, yii^hir. 
Blazon, s, (coat of arras) ^^ 

*alama-t (pi. fi^ *alam, ^^ 

*alayim) ; yUi ni^an (pi. {^^ 

my asm). 

Blazon, v. (decorate) fi^ a'lam, 

yu*lim ; {^} zayyan, yuzayyin. — 

(spread about) j^\ aihar, yusliir. 
Bleach, v, J^ bayyad, yubayyi^ ; 

yoi qa§9ar, yuqa^^ir. 
Bleacher, s. J^^ gassal. 
Bleaching, s. J«'>'>*a» tagsil. 
Bleak, adj, (cold) *yj^ band. — 

(cheerless) )^^ mukaddir. 
Bleakness, s. *^j» bard. 
Blear, adj. yo*^^ a'ma^, f. Wft 

'am^a (pi. yo*^ 'urn?). 
Blearness, 8. ^Ufi 'imaf. 
Bleat, v. <^ ba*a, yab'a; ,j«^ 

ma'a, yam*a ; g^** ma'ma^ yu- 

Bleat, «. iU**^ ma'ma'a-t. 
Bleed, v.n. j*^ ^ naqqat d&ni> 

yunaqqit ; ^*> JL. sal dam, yasil ; 

a. »x-i fa^ad, yaf^id, yaf^ud ; ^\ 

(^ f*^ ahaz dam min, ya'huz. 
Bleeding, s. S^Uft fa^ada-t (pi. 

Ja^-J fa^A'id). 
Blemish, s. s-^«fi *aib ; jVc *ar. 
Blemish, v. «x.*^^ afsad, yufsid; 

Uils\ atlaf , yutlif. 
Blench, v. ^^^ {«►; raja* li-wara, 

yarja* ; f^i^\ a^jam, juhjim. 
Blend, v.n. lobd.^ ihtalat, yahtaJit ; 

S;jU mazaj, yumazij ; a. laU. 

halat, yahlut ; ty* mazaj, yam- 

Bless, v. ^j^ barak, yubarik. — 

(Tuake happy) J^*^^ asa'd, yus'id. 

—(bless God) 6\1\ ^ ^akar 

allah, yaskur. 
Blessed, adj. «^^W^ mubarak ; ^^^^ 

sa*id ; JW^ tubaiii-y. 
Blessedness, s. SjU.« sa'ada-t ; 

^ baraka-t ; ^jt^ tuba. 
Blessing, s. ^ baraka-t; <^y^ 

tabarruk (both pi. ^ -at). 
Blight, s. ^jr^ hiss ; ^ ^irr, ^^^ 


Blight, v. <j**. hass, yahuss. 
Blind, adj. ^^^ a*ma, f. W^ 

*amya (pi. ^j4x *umi, ^Wi «um- 

yan) ; (jW*^ *amyan. 
Blind, v. (inake blind) ^J*^ 'amma, 

yu*ammi; ^J^\ a*ma, yu*mi. — 

(darken) f^\ ajlam, yuglim. 




Blind, 8, SjVs^ sitara-t (pi. ^\s^ sa- 

tayir) ; ^U^j bard4ja-t (pi. *£>\ 

Blindfold, v. &^^ W; rabat ain- 

hu, yarbit, jarbu^. 
Blindness, «. Uc *ama ; ^Uc 

Blink, s. (glance) ^ nazar (pi. 

J^\ angar) ; ^ talla-t. — (mo- 

ment) ^W lahja-t. 
Blink, v, ij^j rama^, yarmi^, yar- 

mus ; ^ gamaz, yagmiz ; ,jiji 

Afri^c barqaq *aine-hi, yubarqiq. 
Bliss, Blissfclness, s, SaU*. sa^a- 

Blissful, adj, *>^*—^ mas'ud. 
Blister, s, (swelling) ^As^ baq- 

biqa-t ; ^^ habba-t. — (plaster) 

S>i\^ harraqa-t. 
Blisteb, v,n. ^As>\ intafah, vanta- 

Blithe, Blithesome, adj. t^--^ 

mabsut ; oV;* farban ; J^yis^ 

Blithesomeness, 8, Vi>^\ inbisat ; 

^r^} babja-t ; SL\jsJ nasa^a-t ; 

^U^ ba^a^a-t. 
Bloat, v.a. ^ nafah, yanfub ; ^^^ 

warram, yuwarrim; «. (f^\ in- 

tafab, yantafib. 
Bloatedness, 8, ^ nafh. 
Block, s. (of wood^ &c,) ^y qur- 

ma-t; ^/ qirmiya-t (pi. ^^^f 

qirami). — (hindrance) gJU mani* 

(pi. ^\y» mawani*). 
Block, v. (stop) «-A5^ waqqaf, yu- 

waqqif; \J»^ has, ya^u^. — (a 

harbour, &c.) 7*^ ba^ar, yuha^ir; 

^JLc dLiU s^yb darab halaqiya-t 

*ala, yadrib. 
Blockade, s, lyo\^^ inuhai|ara-t ; 
jloft. bi^ar; ,j^ h^ s^/* darb 

balaqiya-t 'ala. 
Blockhead, s. ^y^ ahmaq ; J^^ 

balid ; A*5jb huka*a-t ; l^^ hu- 

Blonde, «. f-i^\ \^ iSaqra a^- 

Blood, «. (•*> dam (pi. Uj dima). — 

(kindred) s-^— * nasab. — (off- 
spring) ^y^ nasi. 

Bloody, adj, (stained with blood) 

^\q ^^ mulawwas bi'd-dam. — 

(sanguinary) J?V* qatil ; *«5U^ 

UjJ^ safEak ad-dima; t^ saf- 

Bloom, Blossom, y^j zabar; l^^ 

zahra-t ; ^y naur (pi. ^^\ anwar). 

— (0/ youth) o^yuc *unfuwan. 
Bloom, Blossom, v. y^j zabar, 

yazbar; ^'^ azbar, yuzbir; ^y 

nawwar, yunawwir. 
Blot, s. (stain, spot) SjtSf buq'a-t ; 

S^ nuqta-t (pi. ^ nuqat, ^^ 

niqat). — (morally) s^jt^ *aib (pi. 

v*^ *uyub). 
Blot, v. (stain) *^y law was, yulaw- 

wis ; gfij baqqa*, yubaqqi*. — 

(obliterate) ^^ wassab, yuwas- 

sih ; ^J^^ maba, yamhi, yamhii ; 

(^ nasab, yansab ; (jJLl* talas, 

Blotch, «. ^yA baqbuqa-t; j»^^ 

waram (pi. ff\)^\ auram). 
Blotch, v. (blacken) *>^ sawwad, 

yusawwid. — (spot) *A>y lawwas, 

yulawwig ; gfij baqqa*, yubaqqi*. 
BLOTTiNa-PAPER, 8. ^j^\ jj^ waraq 

al-ma§ii?; <^^\ j;^ waraq al- 

Blow, s, ^j^ darba-t ; ^^aU la^ia-t. 

— (into the face) WaJ latma-t. 
Blow, v. ^ nafah, yanfah, yan- 

fuh; s-^ habb, yahubb. — (the 

trumpet) &^W jj daqq bi-*l- 

biiqa-t, yaduqq. — (blow the nose) 

jyi bazar, yabzir; laabX^^ imtabat, 

yamtahi^. ' 

Blubber, s, f^^^ iahia (pi. f^y^A* 

Bludgeon, s, «t>^ nabbiit (pi. 

Vit-^W* nababib) ; ^j zaqla-t ; 

ii^— • miswaqa-t. 
Blue, adj. s3j)\ azraq, f. Vi^j garqa 

(pi. ^3)} zurq). 
Blue, Blueness, s. &^j) zurqa-t. 
Bluff, s. (steep bank) 6;J«s!« tahdi- 

ra-t ; j)*^ hadiir. 
Bluff, adj. ^ ^ \ ^ galig ; (j— A— *- 

Bluffness, s. ^"^ galaza-t ; &>Vj^ 



Bluish, adj. ^ji)\ fj\ JjU majil ila 

Blunder, s. ^ sahu ; ^Ul^ galta-t. 

Blusdee, V, Jj zall, jazill; U^ 
gal it, jaglat. 

Blunt, adj. •0\ !aU^ mugallaj al- 
hadd. — {of manner) la-i^ galU. 

Blunt, r. iJ^ gallag, jugalUg ; J^ 
akall, jukilL 

Bluntness, 8. AilU galaza-t; ft«>^ 

Blub, b. (stain) s-^d^ 'aib (pi. v*^ 

Blub, v. ^y wassah, juwassih. 

Blubt, v. u^^A harfas, jniharfii. 

Blush, v. y^ ahmarr, vahmarr. 

Blusteb, t7.^afe^\ iftahar, jaftahir; 
yfc^ fasar, jafiur. 

Blusteb, s. )y^ f usur ; jVa^jii^ ifti. 

Blustebeb, 8. ;V^ fa^saT ; fksA^ 

BoAB, 8. J^ jty^ binzir fahl. 

BoABD, 8. (plank) c^ lauh, lob 
(pi. cV^ alwah) ; cJ*> daff (pi. 
w>y»> dufiif) ; c^-^^ umsiih. — 
(fare) «y»i qut ; ^UL ta*am ; 
v>^** ma*as. — (of a ship) f^^ 
«*r*f^^ taraf al-markab. — (on 
hf*ard) s-^^ ^ fi-*l-inarkab. — 
(cover of a hook) SjuL*^ tajlida-t. 

BoAED, V, (cover with wood) s ■ * ^ 
ha.H.sab, yuha^^ib ; c^W \J»^ farai 
bi-*l-lauh, yafrus. — (enter a ship 
by force) l^ w^j^ ^J^ ^ XsAa,' ila 
markab quwwatan, ya^la* ; isM* 
w-^\ 6abak al-markab, yaibuk. 
— (furnish with food) {;y^^ f^\ 
aVatn bi-\-saman ; (;)^^ w£>U 
qat bi-'s-sainan, yaqut. 

BoAEiSH, adj. i^jiy^ hinziri-y ; 
ij(*^s9i babiini-y ; Mi gali?. 

Boast, v. f^\ iftahar, yaftahir. 

Boast, s. j^^ tafahbur: jU^\ ifti- 

Boastful, fi^Hu* muftabir. 
Boastfulness, 8.^ taffabhur. 
Boat, «. v^vi qarib (pi. v>;V qa- 

waril>) ; j^^j zauraq (pi. jjU; 


40 [Bom 

Bode, v.a. J^ J*> dall 'ala, yadull ; 

sr» ^^ anba bi, ytmbi. 
Bodice, s. Ijl^^ sudaira-t; ^j^j 

zabun (pi. ^'^ azbina-t). 
Bodily, adj. <^> > - ■■■ ■> jasadi-j ; 

^U—9- jismani-y. 
Bodkin, s. '^f^ mibraz (pi. f.^^*^ 

Body, s. J^-^ jasad (pi. *>^— -►^ aj- 

Bad) ; ^ ■ ■> jism (pi. i*^— ^^ 

ajsam) ; o*^ badan (pi. o^^ 

abdan). — (dead body) ^ jugsat 

(pi. viJt^jusas). — (collective body) 

Q4^ jam*. 
Boo, 8. ^U^— sabba-t (pi. t^ 

sibab) ; Is k -^-^^ masbaba-t ; ^^^ 

batiha-t (pi. ^4^ batayih). 
Boggle, v. jy»> ta'awwaq, yata*aw- 

waq ; v*^j^ irtab, yartab. 
Boggy, adj. ^Jlk^ sabbi-y. 
Boil, v.n. ^J^ g£kl&9 jagli ; a, ^^^ 

agla, yugli ; <3l- salaq, yasluq. 
Boil, s. (tumour) &iy^ baqbuqa-t ; 

f»j^ waram (pi. ff\jy\ auram). 
Boilee, 8. o^^ ma*un (pi. e^e^^r* 

mawa*in) ; aU huUa-t (pi. JW 

bulal) ; i^ji burma-t ; jt- satul 

(pi. jy^ sutul). 
Boisteeous, adj. tJL-lc 'a^if ; J^j»a 

Boisteeousness, 8. **►; rajja-t ; 

cWj;^ irtijaj ; &JA sidda-t. 
Bold, adj. yJ^ jasir; gV^ ^uja*. 
Boldness, s. S;Uj^ jasara-t ; icV^ 

Bole, s. (trunk) S-^ji qurma-t. — 

(bolus) ^^ balu*. 
Bolstee, 8. Sj^afe^ mibadda-t (pi. 

•^afc^ mabadd) ; al -^ masDad (pi. 

•^^— • masanid). 
Bolt, s. (dart) f^^ sabm (pi. ^V- 

sabam). — (of a door) (j*^j-> dar- 

bas (pi. ;^r*e?^;*> darabis). 
Bolt, v. {j^j*^ darbas, yudarbis. 
Bomb, s. s-^4^ bomb, bumb ; iyt^ 

qumbara-t (pi. ^Ui qanabir). 
Bombaed, v. ^Ui ^\ v.,-.^ ^^ darab 

bomb au qanabir, yadrib. 
Bombaediee, 8. ^-iaf\ v*\^ darrab 

al-qumbar; ^ ^ .»^ <.»i qumbar- 




Bombardment, s. pJii\ sy*j^ darb 

Bombast, s. a*5W^ mubalajja-t; 
l\ji\ if rat ; ^^ ^ ^ nafh fi- 

Bombastic, adj. *- ^C « mukallif. 

Bond, s. (tie) t^j ribat (pi. ia>VLVj^ 
riba^at, W; rubut) ; J<^ babl (pi. 
JW*" hibal, JiW habayil). — 
(fetter) y^) zanjir (pi. jt^^} 
zanajir). — (for debt) •x^ Ban ad 
(pi. j\j^\ asnad) ; c£)L~*J tamas- 
Buk (pi. *A>^ -at). 

Bondage, s. ^*>^ *abudijat. 

Bondsman, s. {^^ damin ; J->A^ 

Bone, s. ^ 'agra (pi. j»Vlie *izam, 

f^\ a*2uin). 
Boneless, adj. f>'^\ ^ U ma labu 

Bonfire, «. ^j^>c jV* nar *aidija-t 

(pi. o^x^ niran). 
Bonnet, s. (cap) S^^ qallusa-t (pi. 

u-J^ qalalis) ; \J»ji^ tarbus (pi. 

ij^\^ tarabis). 
Bonny, adj. (j->^ kuwayyis ; ^-^^ 

Bony, adj. ^J*^ *azmi-y. 
Booby, s. v>**-^ ahiiiaq ; ij^ tais 

(pi. (j*^ tuyus, (j*W*^ atyas) ; 

J> bahliil (pi. JJW» bahalil). 
Book, 8, s-»^kitab (pi. s-^kutub). 

— (division of a work) ^ juz ; 

s-»W bab. — (account book) y^*y 

daftar; iUjU qayima-t (pi. f^\^ 

qawayim) ; ,^^W hawi. 
Book, v. y:ij3\ ^^ ^ qayyad fi-'d- 

daftar, yuqayyid. 

Bookbinder, s. jJ^ raiijallid ; 
^W^ babbak. 

Book-keeper, s. v^W* mubasib. 

Bookseller, s. s-^^^ fW bayya* 

al-kutub ; ^^-^ kutubi-y ; «*JW« 

Boon, s, ^^j^ ni*ama-t (pi. ^ 

ni'arn); J^ fadl (pi. JUi^ 

Boon, adj. )yy^ masrur ; t^--^ 

Boon-companion, a, ^J^ nadim. 

Boor, s. ^^ galiz ; ^.y^\ ^J^ 

'adim at-tarbiya-t. 
Boorish, adj. ^^'U fallahi-y ; i^-i^ 

BooRisHNESS, 8. &U^ hasana-t; 

iibU gilaza-t. 
Boot, s. ^^ jizma-t (pi. sju\ -at, 

^^ jizam) ; J^jj zarbul (pi. ,y^\) 

Booth, «. (shed, cottage) ^ kub 

(pi. eV^ akwab, (^jV^ kiban)"; 

(jos- buBS (pi. ,^^ ab^a?). — 

(stall at a fair) (jjV^J dukkaa (pi. 

^;^^ dakakin); «t>yU. haniit 

(pi. yA^\f' hawanit). 
Booty, 8. ^^-ofc ganima-t (pi. ^Ui 

ganayim) ; ^^ nuhba-t ; i»J^*^ 

magnam (pi. ^U^ maganim). 
Border, 8. ^^ haffa-t; ^Ve. 

hasiya-t (pi. JbS^ hawa^i).— 

(boundary) •*»- hadd (pi. *)^J^ 

budiid) ; f^ tuhm (pi. j«^ 

tuhuin) ; ^T"-*-^ sagr (pi. ^|-*» 

Border, t7. J-a?^ ittasal, yatta^il ; 

f^\S tahain, yutahim 
Borderer, «. j^W* mujawir. 
Bore, v. (perforate) )j^ haraz, 

yahriz; s-^ naqab, yanqub; 

s-^ saqab, yasqub. — (annoy, be 

tedious) J^^ ainall, yumill ; Jcj 

za"al, yuza**il. 
Bore, «. J^^ raamlul ; J«y* mu- 



Borer, s. j;^^* mibraz (pi. j;Wt* 

mahariz) . 
Borough, s. hy* qarya-t (pi. ^^^ 

Borrow, v. jUx.-^ ista*ar, yasta'ir ; 

«-AUju.^ istaslaf , yastaslif ; [J>fJ^ 

iqtarad, yaqtarid. 
Borrower, a. ^yu-^ mustaqrid. 
Bosom, s. jA-» sadr ; (^^ hidn (pi. 

(^^-Aa- hudun). 
Boss, s. ^j^ hadba-t ; ^M» baq- 

Botanic, Botanical, adj, ^J\^ 

Botanise, v. s-"^ *a^^ab, yu'as^ib ; 

(j^U^ ^ lamra baiayis, ya- 






Botanist, s. «t>V5l{a3Vj UJ^U *arif bi- 

'n-nabatat; v*Vjlc *a^^ab. 
Botany, a, «i>V5L-;J^ ^ *ilm an-na- 

Botch, v. (patch) gij raqqa*, yu- 

Both, adj. "^ kilA, f. U^ kilta; 

(2)^3^ al-asnen. 
Bother, «. ^ saqla-t ; s-^ ta*ab ; 

<jl2^^ taswi^. 
Bother, v. ^J^ ija? saqqal *ala, 

yusaqqil ; ^)\ az*aj, yuz4j ; ^^ 

^jlc ^awwai *ala, yusawwis. 
Bottle, «. SjV qazaza-t (pi. yt^yi' 

qazayiz) ; £i^ qannina-t (pi. 

^^ qaDani) ; l^i^^ iSisa-t (Pers.) ; 

lj^j\i qarura-t (pi. >t;^y qawarir). 
Bottom, s. y»l qa*ar (pl.;^ qu*ur) ; 

s-Ac *uqb (pi. v*Uc^ a*qab, s-«c 

Bottomless, (uZ;. j^yS Ai ^ ma labu 

Bough, a. Sj^^ gu^na-t (pi. q)^^^\ 

ap§an, 0-»fe gusn) ; g;i far* (pi. 

e^> furuO. 
Bounce, «. (no we) i«5;S qarqa*a-t. 

— (untruthful boast) ^V-fci f usar. 
Bounce, «. (make a noise) giyJ 

qarqa*, yuqarqi*. — (leap) ^ na.% 

jamiU; s-^^ wasab, yusib. 
Bouncing, adj. ^^tJ^^ *azim (pi. 

^Vlhc *izam, Uic *uzaina). 
Bound, adj. (obliged) ^y-*^ mam- 

nAn. — (to a place) *x*oU qasid ; 

&^y^ mutawajjih. 
Bound, Boundary, s. •x*- hadd (pi. 

J^Jto. hadud). — (leap) ^ na^ta-t ; 

Sy&i qafza-t; S)^ qamza-t. 
Bound, v. (limit) *y>^^ haddad, yu- 

haddid. — (leap) see Bounce. 
Boundless, adj. .^e" 43 U ma la-hu 

Bounteous, Bountiful, adj. ,j:i^ 

sahi-y (pi. Wat-^ ashiya) ; m4 

kariin ; Ae.^^A^ 8js> yad-hu maiiu- 

ha-t (his hand is open). 
Bounty, s. ^— saha; fi^Vab— saha- 

ra-t; Sj^'jAda-t; j«j^ karam. 
Bouquet, s. y^j AiVj baqa-t zahar ; 

y^j la)y« mirba^ zahar. 
Bovine, adj. e^** baqari-y. 

Bow, V. iy^\ inhana, yanhani; 

gAs- hada*, yahdu*. — (in prayer) 

^ raka*, yarka*. 
Bow, s. (obeisance) U*^^ inhina; 

£^ hudu* ; ^y rak'at. — (for 

shooting) (j*** qaus (pi. ,^5-i 

qusi-y, (j-V' aqwas). — (knot) 

Sivac uqda-t (pi. J^ *uqad). 
Bowels, s. Ia*.^ ahsa ; \^\ am'a. — 

(compassion) ^^^^ safaqa-t. 
Bower, s. l^j^ *arisa-t (pi. (J^\^ 

Bowl, s. (vessel) W»W ba^iya-t (pi. 

tj^^ji bawa^i) ; h'^} zabdiya-t 

(pi. ^^\i) z&hkdi).—(ball) ii\l 

Box, s. (ca^e) J^J^** sandiiq (pi. 

jm jU-o sanadiq) ; W^ *ulba-t (pi. 

s-J^ *ulab) ; ^^ huqqa-tXpl. tj^ 

huqaq, jV«b. hiqaq). — (tree) ^j^J^ 

baqs. — (blow) ^iXJ lakina-t ; WaX 

Box, V. f^ lakam, yalkum; ^DJ 

talakam, yatalakam. 
Boy, s. JkJ^ waJad (pi. '>^^\ aulad) ; 

^Jf^ 9abi-y (pi. (jjW» ^ubyan, 

sibyan) ; f!^ gulam (pi. XUfc 

gilma-t, (^Ul& gilman, iUJGb^ agli- 

Boyhood, s. v>Wa ^bab ; ^f o t ^ 

6ubibiya-t ; S^W« ^abawa-t. 
Boyish, adj. i^ ^*i zii ^abwa-t. 
Boyishness, s. ^^ ^abwa-t ; £»j3^ 

Brace, s. (tie) SjJte *uqda-t (pi. JJic 

*uqad) ; Juj band (pi. *yj) 

bunud). — (pair) gjj zauj (pi. 

^\^j\ azwaj). 
Brace, v. (bind) J^ *aqad, ya*qid ; 

'^ sadd, yaiudd ; Wj rabat, yar- 

bit, yarliut. — (strengthen) <^y» 
! qawwa, yuqawwi. 
I Bracelet, s. ^y» siwar, suwar (pi. 
' Sj^\ aswira-t, ;^U^ asawir) ; gU*> 
i dumlaj (pi. gJUjdamalij) ; e^o 
I diimluj (pi. g<JUj damalij). 
Bracing, ac/;. <^^ muqawwi-y ; 

jxi^ mu^addid. 
Bracket, s. ^% kill&b (pi. w^% 

kalalib) ; ^Uc *uqqafa-t (pi. 

*-MV«c *aqaqlr^. 

Bba] 43 

Bbaceish, ddj, ^U malih. 
Bbaceishness, 8, l^^ miiliiha-t. 
Bbaq, t7. fi^\ iftahar, yaf tahir. 
Brao, 8, j\^^\ iftihar ; j\^ inikr. 
Braogabt, ^Ui f a^sar ; jsiJJb* muf- 

tahir ; cJUJ laggaf . 
Beaid, 8, (of hair) iy<M dafira-t 

(pi. ji\^ daf avir) ; ^Ja^ jadila-t 

(pi. JiW jadajil). — (trimming) 

«*-^W-* sajaf ; M*^ hasiya-t (pi. 

o*»V tawasi); !««/• 4ant (pi. 

ly* surut). 
Beaid, V, ^^ jadal, yajdil; /* 

daffar, yudaffir ; «-AJ laff, yaluff. 
Bbain, 0. ^ muhh (pi. i^Va^^ am- 

hah) ; ^Uj dimag (pi. liu^A ad- 

Brainless, ck^j. gU j !i^ bila dimag ; 

\J»^ maltus ; v*JLm* maslub. 
Bramble, «. v>«s^^ «^y tiit aU 

Bran, «. iaW nuhala-t; Sj^ rid- 

Branch, «. ^^j-afc gu^n (pi. (;5^^ 

ag9an, (^y>t gu|un) ; g/ far* (pi. 

e^/ f uriiO. 
Branch iNEss, 8, (^U&))^ Sy^ kasra-t 

Branchy, adj, (^\^'%\ jtt^ kasir al- 

*ag9an ; ^j^ mufarra*. 
Brand, «. Sj»^ jizwa-t (pi. <^J^ 

jiza, juzi) ; iJUAi ^u*ala-t (pi. J**^ 

su*al). — (m>ark) f^y wasm (pi. 

(•^^ wusiim). 
Brand, v, ^^ wasam, yasim ; ^^ 

laza*, yalza*. 
Brandish, v.ytr^ hazhaz, yuhaz- 

hiz ; cy» tawwat, yutawwih ; gj 

rajj, yarujj. 
Brandy, «. s^^j^ j;fi *araq frin- 

Brasier, 8. J&^ minqal, manqal 

(pi. J»U« manaqil). — (worker in 

hra88) (j*W nahhas. 
Brass, «. yu^ ^^^Isc^ nuhas a9£ar. 
Brassy, adj, (j*W» ^ min nuhas. 

— (impudent) W^- !i^ bila haya; 

M*« safih (pi. W^ sTifaha'). 
Bravado, «. JkiJie* tahdid ; s-*t^/ 

tarhib ; ^j9^ jahrama-t. 
Brave, cidj. £W*» ^uja* ; ^a^ saji* 


(pi. o^*%** ^uj*aa); ^j-Vj y zA 

bas ; J** fahl (pi. Jy^ fuhul). 
Bravery, «. £^1^ saja'at ; ^^ 

bu^Ma-t ; Ijstj^ jaza*na-t. 
Bravo, «. JJU qatil ; *s3Va- saffak ; 

c£X?U Mtik (pi. ^U* futtak). 
Bravo, interj. »«3Ulc ^Afak ; va>^M.. r >\ 

ahsant ; 'U«»a> hasanan ; «^^<3 &U 

li-'l-lahi darruk. 
Brawl, 8. ^Lui fitna-t ; ^^ bait ; 

tVfiA hiyat ; iji\d^ tahanuq. 
Brawler, 8, ^JS^ muhati. 
Brawn, «. (mu8cular part of the 

body) J-Ac *adal. — (bodily 8trength) 

ly» quwwa-t. 
Brawny, adj. J^ *adil. 
Bray, v. (a8 an ass) ^ nahaq, 

yanhaq. — (tn a mortar) v3^-» 

sahaq, yashaq. 
Bray, «. j^ nuhuq. 
Braze, t;. (solder) f^ laham, yal- 

Brazen, Brazier, see Brassy, 

Breach, s, (of walls, &c,) ^ naq- 

ba-t ; WVJ^ ^ l^;^ f athat fi-1- 

hayii; 4-J* §ulma-t (pi. ^ 

sulam). — (of an agreement) J^ 

'^\ naqd ai-'ahd. 
Bread, s, y«^ hubz. — (livelihood) 

Lr^ *ais. 
Breadth, «. ,>;« *ard. 
Break, s, y^ kasr (pi. j^— ^kusur) ; 

^*tU^ maqata'at ; £Ud»^ inqita'.— 

(break of day) j^T ^^«U» tal*at an- 

nahar ; f^\ ^JA ^q al-fajr. 
Break, v. j^ kasar, yaksir ; kas- 

sar, yukassir. — (a promise, faith, 

&c,) (^^ ban, yahun; v» y^ 

qa^^ar bi, yuqag^ir ; Jt^ naqa^y 

Breakfast, «. ^^ f u^ur. 
Breakfast, v. jok fa^ar, yaftar, 

Breast, «. jA« ^adr (pi. j^J^ ^udur). 

— (of a woman) (^^ ^^4^ (pl« 

0))^ hu^un) ; J^ nahd (pi. 

^^ nubud). 
Breath, s, u*^ nafas (pi. (j*UJ\ 

anfas) ; (j-AjJ tanafEus. — (^t/e) 

«^^ ^ayat; ^U.^ nasama-t. — 




(breath of air) ^*-— i nasim ; a^M 

Breathe, v, (j-^m^s tanaffus, yata- 

Breathless, adj, (^^^ajJ^ t^'^^ maq- 

tu* an-nafas. 

Breeches, «. J^jj/- sirwal (pi. Ji^^r- 

sanWil) ; (^W» tubban (pi. (^v 

tababin) ; .j— A^bA sahiur (pi. 

^Ua ^aha^ir). 
Breed, v. jJ^ walad, yulid; {^^ 

hadan, yadhun. — (rear) ,^j 

rabba* yurabbi. 
Breed, s. J— i nasi ; (^r*^ jii^s (pi. 

u*^ jiinus, (j-W^ ajnas). 
Breeding, «. ^/ tarbiya-t ; s-^^Vj 

ta'adib ; ^^S\ adab (pi. s-»^^^ 

Breeze, a. a^**^ nasim (pi. f\^ 

nisam) ; &^A nafha-t (pi. sxj\ 

-at) ; \yfc hawa (pi. ^yfcl ahwi- 

Breezy, adj. v^^y^ hawai-y. 
Brethren, s. (:)^y^\ ah wan. 
Breviary, s, u^/^^ «y\yLc v*US 

kitab salawat al-fard. 
Brevity, s. jWJ ijaz ; ^ dabt- 
Brew, v. Sj^^ J.4ii *aniil al-buza-t, 

ya*mal iy^ ^ tabah bira-t, 

Brewer, s, Sj^^ ^y^ *amil al- 

biiza-t; ^jcVfii fuqqa*i-y. 
Brewery, s. Sj»J^ ji*^ ma'mal al- 
buza-t ; gVaftSA J.**^ ma*mal al- 

Bribable, adj, J^^ mubaital, 

iS^f murta^i. 
Bribe, s, a_U»;> bartala-t ; J"-«^ 

bartil (pi. J^i^V baratil) ; S^; 

raswa-t (pi. <^\ rusa). 
Bribe, v. J^j^ bar^al, vubaitil; 

(jJ^^ dahan, yadhun ; \^j rasa', 

yarsi*, yarsu*. 
Brick, «. v»^ ^ub, tob ; »^o^/ qir- 

mid, qarmid (pi. J^->^^y>qaramid). 
Brick, v, <^f qannad, yuqarmid. 
B&iCK-BAT, 8, h^ t^ba-t. 
Bricklayer, a, J^j^ muqarmid. 
Bridal, s, ,j^f^ *urs (pi. (j-^^ 

a'ras) ; t^ farah (pi. cV^ afrah). 
Bridal, adj. ^^^ Mirsi-y. 

Bride, «. (j-jj;^ 'arus ; '^^f^ *ariiBa-t 

(pi. lHI^;^ *arayis). 
Bridegroom, a. (j^j^ 'aris. 
Bridge, a. SjJa** qan^ara-t (pi. ;tU5 

qanatir) ; ;— «► jisr (pi. ^^— ^ 

Bridle, a. j»^ lijam (pi. «t>^ -at, 

f^ lujuin, &^^\ aljima-t) ; (^^ 

*inan (pi. ^;^>- r *unan, iL-A-fi\ 

Bridle, t7. ^ lajjam, yulajjim ; 

f^\ aljam, yuljim. — (restrain) 

f¥^\ aljam, yuljim; ^ 4abat, 

Brief, «. la*- ha^t (pl- ^^ hutut) ; 

v»Uii^ intihab ^j raqm (pi. 

f^ij\ arqam). 
Brief, adj, jt^ qasir ; ^-asft## muq- 

Brier, «. *^y^ ^auk, sok (pi. *^\jt»\ 

aswak) . 
Briery, adj, *s5y» ^*> zu ^auk ; *^^ 

sayik ; d^yt^ mu^wik, mu^aw- 

Brig, Brigantine, s. v*^^ gurab 

(pi. ^yt\ agriba-t). 
Brigade, s. h/^ ^ tirqa-t 

'askariya-t (pi. v3/ nraq) ; ^y 

liwu (Turk.). 
Brigadier, s. &ij^ w^) ray is 

firqa-t ; \^ ja^ mir liwa. 
Brigand, s. ^^^f- harami-y ; fVLs 

^;^^ qatta* at-tariq ; Jj lu?? 

(pi. u»^ lu8U8, j»^\ al^A?). 
Bright, adj. j\ji barraq; g^5 

lami* ; ^JJ^ mudi ; jt^ munir ; 

o^ jali-y. 
Brighten, v.a. g ♦ ^ lammaS yu- 

lammi* ; J^^ jala, yajli ; ». Jq=*\ 

injala, yanjali. 

Brightness, s. oPjy raunaq; W 
jila ; 6^ jalwa-t; ^ 4ija ; ^iu3 
lam'at ; Ul» sana. 

Brilliancy, s., Brilliant, adj. 

see Brightness, Bright. 
Brilliant, s. <j-U3^ almas ; (j*U3^ 

o^^ almas birlant. 
Brim, «. ^^ haffa-t, a^W hafiya-t 

(pi. o*^>»- hawafi) ; ^ fura (pi. 

j»Ui^ afuiam, My^ ulwah). 




Brim, v.a, %• mala, yamla ; n. ^JUJ 

tamalla, jatamalla. 
Brimming, Brimful, adj. ^^^ ^U^ 

f^\ mam 111 ila-*l-fum. 
Brimstone, «. «hi^ kibrit. 
Brine, «. ^U U ma' malih. 
Bring, v. v*W jab, yajib ; s-J^ 

jallab, yujallib ; v* ^J^ ata bi, 

yati. — {cause to come) ^^^^ wadda, 

yuwaddi. — (bring about) J^ 

kammal, jukammil. — Qyriug 

forth children) ^^ walad, jalid. 
Brink, s. ^^ t^'raf (pi. u\^\ 

Briny, adj. ^U malih. 
Brisk, adj. ^Ai na^H. 
Briskness, s. l>Ui nasa^. 
Bristle, s. j>y^ f^J^ sa*ar hinzir. 
Bristle, v. ij^\ innafad, janna- 

fis ; s-^ qabb, jaqubb. 
Brittle, adj. ^^iSil\ f^ym gan* al- 

inkisar ; s-J»«i^ gi/- sari* al-'afb ; 

^J^\^ wahi. 
Brittleness, 8. s-^U\ £e^ sur'at 

al-*atb; jU^:J\ ic^ 8ur*at al- 

Broach, a. (spit) ^-a^ sih (pi. t^^ 

asyah). — (ornament) j>f qur? 

(pi. u^y^ aqra?). 
Broach, v. v^ saqab, yasqub; 

*«^ sakk, yaiukk. — (a cash) Jy» 

bazal, yabzul. 
Broad, adj. c/j;* *arid. 
Broad-cast, s. ^^ bazr ; ^ nisar. 
Broad-side, «. ^^1«J^ J^ jJMb^ 

0^ei*J^ s-^^ (^ i^laq kull al- 

madafi' min jamb al-galyun. 
Brocade, s. eWi^ dibaj ; ^juu. 

Broil, s. Jp^ tabanuq ; ^3i^U-» 

mu^ali^a-t ; ^/s takrar ; l^y^ 

ha^iima-t ; ^^ ladad. 
Broil, v. ^y^ sawa, ya^wi ; ^awwa 

yuiawwi; s-^ kabbab, yukab- 

Broker, s. J1J*> dallal (pi. {^"^^ 

dallalin) ; jLi*4>«« samsar (pi. 

^ ; '*U.>. samasira-t). 
Brokerage, s. ^!)^ dalala-t; ift\ 

J5jJ\ ujra-t ad-dallal; S;*-4— 


Bronze, s. j^\ (j^^ nuhas a^far ; 

tf tiij (Turk.). 
Brood, v. (J»if^\ J^ Jui^ raqad *ala- 

*l-bed, yarqud ; {^^ hadan, yah- 

dun. — (in thought) j^ admar, 

Brood, s. AJ-ft»- haclua-t ; ^ji qar- 

qa-t ; ^J>J^ 9U9 (pi. ^;) W*» ^i^an) ; 

i- 5i faqsa-t. 
Brook, s. ^^ saqiya-t (pi. ^^y» 

sawaqi) ; <4;^h* majra (pi. <4;W* 

majari) ; J^«^ jadwal (pi. J;W 

Brook, v. ^J^ p^ ^abar *ala, ya?- 

bur; J-**"^ tahammal, yataham- 

Broom, s. (plant) f$^ ratam; J^j^ 

wazal. — (besom) ^ L m ^ miknasa-t 

(pi. (j-iV^ makanis) ; &Aa* mu- 

Broth, s. ^j^ iSurba-t ; ^f mara- 

qa-t ; ^S^ul* masluqa-t (pi. vi^^****^ 

Brothel, s. *>V— a5^ c>t^| bet al- 

fasad ; ;ys*^ mahur (pL ytA-^y* 

Brother, s. t^ ah, ^^ ahii (pi. l^\ 

ihwa-t, (:)^y^\ ah wan). — (by the 

same mother) < 3 a ^ - iSaqiq. — 

(brother-in-law) j^ §ahr. 
Brotherhood, «. ^^ iha* ; hf^\ 

Brotherliness, s. ^^ uhuwwa-t; 

S^ huwwa-t. 
Brotherly, adj. ^^f\ ahawi-y. 
Brow, s. (forehead) {^^rt^ jabin(pl. 

(j-rt-^ ajbun, &^^ ajbina-t) ; ^^i^ 

jabha-t (pi. «t>^ -at) ; l^^ 9ul*at. 

— (eye-brow) s-^^ hajib (pi. 

s-^^^ hawajib). 
Browbeat, v. w^^ ta'abbas, ya- 

ta'abbas ; «-Aa£ *annaf, yu'annif ; 

cJ^ hawwaf, yuhawwif. 
Brown, adj. j4-^\ asmar, f. \j4^ 

samra (pi. ^4^ sumr). 
Brownish, adj. ^J\j4-A asmara- 

Brownness, s. ^j4-^ 8umra-t ; ^U^ 

Browse, v. ^jCj ra*a, yar'a; <^j\ 

irta'a, yartai ; gSj rata', yarta*. 




Bruise, 9. ^) ra4da-t ; J-^J^ ^ad- 

tna-t ; ^*y da^^t. 
Bbuise, V, •^-ij raddad, yura^did ; 

[j^j^) radrad, yuradrid ; \J»sjb»^ 

da^das, vudasdi^. 
Brunette, «. ';-•— samra, (f. of 

j4^\ asmar, pi. ^4— sumr). 
Brunt, s. aUc*. hamla-t ; a^j^ sad- 

ma-t; f^>i^^ i^^idam. 
Brush, «. ^ji furiSa-t ; ^U«^^ bar- 

^ima-t; £«&J(^ muqasiia-t. 
Brush, v. 3U^^V) c^ na^zaf bi- 

'1-bar^ima-t, yunazzif ; ^ - >• 

^yJVj masah bi-'l-furiSa-t, yam- 

san. — (touch slightly) Uub haff, 

yah iff. 
Brushwood, s. \J»^ hurs (pi. 

\J»\f-\ ahrai) ; ^-s©^ gai^a-t (pi. 

u*W^ gayad). 
Brusque, adj, M^ galig ; ^j-a^ 

Brusqueness, «. ^)U gilaza-t; 

£>U^ ha^ana-t. 
Brutal, ad;. ^JW^ J^ misl al- 

bahayim ; ^^ zalim. 
Brutalise, v.a. {J^^ wahhas, yu- 

wahhis ; ^ balam, yablam. 
Brutality, s, Uiiy mazlama-t; 

^ zulm ; ^^ fazaza-t. 
Brute, s, ^*«6} bahim, ^U^^} bahi- 

ma-t (pi. ^^ bahajim). 
Brutish, cw?;. ;j4«<j6> bahimi-y. 
Brutishness, 8. ^«>4.<»6} bahimiya-t ; 

iL^^ bahama-t; ^Ua. hama- 

Bubble, s, UJ\ i^*<>2) baqbuqa-t 

al-ma. — (cheat) ^ mikr ; vA^ 

Bubble, v. (a« water) ,^ gO'la*; 

yagli ; Ok** baqbaq, yubaqbiq. 
BuccANiER, «. s-^/* s-»^/* darrab 

marakib ; tUi qai^at (pi. i^U* 

Buck, «. tr-<s* tais, tea (pi. ^j*^ 

tuyus, ^j^\ atyas, ^^--is> tiyasa-t, 

\^^c^ matyusaj ; f^ zakar (pi. 

^^^ zukiir). 
Bucket, «. ^*> dalu, dalw (pi. 5*> 

dila); jVki^ mintal ; Jl*- satal 

(pi. jy^ satul). 
Buckle, «. ^^ tazim, ^ji\ ibzim, 

abzim (pi. ^jW^ abazim); ^i^ 

bukala-t (pi. ^\ -at). 
Buckle, v. fjv^ !»&- t^U ibzim, ya- 

hutt; ^jWi^ *«M» ^bak al-aba- 

zim, yasbik. 
Buckler, «. (j-y turs (pi. \^^f 

turus, ij^j^ atras) ; Ai^*> daraqa-t 

(pi. J[;*> daraq, j^j^\ adraq). 
Bud, 9. j) zarr (pi. j\jj\ azrar) ; (^ 

*aiii (pi. (:)^ 'uyun). 
Bud, v. ^ bazz, yabuzz ; j^^y tazar- 

rar, yatazarrar. 
Budget, «. J^J^^ v-AjjU* ^ j^^\ &b>3 

"W- layiha-t irad wa ma^arif 

ad - duwal sanawiyyan ; v>L«a. 

^ W;5fc- ) *>X^\ Jys-J^* tisab mad- 

bul al-bilad wa mahrajat-h& ; 

^W*^ ma4bata-t. 
Bupp, 8. (j^yW •^ jild jamiis. 
Buffalo, s, (j-^W- jamcis (pi. 

{jx^f^ jawamis). 
Buffet, «. ^^ lakma-t. 
Buffet, v. ^ lakam, yalkam. 
Buffoon, 8. S^ab— -• mashara-t (pi. 

^L-*« masahir). 

Bug, 8, v3» l>aqq; (i)-**^ v3» baqq 

miintin ; ^ >*. A .*< i fasfasa-t, (j^VaIj 

fisfas (pi. <j^L-i fasafis). 
Bugbear, «. JUd. hijal ; Jj^ tah- 

wil (pi. Ji^Vfl? tahawil). 
Bugle, «. jy buq (pi. «t>^ -at, j^^\ 

Build, v. ^^xj bana, yabni ; ^.♦^ 

'ammar, yu*ammir. — (a ship) 

•^ madd, yamudd. 
Building, W bina (pi. ^\ abni- 

ya-t) ; S^Uc *imara-t. 
Builder, «.^U*^ mi*inar ; W banna. 
Bulb, s. J-a> bagal ; (j*\^ ras. 
Bulbous, adj. ^J^ ba^ali-y. 
Bulk, «. W^c *azama-t ; fS^ 'uzm ; 

3»>i qadr.— (0/ a ship) s-^^ ^^ 

hinn al-markab. 
BuLKiNEss, 8. i^Urf>. jasama-t. 
Bulky, adj, f^tr^^ jasim; j^ 

Bull, «. jJ §aur, sor (pi. ^jj^^ts* 

siran, ^^y^ as war ).—(Pa;>aO % 

WWi^^ bara-t al-baba (pi. «y^^^^ 

Bullet, «. ^U*^ ra^a^a-t. 




Bullion, s, p» tibr ; ^^^W^ sabika-t 
f (pi. *^^ sabayik). 
Bullock, s. o-»at* jy sor mah^i-j. 
Bully, s, Acy;^ mutawa"id; *>.^s^ 

Bully, v. J^y tawa"ad, yatawa*'ad ; 

JJ^ tahaddad, jatabaddad. 
Bulrush, s. ^i^ halfii' (pi. «--AU 

huluf) ; J-^ asal ; (:)^;>s^ baizu- 

Bulwark, «. c;j burj (pi. 5^^*^ 

abraj) ; *«»^ tabiyab (TwrA:.). 
Bump, «. f»j^ waram (pi. f\jy\ 

Bump, v. ^tLJ lata^, yaltu.4; v3*> 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Bumper, s. f^Jqadab (pi. c^Ji^ 

Bumpkin, s, ^^j-a^ ba^in ; K^ galiz. 
Bun, «. j:>/ qur? (pi. ^^^ aqra?, 

^/ qira^a-t). 
Bunch, «. t>j/» mirbat ; ^^ baqa-t. 

— (0/ grapes) ^yuc *anqud. 
Bundle, «. ^^^ huzma-t (pi. ^ 

huzara) ; Sj^ jurza-t (pi. j;^- 

jiiraz); 8.>A ^adda-t (pi. *>ja 

Bundle, v. ^^ bazam, yahzim. 
BuNo, 8. J*^^ Sj^ju. sidada-t bar- 
mil (pi. Jkj^Ju* sadayid) ; J^^ 

bizal, buzal. 
BuNo, V, Jt>^^^ J^ sadd al-barmil, 

Bungle, s. Jalfc galat ; ^^ galta-t. 
Bungle, v. ^^ galit, yaglat ; ^J^ji 

barqai, yubarqiiS. 
Buoy, s. »;J^Ua iSamandara-b. 
Buoy, v. (keep afloat) <^V* fa^, ya- 

fu^ ; ^W *am, ya*um. 
Buoyancy, s. (vivacity) tlAJ naiat ; 

^^ bafiPa-t. 
Buoyant, adj, ^oJJ nasit. 
Bur, 8, (:)y^j^ arqatiyun; oUlf 

balsak, bilsik; vaX*- ,J^ vj*^ 

'ammi buzni ma'ak. 
Burden, «. ^^ saila-t ; aU*. bam- 

la-t. — (of animals) J*^ baml (pi. 

JUft.^ ahmal). 
Burden, v, (load) J4^ bammal, 

yuhammil. — (opnress) ,^ Ji^ 

saqqal 'ala, yu§aqqil. 

Burdensome, adj, s-*** 9a*b; 

s-*s*« mut*ib ; Je^ gaqil. 
Burg, «. (borough) ^^ qa^aba-t; 

^ balad. 
Burgess, Burgher, s. ^ {^\ ibn 

balad (pi. JJi» ^IJ^^ aulad balad) ; 

<^jJl? baladi-y. 
Burglar, «. jjV-. sariq (pi. viV* 

Burglary, s, ^*- sarqa-t, sariqa-t. 
Burial, s. 6jW janaza-t ; ;^*> dafn ; 

^jJ tadafEun. 
Burial-place, s. l^t^ maqbara-t. 
Burlesque, s. ifii'*^ masbara-t 

(pl.^L-^ masabir). 
Burliness, «. i^U^ jasama-t. 
Burly, adj, ^ a ■■■■■ '» jasim. 
Burn, v, sif- baraq, ya^riq; s;^fA 

ahraq, yubriq. 
Burner, s, ^3)^^ muhriq. 
Burnish, v, Ji* saqal, yasqul. 
Burnish, «. Ja* ^aql ; j^ §iqal. 
Burnisher, s, J^ ^aqqal, Jfi^ 

saiqal (pi. JiU* sayaqil). 
Burst, «. jjyi f azr. 
Burst, v,n, ^'^\ infazar, yanfazir ; 

^ tafazzar, yataf azzar ; gU 

faqa*, yafqa* ; a, ga* faqqaS yu- 

Bury, v, ^^*> dafan, yadfin; ^ 

qabar, yaqbir, yaqbur. 
Bush, s, Llt*y dagala-t; ^L«&«& 

gaida-t (pi. u*W^ giyad). 
Bushel, s. JtX« mikyal (pi. J>V5U 

makayil) ; jl^ madd (pi. *>^jl^^ 

Business, s. (affair) jAfl* ^ugl; 

aUa. ^ugla-t (pi. J^*A»^ aigal).— 

(profession) ^iu« ^an'a-t. 
Buss, 8. ^ji bausa-t ; ^-^ las ma- 1. 
Buss, v. (j*W bas, yabus ; ^ lasam, 

Bust, s. J^^Ui^ timsal; (^U.*»3^ ^J^\J l^yo 

ftjju» ^ surat ras al-insan wa sadr- 

Bustle, v. ^}^\ idtirab; gW;^ 

irtijaj ; l^^ rajja-t. 
Bustle, v, *^f^ tabarrak, yata- 

Busy, adj. Jy^^^ maigiil ; J*sJU 





But, conj, {^ lakin ; U\ amma. — 

{except) S\ ilia. 
Butcher, s. v*U5 qa^sab ; ^yt- jaz- 

zar ; jjflti-* musaqqia. 
Butchery, s, {slaughter) JiSi qatl ; 

^»i zabh. — {slaughter-house) ^)y^^ 

Butler, «. ^^ saqi (pi. «t>U-. 

8uqa-t, j^yu 8uqi-y, ^Ji» suqqa). 
Butt, v. ^ natah, yan^ah ; ^^ 

tana^ah, jatanatah. 
Butt, s. (cask) &^ battiya-t (pi. 

^W batati. — (target) cJXJfc 

hadaf (pi. ^^J^^ ahdaf) ; ^^Ui 

Butt- end, a. (of a gun) j»xii qau- 

daq (pi. j*>Ui qanadiq); Sjk^/ 

Butter, s, Sj^j zibda-t; (j— •— 

Butter, v. ^ Sj^j ^ hatt zibda-t 

*ala, yahutt ; eh*— samman, yu- 

Butterfly, s. )^^ farfiir (pi. ^\y 

farafir) ; ^\^ faras ; ftjll* ba^- 


Buttermilk, jt^ §amir; (^^eafe^ 

Buttery, adj. <^J^3 zibdi-y. 
Buttock, s, ^^a1^ halfani-y ; ^J\% 

warani-y ; cJJj; ridf (pi. u\^^ 

Button, «. y^ zurr, zarr (pi. ^\)j^ 

Button, v. ;j;j zarzar, ynzarzir; 

j)jy tazarrar, yatazarrar. 
Button-hole, s. Sj;^ *irwa-t (pi. 

v^/i *ira). 
Buttress, s, {J^ kabs (pi. \>W^ 

akbas) ; *>^W *amiid (pi. ^V*^^ 

Buxom, adj. ^««««^ basim ;> ^ >• 

mushin ; i^V^^A^ midhak. 
Buy, v. ^sj^ i^tara, yastari ; ^^\ 

ibttV, yabta*. 
Buyer, «. ^j\jb» ikvi (pi. ^/^ 6urra) ; 

^^y^M* mustari ; £^a«^ mubta*. 
Buzz, v. j^j^ wazwaz, yuwazwiz ; 

(^) zann, yazinn. 
Buzz, s. Sj^j^ wazwaza-t. 
By, prep, (near to) J^c *and. — (ft// 

f^e instrumentality of) •M bi-yad. 


Cab, ^;fi *araba-t. 

Cabal, a. ^^/» murabata-t ; ^--*— > 
dasisa-t (pi. u*-*^^ dasayis) ; 
3L--ac *a8ba-t (pi. s-^-»c *u8ab). — 
(Jewish tradition) ^Li qabala-t. 

Cabbage, «. *^/ kiirumb ; cJ^aU 
malfM; J-2} baql (pi. J^ 

Cabin, s. aj^s. hazna-t ; ^y^ kama- 
ra-h ; S^y^ miariya-t (pi. «^^ 
-at, <4;^-»^ ma^ari). 

Cabinet, s. (chest of drawers) ^y^ 
hazna-t ; v»3^*> dulab (pi. s-^t^*> 
dawalib). — (private room) f«>4fc^ 
mahda* (pi. £^U^ mahadi*) ; 
l^ halwa-t (^sy^ halawi). — 
(jgovemment council) {^ji'^ oV** 

X-J^aJ^ diwan mudabbirio ad- 

daula-t ; ,j©^ oV*^ diwan hass. 
Cabinet-maker, s. jW najjar. 
Cable, s. Je^ habl (pi. JW*- feibal) ; 

^^^ kumana-t. 
Cacao, s. a»Sj$^^ i^ loz ai-soko- 

lata-t ; <^>>-sJfc )^ loz hindi-y. 
Cackle, v. ^/ qaraq, yaqruq ; ,jjJ& 

naqnaq, yunaqniq ; WU ba^bat, 

Cackle, s. jy> qarq ; ^^fi^ naqna- 

Cadaverous, adj. ks^^\ J^ misl 

al-mayyit ; ^Jit^ ji^i-y. 
Caddy, 'J^\ IM *ulba-t a.4-^i. 
Cadence, s. g^r- saj* (pi. £^*-^ 

asjaS e^-^^ asaji*). 




Caqe, 8. jam qafa9 (pi. gpUkJ\ 

Cage, v. (j^Ai qaffas, yuqaffis. 
Caitiff, s. <^^t»^ habis (pi. ^i^^d. 

hubus) ; ;!/* ^rrir (pi. reg.) ; 

ij^*y danis. 
Oajole, v. <3)U mallaq, jumalliq ; 

v3^ tamaUaq, yatamallaq ; UcLi 

la^af, julafif. 
Cajoleby, 8. jkW tamliq ; ^^^ 

muwajaha-t ; ^%» mulatafa-t ; 

^W* muhayala-t. 
Cake, s. ^f qur? (pi. \j^f^ aqras) ; 

•iW ka'k; U^^ ragif (pi. iAfc,\ 

argifa-t, <-A*j ruguf). 
Cake, v. ^j rasah, yarsuh. 
Calamitous, a<(/. u^^>^^ manh^s ; 

{j^e^ nahis ; f»y^^ ma^^m. 
Calamity, b, ^W dahiya-t (pi. 

^Jfc^^^ dawahi) ; ^^«-»» mu^iba-t 

(pi. s-^U* ma^ayib) ; Itk baliya-t 

(pi. \% balaya). 
Calcaseoxis, adj, ^j*^ kilsi-y. 
Calcine, v, ^^Ji* kallas, yukallis. 
Calcination, «. {^^4^ taklis. 
Calculate, v, s « hasab, yah- 

Calculation, %, s^U^ hisab. 
Calculus, a. {stone in ike bladder) 

Ua. ha^a ; Sl^ sihla-t. — (different 

tial and integral) ^ ^J^\As^\ ^ 

<j-UsX^ *ilm at-tafa^uli wa at- 


CaLDBON, 8, Jk« satl (pi. J^a.. 

sutM) ; (^\y qazan. (See Boileb.) 

Calendab, 8. Asi^l\ s^b^ kitab at- 
(abha-t ; tyt^ matbuh ; ^^JB 
taqwim; Sj1j\ ^\i\ s^L.^ ^isab 
ayyam as-sana-t; ^^}}) riiz- 

Calendeb, 8. ^^^ milzama-t. 

Calendeb, v. J&o 9aqal, ya^qal. 

Calf, 8. Jv^ 'ijl (pi. J^v^ *ujiil); 
SX^ 'ijla-t (pi. JW^ *ijal).— (o/ 
{he leg) <3^\ ^^ lahm as-saq ; 
Jft^\ &U^ samana-t ar-njl. 

Calibbb, 8, iWfi *iyar. 

Calico, b, f*^ ham ; u>^ ^it. 

Caliph, 8. ^J^ halifa-t (pi. U^^ 
balayif, VALk hulafa). 

Calipoatb, «.^!U ^ilafa-t. 

Calk, v, (a 8hip) «-Aii qalaf, yaq- 
lif ; UU qalf at, yuqalfit. 

Call, v. «*^ nadah, yandah; tj 

Lyyat 1 

farah, ya^ruh; J W^ *ayyat li, 

yu'ayyit.— (name) _ 

yusammi. — (visit) M zar, yaz^r. 
Call, 8. Vcj du'a (pi. t^\ id'iya-t) ; 

S^ 9arha-t. — (visit) Sj^J ziya- 

Calliqbafsy, 8, ^\ {^^^*^ ^nsn 

Calling, s. (profession) ^^ y- 

fa-t (pi. Ui^ hiraf); i»^ sa- 

na*a-t. — (religious) ^^^ i^\ 8»e«> 

da'wa-t 'allah ta<ala ; h\'^ liid&. 

ya-t ; 1*^^ ilham. 
Callosity, s, (^^•> diihas; ^Uj 

daman ; s-«*^ qasab. 
Callous, adj, s-^-u^ muqa^^ab; 

^^jo^ mutadammin. — (^rc2enee{) 

(Udbii\ A>*xe <adim a^-iafaqa-t ; 

^^^V» qasi. 
Callousness, s. S^^^ qas&wa-t. 
Callow, adj, {^j h bila riiS. 
Calm, ad/. <^*>^ hadi ; c^ mur- 

tah. — (of the sea) e>^j rafcn. 
Calm, s. ^W^ gaUna-t; ^^\ ^J^ 

hudu ar-rih. 
Calm, v. ^j rayyat, yurayyih ; (^ 

sakkan, yusaklan ; <^J^\ ahda, 

Calmness, s. Wj raha-t; ^J^ 

Calomel, s. *a«'«« JMJ zibaq mu- 

Calobic, 8. ^j\j^\ SjU m^ddat al- 

harara-t ; y^ hamw. 
Calumniate, v, ^J^ ^ namm 'ala, 

yanimm, yanumm ; ^J^ ij>x^^ 

if tara 'ala, yaf tari ; s^ ^^ wa^a 

bi, ya^i. 
Calumniatob, 8, f*Ui nammam; 

ijyn^ muftari; ^Jb^\^ wa^i (pL 

«£>U^ wu^sat). 
Calumny, 8. ^U^ namima-t ; \jsi\ 

if tira ; ^U^ wi^aya-t ; ^Wj buh- 

tan ; cJJkS qazf . 
Calye, V, iji^\ u>*A^ wa4'at al- 

baqara-t, ta4a^ 
Calyx, s. ^ kimm (pi. j^U^ kimam, 

^US^ akmam). 




Cambbic, 8. «*^r^^ kambrik. 
Camel, «. J?^ ibl (pi. JV)\ abal) ; 
^ Wir (pi. /i^\ aba*ir, Q)\j»i 
bu'arun, S^^ ab*ira-t). — (male) 
J.^ jamal (pi. JW jimal). — 
(female) ^^ naqa-t (pi. *a>\ -kt, 
jy nuq). 
Camel-dbiver, 8. J W jammal (pi. 

8 -at, (:)) -un). 
Cameo, 8. y^^ jauhar (pi. y^^y^ 

Camomile, «. g*^W babiinaj ; (^y^\ 

Camp, s. ^^^^^ (<^^j^^) 'urdi (TwrA;.) ; 

j ^M^ ma'askar. 
Camp, v. ^y>J^ s-^ na^ab *urdi, 
yan^ub ; f^t^ hayyam, ynhay- 
yim ; Jy nazal, yanzil. 
Campaign, «. /<- safar (pi. j\i^\ 
asfar) ; v»;-»- barb (pi. v»j)^ 
hurub) ; S^yfe gazwa-t ; *>W jihad. 
(plain) j6-» sahl, ^i!le- sahla-t 
(pi. J^ suhul) ; ^Ur^ fasha-t. 
Camphor, 8. ^y^ kufur. 
Can, 8. tj^ bakraj (pi. ej^ baka- 
rij, Turk,) ; <3«;»^ ibriq (pi. <3«;^^ 
Can, v. j^ qadir, yaqdar, (vnlg. 
qadar, yaqdir) ; j<^\ inqadar, 
yanqadir ; (^j^^ imkan, yumkin 
(impers. with pronominal suffix ; 
lit it enables me, &c.) ; J^ taq, 
yatuq ; gUflJu#\ istata*, yastati*. 
Canal, 8, BUS qana-t ; ^Us qan&- 
ya-t (pi. sJ\j^ qanawat, ^^ 
aqniya-t); ^ balij (pi. ^ 
huluj, (^W^ huljan). — (duct in 
the body) ^sj^^ majra (pi. <4;W^ 
Canary, 8. j\^ huzar >)f^ 'a^f Ar ; 

lij^ qanariya-t ; jUs kinar. 
Cancel, v. W» mahil, yamhu, yam- 

hi ; ^--i nasah, yansah. 
Cancer, «. (disease) M akila-t; 
ii\^) ri*aya-t ; o^T* sarafan. — 
(sign of the zodiac) ^VL^ sara- 
Candid, adj. J*>^ fadiq; ,joU^ 

muhli? ; y^J^ hMif. 
Candidate, s, s-J^ talib (pi. s^ 
tullib) ; •>!/• murid. 

Candidature, Candidateship, s. 

s-J^ talab ; Ul talba-t. 
Candle, «. ^^*4A ^am*a-t ; g^A 

sam* (pi. g^4A sumu*). — rtra«- 

cand^) ^JL-x 24JBi ^am* *asali-y. 
Candlestick, 8. (jj^Jk**^ ^ama'dan 

(pi. «t>^ -at, (j^jj^Ua ^ama'idin) ; 

AJu^JtM* mi^ma'a-t (pi. g^^^^^ nift- 

Candour, «. ^W ^adaqa-t; JA* 

fidq; 8j\-Ao ^af awa-t ; ^^)^-^\ 

Candy, b, ui>W> y^ sukkar nabat ; 

JO* qand ; tjh^ ablAj ; •^j^J* tabar- 

Candy, v, ^ sakkar, yusakkir. 
Cane, s, s---«5 qa^ab; ^^y bu?. — 

(«h'cA;) W *a9a. 
Cane, v. l««JV| s^^ darab bi-'l-*a9&, 

yadrib, yadrub. 
Canine, adj. ^jt^ kalbi-y. 
Canister, «. S^ *ulba-t. (See 

Canker, 8. see Cancer. 
Canker, v. J^ akal, ya'kul. 
Cankerous, Cancerous, adj. J^ 

Cannibal, 8. ij^'^\ ^ vJ^^ t^ 

man ya'kul lahm an-nas. 
Cannon, s. g^J^ madfa* (pi. g*W 

madafi') ; v»^ tob, top (Turk.). 
Cannon, v. ^J^ ^\J^\ ^j* darab 

al-madafi* *ala, yadrib, ya4rub. 
Cannonade, b. ^\m^\ ^j^ ^bA 

Canoe, s. Sty:^^ ^ahtura-t (pi. 

^Wa ^atir) ; f^/^ jarm (pi. f^^ 

Canon, s. (j^yVS q&n^ (pi. (^^yi 

qawanin) ; SacU qa'idja-i (pi. 

J^^y qawa*id). 
Canonical, adj. ^yy^ q&n^ni-y. 
Canopy, «. j*>^r-» suradiq (pL 

cwUj^^ suradiqat). 
Cant, s. (hypocrisy) f^ makr ; V|j 

Canter, s. J^^ raqd ; ^j raml^. 
Canter, v. J^^ raqa^i yarqucj ; ^y 

ramat, yarmih ; Je*- hayyaJ, yu- 

Canticle, b. {Jvymn) ^n^ tasbi^ 




(pi. ^UJ tas&bit) ; •>^^^ ^^ 

nasid al-an^ad. 
Canton, a. ^^U^ muqaWa-t ; h"^^ 

Cantonment, s, j^\^*^\ W^^ mahatt 

Canvas, s. ^^^a^ janfaf ; (jft^ haii 

(pi. u^i^ huyu^, \>W-^ ahyai). 
Canvass, v. (aolicU) s-^ t^lab, 

jaflub. — (dUctias) «A^ ba^ag, 

Canvasses, a. s-^VL ^alib. 
Cap, a. ^^ qalliisa-t (pi. {j>^'ki 

qalalis); ^y^^ ta*rbiii Q)l. u^^;I» 

Capable, adj, {able to do or contain) 

j*>^ qadir; J>U qabil. — (clever) 

ISjbt ^tir; *aU mahir; ukVc 

Capablbness, Capability, Capa- 
city, a. 8jaB qudra-t ; ^^ qabi- 

Capacious, adj. j-^^ wasi*; s-^^j 

ra^ib ; f^t^ f asih. 
Capaciousness, Capacity, «. ^^^^ 

wus'a-t ; l^^ f usha-t. 
Capabison, V, o^j rahhat, jurah- 

hit; ^J^ ia^\ g-»j wa4a* ar- 

raht <ala, ja^a*. 
Capabison, a. ^a^j raht (pi. *A>fy 

nihM, Pera,). 
Cape, a. ^\j ras (pi. ^^/jy ru'iis). 
Capeb, a. (lea^p) ^ natta-t. — 

(berry) j^ kabar (pi. )W^ kibar, 

j^ akbar). 
Capeb, i;. U natt» janutt ; ^^^ nat- 

nat, junatnit' 
Capital, «. (of a column) •>^ (^\) 

ras 'amud. — (chief town) i^i 

««XU3\ kursi-y al-mulk; ^S^TjU 

dar al-wilaya-t. — (atock of trade) 

JU5\ ^j»\j ras al-mal. 
Capital, adj, (principal) ^J^\ 

a^li-j. — (criminal) JaaJ^ s-^^^ 

wajib al-qatl. 
Capitalist, a. J^ s-^U ga^b mfil. 
Capitation, «. 4^ jizja-t. 
Capitulate, v. f^^ <J^ v3A5\ 

ittafaq 'ala taslim, yataffiq ; fX* 

I»jiyt4 sallam bi-^urut, yusallim. 
CapitulatioNi •• ^}x^ ^¥t^ taslim 

bi-^uriit ; ^U^U^ mugala^a-t ; 

aLjU^ mu^arata-t. 
Capon, a, ^j-aat* is\i*y dik muhsi-y. 
Capbice, a, SJa>j zanfara-t; \y^ 

hawa (pi. ^yfc( ahwa) ; Ule^ kaif . 
Capbicious, adj. ^y* muzantir; 

i^^ hawaji-y ; (^}^^ mutalaw- 

win ; v . iga^ mutaqallib. 
Capbiciousness, a, (^^ talawwiin ; 

s-J^ taqallub. 
Capbicobn, a. «^J^^ tj^ burj aj- 

Capsize, v. s-J^^ inqalab, yanqa- 

Capsule, a. sJ^ gilaf (pi. Ukl& 

gulf, guluf, gullaf). 
Captain, a, (of infantry) ^J^^ )^ 

yuz baii (Turk,), — (of a ahip) 

s-^^^ u-4; rayis al-markab. 
Captious, adj, [J>f»-^ mu*tarid. 
Captiousness, a, [J>^f^\ i'tirad. 
Captivate, v, (make prisoner) j^\ 

asar, ya'sir. — (charm) ,j^- saba, 

yasbi;' Ja«5^ s-JL. salab al-'aql, 

Captive, a, adj, jt^\ asir (pi. \j^\ 

Captivity, a, j^\ usr ; W-« siba. 
Captube, a, jV— &i-^ isti'sar. — 

(booty) ^U<s^ ganima-t (pi. ^^ 

Captube, v, j^\sJ\ ista'sar, yas- 

ta'sir ; ^ ganam, yagnam. 
Cab, a, ^^ 'araba-t (pi. ^\ -at) ; 

^^1^ 'ajala-t. 
Cababine, a, ^^/ qarabina-t. 
Cabat, «. )Ajti qirat (pi. ^)V qara- 

Cabavan, a, fliU q4fila-t (pi. J*V 

qawafil) ; J4i qafl, qufl (pi. Jjis 

qufM); o\^/ karwan (pi. e>«i^\;^ 

Cabavanseby, a. (^^ ban (pi. ^A>\iW 

Cabaway, a. (^y^ kaiumiin ; ^W^-^ 

Cabbon, a, f^^\ S^U madda-t al- 

Cabbonic, Cabbonaceous, adj, 

ij*^ fahmi-y. 
Cabcass^ a, &fj rimma-t (pL f^^j 




rimam) ; ^At^ jifa-t (pi. «-&tf^ 

jiyaf, «jW^ ajyaf) ; ^^ la^a-t. 
Card, a. (for play) jj^ waraq (pi. 

s3\)^\ auraq). — (for cotton, &c,) 

cW* mihlaj. 
Card, v. ^ talaj, yahlij, ya^luj ; 

cJJJ nadaf, jandif . 
Cardinal, adj. fj^\ a^li-jr. 
Cardinal, s, JW*>/ kardinal. 
Care, 8. (sorrow) ^ hamm (pi. 

fy^Jt humiim). — (attention) Usc^ 

i*tina; ^^ *maja-t; ^4^ him- 

ma-t. — (caution) j^ hazr. 
Care, v, v» ^JW bala bi, yubali. 
Careen, v. ^"^ qalfat, yuqalfit. 

(See Calk.) 
Career, «. (full speed) (j^j raqd. 

— (progress in life) *sU--^ mas- 

Careful, adj, <j«*^ mu'tani. 
Careless, adj. J*^ g^fil; J*^ 

hamil; J*W** mutahamil; ^j^^ 


Carelessness, s, J^W tahamul; 

JUa\ ihmal ; ^}h\*s tagaf ul. 
Caress, v. «-aJ»3 la^af, julajif ; ij)^ 

mallaq, yumalliq. 
Caress, s. ^%» mulatafa-t; ijUs 

Cargo, s. *^)4i\ i^^^A- ^mula-t al- 

markab; s^/^^ ^^«*^ ta*bija-t 

al-markab ; ^^4 wasqa-t. 
Caricature, s. i/k 

Carmine, s. <J«J la*li. 
Carnage, s. J^ qatl ; ^•^ zab^. 
Carnal, adj. <j>^«>-««^ jasdani-y; 

^^\)9^ ^ahwani-y. 
Carnation, s. (colour) <j>Uc 'un* 

nabi-y. — (flower) J«^ qaramf ul. 
Carnival, s. gJ/» marfa* (pi. gf^y 

mar&fi') ; Syt/^kariza-t. 
Carnivorous, adj. C;W- jarit ; J^ 

^»^\ ya'kul al-la^m. 
Carol, s. Ufe gina (pL ^J^\ agani) ; 

^Ua^ nagma-t. 
Carol, v. ^y^ ganna, yuganni; 

^J^^ naga, yunagi; JJA garid, 

Carouse, v. ^«>^ nadim, junadim ; 

s^jU i^drab, yu^arib. 

Carouse, Carousal, s. l^S^ mu- 

nadama-t ; ijjtfc^ mu^araba-t. 
Carp, v. J«^ *azal, ya*zul. 
Carp, s. ^^ 6abut (pi. Ja^W^i ^ba- 


Carpenter, s. jW' najjar. 
Carpentry, s. SjW^ nijara-t. 
Carpet, s. tU* basat (pi. J"-* 

busut) ; ^'"'^ tinfisa-t, tunf usa-t 

(pi. u-^Ut tanafis) ; ^/ f ar6 (pi. 

O^^^ fur^6). — (for prayer) 8*>W- 

Carpet, v. uV fara^, yafru^ ; f ar- 

ra^, yufarri^. 
Carriage, s. hf^ *araba-t; ii^j^ 

'arabana-t ; ^"^--jy^ karosa-t. — 

(cost of conveyance) ^yt^ t^iJ^^- 

Carrion, s. ^!I laia-t ; ^V^ jifa-t 

(pi. Ul^ jiyaf). 
Carrot, s. ^ jazar. 
Carroty, adj. ji^^ (^^^ bi-laun al- 

Carry, v. J*e- hamal, yatmil ; JU 

6al, ya^il. — (transport) J«> naqal, 

Carrier, s, JUa> hammal; JW^ 

iayyal. — (of a letter) ^^f^\ J^W 

hamil al-maktiib ; ^^C s4*i (pL 

SU-. sa'a-t). 
Cart, s. hj^ 'araba-t. 
Cart, v. m^f^\i J«> naql bi-'l-'ara- 

bana-t, yanqul. 
Cartage, s. Jy naul. 
Carter, s. h^ J^^ sawwaq 'ara- 

ba-t ; ^j^^f^ *arabaji. 
Cartilage, s. \^y»j^ qurqiis ; «*iy*fc 

gudruf (pi. Uiijut ga<Jarif).— (o/ 

the ribs) s^y^Jk ^ursSf (pi. c-A^-\yfc 

^arasif). — (of the nose) ^^ 

j^4feA«J\ qa^aba-t al-manhur. 
Cartilaginous, adj, ^j^y*^ gu<Jrft- 


Cartridge, s. i^^ fa^aka-t (pL 
«£Ui fa^ak) ; «£l-«V ( j-t^y) 
fauiik (pi. isltfa^y fawa^ik). 

Carve, v. (in stone, t&c.) (j^ 
naqas, yanqa^. — (meat) g-i^ 
qattaS yuqatti* ; c>«* ^anut, yu- 

Carver^ a. ^Ui iiaqq&^. 




Cascade, s, UJ^ j^j»b»\ inhidar al-ma; 
UJ\ *aft^ mahaxr al-ma. — (0/ the 
Nile) JA^ jandal (pi. J*)W 
janadil) ; vulg. JU 6aUal. 

Case, a. (box) J^*^^a« ^andiiq (pi. 
jtjijUo ^anadiq).— («Aea^^) ^U 
gilaf (pi. c-Alfc gulf, guluf, gul- 
laf). — (event, state) jA amr (pi. 
jyA umur) ; J^ hal (pL J^^ 
ahwal, ^f^\ atlwila-t). — {cause in 
a court) 8^»> da'wa-t; <4^ 
dawa (pi. «4D^»> da*awa). — (in 
grammar) s-»\;^5^ ^!^ 'alamat 
al-*irab, U-3\ j«!.\^3\ ykJ tagay- 
yur al-awahir al-asma'. 

Case, t;. ,j* i*»- hatt fi, yahutt ; «-*^ 
gallaf, yugallif . 

Casemate, s, ^jUL» matmura-t (pi. 
^Ua^ matamir) ; ^j*^ mitmara-t. 

Casement, s. <^W^ ^ubbak (pi. 
«aE^W^ ^ubabik) ; i^-^)) ro^an 

Cash, g. JUJ\ j^julo ^andiiq al-mal ; 
^)4- hazna-t. — (ready money) •^ 
naqd (pi. •>/«> nuqud). 

Cash, v. <j[;« ^araf, ya^rif . 

Cabhiea, 8. j\'^^ bazandar; {^^\ 
j^juJ\ amin a^-^andiiq; q)}^ 
hazin (pi. ^^ hazana-t). 

Cask, «. J^y barmil (pi. J**^j» 
baramil) ; 4*? battiya-t (pi. ^^W 

Casket, s. W^ *ulba-t (pi. s-lft 
*ulab, *T^ *ilab) ; t)*^ durj (pi. 
^j^ diraja-t, c\)*>\ adraj). 

CAs<^nE, «. £3^ huza-t (pL •i^ hu- 

Cast, v. (throw) «j^j rama, yarmi ; 
^ ^ah, yai^la^ ; Cj^ t&rah, yat- 
rab; tarrah, yutarrih; cJ.L-t». 
j^azaf, yahzif. — (m^ould) s-^ 
9abb, ya^ubb; *s^ sabak, yas- 

Cast, f . (throw) ^j ramya-t ; iiAo. 
^zfa-t. — (glance) 8)^ lahza-t. — 
(caet image) ^^yt^^^ f*^ ^anaiu 

Castaway, b. J^^^afe^ mahzul ; J»S;\ 
arzal (pi. J»>\)\ arazil). 

Castigate, v. ^^^ qa^as, yuqa^i? ; 
s^lft 'aqab, yu'aqib. 

Castigation, 8, (jpUi qi^a?; hj^ 

'uquba-t ; v»Vac *iqab. 
Castle, b, y^ qa^r (pi. j^ qu^ur) 5 

A«15 qal^a-t (pi. &i qUa'). 
CASTOE-oiii, 8, t^fiS^ «HiJ zait al- 

Castrate, v, J^^ tawwa^, yutaw- 

■wi^ ; ^JeA. ha^a, yah^i ; s-^ jabb, 

Castration, 8. \J^^ tafwis ; ^^ 

Casual, adj, ^J>^\ ittifaqi-y ; \^^ 

'arid ; <^j^ *aridi-y. 
Casualty, s, s±»^\^ hadis (pi. 

yA»S\y^ hawadis) ; ^^t««a^ mu^iba-t 

(pi. s-^U»« ma^ayib). 
Cat, «. tJ qi^t ; ^ qifta-t (pi. ^VLl 

qi^at, Jal>» qutat). — (^om cai) y^ 

hiiT (pi. Sjyfc hirara-t) ; (^ji* 

Catalepsy, 8. ^^sC sakta-t; Sa^j^ 

hamda-t ; ^la^ nuq^a-t. 
Catalogue, «. c^^^e^ fihhst, fak. 

risat (pi. (^^^ faharis). 
Catalogue, v. ij^j^ fahras, yufah- 

Cataract, 8, (waterfall) Jt>-« sail 

(pi. J^e- suyul); s^^yt^ nuzab 

(pi. sHijW^ mayazib, FerB,), — 

(dieeaBe of the eyes) {^^\ ^^ i*le> 

bayada-t fi-'l-*ain. 
Catarrh, 8. ^^ nazla-t (pi. JjjyJ 

nuzul) ; (*^) zukam. 
Catastrophe, b. ^^^^^ mu^aba-t; 

h bala ; ^W dahiya-t (pi. ^jfc^^J 

Catch, t;. csL*^ masak, yamsik; 

•^^ ahaz, ya*huz. — (infect) W 

'ada, ya'di ; <^^ sara, jasri. 
Catch, b, l^^*^ masaka-t. — (hooJc) 

^'^ kullab (pi. ^^^ kalalib).— 

(burden of a Bong) •>/• maradd. 
Catechise, v, (teach by question^ 

ing and answering) y J^r*^ (^ 

s->^^ 'allam bi-sawal wa jawab. 
Catechism, b, (religiouB inBtruc- 

tion) ^ j^j »'-*^^ f^J*> ta'lim al- 

Categorical, adj, ^J^M ^a^ 
Category, b. J^ find, fand (pi. 

jUa\ afnadj; gy nau* (pL 5\y\ 




anwa*); u-^ jins (pi. ^JM^i^^ 

ajnas, ^J^»y^ juniis) ; ^;- marta- 

ba-t (pi. s-*^7* maratib). 
Cater, v. e?^>^^ «j|r**^ i^tara al- 

tawajij, yastari. 
Cateepillae, 8. *y^*> dM; Sj^j 

duda-t (pi. o^J^** didan); (j-W 

lahas (pi. t;*W^ aHas). 
Cathedeal, 8. ^\j^ 1-^ kanisa-t 

Cathetee, 8, *>^*amiid (du.^W^ 

Catholic, adj, (universal) ^^y^ 

Catholic, «. o^/^ katoliki-y. 
Catholicism, «. (universality) 

^c >*^» r *um!iiniya-t. — (catholic 

religion) ^^^f\^^ (j^jjJ^ ad-din 

Cattle, «. o**^ ma&i. (pi. vj**^/* 

mawfl^i) ; ^ ganam. 
Caul, «. (ne^ for the Jiair) ^^^ 

^abaka-t (pi. «*3W^ ^ibak). — (of a 

child) «t>UJ qudat. 
Cauliplowee, 8, s-^/ kuramb; 

W<iy( qarnabit ; ^a^^/ karnabit. 
Caulk, see Calk and Caeeen. 
Cause, s. (reason) ^ *illa-t (pi. 

Jb *ilal) ; s-^fr- sabab (pi. v»C-^ 

asbab) ; ^^W ba*iga-t. — (law- 
suit) i^y-^*^ da'wa (pi. <4j^»> 

da'awa). — (sporty) v»j^ t^zb (pi. 

s^^je-^ ahzab) ; Uj^ (araf (pi. 

cJ\y*\ atraf). 
Cause, v, s-^«>*« sabbab, yusabbib ; 

JU 'allal, yu'aim. 
Causeless, adj. s-^y* ^ bila 

mujib ; s-^t«* ^ bil4 sabab. 
Causeway, «. ^-^ jisr (pi. ;^— ► 

jusur); fialj bulta-t; ^ (3«;l> 

tariq 'amm ; S^ qanfara-t. 
Caustic, ck?/. <4)^ kawij %3j^» 

Cauteeise, v. o^ kawa, yakwi; 

£JJ laza*, yalza*. 
Cauteey, «. ^-oj^ mir^an ; ^^ kayy. 

— (instrument) ^^ mikwa-t ; 

\i^ kawiya'. 
Caution, «. tj^f^ i^tiras ; \^ 

l^izr, l^a^r. — (warning) ^^\ 

isv^l j**^ tat^. — (security) 

^\i^ kaf fOa-t ; ^ kafil ; i*U* 

Caution, v. \^\ anzar, yunzir ; jJ^ 

hazzar, yul^azzir. 
Cautious, adj, {j^f^ ^aris; jAo. 

^azir ; jyw* muhtariz. 
Cavalcade, 8. s-^y maukab (pi. 

s-^y« mawakib). 
Cavalibe, s, yif kawalir ; ^^jU 

faris (pi. (^C^ fursan, u*jV ^^ 

waris); JW- hayyal (pi. i3\^ 

Cayaliee, a<^*. (ftrave) j)W^ maba- 

riz. — (^1^^^^) y^J^ mutakab- 

Cavaley, s. fiW- hayyala-t; J«*- 

hail ; (^U^ fursan. 
Caye, Cayeen, «. S;U^ magara-t 

S. ;iU*« magayir) ; ^ gar (pi. 
^ ^ \ agwar) ; U^ kahf (pi. 

cJ^ kuhiif). 
Cayil, «. j^ niqar. 
Cayil, V, ^ n4qar, yunaqir ; «^ 

nakkat, yunakkit. 
Cayity, 8. ^ft- jauf ; ifr<b& faht. 
Cease, v, (^ (^\ inqa^a' 'an, yan- 

qati* ; ;j)^ ^;* f arag min, vairug ; 

j\) zal, yazal (with following 

aorist or participle). 
Ceaseless, adj, sf^ h bil& futCbr ; 

l^\ h bil& inqita*. 
Cbdae, g. y^ arz; {^^ isixhm 

Cede, v. ^js tarak, yatruk; J*- 

halia, yuhalli; fX* scdlam, yu- 

Cession, 8. ««)/ tark; w>\y fawat; 

^%«]^^ taslim. 
Ceilinq, 8, 4J^ saqf (pi. uyu 

suqiif, <..AA« suquf, (^luu suq- 

Celebeate, i;. (exalt) fM 'azzam, 

yu'azzini ; c*^ maddaJh, yumad- 

diii. — (a feast) •Xec 'ayyad, yu- 

Cblebeated, adj. j^^'it^ ma^hiir; 

j9^ mu^tahir ; ^<j^ 6ahir ; JJ^ 

jalil ; c^*Ui« mamdiit. 
Celebeation, 8, (of a feast) ^yA 

'^\ 'ami al-*aid. — (praise) c^ 




Celebbitt, 8. j\^ i^tihar; S^ 

Celerity, «. J^ *ajl ; iry* 8ur*at. 
Celery, e, ij»^j^ karafs, karfas. 
Celestial, adj. i^^U^ samawi-y ; 

sjjf^ *alawi.y. 
Celibacy, e. ^y^ *uzba-t; ^j^yc 

Cell, a. k"^ qill&ya-t (pi. ^J^ qa- 

lali) ; 8y^ halwa-t ; h)\) zawi- 

ya-t (pi. ViUj zawaya). 
Cellar, s. ^y*^ matm^ra-t ; ^ 

qabu (pi. O^ aqbiya-t). 
Cement, s. ^Jih\d^ hafiqi ; c/. harj ; 

{^ \m ; J^ ^id. 
Cement, v. \jt garra, yugarri ; (^ 

tayyan, yutayyin; >i^ ^yyad, 

Cemetery, a. S^^ maqbara-t (pi. 
yU* muqabir) ; (^J^ madfan 

(pi. (:>i^J^ madafin) ; &W jaban- 

Censer, g. lfi>«^ mibhara-t (pi. 

/-W^ mabahir) ; ^^y* ^iiriya-t. 
Censor, a. <■, w.>.j^.^ mu^tasib ; 

J3lc *&zil (pi. JW *uzzal). 
Censorious, adj, f*^ mulawwim; 

^•3^ muzammim. 
Censoriousness, «. ^^ mazam- 

ma-t ; l^%» malama-t. 
Censurable, adj, f*y**^ mazm^m ; 

f*yu maliilD. 
Censure, b, f^ laum, lorn ; i^^ 

mazamma-t ; w * t^ ta'yib. 
Censure, v, f!i lam, yaliim ; ^•^ 

zamm, yazumm ; JJ^-c 'azal, 

Census, b. {j*j'^\ *>^J^ ta*dad an- 

Cent, 8. ^U maya-t. — (per cent.) 

^UiVj bi-'l-maya-t. 
Centipede, e, {^t^j\ fi\ abii arba'in ; 

^U ji\ abii maya-t. 
Central, Centrical, adj, ^f^ 

mutawassit ; ^y* markazi-y. 
Centralise, v, 'i^\y g-^*^ ^^ fi*^ 

jama' ii mau^a' wal^d, yajma' ; 

^ damm, yazumm. 
Centre, b. yy* markaz (pi. ^y 

marakiz); 1*-^ wast (pi. tU^\ 


Centre, v.a, ^^ wassat, yuwassit ; 

n. ^f tawassat, yatawassat. 
Centrifugal, adj, ^^\ ^^ ac\^j;*« 

mutaba4d 'an al-was^. 
Centripetal, adj. la«y\ J\ JjU 

mayil ila-'l-was^. 
Centuple, adj. u\tu\ k^ mayat 

Century, «. yfc*> dahr (pi. jyfc»> du- 
hur) ; (^ji qam (pi. (^^ji quriin) ; 
iLu* k^ mayat sana-t. 

Cereals, s. ssj\iyt^\ al-hububat. 

Ceremonial, adj. (solemn) J^As^^ 

Ceremonial, b. {^\)^\ al-qawanin. 
sahib takallufat. 

_ J — ^ " J 

Ceremonious, adj. 


Ceremony, b. (religious) tj^ Xajqa 
(pi. u*y^ t^qus) ; tsJU-A* mansik 
(pi. c£L.U« manasik). — (oj polite' 
ness) Jt^ tabjil (pi. «i>\ -at) ; 
^W^ mubajala-t ; i-A^U? taklif ; 
iJ^ takalluf . — (master of cere- 
monies) «t>VAjt^A»3\ ^J^^ wall at- 

Certain, adj. ijhs^ ^aqiq; e)«4i 
yaqin. — (a certain person) (^'^ 
fulan ; yAa£A sah^. 

Certainty, s, e>tA yaqin ; {;)M\ ^ 
*ilm al-jaqin ; tj^ tahaqquq. 

Certificate, s. iS^ ^hada-t; 
ji/s taqrir. 

Certify, v, jM*^ haqqaq, yuhaq- 
<1^^ > ->7* qarrar, yuqarrir. 

Certitude, s. ^f qarar. 

Cerulean, adj. <4jU— jjj^ azraq 

Cessation, b. ^^\ inqita*; l^^ 

Cession, s. f^J^^ taslim ; <3^\ ^^ 
tark al-]^aqq. 

Chafe, v. (warm hy rubbing) ^^*y 
da£Ea, yudaffi. — (rage) s-«Afc ga- 
dib, yagdab ; tUi\ igtag, yagtaz. 

Chaff, s. (^ tibn (pi. (^\^\ atban, 
(j)^ tubun). 

Chafing-dish, s. JSj^ manqal (pi. 
JiU-« manaqil). 

Chagrin, s. ^ gamm (pi. ^^ 
gumum) ; v»j^ karb ; ;^^ huzn. 

Chagrin, v. ^1 agamm, yugimm ; 




0y^\ ahzan, yuhzin ; (^y^ hazzan, 

Chain, s, aLJL. silsila-t (pi. J-^ 

Balasil) ; ^j zinjir (pi. yti^-\i) 

zanajir) . 
Chain, v. i-JLJW •Vs* qayyad bi-'s- 

sileila-t, yuqayyid ; /^) zanjar, 

yuzanjir ; jjy^ janzar, jujanzir. 
Chair, s, f^^/ kursi (pi. i^)^ 

karasi) ; jiy^ sarir (pi. ij^\ asir- 

Chairman, s, u^W * ^ ^ u^j rayis 

al-majlis (pi. l-^ ru'asa) ; ^^y'^ 

ijJ^^\ mutawalh al-majlis. 
Chaise, s. ^^ 'araba-t. 
Chalk, «. j\^ hawwar. — (apiece of) 

h^y^ hawwara-t ; ^W^ tabaiir. 
Chalk, v. Sj^^W ^j rasam bi-'l- 

hawwara-t, yarsum. 
Challenqe, 8. Sj^W* mubaraza-t. 
Challenge, v. (to fight) \)^ bariz, 

yubariz. — (call upon) Cej da*a, 

Chamber, «. ^^ auda-t (pi. ^ 

-at, y^^ awad) ; i^y<A» maq^Ara-t. 

— (small) Ij^^ hujra-t. 
Chamberlain, «. s-^^ bajib (pi. 

v»^ie- hujjab). 
Chameleon, «. \^f^ hirba (hurba- 

yat, hurbana-t) ; ^J'^,ji barbah- 

ti-y ; ^^-^^ J—*^ jamal al- 

Chamois, 8. hy^ arwiya-t (pi. ^^^^ 

arawi) ; J^^^ wa*l (pi. J^^^ au*al) ; 

J^ saisal. 
Chamomile, see Camomile. 
Champ, v. csXIc *alak, ya*lak ; ^a* 

madag, yamdag. 
Champaign, a. Je^ sahl, ^^ sahla-t 

(pi. J^ suhul) ; l^r^ fusha-t. 
Champion, «. ^j^W* muhami ; j;W» 

Chance, «. <^j^ fur§a-t (pi. ^\ -at, 

(jpy fura?). 
Chance, v. (happen) <4/^ jam, 

yajri ; vA^»^a" hadas, yahdis. — 

(risk) ^ViS" batar, yuha^ir. 
Chancel, «. u*j^ borus (pi. (^j\^ 

Chancellor, s. (chief justice) ^j^Vi 
, SUi qadli qudat. 

Chandelier, s. (^^♦^•♦Ai ^ama*d&n 

(pi. «t>^ -at, ^J^Ua ^ma'idin). 
Chandler, s. f Ua ^amma^ 
Change, «. (alteration) «>*» tagay- 

yur. — (change of clothes) ^'^ 

badla-t. — (small money) S»>jA» (j^j^ 

f ulus burda-t. 
Change, v.a. ^ gayyar, yugayyir ; 

Jj^ badal, yabdul; ». jt>*» ta- 

gayyar, yatagayyar. — (change 

money) uy» ^axaf , ya^rif . 
Changeable, adj, s^ qallab; 

«yl^ JJIS qalil gabat ; jtA^ mu- 

Changeableness, s. *-r^ taqallub ; 

1^1^ dls qilla-t gabat. 
Changer, s. u\y^ ^arraf. 
Channel, s, iSj^^ majra (pi. ojW^ 

majari) ; v»^)e^ mizab (pi. s-^jW^ 

mayazib). — (strait) j^y bAgaz 

(pi. yt^^ji bawagiz). 
Chant, s. Jjj*/ tartil. (See Song.) 
Chant, v, J*) rattal, yiirattil. (See 

Chanter, s, JSy« murattil, c^-"^ 

Chanticleer, s. *«^»> dik (pi. *a3y»> 

Chaos, s. \^ bawa ; h)^ bawiya-t ; 

ijyt'^ bayula. 
Chaotic, adj. ^^^ hayuli-y ; JqU. 

^^ ^ bait wa malt. 
Chap, «. j^ ^aqq ; l^ ^aqqa-t (pi. 

J^ ^uqAq) ; ^i* falaq (pi. 

s3^ fuluq). 
Chap, v,a. ij^ ^q, yaiuqq; n. 

ij^\ insaqq, yaniaqq. 
Chapel, s. %e 'azaba-t; %ei\^ ka- 

Chapiter, see Capital. 
Chaplain, s, (j-i qiss (pi. ^j>»y^ 

Chaplet, s, ^i^f.^ misbaha-t (pL 

^U-*» masabih) ; ^^^^«• subba-t 

(pi. j^^ subah, cyUrt- subub^t). 
Chapter, s. v»Vj bab (pi. v»W^ ab- 

wab) ; J-* fa^l (pi. J*-* f u^iil) ; 

>«^ juz' (pi. \yA ajza). — (of the 

Goran) ijy^ sura-t (plor* suwar). 
Char, v. (reduce to coal) y^^ jam- 

mar, yujammir. 




Chab, 8. (day's work) ^y Tanmi- 


Chabacteb, 8, (mark) <^/^ harf 
(pi. ^^y^ t^rilf); ^ hatt (pi. 
ty>«. hut^tt, ^^^ ahtat).— (dwpo- 
8iti(m) gA taba* (pi £Wi»\ atba*) ; 
ijfi^ hulq (pi. vjW ahlaq). — (ac- 
coufi^ of a per8on*8 qualities) 
«JU^ wa^f (pi. u\^tf\ au^af). 

Chabactbbisb, v. <-A«^ wafaf, ya- 

Chabactbbistic, adj. ^J^% wa^fi-y. 

Chabactbbistic, 8. ^ 9ifa-t. 

Chabadb, 8, yf^ lugz, lagaz (pi. jUS^ 

Chabcoal, «. f*^ fa^ (pi. f\^ 

Chabge, 8. (load) ^^ ]^amiila-t. 
— (o/ a gun) •>jyW jUe 'umto 
bariid. — (attack) f*y^ huiiim ; 
^Uo^tamla-t. — (custody) ^W» 

muhafaza-t. — (office) s-«*^ man- 
9ab (pi. s-^vJL« manasib). — 
(order) yA amr (pl.j^^^^ awamir). 
— (expense) ii^ kulfa-t; ^fj*^ 
ma^rM (pi. <-J^^U« masanf) ; 
e/. harj. — (accusation) ^^^ ^i- 
kaja-t ; JU^ tuhma-t. 

Chaboe, v. (to load) J^a> hammal, 
juhammil ; <>«^ wassaq, juwas- 
siq. — (a gun) ^ 'ammar, yu'am- 
mir ; *i J dakk, yadukk. — (order) 
v» y\ amar bi, ya'mur, Jc ^^p 
wa99a *ala* yuwa^^i. — (attack) 
f^^ hajam, yahjum; J^ ]^a- 
mal, yanmil (both with prep. 
^J^ *ala). — (impute) v» *\'^ (^ 
taham a^ad-an bi, yathim. — 
(demand as price) s^ talab, 

CiLABOEB, 8. (horse) ^j^ fa^ras (pi. 
{j»^^ far^s, {j^^\ afras). — (tray) 
<jh* tabaq (pi. jW a^baq). 

Chabiot, 8, hf^ 'araba-t; ^01^ 

Chabiotbeb, 8. ij^f^ 'arabaji. 

Chabitablb, adj. {ji>^ fayy&4; 
{^""^^ mui^sin; ^/ karim (pi. 
ft\/ kiram) ; jJ^^as^ muta^addaq. 

Chabitablenbss, 8. ^^;^karaina-t ; 
*iy^ jiid; ^L«*>\ iljisin. 

Chabity, «. i>t^^ mal^bba-t ; iMk» 
^aqa-t. — (alms) ^•i^ ^adaqa-t; 
JL&.-A- l^asana-t. 

Chablatan, 8. Uj6» harrat ; j^^ f a^- 
sar ; jW *»»- t^qqa b&z (Per«.). 

Chabm, 0. (omu^O W^ tan^ma-t 
(pi. ^W tam^yim); ju*- ^orz, 
tirz (pi. Sjjj)*- $uriiza-Q ; JjtU^ 
l^amayil. — (encha/ntment) y ^»* 
sihr ; ^j niqya-t. — (attractions} 
{^"^^ ^usn ; ifijA|«V jazab&t ; ^Un ta ^ n 

Chabm, t;. (6y sorcery) )^^ sahar, 
yashur. — (bewitch by beauty) s^ 
s^^aS^ jazab al-qulub, yajzib. 

Ohabnel-house, «. ^VoLJu. ha^hy ; 
iA\;iAA. ha^ha^a-t; Jy^\ ^^jW 
dar 'isam al-mauta. 

Chabt, 8. ij^'^jB qirtdfl (pi. ij»^\jB 

Chabteb, 8, ^^ ^ajja-t (pi. ^^ 
bujaj); ^3J) waraq (pi. j\^^\ 
auraq) ; «-j^^ U. ha^t ^a^f . 

Chabtbb, v. (hire a skip) ^j^aA 
istakra, yastakri. — (let a ^ip) 
ssf kara, yakii; ^sf^ akn^ 

Chabikess, 8. {j^f^ i^tiras ; j^ 
\fax^ J^ar ; yt^f taufir. 

Chaby, adj. (cautious) ij»^^ ^ris ; 
jio. l^azir. — (economiccU) ^ i ' < >■ ->* 
l^asib ; j*y« muwaffir. 

Chase, s. (hunt) •^t^ said; ^J^ 
qan?. — (game) j^ qana^. 

Chase, v. (drive away) «^ tan^l, 
yatrad ; ty^\ ahraj, yunrij ; ya»»> 
da^sar, yuda^^ir. — (hunt, pursue 
eagerly) •>^ ^ad, ya^id ; g-* taba*, 
yatba*. — (work or efmhoss plate) 
t^ 9ag, ya^iig. 

Chasinq, 8. ty^ 9aug. 

Chasm, s. ^p\ ^ ^ja, 6aqq fi-'l- 
ardj eyVj balii* (pi. e^V ^ 

Chaste, adj. *» Mg <afi£ (pi. VAfi\ 
a*iffa, cjUft «iMf) ; uubu^ muta- 
*affif ; cr&J^ y^VL tahir an-nafs. 

Chasten, Chastise, v. ya«U qd^a^i 
yuqa^i^ ; h^Ic 'aqab, yu'aqib. 

Chasteness, Chastity, 8. 
'i&-t ; <^Ue <af&f . 


Cha] I 

CHA.STI9BHBHT, «. ^Ul qi$»9 ; ii^ 

*uqaba-t ; ^lic 'iqiib. 
Chat, s. Js* ) JU qfil waqil ; SjjU— 

Chat, u. ,,^\b^ ta^uka, yatajhiika; 

ij^ laqa^, jalqu^. 
Cbateait, s. f^ qa^r (pi. jy<2 

qu^ur). — (counfrjr<«eat) ^ u.^ 

i«eJll bet fi-'d-de'a-t. 
Chattels, ». Jj*** J^ mal man- 

qui ; *i»Ul asai. 
Chatter, 1). i«lAll^ka|garal-gala- 

ba-t, yakassir; j-i* fa^ar, yn- 

fassir ; (3«ie 'aq'aq, yu'aq'iq 

(from ij«ic 'aq'aq, " magpie "). 
Chattes-box, Chattbbeb, », j^ 

W*» kasir al-galaba-t j J\ji 

Ghattc, ocT/. (oSi^ j)t abi!t kalam; 

jjl— • muauyir j o^-Ufl laqqa^. 
Cheap, atJ/. (j<>e^j rahi;. 
Cheapen, v.a. ,>>i-j rahba;, yurah- 

biB; (;>*^t Jy oazzal a^-saman, 

yunazzil ; n. ,_^j raha^, yarha^. 
Cheapkebs, ». yaA-j ruhf. 
Cheat, v. i>t£ ga£S, ya^^j; ^U. 

ban, yabfln; yj*- bawwan, yu- 

hawwm ; £-u. hada', yahda'. 
Cheat,*. (/miHO u" giiij iHe*. 

hiyana-t ; ^y- haiin ; ^^ bila-t ; 

jt* makr. — (cAatier) i_^L*.i gai- 

inS ; flj* haddu'. — (m jtiay) 

UUrt mugali^ ; J*j)« muzaugil. 
Check, «. (Atniirajice) ^W m&ni' 

(pi. #V mawani') ; Jtlc 'Syiq 

(pi. J(ly! 'awayiq) ; a™ aadd (pi, 

.ilJ-1 asdad). 
Check, v. {Hop, restrain) "-Wj waq- 

qaf, yuwaqqif; J— «— • mana', 

yamna' ; j-^ oaf ar, ya^fur, ya)^- 

jir. — {c(mtroT) ^-* dabat, ya^bif. 

— (clteclc and mate) tfU aW Mh 

Cheek, «. j*. hadd (pi. j«i*. hu- 

ddd) ; j\A* 'izir (pi. jie 'uzr). 
Cheeb, v. uJ\ anas, yQnis. — {gred 

witAjoy) W tayyfi, yubayyi. 
Cheeb, t. {gladnetg) )^ Burflr; 

lj~^ masarra-t (pLj^-^ maaair) ; 

— ijoyf^l greeting) i^ taljjya-t 


(pi. »A -at, \M tah&yfi).— (/ore) 

tfji qilto^t. 
Cheebfvl, adj. ••j— -* maba^t ; jjf-* 

masrur ; u^j* far^&n. 
CEBKBEULNESa, ». jm- Burflrj i^ 

farh ; tl-^l imbUat ; c'y"^ in- 

^irab ; e^t ibtibij. 

Cheeblebb, adj. (ofpertont) jff' Sit 
bi1& Burflr ; c^ h bila f ar$ ; (jM)^ 
Ijaziii; ,vi*- mugtamm. — (of 

things) jJ^ mukaddir. 
Cheese, t. (^t% jnbn, jibn. 
Cheebehohsbb, a. ^W jabb&n. 
CHEMicAi„a4l'. ^;We£kuniy&wt>y; 

t^U«^ kimawi-y. 
Cbbhibb, t. i,/>e*i qami^ (pi. ^Wl 

qumaan) ; i&-t batt (pi. luy^ 

butAt, ^^ bitat). 
Chemist, t. ^b.« c^ i ^Ji" ma'allim 

al-kimiya ; We^^ "Jj^ 'arit bi- 

Cheuistbt, «. ^U«531 J^l f»U 

lltn al'l^all al-khn&vi-y ; l«*sf 

Cheqde, e. Wjfc ^w&la-t; Jij^ 

Cherish, t>. s-*- ^bb, yababb, 

yabibb ; -tj wadd, yawadd ; ^y* 

hawa, yabni. 
Cheeky, >. y^f karaz ; Sj^f karaza-t; 

ie- lj» qarafiya-t. 
Chebub, s. |M)j]^ k&rAbim ; aytij}^ 

Chess, b. ^^ ia^Taaj. 
Chebt, ». (iar^e box) Jj-w- ^andAq 

(pl- <3l->^ ^anadiq) ; iiyt. haz- 

n&-t; v'V ^^l^b (pl- v-JV 

dawalJb).— (6re(M()j** !adr (pL 

y»- ?udftr). 
Chestnut, b. ij^ ji^ fib& &Twa-t ; 

JLu^ kastana-t ; LjIl^U. £&hibal- 

lut- — (Jiorse) j**l o^fc ^isAii ac- 
inar ; \j*^ ^;l foras l^amrfi. 
Cbesthut, adj. (colour) j«— f aamar, 

f . 1^*- sainri (pl. f^- sumr) ; 

LjL^Ull ^^^ laun ad-iahiball&t. 
Chew, v. «Uc 'alak, yalak ; ^a* 

ma<lag, yamijag. 
Chicane, 9. i^ ^a-t; £wl fitna-t 

(pl. (^ fitan) ; O-A. aafsata-t; 

jU> niqar; ilAA« mu^Aikal^t, 




Chick, Chicken, g. ^/>»-> 909 (pi. 
(j)W-» ^iyan) ; v£»^Xs^ tatkiit (pi. 

katakit); e-^ farriij 
(pi. g^j\/ fararij). 
Chicoby, 8. W»>^* hindiba; hj)^ 

^ikoriyart ; (^\j^ ^ukuran. 
Chide, v. ^^ wabbah, yuwabbih ; 

S-5U «atab, yu*atib ; ^!l lam, ya- 

Chiding, f . ^t-^j^ ta§rib. 
Chief, adj. ^^\ a^li-y. 
Chief, e, f**]^ muqaddam; ^\^ 

wall ; (^j ra'is, rayyis. 
Chieftain, 8. jtt^\ amir (pi. \^\ 

Chilblain, 8. *>;«3\ (^ ^j^ waram 

min al-bard. 
Child, 8. J^^ walad (pi. *i^^\ awlad) ; 

JaL tifl (pi. JW atfal). 
Childbed, 8, (^U;3\ ^Vi\ ayyam an- 

ChuiDbibth, 8. Sip wilad. 
Childhood, 8. 4^yl> t^ifiUiya-t ; 

W« ^aba. 
Childish, (kZ;. jAt tifli-y; oj^ 

9igari-y. — (6y old age) «y«^ 

Childishness, 8. S^ ^abwa-t. 
Chill, Chilly, adj, *yj^ barid. 
Chill, Chillness, Chilliness, 8. 

«y bard ; Sj^^ boriida-t. 
Chime, g. u^^d^^y^^ {^^ tanin al- 

Chimb, v. (^ \Qjm, yatinn. 
Chimeba, 8. JW- biyal (pi. ^>^\ 

ahyila-t) ; jy^ ta^awwur ; ^^ 

waiim (pi. f*^^\ auham). 
Chimebical, adj. o^ wahmi-y ; 

JV^ hiy&H-y ; J^W batil. 
Chimney, 8. ^Ls^j^ madhana-t (pi. 

{^\a0» madahin) ; jW-^^ ujaq. — 

(the fireplace within) &*x2/* mau- 

qada-t (pL •^^y* mawaqid). 
Chin, 8. ^^ zaqan. — (of a woman) 

^^-ift 'uqsa-t. 
China, «. (ihe country) ^jj** ^in. — 

(porcelain) ^W« finiya-t (pi. 

^J\y* 9awam). 
Chink, 8. ^^ i^qa-t (pL jyUb 

Chins, v.n. <>^) iniaqq, yamiaqq. 

Chip, 8. ^y &rma-t ; &^ ^arta-t. 
Chip, v. ^y faram, yafrum. 
Chibp, v. *^j^ garrad, yugarrid; 

^\i naga, yunagi; ^y taran- 

nam, yatarannam. 
Chisel, 8. J^Va*^ minqas (pi. yS^U» 

manaqi^) ; jVa*^ minqar (pi. ^U» 

Chisel, v. {JJi naqai, yanqaS ; /^ 

naqar, yanqur. 
Chivalbic, Chivalbous, adj. %sj6*»^ 

Chivalby, 8. S;U^ imara-t. 
Chlobine, 8. ij^\ ^y muwallid 

Chocolate, 8. Ss'i^^ ^okolata-t. 
Choice, 8. jWs*-^ ihtiyar; v»Vafe«>\ 

Choice, adj. jUafc^ muhtar ; s-^afeyU/« 

muntahab ; Jd^ f adil. 
Choiceness, 8. J^ fa41; ^*^y^ 

Choib, 8. (hand of 8inger8) ^a*-^ 

{^to^*^ jama*a-t muganniyin. — 

(part of a church) u*;^ horus 

(pi. u^j^y^ tO'Waris). 
Choke, v.a. vJM^ hanaq, yahniq, 

yahnuq; ^jJai faftas, yiifattis; 

n. J-WA.^ ibtanaq, yahtaniq ; ^jJai 

fatas, yafUs; ij^ ga??, yagaff. 

— (block up) Ju« sadd, yasudd. 
Cholbb, 8. (bile) \j^ ^afra. — 

(anger) M gaig ; s-^-^t gadab. 
Choleba, Choleba mobbus, 8. 

^La^ hai^a-t; <^Ju^^ ^^It ta*im 

Cholebic, adj. ^^/>^ ^afrawi-y; 

v*r^ gad^b. 
Choose, v. jU&.\ ibtar, yahtar ; <j» 
naqqa, yunaqqi ; s-<b^^ intahab, 
yantahib ; ^J^\ istafa, ya^tafi. 
Chop, «. aU qi^'-t, quta*t (pi. f^ 

qi^*, quta*). 
Chop, v. (jf^ qatta*, yuqatU** 
Chobal, 8. Jtjjy tartil (pi. Je^y 

Chobd, «. /j watar (pi. jl?^^ autar). 
Chobist, Chobisteb, 8. ^y miu 

rattil; c*— ^ musabbih. 
Chobus, «. see Choib. 
Chbist> 8. ^(r ^\ al-masiJi|i. 




Chbistbn, V, •we 'ammad, yu'am- 
mid ; y^ na^ar, yuna^^ir ; <j-J^ 
gattas, yugattis. 

al-mam41ik al-masihija-t ; «>2M^ 

2«}^jaU\ al-balad an-na^aranija-t. 

Ch&istsning, 8. h*^y4M<^ ma'mudi- 

C; jUfi 'imad ; j«^ taii9ir ; 
(|ibga-t; ^^VLfe gi^. 
Christian, e, ^J^j^ na^aram-y^ (pi. 

l^\yti na^aranija-tyoj^ na^ara) ; 

^^^t'^"• masihi-y (pi. ^-o^ a--" * 

masihiya-t, o^»^-""* masitiyyin). 
Chbistianitt, 8, r«— iJ^ (^•> £n al- 

masit ; o ^ l ■ » m (j)«^^ ad-din al- 

Chbistmas, «. ^ -o ♦^^ •>^ -^ *aid 

milad al-masih. 
Chbonio, cwi;. (:>^ muzmin. — 

(chronic disease) <-A*^ danaf. 
Chboniclb, 8. ^j^ tarih (pi. ^jV 

Chboniclb, i;. t)\ arrah, yu'arrih, 

Chboniclbb, 8, t^y muwarrih. 

Chbonoloqical, adj, t^^^ ta- 

Chbonologist, 8, t)y^ muwarrih ', 

^^\y;$\ ^Jju» mu'amiii at-tawarlh. 
CH&ONOLoar, 8, th^y^^ f^ *ilni at- 

Chbonombtbb, 8. (a^\ (j^^^^ miq- 

yas az-zaman. 
Chrysalis, Chbysalid, 8. ij^j^ 

^amaq ; ^j^ ^amaqa-t (pi. <3^ V* 

Chubbinbss, 8. ^^ gahana-t. 
Chubby, adj, tj^y marbu*. 
Chucklb, v. «£^^ dahak, ya4hak. 
Chuckle, Chuckling, 8. ckW^ 

4ahk, 4i]^k. 
Cbtubch, 8. i^* ^ kanisa-t (pi. {j»^^ 

kanayis) ; ^)^ haikal (pi. J^Vs^ 

hayakil). — {community) ^ L jc^^i 

bJ*a-t (pL gel biya*). 
Chubchyabd, 8. ^ff^ maqbara-t 

(pi. ^V&» maqabir). 
Chubl, «., Churlish, adj, M& 

galig; ^^A6. ha^in; v/-^* wah^; 

cJ^W jilf (pi. ^M ajlaf). 
Churn, «. (^\ M t^iap J«^y bar- 

mil yahuddu fibi al-laban; 
mimha4alt; c^\ o**^ V ^"^- 

ba-t li-ha44 al-laban. 
Churning, 8. {^\ u**- ba44 ^- 

Chyle, 8. {j*j^ kiliia. 
Cicatrise, v.a. C;%J^ f*^^ hattam 

al-jarh, yuhattim; n. s-Jb*\ in- 

qa^ab, yanqa^ib. 
Cicatrix, «. Cj;^^^ /^ agar al-jur^ ; 

^W dag (Per«.). 
Cider, 8. c^^ v*^>^ ^arab at-tof&^^i ; 

^\i^\ U ^4^ hamr ma at-tufaJt^- 
Cimeter, Cimetar, 8. «-Ao<«» saif 

(pi. cJ^e- suyuf) ; ^W batt&r. 
Cincture, «. j»W bizam (pi. *a>\ 

-at, i'^\ ahzima-t, fy^ $azm); 

)\ij zunnar (pi. «>*^j zananir). 
Cinder, 8, ^ miUa-t ; oUj iam4d. 
Cinerary, adj, %sAy'l\ ^f JiVJ 

qabil turab al-amwat. 
Cinnamon, 8. ^V- ^j^ qirfa-t 

sailaniya-t ; ,.j««-» jW dax fini-y. 
Cipher, 8. ^; raqam (pi. ^VSj\ 

arqam). — {secret writing) y*) 

ramz ^1. )y*\ rumiiz). 
Circle, s. S;Ju> d&'ira-t (pi. yi\yy 

Circuit, 8. «JJ» \8kVi£. — (circwn-' 

ference) S^W da'ira-t ; Sj^Juu.^ isti- 

CiRcxTLAR, adj, ji^J^ mudawwar. 
Circularity, «. 1^axJ\ istidara-t. 
Circulate, v,n, jU dar, yadiir ; a. 

j^*> dawwar, yudawwir. 
Circulation, g. (^\;e«* sayar&n ; 

O^/^ jaray an ; ^^j^ J dawarin. 
Circumambibnt, adj. v* W^^ ma- 
hit bi. 
Circumcise, v, y^U. t&bar, yutahir ; 

jflt tahhar, yutabbir ; (*^ hatan, 

Circumcision, s, o^ hitai^ (hit&- 

iia-t) ; ^fi6la? tathir; ij^ tahaia-t; 

Circumference, «. see Cibclb. 
Circumflex, 8, «>^ju^\ *a>y^\ 1^%^. 

'alama-t a^-^aut al mamaiid. 
Circumjacent, adj, J-os** mutta^il ; 

j^W^ mujawir. 





CiscTTMLOcnTiON, 8. ^^\ ifala-t ; 

fM\ J^ t^ al-kalam ; U^ laff. 
CiscuMNAYiaATE, V, J^ «iU safiLr 

baul, yusafir. 


safar haul al-ardl. 
CiBCUMscBiBB, V. «>*^ ^laddad, ju- 

CiBCUMSOBiPTiON, 8. (limitation) 

.&{j0p tat^d. — (in8cryption round 

a coin) fiL*U*» 8jiW da'ira-t mu'a- 

CiBCUMSFECT, odj, }f^^ miil^tariz ; 

u^^ ^aris ; ij\j s-^^ ^a^ib rai. 
CiBOUMSPECTiONy «. ^«»- hars ; 

y*^y!»-\ ij^^tiras ; j*»JJ tadbir. 

ClBCUMSTANOE, 8. J^ hal ; ^^ 

liala-t ; ^^^ kai£[ya-t. 
CiBCUMSTANTiAL, odj. (incidental) 
^J^^^ itti£aqi-y ; ^j*)^ *ari4i-y. — 
(minute) ^yf^ ma4b^t; J***^ 

ClECUMSTANTIATE, V. J«t fa^^al, 

CiBCUMTALLATioir, 8. <3*u^ handaq 
(pi. j«>U^ hanadiq) ; {j^s^ ma- 

s-^ galab, yuglib; (^ gaban, 

ClBCUMYEKTION, 0. ^J^ gUi ; ^*^ 

hadi'a-t (pL 5t\j^ hadayi*). 
CiBCXis, «. ^\*^^ maidan, midan 
(pi. (:>«*>W» mayadin). 

ClSTEBN, 8. ^)9^ fihrij (pi. gi;W 

^ah&rij); s-^ jubb (pi. s^U^ 

ajbab, v*W iibab, s-^^ iubab) ; 

</)*. tau<J (pi. giV^tiy&d, u*^^^ 

Citadel, a. ^WU qal*a-t (pi. £M 

qila*) ; t/ bun (pi. c^r buriij, 

e^j»^ abraj, ^j»^ abrija-t). 
Citation, 8. (8umm<m8) s-^ t&lab. 

— (quotation) /•i zikr. 
Cite, v. (8ummon) ^ da'a, yad'ii. 

— (quote) /^ ^akar, ya^kar. 
Citizen, s. •^ eH^ ibn balad (pi. 

Jd» «>)^^ aulad balad) ; ^5*^ bala- 

Citizenship, 8. ^\ «>2)^\ {^'i^^ ^f 

kaun a^ad min aulad aU^alad. 

CiTBON, 8. (^y^ laimiin, lim^n. 
City, e. ^J^ madina-t (pi. ^J^ 
mudun, (^\^^ madayin) ; ^^Jii 
balad (pi. S^ bilAd, ^^JJij bul- 
dan) ; ^-p» mi^r (pl.7j^^ anmar, 
jy^ mu^iir). 
CiTET, 8. *e!L^ misk, musk; oV^j 

CiTic, adj. o**^ baJadi-y; <^J^ 

CnriL, adj. {not military) ^^i>» 

mulki-y ; ^J^^*^ diwani-y. — (not 

extraneotui) <j-J^W dahili-y. — 

(polite) ^*y\ s-^^ ^dhib adab. 
Civilisation, 8. v»*>^ adab; s-si»>\? 

t&dib ; hj^\ s^W:i\ al-adab al- 

Civilise, v. *a>»>\ addab, yu'addib ; 

{j^\ amias, yu*aniiis ; ^J^ mad- 
dan, yumaddin. 
Civility, 8. v» ^^ adab ; i-AU lutf ; 

fijy* muruwwa-t; ij^d. hulq (pi. 

jU\ ahMq). 
Claim, v. fj^^^\ idda*a*ala, yad- 

da*i ; ^J^ ,^^ A4A 'amal da*wa 

*ala, ya*mal; s-j£ talab, yatlub. 
Claim, 8, \^ iddi'a; ic^uW mu- 

da'at ; ij^ l^aqq. 
Clam, 8. jW* mah&r. 
Clam, v, ^j^ la^^aq, yulafi^iq. 
Clambeb, V, {J^y^ 'arbai, yu*arbil 
Clamoub, 8, cW« fiyah ; i^ ^ar- 

ba-t ; ^V* 9arah ; &J^*t gau^t ; 

e«^ dajij ; jp^^ i^tilaq. ^ 
Clamoub, v. c^ ^ah, ya^il^; tj- 

farah, yasruh ; Ji»yt gawwai, yu- 

gawwi^; (5* dajj, yadijj. 
Clan, 8, fl««i qabila-t (pi. JtW* 

qabayil) ; j»y qaum (pi. f\yi\ 

aqwam); 8^->ac *aiira-t (pl.jjULc 

Clandestine, adj. ij>aif mahfi-y; 

f^f^ maktClm. 
Clang, e. SSj ranna-t ; {^t^ t&nin. 
Clang, v, (^j rann, yarinn; (^ 

tann, yatinn. 
Clank, e. Sj^bjL ^antana-t. 
Clap, e, (of thunder) ^ ra'd. 
Clap, v. <3^ ^afaq, ya^nq. 
Clabet, 8. (jf^^y *W nabiz £ran- 





Clabification, 8, li^M tadjfiya-t. 

Clabipy, v. o** 9a£fa, yu^affi. 

Clash, 6, ^^^ ^adma-t; ^^Jk!a«^ 
i^tid^ ; f^^ talatum. 

Clash, v, (^'^ ta^adam, yata^a- 
dam ; ^)^ talatam, yatalatam. 

Clasp, 8. (hook) cJlLd. hutt&f (pL 
«» A - < »- ^ ^ hatatif). — (embrace) 
(^U£a^ ihtidan ; (^^ j^iadii. 

Clasp, v. *s^'*^ masak, yamsik ; <3ie 
*allaq, yu*alliq. — (embrace) ^J*^ 
'anaq, ju'aniq; ^ (^mm, ja- 

Class, s, (hind) {j**^ jins (pi, ^^\ 
ajnas) ; £y nau* (pL £\^\ anwa*). 
— (rank) ^A^ (abaqa-t; ^y 
martaba-t (pi. s-^\/« maratib). 

Class, v, £y nawwa*, yanawwi* ; 
s-^j rattab, yurattib. 

Classic, Classical, adj. jt^f^o* 
mu*tabar ; a ^ s ju* mu'tamad. 

Classic, «. ^«j»^ «-AJU mu'allif 

Classification, 8. s-*tj*/ tartib ; 
^j^ tadrij. 

Classify, v. see Class. 

Clattbb, 8. ^ji qarqa'a-t; ^^d»A 

Clattbe, V, gl;5 qarqa*, yuqarqi* ; 
0M» taqtaq, yutaqtiq. 

Clause, 8, (sentence) ^W jumla-t 
(pi. J.*^ jumal). — (article of an 
agreement) ^y* 6art (pi. ^.y* 
6urut); SjU madda-t (pi. ^\y 

Claw, s, /^ zifr, zufr (pi. jV&k\ 
azf ar, j^^\ az^r) ; s-JS^ mib- 
lab (pi. s-JUy. mahaUb).— (o/ 
cattle, i&c.) Ui\k zilf (pi. um 

Clay, s, {^ tin. 

Clean, adj. cAjLj nagif (pi. cjVfc* 
nizaf); <34\) rayiq; ^aJU. hali?; 

Clean, v. <-^ nazza^^ yunazzif ; 

c JL ^ f 'assafE, yu'assif . 
Cleanliness, a. ^^ nazafa-t; 

8^V2> naqawa-t. 
Cleanly, adj. <-A^ nazif . 
Cleanse, v. see Clean. 
Clsab, ao^. (pright) y nayyir ; 

^ mudi. — (i^ransparent) ^J^^ 

9ifi ; cJUai ^affaf .--(etm2en^) y^VL 

zahir ; ^\^ wadil^. — (distinct) 

Cleab, v. (make clear)'] ^J^^ ^affa, 

yu^afEi. — (remove) JUi ^al, yaiil. 

— (acquit) lAc *af&, ya*M; j;i 

barrar, yubarrir, — (gain) s-^ 

kasab, ysucsib. 
Cleabness, 8. ijip raunaq ; ^ 4^; 

^ <Jiy&. — (aistinctne8s) c^^ 

idah ; U^ ^ara^a-t. 
Cleave, t;. (adhere to) <3le 'aliq, 

ya'laq ; OP^ ta'allaq, yata'allaq ; 

ij^ la^iq, yaUaq. — («p{t^) OM* 

^q, ya^iuq ; v3^ f alaq, ya£iq. 
Cleaveb, 8. (butcher's hnife) j^U. 

satiir (pi. ^^^ sawatir). 
Cleft, s. (jAi ^a^q; ^ ^qa-t 

(pi. jyw* 9uqiiq) ; <3^ f alaq (pL 

jyiA fuliiq). 
Clemency, «. ^U^-j rahma-t ; ^U*.^ 

marhama-t ; ^^ i^aqa-t. 
Clement, adj. ^/ kanm; Jk^ 

^afiq; jy^ iSax^q. 
Clebqy, 8. ij^y^\ akUnis ; l^^^^\ 

al-qasawisa-t ; l^^\ ilftU*^ ja- 

ma'a-t al-kahana-t. 

CleBGYMAN, 8. ij^ qiff (pi. {j»y*Ji 

qu^ii?) ; (^r*ft-^ qissis. 
Clebic, Clebical, adj. ^.^Ht^ ka- 

nayisi-y ; ^y^ akliri-y, 
Clebk, 8. s-^^ kdtib (pi. ^\^ kut- 

tab) ; J^^ wakil (pi. :)iJ^ wukal&). 
Cleyeb, adj. yfeU mahir ; jkU ^ajir ; 

(jJ labiq ; j^W haziq ; jji^ m|^. 

rir (pl.;i;Vp6> natarir). 

Cleyebness, s. £jW^ mahara-t ; 

IJ^ ^atara-t; iUsW) lab&qa-t; 

«^Ao. ha^aqa-t. 
Clew, s. see Clue. 
Click, «. O^ taqq. 
Click, v. o^ taqq^ yajuqq. 
Client, s. ^U*. |^m4ya-t ; 

mahiui-y ; Jy« maula (pi. J^f^ 
mawaJi) ; ^^^^ ^agi (pi. a^U 

Clientship, 8. ^Ua. ^imAya-t; 
^i zimma-ty zumma-t; (^UJ 




Cliff, «. ;^« 9ahr, S^ ^ahra-t 

(pi. j^afe* 9uMr). 
Cliffy, adj. fk^ ^ahir ; %sf^ fah- 

Climate, Clucs, 8. fkJJ\ iqHm (pi. 

f^\i\ aqalim) ; jUA\ eV* T^^^j 

al-qutr ; fcU* munah. 
Climax, s. ^jJJ tadiij ; &i>;^*x^ mu- 

Climb, v. ^^j raqi, yarqa; J^** 

9a*id, ja9'ad ; {J^fS ta*arba^, ya- 

ta'arbas; ^pLa; tassallaq, yata- 

Clinch, v. (fix) c^^ gabbat, yu- 

gabbit; «>^ agbat, yugbit- — 

(grasp) yM qabad/yaqbi^. — (the 

fist) fi«»i <3tt tabaq yaddahu, yat- 

Cling, v. see Cleaye. 
Clink, v. {^ tann, yatunn; {^^ 

tantan, yutantin. 
Clink, s, hLjL ^antana-t. 
Clip, v. y/& qa??, yaqu?? ; y^ jazz, 

Clip, s. (sheep'Shearing) f^\ iy^ 

jazza-t al-ganam. 
Cloak, s. ^^ burda-t ; (.r^ bumus 

(pi. u***V l^aranis) ; ^JCi*« ma^- 

la^i (pi. H^*^ mai^i^) ; ^ 'aba, 

k^ 'ablya-t (pi. W* *ib&).— (0/ 

a pilgrim) Af^\ mr&m. — (conceal- 

fnerU) (j«44> talbis. 
Cloak, v, ij^ labbas, yulabbis; 

<^ hafa, yahfi ; y^ satar, yas- 

tur ; f^ katam, yaktum. 

Clock, s. ^U s&'a-t. 

Clog, s. (ohsiruction) g*^ mani 
(pi. g*^y« mawani*) ; <Ji^ *ayiq 
(pi. <JiV *aw&yiq) ; '^ sadd (pi. 
j^ju.^ asdid). — (vModen shoe) 
v»Va^ qabqab (pi. s-^W* qab&- 

Clog, v. jVd '&q, y&'Aq ; j^ 'aw- 
waq, yu'awwiq; j-*^ manaS 
' yamna*. 

Cloister, a, >!*> dair, der (pi. 8;y«> 
duyiira-t, ^jt*^\ adyira-t). 

Close, ac^. (shut) s3^ magliiq; 
Jy«u maqfM. — (narrow) jk-* 
4ayyiq. — (near) s-si/ qarib ; 

jamb. — (sultry) j\^ h&rr. — (he 
close to) ^J>^\ aifa, yu^fi. 

Close, v. (shut) ^jX^ galaq, yagliq ; 
j^ sakkar, yusakkir. — (the eyes) 
jU^\ agmad, yiigmi^- — (finish) 
f^4S tammam, yutammim ; f^s^ 
natam, yahtim. 

Close, s. \^\ intiha ; h^ nibaya-t ; 
f\s^ hitam; i»W tamam ; JU3 

AT ^f JJ 

Closeness, s, (narrowness) ^^Jk^ 

4iqa-t; ^^W^o^) ihtibas. — (vici' 

nity) ^^ qurb. 
Closet, s, 8^ halwa-t (pi. ^jj^ 

Clot, v. v»\) rab, yarftb; JL*«r ta- 

jammad, yatajammad ; (j^jB qa- 

ris, yaqras. 
Cloth, s. ty^ j^ (pi. tW\ ajwdh) ; 

vAUi qumai (pi. lJ^\ aqmi^a-t). 

— (tahle-cloth) 8yLj\ y^ biz as- 

suf ra-t ; JV^ mifrai. 
Clothe, v. J^ labbas, yulabbis ; 

{j»^\ albas, yulbis. — (one*s self) 

ij^ labas, yalbis; v^-JU talab- 

bas, yatalabbas ; ^y^\ iktasa, 

Clothes, Clothing, s, ^\y\ as- 

wab ; iS^^ kasawi ; ij»^%» ma- 

labis ; Uu^\y^ ^ra^if . 
Clothiee, s. ^^f^ j^i-y (pi. ^^ 

juhiya-t) ; J^Ui qamma^. 
Cloud, s. ^W*« sahaba-t (pi. v»W«* 

sal^ab); ^U^ gam&ma-t (pi. 

^U6 gamam). 
Cloud, v,a, ^ gayyam, yugay- 

yim ; s-^i^- hajjab, yuhajjib ; n. 

f^<^ tagayyam, yatagayyam. 
Cloudiness, s, l^ zidma-t. 
Cloudy, adj, ^♦^A^ mugayyim. 
Clove, «. jti^ qaramful. 
Cloven, part, of Cleave, a.v. 
Clovee, s. l^ hulba-t; 3U fa§- 

9a-t ; f^t^ barsim ; JA^ nafl. 
Clown, s, c^ fallat (pi. o^ -^» 

C^Sii faiaiih). 
Clownish, adj. ^j^ falU^i-y; 

{^'^'^ haiin. 
Clownishness, s. &U^ ha^^a-t ; 

^)^ gilaga-t. 
Cloy, v. ^^as ta^bba^ yata^bba'. 


Club, s. <a>^ nabMt (pi. u:^M 

nababit) ; (j^y-^*> dabbiis ^1. 

tr^^*> dababis). — (society) g »^>» 

majma' (pi. g^W* majami*). 
Cluck, «. j/ qarq. 
Cluck, v, j/ qarraq, yuqarriq; 

jVS q^, yaquq. 
Clue, «. (guidance) ^^*y dal^a-t. — 

(hall of thread) <3^9y^ jarauhaq. 
Clump, «. (of trees^ S&*i dagila-t. 
Clumsiness, a. ^i^ gilaza-t. 
Clumsy, adj. ^^««^ gaiim; M^ 

Cluster, 8. (of arapes) ^^^^oi, hu^la-t 

(pi. J^ hu^al). 
Cluster, v. (collect together) ^^^ 

jamaS yajmA*. 
Clutch, a, (jM qab<J ; ^^ qab^a-t. 
Clutch, v. yM qabad, yaqbi^J ; 

«£l-^ masak, jamsik. 
Clutter, a. ^^ gaug& ; ^^ ^^'j- 

Clyster, s, SjJi^ huqna-t (pi. (^ 

Coach, a. iU^^V^ karo^a-t; ^^^ 

Coachman, «. li\if^\ j\y^ sawwaq 

al-*arabana-t ; iji-^j^ *arabaji ; 

^J^^J^ 'arabanji. 
Co-ADJUTOR, 8, ijh^j rafiq ; «a^/i 

Coagulate, v,a. *u^ jammad, yu- 

jammid; n, •u<r tajammad, ja- 

tajammad; Mir\ injamad, jan- 

Coagulation, s, »>Wr\ injimad. 
Coal, «. ^J^J^ f^^ fahm *ardi-y. 
Coalesce, v. ^*j^^ ijtama, jaj- 

tami* ; J«s!p\ itta^iad, yattahid. 
Coalescence, 8. cV^^ imtizaj ; 

f*U^\ indimam. 
Coalition, «. £Ua^\ ijtima* ; jW\ 

ittif Hq ; *> W itti^ad. 
Coarse, adj. M^ galiz ; (:><*^^ ha^in ; 

{^^ tahiD. 
Coarseness, s, ^)^ gald,za-t ; 

£>U^ ba^ana-t ; &^ tahUna-t. 
Coast, «. J*-^ sahil (pi. J«»-^*- sawa- 

hil) ', J.U §ati (pi. J>y 6a- 

Coat, a. ^VLtf qaf(&n ; iW jubba-t 

64 [Oox 

(pi. s-t^ jubab); jt;^ ^totft 

(^. surtout). 
Coat, v, ^^ kas^, yaks^. 
Coax, v. 0^ mallaq, yuinalliq; 

ijW tamallaq, yatamaJlaq ; «-^S 

lataf , yul&tif . 
Cobble, v. gSj raqqa*, yuraqqi'; 

^ ^allab, yu^alli^. 
Cobbler, «. j^j*- harr&z. 
Cobweb, «. «w«^*«5\ g--J nasj al- 

*ankabut (pi. c^ nis&j) ; (>e 

v:^^,5uiiS^ 'xLi& al-'ankab4t (pi. 

J^uue <us&s) ; iix>yt^J^\ cu^ bait 

Cochineal, «. (in^ecQ y«j«J^ ^^•^ 

duda-t al-qirmiz; ^ s^ j ^ ko^ 

niliya-t. — (dye) y»^ qirmiz. 
Cock, «. ««)ii*> dik (pL tJy^ duyAk). 
Cock, v. (a gun) itk'^^ *-A*j^ auqaf 

ad-dik, yfiqif ; (JMaJ\ J^a qa"ad 

a^-iSaqmaq, yuqa"id. 
Cockatrice, s. *^^t^\ ^VUL sult&n 

al-hayyat; J« fill (pi. JW 

Cock-crow, s. olijtJ^ ^^ dlbi ad- 
Cockscomb, 8. tsi^i^\ Uj^c hirf ad- 
Cocoa, s. ^^AiJb^^ joz (jauz) hind! ; 

^j\i narjil. 
Cocoon, s. )i^\ ^f^ joz (jauz) al- 

qazz; yjfij^ damaq (pi. OPy* 

Cod, 8. (^t«A;) yti qi^ (pi. ^ya 

Code, a. ^y^\ v>V;^ kitdb aii- 

Codicil, 8. ^^^ ^♦ ^ ♦ ^ 4&iz>^ix^^t 

al-wa^iya-t (pi. ^U6 (jLam&yim). 
Codification, «. ga^/*^^ ^ nazm 

Codify, v. {^\^\ fM nazam al- 

qawaniD, yanzim. 
Co-efficient, a. L^t^ ma'lft* 

Co-equal, adj., 8. {^j^ qartn ; J^ 

misl ; J«^ magil ; jj^ nazir ; 

Coerce, v. ^^ alzam, yulzim; 
s-afc ga^ab, yagfib j jt^\ ajbar, 




Coercion, «. f^'^\ ilzam ; 

ga§b ; v»Us^\ igtiaab. 
Co-eternal, adj. aLu ,^aj\ abadi-y 

misl-hu; aI^ ^.\*3 dayim misl- 

Co-EVAL, acZ/. ^U/* inu'asir ; ^ J|;i 

fard *umr. 
Co-exist, v. Jko.^^ cui^ ^^^i ^V^ kan fi 

waqt wahid, jakun. 
Co-existent, adj. j^\^ ss^^ ^^ *^f^T* 

maujud fi wakt wahid. 
Co- extensive, adj. »>\ja^5^ <^^U-j:^ 

mutasawi al-imtidad. 
Coffee, 8. (the fruit) ^ bann (pi. 

oW^ abnan). — (the beverage) S^ 

Coffee-pot, «. S^\ ^^\ ibriq al- 

qahwa-t ; tj^ bakraj (pi. tj^ 

bakarij, Turk.). 
Coffer, s. j^ai* sandiiq (pi. OM*>U-o 

sanadiq) ; ^/- hazna-t. 
Coffin, s. «t4^ «yy^ tabnt li-'l- 

majyit (pi. c:-^\y tawabit). 
Cogency, s. £Ui\ iqna* ; f>\^\ ilzam. 
Cogent, at^. g^a^ muqni* ; j»^ 

mulzim ; gtV5 qati*. 
Cogitate, t;.^^\ iftakar, yaftakir ; 

j^ tafakkar, yatafakkar. 
Cogitation, s. ^ tat'akkur ; J^^ 

Cognate, adj. s-iy qarib (pi. v»j^^ 

aqarib, s-^^;5 qarayib, vj/\ aq- 

riba) ; s-*«— * nasib^ (pi. s-^Uli 

Cognition, Cognisance, «. lifo» 

ma^rif a-t (pi. Ui^U^ ma'arif) ; p^ 

hubr ; yt^ habar (pi. jW*-\ ah- 

Cognomen, «. A^i^kinya-t, kunya-t; 

s-^aJ laqab (pi. v»^\ alqab). 
Cohabit, v. g^ ,^^ *ai maS ya*i^. 
Coheir, a. ^^^^JU ifiX>^ sank bi-'l- 

Cohere, v. ,3-^^ iltasak, yaltasiq. 
Coherence, Cohesion, s. jUs5\ il- 

Coresiye, adj. v>*sU multasiq. 
Cohort, «. rj* fawj (pi. e^y 

fuwftj, cV^ afwaj) ; j^U» tabiir. 
Coil, s. JWa. il8U baJqa-t bib^; 

^««Ai^ wa^i'a-t. 

Coil, r. g*M was.4a*, yuwas^i* ; s-^ 

kabb, yaKubb. 
Coin, 5. ^U/» inu*amala-t; ^^ 

sikka-t (pi. ctXC* sikak). 
Coin, v. ^^ v>^ darab sikka-t, 

yadrub ; aUU/» jj daqq mu*a- 

mala-t, yaduqq; il«^ **£- sakk 

*amla-t, yasukk. 
Coinage, a. ^^ s-»;^ darb sikka-t. 
Coincide, v. s3^\^ wafaq, yuwafiq ; 

v>j^ tabaq, yutabiq ; ^J^\ iltaqa, 

Coincidence, a. OI^V tawafuq ; 

&£i\y» muwafiqa-t ; jVa>^ ittif&q. 
Coincident, adj. \3i\y» muwafiq; 

^Jl>^ multaqi-y. 
Coke, s. f^^ fahm. 
Coition, s. l»^\^f mujama*a-t ; 

C^ nikah ; ciW> nik. 
Cold, adj. ^j^ barid ; (^j^**;* bardan. 
Cold, s. ^^ bard ; ;>;6^3 zamharir. 

— (a cold) ^) rash ; Jy nizl ; 

A3y nazla-t. 
Coldness, s. Sj^^ bariida-t. 
Colic, a. ,jfl*^ uaags; {J^\ gft-) 

waja' al-batn ; ^y qaulanj. 
Collapse, /?. i»yu. suqut ; t^ hu- 

Collapse, v. laS- saqat, yasqut ; 

ixjfc habat, yahbit, yahbut ; 5*^ 

waqa*, yaqa'. 
Collar, a. (of a coaQ vJij ziq (pi. 

j\2j\ azyaq) ; j^ hunaq. — 

(necklace) JJ^* t^uq (pi. j\y»^ 

atwuq); Sj^^i qilada-t (pi. J^i^ 

qilayid) ; A«c *uqd, *aqd (pi. ^yif^ 

Collar, v. JM^ *aunaq, yu'anniq. 
Collate, v. JjVi qabal, yuqabil. 
Collateral, adj. <4)^y^ muta- 

wazi ; t5^^— ^ musawi. 
Collation, a. ^Va^ muqabala-t. 

— (repaat between two meala) ^^ 
Colleague, a. Jjs^j zamil (pi. JUj 

zumala) ; ^j rafiq (pi. ^j ru- 

Collect, v. q*^ jaina*, yajma* ; ^ 

lamm, yalumm ; j^ haz, yahuz. 

— (gather fruit) ^J^ jana, yajni. 
Collected, adj. (aelf - ^poaaeaaed) 





£^4-^-^ majmA* (pi. go^W* maja- 

CoLLKCTEDNESS, 8. <^a* *'j jam*iya-t. 
Collection, s. £U;^\ ijtiiiuV ; ^••^^ 

Collective, adj. f^-*^^ majmii*. — 

(collective noun) iy^\ ^^ ism 

CoLLECTOE, 8, g^W jAmi*. — (of 

revenue) J**^-* muhassil. 
College, 8, 1^)^^ madrasa-t (pi. 

^^j\j^ maclaris). 
Collegian, s. i^j>u^\ i^\ ibn al- 

madrasa-t (pi. l-j^x^J^ ^ bani 

Collier, ». ^^)\ f^^ 0J^«^ mu^ad- 

din fahm ardi-v. 
Colliery, 8. ^y f^^ (j***^ ina*din 

fahm ardi-y. 
Collision, s. f>\<iie^\ istidain ; ^*>^ 

taaadum. — (of vntere8t8) ^jU^ 

munaza*a-t ; *-*2\i4.\ ihtilaf. 
Collocate, v. ^^ wadaS yada*. 
Colloquial, adj. ^V*. savir. 
Colloquialism, 8. A-JkJ lugayya-t. 
Colloquy, s. iJ^Vab^ muMdasa-t ; 

^W** mubataba-t ; ^j^^at^ muha- 

Collusion, 8. jjViJ^ ittifaq; S^Vat^ 

Collusive, adj. jW gaddia* ; ;^Vat^ 

Collyeium, 8. J^ kuhl (pi. JV^ 

akbal ; My tutiya ; ^jy^ Rur- 

Colonel, s. ^s^^ jt!*»\ amir (mir) 

alai ; ^J^^ ^^ baluk bas^i. 
Colonisation, s. ^fA^ muhajam-t. 
Colonise, v. ^ hajj, yabujj ; f^-'^^ 

ha jar, yuhajir. 
Colonist, «. ^Va hajij ; j^ *^^^ 

Colonnade, 8. J^ts^^^ *-^ 9afE 

Colony, «. (body of colonists) ^W 

&~^\j^ iama'at haj ja-t ; ^ t^Uf? 

^^^\^^ jam&*at al-mubajirin. — 

(country) ^^ jAj balad tabi*a-t. 
Colorist, 8. oJ^ mulawwin. 
Colour, «. (^y lawn (pi. (y^y\ al- 

wan). — (colours) jj;<rf bairaq (pi. 

jj;W» bay&riq) ; ^\) raya-t ; ^ 

*alam (pi. j«)^^ a*lam). 
Colour, v.a. (^y lawwan, yulaw- 

win ; ^t^ 9abbag, yusabbig. — 

(blush) j^ ahmarr, yahmarr. 
Colt, s. j^ muhr (pi. j^\ amhar, 

J^ mihar). 
Colter, Coulter, «. *i>\;*^^ ^^ 

sikka-t al - mihras (pi. csX-X- 

Column, s. ^y^ *amud (pi. 'i^^ 

*awamid) ; *3^ *amM (pi. Sju^\ 

(]JoMB, 8. t»A^ must, mi^t (pl- ^^-^^^ 

amsat). — (honey -comb) J— c .*«*» 

sabd 'asl (pl. ^V^ sihad). 
Comb, v. t-^-* mai^at, yiima^sit. 
Combat, s. U*^ muqatala-t ; d^j^ 

ta'aruk ; A5»jU/» mu*ai*aka-t. 
Combat, v. J*Uqatal, yuqatil ; J»Va? 

Inqatal, yataqatal; csI^U* ta'arak; 

Combination, «. M>^tahlit ; £Us^\ 

ijtima*; jjU?^ ittifaq; o\c»?1 itti- 

Combine, v.a. Q^^ jama*, yajma* ; 

v3*^ waffaq, vuwaffiq ; s-»; rattab, 

yiirattib ; n. ^*^ ijtama%yajta- 

11) i' ; iji»\ ittafaq, yattafiq ; j»bt\ 

ittahad, yatttihid. 
Combustible, adj. jys*: yahtariq ; 

July yiiqad. 
Combustible, s. ^y^ waqud. 
Combustion, s. s3\;-^ ihtir&q ; 

o^;ss*^ inhiraq ; ijif^ tatriq ; 

s3\^^ ihraq. 
Come, v. W ja, yaji ; ^\ ata, yati. 
Comedian, s. h'^^^\ s-««J la*ib al- 

komediya-t ; v>U3 la**ab. 
Comedy, s. h'^^ komediya-t. 
Comeliness, s. ^j— ^ husn ; ^%» 

malaha-t ; J W jamal. 
Comely, adj. ^^ malih (pl. t^ 

milah) ; (jj— »• hasan (pl. ^u— •. 

hasaiia-t, U.*^ husana) ; Je-*^ 

Comestible, s. *>^j zad ; v/^U*« 

ma'as ; «t>y qAt (pl. sa>\^\ aq- 

Comet, s. s-^j3^ s-^^ kaukab a^- 

zanab (pl. s^\iS%\ s-^^ kaw&kib 




al-aznab) ; s^J^j L^ najma-t 


Comfit, s. ^ hulA, S^U. hulwa-t 

(pi. t5;^ hablwa, ^^ hala- 

Comfort, s. (ease) ^^ sabula-t; 

^\) raha-t; ^ » ^ bulabniya-t ; 

^—4 jusr, yusur. — (consolation) 

y-i taslija-t ; ^y*> ta*ziya-t ; 

<JLj tasalli ; jtVafeJ^ oV^ jabran 


Comfort, v. ^J^ salla, yusalli ; ^^ 
'azza, yu'azzi ; ;^*»- jabbar, yu- 
jabbir. — (strengthen) ^^f qawwa, 
yuqawwi; »>ja saddad, yusad- 

Comfortable, ad/. J^- sahil ; ^>/« 
murih ; (^ hayyin ; v^^ mu- 
nasib ; *M^j ragfd. 

Comfortableness, s. ^^ sabu- 

Comic, Comical, a^j, c£W&^ mud- 

Comicality, «. a^*-a^ inadhaka-t; 
ty* mazh (pi. c^y* mizah) ; S^ai--^ 

Coming, «. *>jj;^ wurud. 

Command, «. y*^ amr (pi. y\)\ awa- 
mir) ; f^^ hukm (pi. f>\^\ ah- 

Command, v. yA amar, ya*mur. 

Commander, s. ^•^^ hakim (pi. 
f\^ hukkam) ;^^ amir (pi. ^/•\ 
umara). — (of an army) •^Vi 
qayid. — (of a garrison) tiV^^ 

Commandment, s. ^^ wa9iya-t (pi. 
^V-B^ wa^aya). — (the ten) i^\ ^^^ 
wa^aya allah ; «:^UJi^y^^ al-*asar 

Commemorable, adj. /h yuzkar 
(3 pres. pass.). 

Commemorate, v, y^^ zakar, yaz- 
kur ; /^ tazakkar, yatazakkar. 

Commemoration, s, /^ zikr. 

Commemorative, adj. e;;^*^ ^?- 

Commence, v, <^*^ bada, yabda ; 

\^\ ibtada, yabtadi ; J«i ja*al, 


Commencement, s. \j^\ ibtida; 

^\^\ iftitah ; ^-^ ras. 
Commend, v. f^ madah, yamdah ; 

»Ua- hamad, yahmud ; Uu>^ wa^af, 

Commendable, adj, c^Ju^ mam- 
dub ; »x-.4JB. hamid ; «>^4.^^ mah- 

miid ; *-^y^y* mausiif. 
Commendation, s. j^*«w hamd ; 

*Us»»^ mahmad ; c^^ madh ; > v *a»»5 

tarn j id. 
Commendatory, adj. >u>^>» muham- 

Comment, Commentary, s. c/* 

sarh (pi. t^j^ ^uriih) ; ;,^-J» taf- 

sir (pi. yi^\io tafasir). 
Comment, v. c/» sarah, yaii-a^ ; 

j^ fassar, yufassir. 
Commentator, s. tj^ sarih (pi. 

t^j^ surnih). 
Commerce, s. j^t^^ matjar; S^V^ 

tijara-t. — (intercourse) ij .^\ju» 

mu'asara-t; ^U^ mu^ahaba-t. 
Commercial, adj. ^^J\=r tujari-y. 
Commingle, v.a. ^^ halat, yablut ; 

n. Ifslsi.^ ihtalat, vahtalit. 
Commiserate, v. ^y rabim, yar- 

ham ; ^J^ ,3AA. safaq *ala, yasfuq ; 

^J^ {^ hanu *ala, yahinn. 

Commiseration, s. ^Ua.j rahma-t ; 

Afl&fti safaqa-t. 
Commissary, s. J-s^^ wakil (pi. K^ 

wukala) ; y^W^ mubasir. 

Commissaryship, 8. ^\^y wakala-t. 

Commission, s. (on gooda) a3^ 
*umula-t. — {warrant) *vi- sanad 
(pi. j\xJ\ asaad). — (delegation) 
^^jj wakala-t. — (perpetration) 
^^j\ irtikab. 

Commission, v. ^^^ wa^^a, yuwa??! ; 
^^ wakkal, yuwakkil. 

Commissioner, «. J^^ muwakkal ; 
J-s^^ wakil. 

Commit, v. (intrust, deposit) ^ 
sallam, yusallim; £j»^ wada*, 
yada*. — (imprison) (j-^^rw habas, 
yahbis ; (:>^»-» saian, yasjun. — 
(perpetrate) s-^j^ irtakab, yar- 

Committal, Commitment, «. (io 




prison) u^^t^ haba. — (perpetra- 
tion) v»^j^ irtikab. 

Committee, s. h* * ^ jam*iya-t. 

Commodious, adj. s— •^ munasib ; 
(3*^^ muwafiq. 

CoMMODiousNESs, 8. ^U» muna- 
saba-t ; l&i^y muwafaqa-t. 

Commodity, «. (merchandise) ^^ 
bida'a-t (pi. ^U> badayi*) ; S^V 
tijara-t; s-^*— sabab (pi. v>W-^ 

CoMMODOSE, 8. j)*^y*y^ komodor. 

Common, adj. ^Vc *amm ; ^^ 
*umiimi-y ; csJ^-xa^ mustarik. — 
(iistuil) f^^\t^\ i*tiyadi-y ; jVsjl* 
mu^tad. — (ignohU) yt--^^ haqir. 

Common, s. (^^a^^ maidan, midan 
(pi. (:>«*>^ mayadin) ; tf* marj 
(pi. tar* muruj). 

Commonness, 8. S^ kasra-t ; jy*>> 

Commotion, s. a^ haraka-t. — 
(perturbation) ^^ fitna-t; Aal* 
qalqala-t; v»^jkA\ idtirab; ^j^ 

Commune, v, U^ halat, yuljali^ ; 
j^ic *a4ar, yu*a.sir. 

Communicate, v, (impart informa- 
tion) ji^\ ahbar, yuhbir; ^j^ 
*arraf, yu*arrif. — (he connected) 
J-»^ itti^al, y attain ; ^ nafaz, 
yanfuz. — (partake of the Lord's 
Supper) ^J*JA♦J\ ^Wy^^ J^V;* tana- 
wal al-qurban al-muqaddas, ya- 
tanawal; ^j^. v a * \ \ (^^j^\ %^/s 
taqarrab al-qurban al-muqaddas, 

Communicative, adj, ^>lci fayya^ ; 
^U^ musayir; ^y^^*-^ mumtazij. 

Communion, s. (familiar inter- 
course) S^i^^i.^m\i^khQ\)Sirt ; flaJVfifc^ 
muhala^-t. — (the sacrament) 
^J0,^&^^ ^^\i^\ al-qurban al-mu- 
Community, s. i^Ju^^ jam'iya-t; 
i^«<^ jamhur (pi. «aW luma- 
Commutation, s. J-iJ^ tabdil; 

^'^\ inqilab ; Jj^" tahwil. 
Commute, v. Jj^ badal, yabdil ; 
'" qalab, yaqlib. 

Compact, adj, «-A^ kasif ; «-*>V^s^ 

Compact, s. »*«fi *ahd (pi. ^^ 

*uhud) ; ^A sart (pi. ^^ji^ suriii) ; 

jU?\ ittifaq. 
Compact, v. {^ sahhan, yusahhin ; 

cJU^ kassaf, yukas.sif. 
Compactness, «. ^^ kasafa-t. 
Companion, s. vJM; rafiq (pi. Vai^ 

rufaqa, JJ^j^ arfaq) ; s -. r .U 

sahib (pi. v*U^^ ashab). 
Companionable, adj. {j^\ anis. 
Companionship, s. as*, rufqa-t (pi. 

0M|; rufaq, jUj rifaq, j^j\ arfaq). 
Company, s. a,s«.«^ jam*iya-t ; &^^« 

9iihba-t ; l.J^\j>» munlfaqa-t. — 

(commercial) f^ sirka-t, surka-t. 
Compare, v. ^J^ J}^ qabal *ala, 

yuqabil ; v> ti)^ qaran bi, yu- 

qarin ; v> M* Kabbah bi, yusab- 

Comparative, adj. ^je«-^ tasbi- 


Comparative, 8. (degree) Ji-i^ , 
tafdil. — (noun) J«>^^ f^ ism at- 

Comparison, s. ^ j -^a> tasbih ; ^lA^ 
nuisabaha-t ; J«s^U5 tamsil ; S^\S^ 
muqabala-t ; L^\&>» muqayasa-t. 

Compartment, s. ^»-«* qism (pi. 
fX^^\ aqsam) ; Vc^ wi*a' (pi. &^)\ 

Compass, s. (circle) S^\^ dayira-t; 
S^\ai^\ istidura-t ; ^^^ daur (pi. 
;^^->^ adwar). — (extent, limit) j^Afr* 
miqdar ; ao. hadd (pi. »>;Jto- 
liudud). — (the mariner's) vs.^ 
^jC^\ bet al-ibra-t ; aU^ bu^ola-t ; 
<^2fi. huqqa-t ; ciJU. hikk ; ^^V} £1^ 
qibla-t nama-h. — (pair of com- 
passes) j\^ baikar, bikar (pi. 
/W* bayakir, /\^ bawakir). 

Compass, v, (surround) w> ^^\ 
ahat bi, yuhit ; UL;^ kaunaf , yu- 
kannif.— (atom) J^ mil, yan&l; 
J-»- ha§9al, yuha99il. 

Compassion, s. asaa. ^afaka-t; 
marhama-t ; ^j riqqa-t. 

Compassionate, adj. jy^fti saf Aq ; 
ijh^ saliq; ,3AA^ musfiq; ^3t>J, 
s-^^ raqiq al-qalb. 




Compassionate, v. f^y raham, yar- 

him ; <J^ JM^ ^afaq *ala, yasfuq ; 

^J^ i^ hann *aLa, yah inn ; J jj 

raqq U, y ariqq. 
Compatibility, «. to\^ muwafi- 

qa-t; ^U qabiliya-t. 
Compatible, adj. J «3*^y* muwafiq 

li ; C^ <3A^ yattafiq ma*a ; J?V* 

Compatriot, «. •vl> {^\ ibn balad 

(pi. a3^^ aulad). 
Compel, v, fJ^ alzam, yulzim ; s--«t 

f^a^ab, yag^ib; p^\ ajbar, yuj- 

bir ; f^ qahar, yaqhar. 
Compendious, adj. y^y* miijaz ; 

fiSi:i^ muhta§ar. 
Compendium, «. ^-ASat^ muhta^ar ; 

^Usi.^ ihti^ar. 
Compensate, v, ^J^^ J>^ *awwad 

*ala, yu*awwid. 
Compensation, s. \j>f- *i\v;id, *awa4 

(pi. \j^f^ a*wad) ; S^V-^ o*i^ 

ta*wid hasara-t. 
Compete, v, jl!^ gayar, yugayir ; 

f}^ tagayar, yatagayar; i^^ 

jara, yujari. 
Competence, «. (cajpacity) S;^* qud- 

ra-t ; ^^Vi qabiliya-t. — (liveli- 
hood) (•j^^^ al-lawazim. 
Competent, adj. ;*>^ qadir; s-<^^^ 

wajib ; Jfe^ lajiq; s-^U/» muna- 

Competition, a. S^ gaira-t ; S^U*« 

mugayara-t ; ^>«» tagayur ; A^^Va^* 

muqawama-t ; &\)W^ mujarat. 
Compilation, «. g^^ jam* ; *-&ss3^ 


Compile, t?. g^^ jama*, yajma* ; 

«^* ^ ^annaf, yu^annif; *^\ 

allaf, yu'allif. 
Complacence, Complacency, «. 

*^^;«^ ma*riit' ; AiUJ la^^fa-t. 
Complacent, o^j. *-^))*^ s ^- f^ ^ 

^aljib ma*ruf ; ulJLJ la^if. 
Complain, v. V^ ^aka, yaski; 

^^ja\ istaka, yastaki. 
Complainant, «. (plaintiff) ^^ 

tahim ; ^^'^ muda*i. 
Complaint, s. i\^ sakat. 
Complement, a, ^U^ kamala-t; 
js tatimma-t. 


adj. ^ mutimm ; J*^ mukam- 

Complete, adj. J**^ kamil ; J^^ 

mukammal; j«^ tamm; j^U? ta- 

Complete, v. J^i" kammal, yukam- 

mil ; f^i* tammam, yutammim ; 

v>; rabb, yarubb. 
Completeness, s. JU^ kamal ; i^** 

^ahha-t, sihha-t. 
Completion, s. j^Ua*.^ ihtimam. 
Complex, adj. s-^/* murakkab ; 

i-A-i3 Lil'if ; ^y^ ^fe gair muf rid. 
Complexion, s. &^y^ (^^ laun al- 

Compliance, s. ^VL ^a*a-t ; ic^VL« 

m u^awa*a-t. 
C0MPLICA.TE, V. *fi^-A sabbak, yu- 

sabbik ; W^ lahbat, yulahbi^. 
Complicate, adj. *^jti>» malfuf ; 

Q^ysfadt yS zu sujun. 
Complication, «. JoU. halt ; iaU U^s. 

halt malt ; ^^W^b^ lahbata-t. 
Complicity, ». s-^AJ\ ^^^i ^l^T^ sar- 

ka-t fi-'z-zamb. 
Compliment, s. cA1 < ? takalluf (pi. 

«y\ -At) ; cJUX? taklif (pi. ugv^:? 

takalif) ; vJUj tamalluq. 
Compliment, v. (congratulate) ^yJ^ 

s^ hanua bi, yuhanni. — (address 

with approbation or flattery) ^J^ 

tamallaq, yatamallaq. 


adj. (jStjUy tamliqi-y. 
Comply, v. g^VL tawa*, yutawi* ; ^-•— 

samuh, yasmuh ; s-»W-^ ajab, yu- 

Component, s. v^ juz (pi. W\ 

Comport, v. g^ ta^U salak ma*, 

Compose, v. s-^ rakkab, yurak- 

l^it) ; J*^ wa^sal, yuwas^il. — (as 

an author) *JLu» ^annaf, yu^an- 

nif ; *-AJ\ allaf, yu'allif. — (music) 

^^ ansa', yansi*. — (calm) {j^ 

sakkan, yusakkin. 
CoMPOSEDNESS, s. JWi\ Aft.\j raha-t 

Composer, s. (author) «-JU-«* mu- 




^anoif ; «-AJ*^ mu*allif. — {of 
music) (^W^ s-^^ 9ahib alhan. 
Composition, s. *^t>^/ tarkib. — 
{literary work) ^^ J ux-cS ta^nif (pi. 
UM^ ta^amf) ; ^-A<i\ insa. 
Compositor, s, {of types) s-^/» 

Compost, «. »}*3 xibl ; ^^3 zabala-t. 
Composure, H. WUi» tumanina-t ; 

(^WJ*^ i^ mi nan. 
Compound, «. iJ^ biH (pi. ^^^ 

ahlat) ; s-^/» murakkab. 
Compound, v. Ui. halat, yahlu^ ; 

s-^^ rakkab, yurakkib. 
Comprehend, v. (understand) ^ 

fahlui, yafham; **)j»>\ adrak, 

yudrik. — (comprise) ^^ wasi', 

yasa* ; ^J^ ^^f^"^ ihtawa *ala, 

yaliUwi ; ^ J4Ja\ istamal *ala, 

Comprehensible, adj. ^•e*^ yanfa- 

him ; ^^e^ mafhilm. 
Comprehension, s. (intellect) ^* 

fahm (pi. f»^ fahiim) ; Jfi*' *aql 

(pi. Jyi ^uqul) ; J/«^ ma*qul. — 

(containing) \f^\ ihtiwa ; JUja\ 

Comprehensive, adj. (intelliijent) 

a)^J^ mudrik; J*Vc 'aqil ; ^«^ 

faliim. — (comprising) J ♦ ? > » ■'• 

luu^tumil ; or^^ muhtawi. 
Comprehensiveness, «. (discern- 

men!) S^v;$*S zivkawa-t ; •i^ dtua-t. 

— y> reo is ion ) W^ 4 ^ b^ . 
Compress, s. <i»v4J Kit'at'a-t (^pl. «-AiUl 

la fay it"). 
Compress, r. ^>aft *a;f5?, ya*a?? ; ,3*-^ 

ijiay V aq, y uiji-^y y H* 
Compression, *. v>«^ tacjiyiq; 

A*ui\ iijiaqa-t. 
Comprise, r. see Comprehend. 
Compromise, <^. {iigreement) ^ 

Aly^\ ^ariq as-suhula-t. 
Compromise, v. {Oifree) ^^ ta?a- 
lati, vata^a^; ^^\ i$(ala|]L, 
ya^^aUh. — {^ex^K>^) ^ la|^, ya- 

CoMPCLusioN, tf. (^^^ ilzam; w-*-^ 
ga?b; >»>L-»s*^ igtijab; jV^^r«^\ 

Compulsory, adj. jf^^ mujbir; 

^jU mulzim. 
Compunction, s. i*\AJ nadama-t ; 

^Ji nadam ; j»J^ tanaddum. 
Computation, s, v»\— *- hisab ; 

v>L-jto.^ ihtisab. 
Compute, v. w^*^ hasab, yahsub ; 

^^U^ J4X *amil hisab, ya*mal; 

* , ■ .....yr. \ ihtisab, yahtasib. 
Comrade, s. v>**; rafiq (pi. Vaij 

rufaqa, J^;^ arfaq). 
Con, v. ^ j^ ^J^ f^ ta'allam 

*ala zuhr qalb hu, yata*allam. 
CoNCATiNATiON, 8. J-X-J tasalsul ; 

jjjer tajanzur. 
Concave, adj. ^fA ajwaf, f. Vi^ 

jaufa (pi. cJyj. juf) ; ^yt^ mu- 

Concavity, «. «J^ jauf (pi. ^\fA 

ajwaf) ; <-*j^ tajwif. 
Conceal, v. ^J^ hafa, yahfi ; ^^^ 

ahfa, yuhfi; /- satar, yastur; 

f^ katam, yaktum. 
Concealment, «. i«^ tahbiya-t; 

Ud.^ ihf a ; ^ katm ; ^jUj/ kit- 
Concede, v. (admit) J<S qabil, yaq- 

bal ; ^ sallam, yusallim. — 

(yield) g^VL tawa*, yutawi*. 
Conceit, s. (fancy) J^ biyal; 

jy^ tasawwur. — (affectation in 

spet'ch) Aiys.j zahrafa-t ; ^4-s» ta- 

sannu*. — (self-esteem) j^ takab- 

bur ; jV g< . 7 .^\ istikbar. 
Conceited, cuij. (affected) g^-^ 

musauua'. — (f^U of self-esteem) 

^ t < .>->* mustakbir; jt^s^ muta- 

kabbir ; jyjk*» magrur. 
Concbitedness, «. jt^ takabbur; 

jW^^s-^ istikbar. 
Conceits, r. (in tke mind) f^ 

fahim, yafham; «^jo\ adrak, 

yudrik. — (in tke iram5) vsJ^t* 

babilat, ta^bal ; ^»-Jlle ^liqat, 

Concentrate, Conck^ttiub, v. (an 


«*r* o* v>^^ e^ 

jama' al-juyus fi mauda' wal^id, 
yajma\ — {^condense) «JUI^ kas§ai 
Concentration, #. £U^\ ijtim4^ 


Concentric, adj. j^.^^^^ &S lahu 
markaz wahid ; 'j^y^^^ A^^ mut- 
tahid al- markaz. 


Conception, «. (ihotight) *^\jS\ 
idrak ; j^ ta^awwur ; J-ssS=^ ta- 
hayvul. — ( pregnancy) J-*^ habal ; 
JW*»^ hubal. 

Concern, s. (business) yA auir (pi. 
jyA amiir) ; J*«t sugl (pi. J<^\ 
asgal, J^ sugiil). — (affection) 
s£^^>^/» inuhabba-t. — (anxiety) ^ 
hamin (pi. f^y^ humum) ; ^^5^^ 

Concern, v. ^/>^ bass, yahuas ; 
«-r^~^\ intasab, yaotasib. 

Concerning, prep, (ja*^ U^ li-ma 

Concert, r. Wj ral>at, yarbut ; ^*> 
dabbar, yudabbir. 

Concert, s. (agreement) J^^^^J ta- 
dawul ; JJ^^ ittifuq. — (musical 
entertainment) hf nauba-t. 

Concession, s, hW\ ijaba-t ; J^ 

qabul ; ^•J^— 5 taslim. 
Conciliate, v. (gain) «-A!sfci-^ ista*- 

^af, yast'atif. — (reconcile) ^^ 

^♦e^^rf salah ben-hum, yusalih ; 

^\ a|lah, yii^lih. 

Conciliation, s. ^ sulh ; a^U^ 

Conciliatory, adj, ^J-a^ muslih. 

Concise, adj. ^-^Sfifc^ muhtasar; 
J.».^H» mujmal; j-»iA« muqtasar ; 
yt-y miijaz. 

Conciseness, s. ^Us«s.^ ihtisar ; J W^ 
ijmal ; c**^ tanqih. 

Conclude, v. (finish) ^ tam- 
mam, yutammim ; ^ja^ hala^, 
yahlu? ; ^*at hatam, yahtim. — 
(logically) ^ fJ ^ istantaj, yas- 
tantij ; J**^^-^ istadall, yastadill. 

Conclusion, s. (termination) j«^ 
hi tarn; h^ nihaya-t. — (infer- 
ence) ^J*W• qiyas (pi. a---J\ aqyi- 
sa-t) ; S^tt^ natija-t (pi. g>Uj 

Conclusive, adj. ^ batti-y ; ^Vi 

Concoct, v. (digest) ^^^^ hadam, 

71 [Con 

yahdim. — (plan) j4^\ admar, 

Concoction, «. f^^^ hadm ; j«W^ 

inhidam ; Jelos*" tahlil. 
Concomitant, adj., s. s-^^ §ahib. 
Concord, s. jjU»\ ittifaq ; &^\y 

muwafaqa-t ; *3W\ ittihad. 
Concourse, s. £U;^\ ijtima* ; a^ 

zahraa-t ; ^Ujj\ izdiham. 
Concrete, adj. (compound) s-^ 

murakkab. — (having a real exist- 
ence) ^fi-y^ maujild ; (^^ kayin. 
Concubine, s. hy^ surriya-t (pi. 

i^^X* sarari) ; AjsW* mahziya-t 

(pi. o^Ur^ mahazi). 
Concubinage, s. <^/>*-* tasarri. 
Concupiscence, s. S^ sahwa-t; 

AcUl taraa*at ; ^^Viy tauqan ; s-^ 

vi>\^e-*J^ hubb as-sahwat. 
Concupiscent, adj. ^J^y%'^ sahwa- 

ni-y ; ^^^^J>i nafsi-y ; ,j6^i-i«« mns- 

tahi; f^ gillim.' 
Concur, v. (J^»\ ittafaq, yattafiq; 

<^sA ittahad, yattahid. 
Concurrence, s. jUj\ ittifaq ; jU?1 

ittihad ; Sj^cL-^ rausa*ada-t. 
Concussion, s. ^yty taza*zu* ; lyt 

huzza-t; fi\SLc\ jstidam. 
Condemn, v. (sentence) ^J^ ^^5^ 

hakam *ala, yahkum. — (reject) 

(J^j rafad, yarfid, yarfud. — 

(blame) f»i5 lam, yalum ; ^^ zamm, 


./ . . 

Condemnation, s. ^ <r* hukm; 
&^y^ hukuma-t. — (rejection) ^J^y 


Condensation, s. ;j-j^yi» tashin; 

c- A ^ ^^ taksif. 
Condense, v. (^ sahhan, yasah- 

hin ; Uii^ kassaf , yukassif. 
Condescend, v. JjU* tanazal, yata- 

nazal ; g^U. ^awa*, yutawi*. — 

(stoop) ^"^ tahaddaS yatahadda*. 
Condescension, s. JjU tanazul; 

^^Vla^ mutawa*a-t. 
Condign, adj. s-^^^ wajib ; j>.^,a-^ 

Condiment, s. jWj bahar (pi. koA 

-j'lt) ; J^- tabul ; J«^- tatbil. 
Condition, s. (state) JVcw hal (pi. 

J V^ ahwal) ; aU hala-t.— (ranik) 




(^^ san (pi. (^/^ su'ftn, (^\£A 

.<i*an) ; ^Vju maqam (pi. «t>\ -at) ; 

^/» inartal»a-t (pi. s-*^;^ mara- 

tib). — (quality) ^^a^ kaifiya-t ; 

c-A-cj waff; A&* fiifa-t. — (stipula- 

tioii) t;A sart (pi. tj)^ surut). 
Conditional, adj. ^jU j^rti-v ; 

^^y^^ masrut. — {in grammar) 

^/i ^artija-t. 
Condole, v. i^j^ 'azza, yu'azzi. 
Condolence, «. h)*^ ta*zijat. 
Conduce, v. gw nafa*, yanfa* ; *3U\ 

afad, yufid. 
Conducive, adj, ^^ nafi* ; J^s*^ 

mufid ; (:J^^*^ niu*awin. 
Conduct, «. ^al^L* suliik ; «iU-^ mas- 

lak ; S^e- sira-t. — {management) 

jt^-^ tadbir. 
Conduct, v. {guide) <^J^ hada, 

yahdi ; ^^^p wadda, yuwaddi ; J*> 

dall, yadull. — {an army) ^U qao, 

yaqud. — (manage) ^*> dal>bar, 

yudabbir. — {behave) *«U- salak, 

Conductob, 8, JJ*3 dalil (pi. ^•>^ 

Conduit, s. ^^r^^ iriajra {pr, c5jW^ 

majari) ; v>\jy* mizrab (pi. ^r^j^y 


Cone, e, ^^fi^ mahrii^ (pi. «y\ -At). 
Coney, Cony, «. s-^j\ arnab (pi. 
s-^\)^ araiiib). 

Confection, «. ^ halu ; ^^^ 
halwa (pi. i^^ halawa, «y^^V 
halawiyat); ^j-?/* murraba (pi. 
*j^^f niurrabayat). 

Confectioner, s. ^^^^ hahvjmi-y 

(pi. A-o\^ halwaiiiya-t) ; ^^ 

Confederacy, s. Sju^U^ mu'aha- 

da-t ; J^ *ahd ; ^3^^ ittifaq ; 

aU^ ittihad. 


Confederate, v. •^aU *abad, yu- 

*ahid; ^\ ittafaq, yattatiq; 

Ui^\a^ tahalaf, yatahtllaf. 
Confederate, adj. s. «-AiU>s^ niu- 

tahalit' ; J^^rA* muttaliid ; ^JAa* 

Confer, v. {bestow) Jec *ata, ya^^i ; 

s-^^ wahab, yahab ; ^\ an*am, 

yan'im. — {consult together) j^^^ 

tasawar, yat-a^awar; J^^*^? tada- 

wal, yatadawal. 
Conference, s. S^^U^ musawara-t , 

S^X« miizakara-t. 
Confess, v. {sins) cJj^ i*taraf, 

ya*tarif ; «Jyts-\ i8ta*raf , yasta*- 

rif. — {hear confession) cJ^;^3\ g«— 

sama* al-i*tiraf, yasma*. — {admit) 

ji\ aqarr, yuqirr. 
Confession, s. u\f£\ i'tiraf ; j\ji\ 

Confessional, s. u\jS£i'^\ «.^ bet 

al-i'tiraf ; cJ^yx^J^ ,^/ kursi al- 

Confessor, s, {who confesses) «-JyM^ 

muHarif. — {who hears confession) 

%^\jS£'^\ ^Jbt* mu*allim a]-i*tiraf ; 

^fu* iim'arrif. 
Confidant, s. {confidential friend) 

J^ halil (pi. %A ahiUa, cjU 

hullan) ; y^\ s-*-^ sahib as-sirr 

(pi. v>^«fc-c\ aahab). 
Confide, v. {trust) {^\ aman, yu- 

niin ; s-» «3*5 wasaq bi, yasiq. — 

{entrust) g*>y auda*, yudi*. 
Confidence, s. ^Usc\ i*tiqad ; Jfy» 

tawakkul ; ^ siqa-t. 
Confident, adj, {relying) J^^ 

Confidential, adj. {*^\ amin (pi. 

U^\ umana) ; s3^^\ ausaq, f . ^^ 

Configuration, s. ijyo §ura-t (pi. 

jy^ 9uwar) ; Sji^ hai*a-t. 
Configure, v. jyo ^awwar, yu^aw- 

wir ; t^ 9ag, ya^ug. 
Confine, v. {limit) JJko- haddad, 

yuhaddid; j^^^ iqta^ar, yaqta- 

8ir. — {imprison) <j**-*- habas. 

yahbis ; ^^j^t-. sajan, yasjnn. 
Confinement, s. {imprisonment, 

restraint) (j-fc- habs ; (j-W^^^ 

ihtibas; 3%*^ hajz. — {childbirth) 

So3; wilada-t ; ^r-^ uil'as. 
Confirm, v. ^ qarrar, yuqarrir ; 

k3^ haqqaq, yuhaqqiq.— («acra- 

mentally) ^s^ sabba^, yiisabbit ; 

(:)))^^ X* ^** manah sirr al- 

miruD, yamnah. 
Confirmation, s, j\ji\ iqrar ; %a>\ti\ 




isbat; J^ ta'kid. — (sacrament) 

<^-d^ tasbit ; (^^j6^\ al-miriin. 
CoNPiBMATORY, adj, ^y muwak- 

Confiscate, v. W-& ^abat, ya^bit. 
Confiscation, «. ia<-* 4abt ; S^jU^ 

Conflagration, «. o^;^ ^ariq (pi. 

^^f^ harqa). 
Conflict, «. (0/ interests) WVafc* 

muhalafa-t; SjjU^ mu()adada-t. 

— {of bodies) j^oU? ta^adum ; 

^^jkLc\ i^^idam. — {combat) ^\Ji*» 

Conform, v, {comply) v3J^ (abaq, 

yutabiq; <3*^^ wafaq, yuwafiq. — 

{make conformable) i3*^ waffaq, 

Conformable, adj. vjM^a« muttafiq ; 

tj^\y» muwafiq ; ,ji^ mutabiq ; 

gja^ muti*. 
Conformation, s, eH^ takwiu; 

s-*t^ tarkib. 
Conformity, «. lu\y muwafaqa-t ; 

^VL« mutabaqa-t. 
Confound, v. {confuse) WaJsJ lah- 

bat, yulahbit ; u^^ haba?, yah- 

bi?. — {take one thing for another) 

tls- halat, yahlut. — {astonish) ytp- 

hayyar, y u^ayyir. — {destroy) J^-i^ 

af sad, yufsid ; U^\ atlaf , yutlif ; 

«sXU hallak, yuhallik. 
Confront, v,a, ^UV* qabal, yuqabil ; 

n. J»^ taqabal, yataqabal. 
Confuse, v. {disorder) Mf- harbat, 

yuharbit ; yyif' harbaq, yuhar- 

biq. — {perplex) y^ hayyar, yu- 

hayyir ; ^^ haza, yahzi ; ^JJtS\ 

adhai, yudhi^. 
Confusion, s, ^^Wob) lahbafa-t; 

lo^ hab^a-t ; i:bs.\ ihtWlx ; J^UUU} 

bailala-t. — {perplexity) i— aaj 

dahasa-t; J^^*xm indiha^; S;^^- 

Confutation, s, J^\ ibtal ; iiiU* 

Confute, v. a^)J^ J^ naqa4 kalam- 

hu, yanqud ; 43yi ^\ abtal qaul- 

hu, yubtil. 
CoNOBAL, v,a. A4^ jainmad, yu- 

jammid; .n. jl.4^ tajammad, 

yatajammad ; ' ^ ♦ nr \ injamad, 


'Xtt^ tajmid ; «>Wr\ injimad. 
Congenial, adj. u-^W* mujanis. — 

{agreeable) ^p^ maqbm; cA»U 

Congeniality, «. i-i^ mujana- 

SBrt; ht\f qarclba-t; ^Ui Das&- 

Congest, s. 2«^ jama', yajma'; 

^ lamm, yalumm ; ^^ kawwam, 

Congestion, a. ^\ g^ j&ni' ad- 
dam ; ^^^ £r*^^ majmu* ahl&t* 
Conglomerate, v, 2«^ jama', yaj- 

ma' ; f*^ kawwam, yukawwim. 
Conglomeration, s. f^fi takwim. 
Congratulate, v. ^yJt hanna, yu- 

hanni ; oi)jW barak, yabarik. 
Congratulation, s, ^W^ tahniya-t 

(pi. o*^ tahani). 
Congratulatory, adj. ^ye^ mu- 

Congregate, v.a. 2«^ jama% yaj- 

ina' ; n. Q^-^^ ijtama, yajtami*. 
Congregation, s. icW jama*a-t; 

^A* * ^ jam*iya-t ; fUa^-^ ijtima* ; 

^•.^^ majma' (pi. g^U^ ma- 

Congress, s. u^W^ majlis (pi. 

u^^^^ majalis) ; ^)A^^ mahfil 

(pi. JiW^ mahafil). 
Conic, aei/. ij^)f^ mahrdti-y. — 

{conic sections) ^s^^^fia^ mahrii- 

Conjectural, adj. o**^ qiyasi-y ; 

ij*^^ wahmi-y ; <j-J^ ^ladsi-y. 
Conjecture, s. {^^-&^ tahmin; 

f^f tawassum ; ^y tawahhum ; 

f^y rajm. 
Conjecture, v. {^ zann, yazunn ; 

0^«^ hamman, yuhammin ; ^j 

rajam, yarjum ; ^y tawahham, 

Conjoin, v.a. J«^ wa^^al, yuwa^^il ; 

ej!) zawwaj, yuzawijj; g ♦ »> 

jamaS yajma* ; (^;i qaran, yaq- 

rin ; n. J^^ itta^al, yatta^il ; 

^^^\ ijtama*, yajtami*; Or^^ 

iqtaran, yaqtarin. 





', adj, J— as^ mutta^il ; 
mujtami' ; a^a* mutta- 

Conjugal, ddj, ^J^) ziji-J ; ^s^-jf 

Conjugate, v. J*a5^ uy* ^arraf al- 

fi*l, yu^arrif. 
Conjugation, s, J«a5^ ^^fS ta^rif 

Conjunct, adj, see Conjoint. 
Conjunction, s. {union) *>W»\ itti- 

had ; JV^^ itti^al ; ^\y muwa- 

9ala-t. — (in grammar) c-AW\ cJ;^ 

iarf al-*atf (pi. ^yf^ huruf). 
Conjuncture, «. J^y*"^^ '^^ kaifi- 

ya-t al-ahwal ; J^ hal (pi. ^\fA 

Conjuration, ». ^^ *azima-t (pi. 

^^^ *azayim) ; ^fis ta*zim. 
Conjure, v, (entreat earnestly) 

dJl5V} &«ie ^\ aqsam 'ale-hi bi-'l- 

lah-i, yuqsim. — (spirits^ '&c.) ^ 

^J^ 'aggam *ala, yu*azzim ; ^»-ix-\ 

istaqsam, yastaqsim. 
CoNJUEEE, «. f*^)^ *azzam; f^ 

mu'azzim ; jW- sahhar. 
Connect, v. J*^ wa^^al, yuwa??!! ; 

(^f qaran, yaqrin, yaqrun. 
Connection, Connexion, s. JV-»^ 

itti^al ; o^/i^ iqtiran ; tVj; ribat. 

— (relationship) h^f qaraba-t. — 

(hy marriage) S^A^-a- mu^ahara-t. 

— (business friends) (^^) zabun 

(pi. c:>4Wj zabayin). 
Connivance, s. {:)^\ u*Ui\ igma^ 

al-'ain ; i-fc/»V—^ musamaha-t ; 

L^\^ muwalasa-t. 
Connive, v. ^J^ (J^\ agma4 *ala ; 

^ lA^ gammad 'an, yugammid. 
Connoisseur, s. y^^ mdhir (pi. 

IjQ^ mahara-t) ; ^j^ *arif (pi. 

«J(;\^ *awarif. 
Connubial, adj, see Conjugal. 
Conquer, v. s-^ galab, yaglib; 

jU faq, yafiiq ; j^ gafar, yagfir. 
Conqueror, s, vi>U.yu^^ ^\ abu-'l- 

futiihat; tf^\ ^\i fatih al- 

Conquest, s, ^^ galaba-t; ^ 

f ath ; j^ zafar. 
Consanguineous, adj. s-«/ qarib. 




^^/ qaraba-t. 
Conscience, s, ^•i zimma-t (pi. 

^a zimam) ; yt^^ damir (pi. 

^U-6 damayir). 
Conscientious, adj. ^♦i w^— e.^ 

9ahib zimma-t (pi. v»W«^ a^hab). 
Conscientiousness, s. ^♦i zim- 
Conscious, adj. ^^^y wa*i ; ^J^ i^^y 

du^ wa*i *ala nafsi-hi. 
Consciousness, s. •>Aj ru^d ; ^j^y 

w*ai ; ^ *ilm ; fj^^ hiss. 
Conscript, «. (*^^ malmftm ; s-*^^ 

^yL^ matlub li-l-'askariya-t. 
Conscription, s. *^V— c iU3 lamma-t 

•asakir ; h/^ s-J^ talab li-l- 

Consecrate, v. ^j rasam, yarsum ; 

^j*juJ qaddas, yuqaddis; (j-/^ 

karras, yukarris. 
Consecration, s. ^V*.^ rasama-t; 

f*UJ)\ irtisam ; ^^Ht*^ taqdis. 
Consecutive, adj. *^\»s^ muta- 

*aqib ; J-JL-j;** mutasalsil ; ^Jf^ 

tali ; <J^^ mutatali. 
CoNSECUTivENESs, s. s^Uuc\ i'tiq^b- 
Consent, s. ^; rida; J^ qabM ; 

v»WJ ijab. 
Consent, v. s^ ^j rada bi, yar^a ; 

J<i qabil, yaqbal. 
Consequence, s. j*>^ ^adir; J«W 

ha^il ; ^Vc *aqiba-t (pi. s-*^*c 

*awaqib). — (importance) Jii» aiql ; 

^Jic *uzm. 
Consequent, adj. ^^5 tabi* ; ^J^ 

tali ; ,J^:y^ mutatalli. 
Consequential, adj. yt^A* muta- 

kabbir ; ^ayu^ mutafahhir. 
Conservation, s. i^VAa. hifaza-t. 
Conservative, adj., s. ^^ t^fij ; 

tiV^^ muhafiz. 
Conservatory, «.(grree«Aot4«e) «^*<ji^ 

mambat (pi. o*^ manabit); 

^s^^fj^ munabbit ; 1\aa^ ma^tat. 
Conserve, s. ^ halu (pi. ^ ha- 

lawa) ; ^y murabbA (pi. ^a>V|y» 

murabbat, «y^^^ murabbaw&t); 

jjWj ri^ar (pi. jt^\^j rawA^ir). 
Conserve, v. (in sugar) ^J^J rabba, 

yurabbi. — (in vinegar) Jl*- hal- 




lal, yuhallil. — (Jceep in good con- 
dition) (^^ §an, ja^un ; tA*. 
hafiz, jahfas ; •x-b^ ra§ad, yar- 
Consider, v. J^^ ta'ammal, ya- 
ta'ammal ; ^ tafakkar, jata- 
f akkar ; j^ taba^^ar, jataba^^ar. 

CONSIDESABLE, odj. ^«^ 'asiIU ; 

p^:»^ mu'tabar; ;Wsc5\ 0<teX-^ 
mustahiqq al-i*tibar. 
Considerate, adj. jti^ys y ^^^ s-^^ 
9ahib rai wa tadbir; {^ fatin 
(pi. e>^ futn) ; J5Vc «&qil (pi. 
^A^ *uqala, JVac *uqqal). 

CONSIDERATENESS, 8. ^^ fi^l^^^^ ; 

iyt:^ ba^ira-t ; J^j rwidi ; Jac 

Consideration, «. (thought) J-*^ 
ta'ammul; j - < - A J tafakkur. — 
{respect) f^f\ ikram; jW»^ i*ti- 
bar ; s-»^— *^ hisab. — (compensa- 
tion) ^\ ajr (pi. jfA ujAr, M 
ajar) ; u*/^ 'iwad (pi. ^/y^^ 
a* wad). 

Considering, prep, 
-e^. bi-hasb. 



Consign, v, (transfer to) J^ haw- 

wal, juhawwil ; ,j*y fawwad, yu- 

fawwi4. — (intrtist to) ^JL. sallam, 

Consignation, Conseignment, s. 

(j^^ taf wi<J ; Sl\^ hawala-t. 
Consignee, s. Jt>^^ wakil. 
Consist, v. (^ s-3y tarakkab min, 

yatarakkab; <JLe J-^oAi^ istamal 

'ala, ya^tamil. 
Consistency, s, (uniformity) SM\y 

muwafaqa-t ; &5jVL« mu^abaqa-t. 

— (stability) ^W» qiyam; «y^ 

§uhviL— (density) ^^ kasafa-t. 
Consistent, (uij. (composed of) 

^jlc J.*aAm» mu^tamil *ala. — (not 

contradictory) ij»^ mutabiq ; 

jjAiU^ ^ gair munaqid. — (solid) 

. v »^;,>» munjamid ; ^-M^ ka§if . 
Consolation, «. &J^^ tasliya-t; 

J—* tasalli ; h^ ta*ziya-t ; (;)\yt^ 

j^^\ jabran al-h&tir. 
Consolatory, adj. ^J^--^ musalli; 

^^f^^ mu'azzi. 
Consols, v. ^J^ salla, y usalli ; sji^ 

'azza, yu'azzi; &A* ^«» jabar 

qalbahu, yajbur. 
Consolidate, v. ^s^ qawwa, yn- 

qawi ; ^ kasgar, yukassir ; g*^ 

jamaS yajma*; \^ qarrar, yu- 

qarrir ; (^^ makKan, yumakkin. 
Consolidation, s, *a*«^ tasbit ; 

{^^ss^ tashin ; *» M ^ taksif ; jt/S 

Consonance, s. va>\y«5\ jjW\ ittif&q 

Consonant, adj. (agreeing) v3**^ 

muttafiq; sj^\y muwafiq; v>»^ 

Consonant, s. (letter) c^!^^« *^j^ 

harf ^ahih. 
Consort, s. (companion) vjMj rafiq. 

(husband, wife) t)) zauj ; ^jj) 

zauja-t (pi. t^y)\ azwaj). 
Consort, v. jJ^^ *a^ar, yu'a^ir ; UU. 

halat, yuhali^ 
Conspicuous, adj.j^^ zahir; ^\y 

CoNSPicuousNESs, 3. sj^ zuhiir. — 

(celebrity) j^9sa\ i^tinar. 
Conspiracy, s, ^U,^ muhalafa-t; 

«-Al^ tahaluf ; »-^ tahamur. 
Conspire, v. «-<iitB. halaf , yu^alif ; 

«-AIVsb!» tahalaf, yatahalaf ; s-^-^*? 

ta'a^^ab, yata'a^^ab. 
Constable, s. ^^ 4abit ; (j-^y 

qawwas; ^/* i^urta-t (pi. LJa 

Constabulary, s. d^jxJ\ s^L.^^^ 

a^hab ad-dark ; l»/i ^uraf. 
Constancy, s. i/-^^ j^ mudawama-t ; 

j\j^^ istimrar; c^W* sabat. 
Constant, adj. uw^ sabit; r»^^J^ 

mudawim ; v , ^ M y* muwazib ; 
ykJi— ^ mustammir. 
Constellation, «. ^fr ^jy^ §ura-t 

nujuin (pi. jy>o 9uwar). — (0/ ^Ae 

zodiac) t)i burj (pi. g^j;* buruj). 
Consternaiion, s. ^J^*y dahai^a-t ; 

Ji.LjtM\ indiha^; Ij-^ hira-t, 

Constipate, v. ^/«3 qabba4, yu- 
qabbid. — (be constipated) (j^^\ 
inqabad, yanqabid. 
Constipation, s. ^^\ inqibacji; 
{j^\ u«^ yubs al-batn. 




Constituency, s. {:^y^\ J^« »i» 
jami'a-t al-muwakkilin. 

Constituent, adj. J»U zati-y; 
^^ muqawwim ; ^J^\ a^li-y ; 
<4)jr^ duriiri-y. 

Constituent, s. (essential part) J«\ 
a^l (pi. J^\ u§M). — (who de- 
putes) s^y muwakla]. 

Constitute, v. ^^\ aqam, yuqim ; 
s-o> na^ab, yaii§ub; ^J*^ 'ayyan, 

Constitution, s. (of the body or 
mind) ^y mizaj (pi. Wy\ am- 
zija-t) ; ^««^ tabi*a-t (pi. ^\ 
-at, 5tM» tab4yi*. — (peculiar cha- 
racter) ^U. haf^iya-t (pi. <^^-*- 
ha^ayi?) ; &t^ kaifiya-t. — (esta- 
hlishment) s-^-^ na^b ; {j^-^t'^ 
ta*yin. — (form of government) 
^\jAl\ SocU qalda-t a^-sarayi*; 
JL <U .». U (:M V ^Q'Waiiin al-mamla- 

Constitutional, adj. (inherent to 
the natural frame) ^yU zati-y ; 
^jLo^ a^li-y ; t)^-*^ mumtAzij. — 
(legal) ^^J^ &.r*i-y. 

Constrain, v. f^\ alzam, yulzim ; 
^Ja s-«»^ ga^ab *ala, ya^ib. 

Constraint, s. f>\^\ ilzam; s-a^ 
ga^b ; ;W^ ijbar ; ;«* qahr. 

Constrict, v. (hind) "^te 'aqad, 
ya'qud ; ^j rabat, yarbut. — (con- 
tract) u^ qaba4, yaqbiij. — 
(condeTise) f^ qa§ar, yaq^ur. 

Constriction, *. J^ *aqd; *>U»\ 
i'tiqad ; ^ ^^i^i^* — (contraction) 
(^fM^ taqabbud. 

Constringent, s. (msdicine) \y 
(j6jU dawa qabi4. 

Construct, v. (build) ^y* bana, 
yabni ; y^ *ammar, yu'ammir. — 
(a ship) J*^ madd, yamudd. — 
(arrange) s-^j rattab, yurattib. 

Construction, s, (building) W 
bina' ; jt^^ ta*mir. — (arrange- 
ment) s-^y tartib ; s-^/ tar- 
kib. — (explanation) J«/^ ta'wil. 

Construe, v. (explain) ^ fassar, 
yufassir ; c/* sarah, yairah. 

Consul, s. S^ qon^ul (pi. J*^ 

Consulate, s, W*a5 qon^uliya-t. 
Consult, v, jj^ sawar, yu^awir; 

j^UJ ta^awar, yataiawar ; jtsj;-^ 

istasar, yasta^ir. 
Consultation, s. S^^-^^ mu^awa- 

Consume, v. (eat) ^y^^ akal, ya'kul. 

— (spendy waste) *M\lJt>\ ahlak, 

yuhlik ; uij* §araf, ya§rif ; f^A^\ 

asqam, yusqim. 
Consumption, s. (use, spending) 

^yo garf; tf^ barj. — (consump- 

tiveness) J- sill ; J-J^ \*> da* as- 

sill ; /t. babar. 
Consumptive, adj, jy^-^ masliil ; 

y^, bahir. 
Consummate, v. J-^ kammal, yn- 

kammil; ^ tammam, yutam- 

Consummate, a^ij. J^V^ kamil ; f\s 

tarn ; f*W tam&m. 
Consummation, s. ,}t^ takmil; 

f>Us\ itmam. 

Contact, s. y-J lams ; i-^!U 
mulamasa-t ; <j*^ mass ; ^y^\ 

Contagion, s. v5j»^ *adwa ; ^^ 
waba* ; ^\j^ saraya-t. 

Contagious, adj. <4;V*. sari ; <^Jtft* 

Contain, v. f^y bawa, yahwi; 
kJ^ <5f^^ ihtawa *ala, yahtawi ; 
{^^^^ tadammaD, yata^amman ; 
^^ j4Afti\ i^tamal *ala, ya^tamil. 
— (abstain) (^ ctX— ♦? tamassak 
min, yatamassak. 

Contaminate, v. *a>^ lawwag, yu- 
lawwig ; ^^ wassab, yuwassib ; 
fj^ najjas, yunajjis. 

Contamination, s. ^W' najasa-t; 
vA-st^* talwis ; '^y^ talawwus. 

Contemn, v. ^ baqqar, yuhaqqir ; 
/is^\ ibtaqar, yahtaqir; /^? >\ 
istabqar, yasta^qir; (^\ib\ aban, 

Contemplate, v. J^*^ ta*ammal, 
yata'ammal ; gJ^ tA,la*, yutali* ; 
jti nazgar, yimazzir. — (design) 
juai qa^ad, yaq^id ; «ua» taqa^^ad, 


Contemplation, s. £«31L« muta- 

la*a-t ; J^^ ta'ammul. 
Contemplative, adj, J^*^ muta- 

'ammil ; /J^s^ mutafakkir ; s-J^V 

Contemporaneous, adj., Contem- 

POEABY, adj., 8, ^U/* mu'a^ir. — 

(coniemporariea) (^^\ Ja\ ahl 

Contempt, s, j^a^D.^ ihtiqar; (^j^y^ 

bawan; ^W ihana-t. 
Contemptible, adj. jtJ^ ^aqir ; J4«i; 

razil ; JJ3 zalil. 
CoNTEMTiBLENESS, 8. ^3«S zalala-t ; 

J\^\ ibtizM. 
Contemptuous, adj. ;&;^* mu^tar- 

Contend, v. £jU naza*, ynnazi*; 

^^ ba^am, juba^im ; J*>^ ja- 

dal, jujadil. — {vie) ji\t gayar, 

yuffayir; rfU* taeavar. vatacra- 



yugayir; jjU* tagajar, yataga- 

mabs^t; {^\ 

Content, adj. ^t 

Content, Contentment, «. tU^^ 

imbisat ; ^j rida ; ^Us qaii4'a-t. 

— {contents) (:J^'«-^ madmiin. 
Content, v. ^^ ra<j[4^> yura4di ; 

^J^)\ arda, yur^i ; ^ qanna*, yu- 

Contention, 8. ^^«^ bu^iima-t ; 

^ ♦> o lafc,>» muba^ama-t ; £ejU^ mu- 

naza'a-t ; ^ oV* mujadala-t. — 

(emulation) S^ gaira-t ; ;>^ 

Contentious, adj. gjU^ munazi*; 

^W« niuba^im. 

Contest, v. g^^o- tajjaj, yuhajjij ; 

J*>W jadal, yujadil; £jVi naza*, 

yunazi' ; ^^ ha^am, yuba^im. 
Contest, «. l^yc^ hu^^ima-t ; i^jU* 

Context, 8. ^/ qarina-t; ejjs^ 

matn (pi. oy^ mutiiii). 

Contextuke, 8. s-^e^ tarkib ; ^Ui 

nisaja-t; ^VIb> nigam. 
Contiguity, «. J^\ itti^al; &&€>%• 

mula^aqa-t ; jS^\ ilti^aq. 
Contiguous, adj. J-»s^ mutta^il; 

OM^ multafiq ; sy^%» mula^iq. 

Continence, Continenoy, 8. Ju^j 

zubd ; ^ *iffat ; £j^ wara*. 
Continent, 8. ji barr (pi. j^^ 

Continent, adj. JUfc^j zabid ; s-^^^^»** 

mujtanib ; ^J^.4^~s^^• mu^tami ; 

^jy^ mutawarri*. 
Continental, adj. ^;» barri-y. 


u*j^ *ari4 (pi. ^j\j^ *awari4); 

i^^Vfi. hadisa-t (pi. sA>S\yo. ^^aw&. 

Contingent, adj. ^j^ *arid ; ,j^jVft 

*aricj[i-y ; ^j«fc gaibiyy. 
Contingent, «. (quota) s- " ^^^ na^ib 

(pi. W->^\ an^iba', ^k^\ an^iba-t) ; 

&-B- hi§9a-t (pi. (j«a-aB^ hi^a?). 
Continual, Continuous, adj. ^\j 

dayim ; f»\<^ mudam. 
Continuance, Continuation, 8. 

^^W mudawama-t ; j»^y da warn; 

j\^4A^\ istimrdr ; i«t^y» muwaza- 

Continue, v.n. j»W dam, yadiim; 

^J^ j«^\*> dawam *ala, yudawim; 

J)4 ^ lam yazal (witb participle 

or aorist) ; ^ s-^^^ wazab *ala, 

Continuity, 8. jUsJ\ ilti^aq ; JU»\ 

CoNTOET, V. ^y lawwa, yulawwi ; 

t^ *awwaj, yu'awwij. 
Contortion, 8. ct* *awaj,. *iwaj ; 

gV>^\ i'wijaj ; e\j*J^ in*iwaj. 
CoNTOUE, 8. 8^W dayira-t; jj^Jui 

Contraband, 8. tA>VcyL«^ mam- 

nu*at ; Wj^^ ^^ bada'at muh- 

Contract, «. j^ *aqd (pi. *>yic 

*uqud) ; t/. sart (pi. ^pi^ ixxThX). 

— (in writing) s-»«^ Kitab (pi. 

s-^ kutub) ; ^^ bujjat (pi, 

C:^«^ hujaj. 
Contract, v. (draw closer together) 

f^ damm, yadumm; v5«^ 4ay- 

yaq, yudayyiq. — (wrinkle), a, 

(jM qabbad, yuqabbi^; {J^ 

qalla?, yuqalli? ; n. j^^\ inqabacj, 

yanqabid ; ,jfiiaj taqalla?, yata- 

qalla?. — (contract debts) ^^JJ ta- 




dajyan, yatadajjan. — (enter into 
a contract) i»^/» J^^ *amil suru^, 
y*amal ; \J^ •^^ ta*ahad *ala, 
CoNTBACTEDNESS, 8. ^j^ taqallu? ; 

(JhiS taqabbud. 
Contraction, 8. o^-fS qab^. — 

(abridgment) jV-oas.\ ihti§ar. 
Contractor, s. .^e*^ muta*ahhid ; 

y\x^ iiiu*amir; y»W^ mubasir. 
Contradict, v, ^*>U dadad, yuda- 

did ; u**^ naqad, vunaqi^. 
Contradiction, «. &-45U« munaqa- 

da-t; ^W« muhalafa-t. 
Contradictory, adj, aaUs^ mnta- 

dadid ; u**^J^^ mutanaqid. 
Contrariety, 8, ^W* muhalafa-t; 

U^ taballuf ; &«>U^ mu(j[adda-t. 

— (adversity) j^*>^ idbar; &w^ 

mu^iba-t (pi. s-«^-* mu^ajib) ; 

SaAi i^idda-t. 
Contrary, adj. «-Ai^ae« muhalif; 

jjU^ mudadid. 
Contrary, 8, •xa dudd ; «-*^ bilaf ; 

(j-i^ 'aks. 
Contrast, s. ^U^ muqabala-t; 

s^h^\ ibtilaf . 
Contrast, v. J>Vi qabal, yuqabil. 
Contravene, v. v^**** ta'adda, jata- 

*adda ; «-^^ halaf , yuhalif . 
Contravention, 8, ff}/^^ ^5*^ 

ta*addi ai-sarayi*; ^aJU^ muba- 

Contribute, v. ^•> dafa*, yadfa* ; 

^ falaz, yafliz ; ^J^ (^j^^ *awan 

*ala, yu*awin. 
Contribution, «. *y>^ madad ; (^^ 

*aun; SJJLi filza-t; *>^J^ bidad, 

Contributor, «. *u^ mumidd. 
Contrite, adj, t^mV^** muta'assif ; 

^^\i nadim (pi. f^'^ nuddam, 

nidam) ; (:)^^ nadinan (pi. ^^•^ 

Contrition, ». cJUl? ta'assuf ; W^ 

nadaina-t ; f*^ nadam. 
Contrivance, «. (invention) £\^^ 

ibda*; oW:\ ijad ; g\f^\ ibtira*. 

— (scheme) Ju»i qa^d ; 4* niya-t. 
Contrive, v. (invent) g^^ abda*, 

yubdi*; ^^\ aujad, yujid; t/dA 

ihtara*, yahtari* ; gJ^\ i^tana', 

ya^tani*. — (plun) ^J^ Wy tara- 

bat *ala, yatarabat ; ji^ dabbar, 

yudabbir ; f^\ admar, yudmir. 
Control, v, (check) la^A dabat, 

yudhit ; Q*^ qama*, yaqma* ; J|Vi 

qjlbal, yuqabil. 
Control, s. Al>Va^ muqabala-t ; W^ 

Controller, s. J>U^ muqabil ; 

tjU dabit. 
Controversialist, s, vA^^-W^ mu- 

Controversy, s, S Ji ^ lt^ mubaha- 

ga-t ; ^ oV^^ mujadala-t ; S^U^* 

Controvert, v. ^^-^, bahas, yab- 

has ; e-^Vj babas, yubahis ; J*>W 

jadal, yujadil. 
Contumacious, adj, «-AJVat»» muha- 
lif ; ^^Vc *a§i ; AtjJ^ 'anid (pi. 

•xic *unud) ; *^^ mu*anid). 
Contumacy, s, (^W-ac 'i^yan ; ^lat-* 

mubalafa-t ; *>U£ 'inad ; *>;♦* ta- 

Contumelious, a^, (insolent) M-» 

safih (pi. W&- sufaha'); ^U 

fadih ; ^^ waqifc (pi. C^^ wiqah). 

— (haughtily reproachful) jt^x^ 

Contumely, s, j^ *ar ; ^^^^^ fadi- 

Contuse, v, ^J^^ radcjad, yura<Jdi<J ; 

i>/>j radrad, yuradrid. 
Contusion, s, ^j rad<Ja-t; y*; 

radd ; ^o daiia-t. 
Conundrum, s, W» naqt (pi. iV»\ 

anqaO ; i^ nukta-t (pi. «>ii 

Convalescence, p, pi buru' ; Ia\» 

naqaha-t ; AfiJ naqh. 
Convalescent, adj. «U naqih (pi. 

A» nuqqah) ; 6^ naqih ; ^Jksji^ 

mu^tafi; J^\/^\ ^^ ^Vi qdyim 

min al-fira^. 
Convene, v.a. ^'^ jama*, yajma* ; 

n. ^4j:i^^ ijtama*, yajtami*. 
Convenience, Convbniency, 8, 

^U. munasaba-t; ^W^ liyaqa-t; 

^\y muwafaqa-t. 
Convenient, adj. ^k^ layiq ; s-^<^ 




wajib ; v^^ munasib ; i3*^y* 

Convent, s. yi*y dair (pi. Sj^*> du- 

yura-t, 5^*>\ adyira-t). 
Convention, s. {assembly) icW 

jama'a-t ; £Uj^»\ ijtima' ; ^j-J^ 

majlis (pi. (^W^ majalis), — 

{agreement) J^e^ 'ahd (pi. *>^ 

*uhud) ; jVa»\ ittifaq. 
Conventional, adj. {customary) 

*>^— s«/« mu*tad ; ;-4^ sayir. — 

{tacitly understood) j'i^ muqad- 
• dar. 
Conventionalism, s, Sole *ada-t 

(pi. J^\^ *awayidj. 
Converge, v. ^J^\ iltaqa, yaltaqi ; 

SJ»j^ taqarab, yataqarab. 
Convebqence, s, s^>/*\ iqtirab ; 

s^jlfi^ taqarub. 
Convergent, adj. ^\Aj^ mutaqa- 

Conversant, adj. «-&*\^ waqif (pi. 

*-i»ij wuqiif) ; ^^ mut^la* ; 

yfcU mahir. 
Conversation, s. i^lVafe** muha^a- 

ba-t ; ^jV^^ muhadasa-t ; ^ 

kalam ; i\^\^^ muhukat ; Sjui%» 

Converse, v. ^±>*)^ hadas, yuhadis ; 

i±>j^-sEi' tahaddas, yutahaddas ; 

^*>W» tahadas, yutahadas ; ^J^ 

takallam, yatakallam. 
Conversion, s. w-J^ taqallub; 

aJV^s~«^ istihala-t. — {in a religious 

sense) &if tauba-t ; ^jW^^ ^J\ g^j 

rujA* ila-*l-iman. 
Convert, v. {change) s-JJ> qalab, 

yaqlib ; J^\ ahal, yuhil. — {in a 

religious sense) *>; radd, yarudd ; 

gftj rajjaS yurajji*. 
Convert, s. J«s**-*> dahil ; ^J\ g>\) 

(^W^^ raji* ila-'l-iman. 
Convertibility, s.jt^\ ^liqabi- 

liya-t at-tagayyur. 
Convertible, adj. y^^ yatagay- 

Convex, adj. s^a^^ muhaddab; 

s-^»g^ muqabbab. 
Convexity, s. A)J^ hadaba-t ; s-^ 

Convey, v. J» naqal, yanqul ; JiU 

naqal, yunaqil ; ^ ballag, yu- 

Conveyance, s. (oc^ of conveying) 

Jfi> naql; ^^ tablig. — {means 

of conveying) s-^ markab (pi. 

s-^/* marakib). 
Convict, v. ^^ e^^ sabbat *ala, 

yusabbit; ^Jtc cs^^ asbat *ala, 

Convict, s. f^ mulzam. 
Conviction, s. {of a crim>e) *ju\J\ 

j»j-^^ isbat aj-jarm. — {firm 

belief) jNt*^ ta^diq ; jh**^ tah- 

Convince, v. g^' aqna*, yuqni* ; 

(jSo. haqqaq, yuhaqqiq. 
Convivial, adj. M'^ nadim (pi. 

Ujj nudamjV, f»\^ nidam, (jjUjj 

nudman) ; f»*)U* munadim. 
Conviviality, s. i**>U^ muiiada- 

Convocation, s. IUj^\ ijtima*; 

^jJl^^ majlis (pi. JJl^i^ majalis) ; 

(^\^'> diwan (pi. e>«^^;*> dawawia). 
Convoke, v. gUa^SW ^A amar bi-*l- 

ijtimaS ya'mur. 
Convoy, v. /^ gafFar, yugaffir ; y^ 

haffar, yuhaffir. 
Convoy, s. /^ gafar ; y^ hafar ; 

SiiAL. hafaza-t. 
Convulse, v. *^^j rajjaf, yurajjif ; 

g)Xij za'zaS yuza*zi*. 
Convulsion, s. \y^\ iltiwa* ; ^^i? 

talawwi ; 6^ laqwa-t ; g^-^i ta- 

Cook, v. ^ t^bah, yatbuh. 
Cook, s. cW^ ta-bbah. 
Cookery, s. (^ t^bh. 
Cool, adj. *>;5 barid. 
Cool, v.a. *^ji barrad, yubarrid; n. 

*>vji tabarrad, yatabarrad. 
Coolness, s. Sj^^ buriida-t. 
Coop, s. {cage) ,jflAi qafas (pi. ^/»U5\ 

aqfas) ; {^ qunn (pi. (^Ui qinan). 

— {cask) ^ji barmil (pi. ^\ji 

Coop, v. ^j^ qaffas, yuqaffi?. 
Cooper, s. o'^V barainili-y; s^\-J 

Cooperage, s. ^^^^ J"**^ mi'mal 





Co- OPERATE, V, J^^ s&'ad, yusa'id. 
Co-operation, s. SacUm» musa- 

Co-ordinate, adj. ^j4^\ ^J<^ 

masil al-martaba-t. 
Co-partner, «. *^j^ isLvik (pi. 

*i^\jj^\ alrak, ^ ^uraka'). 
Co-partnership, Co-partnery, b. 

i^^ ^iraka-t. 
Cope, v. u*J^ maras, yumaris ; 

^U BjVa, yasa'i; j;W» tabaraz, 

Copious, adj, Ji»W jazil ; j^^ 

kasir ; j^\) wafir. 
Copiousness, «. S^ ka§ra-t ; <^j 

nih§ ; Va.j raha*. 
Copper, s, ^^^ nuhas. 
Copperas, «. ^^ c^j zaj ahdar. 
Coppersmith, *. ^j-^ nahhas. 
Coppice, Copse, s. \J»^ tir^ (pi. 

v/b\jo»^ ahras) ; ^*> dagla-t. 
Copula, «. ^\) rabi^a-t. 
Copulate, v.a. e^j zawwaj, yuzaw- 

^ij ; ySs^ 'a^^ar, yu'a^^ir ; n. e^y* 

tazawwaj, yatazawwaj ; e^*>)^ 

izdawaj, yazdawij ; yi^ ta'aisar, 

Copulation, «. ^U^^t^ mujama'a-t ; 

^^y tazwij. 
Copy, «. ^Uj--i nusha-t; Sj^ ^iira-t 

(pl.j^ 9uwar). 
Copy, V. ^jy^ ^\ ahaz ^urathu, 

ya'huz ; ^^ nasah, yansah ; J» 

naqal, yanqul. 
Copyist, s. ^U nasih (pi. j^L-i 

nussah) ; j\)^ warraq ; s-^V^ 

katib (pi. s^^ kuttiib, ^^ ka- 

Coquet, v. ^ ganij, yagnaj ; ^ 

tagannaj, yatagannaj ; J^^ ta- 

dallal, yatadallal. 
Coquetry, «. ^ gunj, gunuj ; 

gU^ gunaj. 
Coquette, «. i%i^ ganij a-t. 
Coquettish, adj, ^ ganij. 
Coral, «. ^W-/* marjan; ^^ bus- 

saz ; A«^ busd. 
Cord, s, Jt^- habl (pi. J^ hibal) ; 

i-v* inarasa-t (pi. ^j-/* maras, 

^j-\/*^ amnis). 
Cordial, adj. (sincere) ^J^ qal- 

l^i-y ; o** 9afi-y' — (invigorating) 

f^^ muqawwi. 
Cordial, «. h^ muqawwiya-t. 
Cordiality, «. ^^•^-s ^adaqa-t ; <^^ 

Cord-maker, «. JW^ habbal. 
Cord wain, «. (:jW^iafc-* subtly an ; 

Ij^ ]^awara-t (pl.j^ huwar, (:>\)^ 

Core, «. s-JS qalb (pi. s^-^^ qulub) ; 

CfoRK, «. ets^ fillin ; i:iUt haffana-t. 

— (stopper) i^i^ fiUiua-t; S*>\a- 

sidMa-t (pi. &i\<y^ sadayid). 
Cork, v. *^ sadd, yasudd. 
Corkscrew, s. ^ji barma-tj ^^ 

bar! ma- 1. 
Cormorant, s, o^yL.\ asfariid ; S^ 

U3\ qaq al-ma*. 
Corn, s, (grains) ^-♦i qamh ; s^j^^ 

^ubub. — (a single grain) i«*- 

habba-t. — (on the foot) y^^ 

'usiiw ; JUj dumal ; ^j-^^^ du- 

Cornea, s, (j^\ ^/ qamiya-t al- 

Corner, «. h)^) zawiya-t (pi. ^\)) 

zawaya) ; a*/ qurna-t (p*. fj\^ 

Corner-stone, s. ^^y^ y^^ ]^ajar 

az-zawiya-t ; ^ rukn (pi. (^\^)\ 

Cornice, s,yi^\ ifriz ; sjj raff (pi. 

*^yij rufuf). 
Corn -MERCHANT, s. ^^y^\ ^^ 

bayya* al-bubub ; ^y\^ fami-y. 

Corolla, s. ^ kimm (pi. f*U^ 

Corollary, s. ^^ qarina-t (pi. 

(^y qarayin) ; l^,t^ natija-t 

(pi. c>^ na%ij) ; ^^ tabi*a.t 

(pi. C^V tawabi*). 
Corona, s. (halo) SjA^ halqa-t. 
Coronal, Coronet, s. J©!^ iklil 

(pi. ^\^ akalil); gU- t&j (pi. 

(jWtJ> tijan). 
Coronation, «. ^j-^k^ julus ; JJiof 

taklil ; tf* tatawwuj. 

Corporal, adj. ^^.*— ► jasadi-y ; 
^U^.^ jismani-y. 




CoBPOBAL, 8. <^W i:)^ on bfUi 

CoBPOBATB, adj. g»%^ mujamma*. 
CoBPOBATiON, 8. XcW jama*a-t. 
CoBPOBEAL, adj. ^^U— ^ jismani-y. 
CoBPs, 8. «5^U^ iiji firqa-t 'asakir 

(pi. s3ji firaq). 
CoBPSE, 8. iA^a^ mayyit (pi. ^y\ 

amwat); ^ ju^^a-t (pi. vA-J^ 

ju^a?); SjUq. janaza-t (pi. yW 

COBPULENCE, 8. f^^ ^hm ; ^L^ 


COBPULENT, 8. f^^6> ^ahilU ; f^f^'^ 

CoBPuscLE, 8. W zarra-t (pi. «a>\ 

-at, j*S zarr) ; ^a haba' (pi. IjA\ 

CoBBECT, V. (amend) 2^^-> ^ahhah, 

yu^ahhih ; ^ ^allah, yu^allih. — 

(punish) s-JVc *aqab, yu*aqib ; 

^jo-lS qa^a?, yuqasi?. 
CoBBECT, adj. (^6^^ 9aJiih, ^y^^^ 

CoBBECTiON, 8. (emendation) ^JLa? 

taflih; t^\ i§lAh; ^ts*^ ta9hih. 

— (punishment) ,jc»V«-o-J qi^a? ; 

i-»->Uu muqa9a9a-t; ^Uc *uqa- 

ba-t ; s^Uc *iqab. 
CoBBECTNEss, «. ^^ ^ahhat ; W^ 

CoBBECTOB, «. c^<«^ mu^ahhih; 

C^-»^ mu^allih. 
CoBBELATivB, adj., 8. v»^--J5^ man- 

sub ; gft\j raji* (pi. ^.►j ruja*). 
CoBBBSPOND, V. (8uit) c-AS\^ waqaf, 

yuwaqif ; j^U. ^abaq, yu^abiq. — 

(by letter) s-Jl^ katab, yukatib ; 

s-?]^ takatab, yatakatab; J-^ 

tarajsal, yatarasal. 
CoBBESPONDENCE, «. (suitohleuess) 

to\y» muwafaqa-t; iUijUo^ mu^- 

baqa-t. — (by letter) i-J^5U muka- 

taba-t ; (SL,\y0» murasala-t. 
CoBBESPONDBNT, s. s-^^^ muka- 

CoBBESPONDENT, adj. <3*^y« muwa- 

fiq ; v^U« mimasib ; jNt5 layiq. 
CoBBiDOB, 8. ;j-ft-*-« mam^a (pi. 

o*»^ mama^i) ; wsUo dihHz (pL 

yjSib^ dah&liz) ; jC|k^ majaz. 

CoEEOBOBATE, V. ^^^ qawwa, yn- 

qawwi ; *>»>a ^addad, yu^addid ; 

;y qarrar, yuqarrir. 
CoBEOBOBATiON, 8. h/s taqwiya-t ; 

A!X£J taidid ; jifi taqrir. 
CoBEOBOBATiVE, adj., 8. 0^^ mu- 

CoBEODB, V. jn akal, ya'kul ; J^f 

qarad, yaqricj. 
CoBEOsiON, 8. u*;*qard; uy* Baraf. 
CoBBOSivE, adj. u*;^ qaricj ; J^\ 

akkal ; UtjU. sarif . 
CoBBUQATE, V. 0-4^ gaddan, yu- 

gacjLdin; (j^^^karmai, yukarmi^* 
CoBBUOATiON, 8. {^t^ tag^in ; 

I'i^^ karma^a-t. 
CoBBUPT, V. •x^-i^ afsad, yufsid; 

^-Ai\ an^ah, yun^ih. — (bribe) Jl»^ 

baital, yubartil; {^>y dahan, 

yadhun ; ^j rasa, yar^A. 


fasad. — (bribery) ^^ bar^ala-t. 
CoBSAiB, 8. w^f ^yb darrab ma- 

rakib (pi. ^V 4arraba-t) ; 1-Ui 

qassat (pl- ^^^ qas^a^a-t) ; ^^y 

zabantiit ; {^f qarsan (pi. {^\j^ 

CoBSET, 8. ^;i*^ ^udain-y ; (j)^j 

CoBTEQE, 8. s-^y« maukib (pi. 

s^y« mawakib) ; ^^ wakba-t. 
CoBUscATE, V. 2^ lama*, yalma' ; 

^ lamah, yalmal^ ; uij zaff, 

CoBUSCATiON, 8. ^^ lam'a-t ; JU%^ 

Cosine, 8. ^ sahm (pi. ^V^^ 

Cosmetic, 8. {^'^"^^ muhassin. 
Cosmic, Cosmicai., adj. ^4^*> dun- 

Cost, «. ^^ kulfa-t ; ^^y^ ma^riif 

(pi. c-AajU^ ma§arif). 
Cost, v. »-A5^ waqaf, yaqif; j*Ua-\ 

islaqam, yastaqiin; «-Al^ kallaf, 

yukallif ; «J^ takallaf, yatakal- 

Costive, adj. J^ ) < i^ maqbiicj; 

{ j ^^tt^ mutayabbis. 
CosTiYENESS, 8. ^'^\ inqibacjL ; 

{^\ w*ii yubs fikl-batn. 





Costliness, «. ^U*\ ismaD. 
Costly, adj, {^^ samin ; {^^^^ 

musman ; tj*^ nafis ; ^V* f ahir. 
Costume, «. {j^ labs (pi. ^j-^ 

lubus) ; f^ kasm. 
Cot, Cottaob, «. tf kiih (pi. t^^ 

akwah, (^^si^ kihan) ; j^ hu?? 

(pi. ^Ui\ ah?^?). — {cot, cradle) 

•%• mahd (pi. ^^ muhud). 
Cote, s, {pen) j^ qafas (pi. jpUtf\ 

Cotton, «. (^ qoton. — {stuff) l^M 


COTTON-DBESSEB, 8, ^^ hallaj. 

Couch, «. JSiU fir&^ (pi. jy funis, 
\J»pji furii^ ; ^y^ sarir (pi. ^\ 
asirrat, jj^ surur) ; ^W^ mihad 
(pi. S*>^rainhida-t, •%• muhud). 

CouoH, V. ^ kah^, jakuhh ; ji- 
sa'al, yashil. 

CouoH, 8, L^ kahha-t; LJtu, 
sa'ala-t ; JU^^ nahmart. 

Coulter, s, *AAy^\ ^^ sikka-t al- 
mihra^ (pi. «iV^ sikak). 

Council, 8, (:j\^*> diwan (pi. e^i^^^^ 
dawawin); u*-^^ majlis (pi. 
cr^W^ majalis) ; ^^lA*. ^lufla-t ; 
f^S^\ ilti'&m. 

Councillor, «. j^^^ mu^ir ; jUa--.^ 
mustai^r (pi. M^yJk5\ Ja\ ahl ad- 
diwan; < jmI^ » m s^W)^ arbab al- 

Counsel, s. {advice) ^^ ^aur ; 8;y* 
^aura-t (pi. ^^\ a^war) ; S;^.a-« 
maiwara-t; ^ ^a^i^ na^iha-t (pi. 
C4^ na^ajit). — {advocate) J^< 
wakil (pi. 5^^ wukal&O; J*^ 

Counsel, v, Jlc jU iS4r *ala, yai^ur ; 
^ na^ah, yan^ah. 

Count, v. j^ 'add, ya*idd ; ^^-a. 
^a^a, yahfi ; s ^ . n ^» ^asab, yahsab. 

Count, s. {counting) s^V,*-*- hisab. — 
{titU) «-*/ kont (Fr.). 

Countenance, s. (face) 6^^ wajh 
(pi. W^ wujiih); jt^ manzar 
(pi. ^u*« munazir). — {patronage) 
4U^ l^maya-t ; ^M ijara-t. 

Countenance, t?. jW^ aj&r, yujir; 
^U. hama, yu^ami. 

COUNTER; 8. {hoard) <j^^ taht (pi. 

«t>»*^ tiihiit) ; g^A^ tahtaj (pi. 

eyCfc> tahatij). 
Counter, adv, J^W bi-'d-dudd ; 

^)U hilaf ; u-^W bi-'l-*ak*8. 
Counteract, v. cAJV*. halaf, yu- 

halif; u*/»^ i'tarad, ya'tarid; 

<^r*^ *aka8, yu'akis ; J»3^ 'addal, 

Counterbalance, v, J*>^ *adal, 

yu*adil ; j»^^ qawam, yuqawim. 
Counterbalance, «. aJjU^ mu- 

'adala-t. » 
Counterfeit, v. vj) zawwar, yu- 

zawwir; JJi qaTlad, yuqallid; 

(ji^ ga^^, yagu^l; Jfcj zagal, 

Counterfeit, «. {imposture) {J^ 

giss ; ^Ud. hiyana-t. — {impostor) 

jSiUi gas^as ; jijy* muzawwir ; 

J4^jy» muzaugil. 
Counterfeit, adj, j^y muzawwar. 
Counterfoil, s. J^s-* dabt; ^U^ 

Countermand, v, j^W /^^ amar 

bi-*d-dudd, yamur. 
Countermand, «. Jk*sJl^^\ amr bi- 

'd[-4udd (pi. y\)\ awamir). 
Countermarch, v, jiU o^ *ad 

sayir, ya*ud. 
Countermarch, s, f^^j nijA*. 
Countermine, s, fJo j^ ^ lugm 

dudd lugm (pi. ^y^ lugum, ^y^ 

Countermine, v. ^ Jub ^ J.*^ 

'amil lugm 4udd lugm, ya'mal. 
Counterpane, s. «^^ liliaf (pi. 

cJUJ lutuf). 
Counterpart, «. fil^Uu muqabala-t. 
Counterpoint, s, (^ lahn (pi. 

0^ IuMd, (^W\ alhan). 
Counterpoise, «. &j^y« muw4zi- 

Counterpoise, v, Jj^ *addal, yu- 

CouNTERsiQN, V, t^\ am^a, yum- 


Countersign, s, Va«\ im^a'. 
Countless, adj. j^hj J la yu*add; 

^5-csi 5 la yuh^a. 
Country, «. {state) jJi» balad (pi. 

«>)ii| bilAd, ^\jk buld&n); «iaU 




mulk (pi. ^M amlak) ; ^^^U^ 
mamlaka-t (pi. isUU** mamalik). 
— (native country) {^^ wa^an (pi. 
Q)^)\ autan) ; ^V* u*j^ ar4 milad 
(pi. (j>^;^ ardun, «t>U;\ aradat, 
Jb\j\ ara4, o^V SLrkdi).-— {opposed 
to town) i»i>-6 dai'a-t. 

COXTNTBYMAN, 8. (rU^tlc) C^ fal- 

lati. — {compatriot) ^^jAj baladi-j. 
County, «. h^^ wilaya-t. 
Couple, «. e^j zauj, zoj (pi. ^^^ 

azwaj). — {married couple) e^^j5\ 

Couple, v. sjJ zawwaj, yuzawwij. 
Couplet, «. 'a^ bait (pi. «i>W^ 

Coubaoe, «. s^^ S^ quwwa-t al- 

qalb ; ^W bas ; i^V^ ^aja*a-t ; 

51;^ jara*a-t ; S^L-^ jasara-t. 
CouBAQEOUS, adj, f^»Ai ^aja* ; ^p- 

jari* ; j^— ► jaaur. 

COUBIEB, «. ^jC^ 8a*i (pi. ct>U-. 

su^at) ; •M;-} band (pi. *>;-» 

CouBSB, 8, {race) jW- sibaq ; ^U-^ 
musabaqa-t; «^yfti ^raf. — {race- 
ground) t>^«V« maidan (pi. (^*>V,-« 
majadin). — {way of life, conduct) 
Je*- sabil (pi. J*- subul). — {at 
table) u^UUU\ d5j^ badla-t at- 

CouBSE, V. JW^ sabaq, yusabiq. — 
{hunt) *>^ 9ad, ya^id ; (j^ 
qana^, yaqni?. 

CouBSEB, «. •>ty^ jawad (pi. *>W 

CouBT, «. {yard), \J»^ ^aus, ^o^ 
(pi. ^ULeo. hisan) ; ^U saha-t 
(pi. ^ -at, c^ sah, c^ s^); 
(^).^« 9ahn (pi. (:;^^« ^uhun) ; ^ 
fina (pi. S^\ afniya-t, ^yi 
funi-y). — {paUice) «^\^ saray ; 
y^ qa^r (pi. jy^ qu^ur). — {retinue 
of a prince) ^•'A^ hasam. — {court 
of justice) l^X^^ ma^kama-t. 

CouBT, V, {flatter) Ui^"^ lataf , yu- 
latif ; ij>^ mallaq, yumalliq ; JjVfc 
gazal, yugazil; J*>^«a> ta^andal, 
yatii^andal. — {solicit) s-J^ t^-l^-l^* 
ya^lub. — {woo) s-J«»*- ha^b, yah- 

Courteous, adj. s-st*>^ adib ; ^ma» 
mutamaddin ; *» & 6^ latif . 


CouBTESY, 8. v»*>\ adab ; i^l%» 

mula^afa-t ; S\,\jk^ mudara'at. 
CouBTESAN, 8. S^f^ qa^iaba-t (pi. 

s^W* qihab) ; W»\j zatiya-t (pi. 

ij^^y) zawati). 
CouBTiBB, 8. tfXUJ^ (^THsW jalis al- 

malik (pi. U-W julusa*) ; v>W (*^ 

^llaLJ\ mulazim bab a^-^ulfan. 
CouBTSHiP, 8, W»** hutba-t. 
Cousin, «. m. ^ {^\ ibn *amm ; 

^U. ^\ ibn hala-t (pi. ^y> bani) ; 

f . ^ ,A^ bint 'amm ; ^^ oJ* 

bint hala-t (pi. u&>W banat). 
Cove, 8. (^y^ jun ; ii^ juna-t ; 

gU*. halij (pi. ^ huluj, c,W^ 

Covenant, «. j^\ ittifaq ; Sjj^U** 

mu*ahada-t; Jk«^ *alid; jV^ 

misaq (pi. Ok*^r» mawasiq). 
Covenant, v. ^yA ^arat, yn^it ; 

•^c 'ahid, ya*had ; v3*^^ wa^aq, 

CovEB, 8, {covering) ^ gita (pi. 

W»fc^ agtiya-t). — {shelter) h^ 

himayat. — ( pretext) fi^ *illa-t 

(pi. Ji*^ *ilal; ^U^ t^ujja-t (pi. 

&^ hujaj). 
CovEB, V. J^ gatta, yugatti ; js^ 

satar, yastur. — {conceal) 4^**. 

haf a, yahfi ; ^ katam, yaktum. 

— {shelter) ^J*^ hama, yahmi. — 

{copulate) c^ \^, yat^t ; Jj;^ 

taraq, yatruq; v>;-» darab, yad- 

CovEBLET, 8. sj\^ lihaf (pi. <JV^ 


CovBBT, adj, (•y^ maktilm. 
CovEBT, «. {thicket) ^\ aik. — 

{hiding-place) ^Jtsi^^ mahba (pi. 

^_5»U-* mahabi). 

Covey, s, S^^M faqsa-t. 
Cow, s. ^jSi baqara-t, baqra-t. 

Cow, v. «^y*- kawwaf, yubawwif ; 

g)i fazzaS yufazzi* ; qj^^ jabban, 

CowABD, «., adj. oW jab&n ; ^W^ 

jabnan; fJ-^ la'im (pi. j^Vs) 




li'am, U-y lu'ama) ; i^\^ tifra- 


iii^ jabaoa-t. 
OowEB, V. ff) raka*, jarka'. 
Cowl, «. s-a^^ s^y gob ar-rahib 

(pi. v>^y^ aswab) ; ^•e^^ iskim. 
Coxcomb, «. j^**^ gandur. 
Coy, adj, ^a ?^ >» muhta^im. 
Coyness, «. j^^ waqar ; ^ 'iffa-t ; 

^J^ taya'). 
Cbab, «. c:)^/* BartA°« 
Ceack, 8, <3Ai ^q; ^^ ^aqqa-t 

(pL jy^ i^uqAq) ; v3'^ falaq (pi. 

^^ fulAq). 
Ceack, v.a, ij^ ^aqq, ya^uqq ; sj^ 

falaq, jafliq. — (cw the finger8, a 

whip, dc.) g«* faqaS jaiqa*, jaf- 

qu' ; n. Jm^^ in^aqq, jan^aqq. 
Cbadle, 8, «^ mahd (pi. •>^ mu- 

Ceadle, v.y^ hazhaz, yuhazhiz; 

^y marja$, yumarjit. 
Cbaft, 8, (jikill) ^»J^ 9ana'a-t (pi. 

gjUo ^anayi*) ; i^j^ ]^irfa-t (pi. 

«^;^ hiraf). — (fraud) ^ makr ; 

l^ ]^ila-t. 
Ceaftiness, 8, j^ makr; h^ 

Cbafty, adj, j^^ makkar. 
Cbao, «. ^ab« 9ahr ; l/^ ^ahra-t (pi. 

^f^ 9uhiir). 
CEAoaED, Cbaqoy, adj, fi^^ 111119- 

Ceam, V, ^«^^ Y^diik, yahi^il. 
Cbamp, «. s-*-aft \f^\ iltiwa 'a^ab. — 

(^ooA;) ^^ kullab (pi. s-JS^ 

Cbamp, v. {confine) Ok-^ ^ayyaq* 

yucjayyiq ; /^ qa^^ar, yuqa^^ir. 
Cbane, 8, (bird) o5\^ u wazz *ira- 

q^-y ; o^ ^^^^^ (pi- o^/ ^*- 

raki) . — (machine) vjk^%*^ man- 

Ceane, 8. ^^yU milwa (pi. ,^^ 

Cbanny, «. (3*» 6aqq (pi. jyw* 

Cbape, 8. fj^ji buranjuq (Turk.) ; 

IM/ kiri^a-t. 
Ceash, 8. i^/ qarqa'a-t ; O^^i* i [ . 

Ceash, v. gi/ qarqaS yuqarqi* ; ji» 

taqq, ya^uqq; Jj>5j zaqzaq, yn- 

Ceateb, 8. j^ J^^ f^ fumm al- 

jabaJ nar (pi. *^y^ afwah, (•Uil 

Cbavat, 8. ^^y ^j^^ mihrama-t 

ar - raqaba-t (pi. f*jW« maha- 

Cbaye, V, jVaAiI i^taq, yaitaq (^J\ 

Cbaven, «., adj. jAi nazil; J«Ai 

Cbaving, 8, jWsAi* i^tiyaq ; jy* 

^auq, ^oq ; f^\j^ garam. 
Cbawl, v. s^*> dabb, yadubb ; «-&a-3 

zahaf, yazl^af. 
Cbayon, 8. {j>^j f^ qalam ra^a^ 

(pi. fSi\ aqlam, ^)U qilAm) ; f^y 

mirqam (pi. ^V* niaraqim). 
Cbaze, V, (j^ jannan, yujannin. 
Cbaziness, 8. (af*t junun. 
Cbazy, adj. s^^«^i^ majzub ; J^y«J^ 

maUu^ ; or^^ majnun. 
Cbeae, V, J^ taqtaq* yu^aqtiq. 
Cbeam, «. S^j ragwa-t; ^^) zub- 

da-t; ^3bA3 qa^ta-t; ,3#<i qai- 

maq (Turk.), 
Cbeamy, ailj. ^j'H) zubdi-y. 
Cbease, 8. i^^ ma^wa (pi. ^si^ 

Cbease, v, ^^j^ tawa, yatwi ; ^ 

gana, yasni ; •**«► ja"ad, yuja**id. 
Create, v. ^J^ halaq, yahluq ; \ji 

bar'a, vabr'a. 
Cbeation, 8. &«*- hilqa-t; (j\^ 

halq ; t^i^ takwin. 
Cbbatoe, 8. J^ hallaq; v3^U. 

haliq ; ^^^ bari. 
Cbeatube, 8. jy^afe^ mahluq ; lAAd. 

haliqa-t (pi. JNt^ haUyiq; JSg^ 

ba;rriya-t (pi. ^^^ baraya). 
Cbedence, 8. ^ siqa-t ; *>Uuc\ i*ti- 

Cbedentials, «. *x;ui sanad (pi. 

oU«.\ asnad). 
Cbedibility, 8. jNt*^^ ta^diq. 
Cbedible, adj. jUue!S\ J^ mahall 

al-i*tiqad ; jxo^ mu^addaq. 
Cbedit, «. (belief) ^Vasc\ i*tiqad. — 
_^ (esteem) ;W*c\ i'tibar. — (w;i7 




regard to money, &c.) ^^ muk- 
na-t ; Ij^^^ mudajana-t. 

Cbedit, V, (believe) J^^* ^addaq, 
yu^addiq ; J^fts^^ i*tiqad, ya*ta- 
qid. — {sell on trust) ^^.^^ fW 
ba* bi-'d-din, yabi*. — {give credit, 
lend) (^^^ davan, judajin ; Jb^\ 
aqra4, yuqrid. 

Cbeditable, adj, ^<-s*^ mu'tabar. 

Cbeditableness, «. jW*fi^ i'tibar ; 

Creditor, «. (^h**^^ s-^^ ^ahib ad- 
dia (pi. s^V^^ a^hab) ; {^.'^\ v»j 
rabb ad-din (pi. s^Wj^ arbab) ; 
^Jk^ mudayyin ; ^;fc gariin (pi. 
U^ gurama*). 

Credulity, s, uVasft5\ Ojj zaud al- 
i'tiqad; Wj^ sadaja-t. 

Cbeduloxts, adj, *>Uuc5\ g>^ sari* 

Creed, «. (:>Ui5^ A>^ *aq&yid al- 


Creek, «. gJ**- halij (pi. gU. huluj, 

(^W^ buljan). 
Creep, r. v>*> dabb, yadubb ; «-&a^j 

zahaf , yaz^af ; ^ hamm, ya- 

Crescent, s. JJ^ halal (pi. i^\ 

Cress, s. sJj^ hurf ; W^ ^^j rasad 

al-ma* ; Syi qurra-t. 
Crest, s, SjjJ^ qumbara-t (pi. ^Us 

qanabir) ; «^;fi *uruf (pi. *^\j^\ 

Crested, ad;, t^x^ qumbari-y ; ^^ 

S^iJki zA qumbara-t; Uj^fi^ a'raf, 

f. Uyi'«arfa (pi. ^/^ *urt'). 
Crevice, «. v3^ falq (pi. J^ 

fuluq) ; ij^ 6aqq (pi. j^ su- 

Crew, «. hf^. bahriya-t; ^W 

Crib, «. •>^J^ madwad (pi. *>j\a^ 

madawid) ; «- A - U >« ma4af (pi. 

UkJU^ ma*alif). 
Crib, v, {confine in a small space) 

yo^ ha^ar, yah^ur. 
Cricket, s. {insect) y^j^ fur^ur; 

^\ ^yo 9arar al-lel ; t>^*>;»> ^\ 

abA dardan; J^^ judjud (pi. 

•H-W jadajid). 

Crier, s, ^5«>U^ mun&di. — {of a 

m^osque) O'^y* mu'azzin. 
Crime, s. f^y^ jaram (pi. fAy^X 

ajram) ; a*\ ism (pi. fi>\S\ agam) ; 

s-J«i zamb (pi. v»y»i zunAb) ; t^ 

Criminal, adj,, s, s-^a^ muznib; 

fy^^ mujrim ; f^\ asim (pi. 

l^\ asima-t) ; )^}y mauziir. 
Criminality, s. l^^a*^ ma'^iya-t; 

h))y* mauzura-t. 
Criminate, v. s^ ^ taham bi, 

Crimination, «. ^^ buhama-t fpl. 

^ tiibam). 
Crimp, Crimple, v, j^*^ ja"ad,'yu- 

Crimson, «. y^j^ qirmiz. 
Crimson, adj, %^y^ qirmizi-y. 
Crimson, v.a, yfi"^ (^^ lawwan bi- 

*l-qirmiz, yulawwin ; w. {blush) 

y¥c^ ahmarr, yahmarr. 
Crinoe, V, J^*^ tazallal, yatazallal ; 

^ASrf» tahaddaS yatahadda*; SyiS 

tadarraS yatadarra*. 
Cripple, s. tj^\ a*raj, f. W;C *arja' 

(pi. tj^ *urj, (:)Wy^ ^urjan) ; ^^ 

kasih ; J^**^ muq'ad. 
Cripple, v. tf\ a*raj, yu'rij ; ^^ 

kassah, yukassih ; j^ *awwar, 

yu*awwir; £^ jada*, yajda*. 

Crisis, «. Q)\f^, buhran (pi. {jij^, 
baharin) ; £y^ qa^ii*. 

Crisp, adj. {curly) a*«^ ja*d (pi. 

*>Uq. ]i*ad) ; j^^.^ mu]a"ad. — 

(brittle) f*^ ha^im ; jU^Si gi^ 

sari' al-iukisar. 
Crisp, v, {wrinkle) »^«> ja"ad, yu- 

ja"id ; J^^ jau*ad, yujau4d. 

Criterion, s. (j)^ nisan (pi. 
^j^W* nayasin) ; ^%s. *alama-t 

(pi. fU *alam, ^)b *alayim) ; 8;U^ 

isara-t; Jd5*> dalil. 
Critic, «., v^^^ ba^ig ; ii^a^lj^ mu- 

Critical, adj, ^^^, bahsi-y. 
Criticise, v. o^a.Vj bahas, yubahis ; 

^hJ^ d-j jj^ adaqq fihi an-na^ar, 

yudiqq. — {find fault toith) f>i 
^lam, yaliim ; JJ^azal, ya*jul. 




Obiticism, 8. *i^-^»: bats (pi. *A»\tpy 

abhas) ; J^W^ mubahasa-t. 
Cboak, 8, (of a raven) s-^ na'b ; 

s^Ui nu'ab. — (of a frog) Jhs* 

Cboak, v. s^-*-> na*ab, jan'ab, 

ya*nib ; v3* oaqq, yaniqq. 
Obock, 8. ^ qulla-t (pi. Jl* qulal, 

JSJi qilal) ; Sj\^ barrada-t ; SjU> 

Cbockeby, 8. lj\^ fuhhara-t (pi. 

jU>i fabbar) ; *^^ hazaf . 
Cbocodile, 8, c^-"^ timsat (pi* 

^fi^Us tam^sih). 
Cbocus, «. o^y^j za'fr&n. 
Cbopt, 8. Sj^sU. hakiira-t (pi. yt^y^ 


Cbook, 8, o^V^ ^^"^ **9^* ar-ra*i. 
Cbook, v.a. e^ *awwaj, yu'awwij ; 

^JS^ hana, ya^ni ; n. ^y^\ in- 

hana, jantani ; e^-*-*^ iii*aj> 

Obooeed, adj. t^ mu'awwaj ; 

,^yw^ munbani. 
Cbooeednsss, 8. e^ 'auj ; t^^\ 

in'iwaj ; \j^\ inbin&'. 
Cbop, 8. (of a bird) ^^ l^au^ala-t 

(pi. J-»^^ baw&fil). — (harve8t) 

Jy«^^ mab^Cil ; <£>)}y«^^ ma^^ii- 

lat; S>\»'«^ ha^ida-t (pi. •s^^'^b. 

Cbop, v. J^-»- ha^ad, yah^id ; ij^ 

ba^^, yahu^^, J^ qa^al, yaq^il. 
Obosieb, 8. UUL«!S\ SUac 'asat al- 

usquf ; 8)^5^ *ukkaza-t (pi. ytf^^ 

Cboss, 8. s-^ 9alib (pi. (^M* 9ul- 

Cboss, adj. (oblique) Uj;*^ mun- 

harif; ;j6*5*^ mu'tarid. — (peevUh) 

yf-^ hasir ; ^jl^j za'lAn. 
Cboss, v. (make the 8ign of the 

cross) s-J^^ ^^ J"^ *amil *ala- 

ma-t a^-salib, ya'mal. — (mark 

with a cross) h-J^ f allab, yu^al- 

lib. — (pass over) y^ *abar, 

ya'bur. — (thwart) «-A5Vi h&laf, yu- 

Cboss-bow, 8. J»^^ (j*y^ qaus al- 

bunduq (pi. u*V^ aqwas). 
CBOS8*BXAMiHATiONy 8. f\ji\ ibr&m. 

Cboss-examinb, v. ^/^ faba^, 
yafha? ; fjyi\ abram, yubrim. 

Cbossino, (5bos8-way, s. J;U\ jyu 
mafraq at-turq (pi. jj^ ma- 
fariq) ; ^«i* §ialiba-t. 

Cbotchet, 8. (hook) s^K kullab 
(pi. s-JK kalalib) ; ^\^ huttaf 
(pi. c-Aj*^ bataiif). — (fancy, 
whim) ^) zantara-t; £La& bas- 
la-t ; JW*- biyal (pi. aI,jcj.\ "ah- 
yila-t). — (in music) U*5\ SaSi 
nuqta-t al-gina' (pi. ^ nuqat). 

Cbotchety, adj. J^afe*^ mutabay- 
yil ; ^y» muzantir. 

Cbouch, v. (bend down) ^yeKf^ in- 
hana, yanbaoi ; ^Vfif taqa^ar, ya- 
taqa9ar. — (fawn) J3AJ tazallal, 

Cboup, 8. (of a horse) y^ gabr (pi. 
jy^ zubur) ; «^Jj ridf (pi. sj\^y\ 
ardaf). — (disease) ^U^. bun^qa-t ; 
j^U. banuq. 

Cbow, 8. (bird) j\i qaq (pi. (j)VM 
qiqan) ; ya^ ^\yt. gurab ^agir. — 
(of a cock) ^W-» 9iyaha-t. 

Cbow, v. c^ ^lah, ya^il?. 

Cbowd, 8. j»^*>j^ izdiham; a^^j 

Cbowd, v. f^\y tazabam, yataza- 
ham ; f^*^)\ izdatam, yazdabim. 

Cbown, 8. JJ^ iklU (pi. Jj^ 
akalil) ; el> t&j (pi. cjW tij'An). 
—(top) ^\j ras (pi. ^j^^^yy ru'As) ; 
^ sath (pi. cy»- 9utiih).— (o/ a 
free) iftyh ^usa-t (pi. ^Jb^y/^ sa- 
waii). — (coin) y^ ^\ abii nasr ; 

J^; riy&l (pi. «:>3l«^ riyaidt). 

Cbown, v. (a king) ey tawwaj, yu- 
tawwij ; Ji^ kallal, yukallil. — 
(compute) f^ tammam, yutam- 
mim; ^ qacja, yaq^i; J^ 
kanimal, yukammil. 

Cbucible, 8. ^^ biita-t ; is^y bu- 
daqa-t (pi. j*>\y bawadiq). 

Cbucipix, s. s^^U^ ma^liib (pi. 
s^U»« ma^alib) ; v»yLa*J\ l^yo 
9ikrat al-ma^lub. 

Cbucipixion, 8. s-i* 9alb. 

Cbucipy, v. s-J-« 9alab, ya^lub. 

Cbude, adj. fi\^ bain ; '^J nay ; ^ 




Cbttdeness, Cbttdity, 8. ^Wi fa- 

jaja-t; S*^ nuyii'a-t. 
Cruel, adj, ^^ zaliin ; ,^5-U qa^i. 
Cbuelty, 8. S^L-i qasawa-t; ^ 

5ulm ; U> jafa*. 
Cbxtisb, 8. ^^ bolta-h ; yu safar ; 

i-»jJ qar^ana-t. 
Cbuise, V, ^ji J.^ *amil bol^a-t, 

ya'mal ; (^^ qar^an, juqar^in. 
Cbuiseb, 8. (J^ji qor^an. 
Cbumb, 8. (soft part of bread) s-^ 

y^si^\ lubb al-hubz (pi. s^»J 

lubub). — (small fra^metit) «*>«* 

futat, fitat. 
Cbumble, v.a, s£^ fatt, jafutt; 

*j>J^ fattat, vufattit ; n. vs^5« 

tafattat, jataf attat ; w&^\ infatt, 

Cbumple, V, •*««► ja"ad, yuja"id ; 

J— ?**> da*bal, yuda*bil; ceXW 

ja*lak, yuja*lik. 
Cbuse, 8, S^^^ ^i^a-t. 
Cbush, v. *s^*i dahak, yadhak ; 

^jityit haras, yahrus. — (overwhelm) 

f^ qabar, yaqhar. 
Cbush, 8. ^^yfe bars ; acjUU muqa- 

ra*a-t ; &^J^ ^adma-t. 
Cbust, 8. lyi^ qi^i-a-t (pi. )y^ 

Cbustiness, 8. ^^-"-S* faqsa-t. 
Cbusty, adj, (ill-tempered) ^LJU 

Cbutch, 8. 5)^ 'ukkaza-t (pi. *jt>\ 

.ki,ye^\U *akakiz). 
Cby, v. (aloud) c^ 9ah, ya^i^ ; ty^ 

9arab, ya^nib. — (lament) c^ nab, 

yaniih ; J^^ walwal, yuwalwil. — 

(weep) ^ baka, yabki; g^J 

damaS yadma' ; dammaS yu- 

dammi^ — (proclaim) ^5**^ nada, 

Cbt, 8, cW« 9iyah; ^^ ^arba-t; 

cy nauh; ^y nauha-t. — (weep- 
ing) ; \^ buka*. 
Cbystal, 8, s^ billi\r (pi. yt^h 

balalir) ; j^\ j^>!^ hajar al-bil- 

Cbystallisation, 8. *>Uqr\ injimad ; 

•Xfi^^ tajlid. 
Cbystallise, v.a, tU^ jammad, yn- 

jammid ; j^\ ^}^ jt^ 9ayyar 

misl al-billiir, yusayyir; n. jU 

^^\ JA»» 9ar misl al-billiir, ya^ir. 
Cub, 8. (fox) h)^*^ mu*awiya-t. — 

(lion) J^ sibl (pi. JWa\ asbal, 

J^— jA ^ubiil, JW** sibal, J— jA^ 

asbul). — (bear) jt^ v**> dubb 

Cube, «. s-^ ka*ab (pi. v»y«^ 

ku^iib, s^U^ ki*ab). 
Cubic, Cubical, adi, s-^«^ mu- 

Cubit, «. £\j3 zira* (pi. £j3\ azru*). 
Cuckold, «. ^^*> dayyug ; yf^ 

^aqqur ; (^f^ muqrin. 
Cuckoo, «. y^ kAku ; jyi^ waq- 

CucuMBBB, «. jW*- hiyar ; \^^ 

'ajjur ; U* qisa. 
Cud, «. S^ jirra-t (pi. S^\ ajir- 

Cudgel, a. va>^ nabbiit (pi. ^^^M 

Cudgel, v, «t>^^ sj>^ darab bi-'n- 

Dabbut, yadrib. 
Cuff, «. (blow) WJ latma-t. — (0/ a 

sleeve) fjit^\ (•U^ S^W dayira-t 

li-akmam al-qami^. 
Cuff, v, ^ latam, yaltim. 
Cuirass, s. gj^ dir* (pi. £^*> duru*, 

£\)*>^ adra*) ; k*^j} zardiya-t. 
Cuirassier, s. £jJ^ mudari'a*. 
Culinary, adj, o*^^^ ma^babi-y. 
Cull, v. (gather) cAloi qa^af , yuqtif ; 

<j^ jana, yaJDi. — (select) j^\ 

ihtar, yabtar; s-^*^ nabab, yan- 

Culm, s, «y\^ jU saq nabat (pi. 

(^VAt^^ siqan) ; ^Sjjbt ^atla-t. 
Culminate, v, j^ kabbad, yukab- 

Culpability, s. ^ft- jarima-t. 
Culpable, adj., Culprit, s, w-iS^ 

muznib ; f^^^ mujrim. 
Cultivate, Culture, v. (the soil) 

^j3\ ^jd. hadam al-ar4, yabdum ; 

^ fallah, yufallih; /••^ 'ainar, 

ya*mur. — (the mind) s^*>^ addab, 

Cultivation, Culture, s. (of the 

earth) Ub faldba-t ; ^^ tafltl^ ; 

^\;* ttaraga-t; W^j zara'a-t. — 




(improvement in general) ^)j» 
tarbiya-t ; v>*>V» ta'addub. 
CxTMBEB, V, (had) ^J>^ Jfi» saqqal 
*ala, jusaqqil. — (»tap) <-&S^ waq- 
qaf, yuwaqqif; g — ^ .^ mana, 


s-**A« inut*ib ; JtJ^ gaqil ; 

CuMBBANCE, 8, ^ gaqla-t ; 

ta'ab ; ^ kadd ; g>U mani* (pi. 

^\y mawani*). 
Cummin, «. a^y^ kammiin ; (^yt^ 

Cunning, adj. }^ makkar ; (jjVL^ 

Saltan ; JU^^ muhtal. 
Cunning, b. ^^ hila-t (pi. Je^. 

^iyal) ; j^ makr ; J^ kaid (pi. 

oVe^ kiy&d). 
Cup, 8. c^^qadali (pi. c^Ju»\ aqdah) ; 

^\S kas (pi. ^U\^ kasat, y-// 

Cup, V, (bleed) f^^^ hajam, yahjum. 

CUP-BEABEB, 8. ^ji^ ^aqi (pi. «t>UU 

suqat, (jft- Buqi-y, ^JIU suqqa). 

CuPBOABD, 8, ii\y^ hazana-t (pi. 
{^^y^ hazayin) ; (;j^/» huristan 
(pi. «yUU«^ huristanat). 

Cupidity, 8. S^ ^ahwa-t; q*^ 
tama' ; tj>^ tir?* 

Cupola, 8. ^ qubba-t (pi. s-^ 
qubab) ; ^^W jamliin ; JU-w 
$u^sa-t (pi. <jt-A^ hu^a^). 

CuppEB, 8. ^V^ hajjam ; ^^^ bar- 

Cupping-glass, 8. ^ <»^ *» mihjam 
(pi. #»^W« mahajim). 

Cub, 8, vJ^kalb*(pl. vjSi^kil&b). 

Curacy, «. ^j^ Mraniya-t. 

CuBATE, 8, ^jj^ hdii-y (pi. ^j^^ 
hawarina-t ; Fr, cure). 

CuBATOB, 8, c:)-^^* mu'taman. 

CuBB, 8. f»\^ lijam (pi. ^ lujum, 
^U%3\ aljima-t) ; csU fakk (pi. 
•*)Ui\ afkak, ^^ fukuk).— 
(restraint) ^ ^ahX ; g^ man*. 

CuBB, V. f^ lajam, yaljum ; f^\ 
aljaiD, ^uljim. 

CuBD, «. ^y» s-J^ halib muraw- 
wab ; s-ilj e<^ laban r&yib ; ^^ 
zaub ; ^j2; rauba-t. 

CuBD, CuBDLB, v.a, s^-jj) rawwab, 

yurawwib ; n. s^\) rab, yar&b. 
Cube, «. SUa^ mudawat ; t^ *ilftj ; 

^^*> diwa . 
Cube, v. (heal) <^^*> dawa, yudawi ; 

gJlc 'alaj, yu*alij ; Ja Msl, 

yasfi; w-^ tayyab, yutayyib. — 

(pickle) ^ mallah, yumallih. 
CuBELEss, adj. J^ *adaL 
CuBiosiTY, 8, (inqui8itivene88) 

^^Jk^ mudahala-t. — (rarity) ^J>b^ 

tuhfa-t (pi. *-Aflt tuhaf) ; ^-^ 

nafisa-t (pi. (jHt^ nafayis) ; ^}^^ 

CuBious, adj. (inquisitive) ^y^'^ 

mudahil ; ( j » ? ■>• mutajassis ; 

^j-«A-^ mustaq^i. — (rare) j*>U 

nadir; s-s|;^ garib. 
CuBL, «. yfcfti ^^ halqa-t sa*r (pi. 

^\ -at, v3^ halaq); •*««► ja'd; 

iwt*. ja*da-t (pi. *>^ ji'ad). 
CuBL, V. Jk««^ ja"ad, yuja*4d. 
CuBBANT, 8. (Corinthian grapes) 

Jt m^,* t< ki^mil — (fresh) s-^^ 

s-J^^ *inab as-ga*lab (pi. v>Uc^ 

CuBBBNCY, 8, Q)^jt^ sairan ; (^W 

jarayan. — (of money) n^^f tarwii. 
CuBBENT, adj, ij,jW jari ; ^-i^J 


CuBBENT, 8. J»«* sail (pi. ^yt^ 

CuBBicLE, 8. ^^i%e 'ajala-t (pi. J^ 

•ijal, J V^ 'ijAl). 
CuBBiEB, 8, ^W*> dabbag; i^*^^ 

Cubby, v. A»*> dabag, yadbug, yad- 

bag, yadbig. — (a horse) p^ jabar, 

yajbur; ,j-ii qa^^aq, yuqa^^iq. 
Cubby-comb, s. ^<^ jabra-t ; ^ L^^ 

CuBSE, V. (^ la'an, yal*an ; ,JLc Uo 

da*a 'ala, yad'u, yad^i ; J$i bahal, 

CuBSE, 8, ^-^ la*ana-t. 
CuBT, adj, ^o-oi qa^ir. 
CuBTAiL, V. f^^ qartam, yuqar^im ; 

j^ qa^^ar, yuqa^^ir. 
CuBTAiN, 8. SjU- sitara-t (pi. jiU^ 
. satayir) ; %a- sitr (pi. ;yt- sut^r) ; 

^U;i burd&ya-t. 




CuBTAiN, V, ^ sattar, jusattir; 

s-^^i«- hajjab, yutajjib. 
Ctjbtness, 8. y^ qu^F. 
CxTBTSBY, 8. Vj^l inhina'. 
CxTBYB, $. JoiA* U. hatt muqantar ; 

^y^A* U. hatt munl^ani. 
CuBVE, V, t^ *awwaj, yu'awwij; 

v^tt. hana, ja^ni. 


misl al-hatt al-muqantar. 

Cushion, «. •^^^^-^^ masnad (pi. jJUm* 
masanid); •3^«A^ maq'ad (pi. 
J^U* inaqa*id) ; 8*>L.^ wisada-t. — 
(cushion of honour) f^/S takrim ; 
i^/<f takrima-t. 

Custody, e, J^j ra^d, ra^ad ; W;*- 
hirasa-t ; IkA». 1^2 ; LT't^ habs. 

Custom, s. {manner, hahii) 8*>^ 
*ada-t (pi. '>i\^ *awayid) ; f^j 
rasm (pi. f^j rusiini) ; v»W 
da'b (pi. s^*j*>t ad'ub). — (impost) 
<j«^ maks (pi. (j*y^ mukiis) ; 
<%««j rasm (pi. f*^j rusiim) ; «*};<*^ 
Kumruk (gumruk, Turk,), 

CusTOMABY, adj. •^Ufc* mii*tad; 
^^♦— J rasmi-j ; «^jXU ma'luf . 

CusTOMBB, «. ^jU ^ari (pi. 1/» 
surra) ; ^4;**^ muitari ; ^^j 

Custom-house, s. d^j4^\ 4ft^ bdt 
al-kumruk ; aLJ\ a^ <^ kunmik- 

Cut, v. ^ qataS yaqta*. — (into 

pieces) ^ c^SiXWf yuqatti. — 

(carve) tJsJ^ naqa^, janqai. 
Cut, s. ^ qat* ; witi qafa't. 
Cutlass, «. <-&»«• sail (pi. U|^e>« 

CuTLEB, 8. ^yif^^ sak&Mni-y; 

^U« sakk&n. 
CuT-PUBSE, 8. v5)U sariq (pi. jU* 

surraq ; j\^ tarrar ; JUi luU^. 
CUT-THBOAT, 8, ijiij^\ ^Vj qfi^i* at- 

tartq (pi. g^ qutfi', ^ qut*) ; 

JUI JUS qatt&l qatli-v. 
Cycle, s.j^*^ daur (pi. j\j*>^ adw&r). 
Cyclic, Cyclical, a/W.^jjj^o dauri-y. 
Cyclopqbdia, 8, (^yi^y g *^** majma' 

al-funiin (pi. g^W^ majami'). 
Cylindeb, «. *>y*Vc *&niM; *>y#^ 

*uinM (pi. iM£\ a'mida-t, ^V*^^ 

'awamid) ; ^\jom\ ustiiwana-t. 
Cylindbical, adj, ^^^y*^ *&m{ldi-y. 
Cymbal, s, ^ ^anj (pi. ^ 

Cymbalist, «. $Uo ^annaj. 
Cypheb, «. see Cipheb. 
Cyfbess, 8. ^y* sarw ; l^ sarwa-t. 


Daffodil, s. ^^^ banga (pi. ^J^^^ 

Daooeb, 8. y^M- hanjar (pi. j^-U*. 

Daily, oi;. «j^y vaumi-y. 
Daintiness, «. ^y nazaka-t ; ^VU 

lataf a-t ; &^> zar^a-t. 
Dainty, adj. k^ laziz (pi. ^ luzz, 
3\JJ lizaz); cAsU latif; <-^ 

nazif (pl.'^Vlfc* niz&f). 
Daiby, 8. ciUsAAi ^iftlik (Turk. 

Daiby-maid, «. W^ h&liba-t ; ^W^ 

Daibyman, 8. vJ^ b&lib (pi. W<^ 
halaba-t) ; (^^ labban. 

Daisy, s. ^^\ y^} zahr al-lM(k. 

Dalliance, s. (fondling) v5^ ta- 
raalluq ; «-AUj talattuf . — ( pro» 
crastination) y^^ ta*hir. 

Dally, v. (fondle) ijf^ mallaq, yu- 
malliq; Ull.5 lataf, yul&tif).— 
(trifle) ey^ haraj, yahrij. — (dday) 
^fS ta'awwaq, yata'awwaq. 

Dam, s. Sj3\^ w&da-t ; (^ umm (pi. 
«£>U\ ummat, «a>Ve^\ ummah&t). — 
(dike) r-^ jisr (pi. ;♦--► jusiir); 
•w Buad (pi. «>^*w sudiid). 





Dam, V, J^ sadd, jasudd. 
Damage, 8, ^ ^a.Ta,T ; S^ ma^ar- 

ra-t ; i^L**. has&ra-t. — (damages) 

SjU.^ vA^ ta*wi4 hasara-t ; J^y^ 

'awa4 ; i*j^ mu'&wa^a-t. 
Damage, v. ^ 4an*> ya4urr; y^ 

a^arr, yu^irr. 
Damask, %, (silk) W*^ kamha; 

^ ■ fe ^ mu^ajjar. 
Dame, s. ^ sitta-t (pi. «a>U.« 

Damn, v, ^J^ nafa, yanfi ; j^\ 

ankar, yunkir; f^^^\ J^*>^ ad- 

hal al-jahannam, yudhil. 
Damnation, s. ^*^^^ *i^'i^\ al-halak 

Damned, adj. is\i\Jb halik ; o^^ 

ma'liin; f*^^\ ^)ft^ (^^^ min ahl 

Damp, ac{j. s-A^ rafib; ^^J^J nadi; 

(^\iJi naidyftn. 
Damp, v. sJ»j rattab, yurattib ; t^^ 

nadda, yunaddi, — (depress) •u*-^ 

ahmad, yuhmid. 

Damp, Dampness, s. ^^j ratiiba-t ; 
S^\ji nadawa-t. 

Damsel, s, ^^ ^abtya-t (pi. k^ 

^abaytl) ; hjW jariya-t (pi. %S)\¥^ 

Damson, s, je»M ijjas (Eg^fpt); 

S^ hauj (Syria). 
Dance, s. v/alj raq? (pi. v^yjj 

ruqiis) ; ^v* ^anjala-t. 
Dance, v. o«*j raqa^, yarqu? ; J^JssE^r 

ta^anjal, yatal^Anjal. 
Danceb, s. v^VSj raqqa$. 
Dandelion, «. v»^y3\ J^^ rajl al- 

Dandle, r.a. s-^S la'ab, ytda'ib; 

s-^^ al^ab, yul'ib ; jy^j zahzaq, 

yuiahziq ; n. f^i^ 'arqa^ yu'ar- 

Dandt, 8. j«i^ gandar ; jyi^ gun- 

di\r (pi. I)*>U^ ganadira-t). 
Danoee, s. jW hatar (pi. jVU.^ 

&bt^) ; ^^^ muhatara-t ; s^f^ 

hof ; J^ haul (pi. J^^^ ah- 

Dangsbous, adj. U^eae* muMf ; 

^fk- muhawirif ; jW hafir. 

Dangebousness, s. SjtVat- muha- 

Dangle, v. v3^ ta*allaq, yata*al- 
laq ; ^'^ tadalla, yatadalla. 

Dabb, v. (venture) s^ y»V*. hatar bi, 
ynhatir.— (eie/y) ^ j^ tajah- 
ram *ala, yatajahmm; jx^^\ 
istahtar, yastahtir. 

Dabing, adj.j^W jasir. 

Dabing, Dabingness, s. 8jL-.-i- 

Dabe, adj. ^ *atim; ^^sm^ mu- 
'attam ; fJ^ mu^lim. — (of mean- 
ing) f*e^ mubham; &»iA > t^ mus- 

Dabken, v. f^\ a^lam, yuzlim ; 
^ *attam, yu'attim. 

Dabknebs, 8. ^4^^ *atma-t; Wi 
2ulma-t ; fX.^ zalam ; ^j-juj-a. 
hindis (pi. (j*jU«*. hanadis). 

Dabling, s. S ' « -a habib, f. & (pi. 
s^W ahbab, W«-^ * ahibba*, ^^ 
ahibba-t, s-siW«- habayib) ; {^ }^ 
nur 'ain; «>\y S^ samara-t fa- 
wad (both with afiixed pro- 

Dabling, adj. s^^t^^** mahbub ; 
)iyc *aziz. 

Dabt, «. ^jft- ^arba-t ; jV^ mizraq 
(pi. v5i;V* niazariq). 

Dabt, «. <^j rama, yarmi; sjSo. 
^azaf , yahzif . 

Dash, v. ^ la(am, yalfum; f**^ 
^adam, ya^dim. — (as waves) ty^ 
tamawwaj, yatamawwaj. 

Dash, s. ^m^ latma-t; ^j^ sad- 
ma- 1 ; ^L^oU** mufadama-t. — 
(line) U. hatt- 

Dastabd, «., adj. (^W jaban. 

Date, «. (time) (jtj^ ta'rih (pi. 
^j^y tawaiih). — (fruit) j^ tamr, 
S^ tamra-t (pi. jW\ at mar, jUj 
timar, j^ tumur) ; s-*— i qasb ; 
A<— i qasba-t. — (fresh) ^ balah, 
4^ bala^t; ^-r^j ru^ab, ^j 

Date, r. tj^ arrah, yu'arrih. 

Datite, s. aU^I JyiA* inaf*ul li- 

Daub, s. y^^t^ tahbi?. 
i Daub, r. ^/h*- habbaf , yuhabbia . 




Daughter, «. «>^ bint (pi. *a>W 

banat) ; ^^ *atiq (pi. ijfi\^ 

Dauohter-in-law, g. (^5\ fi^^\ 

imrat al-ibn; ^ kanna-t (pi. 

^^\jS kanajin). 
Daunt, v. •u*.^ ahmad, juhmid. 
Dauntless, adj. j^W jasir (pi. 

j^\f^ jawasir) ; j^— ► jasiir (pi. 

j*-^ jusr, jusur) ; {J^ ^•i z{l 

Daw, g. ^y^e *aqariya-t. 
Dawn, s. j^\ ^^ tal*a-t an-nahar ; 

y^\ (JA* saqq al-fajr. 
Dawn, v. y^^ ij^ ^aqq al-fajr, 

ya^uqq; yi^\ gU» ^ala* ad-dii', 

Day, «. (twenty-four hours) ^y 

yaum, yom (pi. ^Vt\ ayyam). — 

(from sunrise to sunset) J^ nahar 

(pi. ^ nuhur, 8;^ nahara-t). 
Day-break, s. see Dawn. 
Day-light, s, ^ 4^'* 
Daze, t;. 65*> dawwah, yudawwih ; 

v/^^ tawwa^, yutawwi^. 
Dazzle, v. je^ jahar, yajhar ; vjl^j 

jka}\ zaglal an-nazar, yuzaglil. 
Deacon, s. ^UjAi Gammas (pi. ^UjAi 

Dead, adj. «^<y» mayyit (pi. ^\yA 

amwdt) ; ^Jy^ mauta ; o*r^ 

mutawaffa. — (inanimate) J^^W 

Deaden, v. «-*** da"af, yuda"if ; 

Ubu*\ a4'af, yud*if ; y^\ a'jaz, 

Deadly, cm?/. J^Vi qatil; *2^ moli- 

lik ; u:»n»4^ mumit. 
Deadness, g. (rigidity) y'^A, hadar; 

j\ji^\ iu^idar. — (of trade) *>^-^ 

Deaf, adj. \J»^\ atrai, f . Va>^ \ikxivL 

(pi. J^y» t^r^) ; t^^ a^amin, f. 

U« ^amma' (pi. ^ ^umm). 
Deafen, v. v>y» tarra^, yutarriiS; 

v/»yf» tawwas, yuiawwi^. 
Deafness, g. v/*^* tarai; ^^ 

tur^a-t ; ^m^ ^amam. 
Deal, s. (quantity) jJu» qadr (pi. 

^\jui\ aqdar) j ^^jj^i^ kammiya-t. — 

(board) ^^ daff; &o daffa-t (pL 

»^^o dufAf) ; ^y lauha-t (pL 

t^y\ alwah). 
Deal, v. (distribute) f^ qasam, 

yaqsim ; qassam, yuqassim ; jy 

farraq, yufarriq. — (traffic) ^^ 

tajar, yutajir. — (behave) J^^ 

*amal, yu^amiL 
Dealer, g. (at cards) jj^ ^^ qasim 

Dealing, g. S^Vtp tijara-t; J^^ 

'amal. — (plain dealing) &\iX* 

9adaqa-t. — (double dealing) ^j 

Dear, adj. (costly, expensive) ^^ 

gall. — {beloved) ytf^ *aziz (pi. \jyfi 

'uzaza', ^\ a^izza-t); v*^t^^ 

Dearness, g. 1^ gala'. 
Dearth,' s. v>»*^ jadb ; ieV^*« ma- 

ja*a-t (pi. giW^ majayi*). 
Death, s. <a>^ maut ; uJW* mamat ; 

c^U^ waf at ; (^/ tawaffi ; 

tutf (pi. s^f^ hutiif). — (violent 

death) y^ *j^y maut ahmar. 
Deathless, adj. ^j^yH ^ 14 yamiit ; 

^W dayim ; •iJ^ab^ muhallad. 
Debar, v. (*^ haram, yalt^rim; ^j 

radd, yarudd. 
Debase, v. yt- taqqar, yuhaqqir. 
Debasement, s. Ji^*^ tazlil. 
Debate, s. ^W^ mubaj^a-t; 

^j^»^ inujadala-t. 
Debate, v. (^ vi^a-W bahag *an, yu- 

Debauch, g. *t^U^\ inhim^k; «>^^ 

f asad ; OH^ ^^q ; S^ ^ahwa-t. 
Debauch, t;. <3-«i fassaq, yufassiq ; 

«£juA hatak, yahtik. 
Debilitate, v. «-**-& 4a''af, yu- 

4a"if ; *-A**\ a4*af , jui'ii. 
Debility, g. «-*** da*f, 4u*f. 
Debit, g. ^ ^jsJ\ (:)ji'^\ ad-duyun 

allati 'alehi. 
Debt, s. (j)«*> dain (pi. (jj^o duyto) ; 

^JbJi qar4 (pi. u*;;* qurii4). 
Debtor, g. (:>^«^ madyun. 
Decadence, s. v»^/- harab; J^^) 

Decagon, g. y^^^ mu'ai^^ar. 
Decalogue, g. t£>UJi^yt«3\ al-'aiar 

kalimat ; ^\ ^U^ wa9&y& allali. 




Decamp, v. J*-j ral^al, yar^aL — 
(hastily) v»«i^ harab, yanrub. 

Decant, v. ^\ ^J^ ^\ (^ J^ farrag 
min ina ila ina, yuf arrig. 

Decanter, b. ^^«^ ^isa-t. 

Decapitate, v. tr«V^ ^ qa^a* ar- 
ras, yaqta' ; (>mI\ v»j^ 4^l> ^- 
'unq, jadirib. 

Decapitation, b. (j*yi ^ qat* 
ar-ras ; (>mI\ v>j<a dsbrb al-'unq. 

Decay, v. W^ habat, jahbit, yah- 

Decay, «. J^j^j ziwaL 

Decease, s. ub>*^ maut ; ^j rihla-t ; 
Jto\ intiqal ; «t>U^ wafat. 

Decease, v. ut>U m&t, yamiit ; ^y 
tuwuffi, yutawaffa (Fass. V.). 

Deceit, 8. ij^ gi^; ^^ haun, 
hon ; j^ makr ; £J^ had*. 

Deceitful, od;. v/*^"^ ga^^ ; J^^ 

Deceitfulness, $, ^y^A' hiyana-t ; 

fW hid&*. 
Deceive, v. ^J^ ga^^, yaguii^ ; (^Vd. 

ban, yah^bi; <^^ kawwan, yu- 

hawwin. — (mislead) <^^ gawa, 

yagwi ; J* 4all, ya4ill. 
December, s. Jy^\ (^y^ kan^ln al- 

Decency, «. v>*>^ adab ; v>y^y^ al- 

wujiib; &^ liyaqa-t; ^^-A^ 

Decent, adj. Ok^ l^yiq; v^^ 

munasib; (^U-O^^ v>«>»5) <3*^^ 

muwafiq (li - '1 - adab wa-'l-l^i- 

ma-t) ; ^J•^ ti^mi-y. 
Deception, e, see Deceit. 
Decide, v. <»^ batt, yabitt; f^ 

j^akam, yaJ^kum; gJai qiit&S 

yaqta* ; jj^ qa^a, yaq^i. 
Decimal, adj.f «. os;^***^ *i^ari-y; 

f^jtiA^ ta'^iri-y ; iyS^ts, Sy^e <a^ara-t 

Decimate, v. /*^ 'a^^, yu'a^^ir. 
Decimation, «. ^<»«a«7 ta'^ir. 
Decipher, v. jt^ 'abbar, yu'abbir ; 

y^ fassar, yufassir. 
Decision, «. <*^ ^ukm (pi. fi\^\ 

al^kam) ; J-* fa^l (pL Jy** 

f u^ul) ; fsf^ fatwa (pL ij)^ 

fatawa). — (of character) s-J* fy 

quwwa-t qalb; f^ hazm; W^ 

Decisive, oi;. ^jS» batti-y; ^^ 

Decisiveness, «. ^y^ hukiima-t. 
Deck, «. u:^^\ flw satb al-markab 

(pi. t^ ButSh); C^\ o^Viy 

fauqani-y al-markab; ^ bont 

(pent) ; i^M- saqifa-t (pL i-AjU-. 

Deck, v. ^j^j zayyan, yuzayyin ; 

v3j)) zawwaq, yuzawwiq. 
Declaim, s. •xJti^ an^ad, yun^id ; 

v-tU hatab, yuh&tib. 
Declamation, s, £<IeVae« muhata- 

ba-t ; 8jy&i\ uniSiida-t (pi. J^^^ 

Declaration, «. jVeafc^ iiStihar; jiyc> 

taqrir ; *^fS ta*rif . 
Declare, v, (jniblish) j9^\ a^har, 

yu^hir ; j^\ azbar, yuzhir. — 

(affirm) j^ qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Declension, s, (inflexion of nouns) 

U«i2l\ *^j^ ta^rif al-asma ; ^jb\ 

Decline, v. (refuse) ^j radd, yar- 

rud ; i^\ aba, ya'ba. — (diminish) 

^/»» iiaqa^, ^anqu? ; Jaii^\ inta- 

qa?, yantaqi9 ; J\j zal, yazal 

^azil). — (a noun) ^yo ^arraf, 

yu^arrif ; v>jfi *arrab, yu'arrib. 
Declivity, s. Soa^ wabda-t; ^y 

nazla-t ; j)>>»- ^adur. 
Decoct, v. ^ naqqa', yunaqqi*. 
Decoction, s, ge» naqi*. 
Decompose, v, ^)ft• tail* yal^ull; 

tfXi fakk, yaf ukk. — (roO i^\ 

in'afan, yan'afin; {^tis ta*a£an, 

Decorate, v. ob ^^ yazin ; (^j 

zayyan, yazayyin; jjjj zawwaq, 

yuzawwiql; «J[^j zahraf, yuzah- 

Decoration, s. ^j zina-t; s]^^ 

zawaq ; «J[^j zuhruf ; ^j^j zah- 

Decorous, adj, jk^ layiq; v— ^ 

munasib ; s-^^ wajib. 
Decorousness, Decorum, s. ^U* 

inunasaba-t ; ^^ liyaqa-t. 
Decoy, «;. v»<W ja^ab, yajzub ; ^ 




garr, yagurr; ^^ garrar, ^u- 

garrir ; g*^ tamma', yutamnu'. 
Decot, s. ^Ufti tu'ma-t (pL ^ 

Decbease, v,a, jaSi naqqas, ju- 

^Mtqqi?; J'^ qailal, juqallil; n. 

,j^ naqa?, yanqu^; ^,^^\ in- 

taqa9, jantaqi? ; Ji qall, jaqill. 
Decbease, s, ,^ naq? ; q)^ nuq- 

9an ; ^V&:^^ intiqa^. 
Decbee, 8, y»\ amr (pi. f\^\ awa- 

mir); ^ >n > hukm (pi. ^\-^^ 

ahkam) ; (;)U;k farman (pi. e)«^V 

fanunin). — (0/ God) Ui qa^a 

(pi. ^«^\ aqdiya-t). 
Becbee, V, y\ amar, ya'mur ; f^ 

hakam, ya^kum. 
Decbepit, ddj. (•y^ harim ; y^^ 

*ajiz (pi. y^y^ *awajiz); ytt^ 

'ajiz (pi. (:)(y^ *ajzan). 
Decbepitude, 8. y^ 'ajaz ; f^ 

Decbt, v. j»i zamm, yazumm ; ^3 

zammam, yuzammim. 
Dedicate, v. (consecrate) ^j-Ai 

qaddas, yuqaddis; (joo^ ba^^a?, 

yuha??!? ; 4_ASj waqaf , yaqif . 
Dedication, «. fjm^jJS taqdis ; 

t/ftA-«^ tahfi?. — (of a book) \jJt\ 

ihda* ; ^i» taqdima-t (pi. ^jW 

Deduce, v. ^\ antaj, yuntij ; 

^»s^^ istantaj, yastantij. 
Deduct, v, U-\ asqat, yusqit ; ^»-a*- 

ha^am, yah^um; t^ tarah, yat- 

Deduction, 8. (inference) i^^tt^ 

natija-t (pi. g^^ natayij) ; eVsii-^ 

istintaj. — (abatement^ svbtrac' 

tion) f^'O^ ha^m ; f^'"^ hasm ; Wu 

8aqt ; C> tarh. 
Deed, s. (action) J^^ *aml (pi. 

JUc\ a*mal); i3Uft 'amla-t (pi. 

JjUc *amayil, w^JUc 'amlat) ; J** 

fi*l (pi. J^^ &i'Bl).— (document) 

^ hujja-t (pi. e^e- hujaj); 

J%«» si j ill (pi. <A>2il^^ siji 

Jii*- sijl (pi. J%- sujul). 
Deem, v. (^^^ sann, yasunn ; 

hasab, yah sib. 
Deep, adj, v>d^^ 'amiq ; ji^ qa'ir 

— (o&«cttrc) u<«^ gawi?; y^^ 

gamid ; J^*^ mui^kil. — (sagO' 

cious) J««3^ ^^•S zaki-y al-*aql; 

&^\^ s-^^ ^ahib firasa-t. 
Deep, 8. (the 8ea) ^ lujj ; ^ 

lujja-t (pi. ^ lujaj). 
Deepen, v. a, 0-4^ 'ammaq, yu'aiid- 

miq ; j-kc^ a'maq, yu*miq ; n. 

vJM««» ta*ammaq, yata'ammaq. 
Deepness, s. 0-4^ 'umq ; [j>pt. gau^. 
Dbeb, «. ,^ zaby (pi. s^f azbib, 

^jtt^ azbi, W^ ziba*, ^jA zubi-y, 

«t>Wt zabayat); ^U^ gazal (pi. 

^jt gizla-t, (^5>^ gizlan). 
Deface, v, (disfigure) Ayfti ^wwab, 

yusawwib ; g-^ ba^^', yubasii* ; 
ha^^am, yuba^im. — (erase) 
maha, yamhi, yamhCi ; (y^ 

nasah, yansan. 
Defalcate, v. ^\)«> Jlr* saraq 

dirabim, yasriq. 
Defalcation, «. ^j^ sariqa-t ; (j^ 

Defamation, s, \jsi\ iftira'; ^W»^ 

ittiham ; (^\j^ bu^tan ; ^^^ 

Defamatobt, adj. ^^ muf^i^; 

^j^sA batkiyy. 
Defame, t;. ^ fa4ab» yaf^ab ; 

ceXsa batak, yabtik; &^j^ j^ 

kasar 'ircjLbu, yaksir. 
Default, s, J*Uj tagaful; J^W* 

tabamul ; jy^ qu9iir ; jtf*JS taq- 

^ir ; ^f& naq9 ; ^^'«^ nuq^an. 



Defaulteb, «. f^ 

A » 


Defeat, t;. y^ kasar, yaksir ; ^ 
bazzam, yubazzim. — (frustrate) 
^T^eA- bayyab, yubayyib ; Jk^ 
abtal, yubtil. 

Defeat, «. ^^kasr; S/^ka^ra-t; 
f*\y^\ inbizam. 

Defect, s, (deficiency) (•J^ *adm; 
^ qilia-t ; ,jo» naq?. — (blemish) 
w-a^ *aib (pi. s^^ 'uyib) ; fi«J^ 
gaUa-t ; ^tc *aba-t. 

Defection, «. *>W%\ irtidM ; jW 
iukar ; (;)W-«c 'i^yan. 

Defective, (wij. yo*^ naqi? ; 

DsFSCTiYSNssSi s, W^ Daqi^a-t. 




Defence, s, ^W mud^a'a-t; 

^Ufi. himaja-t; ^U^^ mu^a- 

faza-t. — (in a law suit) fiUV^^ 

muhamat ; hj^ tabriya-t. 
Defend, v. (^ gi^*y dafa' *an, yu- 

dafi* ; (^ (j"**- hama *an, yah mi ; 

(^ *yj radd *an, yarudd ; ^ ^y^ 

^ama 'an, yuhami. 
Defendant, s, (in a law suit) f^^^ 

Afil^ mudda'a *alehi. 
Dbfeb, v. Je^^ amhal, yamhil ; ^\ 

ahhar, yu'ahhir ; vJ JW hazaf , yu- 

Defebencb, s. (respect) jW»* i*ti- 

bar ; j»^/^ ikram. — (submission) 

Deferential, adj. 2<^ muti' ; 

jaU hadi* ; g^^y^ mutaw&di*. 
Defiance, «. yijtS tabriz; ^^ 

Deficiency, s. ;^ qu^iir; ^U» 

Deficient, adj, j^^ n&qi^ ; jycii^ 

maq^Ar ; /*• muqa^^ir. 
Deficit, s, jy«i qu^iir ; j»Jkft *udm ; 

u^^ naq?. 
Defile, v, (j«^«> dannas, yudannis ; 

(j-r najjas, yunajjis; wi>y law- 
was, yulawwig ; ^^ wassah, yu- 

Defilement, s. ^V» j danasa-t ; 

i^\tr najasa-t. 
Define, v. (limit) ooa. ^addad, yu- 

^addid. — (explain) Uj^e *arraf , 

Definite, adj, (limited) *>^»v^^ 

mahdM ; *> a ^>» muhaddad. — 

(exact) c»t/* 9arih ; t^<-A^ mad but ; 

^yu muqarrar ; (;><j*^ mu*ayyaii. 
Definition, s. *^fS ta*rif (pi. ^ 

.&t, «-A4;U5 ta*arif). 
Definitive, adj, gtU qa^i* ; ^J^^ 

Deflect, r. vjyB5\ inharaf, yan- 

^arif ; v^^- janab, yajnib. 
Deflection, s, u\f!\ inhiraf ; Je^ 

Defloration, s, ^Usi^ iftidad. 
Defluxion, s, (cold) J^d^ nuzM ; 

^y nazla-t ; f*V5j zukam. 
DbfobMi v. ffJ^ ^anna'i yu^anni' ; 

qabbah, ynqabbih ; 

bassa*, yubai^i*. 
Deformity, s. SAjs^ basa*a-t ; XcUa» 

Defraud, v, {^ ga^^, yaguss; 

£J«s. hada*, yahda* ; j*^ gadar, 

yagdir, yagdur. 
Defray, s. ^^^ wafa, yafi ; g^*^ 

dafaS yadfa^ 
Defunct, ad/., s. f^f^f marhum; 

^ybu magf iir ; o*y^ mutawaffa. 
Defy, v, (challeng^ j;W baraz, yu- 

bariz. — (set at defiance) (^j^r 

tajabram, yatajharam. 
Degeneracy, s, *-^ talaf ; oLj^^ 

Degenerate, v. «J^ talif , yatlaf ; 

JuJi^^ infasad, yanfasid ; ^ jt*S 

6lo\ Lf^ tagayyar *an tiba-t a?!- 

hu, yatagayyar. 
Degenerate, adj, *^y*Jt*» mafsud ; 

JuJU/* munfasid. 
Degrade, v, (depose) J^ 'azal, 

ya*zil ; *azzal, yu*azziT. — (dis- 
grace) ^ fadah, yafdah; J»^; 

razzal, yurazzil. — (in both senses) 

g*^ wada*, yada*. 
Degradation, s, J)c *azl; J4%«» 

ta*zil. — (disgrace) J»i zall ; ^^ 

tazlil ; ji*y tarzil. 
Degree, s. (rank) ^j*> daraja-t (pi. 

tj*^ daraj) ; ^y^ manzala-t (pi. 

JjU* manazil) ; ^y martaba-t 

(pi. s-^\;^ maratib). — (measure, 

extent) j'>* qadr. — (lineage) s-^— * 

nasab (pi. s^U-i^ ansab). — (in 

geometry) ^j*> daraja-t. 
Deify, v, i^\ allab, yu'allih. 
Deign, v, (condescend) JjU* tana- 

zal, yatanazal ; J«^ tafad^al, 

Deject, v, (^^ hazzan, yubazzin ; 

f^ gamm, yagumm ; s-^^ r^ 

Kasar al-qalb, yaksir. 
Dejection, s, U*-. sawda* ; .>^ 

bumM ; ^^ kaba-t. 
Delay, v.a. ^\ ahhar, yu'ahhir; 

ysA ahar, yuhir; Je^^ amhal, 

yumhil; n, e^ labi?, yalba^; 

s3^ ta*awwaq, yata*awwaq. 
Delay, s. uuy tawaqquf; j^^ 




ta'hir ; v£^ lubg ; S\^ mahla-t ; 

Sx« mudda-t. 
Delectable, adj. s^yy* margub ; 

Aj^ laziz ; ^^e^ sahi-j. 
Delectation, 8, ^ h&zz (pi. ^^ 

ahuzz, ^jfbo. ^ugug, ^ hu22, Ac.) ; 

j^y^ surur ; «J«a1» talazzuz. 
Delegate, «. s-s>^ nayib (pi. s^^y 

nuwwab); J^j rasul (pi. J-j 

rusul) ; J«^jj wakil (pi. i^« wu- 

Delegate, v. J^^ wakkal, yuwak- 

kil ; s^y nawwab, yunawwib. 
Delete, v, v>^^ mahaq, jamhaq ; 

mahhaq, yumahhiq. 
Deleterious, adj, jja-U mahiq 

(pi. fj^^y mawahiq) ; ys^ mu- 

dammir; **%• muhlik. 

Deletion, a. v>^^ maljiq ; j\^/» 

Deliberate, v, ^^ j^ tafakkar ff, 

yatafakkar; <ji J^V? ta'ammal 

fi, yata'ammal ; j^UJ taiawar, 

yataiawar; /\^ tazakar, yata- 

Deliberate, adj. ji*^ mudabbir; 

)f^^ muhtariz. — (slow) Joj bati' 

(pi. ^ bi'ta'). 
Deliberation, s. J^*Vj ta'ammul ; 

j^ tafakkur ; ij^\^ musawara-t ; 

<^nj ta'anni. 
Delicacy, s. (fineness of texture) 

i^\J» X&TSLwar-t; ^W3 liyana-t; 

^; riqqa-t. — (elegance) ^y naza- 

ka-t; SmJ^ latifa-t (pi. U^jVU 

latayif). — (nicety) fijJ lazza-t. 

Delicate, adj. (fine of texture, 
soft) jMj raqiq (pi. jUj riqaq, 
\ij\ arriqa') ; ^U na'im ; eP 
layyin. — (dainty) J^AJ laziz ; {j*^ 
nafis. — (weak) ^^Ji^ nahif. 

Delicious, adj. *^JJ^ mulazzaz ; 
J4J3 laziz ; (j-**A> DafiB. 

Deliciousness, 8. l^^ nafasa-t; 
Sj3 lazza-t ; «^«a1> talazzuz. 

Delight, v.a. ^ bahaj, yabhaj ; 
^\ abhaj, yubhij ; ^^ lazzaz, 
yulazziz ; n. ^^ talazzaz, yata- 


• • • 

Delight, s. ^ hazz (pi. ^j*^ 

^uziiz, ^ ]^uzz, &c.) ; S^«^ ma- 

sarra-t ; S*^ lazza-t. 
Delightful, adj. ^^ laziz j cA* 

Delineate, v. ^j rasam, yarsum ; 

j^ 9awwar, yu^awwir. 
Delineation, s. ^; rasm (pi. f*^j 

rusum, ^jt arsum) ; yHyeS taswir 

(pi. ^^\^ ta^awir). 
Delinquency, s. f^/t jurm (pi. 

(*^y^ jurum) ; s-^i zamb (pi. s^yJ 

Delinquent, s, s-^X» muznib ; 

f^y^^ mujrim. 
Delirious, adj. j\^ mihzar ; Uj^ 

harif ; j^ hazir, hazur. 
Deliriousness, Delirium, s. (^h^ 

hazayan ; j^ hazr ; j\^ tahzar ; 

(^\f^. buhran. 
Deliver, v. (liberate) yfll*^ halla^, 

yuhalli?; ^Jr najja, yunajji.— 

(transfer) fX* sallam, yusallim. 

— (pronounce) ^ lafaz, yalfiz. 
Delivery, s. (rescue) «wW najat ; 

(jol^ hala^. — (handing over) 

f^^^ taslim. — (utterance) tAl5 

talaff uz ; ^W? bayan ; f„/s taqrir. 

—(child-birth) SjS^ wilada-t. 
Delude, v. JLa dallal, yudallil ; jjt 

garrar, yugarrir; J^ ga£i, ya- 

Deluge, s. (^^j^ xMkn ; ^ gamr 

(pi. jUt giinar, ;^ gumAr). 
Deluge, v. <J^ gafta, yugatti; 

J/ garraq, yugarriq. 
Delusion, s. J!U 4alal ; j»jt guriir. 
Delusive, adj. ji* mudill. 
Delve, v. y^- hafar, ya^fir; <jl*ei 

nabai, vambus. 
Demagogue, a. {^ ^j^ 4arrab 

Demand, v. s-J^ talab, ya^lub ; 

J*^ sa'al, yas'al; ^^^\ iqtada, 

Demand, s. s-J^ talab. 
Demean, v, ucU«* salak, yasluk. 
Demeanour, s. ^^ suluk ; <Jt)ULw« 

maslak ; ija^ sira-t. 
Demented, adj. ^^^^^^ majnun ; 

^^fiU maltu^. 
Demerit, s. s-^*^ zamb (pi. s^y<^ 





^unAb) ; IM battya-t (pi. \|\U 

DvMiMK, M. ^y inaut; yuU« ma- 
mAt ; uu^^ wafilt ; 4-A^ ]>atf . 

I)HMO(mA(T, «.;^«4^1 ^^ l;ukm al- 


tAbi' li-);uktn al-jainhAr (pi. 

e»y iiiwabi'). 

DiOMOLiHit, t;. v»/> barab, yabrib, 

irabnib; barrab, yubarrib; f»J^ 
mdain, yahditn, yahdum. 
DuMOMTioN, #. sHii*^ tabrib; ^J^ 

hadiu ; f^'^ tahatin. 
DiOMON. n, {j¥ iiun (pi. W jinna-t) ; 
(aW jAiin (pi. (:)W jinAn) ; ^s^jhA 
•Tfrtt (pi. uHij^ •afArit). 


Dmmon 1 AO, tf. ( po»»v$$ed hu a demon) 
C^yV* tuajiiAu (pi. c)^v%^ niajA- 

DMMONdTRATV, t>. e«^ bayyau, yu- 
kiayyiu ; ss^\ ajibat, yugbit ; Jo 
t^*dall 'ala» yaduU; (^^^ bax- 

Dkmon»tkation, «. J^^ s&hid (pi. 
a*\|4 sivwAhid); Jt^^ daltl (pi. 
J«l>o dalAvil) ; ^V*^ burhAu 

Am l>aYyiua*t« 

Uii ; J''^ mudallu ; {^'^jt^ mu- 

l>«»oN9nrKATivK« #. ()U)\ ^^ ism 

DKM\^MAti;^v« r. Jb«i fa;»$ad» tu* 
f^MMud ; ow*^^ Afftid^ yuf«ud. 

Dkmvw^ *\ v^^)^ irtAb/yartab; *«W 
^k. Y^.<akV; abUl ta«^kak« 

DsviAL, 8. (rpfueaT) SWU ma'bat. — 

(negation) j^^ inkar ; ^Ji nafy. 
DsHiZEN, $, ^s'^ baladi-y. 
Dehominate, v. ^J^^ samma, yn- 

Denomination, 8. f^\ ism (pL 

U-\ asma', ^^^ asami) ; <j*-» 

■imay; s-J*J laqab (pi. s^^^ 

algAb).— («ed) ^^ tAyifa-t (pL 

Ukj^yt ^wAyif); ^y firqa-t (pi. 

jjk firaq). 
Denominator, 8. (in fraciione) 

ef^ muhraj ; f\A^ maqAm ; fM 

Denote, v. (^ bayyan, yubayyin ; 

J\ J\A^ isAr ila, yu^ir. 
Denounce, v. (inform against) ,^^ 

s^ 8a*a bi, yasa* ; s^ ^^) wa^sa 

bi, yuwiiisi ; ^J^ CJJ^ ta*Awan 

*ala, yata*Awan. — (proclaim) j^\ 

azhar, yuzhir; ^ V r ^ a*lam, 

Dense, adj. U > ,J ^ kasif; «-A*V^a*» 

mutakAsif ; M& galiz. 
Denseness, Density, s, ^^ ka- 

Dent, «.^ bazz (pi. }^ huziiz); 

(^ sinn (pi. Q)^M asnAn). 
Dent, v, ^ bazz, yabazz ; )^ 

bazzaz, yubazziz; (^^Ju* sannan, 

Dental, a€{j, ^y-« sinni-y. 
Dentist, $, (^U-3^ «.^V jarayibi-y 

Dsntistrt, #. (ijU-l^ i^^V ^^*** 

^ana^a-t jarayihi-y al-asnan. 
Dentition, #. '(^Vju.3\ {^t ^u' al- 

Denudation, «. WJj lalt; hj^ 

Denude, r. ^^ ^arra, ju'arri ; U3 

lalia^ vuiallil; {J^ sallah, tu- 

sallib. ' ' ' 

Denunciation, #. (imj\n maticm) 

ii\jky wisATa-t: Ji^fc- si^ya-L — 

y^pMicuti'tm) jV^\ ihbtur'; *^\ 

Dkxt, r. Si nakir, yankar: Si\ 

ankar« yankir. — (^nf/wv) J* ^1 

aba "ala, T*abL 
DBFXBr* r. ^} «T^ao zAbAb, tu- 




hab. — (start) J*^j rahal, yarhal; 

yU* safar, jusafir. 
Department, 8. (office) ^J^ hid- 

Depaetube, 8. J«*-j rahil ; JW;^ 

irtihal ; SyL--* musafara-t ; v»VaJ 



Depend, v, (hang from, he con- 
nected with) ^^ J!^ ta'allaq fi, 
yata*allaq. — (rely on) ^^ A^^ct 
i*tamad *ala, ya*tamid ; ^J^ ^\ 
ittakal *ala, jattakil; s^ ^3>^ 
wasiq bi, yagiq. 

Dependant, Dependent, adj. 
vj^Us^ muta'alliq, ^j^y* mauqiif ; 
8. (retainer) gj^ tabi* (pi. ^\y 

Dependence, Dependency, «. 
(reference) J^ ta*alluq; v»Uj;S^ 
intisab. — (confidence) jU::c\ i*ti- 
mad. — (subjection) ^^ t^*a-t. 

Depict, v. (paint) )yo ^awwar, yu- 
9awwir. — (describe) *-A-cj wa^af , 

Deplorable, adj. ^^^"^ mubakki, 

Deplobableness, 8. (j^f^ J^ bal 

Deplobe, V, ^J^ ^^ baka *ala, 
yabki ; c^ nah, yanuh ; ^JJ rasa, 

Deploy, v. Ja— ? basat, yabsut. 

Depone, v. J^ ^ahid, yashad. 

Deponent, «. J^^ ^ahid (pi. o^ 
^uhM, J^ ^uhhad, *y'^\ a^had, 
JUb^yAi ^awahid). 

Depopulate, v. sj'/- harab, yahrib ; 
harrab, yuharrib. 

Depopulation, s. ^y^ harab. 

Dbpobtation, i. jViW^ intiqal ; Ja> 

Depobtment, 8, *4JyL- Buliik ; *aU.-^ 
maslak (pi. t^XILl* masalik). 

Depose, v, Jy^ *azal, ya*zil ; *azzal, 
yu*azzil; ff^ hala*, yahla*. 

Deposit, s. ^M amana-t; ^o^ 
wadi*a-t (pi. 5>^«>^ wadayi*). 

Deposit, v. f *>^ wadaS yada* ; f *>j^ 
auda*, y&di* (both with Juc*and). 

Deposition, s. (evidence) fi*>W*» 
^ahada-t. — (dethronement) J4)«» 
ta'zil ; flyi 'azla-t ; ^ hal*. 

Depositoby, 8. f *>y!— ^ mustawda*. 
Depot, s. cjyab^ mahzan (pi. ojW* 

mahazin) ; J*^ ha^il (pi. J-<»^^ 

Depbate, v. •]^~*i fassad, yufassid ; 

•x-i\ afsad, yufsid. 
Depbavity, 8, *>V-i fasad; iA^t*- 

hub§ ; ^Ws qabaha-t. 
Depbecate, v. (a«ik forgiveness) 

y*s-^ i^tagfar, yastapjfir ; jA*s-.^ 

ista'zar, yasta'zir. — {pray against) 

\±*\jlL\ istagas, yastagis. 
Depbecation, 8. jlA*a-\ istigfar; 

j^jl*Smi1 isti*zar. — (prayer) «a>Us,-^ 

Depbeciate, V. /^ haqqar, yuhaq- 

qir; (j-fj wakas, yakis; (^\J^\ 

aban, yuhin. 
Depbeciation, 8. jV&Sft.\ ihtiq&r; 

Q)\yi^ ha wan; JUyt-.\ istirzal; 

u^^ waks. 
Depbedate, v. s-^ nahab, yanhab ; 

s-^ salab, yaslub; s3r* saraq, 

Depbedation, 8. s-^ nabb. 
Depbedatob, 8. s^V^} nahhab ; {UaS 

^ji^\ qatta* at-tariq. 

Depbess, v. (deject) f^\ agamm, 
yugimm ; (^y»-\ ahzan, yuhzin. — 
(lower) AM azall, yu?ill ; ^aaa- 
hafad, yathfid. 

Depbession, 8. (hollow) ^jf^ jiira-t 
(pi. sf^ juwar) ; ^^ jauf (pi. 
u\^\ aj waf ) . — (s inking of spirits) 
sJ(2l\ j\.^\ inkisar al-qalb ; «>^«^ 

Depbive, V, (j^ •>*-^ ahaz min, 
ya'huz ; (^ haram, yahrim. 

Depth, s. v>^ *uinq (pi. jUft^ 

a*maq). See Deep. 
Deputation, s. ^^ wafd ; 5if) wu- 

kala' ; J-j rusul. 
Depute, v. J^<) wakkal, yuwakkil ; 

Ji^\ aufad, yMd ; J-j^ arsal, 

Deputy, s. s-s>^ nayib (pi. s^^y 

nuwwab) ; J^j rasul (pi. J—; 

rusul) ; JtjSr^ wakil (pi. »S^ wu- 


Debanqe, v. ^^^ 1**)^^ a'dam an- 





|l«-i. A.«*ii> A4i<>> t i» ,*^-*>\ './A«^ ihi|» 

f"» ^ •«• •■ ' ^...j.-.i ^ «x I ^* J-. .■^■ 

I ■ 

\.^\ . , \ ••> 

• »•», -x-*' • ' .-■.%» •* ■•* 111 -^ i'lX 

\ ■ ■•• , ■"*■ ■ '»'j» ■»• ■»i^ ^ I * ■■',•'• 

\... I ■» »». • ■« » • i. ■ 

■ t 1. ■% I . i. 

»- . t -. 

t ", • I h 


• • • II ■ L • . >. ' 

. *. * ' . ,1. •-• i •.. . 

H ■ 

. .■< •*■ -■> 

V ^ ..■. Mtl 

• « I p^ • « I 


.X-*' .;■. 

I ■ ■ "• ^ ■ t 

» ■ "^ * 

■ \^ .. , . X, 

V* "h 

wiUi iirtl', ^Ti^uf. - (esjyy) J^^ rasad, 

V III* ml ; s--*^; nuiah, vuraqil). 
IhirtrciiATi':, r. ^o daniias, vu- 

iliihiiiN; ^4*^' iiajjiiH, vuuajjis. 
Ih:.ii:i'iiATioN, f. ^Vij dauasa-t ; 

^-W' n.'ijaHM-t. 
hiiNi-.tir. n. {irililtruritfi) Aj^ barri- 

\:i I (|»l. s<)^;» li:iran) ; A-i^W 

^pl ^^xW-* UJ;vharaV — {^vwrif or 
.1. ;i<.ri/> **-^^j \\ajib; J i^ ' >• 

f. T? •■■ 

^*^ 'i:"!7;i[ ^ >. l.T. ' ^ 

}.l. ■ 

• ■ *• 

I.i . :. I 

A N -* -." 

... I 

1 , -^ ' 

I ' , I ^ ^!s-»— . T»» ; . i . . . .;■'.. I— 

• •• > 

• * 


.k . 

• « 



M . - 

" 'V 





'^ • 

. . ■ 



■« . 

■•/ •■T." 


■ ■ 

1 ►■ 


: . . 

. i: 



1. • ^- 

■^•. : - 


Ul ' 

■ \^ • ■ 

. ^ t-.~ .■ v 

a ■ > ■* 4 ■ 


■^,■.. .. 

. '.->. 

■ li'v^rr-l • >' 

Jr. ■ - . ■■■.. 

; . . .4 .. ... "^i 




^jfeU ^ayiq; A«j5\ j^sAj yustaq 

Desirableness, «. i^ lazza-t (pi. 
ia^^ -at, ^\^ lazajiz). 

Desire, v, (wish for) ^^juJ tainanna, 
jatamanna; ^^i^\ i^taha, jas- 
tahi ; s-^^ ragib, yargab ; j\sAt\ 
i^taq, ya^taq. — (request) Wj raja, 
yarju (with ace. or {^ min); 
s-J^ talab, yatlub (with J^ ila 
or (^ min). 

Desire, «. f^f• maram (pi. ssA -at) ; 
s^yL* ma^lub; s3y^ i&uq (pi. 
j^yfti^ a^waq) ; Ajt^ garam ; ^s 
ra^ba-t ; S^ ^ahwa-t. — (request) 
s-^ \Q]sLb ; ^^ tO'^^^ai-t. 

Desirous, adj. jLju*^ muitaq; 
s-^\> ragib. 

Desist, v. e^* tj^ farag min, yaf- 
rug ; J^j zal, yazal (followed by 
aorist or participle) ; gi^^ in- 
qa^a*, yanqa^i* ; »-*^ kaff, yakufE 
(both with {^ *an). 

Desk, s. s-^s^ maktab (pi. s-^V^ 
makatib) ; tf — y^.^ft>) baitahta-h 

Desolate, adj. (waste) v»\;*- harab. 
— (comfortless) v^&s^ raukta'ib ; 
{J^y* muhas. 

Desolate, r. s^*/- harab, yahrib, 
yahrub ; harrab, yuharrib. 

Desolation, s, s^^/- harab. 

Despair, s, ^j*^\ iyas. 

Despair, v, [^ J-^^ jSai qa^a* al- 
amal min, yaq^a* ; ij^ ya'is, 

Despatch, v. (send away) ^y»^ 
arsal, yursil ; «^^«? ba*as, yab*as. 
— (hill) J-rf qatal, yaqtul. — 
(execute speedily) J-^ *ajjal, 
yu*ajjil ; v)M^** dam^aq, yudam- 

Despatch, «. (speedy performance) 
J«»V*^ ta*ji] ; Sal^j dam^aqa-t. — 
(message) ^V-*j risala-t (pi. Ji^i 
rasayil) ; p^ habar (pi. jW*-1 
ah bar). 

Desperate, adj. (who despairs) 
(j^\ ay is. — (who is despaired of) 
due (^^U mayus *anhu ; W^\ tj^ 
maqtu' ar-raja ; \^^\ ^•xo <adim 

ad-dawa. — (rash) j)9^ mutahaw- 

Desperateness, s.j^ tahawwur; 

^^ tahajjum. 
Despicable, adj. ytfi^ haqir; ^J*y 

dani-y ; J2»i) razil (pi. 3»>; ruzala*, 

JU. ruzala) ; JJ*S zalil (pi! J3J 

zilal, :J3^ azHld', ai\ azilla-t). 
Despicableness, «. SjUb. ]^aqara-t ; 

^»i zilla-t ; fi\»i; razala-t. 
Despise, t;. yua.^ i^taqur, ya^taqir ; 

^b- haqqar, yu^aqqir; yi^s^^ 

istahqar, yastahqir ; (^V^^ ahan, 

Despite, Despitefulness, s. 

(malice) »^fc- haqd Tpl. *>yfc*- ^uqiid, 

JkjUsw haqayid, oUm ahqad) ; J^ 

Despiteful, adj. oyi^- haqM ; ^^ 

A&k. zii l)iaqd. 
Despoil, v. ^ Wallah, yusallilj; 

^ haram, yahrim ; s-^ nahab, 

Despot, s. #JVk galim (pL fl^ zul- 

1am) ; fM\ s-o-^ ^ahib ag-gulm 

(pi. s^W»^ a9hab) ; jW jabbar 

(pi. S^W jababira-t). 
Despotic, adj. fi>^ zalim ; itW 

Despotism, s. ^ zulm ; ULj tasal- 

lut ; ^y^\ istiqlal. 
Dessert, s. Ja> naql. 
Destination, s. ,jpUsct\ ihti^a?; 

(j*««* ta*yin. — (ultimate design) 

^y marja* ; *>^-oa^ maq^iid. 
Destine, v. (intend for) •xc^ a'add, 

yu*idd ; j^ ha^^a?, yuha^^i?. — 

(fix) ;/ qarrar, yuqarrir; jAi 

qaddar, yuqaddir. 
Destiny, s. s-^*^ na^ib (pi. W^\ 

an^iba', l-^\ ansiba-t) ; ^U<«-i 

qisma-t ; Ui qa^a' (pi. £o«&i\ 

aqdiya-t) ; j^a4»» maqdur (pi. yoUu 

Destitute, adj. j^Vc *awiz; sHtV^ 

hayib ; *x.d&i faqid ; wAi f aqir ; 

J^Aafc^ mahzul (pi. Ji«Jvi^ maha- 

Destitution, s. 8j^ *aza-t ; j^ faqr, 

f nqr ; JM ^iq- 
Destroy, v. sj)*- harab, yahrib, 




yahrub ; harrab, yuharrib ; |**9^ 

nadain, jahdum; <^Uifc halak, 

jahlik ; hallak, yuhallik ; *a^\ 

ahlak, jublik; y*^ damar, yad- 

DBBTRUCTioff^ 8, v»\;*- harab ; s-4/st 

tahrib; «**^ hadin; f*W^ inhi- 

dam; ui9\ itlaf ; ;Uj damar. 
DxsTRUCTiTE, adj. usUe^ muhlik ; 

/•J^ mudammir; j»oU hadim; 

^ mudirr. 
Dbstbuctiybnbss, 8, SjuJU mafsa- 

dat (pi. J^U* mafasid); S^ 

ma4arra-t (pi. «a>^ -at, jUU miad- 

Dbsxtltobinbss, «. i^VL* As qilla-t 

Dbsultobt, 0(2/. <j^^ ;«i^ gair 

Dbtach, v. jy faraq, yaf ruq ; J-^ 

fa^al, yaf^al ; Ja- hall, yahull ; 

ciU fakk, yafukk. 
Dbtachmbnt, 8, ii^ firqa-t (pi. 

jy firaq) ; ^'H/r tajdda-t. 
Detail, v. J^ fa^^al, yufa^^il. 
Dbtail, 8. Je'ctf taf9il. 
Detain, v. «-Aij waqqaf, yawaqqif ; 

vJVS^ auqaf, yiiqif ; J^ *awwaq, 

Detbot, v. ULi^ kasaf, yak^if; 

j^\ azhar, yuzhir. 
Detection, t. ula^ ka^f ; j^^ 

Detention, 8. <--My tauqif ; j^ 

'auq. — (con/SnemenO u***** tabs. 
Deteb, v. s^^ hawwaf , yuhawwif ; 

OM^j zahhaq, yuzahbiq. 
Detebiobate, v,a, ^S'^y^jt^ 9ayyar 

arda, yu^ayyir; {j^ 'akkas, 

yu'akkis; y*^ ahsar, yuhsir; 

•^-i\ afsad, yufsid; n. ^^^^ ^ 

far arda, yasir; *v«jtf\ infasad, 

yanfasid ; y^ basir, yabsar. 
Dbtebiobation, «. *>V ' ,.,■> fasad ; 

•>Lju\ iofisad ; yf*^ tahsir. 
Detebminate, adj. {fixed) )j-^ 

maqarrar ; *>. \ ^.^ mu^addad ; 

(2)ni«^ mu'ayyan; f^^^* muhak- 

Dbtebmination, 8. {resolution) V 

niya-t; tSMi qafd; ^ 'azm (pi. 

<»j)yc *uzum). — {decieion) f^ 
hukm (pi. j»^^\ ahkam). — {limi- 
tation) JkjJ^ tahdid. 
Determine, v. {fia limits) ^•>«*- 
taddad, yuhaddid. — {resolve) 
Ju»5 qa^ad, yaq^id ; ^J* ^y^ *azam 
*ala, ya*zim. — {influence) ^f»- 
harrak, yuharrik. — {finish) f^sA, 
batam, yahtim. — {decide) f^ 
hakam, yahkum; o*-*^ qada, 

Detest, v, fi/ karih, yakrab ; fi;^i-\ 

istakrah, yastakrib. 
Detestable, adj. ^/ karih. 
Detestation, s. i\/^\ istikrab ; 

^\/ karaba-t ; ^^ bugda-t. 
Dethrone, v. ^ balaS yahla*. 
Detonate, v.n. •^j ra'ad, yar*ud ; 

jVJ sar, ya^ur; a. •^j^ ar'ad, 

Detonation, x. j^j ra*d (pi. *yfy 

ru'ud) ; Ijf i. lura-t. 
Detract, v. ^^ ^ namm *ala, 

yanumm ; J* \fi\ if tara *ala, 

Detraction, s. ^U«^ nam i mat ; 

\j^\ iftira ; s.J^ qazf ; Aj[\a^ wisa- 

Detbactor, 8. ^Ui nammam ; ij,j^^ 

muftari ; ^Ji»\^ wiUi (pi. v£>Ui^ 

Detbiment, 8. jj^ darrar; 4;-^ 

ma4arra-t ; S^L^ hasara-t. 
Detbimental, adj. ^ mudirr ; jU 

t^arr ; iS'^y muzi. 
DayASTATE, V. sJ*^ harab, yabrib, 

yahrub ; barrab, yuharrib. 
Devastation, 8. v»\/- harab ; s-^^*^ 

DEyELOP, V. {unfold) j^ nasar, 

yausur; lo^ bas^, yabsut. — {un- 
ravel) Jft- hall, yahull ; Jla- hal- 

lal, yuhallih — (explain) ^y 

waddah, yuwa^dib ; ^y\ audah, 

DEysLOPMENT, 8. Vi j .... ? tabsi^; 

jlLjii\ intisar; J«W tahlil ; ^f 

taudih ; c^^ idah. 
Deviate, v. J^ dall, yadill ; uy**^ 

inharaf, yauharif ; ^L^ bad, 


• • 


Dbv] 101 

Deviation, s. u\^\ inhiraf ; S jU.\ 

ihada-t ; Jit dalal. 
Device, a. (contrivance) ^J^ tad- 

bir ; ^^ hila-t (pi. J**- hijal). 

— (sign) A^J^ *alama-t (pi. f!i^ 

'alam, ^^ 'alayim); ^Vii nisan 

(pi. e^>A»W» najasin). 
Devil, s. ^^iaj>Ai ^ai^an (pi. {^^ 

saya^in) ; {j^\ iblis (pi. u^W^ 

Devilish, adj, <^^^s^ ^ai^ani-y. 
Devilment, Devilry, a. ^ » Vi > ^ 

saitana- 1. 
Devise, v. £j^\ abda*, yubdi* ; f J^^ 

ibtada*, yabtadi* ; £f^\ ihtara*, 

yahtari* ; ^^ a^mar, yudmir. — 

(bequeath) ^yi^ J^^S ,^^ wa^^a li- 

ahad-ia bi-se-yin, yuwa??! ; v-^1*. 

A-s-B^ hallaf bi-wasiya-t, yuhallif. 
Devoid, adj, ^^\i fadi ; Jj^ hali ; 

tj^ farig. 
Devolve, v,a. J^ hawwal, yuljiaw- 

wil ; w. J <5»^ waqa* li, yaqa*. 
Devote, v. j^ nazar, yanzur, yan- 

zir; ^^J^\ ahda, yuhdi; j^Ji 

qaddain, yuqaddim. 
Devoted, adj. (faithfully attached) 

jjaUt* muhlif. 
Devotee, «. jj^^j zahid ; •xj^ *abid ; 

vsLM lulsik. 
Devotion, «. (piety) SjIjx *ibada-t ; 

J^ ta*abbud ; ^^*> diyana-t ; 

*«X-i nask, nisk, nusk. — (offec- 

tion) ^^y» mawadda-t ; ^^^ fida- 

Devour, v. ^ bala*, yabla* ; ^\ 

ibtaW, yabtali*; {j^j^^ iftaras, 

Devout, adj, a»*s^ muta'abbid; 

«c)UV> nasik. 
Devoutness, 8, f^fi taqwa; ft^^ 

taqawa-t ; fi*>Wc *ibada-t ; ue*— * 

Dew, 8. ^^J^ nada (pi. ^<^\ anda*, 

h'^\ andiya-t) ; JL» tall (pi. JU 

tilal, JU> tilal). 
Dewy, o^J. ^^J^ nadi-y. 
Dexterity, «. SjVLfti satara-t; ^^ 

labaqa-t; SjW^ mahara-t. 
Dextrous, adj, ^^ satir ; v>e^ 

labiq ; v>«^ labiq. 


Diabolic, Diabolicai, cUfj, ^J>^^sA 

saitani-y. ■' '* 

Diadem, 8. ^^ 'a9a])a-t (pi. s-si^ 

*a9avib); J^i)' iklil (pi. JJ\^ 

akalil) . Setv X)rown. 
Diagonad/t. v»j^ warb (pi. v»\)^^ 

aurabjV^^y^ ^ batt az-zawi- 

yjv4.- , 
Dj*-«CNAL, aJj. 4^^ h)^) {^ ^»«&i--^ 
•'•^^^3 mustaqim miii zawiya-t ila 

Diagonally, adv. v»;^W bi-'l-warb. 
Diagram, 8. ^jy» 9ura-t (pi. j^ ^ur, 

9uwar, 91 war). 
Dial, 8, ^j" -»ai &£L> sa^a-t ^msi- 

ya-t; aL«j— » basi^a-t. — (0/ a 

watch) AcLJ^ d*^^ wajh as-sa*a-t. 
Dialect, s. i*3 luga-t (pi. «yU3 

lugat, (^^ lugun, ;^ lugan) ; 

S^ lugwa-t ; uyw harf (pi. uy^^ 

Dialogue, 8. ^^ae* inuhataba-t ; 

ijj^W* muhawara-t ; s\^ hiwar; 

l^\^ mukalama-t ; ^*>V^^ muha- 
. dasa-t ; )3U?f tahaluz. 
Diameter, a. jlai qa^r, qutr (pi. 

j\ieS\ aqtar). 
Diametrical, adj. ^jei qatri-y. 
Diamond, «. ^^UJ^ almas. 
Diaphragm, 8. *j>Jb\j sahit. 
DiARRH(EA, 8. JV^^ ishal ; (^29^ 

{*)^\ sayalan al-ba^n ; (^^^ v»jj 

zarab aUba^n. 
Diary, 8. ^^j^j roznama-t (Per a.) ; 

^*«-i^ wadi*a-t (pi. g?l*^ wada'i*). 
Dice, pi. of Die, q.v. 
Dictate, v. (command) f\ amar, 

ya*mur. — (a letter, &c.) <J^ 

malla, yumalli ; ^.^-^^^ amla, 

Dictation, a. W imla' (pi. JU^ 

amalin, j^\ amali). 
Dictator, a. (commander) ^•^W 

fjUtk* hakim mutlaq (pi. f*l5^ 

Dictatorship, a. l^^ l^ukiima-t ; 

^5^ ^S^ wilaya-t al-amr. 
Diction, a. fi^\ ytt^ tahbir al- 

kalam ; SjV^jb *ibara-t. 
Dictionary, a, ^^^ ^y*"^ qamiis 

al-luga-t (pi. \jr>ti^\^ qawamis) ; 

• ^•. 

• •. • 

• ••• 

SjS 's»\k..kitab luga-t (pi. s-^ 

Die, v. (cetuy'fo live) «i>U mat, 
yamut ; ^^yy .'tn>yuffi, yutawaffa 
(pass. V.) ; A<«^\^, qada nahb- 
hu, jaqdi. :..*.. 

Die, 8. (pi. Dice) s^'ka'b (pi. 
v»W ki^ab, ^f^ llu^j^iy-^ ^j 
zaqa-t. — (pi. Dies) s^^3^*.Hii4- 
rab. •• >" 

Diet, «. J^3\ ^a? tadbir al-akir 

DiFFEB, V. {disagree) c-ftJU. halaf, 
yuhalif ; i-iJ^ tahalaf, yataha- 
laf; u S ju A ihtalaf, yahtalif. — 
(to he unlike) ji^ tagayar, yata- 

Difference, «. %J^^ ihtilaf ; j^J 
farq. — (in Bvhtraction) 4jiW baqi. 

Different, adj, cJ^Lsafc.* muhtalif ; 
yUs^ mutagayir; Jj;* /»6^ ben- 
hum farq. 

Difficult, adj. s-*«* 9a*b (pi. v»U- 
9i*ab) ; ^— c *asir ; ye— ^ *asir. 

Difficulty, a. h^ 9u*uba-t ; ^— fi 
*u8r. — (embarrassment) ^^ bala- 

sa-t ; «3*^ ^iq* 
Diffidence, «. ^4<a ^ubha-t (pi. 

«y\ -4t, M* ^ubah); «£^ sakk 

(pi. ^^A gukuk) ; (o\yi>^\ istih- 

Diffident, adj, ,j-^-a» sakki-y ; 

^ ^y>» mutawahbim ; ^ ^" >• 

Diffuse, v. (pour out) s-^ ^abb, 

ya^ubb; s-^ sakab, taskub. — 

(«/;read) j^ naiar, yan^ur ; £^^ 

a^a*, vusi*. — (odours) c^ f^b, ya- 

fAh. ' 
Diffuse, adj. (not precise) ^J4^ 

Diffused, adj. (scattered) ^-ajja- 

muntaiar ; jy^'^^ mansur. 

FUSION, s. j^-4nsJ\ inti^r; ^Wt- 
sayahan. — (of speech) ^^ aJUb\ 

Diffusive, oJj. yt^JA* muntaiir. 

Diffusiveness, s. j\Asi'i\ a^U 
qabiliya-t al-intiiar. 

Dio, V. y^B- ^afar, yahfir; (jS*^ 
nabas, yanbus ; ^ qa'ar, yaq*ar ; 

102 [Dill 

qa"ar, yuqa"ir; ut^^i fahat, yaf- 

Digest, v. (in the stomach) ^•-aa 

badam, yahdim ; haddam, yu- 

haddim. — (to arrange) ^ nag- 

zam, yunazgim ; s-^j rattab, 

Digestible, adj. ^»«&6^ yaDbadim 

(3 aor.) ; f^'^e^ rounhadim. 
Digestion, s. ^«^^ hadin ; f^^^ 

Digestive, adj. ^^-^e^" muhdim; 

^^ badiim ; f\^ haddam. 
Dignify, v. jyc 'azzaz, yu*azziz ; 

y^\ a'azz, yu*izz. 
Dignitary, s. ^A^t^ *.^^U ^ahib 

wazifa-t (pi. v»We\ a^l^ab) ; (^ 
V;^ min arbab al-mana- 

Dignity, s. (rank) S>^y martaba-t 

(pi. s-»^/» maratib) ; ^)J^ man- 

zala-t (pi. Jj^ manazil); o^^ 

saraf. — (of demeanour) ^«^ hai- 

ba-t ; )\i^ waqar. 
Digress, v. s^fA inharaf, yan- 

Digression, s. u>\j^-oA inhiraf; 

u*^/c^ i*tira4. 
Digressive, adj. s^j^,^ munharif. 
Dilapidate, v.a. s-»j*- harab, yah- 

rib ; harrab, yuharrib ; j»j^-a 

hadam, yahdim. — (squander) 

*-Al»^ atlaf , yutlif ; n. v»/*=^^ in- 

harab, yauharih ; ^a^\ inhadam, 

Dilapidation, s. v»\/- harab ; 

j»\ae>\ inbidam. — (dissipation) 

J>«^ tabzil. 
Dilate, v.a. g-^ wassa', ynwassi* ; 

i»— > bassat, yubassit ; n. la-^\ 

imbasat, yambasit. 
DiLATORiNESs, s. o*V ^wani. 
Dilatory, adj. ^^W^s^ mutabati' ; 

i^^y'^ mutawani. 
Dilemma, s. ^iyt^ ^ira-t ; jW^\ ihti- 

Diligence, s. «3Wa^\ ijtihad ; •V0(^ 

jahd ; 'i^ taqayyud. 
Diligent, adj. •^e^i^^ mujtahid ; 

•M^ muqayyad ; a*a s-***-^ 9alLib 





Dilute, v. J*- b^ll, yahuU; ga> 
naqa*, janqa* ; naqqa*, yunaqqi*. 

Dilution, 8. ^y- hall; «^^^ J^ 
hall al-mawaji* ; ga> naq*. 

Dim, adj. (dark) ^•^** mu*tim, mu- 
*attain; f^ muzlim. — (dim- 
sighted) ^\ y6^ qasir an-nagar ; 
y}^ kalil. 

Dim, v. fM aglam, yuslim. 

Dimension, «. ^^ 8a*a-t ; *>\ju^\ 

Diminish, v.a. Jii qallal, yuqallil; 
(jaa> naqqa?, yunaqqi? ; ;*-» ^ag- 
gar, ju^aggir ; <j«^. bahas, yab- 
has ; n. J» qall, jaqill ; ^joa^ 
naqa§i, janqu^. 

Diminution, «. JJla» taqlil; y^a 
naq? ; ^^'oS^ nuqsan. 

Diminutive, ad/, ^e** ^agir (pi. 
^U* 9igar, 9Ugar) ; j^ qasir. 

Diminutive, a, (in grammar) f^\ 
ytc^ ism mu^aggar; jt^^ ta^gir. 

DiMINUTIVENESS, 8. j^ 9Ugr. 

Dimness, «. ^JiSb zulma-t. — (of 

sight) JK kalal. 
Dimple, s. (in the chin) Sj^ gur- 

za-t; *;»> uuqra-t (pi. ^ nuqar, 

jVsi niqar). — (in the cheek) SjU^ 

Din, tf. i»Wfi *ijat ; a>«& dajja-t ; ^^ 

Din, v. jS»yt» tawwa.4, yu^awwis. 
Dine, v. ^^ tagazza, yatagazza. 
Din :iNESs, s, ^^ zulma-t; ^Uie 

DiNOY, adj, ^•Jat* mu*tim; fjit^ 

Dinner, s. \^ gizjV (pi. h^\ agzi- 

ya-t). ^ 
Dint, s. ^^ himma-t ; ^j^^ sa'i. — 

(warA; of a blow) Saj da^sa-t; 

*W^ hab^a-t. 
Diocesan, «. oUL,^ usquf (pi. toU*^ 

Diocese, s. ^ji\ abari^iya-t ; ^j 

iA5-3\ ra*i?a-t al-usqufa-t. 
Dip, v.a. {j»^ gattas, yugat^is ; n, 

fjM gatas, yag^is; ^it g^?, 

Diphtheria, s. ^^ hunaqa-t; 

jy Vi. hanuq ; jjU^ hannaq. 

Diploma, «. «w^;? barat (pi. sji>\^ji 

barawat) ; xl- sanad (pi. oU-,\ 

Diplomacy, «. csUU^i^ v£>U.!8Jac\ ^JLe 

W^ (;)^ 41m istilahat al-mamalik 

ben ba*d-ha. 
Dire, Direful, adj, s^f^ muhaw- 

wif ; c-itjat^ muhif ; J^ mahul ; 

s-^ d> ^ mahib. 
Direct, adj. (straight) ^^ ^ '^ ^ mus- 

taqim. — (immediate) <SL^\^ ^ (^ 

mia gair wasita-t. 
Direct, v. (point out the way) ^J^^ 

arsad, yursid ; ,^j^ hada, yahdi. 

— (m/inage) ji*^ babbar, yudabbir. 

— (address) 0^ *anwaii, yu*an- 

Direction, s. (side) s^J>» taraf (pi. 

^\jlA atraf). — (guidance) oUj\ 

irsad; ^<^ huda. — (manage- 
ment) ^•*» tadbir. — (address) 

(j\yi^ *unw&n. 
Director, s. (manager) ^j^ mu- 

dabbir; Ja^ hayil (pi. Jy*. 

hawal) ; y^U/» munazir. 
Dirge, s. 6^^^ walwala-t (pi. J^3^ 

Dirt, s. ^^ wasah (pi. ^L*^^ 

ausah); (^/^ najas. 
Dirtiness, s. ^U,^ wisaha-t; U^ 

Dirty, adj. (^^ wasih ; ^y mu- 

wassah ; ^j^ najis (pi. (^Up\ 

Dirty, v. ^^ wassah, yuwassih; 

ij^ najjas, yunajjis. 
Dis-, (in composition) ^-«-^ bi- 

gair ; (;j^J^ bi-dun ; 3 la ; U ma ; 

^•J^ *adam ; ^*^c *adim. 
Disability, s. h^ f»J^ *adam kafa- 

ya-t; ^V^ 'ajz. 
Disable, t;.^v^\ a*jaz, yu'jiz. 
Disabuse, v. U^\ &j^ ^\)\ azal *an- 

hu al-gala^, yuzil. 
Disadvaxtaqe, s. 0UaJ nuqsan ; 

0^^-^ husran ; jyb darar. 
Disadvantageous, adj.jJ^ mudirr ; 

jU darr ; Aj^A/* ^ gair mufid. 
DisAFFECT, V. ^J^ s-^^^ agdab *ala, 

yugdib ; laafc-^ ashat, yushi^. 
Disaffected, adj. (^ L^-.-^ ^ 




gair mabsut niin ; v» t5^\> x^ gair 

radi bi ; ^ (:)W^ gadban *ala. 
Disaffection, s. Sya nafra-t ; ^\j^ 

karaha-t ; ^^ bugda-t. 
DiSAQEEE, V. C-63U. halaf, juhalif ; 

Uii\dsif tahiilaf, yatahalaf; UkUs.^ 

ihtalaf, vahtalif. 
Disagreeable, adj. ^}y^ jtA gair 

maqbul ; a^;^ makruh. 


'adain al-basasa-t. 
Disagreement, «. u!!hd^ ihtilaf; 

^U-* muhalafa-t. 
Disallow, v. fi nakir, yankar ; 

j^\ ankar, yunkir; f^f- haram, 

Disannul, v. Jk battal, yubattil ; 

Jij?^ abtal, yub^il. 
Disappear, v, s^^ gab, yagib ; 

^J»^\ ihtafa, yahtafi ; J^l*^ i4- 

inahall, yadmahill. 
Disappearance, «. s^W^ gayab ; 

v»^ guyub ; J)U-i-6\ idmihlal. 
Disappoint, v. s-^e^ bayyab, yu- 

Disappointment, 8. K<fi^ haiba-t. 
Disapproval, Disapprobation, b. 

^^ lauin, lorn ; &^^ zamma-t ; ^\ 

Disapprove, v. (blame) ^••i zamm, 

yazumm ; j^S lam, yalum. — 

(reject) j^\ inkar, yankir; f^f- 

haram, yah rim ; harim, yahram. 

Disarm, v. c^^\ ^\ ahaz as-silah, 
ya*huz ; c^^^ g^ qalla* as-silah, 

Disarmament, s. c^^^ C^ qal* as- 

Disarrange, v. s-J^ qalab, yaqlib ; 
WfifcJ lahbat, yulahbi^ 

8. f^^ 

9 f***^ 

\ J^\ 

Disarrangement, 8. f*^-^^ f**^ 
'adam au-nizam 
inqilab au-iiizam. 

Disaster, s. Ljb\^ dahiya-t (pi. 
j^^^^ dawahi) ; i«-a^ mu^iba-t 
(pi. s-^^-»^ masayib) ; ^ bali- 
ya-t (pi. kh balaya); Sjufti sidda-t 
(pi. Jkj^jiAi sadayid). 

Disastrous, adj, fj^^^^ manhus; 
^^&A-« mai'um. 

Disavow, v. fi nakir, yankar ; »v^^ 

jahad, yajhad. 
Disavowal, 8. )^\ inkar ; Atel^ 

Disband, v.a, yj^\ a^laq, yutliq ; 
sj>^!J^ sattat, yu^attit ; n. ij^\ 
intalaq, yan^aliq; vj>-fci\ insatt, 
Disbelief, «. y^ kufr. — (denial of 
belief, mistrust) *>Vaic\ ^Jkc *adam 
Disbelieve, v. (in a religioiis 
sense) ^ kafar, yakfir ; />i\ 
ankar, yunkir. — (refuse credit) 
<iA^\ U ma i*taqad, ya*taqid. 
Disburden, v, {^ J-O^ Jy nazza] 
al-haml *an, yunazzil ; g*; rafa*, 
yarfa*; ^ ha^t, yahu^^ (both 
with the same constniction). 
Disburse, v, uyo ^araf, ya^rif, 
ya§ruf; sarraf, yu§arrif; ©^/-\ 
ahraj, yuhrij ; cJdX? takallaf, ya- 
takallaf; <3^^ anfaq, yunfiq. — 
(advance) '^aL. fiUac^ a*tahu salaf- 
an, yu*ti-hu. 
Disbursement, s, tf- harj ; «-*^/^ 
ma^riif (pi. c-^;Ui^ masarif). — 
(advance) v-*i-» salaf. 
Disc, b. yj>f qur? (pi. yj>^ji^ aqra?, 
^/ qira^a-t) ; ^y» qur^a-t (pi. 
,j©y quras). 
Discard, v. /i*> das^ar, yudassir; 

(^j rafad, yarfid, yarfu^. 
Discern, v, {^ j*^ mayyaz min, 
yumayyiz ; jji\ afraz, yufriz ; jj;* 
fj^ faraq ben, yafruq. — (jper- 
ceive) ^ nazar, yangur. 
Discernible, adj. y^^ zahir ; j^J^«^ 

mangur; y^ mafruz. 
Discernment, s. ^«4J tamyiz ; Ja^ 
*aql (pi. J^ *uqul) ; ^A^ fara- 
Discharge, v. (unload) see Dis- 
burden. — (a gun) v5^ talaq, 
yatluq; ,3-11.^ a^laq, yutliq. — 
(dismiss) Jyc 'azal, ya*zil; ^\ 
atlaq, yutliq. — ('perform) J*^ 
*amil, ya*mal. — (set free) yj^ 
halla?, yuhalli? ; O^^ a^laq, yut- 
Discharge, $. (flowing out) ^5^ 

Dis] 105 

sayahm. — (dismission) jW iflaq; 

J)C *azl. — {release) j^t^ tahlis ; 

jUc\ i*taq. — (in writing) ^j^ 

(jeJ^tf- waraqa-t hala^. — (of fire- 
arms) (^V ^l^iwas; giJ^ v»/* 

darb Inadfa^ 
Disciple, «. ^^^ talmiz (pi. Ju^JJJ 

talamiz, i^)^? talamiza-t). 
Discipline, «. (training) ^y tar- 

bija-t ; s-4^V> ta'dib. — (regula- 

tio7i) W-fr dab^. — (punishment) 

^^ *uquba-t. — (mortiflcatiofi) 

^kj riyada-t. 
Discipline, v. (train) ^^J rabba, 

yurabbi; s^*>^ addab, yu'addib. 

— (regulate) W-^ dabat, yadbit. — 

(chastise) ^a^U qu^a?, yuqa^i? ; 

s-4Vc *aqab, yu*aqib. 
Disclaim, v. f^\ ankar, yunkir. 
Disclose, v, ci-ft^ kaiaf, yak^if; 

kai^af, yuka^sif ; j^\ azhar, 

Disclosure, «. oU^ kasf ; j\^\ 

Discolour, v, (^jf^\ ^--i fasah al- 

laun, yasfah ; 0^\ ;^ kaddar 

al-laun, yukaddir. 
Discolouration, s. (^^\jiJo tagay- 

yur aUlaun. 
Discomfit, v, y^ kasar, yaksir ; f^ 

hazam, yahzim ; s-^ galab, yag- 

Discomfiture, s, f^y^\ inhizaiu; 

Ij^ kasra-t ; h^^J^ maglubiya- 1. 
Discomfort, s* Ij-^^ hasra-t ; ^ 

gamm ; ^^j za'ja-t. 
Discommode, v, ^JLc Ja» saqqal 

*aia, yusaqqil ; <Jlc \J»yi^ sawwai 

*ala, yu^awwi^. 
Discompose, v. (disorder) Wj*- bar- 
bat, yuharbit ; {^^^ haba?, yah- 

bis. — (agitate) i^ qallaq, yuqal- 

liq ; vJ^^ aqlaq, yuqliq. 
Discomposure, s, s^^^a^^ idtirab; 

aW? balbala-t (pi. ^h balabil) ; 

,jAj>yuy taiwii. 
Disconcert, v. <^Vc 'akas, y u'akis ; 

Jt? battal, yubattil. 
Disconnect, v. J^ hall, yahull; 

JU hallal, yuhallil ; J-* fa^al, 

yaf9il ; «<U fakk, yaf ukk. 


Disconsolate, adj. (JLj^i "i l&yata- 

salla; ^UJ\ j^-^ maksiir al- 

Discontent, v, s— a&^ a^g^^b, yug- 

dib ; y»^ j^ kasar bafir, yaksir. 
Discontent, s, ^^\ ^*^ 'adam ar- 

Discontented, adj, t^y«^ gair 

mabsut ; ^^\) jtA gair ra^i. 
Discontinance, 8. «-Aiy tawaqquf ; 

fto\ inqita* ; JU zawal. 
Discontinue, v. gwi*\ inqataS yan- 

qati* ; «-A^ kaff, yakuff (both 

with (^ *aii) ; ^^ £j* farag min, 

Discord, s. j^ i^iqaq ; ^^^ fitna-t ; 

^3bi.\ ihtilaf; iWW- muhala- 

Discordance, s. see Discord. — (in 

music) ^UiuS\ ^j^ 'adam an-nag- 

Discordant, adj, ij^\f» r^ g air 

muwafiq ; «JiJU-* muhalif ; yU*» 

munafir. — (in music) i*Aj3\ ^»xp 

'adim an-nagiua-t. 
Discount, s. a«^^ wa4i*a-t (pi. 

g»^« wadayi*) ; ^Ufi nuq^an ; 

1\jlS isqat- 
Discount, v. ^V J^^ *amal 

darahim, yu'ainiL 
Discountenance, v. *>; radd, ya- 

rudd ; e^ manaS yamna*. 
DiscouRAOB, V. (dishearten) •i^*^ 

hammad, ynhammid; •u^\ ah- 

mad, yuhmid. — (intimidate) vJ^ 

hawwaf, yuhawwif. 
Discouragement, s. ^^«^ humiid. 

— (intimidation) *^^ tahwif; 

Si^ tahdid. 
Discourse, s, (conversation) (^ 

kalam ; ^U^ muh&taha-t ; S^X* 

muzakara-t. — (speech) iy«4- hut- 

ba-t (pi. s-^ hutab). — (treatise) 

aJL-j risala-t (pi. Jj^; ras^yil). 
Discourse, v, *±»<ies!f ta^addas, ya- 

tahaddas; ^J^ takaliam, yata- 

Discourteous, adj. s^»>^ JeJii qalil 

adab ; £^S\ JelS qalil al unsa-t ; 

s-^^^ jiA (:^ min ger wajib. 
Discourtesy, s. ^S{ ^ qilla-t 





adab ; Ju«i\ S\i qilla-t unsa-t ; ^ 
s-^^^ qilla-t wajib. 

DiscovKB, V. (reveal) j^\ aghar, 
yuzhir ; ULiS ka^af , jak^if. — 
(find out) M-^ wajad, yajid ; £J^^ 
abdaS yubdi'. 

DiscoYEBEB, 8, J^\^ wajid ; tr^^ 
muhtari'; <^U^ ka^^. 

Discovery, s, (invention) •>W:^ 
ijad; e\j^\ ihtira*; t\j>i\ ibd&*. 
— (revealing) j^\ izhar; vJlA^\ 
inki^af ; cXiS ka^f . 

Discredit, s, jW^^ f*^ 'adam i*ti- 
b&r ; j^iusc^ Utiqar ; ^^y* hawan. 

Discredit, v. (not to believe, doubt) 
jxb U mk ^addaq, ju^addiq; 
^^ ceXai sakk fi, jaiukk. — (dis- 
grace) ^j^ y^ kasar 'ir^hu, jak- 
sir ; ^ fadah, yaf^ab ; ^^^ ^^ 
sawwad wajb-bu, yusawwid. 

Discreditable, adj. (j^^U fahi^ ; 
C*U f&dih. 

Discreet, adj, (prudent) J-i^ 
*&qil (pi. !Uc *uqala') ; ^trfJ^ s-«-U 
9ahib tadbir (pi. s^C*\ a^bab). — 
(modest) s^o\ s-^^ $&bib adab 
s^o*^ mu'addab. — (keeping a 
secret) j^\ ff^ katiim as-sirr 
i^tf^ amin. 

Discrepancy, s, yJ^^ ibtilaf 
jy fajq. 

Discrepant, adj. c A lsae* muhtalif 
yUs^ mutagayir; ^/*U^ muna- 

Discretion, s. (prudence) Jte 

'aql ; ^jt^ ba$ira-t ; yot^ tamyiz. 

— (liberty of action) j^^e^ inti- 

yar ; *-J>iy^ ta^rif. 
Discretionary, adj. ij;j^^eSdA ihti- 

yari-y ; ^j^ mutlaq. 
Discriminate, v. j^ i'araz, yafriz ; 

{^ yti^ mayyaz min, yumayyiz ; 

{^ jy faraq ben, yafruq. 
Discrimination, s, yot^ tamyiz; 

jy farz ; ^^\ ifr&z. 
Discus, s. see Disc. 
Discuss, v, J^\*^ tadawal, yatada- 

wal; f\^ taz&kar, yatazakar; 

«^^op. babag, yabbag ; *a^W bib^S* 

Discussion, s, ^^^ ^&J^; sj^^ 

tafabbu^ ; «i^«^. babs ; 

Disdain, v. /^ haqar, yahqir; 

haqqar, yubaqqir ; yuo.\ ibtaqar, 

yabtaqir; yWs-\ istahqar, yas- 

tahqir ; ^Va\ aban, yubin. 
Disdain, s. jV&Sft.\ ihtiqar; (a\^ 

hawau ; £iU\ ibana-t. 
Disdainful, adj. )^^' * " * inustatqir. 

— (proud) jt^A^ mutakabbir; 

jjij*^ magrur. 
Disease, s, J>^ mar^ (pL u*V^ 

amra4) ; l^ 411a-t (pi. Jie 'ilal) ; 

\o da' (pi. \^\ adwa*). 
Diseased, adj. ^ j^y* mand (pi. 

^^J^ mar^a); ^}e^^ *alil; Ui^ 

da*if (pi. UiuA 4u*ata'). 
Disembark, v.a. s-^/ii\ ej-» ej*^^ 

abraj miu al-markab, yubrij ; n. 

*^r^^ e^ S^ tala' mill al-mar- 
kab, yatla*. 
Disembowel, v. {*^^ <3^ saqq al- 

batn, yaiuqq. 
Disenchant, v. j^^\ J«*- ball as- 

sihr, yabull ; j^^\ «^ ftikk as- 

sihr, yafukk. 
Disencumber, v. *-AA*- bafPaf, yu- 

bafiif ; (joU. balla?, yuballi$. 
Disengage, v. (free) ^jsi^ halla?, 

yuhalli?. — (loose) «iU fakk, ya- 
fukk ; Jo- hall, yabull. 
Disenoaoed, adj. (at leisure) ^;V* 

fdrig. — (free) ^JUts^ mutahalli. 
Disenoaqement, s. u^y^ bul{i$ ; 

^^y faraga-t. 
Disentangle, v. J*, hall, y ahull ; 

cdft fakk, yafukk. 
Disfiguration, s. go-M tabsi*. 
Disfigure, v. ^ bai^a*, yubaisi* ; 

^ qabbab, yuqabbih. 
Disgorge, v. (vomit) vJ^ nataq, 

yantuq; t)^^ istafrag, yasta- 

Disgrace, s. (being out of favour) 

J>c 'azl; ii\y tu'aba-t; ^jV* 

nazila-t. — (cause of shame) s-*©* 

*aib (pi. v»^ *uyub) ; ;Vft *4r ; 

{^ ^ain ; i^JA* mafdaha-t. 
Disgrace, v. (put out of favour) 

ijti ^^ )a^\ asqat min nazarhu, 

yuskit ; J^ *azil, ya*zil. — (bring 




reproach upon) «js^ hatak, jah- 
tik; j<fi^ *ayyar, yu'ayyir; ^ 
fadah, yafda^i. 

DiSGBAOEFUL, odj, QcfiJ^ i&nV ; (^ 

qabih; v»^«*^ ma*yub; ^ . - Aft^* 

Disguise, v. ^ nakkar, yunakkir ; 

ij»^ labbas, yulabbis. 
Disguise, 8, j^ tanakkur ; jt^ 

tankir; i^***' tahfiya-t. 
Disgust, 8, uyj qaraf ; ^\/ kara- 

biya-t ; ^/^ naf ra-t. 
Disgust, v, vJ^ qarraf, yuqarrif ; 

*^js\ aqraf, yuqrif ; /^ naffar, yu- 

Dish, s. (vessel) {^>^ ^aljn (pi. 

(jj^*-> 9uhun); <jJ* ta-baq (pi. 
jL-ji^ atbaq) ; ^ <^a ^ *> ^abifa-t 

(pi. vJW« iihki), — (food) fM> 

ta'am (pi. S^\ at*ima-t, «i>UUL 

Dishearten, v, s-^-^^^-^ kasar 

al-qalb, yaksir; >i^-^^\ abmad, 

Dishevel, v. (^^ a^'an, yu6*m. 
Dishonest, ac{j\ i»U;j^ JJuJ qalil 

al-amana-t ; £^Uu^\ h bila isti- 

qama-t ; ^^ jtA gair ^alih ; j^^ 

makkar ; J^^ gaii. 
Dishonesty, «. SiV^ biyana-t; aU 

S^^\ qilla-t az-zimma-t. 
Dishonour, «. s-**^ *aib (pi. s^^ 

*uyub) ; jU *ar ; i^**^ fadiba-t. 
Dishonour, v. ^ fadah, yafdab ; 

Mt L -afc batak, yabtik; ^ *arr, 

ya*irr ; (^^ san, yasin. 
Dishonourable, adj. s^ ^> -*-** 

ma*yi!ib ; c*U fd^i^ ; ^r-^U f&hii. 
Disinclination, «. ^\;^ karaba-t ; 

Sya nafra-t. 
Disincline, t?. «a( naffar, yunaffir ; 

i/ karrab, yukarrib. 
Disinoenuity, 8, ^jB>%i-'i\ j»J^ 'adam 

al-ibla?; j^ nifaq, nafaq; *^ 

makr; ^J^ badi*a-t (pi. ffS'^^ 

Disingenuous, euZ;. j»>^ ytA gair 

9adiq ; j^^ makkar. 
Disinherit, t;. «^j^\ ^;»> baram-bu 

al-irg, yahrim-bu; a-J\^ ^ 

qafa' mira§-bu, yaqta*. 

Disinheritance, «. iA»^^eJ^^ qat' 

Disinter, v. (jJM naba^, yambu^ ; 

v/;3\ ^^ ^jiA akraj min al-ard, 

Disinterested, adj. J^/^\ ^*^ 

'adim al-garad. 
Disinterestedness, «. (>y^^ f*^ 

'adam al-gara4. 
Disjoin, v. J;* faraq, yafruq ; J-^ 

fasal, yaffil. 
Disjoint, v, «<U fakk, yafukk ; gU. 

balla, yuballi^ 
Disjunction, s. s3\j^\ if tiraq ; j^y 

firaq ; J^*aA>^ infi^al. 
Disjunctive, adj, JV-a**^ infi^ali-y. 
Disjunctive, «. (in grammar) uy*. 

J^ harf-u fa^l-in. 
Dislike, s, *^^/ karaba-t ; *y^^ 

istikrab ; S^» nafra-t. 
Dislike, v, /msJ\ istanfar, yastan- 

fir ; i^J^\ istakrab, yastakrib. 
Dislocate, v. ^^ fakk, yafukk ; 

f^ balla*, yuhalli*. 
Dislocation, 8. Qt^ tahli'; gU. 

f^\ bal' al-'asm. 

Dislodge, v. *yj^ tarad, yatrad ; 

^Jo nafa, yaiifi; t)^\ a^raj, 

Disloyal, adj, {^^ bayin; (^\j^ 

bawwan ; j*>^ gadir. 

Disloyalty, 8. ^^ biyana-t ; )^ 

Dismal, adj, (gloomy) ji^ kadir; 
jj^ mukaddir ; ^•iu mugimm. — 
(horrible) J^ mabul; «J^$aiy« 
mubif; §A^ mufazzi'; (j^^y» 

Dismantle, v, (strip) ^ Wallah, 
yusallih. — (a town or fortress) 
f*<xft badam, yabdim. 

Dismay, s. £)> jaza' ; *^j^ bauf ; 
£)* faza* (pi. eV^ afza*) ; lyt^ 
bira-t ; Jjfc baul (pi. J\yfc\ ab- 
Wal) ; JUjj^ indibal. 

Dismay, v. v^^ bawwaf, yubaw- 
wif; gy fazza*, yufazzi*; Jaj^ 
adbal, yudbil ; ,J^*y\ adbai, 

Dismember, v. tj^ sarra^, yusar- 




rife; ^ qattaS yuqafti*; J-* 
fa99al, yufa^^il. 
Dismiss, v, j)« 'azzal, yu'azzil ; 
/»*> daisar, yuda^iir ; ij^\ atlaq, 


Dismissal, «. J)* *azl ; J4)«? ta*zil ; 
yt^'ys tad^ir. 

Dismount, v.w. Jy nazal, yanzil; 
J-^/ tarajjal, yatarajjal; a. 
(^Arow ojf ) ©;-J\ (^ s-i* qalab 
*an as-sarj, yaqlib ; ijbj'i\ ^J\ s-f/ 
karkab ila '1-ard, yukarkib. — 
(remove from a stand, &c,) Jy 
nazzal, yunazzil. 

Disobedience, «. ^U» ^j^ 'adam 
ta*a-t; ^U-« muhalafa-t; ^^e-c 
'i^yan*, 'u^yan ; jyic *uquq. 

Disobedient, o^y. 5^U» jt>^ gair 
tdyi* ; 2fi^ ;t>^ gair muti* ; ,^^ 
'a^i; c-ftJU-» muhalif ;. jVc *aqq 
(pi. toe 'aqaqa-t, ^\ a*iqqa-t) ; 
jyjc 'aquq ; ^Vc 'ati. 

Disobey, v, u^\^ halaf, yuhalif; 

c^ tJ*^ '^fi* *ala, ya*9i ; <3* *aqq* 

Disoblige, v, s^^ft^\ ^ ^^«^ J4X 
'amil ma'hu qilla-t al-ma'ruf, 

DisoBLioiNO, adj, ^yf^\ ^•^ 
'adim al-ma'ruf ; J^Ua ^ gair 
ha^^ai ; «Ji^yui\ ^^ wa'r al-ma'r^. 

DisoBDEB, «• (i{;a9i^ of order) ^^^ 
^\k^\ 'adam an - nisam ; f^^^ 
w^r^\ *adam at-tartib; y-r>'^\ 
I^VLaA inqilab an-nizam; ^3a^ 
lahbata-t; js»\yfti ^awai. — (indie- 
position) {^jAS taiwii^. 

DisoBDEB, V, W/> harbat, yuharbit ; 
WofeJ lahbat, yulahbi^. 

DisoBDEBLiNESS, s. ^2^ hala'a-t. 

DisoBOANisE, V, *'r^j^\ (^^^ 'adam 
at-tartib, yu'dim; j»^^ s^/- 
harab an-nisam, yahrub. 

Disown, v. j^\ ankar, yunkir ; /U* 

^tan&kar, yatanakar; -^^i^ jalhiad, 
yajhad ; gU. halaS yahla^ 

DisPABAOE, V. /^ haqqar, yuhaq- 
qir ; jaAiS tanaqqa?, yatanaqqa? ; 
sjf)^ azra, yuzri. 

DispABAOEMENT, «. {,fif^ tanaqqus ; 
p^ taj^qir. 

Dispassionate, adj, ^^ j^ gair 
mugram; (^r-^^ ^ h^ ^ *adim 
al-garam. — (mild) f^^ halim. — 
(without partiality, just) «-A*i* 

Dispatch, v, see Despatch. 

Dispel, v, oJA sattat, yu^ttit; 
ooj baddad, yubaddid. 

Dispensabt, 8. ^^*>S\ (^\S*y dukkan 
al-adwiya-t (pi. (j*^*> dakakin). 

Dispensation, «. (distribution) 
fjijiS tafriq ; ^ a-W taqsiin. — 
(exemption) ^-Ac *afu (*afw) ; 
«wUU^ mu*afat. — (of Providence) 
iU-^ qisma-t. 

Dispense, v, (deal out) f^^ qasam, 
yaqsim ; ^JLc j^ farraq *ala, yu- 
farriq; £j^ wazzaS yuwazzi*. — 
(exempt) ^^ ^J^e^ a*fa *an, yu*fi. 

Dispebse, v.a. «-ja sattat, yu^t- 
tit ; j^yfc hazzam, yuhazzim ; j^ 
nasar, yangur ; ». u>-a^\ iusatt, 
yansatt; f)-^^ inliazam, yan- 

DiSPEBSION, «. «»Uai satat; «:'^»aAi 
taitit ; f>\y^\ inbizam ; j^ nisar. 

Dispibit, 17. s-J^\ ^-^kasar al-qalb, 

Displace, v. gl5 qallaS yuqalli* ; 
J«* naqal, yanqul. 

Displacement, s. J» naql. 

Display, v. (ea^anc2) /^ nasar, 
yangur ; la— > basat, yabsu^ ; J^y 
fara^, yafrus. — (exhibit) fj,j\ ara, 
yuri ; j^\ azhar, yughir. 

Display, s, yti na^r ; j<^\ izhar. 

Displease, v. ^^\ agaz, yngiz. 

DiSPLEAsuBE, 8. j^ qahr ; j^\ in- 

Disposal, s. vJ|^ ta^arruf. 

Dispose, v. (arrange) ^ nazam, 
yanzim; nazzam, yunazzim ; 
s-^j rattab, yurattib ; ^*> dabbar, 
yudabbir. — (incline) s-^j raggab, 
yuraggib; J--* mayyal, yumay- 
yil. — (give away, sell) U|^ ta9ar- 
raf, yata^arraf ; gW ba*, yabi*. 

Disposition, s, (order) s-^/ tar- 
tib ; ^^ nizam ; ,%Jfe^ tanzim. — 
(frame of mind) t^y mizaj (pi. 
^y»\ amzija-t) ; g<jL ^iba* ; itit^ 




tabi'a-t (pi. >e>\ -at, etU taba- 

Dispossess, v. f»^ haram, yahrim ; 

^^ ^ ahaz min, ya'huz ; ^f\ 

ahraj, yuhrij. 
Disproportion, b, ^* J >^\ &1j qil- 

la-t at-tanasub. 
Disproportionate, ad), ^*>^^ j^ 

gair muhandam ; J^xx5\ ^ac 

'adim al-i*tidal; ^^r^\i^\ ^ac 

'adim at-tanasub. 
Disprove, v, ^J^ *yj radd *ala, 

Disputation, s. wft-.ep balj? ; ^^W^ 

mubahasa-t ; ^j^i/« mujadala-t. 
Dispute, v, J*>W jadal, yujadil ; 

^ v*^e.Vj bahag *an, yubaiis. 
Disqualification, s. y^ 'ajz ; j»^^c 

Ai^J *adain liyaqa-t ; h^ ^ 

'adam kifaya-t. 
Disqualify, v.^^c^ a'jaz, yu*jiz. 
Disquiet, v, J^ qallaq, yuqalliq ; 

J«l* qalqal, yuqalqil. 
Disquiet, Disquietude, s. JW» 

balbal (pi. ^h balabil) ; ^y^ 

JWJ^ taswis al-bal ; ^^^ qalqa- 

Disquisition, «. j^ fab? ; (ja^tf 

taf ahhu9 ; (^W^^ imtihan ; (^"^siS 

Dtsregarb, v. J*^ tagafal, yata- 

gafal; (^^W tabawan, yataha- 

Disregard, «. J*^ tagaful ; j\Ssc^\ 

i^tiqar ; (^\y^ hawan. 
Disrelish, s. <J(/ qaraf . 
Disrelish, v, ^/s taqarraf , yata- 

qarraf; 6;^s-\ istakrab, yastak- 

Disreputable, adj. ^a*^ muf^ih ; 

Disrepute, s. j^ *ar ; l^M^ maf- 

daha-t (pi. cr*^ mafadih). 
Disrespect, s. fi\fo^^\ ^ qilla-t al- 

Disrespectful, adj. ^f^^ yt^ gair 

Disruption, «. ^-^ kasr (pi. jy^ 

Dissatisfaction, s. ^^\ j**^ *adam 


Dissatisfy, v. ^^\ agaz, yugig ; 

^^J\ U ma arda, yurdi. 
Dissect, v. tj^ ^arrah, yusarrih. 
Dissection, 8. e*/AJ tasrih. 
Dissector, 8. t/*-* inusarrih. 
Dissemble, v. ^^ nafaq, yunafiq ; 

^j rayya, yurayyi ; ^ J^j ra'a, 

yurai ; <^;W dara, yudari. 
Disseminate, v. <4;*i\ azra, yuzri ; 

j^ bazar, yabzur; y^ nasar, 

Dissemination, 8. j^ nasr. 
Dissension, 8. AiJl4^ mubalafa t. 
Dissent, a. <->)^^ ibtilaf . 
Dissent, v. «-A3b^ tabalaf, yata- 

balaf ; U iL a \ ibtalaf, yahtalif. 
Dissertation, 8. a3L-j risala-t (pi. 

«^^ -at, vJjt^; rasayil). 
Dissever, v. ^ qata*, yaqta* ; 

qattaS yuqatti*. 
Dissimilar, adj, &^\^&^ ^ gair 

musiibib ; cJ^l;^ mubtalif . 
Dissimilarity, «. i-«U^\ j^oc 

'adam al - mu^ababa-t ; <^a;^\ 

Dissimulation, 8. ^; riya' ; ,3^4* 

nafaq ; l-^JHsff tabtima-t. 
Dissipate, v. «-AIj^ atlaf, yutlif ; 

j^ ba?zar, yubazzir ; uy«\ asraf , 

yusrif ; jjy^ ba'zaq, yuba*ziq. 
Dissipation, 8. J* V tabzil ; f^\jJ\ 

israf. — (vice) *>^—i fasad ; v>-*^ 

fisq ; jf^ f usiiq. 
Dissolute, adj. «&W^ munbamik ; 

•x-Va fasid ; v>-^ fasiq. 
Dissoluteness, 8, cs3Uei\ inbimak ; 

jL-i fasad ; v>— * fisq. 
Dissolution, 8. J«- hall ; v»^»S ziib ; 

^--i fash ; ^ - j w. * ? taf sib ; ^/a* 

naqd. — (death) «yy» maut. — (o/ 

a/i a88embly) J^\ inhilal. 

Dissolve, v. (melt) ^ hall, yahuU ; 
v»^3 zawwab, yu?awwib. — (break 
up) JW battal, yubattil ; JW^ 
abtal, yubtil. 

Dissolvent, adj, JW« muballil; 
v»^^ mu^awwib. 

Dissonance, «., Dissonant, oc^*. 
see Discord, Discordant. 

Dissuade, v, {j^ q^j rajja* *an, 




jTurajji*; (^ g*^ mana' *an, 

yamna* ; (^ •>; radd *an, yarudd. 
Dissuasion, s. ^U^ mumana'a-t. 
DiSTAPF, 8. Aj^ migzal (pi. Jj^*^ 

magazil) ; i^ rukka-t. 
Distance, 8. J^ bu*d ; ^Ui^ masd- 

fa-t ; S^ts^^ masira-t ; v»yfc haub, 

Distance, v. o-?-» sabaq, yasbuq. 
Distant, adj. •Xe*^ ba*id (pi. ^Jk*j 

bu*ada') ; ^"^ qaf i ; cj^ nazi^. 
Distaste, s. fiy^ ikrah ; u»;5 qaraf . 
Distasteful, adj. ft^;^ makr^ih ; 

uiyu muqarrif. 
Distemper, 8. f^y mard (pi. u*^/*^ 

amra<J) ; (^y^ taiwi^. 
Distend, t;. g-^ wassa', yuwassi* ; 

tj>y^ *arrad, yu*arri4; ^^ madd, 

Distention, i. W-*ji tabsit ; ge-y 

tausi*; (jkfS ta'rid ; j\ja^\ im- 

Distich, s. ^a^ bait (pi. *a>^\ 

Distil, v.a. ^ qattar, yuqattir ; 

ef-\ ah raj, yuhrij ; n. je^ qafar, 

yaqtur ; a. and n. ^ naqqat, 

Distillation, s. ^ qatr; ^eU> 

taqtir ; (^\jiei qataran ; ^/^ tah- 

Distiller, «. j^ qattar; e^/- 

^^4a«]\ harraj al-'ambari. 
Distinct, adj. {different) c-AL:ae» 

muhtalif ; ;-«\-Aa^ mutagayir ; 

(^W^s^ mutabayin. — (separated) 

J-aAjL* munfa^il ; (j)-s*^ mu'ayyan. 

— (clear) ^j^ ^arih ; ;A^ gahir ; 

^^ wa4ih. 
Distinction, 8. (difference) ytt^ 

tamyiz; }\/\ if raz ; jk* farq. — 

(preference) Jo-4*» tafdil. 
Distinctness, 8, (clearness) c^^ 

idah ; &^\j<> ^araha-t ; q)^ bayan. 
Distinguish, v. {j^ yt^ mayyaz 

min, yumayyiz ; j;i faraz, yaf riz ; 

(^ si^ fai-aq ben, yafruq. — (give 

preference) ^ J^ fad^al *ala, 

Distort, v. j*^ barram, yubarrim ; 

s^^ lawwa, yulawwi; Ja* fattal, 

yufattil. — (words) s-^ qalab, 

Distortion, s. \y^\ iltiwa; ^\^\ 

Distract, v. (divert) <^5 laha, yu- 

lahi ; ^J9- sahha, yusahhi. — 

(perplex) jt^ hayyar, yu^ayyir ; 

v>y* liawwas, yu^awwi^. 
Distracted, adj. (^^^ hairan ; 

s-J^ salib ; \J»y^^ mu^awwa^. 
Distractedness, s. (perplexity) 

{J^yAS ta^wis; S;«a- hira-t; (^f^ 

Distraction, s. (absence of mind) 

^\ cyUA ^attat al-*aql. 
Distress, s. ^^ nakba-t; ^i^^— • 

maskana-t ; &&<^ diqa-t ; /* f uq ; 

fijufti ^idda-t ; v»/ karb. 
Distress, v. f^\ agamm, yugimm ; 

ft^U.^ (akkar hatir-hu, yu'ak- 

kir ; (^y^-^ ahzan, ynhzin ; j«»^ 

akdar, yukdir. 
Distressing, adj. f^^ mugimm ; 

jjSi» mukaddir ; o>^^ muhzin. 
Distribute, v. f^ qasam, yaqsim; 

qassam, yuqassim; jy^ farraq, 

yufarriq; £j^ wazza*, yuwazzi* 

(all with jLc *ala). 
Distribution, s. ii/? tafriqa-t; 

^»<j-J5» taqsim ; gjtjy tauzi*. 
District, s. h'^^ wilaya-t; ^UkU^« 


Distrust, s. ^U^ tahma-t ; i^t^ 
^ubha-t; «s^ ^akk (pi. oeJ^Cfc 
sukiik) ; (:)^^aiy(^^ istihwan. 

Distrust, v. Q)fia^\ istahwan, yas- 
tahwin ; {^ (j^j^!^\ istahras 
min, yastahris ; ^^ f^f tawah- 
ham fi, yatawaiiham. 

Distrustful, adj. (^j^ zaniin. 

Disturb, v. (disquiet) j*^ kaddar, 
yukaddir; v>t*» ^awwa^, yu^w- 
yni (both with ^J^ *ala) ; ^jli 
qaliaq, yuqailiq ; ^J^\ aqlaq, 
yuqliq. — (disorder) ^^^ lahba(, 

Disturbance, s. ^j^ takdir ; ^Ua* 
fitna-t; ^ siqla-t; v»\y«s^\ idti- 

Disunion, s. j^ siqaq ; luA fit- 




na-t ; A;i^ munafara-t ; UkU. 

hilf, half ; s3'^j^\ iftir&q. 
Disunite, v.a. i3;i faraq, yafruq; 

J^ fa^al, yaffil ; n. j/»\ infaraq, 

yaufariq ; J-a4i\ infa^al, yanfa^il. 
Disuse, s. JU«x-15\ j»jlc *aclain al- 

isti^mal ; SjU3\ csJy tark al*ada-t. 
Disuse, v. ft*)U5\ JW battal al- 

*ada-t, yubattil ; 5jU3\ ^y tarak 

al-*ada-t, yatruk. 
Ditch, «. ijJ^^ handaq (pi. jS^j^ 

hanadiq) ; ^ y ^ ^ hafira-t (pi. 

yi\i>^ ta^ayir). 
DiTTT, 8, ^ gina; ^^^ ugniya-t 

(pi. J^^i agani) ; &^ gauniya-t 

(pi. ^J^^ ganani) ; J^^ muw- 

wal (pi. J>^^y» mawawil). 
DiUBNAL, adj, ij-^y~i yaumi-y, 

Divan, «. oW*> diwan, daiwan (pi. 

(^^^^*> dawawin, (^^^*> day a win). 
Dive, v. ^r^ ga^as, yagtis ; {j>'^ 

gilf, yagii?. 
Diver, 8. <j-^ gB'tfas ; i^\y^ gaw- 

Diveeqe, v. ^ff^\ inharaf, yan- 

harif ; ^ sa", yasi'' ; J^W* ta- 

ba*ad, yataba*ad. 
DivEBs, adj. (sundry) (j^ ba*d. 
Diverse, adj, {different) Uilsae* 

muhtalif ; /\*a» mutagayir. 
DivBBsiFY, V. ^ gayyar, vugay- 

yir ; J*^ baddal, yubaddil ; {:^ 

fannau, yufannin ; gy nawwa', 

DiVEBSiON, 8. (turning aside) u\fA 

inhiraf ; ^\A^ mu^agala-t. — 

(amusement) ey> tafarruj ; A^y 

Diversity, 8, U>lstsA ihtilaf; jj^ 

farq ; «t>^W tafawut ; (^ tafan- 

Divert, v, (turn a^ide) J^\ ab'ad, 

yub*id ; ^y^ harraf, yuharrif ; 

^j^ $araf, yafrif (all with {^ 

'an). — (amuse) ^J^ saiia, yu- 

salli ; ijr^\ anas, yu'anis ; ey 

farraj, yufarrij. 
Divest, v. ^ ^alia^i, yu^allih; 

<^ys *arra, yu*arri. 
Divide, v. f^^ qasam, yaqsum ; 

qassam, yuqassim ; fj^ zawwa*, 

Dividend, s. (share) i^ hi^^a-t 

(pi. o*-**- ti^a?) ; s-«^ na^ib (pi. 

\^\ ansibtV, &t^\ an^iba-t). — 

(in arithmetic) (•y^^ maq^um). 
Divination, s. v^^ ^ *ilm al- 

gaib ; J^j ramal ; ii\^ kihana-t. 
Divine, v. J^^ ^* fata^ al-fal, 

yaftat ; s-^^ U>j^ 'arraf al- 

gaib, yu*arrif; ^j^ takahhan, 

Divine, adj, ^J»'^^ ilahi-y. 
Diviner, s, u\j^ *arraf (pi. ^\^ 

*arrafa-t) ; JUj rammal ; r>^ 

JU5\ Mtih al-fal. 
Divinity, s. 6l\ (h^\) iUh (pi. S^\ 

aliha-t) ; wwJfclJ lahut. — (theology) 

^y^m ^ 'ilm al-lahiit. 
Divisibility, s, ^\-*-a>\ inkisam ; 

^ A ^a ^^ ^ (^^^^\ imkan at-taqsim. 
Divisible, adj. f^^t^ yanqasim. 
Division, s. f^^ qasm (pi. f*UJ\ 

aqsam) ; ^ juz ^1. \yt\ ajza*) ; 

J-* fa^l (pi. J^ fufui). — (in 

arithmetic) f^^^JS taqsim; ^ ♦■■. » i 

qisma-t. — (separation) iji/S taf- 

riq. — (disunion) U>'^^i^\ ihtilaf. 
DivisOE, 8. (in arithmetic) ^U 

qasim ; ^^ i***<Ji« maqsum 'ale- 

Divorce, s. J^ talaq ; <jj^ tatliq. 

— (by wish of the wife) ImJU. 

Divorce, v. ijf^ t^llaq, yutalliq ; 

,j^\ a^laq, yutliq. 
Divulge, v. j«a ^ahhar, yui^ahhir ; 

jQ^\ a^har, yuihir; ^^ ^ayya*, 

yu^a^yi* ; i^\ asa', yusi*. 
Dizziness, s. ^;*> dauha-t, doba-t. 
Dizzy, adj. ^\^ dayih. 
Do, v. J^ *amil, ya*mal ; J** fa*al, 

Docile, adj. f^i^\ J)Vi qabil at- 

ta*lim. — (obedient) gjt^ tayi*. 
Docility, s. &J*^^ ^^ qabiliya-t 

at-taaim ; L\l ta*a-t. 
Dock, s. W* mina' (pi. ^J^y* ma- 

wani, i;^ miyan) ; ^IC\ iskala-t 

(pi. JiL.\ asakil) ; ^ h\in\. 
Dock, v. U^\ ^ J<^*)\ adhal fi-'l- 




mina', judhil. — (lop off) ^ 

qata*, yaqta'. 
Doctor, s. (scholar) ^Vc 'iilim (pi. 

UIc ^ulania) ; |J^ mu^allim. — (of 

laws) M* ioqui (pi. ^ fuqaha'). 

— (physician) f¥^^ hakim (pi. 

U^ luikama') ; s-*«<^ tabib (pi. 

W>\ atibbiV). 
Doctrinal, adj, ,j— ^ *ilini-y ; 

^^J^^i)^ ta*limi-v. 
Doctrine, s, f^J^ ta'lini (pi. ^^ 

ta'alim) ; s-^-aX# mazhab (pi. 

s-^^j^ mazahib) ; Sj^Vi qa^ida-t 

(pi. J^^y* qawa*id). 
Document, s, ^^ ^ujja-t (pi. e%a- 

hujaj) ; J^^ sijill (pi. cy5^^ 

Dob, 8, ^U^ gazala-t. 
Dog, «. s-J^ kalb (pi. v»lJ^ kiUb). 
Dog, v. *>y» tarad, yatrad ; s--fi«5 

ta*aqqab, yata*aqqab. 
Dog-days, s. jf-^\ fk\ ayjam al- 

bahiir ; \jf^}i bahura* ; ^^\ ^\i\ 

ayyam as-si'ra. 
Dogged, adj. «y/*^ mu*afrat ; .x^^ 

DoGGEDNESS, «. 4-J^ basala-t ; 

ftjiU** mu*aiiada-t ; •>Uft *inad. 
Dog-star, ». <^;«^ ^i*ra. 
Dogma, s, S^^^U qa4da-t (pi. ^U 

qawavid) ; SjUstS i*tiqada-t ; (^yVi 

qanun (pi. ^:^^*V qawanin) ; J^\ 

^^j3\ a?l ad-din (pi. J^^ u^ul). 
Dogmatic, Dogmatical, adj. (posi- 
tive) ^.5^ hukmi-y; j»^ hat- 

tam. — (overbearing) «Jtj »^ y^ mu- 

Dogmatics, ». j»)J^ ^ *ilm kalam. 
Dogmatise,, v. f^^o. hatam, yah- 

Dole,*, (alms) ^J^ ^adaqa-t; ^^-^ 

hasana-t. — (portion) s-*e^ na^ib 

(pi. ^^\ an^iba-t) ; ^»-i qism 

(pi. j»^-*i^ aqssiin). 
Dole, v. «^j; wazza*, yuwazzi*. 
Doleful, adj. {^y^ hazin (pi. Vjja. 

huzana') ; (^j^y*- haznan ; j^— ^ 

^tVfifeJ^ inaksilr al-ha^ir ; ^•Js*^ mug- 

Dolefulness, s, f^ gamm ; (^^ 

^uzn, hazaD ; s-y karb. 

Doll, s. ^ lu*ba-t (pi. s-«5 

Dollar, s. y^ ^\ abu nasr ; s-J^ ^^ 

abu kalb ; J^; riyal. 
Dolorous, adj. fy^^^ magmum ; 

(^y^i^ muhzin. 
Dolphin, s. J«*;^*> darfil; Je***> 

danfil ; fX^ fi\ abii salam ; (j**^ 

Dolt, s. i^^ abmaq (pi. JM*- 

humuq, liUa. himaq, &c.) ; i3/-\ 

ahraq (pi. jf/- hurq) ; i^^ hu- 

Domain, «. oU** milk, mulk (pi. 

*«JM amlak). 
Dome, s. ^ qubba-t (pi. 

qubab); ^Ao- hu^i^-t (pi. 

Domestic, adj. (belonging to (he 
house) ^jSe» baiti-y. — (tame) fj^\ 
anis; (^y^ ma*nu8; c-A3^ mu- 
wallaf ; ^y*» baituti-y. — (not 
foreign) ^J^^*y dahili-y. 

Domestic, s. f\'i>^ haddam; f»*>W 
badim (pi. f*\j^ buddam). 

Domesticate, v. ^ tabbaS yu- 
tabbi* ; <j-i\ annas, yu'annis ; 
*-*3; wallaf, yuwallif . 

Domestication, s. geJaS' tatbi* ; 
{j^^ ta'nis. 

Domesticity, s. ^•^ hidma-t. 

Domicile, s. (:>^—^ maskan (pi. 
(:>^V— ^ masakin); ^\i\ J*»^ ma- 
hall iqama-t ; Jy^ manzal (pi. 
Jj^ manazil). 

Dominant, adj. ^\t galib ; Jyu**» 

Dominate, v. UL^ tasallat, yata- 

Domination, s. ^y^ ]^ukiima-t; 
Sj^eLm saltana-t ; ^aLj tasalluf. 

Domineer, v. ^ jW jar *ala, 
yajiir ; ^ zalam, yaglim. 

Dominion, s. (territory) ^ <! ♦>• 
mamlaka-t (pi. ctUW* mamalik). 

Don, v. (j^ labas, yalbas ; U-^ 

kasa, yaksu. 
Donation, s. ^ hiba-t ; ^J^sst tuh- 

fa-t (pi. Utfff tu^af) ; liJJ^ hadi- 

ya-t (pi. ^^JA had&ya*). 




Donkey, «. jU*. himar (pi. ^t^4^ 

^amir) ; ^/U^i^ ja^^ (pi. \^W^ 

DoNOB, 8. s-'-ft^^ wahib; (^•M^ 

muhdi ; JtVc *ati ; Js«^ mu*ti. 
Doom, t;. f^ ^akam, yahkum; 

J^- sajjal, yusajjil. 
Doom, b. (serUence) f^ hukm (pi. 

(^^\ ahkam); Ul qa4a (pi. 

^^^ aqdiya-t). — (fate) ^Ul-I 

qisma-t; ^J^ qadr (pi. jW\ aq- 

dar) ; Ul qada'. 
Doomsday, s. ^W^ qiyama-t. 
DooB, 8. s^W bab (pi. v*^^^ abw&b, 

^W bib&n). — (folding-door) v*W 

(j^jO (2^ bab min darfaten. 
DooB-KEEPEB, 8. s^W bawwab. 

DOOB-POST, 8. *ir»W» J^; lijl al- 

DoBMANT, adj, f^\i nayim. — (latent) 

^Jftab* mahfi-y. — (8luggi8h) JJa»^ 

DoBMiTOBY, 8. (V^ man^m ; u>trf 

f*yJ\ bait an-naum ; u:^^<m^ mabit. 
Dose, 5. fi*)^^ ahaza-t ; ^j^ ^rba-t. 
Dot, 8, ^3a» nuqta-t (pi. ^ nuqat) ; 

Dot, v. t» naqqat, yunaqqit. 
Dotation, 8, jW jahaz (pi. i^\ 

ajhiza-t) ; y69r tajhiz ; jt9^ tarn- 

DoTAOE, «. «J(^ haraf ; ^\;*- hara- 

f a-t ; (^\iSjb hazayan. 
DoTABD, 8. (:)^y^ harf^; u^^ae* 

Dote, v, (from old age) ^j^ harif, 

yabraf; < - ; . *> subih, yusbah 

(pass.). — (dote on) v* g}) wall* 

bi, yaula*. 
Double, adj, <JieU^ mud&'af ; 8;*3J 

t>«*/» qadr-bu marraten; ^j*^ 

Double, v. *-A«^ da"af, yuda"if ; 

c-AcU 4&*af , yuda*if ; U^xA *ad*af , 

yu4*if . — («w7 round) ^5^^ 'adda, 

yu'addi ; c^ 'awwaj, yu*awwij. 

DOUBLE-DEALEB, S. {^^A^^ ^^ zd 

wajhen ; j\^ makk^r. 
DOUBLE-DEALINO, *. kj iiyfl; h^y 
murAya-t; jW nif&q; l^\y» 

Double-tongued, adj. (^V«J ^S 

zii lisanen. 
Doubt, s, ceUi ^akk (pi. s^j^ 

^ukiik) ; l^t^ ^ubha-t ; s-^; raib ; 

^j riba-t (pi. s-stj riyab). 
Doubt, v. ^^ i«Ui ^akk fi, ya^ukk ; 

^J ^\5j\ irtab fi, yartab. 
Doubtful, adj, ««Xa3\ e^*(r ta^t 

a^-^akk; cs)yl^u maskuk; &t^ 

muiabbah ; s-st/* murib. 
Doubtless, adj. ««^ &t^ U mft 

fihi ^kk. 
Doubtlessly, adv. «aUi &| bi-l& 

DouQH, 8, {^it^ 'ajin (pi. 

Doughy, adj. ^j't^ 'ajini-y. 

Dove, 8. fU^ l^sLmAUif ^W ^amft- 

ma-t (pi. ^Ua- ham&yim). 
Dove-cot, s. (•U*. ^ burj ^amam 

(pi. tiji burAj). 
DowAGEB, 8. AAjtyi ^j\ armala-t 

DowEB, Dowby, 8. jW jahaz. — 

(given hy the husband) j9^ mahr 

(pi. j^ muhiir). 
Down, 8. (feathers) ^V> ^j^j lU 

na'im. — (hair) ^^ wabar. 
Downy, adj. fy wabir ; ^U na*im. 

Down, adv., prep, sa^o^ ^J^ ila 
taht; JA-^ ^j\ ila asfal; va-^ 

Downcast, (ui/. (d^ected) f^^^ 
mahdiiiu ; «>^J^ mabdiid. 

Downfall, s. ^ja. harab ; *^^ 

halak; Jl^^} zaw41; f>\^\ inhi- 

Downs, a. jUj rimdl (pL of J^j 

DoxoLOGY, 8. c*^ mad^; •Ufc 

Doze, t;.n. (.r**^ na'as, yan'as; a. 

u«-*> na"a9, ytina"is. 
Doze, Doziness, s. ^W nu'as. 
Dozen, s. j-^^ ^J'^\ asnd^ ; ^}^ 

tozina-h, dozina-h. 

\i n&'is ; cjUji 

Dozy, adj. 

Dbab, s. (prostitute) ^«^ qal^aba-t 
(pi. ^W qit&b). 


Bbachm, $. i*'^}-^ dirham (pi. (ia\j-> 

Draff, ». }^ 'akfir. 
Dkaft, «. (/or mowfy) l^ji boli- 

sa-t (pi. y^W buw&lie) ; Jiy. 

hawrda-t.— (o/soWiera) Sl^ fir- 

qa-t (pi. jj* firaq). — (oujltrw) 

Draft, e. (delwih) jj* faraq, jaf- 
mq. — (rfeii'neote) jj* fawvar, yu- 
^iiTFwir ; ,k-j raaam, jarsum. 

Dbao, tf. *T-^- sa^ab, yasl^b; j*- 
jarr, yajuir. 

Dkaqon, s. (^^ tamiiii, tini^n (pL 
^Ui tanAiitn) ; 0^--i*i gu'baQ, 
g&'ban (pi, ytjl^ ga'abin). 

Dbaooon, 8. «-»le- J^ hajyal aay- 

Drain, v. ^ o&za^, yanza^, yan- 

Drain, ». ioj*- majra (pi. uijV* 

majuri) ; >^(je* mizab ^1. ^r-ijle* 

Dkaimaoe, «. >W^ Ji^ tajjwil al~ 

Drake, *. W baft (pi. tjW butftt). 
Dbak, s. Bt>e Drachm. 
Drama, «. ^^1" s-^ Is'ab taqlid. 
Drape, v. f^ satar, yastur; ^^ 

gatta. yugaUi ; f^ iLawam, yn- 

Dbafer, t. jjAj^ juht-y (pi. it«-j* 

Drapery, a. i,U. aitara-t (pl-j)^^-> 

satajir ; j^V Huradiq (pi. »»\ 

-St). — (eloth manKj'aelory) J**« 

tj^l ma'mal al-jiih. 
Drastic, adj., ». J«— • mushiL 
DRiniHT, », (i(nHi-) it;* sarba-t; 

vj^ masrub ; *«;»■ jar'a-t. — (of 

a nut) iiJ*. jazba-t. — (a tieteh) 

ff<i ta^wir ; i-if-^ musawwada-t ; 

^j rasm.— (o/ air) clj rife (pL 

c'jjl arwih). 
Draughts, ». (jom?) i-UH s-J 

la'b ad-duma-t. 
Dracghtsjias, ». fi-^j naim ; jj-» 

Draw, r. {paU) yt- jarr, yajarr; 

<v'j«' jazab, yajzab, yajzib ; s " ^' 

sul^b, yaahab. — (a «Kt>ni) ^ 

4 [Dbb 

Ball, yasuU ; Jj* jarad, yajrud.— 
((fcffiyre) ^j rasm, yarBUm ; jj- 
lawwar, yu^awwir. 
Drawback, a. ijU* hasura-t ; a^/-*- 

DrAW-BBIDOE, >. ^J•fS j fft/ i^ 

qantara-t tartad' wa tatawatt^'- 
Dbaweb, s. tj-* duTJ (pi. s^j.^^ 

adrai). — {eheit of drawen) s*Jj*» 

daiab (pi. w-J(jJ daw&lib). 
Dbawers, 8. jjw* maizar (pi. jij\«» 

mayizir) ; y«y libas (pi. tuUl*) 

Drawing, s. ^j rasm (pL |^j 

ruBum, ^j1 araum). 
Dkawl, v. (^ lat^han, yrJaljbiii. 
Drawl, a. <W lal^a (pL 0^ 

lubflD, uWf albAn). 
Draw-well, t. yu bi'r, bir (pL 

jl^l ab'ar,j(l &bar). 
Drat, a. Aw naqqala-l. 
Dread, a. •Jj«. ^auf ; Uliir> mabi- 

fa-t; y faza'. 
Dread, Dreadtol, adj. i-itA^ ma- 

hayyif; J'V* mujaffilj i-Avib* 

muhif ; Jj»* mahvkL 
Dread, v. {^ t^^ baf min, yabif ; 

^ faza', yaizaf; o"** M>« 

Dream, a. f^ habn (pi. rA»t ab- 

1am, uuUjL. I^al&mit) ; |^ 

maniltn (pi, tjul<>U>> manamat). — 

(/a-cy) JW hiyfil (pL iU\ 

Dream, v. fi- l^alam, yal^lam ; (jtj 

(•^ ra'a man&m, yara ; f>^ viw 

iiti maoam, ya^uf. — {indulge t» 

day-dnamt) Je*^ tahayyal, yata- 

Dreamer, a.. Dreamt, ik^'. ,JW 

halim; JVcA- >t*U ^al^ib Ipj^ 

(pi. ^O a?bib). 
Drear, Dbeabt, adj. (peraoii) 

Ut^ l^aiin ; ft^ mngtamm. — 

(tXt'iM}) jA&« mnkaddir; f*** mn- 

Dbeabiness, a. ^^ l^axan; f»* 

gamm, j^ kadar. 
Dredge, a. A£t4> eababk-t (pL i^W^ 





Dbedoe, V, Kt^V) j\ko\ a^t^ ^i- 
'^-[^abaka-ty ya^fad. 

DsEDaEB, 8, «>W ^ajjad. 

DsEas, 8, j^ 'akir ; ^y^s rus&b. 

Dbench, v. J> bail, yabull; Jlj 
ballal, yuballil. 

Dbench, «. ^/i sarba-t. 

Dbess, 8. v*y gaub, gob (pi. s^W^ 
Siyab); ,^Wi Hbas (pi. ^^\ 
albisa-t) ; S»-^ Idswa-t (pi. (^jV-^ 
kasawi) ; i3j^ badla-t. 

Dbess, v. (clothe) u*^ labbas, yu- 
labbis ; ^J^\ albas, yulbis ; ^^ 
kasa, yaksu. — (prepare) ^ hay- 
ya, yiihayyi ; y^Ff jahhaz, yujab- 
hiz. — (food) ^ tabah, yatbuh. 

Dbibble, v,a, j^ q&X\a,T, yuqattir ; 
La^ naqqat, yunaqqit; n. j^ 
qatar, yaqtur; ^ naqqat, yu- 

Vbibblet, 8, iJici Dutfa-t (pi. <-J^ 
nutuf, ^Urf nitaf); ^^ nuqta-t 
(pi. tW niqat). 

Dbift, *. (aim) ^ mya-t (pi. «t>Ve> 
niyat, ^U nawaya) ; i^jt gara4 
(pi. u*y( agrad). 

Dbift, v, (float) ,>V* fai, yafii^; 
(•Vc *am, ya*ilm. 

Dbill, «. (borer) s-^&A^ migqab (pi. 
s^^ masaqib) ; Jj-a^^ mihraz 
(pL i;^fib^ mahariz) ; (jiot^* mib- 
hai. — (military training) f^^ 
ta'lim ; s^j*>» tadarrub. 

Dbill, v, (pierce) w-^ gaqab, yag- 
qub ; )y^ haraz, yahriz. — (train) 
s^j*> darrab, yudarrib ; u^j; raw- 

wa4, yurawwi^. 
Dbine, 8, v*^^ ^arab ; ^r*})'^^ ma^- 

riib (pi. «yL^j|^— A-» nMiriibat); 

s^y^ inairab (pi. s^;;^-^^ ma^ 

Dbink, V, s^^ 6arib, ya^rab ; fy^ 

jara*, yajra* ; s-^ *abb, ya*ubb. 
Dbineeb, Dbunkabd, 8, v*\/» dar- 
rab ; s-sty^ (Sirrib. 
Dbip, V, ^ naqqat, yunaqqit ; Ja^ 

wa^, ya^il. 
Dbip, 8. (of a roof) v*^>s^ mizab 

(pi. s-^jW* may&zib). — (that 

which falU in, drop8) J^^ waial 

(pL jUi^^ auial). 

Dbippino, 8, (fat) f^^J^ sa^m ; jy 

Dbive, V, v5^ saq, yasiiq ; *>U qad, 

yaqiid. — (chase) *y^ t^^^> ya-t- 

rad. — (drive at) JuJi qa^ad, yaq- 

fid ; *x^ taqa^^ad, yataqa^^ad ; 

*>\j^ arad, yurid. 
Dbive, «. (ri(fe) ^f^\ ^J ^ tanaz- 

zuh fi-'l-*araba-t. — (road) ijij^ 

tariq (pi. J^ t^rq). 
Dbivel, v. (slaver) Jij rayyal, yu- 

rayyil. — (dote) U|^ harii, yah- 

Dbiyel, 8, J^; riyal ; v*UX lu*ab ; 

Dbiyeb, 8, o^i^^ 'arabanjt. 
Dboll, adj. {^sir*^ mushin. 
Dboll, Dbolleby, 8. iysis-^*^ masha- 

ra-t (pi. yi^L-^ masahir). 
Dbomedaby, 8, (j'tf^ hajin (pi. 

Q>^ hujun, e>jVv^ hajayin) ; jW 

Dbone, 8, j^»> dubbur (pi. ^^j 

bababir). — (idler) (^%^ kaslan 

(pi. ^J^ kasala). 
Dboop, v. J4»i zabal, yazbul ; VLU» 

tat a, yutati. 
Dbop, 8. ftjia* qutra-t, qa^ra-t ; a«^*> 

dam*a-t (pi. g^*> duinu*, g^j\ 

Dbop, v.a, j^ qattar, yuqattir ; Uj 

naqqat, yunaqqit. — (let go, lay 

aside) s-*e- sayyab, yusayyib ; 

^^ wada*, yada*; n. (fall in 

drops) jioi qafar, yaqtur. — (fall) 

g*j waqa', yaqa* ; i»a- saqat, yas- 

Dbopsical, adj, ^ja--x-^ mustasqi ; 

{^irt^ habin. 
Dbopsy, 8. U-A-\ istisqa' ; (jj-*- 

Dboss, «. ^•>UJ\ l^^ ragwa-t al- 

ma'adin ; J^y tubal. — (refuse) 

&AAc *afsa-t. 
Dbossy, adj, (jaXU.^ gair hali?. 
Dbouoht, 8, fj>^ yabs ; i-^ yu- 

busa-t; ^y^ quhMa-t. 
Dboughty, adj. (dry) (j->^ yabis. 

— (thirsty) (^UJac *atsan. 
Dbove, s,j^ qitar (pi. ^aS qutur, 

*j^\jei quturat) j gJo> qa^i* (pi. 




eM aqtaO ; vy- sirb (pi. s^\jJ\ 

Dboveb, 8. j^\fm sawwaq. 
Dbown, v.a, s3j^ garraq, yugarriq ; 

n. ySjt gariq, yagraq. 
Dbowsinbss, 8. ^Ui nu'as. 
Dbowsy, adj, (j-cV> na'is; ^UjiJ 

DsuB, V, s^^ <Jarab, yadrib; J;UJ 

qataJ, yaqttd. 
Deubbing, 8. s^^ 4arb. 
Dbudge, V, s-^ ta*ab, yat'ab; 

s— 4^ baiab, yahiSib. 
Deudoeey, 8. s-^ ta*ab (pi. s^UJ^ 

Dbxtg, *. U*> dawa (pi. h)^\ adwi- 

ya-t) ; ^j\^ bah&ra-t ; jUc *aqqar 

(pi. j-«5Uft 'aqaqir). — (article 

alow of aale) S*x-Cf fi^V tijara-t 

Dbug, t;. (mix) tLs- balat, yahlut ; 

^jh^ habbas, yuhabbi?. — (ad- 

miniater druga) ^ bannaj, yu- 

Dbuggist, 8. jiae. *attar ; ^jyc^^ 

Dbum, 8. Jk^ tabl (pi. J^ tubM) ; 

^j^ darbala!-t. 
Dbum, v. J^t tabal, ya^bul ; tabbal, 

yutabbil ; JjJ^ j^ daqq at-tabl, 

yaduqq ; J>;*> darbal, yudarbil. 
Dbummbb, 8. JW^ tabbal. 
Deum-stick, 8. JJJ^ v5*'^ midaqq 

Deunk, Deunken, adj. tjV^ s*^- 

ran (pL «4;^^ sakara). 
Deunkaed, «. s^\/i 6arrab; s-st/^ 

Deunkenness, «. y^ sukr; S^ 

Dey, adj, u-*>^ yabis ; UUiU niUif . 

— (in 8peech, &c.) *>;W b&rid ; <^j^ 

Dey, v.a. *-A-Ai na^^, yuna^sif; 

tr**i yabbas, yuyabbis ; ». *-A^ 

nasif, yan^; ^j-^ tayabbas, 

Deyness, 8, {j'^ yubs; ^^ yu- 

busa-t ; «^Ui niiaf. 
Deysaltbe, «. (druggist) ^ 


Dual, a, ^^ tasniya-t ; ^^♦J^ aJ 

Dubious, adj. *sJ^-Cfc^ maik^k 

^^t«A^ musabbah. 
Ducat, s.y^t^ s-^*^ zahab majar. 
Duck, «. ^ batta-t (pi. ^^ but^t] 
Duck, v.a. u^ gattas* yugattis 

n. cr^ gatas, yagtis; tr^ 

tagattas, yatagattas. — (atoojp 

ij'^^ inhana, yanham. 
Ducking, 8. u^ g^-t? ; (^^ gau? 

^W^ giya?. 
Ductile, ati;. (maUeahle) •>*♦« yam 

tadd. — (tractable) *>Vs«^ muqtad 

Ductility, 8, *y\xs^\ imtidad ; ^V 

Due, adj, *-r^\^ wajib ; (•jll lazim 

v>45 layiq ; s-^-^ munasib. — (a 

a hill, &c!) J^ hall. 
Due, 8, v>»- haqq (pi. jy^ huqAq^ 
Duel, «. (:>a^^ ^^ J^ qital be 

egnen ; ^;U* mu^ara'a-t ; 8j;^ 

mubaraza-t ; ^L^ musayaf a-t 
Duelist, 8, £j^^«^ mutasari'. 
Dues, 8, (taxea) SjU 'ada-t (p 

J«\^ *awayid); 5*y farda-t, fi] 

da-t ; u^ taqs. 
Duet, «. ^y nauba-t. 
Dug, «. £JL halama-t ; j) bizz (p 

j^j» bizaz). 
Dull, adi. (not cheerful) (^j 

hazin; j^ maliil; (^^) za'l&] 

— (alow of underatanding) ^ 

baHd ; ^«<6) bahim. — (drowa] 


na'san ; ^W 


(dull market) •su.l^ j^ sauq kasii 
— (cloudy) ft^^ mugayyam. 

DuLNESs, a, (atupidity) i*^h ball 
da-t; ^W» babama-t; S^W^ gi 
bawa-t). — (aadneaa, annoy anc 
f^ gamm; ^j za*la-t. — (alu 
giahneaa) J-^^ kasl ; ^\y tl 

Dumb, adj, (unable to apeak) xj^ 
ahras, f. U/- hars&' (pi. y* 
hurs); ^\ abkam (pi. ^ 
bukm). — (ailent) «>^U e&ki 
vs-^:- sikkit ; «>-U na^it; «^ 

Dumbness, a. (j^^jd. haras ; ^^ 




bakam. — (silence) va>^^ sukiit; 

u>h4«0 ^amt. 
Dummy, *. J^ ^ikl. 
DxrSf adj. iy\tj4>^\ asmar gamiq; 

^ <atam. 
Dun, v. j-^ 'asar, ya*sur, ya'sir; 

j-^ a'sar, yu*sir; ^j^^ taqacjla, 

Dun, «. /-^ 'asir; vj^^*a* muta- 

Dunce, s. ^ balid ; ^^t^ babim. 
DuNO, «. J»j zibl ; ^Wj zabala-t. 
DuNa, V, J>j zabbal, yuzabbil ; Jy^ 

azbal, yuzbil. 
Dungeon, «. tr***- Jjabs (pi. (^^t*- 

Jbubus); {^^^ sijn (pi. (:)^%*<* 

Dunghill, s, i^y mazbala-t (pi. 

Ji\y mazabil). 
Dupe, a. \J»yAJt^ mag^u^, j^^ mag- 

riir ; f^^A ^ gaiim. 
Dupe, v. {J^ ga^i, yagui^. 
Duplicate, adj. ^^^^ musanna. 
Duplicate, b. . {copy) J^ naql, 

nuql ; ^U Jlab-*^ nusha-t saniya-t. 
Duplicate, v. ^ sanna, yusanni ; 

•-AJU& (jla"af, yuda"if. 
Duplicity, s. see Double-dealing. 
Dubability, 8. 4*^V» sabat ; ^y^ 

gubut ; ft\^^ dawam. 
Durable, adj. {^^ makin; o^V> 

gabit; ^W dayim; ^^ qayim; 

^JA^^ mustadim ; ^^a *^ musta- 

DuBANCE, 8. (imprisonment) ^W^^ 

in^ib&s ; (^t'^sa- l^abs. 
Duration, s. Sa^ mudda-t; ^a^ 

DuBiNG, prep. 5j^ <j* fi mudda-t ; 

J^a* bi-fiil ; f»\^ U ma dam ; v^ 

U ben ma. 
Dusk, 8. <3AAi ^afaq. 
Duskiness, s, ^U^ 'atma-t'; ^UI^ 

Dusky, adj. f^^ 'atim; f^snt^ mu- 

'attim, mu'attam. 
Dust, s. ^f turab; jW^ gubar; 

ip^ gabara-t, gabra-t. 
Dust, v. (free from dust) {j^ 
' luffad, yimaifi^i *-^ uaz^af. 

naggif; ^^ masah, yamsah. — 

(caver or sprinkle vnth dust, &c.) 

j^ gabbar, yugabbir; sj^^ ras4, 

Dustman, s. ^y^^\ cV i^zza^ al- 

Dusty, adj. pio» mugabbir ; (^%* 

s^y malan turab. 
Duteous, Dutiful, adj. g<^ 

muti*; *>^4^ munqad; (•UJ yS 

zu zimam. 
DuTiPULNESS, 8. ls^^\ ita*a-t ; Is^ 

ta*a-t ; *^^\ inqiyad. 
Duty, s. s-^^^ wajib (pi. «i>W^^ 

wajibat) ; ^j^ lazima-t (pi. fvj^y 

lawazim) ; ^3*. haqq (pi. jyfe- 

l^uquq). — (toll) (j-*^ maks (pi. 

^yU mukus) ; csJ^ kumruk 

(pi. csJjU^ kamarik). 
DwABP, 8. Waa- batit; s-^a^^ han- 

qab; c^>>a^ dahda!h; ^^Alafi^ mu- 

qattafa-t ; ^y^s tintal. 
DwABP, V. y^\ a? gar, yu^gir. 
DwABPisH, adj. yiM 9ugayyir ; yj*S 

Dwell, v. {^^ sakan, yaskun. 
Dwelling, s. {^^^^^ maskan (pi. 

(^)^\^>*^ masakm) ; (^V^ makan 

(pi. 6jS^\ imkana-t, (^M ama- 

^^) ; c5**^ magna (pi. jU^ 

Dwindle, v. j^ naqa?, yanqu^. 
Dye, v. (^j^ lawwan, yulawwin; 

^ 9abag, ya9bug ; sabbag, yu- 

Dye, 8. £W« ^ibag. 
Dyeing, s. ^W« gibaga-t ; ^^« gibg. 
Dyer, s. ^W« gabbag. 
Dynasty, 9. J^ al (pi. J^^ awal) ; 

J^ nasi; ^^AAt ta*ifa-t; ^y^ 

daula-t (pi. J^-> duwal). 
Dysenteby, 8. {^^\ (^Xr^ sayal&n 

al-bafn; ^^ JW**^ ishal dam; 

f**> o»y nuzf dam. 
Dyspepsia, s. (i\^^\ ^ butu' al- 

indiham; (%W^S\ y-^^ 'usr al- 

Dyspeptic, adj,y s. (•W^^ ^J^ bati' 

Dysury, 8. ^y^\ y^^ *usr al-bM. 





Each, adj. J^ kuU; ^\y J^ kuU 
wahid; *y fard. — {each other) 
u**» ba*4 ; u^ u**> ba*(jl ba*4 
(with pronominal affix). 
Eager, adj, (ardent) ij n^ j^ mu^ 
tahi ; j\aa^ mu^taq. — (vehement) 
•*i«vA» sadid. — (zealous) •^•e^ jahM. 
Eaqebness, 8. ^f^^ ^mija-t ; ^^ 

gira-t; SjtU« mugayara-t. 
Eaqle, 8, y^ nasr (pl.j>^ nusiir). 
Eaqlet, 8. g^) wulaj. 
Eab, 8, (^^\ uzn (pL ^U\ azan, du. 
(^\iS^ azn&n) ; vulg. (^W d&n, 
M*>^ wudn. — (of com) J^ sabal ; 
^JLj^ sabala-t ; ^I^a^ sumbula-t 
(pi. JjU- sanabil). 
Eab, t;. (form ears) Jj— sabbal, 
yusabbil; J<— ^ asbal, yusbil. — 
(pZottgf^) '^^ harag, ya^iras; 
^ falah, yanah. 
Eablinesb, 8, jt^ tabkir. 
Eably, adj, j<A bakir. 
Eabn, V, s ^*** ^ kasab, yaksib; 
s-^- ^ iktasab, yaktasib; ^j 
rabih, yarba^. 
Eabnest, adj, jtf) waqiir; *>^ 

jahiid ; *^>&* muqayyad. 
Earnest, Eabnbstness, 8. j^^ 
waqar ; •^ jidd ; f*U^\ ihtimam. 
Eabnest-money, 8, ^Wj^ 'urban 

(pi. et>»y 'arabln). 
Earnings, 8. s-^-^ kasb; s-^***^ 
maksib ; %r»\— <»ig ^ iktisab ; ^j 
Eab-eing, «. ^^aU balqa-t (pL *A>\aU. 
^alqat) ; t*i qurt (pi. ^V^ aqrat). 
Earth, 8, \J>^ arcjl (pi. «j-^V aradi) ; 
j^y sara (pi. *V^ agra') ; v»y 
turab ; jW f ahhar. 
Earth, v, (^*> dafan, yadfin; ^ 

tamar, yatmur. 
Earthen, ad/. v»y c:^ min turab ; 
^J^f turabi-y ; y^ {^ min fah- 
Earthlinkss, 8, W'^^ s-^ ^bb ad- 

Earthly, adj. o-^;^ ax^i-y. — 
(worldly) ^^^^ dunyawi-y ; J^Ve 
*alanii-y ; JA-. sufliyy. 

Earthquake, 8, ^f) zilzila-t (pi. 
Jj^Jj zalazil). 

Earthy, adj, <j*e^ tiiii-y« 

Ear-wax, 8, (^\^^\ a-^ wasah al- 

A A 

A A 


Earwig, 8. (^\'i^\ i>V^^* mu^ka^ 
ad-dan ; {J^^ Y^arii ; ^UX qum- 
mala-t. — (slanderer) <^^^ w&ii 
(pi. «yU^ wu^t). 

Ear- witness, «. 2^V.« s&mi'. 

Ease, s. (comfort) Wj r&l^a-t ; ^^ 
rafaha-t ; j^ yasar, yusor ; ^eiJt^l) 
bulahniya-t (pi. ^!i^ balAhi, 
(j)A3^ balahin). — (facility) A^e^ 
suhiila-t ; j^ yusr. — (o/ manners) 
JS«> dalal; ^!U mulayama-t. 

Ease, t;. «JU^ haffaf , yohalfif ; Je^ 
sahhal, yusahbil. 

Easiness, s. ^^ suhMa-t; &\U 
lataf a-t ; &^^ dalbana-t. 

East, «. j^ ^arq ; j;A#» mairiq (pi. 
jjU^ ma^ariq). 

East, Easterly, Eastebn, adj. 
o»7*» ^arqi-y ; o*r*^ mairiqi-y. 

Easter, s. r^\ j^ *aid al-fa?^ ; 
UiijA^\ jL^jJl al-*aid ajS-^rif . 

Easy, adj, (quiet) t^j^ murtat. — 
(not difficult) J6^ sahil; ^^^ 
hayyin (pi. \iyib\ ahwini'). — (not 
formal) m^ mulayim. 

Eat, V, Js\ akal, ya'kul. 

Eatable, adj., s. J^*U ma'kiil (pi. 
c^:J/*U ma'kMat). 

Eaves, s, v>\)^ mizdb (pi. h-sl}W* 

Ebb, 8. jyt jazr. 

Ebb, v.^ jazar, yajzir, yajznr. 

Ebony, *. ^^^\ s-^ft-s. haiab al- 

Ebullition, s. q)\^ galay&n ; <w,W 
fawaran; ^V^^ hayaj&u; A-^ 
baig. ^ 

Eccentric, ac^. (odd) w^jt garfb. 




— (in geometry) ^y^^ 

muhtalif al-marakiz. 
Eccentricity, s. (oddness) h^^ 

garaba-t. — (in geometry) u!isA\ 

f(y^\ ihtilaf al-marakiz. 
Ecclesiastic, Ecclesiastical, aeJ;. 

^J^\^ kanajisi-y. 
Ecclesiastic, «. ^^ qiss (pi. {j»f^ 

qusiis, &-jUJ> qasawisa-t). 
Echo, «. ^J^, v^J^ ^ada (pi. W\ 

a^da') ; ^^y^ dawi-y. 
Echo, v. ^^^A adwa, yudwi ; ^^^ 

a^da, yu^di. 
Eclat, e, (scandal) l^ ^uhra-t. — 

(spleTidour) 0^2) i*auiiaq; S^ 

jalwa-t (jilwa-t, julwa-t). 
Eclipse, s. «*il--Xj\ inkis&f. — (of 

the sun) ;j«**-aJ\ *^y^ kusiif 2A- 

^ams. — (of the moon) fM ^y*^ 

husiif al-qamar. 
Eclipse, v. <JL^ kasaf, yaksif. — 

(the sun is eclipsed) «JL«X»\ in- 

kasaf, yankasif. — (the moon is 

eclipsed) y^\ Ul*^ hasaf al- 

qamar, yahsif; UU^^ inhasaf, 

Ecliptic, s. gj^^ i^aJ**^ mintaqa-t 

Economic, Economical, adj* ^y 

muwaffir ; J*ua^ mu'tadil ; A ^ ^ a** 

Economise, v, ^^ waffar, yuwaffir ; 

•^*s»^ iqta^ad, yaqta^id. 
Economist, s, (m^inager) ;»J^ mu- 

dabbir. — (one who saves) ^y 

muwaffir. — (farmer) t^ fallati 

(pi. reg. and ^^ falalih). 
Economy, s, (management) s-^/ 

tartib ; ^^^\ intigam. — (fru^ 

gality) je^f taufir; oeJL^\ im- 

Ecstasy, s. ^^ waid (pi. ^y^^ 

wujiid) ; «^\U^\ inhitaf. 
Ecstatic, adj, ^fosi^ mahtiif . 
EciTMENic, adj. ^Vft 'amm; ^J•f^ 

Eddy, s. Ui\ ^^^ dawwar al.m4' ; 

^^ gawwar. 
Eddy, v, ;U dar, yadiir. 
Edge, s. (border) cJ^W ^ayif (pi. 

^W tafa-t, Uitfi^ tuyyaf ) ; iU^ 

ha^iya-t (pi. ^5**^^ hawa^i); 

«*iV^ saj&f. — (of a blade) ♦a^ 

hadd (pi. *>^«^ $udud). 
Edge, v. (sharpen) *>»^ t^^^^^j 

yu^addid ; {^ sann, yasunn. — 

(fringe) «-A^- sajjaf, yusajjif; 

iji^ lafaq, yalfiq. 
Edible, adj. see Eatable. 
Edict, s. j^ amr (pi. ;-^V 

awamir) ; f^ hukm (pi. f>^^\ 

ahkam) ; ^Uy firman ^1. (:)**V 

Edification, s. f^^ ta*lim ; s-si«>*^ 

ta'dib ; ^y tarbiya-t. 
Edifice, s. uj bina (pi. ^\ ab- 

niya-t) ; ^W^ bunyan ; S^Uc 

'imara-t, 'amara-t. 
Edify, v. (instruct) ^ 'allam, 

yu'alJim; s^*>\ addab, yu'addib. 

— (improve) ^ ^alla^, yu^alli^ ; 

(M a^lah, yu^lih. 
Edit, v, «--4)\ aJlaf, yu'allif ; cAlo 

^annaf, yn^annif; j^\ azbar, 

Edition, s, ^ tab* (pi. t^ U^a*) ; 

Editor, s. Ui^y mu'allif; cJLlo* 

Educate, v. s^«>^ addab, yu'addib ; 

^j rabba, yurabbi. 
Education, «,a. ^/ tarbiya-t; 

s-i*)V? ta'dib; s-stJ^? tahzib; n. 

^S\ adab ; s^«>V; ta'addub. 
Educe, v. t/^\ ahraj, ynbrij. 
Eel, s. ^ «<W« samak ^ayya-t; 

^ j >o<Jl5a p (tj<i*«U»\) 'ankilis (anklis) ; 

^ff jirri-y (pi. ^j^J^ft jarari). 
Efface, v. ^j^t^ mafia, yam^i; 

<j**4i» XamsLB, yatmus, yatmis ; 

tammas, yufammis; u^mb {alas, 

yatlis ; t^^Uas, yutallis. 
Effect, Effectuate, v. J^* 'amil, 

ya'mal; J*^ ha^^al, yuta99il; 

^ tammam, yutammim. 
Effect, s. J** fi*l, fa*l; J»«A»« 

maful (pi. Jt^^ mafa'il).— 

(con«egi^ence, result) J«W jba^il 

(pi. J^^^ It^&^^iO ) ^»^ nati- 
ja-t. — (impression) f\ agar (pi. 
j^ agar). — (^rpo«e) jj*^ gani4 
(pi. u*^j^^ agra4) ; ^^ qaf d. 




Effective, Effectual, adj. J^ 

f a"al ; ^"^ kafi ; /y mu'assir. 
Effectiveness, 8, ^ycvi fa*iliya-t. 
Effects, 8, JU mal (pi. J^^ am- 

Efpemikacy, 8, JtjJjk? tadlil ; e^tjJi^ 

tahnis ; f^-uis^ tahaimus. 
Effeminate, adj. J^J^ mudallal; 

<i^^^4fe^ muhannas. 
Effervesce, v. ^J^ gala, jagli ; ^Vl 

far, jsd^r ; ^JiJ raga, yargS. 
Effervescence, 8. (^IM gaJaj^ ; 

Syi; ragwa-t (pi. ^^J rugan). 
Effete, adj. f*y^ harim. 
Efficacious, Efficient, adj. ^J^^ 

k&ft ; JUi f a"&l ; JicU f A41i.y. 
Efficaciousness, Efficacy, Effi- 
ciency, 8. ^tJ^U fa*iliya-t. 
Effkjy, 8. l^yo 9ura-t (pi. jjj* 

9uwar) ; 'Ltii naqsa-t. 
Efflobesce, v.y^} zahar, yazhar ; 

zahbar, yuzanmr ; y^j^ azhar, 

yuzhir ; jy nawwar, yiinawwir. 
Efflorescence, 8. jt^^y tazhir. — 

(eruption of the 8kin) j^ basr 

(pi. jy^ busAr) ; v»^ jarab. 
Effluence, Efflux, 8. ^V* saya- 

Effluent, a^. {^ JjV-. s&yil min. 
Effluvium, 8. j^. babar ; •xcU? 

Effort, s. J^^ jahd ; *3\^s^\ ijtiMd ; 

^^yt- Ba*i; J^ jadd. 
Effrontery, 8. ^Vi^ waq&ha-t; 

ljb\iu^ safaha-t ; S^v^ fanjara-t. 
Effulgence, s. Sy^. jalwa-t; J<r 

Effusion, «. s-^ ^abb ; s^W^ in- 

9ibab; h\j\ ir&qa-t ; «bU^ safk; 

iji*y dafq. 
E.G., (exempli gratia, for in8tance) 

^^ masalan. 
Egg, v. (in8tigate) *^^ harrak, yu- 

Egg, 8. J^ baid ; ^ bai^a-t. 
Egg-cup, 8. cJ^ garf (pi. ^^j^ 

Egg-shell, 8. i-AeJ^ ^as qilr al- 

baida-t (pi. j*AS qu^ur). 
Egotism, s. l^^\ ananiya-t. 
Egregious, adj. J^**^ mumtaz; 

j^e'A^ ma^biir; ^Viks«* mutafa- 

Egress, 8. tyf- buruj. 
Eight, adj. ^U> gamaniya-t, f. 

^iU* , ^Ju^ gamani. 
Eighteen, adj. y^ ^U> gamfini- 

ya-t *a.4ar. 
Eighteenth, adj. y^ {^^ gamin 

Eightfold, adv, u\su\ ^U> sami- 

niya-t ad'af. 
Eighth, adj. {^^ gamin. 
Eighth, 8. (an eighth part) {^ 

gumn (pi. (^US\ agman). 
Eighty, Eightieth, adj. {^^ 


Either, adj. '>cA ahad ; UjfcJ^f 

Either, conj. f^ am ; U^ amma. 
Ejaculate, v. (cry out) J^J za*aq, 

yaz*aq; ^J^ nada, yandii. — (utter 

a 8hort prayer) tjff^ ^aulaq, yu- 

Ejaculation, 8. 8^ da*wa-t ; W^ 

Eject, v. tj^\ abraj, yuhrij ; t^ 

tarah, yafrab. 
Ejection, Ejectment, s. t\j^\ 

Elaborate, v. J^ kammal, yu- 

kammil ; ff^ gannaS yusanni'. 
Elabobate, adj. ^y^ kamil ; M^ 

mukammal; j*- mu^anna'. 
Elabobateness, 8. Ai«> diqqa-t. 
Elabobation, 8. 2d^^ tagni' ; Jt^ 

Elapse, v. ^^ ma^a, yam<Ji ; «*>U 

fat, yaf ut. 
Elastic, adj. JUi ^ ijS^ yukaii wa 

yumadd ; ^jJ ladn. 
Elasticity, 8. ^l^ ka^a^t; S^ 

l^f*!' quwwa-t tabawwuliya-t; 

&U laddna-t. 
Elate, v. j4 babbar, yukabbir. 
Elate, €^j. ^— iXx^ mutakabbir; 

^--Ai* munfasih. 
Elation, 8. yt^ takabbur. 
Elbow, 8. £/ ku* (pi. ^U«^ ki'&n, 

g^^ akw&O ; ijiy mirfaq ^JA^^ 

Elbow, v. ^\^ z&]|]iam, yuz&j^dm; 




fjLh^ dsSuif jadfu^; daffai, yu- 

Elbowing, 8, (•^*>j^ izdi^am ; iU*^j 

Eldeb, adj. jt^ akbar, f. ^47*^ 

Eldeb, s, (^ ^aib (pi. ty6*» suyuh, 

tl«A\ asjab, (4^-ft-« maiayib, &c.). 

— {tree) (^j^--^? bailasan ; UUi- 

bamama ; (^U^ buman. 
Eldeblt, s. jVift^rf.^ ibtiyar. 
Elect, v. j^^ ihtar, yabtar ; s-^at^^ 

intahab, yantabib; ^J^^ i^tafa, 

Elect, «. j^^afe^ muhtAr, jJo*^ mu?- 

taf a ; v^^?^"-^ muntahab. 
Election, s, J^t^\ ibtiyar ; v»Wii\ 

Elective, adj. s-ats^ muntabib. 
Electobal, adj. ^Jt^^i^^ intihabi-y. 
Electbic, Electbical, adj. i^j^ 

Electbicity, 8. S^j^ kabrabayi- 

Electbipy, v. s-»;^ kabrab, yukab- 

rib. — (excite) ^ hayyaj, yubay- 

• • 

Elegance, a. li>\j^ ^arafa-t; 1^%^ 

Elegant, adj. ^-^J^ zarif; ^JSi. 

babi-y ; ^^ mali$. 
Elegy, s. SU^ mar^at; ^/» mar- 

siya-t (pi. ^J^J^ marasi) ; Sj^^ 

qa^ida-t (pi. J^ qa^id, J^Ui 

Element, s. (constituent part) 

j-*ic *un9ur (pi. j^^ *anaf ir) ; 

J^t a§l (pi. J^^ U9ul) ; fj*\ iss 

(pi. <j*l-\ asAs). — (rudiments) 

*»^ badw ; <^*)W» mabadi (pi of 

tj^j.^ mabda) ; J|«^ U91II. 
Elemental, Elementaby, adj. 

^JyoiA *un9uri-y ; ^^^ a§li-y. 
Elephant, s. ^ fil (pi. JW*^ 

afyal, JW* fi^al). 
Elephantiasis, s. f*W jazam ; \*y 

^\ dA' al-fU. 
Elevate, v. g*; rafa*, yarfa* ; ^J^ 

*alla, yu*alli. 
Elevation, s. g^j\ irtifa* ; Sjtij 


Eleven, adj. yt^c J^^ ahad *a^ar, f . 

8^ ^J'i^^ ihda *a^ra-t. 
Eleventh, adj.ji^ <^->Vft. badi *a^r, 

f . lyL£. ^jW hadiya-t *a.4ra-t. 
Elp, s. {:yt jinn (pi. ^ jinna-t) ; 

^^5^^ jinni-y, f. t^ jinniya-t. 
Elicit, v. v»«^ jazab, yajzib ; tj^\ 

abraj, yubrij. 
Eligible, adj. s-^ ^ -^ yuntahab ; 

;4J^ jadir. 
Eliminate, v. ^J^^ alga, yulgi. 
Elision, s. ^^ hazf. 
Elite, s. ^^ bala^a-t ; ^^ nuh- 

Elixib, s. jtr^ iksir, aksir. 
Ell, s. th^ ziraS zara* (pi. t^^\ 

Ellipse, Ellipsis, s. (omission) 

s^:^ hazf; jW:^ ijaz ; ji^ taq- 

dir. — (in geometry) ,^5-4«s» baidi-y. 
Elliptical, adj. «->^«W» mahzfif; 

<^;«Afi? taqdiri-y. — (oval) ^J^ 

Elm, s. S;^*>;*> dardaiu-t; ^^^ 

buqi9a-t; ^^ S^ ^ajara-t al- 

baqq. ^ 

Elocution, «. ew bayan; jiys* 

taqrir ; J» naql ; ^^ na??. 
Elooium, Elogy, 8. ^^^ madib. 
Elongate, v. J^ tawwal, yutaw- 

wil ; JU.\ at41, yutil. 
Elongation, s. Jijf^ tatwil ; ^VL\ 

Elope, v. ^ farr, yafirr. 
Elopement, «. ;^/ firar. 
Eloquence, «. ^Ui fa^aha-t ; ^^ 

balaora-t; eWj bayan. 
Eloquent, adj. ^^ fafih (pi. 

U^ f u^aba*) ; ^Jlj balig (pi. Ul» 

Else, adj. jtt gair; /-^ ahar, f. 

f^^\ uhra. 
Elsewhere, atit?. /^ ^y o* ^ 

mauda' ahar. 
Elucidate, v. ^ fassar, ynfassir ; 

(2)^ bayyan, yubayyin ; ^^ wad- 

4ab, yuwaddih ; t/*» iarab, yai- 

Elucidation, s. ^*-J^ tafsir; t>^ 

^arb ; (^^ bayan ; c«^y tau- 


Em] 1 

EnTDE, V. (^ JjW IjAwal 'an, yu- 

EiHACiiLTK, v.n. <-ia* naljhaf, ya- 

naljhif ; ol^^l a-nhaf, yunhif ; J^ 

bazal, yahzil; n. J^\ iiihazal, 

Emaciation, ^.J^^nuMfa-t: Ji^ 

Emancipate, v. iy*\ a'taq, ju'tiq ; 

Ljltl atlaq, vutliq. 
Emancipation, «. ijpc'atq; J^l 

i'tAq; jUl itlftq. 
Embalm v Vj*- liannal. juhannit ; 

,*— 1( bal8a,iu, yiibalaim. 
Embalming, «. ^fBH tahni^ j It-J* 



Embank, -ti. -^ aadd, yasudd. 
Ehbankhent, 8. T-^jier ([il.j^— *. 

jusflr) ; A- Budd (pi. JjA- BudAd) ; 

C^e 'arim. 
EHBARao, «. Cj^aiJt (^ s-^^1 £M 

W^l t?- man' al-tnarSkib 'an al- 

hurflj min al-minA. 
Embaek, n.a. w-ijti\i Jj» nazzal bi- 

'1-markab, yunazzil ; ^5-.j wasaq, 

vaaiq; n. ^«J1 s-Sj rakib al- 

bal^r, yarkab. 


Embahras, u. ji=.liayyar,yuhayyir; 

(jiil balaa, yabluS ; ^y^ sawwoS, 

Embahbahsment, «. i;^ Ijira-t; 

iJ^yJJ ta,ivU ; It^ bala£a>t. 
Ehbasst, s. ij^ sifnra-t, safara-t. 
Emhkli.ish, t!. i^v-i- hassan, yuljaB- 

Bin; J*»- jamiiial. viijammil; 

(jii zayvan, yuzayyin. 
Ehbbllishhbkt, 8. (j e 1^ taJtisin; 

JsW= tajrail. 
Embers, s. ^^ malla-t. 
Embezzle, v. fV^^j-^ j^saraq dara- 

Embbzzlement, *. ^r- sariqa-t j 

i-li bulsa-t (pi. t/i- halas). 
Emblazom I'. fM 'alam, yii'liin; 
<^!j zayyan, yuzayyin; jj* sn,w- 
war ¥«(i;iwwir. 


i-ic 'a!fima-t (pi. ^S» 'alayim) ; 
yLUe> niiin (pi. t^o*W nayaain). 

! [Emi 

Ehblbu, 8. J«W tamgil ; ljl*l 
i4ara-ti 3V majAz; y*j rami 
(pi, jj«, mmiiK) ; i(W kinaya-t. 

Emblematic, Emblematical, adj. 
^y) r.imzi-y ijUSJ li 1-iSara-t. 

Embodimesi, 8. ^fcy— •? ' taisi'ii. 

EMBOD7, c. ,*-* jassain, yujaa- 

Embolden, v. }~f jassar.yujasBir; 

j^ Sajja', yusajji'. 
Embosb, It. e^ ta'aj, yafaj ; e*i 

la-aj, yal>'aj ; i3^ ba'aq, yab'aq. 
Embowbl. i> tjW* J* ^q w- 

batn, yasuqq. 
Embrace, u. iji'* 'anaq, yu'ftniq ; 

y.^ hadan, yabdiin. — {seine 

eagerly) i*^ ittaiiaz, yattiibiz. 
Embrace, *. ytiso-l ihtiiiAu; u-*^ 

Ijadn ; ■i'^^*' mu'ilmiqa-t. 
EmbrasdhE, 8. C*J*13 «lt (Aqa-t 



11. j^ farmz, ymarriz. 
EMBHoiDEreER. V. \^^ (arMz. 
EmbroidebV ».*>'> (iriiza-t ; >ijl» 

tatriz ; J^j^ tiraz. 
Embroil, v. {JM bala^, yablui; 

kii:^. ^uliUak, yusaljbik. 
Ehbbto, 8, i^K^ iiuiu (pi. iJ** 

a,jiiuia-t, tjJ»l ajnun). 
Emendation, s. c^ ta?lib; c**^ 

Embbald, 8. •>/•) zumuiTud. 
Emerge, 0, sf- baraj, yahrai j ^ 

y- tala' inin, ya^lu' ; ^ baraz, 

Emergency, s, fjlL (ulu'. — (evenf) 

(>j^ 'arid {pi. ^/j^y 'aw&rid); 

iJjL. liAili;ri-l. (pi. ~4jj1j»- ^aw4- 

dis).— {occasion) ^ji fur?a-t (pi, 

y«^ fura?). 
Emetic, s. ,jb** muqayy! ; i_^^^ 

Emiobant, s. ^J^'^ fafi^; ;^V* 

Emiokatb, v. (jtA tafas, ya^fid; 

;** hajar, yahjur; ^^\ iotazaji, 

Emigration, 8. yUuftl. {afasaii ; JjJ 

yijll tark al-wataii ; £;>» hijra-t, 

Eminence, s. ^^j\ irtifa' ; £*lw 




'a^ama-t ; ^ *ulw, iilfiw. — {title) 

6^^ fadila-t (pi. Ja^ fadajil). 
Em IN!-: NT, adj. ^J\^ 'all; g*»/* mur- 

tafi* ; «-&>/• ^arif ; ^*Jfcc 'asim. 
Emissary, 8. ^^W- jiisus (pi. 

u-*-^^ jawasis; J^>\) rajid (pi. 

•>^jy ruwwad). 
Emission, «. c^-^ ihraj ; j^^t 

Emit, v. («e/id forth) t/^\ ahraj, 

juhrij ; )fi\ abraz, vubriz. 
Emmet, s. Jw naml, iUi namla-t 

(pi. jUi nimal). 
Emclument, 8, Sj^Va favida-t (pi. 

JkjUi fa way id) ; i«A^ inanfa*a-t 

(pi. g*U» manafi*) ; J^J^ mad- 

Emotion, 8, (^^*«A hayajan; ^f- 
^araka-t ; v»^ye^\ idtirab. 

Emotional, adj, g-s6^ muhayvij ; 
^yn^ Diuharrik. 

Empale, v. jj^ hauzaq, yuhauziq. 

Empalement, 8. ^j^ bauzaqa-t. 

Empebob, 8, e)^^ sultan (pi. {^%* 
salatin) ; yo^ qaigar (pi. 8;*^ 

Emphasis, 8. j^s^*Vj ta*kid ; Ij^ 
iiabi*a-t ; ^L^ mubalaga-t. 

Emphasise, v. ^ akkad, yu*akkid ; 
l^a^A fahham, yufahhim. 

Emphatic, adj, <^ji^*^ ta'kidi-y ; 
f^skk fahm. 

Empibe, 8, {kingdom) i^^U^ mam- 
laka-t; i3.j dawla-t (pi. ^\^^ 
duwal). — (imperial dignity) &aCL 
sal^ana-t. — {dominion) y\ amr; 
^y^ hukiiiua-t ; SaL-* tasallu^. 

Employ, v, {occupy) J*^ ^agal, 
yaigal ; iaggal, yusaggil. — {one- 
self) M^ i^tagal, ya^tagil. — 
{u8e) J»MU>*\ ista'mal, yasta'mil; 
f**^ haddam, yuhaddim; <jya» 
ta^arraf , yatasarraf ; J^^ wakkal, 

Employment, s, {occupation) J*a 
^ugl (pi. J^^ asgal, J^ 
^ugul) ; J^AA^ ma^gala-t (pi. 
JiU^ masagil) ; J** 'amal (pi. 
jUft\ a'mal) ; ^J^ bidma-t. — 
{office) s-A*^ man? ab (pi. s-^^ 

Empobium, 8. jJU) baiidar (pi. ^«iW 

banadir, Per8.), 
Empoweb, v. jJ^ qaddar, yuqaddir ; 

<>^ f aw wad, yufawwi^. 
Empbess, 8. ^UJL sul^ana-t. 
Emptiness, 8. S^ hala' ; ^ hulu-w ; 

Ui fidiV. 
Empty, adj. ^U f A^i ; J\^ hali ; 

^;Va farig ; <^^W hawi. 
Empty, v. ^J^ isi^^a., yufa44i ; ij* 

farrag, yufarrig. 
Emulate, v. ji^ gayafi J^gajir; 

v5jU sabaq, yusabiq ; ^j-^U nlLfas, 

y unafis. 
Emulation, 8. ^^ gaira-t, gira-t; 

£;iU^ mugayara-t; ^L^ musa- 

Emulous, adj, jiU»« mugayir; <^U» 

Enable, t;. ^•^i qaddar, yuqaddir ; 

j^y qawwa, yuqawwi ; {j^ mak- 

kan, yuiuakkin. 
Enact, v. f^ hakam, yal^kum; 

^_5-i5 qada, yaqcjli. 
Enactment, 8. f\ amr (pi. f\^ 

awamir) ; f^ b^kin (pi. |»b^\ 

ahkam) ; ^ qada'. 
Enamel, 8. U<y« mina (Per«.). 
Enamel, v, W^l^ s-^ rakkab bi-'l- 

mina', yurakkib ; ^J^ naqqas, 

Enamoub, v. UUbfti sagaf, yaigaf; 

^jt\ agram, yugnm. 
Encamp, v. ^•^ hayyam, yuhay- 

yiiu ; ^^f^ s-^ na^ab *ur4i, 

yan^ub ; Jy nazal, yanzil. 
Encampment, 8. ^^f^ *ur<jli {^^^ 

urdi, Turk.) ; j^ Jm ma^askar ; 

iiaas^ muhatia-t. 
Encase, v. .u^ gamad, yagmid, 

yagmud ; Jt-4^\ agmad, yug- 

Enchain, v, ^ qayyad, yuqayyid ; 

j)^ janzar, yujanzir ; fr} zanjar, 

Enchant, v. »^- sahar, yashur. — 

{delight) *SJJ la^ zaz, yuiazziz. 
Enchanteb, 8. jW« sahhar. 
Enchantment, 8, ;^*« si^; 

Enchantbbbb, 8. Sj».U salj^ira-t. 




Enchase, v, £«; ra^^aS jura^^i'; 

x^ naddad, junaddid. 
Encircle, v. <-^ kannaf, yukan- 

nif ; v* i»^^ ahat bi, yuhi^. 
Enclose, v. s^jJ zarrab, juzarrib ; 

jjkD. hadaq, yahdiq ; v* i»^^ aha^ 

bi, yuhit ; {^^ damman, ju^am- 

Enclosure, «. {fence) s^^) zarb (pi. 

SJ'jyj zurub). — {}tlace enclosed) 

^J^ b^^<l&-t (pL <3>^J^ hada- 

yiq); y-*^ 9ahn (pi. o^** 

9uhiin) ; s^»y* mazrub. — (in a 

letter) cjyJi* malfuf ; &J» ^ayya- 

hu ; &^i4>^ dimna-hu. 
Encomiast, «. c^J^ maddah ; c**^ 

Encomium, «. c*^ madh ; U> sana' 

(pi. ^\ asniya-t); h/s taqrig. 

— (0/ a dead person) {^"V ta' bin. 
Encompass, v, i^y^ ihtawa, yah- 

tawi; j4NSih\ istamal, yastamil, 

j\^ dar, yadur (all three with J^ 

Encounter, «. (meeting) i*jU^ 

mu^adafa-t; ^\ iltiqa'; ^^£U 

malaqa-t. — (combat) a1»uu muqa- 

tala-t ; to^ waq'a-t ; s^^ l^b 

(pi. v^ tur^b). 
Encourage, v.;*-^ ja88ar,yujas8ir; 

^%A ^jja*, yu6aj ji* ; w^j raggab, 

yuraggib ; o-^ ^ags, yahu§§. 
Encouragement, s. s- ^/ targib ; 

*4^/»=^ ta^rik ; ^/«;^ tahiri^. 
Encroach, v. ^ ^*9^ ta*adda 

*ala, yata*adda; ^J>^ J^VW ta^a- 

wal *ala, yata^wal. 
Encroachment, s, ^^J^ ta'addi ; 

J^UbJ tatawul. 
Encumber, t?. Jlc Js» saqqal *ala, 

yusaqqil; J**, ^aminal, yu^am- 

mil ; »AWi labbak, yidabbik. 
Encumbrance, 8. lj>fS ta*arrud ; 
vH Siql (pi. J^^ asqal) ; Je"? 

tagqil. — (family) JV^c *iyal. 
Encyclop(edia, 8, f*y^^ C«>>^ 

majma' al-uiuin (pi. ^W* ma- 


End, 8, (termination) W^\ intiha* ; 
/A abir; ^U*. hitam ; k^ gaya-t. 
— (aim) A*i qa^d ; f^ *azm ; •>\^ 

mumd.— (death) J^^ ajal (pi. 

J^^ ajal). 

End, v.a, ^ tammam, yutammim ; 
ji^ kammal, yukammil ; ^ 
hatam, yahtim; hattam, yr^at- 
tim ; n. \j^\ intaha, yantahi. 

Endanger, r. >^ hatar, yuhatir. 

Endear, r. h-«^ habbab, yuljab- 

Endearment, «. sr-«eBi» tahbib; 

s-^^e^ tahabbub. 
Endeavour, v. ^^ sa'a, yas'a; 

Jk6^\ ijtahad, yajtahid ; -^^ jadd, 

Endeayour, 8. J«^ jadd ; -^e^ jahd ; 

o^^5t^\ ijtihad ; ^Uj» himma-t. 
Endless, adj, 4^6* *5 U ma la-hu 

nihaya-t; ^^•> dayim ; s5«>»^ 

Endlessness, s, f^\^*y dawam ; -^^ 

abad (pi. o^^ abad, ^ji\ ubiid) ; 

^^ hulud). 
Endemic, adj, ^jJ^ baladi-y. 

Endorse, Endorsembnt, «. see 

Endow, v. ya^ jahhaz, yujahhiz ; 
j9^ mahar, yamhur ; J h-^j rattab 
li, yurattib. — (for pioua useti) 
«-^^ waqaf, yaqif ; «^-Ai^\ aaqaf , 

Endowment, s, yt9Pr tajhiz ; ytA*^ 
tarnhir; ^ muhr. — (for punu 
uses) Uiiy waqf (pi. s^\i^\ auqaf, 
^y») wuquf). 

Endurance, s, p^ ^abr ; jWko\ 
i^tibar; J***?* tahamuiul. — (UjmU 
ingness) ^ baqa' ; ^f^s^ istim- 
riir. — ( 'perseverance) l^^^^ mu- 
dawama-t ; (^Uo\ idman ; £Ak\^ 

Endure, t?. {hear) ,ys^ ibtamal, 
yahtainil ; J*^*^ tahainmal, yata- 
haminal; ^ y^ ^abar *ala, 
ya^bur. — (}ast) ^U dam, yadum ; 
l»Ui-\ istaqam, yastaqim ; y^s^ 
istamarr, yastamirr. 

Enemy, s. ^^ *adu.w (pi. \jlc\ a*da', 
^^S>^ a^adi, «t>\jkc *udat, ^^^ 
*udan, 'idan); ^Ufca dusman 




Enebobtic, ddj, (^y» qawi-j ; /*<6^ 

Enebot, 8. l^\^ ^ahama-t; l^ 
quwwa-t (pi. ^^ quwan, qiwan). 

Enebvate, Enfeeble, v, <-Jbub 
4a"af, yu4a"if; tJL-«^\ ad*af, 
yud*if ; J4^\ ahmal, yuhmil. 

Enebyated, adj, sj^ hatlaq, hafal- 

Enbbvation, «. Ulsjui? ta4*if ; '^^\ 

Enfobce, v. (strengthen) ^^^ qaw- 
wa, yuqawwi. — (compel) f^^\ 
alzam, julzim; s-^^ ga^ab, 
yag^nb; ;<^1 ajbar, yujbir. 

Enfobcement, «. f\^\ iizam ; j^ 
qahr ; jW\ ijbar. 

Enfbanchise, V, ij>^\ atlaq, yut- 
^^ > jy^ harrar, yuharrir ; j^c 
'ataq, ya*tiq. 

Enfbanchisement, 8, s3l^\ Hlaq; 
v3^^ i*taq. 

EwaAGE, t7.a. (occupy) jAft» saggal, 
yusaggil; j^^ alzam, yulzim. — 
(hire) yt-i ajar, ya'jir, ya'jur. — 
(pledge) (^^ rahan, yarhun, yar- 
hin ; ^^\j rahan, yurahiu ; n. 
(embark in business) ^ £j^ ^ara* 
fi, yaira*. — (fight) jj^ ta*araq, 
yata*araq; JJU5 taqatal, yata- 

Engaged, adj, J^*-**^ masgul, &c. 
— (betrothed) s ^ bitt^b, hatib ; 
J s^^aae* mahtiib li. 

Engagement, s. (appointment) 
s— aA^ man^ab (pi. v^^ mana- 
9ib); li^^ wazifa-t (pi. «-Atlt^ 
wagayif) ; i-As. hidma-t (pi. #»J«s- 
bidam). — (battle) ^jV^^ muijLara- 
ba-t; jUi qital; iOiJU* muqa- 
tala-t. — (to marry) IJiba, hu^ba-t. 

Engaging, adj. (captivating) v**^W 
ja?ib (pi. v»3\^ jawa?ib). 

Engendeb, V, (beget) ^^ walad, 
yalid. — (cause to exist) s-*<— sab- 
bab, yusabbib ; ^\ antaj, yun- 

Engine, s, aJ'^ ala-t (pi. «t>5\ alat). 
Engineeb, s. (ji«*9^A6^ muhandis. 
Engbain, V, 0^^ ^ 9abag gainiq, 

Engbave, v. vjt» naqa^, yanqa^. 
Engbaveb, «. yj»^ naqqu^ ; *s3^^ 

Engbaving, «. (jft^ naqs (pi. ^y» 

Enqboss, v. J\J\ jAfti sagal al-bal, 

Engulf, v. ^ bala*, yabla* ; f^\ 

ibtala*, yabtali*. 
Enhance, v. *>1j zad, yazid; J«j 

zayyad, yuzayyid ; ^^} zawwad, 

Enhancement, s. jVjjj^ izdiyad; 

£Va>j1 irtifa*. — (of price) ^^ 

tazwid ; iy*> tagliya-t. 
Enigma, «.ykJ lagz, lugz (pi. j^^ 

algaz) ; yj ramz (pi. jy»j rum&z). 
Enigmatic, Enigmatical, adj,)*^ 

mulgaz ; ^j^»^ mu^amma. 
Enjoin, v. ^A amar, ya*mur ; ^J^^ 

wa99a, yuwa??! ; ^J^)\ au^a, yu^i. 
Enjoy, v. Jso- hagi, yahza; qx^ 

tamatta*, yatamatta* (both with 

Enjoyment, s. gs^ tamattu* ; ^il? 

talazzuz ; f^tus tana" am. 
Enkindle, v. ^\ a4*al, yiis'il; 

•wJ^^ auqad, yiiqid. 
Enlabge, V, g-^ wassa*, yuwassi* ; 

j^ kabbar, yukabbir ; Jy» t&wwal, 

yatawwil. — (set free) ,^^ hallaf, 

yuhalli? ; ^J}i^ a^lak, yutlik. 
Enlabgembnt, «. *y^*y}\ izdiyad; 

jif^ takbir; gt>-y tausi* ; S^\ 

Enlighten, v. \^\ a4&\ yudi' ; ^y 

nawwar, yunawwir. — (instruct) 

^ *allam, yu*allim. 
Enlightenment, s, jk^ tanwir; 

f^^ taMiiu. 
Enlist, v.a. h/^'^\ ^^ «^fiM» ^bak 

fi-4-*a8kariya-t, yasbuk ; n. Jrf-*> 

h/''^\ ^J dahal ti-'l-'askariya-t, 

Enlistment, s, v2)W*&i^ in^ibak; 

/-^\ ^ Jys.o duhM fi.*l- 

Enliven, v. (cheer) 1*-^ basat, yab- 

sut; Cr^ farrat, yufarrit. — 

(make vigorous) ^^f qawwa, yu- 

qawwi ; ^j^ ]^amma, yiitammt, 

Enm] 1 

EuiciTY, ». SjIj* 'adSwa-t; o'jM 

'udwun ; Ltytd. hujuma-t. 
Ehnoblb, «. kJj^ sarraf, vujarrit'; 
jjc 'azzaz, yu'aKziz ; jil a'azz, 
Ehobmitt, g. i;«£ kabira-t. 
Ehokmous, adj. 4(Ja ^did; j«i 

Ebouoh, adj., adv. ^tU^llt bU'l- 
kafftja-t; u-i basa : jSj jakfa 
(3 .or.). 
Enough, «. ^J^^ kafi; ^i^ kafa- 

ya-t- S-— =- hasb. 
Enraue, ii s—i* ga^tjab, yuga4- 

clili ^.r~ii1 ag^iib, yugdib. 
ENaAPTURK, V. JflnH s-£. Balab al- 
'aql, yaalab; Ut^A sabta(, yu- 
Enrich, v. ,^1*1 agna, yugni. 
Enbol, p. J^— sajjal, yusajjil; 
jsiJl ji JloI qayyad fi-'d-daftar, 
Enrolment, «. Js«~J taejil; ^p* 

Enburinb, d. (J)*- bazan, ya^zan, 

yahzin ; Ii^ tafiz,'yabf«. 
Enshroud, d. fjiS kafan, yakfin ; ' 
kaffan, yukafiin. | 

Ensign, i. {jiag) ^ 'alain (pi. i 
f^\ a'Um); i.lj raya-t; vjjrf 
bairaq {pi. jjL| bayariq). — [the 
bearer) jIjJ^ bairaqdar; jl-uio 
'alamdar (pi, of both h -iya-t). 
Enslave, v. x ,*iJ\ ista'bad, yaa- 
ta'bid; fAi tain, yatim ; ^wT tay- 
yam, juUyvim. 
Eksnarg, L\'^\^ t«lu»* maaak bi-'l- 
fahh, yamsuk ; .«!/J' o* ft' 
auqa' fl-'s-^arak, yiiqi'. 
Ensub, v. ^ tiib.i-, yatbj,'; J-^ 

taflal, yatsal ; Si talii, ya-tlii. 
Enbqre, v. see Insure. 
Entail, v. ii\j^\ ^u^ ba^a? al- 

wiraga-t, yuhaffif . 
Entail, «. fi'lj^lt uae.o>« tah^!? al- 

Entanolb, v. Ll»^ lahbat, yulah- 
bit i .^^ Sabbak, yuiabbik ; J*/> 
'arqal, yu'arqil. 
Ehianoleubht, tr. flntij lal)bata<t; 
if^ tabf a-t. 


I. jaliJ i 

walaj, jalij ; ij^ hasi, yabuss. 

Entekprisb, «. &*«• mubimma-t ; 

^>-<^^ niaq^ad (;>1. J>-^ maqa^id) ; 

fijiLp- inu)>asara-t. 

ENTEBrRisiNQ, adj. j-W jiair ; 

JJ-* jaaur. 
Entertain, v. (coaverse) ^ t»- 
kallLim, yalakiillam.— (a« a ko»t) 
*JU ijiit^ vadif. — {divert) ^ 
salb, yuaalli; y-i\ inaa, yu'ania. 
—(^h:,p '-Ali kallaf, yukaihf. _ 
Entebtainiis, s. «-*!?*• luu^if ; 

&iL^1 s,,,i.Lc ^ii^ib a4-<liyafa-t. 
Entebtainment, a. (fcanjueO i*W* 
^iytifa-t ; >U-1} "Williiua-t {pi. f^3> 
walAyiiu) ; i— j^ 'azflma-t. — 
(aiitwMniwn*) iiij* uuzha^t ; i»j* 
farja-t ; Hi lajja-t. 
Enthrone, c, ij~V\ ajlaa, yujlia. 
Ehthusiash, a. laWt^ hayajan ; 
(jUo* hayaraan ; s— i^ ta'awub, 
Enthubesst .8. Enthdsiastic, En- 
thusiastical, adj. ^^ hayim; 
fi^^i — • mustahiiiu ; '^ .*» ' •« mu- 
Ekticb, v. 45J* gawa, yagwi ; gaw- 
wa, yugawwi ; (j^l agwa, yugwt. 
Enticement, j. \^\ igwa' ; i|JW 

Entire, adj. -U t4mm ; ^Ui 
tainam ; J^^kainil ; cfi^^ faljil>. 
Entibelt, tjrf(\ 'tjK kulliy-an : 

41iiW bi-'l-kiill!j-a-t. 

Entibbnbss, Entibett, a. JU^ 

kamali Jn>«J^ takmUj l^ kuU 


Entitle, v. {name) ,j*— Bamma, 

TUaainm!. — (give a title) -^ 

taqqab, yulaqqib. — {arUkorite) 

jj*y fawwa^, jufawwitl. 

Entity, g. ^jt'S k&yia (pi. 

kayiuat) ; ~>ff^ maiijud 

*t)'-ij»-j* iiiiiiijudiit.). 

Entomb, v. ^ qabai, yaqbi 

bir ; (^o dafan, yadfin. 
Entombment, b. jiA* maqbar. 
Enthails, «. Ua.1 a^iaa'; jjijU. 

malaria . 
Entrance, Entbt-, a. Jj*.o du^M. 
— (ctoorj J-.J- madtal; ^\t bab 


■, yaq- 

Ekt] 1! 

(pi. *^V' abwftb, gWm b!bAn).— 
(banning) ^■>^'^ ibtidi'. — (in a 
book) Je*-i taajil ; V* 4«bt. 
Ekteancb, v. "■** Battat, juia])- 

Entbap, v. Sj>f>^^ dl—rf masak bi- 

■l.mi|yji>la-t, wuusiik. -(tefte in) 

yti gass, yagusS. 
Ektrbat, p. o*y tarajja, yatarajja j 

gjja ta^arra', v&ta^arra'. 
EktbeatV, ». 4lt talaba-t; Jjtf 

tiidarru'; JlwHUtibai. 
Entet, «, Bee Entbancb, 
Emtwine, v. f* ijafar, ya^fur ; g-* 

nasaj, yansij, yansuj. 
Esu>ii-:iiATE, I*. •«= 'add, ja'idd ; 

^j«. Imsa,, Vivi,i?i. 
ENUMEitATiON ». JjJri ta'did ; I— 1 

Enunciate, v. {pronounce) t-*l 

lafas, yalSg ; Wi talaffaz, yata- 

laffai- — {makeknoifii j**l abbar, 

yuhbir ; fi^ Sabhar yusabbir ; 

fit>\ ashar, yuShir. 
EntjscIAtion ». itiU talaffuB. 
Envelop, v. o* '-*' 1*^ fi- ja'"*' J 

^ cjiU galluf bi, yugallif. 
Emvblope, 8. *»^ lafafa-t (pi. <-4iW 

Ufftyif) ; t-*!*- mugallaf ; JS* 

gilaf (pi. «J»-^ gulf, guluf, 

Enviable, adj. a— a:yuljsiul. 
Enviods, ik/j J-i* b'lsiii ((il. ol— 

t^usttad) Jj— o. Ijiisi'iii 
Entibon, c. ^ tUl iiljAt l», yuhit; 

i^ hawwat,yul)awwit. 
Environs, b. JV ljaw»la ; iJ\^\ 

atrflf ; jlj* jawar. 
Envoy, «. Jy-j ™8"1 (P'- >3-J '"sul) ; 

jst. safir (pi. \/* sufara ). 
E»vr, ». .w.*- Ijasud. 
Envt, o, a-* ^aaad, yahsid. 
Epicubb, 8., Epicoeean, adj. ^l«» 

'ayyilS; u''^ lia(uani-v._ 
Epidemic, arfj. ^'Wjwal.iVi-v ; ^^jU 

u-di; J 




adj. j^-a qadbi-y. 
Epi&bahhatibt, ». c^AJ jcU jfi'ir 

EpiLEPsr, «. Jj* far" ; fldLJl U dA' 

an-Quqta-t; A-JIf ^^i;^ m&ni^ 

Epileptic, «. £»*• majril'; hHU* 

S^t W mufab bi-da' an-Qtiq- 

Episcopacy, «. l^iS^\ uequfiya<t, 

Episcopal, adj. j_s»«-l usquft-y ; 

Episcopate, s. Ui\~\ asAfiqa^t (pi. 

of -JU-l usquf, " bishop"). 
Episode, a. ijU*- hikaya-t (pi. ^iVS^ 

takaya) ; «i-j.*=- hadis. 
Epistle, «. ^L-j risiila-t (pi. uul 

-lit, Ji^j rasiivil); -^yS^ mak- 

EpisTOLABr, adj. ^_jcU_i raqa'l-y. — 

(rjiUlolary handj ,j-eU^l ^j 

mqam ar-raqiVi-y), 
Epitaph, ». ;-i *iLis kitaba-t qabr; 

jTJ o'ji* 'unwSn qabr, 
Epitubt, adj. £^ qifa-t ; >«-•> na't 

(pi. ^yJ nu'at) ; Ui^, waff (pi. 

^Ujl ausaf) ; s-«) laqab. 
Epitome, «. /•*>(-» mubtafar; jU;*.! 

iliti»nr; j*::!' muqla^ar; y-^y* 

Epitohibb, v. jtM-1 ihta^ar, yah- 

Epoch, ». (ij^ ta'rih (pi. |4jV 

Equability, Equableness, t. 

oljl — • luusAwi'i-t; c!«- sath (pi. 

C^" sutilh). 
Equablk, ad/. (»moo(A, uniform) 

^,U— musAwi; (J.^— mnsattal^; 

yJ-l anilas, £. LJ- malsiV 
I Equal, adj. tsj'—i- mutaaawt ; Ji- 

fin); Jv^' ma^il ; jgk Dajir. 
I Equal, «. (jjj* qarin (pi. '^^ qu- 

Epidemic, «.Wj wabii' (itlV^"^'"'' ' ^'*"' 
Arijl aubiya-t); iijU il^ 'illa-t 

Epiokam. t. f»* qidt (pi. cW 


L, v.a. (jj- sawwa, yusawwt ; 
(jjU 8&wa, yusawl ; ^jJ\ aswa, 
yuawi ; n. .jj^— ' tasawa, yata- 

Equalibation, s. Jf^ taawiya-t 




Equality, Equalnbss, «. <4jt^ 

tasawi ; S^^U^ musawa-t. 
Equanimity, «. J^»**c\ i*tidal ; j^ 

Equation, «. (in mathematics) ^^A* 

tnuqabala-t; aJjU^ mu*aclala-t. 
Equator, s. \y^'^\ ^ ha^t al- 

istiwa' ; )W* ^ JJ J*^*^ mu*adil 

lail wa nahar; J^.*^)J\ l»is. haU 

Equatorial, adj. U^S\ laafeJ s^^«.u^ 

mansub li-baU al-istiwa'. 
Equerry, «. j^^ ;is^\ amir ahor 

Equestrian, adj. J^ bajali-y; 

^_3-^;4 fariisi-y. 
Equiangular, acZ/. ^^jp\ ,j|j^ 

mu tasawi az-zawaja. 
Equidistant, adj. ^^^^ ^5^ 

mutasawi al-bu'd. 
Equidistance, «. J^\ JA* misl al- 

Equilateral, adj. £)UiJ\ ,^^L-j:*« 

mutasawi al-a^laS 
Equilibrium, «. J^xail i*tidal; 

^jU^ mu^adala-t; ^j^^^ muwa- 

zana-t ; g*- sanj (Pers.). 
Equine, adj. v^^-**- hi^ani-y. 
Equinoctial, adj. ^J\ass\ i*tidali-j. 
Equinoctial, e. J-jU^ ^ jM^ Jj^** 

mu^adil an-nahar wa-*l-lail. 
Equinox, «. j^\ ^ J<JJ\ J\xai\ 

i*tidal al-lail wa-*n-nahar. 
Equip, v. y^^ jahhaz, yujahhiz. — 

(an army) ^ sallah, yusallih; 

J^\ a*add, yu*idd. 
Equipaoe, 8. (equipment) Sac *ud- 

da-t. — (carriage) S^j^ 'araba-t. — 

(retimie) ^^-^^ haiam ; ^^y^^ at- 

tawabi* ; ^-^y maukab (pi. s-^^ 

Equipment, «. Sjlc *udda-t ; ytvr 

tajhiz; jW^ jahaz (pi. ly^\ aj- 

Equipoise, s. ^^y muwazana-t. 
Equitable, adj. J*>^ *adil. 
Equitableness, Equity, e. Jac 

*adl; ia\j^ *adala-t; cjU^ in^Af. 
Equivalent, adj. c5;^-«^ musawi ; 

v4;W jazi. 
Equivalent, s. ^^f- *iwad, 'awa^. 

Equivocal, adj. {^ f^ *^ y^ zA 

ma*nen ; ^•e^ mubham. 
Equivocate, v. f^\ abham, yub- 

Equivocation, a. f*\^\ ibham. 
Equivocator, 8. ^yf&^ ma^buh. 
Era, 8. ^/^ ta'rih; (jjUj zam4n; 

^ *a9r (pi. jUcI a*9ar,;^*u9ur). 
Eradicate, v. J«*U^^ ista'^al, yas- 

ta'sil ; )^\ {^ ^ qala* min aJ- 

jizr, yaqW. 
Eradication, 8. JW^-^ i^ti^al. 
Erase, v. i»A5 qasat, yaqsit ; o** 

maha, yamhi. 
Eraser, «. J*-***^ miqsat (pl- ^^ 

Erasure, 8. j^f ma^^ ; ly^» ma^- 

Erect, t;. s-^ na§ab, yansub ; f»U^ 

aqam, yuqim. 
Erect, adj, s *~'c sa ^ munta^ib ; 

^,A7>.*...^ mustaqim. 
Erection, «. a^^^ iqama-t ; s-^ 

na^b. — {building) u* biii&* (pi. 

is:JLj\ abniya-t) ; S^Uc *imara-t. 
Erectness, 8. A^y qauma-t. 
Ermine, «. v>W^ sin jab (Pers.) ; 

^^U qaqum, ^U qaqum (Turk.). 
Erosion, «. J^^ akl. 
Erosive, adj, JV^ akkal; ^^ 

1 A A 

Err, v. (go astray) J-6 (jiall, ya^ill ; 

fi^ tab, yatih. — (commit errors) 

^ palit, yaglat ; J* (Jail, ya4ilL 
Errand, «. ^^ wa^iya-t (pi. VjU^ 

Errant, Erratic, (uij. ^^ tayih ; 

JUs> diail. 
Erratum, «. ^ galat. 
Erroneous, adj. W^ galit; ^VU* 

galtau ; Jal*^ mugalla^. 
Error, *. Jl^ ^alal ; jjj;^ gurCir ; 

iUit galta-t. 
Eructation, «. [J^ fai^. 
Erudite, ac^j. ^^ *alim (pi. UJ* 

*ulama) ; £«J^* *allama-t. 
Erudition, «. ^ *ilm ; i^f^ ma'ri- 

fa-t ; f^\ axmi 8i*a-t al-41m. 
Eruption, s. (of a volcano) ^W«^ 

j^ J<^ hayajan jabal nar; Ij^ 

£aura-t. — (cutaneous disease) ^ 




bagr (pi. j^ bugftr ; s^fh jarab ; 

Escalade, «. ^2LJ\ j^ su'M as- 

salalim ; ^a^a ^ab^ati-t. 
Escalade, v. ijl^ tasallaq, jata- 

sallaq ; v3-Ua? tasa*laq, yata- 

Escape, v. W* naja, yanjii ; o^ 

falat, yaflit. 
Escape, s. £V najat; ^!i^ hald^. 
Escarpment, 8. j^J^ ha<3(ir ; J*« 

Eschew, v. {^ v>y^ harab min, 

yahrub ; s-^«^\ ijtanab, yajta- 

EscoBT, v.M' hafar, yahfir, yah- 

fur; hatfar, yuhaffir; /^ gafar, 

yagfir; gaffar, yugaffir; g-e^i 

^ayya*, yusayyi*. 
Escort, s, y^ hafar ; y^ gafar. 
Esculent, adj, J^^ yukal; J^*^ 

Esculent, s, J^ ukl, ukul. 
Especial, adj, {^^'^^^ mah^^^ ; 

u^sab^ muhtaf? ; vj*r^ hu^u^i-y. 
EspeclAlLLY, adv. 'U»^ bu^usan; 

<ja4-)J^ bi-*l-aha99. 
Espionage,^, (j^^o-^^tajsis ; <j*v— aj.\ 

Esplanade, s, Mj raqba-t ; l^r^ 

fusha-t; (^^*3^-e^ maidan (pi. 

^j^ol^^ mayadin). 
Espousal, s, e^*; zawaj ; ^j 

Espouse, v. g^)^ tazawwaj, yata- 

zawwaj. — (adopt) J^ ittahaz, 

EsPT, V. {j'*'^^ tajassas, yatajassas ; 

•^s«j {^ ij^j ra'a min ba'id, ya*ra. 
Esquire, «. •^^ sayyid, sid (pi. 

«>W^ asy&d, ifi»UU sadat) ; <^*ui^ 

afandi (^wrAj.). 
Essay, s. (endeavour) ^^^ sa'y ; 

•»««► jahd ; a^ qasd. — (trial) ^*«r 

tajriba-t ; s-ii«r tajrib ; j^ *iyar. 

— (^treatise) «L.j risala-t (pi. ^ 

-at, J«U^ rasayil). 
Essay, v, (endeavour) J^s^^ ijtahad, 

yajtahid. — (try) *^ft jarrah, yij. 

jarrib ; ^ *ayyar, yu*ayyir. 
Essence, «. u:>U zat ; ^U m&hi- 

ya-t; ;A^ jauhar (pi. y^^j^ 

jawahir) ; ;^ *aiii (pi. ^^ 

*uy{in); A^ kunh. — (best part, 

cream) <^} zabad (pi. *>Wj^ azb&d) ; 

Sjkjj zubda-t (pi. Jkj; zubad). — 

( perfume) ^ 'i\t (pf. j^ *utiir). 
Essential, adj. ^\*i zati-y; ,Jl»^ 

a^li-y ; ^S))j^ 4uriiri-y. 
Establish, v. fM\ aqam, yuqim ; 

«JU>^1 auqaf, yuqif; jj/ qarrar, 

yuqarrir ; v-^ na§ab, yan9ub. 
EsTABLisHMEffT, «. ^Vi\ iqama-t ; 

^Wi qiyam; ^,-^y tartib; g^^ 

wad* (pi. t^)\ auda*). 
Estate, «. (property, especially 

landed) JU mal (pi. J^^ am- 

wal) ; oiXU milk, malk (pi. *«JM 

amlak) ; j^ *aqar. 
Esteem, v. y^\ a*zz, yu*izz ; ^<J*^ 

i*tabar, va'tabir. 
Esteem, s. »)** ma*azza-t ; jW^c^ 

i*tibar; f>\/\ ikram ; v»^— ^ 

Estimable, adj, ya/t *aziz ; ^ 

yu*azz ; y^sM^ mu'tabar ; J^* "" « 

jWicJ^ mustabiqq al-i*tibar. 
Estimate, v. {^4S samman, yugam- 

min ; yt- 8a"ar, yusa^ir ; (j-^^ 

bamman, yuhammiu ; s-^— -s^^ 

ihtasab, yantasib. 
Estimate, «. (;><^ tagmin; J«J^ 

jU-lJ\ ubdid al - aa*ar ; s^L-*. 

hisab ; (^j— «>*^ tahmin ; j t^ ,uS 

Estimation, «. (esteem) jW^^ i*ti- 

bar. — (opinion) ^J^J ra i (pi. \)\ 

ara*) ; (^ zann (pi. (:)y^ gunAn). 
Estrange, v. •*«» ba**d, yaba"id ; 

(^ jy faraq ben, yafruq. 
Estrangement, s, j^y firaq ; «>U|^ 

ib'ad ; ^** gurba-t ; <^y nawa; 

i*-i»» qatra-t (pi. ff}i^ qatayi*). 
Estuary, s. f^ (^ f umm nahr (pi. 

^Uil afmam, My^ afwah). 
Et cetera, Etc., adv, ^pA ^ wa 

gairu-hu ; \f^ ^ balluma jarran ; 

(^\ abbrev. of fiy-^ J\ ila ahiri- 

Etch, v. JJI Uj ju» naqai bi-ma' 

al-hall, yanqu^. 
Etching, s, [JJH naq^. 





Eternal, ddj. ij}^ azali-y; ^J•^^ 

abadi-y ; f^^ dayira ; ^^''^r* 

sarmadi-y ; ^4 baqi. 
Eternity, «. J)^ azal ; l^)\ azali- 

ya-t ; J^^ abad ; ^J^\ abadiya-t ; 

f\^*y dawam ; 'i^y^ sarmad. 
Ether, «. ^y^ hawa' ; ^!J^ isUi falak 

al-asir ; ^1 asir. 
Ethbrial, adj. ,ji^yfe bawayi-y. 
Etiquette, «. ^ceremonial) (j^\^\ 

al - qawanin. — (manwera, gfooci 

breeding) ^f^jf^ al-wujub ; s^*>^ 

Etymological, adj. J\Ji^\ isti- 

Etymology, «. juuai\ ^ *ilra i^ti- 

qaq; J^ istiqaq ; ^\ J^^ 

Usui al-kalam. 
Etymon, s. J-I a?!. 
Eucharist, s. <j*juu3^ (^"^^^ al- 

qurban al-muqaddas. 
Eulogise, v. a^^^* majjad, yumaj- 

jid ; »^»^\ amjad, yum j id. 
Eulogistic, adj. > \ %»>* mumajjid. 
EuLOGiuM, Eulogy, «. Ju^i^ tam- 

jid ; Jk^*. hamd ; c*'^ madh. 
Eunuch, «. ,^5-«i- ha^i-y (pi. (^jW-^ 

husvau) ; 4^^^ ^awasi-y (pi. ^ 

Euphonious, adj. ,^^^ -^aji-y ; 

«t>^\ v^Jlc *azib a^-saut; J^J3 

(fc »^ laziz li-*s-8ain*. 
Euphony, «. ^ ^^^ *azuba-t 

nagam ; (^UJ\ ilhan. 
Evacuate, v. tj^ farrag, yufarrig ; 

^^ fadda, yufaddi; ^^ halla, 

yuhalli. — {by stool) iJ^ Je-i ta- 

sahhal batn-hu, yatasabhal. 
Evacuation, a. ^/» tafrig; AjLfc^ 

tahliya-t. — (of the body) j\*» 

biraz ; (j-J^ majlis ; t^/^ isti- 

Evade, v. J^^ bawal, yuhawil. 
Evanescence, «. Jl^j zawal ; Ua 

Evanescent, adj. J^ fani; .s^U 

fay it ; Jj^j zayil. - 
Evangelical, adj., Evangelist, s. 

^^jW^ injili-y. 
Evangelisation, s. J««?=^S\ S^Ia^ 

bi^ra-t aJ-anjil, 

Evaporate, v. '^j^. •*«-* ta9a"ad 

buharan, yatasa^ad. 
Evaporation, «. J^*-» ta^a'^ad. 
Evasion, s. ^^ hila-t (pi. Jt^ 

hiyal) ; ^ bujja-t (pi. c;>^ 

Evasive, adj. Jl^*^ muta*allil. 
Evasiveness, «. Ji«» ta^allul. 
Eve, Even, Evening, 8. U-^ masa* ; 

UjJ\ al-4sa' ; M^ *a%a-t. 
Even, adj. (level) t^^^-^ musAwi; 

^^^x-^ mustawi. — (even number) 

S^3 zauj. — (placid) ^^\ {^f^ 

sakin at-^ab*. 
Event, s. J^J^ *arid (pi. u*)V 

*awarid); a-?jW hadisa-t (pi. 

s±>A^ hawadig). — (outcome) j»>U 

sadir; j*^ basil. 
Eventful, adj. 6^S^ ^o zA hadi- 
Eventual, adj. ^J^\ ittifaqi ; g\y 

Eventuality, «. j^\ ittifaq ; ^^^ 

waqi*a-t ; ^y^ uiauqa*a-t. 
Ever, adv. *^^*> dayiman; "^J^^ 

Everlasting, adj. J^^ halid ; ^W 

dayim : ^W baqi. 
Every, adj. J^ kull. 
Everybody, Everyone, s. ^ Ji 

kull ahad ; ^*^\^ J^ kull wahid. 
Everyday, adj. (common) <^*>Ws^^ 

i*tiyadi-y ; ^^J»^ mu*tAd. 
Everywhere, adv. g-**^ J^ o* ^ 

kull mauda* ; ^^ J^ o* ^ ^^^^ 

Evidence, s. (testimony) iS^ iSa- 

hada-t ; c^^ idah; ^ bayyina-t. 

— (witness) J^^ sahid (pi. ^^ 

Evidence, v, (prove) {^ bayyan, 

yubayyin ; ^s^\ as bat, yusbit. — 

(give testimony) **e^ ^ahid, yai- 

had. — (make clear) ^\ azbar, 

yuzbir ; ^^ waddah, yuwad^i^. 
Evident, adj. y^^ zahir; ^\^ 

wadih ; ^^ sa^i* ; y^^ babir. 
Evil, adj, ^^^^ radi-y (pi. ^*>j^ 

ardiya) ; ytyt» ^arir (pi. ^jb»\ 

asrar) ; ^ sau, su ; Ji»^ ^a^il. 
Evil, s. yft» sarr (pi. j^ ^urur) ; 




^^*> dahiya-t (pi. ^J^^)*y da- 

wahi) ; ^^— i fasad. 
Evince^ v. «>^\ asbat, jusbit ; j^\ 

azhar, jushir. 
Evoke, v. ^jCJa-\ istad'a, yastad*i ; 

j^ ahdar, juhdir. 
Evolution, «. jj^ tahlil ; e1;abA-.\ 

Evolve, v. *sU fakk, yafukk. 
Ewe, 8. ^U.^ ganama-t ; ^»«i na'ja-t 

(pi. «t>\ -at, eU> iii*aj). 
Eweb, 8. ijiji\ ibriq (pi. JM;W\ aba- 

riq, Sjij^\ abariqa-t). 
Exact, adj. ^y^^ madbut; v>*''^ 

madaqqiq; ^ i^^ 9ahih; ^^^^ 

Exact, v, s-J^ t^lab, yatlub; ^\ 

alzam, yulzim. 
Exaction, 8. ^lW« mu(alaba-t ; ^ 

bal^a-t ; s-J^ salb ; f^j*S tagrim. 
Exactness, Exactitude, 8. W^ 

4ab^ ; ^*> diqqa-t ; <J^*^> tadqiq ; 

&^« 9ahha-t. 

EXAOQERATB, V. ^^ ^^ balag fl, 

yubalig; ^ kabbar, yukabbir; 

i*;* farrat, yufarri^ ; ^ *azzam, 

ExAaoE RATION, 8, ^W^ mabala- 

ga-t ; jt>^ takbir ; laM* taf rit ; 

Uy\ ifrat. 
Exalt, v, g*; rafa*, yarfa*; 4jlc 

'alia, yu'alli ; f^a^ fahham, ya- 

Exaltation, «. g^j\ irtifa* ; ^\l&c\ 

Examination, «. o^*: bahs ; ,jft^ 

f ah? ; ^ ^ft> taf ahhu9 ; (^W^\ 

Examine, t?. yo^ faha?, yaffjia? ; 

(:^^s#*\ imta^an, yamtahin. 
Example, s. J^ ma^al (pi. J\^\ 

^^9^1) ; J\Z« misal (pi. ^LU\ 

amgala-t) ; S^ju> qidwa-t ; S^ 

*ibra-t (pi. ^ *ibar) ; e»>^\ un- 

Exasperate, t;. y^^^ aagar, yugir ; 

s-^-4fe\ ag^ab, yugcjib; tUi\ agaz, 

yugiz ; (JM^j zahhaq, yuzahhiq. 
Exasperation, 8, ftJ^ ^idda*t; 

jU) zahaq; ^ ga»iz; ^W^^ 


Excavate, v. /^ hafar, yahfir; 

u>s^ fahat, yafhat ; {J^ nabai, 

Excavation, 8. jUsa.\ ihtifar; y^ 

hafr. — (hollow) y^ hafar ; Sy^ 

Exceed, v. (8urpa88) j^ faq> 

yafuq ; ^J>^ ^\) zad *ala, yazid. 

— {go too far) ^^J^J ta*adda, ya- 

ta*addi ; j^W^ tajawaz, yatajawaz. 
Exceeding, Exceedingly, adv, 

^^ jiddan; h^ li-^-gaya-t ; 

''\yiJ^ kasiran ; *>jj)3W bi-'z-zaud. 
Excel, v. J^ fadal, yafdul; J-Ai^ 

afdal, yut'4il; J^ faq, yafuq. 
Excellence, Excellency, «. J^ 

fadl (pi. jUi\ afdal) ; Al^ fadi- 

la-t (pi. JiUi fadayil); Sjy^ 

juda-t ; ^jW bari*a-t. — (title) 

S^-Aa- hadra-t ; SjU- 8a*ada-t. 
Excellent, Excelling, adj, J*U 

fa^il ; «-*i/» ^arif ; J^*^ jayyid. — 

(pi. *>W jiyad, »^W jayayid) ; 

J"^ nafis ; £jW bari*. 
Except, v. ^y^^ istasna, yastagni. 
EXCEPT, conj. (*)\ '^\ ilia ann ; J^«» 

baid ; q)\ »>^ baid ann. 
Except, prep. uiU^ hilaf ; »i gair ; 

\y>* , ^J^ sawa ; (:j^*> dun ; \«^ 

*ada; W U ma *ada. 
Exception, s. U-^x-»\ istisn^*. 
Exceptionable, adj. *sX^>^^ mu- 

Exceptional, adj. U^^-^, ^jUx«-^ 

Excess, 8. M^\ ifra^ ; ^^j zaud ; 

SjVjj ziyada-t ; Sj^^ mubalaga-t. 

— (intemperance) ^naham; ^^J^ 

cjUe <adani 'afaf; d^U^\ inhi- 

Excessive, adj. J«^j zayid; )jW*^ 

mutajawiz ; t;-JU mufrit ; 7-*^^ 

ExcESSiVENESs, 8. j^V tajawuz ; 

Uy\ ifrat. 
Exchange, t;. JJ4 badal, yabdil ; 

Jj^\ abdal, yubdil. 
Exchange, 8. Jj^ badal ; J\Jk| 

bidal ; JjJ^ tabdil ; ^*>W^ mu- 

badala-t ; ^^U^ mu^awa4a-t. 
Exchanger, 8. «J\^ ^arraf ; ^;«« 




9airafi-y (pi. ^j^ ^ayarifa-t, 

•J)W« ^ajarif). 
Exchequer, s, ^j^ ha^na-t ; ^^ 

hazina-t (pi. {^^^ hazayiu). 
Excise, a, f^j rasm (pi. ^y-y 

ruBum) ; Ul^ taklif (pi. Uk/l« 

takalif ) ; ;\6) bahar. 
Excision, s. ^ qat'. 
Excite, v, g«A hajyaj, yuhayyij ; 

^y^ ^arrak, yutarrik ; Ji>j^ har- 

ra4, yuharri4 ; u^e-^^^ istanha^, 

Excitement, s, J«j*^ tahrik ; j^f^ 

ta^jinijl ; oW«^ hayajan. 
Exclaim, v. t/^ ^amh, ya^ruh ; c^ 

^k\^, ya^i]^ ; vJKj za'aq, yaz*aq ; 

*-*J5A hataf, yahtif ; ^ *ayyat, 

Exclamation, «. ^^ 9arha-t ; tV 

9urah ; ^j za'qa-t ; c^ 9iy^ ; 

cJUa hutaf ; ia>^ ^aut (pi. s&AyA 

Exclude, i;. ^ l^aram, yal^rim ; 

ff^ luanaS yamna'; ^ nafa, 

yaufi; J^\ ab'ad, yub*id; •>\«i 

2^d, ya^ud. 
Exclusion, «. g-^ man' ; (^ 

Exclusive, adj, g>U mani*. 
Exclusively, adv. {j^ tj^ harij 

Excommunicate, v. (^ l^aram, 

Excommunication, s. f*^ ^rm ; 

f^^ burAm. 
ExcoBiATE, V. ^ qa^ar, yuqai^ir ; 

'>W jallad, yujallid. 
Excoriation, a. jtr^t^ taqsir. 
Excrement, s. ^/^ bira ; ^^ 

wasah; )\ji biraz. 
Excrescence, «. i*;^ waram (pi. f»^j^^ 
auram); J^V gu'lul (pi. J^JU 
ExcRUciATiNQ, (u^^'. v>Aft^ mu'a?- 

Exculpate, t;.a. {^ ^ 9afal^ *an, 
ya^fat; ^^ *a?ar, ya*?ir ; j;» 
barrar, yubarrir. — {oneatlf) j^^ 
i'ti^ar, ya*ta?ir j ^jkS tabarrar, ya- 
Exculpation, $. ^*^ 'ifr, u^r (pi. 

^^J^\ a*zar) ; j\^^\ i*tiz&r ; 8jJkiu» 
ma*zira-t (pi. j*iV«^ ma*azir). 

Excursion, 8. {pleasure-trip) tj^ 
tafarruj : A^y nuzha-t. — {hostile 
excursion) h)^ gaziya-t ; ij^ 

Excusable, adj, ^^-a*^ ma*ziir; 
^St6\ s-^^^ wajib al-*izr Cuzr). 

Excuse, «. j-Slc *izr, *uzr (pi. j^^^ 
a*zar) ; SjAjt* ma*?ira-t (pi. j^U^ 
iiia*azir) ; j\^^ i'tizar. — {pre- 
text) j^ j^ mizar. 

Excuse, v. j^ 'azar, ya'zir; ^^\ 
a*?ar, yu*zir; '^^^ jii qabil 
4zraii, yaqbal. 

Execrable, adj, ^^^ makruh ; 
^^ karih ; (^f^ ma*l{in. 

Execrate, v, {curse) (^ la'an, 
yal'an ; (^5 la'an, yula'in ; ^^ 
,Jlc da*a *ala, yad*i. — {detest) if 
harih, yakrah. 

Execration, s, ^^la*na-t; fi^;^*-»\ 
istikrah ; lJt\^ karaha-t. 

Execute, v, {perform) fU5 tam- 
mam, yutammitn; J^^ kammal, 
yukammil; ^\ anfaz, yunfiz. — 
{put to death) Js* qatal, yaqtul. 

Execution, s, { performance) ^Va«.\ 
ihtit&rn ; f»UJ tamam ; Jni^ tak- 
mil ; U»»\ im4a'. — {of a criminal) 
Jji* qatl. 

Executioner, s, cjW«* sayyaf ; «>)U> 
jaJlad ; ,JlcU-« ma^a*ili-y. 

Executive, s, f^^\ al-l^ukm; 
^\^\ al-bukk&m. 

Executor, s, ^j*^ wa^i-y (pi. ^^ 

Exemplary, adj, 'Ip^ {^ kayin 
*ibratan ; «-a«^ mu'tabar ; ^^ 
JU«J\ mali$ al-migal. 

Exemplify, v, J^ magsal, yumas- 
sil ; J^UJ tamasgal, yatamasgal ; 
"m^ K^yt (}arab mislan, ya^rib. 

Exempt, adj, u\to» mu*af ; ^V»^ 
mu'afa ; &y^ munazzah. 

Exempt, v, ^ *afa, ya*fii; ^\ 
a*fa, yu*fi. 

Exemption, s, ^U^ mu*afiya*t. 

Exercise, 8. {labour) J^^ ^ugl; 
JUaiil i^tigaL—( practice) ^U»)^ 
idm&n ; ^^W« mumarasa-t ; Ijt^ 




hibra-t. — (driU) i^k^ riyAda-t ; 
ft^ ta'lim. — {motion) ^y^ ^ara- 

ExESCiSB, V. (prdciine) ^j^j^ maras, 
yumaris ; J^ 'amil, ya'mal. — 
(instruct and drill) J^ 'allam, 
yu*allim ; ^J^ v>j** dairab *ala, 
yudarrib; ij>^j rawwad, yuraw- 
^id > O/* man^n, yumarrin. 

Exert, v. {put into action) J-^^^ 
a'mal, yu'mil ; J-*ju^\ ista'mal, 
yasta^mil ; J^a^^ ajhad, yujhid. — 
{strive) *^ jahad, yajhad ; *^^^ 
ijtahad, yaj tabid. 

ExBBTiOK, 8, ^^^ jahd ; ^\^^\ 


Exhalation, s, ^^ fauha-t ; ^v^. 

Exhale, v. {scent) c^ fab, yafiiby 

Exhaust, v. j^^ anfad, yunfid ; 

o^Atb ^ffat, yu^ji&t. 
Exhaustion, s, c^- tf AA? ta^fit. 
Exhibit, v. ^\ asbar, yuzbir ; <4;^\ 

aura, y^n ; jt>f- *ara4, ya*ru4 ; 

^y farai, yatru6. 
Exhibition, «. ^^ *ard; (>V^ 

1^:44 ; ^^ agbar ; J^y far^. 
ExHiLABATE, v,a, ^ babaj, yab- 

baj ; babbaj, yubabbij ; f^\ 

abbaj, yubbij ; c/ farrat> }'^- 

ExHiLABATiON, 8. c/ f aral^ ; ^/s 

tafril^; ^^ babja-t. 
ExHOBT, V. IfcC) wa'aZ) va*iz ; ^^\ 

au'az, yA*iz ; jAj\ ar^ad, yur^id ; 

^ na^al;^, yan9ab* 

EXHOBTATION, 8. IkC. wa*Z ; ^^^ 

wa'za-t ; «>Ui^\ ir^ad ; S>^^tt^ na?!- 

ba-t ; s-^y targib. 
Exhumation, «. cr-t^ nab^. 
Exhume, v, fj^ nabas, yambu^; 

U^J^^ (^ 6/-^ abraj min al-ar^* 

ExiGENCEi Exiqenct, s. ^j^j* (ji&rii- 

ra-t; ^W b^p-t; e^«^^ i^ti- 

ExioENT, acy, f^ mulziiu ; <4;jir^ 

Exile, «. Qninishmeni) *>^ t^rad; 

^ nafi; ^\ intiiii'. — {the per^ 

8on) J;;^* ma^riid; *>;Vt t&rid; 

J5|^w* musarkal. 
Exile, t?. »3jt t^rad, ya^rad ; ^ 

nafa, yanfi ; J^^ sarkal, yusar- 

Exist, v. q)^ kan, yak^n ; J«^^ 

wujid, yiijad (to be found), 
Existencp., 8. (^if kaun, kon ; ^y^y 

ExiSTiNO, adj, {^ kayin; *^y^y 

Exit, «. ^^ burAj ; v>Ui zabab. 
ExoNEBATE, V, ^;» barra', yubarri' ; 

j;» barrar, yubarrir; ^^ 'a^ar, 

ExoNEBATiON, s, j^ *a?r ; ^^ 

ExoBBiTANCE, 9. i^Vt^ mubalaga-t ; 

j^V tajawuz. 
Exorbitant, adj. ^W^ mub&lig; 

j^^^:^ mutajawiz ; tS^^ jy fauq 

ExoBcisE, V. J^ (^ *azam *ala, 

ya'zim ; 'azzam 'ala, yu'azzim. ' 
ExoBCiSM, s, ^vfi 'azima-t (pi. 

^Uc *az&yim) ; f»U4Uu.\ istiqsam ; 

^\k^\ ft^j^ madbara-t a^-sai^an. 
ExoBCiST, s, f^y^ 'azzam ; ^-* fc .*«^ 

Exotic, adj, s-i^ garib (pi. v>\;*^ 

agrab, ^jt guraba*) ; ^^jiJ^\ ajna- 

bi-y ; v>y%^ majlAb. 
Expand, v.a. ^ basa(, yabsut; 

sjtji fara^, yafrus ; farra^, yufar- 

^ ; C*"^ wassa*, yuwassi* ; n. 

k^l imbasat, yambasit ; y^^ 

inta^ar, yantai^ir. 
Expanse, s. ^a^^ wasa'-t; i3w^ 

bas^a-t ; l^^ fusba-t. 
Expansion, s. j^ na^r ; •>\ju^^ im- 

tidad ; ^ y^ tabsit ; I»W>^ imbi* 

Expatiate, v. (•K3^ jy» (awwal al- 

kalam, yufawwil. 
Expatriate, v. *>;!• t&rad, yafrud ; 

^J>i nafa, yanfi ; (^r^ (afEas, yu* 

ExPATBiATiON, «. o^ faiud ; \i^\ 

Expect, v*j^\ intazar, jantazir; 
''*'-^^^ istanzar, yastauzirj ^y 




taraqqab, jataraqqab; gSy ta- 

waqqa*, yatawaqqa*. 
Expectation, Expectancy, s, j^^\ 

inti^ar ; ^Vk«u.\ istinzar ; Ju»y 

tara^^ad ; s-^y taraqqub. 
ExPECTOBATE, V. Jy» bazaq, jab- 

zuq ; gat^ tanahha*, jatanahha* ; 

f^oK^ tanahham, yatanahbam. 
Expectoration, s. jV ^^zaq; 

^^fe^ tanahbu* ; ^^tt^k^ tanbiiu. 
Expedient, adj, vJk^ layiq ; s-*-^ 

Expedient, s. ^j^ t^'^qa-t ; *^j\^ 

tadaruk ; ^^\^ wasi^t (pi. lajtU^ 

Expedience, Expediency, s. ^iV^l 

lijaqa-t ; i^-U-• munusaba-t. 
Expedite, v, J^ *ajjal, yu'ajjil; 

£j-.\ asra*, yusri* ; t}) rawwaj, 

Expedition, s, (haite) SX^ ^ajala-t; 

L-^y^ sur'a-t ; ^)f tarwij. — 

{journey) /^ safar (pi. j^\ 

asfar). — {military) J^t/r tajrid 

(pi. »>i)^r tajarid) ; h'^ gaziya-t. 
Expeditious, adj, J^%c *ajul; JoAi 

na^it ; {j;- sari*. 
Expel, v, •>y» t&rad, yatrud; g*»3 

dafa*, yadfa* ; e/^\ a^raj, yuhrij. 
Expend, v. uy» ^araf, ya^irif, ya^- 

ruf ; ^arraf , yu^arrif ; Uil^ ta- 

kallaf, yatakallaf; s3^\ anfaq, 

Expenditure, «. tf^ barj (pi. ^^\ 

abraj, <^'^\ abrija-t, gi;^^ aha- 

rij) ; ^^yy^ ma^FUf (pi. «-A4jU*« 

masarif) ; ^Aft> nafaqa-t (pi. u:»\ 

-at, jUi nifaq) ; jVA»\ infaq. 
Expense, 8, ^^ kulfa-t (pi. uU^ 

Expensive, adj, {costly) J^ gali. 

— {extravagant) j^ inubazzir; 

cJ^-a^ mu^rif (uj;--« musrif). 
ExPENsivENEss, 8. {costUness) )U 

gala*. — {extravagance) Uf\j^J\ 

israf ; «.Jkl» talf. 
ExPEBiENCE, 8. sa>^~^ b^bra-t, 

bibra-t; ;V<j&fc\ ihtibar; hyr taj- 

ExPEEiENCB, v. v»j<r tajarrab, ya- 


Experienced, adj, yt^ babir ; y^U 

Experiment, «. ^j«r tajriba-t (pi. 

SJ»;W^ tajarib) ; (^W^^^ imtihan. 
Experiment, v, v>/^ jarrab, yu- 

Experimental, adj, ^J^<^BsA imti- 

Expert, adj,y s. jt^ babir; y^^ 

Expertness, 8. ;Ve^ mabar ; S^^ 

ExpiABLE, adj./f^YUgt&r (3 pass.). 
Expiate, v, (^ /^ kaffar *an, yu- 

kaffir ; (^ yuu«\ istagfar min, 

Expiation, «. S^Va^ kaffara-t ; ^ts*^ 

takfir ; ^lA*i-\ is^igtar ; Ajo diya-t. 
Expiatory, adj, ^JJ<A^^ istig- 

fari-y ; ^jt/*^ taktiri-y. 
Expiration, 8, {concltision) ^\ 

intiba*. — {last breath) s-^se» na^b. 
Expire, v, {breathe out) ^j-aa? ta- 

naffas, yatanaffas. — {die) ^^ 

&^ qa4a nal^ba-bu, yaq<jU; f^ 

Cjj;5\ sallam ar-ruh, yusallim. — 

(terminate) ^J^^ intaba, yantabi. 
Explain, v, y^ fassar, yufassir; 

ps. *abbar, yu'abbir; c/* saraJj, 

yasrab ; ^ fabbam, yufabbim ; 

jy awwal, yu*awwil. 
Explanation, s, yf^^ tafsir ; i^j^ 

ta^rih ; (^W» bay an ; Ji^V? ta'wil. 
Explanatory, adj, ^j»^ bayani ; 

^^;,^-JM; tafsiri-y. 
Expletive, adj, •*4\j zayid ; ^^W^^ 

Explicit, adj, jttMh gabir; ^\y 


EXPLICITNESS, 8, C^^ ^4^^ > ^^yo 

9araba-t ; (^W bayan. 
Explode, v, v3^^ intalaq,yantaliq. 
Exploit, s, £4^ mubimma-t ; Sysl* 

Explore, v, {j-*-*^ tajassas, yata- 

jassas ; ,jo^ faba?, yafb^^* 
Explorer, s, (^ mu^Ui* ; (j*«m.«v^ 

mutajassis ; J«\; rayid. 
Explosion, s, &^ ^alqa-t. 
Exponent, s. {in dig,) i^\ J«5«> 

dalil al-quwwa-t ; ^^^ jadr. 




Export, v. t/^y ahraj, yuhrij ; J» 

naqal, yanqul. 
Export, Exportation, s. e^/-^ 

i,,^3\ S^\ J\ JV:8) ihr&j al. 

amwal ila-*l-bilad al-ajnabiya-t ; 

V **^ J^ ^W^ /-. safar al- 

badayi* ila bUad barra. 
Expose, v. {put in view) j^\ aghar, 

yugbir ; J!>j^ *arrad, yu*arrid. — 

(put in danger) }^ J^f^ *ara4 

U-'l-batar, ya'rid. — {cast off) ^) 

rama, yarmi ; *s3y tarak, yatruk. 

— {to infamy) ^ fadah, yafdah. 
Exposition, «. {explanation) w«^ 

ta*bir ; (^^ bayan ; ;,^— *> taisir ; 

t/» sart (pi. C^/» ^uruh). 
Expositor, «. tj^ ^arih (pi. c^y* 

hurrah); /-A^ mufassir. 
Expostulate, v. s-^^ 'atab, yu- 

*atib ; j^^ anzar, yunzir. 
Expostulation, «. i?5U^ mu'ata- 

ba-t ; v»^ *itab. 
Exposure, «. {disclosure) jW^^ 

ighar; Uj\ if ^&* ; ^r** fadh. 
Expound, v. ;-i fassar, yufassir. 
Express, adj, ^\^ wa^ib ; tj^*^ 

mu*ayyan ; ^^ ^arih. 
Express, «. {messenger) 4jcL. sa*i 

(pi. «yU- 8U*at) ; ^^i*x-.^ isti*- 

jala-t ; J»2;» band ; ^jj^ tatari-y. 
Express, v, {squeeze out) ^ 'a§ar, 

ya^sir. — {by langvagCy writing^ 

&c.) td lafaz, yalfiz ; {^ bay- 

yan, yubayyin; iS^ na^aq, yan- 

tuq; {^ yt^ *abbar *aii, yu*ab- 

Expression, a. ^ laf z ; 1^ talaf- 

fug ; SjLfi *ibara-t. — (0/ the 

features, &c.) ^*^ hiya-t. 
Expressive, adj, ;«*^^ •Nt*^ ^adid 

at-ta*bir ; ^J^^ wa^fi-y. 
Expressiveness, s, <-A-»y\ Sy quw- 

wa-t al-wa^f ; u\m\ itti^af. 
Expulsion, s, e^/-\ ibr^^j ; ^y» 

tard ; e**> daf*. 
Expunge, v, ^j^^ maha, yambi ; 

(j-lt Dallas, ju^allis; *i^ bakk, 

Exquisite, a^j. ^^ badi* ; (j-»*A> 

nafis ; ^j^ malih (pi. c^ milah, 

Exquisitenbss, s, ^VU lat&fa-t ; 

j[dX« malaba-t ; ^\i^ naf asa-t. 
Extant, adj. '^fty maujud ; ^J^i 

Extemporaneous, Extemporary, 

adj, o«*^ badihi-y. 
Ex tempore, adv. '^W^j\ irtijalan. 
Extempore speech, s. cV*^ iq- 

Extemporise, v. J*rj^ irtajal, yar- 

tajil ; c/*^ iqtarah, yaqtarih. 
Extend, v. {stretch out) ^-t^ ^abab, 

yasbah; "^ madd, yamudd. — 

{enlarge) g-^ wassa*, yuwassi*. 
Extension, s. *y\ss^\ iintidad ; J«J^ 

tamdid ; ge-y taiisi*. 
Extensive, adj. ^^»u^ mamdiid; 

(ji>^ *arid ; g-«-A* muttasi*. 


ittisa* ; ^^ 8a*at. 
Extenuate, v. {lessen) oMj; raqqaq, 

yuraqqiq. — {palliate) j^ ^azar, 

ya*zir ; (^j-^^ a^san, yubsin. 
Extenuation, s. iij riqqa-t ; JJ^ 

taqlil. — {palliation) j'^ *azr. 
Exterior, adj. y^^ zabir; e;^ 

Exterior, s. ^ba^ manzar; y^li 

zabir ; h'^^j ru*ya-t. 
Exterminate, v. y^*> dammar, yu- 

dammir ; ^W^ abad, yubid ; J*U-^ 

ista'sal, yasta'^il. 
Extermination, s. JU3U-.^ isti'?al ; 

j^^ tadmir; SjVj^ ibada-t. 
External, adj. y^Vt zahir; tj^ 

Extinct, adj. ^J^ matfi-y ; ij^^*^ 

muntafi' ; f*^*^^«^ ma'dum. 
Extinction, s. {of fire) ^\ i\ia*, 

— {destruction) <^^ balak ; J^ 

baid ; J^«|j zawal. 
Extinguish, v. ^\ a^fa, yu^fi; 

*u<s. bammad, Tuhammid; •u^^ 

ah mad, yubmid. — {destroy) j^JUfc 

badam, yabdum ; |**^\ a'dam, 

Extinguisher, s. ^Ji^ mutfi. 
Extirpate, v. ^/-^ (amas, ya^mus, 

yatmis; gammas, yu^ammis ; ^ 

qala*, yaqla* ; J-U-.^ ista'pal, 



VsTmrATioir, «. JUu>f iati'iU. 
UsToi.. V. hI knbbar, vukabbir ; 

fi- iiiftilifubi j'umuddid. 
UNtciii'i', v. s-J^ iiklub, yaalub ; njif 

Hxi'iiUTioN, «. u^ liuli ; U( bal- 
fu-tt ftlk tuliii. 

Kn'I'H*. itf'i'.. {'fj'- *M Kivir'hu. 

Kxrn*, «. loVij «ivAdii-ti ji^j liyid. 

KxiHAi'T. 1'. ff> 'jiiW. ¥arj[lii' 
yj^ti. < intuliruj, vtutaljnj, 
(/ruM II lioiJi) J" D&qiil,,van(|ul 

KXTKAIT, •. Ji"^ bu'HfH-t, l^ilAf ivt 
j^' Ubllt ; r**" ui'ibt«»«.'. 

Ualiui Ai-uui|ui)>!n. 

KXTH\»HU1HAKT, M^'. '>^'***^ ^r 

'•,U.l ; j^»* liilUr; h-^V '»jii'. 
KxtKBM*. *«. .j** as** vW- -J** 

S [Fab 

ExTEiCATK, V. yJ* fcalla*, yuhallii ; 

>^ fabk, yafukk ; mL^ fakkak, 

ExTHicATioN s. ••lei^ tafkik. 
ExTitiNsic, ailj. ij!;»lk jfthirt-j; 

o*> b""ji-y ; ^^^' ajnabi-y. 
ExuuKRAt^CB, * lA* fai^; u^j 

rah» ; i^^ kajra-t ; ^f wafr ; a*J 

ExuBBBANt, arfj. i/i'i fftyif) ; ^ 

kiijir J|') efiyid ; ^\) wfifir, 
EiCDATioN «. y nasz ; {ykjrajtb; 

Exude, v. y naiz, yanizi; c**J 
rn^h, vfirialj ; j^c 'araq, ya'raq ; 
yoi ba((, yabiff. 

Exult, v. Ja baU, rabuU; Jl# 

tahalln.1, vatahalln!., 
Esvi.T.VTiON, «. Jl* toballul. 
Eyi. #. y.« 'aid (pi. t)j^ "ujuB, 

dii. yei,fi 'ain-n).— (o/ a xsrffa) 

Etk. f. £1^' tat»ll*'> Tatat»Ua*- 
Ets-bju-l. ». o^ ***■ badwia-t 

"aui ; ,j**^^ u!*— i^ insan al-*aiii. 
Ets-brow, ,, s-*W b«jib(jl. v-»t^ 


■xir. ^>';j' "ura-.: ^-'-w^ "iruil. 
Eti-lii>. <^ ^^ JAia (pi. ^i^ 

If-VWliV. ■*- ^t^'ititJiV, 




(make) J«* *ainil, ya*mal; g^ 

9anaS ja^na*. 
Fabrication, s. ^-^^4*> ta'mir ; g^ 

9aii*; £^-»I»*^ i^tina^ — (falsehood) 

s^J^ kizb. 
Fabulous, adj. <j*fi^-a» ta^nifi-y. 
Face, 8. (vUage) ^^ wajh (pi. »^« 

wujAh) ; j^ nasar (pi. jW 

anzar) ; W«^ muhayya. — (sur- 
face) c^ sa'tb (pl« ty^ sutuh) ; 

yfcUoJ^ az-gahir. 
Face, v, J?^ qabal, yuqabil ; J»^ 

.taqabal, yataqabal. — (oppose 

loldly) u*;^ *ara4, yu'ari^. 
Facetious, adj, Ul^ la^if; cV* 

mazzah ; Jyft hazil ; tj^ niu- 

Facstiousness, «. cy* maz^ ; K^«^ 

mu^haka-t; ^\j^ zarafa-t; ^^ 

Facile, adj, J«- sahil; ^j>e* hay- 

yin (pi. ^^\ ahwina*) ; jt^ 

Facilitate, v, Je*« sahbal, yusah- 

hil; (^^ hawwan, yuhawwin; 

y^ yasaaT, yuyassir. 
Facility, s, i^^ subiila-t. 
Fact, «. (deed) >* fi'l (pL JUi^ 

af*al); i^ fa*ala-t ; J^* 'ami 

(pi. JUft\ a*mal) ; il*e 'amla-t. 

— (case) Ia^ haqiqa-t ; JU- ^al ; 

i»sJj waqi*a-t (pi. gj^^ waq&yi*) ; 

jA amr (pi. j^\ umiir). 

Faction, s, v»j^ hizb (pi. ^\y^\ 
ahzab) ; ^f-«c 'upba-t (pi. s-*^ 

Factionist, «., Factious, adj, ^U» 
fatt^; •x^JU mufsid; s ^*A** 

Factiousness, «. K»^ 'a^abiya-t ; 

s-^-*^ ta'a^fub ; ^-ui fitna-t. 
Factitious, adj, ^^cUL*^ istin&'i-y ; 

gA-A^ mu^anna' ; J^* 'amli-y ; 

^jL^lfi; taqlidi-y. 

Factor, s, (agent) Js^^ wakil (pi. 

1^ wukula*). — (in arithmetic) 

^ 4U* (pi. ^\ a41i0- 
Factory, «. J-»*^ ma'mal (pi. J*^ 

ma*amil) ; a*^ j^ kar-hana-h 

( Per«.) ; o^/ karh&n. 

Faculty, «. jJkJ qadr ; S^Ji qudra-t ; 

S^ quwwa-t ; Xs^J^ qabiliya-t. 
Fade, v, J»«i zabal, yazbul; «-AAi 

naiif , yausaf ; ^ fana, yaf na ; 

J^4>^\ idmahall, yadmahill. — (of 

colours) /»A i^farr, ya^farr. 
Faded, adj. (^h^ zabl&n ; J»U 



Fag, v.a, (force to hard work) fis^ 
sabhar, yusahhir; s-^^ at'ab, 
yut*ib ; n. (fail in strength) s-^ 
ta*ab, yat*ab, 

Fao, s. ^Qbw* musahhar. 

Faoot, s. i^ buzma-t (pi. ^ 
buzam)., v. (he or become deficient) jM 
naqa?, yanqu? ; i^pi^\ intaqa?, 
yantaqi? ; {^ j-^ qa^^ar *an, 
yuqii99ir. — (miss) \^iasA aht&, 
yubti ; {^y v>va. hab min, yabib. 
— (become bankrupt) y^\ inka- 
sar, yankasir ; (jJii\ aflas, yuflis. 

Fail, s. (omission) J^W» tabamul. 

Failing, s, \y^ qu^iir ; (^jUaJ nuq- 
9an ; Uai- bata* ; s-^^c *aib. 

Failure, s, U^ galat ; K^ baiba-t. 
— (hanJcruptcy) jL-X»\ inkisar; 
S;^ kasra-t ; ij^h\ iflas. 

Fain, adj. ^j^\) radi. 

Fain, adv. s-^ {^y min \^h ; (jj^ 
^U «yU min zAt ha^ir (botb 
witb pronoun affixed). 

Faint, adj. (;jW* 'ayyan ; f^ti^ 
saqim ; Ul**^ da*if . 

Faint, v. Jc ^^ gumi *ala, yug- 
ma ; ^J^ ^^^s^ gu^i 'ala, yug^a 
(both pass.). 

Faint, Fainting, s. ly^ galwa-t ; 

f^j4^ g&mjy gaman. 
Faintnsss, s. Uuu 4a*£ ; y^ 'ajaz ; 

j^ futAr. 
Fair, adj. (handsome) (jj-^ Yjasslu ; 

JJ^4-> Jamil ; ^eU malih ; f^tt^y 

wasim. — (7iot dark) ^^ ^af, 

safin; ^U ^afi ; /^\ a^qar, f. 

^ywi^aqra* (pl./»» 6uqr). — (;twO 

JjW *Adil. 

Fairness, «. (beauty) JW jamAl ; 
(jj— «. husn ; 1^9 babja-t. — (just- 
ness) jj^ *adl ; sJ\^\ in^af. 



Fair, s, f^y mausim (pi. f^^f 

Faiby, 6, ^^s^ jinnija-t; f^j> pari 

Faith, «. (religion) ^W^ iman ; 

(^*> din. — (trust) a» siqa-t ; 

*)V&x\ i*tiqad; ^Us^l i*timad. — 

(fidelity) s3>^ ^idq ; A»U1 aiua- 

na-t ; U^ wafa'. 
Faithful, adj. {^^ amin (pi. 

U^\ umana') ; {^y mii'min ; 

jolo^adiq; ^^s-^-V* ^ahibwafa'. 
Faithfulness, «. ^M amana-t. 
Faithless, adj. (infidel) yV^ kafir 

(pljVA^kuffar, ei^AV^kafirin); aJ U 

(^*> ma lahu din. — (treacherous) 

\i^\ ^JLC *adim al-wafa* ; (^^ 

My in (pi. (^\f^ huwwan, {^^ 

Faithlessness, a. (unbelief) ^ 

kufr; {ji'^\ f**^ *adam ad-din. — 

(treachery) ^f\ f»*^ 'adam al- 

wafa'; i>W^ hiyana-t. 
Falcon, s. f^ ^aqr (pi. j^ 9uqur) ; 

jW baz (pi. «t>\)W bazat, Pers.) ; 

0^Ui ^ahin (pi. {^\y^ ^awahin, 

Per 8.). 
Falconer, «. j^*>j4 bazdar; jU* 

Fall, v. e»^ waqa*, yaqa* ; Wl. 

saqat, yasqu^ ; c^ iah, ya^ih. 
Fall, s. i»4- suqu^ ; Wjj waqa*a-t. 

— (ruin) J\^} zawal ; v>y- harab ; 

^U halak. 
Fallacious, adj. s^*iV^ kazib ; j>jy» 

muzawwir ; J^4 ba^il. 

Fallacy, s. v»»>V^ ^r•W* qijas kagib. 



^ -- -~ — > — - ^»^ \^ - 

Fallibility, «. U^^ 

i qiyas J 
J^\ i 


Fallible, adj. U^^ J»Vs qabil al- 

Fallow, adj. (yellowish) j^a-^U JjU 
mayil li-*9-9af ar ; /^ muza'far. 
— (untilled) t^y murtah ; ^U h 
bi-la falaha-t. 

False, adj. (not true) s^3l^ kazib ; 
JL^ ba^il ; j>y* muzawwar. — 
(artificial) ^— »-^ mu^anna*. — 
(treacherous) (^^ feayin; /\^ 
makir; (:>s>fl«^j^»> zu wajhen. 

Falsehood, Falsity, s. s^ ki^b ; 

138 [Fan 

^j)*^ men, main (pi. (jj^ muy to) ; 

j^j zaur. 
Falseness, adj. S^ makr; i«4«»A- 

hadi*a-t ; \J^ %\ii. 
Falsification, %. jtff tazwir ; '^^ 

taqlid ; J^j zagal. 
Falsifier, «. \^y muzawwir ; •xia* 

muqallid ; ^^y* muzaugil ; ^) 

Falsify, v. j^} zawwar, yuzawwir ; 

jli qallad, yuqallid. — (money) 

Jij zagal, yazgal; Jfcjj zaugat 

Falter, v. (hesitate) s3^ ta'awwaq, 

yata*awwaq ; UUy tawaqqaf, ya- 

tawaqqaf. — (stammer) {J^ lakin, 

yalkan ; ^%^^ tamtam, yutamtim. 
Fame, s. •s^ majd ; S^ i^uhra-t ; 

jVe^ifti^ i^tihar ; ^ fahr. 
Famed, Famous, adj. j^e-*^ ma^- 

hur ; yt9^ sahir ; Cj'U^ mamduh. 
Familiar, adj. (intimate) (jy^ 

ma'liif; UU*u^ muta*allif; U^^ 

ilf (pi. ^'^\ a\M). —(affable) ^ 

balim ; (j^\ anis. — (weU versed) 

yct^ habir. 
Familiarise, v. fj»^\ annas, ju'an- 

nis; «-A3^ jilaf, yulif ; *>^ *awwad, 

Familiarity, s. i-*^\ unsa-t ; l^\t^ 

muwaoasa-t; ^Li^\ ulfa-t; Jj«> 

dalal ; ^"i^ wilaf . 
Family, s. JaI ahl (pi. JU\ 

abali, JT Al); JV^ *iy41 (pi. 

cy^Uc *iyalat); a,jfc *aila-t.— 

(ra<ie) J-^ nasi (pi. JV-i^ ansal). 
Famine, s. s^*^> jadb; ItX^f ma- 

ja'a-t (pi. gtV* majayi*); Uw^ 

qaht ; J»>^ quhut. 
Famish, v.a. g»i jawwa*, yujawwi* ; 

tW\ ajiS yu]i* ; n. £V> j&*, yaj&*. 
Famished, adj. J^^ wabid. 
Famishing, adj. ^Ue^ ji*an ; M^*«h 

Fan, s. ^f mirwaba-t, marwa^a-t 

(pi. C;V niarawih). 
Fan, v. Jc t^j rawwab *ala, ^yfc 

^^/•^W ^ bawwa lahu bi-*l-mir- 

waha-t, yubawwi. 
Fanatic, adj., s. i^\ j«ja ^adid 





Fanaticism, s, ^ytJ^^ Sja sidda-t al- 

gaira-t ; l^\f^ harara-t. 
Fanciful, adj. (imaginative) J^afeJ^ 

mutahayyil; jy^^ muta^awwir. 

— {capricious) ^y muzantir ; 

^^j'^ hawaji-y. 
Fancy, a. {imagination) JW«^ hiyal 

(pi. ^^\ ahliya-t) ; ^^ wahm 

(pi. f\Jt^ auham) ; j^ tasawwur ; 

JW bal. — {inclination) Jt^^ mail 

(p?. JW*^ amyal). 
Fancy, v. {imagine) J^ Ml, yahal ; 

^ hayyal, yuhayyil ; j^ ta^aw- 

war, yatasawwar; ^y tawah- 

bam, yatawahham. — (like) s-o. 

habb, yahiibb; ^y wadd, yawadd. 
Fang, s. (iusk) v»^ nab (pi. vi>V}U 

nabat) ; s-^ naib (pi. s-»W*^ 

anyab).— (c^w) /t gifr, zufr (pi. 

jW azfar, ^\ib\ azufir) ; s-U^ 

mihlab (pi. s-JU?^ mahalib). 
Fanqed, adj. s-»W*^ ^'^ zu anyab; 

s-JVat* ^*> zu mahalib. 
Fantastic, adj. ^J^ hiyali-y. 

See Fanciful. 
Far, adj. J^s^^ ba'id (pi. ^J^ 

bu*ada') ; t)^ mizih ; ^^\i qa?! ; 

f^\ aq9a (pi. ^^\i^ aqa^i) ; ^-Ifti 

sasi* (pi. g--A ^u8*, g^-A iSusii*). 
Farce, s. &^9b«M^ mashara-t (pi. 

^U*^ masahir). 
Fare, s. (carriage) Jy naul ; tfA 

ujra-t. — (food) «wyf qut (pi. 

^J>\ aqwat) ; J^ akl ; j»Uk 

ta*am ; i^V«^ ma*as. 
Fare, v. (aet on) \J»^ 'ki, ya*il — 

(feed) f^ ta*im, ya^^am. 
Farewell, e. gW; wada*. — (hid 

farewell) g^^ wadda*, yuwaddi*. 
Farinaceous, adj. ^y-d^ ta*bini-y ; 

,j^*y ^3 zu daqiq. 
Farm, s. i^y mazra^a-t. 
Farm, v, (cultivate land) ^ falah, 

yaflab; ^^^ haras, yahris, yah- 

Farmer, s. ^j\) zari* ; y^U-^ mus- 

ta'jir; c^ f alla^ ; s^j\^ haris ; 

j^y> jawwar. 
Farness, 8, J^ bu*d ; ^Vw« masa- 

Farrier, e, J^ baifar (pi. IJ^ 

baitara-t, 8^U^ baya^ira-t) ; Jo^ 

na'lband (Pers.). 
Farrow, s. (jo-^V;^ hananis (pi. of 

,j©^ hinnaus). 
Fart, v. ^r^ darat, yadrit. 
Fart, s. a£^ darta-t. 
Farther, adj. J^j^ ab*ad. 
Farther, conj. (moreover) 'V^\ 

aidan; *aXJU ^J^ SjIjj ziyada-t 

*ala zalik. 
Farthing, s. ^ fadda-t. 
Fascinate, v. j^r^ sahar, yashur ; 

s-»'W jazab, yajzib ; (j-^It talmas, 

Fascinating, adj. s-»^W jazib. 
Fascination, s. j^r* sihr; ^..m^II 

Fashion, s. (style of dress, &c.) 

^•--^kasm; y^\ zai-y ; is-A hi'a-t. 

—(shape) J<A ^akl (pi. A\^\ 

askal, jyCA. sukfil). 
Fashion, v. ^ ^ana*, ya9na* ; ^U 

aug, yasug; ^*UA handam, yu- 

Fashionable, adj. y£^^\ ,^j Jla 

'ala zai-y al-waqt. 
Fast, v. f^^ sam, ya9um. 
Fast, Fasting, s. ^y ^aum, 90m, 

911m (pi. ^yA a^wam) ; |»W* 

Fast, adj. (firm) cw^ sabit ; {^^ 

makin; ^yi^ madbut. — (swift) 

J^*c *a]il; J^^*s-A-« mu^ta*jil; 

^^y sari* ; J;— ^ musri*. 
Fasten, v. ^s^ sabbat, yusabbit ; 

c^\ asbat, y us bit ; ^j^ mak- 

kan, yumakkin; Wj rabat, jar- 

Fastidious, adj. j^^ magriir; 

jA^;s-«-^ mustahqir; yt^^ muta- 

Fastidiousness, s. jVft^a.*^ isfci];ji- 

Fastness, «. (firmness) «yVJ gabat ; 

j^y» qarar. — (stronghold) ^Wl* qa- 

la'.t (pi. &^ qiW). 

Fat, adj. ^^*4— samin (pi. (^ 
siman) ; ^^eaiA ^ahim ; (j^J^ mud- 

Fat, 8. (:>Av> duhn ; ^mkA ^hm ; {^4^ 
samu ; f^*y dasam. 




Fatal, adj, {deadly) J?U qatil; 
*«^ muhlik ; «A**4^ mumit. 

Fatality, ». ;4Aa? taqdir; s-»y^ 
maktub ; {^tt-^^ ^ s-s^ U ma 
kutib *ala '1-jabin. 

Fate, s. i4-J» qisma-t; ^ qada' 
(pi. l^\ aqdija-t) ; ;4»va? taqdir 
(pi. ysA -at, ;>oV» taqadir) ; s-«<^ 
na^ib (pi. W^ an^iba', l^\ an- 
9iba-t) ; (^^ manun. 

Fated, adj, jJ^ muqaddar; *>^y» 

Father, «. v»\ ab, ^\ abu (pL W\ 
AbA', «:>W^ abh&t) ; ^\^ w41id. 

Father - in - law, s, (htishand's 
father) t^\ ^\ abu - 'z - zoj. — 
(tiM/e'* father) V^^ ^^ a^^-'l- 
imrat ; ^ ham ; •♦*» hamu. 

Fatherhood, s, t^\ abuwwa-t ; 
h^^ abawija-t. 

Fatherland, ». S^ ^J>^\ ard 
milad ; ^y» maulad ; (^^ watan 
(pi. (^\l^\ autan). 

Fatherless, adj. f^t^ yatim. 

Fatherly, adj, <^y\ abawi-y ; ^^J^U 

Fathom, ». Jy bauS bu* ; gW ba* 
(pl- 5 V^ abwa*) ; &^\i qama-t. 

Fathom, v. (measure) J^ bawwa', 
yubawwi* ; J^ tabawwaS yata- 
bawwa* ; (.^**-fi *as8, ya^iss. — 
(penetrate into) v>**» ta*aminaq, 
yata'ammaq ; ^*-J tabahhar, ya- 
tabahhar (both with ^ fi). — 
(reach) s^j^ darak, yadrik. 

Fatigue, s, s-^ ta*b ; J:^ kail (pi. 
jy^ kului). 

Fatigue, v, s-^ ta"ab, yuta"ib; 
s-*?^ at*ab, yiit4b; J^ akall, 

Fatigued, adj. (^W«» ta*baii. 
Fatness, $. ,j-«— siman, sumn ; 

A g» i samna-t. 
Fatten, v. ;j>4-« saminan, yusam- 

Fattening, s. e^tj*— * tasmin. 
Fattiness, 8. f^*y dasam. 
Fatty, adj. ^o dasim. 
Fatuity, e. J&J^ Aii qilla-t al-*aql ; 

A*U^ hamaqa-t ; ^fy ru*&na-t. 
Fatuous, adj, OM*-^ ahmaq, f. ^*^ 

hamqa' (pi. OM^ humuq, vl^**^ 
himaq) ; JaW jahil (pi. J«^ 
juhl, juhul, JW juhhal, Ac.). 

Fault, ». s-«c *aib (pi. v>^ 
*uyub) ; A.«e» naqisa-t (pi. (jfl4^ 
Daqayis) ; (^U-^ nuq^an ; tit 
gala^ ; ^9-* sahw. 

Faultiness, 8, s-^«c *aib; s-*««? 
ta*ayyub ; *«** ma'yaba-t. 

Faultless, adj, s-»«c *i ^ ma lahu 
<aib ; U«s. ^ bigair hata*. 

Faulty, adj. s-»^**^ ma*yub ; jBS\i 
naqi? ; ^^^y*^ zamim. 

Favour, «. iUi* ni*ma-t (pi. ^ 
ni'am); J-a fadl (pi. JUi\ 
afdal) ; Iaa him ma- 1 (pi. f^^ 
himam, f^UA hamayim); &i^ 

Favour, v, {^^ htisan, yuhasin ; 
^J^ (j--ft.\ ahsan ila, yuhsin ; ^\ 
an*am, yiin*im ; ^J>^ j^\ af4al 
*ala, yufdil. 

Favourable, adj, (propitiotui) 
(3*^^ muwafiq ; jfeU layiq ; j.*-^ 
mas'ud. — (kind) #%J»- halim ; 
UUU latif. 

Favourite, 8, ^J^ nadim (pi. Uj^j 
nudama) ; S 'iw *> habib (pi. vW^ 
ahbab, s-stW*- habayib, Ac.) ; ^ 
haba' (pi. W ahba') ; s-.^U. 

Fawn, s. J\yt gazal (pi. ^y^ gizla-t, 
(j5^ gizlan). 

Fawn, v. JJJJ ta?allal, yatazallal ; 
g-a*^ taha^daS yatahadda' (both 
with prep. J li) ; J* ^^^ yatuU ; 
^Jlc yi J dahlaz *ala, yudahliz. 

Fealty, 8. U^ wafa' ; *>W*^ inqi- 
yad ; Sx)L\ ita^a-t. 

Fear, «. ^y^ hauf ; ^Vae« maha- 
f a-t ; W f aza* ; ie-ft^ haiya-t ; 
J«^^ wajal (pi. JW;^ aujal). 

Fear, v. (jj^ i-^W haf min, yahaf ; 
^yS;^ ha^, yahsa; ^ faza*, 
yafza* ; (^j^ s-Aj rahib min, yar- 
hib. — (fear God) ^JS\ ittaqa, 

Fearful, adj. (timorous) Ui^U. 
hay if ; sJ\yA- hawwaf ; J<i^ jafil, 
jiffil ; (^Wy faz*au ; ^^ wajil 
(pi. JW^ wij&l). — (dreadful) 




8fc* muhayyif; J^ mabM; 

JA%«* mujaffil. 
Feablbss, adj. u\dei ^ la vahaf ; 

jy^^ jasiir ; tr^ bati^. 
Feablbssness, 8, <J^\ f**xe 'adain 

al-hauf ; SjU^ jasara-t. 
Feasibility, ». (^V^\ imkan ; Ai^\ 

Feasible, adj. J«it2 ju'mal (3 

pass.) ; (:)^«^ mumkin. 
Feast, ». {entertainment) ^W* diya- 

fa-t ; ^UtJ^ walima-t (pi. ^3^ 

walajim). — (holiday) J^ *id 

(pi. *>Wft\ a*yad). 
Feast, v. (entertain) f^y^ aulam, 

yftlim ; ^\y* J-^ft 'amil ^iyafa-t, 

ya*mal. — (delight) tj^ faril^, 

jafrah ; s^ *^ lazz bi, jalazz. 
Feat, «. ^U^ muhimma-t ; ^jf^ 

Featheb, 8. (J^j ri^; ^^ ri^a-t 

(pi. \J»kj rijas, ^Vi^\ ary&^). 
Featube, 8. (trait) geljff taqti* (pi. 

etstV» taqAfiO ; ^V sirar (pi. 5;-\ 

asirra-t). — (appearance) ^>-^y 

wajh (pi. fi^^ wujuh) ; J^ man- 

zar (pi. j^u^ macazir). 
Febbile, (uZ;. ^J*^ hainmi-j. 
Febbuaby, 8. 1»W^ ^uba^. 
Fedebal, adj, <^jW1 ittihadi-y. 
Fedebation, 8. SjaU^ mu'ahada-t ; 

jW^ ittihad. 
Fee, «. ;^\ ajr (pi. jfA ujiir, jW^ 

ajar) ; if^\ ujra-t ; )/ kira. — (a 

broker'8) m^ dil&la-t. 
Feb, v. y^\ ajar, ya'jir, ya'jur; 

/»-*^\ ista'jar, yasta'jir ; ^5;^*-^ 

istakra, yastakri. 
Feeble, adj. <J^««u 4a1f (pi. ^Aiu 

4u*afa'); yA^. *&jiz (pi. >y 

^wajiz) ; y fl ^ p *ajiz ; (:)\y-^c 

Feebleness, «. Ubu 4a% 4u'f; 

)V^ *ajz, *ajaz. 
Feed, v.a. f^\ at'am, yuVim ; «wU 

q&t, yaqiit. — (animaU) uMc 

'allaf, yu*allif; n. J-^ akal, 

ya'kul ; ^ ts^'ain, yaVam. 
Feed, «. Jm akl ; (•UL ^a'am ; «A>y( 

qAt. — (of animaU) *-J^ *alaf. 
Feel, v. (perceit^e 6y <Ae semei) 

<.r*- hass, yahass. — (touch) ^r^ 
jass, yajuss ; {j»^ lamas, yalmus, 
yalmis. — (compassionate) J^ (^ 
bann 'ala, yahinn ; ^j ral]iim, 
yarham; ^J^ tj^ ^aq *ala, 

Feeleb, 8. (of an iiisect) ^Wj^ 

Feeling, «. (perception) u*^ ba^s ; 
^i fabm; *^\j*i\ idr^k. — (/owcA) 
(./w^ lams ; ij»^ jass ; (j»^ mass. 
— (sympathy) iUft>^ ra\ima-t ; to** 

Feign, v. JW J** *amil h&l, 
ya'mal ; ^y•y^ auma, yiimi. Fre- 
quently expressed oy tbe 6th 
form of any verb, as y*/* 
marid, " to be ill ; " u*j^ tama- 
rad, " to feign illness." — (invent) 
ijXsdA ihtalaq, yabtaliq. 

Feint, ». ^^ hila-t ; ^jyo ^lira-t ; 
j^ makr ; &)U^ mugala^a-t. 

Felicitate, v. v> vj*^ banna bi, 
ynhanni; ^J^ *iJjW barak 'ala, 

Felicitation, 8. ^^t^ tabniya-t ; 
iSj\^ mubaraka-t. 

Felicitous, adj. •**«-• sa'id ; •> 

Felicity, ». S*>U-* sa'ada-t; 
sa*d ; o^. baht (Pere.). 

Feline, adj. ta5\ ij-^J^ {^ min jins 

Fell, adj. ^j-VS qasi ; ^Vk zalim. 

Fell, v. g*^ waqqa*, yuwaqqi*. — 
(trees) ff>i qa^aS yaqta*; c*^ 
badab, yabdah. 

Fell, «. J^Iq- jild ; 8jJi% jilda-t (pi. 
^^ julM). 

Fellow, s. Ok*; rafiq (pi. ^j ru- 
faqa', jU^^ arf &q) ; ^Jiyi qarin 
(pi. ^ji qnrana') ; s-^^ ^aljib. 

Fellowship, s. ^j rafqa-t ; ^^4^« 
9ubba-t ; ^/> ^iraka-t. 

Felon, s. s-^X» mu?nib; j»^^^ 

Felonious, adj. ^J^ ^i-y ; **-«*• 
babis ; ^i/i sarir. 

Felony, s. (^fh jurm (pi. |»jj%%. 
jnrum) ; a^ ism (pi. f>^\ Sgim) 
v^*i zamb (pi. s^y*^ fun&b). 




Pblt, 8. *)W3 lubbAd. 

Fki.t, v. uJ labad, yalbud. 

Fkmalk, Feminine, adj. v±^*y» 

Female, ». ^j^^ unga (j>l. ^\i\ 
auAai, *A»U\ iuAg) ; X^U*^ ungAya-t. 

Fence, «. eW-* Hiy/lj (pi. «ji>WW-» 
BiyAjAt) ; v»») zarb (pi. v»j;j 
Kurub) ; ilWV i^Ata-t. — (protec- 
tion) ^U** (.limAya-t ; ^w* mu- 

Fence, i^. (enclose) m« sayjaj, yu- 
8«K^yij ; v»j) «aiTa\), yuzarrib. — 
(mth /oil*) (^^ tat'Van, yata- 
\k\vx\ (liU^rally with lances) ; s-^ 
«-4«^\ la*ab as-sef, val'ab. 

Fenceh» t, v»7-*J^ 3 ^:yi5\| yct^ habir 
bi-*t-tft*»^ w^ \l-fjarb, 

Fencino, *, {j»^ tata*im; s-^ 
^ 4 », m1 ^ Wh aS'Sef; ^U^ musa- 

Fennel, «. l^^ »umra-t; ^*>y- ie»- 
^abl>a-t sauda* ; ^j*\t^ hasbas. 

Fekment, v.a. j^*' b*^)^* yabuiir> 
vabuiur; hammar« vuhaiumir; 
y^ abtuar. vvibuiir; m, ^«3.» ta- 
baiumar, vatabammar; ;■♦ s'* -\ 
ibtii^^vir« yabtaiuin — (be atfitated) 
e^ haj» vahtj« 

Feexvxt, «. ;«^>^ b^uiir; 
baiuim-t. — (ai/itMi.»n) 

Feementation, *. ;«*3^* tabuiir: 
^Wa.^ ibtituar. 

Fejex» *• v.'-*r* 5»rba*; v/V^ ba^- 

FeKWIOVSs at(/\ ^j^ wab*t-T; 
FElfcv.VlTX* FeEOCIOCS^E**.*. ifUy 

waJbu$JL\a-t ; 5y^— * v^a^va^t. 
Fejiex> V. j^ y^ n^bNur au<4i2ikhar. 

muiubit ; 


xuifc-abir) ; S** maA^^^ ^j^L J*^** 

Fertilise, v. s ^^^ ah^ab, yuh$ib. 
Feeule, 8, S"fr Ai qadib (pi. t)^*^ 

Fervency, «. ^j\^ harara-t; S^U*. 

Fervent, adj. j\^ harr ; ^jt^ s-^^ 

9ahib gaira-t (pi. v»V^«^ a?hab) ; 

jj^W hami. 
Festal, Festive, adj, ^^•^^ft 'idi-y. 
Fester, v. J^j^^ indamal, yanda- 

mil ; J^^\ iddamal, yaddamil ; 

^ taqayyah, yataqayyah. 
Festivax, ». J^ *id (pi. *>^^ 

Festivity, s. c/* tafamij ; tUJ 

nasat ; ^y nuzha-t. 
Festoon, «. y^j JJi^ iklil zahr (pi. 

Jjvn akalil). 
Festoon, v, **) JJV^ {^} zajyan 

bi-akalil zahr, yuzayyin. 
Fetch, r. v>W jab, yajib ; v>W t\ 

rah jab, yar4h yajib ; v> W ja 

bi» yaji ; vi^\ ahdar, yuhdir. — (a 

price) ^j*^ agman, yasmin ; v>W 

jab, yajib. 
Fetch, «. (straiiigem) /^ makr; 

Al<^ bila-t. 
Fetid, adj, ^;^*»s*» muta'affin ; (jsj^ 

Fetidness, «. X»\j;» natana-t; (^ 

*utn ; A»ykft ^ufuna-t. 
Fetfee^ #. J^ qaid (pL o^ qovud, 

^V^t aqyad); ^ nikl (pi. JVSi\ 

Fettbe, r. J^e5 qajrmd^ Tuqajrid. 

^dawa-t ; v^vo^ siqaq ; 4^^ fitna-t 
(j>l. ^*s* iitanX — (t&mmn) i^js 
qa^i'a-t (pi. ^Vii qa^aj^) ; LJ^j 

FETsa.. #. ^j*^ ^umma (pL 

Fetks. r. ,^jWW ^ waqoa 

buLomia^ Tuwaqqi^ ; 

FEVK^LI^au 'Jtdj. 

Few. .jaIJ, ^>-» J^ qialil min. 
FEw:i8ssk ^ ili qiilft-C. 




Fiat, s, (command) f\ amr (pi. 

f\j\ awamir). — (the fiat of God) 

{^{^^ s}f <lfl'^l ta*ala kun. 
Fib, 8. ^^ barbaka-t (pi. *sX<j»^^ 

Fibber, e, **V»^ mubarbik. 
Fibre, 8. ^ lifa-t (pL Ui^ lif). 
Fibrous, adj, ^J^ lifani-y. 
Fickle, adj, w^W* Ja^ qalil sabat ; 

*^S a s^ mutaqallib; (^^ muta- 

Fickleness, ». «i>Wi SM qilla-t 

sabat ; j\^ ^ qilla-t qarar ; s^i» 

taqallub ; (;)^ talawwun. 
Fiction, 8, (fahehood) v>J^ kizb ; 

v3liSafc^ muhtalaq. — (literary com- 

po8ition) & A ^i^ ta^nifa-t (pi. 

«»-^^ ta^anif). 
Fictitious, adj. ^^•Vjifi? taqlidi-y ; 

,jUc *ainaliy ; (jlLsat* muhtalaq ; 

ff^'O^ mu^anna^ 
FiCTiTiousNEss, 8, J^jl** taqlid. 
Fiddle, 8, ^^; rababa-t ; &^»^ 

kamanja-h (Pars,), 
FiDDLB-STicK, 8. A^i^i (j-y qaus 

(qos) kamanja-h (pi. u*^y^ aq- 

was) ; s-»^^ mi^rab. 
Fiddle-string, 8. f^ watar (pi. 

^^ autar). 
Fiddler, «. a^ u ^V^ jU daqq bi- 

'l-kamanja-h (pi. ^ /u8 >> daqa- 

Fidelity, «. JJ^ ^idq ; &i\Ju» ^ada- 

qa-t ; ^U\ amana-t ; U^ wafa*. 
Fidget, v. <^^ taharrak, yata- 

Fidgety, adj. ^^^^ mutaharrik; 

{J^y^» muharkis. 
Field, ». ^^ haqla-t (pi. J^ 

^uqul, v^^ haqali) ; l^^f maz- 

ra*a-t (pi. g;^y* mazuri*) ; W^ 

gait, get, git (.v]- o^ gitaa).— 

(fhe open field) hji barriya-t. 
Field-piece, ». ^^y^ s-»^ tob 

(top, Turk.) safri-y. 
Fiend, «. (:)%A ^aitan (pi. (^^^W^i 

Fiendish, adj. ^J%A ^aitani-y. 
Fibndishness, 8. Sjio^ saitaoa-t ; 

^Ua^ saitaniya-t. 
Fieiu:;e, adj. ij^^y wat^i-y ; tr*^ 

muwahha^ ; (j*/* ^aris ; fii^ 

Fierceness, 8. fJ^ zulm ; ^^^ 

wah^iya-t ; l^\yb» sarasa-t. 
Fiery, adj. (like fire) fjj^ nari-y. — 

(ea8ily provoked) o^^ hami-y ; 

jW harr ; s-*^^ J^JA ^adid al- 

Fieriness, 8. ij\^ ];jiarara-t; Sj^ 

Fife, ». SjVa* ^affara-t ; j^y miz- 

mar (pi. jd^V* naazamir). 
Fifteen, adj. jAa ^^ hamsat 

Fifteenth, adj. jJ^ (j»^^ hamis 

Fifth, adj. {j^^ hamis. 
Fifthly, adv. "L-^U. hamisan. 
Fifty, Fiftieth, adj. (:jy<-.««iS- ham- 
sun (vulg. ^ a 'i*>.4» rt hamsin). 
Fig, 8. ^ tina-t (pi. (^ tin). 
Fight, 8. ^^ muqatala-t ; S^y 

waq*a-t ; ^j^^^ muharaba-t. 
Fight, v. J»^ qatal, yuqatil ; csljVc 

*urak, yu*arik ; J>^> taqatal, ya- 

taqatal ; **J;V«5 ta*araq, yata^arak. 
Figment, «. s-^«^^ ta^nif; ,3ijiafc^ 

Figurative, adj. ij;y) ramzi-y ; 


A _A 

^sy^^ majazi-y. 

Figure, s. (form) Ijyo sura-t (pi. 
)yo 9uwai*) ; J^ sakl (pi. J^^ 
askal, J^^ sukul). — (stature) •vi 
qadd (pi. S\jS qidad, ^^Ju» qudud, 
J^^ aqudd, Sji\ aqudda-t). — 
(nuniber) ^j raqam (pi. fSij\ 
arqam). — (diagram) J^*^- jadwal 
(pi. J^W jadawilj. — (in rhetoric) 
jV^^ majaz. 

Figure, v. (ehape) jy^ ^awwar, yu- 
9awwir ; ^^ ^ag, yasiig. — (repre- 
sent) JJ^ qallad, yuqallid. — (con- 
ceive) jy^ ta^awwar, yata^awwar. 

Filament, 8. (thread) W*" hait (pi. 
lyt^ huyu\).— (fibre) W lifa-t 
(pi. ug lif). 

Filch, v. Ja* na^l, yaniul; jj;- 
saraq, yasruq. 

File, 8. (of papers, d:c.) ,3tl» t^baq 
(pi. jM»^ atbaq, ^i:^\ atbiqa-t). 
— (of soldiers) *-*-» ^aff (pL «-*^ 




gufAf). — (tool) *>^ mibrad (pi. 

OjL^ mabarid). 
File, v. ( fasten together) ^ damm, 

jadumm. — (polish) v>^ barad, 

yabrud ; J&« ^aqal, yaejqul. 
Filial, adj. ^jf^ banawi-y. 
Filiation, s. 6^ bunuwa-t. 
Fill, v, ^ mala', yamla* ; ^J^ 

malla, yumalli ; <j?c *abba, yu- 

*abbi. — (an office) ^ f^i qam fi, 

Fillet, s, (hand) ^Ue *a9aba-t 

(pi. s-st^-»^ *asayib). — (ojf beef, 

&c.) j^ ^ labm zahr. 
Film, s. V-Aii gisa'. 
Filmy, adj, ^jt^'^^ gisayi-y. 
Filter, s. vi>V4.«^ misfat ; ^Va-«^ 

mi^faya-t ; v3^^\) rawuq. 
Filter, v. ^J>^ ^affa, yu^afifi; jjj; 

rawwaq, yurawwiq. 
Filth, Filthiness, s, ^^ wasah 

(pi. tL.j\ ausab) ; ^L.^ wisaba-t; 

i-V najasa-t. 
Filthy, adj. ^^ wasib ; (j-js«r 

Filtration, s. M-»» ta^fiya-t. 
Fin, s. tW janab, jiuab (pi. l^i*A 

ajniha-t, (J^\ ajnub). 

Final, adj. (last) ^'\ abir. — (con- 
clusive) ^^ qati*. — (complete) 
J-V^ kamil. 

Finance, Finances, s, (pMic) 
f^yi4^\ JU mal al-miri-y ; ^U 
maliya-t ; ^y^ bazna<t. — (income 
in general) J^*^ madbul (pi. 
xa>^yi.S0» madhulat). 

Financial, adj. ^^ mali-y. 

Financier, s. WUJ\ J-a*^ muba?- 
9il al-maliya-t. 

Find, v. »^^ wajad, yajid ; J^ 
laqa, yalqa; J"^ laqa, yulaqi; 
^\ alfa, yulfi.— (^eO j^ nal, 
yanal; J-«»- ba^i^al, yuba^^il. — 
(provide) J f»Ju» qaddam li, yu- 
qaddini ; 36^ jahbaz, yujabbiz. 

Fine, s. ^^ jarima-t (pi. f^^/i- 
jarayim) ; S^\jt garama-t ; ^yt 
gurm ; h*^ diya-t. 

Fine, v, (mulct) f^fi- jaram, yaj- 
rim ; ^;^ garram, yugarrim. — 

(clarify) <jA* ^affa, yusaffi ; j/ 
karrar, yukarrir. 

Fine, adj. (not coarse) gt^*; rafi* ; 
v>,o»j raqiq ; (pl.^ j\Sj riqaq, \ij\ 
arriqa') ; ^^ na*im. — (refined, 
elegant) *-J^Jk zarif (pi. U^i gu- 
rafa', ^j^ zuruf, &c.) ; ^jgj 
la^if (pi. ^^ liXAf).— (handsome) 
J*.*-^ jainil ; ^^j-^ basan. 

Fineness, s. ^^; rifa*a-t ; iij riq- 
qa-t. — (elegance) ^\Jk zarafa>-t. — 
(beauty) (;j— - ^usn ; J W jamal. 
— (purity) S^Va* ^af^wa-t ; ^P^ 

Finery, s. JU- ^ J^ tuli-y wa 
bulal ; ^j zina-t. — (furnace) 
(^^\ atun, attun (pi. va>Uy\ atu- 
nat, {*y\ utun, (^^^ atAtin). 

Finger, s. ^t-»^ a^ba* (pi. ff^\ 
asabi*, girfM a^abi*). — (thumb) 
f^^\ ibbam (pi. fJt\i\ ababim). — 
(index) ^W- sababa-t. — (middle 
finger) ^^^ was^aniya-t ; SX^JL 
^awila-t. — (ring finger) y^ bin^ir, 
ban^ur (pi. voUi baiia§ir). — (HtUe 
finger) ;-a^*. nin^ir (pi. ^Ud. han&- 

Finger, v. (touch) {j*^ jass, ya- 
juss; (j-w#J lamas, yalmas. — 
(handle) gJlc <alaj, yu*&lij. — 
(steal) v37- saraq, yasraq. 

Finical, adj. jJofc gundar, gundur ; 
j^**-*^ gundur. 

FiNic ALNESS, s. S;Ja& gaiidara-t. 

Finis, s. (at the end of a book) 
f^ tamm. 

Finish, v. (complete) ^\ atamm, 
yutimm ; ^ tammam, yutam- 
mim ; f^s^ batam, yahtim ; ^J^\ 
anba, yunbi. — (perfect) ^JoU 
halla?, yuballi?; J*^ kammal, 

Finish, s. JU^ kamal ; ^1*^^ fadi- 

Finite, adj. J|«a^^ mabdiid ; 

Fir, s. ^yss tanniib ; c>*» 6uh ; 

eA«*y\ lajar ar-ratinaj. 
Fire, s. ;Vi nar (pi. ^^^ ntran) ; 

^^ waqid. — (conflagration) sM^ 




harfq. — (ardour) 8^ gaira-t, 

gira-t ; ij^y^ harara-t. 
Fire, v. (light a fire) *>Vs qad, jaqid ; 

Aij^ auqad, yiiqid. — {set on fire) 

vJjft- haraq, yahriq. — (discharge 

fire-arms) fj^yi qawwas, yuqaw- 

wis; jM^^ a^laq, yutliq; v>/* 

darab, yadrib; tj^ farrag, yu- 

FiBE-ARHs, 8. hj^ l^^\ asli^a-t 

FiRB-ENOiNE, 8, ^/ turumba-t. 
Fire-man, s, o^^^/ turumbaji. 
Fire-works, ». ijuMj\i nar muian- 

na'a-t ; ^\^ haraqa-t. 
Firm, adj. va^VJ sabit^ ^^j^ makin ; 

f^^^^ muhkam ; ^\j rtisih. — (of 

character) ij^\y wasiq ; ^j^^ wasiq 

(pi. j^^ wisaq) ; ,^^ qawwi-y. 
Firmament, s. u:^\y^\ j^ falaq 

a§-sawabit; j^^\ j^ falaq al- 

aflaq ; U-J\ as-sama'. 
Firmness, s. «»W» sabat ; ^^ qarar ; 

ii\sM matana-t ; i^Uj ra^aua-t. 
First, adj, ^^ awwal, f. ^J^ lila 

(pi. {^^ awwalin). 
First, Firstly, adv, "3^^ awwalan. 
Firstling, «., First-born, adj, 

^ bikr(pl.jW^ akbar). 
Firth, ». ^ ^ fumm nabr (pi. 

f\^\ afwah, f>\^\ afmam) ; j^^ 

bugaz (pl.>t>^V bawagiz). 
Fiscal, adj, jU mali-y. 
Fish, s, i^*— samaka-t (pi. *sU— 

samak, «i3L-4>-<»\ asmak, «tf}^--«-«* 

sumilkk) ; \&>^ hiit (pi. (^j^s*- 

hitan, «>^^^ ahwdt). 
Fish, v, ueU^ ^^^ ta^ayyad samak, 

yata^ayyad; ^ '^^ » * •>VSa*^ i^^ad 

samak, ya^^ad. 
Fisher, s. (*ftL-«-») *>V^ 9ayyad 

Fishmonger, «. «^U«« sammak. 
Fissure, «. v3^ ^aqq ; ^ saqqa-t 

(pi. v3^ suquq) ; ,3^ falaq (pi. 

v3y^ fuluq). 
F18SURE, y. <3— Ai saqq, yaiuqq ; 

^ji* falaq, yatiiq. 
Fist, «. aj^^^ juJ^ al-yad (yadd) 

al-ma^buqa-t (pi. ^5*^^ aidi, (^^Vjt\ 

ayidi ; du. {^^ yaden). 

Fistula, 8. )f^^ nasiir ; ^yo\i na^&r 

(pi. y<r^\f nawa8ir,^^y naw&^ir). 
Fit, 8, (attach of an illness) ^y 

nauba-t (pi. v>y nuwab) ; jj^a 

daiir (pi. )\;^^ adwar) ; ^^o-ai gai- 

Fit, cwZ;. jfeJI layiq; iS^^y Muwa- 

fiq ; s-^^ munasib ; ;4J^ jadir. 
Fit, v,a. ^Ji^ waffaq, yuwaffiq ; vjh^ 

tabbaq, yu^abbiq; v5»^ tabaq, 

yutabiq ; w. ^5*^^ wafiq, yuw&fiq ; 

s-^^ nasab, ynn^ib ; Jki labaq, 

Fitness, s, LJi^\y» muw&faqa-t ; 

lj^\L» mu^abaqa-t ; ^V^ liyaqa-t ; 

^U^ munasaba-t. 
Five, adj. ^^ hamsa-t, f. <j**4^ 

Fix, V, vA^ sabbat, yusabbit ; w^\ 

asbat, y us bit ; {^^ makkan, yu- 

makkin ; jji qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Fixity, s. «t>W* gabat. 
Flabbiness, 8. 8;^j rahawa-t ; ^j\ 

Flabby, adj. ^^j rahi-y; i^f 

murtahi ; ^^x-^ mustarhi. 
Flaccid, adj. ^)?U zabil ; (^h^ zab- 

Flaccidity, 8. J^3 zubul. 
Flag, s. jjai bairaq (pi. jjW» bay&- 

ri<l) ; V ^^^^' (P^- ^y^ alwiya-t) ; 
k\j raya-t; ^ *alam (pi. ftifi\ 
a'lam) ; v>>^*« sinjaq, sanjaq (pi. 

Oh-U- sanajiq). — (flat stone) 

i^h balata-t. 
Flag, v.a. (adorn with flags) (^3 

sa>^\ji zayyaQ bi-rayat, yuzayyin. 

— (pave) ^ balat, yablut; n. 

(grow languid) ^J^J^ irtaha, yar- 

tahi ; ^j^j^ istarha, yastarhi. 
Flagitious, adj. v3-*^ fasiq ; J4»5) 

razil (pi. S-S; ruzala*) ; ^^Vt talih 

(pi. t^l» tullah) ; ^J^ saqi-y (pi. 

\^\ asqiya'). 
Flagitiousness, 8. ^^-i fasad; 

^j*; razila-t (pi. J>^*3) razayil) ; 

v>— i fisq ; ^W» qabaha-t ; S^U^ 

Flagon, «. 63U* qazaza-t (pi. )i\)5 

qazayiz) ; ^J^ qinninart (pL 

^J^ qanani). 





Flaqsant, adj, (notorious) f>^ 

zahir; ^^y-*^ ma'nif; ^^-6^^ 

Flail, «. JJ^ midaqq (pi. j\j^ 

madaqq) ; v*/*^ mi^rab. 
Flake, s {of snow) gl» M^ ruq*a-t 

salj (pi. ^; riqa*). — {of wool, &c,) 

^^ kauka-t. — (small layer) ^W» 

(abaqa-t ; ^^^/tM 9afiha<t. 
Flambeau, s, J«-s*^ mi.4*al ; iU,':^ 

ma^*ala-t (pi. JcU^ inasa*il). 
Flame, s, ^ lahaba-t; s-^ 

lahib ; JtJ lagan ; SW hara-t. 
Flame, v. J«-^ tasa^'al, yatasa"al ; 

J*sAi\ i^ta*al, ya^ta'il ; w^\ ilta- 

hab, jaltahib. 
Flank, ». s-^ jamb (pi. v>W^ 

ajnab) ; h^W- ianib (pi. s-^W 

Flannel, «. V)i^ flanelliV ; ci^ 
IS" 9uf (pi. i^V^ a9waf). 
Flap, s, <J^ taraf, tajf (pi. w^^;!*^ 

atraf); uy*; rafraf (pi. ^j\ij 

rafarif). — (of a garment) J**^ 

zail (pi. J^3 zuyul). 
Flap, v. (the wings) <Jjij rafraf, 

yurafrif; ^) raff, yaruff; ^jLo 

9afaq, ya^fiq. 
Flabe, V, ^ lamaS yalma' ; ^L. 

sataS yasta*. 
Flabe, s, ^ lam* ; (^VjuJ lama'an. 
Flash, «. jji barq ; {J^^^ wamid. 
Flash, v, J;^ baraq, yabruq ; (j^^ 

wamad, yami^. 
Flask, s. ^aah * muqai^ai^a-t ; &'t^ 

iSii^a-h. — { powder-horn) j^^ mu- 

Flat, adj. ^5^^-^ musiwi ; ^ln .>.^ 

musattah ; K^ basit. — (insipid) 

^*> dali*. 

Flat, s, J6«* sahl ; S^ sahla-t (pi. 
J^ sahiil) ; ^^^^ f usha-t. — 
(shoal) iJUj ramliya-t. 

Flatness, ». (levelness) J6- sahl. — 
(insipidity) f^ ^ qilla-t ta*m. 
— (dulness) So^j^ buriida-t. 

Flatten, v, ^^ satta^, yusattih ; 

Je-« sahhal, yusahhil. 
Flatteb, V, v3^ mallaq, yumalliq ; 

(jU* tamallaq, yatamallaq. 

Flattest, «. ^J^ tamalluq ; «-AJa^ 

Flatulency, ». ^j rih ; ^ nafh. 
Flatulent, adj. t^ naffah. 
Flaunt, v. /at-* tabahtar, yata- 

bahtar ; *>J^ tabagdad, yatabag- 

Flaunt, s. S^ fahra-t. 
Flavoub, s. *J^ lazza-t; 

tu*ma-t. — (odour) ^}j rayiha-t 

(pi. ^y^ rawayih). 
Flavoub, v. Jt? tabbal, yutabbil ; 

J»y taubal, yutaubil. 
Flaw, s. (crack) ^ saqqa-t. — 

(blemish) s-«c *aib (pi. s-»«^ 

*uyub); ^^ *aiba-t (pi. v>^ 

Flax, s. (^^ kattan, kuttan. 
Flaxen, adj. J^ kattani-y ; {^ 

(^^ min kattan. 
Flat, v. jJ^i- jalad, yajlid ; jallad, 

yujallid ; ^ salah, yasluh, yas- 

Flea, s. ^^ji bargfts (pi. e^^j» 

Fledge, v. (J^j ray y as, yurayyis. 
Flee, v. s-»y^ narab, yahrub ; fjS^^ 

inhazam, yanhazim ; y farr, ya- 

Fleece, s. Sy^ jizza-t, jazza-t (pi. 

'^\y^ jizzat, jy^ jizaz). 
Fleece, v. (shear sheep) y^ jazz, 

yajuzz. — (plunder) ^ ^alla^, 

yusallih ; s^ salab, yaslub. 
Fleet, s. &;Uc *imara-t (pi. ;iUft 

*amayir) ; J^a-^ us^ul (pi. ji»^^ 

Fleet, adj. J%fi *ajil ; ^^ sari*. — 

(of horses) S\^ jawad (pi. *>W 

jiyad, S^\ ajyad, Ai^W^ aj&wid). 
Fleeting, adj. Ji^j zayil; 0-4^ 

fayit ; JU f&ni. 
Fleetness, s. J%e 'ajal; ^^ 

Flesh, s. ^ lahm (pi. f*W li^&m, 

f»^ luhum) ; pJt habr. — (in 

opposition to spirit) Ju-i^ jasad 

(pi. jL-ij.^ ajsad, *>^-^ jusud).— 

(carnality) £^ ^ahwa-t ; «a>\ JJi5\ 

^\x«^\ al-lazzat al - jasad&ni- 





Fleshly, adj, ^J^J>'**^ jasad^ni-j ; 

^Ljk> nufsani-y. 
Fleshiness, «. ^U<^ jas4ma-t. 
Fleshy, adj, f^^^ mull^im, inulah- 

j^am ; ^^t^ lahim. 
Flexibility, Flexibleness, «. 

ii\^ lijana-t; aaW\ aJIjU qabili- 

ya-t al-*atfa-t {tf^^ al-*auj) ; 

ii>U*5^ inhma§. — {of character) 

L^^ mal4yima-t. 

Flexible, Flexile, adj, ^.j^^^ 

Lor.) : ^ii«5 
sahil al-'atfa-t. 

janhani (3 aor.) ; ^/U\ J^^ 

Flexure, s. tf *auj ; \iefs\ inhina' ; 
U^ *atf. 

Flicker, v. g*5 lamaS yalma*. 

Flight, «. ^-r*^/^ hurub ; f^y^\ inhi- 
zam ; jV ^rar. — {ad of flying) 
(^\jji^ \;;3ky2irkii, — {flight of stairs) 
S^j*>^ sidraj (pi. of tjo daraj) ; t;^ 
duraj (pi. of ^j*> durja-t) ; ^iU 
salalim (pi. of fX* suUam, sul- 

Fliqhtinbss, 8. ^y» \^\xi, tawai. 

Flighty,* ar/jf. ^jt^a \kf\i\ c A ^aa 
hafif (pi. ^^ hifaf, uMiA 
ahfaf) ; s^ qallab. 

Flimsiness, 8. ii\s^ |**xe <adani ma- 
tana- 1. 

Flimsy, adj. {^^s^ jtA gair matin. 

Flinch, v, s-^^ tajannab, yata- 

jannab ; W q^j raja' ii-war4, 
yarja* ; t)* \j^ aza' *an, yaza'. 

Fling, v. ^y^ rama, yarmi ; sjSt>, 
bazaf, yahzif . 

Fling, 8, ^j ramya-t. 

Flint, s. ^\^ 9awwana-t (pi. (^\y^ 
fawwan) ; Sy«^ ha^wa-t (pi. 

Flintinbss, 8. i^%o 9alaba-t. 

Flinty, adj. c5^\f» ^awwani-y. — 



9alib al- 

Flirt, V, ^ ganij, yagnaj. 
Flirt, 8. ^^v^ ganija-t. 
Flirtation, 8. ^ gunj ; gU£ 
gon&j ; lyii^ 4iwa-t. 

Flit, v, {fly about) f»^-«- ham, 
ya^iim. — {remove) Je^^j^ irtabal, 

Float, t;. /»^ *am, ya*iim; ^<- 

sabai, yasbah ; ,^U fa^, yafiii. 
Float, «. ^.x*^ ma*diya-t, mu'ad- 

diya-t ; v^y»j rum us {Syr,) ; i*U^ 

Flock, «. (Aerd) gja* qa^i* (pi. 

e,UJi qutan, £^^ aqta*). — (V 

birds) ij;- surba-t (pi. s->V'^ 

asrab) ; a^^ hauma-t. — {congre^ 

gation) ^W jama*a-t). 
Flock, v, g*^ tajamma', yatajam- 

ma* ; Q*^\ ijtama*, yajtami*. 
Flog, v, s^^ 4^rab, yadrib, ya4- 

rub ; J/ qara', yaqra* ; 1»U sat, 

yasut ; v>*M addab, yu'addib. 
Flogging, s, ^j^ ^^rba-t; ty- 

saut ; k^ taswLt ; *^ jald. 
Flood, s, UJ\ ^/«i faid al-m&' ; 

^UjfL ^awafan, (ufan. 
Flood, v. y*^ fad, yafid ; JL. sal, 

Floor, s. lt^j\ ardiya-t. — {story) 

^&t^ tabaqa-t (pi. jW^ t^baq) ; 

;^*> daur, dor (pi. j^^^^ adwar). 
Floral, adj. v5/!} zahri-y. 
Florid, adj. y^^j zahir. 
Floridness, 8. Sy^3 zahra-t. 
Florist, s. ^Va-*^ bustani-y ; J^jt^) 

l_ A A 1 A 

Flounce, s. ^J ^ ^ s^ ka^ka^ ; v>Aft 

hudub ; v*^*vft huddab ; <^V^^ 

sajaf ( Pers.), 
Flounder, v. jM baram, yabrum ; 

tf-'^s tada^raj, yatada^raj ; (j-i) 

rafas, yarfis, yarf us. 
Flour, s. ij^^ daqiq; Ok**^^^ y^J 

zahr ad-daqiq ; ^U^T kamaja-t. 
Flourish, v. (bloom) y^j zahar, 

yazhar ; j^)\ azhar, yuzhir ; ^y 

nawwar, yunawwir. — (prosper) 

f^ na'am, yan'um, yan*im; 

na'im, yan*am. — (brandish) y^ 

hazhaz, yuhazhiz ; Q^ lamma', 

Flourish, s, (of a trumpet) v»/* 

jy^\ ^arb al-biiq. — (in writing) 

\ykt tugra' ; ft/L ^ugra-h (Pers.). 
Flour- MERCHANT, s. (^'^ Xa,]^]^&n ; 

<3fi*** £W» bayya* daqiq. 
Floury, adj. ^y^^ t^^int-y ; ^J^^ 


Flo] 148 

Flow, v. JU s41, yasil; c^ eah, 

yasih ; ^^ jara, yajri ; v^^ 

insabb, yan^abb. 
Flow, s. (^ht^ sayalan. — (ahund- 

ance) S^ kasra-t ; (j«M faid ; /^ 

waf r ; j^^ wuf ur ; ^o darr. 

Floweb, 8, y5>j zabr ; Syfc) zahra-t 
(pl. )}^) zuhur, ;Uj^ azhar) ; j^ 
naur (pi. j\f\ anwar) ; j\f nuw- 
war (pi. ^yy nawAwir). — (tJw 
best part) i-)U hulasa-t ; l^} 

Floweb, v. ybj\ azhar, yuzhir ; ^y 
nawwar, yunawwir. 

Flower-pot, ». j^U majur. 

Floweby, adj, ^^y^j zahri-y. 

Fluctuate, v, (move, as a wave) 
ty^ tamawwaj, yatamawwaj. — 
(he irresolute) ^j\ irtab, yartab ; 
w-^ taqallab, yataqallab. 

Fluctuation, «. (of waves) ty^ 
tamawwuj; ^J3J talatum. — (of 
the ground) J)3y tazalzul. — (of 
the mind) wJS* taqallub; s^^^ 

Fluent, adj, (in speech) (^UJ las- 
san ; ^^ fa^ih (pi. W-i f u^aha') ; 
^ balig (pi. Ul, bulaga'). 

Fluency, s. S^Xak fa^aha-t; ^^ 

Fluid, adj. gjU mayi* ; JiU sayil. 

Fluid, s. 5tU mayi* (pi. 5^^^ ma- 
way i*). 

Fluidity, s. ^^ miya*a-t. 

Flush, v,n. j4*>A ahmarr, yahmarr ; 
a. j*^ hammar, yuhammir ; ^4a.\ 
ahmar, yuhmir. — (elate) c/ far- 
rah, yufarrih. 

Flush, s. j^y^ ihmirar. 

Flute, s. ^^ gaba-t ; <^V> nai (pi. 
«y\4^ nayat) ; ^Ua ^abbaba-t. 

Fluting, s, (of a column) ^ ha^t 
(pi. Lyod.^ bu^iiO ; ^"^ I tah'tit ; 
(^/^ tahrim. 

Flutteb, v, (flap the wings) Uj^j 
rafraf, yurafrif. — (be agitated) 
v3A«5- hafaq, yahfiq, yahfuq. 

Flutteb, s. Jyj zalzal ; i^j ra'^. 

Flux, s. (flowing) (^V^^ jarayan ; 
(^^ sayalin. — (rising of the 


tide) J^ madd. — (dysentery) JW-^ 

Fly, s. ^W«^ zubaba-t (pi. Sr>^«i 

zubab, liM azibba-t) ; vulg. ^W** 

Fly, v. j^ tar, yatir. — (flee) ^y^ 

inhazam, yanhazim ; v»yfe harab, 

yahrub ; ;i farr, yafurr. 
Foal, s. ^ muhr (pi. jV^^^ ambar, 

jVe^ mihar) ; ^li filw, filu (pi. '^\ 

Foal, v, •xJ^ walad, yalid. 
Foam, s, ^^ raga; S^; ragwa-t; 

^) zabad (pL *>W3^ azbad). 
Foam, v, y^^ arga, yurgi; •^jj^ 

azbad, yuzbid. 
Fob, rf. s-tfi- jaib, jeb (pi. v>^ 

juyiib) ; ^^<«i^ jaiba-t, jeba-t (pi. 

s-d«h jiyab). 
Focus, s, j^yto"3\ fiatf nuqta-t al- 

Fodder, s. U^ 'alaf (pi. «-*lb 

*ilaf, cJJU; a*laf, ^^ *uliif) ; «i>y5 

Foe, s. ;J^ *adu-w (pi. W\ a*da', 

,^j^\ a*adi, «y\J^ *udat, ys^ 

*udan, *idan). 
Fog, s, s-»W^ dabab ; h^ 4ababa-t; 

f^ gaim, gem (pi. ^^ gu- 

Foible, «. j^ qu^ur; (;)\-«* nuq- 

Foil, v. (frustrate) s-^s«s. hayyab, 

yubayyib; JW\ ab^al, yub^il. — 

(defeat) w-dii galab, yaglib. 
Foil, s. (defeat) ^y^ hazima-t (pL 

f^\)^ hazayim). — (in jewellery) 

jy^ munawwir. — (for fencing) 

LU^ cA*- saif mugallaz (pi. «-*>e- 

Fold, v. <<J» t^wa, ya^wi ; <^y lawa, 

yalwi ; lawwa, yulawwi ; ^^-aJ 

saua, yasni ; ^ laff, yaluff ; vjh^ 

tabbaq, yu^abbiq. — (enclose) ^) 

zarab, yazrub. 
Fold, s. SJo ^ya-t ; ^y lawiya-t ; 

^ sanya-t. — (for sh^ep) Ij^ 

hagira-t (pi. ^jUio. hagayir) ; tV 

murah (pi. C/» murt). ' 
Folding-door, s, {^j^ v»W bab 





Foliage, b. j\)^\ auraq (pi. of jjy 
waraq, "leaf"). 

Folk, ». (j-U\ an-nas ; ^3^ fealq. 

Follow, v, QtS taba*, yatba* ; ^\5 
Jlc taba* *ala, yutabi' ; "^ taJa, 
yatlu. — (purstie) ^j^ lahiq, yal- 
haq ; v^l^i-^ istahlaq, yastahliq. 
— {ensue) J-**, ha^al, yah^al. — 
(obey) eU, taS yati' ; t^\ at^V, 

Follower, s, ( partisan) ^^ tabi* ; 
gj^ mutabi*. — (disciple) •W* 
talmiz (pi. ^% talainiz, iS^^ 

Folly, s, ^W jahala-t ; ^ jahl ; 
Aft^ saf aha-t ; ^U*. hamaqa-t ; 
^y iiisa-t. 

Foment, v. y}^ habbal, yiihabbil ; 
» > .» ' ^ kammad, yukammid. — 
(excite) s^^ harrak, yuharrik; 
[j^^ ^arrad, yuharrid. 

Fomentation, s, j^-^ takinid; 
*>U^ kimad; &*>U^ kimada-t. — 
(encouragement) «£^;^ tahnk. 

Fond, adj. (tender) tjy^ haniin; 
s-^^ dh-e*) raqiq al - qalb. — 
(loving) ^J^^ *asiq ; jl Ji^ 
tnayil ila; s-^^* muhibb; C^Vt 
talib ; v> (*^ mugram bi ; ^y^ 
v> mMa' bi. 

Fondle, v, «J^!t la^af, yula^if ; 
«-AUj tala^af, yatalattaf; <3-^ 
mallaq, yumalliq ; JS^ dallal, yu- 

Fondness, «. Jtj^ mail (pi. JW^^ 
amyal) ; ^j ragba-t ; «3-a^ ^{^ j 
^^«^ mubabba-t. 

Font, «. 44J^4A4J\ (^^ jum al- 
ma'miidiya-t (pi. (^^/A ajran). 

Food, s, ^yi qut ; ^Uk ^a*am ; J^ 
SJ-/* ^ akl wa ^urb ; \«3^ gi?a'- 

Fool, «., Foolish, ac^. or*^^ '^^j* 
nun (pi. 0^W^ majanm) ; vJM-».\ 
ai^maq, f. ^JUo. ^lamqa (pi. o-*^ 
humuq, jUa. himaq) ; ^\ ablah, 
f. \^ balha' (pi. Al, bulh). 

Foolhabdinbss, 8. f^^ tabaj- 
jum ; Soto\y^ muwabata-t. 

Foolhardy, adj. ^.^^ mutahaj- 


junun; ^Ua. hamaqa-t; S^W^ 
gabawa-t ; ^W jahala-t. 

Foot, «. J«h; rijl (du. {^y^s rijien, 
pi. J*^;^ arjul) ; ^ qadam (pi. 
f>\'>j\ aqdam, f^\ aqdum). — (tfie 
measure) (••^5 qadam. — (in poetry) 
Jtj«A> taf *il (pi. J-cVaj tafall) ; y^ 
juz (pi. \yA ajza ). — (of a moun- 
tain, dx.) jA-«^ asfal. 

Fop, s. j«xii cpandar ; j^*>^ gundiir. 

Foppish, aclj, ^.uAi^ mutagaudir. 

Foppishness, Foppeby, 8. S^Jui^ 

Fob, prep, (on account of) J li; 
J^3 li-ajl. — (itisteadof) ^■\-6^ 
*iwadan (vulg. *awad) *an. 

For, conj. (jjS li-ann; ii^-^^ baig, 
hes ; U ^ A hais-ma. 

FoBAQE, «. *-Al^ *alaf (pi. «-iW 
a^laf, ^J^ 41af). 

FoBAOE, v. cJJi«3^ ^ lamm al.*alaf, 
yalumm ; *>^ rad, yarud. 

Foray, s. ^u-^kabsa-t. 

Forbear, v. (abstain) c6i-~«j tamas- 
sak, yatamassak; Q^^^^ imtauaS 
yamtani*. — (desist) f^\ inqata', 
yanqati* ; *^ kaff, yakuff. — (to 
endure) J-^J^^ ihtamal, yahtamil ; 
^jlc p^ ^abar *ala, ya^bir. — (he 
merciful) f^j rahim, yarham. 

Forbearance, s. (abstinence) }^f^\ 
ihtiraz; £^jaA imtina*. — (pa- 
tience) y^ ^abr ; j^Jo«^ i^^bar ; 
^yesf tahammul; JUa^^ ihtimal. 
— (lenity) ^^-SAa 6afaqa-t; ^♦••^ 
rahma-t ; ^U*>y« marhama-t. 

Forbearing, adj. (patient) \p^ 
sabur. — (merciful) f^i^-j rahim ; 
(2)U*.j rahman. 

Forbid, v. aJ^ (*f*- harram *ale-hi, 
yuharrim ; ^J^ ^ g^ mana* *an 
se-yin, yamna*; t^ harraj, yu- 

Forbidden, adj. tf"^ mamnA*; 
^\f^ haram ; ^^e^ manhi-y. 

Force, 8. (strength) Sji quwwa-t 
(pi. ^f quwa); SjJ^ qudra-t; 
j^Asi^ iqtidar ; ^U» ^aqa-t. — (vio- 
lence) s-^afc ga?b; ;«* qahr; If^ 
quhra-t ; «* jabr ; jft jaur. 

FoBGB, V. fy\ alzam, yiUzim ; 




gafab, yag^ib; f^ qahar, yaq- 

FoBCEPS, «. aaUS kammaia-t ; ^5^ 

kallaba-t (pi. «i>^ -at, s-JA^ kala- 

lib); o^^ kalbatan (kalbatain, 

FoBD, «. u*^ baud, hod; i^U^ 

mahada-t (pi. 0*3^^ mah&wid) ; 

^A» maqta' (pi. gi»^ maqati*). 
F0BDA6LE, adj. (j&Ufiii yanbad (3 

aor. pass.). 
FoBE, adj. ^^\'^ quddami-y. 
FoBEABM, 8, JA-«^A ^^^ az-zand al- 

asfal (pi. ^^) zuniid). 
FoBEBODE, V. Jyw? tafawwal, yata- 

FoBECAST, V. /^ tafakkar, yata- 

fakkar; J^*V? ta'ammal, yata- 

'ammal; a^ taqa^^ad, yataka?- 

9ad ; M^ 'amad, ya*mid. 
FoBECAST, 8. ^ tafakkur; ^^ 

taqa99ud ; •u^ 'amd. 

FOBECASTLB, 8. (of a 8hip) j«^ 

s-^^ 9adr al-markab (pi. j^J^ 
FoBEDOOM, v.)^ qaddar, yuqaddir. 

FOBEPATHEB, 8. J^ jadd (pi. ^^^ 

judud, ^WUjd&d). 
FoBEFiNGEB, 8. sk\Ai\ a^..4ahid ; 

£|l^«J^ as-sabbaba-t. 
FoBEoo, V. ^f tarak, yatruk ; JjU» 

{^ tanazal 'an, yatanazal ; J c:>U 

fat li, yafiit. 
FoBEaoiNG, adj. ^^is^ mutaqad- 

dim ; v5}U sabiq. 

FOBEHEAB, 8. {^i:f^ jabin (pi. {^t^\ 

ajbun, ii^ aibina-t) ; ht^ jab- 
ba-t ; ^sLo ^ura-t. 

FOBEIGN, adj.f FOBEIONEB, 8. S-St;^ 

garib (pi, Vj^ guraba', ^\^ 

agrab) ; ^jf^\ ajnabi-y ; J'\^ 

FoBEKNOw, V. J^ {^ s^f^ *araf 

mm qabl, ya*rif ; *^^ «>e- sabaq 

'arifan, yasbiq, yasbuq. 
FoBELOCK, 8. S«-V* nasiya-t (pi. 

4j«^y nawa^i). 
FoBEBfAN, 8, ^J^^) ray is. 
FoBEMAST, 8. \^^^\ ad-duwaidra-t. 
FoBEMOST, adj. f*AA4i\ al-muqad- 

dim ; J^3^ al-awwal ; f*^^ aqdam. 

FoBENOON, 8. Ip^f^ dahwa-t ; ^ 
4uban ; ji^\ J<* <1*^1 az-zuhr. 

FoBE-OBDAiN, V. ;•** qaddar, yu- 

FoBE-OBDiNATioN, 8. ;4*v2> taqdir 
(pi. «i>\^J^ taqdir&t, jt*y\fs tija- 

FoBEBUN, V. (Jk— sabaq, yasbiq, 

FoBESEE, V. s • " *' '> ^sib, yasbib ; 
0-*^ hamman, yuhammin. 

FoBESEBN, adj. "^A^ j^"^ mauziir 

FoBESioHT, 8. (prudence) ^^W^ 
muhasaba-t ; ^y-t^ ba^ira-t. — 
(fore-knowledge) Ja«? ta'aqqul. 

FoBESKiN, 8. ^^ qulfa-t (vulg. 
Sj^ gulfa-t) ; ^jt gurla-t. 

FoBEST, 8. s-»^ gab; ^^ gaba-t; 
^f^ hiri (pi. \J»^f^\ a^r&i) ; ^•> 
disa-t (pi. (jHi*> dis, diyus). 

FOBESTEB, 8. \J»j^^ )^^ TlA\tLT al- 

hirs (pl.^V i^w&tir). 
FoBESTALL, V. ijh^ sabaq, yasbiq, 

yasbuq; ^ t^ ^awwat *ala, 

FoBETELL, V. ^\ auba', yunbi ; j^\ 

anzar, yunzir. 

FOBETHOUOHT, 8. ^^\^\ s^\^^ 

hisab al-*aw4qib ; Ijt^ basira-t. 
FoBETOKEN, V. v> o^^ abna bi, 

FoBETOKEN, 8. JU £41; S;W i^&. 

ra-t; i^U dalala-t; ^U <al&- 

FoBEWABN, V. j^\ anzar, yunzir. 
FoBPEiT, 8. ^y^ jarima-t (pi. f^^^ 

jarayim) ; f*^ ]urm; Mjt gara- 

FoBFEiT, V. ^U ke^\ in^abat ii^al- 

hu, yan^abit. 
FoBFEiTUBE, 8. ^y^ jarima-t ; W^ 

FoBGE, V. (iron) j«jO\ J*> daqq al- 

hadid, yaduqq ; AiJ^^ %3^ faraq 

al-hadid, yatruq. — (/afei/y) j^ 

zawwar, yuzawwir ; J^j zagal, 

yazgal.— (/orgfe li€8) ^jyii\ iftara, 


FoBGB, 8. S\j^\ .f kAr al-taddad ; 
^\^\ J4JU. mi'mal al-taddad. 




FoEaBE, 8. jyy muzawwir; J^j^y* 

FosoEST, s, •^^ taqlid ; ^j^ taz- 

wir ; ^)) zaugala-t. 
FosoBT, V, ^j-i nasi, yansa ; ^^ t\) 

^W ra^ min bal-hu. 
Forgetful, adj. (^jW— * nasjan ; 

^j«*i nasi-y; ^ nassa'. 

FOEOETFULN^SS, 8. ^W^ Ilisjail. 

FoEoiYB, V. /^ gafar, y agfir ; (^ Vac 
'afa' 'an, ya*fu ; J ^4^ samuh li, 
vamsuh ; {^ ^ ^afah *an, ya?- 

fat. ' 

FoEoivENBSs, 8, Syuu magfira-t, 
magfara-t ; y^ 'af u ; c^ samah. 

Fork, «. ^^ ^oka-t, sauka-t ; ^^/ 
furtaika-t; taU milqat (pi. ^J^* 

FoEK, v. g/ farra*, yufarri* ; g/^ 
afraS yufri*. 

FoELOBN, adj. ^^f^ matrAk ; J^J^ae* 

FoEM, «. 5;y« fiAm-t (pi. j>-o 9uwar) ; 
J5:«i ^kl (pi. JV^\ a.4kai, J/fii 
suki^l). — {mould) w-i^ qalib (pi. 
s-^Us qawalib). — (ceremony) 
cjgi«taklif (pi. ugi5;» takrdif). 
— {in grammar) ^^^^ 9iga-t; (^j^ 
wazn (pi. (»)\}jf\ auzau). — (bench) 
«-*!» taht (pi. «>ys=^ tuhut). 

FoEM, V. (create) s±>soA ahdag, 
yuhdis ; (^^ kawwan, yukaw- 
win. — (8hape) jy» ^awwar, yu- 
fawwir; ^U, ^Ag, ya?ug; g*- 
9anaS ya^na*; J^ :^kkal, yu- 

FoEMAL, adj. (ceremonious) s-^^ 
^\i^ 9ahib takallufat (pi. v*W«\ 
afhab). — (frecise) ^5;^ 9uri-y. 

FOEMALITY, 8, U iJSS taklif (pi. 

i-AjU:? takalif) ; o^\i qaniin (pi. 
(j)-e*^yJ qawanin) ; 5aL.c *ada-t 
(pi. J4^^ *awayid). 

FOEMATION, 8. ^yi ta^Wir ; (^yij^ 

takwin; s-^^/ tarkib; ^*--<j* 

FOEMBE, oc?;. v5»^ sabiq; j^J^a*^ 

FoEMEELY, (wit;. "Uj^ muqadda- 

FoEMiDABLE, odj. J^ mahiU, mu- 

hawwil ; ^-A^afc* muhayyif ; 
F0EMIDABLENB88, 8. ^^ haula-t ; 
^L*^ haiba-t. 

FOEMULA, 8. ^jyo ^ura-t (pi. yy» 

9uwar) ; J^«^> jadwal (pi. J^W 

jadjiwil) ; l -J ^ - 9iga-t ; o^Vi 

FoEBiULAET, 8. e)**V *^^ kitab 

qawanin ; a^^ (^y^ qaniin na- 

ma-h; jy^*> dastur (pi. ^L.j 

FoENiCATiON, 8. Vij zina' ; j^-i 


FOENICATOE, «. ^J\} Zani (pi. cwUj 

zunat) ; v3^U fasiq. 
FoENiCATEEss, s. ^*j zaniya-t (pi. 

J^^j zawani) ; ^U f asiqa-t ; ijL^J 

za^iya-t (pi. J»^^j zawani). 
Forsake, v. J»i^ hazal, yubazil ; 

s^f tarak, yatruk. 
FoESAKEN, adj. J^-^^afc^ mahzul (pi. 

Ji^ilae* mahazil) ; ^)y^ matruk. 
FoEsooTH, adv. 'V&w haqqan ; 'V^tj^* 

Forswear, v. (renounce) {j^j rafa4> 

yarfid, yarfud. — (swear falsely) 

Aj-j^ ^^ vi-UA. hani« fi yamin-hu, 

Fort, Fortress, s. ^W* qaPa-t (pi. 

g^ qiltV, g^i quluj); ^--^ hifn 

(pi. or*^ hu^un, 4j-»- hi^ana-t, 

(;jUft.\ ah^an). 
Forth, adv. (abroad) ^^ harij ; 

*^;» barran. 
Forthcoming, adj. j— *W hadir; 

jA^;;/* mutahaddir. 
Forthwith, adv. JVJ^ ^JA fi-'l-hal ; 

"JJW halan ; AscU ^^ min sa'at- 

Fortification, s. (jj^*-**^ tahsin. — 

(stronghold) ej— «»- hi^n ; ^L«li 

qaPa-t (for pi. see Fort). 
Fortify, v. (for defence) {^y^ Ijia?- 

9an, yu^a99in. — (strengthen) ^5^ 

qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Fortitude, s. S;l-i^ jas4ra-t ; l^\^ 

Fortnight, s. (;>* ?» » f> jum'aten ; 

[^ys^ usbu*en. 
Foeteess, 8. see Foet. 




FoETUiTOUS, adj, ^^ 'arid ; ^jVc 

*aridi.y ; J^"^} ittifaqi-jr. 
Fortunate, adj, x?*^ sa*id; 

mas^ud ; «t>^afc-^ mabhut. 

Fortune, s, {lot) s-rj-a» na^ib (pi. 
\^\ an^iba', SJ^\ aiifiba-t) ; y^»> 
dahr (pi. jy**^ duliur,y5>v>\ adhar). 
— (luck) i^U^ sa*ada-t; ct^ ^ . 
baht (Pers.) ; ^ hazj. — (bad 
fortune) h bala. — (wealth) JU 
mal (pi. si^¥»\ amwal) ; *ftU^ 
milk (pi. ^%»\ amlak). 

Fortune-teller, s, J^j rammal ; 
^»»^ munajjim. 

Forty, Fortieth, (mZ;. (j^s«J;^ ar- 
ba*in (o^j^ arba'un). 

Forward, adj, (anterior) ^ i * ^ i 
qadiin ; ^' ^ /^ ^ muqaddam. — 
(eager) J^e^^^^ mujtahid. — (pre- 
sumptuous) p^^ mutakabbir ; 
^^ waqih ; jW jabbar ; ^JJ^ 
fuduli-y. — (early in season) j^>-y 

Forward, Forwards, adv, (•W 
quddam, f»W J\ ila quddam. 

Forward, v, (help on) o^^ *awan, 
yu*awiii. — (transmit) J-*;^ arsal, 
yursil ; <^'*»? ba*as, jab*as. 

Fosse, s, jj^a^s. handaq (pi. JvjUs. 

Fossil, s. ^J^i^»^ ma*dini-y. 

Foster, v, (nourish) «t>^ qat, ya- 
qiit; ^j rabba, yurabbi. — (en- 
courage) {^f^ harrad, yuharrid; 
«^-^ hass, yahuss. 

Foster-brother, s, ls\^j ^ ah 
radiVa-t (pi. ^f^ ihwa-t, oV^ 

Foster-sister, s, ^^j cu^*.\ uht 
rada^a-t (pi. ^^\ ahawat). 

Foul, adj, (unclean) (j^ najis ; 
fj^j danis ; ^^ wasih ; (^j*> 
darin. — (abominable) &iji karih ; 
^^ qabih ; •^U fasid. 

Foul, v. u^- iifij^s, yunajjis ; ^^ 
wassah, yuwassih. 

Foulness, «. ^W^ najasa-t ; Ai.L.^ 
wisjlha-t ; ^^ wasiib. — (wicked- 
ness) Ao^Wi qabaha-t ; g^-^Ai iana* ; 
&e\jA sana^a-t. 

Found, v. (j^\ assas, yu'assis ; o** 

bana, yabni ; f>^\ aqam, yuqim ; 

«-W^\ auqaf, yiiqif. — (cast) s-** 

9abb, yasubb; *at-— sabak, yas- 

Foundation, s, u*L.\ asas (pi. ^j^ 

usus) ; J-c\ a§l (pi. J^\ Usui). — 

(endowment) «-6i^ waqf (pi. *-iUj\ 

auqaf) ; «wU— o. hasanat (pi.). 
Founder, s, (builder) jj«-*-»U mu'as- 

sis ; ^\) wadi*. — (moulder) csJW- 

Founder, v, j^ gariq, yagraq; 

jj;** tagarraq, yatagarriq; *A^f^ 

Ibarras, yul^arris. 
FouNDERY, Foundry, s, tal;^^ 

masbak (pi. ctXjL-^ masabik). 
Founding, s, s-^^«3^ tazwib ; ^U\ 

izaba-t ; «tW-* sabk. 
Foundling, s, W^ laqit (pi. Udd 

Fount, Fountain, «. (jj^ *aiii (pi. 

O^ *uyun, ^;^\ a*yun) ; g-j;^ 

mamba* (pi. gjU. mauabi') ; 

g^ yambu* (pi. ^Uj yanabi*). 

— (i€< 0/ ti;a^er) M-i fisqiva-t 

(pi. o*^ fasAqi) ; e^;^^ ^dir- 

wan. — (origin) J*\ a?! (pi. J^^ 

U9iil) ; ^'^"^^ mansa'. 
Four, adj, ^j^ arba'a-t, f. g^j\ 

Four-fold, adj, «-iU\ i«j^\ aj*ba*at 

Four-footed, adj, ^\y ^j\ ^6 zu 

arba* qawayim. 
Four-score, adj, ^hs^U* gamanin. 
Fourteen, adj, y^ Sj^j\ arba'at 

Fourteenth, adj, yt^ gj\j rabi* 

Fourth, adj. g?\) rabi*. 
Fourthly, adv. ''^\j rabi*an. 
Fowl, s. (cock) «£\i*> dik (pi. csJ^o 

duyuk. — (hm) &^W>i dajaja-t. — 

(lJouUry)j^X\iyuT (j)l. of^tair). 
Fowl, v. jy^ Ajmq» tasayyad tuyur, 

Fowler, s. (j^-J») oL-. sayyad 

Fox, s, s-^ sa*lab (pi. s-^UJ sa*a- 

lib) ; (j)ns->as3^ ^\ abA - '1 - hu^ain ; 

J^ haital. 




Pbaction, 8, j^ kasr (pi. ^y^ 

Feactional, adj, ^sr^ kasri-j. 
Fbactious, adj, O^Ue« muljaniq; 

v>^^ gad^b ; ^J^^ gudabi-y. 
Fractiousness, 8. L^\jt» sarasa-t. 
Fracture, 8» Ij^ kasra-t. 
Fracture, v.a. y^ kasar, jaksir ; 

n. y^\ inkasar, yankasir. 
Fraqile, adj, y^Sji yankasir (3 

aor.) ; j-^Sx^ munkasir. 
Fragility, 8, jU-XjS^ yijU qabi- 

liya-t al-iiikasar; s-*-Ssa3\ A«j^ 

8ari*a-t al-'a^b. 
Fragment, 8. ty^ kasra-t; Sji^ 

qH*a-t (pi. gJai qita*). 
Fragrance, Fragrancy, «. ^}j 

rayiha-t ; s - ^ t^b (pi. v>W 

a^yab) ; ty^ fauh (pi. tV^ 

af wah) ; O^ nafha-t. 
Fragrant, adj. jc»^ mu*attar. 
Frail, adj, JU fani ; ^-A-*^ da*if. 
Frailty, «. Ui faniV ; A^y nazaka-t. 

— {fault) ^^-af>a> naqi^a-t (pi. v^U> 

naqayis) ; i«JJ^ ULju> du*f at- 

Frame, 8, (structure) ftjUc *imara-t. 

— (of a picture) '^yj^ barwaz (pi. 

yt^ji barawiz). — \of the mind) 

J^ \k\ (pi. J^^^ ahwal). 
Frame, v, (make) ^— »— « 9aiiaS 

ya^na* ; ji^ *amil, ya*mal. — 

ifiO v3*> waffaq, yuwaffiq; j^^ 

balwaz, yubalwiz ; ^j rasam, 

Framework, 8, ^V&e saqala-t. 
Franchise, v, (free) {j^\ a^laq, 

yutliq ; ij^\ a*taq, yu*tiq. 
Franchise, Franchisement, 8. 

jU\ itlaq ; jUc\ i*t&q. 
Frank, adj. (candid, sincere) ,jaUy« 

muhli? ; ^U ^afi ; jv>U ^adiq. — 

(liberal) f^/ kariin ; ^^jat- sahi-y. 
Frankincense, 8,j^, bahur, bah- 

hiir (pi. ;^^. bahahir) ; o^ 

liban, luban ; j^ kuudur. 
Frankness, s. S^^ sat'awa-t ; ^W 

Frantic, adj, (;jW^ gadban ; ^ 

Ba'ir (pi. ^J^ sa'ra) ; ^^ Myij. 
Fraternal, adj. ^jyiA ahawi-y. 

Fraternity, 8, S^^ uhiiwa-t ; 

«:>Vi^y» muwahat. — (congregation) 

h^^ ahawiya-t. 
Fratricide, s. ^\^\ J*^qntilaha-hu. 
Fraud, Fraudulence, «. {J^ giss ; 

^ makr ; aU*. hila-t ; Ju^ kaid 

(pi. ^^ kiyad) ; Ajoj^i. h:idi*a-t. 
Fraudulent, adj, j^ makkar; 

JiXsut gasssAi ; J^Jk^s. hadda*. 
Fraught, adj. tj^^-i^ mashiin ; 

(^%» maran ; y.^^ mamlu-w. 
Freak, «. <^^ hawa (pi. ^^^ 

ahwjV) ; ^^ wahm (pi. (•tto^ 

Freakish, adj. ^J*J^) wahmi-y ; 

^j^y^ hawayi-y ; ^y nmzantir. 
Freckle, «. <jS*^ namai^ ; ^-A-ii na- 

Freckled, adj. {J^ namis. 
Free, v. ,j^ hallas, yuhallis ; ^ji^\ 

atlaq, yutliq. 
Free, adj. f*- hurr (pi. j\y^\ ahrar, 

j\f^ hirar) ; s3f»^ ma*tuq ; {j^^ 

hali?. — (in manners, speech, &c,) 

ij^^ t^li^l > <3J^ t^liq. — (public) 

^•^ *ainm. 
Free dm AN, 8. ij^ts^ 'atiq (pi. Uuc 

*utaqa) ; v3r*^ ma*tiiq. 
Free-hearted, adj. ^^y-** ♦-^^a.U 

§ahib inurawwa-t; ^y^ karim. 
Free NESS, Freedom, s. ky^ hurri- 

ya-t; v3^^ itlaq; loSuc *ataiqa-t; 

"ii^ talaqa-t. 
Freeze, v.n. J^*^ jamad, yajmud; 

Ju^ tajammad, yataiammad ; a. 

A**:^ jamraad, yujammid. 
Freight, s. (load) ^y*^ hamula-t ; 

jj-^ wasq (pi. v3r*^ wusiiq, v3— ;^ 

ausuq). — (charge for carriage) 

jy naul (pi. J^y^ anwal). 
Freight, v. <J-^ wasaq, yasiq. 
Frenzy, s. ^^-4^ gadaba-t ; (;)V^»aA 

liayajan ; (^y^ juaun. 
Frequency, s. S^ kasra-t ; ^iyt^ 

Frequent, adj. Jjy^ mutaraddid ; 

j^ mukarrar; ty*^^ y^ kasir 

Frequent, v. ^J^ v>jJ taraddad 

*ala, yataraddad ; ^vc *asar, yu- 




Fbesh, adj, (cool) OjVj Mrid. — (not 

faded) ^}^ tari-j; s-J«>; ratib.— 

{not salt) v>^ *azib ; ^ fealu. — 

(new) JkjJ^h jadid. 
Freshen, v. <^J» ^arra, yutarri. 
Freshet, «. «y^;i ^ ma furat ; Jt>- 

sail (pi. J^*-. suyiil). — (overflow) 

\^\ Ji^ fai4 al-ma. 
Freshness, «. Sj^jJ* t^-rawa-t ; SjU> 

nadara-t ; l^^^yt buruda-t. 
Fret, v.a. (a6ra<ie) **y farak, yaf- 

ruk ; f arrak, yaf amk ; *«^ hakk, 

yahukk. — (vex) \J»y^ 4awwa^, yu- 

6awwi6 ; s--^ ga^^ab, yuga44ib ; 

n, \/»yA5 taiawwai, yataiawwai. 
Fretful, adj, v»^ gadClb ; v^r**** 

Fretfulness, 8. u^^ taiwii; 

v>^ya*\ id^irab. 
Friability, «. i^^VjUA haia^-t. 
Friable, aci/. u^J^ hais. 
Friar, «. s-i^^; rahib (pi. o^j 

Friction, «. «4U hakk ; cd<^^ tah- 

kik ; d^^ furk ; ct^yb" tafrik. 
Friday, «. ^ - » »» ^ ^ ^^ yom al- 

jum*a-t. — (Good Friday) ^^*** 

f*^)^^ jum^a-t al-alam. 
Friend, e, s-hw^ habib (pi. v>W^ 

ahbab, W^ ahibba') ; s-^^ mu- 

bibb ; JJu. haiil (pi. tjU hullan, 

^ hulla-t); s-^V-, ^ahib (pi. 

s^^\ a^hab) ; Ofe«^* fadiq (pi. 

ViJu.^ a§diqa'). 
Friendless, cidj. Jj'^^t* mahzul. 
Friendliness, «. *>(»>^ wadad ; ^^ 

Friendly, adj. s-^*^ mubibb ; 

ij»^\ anis ; *-Aja5 la^if . 
Friendship, ». ^^^^^^ muhabba-t; 

s-^ hubb ; Sjy« inuwadda-t ; 

&W 9adaqa-t ; v/>y^ hulCi?. 
Frieze, s. y;i\ ifriz (pi. )i)\i>\ 

Frigate, «. ^U^ firqata-t. 
Fright, s. Jy> haul, hoi (pi. ^}\y^y 

ahwal) ; 8yfc^wahra-t; s-^j ru*b. 
Frighten, v. Jyfc hawwal, yuhaw- 

wil ; s^y^ hawwaf, yuhawwif ; g)* 

fazza% yufazzi* ; s-^j^ ar*ab, 


154 [Feo 

Frightful, ad^. J^ mahdl ; Jt^ 

hayil ; ^fi^ mahM, muhawwif ; 

cJU^e* niuhif. 
Frightfulness, ». ^yfc haula-t ; 

J^ tahawwul. 
Frigid, adj. *yM barid. 
Frigidity, s. »*>^;» buruda-t. 
Frill, s. W layya-t ; *-*V^- saj&f. 
Fringe, «. v*J^ hudb, hudub ; 

*-*^%- sajaf (Pers.). 
Fringe, v. Jjt^i zayyal, yuzayyil ; 

ui^liV^^ ^3 zayyan bi-saj&f&t^ 

Frisk, v. ^wc 'anzar, yu*anzir; W 

natt, yauuft. 
Friskiness, 8. 1»^ nai&t. 
Frisky, adj. X^e-Ai naiit (pi. ^^ 

ni^at, o^^ nai&t^)- 
Fritter, v. (break) j— ^ kassar, yu- 

kassir; ^ qattaS yuqatti*. — 

(waste away) ^y^^ afna, yufni. 
Frivolous, adj. JtV» batil; JUi» 

battal ; ^\ *-M«^ hafif al-*aql. 
Frivolousness, Frivolity, ». (^!&t» 

butlan ; ^^ ba^ala-t ; ^^ haffa-t. 
Fro, adv. \)5 wara* ; \)^ li-wara*. 
Frock, s. ^^Ui qaftan; ^^/ far&- 

Frog, b. ^JAa dafda'a-t (pi. gJA* 

dafdaS £*>^-** daf&di*) ; j;-Ae 

^uqurruq ; ^^ lujm, lajam. 
Frolic, s. ey^ harj ; ^.j^ tahrtj ; 

v>;t tarab; ty* massh (pi. cV 

Frolic, v. gy^ harraj, yuharrij ; 

t'y mazah, yamzah. 
Frolicsome, adj. tj^ tanj ; cV* 

From, prep. (^ 'an ; {^ min ; ^ 

•^^ min *and. 
Front, «. 4^* wajh (pi. »^^ wujiih) ; 

^^ji quddam ; ^JJU muqadda- 

Front, v. J»^ q&bal, yuqabil ; J|V« 

taqabal, yataqabal. 
Frontage, «. 4^^ wajh (pi. a^^^ 

Frontier, «. •»». hadd (pi. •*^Jkew 

hudud) ; ^ ta^m, tuhm (pL 

f^ tuhum, ^^ tuhiiin) ; /» gagr 

(pi. ^^ ffugiir). 




Fbontispieob, 8, (of a building) 
see Frontaoe, Front. — (of a 
book) (:)^y^^ *unwan ; eW>** dibaj 
(pi. ^V>*> dajabij, ^)^*y daba- 

Feontlbt, 8. ^Uc 'i^aba-t (pi. 
s-sfcUe 'a^ajlb, s-*-^ 'u^ab). 

Frost, ». '^ jalid. 

Frosty, adj, "W *>;^ band jiddan. 

Froth, 8. iy^j ragwa-t ; ioJuL ^uf a- 
^a-t ; A»3 zabad (pi. *y\i)\ azbad). 

Froth, v, ^^j\ arga, yurgi. 

Frothy, adj. ^J^) ragi ; Sy^j ^S zit 

Frowabd, adj, (perver8e) ^^ ^arir. 
— (refractory) J^u^ *ania (pi. J^^ 
*unud) ; ^^^ 'a^i (pi. va>V-9c 

Frowardness, 8, ( perverseness) /* 
^rr ; Sj^/* ^arara-t ; S^Uj rada- 
wa-t. — (refractoriness) »>Ufi *inad ; 
^Ve-ac *i?jan ; 6jV-ac *a§awa-t. 

Frown, 8, u-^--!^ *ubus; u*-*/** 
v^^^^ ta^arquf al-hawajib. 

Frown, v. a^^.^ ^j*m^ 'abas wajhu- 
hu, ya*bis ; 'abbas wajha-hu, 
yu'abbi? ; s-^W^ js^f^ 'arqa? al- 
l^ajib, yu'arqis ; ^ kalah, jak- 

Frozen, adj, a »^>» mujammad ; 
j^yu maqrur. 

Fructiferous, adj. y*JU musmir. 

Fructification, 8. ^«J^ talqih. 

Fructify, v. y^ sammar, jusam- 
mir; y4»\ asmar, yusmir; ^ 
laqq-ih, julaqqih ; s^<^^ ah^ab, 

Frugal, adj. Jas»- mu'tadil ; «-Mft 
*afi£ ; J»y^ ^ gair muf rit. 

Frugality, 8. ^U* qana*a-t ; jt^f 
taufir; IS^^ zahada-t. 

Fruit, 8. W samara-t (pi. »U*\ 
asmar, ;W gimar) ; %^ fakiha-t 
(pi. A^W* fawakih). — (advantage) 
^ nar ; iU&^ manfa'a-t ; Sj^U 
fayida-t ; IS^\ ifada-t. 

Fruitage, 8. (produce) J^~^ ^ *« 

Fruiterer, g. A^y gV^ bayya* 
£aw4kih ; ^^^ f4kMm-y. 

Fruitful, adj. y*^ musmir; y^ 

jU*3\ ka^ir al-asmar. 
Fruitfulness, 8. ;U»\ ismar ; l^ 

^U*3\ kasra-t al-a^mar. 
Fruition, s. ^^ tamattu* ; *jya5 

ta9arruf ; ^^ talazzuz. 
Fruitless, adj. ^^ yn^ gair nafi* ; 

IsiM h biia %ida-t ; ^V, b&tU. 
Frustrate, v. s-***- hayyab, yu- 

hayyib ; Jk battal, yubaftil ; Jk^ 

abtaJ, yubtil. 
Frustration, 8. s-*«*^ tahyib; 

JJ»tJ tabtil. 
Fry, v.a. ^J* qala, yaqli ; qalla, 

yuqalli; n. J^\ inqala, yan- 

Fry, 8. h)^ basariya-t ; y^^ fir. 
Frying-pan, 6. (^>^ t»ji^ (pl* 

^>\^ ^awajin) ; AjJXa^ miqlaya-t 

(pi. ^^ maqali). 
Fuel, s. *>y»^ wuqud; s-J»- ha^ab 

(pi. s^U«.\ ahtab). 
Fugitive, ocZ/., s. v*;^ harib ; Q)^yt^ 

harban; ^4;^;* firari-y. 
Fulcrum, s. .^^— sanad (pi. •>U-.\ 

Fulfil, v. ^ tainmam, yutam- 

mim ; ,j-&» qada, yaqdi ; qad^a, 

Fulfilment, 8. f«U?\ itmam; ^ 

tamm ; J«^ takmil. 
Full, adj. q)%» malan ; (^W^ mal- 

yan; ^U^ mam!u-w; ^J^*^ mu- 

Full, s. (repletion) gjA saba*. 
Full, v. y^ qa^ir, yaq|ur; ^^^^ 

habba^, yuhabbit. 
Fuller, s. j^ qai^ar. 
FuLLERY, 8. ^fA» maqsara-t. 
Fulling, 8. SjU5 qa^ara-t. 
Fulminate, v. J^; ra'ad, yar'ad ; 

^j\ ar'ad, yur*id ; ^}»-^\ in^a'al, 

FuLMiNATiON, 8. ^^)^ ir'ad ; JUaj\ 

Fulness, «. 5u^^ imtila' ; c^ Xifalji. 
Fulsome, adj. *-i/^ muqarrif ; ^^j^ 

makruh ; ^/^^ fahis. 
Fulsomeness, 8. iji^ ixihif fahs ; 

iAft.U fahiia-t. 
Fumble, v. (manage awkwardly) 




^•-A^ gasam, jagsim. — (g^ope) 

^j'**'^^^ hassas, yuhassis. 
FuMBLEB, «. f ^ - ^ gasim (pi. U-ti 

Fumbling, «. i^^ gasumiya-t. 
Fume, s. (:)Vi.»> duhan, duhhan (pi. 

lj^*A adhina-t. 
Fume, v. {^*y dahhan, yudahhin. 

— (rage) s--Afc gadab, yagclib; 

tUi\ igtag, yagtaz. 
Fumigate, v. f^, baihar, yubahhir. 
Fumigation, «. jtsi^ tabhir ; J^^a* 

Fun, 8, s-*J la'ab; A^y nuzha-t; 

ty mazh (pi. cV i^iz^t) ; ^f? 

Function, «. J*^ *ainal (pi. JUc^ 

a'nial) ; s-^-ai^ man^ab (pi. s-^^ 

mana^ib) ; ^-^J^ hidma-t (pi. 

f^^ hidam). 
Functionary, «. a<-oU/« s-^^ ^ahib 

muna^aba-t ; j^A^a^** man^abdar. 
Fund, *. JU5\ y-\j ras al-miil 

(vulg. rasmal) ; JUJ^ J*^ a^l al- 

Fundament, s. ^j*^\ asas (pi. {j^ 

usus). — {seat of th^ body) »^*a^ 

inaq'ad (pi. *vc^ maqiVid). 
Fundamental, adj. ^^^\ asasi-y ; 

^J^^ asli-y. 
Fundamental, «. SacU qa*ida-t (pi. 

J^^j* qawa*id). 
Funeral, s. SjU^ janaza-t ; (^•^^ 

tadfin ; (^^ tadaffiin ; ^/^ 'aza'. 
Funnel, s. Q4i qim*, qum* (pi. 

ty^ qumu*). 
Funny, adj, ^j^at- ^ mushin ; «eX^-4^ 

mudhik. ' 
Fur, 8. i^ji farwa-t (pi. ^^^y farawi, 

^;* fira). 
Furious, adj. v>^ gadub ; ^jVa 

FuRiousNEss, Fury, 8. s--Afc ga^ab ; 

^L^»*A hayajan; Sja sidda-t; 

S^.«JL^ gasmara-t. 
Furl, v. v5^ t^wa, ya^wi ; ^ 

lanim, yalumm. 
Furlong, 8. Jtj^i^ ;jj-»^ suxnn al- 

Furlough, 8. e^^j^ SjM ijaza-t li- 

'r-riw&^i ; ^-a^ nihffa-t. 

Furnace, 8. (^f\ atCln (pi. «t>Uy\ 
atiinat) ; (^ji fum (pi. (jj^^ 

Furnish, ,t;. (supply) ^j^^^ ^ f**^ 
qaddam la-hu al-lawazim, yu- 
qaddim; )^ jahbaz, yujabhiz ; 
^ hayya', yuhayyi*.— (^^ up) 
<^\ assas, yu'a§sis ; yj»^ farai, 

Furniture, 8. sj»ji fars ; *±»\$\ asas ; 
*j>^\ v£>^yu« manqulat al - bet 

Furrier, 8. ^ farra*. 

Furrow, «. ^ talam (pi. f^^ 

atlam) ; l»s- hatt (pi- ^^ b^tut)- 
Furrow, v. ^ tallara, yutalliin; 

Jal«i- hat^at, yuhattit- — (wrinkle) 

yj»y^ karra^, yukarri^. 
Further, adj. J^^ aVad. 
Further, v. ^^j raqqa, yuraqqi ; 

f«Ai qaddam, yuqaddim ; (jj^^ 

*awan, yu*awin. 
Furtherance, 8. ^»^ taqdim ; 

(^^ *aun ; Aiyt^ ma'iina-t ; J^ r U»^ 

Furthermore, adv. «^»3 ^Jlc gjly 

ziyada-t 'ala zalik ; cdJ J ^ gair 

Furthermost, adj. J^^ ab'ad. 
Furthest, adj. C'^\ aqdam. 
Furtive, adj. Jj;-—* masriiq ; ^J^ 

Fury, s. see Furiousness. — (vio- 
lent woman) ii^t gula-t. 
Fu&E, V. *aW- sabak, yasbuk ; s^^^i 

zawwab, yuzawwib. 
Fusee, «. iytA^ zahira-t (pi. jjU-j 

zahayir); ^Jl«^* fatila-t (pi. JjU* 

Fusibility, «. *£JL-{«-J^ insibak ; 

(;jV^«^ sayaban ; (^^y^ zuban. 
Fusion, «. taW- sabk; ^U\ i^a- 

Fuss, 8. v>^;U^ i^tirab. 
Fustian, 8. (cloth) Wai qo^oniya-t ; 

^^ ham. — (bombast) i^l^* muba- 

laga-t; ^\ ^ Uy^ ifrat fi-*!- 

FusTiNESs, 8. ^Ac *afan ; ^yto <iifii- 

na-t ; «^^ ta^wif. 
FuBTY, flki;. ,yAft 'afani-y. 




PuTiLB, adj. J\W battal; J^^j 

b&^il ; vjMk* hafiq. 
PuTiLiTT, 8, i-)^ butlan ; Sl^ ba- 

tala-t ; JM^ hafaq. 
PuTURB, adj. J<&!— • mustaqbil. 

Future, Putubitt, s. JW*«-^ istiq- 

Py, excl »% wah! *J\ uf ! J V 

tabban ii; ^\ /JtJi^\ astagfir 



Oabble, v. Ma» batbat, jubafbit. 

Oablb, 8. ui^'-t^ mai^raf (pi. u^^U^ 
masarif) ; o^u-j. jamlun. 

GAa, «. f«U^ fimam ; d^\^/b» sihuk ; 
f»W^ sibam. 

Gao, v. «£Wai ^ahak, jashak ; Jl^ 
gallal, jugallil ; ^^-s^ sabam, j as- 

Oaqe, 8. (j)A) rahn (pi. (j^^j ruhiin). 

Gaibty, 8. A^et bahja-t ; ll^\ im- 
bisat ; *-4e^ kaif ; jji;- surur ; tj^ 

Gain, «. s-^*^ kasb ; ^ »^- < '* maksi- 
ba-t (pi. s-*-^^ makasib) ; ^j 
ribh (pi. e^j\ arbah) ; fij«U %i. 
da-t (pi. 04 V fawajid). 

Gain, i;. s ^-* X kasab, yaksib ; 
s-^-*^ iktasab, yaktasib ; ^j 
rabibi, jarbah. — (obtain) ji> nal, 
janal. — (gain on) (3«- sabaq, 
jasbiq, jasbuq. 

Gainful, adj. g*^ nafi* ; »XeA* mu- 

Gainsay, v. «-AJW halaf, yuhalif ; 
t/5V» ndqadl, yunaqicj. 

Gait, 8. ^ftt^ .mai^wa-t ; ^^6*^^ mai- 

Gale, s. j^^aai ^j nh ^adid ; ^^ 
'afifa-t (pi. ULc\^\ awa^if). 

Gall, «. S^ mirra-t, murra-t (pi. 
jy mirar) ; \/^ 9afra*. — (gall- 
nut) ^Uto *af9a-t (pi. (jo*fi 'af?). 

Gall, i;. (break the skin) ji*y\ adbar, 
yudbir ; y^ *aqar, ya*qir ; 'aqqar, 
yu*aqqir. — (vex) ^^-W naka, 
yanld ; s-^^^ Bgdab, yugdib. 

Gallant, adj. (brave) Qa^ iaji* ; 
ij^i ;«S 7& b&8 ; JW batal ; JW; 

rajjal. — (showy) <-Al^ mukallaf ; 

Gallant, s. (dandy) ;*>-i^ gandar ; 

j^jufc gundAr. — ( paramour) ^^ 

Gallantry, s. (bravery) ^ ^W ^ 

saja*a-t; ^^aj bu^Ma-t. — (polite 

attentio7i to women) J2i«> dalal; 

Qj\Ju» mugazala-t. 
Gallery, s. t,^^^*'^ mami^a (pi. 

^^U^ mamasi) ; j\^j riwaq, ru- 

waq (pi. Ajjj^ arwiqa-t). 
Galley, s. ^\jt. gurib (pi. S^jt\ 

Galloon, s. ^/k sant ; ^j^\ an- 

Gallop, s. {J^j raqd ; ^j ramh. 
Gallop, v. {J^j raqa4, yarqu4 ; c^j 

ramah, yarinah ; J**- hayyal, yu- 

Gallows, s. ^^ua^ ma^naqa-t (pi. 

j^Va^ masaniq) ; *. , *aa L^ la*bat 

Gamble, v. ^UaX^ s-^ la*ab al-qimar, 

yal*ib ; j^^ qamar, yuqamir ; j4JS 

taqammar, yataqammar. 
Gambler, s. v*U3 la''ab; v ^ 

la"ib ; ^Uu muqamir ; jy^ yasiir. 
Gambling, «.jUs qiinar ; S;^Uu» mu- 

Gambol, v. y^ qafaz, yaqfiz; W 

naU, yanutt. 
Gambol, s. SjAS qaf za-t ; iy^ qam- 

za-t ; S^ natta-t. 
Game, s. (play) s-*J la'ab, lu*b. — 

(animals hunted) •i^ (aid; ^^/ajJ 

qana9 ; £«daS qani^a-t (pi. fj^e^ 





Game- BAG, «. (^^^^tJ^ himjan (pi. 

(^Ua hamavin). 
Gamut, s. ^J^y4^\ S^U dayirat al- 

Gander, «. /•i j« wazz zakir. 
Ganq, 8, AcW ]ama'a-t ; ^) zum- 

ra-t (pi. /•J zumar) ; iij^ 8urba-t 

(pi. v»j);- suriib, ^\j^\ asrab); 

iiy^ jauqa-t. 
Gantlet, a. •^i^w ^^ US kaff min 

hadid (pi. yJ^ kufM). 
Gaol, «. (^-^e^ ^bs (pi. (j*^ 

l^ubus) ; {^^im sijn (pi. o^^** 

Gaoleb, 9. ^W l^abbas ; ^W*« 

Gap, ». J/- harq ; ^JAi ^aqq, ^ 

^qqa-t (pi. j^ Bdqiiq). 
Gape, v. (yawn) v»^^ tasawab, ya- 

tasawab. — (open) n. ij^ tafallaq, 

yatafallaq ; (j&i^ taiaqqaq, ja- 

Gabb, 8. (J^ libs (pi. (j«^ lub^s) ; 

f^ kasm; ^s} zi-j (pi. ^j\ 

Gabbaqe, «. (howeU) o^/^ mii9- 

ran; (:>2)V*a»» nia^arin. — (offal) 

i-AAc *ai^-t ; lA- saqat (pi. ^^^ 

Gabble, v. (sieve) ^j^ garbal, yu- 

garbil. — (pick out for a purpose) 

s-*Afc^^ iniahab, yantahib. 
Gabden, 8, ^ j -><» janina-t (pi. ^^^aW 

janayin); (;jV-s^ bustan (pi. 

(^W basatin) ; ^; rau^a-t, 

ruda-t (pi. ^Vjj riyad) ; ijjJ^ 

l^adiqa-t (pi. O^*^**^ t^dayiq). — 

(kitchen ' garden) ^jj^ hakAra-t 

(pi. 7«^^ l^awakir). 
Gabdeneb, 8. ^^^ bustani-y ; 

o» «'' "> bustanji (Twr^.) ; ,^W 

janayini-y ; ^\)4 warrad ; ^J^ 

hauliy (pi. J^ nawal). 
Gabdeninq, 8, e>i^^^ ^'^ hidmat 

Gabqle, Gaboabism, 8, ^j^ gar- 

gara-t ; j^^^i tagargur. 
Gabqle, v. jt^t gargar, yugargir. 
Gabland, 8. y^j J<W iklil zahr (pi. 

Jt»i^ akalil). 
Garlic, 8. ^y g^m ; fy tiiin. 

Gabment, «. v*y saub, sob (pi. 

s-»^ siyab) ; oL. hulla-t (pi. J^ 

hulal, JV hilal) ; fiy-^ kiswa-t. 
Gabneb, «. jW*^ ambar (pi. jti^\ 

anabir) ; (:j)3e» mahzan (pi. (:)}^^i^ 

mahazin) ; ^^ i^auna-t, suna-t 

(pi. ^J^}^ ^awani) ; ^y^ hury (pi. 

\jtt.\ ahra'). 
Gabnet, 8. JM^ 'aqiq (pi. jfeVac 

'aqayiq) ; (^^V* ^;^i»> ha jar saya- 

Gabnish, v. (j)4J zayyan, yuzayyin ; 

uijA-j zahraf, yuzahrif ; tJW? tat- 

haf , yutahhif . 
Gabnishment, 8. ^j zina-t ; ^f-} 

zahraf a- 1. 
Gab RET, 8. ly^^ hujra-t (pi. j^^ 

hujar) ; S;«^>&> hujaira-t). 
Gabrison, 8, (fortified place) Wi 

qal*a-t (pi. g^ qila*). — (body of 

troops in it) (jjJ^W^^ al-muhafi- 

zin ; &»^\ Ja\ ahl al-qaJ'a-t. 
Gabbison, V, ^^ jA— c g^^ wada' 

*a8akir fi, yacja*. 
Gabbulity, 8, siy^ fudM; jlAi 

fu^4r; ay^ galaba-t; ^\ i^i^ 

kasrat al-kalam. 
Gabbulous, adj, j\^ mihzar; 

J^ f udMi-y ; jUi f a^^ ; J\y 

Gabteb, 8, j\^\ I»W; rib&t as-s&q 
(pi. Wj rubut). 

Gas, 8. Cjij ruh ; j^ gaz. 

Gash, s, W^ jiraha-t (pi. c^;'^- 
jirah) ; c/^ jarh (pi. t)ft jur^bi 
«yU^^ juruhat). 

Gash, v, t/^ jarah, yajralji. 

Gasp, s. (j^'it^s tanaffus. 

Gasp, v. ^j*^^ tanaffas, yatanaffas. 

Gate, s. v»Vj bab (pi. ^\y\ abw&b, 
(;jW biban) ; ^\ji baww&ba-t. 

Gateway, s. y^** dihliz (pL^Wo 

Gatheb, v. g4-^ jama*, yajma*. — 
(fruit) ^y*^ jana, yajni; «-Aki 
qa^af, yaqtif. — (infer) ^ a^I 
istantij, yastantij. — (suppurate) 
^y•'^^ indamal, yandamiL 

Gaudiness, 8, Uf-'f tazahruf. 

Gaudy, adj, Uf-y* muzahraf. 

Gauge, 8, ijm\^ qiy^s (pi. Lm^ 




aqjasa-t) ; {j*^^ miqyas ; ii^ 

kaila-t ; j^ *iy&r. 
Gauge, v, (j«Vi qas, yaqis; jt^ 

*ayar, yu'ayir. 
Gaunt, adj. ^}y^ mahziil (pi. JjjVe^ 

maha^il) ; ^}>y» hazil. 
Gaun tines:), 8. J^y^ hazal. 
Gauze, ». *-Aa^ kaif ; ctW^ baran- 

jik (<>r;* burunjiq, Turk.), 
Gat, adj. (merry) jjj;— ^ masrur ; 

L^«...«^ mabsut; c?^y farhan. — 

(showy) «-A4;t garif; *-*;*•/• mu- 

Gaze, v. J^*^ ta'ainmal, yata'am- 

mal ; gJ^ tala*, yutali* ; Uj rana, 

Gaze, 8. j^\ Wj\ idamat an- 

nazar ; t^\ it^ila*. 
Gazette, s. hjt^ ^^) waraqa-t ha- 

bariya-t; i*^^ ;C^\ abbar yo- 

miya-t ; a^jj^ gazeta. 
Gazette, v. y^\ ahbar, yubbir. 
Gazetteer, s. ^a^ muhabbir. 
Gear, s. {^y tazyin. 
Geld, ^y»^ ha? i, yah?! ; v.^^ t^-w- 

was, yu^awwis. 
Geldino, 8. v>j*^ O^**** hi^an mu- 

^wwas; ^j-at* (:)Ua. hi^an mah- 

?i-y ; Lr«J^ kadis (pi. ^J^ kudi, 

Gem, «. yfc^ jauhar (pi. ^^^ jawa- 

hir) ; ^^4^ ^^>^ bajara-t samina-t 

(pi. j^\ atjar). 
Gemini, 8. (constellation) ^j^^ ©;» 

burj aJ-jauza'. 
Gender, 8. (j***fi>- jins (pi. (j«W^ 

ajnas, (j«y^ junus). 
Genealogical, adj. <^5<— * nasabi-y. 
Genealogist, 8. v>L.^ nassab ; 

^Uj nassaba-t ; ^ho ti'lamurt. 
Gbnealogt, 8. s^— J nasab; J—* 

General, adj. (pnhlic) (J^ 'amm; 

^^ 'ain&mi-y ; f^t*^ 'amirn. — 

(not special) v5^ mutlaq ; J-m^ 

mujmal. — (usiuil) ^j^x^ i*tiya- 

di-y ; *>U«^ mu^tad. 
General, s. j^^-^ ^ sari 'askar ; 

/i"^ «4)^ 9*i'i *askar ; ;^-jJ\ (j*\) 

r^ al-'askar; •^^ q&yid; J^y<h 


Generalisation, g. jU\ ifl&q. 
Generalise, v. ^ *amm, ya'umm ; 

^•-•^fi 'ainmam, yu'ammixn ; ^J^\ 

atlaq, yu^liq. 
Generalissimo, «. ^yt^^y^^ amir 

al-juyu^; ^/-S^ ^^ amir al- 


Generality, «. j^;}— ^ 'umiim; 

^e'*j» t* *umumiya-t ; ^^ *am- 

ma-t ; y» turr. 
Genbrallt, adv. \i\t galiban. 
Generalship, 8. ^?^^ {^\ al- 

fann al-harbiya-t. 
Generate, v. ^x]^ walad, yalid. 
Generation, s. ^f taulid; S«>!t^ 

walada-t; J-U; tan&sul. — (j)ro- 

^e»y) ^j*i zurriya-t. — (a^e) v^ 

'a^r ; y^«> dahr ; (^^j zaman ; Jt^ 

jil (pi. JW^ ajy&l). 
Generative, adj. Jk5y» muwallid. 
Generic, Generical, adj. ^^y'*J^ 

Generosity, s. U^ saha' ; S^Ur* 

sahawa-t ; »>^ jud ; fi*>^> j{laa-t ; 

(•/ karam ; S>^\/ karama-t ; ^^ 

Generous, adj. ^^jafe- sahi-y (pi. 

WaS?-^ ashiya') ; /^^^ kiriin (pi. 

f^/ kiram) ; *y\^ jawad (pi. S\y^\ 

ajwad, ^^W\ ajawid, &c.). 

Genial, adj. (cheering) t/^ muf- 
rih, raut'arrih. — (natural) c*>U 
sadij ; ^3«^ basi^. 

Genitive, 8. (state of construction) 
li^\ idafa-t. — (noun in the gene^ 
tive case) ^^ *-*U*« mu^af ilaihi. 
— (noun governing the genitive) 
t^jU^ mu^af. 

Genius, s. (superior faculties) ^^ji 
qariha-t (pi. ^\ji qarayih). — 
(man of superior faculties) ^y» ^i 
zu qariha-t. — (a spirit) (^ jinn 
(pi. ^ jinna-t) ; ^Ji^ jinni-y. 

Genteel, adj. s-^*>^ adib; s-^V* 
v>*>^ 9ahib adab ; ULjU latif; 
c-A>^ garif ; ^^y ^•i zu murAwa-t ; 
,^3-ifti ^Jilabi-y ; {j^y^ kuwayyis. 

Gentile, s. (^\$y^\ ^^ 'abid al- 

Gentility, s. ^^ muriiwart ; s^*>\ 




adab ; ^\U laf^fa-t ; ^\^ zar^- 

Gentle, adj. (mild) f^t)^ halim; 

gj*>^ wadi* ; «-AsJa5 la^if. — (tame) 

fj^\ anis ; w^ sails. 
Gentleman, 8, f*^*J^^i^ mahdum ; 

savyid (pi. »>W-^ asjad). — (if 

a scholar) ^J*^ rau*allim. — (if a 

tradesman) W^ hawaja-t, haja-t, 

Gentlemanlinbss, s. v>«>^ adab ; 

l^ muruwa-t ; S^^-:^ ^albana-t. 
Gentlemanly, adj, ^y•*y^ adaini-j 

(pi. f^\)^ awadiin) ; (^^UJ^ muta- 

Gentleness, s, &e\j»^ wada'a-t ; 

^ hilm. 
Gentlewoman, s. uy^ hatiin (pi. 

^^^ hawatin) ; ^s^a« sitta-t. 
Gentbt, «. ^j^\ a^-^urafa'. 
Genuine, adj, ;/J^ hali? (pi. ^^ 

bulla?) ; c**^ 9ahih (pi. c^*- 

9ihah, e^W» fahajih, Ufe«\ a^ibi- 

ba').* ^ . 

Genuineness, s, ^^ bulu? ; A*- 


Genus, s. ^r**^ ]^^^ (pl- lt*^^ 

ajnas, <j*^ junus). 
Geoobapheb, «. o^jS\ ^L.j rassam 

al-ard ; S%^\ 1.^ ba^t^t al-biUd ; 

Geographical, a<Z;. o*^;*«h jagra- 

Geoobaphy, «. u*)5^ f^) J^ *ilm 

rasm al-ard ; ^\j^ jagrafija-t. 
Geologist, s. o*)^^ s-<^ /•i^ *alim 

bi-tarkib al-arijL. 
Geology, s, {j^j^\ s-*^ ^ 'ilm 

ta.rkib al-ar^. 
Geomanceb, s, jUj rammal. 
Geomancy, «. ^y•y\ vy^ darb ar- 

Geomantic, adj. J^j ramli-y. 
Geometeb, Geometbician, s. 

^j^^^ mubaDdis; t^^-^ massab. 
Gbometbic, Geometbical, adj. 

^^j-juA liandasi-y. 
Geometry, s. ^^\ ^ *ilm al- 

Oebm, s. sa^ nabt; ^U nl^iya-t 

Gebminal, ocZ^'. J^M nabati-y. 
Gebminate, v. 4x^ nabat, yambut ; 

(;)-jc *ayyan, yu'ayyin ; f^ farra*, 

Gebmination, 8. ss>^ nabat ; u^^ 

Gestation, s. J<*»- habal; JW«»- 

Gesticulate, r. U^ wama', yama' ; 

^_j^^\ auma, vunii; ^ sabbar, 

yusabbir ; j^S a^ar, yu^ir. 
Gesture, s. ^f- baraka-t; l^\ 

isara-t ; W^ ima' ; jt?^ ta^bir. 
Get, v. J^ nal, yanal ; jW haz, ya- 

b&z ; ^J^^ ^y^ ba^al 'ala, yahsal. 
Ghastliness, 8. Jy> haul (pi. J^y^^ 

abwal, J^yfc buwul). 
Ghastly, adj. (deadly pals) J^ 

o^\ ini§l ai-mayyit ; W^\ ^\ 

asfar al-wajb. — (terrible) J^ 

Ghost, «. o«^\ c&^yke *ifrit al- 

mayyit ; J^ biyal (pi. Alei^\ 

abyila-t, *^1\^ biyalat) ; obVL 

tayif (pi. sJ\j^ ^awwaf) ; ULL 

\BAi.—(the Iloly Ghost) ,j-AaJ\ tjy 

rub al-quds. 
Ghostliness, s. h>^y) ruhaniya-t. 
Ghostly, adj. ^J^}) ruhani-y. 
Giant, s. (^^ *aun (pi. (^^\ a'wan) ; 

J^ baikal (pi. JAeA bayakil). 
Giantess, s. ^^ *auna-t. 
Gibbet, s. l & ^ ^ t ,^ mainaqa-t (pi. 

,jiU-« ma^niq). 
Gibbous, adj. v>aew\ ahdab, f. W«^ 

badba (pi. v>J^ l^udb). 
Gibe, v. v> ^;^^ sabir bi, yasbar ; 
tamasbar, yatamasbar ; 
tadabbak, yatadah^k (the 

latter two witb ^J^^ *ala). 
Gibe, s. ^y^^ istihza* ; ^ h.nzh ; 

^ab- sabar ; £^Ub« mudahaka>t. 
Giddiness, s. ^*> dauha-t, doha-t. 

— (levity) AA^ t'ja^t- 
Giddy, adj. ^^»> a-\) ras-bu da- 

y^b ; fj^^ Xkjii. 
Gift, s. IM 'atiya-t (pL ^Vks 

*atava'); i^^ wahaba-t ; 

biba-t (pi. sJ^ bib&t); 

hadiya-t (pL V4\J^ badayi') ; 

tut£a-t (pL Umfi tok^.-^iUOmU) 




S)jJ qudra-t; ^U qAbiltja-t; 

ufif qariJI^a-t. 
Gifted, adj, }»^ ik%ir ; yfcU mahir. 
GlOANTic, adj, fjf^ *auni-y ; J^^ 

Giggle, v. *t^^AsJ\ istadhak, jas- 

GiGOT, 8. f^ *^ fahz ganam. 
Gild, v, w-^aj^W ,J^ \aXa, bi-*z-zahab, 

ya^li ; s-^»i zahhab, juzahhib. 
Gilded, Gilt, adj, Jl** mutalla. 
GiLDEB, 8. ij^ mutalli ; U ^allA' ; 

w^j^ muzahhib. 
Gilding, 8, J^ tali ; i^lt ^alya-t. 
Gills, 8. *iU^\ ^yH^de^ nah^ii^ as- 

GiLLY-PLOWER, 8. jj^^^ maiisAr. 
Gimlet, «. j;ae» mihraz (pi. j^Vat^ 

mahariz) ; s-*^ misqab (pi. 

s-^^ magaqib). 
Ginger, 8. J««rj zinjibil; Je»y^ 

Gipsy, ». o^^ jingan; <^;^ ga- 

iari-y (pi. ;%^ gajar) ; ^/^) zan- 

kari-y (pi. i^) zanakira-t) ; ^) 

zinj ; Isj zuU- — (jn Syria) ^^y 

nawari-y (pi. j^ nawar) ; ^J^ji 

qurbati-y (pi. ^^ji qurbat). 
Gird, v, (^f- hazzam, yui^azzim ; yj 

zannar, yuzannir; *^ qallad, 

Girdle, 8. f»^)»- liiz&iu (pi. va>U\j&. 

^izamat, ^L^^\ ahzima-t, f^ 

huzm) ; jUj zunnar (pi. ^Uj za- 

nanir) ; jL^ kamar (pi. jU^ 

akmar) ; jp^ ^aulaq. 
^"*i-i «. viU| bint (pi. «yW banat) ; 

f^ ?abija"t (pi. ^W* 9abaya) ; 

AoW jariya-t (pi. ^j^ jawari). 
^^^^iSH, adj. c:^\ JJU misl al- 

^^' Girth, ». ^^ bit^n (pi. 
j^^ abtina-t, e^ butun) ; rb- 

^^'^ J-ahab ; ^jjb\ ahda, yuhdi ; 

se V? *-AflB5\ athaf ahad-an bi- 

£a\ '^^ J^utfciif; ^j dafaS yad- 

l-^f^^^ *- ^^ tau^ala-t (pi. 

Glacial, aiy. ^ galij. 

Glad, Gladsome, adj. ^y^'^^ mab- 

sut ; o^y farh&n ; )m— • masrftr. 
Gladden, v. c^* f arra^i, yufarrib ; 

^ basat, yabsut. 
Glade, «. ^y j^^^\ (^ ^j*^ g«*y» 

v^jA- mau^a' fadi min al-aijar fi 

Gladiator, 8. *-*W-- sayyaf. 
Gladness, Gladsomeness, g. ^»^ 

bast ; j^ suriir ; c/ f ara^. 
Glance, «. ^s^J nazar (pi. j^\ 

an^ar) ; f;^ na^ara-t ; ^U^ 1am- 

ha-t; i^W la^za-t. 
Glance, v. ^\ ^ lamah ila, yal- 

mah ; f>»j ramaq, yarmuq. — 

(shine) g^J lama', yalma^ 
Gland, 8. Sj^ lauza-t, loza-t; Sa6 

p^udda-t (pi. *>J^ gudad). 
Glass, b (jsuhstance) tW^ zaj&j ; 

^'/ qazaz. — (tumbler) ^W^ zaj&- 

ja-t ; h^ kubbaya-t ; c*^ qadt 

(pi. c^aS\ aqdah) ; ^\S kas (pi. 

l\JS kasat, (^^ ku'us, y**^^ 

akwus). — {looking-glass) *AAy 

mirat (pi. \f mara, V>W« maray&). 
Glassy, adj. vj^Wj zajaji-y. 
Glaze, v. {loindows) )y qazzaz, yu- 

qazziz. — {earthenware, &c.) {^^\ 

ra^^a?, yura^^i?. — (paper, Sc) 

Ja-» faqqal, yu^aqqil. 
Glazier, s. eW-j zajjaj ; j^y qaz- 


Gleam, s. £Uai su*a* (pi. lMJb,\ 

asi"a-t, e*Ai i\i*u*) ; W* 4iya. 
Gleam, v. g^^**** 6a*6a*, yui^'^i* ; 

Q4^ lamaS yalma*. 
Glea^n, v. UI laqqat, yulaqqif ; ^ 

(J^\ lamm al-qai^, yalumm. 
Gleaner, s. ^^ laqqat ; u^^ f*Ui 

lammam aJ-qa^^ ; <^l^ qaiial 
Glebe, s. (clod) ij-i^ madara-t. 
Glee, s, (joy) t^ fara^ ; ^ bast ; 

Wa- bagg. — (catch) Ut gm&* (pi. 

^\i^ ag^i). 
Gleeful, Glbesome, adj. ^y^ 

masriir ; o^^ f arhan. 
Glen, «. Sjjfc^ wahda-t (pi. ^Va. 

wih&d); s-«A» iSi*b (pi. vUa 

Glib, adj. (slippery) ijfiy muzliq. 





— (voluble) (^VJJ< J#- sahil al- 
liRrm ; j^ a^daq, f. ViJ^ ^adqft 
(j>l. JJA !*udq) ; s-Aft «a4b. 

GlilHNEHB, 8. (;)UJJ^ iiy^ SUhdla-t 

al-liHHii ; ^^«<«i ba'ba'a-t. 
Glidk, V, ijfiy tazallaq^yatazallaq ; 

vj^y tazui^lua, yataza^laq. 
Glimmkk, v. a^ lauui', valma'. 
Glimmer, 8, 2iu3 lani'a-t. 
Glimpse, 8. (^\^ laina'au; ^ 

Glisten, v, gJ lama', yalma' ; jjt 

baraq, yabruq. 
Glitter, v. QJt^mJk ^a*^aS ju^a'^i'. 
Glitter, 8, (^WS lama'ftn; j;^ 

barq ; W-» tJijA*. 
Gloat, t?. v4^ gammaz, yugammiz. 
Globe, «.i/ kurra-t; ^killa-t. — 

(the earth) v/j^^ V kurrat al- 

ar<j[ ; W«> duny^. 
Globular, clc^, c^/ kuri-y; ^^<j;^ 

Globule, «. ^ ^abba-t. 
Gloom, e, (darhiese) ^UXi zulma-t. 

—{eullenntee) ^ gamm ; ;J^ 

Gloom, v, (he $uUm)j^ takaddar, 

yatakaddar. — (jgrow dark) ^ 

*atam, ya*tim; /» y M a*tam, 

Gloomy, o<(;. fJ^ muf lim ; jjXs#« 

mutakaddir ; jtf^ qaiutarir. 
Glorification, «. ^W- sub^ftn; 

^« < - y tajtbi^. 
Glorify* r. J^v^majjad.yumajjid^ 

^^r- sabl^« yusabbit). 
GLORior»« iuij, JcW jalil (pi. V^ 

ajillii\ XW jUla-t. XW\ ajiUa-t) ; 

jt^ $ahir ; ty^'*^ manidii^. 
Olory« «. J^v* majd; ^u*' ^amd; 

^ fabr ; ^ 4iia*t 
Glory, r. (exnU in) ^r* ^ fa^Mur 

bi, yafb^r ; «a^ tafa^b^* rata* 
f^ibbAT ; *afc^ ift^'ihar, yafta^ir. 

TUfdiqqil, — V<^'*«w«< mpom) t^ 
ki^ jasim^; j-A £uar, jahur. 

Glossary, a. ^^ v*V;^ kitab lugat 

(pi. s-J^ kutub) ; oW/ tar]a- 

Glossy, adj. o^ mujalla J^*-»* 

Glove, ». «-A^ kafF (pi. *jy^ kufdf). 
Glover, «. «*-*^-A.5 gL^^ bayya* 

Glow, «. ^ harr; Sj^j^* ^ar&ra-t; 

J^e^A. l^ammiya-t. 
Glow, v. ^J*^' t^mi, yahma. 
Glowing, adj. ^j*^ l^Bmijf ^iman ; 

^Va. j^ami ; ij*-^^ mu^ma. 
Glow-worm, ». s-^W^ ^^ abA ^bfi- 

Glue, s, \j^ gira'. 
Glue, v. ^j^ garra, vugarri ; v3^ 

\/^^ la^^aq bi-*l-gira', yulassiq. 
Gluey, Glutinous, adj, ^ lazij ; 

jji*y dub{^q. 
Glum, a<Z;. ^/^W. 1^4mi4; je-^ 

j^asir ; (J^j za'lan. 
Glut, v. gi-^ tas&bbaS yata^bba' ; 

C^\ ibtalaS yabtali'; ^\ iita- 

qam, yaltaqim ; iji^ iaxih, ya^rah. 
Glut, «. ^tt^ taibi*; g«i 6ab*, 

Glutton, s. Gluttonous, adj. gl| 

bula' ; J^ akkal ; <^ sarih ; ^Vi^ 

^rhan ; <jt*>U in&^^. 
Gluttony, «. gt-*i tasabbu' ; ^y* 

$ar4ha-t ; ^ ^arah. 
Gnarl, r. A«** hamham, jnham- 

biiu ; y;9 oarbar, yubarbir. 
Gnash, r. ^V;u.3\ y» ^arr al-asnin, 

ya^urr; U^ qarqat, yuqarqH; 

fijj\ j^ ^raq al-urram, ja^q. 
Gnashing or tkvth, t. jt/» ^aiir ; 

&^ qarqata-t. 
Gnat, «. iL^U nimlisa-t ; X^yii 

ba*i^4^t ; iJ^ bargaia-i. 
Gnaw, », ,^ qara4« yaqri4 ; t^ 

qarqa4, Tuqarqi4; crV q^qa^ 

Go, r. (^ira/Jl) ^^j-i^ inaia» jam^ — 

(«^> aioiy) t^ ri^ji, yaiub; s-*^ 

tahab, yaxhab. 
Gt>-BETWREN, t. W ^ y s** mutavmasit ; 

i^^^ waai^t« 
OoAB, a. ja^'^ MtifibaT ; jW* mik- 




QoLDf V. ^ nahaz, janhaz ; \j^ 

nahas, janhas, janhus. 
Goal, «. (^^^ nisun (pi. {^^^ na- 

jasin) ; A*fi^ maq9ad, maq^id 

(pi. XbUu maqa^id). 
Goat, «. ^ ma*z ; If^ ma'za-t (pi. 

U*^ ini*za') ; f^ *anz ; S^ *anza-t 

(pi. «t>^ -at, jUc *inaz). — {he^ 

goat) y^^ ma'iz (pi. ^\y ma- 

wa*iz) ; j^ra* tais (pi. (j«^ tuyus). 
€k>BBLB, V, s-^ *abb, ya'ubb ; £/► 

jaraS jajra' ; ^ lafa^, jalfa^. 
Goblet, «. c*^ qada^ (pi. c^Ji\ 

Goblin, s. jVe^ bayal (pi. ilfii-\ 

ahyila-t) ; (jy> jinn (pi. ^^9. jin- 

na-t) ; ^J^ jinni-y. 
God, 8. AiJTallah. — {god in general) 

4J\ , 83\ il&h (pi. l^\ aliha-t).— 

{goddess) ^^ ilaha-t. 
Gk>DCHiLD, s. (^y^ filliyun, f. £>^ 

Godfather, «. (^2^ ^bin ; {.ytt^\ 

i^bin (pL {^^\ aiabin). 
Godhead, s, ^^\ uluha-t; i^^\ 

Godless, adj. /^ kafir (pi. l/S 

kafara-t, ;VA^kuffar). 
GoDLEssNBss, «. ^ kufr ; (^\^ 

Gk>DLiKE, adj, fl2l\ JiU misl ilah. 
Godliness, s, i^fs taqwa; S^W 

taqawa-t ; SjW^ 4bada-t. 
Godly, adj. js taqi (pi. ^^ at- 

qiy&*) ; AfMu» muta*abbid. 
€k>DMOTHEB, s, ^^^^^^Al i^abina-t. 
Gold, s. s-^*^ zahab ; S^ tibra-t. 
Golden, adj, s-^<^ ^ min ^ahab ; 

<jflJfc«i zahabi-y. 
Goldsmith, s, fy\» fayig (pi. £ld« 

ffuyyag) ; t^ fayyag. 

€k>LD-THBEAD, S. Jd? tail. 

€k>NDOLA, «. jjjj3 zauraq (pi. jj^jj) 

GoNOBRHCEA, s, fj^^ (^V« sayalan 

firanji-y ; laix zanqa-t. 
GtooD, adj. *^s* tJ^yyib (pi. (^ -in, 

^\M atyab) ; ^ hair (pi. j\^ 

biyar, ;^\ ahyar) ; Jb> jayyid ; 

C^^ 9^ ; c»^* ffabib (pL cU* 

Good, g. {goodness) Jt>*-h jamil ; ;eA- 
hair; (^La\ ihsAn; J^ fadl. — 
{advantage) S-^^ fayida-t (pi. 
>^\pi fawayid) ; a*Aj^ manfa'a-t 
(pi. g-A\i^ manafi*). — {goods) 
v*W-^ asbab; g>^ badayi* (pi. 
of ^'u> ba(J«Va.t); S^W-" tijara-t ; 
fU^ mata* (pi. l^s^\ aniti*a-t). 

Goodly, adj, ^•J^c 'azim; ^J^ 

Goodliness, s. ^aX« malaha-t; 
^;y*^ liusn (pi. ;:)^W« mahasin). 

Goose, s. 3^ wazz ; £3^ wazza-t. 

Gore, «. {clotted blood) {j^j^ f*«> 
dam muqarras. — {patch) l&ei^ 
baniqa-t (pi. j^jUj banayiq). 

Gore, v. ^ na^ai^, yaD^ah. 

Gorge, s. {throat) jp^ halq ; ^yjU 
bulqum. — {mountain pass) (3#-4* 
madiq (pi. «3>U^ madayiq); s-^*4» 
si*b (pi. v>U«. ^i^ab).' 

Gorge, v. {swallow greedily) (^\ 
ibtala*, yabtali*. 

Gorgeous, adj. (^UJ\ ^«^ 'azim 

Gorgeousness, s. ^^Jbc 'agama-t ; 
i^^ uzgama-t. 

Gormand, Gourmand, Gorman- 
dise r, s. (^W ba^in (pi. (^Ua> 
bijan) ; Jti> batnani-y. 

Gormandise, v. (^W bat an, yab^un. 

Gory, adj. (^^ *^^ malsLwwa,^ bi- 
dam ; f«*> (^^;^ garqan dam. 

Gosling, «. ijiA» Sj^ wazza-t 9agi- 

Gospel, s. J^^^ injil (pi. j!>>U\ 
anajil); ;>U»j gj^^ arba* baiayir; 
^jJ^ busra (pi. va>^j);^ bu^rawat). 
— {the Christian faith) ^tf^\ ^a 
din al-masih ; ^ j ^ fl» * ^ \ (^oi\ ad- 
din al-masihi-y. 

Gossamer, s. Ji4^\ v*UI li<ab a^ 
^ms; t)^JB*AJ\ tVai- muhaj as- 
^ai^an ; JUi nusal; ^W jawa- 

Gossip, s. ^^\ yt^ kasir al-gala- 
ba-t ; sjy^ f uduli-y. 

Gossip, v. l^\ y^ kassar aJ-gala- 
ba-t, yukassir. 

Gouge, v. {^t^\ ^ qala* al-'ain, 




QovBD, 8. Zf <iar*; ^ qar'a-t; 
0ja^ yaqtiii ; ^*o^ yaqtina-t. 

Gout, ». ^^\ b da'" al-muluk ; 
t^yu3\ ^. waja' al-muliik. 

Gouty, ad), ^^\ U A| bihi da' al- 
muluk; t^^ maMj (pi. ^^^ 

Ck>yEBN, i;. ^ ^*^ hakam 'ala, 
jaj^kum; ^ UL^i tasallaf 'ala, 
jatasallat ; ji^ dabbar, judabbir ; 
f^f^ 888, jasiis. — (in grammar) 
o* J** *amil fi, ja'mal. 

Governable, adj, qJo>* mut^. 

Governess, s, ^JIjc* mu'allima-t. 

Government, a. (rule) f^ hukm ; 
l^^ hukiima-t; ;*»•*» tadbir. — 
(body of rulers) ft\^\ al-huk- 

Governor, e. f^S^ ^akim (pi. f\^ 
l^ukkam) ; ^J\^ wali (pi. «w3^ 

Governorship, s, ^^^ wilaja-t. 

Gown, ». (a woman's) s^y ^aub (pi. 
s^VftJ giyab) ; Sjlj*. ^abara-t ; ^U^* 
mantana-t. — (a man's) lt^-^ 
banis (Turk,) ; ^\i^ fauqani- 
ya-t ; ^\j^ f aragiya-t. 

Grace, s. (favour) 'Usi ni'ma-t (pi. 
f»i ni*am) ; ^Uc *maya-t ; ^ 
Karain. — ( pardon) y^ *af u ; c^ 
samah. — (loveliness) s^^ zarf ; 
Wy^ zarafa-t ; J W jamiil ; ii^ 
latafa-t ; l ^ t ^%^>» malaha-t. — 
(prayer) ^»> du*a' (pi. ^^\ ad*i- 
ya-t). — (title) S^ hadra-t. 

Grace, v. (adorn) {^y^ hassan, yu- 
l^assin ; {^^ zayyan, yuzayyin. — 
(honour) ff\ akram, yukrim; 
U(;Ai sarraf , yusarrif. 

Graceful, adj, U^^ zarif ; «-AjJ 
la^if; J,>4-^ Jamil ; g« bahij. 

Gracefulness, s, <-J^ ^^X^\ ^%^ 
babja-t ; i»^^ zarafa-t. 

Graceless, adj. (coarse) M* galiz. 
— (depraved) ou^U fasid. 

Gracelessness, s, ^^ gilaza-t; 
*>L-i fasad. 

Gracious, adj, (speaking of Ood) 
(;)Ua^; rahman ; ^»-a-; rabim. — (of 
man) m4 karim ; uLX» mul&- 

Gbaciousness, 8, ^\f karama-t; 

£«4^;^ karimiya-t. 
Gradation, s, ^j'>s tadrij. 
Grade, s. ^;*> daraja-t (pi. ©;*> 

daraj) ; ^y martaba-t (pi. s-^^/» 

Gradual, adj, ^j^j'^ tadriji-y. 
Gradually, adv, ^j'^ bi-tadrij. 
Graduate, v. (divide into degrees) 

^j^ ^^^ qassam bi-daraj, yu- 

qassim ; %y^ darraj, yudarrij ; n. 

(take a degree) tj'^ tadarraj, ya- 

Graduation, s. ej*> ^^--5 qismat 

daraj ; gjjJk? tadrij. 
Graft, s. ^^^ gu^n ; Sj^^ gU9na-t 

(pi. Sjjat gi^ana-t, (^^ gU9Uii, 

^lot\ agfan). 
Graft, v, ^ ta"am, yata"im. 
Grafting, s. f^a^ ta^'im. 
Grain, s. (grannie) s-^ babb ; ^ 

habba-t (pi. y^yt^ hub^h), — 

(corn in getu ml) ^^ qami^ ; 

«yL-j^^*. hububat. — (smallest 

weight) ^ habba-t; ^*^ qam- 

ha-t. — (disposition) g^t tab* (pi. 

£M* tibA*). 
Graminivorous, adj. ( j* ' f^ ' ^ J^ 

akil ha^is. 
Grammar, s, y^^) «-i^\ ^ 'ilm 

a^-^arf wa *n-nahu. — (book) v»Vs^ 

y^\ ^ U|;J\ ^ kitab *ilm a^-^arf 

wa'n-nabii (pi. s-^ kutub). 
Grammarian, s, f^^ uy> ,%U« mu- 

'allim 9arf wa naliii; <j»>^ na^ii 

(pi. cyW nu^at) ; ^y*^ naliwi-y 

(pi. (^jif^ nahwiyun). 

Grammatical, adj, <^^ naliwi-y. 

Grammatically, adv, J^^yJ ^J^ 
y^\ ^ uyaS\ *ala qaw&'id a9-9arf 

Granary, s, )\^\ ambar (pi. j«»V»\ 
aQfibir) ; ^^ ^iina-t. 

Grand, adj, ^«^ 'azim (pi. ^Vko 
*izam, Ui»c *uzama') ; jt^ kabir 
(pi. j^ kibar, \y4 kubara*, \jp^ 
makbura'); J«li^ jalil (pi. M 
ajilla', S^\ ajilla-b). 

Grand-child, s, <^^\ «^^ waUd 
al-walad ; JiW ijA&d, 




QK4ND-DAITOHTBlt, 8. J^^^ UbU) bint 

Gbakdeb, 8. «-Ai/i ^arif (pi. ^/^ 

^Tirafa, u\jA»\ airaf) ; ^«<^ kabir 

(pi. ^^\ a]-ak4bir) ; Iju^ 'um- 

da-t. — (grandees) (^^j^) v»^)^ 

fl^j3\ (^l^\ arbab (arkan, a*jan) 

Gbandeub, 9. Uhe 'azama-t ; J V^ 

Obakdfathbb, 8, «^- jadd (pi. «>\«^-\ 

Gbandiloquence, 8. ^j^si^ fihhira ; 

f^ak^ f^ kalam <}ahin. 
Gbandiloquent, adj. jf^ fahiir; 

;aafeA fahir, fihhir. 
Gbandmotheb, 8, 6*^- jadda-t. 
Gbandnbss, 8, p^ kubr ; ^J^e 'uzm. 
Gband-son, 8. see Gband-child. 
Gbanitb, 8. (^yo y^^ hajar ^awan. 
Gbanivobous, adj, s-^ JX^ akil 

babb ; Sit ^^ Akil galla-t. 
Gbant, V, (bestow) ^J^ f^\ an'am 

'ala, yun'im; ^JaB^ a*ta, yu*ti; 

JV»\ anal, yunil. — (accord) v»W^ 

ajab, vujib. — (admit) J<i qabil, 

jaqbal; v» ij^j ni4i bi, yarda; 

^ sallam, yusallim. 
Gbant, 8. ^U>( in*am ; iU*> ni*ma-t 

(pi. f^ ni*am). 
Gbantbb, 8. ^\ (J ^'^ muhsan 

Gbanulab, adj. ^ J^ mi§l hab- 

Gbanulate, v. H-^t^ habbab, yu- 

Gbanulation, 8. s-*<««^ tababbub. 
Gbape, 8. (berry) s-^ *inab (pi. 

v»Ue\ a*nab). — (cluster) *>yuc *an- 

qudS *unqud (pi. J^Uc *anflqid). 
Gbaphic, adj. uu\^ wa^if. 
Gbapple, v. (seize) J^ qaba4, 

yaqbi4 ; -ut^--* masak, yamuuk. — 

(contend) fj^ fara', yu^ari*. 
Gbasp, 8. S^ qabda-t ; cdw* mask. 
Gbasp, V. (seize) J^ qaba4, yaq- 

bi4; **l--« masak, yamsuk. — (lay 

hold of greedily) j^ baz, yal^^z ; 

jVsk\ i^taz, ya^tAz. 
Gba8PINg, adj. (covetous) £U^ 

GbASS, 8. ^t » A ft b^^^ ; ^Afl 'fcifc 

haii^a-t (pi. (^Uo. b^^ayi^); 
s-A^ *i^b, *usb (pi. v»lAji\ a*sab). 

Gbass-hoppeb, 8. *>\ft jarad; M^i^ 

Grass-plot, s. ^^ budra-t. 

Gbate, s» (grating) ^^^ ^baka-t 
(pi. ^^ sibak) ; l^^ 6ubbaka-t 
(pi. tfXe^lfA ^ababik). — (fire- 
grate) Jjy» mauqad (pi. Jki^y» 

Gbate, v. «^ bakk, yal^ukk; Waj 
qaisat, yuqas^it. 

Gbatepul, adj. (thankful) /^ 
.<akir ; jy^ sakur ; ^yu^ mam- 
nun. — (agreeable) ^}y^ maqbM ; 
s^ji;*^ magrub. 

Gbatefulness, Gbatitude, 8. 
O^j^ ^ukran ; &!>*y^^ mamnuni- 
ya-t; Jj^^^ (^(ij^ *irfan al- 

Gbateb, 8, Ia«ftJU miq^at; SSi^t» 

Gbatification, 8. LL-fi^ imbisat; 

Gbatify, v. (delight) ^ basat, 
yabsut ; •i*^ lazzaz, yulazziz ; ^ 
sarr, yasurr. — (satisfy) ^j^j\ 
arda, yur^i. 

Gbatinq, adj. (harsh) ^/^ mu- 
qarqi*. — (disagreeable) ^y^ mak- 
ruh; J^-A-^ gair maqbul. 

Gbatinq, s. l^ sabaka-t; hfJ^ 

Gbatis, adv. v>^ bilas (for ^Jb» Si» 
bila se-yin) ; liV^^ majjanan. 

Gbatitude, s. see Gratefulness. 

Gbatuitous, adj. (free) ^y^ h bi- 
la 4wad ; ijW\ h bUa ijara-t.— 
(without proof) JJu Si» bi-la 
dalil ; JLV, batil. 

Gbatuity, 8. SJ>s^ tuhfa-t (pi. Ub«f 
tuhaf); u" a ■■■ ^ . bah^iiS (pi. 
(ji^s**^. bahaii^. Per*.). 

Gbave, acf/. ( person) )f^ waq&r ; 
jVi. v^^ 9abib waqar (pi. v*W«\ 
a^b^b). — (matter) fj^ *azim; 
^ muhimm. 




Obatk, i. pi qabr (pi. jpi qubiir) ; 
X|/ turba-t (pL v*/ turab) ; f^/^j 
rainn (pi. {j*f*j rumdU, y*^j^ 

Or AVE, V, (jttt Daqa4, janqa^. 

QftAVKtt, $. (engraver) <^^ naqqa^. 
— (engraving tool) ^Uu3\ ^ 
qahim aa-naqqiui (pi. fl%i\ aqlam, 
fJJ qilAm) ; v/*UjU minq&ii (pi. 
(jtt»iU^ man^iii). 

Obavkl, f. ii^«»> tiafwa-t (pi. <^9'«»> 

jazib ; ^J\ v^ rakaz ila, jarkuz ; 

4^» J^ ni4l ila, yamil. 
Geavitation, #. s^W^ inji^Ab; 

Jn^ mail. 
Gravity, ». (wei^AQ JJI^ fiiqal; 

XSU( Biiq/lla-t. — (steadineas) j^^ 

waqAr ; ^4^* baiba-t. — (imporC 

ance) fM 'uzm. 
Gravy, «. ^*1«<^ masKiqa-t (pi. 

i3«SU^ inasiCliq) ; ^ ^j- mara- 

qat labm. 
Gray, Urby, ai^, o>W*- sinj&bt-y ; 

ijjUj rauiAdS-y. 
Gray-kykd, a((;. jjj^ azraq, f. ^jj 

BarqA' (pi. J)} «urq). 
Gray-haired, a<i{;. s-s^Ui ^jib. 
Qraynksb, «. (o/ <A6 hair) s-*«*i 

Grasb» v. (rub iMhtly inpoinng) 

wAi^ baff, vahift; ^j'*^ mass, ja- 

mussj— (yV«d OH gra$$) n. ^j 

^/^jO^ ra*a al-^aiii, yara' ; ^j\ 

irUCa, yarta'i; a. ,j-*j\ ar'a, 

Orasikr, $. s/^\j ril4. 

Grkasr, «. v:^«> duhn ; ^^i^ dasam ; 

y) safar ; ^»»*» saf^m. 
Grrask* r. v:^o daban, vadhun; 

dabhau, judabhiu ; y; la&r, ju- 

Qrrasimrs^«. 2«*y«o dusikma-t. 
Qrrasy. a^. {^/^^ mudbin ; 

dubut-y ; f^^ daaim ; 

iM. (hMf) jt4 kaUr (pL 
jV^ kibir, kubikr); Jijk ^wU 

(eminent) f^ *azim (pL |»V^ 

*izam, Ulbft *uzama'); Jj% jalil 

(pi. M ajilla', ALh jilla-t, iW\ 

ajilla-t) ; J^ 'all. 
Greatness, «. (huXk)y^ kibr, kubr, 

kibar ; J^ tul (pi. J^y•^ atwal). 

— (eminence) J2W^ ijlal; «-*^ 

^araf ; ^Ulbc 'azama-t. 
Greed, Greediness, «. ^^^ iara- 

ha-t ; v/>^ bir? ; ^^ tama*a-t. 
Greedy, oJ;. »/* ^rib; (^jVa^ 

^rhan; gUl tammft* ; g— •U» 

tami* ; ^/^i;^ ban?. 
Green, adj, y^^ ah^ar, f. U«- 

ha4ra* (pl.;^bu4r). — (unripe)^ 

fajj ; y^ *ajir. — (inexperienced) 

f^fi^ ga^im (pi. Uaa gu^ama'). 
Green-house, «. S\»U.^ ma^ta-t. 
Greenish, adj, j^\ ^J^ J4^ mayil 

ila 'l-ba4ar ; ^^^ae* muh^arr. 
Greenness, 8, y^ ba4ar ; ly»^ 

budra-t (pi. y^ hu^ar, bu^r). 
Greens, b. saAyyU^ ba^rawat. 
Greet, t;. ^J^ fX» sallam 'ala, yu- 

sallim; ^J\ d^j\i barak ila, yu- 

Greeting, «. f^ salam; ^%ei^ 

taslim ; ^^ tabiya-t. 
Greoarious, adj, vjU sarib. 
Grenade, g. pjS qumbar; iy^ 

Grenadier, «. ^ s^^^ 4arr&b 


Gridiron, «. ^f^ mu^abba' ; ^mSm^ 

Grief, «. ^ gamm (pL f^y^ ga- 
miim) ; sj^ karb (pL 
kuriib); ^ hamm (pi. 

Grievance, «. s-^ ta'ab ; ^ 4arar 
(pi. j\y^\ afjbrar) ; ^ ]aAd ; ItUCib 

Grieve, r.a. ^\ agamm, yiigimm ; 
e)^\ abian, yii(iiin ; j^Vai4\ j^ 
kasar al-hi^ir, yaksir ; ». ^\ 
uiiramm, yangamm ; v^^ ^Azin, 

Grievous;, adj. ^ < tf »• mutHb ; Jc' 
GmiRTov8raa» «. Ji^ ^» i^ 




^&wa-t; fJ\ alam; fi^^ ta'al- 
Grim, ctdj. y*^ 'abiis ; ^J'^^) wa^- 

Grimace, «. S^ ka^ra-t. 
G&iMNEss, 8, ^^ 'ubiisa-t ; ^ ^ 

Grin, r. y^ kaiar, jak^ir; /i\^ 

kAiar, juka^ir. 
Grin, Grinning, e, Sy^ ka^ra-t ; 

ijA»\^ mukaiara-t. 
Grind, v. (reduce to powder) ^^^^ 

tahan, jathan ; v5^*« sahaq, vas- 

taq; v>/f jaras, yajris, yajrus; 

(j«yfc haras, yahrus. — (sharpen) 

{^ sann, yasuun; «>•>»• l^addad, 

yuhaddid. — (oppress) ^ zalam, 

Grinder, s. ^U«» dannan. — (hack- 

tooth) (j^yb 4irs (pi. (j-»\j^\ adras, 

(j«i;^ duriis). 
Grindstone, s. (^^^^^ ^^^ hajar 

misann; e^V^ju* sumbaiaj. 
Grip, Gripe, s. mV *'■>• mask. 
Grip, Gripe, t;. isi--* raasak, yam- 

sik, yamsuk. — (gripe, pinch) yj^f 

qara?, yaqru^. 
Gripes, s, ,ja*^ mag^ ; j^^^ magis ; 

^W^ 5^^ waja* al-batn; g^Jyi 

Grisliness, s, Jy^ haul. 
Grisly, adj. J^ mahul ; f)A^ mu- 

Grist, «. ^ qamh. 
Gristle, s. >J»^f qurqii^; *-*;/*^ 

gudrikf, gadruf (pi. «»&2;U^ gada- 

Grit, s, ^^ nahala-t ; l^^ ridda-t ; 

^^A*. hu^kur. — (gravel) ^j-**- ha^a 

(pi. of 5y*a. ha^wa-t). 
Gritty, adj, ^J^j ranili-y ; J^^ 

Groan, v. c^ nah, yanu^i ; s-^a^* 

nahab, yauhab; (^\ anD, ya'inn; 

*)*V> ta'awwah, yata'awwah. 
Groan, s. cV i^^wah ; s-^:^^ na^ib ; 

fij*^ tu'awwuh. 
Grocer, 8. j^ 'attar; «y^;^ gW 

bayya* bahardt; Jui? baqqal. 
Groceries, «. sju\)^ bsiharat. 
GsocsRT, s. {grocer's shop) jVWe ^l^ 

dukk&n 'att&r, Ac. (pi. c^>iV^»> 

Groin, «. s-^^*- halib (pi. sr^^^ 

hawalib) ; ^j^ arnaba-t ; S^j^ 

Groom, s, tr*^ sayis (pi. <j*W- 

suyyas). — (of the bed-chamber) 

s-^Va. j^HJib (pi. ^^f%A. hajaba-t, 

Groom, v. (^U sas, yasiis. 
Groove, s. *-*^ jauf (pi. ^\y^\ 

ajwaf) ; ^j zaya-t. 
Groove, v. *-*^ jawwaf, yujaw- 

Grope, v. (j«*> dass, yaduss ; y*A-j 

dasdas, yudasdis. 
Gross, adj. (corpulent) ^ a- ^ jasim. 

—(coarse) Ifce^ galig (pi. i)U 

gilaz) ; (;H^ haiin (pi. (;jVa*. 

hisan). — (indelicate) (j^^U fahii; 

jij zifir. 
Gross, s. ^J; ruzma-t (pi. ^}) 

rizam, ruzam). 
Geossness, 8, (corpulency) ^U-^ 

jasama-t. — (coarseness) itj^ gi- 

laza-t ; lilid. hasana-t ; ^V** 

sahana-t. — (indelicacy) (j4»a.Vi f*!U 

kalaia fahis ; ^j f*^ kalain zifir. 
Grot, s. S^V*^ magara-t (pi. ;jVdU 

ma<;ayir) ; «J^ kahf (pi. «-l^ 

Grotesque, adj, «iV^^ mudhik, 

mudhak ; S^ab-*^ inashara-t. 
Ground, «. (ear^A, soil) ijbj\ ar4 ; 

^y turba-t. — (bottom) fi qa'r 

(\)\.)fi qu*iir) ; u**^ haxji^ (pi. 

(jA-4b- hu4ud). — (caM«e) s ^ t >«* 

sabab (pi. v*W-^ asbab) ; J-»^ 

a?! (pi. J»->\ U9M) ; ^ 'illa-t (pi. 

Jlx. *ilal). 
Ground, v. (?ay on the ground) ^^\ 

\J>^\ J^ rama ila 'l-ar4, yarmi. 

— (in a science) f^\ (^Ui\ ^jL 

tarah asas al-'ilm, yatrah. 
Groundless, adj. s-*<— h bi-lA 

sabab ; vi.^l| )i[) bi-la ba*is ; JLW 
. batil. 
Groundlessness, s. s-^— «>^ |»ja 

'adam sabab; vi^l» ^ 'adam 

Groundwork, s. Sj^VS q&Hda-t (pL 




aft\ys qaw44d); y*U^ as&s (pi. 

^j»^\ usus). 
Geoup, 8. ^W jaiD&'a-t; iU^ 

jumla-t (pi. ^y^ jumal) ; /^ 

nafr ; W limma-t. 
Gboup, V, w^j rattab, jurattib ; ^ 

lamm, yalumin. 
Geove, 8, \J»^ hirs (pi. sJ»\f>-\ ah- 

ras) ; S^«*- ^^ gaba>t 9agira-t ; 

hji^ ^ajarija>t. 
GsovEL, V. v»»> dabb, jadubb. — 

(he mean) ^«> dana, yadnii. 
Grow, v,n, (increase) Ui nama, 

janmu ; ^^ nama, janmi ; Vjti 

na^a, jan^a ; va^ nabat, yambut. 

— (become) j^ far, ya^ir ; a. o^ 

nabbat, yunabbit. 
Growth, 8, y4i numii-w; \Aii\ in- 

tisa* ; *>^*>3^ izdiyad ; c>*t«J^ tam- 

bit ; J> tul. 
Geub, «. (worm) *>j*> d&d; 8*>j»i 

diida-t (pi. (:j^J«*> didan) ; l^y^ 

8{^sa>t (pi. y-^ bus). — (food) 

sa>^ qiit ; v^U#« ma*a^. 
Geub, v. tr^ naba^, yambus ; gl* 

qalaS yaqla*. 
Geubbee, 8, (tool) j^ marr. 
Geudoe, 8, &s.\JJ ka4aha-t; J^ 

gill; A-&W hiqd, haqad; ^ — «► 

Gbudge, v. •^--ft- hasad, yahsid ; (^ 

dann, ya4inn, yadann. 
Geuel, 8, ty^ O^^ ^iifan mat- 

buh ; (^^^ SJ4»^ 'afida-t ^Man. 
Gruff, adj. f*;^ $arim ; {j^yt^ 

Gruffness, 8. Wj« 9ardma-t. 
Grumble, v, jiji barbar, yubarbir ; 
y^ tadammar, yatadammar ; 

^JU£i taqamqam, yataqamqam. 
Grumbling, 8. ^j^? tadmir ; y^iS 

tadammur ; fJUS taqamqum. 
Grunt, v. ^•i^^\ JA^ ^ *ayyat 

misl al-hanazir, yu'ayyit. 
Grunting, s. ^W^ *iyat. 
Guarantee, 8, ^U^ (jLamana-t ; 

i^\t^ kafala-t. 
Guaeanteb, V, J^ kafal, yakf ul ; 
JA^ akfal, yukfil; {^^^ ^Amin, 
ya^man ; {^^^ tadiamman, yata- 
4amman. | 

Guard, v, (protect) ^j4^ hama, 
yahmi ; Ifcfta- hafiz, yahfaz ; (^^ 
9an, yafiiii. — (watch over) {j^y 
haras, yahrus, yahris ; y*y^^ 
ihtaras, yahtaris. — (guard one' 8 
8elf against) {^ j^^\ ihtazar 
min, yahtazir. 
Guard, 8. (custody) l^\f>' hirasa-t ; 
y-jft. bars. — (body of men) u^^y 
hurras (pi. of tj*j^ haris) ; \^ 
gufara' (pi. of jt^ gafir) ; jJo\^ 
nawatir (pL of ^^U natur). 
Guarded, adj, (circumspect) j-W 

hazir; )f^^ mu^tariz. 
Guardian, «. ^\^ h&fig (pi. tU^ 
huffaz) ; (j-j^ ^dris (pi. (j^\y 
hurras). — (of orphans) j^\ J«^^ 
al-quf^ar (pi. 2^ wukala*). 
Guardianship, s. Sbi\^>» muh&- 
faza-t ; S^\f>' hirasa-t. — (of 
orphans) {:)9y^\ ^^j wakala-t al- 
qasirin ; ^^ kafala-t. 
Guess, s. {j^ zann (pi. (^y^ suniin) ; 

(^♦^ tahiuin. 
Guess, v, ^y l^azar, yalizir; ;— i 
fassar, jufassir; {^4A. hamman, 

Guest, s, «-A>-^ 4alf (pl- ^yt* 
4uyuf) ; ^^^ warid (pl. (^ -in, 
S\jy wurrad) ; Jjy uazil ; ^U 
hiitir (pl. jVU huttar). 

Guidance, s. ^^J^ hidaya-t ; »>Uj^ 

Guide, v, ^5*^^ hada, yahdi ; J*> 
dall, yadull ; ^^^ ar^ad, yuriid. 

Guide, s. JJ*> dalil (pl. 5^\ adilla*) ; 
^S^ hadi; J^^ mur^id. 

GuiDELESS, adj, v^"^^ ^ ^ ma lahu 
hadi ; J«)^ (^^^ ^ min diin 

Guile, s, ^^ l^ila-t (pl. Jti»* 
hiyal) ; hj^ makariya-t ; (^y^ 

Guileful, adj, j^ makk&r ; {W 
hadda* ; Js,\j^ ga^^. 

GuiLEFULNESS, 8, £^*>*- hida*. 

Guileless, adj, ^^ falih; jjU 

fadiq ; (^^ halif. 
GuiLELEssNESSy 8, ^W ^adaqa-t ; 

^U\ ihl&9. 




Guillotine, 8. ^j3^ gSjL* minqa* 

Guilt, s. ^^ hatiya-t (pi. ^^ 

hatava) ; |j»/h jurm (pi. f^yfh 

juruin) ; fJ\ ism (pi. (•V*\ A^amj. 
Guiltiness, s. f^j^^ ijlinim. 
Guiltless, adj. ^^J^ bari-v (pi. ^;?^ 

abriya*) ; jW barr (pi. j\ji\ abrar). 
Guiltlessness, s, ^Umoc 'i^ina-t; 

lj\ji barara-t. 
Guilty, adj. s-^X» muznib ; ^;^b^ 

mujrina; ^W jani (pi. SU<^ ju- 

Guinea, 8. ^s ^^ jinija-t. 
Guise, «. <4j zai-j (pi. ^3^ azya*) ; 

f^ kasui. 
Guitab, 8. *>^ *ud, *aud (pi. ^^'^^ 

*iJaD) ; ij^ qitara-t. 
Gulp, «. (^j^^ jun ; g-ii- halij (pi. 

^ buluj, (^V^ huljaii). 
Gull, v. ij^ gass, yagu^s; fAi. 

hada', yahda*. 
Gull, s. (dupe) OM*-^ ahmaq ; ^a ^ 

gaiim. — (//ie tirt?) &i^»> danka- 

Gullet, «. iji^- halq (pi. jj/^. 

huluq, ijl^^ ahbi |j ; ^^fiU hul- 

qum (pi. ^i^ lulaqiiu) ; j^^»^e- 

huQJiir (pi. ja^^^^ haiiajir) ; f^ 

bul'um (pi. f^%i biila'im;. 
Gulp, v. ^^ bala', yaula* ; ^^ ib- 

tala*, yabtali'. 
Gum, «. ^4-9 9amg, 9umg (pi. ^y*^ 

Gum, v. ^•^ fammag, yu^ammig ; 

^4^ v>^ la§9aq bi-?amg, yula?- 

Gummy, adj. ^j^4^ 9aiiigi-y. 
Gums, 8. (^tu.^^ ^ lisat al-asnan 

(pi. «yUJ lisat, ^ lisa);'^ 

^U...^\ lahm al-asnan (pi. f*^ 

Gun, 8. (rifle, <S;c.) ^^^ banduqi- 

ya-t (pi. JJ^ bunduq) ; iSliS 

tufanka-h (Turk.) ; 6->ji;^ baruda-t 

(pi. •^jy^ barawid). — (cannon) 

5*J^ madfa' (])1. 5*^*^ madafi*) ; 

s^^ tob, top (Turk.). 
Gunner, «. ^J=r.^ tobji (pi. ^Wi^* 

Gunpowder, 8. *y^^ barud. 
GuN-siioT, >• ^J^ &ij^ ^^-rbat 

mad fa*. 
Gurgle, i-. v3^ baqbaq, yubaqbiq. 
Gush, v. JU sal, yasil ; *-r-->^ in- 

^abb, yansabb; ^ naba*, yam- 

baS yambi*, yambu*. 
Gush, s. s^L--u»>^ in^ibab; £^-«* 

Gusset, s. ^j ruq*a-t (pi. ^\ij 

Gust, s. (of wind) SmA^ 'asifa-t 

(pi. c-A^\^ ^awa^if) ; S.^16 nafha-t 

(pi. «t>W^ uafahat). 
Gusto, Gust, s. (taste) jj;*i zauq. 
Gut, 8. ^--e^ ma^ir (pi. (;)^/»^ mu?- 

rau) ; li\jM^ musraiia-t (pi. {^y.s^^^ 

masiiriii) ; ^j»^ mi*a (pi. «^^ 

Gut, v. i:^^ v5*» "^aqq al-batn, 

\asaqq; t)^ farra<:f, yut'arrig. 
Gutter, s. c5;^*^ majra (pi. c5j^^»^ 

majari) ; ^yn^ iiiizab (pi. s-s^jW* 

Guttural, adj. ^J^ halqi-y. 
Guttural, 8. ij-^\ «-*^ hirf al- 

liiilq (pi. ^J^\ ^^f^ huruf al- 

Gymnasium, 8. (:)\*v» maidan, mi- 

dau (pi. (:>j»>W* mayadin) ; J^* 

^bj mahall riyada-t. 
Gymnast, 8. Sj^ mu9ari*. 
Gymnastics, 8. ju-.^\ a-V>^ riy&dla-t 

aUjasad ; ^jU- mu^ara'a-t. 
Gypsum, 8. (j*^> jibs ; 0-««^ jabsin, 

jafsin; u«>ja99, jiss.^ 
Gyrate, v. ;^*> dar, yjidiin 
Gyration, 8. j^^ daur (pi. j\^*y\ ad- 
war) ; (J\j^*y dawaran. 
Gyves, 8. J^** qaid (pi. *>^ quyAd, 

»>Wi^ aqyad). 
Gyve, v. J^ti qayyad, yuqayyid. 






Haberdasher, 8. ^J^^^ saqa^i-y ; 
8jyk gLj bayja* hurda-h ; S '-.'^**'-^ 

Habiliment, s. ^y^ kiswa-t (pi. 
,^^L-^ kasawi). 

Habit, 8. (dress) (j-Wi libas (pi. 
&-^\ albisa-t) ; s^y saiib, sob 
(pi. v^U> siyab). — {custom) i^^ 
*ada-t (pi. »^4^^ 'awavid) ; v»U 
dab (pi. s^;»>\ adub) ; (^V-^^^ 
id man. — (habit of hodij) c\y* 
mizaj (pi. ^y\ amzija-t) ; ^^^ZJio 
tabi*a-t (pi. «i>^ -at, ^W^ t^-Jmyi*). 

Habit, v. {j^ labbas, yiilabbis ; 
fj^\ albas, yulbis ; V— ^ kasa, 

Habitable, adj. ^J^— ^ yansakin 
(aor. of VII.) ; y*^ Timir ; s— ^ 
^• > X .>13 muuasib li-'s-sakina-t. 

Habitableness, s. ^ .' ^<.^ ^ iL-u-« 
munasaba-t li-*8-sakina-t. 

Habitation, «. ^L-;^ sakiua-t ; 
(;)X-w« maskan (pi. ^^Uw* masa- 
kin) ; ^\i\ J^»^ mahall iqama-t 
(pi. JV^^ mahall) ; ^U^ ma«|aiii. 

Habitual, adj, <^*>Wsjc\ i^tiyadi-j; 
»>\ji«^ mu'tad ; J^^i--^ inusta'mal. 

Habituate, v. ^J^ »>^ *awwad *ala, 

Hack, v, ^ qat^a*, yuqatti*; j«^ 
faram, yafrum. 

Hackney, s. ^;^^i— ^ ^y6^ hail mus- 

Hackney, v, (use much) J^^a-^ 
ista'nial, yasta*mil; ^f^ jarrad, 

HiEMORRHAGE, S, U^ Uazf, nuzf. 

Haft, s, <^i yad ; li- t ^)\ ^U-ji qab- 

datjas-sikkina-t ; s^^ nisab (pi. 

s-«<* nuBub). 
Hag, 8. if^^ sahira-t ; (./-aar*^^ h^^ 

*ajuz;it an-nahs. 
Haggard, adj. ^^-^'- ftj wah^i-y; 

{j!^y» muwahhas ; ^«i qabi^ ; 

gAj ba^i*. 
Hail, a. ^y barad (pi. ^«>2;» buriid). 

— (salutation) fX^ salam ; ^s-^ 

Hail, i\ ^;* barrad, yubarrid ; J;^ 
^;> nazal barad, yanzil. — (greet) 
^J^ fJ^ sallaiii *ala, yusallim. — 
(call out) v» C^ ?«^li C»i» yasih. 

Hair, s. f^ ^a*r; 5^ sa'ra-t (pi. 
^»*Ai su'iir). — (of the imdenda) 
^\^ *ana-t (pi. (^f^ *un). — (of 
animals) jiy wabar (pi. ^\^^ 

Hair-dkesser, «. t^-i^ massa^; 
{^.y muzayyin. 

Hairless, adj. yS'^yfA ajrudi ; ^\ 
a^la*, f. ^*i-o 9.l1'A (pi. ^ 9ul*). 

Hair-pin, s. u*^»> dabbus (pi. 
^^r*;o^-> dababis). 

Hairy, adj. ^J^j^^ 4a*raiii-y ; fA» 


Hale, adj. ^%-A- salim; ^t^^!-o 9'ihih. 
Half, s. «-^^ iii9t*, nusf (pi. *^U)^ 

ansaf) ; ^ satr (pi. ^Ook^ as^r, 

^^ sutur). 
Half-boiled, adj. ,y m\ iiai. 
Half-moon, s. J)U halal (pi. ^\ 

ahilla-t, JJVa\ ahalil). 
Half-way, s. ijij^\ «-^^ nisf at- 

Hall, s. ^^ qa*a-t ; (^^^>^ iwan 

(pi. «i>Vi\^^ iwauat, i^yi)^)^ awa- 

Halleluja, interj, i^\ (;)W^- sub- 

hau allah. 
Halleluja, s. ^^m--* tasbih. 
Hallow, v. (j*ju» qaddas, yuqaddis. 
Halo, s. ^^ htlla-t; S\a> nad'a-t. 
Halt, adj. (limjpiyvj) C;^^ a* raj, f. 

W/i *arja* (pi. (jW/^ *urjaii). 
Halt, 8. (Iialtxiuj) t;^ ^2lv'].— (sfop) 

c-ii^ waqf ; ^^y wuquf; ^Vi^ 

Halt, v. (limp) tf^ *araj, ya'raj ; 

(stop) n. «-^; waqaf, yaqit" ; a. 

»-ii^ waqqaf, yuwaqqif. 
Halter, s. *>^ miqwad (pi. *>j^ 

maqawid) ) l^y marasa-t (pi. 




y*^^\ amras) ; {^j rasan (pi. 

(^L.^^ arsun). 
Halve, v. «-A^ na^af, van9uf ; na?- 

9af, yuu;i99if. 
Ham, 8. ^^ I'ahz (pi. oUi\ ufhaz) ; 

*^jy wirk (pi. *^^j}^ aurak). — 

(hacon) l^U^ f^y^ Sj^ lahzat 

hinzir mumalluha-t ; oyi-^ jam- 
Hamlet, s. ^^y* mazra*a-t (pi. 

g;^y* inazari*) ; y^ kafr (pi. j^ 

kulur) ; Sj^ bulaida-t. 
Hammer, «. ^^^^ niitraqa-t (pi. 

jSjVJb^ matariq) : a^;/« uiirzaba-t 

(pi. s^3^/* niarazib). 
Hammer, v. Jj;^ taraq, yatruq. 
Hammock, a. &3U^ ii.^ farsa-t 

mu'allaqa-t ; &c^y^y marjuha-t. 
Hamper, «. ^ quffa-t (pi. «-^ 

qufaf) ; Jtj^j zainbil (pi. Jrf^j 

Hamper, v, (impede) S^ *aq, va'uq ; 

jj^ *awwaq, yu*awwiq ; ^-^ 

mana*, yamua*. — (entharras) 

*4Xj^ sirbak, yusarbik; j^^ hay- 

yar, yuhayyir. 
Hamstring, s. jjV-J\ i^-oc *asaba-t 

Hand, a. »^j yad, yadd (du. ^;).>»x> 

yadden; pi. ^-^^ aidi, <^^^\ 

ayadi). — {hand- writing) ^ hAX- 

— {hand- of a watch) s-»^«^ *aqrab 

(pi. s^;^ *aqarib). — {workman) 

g>U ^aui* (pi. f^ suQiiiV). 
Hand, v. ^5-^^ yada, yuwaai ; J^Vi 

nawal, yuuawil ; j^jB, *arra(j[, yu- 

'arrid ; J^/^\ a*rad, yu*rid. 
Handcuffs, a. J^ gull (pi. JW 

aglill); J^ nikl (pi. JUi^ an- 

Handcuff, v. fi^ ^^ qayyad yadd- 

hu, yuqayyid. 
Handful, a. ^-^^ kamsa-t; ajLj^ 

Handicraft, a. i^-i^ ^ana'a-t (pi. 

g>U* ^anayi'); liy^ hirfa-t (pi. 

«^^ hiraf). 
Handiness, 8, S^^ satara-t ; 8^W* 

mabara-t ; A5UJ labaqa-t. 
Handiwork, a, '^ J*^ ^ugl yadd 

(pi. JUAi\ aigal, J/A liugul). 

Handkerchief, «. JjJLi* mandil 

(pi. J>^V;/« maiiadil) ; &^j^^ mah- 

rania-t (pi. f;^^^^ inahanin). 
Handle, s. ^^ qabda-t; j^f&^ 

miqbad (pi. fj^^^ m.iqabid) ; 

s->^^ nisab (pi. s— »> nu^iib). 
Handle, t*. ^J-> jass, yajuss; (j*-^ 

mass, yaniuss; csX-*^ masak, yam- 

sik ; gJ^c *alaj, yu*alij. 
Handmaid, a. ^jW jariya-t (pi. 

0;^^> jawari) ; M^d. haddama-t. 
Hand-mill, a. ^j;^ jarusa-t (pi. 

J^^y> jawaris; ; U.^ raha* (pi. 

^j^ urha, ^t=^j\ arhiya-t). 
Hand-saw, a, jUjl* miniar (pi. 

j^fAt^'^ maua>ir). 
Handsel, a, ^Vjyi 'urban (pi. {^i^j^ 

Handsel, v. v»^^ a*rab, yu*rib. 
Handsome, adj. ^«U malih ; ^^^--w 

hasa!i ([)!. <jUwo. hasana-t, U-**. 

bus iiiiV) ; J ■♦ •> Jamil ; ^•-t^-^ 

waaim (pi. L.4*^^ wusama). — 

(ample) f^^ *azim. — {Iiandaome 

action) (;jU«a.\ ihsan. 
Handsomeness, a. ^^j— &- husn ; JW 

jamal ; ^^aJU malaha-t. 
Hand-writing, a. ^ hatt. 
Handy, ai/. (akilful) ^^Va sa^ir; 

y^U mahir ; ^^ ^aua,* ^ani*. — 

(convenient) v5*.^ lay^^ > *-r*««^ 

muua^ib ; ^W hadir. 
Hang, I'.a. ^j^ *allaq, yu'alliq. — 

(by the neck) JM" saiiaq, yainuq ; 

n. ^» vJ^ ta*allaq ii, >ata'all:iq. 
Hanger-on, a, ^3^»^ muta*alliq ; 

e?y tiibi* (pi. gt? tabaS s^\f ta- 

Hangings, a, f^ sitr (pi. ^yt- 

sutur) ; SjU- sitai-a-t (pi. ^^^ 

sattiyir) ; ^Wy burdaya-t. 
Hangman, a, ^Jttla^ masiVali-y (pi. 

aUxsUs^ masiValiya-t) ; oV jallad. 
Hank, a. ^ kabba-t. 
Hanker, v, ^J^ jU*.^ istaq ila, 

Hankering, a. ^\^j^\ istiyaq ; ^3yt» 

^auq, soq (pi. J^y^y aswaqj ; ji** 

mail (pi. JU^\ amyal). 
Hap, Hap-hazabd, a, ^a-» |adfa-t ; 

jW\ ittifaq. 





mai'um ; 

Hapless, adj, 
(j*^;fei^ mauhus. 

Happen, v. <^;> jira, yajri ; 
hadif, yahdas ; ij^\ ittafaq, 
jattafiq; J^ ^ar, vasir; ^^ 
waqa*, yaqa* ; tj^j^ *arad, ya'rid. 

Happiness, «. jl-ju. sa^d ; a^U- 
sa'ada-t ; «t-*^. baht ; ^y» tul^a 
(f. of v-J*^ atyab) ; Akjit gih^a-t. 

Happy, adj. j^ju. sa^id (pi. \j^*-. 
su'ada') ; Jyu-^ mas*ud ; la^j;*^ 
mu^tabit. — {happy tidliKjs) l^^ 
basara-t. — (ready) ^^ hadir. 

Haeangue, 8. &^ huti»a-t (pi. 
s->J^ hutab) ; dy^Vsi^ muhata- 

Habanoue, v. s-tli. ha^ab, yuha^ib ; 
Qed. J^x *amil hutba-t, ya*mal.. 

Harass, v. s-^^ at*ab, yut*ib ; \^^ 
law was, vulawwis. 

Habbtngeb, 8. ^•vfi:^ mutaqaddim ; 
^^afc^ muhhir; ^^^^ mub^ir, mu- 
bas^ir ; ^--i^ basir (pi. \j^ bu- 
^ara, j^ bu^r). 

Haeboub, 8. (port) o^/* marsa 
(pi. i^^^f* marasi) ; ^i^ miua (pi. 
iS^y^ mawani, {^^ miyaii). — 
{asylum) ^^ nialja (pi. ^^^ 
malaji') ; <^/t# ma*wa (pi. y^^ 

Habbo JB, v.a. J-s-Si^^ istaqbal, yas- 
taqbil; t-A-j-s dayyaf, yudayyif; 
J)i nazzal, yunazzil; Jy^u-Ustau- 
zal, yastauzil ; n. {take refuge) 
i^^\ iltaja, yaltaji. 

Habd, adj. {solid) s-l* ^.ilib; ^ 
paid (pi. *>^\ a§lad). — {severe) 
.^ qasi ; S'-^'O §a*b ; J^J^ 


^adid ; ^jU 9arim. — {difficult) 

s-^-*^ 9a' b (pi. s^Ux» §i*abj ; ;--c 

*asir ; ^ij--c *asir. 

Harden, v.a. s-^ 9allab, yu9allib ; 

"■ qassa, yuqassi ; «-JUu* uas^af. 

yunassif ; ^^^^ yabbas, yuyab- 

bis ; n. s-J^ tapallab, yata9allab ; 

{j-^ taj abbas, yatayabbas. 
Hardihood, s. {boldness) S^L-*> 

jasara-t ; Acl^ s ija*a-t. — (fj^'row- 

iery) Ao-W* qabaha-t. 
Hardiness, s, &y quwwa-t ; S*^ 


Hardly, adv. (with difficulty) •^^^ 
bi-'l-kadd; ^yu> J.^ bi-kull 
9U*iii)a-t. — (scarcely) ^ir\ aujaq 
(TMrA*.). — (with severity) J^ 
W^ bi-kull 9:irama-t. 

Hardness, 8. h"^ 9al}iba-t ; *>^ 
9ulud ; fi;^-i qasawa-t ; ^^ 

Hardship, s. (severe labour) h-«* 
ta*ab ; J^ kadd ; AiA^ masaqqa-t 
(pi. Jj^-A^ masaqq). — (oppression) 
^ zulrn; U^ mazlama-t (pi. 
^Vla/* magalim). 

Hardy, adj. (strong) <^^ qawi-y ; 
A>Jb6i sadid. — (brave, bold) j^W 
jasir (])1. y^\ft' jawasir) ; jy*^ 
jasur (pi. ^-^ jusr, jusur) ; £^^ 
^aji* (pi. (^^^ ^uj*an). 

Hare, s. w-^;^ arnab (pi. w-^\)^ 

Harem, s. f»^ haram (pi. ff\f-\ 
ah ram). — (the women) f^^f^ 

Hark, v. o-oS napat, yan9it ; ^;*^^\ 
istamaS yastami*. 

Harle<^uin, 8. S^^fc— ^ mashara-t 
(pi. ^Lw# masahir). 

Harlot, s. ^-^ qahba-t (pi. s^V^ 
qihab; W^^j za^iva-t (pi. ^J»^^) 
zawati) ; ^.A^U fahisa-t (pi. ^^\^ 

Harm, s. (damage) y^ durr; ^^ 
darar; S^ madarra-t (pi. ^a>\ 
-at, ^U^ madan). — (wrong) ^ 
zultn ; &— Jilb^ ma^lama-t ; \^> 
jaur. — (^/lere is no harm) (j*Q 3 
bi bas. 

Harm, v. j^ darr, yucjurr; jj^ 
darrar, yudarrir; yi'\ adarr, yu- 
4irr ; f^^\ azza, yu'azzi. 

Harmful, adj. ^ luudirr ; ^U 
darr ; ^5*^*^ mu*zi (inAzi). 

Harmless, adj.y^^ jt^ gair mudirr ; 
^J0^i <ui U ma fi-hi bas. 

Harmlessness, 8. jj^ f**^e 'adam 

Harmonic, Harmonical, Har- 
monious, adj. ^J^ saji-y ; ^3 
^•A> zii nagma-t. 

Harmonise, v.a. (^ lahin, yal- 
l^an ; <J^^ wafEaq, yuwafiiq ; ^ 




naszam, yunazgim ; n. yys\ itti- 

faq, yattafiq. 
Habmont, 8. ^\y€>}\ jjU*\ ittifaq al- 

a^wat ; «t>^y«3\ &&X\ ulfat al-M^wut ; 

(^VJ\ alhiiQ (|)1. of (j)^ lahn). — 

{concord) v3^i ittifaq ; ^^\ itti- 

Harness, 9. ^ X2ir\xti ; Sac 'udda-t ; 

0-4-J raht (pi. «i>^; rnhiit). 
Habness, v. f^ t^iqqam, yutaq- 

qim ; Jt^«fcJ^ *>J^ *addad aUhail, 

yu*addid ; ^^ rahhat, yurahhit. 
Harp, ». «£W juuk (pi. ^^ 

junuk) ; l^ kinnura-t ([>1. jd>^ 

Harp, v. «£Vj^\ ,Jlc jj daqq *ala- 

'1-junk, yaduqq. 
Harper, 8. ^j^^^ junki-y. 
Harpoon, «. u\Jia^ huttaf (pi. 

UiJ.U«s^ batatif). 
Harpoon, s. ^^^Vj ^aIw. masak 

bi-'l-hutt*if» yaiiieiik. 
Harrow, s. &a11^ luislafat. 
Harrow, v. «-4L. salaf, yasluf ; gi> 

gala*, yasla*. — {torment) s^*^ 

*azzab, yu*az7.ib. 
Harsh, afZ/. {to the ta8te) y* murr 

(pi. ^yA ainrar). — {to the far) 

iif kirib. — {in mantitr and die- 

po8ltion) ^)r-^ inakiuh; f*j^^ 

9ariui ; (j*^ *abu8 ; ^^W jali ; 

^jAic unti-y. 
Harshness, s. {of ta8*e) ^^y ma- 

raiu-t. — {of disp08ition) ^ jafii ; 

Syk> jafwa-t ; S^^— * qasuwa-t j 

«JUe 'uuf. 
Hart, 8. J>^ ayyal, aval (pi. J>%i^ 

aya'il, S.\i\ iiyila-t) ; J>j\ aryal. 
Harvest, s. {time) c-6jys- hirif; 

jU^^ «tJ>^ \vaqtal-hi9aJ. — {reap- 
ing) «3U». hi^ild. — {crops) 6^— «». 

^a^ida-t (pi. ^Ua. h isayid) ; 

«>^'a^^ maliBiid ; ^ Lrilla-t. 
Harvest, t\ •^^»- ha^ad, yah^id ; 

^j^ jana, yajni ; c-ALi qa^af, yaq- 

Hash, v. (^ farain, yafrum. 
Hash, s. gW^ sakbaj. 
Hassock, 8. S^V^.^ sajadu-t. 
Haste, 8, ^^^»c 'ajala-t; ^Lcy* 

sur'a-t ; «^^ waik. 

Haste, t?.a. J^ *ajjal, yu'ajjil; 

Ja*c\ a*jal, yu^jil; ej; niwwaj, 

yurawwij ; n. J^sxs-) isti*jil, 

yasta'jil ; £;- saru*, yasru' ; f;-^ 

asra*, yiisri* ; j*>^ badar, yiibadir. 
Hastinkss, 8, J^(Ai-\ isti'jal. — 

{viohnce) SaAi sidda-t; 6J^ hid- 

Hasty, adj.^ J<^ 'ajil ; ^y^ *ajul ; 

J-^ffi *ajil ; ^;- sari*. — {irri^ 

table) tW^ J*- sabil al-liayaj ; 

JkjJA sadid ; 3^ qaliq. 
Hat, «. Ak-ji^ barue^a-t ([»1. M^^ 

Hatch, v. (j-5i faqtis, yafqiis ; tj^ 

iarralj, yiifarrih ; ^^^ hadan, 

yalidun. — {plot) j^^ damar, ya^- 

Hatch, s. ^^^-ca. hadna-t ; i— *i faq- 

Hat( hel, 8. 0^^^ Jj*^ midaqq al- 

Hatchel, v. (^^^^ v3*^ daqq al- 

kattan, yaduqq. 
Haichet, 8. f»;Ju5 qaddiim (pi. ^*>W 

Hate, v. 6/ karih, yakrah ; ^/Aj 

baj:?ad, yalgud ; ij^\^, 

yul gid ; c^^fc* niaqat, yamqut. 
Hateful, adj, *;;^ maknili; a?;^ 

karih; «i>jA*-« inaiiiqut: u^yt*^ 

Hatred, 8. iJ^\/ karaha-t ; fi^;5cu-^ 

istikrah ; &^ bugda-t ; •>£o^ biqd 

(pi. j^ huqud, .XiVift. lia<jayid, 

*>V£c-^ ahqad). 
Hatter, s. WV f ^ bayya' baraDi{ ; 

,Ja^»\;} lanuiiti-y. 
Haughtiness, s. V^^^i' kibriya' ; p^ 

takalibur ; ^ taih, lih. 
Haughty, adj. ySi^ mutakabbir; 

oW tayyahau ; ^ Vws ^ muta'az- 

Haul, v. w-^y- sahab, yashab ; ^ 

jarr, yajurr.— (a «/iip) ^ qa^ar, 

Haunch, «. *s3;^ wirq (pi. cs3^^^\ 

aurak) ; s-J-» 9ulb (pi. s^W 

Haunt, 8, ))*^^ J«^ ma^all ma'- 





Haunt, v. y*-^ *amar, ya'mur ; *>^yf 

^\ taraddad ila, yataraddad ; 

^J^ ^ lata iLa, yalfi. 
Haunted, adj. {by gliosis) ^^-^^^ 

Have, v. ^ la-hu ; 8.Xifi *inda-liu ; 

«£U/» malak, yamlik ; cdW tamal- 

lak, yatainallak; jW haz, ya- 

Haven, s. ^y*y marsa (pi. ^^^/» 

mariisi) ; ^J^j^ uiiiia (pi. ^J\y• 

mawani, {;^ miyaD). 
Haversack, s. ^ft- jinib (pi. hfA 

ajribii-t) ; SiU^ inihla-t (\A, ^J'^^bf 

Havock, 8, ^^ harab ; s-siy^' tah- 

Hawk, «. ^a* ^aqr (pi. s^ ^uqur) ; 

jW baz (pi. ^\)^ bazat, Ptrg.) ; 

v>ft«4 basiq (pi. v>**^^ bawu^iq). 
Hawk, v. {carry ahnutjor sah) jU 

g«j dar yabi*, yadur. 
Hawker, s. {pedlar) J«>5- saqa- 

^i-y ; j\^*^ dawwar ; o^*>/- bur- 

Hat, 8. {j^^ ( J* *'*« ^ basis yal»i8. 
Hazard, s, {accideui) ^.^ sadl'a-t; 

jVa>\ ittiljiq; A-:^^ *Hrida-t {\A, 

^j\ys *a\varid). — {risk) y^ batar 

(pi. jVI«£.\ abtar) ; S^«^^ inuha- 

tara-t (pl.y»V^^ luabatir). 
Hazai^d, r. ;^U. batar, yuba^ir. 
Hazardous, adj. ^ ba^r; ;tVi/« 

Haze, s. v*^ diibab; ^W-* ^dA}k' 

Hazy, adj. v>W-* ^^ dii dabab ; s-?-^ 

mudiibhab ; f^t^^ mugiin ; ^^^ 

He, pron. ^ bii. 
Head, s. ^"^j ra's, ras (pi. u-/*; 

ru'us). — {chief) {j^ij rayyis, rais 

(pi. ^"jij ru'asa'j ; js^\ auiir (pi. 

\j^\ umanVj. — {intellect) js^ *aql 

(pi. Jf^ *uqul) ; *^\jS\ iarak. — 

(source) ^-^ inaiiibu* (pi. ^^-^ 

nianabi*) ; u-^^j ra's (pi. (j^^'^^j 

ru'uis) ; y}^\ a?! (pi. J^^ u^ul;. 
Head, v. *>U <.^ud, yaqud; j»Ju5 

qadam, yaqdum ; (^ taqaddalin, 


Headache, s. u*V^ C^^ waja* ar- 
ras ; g\Ju» ^nda*. 
Headiness, s. ^»»*' tabajjura; 

^j^»^ luujazafa-t. 
Headland, s. (j*^j ras (pi. (j*/;j 

Headlong, ar//. {rash) j^9^ muta- 

bawwir. — (steep) ^U >uiijib. 
Head3Iost, adj. j«J^\ aqdam. 
Headquakters, fi.^i--xi\ ^ iiiaqarr 

Headstrong, adj. jujx 'acid (pi. 

J^^ 'unutl) ; ^Ja^ ^ gair mu^i*. 
Heady, adj. (affectin^i the head) 

^^— /• uiuskir. — {rash) ^^**=i^ mu- 

tabajjim ; <v«»^n ajAdi sadid al- 

Heal, v.a. ^^ inia, yasfi ; f^^\ 

asfa, yusii; s-*J» t^yji^^^i y^t^^y- 

vib ; \^\ abra, yubii ; 7i. ,^^4-=^^ 

istafa, yastifi ; s^VL tab, yatib. 
Healing'^ s. Ua.^ i^la' ; ^6a6i\ istiia' ; 

•;? l)aru. 
Health, s. ^^-o ^iliha^t, ^abba-t ; 

Iti^ *aiiya-t.. 
Healthful, Healthy, adj. ^%«i- 

saiiiii ; ^U fciilim. — {salnbrious) 

A^-aJ\ vjj^^ inuwafiq u? s ibba-t. 
Healihfulness, Healthiness, s. 

A.*iX- .salama-t ; V&fti sala ; A-j»U 

*aiiya-t. — {salubrity) a^'cJ\ &tti\y« 

muwal'aqat as ^abba-t. 
Heap, s. a^^ kiima-t (pi. ^^^\ ak- 

wam, j»^ kuwaui) ; ^^ kum (pi. 

(;)U-s^ kiiiian). 
Heap, v. f>^ kawwam, yukawwim ; 

g4-j. jama*, yajma* ; ^ lamm, 

Hear, r. 54^* sama*, yasma*. 
Hearing, s. {sense of) ^♦-» sam* ; 

g*-J\ i-U. hassa-t as-sam*. — 

{audience) i-ljU^ muqabala-t ; 

Ae>^^ muwajaba-t ; i^W«* sa- 

Hearken, v. ^•♦-J^^ istania', yas- 

tanii* ; ^s-^ na§.\t, yaii^it ; ^s.->aiS, yatana§9at. 
Hearsay, s. 54^* sam* ; ^-^ babar 

(pi. jUd.\ abbar). 
Hearse, a. ^jV.^ jinaza-t, jauaza-t 

(pbyiW janayiz). 

Hea] 1 

Eeabt, I. s — U qalb (pi. v)** 
quivlb) ; i**» muhja-t (pi. uul 
-it, p«^ mubiij) ; *4 kabd (pi. 
oL^l akl.AJ, Jjti kuliiid); ^V 
fuwiW (ill. Sj£»1 ati'da-tj. Tbe 
lust t.wi> words c<'mprise, pro- 
perly Bienkin^', liver . 'in d loiig^. 

Hkakth, a. »JJj* uiaiiqida-t. (pi. 
•ii\y* luawiiqid) ; Jiy— ^ mustau- 

Heartily, nrfc. i->yi j s-lf!l) bi- 
'l-(|iilh wa-'l-in'ulii-t ; |»s*« y^ 
s-~^t iiiju ;umini nl-qallj. 

HEABTIXES3, s. (smcrilij) S}\^^ 
|adHi[ii-t ; ^■^ |idq ; (j=S*-^ ihljls ; 

Biiriir; Cj* I'arali ; 1e_) l>ii8t. 
Heaktlkss, oi'j. S^i^\ ^-ic 'adim 

HI':ab:som£, m/j. (iiierri/) yl*-j* 

t;irlia-. ; j,;— uj^isrur. 
Heauty, ai'j. (eiiitfJ-i) JjI- Badiq ; 

U-k- muhli8,-(/;m(7%) ^U^ 

miita'i'iri; ^k^ sikliiii. 
HcAT, g. f- Ijai-r; i}\f li^nir.i-t; 

S^;^ KUil>, skIi; ^L;^ Huhiiiia-t. 

— \"J' jiatgion) tji gaiz ; s— i* ; Vs*^ ijunmiavS. — (arduuTJ 

Ij..'- i:;iii-ii-t.. 
Heat, t. ,j*=- liiinma, yiil.iiimni; 

yii— B.al_ih;iiii yuiiililiiii ; ,»-o- 

hamiu, jahumin. — (i.j:ai(t'J g-* 

b'ayviij, yuhayjij ; /jl auyar, 

Heathen, »., Heathenish, adj. 
yiiyjl A)lc 'i'lldd ul-au;An; ^j 
iva;a!ii-v; /^ kaSr (pi. j^ kuf- 
fi'ir, iy<S'liaIa.ra.l). 

Heathenism, *. |.U«i21 iloL>e 'ibadat 

Heave, v. (nii's'O c*j rafa,', yarfa' ; 
Jli. sal, s^i-\\.~(lu'ave a si<jh) 
(jjiJ\ i_r-iij taiiallas as-^iriidit, 
ya-aimtlas.— (Acauj o$ ihe sc:i) 
EU (iii'ij, janiiij ; e"^ bi'ij. yabij. 

Hi;avi:n, s. U- ;sai,ia' (pi. ^1,U- 
s;iii.;'i\v,it, wi.\j*- s[irii:nv."itl; «^ 
liilaL ipl. .il-ul allak, t^i luluk, 

Heavenly, adj. ^j;^^-' Bamawi-y ; 
^5jle 'ulwi-j, 'alftwi-y. 

1. «yi 

1 A 

S [Ssi 

HEATENa, inter). SI V ^ ? Jj?" ^ 
aU^ mil haul wa mil qiiwwat il-l& 
bi-'tlab ; f^\ allabuiiima. 

Hkaviness. s. (jceiijhi) JE> siql ; 
iJilj NiuiiiLi-t. — {dijecHoii) ftt 
fliiiiim (pi. (•}** giimumj ; j>*f 

Hkavini, «. Ef* niauj (pi. E^j*^ 
aniw-rij) ; yW-* liavLijAo ; "' 
e1j-3* tabitiiiii 111- ' ■_* 

Heavy, adj. (wi-lffhly) J-tf ^aqil 

(pi. iii ;lH];i.b'l', jUi) si,|Hl).— (tfc- 

jiHed) j->5^ uuibiiJdar , i^jIj^ 

6audAl^■l-y. — {oppnesive) Jj-i* 

sail. I. 
Hectic, «<y. Jjl— • maBlul. 
Hedwe, «. eC- siyaj (pi. *=•( -at, 

A>j-1 aswija-t, e^-— ^ asvAj); ^^^ 

?.:iib (pi. H>;;j ziiriili)- 
Heduh, v. ^^ :-ayyaj, ynsayyij. 

HEDi5b:H0a, ». iii* quntll7. (pi. JJUi 

ijaniili/) j Ji"* auqud; JUsl lutun- 

Hked, ». (junrd) jJ* Iji^r, ijajiir. — 

(care, atlentiou) U-cl i'linu' ; ijUe 

HBEf), 7.'. (fa/w care) ^Ic 'Ana, 

yu'Aiii; V ^J^ liAla l>i, yul.ali. 

— ((('jsci-tn') A.i> t.inalib-.ili, yata- 

naldwb; ^*;kJ( (j«\ am'aii an- 

iia/ar ti, vum-in. 
Hi-ELFUL. 0,/j. (c'Tp/nJ, altettiive) 

J^ o=^ "iVi "ala; v- ^y**- 

ijiu'taLii 14; t_-* Jijfc* nmqiivvad 

i].—Uralcl'/„!) *«J ii;Llib ; 'aU- 

iiiuutiiijib; (.r^js- haria. 
Heedfulness, «. fJ^*^\ jbtinn'im; 

AcV uabuba-t ; u-lji=.\ iliciraa. 
HEEDLEa.s, adj. {ineaulioua) j*A 

■ 'miat-tadbir.— (ncyiiynO J*l* 

SEse, 8. ilAi pafla-t; Hi 
bit al-inliliub. 


Heel, s. 'r-ie 'aijib (|il. ^\Sii\ 
a'.]al); -^ ka'b (pi. v-Uf 
ki-als wUil ak'Ah)., 8. ^jj) zauraqi-y. 

Heft, «. Haft. 

Heifek, 8. i^ baqar&-t, baqra-t; 




aV^ 'ijla-t (pi. J^ *ijal, JW^ 

'ijal, *ajal). 
Height, «. g^;^ irtifa* ; ^ *alu-w. 

— {of the body) jy» tul. 
Heighten, v. ^) ralV, yarfa* ; ^ 

*alla, vu'alli. 
Heinous, adj, ^.f karih ; 8^;C« 

makruh ; ^-!>^A saui* ; ci> j g»>* 

Heinousness, 5. ^W* qabaha-t ; 

JUa ^ana* ; ls\iAt ^ana*a-t. 
Heir, 8. ^^^^ waris (pi. a*^^ wara- 

sa-t, ^)^ wurraj). 
Heirdom, s, ^^ irs ; ^jt^ miras. 
Heiress, «. ^;^j wari^a-t. 
Heirless, adj. ^^^ a3 U ma la-hu 


Heirloom, s. i^\j^ mirasa-t (pi. 

s^j\y mawaris). 
Heirship, s. ^j^ wara?a-t. 
Heliotrope, s. ^ m.».aJ^ j\^j dawwar 

Hell, s, f^^^ jahannam ; f«^s^«h 

jahim. — {hell-fire) f^ saqar. 
Hellish, adj. ^ ^ ^-^ ^ jabannami-y ; 

^^54-j^6^ jahimi-y. 
Hellishness, 8. ^^^aj^ ^aitaiia-t ; 

i^ilkjA saitaniya-t. 
Helm, s. '^j^\ ^*> daffat al-mar- 

kab (pi. ^^^ dufuf). 
Helmet, s. i^^ huza-t (pi. 3^ 

Helmsman, «. w-^^\^.x^ mudabbir 

al-markao; s-^;^\ J^a^^-^ mus- 

ta'mil al-uiarkab 

Help, v. y^ nasar, yaDfur; (^^ 
*awan, yu'awiii ; (^^\ a*an, yu'in ; 
J^^ stVad, vusa*id. 

Help, s. li^ ma'uiia-t ; (^^ *aun ; 
^^\x^ mu*awana-t ; SacUw^ miisa- 
*ada-t ; ^ na^r ; 8^ nu^ra-t ; 
»3.\*» madad. 

Helpful, adj. (^j^^*^ inu'jWin ; 
»xcU*-« inusa'id. 

Helpless, adj. J^-^ae^ mahzul ; 

Helplessness, s. J\^^^ ihtizal; 
y^ *ajz ; (^\y^ 'ajazan. 

Helpmate, 8. Jk*; rafiq (pi. V«^ 
rufaqa*, toj rufqa-t, jU; rif&q). 

Hem, 8. ^ lifq ; toJ lafqa-t ; ^Va^ 

Hem, v. v>^ lafaq, yalfiq ; U^ kaff, 

yakiiff. — {hem in) s-» ^^^ aha^ 

bi, yuhit ; <-^ kannaf, yukan- 

Hemisphere, s. tj^\ *JU> ni^f al- 

kora-t (aUkurra-t). 
Hemispherical, adj. bj^\ UU* JjU 

misl niaf al-kora-t. 
Hemistich, 8. g^;-^ misnV (pi. 

^jU** masari'). 
Hemlock, 8. (^^/j'^ sukaran, sau- 

Hemp, 8, s-^ qunnab, qinnab, 

qiiinib ; ^Ai^ kauadir. 
Hempen, adj. ,^s<-i5 qunnabi-y. 
Hen, 8. 5W»> dajaj ; a.^W*3 dajaja-t; 

Acs.;* farha-t (pi. ^V^ alrah) ; 

C;/ farriij (pi. ^'>j\ji fararij). 
Hence, adv. (from this place) ^^ 

Ua min huna ; csIUa ^^ min hu- 

nak ; fJ ^ iiiiu saiiuua. — (from 

this time) q)'^\ (^ min al-an. — 

— (away) ''\ji barraii. — (for this 

reason) ctUo ^\ ^^ miii ajl 

Henceforth, adv. J^U ^ ^3^ ^ 

min al-an wa sa'id ; ^\;^ ^jito ^ 

min hallaq (for baza 'l-wautj wa 

ray in. 
Her, adj. Va -ha, affixed to a noun 

(as ^A ibn-ba, " bor son ") ; V^U» 

matiVba (lit. " her property,** as 

V^cU^ s^U^ kitab mata'ba," " the 

book which is her property = ber 

Herald, s. ( j^roclaimer) <j*>U«« 

Herald, v. ,j*>Vj nada, yunadi. 
Heraldry, s, s-^^^ ^'^ ^ <ilm 

*alayim an-nasab. 
Herb, s. iJ-^A^ h i^is ; ^La^^-a*. ha^i- 

^a-t ; s— i^ 'Uh (pi. s^UiLc\ a*sab) ; 

J-^ baql (pi. J^ buqul). 
Herbage, s. ©/• marj (pi. e;/^ 

muriij) ; 6;^<s.bu4ra-t. — (pasture) 

Herbal, s. (book on herbs) v>U^ 
v>Uc3\ ^ kitab *ilm al-'as4b 
(u:>U<al\ an-nabatat). — (collection 




of dried herbs) ,jis>^-*^ £^*'%^ 
l^\l majmu' ha^ayi^ yabisa-t. 
Hbbbalist, 8. v»^-^ *as^ab ; Uj;lc 
«:,\5WJW *&rif bi-'n-nabatat. 

HeBBABIXTM, 8, i-*«^ *A>\j\^ dx*'^^ 

majmu' nabatat mujabbasa-t. 
Hebbivobous, adj, s-*-^^ v3^ akil 

•isb ; cr-^Ac^ JS\ &kil ha^i^. 
Hebd, 8, gfiJa* qa^i* (pi. (:)^^ qut*an, 

£U»B^ *aqtaS e*^l5^ aqati*) ; vy 

sirb, surb ; ^^ surba-t (pi. v>^;-»^ 

asrab). — (on pasture) h^j ra*iya-t 

(pi. VjVc; ri*aya). — (herdsman) ^^^J 

ra*i (pi. SVc; ru'at). 
Hebd, v. S*^^ ijtamaS yajtami*. 
Hebe, adv, ^ huna; \jJt\jb ha- 

Hebeafteb, adv, J»& ?- .,»3\ ^^4 fi.'l- 

mustaqbil ; .>«» U ^^i fi ma ba*d. 
Hebebt, adv, \^ ^ ma*a haza. 
Hebeditable, adj, ^j^ y&ras, yu- 

warrag (3 aor. pass.). 
Hebeditaby, adj, ^J^^ warasi-y ; 

^^jt^ mirasi-y ; ^y)¥* maurus. 
Hebein, adv, \^ ^ fi haza. 
Hebesy, s, 4iJJ»y^ haitaqa-t ; *>VJ^ il- 

Hebetic, 8, oJ>>y^ hartaq ; a^U 

mulhid (pi. *Vk.^ malahid). 
Hebetical, adj. (j*y»y^ haitAqi-y 

(pi. iat^yfc haratiqa-t). 
Hebetofobe, adv, 'Usjl- sabiqan ; 

"X-ja* muqaddaman. 
Hebitable, adj, *^jfi yiiras, yu- 

warras ; *i>^^«s4J^ ^^l. C ».>« mumkin 

Hebitaoe, s, *^)\ irs ; *±>\jt^ miras ; 

^j^ wirasa-t. 
Hebmit, 8, {j»»t<^ habis (pi. V-^j*. 

hubasa*) ; «aX-.U nasik (pi. *s3l«-i 

Dussak) ; ^U sayih (pi. ^^^ 

Hebmitage, s. iL*^^^ mu^basa-t 

(pi. cr^V^^ mahabis) ; *aL«a^ 

mansik (pi. csX-U^ manasik) ; 

&»^yo 9auma*a-t (pi. Q^^y^ sawa- 

Hebo, 8. Jk batal (pi. J^\ ab^al) ; 

<4)^ gazi (pi. sji>\yt guzat) ; ^3 

^Jm\i zK bas ; g^* qari*. 
Heboic, adj, S^^ ^uja'; Qft^ 

saji* (pi. o^*^ suj'an) ; J^ai 

ba^ali-y ; ^^j^*** fidawi-y. 
Heboine, 8, Sji,^^ ^/•\ imr&t ^a- 

Heboism, 8, ^V^ saja'a-t; ^jW 

butula-t; ^^Ai sahama-t; S^V 

Hebbino, «. ^^«^ fasih ; ^^ ran- 

Hebs, adj. ^ la-ha. 
Hebself, pron, W*-^ nafsu-ha. 
Hesitate, v, jjyu? ta'awwaq, yata- 

*awwuq ; «JU|J tawaqqaf, yata- 

waqqaf ; s^^sS irtab, yartab. — (in 

speech) f^ balcjam, yubaldim. 
Hesitation, s. i»^ 'aqa-t; j^ 

ta'awwaq ; ^^ ^ubha-t. — (sfam- 

mering) ^U*^ timtama-t. 
Hetebodox, adj. (J»y*y^ hartiiqi-y. 
Hetebodoxy, «. ^yfc hartaqa-t. 
Hetebooeneous, (m?;. s-— ^-^^ ^ 

gair inunasib ; <-j^Vae« muhalif ; 
Ukkfite^ muhtalif; u^W^ jtA 

gair mutajanis. 
Hetebooeneousness, 8, u^'k^oA ihti- 

laf ; «y^V« tafawut ; jji farq. 
Hew, V, g^ qata*, yaqta*; qafta*, 

He WEB, 8. (of wood) v>Uafc. hatt^b. 

— (of stone) ;^^ft- hajjar; «w^ 

Hexagon, s. ^^^^^ (j«ju.«>^ musaddas 

Hiatus, s, JJi*- halal (pi. Jl^*- 

Hibebnate, V, fjiJ^ ^atta, yu^atti. 
HiBEBNATiON, 8, ^ j -a*AJ taitiya-t ; 

<?****' i;aisai<ui. 
Hiccough, Hiccup, s, &^y^ ^azqa-t ; 

^j)^- haziiqa-t. 
Hide, v.a, ^Jf^ hafa, yahfi ; ^J|^\ 

ahf a, yuhf i ; ^ katam, yaktum ; 

W- haba', yahba* ; n, ^J^ ta- 

haffa, yatahaffa; ^J^^ ihtafa, 

yahtafi ; ,^5&a6sS-^ istahfa, yastahfi. 
Hide, s. •sW jild ; SjJL^ jilda-t (pi. 

*>y^ julud). 
Hideous, adj. Qe^ 9am' ; ^^ 

;J6^^ qabih al - manzar ; ^^j^ 

makrilh ; J^ mahM, muhaw- 






Hie, V, J^w *"*^ ista*jal, vasta*jil. — 

(hie tJiee!) *-AAs^ jl*x\ a*mal 

Hierarchy, s. ^^^ tugma-t; ^^ 

rutLa-t ; l^j^i^ manguma-t. 
Hieroglyphic, «. u^^ naqs, niqs 

(pi. \J>^ nuqiis) ; ^*va5^ ^^ aU 

qalam al-qadim. 
High, ar//. ^ 'ali-j ; ^Vc ^Ali ; 

^^ *ulwi-y ; ^j rati* : ^y 

murtafi* ; ^^ samih (pi. ^8-«a 

^ummah), f . S a-t (pi. ^^^ sawa- 

High-born, adj. J-s>S\ c-Aj^ sarif 

al-a^l (pi. «-*/• saraf, ^;A ^urafa', 

U\^\ a^raf). 
High-bred, ck?;. s^»>^ s-*^^ ^ahib 

adab (pi. vW-^ ashab). 
Highly, adv. S^^ bi-kaara-t ; ^^ 

High - minded, High - souled. 

High-spirited, adj. ^Ua ^j zii 

Highness, s. ^ *ulu-w ; f U>j\ irti- 

fk'.— (title) S^ hadra-t. 
Highway, 8. f!^ v34;^ Xanq *amm ; 

^UJu sJ»^*) darb sultani-y. 
Highwayman, 8. ,3^;^ ^^ <l»ti* 

tariq (pi. £U«I quUa*) ; o^V 

harami-y (pi. 8 a-t). 
Hilarious, a^Jj. j^j^^ inasriir ; 

(jjWy farhan ; t^— ^ mabsut. 
Hilarity, 8. j^y^ surur ; c;i farah ; 

V*;^ \SLTiib. 

Hill, Hillock, s. J* tall (pi. J!^ 

tilal, jy^ tuliil) ; S^^ ribwa-t, S^W; 

ribawa-t (pi. ^\jrabija-t) ; J<k«^ 

Hilt, 8. ^^ qab^a-t; ^jM^ miq- 

bad (pi. (jAjVa** maqabid). 
Himself, pron. ^--^ nafsu-hu. 
Hind, 8. ^\^ gazala-t. 
Hind, adj. ^^i^ halfani-y ; ^\^y 

waraui-y ; ^%^ mu'ahhar. 
Hindermost, Hindmost, adj. j^\ 

Hinder, v. jVc *riq, ya'uq ; j^ 

*awwaq, yu*awwiq; ^^^ niana*, 

yamDa' ; a© gadd, ya^add. 
HjNPRance, 8. g*^ maiii* (pi. ^\y^ 

jiiftwani*) ; ^W* mumana^p^t ; 

jj^Vc *awiq (pi. <3i^^ 'awayiq) ; 

Ju. sadd (pi. *>^Ju.^ asdad). 
Hinge, 8. v>W3^ jj^W jariir al-bfib. 
Hint, v. ^y•)^ auina, yurui ; ;^^ 

asar, yusir; yj ramaz, yariiiuz. 
Hint, s. ^J^^ isaiu-t ; ^^ warn' : ;'•; 

ramz ; iy^ gamza-t ; j\^\ inzar. 
Hip, 8. ^aJj; wirk (pi. *5J^j^\ aurak). 
Hipjodrome, 8. ^:j^«^ij^ niaidrui, 

midan (pi. e>!»>W* mayadiu). 
Hippopotamus, «. y^\ (^V.<»- hisaii 

al-bahr (pi. (;>-»• husun) ; v>**;* 

Hire, v. (take on hire) i^j^^ iktara, 

yaktari ; ^^/^^^ istakra, yastakri ; 

^U-^ ista*jar, yasta'jir. — (let on 

hire) y^f kara, yakri ; i^f\ akra, 

yukri ; fA ajar, yujir. 
Hire, 8. \f kira; ;«^^ ajr (pi. ;^^ 

ujur, ;W ajar) ; l^\ ajara-t. 
Hireling, «. (mercenary) Ji»7^* 

mubartal ; ^^f• murtasi. 
Hirsute, adj. s-»j^ azabb, f. Ajj 

zabba (pi. s-»j zubb) ; ^^ as*ar, 

f . y^ ^a*ra (pi. y*^ su*r) ; ^j\f^'i^ 

His, adj. 6 -hu, affixed to the noun 

(as ^^^ bet-hu, " bis house ") ; 

AcVi* mata-*hu ; AiU nial-hu ; A5e^ 

haqq-hu, &c. 
Hiss, 8. (whi8tling) yt^ ^afir ; «-AtiA* 

hafif. — (of derision) S^y^ hazwa-t. 

— (of a 8nake) t:«^ fahih. 
Hiss, v. (whistle) /* 9afar, yasfir ; 
»-Ato haff, yahiff. — (as a snake) 

^ fahh, yafuhh, yafihh. 
Historian, Historiographer, 8. 

t/y» mu'arrih ; ^/^ s-^^ ^ahib 

ta'rih (tArih); ^i\i^\ s^\i katib 

Historic, Historical, adj. «^-)^ 

Historiography, 8. ^)^y^^ ^^ 

kitabat at-tawarih. 
History, 8. ^jV? tarih (pi. ^j\f 

tawarih) ; S^-— sira-t (pi. yt^ 

sivar) ; ^ habar (pi. j^\ ah- 

Histrionic, adj. <^J4slfi* taqlidi-y. 
Hit, v.a. (strike) sj»/* ^amb, yad- 

rib, ya^rub, — (hit the markf <fec.) 




v>V4»1 a^ab, yu9ib; n. ^*>^ ta- 

fadam, jata^udam. 
Hit, 8. (stroke) ^j^ darba-t ; ^J^ 

9adma-t. — (chance) v3^^ ittifaq. 
Hitch, s. (catch) ^VLs. huUaf (pi. 

cJLJ.^ hata^if). — (impediment) 

giU maui' (pi. ^\y niawaui*). 
Hither, adv, ^Va ^\ ila hahuna. 
Hitheemost, adj, ^^f\ aqrab. 
Hithebto, adv. (^'i\ ^\ ila al-an. 
Hive, «. J=* ^^1*. haliyat nahl (pi. 

\l^ halaya) ; Jp^ 'l^\^ kuwarat 

nalil (pi. j^^ kawajir) ; c*^ 

jabh (pi. ^«-^^ ajbuh, cW^ aj- 

Hoar, Hoary, adj. (with age) s-^^ 

Hoard, s. (store) ^'y* mu'na-t ; »>^j 

zad; ^^\^) zawada-t. — (treasure) 

y^ kauz (pi. jy^ kuuuz). 
Hoard, v. »u— 9amrDad, yu^am- 

mid ; y^ kanaz, yakniz ; j^^ 

zahar, yazhar. 
Hoardinq, s. ' \& ^<^ ta^mid ; ^^ 

Hoar-frost, s. ^ §irr. 
HoARiNESS, 8. t-t-^-oA saib ; ^^^ 

Hoarse, adj. ty^t^ mabhuh ; ^\ 

Hoax, s. ^r>f^ inaPub (pi. s-^)U 

mala'ib) ; ^Lj*. hila-t. 
Hoax, v. s^yJl^ M^ s-^ la*ab *ale- 

hi maPul), yal*ab ; ^^ <^J^ s-*^ 

na^ab ale-hi hila-t, yansub. 
Hobby, s. (favourite pursuit) ^QU*- 

Hobgoblin, s. ^y^ jinni-y. 
Hoe, s. ^y^B** mijrafa-i (pi. •-*)W* 

ma jar if) ; j^ inarr. 
Hoe, v. s^fi- jaraf, yajruf; ^^J 

J^j!i\ rama al-ard, yarmi. 
Hog, 8. ^y^ hinzir, hanzir (pi. 

^jU^ hanazir). 
Hoggish, adj. i^jty^ hinziri-y. 
Hogshead, s. (cask) J-j^;» barmil 

(pi. J??^V baramil). 
Hoist, v. ^; rafa*, yarfa*; s-^ 

na^ab, yansub. ' 

Hold, v. (grasp) *sL^ laasak, yam- 

sik, yamsuk ; s^ {J^ qaba^ bi, 

yaqbid. — (detain) «-Ai^ waqqaf, 
yuwaqqif. — (contai/n) ^^ wasi*, 
yasa* ; <^^ hawa, yahwi ; %sf^ 
fj^ ihtawa *ala, yahtawi; (;j-«-a» 
tadaminau, yatadamman ; ,y^£A»\ 
^^^J^ istainal *ala, ya^tamil. — 

(hold an opinion) s r^ hasib, 


Hold, s. (grasp) ^C--« maska-t. — 
(iujlueiice) y^^^ ta*sir; S^jJ qud- 
ra-t. — (of a ship) s-*^^ ^ hinn 
(hunn) al-inarkab. 

Hole, s. s-^ gaqb (pi. v>ytf suqiib) ; 
^^ saqba-t (pi. s-^ suqab) ; 
&Ad=: buhsa-t (pi. jSbyp biihui). — 
(in a dress) J/- harq (pi. j^y^ 
huriiq). — (in the ground) S^ 
hufra-t (pi. /^ hufar). 

Holiday, s. (feast) j^ *id (pi. 
jLjc^ a*yad) ; x>c ^^ yom (yaum) 
*id (pi. fk^ ayyam). — (vacation) 
^^ batala-t ; tV ^^ag. 

Holiness, s. SJ\^ qadasa-t; ^j\^ 

Hollow, adj. *^fh\ ajwaf; u^j^^ 
mujawwaf ; g^U farig; J^U U^i. 
— (not sincere) j*>U ^ gair 

AT- J V 

Hollow, v. «-J^ jawwaf, yujaw- 

wif ; /a- hafar, yahfir ; vs^^ 

fahat, yafhat. 
Hollowness, s. (cavity) «-*^ jauf ; 

j^ bulu-w; Ijf^ jura-t. — (per- 

fidy) fi;»xi gadra-t ; &W*- hiyana-t. 
Holocaust, s. ^j^^ muhraqa-t; 

&«^^ 4ahiya.t (pi. VjVi^^ ^ahaya). 
Holy, adj. uHt*^ qaddis; (j>*aa« 

muqaddas; ^Jy wali-y (pi. IJ.1 

auliya'). — (pure) y^^ tabir (pi. 

j\^\ atbar). 
Homage, s. i-cVt^ ita*a-t ; f^f^^ 

ihtiram; J<«i5 taqbil; f^f\ ik- 

Home, s. (dwelling) (^^ makan; 

{j^^^*^ maskan (pi. ^^^^U^ masa- 

kin) ; ^V&# maqam ; sa^ bait; 

J*^ mahall. — (native place) (^« 

wa^an (pi. (^^^ autan) ; S^ jt>^ 

ard milad. 
Homeliness, s. (familiarity) J!l*> 

dalal; 6^^\ unsa-t; l^Vy» mu*« 




inasa-t. — {plainness) icU^ ba- 

^*a-t ; ^ qub^. 
Homely, adj. (familiar) (j^\^y 

mu'aDis. — (ugly) ji^\ QJt^ basi* 

al-mangar ; tj^^) wahis ; ^«i 

Ji^\ qabih al-man^ar. 
Homeward, adv. &i^ ^J\ ila bait- 

hu ; fi^jLj ^J\ ila balad-hu. 
Homicidal, ati;. JUl qattal; *f5U- 

Homicide, s. (murder) J^S qatl. — 

(murderer) J>U qatil (pi. J^ 

quttal) ; JU qattal. 
Homilist, s. tc^^ wa'iz (ql. ^^^ 

wii"az) ; j;\^ kariz ; jjj;V^ karuz. 
Homily, s. ^^Ibc^ wa'za-t; ^luy* 

mau'iza-t (pi. ^\f^ inawa*iz) ; 

j/ karz. 
Homogeneous, adj. »>eA^ ^j^^ (^ 

min jins wahid; v^^^-^ muna- 

sib ; (j*^^iS^ mutajanis. 
H0MOOENEOXJ8NE8S, 8. ^U^ mu- 

nasaba-t ; ^LjV^b^ mujanasa-t. 
Homologous, adj. <3i^y* muwafiq ; 

i3»VL»« mutabiq. 
Honest, adi. A^ 9alih; ye^ her, 

hair (pi. iVe*. feiyar, j^\ ahyar) ; 

j*)U fadiq ; ^ ^urr ; {^^ ainin. 
Honesty, s. c** ^alah ; jJu» ^adq ; 

^jc^\ ihla? ; i^V&u.\ 'istiqama-t. 
Honey, «. J-*-* 'asal ; v>/* 4ara,^« 
Honeycomb, s. *^ sahd (pi. ^W** 

Honey-moon, s. (:)\)J»\ utruwau. 
Honour, s. (esteem, dignity) JV 

jalal; 5yft 4zza-t; «-*/i saraf; 

jW*e^ i*tibar; Wfac *uzma-t. — 

(reputation) ^/^ *ir4, *ur4 (pi. 

i^^f\ a'ra4; u*y«^ namus (pi. 

<j-fi^^y nawamis) ; Ah>^ hurma-t. 

— (chastity) i-ic *iifa-t ; «-*Vftfi 

'afaf. — (proper spirit) ^j-tA 

gaira-t, gira-t (pi. jtA giyar) ; 

^«A himma-t. 
Honour, t;. f^ a*azz, yu*izz ; ^ 

akram, yukrim ; s^j^ sarraf, yu- 

sarrif ; ^feJ\ ihtaram, yahtarim. 
Honourable, adj. ;Wic3\ ^.^rS--* 

mustahiqq al-i*tabar; ;*s»^ mu'- 

tabar ; f»j^ mukram ; ^/ karim 

(pi. \^/\ akrimA, f^ji kiram). 

Honourableness, «. ^WiSe^ i'tibar; 

5^ *izza-t ; ^\j^ karama-t ; a©*/* 

Honorary, adj. <ji/* sarafi-y ; 

i^^j^ ikrami-y. — (honorary dressi 

i«U hala*a-t (pi. gU hila*). 
Hood, s. ^ qub* ; ^^^ tartur (pi. 

^y* ^aratir) ; ^%*^\ iskim. 
Hoodwink, v. (hind the eyes) w-*-0 

Afiji^ *a$ab 'aine-hi, ya*9ib. — 

(deceive) £*^ hada*, yahda*. 
Hoof, s. yV^. hafir (pi. /\f>^ hawa- 

fir); J** na*l (pi. JU» ni*al).— 

(cioren) UOL zilf, zulf (pi. ^^\ 

azlaf). — (of a camel) <-**- hifE, 

huff (pi. «^^^ ahfaf). 
Hooped, adj. y^/»- ^•i zu hawafir, 

Hook, «. v>li^ kullab (pi. s-J)B^ 

kalalib); ^IJ^ kallaba-t; ^\U 

huttaf (pi. ug.yU hatatif).— 

(sickle) y}^^ minjal (pi. J^^ 

i.umajil) ; J^-«»fi^ miq^al (pi. Je*^ 

Hoop, s. ^^ halqa-t (pi. «>vaL. ha- 

laqat, j^ halaq, haliq, hilaq). — 

(of a cask) SjVL ^ara-t. 
Hoop, v. Jt^x^ s:J\j^ J*^ *amil 

tarat li-'l-barmil, ya*mal. 
Hooping-cough, s. ,^^ J^ 8U*al 

Hop, v. (skip) jbHj raqa?, yarqu?. — 

(limp) tj^ *araj, ya*raj. 
Hop, s. y^ qafza-t ; (jo*; raq?. — 

(plant) j\^'^\ ^ ■ Afl ' t . ft hasisat ad- 
Hope, Hopefulness, s. J^^ ami 

(pi. JU\ ainal) ; Wj raja* ; iyt-j 

rajwa-t; gSy tawaqqu' ; j^^\ 

Hope, v. Wj raja, yarjii; ^jt-y ta- 

rajja, yatarajja; J-^^ amal, 

Hopeful, adj. J^*y* niu'ainmil; 

0^\) raji ; ^J^f^ mutaraj ji. 
Hopeless, adj, (despairing) gJ»Vi 

W^\ qaU* ar-raja'; (j-^*^ ma'yus; 

^fi qanut- 
Hopelessness, s. v«^^ ma'yiisi- 

ya-t ; (j*^\ iyas ; t^ qunut. 
Hopper, s. (funnel in a miU) ^Jmy*y^ 

Horn] li 

t)J*^^ qadfls at-t&huD (pi. ^jH->\f 

HoBDE, a. JW qabila-t (pi. JjW* 

HoKizoN, ». i>*l ufq (pi. jU\ 

afiiq); i>*W hifiq. 
HoBizoNTAL, odj. ijUl ufuqi-y ; 

^jc 'ardi-j ; tr-» bastt. 
HoBH, 9. (^ji qaro (pi. oj;* qurftn). 
HoKNED, adj. (jj;i Ai laliu qurun ; 

,_ji/- muqama. 
HoBNT, adj. ^JJi qarDi-y. 
HoBOLooB, a. icL. H4'a-t. 
HOBOSCOFE, «. ^^ tali' (pi. ^lljk 
. tawiili') ; ,*-<r najm (pi. f*<r 

HoBBiDLU, Horrific, Hokeid, 

adj. Ji^A hayil ; Jj9^ inahul ; AjyT 

kai-ih; 1;,;^ mukiah; £a-A ^i'. 


ieUi sana'a-t. 

HoKBiFY, 1'. JlA lull, yahM ; Jy* 
hawwal, yuhawwil. 

HoBBOB, t. V j*-^ quaa'rira-t; 
j\jfc±j( iqsi'rAr ; ie*l/ karahija-t j 
Jyb haul (pi. JU( abwAl).. 

HoKSE, «. ji^- hail (pi. J^ huyul, 
Jle«.l ahyiil). — (^stallion) yl-a. 
rtifaD, hu^ilu (pi. U.K.) ah^ina-t). 
— (inure) i^/ faraa; i~-^ fara- 
sa-t; ^j^^ hijra-t. — (gelding) 
^j_l>« yl-»- lii^un mufawwa^ 
(jj<*^ mahji-j) ; (>— i-»i kadiS 
(pL ^Jf kuds, kids, kidi;*.— 
(cavalry) J** hail, hel. — (aup- 
porter) ^s—*- taht (pi. «,j-*» 
tuhut) ; iila- joqAla-t. 

Horseback, (uf/. {mounted on) s-^j 
rakib ; >^^j rakdb ; t^jVi fans. 

HOESE-BBEAKBB, ■. uW^ Slijis (pi. 

ij-'^ir' aijSta) i y'-oJl (J" mu- 
'alhm al-tfiBan. 

HOBSE-DBALER, S. Jt<t- gWj bajjA* 



j*l>et baitar (pi, ij^e) bayatira-*)' 

HOBBBHAN, 8. i^jU furiB (pi. ijmjV 
fflwaria, 6)'— J* furBan) ; j^o*- hay- 
yal (pi. ille*- hayyala-t). 

HOBSBUANSHiF, I. Hjt^ hlyfila-t ; 
ivj^ Curusiyaft. 



(Jeill) muBiibaqa-t (al-bwl). 
HoBSE-BADiBH, a. jU. J^ fujl Ijarr ; 
^Wv- hidaman. 

H0B3E-8HOE, S. a^-iaj\ Jui Iia'l al- 

HoRTATiON, e. ^f wa'aja-t ; Su^j^ 
mau'iza-t (p). lut^ maw&'ii). 

Hortative, Hortatobt, adj. jJu^ 
mimzir (pi. jJU* maDazir); liclj 

HOBTICDLTDBE, >. (^U^\ JUjA hid- 

mat al-janayin. 

HosB, s. v>j)«- jaurab, jfirab (pL 
vjV jawarib) j ii\fl- jardba-t. 

Hosier, e. w\t\^ g^ii bayya' jara- 

Hospitable, adj. •J\r*- midyaf; 
'-ifii* mudif ; •- i ^^\ f^ mukriin . 

Hospitable NESS, Hospitality, », 
"W* diyiifa-t ; \^ i'wa, iwft. 

Hospital, «. ij*_;*ll i^^-et bait al- 
niarda; Will jlo dflr as-safilj 
yli-jU^ bimurieti'm (vulg. maris- 
taD, Pers.); uU. lAi. safa hana-h). 

Host, t. (enleriainer) i-Jvi^ mudif ; 
SjcaU h-—-^ ?ahib ad-da'wa-t (pi. 
>>>l*-l a^bi'ib).^ — (landlord) s-*-^- 
**pA» 9fthib madyafa-t ; yli s-— ■** 
falfib han ; ^^^ banji (pi. 
ie^U. Iji'injiya-t) ; uV>** man- 
zilji.— (arwy) (>«* jais, je^ (pi. 
yj-jef juyiia) ; Ai^ juud, jaad (pi. 
•>y<)-juuud, jW ajnad), — (mul- 
titude) iW jumla-t. — (eome' 
crated wafer) i-J^a* iiliji qur- 
bAna-t muqaddaaa-t ; i-Leti 
zabil:ia-t; ii^jt barsaua-t. 

Hostaqb, a. ^^e^j rahina-t (pi. 
(^Uy rahnjin) ; (j*) rahn (pi. 
(jj«j rufafin). 

Hostel, Hostelbt, Hotel, a. j^^> 
^yklt dar al-gurab& ; J^u manzil 
(pi. JjU. manazil) ; yU. i,»n (pi. 
«:>liU ban&t); UtfJ lokandi; 
ilU^ wakala-t. 

Hostile, adj. (jijW 'adawiy ; ^^ 

Hostility, t. £)^.u 'adawa-t; gtj-w 




'udwan ; v>j»- harb. — (hostilities) 

«y\jU^ mu*adat. 
Hostler, s, <j-»>^ sajis (pi. <j*W- 

Hot, adj. ^j^^ hanii ; jVa. harr; 

(j^-at- suhn. — (pun gent) j<^ 

harr. — {hot-tempered) jif^ harir. 

— (lascivious) o*^^ sahwani-y ; 

v>-^ fasiq. 
Hotel, s, J*^ funduq (pi. joUi 

fanadiq). See Hostel. 
Hotness, s. i^f^ harara-t ; f>^ harr ; 

s^^ saub, sob ; ^Va^^ sahana-t. 
Hough, s, l^\^ dagisa-t. 
Hough, v. i-at\^\ ^ qata* ad- 

dagi^a-t, yaqta*. 
Hound, s. <^J^«-9 s-J^ kalb 9aidi-y 

(pi. djiJbwo s^"^ kilab 9aidiya-t) ; 

^y^Li suluqi (pi. ^ ^ suluqi- 

HouE, s, AcU. sa*a.t. 
Hourly, odt;. <^^ J^ kull 8a*a-t. 
House, s. c>^ bait, bet (pi. «a>^ 

buyut) ; ^W dar (pl.;^»> diyar). — 

(winter house) ^^^^^^ masta. — 

(suvimer house) Qiy* marba' (pi. 

^\^ marabi')* — (family) v,-*— > 

nasab (pi. s^\^\ ansab) ; J-^ 

nasi (pi. JU-i^ ansal). 
House, v. {^^ sakkan, yusakkin ; 

Jy^ anzal, yunzil. 
Household, s, y^\ ahl (pi. ^j5Va\ 

ahali, J\ al) ; o^^ ^\ abl al- 

bait ; a]^ *aila-t ; JW^ *ival (pi. 

«:>SWc *iyrilat). 
Householder, s. u>^ ^i zii bait. 
Houseless, ac(/. u>^ ^ U ma lahu 

Housemaid, s, ^^j^ haddama-t. 
Housewife, «. Ja^ ahl ; J*^ *ayyil 

(pi. ^\ a*yila.t, J^ltj^ *ayayil). 
Housings, s, JV jilal; J*^ b^^s 

(pi. (j-yio- huluB, iji^\ ahlas); 

i^\JK> ^arraha-t; o^^ raht (pi. 

«yj^; ruhut). 
Hovel, s. t:/ kiih (pi. fc^/^ akwah, 

(^Vfifc-^ kihan) ; (jad-hii?? (pi. »je\-«i-\ 

Hover, v, f»W ^lam, yahum. 
How, adv. (in what manner) «-Aj^ 

kaify kef ; ^j\ anna ; <j;j^ azai-y, 

^5^j\ aza-y. — (in what degree or 
extent) ;Ji ^J^ es qadr. — (how 
many, how much) ^kaui. 

HowBEiT, conj. \^ ^ ma* haza ; 
U\ amma. 

However, conj. ^^ ^ ma* zalik ; 
^^ lakiu ; {^^ walakin. — (in 
whatever manner) UAj^ kail'ama; 
^V^ UlS kaif kan. 

Howitzer, s. (^^ bawun (pi. o^^^ 

Howl, s. ^^ *uwa ; ^4^ *awiya-t. 

Howl, v. <^^ *awa, ya'wi ; *awwa, 

Huddle, v. (bring into confusion) 
la)/- harbat, yuharbit- — (do any- 
thing precipitately) J^j-^ *i^jal, 

Huddle, s. (disordered crowd) ^Uo-j 
zahma-t; f*^^j^ izdiham. 

Hue, s. (colour) (j^ laun. Ion (pi, 
(^\^\ alwan). — (dye) iW-> ^ibag. — 
(clamour) ^W* *iyat ; Acs.^ ^arha-t. 

Hug, s. (^Usft.\ ihtidan; da»U* mu- 

Hug, v. (J^^ *anaq, yu*aniq ; ^;)^&^ 
ihtadan, yadtadin; 6;J^ ^^\ ^ 
damm ila ^adr-hu, yadumm. 

Huge, adj. ^»Jfac 'agim (pi. f^^ 
'igam, Ulbc *uzama) ; ysi^ kabir 
(pi. jW^ kibar, kubar) ; Jj^* tawil 

(pi. J\^ tiwrd). 

Hugeness, a. ^L.^ jasama-t. 

Hulk, Hull, s. s--^^ ^^> jinn al- 
markab (pi. ^y^ jurum, ^^^ft 
juriim, ^fA ajram). 

Hull, s. (shell) yti qi^r (pi. j^ 

Hum, s. Sj^j^ wazwaza-t. 

Hum, v. jjjj; wazwaz, yuwazwiz. 

Human, adj. iSy^ basari ; ^j*^^ 

Humanity, s. (the human race) 
(j*^^ ins ; (j-^^ an-nas ; f»»>\ ^y* 
bani adam. — (human 7iature) 
^L-iiJ^ A*^\ at-tabi*a-t aUinsani- 
ya-t ; h^^ basariya-t. — (bene- 
volence) A^L-s\ insaniya-t ; «w^U 

Humane, adj. ^y^-^ nas6ti-y; 
^l.«i\ insani-y ; f^t^ haliin (pi- 




Ula- hulamtl, f^\ ahlam) ; ^^s^^ 
rahim ; jjy^ ^afuq. 

HiXMANiSATiON, 8. (j^V* ta'nis ; 
Q/*W^ inas. 

HxTMANisE, V. (j»^\ annas, yu'anuis ; 
ij^'\ anas, yunis ; ^ lajyan, 

Humble, adj. C^*y^ mutawudi* ; 
g-i^ hadi* ; ji^ haqir (speaking 
of one's own person). 

Humble, Humiliate, v. JJ*^ zallal, 
yuzallil ; J«>^ azall, yuzill ; ^^ 
wadda*, yuwaddi* ; ^\^ wada*, 
yuwiidi*. — {humble one's self) g^y 
tawadda*, yatawadda* ; JJ«^ ta- 
zallal, yatazallal. 

Humbleness, Humility, s. £y^^ 
hudu* ; £^^\ inhida* ; ^\f ta- 

HuMBua, 8, y^ fasar ; aL\^ hirata-t. 

Humiliation, s, J»i zuU; Jjju? 
tazlil ; ^y^^\ izlal. — (self-hum ilia- 
tion) ^pS tabrih. See Humble- 

Humour, s. (moisture) ^^^ rutu- 
ba-t. — (temper) t:^y niizaj (pi. 
^vA amzija-t) ; ^^ ha^ir (pi. 
^-to\^ hawatirj ; s-*/-^^ masrab 
(pi. s^J^'i^ niasarib) ; VJk hii^. — 
(caprice) l^) zan^ara-t. — (m 
good hum/)ur) c-A^j^i^ mutakayyit" ; 
ijLfS ,JLc *ala kaif. — (in bad 
humour) ^U-fii faqsan. — (witty 
dispositio7i) Jy^ hazl. 

Humour, v. t^ t^wa*, yutawi* ; 
&^U. f,JLc ,^\^ nVa *ala liatir-hu, 
yura*i ; <-^^ ta'allaf, yata'allaf . 

Humourist, «., Humourous, owi/. 
(2^36—^ raushin ; cj^ mazih. 

HUMOUROUSNESS, 8. c£l-.,j^^ ta^- 

hiq ; s^\^\ idhak. 
HuMOURSOME, adj,j~^y muzantir ; 

ijL^)^ hawayi-y. 
Hump, Hunch, s. ^^^ hadaba-t 

(pi. v»J^ hadab) ; s-^ qatab (pi. 

s^VsS^ aqtab). — (of a camel) (•U-. 

sanam (pi. aj^— ^ asmina-t). 
Humpback, Hunchback, s. v»Aa.\ 
^ ahdab, f. W^^ liadba (pi. v****- 

budb) ; s-^ fi\ abu qatab ; ^\ 

j|;*u« ab& ^anduq. 

Hundred, «., Hundredth, oc?;. 

AjU maya-t. 
Hundredweight, s, ^^^ qanfar 

(pi. ^Ui qanatir). 
Hunger, «. £y^ jii* ; acV^b^ majiVa-t ; 

^ •a^ ^ hamsa-t; Sj-4>c ^\ abu 

Hunger, v. fW ja*, yaja*. — (long 

for) J\ £W ja' ila, yaja*. 
Hungry, adj. q)^^^^ ji'an; (^Vcy^ 

jiVan ; jjW jayi* (pi. gW jiya,* 

g^ juwwa*). 

Hunt, «. J^d-» 9aid ; (joa* qan?. 

Hunt, v. *>^ 9ad, ya^id ; •x«-a» ta- 
§ayyad, yata?ayyad ; *>\Lo^ ia^ad, 
yastad ; u^— y» qanas, yaqni^ ; 
(jfl^^^ iqtana?, yaqtanis. 

Hunter, s. »>W« fayyad, f. S a-t. 

Hurdle, s. s^^j zarb (pi. s^jj;) 

Hurl, v. s^^ hazaf, yahzif ; ^j 

rama, yarmi. 
Hurricane, s. ^^Vc 'asifa-t (pi. 

Uu>\y^ 'awa^if ) ; ^^) zauba*a-t 

(pi. ^\y) zawabi*)- 
Hurriedness, s. J^9*i-.\ isti*jal. 

Hurry, s. ^ W^ *ajala-t; &-xy# 

Hurry, v. a. J^ec *ajjal, yu*ajjil; 

J^sTi^ a*jal, yu*jil; J^*^-^ ista*- 

jal, yasta*jil ; n. £)— ^ asra*, 

yusri*; J ^'w «->^ ista*jal, yasta*jiL 
Hurt, s. Zft jarh (pi. t)ft juruh, 

t^fi^ ajrah) ; S^ ma^arra-t ; ji^ 

Hurt, v. t/t- jarah, yajrah; j-& 

darr, yadurr ; ^J'^\ azza, yu'azzi ; 

f^'^\ aza, yuzi ; ^\ allam> yu*al- 

Hurtful, adj. y^ mudirr. 
Hurtfulness, s. S^ madarra-t. 
Husband, s. t)) zoj, zauj, vulg. jy^ 

joz (pi. t^^y azwaj) ; J«j ba*l 

(pi. JW hi'td, Jyt? bu'ul). 
Husband, v. (economise) /^ waSaVf 

yuwaffir; •v^sSHqta^ad, yaqta^id. 

— (cultivate the ground) ^;3\ ^od. 

hadara al-ard, yahdum. 
Husbandman, s. c^ fallah; *±>jVo. 

l^aris (pi. saA^ ^urrag). 




Husbandry, «. i-a^ falahat. — 

(eco7iomy) jt^f taufir; *sJL»#»\ im- 

Hush, inter j, va-X-^ uskut ; A« 

Hush, v. v*X-. sakkat, yusakkit; 

^jjb hadan, jahdin ; haddan, ju- 

Husk, «. /^ qisr (pi. ^yi^ qu^ur). 
Husk, v. y^ qa^sar, yuqassir. 
HusKiNESS, «. (hoarseness) ^. bah- 

Husky, adj. vAJ ^3 zu qi^r; ysiS 

y^\ qasir al-qisr. 
Hustings, «. (platform) p^^ mim- 

bar (pi. ^^manabir). 
Hustle, i;. f^^) zaham, yuzabim. 
Hut, s. tf kuh, koh (pl.'eV^ ak- 

wab, (:j^awi^ kihan) ; ^ja, hu??, 

bi§8 (pi. ye^-i.^ ab^A?). 
Hutch, «. J^J^^ ^audiiq (pi. Ofe*>U-o 

Hydra, s, Ui^ i«a- bayya-t al-ma. 
Hydraulics, «. U5^ x^^ ^ fan raf* 

al-nia ; ^^^ ) *^t^4^ ;*- ^ *ilm 

sair al-miyab wa wuqiif-ba. 
Hydrocele, s. aLcIs qali^a-t. 
Hydrophobia, «. s-^ kalab. 
Hyena, s. ^ dab, dabu* (pi. JW^ 

Hymen, «. {menihrane) h)^^ v>W^ 

bijab al-bukiiriya-t. 
Hymeneal, adj, <^^/C *aru8i-y. 
Hymeneal, s. ^^f ^«^^ ugniyat 


Hymn, s, &*>• madiha-t (pi. ^'^ 

Hyperbola, s, '^j\ ^^\ al-qa^* az- 

Hyperbole, s. a*3\^-* inubalaga-t; 

^^^tfS ta'^im. 
Hyperbolical, a^dj, ^W* mubalig ; 

li^\^ li-*l-mubalaga-t ; ,j^ 

Hypercritic, s. Hypercritical, 

adj. jjVij daqqaq ; ^UU saSa,* mu- 

nakkit li-*l-gaya-t. 
Hypochondriacal, adj. ^^^^j^— . 

Hypochondrium, s. {^^f mara- 

qen (du.) ; /*^^ bawa^ir (pi. of 

lyo\6. basira-t). 
Hypocrisy, s. ^) riya ; l^f» nmra- 

ya-t; J^ nifaq; &SiU» munafa- 

qa-t; j;3 zarq {Pers.). 
Hypocrite, s. ^jaU* munafiq ; ^^y^ 

murayi ; y; v^^ ^ahib riya. 
Hypocritical, adj. (^^ju» mud&- 

bin ; J«^^ mubil. 
Hypotenuse, s. ^ qutr (pi. j^\ 

Hypothec, s. (^j rabn (pi. (jjyfcj 

Hypothesis, s. ^J^\^^ qiyas; {J>\yii\ 

iftirad ; ^^ fardiya-t. 
Hypothetical, adj. o^V^^ ifti- 

rddi-y; ^j-fr/ faradi-y ; ,,^W* qi- 

Hyssop, s. (j^\ii ^«j) zaufa (ziifa) 



I, pron, ^\ ana. 

Iambic, s. iy4>^>*» •^J^ watad maj- 

Ibex, s. J^ wa'l (pi. J*^ wu*ul, 

J^^\ au^al). 
Ibis, s. k3^ laqlaq (pi. jpUiJ laqa- 

Ice, s. •x«W jalid ; ^ salj ; j^ b^z 

(Turk.). ' 
Ichneumon, s. {j>^ nims, nams ; 

l>**j^ nimsa-t, namsa-t (pi. cr*>^ 

namus) ; J^j zaqzaq. 
Idea, s, jy^ ta^awwur (pi. ^jytS 

ta^awwara-t) ; JW*- biyal (pi. 

i^\ ahyila-t) ; ^^ wsdim (pi. 

f\p>^\ aubam). — (prototype) JU^ 

misal (pi. ^^J^^ amsila-t, JA» 

Ideal, adj. JW^ biyali-y; ^jjly^ 

ta^wiii-y ; j^^^^ muta^awwar. 




Identical, adj, (selfsame) 'AV^J^ 
bizatihi. — (not different) J^o.^^ 
wahid ; J^*?x^ muttahid. 

Identification, s. ijh^b^ tahqiq. 

Identify, v, {combine) Je^ itta- 
had, yattahid. — (ascertain) v3^ 
haqqaq, yuhaqqiq. 

Identity, s. *>^\ ittihad. 

Idiom, s, a*3 luga-t (pi. wt>U) lugAt, 
0)^ lugun, ^_5*J lugan) ; ^!^ j^ 
tarz kalani ; 0ia^\ i^Xilnh. 

Idiob^atical, adj, <^^ lugawi-y. 

Idiot, «., Idiotic, ac(/. J^\ Uusir^ 
sahif al-'aql; xi} balid; s^^*]^* 
majdtib; ^^ ablah. 

Idiotcy, Idiotism, s, ^}a«3^ iil^- 
sahafat al-'aql ; iSkt balada-t. 

Idle, acZ;., Idler, s. (lazy, unoc- 
cupied) Q)L^ kaslaa (pi. ^J^ 
kasla, J^— ^ kasala) ; ^J^^ mu- 
tawani ; JiVfc gafil ; JU;^ muta- 
'aUil. — (fnvolous) J^ battal. — 
(unprojUMe) g*Vi ^ gair nafi*. 

Idle, v. J-^ kasil, yaksal ; J-^ 
takasal, yatakasal ; JU> ta'a^tal, 

Idleness, s, J^ kasal; ^J\f ta- 
wani ; aJ^ ba^ala-t. 

Idler, «. see Idle, adj. 

Idol, «. ^t*-^ ^anam (pi. ^U«^ 
a^nam) ; {^^ wasan (pi. (^^^^ 

Idolater, «. j»U«!J^ ajW *abid al- 
a^nain (pi. Sjuc *abada<t, ^\^ 
4 bad) ; ^«-u> j\^ 'abbad ^anain 

(pi. ;:^ -in) ; ^y*^ wasani-y. 



, S. fi<i^\ 

IS^ 4bMat 

Idolise, v. (adore) J^ 'abad, 
ya*bud. — (Zore passionately) ^^ 
ham, yahim. 

If, conj . (;j^ in ; (^^ (^ in kan ; y 
lau ; U\ iza with pret. — (if not) 
^ O^ in lam, with aor. 

Igneous, adj, ^^;^ nari-y. 

Ion ITS, v,a, ^^f^\ ahraq, yu^riq; 
'^^ auqad, yuqid ; n. Jf^ ta^ar- 
raq, yata^arraq; •vi^ waqad, ya« 
qid ; J*^^ ista*al, yasta*il. 

Ignition, s, J^*»4i^ iiti*al; j!^/^\ 

Ignoble, adj, ^J'y dani-y ; 

basis (pi. ^L»& hisas, ^^>^ 
ahissii) ; J«i;^ arzal (pi. (^^^j\ 
arzalun, arzalin, y}^\j\ arazii); 
^-a*- haqir. 
Ignobleness, s. LX.^ hasasa-t; 

^Uj i-azala-t. 
Ignominious, adj, ^^ fa4ih ; ^^ 

mufdih ; v*^e*^ ma*yub. 
Ignominy, s. s-^o* 'aib (pi. v»^ 

*uyub) ; > '^r; i^^^f^ fa^iha-t. 
Ignoramus, Ignorant, s, JaW 
jahil (pi. ,>^ juhl, JW> juhhal) ; 
J|6^ jahul (pi. J^ juhala). 
Ignorance, s, Je<^ jahl ; 6l\^ jaha- 

la-t; ^^ jahuliya-t. 
Ignore, v, Je^ jahil, yajhal; J^Ur 
tajahal, yatajahal. — ( pass over) 
^ cuX« sakat 'an, yaskut ; %aM 
{j^ fat 'an, yaf At. 
Ill, adj, (had) jij^ ^arir (pi. j^/»^ 
a^rar, \ji»\ aiirra) ; ^ sau, su ; 
i^^j rada (pi. ^*>;^ ardiya). — (sick) 
(jAk/» mari4 (pL o-*/» marcjla) ; 
y}iU *alil ; 0W«i 'ayyan. 
Ill, s, j^ sarr (pi. jjJa ^arAr) ; i^U 

dahiya-t (pi. o*^** dawahi). 
Ill- BR ED, adj, v>*>j^ ^j^ 'adim al- 

Illegal, odj. ^^ ^ gair 4ar*i-y. 
Illegality, s, tr^^ •-*^ bilaf ai- 
^ar' ; lM^jAi\ A^ 4ndd ai-san*a-t. 
Illegible, adj, ^y^t 1^ la yanqari. 
Illegitimacy, s, ^^♦i; J*^ afl 

Illegitimate, ady. (•V^^ c:^^ ibn 
al-hariim ; V>j j3^ walad zinA ; 
^S^^ bandtiq (pi. v3i«3U} bana- 
Illiberal, adj, J*^. bahil (pi. 
18^^. buhala) ; ^-^ sahihj 
basis (pi. (j«Ui^ his^, 
Illiberality, s, J4c». buhl, bahal ; 

'^^*'^ hissn-t ; ^ <«V»-i ^ hasasa-t. 
Illicit, adj, ^f^ ^aram ; f^-^^ 
mahram ; f^^j^s^ mahrum ; tf"^ 
Illimitable, adj, ^^j^i S la yu^ad- 
dad (3 aor. pass, ii.) ; ja^^ ^ 
gair muf^addad. 





Illitbsatb, (uZ;. s^-«*>^ jtA gair 

adib (pi. V|j^ udaba). 
Illitebateness, 8. ^y^\ f**^ 'adam 

Ill-luck, s, W^ y^ sh a\-(^azz. 
Ill-natured, adj, g^^ <^*>) radi-y 

Illness, s. j^y mar4 (pi. u*V^ 

amra4) ; Axt *illa-t (pi. Jlc *ilal) ; 

\») da* ; s-**^ wa^ab (pi. v»^^^ 


Illogical, ad;. v5^^^ **^V *-*^^«^ 

muhalif qawa'id al-mantiq; yo^ 

^jLi^ gair mantiqi-j. 
Illogicality, a. v3iaL«J^ ^^.^V ^ilaf 

Ill-timed, ddj, Asl^ ;^ <^ ^ g^^' 

Illudb, V, £•»*- hadaS jahda' ; Js*- 

hatal, jahtul. 
Illuminate, Illumine, v.^y naw- 

war, yunawwir; J^^ auqad, yii- 

qid. — (adorn with colours or pic- 

iwres) ij^ naqa^, yanqai; naq- 

qa^, junaqqi^. 
Illumination, a, 8*U\ i^a'a-t ; W-> 

^iyk ; jtyiS tanwfr ; SaI^ waqda-t ; 

Af^y waqid. 
Illusion, «. J^ biyal (pi. ^S^\ 

ahyila-t) ; ^^ wabm (pi. f^^ 

Illusive, Illusobt, adj, JW*- 

feiydli-y ; ^j^y wahmt-j. 
Illustrate, v. (explain) j^ f aesar, 

jufassir ; ^y wa44a^, yuwa<jl4ib ; 

(;^-<rf bayyan, yubayyin ; ^->ft 

'abbar, yu*abbir. 
Illustration, b. ^s— a? tafsir ; ytt^ 

ta'bir ; ^f tau(Jil^. — (by picture 

or diagram) jiy^ ta?wir (pi. jiy\^ 

ta^&wir); yAJ» niq^ (pi. jS.ytf 

Illustrative, adj» <^;*-**» tafsiri-y ; 

^t«^ mu'abbir ; {^y^tt^ mubayyin. 
Illustrious, adj. «-*«/• ^arif (pi. 

U\j^\ a^rAf, U/i ^urafa); j^«a^ 

mashur (pi. t»ftUi^ mai&hir) ; 

JJL^ jalil (pi. U\ ajillA, ak.\ 

ajilla-t) ; c^^u^^ inamdti]^. 
ImagE) «. 5j^ 9ura-t (pi. jr* 9wwar) ; 

^yj ta^wir (pi. ^^W taf Awir) ; 

ii^\ aiq^na-t (cuccov) ; crA> niq^ 

(j>l. \J»^ nuqtki). 
Image, v. jy^ ^awwar, yunawwir. 
Imagery, s. jiy^ ta^wir. — (vivid 

description) «-A*^ wa§f; «-&->*/ 

Imaginary, adj. JVs^ hiyali-y ; 

^J^t^ tahyili-y ; ^J4Jtp wahmi-y. 
Imagination, «. JV^s*- niyal ; J«** 

tahyil ; ^^l^afc* Sy quwwa-t inu- 

Imaginative, adj, JeSfc*^ muta- 

Imagine, v. jy^s ta^awwar, yata- 

9awwar ; j^y waham, yahim ; 

J J«*^ taiayyal li, yatahayyal 

(impers.) ; (j>* zann, yazunn. 
Imbecile, adj, (weak) yt^ *ajiz 

(pi. y^\yt^ *awajiz) ; yt^ *ajiz ; 

0^)^e ajzan. — (stvpid) J^*-^ alji- 

maq, f. ^A«*» ^amqa (pi. vJK*- 

humuq, vjU^ ^imaq, &c.) ; ^^ 

ablah, f. lA balha (pi. ik bulb) ; 

jyi« bablM (pi. JJle? bab&lil). 
Imbecility, «. 3i|ift 'ajz, 'ajaz ; ttU^ 

l^amaqa-t ; i*yh bal&da-t ; ^W 

Imbibe, v, y^ ma??, yarnu?? ; ^^ 

ra^a*, yar^a; sj)** ^rab, yairib; 

v>/^ ta^rrab, yata^rrab. 
Imbitteb, v. )y marrar, yumarrir ; 

f\ amarr, yumirr. — (make un- 

happy) V*fc &U1&, yasqA ; ^^^ 

a^a, yu^qt. 
Imbbub, v. J» ball, yabuU; Jit 

ballal, yuballil. 
Imbue, v, {^^ gatas, yagtis ; ^ 

pabag, ya^bug, yapbig. 
Imitate, v. (follow) v> J^^ tamag- 

gal bi, yatamagsal ; v> <^*^^ iq- 

tada bi, yaqtadt. — (counterfeit) 

«aU qallad, yuqallid. 
Imitation, a. J^ tamaggul; ^J^^ 

iqtida ; J^ taqlid. 
Imitative, od;. ^"^^^J^ taqlidi-y. 
Immaculate, adj, u**^^ ^e^ gair 

munaddas; ^Si\ ^ ^L salim 

min ad-dauas; «a^ t^hir (pi. 

j^\ ath&r, ^^;^ tabara) ; jsi 

naqi-y (pi. ^ uiq4, \yBi naqwi, 

^\ anqiyd). 




Immatsbial, adj. ^^ jiA gair 

hay^Ii-y ; ^^U y^t gair m&ddi-y. 

— {unimportant) f^^ y^A gair mu- 

Immatbbialitt, 8, S^UJ^ (^ *yfr 

tajarrad *an aUmadda-t (e)— ^ 

•xJ^^ <an al-jasad) ; ^!}^ ^ 
. gair hayulaniya-t. 
Immature, adj. ^jf^*^ yt^ gair mus- 

tawi ; e* fajj. 
Immatubenbss, Immaturity, s, 

\yx^^\ ^ *adara al-istiwa. 
Immeasurable, adj, ^Wi 2i^ bi-l& 

qiyaa ; j^ aJ U ma la-hu hadd. 
Immediate, adj. JU hali-y ; ;^Vd. 


• • 

Immediately, adv, JVJ^ ^^ fi-'l- 

hal ; JU3^ ^U ^fc ti 8&*at al-hal ; 

"IJU. halan ; j/^\ J^ *ala.'l-faur ; 

*\)^ fauran. 
Immemorial, adj. JW^^ Jfj» qabl 

al-ajyal.— (in ^im€« immemorial) 

fi qadim az-zaman wa salif al- 

'a^r wa-'l-awan. 
Immense, adj. u^^ h bi-la qiy^ ; 

j^A^^ jat gair mal^diid ; j^*. iJ U 

ma la-nu hadd ; f^J^ 'asim. 
Immensity, s. j^a^^^ gL-?\ ittisa* 

gair ma^dud. 
Immeroe, Immerse, v. {j-^ gafas, 

ya^is; gattas, yuga^is; Jjt 

gariq, yagraq ; garraq, yugar- 

Immersion, s. ^r^ gats ; w'J^ 

tagtis ; Jjt garq ; j\jt\ igr&q. 
Imminent, adj. s-sty^ qarib (pi. 

^V ^irab) ; J<iii--» mastaqbil ; 

v3)*^ mu*allaq. 
Immobility, s. ^y^\ f*^ 'adain al- 

haraka-t; q)^-^ suk^a ; ui>L-(^ 

Immoderate, adj. tyu mufrit ; J«^j 

zayid ; aJ^ (^ gjU. harij *an al- 

Immodest, adj. Q'^^ yiA gair tnut- 

ta4i* ; ^j4- saflh (pi. aa- suffah, 

Immodesty, s. gU»^ ils qiUat itti^a* ; 

IftUL. safaha-t. 
Immoi^ate, v. ^J ^bal^, ya^ba^; 

J Jl^^^ ^ qa^dam zabtha-t li, 

Immolation, s. ^*^ ^abj^. 
Immoral, adj. *^^ f&sid (pi. ^5*^^^ 

fasd:i); u^V* fdhis ; jU« ^J, 

radi-y al-ahlaq ; v3-^ fa^iq (pL 

iJi^ fasaqa-t, j\^ fussaq). 
Immorality, s. «>^^ fasad; S^Wj 

j%s-^\ radawat al-abl&q; S^ 

Immortal, adj. *j^¥H ^ la yamiit ; 

ifr-iU dayim ; J^v*. halid: 

^amad ; ,j»W b&qi ; ^5*^^ abadi-y. 
Immortalise, v. ft/^ a)L&. hallad 

zikra-hu, yuhallid ; i^^tJ\ ^^a 

daw warn isma-hu, yadawwim. 
Immortality, s. Vii baqa; «>^ 

hulud; ,j*aJ^ ^^^a dawam an- 

Immovable, adj. ^j^\ ^^ 'adim 

al-haraka-t ; ^j^^ ^ gair mu- 

taharrik; y u>^ mustaqirr; (^^^ 

sakin ; <£^^ gabit. 
Immunity, s. jW**^ imtijaz j ^^ 

maziya-t (pi. ^^y» mazaya) ; SUU^ 

Immure, v. ^^ hawwat, yu^awwi^. 
Immutability, s. pA^\ (•J^ *adam 

Immutable, adj. jt^ ^ la yatagay- 

Imp, 8. (child) JkJ^ walad (pi. •J^^^ 

Impact, 8. (8hock) ^«3U; ta^&dum. 
Impair, v. J^ *aUal, yu'a^til ; ^-^ 

hassar, yuhassir ; j* darr, ya- 

<Jurr ; {j^ naqqa?, yunaqqip. 
Impalpable, adj. {j^»4i^ "^ la yul- 

Impart, v. (give) Jaft *ata, ya*ti ; 

s-^^ wahab, yahab. — (eommuni' 

cate) yi^ habbar, yuhabbir; yf^\ 

ahbar, yu^bir. 
Impartial, adj. J^^ *e^ gair mug- 
rid; J^^^ ^J^ *adSm al-gard; 

^>^ J^ bAli al.gar4 ; UU^ 

Impartiality, 8. \^j^^ (•♦^ *adam 

al-gar4 ; U\^\ infif ; ^fr tajar- 

Impassable, mdj. ^y^\ i^l^M ) 1& 




yamkin al-'ubiir; «cUU ^ gair 

Impatience, a. jt^\ ^ qillat a?- 

9abr ; yt^\ f»*^e 'adam a^-^abr. 
Impatient, adj, p^\ Jd^ qalil a?- 

9abr; ^^ ^ gair ^abur ; jt^ 

J4>^s^ gair muta^ammil. 
Impeach, v, ^ taham, yathim. , 
Impeachment, s. ft<^\ itham ; ^V^ 

Impede, v, ff^ manaS vamna' ; 

vjVc *Hq, ya*Aq. 
Impediment, «. ^^ mani* (pi. g*^y« 

mawaniO ; «34^ *aviq (pi. Ofe^y* 

Impel, v. (tir^e on) jU saq, yasiiq. 

— (inci/'') J-**- hamal, yabinil ; 

*^^ harrak, yu^arrik ; [^y^ har- 

ra4, yuharricji. 
Impend, v. y^j^ qarub, yaqrub; 

v»^V* q&rab, yuqarib ; V» j dana, 

yadnu ; ^^ airaf , yu^rif . 

Impenetbable, adj, M *^ S 14 
yunfaz fi-hi ; M J*^J4 5 la yiid- 
kal fi-hi ; *^)^ S la yudrak. 

Impenitence, «. WjuJ^ ^jlc *adara 
an-nadama-t ; hy^^ f^^ 'adam at- 
taubat ; S^U«i qasawa-t. 

Impenitent, adj. f»^^ ;-«* gair 
n&dim ; s-st^ /^^ gair tayib. 

Impebatiyb, 8. (in grammar) f\ 
amr. — (negatively) ^J9^ uahi. 

Impebatiye, adj, i^f\ arari-y; 
«<*5^ hatami-y. 

Impebceptible, ac^y. ^^ijt i la yul- 

ma(^ ; {j^y*^^ rs^ gair mal^sus ; 

^j^i ^ la yudrak. 
Impebfect, adj. J/»V^^ gair kamil ; 

^V> Ddqi^. 
Impebfection, «. JU^^ ^J^ 'adam 

al-kam&l ; ,j^ naq? ; (^Ua> nuq- 

9&n; ^^<«e^ naqifft-t; v^ *aib 

(pi. v>^ *u\Ab). 
Jmpebial, ad;. ^j-^VUL suUaniy; 

^^ ^hani-y ; ijij^ qai9ari-y ; 

(:j^Uft humaj^n. 
Impebil, v. V* y»^ ha^ar bi, yu- 

Impebiojs, 0(2;. ^4>V^ mutajabbir ; 
*anif (pi. UUft *unuf) ; ^Vk 

zalim (pi. i^Ui zalama-t) ; yt^J^ 

Impebiousness, 8. yi^ takabbur ; 

^ tajabbur, Uu^ *unf f^ 

qahr ; ^;<-h jibriya. 
Impebishable, adj. Ji^j ;«^ gair 

zavil ; ^J^ jt^ pair fan! ; A^j^ 5 

*^i^\ la yudrik-hu al-balak. 
Impebmeable, adj. J/^. 5 la vuh- 

raq (3 aor. pass.) ; UJ^ M .^ 5 

la yaiifiiz fi-hi al-miV. 
Impebsonate. v. {^^ sahha?, yu- 

Impebsonation, 8. ,jo«afc-ft^ ta^bi?. 
Impebtinence, 8. J^ fadul ; aaU- 

Impebtinent, adj. J^ fudiili-y ; 

M- safih (pi. ^ sufaha, i\^ 

Impebtubbability, 8. s-^ Sy quw- 

wai qalb ; j^ji qarar ; ws^W* sabat ; 

X»U^ ha^ana-t. 
Impebtubbable, adj. ty^)^ ^ la 

yataza'za' ; J<^ 5 la yatahab- 

bal ; o*^ sabit. 
Impebvious, acy. M J***^ ^ la yud- 

hal fi-hi (3 aor. pass.) ; M «>^ ^ 

]k yunfaz fi-hi. 
Impetuosity, Impbtuousness, «. 

Sja ^idda-t ; ^ jabr ; 5;^*^ liara- 

ra-t; »Jkft« jj^idda-t ; S^jvj b&di- 

Impetuous, adj. •*4»*a» ^did; ^W 

Impetus, «. SyJ quwwa-t ; ^^ ^ara- 

ka-t ; ^^kf^ tahrik. 
Impiety, Impioubnesb, 8. /^ kufr ; 

(^\/^ kufran; jy^ fujiir; j^-i 

fisq ; (^^^ tagvan. 
Impious, adj. /» kafir (pi. 5y^ ka- 

fai-a-t, pVAT kuffar) ; ^U f&jir (pi. 

S;^ fajara-t, j^ fujjar) ; vJiU* 

Impinge, v. ^^ f^ la^am fi, yaltum ; 

f^jia^\ i^tadam, ya^tadiin. 
Implacability, «. iUJU*3\ ^jl^ 

'adam al - mu9alaJ^a-t (£^^U^\ 

al-inusamahart) ; •^W^ Sj^ ^id- 

da-t al-haqd. 
Implacable, acfj* UW5\ J<J^ S 14 

yaqbal al-inuf ila^t ; ^Usqt ) 




14 jatifMa^ ; (^ ^ 14 jaltn ; J« JA 

as^\ ^adid al-^aqd. 
Implant, v. J-b^ a99al, ju'a^^il ; 

s-*^ na^ab, jaD^ub. — (in the 

mind) jii5 ^ ^ ^aba* fi-*l-*aql, 

Implantation, s. s-^ na^b. 
Implement, s. ^1 ala-t. 
Implicate, v. (entangle) *j!^ ^abak, 

ja^hik; ^abbak, ju^abbik; s-««^ 

nai^ab, yuna^^ib. 
Implication, s, (entanglement) 

l^^ 9abaka-t ; c£ la g«*«> taibik. — 

(^inference) S^U^ isara-t ; ^ >»^ na- 

Implicit, adj. (absolute) J^V^ ka- 

mil ; J)^ mutlaq ; ft\j tamm. — 

(inferred, understood) fj9^ maf- 

hum ; ^sj^ muntaj. 
Implore, v. ^J\ tr^ tadarra* ila, 

jataijiarra' ; Je^^ abtahal, yab- 

Imply, v, J^a Carnal, jasmul ; 

^ ^y:^ i^tamal 'ala, ya^tamil ; 

^j4c *ana, ja'ni ; yj\ ^\ a^ar ila, 

a, 71 

Impolicy, «. jtA'^'^ (•J^ 'adain at- 

tadbir; ^W<^^ f^ 'adam as- 

Impolitic, adj, ;e»*xs5\ ^jlc *adim 

Impolite, adj. v>^\ J«li qalil adab ; 

s^j*U j^ gair Diu'addab ; ^j^aa. 

Impoliteness, s. s^^^ ^ qillat 

adab ; ^^^\ ^ qillat unsa-t ; 

ZiytA, husiina-t. 
Imponderability, s. J^ ^'^ 'adam 

Imponderable, adj, oij-i ^ 14 

yuzan ; Jfi» 4i U m4 la-hu siql. 
Import, v. (goods) J*-*>^ adhal, 

yudhil; ^J^ jalab, yajlub. — 

(mean) ^J^^ *ana, ya*ni. 
Import, Importation, s. v>W^ 

^U, (JUlj^) ijtil4b (idhal) ba- 

d4yi* ; 4*yi%^ ff^^ h&i^ji* maj- 

luba-t. — (meaning) vj*** ma*na 

(pL o*^*^ ma*Rni-y). 
Importance, s. JsS ^iql ; ^Jhe <uzm ; 

^Ji qadr. 

Important, adj, f^^ muhimm; 

f^J^ 'azim ; J«fi» saqil. 
Importer, «. s^ jallab. 
Importunate, Importune, adj, 

Jts^ §aqil; J^ fuduli-y; •iVw** 

Importune, v, ^J^ J*> saqqal *ala, 

yiisaqqil ; ^)\ az*aj, yuz*ij. 
Importunity, s. J^ fadM ; cW^ 

ilhab, S^i^^A* ^ihaza-t. 
Impose, v, J^^ farad, yafri^ ; J^\ 

alqa, yulqi; ^j rama, yarmi 

(all with J^ 'ala) ; UO^ kallaf, 

yukallif. — (deceive) {J^ ga^^, ya- 

gixii ; J*^ hada*, yabda* ; ^^ 

gaban, yagbun. 
Imposition, s, «-&-Ji^ taklif. — 

(deceit) ij^ gii^s; ^^ hiyana-t. 
Impossibility, s. ^^^^3^ ^j^ *adain 

Impossible, adj. {^y^U^ jtA gair 

mumkin ; Jw« muhal ; J^wi-^ 

Impost, «. ^•— ) rasm (pi. (•*-; 

rasum) ; «-AjL^ taklif (pi. cJkiftw 

Impostor, s. ^^ makkar ; J^J^ 

hadda* ; ^j«J^ mulaV)bis ; «i>^U» 

tagut (pi. %s.^\ifo tawagit). 
Imposture, s, f^ makar; \j*^ 

Impotence, Impotency, s, y-%A 

*ajaz, *ajz ; (^)^ *ajazan. 
Impotent, adj, «-M^ da*if (pi. 

^A«-& du*afa) ; ^U *ajiz (pi. y^^ 

*awajiz) ; {^y^ 'ajzan ; o"-*-/* 

Impoverish, v, yU faqqar, yufaq- 

qir; j^ afqar, yufqir; ^SK 

adqa', yudqi*. 
Impoverishment, s, jto\ iftiq4r; 

^V\ ifl4s. 
Impracticable, adj. J*«« IJ la yu'- 

mal ; jt^ IJ 14 ya^ir ; ^^4^ j^ 

gair mumkin. — (unmanageable) 

*)UU4 5 14 yanq4d. 
Imprecate, v. ^J^ ^«> da'a 'ala, 

yad*i ; {^ la'an, yal'an. 
Imprecation, a. ^^ la'na-t ; S^«> 

da'wa-t (pi. ^\^ da'w4t, <4)^»> 






Ihpbeonable, adj, Qh^ maniS 
Ihpbeonate, V, (cause to conceive) 

Jtft- habbaJ, yuhabbil. — (saturate) 

Qt^ ^abbaS vu^abbi* ; (t^^ aibaS 

Impbess, Impbint, V, ^ ^aba', 

yatba* ; f^ assar, yu'a§sir; ^ 

ba^am, yab^um. 
Impbess, 8. gj» \&b' (pi. JWJ» til>a*) ; 

J^ niqi (pi. v>^ nuqA^). 
Impbession, 8,f\ agar (pl.j^as&r) ; 

y*Vi ta'sir. — (edition) ^^ ^ 

tab* kitab. 
Impbessionable, adj. y<^''^\ J»U 

qabil at-ta'§ir ; f^s^ muta'agsir. 
Impbessiye, adj. f^y^ mu'assir. 
Impbison, v. ij^^t^ habas, yahbis; 

^abbas, yulj^abbis; (>^^* sajan, 

Impbisonmskt, 8. u" ' i * ^abs ; 

fj^^i^ tahbis ; ^^^ sajn, siju. 
Impbobability, i. JV-ia^S^ ^oa 

'adam al-ihtiinal ; J&tS^ (j^ J^ 

bu*d *an al-*aqL 
Impbobablb, adj. <3^ a^Uu^ ^ 

gair mu^bih li-'l-^aqq ; jlt^ 

' J4J;^« gair mujt^tamal ; > \ <t»x-^ 

Ihpbopeb, aA*. s-^U- y^A gair mu- 

naeib ; jNii ;<»* gair layiq ; yt^ 

tj^\y gair muwafiq; s-«^^^ ^ 

gair wajib. 
Impbopbiety, «. ^ViiJ^ ^j^ *adam 

al-munasaba-t ; s^^y^ «-i^ ^laf 

Impbove, v. a. ^ 9allah, yu^allife ; 

^\ a^lah, yu^lib ; c^ ^ahl^ab, 

yu^ahhih ; n. ^^ ta^alah, yata- 

9&lah. — (in health) vJVax^^ istafaq, 

Impbovement, 8. ^«1^ taflih ; c^^ 

iflah ; c«^«> ta9hih. 
Impboyidence, 8. ^fi^\ (^^ 'adam 

Impbovident, adj. JiVfc g&fil ; ^ 

^e-» gair bafir. 
Impbovisatiok, 8. t^yi\ iqtira^ ; 

lJt\^ badaha-t. 
IxPBOviSE, i;. J<r)^ irtajal, yartajil. 
IxpBUDENCE, 8. ji^^\ f^i^ 'adam 

at-tadbtr; J«ii3\ XlS qillat al- 

'aql ; i^W^ gab&wa-t ; A-sIai ^•xft 

'adam n^na-t. 
Impbudent, adj. ji'i^ ;^^fc gair mu- 

dabbir; ^J^^ ^J^ *adiin at- 

Impudence, 8. ^V5^ waqaha-t ; 4aVa- 

safaba-t ; 5^%a> fanjara-t ; &^ 

Impudent, adj. ^^ waqih (pi. c^j 

wiqah) ; M«» safib (pi. lelu su- 

faba) ; o;;V* fanjari-y. 
Impugn, v. J*>W jadal, yujadil ; 

^U ba^am, yuha^im ; £jU o^za*, 

Impulse, «. ^f" tabrik ; vA-^ 

Impulsive, adj. *^y^^ niuharrik. 
Impulsiveness, 8. *A>V^aB^3\ JLe^ 

8ur*a-t al-inhi-a«. 
Impunity, 8. ^y^\ f»J^ *adam al- 

*uqAba-t; ^/»UfiJ^ f*jk-s 'adam al- 

Impube, ad/. (j«<F^ najis ; ^y wasih ; 

yt\jL jt^ gair t^bir. — (unchaste) 

OH^ fasiq ; y^Vc *&hir. 
Impubity, 8. l^^rr najasa-t ; ^y 

wasah (pi. t^y\ ausah). — (of con- 

duct) vi—* fisq; Sjl^ *abara-t; 

jUi fasad. 
Imputation, s. f\^y itham ; i^ 

Impute, v. <J^ J'Mw ^amal *ala, 

yah mil ; s^ ^ tahatn bi, yat- 

nim ; ^\ s-««»> nasab ila, yansub. 
In, prep. ^^ fi. 

In, adv. Ja-^*> dabil; '^^ jawwan. 
Inability, «. ^Va^ i*^ *adam kifa- 

ya-t ; iy^Vs ^ *adain qabiliya-t ; 

Sjda3\ j»jLc *adam al-qudrat. 
Inaccessible, ad;. J^y^ c:>^ ^ 

^^ la yumkin al-wusul ile-hi ; 

gtjA* man!*. 
Inaccessibleness, 8. (:)^^-^\ f^^^ 

Jye^^ 'adain imkan al-wii^i^l. 
Inaccubacy, 8. ^'^\ ^ 'ad-diq- 

qa-t; jk^J^^ ^ *adam at-tad- 

qiq ; lat^^ ^ *adam a4-<}&bt. 
Inaccubatb, adj. I»^t«^ ;e^ gair 

ma4bii(; <jiJu* ^ gair m^daq- 






'adam as-^ugl ; AVW batala-t : 
J^ kasal ; i^j^\ f*J^ *adam al- 
IVAOTivB, adj. iSj^\ ^j^ 'adim 
al-^raka-t ; d^j^ ^ eair ^arik ; 
JUi^ banal ; (^X^ kaslSn. 


liMSiX ^JLC *adam al-kif Aya-t ; y^ 

'ajz ; ^U» nuq^an. 
IVADSQUATB, od/. ^^^ t«^ gaif k&fi ; 

i^U Daqi9 ; js^ qa^ir. 
Inadm issiBLB, a(i;. tf"^ mamnii' ; 

^f^ ^aram. 
IVADVBBTBNCT, «. ftW^S\ f^ 'adam 

al-intib&h; OAfc gafla-t; J-*U> 

tagaful ; JUa\ ihmal ; ^ sah^. 
Ihadybbtbnt, adj, &>isx,» jat gair 

muntabih ; ^}h\t gadl. 
IvALiBNABLB, adj. £W i Itl juba'. 
Ihanb, adj. tj^ tang ; JVi. h&li.— 

(twiii) JLVi batil. 
IVANIMATB, adj. t}) h bi-la rub ; 

A-W- j&mid. 
IVANITION, 8. tf^fl ft U ta^fit ; ^ a L ai l ' 

Ihahity, «. ^ hulu-w ; U» fi4&. — 

(vani^iea) JJ-W^ aba^il (pi.). 
Ihapplicabilitt, «. iLA*^^\ f»J^ 

^adain al - muwafaqa-t ; ^-^-^ 

^U4J\ 'adam al-munasaba-t. 

Ih APPLICABLE, odj. <3^^y* ^ gair 
muw&fiq; <J}U»« ^ gair inuta- 
^i<l ; J <3«^ ^ la jalbaq 11. 

IvAPPLiCATioN, 8. «3^eA^i^ f»j^ *adam 
al-ijtih&d ; JiU> tagaful. 

Ihappbboiablb, flkf;. ji^xfcJ^ (^^«^^ 

gair mumkin at-taqdir; (^^ ) 

14 jugannan. 
Ivappboaghablb, adj. Qt*^ rnani^ 
Ikappbopbiatb, adj. o^i ^ gair 

lAjiq ; s-^^^ gair mun&sib. 
Inappbopbiatbnbss, 8. ii\^\ f*«3^ 

'adam al-liyaqa-t. 

Inabticulatb, adj. ^^\ >h*>s^ ^ 
gair mutamajjiz al « lafz ; yt^ 

. ^^^^ €^/* S^'' ^^^h at-talaffuz. 
Ibabtificl^l, adj. ^'^•^ ^ gair 

IvAXTBirTioir, «* A*6 gafla-t ; JiU; 

tag&f ul ; sWs>)^ ^ 'adam al-inti- 

Inattentive, adj. &>s^ ^ gair 

muntabih ; Ji^ g^fil. 
Inaudible, adj. ^•"^ i la yusma* ; 

^y*-^^ j^ gair Qiasmfl*. 
Inaugurate, v. j^U qallad, juqal- 

lid ; u^ jallas, yujallis ; y*/ 

karras, vu karris. 
Inauguration, 8. >i^ taqlid ; 

(.T'fiW tajlis ; u^j^ takris ; c^x;*\ 

Inauspicious, adj. fySJ^ mai*^m 

(vulg. ^yi^ maium) ; (j*f^ na- 

bus ; ( jM ^ «>* munJi^is ; (j«^-^a^ 

Inborn, ac(/. ^,^«^ tabi*i-y. 
Incalculable, adj. s-^-*: IJ 14 yu^ji- 

sab ; ^^^«Bs^^ 2) la yul^a. 
Incandescent, adj. ^y^^ bami ; 

s-^^ ashab, f. W«a ^uhba (pi. 

abya4 min ^idda-t al-^ar&ra-t. 
Incantation, s. ^^ *azima-t (pi. 

f^\^ 'az^yim, ^^e 'azim) ; f^fS 

ta'zim ; y^r* si^r. 
Incapable, adj. OfelJ ^ gair layiq ; 

^\y ^ gair muwafiq; ^^ ^ 

gair qadir; ^^y^Vc <ajiz *an. 

CAPACITY, 8. toU^ ^J^ 'adam 
muwafaqa-t; ^Vtt f»j^ 'adam ka- 
faya-t ; ^>c *aiz; ob^ *ajaz4n. 
— {menial) v>u\ flli qillat al-'aql. 

Incapacitate, v. (jeTider unfit) y^\ 
a'jaz, yu'iiz. — (disqualify) f^ 
^aram, ya]|^m (jj^arim, yal;)iram). 

Incarcerate, v. {j^^t^ (jiabas, yaj^- 
bis ; {^^^ sajan, yasjun. 

Incarceration, 8. { j * . ■>* I^abs; 
{j^iri^ tal^bis. 

Incarnate, adj. f^^^^sj* mutajas- 
sim ; > ^ ^%^ mutajassid. 

Incarnation, 8. a.-^ tajassud. 

Incautious, adj. l\^^'l\ Jja qalil 
al-ititiyat ; j^^ j^^ gair mudab- 
bir ; J*lfc gafil. 

Incautiousness, 8. lit^'S\ i^ qillat 
al-ihtiyat; 7<rfJ^< j»Afi *adam at- 

IncsHDiABTy 8, ji]^ j^urrtq.— (in- 




citing to aedition) (^^ fatt&n ; 

Lkxi s-^^ 9ahib fitna-t (pi. v>\*«\ 

a^bab) ; JuJU mufsid. 
Incense, s. j^. bahhiir (pi. ^^. 

bahiihir) ; W^ kaba ; (^"0 liban ; 

jjs-^ bastaj ; ;J^kandur(xov8pos). 
Incense, v. (burn incense) j*: bah- 

har, yubahhir. — (enrage) s---4fc^ 

ag4ab, yug4ib ; ^^\ agas, jugig. 
Ingensive, adj.f 8. s3)^^ muharriq. 
Incentive, adj., s. d^j^^ muharrik ; 

[^)^^ muharriiji. 
Incessant, adj, m\^ dajim ; jyxi ^ 

bi-la futur ; t^\ h bi-la inqi^a*. 
Incessantly, adv, J\y-i ^ lam 

yazal (with ace. of participle). 
Incest, §. v»j^5^ g^ \^^\ v»^j^ 

irtikab az-zina ma' al-aqarib ; 

ii\j^\ jy^ fujiir al-qaraba-t. 
Inch, s. ^\jt^ qir&^ (pi. Wj^ qara- 

ri^) ; i^\ a^ba'a-t (pi. ff^\ 

Incident, s, ^^^ (^&disa-t (pi. 

*±>S\y^ baw&dis) ; ^jVc 'ari^a-t 

(pi. u*;V ^aw&ricj) ; ^^) waqi'a-t. 
Incidental, adj, ^j^J^ 'ari^i-y ; 

^\iS\ ittifaqi-y. 
Incipient, adj, ^*)^ badi; v5»^^*^* 

Incisbj V, (cut into) ^ qafaS 

yaqta'; ^oL^Jb^ ^ba^, ya^bit- — 

(carve) ^ ^azz, yaJ^azz ; ^J4ii 

naqai, yanqu^. 
Incision, «. fftS qat* ; UM» ^q (pi. 

jji^ ^uqtiq). 
Incisor, «. (tooth) ^ saniya-t (pi. 

^\ -it, \i\jS sanay4). 
Incite, v, ^y^ (^arrak, yu^iarrik; 

g«y^ harra^, yuljarrid ; **-•- ba§g, 

yaJ^ugs ; ^A^\ afeass, yu^isa ; ^j^"^ 

agra, yugri. 
Incitement, $. j^f^ ta(^ri4; «d^*> 

j^agg ; iA^^ tahgia ; v^V ^^ai^- 

Incivility, a. s^*>^ ^ qillat adab ; 

J^^ ^ qillat unsa-t. 
Inclemency, s, ^JUa f«J^ 'adam 

^faqa-t; JU»>j ^ 'adam raj^- 

ma-t ; S^l«4 qasdwa-t. 
Inclement, adj. (merciless); («<«^ 

q&si; jyU ^ gair M&|; S U 

JUa^; m& la-hu rahma-t; ^^ 
^alim. — (stormy) e^sc *ajjaj. 

Inclination, «. (sloping or bending) 
\j^\ inhiLH ; ui\fs^\ inhiraf. — 
(ajfection) J^ mail (pi. JW^^ 
anijal) ; «-ALc 'a^f ; M; ragba-t ; 
s^\i«r\ injizab. 

Incline, v.a. «--ALc *ataf, ya*tif; 
Je-« mayyal, yumayyil ; n. J^ 
mal, yamil ; ^^^\ inl^ana, yan- 

Incline, s. Sjj^j wahda-t (pi. ♦i^^ 

Inclose, v. see Enclose. 

Include, v. ^J^ f^f^^ ifetawa *ala, 
ya^tawi ; Jc J-*-^^ istamal *ala, 
yaitamil ; {^^^ ta^amman, ya- 

Inclusive, adj, J^-U dahil ; J-***^ 

Incognito, s, (j«^ talbis. 

Incoherence, s, JV«a»!}\ ^j^ 'adam 
al-itti$al; (;^\;^1)^ ^^^ *adam al- 
iqtirau ; £2}VU«J^ ^j^ *adam al- 

Incoherent, adj, J'*^ ye^ gair 
mutta^il ; j^'asU ^ gair multa- 
?iq ; <J>^ j«^ gair mu^abiq. 

Incombustibility, s, vJV^*^^ f**^ 

*adam al-i^tiraq. 
Incombustible, adj, jf^„ "^ la yufe- 

raq ; v5r*- ^ la ya^tariq. 
Income, «. Jj*-J^ madhM (pi. 

J«*-^J^ madSbiil, cyUytJ^ madhii- 

Incommensurability, «. {^^ ta- 


Incommensurable, a J/. (^V^ ^ ^ 
•^^^ ma la-hum qiy^s wahid. 

Incommodate, Incommode, v, Ja» 
^J^ gaqqal *ala, yugaqqil ; J^yb^ 
^J^ iawwai *ala, yu^awwi^ ; s-^ 
at'ab, yut*ib. 

Incommodious, adj, g*^— ^ mu- 
9addi' ; Je** gaqil ; s-^*s^ mut'ib. 

Incommunicable, adj, jt^, 2) Ik 
yuhbar ; m^jh i la yu'arraf. 

Incomparable, adj, jiS^ ^ U ma 
la-hu nazir ; J«i^ Ai U ma la-hu 
magil; *^/ land; J^^f au^^iad 




(pi. (^\*i^\ uhd&n, (^^^ wuhdan) ; 

^^^\ gl^Bflj^ munqa^a' al-qarin. 
Incompabableness, 8, SjU^ waha- 

Incompatibility, «. ^^W^ i^jkc 

*adam al-mutabaqa-t. 
Incompatible, adj, <3i^>- je^ gair 

muwafiq ; v3^?^ j^ gair muta- 

biq ; C^ v3*^ ^ ^^ yattafiq ma*. 
Incompetence, Incompetency, s. 

iilJ j»j^ *adam liyaqa-t ; h^ S^3 

qilla-t kifaja-t. 
Incompetent, adj. jfelJ ^ gair 

laviq ; s-^^ jtA gair munasib ; 

J * jAS yfc U ma hii kaf li li. 
Incomplete, adj. j»V5 ;<^ gair tamm ; 

J^\^^ gair kamil ; {jai\i naqi^. 
Incompleteness, s. f»W ^ 'adam 

tamam ; ^U&a^** manqa^art ; j^ 

Incomprehensibility, s. (^ e^/- 

iiJ^jjS^ fla-fi. huriij *aii hita-t al- 

Incomprehensible, adj. f^ef^ i Ik 

janf ahim ; ^aJjJ^ 3 la yudrak ; 

J^^ j^ fauq al-*aql. 
Incompressible, adj. (jft-«>«8 5 la 

Inconceivable, (wi/. jy^ ^ la ya- 

ta§awwar ; f^q^ 1) la yufham. 
Inconclusive, adj. g^^ ;«* gair 

qati* ; ^a*^ ^ gair muqni*. 

Inconclusiveness, 8. g^-J^^ f»J^ 
'adam iqna* ; M\ i»J^ 'adam 

•1 A 

Incongruity, «. X«\»43\ ^^^ 'adam 
al-muwaf aqa-t ; ^fi^vloj^ ^j^ 'adam 

Incongruous, adj. <3*^y« jiA gair 
muwafiq ; v>»Ua^ ^ gair muta- 

Inconsiderable, adj. ^»<Jbc^ gair 
*a2im ; ^^ 3 la se-j ; ;«s»^ ;ijii 
gair mu*tabar. 

Inconsiderate, adj. ij^\^ tkjii ; 
;^ matyur ; J4^ gafil ; /iS ^ 
bi-gair tafakkur ; y^^f^s ^ ^^ 
min gair tainyiz. 

Inconsiderateness, 8. &A»^ ^ija- 
sa-t ; i^ gafla-t ; ^\ ^ *adam 

al-fikr ; ytft^^ ^ qillat at-tam- 

ytz ; yti'^\ ^ qillat at-tadbir. 
Inconsistency, s. vfi>lj^ ^ qilla-t 

sabat; *^yj ^ qillat qarar; s-J* 

taqallub ; ^t>^^ inqilab. 
Inconsistent, adj. ^\^\ J-«iS 

qalil as-sabat ; v>2U qallab ; j<A^ 

mutagayyir ; c- ft iat.^>« mutahallif. 
Inconsolable, adj. ^J^-'^ 5 la ya- 

tasalla; ts^^ ^ 1^ yata'azza; 

^lafcJ^ jr*^ maksur al-ha^ir. 
Inconstancy, «. «t>\-sJ^^ f»J^ 'adam 

as-sabat ; U^^ ^ qillat al-wafa. 
Inconstant, adj. ot-^^ ^ gair 

sabit; v>)itf qallab; ^o*a^ muta- 
Inconsumable, adj. uy-i i la yu?- 

raf (3 aor. pass.) ; <-Ai£^ ^ la 

yantalif (3 aor. vii.). 
Incontestable, adj. icjU» a^ U 

ma bi-hi manaza^a-t ; g^^ qa^i* ; 

aX v>^y>- IJ la jawab la-hu ; j^ i 

la yunkar. 
Incontinence, 8. s&AJ^\ ^^ »f5Ue>\ 

inhimak fi-'l-lazzat ; Uj^'i\ ^ac 

*adam al-ihtima ; aAjJ^ ^^ac <adam 

Incontinent, ar(/. ceJUeA#* munha- 

mik ; <j4j;^^ ^ gair muhtami ; 

c A ,i& f ^ gair *afif. 
Incontrovertible, adj. ^S\^^ a^ U 

ma bi-hi mujadala-t. 
Inconvenience, 8. U j^ISo taklif 

(pi. ugu? takalif); i^j zah- 

ma-t; S^ madarra-t; ;^ cl*rar 

Inconvenience, v, Uki^ kallaf, yu- 

kallif ; ^ Jfi» saqqal *ala, yusaq- 

Inconvenient, adj. {incommodious) 

^T--*^ mut*ib) ; J*^ saqil. — (un- 
suitable) {Ji^y jt^ gair muwafiq ; 

s-^U*» ^ gair munasib. 

Inconvertibility, s. q)<^\ *»j^ 

JiA-jJ^ *adam imkan at-tabail; 

J*vs3^ ^l^^ j»,\c *adam imkan at- 

Inconvertible, adj. J*M li la yub- 

dal (3 aor. pass.); Jj^«-a^^fc*gair 

Incorporate, v.a. (blend) 





halat, jahlut; g^^jamaS Jajma^ 
— {emhodv) ^»-^ jassam, yujas- 
sim ; n. Uxd.^ ihtalat, yahtalit. 

Incorporation, b, (mixture) ^ 
halt; l^^^\ ihtilat; t'^ys^^ imti- 
zaj. — (body of men) ^W ja- 

Incorporeal, adj. *yy^^ mujarrad ; 
^j>U--^ ^ gair jismani-j; ^ 
^.^^ x ^ gair mutajassim. 

Incorrect, adj. ^^y^^ jtA gair ma^- 
but; r<»^^ ^ g^ii* 9^b^b ; Ua^ 
inugallat ; J^^ae* muhtall. 

Incorrectness, s. l^^ ^j^ 'adam 
9ihl?a-t ; W^ f**^^ *adam 4abt ; W^ 

Incorrigible, ad/. J*]^«^ 2) la jan- 
•adil (3 aor. vii.) ; e^t\ jU i 
la yaqbal al-i^l^h ; &) e^ 1) 14 
'ilaj la-hu ; ^yH ^ la yatilb. 

Ingorrioiblensss, Incorrigibi- 
lity, «. J\jtffc*i^ ^ qilja-t al-in- 

Incorrupt, adj, J^^ ;<>* pair f^sid ; 
j^\^ bali9; ^U ^k\\}^; ^U 

Incorruptible, adj, JMi 1) la ju- 
fassad (8 aor. ii.) ; la yufsad 
(3 aor. pass. iv.). — {not to he 
bribed) JjLji J^ :i lA jakul bir- 

Incorruptibleness, Incorrupti- 
bility, 8. jLjblJ^ ^ *adain al- 
infisad. — (integrity) t^ ^ala^ ; 
^y^\ J^ ^J^ *adam qab^l fd- 

Incorruption, 8, jLjuI^^ ^ 'adam 

Increase, 8, a^^j ziyada-t; *>\i*y\\ 
izdiyad ; yt^ takgir ; f\^ takA- 
gur; y^i numu-w. 

Increase, v.a. ^i^) zawwad, yuzaw- 
wid ; yii kasgar, yukagsir; <JifiU 
da*af , yu4a*if ; n. •>\j zad, yazid ; 
*i\*yj\ izdad, yazdad; Ui nama, 
yanmu ; ^ kabir, yakbar. 

Incredible, adj. v)*^^*^ ^ la yata- 
^addaq (3 aor. v.). 

Incredibleness, Incredibility, 
8. jW^3\ ^ 'adam al i*tibar; 

kaun a.<-^e-y harij 'an ^ita-t at- 

Incredulous, adj, oUxcX^ Ji| bati 

al-i'tiqad; JJt«^ ^fe gair mu*ta- 

qid ; jfeJuoJ^ JJLS qalil at-ta^diq. 
Incredulousness, Incredulity, 

8, jUscS^ f»»xc *adain al-i*tiqad ; 

j^»xa;d\ ^j^ 'ad am at-ta^diq. 
Incriminate, v. ^ taham, yathim. 
Incrust, v. (with mortar^ Ac.) u^ 

la!)bas, yulabbis ; ^-^ lay y as, 

yuluyyis. — (with precious metals, 

Ac.) e*; ra99aS yura^fi* ; ^ 

ta'^am, yata"im. 
Incrustation, s, u-«i* talyis ; ^f 

Incubation, 8, v/aJ^ ^ *>^; ruqad 

*ala-*l-be<J ; {^'^ Y^fi^n, 
Incubus, «. u*^^ kabus (pi. (j*-«i^^ 

Inculcate, v. Ja«5^ ^ jj* taba* fi- 

'l-*aql, yatba*. 
Incumbency, s. (duty) ^p l&zi- 

ma-t (pi. ^j^y lawazim); ^^^ 

wajiba-t; g*/ fard (pi. u*V 

fira(j[, ,j6^/ fur^4)- 
Incumbent, ac?;. f»j3 lazini ; s-^^^ 

,J^ wajib *ala. 
Incur, v. Ja*u-\ ista'hal, yasta'hil ; 

&..jb ^Jlc s-^ jalai) *ala nafs-bu, 

yajlib. — (incur debts) {^^ ta,- 

dayyan, yatadayyan. 
Incurable, adj. W a) U ma la-hu 

dawA ; 43 c^U :J la *ilaj la-hu. 
Incurableness, 8. e^^ f**^ *adam 

Incursion, s, ^^^ kabsa-t; (•y^ 

hujiim ; h}^ gaziya-t (pi. «t>^^yfe 

gazawat) ; S^U gara-t. 
Indebted, adj, (in debt) o^Jl^ 

madyuu. — (obliged) (^f^^ main- 

Indecency, s. 6j\^ (•j^ *adani liya- 

qa-t ; &Ao.V» fahisa-t. 
Indecent, adj. ^yi^ y^ gair layiq ; 

s-^^^ j6^ gair wajih ; ^^^ tahi.s. 
Indecision, s. ry^^ ^ qiiiat al- 

*azm; sA>y«^ haira-t; s->y;^ irti- 

yab; *>*y taraddud. 
Indecisive, adj. ^\^ waqif; ^ 

f^ gair 'azim ; jn^^ mutahay- 




jir ; s^^;^ nrnrtab ; ^y\ ^^ j j^ 

inutaraidid fi amri-hi. 
Indeclinable, adj, ^j^oj^^A gair 

muD^arif ; ^^4.^ ytA gair muta- 

Indecorous, adj. <ji)l y«^ gair lajiq ; 

sHt*>^ yt^ gair adib. 
Indbcobum, 8, v>«>^ f**^ 'adam 

adab ; ^0 ^*3^ 'adam liyaqa-t. 
Indeed, adv, 'Va*. haqqan; "UM* 

^aqi(][atan ; ^M^i <^ fi-'l-l^aqi- 

Indbfatiqable, adj, J44 5 ^ J^ i 

la jakill wa la yamuU ; s-^*^ ) 

la jat*ab. 
Indefeasible, adj. JVlajlJ^ ^X*^^ 

gair mumkin ai-ib^al ; «>;2 S la 

yuradd ; ^->*j^ IJ la yatagayyar. 
Indefensible, ac(;. (inexcusable) 

jStil\ g .«.»^ mumtani* al-'uzr. — 

(incapable of defence) ^jj^*^ «^ 

^^^\ gair mumkin ai-muda- 

Indefinable, adj. * ^^ \ ff ^* ^ 

mumtani' at-ta*nf. 
Indefinite, adj. «>^a^^ jt^ gair 

mahdud; ^ q. *** mubham; ^ 

(2)«As^ gair muta'ayyin. 

InDEFINITENESS, 8. {J^t6^\ f**3^ 

'adam at-ta'yin; *MJ^^ ^j^ 

'adam at-tal^Ldid. 
Indelible, adj. ^J^H ^ 14 yuu.^ i 

(3 aor. pass.) ; ^j'^-^ 1) la yuta...- 

mas (3 aor. pass. 11.). 
Indelicacy, «. ^\^ ^*xe *adam ^ani- 

Indelicate, adj, UkijL ^ giir 

zarif; ^^ ytA gair na'im; ^^ 

galiz (pi. w gilaz). 
Indemnify, v. ^J^ jb^ 'awwa4 

*ala, yu*awwi4 ; 5jL-iJ\ &«ie jb^ 

'awwad ale-hu al-hasara-t, yu- 

Indemnity, «. Jbft *iwad (pi. {J>\y^\ 

a'wa4) ; u*2^ ta'wicji. — (exempt 

Hon from punishment) ^^^>^^ f»J^ 

'adam al-qi^a^. 
Indent, v. {j-j^ sannan, yusannin ; 

y^ l^azz, yabuzz; y^\ i^tazz, 

yattazz. — (covenant) i»)U ^&rat, 

yusarit; ^yii^ istara^, yastarif. 

Indentation, a. ^»)^ ^ - u J tasnin; 

*4Wrf» tahbik. 
Indenture, s. &^V» i>^ liart n&ma-h ; 

&^^\i ju^ <ahd n^ma-h ; v*^ 

kitab (pi. s-*s^ kutub); i^ 

hujja-t (pi. c;^^ bujaj). 
Independence, Independency, a. 

JVAs^\ istiqal ; Uas..^ istigna ; hf^ 

Independent, adj. Jfe»^ musta- 

qill ; j^Jijt- muhtar ; j)^ mut- 

laq ; ,jiA&-^ mustagni. 
Indescribable, a(f;. <JU^ )l 1& 

yu^af ; &**^ ^^ IJ la yumkin 

Indestructibility, s. f*W^^ j**^ 

'adam al-iuhidam ; s^^;^^ f**^ 

*adam al*harab. 
Indestructible, adj. ^^J^e^ 2) 14 

yanhadim (3 aor. vii.) ; csU^t S 

la yahlik ; v>yi=: i la yuhrab. 
Index, s. ^*y dalil (pi. ^j^ adil- 

la-t, Ji^o dalayU).--(o/ a book) 

sA^j^ fihrist (pi. (j-jV faharis, 

Indicate, v. ^\ y^\ a^ar ila, yu^ir ; 

^J^ J^ dall *ala, yaduU. 
Indication, s. ^j^\ iiara-t; ^)«» 

dalala-t ; )\^\ izhar ; U^ <al&- 

Indicative, adj Jtj3j dalil; J\o 

Indicative, s. (in grammar) U| 

gi^U J»*J\ bina al-ti4 li-'r-raf*. 
Indict, v. v* ^ taham bi; yat- 

hum; Jc vJ^^ *i^taka 'ala, 

Indictment, s. ^ tuhma-t (pi. 

(^ tuham) ; ^V^ ^ikaya-t ; \/Jk 

Indifference, s. ft«>j^ buriida-t; 

jUft^ ihmal; ^>•^ tahamul; XlS 

U»\ qilla-t i^tina. 
Indifferent, adj, {the same to) 

ftAio \^ sawa 'ind-hu. — (careless) 

JiU gAfil; jg^ JL^ bali-y al. 

bal ; J^^;^ mutahamil. — (pass* 

able) {jiik (^ bain bain. 
Indigenous, adj. ^ {^\ ibn balad ; 

v3«^ baladi-y ; {^f^ mutawaf- 





Indigence, «. yU faqr ; a^U* ^a'la- 

ka-t ; LjS ^*» inaskana-t ; ^U 

Indigent, adj. yt^ faqir (pi. ^yu 

fuqara) ; ^^^-tji-^ mis kin (pi. 

^^Lw« masakin) ; t^^^^ muhtaj ; 

^J-iA^ muflis (jj-JUu mafalis) ; 

*sjy** §u*luk (pi. ctXei^** 9a*alik). 
Indigested, adj, ^♦-Ae^ yt^ gair 

munhadim. — (jiot arranged) jct. 

^^tij* gair manzum ; s-^^^ gair 

Indigestible, adj, f^-i^ S la yan- 

hadim ; f^\ y^*^ 'asir al-baijim ; 

^t^^ wahim ; ^\ aqi^. 
Indigestion, 8, S^^ tuhma-t ; ^U-i^j 

Indignant, adj, (jj^Afc gadban (pi. 

s^U6 gi^^b) ; v*^ gadub. 
Indignation, «. s^ gacjab. 
Indignity, s, icJ^ qaba^a-t; ^Jb> 

pwJ ie-y qabil^; v/^U ^jAi ie-y 

Indigo, 0. Je^ nil ; ^ nila-t. 
Indirect, ad/. ^»t>it--^ j*^ gair inus- 

taqim ; J J^ ^ gair *adil ; ^jy^ 

multawi ; U|^^a^ munharif . 
Indiscebet, adj, u^^ taji^ ; J**^ 

jWs^S^ qalil al-imtiyaz; ^^JJ "^ 

bi-la tadbir ; J^ f udiili-j. 
Indibcreticn, 8, iAi\J» fiyasa-t ; 

i^ gafla-t ; Sm^ ^j^ *adam ba- 

9ira-t ; jW^^\ S\i qillat al-imti- 

yaz; J^ fudul. 
Indiscriminate, adj,stt*s h bi-la 

tamyiz ; j^ i} bi-la farq ; jt^ 

^^ gair mafriiq ; ^^ *amni. 
Indispensable, adj, ^)p/^ dariiri-y ; 

^ji lazim ; s-^^^ wajib. 
Indispose, v, (disorder) v/»^ saw- 
was, yu^awwii. — (dmiicZuie) 

^ s--^^ ag4ab *ala, yug^ib. — 

{make unfit) {j^^ 'akkas, yu*ak- 

kis ; )^\ a*jaz, yn*jiz. 
Indisposed, adj, {ill) \f*^^ yt^ ^ 

*ala gair istiwa; v/»^**^ musaw- 

Indisposition, 8, {slight disease) 

ij^y^ ta^mi ; Sl^^ da*bala-t.— 
(dislike) &t-*^ gacjba-t. 
Indisputable, adj, ji>\ffi^\ J»^ yt^ 

gair qabil al-i'tirad ; 

^jUJ\ mustabil al-nmnaza'a-t ; 

gtVS q^ti*; j.Si M ^ ma fi-hi 

Indisputableness, 8. {>y^ tayaq- 

qun ; (j^ yaqin. 
Indissolubility, s, J^\ f»J^ *adam 

inhilal ; *sJUajJS\ ^ac *adam al-in- 

Indissoluble, adj, Jics> 3 la yu- 

hallal (8 aor. pass. 11.) ; J^ 3 

la yanhall (3 aor. vii.). 
Indistinct, adj, ^yo ^M gaii* ^arih ; 

^^ yiA gair ^afi ; ^^^i ytA gair 

bayin ; ^^-^-^ jiA gair mumajyaz. 
Indistinctness, «. \V,w«^^ f**^ 'adam 

al-imtiyaz ; c^^^ f**^ *adam al- 

icjiah ; i^\;-j\ ^ac <adam a^-^ara- 

Indistinguishable, adj. yt^ "^ la 

yumayyaz (3 aor. pass. 11.) ; y«A 

y t ^ ' " ^ gair mutamayyiz. 
Indite, v. ^J^ malla, yumalli ; ^J^^ 

^J^ amla *ala, yumli. 
Individual, s. (jaaiA iah? (pi. 

(j«^afiA ^ubtis, (j^Ua^ asha^) ; •>^ 

lard (pi. Jm* furiid, oU^ afrad) ; 

J^j zaul (pi. y}\^)\ azwal). 
Individual, adj, j^^^^ w^id ; *y/^ 

Indivisibility, s, ^Uju1)\ ^ 'adam 

Indivisible, adj, *>ji^\ *y fard al- 

fard ; ^>^ & s^ )) la yanqasim ; ^ 

^ a '^&'J^ J»^ gair qabil at-taqsir. 
Indocile, adj, J«jJ\ J»U ^ gair 

qabil at-ta'allum. — (intractable) 

&^ y^ gair taji* ; C*^ ^^ gair 

Indoctrinate, v. ^ *allam, yu- 

Indolence, s. J— ^ kasal ; ^\y ta- 
wani ; jUft^ ihmal. 

Indolent, adj, ^J^p^ mutawani ; 
J^^e;^ mutahamif; JiVfc gafil; 
^)L^ kaslan (pi. ^J^ kasla, 
Jl-^kasala); Ja^ kahil. 

Indomitable, adj, ;«£?. ^ la yuqbar ; 
Q*Si )t la yuqma' (3 aor. pass.). 

Indoor, adj, J^^*> dahil. 




Indubitable, adj. «sUi M U ma 

fi-hi sakk. 
Induce, v. ^^ harrak, yuharrik; 

^/^ harrad, yuharrid ; ^j^\ ad da, 

Inducement, s. s-^/ targib ; (J»if^ 

Induct, v. Ja**> dahhal, yudahhil ; 

J*-*>^ adhal, yudhil. 
Induction, s. (introduction) J^*> 

duhul ; J«s-J^ mudhal, mudhil. — 

(inference) u*W5 qiyas (pi. L^\ 

aqyisa-t) ; S^^t^ natija-t (pi. 

^>^ natayij). 
Inductive, adj. ^J^t^ natiji-y. 
Indulge, v, g^U. i^iiwa*, yu^uwi* ; 

J ^^ saman li, yasmati ; ^^^^ 

ft^W ra'a ha^ir-hu, yural ; ^^\ 

agda, yug4i. 
Indulgence, s, S^^^io^ mu^awa^a-t ; 

t^^*>^ samah ; ^C^^L.^ musama- 

ha-t ; U6^ igda. 
Industrial, adj, (referring to in- 
dustry) ^j*** §ana*i-y. 
Industrious, adj. (diligent) Aq .;^>* 

muj tabid ; JufeV^^ mujahid ; s-^ 

labib ; A^jfc *.r-^U» ^ahib himma-t ; 

•M^ muqayyad. 
Industry, s, (arts) gx^^^ a?- 

^anayiS — (diligence) S^^it^X ijti- 

had ; .^e^ jahd ; »M* taqayyud ; 

<j*- sa*i ; J^j- jidd. 
Indwelleb, 8. {^^^ sakia (pi. 

^V^ sukkan) ; ^^U qa^iii (pi. 

(^^ quttan). 
Inebriate, v. ^ sakkar, yusak- 

kir ; /^\ askar, yuskir. 
Inebriation, Inebriety, a. /^ 

sukr ; l^ sakra-t. 
Ineffable, adj. <>JU|> "^ la yu^af ; 

,j^ 3 la yuhka (3 aor. pass.). 
Ineffective, Ineffectual, In- 
efficient, Inefficacious, adj. 

y«^ ^ gair muta'assir; JLW 

ba^il ; J^Ve ^ gair *ainil ; ^ 

JUi gair fa"al. 
Inefficacy, Inefficiency, «. <»j^ 

^VaJ\ *adam ai-fa41iya-t. 
Inelegance, b. U\ji^\ f*J^ *adam az- 

zardfa-t; ^^ f»*xe *adam bah« 


Inelegant, adj. *-Ai;^ ^ gair 

zarif ; ^ ;«& gair bahij. 
Ineligible, adj. j^^ 3 la yuhtar ; 

&)U^^^ {;y^ "% la yumkin intihab- 

Ineloquent, adj. c*^ J^ &^^ 

Inept, adj. JfeS ^ gair layiq ; ye^ 

;i.Ui gair satir ; {^^\ JJ^ qalil 

Inequality, a. S\^U^ ^^ac 'adam 

musawat; wlSias.^ ihtilaf; J/ 

Inert, arf/. ^;^f:i^ jt^ gair muta- 

harrik ; &^^\ f^^'^ 'adim al-hara- 

ka-t; jAl^kahil; ^J^ ba^i-y. 
Inertness, «. '^f*- f**xe <adam hara- 

Inestimable, adj. ^s* aJ U ma la- 

hu qima-t ; (^ &) U ma la-ha 

Inevitable, adj. &j^/u» )J la mifarr 

min-hu ; j\/^\ ^^^^4.^ ;<>* gair mum- 
kin aUHrar; do^ A} ^ la budd 

Inexcusable, adj. j«W 3 la yu*zar 

(3 aor. pass.); j^A»^ ;*^ gair 

ma'zur ; ^Juu^ ^ gair muta^a^- 

Inexhaustible, adj. tj^ "^ la yaf- 

rag ; J^ li la yanfad ; jj^ 5 la 

Inexorable, adj. ^^ 1^ la yalin ; 

f^ji 3 la yarham ; ^Uo-; j<A {^ 

min gair rahma-t. 
Inexpediency, s. Sj^W ^j^ 'adam 

al-fayida-t; ^L^^UJ^ ^j^ *adam 

Inexpedient, adj. g*V> ^ gair 

nafi* ; »Xt^ ^ gair mufid ; j^ 

^My« gair muwafiq; s-^U rtA 

gair wajib. 
Inexpensive, ad/, ^-s*-^ rahi?. 
Inexperience, s. iyt^ ^ qillat 

hubra-t; ^^**«^ gaiumiya-t. 
Inexperienced, adj. ip'^\ Jal* 

qalil al-hubra-t ; ^^^-^ ga^im (pi. 

U.4^ gu^ama). 
Inexpert, adj. ^\a ^ gair ^a^ir ; 

^U^gair mahir; j5 ;«* gair 
• labiq. 




Ikbxpiable, ddj, yukt S \k yugfar 

(i^ aor. pass.) ; yk*XHt S la jus- 

tagfar (3 aor. pass. x.). 
Inexplicable, adj. tjM ^ la yu^- 

rab (3 aor. pass.) ; ^— A^ j la 

yatafassar (3 aor. v.). 
Infallibility, s. !hU5^ ^^ j»Usc\ 

i'ti^acn min al-gala^ ; {^ ^^♦'^^ 

Ua^^ 49Dm-t 'an al-hata'. 
Infallible, adj. Jal*!\ ^ r^^'^ 

iiia*9um min al-galaf. 
Infamous, adj. Cr**^ maf^iih ; ^^ 

fadih ; y^f^ maht^k. 
Infamy, 8. l^ m f f*^ fa^iba-t (pi. ^Ut 

f acjiayih) ; jVc *ar ; s-^c *aib (pi. 

v>^ *ujfib) ; otUft hatk. 
Infancy, «. iiy^l* t^fiila-t; Wykt 

Infant, «. Jftt ^afl, tifl (pi. JW 

atfal, jy^ tuf^l). 
Infanticide, «. jAi» JsS qatl tifl. 
Infantile, adj, ^Ji^ tifl^-J ; <^y^ 

Infantey, «. Su.^ ^^L-ft *as&kir mu^- 

Infatuate, v. «-AAfti ^agaf, ya^gaf ; 

gJ^ yvalla*, yuwalli*. 
Infatuation, «. uutfti .4agaf ; \J»%^\ 


Infect, v. W *ada, ya*du ; ^^y^ 
sara, yasri. — {corrupt) Ju-i^ af- 
sad, yufsid. 

Infection, «. ft^J^ 'adwa-t; V|^ 
waba \ ^y^ saraya-t ; h\^\ i^k- 

Infectious, adj. v^J^** mu'di ; o;;U 


Infer, v. {^ ^s^^ ^ istantaj min, 
yastantij ; ^^j-ic JJ^*-^ istadall 
*ala, yastadill. 

Inferable, adj. JiJo^S^ JjU qabil 
al-istidlal ; ^u^ yuntaj. 

Inference, «. & ^^ ^ natija-t (pi. 
g^\j^ natayij) ; y* V^i qiyas (pi. 
Z^^\ aqyisa-t). 

Inferior, adj. ^JA adna; J*-^ 
asfal, f. ,JlA^ sufla (pi. J*^^ asa- 
fil) ; ^J»^ auta ; Jit aqall. 

Inferiority, «. «it^«> dan&ya-t ; 
^lA^ sifld-t. 

Infernal, ck^y. ^j^^:^^ jahimi-y ; 

^^^^^i^^ jahannami-y. 
Infest, v. v»*^ *azzab, yu'azzib ; 

^'^ az*aj, yaz*ij ; ^3\ azza, 

Infidel, adj., 8. /V^ kafir (pl.jVAl^ 

kuffar, l^ kafara-t), f. S/V^ ka- 

fira-t (pi. 7*^/^ kawafir). 
Infidelity, «. ^ kufr ; ^U^ kuf- 

ran ; (^»^^ f»J^ 'adam aa-din. — 

{faithlessness) ^^^ f»J^ 'adam al- 

Infinite, adj. h^ ^ U ma la-hu 

uihaya-t ; J»«= 3 la yuhadd ; i 

^^^ la tuhfa; ^^^ jt^ gair 

Infinitive, s. (in grammar) ;J^'«^ 

ma^dar (pi. j*)V*a* ma^adir). 
Infinity, s. ^^^\ ^•xe <adam at- 

ta^did ; <^}^\ ^^aa 'adarn an-mh&- 

Infirm, adj. UUt* da*if (pi. \i»^ 

4u*afa) ; JjLc *alil (pi. '^\ a*illa) ; 

fj^f marid (pi. ^^y• marcja, 

Ji>\f mira4) ; f^^ saqim. 
Infirmary, s. ^J^f^^ ^^^ bait al- 

marda; \i^\ jW dar a^-^f&; 

^U-jU^ bimaristan (vulg. (^j^jU 

m^ristan, Pers.). 
Infirmity, s. «-Jbu 4a*af; ,j&y* 

mard (pi. <jA\y*^ amrad) ; Oc 

'illat (pi. Jiis 'ilal) ; 4AVc''aha.t. 
Inflame, v.a. jy^ ^araq, yahriq ; 

Ai^^ auqad, y&qid ; J*ft» ^'al, 

ya^'al ; n. s3r^\ ihtaraq, ya^- 

tariq; s-^^ iltahab, yaltahib. 
Inflammability, s. J^/^^\ ^^ 

qabiliya-t al-i^tiraq. 
Inflammable, adj. s-o ^U multa- 

Inflammation, s. ^\^\ iltihab ; 

J^f^\ i^tiraq ; l)\^ l^arara-t ; 

h)^ nariya-t {of the eyes). 
Inflammatory, adj. j;4w^ mu^riq ; 

05;^ nari-y; ^U ^arr ; o>^^ 

Inflate, v. ^ nafah, yanfah; 

naff ah, yunaffih. 
Inflation, s. ^ nafh ; t\i^\ inti« 

InflscTi v. ukU 'aUaf| ya'atfif ) 




liana, ja^; lianna, ju- 
j^anni. — (grammatically) ^yo ^^r- 
raf, yu^arrif. 

Inplbction, 8. *-ASoc *atf ; J<M« mail. 
— (of words) *-A4/aJ ta^rif ; «J;-» 
9arf . — (intonation) ^•••^ nagma-t ; 
^^ hi^n (pi. o^^ all^aa, (^^ 
lu^un) ; ^yo i^ nahza-t ^aut. 

Inflexibility, a, ^^^'i^ f»J^ *adaiii 
aUinhina; lijkal^^ ^j^ 'adain al- 
*atiifa-t; *>Uc *inad. 

Inflexible, adj, (^ y<A gair laj- 
yin ; ,ji^?^ ^ la jantani (3 aor. 
VII.); lk^\ ^>ac *adiin al-*atA- 
fa-t. — (unyieldiTig) •M^ *amd ; 
*X2*xai sadid. 

Inflict, v, ^^ qada, yaq^i; f^ 
^akain, yalikuiu (,joV^^j M^ 
'ale-hi hi-'l-qi^A?) ; s-^Vc *aqab, 
yu*aqib; j^^ q^J-?, yuqa^a?. 

Infliction, ». ^j©^ A^^a. ^ukii- 
ma-t bi-qi^a^. 

Inflorescence, 8.j^}\ izhar ; jdb»^)\ 
izdih&r ; j^y^j^ izhirar. 

Influence, «. ^^ ta'gir; ^»^ 
hukm ; 6;*v3 qudra-t. 

Influence, v, ^^ f\ a§§ar fi, yu- 
'asgir ; ^ J*^ *amil fi, ya^mal. 

Influential, adj. &jJ^ s-*»"^ ^al^ib 
qudra-t ; j^^ qadir ; ^ 8^ s-*»-^ 
j\jLsS^ ^ahib quwvra-t wa iqtidar. 

Influenza, «. Ajy nazla-t (pi. J;j)> 

Influx, Influxion, «. J^»> duhM ; 
s->W^^ in^ibab. 

Inform, v, j^ habbar, yuhabbir ; 
y^\ ah bar, yuhbir ; p^\ a^lam, 
yu*liin. — (ajainst a person) {^^ 
^J^ ^^awaa *ala, yata*awaii ; ^j*-» 
s-> sa'a bi, yas'a ; s-> o^^ wasa bi, 

Information, «. y^ habar (pi. jW^^ 
ah bar) ; pj^ tahbir ; f^ ta*liiii ; 
^\ i'lam. — (accusation) ^^y 
wii^aya-t ; ^U- sraya-t. 

Informer, s, ^loe* muhbir; (^ 
iDuballig. — {accuser) ij^j^ *iw&- 
ni-y ; jUfc gammaz ; ^J^^y w4ii 
(pi. «i>Lje*j wuiat) ; f»Ui nam- 

Infraction, s. g^ J^^i] £^ 

fash ; <^^ nak§ ; ^J^ ta'di- 

Infrequency, «. £^y\ aU qillat al- 

wuqu* ; »>^y^ ^ qillat al-wujdd. 
Infrequent, adj, j*i\i nadir; JJi* 

gy>y\ qalil al-wuqu*. 
Infringe, v, j^ naqa4, yanqu4 ; 

^^ fasah, yafsah ; ^.a«? ta*adda. 

Infringement, s, (^ naqijl. 
Infuriate, v. g«A hayyaj, yuhay- 

yij ; s-^^^ a^4&b, yugdib ; tV^\ 

agaz, yugiz, 

Infuse, v. gft> naqa*, yanqa* ; nan- 
alhain, yulhim. 

qa*, yunaqqi*. — (inspire) ^\ 

Infusion, *. g» naq* ; gy» nuqft* ; 

gf^A naqiS 
Ingenious, adj, y^U mahir; (j^»i 

zaki-y ; (^^s^*^ zahiu ; ^%«6^ fabiin. 
Inoeniousness, Ingenuity, s, ^^^ 

zakawa-t ; {^^ zihn (pi. f^\to^\ 

azhan) ; i^\j^ firasa-t. 
Ingenuous, adj, j»>^ ^adiq ; ^/J^ 

muhli? ; ^U ^afi ; ^U. hali? ; 

gjV- sadij. 
Ingenuousness, s, jju> ^idq ; £i\ju> 

^adaqa-t ; 8jU-o ^afawa-t ; ^^^^ 

hulii? ; 4> v-P^ b^*!*^ niya-t ; 

£(^\ju sadaja-t. 
Inglorious, adj, JJi«». ^ gair 

jalil ; tys^^ jut gair inamduh. 
Ingot, s, ^^^o^*- sabika-t (pi. csl^W-* 

Ingraft, v. |**J» ta'"&in» yuta"im. 
Ingrain, v, ^t^ 9abag, ya9bug; 

^abbag, yu^abbig. 
Ingrate, s, yy^ ^ gair iakAr; 

^yj^\ f^ Dakir al-ina*ruf. 
Ingratiate, v. JU-:^\ istamal, yas- 

tamil ; uilftjuJT ista'taf ; yasta'tif- 
Ingratitude, s, ^f^^ f^^^ *adam 

mamuuniya-t ; <Jj|^-a4J\ oV^ 

((jL».:x3\) nukran alma'ruf (al- 

itsau) ; (l^\) J*4V\ ^^\j& kuf- 

ran al-jamil (an-ni^ma-t). 
Ingredient, s, ^ juzu (pi. W\ 

Ingress, s, J^»> duhul 
Ingulf, v, ^ bala*, yabla* ; ^\ 

ibtala*, yabtali*. 




Inhabit, v, ^j* (^^ sakan fi, yas- 

kun ; ^k (;>loi qatan fi, yaqtun ; 

^jjlyt-^ istautan, yastautin. 
Inhabitable, a^j. (j^ ^ -^- a yansakin 

(3 aor. VII.) ; i^^-JiJ s-— ^ mu- 

nasib li - *8 - sakana-t ; ; j . ♦ i» .^ 

Inhabitant, 8. (;>^sakin (pi. (^j^^ 

sukkan) ; (j^\* qatin (pi. ^UaS 

quttan) ; (:) ^^ ? >• mutawattin ; 

^jx-^ mustautin. 
Inhalation, s. ^j-A;* tanaffus. 
Inhale, v. ^j-A;? tanaffas, yatanaf- 

fas ; f^ sanim, ya^umm. 
Inharmonious, adj. ^^^^\ ^•xc 

*adim an-nagma-t. 
Inhere, v. v>^^ ilta^aq, yaltasiq ; 

(jlic^ i*talaq, ya*taliq ; ^jS lazam, 

Inherence, 8. j\^\ iltisaq ; j!^\ 

i*tilaq ; S^j%» mulazama-t. 
Inherent, adj. ^^^ hailqi-y ; ^J^^ 

a^li-y ; ij^'^ zati-y ; ^^ jibil- 

Inherit, v. ^j^ waras, yaris. 
Inheritance, «. ^^ irs ; Sj\j^ wi- 

rasa-t ; ^\ji!^ miras (pi. ^^\y» 

mawaris) ; ^/ tarika-t. 
Inhospitability, 8. i-iW^\ ^JlC 

*aclain ad-diyafa-t. 
Inhospitable, adj, ♦^jW-a* y<A gair 

midyrif ; Utyi^ j^ gair mudif. 
Inhuman, or//. ieiV-»j\ a3 U ma la- 

hu insaniya-t ; ^-i^j ^ ^ ma 

la-hu rahma-t ; to-iw\ ^ac *adim 

Inhumanity, 8. (&o>L-i3^) &2aj^^ ^jlc 

*adam a.4 - safaqa-t (al - insani- 

ya-t) ; ^ zulm ; S^U-i qasa- 

Inimical, adj. c5;^»^ *adawi-y ; 

«-65Vat^ rauhalif. 
Inimitable, adj. ^^^ ^ la yuta- 

kallad (3 aor. pass, v.) ; A<-«^ jtA 

gair rau tat abba* ; J^^jl* ^ gair 

Iniquitous, afl[/. JjVc ^-_-jii gair 

*adil; v^U:^^ JJIS qalil al-in^af; 

A3 v^U^ 3 la insaf la-hu; ^U^ 

zalim ; f^\ asira. 
Iniquity, 8. i^\^\ ^•xc 'adam al- 

'adala-t; cjU^ fllS qiUat in^af; 

^ zulm ; j^ jaur. 
Initial, adj. ,^\as}\ ibtidai-y ; ^J^^ 

Initials, s. ^\j^^ "^^f^ huruf ibti- 

Initiate, v. (instruct in the rudu 

ments) J^^^ f^ *allam al-usul, 

yu*allim. — (give entrance) J^»>^ 

adhal, vudhil. 
Initiation, s. f^^ ta'lim ; J^*>^ 

Inject, v. ^^a^^JVj ^ bahh bi-'l- 

mihqana-t, yabuhh ; {jio- haqan, 

Injection, 8. (act of injecting) ^ 

bahh ; ^yt^. buhbiiha-t. — (liquid 

injected) ^^-J&w huqna-t. 
Injudicious, adj. ^Ws^.^^ JJ^ qalil 

al-ihtiyat ; ;^?--»-J^ J«l5 qalil at- 

tamyiz ; S^-j^ &3 U ma la-hu basi- 

ra-t; J^*^ ;o^ .i:-iir muta'am- 

Injudiciousness, 8. ^y^^ ^ qillat 

al-*aql ; >s»^\ j^J^ *ariam at-tam- 

yiz ; iyc^\ ^jst *adam al-ba^ira-t. 
Injunction, s. f»^ hukm (pi. ^Vi^\ 

ahkam) ; f^ amr (pi. y^^ aw»i- 

mir) ; ^^ wasiya-t (pi. ^^^ 

Injure, v. jA darr, yadurr ; j;^ 

darar, yudarir ; yA adarr, yudirr. 
Injurious, adj. ^ mudirr ; ^U 

darr ; o»iy* miizi ; ^^ ^alim. 
Injury, s. \y^ darar ; S^ madar- 

ra-t. ; h.^ aziya-t ; aJUs*^ mazla- 

ma-t ; ^Ufi* iiuq?an ; SjU-^ hasa- 

Injustice, 8. ^\^^ ^j^c ^adarn 'ada- 

la-t ; «*JU>\ ^ qilla-t in§af ; ^ 

zulm ; jyj- jaur. 
Ink, 8. yfi^ hibr ; S\j^ midad. 
Inkstand, b. «y^^*> dawat; ^!Sy^ da- 

waya-t ; fi;<>^^ mahbara-t, mih- 

bara-t (pi. ;?W- mahabir). 
Inland, b. J^s-U dahil; y^\ Jtf^\o 

dahil al-barr. 
Inlay, v. ^; rassa*, yurassi* ; ^ 

qallam, yuqallim. 
Inlet, «. (e7itrance) J^*^^ madhal. 

~ (hay) )^ haur (pl.;^^^ ahwar). 




Inmate, «. «:^^ yt\ ^^ min ahl 
al-bait; J«fi *ayjal (pi. JV^c 
*iyal, JeW* *ayajil). 

Inmost, Innermost, adj. J^^S^ al- 

Inn, 8. o^ b»ii (pl- «^^^ han&t) ; 

Jy^ manzil (pi. Jj^ manazil) ; 

lM\^^ lokanda-h. 
Innate, adj. 4j*t«J- \a,hVi'j ; i^)^ 

ganzi-j ; ^jW jibilli-j. 
Inner, adj, (further in) J-^»3\ 

adhal. — (interior) J*-^^ dahil ; 

(^^ ba^in. 
Inn-keeper, «. Jy^^ s^ft.U ^aJ^ib 

al-manzil; ^^>V^ manzil ji; ^Jr'^ 

hanji; iJ^^yjt V-..U i&tdb al- 

Innocence, 8, ^U^oe *i9ina-t; S;^^ 

barara-t ; h-^^ ^)^ salamat al- 

qalb ; U» naqa ; i^\ju» sadaja-t. 
Innocent, adj, s-^^ ^«^ salim al- 

qalb ; v^y bari-j (pi. Vjm\ abriya) ; 

^^ b4rr (pi. )\fl\ abrar) ; f»^-««^ 

ma*9iim ; t*^^ sadij. 
Innocuous, Innoxious, adj. jt^ 

^ gair mu^irr; y*W &«^ U in& 

fi-hi bas. 
Innovate, i;. *±>JmA ahdag, yul^dig ; 

gAsj\ ibtada*, yabtadi* ; ifd.\ 

ihtaraS yahtari*. 
Innovation, «. *A>\Jto.\ ihda^ ; £^as»\ 

ibtida* ; g\/is.\ ihtira**. 
Innuendo, e, SjU\ i^ara-t; v-^ 

gamz ; ^^ warn', wam4 ; h^ ki- 

naya-t ; yj ramz (pi. j^j ru- 

Innumerable, 0(2;. *^ 1) l&yu'add; 

^^^ceel )) la yu]^9ii (3 aor. pass.). 
Inoculate, v. ^ XA^SLm, yu- 

ta'*im ; ^ laqqah, yulaqqi^. 
Inoculation, 8. f^t^ tat*im ; ^of^ 

Inodorous, adj. f»y*>«^^ ;«^ gair 

Inoffensive, adj. y^ jtA gair mu- 

4irr; /*! ^ la ya4urr; v5»i^ 7** 

gair mu'zi. 
Inoffensiveness, 8. h^\ i**^ 'adam 

aziya-t; tjA» ^^jla *adam ma^ar- 

Inoperative, adj. J^U ^ gair 

*amil ; JUi •^ gair fa"&l ; jtA 

/V* &^^*' ^^ asgir. 
Inopportune, adj. &^^ /»* o* ® 

gair waqt-hu. 
Inordinate, adj. (irregular) j^ 

^yf^ gair madbiit ; f*^^ jti^ gair 

manziim. — (exce88ive) ^/^ mu- 

frit ; •>2\) zayid ; •O^ (;)£ cj^ 

harij 'an al-^add. 
Inorganic, adj. *3^W j^mid (pL 

J^4>^ jamad, *^^^ jawamid) ; ^ 

^^ gair *i4wi-y. 
Inquest, 8. v/W^ tafa^^u? ; &JtiU^ 

Inquietude, *. s^\^\ icJtir&b ; 

Si^ balbala-t (pi. JjS^ bal&bil) ; 

iJ^yiJ ta^wis ; v3^ qalaq. 
Inquire, v. (ask for) f^ q^ \ istaf- 

hain, yastafhim ; ps^s^\ istahbar, 

yastahbir (both with ^^Ai (^ *an 

ie-y) ; ^yafts-^ istaq^a, yastaq?!. 

—(examine) tj^^ tafaJ^a?, yata- 

fa^ha? ; <^'^. baljiag, yabtubg. 
Inquiry, 8. (queetion) ft\^^\ istif- 

ham ; jW^t-^^ istihbar ; jLJU^^ 

istifsar. — (8earchfor) v/W^ ta- 

f ahhu9 ; ^ / i^-» 7 Ai taf ti^ ; e.«-0p 

Inquisitive, adj. ^\^ muda^il; 

,j-«fi*— • mu§taq9i. 
Inquisitiveness, 8. ^W mud&- 

hala-t; U&%«*\ istiq^a. 
Inquisitor, 8. (^/tjju mufatti^. 
Inroad, 8. (encroachment) ^Jm? 

ta*addi ; J^^ tafawul. — (inva* 

sion) ^^ gara-t ; i-^ kabsa-t. 
Insalubrious, adj. ;V«A<« migy&r; 

f^^ wahiim ; f^y wahim. 
Insane, adj. o^^^^ majniin (pL 

(;^^i^ majanin) ; vAj^ maltiii ; 

y^\>^ mu9ab. 
Insanity, 8. (^^ junftn; ^ jin- 

na-t ; JJi^ halal. 
Insatiability, ac^j. Qt^\ f»*^ 'adam 

Insatiable, adj. q^ 1 lA ya^ba' ; 

Q^ )) la yaqna*. 
Inscribe, v. ^j raqam> yarqum; 

raqqam, yuraqqim; s-^ katab, 
yaktub. — (dedicate) v^ t^*^^ 

ahda kitab, yuhdi. 





Inscription, «. ^Vs^ kitaba-t. — {of 

a book) (^^y^ *anwan. 
Inscrutable, adj, *^j'^ "i la yud- 

rak; (jofcn ^ la yuhfa? (3 aor. 

Inscrutablenbss, 8, *^\jSi\ ^ 

'adam al-idrak. 
Insect, s, Sy^ ^a^ara-t ; ^^«3 du- 

Insecure, adj. (^1[ M U ma fi-hi 

amau ; {^t^\ pA gair amin ; (J^^oiy* 

Insecurity, *. (^^\ ^ qillat aman ; 

«^^ hauf ; &^U^ muhatara-t. 
Insensate, adj. o^^%^ majniin (pi. 

0^^M^ maj&nin). 
Insensibility, a. ^jaUa!^^ ^ 'adam 

al-ihsas ; (.^^^ f^ 'adam al- 

^ass. — (duhieas) i^^ bariida-t. 
Insensible, adj. (without percep- 
tion) ^j»^\ i»>J^ *adim al-]^a88. — 

(imperceptible) y*^— ^^ jiA gair 

Inseparability, *. jj^;-Jtf!J\ ^J^ 

'adam al-infiraq, <&c. 
Inseparable, adj. j/^ )) la jan- 

f ariq ; ^Wi "i la yao^all (3 aor. 

VII.) ; JWttJ5\ ^jjX*^ -ji gair mum- 
kin ai-infi^al; ^iSii'^\ j-ju^ 

mumtani' al-infik&k. 
Insert, v. J^*>\ adhal, yudhil ; g3^ 

wallaj, vuwallij ; J^^ aulaj, yu- 

lij ; J\ UU\ a4&f lia, yudif . 
Insertion, «. t^\ ilaj ; jV*.j\ id- 

Inside, «., a{2;. J^U d^hil ; (:)-^^ 

Insidious, adj. ;^J^ gaddar; j^ 

makkar ; j^ 'ayy&r. 
Insidiousness, 8. ^^ makariya-t ; 

^ makr; ^l^^ %i[a,-t (pi. J«^ 


Insioht, «. iLjtli fitna-t; ^VLft fi^A- 
na-t; S;«^ ba^ira-t; ^ fahm 
(pi. ^^ fuhiim) ; i*^ ma*rifa-t 
(pi. U|;W# ma*&rif). 

Insignia, a. ^2^ 'al&ma^t (pi. %m>\ 
-at, ^2b <a)ayim); q)\^ nii^an 
(pi. (:>©*» W nayasin). 

Insignificance, a. ^y^^ ^«^e 'adam 

Insignificant, adj. ^y** a3 ^ m& 

la-hu ma'na; J«l* qalil; ^J*y 

Insincere, ac?;. j^V* ^ gair 

9adiq ; ^^^ ^ gair hali? ; jt^ 

(joXsi^ gair muhli^. 
Insincerity, s. jj^\ f»Ac *adam 

a9-9idq ; &i\'i^\ ^ *adam a?- 

9adaqa-t ; ^)U!)\ ^oe 'adam ai- 

Insinuate, v. (hint) j^\ aiar, 

yu^ir; q^ laqqao, yulaqqin; 

^^ wal^a, yahi. — (push one^a 

aelf into favour) Uilft«-\ ista't&f, 

Insinuating, adj, ^VL«a-\ isti'^a- 

Insinuation, «. (hint) ij^\ iiara-t. 

— (into favour) «jUB*i-\ isti^taf. 
Insipid, adj. ^J» aX U ma la-hu 

ta*ma-t ; 8i5 d3 U ma la-hu laz- 

za-t ; gX^ daii* ; •JjW barid. 
Insipidity, a. A4a»U\ ^ *adam at- 

^a'ma-t; &aU\ f**^ 'adam al-la^- 

Insist, v. gJ lajj, yalijj (with ^_5» 

fi, or ^J^ *ala) ; ^^ «>^ gabbat 

fi ; yusabbit. 
Insnare, v. (^\ <j* fj^)^ auqa* fi-*l- 

fahh, yuqi ; S^\ i^tad, ya^t&d. 

Insobriety, a. ^ sukr ; S^ sak- 

Insociable, adj. /^^ ^ la yata- 

*a^r (3 aor. pass, vi.); ^j^^^ 

Insolence, a. ^^^waqaha-t; IJtMum 

safaha-t ; j^ ba^ar ; ^^/ far- 


Insolent, adj. ^^ waqih (pi. c^j 
wuqa^) ; M-« safih (pi. W^ su- 
faha) ; k^^ mutakabbir ; ji» . 7 .>« 
mutajabbir ; ^a} batir. 

Insolubility, «. JI^pb^IJ^ j^j^ 'adam 


Insoluble, Insolyable, adj* (not 
to be diaaolved) J^^ 1) la yanhall 
(3 aor. VII.) ; J^^ y A»^ mum- 
taua* al-hall. — (not to be ex* 
plained) tj^ ^ la yusrat ; /*^ ^ 
lA yataf assar. 




Insolvency, s. fj^\ ifl&s; j\'^\ 
inkis^r ; y^ *usr. 

Insolvent, adj., s. ^^r^ muflis; 
j^^^X* maksiir ; ;— ** mu'sir. 

Insomuch, conj. ,^^ hatta; \^ 
j>Mi\ bi-haza al-qadr. 

Inspect, v. ^Vj nazar, yunagir. 

Inspection, «. 5^1^^ muna^ara-t. 

Inspector, a. ^U na^ir (pi. j^ 

Inspiration, s, (breathing) (j-Aa5 
tanaffus ; (j^ nafas. — (revela' 
flon) f>^\ ilhaiQ ; ^^^ wahi (pi. 
^j^\ auhiya-t). 

Inspire, v. (breathe) <j-Ati; tanaffas, 
yatanaffas. — (aupematurally) 
^^) waha, yahi ; ^Jfi-J\ auha, 
yuhi ; f^\ albam, yulhim ; f^so^ 
hatam, yahtim. — (imhue with) 
*&>J^\ at das, yuhdis ; J*^*>\ adhal, 
yudhil (both with ^^ fi). 

Inspirit, v. ^f^ harracji, yu^arrid ; 
s-fcj raggab, ^ yuraggib; J*» 
nahha, yunahhi. 

Instability, «. c^W* ^ qillat sabat ; 
^^ i^i qillat qarar. 

Instal, V, s— aA^ ^ {j^ j alias fi 
man^ab, yujalli^ ; s-^ na^ab, 
yan^ub; f^^ aqam, yuqira. — 
{install one* 8 self ) /i^ istaqarr, 

Installation, ». s--a*^ man^ab ; 
^^r^eW* tajljs ; s\/^ istiqrdr. 

Instalment, s. m q\^\. 

Instance, a. (example) J^ masal 
(pi. J^^ amsM) ; JU^ misal (pi. 
SXSjA amsila-t) ; 5^ *ibra-t. — 
(occasion) ^^ fur^a-t (pi. ^^ 
fura^). — (solicitation) J\^ suwal 
(pi. ii-\ as*ila-t) ; W; raja ; l^ 
talaba-t ; Vcju:-\ istid'a. 

Instance, v. J^massal,yumassil; 
Ji^J tamassal, yatamassal. 

Instant, adj. (urgent) ft\y miUziiii ; 
vifjjir* darun-y ; ^^ la^im. — 
( present) ;-6^ hadir ; *^^y* mau- 
jM. — (entreating) ^^^^♦■ " '* muta- 

Instant, s. ^lO lahsa-t ; ^^ 
lamha-t ; ^^»> daqiqa-t (pi. Jk^*^ 

Instantaneous, ak^j*. <-Aiy S^ bi-14 

tawaqquf ; 6js\^ ^^\ ibn sft'at-hu. 
Instead, prep., cwZv. (^ <>^ *iwad 

'an, {^ '3j^ badlan min ; ^yM 

bi-manzila-t ; J^^ ^^ fi mahall. 
Instep, ». f»»*i qadam (pi. f»W^ aq- 

dam, f^ aqdum). 
Instigate, v. ^f- harrak, yuhar- 

rik ; ^y^ hamal, yatmil ; u*^ 

harrad, yuhannd. 
Instigation, s, ^f^ tahrik ; J^^ 

tahriijl ; «^^a- bass ; \^\ igwa'. 
Instil, v. ^ qattar, yuqattir ; j^ 

aqtar, yuqtir ; J«*-3\ adhal, yud- 
Instinct, s. ^ taba' ; ^J«^^t ytgi^ 

tamyiz tabi*i-y. 
Instinctive, adj, ^^\ v3»^ mu- 

t&biq at-taba* ; ^^^^ tabi*i-y. 
Institute, v, w-^ na^ab, yan9ub ; 

f!^\ aqain, yuqim; J«> ja*al, 

Institute, Institution, s. ^Vi\ 

iq&ma-t: g*j wa4a' (pi. JU^^ 

Instruct, v. (teach) fM *allam, yu- 

'allim; «J;e *arraf, yu*anif. — 

(give directions) ^^y wa99a, yu- 

Instruction, s. f^J^ ta*lim ; s^»>Vi 

ta'dib ; f¥i^ tafhim. — (advice) 

^Ui-ft^ ma^laha-t* — (direction) 

^y wa^iya-t (pi. \i^y wa9&y&) ; 

^y tau^iya-t ; ^^^ wakala-t. 
Instrument, s. (tool) ^'\ &la-t. — 

(contract) v>Va^ kit&b (pi. 

kutub) ; X^ift. hujja-t (pi. 

Instrumental, adj, J^Vc *AmiI; 

^Js^h fa*ili-y; (jj^«^ mu*in. — (of 

music) J3\ &lAti-y. 
Instrumentality, s. ^sJlcU f&*ai- 

ya-t; ^ fr»»*» sababiya-t; fiau*^^ 

waaita-t (pi. WU^ wasayit). 
Insubordinate, adj. Ui\s^ muh&- 

lif ; ^^Vc 'a^i. 
Insubordination, *. ^W-c 'i^y&n; 

^Vfi^ muhalafa-t. 
Insufferable, Insupportable, 

adj, j^ 11 la yantaq (3 aor. 

VII.) ; ^y^\ {^^^^ jiA gair 


roumkin at-tal)ainmul ; a ^. > — !■ 

ImsiTFii iciEHcr, ». £iUs31 |«i« 'adam 

al-kafaya^t ; ^t^t fio-e 'adam 

iMsiTPFiciBtfT, «. |_ji\S^ gair kfifi; I Inteqral, adj. 

yoiVi nuqi^ ; y»-lc 'ajiB. 

Inbulab, odj. u;»l^ jazaiii-y. 
IvBDLT, » h^\ azivB,-t ; ^■ud ta'ad' 

di i l;i*l iftira '; '^ Satm, 

Iktanoible, «. |,/-»1« 1 1& julmas ; 
Lj~»i 3 lii YTimasB. 

' Intbges, I 


di i i;i*i iftira ; **fc 6atm. 

Insdlt, tj. jj* ^7^11 iftarA 'ala, yaf- 
tar! ; f^ih ^atam, yadtum ; at- 
tain, yu^ttim. 

IirarPEBABLB, cm/j. ;«Ii 3 Ift yuqbar ; 
^,-JAt 3 1h yuglab (3 aor. pass.). 

IitHirppoBTABi.B, adj. see Imsut- 


Iksupfbbssiblk, ad^. (inconquer- 
abU) s-J^ 3 U yuglab; W^ 3 lA 
yudbat. — (inconeealable) J*» J 
yuhfa. — (not to be abotieked) 3 
JWt 1h yubfal (all 3 aor. paes.). 

Imsusance, *. i/f saukira-t ; 
iijjSit- sikarta-t; i-tjjSt- aikil. 
ranaa-t ; Sjl-aill ye*^ ta4'nii' al- 

Ikbubb, v. /y saukar, juaaukir ; 
lj\^~^\ ^ ^amman al-baBira-t, 

Irboboeht, ». i_j»le 'a?i (pi. «HUe 
'u^at) ; ,^j^*- bsriji-j (pi. 5j\j* 
hawarij); ^W fattan; ^l) bitg! 
(p!. »ijU| bugat, yVe*t lugyan), 

Ibsubhouktablb, aii;. s-W 3 Jh 
yuglab; ^*i 3 la yuqtA' (;i aor. 

Ihbubrbctioh, ». i^'i fitoa-t (pi. 
U^ fitan) ; i^ji qauma-t ; ^C^ 
'ifvftn, 'ufjAu ; iy\-at 'asana-t ; 
a***!- tigyfin ; tjp^ burwj ; V* 

Irbubcbptible, adj. JjUuJt ^ac 
'adlm as-^aqa-t ; J«*j ;e* gair 

Intact, adj. (untouched) i^^J^js* 
gair malmds; y-^— *- j«i gair 
mamaus. — {uninjared) j)f^ «* 
gair ma^riir ; *1U, Bi'iliiu ; ^U 
fAlib (pL o^^ ialib&n, c^ 

a ^jc 'adad ; abil^ > 
'adad gsir mukas- 

Inteobant, adj. J*^ mukamtuil ; 

f*^ mutammlm. 
iHTEGKiTr, (. {complelentM) JU^ 

kauAl ; f^ tamam. — (uprighl- 

i.ess) ri* ?alahj ; yojl^ huluj. 
Inteouubnt, «. y^ qUr (pi. 

qusur) ; jJ* jild ; 8^,. jilda-t (pi. 

^jWjulikd); ^U gitiii' (pi. i-AlA 

gulf) ; ^AA gi^' (pK ieAi\ agii- 

Intellect, s. Jm 'aql (pi. Jti« 

'uqiU); A«* t'ahm (pi. ^j«i fu< 

hum) ; «**jol idrak ; jjx* iu'ikr ; 

£-V firAsa-t. 
Intellectual, adj. ^J^le 'aqli-y ; 

J*c jJ jfl 'aql; utlj-** mudnk; 

f»e«i fahiui ; ftti s-^^ fahib 

fuhm (pi. s->W~> a^hub). 
Intellioencb, b. (wienta/ ca]>aeity) 

i~.\ji firasa-t; ^ fahm ) <£\}Jl 

idrAk ; y*-J zibn. — (neu7«) ^^ 

feabar (pi. jW ahbar) ; ijj?*- ba- 

Intellioeht, adj. J*lc 'Aqil ; ,m«1 

fabim ; ]}*«. h,«B.L> fahib su*iir ; 

y«.U mabir ; -^-«1 lalib (pi. IJ» 

alibba) ; i-'\ji y^ zu firaaa-t. 
Intelligible, adj. ft^H yanfahim 

(3 aor. VII.) ; ffi^ mafbiim ; 

1*^^ J*^ qabil al-tabm ; tji** 

.^tjo31 mimikm al-idrak. 
Intellioiblbness, Intelliqibi- 

LiTT, ». •*>fj^i31 ^UUI iuitan aJ- 

idruk; ^\^VC*1 imkHnal-fabm. 
Intempebance, «. Uyl iii-At ; ^ 

uahaiu I ^Wl inhimilk. 
Intemperate, adj. l<^ mufrif ; 

ftett nahim ; i»UgA>* muiibaiuik ; 

^>tA sabiq. 
Intend, v. -^kol qa^ad, yaqiid j Jh* 

taqafjad, yataqu^^ad ; »>ljl arad. 

lid i jji£ '; 

>l) nAsit (pi. M 
nussar) ; ^W' mub&iiir ; Ja^ 




wakll (pi. K^ wukaU); J/- 

hauli-y (pi. J^ hawul). 
Intense, adj. j^j^ ^adid; ^«^ 

'agim ; ja^ kabir (pi. j^ kibar, 

\j^ kubara). 
Intensbness, Intensity, s. Sja 

Intensify, v. «3J^ ^addad, ju^ad- 

did ; ^y qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Intent, cidj. UkAc *akif (pi. «J^ 

*ukilf ) ; •M^ muqay jad ; Jy^^^ 

Intention, s, S\y» murad ; ^j\j\ 

irada-t ; *^-8 qa^d ; *>^-««^ maq- 

9ud (pi. *x,mdU« maqilsid) ; ^^ 

*azm (pi. f^j^ *uziim) ; ie* nija-t 

(pi. cytJ nijat) ; ,j6;i gara4 (pi. 

^\jt\ agracj). 
Intentional, ddj, *yA« maq^iid ; 

^juJ qa^di-v ; f»;)** ma'zAm. 
Intentness, s. j^s^* taqayyud ; 

^U;ub\ ihtimam (pi. wi>UUift\ ih- 

timamat) ; ,^^ sa'i. 
Inteb, V, {j^*y dafau, y ad fin. 
Intercede, v, ^^ gAAl tasaffa* fi, 

yata^affa' ; i^)^ ^y tawassat ben, 

Intercept, v. JS*^ hai, yaj^u^ ; 

^ qataS yaqta* ; ^J^ u«M qabad 

•ala, yaqbi^. 
Interception, s. J^ qabd; g*^ 

mana* ; ^^a- hajz. 
Intercession, e, iia^\y* muwasa- 

ta-t ; Jft-y tawassu^ ; acUai safa- 

Interchange, v. Jj^ badal, yab- 

dal ; J^l^ tabadal, yatal)adal ; 

(>y> q^wa^y yuqawid ; \^^ ta- 

qawad, yataqawa^* 
Interchange, «. Jj^ badal ; J««M 

tabdil ; i3 jW^ mubadala-t ; l^^ 

Interchangeable, adj, Ja«J\ ^^^X^^ 

mumkin al- badal ; ^«>W«3\ v3i^ 

layiq al mubadala-t ; a^^Va*J\ JjU 

qabil al-mu'Awada-t. 
Intercourse, «. S^u^ mu*iisara-t ; 

^aXo- mus.\ ; aUU*» inu*a- 

• • • 7 

mala-t ; i-UVa^ muhalata-t. — 
(comtiiercial) jV^ matjar; ijW^ 

Interdict, v. ,Jlft f^ harram *ala, 
yuharrim ; g*^ manaS yamna* ; 
^^ naha, yanhi. 

Interdict, Interdiction, a, ff^ 
man* ; ^^e* nahi ; ^^ haram. 

Interest, a, {advantage) Sj«U fayi- 
da t ; g&> naf* ; ^j ribt- — {con^^ 
cern) ^V^ gara^ (pi. u*^;*^ ag- 
racj) ; jW^\ i*tibar ; ^)b 'alAqa-t 
(pi. J M^ ^ *alayiq). — (share) 
S^ ^i99a-t (pi. uo-^ bi^a?) ; s^ji^ 
^irk (pi. •j3^^\ asrak). — (on 
money) ^J^jVi fayida-t (pi. j^W 
fawayid) ; ^; riba; ^}y» mura- 

Interest, v, (affect) {jj^ l^annan, 
yuhannin ; s-^j raggab, yurag- 
gib; jUi-\ istamal, yastamil. — 
(concei-n) ^^ ba??, yabu^^ ; ^jAc 
*ana, va'ni. 

Interfere, v. (intermeddle) J*-\jJ 
tadabal, yatad^al ; Jl^ tahallal ; 
yataballal. — (oppoae) g*^ manaS 
yamna* ; «-AJU. halaf, yuhalif. 

Interference, a. ^\a^ mudaha- 
la-t ; Ji*^ taballul. 

Interim, a. Sju« mudda-t. 

Interior, adj., a. J*-U dabil ; ^^W 

Interjection, a. %s^yo ^aut (pi. 
sjJ^yc\ a^wat). 

Interlace, v. yt* ^affar, yu^affir; 
^^ nasaj, yausuj ; cd^ i^bbak, 
yusabbik; <jcX<a. babbak, yu^ab- 

Interloper, a. ,J^ tufaili-y (pi. 
&-cM» tufailiya-t) ; sS^J^ saflaq 
(pi. ifiJlA- saf'aliqa-t) ; J^ fu- 

Interlude, a. h^^y^ ^L-J\ ^^ s-^ 
la'ab ben aqsam komediya-t. 

Intermeddle, v. J^W tadahal, 

Interment, a. ,ji^ dafn ; {^^ 
tadfiu ; {^'^ tadaffun ; 5)W ja- 

Interminable, adj. h^ ^ t« m& 
la-bu nibaya-t. 

Intermingle, v.a. Ud. balat, yah- 
lu^ ; ri. WLi*-\ ihtalat, yt^talit. 

Intermission, $. J«ILVa« muq&tA'&-t ; 




£lL»^ inqitft* ; JtW? tabtil ; Utf^ 
tawaqquf ; JU. halal (pi. J)U 
Intermit, v. f^\ inqata*, yan- 

Intermix, v,a, Wd- halat, yahlut; 

n. WL<^^ ihtalat, jahtalit. 
Internal, <idj. J*-^*> dahil ; ^^W 

International law, «. JUJ\ j^ 

huquq al-milal. 
Internecine, adj. J»^ qatil. 
Interpolate, v. <jA*. ha^a, jah^i ; 

o* ^y^ ha^^a fi, yu^a^.M. 
Interpolation, «. ^ ^ g*^ tah^iva-t. 
Interpose, v.a, J^^W g*^ wa^a* bi- 

'l-wast, jada* ; Ja-j wassa^, ju- 

wassit ; n. !>*«y tawassa^, yata- 

Interposition, «. ^Ja-^^ wasita-t 

(pi. L>L-^ wasayit) ; J^y tawassut ; 

Ak«\^ muw4sata-t. 
Interpret, v, f^y tarjam, yutar- 

jim ; j^ fassar, yufassir; C/*» 

iara^, yasrah. 
Interpretation, s, ^♦-►y tarja- 

ma-t; ^— *> tafsir; c/» 5arh (pi. 

C^/i ^urut) ; o^ bayan ; ;«*» 

Interpreter, «. o^/ tarjuman 

(pi. t^^V tarajamiu) ; ^/^ 

mutarjim; ^— *^ mufassir; C;^ 

Interregnum, 8. ^y^ fatra-t. 
Interrogate, s. J'^U sa'al, yas'al ; 

^ f^qiesJ\ istatham min, yastaf- 

him ; {^ yfs^^ istahbar min, 

Interrogation, s, J^*>- su'al (pi. 

^i-\ as'ila-t) ; f^'^ql^\ istifham ; 

^ U .A g m\ istifsar ; jWab^^\ istihbar. 
Interrogative, «. ^W&a-\ ^j^ harf 

istifham (pi. ^^y^ hurut). 
Interrogatory, «. ^y>^^ «y3^^ 

suwalat al-qadi. 
Interrupt, v. ^ qa^a*, yaqta* ; 

JU *aUal, yu*attil. 
Interruption, s, gUa»\ inqita* ; 

itiL\A^ muqata'a-t. 
Iniebsect, V, ^ qa^a*, yaqta* ; 

^\B taqataS yataqata^ 

Intersection, *. ^ qata* (pi. 

g^ qutiiO ; e^^ taqatu*. 
Intersperse, v. Ui^ hala^, yahlu^. 
Interspersion, 8, ^^ hilt, halt; 

J.)Jud.\ ihtilat. 
Interstice, Interval, «. Jl^ ha- 

lal (pi. JU hiUl); ;^ U ma 

bain, ben; ^V— ^ masafa-t. — {of 

time) *A* mudda-t. 
Intertwine, v. ^ dafar, ya4fir; 

daffar, yudaffir; cd^a- habbak, 

Interval, 8. see Interstice. 
Intervene, v. ^f tawassat, yata- 

wassat ; J^^*^ tadahal, yatada- 

hal ; j!»^ qara^, yuqari^. 
Intervention, «. Ja-y tawassut ; 

SicJ^y-* muwasata-t ; 4i^\A* muda- 

Interview, «. SLo\y muwa^ala-t; 

V&s5\ iltiqa; iljVi* muqabala-t; 

^\y muwajaha>t. 
Interweave, v, «jfi^ hayyak, yu- 

hayyik ; g-J nasaj, yansuj ; /* 

4afar, yacjtir ; cjattar, yudaffir. 
Intestate, adj. ^y % bi-la wa^i- 

ya-t ; l^y ji^ U ma *amal wa^i- 

Intestinal, adj, c5^ mi*awi-y ; 

(^5**^ ma*yi-y. 
Intestine, aiij, J^U dahil ; (^W 

Intestines, «. tft.-^\ ah^a; U*»\ 

am*a ; {^^y^^^ ma^arin ; jU*« ma- 

Intimacy, ». i-i^^ mu'anasa-t; 

l^\ uiisa-t ; ^U*« mu^ahaba-t ; 

^U dalla-t ; J3j dalal. 
Intimate, adj, s-^^-*« mu^ahib ; 

ij^\y rau'anis ; \j^y mu'nis 

(munis) ; ^»^> nadim (pi. U^ 

nudama, ^\ji nidam, (j^J^ nud- 

mun) ; f*^^^ maj^ram (pi. f*jW« 

maharim) ; J«^*> dahil ; J--l*-*> 

Intimate, v, ^\ asar, yusir ; ^ 

habbar, yuhabbir; ^\ ahbar. 

Intimation, «. SjU^ isara-t ; ^ 

habar (pi. ^\ ahbar) ; ^t^\ 





Intimidate, v, ^^ bawwaf, yu- 

hawwif ; gy fazza*, yul'azzi* ; 

^}^^ ahjal, yuhjil. 
Intimidation, «. i-iU.\ ihafa-t ; 

SAif" tahwifa-t. 
Into, prep. ^^ fi. 
Intolerable, adj, j4Jte*> 3 la yuh- 

tamal (3 aor. yiii.) ; J-*.^^ )) 14 

juta^ammal (3 aor. pass, y.) ; 

jjVL^l )^ la jantaq (3 aor. vii.) ; 

S^ ^ layutaq. 
Intolerance, s, J«0^ ^j^ 'adam 

ta^ammul; &}W\ f*^ 'adam ija- 

Intolerant, adj, J^w^ ^ gair 

Intonate, v, {^^ lah^an, julal^- 

Intonation, «. {^^a^ talhin; {^ 

lahn (pi. (*)i^\ alhan). 
Intoxicate, v. ^ sakkar, yusak- 

kir ; ^^ askar, yuskir. 
Intoxicated, adj. {^^ sakran 

(pi. (4;^ sakara, sukara, ys^ 

Intoxication, «. ^ sakr ; S^d 

sakra- 1; (^^^^ sakaran. 
Intractability, «. (^W-^ 'i^yan; 

^Va^ muhjilafa-t ; *>Uc *inad. 
Intractable, adj, *^>^ 'anid (pi 

•ue 'uDud) ; U^U>^ muhalif ; 

,j->U «49i (pi. «i>Uft *u9&t). 

Intransitive, *. (verfe) m3 J«A fi*l 
lazim (pi. JU4\ afal). 

Intrench, v, ^^^^ ha99an, yuha?- 
9in ; {j^^ Ji* 'amal mat&ns. 

Intrenchment, b, i^f^ mitrasa-t 
(pi. u*j^ mataris) ; ^f^ mit- 
ras (pi. {j^^ mataris) ; {^-^ 
^i^Q (pi. (^Y^ ^u^iin). 

Intrepid, adj, yJ^ "% la yah&f (3 
aor.) ; ^y*^ jasiir (pi. ;— «► jusr, 
jusur) ; (jtioj ba^is ; \J^ y^ zh 

Intrepidity, «. ^JM bat^; 8)^-^ 
jasara-t ; ^V^ i§aja*a-t. 

Intricacy, «. ^!a^ lahbafa-t; U^ 
hilt, bait; ^^'««^ hab^a-t; ^M^ 

Intricate, ae^y* Wa^ mulahbaf; 

A2«^ mu'aqqad ; ^— «s^ muta'as- 

sir ; J^*ft^ mu^kil. 
Intrigue, «. (scheme) ^^ hila-t 

(pi. J«^ hijal) ; ^~»c«.«> dasisa-t. 

— (love- affair) OM^ 'isq ; ^^ 

Intrigue, ». (plot) J*-W tadahal, 

yatadahal ; (j«^ dass, yaduss. 
Intrinsic, ar(;. <J>U zati-y ; <jLe^ 

a^li-y ; ^J^tfi^ haqiqi-y. 
Introduce, v. (a person) J ^as 

qaddam 11, yuqaddim ; v> ^j^ 

*arraf bi, yu*arrif. — (to a place) 

Ji.^^ adhal, yudhil. 
Introduction, s. JW»>\ idhal; 

^J^ J^ duhM *ala. — (to a 

hook) i^JJU muqaddima-t ; iss^ 

Intrude, v, J*-^*> dahal, yudahil ; 

y^ tahallal, yatahallal. 
Intruder, s, Jafe^ muhill ; J*-^J^ 

mudahil ; ^J zanim. 
Intrusion, s. SxisAj^ mudahala-t. 
Intrust, v. g*; wacja*, ya^a* ; g*j\ 

aucja', y^di* (both with a-ac 

*and) ; a»U\ !aa. ^^att amana-t, ya- 

Intuition, s, ^jt^i ba^ira-t (pi. ^W 

ba^ayir) ; S^^*^ zakawa-t; f\^\ 

ilham ; Saa»\^ mukaiafa-t. 
Inundate, v, J«»fe gatta, yugatti ; 

jjt garraq, yugarriq. 
Inundation, s, o^ fai^an ; ^ 

gamr (pi. ^Ufe gimar, jy4>t gu. 

mur) ; jjt garq. 
Inure, v. *>yfi *awwad, yti*awwid. 
Inutility, s, Sj^UJ\ ^oc *adam al- 


Invade, v, f^^ hajam, yahjum; 
(j^ kabas, yakois ; j^ gar, ya- 
gir (all with J^ *ala). 

Invasion, s, ^L^ kabsa-t; f*y^ 

hujum; S^U gara-t. 
Invalid, adj. v>Vj batU ; ^U dS U 

ma la-hu fa*iliya-t. 

Invalid, s. J^y maii^ (pi. ^J^f• 
mavijia, o~^V* i^ara^a, <>t^ 
mirad) ; J^a^ ma'lul. 

Invalidate, v. (weaken) UL-ju 
4a"af, yii4a"i£ ; ;%ft^ a'jaj, yu'ji?. 




— (make ineffective) JW battal, 

Invaluable, adj. ^-^ ^3 U ma la- 

hu qimi-t; (^4^ a3 U ma la-bu 

Invariable, adj, j^^ ^ la }ata- 

gayyar (3 aor. v.). 
Invabiableness, 8, p^\ ^J^ 'adam 

Invective, ». ^ subba-t; ^•ja 

^atm (pi. f»y^ ^utum) ; s-Ji» §ilb, 

salb ; g>/» taqri*. 
Inveigh, v, #iJA ^atam, vastum ; 

s-^ sabb, yasubb; s-^ salab, 

Inveigle, v. ^^^ agwa, yugwi ; ^ 

g^rr, yagurr ; ;/i garrar, yugar- 

Invent, v. Z"^ abda*, yubdi* ; £as»\ 

ibtada*, yabtadi*; g/^\ ihtara*, 

yahtari* ; ^^ aujad, yiijid. — 

\ forge lies) «4;^^ iftara, yaftari. 
Invention, *. f\>^\ ibda* ; £^asj\ 

ibtida*; ^W:^ ijad; £\y^\ ih- 

Invbntoby, «. ^U qayima-t (pi. 

f^\yM qawayiin) ; jsi^ daftar (pi. 

yU*3 dafatir) ; 4-» ^abt. 
Inventory, v, ^ ^^bat, ya^bi^ 
Invebse, adj, ^ j Smj^ mun'akis ; 

y«y^ ma'kus ; ;j-*^W bi-'l-'aks ; 

s-»y^ maqlub. 
Invebsion, 8. (j*V^^ iu*ika8 ; v>JJ^\ 

inqilab ; w-J^ taqallub. 
Invebt, V, s-JJJ qalab, yaqlib ; qal- 

lab, yuqallib ; (^r^ *aka8, ya'kis. 
Invest, r. (clothe) (j^ labbas, yu- 

labbis; (j^\ albas, yulbis; V—^ 

kasa, yaksii. — (iiistal) cr^ jal- 

las, yujallis ; ^Vi\ aqam, yuqim; 

s-^ Da^ab, yan^ub; *^ qallad, 
yuqallid. — (besiege) /^^ l^a^ar, 
yuha9ir. — (money) ^-Jj^ faraf, 
ya^rif ; ^\ abcja*, yub^i*. 
Investigate, v. j^^ faha?, yafha? ; 
v±^»=: balsas, yabhas ; ^^^^^i? ta- 
ba^l^as, yatabahass ; ^jt^ fatai, 
yaftu^ ; fatta^, yufatti^. 
Investigation, 8. j^t^iis taf^i? ; 
«A>U^^ ibti^&S; Ji^i^ tafti^; 

Investitubb, 8. ^ t * t^ tan^ib ; J^<sifi> 

Investment, s. (cloths) y*W3 libas 
(pi. i_^\ albisa-t). — (siege) 
ijA^^ mu^asara-t. — (money in- 
vested) J^ mal (pi. J\y«\ am- 
Inveteracy, ». JUJ^ i'9al; J**^ 

Inveterate, adj, J**^ tnuta'a^- 
§11 ; ^ju» qadim. — (obstinate) 
•^^ic *anid (pi. J^^ *unud). 
Invidious, adj, (envious) jl— W 
hasid (pi. «>Ua hussad) ; «>^.«-a> 
^asud (pi. Ju-e. husud). — (hatC' 
ful) s^^ mug^ib; Aj/ karih ; 
i^^«t»^ habis. 
Invidiousness, s, (envy) .\ ■■■ » 
l^asad. — (malignity) ^W*- hab4- 
Invigorate, v. ^^y^ qawwa, yu- 

qawwi ; »>.^ saddad, yu^addid. 
Invincible, adj, s-J^ 3 layuglab ; 
v>^U*» j^ gair inaglub \ ^ "Mk 
Invincibleness, Invincibility, a. 
v»2U^l)\ ^oc <adam al-ingilab ; f*J^ 
jlefi^l)^ 'adarn al-inqihar. 
Inviolable, adj, ^j^^ ^ la yun- 
qa4 ; ^-^s* J«*: ^ la yai^all iiaq4- 
hu ; ft^ l^aram ; ^j^^* muf^ar- 
Invisibility, *. s-^ gaib.(pl. v>V^ 
giyab, v>^-e^ g^yub); v»Wa 
Invisible, adj, ^i« S la yura (3 
aor. pass.) ; snt^ gayib ; sHt^A 
jU}3\ 0^ gayib *an al-ab^ar (pi. 
s-^ guyyab, v»WA guyy&b, s-st^^ 
Invitation, s, Vcj du'& ; l^y^ 'azi- 

ma-t ; ^W-* 4iy^a-t. 
Invite, v, Vcj da*a, yad'ii ; ^ 
*azam, ya'zim ; U^ kaUai, yu- 
Invocatb, v. (invoke) Wj da*&, 

Invocation, s, Uj du*a; fi^*> 

daVa-t; Ujuu.\ istid'a. 
Invoice, s, ^U q&yima-t; S^yU 




Involuntary, adj. ^^t^\ h bi-la 

ihtiyar ; jmI !^ bi-la qa^d. 
Involve, v. *-AJ laff, yaluJff. 
Invulnerable, adj, tj^^ ^ la yan- 

jari^ (3 aor. vii.) ; C;^^ ^^^^ 

mumtana' al-jar^. 
Inward, adj, J*-\»> dabil ; {^\^ 

Irascible, adj. (^W*^ ga^ban (pi. 

v>Ufc gidab, <^yj-4* ga^ba, ^J^^ 

gadaba) ; v>^ ga^iib ; s-«4fc 

Irascibleness, Irrascibility, b, 

It'iA^ magdaba-t. 
Ire, 8, s-^«^ gadab ; ^ gaiz ; ^W^^ 

igtiyag ; JAw ^anaq (pi. Jj^^o- 

Ireful, adj, s-*^ gaddab; ^W^ 

gad ban. 
Iris, «. (rain&ot^?) t)S (j«^ qaus 

(qos) quzah. — (of the eye) ji\*^ 

jiy^\ dayir al-bubu. 
Irksome, adj, ^}i^ saqil (pi. Ja? 

suql, J^ siqal, ^ suqula) ; 

8a*b (pi. v>liU) 9i*ab); 


Irksomeness, 8. ^^ saqala-t. 
Iron, «. j^j^. hadid. 
Iron, v. ^^^ kawa, yakwi ; kawwa, 

Ironical, adj. f^^ o ^ mutahakkim ; 

,j*^ tahakkumi-y. 
Ironmonger, 8, *>\j^ haddad. 

Irony, 8. (A? tahakkum ; fi^ 
tashar ; \^e^\ istihza ; ^ haz^. 

Irradiate, v. ^tmJb^ sa*^a*, yu^a,^i* ; 
^\ ada, yu4i. 

Irradiation, 8, gA >* A > taia'^u* ; 
;2y* tanwir. 

Irrational, adj, {void of reason) 
0^^ jiA gair na^iq ; J*^ yiA gair 
Jiqil. — (contrary to reason) i-AJlafe^ 
jiaj muhaiif li-'l-'aql. 

Irreclaimable, adj. Jj^*^ !l la 
yan*adil (3 aor. vii.) ; jloajt ^ la 
yata^allah (3 aor. v.). 

Irreconcilablk, adj, 3UJWJ\ J«52 3 
la yaqbal al-mu^alaha-t ; ^^-^^ 5 
la yata^alah CS aor. vi.). — (m- 
con8i8tent) vj k - . *^^ t)^*^ ;u* gair 

mumkin at-ta^biq ; <J*^^ ^ 
gair muwafiq. 

Irrecoverable, 0(2/. ^ ^Ske !{ la 
*ilaj la-hu ; u*^*sj S la yuta*aw- 

Irrefraoable, adj, »^^\ QUi'^ 
mumtana* ar-radd ; «y H 14 yu- 
radd; ^ v»^y»- H 14 jawab la- 

Irreoular, adj, (^y^\i6\ uX^a, 
(s--syy!5\) hilaf al-qaniin (at-tar- 
tib) ; Sj^V2S\ xi dadd al-qa'ida-t ; 
^JbL« ^ gair man^iim ; ^oe 
^Uivj;]\ <adim an-ni^am ; ^p^^ j^t 
gair ma^but. — (in grammar) j^ 
^J^^ gair qiyasi-y ; »>U ^&z (pi. 
»>^y» ^awaz). 

Irregularity, ». f»^ ^j^ *adam 
nizain; 5»xcVflJ\ ^ac *adam al- 
qa*ida-t; (:)^\^\ f»J^ *adam al- 
qanun. — (vice) •Jw fasad. 

Irrelevancy, 8, ia*\^\ ^j^ 'adam 
al-muwafaqa-t ; ^W^ ^tXe 'adam 

Irrelevant, adj, <J*\^ jtA gair 
muwafiq ; AjjA/* ^ gair mufid. 

Irreligion, 8. {^'^\ ^J^ 'adam ad- 
din ; y^ kufr ; (jy^ kufran. 

Irreligious, adj. ^^ kafir (pi. 
J^ kuffar, 8y^ kafara-t). 

Irremediable, adj. ^ ^ H li 
*ilaj la-hu; \y A3 U ma la-hu 
dawa ; cW\ ^jX*^ ^ gair mum- 
kin al-'ilaj. 

Irreparable, adj, ^lasjt ^ 14 yata- 
^allah (3 aor. v.) 

Irreprehensible, Irreproach- 
able, adj. v>^ &t^ U mi 'ale-hi 
*itab ; s^W :^ lA yu'ab ; ,4i 11 U 
yulam (3 aor. pass.). 

Irrepressible, adj, JWi 1^ 14 yub- 
tal ; o*^ -^ ^ yxif a (3 aor. 

Irresistible, adj, ^^U;^ "^ la yuta- 
qawam (3 aor. pass. vi.). 

Irresolute, adj, )^/^\ J<sli qalil al- 
qarar ; f^j^^** gair *azim ; jc^a^ 
mutahayyir ; oV**^ tairan ; v»VSy« 
murtub ; s->«^«i^ muzabzib. 

Irresolution, «. ^*if taraddud ; 
i^ haira-t; v>^;\ irtiyab; fili 





f>y^\ qillat al-*azm ; j\/i\ Ui qil- 

lat al-qarar. 
Ierespectivb, adj. jt^s*^ yiA gair 

Ibbesponsible, adj. s-JVL» ^ gair 

Ibbetbieyable, adj. \J>fi "^ la yu- 

*awwad (3 aor. pass.) ; J^f^ 3 

la yuta*awwa4. 
Ibreyersnce, 8. f^^ ^J^ 'adam 

ikram ; f^f^ f»»^ *adam ihtiram ; 

ibUj ^ *adam ra*aya-t. 
Ibreyerent, adj. yts^o* ^ gair 

iiiu*tabir ; ^^ jt^ gair mukrim ; 

^■*.'js^>* jtA gair mulitasim. 
Ibbeyebsible, adj. yts*^ ^ la jata- 

gayyar (3 aor. y.) ; ;<j*sX\ g. ; ,&»^ 

muintani* at-tagayyur. 
Iebeyocable, adj. ff^^fi 5 la yata- 

riija* (3 aor. yi.) ; ^-ji^ 15 la yun- 

sah ; (^"^^ ^ la yantasih (3 aor. 

Yiii.) ; JJftti ^ la yub^al (3 aor. 

Ibriqate, v. ^jfi- saqa, yasqi ; ^JLJ\ 

asqa, yusqi ; (^^^^ ^ajjan, yusaj- 

iRBiaATiON, 8. ^J^ saqi ; Va-\ isqa. 
Ibbitate, v. s-*^^ ag4ab, yugdib ; 

tU\ agaz, yugiz; ^^\ augar, 

Ibbitation, 8.n. s— At gadab; ^ 

gaiz ; eW* biyaj ; a. ^^\ igaga-t ; 

(J^^ tahwi^. 
Ibbitability, 8. s^ ^ \ ^/- sur*at 

al- gadab. 
Ibbitable, acZ/. s-»^\ gjt;- sari* al- 

gadab ; eW^ Je- sahil al-bayaj. 
Ibbuption, 8. SM gara-t; ^U**. 

hamla-t; ^^***^ kabsa-t. 
IscHDRY, 8. J^\ ^W»'\ inhibas 

al-bol (al-baul). 
Isinglass, 8. S^ lijaz. 
Island, Isle, 8 ijiyi- jazira-t (pi. 
V k*4V jazayir). 
Islander, «. <4;4y^ jaziri-y ; Ja\ ^^ 

5;2)<i- min ahJ jazira-t. 

Issue, «. (egre88) tyf^ huruj ; j^a« 
9udur. — {end) V^m intiha ; i^ 
nihaya-t ; &^\d. *aqiba-t. — (con- 
8equence) ^^^>^ natija-t. — {off- 
spring) ^^^\ aulad (pi. of Jk5^ 
walad) ; h)^ zurriya-t. — {fan- 
taiiel) ^ kai-y (pi. ^ -at) ; 
^^«a4A. humma^a-t. 

Issue, v. a. t/^\ ahraj, yuhrij ; jXo\ 
a§dar, yu§dir ; n. t/- baraj, yab- 
ruj ; j»^ 9adar, ya^dir. — {spring) 
^ naba*, yamba* (yambi*, yam- 
^^0 ; O/^ jara, yajri. 

Isthmus, «. (^^j/*: (^ u*;^ (^V-J 
lisan ar4 ben bahren ; tjyi bar- 
zah (pi. t'^jk barazib). 

Itch, «. {disease) s-yj- jarab ; ^^ 
ttikka-t (pi. csX^ hikak). — (<A^ 
8ensation) &^ liikka-t. — {longing) 
^y^ hawas ; S^ ^abwa-t ; jy^ 
sauq ; ^yfc bawa. 

Itchy, adj. o^7«^ jabran. 

Item, adv. 'W^ ai^an ; *«^j^ kaza- 

Item, a. i»*Ai ^art (pi. Ipj/i ^urut) ; 
8jU madda-t (pi. *>\^ maw- 

Iterate, v. j/ karrar, yukarrir ; 
^U\ a*ad, yu*id. 

Iteration, s. takrir; ^fi 
takrar ; j^^ takarrur ; IsCj^ 

Itinerant, adj.^ s. viL-^ musafir ; 
f^^ safari-y (pi. ^ suffar) ; 
^U* sayih (pi. cV* suwwat). 

Itinerary, s. ^ v>V;^ kitab safar 
(pi. s-^ kutub). 

Itinerate, v. yu safar, yasfir ; t^ 
sab, yasib. 

Itself, ^o». a.-J» nafsu-bu. 

Iyory, s. c^ *aj ; JtjA5\ {^ sinn al- 
fil ; «£U^ ^^ sinn samak. 

Iyy, 8. (^)^1U^\ J-x>. habl al-masa- 
kin; <UUiU <aiiqa-t ; (J^i^ jyue 
*unqud 'asiq ; (j*^ qusus ; o\j^ 





Jabber, v. &^\ yiS kassar al- 

galaba-t, yukasgir. 
Jabber, s, i^ galaba-t. 
Jackal, «. ^^\ (^\ ibn awa (pi. 

(^^\ «yU| banat awa) ; ^jf\^ wa- 

wa ; JVV jaqal. 
Jackass, s. jUa. himar (pi. jf*^ 

(pi. hamir) ; v/U^^ jalt^ (pi. 

Jacket, s. ^ jubba-t ; ^ji'^ 9U- 

Jade, v, ^^ law was, yulawwU; 

s-^^ at*ab, yut*ib. 
Jade,. «. (horse) u^*>^ kadis (pi. 

^^ kuds). — (woman) aL>^^ 

^rmu^a-t (pi. W^^/» sarami^). 
Jag, 8. {^ siuu ; &j^ siuua-t (pi. 

(^\j^\ asnan). 
Jao, V, {jJ^ sannan, yusannin ; y^ 

hazz, yahuzz. 
Jail, s. (j-****- habs, habas (pi. {j^yt^ 

hubus) ; (;»«• siju (pi. (:)^^^ 

Jailer, Jailor, 8. oW*« sajjan. 
Jam, 8, ^jj^ murabba (pi. «t>W»/» 

Jam, v. ,j1c (j^ kabas *ala, yakbis ; 

(^r— ^ 'assas, yu'assis. 
Jamb, 8. &«3Ue ^duda-t (pi. J^Ue 

Janitor, s, s->V l^awwab. 
January, s. J^^ (^yV^kanun as- 

sani (pron. at-tani). 
Jar, 8. (vessel) S^ jarra-t (pi. j^** 

jirar, jyt- jiirar) ; Ali quUa-t (pi. 

Jl* qulal). — (creaking noise) Aiuy 

Jar, v.n. (creak) ^ji qarqa*, yu- 

qarqi*. — (be discordant) Uii\d^ 

tahalaf, yatahalaf ; UilsdA ihta- 

laf, yahtalif; a. (shake) (>aB-A«s. 

hadhad, yuha(j[hi4; >^ hazz, ya- 
Jasmine, s. ^^j-*— ^ yasmin ; Ji full 

(pi. J^i fumi). 
Jasper, s. s-^ ya^b ; f^M yasm. 

Jaundice, s. ^Vi^ yaraqan ; j^ ji\ 

abu 9afar. — (have the jau7idice) 

{^f taraiqan, yataraiq^n. 
Jaunt, v. j\»> dai*, y adiir ; y«W ^as, 

yah lis. 
Jaunt, «. t/^ tafamih ; Sj^ daura-t ; 

^ji barma-t. 
Jauntiness, «. «-*/-y tazahruf. 
Jaunty, adj. ^j^y muzahraf . 
Javelin, s. ^y^ harba-t (pi. s^\^ 

Jaw, «. *4U fakk (pi. ^V5:*\ af kak) ; 

dJu\^ ma(3[iga-t. 
Jaw-tooth, s. (j*;^ dirs (pi. ^jAjA 

adrus, ^j-j/* durus). 
Jay, 8. h/^ *aqariya-t. 
Jealous, adj. ^^^^^ gairan, giran; 

)r^ gayur; Xgt gayyar. — (he 

jealous) j^ gar, yagir. — (of each 

other) y^ tagayar, yatagayar. 
Jealousy, s. iytt gtra-t. 
Jeer, v. s-^j zahlab, yuzahlib; 

v» ^y9^ istahza bi, yastahzi. 
Jehovah, s. y^ hik ; m allah ; ii^\ 

^jl^ allah ta'ala. 
Jelly, «. (of fruit) v»j rubb (pi. 

v>^; ribab). — (of meat) VJ^J5V 

Jeopardise, v. s-> ^^ hajar bi, yu- 

Jeopardy, s. )ba. hatar (pi. ;VLd. 

hi^iir, jVs*.\ ah^ar). 
Jerk, v.\^ hazzaz, yuhazziz. 
Jerk, s, ^y^ hazhaza-t. 
Jest, v, ey^ harraj, yuharrij ; ty 

mazah, yamzah ; cj^ miizah, yu- 

mazih ; Jy^ hazil, yahzal ; JjU 

hazal, yuhazil. 
Jest, s. ty^ harj ; ^^e^^ tahrij ; cy« 

mazh (pi. cV iJ^i^*^) J J)* ^azl ; 
S^at-^ mashara-t (pi. ;A»U-^ ma- 

Jester, s, (buffoon) S^ae- ^ masha- 
ra-t ; ^J^ nadim (pi. U^ nuda- 

Jet, 8, (of water) S^yV> nifiira-t; 




Syy naufara-t; 8j\y fawwara-t. — 
(/stone) is^y* ^v^ hajar mCisa. 

Jetty, «. y*^ jisr (pi. y^ ajsur, 

jy^^ jusiir); Ju sudd, sadd (pi. 

oi^Ju sudud, «3\ju^ asdad). 
Jew, 8, yS'^j^k jahudi-j (pi. »>^ 

Jewel, «. y^^ jauhar (pi. /^^ 

Jewslleb, 8, %sr^f^ jauhari-j; 

t^;^V jawahirji. 
Jewellebt, 8. ^y*- hilya-t; ^J^ 

haly (pi. ^J^ huli-y, hili.y). 
Jingle, «. ^^ ^anin ; JL A ^ ^ Jt.^ 

haiha^a-t ; (^j ranin. 
Jingle, v, {^^ \2Lii\2Ln, yutan^in ; 

< j* at ' fr ' t^ haiha^, yuhashi^ ; (^j 

rann, yarinn. 
Job, «. J*Ai iSugl (pi. JUai\ aigal) ; 

^QUe 'amila-t. 
Jockey, ». (horse-dealer) J^ gU^ 

bayya* hail. — {cheat) fW had- 

Jocose, Joculab, adj. tj^ muhar- 

rij ; cj^ mazih ; ^y mazzah ; 

ceW&^ mudhik. 


insirah ; eW^ imbihaj ; I»C^\ 

imbisa^ ; ^\-^ huzala-t. 
Jocund, adj, j^y**^ masrur ; o^;* 

Jocundity, «. ;j|^— surur; c/ 

farah ; Sy^ hizza-t. 
Jog, v.a, (shake) y^y^ hazliaz, yu- 

hazhiz. — (move slowly) ^ batu', 

Jog, 8. ^jto hazhaza-t. 
Join, v.a, J-©^ wa^al, ya^il ; waf^al, 

yuwa?9il ; (jj/ qaran, yaqrin ; ^^-^ 

{^ jama* ben, yajma*; t^j zaw- 

waj, yuzawwij ; n. ^*'^\ ijtaraa*, 

yajtami* ; J-^^ itta§al, yatta^il. 
Joineb, 8, jW^ najjar. 
JoiNEBY, 8, S^V^\ j\S kar an-nija- 

Joint, s, J-&^ maf9il (pi. J*^ 

mafa^il) ; SjJIc *uqda-t (pi. j^ 

*uqad). — (of meat) ^UJ lahma-t; 

yAc *adu (pi. Uc\ a'da,. 
Joint, adj, *^jsa^ mustarik. 
Joint, v. (fit) jk^ tabaq, yatbuq. 

— (dissect) c>*» ^arrah, yusarrih ; 

s-^ qas^ab, yuqa^^ib. 
Jointly, adj. 'U^ ma^an ; \y^ 

sawa ; ^SU^t- jumlat-an. 
JoiNTUBE, 8. fi^ inahr (pi. j^ 

Joist, s. ^<-&^ ha^ba-t; ^yfc su- 

hiya-t (pi. o^^y* ^awahi). 
Joke, v. ty* mazah, yamzah. 
Joke, s. t^y mazah; Jy^ hazl. 

See Jest. 
JoLLiNESs, Jollity, s. i>^ nasat ; 

t^ji farah ; v*;^ t^-rab. 
Jolly, adj. IcaU na^it ; oW* ^^''- 

ban ; o* farih. 
Jolt, v. (j<iafc-«- hadhad, yuha4hid ; 

^J^ nafad, yanfud; naffa^, yu- 

Jolt, s. t^ytyt hazhaza-t. 
Jostle, v. ^j zaham, yazham. 
Jot, 8. Sjj zarra-t; SioSi nuqta-t 

(pi. U& nuqat, ^^ niqat). 
Jov RNAL, 8. (of a merchant) ^*> 

daftar (pi. /^*> dafatir) ; A^Vs 

qayimat (pi. f^\yi qawayim). — 

(newapajper) hyt^ ^^y waraqa-t 

habariya-t ; V^gjU gazeta ; J^j*^ 

Joubney, 8. /- safar (pi. ^W«^ 

asfar) ; SyLl« musafara-t ; i^^ 

ruhla-t ; i^y marhala-t. 
Joubney, v. /^ safar, vusafir ; 

^^yi^ maia, yam si ; c»j rah, 


JOUBNEYMAN, 8. J^^ ftVil. 

Joy, 8. c/ farah ; v>^ t^^rab ; &;— * 
masarra-t (pi. j\—^ masarr) ; ^^j- 
suriir ; t»- hagz ; z^y mirah. 

Joyful, Joyous, adj. j^y^^ masrur ; 
O^;* farhan ; s->^ Xnrih. 


ibtihuj ; iU-{i\ imbisat ; c^yti\ 

Jubilant, adj, o^y farhan ; jyy^ 

Jubilee, s. ^Vc ^U— samah *amm. 
Judge, s. ^\i qudi (pi. SUI qudat) ; 

^^ hakim (pi. ^V^ hukkam) ; 

^^xi»^ mufti. — (exjyert) y^^ mahir. 
Judge, v. {in a taw-suit) ^^ qada, 

yaqdi ; ^^ ^•^ t^^-kai^ ben, yaii- 




kum ; J** fa^al, jaf?!!. — (opine) 
{^ zaun, jazunn; (^\) ra'a, 

JuDaMBNT, 8. {underatanding) jAc 
*aql (pi. J^ac *uqul) ; ytc^s tam- 
jiz ; «L\;i nrasa-t ; ^ fahm (pi. 
f»^ fuhiim). — {opinion) ,^\) ra'i 
(pi. ^j\ ara) ; {^ zann (pi. (^yt 
zuniin). — (sentence) f^ hukm 
(pi. fJ<^\ ahkam) ; Ui qadSi (pi. 
Ca5\ aqdiya-t) ; ^^yi* fatwa (pi. 
^p^ fatawa, fatiiwi). — (Day 
of Judgment) A^W^\ ^y jaum 
sd-qijama-t ; #%X^\ ^^ jaum 
al-hukm ; (^*^\ ^^ yaum ad- 

Judicatory, s. iU^^^ mahkama-t 
(pi. ^Uv^ mahnhim). 

Judicature, s. S^j^ hukuma-t; 
SjUs qadawa-t. 

Judicial, Judiciary, adj. ^^fy^ 

Judicious, adj. JSW *aqil (pi. te 
*uqala, JUb *uqqal) ; ^U fahim ; 
IJ\^ s-^^ 9ahib tirasa-t (pi. 
s^W«^ afhab). 

Judiciousness, s. &^\^ firasa-t ; 
Jat *aql ; ^ fahm. 

Juggle, «. ,Jlc ^j za*bar *ala, yu- 
za*bir ; ^j»*» ia*waz, yu^a'wiz. 

Juggle, Jugglery, Juggling, *. 
Sj-*j za*bara-t ; Sj^ sa*waza-t. 

Juggler,, s. p^y muza'bir; s-^«^ 
mula*ib ; ^^ftJ^ mu^a'wiz ; ^'^^ 

Jugular, adj. ^jSL. l^alld-y. — 
(jugular vein) ^^j^ wand (du. 
(:)Wj; waridan, pi. &^j^\ aurida-t, 
*>j;^ wurud, '^)^ warayid). 

Juice, «. y^f *araq (pi. ^3^/^^ a*raq) ; 
h^) rutuba-t. — (pressed juice) 
jt^ 'a^ir; 5;Uc *u9ara-t. — (of 
meat) s3f maraq. 

Juiciness, s. UJ\ l^ kasrat al-ma ; 
d^^ dasam. 

Juicy, adj. (of fruit) U\ «s^ kasir 
al-ma. — (of meat) ^»> dasim. 

July, s. }y^ tamuz, tammuz. 

Jumble, v. W^ lahbat, yulahbit* 

Jumble, s. ^^o^^ lahbata-t ; tf* 6;* 
harj marj. 

Jump, s. ^ nattar-t ; £yAS qafza-t ; 
Sy^ tafra-t. 

Jump, v. ^ natt, yanutt ; /^ ta^ar, 
yatfir ; yf& qafaz, yaqfiz. 

Junction, s. J-»j wa^l ; JV-?^ itti- 
9al; g *^'* majma'; £Ua^\ ijti- 
m&* ; eVj^ izdiwaj ; ^\^-;lJ^ 

Juncture, s. (joint) J-o*^ maf9il 
(pi. J*^ mafa§il). — (time, cir- 
cumstance) «>J»^ waqt (pi. «:>VS^^ 
auqat) ; {^^^^ hin (pi. (^\^\ ah- 
van) ; JU hal (pi. jy\ ahw&l, 
aJ^^ ahwila-t). 

June, s. oV>^ hazirdn, hizairan. 

Jungle, s. SXt*s dagila-t. 

Junior, adj. jt^ 9agir (pi. jU* 
9igar, \j^ ^ugara) ; ^\^ a^gar 
(pi. ^U\ a^agir, SykU^ a^agira-t, 
(:)))^\ a^garun). 

Juridical, adj. ^^J^ ^ar*i-y. 

Jurisconsult, s. M* faqih (pi. 
^ fuqaha). 

Jurisdiction, s. l^^ hukuma-t ; 
Us qada (pi. M»\ aqdiya-t) ; SjUi 
qadawa-t ; h'iy wil4ya-t, wald- 

Jurisprudence, s. ^^ fiqh; ^ 
gy^\ *ilm ai-^r*. 

Just, adj. J^Vc *adil ; J»x«^ mu*dil ; 
c-A-ai- mun^if. — (upright) ^3»>U 
9adiq ; ^U ^alih. — (accural) 
i^--A^ madbiit ; «3*J^ mudaqqiq ; 
^J^^^ wafi. — (merited) w^\y wa- 

Just, a(it;. ^*> J^ bi-kull diqqa-t ; 
!ft--&> bi-dabt; Ui fa-qatt- — Ott«^ 
now) ls\^\ ^ fi-'8-8a*a-t ; ^ 
JU;^ fi-'l-hal. 

Justice, «. J»^ 'adl ; fi\»^ 'adala-t ; 
U\^\ in^af ; ^^ haqaniya-t ; 
L-i qis^ ; tL-i\ iq^a^ 

Justifiable, adj. yty^\ ^)^Vi qabil 

at-tabrir ; ^jt^ yatabarrar. 
Justification, *. ^y^ tabrir ; l-tfy 

tazkiya-t ; Ok**^ tahqiq. 
Justify, v. )ji barrar, yubarrir ; ^ 

zakka, yuzakki; ij^ ^aqqaq, 





Jut, v. UJyi 4araf, yainif; Uj^^^ 
airaf, yu^rif (both with ^J^ 

Juvenile, adj. v>Ui sabb (pi. v>Mi 

iabab, (^M» ^ubban) ; f . ^\^ 
sabba-t (pi. v>^y* ^awabb) ; ^Jt^ 
9abi-y (pi. (^W<-» ^ibyan) ; f. i<»^ 
9abija-t (pi. ^W« ^abaja). 


Keel, «. s-^/« /u» qa*r markab (pi. 
;ya qu*^). 

Keen, adj, (sharp) *>W hadd ; gtU 
qa^i* ; yW batir. — (piercing) JiU 
nafiz. — (sagGfCious) ^»> zaki-y ; 
(;^ fa^in. — (eager) j^aa^ mu^- 
taq ; ^'-t - mu^tahi ; J«J^ 4adid. 

Keenness, s. S^ gira-t ; S»^^ 6id- 
da-t ; •>»- hadd. — (sagacity) ^\j^ 
firasa-t ; ^^ zaka. 

Keep, v, (hold) ^A--» masak, yam- 
sik. — (retain) ^>^ hai, yahu^. — 
(take care of) ^ob^ hafiz, yuhfaz ; 
^j^ haras, yahrus, yahris ; (;)^ 
hazan, yahzun. — (feed) «t>^ 
qat, yaqut. — (observe) JJA*- hafiz, 
yahfaz. — (continue) f»\*> dam, ya- 

Keeping, s, (custody) ^W« muha- 
faza-t. — (harmony) ^\y muwa- 
faqa-t ; ii>Ua^ mutabaqa-t ; S^\ 

Keepsake, s. j^^ tazkar; S^^ 

Keg, s. y}t^ji barmil (pi. J«^V 

Kennel, s. %r*^^ J%^ mahall al- 

Kernel, s. s-<^ habb (pi. ^^t»- 
hubub, Q)^ hubban) ; 3^ lauz ; 
O ^ lubb (pi. * v*^ lubub, s^^\ 
albab) ; O* qalb (pi. v>^ 

Kettle, s. ^ hulla-t (pi. JJU. 
hulal) ; (;)\y qazan (pi. «yUy 
qazanat, Turk.) ; ^aj qidr (pi. 
^jJi qudur). 

Key, a. c^^^ miftah (pi. c«*^ ma- 
fat ih) ; Juli^ iqWd (Pers, ^ 
kilid, kXcIs). — (of a piano) (^\iLm*y 

dastan (pi. (^^^ dasatin) ; 

< ^ *» U malmasa-t (pi. fj'^^%* ma- 

Kick, 8. A-ij rafsa-t. 
Kick, v. ij^j rafas, yarfus ; ^3 

labat, yalbut; ^j ramah, yar- 

mah. — (a kicking horse) Cy^j 

Kid, 8. f^'^ jady (pi. ,^ ajdin, 

(;)k'^ jidyan, ^W jadaya-t) ; 

^ hillaS 
Kidnap, v, «-Ai«s- ha^af , yah^if ; s-J^ 

salab, yaslub. 
Kidnapper, s, c-AtW ha^if (pL 

«-Al»^^ hawa^if). 
Kidney, «. ^ kulya-t ; iJS kil- 

wa-t (pi. JS kila, ^^K kalawi). 
Kill, v. Jrf qatal, yaqtul ; <A>y* 

mawwat, yumawwit. 
Killing, «. J^ qatl ; JVs» taqtal ; 

«^*i^ tamwit. 
Kiln, «. (^f\ atiiii (pi. «t>Uy^ at^. 

nat, ^:y^ utun, ^h^U^ atatin) ; m»* 

furn (pi. cjV^ afran). 
Kin, 8. W/ qaraba-t ; s-— i nasab. 
Kin, ac^j. w^.^ qarib (pi. s^.U\ 

aqarib, s-stV qarayib, W^^ aq- 

riba) ; s^<^^ nasib (pi. sHt^-^ 

Kind, '8. u*.^ jins (pi. ^j-Ui^\ aj- 

nas) ; gy iiaw* (pi. £\y^ anwa') ; 

*-i^ 9anf (pi. *_*\ju»\ afnaf). 
Kind, adj. ^ halim (pi. UU hu- 

lama); ^j^t^ saf iq ; vJ^ Wif 

(pL W.VU litaf) ; j^/ karim (pi. 

W) aknma, U/ kuramA, -•V 

kiram); ^j^--^^^ muhsin ; .U^ 

niufdil. ' "^^ 

Kindness, s. ^ hilm (pi ^jl, 

l^ulum, ^^ ahlam) ; S^ ^^ 




ka-t ; UiU lutf (pi. ^M atlaf ) ; 
S^\^ karama-t ; &i\j ra*fa-t ; »;/• 
muruwa-t; «-*jj;*^ ma^ruf. 

Kindle, v, j^^ ahraq, yuhriq ; 
J*Ai sa'al, yas*al; J*Ai\ as*al, 
yus*il ; ^^ walla*, yuwalli* ; Ju»^\ 
auqad, yuqid ; f*j^\ adram, yu4- 

Kindred, s, (relationship) ^\/ 
qaraba-t ; s-— ^ nasab ; Syfcli* 
luu^abara-t. — (relations) *^j\i\ 
aqarib) ; s-si^ nasayib. 

Kino, s, «£WL« malik (pi. *^^ mu- 
lak); e^UL. sultan (pi. e^-WL- 
salatin) ; ft^ sab (Pers.). 

Kingdom, «. (empire) i^U^ mam- 
laka-t (pi. tiUU^ mamalik) ; 
^ s Vd ., saltana-t; &5^*> daula-t (pi. 
J^*> duwal, «y3^^ duwalat, du- 
lAt). — (royalty) ^sU^ mulk ; aJJU 

Kiss, s, ^^ bausa-t, busa-t ; ^ 
qubla-t ; £4^ las ma- 1. 

Kiss, v. u*^ bas, yabus ; J<i qab- 
l^bal, yuqabbil ; ^ lasam, yal- 

Kitchen, s, ^^ matbab (pi. ^^ 

Kitchen oarden, «. 1^^\a. hakiira-t 

(pi. ^^^ hawakir). 
Kite, «. v>Vac *uq&b (pi. s-^i^^ 

a*qub, o^Ac *iqban). 

Kith, 8. «J[;U^ ma*arif (pi. of ^^i;*^ 
ma'rifa-t, " acquaintance "). 

Kitten, s, ^«*-» ^ qutt ^agir ; l^f^ 

buraira-t ; {^tg^ busain. 
Knack, «. (dexterity) ftj^ ^a^ara-t ; 

l^ mabara-t. 
Knapsack, s. ^^ft- jirab (pi. kfA 

Knave, a.. Knavish, adj. ^ 

*ayyar ; ^^ makkar ; ^J"^ fala- 

ti-y ; ^'^ gaddar ; ^V^ basir (pi. 

y^^ hussar) ; <^^«^ babis (pi. 

e^^t^ hubus, ^^ bubaga). 
Knavery, Knavishness, «. a*W^ 

habasa-t ; ^ makr ; £»*«5- bad*. 
Knead, v. {;y^ 'ajan, ya^jin ; J«^ 

jabal, yajbul. 
Kkbadino-tsouoh, 8, {^^^^ mi*- 

jan ; li-i^ii^ mi*jana-t (pi. {^"^^-^ 

Knee, s. ^) rukba-t (pi. s-^ 

Kneel, v. ^ jasa, yajsu ; ^j 

raka*, yarka* ; *^fe-« sajad, yas- 

jud. — (of a camel) ^*» barak, 

yabruk ; ^ nabb, yanubb. 
Knell, «. ^J^^ t^n^ana-t ; {^ytf^^ 


sakakin). — (j>en - knife) \rt^ 
mibra ; ^5^^ mitwa (pi. ,4*^ 
mat&wi) ; (j>»^ mus (pi. (j^y\ 
amwas) ; \J»\f ^ qalam tara^ 

Knight, s, r6^\ amir (pi. \yA 
umara) ; jj\^ kawallier ; ^j-jU 
fAris (pi. (j-)V ^awaris, (^UJ 
fursan). — (knight-templar) ^^u> 
dawi-y (pi. i^^U dawiya-t). — 
(knight in chess) (j^ji faras (pi. 
fj^yji funis, (j-y^ afras). 

Knit, v. J«^. jadal, yajdil, yajdul; 
*ific *aqad, ya'qid ; *sM» ^bak, 
ya^bik; ^bbak, yusabbik. 

Knitting-needle, s, a)1-^ niisal- 
la-t (pi. J^-*^ masall). 

Knob, s, Sjloc *uqda-t (pi. J^ 

Knock, g. ^*-6 darba-t; L^xo 
^adma-t ; ^^^ latsa-t ; Ss*y daq- 

Knock, v, j*> daqq, yaduqq; j^L 
taraq, yatruq ; £ji qai*a*, yaqra*. 

Knocker, s, (of a door) *^^\ jx« 
midaqq'al-bab ; *^^\ S^ balqat 

Knot, s. Soac *uqda-t (pi. jJc 

Knot, v. oac *aqad, ya'qid. 

Knottiness, 8, ^^ 9u*uba-t. 

Knotty, adj, J^a*^ mu*aqqad. — 
(difficult) v5U/« muglaq; j5U-» 

Know, v. «^;C *araf, ya'rif ; Ji* 
*alini, ya*lam ; fj,j*y dara, yadri. 

Knowing, adj. (cunning) j<^ mak- 

Knowledge, s, ^ *ilm (pi. ^Jle 
*ulum) ; &h^ ma*rifa-t (pi, u>j\k^ 




ma'arif) ; k^j*y diraya-t ; (^ 
f ann (pi. (^^ funiiii) ; ^ fahm 
(pi. (•^ fuhum). 

Knuckle, «. s-^ ka*b (pi. s^W 
ki*ab, ^f^ ku*ub, s-^ ak*ub) ; 
J-A» maf^il (pi. J^VAi* mafagil). 


Label, s, c)^^ 'unwan. 
Labial, adj, ^^Vaai ^fabi-j. 
Labial, «. <^Vaai «Jy>^ ]|^arf ^ahi-y 

(pi. £t»ftVAAi «^^^ huruf ^ahi- 
• ya-t). 
Labobatoby, 8. J-^A^ ma'mal (pi. 

J^^«^ ma'amil). 
Labobious, culj. (induatrious) 

J KK ^%>* mujtahid ; •x^ mujidd ; 

C^V^ kkdih. — (dijfflcult) s-*** 

mut*ib; s-^*-> 9a*b (pi. s^U* 

9i*ab) ; J^-A-^ muskiL 
Labobiousness, 8. «>V«A^^ ijtihad ; 

Jke> jahad ; J^ taqayyud ; ^^ 


LaBOUB, LaBOB, 8. jAAfe ^Ugl (pi. 

JUa\ a^g&l); C^^ kadh; 4j»- 

sa'i ; s-^ ta*ab (pi. h*U5< at'ab). 

— (travail) u©U!^ mihad; <3U» 

Laboub, 17. 4j*-» Ba*a, yas'a; s-^ 

ta'ib, yat'ab; ^ jadd, yajidd; 

j^^SiA ijtahad, yaj tabid. 
Laboubeb, 8. ^^ 9aiii* (pi. g^ 

9una* ; J^^ *amil (pi. ^U^ *ama- 

la-t, jUc *ummal, Su* *uiiiala) ; 

JcVi f4*il (pi. fiba fa'ala-t) ; JUAi 

Labybinth, 8. s^!l^*> dMiib, dau- 

lab (pi. s-J^j*> dawalib); ^2Ul*- 

maglata-t; ^j; warta-t (pi. t\,^ 

Lace, 8. i*i/«* tabrima-t (pi. f^J^ 

tabarim) ; ^L-5L. a »Ai ^bika-t. — 

(8tring) o^ qitan ; ^ hiya-t ; 

^•^^ andii^a-t. 
Lace, v, J^ *aqad, ya'qid; Wj 

rabat, yarbu^. 
Lacebate, t;. j[y*- hazzaq, yuhazziq ; 
jy* mazzaq, yumazziq ; tff jar- 
rah, yujarrih. 

Lacebation, 8. ^fF tajrib; fl**/* 

Lack, 8. ^ 'adam ; ijaSi naq? ; 

eW^ ihtiyaj. 
Lack, v. (he in need of) ^J^ s^**^^ 

ittaj ila, yahtaj ; jVc *&z, ya*iiz ; 

j^ jUc\ i*taz ila,. ya'taz ; n. (6c 

«A^>rf o/) o^ naqa?, yanqu^ ; J5 

qall, yaqill ; f**^ 'adim, ya'dam. 
Lackey, 8, f*^*^ baddam ; ^U. ha- 

dim (pi. (•^•^ huddam). 
Laconic, adj, yox^i^ muhta^ar; 

j'osJi* muqta^ar ; jW^y* mijaz. 
Lacqueb, 8. (j«<{;*x;u sindariis ; (^Vi^«> 

Lad, a. ^^^^ walad (pi. •>!l^^ aulad) ; 

fjt^ 9abi-y (pi. ^W* fibyan, 

f ubyan) ; ^ gulam (pi. ^J^ 

gilma-t, (;jUli gilman) ; ^^ fata 

(pi. o^ fityan). 
Laddeb, 8, JL. sullam (pi. f^X* 

salalim) ; 5i5^ mirqa-t (pi. ^J•^/• 

Lade, v. (load) J<*^ bammal, yu- 

hammil. — (a 8hip) <3-.^ wassaq, 

Ladle, s. iij^ migrafa-t (pi. <^jU#« 

magarif) ; &i^\^ haiuqa-t. 
Lady, s, c^*- sitt ; ^^ sitta-t (pi. 

«t>U- sittat); (^yW batun (pi. 

(^^^ bawatin). 
Lao, V, /-*^ ta'bbar, yata'ahhajr ; 

jfei ba^u', yabtu*. 
Lagoon, s. ^UbiM« sabba-t (pi. i^V^ 

sibab) ; &^«W bati]|^a-t (pi. ^V^ 

ba^ayib) ; gg a. ? ■,...■>• mustanqa'. 
Laical, adj. ^U *&lami-y. 
Laib, s. SjU* magara-t (pi. yVA«* 

magayir) ; jVi giir (pi. ^\yt\ ag. 

war, (:j\;<^& giran) ; j«. julir (pi. 
j^^^\ ajhar). 




Laitt, 8, ^i^4JVc *alaraiya-t ; &cW 

Lake, «. ^ birka-t (pi. csJ;^ birak) ; 

^j«fl^. buhaira-t (dimin. of f^, 

bahr, pi. yi^. bahayir). 
Lamb, s. *^^ hariif (pi. (^U^ hur- 

fan); w*;jW haruf (pi. uij\y^ 

Lame, adj. (disabled) ^ ■** ^ mukas- 

sah ; ^^(f^ kasih ; J^«A^ muq'ad ; 

t)^\ a*raj ; Q^ akta*. — (imper- 
fect) ^J^\i naqi^. 
Lame, v, y^ 'ajjaz, yu*ajjiz ; t)^\ 

a'raj, yu*rij ; U- saqqat, yusaq- 

Lameness, «. IcX^ kus4ha-t ; (;)Wy^ 

Lament, v. c^ nah, yanuh ; t'^JAj\ 

istanah, yastanih. 
Lamentable, adj, o^ mubakka, 

mubki ; J^ ^aki-y. 
Lamentation, e. cy nauh; leJi^ 

niyaha-t ; ^^JkJ nadb ; s-^ec*' na- 

Lamina, s. u^U; tanak ; o^l t^baq 

(pi. jW atbaq, a&j1\ atbiqa-t) ; 

^j; waraqa-t. 
Lamp, s, t^y^ siraj (pi. g;- suruj) ; 

^♦— ^ luasraja-t (pi. e;^— ^ masa- 

rij) ; S^U* manara-t (pi. j^U*« 

manawir, ;jU^ manayir) ; cW-*^ 

mi^bah (pi. ^^-^ ma^abih) ; 

J>J^ qandil (pi. Ji^^ qanadil). 
Lampoon, s, y^ haju. 
Lampoon, t;. V^ haja, yahju ; ^J^^ 

haja, yuhaji. 
Lance, s, ^j ruinh (pi. t^j rimdh, 

C^j^ arinah) ; S^yy* mizraq ; 

<34)\y^ mazariq. 
Lance, v, (pierce with a lance) 

^j^-«t ta'a-Jij yat'un, ya^'an. — 

(chirurgicaUy) ^aAj3W s^y* cjarab 

bi-'n-naitar, yadrib; ^)i bazag, 

Lancet, s. S>Mj risa-t ; U;A*» mis- 

r4t (pi. i»i;U^ masarit); y^ 

na^tar (Pers.) ; ^)» bazg. 
Land, a, (opposed to water) ji barr. 

— (ground) ^j\ ar4 (pi. or*;^ 

ar^un, y6\j^ ara^, o^^ ara^i) ; 

v>y turab (pi. ^y\ atriba-t, (^jW/ 

tirban). — (country) *yh bilad (pi. 

J\Ai buldan) ; iJtlU mulk. — 

{i'state) csU^ mulk (pi. <^%»\ 

Land, v. j^\ ^J^ ^ taW *ala-'l- 

barr, yatlu* ; j^\ J\ Jy nazal 

ila-'l-barr, yanzil. 
Landing, s. (act of landing) £j^ 

s-^^ (^ piW min al-markab. 

— (-place) Ay^ manzil (pi. Jj^ 

manazil) ; SISL,\ iskala-t (pi. J^^ 

asakil). — (of stairs) So^ bas^-t, 
Landino-plank, «. ^^ saq41a-t. 
Landlady, s, (lady of tJie house) 

iA^\ i<e-U» ^abibat al-bait. — 

(hostess) »^lsyU\ S^foXo ^ahibat al- 

Landlord, s, (owner of an estate^ 

<dc.) ; ys^\ ctUU s-o-U 9ahib ma- 

lik al-bait. — (innkeeper) ^j^y^ 

manzilji ; ^*>^ fanadiqi-y. 
Landscape, s. (view) ^ t^la-t ; 

S^ na^ra-t. 
Landward, adv» ^^ UJ^J li-taraf 

Lane, s. ^aIoc *atfa-t ; j^j zuqaq 

(pi. oVij zuqqan, ^)\ aziqqa-t). 
Language, s. (speech) |*!ii^kalam ; 

vi^aJ imtq ; ^^ lahja-t. — (idiom) 

(jUJ lisan (pi. (j^ alsun, AjuJ^ 

alsina-t) ; aaS liiga-t (pi. *a>UJ 

Languid, adj, J|U zabil ; e)^ 

*ayyaii; «-6->** da^if (pL *-*U.* 

di*af, Vaju du'afa)'; yU f&tir. 
Languidness, Languor, s. J^»i 

zubAl ; «-**-& du*f ; yii f atar. 
Languish, v. j>»i zabal, yazbul; 

j^ fatar, yaftur; ^jJs-* dana, 

ya^na; ^^2^^ insaqam, yansa- 

Lank, adj. «.A»^^ ahyaf, f. \ih^ 

haifa (pi. «-*«* hif) ; j^ji; raqiq 

(pi. jVij riqaq, ^^^ ariqqA) ; Ul^u 

da*if (pi. ^Ait* du^afa). 
Lankness, s, <-M> hayaf; y^ 

dumr, dumur. 
Lantern, «. u*)*^ fands (pi. {j^\^ 

fawanis) ; 8;U*« manara-t (pi. 

j^U« manawir). 
Lap, «. ;^i^ tajr, tijr, feujr (pi. 





j,^ tuj^r) ; ej-*^ hicjn (pi. (^j^ 
^Ufjiiin, ^Ufc.\ ahdan). — (q/* a gar- 
ment) Ji^i zail, zel (pL J^^^ 

azyal); ^}^ taraf (pi. u\^\ 

Lap, r. {wrap round) «-a3 larf, va- 

lufif ; v5^ t&^^ vatwi. — {lick up) 

ij^ la^^is, jalhas; ^ Ia*iq, 

Lapidabt, 8, «a!V^ ^akkak ; ^</^^ 

jauhari-T ; v^/^ iauharji-y. 
Lappet, ». Ji^i zail (pi. J^i^i^ azjal). 
Lapss, 8. {error) « gala(;'j3JL^ 

galt)i-t. — (/o'O S** suqut. — {of 

time) {^\^j X*U- • masaf at zaman ; 

j^^ mamarr ; o^^ ^y*^ mada az- 

Lapse, r. ef)^ i*ra> vajri; ,^5** 

iiia4a> Tam4i. — {make a tUp) U6 

galit, yaglat. 
Larcext, 8. Ai;- sirqa-t, sariqa-t. 
Labb. 8. jiy^^ f^^^ sahm aUhinzir. 
Lard, r. a-^^ saham, vashaui ; sah- 

ham, Tusahhim. 
Larder, #. s\^ kirar ; J-V*. basil ; 

ii^\ o.^ bait al-muna-t ; Jl^v«* 

Large, aJJ. ^ kibir (pi. jW^ 

kubttr, kiKar) ; ft^ ^a^im (pi. 

f^ i^am, U^ •ujamaV — {Hridr) 

f^\^ wasi' : o*«;C 'arid (pi. ji^j^ 

*irad) ; f^ 'i tjkslh. — {abundant) 

,ji|^ favid : J!^) wafir ; ;e^ ka^ir 

Largexes^^ /. iU^ "a^ama-t; *«^. 

kubr. — {extemfion) *«- sa^i-t ; 

^^■■ » fasba-t. 
Largess, #. (l^hfTrallt^) s^^Va^ siha- 

wa-t ; iJji^ juda-t : ^ kanm. — 

(domett k>m) iie^ tahfa-t : it** wa- 

hal^a-t ; i** hiba-t. 
Lare, *. 4y«-s* qutnbura-t {pi. ^•jUi 

Lartxx, #. -uJ* gal?ama-t (pL 

^»«3^ ^raLa^iin): i»J>^ b«&Mazu ; 

x»'rt fjuinjara-t (^pl. ;^^^=^ hana> 

LAScmors, aJj\ ^\<*^ sahwdaUj ; 

v3M fisq; jy^ fujiir; 

Lash, v. •aW* jalad, vajlud ; I^L* sat, 

yasut. — {lampoon) V^ haja, 

Lash, «. {whip) t^ saut (pi. tU-. 

siya^, ^\p^\ aswat) ; ac^ niiq- 

ra*a-t (pi. gjV&« maqari*). — {blow) 

iij^ darba-t ; jJi^ jald. — {mark of 

a blow) AA»> dassa-t; £»?*► hab- 

Lass, 8. ^^^^ bint (pL «s>W banat) ; 

l^^ sabiya-t (pi. V^V^^ ^baya). 
Lassitude, #. s-^«* ta*ab (pi. *^\»\ 

at'al» ) ; JJU malaL 
Last, adj. ^^ abir. 
Last, 8. {form) s^y^\ h-X^ qalib 

Last, r. f^^ dam, yadum ; Vi^ baq&, 

yabqa; f!Jt^ istaqam, yasta- 

Lasting, adj. ^U dayim ; ^Vi 

Latch, t. a^Va- saqqa^a-t. 
Latchet, *. Juj band (pi. oyij 

bunud. Pert.). 
Lat:-:, adj. {lat^-comer) ^— ^ sis* 

(pi. ^y.^^ su?u") : ;s5-'y» mu*abbar ; 

^"w* muta'abbir. — {formur) 

jkfw sabiq ; ^^»s^ mutaqaddim. 

— '^d^funct) ^^^^ marfaum; ^y^ 

Latency, *. ;Vss-t istitir : a«* gai- 

ba-t ; i^^^y inkitam. 
Lateness, #, ^^^ ta*abhiir. — 

{Hoc^li^) W jM.ia-t. 
Latent, adj. ^J^ bafi-r (pL VjU*- 

bat ay a): f^f^ maktum: ^«-<ilfe 

caTib; y-r * mustatir. 
Lateral, adj. ^^ larafi-r ; ««t-:^ 

Lath. *. a*,v* 'Anda-t (pL ^^j^^ 

•awiriiji) : ijj^J* budamkra-t.^ 
Lath, r. ^ i - * a ba^«<ab, Tuba&sib. 
Lathe, #. i^ae* mibiata^t: U» 

Lather, «. c^^e^ M* n^wtic as- 

Latxtude, #. Qff>?*jT*iukicar\ .j^-^ 

"^^ VpL ,j*r* '^^d »r — <^i-yirve Of 

UHimde) ji^ 4»jO darapas al- 




*ar4' — (extent) a*-^ was'a-t, 

Latitudinabian, 8, *v^L« mulhid. 
Latitudinabiaxism, 8. ^V^^ ilhad. 
Latter, adj, ^} ahir. 
Lattice, «. wLa ^abaka-t (pi. »4JM» 

sibak) ; IS\^ ^ubbaka-t (pi. 

cslf^^W^ iababik) ; ^y^ sa*rija-t ; 

s-^*^ muka"ab. 
Lattice, v, *4M» sabak, yaibik ; 

sabbak, ju^abbik. 
Laud, t;. c«^ madali, jamdah ; •Ua- 

ll^ainad, yahmud; Jv majjad, 

yumajjid ; ^ ganna, yusanni. 
Laudable, adj. J^^*^ hiamid ; C;*^*^ 

inamdul^ ; •3^4^^^ mahmud. 
Laudanum, «. (;j^5^ t}) i*uh al- 

afyiin (ifyaun). 
Laudation, 8, Aa ^»t tarn j id ; •ua. 

^amd ; c*^ madh. 
Laugh, Lauohteb, 8. c£X^>«& dihk ; 

S^^ qahqaha-t. 
Laugh, v, ueW^ dahak, yadhak; 

ASe* qahqah, yuqahqih ; yiji qar- 

qar, yuqarqir. — (lotui and re- 
peatedly) ^ karkar, yukarkir. 
Laughable, adj. isX^«&^ mudhik. 
Launch, v. ^y^ rama, yanm ; sjf^\ 

a^laq, yu^liq. — (a ship) s-^^^ Jv> 

jL*^\ ^ nazzal al-markab fi-'l- 

bahr, yunazzil. 
Laundress, 8. ^U*^ gassala-t. 
Laundby, 8. ^Ul-a** magsala-t. 
Laubel, s. j^ gar ; ^*> difla. 
Lavatoby, 8. ^^l-iju magsala-t. 
Lave, v. ^y^ gasal, yagsil ; gassal, 

yugassil ; «-AiaA» iataf, yastuf. 
Layendeb, 8. (^*>j^ nardin (Pers.) ; 

t^^^ huzama. 
Layeb, 8. J--*^ magsal (pi. J-U^ 

magasil) ; sa^aL ^ast (pi. «i»^a1» 

Lavish, oc^. j^ mubzir ; «^^--« 

Lavish, v. j^ bazzar, yubazzir ; j*^^ 

waddar, yuwaddir. 
Lavishness, 8. ji^ tab?ir ; u\j»m\ 

Law, 8. Aft* fiqh ; g^ [§ar* ; ^^ 

&iri*a-t (pi. ff^J^ ^ayi*); ^j^ 

£ari4a-t (pi. j^\^ farayicji). — | 

(rule) Sj^Vi qa*ida-t (pi. ^\^ 

qawa'id) ; ^yVi qaniin (pi. (^\^ 

Lawful, adj. (conformahle to law) 

<jC/b ^ar*i-y ; ^jAi\ iji\y muwafiq 

ai-sar* ; v>*- b^^^l- — (allowed hy 

law) cW^ mubat; JV hal41; 

ytW jayiz. 
Lawfulness, e. ^/i sari'a-t; 

^^fiXy mubahiya-t. 
Law-givbb, 8. ff^j^\ ^\) wa^i' a^- 

Lawless, cuij. fA h bi-la i^ar^ ; jtA 

<jc/b gair ^ar*i-y ; ^ j Aii\ X6 dudd 

Lawlessness, 8. ^jAi\ ^^jie <adam 

Lawn, «. (graee-plot) i^j raqma-t ; 

©/• marj (pi. gy» muruj). — (tex- 
ture) tj^ji birmjiq ; yi qazz. 
Law-suit, s. S^*> da'wa-t ; v^^*^ 

da'wa (pi. <^^^ da'awa) ; ^^ 

Lawyeb, 8. M* faqih (pi. Wa* fu- 

qaha) ; <^yi»^5^ J^^ wakil ad- 

da*wa (pi. S^; wukila); J^U^ 

Lax, adj. o*r^ mutarhi ; ^j rahii; 

(^)^»> zablan ; J^^ munhall. 
Laxative, 8. Je****^ mushil ; ^^^^ 

Laxity, Laxness, «. 2;^^ rahawa-t. 

— (t£;a7(^ o/ exactness) W^^ ^ 

qillat ad-4a«bt. 
Lay, v. g^; wa4a*, ya^a* ; U. ^aj^, 

yahutt; J**- ja*al, yaj'aL— 

(calm) {j^ sakkan, yusakkin. 
Lay, adj., Layman, s. ^^Ve <ala^ 

Lay, s. j»b, si'r (pi. jUai^ ai'ar) ; 

S*^d^ qa^ida-t (pi. •^^i qa^id, 

J^Ul qajjayid). 
Layeb, s. jVL ^ (pi. «:,ViU» t&q&t) ; 

Laziness, s. J«^ kasl ; ^^ bat&- 

Lazy, adj. (^1^ kaslan (pi. ^J^^ 

kasala, ^JL^ kasla) ; Ji^^ kahil ; 

tj^f^ mutawani; J^ bati' (pi. 

^ bit&). 
Lead, «. ^e^^ rafa^. 




Lead, v. (cotiduct) *>U qad, jaqud ; 

•>y> qawwad, yuqawwid. — (show 

the way) ,J^ J*> dall *ala, yadull ; 

^JUfc hada, yahdi ; J^j^ arsad, 

yursid. — (induce) y*^ harnwj, 

Leader, s. »>4^ qayid (pi. *i^f quw- 

Leading, adj. ^J>^\ a^li-y ; p^ 

akbar; fJb\ ahamm. 
Leading-stbings, 8. o^ ^inan (pi. 

ljs\ a*inna-t). 
Leaf, s, j[;^ waraq ; a*)^ waraqa-t 

(pi. j\)^^ auraq) ; a^«a* ^afihat 

(pi. ^^ ^afavih). 
Leafiness, 8. 4i\}^li^ &y^ kasra-t al- 

Leaft, adj. jj^ muwarraq; yt^ 

s^)^^ kasir al-auraq. 
League, «. {confederacy) S.wfcU^ 

mu*ahada-t ; jVa?^ ittifaq ; ^Ve^ 

League, v. '^bA ittahad, yattahid ; 

J^U» ta*ahad, yata*ahad ; UUU 

halaf, yutalif; U^W tahalaf, 

yatahalaf. — (measMre) J*^ mil 

(pi. JW*^ amyal) ; ^y farsah 

(pi. t*V fa^r^sife)- 

Leak, s. JJA saqq, siqq ; ^^ saq- 
qa-t (pi. jy^ suqiiq) ; ^ falaq 
(pi. ^3^ fuliiq) ; l^. buhsa-t. 

Leak, v. s-^;^^ s^/^\ iuharaq al- 
markab ; ^j rasah, yarsah. 

Lean, adj. «-A-^ nahif (pi. «-*^^ 
nihaf) ; J^yfc hazil (pi. ^Jy^ 
hazla) ; ^}))9^ mahziil ; si^ gass 
(pi. s*>\^ gisHs) ; Uux^ da'if. 

Lean, 8. (fiesh without fat) ^ 
habr ; ^>^ ^U^ lahma-t gassa-t. 

Lean, v. (rest against) J\ ♦u^^ 
asnad ila, yusnad ; *x^z^^ istanad, 
yastanid ; ^^ ta'akkaz, yata- 
*akkaz (both with ,J^ *ala). — 
(incline towards) ^J^ J^ mal ila, 

Leanness, s. ^^ nuhafa-t; y}f^ 
nuhul ; ^Vii gasasa-t ; ^U- safa- 
fa-t ; c-A*^ du*f. 

Leap, v, ^ naft, yanutt ; s-^^ wa- 
gab, yagib ; y^i qamaz, yaqmuz ; 
ytf qafar, yaqfir. 

Leap, s. ^ natta^t ; iy*^ qamza-t ; 

Sy^ qafza-t. 
Leap- year, s. ^u*^ dju« sana-t ka- 

Leabn, v. f^ ta'allam, yata'allam. 

— (hear) g4-. sama*, yasma* ; 

^^ <ukL) balag-hu an, yablug-hu. 
Learned, adj. ^Vc *alim (pi. UIc 

*ulama); Uj^Vc *arif (pi. J;^^ 

*awarif ) ; fJ^ mu^allim. 
Learning, s. ^ *ilm (pi. (^ 

*uluni) ; ^^ ina*rifa-t ; ^iu. 

^J«3^ 8a*a-t al-*ilm. 
Lease, s, ftjW^ ijara-t. 
Lease, v. fA ajar, yujir ; ^^^ kara, 

yakri ; f^/\ akra, yukri. 

Leash, a. tW; ribat (pi. «y^Vjj riba- 
tat) ; JuS qaid (pi. J*^ quyud). 

Least, ad;., cwZv. ;*->^ a^gar (pi. 
^^\ asagir, ljtlo\ a^agira-t, 
(^^j^\ asgar^n) ; J5^ aqall ; ^J*A 

Leather, s. jJi«^ jild (pi. *yj^ ju- 

Leather-merchant, s. -aI^ £W 

biayya* jild. 
Leathern, adj. jJi«^ (^ min jild. 

Leave, s. (permission) (^»>\ izn ; 
SjW^ ijaza-t ; A-x^^ ruh^a-t ; )f^*^ 
dastur (pi. ;<5Uj dasatir). — 
(farewell) gU^ wada*. — (take 
leave) g»>^ wadda*, yuwaddi* ; 
bjL>\d^ SdA ahaz hatir-hu, ya*huz. 

Leave, v. (depart from) ^f tarak, 
yatruk; j^ hajar, yahjur. — 
(forsake) ^^ hazal, yahzul ; 
J»>U. hazal, yuhazil. — (bequeath') 
^f tarak, yatruk ; ^J^^ wa^^a, 
yuwa??! ; ^-i^ hallaf , yuhallif . — 
(suffer to remain) (Jk^ abqa, 

Leaven, s. ij^^ hamra-t; S;««^ 

Leaven, v. y^ hammar, yuham- 

Lecher, s., Lecherous, adj. <3-U 

Lechery, s. ^^ ^ahwa-t ; v>^ 

Lecture, s. ^ys taqriya-t ; {j»^j^ 




tadris; ^^i*- hutba-t. — (admoni- 
tion) Sl^^ wa'aza-t. 

Lbctube, V, {j^j*^ darras, yudarris ; 
s-*i»U. ha^ab, yuhatib. — (admo- 
nish) Ifcc^ wa'az, ya'iz. 

Ledoeb, 8. j^y f^'i^\ ad-daftar 
al-kabir ; v5^V^^ al-liawi. 

Lbech, 8. (warm) A«lc 'alaqa-t. — 
(doctor) s-tsA tabib (pi. ^\ 

Leech, v. ijf^ 'allaq, yu'alliq. 

Leek, 8. ^/ kurras. 

Leeb, 8. ^jii\y muzawara-t. 

Leer, v. j^) zawar, yuzdwir ; j^t^ 
ba^ba?, yubasbi^. 

Lees, 8. J^ 'akar ; ^ 'akar. 

Left, adj, JUa siaraali-y ; jL-4 
jasar (pi. /Ht yusr). 

Left-handed, adj. i^^^y^^ 'asra- 

Leg, 8, jV»« saq (pi. ui>UL> saqat, 
^^*fr- siqan). — (of animah) ^H^i 
qayiina-t (pi. i^Ui qawayim). — 
(of a chair, Ac!) ^^ rijl (pi. ^^ 

Legacy, a. ^^ wa^iya-t ; cJd& 
^^y halaf muwa^^a. — (for a 
piou8 purpose) «-Ai^ waqf (pi. 
^\ij{ auqaf). 

Legal, «. ^y^ sar*i-y ; £jA^\ (3*\y« 
muwafiq a^-^r^ 

Legalise, v, ^/» J4£ 'amil 
8ar*i-y, ya'mal; Jl^ hallal, yu- 
hallil ; ^^* ^ahhah, yu^ahhil?. 

Legality, 8. ^/^ ^ari'a-t; J^ 
ll^ilal ; J^« 9ahha-t. 

Legate, «. J^^ rasul (pi. J-; 
rusul) ; yu safir (pi. tyu bu- 

Legatee, s. ^ o^y muwa^^a la- 

Legation, e. S)Va«> sifara-t. 

Legend, a. (in8crij)tion) ^^ ka- 
taba-t; f^j raqam (pi. fMj\ 
arqam); ^j rasm (pi. ^y-* 
rusiim, f^j\ arsum). — (tale) 
ii\Sa. ^ikaya-t ; ^ qi^^a-t ; *^,>m, 
hadis (pi. i±»\j^^ ahdas). 
Legerdemain, 8. S^j za'bara-t. 
Legible, adj. ^/^ yanqari (3 aor. 


Legion, «. j^^ tabur (pi. yt^yj^ ta- 

w&bir); ^ji fariq (pi. UJ\ 

afriq&, jy furuq, jy^ iurtq) ; 

iJy^ jauqa-t (pi. J^y»-^ ajwaq). 
Legislate, t?. gi^/* g*; wa^a* 

sarayi*, ya^a'. 
Legislation, «. ^tV^^ g*; wa4* 

a^-^arayi* ; £\yaM i^tira*. 
Legislature, «. i^^^ ]|^ukikma-t ; 

^^^^ v*V^^ (^\ji*y diw&n a^ll^^b 

Legitimate, adj, JV l^aMl. 
Legitimate, v. JL. hallal, yull^al- 

lil ; J V J^jft *amil halal, ya'mal. 
Legitimation, s. y}^ tahlil. 
Legume, «. (greens) ^ baql (pi. 

Jyfe buq&l); 8,^ hu^ra-t (pi. 

^ hu<2[ar, «w(^;-Ai. hu^raw&t) ; 

J^j fill. — (pod) yw» qi^r (pi. jy^ 

Leguminous, adj. Jy^J^ ^j^^x^f {^ 

min jins al-ful ; ^yi» baqiili-y. 
Leisure, s. ^^ f araga-t ; S^Ui 

f a4awa-t ; J^^ mahl ; i^ muh- 

la-t ; ^^ *atla-t. 
Leisurely, (uft;. aI^^ ^ <ala 

mahli-hi ; &»U; ^ 'ala raw&qa-t. 
Lemon, «. (^y*^ laim^n ; iiy4>^ lai- 

Lemonade, s. &>U^4ie^ laim^nata-h ; 

Oy^^ s^^/» sarab al-laimiin. 
Lend, v. c^L. sallaf , yusallif ; j^^ 

*awar, yu'awir ; j^\ a*ar, yu*ir. — 

(money) sj»f qarad, yaqri^ ; u^^ 

aqrad, yuqri^ ; {^^ dayyan, yu- 

dayyin ; (jjW^ adan, yudin. 
Lender, s. (who lends) sJ%^ salMf ; 

y^y qarr&d ; ;^J^ mudayyin ; 

y6;i« muqri^. — (usurer) ^\f 

Length, s. J^ t^l (pl- J^^*^ at- 

wal). — (0/ tim^) iJ^ mudda-t. — 

(a< length) "V-li ahiran; 1^^ 

Lengthen, v. jy» tawwal, yutaw- 

wil ; JVL^ atal, yutil. 
Lengthwise, adv. *^^ tMan. 
Leniency, Lenity, s. ^ ^ilm; 

iUj^U mul4yama-t ; ^U^j ra^ma-t ; 

^y tara^^um. 
Lenient, ocI;. (softening) 




mulayyin ; (^ C **^ musakkiii. — 

(not severe) f^%» mulayim ; f^^ 

^alim (pi. UL. liulama, f^^ ah- 

Lens, s. i^W) ^^e <adasa-t zajaji- 

Lent, s, y6^\ f>yo ^aum al-kabir. 
Lentil, «. (j-ac *ada8 ; l^^ *ada- 

Leopabd, «. f^ nimr (pi. l^^ nu- 

mura-t ; ^ fahd (pi. ^f^ fuh^d, 

^\ afhud). 
Lepeb, «., Leprous, ac?/. ,j©;»^ 

abra?, f. U^j bar^i (pi. ^j©;* bur?) ; 

ft^*^^ majzum ; f>^>^» mujaz- 

Lepbost, 8. sj>ji bara? ; % bala ; 

fS^ juzam. 
Less, ady ^A asgar (pi. ^^^ 

a^agir, S^ilot ai^agira-t, {^y^^ 

a^garun) ; Ji^ aqall ; i^\ an- 

Lessee, «. ^^fA^*>^ mustakri ; ^U--» 

Lessen, v. ;*-> ^aggar, yu^aggir ; 

Jl* qallal, yuqallil. 
Lesson, «. (j*;*> dars (pi. {j^yy^ 

durus). — (reading) S*^/ qiraVt. 

— (admonition) ^j^ *abra-t. 
Lest, conj. )M liyalla ; IM^ kail& ; 

!! ^^e. ^atta la ; U V? ta ma. 
Let, v. (allow) jy^ jawwaz, yujaw- 

waz ; jW^ ajaz, yajiz ; g*>^ wada*, 

yada*. — (to a tenant) <^/ kara, 

yakri; f^^\ akra, yukri ; y^S 

ajar, yiijir. 
Lethal, cw?;. J*^ qatil. 
Lethaboic, Lethaboical, oJ;. 

^W- subati-y ; (;j^--«» Da*8an. 
Lethabgt, 8, «yW- subat ; ^j-W 

Letteb, «. (char<ict€r) ^^ harf 

(pi. U|;j;ft- hurM, «J;fi-^ ahruf) ; 

^j raqam (pi. (•y*; ruqdm). — 

(epiatle) v>»— sX^ maktub (pi. 

s-«yX. makatib); v>^ kiUb 

(pi. s-J^ kutub); ^^ risala-t 

(pi. y^) rasayil) ; S^^ barat (pi. 

vtA^^ barawat) ; J^j raqima-t. 

LbTTEB-CABBIEB, 8. ^r>f^^ J^^ 

l^amil al-maktub. 

Lettebed, adj. ^ s-^^ ^ahib 
•ilm (pi. v»W->^ a^hab); ^^ 
*alim (pi. Uic *ulama)! 

Lettuce, «. <j<-^ bass. 

Levee, a. ^j*'^^'* raajlis (pi. <j-JV^^ 
majalis) ; (^^jt'^ diwan. 

Level, adj, <^^Uw« musawi; c^*--* 
musattah ; ^1-^ basit. 

Level, «. (plane surface) <^^-*s^ c'** 
sath mutasawwi. — (plain) J«- 
sahl ; ^ y^m sahla-t (pi. J^ 
suhul) ; ^^-i fasha-t. — (equalUy) 
hy^ taswiya-t; S\^U.^ musa- 
wat. — (tool) ^^U fadim (pi. ^*>^y 
fawadim) ; <j-W^ miqyas ; J^J^ 
jadwal (pi. JjW jadawil). 

Level, v. (make even) <^^ sawwa, 
yusawwi ; ^k« sattah, yusattib ; 
j6-» sahhal, yusahhil. — (take 
aim) (;jV-ft^ J^'^ ahaz ni^an, ya'- 
huz; J^ s-*^ rakkab *ala, yu- 
rakkib ; ^J>^ j^ harrar *ala, yu- 

Lever, s. J;x *atal ; Alse *atala-t ; 
Jaty muhl (pi. JU^^ amhal); 
v>y> qub (pi. v>^jjr»^ aqwab). 

Levity, «. Jac aa*. hiffat *aql ; 
AAiW^ tiya^a-t. 

Levy, v. g^-^ jamma^ yujammi* ; ^ 
lamm, yalumm. 

Levy, 8. W lamma-t. 

Lewd, adj. ^^^ ^ahwani-y ; ^3-.V* 
fasiq ; ^^^--^ naf sani-y ; JM» 

Lewdness, 8. i^ ^ahwa-t ; ^UJk» 
nafsaniya-t ; vJM» ^abaq. 

Lexicoobapheb, 8. {j^y^ «JLj-^ 
mu^aDiiif qamus; ^ s^U^s-^^ 
^ahib kitab luga-t; ^/^ luga- 

Lexicogbapht, 8. SJ^\ f^ 'ilm al- 

Lexicon, 8. &^\ (j^y\i q&m^s al- 
luga-t (pi. (j-v*^y> qawamis) ; 
^ v»U^ kitab luga-t (pi. v^ 

Liability, «. (responsibility) iJVla* 
mutalaba-t. — (^e?Mi€ncy) J- «s^ 
mail. — (pi. de6<«) ^y*> duy^n 
(pi. of (^*> dain). 

Liable, adj. (exposed) \^^f^ ma'- 




Hid ; \^f^ mu*arrad. — (subject) 
Ja ^ fi yad (" iQ the hand ") ; 
^^ tabt C* under "). 

LiAB, 8. ^^^ kazzab (pi. Q)y -An, 
%r»^j^ kuzub) ; o^ mayyaa. 

Libation, «. ^ 9ubba-t. 

Libel, s, ^V^ haju; *-A^- taqyif. 

LiBBL, v. W* baja, yahjii; o>U 
haja, yuhajir ^-M qayyaf, yu- 

Libeller, s. ^^ baji-y ; ^^Va 

Liberal, aci;. (generous) ^ ^ ^ '* 
sahi-y (pi. Wab-\ ashiya) ; ^ji 
karim (pi. f^/ kiram) ; *>^y^ 
jawad (pi. *3^f^\ ajwad, *>;M 
ajsiwid, U^ juwada) ; ^^A^mun- 


Liberality, s, S^U^** sali}iwa-t ; 
Vair« saha; |*/ karam; o^ jud ; 
S^^ juda-t. 

Liberate, v. ij^ halla?, yuhallis ; 
j^ harmr, yuharrir ; ij!^\ a^laq, 
yu^liq ; vJM^^ a'taq, yu*tiq ; ^\ 
anqaz, yunqiz. 

Liberation, s. j!^\ i^laq; {j^^ 

Liberator, s. joi^^^ muhalli^ ; 

^jxju* mu*tiq. 
Libertine, s. «3-Vi fasiq (pi. ^a-i 

fasaqa-t, J^^-^ fussai:)); y^U fajir 

(pi. jV^ fujjar, ft^ f • jara-t, ft\^ 

fawajir) ; ;^^ fajur. 
Libertinism, s. *>V-i fasad; JH** 

fisq; Jk— * fusuq; S^ ^ahwa-t ; 

j^ fujAr. 

Liberty, s. hf- hurriya-t; j^c 
4tq; jUc *ataq; jU^ itlaq.— 
(privilege) \y>^ b^^q (pl- i3y*»- 
huquq) ; jW^^ imtiyaz. — (ex- 
emption) ^^^ mu*afiya-t. — 
(choice) j^t^ jhtiyar. — (leave) 
ljW\ ijaza-t; a-«'-j nihaa-t. 

Libidinous, adj. ^_3>^^ sahwani-y ; 
JL-Ai nafsam-y; j^^ *ahir ; 
u^Vi f&his. 

Librarian, 8. s-^^^ ^^^ ^^ nagir 
hizana-t al-kutub ; s-^^ ^^ 
^afis al-kutub. 

Library, «. s-^ ^\^ hizana-t 

kutub ; LfS^ maktaba-t ; l^ft^ 
kutubiya-t ; AJ\(k.U^ kitab-Vana-h. 

License, s. (permission) ij\^\ ij&- 
za-t. — (abuse of liberty) ^^>^ 
ijtira' ; i^U^ safaha-t. 

License, v. jM ajaz, yujiz ; ^^^ 
fawwad, yufawwid. 

Licentious, adj. ^^ falit; j^aJU 
faliti-y ; (^VsU falatan ; ^^ waqi^ 
(pl. c^^ wuqa^) ; ^J^ ^aqi-y. 

Licentiousness, s, cs)Uei\ inhim&k ; 
S^VsAi ^qawa-t ; ^^^ waq4^a-t. 

Lick, v. {j»*^ lahis, yalhas ; vj^ 
la*iq, yariq. 

Lickerish, adj. OM^ la'iq. 

Licorice, s. ^^ sus ; <j<*^ j;^ 
*irq sus. 

Lid, s. VJafc gitA (pl. i^\ agtija-t). 

Lie, v. (tell a falsehood) *^^kaxih, 
yakzab ; ^^ man, yamm. — (give 
the lie) s^*^ kazzab, yukazzib. 
— (rest lengthwise) ^^t^\ insa^ah, 
yansa^ih ; •xi^ raqad, yarqud. — 
(on one's side) g^ dajaS yadja*. 
— (recline) •u-* sanad, yasnud; 
o"^ ^ attaka, yattaki. — (be 
situated) ^^ ty^y* y^ ^^ mau^ii* 

Lie, 8. v>J^ kizb ; ^J^ kizba-t ; 
(j^ main (pl. (^^ muy&n). 

Lieu, s. (in lieu, instead of) ^^ 
tj^ 'iwadan *an. 

Lieutenancy, Lieutbnantship, s. 
^W* niyaba-t; i3V^. wakala-t; 
^lU hilafa-t. 

Lieutenant, s. s-s^U nAyib (pl. 
^y naub, s^^y nuwwab); ^U 
f^J^ q&yim maqam (pl. f\^ quw- 
warn) ; ii^ halifa-t (pl. U^tU. 
halayif, UU hulafa). — (in the ' 
army) ^}%» mulazim ; s-s^U nayib. 

Life, s. (being alive) ^\y6^ haiw4- 
niya-t; ftW (for iyao.) $ayat; 
i-^ *ai^-t. — (time between birth 
and death) y^ *amr (pl. jUc^ 
a* mar). — (manner of living, con- 
duct) S^e- sira-t (pl. ^«- siyar) ; 
*4jy- suluk; cfiXlL* maslak. — 
(biography) Ijtt^ sira-t. — (life to 
come) l^'^\ al-ahira-t. 

Lifeless, s. (inanimate) 




jamid (pi. J^*^ jamad, a*^^ ja- 
wamid). — (dead) c:^<>^ majyit 
(pi. ^V^^ amwat, ^yy mauta) ; 
Cjy h oi-la ruh. — (spiritless) jtA 
i^f gair qawi-j; iaAi j^t gair 

Lift, v. gij rafa*, jarfa* ; J^ sal, 

Ligament, s. {sinew) s-*-* 'a^ab ; 
K^ *a9aba-t (pi. s^Uc^ *a9ab). — 
{fetter) •^>* qaid (pi. »>^ qujiid, 
^\^\ aqjad). 

Ligature, s. ^U^ 4i^^d; ^^ 
'a^aba-t ; l-W; ribat (pl- ^ rubut). 

Light, s, ^y niir (pi. j^^ anwar) ; 
^ dii ; W^ diyd. — {what gives 
light) Q*J^ iam' ; Isu^ ^am'a-t 
(pi. g^ ^umA*). See Candle, 
Lamp. — {explanation) (^W bayan ; 
^;-a» ta^rih. — {knowledge, in- 
struction) ^•— ^ *iliii (pi. ^J^ 
*uliim) ; ^^^"^ ta'dib ; ^ 

Light, adj, jti najyir ; ^y^ mu- 
nawwar ; ^j*^ mu^i. — {of colour) 
^U fatih. — {not weighty) i-M^ 
hafif (pi. ^Us. hifaf). — {not 
clumsy) (j«ftij rasiq (pL OM*; 
ra^aq) ; ti-ii nasi^. — {not grave) 
(ji^Uc ^ayis. 

Light, v, {illuminate) ^\ ada, 
yudi; s^ nawwar, yunawwir. — 
{kindle) J«*» ^a^al, yas*al; Ju5^\ 
auqad, yuqid. — {alight) Jy nazal, 
yanzil. — {fall) g*^ waqa*, yaqa*. 

Lighten, v, {illuminate) ^\ a^a, 
yu^i; jy nawwar, yunawwir. — 
{fUxsh) J;* baraq, yabruq ; g*3 
lama% yalma^ — {m^ke lighter) 
haffaf, yuhaffif. — {alleviate) 
fassah, yufassih ; ^J^ salla, 

Lighter, s, {boat) j;^) zauraq (pi. 
jj\yj zawariq) ; Qy4^ s-^/« mar- 
kab hamikla-t. 

Lighthouse, s, SjU*« manara-t (pi. 
;jU. manayir) ; ^yU fanus (pi. 
(j«-ei^y fawanis). 

Lightness, s. ^^ hiffa-t. 

Lightning, s. jji barq (pi. j^ 

Lightsome, adj. j^ {bright) mu- 
nawwar. — {cheerful) ;^/-^ mas- 
riir ; o^y farhan ; t^-.*^ mab- 

Lightsomeness, s, {brightness) 

ijij^ raunaq; Sy^ jafwa-t. — 

{cheerfulness) ^a^6» bahja-t ; ^ 

farah ; j^j^ surur. 
Ligneous, adj, s-^*^^ {^ min 

haiab ; ,j<-*-^ ha^abi-y. 
Like, ad/. Ji« misl ; J«^ ma§il ; 

A««A sabih ; ;J^ najir ; ^^^L-a* 

mutasawi ; v^^^**^ musawi. 
Like, adv, *^ ka-, prefixed to a 

noun ; J^ ka-misl ; ff^ nahwa. 
Like, v, s-** habb, yahubb ; 

(j'-^^w^^ istahsan, yastahsin. 
Likelihood, s. (J^^ i^U^ mu^- 

baha-t al-haqq ; JUi^-t i^tim&l ; 

{^^i'^j^ tahmin. 
Likely, adj, 0^ &}U^ mu^bib 

li-*l-haqq ; J*JW« muhtamal ; 

Ja«lJ s-sty qarib li-*l-*aql. 
Liken, v, M» ^bbah, yuiabbih ; 

J^ massal, yumassil. 
Likeness, s, {similarity) L^\Jt^ 

mu^abaha-t ; J-«— l^J tamsil. — 

{image) i/o ^ura-t (pi. j^ 9uwar) ; 

J^ sakl (pi. ^\^\ a^kal, J^ 

^ukul) ; jji^ niqs, naq^ (pi. 

,^yy nuqu^). 
Likewise, adv, {in like manner) 

*iUJk^ kazalik. — {moreover) "^-aj^ 

Liking, s, ^j ri44 ; (^U-w^^ istih- 

san ; ^ mail (pi. JW^^ amyal). 
Lilac, s. Jyt^^ sambikq; (^U^ 

hanian, human ; (^^^*^ bailasan. 
LiLiPUTiAN, adj., s, j(A^ 9Ugayyir 

(dim. of ^«** 9agir, " small '*). 
Lily, s, o^^ siisan ; vjM\ zambaq. 
Limb, s. ^ *a4u (pi. Uct a'da). — 

(border) ^^ hasiya-t (pi. ^J^^^ 

hawasi) ; ^Va. hafa-t ; *^j^ t^raf . 
Limb, v. {dissect) ^ *ada, ya'du ; 

J-ai fa§9al, yufa^^il. 
Lime, s. {j^ kils. — {quick-lime) 

jt^ jir. — {fruit) (^y*^ laimiin. 
Lime, v, (j»^ kallas, yukallis. 
Limit, s, j^d. hadd (pi. ^y^^im. hud^d) ; 

^W nihaya-t. 




Limit, v. (eet howids to) ^j^a. had- 
dad, yu^addid. — (restrict) 
^a^ar, ya^^ur. 

Limitation, «. •^J^r: ta^did; 

Limp, v. ^f^ *arij, ya'raj ; g-^ 
hasa^ yahsa^ 

Limp, a, tr^ 'araj. 

Limp, adj, (^ lay y in ; lij^\ Je*» 
sahil al-'atufa-t. 

Limpid, adj, ,VU 9&fi ; «jVaai iaf- 

LiMPiDNESs, 8. ^ 9afa; S^U« ^afd- 
wa-t ; «^yk4i ^uf uf . 

Link, s. ^ hatt (pl. ^^ butAt) ; 
;Ja- satr (pl. jya- sutur, ^VL-^ 
astar, jJL\J\ asatir. — (cor(i) J«*. 
^abl ; ^ULjA. ]^abla-t ; i^y mara- 
sa-t (pl. fj>»j^ maras, u*^/*^ am- 
ras). — (equator) \f^'^\ Ll ha^t 
al-istiwa. — (roWy line of battle) 
i-A-> 9aff (pl. ^yu 9ufM).— 
(^fishing-line) 8;^ ^innara-t (pl. 
^ -At, «>iU« ^ananir). 

LiNB, V. (mark with lines) Uod. hat- 
tat, yuhattit ; ^ sattar, yusat- 
tir. — (cover ths inside) ^^ bat- 
tan, yubattin. 

Lineage, «. ^;»i zurriya-t (pl. <4)V»i 
zarari) ; J^ kl (pl. J V awal) ; 
J--* nasi (pl. JL-i^ ansal) ; s-^-i 
nasab (pl. v*Uj^ ans^b). 

Lineal, adj, (placed in lines) ^k*-^ 
musattar. — (descending) ^J^ 
nasli-y ; v , .,.,.,,. ^; ,>« muntasib. 

Lineament, s, qJ^ taqti' (pl. 

e^tUB? taqati*). 
Linear, adj, o'^j^ hututi-y« 
Linen, s. (^\s^ ^>Ui qumai kattan ; 

jl bazz. — (underclothing) i^Ui 

yiW qumai baya^. 
Linen, adj, (;)^ {^y min kattan; 

yi (^ min bazz. 

LiNEN-DBAPEB, 8, )\yi bazzaz. 

Linger, v, (languish) ^ saqim, 
yasqam. — (loiter) sifS ta'awwaq, 
yata*awwaq ; J*^ bata, yubati ; 
JaU mdhal, yumahil ; ^^ ta'ah- 
har, yata'ahhar. 

Linguist, s. ui>UU\ ^le <&lim al- 

lugat ; Ijt^ ui>U) ^JU^ mu'allam 

lugat kasira-t. 
Linguistic, adj, ^^^\ fX^ v^^ 

munasib 'ilm al-luga-t. 
Liniment, s, f^y marham (pL 

fj^\y marahim) ; (^y^^ dnh^. 
Lining, s, ^% batana-t. 
Link, s, ^^ halqa-t (pl. ui>UdL. 

halaqat, ^j^ ^alaq); I^jij zara- 

da-t ; *4Xa^ masakk. 
Link, v, ^y^ salsal, yusalsil; ^^ 

qayyad, yuqayyid.^ 
Linnet, s, )^^ ixxrixir. 
Lint, s, (flax) s-*^ qunnab, qin- 

nab. — (for wounds) «>n^ katit. 
Lintel, s, a^U^ ^^-» *ataba-t fau- 

qiiuiya-t (pl. «w^ -at, s-^*^ *atab) ; 

S^t^\ uskubba-t. 
Lintseed, Linseed, s, (^U^t j^ 

bizr al-kattan ; ^j'^ qumbus. 
Lion, s. ^ asad (pl. ^ usud, 

•>^^ usud) ; g«— sabu* (pl. gW-* 

siba') ; ^-^ lais (pl. ^y^ 

Lioness, s. «t>^ lab wa-t. — (with 

young) il<-A^ mu^bila-t. 
Lip, 8, Sj^ 6affa-t (pl. »Vaai [§if4h, 

UOit, ^ufuf, «J^ ^ifaf).— (e(i^e) 

^ fum, famm (pl. ^\^\ afwah, 

(•Ui^ afmam). 
Liquefaction, s. s-si^'i* tazwib; 

ia L .ftMj> tasbik. 
Liquefy, v, v>j*i zawwab, yuzaw- 

wib ; c£)l^«• sabbak, yusabbik. 
Liqueur, s. ^/» saraba-t. 
Liquid, s. g*V^ mayi* (pl. g^\y 

mawayi*) ; ^ c* L-^ iniya*a-t. — 

(liquid letter) ^W layyina-t. 
Liquid, adj. 51U mayi* ; JjU- 

savil ; s-s>^»i ?ay^^* 
Liquidate, v. (accounts) v>l-^^ xoj 

ra^ad al-hisab, yar^ud. 
Liquidation, s, v>Li^\ ^!^ hal&9 

Liquor, s. (liquid) fft^ mayi* (pl, 

ff}y ■ maw ay i*). — (intoxicating 

drink) ^^ ^arab (pl. ^^\ a^ri- 

ba-t) ; S/^^ hamra-t (pl. ^y*^ 

Liquorice, s, ^^ bus ; (j«^ JjA 

4rq siis. 





Lisp, v. ^*a«j tamtam, yutamtim ; 

[^ lakin, yalkan. 
Lisp, Lisping, «. ^U*? tamtama-t ; 

^/^ lukAna-t. 
List, 8. (register) ^Vl qayima-t; 

KA^j^i fihrist (pi. cH^V ^Q'^^iSy 

Pen,); /**> daftar (pi. yUj 

dafatir. Pars.), — (arena) (J^^x^^ 

maidan, midan (pi. (^^W* maya- 

List, v, (enrol) **M» ^abak, yas- 

buk. — (desire) ,j6**»^ i^taha, yai- 

tahi ; s-^j ragib, yargab. 
Listen, v, q*^ sama', yasma' ; 

^ .^^ x ^\ istasamaS yastasami' ; 

*j>^ na^at, yan^it ; u^^aa? tanaf- 

9at, yatajia99at. 
Listener, s. g .>. ■■'■ ? .■■■*• musta8ami^ 
Listless, adj, (without desire or 

energy) *>;W barid. — (careless) 

J»^ gAfil. 
LisTLEssNBSS, s. S^^;» buT^da-t ; 

6\At gafla-t ; l*y% bal&da-t. 
LiTEBAL, adj. <Ji*J lafzi-y; <^^ 

lugawi-y, lagawi-y. 


,^ykX ma'na lugawi-y ; ^^\ ^y«^ 

ma^na a^li-y; *^y^y ^^ diqqa-t 

Literally, adv. s^f^, *^^ harf bi- 

harf ; ,3o5J^ ^J^ *ala tadqiq. 
Literary, adj. s-st^^^ adib. 
Literati, adj. W^^ udaba. 
Literature, s. v>U!)^ al-adab ; ^ 

*^S3\ 41 m al-adab. 
Lithe, Lithesome, adj. <-A»a^ ah- 

yaf , f . UeA haifa (pi. *-M; hif) ; 

«-A«*e^ muhaf haf ; Ok*; raqiq (pi. 

j\ij riqaq). 


riqqa-t, raqqa-t ; ^W liy4na-t. 
Litigate, v. ^^ ha^am, yuha^im ; 

^^ taha^am, yataha^am; {jU 

naza*, yunazi* ; gj^ tanaza*, ya- 

Litigation, s. ^s}^*^ da'wa (pi. 

0^Uj da*awa) ; £*^««*- hu^uma-t ; 

^ qadiya-t (pi. ^Ui qa4aya) ; 

l»i\y murafa*a-t. 
Litigious, adj. ^^^^^ muda*i. 
Litigioubness, 8. ^^ lajaj. 

Litter, s. J»^*^ matmal (pi. J*W* 
mahamil); i*^^ muljaffa-t; ^•>^ 
haudaj (pi. e^^y^ hawadij) ; ^s.-^ 
(^\^j tait rawan (Pers.). 

Little, adj. (in quantity) J«^ 
qalil (pi. o^ qaliliiii, J& qulul, 
JUUi qilal, '^\ aqilla). — (matt) 
;«** 9agir (pL JU* ^igar, ^;*- 

Little, s. k^ 6uwaiya-t; Je** 
qalil ; J^ ^ qalil 6e-y. 

Littleness, s. y^^ 9iga'r; fijU-o 
9agara-t ; j^ 9igar ; ^ qilla-t. — 
(n2ea7m68«) ^«^^ (••^^ *adam al- 
himma-t ; ^3 zilla-t. 

LiTURGic, Liturgical, adj. «j-* 

Liturgy, s. {j^ \suqB (pi. tr*^ 

Live, v. ^^ tayi, yahya; ^Vc 
*as, ya'is. — (live upon) v> *a>^5F 
taqawwat bi, yataqawwat ; ,^uc^ 
i'tas, ya*tai. — (dwell) ^^ sakan, 
yaskun. — (flourish) ^ na*im, 
yan'am; ^*aaJ tana'^am, yata- 


Liveliness, s. Soa. hidda-t; S;\^ 

harara-t; I»ufti uasat. 
Livelong, (u/;. (lasting) ^\*> d&- 

yim ; JjJ* tawil (pi. J\ J* tiw&l, 

J^ tiy^). 

Lively, aei;. ^U nk&i% ; Waj naiif ; 
*>^ l^add ; *4J^ harik. 

Liver, s. ^ kabid (pi. *>W^ ak- 
bad). — (together with hearty 
lungSf and spleen) (jJU^ ma^aliq 
(pi. of jU. miaaq). 

Livid, adj. ^\ a^far, f . \/^ ^afra ; 

yk.^ mu^farr. 
LiviDiTY, s. jU-B 9ufar; (i)^\ ^ 

tagayyur al-laun. 

Living, s. (livelihood) <jA^ *ai^; 
^U*« ma*as ; iA-j*^ ina*isa-t (pi. 
{J^\^ ma*ayi^) ; jj; rizq (pi. 
jy})\ arzaq). — (manner of life) 
^^As* *ai^a-t. 

Lizard, s. (^;^ waran ; iij^ wara- 
na-t ; ,j^ji burai? ; yai^j y^ abd 
burai?; s-^-* ^jbabb (pi. s--*^ 




Lo, interj, ^\ iz; \^\ iza; jti\ 

unzur; (jjt inna. 
Load, 8. (burden) ^l^^ ^ila-t ; flU«. 

tamla-t; J4*- haml (pi. JUo^^ 

al^mal). — (cargo) ^^4^ ^amula-t ; 

,j^y wasq (pi. j^; wusuq, <>-^\ 

ausuq) ; ^; wasqa-t. 
Load, v, (animals) J^a. hammal, 

yuhammil. — (a ship) <>-^ wasaq, 

yasiq; <3-^\ ausaq, yusiq. — (a 

gun) j*^ 'ammar, yu'ammir ; jo 

daqq, yaduqq. 
LoAD8TON£, «. ^jmJaa4« ^^^a. hajar 

Loaf, s, «-M^^ ragif (pi. ^j^ argi- 

fa-t, «-Afcj ruguf) ; ^ ^/ qur- 

sat hubz. — (sugar-loaf) jx>* s-^Vi 

qalib sukkar (pi. *^\f qawalib). 
Loam, s, {^ t^i^* 
Loam, v, ^U. tan, yatin ; (:j^ taj- 

yan, yutayyin. 
Loan, «. (0/ goods) ^J^ *iyara-t. — 

(of money) yj^f qar4 ; *^ qar- 

4a-t ; {^'^ din (pi. o^^*^ duyAn). 

— (wiUimiX interest) <-^i*« salaf . 
LoATHB, V. ^/ karih, yakrah ; fi;^ 

takarrah, yatakarrah ; i j ^SA j \ 

istakrah, yastakrih; /^ nafar, 

yanfur; w^vc *&f, ya*af, ya'if. 
Loathful, Loathsome, adj, ^^^ 

makriih ; &/ karih ; ^(^^ iani*. 
Loathing, s. ^^/ karahiya-t ; 

h\^Am\ istikrah; ^^ bug4a-t; 

S/i nafra-t. 
Loathsomeness, «. ^^A(^ ^ani'a-t 

(pi. ^Ufti 6anayi*); lc.\Au 6aqa- 

Lobby, «. )J^*> dihliz (pi. >i5Vife*> 

dahaliz) ; JI2; rauq (pi. i3\)^t 

Lobe, «. (ana^otn.) ^5^^) ragama. 
Lobster, s. otf^. (:j^«^ salta'to 

(salta'an) batri-y (pi. ;:)^^ 

Local, adj. sj^^ makani-y ; o^ 

Locality, s. ^y mau^a' (pi. 5*V 

maw4di') ; (^^ makan (pi. {^\A 

amakin, li^\ amkina-t) ; J^^ 

mahall (pi. JU^ mahall); fi^ 

maqam ; ^ s »^ ]|]iaisiya-t. 

Lock, s. (of a door) JAJ qufl (pi. 

JVa5^ aqfal) ; S^ sikra-t (pi. 

/V5L. sakakir); (j,yv^ kalun (pi. 

^J^^ kawalin). — (of hair) iJ^ 

fA halqa-t ^a'r; ^\^3 zuwaba-t 

(pi. s-siW zuwayib). 
Lock, v. ^ qafal, yaqful ; qaffal, 

yuqaffil; ^ sakkar, yusakkir. 
Locket, «. (amulet) }^ l^iiz (pi. 

)^f^ a^raz). 
Locksmith, s, JVAi qafEal; ^/^^ 

sakakiri-y ; ^W haddad. 
Locomotion, s. ^f- haraka-t ; ^ 

(^\^ naql makan ; Jto\ intiqal. 
Locomotive, s. ^\ h^ 'arabat an- 

Locust, s. l^\ft jarada-t (pi. ^\^ 

Lodge, s, (small house) Ijky^ du- 

Lodge, v, (deposit) £j>^ wada', 

yada*. — (give shelter) {^^ sak- 

kan, yusakkin; Jy nazzal, yu- 

nazzil. — (dwell) Jx^i sakan, yas- 

Lodges, s, ^«<4^ muqim. 
Lodging, s, Jy^ manzil (pi. Jj^ 

manazil) ; ^^ magwa (pi. ^^^^ 

Loft, s. ^M» ta*baqa-t (pi. jiM 

atbaq, iAt^\ atbiqa-t) ; ^U«i fas^- 

Loftiness, s. (height) £W;\ irtif4«. 

— (sublimity) Uhc 'asama-t; ^ 

*ul&-w. — (of mind) s^ji^ ^araii ; 

^♦A himma-t. — ('pride) p^ ta- 

kabbur; ^p^ kibriya; ty^"^ 

sumuh ; Ifii^Jb* ^mhara-t. 
Lofty, adj, (elevated) ^y mur- 

taa*; Jift *ali-y; JU *ali.— 

(high - minded) «-A2/» ^arif (pi. 

sj\y\ asraf, U»^ ^urafa) ; m^ 

karim(pl. f*^/kiram). — (haughty) 

yi^A» mutakabbir. 
Log, «. S^^ qurma-t ; ^ji qirmi- 

ya-t (pi. ^y^Ji qarami). 
Logarithms, s. Mi\ ji; wafq al- 

Loggerhead, s. ^^«^ huka'a-t; 

S>^^ hubaka-t ; jUa. l^dmar ; ij^ 

tais (pi. ij^ tuyib). 




Looic, 8. (3W3\ JLc «ilm al-mantiq. 
LooiCAL, adj, vJH**^^ s-*9-y* J* *ala 

mujib al-mautiq; ^jix* man- 

Logician, 8. ^jiox^ mantaqi-j. 
Loin, s. s-*^ ^alb (pi. s-J^^ a^lub, 

v>U a^l&b). 
Loiter, v, J--^ kasil, yaksal ; J-^ 

takasal, yatakasal; ^-W batu, 

yabtA ; /^^^ ista'har, yasta'hir. 
Loiterer, s, J-«^^^ mutakasil ; 

(^liu^ kaslan. 
Loitering, 8. ^oj hn\(i ; JUa\ ih- 

Lone, Lonely, Lonesome, adj, 

{place) *>;A*^ inunfarid.—( ^eraon) 

^i^fj* mutawahhid. 
Loneliness, Loneness, Lone- 

Someness, 8. ^\^\ infirad; l^^y 

wahda-t ; ^-a^* wahi^t. 
Long, adj, Jijil» t^-wil (pi. J^^ 

tiwal) ; J|j*X4^ mamddd. — (dow) 

^ baii-y ; ^W*^ mutabati. 
Long, v. ^J^ j^\ i^taq ila, ya^taq ; 

^y s-i; ragib fi, yargab ; ^^e^^ 

i^taha, ya^tabi. 

LONGEYAL, adj. j4*i\ Ji^ t^wil al- 

*umr (pi. ^}^^ tiwal, tuwal). 

LoNGEYITY, 8. j*^\ fi^ %^LiSLt al- 


Longing, 8. jy» iSauq (pi. J^y*^ 
a^waq) ; j\<^\ i^tiyaq ; ^j rag- 
ba-t ; f^j^ garam. 

Longitude, «. J^ t^l. — (degree of) 
\^\ i^^j darajat at-tul (pi. ©;*> 

Longitudinal, adj. ^J^j^ ^Mani-y. 

Look, v. (glance) ^ nagar, yangur ; 
glL? tatalla*, yatatalla* (both 
with J\ ila). — (^oA: /or) ^\ 
intasar, yantazir. — (look into) 
e^*^. baha§, yabhas ; j^^ fa^a?, 
yafha?. — {look out) tj^ fatta^, 
yufattiii. — (appear) (^^ ban, 
yaban ; ^"^ ^ la-hu manzar. 

Look, «. ^ nazar (pi. ^^\ angar) ; 
l^ nazra-t; ^ t^Ua-t. — {ap- 
pearance) jJkA* manzar (pi. ;iU^ 
manazir) ; h^ riiya-t; ^^ wajh 
(pi. fi^^ wujuh). . , , , 

Looking-glass, «. &*/• mirat (Yulg. 

^f mir&ya-t; pi. \y mara, \^f 

maraya) ; j^lhA- minz&r. 
Loom, «. g— ** minsaj (pi. g-^^^ 

manasij) ; Jy naul (pi. J^y^ 

Loom, 8. c^ lah, yal^l^ ; y^Vb* taza- 

bar, yatazahar. 
Loop, 8, {noose) ^ fabh (pi. 6^ 

fih&h, e^ fuhiih) ; iJ V tibala-t 

(pi. JiW^ hibayif). 
Loose, adj. {not fastened) cfX&&^ 

munfakk ; J ^ »>• munhall. — 

(?aaj) ^^/« murtaha; ^js^^s-^ 

mustarha. — (nof costive) {^^ 

mulayyan. — {wanton) <>-^ fasiq ; 

yfcVc *4hir ; u^U f&hi^. 
Loose, v. {untie) J**- Ijiall, ya^ull ; 

**U fakk, yaf ukk. — {set at liberty) 

{joHa. halla?, yuballi?. 
Loosen, v. (relax) ^^J rahha, yu- 

rahhi. — {the bowels) Je-^ ashal, 

yushil ; (jj layyan, yulayyin. 
Looseness, s. {relaxation) S^U.^ ra- 

hawa-t. — (lewdness) 5^ iahwa-t. 

— {of the bowels) J^\ ish&l; 

^^fiQi^^ (^V« sayalan al-bafn. 
Lop, v. glai qata*, yaqta* ; w^^ 

qarcjab, yuqar^ib. — {prune) fh 

qallam, yuqalliin ; ^^ kasaJti^, 

Lopping, s. l^ji qar^aba-t ; l^\^ 

Loquacious, adj. f^^\ jt^ kasir 

al-kalam; l^\ ^ kagir al- 

galaba-t ; ^^^W^ galabawi-y ; 

y jk^ mihzar. 
Loquaciousness, Loquacity, s. 

^\ l^ kasra-t al-kalam ; ;UJ 

fu^ar; l^ galaba-t. 
Lord, s. {master) s— »"U ^ahib (pi. 

v>W*^ a^tab); v>j rabb (pi. 

v>Vjj^^ arbab) ; ^Jy• maula (pi. 

^J^y• mawali). — {husband) J*> 

ba4 (pi. JW bi'&l).— (my Iwd) 

,^A<j^ Q ya sayyadi. — {addressing 

God) jtj Vj y& rabbi. 
Lord, v. s-sy tarabbab, yatarab- 

bab ; ^^^ tasallat, yatasallat. 
Lordship, s. {dominion) S;U\ ima- 

ra-t; ^U malikiya-t. — (*t<Ze) 

fi^ ha^ra-t. 




Lose, v, (mislay) Qt^ ^ayya, yu- 
4ayyi*. — (opposed to gain) ^— *- 
hasir, yahsar. — (as hope, courage, 
^^') ; &^ qata*, yaqta*. 

Loss, s. S^U.^ kasdra-t ; (^y^^ bus- 
ran; ^^ naq9; ^Ufi^ nuq94ii ; 
•»** faqd. — Xdestruction) »«J)U 
halak ; iS^t halaka-t. •— (waste) 
u;^\ itlaf .— (6c at a loss) ^ ta- 
tayyar, yatahiayyar. 

Lot, s, v^ na^ib (pi. \^\ an^ibi, 
^^\ an9iba-t) ; &;* qur'a-t (pi. 
S^ qura'); f^9^ sabm (pi. (•vh 
sibam). — (fate) ^U—i qisma-t ; 
Ui qa4a (pi. l6^\ aqdiya-t) ; j^ 
qadr (pi. j\J>i\ aqdar). — (cast lots) 
dcya\ v»^ darab al-qur*a-t, ya4- 
ri^; J/ qaraS yaqru*; ^^ 
s4ham, yusahim ; ^Uj tasaham, 

Lotion, «. jy^ natM ; J^*^ gasul. 

LoTTEBY, s. s-^ na^ib; ^^ 

Loud, adj. v&>^\ ^U <ali a9-9aut. 

Loudness, s. ^^ SjuIi iiddat a?- 

Lounge, v, ^ ba^A, yabtA ; J-^ 
kasil, yaksal ; J^^ tak&sal, ya- 

LouNOEB, s, J^««X« miksal. 

Louse, s, Jm qamla-t (pi. J^i 

Louse, v, ^ falla, yufalli. 

Love, s. (passion) (>a* 'isq ; ^^yfc 
bawa (pi. \y^^ abwa) ; ft^jt garam ; 
UU«i ia'af ; (•^ buyam. — (affec- 
tion) s-^ bubb ; i-t^^ mubab- 
ba-t ; o^ wadd. 

Love, v, ^JJ^ *a^iq, ya*6aq; uu«i 
i^'af , ya^'af ; f\J^ bam, yabim. — 
(he fond of) s-^ babb, ya^ubb, 
yal^ibb ; «>^ wadd, yawadd. 

Loveliness, s. Sj\^ zarafa-t ; <jX 
zarf ; li^ latafa-t ; ^W jamal ; 
{^^-^ busn ; ^^»X* malaba-t. 

Lovely, ac(/. J«<4^ jamil ; «»A^ 

la^f (pi. ^^ lit&f ) ; *-*»> zarif 
(pi. U^ zurafa, u»;^ zuruf, u\^ 
zir&f) ; «JM^ aniq. 
Low, cidj. (not elevated) J»^ wa^i-y ; 
^J^\) wati. — (mean) ^ j ^ f**^ basis ; 

^ haqir; <j>*> dani (pi. Uj 

duna'&, ^*>^ adna). — (not loud) 

^j*4.bafi-y; <jt^^wati. 
Low, V. fi iia*ar, yan*ar ; gc *ajj, 

ya*ij j ; J^ bar, yabAr. 
Loweb, V, (bring down) ^^y watta, 

yuwatti ; jy nazzal, yunazzil. — 

(J^sen) j5 qallal, yuqallil ; <ja» 

naqqa^, yunaqqi9. — (degrade) 

JX3 zallal, yuzallil ; yt. haqqar, 

Lowing, s, jU* nu'ar ; ^^ buwar. 
Lowliness, s, tf*^ hudii*; ^\f 

Lowly, adj, (humble) g*^ b&di*; 

^\f^ mutawa^i*. 
LowNBSS, s, y^) wa^ii ; f\^j\ ^ 

'adam irtifa*. — (meanness) ijW. 

baqara-t ; ^ .■*« » *»* basisa-t. 
Loyal, adj, {^^\ amin (pi. U»^ 

Timana); U^ s-^^ 9ahib waf&; 

joU 9adiq ; <3i Ju» 9iddiq ; ^««A9Um* 

Loyalist, s, ^\jm ^i zii 9adaqa-t ; 

U^ s-^U 9a^ib wafa. 
Loyalty, s. ^U.\ i^a'a-t; S^\ix^\ 

istiqama-t ; jJu» 9idq ; U^ wafa. 
Lubbioate, v. ^*> dabban, yadab- 

bin ; <jpj zallaq, yuzalHq. 
LuBBiOATiON, s. {^»>s tadbiu ; 

^y tazHq. 
LuBBioiTY, s, i^^*y dusi]lma-t ; 

&t^^ dabniya-t. — (lewdness) (j-i*> 

danas ; i^ i^bwa-t ; ^^ i&hh' 

Lucid, o^;. ^-^^^ wa4it; Hr* 9*i^ 

(pi. W;- guraba, c«V ^arayi^). 
Lucidity, Lucidness, «. t^^-^\ 

ida^ ; ^U« 9ara^t. 
Luck, s. ^^ tab* (pi. gJU tawali') ; 

JWi^ iqbal; SoU- sa'ada-t; va-rfp 

babt (Per«.). — (had luck) <j-pb* 

nabs (pi. fj0f^ nubus). 
Luckless, adj. u^y^^ ma,n^(iB ; 

ode*. dJ U ma la-bu babt; JJiS 

ifi^-at)^^ qalil al-babt; ^j &■»■>• 

ma^'iiin (pi. ^%«^«a>^ ma^a'im). 
Lucky, adj. a , ^* ^ sa'id ; jl^i.w 

mu8*ad ; «fc^ s-^U 94tib babt. 

LucBATivE, adj. *M^ mufid; ^\i 
na&* ; ^y murabbil^. 




Lucre, s. 

kasb; ^j ribh ; 

Sj«U fajida-t ; i^«A^ manm'a-t. 
Ludicrous, adj. «fX^«&^ mud^ik ; 

S;9e««^ mashara-t. 
LuDiCR0U8NESs, «.;Qe«^ tamashur ; 

J)6> tahazzul ; ^^ tahrij. 
LuooAaE, 8, u^ labas ; ^^^ ba- 

asbab (pi. of s-«<^ sabab). 
Lugubrious, adj.j^>^ mukaddir; 

^»A^ mugimm. 
Lukewarm, adj, ^\i fatir ; JJ^»^ 

mu'tadil. — (o/ a person) •>)W 

barid ; /U f&tir ; 8^ dJ U mi la- 

hu gira-t. 
Lukbwarmnbss, 8. jy^ f utiir ; Sj^*} 

burdda-t; ijt^\ ^ qillat ^- 

Lull, v. (a child) ^ najjam, yu- 

LuLLABT, 8. £^«^. bajbaja-t. 
LuMBAOO, «. JU^ ruma^ 
Lumber, «. JVa^ a^qal (pi. of Jitf 

gaqal). — (timber) s-^a^ ha^b (pi. 

^\j^\ ahikh). 
Lumber-room, «. J^j^\ ^y^ haz- 

na-t al-far^. 
Luminary, «. ^ nayyir (du. (^\y^ 

nayyir&n, *• sun and moon ") ; 

^\j^ f^"-^ jasm nurani-y. 
Luminous, adj, jy^ munawwir; 

«x* munir; ^j**^ mu^i; C^^ 

LuMiNOUSNEss, «. ^y niir (pi. jV^ 

aowar) ; ^ ^H, 
Lump, «. fi^kutla-t (pi. Ja^kutal) ; 

Wj qit*a-t (pi. ^ qita*). 
Lunacy, «. ^^ juniin; (^^^ 

hazayan ; W^ saudi. 
Lunar, adj, ^;4i qamari-y. 
Lunatic, adj,, 8. oy^^ majnilln 

(pi. (:><s*W^ majanin) ; \J*jf^ 

malt^i^ ; ^^W^ sauddwi-y. 
Lunation, «. j^\ j^«> daur al- 

qamar (pi. j^^*>^ adw4r). 
Lunch, Luncheon, «. \^ gi?a (pi. 

^ j^^ agziya-t) ; ^^ luhja-t ; 

J^^J lumja-t. 
Lung, «. ^j riya-t. 
Lupine, 8, {j^f tunnus, tarmus 


Lurch, 8, ^^ balasa-t. 

Lure, 8, ^U*L tii*nia-t (pi. f^ 

tii^am) ; ^•W jazba-t. 
Lure, v, v**W jazab, yajzub ; £41 

tamma', yutammiS 
Lurid, adj, j^sjl^ mu'attam, mu- 

*tim ; jJir-x« mukaddir ; ^J^ 

Lurk, v, (j^ kaman, yakmun ; 

kamin, yakman ; J^j ra^ad, yar- 

9ud ; ^Jt^ tahabba, yatahabba. 
Lurking-place, 8, ^^ mar^ad 

(pi. ^^ mara^id) ; {^^ mak- 

man (pi. (jj^^^ makamin) ; {^^ 

Luscious, adj, h^ laziz (pi. J3 

luzz, 3\JJ lizaz) ; ^ hulii ; s>«Ve 

LusciousNEss, 8. l^ hal&wa-t. 
Lust, 8, l^ ^ahwa-t ; ^y» hawa 

(pi. \^ ahwa) ; (j-«« nafs (pL 

^J*y» nufiis, \j^\ anfus). 
Lust, v, W^ ^aha, ya^hii; ^^9^^ 

i^taha, ya^tahi. 
Lustful, adj, ^J\'*^ nafsani-y; 

yj^^ 4ahwahni-y ; Oh»^ fasiq. 
Lustfulness, 8, ^UJk» nafsani- 

ya-t ; ^3— i fisq. 

Lustiness, 8, If quwwa-t; l^%» 
salama-t ; l^J^y^ 'afiya-t. 

Lustre, 8, (splendour) W^ ^iysL; 
Itf^ jalwa-t; <jpM raunaq. — 
(renown) J^^^ majd ; j\^sa\ iMi' 
bar ; ^ f ahr. 

Lustrous, adi, yt*^ munir; <3\;) 
barraq ; g^J lami^ 

Lusty, adj, ^f qawi-y ; f^^ 
salim (pi. UJL 8ulam4). 

Lute, e. o*^ *aud (pi. ^fj^ 

Luxuriance, 8. S^ kasra-t; i*3\i) 

ziya4a-t; j^ fai4; ^; raha; 

jf^ wuf iir ; 8;** wafra-t. 
Luxuriant, adj, {J»i\i f &yi4 ; ^b 

wafir ; jt^ kagir (pi. j^ kigar) ; 

jfy mauf^br. 
Luxuriate, v. f^\i n&'am, yuna4m ; 

f^»js tana"am, yatana'^am. 
Luxurious, adj, ^U* muna'am; 





Lying, s. v>*3^ takazzab. 
Lying, adj. ^^ kazzab. 


Lynx, 8, ^ fahd (pi. «>^ fuMd, 

^\ afhud). 
Lybe, 8, •>^ *aud (pi. {^y^y^fi 



Mace, 8, (8ceptre) s-*«^ qaijitb (pi. 

oW-*J qadban) ; Uc <a?& (pi. Uc\ 

a*8a). — (cZii6) va^^ nabbut (pi. 

(A^tifW nab&bit) ; u^ji^ dabbiis 

(pi. cr*«*W*^ dababis;. — (ttpice) 

s-J» }ft jauz tib. 
Machinate, v. JV;^^ ihtdl, jahtal ; 

21^ J4ie 'amil ^ila-t, ja^mal; 

jlW tadahal, yatad&hal. 
Machination, 8, i^ htila^t ; JW*^^ 

Machine, «. ^T &la-t ; v> ^ dM&b 

(pi. s-hJ^^*> dawalib) ; OMV^ 

manjaniq (pi. <J^^ manajiq, 

(JMW^ majaniq). 
Machinist, 8. < J » v ^*^ manjam- 

Mackebbl, 8. ^yUUy usqumn 

Mad, adj. or*^^ majnftn (pi. (^ V* 

maj^n) ; v*yL^ maslub ; \J»jf^ 

Madcap, «. (^f^^ majniin. 
Madden, v. {^ jannan, jujannin ; 

^^^ ajann, yujinn; Jt^ habal, 

yahbal ; habbal, juhabbil. 
Madhouse, 8. ^Ljl^U m&rist^n 

{Per8, for (^j^jW bimaristan). 
Madness, 8. ey^ juniin ; J-^ 

habl, hubl ; J^ tahabbul ; (j<il)\ 

Magazine, 8. o>^^ mahzan (pi. 

OjW» mahizin) ; J^Va. ha^il (pi. 

JI-»^^ ll^iawa^il). — (mUcellany) 

Q^-^^ majma' (pi. g^V* maji- 

Maggot, 8. (arub) S->^«> diida-t (pi. 

(j)\ J^*> didan). — (wAm) ^^ wahm 

(pi. f*^^^ auham). 
Magi, 8. {j^y^^ majiis (pL of 


Magic, «. p*-» sifyr. — (of beauty) 

^■»»^ simiji. 
Magical, a(2/. ^jW« sa^l^ari-j ; 

^_j4— li» iilsami-j. 
Magician, «. y^^ sa^ir (pi. S;^«« 

sahara-t, W« sul^ara) ; jW* salji- 

Magistracy, a. ^^^ hukuma-t; 

k"^) walaja-t ; Ui qa^a (pL &t»^^ 

Magistrate, a. ^*^ ^^kim (pL 

fUa. tukkam); ^j*U q&^i (pi. 

8UI qudat); J\^ w&li (pi. 811^ 

Magnanimity, 8. l^Jh himma-t; 

^\/ karama-t. 
Magnanimous, adj. ^Ui^ s-^U 

9&hib himma-t (pi. v*W«\ a^l^&b) ; 

m/ karim (pi. ft\/ kiram) ; fXJ^ 

numam (pi. ^Ua bimam). 
Magnate, 8. yt4 kabir (pi. ^ 

kibar, \y4 kabara) ; v»j rabb (pi. 

v»Wj^ arb&b). 
Magnet, 8. ^J»^»t^aJJu^ j^ l^ajar mag- 

Magnetic, Magnetical, adj, 

,j— tJft**^ magnatisi-y. — (attra^- 

tive) v»3W jazib. 
Magnetise, v. ^ j >* J aiA4i\i «cU. ]|^akk 

bi-*l-magnatiB, yahukk. 
Magnetism, 8. ^j ^ J ^ ^^y f^\y^ ha- 

wa99 al-magnatis. 
Magnificence, «. S^ fahra-t; 

JV jalal ; JV ^y^ 'izz wa jal&l ; 

^^ i^uka-t. 
Magnificent, 8. />U f&hir; /^skf 

muftahar ; JisW jalil. 
Magnify, v. (exalt) j4 kabbar, yu- 

kabbir; ^ 'azzam, yu'azzim; 

j)ft ^SLZzaa, yu'azziz. — (prai8e) c**^ 

madal^, yamda^; tUft. ^^unad, 




yahmnd ; *3^^^ majjad, jumaj- 
yid.— (amplify) ^^ wassa*, yu- 
wassi* ; ^j zayjad, yuzajyid. 

Magniloquence, s. M^ iuikr 
;U;i*\ iftihar. 

Magniloquent, adj, j^i fa^^r 
fksi^ muftahir. 

Magnitude, s. y4 kubr ; ^ 'uzm 
l*^ 'azama-t. 

Magpie, «. <3*&b *aq*aq (pi. ^jcVac 
*aqa*iq) ; i^Jui^ kandu^. 

Maid, Maiden, «. u>^ bint (pi. 
*A>W banat) ; ^ bikr (pi. ;C^ 
akbar) ; ^y^ bat{lla-t ; \)A-xi 

(pi. ^4;^^ jawari). 

Maiden, Maidenly, adj, ^^^ 

Maidenhead, s, ^^ bakara-t; 
^fi batuliya-t. 

Mail, «. (armour) Jj*> dir* (pi. 
l\^S\ adra*, t})^ duru*) ; *>)J 
zarad (pi. *>^j|3^ azrad, *>jj;j zuritd). 
— (letter-bag) ^J^k*^\ ^^^^ kis 
al-bostaji. — (conveyance) ^^^ 

Maim, v. f ^ jada*, yajda* ; jy^ 
*awwar, yu*awwir. 

Main, adj, Jp\ awwal (pi. JjU 
awayil, ^^^( awali), f. ^^\ \ila 
(pi. ss>U3^\ May at) ; ^J^^ a^li-y ; 
^jju muqaddam. 

Main, «. (total) ^W jumla-t (pi. 
j4->- jumal). — (ocean) W^^ ^^^ 
al-bahr al-muhit ; j^\ al-ba^r 
(pi. jf^. bu^ur, jW. bihar). — (con- 
tinent) p^\ al-barr (pi. j^ burur). 

Mainly, adj, "V^ galiban ; 'U^i. 

Maintain, v, (preserve) IfcA*- hafiz, 
yal^faz ; {j^f^ haras, ya^rus, yah- 
ris. — (support) v£>^ qat, yaqiit; 
J^ kafal, yakful ; (^U man, 
yamun. — (affirm) j^ qarrar, yu- 
qarrir ; *i^ akkad, yu'akkid ; 

gabbat, yusabbit. 

Maintenance, s, ^f qiit (pi. 

%z>\j~J\ aqw4t) ; yJiLjt^ ma^as ; 

lA^ ma'ii&a-t (pL (j^U^ ma- 

*ayi6). — (defence) ^U». Ij^maya-t ; 

Sm\^ muhafaza-t. 
Majestic, Majestical, a, s-^^ 

l^t^ 9a^ib haiba-t; JeW jalil 

(pi. M ajiUa). 
Majesty, 8. ^^ haiba-t; ^ya* 

^auka-t; ^V jalala-t. — (h'efe) 

S^ ]|;ia4ra-t; &>liu. Ba'4d&-t ; 

^V jalala-t. 
Majob, adj, ^ akbar, f. sjjt^ 

kubra (pi. ^ kubar) ; /^ akgar ; 

f^\ a'zam, f. <^54Jbe <uzma. 
Majob, «. ^^ nazir (pi. j^ nuz- 

zar); o**^ **^ ^^^ ^^i C^"^" 

ba^i, TwrA;.). 
Majority, «. (greater number) /^ 

aksar. — (full age) ^j-^ c^ 

bulug ^r*i-y. 
Make, v, J«i fa*al, yaf al ; (^ 

^ana*, ya^na*. — (form) ^V* ^ag, 

ya9Uff.-^(crea<c) O^*- halaq, yah- 

luq ; \ji bara, yabra. — (gain) s-*--^ 

kasab, yaksib; ^j rabi^, yar- 

Make, Making, s, (form) iJ^ 

9iga-t ; S*^ ^iiiu-t (pi. jyo ^uwar) ; 

^ ^akl (pi. yi\^ aikal, J/ai 

s^uk{il). — (structure) v^/ tar- 

kib. — (workmanship) ^^^^ ^an'a-t. 
Makeb, s. (creator) v5^ hall^; 

jpU h&liq ; <^;W bari. 
Mal-administbation, s. ^•xsS^ ft«S^ 

*adam at-tadbir ; ij\Si\ ^oe <adam 

al-idarat ; ^W^\ ^ 'adam as- 

Malady, s. \J>y» manujl (pl. u*V*^ 

amr&d) ; ^ *illa-t (pl. jU «ilal) ; 

U da (pl. \y:^ adw&). 
Malcontent, adj, ^^) ^ gair 

ra^i ; ^y"^ ytM- gair mabsiit- 
Male, adj,^ s, f^ zakar (pl. j^«S 

zukur) ; f^ muzakkar. 
Malediction, s, ^ la'na-t. 
Malefactob, 8. s-^*U muznib ; 

fi^^^ mujrim. 
Malevolence, s, S^W 'adawa-t; 

{^y^ *udwan. 
Malevolent, adj, c5j^J^ *ad&wi-y. 
Malice, s, ^W^ habiga-t; h^ 

Malicious, adj. JJ^ ^u^t-j (pl. 




Ws^^ aiqij^); ^^o»^ habis (pi. 

U^ hubasa). 
Maliciousness, 8. ^W^ habasa-t. 
Malign, Malignant, adj, j^t^ 

(j^U ^fin ; (^^!a^ Saltan. — (in- 
fecting) ^^'A*^ mu*di; ^4)U s&ri. 

— (pemiciovs) {j^y^^ man^iis ; 

«iU^ muhlik. 
Malign, v, ^ ^ namm 'ala, ja- 

numm; <e>^4 «>y>« sawwad wajh- 

ha, yusawwid. 
Malignancy, Malignity, s, i^Uj 

baga4a-t; i^ bug4a-t; ^j^ ^ir- 

Mall, Mallet, «. j*i^ midaqq, 

muduqq; &J^ midaqqa-t (pi. 

j^A^ mad&qq). 
Mall, v, s^ darab, ya^rib; j«> 

daqq, jaduqq. 
Malleability, a. •5\as*«1I^ i^M 

q&biUjat al-imtidid (1>L^:)\ al- 

imbisit) ; ^^ lajana-t. 
Malleable, adj. •^^♦t jamtadd 

(3 aor. Yiii.) ; W .^» s t jambasit 

(3 aor. VII.). 
Malpractice, «. ^^^^^ SjU <4da-t 

qabi^a-t ; S^W^ rad&wa-t; «>V^ 

Malt, 8. ^6*^^ ^ 9ufl a^-^a'ir. 
Maltbeat, v. ^ zalam, yazlim; 

^^3\ &za, yu'&zi. 
Maltbeatment, 8. ^ zulm ; h^\ 

Malyebsation, 8. (^ gi^^; ^^ 

hijana-t ; ^^ hila-t. 
Mammal, 8, l^Uj^ mura^da'a-t. 
Mammon, 8, (riches) JU mal (pi. 

Jl^yA amwal) ; ^y^ gana ; *j;J 

Man, 8, (human being) ^Uj\ insan 

(pi. <j«V> nas) ; f^^\ (^\ ibn adam 

(pL ^y* bani). — (^Ae Ataman race) 

fj0\jy\ an-n&s; yAj^ al-ba^ar. — 

(male) J^ rajul (pi. JW; rijal) ; 
^ mar (pi. mjV mar'un). — 

(person) j^a^ &n9 (pi. v^Ua\ 

cUha?) ; (j-AJ nafs (pi. u«J»\ 

anf us) ; j^ nafar (pi. j^\ anf&r). 
Majt, r. ^y Ja\ g*^ wa4a' ahl fi, 

ya^a' ; {^^^ j^at^an, ya^i;Lan. 

Manacle, 8. ^ qaid (pi. *yyt^ 

quyud); Jfc gull (pi. jifc^ 

Manage, v. ^«> dabbar, yudabbir ; 

/»W ba^, yuba^ir; gJU «&laj, 

Manageable, adj. y*^ yudabbar 

(3 aor. pass, ii.) ; aAiji yuri^ 

(3 aor. pass. iy.). 
Management, 8. ^-t^^J^ tadbir; 

ijdXt^ mublUara-t ; ^U^ mu'&- 

Mandate, «. v»\ amr (pi. yAt^\ 

awamir); f^ ^ukm (pi. f^^\ 

ahkam) ; ^^ wa$iya-t (pi. VjtU^ 

wa^aya) ; ^y tau^iya-t. 
Mandatoby, a. J«f^ waldl (pL ^^ 

Mandible, 8. ^U^U m^^ig^t ; «ftU 

fakk (pi. ^\S:i\ afk&k). 
Mane, «. ;«Ai i^'r ; i^j^ <urf ; ^fu» 

ma*rafa-t ; f jjycj zu*z^*. 
Manes, s. *j>^\ t)) rub al-may- 

yit (pi. c^D^ arwah). 
Manful, adj. ^JWJ rajali-y ; jy^^ 

jasur ; £^v^ i^jaS 
Manfulness, Manliness, «. 8^^ 

muruwa-t; ^y^-j rujMa-t; ^y^j 

Mange, s. *^y^ jarab. 
Mangeb, 8. *yyi^ midwad (pi. j^W 

madawid); « ^ ft 1 « ^ ina*laf (pi. 

«JJU^ ma'alif). 
Mangle, e. i^^ milzama-t. 
Mangle, v. (mutilate) ^^ jada^ 

yajda* ; j^ *awwar, yu'awwir. — 

(Bmooth) J4« 9aqal, ya^qul. 
Mangy, adj. (^Wy^ jarban. 
Manhood, «. jWy^ ^W^ mablag 

Mania, s. Q)f^ junAn; Jt^ hubl; 
oVd* hayajan ; ^y^ hawas, 
Maniac, a., Maniacal, adj. oyv* 
ma^'niin (pi. (^ V* majanin) ; 
^^x.«M« maskftn. 
Manifest, adj. y^UL z&hir; ^\^ 
wa^it ; (^ bayyin ; e>iW Myin ; 

Manifest, v. j^\ asbar, yughir; 
(^ bayyan, yubayyin ; ^^ wa4- 





dah, yuwa44ib ; c^^ au^ah, jii- 

Manifestation, s. j^\ izhar ; ^^ 

zuhur; c^\ icjah. 
Manifold, ddj, «JOb;ae» muhtalif; 

ylXs^ mutakasir; J<^\ JUa\ 

askal askaL 
Manipulate, v. gJVc 'alaj, yu*alij. 
Manipulation, «. l^\ti» mu'ala- 

Mankind, a. f^^\ ^ bani &dam ; 

fj0\j^\ an-nas ; (^Uj!^^ al-insan. 
Manna, «. {^ mann ; 0*«^/ taran- 

Manneb, 8, {method) J^ sakl (pi. 

J<^\ a^kal); v»yL\ usmb; ^ij 

zai-y ; i3*> tariq (pi. j> turuq) ; 

W namat (pi. tW nimat). — 

(A^ncQ gy nau' (pi. g^^ anw&*) ; 

«JU© 9anf (pi. «^Ue\ a^naf). — 

(cust^ym) Sole ada-t (pi. •>4^^ 

Mannebly, flk^y. s^oy* mu'addab; 

»^o\ s-ft-^ ^a^ib adab (pi. s>W«\ 

a9tal>)- . 

Manners, «. (fecAaviowr) »«J^-i-» 

suliik ; m V JL.^^ maslak ; i j ~t^ 

sira-t ; v5^^ ahlaq ; J^y^ min- 

wal. — (^ood breeding) v»o\ adab 

(pi. v»W^ adab) ; U»^ takalluf. 

Manob, 8.j^ qa^r (pl.^y^ qu9iir). 

Mansion, «. «^trf bait (pi. «:*^ 
buyut; jW dar (pLji^io diyar, *j^ 
duwar) ; J>*^ manzil (pi. JjCC» 
mauazil); e^^**-^ maskan (pi. 
(^^^U.^ masakin). 

Manslauohtbb, a. J;:i qatl. 

Manslayeb, 8. J?Vj qatil (pi. JVsS 

Mantle, «. u**y bumus (pi. <j*^^^ 
baranis) ; ^J^ mailal;L (pi. ^^'^^ 
masalit); W* *aba ^l. ^jt^ 

Manual, adj. ^^^ yadi-y. 

Manual, «. v»Vs^ kitab (pi. v^ 

Manupactoby, «. J*"*^ ma'mal 
(pi. J^^ ma'amil); A*U^ kar- 
hana-h (&i\^j^ karhana-h, Pers.). 

Manufactube, s. i-As* 9an'a-t; 
fi^yOkeiU manifattura-h. 

Manufactube, v, J » r 'amil, 
ya'mal ; £^ 9anaS ya^Da^ 

Manufactubeb, 8. ^V« ^ani' ; 
&i\d.^ s-^lc ^ahib karhana-h (pi. 
v*W«\ a^hab). 

Manumission, 8. jSJ»^ itlaq; jVsc^ 
i'taq ; v3^ *ataq. 

Manumit, v, \jM atlaq, yutliq ; 
jpe^ a'taq, yu'tiq; j^ ^ariar, 

Manube, 8, ^)n zibl ; ^W) zab&la-t. 

Manube, V, ji) zabbal, yuzabbil ; 
J»j\ azbal, yuzbil. 

Manuscbipt, «. ^^afe<^ nusha-t (pL 
^ nusah) ; U ^^U^ kit&b hatt ; 
j^\ U. hati al-yad. 

Many, adj. j^ kasir ; y\^ w&fir. — 
(^U7 many) fS kam ; J^^« f^ 
kam wahid. — («o mjanij) y^ \^ 
haza - 'I - qadr ; yi^ halqadar ; 
AfiU halqadd. — {a8 many cut) aS 
qadd; J^ migl. — (twice a» 
many) {^f ^j^ qadr-hu mar- 
raten ; Uuu 4i*f (pi. u\tu\ a^'af). 

Map, 8. «>)M^ f^j ^jf waraqat rasm 
al-balad ; (j-^^^ qirtas (pi. ij^\yi 
qaratis) ; &j^ hariia-t. 

Map, v. ^j rasam, yarsum. 

Maple-tbeb, 8. tS^^ff- jurmaiaq. 

Mab, t;. *s^-*^^ afsad, yufsid; j^ 
kaddar, yukaddir; j^ i^agga?* 

Mabblb, 8. ff* marmar ; f*Uj 

Mabble, adj, %sf*y* marmari-y; 
^j^U.j ruhami-y. 

Mabch, «. {mxmtK) jU\ adar. — 
(progre88i<m) y^^ ma^ii; ^^jA** 
mail ; jt^ sair, ser ; Ijf*^ masi- 

Mabch, v, (move by etepe) ^y^^ 
maia, yamii; jU. s&r, yasir. — 
(border on) v» J-^^ itta^al bi, 
yatta^il ; ^^ tAham, yutahim. 

Mabches, 8. (boundariee) •>^x.»> 
hudM (pi. of J^ tadd); f^^ 
tuhum (pi. of f^ tuhm) ; yi*^ 
maggar (pi. /U^ magasir). 

Mabe, 8. fjmjk faras; ^y farasa-t 
(pi. {j»^ f uriiB, <j*V^ afras). 

Maboin, 8. ^^ ]|;ia^ya-t (pi. sj^\^ 




Hawaii); «^jL taxaf (pi. u\^\ 

Marine, adj. ^jf^, bahri-y. 
Mabine, «. (sea-soldier) ssf^' ef;^--* 

'askari ba^ri. — (navy) 4s»y nau- 

tija-t, niitija-t. 
Mabinbb, s. ^fp, baljrl-y (pi. kf^, 

batriya-t); ^J^ nauti-y, nuti-y 

(pi. ^J^^ nawati-y) ; c^ mal- 

Marital, adj, ^j^-^j zauji-y ; ^JK} 

ziji-y ; <j^ tazwiji-y. 
Mabitimb, adj, ^^fr, batri-y. — 

(bordering on the sea) j^\ J-as^ 

mutta^il al-ba^r. 
Mabjobam, s, ^^yr^ anjiik. 
Mark, s, (sign) y\ agar (pi. j\Sf\ 

a^ar); l^U 'alama-t (pi. ^ 

'alam, ^!Jlc *alayiin). — (aim) 

^V-M mika (pi. (^W nayasin). 
Mabk, v. (make a mark or im- 
pression) ^J^ f^ *allam *ala, yu- 

'allim; ^^ f\ agsar fi, yu'assir; 

f^j rasam, yarsum ; ^^-*«^ wasam, 

yaaim. — (note) lfc^5 la^as, yula- 

^iz; (J^ j^ nazar ila, yansur; 

J\ filt? tatalla' ila, yatatalla*. 
Mabkbt, s. (place) j^ sauq (pi. 

j\yu\ aswaq). — (vaulted) j\j^ 

bazar ^ (Pers). — (hall) ^jL-^ 

qaisariya-t. — (sale) {«-• mabi^ 
Mabket, v. ^jf^\ ) t^ ba* wa ii- 

tara, ^abi' wa yaitari ; J«^V> tajar, 

Mabkbtable, adj, ^\jW M^ 'alai-hi 

Mabksman, s. <^W> nii4nji. 
Mabl, s, (^ \m, 
Mabmblade, 8. ^jiy murabba. 
Mabquee, s. (^\yo ^awau (pi. ^f^^ 

a^wina-t) ; ^^^^ haima-t (pi. fS^ 

Mabbiaoe, 8. t^^) ziwaj ; ^j zija-t ; 

C^ nika^. — (demand in marriage) 

s-^ hatab, yahfub. 
Mabbiaoeable, adj, f}^ bdlig, f. 

I -a-t ; t^^ azwaj. 
Mabbiaoe- FEAST, s. ^^ 'urs Tpl. 

^j»\f\ a'r&s) ; cy f arat (pi. cV^ 

Mabbow, s. ^ mubh (pL 6W« 

mihah). — (of the spine) J^ 

Mabby, V, (taJce in m^arriage) t^ 

tazawwaj, yatazawwaj ; Ja'*^? ta- 

'ahhal, yata'ahhal. — (give in 

marriage) t)) zawwaj, yazawwij. 
Mabs, s, (planet) My mirrih, mar- 

Marsh, s, i^akt^ sabha-t. 
Marshal, s. j^'*^ y sir 'askar 

Marshal, v, fJa nazzajn, yunaz- 

zim ; «-.^ 9aff, ya9u£E ; «-AAe 

9affaf, yu^affif. 
Mart, s. <3*«« sauq (pi. <3^^^ 

aswaq) ; j\y^ bazar. 
Martial, adj, (referring to war) 

fjif^ harbi-y. — (brave) JW*» suja* ; 

gfi^i ^ji*' (pi. o^*^ iaj*an); 

fjm\i }3 zu bas. 
Martin, s, (sxoallow) «^Ua^ huttaf 

(pi. u^VU hata^if) ; U^i hu- 

taif (dimin.) ; yy->« suniinii (pi. 

s:iA^y3^ sununuwat). 
Martingale, s, ^y 9arima-t. 
Martyr, s, ^Jt\tt iahid (pi. ^^ 

suhud) ; «MAi iahid (pL \J^ 

Martyr, v, «MAi aLsS qatal-hu 

iahid, yaqtaJ. 
Martyrdom, s, IS^ ^hada-t. 
Marvel, s, ^ tt ^ 'ajiba-t (pi. 

s-^V%c *ajayib) ; hy^ 'ujiiba-t 

(pi. s-tf^lft\ a'ajib). 

Marvel, v, {j^ * i ^» «> ta'ajjab min, 
yata'aj jab ; s * » *? .\ ista'jab, 

Marvellous, adj, s * e » <^ 'ajib; 
s^r^jt garib ; ffL'^ badi*. 

Mascitline, adj. ^^ zakar (pi. )j^^ 
zukClr) ; s^*^ zakari-y. — (in 
grammar) f^ muzakkar. 

Mash, s. (mixture) W*- hilt (pi. 
IU\ ahlat). 

Mash, v, (mix) UU. halat, yahlut. — 
(crush) ckUo dahak, yadhak ; j«> 
daq^q, yaduqq. 

Mask, s. Ijs^'^-^ mashara-t ; ^^ 
S^at-^ wajh mashara-t. — (pre- 
tence) ^^ l^ila-t; ^^ bujjat 




(pi. ^^ hujaj) ; ac 'illa-t (pi. 

J^ *iL.l). 
Mask, v. fi^*^ mashar, yumashir ; 

y^^^ tanakkar, jatanakkar. — 

{conceal) f^ katam, jaktum; 

^Ji^ ahfa, yuhfi. 
Mason, 8. W bann^ (pi. (*^W 

bannajin) ; jUa 'ammar ; ^j^^U** 

Masonby, 8. ^W binaya-t. 
Masquerade, b, If^*^ mashara-t. 
Mass, b, Qiullc) ^t**^ jism ; ^U.^ 

jusmdii. — {qaaniii'ij) ^^ ka§ra-t ; 

j\jk&« miqdar (pi. ji*>\A* maqadir). 

— (Aeop) ^if kuma-t (pi. f\^ 

akwam, ffS kuwain) ; f^ kiini 

(pi. oWs kiman); ^^0;S kurdilis. 

— {church service) <j*\Ai qudd&s 

(pi. tr4»*^*'^ qadadis). 

Mass, v, 5^ jammaS yujammi' ; 
^^ kawwam, yukawwim; (j^*^/ 
kardas, yukardis. — {gay mass) 
^Ji qaddas, yuqaddis. 

Massacre, «. J^ qatl ; ^)Ls&« maq- 
tala-t ; ^^ zabh ; h^ nikaya-t. 

Massacre, 1;. J^ qatal, yaqtul; 
^«> zabah, yazbi^; zabbah, yu- 
zabbi^; «- A ^M j^ JJ^ bazal 
fi-him as-saif, yaozil. 

Massive, adj, f^\ a$amm, f. U« 
^amma (pi. ^ ^umm, ^U« ^um- 
man) ; U^j ra^if . 

Mast, a. ^^jU fan (pi. ^sj^y^ ?a- 

Master, s. (lord) s-^^ f&tib (pi. 
v»W«\ aftab) ; v»j rabb (pi. 
v*^j^ arbab) ; ^y maula (pi. 
i^^y* mawali) ; oUU miUk 
(pi. s^^\ umluk). — {skilful in 
anything) j ft V *• mahir; »>^\ 
uslad. — {teacher) ^J*^ mu'allim. 
— {mister y sir) •Xjj-^ say y id, sid 
(pi. Sitf^\ asyad, ^\SL. sadat) ; 
49-^ys- hawaja-h {Pers,); ^^aa^^ 
afaudi {Turk,). 

Master, v. {suhdus) s-J^ galab, 
yaglib ; je* qahar, yaqhar ; g** 
qamaS yaqma'; *is\U5 tamallak, 
yatamallak. — {acquire or possess 
skill) f^ ta'allam, yata'allam; 
j%^ mahar, yamhir; ;««l tanuh- 

har, yatamahhar (the last two 

with ^^ fi). 
Masterly, adv, IJiaJ^-^ bi-^fara-t. 
Mastership, 8. ^^t^Un^ mu'allimi- 

ya-t. — {dominion) i^y^ ^okft- 

ma-t; tfV JL»j> tamalluk; kJLJ 


Mastery, s, {superiority) J«Aft fa^l 
(pi. J^ fu4M, JU^ af4al). 

Mastic, «. (^5^^a«^ msj^Xaka,; «sUe 
*ilk ; Kb *ilka-t (pi. cbUc *ul6k). 

Masticate, v. «sUe <alak, ya'lak; 
^'^ ma^ag, yamdag; «^D lak, 

Mastication, s, ^^ nuujg; <>^ 

Mastiff, s. y^ s-^ kalb kabir (pL 
v^ kil&b). 

Mat, 8. ^tfi-a^ ll^iafir; Sjti'Mb. Jt^i^trsr-t 
(pi. yco. tufr, jiU.^ iiaupayir) ; ^;V| 
bariya-t (pi. ^^^^ bawari) ; ^ 
nahh (pi. t'^\ anh&h). 

Mat, V, (make mats) y^ J^^ 'amil 
^ufr, ya'mal. — {furnish ujiih 
mats) \J»^ farai, yafruii ; farra^, 
yufarriiS ; j*-^. Jot gatta bi-tiu^r, 

Match, s, {of a gun) ^1^ £atila-t 
(pi. JjUi fatayil).— (etpped with 
sulphur, &c,) ^A^yt^ «>^ 'aud 
kibrit ; «.4;*^ kibrit, liiy4 kibri- 
ta-t ; Uj naf t. — {equal) (^^ 
qarin (pi. Vyi quran&) ; JU»« 
misal (pi. iXiA amgila-t); Jft^ 
musl, musul. — {fellow) t)} zauj ; 
y fard (pi. o\y firad).— (con«c8« 
in a game) ^^ la*ba-t, lu*ba-t; 
^\a^ muqabala-t. — {union by 
marriage) t^y) ziwaj ; ^j zija-t 

Match, v,a. (oppose) ^)»U qabil, 
yoiqabil. — {pair) tji zawwaj, yu- 
zawwij ; n. {be equal) (^j\i qaran, 
yuqarin; c^\j zawij, yuz&wij ; 
^3U ^^aza, yul^azi. — {suit) ij^\y 
wafiq, yuwafiq. 

Matchless, adj. JUJf ^jlc <adtm 
al-migal (mital) ; ^ aJ U mi 
la-hu nazir; aJ «jiU 11 U §&ni 
(tani) la-hu. 

Mate, s, {companion) ^j^j rafiq 
(pi. si^j\ arfaq, U*, ruf aq&) ; 




•^ ^al^ib (pi. s>V^*\ a? tab). — 
(male and female) t}) zauj, f. 
^jj) zauja-t (pi. e\;j\ azwaj, ^jj 
ziwaja-t). — (cy^' a ship) *^y4^\ ji>^ 
mudabbir al-markab. — (in chess) 
«£>U 5U1 ^ah mat. 
Mate, v,a, t)) zawwaj, yuzawwij ; 

n. t)y tazawwaj, jatazawwaj. 
Matebial, adj. (consisting of 
matter) ^Jy6^ hayuli-y ; ^J'^yt:^ 
bayMani-y ; ^^♦^L^ maddi-j ; 
^jSU-^ jismani-j. — (essential) 
JiU zati-y; ^J^\ a^li-y ; ^jyyi^ 
4ur^ri-y; (•jl) lazim; (^^ mu- 
Mate&ial, s. (stuff) \J»Ui qamai. 
— (matter) 8»>^ madda-t (pi. •>^^ 
mawadd) ; v*<— sabab (pi. v» v.^ 
Materialist, «. ^j-^frj* «-*^-«M 

failasuf t^'bi'i-y. 
Matebiality, 8. ^^U maddija-t ; 

i^U..^ jismanija-t. 
Matebnal, flki;. ,j^^ umini-y. 
Matebnity, s. i^y\ umuma-t; 

&^\ ummiya-t. 
Mathematical, adj, ^J^»k) riy44i-y ; 

^j*^ ta*linu-y. 
Mathematician, s, *A>Vs-»WyW ^^ 
*alim bi - 'r - riya^iya-t ; -J^ 
ut>^«4.«lA;^V| <alim bi-'t-ta'limiyat. 
Mathematics, s, *a>\^\i^\ ^ *ilm 
ar-riyacjiiy&t ; & > »4.<tU;J\ ^jl«J\ al- 
'iiliim at-talimiya-t. 
Matbicidb, s. (act) f>'i\ J«i qatl 
al-umm. — (who commits it) J>^ 
f*S\ qatil al-umm. 
Matbiculate, v. fi^\ ^^ »M qay- 

yad fi-'d-daftar, yuqayyid. 
Matbiculation, «. *]4»£> taqyid. 
Matbimonial, adj, ^JK) ziji-y; 

^jt^ zauji-y ; ,^^^y tazwiji-y. 
Matbimony, s. c^jj) ziwaj ; ^J 
zija-t ; gj^y tazawwuj ; c^ nikah. 
Matbix, s, (womb) f^j rahim (pi. 
i»Um\ arham). — (m^uld) s-3vs 
q&Ub (pi s-JV qawaUb). 
Matbon, «. (respectable woman) 
(jjyU. hat^n (pi. (:^t»^>a- hawatin). 
— (nurse) ^^^^ amina-t. 
Matteb, s. (substance) {Jy(^ bi- 

yiila; 80U3 madda-t (pi. •>V 
mawadd) ; y^^ jauhar (pi. y^^>^ 
jawahir) ; ^^^^^-^ jism (pi. ^U^^ 
ajsam, f»^-*^ jusum). — (svijject) 
&oU madda-t ; ^^U^ mas^ala-t 
(pi. J*^-^ mas&yil) ; ^^ maq(l- 
la-t. — (affair) j^\ amr (pi. j%^^ 
um^r) ; h^ t^ja-t (pi. ^\^ 
tawayij) ; &t^ qadliya-t (pi. VjUl 
qadaya). — (tna^^er of fact) JV^ 
bal (pi. J^>*-^ a^wal). — (import- 
ance) J» siql ; fJi^ *uzm. — 
(pus) ^ qaih (pi. c^ quyiih) ; 
^^ fadid (pi. *>A« 9udud). 

Matteb, t;. (6e of importance) fJ^ 
*azum, ya'zum. — (it matters not) 
^^ &di U ma fi-hi bas. — (what 
does it mutter?) ^^fn tri^ e^ 

Mattock, «. J^ mi*wal (pi. J^U^ 
ma*awil) ; ^^^m^ ma*dur). 

Mattbess, 8. IJ^jk farsa-t (pi. J^^^ 
furus) ; Wy» ^arra^a-t (small 
one) ; LjSy martaba-t (pi. s-5^/« 

Matube, adj. i^f"**^ mustawi ; fj>^ 
yani* (pi. f^ yana') ; g*^ na^ij. 
— (mature in years) {^^\ ^^ (j^vL 
ta*in fi-'s-sinn. 

Matubity, «. \f^\ istiwa. — (pu- 
berty) (^\ g^ balag as-sinn ; 
t^ bulug; l^^ bul^giya-t.— 
(matv/rity of judgment) Ja1J\ JU^ 
kamal al-'aql. 

Mausoleum, s. ^^j rau^a-t (pi. 
(j*jj; rud) ; S^ maqbara-t (pi. 
^Va^ maqabir) ; j\y mazar ; M 
qubba-t (pi. v»V^ qibab). 

Maw, s, (stomach) Sj^u* mi'da-t (pi. 

.XA^ mi*ad) ; ^^ hia^^ala,-* (pl« 
J-^^ l^awa^il). 

Maxim, «. SacU qa*ida-t (pi. ac^ 
qawa'id) ; (^Vs qanAn (pi. (:j^^ys 
qawanin) ; ^U 4abita-t. 

Maximum, «. s-^^^ al-aglab ; ^J^'i\ 

May, «. jVj^ ayyar. 

May, V, generally expressed by the 
aor. of a verb; in formulas of 
invocation for good or evil, as 

Mat] a 

"May God bleaa you," &c., by 
the preterite. See Can. 

Mayor, ». jWI t** *^'^ al-balad. 

Maze, (. ■^ij-i d&lab, daulab ([il, 
s-J'jJ dawalib) ; iU*- magla- 
ta-t; Jljj warta-t (pi. Wjj wirat). 

Mb (objective case of 2), ,^ ni, 
affixed to a verb, or ^ t (^^ ya) 
Bubjoined to a preposition : as, 
ty*^ Bama'-Di, " he heard me ; " 
jjt 5*- sama' bi, " he heard of 

Mead, ». a^ bit'; J-«« wV 
iarab al-'asl. 

Meadow, a. Sjm marj (pi. e^ 
muruj) ; i-*<u rau^a-t ^1. i>jj 
raud, ijilij riya4> o^j rid^) i 
i*iJj wadifa-t ; p;* marba' (pi. 
gf\f marabi'). 

Meaose, adj. 'Je^' udi}ii (pi. •-*^<*' 
nibaf) ; Si" bazil. — (poor) jel^ 
baqir ; JJ dani-y. — (seanty) 
j^ qain. 

Meaobbnebb, s. ^^ nubafa^t ; 
Jly» bazal ; Jj^ uuhi^l. — {barren- 
ness) JUJe 'uqma-t ; J^^ yab&- 
sa-t ; ij\3Ui 'uqSra-t. 

Mk*i-, «. (^r) ye«Ji tahtn.— 
(coawe) J^**" huSkar. — {fine) 
(^o daqiq ; VW kamaja-t. — 
(repwO flfl akla-t; ^^^ pja, 
^da ; ijAA gadwa-t ; fWIg fa'am ; 
JjSU ma'kul. 

Mban, atZj. (iow) ;^ taqir; J^ 
dani-y ; o-o—* haais (pi. i/.*--*- 
bisae, ^— ^^ ahiesa) ; Je>^ zaltl (pL 
JSJ zilfil, iJJl aziDa-t); tf««- 
mahiD (pi. W* muhana'). — 
{glingy) Ja*-. babil (pi. S*: bu- 
hala); c«<> ^ih (pi. cUa 
^ibah), f. i^„i^ jabiba-t (pi. 
(4W*> ^hayib). — {middling) 
U-yw mutawasBit ; J>"*« mu'ta- 

Mean, b. (middle) !»-» wast; J>-j 
wusta. — (mediocrity) itUj waaa- 
^a-t; Jl«el i'tidal. 

Mean, e. (intend) •»-» qa«ad, yaq?id ; 
jhA taqasead, yataqassad; o^jl 
arad, yurid. — (signify) o^ 'ana, 
ya'ni ; <y1 a'cftt yu'i^. 


Mbanino, 8. (intention) J^ qofd ; 
^yi^ maq^Qd ; (^ 'azm (pL f^^ 
•uzum); y*/ ganuj (pi. ^\^\ 
agrad) ; V nlya-t. — (significa- 
tion) ijUM ma'na (pi, i^^»* ma- 
'ini) ; ijLfi: 'ib&ra-t. 

Mbannbbs, I. ijUw haqfira-t; J-l 
zill ; SJi—t. haBasa-t ; J*: buhL 

Mkaks, I. (instrumentalily) St^. 
w&sifa-t (pi. W^j waaiyit) ; **jt 
tariqa-t (pi. Ot'jt tar&yiq) ; ^1*-^ 
waaita-t (pi. ^fy wasil, Ji^j 
waafiyil). — {retovrcet) Jl- mfil 
(pi. ^\f*\ amwal). — (^ oA tnean«) 
^ S la budd. 

Measles, i. iv^ ha^ba-t. 

Mbabdre, (. (extent) j.U qadar; 
j^JAx miqd&r (pi. >i->^ maqfidtr). 
— (standard) ij-W qiyis (pi. 
i_ei( aqyaaa-t) ; Jo* kail (pi. 
JVeSl atyfil) ; jl«c 'iyar. — (tnBlru- 
menO o"^ miqyfiB ; J^ei- mik- 
yiil (pi. Jii^ makayllj, — 
(me ire) tJj) wazn (pi. (jljjl 
auzan); a'je- mlzan (pi. (jijV 
mawaztn). — (pi. procMdimrs) 
UL>]UU<* mu'amaUt. 

MBAauBE, V. (length, £e.^ u-'^ qaa, 
yaqis ; yVo 'ayar, yu'ayir. — (com, 
dc.) JU kal, yaldl. 

Mbabubbmbnt, a. ^^ qiy&s ; 
JL.L-.jt maBa^a-t ; SjW* mu'&ya- 

Meat, 8. (food in general) ^^ akl ; 
f>Uli fa'im (pi. JUjiL^ afima-t, 
,f>L«UI> fa'amat) ; lojl q&t. — 
(fleik) f^ khm (pL ,>}«J 

Mechanic, ». »=j331 s-tSy jl ^Vc 
'alim fi tarkib al-alat; ui>5i ^' 
;ani' alat. 

Mechanics, s. i*jS31 iij** ma'rifat 
al-aliit ; ■^'i'Vt -^f fie 'ilm tar- 
kib al-fUtlt; JmJI ^ 'ilm al- 
I Mechanism, s. ^^ s - a ^ tarkib 
I ala^t. 

Medal, ». ^^ sikka-t (pi. "^i^ 
Bikak) ; £>y quoa-t (pi. ^ji qa- 
I wan). 

1 ^<^ 




Meddle, v. J^^*^ tad&hal, jatada- 

hal ; \^fS ta*arra4, yata*arra4. 
Meddles, «. Jtf*-*> dahil (pi. )^o 

duhala) ; J^ f u^uli-y. 
Meddlesome, adj. J*-^*^^ mudahil. 
Meddling, «. iW.x^ mudahala-t. 
Mediate, v, ^f tawassat, jata- 

wassat ; ^\f tawasa^, jatawasat ; 

^^ J(&.o dahal ben, jadhul. 
Mediate, adj, ^ys^ rautawassat. 
Mediation, «. SiL\y muwasata-t; 

i^oU^ wis&ta-t ; S/^W* inubaiara-t ; 

IsMa sifa*a.t. 
Msdiatob, s. lofr-»^ wasi^ (pi. ^^ 

wusata) ; la-^p* mutawasit ; gtjAA. 

^afi* (pi. UMi 6ufa*a). 
Medical, adj, ^^ tibbi-y, tubbi-y ; 

^J^y^ dawayi-y. 
Medicament, Medicine, s, \*y 

dawa (pi. ky\ adwiya-t) ; gic 

*ilaj ; s-J» tiob, tubb ; ^j^ ^ar- 

ba-t (pi. v*/i ^irab). 
Medicinal, adj. «^ tibbi-y, tub- 

Mediocre, adj. J^^ wastani-y. 
Mediocrity, «. ^L.^ wasata-t. 
Meditate, v. ^ tafakkar, yata- 

fakkar; J^^ ta*ammal, yata- 

'ammal (both with ^^ fi). 
Meditation, s.j^ tafakkur ; J-'^V? 

Medium, «. ^) wast ; J**^ wusta. 
Medlar, «. ^U .' t >« mi^mila-t ; c^ 

<^;i tufah barri-y ; «£XU nulk. 
Medley, «. W^ halt (pi. ^2U\ 

ahlat); tSud.\ ihtilat ; ^\f^\ im- 

Medley, adj. iy^^b^ mahlCit- 
Meed, «. ^^ jaza ; v£>^j\^»^ mujazat ; 

va>\iVC» mukafat. 
Meek, adj. f^^ halim (pi. UU. 

hulama, (•U a^am) ; 5^^^ wadi*. 
Meekness, a. fi^ ^ilm ; ^U^ wa- 

Meet, adj. iji^y muwafiq ; w-^^ 

manasib ; v3S^ l^yiq. 
Meet, v.a. ^J^ laqa, yalqa ; ^^ 

laqa, yulaqi ; cJoU ^adaf, yu^a- 

dif; '^^y wajad, yajid; n. ,jis5\ 

iltaqa, yaltaqi; £«^^ ijtamaS 


Meeting, «. (encounter) i^oU^ mu- 
sadafa-t ; ^\ iltiqa. — (interview) 
J-o^ wa?! ; J4A ^aml. — (assembly) 
AcW jama'a-t ; f Ua>\ ijtima* ; 
g*^'* majma' (pi. g^W^ maja- 
mi*) ; u-'W* inajlis (pi. (j^^^ 
majalis) ; jA^f- mahfaJ (pi. J*W» 

Melancholic, adj. ^s^^t* 9^^^^- 
^i-y > (:>«)^ hazin ; j**^ mukad- 
dar ; My^ jawwaz. 

Melancholy, «. W^ sauda ; ^\ft 
jawasa-t ; l^fissL* milanholiya-t. 

Mellifluous, adj. J-*^ mu'assal ; 
J-^ *a9il. 

Mellow, adj. (ripe) ^sf^*^ mus- 
tawa. — (soft) (jjj layyin; ^U 
iia*im ; ^^ rahu ; ^^^ %2kti'j. 

Mellowness, s. \f^\ istiwa ; ^^) 
rahawa-t; l^^ nu*uina-t; ^^^ 

Melodious, adj. <jV» ^^aji-y ; "^^ 

Melodiousness, s. fJ^ h^^ *az<i- 
bat nagam; ^Ui{ ^^y^ hiisn 

Melody, s. ^U*> nagama-t; h^ 
sinaya-t ; ^yy tamuma-t. 

Melon, s. (^^ bittih, battih ; ^abt^^ 
bittiha-t (pi. ^IW batatih).— 
(water-melon) ^J-»^t► jabas. 

Melt, v.a. v»^»> zawwab, yuzawwib ; 
v»U\ azab, yuzib. — (metals) **W-« 
sabak, yasbuk. — (fat) ^*-» say- 
yah, yusayyih ; %m sala, yasla; 
n. v»'»> zab, yaz^b ; * 1 i * S i\ in- 
kasab, yankasib ; t^ s4h, yasi^. 

Melting, s. w^y^ tazwib; (^W^3 
zawaban ; va ^ — sabk ; « g^a { »**> tas- 
bik; ts3L^\ insibak; (^W«« sa- 

Member, s. (limb) y^ 'adu (pi. 
\M a*da); ^^\^ jarifealt (pi. 
C)^^ jawarib). — (of an assembly) 
Jfi>\ ahl ; s-a-^ ?ahib ; j-6^ hadir. 

Membrane, 8. ^& gi^a ; S^U^ gi^ 
wa-t (pi. S^t\ agsiya-t). 

Membraneous, ai;. ^J^'i^ gisayi-y. 

Memento, s. ^fis tafkira-t; ^^ 

Memoir, a. l/Ss ta^kara-t. 




Mehobablb, adj. /it yuzkar (3 

aor. pass.) ; jS'JJ^ s-<^^< w4jib az- 

Memorandum, «. S^JJ tozkira-t 

(pi. /^ JJ tazakir). 
Memobandum-book, 8. JUt^ taf- 

Memorial, «. j^e^i^ /^ agar ma^h^br 

(pi. Ijy^A^ f^ &sar ma^hiira-t). — 

(solicitation) J^ (j*;C *ar4 feal; 

&mi) ruq*a-t (pi. f^ij riq&O- 
Memorialise, v. (j6^ 'arra^* ju- 

Memorialist, a. JO\ (>>& s-^^ 

^a^ib 'ar4 al-hal (pi. v*Wo\ 

a9$ab) ; i^j s-^^ 9&]^ib ru- 

Memory, e, (faculty) ^^ ^if z ; M 

IhO^ quwwat al-hif z ; Shk\^\ i^\ 

al-quwwat al-^afiza-t. — (remem- 

hranoe) f^ zikr; l^^ muzd^ 

kara-t ; ^ tazakkur. 
Menace, «. «>i*^ tahdid ; ^^ ta- 

haddud ; s-^»> tarhib. 
Menace, v. ^•J^ naddad, jubaddid ; 

*>J^ tahaddad, jatahaddad ; «^^ 

hawwaf, yubawwif. 
Mend, v,a, (improve) ^ ^allah, 

yu^allil^ ; ^\ a^lal^, 7U9litL ; ^^^^ 

^abbab, yu^ahhit.— (repair) ^; 

ramm, yarumm; ^y^ ramram, 

yuramrim ; n. ^^ taigallah, ya- 

Mendacious, a(2?'. v*\«3k^ k&izz&b; 

v»^^ kaz&b ; o^ mayy&n. 
Mendacity, a. v**^ takazzub. 
Mendicant, «. ^ faqir (pi. ^/* 

fuqara); «>U> ^^ad ; JfU. 

Mendicity, 8. SoV^a^ ^hada-t ; J^ 

Menial, adj,, 8. f*«>U hadim (pi. 

f»\M. huddam) ; f^^^ ^J^ s^^^ 

mansub ila - '1 - huddam) ; ^J*y 

Menses, «. y^e^ bai4; ^"^ *u?r; 

e^^ tinig ; U><J(3\ *a>U\a <adat an- 

nisa. — (have the menses) u^^V*. 

l^a^at, taJ^Lifji. 
Mensurable, a(2^'. ^Vi^ yuqas ; J^ 

yuk&l (3 aor. pass.). 

Mensubatiok, s. ^U^ masfill^t. 
Mental, a^\ J«ft 'aqli-y; ,jA* 

qalbi-y ; ci;e*-* 4aD^ri-y- 
Mention, s. f^ zikr. 
Mention,- t;. /3 zakar, yazkur; 

5^3 v»W j&b zikr-hu, yajib ; ,j*^ 

{^ kana 'an, yakni. 
Mercantile, ad^, ^jijW' tuj&ri-y; 

^^^^^^ matjari-y ; .jfiUt ba^&'i-y. 
Mercer, «. ^^ji^ jj^ianri-y ; jt\j^ gV»» 

bayya* harayir. 
Merchandise, s. ^Ut bi4&'a-t (pL 

e^U^ ba^ayiO; 8)V tijira-t; 

j^^i^ matjar (pi. ^U« mat&jir) ; 

ItiL. siPa-t (pi. ^ sila'). 
Merchant, «. *^^ t&jir (pi. iVr 

tujjar) ; gW» bayy&* ; \;ii ^arrl 
Merciful, adj. (compassionaie) 

f^^ ra]^im ; ^^j ra|^iim ; ^U^j 

ra^m^D ; j^ ^iiq ; tjAA.^ mu^- 

fiq. — (willing to pardon) y^ 

gaf&r (pi /fc gufur). 
Mercifulness, a. 1m^ marl^- 

ma-t, <&c. See Mercy. 
Merciless, adj. ^^^ ^ U m& la-hu 

ra^ma-t; Ok^ j«^ gair ^afiq; 

^j-U qasi. 
Mercilessness, 8. S^UJ qaiawa-t. 
Mercurial, (u(;. (containing met' 

eury) ^^^) zibaqi-y, zaibaqi-y. — 

(sprightly) J*Ai riaiit. 
Mercury, s. (metal) <JM3 zibaq, 

zaibaq ; jy-* firar, far&r. — 

(planet) «>jUae 'ut^rid (also used 

for the metal). 
Mercy, 8. (compassion) ^U*-^ ra^- 

ma-t; JUa^ mar^ama-t; ^^ 

^aqa-t. — (pardon) S^A*^ mag- 

fira-t; (^y^ gufr&n; y^ 'afii ; 

cU- samaJ^. — (power) j^ qadr; 

^ yad. 
Mere, adj., Merely, cm^v. Ui fa- 

qat (placed at the end of a sen- 
Meretricious, adj. yt\A '&hir; 

<JH^ fasiq ; J^\i fSJ^.— {gaudy) 

^/^y muzahrif . 
Merge, v.n. jj^ gftriq* yagr&q; 

jj^ tagarraq, yatagarraq; ^j^ 

gatas, yagtis ; a. Jj2 garraxj, yu- 

garriq ; cr^ gaftas, yugattifl. 




Mebidian, 8, j\^\ Uui !a«. hatt ni^f 

Meridional, adj, (southern) <^y^ 

janubi-v ; <JLfi qibli-y. 
Merit, s. J-si fa^l (pi. J^ fucjiul, 

JU*\ af^al); j\&^^\ istihqaq; 
J\jjLL.\ isti'dad ; ^jV, bari*a-t.— 

(reward) s-»V sawab; y^\ ajr; 

«:*\iVX#« mukafat. — (punishment) 

^Ui qi9a9 ; \yf jaza. 
Merit, v. (reward) < 3^ a.*\ ista- 

haqq, yasta^iqq. — (|)tiwwA??i€nO 

s-^yu*\ istaujab, jastaujib. — 

(either) Ja*U-\ ista*hal, yaa- 

Meritorious, adj. ^U^a>.\ istih- 

qaqi-j ; ^^ sawabi-j ; fjW bari*. 
Mermaid, «. j^\ c>^ bint al-bal^r 

(pi. u&»U| banat). 
Merriment, Merriness, a. c^ 

f arah ; v^Ib (arab ; j^ sarur. 
Merry, adj. )yr^ masrur ; (^^^ 

far^an; v*;^tArib. 
Mesh, s. {^tt 'ain (pi. ^r^ 'uyiin) ; 

h^ gurza-t (pi. jj;^ guraz). 
Mess, s, (dish) f*^ \&'kai (pi. JUa1»\ 

at^ima-t, «:*u^L-ii» ^a*amat). — 

(mixed mass) Uu« LU. hal( mal^. 
Message, s, ^^j risala-t (pL JaU.^ 

rasayil) ; ^ habar (pi. ^\^\ 

ahbar) ; SjUU) basara-t. 
Messenger, a. J^^ rasiil (pi. J*«j 

rusul) ; J^/» mirsal (pi. J<>-V* 

marasil) ; J^Vi qa^id (pi. «>US 

qu?9ad); J^y band (pi. j^ 

burud) ; jA^ mubai^ir ; jt^ 

baiir (pi. y^ buiSara*). 
Messiah, s, ^^y ..♦U al-masi^. 
Metal, «. (^^ajb* ma'din (pi. ^jU^ 

Metallic, adj. ^^J«^ ma'dini-y; 

O***^ ^jj-« min ma^din. 

MeTALLXJROIST, 8. (;)^U4iW ^^ 

'alim bi*''adin. 
Metallurgy, s. (^ jVjui\ ^ *ilm al- 

Metamorphosis, s, v*)i^\ inqilab ; 

s-J«> taqallub ; ^}lf^ tahwil ; 

^^ tanasuh. 
Metaphor, s. £;U;u\ isti'ara-t ; h^ 

kinaya-t ; j V* maj&z. 

Metaphorical, adj. ^s^^^^ inaj4- 

21 -y ; ^^j^«A-^ isti*an-y ; jUa L ^ 

Metaphysics, a. f«K3\ ^ *ilm al- 

kalam; ^^*«<U\ jy U ^ <ilm 

ma fauq at-tabi*a-t ; «£»!{ybu3\ ^ 

41m al-ma*q{ilat. 
Mete, v. ^V* qas, vaqis ; JV^ k41, 

yakil ; JU^ iktal, yaktal. 
Metempsychosis, s. {Js^^JS taqam- 

Meteor, s. v*W^ ^hab (pi. s-^ 

9uhub, (^\— » aft » ^uhban, s-^-4^^ 

Meter, s. (j^^ qiyas ; ;j*W^» miq- 

Methinks, v. ^J oWi yaban li; 

{;)^\ azunn ; v, .,^ ft\ ahsib. 
Method, s. ^e^ manhaj (pi. ^^ 

manahij) ; &Si^ ^ariqa-t (pi. Jk^j^ 

tarayiq) ; iacU qa*ida-t (pi. ac^^R 

qawa*id) ; v»yL-\ usl^lb (pi. s-^M 

Methodical, adj. s-*/* muratiab ; 

^ ^ '|>* muntasim; v»^^ s-^^ 

sa^ib usmb; f*^ h-«^^ ^kl^ih 

nisam (pi. v»Uf«\ a^l^ab). 
Methodise, v. s-^^ rattab, yurat- 

tib ; f^ nagam, yanzim ; naz- 

zam, yunazzim. 
Metre, s. (;))^ wazn (pi. (j)\jj\ 

auzan) ; (^\^ mizan (pi. (^)\y 

Metrical, adj. (^y^^ manziim ; 

(;)))f mauzun. 
Metropolis, s. i^/^\ ^^/ kursi-y 

al-]^ukuma-t ; A a]flLJ\ jW dar as- 

sal^na-t. — (applied to Mekka) 

^^/i\ f>\ umm al-qura. 
Metropolitan, s. oV^ mitran, 

ma^ran (pi. lij^ matarina-t, 

(^j^ matarin). 
Mettle, s. ^^ l;^kdd (pi. •>^*^ 

budud) ; ^j\j^ tarara-t ; ^^^ iSid- 

da-t; iUft himma-t; S^ gira-t 

Mettled, Mettlesome, s. ^Ua ^i 

fu himma-t ; J«*w i^adid ; ^^^ 

j^ami; •^•xAi sadid ; £V^ saja' ; 

j^--^ jasiir. 
Mew, V, (as a cat) ^y nawwa, j\x* 





Dawwi. — (shed feathers) j^ kar- 

raz, jukarriz ; ^^^J qarnas, y u- 

Mew, 8. (cage) (j^ qafa? (pi. v^Ul\ 

M1A8MA, 8. j^. buhar (pi. i/^y ab- 

Microcosm, 8. j^ ^^ 'alam ^agir. 
Microscope, 8, v*yu4yu3\ J3\ alat 

al-miqrosqob ; jU-j( i(Jb,'!i\ lj\iti 

caszara-t al-a^ja a^-^igar. 
Mid, adj, o^^^ was^ani-j. 
Mid-day, «. j^ guhr (pi. j^\ 

agbar) ; ^;6^ gahrija-t ; ^^\ cJUi 

ni^f an-nabar. 
Middle, Mid- way, adj. Jo-^ wasa- 

ti-j ; o*^^ 'wastani-y ; lo(j-^ 

wasi^ (pi. \L*^ wusata) ; la-y^ 

mutawassi^ ; <^ A ftS^^ munta^if . 
Middle, Midway, Midst, «. L«^ 

wast, vasat ; ^f^ mutawassit ; 

c-A-9» ni^f, nu^f ; ^p»^. bu^b^l- 

Middling, adj, o*^^ wastani-y. 
Midnight, 0. ^\ Uui ni^f al- 

Midsummer, s, i^J^\ Uui ni^f a?- 

?aif ; ,jAe* s-»^^ inqilab ^aifi-y. 
Midwife, «. ^U qabila-t (pi. ji^|* 

qawabil) ; iiU daya-h (pi. «t>Vj\ j 

day at, Pers.). 
Midwifery, 8 J^y ^ 'ilm taulid. 
Mien, «. ji>i^ mangar (pi. ;tU» 

inanazir) ; hp) riiya-t ; ^^ wajh 

(pi. ^ff) wujuh). " 
Might, s. SjJJ qudra-t ; ;^Asi^ iqti- 

dar ; Sy quwwa-t ; ^^ (aqa-t. 
Mightiness, 8, SjAS qudm-t. 
Mighty, ac(;. j^U qadir ; ^jJi qadir ; 

Sy s-^^ fal^ib quwwa-t; y)ft 

Mignonette, «. ^^ fagiya-t. 
Migrate, v. <j&aL (afas, ya^fis ; ^ 

hajj, yahujj. 
Migration, s. ^^^a bajij ; (^UaL 

Migratory, (u2/. (^U» tafi^. 
Mild, adj. ^ layyin ; f^J^^ l^altm ; 

fjt*>) Vindi' (pi. Wjj wuda*a) ; 

'^'*<^*> damis. *- (0/ ^cM^e) v»«Va 


Mildew, «. ^•-» sAs; «t>W^^ ^y** 
susat an-nabat ; ^ ^irr. 

Mildness, «. ^ ^iliu ; ^W^ wa- 
da*a-t; ^^^ 'uzuba-t; US%» 

Mile, «. Jo^ mil (pi. JW*^ amyal) ; 
^;i farsab (pi. f^V ^arasife). 

Military, aci/. ijj^^ *askari-y ; 
^Jlf^ harbi-y ; <^J^^ jundi-y. 

Military, «. hj^*^^ al-*askariya-t ; 
^L^^ al-'asakir; •xa^ jund (pi. 
•^y^ juniid, oW^ ajnad). 

Milk, 0. s-^ ^alib ; (^ laban 
(pi. (:)Wi^ alban, (^W^ liban). 

Milk, v, s-^ balab, yahlab. 

Milk-maid, «. ^V*. ]^aliba-t. 

Milkman, «. s ^ JW bayya* 

Milky, adj. t^i^ ^aXibi-y. 

Mill, «. oj**^^ t^bun ; &^VL (a^u- 
na-t (pi. {;^ii^\^ ^awabin) ; iU^Ia^ 
mitb^J^A-t ; ^j ra]^a (pi. ^^\ 
arhu, ^j\ arhiya-t). — (turned by 
animals) jW madar. — (wind^ 
mill) ^yfc o^^ tatun bawa. — 
(water-mill) U 0^»>^ t^t^ ni^ 
— (hand-mill) ^jyW jarii^t (pi. 
vrSi;^^ jawaris). 

Mill, v. (grind) {^^ t^^an, yat- 
han ; ^^ jara^, yajrus. — (coin) 
s-*/^ i^rah, yafjirib ; j*> daqq, 

Miller, «. (;)V^ ta^l^an; o'b^*^ 

Millet, «. ,3*^yiJ\ h-^ habb ai- 
saraniq ; {^^^^ duhn ; u^^>^ 
j auras. 

Million, «. cJ^\ U^^ alf alf ; (^yt^ 

Millionaire, «. «a>U^\ s-*a^^ ^a^ib 
alafat (pi. v*W«\ a9tab). 

Mill-stone, 8, q)j^^ j^p^ ^ajar 
(abun (pi. S^^^*- ]^ajara-t) ; h^j 

Milt, «. (spleen) JVJ» ^ibal (pi. 
y}J^ \u\^\i]).'-(o/ fish) *«U-. iAU 
nutfa-t samak. 

Milter, «. ;^3 utU^ samak zakar. 
Mimic, adj,, s, *)J^ muqallid; 
^^Ael» taqlidi-y. 




Mimic, v, '^ qallad, yuqallid ; J» 

naqal, yanqul. 
Mimicry, «. s^ taqlid. 
Mince, v, f»/ faram, yafrum. 
Mind, «. ^U. h^tir (pi. ^\^ hawA- 
tir) ; ^ cj) riih (pl.^ c^jy\ arwA^) ; 
JW bal ; jt:^^ damir (pi. ^U-a 4a»- 
mayir); s-i* qalb (pi. v»yii 
qulub). — (inclination) )»^ ha^ir ; 
•>\;^ murad (pi. «yU^^ muradat). 
— (opinion) «^\; rayi (pi. \j\ ara) ; 
(^ zann (pi. (^j^ sutiilin) ; y^ 
fikr (pl.;Ui)afkar). 
Mind, v. <^-5>^ intabah, yantabih; 
^ aJV) Joc^ a*ta bal-hu li-se- 
yin, yu'^i ; v> cr"^^ i*tana bi, 
Mindful, adj, ^^^^ wa*i ; ^j"** 
mu'tani; ^Uc ^3 zA *aii&ya-t; 
•Xe*^ muqayyad ; a^aa^ muntabih ; 
^yt^^ mu^taris. 
Mine, «. (0/ metals) 0«a«^ ma*din 
(pi. (^»>^ raa*Adin). — (under 
walh, &c.) ^ lugm (pi. f^ 
Mine, v, w-» naqab, yanqub ; J^x 

f^ 'am 11 lugm, ya'mal. 
Miner, «. (;)>3^a^ mu'addin. 
Mining, «. (^jUJ^ e^;4fe-^\ 1»a^ 

9ana'a-t istihraj al-ma*adiii. 
Mineral, 0. (^•^a^ ma'din (pi. 

(^jU^ ma'adin). 
Mineral, ac?/. ^^»^ ma*dani-y. 
Mineralogist, «. (^^WJV) ^Ic 

•alim bi-*l-ma*adin. 
Mineralogy, «. (^«>U4J\ ^ 'ilm al- 

Mingle, v.a. ^^ halat, yahlu^ ; n. 
tba.\ ihtalat, yahtalit ; ^^ balat, 
Minim, adj, jk^\ a? gar (pi. ;*^^ 
a^Aerir, o^;**^ a^gariin) ; ;«** ?u- 
gayyir (dim.). 
Minion, «. (favourite) ^Ji nadira 

(pi. Uj^ nudama). 
Minister, s. fy wazir (pi. \)^ 
wuzara). — (of the Interior) ji)y 
lAiJ\^\ ^y»'%\ wazir al-umur ad- 
dahiliva-t. — (of Foreign Affairs) 
ijj:>.jUs3\ ^y»'i\ ^j^ wazir al-umur 
al-hanjiya-t. — (of Juetice) ^)) 

U«J\ wazir al-qa^a.— (0/ War) 
v»^^ )t}y wazir al-harb. — (of 
Finances) yUJ\ jy'^\ ^^y wazir 
al-umur al-maliya-t. — (of Police) 
L»\»l\ Lm\t^\ ^j^ wazir as-siy&sat 
al-*amma-t. — (Prime-minister) 
^i\ jXti\ a^-9adr al-a*zam. — (a 
clergyman) (j*Ua sammfts (pL 
^ ■■■■■,>« U aii samamisa-t). 

Minister, v.a. (give) ^J^ qaddam, 
yuqaddim ; n. (serve) ^*x^ hadam, 

Ministration, s, 1>»ja, hidma-t; 
^jJS taqdim. 

Ministry, s. iMy wazara-t. — (the 
ministry) ^^ji\ (^\Sj\ arkdn ad- 
daula-t. — (the clergy) {j^jt^ ak- 
lirus ; i-^V-,4iJ^ al - qasawisa-t ; 
Sj^\ £aU^ jam&*at al-kahana-t. 

Minium, s, /tpj zunjufr; ^jm 

Minor, adj. j^\ afgar (pi. ytlA 
a^agir, 8;4U\ a^agira-t, ^j^^ 

Minor, s. (a person under age) 
(^\ ;«*• 9agir as-sinn ; vo\i 
qa^ir (pi. j^ qug^ar). — (of a 
syllogism) i^^ ^ugra. 

Minority, s. ^ 9igar. — (smaller 
number) ;**!J\ jac *adad al- 

Minstrel, s. fj>Ju» muganni ; v*;^ 

Mint, s. v»^^ j^*> dar ad-4arb (pi. 
j^o diyar, j^o duwar). — (plant) 
A-iUj6 na*na*a-t ; f Vjju na*na*. 

Mint, v. ^^ v»r^ darab sikka-t, 
yadrib ; csJu sakk, yasukk. 

Minuend, «. &j^ Cjy^^ al-ma^riit 

Minus, s. (sign of subtraction) 

^^\ iUJU 'alamat a^-t^'^'b. 
Minute, «. ^^*> daqiqa-t (pi. jfeUio 

daqayiq. — (memorandum) ij^ 

tafkira-t ; 6*>^-^ musawwada-t. 
Minute, v. (put down in writing) 

li\jSi\i j^ qayyad bi.*l-kitaba-t, 

Minute, adj, (small) ^*-» ^ugayyir. 

—(exact) ^p*^ madbut ; J^J^ 





Minuteness, 8, (smaUneas) f^ 

9Ugr ; ;^*- 9ig^ ; 8)^*- ^agara-t. 

— (exactness) ^*> diqqa-t ; vJk*^^ 

MiBACLB, 8. ^^^«^ mu*]iza-t; ^\ 

dya-t ; ^♦V^ 'ujAba-t (pi. s-^s«^Vc\ 

a'ajib) ; i«V^ *ajiba-t (pi. s-4 V^ 

MiBACULOUS, adj, s-««^ *ajib. 
MiBAOE, s. s^);- sarab. 
Mire, s. J^^ wahl, wahal (pi. J^^ 

wuhul, JW^^ auhal) ; (jj» tin. 
MiBBOB, s. «y^/» mir&t (pi. \y 

mara*, ^\f mirava) ; j^ku« min- 

MiBBOB, V, tS)^ ara, yuri ; ij^^S^ 

•akas, ya'kis. 
MiBTH, 8. j^y^ BurAr ; 5;-«-« masar- 

ra-t ; C;* fart, farah ; ^^ XajCBh ; 

SU^\ imbisat. 
MiBTHPUL, adj, j)}"^ masriir ; (^^j^ 

f arhan ; ^ f^ ** mumbasit. 

MiBT, (m(;. Je.^ wahil ; ^V^ wah- 

lan ; J^^y* muwahhil. 
Misadventube, «. ^^«-a^ mu^iba-t 

(pi. s— 4^-»^ ma^ayib) ; *±>oU. 

hadis (pi. *A>^\^ hawadis). 
Misanthrope, s. (j-^^ fij^ karih 

an-nas ; ^J^^ hiisi-y ; ^J-ft-» mai- 

Misapplication, «. ^^^^ j^^xc 

'adam al-muwafaqa-t. 
Misapply, v. u-^ *aka8, ya*kis. 
MisAPPBEHEND, V, J)^ tadallal, 

yatadallal ; o* ^ g^^H fi, jag- 

MiSAPPBEHENSiON, «. J)U dalal; 

U£ galat ; ^ sahw. 
Misbehave, v. &>*>^ J3^ qallal adab- 

hu, yuqallil. 
MiSBEHAviouB, «. t-r>*>S\ jt^xc *adam 

al-adab ; h^j 5«- sira-t mdiya-t. 
Misbelieve, v, J^ dall, yacjill ; j^ 

kafar, yakf ur. 
Miscalculate, v, s^V— ^\ ^^ U^ 

galit fi-'l-hisab, yaglat. 
Miscalculation, «. v>l-^^ ^ U^ 

galat fi-'l-hisab. 
MiscABRiAGE, s. (failure) &«*► 

haiba-t. — (abortion) ^^JlA isqa^; 

MiscABBY, V. fj>iuu\ asqatat, tus- 
qit ; KA^ji* tarabat, tatrah. — (as a 
letter) v> 4aU, yacjill; £U 44*, 

Miscellaneous, adj. jy^^ muta- 
farriq; tyUfe^ mahlut; ULs^^ 
muhtalit; f^*^^ majmA* (pi. 
ge^W^ majami*). 

MiSCELLANEOUSNESS, 8, I»)b^\ ihti- 

Miscellany, «. ^y^^^ majmA'a-t. 
Mischance, s, ^W dahiya-t (pi. 

^J^^)^ dawahi) ; ^ baliya-t (pL 

\ih balaya) ; ^^-^ inu^iba-t (pi. 

s-^U** ma^ayib). 
Mischief, s. (injury) jj^ 4arar; 

iyA^ macjarra-t; &i^\ a?iya-t. — 

(wickedness) ^ ^arr (pi. y^ 

Mischievous, adj, y^ mu^irr ; jl* 

darr ; ^s^y muzi ; 4.f* ^rir (pi. 

^^ asrar, \^ aiirra*). 
MiscHiEvousNESs, «. SjuJU maf- 

sada-t; 5)^^ ^arara-t. 
Misconceive, i;. Jl-^ tacjallal, ya- 
tadallal ; ^\ in^arr, yangarr. 
Misconception, s, J«^ galat ; JSi* 

dalal ; y^^ guriir. 
Misconduct, s. <^^; ^^ suliik 

radi-y ; ^*>) lyif» sira-t radiya-t. 
Misconstruction, «. ;«*> Ja^ galat 

Misconstrue, v, ;e *"^ ^ <^ tl* 

galit fi-'t-tafsir (;«««J^ o* ^-'t- 

ta*bir), yaglat- 
Miscreant, «. j^^ kafir (pi. jV*^ 

kuffar) ; ♦>)*>/• mardiid ; •xF;^ mur- 

Misdeed, s, f^ft jurm (pi. ftyy^ 

jurum) ; fj\ ism (pi. fn^ asam) ; 

s-^»> zamb (pi. s^y*^ zunub). 
Misdemeanour, s, ^J^ hatiya-t 

(pi. k^^ied. hataya) ; jy«i qusiir ; 

s-*««i *aib (pi. s^^ *uyiib). 
Miser, 8., Miserly, adj, J«^. bahil 

(pi. )^. buhala) ; (j-^y- ^ basis 

(pi. ^L-£. hisas, l-^\ ahissa) ; 

^U sahih ; ^^^^ ^ahih (pi. tVw>^ 

Hhah, ^^^\ a^ibha-t, pi. f. ^V^A 

Miserable, adj. J«}3 zaUl (pL JUJ 




zil4l, 1^*^^ azill4) ; (^^e^L^* maskin 
(pi. (;)^^V-.^ masakin) ; ^Jl^ ^aqi-y 
(pi. U&6i\ aiqiya) ; ^j-«* ta4s. 


zilla-t ; li^-'^-^ maskana-t ; S^Vaai 

^aqawa-t; /* faqr; (j-««^ nahs 

(pi. u^f^ nuhiis). 
MisPOETUNE, 8. o*^. ^ Bil baht ; 

l^jtU dahija-t (pi. ^J^^)^ da- 

wahi) ; ^«-a^ musiba-t (pi. s-4^-»^ 

mas&yib) ; 8ja ^idda-t (pi. ^^ja 

Misgive, t;. csX^ ^akkak, yu^k- 

kik ; s^\) rab, yanb ; «^^ haw- 

waf, yuhawwif. 
Misgovern, v, Jj^W (j-^ ^ ma 

Bas bi-'U*adl, yasrts. 

MiSQOVERNMENT, «. f»^\ f**^ 

*adam al-hukm ; ^^y\ S^\o; rad&- 

wat ar-riyasa-t. 
Misguide, v, JU dallal, yudallil. 
Mishap, «. ^^^ hadisa-t (pi. *±>o\^ 

Misinform, «. s^*^ kazab, yakzib ; 

jjlc ^ ^ p^\ ahbar ^e gair 

9adiq, yuhbir. 
Misinformation, «. j^^ ^ p^ 

habar gair ^abiq ; J^^ h ye^ 

habar bi-la a^l. 
Mislay, v. ^ dayya*, yudayyi*. 
Mislead, v. jl-s* dallal, yudallil. 
Mismanage, v. jti'^ jt^ e^^ J** 

fa*al min gair tadbir, yaf*al. 
Mismanagement, ». ^»vi3\ ^«xe 

'adam at-tadbir. 

Misname, v. ,^5*— ^^ ^ Ja^ galit fi- 
H-tasammi, yaglat. 

Misnomer, «. JJ^ galat ; J^ dalal. 

Misprint, «. g«W^ ^ galat at- 

Mispronounce, v, ^ lagig, yal- 

Mispronunciation, ». ^ lasag. 
Misquotation, s. y*\<\ Ui 

galat al-istiqbas. 
Misquote, v. ^j-Uf^-S^ ^^ Uit galit 

fi-'l-istiqbas, yaglat. 
Misrepresent, v. fti^\ s-J^ qalab 
^ al-kalam, yaqlib; 0^-^^ u*^ 
^ JlWJVj labas al-^aqq bi'l-bajil, 

yalbis; j<A gayyar, yugayyir ; 

U(;ft- harraf, yu^arrif. 
Misrepresentation, 8. {j^^ tal- 

bis ; ^ £^« ^ ;<^ habar la ^ah- 

ha-t la-hu. 
Misrule, v. Jj^W u*^ ^ nia sds 

bi-*l-*adl, yasus. 
Misrule, 8, ^W«J\ ^ 'adam as- 

Miss, 8. (young lady) £t»^ 9abiya-t. 

— (in addressing her) ^^ys- sitti. — 

(loss) jyd qn^ur ; ^Ua nuq^an ; 

S^Lm^ hasara-t. — (want) ^W 

haja-t; cW^^^ ihtiyaj. — (error) 

U^ galat; ^1^ bata ; ^ sahw, 

Miss, v. (the mark) ^^\ aht&, 

yuhti ; e)* vA^ tas *an, yatii ; 

*>/» i^arid, ya^rad (which, by 

opposition, means also " to hit "). 

— (fail) s^^ hab, yahib). — ( per- 

ceive the want of) e^ haj, yahAj ; 

eUo.\ ihtaj, ya^itaj (both with ^^^ 

ila). — (omit) ,j-»-i nasa, yansa. 
Missal, s, ^JM^J^^ s^U^ kitab al- 

quddas ; J^— «* misal. 
Missile, «. ^y»f mirma (pi. ^^^f• 

Mission, s. J^j\ irsal; ^Uj risa- 

la-t ; iU^ marsala-t. — (preach- 
ing of the Gospel) ^e-^i tab^ir. 
Missionary, «. ^— &•<-- muba^^ir; 

J-/« mursal. 
Missive, s. Si\^j risala-t ; s^*i5U 

maktub (pi. s-<*^^ makatib) ; 

v»U^ kitab (pi. s-^ kutub). 
Mis-spell, v, < ^ » %y J^ ^ Jali galit 

fi-'t-tahjiya-t, yaglat ; «-A^^ ^a^- 

haf, yu^ahhif. 
Mis-spend, v, fiJ^Vi "^ uyc ^araf bi- 
la fayida-t, ya^rif ; *^jJ\ asraf, 

Mist, s. (vapour) v>W^ 4abab ; ^ 

gaim. — (darkness) i^-sc *atma-t ; 

S^ guliua-t. 
Mistake, v. J-6 diall, ya^ill ; Ua 

galit, yaglat ; V- saha, yashu. 
Mistake, «. J)U dalal ; LU galat ; 

i^^ galta-t ; ^i»s. hata. 
Mistaken, adj. ji* ^all (pi. J\yi 

Hawaii) J yu gflit; ^UJLi galt&n. 




MiSTiMB, V, *J^^ ;«* i^ s^^ *amil fi 

gair wakt-hu, ja'mal. 
Mistiness, «. v»W-fc^ idbab ; ^W-fc 

Mistranslate, v. A4-»*yJ\ .j* Ui 

galit fi-'t-tarjama-t, yaglat- 
Mistranslation, «. i— U-y^^ U^ 

galat at-tarjama-t ; S^^ji* iWy 

tarjama-t maglu^a-t. 
Mistress, «. (woman of authority) 

LteXo 9ahiba-t ; c^^ sitt (pi. va>^ 

8ittat);*ay^ hatun (pi. cj^^ 

hawatin). — (lady-teacher) iJ** 

mu*alliina-t. — (lady-love) ^yt^^ 

mahbuba-t; ^ — » - ! »»» habiba-t; 

Si^Aju* ma*^uqa-t. — (concubine) 

£»u^ qahramana-t ; ^^ surri- 

ya-t (pi. «4;V sarari) ; W^*^ 

mahziya-t (pi. J^W* ma^aji). 
Mistrust, s, ^^^ayi-»\ istihwan ; ytUi 

sakk (pi. csJy^ sukAk) ; W 

Mistrust, v. 0^^ istahwan, yas- 

tahwin ; (^ ^J^J^sxJ\ istahras 

min, yastahris. 
Misty, adj. v>W^ ^«i zu dabab ; 

s-*-A^ mudibb ; ^^o*^ mugayyam. 
Misunderstand, v. v>^^W ^ ^ 

ma fahim bi-*9-9awab, yafham. 
Misunderstanding, s, f^\ ^^It 

galat al-fahm ; ^clt gala^ ; ^ 

sahw, sahu. — (dissension) ^Vat* 

muhalafa-t ; ^ibi.^ ihtilaf. 
Mite, s. (insect) ^y^ siisa-t. — 

(small portion) «^y» ^uwwai-y 

(dim. of <jAi ^e-y). 
Mitigate, v. ^^jJ layyan, yulayyin ; 

«-aW laUaf, yulattif ; e?^ sakkan, 

yusakkin ; «-AAi- haffaf, yuhaffif. 
Mitigation, s. i-M*^ tahtif ; (^j^j^—J 

taskin ; aaLJU mula^afa-t. 
Mitre, s. e^ taj (pi. o^^ tijan). 
Mix, v. U^ hala^, yahlut ; ty* 

mazaj, yamzaj ; n. ^^^ ihtalat, 

Mixture, «. Ui^ hult ; \>'k^\ ihtilaf ; 

^'f^\ imtizaj. 
Moan, v. c^ nah, yanuh ; s-*»^ 

nahal), yanhab; (^j^ ann, ya'iun ; 

6/^ ta'awwah, yata*awwah. 
Moan, MoANiifa, s, cV ii^^^^J 

^y naul^a-t; s-*«e«^ na^tb; {^\ 

anin ; »/^ ta'awwuh. 
Moat, «. j^^ bandaq (pi. v3»>V;*. 

Mob, ». (crowd) ^U».j zahma-t ; 

^•L-ft*J'j\ izdiham. — (populace) 

^\j^\ JiU^ asafil an-nas ; ^*^:*^ 

Mob, v. f^^ hajam, yuMjim. 
Mobile, adj, si;*^ muta^arrik ; 

v*^ qallab. 
Mobility, s, *f^^ ^^ hiffat al- 

haraka-t ; *«5/^ taharruk. 
Mock, t;. ;4fe«>^ tamashar, yata« 

mashar; viW^ dahak, ya^^ak 

(both with ^J^ *ala) ; ^^t- sa^ir, 

yashar; ^jj^^ istahza, yastahzi 

(both with v» bi). 
Mock, adj. (not real) ^5^^ taq- 

lidi-y ; )yy muzawwar. 
Mockery, s. f^ sahar ; fk-m^i ta- 

mashur ; ^^ huzd ; \yis^\ istihzA. 

— (false show) o»^j zuhruf; 

ii/-3 zahrafa-t (pi. ^j^} zahArif). 
Mode, s. (manner) *^X*\ usliib (pi. 

s-^^^ asalib) ; J\^ manw&l, 

minwal ; {Ji^ ^ariq (pi. jj^t ^urq, 

turuq, s3^\ atruq) ; isi^ tariqa-t 

(])1. ^^}^ tarayiq). — (fashion) 

<^3 zai-y. — (custom) SjIc *4da-t 

(pi. J^^^ *awayid). 
Model, s, s-5U qalib (pi. s-J^jJ 

qawalib) ; S^^ qidwa-t, qadwa-t. 
Model, v. ^J^ naqa^, yanqai ; ;y« 

^awwar, yu^awwir. 
Modeller, s. ^^ naqq^s. 
Moderate, adj. (not excessive) jt^ 

t/^ gair mufrii ; J*uju« mu*ta- 

dil ; Ifl-^ mutawassit ; g;^ wai'i*. 

— (not exacting) «-A-ai^ mim^if. 
Moderate, v. J^ *addal, yu*ad- 

dil ; c-Ay lattaf, yulattif. 
Moderateness, Moderation, «. 

J\x;c\ i*tidal ; ^U\ ingAf ; ^U.\ 

imtilak; M^S^ ^j^ Ujia.^ ihtim& 

miu al-ifrat. 
Modern, adj. ^»^ jadid; 

^adis (pi. *±>\jkft.\ ahdas) ; *±>. 

Modern, «. j^^^Vi* muta'ahhir. 
Modernise, t;. «>^ jaddad, yujad- 




did ; ^\ ajadd, yujidd ; Jc sji^ 

sA^^\ ^j;3 (abaq *ala zai-y al- 

waqt, ju^abiq. 
MoDSST, adj, (becoinlay) v>*>*^-*» 

mu'addab ; ^•'•^U^^ inul^ta^im ; 

g*^^ mutawadi*. — (chaste) «-A^ 

•afif (pi. Uc\ a4ffa, ^Ws «ifaf; ; 

^j-ju5\ y^lL tahir an-nafs; <j<s»- 

Modesty, «. s^o^ adab ; ^\f ta- 

wa^u* ; W hava ; jUj waqar ; 

^\}) rizana-t ; i^-A^ hisma-t. — 

(chastity) ^ 4ffa-t ; 0^ *afaf ; 

Sj^ tahara-t. 
Modicum, «. ^•a. ^uwwaya-t; Sjj^ 

hana-t ; ^«aa nunayya-t. 
Modification, s. ^m^ tagyir ; ji^ 

tagayyur ; *-J^tt^ takyif . 
Modify, v, j^ gayyar, yugayyir; 

«-A«^ kayyaf, yukayyif. 
Modulate, v, {^^ lahin, yalhan ; 

U*J^ s-»; rattab al-gin&, yurat- 

tib ; ^^m\ ^ nazam an-nag- 

ma-t, yan^iin. 
Modulation, s, {^ lahn (pi. ^^ 

lul^^n, ^V^\ al^an) ; ^ulb nag- 

ma-t; ^/ tarnim. 
Moiety, s. <-A^ ua^f, ni^f (pi. 

<^U\ an^af). 
Moist, adj. s-J»j ratib ; ^^Ji nadi-y 

(pi. h'^\ andiya-t) ; (^\i^ nad- 

Moisten, v. s-^j rattab, yurattib ; 

i^Ji nadda, yuuaddi ; Ji ball, 



ba-t; S^W nadawa-t; ^y^ bulii- 

MoLAB, 8. ij^x^ ^irs (pi. ^JAJA ad- 
ras, ij^^j^ (Jur^s). 

Molasses, «. v>j rubb; ^jm\ J««a 
'asal as wad ; ^^o dibs. 

Mole, 8. (mark on the skin) J^ 
hal (pi. oX^ hWkn).— (dike) ^ 
sudd (pi. *>;J^ BudM) ; y^^ 
l^ajiz (pi. S)%A. j^ajaza-t, y^^^ 
iawajiz); y^ jisr (pi. ;•— ► 

t'usiir). — (animal) J^ huld, ftJ^i*. 
julda-t (pi. ua>\jJi^ huld&t, •WU* 
Molxouls, f. SjJ ^parm-t* 

Molest, v. Ji5» gaqqal, yusaqqil; 
J^ uakkad, yunakkid (both 
with ,J^ *ala) ; f^)^ az'aj, yu'zij ; 
^jjx *anna, yu*anni. 

Molestation, s, SlsS §aqla-t ; s-^ 
ta*ab ; ^»^-> ta^di* ; f^y^ tai- 
wi^ ; *9^ nakad. 

Mollify, v, (make soft) (^ lay- 
yau, yulayyin; ^j raqqaq, yu- 
raqqiq ; gfii nsiqqa', yunaqqi*. — 
(pdcijy) (j^ sakkan, yusakkin; 
^jjjb hadda, yuhaddi ; <^*xa\ ahda, 
y uhdi. 

Moment, s, (of time) ^^lO lal;^za-t ; 
^*i^j ramsa-t ; S^ gamza-t ; ^^ 
tarfa-t ; ^j raffa-t ; ^U^ lahma-t 
(all may be followed by {^ 
*ain) ; AcL. sa*a-t ; JW hal ; Afiei«> 
daqiqa-t. — (importance) J*»§iql; 
f^ *uzn) ; ijyj^ 4urura-t ; kj^ 
(Jururiya-i . 

Momentary, adj. ^^^ waqti-y ; 
^J\^ tali-y ; ^J^ faui. 

Momentous, adj. f^^ muhimm; 
Jtsfi* gaqil ; f^Jbc. *azim. 

Monarch, s. ^^UL« sultan (pi. (^!L* 
salatin) ; *a\L» malik (pi. ^^ 

Monarchic, Monarchical, adj. 

jUbL. Bultani-v ; o^^^ mulAki-y. 



9altana-t; S SU^ 

Monastery, s. jjto dair (pi. SjjiO 
duyiira-t, ijiS\ adyira-t). 

Monastic, Monastical, adj, ^W^j 

Monasticism, 8. ^W*; ruhbani- 

Monday, s. {^^\ |*y yaum al- 

Money, «. ^J•^ fulAs (pi. of ^jJi 
fals, "obole"); ^y darahim 
(pi. of f^j*y dirham, ** drachm "). 

Moneyed, adj. ^^i s-^V<« ^al^ib 
fulus; f^\j*> s-^U 9^1^ib dara- 
him (pi. v>W«»^ a^h&b). 

Money-less, adj. ^/^ muflis (pL 
fjj\iu» mafalis). 

Monger, 8. £W» bayy4*. 

Monition, 8,j\^\ in^ar; ^^ ta^« 
fir { ^^ wa'asa-t. 




Monitor, a, ^\^ wa*iz ; j^^j^ mun- 

zir ; ^^ na^ih. 
Monitorial, Monitory, adj, ^^ 

na^ih ; j«>-^ inunzir. 
Monk, «. s-^^j rahib (pi. o^J 

Monkey, a. *>/ qird (pi. *>jj;S 

quriid) ; (:j^'*** maimun ; (J\jju, 

8a*daii (pi. (^^^«- sa*adin) ; u^j^ 

hijris (pi. u-jW^^ hajaris). 
Monkish, adj, ^J^) ruhbani-j. 
Monocular, adj. {one-eyed) jy^\ 

a*war, f. \j^ *aura (pi. ^\j^ 

*uran) ; ^J^ *>J fard *ain. 
Monogram, «. lykL ^ugra (Pers,) ; 

y»j ramz (pi. jy*) rumuz). 
Monopolise, v. ^J^ ^^ hawwa^ 

*ala, yuhawwit ; j^ tahakkar, 

jatahakkar; ^^s»-\ ihtakar, ja^- 

Monopolist, «. t\^ hawwa^ ; ^Xs^^ 

muhtakir ; ^yl« multazim. 
Monopoly, «. 5>U^\ ^ lo2j»=^ tah- 

wit *ala-*l-ba4ayi* ; j^ hakr ; 

j\Xsd.^ ihtikar ; i^^ ^ ysid wahi- 

Monosyllable, s. ^^ W ^^ 

Li^\^ kalima-t fiba naraka-t wa- 

Monotone, Monotony, s. {;y^\ *y 

fard al-labn ; ^L^ basala-t ; 

J^A^tAt}- ja*ja*a-t. 
Monotonous, adj, ^p {^ a] la- 

bu labn wiibid ; J-W basil ; ^jW 

Monsoon, «. y^^ f^y mausim an- 

nau ; y3^ ^y awan an-nau. 
Monster, «. (j^ waliis, wah^ (pi. 

\^y^) wuhus) ; ^ ^*» inasih ; Wy^ 

*ifrit (pi. ^^ *afarit). 
Monstrous, adj, t)"''^ mamsiih ; 

<^5A**^ wah^i-y. 
Month, a. ^ sahr (pi. j^ ^uhur, 

j^\ a^bur) ; \j>Ui numa^ (pi. 

yj^ numuf, i^^^\ anmi^a-t). 
Monthly, adj, t^^ ^bri-y. 
Monument, «. j^e-A^ f\ asar mashAr 

(pi. Sj^e-*^ j^^ agar ma^hrtra-t) ; 

^^•JJ^ *alama.t (pi." ^^ *alam, f^U 

'alayiiu). See Tomb, Mauso- 

Mood, a. <-M kaif ; jI»U4^ Ul^ kaif 
al-ba^ir; ^\^ ba^ir. — (tn gram- 
mar) J«aJ^ &*e- ijigat al-fi'l. 

Moon, a, f^ qamar (pi. jUi\ aq- 
mar). — {full moon) jJ^ badr (pi. 
j^J^ budur). — {new moon) J)^ 
bilal (pi. i^\ abilla-t). — {change 
of moon) y^\ jy^- hulul aJ- 

Moonlight, Moonshine, a, j^\ y^ 
du al-qamar. 

Moor, a. ^ab.^^ sabba-t (pi. (:W-« 
sibab) ; £ab<>.«.^ masbaba-t. 

Moor, v, ^^ rabat, yarbu^ ; ^^^ 
arsa, yursi. 

Moot, v, ^j>f. *ara4, ya*ri4. 

Mop, a, ^^ J lajj* minsaf (pi. (.JkikU^ 

Mope, v. J-« mall, yamall; JU* 
tamallal, yatamallal ; Jcj za'il, 

Moping, Mopish, adj. jf*^ ^asir; 
0)^) za'lau. 

Moral, adj. {of good munnera) 
ijii^\ (jN.««> hasan as-sira-t ; •^»'*»> 
v3^^\ ^amid al-ablaq; ^Jt*y^ 
adabi-y ; v»*>ls/« muta'addib. — 
{me7ital) Jfic *aqli-y. 

Moral, a. {practical leaaon) S^ 
4bra-t (pi. ^ *ibar) ; 1^,6^ na- 
9iha-t; S«Nt^ fayida-t (pi. ^ii^^ 
f away id). 

Moralise, v, s^«>^ addab, yu'ad- 
dib; jU:i\ ^ 'allam ababldq, 
yu*allim ; ^^ wa^ag, yu'ig. 

Moralist, a, jlU3^ ^ s-^^ ^a^ib 
'ilm al-ablaq. 

Morals, Morality, a. sjl^\ ablaq ; 
s^S\ adab (pi. v»UT adab) ; iiJyL 
suliik ; «£3yLJ^ ^^^...^ l^usn as- 
suluk. — {acience of) sjM-^^ fJ^ 
41m al-ablaq ; v»^S^ ^ 41m al- 

Morass, a. ^^is^ sabba-t; g/iiA *^ 

Morbid, adj. ij^y* maricj (pi. vj^y* 
marda) ; JJLc *alil (pi. U\ axilla). 

Morbidness, a. ^ illa-t (pi. ^"^ 
*illat, Jlfi *ilal) ; y*/» rnara^ (pb 
y6\^\ amr&4)* 




MoBB, adj, y^ akgar ; *y^\ azwad ; 

^}\ azyad; S«>\i3 ziykria.-t. 
Moke, s, y^ aksar. 

MOBBOYEB, adv, *^^ yt^ gMT zkllls ; 

«cUi ^Ja SoVjtj ziyadat 'ala zalik ; 

•XII} ^ min ba*d. 
MoBNiNO, $, tW-» 9ab&^ ; ^^« ^ub^ 

(pi. cW a^bab). 
MoBNiNO, «(£;'. yj*** 9ub^^-y ; tsy^^ 


MOBNINO-STAB, 8. y^\ S-^/ kaU- 

kab al-fajr; f^\ i^-r najmat a^- 

9ubh; Sy^j zukara-t. 
MoBOSE, adj, ^J0J^ iaris ; ^^^'i-*- 

basir ; J^^ maliil ; J«a» saqil (pL 

J^ 8uql, J^ siqAl, 5^ suqal4) ; 

<3^^ wa*iq. 
MoBosENBSs, 8, ^}%» maUl ; ^"^ 

maUla-t; U^} zaia-t ; Lj^^ 

MoBBOW, 8, J^ gad. — (to-morrow) 

'^^ j^adan ; J^^ ^^ fi-'l-gad. 
MoBSEL, 8, (bite) ^UaS luqma-t (pi. 

f^ luqam). — {small piece) iiiei 

qit*a-t (pi. ^ quta*). 
MoBTAL, adj. (subject to death) ^J^ 

iknl'^(deadly) J?^ qatil ; c.-.*^^ 

mumit ; **Ue^ muhlik. — (human) 

^jJL-i\ insani-y; ^^j^ ba^ari-y. 
MoBTAL, s. 0L-i\ ias4n (pi. (j*Vj 

n&s) ; f^A e>>^ ibn adam (pi. ^^j^ 

(•«>1 bani 4dam). 
MoBTALiTY, s. ^ fanA ; v£>^ maut ; 

^/A4 ba^ariya-t. 
MoBTAB, «. (/or pounding) ^ 

jurn (pi. 0^y^ jurdn, (^^j<^ jirao); 

(^^U h&wan (pi. «yV>^^U hawanat) ; 

{j^\j9^ mihras (pi. {j^j^ maha- 

ria . — (for huilding) ^JS*W ha- 

fiqi ; e^«^ tin- 
MoBTGAGE, 8. (j^*; rahn (pi. (^jyfcj 

MoBTQAGB, V. J^^ (j*^ rahan *ind, 

MoBTGAOEE, 8. 6jj^ O^f* marhiln 

MoBTOAGEB, 8. {^f murhia. 
MoBTiPiCATiON, ». (depression) ^ 

gamiQ (pi. ^j^ gumftm) ; v>^ 

karb (pi. v»;!r ^^'*^^)' — (affront) 

J«i zall ; J J.J\ izl&l ; h^\ aziya-t. 

— (self -denial) jaj zuhd; 8oUj 
zuMda-t; ^^; riya^a-t. — (g^a/i- 
^r^e) ^ ftkila-t; s-^taal^ al- 

MoBTiFY, v.a, (8ubdue) ffi qahar, 
yaqbar; g4J qama*, yaqma'. — 
(humble) A^\ azall, yuzill; ^W 
ahAn, yubin ; n. (;^\ in^afan, 

MosQTTE, 8, *x^^^ masjid (pi. Ji^L««« 
masajid); g-W j^mi* (pi. A»W 

Moss, n. liJ^ u^aa-t. — (white moss') 
)y^\ 'L^ ^aibat al-'aj&z ; iJS 
)y^\ kus^t al-'aj^z. 

Most, adj.^ ado., s. ^ aksar. 

Mostly, adv. ^\t gdliban; ^ 
s-JUJ\ *ala.'l-gaUb. 

Mote, s. ^s^ qaza; M zarra-t; 
Wa haba (pi. W^\ ahb4) ; J^ 

Moth, «. ^^ s^sa-t. 

MoTHEB, 8. f^ umm (pi. \zMA um- 
mahat) ; l^\y walida-t. — (mothet' 
in-law) e^y^ f^ umm az-zauj ; f^ 
^f}^ umm az-zauja-t; SU^ j^a- 
mat (pi. ut»^^-4*. ^amawat). — 
(mother-of-pearl) «-Ja« i^adaf (pi. 
^^Ju»^ a?daf) ; ^^ Jt^ *irq IMA. 

Motuebhood, «. ^^ ummiya-t. 

Mothebly, adj. ^Je•\ ummi-jr ; i^y\ 
ummawi-y ; j«5\ JA^ migl al- 

Motion, s. ^f- baraka-t. — (pro- 
posal) S^f- *urda-t ; u*^^^ i*r44 ; 

Motive, s. s-*^"- sabab (pi. w^\ 

asbab) ; ^c ^illa-t (pi. JU 41al) ; 

A^eW ba*isa-t (pi. sA.^c^y bawA*!^) ; 

u*/ gara4 (pi. J>\/^\ agr&4). 
Motley, aei^*. \J^ji\ abrai, f. U^ 

barsa (pi. ^^ bur^) ; o^^W (j^^a** 

^^ikUae* muuaqqa^ bi-alwau muh- 

talifa-t. — (^mixed) iJUfe^ mablAt. 
Mottle, v. M::afe^ (^tyi^ ,jt5> naq- 

qa^ bi-alwAn muhtalifa-t, yu- 

Motto, s. yj ramz (pi. )yj ru« 

Mould, s. (eart-i) v*y tur&b ; ^/ 

turba-t. — (as on old breads Ac) 





uJ^iy^ ta^wif. — (form) s-J^ qalib 

(pi. s-J\y» qaw&lib). 
Mould, v. s-^ sakab, yaskub ; 

t^ 9ag, yafug; ;^ ?awwar, yu- 

MouLDEB, V. (decay) (^^ ta^affao, 

Moult, v, j/ karraz, yukarriz ; 

<^y» qarnas, yuqamis. 
Mound, s. •x-. sadd (pi. *AxA 

asdad) ; *9^-^ sudd (pi. o^jl^ 

Budud) ; (j-^/^ mitras (pi. er«;U^ 

Mount, Mountain, s, ,^ jabal 

(pi. JLij. jibal). — (small) J* tall 

(pi. J^ til&l). 
Mount, v. (ascend) »>*• 9a*id, 

ya9*ad ; 9a"ad, yu9a"id (both 

with ^J^ *ala) ; ^5* '^^ a^'ad fi, 

yu9*id. — (on horseback) ^j 

rakab, yarkab. — (set) ^y ra^sa', 

yura??!* ; J^ na^^ad, yuna44i<^* 
Mountaineer, s. ,jW jabali-y. 
Mountainous, adj. ^^W jabali-y. 
Mountebank, s. v^^^** ma*jiin- 


MouBN, V. (grieve) ^^ bazin, yah- 
zan ; fji\ ingamm, yangamm. — 
(lament) s-e^* nahab, yanhab ; t^ 
Dah, yaniih. 

Mournful, adj. {^^ hazin (pi. 
V»^ hiizana) ; f^s*^ mugtamm ; 
^•^.♦A* magmum ; ^^\ ;^. C * 
maksiir al-hafir. 

MouBNiNQ, s. (grief) q)^ hazan, 

huzn. — {lamentation) s--i«^nahib. 

— (mourning- suit) ^^•^ hidad. 
Mouse, s. J^ far; S^U fara-t (pi. 

(^^^ firan). 
Mouse, v. jy^ fawwar, yufawwir. 
Mouse-tbap, s. (:)^;«i S»u-a^ mi^ya- 

da-t firan (pi. •xjV*a»» ma^&yid). 
Moustaches, «. s^;^y» ^awarib. 
Mouth, s. ^ famm, fumm (pi. 

t\yh\ afwah, f»Ui\ afmam). 
Mouthful, s. ^Ui3 luqma-t (pi. 

^ luqaiii). 
Movable, adj. csJ^^;:^ mutaharrik ; 

IS^\ {;)^^^ mumkin al-haraka-t ; 

*^f^, yubarrak (3 aor. pass. 11.). 

Movables, «. JU mftl (pi. JV^ 

amwal) ; ^^ &§&§. 
Move, v.a. (put into motion) *^^ 

harrak, yuharrik. — (touch) (^^ 

haunan, yuhanuin ; Jpj raqqaq, 

yuraqqiq. — (persuade) o"^r 

arda, yurdi. — (propose) ^^ 

*arad, ya*rid ; n. *j^jb^ tabarrak, 

yataharrak. — (change residence) 

jAsi\ iutaqal, yantaqil. 
Move, s. JV4w\ intiqal. 
Movement, s. ^j^ haraka-t ; *a^f^ 

tahrik. — (of a watch) s-^\j*> 

ls\^\ dawalib as-sa'a-t. 
Mow, V. ij^ ha^^, yahu^^ ; jjlJ^.^ 

ahtas^, yahtai^ ; J^ qa^al, yaq- 

^il ; Juofi. ha^ad, yah^ud, yah^id. 
Mowing, s. {^^ hajj's ; J-ei qa^l. 
Much, adj. jt^ kagir. 
Much, adv. ^^ bi-gaya-t ; *^J^ 

jiddan. — (how much) fS kam. 
Mucilaoe, Mucus, s. v>^ lu'4b; 

tUi^ nmhat ; j)» bazr ; fJ^ bal- 

Mucilaginous, Mucous, adj, ^j^ 

balgami-y ; ^^»UJ lu*abi-y. 
Mud, s. J^^ wahl ; {^ X^ti. 
MuDDiNESs, s. j^ *akar ; ffiS tA- 

Muddy, adj. (covered with mud) 

0!U^ wablan ; Jo>^ wahil ; J^-y* 

muwahhil. — (turbid) y^ *akir ; 

4^^ mu*akkar; /^ mu'aukar. 
Muff, s. jUi qufFaz. 
Muffle, v. uJ laff, yaluff ; cJilA 

gallaf, yugallif ; ^ lassam, yu- 

MuFFLEB, s. ^^ ligam. 
Mug, s. j/ kuz (pi. ^^ akwaz) ; 

iff jarra-t (pi. y\y^ jirar, jy^ 

Mulatto, «. ^^'^ hilasi-y. 
Mulbebbt, s. «yy tAt ; i*j? tiita-t. 

MULBEBBT TBEE, S. s&>f ^y^^ ^aja- 

ra-t tut (pi. j^L^\ a^jar). 
Mulct, s. ^^^ janma-t (pi. ^W 

jarayim) ; &M\jt garama-t ; 4^ 

diya-t (for murder or bloodshed). 
Mule, s. J*? bagl (pi. jUj bigal, 

JUjUhgal); f . dU* bagla.t;^V5 

qatir (Turk,). 




MULETBEB, 8. JU) baggal ; ^U^ 

Ijamm&r ; oJ)^ mukari ; <^y»Vi 

Multifarious, adj, gWS\ ^^ kasir 

al-anwa*; ^\~^\ jLji\ a^^kal 

Multilateral, adj, v»y^\ ;«^ 

kagir aUjuniib. 
Multiple, «. J»^a«^ ma*(lud. 
Multiplier, Multiplicator, b. 

M v»;(/*^ macjrub fi-hi. 
Multiplicand, «. v>;j;^^ madrub. 
Multiplication, s, {increase of 

number) y^^ tak^ir ; /^ ta- 

kasuT ; o^jfj\ izdiy&d. — {in arith- 

fnetic) v>;-* darb. 
Multiplicity, «. Sy^ kasra-t ; ^^W 

jumla-t; ^W jama'a-t. 
Multiply, v. {increase in number) 

a. y^ kassar, yukassir; n. y^ 

kasur, yaksur. — {in arithmetic) 

fj^ v»^ (Jarab fi, y ad rib. 
Multitude, s. {great number) Sy^ 

ka§ra-t; ij\y^ gazara-t. — {popu- 
lace) ^UJ\ JiU^ asafil an-nas. 
Multitudinous, adj. j^j^ 'adid ; 

«^ kasir (pi. j^ kisar). 
Mumble, v. f^^4Jt hamhatn, yuham- 

him ; f*x«^ damdam, yudamdim ; 

^«JUS> taqaniqam, yataqaniqam ; 

0^» naqnaq, yunaqniq. 
MuMM, V, /^ tanakkar, yatanak- 

kar ; j».i....»? taniashar, yatamas- 

Mummery, s, I j a k * "" * mashara-t ; 

»afc-^ tamasbur. 
Mummy, 0. ^y« miimiya-t (pi. 

f^y mum). 
Mundane, adj, i^j^*> dunyawi-y ; 

v5^*> dunyawi-y ; ^j^^ *alami-y. 
Municipal, adj. jJL-J\ v,;fl4^yahu99 

al-balad ; (^^u-a^ mutamaddin. 
Municipality, s, ^aJ^ j^\ akbar 

al-madina-t ; jJl<J\ Jifc\ {^ f\^ 

l^ukkam min ahl al-balad. 
Munificence, a. Va^ saha; S^U^ 

sahawa-t ; ^^ jud ; f^/ karam. 
Munificent, adj. ^Jsi^ sa^i-y (pi. 

Wab-^ ashiya) ; ^^^ karim (pi. 

^^^ kiram) ; S\y^ jawad (pi. *>^>«^^ 

a] wad). 

Munition, s. ^U^-^ jabhana-t (pi. 

va>Ulafc-j^ jabhanat, Pers.) ; 8;«*.«i 

zahira-t (pi. ^^♦i zahayir). 
Murder, s. J^ qatl. 
Murder, v. Jii qatal, yaqtul; 

qattal, yuqattil; J^^si J^ qatal 

qatil, yaqtul. 
Murderer, «. JJVi qatil (pi. JUi 

quttal) ; J^ qattal. 
Murderous, adj. JUi qattal ; «£)Ui« 

saffak ; \-^j3\ ctUU safik ad- 

Murkiness, 8.jJ^ kadar; iUI^.zul- 

Murky, adj. jJ^ mukaddar ; ^«;ub« 

Murmur, s. ^x«j damdama-t; 

^ fi » g» taqamqum ; ^Lfi^ naq- 

naqa-t. — (0/ water) jiy^ harir. 
Murmur, t;. ^J^o damdam, yudam- 
dim ; 0*^^ dandan, yudandin ; 

f^^4J^ hamham, yuhamhim ; f^lUJS 

taqamqam, yataqamqam. 
Murrain, t. ^W^ ^W jayihat al- 

bahayim ; ^W^ J-^ fa^l al- 

bahayim ; i£»^\^^\ O^^ \eL^(Ln 

Muscle, «. ^Iac *adala-t (pi. J^ 

Muscular, adj. J^ *adil. 
Muscularity, «. J^ *a4al. 
Muse, v. /^ tafakkar, yatafakkar ; 

J^*^ ta'ammal, yata'ammal (both 

with ^ fi). 
Muse, s. ^ fikr (pi. ;^\ af kar) ; 

/^ tafakkur ; J^*^ ta'ammul. 
Museum, a. Ui^\ liyt- ^aznat at« 

Mushroom, 0. ^ kam (pi. f^ 

akmu, S*Ui kam*a-t) ; ^ tu^r (pi. 

«^j^ f atari). 
Music, a. ^y nauba-t; (^O))^ (^ 

t'auii al-alliaQ ; &j^y musiqa-h. 
Musical, adj. (J^y* musiqi-y. — 

{muaical inatrument) ^y^^ ^'\ 

alat an-nauba^t ; w^J>^\ ^T alat 

at-tarab (pi. «:*3^ alat); Sjl-d 

A«a*-^ *udda-t musiqiya-t (pi. 

JJ^ *udad). 
Musician, «. J^i} alati-y; ^J^^ 

naubati- J ; ^J^ mufrib* 




Musk, s, isL.^ misk, musk ; f^^^JU^ 


MxTSK, V. «£X.»^ massak, yumassik. 
Musket, «. LSxi^ banduqiya-t (pL 

sj^'^ banduq) ; fi*)jj;W baruda-t (pi. 

*^j\^ bawarid). 
Musketeer, s, ^^^v^jl^ bandiiqji-y ; 

^ J^ ^<.i^s tufankji-y. 
Musky, adj. <j^— ^ muski-y. 
Muslin, 8. U^^ mu^lina. 
Must, v, ^J^ s-«h^ wajab *ala, yajib 

(it is incumbent on) ; f^^ lazim, 

yalzim ; ^3;^^ iltazam, yaltazim ; 

C^^ ibtaj, yahtaj (the last three 

followed by (^\ an). 
Must, s. >>i^ i«^ nabiz jadid. 
MusTABD, 8, J*>/- hardal. 
Muster, s. {review) {jrt^^ {j^j^ 

*ar4 al-jai^. 
Muster, v, (assemble) a. q^^ jama^ 

yajma*; n. g4J^^ ijtama*, yaj- 

MusTiNEss, s. ijJi^ *ufna-t ; ^^ 

*ufuna-t; ^^^ ta'affun. 
Musty, adj. (^^Aiu* mu'affin. 
Mutable, adj. s^)^ qallab ; s-Ji^ 

yataqallab (3 aor. v.) ; «yW» d3 U 

ma la-hu gabat ; j<A^ mutagay- 



«wW^ *adam gabat ; ;^/ ^ qilla-t 

qar^r ; jt^ tagayyur ; s-^ ta- 

Mute, adj., s. (j*^\ ahras, f. ^^s- 

bars^ (pi. (J*/- hurs). — (be mute) 

ij^f- haris, yahras. — (a mute 

letter) {^^ sakin. 
Mutilate, v. t'^ jada*, yaj da* ; 

j^ *awwar, yu*awwir ; Wa- saqqat, 

Mutilation, s. g*^^ jada*; jkfS 

ta'wir ; ^Bft^ saqat. 
Mutineer, «., Mutinous, adj. ^y^^ 

*H9i (pi. SUft *u9at) ; oVsA fattan ; 

juui s-^U 9ahib fitna-t; •*— *^ 

Mutiny, s. aju* fitna-t (pi. (^ 

fitan) ; ^L^^ qauma-t ; ^W«e 

*i9yan, *u9yan ; 8^^ *a9awa-t ; 

(^\^ ^ugyan. 
Mutiny, v. ^y^ 'a^a, ya*?! ; ^ykt 

taga, yatgi. 
Mutter, v. ^•a*£» taqamqam, yata- 

qamqam ; y*>S tadammar, yata- 

Mutter, s. f^A4JS taqamqum ; ^aJ 

Mutton, s. f^ ^^ la^m ganam ; 

ij*^ f^ lahm ganami-y ; ^^ 

^^^ lahm <Jani-y. 
Mutual, adj. **J;aa-« mustarik; 

{/>»i ^•«-4«i ba*<J-hum ba*^, &c. 
Muzzle, s. (mouth) ^ i'umm, famm 

(pi. 6\yi\ afwah, ^Ua\ afmam) ; 

jy buz. — (cover for the mouth) 

^U^ kimam (pi. ^<«<^ akimma-t) ; 

^ ka*m (pi. f^^ ki'fim) ; ^^ 

Muzzle, v. fS kamm, yakumm; 

^ ka'am, yaka'am. 
My, odj. ^s ^ (affixed to a noun). 
Myself, jprwi. ,j— a^ ^\ ana naf si. 
Myriad, s. ^^ luk^k ; Sy^ rib« 

Myrrh, s. y murr; ^^ y murr 

Myrtle, s. (jA as ; (j<:^f marsin. 
Myrtle-berry, s. ^yk^^S s-^^ habb 

al-as (vulg. (jAoo. tumbalas). 
Mysterious, adj. ^^ sirri-y. 
Mystery, «.;- 8irr(pl.j\^ra8r&r) ; 

^-r^ gaib (pi. s^\^ giyab, s^:^ 

guyub) ; c^W*^ gaibat. 
Mystic, adj. ^Jyo ^Afi-y; 

Mysticism, s. %^y^ ta^awwuf. 





Nadir, s. jJ^ nazir; c>4^\ jjiii 

nasir as-samt. 
Nao, 8, (j^ji furais (dim. of (j-;* 

Nail, a, (of ihefinget's and toes) /t 

zifr, zufr (pi. J^\ agfar, ^^\ 

azafir). — {of iron, t&c.) jU-*^ 

miBinar (pi. ; <s**L.m» masamir). 
Nail, v, f^ sammar, jusammir; 

j4^*^ masmar, jumasmir. 
Naileb, 8, ^^j4>'^»^ mismarji-y. 
Nailery, s, ^u^\ J4a« mi*mal 

Naked, adj. <4;Vc *ari ; ^^^ *urjan ; 

Uy« muzallat. 
Nakedness, s, i^j^ 'ura; hj^ 

*urja-t ; Uj zalt. 
Name, a, f^ isDi (pi. U^^ asma, 

^Li\ asami); v-i^ laqab (pi. 

v>VaS^ alqab) ; ^ 'alam (pi. fSfi\ 

a* lam). — (nich-name) ^uS kin^- 

ya-t. — (reptUation) «^*t^ ^it ; /^ 

Name, v. ^J^^ samma, yusammi. — 

(mention) /^ zakar, yazkur. — 

(appoint) ^J*<^ samma, yusammi ; 

J«9- ja*al, yaj'al. 
Namely, adv, ««^*3 ^ wa-^^lik ; y^ ^ 

wa-hii; ^y»i, ya*m. 
Namesake, a, ^J*>^ sammi-y (pi. 

V«^4^\ asmiya). 
Nap, a. ^y naum ; ^^ qailula-t. 
Nap, V, j-Vj nam, yan&m ; JVl qal, 

Nape, a. VaI qafa (pi. lt/^\ aqfiya-t). 
Naphtha, a. ^ naft. 
Napkin, a. ^^^^ mi^rama-t (pi. 

|f»;W« mal^iarim); UIaa^ min^af 

(pi. UUiU. man^if) ; &y Mfa-t 

(pi. ty fuwat). 
Narcissus, a, {^^ baihan ; u'^^ 

narjis ; cr^j ranjis ( Pera,), 
Narcotic, adj., a. f^t^^ munim, mu- 

nayyim ; jJ^ae* muhaddir. 
Narrate, v. ^^^ rawa, yarwi ; ^^^ 

J^aka, ya^iki ; ^ qa^h yaquf f . 

Narration, Narrative, a, h^^ 

^ikaya-t ; &-»» qi^^a-t (pi. j^^ 

qi9a9) ; k^}) riwaya-t ; S^j^ ^a- 

Narrator, a, «^^V rawi (pi. S\^ 

ruwat) ; ^J^^ naki ; JSU naqil ; 

«i^A^^ muhaddis. 
Narrow, adj, Ok-* i^jyi<l (alao in 

the aenae of bigoted and avari- 

cioua)\ tf- tarij. 
Narrow, t;. (contract) j^ ^ayyaq, 

y udayyiq ; j^ qa^^ar, yuqa99ir. — 

(limit) oJkft. haddad, yuhaddid. 
Nasal, adj, ^J^\ anfi-y. 
Nastiness, a. ^L.^ wasaha-t ; ^W^ 

naJHsa-t ; •vAa.U fatii^-t. 
Nasty, adj, ^^ wasih ; ^J^^ wa^ii j 

^iM basi*; y>j zifir. — (ohacene) 

u^U f 4ti4 ; y) zifir.^ ^ 
Natal, aii;. v^»>^ miladi-y. 
Nation, a, W umma-t (pi. ^\ 

umam); ^ milla-t (pi. JU 

milal); ^U, tayifa-t (pi. UkjIJ, 

tawayif) ; Sk^\ ^\ ahl al-bilad; 

aW qabila-t (pi. JAt* qaba'il). 

National, adj, syy*^ *amiimi-y ; 

fM 'amm ; £t|Vy^ ^Ja^^ yahu99 at- 

Nationality, a, ^ji qaumiya-t. 
Native, adj, (original) fj^\ a9li-y ; 

^J\^ zati-y. — (referring to the 

place of birth) ^Ji^) watani-y. 
Native, a, <^JJ^ baladi-y ; jii {^\ 

ibn balad ; e>^^ mutawattin ; 

^Jjt\ ahli-y. 
Nativity, a, '^y maulid (pi. ^\y 

mawalid) ; o)^ milad (pi. ^\y 

Natural, adj, ^J^^s4» tabi*i-y ; jj«U. 

balqi-y; ^^/ garizi-y; J^ 

jibilli-y ; v5r^^ jauhari-y. — 

(illegitimate) J*^*^ banduq (pL 

Ok*>W banadiq). 
Naturalisation, a. >i^ tablid. 
Naturalise, v, ^ ballad, yubal*' 

lid i ^\ ablad, yublid. 




NaTUBALIST, 8. «A>Vd«M^^ ^^? *^j^ 

*arif bi-*ilni at-^abi'iyat. 
Nature, 8, ^5*«1 ^bi*a-t ; Qt^ ^b* 

(pi. gjW- tabayiO ; a^i^ jibUla-t; 

s->;A^ mairab (pi. v>jUL» masa- 

rib) ; t^y mizaj (pi. A^y^^ amzi- 

ja-t). — {creation) ,J^ halq ; *>«q»* 

Naught, adj,, «. ^y» S la ^e-y (<^S 

las) ; ^jAi U ma se-y (\J»^ mai). 
Naughtiness, a, s^^\ ils qillat 

adab; &^\^j radawa-t. 
Naughty, etc/;. v»*>\ Jt^S qalil adab ; 

^*>; radi-y (pi. Vjjyi ardiya). 
Nausea, «. s-Ji«5\ ^^ waja' al-qalb ; 

s-J^^ «>^«> diid al-qalb; ^^-^^^ 

dauha-t; ^^H^ s-^ la'b nafs. — 

(disgust) 4J|;5 qaraf. 
Nauseous, adj, uyu muqarrif; 

^jJuS\ vJi*^ mu'allib an-nafs; 

tjJst yudawwah. 
Nautical, Naval, oc^;. <^\y naw&- 

ti-y ; <4;w: ba^ri-y. 
Nave, s, (of a church) i— «-»^ ^j^^^ 

^a^n kanisa-t. 
Navel, s. 5;- surra-t (pi. j^ surar) ; 

^fr, bujra-t (pi. /r.bujar). 
Navigate, v. j^^ t^ yu safar fi- 

*l-bahr, yusafir; j^\ ^ qa^a* 

al-bahr, yaqta* ; ^^\ s-i; rakib 

al-ba^r, yarkab. 

Navigation, s. y^\ yu safar al- 
batr ; ^^^ v>/j rukiib al-ba^r. 

Navigator, s. ^J\f nawati-y ; ^^f^, 
ba^ri-y ; f^. £^ qa^^a* ba^r. 

Navy, s. hf^, S^U* *iinara-t ba^iri- 

ya-t; ^y nAtiya-t. 
Nay, odr. S m ; ji S li bal. 

Near, adj, s-st;^ qarib (pi. s>V 
qirab) ; s--^ jamb. 

NxAR, v. s^ qarib, yaqrab ; v»j^ 
q&rab, yuqarib ; s>/^^ iqtarab, 

NsARLY, adv. J«U :)\ ilia qalil ; H y 
J^ lau la qalil. 

Nearness, «. vy qurb. — (relation^ 
ship) ^\ji qaraba-t. — (avarice) 
Jdp buhl ; ^U^ bas^sa-t. 

Neat, adj, Ji naqi-y ; «-A^ nazif ; 
wA)U lati£| wAk> zarif. 

Neatness, «. S^Vi^ naqawa-t; ^Vk 
nazafa-t ; ^^ lat4fa-t. 

Necessary, adj, <4)j!r* 4arAri-J ; f^ 

lazim ; s-^^^ wajib ; ^^^ ^^ ) i& 

budd min-hu. 
Necessary, s. ^jS lazima-t (pL 

l*j^y lawazim) ; ^^ ^aja-t (pi. 

e>\^ hawayij) ; S;^;^ cjariirat. 
Necessitate, v, f>^\ aizam, yulzim ; 

^ qahar, yaqhar; ^f-\ ahwaj, 

Necessitous, adj, jt^ faqir (pi. 

\j'M f uqara) ; gU^^ muhtaj ; 

;2^«^<-»^ maskin (pi. q)^A«-^ masa- 

kin) ; {j'^^^ muHis (pi. <j-JVa»» 

malalis) ; *^^m^ ^u'l&k (pi. ««W2U« 

Necessity, s, f*^^ luzum; ijyj^ 

4arura-t; j\f^\ icj^irar; Usi\ 

iq^i^a. — (indigence) ij^ *aza-t ; 

yi* iaqr, f uqr ; iiU f aqa-t. 
Neck, s, u>^j raqaba-t (pi. s>^) 

riqab) ; <>** *uoq, *uuuq (pi. 

jUxi\ a*naq); j^ jid (pi. ^^e^ 

juyud, ^W\ ajy4d). 
Neckerchief, s, ^^\ ^^^^ mi^- 

rama-t ar- raqaba-t (pi. f^V^ 

Necklace, s, jyL tauq (pi. j^y^^ 

atwaq); i^^ qilada-t (pi. ^^ 

qalayid) ; •xfic 'uqd (pi. jyie 

*uqud) ; (:j\^/ kardan (pi. ^^*^\/ 


Necromancer, s, y^^ saJjiir (pL 
^^^^ suhara) ; )W« 8a^l;^ar. 

Necromancy, 8. j^-^ 8il;^r. 

Necropolis, 8. (cemetery) S^ 

maqbara-t (pi. yU^ maqabir) ; 

^s^ madfan (pi. (^\j^ mad&« 


Nectar, s, // kaugar (pi. y^/ ka- 
wasir) ; ^j^j rafeiq (6o<A rit;er8 
in Paradise), — (of plants) J-* 


Need, s, ^W J^aja-t (pi. $U. |;i&j\ 
**>WW l^ajat, t)^ feiwaj, ^\^ 
bawayij); eW^^ ifetiyaj ; ij^ 
4arura-t; j\ji^\ i^tirar. — (poverty) 
SjU *aza-t ; /h faqr, f uqr. 

Nxaj>, V. jU <&z, ya<Cia ; jUa\ i<t&S| 




ya*t&z; ^J^ c^^ ibt4j ila, yab- 

t&j ; J^3^^ icjitarr ila, ya^tarr. 
Needful, adj. ^^ \kz\m ; ^^^y* 

dar{iri-y ; ss^ muqta^a. 
Needle, «. l^ ibra-t (pi. f\ ibar) ; 

^A^ >* miD^al^ ; <i>^o,\f minsa^a-t. 

— (0/ the compaaa) ^t eW»A » U S^^S^ 

al - ibrat al - magnatisiya-t. — 

(^packing-needle) ^i— ^ misalla-t 

(pi. J^— -* masall). 
Needle-case, 8. lyfS^ mi'bara-t (pi. 

;»Ve^ may&bir). 
Needle-makeb, 8, ^\ abb&r ; ^^\ 

Needless, a(2;. f^^ yt^ gair lazim, 

Needl£ssne8s, 8. ^W^^ f**^ 'adaui 

ihtivaj ; ^-asS^ |»J^ *adam iqti^A ; 

j« ili qilla-t naf*. 
Needy, adj, gV^^^ muht&j ; ytfi^ 

faqir (pi. ^/* fuqard) ; ^r^ 

muflis (pi. tr«^VA^ maf/Uis); 

(2)«^*oM« maskin (pi. (^^tt^^**^ masa- 

Nefarious, adj, ^f karih; ^^^ 

makrilb ; ^^ qabih (pi. tW* 

qibah, ^^^ qabaha) ; f^ sani*. 
Nefabiousness, 8, ^^«ti-^ iani'a-t 

(pi. gjUjfti san&yi*) ; l^^ qabi- 

ha-t (pi. ^W* qabayih). 
Negative, arf;. ^^ nafi; ^^*^ 

munfi ; ^^)^\ inkari-y. 
Negative, «. ^ uy*. harf nafi. 
Negative, v. j^ nakir, yankar ; 

,j« nafa, yanfi ; *>; radd, yarudd. 
Negation, «. j^^ inkar ; Jw nafi. 
Neglect, v. (^ jAfc gafal *an, yag- 

ful; JiUj tagafal, yatagafal ; 

J^ly tahamal, yatahamal ; J-»a\ 

abmal, yuhmil ; J^«i zahal, yaz- 

Neglect, Negligence, 8, ^^lAfc gaf- 

la-t ; JiU? tagaf ul ; JUa^ ihmal ; 

J^^e* tab^mul. 
Neglectful, Negligent, adj. Ji^ 

gafil ; J-H^ mubmil ; i>*^a^ mu- 

tahamil; J^U zAhil. 
Negotiate, v. (transact) ;»*> dab- 
bar, yudabbir; J*Vc *Amal, yu- 

*&mil.— (6ar^a//i) ft^ tajar, yu- 


Negotiation, f . ;«)JJ^ tadbir ; ^U#« 

Negro, 8. o>^\ aswad (pi. ^U^ 

Neigh, v. J«« ^abal, ya^hal ; ^^>» fc 

hamham, yiibamhim. 
Neigh, Neighing, 8. J^ 9uhM; 

£4^4^ ^ambama-t. 
Neighbour, 8. jW j&r (pi, (^"^jt^ 

Neighbour, v. j^W jawar, yuj&wir ; 

J«a>\ ittafal, yatta^il. 
Neighbourhood, «. j\y^ jaw&r; 

Sj^W* mujA,wara-t ; <^^^ baw&la ; 

<^^y nawahi ; »J^;t^ itr&f . 
Neither, adj. /-'^\ 5 ^ j^d-^^^ 3 U 

al-wahid wa ik al-Ahir. 
Neither, conj. 5 ^ wa Id. 
Nephew, 8. (brother's 8on) t'^\ {^\ 

ibn al-ah. — {sister's son) (j^\ 

c:^3\ ibn al-uht (pi. o3^\ 

Nerve, «. s-*^ 'a^ab ; ^t-^ 'a^aba-t 

(pi. s^Uft^ a*9ab). — {firmness) 

«wW* gibat, gabat ; s-J^ 8y» quw- 

wa-t qalb. 
Nerve, v. <^y^ qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Nervous, adj. (strong) i^^ qawi-y ; 

<j.*-«c *a9abi-y. — {having weak 

nerves) s— ««5^ «-A>«^ da*if al- 

Nervousness, s. w-^\ Uuu ^a'f 

(du*f) al-'a^ab. 
Nest, s. {on trees) {J^ ^mH (pi. 

jSiUx *i^y). — (against a wall) f^ 

wakr (pi. ^^ aukar). — (in the 

sand) ,^*^\ udbi-y ; 8^*>^ udb^- 

Nestle, v. ^Jl-ft^ 'assa^, yu*aisii ; 

/^ wakkar, vuwakkir. — (fondle) 

uMpS lataf, yulAtif . 
Net, 8. i^^ iabaka-t (pi. *^\^ 

Nether, adj. ^J^^e^ tahtani-y ; jA-\ 

asfal, f . ^JJ>^ sufla (pi. Ji^^ asd- 

Nettle, s. yj^^ qari?, qurrai^ ; tji^ 

bariq (pi. ^Jf^ harqa) ; Syr^ an- 

Nettle, v. (irritate) ^ augar, 

yAgir ; s-^^^ ag^ab, yug^ib. 




Nbuteal, adj, aJ^ 3 ^ a*^ !i 1ft ma*- 

hu wa \k 'ale-hu. 
Neutrality, «. Jkft.\ g*» s-«««5^ f»**ft 

(2)^4.^^ *adam at-ta'a^^ub ma' 

ahad al-ha^imic ; i^^<^ tasftwi. 
Never, adv, '^J^^ abadan; 'JU^ 

a^lan ; lai qatt- 
Nevertheless, conj, ciUJ g^ ma' 

New, adj. {not old) '^^ jadid (pi. 

00^ judud) J^%s-^ mustajadd. 

— (no< before known) ^i^Jk*. hadis 

(pi. i±>^j«.\ ahdas) ; g>J^ badi* (pi. 

f J^ bud').— (t^i/ereri/) /►^ ahar, 

f. s^^ uhra (pi. (:;jj;*^^ Ahariin, 

f^ unar). 
Newness, ». W jidda-t ; ^J«|. jid- 

News, a. y^ habar (pi. jW*-^ ahb&r) ; 

^jU hadi§a-t (pi. *±>j^^ hawa- 

dis) ; W naba (pi. W»\ anbft). 
Newsmonger, «. ;<>:«.Ji^ mutahabbir. 
Newspaper, «. ^;<^ &j^ waraqa-t 

habanya-t ; ^j^ gazeta-t ; J^j*^ 

Next, adj, {nearest in place) s^)*^ 

aqrab ; J— ««^ mutta9il ; tH^T* 

qarin ; J^ tali. — ; (neare«f m 

h'mc) 4j>\ ati ; f»*>VJ qadim. 
Nib, «. {point) (;j— sinn (pi. ^j^^ 

asnan) ; (j*\j ras (pi. (j-/w 

ru'iis). — {beak) ^Uu^ mmqar (pi. 

^U/« manaqir). 
Nibble, «. ^y qara4) yaqricj. 
Nice, ac?/. {accurate) ^^^-a^ ma^biit ; 

jpjL« mudaqqiq. — ( dainty) ^^ 

laziz. — {pleasant) *-AtJoJ latif ; 

cJkj^ garif ; Ukjsi nazif. 
NicENESS, Nicety, «. ^*> diqqa-t. 

— {squeamishness) t,\j^j^\ istik- 

rah. — {delicacy) ^\^ zarafa-t ; 

^Vy latafa-t ; ^^ nazaf a-t. 
Niceties, s, {of the tahle) ij^^ 

Niche, s, j^ t^q (pi. cw^^ taq^ti 

^lajb ^iqan). 
Nickname, s, h^ kin&ya-t; s-*^^ 

Nickname, v. s-*J laqqab, yulaq- 

qib. ' 

NiBCBy s. {brother's daughter) sa^ i 

0\ bint al-ah. — {sister* s daughter) 

vfr^lt^ \x^ bint al-uht (pi. v£>U| 

ban At). 
Niggard, acT/., «. ^}e^, bahil (pi. 

!Ji«s^. buhala); i^rt-^ basis (pi. 

^L-£. hisas, V-^^ ahissft). 
Niggardliness, Niggardness, «. 

J*^. buhl, bahal ; UL^ has/Lsa-t. 
Nigh, adj. s-«;i qarib (pi. s>V 

Night, «. JJ lail, lei ; flj laila-t 

(pi. Jl^ liyftl, JW lay&li). 
Nightingale, s. s- ^ Ja <^ 'andaltb 

(pi. J^U^ 'anadil); a:*:W juml&- 

na-t; ij^ nugara-t; J4> bulbul 

(pi. ^h bal&bil, Per*.); j\>ft 

bazar {Pers.). 
Nightmare, s. (j«y^ k&biis (pi. 

ij*-^^^ kawabis). 
Nimble, adj. i*A^ na^it ; ^jAj raiiq ; 

3!)JJ lazl&z. 
Nimbleness, s. ^t&i na^t ; ^^j 

ra^aqa-t; S^>VS lazlaza-t. 
Nine, adj. i*^ tis'a-t, f. g— J tisa*. 
ISIiNEPOLD, adv. *^\tu>\ Sji^ tis*a-t 

Nineteen, adj. ySt^ i^suJ tis*a-t 

Nineteenth, adj. jAa g-Vj t&si* 

Ninety, Ninetieth, «. 

tis'in (e)^*-^ tis'iin). 
Ninth, adj. g-.^ tasi*, f. ImJ\S 

Nip, v. {pinch) ^ji qara?, yaqru?. 

—{cut off) ^ qata', yaqta* ; J^ 

qa?9, yaqu??. — {as frost) *«Ua 

hallak, yuhallik. 
Nip, 8. u^y* qar? ; l^^k qar^aba-t. 
Nippers, s. u»^A* miqrfi?. 
Nipple, s. y^\ &JU. j^alamat al-bizz. 

Nit, 8. s^^ V 9^*^^ ; ^^ V 9u'»l>a-t 

(pi. oWi* 9i*bA.n, vulg. ^iban). 
Nitre, s. ^^\^\ ^ milh al-bariid ; 

jj^ b(iraq, boraq {Pers.) ; ^^j^W 

Nitrous, adj. ^y}^ natruni-y. 
Nitty, adj. ^W* ^^ zA ^iban. 
No, adj. .Xft.\ 3 ^ wa \k a^iad ; j^.^ U 

ma ahad. 
No, adv. ) U ; "^ai^ S la abadan. 




Nobility, s, (twhleness) ^^^ ^araf ; 
^\/ karama-t; ijW* najaba-t; 
^M- jalala-t. — (body of nnhleinen) 
UyJ\ as-iiurafa; iflU^\ i^Lc\ 
a*j&n al - mamlaka-t ; ^^\ al- 
ak&bir; ^^aJ^ f^\i^\ arkan ad- 
NoBLB, adj., 8. Ukjtyfti iarif (pi. <J^/i^ 
a^raf, U^*i ^urafa) ; ^\ a??! (pi. 
j!V-\ a^iljil) ; ^>/ karini (pi. 
/•y kir4m) ; J,w* nabil (pi. V 
nubalA') ; s-*#t* uajib. 
Nobleman, 8. ob^Ai sarif ; y^/ J^t^^i 
sayvid karim (pi. f>\/ *a>\j\^ 
sAdAt kirAiii) ; ^^ kabir (pi ^;-^ 
Nobody, s. ^\ U ma ahad; 5^ 

•^^^ wa-U wahid. 
Nocturnal, adj, ^W laili-j. 
Nod, 8, ^;Ui^ i«ara.t ; W^ ima ; U^ 

Nod, v. J\ ^•^ auma ila, jAmi ; 
A-^j)A hazz ras-liu, yahuzz. — (be 
drowsy) (j*^ n»i*a8, yan'as. 
Noise, «. (fro i* tic?) va>^ ^aut (pi. 
^^^ a^wat) ; t^-*. hass, hiss. — 
(clamour) ^; rajja-t ; ^^ *ivat ; 
ItUi ga^a-t ; ^Ui samata-t ; i«.^ 
prausa-t ; ^3 zaita-t ; 1«»*J lacrat- 
Noise, v. ^^^ ;;a\vwas, yugawwi^ ; 
C* dajj, vadijj.— («/)rfa(/ abo7it) 
j9^ sahhar, yusahhir; gU\ asa% 
Noisome, adj. (injurious) ;--a-^ 
mu4irr; a-ju mufsid. — (offen- 
sive) »;i&-^ mnstakrah ; (^si^ 
Noisombness, 8. ^V^ fa<«acl ; jUj^ 

if sad ; ^bi natana-t. 
Noisy, arf/. c^ dajj. 
Nomad, 8. yi^\ Ja\ ahl al-wabar; 
J^ naqil ; ^^ f^^i qaum dalla-t. 
Nomenclature, s. i->4— J tasmiva-t ; 

C5^^ iatilah. 
Nominal, ac//. ^j*-*^ isnii-j ; ^^yJc 

*alami-y. 1 

Nominate, v. ^_54— samma, yusam- | 

mi ; J«> j a*al , y a j *al . 
Nomination, s. 6 > s ^^> tasmiva-t: ' 

*^wG? taqlid. 
Nominative, «. gAj raf*. 

NoN (//r com;).), jtA gair; ai*^ 
*adiin ; f**^ *adain, as seen below. 
Nonage, «. jU* ^igAr ; yu jigar. 

No N- appearance, «. jyW^ f^AA 

*adam al-^udiir. 
Non-Compliance, 8. Up\ ^ <adam 

ar-rida; J^^ |»ac *adam al- 

Non-con FOBMiTY, 8, iai\y4^\ *j^ 

*adaiii al-muwafaqa-t ; u\fp\ in- 

hiraf ; jUJ\ iH^Ad. 
None, ar(/., «. J^\ 5 la a^iad; 3^ 

Jkft»\^ wa la wal;^id. 
Nonentity, «. *>^^^ |»dft *adam al- 

wujiid ; *y^y^ j^ gair maujiid. 
Nonpareil, adj. yj^^ ^ U ma la-hu 

nagir ; J^ a3 U ma la-hu mis&l ; 

&J ^iU 3 la sAni (tani) la-hu; 

J^/ fand. 
Non-payment, «. Qhji\ f*J^ 'adam 

ad-daf* ; U)3\ jtJift «adam al-ifd. 
Non-pebfobmance, 8. \y^\ f*J^ 

*adam ijra ; U*\ ^j^ *adain im^i. 
Nonplus, s. tj^ ^ira-t ; xMy^ 

taswis ; ^^ balaiSa-t. 
Nonplus, v. ya^ hiyyar, yu^ayyir. 
Non-resident, adj. (^^^ ^ gair 


NO.V-RESISTANCE, 8. ^^\JUl\ f*J^ 

S'ldam al - muqawama-t ; f*J^ 

iniUJ^ *adam al-inudafa*a-t. 
Nonsense, s. ,j***;*^ t)^^ kaldm 

min giir ma*na ; (^"^i^ hazaydn. 
Nonsensical, adj. jj**^ jt^ {j*» 

min gair ma'na; Ja«3\ ja 4udd 

al-*aql ; J^W batii. 
Nook, «. ^ji quroa-t (pi. ^J\J 

qarani); {^j rukn (pi. (j^\^j\ 

Noon, Noonday, Noontide, «. ;«i 

guhr (pi. j^\ azhar) ; lij^ gah- 

riya-t ; j^\ «-*-^ ni^f (na^f) an- 

Noose, s. ^ fahh (pi. e^i^ fih&h) ; 

AJUa. hibala-t; *i/i ^arak (pi. 

jsJ/. suruk, *4Jt/i^ asrak) ; llyAi\ 

Nor, conj. 3 ^ wa la. 
Normal, adj, (j-^\^\ 0^^* muwa- 

i\i\ al-.|awania; ^V^ saum. 
North, «. JUai sam&L 





NoBTH, Northern, Northerly, 

adj, ^jUJk iamali-j. 
North-east, «. j/» ^ JUa ^mal 

wa sarq. 
North-pole, s, JUa s-Ja» qutb 

North- star, «. JUaJ\ s-^/ kaiikab 

Northward, adj.. Northwards, 

Northwardly, adv. JU-sJ^ J* 

'ala 's-samal. 
North-west, «. s>;* ^ J^ samal 

wa garb. 
Nose, s. «-Ai^ anf (pi. ^^\ anaf, 

^y^ unuf). 
Nosegay, s. jAj a1«^^ *^ Abj; ^^ ^W 

baqa-t (rat ba-t, taikimt) zahar ; 

^yfcj Sjy^ jurza-t zuhur. 
Nostril, s. fk^ maDhar, minhir ; 

jUjA* minbar (pi. /-U» manahir, 

^U^ maDahir). 
Not, adv. 5 la ; ^ lam ; ^r^ Ian ; U 

ma — (it is not) {j^ laisa. 
Notable, a(/;.. Notability, a.j^e**-* 

masbur ; ;<-s«^ mu*tabar ; J^^-s-^ 

jU;x3\ mustahaqq al-i*tibar. 
Notarial, adj. » v ♦ < ^» 1 V^ v>y^ 

maktub bi-'l-mahkama-t. 
Notary, s. ^j^j^ s-^^ kfitib ^r*i 

(pi. v»^ kuttab). • 

Notation, b. ^j^ tafkira-t ; a^IXc 

'aliima-t; ij^\ isara-t. — (of nutn- 

hers) ^; raqam (pi. f»V5;^ arqam). 

— {of music) U*J) laJUJ tanqit 

Notch, s. S^ hazzat ; ,>/ fard. 
Notch, v. ^ hazz, jahazz ; ]^ 

hazzaz, vuhazziz ; ^;A farad, 

Note, s. (mark) f^j raqam (pi. m\i^\ 

arqam) ; ^»— ; rasm (pi. ^^; 

rusAm, ^j^ arsum) ; ^^ *ala- 

ma-t (pi. (^ *alam, /^IXc *ala. 

vim) ; ^ *alam (pi. ^W a*lam). 

— (memorandum) ij^ tafkira-t. 

— (acconvt) ^^Vi qayima-t. — 

(renown) «:-«* sit ; )^^\ istihar. 

— (marginal remark) ^-aU. h/Ui- 

ya-t (pi. cs**^/" hawasi) ; ,3^1- 

mulbaq. — (t^hori letter) ^/^ taz- 

kira-t (p). ^^ tazakir). — (w««i- 

eal character) \^\ 2di nuqtat al- 
gina (pi. ^ naqat). 

Note, v. (notice with care) ^3 
lahaj, yulahiz ; ^ jJ^\ (^tuA 
am'an an-na^ar fi, yamin. — (set 
dovm in writing) Aju^W -M qay- 
yad bi-*l-kitaba-t, yuqayyid. 

Noteworthy, adj. jV--sc3^ <j^7 ■ >• 
mustahiqq al-itibar. 

Nothing, p. ^jAi 3 la-se-y ; ^^3 las. 

JSothingness, 0. ^ 'adam. 

Notice, «. (observation) ^ nasar ; 
l-^%» mulahaza-t. — (written 
remark) JuJE taqyid. — (intelli^ 
gence) yA- habar (pi. jW^^ sihbar) ; 
^ ^ babariya-t. — (iramtn^) 
;©Ai*x» tadsir. — (give notice) ^ 
dasj^ar, vudassir. 

Notice, v. J&^-S lahaz, yulahiz ; )A 
nazar, vanzur. 

Noticeable, adj. SttJi^\ 
mustaujib al-mulahaza-t. 

Notification, s. jt^ tahbir ; jW*-\ 

Notify, r. y^ babbar, yuhabbir; 
yi^\ abbar, yubbir; f^ a4am, 

Notion, s. ^y^ ta^awwur; JV^*. 
hiyal (pi. i^\ abyila-t) ; /* 
fikr (pl.;^^ afkar) ; ^ jann (pL 
O^ ZJinun) ; f^y wabm (pi. 
fi^^ aubam). 

Notional, adj. J^ hiy&li-y; 
^j*^^ wabmi-y. 

Notoriety, Notoriousness, s, S^ 
suhra-t ; ^^-^sjb,\ i^tihar ; ;L^\ 

Notorious, adj. j^«a-» ma^htbr; 
'^^f^ ma*ruf ; y^^ 2abir. 

Notwithstanding, conj. **U«S J^ ^ 
ma* kull zalik. 

Nought, «. ^ 3 la ^-y ; v>3 \kk. 

Noun, s. f^\ ism (pi. U— ^ asma). 

Nourish, v. (fred) «yU qftt, yaqAt; 
^J^) rabba, yurabbi; f^\ a^am, 
yuX'im.— (cherish) s--*- habb, ya- 

Nourishment, s. s^^ qut ; f*Vjik 

Novel, adj. ^i^xj badi* (pi. gj^ 
bud*) ; ;*>^ nadir. 




Novel, «. ^ qi^a-t (pi. j^^ 

Novelist, «. ^^^^j niwi (pi. ssA^j 

Novelty, «. 8;*>V> uadira-t (pi. jJ^ 

nawadir) ; ^J^ badi*a-t (pi. 5>\J^ 

November, «. J^^ t>*r*^ tasrin 

ag-sani (at- tan!) . 
Novice, 8. Jl^ talmiz (pi. V*^ 

talamiz) ; ^as<^ mubtadi. 
Novitiate, «. S«Ui> talinaza-t. 
Now, adi;. c>ui.y\ \jjt haza-'l-waqt ; 

(^S^ al-an. 
Now-A-DAYs, adv. ^y. vj* fi yaum- 

Noway, Noways, adv. 'Uloi qat*an ; 

'%t\ a9lan (both preceded b? H 

Nowsebe, adv. tf^ ^^ H la f! 

mafra^; J^^ ^ S ^ wa la fi 

ma^all ; g^^ ^^ u ma tl mau^a' . 
Nowise, adv. ^%^\ a9lau (preceded 

by :i Ik). 
Noxious, adj. j*^ mmjirr ; jU ^kvT ; 

JuJU mufsid ; ««Ue^ muhlik. 
Noxiousness, a. jj^ ijl^rar; iy*^ 

Nozzle, s. ^ tumtn ; ^ fuintn (pi. 

t\^\ a£w&h, ^Ui\ af mam). 
Nucleus, s. 02^ nawaya-t; soM 

qalb (pi. v»yLi qulub). — (founda' 

Hon) (>\ umm ; J*^ a^l. 
Nude, adj. ^^W 'Ari ; (^\i * *uryaa. 
Nudity, «. ^;ft *ura; ^;C*urya-t; 

U3 zalt. 
Nuoatoby, adj. Jl»^ ba^il. 
NuoosT, 8. IpS tibra-t. 
Nuisance, 8. ^ saqla-t ; 6^;C« 

makriih ; ^U^ wasaha-t. 
Null, adj. JLW batil f a, J^-i 3 la 

yu*mal bi>hi ; g&j^ S la yantV. 
Nullify, v. J^\ ab^al, yubtil ; ^ 

nasah, yansah. 
Nullity, «. ^"^ biitlan; S^^ 

Numb, adj. (torpid) ;J^ hadir; 

^^jA-^ hadran. — (^with cold) 

*^^ {^ <ii^ A 3fc. 5 '« mutahassib min 

al-bard; «>;W b&rid. 

Numb, v. *>;♦ barrad, yuban-id ; jJ^ 

haddar, yuhaddir. 
Number, «. *>J^ *adad (pi. *>W^ 

a*dad) ; 5j^ *idda-t. — (figure) 

f^j raqam (pi. (>Mj\ arqam). — 

(even number) g^j zauj. — (odd 

number) •>;* fard. — (number in 

poetry) ej^ wazn (pi. o\}p\ auzan). 
Number, v. j^b *ada, ya'idd ; ^y^ 

ha^a, yah^i ; s * hasab, yaf^- 

Numberless, adj. «>>^ ^ U ma la-hu 

'addad; ,j-wb:5 ^ j^hi 3 la yu'add 

wa la yut^^a (3 aor. pass). 
Numbness, 8. «*>^ hadar; «>*«^ 

Numeral, 8. ^ab *adad (pi. *>W\ 

adad) ; ^j raqam (pi. f^ij\ 

Numeral, Numebical, adj. ^«>Jue 

Numeration, 8. j^j^ ta'did ; v»L«». 

hisab ; V<«ft.\ i^^a. 
Numerator, 8. (of a fraction) ijy 

f ura-t (pi. jyo 9uwar) ; ^ baa^. 
Numerous, adj. J^>xe 'adid ; y^ 

kasir (katir) ; yh\. wafir; Jjy*. 

Nun, 8. i^\j rahiba-t. 
Nunnery, a. ssf^\j ji>> dair rahi- 

bat (pi. ijji*y duyAra-t, iji*y\ ad- 

Nuptial, adj. ^^^ *ur8i-y. 
Nuptials, «. ^^ *ur8 (pi. {j^^y^^ 

a'ras); C;* fara^ (pi. cV^ af- 

Nurse, «. ^^ murabbiya-t ; i^U 

daya-t ; Wj^d. haddama-t. — (we< 

nurse) ^^jr^ mur4i*iv-t (pi. J^)/* 

mara^i* ; &sUj ra<3la'a-t. 
Nurse, v. (take care of) ^^^ dara, 

yudari. — (suckle) o^»A; iu44a*at, 

tura44i' ; «-«^;^ arda*at, turdi*. 
Nursery, s. (plantation) <j->y^ 

magris (pi. u*j^*^ magaris). 
Nurture, «. (food) «yy» qut ; ^UL 

ta*am. — (instruction) ^•ji? ta'lim; 

^/ tarbiya-t. 
Nurture, r. (feed) va*U q&t, yaqdt ; 

^\ at*am, yut*im. — (educate) ^jtj 

rabba, yurabbt. 




Nut, 8. j^ jauz ; i\ft jauza-t (pi. 

^}^ jauzat, )\^\ ajwaz). 
NxTT-SHBLL, 8, )y^\ ^^ qisr al-jauz 

(pi. j^ qu^ur). 
NxJTMBG, 8, s-*JJ^ 3^ jauz VL%-\ih ; 

V }y^ J^^^ baww&. 

Nutriment, Nutrition, «. *a>^ 

qiit ; J^ akl, ukl. 
Nutritious, Nutritive, adj. o^e*^ 

rauijit ; ^^y^* nmqawwi. 
Nux VOMICA, 8. ^JS\ j^^ jauz al- 



O, interj, \i yu. ; ^\ avjuba. 
Oak, 8. L^ balliit (pi. ^h balali^. 
Oaken, adj, J^^ ballu^i-y. 
Oakum, 9. ,jU^ mu^aq ; 6ieM\ jlJt^ 

mu^aq al-qalfafa-t. 
Oab, 8. u\jJi^ miqdaf (pi. UkjjVs^ 

Oab, v. «^j3 qaddaf, yuqaddif. 
Oabsman, 8, u\JS qaddal. 
Oasis, «. cV^ alwah (pi. «yU\y\ aU 

wa^at) ; Uiij rif (pi. ^\ij\ aryaf) ; 

v5*>^^ w&di (pi. ^^y audija-t). 
Oat, «. (jjU^Ai BAfan ; JVI,*. hurtal, 

^r^l ; (^\yi^ ziwan ; ^Utyfc hur- 

Oath, «. (^UU ^alfan ; (^^t^ jam in 

(pi. u:^U«^ jaminat, ^Uj^ aimau, 

{^^^ aimun) ; f¥^ qasam (pi. 

^LJ>\ aqs&m). 
Obduracy, «. Sj^--i qasawa-t; •>^ 

*mad ; *ij45 tamarrud. 
Obdurate, adj. *^ytJ^ mutamarrid ; 

4^5-»^ qasi (pi. «wU-J queat) ; >>^6^ 

*anid (pi. Juc *unud). 
Obedience, «. . ^Vl» ^a*a-t ; ^^^ 

ita*a-t; *^it^\ inqijad ; JUs^^ 

imtig&l ; (^\s^\ i^'an. 

Obedient, ad;, gi^ t^yi*; fiJ^ 

muti* ; jUu« munqad. 
Obeisance, «. U^^ int^ina; f^ 

Obelisk, 9. Hm^ luisalla-t (pi. J^-^ 

niasall) ; ^j^^ mil (|»1. J^^ am- 

yal, J^ muyAl). 
Obese, adj. f^f^i^ jasim (pi. f*^««*% 

jasam) ; ^^^ ^a^im. 
Obesity, «. JULu^. jasama-t; ^^Ai 

Obey, v. £^ t^S ya^i* ; t^^ ata', 
yuti* ; J jVfi»\ inqad li, yanqad ; 
{^'^ za*in, yaz'an ; ^•3\ az'an, 

Object, 8. {thing) <jA» se-y (pi. \*4i^ 
asya) ; (jo^Ai ^ah? (pi. i^^:iA\ 
a^hu9, jBt^siA suhu?) ; ^^^ man- 
gar (pi. ^kU* managir) ; j^ 
mazbar (pi. yfcUi^ mazahir). — 
(aim) *x^ qa^d ; *iyc&fm maq^iid 
(pi. .^©*U^ maqafid) ; *)^/« murad ; 
^ *azam (pi. ^j^ *uzum) ; y*;^ 
gamcj (pi. {J>^)^\ agra4). — {in 
grammar) a* Jy»^ maf*ul bi-hi. 

Object, v. {j^f^^ i*tara4, ya*tari4 ; 
^Jb^\^ *ara4, yu*ari4; o* oJU- 
balaf fi, yuhalif. 

Objection, 8. ^jb\yui\ i*tira4 ; i*jU*» 
mu*ara(;}a-t; <^^ bilaf. 

Objectionable, adj. ^^ K a^ muiak- 
kik ; Q^ ba^i*. 

Oblation, 8. ^^W;* qurban (pi. (^^ 
qarabiu) ; &^jJ» taqdima-t. 

Oblige, v. {force) ^i^ alzam, yul- 
ziiu ; s-^^ ga9at>, yagfib ; ^ 
qabar, yaqhar. — {do a Javour) 
^ {>y mann *ala, yamunn ; ^\ 
aii'am, yun^m ; 'Uyi^^ aW ja*al- 
hu mainnunan, yaj'al. 

Obliging, adj. ^^^if^ s-^-a.U 9&]^ib 
nia^ruf ; <^Ae U la^if ; ^%«a« mu- 
n*im ; f*j^ mukrim. 

Obligation, 8. {duty) s-%^^ wajib ; 
jbjk tar4 (pi. ^V fira4, ^;/ 
furud) ; ^y faricja-t (pi. (>iy 
farayi4). — {favour) ^^^ miunH-t 
(pi. i;^ minan) ; ^U«» ni'uia-t 
(pi. f^ ni'am) ; ;^\m^\ Hj^kiL 




Oblioatobt, adj, ^^^ far^i-y ; 
f»j)l lazim ; s-^^^ w4jiD. 

Oblique, adj, <^;.«^ miinharif ; 
JiU muvil ; s^j\^ wAril). — (in 
grammar) j^^^^ majrur; ^y^ . 

Oblk^ubness, Obliquity, s. u\f^\ . 

in^ir&f; v>j^ warb (pi. ^j)^ \ 

Obliterate, v, ^j^^ mahn, yambi ; 

^^ nasah, vaasah; otW I^akk, 

ja^ukk ; fjJi» (aLis, ja^las. 
Oblitebation, 8, y^^ mal>(^; ^^ 

Oblivion, s. (^W>^ nisyan ; S)^ 

Oblivious, adj. (^W--* nasjan ; ,j-i 

nasi-j ; \^ nassa. 
Obliviousness, «. S^ uaswa-t. 
Oblong, adj. JJas.*.^ mustatil. 
Obloqut, s. f*y laum ; ^^ mala- 

ma-t (pi. j-^JU malawim) ; ^^i 

^mina-t ; & »»»> namima-t ; ^Vai^ 

Obnoxious, otf/. (hurtful) j^ mu- 

4irr; juJU mufsid. — (hateful) 

•j;^ makruh ; ft^ karih. — (liable) 

J4^^s#* mutaljiamiuil. 
Obscene, adj. v/^^ fahis; ;*) 

Obscenity, «. ju^ fa^s; I^u.U 

fabi^-t (pi. {J^^y» fawal^is) ; 

^a '^* % * fahi^iya-t. 
Obscure, adj. (dark) ^ 'atim; 

^•Jsiu* mu*tim ; fJ^^ mujlim. — (not 

clear) ^•e^-* mabhiim ; v>^a^ mug- 

laq ; j^J^ mu^kil (muskal) ; 

A«AA-» mu^tabih. — (not known) 

J^%^ majhtd; «-i^;*^ jtA gair 

Obscure, v. f^\ ajlain, yuzlim ; 

^•-*c 'attam, yu*attim ; ^•— JJ^^ 

a'tain, yu'tim. 
Obscurity, s. Wt gulma-t ; a^jx 

'atma-t ; ;^*> daijiir (pi. ;ts^^*> 

dayajir). — (0/ meaning) (*^\ ib- 

hani; &W^^ i^tibah; s^^ f^akk 

(pi. »*)y:Ai sukdlk). 
Obsequies, s. )«^ tajniz ; &3W 

janaza-t (pi. ^W janayiz) ; jW 

jannftz (pLyU^janftniz). 

Obsequious, at/;, g*^ ha(Ji* ; ^^y^ 

Obsequiousness, s. g^**- hu(JiV ; 

^^y t-xwacju*. 
Observance, s. (respect) ^W^^ i*ti- 

bar ; A^;a- huriua-t; h^j ri*aya-t. 

— (of a laic or duty) Wk. ^^af^ ; 

i\fiSj0» mura*a-t. 
Observation, «. a!&».)U mulal^axa-t ; 

v»y»; ruqiib ; S^^j^ muraqaba-t ; 

ji» iiasar. — (comment) ^e^-^ tam- 

biha-t ; J^ qaul ; ^^ kalain. 
Observatory, s. s^\^\ ju^ mar- 

^xl al-kawakib ; •3^^^^ sj>^ bait 

ar-ra^d (pi. «y^ buyut). 
Observe, v. (watch) ^j* J^\ (^^ 

am'an an-najar fi, yum*in ; W-H 

lahaz, yulaliig ; *x«^ ra^ad, yar- 

9ud ; s-*^; raqab, yuraqib. — 

(remark) j^\ azhar, v a^hir ; {^ 

bay van, yubavyin ; /i zakar, 

ya^kur. — (keep) Wk. l^afaz, ya^- 

ia-z ; sj*\) ^^% yura*i. 
Obsolete, adj. *^/^ matriik ; j^ 

;*U. gair sayir; J^ju--^ ^ gair 

mu8t*auial ; J^ bat^al ; ^^-**^ 

mansuh ; ij^:*^ mu'attiiq. 
Obsoleteness, s. ^^ butlaQ ; f*J« 

JU*A-3\ 'adain al-isti*mai. 
Obstacle, 9. g>U mani* (pi. ^\y 

inawani') ; iji^ 'ayiq (pi. OM^^ 

Obstinacy, g. «>Ua 'inad; «>;^ ta- 

Obstinate, adj. J4>^ *anid (pi. 

Aic *uuud) ; Jaju# mu*nid ; J^U*» 

mu'auid ; J;^^^ inutauiarrid. 
Obstreperous, adj. c^ ^ajj ; f^r* 

9ar9a» ; £V^.»^ ja*ja*. 
Obstreperousness, 8. ^^ gaga-t; 

A^ (jiajja-t ; ^^ gausa-t ; \J»^^ 

Obstruct, 1;. x« sadd, yasudd ; g^ 

maua*, yamna' ; j^ *aq, ya*iiq ; 

j^ *awwaq, yu*awwiq. 
Obstruction, 6. ^U^ inuma- 

iia*a-t ; g>U mani* (pi. g*^^ ma- 

wani*) ; j^jmS ta*arru4 ; i>\r^^ 

Obstructive, a^j* vJM^ '^jiq ; jjy*^ 

mu'awwiq ; i«M^ mulabbik. 




Obtain, v, JU nal, janal ; JLc J-a. 

ha^al 'ala, jah^al ; ha^^al, yu- 

ha^^il ; « gU ». ? .*\ istamlak, jastam- 

lik ; ij^\ istaula, yastauli. 
Obtainable, adj. J^-^^ t)— ^■•^ 

mumkin al-l^u^iil; j ^t^ muta- 

Obtrude, v. ^\'i>i tadahal, yata- 

Obtbusion, 8. i^\s^ mudahala-t. 
Obtrusive, adj, J^^*^^ inudahil. 
Obtuse, adj. {stupid) tj^^ ahmaq, 

f. UUo. ^amqa (pi. ^j^a- humuq, 

jW ^imaq) ; J^ balid ; fj*^ 

maltus. — {as an angle) C;*** 

Obtuseness, 8. ^U*> hamaqa-t; 

^Sk balada-t. 
Obtiate, v. (meet difficulties) **JjU 

darak, yudarak ; cfi)jxu.\ istadrak, 

yastadrik. — (prevent) Q^ manaS 

yamiia' ; j^ *aq, ya*uq. 
Obvious, adj. (^^W bayin ; (;j«^ 

mubin ; y^Vt gahir ; ^\^ wa^ii^ ; 

^; wadit. 
Obviousness, s. ^3^ tawaddu^ ; 

ty^^ wuduh ; ^'^ ^ahsL't. 
Occasion, e. l^j^ fur^a-t (pi. %a>\^^ 

fur^at, v^;* fura^). 
Occasion, v. s-^<-^ sabbab, yusab- 

bib; Jifi *aUal, yu*allil. 
Occasional, adj. o^;^ *aridi-y ; 

^J^\i»\ ittifaqi-y. 
Occasionally, adv, &^fi\ gy^ .uc 

'and wuqu' al-f ur^a-t ; ^^W bi- 

*9-9adfa-t ; '^W*-^ abyan-an. 
Occult, adj. ^;- sirri-y ; <j-^ 

gaibi-y ; ^J^ haf i-y ; o*^ muh- 

fa; ff^ maktiim; (^f^ mak- 

OCCULTNESS, 8. ^^ ihfa ; ^A^^ 

ihtifa; ^ sirr (pl.;V^ asrar). 
Occupation, s. Ja6i ^ugl (pi. Jvaa^ 

a^gal); J^UJ ta^gul; aUa^ 

maigala-t (pi. JfcU-« inaiagil) ; 

i«^ 9ana*a-t (pi. giU- ^an&yi*) ; 

ij^ mihna-t (pi. {^ miban) ; 

lif' hirfa-t (pi. ^f^ ^iraf). 
Occupy, v. {take possession of) wtU^ 

malak, yamlik; oU^i tamallak, 

yatamalkk ; ^\ a^a^, ya'bu?* — 

{husy) J*A saggal, yusaggil ; 
J*4»^ a^gal, yusgil. — {employ) 
cjy» 9araf, ya^rif ; ^•Aaisi-^ istah- 
dam, yastahdim. 

Occur, v. {happen) J-aa- Ijia^al, ya^- 
9al ; «i^*^ hadis, yahdas ; ^^ 
jara, yajri; ;^ 9ar, ya^ir. — {he 
preseiited to the mind) &JW ^^ W 
jA' fi bal-hu, yajr ; aJW o* f^ 
qam fi bal-hu, yaqiim ; J \j^ 
bada li, yabdu. 

Occurrence, s. jbj\^ *arid (pi. {j^j^^ 
*awarid) ; iSj\^ hadisat (pi. *d^S\^ 
hawadis) ; ^\^ waqi*a-t (pi. 
«yUi\^ waqi*at). 

Ocean, s. W^^ j^^ al-bahr ad- 
muhit ; u^y Wf;^ oqiyaniis. 

Octagon, «., Octagonal, adj. {^'^^ 

Octangular, adj. ^^;j (^U* yS jA 
gaman zawaya. 

October, s. J^H^ sj^j^ ti^rin al- 

Ocular, adj. (4;-^ ba^ari-y. — 
{ocular witness) ^J>^ *iyani-y ; 
^Jt\J^ sahid. 

Oculist, s. JV^ kathal. 

Odd, adj. {not even) *>;* fard ; *>yu 
mufrid. — {left over) ^\) zayid. — 
{strange) n-i^ g«irib; s-^o^ 
*ajib; ^^jW^^ gair i*tiyadi-y ; 

J^ taq. 
Oddness, Oddity, s. h\j^ garaba-t ; 

'^f tawal^hud. 
Odds, s. {variance) U>'!i^^\ ihtilaf ; 

AAJVat* muhalafa-t. — {advantage) 

l^ galaba-t ; s-Jl*» tagallub. 
Ode, 8. .Xt>*ai qa^id (pi. ^\j^ qu?- 

dan) ; ij^ qa9i(ia-t (pi. j^ 

qa^id, ^Ul qa^ayid) ; J^ gazal. 
Odious, adj. ^/ karih ; i^jSi* mak- 

ruh ; vfi^yu^ mamqiit ; sa^^ ma^ 


Odiousness, 8. t\/Aj\ istikrahj 
^\/ karaha*t. 

Odium, s. &^ bugcja-t ; lJb\j^ kara- 

Odoriferousnbss, 8. W» ^ rUia-t 

Odorous, Odorifbbous, acy. ^Um 




mu'attar ; >-<- ' ** rau*ambar ; 

^y«Jb^ maimum. 
Odour, «. ^; riha-i ; ^}) rayiha-t 

(pi. ^U; rawavit). — (fragrance) 

LS\ 4cB>\^ rayiha-t zakiya-t ; Ae^:^; 

SAjai rayita-t latifa-t. — (perfume) 

s-»et tit> (pi. v>y»^ a^vab); jJao 

'itr, 'utr (pi. ^^ ^u^Ar).' 
Of, jpre;?. {^y min ; (^ *an. 
Opp, adj, (distant) •Mfcj ba*id. 
Opp, prep, (away) ^^ •^o«» ba*id 


OfP, iw^r/. Cj rut; o"*^^ "^^*- 

Op PAL, «. M- saqat (pi. ^^^ 
asqat) ; ^^aac *af^a-t. 

Oppbnce, «. (injury, insult) ^3«*«» 
ta*addi ; h^\ aziya-t ; j;^ darar ; 
S^ ma(jiarra-t; ^3 zilla-t. — 
(displeasure) S^ *asra-t. — ( fault) 
s-^ *aib (pi. v>^ *uy(ib) ; ^S«*- 
ha^a; w*-J3 zimb (pi. v»y*i 
zuniib) ; j^ qu9{ir. 

Oppbnd, v. ^J^ <^J^ ta*adda* *ala, 
yata*adda ; <^«>^ azza, yu*azzi ; 
&za, yuzi ; U siV, yasu* ; ^J^ ^\ 
asa ila, yasi' ; j^ darr, yadurr. — 
(transgress) ^Jai^ ah^a, yuhti ; 
Jj zall, yazill. 

Oppensiye, adj, valSlAM* musakkik ; 
ftj^;^ DiakriHh ; ^ mudirr ; juJU 
mufsid. — (a« a weapon, &c.) 
^jkjdU li-*t-ta*addi. 

Oppbnsitenbss, s, ^\/ karaha-t ; 
t\j^Aj\ istikrah. 

Oppeb, s. ^V^ i*ra4 ; u^jj/* *ur&4 ; 
^MB taqdim. — (price) ^^ qi- 

Oppee, V, f^'^ qaddam, yuqaddim ; 
J ^f^ *ara4 li, ya'rud*; ^^ jbf\ 
a*ra<J *ala, yu*rid ; f^sjb\ ahda, 
yuhdi. — (as a sacrifice) vy qar- 
rab, yuqaiTib (a13 li'llah) ; ^'^ 
zabah, yazbah. 

Oppebing, s. (^^^ qurban (pi. {^\j^ 
qarabin) ; ^j^ taqdiraa-t. 

Oppice, s. (employment) ^j^ hid- 
ma-t ; AA-i^ wazifa-t (pi. oijlt^ 
wa^jiyif) ; s-*->i* iiian9ab (pi. 
s-^^ manasib) ; J*^ *ainal (pi. 
jUc\ a'mal). — (place of business) 


raaktab (pi. w^lsO* mak&- 

Oppicer, s, li^y v^-U 9ahib wazt- 
fa-t (pi. «-Ajt^t^ v>V^^ a^h&b 
wazayif) ; s-*^-*^ s-«"lo lafeib 

mansab ; ;\*x<-ox* man^abdAr. — 

(military commander) ^/-4; rais 

(pi. U*^ ru*8a). 
Opficial, adj, f^S^\ ^^ &» ^^U* 

munada bi-hi min al-hukm. 
Officiate, v, ^j^^ J4.c *amil wa- 

zifat-hu, ya'mal. — (in church) 

^^ qaddas, yuqaddis. 
Officious, adj, (intermeddling) 

Ji^\j^ mudahil. 
Officiou 3NE8S, s, ^^j^ muda- 

Offing, s. vJM^^ al-*amiq. 
Offspring, s, aS^\ aulad (pi. of Jk3« 

walad) ; iij^ zumya-t (pi. t5;V 

zarari) ; J--i nasi (pi. JL-i\ an- 

Often, Oftentimes, adv, '^j^/* 

miraran ; S^ j\jA amrar ka§i- 

ra-t ; "^^tj^ kasiran ; U "^^ 

kasiran ma. 
Ogre, s, ojykc *ifnt (pi. c^ojUd 

^afarit) ; J^ giil (pi. ^M giUn). 
Oil, s, e:H>3 zait, zet. 
Oil, v. c^o^W vD*^ dahan bi-'z-zait, 

yadhuQ; dahhan, yudahhin ; 

cvoj zayyat, yuzayyit. 
Oil-cloth, s, ^♦-a-* mu^amma^ 
Oilman, «. ss^k) zayy&t; jUd <a9- 

Oily, adj, o^y^J zaitiini-y. 
Ointment, s, (^y^«> duhiin ; ^^^ 

marham (pi. ^^/* marahim). 
Old, adj. (aged) ;W**-^ ihtiyar (pi. 

^;W^^ ihtiyariya-t) ; )y^ *ajiz ; 

^^-J\ ^ ^j^U. ^a*in f i-*8-sinn ; ^«^ 

kabir; ;^^ j-t^ kabir al-*umr; 

^j)--^ musinn. — (an old man) ^tA 

^aih (pi. ty^ suyuh, ^}Sa^ ma- 
say ih). — (ancient) ^>Juj qadim ; 

ijh^ *atiq (pi. jUc «itaq, Vase 

Olden, adj. M'^ qadim. — (in olden 

time) y j««S\ cJJU ^ (^Uy\ ^jj ^ 

(^^;^^ fi qadim az-zaman wa $&Iif 

ai-'a^r wa-'l-awan. 




Oldness, g. (antiquity) v>*^ *utq. — 

(old age) ^^afc--^\ ai-^aih^ha-t. 
Olive, r. (^^) zaitftn ; ^fi) zaitil- 

Olive-tree, «. ^jym; i;V» ^ajara-t 

Omen, s. JU fAl (pi. JV fu'ul 

JV^ aful) ; ^\ anfa-t. 
Ominous, adj. (•y^-*^ raai'Am (pi. 

^U-« ma^ayim) ; {j^y^^ man- 

Omission, s. •e- sahA ; «*)y tark ; 

JUa\ ihmal ; J'-W* tahamul ; 

JiU? tasraful. 
Omit, v. (/^/7ve out) %aJy tarak, yat- 

rak ; cjAa- hazaf, yahzif ; ^^^ 

alga, yulgi. — (forget, neglect) 

^J^ nasa, yansa; (^ JA6 gafal 

*an, yagful ; JiU* tagafal, yata- 

gafal; J**^ tahamal, yataha- 

Omnipotence, «. Sj.xi qudra-t; S^^ 

^y^ qudrat kuUiya-t ; ^^/t^ ja- 

Omnipotent, adj. ^^ J^ ^^^ ;4«^ 

qadir *ala kull ^e-v. 
Omniscience, s. l(\S lAj»^ ma*rifa-t 

Omniscient, adj. s-eA5\ ^Vc *alim 

al-gaib ; ^•J^ *alim ; ^^ a*lam 

(it?^o knows best). 
On, 2?rf7?. j^ fauq ; ^J^ *ala. 
On, arft?. (forward) (•^•^5 ^^\ ila 

quddam. — (without ceasing) h 

jy^ii bi-lA fuhlr; gUafii^ li^'bi.m 

Onanism, s. Ws-.^ istimna. 
Once, a^iv. (a single time) 5/« *);i 

fard marra-t ; 'S^ marratan ; 

'S^UJ taratan ; 'i-jtiJ daf'atan ; 

't^ hatratan. — (in former time) 

'Va,L. "sAbiqan ; U6U\ ^ f}-'s- 

salif ; 'U.\a^ muqaddamaii. 
One, adj. J^^^ wAhid, f. h^eJ\^ wahi- 

da-t; J^^ ahad, f. <^«^^ ihda. 
One another, pron. *V-a*? (j<i«» ba'd 

Onerous, ffrfy. s-«*^i^ mut'ib ; J«s» 

saqil ; s-«* 8a*ib. 
Onion, «. J-o> basal ; Alo? ba^a- 


Only, adj. J^ wahid ; ^jl^ farid ; 

*>yu mufrad. 
Only, adv. ^ fa-qat. 
Onset, Onslaught, s. ^y^ hiijtim ; 

3I40. hamla-t. 
Onward, adj. (•*va^ muqaddam. 
Onward, Onwards, adv, ^^•^ J^ 

ila quddam. 
Onyx, p. g;«h jaz*. 

Ooze, s. (slime) (^\m; Je*-^ wahl. 
Ooze, v. ^j ra^^ah, yarj^ah ; ^V 

tara.^sah, vataraf^sah. 
OpAciTt, Opaqueness, s. i^'it gilA- 

za-t ; ^UI^ sulma-t ; ^lA«&J\ f*J« 

*adam a.4-safafa-t. 
Opaque, ac//. ^^ ^ gair ^aff&f ; 

Mi galiz ; ^J^ mujlim. 
Open, adj. (not closed) c^*** maf- 

i^\Y ; cJ^-iiC TTiak^Af. — (free to 

all) i*^ 'Amm ; ^y^ *amiin!-y ; 

^^U *alani-y. — (frank) joU 

^Adiq ; u*^'» muhli? ; ^U ^dfi. 
Open, r. cr^ fatah, yaftah ; fattah, 

ynfatt'h. — (disclose) j^\ a^bar, 

yuzbir; Ui a S kai^af, yaksif. — 

(hpgin) ^ g/» ^ara* fi, ya^ra* ; 

J*^ ja*al, yaj*al; ^^ bada, 

vabda ; 1^^^ ibtada, yabtadi. 
Opening, «. (AoZc) ^ fat^ ; 4*^ 

fatha-t; Jr-^ barq (pi. j^/- 

huruq) ; s-^ naqb. — (beginning) 

^^ badii ; ^^^ ibtid& ; t<sjJ\ 

Openness, s. j»^ ^idq ; S^Va* |afa- 

Opera, s. «y5\ jj ^ Ufe a<J s-«U 

mul'ab fi-bi gina wa daqq AlAt. 
Opera-glass, «. S^^*^ rainzara-t. 
Operate, r. J<^ 'amil, ya*mal ; J«* 

fa*al, yafal ; f\ assar, yu'assir. 
Operation, s. J^x *aixial; J*i fi*l; 

^^ ta'sir. — (of an army) Si^ 

Operator, s. (surgeon) t^f^- jarrah. 
Opiate, s. ^^^ (:J^>*^ ma*jiin 

P A A 


» » 

Opine, v. (^ zann, yagunn ; ;xl 
fakar, yafkur; ^-r--^ hasib, yah- 

Opinion, s. ^^ zann (pi. (^»it 
ZunOn); ^*^; rd'i (pi. \j\ ara); 




i^t^ tabmin ; /A fikr (pi. j^\ 

afkftr) ; s-^*^ ma^hab. 
Opium, $, ^^^ afyiin. 
Opponent, «. UkJUi^ muhalif ; 

ba^m (pi. ftUd.^ ah9am); 

ba«im (pi. U<«*. hufaina) ; J&j^ 

Oppobtuns, adj, ^3*V ni^^afiq ; 

<JMU*» mutabiq; OM^ l^JJq ; 

s-^^ munasib. 
Opportunity, «. ^;* fur^a-t (pi. 

«*U;* fur^at, v/>;A fura?); «*J3 

waqt (pi. cwVi^ auqat). 
Oppose, v. cJJU. halaf , jubalif ; X6 

(jiadil, yacjudd; *>U 4add, yu- 

4add ; [J>fS ta*arra4, yata*arra4 ; 

J>f^^ i'tarad, ya*tari4; cA-*^ 

iiaqa4, yunaqiiji. 
Opposite, adj. {in front of) J»va* 

muqabil; ftW^ tajah; ^i^ ^^iza^ 

— {contrary) ULJ W« muhalif ; 

i^U« munaqicji. 
Opposite, s, x6 4udd, ^id^ (pi. 

j\^\ a4dad) ; uJU hilaf ; J^ 

Opposition, b. (being opposite ea^h 

other) fli|Uu muqabala-t ; i^\y* 

inuwajaha-t. — (reeistaace) ^li^j^ 

mudafa'a-t ; ^^Va^ muqawama-t ; 

l^^ mu*ara4a-t; i^W* muhA- 

lafa-t. — (contrast) S*>U*» mmjad- 

da-t ; Lii\j^ munaqada-t. 
Oppress, v. J^ zalam, yashm ; ;«2 

qa^ar, yaqnar ; ^U (Jam, ya4im ; 

o^jW- jar *ala, yajur. 
Oppression, «. (cruelty) ^ zulm ; 

UL« Diazlama-t (pi. ^VIb«« maz&- 

lim) ; ^^ jaur ; fi^ qabr ; <^J^ 

ta'addi ; y^ jahr ; ^**a ^\m. — 

(depression of mind) \^y^ sauda ; 

f>^ gamm (pi. ^^ gumiim) ; ;J^ 

Oppressive, adj. jjUk zulmi-y ; 

^Sj^ qahri-y. — (as heat, &c.) 

•^•^ ^atdid. 
Oppressiveness, s. Sj^ ^idda-t. 
Oppressor, s. ^Vi zalim (pi. l^ 

zalamat) ; ^JU (JA'im. 
Opprobrious, aJ/. ^Mu» mufcjih ; 

j»^ muzimm ; f»y^ mazmiim. 
Opprobrium, s, jW 'ar ; l^^ fa4i- 

Va-t ; s-^ 'aib (pi. v»^ *uyftb) ; 

f»«^ zamm. 
Oppugn, v. fi^^ ddfa*, yudAfi' ; 

U^\d. halaf, yuhalif.^ 
Optic, acf;. ssy^ ba^ari-y. 
Optician, s. ^\ ^1\ g>U ^^ni* 

alat an-nazar. 
Optics, s. (^y^\ ^ y jy^\ ^^ 

ma'rifa-t an-niir wa nazar al- 

'uyun ; S;iU.J^ ^ *ilm al muna- 

zara-t ; j^\ ^ *ilm al-ba9ar. 
Option, s, ^je^ nira-t ; j\^^ ihtiyar ; 

v»V<fey^\ intihab. 
Optional, adj. iSj\^ ihtiyari-y. 
Opulence, s. ^y^ gana; JU m&l 

(pi. J\yA amwal) ; ^^*> daula-t ; 

i^f sarwa-t ; ^W jab (Pers.). 
Opulent, s. ^y* gani; JU ^J zft 

mal ; ^^ )^ zu sarwa-t. 
Or, conj. ^^ au ; ^^ am ; H^ ^ wa ilia ; 

\« ya. 
Oracle, s. ^^^ wahi (pi. ^j^ 

aubiya-t) ; s-*e*J\ us\ib hatif al- 
gal b. 
Oral, adj. o^«**- hadi§i-y. 
Orange, s. ^j^ naranj ; ^/ taranj ; 

^W^ burtfU][^a-t. 
Oration, s. &^ hu^ba-t (pi. s-W. 

hutab) ; v>\Iai^ hitab ; f^ kalam. 
Orator, s. s-J»*- hatib (pi. W^ 

Oratorical, adj. vjJ^ hutbi-y. 
Oratory, s. ^^'» fa|aha-t; i^ 

bala<,^a-t ; (^^\ ^ 41m al-kalam. 

— (a place for prayer) ^jU»« mu- 


Orb, s 

f. S^ kura-t ; fy^ jirm (pi. 
jurum, ^;;%. jurum, f^^\ 
ajram) ; S^U dayira-t (pi. ;«V 
dawayir) ; j^*> daur. 

Orbicular, adj. j««>^— -• mustadir. 

Orbit, «. ^^W dawaran ; ;^*> daur 
(P^-jV^ ad war) ; S;^*> daura-t. — 
(0/ the eye) ^^^ «**«» bait al- 
*ain ; {;^\ s-5^ waqab al-*ain. 

Orchard, s. (^^^s— ♦ bustan (pi. {^^ 

Orchestra, s, (place) ^y^^ ^y^ 
mauda* an-nauba-t ; ^^^ ^y» 
niauda* al-ala-t. — (body of per- 
formers) ^1^ al.*ala-t ; io533\ al- 





&l&tija-t ; l-'^y^^ an-naubat$- 

Obdain, V, (appoint) {^ *ayyan, 
yu*ayyiii; Ji% ja*al, yaj*al; f!^\ 
aqam, yuqiin. — (decree) y\ amar, 
ya*mur ; f^ hakam, yahkum. — 
(institute) g*^ wada*, ya4a' ; ^\ 
aqarr, yuqirr. 

Obdeal, 8, (^W^^ imtihan; l^fr 
tajriba-t (pl- j^^ tajabir). 

Obdeb, 8. (methodical arrangement) 
s-tsSy tartib; f^ tanzim ; ^VL» 
ni^am ; t«»J^ tadbir ; v>^^ uslub 
(pi. *T-<JU.^ asiilib). — (command) 
jA amr (pi. v*^^ awamir) ; f^ 
^ukm (pi. f\^\ ahkam). — (rank, 
class) ^j rutba-t (pi. s-*; rutab) ; 
^y martaba-t (pi. s-*^/* mara- 
tib) ; S^j*y daraja-t (pi. tj*^ daraj) ; 
iJisio tabaqa-t (pi. cwU^l ^abaqat). 
— (fraternity) hy^^ uhwiya-t ; 
ij^tJtj rahbana-t. 

Obdeb, v, (reaulate) s-*) rattab, 
yurattib; fSi na^am, yansim ; 

' nazsam, yuDaszim ; ^*> dabbar, 
yudabbir. — (command) y\ amar, 
ya'rnur; /•^ amar, yiimir; 'yAj\ 
ar^ad, yur^id. 

Obdebliness, 8, (regularity) f>^ 
nizam ; W-* dab^ ; s-«*/ tartib. — 
(aood conduct) i*-*^ hi^mat ; 
^Lusa.^ ihti^am. 

Obdeblt, adj. (regular) ^Jw^ mu- 
nazzam ; |*y^^ manziim ; ^yt^^ 
ma<Jbut. — (well - behaved) 0— »• 
ije>Ji\ hasan as-sira-t ; j!^^\ j^^4a. 
Qamid al-ahlaq ; v>*>*y« mu*ad- 
dab ; <^*>Va had! ; ^-^-A^ ti^nai-y- 

Obdeblt, s. (sergeant) ^J^\i (^ji on 
ba^i (Turk.), 

Obdinal, adj, ^jt-e^f tartibi-y ; 
^y•^ nizami-y. 

Obdinal, s, s-^/^^ «>*^ 'adad at- 

Ordinance, s. (law) g/* ^ar* ; ^/» 
^ari*a-t (pi. gi^Ai i^arayi*) ; (:jyVi 
(pi. tj^V qawanin). — (regular 
tion) Sj^U qa*ida-t (pi. J^V 
qawa*id) ; aW^ dabi^a-t (pi. W^ 
(Jawabi^) ; ^^^ qiyas. 

Qbdinabt, adj, (usual) <^*>W^^ 

i*tiyAd!.y; *>L-s«^ mu*tad; ji^ 
Biyir ; o*-J rasmi-y. — (low) ^•> 
dani-y ; u-*-^ basis ; yjk. haqir- 
— (not handsome) g^ bail* ; c«* 

Obdination, s. ^Uj rasama-t ; ^; 
rasm ; ^^^^ irtisam. 

Obdnance, 8, (artillery) ^W:^^ to^- 

Obdure, 8. ^p wasah (pi. t^^ 
ausah) ; ^L^u^ wisaha-t ; ^^ 
najas ; SJ^ najasa-t ; ^Wj zab&- 
la-t ; \/- hira. 

Obe, s. f*^ (:)'>^»^ ma'din ham ; (^'>m^ 
s^\yX^ tyi^ ma'din mahMt bi- 
turab (pi. o*^'^*^ ma*adin). 

Oboan, 8, ^1 ala-t ; ^ 'adft (pi. 
^\ a*da). — (muMcal instrument) 
{:^j\ argan, argun (pi. {^\j\ ar&- 

Oboanic, adj. ^)^ *adwi-y ; h-*;^ 
murakkab ; ^^^ nizami-y. 

jasad (pi. *3Lm^\ 

Obqanism, 8, 

ajsad) ; s-f^ ^•— ^ jasm murak- 
kab (pi. ^U--^\ ajsam, f*>— ^ 

Obganist, s. (performer on the 

organ) cj^j3^ j\i^ daqqaq al- 

Oboanization, 8. s-ef/ tarkib ; 

s-ty tartib; ;e»J^ tadbir; ^Utf 

Obganize, 8. fjti nazzam, yunaz- 

zim ; s-^j rakkab, yurakkib ; 

v»/ tarrab, yutarrib ; ji^ dabbar, 

Obi EL, s, (bay-unndow) {^^ rau- 

san, ro^an (pi. i:^^^}) rawa^in, 

Obibnt, adj, jy^ ^ariq (pi. jy* 

^urq); e?^ ^aU' (pi. ^\^ ta- 

Obient, s, jyu3\ jbj\ ard al-ma^- 

riq ; J/^^ «>^ bilad ai-^arq ; 

l^yJs^\ ^ttiS^ al-aqtar a^-.<arqiya.t. 
Obiental, adj,f s. ^^J^ ^arqi-y. — 

(Oriental countries) «i;^-*-* maia- 

riq. — (Oriental people) J^*^^ J^^^ 

abl a^-i^arq ; Sy\^^ a^-^araqi- 


ObIENTALIST, 8, y (^^'%\ ^ «J(;Ve 




l^;ijj^\ ^UHS *&rif fi.'l-alsan wa- 

'l-4dab as-^araqija-t. 
Obifice, 8, f^ fumm, famm (pi. 

^\^\ af wah, f*Ui^ af tuam) ; M» 

guqba-t (pi. s-^ guqab, suqb); 

l^ fatt^a-t. 
Obioin, «. J*^ a?! (pi. ^Y^\ u^ul) ; 

2«j^ mamba' (pi. Qt<^ manabi') ; 

\Xi0» mabda (pi. (^«>W^ mabadi*) ; 

jjb*« ma^dar (pi. ^oU** ma^adir). 
Obioinal, adj, ^J^^ a9li-j ; gt^ 

badi* ; [j^ awali-j. 
Obioin AX, «. J*^ a?! (pi. J^^ 

u^ul) ; £ate^ nusha-t (pi. ^^ 

nusah). — (odd person) iii nuk- 

Obioinalitt, 8. ^J^ badi'a-t. 
Obioinatb, v.a. £*^ bada', jabda' ; 

£J^^ ibtadaS jabtadi* ; (^y^ kaw- 

wan, jukawwin ; n. {^ ^^^ ^adar 

min, ja^dur; f^ naba', jambiS 

Obioination, 9. *>W:\ ijad; J;j/» 

sarii' ; {^y^ takwia. 
Obnambnt, 8. ^\ ziaa-t; j\;j 

zawaq ; ^^ hilja-t (pi. ^J^ 

Obnambnt, v. f^\j zan, jazin ; (^j 

zayjan, juzajjin ; <3;j zawwaq, 

juzawwiq; ^j^} zahraf, juzah- 

Obnaubntal, adj, {^y muzayjin ; 

vi^-y* muzahrif. 
Obnate, adj, {jiy muzajyan ; Q^f» 

mura^^a' ; ^/-y miizahraf. 

ObNITHOLOOT, 8. jyj^\ ffS^ C/» 

sart tabayi' at-tuyAr ; jy^\ ^f^^ 

ma'rit'a-t af-tuyur. 
Obphan, 8. ^>sj yatiin (pi. ^y^ 

yatatna, fiXsf^ aitaiu). 
Obpuanaob, 8. f*V2jtS^ c:^^ bait al- 

aitam ; ^UJ\ JU««.\ isbital al- 

Obthodox, adj, (Mohammedan) 

fHf^'*^ mustaqim ; {^y mumin ; 

fX*^ musliiu; j*>V* §iadiq. — {in 

a general sense) ^j^^fj\ ortodok- 

si-y ; ij^^ e^-*'^ v>*^r* ^luwafiq 

H-'d-din al-i^aqq. 
Obthodoxt, 8. ^XJ\ islam ; ^y 
{ji'ii\ faw&b ad-din; ^J^^ JJ^ 

^idq ad-dia; &^<>Sj\ ortodoksi- 

Obthoept, 8. et^^^ ib'^\ at-talaf- 

fu2 a9-9ahih. 
Obthogbaphical, adj, J%»\ im- 

Obthoobaphy, 8, %»\ imla; W* 

&}U5a\ 4abt al-kitdba-t ; I-^^ ^j 

rasm al-ha^t. 
Oscillate, v, y^y^ hazhaz, yuhaz- 

hiz ; yty^ taoazhaz, yatahazhaz ; 

^j\ irtajah, yatarjiti ; c*'T^ ^ 

mar j ah, yatamarjati. 
Oscillation, 8, ^y^y^ hazhaza-t (pi. 

)J»i\yto hazahiz) ; t^j^ irtijab. 
OsiEB, 8, <^UAa |af9at'. 
OssuABT, 8. (a charnel house) 

^Uyi^ hashas; ^W^ ha^ha- 

Ostensible, adj, y^^ ^ahir; ji^ 

yushar (3 aor. pass. iv.). 
Ostentation, Ostentatiousnbss, 

8, fi^ tafahhur ; jUsA^ if tihar ; 

j4bi fahr; ^^ jahha-t; SC^W^ 

Ostentatious, adj,fk^ mufahbir; 

f^si^ muf tahir ; ;Ui fassar." " 
OsTLEB, 8, {jri^ sayis (pi. ^U 

sasa-t, (j*W-» siyas). 
OsTLEBT, 8. j*^^ fuuduq (pi. ,j^Ua 

fanadiq, iravto\Hov), 
OsTBiCH, 8, f»W na'ain, ^Us iia*&« 

ma-t (pi. ^U* na'ayim). 
Otheb, adj, f'\ ahar, f . \f\ nhra 

(pi. {^ifA aharin, fS uhar, ei;^^ 

uhara) ; ^ gair. 
Otubbwise, adv, {in a different 

manner) J^ ^ gair sikl ; jtM 

6^y bi-gair wajh. — {else, if not) 

S^ ^ wa ilia ; ^ (^\ ^ wa in lain. 
Otteb, 8, U3^ s-^ ga^lab al-m4 

(pi. s-JW sa*alib, JW ga'ali) ; 

U3\ s-Ji^ kalb al-ma (pi. s^ 

Ought, v, vJM^ d^ kan layiq, ya- 

kuu ; ^\ yfc aJlc ».r*>V^ al-wajib 

ale-hu hu ann ; f^\ iltazam, 

Ought, s, {anything) ^J^ ie-j (pL 

^\ asya) ; ^^yA^ iuwai-y (dim. of 

o* se-y). 




OuNCB, 8. ^^ waqija-t ; ^^\ oqi- 

ja-t (pi. ^j^\y\ awaq) ; ^\ uqqa-t. 
Otjb, adj. ^ na, affixed to a noun, us 

" our books/* V— u -a ^ kutubna ; 

UcU^ mata*-na; UU mal-na ; 

^^Ji^ haqq-na. 
OuBS, adj. UJ la-na. 
OuBSELYEs, pron. tu.yuj ^^ nahnu 

Oust, v. *yji^ t^rad, yatrad; t/^\ 

ahraj, juhrij. 
Out, adv. e;U. harij ; \ji baiTa. 
Out of, prep. {^ min ; [^ \^ barra 

Out (in composition with verbs to 

express superioritj). See Out- 
Outbalance, v. ^j rajal^, jarja^ ; 

C^/ tarajjah, yatarajjah. 
Outbid, v. ^J^ &cUt3\ yu. S\\ zad 

si^r al-ba4a'a-t 'ala, jazid; *yy) 

zawwad, yuzawwid. 
Outbbeak, Outbubst, 8. (^W«^ 

hajajan; (^\sJ g&waran; tyj^ 

Outcast, 8. t^ matriit; *^y}^ 

matrud; ^J^i^ manfi-y; 5y» nif- 

OuTCBY, 8. cW- fijah ; i^y $arah ; 

^A/» 9arha-t ; 1»^ *iyat. 
Outdo, v. ^ jjU faq *ala, yaf uq ; 

vt-^ galab, yaglib (both with v> 

bi, or an adverbial accusative). 
OuTDOOB, adj. sA^\ t^ harij aU 

OuTEB, adj. C;^ harij. 
OuTBBMOST, adj. ^^\ aq^a, f . \y^ 

qa^wa (pi. ^'^\ aqa^i). 
Outfit, 8. jW jahaz (pi. l^\ ajhi- 

za-t) ; ftoe 'udda-t; (^^i^ lawa- 

Outfit, v. y^ jahhaz, yujahhiz; 

^ a*add, yu*idd ; ^j\yi\ f»J^ qad- 

daiu al-lawazim, yuqaddim. 
Outgoing, s. {expenditure) e/- b^rj 

(pi. ey^ ahraj); it»^^^ al- 

harjiya-t; <^yr^ ma^ruf (pl» 

«-A4)U^ ma^arif. 
OuTQUABD, «. WI» tali^a-t (pi. Q^ 

OuT-HOUSE, $, ^yi ^ra. 

Outlandish, oci/. sh>j^ garib (pi. 

v>\;i^ agrab, Wj^ gurabA) ; «^5«^^ 

ajnabi-y ; sj\ji barrani-y. 
Outlast, v. J^ baqa, yabqa. 
Outlaw, s. j^j^ murtadd; *>>*y* 

mardud ; f^^y^f* mahrum. 
Outlaw, v. f^ haram, yahrim ; ^J^ 

sarkal, yusarkil; ^^ nafa, yan- 

Outlet, 8. tf^ mahraj (pi. t)^^^ 

Outline, 8. ^j rasm (pL ^•-•j 

rusum, ^^^ arsum) ; jty^ ta^wir ; 

i'i^ naq^a-t; j^\ itar (pi. ^\ 

Outline, v. f^j rasam, yarsum. 
Outlive, v. ^ baqa, yabqa ; \^\^ 

fA vz>y j«i 'a^ ba'd maut Shar, 

Outlook, e. ft;U nazra-t ; ^ (aJla-t. 
Outmost, adj. ^J^^ aqifa (pi. ^j«U\ 


OUTNUMBEB, V. ^^^ o* J^ f&q fl- 

*l-*adad, yafiiq. 
Outpost, «. W» taH*a-t (pi. g^ 

OuTPOUB, V. s-» 9abb, yafubb; 

s-^^ sakab, yaskub; v-^ kabb, 

yakubb ; <3*** dafaq, yadf uq. 
OuTBAGE, 8. {in words) \fi\ iitird ; 

f^sJb^ idXm (pi. ^yA sutAm). — {in 

deeds) jy»- jaur; ^ jafa; ^ 

zulin; U*»6^ bahdaJa-t; & A^ a 

OuTBAGE, V. ^J^ ^jfi^ iftara 'ala, 

yaftari; f^sJ^ ^atam, ya^tum; 

^ttam, yusattim ; J*)« bahdal, 

yubahdil ; ^ fa4ab» yaf^al^ ; 

«aK^ hatak, yahtik. 
OuTBAGEOUS, adj. {offensive) v5**»a^ 

muta*addi ; e^r**^ muftari. — (op- 

preseive) ^VL zalim; y^VS qahir; 

o-U qAsi. — ( profligaiey ij^\i 

lahi? ; jh^U fasiq. 
OuTBAGEousNBSS, 8. ^^^ ^idda-t ; 

Uy\ if rat; S — * fisq; jj^-i 

OuTBiDE, V. ijt^ sabaq, yashiq ; 

sabbaq, yusabbiq (s-^W bi-'r- 

OuTBiGHT, adv, V^ kulliyan ; UIU 




mutlaqan; f»U;sS\ ^ JUXSW bi-'l- 

Icam&l wa-'t-tamam. 
OuTEOOT, v. gU qala*, yaqla' ; gU 

jJ^\ ^j^ qala* min al-jizr, jaqla' ; 

J«\jui\ ista'^al, jasta'^il. 
Outrun, v. v>i-* sabaq, yasbiq; 

sabbaq, yusabbiq (u^^W bi-'r- 

Outset, «. ^as)\ ibtida; J^^ awwal. 
Outshine, v. i^^ j^ laq bi-'l- 

jalwa-t, yafuq; j^V* faq, yafAq ; 

J4» fadal, yaf^ul. 
Outside, «. (exterior) C;^^ al-harij ; 

<^\^^ al-barrani-y. — (surface) 

&^^ wajh (pi. 6y^^ wujuh, &^^\ 

aujuh) ; ^u# satb (pi. C^-^ 

OuTSKiBT, «. (border) ^W Ijaffa-t ; 

ii^\»- l>asiya-t (pi. ^^f- Ijawa^i). 

— (suburb) L^Mi\ Li\ji ^^ 

4a^iya-t barraniyat al-madina-t 

(pi. i^^y^ ^ikVfkhi) ; lt^\ji SjU. 

^&ra-t barraniya-t. 
Outspoken, adj, j*)U f adiq ; c*>^ 

84dij (pi. e^*^ suddai). 
Outstanding, adj. J\i baqi (pi. 

^j)^W baqin). 
Outstretch, v.a. lo-f basaf, yabsut ; 

•x^ madd, yamudd. 
Outward, adj, g;^ b^rij ; y^^ 

Outweigh, v. ^j raja^, yarjat 

(yarjit, yarju^^); raj j at, yuraj- 

Outwit, v, {Js^ gas^, yagu^^ ; ^^ 

gaban, yagbun ; s-«V^ galab, yag- 

Iib ; ^jw dara, yudari. 
Oval, adj. o6l^\ J^a Jin *ala ^ikl 

al-bai4; ^-^ baidi-y; (j;.^-^ 

Oval, «. ^j-4ei J^ sikl bai^i-y. 
Ovation, s. jM^ ta^fiq ; Joll9» tab- 


Oven, «. (^;* furn (pi. <^V^ afran) ; 

jyiS tannur (pi. j^U* tananir). 
Over, jprep. ^J^ *ala ; j^ fauq ; 

i*y\i) ziy&da-t. — (across) j^ *abr. 
Overact, v. ^^ ^W balag fi, yu* 

babg ; t^ farrat* yufarrit. 
Overalls, s. J\^ iirw&l (pi. J>j^/i 


Overawe, v. «-J^ hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif ; s-<s«» tahayyab, yatahayyab. 

/ Overbalance, v. ^j rajah, yarjaJ^ 

(yarjih, yarjuh) ; rajjah, yuraj- 

jih ; ^\) rajah, yurajih. 

Overboard, adv. ^j^\ t)^ harij 

Overcast, v. fM ajlam, yu^lim; 
^ gayyam, yugayyim. 

Overcharge, v. (overburden) Jii^ 
sa<]qal, yu^aqqil. — (demand more 
than is just) J^ galla, yugalli ; 
JVfc ^ala, yugali. 

Overcoat, s. ^Uy foqaniya-t. 

Overcome, v. s^ galab, yaglib ; 
^J^ y^ zafir *ala, yajfar. 

Overdo, v. ^j* ^W balaj? fi, yu- 
balag; ^^ farrat, yufarrit. — 
(fatigue) s-*5^ at*ab, yu*tib. 

Overflow, v.u. jjt garraq, yugar- 

riq ; J^ gatta, yugatti ; n. ^ 

tafah, yatl'ah; J>^ fa<J, yuficji ; 

^'iS tadaffaq, yatadaffaq. 
Overgrow, v. 5*>^)| j^ kabbar bi- 

ziyada-t, yukabbir; •O^ {^ *>^J 

zad *au al-hadd, yazid. 
Overgrowth, s. y*J^\ ^*^k) ziyada-t 

Overhang, v. uy*\ asraf, yusrif. 
Overhaul, v. (examine, inspect) 

Jbi nasar, yanzur. 
Overhear, v. £«>^^^ istama', yas- 

Overjoy, v. "Ij^ C;* farra^ jiddan, 

yufarrilji. — (be overjoyed) A^Aft jU» 

j^\ ^^ Jar *aql-hu min as- 

Overlay, v. (cover on the surface) 

^ tala, ya(li. 
Overleap, v. yj^ ^ na^ *ala, ya- 

n^tt (o^ i^ ™i^ *ala). 
Overload, v. ^J^ J** saqqal *ala, 

Overlook, v. (view from higher 

ground) JL\ a^all, yu^ill ; JM-^ 

ista^all, yastatill. — (neglect) JA* 

gafal, yagful ; umU fat, y^iit 

(both with i^ *an). 
Overmuch, adj. p^ kagir; •k|\j 

OvBSMUca, adv. S«>^ bi-ziy&da-t. 




OvKEPLUS, 8, ^^ fa41a-t; J-^U 

fadil ; ^\) zajid ; «>^ zaud, zod. 
OvERPOWBB, V. s-J^ galab, jaglib ; 

;6* qahar, jaqhar ; ^J^ /t gafir 

'ala, yazfar. 
Oyeruate, V, ^J^ gala, yugali ; 

iS^iyi 0^ samman bi-zijada-t, 

Oyebbide, v. (^U^\ s-r^\ at'ab al- 

t^i9aD, yut*ib. 
Oybbreach, v. (overhang) ^j^\ 

asraf, yusrif. — {cheat) J^ gais, 

yaguss ; £J^ hada*, yahda*. 
Overrule, v. (control) Ja-<-* dabat, 

yu^bit. — (reject) j^j rafa<jl, yar- 

^4 ; o^ nafa, yanfi. 
Overrun, v. (cover aU over) Jafc 

gatta, yugatti. — (ravage) v»/- 

harab, yahrub; harrab, yuhar- 

rib ; ^ j\t gar *ala, yagir. 

Oversee, v, ^^ nasar, yansur ; jl^^ 
nazar, yunasir. 

Overseer, s, ^^ nazir (pi. j^ nuz- 
zar) ; ^kU* munazir ; ^v* muba- 

Overshadow, v, Jl^ zallal, yuzal- 

lil ; J^^ azall, yuzill. 
Overshoot, v, (venture too far) 

^Jk s-Jli galab ft, yugali b. 

Oversight, s. la-i-^ galat; ^-«— 

Overspread, v. ^Jot ga^ta, y ugaUi ; 
vJ^ yt> na§ar *ala, yanaur. 

Overstep, v. j^W jawaz, yujawiz ; 

j^W^ tajawaz, yatajawaz. 
Overstock, v. &*>V2y )t« mala' bi- 

ziyada-t, yamla*. 
Overt, adj, y^Vt zahir. 
Overtake, v, v> vJ^ la^iq bi, yal- 

taq ; (J^-^ lai^aq, yulaj^iq ; ,ji^ 

v> i^talaq bi, yaJjitaliq ; ♦*Sj*>\ 

adrak, yudrik. 
Overthrow, v. ssJi qalab, yaqlib > 

giy waqqa*, yuwaqqi*. — (destroy) 

v»j^ harab, yahrub ; ^•^ hadam, 


Overthrow, «. (downfall) v»^^ 
inqilab ; l»yu suqiit. — (desiruc- 
tion) f^ hadm ; f»W^ inhidam ; 

v»\/" harab; s-^-ij**^ tahrib. — 
(defeat) S^ kasra-t ; ^^^^ inhi- 

Overture, 8, (opening) t^xsi\ ifti- 
ta^i ; ^ fat^. — (fte^wmngf) \^^^ 
ibtida ; S^J^ badawa-t. — ( pro- 
posal) l^f^ *ur4a-t. 

Overturn, v. s^ qalab, yaqlib; 
^j3\ ^J\ ^) rama ila-*l-ard, 
yarmi. — (subdue) f^ qahar, yaq- 
har ; s-^ galab, yaglib. 

Overvalue, v. {^^\ J^ gala ag- 

gaman, yugah. 
Overweening, adj, p ^^^ mutakab- 

bir ; j^kf^s^ mutatahhir. 
Overwhelm, v. (subdue) s-^ galab, 

yaglib; j^ qahar, yaqhar. — 

(submerge) y*^ gamar, yagmur; 

j'^^\ igtamar, yagtamir. 
Overwork, v, s-^^ at*ab, yut*ib. 
Oviparous, adj, o^iW bayi4 (pi. 

y^ buyu4) ; cArf {^ '^fi yata- 

wallad mill baiijl. 
Owe, V, {ji*^ i^ 'aleh ('alaih) dain ; 

f^j^ garim, yagram; fy^\ igta- 

ram, yagtarim. 

Owing to, prep, J%ll li-ajl ; sr**— J 

Own, adj. (belonging to) gVs»« mataS 
with pronoun a&xed, as ^^ 
mata'i, " my own ; '* &«-*> nafs- 
hu; A*U zat-hu; aa^ 'ain-hu. — 
(peculiar) gooafe^ muha99a9 ; v/*^ 

Own, V, (possess) «i£^ malak, yam- 
lik; ueXUi tamallak, yatamailak. 
— (avow) ^f^\ i'taraf, ya'tarif ; 
j»\ aqarr, yuqirr (both with v» 
bi). — (claim) ^ ^^^ idda'a 
*ala, yadda*i ; ^jlfi v^^*> J** *amil 
da*wa 'ala, ya'mal. 

Owner, s, s-*»>^ $a^ib (pi. h»V««^ 
a9l^ab); ««UU mahk (pi. d^^\ 
umiukj ; ^3 zu (pi. (^y)^ zawiin). 

Owl, s, f»y bum ; ^y buma-t ; f\ 
Je^^ *umm al-lail ; ^U#« ma^^a- 
9a-t ; ^^\ ^ tair al-maut (pi. 
)^ tuyur). 

OwLBT, s, ^"•^ qubaifa-t. 




Ox, 9. jk baqar (pi. y^ buq(ir) ; ;^ 
^5«ae» gor (tor) mah|i-y (pi. e^^ 
A^^aae* siran mab^iya-t). 

Otsteb, 8, ^J«/-^ istridiya; «J.^ 

^adaf ; ^tJ^ ^adafa-t (pi. u\^ 
a^daf) ; S)W» mahara-t (coll. ;W^ 
mahar) ; (^5»>W badalan ; 


Pace, «. {siricle) S^U. batwa-t (pi. 

sa^f^ hatwAt, ^^ hita).— (o/ a 

Aor»e) 4jA*« ma^i ; ^ ^ A^ ma^ya-t ; 

lyt^ ma^wa-t. 
Pace, v. ^ hati, yahtft ; Jbs^\ 

ibtata, yabtati ; ^ 3 - ■ » ■ - >• ma^a, 

Pacific, adj. «^**^ badi; ^^JL- 

salim (pi. UJL sulama). 
Pacification, «. X^U»« mu^&la- 

ha-t ; x^ 9il&h ; (;>«^— J taskin. 
Pacify, v, (rpconcile) {^ ^^ ^alab 

ben, yu^&lih ; f^\ a^lah, yiislib. 

— (appease) (^^ saklcan, yusak- 

kin ; <^JUfc\ ahda, yuhdi. 
Pack, s, (bundle) ^^ buzma-t (pi. 

ff^ huzam) ; I) ft- jurza-t (pi. )fh 

juraz) ; ^^ buqja-t. — (pack of 

cards) J;^ 8*^*1 ^idda-t waraq. — 

(body of hounds) ^x** v>S^ kilab 

Pack, v. f^ bazam, yabzim ; ^ 

9arr, ya^urr. 
Package, s. ^W bala-t ; W/* mir- 

Packer, «. ft\^ bazzilm. 
Packet, s. 8^ fiirra-t (pi. j;* 

9urar) ; a^J; rizma-t (pi. ^j; 

rizam) ; Se^j rabta-t ; ^^ buq- 


PACK-SADDliE, S, jt\A» ik^lT Cpl. 

ytj^ ^wagir) ; J^; rabl (pi. JU; 
ribal, ^j\ arhul) ; ^Jy barda*a-t 

(pl.e^V baradi*). 
Pact, Paction, *. ^Ai sait (pi. ^/» 

6urAt) ; '^ *abd (pi. o^ *ubiid) ; 

J^ 'aqd (pi. ^^ *uqiid); j^\ 

Pad, s. ^ e' fcft ha^iya-t (pi. ^^-ft>«*- 

Pad, V, ^-*^ ha^A, yabiiii ; {^ bat- 
tan, yubattin. 
Padding, ». ^-*^ haiA. 
Paddle, v. U\ ijA s-^ la'ib ff-'l- 

ma, yaVab. — (row) «JJ^ qaddaf, 

Paddle, s. «J^ jA« miqdaf (pi. *Jij|4>la*» 

Padlock, s. <^^; J*i qufl riimi-y. 
Pagan, s. (^V?.3\ j^W *ftbid al-aug&n ; 

^j wasam-y. 
Paganism, s. ((•U-li^) (^\$p\ «jV<x 

'ibadat al-ausan (al-a^nam). 
Page, e. (servant hoy) fAt gulAm 

(pi. JUI^ gilina-t, oUl* gilman). 

— (of a hook) ^^if^^ 9ahifa-t (pi. 

«-A>V^ aabayif, cJV^« subuf) ; 

i^A* Rafaha-t (pi. ^ ^ufiib). 
Pageant, s. s-^y» maukib (pi. 

s-^^ mawakib) ; ^Ll* man jar 

(pi. ^U*« mana^ir) ; S^afew* mas- 

bara-t (pi. /«V--^ masabir). 

Pageantry, /?. ^ ■♦■■■ * b ba<«ama-t ; S^ 

fahra-t ; J\i^\ ihtifal. 
Pagoda, «. ^Lj-d\ J-^ haikal 

a^nam ; ^^^i* «t^ bait ^anam. 
Pail, «. (for milking) (^jJU mil ban 

(pi. (^)U malabin). — (/or water) 

)^ dalw, dalu (pi. )!*> dila*) ; L^ 

*ulba-t (pi. s-ic *ulab). 

Pailasse, «. ^^ W;L tarraha-t 

Pain, «. (hodily) ;^^ waj* (pi. gW-^\ 
auja*) ; ^f tawajju*; ^^ alam 
(pi. ^51[ Alam) ; ^%- ta'allum.— 
(mental) ^ gamm (pi. f^^ gu- 
mum) ; v>^^ karb (pi. v»^/ 
kurub) ; (^^ b^zn (pi. (j)\^^ aij- 
zan). — (painsy effort) J^ jidd; 




J^ jahd; S^^s>^\ ijtih&d; l^Jt 
himma-t ; li^^ mil;iDa-t. 
Pain, v.a. (torture) q^^ wajja*, yu- 
wajji* ; f^\ a] lam, yu'allim ; v»J^ 
'azzab, yu*azzib. — (trouble) fk^\ 
agamm, yugimm ; Q)y^\ a^tzan, 
yuhzin ; JSi^ i&wwsis, yu^aw- 
wis ; jOS kaddar, yukaddir. 
Painful, adj, (causing pain) ^t^^ 
^fl-Ji* ; $^r* niuji* ; f^\ alim ; 
^"•^ mulim. — (full of pain) 
^Ks^ muta'allim ; (^^^ hazin 
(pi. ^^ l>uzaDa) ; (^Vijft. haznau ; 
f^xio* mugtamm. — (difficult) JSJt^ 
muskil ; s-»«-» 9a* b' (pi. v>U<« 
Painstaking, a^j. > vmi ^ muj ta- 
Paint, «. ^^^ laun (pi.' (^\^\ alwan) ; 
^W-» 9ibaq ; (^*> duhn (pi. (jjVaj\ 
adhan). — (for the face) S^.*^ 
humra-t (pi. j*^ ^umar) ; ^j)— o- 
•-A-y t^sn yiisuf ; S3U gaza-t. — 
(for the eye-brows) ^U-^ wasma-t. 
— (/or the eye-lids) J^*^ ku^l. — 
(for the hands and feet) Ua. 

Paint, v, (lay on colour) (^^ law- 
wan, yulawwin ; ^«>\ adhan, 
yudhin. — (delineate) yyo ^awwar, 
yusawwir ; (jS«fi> naqa.4, yanqai. — 
('paint ones face) y^^ l^iammar, 
yubammir. — (one^s eyes) J^^ 
takahi^al, yatakahhal ; Ucddv ta- 
hatta^, yatahatta^. — (one^s hands 
or feet) ^-^-^ tahanna, yatahanna. 

Painter, «. j^-»^ musawwir; o*l)r^ 
musawwirati-y ; \J»\s^ naqqa^. 

Painting, s. (act of) jiy^ ta^wir. — 
( profession) jiy^\ ^U* f ana*a-t 
at'ta^wir. — (picture) ijyo fiii-a-t 
(pi. jyo 9uwar) ; (jis» noqs (pi. 
^^ nuqii^). 

Pair, s, e^j zauj, zoj (pi. t^^)\ 
azwAj) ; yW^j zaujan. 

Pair, v. ^^\ zawwaj, yuzawwij ; 
(^y qaran, vaqrin, yaqrun. 

Palace, s. <^\;- saray ; W^j- saraya ; 
^\y^ saraya-t ; ^^ qa^r (pi. j^ 

Palanquin, s. (^\y) v£^^ tabt rawan 

(Pers.) ; e*>^ haudaj (pi. s«>^>^ 

Palatable, adj, ^^ laziz; {j»^ 

Palatal, adj, <j^*»- ^nald-y. 
Palate, s, «aW l;ianak; f^\ <JA- 
(v3W^) safq al-fumm (al-halq). 
— (organ of ta^te) ^S)^^ ^V^. ^^a8- 
sat az-zauq. 
Pale, adj. A^^\ yu\ a^far aJ-wajh ; 

jiuy mu^farr ; «^yu« manqM . 

Pale, v. (turn pale) /^\ i^farr, ya^- 

f arr ; o/^ ta9afran, yata^af ran. 

Pale, s. •^^ watad (pi. •>Vjy autad) ; 

jjjU hazAq (pi. v3ij^>** hawaziq). 

Paleness, s. iyu $iifra-t; j^^\ 

Paling, s, *>^^^ S^\*>dayira-taut4d; 
ijij^y^ e>^ ^^ hay it min hawa^ 
ziq ; ^j) zariba-t (^pl. s-J\j) 
Palfrey, s, ^^ 9afina-t. 
Palisade, s, see Paling. 
Pall, s. ^^ kafan (pi. ^US\ ak- 

Pall, v, gJ*> j^ ^ar dali', ya^ir. 
Pallet, s, ^y^ ^y fai^-t ^aqi- 
ra-t. — (of a painter) (^\^\ l^^ 
lauha-t alwan. 
Palliate, v, {^"^ ahsan, ya^sin ; 
jS^ *azar, ya*zir ; «i>\;^^ ,^** 'amil 
*uzurat, yam*al. — (mitigate) {j^ 
sakkan, yusakkin ; cJUkd. iiaffaf, 
yuhafiif ; Ji* qallal, yuqallil. 
Palliation, s, ^j^ *izra-t; uJit^^ 

tahfif ; (^.C-? taskin. 
Palliative, adj. (j^"^^ musakkin. 
Pallid, adj. y^A a^far, f . \/^ ^Birk ; 

/-a^ mu9firr. 
Pallidness, s. <|;A« ^ufra-t; j\y^\ 

Palm, s. (of the hand) Ut^ kaff (pL 
^y^ kufuf, U6\ akuff); Jw 
uSS\ batn al-kaff ; ^\j rata-t.— 
(tree) J«fc* nahl ; S^ nahla-t (pi. 
^ nahil). 
Palm, v. (jA^j qabad, ya^ba^ (with 
accus. or v» bi) ; *^m\ ^ ,jiiA 
ahfa fi-'l-kaff, yuhfi. — (impose) 
^'^ hada*, yahda* ; fj^ gai^, ya- 
guii ; (^W h&n, yabiin. 




Palpable, adj, ( 'perceptible by the 

touch) (^^— ^^ mahBUB ; (./-^ 

yulmas (6 aor. pass.). — {obvious) 

^\y wa^ih ; y^^ sahir. 
Palpableness, 8, {to touch) ^vs 

ij^^\ qabiliyat al-lams. — {oh. 

viousneee) ty^y wucjiufe ; *^^ da- 

Palpitate, v. vjM^ hafaq, yahfiq, 

yahfuq; «-Ai^; rajaf, yarjuf. 
Palpitation, s, ^^^SAd. hafaqan; 

s-^ ^j rajfa-t qalb ; «-V^^ wa- 

Palsied, adj, tj^ mafliij ; ^ ■*.■ < >• 
mukassal^ ; *9^«A«« muq^ad. 

Palst, «. i*»Ui kusaha-t ; gJVi 

Palt&inbss, 8. SjVftw ^aqara-t. 

Paltbt, adj. pJ^ l^aqir; ^j-i*> 
dani-y ; Jo3 j zalil. 

PaMPBB, v. A4iiJ\ ^^ ^j* 4ji«C 

*ayyas ti gay at an-ni'ma-t, yu- 

'ayyi6 ; Sj\iy ^^\ aVam bi-ziya- 

da-t, yut'im ; ^\ asba*, yusbi'. 
Pamphlet, s. saXJUjy wuraiqat; 

^Uj ris^la-t (pi. ^"L^j risaiat, 

JiU.^ risayil). 
Pahphleteeb, 8, ^^j s-^^ 9a^ib 

risala-t (pi. v>W«^ a9hab). 
Pan, 8. ^JA• miqla; k^^A* miqla- 

ya-t (pi. <jJ^a^ maqali) ; {^^ 

tajin (pi. {^^\yi» tawajm). 
Panacea, 8. jt^ iksir ; W^ kimi- 

ya; ^W \^j dawa* *amm; ji^/ 

Pancbeas, 8. Sja«J\ j^ lauz al- 

Pandemonium, «. {hell) /^^^ ja- 

haauam ; ^»«»^^ ja^im. 
Pandeb, v. <jc>;-ii *ara|, ya*ri|; 

'arraff, yu'arn? (both with J li). 
Pane, 8. )\ji t^ laul> qazaz (pi. 

cV^ alwaJgi). 
Panegybic, «. c*'^ madt ; c**^ 

madii^ ; u» gana (pi. ^^«^ asni- 

ya-tj ; c-A.*^ wa^f. 
Paneotbise, v. *^i^ majjad, yu- 

majjid ; c*^ maddah, yumadaiJ^. 
Paneoybist, 8. c^J^ maddat ; C^^ 

PANEL) «. cy lauh (pi. cV^ alwat;. 

Pang, «. ^\ alain (pi. ^^1 alam) ; 

v»/ karab (pi. v>^/ kurub) ; ^^ 

<Jiqa-t; ^ gu^^ii-t (pi. ,jfl*fe 

Panic, «. Jy^ haul (pi. J^yfc\ ah- 

wal) ; ^fy wahra-t ; v^j ru*b ; 

«^^ hauf ; i*^ ha<Jda-t. 
Pannieb, «. J«ij zainbil (pi. J<rfUj 

zanabil) ; Jk;5 qirtall ; ^^/ qir- 

tala-t (pi. JU.^ qirtal, Jk\y qar&. 


Pansy, «. *A>yUJ\ Sy^j zahrat a§- 

Pant, v. *-*<►; rajaf, yarjuf ; «-Ai^;5 
tarajjaf, yatarajjaf. — {long for) 
J\ jjUfti^ istaq ila, yastaq. 

Pantaloon, s. (trousers) J^>f- air- 
wal (pi. J«;^/- sarawil) ; jM 
sah^ur (pi. ^Wai sahiUir).- 
{buffoon) s-^fi2U mula'ib. 

Pantheb, «. ;4i nimr (pi. l^y*i 
nuiniira-t, jUi nimar). 

Pantby, 8, ^y4S\ ^a^ bet al-muna-t ; 
j\j^ karar. 

Pap, 8. {soft food) h^ labauiya-t ; 
ijtf*- harira-t ; Sjljmoc 'a^ida-t. — 
{})ulp) ^-^Ai sal^im (pi. f*^^^ 
sul;ium). — {dug) y:^\ aU*. ^amalat 

Papa, «. VjV| baba. 

Papacy, s, ^^WW babawiya-t. 

Papal, adj. «^^^W babawi-y. 

Papee, 8. jj^ waraq (pL J^j)\ 
auraq) ; ^^/ qirtas (pi. u^\j^ 
qaratis). — {blotting ])aper) j;^ 
U\^ waraq nai^^af . 

Papist, s. ^^^) rumani-y. 

Papybus, s. s^*^j^ bardi-y; (^3/ 

Pab, 8. {eqtuility) S\^V-^ musawat. 

Pabable, 8. JA# magal (pi. J^^ 
amsal) ; Jc^' tamgil (pi. ss^X:^^ 

Pabade, 8. {array of troops) «-AA^ 
/^— «5\ ,jic kasf *ala-*l-*asakir. — 
{display) ^j zuffa-t; A^-ft-w ha^- 
ma-t ; *^y» maukib (pi. s-^f« 
niawakib). — {place for exercise^ 
&c.) (^x^ maidau (pi. (;^>*>W^ 

Pabade, v. yjftW' taba'.u, yatabaha } 





^afes*^ if taHar, yaf tahir (both with 

Paradise, s, ^ janna-t ; ij^)*^j^ 

firdauB, fard&s (pi. ij»^*y\jh fara- 

dis, Pers.), 
Paradox, s, ^j^ bid*a-t (pi. £J^ 

Paragon, s. jja aJ U ma la-hu 

nazir ; Ai jVJ 3 la sani la-hu ; 

fi^j *V^) wahid dahr-hu; •*«;* 

Paragraph, 8. J«* fa?! (pi. J^ 

Parallel, adj, ^s'^y* mawazi; 

^S^f^ mutawazi. 
Parallel, 8, %s'^f^ ^ hatt muta- 
wazi (pi. h^f^ ty«i. hutut muta- 

Parallel, v. (make parallel) *-A* 

lij\ys^ l^, 9aff bi-hutut muta- 

waziya-t, ya^aff. — (he parallel) 

^^}\y waza, yuwAzi. — (compare) 

J*U qabal, yuqabil ; (^j^ qaran, 

yuqarin ; M^ sab bah, yu^abbih. 
Parallelism, 8. ^)^y muwazat; 

^5j^y tawazi. 
Parallelogram, 8, ^)^f^ J^ 

liikl mutawazi (pi. (J^) J^^^ 

&i'^\ys^ askal (^ukul) mutawazi- 

ya-t) ; g)U3\ ^^y^ mutawazi al- 

Paralyse, v, ^\ a*jaz, yu'jiz ; y^ 

'ajjaz, yu'ajjiz. 
Paralysis, 8, i^U^ kusai^a-t ; ^^ 

falij ; ^^5L* sakta-t. 
Paralytic, (w(;., «. t^ mafl^j. 
Paramount, adj, J^\ a*la; fM\ 

a'zam ; jJu> i^adr (pi. j^J^ fudur) ; 

f%*Ai^ muqaddam. 
Paramour, 8. (JM*^ 'asiq, f. l^\^ 

*a^iqa-t (pi. jUlc *us^aq) ; s-^««*- 

^^abib, f . l»tt^ tabiba-t (pi. v»W 

al^bab, s-stW*- Ijtabayib). 
Parapet, «. y^W j^ajiz (pi. y^^^ 

l^awajiz) ; SjU.* sut&ra-t. 
Parapheknalia, 8. jW jahaz. 
Paraphrase, 8. (^\ ^ Sjj^»> 

daura-t fi-'l-kalam ; j^^ tafsir ; 

*^ff ta*rif ; ij^ 'ibara-t ; ^^f 


Pabaphra8S| v,j^ fassar, yufas* 

sir ; c/» ^arat, ya^raf^ ; c^^ wa4- 

isilji, yuwa^^iJ^^. 
Parasite, «. J^ tufaili-y ; j3^ 

suflaq (pi. ^aUL. safaliqa-t) ; v>j^^ 

waris ; J*^* wagil ; yAj\ ausan. 
Parasol, «. ft »»>>.*< w ^amsiya-t ; ^Uh>* 

Parcel, 8. (portion) ^^^^ hif^a-t 

(pi. ^/a-cw ti9a9) ; ^^ qata*-t (pi. 

g^ qita*, quta*).— (pocA^O HA 

baqja-t ; ^)j rizma-t. 
Parcel, v, f^^ qassam, yuqassim. 
Parch, v, s3^ taraq, yatiruq ; s^^ 

^wwab, yu^awwib ; ^.r^ yabbas, 

Parchepness, 8, crH yubs ; ^^ 

Parchment, «. JU^ j; raqq gazal ; 

JV^ J; raqq *ajl (pi. s3A ruqAq). 
Pardon, «. y^ *atu ; cj^/^ gutrin ; 

iyju* magfira-t; c^-*^ samil^; 

^s^^U^ musama];ia-t. 
Pardon, v. y^ gafar, yagfir ; ^^ 

sama^, yamsal^ (both with ^y^ ^ 

la-hu bi-^e-y) ; c^U samal^, yu- 

sami^; ;^ ^ 'afa 'an, ya'fa; 

;^ ^ 9afah 'an, ya^fa^. 
Pardonable, adj, /t^ yugfar (3 

aor. pass.) ; ybJ\ s-^^« wajib al- 

*af ii ; ybJ\ J^ matall al-*af A. 
Pare, v, (trim) y^f qara4» yaqri^. 

—(fruit, Ac) jAi qa^iar, yuqa^ 

Parent, 8, *3J\^ walid ; ^^\^ walida-t. 

— (parent8) {^'^^^ waliden. 
Parentage, «. J-«\ a^l (pi. ^y»\ 

U9ul) ; s--— * nasab (pi. s^UJ^ 

ansab); ^)-i nasal (pi. JU-J^ 

Parental, adj, ^^\^ walidi-y. 
Parenthesis, 8. l^f»^ ^W jum- 

la-t mu'tari4a-t ; J2iub hilal. 
Parenthetical, adj. (>yBa^ mu'ta- 

Parings, «. i>^'^ qulama-t; ij»\f 

qurada-t ; u\ ufE. 
Parish, «. It^y ra'iya-t (pi. V«U) 

ra*aya) ; <4;yy\ U fea^^ al-huri-y. 
Parishioner, «. ^sj^^ ^ {^ min 

batt al-bitri-y. 
Parity, «. (e^MoZt^y) ^^ taawi- 




ya-t ; ky* sawija-t ; 5\^U-« musft- 

wftt. — (analogy) i^t*-. inui&ba- 

ha-t ; ^U^ muma§ala-t. 
Pabk, 8. l^ gai4a-t; (^\a^ bus- 

t&n; ««))V^p4rk. 
Paslance, s. (idiom) W luga-t 

(pi. «t>U5 lugat, oy*i lugOn, ^j*J 

lugan). — (conference) iSS^^>» mu- 

Pabliament, 8, ^^^f^ ^W ja- 

ma'at al-wuMd ; S^^ ^ ^^^ C^V** 

*. , .%fciJ\ diwan al-umara' wa wu- 

kala' a^-sa'b. 
Parlour, 8. i^^J^ manzara-t. 
Parody, 8, V» taqlid ; ^}t^ tam- 

gU; A »frAJ tasbih. 
Parole, «. (promi8e) •^cj wa'ad 

(pi. •>/'^ wii*iid) ; 5»vcj wa*ada-t ; 

^^^ mau'{id (pi. J^>ft^^ ma- 

Paroxysm, «. ^;» buraha ; vj*^^ j^»> 

daur al>humma. 
Parricide, «. (act) 'i^\i}\ J** qatl 

al-walid. — (j^ereon) »JJ\j J>^ 

qatil walid-hu. 
Parrot, «. Sjj durra-t (pi. «*\)»> 

durrat, ji)»> durar) ; U^ babaga ; 

JU^ babag&l. 
Parry, w, g^W dafa*, yudafi* ; g^ 

tamanna', jatainanna*. 
Parse, v. »a>L,» V<\ \ v>7«^ a*rab al- 

kalam&t, yu*rib. 
Parsimonious, ac^;. ^y muwaffir. 

— (to excess) I7J qari^. 
Parsimony, Parsimoniousness, 8. 

jt^f taufir; Syy tawafEura-t ; 

^Li.^^ imsak. 
Parsing, s, «t>UJiX3\ v»\^\ i*rab al- 

Parsley, «. {j^^'^ baqdilnas (maq- 

diinas); Jts^V tarajil; ^y^ 

Parsnip, s, f^^ saljam (pi. ^^ 

Parson, s, {j^ qiss (pi. tr»r*^ 

qusAs); <j.-e-i qissis ^1. vulg. 

L **h\n» A qasafisa-t) ; ^s)^ buri-y 

(^^^ hawarina-t). 
Parsonage, «. {j^\ ^W dar al-qiss 

(pl.-,;V4j dijar); ^^f- jW dar 


Part, s, ( piece) Wa qata't (pi. ^ 
qita*, qutaO; 8^ kisra-t (pi. 
^--^kisar). — (portion) ^»-J qism 
(pi. ^LJi^ aqsain) ; £4^«J» qisma-t ; 
S-^ tiwa-t (pi. ^yxaa. ti^a?). — 
(concern, interest) y^^ 6irk (pi. 
^\jt»\ airak). — (party) v»^ 
bizb (pi. v»U^\ al^zab). — (side^ 
quarters) *-Jf» \ax&i (pi. u\jL\ 
atraf) ; ^^ iqlim (pi. ^U\ aq&- 
lim). — (m a ^toy) ^)» naql. — 
(talenU) ^U q&biliva-t; K** 
fa4ila.t (pi. JjUi fa^ayil) ; &ijM^ 
nia*rifa-t (pi. UijU* ma'arif) ; 
^\)*y\ idrak. 

Part, v, (divide) f^^ qasam, yaq- 
sim; qassam, yuqassim. — (sepa- 
rate) a, jy faraq, yafruq; J-«A 
fa^dJ, yaffil; n. ji«^\ infa^al, 
yanfafil. — (take farewell) g»>^ 
waddaS yuwaddi' ; fty»U. SdJ\ ahaz 
hatir-hu, ya'huz. 

Partake, v, **J/» ^ariq, yairaq; 
^^^ ^arak, yui^rik. 

Partial, adj, (not total) Jy^ 
juz'i-y. — (not universal) ^U- 

mah^A^. — (favourably inclined) 

JjU mayil ; jbj^ mugri^. 
Partiality, s. ^jW* muhazaba-t ; 

^j^ gara4iya-t; ^ mail (pi. 

JW»^ amyal). 
Participate, v. **J/i ^rik, ya^rak ; 

cs3jUi ^arak, yu^arik ; ^^ SsA ahaz 

^i^^a-t, ya'huz. 
Participation, s, i-^ ^irkat; 

csJ^Ai^ i^tirak. 
Participle, «. (active) Jc\aJ\ ^\ 

ism aUfa^il. — (passive) ^•— •< 

J^*Aj\ ism al-maf*ul. 
Particle, «. (atom) S^*S zarra-t. — 

(iw grammar) *^j^ ^arf (pi. «J.;ft. 

turuf) ; S\J\ adat (pi. sa>\^*A ada- 

Particular, oc^*. (not general) ^U. 

mah^u? ; o-*r*^ hu^ii^i-y.— (iTwii- 
vidual) *yj^ mufrad ; ^^^ far- 
dan ; J--«A*« mufa^^il. — (ocW) 
^■i-^ fl ^ '* *ajib; s-^Ht^* garib. — 
(exa^t) iji'^ mudaqqiq; ^j^ 




daqiq. — (nice) i / a*^ mustak- 

Paeticulab, 8. •>/ fard (pi. *>^;* 

firad) ; J^" tat§il. 
Particularise, v. J-* fa??al yu- 

fa^^il; Jt?-*^W c/" ^arab bi-*t. 

taf|il, yasi-ah. 
Particularity, «. ^^ ha^sa-t ; 

la^yei^ hu^u^iya-t. 
Parting, «. J^/i^ iftiraq; j^ 

firaq ; J-* fa^l ; J^-**^ infi§al. — 

{farewell) £^*>^ wada*. — {of ike 

hair) jy^ mafraq, mafriq (pi. 

jjU* mafariq). 
Partisan, s. s-»jV^^ inuhazib ; g?V» 

tabi* ; «3l^ mu'allaq. 
Partisanship, «. ^jW^ mu^aza- 

Partition, «. {division) ^U— i qis- 

ma-t ; ^•^-^ taqsira ; gjjy tauzi^ 

— {separation) jV firaq; J^/i*^ 

iftiraq. — {wall, &c.) j^j-W hajiz 

(pi. y^ V hawajiz) ; jjU fariq ; 

v»V^^ hijab (pi. s-^o- hujub); 

LiU hajit (pi. O^Wfi- hitan). 
Partition, v. f^^ qasain, yaqsim ; 

qassam, yuqassim; J— o* fa^al, 

Partner, s, *«J;^ ^arik (pi. "^^ 

suraka) ; ^fJ^^A-* rausarik ; ^) 

rabi* (pi. ^; rubu*). 

Partnership, s, ^j^ ^araka-t; 
i^jbt ^irka-t ; aS^Um* mu^araka-t. 

Partridge, ». J^a- hajal; ^W«»^ 
hajala-t (pi. J^^ ahjal, o^^»^ 
hijla, (jH*- hujlan). 

Parturition, s. SjJ lida-t ; •>Sj wi- 
lad ; fi*>3j wilada-t ; <i^y maulid. 

Party, s. {side) ^ji^ taraf (pi. 
^\^\ atrap; s-^W janib (pi. 
«-r^^^> jawanib). — {faction) v>^ 
hizb (pi. *-r>^'fA ahzah) ; < ^ ^_..o r 
*u§ba-t (pi. s-*-»^ *u|ab). — {com- 
pany) v.^-^*^ majiis (pi. lt-JW^ 
majalis) ; ^y^*^ *isra-t ; ^W ja- 

Paschal, adj. ,j*f-»* fa?hi-y. 

Pass, s. {passage) ^i^^ inanfaz (pi. 
j^^^ maaafiz) ; j^^ jawaz. — 
{defile) v»y/ ^urqub (pi. s-^^ 
*araqib) ; vJk-A^ madiq (pi. O*^-^ 

ma^&yiq) ; cM)^ inazuaq (pi. 
^\y mazaniq). — {state) JW hal 
(pi. JV^ atwal); i3W hala^t; 
(jjU san. — {passport) (j^/* far- 
man (pi. {^t^\^ faramin) ; '^f^ 
jawaz ; t5^;r^ buyurdu {Turk,) ; 
Lj^L-A pasapoit. 

Pass, v. {change place, &c,) ^a^^ 
zahab, yazhab ; y marr, yamurr ; 
^^^^^ maia, yamsi ; jW jaz, yajuz. 
— {cross) yt^ *abar, ya'bur. — 
{elapse) ^^^ macjia, yam^i ; /• 
marr, yamurr. — {pass current) 
i^f^ jara, yajri. — {spend) *^yo 
faraf, ya^rif. — {omit) ts3y tarak, 
yatruk ; ^^ nasi, yansa. 

Passable, adj, {possible to he 
passed) yy^\ (j^^^^ mumkin al- 
*ubur. — {tolerable) J.*.^^ yata- 
hammal ; {^ {^ bain bain. 

Passage, s. {way) <3»y. ^ariq (pi. 
j^ t"r<l) ; ^^ tariqa-t (pi. 
«t>^;t turqat) ; J«-- sabil (pi. 
^)^ subul) ; v>;** darb (pi. v>jj;*> 
durub). — {covered passage) 1»4U» 
saba^ ; y^*^ dahliz. — {entrance 
or exit) J^J^ madhal (pi. J*-^J^ 
madahil) ; t^-at* mahraj (pi. 
B)U^ maharij) ; "^4^ manfaz (pi. 
j^U/« manafiz). — {place of cross- 
ing) yi»^ ma* bar; iuW-- maha- 
4a-t. — {journey) yL- safar (pi. 
<^\ as far) ; 6^L-^ musafara-t. — 
{of a hook) «U^ maqala-t; J*i 
qaul (pi. y^f\ aqwal, Ji^U\ aqa- 

Passenger, s, ^U satir (pi. jU-. 
sulfar) ; ^L-^ musafir ; J-^^j 
rahil ; fi^ *abir. 

Passing, adj, {excellent) (^^ 'a^im ; 
A,rt- jayvid ; J^U f&yiq ; J<>^ 
fadil (pL Ul fudala) ; ^\ afdal 
(comp. of the previous). 

Passion, s. ^^yfc hawas ; ^^yfc hawa 
(pi. \^\ ahwa) ; S^ sahwa-t 
(pi. vJ\y^ ^ahwat, sahawat ) ; 
(^^^^ hayajan ; ^^ wajd (pi. 
*>^^ wiijud). — {suffering) ^""^ 
ta'allum. — {anger) W^ gaig ; i<-Afc 

Passionate, adj, ^^^ mugram; 




Z^yJ^ <^^ t^&mt al-mizAj ; ^y^ 

PA88IONATENES8, 8. Xe<*ft> (^animi- 

ja-t ; i)\y^ harara-t. 
Passive, cidj. J-*>^^ muta^ammil ; 

J*L«..#« musahil. — (passive verb) 

JyiA* maf*ul ; J^«%^ majb&l. 
Passiyeness, «. J*«b!> ta^ammul ; 

i^fik0» maf'uliva-t. 
Passoyes, «. f^\ J^ 'id al-fafljt ; 

j^\ J^ 'id al-kabir. 
Passpobt, 8. (:)U/ fannan (pi. 

{^t^\)^ faramin) ; ^5*^;^ bujurdu 

(Turk,) ; ^j^W pasapoit. 
Past, adj, ^J^^ madi ; i3?U sabiq ; 

<J^U salif ; f»J^&s^ mutaqaddim. 
Past, prep, j»* fauq. 
Past, 8, ^^UM al-ma^i ; (^^\ ^Ai 

qadim az-zaman. 
Paste, s, (glue) 83^4 baluza-1. — 

(dough) ere^ **j^^ (pl- (:^^ 

*iijun). — (leavened) S ^e » * hami- 

Paste, v. (fasten with paste) v3-J 

la^^aq, yula^^iq. 
Pastime, «. cy» tafarruj ; ^ nuz- 

Pastob, 8, (herdsman) ^y^J ra*i (pi. 

8Vcj ni*at. — (clergyman) ij,j^ 

hdn-j (pi. A*j^^ bawarina-t) ; 

<j-i qiss (pi. (j-f-^ qus&s) ; ^j-e— i 

qissis (pi. Yulg. ^«.iL^ qasafi- 

sa-t) ; (^^ kabin (pi. Ij>^ kaba- 

Pastobal, adj. o^^— * qusbusi-y. — 

(rural) h^^ s^y.»>j^ mans^b 11- 

Pastry, s, tyjak fa^ira-t (pi. rfUa* 

fatajir) ; <> - « j ? »■■ sambusaq 

Pastry-cook, «. ^5/^^ fatatiri-j ; 
* J^^ halwani-j. 
Pasturable, adj. h^^ <3*^^ inu- 

wafiq li-'i-ri*ava-t. 
Pasturage, s. fSy marta* (pi. fS\y 

Pasture, 8. (ground) ^^r* mar*a 
(pL i^^j^ mara'i) ; g*/* marta' 
(pi. ^\j^ marati*). — (food) «t>^ 
qut ; ^ akla-t ; i ''»- eA ^ ha^isa-t 
(pi. v/^^*^^ ^a^ji^). 

Pasture, v. ft^\ ^^) ra*a al- 

ganam, yar*a ; ^^)\ ar*a, jur't. 
Pat, 8, Sj; razza-t ; •-A^ kaff. 
Pat, t;. w>r^ 4arab, ja^rub ; (^/tU 

latas, yaHu^. 
Pat, adj. Jk^ layiq ; <3*^y» maw&- 

Patch, s, ^j ruq*a-t (pi. g^j riq&*y. 
Patch, t;. gij raqa', yarqa* ; raqqa', 

Pate, 8. <--A^ qihf (pi. u\^\ aq- 

haf, <^^ qul^uf); ^ ♦^ m jum- 

juma-t (pi. /^W janiajim). 
Patent, adj. (open, public) g^^ 

sayi* ; o^^ *um&mi-y ; yfc\i 

Patent, s. (^U^ farm an (pi. e^V 

faramin) ; ;y**^ mani&r (pi. 

jeA^^ manasir) ; «t>^^ bar4t ; 

g5y» muwaqqa*. 
Patentee, s, ^J^^J^ farmanli-y ; 

Js\ji baratli-y. 
Paternal, adj, ^fi\ abawi-y ; ^^\y 

Paternity, 8, ifl\ ubiiwa-t ; hf) 

Paternoster, 8, (the Lord*s 

Prayer) ^;J^ i^\ a^-^alat ar- 

rabbiya-t. — (rosary) ^ ^t ^ mis- 

baha-t (pi. c*^— ^ masabilj). 
Path, Pathway, 8. OH|;t tariq (pi. 

jy* turq) ; ^^ tariqa-t (pi. i«*vy» 

turqat) ; «ftUl^ maslak, maslik 

(pi. **UU^ masalik) ; J«- sabil 

(pi. v)f- subul). 
Pathetic, adj. ^tA^ mubayyij ; 

{^^1^ muhannin ; ^^^^ muhar- 

rik ; Kjfiy* uiuraqqiq ; ^ balig 

(pi. Ul» bulaga). 
Pathless, adj. QeJ^ mani'. 
Pathology, s. ,j*^^1^ ^ 41m al- 

Pathos, s. ^^ bal4ga-t; ^^ 

^^\ tabyij al-qulub. 
Patience, s. p^ ^abr; j\^\ ij^i- 

bar; Jk«B!< ta^ammul; i\i\ anat. 

— (have patience) ^-o ^abar, yaj- 

bir ; ^V-» ^abar, yu^abir. 
Patient, adj. jyt^ ^abiir; jt^ fl\ 

aha 9abr ; ^U ^abir. 
Patient, 8, j^f mari4 (pi. jj*/« 




mar^a, v^V* niar44a> u*V* ™^' 

Patriabch, 8, **J;W ba^rak ; *Jik^ 

batrik (pi. ^j^ bataraka-t). 
Pateiabchatb, 8, ^j^ batraki- 

Patrician, «., adj. *^j^ ^ai'if (pi. 

\ijt, ^urafa, u\jA.\ ai^raf). 
Patrimonial, ad/, ^^y maur^a ; 

^j5X« mulki-j. 
Patrimony, «. ^;^ irs; ^\^ 

iniras ; ^\)j wirasa-t. 
Patriot, 8, ^^^^ s-^^^ muhibb al- 

wa^an ; a^; y^ mu*izz wa^ati-hu. 
Patriotism, «. e^y^ s-*- }n\ih al- 

watan ; <:>^y^ ^y^ mu'azza-t al- 

Patrol, 8, «-*y» t^uf; u^ **8«; 

(j0*>^ȣ^ 'asas. 
Patrol, u. u-^ *a88, ya*U88 ; ;.r^\ 

i*tas8, ya*ta88 ; «J^ taf » ya^Af ; 

^\^\ atttf, yu^if. 
Patron, s, J^ wali-y ; ^^y* maula 

(pi. o^V inawali); ^jj/« mur- 

rabi; ^y»^ hami (pi. fiU«. hu- 

mat ; ^^jV^ haris (pi. ^^^ bara8, 

^^\^^ ahra8, tr»V- hurras). 
Patronage, «. ajW himaya-t; 3^ 

wala ; t'^\y* mawalat. 
Patronise, v. ^J\^ wala, yuwali ; 

(«4A. hama, yahmi. 
Patronymic, s. w^^ " ^ e^«^ **^ 

kinya-t tubayyin an-nasab. 
Patter, v. *4^*> dabbak, yudabbik ; 

s^j^j dabdab, yudabdib. 
Pattern, v. {original) J*^ a^l (pi. 

J^^ u^ul). — (sample) 8, t*^y^\ 

Paucity, 8. aJj» qilla-t ; Je^ qalil. 
Paunch, «. e^ ba^u (pi. i:)^ 

butun); jS*/ kiri (pi. J:*^ 

Pauper, «. (:>«^-^ miskiii (pi. 

^^U^ masakin); (j-Aa^ muflis 

(pi. <^^ malalis) ; s3^ 9a*liik 

(pi. <3<J^** 9a*aliq) ; ;,>ai faqir (pi. 

\)^ fuqara). 
Pause, «. «-*ij waqf ; to; waqfa-t ; 

S^; rikza-t ; £^^ inqita*. 
Pause, v. «-^; waqaf, yaqif ; *-ASy 

tawaqqaf, yatawaqqaf. 

Pave, v. U# ballat, juballit; JV 

WMW faraii bi-'l-bal&t, yafru^. 
Pavement, 8. ^h bala^. 
Pavier, Pavior, 8, U^^ muballit. 
Pavilion, «. ^Ue*- baima-t (pi. f»W*» 

hiyam, ^ buy am, hiyam) ; (^\y^ 

9uwaii ; (^yt^ 91 wan (pi. iiyo\ 

Paw, 8. Jka yad (du. {^^ yaden) ; 

{^y bursun (pi. {^^ barasin). 
Paw, v. (ft- jahh, yajuhh. 
Pawn, «. (pledge) {^j rahn (pi. 

(^y^j ruhto, (^^^ rihan) ; aa,j4|^ 

rabina-t (pi. e^t^j rabayin) ; 

f^j^ys. *urbun; (^yf^j ra'bdn 

(appafioiv). — (in che88) JJ^ bai- 

daq (pi. J»>^ bayadig. Per 8.) ; 

•uj band (pi. *y* bunud). 
Pawn, v. {jJ^) ranan, yarhan ; {^j\ 

arban, yurbin. 
Pawnbroker, s. e^r* murtahin. 
Pay, 8. ifA ujra-t ; k^)^ jir&ya-t. — 

(of an official) ^ts^W- j&makiya-t 

(pi. «iU\y^ jawamik). — (military) 

&i^ *aliifa-t. 
Pay, t;. ^; wafa, yali, y{ifi ; g**> 

aafa*, jadfa* ; ^^*>^ adda, yu'addi. 

— (compensate) \y^ jaz4, yajzi 

(^Jb^ f^ *an se-y). 
Payable, adj. ^^ yudfa* (3 aor. 

pass.) ; ^^ yandafi' (8 aor. 


Payee, 8. *J^ f^*^ madfii* ile-bi. 
Payment, «. g»*> daf * ; ^\ ifa; U\ 

Pea, 8. ^^ basilla-t ; (^^WW julb4n ; 

(ja<«^ himmaf , himmif, hummuf ; 

WUb41iya-t. * 
Peace, s. ^ 9ulh ; ^J^ hudna-t ; 

liy^xto budana-t ; (Ju salam. — 

(treaty of peace) ^s^^^^^ mu^ala- 

Peaceable, Peaceful, adj, ^«>Vft 

Peaceableness, Peacefulnbss, 8. 

^.xjb budu ; Sy*vft hadawa-t. 
Peace-maker, 8. ^U^ mu^&lih. 
Peacock, 8. u*;;^ tawus (pi. (j^^y^\ 

atwas, ij^)^J^ tawawis). 
Peak, #. J<^( ^\j ras al-jabal (pi. 

^^/jy ru'iig). 




FKu., $. (of (hunder) •xc^ ra'd (pi. 

*yfy ru^Ad). — (of hdle) Ij^^ t^n- 

Peal, v. J^j ra'ad, yar'ad, yar'ud ; 

^j\ ar'ad, yur*id; (jjj rann, ya- 

PsAB, 8, v5r^ kumasra (kumatra) ; 

^j©V naja^ ; ^V naja^a-t. 
Pearl, s, j*> durr ; 8^»> durra-t (pi. 

«•> durar, %M»\j*y durrat) ; yj 

MIA; Vy lAluwa-t (pi. ^-^3 

lu'ali) ; yfcyi. jauhar (pi. yfc^y>. 

jawahir) ; (:)W/» murjan. 
Peablt, oc?;. j** ^*i zu durr; g*;^ 

jjJW mura^fa* bi-'d-durr. 
Peasant, s, c^ fallah ; gj^j zari* 

(pi. gV|j zurra*) ; •±>jU. ^&ris (pi. 

*tA^ t^urr^s). 
Peasantry, a. 0^a4^\ al-fallabin ; 

CtfU\ al.falillib. 
Pebble, 8, lyo^ ha^wa-t (pi. coll. 

^yc^ ^a^a). — (crystal) j^\ j^^ 

l^jar al-billAr. 
Peck, v, j^ naqar, janqur. 
Pectobal, adj, ^j*^ ^adri-j. 
Pecttlate, V, ^^j«> J(r* sftr&q dara- 

bim, jasriq. 
Peculation, «. ^^ sariqa-t. 

PeCULIAB, adj. ^J>^ ba?? ; ^yo:k^ 

mab^A? ; ^^^^ muba^^a?. 
Peculiabity, «. &— bU^ ba^^a-t; 

^ ^ bufufiya-t ; ^U. b&f^i- 

ya-t (pi. o^^-*- ha^ayi?). 
Pecuniaby, (u^y. i^^ naqdi-y; 

JU m&li-y. 
Pedaooous, 8. fit^ mu'allim ; ^Jfil^ 

Pedant, 8. %sf^ na^awi-y ; y^ 

l^\ kasir al-galaba-t. 
Pedantby, 8. J^ galaba-t. 
Peddle, v, Sj^.^U dar bi-burda-t, 

Pedestal, «. *>y»^^ J*^) rijl al- 

*amud (pi. J^\yiJ^ ^^ arjul al- 

Pedestbian, 8. ^J^\^ mkii (pi. 

SU.^ mu^&t) ; A«Jj zalima-t, zui- 

ma-t (pi. ^Sj zullam, f*^j\ az- 

Pbdiobeb, 8. v«^ Da3ab (pi. ^y>\^\ 


Pedlab, 8. S«>jd. £lei bayya' burda-t ; 

e^W ba4i* (pi. Aiuj bada*a.t); 

JbL-i bisa^i-y. 
Peel, «. ^aj qisr (pl.^^^ qu^&r). 
Peel, v, j^ qaiar, yaq^ir, yaqsur ; 

qa^sar, yllqa!^^ir. 
Peep, 8. ^ lamf^ ; l^ lamha-t ; 

aW lahga-t. — (peep of day) j^ 

Peep, v, (as chicken) ^j*¥» ^au^a, 

yu^au^i. — {appear) c^ lab, yalAl;^. 

— (look slily) ^ lama]^, yalmal^ ; 

<3^ ramaq, yarmuq ; W lal^az, 

y albas. 
Pebb, 8, (eqtuil) (ji^ qarin (pi. V»y 

qurana) ; (^ji qirn (pi. (^\f\ 

aqran). — (jiohleman) ys^\ amir 

(pi. \y»\ umara). 
Pebbagb, 8. (dignity) SjU\ amara-t 

(body of noblemen) \^^^\ al- 

Pesbless, adj, jjti ^ U ma la-ba 

nagir ; Je^* aJ U ma la-bu magil ; 

•Aay f arid. 
Peevish, adj, v>^ ga^Ab; ytiy 

muzautir; ^^L-i* faqsan; ^yiji 

Peevishness, 8, ifi) zantara-t. 
Peg, 8, ^j watad (pi. ^\Sy\ autad) ; 

^U«^ mismar (pi. ^ Ui** mask^ 

Peg, V, j4^ sammar, yusammir; 

*^^ wattad, yuwattid. 
Pelf, «. JU mal (pi. ^\y\ am- 

Pelican, 8, JL.«^j rabma-t; g-^r. 

baja' ; Uu saqqu. 
Pelisse, s. ^j^ farajiya-t. 
Pellet, 8, 1/ kurra-t ; ^^ tal>a-t. 
Pellicle, 8, VJt^ gisa. 
Pellucid, adj. «-*^ saffaf; ^U 

Pellucidnes8| 8, ^^ ^siEafa-t ; 

U-B 9afa. 
Pelt, v,a, ^^j rama, yarmi ; v>*»j 

rasaq, yarmuq ; f^j rajam, yar- 

jum ; n, (pour) JUfc bafal, yab- 

til ; jAft- hafal, yaffil. 
Pelvis, 8, &J>y^ ^au^a^t ; ^y^\ ;^ 

(JAmS^ gor al-jauf al-asfal. 
Pen, 8, (for writing) fii qalam (pi. 

Pev] 280 

f^\ aqlam). — {for fowl, &c.) 

^^ qat? (pi. ^U5^ aqta^). — {for 

sheep, &c.) v>jj zarb, zirb (pi. 

v»j;j zurub) ; t^y murah (pi. £/• 

Pen, v. {ivnte) s-^ katab, yaktub ; 

f^J raqqam, yuraqqim. — {shut 

up) ,jaAi qaffa§, juqaffi?; ^} 

zarab, yazrub. 
Penal, adj, ^jt^ *uqubi-y ; s-^U^ 

Penalty, s. ^^^ qiw ; &i^ *uqu- 

ba-t ; ^/t jarima-t ; Mjt gara- 

Penance, s, {repentance) Ajy tau- 

ba-t, tuba-t. — {imposed by a 

priest) Q)^\i qanun (pi. {:^^y* 

qawanin) ; S^VaS kattara-t. 
Pencil, s, ^JoloJ ^ qalam ra^a^ 

(pi. ftXi'\ aqlam) ; ^^ mir^am. 
Pencil, v, {delineate) f^^j rasam, 

jarsum ; jyo ^awwar, yu^awwir. 
Pendant, s, ly qurt (jpl. My\ 

Pendent, Pendulous, adj. fj^»^ 

muta.*alliq ; j^U^ mu*allaq. 
Pending, adj* {undecided) Uu\^ 

waqif ; J«a&^ ^ gair mufa^^al ; 

tjf^jt^ gair maqtu*. 
Penetrate, v. {pierce) ^ nafaz, 

yanfiz (with prep. ^ fi) ; j;*- 

haraq, yahriq ; s^ gaqab, yas- 

qub. — {enter) J^»> dahal, yadhul ; 

gJ^ walaj, yalij. — {comprehend) 

^^S\ adrak, yudrik; ^ fahim, 

Penetrating, adj, ^^*i ?aki-y ; (^ 

fatin ; f^\ fftj^ sari^ al-fahm. 
Penetration, s, {entrance) *>y^ 

nutuz ; J^*> duhul. — {acuteness) 

*^\j*y\ idrak; ^ fahm; £^^J 

^akawa-t ; l^iok titna-t ; ^V Ura- 

Peninsula, s, ijiy^ jazira-t (pi. 

jt^yt jazayir). 
Peninsular, adj. ^^jiyt jaziri-y. 
Penis, s. /3 zakr (pi. j^*^ zukiir). 
Penitence, s. ^\ji nadama-t ; ^^si 

nadam ; j»ja» tanadduin ; iff tau- 

ba-t, tuba-t ; AjVj taba-t ; v>U« 



Penitent, adj,, s, f*^^ nadim (pL 
f>\'ii nuddam, nidam) ; ^Ujj nad- 
man (pi. ,^\>^ nudauiaj. — {be 
penitent) ^ nadim, yaudam; 
v>V> tab, yatub. 

Pen-knife, s. ^\p^ mibrat (pi. ij;j^ 
mabari) ; ij*y mus (pi. {j^\y\ 
amwus) ; <j-^ *au8 ; ^^cr^y^ *uwai- 
siya-t ; ^\jA4Si qalam taras. 

Penman, s. s-^^ katib ; y^U s^^ 
katib mahir (pi. v>US kuttab, 
&^ kataba-tj. 

Penmanship, s, ^^ kitaba-t. 

Pennant, Pennon, s, ft^«xA| ban- 
. Penny, s, i^ fid^a-t (vulg. fa4- 
4a- 1). 

Pennyless, adj, ^^Ja^ muflis (pi. 
^UL« mafalis). 

Pension, s, s-^\) ratib, ^\j rati- 
ba-t (pi. s-^^jy i*awatibj ; ^U^ 
ma*as ; ^'ifi^ wajiba-t ; ^^^ wa- 
2it'a-t (pi. <-^^^ wazayif). 

Pension, v. &^\j aJ J.^* *amil la-hu 
ratiba-t, yam'al. 

Pensioner, s, ^\) ^ la-hu rati- 
ba-t; 6^\m^ di la-hu ja*ala-t; 
s-^\y^ s-^U faJ^b ar-ratiD. 

Pensive, adj, ^^a^ mutafakkir; 
J^"U*« muta'ammil. 

Pensiyeness, s, j^ hkr; ^ ta- 
lakkur ; J-"W ta'ammuL 

Pentagon, «., Pentagonal, adj. 

muhammas ; \iSy^ 
zii hams zawaya. 

Pentateuch, s, ft^^y taurat ; uHt)^ 

Pentecost, s, lydi^\ j^ 'id al- 
'aii^ara-t; ^a ■■ ^^\ J^ 'id ai- 

Penult, Penultimate, s, Jti U 

/-^\ ma qabl al-ahir. 
Penurious, adj. ^, bahil (pi. IM^. 

buhala); Iji qaii^. 

Penuriousness, s, Jdp buhl. 

Penury, s. ^it^\ ihtiyaj ; SjU 

Pen-wiper, «. a*^ waqi*a-t (pL 
eruj, waqa'i*). ^^ 

I^o] 281 

People, s, (nation) ^y qaum (pi. 

f^y»\ aqwam) ; s^^ si*b, s;i*b (pi. 

v»ytfti ^u*ub) ; W umma-t (pi. 

f^A uinam) ; SX^ milla-t (pi. Jl^ 

milal); a^^ t»fija-t (pi. Uij^^ 

tawayif). — (wen) ijl*- halq (pi. 

jfelib*. halaviq) ; ^^U3^ an-nas (pi. 

of (^V-i^ insan). — (community) 

jy9*i^ jumhur (pi. j6^^ jama- 

mr) ; ^^ *amma-t ; J*^ ahl (pi. 

J^\ ahali). 
People, v. y^ *ainraar, yu^ammir. 
Peopled, adj, jy^*^ ma*mur. 
Pepper, s. JaU fulful, filfil. 
Pepper, v, jAi* falfal, vufalfil ; 

J*WW jk^ hajyaq bi-'l-filfil, yu- 

Pepper-box, Pepper-caster, 8, 

JaW^ S^ huqqat al-filfil. 
Peppermint, «. ^aa*> iia*na*a-t. 
Peppery, ac(/. JaIa^ mu falfal. 
Peradyenture, adv, J*5 la*all ; 

f^\ ^j«^ *a8a ann ; "ViW ittifa- 

Perambulate, v. j\*y dar, jadiir ; 

uM ^af, yatuf ; f»;» baram, yab- 

Perambulation, s. (^^jt^ sairan ; 

ij)^ daura-t. 
Perceivable, Perceptible, adj. 

iy»r^^^ mahs^s; ^^j^ mudrak ; 

^ji;J^ madruk ; ^^^W ci)^*^ yud- 

rak bi-'l-hawass. 
Perceive, v. ^jS\ adrak, yudrik ; 

ft^ fahim, yaiham; v>^ ^a'ar 

bi, ya4*ur. 
Perceptibility, 8. *^\j'^^\ W*^ qa- 

biliyat al-idrak. 
Perception, e, ^\j*y\ idrak ; ^L-a.\ 

i^sas ; ^Vd. hassiya-t ; ^ fahm 

(pi. ^^ fubuin). 
Perceptive, adj. ciJ^J^ inudrik; 

LT*^^ muhiss. 
Perch, «. (for a bird) ^Uc *a9aya-t. 
Perch, v. j^ qa*ad, yaq*ud ; f^ 

jagaiu, yajsiiu. 
Perchance, adv. "UW^ ittifaqan ; 

U); rubbama. 
Percolate, v. ^J^^ ^affa, yu9affi; 

Jji; rawwaq, yurawwiq. 
Percolation, «. l^ ta^fiya-t. 


Percolator, 8. SU** misfat ; 4iVA«^ 

mi»fa\ a-t ; j^t; rawuq. 
Percussion, 8. 1«ju> sadma-t ; (•J^ 

ta^iuiduin ; hj^ ^^rba-t. 
Perdition, 8. ^ife halak; v>\^ 

harab ; »^rf baid ; j^ subur. 
Pereorinate, v. v>;* garab, yag- 

rub ; v>^ tagarrab, yatagarrab. 
Peregrination, 8. l^^ gurba-t; 

s-»;*» tagarrub ; yu safar (pi. 

^jL\ asfar) ; Aft.l^-» siyaha-t. 
Peremptory, adj. gi»\j qa^i* ; ^j^ 

muqui*; ^»U safi; {^yt^ mu- 

Perennial, ar//. ^U dayiin ; •xSU. 

halid ; J^U makid. 
Perfect, ckT/. J^^ kamil; J^iU 

niukammal ; ^V> tamiu ; ^UJ ta- 

mam ; ^J^^ wafi. 
Perfect, v. J^ kammal, yukam- 

mil ; ^ tammam, yutammira. 
Perfection, Perfectness, s. JU^ 

kamal; ^UjJ^ ^ JU^^ aUkamal 

wa-'t-tamam; il©^* fa^ila-t (pi. 

JjUi fadayil). 
Perfidious, adj. ^^W hay in; (^\y*. 

haw wan; ^olfc gadir; ^^J^ g^td- 

Perfidy, 8. &W^ hiydna-t ; ;J^ 

Perforate, v. s-^ saqab, yagqub ; 

^ nafaz, yanfiz; wUAi sakk, ya- 

Perforation, 8. s-^ gaqb. 
Perforator, 8. s-'Ai* misqab (pL 

s-J^ magaqib). 
Perforce, adv. '^^ qahran ; ^^p^ 

jabran ; %*& ga^ban. 
Perform, t;. {carry out) ^^ qada, 

yaq4i ; J^ kammal, yukammil ; 

^ tammim, yutammim ; ^)4»fi 

'amil, ya'mal. — (jplay on an in" 

8trument) JJ daqq, yaduqq. — (as 

an actor) J» naqal, yanqul ; all 

qallad, yuqallid. 
Performance, 8. (execution) J^ifi 

*amal ; Ui qida ; h^ taq^iya-t. 

— (entertainment) ^yi farja-t ; 

^y nauba-t ; J^*^ taqlid ; s^ 

J^* la*b taqlid. 
Perfume, $. v^ tib (pi. ^\JL\ 





atvab) ; }oB. 4tr (pi. )^ *utur) ; 

jj*^. bahur (pi. «y\j^. bahurat). 
Perfume, v. ^. bahhar, yubahhir ; 

jlac *attiir, yu'attir ; v3^ hallaq, 

juhalliq ; ^^ damah, jadmuh ; 

4aiDmah, judaiumih. 
Perfumer, «. j^ *attar. 
Perfumery, b. jy^ *utiir (pi. of 

Perfunctory, adj, Jy^*^ inagful. 
Perhaps, adv. q)\ ^^-^ *a8a ann ; 

'UU>^ ittifaqan; >3 la*all ; U»; 

Pericardium, s. s-^^ v>W^ bijab 

Perihelion, s. {^^ ^^^ Q^y vy^ 

^ j ^^ ^ ^\ aqrab inau^a* al-ar4 *an 

Peril, s. j^ hatar (pi. J^\ ahtar) ; 

S^^^b^ muha(ara-t ; <^^ hauf ; 

ik\sk^ inahafa-t. 
Peril, v. ^pU. ha^ar, vuha^ir. 
Perilous, adj. «-A,>ai^ inuhif ; *-Jpsk^ 

muhawwif; j~^ ha^ir; j~^^ 

Perilousness, 8. y»^afc^ muha^a- 

Period, s. (cycle) j^*> daur (pi. j^y*y\ 

adwar) ; ^^ nauba-t (pi. v>y 

nuwab). — (dge) ^s^^ waqt (pi. 

ba>V5^\ auqat) ; ^^Uj zaman (pi. 
(^Uj^ azman, &j^j\ azmina-t, (^'^\ 
azmun) ; *^-ee *ahd (pi. •>^ 
*ubfid) ; ;-c *a9r (pi. j^^ a*9ar, 
jyc^ *u§ur). — (sentence) ^W jum- 
la-t (pi. J*9- jumal); ^^ qa4i- 
va-t (pi. ^^ qadaya). — (end) 
\^\ intiha; liS^ nibava-t; f*W 

Periodic, Periodical, adj. ^5;^^ 

Perish, v. ceA^ balik, yablak; «>W 
bad, yabid ; «-^ talif, yatlaf ; 
^^ fana, \ af na ; ^J^'^ talasa, ya- 

Perishable, tulj. ^^ faai; Ji\) 
zayil; «Hi^ iJi\it ; ^^^ waqti-y. 

Perish ableness, s. f^)'^^ f«*^ 
'adam ad-dawain ; J^^j zawal; 
Ui fana. 

PsBJUBE, v.j^^ «-^ l^alaf bi-'z- 

zur, yablif ; <^-^ nakas,yankug ; 

v^^-^ hanig, yahnas. 
Perjurer, s. c^Vd. hanis ; e.^^^^ 

Perjury, s. si-^i^ bins ; ^jj) (^^^^ 

yainin zur; ^y^ ^:^e^ yamin 

gamu9 ; 'i^\ ^^ biyana-t al- 

Permanence, Permanency, a. f\t^ 

qiyaiu ; ^\^*> dawain ; ^^\j^ mu- 

dawama-t ; «t>W^ sabat ; «t>^ 

subiit ; V«» baqa. 
Permanent, adj. ^^*> dayim ; ^s^VJ 

gabit ; j4A^^ mustamirr ; *A^^ 

Permeable, adj. M •^ vaDfiz fi- 

hi (3 aor.) ; M ^^ yaq^a' fi-hi. 
Permeate, t?. ^ •J^ nafaz fi, yau- 

fi? ; vj* C^ qata* fi, yaqta*. 
Permissible, adj. SjW^^ s-^^^ wa- 

jib aUijaza-t ; )Wi yujaz (3 aor. 

pass. IV.). 
Permission, s. i)W\ ijaza-t; (^S\ 

izn ; ^-^j rub^a-t ; ;y^*> dastiir. 
Permissive, adj. yt^^ mujiz. 
Permit, v, }W\ ajAz, yujiz ; (^S\ 

azan, yazan ; ^4^ samah, yas- 

mah (the latter two with ^J^ aJ 

la-bu bi-^e-y); oS\) IW\ J^\ 

(^^ a*ta ijA,za-t (izn, ruh^a-t), 

Permit, s. g»W^\ «t>^yk» y»\ amr bi- 

fawat al-badayi' ; y^^ jaw4z. 

Permutation, «. Jja-j tabdil ; Jj^ 
tabaddul (pi. c:>!)j^ tabaddulat) ; 
v*^ qalb. 

Pernicious, adj. *«Ue*» muhlik; 
«-A1a* mutlif ; y^ mu^irr; juJU 

Perniciousness, s. iy^ ma^arra-t ; 
jyi> darar* 

Peroration, s. ^U. hatima-t (pi. 
^^^ bawatim) ; ^U.^- hatma-t 
(pi. «t>U«. hatam&t). 

Perpendicular, adj. ^V5 qdyim. 

Perpendicular, e* *yy^ *ain(id (pi. 

ix^\ a'mida-t, *ue *umud) ; »- 

^o^ hatt *ainudi-y (pi. ty«s. 

butut, I»VU\ abtat) ; ^ rf . ? .-^ U. 

hatt mustaqim. 




Pbbpbtbatx, adj. s^j^ irtakab, 

Pbbpbtbation, 8, v»V^;\ irtikab. 
Pebpetual, culj, f^\*y dajim ; (^y>-^ 

midwam ; ^ t. \? ...>« mustadim ; 

jJU. h&lid ; i^^\ abadi-y ; <^«^7- 

sarmadi-j ; J)y 3 la jazal. 
PsBPSTUATE, V, i*tj\ adam, yudim ; 

*Ud. ballad, juhallid ; ^^^ ahlad, 

yuhlid ; Ji\ abqa, yubqi ; '^\ 

abbad, yu'abbid. 
Pbbpetuation, 8, J^-J^ tablid; 

^\*y\ idama-t ; ^\ ihqk. 
Perpetuity, s, f\^*^ da warn ; J^^ 

sarmad ; j\y^J^\ istimrar ; JlJ^ 

Pebplbx, v. j^ tayyar, yubayyir ; 

sa^^ bahbat, yubahhit; *J^J^^ ra- 

bak, yarbuk ; ^^ labbak, yu- 

Perplexed, adj, {^jt^ hairan; 

ji^^ mutabayyir. 
Perplexity, 8, S^ Ijtira-t ; ^^ 

taiwi^; v>^;^^ id^irab. 
Perquisite, 8, {incidental gain) 

v-^V J^*^ madhill barrani-y. 
Persecute, v. M^ ^^bad, ya4bad ; 

J^6^^ i^tabad, ya4tabid; f¥~^ 

zalain, yazlim ; y^ dajj ir, yu- 


Persecution, 8, *i>\^\ id^ibad ; ^ 


Persistency, 8. ^^^J^ mudawa- 
ma-t ; ^\^ muwazaba-t ; (jjUj^ 
idm&Q ; ;t;4»i-^ istimrar ; j\yc\ 

Perssyebe, Persist, v, ^^W da- 
wam, yudawim ; s-^^^ wasab, 
yuw&zib (botb witb ^J^ *ala) ; 
{j^*A adman, yudmin (witb ace. 
or ^J^ *ala) ; ^J^ ^4A-\ istamarr 
fi, yastamirr. 

Person, 8. {j^^iA iah? (pi. (joWfti^ 
asha?) ; Jjj zaul (pi. J^^j^ azwal) ; 
ykJ nafar (pi. j<i\ anfar) ; ^ 
zalam (pi. f^^ zulum). — {appear- 
ance) Ij^ 9ura-t (pi. j^ 9uwar) ; 
J^ sakl, sikl (pi. J^^^ askal, 
jy^Ai sukul).— (o/ the Trinity) 

^fi\ aqn&m (pi. f¥^\i\ aq&nim). 
— (in grammar) Ist person, fJSa^ 
mutakallim ; 2Dd person, s^W* 
muba^ab ; 3rd person, s-4^ g&- 
yib. — (a certain person) (^ 
I'ulan, f. 5 a-t. — (in person) ^\^ 
bi-zat-bu ; a -a ^ bi-na^s-hu ; aa^a^ 

Pebsonaqe, 6. ^jt s-^^ ^i^ib 
*izza-t (pi. v>U^^ a^^ab) ; ^j 
^^s*^ rajul mu^tabar. 

Personal, adj, ^j*:^ ^ab^i-y ; ^J^^ 
zati-y; js^^ ba?? ; uo^-afe^ mah- 

Personality, 8, Lf^a^^ ^ab^iya-t. 
Personate, v, J^U qallad, yuqallid; 

J» naqal, yanqul. 
Personation, 8. *3^iff taqlid. 
Personification, 8, {j^i^AS taiah- 

hu9; f^ifiS taquim; f^JJB taqan- 

Personify, v, ^ qannam, yuqan- 

Perspective, 8, (telescope) S^Uh^ 

nazzara-t ; eK)^** dilrbin {Pers,). 

— {in painting J &c,) ^^^ manzar 

(pi. ^U* manazir). 
Perspicacious, adj. ^j^*S zaki-y; 

^ fa^in ; ^^fila* ta^in ; l^\yh Ja^ 

ahl firasa-t ; ip^ s-^U ^al^b 

ba^ira-t (pi. v»W«\ a^^^ab). 
Perspicacity, s. i^^i^ zakawa-t; 

^k titna-t ; ij^ ba^ira-t ; &i\So. 

bizaka-t ; ^\ji firasa-t. 
Perspicuous, adj. ^\^ wa^ih; ^fc\i 

zabir ; U\iid, ixiSki ; ^j;* ^arib. 
Perspicuouness, Perspicuity, s, 

(jVrf bayau ; t^\ i^a^ ; ^y tau- 

4ib ; &cJ\jMt 9 ira^a-t. 
Pebspibation, 8. jj;ft 'araq. 
Perspire, v. j;© *ariq, ya*raq. 
Persuade, v. {induce) ^)\ ar<jU^ 

yurdi ; <t^j\ argab, yurgib ; JU\ 

amal, yumil. — {convince) gjJ 

qanaa*, yuqauni* ; j^\ aqna*, 

Persuadable, ac^, q^a^ yunqani* 

(3 aor. VII.) ; i*^\ Jiu qabil 

Persuasion, s. {adcice) ^^^a^ na- 

^iha-t. — {convidion) *>VAsft\ i«ti- 




qad ; *yWs^\ i'timad ; Jk^^ tas- 

diq; jhJfc*^ tatqiq. 
Pbesuasivb, adj. f^y mu'asgir ; 

^U salih. 
Pbet, adj. ^) waqit ; M- safit ; 

Uu.\ aslat. 
Pertain, v. J ^ja^ ha?? li, yahu?? ; 

s^-^^ intasab, yautasib. 
Pertinacious, adj. .x-oc *anid ; Ai«^ 

Pertinacity, 8, {obstinacy) •>Uft 

*inad. — {perseverance) ^\^ mu- 

wagaba-t ; ^y^^^\ istimrar. 
Pertinent, adj. v>*^y» muw&fiq; 

s-»-^ munasib ; v>-i3 Iftjiq ; 

vjwVL* mutabiq. 
Pertinence, Pertinency, s. i<— U^ 

munasaba-t ; hi\y muwafaqa-t ; 

l&it^ iDUtiibaqa-t ; ^W^ lijaqa-t. 
Pertness, 8. &cJii^ waqaha>t ; aa-i 

Perturb, v. jJ^ kaddar, yukaddir ; 

v^^ ^wwas, yu^awwis (both 

with J« *ala). 
Perturbation, s. ji<^ takdir ; j«^ 

takaddur ; {J^y^ taiwis 
Perusal, s. ^^»* qirava-t ; ^^ 

mutala*a-t ; ^^ talawa-t ; ^^ 

Peruse, v. \f qara', yaqra' ; gJ^ 

talaS yiHali* ; J^ tala, yatli ; ^ 

ta^affah, yata^affah. 
Pervade, v. ^J^ ^ nafaz fi, yan- 

nz; f>^ hamar, yuhamir. 
Perverse, adj. {stnbhorn) J^j^fi 

*anid ; J^J^*^ mu*nid ; J^U>» mu- 

*anid. — {wicked) ;«/• ^arir (pi. 

j\ji>\ asrar, ^y^\ a^irra') ; 'i^f* 

marid (pi. >*>/• murada) ; ^J^ 

^aqi-y (pi. ^^ asqiya) ; o-*«^ 

habis (pi. ^^^ hubasa). 
Perverseness, Perversity, «. 

{obstinacy) *>Uc *inad. — {wicked- 
ness) <^^ habasa-t ; /• sarr ; 

S^\oj radawa-t. 
Perversion, s. s-»i^^ inqilab ; *>V-i 

fasad ; oL-AJ^ infisad. 
Pervert, v. s-JJ> qalab, yaqlib ; 

qallab, yuqallib ; {j^^ *aka8, 

ya*kis ; •*— i^ afsad, yufsid. 
Pervert, s. *>^-JU mafsud. 

Pervious, adj. M ^^ yunfaz fi-hi 
(3 aor pass.); ^^\ J*^ q&bil 

Pest, s. {plague) \i^ wab&; o^^ 
Xk^tiu. See Pestilence. — {mis- 
chief) ^^-*^ mu^aba-t; ^ bali- 
ya-t (pi. ^h balaya) ; (j^^ na^s. 

Pester, v. J^^ amall, yumill ; J^j 
za*'al, yuza"il; Jc J«^ saqqal 
*ala, yugaqqil. 

Pestiferous, Pestilent, Pesti- 
lential, adj. ^J\^^ wab&yi-y; 
^^jL. sari; v^J^«^ mu*di; •^^ 
fasid ; J^—*^ mufsid ; /A*» mudirr. 

Pestilence, s. W; waba (pi. ^)^ 
aubiya-t) ; (^j^^ ta^^n (pi. (^^^^ 
^awa^ic) ; W kubba-t. — {ejn- 
demic) ^\^ \^y niara4 wafid ; ^ 
ijjU *illa-t sariya-t (pi. Jl^ 'ilal). 

Pestle, s. ^J^ midaqqa-t (pi. j^«^ 
madaqq) ; ^^^^ '^ yad al-hawaik. 

Pet, «. {fit of 8ulki7i*'88) 5;Uj zan- 
tara-t (zantara-t) ; ^^ hawa (pi. 
\^\ ahwa). — {favourite) s 'ai f> 

Pet, r. *-aLS la^af, yula^if. 

Petal, 8. ^ kirnm (pi. ^U^ ak- 
mam, ^U^ kimam, ^Ui^ akim- 
ma-t) ; ^ tal*. 

Petition, *. J^ jj*/^ **i*4 feal* u*;^ 
*arcj (pi. u*y^ a*rad) ; ^^ 'urA- 
da-t ; Wl» talaba-t ; ^j ruq*a-t 
(pi. g<ij riqa*) ; u*^^^ iltimas. 

Petition, v. ^J^f- *ara4, va*ri4 ; ^f\ 
a*rad, yu*rid ; (j«*4Ja^ iltamas, 
yaltamis; ^J^f tarajja, jata- 

Petitioner, s. JVJ\ [J^)^ s-^V^ 
9ahib 'ard al-hal ; l»l^ s-^V« 
^Ahib ruq*a-t (pi. v>V^*^ a§hab) ; 
\J>f^ inu*ridl ; s-J^ talib ; (j.*».d># 

Petrifaction, s. jtt^p!' tahjir. 

Petrify, v.a. ^^a- fi^e-* ^ayyar-hu 

hajar, yu9ayyir-hu; n. ^^^ jU 

«ar bajar, ya^ir ; ;^ hajjar, yu- 

feajjir; ^^*»=^ tahajjar, yataJiaj- 

Petticoat, s. ^jVL-^ fus^an (pi. 

^^L-i fasatin). 
PsTTiFoaaERy 8. s^ lajiij. 




P1TTIKE88, «. /• 9Ugr ; 8;Va* ^acA- 

Pettish, adj, }ciy muzan^ir ; ^\^ 

Pettishnbss, 8, S^Wj zan^ara-t ; <^y^ 

bawa (pi. ^^\ ahw&). 
Petty, a^;/. j^ ffagir (pi. jU* ^igar, 

^yu fugara) ; ;«*-«> ^ugayyir ; ;U« 

Petulance, «. j^ batar ; *l%c *aja- 

Pbtulajtt, adj, o^^ batr4n; 

J^nju^ musta*ji1. 
Pewter, e, ;iJuoi qa^dir. 
Pewtebeb, 8. tA>-^ mubayyi^ 

(^juiSJli bU'l-qa^dir). 
Phantasm, Phantom, «. J^ bavAl 

(pi S^\ abyila-t); Ul^ taif; 

^ sabh, ^abab (pi. cWa»^ asbah, 

C^ ^ubiih) ; ;>* nuzur, 
Phantastic, Phantastical, adj, 

J^ hayali-y ; ,^4^^ wahmi-y. 
Pharmacy, 8. ^>^»>3^ ^ *ilin al- 

Phase, «. fi;^ 9^ra-t (pi. ;^ ^uwar) ; 

Sji^ hai'a-t; a>^ wajh (pi. fi^^ 

Pheasant, «. go* qij ; ^^ qija-t ; 

e\j*y darraj (pi. ^)^)^ dararij) ; 

^^ ti£l»j dik barri-y. 
Phknix, 8. v»;*^ ^*^ *auqa magrab. 

— (figuratively) •^^^ wahid; J^^ 

far id. 
Phenomenon, «. Sj*>^ nadira-t (pi. 

j*>^y nawadir) ; ^%c *ajiba-t (pi. 

s-stW^ *ajayib). 
Phial, s. & ^aJ ^ ^ir^a-h (Per8.), 
Philanthropist, 8, ^U3^ s-^^^ 

muhibb an-nas. 
Philanthropy, «. ^^^^ ^^^ ma- 

habba-t an-nas. 
Philologist, s. va^UUVi U(^U *arif 

bi-'l-lugat ; ^^^ lugawi-y ; ^^f^ 

Philology, 8. S^\ ^ ilm al- 

luga-t; cyUU^ &ijM>* ma'rifat al- 

Philosopher, ». ^t?^ hakim (pi. 

Ui^^ hukiiua); «^^«JLJ failasuf 

(pi. aL!U falasifa-t). 
Philosophic, Philosophical, adj. 

^jA-U falsafi-y; J^y^ failasft- 

Philosophise, v, t-A-Ji falsaf, yu- 

falsif; uultf tafalsaf, yatafal- 

Philosophy, 8, ^^a— li filsafa-t, fal- 
saf a- 1; i-A*J^ tafalsuf; ^U^ 

Phlegm, «. ^ balgam (pi. ^^ 

Phlegmatic, adf. »j^ balgami-y. 

— {sluggUh) ^j^\ ^J^ 'adim al- 

haraka-t; g^yiJ^ ji^Ij b&rid al- 

mizaj ; s^^-Am^J^ ^ h%\\-y aUma^- 

rab ; J-^^»^ mutakasil. 
Phonetic, adj, ^^ lafzi-y. 
Phonetics, «. ^tiL^\ ^ *ilm at- 

Phosphorus, 8, ^yL-i f usfiir. 
Phrase, 8, la*) luga-t (pi. u»US 

lugar, (^y^ liigun, ^J^ lugan) ; 

SjW^ 4bara-t ; ^i*-i- juinla-t ; i«^ 

Phraseology, 8. x^^^ i9til^b; )^ 

fi^\ tarz al-kal^m ; S^^W^ mu];ia- 

Phrbnsy, Phrenzy, 8, i^f't juniin ; 

^V^^ hayaj^n. 
Physic, «. {science of) LS^ ^ik- 

raa-t ; s-J«» ti^b; s-JJ^ ^ *ilm 

at-tibb. — {medicine) \^*^ daw& 

(pi. &|^j^ adwiya-t) ; gJXc *ilAj ; 

h^ sarba-t (pi. v>/» iirab). 
Physic, v. ^^^U dawa, yudawi ; gJW 

*alaj, yu*alij ; h^^\ fi^ saqa-hu 

adwiya-t, yasqi-hu. 
Physical, adj.,^^ tabi*i-y ; v5>i»* 

garizi-y ; ^^5^1. halqi-y ; ^U 

zati-y ; jjW jibilli-y. 
Physician, 8, f^t^ bakira (pi. U5^ 

hukaina) ; s-*«t tabit) (pi. W 

Physics, «. (natural philosophy) ^ 

^L«^^ LaiS^ *ilm al-a^ya at-tabi*i- 

ya-t ; «yW*t«^i^ ^^^ 4im at-tabi*i- 

Physiognomist, 8. ^\jh s-^U 

?ahib firasa-t (pi. v»W*^ a§hab). 
Physiognomy, s. A>y^ L(jb hiyat al- 

wajh ; ^3 laba-t. — (science of) 

L.\yi\ ^ «ilin al-fir&sa-t. 




Physiology, «. ^^t-^ t^bi^a-t (pi. 

«t,U«Jp tabi*at, qS^ \ahkyv). 
Piaster, «. ^y^ girs (pi. v>j;i 

Piazza, «. J^ suq (pi. j^^^ as- 

Pick, v, {select) ^ naqqa, yunaq- 

qi; ^SjidA ihtar, yahtar; ^J^\ i^- 

^afa, ya^tafi- — {pluck) ^^ 3*°*» 
yajni ; <-^ qa^af, yaq^if. — {take 
up) loSJ laqat, yalquj. — {pierce) 
^^ ta'an, yat^un, yat*an ; ^ 
nahaz, yanhaz ; ^ garaz, yag- 
riz. — {pick the teeth) Jl*- hallal, 

Pick- AXE, a. J^ mi*wal (|»1. J^^ 
ma*awil) ; jjJ^*^ ma*dur ; (j-Vi 

Pickle, v. lt^ kabas, yakbis ; ^ 
mallah, yumallit. 

Pickles, s. J^^ae* muhallal; ^U^ 

Pickpocket, «. o^V barami-y ; 
JUi na^^al. 

Pic-Nic, 8. ^;)^ *azAma-t. 

Pictorial, ad[/. )y^^ mu^awwar. 

Picture, e. S^^ fura-t (pi. jy^ 
9uwar) ; jiy^ ta^wir (pi. ;«^U» 
ta^awir) ; jy^ ta^awwur ; ^^ 
niq^ (pi. Lr»^a> nuqis). 

Picture, v. jy^ ^awwar, yu^awwir ; 
(jtfii naqas, yanqas. — {describe) 
«JU^ wa^af, ya^if. 

Picturesque, adj. ge<^ inubbij, 
mubabhij ; 5^**^ mu^ki*. 

Pie, 8. iy^ fatira-t (pi. >tVU fa^a- 
yir, ssAjifei fa^iirat) ; l^ . my ^^ 
sainbusaKa-t ; ^,^-ft^•^^ mah^i-y. 

Piece, a, ^^^ qit*a-t (pi. ^ qi^a*, 
quta*) ; ^y-^ kisra-t (pi. j-^ 
kisar) ; ^^ bitka-t ; ^^ ^qfa-t 
(pi. i-AWi i^aqaf) ; ^/» ^arba-t ; 
SJdi filza-t (pi. ^ filaz, *S!U\ 

Piecemeal, adv, 'V_«-Wu muqat- 

Pier, a. {dam) ^— ^ jisr (pi. jp"^^ 
jusur) ; J^ sudd (pi. o^ju. sudud). 
— {pillar) *>y*^ *amud (pi. •v^^^ 
*awamid) ; SjUc *idada-t (pi. 
jkjUc *adayid). 

Pierce, &. J^ nafaz, yanfi? ; . 
gaqab, yasqub ; (j^. baha^, yab- 

Piety, a, %sfi taqwa; S.Vs taq&- 

wa-t ; SoLfC *ibada-t ; *«-i nask ; 

&V4J diyana-t ; gj^ wara*. 
Pio, a. jiy^ hinzir (pi. X)^ bana- 

Pigeon, a, (•Ua^ ham am ; £^U*> ha- 

mama-t (pi. ^U»> hamajim) ; 

£^W yamama-t. 
Pigeon-house, «. j^U^ ^ burj 

hamam (pi. c>;» buruj). 
Pigment, a, (^y laun (pi. (^f^ al- 

wan) ; ^W- ^ibag. 
Pigmy, «. W«*^ hatit. 
Pike, «. {apear) ^^ barba-t (pi. 

^j^ hirab) ; ^j rumh (pi. c^j\ 

armah, c^; niuiab) ; SUi qanat 

(pi. s£^\yii qanawat, ^ qina). — 

{fiah) ^j^^ **^^— samak al- 

PiKEMAN, a. ^ qann4 ; t^j ram- 

Pile, a. {large building) S^Ufi 4m&- 

ra-t ; W bioa (pi. i^\ abniya-t). 

— {heap) l^f kauma-t, kuma-t 

(pi. f^ff\ akwam, fS^ kuwam) ; 

^•^ kum (pi. eWeS kiman).— - 

{atake) •^j watad (pi. '>\5^ autad) ; 

jjj)W hazuq (pi. fJHj^y^ nawaziq). 

— {hairy aurface) ^^ wabar (pi. 

^y\ aubar). 
Pile, v. g4-». jama*, yajma*; ^f 

kawwam, yukawwim ; ^ lamm, 

yalumm ; ^;fi *arram, yu'arrim. 
Piles, «. j^l| basur ; ^t^y bausir 

(pi. ;<^-V bawasir). 
Pilfer, v. s-6> nahab, yanhab ; 

s-J- salab, yaslub. 
Pilferer, a, ^\j^ nahh&b (pi. l^\^ 

Pilgrim, «. jiV^ zAyir (pi. 1^5) zuw- 

wUr).— (<o Afecca) ©U ^&jj (pi. 

gV^^ bujjaj). — {to Jeruaalem) 

^_5-A4»« maqdiasj-y (pi. iu.oU^ ma- 

Pilgrimage, a, fi;^j ziy&ra-t ; ^W- 

siyaha-t; ^-^ %^]y—(go on piU 

grimage) j\) zar, yaziir. — (to 

Mecca) ^ ^ajj, ya^^ujJ. — («o 




Jerusalem) ^^Aiff taqaddas, yata- 

Pill, s, s-»- habb ; ^ ba-^^a-t 

(pi. v»^«^ b^bub). 
Pillage, s. h-^ salab (pi. v>)L.\ 

aslab) ; ^ nubba-t ; s-W na- 

hib ; S)V& gara-t. 
Pillage, v. s-^ nabab, yanbab ; 

s-^ salab, jaslub. 
Pillar, s. *yy^ *amud (|»1. J^-*^^ 

'awamid); 5*>Uc 'i^ada-t (pi. 

jkjtUc *adajid) ; ij^ ka,hi (pi. 

J^^ akba^). 
Pillory, «. jy» tauq (pi. j^»L\ 

a^waq) ; i^t^W jami'a-t (pi. g^W 

Pillow, «. SAafc^ mahadda-t; 8V5& 

taka'a-t ; J5 tall (pi. JSj\ atlal). 
Pilot, s, s-^^ j^jU qayid al-mar- 

kab ; s-^ ;?J^ mudabbir mar- 

kab ; ^^ bilota. 
Pilot, v, ^^j^\ ji^ dabbar al-mar- 

kab, judabbir. 
Pimple, s, 8yt| basra-t (pi. jj^ 

bugiir) ; £«*• b^^^&*^* 
Pin, 8, u*j»*> dabb&s (pi. v,r-e»^»* 

dababis). — (peg) J**^ watad (pi. 

*>Vjy autad). 
Pin, v. cr»y**^^ ^^ sabba-t bi-*d- 

dabbils, jugabbit. 
Pincers, s'. ^^ kallaba-t (pi. «yl|!J^ 

kaU&b&t, w^^ kalalib); e^e^ 

kaibaten; \^^/^ miqra?. 
Pinch, v. ^^^i qara?, yaqru? ; jx%l 

lama?, jalmu?. 
Pinch, e, ^^ qar^a-t. 
Pine, «. ^f^ ^anaubar. 
Pine, v, ^^^\ in^ana, yan^ani ; 

J*^^ intabal, yantahil; UUa 

4a'af, ya4'uf. 
Pine-apple, «. ^la^ qa^t^-t; (^ 

fjm\j^\ 'ain an-nas (pi. e>^ *uyAn). 
Pinion, «. (wing) cW janah (pi. 

^^^*^^ ajniha-t, ^^ junub). — 

(fetter) u>\si\i\M (pi. UU^ kutf). 
Pinion, t;. ul^ kataf , yaktif ; kat- 

taf , yukattif . 
Pink, s, (flower) J**^ qaranful. — 

— (colour) •>;; ward ; ^^•>;^ war- 

Pinnacle, 0. tf burj (pi. 8j|;» 

buruj, ^yyi\ abraj); Ih^ surfa-t 
(pi. u^/i suraf, cyUjA ^unifat). 

Pioneer, s. ,j^4iJi» bal^aji-y. 

Pious, adj. js taqi (pi. Wa?^ at- 
qiya) ; J^*s^ muta^abbid ; iiJuU 
nasik ; ^«L> ^alib (pi. VJLo ^ula- 
ha) ; c^U 9&lib ; gj^ wari*. 

Pip, 8. (seed) s-^ habb (pi. v>^t** 
hubub, (^W^ hubban). 

Pip, V, (peep) jjyij zaqzaq, yuzaq- 
ziq ; o-e^ ^au^a, yu^au^i. 

Pipe, s, (musical instrument) S^Uo 
9af ara-t ; ^y mizmar (pi. ytAy 
mazamir). — ( for smoking tobacco) 
j^ chibuq, *a^ ^ibuk (Turk,). 
— (tube) l~^ qa^aba-t; v>^^ 
ambiib (pi. s— trfVi\ anabib).— 
(ban-el) ^ battiya-t (pi. ^\^ 

Pipe, v, v*) zamar, yazmur; zam- 
mar, yuzammir. 

Piquant, adj, Ukj^ hirrif. 

Pique, s, (>*» bug4 ; ufc- baqd (pi. 
^^ buqud); ^ gill; ^UJ 
kasiaha-t; ^^^kaid. 

Pique, v. (irritate) l\t\ agaj, yugij ; 
i^ naka, yanki ; /W jakar, yu- 
jakir. — (pride oneself ) f^ fahar, 
yafbar; ♦afeA? tafahbar, yatafah- 
hai- ; fi^ iftahar, yaftehir. 

Piracy, s. )i^fSJS taqiiit. 

Pirate, s. s-^;^ s^;^ darrab mara- 

^ kib (pi. ^y <3[arr&ba-t); tUl 
qa^^at (pi. illAi qa^^ata-t) ; ^\^ 
^^\ barami-y al-babr ; ^^y za- 
ban^iit ; (:j W qiir9an. 

Piss, v, ^ ^bh, yaiubh ; JW b&l, 
yabiil ; J^ bawwal, yubawwil. 

Piss, v, Jy b61 ; fcUA ^h&h. 

Pistachio, «. <JM-* fistiq, fustaq. 

Pistol, «. £%^ (abanja*! ; oy 
fard (pi. fio^y furMa-t); aj»A< 
bistola-t (pi. JJoU^ ba^&til). 

Pistol, v, £%^ v>^ ^arab (aban- 
ja-t, ya^rib. 

Pit, s, fi qa*r (pi. jyJ qu*iir) ; ^ 
bir (pi. jVrt^ abyar, j\i^ abar) ; jVA 
gar (pi. ^\^\ agw&r, ^j^^ giran) \ 
w^ jubb (pi. v»W^ ajbab, v>W 

Pit, v, fA qa'ar, yaq*ar. — (fet 




against in competition) J?VS qahal, 

PiT-A-PAT, 8. (palpitation) (J^SAa. 

s-iaJ^ (^j) hafaqan (rajfa-t) al- 

Pitch, «. [tar) sa^) zift ; ^ qir ; (^^;U 

qa^ran, qitran ; ^ ' k balansam. 

—{height) W^^ irtifa; Ji^ *ulu-w. 

— {degree) J^. hadd (pi. *>^J^ 

^udud) ; &&^ X^haqsL't, 
Pitch, v. (smear ivith pitch) ^ 

qayyar, yaqajyir. — (flifig) ^^ 

^azaf , ya];izif ; ^^ raina, jarmi. 

— (set up) s—a* na^ab, yaii9ub. — 

(fall headlong) 1b&- saqa^, yas- 

qut ; g*^ waqa*, yaqa*. — (pitch 

upon) J^\ ihtar, yahtar ; s-^at^^ 

intahab, yantahib. 

Pitcher, s, ,jiji\ ibriq (pi. jh|;^^ 
abariq, ^j^\ abariqa-t). 

Piteous, adj. (exciting pity) ff^y 
s-J^^ inawajji* al-qalb; s-^^^ 

iJUbSJ\ wajib a^-ssafaqa-t ; ^^^^t*• 
mubakka ; o)-"*^ mu^azzan. — 
(compassionate) J^ ^af liq ; v3AA^ 
mustiq ; f^t^j ral^im ; s-JiJ^ ,j^j 
raqiq al-qalb. 

Piteousness, s. ^*i ?illa-t; S^U*. 

Pit-fall, s, k)^\ ugwiya-t (pi. 
iS)^\ agawi). 

Pith, s, (of plants) s-J lubb (pi. 
v>%^ lubub) ; lj^Ai\ v*^ qalb as- 
^ajara-t. — (the best of a thing) 
s-J lubb ; ^^ feula^a-t. — (force) 
iyi quwwa-t. 

Pitiable, adj, i^^jJ^ s-^^% wajib 
ar-ra^ma-t ; AaA-fcJ^ s-^y^-^ istau- 
jib ai-sai'aqa-t. 

Pitiful, adj. (exciting pity) s-^W 
iiAJ^\ jalib ai-^afaqa-t. — (com* 
passionate) f^tp-j ratiim ; j^ 
safuq ; KJh^ safiq ; «3A-a^ mu^- 
fiq; «-^/;y ra*ut*. — (paltry) yc^ 
baqir ; J^ dani-y ; JeJ*> ^lil. 

Pitifulness, «. (misery) S^VWi ^aqa- 
wa-t. — (pity) ^-^ rabma-t ; aaaa 
^faqa-t. — (paltriness) ^^ ?il- 
la-t ; S^Vfife. ]^aqara-t. 

PzTiLESB, a(^\ mAaJ\ ^j^ ^adim a^ 

^faqa-t; Ok*- ;e^ gair safiq; 

A A 


^ qjisi 

PiTlLESSNESS, s. AfiAAj^ f»ae 'adaiD 

Pittance, s. ^^ hi^^a-t (pi. (^^-^ 

hi^a?) ; s^\) ratib ; *♦— i qisma-t. 
Pity, «. ^U<^j rah ma- 1 ; ^y tara^- 

\pxm\ ^^/* marhama-t; ^^a*^ 

i^faqa-t ; w\; rafa-t. 
Pity, v. ^ ^jiA safii<i *ala, yaifaq ; 

^ u\\f taraaf 'ala, yatara'af ; 

{^ioP tahamiaD, yatahannan. 
Pivot, s. \\j^ madar ; a^ qu^ba-t ; 

yj^^ mihwar (pi. j;U^ mahawir). 
Placable, adj. ^^ haliin ; ^5U 

mulayim ; y^ g^fir; )^ gafur. 
Placableness, s. ^ hilm ; i^JU 

mulayama-t ; oV^ gufran. 
Placard, s. f^\ iUam. 
Place, «. J^^ mal^all (pi. JW* 

mahAll) ; Q)\S^ makan (pi. (j!^\ 

amakin, ijS^\ amkina-t) ; ^f 

mauda* (pi. C^^y^ mawa^i*) ; f^ 

maqani. — (public place) ^^ 

bazar ; j^ sAq (pi. jV*^ aswaq). 

— (office) A^J«*- hidma-t; s--**^ 

man§ab (pi. s-^^ mana^ib) ; 

^J^5 wazifa-t (pi. <-^^j wagayif). 

— (rank) l^y» martaba-t (pi. 

*^\j^ niaratib) ; ^&J» tabaqa-t ; 

&3^ manzala-t (pi. Jj^ mana- 

zil). — (stead) ^f mau^a* ; ^Vft^ 

Place, v. q^^ wa^aS ya^a*; W 

taU, yahutt ; J**- ja*al, yaj*al. 
Placid, adj. f^^ l^alim; gio^ 

wadi' ; f^^ salim (pi. UU sula- 

Placidness, 8. Jicw ][^lm ; S^X* 

mulayama-t ; L^y6 na'iima-t ; 

^^^ *u?uba-t ; ^U^ wa4a*a-t. 
Plagiabise, v. Jsc^ nahal, yanljtal ; 

J^^ inta^al, yantahil. 
Plagiarism, s. JW*^ iutil^al. 
Plagiarist, s. J^y»^ muntal^il ; 

jy* sarraq. 
Plague, «. (pestilence) ^^^ ta'^n 

(pi. y^^^y* tawa*iii) ; W^ wabfi 

(pi. ^)^ aubiya-t). — (nuisance) 

ffi^ ta^di'; Uit^ taklif (pL 

ugy^ tak&iif). 




Plaguii, v. {•i^ 9addaS ju^addi'; 
c^kallaf, yukallif ; J^\ amall, 
jumill; jij'za"al, yuza"il. 

Plaid, 8. W« *abA (pi. ^«*^ a*bi- 
ya-t, <jf* *ubi) ; JUa^ mi^m&l. 

Plain, adj, (level) <j!^^— ^ mus&wi ; 
4^^ saw!- J ; ^W m ^ ^* musatta^ ; 
W-4 basit- — (unadorned) {^y y^ 
gair muzajyan ; v5»^ 7«»^ ga-if 
muzawwaq ; <-^;^)^ ;^ gair mu- 
zahraf. — (artless) e»>^ sadij (pi. 
e^Ju suddaj). — (clear, evident) 
«i^Vk z&hir; ^\ wadih; ^^^ 

Plain, «. j6-« sahl; ^^ sahla-t 
(pi. J^ BtihM) ; Vl^ wat&' ; ^ 
buq*a-t; ^^^ wu8*a-t; gU qa* 
(pi. ge* qi*, ^*ei qi*a-t, ^V*^ 

Plain, v, <^^ sawwa, yusawwi ; 
^^ satta-b} yusattib ; Ja** sab- 
bal, yusabbil ; *3^ mabbad, yu- 

Plain-dealer, 9. ^U ^alib (pi. 
0ft^lc ^alihiiii, t^ ^uUah) ; J*^^ 
^adiq ; ^jJVk. ball? ; ,jflUb^ mub- 

Plain-dealing, «. x^ ^alah ; jJu» 
9idq ; &^Ju> ^ad^a-t ; (^)U\ ih- 

Plainness, «. (evennew) S^^Lm» mu- 
sawat. — (clearness) c^^ i^ah. — 
(want of ornament) itf^fc>L» sada- 
jiya-t. — (sincerity) Si\xo ^ada- 

Plaint, s. ^^^ ^ikaya-t; ^^ 
liakwa ; ^^ nauba-t. 

Plaintiff, «. ^^ tabim ; ^J^ 

Plaintive, adj. ^^ '^^^^ 5 o^-^^**^ 

Plaintiveness, «. ^_5^^ ta^akki. 

Plait, s. (fold) ^ tija-t; ^^ 
tawiya-t ; ^ss^ sanya-t. — (of hair) 
iyt^ dafira-t (pi. ;>^ dafayir) ; 
fijJ^ jadila-t (pi. jiW jaduyil). 

Plait, v. ^^^ tawa, ya^wi ; ^ 
Sana, yasni ; Jj^ jadal, yajdil ; 
y^ 4a^^r, yudaffir. 

Plan, s. (drawing) f^j rasm (pi. 
^^; rusiim). — (plot) ^^ gara^ 

(pi. jt\^\ agriij); a-I qa^d; 
^•'dt^ maq9&d (pi. tXtj^U^ inaq&- 

Plan, v, (draw up a plan) f^j 
rasam, yarsum ; jy ^awwar, yu- 
^awwir. — (scheme) J^ qa^ad, 
yaq^id; •UIF taqa^^ad, yataqa?- 
9ad ; ;»•> dabbar, yudabbir ; j^ 
admar, yu^mir. 

Plane, s. (tool) SjU fara-t; f^j 
randaj ; l^»^ masba-t. — (levd 
surface) ^^ sat^i (pi. tjf^ 

Plane, v, 8^^W ^^ masal^ bi-'l- 
fara-t, yamsab ; e*^j randaj, yu- 

Planet, s: f^W*** ^U^ najma-t say- 
yara-t; S^C<* sayyara-t. 

Planetary, adj, %:u\j\^\ jaOei ya- 
hti99 as-sayyarat ; ,j^ falaki-y ; 
^yr nujumi-y. 

Plank, s. t) lauh (pi. cV^ alw&h) ; 
«^^ daff; li'i daffa-t (pi. ^i^ 

Plank, v. c^W \J»j^ farai bi-'l-lau^, 
yaf ru^ ; c^*'^ tahhat, yutahbit. 

Plant, s. «t>W> nabat ; ^W> nab&- 
ta-t ; l^ na^ba-t (pi. v^\^ na?- 
bat) ; ^J>»^ girs ; l^^ girsa-t (pi. 
^\^\ agras, u-j!;^.gurii8); s-*^ 
*u^b (pi. s^\^\ a*^ab) ; ila«i ^t- 

Plant, v, (j^j^ garas, yagris ; s-«^ 
na^ab, yan9ub ; nai^ab, yuna?- 

Plantation, s. (planting) ^^^ 
gars ; s-^ na^b. — (nursery) ij*j^ 
magris (pi. ^^\^ magiris) ; UU 
;V^^ laff ai^jar. 

Planter, s. ij^\^ garras. 

Plaster, s. er»t^ jibs ; (; > »*»» jab- 
9in ; ,jo^ ja??, ji??. — (/or wounds) 
f^tby uiarbam (pi. f^V* iJ^a**'^ 
him) ; SjU-a 4i™^da-t ; ^)X laz- 

Plaster, v. (walls) ^j^ layyas, 
yulayyis; ^r*!^ j abbas, yujab- 
bis; v/a^ jas^a?, yuja^^i?. — 
(dress wounds) ♦^'•-^ damad, y ad- 
mud ; ^y ioA* hatt lazqat, ya- 





Plastebeb, «. i j '^t)^ mulayjis; 

Plat, «. W«i quta*.t (pi. ^ quta'). 
Plate, a, (dish) {^^^ ^ei^n (pi. 

(^y^^ 9uhfin) ; ^Q^ sittiya-t. — 

(wZver plate) *a»Ve-4rf\ al-fi44^JAt. 

— (ytoi jnece of metal) t^ laub. 

— {engraving) ^ — 1» naq^a-t. — 

(armcmr) £j*> dir* (pi. £\)*A adr&S 

Ji;J duru*). 
Plate, v. v> ij^ tala bi, jatli ; c** 

9affah, ju^affih. 
Plateau, «. ^ najd (pi. J^* nujud, 

*>M anjad). 
Plater, «. M* taJla. 
Platpobm, «. (/or speaking) p-^ 

mambar (pi. y^ manabir). — (of 

houses) c"^ sa^t (P^* ty^ 

Plating, «. Jt tali ; ^t talya-t. 
Platinum, Platina, s. ^J^\ s-aJ 

zahab abja4* 
Platteb, s, <jh^ tabaq (pi. jW*^ 

Plaudit, s. Ok*** taf fiq ; JJ^ tah- 


Plausibility, «. v3^ J^U^ musa- 
bahat li-ljaqq; J««U s^yi qurb 
li-*l-*aql ; ^^Ca^ mu^akala-t. 

Plausible, adj. ^^ muqni* ; J<^ 
yuqbal ; J^^ s-^^^ wajib al- 
qabul; Jwi3 s-4;5 qarib li-'l- 
*aql; v3^ A»U-» musabih li-'l- 
haqq ; s-^^ muiiasib. 

Plat, s. s-^ la*ab ; l^ la*ba-t. — 
(theatrical performance) ^^ s-^ 
la^ab taqlid. 

Play, v, s-^ la*ib, yal*ab; s-**i 
la'ab, yul&*ib ; v^U dA*ab, yu- 
da*ib. — (a musical instrument) J»> 
daqq, yaduqq (with prep. ^J^ 
*ala) ; v»/* 4aJ"a^» yadrib. — (act) 
^ qallad, yuqallid. 

Playeb, s. (of an instrument) ^J^j^ 
naubati-y ; v»4«>^ mutrib. — (actor) 
liA^^\ s-4*5 la"ib al-komadiya-t. 
— (at a game) s-*«^ la"ib. 

Playful, adj. s-««3 la"ib; vr-x)U 
mula'ib ; J^y^ basus ; &^ fakih. 

Playfulness, «. l^%» mula'aba-t ; 
^t&i ba^^a-t. 

Plaything, «. W la'ba-t ; 

Plea, s. (speech, in defence) 8UV^*» 

mul^amit ; ^W* mu^imiya-t. 

— (suit at law) 8^»> da*wa-t; 

I>»y0e6. hufiima-t; ^^ tijJQ^^* — 

(excus^ j^ *uzr (pi. j\^^ *a*z&r) ; 

jSs£\ i*tizar; SjJk«^ ma'zira-t (pi. 

j6\tu» ma'azir). 

Plead, v, Je ^y^ tama 'an. 7^- 

hami; ^^ hajaj, yubajij.— 

(plead guilty) Ui;-aft^ i*taraf, 

Pleading, s. eW^^ ihtijaj ; ^^W* 

mul^ajja-t ; S^V^^ muha(}ara-t. 
Please, v. ^ rada, yarcj^ ; o^j^ 

arda, yur^i; !»-♦ basat, yabsut; 

•i^ lazzaz, yulazziz ; s -^» «* ^ a* jab, 

Pleasant, ad^. «-AjJ latif ; J,^^ 

maqbM ; k^ l&ziz ; ^69i bahij ; 

a5;a fakih. 
Pleasantness, «. ^VU la^afa-t; 

U^ lutf ; 8AJ lazza-t (pi. Jst^o^S 

Pleasantby, s, ^aJJ latifa-t ; j^t^ 

tahrij ; C)^ mazh (pi. cV* niizlb) ; 

£«^ basativa-t ; m»^ fukaha-t. 

Pleasing, adj. s}p^ maqbiil ; 

Pleasube, s. 6^ lazza-t ; LU-p*^ 
imbisat ; jyj^ suriir ; £^w« masar- 

Plebeian, adj., s. ^J4>^ *uinmi-y ; 
l»U *amm (pi. (^^ *aw^m). — 
(low) jt^ haqir ; gU^ waiji*. 

Pledge, s, {^j rahn (pi. ^•*) 
nihun, (:)^j rihan) ; Sj^j ram- 
na-t (pi. {^^) rahayin) ; e^T* 
*urbiin ; (:)^j ra*buii. — (promise) 
•*«; wa^ad ; 5^^^ wa^ada-t ; *^y^y* 
mau'ud (pi. 'i^^y inaw&*id). 

Pledge, v. {^j rahan, yarhun ; 
(^\j rdhan, yurahin ; {^^^ dam- 
man, yudammin. — (in wine) ^J>^ 
saqa, yusaqi. 

Plenary, adj. A^\^ kamil (pi. Sl^ 
kamala-t) ; i^> tamam, <^Uj 
tamami-y ; f>\S tamm. 

Plenitude, s. JW karual ; %sj»\ 
imtala' ; yu? tamallu'. 




Plbktboits, Plentiful, adj, jt^ 

kagir (pi. )^ ki§ar) ; /^^ wafir ; 

(jAjU fayi<J; ^^j zayid ; jtyt ga- 

Plenty, Plbntbousness, Plenti- 

FULNEss, 8, ^ ka§ra-t; 2^^ 

wafra-t; jai-j ruhf ; U.^ rata; 

^jogi fai4; i**^) zijada-t; 5)^^ 

Pliable, Pliant, adj. {^j rahf ; 

{^ lajyin ; ,^5*^ yansani ; ^jA^t** 

yanhani (3 aor. vii.) ; gy^J^ J>Vl 

qabil aU'awaj ; ^^baS^ Je** sahil 

Pliableness, Pliability, Pli- 
ancy, 8. gy»J^ WjU qabiliya-t al- 

*auj ; ^IJ iayana-t. 
Pliers, «. Sjj^ mizrada-t ; ^U^ 

Plight, 8. ^— e 'usr. 
Plod, v, s-^ ta4b, yat*ab. 
Plot, «. (jnece 0/ land) (u^j^) ^^^ 

quta*t (ar4) (pi. fi^ quta*). — 

(design) ^ niya-t ; *]^ qa^d ; 

u*/ gara4 (pi. u^^^ agra4) ; 

^JJ tadbir ; i^^ hila-t (pi. X^ 

J;^iyal). — (conspiracy) f^ tana- 

Plot, v. (canspire) y^ tahamar, 

yatahamar. — (plan) ^*> dabbar, 

yudabbir ; j4J>\ admar, yucjmir. 
Plotter, 8. {conspirator) Sjj:^ s-^^ 

fa^ib fitna-t. — (inventor) J«>W 

ba'di* ; Sr^sk^ muhtari*. 
Plough, s. «a>^^^ mi^rag ; «a>U^^ 

mHiras (pi. ii-st;W» mahans) ; 

O^J^ faddan (pi. {^S\j^ fadkdin) ; 

{j**^ hais. 
Plough, v, ^>^i^ ^j^ harag al-ar4, 

yahms; ^\^^W ^ falah bi-'l- 

mihras, yaflut- 
Ploughman, s, ^j^ l^&rig (pi. 

«A>^^ burras); *^\j^ harrag; c^ 

Pluck, v. cAlal qataf, yaqtif ; vy% 

jana, yajni; Uusi nataf, yantif; 

glj» qala*, yaqla*. 
Pluck, s. (heart, liver, Sc.) jlU** 

mi*laq (pi. jJU*« ma'dliq). — 

(courage) s-Jl«J^ 8y quwwat al- 

qalb i ^^ ^ah&ma-t. 

Plug, «. S^W sidada-t (pi. '>i\xm 

Plug, t;. -^ sadd, ^asudd. 
Plum, «. ij>W\ ijja?; ^W injA* 

(Egypt) ; 6^ hauh, boh (Syria) ; 

vJ^;* barq&q. 
Plumage, s, i^j ni (pi. v>V|j 

riyas, \J»^j\ arya^). 
Plumb, «. (jj*>^ fadin (pi. (:j»>V ^*- 

wadin) ; (j*W qiyas ; J^Jk^ jad- 

wal (pi. J;W jadawil). 
Plumb, adj, (perpendicular) ^^ 

qayim ; <^^^ *amiidi-y. 
Plumb, v, ^^jVaJIj ^<— sabar bi-'l- 

fadin (JSUJW bi-'iS-saqul), yaa- 

Plumber, s, {^^j ra^^af. 
Plume, s. ^j ri^a-t. — (hunch of 

feathers for ornament) {^ J3U 

^s hii&l mill rii (pi. ^UIa\ 

ahilla-t) ; A^J^ ^Js^j ni l^mita-t. 
Plumb, v, (provide with feathers) 

JiAj ras, yaris; (jH) rayya^, yu- 

rayyi^. — (boast) fi^ fahar, yaf- 

har ; ;afc^\ if tahar, yaf tahir. 
Plummet, s. 0*>U fadin ; t)J^ fai- 

dan ; JiU ^aqul ; JyWi 6aqM ; / 

Plump, adj, ^h^ mutahham ; ^ o -*"«* 

jasim ; (2)«'*»» samin. 
Plump, v.a. (;)-•>*• samman, yusam- 

min ; n. {^4^ samin, y as man. — 

(fall) U- saqat, yasqu^ ; fi) 

waqa*, yaqa*. 
Plunder, s. l^^ ganima-t (pi. 

^U& gan&yim) ; S^^ g&ra-t ; ^W 

nuhba-t; s-^ nahib. 
Plunder, v, s-^ nahab, yanhib; 

s-^ salab, yaslub. 
Plunderer, s, v*V nahhab; s^U* 

salib ; ^)L. sallaba-t. 
Plunge, v. a, s3j^ garraq, yugarriq ; 

w^ gattas, yugattis; n. jj;* 

gariq, yagraq ; J^ gatas, yag- 

^is ; v/^ ga4, yag<i4. 
Plunge, s, ^j^ ga^s ; ^Ji)** tagriq. 
Plural, s, g*^ jam* (pi. g^*^ 

Plurality, «. Sy^ kaara-t; ^t^ 

jami*a-t; ^W jumla-t. — (majors 

ity) j^ akgar. 




PliY, v.a, (keep busy) jAe» ^aggal, 
yuiaggil; n. J*^^ Gtagal, yai- 

Ply, 8. (fold) h^ tawija-t; ^ 
tija-t ; ^y lawiya-t ; ia^ gan- 

Pneumatic, adj, ^J}f'^ hawaji-y. 

Pneumatics, 8. \^1 ^ <ilin al- 

Pock, 8. <4)*^- jadri-y. 

Pocket, «. s-*e«^ jaib, jeb (pi. *^yt^ 
juyub) ; &^t^ jaiba-t (pL s-^e^ 

Pocket, v. *«-► o* ^ ha^ fi jaib- 
hu, yahutt. 

Pod, 8. jAJi qiir (pi. ;y^ qusiir). 

Poem, «. yi si*r (pi. jUa^ as^ar) ; 
8«\>-ai qafida-t (pi. JoUi qa^ayid) ; 
S)^;^ urjAza-t (pi. y^\j\ arajiz) ; 
0\i qafiya-t (pi. Jk\3 qawafi). 

Poet, «. y^^ ^a*ir (pi. yui 6u*ara) ; 
^^ nazim. 

Poetasteb, 8, f^^ ^uwai'ir. 

Poetic, Poetical, adjf. i^fJ^ ^i*ri-y ; 
^J^ nazmi-y.—( |)06<icai licen8e) 
^u}\ Ij^ 4ariirat a^-i^i*r. 

Poetry, «. (j>oe/ica/ ari) f^\ /J^ 
*ilm a4-^i*r; v/^/»5^ fJ^ *ilm al- 
'aru4. — (poetical compo8ition) 
^ nazm ; g^»- saj* ; o*«y qan4. 

Poignancy, 8. S*^ hidda-t; Sj^ 

Poignant, adj. *>^ ta<i<i; fie^^ 
waji* ; g>^ miiji* ; f^\ alim. 

Point, «. (8harp end) (^ sinn (pi. 
^U-^ asnan) ; ^j*^^ ras (pi. ^/jy 
ru'iis). — (mark or 8top) aUj nuq- 
ta-t (pi. ta> nuqat). — (<^ main 
que8tion) [jbjt gara4 (pJ. u*V^ 
agra(j[) ; /^^^ cr^ ^^^^ aUamr. 

Point, v. (8harpen) ^j {^ sann 
ras-hu, yasnnn ; (j-^ sannan, 
yusanniii ; «>J^ haddad, yuhad- 
did ; ^J^y) rawwas, yurawwis. — 
(direct guns, &c.) srJ[) rakkab, 
yurakkib ; ^^ t*rrar, yuharrir 
(both with Jtft *ala). — (point 
o^) iJ^ j^^ asar ila, yuiir.— 
(mark with dote or vowel points) 
W naqqat, yunaqqit; ^j^ fear- 
rak, yu^arrik. 

Pointless, adj. (blunt) aJ^ bU^ 
mugallaz al-l^add. — (withotU 
vowel points) ^ » » >• j-«& gair 

Poise, «. &j^ wazna-t; ^Uj rum- 

Poise, v, ^Jj wazan, yazin (vulg. 

(^)fi yvLzin) ; {*^ qabban, yu- 

qabbin ; J»>Ui *adal, yu*adil. 
Poison, s. ^ samin (pi. |»^«-« 

Poison, v, ^ samm, yasumm ; 

fk*-* sammam, yusammim; ^J^ 

f^ saqa samm, yasqi. — (corrupt) 

*x^^ afsad, yufsid. 
Poisonous, adj, ^J4— sammi-y ; ^L. 

s&mm ; f,**^ musimm. 
PoisoNOUSNESS, «. K^^^ sammi- 

Poke, v. (stir) ^f- banik, ya^ruk ; 

harrak, yuharrik. 
PoKEB, 8, ^\^* mi^rak. 
Polar, adj, ^ji^ qutbi-y ; j^V* 

s-J»85^ mujawir al-qutb. 
Pole, s, (end of an axis) s-J"* qutb 

(pi. v»^ qutiib). — (stick) ' JJ, 

watad (pi. *y\s^\ autad) ; jjjU. 

haz&q (pi. vJijV hawaziq). — 

(measure) s-*<>^ qa4ib (pi. ^W^ 

Pole-cat, s, (;>«^ o^'*^ qarqadiin 

muntiii (pi. {^'>s\j» qaraqidin). 
Pole-stab, s, JUju5\ s-^j^kaukab 

ai-samal ; ^W^ farqadan (pro- 
perly speaking, two stars nearest 

to the polar-star). 
Police, s, l^\»^\ sLie^\ as-siyasat 

al-'amma-t ; ^^t^ 4ab^ya-t (zab- 

Policeman, Police-officer, s. 

WU 4abit ; ^Jm^ji qawwas. — (chief 

of) Jh wali (pl- ^h wul&t). 
Policy, s, (art or manner ofaovem* 

m£nt) i-W siyasa-t ; i^y^^ ^ 

*ilm al-buk&ma-t. — (prudence) 

jt^'iS tadbir ; ^UX^ l^ikma-t. 
Polish, s. (gloss) J«« $aqal; JUo 

^iqal. — (refinement) v»*>^ adab ; 

8«/* muruwa-t; li\^ zar&fa-t; 

iUJ latafa-t. 
Polish, v. (smooth) Ja* faqal, ya^- 




quL — (refine) v»*>^ addab, yu'ad- • 

dib ; 0A* maddan, yumaddin ; 

^j>j\ annas, yu'annis. 
Polisher, «. J^ ^aqqal; J<«« 

9aiqal (pi. JjVa* ^aqajil). 
Polite, adj. s-st*>^ adib (pi. W*>^ 

udaba) ; v»*>*y« mu'addab ; s-^^ 

v»*>^ ^a^ib adab (pi. v»L-^«^ 

a^lji&b) ; (^. ^ ♦ ? >• inutamaddin ; 

,jti*» ^labi.y. 
Politeness, «. ^^S\ adab; 0«W 
^tamaddun ; Ij^ salbana-t ; S^\j^ 

zarafa-t; lt^S\ adamija-t. 
Politic, Political, adj, <j-W- 

siyasi-y; ^«|JJ tadbiri-y ; J^ 

Politician, «. ^j^ mudabbir ; 

^•** sr^U 9a(iib tadbir; ^^W- 

Politics, g. i-W- siyasa-t; ^ 

i^^^\ *ilin al-^ukiima-t ; ♦©jJJ 

^^'^\ jy^\ tadbir umAr ad-daula-t. 
Polity, s. ciU^J^ (r^^^) r^* nizam 

(intizam) al-mulk ; iiX^ siya- 
Poll, s, (head) (j*\) ras (pi. (j-/^; 

ru'iis). — (list) f^*y daftar; ^Uj 

Poll, v. (lop) yol qa??, yaqu??. — 

(register) fi^\i j^ qayyad bi-'d- 

dat'tar, yuqayyid; !"•--{-* (jUibat, 

Poll-tax, «. hyt jizya-t (pi. v^y*- 

Pollute, v, {j»^^ dannas, yudan- 

nis ; «A»y lawwas, yulawwig ; u*^ 

najjas, yunajjis ; ^^ wassab, 

Pollution, s, ^W* naj&sa-t ; v/-*JJ 

tadannus ; ^W janaba-t. — (noc' 

tumal) fJua.^ il^tUam. 
Poltroon, «. (jjW jabban (pi. 

e^fi*W jababin); ltt\^\ ^ 

qalil a^^ja*a-t; J*^ nadil (pL 

JU\ andal). 
PoLTOAMisT, «. ut>W9)3\ ^«i^ kagir 

PoLTQAMY, 8, u^Wj^y^^ S^ ka§rat az<* 

Polyglot, «. upUUV» sJj\a <&rif bi-4« 

lugat ; ^^\ v^U 9&^b alsun. 

Polygon, «., Polygonal, a<i/. ;t>^ 

^^ji))^ kasir az-zawaya. 
Polytechnic, adj, ^^ s-^-^^ 

9ahib ^anayi* (pi. v»V^«^ a^hab). 
Polytechnic school, «. ^^jA^ 

gjt}j^\ madrasa-t a^-sanayi*. 
Polytheism, «. ^j^ ^irk ; &UW «^/i 

sirk bi-'l-lah. 
PoLYTHEiST, «. *4J;A^ muiiik : ^\ 

«^/i ahl sirk. 
Pomade, Pomatum, #. (jjyfe^ duhiin ; 

s-^ tib (pi. ^^\ atyab) ; vjU^ 

Pomegranate, e, ^U^ rumman; 

AiUj rummana-t. — (tree) (j\^j ij^ 

^ajara-t rumman. 
Pommel, «. tj^^ u^A* ^[fl'i'biis as- 

sarj (pi. u-e»^y qarabis). — (of a 

sword) «-Atj-J^ li\^j rumm&na-t 

Pommel, v. v»/& darab, ya^rib, 

yaijirub ; Jjsi qatal, yaqtul. 
Pomp, Pompousness, s, S^ fah- 

ra-t ; JV ^^ *izz wa jalal ; &4Jbft 

'azama-t ; f^'i^ ^a^am ; ^UjIa. 

ha^ma-t ; ^yt$ ^auka-t ; SyE» nah- 

wa-t ; iafci^ jahha-t. 
Pompous, adj, fi^^A^ muftahar; 

/"Vi fahir ; f¥<^ *azim. 
Pond, s, ^jj^ gadir (pi. (j)\)J^ gud- 

ran, ^j^ gudur) ; ^ birka-t (pi. 

^ji birak) ; S^ 4&hwa-t (pi. W^\ 

Ponder, v. (^u wazan, yazin ; (^j^\ 

auzan, yiizin ; J^*"^ ta'ammal, 

yata'ammal ; /j^\ iftakar, jafta- 

Ponderable, adj, ^jy yiizan (3 

aor. pass.). 
Ponderous, adj, As«J gaqil (pi. 

Xj^ guqala, JW giqal) ; ^H^)^ 

wazin ; ^^j; razin. — (massive) 

•^4^ 9amad ; ^ a- *>» jasim (pi. ^U»^ 

jisam) ; J^l« ^amid. 

Poniard, s. ^v^ b^'iija'f (p^* >^U^ 

Poniard, v, ^v^W v»/^ ^^'i^b bi-'U 

ban jar, ya4rib. 
Pontiff, s, (high priest) p^ ^^abr 

(pi. j^\ a^b^r). — (Muhammeda/n 

pontiff) ^U3^ ^jsA^ mufti al» 




anam ; fXm1i\ ^.^ ^aih al-islam. — 
{Pope) \ii^\ al-baba ; ^3\ ysJ\ 
al-habr al-a'zam. 

Pontifical, adj. ^^t»- habri-y; 
i^))-^^ babrawi-y; <^^^W baba- 

Pontoon, s. ^-*^ mi*bar (pi. ^U*« 

Pony, s. ^e*« (:)^-»- ^i^an ^agir. 

Pool, s, g/Lu . ^ ^ mustanqa* ; jjJ^ 

Poop, a, s-^^^ /*y* muhar al-mar- 

PooE, adj. (indigent) ;oi^ faqir (pi. 
\/^ fuqara) ; fjJJ^ muflis (pi. 
(j-JU^ mafalis) ; 0*^-^ miskin 
(pi. ^jj^s^U-^ masakm) ; J^** 
$a4iiq (pi. v><J^ViU)9a*aliq). — (ema- 
ciated) Uitfu 4a*if (pi. VAit* du- 
*afa) ; cJits*** na^if (pi. ^^ 
ni^af). — (loithout good qtuilitieSf 
mean) «it. haqir; ^J*^ dani-y; 
JJ»> zalil. — (deceased) f^^y* mar- 
^iim ; ^^y^ mutawana. — (the 
poor) ^yt guraba. 

PooELY, adj. (indisposed) ^^^^ 
mui^awwas ; (^^ *ayyaii. 

Poorness, s. ^ faqr, fuqr ; M** 
9a4a(][a-t ; iUC^* maskaua-t ; 
^\ iflas. 

Pop, v. (pop in) gJj walaj, yalij. — 
(po^p out) ^lAi ^jLc B^ haraj *ala 
gafla-t, yahruj. — (pop the ques- 
tion) s-J^ ha^ab, yahtub. 

Pope, s. WW3\" al-baba ; ^^J^ ,tJ\ 
al-habr al-a*2am. 

Poppy, s. ^K^iA^ hai^ha^. 

Populace, s. f\f^\ al-*awain ; JiM 
^j*U3\ asafil an-nas ; ^•^*i»- ju*ai- 

PoPULAB, adj. (pertaining to the 
people) f»^ *amm; o^^ *umu- 
mi-y. — (favourite with tlie people) 
v»y^\ y^yt^ mahbub al-qul^b ; 
*^y^f inargiib ; j^e-*-* maihur. 

Popularity, s. f^j^^ ^<^^ muljab- 
bat al-*awain ; s ^ *-M IjiS^^ mu- 
sayara-t as-^a*b. 

Populate, v. y*^ 'ammar, yu*am- 

Population, «. Ja^ ahl (pi. ^J\ib\ 

ahali) ; (^V5L. sukkan (pi. of (:)^V« 

Populous, adj.jy^»^ ma*inur. 
P0PULOU8NE88, s. (^\^ Sy^ kasra-t 

Porcelain, s. ^y^>^ |ini-y ; j/^ 

fagfAr ; ij)p^j^ farfiiri-y. 
Porch, s. y^j dabliz (pi. ^\J^*y 

dahaliz) ; ^^^j^\ iwan ; S^}) nwaq ; 

&\ya-\ U8^uwana-t. 
Porcupine, s. SJJUi qumfuza-t (pi. 

•5^U5 qanafiz) ; {j»^ nis. 
Pore, s. ^Um» masamm (pi. *a»UU-« 

Pork, s. jiy^ ^^ lahm hinzir. 
Porous, adj. cl>UI-*« 43 la-hu ma- 
sammat ; ^Uo^ ^3 zii masamm. 
Porphyry, s. <j»U- sumaqi-y ; yt^ji 

Porpoise, s. j^\ jty^ hinzir al- 

bafer (pi. ^jUt hanazir). 
Port, s. (harbour) W^ mina (pi. 

J^y» mawani, ^^s^ miyan) ; o^/» 

marsa (pi. «j-\x* marasi) ; j^ 

bandar (pi. ^ jUj ban&dir, Pers.). 

^(door) v»W bab (pi. v*V^ ab- 

wab, (jWfi* bibau) ; ^^y bawwa- 

ba-t. — [mien, carriage) ^^ wajh 

(pi. fi«.^ wujiih) ; ^t^ mangar 

(pi. ^U# manazir) ; Is^ hi'a-t. 
Portability, s. ^y^\ ^^ hiffat al- 

haml; ^y^\ ^^ suhiila-t al- 

Portable, ad;. J^^^ J«- sahil al- 

^aml; J4i^^ U iiM' hafif al- 

Portage, s. (act of carrying) J**- 

baml; (^JU^ tumlan. — (price of 

carriage) ^^4^ humiila-t. 
Porte (the Sublime), s. aJ^J^J^ 

^«^^ ad-daulai al-'aliya-t. 
Portend, v. ^J^ J»> dall *ala, ya- 

dull ; (j-*s* naJ^^us, yanl^us. 
Portent, s. <j-b^ nahs (pi. u*^ 

nuhus) ; ^f^ nu^iisa-t. 
Portentous, adj. u**^ nahis. 
Porter, s. (carrier) jUa. hammal ; 

^y^^ hamAl. — (door-keeper) v»^y 

Porterage, s. JU^\ S^\ ujrat al- 





PoBTFOLio, t. fifc*^* mabfaza-t (pi. 
Ih»W« ma^ifiz) ; e^*^)^ juzd&n. 

Portico, «. ^^^ liwan (pi. eJ^^^ 
law&win); s3}) rauq ^1. J^;i;^ 
arwaq) ; s3\y) riwaq (pi. «;^^ auri- 

Portion, «. (part, share) ^-a*- bi?- 

?a-t (pi. ij^^ ti^a?); ^♦— * qis- 
ma-t ; s-^e-> na^ib (pi. i<-«>^ an?!- 
ba-t). — (fate) ^U— i qisnia-t; tAl 
qacja; ;»** qadr (pi. ^'^\ aqdar). 
— {dowry) ^ mahr (pi. ^^ mu- 
hur) ; ^W jahaz ; l\j^l\ JU m&l 

Portion, v, {divide) ^¥— S qasam, 
jaqsim ; qassam, juqassim. — 
{give a dowry) j^ mahar, jam- 
hur ; j^ amhar, yumhir. 

Portliness, «. l^\^ jasama-t. 

Portly, «. f^tr^ jasim. 

Portmanteau, «. e/- hurj (pi. t^f^ 
ahr&j) ; v>^/^ jirab (pi. Sr>»<»" 
jurub, hf^ ajriba-t) ; »\i*^ badid ; 
l.^ ^aqiba-t. 

Portrait, «. 8^^ 9^ra-t (pi. j^ 
f uwar) ; f.y^ ta^wir ; IjLy^ ta?- 
wira-t (pi. ;4^^ ta^awir). 

Portraiture,*.^^ tasawwur. 

Portray, r. ;^ ^awwar, yuf awwir. 

Pose, t;. {silence) s^S^ sakka-t, yu- 
9akkit.— (pu2«?e) ;«i^hayyar, yu- 


Position, «. {sittuitiony place) g^*^ 
mauda* (pi. fr^V mawadi*) ; tf^ 
Tnatrah (pi. C;^ ma^arih) ; ^W» 
maha^t^-t. — {principle laid 
down) Sj^Vi qa*ida-t (pi. J^y 
qawa*id) ; l^JA* muqaddama-t ; 
&t^ qa4iya-t (pi. k^ qadaya). 

Positive, adj, {affirmative) ^jWi 
ijabi-y; ^Jl^^ ta^diqi-y.— (cer- 
tain) {^ yaqin ; Jk**- naqicj. — 
{decisive) ^^ qa^i* ; o*^ safi. 

Possess, v. {oum) *sU^ malak, yam- 
lik; vii^AA imtalak, yamtalik; 
jU. haz, yahuz ; ^Jf>' hawa, yah- 
wi ; ij^ i^f^^ ihtawa *ala, yah- 
tawi. — {occupy f animate) la^ 
tasallat, yatasallat ; ^*^ tahak- 
kam, yatahakkam (both with ^J^ 

Possessed of, Possessing, adj. 
s-^^ ^atib (pi. v>W->^ a^h&b) ; 
^•i zii (pi. o/;*^ zawfin), f. «t>U 
zat (pi. ij^\^S zawat). — {pos- 
sessed hy a demon) (j^y^ malMs ; 
(^j^^*^ maskiin. 

Possession, «. «tiU milk, mulk (pi. 
^X»\ amlak) ; JU^ mata* (pi. 
l»^ amti*a-t) ; Uj;-a? tasarruf . 

Possessive, s, (in grammar) S^^\ 

Possibility, s, ^^^^ imkan ; JUs^^ 
ihtimal ; ^Ua;u\ istita^a-t. 

Possible, adj, {^^^^ mumkin; 
J^j;^^ mu^tamal. — {it is possible 
tliat) (^^ ^;>^ yumkiii ann. 

Post, «. {of a door, &c.) ij-A^ haia- 
ba-t. — {station of duty) s-^-^*^ 
inan^ab (pi. s— «»Va* mana^ib) ; 
^^^ wakala-t; ^J^ hidma-t. — 
{military) /U- n -^y markaz 'asa- 
kir (pi. ^y marakiz). — {mail) 
Jkj^ baria (pi. Jy burud) ; <SL^^ 

Post, v. {travel with speed) ^yA 
asra*, yusri*; J^c *ajil, ya*jal; 
^Qa^^l) yL. saiar bi-'l-bosta-t, 
yasfir. — {station) g^^ wa^aS 

Postage, «. *^f^ ^fA ujra-t mak- 

Posterior, adj. /^*U« muta'ahhir ; 
^^ &hir. 

Postern, s: {small gate) yi^ v»V| 
bab 9agir. — {private entrance) 
^W s.^l> bab ha§9 (pi. v>W\ ab- 
wab, (^W biban); ;- v>^ bab 

Posthumous, adj. {child) ^m *y^y 
8jJU «t>^ maulud ba*d maut 
walid-hu ; f^ts^ j^y maulAd ya- 
tim. — {work) s-**« 'aqib. 

Post-master, s. «j^y^ manzilji; 
aL-^\ s-* sahib al-bosta-t. 

Postpone, v. f'\ ahhar, yu'ahhir; 
Je^^ amhal, yumhil. 

Postponement, a.^*^ ta*hir ; ^SX^ 

Postscript, s. 3[A^jU mal^aqa-t; 

J«3 zail (pi. J^3 zuyM, JV^J^ 




azyfil) ; ^^ bfi4iya-t (pi. J^^^y^ 

Posture, «. ^^ hal&-t; 8jk«l qa- 

*ada-t ; ^ hija-t. 
Pot, 8, ;»** qidr ; S^jJ qidra-t (pi. 

j^oS qudiir) ; ^ huUa-t (pi. JU 

hulal) ; ifi^ tanjara-t f pi. f^\jl 

tanajir) ; ^^ galaya-t. — (for 

flowers) y^j hj^ qa^ariya-t zahr. 

— (chamber-pot) ^ »*Ai>^ musta'- 

mala-t; hj^ qa^ariya-t; aJ^ 

Potable, adj. v*^*^ yansarib (3 

aor. VII.) ; ^y^^ masrAb. 
Potash, «. ^J^ ^ milh qali. 
Potation, «. (drinking houf) l^jJt^ 

ma^raba-t (pi. v»jUL» ma^arib). 

— (draught) kj^ ^rba-t, ivr- 

Potato, «. {j^p\ c^ tuf&h al-ar4 ; 

itUaj batata-t ; ^jr>^ ,jJ^ kalkas 

firanji-y ; (j*V&;lB qilniq&s. 
Potency, «. iyS quwwa-t ; S;**i qud- 

ra-t ; j\ssi\ iqtidar ; ^Uaz«\ isti- 

Potent, adj. <^yS qawi-y ; ;*>^ qadir ; 

f^y mu'assir. 
Potentate, s. ^UJL- Bultan (pi. 

^JolL. sala^in) ; csWU malik (pi. 

«<}yL^ muliik). 
Potential, adj. (possible) q>^4^ 

mumkin. — (efficient) /^y mu'as- 

Potion, s. ^A iarba-t.. 
PoTTAOE, s. ^jy^ ^orba ; ^ fatta-t, 

Potter, s. <4)U»* fahh&ri-y ; ij)f^ 

fahiiri-y; o-*W faharani-y. — 

( potter's clay) y^ f ahhar. 
Pottery, s. f^j^kfi\ J-*>«^ ma'mal 

al-fahhari-y (pi. J^U^ ina*amil). 
Pouch, s. s-ts^ jaib (pi. v»^«»9- 

juyfib) ; ^««^ jaiba-t (pi. s-*<«^ 

Poultice, s. ^ats^ labha-t ; ^ laz- 

Poultice, v. J<a babbal, yuhabbil ; 

^ labbah, yulabbih. 
Poulterer, s. ^W*^ £^ bayya* 

Poultry, s.jyj^ t^yAr; ^^ dujaj ; 

^W^ dajiyij (pi. of ^W»> dajA- 

Pounce, v. u^\ iiiqa44> yonqadcjl. 
Pound, s. J^; rati, rutl (pi. j^;^ 

ait^). — (sovereign) ^ ^^^c*- jiniya-t 

Pound, v. J»> daqq, yaduqq ; ^^yfc 

haras, yahnis ; harras, yuharris ; 

u*; rad4, yaru^ij. 
Pour, v. a. s— ^abb, ya^ubb ; v^ 

sakab, yaskub; w-^ kabb, ya- 

kubb ; (3**> dafaq, yadfuq, yad- 

fiq ; n. J^ sal, yasil. 
Pout, v. jy bawwaz, yubawwiz; 

*y> harid, yahrad. 
Pouting, s. ^y^ tabwiz. 
Poverty, s. j^ faqr; iaU* ^a'la- 

qa.t ; JL&5L^ maskana-t. 
Powder, s. ^^ safM; ^ saf- 

fa-t; ii3duqqa-t(pl. J^S^duquq, 

j*> duqq). — (gunpowder) ^^y^ 

Powder, v. k3^-^ sabaq, yasl^aq; 

ceXs^ sahak, yasbuk; JJ daqq, 

Powder-horn, s. a>j^ wazna-t. 
Powder-mill, s. *>ji»Q^ o^^ t^t^^ 

al-barud (pi. {^^ tawahin). 
Powder-room, s. *>jyW5^ (^y^ mah- 

zan al-barfid (pi. (^jVafe^ mahazin). 
Power, «. (faculty) S)Ju» qudra-t ; 

^\jLsl\ iqtidar; y quwwa-t; iiVL 

taqa-t. — (strength) S^ quwwa-t ; 

i^yo saula-t ; )^ qadr ; ^ *izz. — 

(authority) f^-^ hukm; ^^^ 

$ukuma-t. — (in mathematics) If 

Powerful, adj. isj/^ qawi-y ; ^jVS 

qadir; j\asI^ ^ V 

quwwa-t wa iqtidar; fi^JJ 

M s-»-^ 9ahib 
idar; S^jJ ^U 

9ahib qudra-t ; )i)^ *aziz. 
PowERPULNESS, «. S^Jkl qudra-t ; SJ 

quwwa-t ; ^^.xsi^^ 8^ kasrat al- 

Powerless, adj. 8^J^^ ^J^ 'adim 

al-qudra-t ; j^\i ^ gair qadir ; 

^Jyi ;^ gair qawi-y. 
Powerlessness, 8. 2j*^^ ^ 'adam 

al-qudra-t; ;\Asi^^ iU qillat al- 

iqtidar ; iy^\ ^j^ 'adaoi al-quw- 





Pox, 8. e()J^ jadrf-y, judart-j. 
Pbactioablb, a^. jUt yu'mal (8 

aor. pass.) ; {^>^ mumkin. 
Pbacticablbness, Pbactioabili- 

TT, 8, (^^^\ imk&n; ^Vku,\ isti- 

tA*a-t ; JU«^ infi*&l. 
Practical, adj, ^J^ *amali-j; 

^^Uiu-.^ isti*mAli-y. — (experU 

eneed) ytt^ habir. 
Pbaoticalness, 8, lyt^ hubra-t ; 

j\^j^\ ihtib&r ; h/r tajriba-t. 
Pbactice, 8, JU«&-\ isti*mAl ; J*© 

'ami ; X^;U^ mumftrasa-t ; S^ 

hubra-t ; (^/^ tamarrun. 
Practise, v. t)^ *amal ('amil), 

ja'mal ; J— 4ju^\ ista'mal, yas- 

ta'mil ; v>;^ jarrab, yujarrib. — 

(a8 a physician) f^^ ^akkam, 

yuhakkim ; w-I» tabb, yatibb, ya- 

Practised, adj, v^^^ mujarrab; 

yirt^ habfr. 
Practitioner, 8. J-^^-* 'Amil; 

J4iuw« musta'mil ; *^»j^^ mu- 

jarrib ; g>^ f &ni*. 
Prairie, 8, ^ marj (pL ^^ 

Praise, «. (commendation) •u*- 

hamd ; f^ madh ; •^»«• majd 

(pi. *y\^\ amjM) ; *^%«^ tamjid ; 

vJto^ wa^f (pi. *^^)\ au9Af. — 

(glorifying) -U^ hamd; ^Urt- 

subt&n ; j-^ iukr (pi. j^-^ 

Praise, v. (commend) f^ madah, 

yamdah; -u*. hamad, ya^mud; 

^^ sanna, yuganni ; ^J^ ^yfl 

asna *ala, yusni. — (glorify) ^^ 

sabbah, yu^abbih ; j^ ^akar, 

Praiseworthy, «. ^^y*^ tamid; 

^*4.^^ mahmiid ; t^^ s-*^^^ w&- 

jib al-mad^ ; •u^^ J^ t - - * mus- 

tahiqq al-hamd. 
Prance, r. W natt, yanutt ; ^ 

tafar, yatfir. 
Prank, «. s-^ la'ab; lf^>^^ mas- 

Prate, Prattle, «. ^^ galaba-t ; 

iS^fi^ *ilka-t. 
Prate, Prattle, v, ^^\ ^ kag^ar 

al-pralaba-t, yukaggir ; oUa 'alak, 
ya'lik, ya'luk ; 'allak, yo'allik. 

Prater, «., Prating, adj, *^^» 
*allak ; ^i^*^^ j^ kasir al-pila- 
ba-t; fi^\ jt^ kasir al-kal&m; 
J^ fu4Mi-y. 

Prawn, «. o^^ saratan ; (^UUL 
salta'an; e^^ll- salta'iiii (pi. 
(:^)lu salata'in). 

Prat, v, o^ ^alla, yu^alU; ^^^eo 
da*a, yad*i. 

Prater, 8. (to heaven) SJU , SSu 
9alat (pi. ^\t^ ^alawat); lej 
du*& (pi. ^^\ a,d'ijsi-t).—(peiu 
tion) Wt talaba-t; J\^ su*il, 
suwal; W) rii&, raja; ^y43 ta- 
manni ; (^Uj(5\ iltimas. 

Preach, t;. ^^ wa'az, ya'iz; s-^ 
hatub, yahtub; s - W« \ ihtatab, 
yahtatib ; j/ karaz, yakriz. 

Preaching, 8. ^^ wa*z ; )y^ karz ; 
8j/ karza-t ; ^^ hat&ba-t. 

Preacher, «. fcc\^ w4*iz (pi. i^* 

WU"&Z) ; uV^kAriz (pi. j-5;irkArtlz) ; 

vJ^U. h&tib (pi. v»^ huttAb). 
Preamble, «. i^JA* muqaddama-t ; 
^«^ fatiha-t (pi. (SU fawatih) ; 
CW»> dibaj ; ^W«*> dibaja-t (pi. 

EVjJ dayAbij, ^jeiW** dab&bij) ; 
A> hutba-t. 
Precarious, adj, ut^y^ j^ gair 

masbM; va-^»^^ j^ gair muta- 

gabbit ; *aXAJ\ ct^eB!» ta^t a^-^akk ; 

«<}yCjU ma^kiik ; ^jU^ mu'allaq. 
Precariousness, «. (2)-«fif»3\ ^ 

'adam al-yaqin ; t^lfJ^T ^jlc <adam 

as-sabat; cii-Ai sakk (pi. *d^ 

sukAk) ; v>y^^ irtiy&b. 
Precaution, «. jJi*. ^izr, ^a^r; 

^\sJ\ i^tizir; yf^\ il^tir&z. 
Precautionart, adj, if-^* mu^- 

tariz ; ^^ hazir. 
Precede, v, f**^ taqaddam, yata- 

qaddam ; ly^ sabaq, yasbuq ; 

«-A)L salaf , yasluf . 
Precedence, Precedenct, 8, (^^ 

taqaddum ; S;\J^ ^adara-t ; jJ^ 

Precedent, 8, ^3>U sabiq; J^ 

misl (pi. JU^^ amsal); JVjU 

mi^al (pi. ^M amsila-t, Jt« 





mugl, mosal); jj^ naztr; ;yK«*«> 
dastiir (pi. ^U.j das&tir) ; «>U^\ 

Peecept, 8. Sj^Vi q&<ida-t (pi. J^\y 
qaw&*jd) ; ^yVl qaniin (pi. {^\^ 
qawantn) ; ^y farcjl (pi. j^^^ 
f urA4) ; ^j^ iari4a-t ; 4>*^ wa^i- 
ya-t (pi. VjU^ wa9&j&). 

Peeckptob, 8. f^ mu'allim ; v»»>^ 

PsEOESsioN, 8, f^^ taqaddum. 

Peecinct, 8. ^\^\ ihata-t; l^xsm\ 
istid&ra-f; •w l^add (pi. *>^*^ 
budAd); 8y^ *aqwa-t (pi. Uie 
*iq4); WyrnA*. 

Pbecioits, ody. (:^o4^ gamin; {^aX>» 
mugmin ; ^j*^ nafis ; ^^ 'aziz. 

Pbeciousnbss, 8, l^ qima-t ; {^ 

Pbbcipiob, 8, j^*w j^adiir; Ijf^e^ 
tahdirat; ^^ habiit; ^)^ war- 
ta-t (pi. Uj^ wir&t) ; ^^^W^ naah- 
laka-t (pi. ^\^ mah&lik). 

Pbecipitancb, Pbecipitanct, 

PbECIPITATION, 8, J^i«A-\ is- 

ti'jal; a^ *ajala-t; J^ ta*jil; 
J-il*? ta'ajjul. 

Pbecipitatb, V, Wa habat, yahbut ; 
habbat, yuhabbit; ^^\ abbat, 
yuhbit ; UL. saqat, yusdqit. — 
Qiurry) J-%ft *aijal, yu'ajjil ; 
^ J^ i t s ...\ iBta'jal ft, yasta*jil; 
^ tr*^ asra* fi, yusri*. 

Pbbcipitous, adj, {steep) «-A*^^ wa- 
qif ; ^U i&mih ; J)^* nazil ; J^U 
m&yil; ^Vl q&yim. — {rapid) 
J^ x *.** musta'jil ; fjtr^ sariS 

Pbbgipitousnbss, 8, ^^ sar'a-t. 
See Pbecipitancb. 

Pbecisb, adj, {accurate) ^jf^ nia4- 
biit; v5*«^ mudaqqiq ; {^«*^ ?a- 
Ijih. — (dc/Jwed, determined) t)**^ 
mu*ayyaii ; •>5A^* maljidiid ; *>a^* 
muhaddad. — {formal) s-»-U 
ifi^uii:; 9&hib takallufat (pi. v>V^^ 
agbab) ; «-Aj^" s--^ ^ahib tak- 

Pbecisenbss, Pbecision, 8, ^«> 
diqqa-t; Ok*»>» tadqiq; ^^fW? 
tanqih ; Jat-* 4a'bt ; jWJ ijaz. 

Pbbcludb, v. £x^ manaS yamzia' ; 

^Ji naf a, yanft ; f^ ^aram, ya];L- 

rim ; ^) radd, yanidd. 
Pbecocious, adj. jA bikkir ; Jt* 

^^^\ qabl al-waqt ; ^5;*^ badri-y. 
Pbeconcbive, v. ^^ waham, ya- 

him ; jy^ ta^awwar, yata^aw- 

Pbbconception, 8. )f^ ta^awwur. 
Pbeconcbbt, V, J« iys\ ittifaq 

'ala, yattafiq. 
Pbeconcbbt, «. ^>- ^ J fa ^ j^^ ittif&q 

Pbecubsob, «. <3«^ sabiq ; ^•JJfc^ 

Pbedatobt, (wZ;. s-^V» n&hib ; s-J^ 

Pbedbcease, V, &W« ««»^ m^t qabl- 

hu, yamut. 
Pbedecessob, 8. U^L* sMif (pi. 

«^)t«^ aslaf) ; ^•JJb^* mutaqaddim ; 

O^L. sabiq (pi. jW- subbaq). 
Pbedestinatb, Pbedestine, 1;. ^*^ 

qaddar, yuqaddir (with J li or 

Ji* *ala). 
Predestination, 0. ^^ taqdir ; 

jA&«3\ al-muqaddar; ^<^\ y \^\ 

al-qa4^ wa-'l-qadr; ^4.-*J qis- 

Pbedetebminate, v. f^\ alham, 

yulhim ; J <^J^ hada li, yahdi. 
Predetermination, «. ^V^^ ilhim ; 

h^^ h&diya-t. 
Pbedicament, «. J^ hal (pi. J^^^ 

ahwal) ; ^W hala-t ;'0U ^4n (pi. 

o/^ ^u'An, oVsA :Si'an). 
pBEDiCATE, v. ^^ aqaiT, yuqirr. 
Pbedicate, «. {in grammar) Juu-J^ 

^ al-musnad bi-hi ; ^^ gifa-t. 
Pbedict, V, s^\ anzar, yunzir ; \^\ 

anb&, yunbi (both with ^jS^ bi- 

^6-y) ; C;^ barraj, yubarrij. 
Pbediction, 8. JVi fal (pj. jy 

fu'ul, J'j^^ aful); .U\ inzar; 

^;<i tabnj ; K^ tanbiya-t. 
Predilection, «. ^J^ J«^ mail ila. 
Predispose, v. {incline beforehand) 

J«^ mayyal, yumayyil. — ( pre- 
pare) J^^ a*add, yu*4dd ; ^ hay- 

ya, yuhayyi. 
Pbedominance, «. w^ tagallub ; 

i^ galaba-t ; U^*^ tasallut. 

Pm] 299 

Pbedominatb, i;. s-^ ga^lab, jag- 

Pre-eminent, adj, ^\ af^al; 

*^j^\ airaf, f. ^/^ ^rfi (pi. U(;A 

iurf ) ; jU*^ mumtaz ; ^*xaA« mu- 

Pre-emption, «. ^«Aai suf*a-t. 
Prb-enoaoe, V, f^\Aj\ ista'jar, jas- 

PRE-ENOAaEMENT, «. A^»&5^^ istlMar. 
Pre-exist, v. %i (^u kan qablan, 

jakun; %i Jki^^ wujid qablan, 

Pre-existencb, «. fftJ^ 0^ kaun 

miiqaddam; |*J^ ^^^ wujM 

Preface, 8. ^j^ muqaddama-t ; 

^^U fatita-t (pi. c'^V faw&tib) ; 

&^W4*> dibaja-t (pi. ^\i*y daja- 

l>ij, e«rfW^dababij). 
Prefect, 8. JU wali (pi. W^ 

wulat) ; ^%^ hakim (pi. f\^ 

bukkam) ; JkM iajir (pi. ji^y na- 

wagir) ; yx* mudabbir. 
Prefecture, «. ^^5^ l^uldima-t; 

h^^ wilaya-t. 
Prefer, v. ^ J^ fa44a'l *ala, yu- 

fa44il; f} agar, yiisir; ^J>^ ^j 

rajjah *ala, yurajjib; (;);•> jUM 

ihttir dun, yaitar. 
Preferable, adj, ^^ a'zam, f. 

^J*^ 'uzma; (j— ^^ ahsan (pi. 

{^^\ aJ^asin) ; J-ai\ af (jial ; ^J^l^ 

Preferablbness, 8, ^}^ t&i&i^vl. 
Preference, «. Ju-stf taf 4il ; ;Ws*-^ 

ihtiyar ; jC^\ igar. 
Preferment, «. Ib?;\ irtiq&; ^Jjf 

taraqqi; g<iSj\ irtifa*. 
Prefix, v. ^ Jrf-j\ adhal fi, yud- 

Prefix, «. ^ *^^ Ijarf jarr (pi. 

^^)^ t^ruf)- 
Pregnable, atf;. «3id.^2 y{iha? (3 aor. 

Pregnancy, «. J<»- tabal; J^^ 

J;^ubul ; J^ ^aml. 
Pregnant, adj, ^U*- l^nbla, (pi. 

<JW babala) ; ^U hamila-t. 
Prejudge, v. sj^\ J«> ^ l^akam 

qabl al-fa]^f, ya]^]nu&. 


Prejudice, 8. s— «•* ta'a99ub. — (in 
favour) J<«» mail (pi. J^»^\ am- 
yal). — {injury) w^ 4arar ; M* 
ma4arra-t; SjV.>«^^a8ira-t; ^UA 

Prejudice, v. (agairut) {^ Jt»* 
mayyal *an, yumayyil. — (in 
favour of) ^J^ J<«» mayyal ila^ 
yumayyil. — (injure) /* 4arr, ya- 
durr ; j^\ adarr, yucjirr. 

Prejudicial, adj.y^ mu^irr; )U 
4arr ; JuJU mufsid. 

Prelacy, a. £^\ U^^ riyasa-t al- 
kahana-t; l^\A imima-t. 

Prelate, «. ^\A im&m (pi. iUft 
a'imma-t) ; p^ habr (pi. ;W\ 

Prelect, v, ^ qara, yaqr&. 

Prelection, 8, h/S taqriya-t; 
ij^)»iS tadris. 

Preliminary, adj, i^j^ muqad- 
dim, muqaddam. 

Preliminary, 8, ^JJU muqadda- 

Prelude, «. ^^ badii; c^^^^ ifti- 


Premature, adj. sm^^\ J^i qabl al- 

waqt ; Ji^U <ajil ; j\^ mibk&r. 
Prematurbness, 8. y^ tabkiT ; 

iV 'ajala-t; e^^i\ J^l f^i 

buliig qabl al-aw4n. 
Premeditate, v. •uif taqa^^ad, ya- 

tuqaffad ; y^ a4mar, yu^nur ; 

Jfi ff^ 'azam *ala, ya*zim. 
Premeditation, «. j^mi? ta'ammud ; 

J^*V» ta'ammul ; Ju» qa^d ; ^^ 

tafakkur ; ^ niya-t. 
Premier, #. (Prima Miniater) yAj\ 

^lt\ a9-9adr al-a'zam; ^-tj^^ 

^%Ibe!l^ al-wazir al-a^am. 
Premise, t;. f»4S qaddam, yuqad- 

dim ; <-AL. ^allaf, yusallii . 
Premises, «. ^15U mak&n (pi. ^LxiU^ 

Premiss, «. ^aa^ muqaddama-t; 

L»as taqdima-t (pi. ^Vtf taq&. 

Premium, 8. 8Vi^y^\ L^ qimat 

Prbmonish, v.jJ^^ an^ar, yun^ir; 

jAfc tajfar, juJl^^ir. 




PssHOKiTiOK, «. )\Si\ in^r ; jt^ 

tahzir; ^^6^ na^i^a-t. 
P&EMONiTiVE, Pbsmonitobt, adj. 

sSxf* mun^ir. 

Preparation, «. j\ja&«\ isti'did; 

y69r tajhiz ; ytr tajahhuz ; s-^^ 

Freparatiye, Preparatory, adj. 

^^^^ muqaddim ; ^jtA^ muhajyi. 
Prepare, v. W^ hajja, yuhayji ; 

^ jabbaz, yujahhiz ; yt^ \^a44^T, 

yuhaij^ir ; s-*^ ahhab, yu'ahhib. 
Prepay, v. UkL.\ asiaf, yuslif . 
Prepayment, s. <-A)L salaf; £i«> 

^jju daf' muqaddim. 
Preponderance, s. ty^j mj^ ; 

^^j ruj^ana-t; ^^ galaba-t; 

s-^^ tagailub. 
Preponderate, v. ^j rajjaJji, yu- 

^jji^ ; v^ galab, yaglib. 
Preposition, s. ^ u^^ l^arf jarr 

(pi. ^^j^ t^irtlU" 
Prepossess, v. J^ mayyal, yu- 

mayyil ; v>^ jazab, yajzib. 
Prepossessing, adj. v**^W j&?ib 

(pi. v»*i^^ jawa^ib). 
Preposterous, adj. JW« mu^&l; 

^}t^ r .,„^ mustal^ ; JfinS^ J^ 4udd 

Preposterousness, 8. «i^t^ *abas ; 

^U^^ istij^ala-t. 
Prepuce, s. Mi qulfa-t ; ^jt gur- 

Pre-requisite, 8. l^AL* ^ji lazi- 

ma-t muqaddima-t (pi. f^j^y la- 

Prbrogatiyb, 8. <JK ^t^aqq (pi. J/^ 

It^uqiiq) ; ^^ maziya-t (pi. \i\y 

Presage, #. JU m (pi. JV fu'ul, 

J V^ af ul ; aiJ dal&la-t. 
Presage, v. A\^\ v^ 4&rab al-fal, 

ya^rib ; (^^^Tkaban, yakhiui ; {^4^ 

takahban, yatakabban. 
Presbyter, 8. {^yJ^^i kabin (pi. ^ 

kabana-tj ; (j«i qiss (pi. (j«^ 

qusiis, ^^L^ qasawisa-t) ; <j«««J 

qasis (pi. ^Ui quss&n, l^\ aqis- 


PBXSOIBNOBy •• v*«4S^ ^ *ilm al- 

Prescient, oc^'. s-h»^^ ^^ 'alim al- 

Pbescribb, V. j>A amar, ya'mur; 
yj^ f^s^ ^atam 'ala, ya^tim ; ^/>y 
^ £ara4 *ala, yairi^; J^ ^j 
rasam 'ala, yarsum. — {as a pky-- 
siciau) <-Ao^ wa^af , ya^if. 

Pbescbiption, 8. {precept) y\ amr 
(pi. y\)\ awamir) ; ^j^ji far^ (pi. 
^jb^ furu4); Sac^ qa*ida-t Q>L 
Jkft^y qawa'id) ; (^^\i qanun (pi. 
^^^^ qawanin). — {of a physU 
cian) ^A«^ waffa-t ; Aq^^ nusba-t. 

Pbesence, 8. jyi^ ^u^iir ; &/*». ^a4- 
ra-t ; S^W^ ^abada-t. — (in Aw 
pre8tnce) ^'^ {^ bain yade-bi ; 
A^\*vs quddam-bu; Ai^U\ imam- 

Pbesent, adj. j^W f^a^ir (pi. j^*^ 
bucjcjar, (:^^U. ta^irin); ^^y 
maujud. — (not past) j*^ h^^4^9 
^jJU. tali-y. — {at present) ^S\ 
alan ; sj^ ballaq. 

Pbesent, 8. {the present time) JW^ 
al-^al ; yi\^\ al.^a^ir ; w>iy \ \J^ 
baza ai-waqt. — {gijt) iii^ tu^a-t 
(pi. «-Aa^ tul^kt; ; i|*A* badiya-t 
(pi. ^\*A* badaya). 

Pbesent, v. ^j»^ b^^ai*! yult^a^^u* ; 
^^ a^cjiar, yuJ;^(jbLr ; ^ qaddam, 
yuqaddim. — {imake a present) 
^jt^ \jmJ\ Uiei\ at^af at^ad-an bi 
^e-yin, yut^df; ^ ,j-*J\ ^3'^^ 
abda e^-^e-y la-bu, yulidi. 

Pbesentation, 8. ^JJff taqdim; 
u*/^ *ar4. 

Pbesentiment, 8. ij^^ \^SA% ; l^J^ 
^asiya-t ; aA4\^ mukkiai'a-t. 

Pbesently, adv. "SU. ^alan; {^ 
AsfrU. min sa'at-bu; ^S\ al&n; 
*\y^\i najizan. 

Pbesebyatxon, 8. Ib^ ^af? ; &ftW« 
mutiafaza-t; AiW« fiyana-t ; ^^j*- 

Pbbsebve, v. {keep care/uUy, pro- 
tect) Ib^ ^afiz, ya^faz ; u^ M^ 
ya^iin; U*> ^ama, ya^imi; ^^'•ft 
'a^am, ya*»im.— (yruU«, atc.j ^j 
rabba, yurabbi {m suyar); jaa. 
ballal, yubailil {in viMyar) ; ^ 
mallal^i yumaUi^i (in mU). 




Pbbsbbyb, «. ^Jlf murabba ; Jiob^ 

muhallai ; ^U^ mumailaJji ; {j*y9^ 

P&BsiDE, t;. (jJt%«3\ ^Jy tawalla al- 

majlis, jatawalla ; ^^^ <i^ qa'ad 

bi-vadr, jaq'ud. 
Paesidbnct, Pbebidentship, 8. 

c r " W * ^ ^ ^^j riyasat al-majlis; 

j*^« 9adr. 
Pbesident, 8. ( j»l »» ^ {j»*Jj rayis 

al-majbs (pi. U*«j^ ru*asa) ; ^Jf^ 

< ^4 ^» ^ mutawaiii ai-majlis. 

Pbbss, «. {for fluids) iy^*^ mi'^a- 
ra-t (pi. yc\»^ ma'a^ir). — {for 
'papeT8y Ac) L»^ milzama-t. — 
{printing pre88) &»^ mitba^a-t 
(pi. fft^i^ matabi*). — {throng) 
JU»>j zaJ^ma-t ; f*^^3^ izdi^am. — 
{wardrobe) ii\^ hizana-t (pi. 
{^\y^ hizajin) ; (^Va^/> huristau. 

Pbess, V, {compre88) vjk* i^yj^f 
ju^ayyiq; ^J^ J>^ kabas 'ala, 
yakbiB. — {8queeze) /^ 'a^ar, 
ya*9ir. — {hug) *;•** «J^ ^ (jlainm 
lia $adr-iiu, yacjiumiu ; {^'^sa^\ i^- 
taijian, yai^ta4in. — {di8tre88) <ja-«* 
'a§9a9, yu'af^if; y lazz, yaluzz. 
— ( pre88 upon) f¥^ hajam, yah- 
jim ; J^^ i;^aiual, ya^mil (Doth 
with ^ 'ala). — {crowd) ^j 
zaitjiam, yaz^am ; f^*>}^ izdaJbiaai, 

Pbessube, 8. {pre88ion) S/«e 'a^ra-t. 
— {force) jy^ jaur ; ^ zulm ; ;eS 
qahr ; f\y\ liz&m. — {di8tre88) 
v*^^ *azaD ; ^^ 4^qa-t. 

PsESTiaB, 8, Sye 'izza-t ; ^Uifi 'asa- 

Pbesume, v. {8uppo8e) jbj^ fara4i 
yafra4; (j-C» J** *amil qiy&s, 
ya'mal; ^y tawahham, yata- 
wahham; ^ zann, yazuan. — 
{arrogate) ji^ tajabbar, yatajab- 
bar ; ^^S\ idda*a, yadda'i. 

Pbesuming, Pbesumptuous, adj. 
jf^^ mutajabbir ; ^j^^^ muta- 

PbESUMPTION, 8, {8Upp08it%0n) ijm^ 

qiyas ; ^y far^iya-t ; \j^\y^\ it- 
tira4 i {j^ zaim. — {preiumpUMUi' 

n888y arrogance) p^ takabbur; 

J\.t^Ju^ istikbar ; ^t<F tajabbur. 
Pbesumptive, adj, <j-W^ qiy4si-y. 
Pbesuppose, V, [J>^ fara4> yaf ra4 ; 

jjki qaddar, yuqaddir ; (j*W J«* 

*amil qiyas, ya*mal; {^^^ ham- 
man, yuhammin. 
Pbesupposition, 8, v/y far4 ; >•*• 

taqdir ; (^W qiyas. 
Pbetencb, 8, &^ li^ujja-t; i^ 

411a.t ; JU> ta'allul ; j^ *uzr.— 

{ pretension f claim) ^*^\ iddi'i; 

i\e\j^ mudk'4-t; ft^ da'wa-t; 

f^j za'm. 
Pbetend, v. (maA;6«Aou;)j6^^ azhar, 

yuzhir; J^V*- j^^awal, yu^awil; 

j^-cp tai^awwal, yatal^awwal 

(mostly expressed by the vi. 

form of a verb, as : ^^y* mari4» 

"to be ill;*' yi^W tamara4, 

" to pretend to be ill." — {claim) 

^J^ f^*y\ idda*a 'ala, yadda*i ; 

ij^ ^^*> J4* *amil da'wa *ala, 

Pbbtendbb, 8, {claimer) ^^-a*]^ 

madda'i ; ^3 za'im. 
Pbetentioub, adj. {presuming) 

j-t^ts^ mutajabbir; ^«m* muta- 

Pbetbbite, 8. {tense) ^U m4(Ji; 

^UJ\ Jji fi*l al-ma^jli. 
Pbbtbbnatubal, adj. ^«>fltW J^ 

4udd at-tabi'a-t ; o^oA j^t gair 

tabi*i-y; ftJ^W ^A*. feilAf al- 

qaHda-t ; s-'s^^ *ajib. 
Pbetezt, 8. j^ *u?r (pi. j\^\ 

*a?ar) ; S^Jld *i?ra-t (pl.;»5^ *i?ar) ; 

i^ bujja-t (pi. g^^ ttijaj); 

ilft^ ti^-t (pi. J*»^ tiyal)' 
Pbettinesb, 8. {j^ kaia ; &-iVU 

la^afa-t ; ^\y zarafa-t ; W bah&; 

£^ bahja-t. 
Pbetty, adj. {j^^ kuwayyis ; <-AjW 

la^f (pi. <-i^ iitaf) ; J««^jauul; 

<J^y z&nf ; ^dU lualii^. 
Pbevail, v. {overcome) s-^ galab, 

yaglib; ^ yk zafar *ala, yaz- 

hr. — (6e customary or general) 

SuU jU f4r '&da-t, ya^ir; ^ 

'amm, ya'umm. — {induoe) ffi 

qanna'i yuqaiuu^ 




Pbbtailiho, Pbbtalbht, adj. ^\t j 
galib ; ijf"^ mustauli, — (citr- 
rc»/, ctittomary) ij,jW jari ; ^^♦fi - 
'uinumi-j ; ^-tU. gajir ; jljuu* 


tagallub ; ^>a-\ iBiilL— {currency, 

custom) e\^ rawaj ; i^U *ada-t. 
Pbeyabicatb, v. J^^ t^wal, ju- 

tawil; ga^\ il^tajj, yaJ^tajj ; ^j,U 

ban, jabiD. 
Pbevabicatioh, $. idfl^ bila-t (pi. 

Jr ^^al) ; ^^ <?ujja-t (pi ^^^ 

bujaj;; i^W- bijana-t. 
Pbevent, v. ff^ manaS jamoa' ; 

v>^ *aq, ja'iiq ; j^ *awwaq, yu- 

•awwiq; ^^fA i*tara4, ya*tari4; 

Pbevention, 8. ff^ man'; toU* 
mumAna'a-t ; ^J^/»^ i*tir&4. 

Pbbvbntivb, (wi;., #. g^U mani* (pi. 
C»V mawAni*); jk^ *Ayiq (pi. 
C^V *awAyiq). 

Pbbyious, adj, ^L. B&biq (pi. 
v>W- Bubb&q, Oh- Bubbaq, f. S 
a-t, pi, <3»^^ sawAbiq) ; UkJL. 
Balif (pi. u:)U Bull&f) ; f*J^ mu- 
qaddim, muqaddam. 

Pbuy, «. (^un(ed) tXe^ ^aid ; ^y 
iariaa-t. — (booty) W«^ ganima-t 
(pi. ^U& ganayim) ; ^ nuh- 
ba-t. — (bea8t of prey) CiW ^^^<»^ 
(r-^) tuiiwdn jArib (kisir) (pi. 
Cj^y>- vA^^ wubii6 jaw&rib, v>^^ 
7-^^ wu^Cl^ kawAsir). — (6ird 0/ 
prey) jJ^ j^ \bat kABir (pi. ^^ 
r-V tuyiir kawasir). 

Pbky, v. (Of animdU) {j^f^^ iftaras, 
yaftaris. — (rest heavuy on) Jii^ 
^ aaqal 'aia, yasqul. 

Pbioe, 8, {^ gaman (pi. (^W\ ag- 
m&n) ; ^ Bi*r (pi. ^U-\ aa'ar) ; 
W^ qiiua-t (pi. ^ qiyam^. 

Pbicblebs, adj. ^U«i &) U ma la-hu 
qiiua-t ; {^ A) U m& la-hu 
Baman; ^^pSi yatim (pi. f*Ui^ 

Pbick, v. yB» nabaz, yan^az ; }jt 
garaz, yagriz; *^ ^akk, ya- 

Pbiox, «. U^ nabrft-t. 

Pbicklb, 8. *tJ^ teuk (pL «45^yfc^ 
aswak) ; ^y^ sauka-t, soka-t. 

Pbickliness, 8. *^\^\ iswak. 

Pbicklt, adj. *^^ sawik. 

Pbide, 8. j^ kubr; Vj^ kibriya; 
j^ takabbur; ^W^s-^ istikbar; 
^^ ta*a22um. 

Pbiest, 8. (^v^ kahin (pi. 4^ ka- 

hana-t) ; u-* ^^^ (P^- .u*r^ 
quBiis) ; (^r-^e— 3 qisBis (pi. ^" . t ^-i 

Pbiesthood, 8. <A>^-^ kahnut; 
^^ qus&sa-t; d Hi .. ^ . »i quBusi- 

Pbibstlt, 8. «j-y-i quBusi-y. 

Pbim, oJ;. ^j^y^ muzahraf ; f^ 

Pbimabt, adj. J^^ awwal (pi. JI^^\ 
awayil, JU awali), f. ^jJ^^ ula 
(pi. ie>Wy uwaliyat) ; < j ■ ^ -•^ 

Pbimate, 8. f^\ imain (pi. ^UH 
a*imma-t) ; (^*^\ ^*^ 9adr ad- 
din (pi. j^Ju» 9udiir) ; **^;W ba^- 
rik; i;4;Jaj batrairik (pi. *4^;^ 
batank, ^Ub) ba^arika-t). 

Pbimatbsuip, Pbimact, 8. l^\A 
imama-t ; l^^ ba^raka-t. 

Pbime, adj. ^^ a^raf, f. ^^ ^arf A 
(pi. s^Jk ixxxi) \ ^\ afijlal ; ^^^ 
wabid ; aj J farid (pi. J^/ fara- 

Pbime, Pbimenebb, 8. (bloom) (^^y^^fi 
*anfawan ; ijij raiq, itiyyiq, riq. 
— (be8t part) ^^ hila^a-t, hula- 
9a-t; s-J lubb (pi. v*^ lubub). 

Pbime, v. (prepare) ^^^ a'add, 
yu*i(id ; le* bayya, yuhayyi. — (a 
gun) /-^ ^har, yu?ahhir. 

Pbimeb, 8. ^yo'i^ ^^ kitab al- 
u^iil (pi. s-^ kutub). 

Pbimeyal, Pbimitive, adj. ^•^i 
qadim (pi. UjJ qudama) ; Ok^ 
'atiq (pi. Vftxe *utaqa, f. iji\sA 

Pbiming, 8. (of a gun) ij^ s^i* 
ra-t (pi. ^U J ?abayir). 

Pbimitiye, 8. (original word) i^\ 
a^iiya-t ; J^^^^ mujarrad. 

Pbimitiybnbbs, 8. f^^\ J^ bai 




Pbimogshitxtbb, «. kjy^ baMrt- 


Primordial, adj. ^J^^ a^li-y ; J^^ 

Prince, s. (son of a king) *a^\ {^\ 
ibn al-malik (pi. W\ abna, {^^ 
banin). — (chief) yti^\ amir (pi. 
\f\ umara) ; J<>5 qail (pi. JWs^ 
aqv&l) ; •^^- sayyid (pi. 8jU 
sada-t) ; j^ju-» ^indid (pi. Jsi*)U« 
9anadid) ; ^J^*- hidiw (Pers.), 

Princeliness, 8. ^)^\ imara-t; 
i-a^^ malakiya-t ; \y'i\ ^J) zai-y 
al-umara («^JU3\ al-muli\k). 

Princely, adj. ^yt** miri-y (for 
i^y6^\ amiri-y) ; ^^UL- suUani-y ; 
^^j^ hidiwi-y. 

Principal, adj. ^JXo^ a^li-y; ij))j^ 
duriiri-y ; (j^-^ a.ha99 ; ^•— *\ 

Principal, 8. er*«sf; raiyis (pi. U*j) 
ru'asd) ; ijy^ mutawalli ; (•J^a** 

Principality, s. 8;^^ im&ra-t. 

Principally, adv. 'to^ hufii^an. 

Principle, s. (element) j'^^ 'un^ur 
(pi. ^Uc *ana§ir) ; {j^\ ass, iss 
(pi. (j-^^ isas, asas) ; J*^ a^l 
(pi. Jy*^ u^Al). — (fundamental 
truth) Sj^U qaMda-t (pi. J^\y qa- 
wk'id).— (tenet) s-aX« mazhab 
(pi. s-^^*^ mazahib). 

Print, s. ^taba*; U^ ba^ma-t. 
— (foot-print) f\ asar (pi. ;^^ 

A A \ 

Print, v. ^ tabaS yatba* ; ^ 

ba?am, yab^um. 
Printer, s. fW^ t^bba* ; o^*J»^ 

mitba*ji; ^V-a> balsam. 
Printing, b. ^W^ tiba*a-t; ieU* 

^^ 9ana'at at-tab*. 
Printing-house, -oppicb, s. j\*y 

l^^\ dar at-tiba*a-t. 
Printing-press, s. 5*Jo^ mi^ba*a-t 

(pi. ^\L» matabi*). 
Prior, adj. ( pretnous) (•»^5^ aqdam ; 

fM^ muqaddim, muqaddam ; 

^^ sabiq (pi. jW- sabbaq, Ok- 

subbaq, f. S -t, pi. <3«^^ aawa- 

Prior, 8. (of a convent) vr«v 

I (^\^^\ raijTis ar-ruhbln (pi. U*|^ 

Prioress, 8. is>^\^\ l^^ raiyiaat 

Priority, s. ^•^^ taqaddum ; ^^ 

awwaliya-t ; *aX--* sabk. 
Prism, 8. )y^ man^iir (pi. je^^ 

manasir) ; jjt-*y* mauiiir (pi. 

jiJ^^y mawalir). 
Prison, s. u****- habs (pi. {j^yt^ 

hubus) ; {^ ^ x sijn (pi. (^y^-^ 

Prisoner, 8. ^^^-^^^ mal^biis ; 

(^y^f'^ masjiiii. — (prisoner of 

war) jt^\ asir (pi. \j»m\ usara). 
Pristine, adj. ^-vJ qadim (pi. ^Al 

qudama) ; ^3**^ *atiq (pi. ^**ft 

*utaqa) ; (JM^ sabiq (pi. jW- 

subbaq, v>^ subbaq). 
Private, adj. (particular) ,^U. 

ha??; u»y«ato^ mah^ii?. — (secret) 

i^y* sirri-y ; jt'^^ mastiir. 
Privatbness, Privacy, ». S^k hal- 

Privation, «. ^ 'adam ; cW"^^ 

ihtiyaj ; s-J^ salb. 
Privative, ad;. s-^U s&lib; ^•J«*» 


Privative, s. (in grammar) *>J^ 
s-J^ barf salb (pi. ^^y^ ^uriif). 

Privilege, s. hy maziya-t (pi. 
k\y>» mazaya) ; yt^\ imtiyaz (pi. 
«t>^jl^i^\ imtiyazat). 

Privilege, v. u\ti^ AUe *amil-hu 
mu*af, ya*mal; v> j^^^ ihta?? 
bi, yahta??. 

Privileged, adj. u\tu» mu*&f ; ^jiV** 

Privy, adj. (conscious) ^J^ «-A*\^ 
waqif *ala ; ^^ mutalli ; ^ A** 
ma*-hu habar. — (not public) (•j^^ 
mahram ; ^^U. ha?? . — (secret) 
^^ sirri-y. 

Privy, s. c^yi— ^ mustarati ; u*^/* 

mirhad (pi. {J^tfiAy^ mtLrkhl^) ; 

t^JujS kanif (pi. Ub^ kiinf). 
Prize, s. SUVii mukafa-t; S^jW^ 

mujaza-t ; (:)^^ halwan. 
Prize, v. ^^ a*azz, yu*izz; (^ 

gamman, yusammin. 




Probability, «. ijmi^ X^jVju mu^A- 
babat al-baqq ; JUs^^ ihtimAl. 

Probable, ac?;. <3il5 A|Um« mu^A- 
bib li-'l-baqq ; J-*^^^ mubta- 
mil, mubtamal. — (it is probable) 
J^-sar yabtamil. 

Probation, «. cjU^^ imtib&n; 
%L^. babg ; j^^ fab? ; yft^ ta- 

Probe, «. cr^^ mijass ; jW—^ mis- 
b&r; J«^ mil (pi. JW amy&l, 
J^ nrnyiil). 

Probe, v. j^ sabar, yasbur. 

Probity, «. c^ ^alkh ; jjud ^adq ; 
,^U^ in^Af. 

Problem, «. ^Qi^**^ mu^kila-t (pi. 
JJUu mas&kil) ; fl'L-^ masa'a- 
la-t (pi. J«^-^ masAyil). 

Problematical, ac/;. *<-*-• mui^ab- 
bab; ^^^^^ ma^kiik; <JW« ;ti^ 
gair mubaqqaq. 

Proboscis, «. f»^/- burtAm (pi. 
^^/. bar&t^m) ; f^^^ \Ar\^m. 

Procedure, «. S^**-« mai^wa-t ; ^/^ 
tariqa-t ; jtik'^ tadbfr. 

Proceed, v. {advance) f^ qadam, 
yaqdum; i**^ taqaddam, yata- 
qaddam ; y^ s&r, yasir. — (make 
progress) ^f tarraqa, yatarraqa. 
— (come forth) jAc ^adar, ya^dir, 
ya^dur ; J-*- ba^al, yab^al. 

Proceeding, s. fiUU#» mu^Amala-t ; 
J4* 'amal. — (proceedings) »«3^ 

Proceeds, s. J«^ bii^il (pi. uwlUW 
b&9ilat, J*^^ haw&fil); Jy*^^ 
mah^M ; J^J^ madbM. 

Process, s. (procedure) ik;f^ X&r^- 
qa-t (pi. iji^^ tarayiq); J^ 
'amal (pi. JUc^ a*mal). — (luw- 
suit) S^*> da*wa-t; ^5^*^ da*wa 
(pi. v5^^** da'&wa) ; ^r^ bu^A- 
ma-t; ^ts-AB qa^ija-t; ^\m^ mu- 

Procession, «. (pageant) s-^*^ 
maukib (pi. s-My« mawakib) ; 
«y»*jJ daura-t ; ^3 zaffa-t (parti- 
cularly applied to a wedding 
procession). — (ecclesiastical) c^) 
ziyy&b (pi. vr>^V>j ziyyatat). 

Proclaim, v, <^«>^ nida, yun&di; 

)%i^y asbar, yu^ir; (^^ a^aa, 

Proclamation, s. 8\ jU* munAdAt ; 

fM\ inara ; q)^\ i*Un ; j\^\ i^b&r ; 

j^\ izbAr. 
Proclivity, «. sJ^^\ in'itftf ; Je^ 

mail (pi. JW^^ amyal). 
Procrastinate, t?. ^^ ahbar, yu- 

'ahbir; ^Jll|^ abqa, yubqi; jfS 

ta'awwaq, yata*awwiq ; <^*5L.». 

b&zaf, ynbAzif. 
Procrastination, s. ^'^ ta'hir; 

^*^W* mubazafa-t. 
Procrastinator, «. jy*» matM, 

mutawwil ; Je*-* mumabbil. 
Procreate, r. •^J^ walad, yalid; 

J-i nasal, yansul ; J— *^ ansal, 

Procreation, s, ^f taulid ; J-Ul 

Procreative, adj, J^y« muwallid. 
Procreativeness, f. JL-J^^ Syi 

quwwat at-taulfd ; l^y y quw- 

wa-t muwallida-t. 
Procurable, adj. J^^^ {^^^ 

mnmkin al-bu^M. 
Procurator, s. ijf^ mutawalli ; 

s^t^y wakil (pi. 3i^5 wakalA). 
Procure, v. J-»- (a^^al, ynba^^il ; 

^W jAb, yajfb ; s-V jalab, yaj- 

lub. — (ohtain) JV» n&l, yan&l ( J^ 

yanil). — (pimp) ^^^ 'arra^i, yu- 

Procuress, s. £)«> dall&la-t. 
Prodigal, adf;., «. ;J^ mubazzir; 

uw« musrif ; Ukli* mitlaf, mut- 

Prodigality, «. «J^^^ isr&f ; Ji«M 



Prodigious, adj, (wonderful) v , . e » ft 
*ajib. — (enormous) j^ja ^adid ; 
J4^3 zayid ; ^•Ji^c 'agim. 

Prodigy, s. ^ti ^ f *ajiba-t (pi. 
s-iW* *aj&yib) ; hy^ *ujAba.t ; 
s-^jl^^ s-^c *ajab al-*a]&yib. 

Produce, Product, s. J-^ t&^il 
(pi. J*^^ hawafil) ; Jf«w« mab- 
9M (pi. ^"iyo:^ mab^iilAt). 

Produce, v. (bring to view) ^ 
qaddam, yuqaddim ; j^\ asbar, 
yuabir. — (Mng forth) yti\ a§- 




mar, jugmir ; ^^ wallad, juwal- 
lid ; Ui^ an^a, jun^i ; ^\ antaj, 
yuntij. — (cauee) s--<«» sabbab, 

Production, s. (act of prodticing) 
ijl)^ takwin ; jUj\ ism&r. — (com- 
position) i^ J i ^^ tS ta^nif ; \Ai\ iniL 

Productive, adj. j4^ mugmir ; 
s ^j-a* feagib ; My* muwallid. 

Productiveness, «. s-«*- hisb. 

Profanation, s. {j»*i^ tanjis ; 
{j^^ tadnis. 

Profane, adj. (worldly) ^5^*^ dun- 
yawi-y. — {impure) v>-\i fasiq. 

Profane, v. ^i lawwas, yulaw- 
wis ; ^j»^ najjas, yunajjis ; u«^*> 
dannas, yudannis. 

Profaneness, Profanity, «. ^J^ 
f^y^'^\ *adam al-i^itiram; ,>-i 

Profess, v. (declare) fi^\ azhar, 
yuzhir ; yj^ qarrar, yuqarrir ; ^\ 
aqarr, yuqirr ; •^<» sahid, ya^had. 
— (exercise or teach) y^-^ 'amal 
(*amil), ya*mal ; g-ju> ^ana*, 
ya^na* ; ^•— ^ 'allain, yu'allim ; 
tj*;*> darras, yudarris. 

Profession, «. (declaration) ^^^ 
iqrar; u\j^s^\ i*tiraf; Jl^s*^ 
ta'kid ; S*>W*» sahada-t. — (calling) 
^^*^ 9an'a-t ; ls\x^ 9ana*a-t (pi. 
gaU-D ^auayi*); ^f- hirfa-t (pi. 
^f^ hiraf) ; (^ fann (pi. (^y^ 
funiin) ; ^ *ilm (pi. ^^Ic *ulum). 

Professor, s. #J** mu^allim ; u*;J^ 
mudarris ; ^<^ ustaz. 

Proffer, v. ^••xi qaddam, yuqad- 
dim ; ^j6;C *arad, ya*rud. 

Proffer, s. ^^xa? taqdim. 

Proficience, Proficiency, «. SjV^ 
mahara-t ; ^f taraqqi ; LjBj^ 
irtiqa ; ^W^ labaqa-t. 

Proficient, adj., s, y^U mahir ; 
/>U ^a^ir ; jM labiq ; ,J^J labiq. 

Profile, s. &^^\ cJUJ na^f aJ-wajh; 
ctJi^ multafit. 

Profit, s. (gain) s-*— «^ kasb; ^; 
ribh (pi. cW;^ arbah). — (advan- 
tage) Sj^U %ida-t (pi. ^\^ fa- 
way id) ; L^ Miu^ manfa'a-t (pi. 
giU. manafi*). 

Peopit, v.n. ^j rabib,yarbat; Mtf 
tanaffa*, yatanaffa* ; ^^ intifa*, 
yantafi' ; s-*-*^ iktasab, jakta- 
sib; a. ^ nafa', yanfa'; naffaS 
yunaffi* ; <^«a^^ ajda, yujdi. 

Profitable, adj. •M^ mufid ; g*U 

Profitableness, e. gf^ naf' ; Imkxf 
manfa^a-t ; SjU^ ifada-t. 

Profitless, adj. i^\i^\ ^^ 'adiin 
al-fayida-t ; a^A^^ gair mu^d. 

Profligate, adj., s. ft^ fajir (pi. 
jV fujjar, S^ fajara-t, i9^y fa- 
wajir) ; vjMi fasiq (pi. jL-i 
fussaq, ^Awi fasaqa-t). 

Proflioatenbss, Profligacy, «. 
v5— * fisq ; *>U-i fasad ; ;^ fujiir. 

Profound, ac?/. (deep) tjh^^ 'amiq 
Cpl. v>^ *umuq, ijiU^ 'am4yiq, 
jUft *imaq). — (ahatruse) J^^ 
magluq ; {j>iy^ gawi?. — (learned) 
y^rt^i^ mutabaljihir ; (J2;^ g&nq. 

Profoundness, Profundity, «. 
yj^c *umq. — (figuratively) j^ 
gaur ; u^W^ giya?. 

Profuse, adj. (prodigal) )^ mu- 
bazzir ; s^y^ musrif ; vJ)*«^ mu- 
ba*ziq. — (plentiful) ji\^ w&fir; 
y^ kagir. 

Profuseness, Profusion, e. (pro- 
digality) *^\jJ^ israf ; ij\Si bazA- 
ra-t (bazarra-t). — (abundance) 
S^ kasra-t ; ij^ fai4 ; c^; 
rah? ; /^ waf r ; j^^ wuf ftr. 

Progenitor, «. »*«► jadd (pL •>jJ^ 
judud, *>W^ ajdad). 

Progeny, «. *>5;^ aulAd ; %;•> ?urri- 
ya-t (pi. v5j\)*^ zarari) ; J-^ nasi 
(pi. J^— *^ ansal). 

Prognosticate, v. Jy^ tafawwal, 
yatafawwal ; (^^e^ takahhan, ya- 
takahhan; ^JffS tanabba, yata- 

Prognostication, s. JVi fal (pi. J*y 
fu'ul; JV^ af ul) ; giy tabrij.^ 

Prognosticator, 8. f^^i^ munaj- 
jim ; jVi t^ fattah fal. 

Programme, s. (^^ bayan. 

Progress, Progression, s. (a4- 
vancement) f»*v£5 taqaddum ; JW*^ 
iqbal ; c\)*^^^^^ istidraj ; ^j*^ tad- 





rij. — (improvement) Jji taraqqi; 
*yk^\\ izdijUd; cW» najHb; c^^ 
Pboqbess, v. f*^ taqaddam, jata- 


^j^\jjAm\ istidraji-y ; ^JAs#« muta- 
Pboobessivenesb, 8. t^j*iA^\ istid- 

A • 


Pbohibit, V, (forbid) (*^ tarram, 
yuharrim ; ^J^ Daha, yanhi. — 
(hinder) Q*^ mana*, yamna* ; J^ 
*4q, ya'uq ; j^ *awwaq, yu*aw- 
wiq ; ^ hazar, yahgur. 

Pbohibition, 8. (defence) fif^ tat- 
rim ; ^^ nahi. — (hindrance) Q^ 
man' ; f Ui*«\ imtina* ; ^U^ mu- 

Pbohibitoby, adj, ^^ mani' ; f^;^^ 

Pboject, 8. A*i qa^d ; *>^.««^ maq- 
9ud (pi. At^^ maqAsid) ; «rt**J 
tadbir; J^a-j:»\ ibtida* ; *>UfJ 

Pboject, v. (contrive) ;»*> dabbar, 
yudabbir; if^\ ihtara*,yahtari* ; 
gjoj^ ibtadaS yabtadi*. — (throw- 
out) ^-^ ^ hazaf , yahzif ; ^y\ 
rama, yarmi. — (jut out) ^J^ *^j^y 
a^raf *ala, yuiSrif . 

Pbojectile, 8, i^y mirma ; 5U^ 
mirm&t (pi. o^V naar^nai). 

Pbojectino, adj, *,JyJ^ mu^rif . 

Pbojection, 8, (delineation) f^s 
rasm (pi. f»^— "j rusiim, f^-^y 
arsum) ; ^^) rasama-t ; jiytS 
ta^wir (pi. )i)^ ta^&wir). 

Pbojectob, 8, J»Xt^ nrnbdi* ; f/^ae* 

Pbolipio, adj, (are a female) Sj#^ 
S^yi\ kasirat al-aulad. — (ae a 
tree) jU*3^ Ijt^ kasirat al-aamar ; 
j^^^ musmir. 

Pbolix, adj, J2^ tawil (pi. ^\^ 
tiwAl, JWi. tiyal) ; r^^ P^ ka§ir 
al-kalam ; J^ inufa99al. 

Pbolixity, Pbolixness, 8. jy» t^l ; 
Ji^ tatwil ; f^\ ij^ kasrat al- 
kalam ; sy>\^\ ishab ; v>U»^ 

Pbologue, 8, ^•A* muqaddama-t; 

W^ ffttiba-t (pi. ^V ^awHtih). 
Pbolono, v. J^ ^awwal, yutaw- 

Pbolonoation, 8, J?y^ tatwil ; 

^^\ itala-t ; ^ muhla-t. 
Pbomenade, «. {pleaeure-walk) ^yi 

tanazzuh ; ^y nuzha-t. — (place 

for walking) »yw^ muntazah. 
Pbominence, Pbominency, 8, «J;-*-« 

masraf, mu^raf (pi. v-*;U^ mas&- 

rif) ; t\is^\ irtifa*. 
Pbominent, adj, ^y^^ mu^rif 

g«/» murtafi* ; j;W bariz. 
Pbomisctjous, a(i/. ^^•^^ mahlii^ 

iebafc^ muhtalH. 
Pbomiscuousness, 8. W*- hilt, ^^U 

l!U.^ ihtilat ; ^3<^ lahbata-t. 
Pbomise, 8. '^p wa*d ; Sjkc^ wa*da-t 

*^y^y* mau*ud (pi. J^^^ ma- 

wa*id) ; J^ 'ahd (pi. *>^ *uhud). 
Pbomise, v. J^^ wa'ad, ya*id ; J^^^ 

au^ad, yu*id ; ^^Vc *4had, yu- 

Pbomissoby, ady. J^^^ wa*id. 
Pbomontoby, 8, ^j*\j ras (pi. u**;y 

ru'us, cr^/i^ ru'fts). 
Pbomote, v. (prefer) ^Jtj raqqa, 

yuraqqi ; f**^ qaddam, yuqad- 

dim ; g*) rafa*, yarfa*. — (accdc' 

rate) (^J^ qaddam, yuqaddim ; 

ty) rawwaj, yurawwij. 
Pbomotion, 8, ^/ taraqqi ; ^^ 

irtiqa; ^J^ taqdim; f»JJE^ ta- 

Pbompt, adj. (active) ^^U ik^v (pi. 

jVU 6iitt&r) ; ^f^ harik ; ^Ai 

na^it. — (ready) /^^ hadir ; ^m j^^ 

musta^idd ; ^j^ sari* (pi. (^^j^ 

8ur*aii), f. l»i^ 8ari*a-t (pi. J^^ 

Pbompt, v, (incite) ^y^ harrak, yu- 

harrik ; jj*;*- harra4, yuharri^. — 

(euggeef) ^jLftjU\ isar *ala, yu^ir. 
Pbomptitude, Pbomptnesh, 8, ifiy-i 

8ur*a-t ; j\jk«A-.\ isti'dad. 
Promulgate, v. ;6^\ ashar, yu^hir ; 

;6^\ azbar, yughir. 
Promuloation, 8, ;W*»^ i^har ; ^\ 

Pbone, adj, (proetrate) t^ niat- 




nih. — {mentally inclined) J»^ 
mayil ; s-^^; ragib. 

Pboneness, «. J©^ mail (pi. JW*^ 
amyal) ; l^j rugba-t ; V^\ iiti- 
ha ; (j;y^ hawa. 

Pbong, 8. ^^ ioV ; ^y» soka-t ; 
^^y furtaika-t. 

Pronominal, adj, 0;**-* ^fl'Diiri-v. 

Pronoun, a. j^^ 4^mir (pi. ;iU-* 
dainty ir). See Demonstrative^ 
Relative, <fcc. 

Pronounce, v. {articulate) ^ 
lafas, jalfis; ^ti^ talaffaz, jata- 
laffa^. — {pronounce sentence) 
f^ hakam, jahkum ; f^^^\ j*^^ 
a^dar al-hukm, ju9dir. 

Pronunciation, 8, ^ lafz (pi. tUJ^ 
alias) ; ^" talaffuz. 

Proof, e, {evidence) S^aU ^ahida-t 
(pi. jJb\yA, sawahid) ; JJ^ dalil 
(pi. Jj^*> dalajil) ; (^jW bayan ; 
(:j^;» b urban (pi. {j^^ji barahin). 
— {test) (;)Ws^^ imtihan ; ^fr 
tajriba-t (pi. v»jW^ tajarib) ; si^^, 
bsLJji? ; S^ hubra-t. 

Prop, s, ju«. sanad (pi. «>U^^ asnad) ; 
jUx«,\ istinad. 

Prop, v, *u^ sanad, yasnud ; san- 
nad, yusannid ; *9^U sanad, yusa- 

Propagate, v.a, {increase in num- 
ber) j^ ka§§ar, yukassir ; *>\j zad, 
yazid. — (spread) j^ nai^ar, yan- 
^ur ; gVM asa', yusi* ; g«A ^ayya*, 
yu^ayyi*. — {increase by genera- 
tion) ^\iS tanasal, yatanasal. 

Propagation, s. {increase) 8jW 
ziyada-t; *>^*>j^ izdiy&d; ji^ 
taksir. — {of a race) ^)-^ tani- 
sul. — {diffusion) jIaoJ^ inti^&r ; 
^\^\ isa*a.t. 

Propel, v. jV- saq, yas^q; *>;^ 
tarad, yat;rud. 

Propensity, s, Je^ mail (pi. J^^ 
amyal) j v-*Uani\ in*itaf ; M^j rug- 
ba-t; (j;y^ hawa. 

Proper, adj. {suitable) J4^ lajiQ; 
O^^y* muwatiq ; s-^^ muna- 
sib. — {beseeming) s-^^^ wajib ; 

mustaujib. — ( peculiar) 
<j9^ b^ ; u^r"^ mab9il9« — {real) 

^J-,^- haqtqi-y ; ^J^^ su^li-J- — (a 
proper name) ^ 'alam (pi. f^\ 

Property, s, {peculiar quality) 
^U. ha99iya-t (pi. ^^^^^ ha^S!- 
yi?) ; ^^ ha99a-t (pi. ^^^y** bar 
wa99) ; ^^As^ kaifiya-t ; ^V^ m4- 
hiya-t; f^J^y wa^f; ^ 9ifa-t. — 
{a thing owned) JU mal (pi. J^y*^ 
amwal) ; JU*« mata* (pi. I«a«^ 
amti*a.t) ; «*WU milk (pi. *«JM 

Prophecy, s. i^^ tambiya-t ; &^ 
kihana-t. — {gift of prophecy) 8^ 
nab^wa-t ; p^ tanabb^. 

Prophesy, v. f^^i^;? tanabba, yata- 
nabba ; {^^ takahhan, yatakah- 

Prophet, s. ^^ nabi-v (pi. W^ 
ambiya) ; J^j ras&l (pi. ^j\ 
arsul, J-y rusul, ^ rusall') ; 
{^^ kahin (pi. ^^^ kahana-t, 
(^W^ kuhhan). 

Prophetic, Prophetical, adj, 
f^pi nabawi-y ; ^Jy^J rasMi-y. 

E^opinquity, s. v/ qurb ; ^\^ 
qaraba-t; s-^**^ nasab. 

Propitiate, v, U iia0t AJ \ ista'taiy 

Propitiation, s. sJ^iat^A isti'taf. 

Propitious, adj. (favourable) v>*^jj* 
muwafiq ; ^%aj^ mun'im ; »J><m 
latif. — (disposed to be merciful) 
f^t^j rahim; (;)Wj ral^im^n; j^ 
gafiir (pi. yi gufur). 

Propitiousness, s, i*xeL»^ musA- 
'ada-t; UkU lu^f; ^Ua) ni'ma-t 
(pi. ^ ni'am) ; jk*/ taufiq j 
ii^j ra^ma-t. 

Proportion, s. ^^-^ nasaba-t; 
s-^^tanasub; A*>U#« mu'adala-t; 
J^xus\ i*tidal ; ^\U mut&baqa-t. 

Proportion, Proportionate, t;. 
Jj^ *addal, yu'addil ; Jj^^ a*dal, 
yu'dil ; Jc ^Vi qas *ala, yaqis ; 
^J^ j'y^ qaddar *ala, yuqaddir; 
J s-^^ nasab li, yunisib. 

Proportionable, Proportionate, 
adj. s-*-^^*» mutan&sib ; Jk^ 
mu^abiq; (j^^^ muwanq. 





Pbowl, v. v-*\t ta^, jatuf; kJ^\ 

ataf, ju^ii. 
Pbowleb, 8, u\^ X&vfwkt. 
PsoxiMATB, adj. s-sty^ qarib (pL 

v»^/ qirab) ; v»/^ aqrab ; J-as^ 

Proximity, «. v>* qurb ; JU?^ 

Pboxy, 8. (person) Je^^ wakil (pi. 

!^ wukala) ; s-^U nayib (pi. ^y 

naub, ^\y nuwwab). — (full 

power) S^ i-4.j ruhsa-t kulMja-t ; 

v>^ u*iy> tatwi4 mutlaq. 
Pbude, «. ^J^y• mura'i. 
Pbudbncb, 8, ^J^ tadbir ; iyt^ 

ba^ira-t; jAe *aql ; '^j rusdj 

^^-^ fitna-t ; (^ hazm. 
Pbudent, flki;. JiVc *aqil (pi. li^se 

*iiqala, JUc *uqqal) ; ^•^J s-^^ 

^ki^ib tadbir (pi. ^U^^ afli^ab) ; 

^j«^ ^•^ z^ ba^ira-t ; f*3^ ^azim 

(pi. i^ tazama-t) ; {^ fatin 

(pi. ^ futn). 
Pbudbby, «. ^; rija; i\i;\j- miir- 

Prune, «. ,jeW^ ija?; ^j«>M inj&^ 

(Egypt) ; ey*^ bauh, hoh (Syr.) ; 

liyy barq&q (Mo^r.). 
Pbune, v. f^ qallam, juqallim. 
Pruning, s. f^^ taqlim. 
Pbubiencb, Pruriency, «. ,JU*jJ 

Prurient, adj. ( j^ ^ ** ** munagmU. 
Pby, t;. {j*-^ tajassas, yatajassas. 
Psalm, s. jyy mazm^r (pi. jt^^y* 

Psalmist, Psalmodist, «. fy 

Psalmody, 8. je^ tazmir. 
Psalter, «. •jj zibr; jji^\ ^^ 

kitab az-zubdr. 
Psaltery, «. (mvsical instrument) 

(^^^ qanun (pi. e^e*V qawanin) ; 

jtiM^M saD^ir. 
Psychological, adj. i*;*4JJ s-*-^ 

(/<J^^ munasib li-'l-ma'rifat an- 

Psychologist, 8. vj-aJ\ Ikjx^ ^-^^ 

9&bib ma'rifat an-nafs. 
Psychology, «. y«J^^ ^/^ ma'ri- 

fat an-Daf 8. 

Puberty, «. ^^ bulug; ^^ bulii- 

Pubescent, adj. ^W balig. 

Public, adj. (common) f\^ *aium ; 
^^^♦c *umumi-y ; •JtJyufc^ mu^- 
tarik ; ^j;^^'*^ jainhuri-j. — (no- 
torious) yfci sahir ; j^e-*^ inashur ; 
v-*jj;»^ ma*ruf ; jifi *alani-y. 

Public, «. f*^\ al-'amn) ; o**^^^ 
^\^\^ al - hawa99 wa-'l-'awaiu ; 
j^e-*^ jumhAr (pi. ;efe U >> jama- 
hir) ; ^^^^ an-nas. 

Publican, «. (keeper of a public- 
house) jU^ hammar ; ,j^Ufce^ 
maihanji (Pers., Turk.). — (tea;- 
gatherer) j^i^ *a8J^ar. 

Publication, «. j^\ ish&r; ^«6-*^ 
taihir ; j^\ ishar. 

Publicity, «. j^ zuhiir ; S^ 6uh- 

Publish, v. (^^ a*lan, yii*lin ; j9^\ 
aihar, yu^hir ; ;6^^ ashar, yuzhir ; 
y^ naiar, yan.4ur ; «^^ abasg, 


Publisher, s. (of books) s-^ j^^ 
nasir kutub. 

Pucker, v.a. •m^- ja"ad, yuja"id ; 
J^y^ jau'ad, yujau*id. 

Pudding, s. i*«*>y budina-t. 

Puddle, s, ^^ wahla-t. 

Puddle, v. j^ 'akkar, yu'akkar. 

Puddly, adj. ^V^^ wa^lan ; ^}^^ 
wa^il ; j^ti* mu*akkar. 

Pudendum, s. (membrum virile) ;SJ 
?akr (pi. j^o jukiir, y^^^ ma^4- 
kir) ; ^\ zubb (pi. ^Wj^ azbab, 
^^j zibab). — (mulieris) j^ qu?? ; 
ey farj (pi. t^ji iurhj). — (gene- 
rally) Ij^ 'aura-t. 

Puerile, adj. ,J^ tifli-y » «4)^** 

Puerility, «. ^y^L fufMiya-t. 
Puff, «. &aieA> nafbsrt. 
Puff, v. ^ nafah, yanfu^ ; nafEahi 

Puffer, s. (at salss) <^*>U^ muDadi. 
Puffy, adj. t/^^ manftLb. 
Pugilism, s. f^ talakum; U^%^ 

Pugilist, s. ^•^Su* mulakim. 
Pugnacious, actj, <J^Wk^ mub&niq i 




hafim (pi. U«^ l^u9amA, 

^V4><«ft> hu9iiian). 
Pugnacity, «. v3*^ tahanuq. 
Puissance, 8. ij^ qudra-t ; j\AaJ^ 

iqtidar ; Siyo ^aula-t. 
Puissant, adj. ;*>Vi qadir ; ^y^ *aziz ; 

lyi s-^^ 9ahib quwwa-t (pi. 

^^V^^^ a^hab). 
Pull, v. (draw) v»i9- jazab, yaj- 

zub, yajzib ; ^^\ ijtazab, yaj- 

tazib ; s-^^- sahab, jashab ; ^ 

jarr, j9,jurT,— (pluck) gU qala*, 

yaqla* ; *-*^ nataf , jantif . 
Pull, «. v»«W jazb ; ft jarr. 
Pullet, «. \^y^ 9U9 (pi. (:>W« 

9i9an) ; ^^ kutk^t (pi. ij>^t^\:si 

Pulley, 8. ^j^ bakara-t (pi. ^j^ 

bakarat,;^ bakar). 
Pulmonary, adj, Ss^ v*^«.u^ man- 

siib li-'r-ri'ja-t. — (pulmonary 

di8ea8e) ^)^^ ^*> da ar-ri*ya-t. 
Pulp, 8. ^»«A ^a];^m (pi. fty^»^ 

suhiim) ; s-J lubb (pi. v»^ 

Pulpiness, 8. ^**^^ i/S kasrat a4- 

^ahm ; s-J^^ S^ kasrat al-lubb. 
Pulpit, «. j^J^ mam bar, mimbar 

(pi. ;j^ manabir). 
Pulpy, adj. ^**A j*^ zii ^ahm. 
Pulsate, v. (jV nabad, yambi(j[. 
Pulsation, s. ^^ nabda-t. 
Pulse, «. j^ nabd. 
Pulverisation, «. (3^- satq ; ii*> 

Pulverise, v. j^^^ sahaq, yas^aq ; 

vJ»> daqq, yaduqq. 
Pumice, 8. ,J^\ j^^ hajar al-hai^ ; 

cs3^U^\ j^o. hajar al-hakuk ; j^p^ 

^aa.*^\ hajar al-isfinj. 
Pump, 8. A.^^/ turumba-t ; i^-JL 

Pumpkin, 8. y qar*, ac^ qar*a-t ; 

(jJaS* yaqtin ; ^^Jaa* yaq^ina-t. 
Pun, 8. ^ naqt (pi. ^^^ anqat) ; 

AlaSJ nuqta-t ; (j-**^ tajnis; 

%\-A^ musabaha-t ; ;^^ kalam- 

Pun, y. j^^ J-^ 'amil kalambiir, 

Punch, a. (tool) j^;a*^ mibraz (pL | 

)jt;W« mah&riz. — (blow) l^ lak- 

ma-t ; ^^ lafi^a-t. 
Punch, v. vj^ la^aiS, yal^uii ; ^ 

lakam, yulakim. 
Puncheon, 8. Jtf*;» barmil (pi. 

i^a^^ji baramil). 
Punctilio, «. iJ^ taklif. 
Punctilious, adj. c-A^ls^ s-*«^ 

9ahib taklif (pi. ^\^\ a^^&b). 
Punctiliousness, «. «-jUX» takalluf. 
Punctual, adj. t^<-4^ madbiit; 

iij s-^^ 9ahib diqqa-t ; ^jiJu* 

Punctuality, «. !*<-* 4at>t ; ^o 

Punctuate, v. ^ naqqa-ti yunaq- 

Punctuation, 8. W&** tanqi^. 
Puncture, «. iyi^ uahza-t. 
Pungency, 8. S*w hidda-t ; Ji»> 

Pungent, adj. •>W h&dd. 
Punish, v. j^\i qa^a?, yuq^?]? ; 

s-^^ *&qab, yu'aqib ; ^^ *azzab, 

Punishable, adj. ^Ua)^ s-<hy^\ 

istaujab al-qi^a?. 
Punishment, a. ^Ui qi?^ ; ^Uu 

muqa99a-t ; ^yte *uq^ba.t ; v»Uft 

*iqab; v^Act *izab ; JV5:> nakW 

(pi. J^\ ank&l).* 
Puny, «. ^e** sugayyir; c&tiu 

da'if (pi. U*cA du^afa). 
Pup, Puppy, «. j^ s-J^ kalb ^agir. 
Pup, v. ^ «y»xJ^ walidat kalba-t, 

Pupil, «. (achooUboy) ^U53^ jj^ 

walad al-kuttab.—( /oW<Mi;er 0/ 

a master) ^^ talmiz (pi. J^JIJ 

talamiz). — (pupil of the eye) 

e?^^ yy bub^ al-'ain ; {^^\ £lJft. 

^ladaqat al-*ain (pi. jJka. Ijiadaq, 

vJ^«^^^ ahdaq) ; ^j^^ (^L-i\ ms&n 

al-*ain ; yj>yt^ ba^bu?. 
Pupilage, «. (minority) jU« ^ig&r. 

— (8/a<e 0/ beinij a scholar) ii\^ 

^^^i^\ halat at- talmiz. 
Puppet, 8. i<*5 la*ba-t, lu*ba-t (pi. 

s-^ lu*ab). 
Purblind, adj. ^\ ^ qa^ir an- 





PuBBLiNDNBSS, 8, ^\ ^ qu^T an- 

Purchase, v. <^y^^ i^tara, ya^tari ; 

g^\ ibta*, yabtd*; Jy^ tasaw- 

waq, jatasawwaq ; Q^ taba4daS 

Pure, adj, (clean) UlJh nazif (pi. 

kJ^ nizaf); ,Ji\j rayiq; v-*U 

^ki, — (not mixed or adulterated) 

jBi\6^ hali? ; ^U ^afi. — (morally) 

y^VL (ahir ; fje^^ hali$ ; ^ naqi ; 

U it /^r 'afif . 
PuRENESs, Purity, «. SjW^ ^ha- 

ra-t ; iifcUtf nafaza-t ; S^U« ^afa- 

wa-t ; 5^^ naqawa-t ; (^^^ hulu?. 
Purgation, Puroino, «. JW-^ 

Purgatorial, adj, ^5;-^ mat- 

Purgatory, «. ;6l«^ matbar. 
Purge, v. (cleanse) <-J^ nazza^» 

yunazzi^. — (relieve the bowels) 

J^\ asbal, yusbil. 
Purge, Purgative, s, J«--» mu- 

Purification, s. jt4^ tathir ; S^iA^ 

Purify, v. j^ {ahht^r, yu^ahbir; 

^^ f affa, yu^affi. 
Purl, v. f- barr, yahirr, yaburr. 
Purling, s. ji^ barir. 
Purloin, v, jb- saraq, yasriq ; Jaj 

na^l, yansil. 
Purple, «. o^f*-)^ arjaw4n (Pers.). 
Purple, adj. o^Vj^ arjawani-y; 

^\3 y^ abmar qiim ; ^sy*)^ qir- 

Purport, s. ^jt garad (pi. ^\jt\ 

agrad) ; <V*- ma*na (pi. JU^ 

ma*Ani) ; ^^^ natija-t (pi. gjUi 

Purpose, s. ^^-^ qa^d ; ^j*-**^ maq- 

9M (pi. »V»Va^ maqa^id) ; ^ 

*azin (pi. f»9vc *uziim) ; *>\y mu- 

r&d;^ ^ inya-t (pi. -at, ^V 

nawaya) ; *t*j^ marab. 
Purpose, v, J^ qa9ad,yaq9id ; »W5 

taqa^^ad, yataqa^^ad ; ^J^ nawa, 

Purposeless, adj. SajUJ^ ^j^ *adim 

al-fayida-t. | 

Purse, cr«^ kis (pi. (;«^ akyfts). 

Pursuance, s. i^yx« mud&wa- 
ma-t; j^;4A-\ istimrar; ^\y» 

Pursuant, jprep, s-<h^ bi-m{ljib ; 
hasb; s-*— *; bi-ljasb; <J^ 
'ala ];^a8b. 

Pursue, v,a. q^s taba*, yatba' ; 
j^^Jbu.^ istal^aq, yastalbiq; *>j^ 
tarad, yatrad; o^lL ^aiud, yu- 
t&rid; s--««» ta*aqqab, yata'aq- 
qab; ^ qaf&, y aqf a.— (/oiiow 
up) ^^ y^^^^ istamarr fi, yasta- 
mirr ; f^y*^ da warn, yadawim. — 
(prosecute) <j^j^ idda*a, yadda'i. 
— (imitate) v^***^ iqtafa, yaqtafi. 

Pursuit, «. (following) jvjbu.^ 
istilbaq ; s-^ ta'aqqub ; JW*^ 
ittiba*. — (endeavour) ^jum sa'i; 
*>6^ jabd ; «>W^\ ijtibad ; ^Ui^ 

PuRULENCE, «. ^^ taqayyu];^. 

Purulent, adj. c«*^ mutaqayyit. 

Purvey, v. ^a* qaddaiu, yuqad- 
dim ; y^Ft- jabbaz, ynjabbiz ; s-^ 
jalab, yajlub ; y^ had^ar, yu- 

Purveyor, «. (j)^y« mawwan (pi. 
^\y» maww^a-t) ; v»V jall&b. — 
(pimp) \j»f^ mu^arri^. 

Pus, s. ^ qailji. 

Push, s. US la^ma-t; £^jup 
ma-t. — (effort) J^e^ jabd ; _ 
8a*i. — (assauU) f»^V^ bujiim; 
^Ufc. hamla-t. — (emergency) ^*>W 
^^disa-t (pi. v&>«M^ bawadis). 

Push, v. fM la^m, yaltum; (tJ^ 
9adam, ya^dum ; (Js^*y dafa^^, 
yadfus ; ^j za^am, yaz^am ; 
g**> dafa*, yadfa* ; )« babaz, yab- 
baz; la** ijiagat, yadgut- — (make 
an effort) ,j*- sa*a, yas*a. — 
(incite) Jc J*«w J^ammal *ala, 
yutammil ; J\ ct)^ ];^arrak ila, 

Pushing, adj, (enterprising) «-r^^ 
^Ui^ 9a!^ib bimma-t (pi. v>W«^ 

Pusillanimity, s, ^W jabana-t; 
Sj^ ^ qillat mur&wa-t ; «-*H£E ; 
^U\ if M. 




PusiLLANiMors, adj, t)^ jabAn; 
g^^^ JJl* qalil al-murftwa-t; 
s}^ jam ; U^^ b&yif. 

Pustule, «. ^ habba-t ; ^M? baq- 
baqa-t; ^VMi f aqf &qa-t ; Iji^ 
basra-t; ^*> dammala-t (pi. 
J^Ua damamil). 

Put, V, 5*^ wada*, yada* ; t^- batti 
jabutt ; J^ ja'ai, yaj*al.— (^t*< 
off, divest) ^ bala*, yahla* ; gU 
qalaS yaqla*. — (delay) ^\ abbar, 
yu'abbir. — (put on) (j*^ labas, 
yalbas. — (put out, extinguish) 
^J^ t^fa, yatfi. — (discourage) 
*Ui^^ abmad, yubmid. 

Putrefaction, «. ^y^ 'ufuna-t ; 
(jiaiS ta'affun. 

PuTREPT, v.a, {^ *affan, yu'affin ; 
n. {^ *afati, ya*fun ; ^^^ ta'af- 
fan, yata'affan. 

Putrescence, s, (^yw? ta*alfun. 

Putrescent, adj, {^i^t^s^ mata'af- 

Putrid, adj. oV**^ ma'fftn ; tj^ 

*ufiini-y ; (:>*«^ mu'afPan. 
Putridness, 8, ^ykc *uf Ana-t. 
Putty, s. ^j^ girL 
Putty, v. \^\^ <3-J la^^aq bi-*l- 

gira, yula^^iq. 
Puzzle, «. (perplexity) S^ bira-t; 
iAl* bala^-t. — (riddle) yii lagz 

(pi. jU5^ alg&z) ; 4j4«*» mu'am- 

Puzzle, v. jt^ bayyar, yubayyir. 
Puzzled, adj, ej^^js^ bair&n. — (he 

puzzled) jtpfi ta^ayyar, yatabay- 

Pyomy, s, (dwarf) W»- b&tit* 
Pyramid, s. f*y^ baram (pi. i»^yfc 

biram, ^^^ abr&m). 
Pyramidic, Pyramidical, adj. 

(^j^^ J^ migl al-baram. 


Quack, v. Jp naqq, yaniqq. 
Quack, s. o'T^**^ ma^junji-y (pi. 
iW^V^ ma*jiinjiya-t). — (6oa«^er) 

Quadrangle, «. g»/« murabba*. 
Quadrangular, adj, k^^} gjt^ ^•i 

zu arba' zawaya. 
Quadrant, s. (astron, instr,) gtj 

8;i\jk3\ rub* ad-day ira-t. 
Quadratic, adj, ^y murabba'. 
Quadrature, s, ^f tarbi*. 
Quadrilateral, adj. ^y murab- 

ba* ; t^ l»^)\ y^ zh arba*t dulA*. 

QUADRILITERAL, adj. tj-^^; TU- 

Quadruped, s. f^^ ^j\ ^3 (^\yi^ 

haiwan zii arba* qawayim. 
Quadruple, adj. kJ^ju\ Xajj^ arba*-t 

Quadruple, v. gjij rabba*, yurabbi* ; 

^;\ ^^ v»/* darab ft arba*-t, 

yadrib ; j\y gjij\ cAcU da*af arba* 

mirar, yudd'if. 

QuAFP, V. v»7*» ^rib, ya^rab; gy^ 

jara*, yajra*. 
Quagmire, s, ^^j wa^la-t. 
Quail, s. ^jU- summon; XjU- 

summana-t ; (^^^^ summun ; ^u ■■ 

summuna-t (pi. (:>^^'*«* samSmin) ; 

^^yL. salwa (pi. ^5^^ saldwi) ; c»> 

dujj ; 8^ firra-t. 
Quail, v. \^ fff) raja* li-war&, 

Quaint, adj. (neat) ^j^ jarif (pi. 

\i^ zuraf&, *^^ zuruf, ^J*^ 

zuriif); UltJt* nazif (pi. Jvk 

nizaf). — (odd) w^j^ garib (pi. 

W;^ guraba) ; s - j % «^ *ajib. 
QuAiNTNBSS, «. ^J^ zarifa-t; ^UJ 

Quake, v. «-&«►; rajaf, yarjuf ; cAr)\ 

irtajaf, yartajif; ur— ^j ra*w, 

yar'a^ ; (J:^j\ irta*ai, yarta'ii ; 

t^j^ irtaj], yartajj. 
Quake, Quaking, s. t^j^ irtij&j; 





l^ ra'te-t; J^^j zalzAl ; fij)j 

Qualification, s. (fitness) £SVJ 
liy^a-t ; LjLJ\y inuw4faqa-t ; 
ljL.U* mun&saba-t ; W»^ q&bili- 

Qualify, v. (make fit) J^i J4X 
*amil l&yiq, ya*mal ; <3*^^ J4* 
'amil muwafiq, ya'mal ; v3^^ waf- 
faq, vuwaflSq. — (limit) Jk*. ^add, 
ya$udd ; *>a». ];^addad, yu];^addid ; 
v;^ 'ayyan, yu*ayyin. 

Quality, «. (property) ^t^ kaifi- 
ya-t ; ^U m&hiya-t ; cJU^ waff 
(pi. u\^^ aufftf ) ; ^ fifa-t ; 
«-*Uy^ itti9&f ; ^^y» maufiifi- 
ya-t ; SJ^ qu¥rwa-t ; 2«W ha^fa-t. 
— (rank) (^ maqAm (pi. uyUV&# 
maq&m&t) ; ^/« martaba-t (pi. 
^r^\y mar^tib) ; ^j*> daraja-t 
(pi. t)*^ daraj) ; fiy^ manziia-t 
(pi. JjU*» man&zil). 

Qualm, «. i^ ga^wa-t ; s-^^ Q>} 
waja* al-qalb; ^^^ dauha-t. — 
(of conscience) ^•i zimma-t. 

Qualmish, adj. w^\ g^\^ waji* al- 
qalb. — (I feel qtialmish) ,j*«^^ 
^Jt^ waja'ni qalbi, yaja'ni. — (un- 
easy in mind) f**yyi nadim (pi. 
f*W nuddam, ^W nidam. 

Quantity, «. (awot^n^) jJi qadar ; 
j\j^ muqdAr; 1^,4^ kamiyat ; 
^le^ mablag. — (multitude) S^ 
kagra-t ; ^W jumla-t. — (measure 
in prosody) (^)^ wazn (pi. (^^}^^^ 
auz&n). / 

Quarantine, s. ^^ {^<^^ 5j^ ^^ 
qufla-t muddat arba'in yom ; IfcAa* 
tahaff uz ; ^6^^ karantina-t. 

QuABBEL, s. ^jV4« munaza'a-t ; {^ 
niz&* ; i»U^ muhanaqa-t ; JpWti* 
tah4nuq ; f*Ud. hifam ; £4.«W* 
muh&faina-t ; l>»yc^ hu9^ma-t ; 
JW jidAl ; j3 ladd. 

QuABBEL, V. jpV^ hanaq, yuhaniq ; 
^ Jp^ tahanaq maS yatahanaq ; 
{jV^ nazaS yunazi* ; ^^ hafam, 


adj. gj^ munazi* ; v3*W« mu- 
baniq; (^tf^ hafim (pi. 

hufamft, ^U<i^ hufinftii); •s^^ 

QuABBY, s. )^t^* ma^jir (pi. ;<^V«^ 
mahajir) ; j » ^ (;)«^-** ma'din 
^ajar (pi. (;)*>^*^ ma*aditi). 

QuABBYMAN, s. j^^^ (^'^'^^ mu'ad- 
din al-hajar ; j^i&> b^jj^^* 

QuABT, s. g; rub*. 

Quabtan, adj. g^f murraba*; s. 
ft) ^_54^ humma rub*. 

QuABTEB, s. (fourth part) ft) rub*. 
— (part of the world or country) 
Uj;W taraf (pi. ^\p a^raf ) ; w-*W 
janib (pi. s-^^yj- jawanib) ; ^ 
qu^r (pi. j^\ aqtar) ; v»^ faub. 
— (of a tovm) ^^W» mahalla-t; 
8jU ];^ara-t, $arra-i. — (lodging) 
(;)X-^ maskan (pi. ^j^^U*^ mas- 
akin) ; (^VC« makan (pi. SjSA 
amkina-t, {>)^\ amakin). — (in 
battle) (^^\ aman. — (three months) 
j^\ Si^ salasa-t a^hur. 

QuABTEB, v.a, (divide into four 
parts) S^j\ ^»-i qassam arba*a-t, 
yuqassim. — (as soldier's) ^^jX- 
sakkan, yusakkin ; Jy^ anzal, 
yunzil; n. (lodge) {^^ sakan, 

QuABTEBLY, adj, ^\ ^^ J^ kull 
sal as at ashur. 

Qu ABTZ, s. (j\y^ j^^ bajar §1 awan. 

QuA^^H, V. (crush) ctUj dahak, 
yadhak. — (annul) JW bat^al, 
yubattil ; ^^ nasah, yansah. — 
(suppress) ij^\ ahfa, yuhfi. — 
(sti>due) )9* qahar, yaqhar ; ^ 
zalatn, yazlim. 

QuATBAiN, s, ^W) rub&*i-y ; Ja«— 

QuAYEB, V. c)A hazij, yahzaj. 

QuAVEB, s. ey^ hazaj. 

Quay, s. Ju. sudd (pi. ^^Ju. sudiid) ; 
*-A>-oj rafif. 

Queen, s, ^SU malika-t ; &VLL. 
sultana-t. — (in chess) ^j^ wazir ; 
(2^3/ furzin. 

QuEEB, adj. (odd) w^y^ garib (pi. 
^jt guraba); s-^^ *ajib; ej^ 
8jUJ\ ^^ harij *an al-*iida-t. 

QuEEBNESs, s. ^I«d. hafla-t (pi. 
JUL hifdl). 




Quell, v. (^suhdiie) s-^ galab, 
yaglib ; ^ qahar, yaqhar. — 
(quiet) {^^ sakkan, jusakkin. 

Quench, v. {fire) ^J^ ta^a, yutafEi ; 
^Jio^ atfa, juXtl— (thirst) fi^ 
qa^S jaqta* ; ^^j; rawi, yarwa. 

QuENCHABLE, odj. ^J^ junfafi ; 
^ yuqta*. 

Quenchless, adj. VaLIJ^ {^^^^^ yt^ 
gair mumkin al-iffa; {j^>^^ jt^ 
^^\ gair mumkin al-qat*. 

QuEBiMONious, QuEsuLOUs, adj, 
^J'\J^ saki ; ^.j^s-s^ mu^taki. 

NESS, 8, \^JA\ i^tiM. 

QuE&T, 8, fi\^^\ istifliam ; jLju«^ 

Quest, «. s-^ t&^b. 

Question, «. (inquiry) J^V* su'^, 
suwal ; ii^K^ mas'ala-t ; f»V6^kA<«\ 
istifham ; j I-At ,..\ istifsar. — (ii»- 
quisition) *A^o«^. ba^S » ^W^ 
mubahasa-t. — (c2ott5^) «<^ ^kk 
(pi. ct)yU ^ukiik) i ^^ iubha-t. 

Question, r. (interrogate) J*U 
sa'al, yas'al ; ^tai^^^ istahbar, 
jastahbir ; f ^ ^\ istafham, yas- 
tafhim. — (examine) ^/^ fal^^a^, 
jaf^a? ; ^jo^^ tafa^^a^, jata- 
fa^^^ ; ^ si.^, ba^ag 'an, 
jabhag. — (douht) «<^ sakk, ja- 
^ukk ; s^\5j\ irtab, yartab (both 
with ^^ fi). 

Questionable, adj, «sXjti\ *j^^ tal^t 
ai-^akk ; ^ ij&J^SUi^ ma^k^k bi-hi ; 
&tAA^ mu^tabih. 

Quibble, «. (evasion) JJ»W j*^ *u?r 
bat;il ; Ac 'illa-t. 

Quick, (wi;. (speedy) gi/- sari* ; J^ 
'ajil; J^ 'SLJuL — (sprightly, 
nimble) iaofti nai^it; ; yl\yi buzabiz ; 
<-M^ hafif.— (ready) ;^W hA^ir ; 
e)ifil laqin. 

Quick, s, (living) ^^ tayy (pi. W^^ 

Quicken, v, (bring to life) ^jtfi^\ 
ahya, yu^iyi. — (hasten) a, J^ 
*aj jal, yu*aj jil ; Jv^\ a'jal, yu^il ; 
n. J^ *ajil, ya*jal; ^T* saru*, 

Quicklime, s, <j*J*« ^ tr^ ^^^ 

gair mu^fa. 
Quickness, «. ^^ sur*a-t ; i»^ 

QuicKsiLVES, s, OMj zibaq, zaibaq ; 

j\jh firar. 
Quiet, Quiescent, adj, (calm) 

f^^\Jb hadi ; c^r* naurt&b ; (:)^ 

s^kin. — (silent) *a»^ sakCLt ; 

vs^L. sakit. — (mild) f^^ halim 

(pi. UJU. ];^ulama, |Jb*\ a^l&m) ; 

vi^^e^j damig. — (quiescent letter) 

^j)^L» sakin ; Ij^^ sdkina-t. 
Quiet, Quiescence, Quietness, s, 

(repose, calmness) U^ rH^a-t ; 

C^yt-^ istirab ; cWj^ irtiy&t > 3*^ 

hadii. — (silence) *a^^ sakt ; 

v&>^^ sukAt ; o^-*« 9amt ; ss>y^ 

9umiit. — (mildr^ess) ^ tilm j 

^Uj damaga-t. 
Quiet, v, <^*^ hadda, yuhadiU; 

^aib\ ahda, ynhdi ; (*^ sakkan, 

Quill, s, s-^ qafab. 
Quilt, s, ^^ \ih^i (pi. «-A^ 

Quince, s. J^/- safarjal; fl^yL- 

safarjala-t (pi. tj)VA- safarij). 
Quinine, «. WJ U^ qin& qin&. 

QUINQUANGULAS, adj, ( j" * ^ "* IIIU- 

hammas ; ^\)} (j^^*^ ^•^ ?ii l^amn 

Quinsy, «. j^ bun&q ; ^Ua. 

hunaqa-t (pi. jM^y** haw&niq). 
Quintal, s. ^J^ qanfar (pi. jflfcUl 

Quintessence, s, ^'^ bil&9a-t, 

hulafa-t ; ^) zubd ; &^j zubda^t 

(pi. J^j zubad) ; s-J iubb (pi. 

v>^ lubikb) ; yfe>y%- jauhar (pi. 

yfc\yt> jawahir). 
Quintuple, ac^j, u\»A l ,* ^ ,^ ^a,mBa,t 

QuiBE, s, jijy <-A^ kaff waraq (pi. 

kJ^ kuf (it) ; jj|« ui^^J dast waraq 

(Pers,); (j*\ji kurr&8 (pi. u-4y 

QuiBK, s. (quibble) Ae» ^la-t (pi. 

Je^ ^iyal) ; JlQ ^,kft *u?r batil. 
Quit, i;. (leave) ^ tarak, yatruk ; 

j^ hajoTi yahjur; jjU ttraq. 




yufariq. — (give over) Jj^j zajal, 

yuzajil; )U hala, yahlA. — (pay) 

^^ dafa*, jadfa*; ^^ wafa, 

Quit, adj. jb^^ hali9 ; j^Uu mu- 

QuiTB, adv, V^ kuUiyan; aJ15JV| 

bi-'l-kulliyat ; 'UUi tamaman ; 

jiUiJVl bi-'t-tamam ; iW: bi- 

Quittance, «. ^U- Hj^ waraqat 

hala? ; hji^ tabriya-t ; j^ galaq ; 

J^; wu?iil (pi. ssfi'^yc^ wu^iilat). 
QuivES, «. &U^ kinana-t (pi. {^'^^ 

kanayin) ; ^L^a^ ja*ba-t (pi. v*W 

ji*4b) ; yw^ jafir. 

QuivEB, v. «-&^; rajaf, yarjuf ; ^•i 
zama, yazmi. 

Quota, «. i-o*. ^i99a-t (pi. vjo-»- 
hi^a?) ; s-^«-* na^ib (pi. ^^\ 

Quotation, «. ^^W^*^ iqtibas ; /•i 


Quote, v. {j»*t^\ iqtabas, yaqtabis ; 
^S zakar, yazkur ; {*y^ damman, 
yuoLammin. — {prices) (^yi qaw- 
wam, yuqawwim. 

Quotidian, adj, ^y yaumi-y. 

Quotient, «. (in arithmetic) J-*^ 
Ijia^il (pi. J«W tawa^il) : ej^ 


Eabbi, «. ^j»W; rabbani-y ; f^d^d. 

Babbit, «. *^j\ arnab (pi. s-^^^^ 

Babble, e, J^^^\ aub&i (pi. of ^^ 
waba^); ^^U3\ J*U asAfil an- 

Babid, 0(2;. (^f'^* majn^ (pi. 
t)**W^ majanin) ; gjU hayij. — 
(Jby a dog-bite) (*)W^ kalban. 

Babidnebs, 8. (^y^ juniiii; eWo^ 

Babies, «. {hydrophobia) s^ 

Bags, «. {rapid course) j^j rak4. 
— (con^6«^ m running) i«jU-U 
mus&baqa-t; jW^sibaq. — {stock) 
^y\ a^l (pi. J^^ U9M); s-^^ 
nasab (pi. ^Ui^ ansab); J-^ 
nasi (pi. JLj^ ansal); i^\I» 
ta'ifa-t (pi. Ukj^^ tawayif). 

Bace, v. (J^j raka4, yarku4 ; {j^j 
raka4, yurakicji ; W *ada, ya*dA ; 
i3}Uj tasabaq, yatasabaq. 

Bace-goubse, s. (*)\*v maiden, 
midan (pi. e>4*>W^ mayadin). 

Bagsb, «. a\j^ jaw&d (pL «)W 
jiyad) ; j|L^ musabiq. 

Baces, s. y}t^y (iW«« sibaq al-hail ; 

^L^ musabaqa-t. 
Back, v. {stretch) J^ madd, yamudd ; 

Ja^ matti yauiutt. — {torture) v*«^ 

'azzab, yu*azzib. — {decant) ,jA* 

9affa, yu^affi. . 
Back, s, {torture) ^S^ 'azab. 
Bacy, adj, {to the taste) o^^ tami. 

— {witty) {^^ ?ahin. 


sa'sa'a-t ; (^U^J lama*an ; \t^ 

(jiya ; ^^ jalwa-t ; iJijD rauaaq. 
Badiant, adj. ^j-a* mu(jli; g^lJ lami'; 

ycJ^ munir. 
Badiate, v. QJtMbt ^a^saS yusa'si' ; 

\^\ a4a, yu(jli ; ^ lama^ yalma' ; 

JjA\ a^raq, yuiSriq. 
Badiation, s. ^A-ftAAi sa'sa'a-t ; {Uai 

iSu*&*; gA«^ taia*8U*; g*3 lam*. 
Badical, oc^y. JLo^ a^li-y; ij^^ 

?ati-y. — {complete) f>^ tamm. 
Badish, 8. J^ fijl ; i^ fijla-t (pi. 

J^ fujM). 
Badius, s. j^\ uu> ni^f al-qatr. 
Baft, s. H^i^t^ ma*diya-t; u*y*j 

ram^s ; uiU^ kaiak ; ^^^ t^uf . 
Bafteb, 8. ^y» siil^iya-t (pi. (^^>^ 





Eaq, i, ^f- hirqa-t (pi. jf- hiraq) ; 
^•^/» i&rmtiXSir't (pi. W»^7*» ^ara- 
mit) ; ^j ruqa*-t (pi. g^j nqa*). 

Baqe, a. s-^^ gadab ; l<^^ ga4ba-t ; 
K^ gaiz ; tW^^ igtiyaz ; vJM^ 
hanaq (pi. jUe- ^inaq); (^jVo^ 

Eaqe, v. vjMa* haniq, yahnaq ; s-^^ 
gadab, yagdib; s-^'^^ taga44ab, 

EAaEFUL, Kaoinq, adj. (:)W^ ga4- 
b&n (pi. ^Ufc gi^ab); ^^ 

Baooed, (m?/. g5/» muraqqa* ; JM^ 
hariq; Ji^^at* mahruq. — (rough) 
*^)\ azabb, f. Wj zabba. 

Kail, Railing, 8. eH)^b*^ darabzin. 

Bail, v. (encloae with rails) m-« 
sajyaj, yusayyij. — (taunt) \)it 
haza', yahza' ; ^ob^ sahir, yashar 
(both with ^ bi or 0^ min). 

Bailes, 8, ^\ y6^ kasir al-huz^. 

Bailest, s.^yto ELMzd ; \)e&x*^ istihz& ; 
^afe«» sahar. 

Bailsoad, Bailwat, 8. J^A^^ JMjL 
tariq al-hadid ; ^^\ ^;«> darb 
al-hadid; j^j^^ iSL. sikkat al- 


BaIMENT, 8, {j^ libs (pi. ijmy^ 

lubas); ^WJ libfls (pi. l^\ 
albisa-t) ; ^^ badla-t. 

Bain, «. ^ ma^ar (pi. ;U^^ amt&r). 
— (shower) j^ ^j zanha-t ma^ar. 
— (heavy rain) «^^ gais ; JJafc 
hatil. — (%^< rain) Ij^ mu- 

Bain, v. ^ matar, yamtur ; j^ 
tamattar, yatamattar ; Jl^ ha^al, 
yahtil; *^^ gayyas, yugayyig. — 
(it is raining) U-J^ ^Uj tamtur 
as-sama, ^* the sky is raining." 

Bainbow, 8, t^ ^^ qaus quzal^ ; 
8U nadVt. 

Bainy, adj, ;tU m^tir (pi. )^\y 

Baise, V, (erect) s-^ na^ab, yan* 
9ub ; ^ bana, yabni ; fi^\ 
aqam, yuqim ; j^\ anha^^ y un- 
hid. — (exalt) 5*; rafaS yarfa* ; 
J^ *alla, yu'alli ; *t* J^ ^ bi, 
ya^M, — (raise the price) J^ 

galla, yugalli. — (collect) g44- 

jama*, yajma*. 
Baisin, 8. s-^j zabib; ^j zabi- 

Bake, «. (gardening tool) £^;%« 

mijrafa-t (pi. Uj^^^ majarif). — 

(rakish person) v>-^ fasiq (pi. 

oJL^ . fasaqa-t, jUj fussaq) ; 

Jt-.U fahis. 
Rake, v, v-*;^ jaraf, yajruf. 
Bakishness, 8, (>«i fisq; j^ 

f usuq ; S*eAi ^ahwa-t. 
Ballt, V, (rail) \y^ haza', yahza' ; 

^flfe-* sahir, yashar (both with v* 

bi or {^ min) ; ^afe—^ mashar, 

yumashir ; i ab . " »? tamashar, ya- 
tamashar (ooth with ^ *ala). — 
(collect) Q4^ jama', yajma'. — 
(recover strength) ^^ ^ahy yafib ; 
St^\y Ja«i-\ ista'dal miz4j-hu, 

Bam, 8, {J^ kab^ (pi. J^W^ kibai, 
t^W^^ akba^) ; J^ hamal (also 
used for the constelJation, pi. 
^j)!Uft. tumlan, JUa.\ a^mal). — 
(battering ram) v>t>^^^ manjaniq 
(pi. ia^ ^ x^;^ manjaniq&t, v3o*W* 

Bam, t;. (JMV^W v>^ 4&rab bi-'l- 
manjaniq, ya^rib ; j^y daqq, ya- 

Bamble, v. j^*y dar, yadAr. — (talk 
in an incoherent way) f^\ ^^ jW 
dar fi-'l-kalam, yadur. 

Bamble, Bamblinq, s, (^\)y^ da- 

Bambles, 8, ^y^ dawwar. 

Bamification, 8, ffi/s tafri* ; ^/s 

tafarru*; s-h^a*^ tas'ib; ^UAi\ 


Bamift, v.n. J^ farra', yufarri* ; 
^/s tafarraS yatafarra'; s^*i^ 
in^a'ab, yania'ib. 

Bami>, V, (skip about) ytf qafaz» 

Bampant, adj. s-J^ g^Hb; )y^x^ 
mutajawwiz ; yt^s^ mutajabbir. 

Bampabt, 8, (j^^f^ mitras (pi. 
^J^J^ mat&rts) ; jy^ sAr (pl.jV< 




Bam-bod, Rammeb, 8. ^•J^ midak- 

Bancid, adj. ^3 zanih ; {^i»^ mu- 
'affin. — (become rancid) ^j zanih, 
yaznah ; zannah, yuzannih. 

Bancidness, Banciditt, 8, ^y^ 

Bancoub, 8. icXiS kai^aj^a-t ; ^^ 
bug4a-t ; J^Sa. Ijiaqd. 

Bancobous, adj, ^y^ haqud. 

Bandom, 8. j!^\ ittifaq ; ^Jup ^ad- 
fa-t; u&jVc *arid; ^;Vc *ari4a-t 
(pi. u*;^^ *awari4). — (at random) 
"ViW^ ittifaqan ; jfejL ^ Jlc *ala 
gair tanq. 

Bandom, ad;. <j5^^ ittifaqi-y ; o^j^ 

Bangs, «. (roti;) cju ^aiE (pL «-iyu 
9ufuf).^(c(wii2)aM, eaj<dn<) Sj^ai-^ 
istidara-t. — (of a gun) ^/* (Jar- 

Banoe, v. 4-Ao 9aff, ya^uff; ^j 
ra99, yaru9$ ; w-^^ rattab, yurat- 
tib ; fJti najam, yanzim. ^(rove) 
jU dar, yadAr. 

Bank, «. (line) uu ^aff (pi. uyu 
9uMf) ; (•Vt> nizam. — (8iattu in 
80ciety) (v^ inaq4m (pi. vs>U^ 
maqamat) ; £M> t^*^^^^ ; o^ 
6aii (pi. (;)/>*• ^u*iin). — (degree of 
eminence) ^y martaba-t (pi. 
s-^^^ maratib) ; ^j rutba-t ; 
flvA* manzila-t (pi. Jj^ mana- 
zil) ; ^j*> daraja-t (pi. tj*^ daraj). 

Bank, v.a, uu&« ^af^af, yu^af?!!' ; 
s-^j rattab, yurattib ; fM nazam, 
yaDzim ; n. s-^/ tarattab, yata- 
rattab ; ^J^ tanazzam, yatanaz- 
zam ; Jy? tanazzal, yatanazzal. 

Bank, adj. (luxuriant) ^U w&fir; 
JkiU f^yid ; •^t^j zayid ; ^\j rabig. 
— (rancid) ^j zanih; {^i^^^ mu- 
'affin ; {^J»^ muntin. 

Bankness, 8. ^y^ 'ufiina-t; ^^ 

Banback, V, ( plunder) ^ ^lla^, 
yu^allii ; s-^ nahab, yanhab. — 
(8earch thoroughly) (j^^ fata^, 
yufati^; ^^i nabai, yambus. 

Bansom, 8. ^ Ji f ad& } k^ fadiya*t ; 
ii)U» fakak. 


Bansom, v. ^^Ji fada, yafdi ; ^^*y^ 

fada, yutadi ; cdi fakk, yafukk. 
Bant, v. ^ fasur, yafsur ; fa^sar, 

Bant, «. jUi f usar ; ;«-*•*» taf^ir. 
Banteb, 8, j^-Ai fassar. 
Ra.p, 0. ^UU latma-t ; j^ Xnrq, 
Bap, v. fJ^ la^am, yaUim; j^ 

daqq, yaduqq ; jj^ ^araq, ya^riq. 
Bapacious, adj, UU9U. ha^if (pi. 

cJjp\^ hawa^if) ; s-*-»^ g^i^ih. 
Bapaciousness, 8. Ul^ hat;f ; s— ^^ 

Bape, «. (defloration) Sj^\ -^^ 

ahz al-bakara-t ; ^ fadh ; vtXsi^ 

hatk. — (abduction) *-J^ hatf. — 

(vegetable) v£^ lift ; f^^X^ siljim 

(pi. ^>^ salajim). 
Bapid, adj, gjj- sari*; ^^^^^ jari-y. 

— (as a river) JW-* sayyal. 
Bapidness, Bapiditt, «. 

Bapieb, 8. <Jl1^^ saif (pi. 

Bapine, 8. s-^ nahb; £<^ nahi- 

ba-t ; s-^ salb ; &j^ gara-t. 
Bappeb, 8. JJ^ middaq. 
Baptube, 8. J^^ wajd. 
Babe, (m?;. j^\i nadir; .>y^y^ ^)el5 

qalil al-wujM; /-"-ts^ ^ gair 

Babenbss, Babity, 8, SjjU nadira-t 

(pi. j*>W naw^dir) ; SjJ^ nudra-t ; 

^ tuhfa-t. 
Babbfication, 8. JM/ tarqiq. 
Babbfy, i;. Jb> l^all, yahull ; i>i; 

raqqaq, yuraqqiq. 
Bascal, 8, ^^ hasir (pi. y^^ hus- 
sar) ; f\y ^^\ ibn har^m ; yijJb» 

^irrir ; J^^ wagl ; ^^tt^ ^abis. 
Bascality, 8. ^W^ habaga-t ; ^W 

qaba^a-t ; SjUu ];^aqdra«t. 
Babe, v. f**^ hadam, yahdum. 
Bash, oci;. ^J^^ tayis ; j^6^ muta* 

Bash, «. (eruption) £;•**• ];^umra-t ; 

^^^^ tail^t. 
Babhnesb, 8, )ff tahawwur ; ^^ 

Basp, «. «>;t^ mibrad (pi. •>)Vt^ ma- 





Risp, t;. «<^*> da'ak, jad'ak; ««U. 

];^akk, yahukk. 
Eat, 8, ;U fkr (t)l. ^^^ firan) ; 3y|. 

juraz (pi. 0^^ jirzan) ; o^^i/^ 

jirzaun (pi. (^»^^;^ jarazin). 
Eate, 8, (proportion) ^^<— * nisba-t; 

rr»W* qiyas ; ;»^* qadar. — (price) 

ci^ qima-t ; /fc- 8i*r. — (tdx) j^ 

hukr ; hyt^ jizja-t. 
Eate, V, (chide) f¥^ ^tam, jaitum ; 

(•3 zamin, jazumm ; ^y wabbah, 

yuwabbih ; s-Ji* salab, yaglib. 
Eatheb, adv, (more readily) 'SuA 

(^\ fa^lan ann ; "^^ aw^alan. — 

(80fnewhaty in some degree) 'Vcy 

Eatification, 8, J^^? ta'kid ; va*W*\ 

is bat ; Jt>^>— » tasjil ; j^S taqar- 

Eatify, V, (confirm) *^^\ a§baty 

yusbit ; j)^ qarrar, yuqarrir ; 

0^ baqqaq, yuhaqqiq; vJ*>U 

9adaq, yu^&diq. — (approve) ^^J 

^ ra^a bi, yar^i ; ^■'■■ ^' ■■^ istal;^- 

san, yasta^sin. 
Eatio, 8, h^ nisba-t; <^^ qiy^s ; 

jjkji qadar. 

EaTION, 8. ^^ hi9$a-t (pi. ya-aa. 

hi^a?) ; {^^f<^ ta*yiD. 

Eational, adj. (endowed with 
reason) JiVc *aqir(pl. )J^ *uqala, 
JVac*uqqal); (ji*^ na^iq. — (agree- 
able to reason) s-^^ munasib ; 
{Jh^y* muwafiq. 

Eationalnbss, Eationality, 8, 
(reason) J*c *aql. — (conformity 
to reason) ^Ui munasaba-t ; 
6Jih\y» muwafaqa-t. 

Eattle, Eattlino, 8. ^ '^ a -^ifc has- 

Eattle, v. (.r-«— * hashas, yuhas- 

Eavaoe, 8. ^y^ harab ; sHl/^' tah- 
rib ; f**^ haam ; f*\j^^ inhidam. 

Eavaoe, v, s-»/" harab, yabrib. — 
(pillage) s^ nahab, yanhab, 

Eave, v. ^s^ haza, yahzi; j^ 
hajtir, yahjur. 

Eave, s. (j^^^ hazavan. 

Eayel, V, u&M» sabbak, yuiabbik ; 

, _ lahbat, yulafebit ; 
baba^, yahbi?; n. ^^ ihtiJat, 

Eaven, 8, y\^ gur&b (pi. (^W** 
gurban, a^*M agriba-t) ; jVj qiq 
(pi. (;>VMqiq&n). 

Eavbnous, adj. tj^ jarit (pi. tj^y^ 
jawarih) ; &/» ^arih ; (^'^j*^ iax- 
Mn ; ^ lahim. 

Eavenousness, 0. fi/» ^arab ; ^\jM» 

Eavine, 8. J^^ {^ ^^ ^j^j\ ar4 
habita-t min as-sail; JM^ ma- 
diq (pi. v3«^-*^ ma4ayiq) ; t/S 
sugra-t (pi. yk» gugar). 

Eavish, v. (carry off) UiU. hatif, 
yah^af. — (fill with delight) ^^ 
lazzaz, yulazziz . — (violate) ^ 
fadab, yafolalji ; ck)Ua hatak, yah- 

Eavishment, «. (abduction) vJ^ 
ha^f. — ' (delight) SiJ lazza-t. — 
(rape) ^ fatJt ; *«X5A hatk. 

Eaw, adj. (not cooked) J nai-y. — 
(not manufactured) f\^ }^km., — 
(not matured) g* njj, fajj. — 
(chilly) *>;W band. 

Eat, 8. (beam) f Uai 4u*a* (pi. Ima\ 
asi*a-t, g«Ai iSu*u*) ; ^ lam^. — 
(fish) u*;^^ *4U— samak at-turs. 

Eaze, v. see Ease. 

Eazob, 8. {j*y* mus (pi. (j^^y*^ am- 
was) ; v5^w* mihlaq ; £2W* mi^- 
laqa-t (pi. ^jiW* mahaliq). 

Eeach, v. (extend to) a- madd, ya- 
inudd ; ^J\ Ax^^ imtadd ila, yam- 
tadd. — (attain) JVJ nal, yan&l, 
yanil; J-». wa^al, ya^il; ^j*A 
adrak, yudrik; ^ balag, yab- 
lug; ij6>x rahiq, yahraq. — (^ive) 
ft*^ qaddam, yuqaddim ; J^V» 
nawal, yunawil. 

Eeach, 8. (power) S^jJ qudra-t. 

Eeact, v. UiJ\*^ tahalaf, yatahdlaf ; 
C*»> dafa*, yadfa*; *>; radd, ya- 

Eeaction, 8. Uil\df!f tahaluf ; ^•^ 
daf*a-t ; ^m^^-j raj*a-t. 

Eead, v. \f qara*, yaqm* ; 5J tala, 

Eeaxjino, 8. ^y qiraya-tj (^^ 




qur'An; ^^ mutala'a-t; i^ 

Readiness, «. *>^»k«&-^ isti'd&d. 
Ready, adj. (prepared) /^W Ij&dir 
musta'idd ; )^^ n&jiz 
*atid. — (g'wicA;) gg;-* sari* 

tA* na^it. — (eajpcrO y^^ mabir 

;IU ^atir ; S^ labiq. 
Real, ad;, (no^ fictitioua) ^J^aa^ 

tiaqiqi-y ; *>j '>j *• maujiid. — 

(genuine) c^^^ ^ahih ; jWb. haq- 

qani-y. — (eaeential) ^^^ a^li-y ; 

JfU zllti-y. 
REALisi, v. JM^ taqqaq, yuhaqqiq. 
Reality, «. ^M»- haqiqa-t; *>yi-^ 

Really, adv, ^At^^ liaqiqatan ; ^^S 

Realm, s. ^^^^U^ mamlaka-t (pi. 

tcXlU^ mamalik) ; «£X1'« mulk ; 

iL4L. salfana-t ; ^^«> daula-t (pi. 

J^*> duwal). 
Ream, «. jj^ ^J) rizmat waraq (pi. 

rtl; rizam). 
Re-animate, v. ^'^ {^ ^jtfi^^ abya 

min jadid, yuhyi ; «A^ ba'as, 

Reap, v, (cut the harvest) Ju». 

];^a9ad, yah^id. — (obtain) JU n&l, 

yanal, yanil ; ^J^ J-«^ ta^al *ala, 

Reaper, e. ^U^. ha^^M. 
Reapinq-hook, «. J>*^ minjal (pi. 

J«hU« manajil) ; JUa^ miq^al (pi. 

J^Uu» maq&8il). 
Reappear, v. ^y ^^ c^ lah gani 

marra-t, yaluh. 
Rear, Eearquard, Rearward, 8. 

/i^\ l^\ ahirat aj-'askar (pi. 

/-^y^ awahir) ; ^V- saqa-t. 
Rear, v. (bring up) ^; rabba, 

yurabbi. — (as a horse) iy^ harat, 

yahrut ; (^j;*- baran, yahrao ; h-a 

iabb, ya^ubb; f^jJS taqantar, 

Re-a8cend, v. Jk^J^ (^ •^^^ 9a'ad 

min jadid, ya8*ad ; if ^^^ g^ 

tala* sani niarra-t, yatlu*. 
Reason, s. (rational faculty) Jac 

*aql (pi. Jywi *uqM) ; ^jJ^^ i^\ 

al-quwwat al-mudrika-t ; d&\j*y\ 

idrftk ; ^ fahm (pi. j*^ fuhftm). 
— (catLse) ♦■r-^- sabab (pi. ^W-\ 
asb&b) ; ^ 411a.t (pi. Jlft *ilal). 
— (motive) ^W bA'isa-t (pi. 
e^^y baw&4s). — (justice) u\^\ 
in^af ; ^^f ^awab. 
Reason, v, (discuss) vA-.«c». babag, 
yabbas ; <A-*-W bahag, yub&his. — 
(think) J««> ta*aqqal, yata'aqqal ; 
^jj tadabbar, yatadabbar. — (dis- 
pute) ^^ nagar, yunazir; Jt\jS 
tanazar, yatanazar; g-^W ^>&jaj, 

Reasonable, adj, (rational) J^^ 
'&qil (pi. ^ 'uqala, JUc »uqqal). 
— (according to reason) jy*** 
ma'qul ; v^^"^ munasib ; v3*^y« 
muwafiq. — (moderate) L-y:^ 
mutawassH ; «-*-»** mun^if . 

Reasonableness, «. iU^te^ ma'qii- 
liya-t; ^U^ munasaba-t; ^VJ 
liy&qa-t. — (moderation) J^A«ft^ 
i*tid&l ; ^^^ in9&f . 

Rebel, s. Rebellious, adj. <j«^ 
*^i (pi. «y^-^ *ii9&t) ; ^jchjW 
bliriji-y (pi. t^^ bawarij) ; (^U* 

Rebel, v. o^ *^*> 7^*91 ; (:)* C/- 

haraj *an, jahruj. 
Rebellion, s. Ij^ fitna-t (pi. {^ 

fitan) ; ^y^ qauma-t, qiima-t ; 

tamarrud ; t^^ buruj. 
Rebound, v. ^***^ indafoS yandafi* 
(ijtt J\ ,^ {^ inin ie-y ila 
jpiir-bu); \^ U natt li-wara, 

Rebound, s. <j*^^^ in'ikAs. 
Rebuff, «. g^J^^ indifa*. 
Rebuild, v. j^^ (^ ^^ bana min 

jadid, yabni. 
Rebuke, v. ft'i lam, yalfim ; ^3 

zamm, yazumm ; ^^ wabbab, 

Rebuke, s. v*U:c *itab ; ^U#» mu- 

*ataba-t ; ^t^ laum ; ^y taubih. 
Rebus, s. yj ramz (pi. jy«j rumuz) ; 

^j*** mu'amma. 
Rebut, v. {j^\i naqad, yunaqid ; *>j 

radd, yarudd. 
Recall, i;. (call bach) oUa^^ ista'ad, 




yasta^id; £^W ^\ amar-ha 

bi-'r-rujAS ya^mur-hu. — (to 

memory) /^ tazakkar, jatazak- 

kar. — (revoke) A^S^ ^^ {<►; raja* 

min kalam-hu, jaria'. 
Beoant, V, ^^ j^\ ankar *ala, 

Becantation, 8, j^\ ink&r ; W«<^ 

Becapitulate, v. ^joafeJ lahha^, 

julahhi^ ; J«a^ ha^^al, yuha^fiil ; 

J4^\ ajmal, yujmil, 
Becapitulation, 6, f^^\ jifi 

jUsS^W takrir al-kalam bi-'l- 

Becaptuee, v. *sU*j^ *>Vc 'ad tamal- 

lak, ja'iid yatamallak. 
Bbcaptube, 8, **XUj^\ gjU\ i'&dat 

Becast, V, *«^ *>Vc *ad sabak, ya*ud 

yasbuk ; •^^^ (^ cE)l^«• sabak min 

jadid, yasbuk, 
Becede, V, \)^ ff^s raja* li-wara, 

yarja* ; \j) J^ yr( injarr ila war&, 

Beceipt, 8, J^^ wu^iil ; ^^^ wusA- 

la-t ; v_^!U iij^ waraqa-t hal&9 ; 

* gV '».4> » tamassuk. 

Beceipt, v. J^^ j^j^^ ^^^'^ OJ/^ 

abra zimmat-hu bi-tahrir wu^ul, 

Beceiye, v. (obtain) ^ J«^ wa^al 

la-hu, ya?!! ; ;>iJ qaba<J, yuqbicj ; 

^ycf^ ha^^al, yuha^^il; ^\ ahaz, 

ya'huz. — (accept) J^i qabil, yaq- 

bal ; J^ taqabbal, yataqabbaJ. 

— (admit) J«<i*-\ istaqbal, yas- 

taqbil; ^5 Idqa, yulaqi; ^J^ 

talaqqa, yatalaqqa. 
Beoeiveb, «. (of money) J^^ 

qabid ; J-*^^ mu^a^^il; ij^f^^^ 

mustaufi. — (of taxe8) ^JiW jabi. 

— (of stolen goods) ,jAae» munfi. 
Beception, 8. JM*-^ istjqbal ; J^ 

qabiil; S\i!U mulaqat. 
Becent, adj\ JkjA^ jadid (pi. ^JJ^- 

judud) ; i±>oW hadis ; e^-iJk*. 

hadi§ ; ^^^ Xun-j ; ^-^J^ tarif ; 

u^ gad<j[ ; u4^ gacjid. 
Becentness, 8, W jidda-t; S^\;I» 

tarawa-t ; ^;L ^urf a-t. 

Bbcbptaclb, 8. eD^to^ mahzan (pi. 

M)V9e* mah&zm) ; J«W l^a^il (pL 

^y^^ haw&^il). 
Becess, «. (niche) j^ t^ (pl* vs>VSVL 

taqat, <:)W» tiqan). — (p2ace o/ 

retirement) S^k halwa-t. — («*«- 

pension) *-ASy tawaqquf; toj 

Becipe, 8, i^) wa^fa-t. 
Becipient, 8. {J^^ qabic}. See Bb- 

Bbcipbooal, adj, (^^^ (^ min 

at-tarafen ; i^fJt,^ mu^tarik. 
Becipbocally, adv, 'U«» ^^e^^ ba*4- 

hum ba*dan. See remark to 

Becipbocate, V, (interchange) Jj^ 

badal, yabdil; J*^VS qawai, yu- 

qawid. Mostly expressed by the 

VI. form of a verb, as, s-»y* 

4arab, ** to beat ; " v»jW taijarab, 

** to reciprocate blows." 
Bbcipbocation, Bbcipbocitt, 8. 

i^L&^ mu^araka-t. 
Bbcital, 8. ^fi takr&r, jt^ takrir. 

— (narration) ^V^ nik4ya-t ; 

^^jj) riwaya-t ; ^ qi^^a-t. 
Becitation, 8, *>^^ in^ad. 
Becitb, V, ^_5^ Ijiaka, yal^ki; ^^-y 

rawa, yarwi; ^^ zakar, yazkur ; 

j/karrar,yiikarrir. — (verses) •*A»\ 

aD^ad, yun^id ; a^U; tan&iad, ya- 

Beckless, adj, J^W^ mutaMmil ; 

JW5\ J^ hali.y al-b&l. 
Becklessness, 8, ^^9 tahUmul. 
Beckon, v, s-^--*- hasab, ya^sub, 

yahsab ; J^ *add, ya'idd ; 

ha^a, yah?!. — (consider) 

hasib, yal^si^j yahsab. — (rely on) 

^ MJ^\ i*tamad *ala, ya*tamid ; 

^J\ juuu.\ istanad ila, yastanid. 
Beckoning, ». v»Li^ hisdb; ^ W» 

Beclaim, v. (bring bach from error 

or vice) v»^«-\ istat&b, yastatib ; 

^ ^allah, yufiallih ; ^\ a^la^, 

yu9lib. — (re-demand) g» y ^^ is- 

tarja*, yastarji*. 
Becline, v, ^^f tawakka, yata- 

wakka ; ^^\ ittaka, yattaki ; 




sanad, yasnud ; a^ iskjn', ja^- 
ja*. — (rest) cV*-^ istar&h, yas- 

Bbcluse, 8, cr*M^ habis (pi. ^— -e^ 
hubasa) ; *«^^ nasik (pi. *<J^--* 
nussak) ; s-a\) rabib (pi. (;jV^; 

Sbcoonisance, «. (security) &U-a 
4amana-t; ^U^kafala-t. 

Rbcoonise, t;. (ibnoti^ again) U^^e 
'araf , ya'rif ; /^ tazakkar, yata- 
zakkar. — (one another) i^fS ta- 
*arraf , yata'arraf . — (acknowledge) 
«jy»\ i'taraf, ya'tarif ; J^ joU 
94daq 'ala, yu^ddiq. 

Secoonition, 8. ^f^ ma*rifa-t; 
^fi\ iqr&r. 

Bbcoil, 8, \^ ^j raja' li-wara, 
yarja* ; g*Ai^ indafaS yandafi*. 

Kbcollect, v. (remember) /^ ta- 
zakkar, yatazakkar ; /«^^ izzakar, 
yazzakir ; ^ jU f aq 'ala, yaf iiq. 
— (recover composure) ijUa-.^ iatar- 
f&q, yastafiq; ^ £4^ jama* 
qalb-hu, yajma*. 

£bcolleotion, s, (remembrance) 
/^ zikr ; j^S5 tazakkur ; j^^\ izzi- 

£SC0MMENGE, V. *^*^- (^ ^J^^ ib- 

tada' min jadid, yabtadi'. 
Becommbnd, v. (introduce) ^rt 

AjLfi "^jft.^ wa99a al^adan 'ale-hu, 

yuwa^fli. — (advise) ^ na^ah, 

yaD^h ; ^\i iia^ah, yuna^ih. 
Becommendation, s. ^9 wai?iya-t ; 

^y tau^iya-t. — (letter of) *^f^ 

^f maktiib tau$iya-t. 
Becompense, v. (remunerate) yyt 

jaza, yajzi; oJ^W j&za, yajAzi ; 

^y^ kafa, yukafi. — (repay) (j*^ 

Jft *awwa4 *ala, yu'awwid ; (j*^ 

8;U4^\ i^ 'awwa4 *ale-bu al- 

hasara-t, yu'awwid. 
Becompense, s, (reward) S_^^ 

njra-t; ijW\ ijara-t; \y^ jaza; 

S^jV^^ mujazat; fiUX* mukafat; 

i>^^\ isaba-t. — (equivalent) \J>^ 

*awad (pi. u*^^^ a*wad) ; {J^fS 

8^L^ ta*wid basara-t. 
Bbconcilable, adj, (consistent) 

^\y« muwafiq ; i3»^ mut&biq. 


Bbconcile, i;. f^^^ ^^ lAlah bain- 
bum, yii9&lih ; ^»W«^ a^lal^-bom, 
ya^lih-bum. — (one*s self with 
another) pV^ ta^alah, yatasalab ; 
^SLe\ i^^lah, ya«t£klib (botb with 
g^ ma*)- — (bring to agreement) 
iji\y a)Uc *amil-bu muwafiq, 
ya*mal-hu ; <3jU. ^abaq, yutabiq. 

Beconcilement, Beconciliation, 
s. W« 9ulba-t; ^U^ musala- 

Becondite, adj. (secret) v^/- sir- 
ri-y;^ tr-*^*^ mahfi.y; ^j-«* 
gaibi-y. — (abstruse) <ji*^ mug- 
laq; f^^t^ mubbam ; JXa-« mu^- 

Beconnoitbe, V, (J^ nafad, yan- 
f ad ; <-JUi kai^af , yak^if . 

Begonqueb, v. ^ ^^ *ad fatah, 
ya*ud yaftab ; J««>«^ (^ «*^U5 ta- 
mallak min jadid, yatamallak. 

Begobd, s. (public document) ^^^ 
hujja-t (pi. e^a- hujaj); J%- 
sijl (pi. J%-* sujul, ct>)^- sijil- 
Ikt),— (register) fi^ daftar (pi. 
yUj dafatir). 

Bbcobd, V, (register) jSiji\^ Stfi qay- 
yad bi-'d-daftar, yuqayyid. — 
(praise) fji^ 'az^am, yu'az^ini ; 
t*^ madab, yamdah. 

Becobdeb, s, ^Jy^ mutawalli. 

Becount, 8, ^j^ baka, ya^ki. 

Becoubse, s, W^^ iltija. — (have 
recourse to) ^J^^ ^j^\ iltaja ila, 

Becoyeb, v.a, (regain) J^o^ ba^^aJ, 
yuha^^il. — (cure) ^^ ^afa, ya^fi ; 
^J^^^ aiSfa, yu^fi ; s-^ t^yyab, 
yutayyib ; n. (grow well) ^J^sJi^ 
i^tafa, yaiStafi ; v^ tab, yatib. — 
(come to one*s senses again) jU^ 
[^ afaq min, yafiq. 

Becoyebable, adj. (obtainable) 
Jy«^\ {^^^^ mumkin al-hii^^l; 
J-fli^;:?. yutaba^^al (3 aor.pass.ii.). 
— (curable) \l^\ Jj^qabil as-saf A ; 
^J^ yu^fa (3 aor. pass.). 

Becoveby, a. VAe» safa ; ^ bur*. 

Becbeant, 8. (couKLrd) ^W jaban. 
— (apostate) (j4«^^ •*Jj^ tarik 
ad-^n ; 'iSy murtadd. — (villain) 




jtj^ ^irrir; Jij razl (pL J^J|) 

Rec BEATS, v.a, (refresh) c^/^\ 

istarah, jastarih. — (divert) fty 

nazzah, juuazzih ; ^J^ salla, 

yusalli ; g;* farraj, jufarrij. — 

(one's self) fty> tanazzah, yata- 

nazzah ; ^ys tafarraj, yatafarraj. 
Eecbeation, 8. ^y nuzha-t; ^ 

tanazzuh ; ^/s tafarruj ; ^ 

Becbiminate, V, jt^ {^ ^ *ayyar 

man yu*ayyir; ^^ Jc J^\ 

<j^^5-ftsi iitaka *ala man ya^taki. 
Eectanole, 8. Keotanqulab, adj, 

^\)^\ ^♦t>fc.-^mu8taqimaz-zaway&. 
Eectification, 8. ^(»^^ ta^hi^; 

C^^ i^lah; ii)Xt galaqa-t. — (ciw- 

tillation) yjoSS taqtir ; ;i;5i^ takrir. 
Eectif^, V, (set right) {^^« ^ahha^, 

yu^ahhih ; ^\ a§lah, yu^lit- — 

(an accomit) J^ gallaq, yugalliq. 

— (purify) j^ karrar, yukarrir ; 

^^ ^affa, yu^affi; ^i qattar, 

Eectilineal, Ebgtilineab, 0(2;. 

A-^- j A ;