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Full text of "English-Arabic Dictionary: For the Use of Both Travellers and Students"

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:?>33. Y 













{AW r\^\U ftttn^d.) 



SEP 261961 

PRIVnO I 1 \,'. U. ALLEN A CO., 13 \7ATSBLOO PLA K. 


The object of this book is clearly iudicated by the title : 
it is intended to be a companion to the Traveller who visits 
the East for pleasure or business purposes, and a help to 
the advanced Student who begins to translate from English 
into Arabic. In the interest of the Traveller, therefore, 
primary regard is paid to the modern idiom, as it is spoken 
at the present day, principally in Egypt and Syria. For 
the benefit of the Student, on the other hand, to still 
greater extent, recourse has been had to the literary and 
even poetical Vocabulary ; nay, in order to give a fuller 
idea of the character and richness of this remarkable 
language, numerous words have been inserted which belong 
to various slang dialects, as, for instance, the nicknames 
given to the principal necessaries of life in the Tufaili 
dialect. Any reader versed in these studies will, therefore, 
on close examination, find a great deal of curious and 
useful information condensed in this comparatively small 

Guided by the idea that the task of a Dictionary is to 
supply those etymological facts which cannot be taught by 
the Grammar, the Author has excluded regular forms of 
inflexion, but carefully recorded the irregular plurals of 
nouns and adjectives, both in the Arabic and Komau 


character, and given in full the Aorists of verbs after the 
Preterites, in transliteration, both of them in the third 
person singular. On the above-stated principle, he might 
have dispensed with the Aorists of the derived forms, and 
of quadriliteral verbs, as these are regularly formed from 
their Preterites. To enhance the usefulness of the book, 
however, it appeared advisible to give those Aorists also. 
He who studies the language, not from a scholarly point 
of view, but for practical ends, can scarcely be expected 
always to remember the rules for the formation of this class 
of words, and will be glad to find them ready to hand. At 
the same time, the knowledge of the Aorists enables him to 
form from them the active and passive participles, or, in 
the parlance of the Arabic Grammarians, the nouns of the 
** Agent" and "Patient"; and thus it became feasible to 
pass over a great many words, which in English are either 
originally participles, or nouns derived from verbs by the 
syllables -er, -or, -tor^ &c. The Arabic for such words has, 
therefore, only been given when they have a particular 
form or a particular meaning of their own. A few examples 
will illustrate this. 

On page 1 of the present volume we find the words 
Abandoned, Abashed, Abet, Abide. The rules* for the 

• These rules are : — The Agent of a triliteral verb follows the measure 
JcU family that is to saj, the first consonant of the root is pronounced 
with re, the second with i. Its Patient follows the measure Jy**^ maful, 
viz. the syllable ma is placed liefore the root, whose first consonant is 
pronounced without a vowel, whilst the second takes u. From derived 
forms and quadriliteral verbs the two participles are obtained by 
changing the initial yu or ya of the Aorist into mw, and pronouncing 
the last consonant but one with i (<) for the Agent, with a (a) for the 
Patient. Compare the examples, mdkis, matruk, muddwini, mustaqim, 
muhajjalf given above. 


formation of the Agent and Patient teach us that 
" abandoned," in the sense of '' forsaken," would be 
matruk; in the sense of ''given over," musallam. There- 
fore only the meaning of *' profligate " has been rendered 
into Arabic. From the verb hajjaly " he abashed," the 
participle muhajjal is regularly derived ; but besides that, 
the form hajldn is in use, and has consequently been 
mentioned as an equivalent. From the Arabic Preterite 
makas or the Aorists yastaqimj yuddwim^ the active 
participles, mdkiiy mustaqim^ muddwim^ are as easily 
formed as the English " abiding " from the infinitive 
** to abide " ; and if the Reader knows that the Arabic 
word yuharrik means " he abets " or *' incites," he will 
not have the slightest difficulty in translating the English 
word ** abettor " by muhannk. 

By this appeal to the spontaneous mental activity of an 
intelligent Student space has been gained for a far greater 
number of words, both English and Arabic, than other- 
wise could have been comprised in a volume of the same 

With regard to the sources from which this Dictionary 
has been compiled, the Author was not contented to 
consult and to follow the works of a similar scope, which 
have appeared in France, Germany, and in this country, 
but he has largely supplemented the information thus 
gathered by extensive reading of the best Arabic writers 
up to the present day. Not only Hariri and the Arabian 
Nights have amply contributed to this little volume, but 
the works of contemporary authors, as Ndsif-al-Yaziji, 
Dr. Bust4ni, Faris-el-Shidiac, &c.. Manuals in different 
branches of knowledge, written by natives, and translations 

from biui'opean standard books into Ai'abic, have afforded 
Taluablti assistance. Unfortunately the whole of the 
manuscript was in the hands of the publishers before 
Dr. Badger's great Dictionary came out, and during the 
ensuing year, while the printing was unavoidably delayed, 
the Author's time was fully taken up iu preparing an 
Arabic-Kuglish Dictionary, on a vastly enlarged plan (now 
in the Press) ; no that, to his very jrreat regret, ho could 
not avail himself of the substantial help which this 
■ important work undoubtedly would have lent him. 

Nobody can be more keenly alive to the imperfections 
of this book than the Anthor, and he will be thankful for 
any hint which fair and intelligent criticism may have to 
offer him, with a view to future corrections and improve- 
ments in another edition. Still, as it is, he ventures to 
hope that he has, in a certain measure, supplied a real 
want; and he will feel himself amply rewarded for the care 
and labour bestowed on it, if it affords aid and wins friends 
to the study of a langnage which not only possesses great 
beauties of its own, and a rich Mterature, but which will 
also become of more and more practical importance to 
Englishmen, as the Eastern policy of the empire follows 
out its destinies — let us hope, not in narrow- mi ndf 1 hostility 
to, but in friendly and mutually advantageous alh.iace with, 
the Muhammadan W^ortd. 


LoKDOS, September Uth 1882, 
nOudayo/ the BattU of TeUl-KMr. 



The Arabic letters have, in this volume, been transliterated as 
follows : — 

^ a, i, 11, at the beginning of a word (see the remark on the 
Hamzah Mow), 
s^ b. 


«. Pronounced like the English th in thing. 
s j. 

C b* . A guttural asj^irate, stronger than A. 
t h. Pronounced like the Scotch cA in lock. 
•> d. 
^ z. Pronounced like the English th in that, with. 

^ sh. Pronounced like the English Bh in «/m/. 

\^ s. Strongly articulated 9. 

\J> d. Similar to the English th in thin. 

t \. Strongly articulated palatil /. 

i z. Strongly articulated ]>alatal z. 

£ ' . Strong guttural, the pronunciation of which must be 
learnt bv the ear. 

t g. 
wi f. 

J q. 

4) k. 

J 1- 

f m. 

(^ n. 

5 h. 

y w. 
c5 y. 

The Hamzah has not been marked at the beginning of a word, where 
it has always the Alif for a prop, and is pronounced as a, 1, fi, preceded 
by a ver}' slight aspiration, like h in the English word " honour." 

Tho vowel signs have l>een rendered by a for - , 1 for v , v for — ; the 
long vowfls by n for \- , — , or ^ , / for ^57 , c for ^3- , ai for %^~ , m for 
y— y o for •-, <rw for ^— , all to bo pronounced as in Italian or 

The Arabic ^5, and ^ an» represented by /-y and //-»r, the feminine 
termination S - by a-<, in which cases the final letters are joined to the 


l»()dies of the words by a bvplien, to show that in modern Arkbic they 
are not to be pronounced, unless the two former are foUgyed by a 
feminine or plural termination, or the feminine noun in £~ is placed in 
a state of construction with a pronominal suffix, or another noun pre- 
ceded by the article. 




A, indef, art, frequently expreey^ed 
bj I (fern, term.) subjoined to 
a generic noun, as, ji samar, 
"fruit *'; Ij^ saniara-t, "a fruit." 

Aback, adv. (hackwtirds) \jy warn; 
\jp {^ min wjira. — (Jby surprise) 

■• iUfc Jift *ala gafla-t. 

Abandon, v. (leave) ^y tarak, ya- 
truk ; ;%A hajar, yahjur; /►^ 
hajar, yuhajir. — (give over) fX^ 
sallam, vusallim. 

qa-t, J^— i fussaq). 
Abandonmbnt, s.a, *^f tark ; ^V^ 

hajr ; (^\fyb hijr&n ; n. ^\fi\ in- 

tirak ; jW«^^ inhijar. 
Abase, v, ^^ zallal, yuzallil ; J*^^ 

azall, yuzill ; /^ haqqar, yul^aq- 

qir ; J»^ watta, yuwatti. 
Abased, adj, JJ»i zalil (pi. J1»S 

zilal, ^'iS\ azillA, QS\ azilla-t); 

yu^^ muf^taqar. 
Abasement, «. SjU^ (^aq&ra-t ; y^n^f 

tali(j[ir ; J«}3JJ tazlil. 
Abash, v. J^^ bajjal, yutajjil; 

sSf- baza, yahzi. 
Abashed, adj, cA%»> (lajl&n. 
Abate, v.a. JU qallall, yuqallil; 

1^ naqqaf, yunaqqi? ; n. ^j^ 

naqa^, yanquf. 
Abatement, s. Jc^ taqltl ; i^^tji^a 

tannif ; jo» nuq? ; ^U» nuq^&n ; 

* y -^ mukasara-t. 

Abbess, s,y^\ ^j rayisa-t ad-dair ; 

«£>l«jfcy\ ^j rayisa-t ar-rahib&t. 
Abbey, s. y^ dair (pi. Sj^j j duyAra-t, 

IjtA adyira-t). 
Abbot, s. yJ^\ {j^) rayis ad-dair 

(pi. *Uj|; riisa) ; (^^)\ ij^j rayis 

ar- rub ban. 
Abbreviate, v. ^ qa^aar, yuqaf- 

^ir; j>m^\ ihta^ar, yabta^ir. 
Abbreviation, s, ^Us*.\ ibtif&r 

^Usi^ i([ti9«lr. 
Abdicate, v. (j* JjUj tanazal *an, 

yataniizal ; J)A» ta'azzal, yata'az- 

zal ; Jy^\ i'tazal, ya'tazil. 
Abdication, s. J^y^^ i'tizal; J^y* 

nuzul ; JjUj tanazul ; *«5y tark. 
Abdomen, s. a*U ma'na-t (pi. ^ -At, 

(^/y» mu'iin, (^*y» mu'un). 
Abduction, s, s-J^ salb ; 

Aberration, s, J!U 4alal; ^V*y 

tauban ; U& gala^. 
Abet, v, (incite) ^J^ J-*^ ]|^mal 

'ala, yah mil ; «c)^ l>arrak 'ala, 

yubarrik. — (back up) ^y^ J^ ^add 

zabra-bu, ya.4idd. 
Abeyance, s.j^^ ta'ahhur. 
Abhor, t;. ^^ karib, yakrab ; J^ 

bagad, yabguiji. 
Abhorrence, s, t\j^jLm\ istikr&b ; 

lJt\^ karaba-t ; Xt>*1^ karabiya-t. 
Abide, v, •*«* qa*ad, yaq*ud ; f\MsmA 

istariam, yastaqim ; «iuX* makag, 

vamKus. — (continue) ^^*> dam, 

yadum ; f^W dawam, yud&wim. 


An] ! 

Asn-nT, t. I)-*I qii(bu-t ; j^>i=il iqti- 

dir; i«liU q4bLliya-t. 
AbJbot, adj. jofc- liaqir; (. j -g-* 

hasia, .*-ij wagd QjI. jI— tjl 

Abjeotnebs, «. ie>J daoiya-t (pi, 

\il*J dauSyn) ; S'iiJ daiiu'at j fli 

zilUi-t ; EjUb- liaqarat. 
Abjubb, 11. ijiij rafa^, yarfud ; ■*»<»' 

jat<i^< Taj^ud 1 fi QiLkir, yaakar ; 

j£il anWr, yunkir; JUjl artadd, 

Abjubation, s. •i^w^ juhfld; jIjJjI 

Able, o^j'. j-^'J qftdir j JiU qitbil. 
Ablution, «. J— t gael, gusl ; Jl— ^1 

igtisAl. — {before prayer) Vj 

wadil. — (tcith suTid) ,**e5 tayam- 

Absobmal, adj. (jyldl x* ^udd al- 

qanun; tp-Wj.^ gair maiJbflt- 
ABOABD, ado. 'T-^^ ^ fi-'!-mar- 

Abode, g. jji—* maskan (pi. (jii—* 

masukin) i J*>> mahall (pi. JW* 

maliHll) ; JjA- manzil (pi. Jj^ 

ABOLISH, B, JW abtal, yu>i!il ; t-* 

nasali, yaoHah, £~i fasah, yaf- 

AaoLtTioir, 8. JUfll ibtU ; Ji^tob- 

ttl, t)SJ=i buUiu- 
Abouinablg, Of//. ^/ kar'ih; »jj;i- 

niakrfth ; gs-i* Sanl' ; ui>yu-> 

mamqAt ; if~<l' maqit. 
Abouinatb, r. »/ karih, yakrali ; 

ij£jJ\ istakrah, yastakrih ; t/*f 

Daga4i yabgu4 ; •*-** muqat, 

Abohimatioit, t.a. toji* makraha-t, 

makruha-t; jef kahr, kuhr; n. 

iyi* makruha-t; *■«■** &mi'a-t 

(pi. ^tifc sanayi') ; i*«* qabl- 

ha-t (pi. c*W* qabftyih, tM qi- 

Abobioinax, orfj. »■ ^\ ajH-y ; 

Jjl awwali-j ; ^■U i;^ <:?^r^ 

^U)lt mutawaUin dud qadim az- 

Abobtioh, «. Lljul isqAf ; ^ fi'l^i 


Aboktite, adj. tyu-* masq&t > 

yiefl* jahitl ; ijflJ^ miqi;. 
Abottnd, t;, jJS kasiir, yaksur ; u*** 
fiifl, yafid ; ^j wftfar, jafir, s-**- 
ha^ab, yah? lb. 
About, prep, J)» l^aul. — (tpeakin^ 
of time) Aic 'and ; ^ naljw. — 

{coHcerning) i^ 'an ; ^ fi. 
About, adv. "WtyS taqriban ; j"* 

Above, prep. oiip. jji fauq. — (nwwe 

(/wn) y^ yil aksar lain. 
Abrade, v, Jil akal, ya'kul. 
Abbasion, s. ^^ saraE, J^ akl. 
Abreast, adv. -ifl) <-i« jj* fi faff-in 

Abkidue, v., Abbidoement, »., tee 

Abbreviate, Abbbbviation. 
Abboad, adv. {wilhoul doort) "WjW 

hiirijan. — {out of the country), 

T;t barran. 
Abboqatb, tt. Jlifl ibtal, yubtil ; JW 

baltal, yubatlil ; f— * naaah, yan- 

Abbooation, a, J^\ ibtal; t-* 

nash 1 lilji tark. 
Abrupt, adj. (s(«e/t), t-Ulj waqif j 

(-U. ^mih.— («Bd<ten) ilAt j^ 

'ala gafla-t. 
Abbuptnesb, «. {rudeneu) ilLu. 

Abscess, ». ic»- Ijabba-t ; J-j dum- 

mal, fl-»J duminala-t (pi. J^^o 

damiimil) ; ^'-i dumbala-t (pi. 

danAbil) ^/ qarh (pi. Cj^ 

Abscond, v. ^Jt^^ ihtafa, yabtafi ; 

^\ inqala', yanqali'. 
Abbexce, «- Jn^ gaiba-t i v*^ 

Absent, v. v'* gflb, yagib. 
Absent, acf/. (in mind) ^ ■ :: • % ' mu- 

iattat ; ^^ sAhi. 
Absentee, >. vt^ R^tyib. 
Absolute, o*^'. (detputie) jlU* 

mujlaq; J*il-iDU8taqill.— (ewn- 

plete) J'^ kamil ; fM tHmm ; ftUi 

Absolution, a. ^ 'affi ; i/u^ mag- 

fira-t; yljit yufrini J»l^ Ut>> 





Absolve, v, /fc gafax, yagfir ; /^\ 

igtafar, yagtafir. 
Absorb, v. {imbibe) ^^J^^ iia.4if, 

yan^f; s-^ nagab, yangib, 

yangub; v*^ 6arib, yakrab. — 

(wholly to engage) jAa* ^gal, 

ya.4gal. — (be absorbed in thought) 

J*^^^ i^tagal, ya^tagil. 
Absorption, s. ghi\ ibtila*; v»/i 

Abstain, v. q^j^\ imtana', yam- 

tani' ; ^J4Jm^ il^tama, yahtami, Ut^ 

kaff, ^akuff; J^j zahad, yahzad 

(all with (J* *an). 
Abstemious, adj. ^j^ ^ ^^ muhtami ; 

Jufc^j zabid. 
Abstemiousness, s. Uj^\ il^tima; 

JUfcj zuhd; S^Va; zahada-t, *-iU^ 

Abstinence, s. g^J^^^^ iintinil* ; U^ 

kaff ; ifiVlsi qata*a-t. 
Abstractt, adj, (existing in the mind 

only) ^j^^ mujarrad. 
Abstract, s. (epitome) SJU- hula- 

9a- 1 ; j-^iisk^ muhta^ar. 
Abstract, r. (separate) Jy^ jarrad, 

yujarrid. — (purloin) J^ nasal, 

yan^ul ; jj- saraq, yasruq. 
Abstraction, «. •^i/r tajrid. — (deep 

thought) ^SiJ\ iftikar. — (absence 

of mind) j^ 8ah{i. 
Abstruse, adj. <3U^ muglaq ; f^^t^ 

miibham ; <J^«> daqiq. 
Abstruseness, s. •Ma' ta'qid. 
Absurd, adj, ^^»^ jt^ {^ min ger 

ma'na, JfcjV x* 4^dd al-*aql; 

JW« muhHl. 
Absurdity, s, (^^ hazayan, st 

Abundance, s, i/^ ka§ra-t ; 

hi^b ; SjVjj ziyada-t ; (^^ faicj ; 

jjflA-j rah? ; ^; raha. 
Abundant, adj, ye^ kasir; y^t^ 

fay id; /^^ wafir; j^y* maufiir; 

J4^3 z4yid. 
Abuse, s. (insult) 0^ bahdala-t, 

U^sjL ^atima-t. — (misuse) ^^ 

Abuse, v. ^ ^tam, ya.4tim, ya^ 

tum ; ^ttam, yu^ttim ; s-^ sabb, 


Abusive, adj, s-t^f— sabib (pi. 
s^-iW- sabayib) ; ^Ui satim. 

Abut, v. J-»^ ittii^al, yatta^il. 

Abutment, s. (of a bridge) ^J^ 
kab^ (pi. ^W* kibas, ^J^ akbu^, 
J^\^\ okhki). 

Abtss, s, JM^ *umq (pi. jU^^ 
a'maq) ; ^ lujja-t (pi. ^ lu- 
j^j) » ^^^ hawiya-t. 

Academy, s, *Uifi eV** <liw&n *ula- 
ma. — (school) LmjA^ madrasa-t. 

Academician, s, f^ 'alim (pi. 
*Uc 'ulama). 

Accede, v, v» o^; rada bi, yar^a ; 

J<i qabil, yaqbal. — (to a throne) 

{j^ jalas, yajlis. 
Accelerate, v. J%c *ajjal, yu'ajjil ; 

£j^\ asra*, yusri*. 
Acceleration, b, J^v^ ta'jil; 

£\yJ\ isra*. 
Accent, s. (tone) {^ lahn (pi. 

(;jVJ\ alhan, (^j^^ luhiin). — (pro^ 

nunciation) ^^ talaffuz. 
Accept, v. JkJ» (jabil, yaqbal ; Jf« 

taqabbal, yatiujabbal. 
Acceptable, adj, Ji*** maqbiil; 

j^ A ^ maskAr ; s-^^ munasib. 
Acceptance, s, J«J qabiil. 
Acceptation, s. (received meaning) 

^jiM^ nia'na (pi. o*^*^ ma*an!) ; 

i^^ fahwa (pi. cs)^ fal^awi). 
Access, s, J^*) duhul ; J*«^ wu^U. 
Accessible, adj, s^\jsii\ J^ sa- 

hil al-iqtirab. 
Accession, s. (addition)^ 5jV|J 

ziyada-t. — (to a throne) tj^^ 

Jul lis. 
Accessory, adj. (additional) J«^j 

zayid. — (accomplice) ^ *t\iyk 

s-^JJ^ sank fi-'z-zamb. 
Accident, s. j^^ ittifaq ; ^ » » *>» 

inn?iba-t (pi. s-4^** masiyib) ; 

^jW *ari(j[a-t (pi. u*;^^ 'awariiji) ; 

^«>U. l^adiga-t (pi. ^j\^ ^a- 

AcciDENl'AL, adj, o*^^ *ari4t-y; 

^j*^ 'ara4i-y. 
Acclaim, v, JU hallal, yuhallil. 
Acclamation, s. Jel«F tahlil. 
Acclivity, $, ftyft *uluwwa-t (pL 

tlftl, , 

'aliiwt); ^ taJl (pi. JW 
„ Jf- tiilfll). 

Accommodate, v. ^>i) waffaq, ya- 
wftffiq; ^>iU» tSbaq, ymflliiq. 

AoooMMODATiON, B. (adaptation) 
i--li* inuniiBiiba-t ; Milj- niuwa- 
faqat — (agreement) i«jC*- mu^S- 
laha-t.— (cowi/ori) i-jS l£zima-t 
(pi. ^jlj) liiwazim). 

Accompaniment, «, (in miwic) i^V 

AccoMPANT, V. s-»-^ eAlja.b, yu?il- 

hib ; J^lj riifaq, yurfifiq ; ^^ 

i&ya', juaayi'. 
AccoupLiCB, t. ^T-i^\ o* '*^7*' ^arlk 

{i<'z-za,mb; s-^-l^^ ije*) rafiq aj- 

Accomplish, ». Jii" kammal, yu- 


,_jU qa^a, yaqdt ; **J 

tamman, yiitaiiimim ; ^_fi^ 

AcCOMPIilSHBD, a<ij. (comphietl) 
ftUi tattium ; J*^ mukanimal. — 
(in mind or pereon) sj-*' »t-^^ 
fdl^ib adab; ut^U lafif; J~U 

AcoOMPLisHHENT, «. (completion) 
^Ull JtmAm ; J».JS takmO. — 
(toisrtfg) J^ £a41 (pi. Jfi* fudfil, 
JU*1 afdi'il) ; iirii fa^ila-t (pi. 

. 3»^ fodavU) ; JUi kamiil (pi. ^\ 

AccoBD, V. (a/free) jiJ^ ittofaq, ya- 
taffiq; ■VK'^ ittahad, yattahid. — 
(gram) c*— samuh, yamsuL. 

ACCOBO, ACCOKDAMCB, s. jUil itti- 

faq ; oW ittiliid ; Jiilj«* tQUwa- 


s-^t*! bi-niQjibj " hasab, 

Ijasli; t»UJ s-*j* J* 'ala mHjib 

Accost, v. (eome near) v'jl qarib, 
yaqrab, — (addreet) s-L**- hfl(ab, 

AooDUHT, I. M^-^ hiaAb. — (bill) 
s^L-^l i^U qAvima-t al- hiaAb. — 
(narrative) jU-' habar (pi, jW*l 
akbAr) ; i*i qi?ua-t (pi. j*-i 
qifftf ,<.A*U1 aqifiq). — (onaccoutU 


"/) J*l t:?^ min ajl ; s-^i— I bi- 

AocouKT, IP. (esteem) s— - Ijaaab, 

yahsub. — (ffljjJoin) j^ 'abliar, 

yu'abbjr; j-i faesar, yufaaair. 
Accountant, s. s— W* muhasib. 
AccoDNT-BOOK, j^-i daftar (pi. yU-* 

Accoutre, u. ^ jalihaz,yujaliliiz { 

(i- aallalji yueallilj. 
Accoctkembnt, «. Sj* 'adda-t (pL 

JAc 'udad) ; ^offF' tajhiz. 
AccBCK, V. J» lja?al, yahjal ; >)l_j 

zAd, yazid. 
AcccMiTLATB, v.a. (t)i kawwam, yu- 

kaivwim ; j»^ jatna', jajma' ; 

fii lamm, ^alumm; n. g*^ 

ijtama', yajtami'j ^1 illamm, 

AccuKUULTiON, 8. fUjii takwim ; 

e** jam' ; U lamnia-t. 
AccDBACY, «. ^K^a sabbat ; W^ 4^bf ; 

iij diqqa-t ; ,y^'>i tadqiq. 
AcciTRATE, adj. ^jt^* madbflt ; 

iji-u. mudaqqiq. 
AccuBfiE, c. (j^ la'an, yal'an ; (^bS 

lA'an, yulft'in. 
AccDRSED, adj. i^f^ mal'ikii (pi. 

(f^eeSk* malA'in) ; (;f9^ la'iD. 
Accusation, s. fU^: tuhma-t (pi. 

ft«f tuham) ; ^U^ ^ikaya-t ; tjUUi 

aikuwa-t ; i^j^ ^kwa. 
AccusATivB, «. s— * najb (pi. v^l 

aii?Ab) 1 4| Jj«*4i Ed-mai'fll 

Accuse, v. -^ f4f tabam bi, ya- 

tbim ; ^ ,,j^\ Ulaka 'ala, 

ACCUSEE, t. ^W tahim; ^_ ^ . » it— 

muStjiki : jOJ^ mudda'f. 
AccDSTOH, V. ^jle Jjc 'awwad 'ala, 

yu'awwid. — (onetdf) Jj«i ta'aw- 

wad, yata' awwad. 
Accustomed, a^. JjI*U ma'14f; 

OjAM muta'awwid ; jVaM mu'- 

AcB, J. J;* fard (pi. jV fif''<J) i W^ 

Ache, s. e*i waja* (pi. £Wj wij4', 
€Wj\ aujA'). 



Ache, v. ff^f tawajjaS yatawajja' ; 

ffrA ittaja*, yattaji*. 
Achieve, v. ^y^ kammal, jukam- 

mil ; ^ » y tammam, yutam- 

Achievement, $, ^^t«%e 'ajiba-t (pi. 

s-^^ 'aj&vib) ; I x ^ *^ j^amida-t 

(pi. JiU*. hamajid). 
Acid, adj, cA*^ Jt^&mi^; cr*^ 

uki\VA ; jf^ ma4ir. 
Acidity, s, l^y*^ ]^am(k<Ja-t. 
Acidulate, v. ^Ju^ ]^amina4» ju- 

Acknowledge, v. ^\ aqarr, juqirr ; 

*^fA\ i'taraf, ja'tarif. 
Acknowledgment, $, ^fi^ iqr&r; 

sj\^\ i*tir4f. — (thavics) oV^ 

AcoBN, s, I»y^ balKkt. 
Acquaint, v. j^\ ahbar, yuhbir; 

«-i;ft *arraf, ju'arrif. 
Acquaintance, «. i*y»*« ma'rifa-t 

(pi. «Jj;U^ ma'arif). — (knowledge) 

fj^ *ilm (pi. (^ *ul(km). 
Acquiesce, v. ^j ra4a, jar^a; J^ 

qabil, yaqbal ; J J^^^^ imtagal 

li, jamtaail. 
Acquiescence, $, ^m1 qabM ; U^ 

rid4; J^^^*^^ imtigal. 
Acquire, v. *m\Xs^\ imtalak, yam- 

talik ; s-^-«^ iktasab, yaktasib ; 

^ym. j^a^fal, yuj^a^fil; JU n&l, 

Acquirement, Acquisition, $. 

«i)Su^\ imtilak; v»L»s^ iktisib ; 

y}v^^ taljifil. 
Acquit, v. )ji barrar, yubarrir, /tt 

gafar, yagfir; ^j^ balla?, yu- 

Acquittal, b. y^ 'af6 ; S^aa^ mag- 

Acre, s. (field) Jfc- ^axil (pi. Myu. 

j^uqiil) ; ^ git (pi. (^W gitan). 

— (measurement) (^\^ faddan (pi. 

^o^*^ fadadin). 
Acrid, adj, wAjy*. tinif ; j>» murr 

(pi. j\y\ amr&r) ; y«U. j^&miz. 
AcRi^pNious, adi. jw j^arr. 
Acrimony, s. i^y inarara-t ; f/« 

Across, adv. '^/^'^ mnnbarifan ; 

J^ / M^ mu'taridan ; v//JVj bi-'l- 

Act, v. J** fa*al, yaf*al; J^^ 

'ainal, yu*amil. 
Act, 8. (deed) J** fi'l (pi. JU*^ 

af*al) ; J*^^ *aml (pi. JUft< a'mal). 

— (decree) f\ amr (pl.^^^ aw4- 

mir), (;)U^ firman. — (of a drama) 

V j*2* (pl- V^ ajza'). 
Action, b. (law-suit) 5^*> da'wa-t 
(pi, «y^^*> da*wat) ; c5^ da*wa 
(pi. i^p^*y da*awa) ; J^ niza'. — 
(battle) S^i^ waq'a-t (pi. ff\i) 
waqayi') ; 4f)W« muharaba-t. 

Active, s. (in grammar) (*jf^^ ^^^^ 

sigat al-ina4ikm ; JftUX\ al.fa*il. 
Active, adj, ^f- barik ; ^^ naiif ; 

gA- ^VLui*. — (in grammar) <^J«** 

Activity, «. i^y^ b&raka-t; ^Ui 

nasat ; S^^ himma-t. 
Actor, s. (stage-player) s-^ la*ib ; 

v»US la*al) ; <^*>^ ^adi. 
Actual, adj, <jM»- feaqiqi-y ; JK 

Actuality, », A/lcfc. haqiqa-t ; a«o*) 

waA|i*a-t (pi. g|Vi^ waqayi*). 
Actuate, v. ^^ Y^oxr^V^ yubarrik ; 

J*^ b^*^^!) yabmil. 
Acute, gl»U qa^i* ; *)W ^add ; ^U 

mtujii. — (ingenious) ^^^ zaki ; {^ 

AcuTENESs, s. l^^ YyvdidiA-i^ h'^^ 

hiddiya-t. — (acumen) &^fitna-t; 

l-Aj^ firasa-t ; l^^ ^k4wa-t. 
Adage, s. (jrroverb) J^ magal (pL 

J^\ amyal). — (old sayina) JJ 

qaul (pL JV\ aqwfd, Ji^Vi\ aqi- 

Adamant, s. ^r*^^ almfts. 
Adapt, v, *^%-V> nasib, yun&sib; 

^U» ^abaa, yut&biq. 
Add, V, ^Ut a4af , y ucjiif ; *>\) zAd, 

Adder, «. ^^\ af*a (pi. ,jftU^ 

Addict, r. (oneself) ^J^ *>fS ta'aw- 

wad *ala, yata'awwad. — (be ad* 

dieted to) v» ^p wala* bi, yaula'. 
Addition, s, 5*>Vy ziyada-t; ^U^ 




Addbess, v. (»peak to) v^U. hSiab 
juhutib; ^ ka'.lam, jukallim 

Addeess, e. iJ^ hiitLa-t (pi. s-^ 

hutab) ; ^■^ hitflb.— (o/ a Idler) 

i^yXJI u^yu 'imwAn al-maktub. 
Adddcb 0. (briiui forward) (•■**qad. 

dam, yuqaddim. — (yuote) jIJ 

zalnir, jazkur. 
Adbpt, a. j*^ mfiWr (pi. Sj^^ ma- 

hara-t) j je-i Labir, 
AcEtiDATB, aiij. ijilj- miiwilfiq ; 

w—^ mnnaaih ; ijii liiyiq. 
ADsavATEMESB, Adequacy, «. J^JlJ 

liyiiqa-t ; iai\j* muwiifuqa-t ; 

S ffjVi'* muDH8{ii>a-t. 
Adhbbb, c. {«/tft) V iJk-sJl iltaaaq 

bi, yaltaf'l ; cj* lazam, yalzam.— 

(6e a partisan) ^ s—*" ta'a^iab 

ma', yata'ft??ab, 
Adbebbncb, Adhesion, ». jj^ 

lue&q ; t)'/i»l iqtirftii. ^ (ojree- 

mwO '*^j ri^i'i i jWl ittifilq. 
Adhebent, «. ijMj rafiq (pi. "^^j 

rufaqfi, i«j rufqa-t, J^j rjfiiq); 

,>i-J lasiq. 
Abberent, Adhesitb, adj. ja - X* 

multa?iq ; tj^ liizij i ?)^ inulta- 

Adhibit, v. J**^^^ iBta'ma!, jasta'- 

mil ; oyi ?arraf, ju?arrif. 
Adieu, «. JIJj wiida'. 
Adjacent, aij. J-»^ muttafil ; 

j)W^ muJRwir; i>eS-« niulAfiq. 
AwECTivB, ». "J-j wa^f (pi. ^Ujl 

au*af) ; ^^ ijifa-t ; .i-«l na'at 

(pi. ^^ nu-flt). 
Adjxctivrly, adv. "VaiJ na'atan. 
Adjoin, h. J-J Wiq, yal^aq ; J-j 

wa«al,yafil; J-*^ itta^al, yatta- 

Adjoinino, fee Adjacent, 
Adjoukn, I'.;*-* ahhar, yu'aijhir; 

J»*f amhal, yumbtl; ^^ b'i?af. 

Adjournment, «. j<*-*U ta'blr i J^l 

imliiil ; kjJu. I^a^f . 
Adjudge, Adjudicate, u. J ,*ifc 

dakuin 11, yal^Uum. 
Adjudication, «, f^ hukni (pi. 


Adjunct, «. ••li/- ^r!fe (pi. ^lyt^ 

airilk, "S^ Surakfi) ; h-)U nilyib 

(pi. v*V nuwwal'). 
Adjuwction. 8. tfll;Sfcl iitirik, — 

(otitii/ion) £iW i(Jftfa-t. 
Adjuke, II. *l!li *elc ,v-il aqsam 

ale-hi bi-'llab-i, yuqnim ; a»^ 

n&^od, yundsid. 
Adjust, b. vJj rattab, yurattib ; 

^ naEsam, junaEsim; ^^ 

tiibaq, yutiibiq. 
Adjustueht, I. s-«>/ tartib; ^mLiI 

Adjutant, ». w-ja* naqib (pi, "V»* 

uuqabA); H-i^i nayib (pi. vV 

nuwwiU)) ; yjU- niu'ftwin. 
Administer, r, yJ dabbar, yiidab- 

bir ; f^ hiikam, yahkiliu ; ^^U 

BiiB, yaaas. — {phygict) gHe 'alaj, 

Admikibtration, «. ^J! tadbir 

i—if^ Biyjlaa-t. 
Administrator, «. ;|J>* mudabbir 

J^j wakil (pi. if. wukalA). 
Admiral, g. ja^Jl ;e«l amir al-bahr 

j^l i./-e!j raiyia al-l)aljr. 
Admiralty, s. ji^\ EjUI itn&rat ol- 

bahr; j*^! ijUa nasa'ra-t al- 

Admirable, adj. s-eV 'ajib. 
Admiration, «. H-^^ 'aiab; w v^ 

t^'ajjub; s^^^ni-Hsti'jAb. 
Admire, p. ^J-• s-^i*^ ta'ajjab min, 

Admibbb, t. s-»»^ muta'ajjib.^ 

—(lover) iJJiVe 'a^iq. 
Adhibsible, adj. Jt4 yuqbal (3 

aor. past.) ; Jft^^ maqb&I. 
ADHiasiOK, *. (fo a perton or ptaee) 

JjiJ du^ftl ; Jj«j WUfld. — 

(yranti)ig) iiW^ ijAba-t; Jjti 

qabOl, qubfil. 
Admit, v. J*.j dahhal, yudahhil; 

adbal, Tudbil. — {aUoio, grant) 

Jfi qabil, yaqbal. 
AoxiTTAROK, (. JU.j1 idbill ; JamI 

dahl ; Jj*.j du^Al. 
Admix, v. U*. balnt. yablut ; i^ 

mazaj, yamzaj. 
Admixture, «. UU. hilt 0*'- ^^^ 

alila!) ; Uu.1 ibtilat- 



Admonish, v, ^ na^ah, janvat ; 

tc^ wa'az, ya*iz ; ^ nabbah, ju- 

Admonition, «. S^y wa'aza-t ; *)^j^ 

irsad ; s-^/ targib. 
Ado^ 8. \t^ gauga ; ^Ui^ galgala-t ; 

v»^;S»*^ KJtirab. 
Adolescence, «. ^^ ^abAbija-t. 
Adolescent, adj. s. v*^ ^bb (pi. 

(^Vfjb ^ubban, s^W^^ a^b&b, ^it^ 

^baba-t) ; v*^ ^bub. 
Adopt, v, (a son) ^y^ tabanna, 

jatabanna; '^\ ^^aA ittahaz-hu 

abnan, yattahiz ; /^S\ izzahar, 

yazzahir. — (an opinion) i^-*^ 

tahassan, jatahassan ; ^^\ ihtar, 

yah tar. 
Adoption, $. ^y^ tabanni ; i^a^ 

tabniva-t ; oL-*^^ ittihaz ; Sy* 

fi^<»dJJ> banuwa-t jiz-zahira-t. 
Adorable, adj, J^-Jt* ma*bu(i ; 

SoV^i^^ s-^^^ wajib as-sajuda-t. 
Adoration, «. So\^ *ibada-t ; 5*>V- 

sajuda-t ; ^^%-» sujud. 
Adore, r. J -sl^^* sajad li, yasjid ; 

A^ 'abad, ya*bud. 
Adorn, v, 0^3 zan, yazin ; ^^3 zay- 

yan, yuza^yiu ; j^3 zawwaq, yu- 

Adornment, $. {^yyf tazwin ; j^y) 

zawaq ; ^y^) zuhruf. 
Adrift, adv. j»yJW bi-'l-*aum ; "^^Vc 

Adroit, adj. Mj^ satir (j)L jVi^ 

suttar) ; Jk4 labi(| ; y>^ mahir. 
Adroitness, s. 5;^ sa^ara-t ; a5\J 

labiiqa-t ; ij^ mahiira-t ; Ai^ 

ma*rifa-t ; i^ haffa-t. 
Adulation, s. iJJUJ tamliq ; ^^y» 

muwajaha-t; ,jOi^ taba^buf. 
Adulatory, adj, v3'U^ mumalliq ; 

ijl^J^ Diutamalliq ; *^^y» muwa- 

Adult, ^W balig. 
Adulterate, v,sy) zawwar, yuzaw- 

wir; JuJ^ afsad, yufsid; ^/^ 

gasj5, yaguii^. 
Adulteration, $. *)\— ^\ ifsad; 

*>^»-i fasad ; /yy tazwir. 
Adulterer, s. ^J^^} z&ni (pi. up^j 


Adultbbt, 8. Uj zina ; <jh-i fisq ; 

(^^ haun, hawan. 
Adultness, 8, ^^ bulilg; ^^ 

Adultress, 8. ^\) z4niya-t (pi. 

^^^y) zawani). 
Advance, v, ^^ taqaddam, yata- 

qaddam. — (money) «-AJL. sallaf, 

yusallif ; J^/\ aqra4) yuqri^. 
Advance, s. f*^ taqaddum. — (of 

money) «-AJL. salaf ; f»JA« Qk*> daf* 

Advancement, s. At*^ taqdim; 

f^y^iJS taqaddiim ; e^^Ju^^ istidraj ; 

^J^y tarraqi ; *^j^ irtiqa*. 
Advantage, «. S^V* fayida-t (pi. 

^\J fawayid) ; Itd^xf manfi*a-t 

(|)i. ^^ manafi*). 
Advantageous, adj, g*^ nafi* ; J^^A* 

Advent, 8. *>)^fi-*3\ fXo^ ^iyam al- 

milad ; ^ fr" - *J^ *vJ^^ maji al- 

Adventure, 8. ^;Vc *arid (pi. v/jU* 

'awjirid) ; yed. ha^ar (pi. ^VW. 

lii^ur, j^^\ aljtar) ; S^W» inu- 

Ijatani-t (pi. ^kUfc^ maha^ir). 
Adventurer, s. ^Jyi^ tafsiini-y 

Adventurous, Adventuresome, 
«<0- ^f^^ mujtari ; y^W jasir. 

Adverb, 8. sj^ harf (pi. *^yf^ hu- 
riif) ; sjjb^ zarf (pi. ^y^ zuriif). 

Adverbial, adj. ^^^ zarfi-y. 

Adverbially, adv. '^^ zarfan. 

Adversary, 8. ^J^ *adii-w (pi. loft^ 
a*du; ^3^>^^ a*adi). — (in a law- 

ha9ia (pi. f^^^ ah- 

ha^im (pi. 

muhalif ; 


Rain); ^ 

Adverse, adj. 

^\a^ muha^im. 
Adversely, adv. J^ ^wd^^ ^\ii^ ; 

xAf bi-dudd; cr-^^ bi-M-'aks. 
Adversity, $. S^^ ^aaawa-t ; <j*#^ 

nahs ; S*^ sidda-t (pi. j^^j^ sadd- 

yid) ; ^o dubaiLo-t; j^ nakad. 
Advert, v. ^^^^ i*tana, ya'tani; 

^.fiJLJ taqayyad, yata<|ayyad. — 

(refer to) ^J\ j^\ &<iiT ila, yusir. 
Advebtiss, v. p^ habbar, yu^b- 


bir; J.A.1 ahbar, yuhbirj jt^\ 

asbiir, ju^hir. 
Advebtisemekt, a. ^ habar (pi. 

M-\ abbiir) ; S;^*! iiiira-t ; ,0*1 

AsTicB, ». l^a<i na^i^a-t (pi, ^^ 

no^HTil^) ; jj* ^ur (pi. j'j*l as- 
AuviSiBLS, adj. iH'i Iftviq; s-^1j 

wfijib; s— ^ muDHsib, 
AnTiaABLBNKaa, AovisABtLiTT, t. 

i^-iij-* muniVBaba-t. 
Advibb, f. c'^ na^ah, junA^i^ ; 

^ ftilc jU\ a.'lftr 'ale-hi bi, yu^ir. 
Advisbd, adj. {vrvdent) wfJi s-*-^ 

gaifih tadbir (pi. >t'^1 afhAb). 
Advisedly, odw. (on pur[iote) IaJ 

Advocacy, t. ie^ 4affi'a-t, 
Advocate, a. Jjij wakil (j)l. 'if, 

WTikolA) ; vJ***^ muliftml ; J^U* 

muuii4il ; M* faqih (pi. '^ fu- 

AuTOCATB, V. g^ taJaffa', jata- 

Aera-tb, «. ijj* hii.wwa, yuLawwI ; 

gtj rajyah, juravyih. 
Aerial, adj. ^j* hawAyi-y. 
Abkolitb, b. fjytij^*- \)3,}a.T h»wi-y. 
Abbonaut, (. \jin ji^~^ muBiiKr al- 


t ba'id ; Ao«l o- n 

Af FABIIITY, I. i-iU lutf ; ilW latfi- 

fa-t; jV5\ a,e- aiLhiilut al- 
abliq ; i*U* ba^isa-t. 
Affable, adj. ,*fll» halimj iJ-U 
lattf ; i_r^l anU j \J'f^ ba- 

Affair, ». y\ amr (pi. jy-1 umir) ; 
i^^ ^Aja-t (pi. uf WW IjajSt, b^ 
IjAj, uiV- hawAyij); Jj*h liugl, 
iagl (pi. Jl_*_fcl a^Jf, J,_*_fc 

- iugai). 

Affect, v. (infiuettee) jO ttSSiir, 
vuaisir. — (iourA. nutce) 4;fJ«- 
Vannun, yu^annin; ^j raqqaq, 
yurat)ijiq.^(prt '(■«(() jU t^aliad, 
yiiqallid ; j«U aihur, yujfair. 

Affectation, Affbctednesb, », 
5*-i tafanuu' ; J^*W- mubiiha-t. 


Affected, adj. (not natural) ^•^s^ 

Affection, ». J»- moil; Sj^ mu- 

wadda-t i i^3v* mul^abba-t. 
Affectiosate, adj. j.j_) wad fid ; 

!>!** iftfiq J w-*- miitibb 1 ^JJUJ 

Affiance, v. v-1*- hatab, yahtub ; 

hattab, yuhattib; a^^U **1^ 

^bak li-'z-zija-t, yaibiik. 
Affiance, a. ii*- hu^ba-t. — (con^ 

dence) oWc\ i'tuaad. 
Affidavit, a. f*-* ;ijC taqrir bi- 

Affiliate, tee Adopt. 
Affinity, a. ijy qar&ba-t; i(V-l 

Affirm, v. •>S\ akkad, yu'akkid; 

jji qarrar, yuqamr. 
Affiematiok, a. .i=i'U ta'kid ; <*>M1 

iflbat ; ij-fc^ taljqlq ; jkfi taqrir. 
Affiemativk, odj. J^aj tajdiqt-y; 

0*6*^ tabqiqJ-T ; ^jtW ijAbi-y. 
Affis, v. j-J laBpaj^, yuUifjiq. 
Affix, b. aI"^ niuttii^aU-t. 
Afflict, v. ^^ agamu, yu)pmm; 

fi^\ ahzon, yuhzin ; Stt balA, 

yablA ; b^U. ^— £ kaaar hatir-hu. 

Affliction, ». y)» huzn (pi. o^^l 

a^zan, ^j)^ huzitn) ; yj: gamm 

(pi. fij*^ gimium) ; ^uknba-t. 
Afflictive, adj. ,»** mugimm ; 

jji* nmkaddjr. 
Afflubhcb, a. ^y^ gana; Jl' mal 

(pi. JV' amwAI) : fr-j wusa' ; Sy 

garwa-t ; f;^ ka^ra-t ; 'U.^ raha . 
Affluent, adj. ,_j** gani j ji\) 

wnfir ; JiV jafil ; f^ kasir. 
Afford, v. s-~*!t wahab, vahab ; 

J=e -ata, ya'U. — (be able) j.i» 

qadar, yaodir. 
Affray, a. J*jrajja-t; tW^l irtijaj. 
Affrioht, p. iJj*. hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif ; Jj» f&zza.', jufazzi' ; s-*jl 

ar'ab, yur*!!). 
Affront, r. Jle ^5.nJ ta'adda 'ola, 

yata'adda ; ^.il azza, yu'ozEi. 
Affront, «. ^J>tf ta'addi'; i|Jt 

iwiya-t; iJt. J ^ naq? fi ^aqq- 

hu; l^liftiia. 




Afloat, adv. U<U 'Ariman. 
Afoot, adv. "V^U ma^ijau. 
Afork, adr. J^i ^^ min qahl. 
Afork-hand, Afobb-time, adv, 

U}L. Hahiqin ; ^U Hulifan ; U^JJ 

qa«liinan ; ^aI ^ min ([adim. 
Afore-mentioxed, Afore-named, 

Afore-said, adj. sy^^ mazkfir. 
Afraid, adj. cJbU hiivif (pi. ^\^ 

huwwaf, Ulji- Ijivyaf, sJ^ haiif). 

— (hr a/raid) ^^ haf, yahaf ; 

gvi faza*, vafzii* ; Jv jafal, jaj- 

Afresh, rt(/t7. j^j^^ ^^ min jadid ; 

V* sj*^ 5^**'^> marra-t. 
Afront, <fr/t\ *>^ qusad ; %^ mu- 

After, />/*./>. (of jdarf) cAU. half; 

^;^ wanV — (o/' /imc) j^ ba*d ; 

J^ (j^ min l»a*d. 
After, Afterward, Afterwards, 

adv. aj^ ^^ min l>a*d-hu ; ^ 

After, ro/*y. U .^ 

v^j^ liii*d ann ; U 
Aptkiivoon, /». ^ 

*aHriyHt ; ^'a5^ j^ ba*d aj-zuhr. 
AaAi?J, adr. 'Uj^ aidan ; ^^xv (^ 

min jadid. — ((Ufain and ajaiu) 

'\^y^ niararan. 
A«jainht, ;>r<7>. J-* (Judd, didd ; J* 

*ala ; ^U hilaf. 
A'JE, a. ^ 'innr ; ^^ fiinn. — 

( furiotl of tim*') ^)-% jail (pi. 

JW^ ajyiil) ; y^J dahr (pi. ^y^a 

duhur) ; /^ *i^«r Tpl.jUc^ a'Hiir, 

j^ 'usnr). 
Aged, adj. 3^^ *ajAz ; ;W^i-^ ihtiyar ; 

baSl ma ; J^ 
gabba ma. 



^;^— ^ mnsinn ; (^ 

tA*in fi-'rt-«inn. 
Agency, s. a3^^ wakala-t ; So^\y 

Agent, s. J*^; wakil (p!. )^; wu- 

kala) ; Jc^ fa*il ; J^^ *amil. 
Aggrandise, t'. ^ kabbar, yii- 

kabbir; ^'^c *a^zam, ju'azzim ; 

^y was»a*, yuwassi* ; ^J^ *Aj 

zad *alu, yazi<l. 
Aggrandisement, h. ytt^ takbir; 

ftj^ ta'2im, Qti^y tausi* ; oV£*>3^ 


Aggravate, v. (make worse) Ji^ 
8aqqal, yusaqqil ; Mjj^ y^ ^ajyar 
arda, , yu«ayyir. — {make angry) 
s--^^ a'gda'^>, yut^dib; ^\t\ agaj, 

Aggravation, <j. i^ sa<[la-t ; v»Ufe\ 

Ag<jreoate, v.a. g4-^ jama*, yaj- 

ma* ; f^^ kawwam, yukawwim. 
Aggregate, Aggregation, b. q*^ 

jam* ; ^^ takwim ; aW jum- 

Ag<}RE88, v. f^^ hajam, yabjum ; 

J-*A. hamal, yahmil. 
Ag(;ression, s. (^y^ hujnm ; ^X**- 

Ag'»rehsivb, adj. ^^a*;^ muta*ad- 

Ag(»re8sivene8S, «. <^J^ ta*addi. 
Aggressor, s. ^^ hajim ; <^Jk«^ 

muta*addi; <^*>W badi. 

Aggrieve, r. s-»«^ *azzab, vii*az- 
zib ; ^)A.^ ahzan, ynhzin; ^ 
zalam, yazlim. (S<^e Afflict.) 

Aghast, adj. o^yt^ hairan. 

Agile, «(?/. laJUi nasit ; J^^ *»*jil ; 

J1«A sambll ; i-M«*- hafif (pi. 

^Ud. hifAf, ^U*.^ ahfaf,"Uit^ ahif- 

fa); ^;- sari* (pi. (;j^7-» siir*an ; 

f. S, pi. g\^ ginV) ; v>6ij rasiq. 

Agility, s. aLUj nasata-t; i^W* 

sabama-t ; ^^; rasaqa-t ; aU^j* 

samlala-t ; **»• hiffa-t ; ^j- 

8ur*a-t ; a1^ *ajala-t. 
Agitate, *«5^ l^arrak, yuharrik ; 

t) nijj, yanijj ; yfc hazz, yahiizz ; 

v>^ qallaq, yuqalliq ; ^e^^ hay- 

yaj, yiihayyij. 
Agitation, s. (;jW«^ bayajau ; 

A>j rajja-t ; ^ huzza-t ; v»\;J**t 

id^irab ; vJp^ qalaq. 
Agitator, s. ^y^* muharrik ; s-»^/* 

(^ darrab fitan. 
Ago, adr. 'VfljL, Habi(|an ; J^ ^^ 

mill (jabl. 

Agonise, r. n. £3^ naza*, yunazi* ; 
a. v»Ac *azzab, yu*a^.zib. 

Agony, /». i^jU^ munaza*a-t; jW 
c:^^^ uiza' al - maul ; ^y^ 
^y^\ sakrat al-maut. 

AsBBX, V. ^ ^; rada Vii, jarda.; 

i3*jl ittafftq, yattafiq. 
AoBEEADLB, adj. Jj?** luaqliul [ 

■,-—1-" mniiHsib ; ^J^^y" niuwiifiq ; 

atif (pi. ^^ litfiE). 

AoREBABL&NESs, B. £iU latiifa-t ; 

UiU lutf. 
AosEEMBHT, «. J.le 'aqd (pi. >>yb! 

•uqud) ; tj* San (pl- V ^""■^^^ • 

jLJ_i\ ittifiiq ; 'i\aA ittihiid ; 

tAAUrf mu'iihada-t. 
AaBiciTLTORE, s. ittii iaXhtfUi-i- ; 

,j*j31 (J* taflih ftl-arii; ie^jj 

zarfl'a-t; iJl;*- Ijarnm-t. 
AoEiccLTURisT, «. cW fallillj ; ^ijjU. 

Mris (pl ^V hiirriis); f/j 

ziiri' (pl. £ljj zurriV). 
Aqboukd, adj. (on (Ac yroMnd) J* 

ij*;Jl 'ala-'i-iirtl, — (ntn a*We) 

Q)U^ l^arqi'in. 
Aaoe, 8. Sjj\j j_j*a. humma duyira-t. 
Ahead, adv. ^^a* quddilm; |>1.uil 

Aid, v. yj^ 'I'lwan, yu'ilwin ; cjlcl 

a'nn, yii'In ; .icU. sfi'ad, yiieit'id ; 

t-i. * J\ as'af, jua'if. 
Aid, $. yjc'aun; iij« mu'i'ina-t; 

^jU- mu'Awana-t; iHc* i'jina-t ; 

iJtX—' munA'ada-t ; ifte>~« nmaii- 

'afa-t ; JJ-madud. 
Ail, v.a. g*, wajjii', yiiwajji' ; ». 

fft-^ tawajja', yatawajja'. 
AiLiMo, AiLMFNT. g. 2»j waja" 

(pl. iWjl anjiV); i/r* '"^•■'.' 0''- 

jj*W amruil) ; ilc 'ilk-t (j.!. 

-*fc -UliU, jie 'ilal). 
Aim. v. (dciii/ri) •*->> qa^a^, yaq?id; 

■ii-a- it ' laqa^fad, yatatja^Had. — 

(lake aim) ^Lu i^l ahuz nii^D, 

yA^uz ; jj» Ijarrar, yuljarrir, 
Am, »'. (d-'inyn) io> uiya-t; .i-* 

qafd ; •>!/• iDiirfld ; *«*• niaqfad 

(pl, a^Xa* inaqftitid) ; jijt garati 

(pl. u*yi o.gT>;,}).~(tar'jtt) wii* 

badf (pl. Ol-y»* ahdal); O^ 

niMn, yW^ nisAii (pl. yEAW 

nayAiin) ; y*^ giimd. 
AlB, *. 1)J» faanA (pl. ^^^ abni- 

J«-0; rt r't (pl- C^J rijAli); 

f>~~i uasam (pl. fL.'Jl aDxAui) ; 

j«— t iittstni (pl. f*'— ' biBiiniJ. — 


(m mtwi'c) i»Ai nagma-t; ^ 

nagam (pl. ^\-*-tl anpim). — 

(micii, aiq>eel) ^t^ manzar (pl. 

^U* maiiAjir); a*) wajb (pl. 

tf^\ ujuli, »j*jt aujfih, »**j w«. 

Air, v. ijj* hawwR, yuhawwfl ; ftj 

rayyah, yiirayyih. 
Airy, adj. ,^lj* bawAyi-y. 
Akik, adj. •-r^ji qarib (pl. Ijjil aq- 

riliS); s-9— • na«ib (pl. W—H an- 

ALABAaTKE, $. ij*cil fj* Biannar 

abyatl ; (.U-j rubftra. 
Alacrity, s. Jj«. sauq (pl. j'j*! 

aSwAq) ; VlJJ uasat ; SjeC gaira-t 

Alarm, y. •-ij^-bawnaf, yuhawwif ; 

f>* fazza', yufazzi'; ^jli qallaq. 

yiiqalliqi ^^ qalqal, yuqalqiL 
Alarm, «. t^y^ hauf ; j(ll qalatj ; 

iffj ru'ba-t; I^ dajja-t. 
Alarmist, e. <~^^^j^ t^^Al* fAI^ib 

arAjiE (pl. ^^l*-! a^l^ab). 
Alas ! iiderj. »1 ith ; »lj wah, 'Ulj 

Aluum, ». i^yt^^ mujuiu'a-t. 
ALfiUMEN, tr. J^\ ,>W bayttd id- 

Alchemist, ». W«f ^U jjini' it. 

Alchemy, h. W-SH ^ 'ilm al-kJ. 

Alcohol, ». j;«ll cd ru^ al-'anup 
Alcuholic, (d/j. |_^jj rillji-y, 
Ai.euvE. ». £«r^ madja' (pl, ^^*" 

iuft<^Aji') ; l^ qubba-t (p\. vW* 

qibi'ib, s-ri qubabj ; jj* feidr (pl. 

jy-- IjndiV) ; ^/. -ars (pl. ^j;. 

Aldsrmak, g. f^ iiaib (pi. (^ 

Alb, ». Ijjf bilza-t. 
Alert, adj. (eiyiUiiU) <«*> nabih; 

t^^i^ muntnliih; i/Sj» baris; 

Alcbtkess. «. j— *l— ^ ual>ilha-t; 

iWAl iotib&h ; Lu> naat. 
Alukbra, *. JifUJIj mJI ^ 'ilm 

al-jabr ¥ 

Ali] - 



Alien, $. w-ij^ ganb (pi. V|^ gu- 

Alienate, v. (property) fW ba*, 

yabi* ; ^J^ Ja> naqal ila, vanqul ; 

J^ ^awwal, yuhawwil. — (the 

tnifid) jU DafiFar, yunaflfir ; J^^ 

(J* ab'ad *an, yub*id. 
Alienation, s. ^^^ hawala-t; ^ 

luuila-t ; A«ils^ mubuya*a-t. — 

(aversion) Sytt naf ra-t ; yw» ta- 

naffur; ft^^J^ 'adawa-t, j^-J-a 

Alight, v, Jy nazal, yanzil ; j^icsA 

inl^adar, yanhadir. 
Alike, 6k/;. <^^t-j;^ mutasavi; J^ 

migi ; Jfr^ masil ; J»U^ muma- 

sil ; ^u^ j^abih ; ^ nazir, JoU^ 

Aliment, s. «y»3 qAt (pi. va>^^^ aq- 

wat); J^ akl; ^Ul ^a*am (pi. 

i4J*l^ at'ima-t, «yU«L^ at*amat) ; 

v^U*« ma*ru*. 
Alimentary, adj. ^^ quti-v ; 

sA^o/^ muqit. 
Alimony, $, i^ kalfa-t ; ^ na- 

Aliquot, «. J^^J^s*« joc *adad mu- 

Alive, adj. ^^ l.iai-y (pi. W^ 

abya) ; <jt*W *Hyi8. 
Alkali, s. ^ qali ; ^JJ^^ ^ mill^ 

al-qali ; (^Uik^ usnan. 
All, (u(;. J^ kuU ; (^^^ jam!'. 
All, 8. i^ kulliya-t: SU^ jum- 

Allay, r. ^^^ sakkaD, yusakkin ; 

(^ taniman, yutammin; ^J^ 

badda, yuhaddi ; <-AAd. haffaf, 

Allegation, «. ^^ji^ irad ; ;iyK taq- 

Allege, v. *>)^^ aurad, yArid ; /'^ 

^kar, yaf kur ; ^jy) rawa, yarwi ; 

^ qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Allegiance, «. X«Vjuu.^ istiqama-t ; 

ay^ 9adaqa-t; AfiU» (a'a-t; It^^ 

Allegorical, adj, ^^) ranizi-y ; 

^jV^i^ majazi-y ; ^y^ makni-y ; 

^ySJ» mukanna. 
Allsoobicallt, adv. ^U^W bi-'l* 

kinaya-t ; y^^ bi-'r-ramz ; *\)^i^ 


LLEGORiSE, V. J^ ma§sal, yu- 
assil ; yj ramaz, yarmiz (yar- 

mu^^<; — ^y^ kana, yakni; j^ 

li{i^\ ^ ^^\ ^jiM,^ \l^ h » fassar 

i^avan bi-ma'na - *r - ramz wa-*l- 

kinaya-t, yufassir. 
ALLE^iORY, «. h^ kinaya-t ; Jo^UJ 

tiimsil ; ij^\ isara-t ; y») ramz 

(pi. }yj rumiiz) ; jV%^ majaz. 
Alleviate, v. *-***- baffaf, yu- 
haffif; j9-« 8ahbal, yusahbil. 
Alleviation, $. «-M*^tahfif, J««<<-^ 

tashil ; Atfl- > ? tafiliya-t. 
Alley, «, (narrow road) jVjj zuqaq 

(pi. e^j zuqqan, ii}\ aziqqa-t) ; 

i3»^ haniq (pi. (JM^*** bawaniq). 
Alliance, ». *H^ 'and (pi. *>^ 

*uhrid) ; S \ <h \ • >• mu*£hada-t ; 

j^^ ittifaq. — (by marriage) 

Sy^U^ rau^abara-t. 
Alligator, s. c^— ^ timsab (pi. 

^^-«Ui tamasib. 
Allocate, v. Q^y wada', ya^a* ; W 

hatt, yabuU. 
Allocation, s. ^ baU, Q^y wa4* 

(pi. g^y^ auda*). 
Allocution, s. l^ bu^ba-t (pi. 

s-J»^ butab) ; v»VU. bi^ab. 
Allot, v. ^•-i qasam, yaqsim ; qas- 

flani, yuqassim ; j^-^t^ b^9^» 7^- 

Allotment, b. &«>^ l^i99a-t (pi. 

bi^a^) ; ^U.^ qisma-t. 

Allow, v. (j*i^ azan, ya*zan; 
samuli, yasmul^. — (botb witb aJ 
^^ la-bu bi-sayin) ; ^^ ^ \j*-y 
rahba? la-bu fi, yurabhif. 

Allowable, adj, a-^;5^ s-^^« wajib 
ar - rubfa-t ; cW^ mub&o ; ^W 

Allowance, • {^^\ i?n; SjW^ ija- 
za-t ; ^^j ruhfa-t. — (portion) 
see Allotment. — (ahaiement of 
price) ,/J^ naq9. 

Alloy, v. UU. Jialat, yahlut. 

Alloy, $. UU. biU (pi. ^\ ablAt). 

Allude, v. J^ j^^ a^ar ila, yu^ir ; 
^y^\ a*na, yu*ni ; {^ sj^ kanna 


tn. ralanni; ,^^ fnliha, yu- 

Ikfclit (with >^ bi iind j\ ilA). 
Allvkb, r. •*iV jaxab, yaj^ub; 

a?*' »e**. yugwi. 
Au-fKiUNKXT, «. vW ja?-b; lj*l 

i^i ; Wj* gawAya-t ; v^/ Ur- 

A.i.LUsiO», *. yj raiuz (pi. jj*i 
MUnfli); ijU kinAvft-t; ijM 

Al.LV, r.n. J-) Wft^al, ja^it ; ^^ 
JARin'. vajma'; «. J*^l iltuljftd, 
j«tla4jij; ^ys\ ittafaq, jataffiq 
(both with J- ma*); v" C^' 
gUniK* bi, yajtami'. — (by mar- 
ria^) ;*U (Ahar, vu^Aiiir. 

Ally, ». J*U- tuu'Atid ; ,J^'•^ muf- 
blfiq ; J»i- muttahid ; ■-V°- 
bttllf (p!. W* bdafB). 

A1.11AHAC, ». ^;« taqwim fpl. ^jUi 
tftqAwim) 1 oWeS' .s— ._^ fihriat 
al - a'yAd ; *— '^jj; ininAma-h 

AliHiaiiTiNEss, e. W^ *j-^ qiidra-t 

ALMiaKTY, adj. ^ J^ o** J-*^ 
qAdir 'ala kull se-y ; J^\ Wu 
;. ^Jlbit al-kuli. 
■ Alkiobtt, «. J^ *31 aUi'ib ta- 

Almomd, S. jj-l laU2, lox ; ijj-l 

AUIOST, ai/f. J^ 11 illAqalil; )jl 

JeU lau-lA qalil ; W;* taqrlbai) ; 

Al>Ma, «. ^-^ fadaqa-t ; A ' ■ » }fH- 
BtuuL-t; Sjij Hiikwa-t ; SlSj zn- 
[ Aloe, «. .>je "luid (pi. y^-Ms 'Idiin, 
jljol a'wil4) i tjj'** qumAri-y ; 
yf f abr. 
Ai^rr, o<^'. JW-Ali; j^ij rafi'. 
Alomx. «*(/'. '^\) wAljid; As»; wa- 
bld ; •ijiM munfarid ; .ytM mu- 
I tofftrrid. 
f Aloko, prep. JjUli bi-'t-ti'il ; f- 

I ALoor. «</!■. *»~i* Jc 'ala jamb; 
I i^U jU -ala nilljiTa-t ; J«« 
Aloud, adv, J^ -^f^ bi.»aut 'Ali. 


Alphabet, s. W^ bijA; l^^ v>j.— 
Ijurfif al-hijni (*■»-.» ^^-i- 
hiirflf al - mu'jam ; i-illil Oj;- 
1| Ijun^f al-alif bfi; jt-.I abjad 
(;=(!, 6, e, d, arraofti'iuent of the 
ktters accurdiDg to their nu- 
merical Talue). 

Alphabetical, adj. ^jj^ s-e^y Je 
^^\ 'ala tartib huruf al-bijA. 

Already, adv. JJ qad ; jJU fa-qad ; 
^ la-qad. 

Also, adv. U|1 ai^an; l)U£ kauiA- 
nau ; ttUAi kajiljik. 

Altar, ». ^fi^ ina^balj (pi. ^i^i* 
mazAbib); J-^-t-* baikal (pi. 
jrW» hayAkil ; v-l.,^ mitrAb (pi. 
w-*;U^ muliArib. 

Altee, f.i. j-i f^ayyar. yugayyir j 
Jj>) liadal, yabdul ; baddal, yii- 
baddil; 11. je^ tngayyar, yata- 

AlTBRATIOK, ». ;ec^ tSgjtT; jciS 

Altercate, t'. f j^ uAza', yunAii' ; 

j».l* sajar, yusSjir, j1 ladd, ya- 

Altercation, «. m)U- uiunAza'a-t ; 

ij».U-« tDUs«jara-t ; oj) ladad. 
Alternate, v. s-^ Uqallab, yata- 

qal!al> ; s-il"i ta'Aqab, yata'Aqab ; 

jjoJli J*e 'aninJ bi - 'd - dkur, 

Alternatelt, adv. jj.J'j bt-"d- 

daur ; J^UJ^ bi-'l-mii'nqaba-t. 
Alternative, «. (ekoicc) ;lt*»-1 ih- 

tiyAr; i;e*- bira-t; v^^ »nti- 

Altitude, a. jle 'alfi-w ; fU»jl irti- 

Always, adv. U|W dAyiinan; ^^ 

(^}->i\ 'ala-' d- da warn. 
A.M. {Artinm magitlrr) f^'^ ^ 

let.ii\ mu'allim al-'uliun al-udu- 

biya-t. — (Anno Mundi) yij^ {j* 

f^\*i\ min takmn al-'illam. — 

(Ante M'-ridlirm) >» Jti qabl 

Akaloam, a. SkJifi t)jU*« i,i^\ 
JM})1 ibtilAl at-mu'Adin bi-wa- 
sitat az-i!baq. 




Amalgamate, r. (^oU^i^ UU. halat 

al>nia'adiD, yahlu^. 
Amanuensis, s, s-^V^ katib (pi. 

s^U^ kuttab) ; ^\i nasih. 
Amass, v. ^> jaiua*, yajma* ; ^ 

lamin, yaliinim ; f^f kawwaui, 

Amateur, *. 4^^^ piwi (pi. «y^»^ 

piwat); s-J^ tHlib (pi. ^^ 

tuUab) ; ^ s-^^; ragib fi. 
Amatory, adj. v>*»^ ^a^^iq ; o*^^ 

Amaze, r. ^e^ hajjar, yuhajjir ; 

V, ^» t* *ii.ijab, vu*ajjib ; ,jtAj^ ad- 
has, yiidhiji. 
Amazement, s. iyt^ hira-t; v, .^ r 

*ajab ; S " % *» ta*ajjub. 
Ambassador, «. ^^^ safir (pi. \/^ 

sufara); J^; rasul (pi. J-j 

rusul) ; J»-/« inarsal (pi. Js?-^/» 

marasil) ; ^J^^ ilehi-y (pi. l^\ 

ilchiya-t, Turk,). 
Amber, «. (uellow) (^^j^ kahru- 

man ; W;«s kahruba (vulg. ^/ 

Ambeb<jris, 8. j^j^ *ambar; f^yt-^ 

*anibar ham ; ^«^ *abir. 
Ambiguity, s. aLj^^ istibah ; Sj^»&u 

taS{ida-t ; ^^^ ibhain ; v^l{jJ^ 

,^ji*»3^ iltibas al-ma'ua. 
Ambmuous, aJJ, ^jtij raibi-y ; 

,^j**<J^ cTf^^ uiultiibis al-nia'na ; 

^j4A^ luu'amnia ; oiX-A-* mus*iik- 

kak ; ft4^ inubhain ; (j^J>»^ y^ 

zh ma^uen. 
Ambition, s. i^ buj^ya-t ; t^*^^ 

intifah ; Q*^ t^ma' ; A,*^ bim- 

Ambitious, adj. q^\^ \iiim* ; fUL 

^amnui* ; a.«a ^J zu hiinnia-t. 
Amble, r. w-^ habb, yahubb; J^y^ 

harwal, yuharwil. 
Amble, «.'s-t^ habab; A3^yfc har- 

Ambulance, s. ^5LuO^ UyJ iJUB naq- 

qahi-t li-murada al-*askar; ^^ 

(jt^pj^^^) U^\ *araba-t al-niu- 

ra4a wa-'l-niajrA^iu. 
Ambuscade, Ambush, «. ^^^^ ka- 

min; ii^ C;L« matra^ b^^i^a-t 

(pi. cj^W. matAri^) J^ kaid. 

Ameliorate, v. ^ ^allah, yufal- 

lih ; ^^ a^lah, yu^lih ; ^^« 

9ahhal]i, yu^ahhih ; Jj^^ a'dal, 

Amelioration, s. ^i»U> ta^lih ; 

t^\ i^hih ; J^.oiu- ta*dil. 
Amen, 8. {j^ amin. 
Amenable, adj. (responeible) s-J^ 

mutJilab; Jyu-^masMl. — (govern^ 

able) ^Jo^ mu^i* ; •>Ui yuqad (3 

aor. pass.). 
Amenability, s. &^^ mutalaba-t ; 

^ fl l yi ■ ,• mas*uliya-t. 
Amend, v. Amendment, s. see Ame- 
liorate, Amelioration. 
Amends, s. (compensation) 5U\X^ 

makafat ; ^^U^ mu*awuda-t ; 

^ys *iwad (jd. ^Jt^yt^ a*wad). 
Amenity, s. 5JJ lazza-t (pi. saA^ 

lazzat, h^^ lazayiz) ; AA^ la(a- 

Amerce, v. ^H j ^\ *J^ o^ qada 

*ale-hi al-jariina-t, ya^jdi. 
Amethyst, s. (^W^ karkahan ; ^i^/ 

karkand ; f*^^ jaballaqum. 
Amiable, adj. J ^ -»A^ maqbiil; 

v»*«{^ mahbub; ULjU Li^if (pi. 

sM litaf). ' 
Amiableness, Amiability, s. «-aU 

luU; i*^latafa-t. 
Amicable, adj. u^^\ anis; UldU 

la^if (pi. ^OJ li^af) ; v.^ mu- 

Amicableness, s. jU. wadad ; 

A<m^ miil;abba-t ; i*UJ la^afa-t; 

j3us.3^ i3^ 8uhula-t al-ahbVj. 
Amid, Amidst, prq). 1^-^ ^^ fi wast ; 

^^ ben, bain ; (^ min. 
Amiss, adv. f^\ a».^ JLfi *ala wajh 

as-su; ^U3 W bi-1-hilaf. 
Amity, «. S*)^ muwadda-t; ^^^^^ 

Ammunition, s. S^»i zahira-t (pi. 

;>Uo zaijiayir) ; a^Um- jabhana-h 

(Pers.). — (ammunition waggon) 

sr>j^\ if^ 'aralja-t al-harb. 
Amnesty, s. fM ykc *afu 'amm ; 

(^^\ aniau ; ^U« mutaraka-t. 
Among, Amongst, prep. {^ bain ; 

^^ U ma bain ; ^^ U ^ ft mA 

bain; ^ min. 

Ii Aj(^l 

Amobous, ndj. ,3*^ 'in-iij ([il. j*-*-* 
'UBsJiq) ; oyLt— masgi'if. 

AuOBOUeNEBS, S. J-iJ 'Jsq ; iJ** 

^gaf ; ^^^f* Qiiihablm-t. 
Amount, v. ^ balag, ya>iliig. 
Amount, g. aW jumla-tj f^ 

mftblag (pi. Jl>-y« mabalig). 
Amphibious, odj, ^j** ijjt barri-y 

Ahphitheatkb, h. Ej.:i) .*«-• maq'ad 

bi-durftj ; ifjjw iiia'araka-t (pi. 

jJjU- nia'arik) ; yl-V maidfia 

(pi. ijii->W majAdin). 
Ample, ndj- ^\) vim' ; fe-j va^i' 

(pi- £^} wiHii') ; H-B^j raljib j 

e g-* fastlj. 
AupLENEBS, Amplitude, «. ^j^; 

wus'a-t ; i*-' si'a-t ; ^«v-i faslia-t. 
Amplificatiok, t. fl^f tausi' ; 

JijU- tat«il.-(m ir„ri«) aU.1 

itnla-t; WW- mubakga-t ; Jo*^ 

Amplify, e. j-j wassa', yuwassi' ; 

^V( biilag, yubulig ; -iXy zud, 

Amputate, a. \jJ-b ^ qa(ii' 'ad wan, 

Amputation, S. jIu qaf. 
AmU8k, v.a. ,^ salla, yusalli ; ij-i^ 

iinas, yiinia.— (on*'* eel/) J-J 

tasalla, yatasalla ; ^— »*^ imbasat, 

yamltasit ; tyi tanazzah, yata- 

Amusement, ». i^^-' tasliyo-t ; ^y 

nuzha-t ; LU.^1 imbiaAt. 
Anachronism, a. (ij^j^'^ o* '^ 

galat fi-'t-tawnrili. 
Amaqraii, «. v-y** !'*> lafs maqlSb ; 

s-Li qalab. 
AnALOaicAL, Analooous, adj. 

s— Vi- munasib ; s— '^■^ muta- 

nuaib; ifU-* nmsfibih; u-W 

AnALoaiaE, v. v— > nassab, yunae- 

Analoox, t. v-^ rauDosaba-t; 

S-— '-'' tanasiib. 
Analybk. 1'. J*» faffal, jufa?jll ; 

■Vj*^ a'rab, yu'rib; J^ IfiJl, ya- 

AjfALTSis, ». (yrammaficol) vV^ 

i'rab. — (ckemieal) Js-s tjit?il ; 

> hall ; JSb'I inijilSI. 
Analytical, adj. J- hallt-7; 

(Jt-aAi taf?ili-y. 
Anarchic, Anarchical, acJ^'. m-u 

,.J:<J( 'ftdim ai-bukm ; |.UilJ\ Jiy 

luuzil an-nizAm. 
Anarchy, s. f.i^^\ ^■^ 'adam al- 

hiikm ; ui*y*j taswii [ Jiw-\ ib- 

tilal J Ej- J Ejfc barj wa luarj. 
Anathema, «. (i^ hirm, hurm (pi. 

K-- hurutn, f^f- burum); i^ 
'auat 1 ^ qat'- 
Anathematise, o. ^ baram, yah- 

rim ; (j^ la'an, val'aD. 
Anatomical, nrfj. i^.j^ tasrihi-y. 
Anatomise, v. z^ sairal;, yii^ar- 

Anatomy, a. f^yi^\ ^ 'ilm at-tas- 

Ancestob, s. J4- iodd (pi. ■iyi^ iu- 

dild, ^W1 ajdAd)i •-«]- salaC 

(pi. uX- sulbif, u,X-\ asl&f). 
ANCEaiEY, «. J> a 1 (pi. Jljl awAl) ; 

s — ' nasal) (pi. sj^—i* ansAh) ; 

JiljSl al-awayil. 

Anchor, a. SUj^ mirsiit (pi. u-lj- 
buliib, ^\ ahlAb). 

) ; s-La balb (pi. s'ji* 

AncHORAOB, 8. ^^f• 

^V niariUI). 
Anchovy, a. ^fr' anjiiya-t. 
Ancient, adj. ^-^ qadim ; i5s» 

'atiq (pi. jUe 'itiiq). 
Ancients, a. U.\Ut al-qudamii; 

J(lj3( al-awfiyil, 
Anc, conj. y wa. 
Anecdote, «. £-ii qiffo-t (pi. o"** 

qijas) i ijUi. IjikAya-t (pi. ^t"^ 

Anemone, ». ,>,»*. saqiq (pi, j^Ufc 

Anew, adv. j^j*- j^ min jadid, 
Anoel, ». taU.> malak ; <«li' malAk 

(pi. ^Srf malnjika-t). 
Anoelic. Angelical, adj, 0=^ 

Amoek, a. s~^ ga^ab; W^ gail ; 

■J^ jjulq; ^><» l^anaq; Wo 



Ajtobb, v. i^^ agAz, yugfs ; s-^*^^ 
a(]^dab, yugdib; 1***-^ ahfaz, yuh- 

Angle, s, hp^) zAwiya-t (pi. ^^^3 
zawaya) ; ^^ qurna-t (pi. ^J^^ 
qarhm). — (jfor fishing) fi;U* ^in- 
nara-t (pi. y^A At, and yU* 
sauanir) ; g^W balft* (pi. ^^^ 

Angle, v. «tU— .v©^ tasayjad 

saiuak, yatiiRajyad. 
Angry, adj, v^W-** ga^ban. 
Angular, adj. k\p) ^*i zu zawaya. 
Anguish, s. Sj^a sidda-t (pi. J^^Jki^ 

sadavid) ; v»/ karb ; Ai^-^ diqa-t ; 

srA^\ id^irub ; ^LUM ^M*^ inqi- 

lm(,i al-ha^ir. 
Animadversion, b. (observation) 

i^X» miilahaza-t. — (censure) f*^ 

laum, lom ; S^^ inazzama-t. 
Animadvert, v. (tuim the mind to) 

^^ a3^ JfiC^ a*ta balhu li-se-j, 

yir^i; L-ft>!) laliaz, yulaliiz. — 

(blame) ^p wabbalj, yuwabbih ; 

fi^ lam, yafuin. 
Animal, «. {:^y<^ haiwan (nl. «y\i^^e^ 

haiwanat) ; <Lji\^ dabba-t (pi. 

s^\y^ dawwab) ; f^e9i bah i in (pi. 

^V^ babayim). 
Animal, adj. sj^ye^ haiwan i-y. 
Animalcule, s. iji^ l>uwwain (pi. 

^&>Ui^ hiiw waiuat). 
Animate, r. ^.je^^ ahya, yuhyi. — 

(nirourage) ^J^^ harrad, yuhar- 

rid, w-fcj raggal), yuraggib. 
Animate, adj. ^^ hayy (pi. \>c^\ 

ahya) ; t^ p^ zd ruh. 
Animated, adj. (lively) ^^ nabih ; 

v^^ basus ; (^\yBi bat ran > *^/^ 

Animation, s. v-^^Vasj^ inti*as. — 

(liveliness, spirit) ii^U^ baj^asat ; 

UUi nasat ; Sj^ hadda-t ; ij\y^ 

Animosity, s. ^U^ ka.4aha-t ; ^ 

kaid ; J^ gill ; •^*»" haqd. 
Ankle, s. h-^ ka*ab (pi. s-»^ 

Anklet, s. JaJU. halhal (pi. J*J^ 

halahil, JfilU halahil). 
Annalist, s. tpy* muw'arrilj. 

16 [Ako 

Aknals, «. ff.p'f tawarth ; ^^ ah- 

Annex, v. ^\ uU\ adaf ila, yu^if ; 

0^^ alhaq, yulhiq. 
Annexation, s. aa^^ i(^afa-t ; 5»>^j 

ziyada-t; jWJ^ ilhaq. 
Annihilate, v. ,3*^ maharj, yam- 

haq ; mahhaq, yumahhiq ; ^o 

damar, yadmur; dammar, yu- 

danimir; *>V?^ 'abfid, yu*bid ; f^^ 

a* dam, vu*dim. 
Annihilation, s. yj » >• mahq; 

jW« muhaq ; ^•*» tadmir ; 5*>W^ 


Anniversary, s. c5r^ ^^ ^^^^ 



Annotate, v. c/» sarah, ya^rah ; 

^-i fassar, yufassir. 
Annotation, s. c/* •'^rh ; jf*Ji 

tafsir ; ^^ hasiya-t (pi. ^\^ 

Announce, v. y^ ahbar, yuhbir; 

j^ habbar, yuhabbir; fXt^ a'lam, 

yuMim. — (good iieics) j^ bas^ur, 

Announcement, s. ^^ ihbar, ^««^' 

tuhbir ; ^^^ ta*lim; ^^ i*lam. 
Annoy, v. ^^ az*;ij, yn//ij ; Jc; 

zji**al, yuza**il ; s-«*r at'ab, yn- 

t*ib ; y»\ ainall, vumill. 
Annoyance, s. Alib saqlu-t ; s-«y 

ta*ab ; ^J-^y^ taf*wis ; 43JU nia- 

Annoyed, adj, {^^^ za*lan. 
Annual, adj. ^j^^ sanawi-y ; J^ 

Annuity, s. ^f^ ^j daf* sanawi-y ; 

^^ sanawiya-t. 
Annul, v. ^— i nasah, yansah ; JW 

battabyubattil ; JW^ abtal,yubtil. 
Annular, adj. j^a* mudawwar; 

^Ax-^ niustadir; lJ^\ J5U4 

hisiki al-hahjat. 
Annulment, s. ^ nash ; J<sW 

tabtil ; J^^ ibtAl. 
Annunciation, s. see Announce- 
ment.— (feast of) SjVj^J\ Xfji »aid 

Anoint, v. (jJ^j dahan, yadhun ; 

dahhan, yudahhin ; ^-^ masah, 

yam sail. 


AsoiKTSD, I. t:t~>i\ a)-inas!h. 
Anomalopb, flJj. 0jAill J-t ijidd 

al'fjanQm 1 Lj^ j^* ger ma^bflt ; 

^jW jci gi>r manzilm. 
Anomaly, «. pUa (•j* 'adam nix&tn ; 

k»4 ^ qillat dabt. 
Anon, arf«. Jl*» ^ fi-'l-bM ; Si^ 

Iji'ilan ; *^L- y niiu sA'at-bu. 
Anonymous, ndj. J" giifl (r>l. JUtl 

agfiil) ; ^3\ .jfct- muhfi-'l-ism, 

r~'^^ Afi*^ oiajhul al-ism ; ^^ 

^*~.'^ kiilini isni-bu. 
Anothgb, adj. «i ger (pi. jW*^ 

(pi. tSjil ^ariu, /■' uhar, ijj^' 

AssWBB, p. vjV jilwal", yujAwib ; 

s^M ajjib, yujib. — (be gnrcty) 

J*i tafal, yakful ; tj— ' d^nim 

y ad "1^1- 
Answer, ». h'^j*- jawiib (pi. ia>\ 

At, itji>-^ ajwibat) ; ^j^i^ mu- 

Answehable, (id/, {v'hal may he 

re}'lled to) hj^j*^^ J»^ qabi] al- 

jawAl). — (refjmnifible) (^U dii- 

min ; J^ kafil (pi. W kufahV). 
Ant, ». fl-^ namla-t (pi. J*J aaml, 

JUJ iiiniSl). 
Antauonish, *. i-j-i- hiiffima-t ; 

E^U« tnudAddat j ^-u dudiyyat, 
Aktaooni8t, s. f^ hB?ni (pi. ^l-*-^ 

ahstitu) ; ^F'^ Iinftm (pi. U^«- 

bLli;>TuA; o^ (lidd, dudO (pi. 

i\AA aildAd). 
AnTAOONiaric, aij. tSj^" 'ada- 

Antabctic, aHj. ^^a^\ s-^^ j)W* 

mujAwir al-qiilh al-jan&biy. 
Amtecbuent, «. ("J*- iiiu<jaddam. 
Antkcedekt, fli/j. ("JJU" mutaqad- 

dini ; i3*t-r sAbiq. 
Antediluvian, orf;. o^jU' JJ tT" 

inin qabl ai-iufrni, 
ANTENrPTIAJ., iirfj. ^yH^ J»J IJ^ 

min qa1)l al-'iirn; c'^' J** t>* 

min qabl iiD-nikHh. 
AnteRIOB, adj. JlU sabiq; ,*Afe- 

Antrrm. I. fM~J taablt^ ; i^jt— 

tiindil.iat (pi. ^1->-> iiiadAjil>). 

1 Antic, adj. wtW" mudUit, w^^ 

Antic, g. *j*— • masbara-t (pi. 

J*'—* masAnir). 
Antichrist, t. JWjJ\. f«— Jl al- 

masib ad-dajjAI. 
ANTTCtPATE, V. ij?- sabaq, yaabiq ; 

sabbnq, yusabbiq, ^ bazx, ya. 

Anticipation, i. (>k— » tiisbiq. — 

(efpeetatioii) J^'^ inti^fir. 
Antidote, c. j^/ tJryAq; *-Jl a* 

<Judd (ijidd> aB.flainni. 
Antimony, «. ^yW*l J*S kubl 

iffabani-y ; -i-^^ iHiuid, ii^miid ; 

L3~^-Ut ^^c hajar ar-rAeubt ; 

(j)j*;-i1 antiuiiiu. 
Antipathy, *. ialjS kan'ihat; Sj* 

Antipodes, *. W*0 BjU- jjftjjl (jVC 

aukkAn al-ard mudililda-t IJba'- 

ANTitjUABiAN, Antiquary, t. mIU 

JUj^l jUSl) ■Alim bi.-l.asAr al- 

Antiquated, adj. Jj»— - maabfiq ; 

(••Uu tnutaqaddim. 
Antique, adj. ^a* qadiin (pi. i^aJ 

qudauiA) ; ,3~ifi 'atiq (pi. jla: 

'itAq, UiE 'utaqA). 
Antiquities, s, ^aA) j^>3Wl-a;Ar 

Antiquity, e. iellaill JW31 al-ajjU 

al - hAlijii-t ; ieAWl JWl^ al- 

ajyal a1-iiiAdiyat. 
Ahtitbebis, «. AA didd, ijiidd. 
Antleb, «. J^j*)l o/ qarn sJ- 

Anvil, s. u^al. EaiidAn (pi. ^^oU- 

Anxiety. «. ^^ dajar ; Sj^ duj- 

ra-t; jli qalaq ; ,^ bamm (pi, 

^y** liumftm). 
Anxious, adj. ^^-^ inudtarib ; jaIU 

uiukaddar. — (d-etirtivs) ji^A— 

niu^tahl ; ij* s-t'j rfigib fl. 
Any, adj. y^i u ^1 ayyu uiA kin, 

yakAn; yU W* mahmA kAo, 
ARTBoDr, Anyone, t. ^ Jf kull 

man ; i^ ^\ ay vu man. 




Anyhow, adv. *>Ti^^ ^ *^^ ^*' 

wajh min al-wujuh. 
Antwhebe, adv, Uui^ aina-ma ; ^ 

^V^ gAy« ^\ fi e mauda* kan. 
Anywise, a(/l^ fV-^^ i^ ty^ bi-nau' 

rain al-anwa*. 
AoRisT, 8. f;^-*^ mudari*. 
Apace, adv, J^W bi-*l-*ajl; l^j^ 

Apart, adv. '^jyu^ munfaridan ; 

6jyU4 -^^X) J^ kuU Wahid bi-mu- 

Apartment, «. l*y\ au<Ja-t (pi. 

^jby\ uwa<J) ; vs*^ bait (pi. «t>^ 

buy (it) ; f;^-«** mac[9&ra-t ; ^il 

Apathetic, adj. ^W^\ ^^ 'adim 

Apathy, s. aJI^J^ (^jlc *adam al- 

mubala-t ; SjS^ balada-t ; *^>^ 

Ape, 8. ^y qird (pi. *)^;l qurAd) ; 

Oy^^ maimiin ; (^^oiu. sa^dan 

(pi. <:j^»>^*- sa'adio). 
Ape, v. JkU qallad, juqallid. 
Aperient, 8. J*— ^ mushil ; (jjj^ 

mulay via ; J^--* ^^•> dawa mushil. 
Aperture, 8. l^^ fathat; j/- 

barq (pi. s3jf- hurAq) ; (j-**^ 

raanfas (pi. <^U^ manafis). 
Apex, ». e^\ auj ; (j^\j r'ae (pi. (j^^\ 

arus, ^J*^ ru'us). 
Aphelion, s. {^ ^)l\ J^ ^J^\ 

u<**4JtJ^ aqsa bu'd al-ar4 min a^- 


Aphorism, 8. JJU ma^al (pi. J^t 

am^ial) ; <j^; ra*v (pi. V ^'^'O* 
Apiary, 8. J^^ uianhal. 
Apikce, adv. J^^^^ J^ li-kull wahid. 
Apish, adj. J^ miiqallid. 
Apocalypse, «. J^;^^ ^-**-^ ;^ ^^; , 

ruva mar yohana ar-nisul ; v»U5r i 

(J-*— 4^^^ kitab abukalibsis; ; 

wA j A.<? tak-iif ; (^WV jalayan. ' 

Apocryphal, a///. /^^^ iiuinkar (pi. j 

^u^ inanakir) ; sHi^ inarib. i 

Apologetic, Apolooetical, adj. i 

^^^joc^ i*tiz&ri-v. 
Apologise, r. ^ tabarrar, yata- | 

barrar ; jJ^«\ itazar, yatazir. 
Apologist, 8. ^J•^ j^&mi. i 

Apology, 8, (excuse) l^jStu* ma'zarat 

(pi. jS\tu» ma*azir) ; j\Jac\ i*tizar. 

— (defence) SUV^^ mu^ama-t. 
Apoplectic, adj- o*^ sakti-y. 
Apoplexy, 8. i>x^ sakta-t; Sjuj^ 

Apostasy, 8. (^J^t (^ j\^j\ irtid&d 

*an ad-din ; (j^JkJ\ ^\Si\ inkar ad- 

din ; /^ kufr ; a^i^ jahd. 
Apostate, 8. ^^^\ *dj\5 tarik ad- 

din ; '>Sj^ murtadd. 
Apostatise, v. ^Jk5\ f^ jSj\ irtadd 

*an ad-din, yartadd. 

Apostle, 8. c5;^^ b^^^ri-y (pl* 

(:)^;^>J^ al - hawariyAn) ; J»-j 

rasiil (pi. J-j rusul^ ; ^JL- salil^. 
Apostleship, 8. & — i^j rasala-t; 

^y^j rasuliyya-t. 
Apostolic, Apostolical, adj. J^j 

Apostrophe, 8. WW* muhataba-t ; 

S^ hutbat (pi. s-J^ hutab). — 

(the mark) ^ i^^ haraka-t 

Apostrophise, v. s-J»^ hatab, yu- 

Apothecary, 8. ^j^V^ ijzaji-y; 

^J'is^ ^9aidalani-y (pi. doC* 

Appal, v. J*a hawwal, yuhawwil ; 

s-^;\ ar*ao, yur'ib. 
Apparatus, 8. ^^\ alAt; 5*9^^ 

*udda.t (pi. ooft *udad). 
Apparel, 8. (jo*^ libs ; aJoj badla-t ; 
■ v»Lj> giyab or syAy\ aswab (pi. of 

Apparel, v. (j^ labbas, yulabbis ; 

,j^ kassa, yukassi. 
Apparent, a<lj. yfcVt zAhir; ^\) 

Apparition, 8. (phantom) JV«*. 

hiyul ; U^ ^,Vif (pi. ^\^ ^uw- 

VI id). 
Appkal, v. ^ fi^ ^J\ A*^*) g*) 

riif:i* da*W5ithu ila hakim aktxir, 

yarfa* ; «a>^ pvwwaj, yufjawwis. 
Appeal, 8. (for mvrcy) &>Us^\ 

ibtigaia-t ; y^\ f^ ^\ S^*> gij 

raf' da'wat ila l^akim akbar. 
Appear, v. y^ zahir, ya^har; (jV| 

ban, yabin ; c^ lah, yaliMi. 


Appkarancb, ». (loot) j)«k Euhflr; 

^fc'A ?jiliir ; ijy- ?flra-t ; ^W ba- 

Appbasz, e. {^i— BiLkkftn, yusalc- 

kin ; ^-i^ liadda, juiiaddi ; i^-i^l 

abda, juhd'i. 
Afpbllakt, 8. ij — DjjLd. munda'i ; 

T&fi' da'wat-hu. 
Appellation, ». /t-\ ism (pi. U.-1 

asmll, (^^^ asutnt) ; Kt » ' .. % taa- 

Appbllativk, 8. tr-^^ f^* ism al- 


Append, c. iJ>1= 'allaq, yu'alliq. — 

{add) .JW adiif, Tiidif. 
Appkhdaoe, a. Appendix, (. i*^** 

^amluiB^t (pi. f^S\*A dnmiVim) ; 

JiJ zel, 7nil (pi. JjiJ juyiil, J4^1 

Appbbtain, c. yo*- ba?9, yahu?j; 

s~^l iiitasiil', janlaBib. 
Appetite, a. JSl u-* nafaa nkl ; 

laat.^ ijtiliit. 
Applaud, o. J ,34-> soffaq li, yu- 

;B.ffiq ; J^ uallal, yuhallil i -^ 

^abbaz, vuhabbiz. 
Applause, ». ij«A« ta?Gq ; JJ# 

Apple, a, *»-Ui tuffi'ilja-t (pi. c^ 

tuff ah). 

Appliance, e. A*-) wastla-t (pi. 
Jp-j wasil, jn-j waBii'il). 

Applicable, ailj. v>iU*- mutabiq; 
13*1 J* luuwafiq. 

Application,*, j-e g ! ■ » tatbiq; 
< i 1 ^ l » •* mmiibaqa-t. — (sfiwiy) 
jI«x%1 ijlUiAl ; J4*- jahad, — {for 
a place) s-ll- talab. 

Apply, «. (o law, &e.) Jk^ t^tibaq, 
yntabbiq. — {employ) ,>*;-( IbUi'- 
mal, yasta'mit. — (apply oaeaelf 
to) M^^ ijtabad, yajtabid; -Mi 
tflvqayyad, yataqayyad. 

Appoint, 1), ^j*— Bamtna, yiisammt, 
J>N-ja'al, jaj'al; JU qaltad, yu- 
qalliu ; s~^ uu^ab, yau^ub, 

Appointment, ».>^-»i-* manfab (pi. 
S-*^ nuiniifib); i*^) wafifd-t 


(pi, otfU., najfiyif). — (/or 

I [App 

meetiTig, Ac.) jU»l ittifiiq ; Jf"-" 
ina'had ; jW* mi'i'id. 
Apportion, v. ua«. ha^R, yafaufv; 

;am, yuqn«;iin. 
Appoetionmest, 8. Juyys tafriqa-t; 

^i- « takBim. 
Apposite, adj. jjS lajlq ; i^l^ 

muwAfiq ; *t— ^ mimAaib. 
Appobitenebs, g. i-Ju^ niuuftaa- 

ba-t ; Sii\y muiTAfaqa-t. 
Appraise, v. f~ 8a"ar, yusa'Hr; 

(^ saiuuiau, yii-ainnlia; jA* 

qaddar, yiiqaddir. 
Apfbaibeb, «. JS<) dallAI ; j — »•* 

Appeai3Ement, t. (j^e*** tftlimm ; 
js"— > las'Ir ; ;(■»» taqdir ; ht t r t 

AppKSiJIAltLB, ad}. jjJuUJf i^r'U' 

mum kin al-taqdir. 
Appksciate, p, jel a'azz, ya'izB; 

j^ i'tabar, ya'tabir, 
Appbbciation, ». &*t^\ lifu* ma'ri- 

fa-t al-qiiua-t ; ^j^ taqwim ; 

jje*S tag mi n. 
Appbehgnd, p. {^^ndiTtiand') f^ 

fahim, yafham , v i^ fat'o bt, 

yaftan; JjJ\ adrak, yiidrik, — 

( fear) ^W huf, yahaf ; £>* faza', 

yafift'. — (seize) i«l— • masak, 

jamsik; J* Jm qabad 'ala, 

ApFBEHBNaioN, ». {eonceptxon) f^ 

fahm; j^j wahm.— (/ear) ^^ 

baiif, hot' ; £iW* mulin^t. — 

{icituf) (jM qab^. 
Appbebrnsivb, ,k«* fabim ; JIW 

'aqil. — {fMr/ttl) UiF^ hinf; 

•-4i)*- haw if. 
Api-KBNricB, It. ^J)UM muta'alUm; 

.tJiUa ^ ^^ talmiz fi ^aaa'a-t 

(pi, JvSh^ talamiK). 
Appbsnticeship, ». fi»i ta'alliim. 
Apprise, v. ^ habdar, yubabbir; 

;»*1 ahbar, yiihbir. 
Appboacb, p. V15* qtirib, yaqrab; 

vy^^ iqtarjb, yaqtarib ; U^ 

dui&, yadoil. 
Appboacb, «. v^ylt iqtirab; J;*-* 

^^ dabdl ila; ^v;! qurb. 




Appboachablr, adj. y^\fi'i\ J^ 

sahil al-iqtinib. 
Approbation, see Approval. 
Appropriate, v. (set apart) ^J^ 

hallii, yuhalli ; {^ *ayyaii, ju- 

*ayyin. — (take possession of) 

« fVi ^ 7 ,\ istamlak, yastaiulik ; 

J^L-^ istaula, yastiiuli ; j^^U-.\ 

istalhaq, ya8talhir|. 
Appropriate, adj. <3-W lajiq ; 

s-^U>* munasib. 
Appropriateness, s. ^U* muna- 

saba-t ; iAi\y^ muwafaqa-t. 
Appropriation, s, ^}UL.^ istim- 

lak ; i-oU. has^a-t ; ija^^"^ tiih?!?. 
Approval, Approbation, s. 

^V ■^■ " ^■^ istil^san ; v>^^.as^^ isti?- 

Approve, v. ^^j— ^^^-^ istahsan, yas- 

tiihsin; v>^*i-\ i8ta8wab, yasta?- 

Approximate, v.a. v^S qarrab, yu- 

qarrib; n. v;^^ iqtarab, yaq- 

Approximate, adj. sh|;I qarib ; 

^jrt/» tarinbi-y. 
Apricot, s. A ,. & >»fc^ musmu!^a-t (pi. 

u* ■•■ * ■'• muMinus) ; ij^ nis. 
April, s. <^^-«>^ nisau. 

Apron, s. ^^ futat (pi. t^ fuwa-t) ; 

^'y^i^ mihzam (pi. f*jW« malui- 

ziiii) ; jy> mi'zar (pi. jjU ma'- 

Apt, adj. d^^j^ muwafiq ; j^S la- 

yi(i ; s-^^ muuasib ; j-i-^ 

Aptitude, Aptness, s. ^U^ mu- 

naKal>a-t ; ^^ liyaqa-t ; &eitU 


Aqua fortis, s. s-J^^ U31 al-ma al- 
gal i I >. 

Aquarius, s, ff^\ t;> l)urj a<l-dalw ; 
U)^ H-^U gukib al-ma. 

Aquatic, Aqueous, adj. ^^.U ma- 
yi-y (vulg. ^;U mawi-y). 

Aqueduct, s. U3t s^y^^ majra al- 
ma; SUi qana-t, AjUi qaiiaya-t 
(pi. UJ qiua, «y^^UJ ipiimwat) ; 
0»5 (jari-y (pi. h/^ aqriya-t, 
^J<i^ quryan). 

Aquiline, ocT/. ^y^ nasri-j. 
Arable, adj. k±>;oc:yuhrag. — {arable 

land) •Ays? ^^^ ard tub rag, &c.). 
Arbiter, Arbitrator, s. Ju* J«^ 

wakil *urfi-y; ^Vi qadi (pL 

Sui quda-t) ; la©-^ wasit ; fS^ 

Arbitrariness, s. ^ zulm ; ^e* 

qahr ; ^^t^ ihtiyar. 
Abbitbaby, adj. {despotic) ^Vk 

Z.alim ; joU qadir. — {guided by 

will) jVsafc^ muhtar ; v^jiW**^ ihti- 

Abbitbate, V, ^j^ ^tXfc ^akam 

*urfiyan, yahkum. 
Abbitbation, (^jfi ^^ hukm 

Abboub, s. ^^ 'ari^at (pi. ij^\ft 

Abc, s. ;faiA0» ]a&. hatt muqantar; 

iji\jl\ JjiLi qat*at ad-da*irat. 
Abcade, s. <i^\y^ ULo paff *awamid. 
Abch, s. ly»yi qau9ara-t (pi. j^\yi 

qawAflir); 5^^ qantara-t (pi. 

>Ul qauatir) ; j^ ^^q (pi. fiVlVL 

Abch, adj. Uk*^ garif ; UiJJ la^if . 
Abch, prefix^ (j^j ra'is. 
Abchanqel, s, iSSi4i\ fj>^j ra'is al- 

Abchbishop, s, SJiii^t\ ^J»^^ ra'is 

al-asaqifa-t ; (^\^ mutran (pi. 

AJj^ matarina-t, e^j^ mat&- 

Abcheb, s. (j-^yj qawwas (pi. i-^»* 

qawasa-t, ^^fr-V qaww&sin) ; ^JAJ 

rAini (pi. fiUj ruma-t). 
Abchitect, «. jU«^ mi'mar; *U| 

banna' (pi. ^y*\ii banni'iin) ; 

^J*'i^i^ muhandis. 
Abchitectube, s. Uf3\ ^ ^ilm al- 

bina ; fi;UjO\ al-'imara-t. 
Abchives, s. ^J>*Jm^J^\ Si\yi^ hizana-t 

al-qara^is ; J\^j^\iiyL bazna-t ad- 

dafatir; a^U. ^j daStSLr ^bua; 

(^\yi*y diwan (pi. {jiy^)*^ dawi- 

wm) ; j^ kinar. 
Abchness, s. i^j^ sarifa-t. 
Abctic, adj. JUa samali-y. 
Ardent, adj. ^.^a^ subn; sj*^ 

hami ; jU. ^larr. 

Aboovb, e. ^ fearr ; »;';^ Ijarara-t j 

vj* &iub. — (moO y* gira-t. — 

(o/ towf) J*j wajd ; ijj* jawa. 
Abddous, arfj. S-" Ba'ab (ijI. v''*- 

Bi'Ab); re— *= 'aair; Ji^ mni- 

Abea, «. i--U aaljat (pL ut>l fit, c^ 

suh, Cr- ^i^l^) i ^^*r-i fusha-t ; 

i^ 'ar^a-t). 
AsKNA, «. cjl-V* maidfin; iSyw 

ma'raka-t (pi, i*Ij^" ma'arik). 
Aboitb v. (rfi«ciM») kt— \) bfthag, 

yubiHiig. — (reason) e*-W hiljftj, 


AsOnMENT, 8. (cOJld-Ol'ersy) 'i-:*^, 

babs (pi. •i''-:^ abhris); S;tU- 
munfteara-t. — (reaion) i%» huj- 
ja-t (pi. e»- hujaj).— («u6>f0 
e-An^ mabhas. ay'-* maclmtm 
(pi. (je'^*' madi'iuiio). 

adj. tj-W* qijasi-y. 

ASOf UEHTATION, 8. ki-**' taba- 

Abid, orfj. Ln^ yiibifl j <-4*U nasif ; 

JfcU qflljil : y** tnuqfir. 
Abibity, AKiDNSsa, b. i^-t<yaLa; 

1.^ yabusa-t ; ^^J^ luUfa-t ; 

JQ}«i qu^ula-t. 
Abiout, adv. ijJ^ bi-'l-haqq ; 

v^yJI* bi-'*-aawftb, 
Abibk, v. «Vi qam, yax^flm.— 

(Mcend) jit tala', yafla' ; .**- 

(a'id, ya?'ad. 
Abibtocract, «, jt^\ f^ tahak- 

tum al-akubir ; j^-^ IJ— ' taaaU 

lut al-akiibir ; yuSl jj*** jamliiir 

Abibtockat, *. ji'Si\ J--1 aljad al- 

Ab I STOCK ATI c, Abistocbatical, 

a4j. o1>3t fS^ <j°^yabu?» hukm 

Abithmktic, «. ^L_J\ f^ 'Urn al- 

l^USb; f^j^ fie 'iiia ar-nu|m. 
Abitsuktical, adj. ,.jt~W* muljii- 

Abitkmbtician, V*— J' fi^ '-'j^ 

'ftrif bi-'ilm al-hiaiib; v— W" 

muhAsib ; fMj raqqjuu. 
Abk, i. (of Noak) cj^\ i.'.*- safi- 

20 [Abb 

na-t an-Nflh, — (of (Ae covenant) 
ji^\ <£i>)ti tabiit al-'ahd. 

Abm, e. i1_,J zirn' (pi. ^J\ azru') ; 
J'U ea'id (pi. ■x^\j~- Bawil'id). 

Ark, «. eL. aallah. yusallih. — (one- 
self) ^Lj tasallah, Tatasallal^. 

Abmameht, 8. irf/- ts'ljoffF' tajUieut 

Abmistick, «. JtJoij- mubfidana-tj 
iSjU- mut&roka-t ; t*-» ^j rafa' 

Abmobbb, Armourbb, g. c^ Bal- 
Mh ; W-^ gLi- sannJi' asUba-t. 

Armobt, ». ci— '( ^>*- bazna-t ao- 

Akmpit, 8. 1»(31 »/i nuqra-t aUib(. 
Aems, «. pi. cL ailah (p!. W-\ 

aaliha-t).— (coa( of arms) ^io 

H — 'i\ 'alayim an-nasab. 
Abhv, g. ijt^ jais, ieS (pi. u*^ 

juyus) ; jS— " 'o^kar (pi. ^sC-fi 

'aatlkir); -u*- jund (pi. -ty*. 

juQud, -iWI ajniid). 
Aboma, 8. isjj rilyiha-t (pi. pi^jj 

luwnyili) ; ^ 'atar, 
Abouatic, adj. ^'^ tnu'attor. 
Abouatics, s. hj^I aty^b; jjlic 

'utur; joiUe "aqiiqir; tu1<jbB 

Abouse, ff. -^^ tfarmk, yul^arrik j 

■M nabbab, yuoabbib. 
Abbaiqn, ^ o^^^ idtaka 'ala, 

vastaki ; •^ ftv taham bi, yat- 

Arbaignmekt, a^iXa sikAya-t. 
Abrahge, v. s-?; rattab, yumttib ; 
^ nai!£am, yuDOiiini ; We 'abi, 

Abbanqeueht, 8. s-^/ tartib; 

ftfilu' tansini; ^Um Diium. 
Akeant, oJj'. pij waqih (pi. c^j 

wiqAl^) ; AgA- aafih (pi. l«A. au- 

Arbat, v. «-1» faff, yafuffi s-Jj 

rattab, yurattib. 
AsRAi, 8. --A** ma^affi lU^ gaff 

(pi. ^yu (ufQf). 
Arkbabs, 8. ^y\t biVii ; ^^1+ biVp- 

Abbbst, v. ^Jb ^/^ qabaij 'tiU, 

yaqbi<J ; .aL-- lutiAak, yamaik. 




Arrest, «. l^y^ hauia-t ; •a V- * 

mask ; (jM qab4. 
Arrival, «. J^^ wu^dd ; *>jj;^ 

wunld ; (•^J^ qudAin. 
Arrive, r. J-»^ wasal, ya^il; ^ 

balag, jablu^' ; J<i^ aqbal, yuq- 

bil ; Oj^ wara^i, jarid. 
Arrogance. >?. ^-^ takabbur, ^t*r 

tajabbur, y^ Mtw, *uttuw. 
Arrogant, atij. ySs^ inutakabbir ; 

yj-V^ mutaj il»bir; wi»%»s^ mu- 

Arrogate, r. <jC»>^ id(Ia% yadda*i. 
Arrogation, v. \^^ iddi*a. 
Arrow, 9. f^^ sahm (pi. |*W«* 

sihain) ; ^^ nusi^aba-t (pi. v>L&i 

nu'^sab) ; Jt* nabl (pi. JW* 

Arsenal, 8, t^^^ ^^^ dar as-sildh ; 

*i\s^f tars-hana {Pers.). — {of 

artillery) ^^^^ top-hana. 
Arsenic, a. ^j) zamili ; ^^WL 

Arsenic, Arsenical, cuij. ^J--t^J) 

Art, 8, Imj^ ^an'a-t (pi. gt^ sana- 

yi*) ; (^ fann (pi. (^y^ funftn). — 

(cunning) Sl^^ ^ila-t (pi. J«^ 

^ijal) ; yC« makr. 
Artery, s. (^V|^ ^rjan (pi. {^\j»» 

sarayin) ; yi\j ra6z (pi. y^jn rawa- 

fiz); v»jU 44rib (pi. v>jf^ cjLa- 

Artful, adj. j<^ makkar ; JU^^ 

Artfulness, a. l^j^ makariya-t; 

JWs^^ ij^tiynl. 
Article, «. (c/atMd) ^yi^ is^rX (pi. 

i|;«* suriit); SjU madda-t (pi. 

•>V^ maw4dd). — {mercKandi$e) 
9anaf (pi. «^U«^ a^n&f). 
in grammar) ^yu3\ al-ma*ri- 

fa-t ; Uk{au)^ uu. $arf at-ta*rif ; 

^\y uiJSf al-alif wa-'l.lAm. 
Article, v, ^ ^arat, yasrut. 
Articulate, v. ^ lafaz, jalfiz; 

1^^ (:^ bayjan al-lafz, yubay- 

Articulate, adj. (distinct) ^y* 

»ari]^ ; {^ bayyin. — (jointed) 

J<«*^ mufaf^al. 

Articxtlatekbss, 8, h*l? talaffuz ; 

Articulation, 8. (diatinctneaa) WiJ 

talami^. — (a joint) J-«*^ maf^il 

(]>1. J*Va« mafa«il). 
Artifice, «. ^^ hila-t (pi. J«^ 

hiyal) ; Sj^^X^ makida-t (pi. aj^iU 

Artificer, Artisan, 8, g*U pani* ; 

ieU* s-ft-^ 9ahib 8ana*a-t (pi. 

^UJ^ v>W«^ a^hab a^-^anayi*). 
Artificial, atlj, ^^^^J**^ i9^ina*i-y ; 

<JUc *amli-y ; g*** mu9aniia'. — 

(fictitious) jyy^ muzawwar, 

Qi'^ mu9anna^ 
Artillerist, s, o'v^ t^pji. 
Artillery, s. (guns) v>\»t t^wftb 

(for ^^\Turk.); g^\xj\ al-ma- 

dafi*. — (the troup) ^-e^;;^ t^pji- 

Artless, adj. 6*^U sadij ; k>««i 

Artlessness, 8. &U4 basata-t; 

l^\x^ sadaja-t. 
As, conj, *^ ka ; Jt« migl. 
Ascend, v. •*»• 9a*id, ya9'ad; git 

talaS yatlu* ; tali*, yatla*. 
Ascendency, s. f^ taqaddum ; 

s-J^ tagallub. 
Ascension, 8. (feast of) fVAi»3^ j^ 

*aid al-irtifa*; *>yuJ1 j^ *aid a?- 

Ascent, «. *>^ sa'Cid, su'ikd. — 

(^,7/) S^ 'ulAwa-t (pi. ^Juj 

*alAwi-y) ; J? taU (pi. JSJ tilal, 

J^- tuhll). 
Ascertain, v. vjM**- baqqaq, yu- 

Ascertainment, s. jk*^ tal^qtq. 
Ascetic, s. J^^j zahid. 
Asceticism, s. ju^j zuhd ; S«>U} za- 

liada-t; •x^ tazabhud. 
Ascribe, v. J4>^ hammal, yuham* 

mil ; ^^ s-^-«-> nasab ila, yansub, 

yansib ; ,ja«^ ha^ ^af , vuha^^i?. 
Ascription, s. *y^\ isnad. 
Ash, 8, jpi\^\ (^tJ ij^ ^jara-t 

liHiin al-'amlfir. 
Ashamed, adj. (^Viy*. hazy an ; (^li^ 

hajl&n ; J^%*^ mahjikl. — (to be 

ashamed) ^)^. b^jjil* ya^jal ; 

T>'^1 ilta'ab, yat- 

AsnKS, a- ^^j ratnitd ; i— ^ ^aft- 

Ts-t ; V* ?*f'*^t' 
Abbokk, arfr. wl' J fi-'l-barr; ^ 

AnitT, arff. iJ^^j mmiidl-y. — (grey) 

^jiV- BinjAbf.y. 
AsiPK, rtrfp. s-^ Je 'ala jamL; 

fcjijl. Je 'alft taraf. 
AuMNK, jy^*» Ijimnrt-y, 
Abk, r. (quftlioit) ^ fa -^ iatafhaiD, 

yaatAfliiiu ; j— ii-1 iBtafsar, yaa- 

tnfsir. — (baj) J'U sa'al, yas'iil ; 

s-^ talab. yatlub. 
AsKAKCB, Askant, aih. 'iijle 'ari- 

^atau i •Jl)"'!) bi-'nhirAf ; 'Uj^i- 

AaLAHT, adv. 'Uyaw mu'tari^aii. 
AsLBEF, adv. 'Uj^ nA'iinan. 
■Asp. Abpic, a. u**! af'a (pi. u^W 

afA'i) ; >c'V^«)^ >*Um matik al-bay- 

AsfABAOua, «. (Wj» halyfiD, hil- 

yaun; ^jel* ba^flm. 
Aspect, «. *») wajh (]il. >^\ ujfib, 

*j^j nujfib, d*-)! aujuh); ;lu^ 

uianzar (pi. ;tLi- manfijir). 
Aspen, «. bW' JJ*^* al-liaur ar- 

raj n't j. 
Asperity, «. iJ^i*. bufiOua-t ; i*l;»- 

AspBfiSE, V. i>j ra^^, yaruSS ; ^>jl» 

tarns, yatrus.— (^/aiirfec) ^jl* ,*i 

namm 'ala, yanuiam ; ,j£ tjfi\ 

iftara 'ala, yaftari. 
Aspersion, ». (j*.e*»/ tarSi^. — 

(»/ofid<T) IjSil iftira; 4*,^ na- 

Asphalt, $. ;**• butnar; ;«*» Ijn- 

inair ; Oj»eH j« .lafr al-yabAd. 
AsriSAKT, ». irJi iiUib (pi. ijJt 

talaba-t, vSi (uUab) ; Jij- mufid, 
AsPiBaTE, V. i~M Ji| U lafai bU 

kuU Dafas-hu, yalf uj ; (^^ U 

<}W^ lofai tuin al-bal(j, yalfuj. 

ASPIEATIOK, #. (<ir</«-N( «l'«A) i/ji 

garud (pi. y*yi i«ra<J) ; (jiiHii- 
lafl uuD al-balcj. 


Aspire, v. ^j* i^Vf nfifas fi, yonfi- 

fis ; .x^ qasad, yaqaud ; ,_3»^1 

i:^taba, yaitabt. 
AsquiNT, adv. "if^ abwalan. 
Ass, 8. jU»- himar (pl.j~Mk hamlr). 

— (the ate) yli\ itin (pi. y*l 

Absaii., a. ,*^ hajam. yabjum ; 

J*=. banial, yabinil {both with 

^^ 'ala). 
AesAiiABLE, adj. Ae^ |*}W^ i:^''*^ 

luunikiD al-bujiim alelii. 
Assassin, a. JiU qAtil (pi. Jld 

quttal) ; JUi qatUl, J^i*- mug- 

tAl; i>S\i ffitik. 
Assassinate, v. J^ qatal, yaqtul ; 

uUi fatak, yaftik. 
Assabsinatiob, a. J^ qati ; t>^ 

Assault, v. (t^^ bajam, yahjim- 
Absault, 8. f>^>Ahuj(liii ; J i*^» baj- 

ma-t ; ^W )>aniU-t. 
Assay, v.^ 'ayyar', yu'ayyir; ■«)» 

hakk, yabalik, yabukk. 
Assay, ». jV: 'iySr. 


jama'at; , « * » " majma' (pi. 

^V" majHini') ; y-V" majliB 

(pL tPV" majftlis). 
Assemble, v.a. Q** jama', yajma' ; 

n. f*-s»l ijtama', yajtami*. 
Assent, v. ^J^, radi, yor^aj JtJ 

qaV>al, yaiibal. 
Assent, s. J^ qabfl! j Uj ridii. 
Assert, v. f^j za'am, yaz'um; jjl 

qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Assebtioh, i.jtjS tatirtr; f^] za'm. 
Assess, v. i-a/^ ^^ alqa tokalif, 

AssESSUEHT, a. i-M^ toklif (pi. 

.-ABllii lakiillf) ; (j-i- maka (pi. 

ij'j^ mukits) ; ^k-j nism (j)l. f>^j 

Absessok, a. u-JW jalis ; ^U q&^t 

(pi. £US quijat). 
Assets, «. uu1>)^^ uiaujtidfit. 
Asseverate, r. fv-'t ^j Ea'am bi- 

qasam, yaz'um. 

ASSEVEEATIOH, -Ic^ t&kid; wl^ 

AsBiotilTY, a. drf.^Arf oiudanama-t j 




l^\y* niuwR?a>)a-t ; *y^^^\ ijti- 

hji<l ; Jtji? tcoqavyud. 
Assiduous, adj. ^4^^^^ iinijtahid ; 

vr^^y* iiiuwazib ; f»;^**^ iniida- 

AssirtN, V, e^«^ *ayyan, yu*ayyin; 

u^***- Iia8a:i8, yuha??!? ; J^ haw- 

wal, yiihawwil. 
Assignable, adj. ^;>«*^^ e^^-*^ 

niuinkin at-ta*yin ; J*^^:^^ J*^ 

qaMl at-tahwil. 
Assignation, 8. 43^^ hawala-t. 
Assignee, s. J^^ wakil. 
Assimilate, v. M* sabbali, yu- 

sahbih ; J^ massal, yumassil. 
Assimilation, s. a«-aj tasbih ; 

JJU> tainsil. 
Assist, v. ^^^ *awan, yu*awia ; J^^ 

SiVad, yii8a*id ; ij^ *^Ai sadd 

zahra-hu, yasidd. 
Assistance, «. iiy»^ ma*una-t ; (j^ 

*aun ; ojl^ madad ; j^ na^r; 

JIacLw* iiiusa*afa-t. 
Assizer, ». tj^>*^^ j^^ na^ir al- 

ia izaii. 

Assizes, S^\ ^ jJ ^'» majlis al- 

Associate, r. y*^ *asar, yu*14ir; 

J^ 6akal, yus4ikil; UU hfdat, 

yuhalit (all three with the ace. 

of the i)er8oi)) ; A«^ )AmA ihtalat 

ma*ahu, yabtalit- 
Assi>ciAT£, 8. vjM; rafiq (pi. VaJ*^ 

rufaqa, «^Vij\ arqaf) ; s-^^ ^Ahib 

(pi. v»V^*\ a^hab. — (partner) 

*ikj^ sarik (pi. ^/^ suraka). 
Association, u. S^U^ nm'asara-t ; 

^^^s^^ 8uhKi-t. — (i« a commercial 

Bt'n^e) ASybt sirka-t. 
AssoBT, V. gy nawwa*, yunawwi* ; 

J^^ askal, yuskil ; s-^^ waddab, 

Assortment, s. s-^/ taudib ; 

g>^ tanwi*; ^^Uf jJlU> jumla-t 


• « 

Assuage, v. (j^ layyan, yulayyin ; 

^vC« s;ikkan, yusakkiu ; <>.AAd. 

haffaf, vuhaflif. 
As-suME, V. {suppose) \J>^ farad, 

yafrad ; jJi (^addar, yuqaddir. — 

(iakt upon oneself) ^\ aha^, 

ta'hiiz. — (claim) ^*y\ adda'a, 
yadda*!. — ( presume) pSo takab- 
bar, yntakabbar; y^- tajabbar, 
yatajabl)ar; ^afeAJ tafahhar, yata- 

Assuming, adj. wi ^ v*^ muta'ajrif ; 
yf^^^ mutakabbir; ^abAx^ niuta- 

Assumption, s. W ahz ; *S\*!«\ 
ittihaz. — ( supposition) (j*W* 
qlyii^.— (feast of) {)JiSj'^\ s^ *aid 

Assurance, s. J^s^ ta*kid; jk&s' 
tahijui. — (promise) J^^ wa*d.— 
(trust) J^\ ittikai ; J9 tawak- 
kill. — (boldness) S1^ jara'at.— 
(insurance) ^y-^y-^ saukira-t; 
6^U^\ ^J^f4^ tii^rain al-hasara-t ; 
<*^;^a- sikurta, A^^y^ sikii- 

Assure, v. J^ akkad, yu*akkid. — 
(promise) •^^ wa*ad , ya*id ; AenF 
ta'ahhad, yata*ahhad! — (insure) 
/^ saukar, yusaukir ; fijL-^\ ^^4>^ 
daimiian al-hasara-t, yudaminin. 

Asterisk, s. ly^\ isara-t. 

Astern, adv. J»^t o* ^-'l-kausal ; 
\)y wara. 

Asthma, «. ^J^^\ jm diq an-nafas; 
fy rabw, rabil ; v>/ karb (Syr.) ; 
&^ lahsa-t. 

Asthmatic, Asthmatical, adj, 
ijr^\ OM <Jayyi<l an-nafaa; 
LT-^^ vJM» J^'^^ mubtala bi-^iq 

Astir, adv. '^y^r-^ mutaharrikan. 

Astonish, v. iJ^S\ adhas, yudhis; 
Ja j\ azlial, yuzhil ; s-V^ *^jj*il>> 
yu'ajjib ; jt^ hayyar, yuhayyir. 

Astonishment, s. s-^v^ ta*ajjub ; 
AA- » j dahsii-t ; iy > ■ ■> l^ira-t, 
haira-t ; v»^^Ai-\ istij^rab. 

Astound, v. yt^ hayyar, yuhayyir. 

Astounded, a^^ saiuih. 

Astray, adv. '3U dallan. 

Astride, adv. "VV*^ ifjajan ; "V^j 


Astringent, s. (>k?Vl qabij (pi, 
s&>U)U qabi^At). 


AsTBOLOoER, s. /»»'■• muDajjim. 
AsTBOLoaicAi., adj. i^jV nujft- 

AsTEOLoor, «, (W*"!l r^ '"Im at- 

Astronomer, •. 5 'tiiii\ ,kU) .-tjlc 

jtj^^ 'Arif bi-'ilm al-falnk wa- 

'n-nujilui; .«1WI( j«i bttWr bi-'l- 

falak i iissll ^Vc 'lUim al-haiya-t. 
Astronomical, adj. jSl* falaki-y. 
AsTRONuuicAL TABLE, a. Jj'H- jn.d- 

wal (pi. J)W jaJfiwil); c*3 ?.tj 

Abtkonomt, |»j*J'; "''^1 /»!= 'ilm 

al-falak wa-'u-nujam ; ^£t>4l1 ^ 

'ilm al-haiya-t. 
Astute, adj. y'" fa(iu ; J4>>1' u^J 

!;aki-¥ ai-'aql ; ^U* Jft\ ahl 

fira*t-t.— (cra/(u) jU-- 

AsTUTENKas, «. iiti fitua-t ; i-lj* 

firasat. — Xcra/tine»a)J^ makr. 
AaiTNDBR, adv. IjIjiuI mfirSdaii. 
Asylum, «. M^ maljft (pi. 'jjt-J* 

malAji'); ^SU malfix (pi. ^jS- 

niidfiwi?).— (/<"•'«»«''■") ^^^Jlj'-" 

dar a8-Jif&. 
At, prep. V ba, bi ; jj* 'ala ; JJ 

lad; o* fi- 
Athbish, «. *1!1 Jj^j jl^l iukiic 

wujAd allAb; *111 (jl^if nuknia 

all&h : /f kufr. 
Atheist, ». ilSl Jj*j/l* nftkir wujfld 

ttllflh ; ;*li kAfir (pi. jU£ kuffAr). 
ATHBisTrcAL, arf;'. j^i« munkir. 
Athikst, adj. t)>-slc 'atsjin (pi. 

^lU: 'atiisa, i>Uie 'in'iS). 
Athlete, «. o'j'st pahluwftn (Pers. 

pi. e?4;I^ iifthfllawln) i £)l— 

inii;ari'i ■H''^ ^a<lid. 
Athletic, ai//. ^«i qawwi-y ; jjAc 


Atlas, ». (map*) y'^l i-i-j tj*^-» 
niaimiV ruBflra al-buldiu; v*^ 
^^ijiJl kitiih al-qirtiia. — (ti/*- 
tuli") u-i^l ttllae. 

Athospberk, «. j^^ al-janw; \jti\ 
al-hawu; !)«» S^jlJ diyinui al- 

Atmospheric, Atmobphbsical, 

«rf/. J' J* hawa'i-y. 
Atom, s. ij-J zartu-t (pi. tot -It, 

jJ zarr) ; ^ haba (pi. W»* 

Atomism, «. (^ ^J^l s-^/ v-*-^ 

j;4j\ ja^l maibab tarkib al- 

'ulam mm aj-jaubar al-mufrad. 
Atose, c. ii^ yii kaffar 'an, yn- 

kaffir ; tr* /*^' istagfar mm, 

Atonemekt, a. ij^ kaff&T&.t ; 

;e*3S takfJr ; jU»a-l istigfar. 
Atrocious, adj. {korriblt} *tj! 

karib ; Jyi- makritb ; J*:* iani' j 

i=jyu-» loamqut. ^ (crwel) u-U 

qitsi ; fJVL £tUiui. 
Ateociousnkss, Atrocity, t. icU* 

^amVa-l ; Sje^ kalnra-t. 
Attach, d. i>aI laf;aq, yulaff iq ; 

I^j ralia^, yarbul j J* iadd, ya- 

Attachment, «. (affection) l^^f 

muhabba-t ; io^ niawadda-t. 
Attack, ,»«^ hajam, yabjum j J*» 

l^anial, yaiimil. 
Attack, s. ^jV" huj&m ; Um. ^uii> 

Attain, t'. JU nil, yana! ; Jle J** 

ba?al 'ala, yahfal. 
Attainable, adj. j— «-• muTyossftr j 

Jj-«^1 ij^*- mumkin al-^u|&l- 
Attainment, <. Jj—. ^u^Ol ; J«-»^ 

tahHil. — (])roJicie7K^y) JJ fa^ 

(pi. J^ fu^Al, JUl af^ai). 
Attempt, p. j^ jahad, yajbad; 

o* -^e^' ijtabad fi, yajtahid ; 

^r' i»^\ ibtamm bi, yabtamm ; 

o* o*- »"'"' fii yao'a. 
Attempt, «. ^j»- sa'i ; J«»- jahd } 

jWI ijlibid; Ji* jidd; J-J 

Attend, v. (aeeompany) s-»-^* 
fAljab, ytjfiihib. — (be present) y^ 
iiadar, yab^ur. — (litttn to) £*^t 
iBtama', yastauii' ; tax-i iMf&t, 

Attendance, a. ,^ l;iuilQri l*^^ 
hidma-t. — (retinue) s-^r* luatl* 
kab (pi. s-fl^ mawAkib) ; 





Attendant, «. ^U ^ftdim (pi. 

f\jd. huddam, fJ^tt, hadam, ^o^ 

nadania-t); gjU tAbi* (pi. (^^ -ftn, 

g<i taha*, g^\f tawabi*.) 
ATfENTiON, 8, Usc\ i*tina ; J^ ta- 

qayyud ; f>UsJb\ ihtiuiam. 
Attentive, adj. ^ ^\y wa*i *ala ; 

v> vy^*^ mu*tani bi ; ^ J^J&• 

muqayyad fi. 
Attenuate, v. ^j raqqac}, yuraq- 

qiq ; «»aU la^af, yulattif. 
Attenuation, s, v^^iy tarqiq ; 

ui-Uj taltif. 
Attest, t;. -^^ sahid, yashad (with 

v> bi and ^ *ala). 
Attest, Attestation, s, io^ sa- 

hada-t. ; j^y>\ iqrar; %a>\^\ ijbat. 
Attic, *. A*.L«i fasaha-t. 
Attire, r. <j**J labbas, yulabbis ; 

L-^ kasa, yaksu ; ^jij zayyan, yu- 

Attire, 8. v»W* siya!> ; ^f\ ajwab ; 

^\ ziua-t ; ^J^ hali (pi. of iJL. 


Attitude, s. WU hala-t ; i«A 
hi'a-t ; 5j^ (ii*da-t. 

Attorney, «. J«^^ vakil (pi. 'iS^ 

Attorneyship, s. Q^y wakala-t. 

Attract, r. v»«W jazab, yajzub, 
yajzib ; v>^^ ijtazab, yajtazib ; 
s-V jalab, yajlub, yajlib. 

Attraction, s, v>!X^»i-\ istijlab ; 

s^tA^^ injizab. 
Attractive, aJj. s-JW jAlib ; v>3W 

Attractiveness, «. ^^^W jaziba-t; 

l^^W jazilnya-t. 

Attribute, v. s-^«-i nasab, yansib. 

— (fjrammat ica lly) Ju-.^ asnad , 

Attribute, «. (quality) aa* sifa-t ; 

A-eU. huRfl.i.t; cJU^ wasf (pi. wiUj^ 

aufliif). — (in ijrammar) y «■■'• 

Attunk, v. aJ-^ Jj^ 'addal al-ala-t, 

yu'addil ; s^y\ ja sadd al-autar, 

yasidd; ^f a8lah, yu^lih. 

Auburn, adj. j^ asmar, f. \ 
tamra (pi. j*-^ sumr). 

Auction, $. atyJVi It^ bai'at bi-'l- 
mazad ; ^y^ tal^rij ; gW har&j. 

Auctioneer, #. J!lo dall&l (pi. 
^){*> dallalin) ; jL»4^ sams&r 
(pi. ^U* samasir). 

Audacious, adj. (daring) y^W jAsir ; 
jy,.^ jasiir. — (impudent) 
safih ; ^^ waqi^. 

Audaciousness, Audacity, 8. lj\ 
jasara-t; t^y^ jur'a-t; lJb\Lm aaik* 

Audible, adj. ty*^'^ masmft. 

Audience, s. (admittance to a hear* 
imj) 4^ muqabala-t; l^\y» 
muw2ijaha-t ; ft^JU mulaqat. — 
(assembly of hearers) <j>J^>» maj- 
lis ; ^;/^V^^ al-hadirdn. 

Audit, s. ^W^~»^^ ,j^ fah^ al- 
ii isabat. 

Audit, v. v*U^\ ^Jk^ fahaf al- 
ii isab, yafl)ia8. 

Auditor, s. (hearer) g*U g&mi'; 
g«Jt---« mustami*. — (examiner of 
accounts) va>W^-^^ {^^\ amin al- 
hisabat; wiyt-* musrif. 

Auditory, s. ^ j J^'» majlis (pi. 
(^V^»^ majalis) ; (^yu»LJ^ as-sa- 
mi' (in. 

Auoirr, Ought, s. ^ se-y. 

Augment, v. o^j zawwad, yuzaw- 
wid ; ji^ kassar, yukassir. 

Augment, Augmentation, $. i^^) 
zivada-t ; •>W*>3^ izdivad. 

Au<JUR, IT. JUX\ ^U 'fAtit al-fal ; 
^y *arraf (pi. ^y *aiTafa-t) ; 
JUj ramiual. 

Augur, v. J^^ ^ fatal^ al-f&l, 
yaf tab ; ^^«aS\ wi;fi 'arraf al-gaib, 

Augury, s. JV* fal ; j¥\ zajr. 

August, adj. ^J^ *ah ; Jji% jal!l ; 

August, s. ^ ab ; ^J^»ys^yt\ agib- 

Aunt, «. (jyaternal) ^Ux *ammat. — 

(maternal) aJU. luila-t. 
Auricle, «. ^^^^^ uzn (pi. (^\S\ azan). 
Aurora, s. j^ fajr ; j^\ ^y^ i&qq 

al-fajr ; r-t^ Rubh. 

Auspice, s. JVA fal. — (au$piee$f 
patronage) • t U * ^imiya-t ; 


EUW* mublinaat; J-iaL-* mu- 

Atrspiciocs. adj. Ji*- said ; jj«-- 

maa'iidi J**- muqbU; ^ti hair. 
AcsTEEE, adj. fj^ Biirini (pi. ^jlj- 

^warim) ; u-|le 'AbiB (pi. y-i^ 

'awfibis) ; v— ?a'b. 
Adstkritt, 8. ^V Barfima-t j i^i 

iidda-t; i»^_ fa'flba-t. ^ 

AfTHBlfTIC, arfj. c**-" *aljlh ; <s-^^ 

sJbit; t>W mubacjqaq; Ji*:- 
AoTHBKTiCATE, «- f*- ?ahhalj, 
yiWabl^Hi; J»^ haqqaq, yuljaq- 


Attthbiiticitt, V 
It^ haqiqa-t. 

Author. ». ^'^ 





9 ihha-t ; 

i/iyS taf wid 1 

AtTTBORisB, «. ,*i qaddar. yuqad- 

dir; J* t^j* fawwad ila, yufaw- 

AuTBOKirr, ». "U- aultana-t ; !j.»* 

qndi»-ti jl-w*l iqtidAr; jV^l 

i'tibir. — {anlhorily referred to) 

jU^t isnAd. 
AuTOCBAcr, «. ilii— ■ iiU^ sultana-t 

Autocrat, ». J«— o*^ aultiln 

AcTooBAPH, «. J4 U. hatt yadd. 
AuTiniiN. ». 'J»/- harif ; i-iti;«11 J-i 

fiifl al- harif. 
AtmiMNAL, adj. u"^/- harifi-y. 
AirxiLiAET, m^'. e. ;-l* ofi?ir (pi. 

jU Duifjrir, jfll naar, nufar, j^t 

anvar) ; tjjU- mu'fiwin ; J*l — • 

Atail, v. (onfuelf) (j-» Jl*i.l ista- 

f&d min, yaatafid ; k^ 2^^ in- 

tafa' hi, yantafa'.— (fce of use) 

J gu naia- li, yanffi". 
Avail, *. e» oafa', naf : i>)iU U- 

yida-t; ijUl ifridfl.-t. 
Available, oif/. 

nftfi' ; jjU qadir. 
Atakige, «. &««.l)ii 

WUal inuUL 

lufid; {*lt 

I, ad;, p,^ tabib ; J,^. 



bahil; ^^ 
AvARicioTTSNEsa, 8. J*; buhl, 

bahal ; ^L^ hasasa-t ; <-ti31 Jj**. 

jumad al-kaff. 
AvAUNT, infer?', tj ruh ; ^ji-\ imii. 
AvENOE, V. pi Ba'ar, yai'ar ; ■!*! 

jUll ahaz ai-gar, ynhuz. 
Avenue, g. { ^ggoje) Jjj- inaurid 

(pi. Jjlj- mawarid) ; Afc- manfa* 

(pi. JiL- manafiz). — (o/ (re^) 

'ijyA *ajariyya-t ; jV*l i-4- faff 

AvEE, e. jyi qarrar, yuqarrir; ^ 

akkad, yuakkidi i>fe l^aqqaq, 

Averaob, «. L-, wasa). 
Averaok, nd/. k-ji.* mutawagsit. 

AVERMEST, «. JU»^ tal>lliq[ Je^T 

ta'kid; >ut-'\ iil.iiit. 
Averse, odj. (dmndined) ^'^ nifir 

(pi. ;*i nuffar, jiy nawafir). — 

(un/oitoura6ie) .-Alii- mubalif. — 

(be averse) (j* jU nafar hub, 

Aversion, «. &a1^ kar&lia-t; I^M 

Avert, v. a^( ab'ad, yub'id j wi,* 

barraf, yuharrif. 
Aviary, ». jjjl. k»-e) bait tuyur; gjt 

jjet burj (uyilr (pi. tj;l burflj). 
AviDious, adj. 55-J. tinimi'; a^*j* 

sarhfin ; uuij- haris. 
Avidity, k. Sj^k sahwa-t ; g^ 

tama'; icUi (ami'at ; i»lj* 

iaraba-t ; yBjfc Ijirfl. 
Avocation, s. J**, iugl (pi. JU*1 

aigAI) ; iU^ maigala-t (pi. 

J*u- ma^gii). 
Avoin, u. s~^^^ ijtanab, yajtanib; 

*T-^ tajannab, vatajanoab; j-l* 

baair, yahjar; "(j-jW- tnljarraa, 

yatabarraa (the last three with 

Avoidance, i. v**^^^ ijtinibi j^*^ 

Avouch, ». jS\ aktad, vu'akkid; 

<*~y sftbbat, vusabbitj *b-«*1 

ajbat, yujbit. 
Avow, V. ^ftH i'taraf , yE'tarif ; /\ 

aqarr, yuqirr. 





Avowal, a. wiW^ i'tir&f ;;y^ iqrAr. 

Await, v. ;WjL2«(istaDzar, yastanzir ; 
^^ intazar, vantajir. 

Awake, v.a. vJk* fajyaq,yufajYiq ; 
A-<i nabbah, yunabbih ; IMi^ 
aiqaz, ^liqiz ; n. 6>^\ intabah, 
jaotabih ; jVi faq, yafiq ; IhA^x^t 
istaiqas, yastaiqiz. 

Awake, adj, j^-^ %iq; ^^-t»* 

Award, t;. J ^^ ^akam li, yah- 

AwABD, 8. f^ hukm (pi. ^^<^\ 

ahkam) ; Ul qa^a (pi. l<,^\ aq- 

Aware, adj. glU* mu^tali; A^-«^ 

Away, adv. •M*! ba*id ; interj. t) 

rul> ; ^j^^\ im^i. 
Awe, 8, A,^ haiba-t ; ^^ inuh&- 

ba-t ; ^tfiyf tauqir ; f»^/^^ ihtiram. 
Awe, V, s-««» tahayyab, yataliay- 

yab ; «^^ hawwaf, yuhawwif . 
Awful, adj. ^ ^ -oa fc ** muhayyif ; 

J*%^ majaffil ; J^ mahiil. 
AwFULNEss, 8. i^^ Laiba-t. 
Awhile, adv. "Ij^ muddatan ; '^ 

j^j1\ ^ habbatan min ad-dahr. 

Awkward, adj, f^-^ gasim ; v>>^ 

Awkwardness, 8. ly ^ JU^ gu^tk- 

Awl, 8. )f^ mihraz, mabmz (pi. 

j;W* mah&riz). 
AwNiNo, 8. l^^ haima-t ; ^^^ 

misalla-t (pi. *a>\ -at, JUk^ 

Awry, adj. g^ mu'awwaj ; %s^ 


Axe, 8. o-*^ fa'as (pi. ^/^ fu'As) ; 
^V furra'at; iU| ■ 
U» buluO. 

balta-t (pi. 

Axiom, 8. SacVi qa^da-t (pi. J^U 
qawa*id) ; io-*i qa4iya-t (pi. 
le^ qa^aya). 

Axis, «. O^ qu^b ; i^ qufba-t 
(pi. s-^ qutub). 

Axle, Axle-tree, «. j^^« mi^^war 
(pi. j^W* mahiwir). 

Ay, adv. ^ iia*am. 

Aye, adv. 'UjU dayiman ; 1aj\ 

Azure, 8. <^;U>« o^ laun samAwi. 
Azure, adj. <^*>;>)5 lizwardi-y ; jj|)^ 
^^Um azraq sam&wi-y. 


Babble, v. \J^ laqa^, yalqus ; ^\ 

abaqq, yubiqq ; fASS\ yi kassar 

al-kiilain, yukajsir. 
Babble, 8. <3» bac^q ; I*^ fa^t ; 

J^ ^alaba-t. 
Babbler, 8. ^ sj^ laqq baqq ; ^^ 

qawwal ; sj»^ laqqas ; fJi3^ ji^ 

ka<*ir al-kalam. 
Babe, 8. jAt tifl (l»l. J^aL^ atfal) ; 

^-A* JkJ^ walad ?agir (pi. ;U-» St^ 

aulad si gar). 
Baboon, «. o^^«^ maimiin (pi. 

(;)**^ mayamin). 
Bacchanal, 8. hy^ nuUraba-t (pi. 

^Uu* maiarib). 

Bacchanalian, 8. ^> suraba-t 

v>^yik mrrab ; ^0^ siicktr. 
Bachelor, 8. s^jVa <azib (pi. v»^^ 

*uzzAb); v»>c^ a*zab (pi. oWv» 

'uzbaii. — (academic title) {j)'^^^ 

Back, 8. j^ zahr (pi. ;^ zuhiir.) 
Back, oJt;. ^j;^ ^\ ila wara ; ^^y 11- 

Backbite, v. ^^ waia, yasi. 
Backbiter, 8. ^^^ wa^i (pi. tA»U^ 

Backbone, f}i^\ ;/> haraz az-zahr ; 

^\ JUL silsila-t az-zahr. 
Back-door, 8. ^^U. %^\| b&b b^* 


Backslide, v. aJjI irtedd, yartadd. 
Backslidee, «. jy murtadd. 
Backhtaies, t. ^\a. ejO daraj hSss j 
7- [J- suUam Birr (pi. jia_ 

Backwakd, adj. yi_i kaslan (pi. 

vi-i tasla, JL^kasiila); J*«- 

iimhmil ; J-lji- mutabimil. 
Backward, Backwakdb, adv. (^ 

Ijj min wara. 
BACKWAUDNEsa, 8. JUal ihmai ; 

J"V tahSmul. 
Bacon, a. i»l*- jjy* jj^ fahza-t 

hmzir mumallaha-t ; rfyiJl mA 

^hm al-hiazir. 
Bad, adj. ,jJj radi-j- (p|. ijj.l ar- 

diyilj i JtU 'Atil ; ji^ ^rir (pi. 
jl/.l aarfir) ; /. Sarr ; c«* qabih. 

— (<tci, i/i) ^Jbiy* marid. 
Badge, «. A*ic 'alama-t (pi. «i,l -fit, 

^Jc -alilTilll) ; uLaJ nisAu; tjLieJ 

niSfla (pi. jj^Ui naynsiu). 
Badoek, a. j,ji\ jLus 'auSci nJ-ar^ 

(pi. jici a'naq, Jjab 'undq). 
Badnesb, *. jA sarr ; ijl J, radawa-t ; 

li-T*- huba; iig*. habasatj i=.W 

Batflb, v. s-e*-haTTab,juhttvrib : 

>UUal,yuba!t.l. ^ " "'■' ' 
Bao, «. H-V jinib (pi. S1-.I ajri- 

ba-t) ; c/- hurj (pi. 5^! ahrilj). 

— <B»iai( 6ag) i_r^ kia (pi. ^-leil 

Baoqaoe, 8. ^ labai: h(V ha- 

vV-1 asbiib. 

BAOQAOE, 8. JLJ Jaba^i rtlj. 
wayii ; JU*1 aljniHl ; JUei a; 

Bao-pipe, >,j£ 'unnaiz (pi. yUc 

'anniiLz) J ifji qirba-t. 
Bail. v. Jii kafil, yakful; J*<F 

tftkaffal, yatakaflSil. 
Bail, ». J^ kafJl; jj^U dimJn; 

y»»^ daniin. 
Bailiit, 8. i*(*-. jj_j ruBfll mah- 

kama-t (pi. J-, rusu!) ; J-^ 

Bait. *. i.«J. ju-mat (pi. ,_«l. 

Bait, v. ^ irv'-am, yuu,"im ; ^i,. 

jafab, yajjpib. 
Ba«, p. (6r«„0^ i,ul„u. vabbii ; 

3 t*Al. 

habbaz, yuhabbiz.— (_/foA, «fc.) 

o^* qala, yaqli ; qalla, yuqaJU. 

Bakbb, «. jLji. habbaz; gjly far- 

Bakery, Bakehoi7se, it ji^i-* 
baz (pl.^V*- mahftbizJV^ 
Balance, «. («co(«) ylj,- mizin 
(pi. ^Ulj^ mlzMDat, ^;Hil^ ma. 
vikzin). —(large ones) ii\^ qab- 
bana-t.— (ejwtViftriuw) ifjl— mn- 
wfizana-t ; JUjU- mn'adala-t ; 
^j-Ut_i qistAs.— (6«(fflnce of ac- 
counU) s-UJl Jjj«- mi'dal al- 
hisab; -^UJl o-e-j ra«id aJ- 
hiaflb.— («urpiut) SjSf talAwa-t. 
Balance, u. (m wtt/*t,w, efc.) y(»l 
ibtazz, vahtazz j gijl jrtajj, yar- 
tajj ; JiW tamftyaJ, yatAmayal. 
— (nwie itqiial) ^jL. sawa, va- 
sawi ; ^3j- sawwa, yitsawvi. — 
(,»dlU aecownU) vUJl yJ*. 
MIa« al-hisilb, yuhalli?. 
Balcony, s. ys-^.^ iahnian {Peri.) 
AiUJl jki^ mangar at-tfiq»-t (pL 
jtU* manitzir). 
Bald. adj. ^\ a?la', t. UU ^l<i 
(pi. ^U ,ul') ; iJ»l ajlah ; ^ 
aqra', f. Wji qar'a (pi. £^ qui-, 
t)^ qur*]!!!). 
Baldachin, «. jjy air&diq (pi. 

Baldn888, ». gU ,ala' ; ij«. jaU. 

Bale, ». *jy farda-t (pi. ^jIj fii- 

rftdi, jyi afrid) ; Lyi, bfilft( (pi. 

UV>wAlit)i l^^ rizma-t (pL 

i*j) rizam, razam, ruzam). 
Bale, v. (bundle up) ^ Ijazam, 

yatizim; (jazzam, yuljaziim. 
BALBFtTL, adj. ij-a* nahis ; lAUaA 

mublik ; jfc* mudirr. 
Balepulnebs, ». y-i-- na^sj iH^ 

Balk, p. s-e*^ hayyab, yuhavyib. 
Ball. «. (io ,.l„y «-,«)■ i/kiirra-t; 

*t* (fiba-t (pi, reg. and vj^ (u- 

'"''O- — {/<"■ fire^rmt, Ac.) flf 

billa.t (pi. Jiritilal) ; i.1-, ra,4. 

fa-t — (rfanctny) ^^j j u-V* 

maj'.ia wa raiiH. 




Ballad, «. ViA gina (pi. ^J^^ 

agiiui) ; A*^ gannijat (pi. ^j*UA 

Ballad-maker, s, f^ ik*ir (pi. 

M^ 8U*ara ). 
Ballast, b. ^jet^ ta^bira-t ; ijyt^ 

Ballet, s. ^j tvl({h ; <^j^j ^; 

raq? ramuzi-v. 
Balloon, b. l^^^^ ^U. (aba-t man- 

fuhat ; \^ M (|ubba-t hawa'. 
Ballot, b. ^ kurni-t. 
Ballot, b. ^/h s-^a^^ iutahab bi-'l- 

kurra-t, jautabib. 
Balm, b. (^y marham (pi. ^\^ 

Balmy adj, (ttoothing) ^ layyin. 
Balsam, b. f^^ balsam (pi. f^h 

iKilasim) ; (^V«Jl| balsan, bala- 

Balsamic, adj, ^j*«-i| balsami-y. — 

{odoriferotu) j"^^ mu*at^ar. 
Baluster, Balustrade, b, \^'j^y^ 

darabzin (FetB,), 
Bamboo, b, {^^y/^ haizuran (pi. 

j^^ hayazir). 
Ban, «. f^ hiriu ; Ai«J la*nat. — 

(bauB or banuB) c^jj S1oU« ma- 

nadat zawaj. 
Ban, v. (^ la*aii, yaPan ; A«ie ^j 

da'a aleh, yad'u, yad*i. 
Band, b. (fillet) a^'Uc 'a^abat (pi. 

s-4^ 'a^ayil), s-»-^ *U9ab) ; a^W; 

rilmfa-t. — (troop) ieW jama*a-t ; 

iy) zurara-t (pi. f») zumar) ; 

A|^ surl>a-t (pi. s^/>« Burub, 

v*^^^ asrab). 
Band, r. (unite) ^^y" tahazzab, 

yataj^azzab ; xft«Eiv tahassad, yata- 

Bandage, b. ^U». hufaz (pi. ^a>^U». 

hufaza-t) ; ^W) riba^ (pi. Wj 

rubut) ; ^^ lafafa-t (pi. Uk^UJ 

Bandit, b. ^^^^ hammi-y ; 

qat*i.y (pi. £VUJ quttjVj. 
Bandt, b, (^^y» ^aulajaa (PerB,), 
Bandt, V, jiQ\ ,j^; rama d-kurra-t, 

yarmi. — (dispute) J»>W jadal, 

Bane, b, (jfoison) ^ samm (pi. 

f^y4^ Bumum). — (anything pernio 

cious) iSl^ mahlika-t. 
Baneful, adj. (poisonous) f^^^ 

musimm. — (pernicious) ol ^o * 

mulilik ; ^ mu4irr. 
Banefulness, 8. ^i^^ mahlika-t; 

iS:^^ tahlika-t. 
Ban<j, b. ^^ diarba-t ; UbS la^ma-t 
Bano, v. f**x« 9adam, ya^dim. 
Banish, v. •>/• t^^» ya^rad ; ^J^ 

nafa', yanfi ; J^ Barkal, yusar- 

Banishment, «. ^^ \a,Td ; ^J^ 

nafi ; ^A2>\ iutifa. 
Banister, ae^ Baluster. 
Bank, b. (of a river) ^ iaX\ (pi. 

t^ sutuO; **^ l^affa-t.— (of 

<A^ «rti) Jk^ sahil (pi. J»-^^ 

sawahil) ; ^^^ !*a^i. — (banking- 

house) ^js* 9airafiya-t ; (^VSj 

sj\j^ dukkan ^arraf. 
Bank, v. (deposit money) £*>^ wada', 

yada*; £oo auda*, yddi*. — (dam 

in) J^ sadd, yasudd. 
Banker, s. uSy ^arraf (pi. l^^t^ 

Bankrupt, «. j^-^ maksur; v/Ji*^. 

Bankruptcy, «. tL^\ inkisar; Ij^ 

kasrat ; ij^\ iflas ; ^Jb falasa-t. 
Banner, «. &;!*U) bandera-t; j;V^ 

bainuj (pi. jjV^ bayariq). 
Banquet, 0. i^y walima-t (pi. 

^11^ walayim); i*W* diyafa-t; 

A|jU maduba-t. 
Banter, v, tj'^ harraj, yuharrij ; 

ty* mazah, yamza^. 
Banter, s. ey^ harj ; cy* niazl> (pi. 

t^y mizah) ; \y^^\ istihza. 
Baptise, v. J^«.fi *ammad, yu'am- 

mid; /^ na^far, yunaf^ir; ij^^ 

gattas, yugattis. 
Baptism, s. a^j^^a^ ma'miidiyat; 

oUc 4mad; jt'^ tan^ir; l^^^ 

9ibga-t ; ,j-^ gitas. 
Baptist, «. (St. John) (^\ \ » • * 

mu*midan ; j^^a^ mu'ammid. 
Bar, s. (bolt) {j»^j^ darbas (pi. 

u-^V darabis) ; ,3!^ g^^daq (pi. 

j3^^ aglaq, v>J^^ agaliq). — (of a 

court of justieSf Ac.) ^^ wasj. — 




(ingot) i^«-» sabika-t (pi. *<VfW-. 

Bab, v. (shut) ijf^ galaq, yagliq, 

yagluq ; JA* qafal, jaqfil, yaq- 

ful. — (hinder) j^ *aq, ya*uq ; 

g*^ mana', yamna*. 
Babb, s. (of an arrow) s^^ kullab 

(pi. s-^5^ kalalib) ; ^^^ huttaf 

(pi. ug.^ hatatif). — (horse 

from Barhary) o^y^ o^-a»- hi^an 

Babbabian, 8, f^^\ a' jam (pi. 

I*V^^ a' jam). 
Babbabic, adj. (savage) u^y^ 

Babbabism, 8, (in speech) S^^ 

'ajmat; {^ lahn (pi. q)^ 

Babbabity, 8, fi^^-i qasawa-t ; ^ 

Babbabous, adj, ^^-^ qasi; f^\^ 

Babbeb, s. ^3^ hallaq; {^yiy* rau- 

zayyin ; wiVA». haffaf ; (^^^^ has- 


Babd, «. f^ ik*ir (pi. ^»«a su*ar&). 
Babe, adj. ^^^^ *ari ; <:jo^ *uryan. 
Babe, v. yj^f^ *arra, vu*arri; o^ 

jarad, yajrud ; v-A-A/ka^af, yak- 

iif ; ^ Wallah, yasallih. 
Babe-paced, adj. ^y waqih (pi. 

cVi; wiqiih) ; 4**- safih (pi. *W*- 

sufaha') ;* W«^ J^U qalil haya*. ^ 
Babe-facedness, «. ^^) waqa- 

^a-t ; ^^ saf aha-t ; A;V^ f an- 

jarii-t (Pers.). 
Babbly, adv. (with difficulty) ^W 

Babeness, 8. (nakedness) ^f^ 'ura ; 

h^ *urya-t; Wj zal^. — (aridity) 

Siy^ quhula-t. 
Babqain, s. (agreement) •^c 'abd 

(pi. o^ 'uhud) ; j^\ ittifaq. — 

(a cheap purchase) i-a<s*-j *^/» 

^arwa-t rahisa-t. 
Babqain, v. (stipulate) ^M» sarat, 

yuiari^ ; J^ *ahid, ya*had ; J^ 

j\ji *amul bazar, ya*nial. 
Baboe, 8. vj^ qarib (pi. v»jV 

qawarib); j;;^) zauraq (pi. jj^jij 


Babk, «. (of a tree) jAS qisr (pL 
j^ quMr). — (o/ a dog) ^ 
nabh. — (ship) £^«iL. safina-t (pL 
(^U-. saf ay in, (^ sufun). 

Babe v. (peel) yti qai^r, yuqa^ 
sir. — (as a dog) ^ nabah, 
yanbah, yanbi^ ; <^^ 'awa, 

Bablet, S. jt^J^ i&*lT. 

Babm, s. ^jt-u- hamira-t. 

Babn, s. ^ya» ^auna-t ; j\^\ amb&r 

(pi ji^\ anabir) ; (^ya^ mahzan 

(pi. oj^^^ mahazin). 

BaBOMETUB, 8. fj'^\) \yfi\ (^\ye^ 

mizan al-liawa' wa 't-t^s. 
Babometbicallt, adv. (^ye^ ^^^^ 

\j^\ bi-wasita-t mizan al-haw&. 
Babon, s. (^^ji baron. 
Baboness, 8. (^^x^^ ^jA amr&t al- 

Babbace, Babbacks, 8. /l^\ XeU 

qa'at al-asakir. 
Babbel, 8. Je^^ barmil (pi. J*«y 

baramil) ; ^ battiyat (pi. 

^W batati). — (of a gun) Ijy^U 

masura-t (pi. ;*-^^ mawasir) ; 

^t»^ ju*ba-t (pi. v*W ji'ab). 
Babben, adj. (land) f\^ *aqir (pi. 

ji\yti *awaqir) ; f^ *aqim (pi. 

^Vfic *uq&m). — (he barren) yte 

*aqur, ya*qur; J*^ matal, 

yamhal ; i}^\ amhal, yum^il. 
Babbenness, 8. ^UJie uqma-t ; ^^ 

*uqrat ; fijVic 'aqara-t. 
Babbicade, 8. (j^^jsj* mitr&s (pL 

ij^j^A* mataris) ; Ju. sadd (pL 

j\xJ\ asdad). 
Babbicade, t;. ^/H|;^ J*e 'amil 

mataris, ya*mal. 
Babbieb, 8. {obstacle) J^ sadd (pi. 

J\xJ\ asdad). — (boundary) J^ 

badd (pi. ^^Aft. l^adud). 
Babbisteb, s. c5^*^^ Jef) wakil ad* 

da*wa (pi. J^j wukala). 
Babbow, 8. ^^ naqa4la-t. 
Babter, v. Jj^ budal, yabdil; ^^Vl 

qad, yaqi4; u*^Vl q&wa4» juqi- 

Babteb, 8. A'^ badal, A«>V* mub&- 

dala-t; jl<»»JJ tadbtl; JU^U* 





Basalt, b, (^y j^ ^ajar ^aw- 

Base, adj, ^^ wa^i-j ; ^«> dani-j ; 

U '-'g " '* basis ; yiM haqir. 
Bask, 8, (foundation) ijt^^\ asas; 

A ^ - " * misnad. — (principal part) 

J-*^ a^l (pi. J^^ U9ul).— 

(pedestal) ftJ^^ qa*ida-t (pi. J^^y 

qawa'id). — (in music) ^ bamm 

(pi. f^ buDiilm). 
Baseness, s. £;^ haqara-t; S*^*> 

dana'at; ^ ■■■'«.■■■■* basisa-t (pi. 

^^L^ hasa^is). 
Baseless, adj. ijm^\ jt^ {^ min 

gair asas. 
Basement, s, 'SLl^ tablita-t. 
Bashful, ady v»j»^^ mahjikb ; 

^■to^'* mu^taiim; ^ ^ ? - " '* mus- 

Ba8HF(jlness, «. ^ ^ayA; ^ 

'iffat ; avv^ bijAla-t. 
Basic, adj. yj^\ a^li-j. 

Basin, s. (vessel) sa>"A ^ ti^^» t^i^^ 
(pi. U^lL ^u^A^). — (of a fountain) 
liji birka-t (pi. •«5*» birak). — 
(dock) W» minA (pi. o^V* ™*- 
w&ui, (:)^ iui?an) ; i^SLX iskala-t 
(pi. JJU asa'kil). 

Bask, v. ^ j- t ^» taiammas, jatv 

Basket, «. ^ quffa-t (pi. UUi 
qufaf); A« salla-t (pi. ui>\ -at, 
JL. sulal); J^j zainbil (pi. 
JdiUj zanabil). 

Bass, «. ^ bamm (pi. (^ bumiim). 

Bastard, f*^^^ eH^ ibn al-l^ar&m ; 

Uj jJ^ walad zinA ; j^jo) bun- 

dAq (%r.) ; ^3 zanim. 
Bastard, (w[/. (spurious) j^y* mu- 

zawwar ; g^^*** musanna*. 
Bastinado, s. XiU *alqa-t, 'ulqa-t 

(pi. v3^*alaq, 'ulaq). 
Bastinado, v. ^aU v^ darab 'al- 

qa-t, ya4rub; l»Ai qaia^, yaq- 

Bastion, s. t;» burj (pi. t^ji\ 
abraj); i«»^ iabiya-t. 

Bat, s. (animal) W\^^ wa^w&t (pi. 

W.a. wa^wiO ; >u«. boff^ (pi. 
<jMW bufAfii). 

Batch, ». (0/ bread) l^ hubsa-t. 

— (assortment) ^U^ jumla-t. 
Bath, s. f*U*. hamm&m (pi. vs>UV4*. 

Bathe, v. f^^^\ ista^amm, yasta- 

}]iimQi ; ^»«*^ tahammam, yata- 

^ammam ; yy^^\ igtasal, yagta- 

sil ; J— ^ tagasaal, yatagassal. — 

(i7^ the sea) ^«-« sabah, yasbab. 
Bath-keeper, s. ,^5-^Ua. ^am- 

mumi-y ; (^ ballan. 
Baton, s. Ue <a9H ; ^^^U3\ s ^»tf 

qadib al-mamikriya-t. 
Battalion, s. ^j\ or\k (pi. Lj\ 

orat) ; ;yU, ^AMr ; ^yi» buliik. 
Batten, v. (fatten), ^j^4— samman, 

yusammin. — (dung) Jfj zabbal, 

Batter, v. (J^- sahaq, yas^aq ; ja 

daqq, yaduqq ; (j-;i haras, yah- 

riis ; barras, yuharris. 
Batter, s. Ul h\\\ (pi. IU\ a^lat). 
Battering-ram, «. JM^^ man- 

janiq (pi. sa»^ -at, <J»W^ majaniq, 

OMW^ majaniq). 
Battery, s. ^^jl*3\ «ju ^aff al- 

madafi* ; gi^x. ^3^ alAy (Turk.) 

madafi*; i^\l tAbiyah (Turk.). 
Battle, s. i«J^ wAqa'at; ^W« 

mubaraba-t ; JUS qitAl ; iCuUi* 

muqatala-t; (^y^ kaun, ken (pi. 

(^\y^ akwAn). 
Battle, v. J>U qAtal, yuqatil ; JJV« 

taqatal, yataqatal ; «iS;U; ta'Arak, 

Battle-field, s. ^y* mauqa'a-t ; 

'^ys*^ mu*tarak. 
Battlement, s. Je-» faf il (pi. ^^ 

fu9lan, JU* fi,Al) ; ^^ ^urfa-t 

(pi. wi^ ^uraf) ; iAJi qu?fa-t (pi. 

*^«Vj quzaf). 
Battle-order, s. uu« ma^aff. 
Bauble, «. j^'i lA ^ay, lA ie ; M 

Bawl, v. ^ na'ar, yan*ar; S%«^ 

ja'ja*, yuja*ji*. 
Bay, a(/;. ,J\fl^\ a^qarAni-y ; j^\ 

f^^\ al^raar adham. 
Bay, n. (of the sea) (^y^ jAn ; ^^ 

balij (pi. ^ buluj, (^^Jk bul- 

JAd).— (l«iirW4r«i) jU gir (pi. 


jljt» aijwftr, y\jtt gtr&n),— (fcori) 

^ nabli. 
Bat, v. {bark) f^ nabah, yanbilj, 

Bayonet, «. i»j»- hiarbat. 
Bayonet, p. i^J^t^\t j^ f^'an bi-'l- 

harba-t, yat'an. 
Bb, v. a'^ b4n, jakiin; (imper.) 

yi kun. 
Bkach, *. Jfcl- eahil (pi. J»^^ 

Bawfihil; >\* *&t! (pi. J-ly. 


Bkacon, I. u*i^U ffinuB (pi. u-i^tJ 
fawfinis); 6jU- maniira-t (pi. 
jjU* maniijir). 

Bead, ». if* hablia-t. — (o/ m'/iw) 
(jW juman (Per*.). — (feeac/*, 
rosary) i*t- aublia-t (pi. ^i— 
aubalj, •s'Wp- BTibuhat) ; ^^- - ' 

Beadle, a. J-;* surti-y (pi. 1^ 
Surat); jff tausflr (pi. jeHji 
tawaair) ; ^4*- muhfjir. 

Beak, ». jH- minqar (pi. jeiU* ma- 

Beam, 8. (limber) l^^:^ haSaba-t ; 
s— *■ ;— * jisr haSab (pi. jj— * 
juBilr); ie^-j* Suhlja-t (pi- ^^'j* 
iawfilji).— (V ■cat!') t)*>^ ^ 
qubbft-t al-mizHQ. — (ray) £»^ 
iu't (pi. i»»-l aSi"at, jiiA iiu'u'). 

Beam, v. g— « *■ ia'Sa', jusa'si' ; 
W adfl, jucli ; j;*^ a^raq, yusriq. 

Bean, «. Jji ffll; ij— •/ turmue; 

^y lubiya-t. 

Beak, ». v> dubb, dibb (pi. v^jI 

adbab, •v-fJ dubab). 
Beae, v. (carry) J** haraal, vah- 

mil 1 Jl*. *al, jaiil ; J** tSaqal, 

vasqal.— (««/er) J*i^\ iljtamal, 

Tahtamil ; jt- sabar, joqbur 

(with J^ 'afa). 
Beabadle adj. (be bearablt) o^ 

ban, yabAn. 
Beabd. e. A**) lihyat (pi. ^ 

liha) J ijii zaqau (pi. yji-i 

Bearded, ai/j. ^mJ j-i z^ lihya-t ; 

(jJ^ y\ abQ zaqan. 
Beakclesb, adj. •'y^ amrad, f. ^■ij* 

mardi' (pi. -ty murd). 

I BEAKDLEBasEBB, I. »-)y» murikdx-t. 

Beakino, e. {behaviour) -^^ sulftic j 
tiii~^ maslak ; ije~ sira-t. 

Beast, g. (jlje* Ijaiwiiii (pi. ^\i\jem. 
haiw&nfit) ; JtU dflbba-t (pi, 
wljJ dawabb); ,«« bahim (pi, 
^W babAyim). — (wild btatt) 
^^j wahs (pi. i^jfcj wubAfi). 

Beastliness, s. i{.» a« >>ahtmiya-t. 

Beabtlt, arf/. ^V»J1 Ji* mi»l al- 

Beat, v. h>7» damb, yaijril>, yadmb. 
^conquer) s-J* galal', yaglibj 
J— I kasar, yak sir. — (tkroh) ti* 
daqq, yaduqq. 

Beat, s. i)j* darba-t ; iiU laf^t. 

Beatific, adj. ^j*t* mubflrik, jWy* 

Beatify, v. (malce happy) ■A^-l 
aB'ad, yus'id. 

Beatitude, a. Jut- sa'd : SjU- 

Beau, «. Cfty) j-*^ gandar; jyw* 
gandiir. — (loner) J*** 'ftiiq (pi. 
jUc 'uRsSq). 

Beauteocs, Beautitdl, adj. i^i-^ 
hasau ; Jvm- Jamil ; u-l*^ lea- 
waTYisj pj* malilj (pi. rfu* 

Beautify, r. (;)—*■ liassau, yu^as- 
sin ; t>ij zayyan, yuzajyin ; J**. 
jammal, yujamniil. 

Beapty, a. (J—— Ijuan ; JW 
jamal ; Uiw> mal&lja-t ; io—ljS 
kuwayyisiYa-t. — (bcauli/ul loo- 
bwh) JUi J l« «.U syi imrtt 
zat babA wa kanii^il. 

Beayer, *. (amtiMl) Ul s-U kalb 
al-iuA ; r—^'^ ^^ a^jt^ bainia 
jaud badastar (A. Pera.) ; eV-* 
taral).— (o/ a Mmei) U* gimfc 

Becalm, c. i;^ sakkan, yuEalckia. 

Because, cimj. yS li-ann; h->— i 
1;;^ bi-sabab auB ; ^1 J«-l li-ajl 

Beck. «. SjVaI istlra-t ; ^-j wam'. 

Beck, Beckon, v. ^^ auma, 

yOml ; jV*l aiir, yusir. 
Becloud, v. ^ gayyam, yugay- 





Become, t. ;U ^ar, yaflir. — (hefit) 

j3 huj, yali«| ; J^- liaqq, yaliiqci ; 

s-^^ DHsab, yunasib. 
Becoming, adj. {fit) v3i^ lAviq; 

s-^^ munasib. — {jracefal) *^^ 

Bed, Bedding, tt, l^^ farsat ; v/»y 

far> ; ^y firas (j»l. ^^y funis). 

— (of a river) ^\ i^j^^ majra 

au-iiahar. — {ftoxrer-h'd) i-*^; rau- 

diit (|»1. J^i) riyad). 
Bedaub, v. ^ la^ah, yaltah ; ^^ 

lawwaj, yulawwin. 
Bedeck, t;. o^j zan, yazin; (^) 

zavvan, vuzavviii. 

Bedew, v, J1» tall, ya^uU. 

Bedim, v. ^^ azlain, yu/lim ; ^ 

*attam, yu*attim. 
Bedizen, v, ^^^3 zayyaii, yuzayyin ; 

«3^3 zawwa<}, yuzawwiq ; ^^f-) 

zahraf, yuzahrif. 
Bedlam, h. ^U-^U maristan (P(»r«.) ; 

\k^\ j\j (lar a«<-satVi. 
Bedlamite, «. <:j^^^ inajnun (pi. 

(j^V^^ majaiim} ; s^jf^ maltils. 

Bed-rid, Bed-ridden, adj. ^.f» 

^\/^\ tarih al-finls. 
Bedstead, «. o-^"* taht (pi. va>^ 

tub Tit). 
Bee, «. Alfl^ nahhit (pi. J»- nabl). 

Beech, a. ^^3 ;%^ sajar-zan ; *^ 
l^\y^\ ,jt.^ sajar *fs as-sawwab. 

Beef, a. ^^/^ f^ labia I)a4(ari ; f^ 

{^^^^ labin ba.4iD. 
Beehive, b. Jfi*-"* aJ^ haliyyat nabl 

(pi. ^V balaya) ; ij\^ kuwara-t 

(pi. ^\^ kawayir). 
Beer, s. ije^ l»ira-t; gU* fuqa* ; 

ij^ buza-t ; ,^3y buza. 
Beet. Beet- root, «. iJ^y*> sawandar 

(Pfr$.) ; j\'^^ baiijar; vj^ gilq. 

Beetle, $. J*^ ju*al (pi. (;>)W 

ji'lan); A ...a^f fc bunfisa-t (pi. 

^Ua. hanafiH). 
'Befall, r. ^Jm- badas, vabda** ; 

^;% jara, yajri ; ^/* *arad, 

Befit, t;. j3 laq, yaliq; s-*-^ 

nisab, yunasib. 
Befool, v, (leadMiray) f*^ badaS 

yabda* ; j-^ ffarr, yagurr. — 

{delude) ^J-t gass, yagu^. 
Before, prep. ( of place) f»W qud- 

dam ; fM amam. — (of time) J<i 

qabl ; J^ {^ miu qabl ; conj. 

U Jfli qabl ma; (^ J<J qabl 

ann ; adv. Jti (^^^ min qabl. 
Before-hand, (idv. (»^^ li-qud- 

dam ; J<i ^ min qabl. 
Before -time, adv. 'Ujut* mu- 

qaddiman; ""i^ awwalan; 'VljU 

Befriend, v. (^^ 'awan, yu'awin ; 

t)W\ a*an, yu*in ; J^U. sA'ad, 

Beo, v. (intreat) ^J^f tarajja, ya- 

tarajja ; J^ sa'al, yas'al. — (for 

alms) •W>» ^al;az, yasbaz; J^ 

tasawwal, yatasawwal. 
Beget, h. ^y walad, yalid; J-i^ 

ansal, yunsil. — (prodtu:e) j^\ 

azbar, yughir ; J^U» ballaq, yu- 

Beggar, 8. «^W*> ^bhaz; Ji^ sn- 

yil ; J^-J^ mutasawwil. 
Beggar, v. /^^ afqar, yufqir. 
Beggary, s. yu faqr ; ,jJ^^ iflas. 
Begin, v. ^^ai bada, yabda; \J^\ 

ibtida, yabtadi ; J-'^ j&'ftl» 

Be(»inning, b. ^•m badw, badu ; 

'\^\ ibtida'; ^J>^JTH8. 
Begird, v. 1»^^ al^a^, yuhit ; *J^ 

kannaf, yukannif. 
Begone, interj. C; rul]i ; ^^^ 

inisi ; 'Va^^ suhqan ; ^J^ bu'- 

Begrime, v. ^y lawwa-s, yulawwin. 
Begrudge, v. ^ ^J^ \'i^\ ju^ 

l^asad abad 'ala se, yahsid. 
Beguile, v. {J^ gass, yagu^^; 

fJ^ bada*, yabda; ^--^ maaah, 

Beguilement, b. ij^ gi^«; ^W** 

biyana-t ; «^ niakr. 
Behalf, b. ftJ^jU fayida-t (pi. J^^^ 

fa way id). — (o;i behalf of) ^\ {^ 

min ajl. 
Behave, v. olL. salak, vasluk. 
Behaviour, b. ^^ sumk ; t<. U >• 

maslak ; S^e^^ sira-t. 





Behead, v. (j*V^ g^ qata* ar-ras, 

yaqta* ; v>^^ v*;** darab al-*unq ; 

Behest, «, f\ amr (pi. y\^ awa- 

mir) ; f^ hukm (pi. ^Vxb.^ ah- 

Behinp, prep, «-Ai^ half ; \j^ wara* ; 

adv. \j^ ^^ min wara*. 
Behindhand, adj. ij^f^ muta- 

wani ; J»W^^ mutabati. 
Behold, v. ^ nagar, yangur ; ^ 

tatallaS yatatalW. 
Behold, interj. Jay ungur; \^\J^ 

haDaza; U\ iza. 
Beholden, adj. (indebted) (^y'"^^ 

Behoof, e. Sj^^ fayida-t ; bj\i\ 

ifada-t; ^ naf*. 
Behove, v. see Befit. 
Being, 8. (existence) ^y^^ wujud ; 

0)^ kaun. — (condition) JU. hfil. 

— (thin(j in existtnce) ^^ kayin 

(pi. «yU>V^ kayinat) ; *>^y» niau- 

jud (pi. va>W^y» niaujudat). 
Belabour, v. s-»j-* darab, yadrib, 

Belch, v. {J^ fas^, yafus^. 
Beleaguer, v.j^^ ha^ar, yuhasir ; 

j^^ tB^hasar, yatahasar. 
Belfry, s. <j-^\y3\ ^^ burj an- 


Belie, v. (tell a lie) s-»j^ kazab, 
yakzib. — (show to be false) s^.3^ 
kazzab, jukazzib. 

Belief, s. ^ siqa-t ; oVasc^ i*tiqad ; 
oUjx^ i*timad. — (religions) (jW\ 
iman ; (^*> din. 

Believe, v. (trust) »v&ic\ i*taqad, 
ya'taqid ; {^\ anian, yuiriin. — 
(cndit) v3»>* saddaq, yu^addiq. 
— (think) ^ zanii, yagunn; ^^^♦i- 
hamniaD, yuhamiiiin. 

Believer, s. e^y* mumin. 

Bell, s. u-y»^ iiaqiis (pi. (j-^^j> 
nawaqis). — (small one) ^J^y^ 
jaras (pi. (j-\;«j'^ ajras). 

Belle, s. JW «t>^»> S\y*^ imra-t 

zat jamal. 
Belligerent, adj. s. s->jV^^^ muta- 


Bellow, v. f^ iia*ar, yan*ar ; ^ 
bar, yahiir. 

Bellows, s. fc^*^ minfah ; ^Aa*« 
min f ah (pi. ^^ manatih). 

Belly, s, {^ ba^n (pi. (^^ butCin) ; 
\J»^ kir^ (pi. yj»^ kurus). 

Belong, v. J y^ haf ? li, yahuf f ; 
s-^— ^^ intasab, yantasib (mostly 
expressed by the words indi- 
cating possession, as £U^ mata' ; 
v5ft- haqq; JU mal, <tc.). 

Beloved, adj. s-»^«*^ mahb&b; 
jyt.*^ ma*^uq. 

Below, prep. adv. o^esr taht ; J»^^ 
{^ auta min ; {^ Ja-^ asfal min. 

Belt, s. ^'^ hizam (pi. «y^ -at, 
^yA ahzima-t, fy^ huzm) ; ^Uj 
ziinuar (pi. ^^) zananir) ; j^S 
kamar (pi. jU^ akmar, Fers.) ; 
^yo saulaq. 

Bemire, v. vt»^ lawwas, yulawwi§ ; 
^^ wassah, yuwassih ; jj-er naj- 
jas, yuuajjis. 

Bemoan, v. ^ «-A.-^ asif *ala, 
ya'saf ; ^J^ Q)y^ hazin *ala, yah- 

Bench, s. •^^^^ maq'ad (pi. ac\A» 
maqa*id) ; «>*^ taht (pi. va>^ 
tuhut). — (of stone) ipka^ ma^ta- 
bat (pi. s-tU. masa^ib). — (tri- 
bunal) ^UX*^ mahkama-t (pi. 
f¥^^^^ mahakim). 

Bend, v.a. ^^y^ hana, yahni ; e^ 
*awwaj, yu*awwij ; ^ sana, 
yasni; v^y lawa, yalwi; n. JU 
mal, yamil ; ^jise^\ inhana, yan- 

Beneath, prep. adv. vs-<»^ taht; 
t^-^e^ {^ min taht. See Below. 

Benediction, s. ^ji baraka-t ; *^j^ 
tabarruk (pi. «t>\ -at). 

Benefaction, s. ^ her; U[^ 
*urf ; (^t--e^^ ihsan ; S^^»» ni*ma-t 
(pi. ^ ni*am). 

Benefactor, s. ^J\ (;>— .^»* muhsin 
ila; ^ ff^*^ mun*im *ala; f^/ 

Benefice, s. (a church livimj) li^^ 
A^— iUi wagifa-t kanayisiyya-t. 

Beneficence, s. ytsi^\ J«i £4 al- 
ter; •y- jM; (^L-fc^ i^san. 





Bbkbficekt, adj. f^fuj* mun'im ; 

f^/ kanm ; {^y*^^ muhsin. 
Beneficial, adj. ^Xe^ mufid ; g^^ 

Benefit, s. (favour) (^L-*.^ ihsan ; 

it^^/ karamiya-t; ^Uj6 ni*mat. 

^(profit) SoiU %ida-t; ^ 

Benefit, v. (do good to) y^^ an'am, 

yuii*im ; (;)— *-^ ahsan, yuhsin. — 

(gain an advantage) gft^\ intafa^ 

jantafi' ; *y\kxJ\ istaiad, yastafid. 
Benevolence, e. a;^\ ^^^^^^ husn 

al-lafta-t; l^\/ karama-t ; *JiW 

lutf; ^^ *atifa-t (pi. U>1\^ 

Benevolent, adj. j^ hajyir ; «-AjaJ 

la^if ; ^•AA^ mun'itn. 
Beniqht, v. fM azlam, yuslim. 
Beniqhted, 8. JaW jahil (pi. JW 

Beniqn, Benignant, adj. ^•J^ 

halim (pi. UIa. hulama, f>'^\ ah- 

iara) ; *^^\ ra'uf ; ij^iM, ^afiq. 
Benignity, b. ^ hilm ; &A\j rafa-t. 
Bent, b. (curvature) ^j^\ inhina ; 

S^y^^ in'iwaj. — (dispoBition) J<^ 

Bent, adj. e^ mu*awwaj ; (^^^^ 

munhani ; «-A««^ mu*aqqaf. — 

(addicted) v3l*s^ rauta*alliq ; ^y 

mula* (both with s-> bi). 
Benumb, t;. j*^ haddar, yuhad- 

Bequeath, v. ^jA» j>^^ ^j^^ was^a 

li-a}>ad bi-se, yuwa??! ; <»&i^ 

Itt^ji hallaf bi-wafiya-t, yuhallif ; 

«Jii^ waqaf, yaqif. 
Bequest, b. ^^ wasiya-t ; <-.aU. 

^j*^ b&laf muwa^sa. — (for 

pious uses) «-AJ^ waqf (pi. s^\iy\ 

Bsebate, v. (deprive of) f*^ 

haram, yal^rim. — (render desti- 
tute) J^ agkal, yugkil. 
Bereavement, b. ^ yatm, yutm, 

yatam ; J^ sukl. 
Beset, ». h-«^ l^abb ; ^ l^abba-t 

(pi. ^yf^ ^ubiib). 
Bebih, 8. *^j4^\ ^ ^^ manam 


Beseech, v. ^J^ gv^ tadarra* ila, 

yatadarra ; (j*^1 iltamas, yalta- 

Beseem, v. s-^^ nasab, yunasib ; 

j5 laq, yaliq. 
Beset, v. ^^\ ahat, yuhit ; /•W 

ha^ar, yuha^ir. 
Beside, prep, s-^^ jamb ; s-^W: 

Besides, prep. ^J^ So^j ziyada-t 

Besides, conj. iaW»>^ ger zalik. 
Besiege, v. ^W ha9a,rj yuhasir. 
Besmear, v. ^"^ lat, yalut, yalit ; 

^J^ tala, yatli. 
Besom, s. ^ ^^^jS^ miknasa-t (pi. 

(j»^\^ makanis) ; S^t-A^ muqas- 

Besot, v. (stupefy) (ji^o dahha^, 

yudahhis. — (intoxicate) j ^ - ^^ 

askar, yuskir. 
Besottedness, 8. ^ sikr. 
Bespatter, v. ^J^jio ^ar^as, yutar- 

Bespeak, v. (order) ^JJ^ ^J^^ wa^^a 

*ala, yuwa??!. 
Besprinkle, v. Ji»j ra^s, yaru^^ ; 

J^;J» t*!*^^* ya^rus. 
Best, adj. ^^^"^ ahsan ; J^\ afdal ; 

s-^^ atvab. — (one's best) ;J^ ^J^ 

(^\^3^ ala* qadr al-imkaa. 
Bestial, adj. ^.j^-ts^ bahiini-y. 
Bestir, v. s^f- harrak, yuharrik. — 

(one 8 self) f^\ iutahamm, yan- 

tahimm ; ^f^ taharrak, yata- 

Bestow, v. s-^^ wahah, yahab ; 

^J^ *a^a, ya*^i ; J«^ bazal, yabzil, 

Bestowal, s. V!oc *at»V (pi. l^\ 

a*tiya-t) ; Ljt^* mauhaba-t (pi. 

s-^^y» mawahib). 
Bestrew, v. Ji»j rass, yariiss. 
Bestride, v. ^ fajj, yafujj ; ^-Ai 

fassah, yufassih ; s-^ rakib, 

Bet, 8. (^jVaj rihan ; {^^^y tarahun. 
Bet, v. c:^y tarahan, yatarahan ; 

I»;^^ tasarat, yataiara^. 
Betake, v. ^f tawajjah, yatawaj- 

jah ; ^J\ ^i-s^^ iltaja ila, yaltaji. 

Behead, v. Lf*V' tf" qata' or-riie, 
¥aq(a' ; 0^1 hjj-* daral- a!-'unq ; 

Behest, ». }-\ amr (jil. ^U awfi. 

mir) ; ^ hukm (pi. ^U^l ab 

Behind, prep. i-*!*. half ; 'jj warft' 

arfi'. Ij) (^ Diin wari'. 
Behindbanp, atlj. (j'*a- muta- 

wiini ; ijl-Vii- mutaba(i. 
Behold, v.Jh nujar, yanzur ; ^Ub 

tat alia', ;atatu.lla'. 
Bkbold, int<^. jlttl UDjur; lJ>»Ui 

hAQaEii ; W ifn. 
Bbholdbn, adj. (indebted) ay^*" 

Behoof, a. iJi^i fiiyida-t; wUl 
ifada-t; ^ naf. 

Bebote, «, »ee Befit. 

Bbinq, t. {atittcrier) Jj^j wiijiid ; 
Ojf kaun. — (conffifion) JW hal. 
— ((AiJiif tn eriVffnce) (jjUkSyin 
(pi. ^\^^ kfiyinfil) ; J-.y. umu- 
jflil (1*1. ksjWj*.y» maujiidfit). 

Belabour, v. ^^j^ 4^rab, jadrib, 

Belch, v. ^ tasi, yafuW. 
Beleaoueb, ti. j-l» b^^ar, yuljfi?i»" ; 

j-tw (alja^ar, yatahfisar. 
Bclfkt, », (j-e»lyJl e;! burj an- 

Bklib, v. (MI a lie) ^i! kaxab, 

yakxib. — (tkow to be faUe) -^iS 

kazfab, yukazr.ib. 
Belief, «. i* jiqa-t; jIimI i'liqad ; 

oUj*1 i'timAO. — (reliijiovt) cjUjl 

iniiin ; i^-) dm. 
Believe, r. (trvet) jJutI i'taqad, 

ya'taqid ; ij-1 iitnan, yiiniin. — 

{credit) j*- aaddaq, yujaddi-q. 

— ((Aiti*) u^ zann, yaiutm; yj**- 

hantmac, yuhaumiin. 
Bblibteb, t. i^y* miimin. 

Bell, *. ^rj*^ nilqus (p'- w-^V 

nawaqis). — (*»i<j» one) ^-j* 

jamB (j.l. ^^yi ujrKs). 
Brlle, ». JW ifU Sj-1 iniin-t 

;dt jam ill. 
Bxllioebent, a<()'. ■. w.Wm muta- 


Bellow, v. y<> na'ar, yan'ar ; j** 

bar, yah fir. 
Bellows, e. t**" minfah ; ^4a* 

mitifah (pi. fiU- manAfih). 

Ji/ kir4 (pi. ^j^ kurQs). 

Bblono, c. J (jo*- ba«« li, yabuff ; 
s — iS^ intaaab, yantasib (moatlT 
eipreastid by the wordg indi' 
eating posBessioti, as fls- m&ti' ; 
(3^ liaqq; Jl- mill, A.C.), 

Beloved, adj. ^^yr^- mn^bAb ; 
jjA*- ma'iuq. 

Below, prep. adv. >*•*' taljt ; J-jt 
(j-« au(a mm ; y- J*-.l aafa! min. 

Belt, t. ^lj»- liizAiu (pi. >v\ -at, 
i-)*l ahzinia-t, (^ liuzm) ; jUj 
Kimiiar (pi. je*Uj zannnir) ; j^ 
kiiiiiar (pi. jUil akiuar, Pen.) j 
jJj* (aulaq, 

Benire, v. >^}1 lawwa;, yulawwi); 
f-j wassab, yuwaaeUj ; i_r-r naj- 
jas, yuiiajjJB. 

Bemoan, v. J' UtJi asif 'ali, 
ya'fiaf ; ^ tij^ haziu 'a!a, yab- 

Bench, «. •IioA' maq'ad (pt. ^sU* 
maqa'id) ; »i-*^ toht (pi. is^j** 
tubut). — (0/ «ioMc) i,li** ma^t^ 
bat (pi. vAl— mafAlib). — (Iri' 
buital) ^ * ^* - mabkama-t (pi. 
|,>£\w* tuahnkitu). 

Bekd, tt.a. ,_yB. baca, yabni; b^^ 



fcT* Sana, 

ja-tui; ^jJ lawa, yalwi; n. Ji- 
mAl, j-uinili ij>^^ itil^aiia, ytU' 

Beneath, prip, adv. t*-^ t^^i 

«*-*■ yf- win tttht. S« Below. 
Behkdictior, «. i^ baraka-t ; <i>j«T 

tabarruk (pi. ^sA -fit). 
Bknepactiuk, a. jc«- b^r; ^jC 

'iirf ; ^L.ik\ ihaAu ; JLuti nl'mn-t 

(pi. ^ ni-amj. 
Bensfactok, ». ^\ (;v-»/» inubsin 

ilaj (jle ,.*J-- iiiun'ini "ala; ^Mjf 

Besefice, ». (a chureh livinff)li^ 
le—i^ Haii(a-t kaufiyisiyya-t. 

Beneficence, t. jt^\ J^ fi'l a]- 
her J *>j». jftd ! o*-*' ib"*"- 




Beketicent, adj. f^^ mun'im ; 

^/ k art in ; {^'''>^* muhsin. 
Beneficial, adj. ^^t^^ mufid; g^^ 

Benefit, s. (favour) (^L-fc\ ihsan; 

i^/ karamija-t ; i*A> ni'iuat. 

—(profit) Sj^V* %ida-t; gW 

Benefit, v. (do good to) ^^ an*arn, 

yun*im ; (^^-*»^ ahsau, yuhsin. — 

(gain an advantage) ^&^\ iutafa^ 

jantafi* ; *>VAi-\ istafad, yastafid. 
Benevolence, s. ^>^\ ^j^--^ husn 

al-liifta-t; LA^ karama-t ; UkUJ 

lu^f; liL\^ 'atifa-t (pi. U»l\^ 

Benevolent, adj. ^ hayyir ; «-AjJ 

la^if ; ^•AJb* muiriin. 
Benight, v. f^\ a^lain, yu^lim. 
Benighted, s. JaW- jahil (pi. JW 

Benign, Benignant, adj. ^•^ 

l^aliin (pi. UIa. hulama, ^V\ ah- 

1am) ; *^^\ ra'iif ; v>^ safiq. 
Benignity, s. ^ hilm ; &A^j rafa-t. 
Bent, $. (curvatur*') V;»=*\ inhina ; 

t^^\ iii*iwaj. — (disposition) J«^ 

Bent, adj. tf^ mu*awwaj ; (^^^^ 

munhani ; «-A««^ mu*a^|<|af. — 

(addictfd) v3l*s^ muta'alliq ; g3^ 

mil la' (both with s-» bi). 
Benumb, v. j*^ haddar, yuhad- 

Bequeath, v. ^y^ *>*-!& ,^^ wa^^a 

li-ahad bi-se, yuwaani ; «-AU. 

Itt^yi hallaf bi-wu^iya-t, yuhallif ; 

«JUl^ wa^^af, yaqif. 
Bequest, s. ^^ wasiya-t ; <-&l^ 

^j*^ halaf muwa^^a. — (for 

pions uses) «-A2^ wa<£f (pi. <^^^^ 

Bereave, v. (deprive of) f^ 

l^aram, yah rim. — (remier desti- 
tute) y}^\ askal, yuskil. 
Bereavement, s. ^ yatm, yutm, 

yatam ; J^ gukl. 
Berrt, s. h-«^ habb ; ^ l^abba-t 

(pi. s>^ bubub). 
Bbkih, s. w^j^\ ^ ^^ manam 


Beseech, v. J^ gv^ tadarra* ila, 

yatadarra; (j*'*^^) iltamas, yal ta- 
rn is. 
Beseem, v. s-^^ nasab, yunasib ; 

j3 laq, yalkj. 
Beset, v. ^^\ ahat, yul>U ; r*^ 

ha^ar, yul^a^ir. 
Beside, prep, wj^ jamb ; s-*JW: 

Besides, prep. ^J^ SoVjj ziyada-t 

Besides, conj. ctUi^ per zalik. 
Besiege, i?. ^V*. hasir, ytihasir. 
Besmeau, v. i*^ lat, yalut, yalH; 

^J^ tala, yatli. 
Besom, s. ^ ^^^jS^ miknasa-t (pi. 

fj^\^ makaiiis) ; ^-^A^ muqa.s- 

Besot, v. (stupefy) (ji^j dahha.4, 

ymlahhis. — (intoxicate) j ^ - ^^ 

askar, yuskir. 
Besottedness, s. j^ sikr. 
Bespatter, r. J^^ tar^a-s yu^ar- 

Bespeak, v. (order) ^J^ ^J^^ waf^a 

*ala, yuwu??!. 
Besprinkle, v. Ji»j rass, yaru^^ ; 

Best, adj. (;^— a.^ ahi^an ; J^^ afdal ; 

s-^^ atyab. — (ones brnt) jJuS ,jlfi 

(^\^3\ ala* (jadr al-imkan. 
Bestial, adj. ^^•'a^? bahimi-y. 
Bestir, r. ^^^ harrak, yuharrik. — 

(one's self) /^^ intahaiam, yan- 

tahinim ; d^f^'' taharrak, yata- 

Bestow, v. s-^^ wahab, yahab ; 

Jac *a^a, ya'^i ; J^ bazal, yabzil, 

Bestowal, s. V!oc 'ata' (pi. IJ^\ 

a*tiva-t) ; ^y mauhaba-t (pi. 

s-^'^ mawahib). 
Bestrew, v. \J»j rass, yanisji. 
Bestride, v. g* fajj,*yafujj ; ^ 

fassah, yufassih ; s-^ rakib, 

Bet, s. (^Vaj rihan ; ^jJ^y tarahun. 
Bet, v. c:^y tarahau, yatarahan ; 

LjUj taiiara^, yatasara^. 
Betake, v. ^f tawajjah, yatawaj- 

jah ; ^J\ ^i-s^^ iltaja ila, yaltaji. 


Bktbikk, v. /A! Uziikkar, yata- 

Eakkar; ^ tqfakkar, v&tafak- 

Betide, i-. jU^ lja?rtl, jali^ai ; «*»J» 

hadas, jnTidis. 
BKTiMEa, adv. •*-*j ^ 'ala waqt. 
Bbtoken, v. J* jIaI ai^ir ila, yiislr ; 

Jw Jj dall 'alA, jadull. 
Bktbat, v. u** t^'i, jahflu ; j^ 

gadar, jagdir, yogdar. 
Betkatai., s. jJfc* gadr ; llV«*. hijiU 

Bbtboth, p. vi*- baUab, jiihattib. 
Betrotbal, 8. IJ^ hu;ba-t. 
Betteb, adj. adv. u— b-1 ahiuin ; 

Ji« afdal; ^\ ahjar; s-sLl 

Bkttbk, f. ^^ a^lah. yuHlih; {Xc 

9allal>, yu?aliili; Jj-c1 ii'dal, 

yu'dil. — {morally} 4ije- i^^ naz- 

loin eirat-hu, yuiiaziim. 
Bbttob, «. 1,Lj6-« muHiirit ; y*!/* 

Between, Betwixt, /'«/». yej ben ; 

eot ^ ma ben. 
B^el, (t. i«(jlj ziiwiya-t ; Sjlo— • 

Bbteraoe, g. v'l;^ sarnb; ^^ 

Sarba-t ; vy*-* niairub (pi. "jjI 

Bj» (auj (pi. Ejj* fuwiij, kV^ 
Bbwail, e. J* t^ mil) 'ala, ja- 

BEWA.KE, V. jj^ bo^i*, ynb?Ar ; 

ji'^\ iiftixzas, ya^tazir. 
Bewakb, interj. .£^\ ^ til^\ ayyAka 

guium ayyfiba; jW^ ^jOl al- 

I^af r summ al-hazr. 
Bewilder, r. ut«j\ adha£,yudbU; 

j^ bayyor, j-ul>ayyir. 
Bewilderment, «. I'i*.) dahasa-t; 

j^WjH iudiha.4 ; i^ Ijirn-t. 
Bewitch, v. (6y lorcfry) u*j raqa, 

yarqa;;^- sal^ar, yasl^ur. — {by 

peraonal charmt) U>»a Bal,itat, 

BsroND, uJp, fi-t;/j. l;j wani, l^j I- 

m& varA ; j^ faiui. 
Biiei, ». (jirijudier), ^, wabm 


(pi. (tj^j^ auhfim). — (incttnalioK) 
Je- mail. 

Bias, v. Jo* mayyal, yomayyil; 
i- n lo f 'att^f, yu'attif. 

Bib, v. •»>/•■ sarib, ya^rab; < ■ ■»** 
ta'abbab, yata'abbab. 

BiBBEB, s. v'_^ sarrilb ; w;* sir- 
rib ; H>We 'abbab. 

Bible, «. ^J.JJui\ ^\ia\ al-kitiib &1- 
muqaddaa ; >u^^1 at-taurat. 

Bid, ij. {order) j*l amiir, yAmur. — 
(a pnee) .J'jc 'ara4, va'ri4 ; x/f^ 
a'ra(.l, yu'ri^.— (/o bid adiru) £0, 
wadda', yuwaddi'. — {bid good 
day) i^ 1^ sallani 'ala, yuii&l- 

Bide, v.a. (eiiduTe) ^ jt^ f&bar 
'ala, ya|bur; J<^^1 ihtamal, ya^- 
tomil; n. {abide) |tU\ nqutn, yu- 
■llin ; ijt- sakau, j^oskuti. 

Biennial, adj. (jr^J" J£ kull gnna- 

Bibb, «. ^ji^ tnbut (pi. t±.<i)t1j> ta- 
wAbit) [ J'~*Li 00.'* (pi. i>j-^ 

Bio, adj.f^ kabir (pl.jWf bibAr, 
kubir); f,M -aslui (pi. ^Vke 
'iziiui, l-*I»o "uBamB). — (iri/A 
child) J^ bubla (pi. JW ija- 
biUitJ ; UxU. ^Amil^t. 

BioAUidT, ». i^V^ Sjy'^ muta- 
zawwij bi-imrAU'Q. 

BiOAHT, «. t^l/'it i^gll az-iSjftt 


ah war) ; on J' 
BiooT, BiaoTED, adj. s-^^** muta- 

'a((ib ; ^jf^ ta'aff ubi-y. 
BioDTBV, ». •■. ■■«" ta'a^fub. 
BioNBSB, «. ;«£ kubr, kibr, kihar; 

(^ 'uim, 'iim, 'ijam ; i*fce 

Bilk, ». S^ mirm-t QjI. jj* mirar) ; 

\/^ fafrn ; ^>>^ aaudA, Bodii. 
Bilious, adj. y^jV** jafriwi-y ; jiy 

\^\ niuwuUid af-(iifrA; «j9^-*r* 

Bill, «. (^i) j^tf minqnr (pi. 

^l-^ niADuqir). — {praning kntft, 

*■■) J*** minjal (pi, J*li- ma- 

iiAJil) ; JUb> miqvAl (pi. J->a> 

»■ Jan. 




maqafil). — (printed advertise' 
merit) A>Vs^ kitaba-t. — (aerount) 
s^ * \-> r% hiKiib ; s^L-sJ^ ^U qayi- 
mat al-hisab. — (money order) , 
aJ^^ hawala-t. — (of law) a-i^c | 
*arda-t. ' 

Billet, «. i/^ tazkira-t (pi. /\^ 

tazakir) ; ^j^ wara^a-t ; 


nnfat (pi. gUj riqa*). 
BiLLKT, V. (quarter H'ddifrn) ^^^^ 

Hakkan, Tusakkiii ; Jy\ anzal, 

Billion, Ui^\ Ui^\ Ui^\ alf alf alf ; 

^;)ytk bilyun. 
Billow, s. ty* luauj (pi. t^^^ am- 

Billow, v. c^ maj, yamuj ; ^Mj 

tala^am, yatalatam. 
Billowy, a<lj. e^^^W J»^^ muta- 

la^im bi-*l-amwaj ; t^y* inawwaj. 
Bin, 8. J;<A-^ faiiduq (pi. (j^^Uo na- 

BiNAKY, adj, ^y^ musanna. 
Bind, i?. W) ral)a(, varbi^, yarbu^; 

J^ *arpid, ja*qiu ; ^M qay vad, 

yuqayyid. — (a book) ^ jallad, 

yujallid ; **W»- habak, yahbik. 
Binding, b, s-»^ £*XeW^ tajlida-t 

BlOGKAPUER, 8. ^jt^ s-^V^ kiitib 

BioaKAPUic, aiJj. y^\ (^^ yahuH? 

Biography, $. ij^^ 8ira-t (pi. j^^ 

siyar) ; ij^ tazkara-t. 
Biologist, s. ^ s-^^ fal^ib 'ilrn, 

&i\ (See the following.) 
Biology, s. ^y^\ jy^ ^ s-»W-^ ^ 

*ilm asbab wa ^uwar al-hayat. 
Biped, adj, (:^eW; )^ zu rajlen. 
Birch, b. (tree) 5^ batula. — (rod) 

s ^a-^ qadib (pi. ^^W^ qudban). 
Bird, y^ tair, Xer (pi. ;^ tuy ur). — 

(small) ^yuc 'a^fur (pi. ^^-^ 

Birth, «. M^ wilada-t; *>V« mi- 

Birth-day, tS^ ^^ yom nuladliu ; 

j\t^\ jLec *aid al-milad. 
Biscuit, $, I»U~ju bat^simat. 
Bisect, v, fj^ qa^a*, yaqt&* ; 

nn^af, yau^uf; W^^ wassat, yu- 

Bisection, a. t^ it . t 'A i S tansif. 
Bishop, s. c-Aa-\ us<[ut (pi. aAjL.^ 

asH(pt'a-t, »-6iL.^ asaqif). 
Bishopric, s. M&-^ usqutiyat. 
Bismuth, s. y>J^\ Ake-Ai/* marqa- 

si^a-t al-(]a^dii'. 
Bit, 8. (of a horse) «fcU fakk ; f\^ 

lijara (pi. ^^ lujuni, i^^\ alji- 

nia-t). — {Miiiall piece) A««I qi^*a-t 

(pi. ^ qu^a*) ; s-»^ lasiib, 

Bitch, «. W^ kall>a-t ; 5U5 la*a-t. 
Bite, v. (^ *ad<jl, ya^acid. 
Bite, Biting, s, ^^ *adda-t ; i>^ 

Biting, adj. (aevere, sharp) *y^ 

Bitter, adj. y murr (pi. j\fA am- 

Bitterness, s. lj\j^ marara-t. 
Bitumen, «. r*^ humar; ^o**- Iju- 

niair ; ^y^^ y^ qafr al-yahud ; 

U naft. 
Bituminous, adj. ^J^> naf^i-y. 
Bivalve, s. jW« inal^ar; SjW^ 

Blab, v. ^ namm, yanimin, ya- 

Black, adj. *yy^\ aswad, f. \*yym 

sauda (pi. o^ sud) ; f^^\ ad- 
ham, f. Ufto dahina (pi. ^J 

duhin); J*^^ akhal, f. 5^ 

kahla (pi. J^ kuhl). 
Black, s. (colour) *>^^ sawad. — (a 

tieyro) <^ym\ aswad (pi. Q)\*yym 

Black- BIRD, s. jyy^^ sal^riir (pL 

;4;W<* saljarir). 
Blacken, v. (make black) j^ saw- 
wad, yusawwid. — (defame) 

sahham, yusahhim. 
Blackguard, s. ^J'^ falati-y ; 

^^yM IjulbA? (i»l. i^3^ halabi- 

Blacking, s. ^w b6ya.t, b(iya-t. 
Blackish, adj. *yy^ luuswadd; 

^\j^\ aswadani-y. 
Blacksmith, s. «>^j>a- l^addad. 
Bladder, s. a»^^ maMana-t; ^^ 

mibwala^t. — {gall bladder) ij\f* 

Blade, k. ^1-^ na^la-t {pi. Jl^ 

nifi'il, J-il aii^iil). 
Bl&uablb, adj. f^\ s-*-lj wftjib 

al-laum ; fS*!! ji»j— • muata- 

lji*iq al-mali'im ; |^ juliim. 
Blame, v. )t3 Iuid, jaluni; (•■i 

zamm, yazmnni ; s-ee 'ayjab, 

ya'ayyib; gjj -wabbah, yuwab- 

Blame, s. f>y laum ; i^^ mazam- 

Blambl£bs, adj. v^ ^e^ ^ mn 

'aleh 'itabi s'^ S U j-u'jlb. 
Blanch, v.a. fjtt bayyaij, jubaj- 

Blans, adj. ^>-U l^alim ; gfJf 

Blandish, v. oitS bltaf, julafif ; 
jU niallaq, juinalliq. 

Blandishment, s. Sj^X* mul&tii- 
fa-t ; ijhtU) tamliq. 

BLAHDNEsa, s. ^j-ie 'uzuba-t ; ^ 
Ijilm i AelJj wadA'a-t. 

Blahe, oJ/. (inhile) ^/^\ abyaij, — 
(tmply) Jl^ hali. — (^without 
rhyme) ^^—^ jet ger muBajja'. 

Blank, ». (empty gpace) 4a- hu- 
Ifl; U»fid.V. 

Blankkt, «. <-t^ lahaf ; t^*^ 
libaf (i'l. --O luhuf>! 

Blaspheme, v. -*a» jatlJaf, yu- 
jadJif J jii kafar, jaktur. 

Blasphemes, b. ^a^^ mujaildif. 

Blasphkmuus, adj. (j^-V tajdlli-y. 

Blaspueuy, «. <>Ai-k4^ tajdit. 

Blast, g. i«Ai nalha-t (pi. .^1 -at). 

Blast, v. (blight) J*-l ;.abbal, yu- 
^abliil. — (gplit rocke by gun- 
powder) je^ layyar, ymayyir. 

Blaze, «. ^ lahaba^t; s-irfJ 

Blaze, r.n, v— «I lahib, yalhab ; 
s->|l> talabhab, yatalubbab ; >v-4^t 
iltahab, yaltahib. — (spread newt} 
j^ ajhar, yiUhir. 

Blazon, *. {coat of aniui) i-S« 
■alAma-t (pi. ^ 'aiAin, ^U 
•alayim); tjUJ niiiu (pi, yaA^o* 

Blazok, I', ((iecorfflfe) f^\ a'lam, 
yu'iira ; y*j zayyan, yuzayyia. — 
(spread about) ;«il aihar, yusliir. 

Bleach, v. t/w Imyya^, juwiyji^; 
j^ qiieear, juqa??ir. 

Bleacher, «. J*— * ga^sal. 

Bleaching, s. Ja— *» taguil. 

Bleak, adj. (cold) Jjij bArid. — 
(cheerless) j"- uiukaddir. 

Blbakn£Ss, «. -iyt I'ard. 

Blear, a«ij. ,ja*c1 ii'mas, f. Wc 
'amji'i (pi. ya»e 'um?). 

Bleakness, «. ^Uc 'imi\f. 

Bleat, ti. ^j^ ba'a, yab'a; ,_y«* 
ina'a, yam'a ; g«*» ina'ma', yu- 

Bleat, b. Jjt*>>^ ma'ma'O't. 
Bleed, I'.n. (••> ^ naqqat dam, 

yunaqqit; |*-> Jt. saldatn, yasil; 

a. A-ifufad, vafaid, jafjud; ^\ 

{j^ f»J ahaz dam inin, ya'huz. 
Bleeding, s. i>>Ui fa^ada-t (pi. 

JjUt fa^A'id). 
Blemish, «. s-tc 'aib; j^ 'Ar. 
Blsmisu, ti. -i—i^ afsad, yufsid ; 

.-ilil atlaf, yutlif. 
Blench, v. Ijjl g^i-j raja" li-wari, 

yarja' ; (,t^\ ahjani, ju^ijim. 
Blend, c.n. Uj^t ihlalat, ya^talit ; 

ej^ mazaj, yumazij ; n. Ua 

halat, jahluT ; G)' inasaj, yAm> 

Blehs, p. •«'jl( barak, yubnrik. — 

(vuike. happy) J»-l aaa'd, yus'id. 

—(bUsit Ood) illl ,i* iakar 

all ah, yaskur. 
Blessed, adj. <*ljW^ muburak ; a«». 

sa'iil ; ^^^ tubaui-y. 
Blessedness, ■. io^ik. sa'&da-t ; 

iijt baraka-t ; ^jL tuba. 
Blessing, t. ^w barako^t ; -dj^ 

tabarruk (botb pi. *=A -ai). 
Blight, s. y-». Iiiss ; j» (Irr, .^^ 

Blioht, p. y-»- hasa, yal.iuss. 
Blind, oi^j. _j^1 a'lua, f. W^ 

'ainya (pi. ,j** 'umi, (jW* '«m- 

yAn) ; j'w** 'amynn. 
Blind, t'. (make blind) j*« 'ammA, 

ju'aimuij ,j**l a'ma, yu'mi.— 

(darken) ,»lil aslaiu, ymliin. 




Blind, «. S^U^ sitara-t (pi. ji\s^ sa- 
tnvir) ; h^^ji bardava-t (pi. %sA 

Blindfold, v. **©» W) raba^ ain- 

bu, yarbi^, jarbu^. 
Blindness, s, Ue *anm ; ^Ue 

Blink, s, (<flanre) ^ najar (pi. 

j^\ anjar) ; ^ ^alla-t.— (mo- 

ment) ^W labza-t. 
Blink, r. {J^j ramas, yarmis, jar- 

mus ; ^4^ gamaz, yaginiz ; ^j^ 

A » ' » ^ bar<|a(^ *aine-hi, yubarqiq. 
Bliss, Blissfulness, «. S«^U.^ 8a*a- 

Blissful, adj. *)yt-^ mas*Ad. 
Blister, «. {$ welling) ^J^-A ba<|- 

bitja-t; if»- babba-t. — Qtlafftt^r) 

Ai\^ barnnja-t. 
Blister, r.w. ^Asi\ intafah, viuita- 

Blithe, Blithesome, adj. 1»^— r« 

mabrtut ; o^/ farbaii ; Ji»y^ 
Blithesomeness, u. tL--{i^ iiibisat; 

i^^«? babja-t ; Ai»lAi misa^a-t ; 

A\ lA> ba<asa-t. 
Bloat, r.a. ^ nafab, janfub ; ^^^ 

warram, yuwarrim ; n. (J^\ in- 

tafab, yantafib. 
Bloatei»ness, 8. ^ nafh. 
Block, s. (of tcood^ &c.) ^^S (|ur- 

nia-t ; S^e^^ qirniiya-t (pi. ^^/ 

qiraini). — Oiindranrt') gJU niaiii* 

(pi. g^\y^ mawani';. 
Block, r. (stop) «-Ai^ waqqaf, yu- 

waqqif; v^^ bas, yabii**. — (a 

harbour, rfr.) /©^ bA^ar, yubawir; 

JLc l^iU. s-»/* danib l^abiqiya-t 

'ala, vadrib. 
Blockade, $. S^W* mul;a«ara-t ; 

jU». biijar; ^ i^^U. v»/* darb 

bala<{iya-t 'ala. 
Bl(k:khead, 8. iS^ abm iq ; J^^li 

balid ; Aa^ buka*a-t ; i^ bu- 

Blonde, 8. yuJ^ ^yw* ^aqra a4- 

Blood, *. f»«> dam (j»l. U»> diina). — 

(kindred) v»— * uasab. — (o/"- 

$pring) J-»i naal. 

Bloody, cwf;. (stained unth hhod) 

j»jJ\^ 4*,yU mulawwas bi'd-dam. — 

(mnguinary) J*^ qatil ; »i5U^ 

UjJ\ saffak ad-ditna; t^ saf- 

Bloom, Blossom, y^j zabar; S;iK>) 

zabra-t ; j^ naur (pi. j\f\ anwar). 

— (of youth) (^^yk^ *unfuwan. 
Bloom, Blossom, v. y^j zabar, 

yazbar; y^j^ azbar, yuzhir; ^y 

nawwar, yunawwir. 
Blot, 8. (stain, spot) ^^ buq*a-t ; 

S^ nuqta-t (pi. U» nuqa^, ^Otf 

nii^at). — (morally) s-»^ *aib (pi. 

v»^ *uyub). 
Blot, v. (^(ain) ^^ lawwa^, yulaw- 

wij ; ^ baqqa*, yuba^jqi*. — 

(obliterate) ^y wassah, yuwaa- 

sib ; ^j^^ maba, yambi, yamhu ; 

(^ uasab, yansab ; (jJ^ \al&8, 

Blotch, s. ^yA baqbuqa-t; ^j. 

warani (j)!. ^^;^^ auraiu). 
Blotch, v. (blacken) o^ sawwad, 

yusawwid. — (spot) vt»y lawwas, 

yiilawwis ; g«j baqqa*, yubaqqi*. 
Blottino-paper, s. ^ji^\ j;^ wara(£ 

al-nia««; ^^\ j;^ waraq al- 

Blow, s. *»;-» <j[arba-t ; iA-J lat^-t. 

— (i«/o the face) WJ latina-t. 
Blow, t;. (M nafab, yanfab, yan- 

fub ; s-^ babb, yaliubb. — (the 

trumpet) a5^\^ jj da<](| bi-'l- 

buqa-t, yadiKpi. — (blouj the nose) 
j)^ bazar, yabzir; lB>aiJ;^\ imtaba^, 

Blubber, s. ^^mJ^ 8ahm (pi. f>y^^ 

Bludokon, 8. sA>^ nabbfit (pi. 

s-«*M nababib) ; aUj zaqla-t ; 

a5^— *• miswaqa-t. 
Blue, adj. j;j\ azraq, f. \3j) zan|a 

(pi. J;; zunj). 
Blue, Blu en ess, s. as^j ziirqa-t. 
Bluff, s. (steep bank) S^J^' tabdi- 

ra-t ; j)>^ badAr. 
Bluff, adj. W e i- ^ pillz ; ^ . t .-^ 

Bluffness, «. ^))^ ^ala^a-t ; i^Uu. 


Bldish, tirfj. iijyi Jl Ji^ muyil iln 

Blunder, g. fi~- sahfi ; JUi galia-t. 
Bi,UNDi£K, V. Jj zail, jazill; 1^ 

gulit, jaglat. 
Blumt, adj. -Ol li'l^krt miigallai aJ- 

Ijsdd.— (of manner) M* galij. 
Blunt, e. IJ* gallaj, ^ugallii; JSl 

Bluktnbss, «. HAt galiizo-t; £->^ 

hill A da- 1. 
Blub, a. (itaiu) s-e' 'aib (pi. s'fe' 

Blcb, v. ^j waasali, yuwaBaih. 
Blurt, v. i^A Larfai, ruharfii. 
Bi.c3H. V. j»^\ ahmarr, Tahmair. 
Bluster,^^ iftahar, yaftahir ; 

jAi fa4ar, yafSur. 
Blustek, *.jyJiJ fuailr; jUsH ifti- 

Blustkreb, t. j^-U fn^snTj j « ia - 

Boar, h. J*J yy* hinzir fahl. 

Board, s. ( i»/n«i) CjJ lauh, lolj 
(pi. cV afwiih) ; _*J daff (pi. 
^yj dutiif) ; tr^^ umflLih. — 
(/arr) ^^ <iut; |.^ ta-iim ; 
j>^»- ma'H^. — (of a ghip) Ojt 
N-^^ faraf al-markab. — (on 
hoard) V"^^ u* fi-'l-markab. — 
(cower of a book) SJeV tajlida-t. 

BoABD, B. (cower with wood) ^r-i^ 
ba^sab, yuhassib ; C;'^ i>^farai 
bj-'l-laulh yafrus, — {enter a ihip 
bs force) ifl ^^ J\ fill, lala' ila 
marlfab quwwatan, yafla' ; iiX^ 
s-^1 ^abab al-markab, vaibuk. 
— (/iirwinA with food} y-JJW ^1 
at'um bi-'g-jainiiii ; t:}^^^^ t±>^ 
qut l>i-'g-gamau, jaijiH. 

BoARtsH, adj. ^fiy*- hinziri.j 
,_,*«« bahiiDi-y ; W^ giUIi- 

Boast, v. fi^ iftahar, yaftahir. 
- Boast, ». yiti taCahhur ; jU-*f ifti. 

Boastful, f 


Boat, «. v;U 
warib) ; j 

-^ wuftabir. 
.8, ». ;*K Uffabliur. 
ijilrib (pi. vj'j* qa- 
,1) wvurnq (pi. jjljj 

BoDB, w.n. ^^ Jj dall 'ala, Todttil ; 
V 1^^ anba bi, vunbi. 


?udaira-t ; (jjjij 

zabiiii (]il. "Litjl azbina-t). 

Bodily, arfj. t^jJ— — ♦• jasadi-y ; 
ijiW-^ jisiBHni-y. 

Bodkin, «.j'j*- mihraz (pi. y;'jfc- 

Body, «. J—* jasad (pi, oL-i-l aj. 

i„\d); ,. ► jiBm (pi. ^V-^1 

aJKiiin) ; i^M baJau (pi. ^^i 
abdiin). — (rfearf body) i^ jujsat 
(pi. J-J*ju»a5).— (coiiecfice 6ody) 
5«»- jam'. 

Bou, fl. l^^v sabha-t (pi. £W— 
sibHli) ; ^Jn— * masbaha-t ; i^M 
lialitia't (pi. cJ^h bataji^). 

BoooLE, w, ^}J«^ la'awwaq, yata'uw- 
waq ; w'Ujl irtab, jartAb. 

BoGoT, adj. ijafc»- aabhi-y. 

Boil, c.n. j_jlt gala, jagli ; a. J*l 
a^la, Tiigli ; \^ salaq, rasluq. 

Boil, *. (fumour) Ain^ ba<ibttqa-t ; 
Pa waram (pi. ,.*j,l aumm). 

Boiler, b. o;"'^ inA'fin (pi. ijo^'r* 
mawa'In) ; iU huUa-t (pi. Ji- 
bulal): i-ji bunua-t; >- satil 

(pi. jy- Butfd). 

Boisterous, adj. ui-lc 'af if ; •»->a 

BoisTEROUSNBBa, s. 4*j rajja-t j 

z'^}\ irtijAj ; Sj* sidda-t 
Bold, adj. ;-W jAsir; JW* 4aj*', 
Boldness, «. SjU*. jusAra-t; lcl«* 

Bole, », ((runi) i*j* qunua-t. — 

(6oIim) ey* balfi'. 
Bolster, «. S^iLif niihudda-l (pi. 

-:>4b-m)iha(ld) ; J-^— ' inasnad (iil. 

^t_ niasAnid). 
Bolt, *. (^rO f^- sahm (pi. «(*• 

aabiini).— ((>/ a donr) ij"\*j-* dar- 

bAa (pi, u~<»V daraliis). 
Bolt, v. u-t}>> darbas, judarbis. 
BoHb, ». s-» bomb, bumb ; ijt*j 

qumbara-t (pi. jtUlqauibir). 
Bombard, b. jfUi jl s-** w/* ^»'»*> 

bomb au qanabtr, jadnb. 
Bohbabdibb, f. ^rJin «^1^ d>n4b 

al-qumbar; ^j_»j,*J qiimbar- 



ROMBABDMEMT, ». j^\ >^j* lllirll 

Bombast, «. i*3*^ miiluilin.'-.i-t ; 

tyi ifriit ; (&ii\ ^ (M nufij n- 

BoMHAHTir. aij. ^jSK- iniikallif. 
B..XD. *. {ti.-) Wj ril.nt (|.l. *U.l», 

riliAtiil, Wj ruliut) ; jt»- lial.l (jil. 

Jv- IjiLAI, Jii^ l.iihAvil).— 

7anHJir).--(/.ir f/<*0 J-i- sanaO 

(ill. jU,\ liamiil) ; >» l — >i tamas- 

x.ik d.l. ^1 ..U). 
Bo.vPAtJK. t. iiJjfe •iilii'irlmit. 
B'iSl>!<MAN. *. e-^ .inmin; Je*i 



iul a 



(fl. oV 

BONNKT. ,.. (-■„,„ i,jU.,r.ll,-,«l.t dJ. 

^-Jli .julAlis) ; >yJ. hirl,u« (].!. 

J^ljl. t-inllj-;). 
BOKXV. -frf/'- i.-!^ kuwavvin; U^ 

hit if. 
BoSV,it'/j. ,_jMe 'il/ilii-v. 

BoiiBV, n. t^**.* iilimai| ; ^j-^ tais 

(|'l. i^«s tiiviiM. y-lflil atviisl ; 

J> UI,lMl(i,I. JJ4)l>aUAl"n). 
B.-OK, *. s-l^ kit.*.l. (|.l. s^ k.itnlO- 

—{•livUnm nf a ir..rk) y^ JUK ; 

^V, l.>.t.. - ,.0'„IW /-"'./.■) ^J 

.l.iflur; i*iU i,S_viniii-t ([il. ^.U 

I^...K. i-.y;iJ)l ji ^ .|avv.i.l fi.'d- 

.iutiar. y...,ayviil. 
Bi>uKriiNiii:R. «. .iV' mujnllid; 
^•v^ lial.l.ak. 

B'X.K-KEKl'RR. H. V-W* IIUlhusiK 

B....KMKLI.KK, -. s^J31 fW bavyiV 

aUkntiil. : ^j^::* kiitul.i.v : ji*- 
Boon, II. i*Mi iii'ama-t (i>l. ft»i 

m-am); J^ la.ll (i.l. JUil 

Boos. m/j. jjr- "liitn'r; l-r-- 

BOOK-COMPAKION, *. ^,^ Duclim. 

Book, ». M^ gali; ; i^yi\ ^•)>e 

'ailim at-tarbiya-t. 
BooRi.sii, adj. ^^ii ralliiljt-j ; ,;fi^ 

Book ISDN EBB, a. li\J^ haiiiati.t; 

i^'it giliiKa-t. 
Boot, ». i-i* jizma-t (pi. cul -at, 

^j* jizam) ; J^j) zarbfil (pi. J^ljj 

Booth, ». (»M, coUai,e) *jf tfllj 

(|,1. e^\ likwHh, o^ fc'b'ln) ; 

u**. huita (jil. ueUi.\ alijiis). — 
[ {nUiU ai a/air) ^\£^ iIiikkiiQ (pi. 

(j-i\io dakakin); >i.yL. Ijfmiit 

(i,i._....\.- ■ ... ,.;:■ 

B,«irY, ». .U.^^- ;.-.l:iuiu-L (|.1. ^li* 
^'aiiayiiii) ; M luiLWt /►'** 
iiiat^uiiiu (ill. ^U- nmifAnim)- 

BriKUKR. X. liW IjAffa-t ; ^W 

l.ia-iva-t. ([.!. jfcy liawasi).— 
0-im,.h,nj) ^ Jia.M (|.l. JjJ* ; ^' tlltjm (|.l. ^^' 
tiihiiui); J-*-; saur (jiI. j^ 

BoKiiKa, r. >i\ itta?al, vatta^il ; 

^tf liiljam, juUhim 
BoiEDEKEK, e. j)l*-" miijawir. 
BoKE, e. jii'ifii I. : jji haraz, 

yahri/.; C^J . ub; 

H-JJ sjU[ah. ^ , , , 6e 

Inlioiit) J-1 aiiiall, yumill ; J«) 

v;.i"al, yuza"il. 
BoiiG, s. jy-M inaDih'iI; Jcy* rau- 

BouKK, «. }/^ luihraE (pi. jjW> 


BoKoLMii, n. 4>;i qarya-t (pi. ^3/ 
I .|ura)- 

Bouuow, r. jlnj^l iata'iir, vasta'ir; 
I wAl— ;^\ iMtiuilaf, yasitaslif ; i/jaH 
J i<|tara(l, yaijtariil. 
i BoKitowRR,^. ^yu«.* mustaqrid. 

Bosom,*. ji- (iiidr: y-^ hidn (pi, 

1 or^i ■" 

Bo(.», «. 


44.>» hadlm-t ; £Mi baq- 
BoTASiCAL, ii<f;. ^M 

ii.tTANisE, r, v-*J 'a^iab, yu'a-i 
^U*. ^ lam 111 ha.HHyis, 


B0TAKI8T, *. w)\JV*Ji» .Jj\e 'iirif bi- 

'n-naliutnt ; ^^\J^ 'as^nb. 
Botany, «. «uttt^\ ^ 'ilm an-aa- 

Botch, «. (patch) ji, raqqa', yu- 

Both, aJj. U kilA, f. Ui kilta ; 

,;^3^ al-asnen. 
Bother, «. ^ 3iu|la-t ; s-^ ta'ab ; 

u^yii ta-^wis. 
Bother, v. ^ .Ji* saqqal 'aJa, 

yusaqqil ; pCjl az'aj, yuz'ij ; ijiij* 

J* Sawwa.'' 'ala, yusawwis. 
BoTTLK, i. ijU* qazfixa-t (pi. jilj* 

qazAjiz) 1 £^^r^ qanntiia-t (pi. 

jLii qanAn!) ; ii**- sJsa-t (Fers.); 

fyjVi qariira-t (|il. >(jV qiiwfirir). 
Bottom. ». fi qa'ar f|il-;)^ qu'flr) ; 

s-ic 'uqb (pi. ^^^iti\ a'qii''i '»-'' 

Bottohlkbb, adj. ^f t^ ^ mil labii 

Bodoh, «. i-i->* gH?iia-t (pi. (jV-tl 

ftpfSn, tj-t gii?n) ; £j* far' (pi. 

?);* furA')- 
BouNCB, 8. (noite) i«ijl qarqa'a-t. 

— (untruthful boatl) j^.*-* fusar. 
Bounce, ». (mate a noiae) giji 

qarqa', yuqarqi'.— (/fa^i) U na-H, 

yanutl; H-Jj wasab, yusib. 

BODNCINO, ajjj. ,nV 'ft?im (pi. 

^\hc 'ijain, Ute 'uzama). 
BoCND, adj. (ohli/fed) yy*- mam- 

nfln. — (to a place) -i-U qflsid ; 

i^f^ inutawajjib, 
BoDND, BouNDAKT, #. J» hadd (jil. 

■i,^ Ijadfld).— (/««;() a* nat(a-t ; 

IjUqafZB^t; ij*i qamza-t. 
Bound, p. (iimi'O ^a»- l^addad, yu- 

^addid. — (leap) see Bouncb. 
Boundless, aijj. .^ <1 U ma la-hu 

Bounteous, Bountiful, adj. jjot- 

sabi-y (f'l. W*-' ashiyn) ; Mji 

karim ; i»yal- IJ* yad-hil innflfi- 

Ija-t (hit hand it npfn). 
Bountt, I. ^*— Raba; ijlti— sahA- 

ra-t; £jj»'jQda.t; q^ karam. 
BouquKT, ». ^j ii^ baqa-t labar; 

ykj W/* mirbat Eahar. 
BoTiKE, adj. ugJi) baqari-y. 

Bow, P. ,_jJ-'\ inhaDa, yan);iaitl; 

Jit hacja', yabdu'.— (i» prayer) 

gij raka', varka'. 
Bow, s. (ofcciminM) U^l inljinij 

f^ hudfi' ; i^} rak'at.— (/or 

tliooli-ng) ,j-^ qaus (pi. ^j— I 

Sam uqda-t (pi. JJ* 'uqad). 
B0WEI8, s. '-**■* ab^ ; ^■*' am'i. — 

(compaMi<>7i) £<M> nafaqa-t. 
BowBK, «. i^;o 'arisa-t (pi. 1,?^^ 

Bowl; «. (um«0 i.l-^f bAtiya-t (pi. 
^^•t bawHtl) \ iiMy ?.abdiTa-t 
(pi. ^-Jlfj iabSdi).— (6aiO "** 

Bos, ». (cMe) J)-"- ?andQq (pL 
jjjU- Banfldiq) ; i-J* 'ulba-t (pL 
w^ 'ilUib) ; J^ huqqa-t (pi. ,jf^ 
buqaq, jVfc. hiqiiq).— ((re<) y~* 
hs/\».—{bloif) l*£^ lakuuut; ItU 

Box, V. f^ UkaiD, yalkum; fjlil 
taJakam, yatalakam. 

BoT, ». jJ, walad (pi. jSjl auliid) ; 
,ji-i fiabi-y (pi. o*«* subfin, 
Libyan) ; f&t gulAm (pi. L^ 
gilniO't, ijUii gilmuti, IjSt^ agli- 

Boyhood, «. ^W» sabab; 2*n*4> 
Bubil-iya-t ; SjU- ^abawa-t. 

BoTiBH, adj. Sjp= jJ fii fabwa-t. 

BoTisHNEsa, «. !},.« ^abwa^t ; iijiy 

Brace, ». (lie) EjJte 'uqda-t (pi. 
'uqad) ; A14 band (pi. -iytt) 
bunftd). — (pair) tj) stawj 0*** 
ty azwAj). 

Brace, v. (bind) .lie 'aqad, ya'qld; 
•1* iadd, ya^iidd ; l«ij rabat, jar- 
bit, yarl'Ul. — (tirengihen) ^jl 
qawwa, yuqawwi. 

Bracelet, ». jlj- siwAr, siiwir (pi. 

J^ y-\ aawini-t, jj^l aauwir) ; gJ-«J 
uinlaj (pi. {Ju^damalij) i e^L*.} 
duuiKij (pi. gJUj damAlij). 
Bracing, adj. jj^u muqawwi-j • 

•ixi^ mujuddiii. 
Bracket, ». ..^S^kiUAb (pi. s^tf 
kaUllb) ; li\u -aqqAfa-t (pi 
<-MUo 'aqiqii/. 




Brackish, cidj, ^U malih. 
Bbackishners, 8. l^^ miiliiha-t. 
Bra«}, r. ^ai**^ iftahar, jaftahir. 
Brag, b. j^^\ iftihar ; jUi fusar. 
Braggart, »UJ fassar ; ^^juu muf- 

tahir; U\^ laj3fi;af. 
Braid, *. {of hair) iytM <j[afira-t 

(pl.jiUu dafavir); 6k^ jadila-t 

(pl« JiW jadajil). — (trimming) 

«-*W-* sajaf; MbW hasiya-t (pi. 

vj^^^ hawasi) ; lij^ sarH (pi. 

Jy» jsuruO. 
Braid, v. Jj^ jadal, yajdil ; yu 

dafifar, ju^affir ; «-A5 laff, yaluff. 
Brain, s. ^ muhh (pi. t^^\ am- 

b»b) ; t^*^ dimag (pi. SJi^j\ ad- 

Brainless, (wf/. gUj Hii bila dimag ; 

v>y^ malt lis; %^JL^ masliib. 
Bramble, «. jki^^ ci>y tut aU 

Bran, «. flW nuhala-t; S*>; rid- 

Branch, s. ^^ gu^n (pi. (^U^^ 

ag^an, (^j^ gu^iiu) ; f/ far* (pi. 

£;/ furii*). 
Branchiness, $, ^U^3^ S;JS^ kasra-t 

Brancht, cuij, ^Ufc3^ j^ kagir al- 

*ag9an; jyu niufarra*. 
Brand, s. S^J^ jizwa-t (pi. ^5*^ 

jiza. juzi) ; aUai 8U*ala.t (pi. J^a 

t^u'al;. — (mark) ^^ wasm (pi. 

f^y^^ wusum). 
Brand, v. ^^ wasam, jasim ; £*V] 

laza*. jalza*. 
Brandish, v.y^ hazhaz, juhaz- 

hiz ; t^ (awwah, ju^awwi^ ; tj 

rajj, jarujj. 
Brandy, «. c5^U-y j^c 'araq frin- 

Brasier, 8, Ja^ minqal, manqal 

(pi. J>U*« manaqil). — (worker in 

brau) (j«W nah^as. 
Brass, s. ^\ ^Vac* nulias af far. 
Brassy, adj. <^^ ^^^ min nuhas. 

— (impudent) i^ Hii bila )}SLyk; 

M-« safih (pi. V^ sufaha'). 
Bravado, «. J«J^ tahdid ; s-^/ 

tarhib ; i^j9¥ jahrama-t. 
Brave, adj. £V^ ^uja' ; £eV^ saji' 

(pi. (:)U^ ^uj*an); ,j*V| .^ zA 

bas ; J^ fahl (pi. J^ fuhul). 
Bravery, s. ^V^ saja'at ; i^^ 

butula-t ; Aic^ jazii*na-t. 
Bravo, s. JJVi qatil j *jiJIa- saffak ; 

**XyU f4tik (pi. ^U* futtak). 
Bravo, interj. ^UU *afak ; o ■■»■■■, >^ 

ahsant ; 'Lu^ hasanan ; «iSj«> aU 

li-'l-lahi darruk. 
Brawl, s. i^ui fitna-t ; ^ hai\ ; 

tV^A hiya^ ; ^\*^ tahanuq. 
Brawler, b. ^J^ muhati. 
Brawn, «. (muscular part of the 

body) J-*c *a4al. — {bodily strength) 

Sy quwwa-t. 
Brawny, adj. J^ *adil. 
Bray, v. (as an ass) v3«^ nahaq, 

yanhaq. — (/n a mortar) v3^^ 

sahaq, yashaq. 
Bray, s. j^ nuhAq. 
Braze, v. (solder) ^ lal^am, yal- 

Brazen, Brazier, see Brassy, 

Breach, s, (of walls, Ac.) l^H naq- 

ba-t; WVJ\ o* ^^•^ fathat fi-'l- 

havit ; aJI* gulma-t (pi. ^ 

fiulam). — (of an agreement) J** 

•^^ naqd al-'ahd. 
Bread, s. yt*. hubz. — (livelihood) 

(ji^e* *ai^. 
Breadth, s. j^j^ *ard. 
Break, s. j^ kasr (pi. ^^^kusiir) ; 

A«LUu uiar|ata'at ; ^^\ inqita'. — 

(break of day) j^\ i«)ll» (aPat an- 

nahiir ; ^%a)\ j^ saqq al-iajr. 
Break, v. j^ kasjir. yaksir ; kas-' 

sar, yukassir. — (a promise, faiths 

&c.) ^U. ban, yahun ; s-» j^ 

qa^^ar bi, yuqa^^ir; j^ naqa4, 

Breakfast, s. j^ f u^iir. 
Breakfast, v. ^ fa^ar, yaftar, 

Breast, s. j*x« ^adr (pi. j^*'^ 9udiir). 

— (of a woman) ^H^ fei^^ (P^* 

(^y^ huduu) ; J^ nahd (pi. 

•>^ nubud). 
Breath, s. ,^r** nafas (pi. (j*U»^ 

anfas) ; ^j^J^jS tanaffus. — (life) 

upW ttayat; l-^^^i nasama-t. — 

(tnwM o/ aiV) f*t~i naaim ; la^ 
Bkeathg, p. (.r*^ tanaffua, yata- 

Bs.KATHLKsa, adj. ,j-i^\ fjlnf maq- 

tfl' (m-nafaa. 
Bbkbcbes,*. A\^ airwa] (pi. Jij'r- 

BKrAwil) ; oW tubbAn (pi. tjaitji 

taUbtn) ; j^-^'^fcA i&Utr (pi. 

;«*UA JahiUir). 
Brkkd, v. ^) waJod, yulidi u?-^ 

hwiiin, jatjhun. — (rear) .j-tj 

mlittu' yu rabbi. 
Bkkkd, g. J-J nasi ; (j-^ jins (pi. 

u-y* juuuB, i^Wl ajnss). 
Bkkksing, s. ie)/ tarbiya-t; s-i-jU 

te'ndib; ^j1 adab (pi. ^\A 

BitKKZE, «. ^»-— 1 naaim (pi. ^L-> 

tiiafttu^ ; a«^ Daf)ia-t (pi. <jJ\ 

-At) ! 'j« hawa (pi. ijjAl abwi- 

Bbebzt, adj. iji'j'i hawili-y. 
Bbethbbn, «. 0^^\ ah. wan. 
Bbktiabt, e. (>/» '^y^ ^>Ji 

kitAb ?alawftt al-fard. 
BBKviTr, i. jW-.l ijaz ; ^ dabV- 
Bbew, u. fjflit J4C -amil aUbuza-t, 

ya'tiial S^ ^ t^bah bira-t, 

Bbewke, 8. SjjJl J-\c 'amil al- 

bflla-t ; ^U* fuqqA'i-y. 
Bbewebt, s. ijjjl J*»- ma'roal al- 

bOza-ti £m\ Jin- nia'raal al- 

Bbidi.iii,e, adj. JL^ mabattal, 

tjUy* murtasi. 
Bbiak, «. A-IL^ bartala-fi J-«V 

banil (pi. Jel'V baratil) ; S^j 

ra«wa-t (pi, ^y-, ru:^). 
Bbibe, v. Jl";t barfal, yubarti! ; 

0»-i dahan, yadhun ; t*; ra^a*, 

yarSi', jarsu'. 
Bbicx, g. '^^ tub, lob ; J**/ qir- 

mid, qarmid (pi. ■igxt/ qiLraimd). 
Bkick, v. ■i-';i qannad, yuqaruiid. 
Bbicx-bat, s. U^ (iiba-t. 
Bbicklater, «. i^jf miiqarmid. 
Bbidal, *. u-;* "ura (pi. ir^j^^ 
f- a'rfis) ; ^ faralj (pi, c'/ afrfilj). 
Bridal, adj. ^^^ 'iirai'y. 


Bride, ». ^^ 'arua ; ^j^ 'arAsa-t 

(pi. o-<y 'arAyis). 
Bbideoboom, ». (^jfi 'aria. 
Bbidoe, ». l}-^ qantara-t (pi. jtU) 

qanatir); y-^ jisr (pi. jy-» 

Bbidle, s. ^UJ liJHtn (pi. >»1 -it. 

^ lujuni, L^\ aljima-t) ; ^t^c 

'ioaD (pi. (J— i- g 'unoD, J— 1-«1 

BsiDLE, (,', ,*^ lajjam, yulajjimi 

ft^\ aljani, yuljim, — {retirain) 

lt^\ aljam, yuljim; ^ ^^bftl, 

Bbief, ». U. hatt (pi. ^^ liut&O : 

v>U^1 intihAb ff^ raqm (pi. 

fiUj^ arqAm). 
Br^ef, adj. jeA qaair ; /•si« mni]- 

Bbibb, «. ■«ljk ^auk, ^k (pi. tdtj^t 

Briery, adj. Jjfc j-i ?u ^auk ; alflk 

bAyik ; iJtJy^ luu^wik, mu^w. 

Brio, Brigastihe, ». w^jt gurilb 

(pi, ftjjtl a^iba-t). 
Brioade. 0, J«;i^ ^y lirqB-t 

■aakariva-t (pi. j^ tiraq) ; Ij) 

liwA (7'Hi-i.). 
Bbioapieb, ». i*^ ij-rfj wyia 

firqa-t; Vr^ mfrliwfi. 
Brioand, h, j-1;«. liarAml-y ; pU 

jijUl qaita- aHAriq; Jj lUH 

(pi, (jojJ iu?iis, i_fUl alfAf). 
BsiauT, 0(7)'. jl;) barrAq j ^1 

Ifimi'; ^^ mud>; jt^ munir; 

oU- jali-y. 
Bbiohten, v.a. £— »-l laminti', i>ti< 

lammi' ; ^ jaJa, yajli ; n. ,,^1 

iujala, yanjali, 
BRiaHTNEBs, t. v>ju raunoq; V 

jilA; £yW jalwa-ti "^ d<;'^ i '■^ 

lam'at ; bl. BanA. 
Brillianct, «., Bbilliakt, d^'. 

see Bbiohtmess. Brioht. 
Brilliant, a. ^Ut almiis ; u-Ult 

i*-J^ almiis birlant. 
Bbim. f. ii\- b"Sit-t- 'v*^ l;Afiyft-t 

(pi. ^V t"t"*f') ; r* *'"" (?'■ 

^Uil afiur'iiii, Ayi »f«Ali). 




Brim, v.a. 3U mala, yamla ; n. ,JU5 
tauialla, vatamalla. 

Brimming, Brimful, aJj. ^\ yu^ 
^\ main 111 ila-'Ufiim. 

Brimstone, s. yj^j^ kibiit. 

Brinb, s. (JU U imV malih. 

Bring, v. ^^W jah, yajih ; s-Jkf- 
jallal», yujallib ; s-» ^y^ ata l»i, 
vati. — (cause tocoutt) ^^^ wadda, 
yuwaddi. — (britnj abnut) J^ 
kamiiial, yukaiiimil. -- {hriiuj 
Jnrth children) JJ^ walad, valid. 

Brink, **. «-iJ» taraf (|»1. Uk\}»\ 

Briny, adj. ^U malih. 
Brihk, adj. <«-&i mi.'^it. 
Briskness, /». tUi nasjH. 
Bristle, b. fyi^. ^ Mi'^lx hinzir. 
Bristle, v. ^JJo\ iuiiafas, yanna- 

lis ; H-J qabb, yaqubb. 
Brittle, adj. jL-^}5\ g>;-» sari* al- 

inkisar; v, .L«l\ gj^ gari* al-^a^b ; 

^jA\^ wahi. 
Brittleness, «. v-W^ Ary- sur'at 

al-*atb ; jL-X>3^ ic^ sur^at al- 

Broach, i». («y>iO ^^— sih (pi. tW-^ 

asyah;. — (ornament) ^f qur? 

(id. o^V^ aqniM). 
Broach, f. w^ .^acjab, yasqub ; 

^afciA sakk, yasukk. — (a caiik) Jy 

bazal, vabzul. 
Broad, adj. J^^^ *ari(l. 
Bkoad-cast, 8. ^^ bazr ; jViJ ui jar. 
Broad-side. s. ^\x^\ J^ jS^^ 

^^eUJ\ s-^^ ^^ itlaq kiill al- 

madati' min jamb al-^alyuu. 
Brocade, s. eW«*> dibaj ; (j-«u-. 

Broil, «. ^U5 taljanuq ; AliU-. 

musakala-t ; ^j^ takrar ; a^^ 

ha^iima-t ; «>*^ ladad. 
Broil, v. v^^ sawa, yaswi ; 8awwa 

vusawwi ; s-^ kabUib, vukab- 

Broker, «. JJj dallal (pi. ^^3*) 

dallalin) ; j^. » » * saiiisiir (pi. 

f;" ^»* samasira-t). 
Brokera<}e, «. ^"i^ dalala-t; lyA 

JW\ ujra-t ad-dallAl; Sj 


Bronze, «. ^\ ^-^ nuhas a^far ; 

cy tuj (Tnrk.). 
Bkocjd, r. J^^ J^ •^j raqad *ala- 

'l-bcd, yarqiid ; (j-^ hadan, vah- 

4uii. — (/// thuuijht) y^ a<jmar, 

Brood, h. ^^^^^ hadna-t ; Aiy qar- 

<[a-t; j9yo HUH (pi. ^^U,j-> HiBan) ; 

i— «2i fa<-|Ka-t. 
Brook, h. i-i^ saqiya-t (pi. ^^y^ 

Kiiwaqi) ; v«;«;»^ iiiajra (pi. v^;W^ 

majari) ; J;«^- jadwai (pi. J;W 

Brook, v. ^J^ j^^ Habar *ala, yas- 

bur ; J^»^ tahammal, yata^am- 

Broom, s. (plant) ^j ratam; J\j^ 

wazal. — (h'Som) ^„JX .» miknasa-t 

(pi. (^Vi** niakauis) ; AJtju mu- 

Broth, s. a»/» surba-t ; a5^ mara- 

(|a-t ; Aiyu-^masluqa-t (pi. ^jJL^ 

Brothel, s. jU-a5\ ct^ bet al- 

fiisrid ; j^U mahur (pi. jt^\y^ 

Brother, s. t^ ah, ^\ ahil (pi. S^^ 

ihwa-t, e^^^ ah wail). — (/>y the 

same mother) <3 a it " ssaqiq. — 

(hrother-in-Uiw) ^ ^ahr. 
Brotherhood, «. ^^ iluV ; h^\ 

Bkotherliness, s. ^^\ uhuwwa-t; 

l^ huwwa-t. 
Brotherly, adj. ^^^\ ahawi-y. 
Brow, s. (forehead) ^;j-w^ jabiu (pi. 

^v-^\ ajbmi, i»--h^ ajbina-t) ; ^^ 

jabha-t (pi. *Jt>\ '\\X) ; aaLo Hul*at. 

— (rye-brow) s-^^ b*U^^ (p^- 

s-^^^ hawajib). 
Browbeat, r. (^^^ ta^ablias, ya- 

ta*abba8; «-A-ifi 'auDaf, yu'aunif ; 

«->^ hawwaf, yuhawwif. 
Brown, adj. ^*— \ asmar, f. ^^4— 

s^iiiira (pi. ^4>-* sumr). 
Brownish, adj. o*^/«— ^ asmara- 

II I -y. 
Brownness, 8. '^j*-^ 8umra-t ; jU^ 

Browse, v. ^^J ra*a, yar*a; ^^^\ 

irta*a, jarta'i ; (fj rata', jarta'. 

Bkdisk, (. i^) radda-t ; j-.u> Had- 

mSr-t ; it^ da,iia-t. 
BftuisE, V. ."j rad^ad, yura(lijid ; 

(jiyij ra4rad, yuradri^ ; ij!»JiAJ 

dasiini, yudasdis. 
Brunette, «. Ij*- Batnra, (f, of 

j»-l asmar, pi. ;*- sumr), 
Bkont, s. *Ut- hamla-t; JUa* saij- 

ma-t; ^1j1-1 i^tidam, 
fiBUBH, a. ^y fursu-t ; J^gA^ bar. 

siraa-t; tt*» ruuqa^ia-t. 
Bbusk, 1'. JUgAj^^t >-^ najzaf bi- 

'l-barsimtt-t, junaziif; c — ~ - 

l^^\t luaHah hi-'l-furaa-t, yam- 

aah.—(toJiek §liglilly) olo ha.S, 

Bbubhwood, a. ^jm. ifuri (pi. 

^\f^ atiriW) ; ii>i j^ui^a-t (j.l. 

u*^ gayad). 
BBPsquK, aij. K^ gali^ ; y-**- 

has in. 
Bbx^bqifeness, s. ill* gilaza-t; 

i>U* hasitna-t. 
Brutal, aJj. ^l«-H Ji« miel al- 

bahnjim ; ^IW jilim. 
Brutalise, w.a. u^*-; wahlia^, yu- 

wabt^i^; ,»k iinlam, yablam. 
Brutalitt, «. AjilkM maclama-t ; 

^ iulni ; itJi* lajaja-t. 
Brute, e. |K« babiiii, i*tW babi- 

niii-t (I'l. fn\« bakiiyim). 
Brutish, aiij. ,j*i« babimi-y, 
Beutibhnesb, B. itr*e« bahiniiya-t; 

i— 1« bahima-t; iiUi»- hamii- 

BuBBLE, «, Ull SJfA bEuqbfiqa-t 

ai-mA.—icheat) /- mikr ; u^ 

Bubble, p. (a* wafer) ,_^ gala, 

yagli ; JM) l>a<]baq, yubaqhiq. 
BnccANiEB, *. *^-^f* v't* dairab 

marulfib; LUi q^in^ (pi.' ^Ui 

Buck, «. J-«i tais, tei (pi. i_^jbJ 

tuy&fl, ij'V^ atyAs, 1— gi tiyas^-t, 

I'je'i' maty&sa) ; j£>i zakar (]jt. 

j^j /ukOr). 
Bucket, *, jlo dalA, dalw (pi. So 

diln); JUu^ miotAl; Jth. taW 

(pi. jy- Mtfll)- 
BocKLE, 8. fti^ lazim, ftiyt ibzim, 

abzim (pi. fUj^^ abjlzim); 

bukala-t (pi ^1 -fit). 
Buckle, n. ^>)t W \)!l\\ ibzim, ra- 

buU; r'^M^ **W* sabak al-al«4. 

zim, yo^bik. 
Buckler, a. ,^jl ture (pi. ij-j^ 

turiiB, y-lyl atnia) ; iijJ dnnuja-t 

(pi. jjJ daraq, jljjl adraq). 
Bud, s. jj zarr {[il.j'ijl azrir); ,;>«■ 

'ain (pi. y^ 'uyiln). 
Bud, v. j» bazz, yabuzz j jyji tasar- 

rar, yatazarrar. 
Budget, s. J;-i11 i-AijUi j j\^\ tm^ 

'liy-i laviha-t iriid wa ma^arif 

ad ■ duwal eanawiyvan; ••r'l— k. 

\vWf>^ , Jljl JjiJ-'ljiaab mad- 

hul al-liilad wa mahrajit-b)i ; 

^W^ ma4')ata-t. 
Buff, «. ^yW •»!* jild jamQa. 
Buffalo, ». o'r^ jimiis (pL 

w-^V jawumia). 
Buffet, «. ■wil labnia-t. 
Buffet, u. ^ lakaut, yalkum. 
Buffoon, «. ijit— mashara-t (pL 

jiL— • masAhir). 
Buo, ». ,J( baqq ; yii- Jt boqq 

miintid; ^ i^— i fasfusa-t, (^U-i 

fisfila (pi. ij~*L-l fasafiB). 
BurtBEAE. s. JW- hiyal; Jijtf tab. 

wil (pi. Jtj'i tahawii), 
BuoLE, ». jy buq (pi. w>l -fit, jly\ 

Build, v. ^ baua, yabu! ; j*a 

■ammar, yu'ammir. - (a <A^) 

J^ madil, yamudd. 
Building, U| biua (pi. A«Jtl abni- 

ya-t) ; SjU* 'imara-t. 
Builder, «.jUjw mi'mnr ; U| bauni. 
Bulb, ». J-( ba?a! ; y-'j rka. 
Bulbous, adj. J-i ba;ali-?. 
Bulk, ». JUic 'aEamo-t ; ^ 'uim ; 
qadr.— (o/ a skip) s-^1 y* 
ESS, g. A'L^ jasfiina-t. 

**—»■ jasim; jr^ 




Bull, ». jji ja 

siriVn, jlyl aiwar). 

Vi^t bani-t al-hab& 

BuT.LET, ». Lm'^j rafAfa-t. 

jaur, aor (pi. oW 
' ^ {Papal) £, 




Bullion, h. ^ til>r ; ^ ■ <e <i^ sabika-t 

(pi. 0X2 W-« sabrtvik). 
Bullock, b. Lj-«ae« *•» sor inahRi-v. 
Bully, %. J^y^ niutawa**id ; jj^s^ 

Bully, r. J^y tawa**ad, yatawa**ad ; 

->J^ tahaddad, vataliaddad. 
Bulrush, %. VaU halfa* (pi. UkU 

hnluf ) ; J-^ asal ; o\>>*^ haizu- 

Bulwark, %. t;* bnrj (pi. t^y^ 

abraj) ; Atrf^ tabijah (Turk.). 
Bump, b. f^^ waram (pi. f^)^ 

Bump, v. ij^ la^as, valtu.4; jo 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Bumper, h. t^ qadal> (pi. c^Ji^ 

Bumpkin, /r. ^^jJ^ hasin ; Jk^li j^'alij. 
Bun, 9. y^f qur« (pi. o^V^ aqra?, 

i*;i qira«a-t). 
Bunch, s. W;^ mirl>at ; aJV# V>aqa-t. 

— (0/ tjrapeg) jyuc *anqAd. 
BuNDLR, «. A^ hnzma-t (pi. f^ 

huz:un) ; Sj^ jurza-t (pi. }^ 

jiiraz); fij^ 8a<lda-t (pi. *>Aib 

Bundle, v. fy^ b^zam, jahziin. 
BuNo, 8. Je^^ lj\xm sidada-t bar- 
mil (pi. a|\x- sadajid) ; J^y 

bizal, buzal. 
Bung, v. J«^^^ *^ sadd al-barmil, 

Bungle, s. U^ gala^ ; £1^ gaUa-t. 
Bungle, v. U* gjili^, vaglat ; cAV 

barqas, vubarqis. 
Buoy, s. 5;J^Ua Hainundara-b. 
Buoy, v. (kp^^p aflttat) y>VA fa.4, ya- 

fiis; j»Vc *ain, ya'iini. 
Buoyancy, s. (vivacity) t^ na.sat ; 

l^ haflfa-t. 
Buoyant, adj. Waj nasi^. 
Bur, «. tye^;^ anpitivAn; aV-W 

balsak, bilsik ; oXn^ o*"^ o*^ 

'aninii huzni ma'ak. 
Burden, s. i^ naila-t ; aU*- bam- 

la-t. — (ofanimattf) J^^ haml (pi. 

Ju*>\ abmul). 
Burden, v. (load) J^^ hamnial, 

jiihainniil. — (opvress) .J^ J*» 

saqqal 'ala, junaqqil. 

Burdensome, adj. s-^«-> «a*b; 

s^jum« raut*ib ; J«*» saqil. 
BuRO, 8. (borough) ^<i qa«al>a-t ; 

J^ lialad. 
BuROEss, Burgher, s. jJi# {^\ ibn 

balad (pi. "^ *>3;^ aulad balad) ; 

^jJlj balad I -J. 
Burglar, «. j;^ sariq (pi. j^^ 

Burglary, 8. ^*-. sarqa-t, sariqa-t. 
Burial, 8. SjW janaza-t ; (^^ dafn ; 

(^JJ tadaffuQ. 
Burial-place, 8. Ijt^ maqbara-t. 
Burlesque, 8. S^^L*-^ masbara-t 

(pi. ^L-^ masahir). 
Burliness, 8. ^U^ ja«ama-t. 
Burly, adj. ^ a-n jasim. 
Burn, v. j^ baraq, yahriq; j;^^ 

ahraq, yubriq. 
Burner, 8. ^3^^^ miibriq. 
Burnish, r. JA« «aqal, ya«qul. 
Burnish, 8. Ji* sa^il ; J^ 9iqal. 
Burnisher, 8. J^ saqqal, j4is-» 

saiqal (pi. JiW* sayaqil). 
Burst, 8. y^ fazr. 
Burst, v.n. ^^\ infazar, yanfazir ; 

jvtf tafazzar, yatafazzar ; ^ 

7a<]a*, yafqa* ; a. g** facjqa*, yu- 

Bury, v. ^^^ dafan, yadfin ; ^ 

qabar, yaqbir, yaqbur. 
Bush, 8. LAt^ dagala-t; &-u^ 

gaida-t (pi. o*W* giyad). 
Bushel, 8. J«5U mikyal (pi. Ji^O 

makayil) ; x» madd (pi. S^xA 

Business, s. (affair) jAi* J^^gl; 

AlAAi sugla-t (f>l. jVAAi\ asiral).— 

(profession) Sjujo «an*a-t. 
Buss, s. ^y baiisa-t ; ^^ lasma-t. 
Buss, r. ^j-W bas, yabus ; ^ lasam, 

Bust, s. J^^UJ tinisAl; ^jjL«»!5^ ^j^y^ S^^ 

A;*^ ^ Rurat ras al-insan wa sadr- 

Bustle, v. s^y^\ id^irab ; ^W;^ 

irtijaj; i>; rajja-t. 
BusTLK, V. ^f^ tabarrak, yata- 

Busy, adj. jy^-*^ ma«gAl ; JaaA^ 



BiTT, conj. [^ lakin ; Ul ammu. — 

{except) S\ illA. 
BuTCBEK, H. ,^\-" qn^f.ib; jlj* jftz- 

jlitr; ,^i > ' t i-» mu^iaqqiH. 
BnTCBBEV, ». (shtnghter) Ji» qn-tl ; 

j^Jzoblj. — (alaughter-hoiiae) ijy^ 


BUTLEK, ». ^j»U. Bliqi (ill. »a»U-. 

auqS-t, JU auqi-y, .^a- suqija). 
Bbtt, p. (J^ natati, yantulj ; c^*-^ 

tanflfah, yatanntah. 
Butt, ». (cast) ^ip^ battlya-t (pi. 

(j-Jl^l batnti. — (target} ^Jj— » 

hadaf (pi. jIjaI abdaf) ; e)Uj 

BtJTT-BND, «. (n/ a gim) JJ^ ijau- 
daq (pi, J-iUl qatiAdiq); iM/ 

BCTTBB, a. *J-)j zibila-t; o— t- 

BtJTTBBFLT, s. jj»;i farfilr (pi. ;e*y 
fanlfir); ^>V farA- ; SjU* bas. 

BTTTTBKMn-K, jp*! saiuir ; i/^e^ 

BcTTKEY, adj. jjJ>ij zibdi-y. 
Buttock, s. ^J^Ji^ halffinJ-y ; ^1- 

warfini-v; i-jj, ridf (pi. u\JJt 

ardAf). ■ 
Button, «. jj zurr, siarr (pL j^t' 

BiTTTON, It. j^j zarzar, yusarzir; 

;;)< taaarrar, yafazarrar. 
Button-hole, ». ij;* "irwa-t (pL 

^f 'ira). 
BuTTKKsB, ». ij^ kabs (pi. ^Wfl 

akbas) ; •ij^U 'limud (pi. J^yt 

Buxom, a^j. ,*«— 4 bastm (ja i .* 

miishin ; •ill^*' miijt^ak. 
Buy, p. ^5;^1 i^tara, va^uri ; fUjt 

ibtu', vttbtA'. ■ ' 


BUVKB, '». ^5jU. .45 


Butter. tJ. J* »J)j l=- haU zibda-t 

or^ n'ustari 

£Lv muba-. 

'ai.i, yaljutl; (;>*- sauiinao, yu- 

Buzz, r. jj3, wa 

EWftz, yuwaxwiij 

Buzz, g. i 

By, pre^. '(near (0) A" *iuid. — (fty 

the Inilrtimctttality of) •*«» bi-ru<|. 


Cab, ifj* 'araba-t. 

Cabal, 0. £>)V munlbata-t ) i—tr^^ 

.liisisa-t (pi. i^^J daaAyis) ; 

i~^ 'a?ba-t (pi. -T - ' g "ii^ab).^ 

(Jeirlth traJilion) ilf» qahaln-t. 
Cabbaog, e. s-J/ kurumb ; »JjAU 

iiialfuf; JJ( boql (pi. Jj«l 


Cabin, ». ^)*- hazna-ti ij^U kAma- 
ra-h ; iij-* mijriya-t (pi- *^^ 
-ftt, vjj^— • mnBrii-i). 

Cabibet, ». (chetl of draWfTi) ii^ 

duwiilib).~(/rt-i'm/c rouw) J^*- 
ttiabda' (pi. f^W* raahildi*) ; 
Sy*. balwa-t (j^ haUwi),— 

i-Jjj_ll diwAn miidabUrin ad- 

daiila-t; yoU. (j\j(j dlwiin b'w- 
Cabinbt-uaker, r. jW= najjir. 
Cable, «. J^ hal.l (pi. JL,-. Ijibil) j 

j^jf kilmana-t. 
Cacao, a. iii^fJJ\ ^ loz a^loko- 

lAta-t ; ^5J^ jjl loz hin.l!-r. 
Cackle, v. jy qiiraq, yiuiruq' ; ^iB 

naqnaq, yunaqniq ; ^^ bafbat, 

Cackle, t. j^ qarq ; au) naqna- 

OiDAVBROCa. adj. >a,gj\ JjU mill 

ftl-niavvit; ,.y>e* jifi-*, 
Caddy. U^' W* 'ulbn-'t aiS-iii. 
Cadence. «. 5^. saj' (pi. gV-* 

a*j4'. e«*^l asftji'). 




Cage, $. jM qafa? (pi. (/Ul\ 

Cage, v, ^/aAS qaffas, juqaffis. 
Caitiff, b. i^^m^ habij (pi. <i^t^ 

hubus) ; ;i;ib ^rir (pi. reg.) ; 

<^«> danis. 
Cajole, v, ^jU mallaq, y umalliq ; 

^jUs tamallaq, jatamallaq ; U^i 

lataf, julatif. 
Cajolery, «. tjJUJ tamliq ; ^\^ 

muw4jaha-t; ^)U mulatafa-t ; 

4W« mu^Ajala-t. 
Cake, #. ^/ qur? (pl.o^y^ aqrAs); 

**W ka*k ; •-M'^ ragif (pi. iktj\ 

argifa-t, Uktj ruguf). 
Cake, v. ^j rasah, jarsuh. 
Calamitous, adj, u«^^^ manl^ilig ; 

tr^ nal^is ; ^y*-* maiiiin. 
Calamity, s. i^U dahija-t (pi. 

^J^^)^ dawiibi) ; ^^ mu^iba-t 

(pi. s-i^-^ ma^ajib) ; i^ balija-t 

(pi. \i%i balaya). 
Calcareous, o^Z/. ^^y^ kilsi-y. 
Calcine, v. fjJ^kaWsM, yukallis. 
Calcination, b, (j>»J^ taklis. 
Calculate, v, s ■* ^ ^asab, jal>- 

Calculation, b. s^L^ hisab. 
Calculus, b. (Btone in the bladder) 

U». l^a^a ; A^i- sihla-t. — (differen- 
tial and integral) ^ ^J>AA^^^ ^ 

^\4j1\ <ilin at-tafa^uli wa at- 

Caldron, b, Jl^ sa^ (pi. jy»^ 

Bu\(i\) ; o^y oazan. (See Boiler.) 
Calendar, b. h^Ji»l\ ^^\s^ kitab at- 

(abha-t; tyJ^ matbuh; ^JEf 

tar|wiiu; ajL1\ ^V|\ s^U^ ^isab 

ajjam as-sana-t; ^^)}) ruz- 

Calender, b. l^^ milzama-t. 
Calender, v. Ja« 9aqal, ja^qal. 

Calf, b. vV *ijl (pl- J^%« 'uj^O; 

il^ 4jla-t (pi. JV 'ijAl).— (0/ 

(A<* ^) J^^ ^»^ lal^m as-saq ; 

J^\ AiU^ samana-t ar-rijl. 
Calibre, b. \t^ 'ijar. 
Calico, b. f*^ ham ; s^^^ ^it. 
Caliph, «. aAqU. halifa-t (pi. U^TU. 

halayif, UU hufafd). 
Calif SATEy «. XiJi«* ^Uiifa-t 

Calk, v, (a Bhip) «-All qalaf, jaq- 

lif ; UU qalfat, juqalfit* 
Call, v. ft«^ nadah, jandah; tt^ 

9arah, ja^ruh; J ^ 'ajjat li, 

yu*ayyit. — (name) ^4— Bamma, 

yusammi. — (viBit) M z4r, yaziir. 
Call, b. \^ du*& (pi. a»c*>\ id*iya-t) ; 

i^ 9arha-t. — (vibU) ^jk} zijir 

Calliorapht, b. W^ (2^«-*> I^UEIl 

Calling, b, (profeBBum) ^^ Vr- 

fa-t (pi. ^^ l^iraQ; 

na'a-t. — (religiouB) JU? aU\ S^fto 

da'wa-t 'allah ta'ala ; h^^ hiaA- 

ya-t; (i<^\ ilham. 
Callosity, b, (j«^«> dftl^&a; ^Uj 

daman ; s-^^ qasab. 
Callous, adj. v , .. t a** muqa^b; 

^^jub« mutadammia. — (hardened) 

liLiS\ AjJ^ 'adim a^-^faqa-t; 

,^5«vS qasi. 
Callousness, «. S^UJ aasAwa-t. 
Callow, ad/, ^jt^j Si| biU ri4. 

Calm, (ui/. c5**^ h&di ; c^ mur- 

tali. — (of the Bea) (^j raKin. 
Calm, b, ^j^ galina-t; ijl}\ y^J^ 

hudu ar-ri^. 
Calm, r. ^) rayyal?, yu^ayyi^^ ; (jjX- 

sakkan, yusakkin; ^5*1^^ ahda, 

Calmness, b. i»\) ra]|^t; l^^Jb 

Calomel, b. •3yt»« jmj zibaq mu- 

Caloric, b, ^^)J^ S«>^ mAddat al- 

l;iarara-t ; ^4*- l>amw. 
Calumniate, v. ^ ^ namm 'ala, 

yanimm, yanumm ; ^J^ c5j^^ 

iftara 'ala, yaftari ; ^^ ^« wato 

bi, yasi. 
Calumniator, b. f»Ui nammim) 

4j;/A- muftari; ^Jk\ wa^i (pL 

uvU^ wuisat). 
Calumny, b, &*«4i namima-t ; \fi\ 

if tira ; ^U^ wi^ya-t ; ^^ bah- 

tan ; ^^ qazf . 
Calye, v. S^^ sM^m^y wa4'at al- 

baqara-t, ta4a'. 
Calyx, b, fS kimm (pi. ^W kiff^^mi 

fU!\ akmam). 



OutBBic, s. >9^7<-*^ tambrik. 
Cambl, «. y il>l (pi. J4^ aMl); 

Cba'ir _([)!. je^\ alm'ir, yl;«i 
uriin, »;«(* ab'ira-t). — (male) 

J** jamal (pi. JW jimSl). — 

(female) ill* nliqa-t (pi. ca\ -Ht, 

jy nilq). 
Camgl-dbiveb, e. JW jammdl (pi. 

i -at, cij -Cm). 
Caueo, «. j-f* jauhar (pi. /ilj*. 

Oamomilb, b. ^))lt biibunaj ; tj^j**! 

Camp, s. ^^ (o-'yl) 'urdt (Turi.) ; 
yi— K* ma'askar. 

Camp, r. j^j" w-^ ua^ab 'ur^i. 
janiub ; ,n*- hayjam, juhay- 
yim ; J)i nazal, yanzil. 

Campaion, s. /- satar (pi. ji*-\ 
aafar) ; wj-^ harb (pi. ^f^ 
hurfib) ; Sjjt gazwa-t ; ^W* jibHd. 
(yiflin) J*- aahl, ilfl- sabla-t 
(pi. Jj»- suhul) ; iar-i tasha-t. 

Camphok, 8. ;j*li kSf iir. 

Cajt, s. tj*^ bakrai (pi. ej^ bakil- 
rij, Turi.) ; JJij)! ibriq (pi. JjjW^ 

Can, i>. jJJ qadir, yaqdar, (vulg. 
qodar, yaqdir) ; j.i»\ inqadar, 
yanqadir; t^l imkan, ynmkin 
(Impera. with pronominal sufBx: ; 
lit. it enables me, &e.) ; jlt ^jiq, 
yatiiq ; J>lu_l iBtafii', jaetali'. 

Cakal, s. i>-J qanA-t ; ^U* qanfi- 
ya-t (pi. tsJ^jUi qanflwat, ^e"! 
aqniya-t); gU* halij (pi. gU- 
huluj, ^^J«- huljiiii). — (liuef in 
the body) ij}^^ majni (pt. »jjV* 

Canabt, ». y\y^ IjuzSr ; j»^ 'asf fir ; 
^jtii qaa«riya-t ; j^^kinar. 

Cancei., v. W* niahfi, yamhu, yam- 
]fi ; ^—1 naaah, yaaeah. 

Cakceb, «, ( ^ akila-t ; 
k^} ri'fiya-t ; yU^j- Baratiin. — 
(•ijfw o/ (Ae lodiae) u^j- sara- 

Candid, adj. joU. jadiq j t/J** 

mubli; ; ijbIU. biilif . 
Casdidate, s. O^ t&Iib (pi. v^ 

(ulliib) ; -iij* murid. 

Candidatcre, Cardidatbbhip, «. 

s-iL talab ; ML falba-t. 
Candle, s. £>u^ ^m'a*t; f*^ 

iani' (pi. £j^ Sumft').— (wiw. 

candU) ^J—* 5*A ^am' 'aaali-y. 
Candlestick, e. (jl-**** s&ma'din 

(pi. ia>l -at, yjAcUJ. ^ama'idin) ; 

M*-iM miama'a-t (pi. 2^^^^ mA- 

Candoite, «. iil-Vi sadiqa-t ; JJ" 

^idq; S.Lju iiafiiwa-t; ^/>'i-*-\ 

Candy, e. >£jW> ^^ eukkar nabnt ; 

iii qand ; e^*^ ablilj ; Jjjet (abar- 

Candt, e. /— aakkar, yusakkir. 
Case, e. h-« qafab; i^ji ba^. — 

(gfiek) Ud 'afL 
Cane, c. U«Hi .^^ darab bi-*l-'a«4, 

y ad rib, yadrub. 
Canine, adj. ^j»lf kalbi-y. 
Canisteb, ». i4c 'nlbft-t. (See 

Canker, g. see Canoeb. 
Canker, v. J^ akal, ya'kul. 
Cankeeous, Canceeoub, adj. Ji^ 

Cannibal, s. .j*^^ ^ Jf^t (j- 

man ya'kul lahm an-niis. 
Cannon, ». g».i» madfa* (pi. j*'** 

mad&fi') ; v'lt (ob. (op (Turk.). 
Cannon, v. J^ C*'*"^^ v^ d*™l> 

al-madiifi' 'aJa, ya^rib, yai)rub. 
Cannonade, *. ^^-ult ^j* d^b 

Canoe, e. hf*^ ^htura-t (pt. 

jeJljfc* ^hfttir) i ^fl- jarm (pi. ftj^ 

Canon, *. ^yU qSnfin (pi. i^V 

qawanin) ; iJi«Ui qa'ida-l (pi. 

■lelj* qawH'id). 
Canonical, oti;. ijy^ qanftnt-y. 
Can OPT, «. j>>y* suradiq (pL ' 

uaUolj- surddiqat). 
Cant, i. (hypocrisy)^ nakr; W^ 

Cantee, a. (j4ij raqd ; crT) r"nb- 
Cantbr, v. uAij raqad, yarqud ; c^ 

ramab, yarmilj ; J*t hayyil, ya- 

Canticlb, «. (Aymn) c«t-* taabi^ 




(pi. ^Uj tasabil^) ; «>Ui)^ j^4ui 

naBid al-an^d. 
Canton, b, £«LU^ muq4taVt ; ^!l^ 

Cantonment, 8, j^^^^^X W« ma^att 

Canvas, b, <^^Aji% janfa? ; ^Ji^ haii 

(pi. (J^ huyus, s>^^ ahyiU). 
Canvass, v. ($olicit) s-^ {sAah^ 

ya^lub. — (discuss) *^^^. ba^, 

Canvasser, s. s-JVL (alib. 
Cap, «. i^yii qalliisa-t (pi. <^r*<^ 

qalalis) ; \>yy» t&i^biii (pi. (j^^/^ 

Capable, adj, (able to do or contain) 

joU qadir; J«Vi qabil. — (cl^er) 

J»Vik sa^ir; y^U mahir; U^W 

Capableness, Capabilitt, Capa- 
city, s, fi)J^ qudra-t ; ^A^ qabi- 

Capacious, adj, (^\) wasi*; s-^e^ 

ral^ib ; ^«-«i fasil^. 
Capaciousness, Capacitt, s. if^y 

wus'a-t ; l^^ f usl^t. 
Caparison, v, o^ rah^at, yural}- 

feit; ^JA ^A^\ ^ wa4a' ar- 

raht 'ala, ya4a'. 
Caparison, «. o^ raht (pi. up^j 

m^iit. Pets,), 
Cape,««. ^^j ras (pi. <^*2> i^'^s). 
Caper, #. (/eop) ^ naU&-t. — 

(berry) p^ kabar (pi. )W^ kibar, 

jW^ akbar). 
Caper, v. W natty yanutt ; ^^^ nat- 

nat, yunatnit. 
Capital, s. (of a column) •>^ y*\) 

ras 'amtid. — (chief town) ^j-^? 

oUJ^ kursi-y al-mulk; AjS^T^u 

dir al-wilaya-t. ^(stock of trade) 

JU5^ ^^j ras al-mal. 
Capital, adj. (principal) ^J^^ 

a^li-y. — (criminal) J^\ s-*%-^^ 

w&jib al-qatl. 

Capitalist, s. JU s-^U ^al^b m41. 

Capitation, s. ky^ jizya-t. 

Capitulate, v. ^»J^ ^J^ OM^^ 
ittafaq 'ala taslim, yataffiq ; ^ 
^^ sallam bi-^imiti yusaliim. 

CapxtulazioVi f . ^}f^ ^H>^ taslim 

I bi-^unit; ^ ^K>*>* mii^alaljia-t ; 
aLjU-« mu^arata-t. 

Capon, s, o*'^ **^*^ ^^^ muhsi-y. 
Caprice, s. ^) zantara-t; ^^ 

hawa (pi. \yit\ ahwa) ; Ul^^ kaif . 
Capricious, adj. J^y* muzantir; 

^^^yfc hawayi-y ; ^j^^ mutalaw- 

win ; * i ' U& * mutaqallib. 
Capriciousness, 8, (j^ talawwiin ; 

s-^ taqallub. 
Capricorn, s, <^*^J^ tji l>urj aj- 

Capsize, v. yr-^\ inqalab, yanqa- 

Capsule, s. u!ih gilaf (pi. cJdA 

gulf, guluf, gullaf). 
Captain, «. (of infantry) ^J^^ }jl 

yuz biUi (Turk,), — (of a ship) 

s-^^^ Lr2) ray is al-markab. 
Captious, adj, o*/*** mu*tari4. 
Captiousness, s. jt\jxs\ i*tira4. 
• Captivate, v, (make prisoner) j^\ 

asar, ya'sir. — (charm) ^^j«— saba, 

yasbi; J««J\ s-J^ salab al-*aql, 

Captive, s, adj, jt^\ asir (pi. \j-^ 

Captivity, s, j^\ usr ; W-* sibiL 
Capture, s, jV X' .m\ isti'sar. — 

(booty) ^ ' *tM ganima-t (pi. ^^ 

Capture, v. ^U^\ ista'sar, yas- 

ta'sir ; ^ ganam, yagnam. 
Car, s, a>^ *araba-t (pi. va>\ -at) ; 

^^iC *ajala-t. 
Carabine, s, ^^yi qarabina-t 
Carat, s. ^\jti qirat (pi. WjV qara- 

Caravan, «. aUU qafila-t (pi. J*V 

qawafil) ; JAI qatl, qufl (pi. Jj*i 

quful); (j\^ karwau (pi. {ji)^/ 

Kara win). 
Caravansery, s, o^ ban (pi. up^W 

Caraway, s. (^f^ kammiin ; o^^ 

Carbon, s, f^^\ SjU madda-t aU 

Carbonic, Carbonaceous, adj, 

^J<^ fabmi-y. 
Carcass, «. l^j rimma-t (pL ^j 

1 ■^ 

■ Cajk 



rimam) ; iie»- jiEa-t (pi. oie* 

jiyaf, >jW*1 aj?")! *** lasa-t. 
Cabd, 8. {for play) jjj waraq (pi. 

jl;jl auriiq). — (/or collon, die.) 

eW* mil^lnj. 
Cabd, v. gJ» halaj, yaiilij, ja^luj ; 

wioi nadaf, yandif. 
Cabdiwal, adj. J-1 aili-j-, 
Gabdinaj., s. J^>i/ kardiujil. 
Case, «. {torrow) •» hamm (pi 

(■^*A humfim). — {atletition') U^ri 

I'tins ; J^i^ 'inaya-t ; JUa him- 

ma-t. — {eaution) ji» ba?r. 
Cabk, v. sj JW baia bi, yubSli, 
Careen, v. Uli qalfa{, yuqalfit- 

(See Calk.) 
Cabbeb, 8. (/«/! speed) gA»j raqd. 

— {pTogrett in life) uU— • mae- 

Carbfui,, adj. u««- mu'tani. 
Cabeless, adj. Jilt gafil ; J->^ 

Lamil ; J"Wi* mutahamil ; ^j*^ 

Cake LESSN BBS, «. J-W* tahamul; 

jUaI ihmal ; Jll*i tagitful. 
Cabbsb, ». -4tS lu^af, juUfif ; ijl- 

mallaq^ yumalliq. 
Caress, g. iftLSu luulAjafa-t ; ijUi 

Cabqo, g. ^j*i\ Hf^ l^am(ila-t al- 

markab; s-ijJl ^s*** ta'bija-t 

al-markab ; ^^-t wasqa-t. 
Caricatxtbe, s. *;*— ijj- e&ra-t 

Cabmine, s. ^Jxk) la'li. 
CABMAaz, *. J^ qatl i ^i! zabh. 
Cabnal, adj. tJ\J~^ jaadaiii-y; 

Jlj»fc Sahwani-j. 
Cabhation, I. {colour) jUc 'un- 

nabi-y.— (_;Joui£r) JiiySqai-amful. 
Cakmival, «. 5*/* marfa' (pi. g*Vj^ 

marfifi') ; ijjji kariza-t. 
Carnitoeohs, iMfj. tjW jurih; Ji^ 

fHiUl ya'kul al-lahm. 
Cabol, s. ^ giaii (pi. ^Uil agani) ; 

JUa) oagma't. 
Cabol, c. ^y^ ganna, yuganni ; 

^1* naga, yunagi; ^ garid, 

Cabouse, If. f^^ Dadim, yiintldim ; 

s'j^ iirab, juiarib. 


Cabopsb, Carousal, «. i-JU-i ma- 
aiidama-t ; d^j^-J^ muiaraba-t. 

Caep, v. Ji* 'azal, ya'zul. 

Carp, ». Lj^ fiabiit (jd. l^V** iaba- 

Caepenteb, ». jV najjar. 

Carpentry, «. ijV nijara-t. 

Carpet, ». tLl) basfif (pi. S»_« 
busut) i dLjLJ>tmfiaa-t, (uufasa-i 
(pi. J-iU. taniifiB) ; J^ f"* Cpl- 
^^^^ furu.i).— (/or prayer) IjW- 

Cabpkt, v. i>/ farai, yafnii ; far- 
r&i, yufarris. 

Cabbiage, g. kf 'araba-t; i»W;" 
'arabana-t ; 4— "jj^i knrosa-t — 
(cost o/ convei/ance) flj*» ImmCl- 

Cabrioh, 8.4*3 la^a-t; ^Ag*. jifn-t 
(pi. '-All* jiyaf). 

Cabrot, 8. }^ jazar. 

Carkoty, adj. ^\ yjl* bi-Uan al- 

CARBy, V. J*»- liamal, yafemil ; JU 
Sal, yasil.— (imnajjori) J* oaqal, 

Cabbieb, 8. JU» hammal; Jt«^ 
Sayynl.— (o/o lelUr) ^fi^} J-W 
banul al-maktilb ; ^C s&l (pL 
•U- sa'a-t). 

Cakt, 8. Sijc 'araba-t. 

Cart, v. JSl^julV) Ja> naql bi-'l-'u»- 
baaa-t, yauqiil. 

Cartage, «. Jy naul. 

Cabteb, 8. Af^ j^^ sawwiq 'an^ 
ba-t ; ij*-**j" 'anibaji. 

Cabtilaoe, 8. i^jl;* qurqflB ; -Jy** 
guclrilf (pi. UtijUt ga(Jirif).— (o/ 
(Ae rt6«) ^j-;* Sursuf (pi. i-4«-lj* 
^arilaLfj. — (of ihe note) 4»J 
j^3bJ^\ qa^aba-t al-manh&r. 

Cabtilaqi!(oijs, adj. ij*y^ gu^rft- 

Cabtbiuoe, «. J^^^^ fa^ka-t (pL 
rfUJ faeak) ; -J^-^^ (i>-**j*) 
fauiik (pi. .ae*V fawiiik). 

Cabve, v. (in 8(orw, dx.) (/* 
naqas, yanqaS. — (meal) g-U 
qa(;a', juqaUi' ; c/* ^rraJj, yu- 

Casveb, 8. ^W naqqai. 




Cjlbcadk, 8. U31 j^ji0B»\ inhid&r al-mft; 
Ul\ .flto^ maharr al-ma. — (of the 
Nile) JJui% jandal (pi. J»>W 
janadil) ; yulg. J2U fallal. 

Cube, s, (box) sJ^'^^J^ ^andAq (pi. 
^jU* ^anadiq). — (sheath) u^'^ 
gilaf (pi. i-Al& gulf, guluf, giil- 
laf). — (eventf state) jA amr (pi. 
^y»\ umAr); JW l^al (pi. jy\ 
al^wAl, ^f^\ al>wila-t). — (cause in 
a court) fi^ da*wa-t; 0^ 
dawa (pi. cb^*^ da*awa). — (in 
grammar) ^j^'^\ ^3^ 'alamat 
al-*irab, U-J\ /.^^^ ykJ tagay- 
jur al-awahir al-asma*. 

Case, «. ^ U l;jat^ fi, y ahutt ; •-AJ^ 
gallaf, jugallif. 

Casemate, s. ^j**^ matmCbii-t (pi. 
^IU« matamir) ; S;-*^ mitmara-t. 

Casemeitt, s. ^^ ^ubbuk (}>1. 
«^Wa ^ubabik) ; i^^-^}) ro^an 

Cash, s, JU5\ j^juu ^andiiq al-mal ; 
iiy^ hazna-t. — (ready money) •^ 
naqd (pi. «>yB nuqud). 

Cash, v, ui^ ^raf, ja^rif. 

Cabhieb, «. j^*>^y- hazaudar; (^^^ 
j^juJ\ amin a^-^andiiq; (jj^ 
bazin (pi. ^y> hazana-t). 

Cask, s, J^ barmil (pi. Je^V 
baramil) ; Ml battiya-t (pi. ^J^ 

Casket, s, l^ 'iilba-t (pi. s-^ 
*ulab, s^ ^'\\kh) ; t^^ durj (pL 
i^j«> diraja-t, eb"^^ adraj). 

Casque, s, ^^ huza-t (pi. ^f^ hu- 

Cast, r. (throw) ^j rama, yarmi ; 
^ ^lal^, ya^lali^ ; C/'* ^ara^, yat- 
rab; tanib, yu^arri^; ^^^^ 
Jl^a^f, yai^zif. — (mould) s-^ 
(abb, ya^ubb; <«^ sabak, yas- 

Cast, s. (throw) ^* ramya-t ; ^^ 
^f fa-t — (glance) fi>J la^za-t. — 
(east inuige) ^p'*^ f^^ ^anam 

Castjlwat, s, Ay^^^ mahzul ; J»>j^ 
arzal (pi. J»iy ara?il). 

Castioate, v. i^^"^ qa^as, yuqaf if ; 
'Aqaby ju'Aqib. 

Castioatiow, #. (^Ui qif^; ^yic 

*uqiiba-t ; v»V4c 'iqib. 
Castle, #. y^ qa^r (pi. ^^ qii^iir) ; 

Im^ qal*a-t (pi. flU qOa*). 
Castob-oil, s. tyf^^ ^^Htj zait aU 

Castbate, o. ^^ tawwa^, yufaw- 

wi^ ; o*^ b&9&» y&b?^ ; ^«-^ jabb, 

Castbation, s, ^^ tatwi^ ; ^-i*-^ 

Cas'ual, adj. J>\^\ ittifaqi-y ; ^^j^ 

*ari4 ; crt^ 'ari^i-y. 
Casualty, s, ^oU. 1^^^ (P^* 

st»S\^ hawadig) ; ^><-y^ mufiba-t 

(pi. s-<U^ mafayib). 
Cat, «. Li qitt ; Jli qi^a-t (pi. iUJ 

qi^at, LLi qu^at).— (<ow ca<) yfc 

hirr (pi. fijjyfc hirara-t) ; ^j#* 

Catalepst, «. ^j^ sakta-t; Sjl«j» 

hamda-t ; SiM nuq^a-t. 
Catalogue, s, sa^^^^ fihnst, fak 

risat (}>1. (j*)^ faharis). 
Catalogue, v. ^^ fahras, yufah- 

Catabact, s, (waterfall) J<»«» sail 

(pi. ^yt^ suyiil); s^^^ mizab 

(pi. s-<j^ mayazib, PersX — 

(disease of the eyes) {^^\ ^^ i*Wl 

baya<jUi-t fi-'l-'ain. 
Catabbh, s. ^/ nazla-t (pi. J^y^ 

nuziil) ; f\^) zukam. 
Catastbophe, s, ^U^ muf^ba-t; 

h bala ; a^aU dahiya-t (pi. ^J^^y^ 

Catch, v. ol*^ masak, yamsik; 

^\ ahaz, ya'buz. — (infect) W 

'ada, ya*di ; ^j^ sara, yasri. 
Catch, s, ^^C^ masaka-t — (hook) 

y^"^ kullab (pl.s-J3^ kalalib).— 

(burden of a song) •>/• maradd. 
Catechise, t;. (teach by queition- 

inq and answering) ^ ^^r^ f^ 

^^ 'allam bi-sawal wa jawab. 
Catechism, s. (reliaious instruc- 
tion) ^J^c*^\ f^^ ta'lim al- 

Categobical, adj, ^Vik safi. 
Categobt, s. •lu^ Undf fand (pi. 

oU^ afnad); ey nau' (pL £V\ 


anwi') ; u-^ jins (pi. jj-W' 
ajaiis, j'f*- juni'is) ; ^y martti- 
ba.t (i>l. --r^^f manitili). 
Catgk, v. ot'jil ^£f*\ istara al- 
Ijawajij, yastari. 

0ATGRPI1.I.AK, 8. JjJ dud; SjjJ 

dfida-t (1>1. oW-> didao); y-ij 

lal,ia8 (pi. ^Wl alhAfl). 
Cathedbal, s. ioiljl— JL-t^i kaniaa-t 

Catheteb, 8. J^'amlid (du.t)l'>j*e 

Catholic, adj. (universal) ij*f*^ 

Catholic, a. o^J*^ katoliki-y. 
Catholicism, «. (Miiversalitij) 

Jjjj*!' 'umumiya-t. — (cathnlic 

reliijion) ^y«3\ ts^l ad-din 

Cattle, «. J*^ muii (pi. 0*"^ 

ihaw^) ; f»^ gauam. 
Caul, ». (net for the hair) H^ 

Sabaka-t (pi. >*IW* SiMk).— (0/ a 

dtitd) «aU» qudi'it. 
Cauliflowbb, «. s-Jji kuramb j 

ItaJ/ qarnabit ; ti-ejW karnfiUit. 
Caulk, see Calk and Careen, 
Cacse, 8. (roMon) ile 'illa-t (pi. 

Jle *ilal) i *T~^ aabab (pi. vW-l 

aabab) ; a^V ba'iaa-t. — {law- 

suit) <5j-*J da'wa (pi. ^J)^•i 

da'awa). — ( pnWy) s-)* hizb (pi. 

v^yi alizab); ^> (anif (pi. 

.J\>1 atraf). 
Cadsb, o. H-f- Babbab, yusabbib ; 

Jl* 'aUal, yu'allil. 
Caubelksu, adj. s-^j' it bilA 

mikjib ; -rv h bila sabab. 
Cadbbwai, 8. J—* jiar (pi. ;j--» 

juBur); ^ bulva-t; f!^ ijijl" 

;ariq 'amm ; i^ qantara-t. 
Cadstic, adj. tjj^ kuwi j tij^^ 

Cactebise, 0. oj^ kawa, jakni ; 

£■11 laja', yalza'. 
Cavtket, 8. y-^ mirflan ; qf kayy. 

— (irutrummitj Mjt* mikwa-t ; 

lljtf k&wiyA'. 
Oactiou, 8. yl/»l iljtiraa ; vW 

biff, b^f'r' — {tvamitiij) jl-i*l 

io^i jl-W taifi'ir. — {securitt/) 

rcn. ^ 


aw kafila-t ; J*tf kafil ; i*U* 

Caution, v. ,^\ anzar, yunjir ; jJ* 

hajzar, yu^ajzir. 
Cautious, adj. u-t^ ^aris; jV 

l^a^ir; jy'*' inul^tariz. 
Cavalcade, 8. <^j- maukab (pi. 

v-Slj* mawitkib). 
Oatalirr, 8. jeJjS kawalir ; i^U 

fans (pi. yL-j* fursAn, l»*jV «• 

wans); JV hayyal (pL HI,*. 

Cavalier, adj. ibrave) jjW- maibi- 

Tiz.^-(haughty) j,^ mutakab- 

Cavalbt, 8. Si^ bayyala-t; J«^ 

hail ; yL.ji fursan. 
Cave, Catbrn, «. &;U^ m^ar»-t 

(pi. ;iU- magiiyir); jV* gar (pi. 

jVl agwar); Uk«I kahf (pL 

J^ kuUaf). 
Cavil, b. jl« niqar. 
Cavil, v. ^^ naqar, yimilqii ; iaJ^ 

nakkat, yunakkit. 
Cavity, 8. ^f* jauf ; t»>^ faht. 
Ceasb, v. t>* jliil inqafa' 'an, yan- 

qati' ; (^ ^^ farag min, vafrug; 

Jlj zH, yazal (with folio wing 

aoHst or participle). 
Ceaselbsb, adj. jfi 1| bilifotbr; 

£t»l &i bila inqiti'. 
Cedar, t. \^ urz; ^w;* jarbln 

Cede, i>. ^J tarak, yatruk; ^J^ 

balla, yu^alli; (tL. BalLun, jru- 

Cbsbiok, 8. lii/tark; .ulyfawilt; 

)» al" f taBlim. 
Csiliho, 8. uU_ saqf (pi. uyu 

Biiqiif, --U- BUquf, ^UL> suq- 

Celebrate, t>. {exalt) ^tke 'azt&m, 

yu'aiiim; c-^ maddal^, yumad- 

di^i. — (o /((Ut) ■»«* 'ayyad, ytt- 

Celebbated, ocJj. j)«J>^ nmihAri 

fiiA^ muBtahir ; jrt* iahir ; jj» 

jalil J Cj''*^ tuamduh- 
Celebration, «. (0/ a feast) J** 

■*B^1 'ami al-'aid. — {prai4«) c** 

madl; ; i^r* majd ; •kit^ )^atiid< 




CsLKBBiTT, 9. j^^xmA litihar ; Ij^/^ 

Cklebitt, 8. J%c *ajl ; l^y^ sur'at. 
Cklebt, 8. ij^j^ karafs, karfas. 
CxLESTiAL, adj. 0)U-« 8amuwi-j ; 

^tf^ 'alawi-j. 
CxLiBACT, 8. ^^ 'uzba-t; ^JiyA 

CXLL, 8, k"^ qiMja-t (pi. J!^ qa- 

lali) ; Syu. halwa-t ; k)\} z4wi- 

ya-t (pi. \|Uj zawaja). 
Cbllab, 8. ^x*^ matmiira-t ; pi 

qahd (pL O^ aqbija-t). 
Cbxkkt, 8. ^U. bafiqi ; e/* barj ; 

(^ (in ; J^ ^d. 
Cbment, t;. \jt garra, jugarri ; {^ 

tajjan, ju^yyin; J^Jifc ^yyad, 

Cembtebt, «. S^ maqbara-t (pi. 

^U* muq&bir) ; ^J^ madfan 

(pi. {^\*^ mad^n) ; &W jaban- 

Censeb, 8. if^t^ mibbara-t (pi. 

/•W* mabahir) ; hjy'^ ^Ariya-t. 
Censob, 8, H %>.. ? . ^ >» mu^tasib; 

JiW «&zil (pi. J^J^ 'uzzal). 
Ceksobious, (u^;. f^^ malawwim; 

^X* muzammim. 
Ce980Biousne88, 8, ^J^ mazam- 

ma-t ; M^ malama-t. 
Ceksubjlble, adj, f^y*^ mazmiiin ; 

^yu maliiiD. 
Cbhsube, 8, f^ laum, lom ; ^^ 

mazamma-t ; s-^m*^ ta'yib. 
Censube, v. f»S lam, yalAm ; (^ 

zamm, yazumm ; JA-a 'azal, 

Census, 8. <j«y^\ «>^*3kAi ta'dad an- 


Cbht, 8. ^U maya-t. — (per cent,) 

X|UJV| bi-'l-m&ya-t. 
Centipede, 8, {^t^j^ ji\ abii arba'in ; 

h^ f) Bha mAya-t. 
Cektbal, Cektbical, ddj, ^f^ 

mutawassit ; ^^y markazi-y. 

CeNTBjLLISE, V, ^) ^r» ^J^ g*% 

jama' fi mau^a' wal^d, yajma' ; 
f^ 4amm, ya4umm. 
Cehtbe, 8. fy» markaz (pi. v^/« 
marakiz); k-*^ wast (pl- ^^^ 

Cektbe, v,a. ^y wassat, yuwassit ; 

n, ^f tawassat, yatawassat. 
Centbifuoal, adj. ^j^ (^ jlcIjJi*« 

mutaba'id 'an al-was^. 
Centbipetal, adj, \»m]j\ J\ JjU 

mayil ila-'l-wast. 
Centuple, adj, u\su\ li\^ m&yat 

Centuby, 8. j^*y dahr (pi. ^y^o du- 

hftr) ; (^ji qam (pi. (^^ quriin) ; 

Xju. i^U mayat sana-t. 
Cebeals, 8, iju\ift^\ al-^ubiibAt. 
Cebemonial, adj. (solemn) ^^A;i»-\ 

Cebemonial, 8. ^^^y^^ al-qawanin. 




Cebemonious, adj, 

sahib takallufat. 
Cebemony, 8, (religious) ^.H^ taqs 

(pi. (j*yi^ tuqiis) ; **l--J^ mansik 

(pi. «eL«U» manasik). — (oj polite- 

ness) J«%«> tabjil (pi. u»\ -at) ; 

Slt^ muMjala-t; Ul^ ikkWi; 

iJ^ takalluf. — (master of cere- 
monies) ^A>\^j^\ ^\^ wali at- 

Cebtain, adj, vJM^ baqiq; eH^ 

yaqin. — (a certain person) (^ 

f uliin ; J^ai^ »ah^. 
Cebtainty, 8. {^ yaqin ; (^^A^^ ^ 

*ilm al-yaqin ; ^j^ ta^ac^quq. 
Cebtificate, 8, S^^ ^ada-t; 

ji/s taqrir. 
Cebtify, V, (JM^ haqqaq, yul^aq- 

^}^ ; j;* qarrar, yuaamr. 
Cebtitude, s,j\ji qarar. 
Cerulean, adj. o^U.* Jji)^ azraq 

Cessation, s, fVLfi) inqit4'; lt\jk 

Cession, s. f^J^^ taslim ; yy^\ *^jf 

tark al-l>aqq. 
Chafe, v. (warm hy rubbing) ^^*^ 

daffa, yudaffi. — (rage) s— Afc ga- 

dib, yag4al> ; ^^^ igtaz, yagtaz. 
Chaff, s. ^ tibn (pi. ^WJ^ atban, 

(^^ tubun). 
Chafi no-dish, s. JAj^ manqal (pi. 

Ji^U^ manaqil). 
Chaobin, s, f^ gamm (pi. f^yM 

gumiim) ; s^*^ karb ; ^^ l>uzn. 
Chaobin, v. fJ^ agamm, yugimm ; 


0^^ aljzajt, fuljisin ; ^^s- hazzikn, 

Chain, s. iLJ- siUila-t (pi. J-S- 

Balasil) ; ji^} zinjir (pi. ^Uj 

zanAjir) , 
Chaim, «. i-l~H) Ae* qayyad bi-'g- 

ailsila-t, yuqayyid ; ^) ziuijar, 

yuzaDJir; jja* janzar, jujanair. 
Chaik, «. u-jS kurei "(pi. jj-y 

karAsi) ; ^j- sarir (pi. S^l asir- 

Chaibhan, s. ij-1»«J^ (j-efj rayiB 

al-majlia (pi, ^« ru'asS) ; Jj^* 

ij-W*l\ muttLwalu al-majlis. 
Chaibe, g. ii^ 'araba-t. 
Cbalk, g, jljo. hawwSr. — (a piece of) 

^}\f hawwiira-tj je^^ (abuiir. 
Chalk, v. ^j^j^^ f^"} raaam bi-'l- 

Chai,lbngk, 8. SjijW-* muhi'irazo-t. 
ChauiEnqe, v. {to fight) jj^ Lai-iz, 

yubriri'z. — {call upon) C=J da'il, 

Chamber, j. iijl au^a-t (pi. '^\ 

-"t, ^>)^ awiid) ; Sji-*** maq?ura-t. 

-{»,«<7H) ij^ ho]ra-t. 
Chaubcblaik, 8. s-*^ Mjib (pi, 

H^ V- bujjab). 
Chameleon, s. Ij;*. hirbil (hurbil- 

yat, IjurbAna-t) ; ^J^j> barbah- 

ti-y ; J^^t J~*^ jamal al- 

Chauoib, 8. iijyl arwiya-t (pi. iji^jl 

arAwi) ; Jej wa'l (pi. J'*j\ au'iil) ; 

Jiel gaisal. 
Chamomii-g, aeti Cakumile. 
Cuamp, If. »*Uc 'alak, yaiak; Ja- 

ma^a^, yamijag. 
Chahpaion. g. Ja- Bahl, ^V- BahWt 

(pi. Jj4- Buhill) ; i*-l fuB^a-t. 
Champion, ». j*^ muljiimi; i)V« 

Chance, t. i«j* fur^a-t ([tl. »=j\ -At, 

u»/ Eura^). 
Chance, «. {happen) ^fif^ jara, 

yajri ; -iii^ ^adag, yal>di». — 

(risA) ;IU. hA(ar, yuhH(ir- 
Chancel, «. jj-jj* horu8 (pi. i/'j'j^ 

Chancellob, «. (ekief juttiee) ,j*^* 

lUl qa^i qu^at. 


Chandelier, «, (jIj*** iama'dan 

(pi. uul -dt, (^jicUa sam&'idin). 
Chandleb, «. fU* ^mtnu'. 

8. (alteration) ye*' tagay- 
(ekange of dothet) «■»» 

badla-t. ^(sma/i money) SJ/- tj*^ 

fuluB hurda-t. 
Change, c.a. ^ Rayyar, yugayyir; 

J-i) bada], jabdul; »t. j.** to- 

gayyar, yatagayyar. — (cAan^ 

money) Jj* $araf, ya^rif. 
CHANaEADLE, adj. v^ qalUb; 

iiuV»I JeU qalil jabttt ; je*s- mtt- 

Chanqeablenebs, a. n-Is taqallub ; 

•sA^ i^ qilla-t aabiit. 
Cbakoer, I. ^'^f ^arnif. 
Channel, e. i^j^* majra (pi. ijfs^V 

majari) ; ^\-f~» mizAb (pi. N-tjtv 

mayazih). -— (ttrait) jl^ji bAgai 

(pi. >-tljf bawagiz). 
Chant, s. Js*/ Utrtil. (See Soso.) 
Chant, v. Jij rattal, yurattiL (See 


Chantbb, *, Jij- murattil, c' - * 

Chanticleer, i. ^-i dik (pL ^^* 

Chaos, «. tj<. hawA ; it^U. h&wiyft-t ] 

Jjs* hayfila. 
Chaotic, adj. Jje» hayUi-y ; U* 

U^ J halt va malt. 
Chap, b. ij* ^q ; ia* £aqqa-t (pL 

Jj4k suqdqj ; jU Maq (pL 

J;ll fulilq). 
Chap, v.a. j* *aqq, yaduqq; ». 

,>tJ\ itisaqq, yan^aqq. 
Chapel, «. iiv' 'azaba-t; Itf U k^ 

Chapiter, see Capital. 
Chaplain, ». u-i qira (pL ui^-i j 


Ckaplet, 0. X ^ff— ^ miabalia-t (pL 
^L-< luuBabili) ; A^v- Bubba>t 
(pi. (^ Bubah, tsiVa,^ Bubu^It). 

Chapter, >. s^^ bub (pi. <*'1t|) •* 
wfib); >* fa*l(pl. J^ f ■" 
j^juz- (pi. y\ ai4--( 
Coran) ijr- 8i\ra-t (pi. jr* • 

Char, v. (reduce to coa*)jm 
mar, yujanuiilr. 




Chab, 9. (day's work) ^y jaumN 

Character, a, (mark) u^h. harf 
(pi. »^jij^ hunif); W ha^ (pi. 
^^ hu^At, WUi<^\ ahtaO.— (<ii>po. 
iitian) gtL taba* (pi £W a^ba*) ; 
ijU^ hulq (pi. j!U\ ahl&q). — (oc- 
eottiii of a person^s aualitiea) 
UUy waff (pi. «^U^^ au^af). 

Charactbrisk, V, <JU^ wa^af, ja- 

Charactbristic, adj, yj^% wa^fi-j. 

Characteristic, $, Xa« ^ita-t. 

Charade, «. ^ lugz, lagaz (pi. jUS^ 

Charcoal, $. f^ faj^m (pi. ^W 

Charge, «. (load) X)^«*. l^am(ila-t. 
— (0/ a ^») •><y(i jUft 'um^r 
b&rikd. — (attack) (*y^ huji^m ; 
lU^ b* nila-t. — (custody) i*V^^ 
mul^afaza-t. — (office) s-**^ man- 
fab (pi. v^tl* manasib). — 
(order) /•\ amr (pi. y\^\ aw&mir). 
— (expense) W^ kulfa-t; *-*w-^ 
mafr&f (pi. «-A|^l*« masanf); 
Bf- harj. — (accusation) h^^ ^i- 
kaja-t ; ^W tuhma-t. 

Charge, 1;. (^0 load) ^^ ]|^ininal, 
jul^mmil ; (JH^ wassaq, juwas- 
81^. — (a gun) /•* 'ammar, yu*am- 
mir ; *ii^ dakk, jadukk. — (order) 
s> Z*^ amar bi, ya'mur, ^J^ ^% 
waf fa 'ala' juwaffi. — (attack) 
^»%* hajam, jahjum ; J^ Y^ 
mal, ja^mil (both with prep. 
Jft *ala). — (impute) v» "^^^ ^^ 
taham a^ad-an bi, jathim. — 
(demand as price) s^ t^b, 

Charger, s, (horse) ij^ faras (pi. 
u^ furilis, y*y^ afras). — (<ray) 
Jkb tabaq (pi. jW a^baq). 

Chariot, s. k^ 'araba-t; A^ 

Chariotbbb, s, iJ^^ 'arabaji. 

Oharitablb, adj, ^^ fajja^; 
(;^^* mul^sin; ^/ karim (pi. 
^t/ kiram); jJu&« mutafaddaq. 

Chabitablbnbss, «. l^\/ karama-t ; 
oy^ j&d; gV«i*>^ i^^sAn. 

Chabitt, «. J^t.«« mahabba-t ; teii 
^aqa-t. — (alms) ^J^ fadaqa-t; 

Charlatan, s, l\y^ harr&t ; j^-^ fa^- 
sar ; jW 63^ huqqa baz (Pers.). 

Charm, s, (amulet) JU«4J tamima-t 
(pi. ^W tam&yim); }^ fenra, 
birz (pi. l)^f^ Quriiza-t) ; JlU^ 
^amayil. — (enchantment) /-^« 
sil^r ; ^j ruqya-t. — (o^^romoiw) 
{^-^^ YjiVLBU. ; upV|*W jazabAt ; AU^ib 

Charm, v. (by sorcery) ^^^ nsifynr, 
yashur. — (bewitch by beauty) *^^ 
sy*^\ jazab al-quliib, yajzib. 

Charnel-house, s, ^Va^i^ ha^Ai ; 
U Wi^ ha^b^a-t ; Jfyt^\ fM jU 
d4r 'izam al-mauta. 

Chart, s. V»^ qiilAs (pL tr^V 

Charter, s. ^%»> ]|^ajja-t (pi. ^^^ 
hujaj); Jj; waraq (pi. ^3\jy\ 
aurilq) ; Uk|^ W ]^\\ tiaH. 

Charter, 9. (Aire a ship) i^j^^\ 
istakra, yastakri. — (let a ship) 
^5/ kara, yakri; ^^/\ akra» 

Chariness^ s, ij*\f^\ ibtiria ; y^ 
bi?r, ))A^ ; ^y taufir. 

Chart, at^. (cautious) crtj^ ^Bxiu ; 
t<W b^^* — (economieai) » i > » . > 
basib ; j^^ muwaffir. 

Chase, s, (hunt) -v* said; ^JuI 
qanf . — (game) ^J^ qanaf. 

Chase, v, (drive away) «st» t^nid, 
ya^rad ; t/^\ ahraj, yu^rij ; yi^o 
daisar, yudai$^ir. — (hunt, pursue 
eagerly) -^U ^ad, yaf id ; 2^ tabaS 
yatba'. — (work or entJboss phie) 

Chasing, s. ty^ faug. 

Chasm, s, ,>;S^ ^ ^ iaqq fi-'l- 

ard; f^W bAlii' (pi. e^V ba- 

Chaste, adj. Ut^M 'afif (pL M 

a'iffA, uM^ «ifaf) ; UUtao^ muta- 

*affif ; (^H^\ y^VL (ahir an-naf s. 
Chasten, Chastise, v. ^j^^ qafaf, 

yuqaf if ; s-J^ *aqab, yu*aqib. 
Chastbness, Chastity, s, 

Hffa-t ; ^Uft <afAf . 


Qua] 1 

ChABTIBEHBNT, ». |_fUi qisilj ; i(jte 

'uqfiba-t ; v*^ 'itilib. 
Chat, «. J«* j JW qiU waqil ; ijjL— 

Chat, v. ,_^W taljUka, yatahilka ; 

(^ bujns, jalqu^. 
Chateau, 8. j-* qa?r (pi. jj«J 

qujftr). — (eoufdry-geat) ^^ ts-^ 

i«s-4H bet fi-'d-de'a-t. 
Chattels, s. Jj**- J^ mal man.- 

q(U ; *in asiTs. 
CaATTHR, r. iiUll yS kasgar al-gala- 

ba-t, jukassir; yj fa^^ar, yu- 

fassir; ^5«ac 'aq'Euq, yu'oij'iq 

(from (3«i4c 'aq'a<i, " magpie "). 
Cba.tteb-sox, Chatteebb, e. pSS 

' '""' tasir al-galaba-t; J^j* 



Chatty, orfj. |4^ f\ abft kalAm ; 
jiL-« inusiiyir ; CP"^ laqqai. 

Cheap, adj. yoe^-j rabl?. 

Cheapen, v.a. ya*-j rahba?, yuiub- 
his; nr^^l Jy on.zza1 as-^aman, 
yunazzil ; n. yoA-j mhaf, jarha^, 

Cbeapness, t. (jai-j ruhj. 

Cheat, ». J^ gasS, yaguiij (jU. 
hAn, yabiin; (jy- hawtran, yit- 
hawwin ; f ja bada', yahda'. 

Cheat, «. (/murf) yli giSi; fil,*. 
hiynna-t ; yj*- haun ; ^*» bila-t ; 
ji* makr. — {cheater) J^'uti ga^- 
Sfti; £lj-- haddiV. — (m pfay) 
UU« mugiUit ; J*jy* muzaugil. 

Check, «. (hindrance) ^^ luani' 
(pi- C^j" mawiiDi') ; iji^ 'dyiq 
(]>]. (JH'y= 'awAyiq) ; J" sadd (pL 
jWI asdild). 

Check, f. (eiop, reelrain) oUj waq- 
qaf , yuwaqq if j 5— >--• mana ', 
yamna' ; j^ ^a^ar, yab^ur, yah- 
jir. — (eonlTol) i-~i- 4abat. ya^bi^. 
— (check and mate) i«jW sUi iuh 

Cheek, «. •»■ hadd (pi. -lyu- hii- 
dfid) ; jlJ* 'iziir (pi. jJ* 'ajr). 

Cbber, v. <j-i1 iuias, yfluis. — (greet 
u-itkjoy) W^ b'^yy'if yubayyi. 

Cheeb, ». (gladnag) jj^ surilr j 
i;— masarra-t (pl.j^— • maeArr) j 
—(joyful greeiinQ) l^ taljlya-t 


(pi. ^\ -iit, \i'^ tahfiyS).— (/a«) 
iiji qflta-t. 
Cheerfui., aSj. ty— -• mabattt ; jj;— • 
masrur; u^j* farhiln. 

CHEERFDLNKSa, ». jj^ BUrftr; t>* 

farh ; tW^ imbisat ; c^jA*^ in- 

SirAh ; b'*=<1 ibtthaj. 
Cheerless, adj. (o/penont) jj^y V 

bilA surur ; Cj* ^ bilii far$ ; «;«» 

hazin ; f*'^*^ mugtamm. — (0/ 

things) j.ii-» mukaddir. 
Cheese, ». ^^*^ jubn, jibn. 
Cheesemonoeb, s. yW jabbfto. 
Chemicai., (idj. fc5jle*eS kuniy&wJ-y ; 

(jjUef kimani-y. 
Chemise, s. ^0^*1 qami; (pi. qWI 

qumsao); <f-4 batt (pt. wjq 

butat, «=li( bitiU). 
Chemist, s. Wi^i /•1>«^ mu'altim 

al-ktmiyA ; We^W ^j^ 'urif bi- 

Chehibtbt, s. (^jU^^ J»11 ^ 

'ilm al-Wl aUkimAwi-y ; W^ 

Cheque, s. ^^^^ hawala-t; Jt^ 

Chebibb, v. <t-*- habb, yaljubb, 

yabibb ; •>; wadd, yawadd; «,$)* 

uawa, yahwi. 
Cheebt, «. j/ karaz ; £;/kanua-t; 

iffslji qai'ii?iya-t 
Chercb, s. fKijj^ kilrubim ; or'3)'^ 

Chess, a. ^;1»* iatranj. 
Chest, i. (large box) ^i)■^^'^ faoddq 

(pi. (3jo\^ ;anadiq) ; iiyt- hax- 

ua-t; v>)j<> dulnb (pi. s-^lj^ 

dawfilib).— (6rea*0j-^ fladr (pi. 

jjJ- ?ndur). 
Chestnut, «. Sj;l jtl Abi'i fanm-t; 

lu— ^ kaatana-t ; Ljlt^W ^bibal- 

li'H. — (Aorse) ^**-l <j*— Ijisan a^> 

mar ; i^*b. ^^ faras tamrn. 
Chestnut, adj. (colour) ^\ asmar, 

f. Ijfc- samra (pi. j*- aiunr) ; 

LjL^LJI y J kun a^-£ah)ballAt. 
Chew, v. *»ilt 'alak, ya'lak ; ^ 

ma^ag, yam^ag. 
Chicane, a. A<^ bila-t; ijJJ fituo-t 

(pi, (^ fitaiO ; Ak-A- Bafsata-t; 

jU» niqAr; iUu^ mui^aia-t. 




Chick, Chicxeit, $, yj>y ^^ (pi. 

O^ 9iyan); %m>^ Katkiit (pi. 

«*.wi^ katakit) ; ^jH ^^^^J 

(pi- fSi^jV fararij). 
Chicobt, «. W*]^^ hindiba; h}^ 

^ikorija-t ; i^fj^ ^ukuran. 
Chide, v. ^^ wabbah, juwabbih ; 

s-^Ve *atab, ju'atib ; ^H lam, ja- 

Chidhio, 9. sf^t^ tagrib. 
Chief, ac^. tj^\ a^li-y. 
Chief, a. ^^aa^ muqaddam; ^J^y 

w&li ; trO ra'is, rajyis. 
Chieftun, 8. jt^\ amir (pi. \jA 

Chilblain, s, '>p}\ {^ f^jy waram 

min al-bard. 
Child, s. ^^ walad (pi. *yi)\ awlad) ; 

jAl tia (pi. JUL\ atf41). 
Childbed, $. (j^UuJ) ^V|\ ajjam an- 

Childbibth, 8. «>)« wilAd. 
Childhood, s. i^^ t^ftlija-t; 

\r» faba. 
Childish, adj, ^JiAL fifli-J ; c5j^^ 

»igari-y. — (fey oM o^e) ft^s*. 

Childishness, b. 5m^ 9abwa-t. 
Chill, Chillt, adj. «>;W barid. 
Chill, Chillness, Chilliness, b. 

^ bard; l^y^ biinida-t. 
Chime, b, \j^\y>S\ ^^^ tanin al- 

Chuce, 9. ^ t&iui, jatiim. 
Chimeba, b. JW^ hijal (pi. A«^^ 

abjiia-t) ; jr' ta^awwur ; ^^ 

waiim (pi. ^Va>^\ auham). 
Chimebical, adj. ^j^^ wahmi-j ; 

J^ hijali-y ; JIW ba^U. 
Chijcnet, b. li^S0» madbana-t (pi. 

^\ju madihin) ; jW«^ (ijaq. — 

(the fire-place within) tiiy mau- 

qada-t (pL -^^^ mawaqid). 
Chin, b. (^ zaqan. — {of a woman) 

^-i* 'aqsa-t 
China, b. {the country) {^v 9in. — 

{porcelain) ^W* finiya-t Q)l. 
^^^ fawani). 
Chine, «. Xu^ ^qa-t (pL jyt^ 

Obxne, vm. syA iniaqqi janiaqq. 

Chip, b. ^^ &rma-t ; ^y* 4arta-t. 
Chip, v. ^^ faram, yafnim. 
Chibp, v. ^^ garrad, jugarrid; 

^Jt\i naga, junagi ; f^f taran- 

nam, jatarannam. 
Chisel, «. v>Uu^ minqas (pi. (jtie*U« 

maoAqU) ; jUu* minqar (pi. ^U*» 

Chisel, t;. yttf naqa^, janqa^ ; /^ 

naqar, janqur. 
Chivalbic, Chivalbous, adj. ^sj^\ 

Chivalbt, 8, f)U\ imara-t. 
Chlobine, B. ljA:ii\ S^y muwallid 

Chocolate, b. ^"^^^ sokolata-t. 
Choice, b. j^tsA ihtijar; s^Vais*^ 

Choice, adj. jUi^ muhtar ; s-^ ^ ^ 

muntahab ; J««^ fa4il* 
Choiceness, b. J^ fa41; ^^^ 

Choib, b. (band of aingera) ^^a*^ 

0«^*^ jama'a-t mugannijin. — 

{part of a church) ij^jy^ horus 

(pi. (j*;^^ ba-waris). 
Choke, v.a, vjM^ hanaq, jabniq, 

yahnuq; ^j^ faUas, jufatUs; 

n. vJM^ ihtanaq, jahtaiiiq ; J-L* 

fatas, yaf^is; Jifc ga??, yaga??. 

— {block up) A- sadd, yasudd. 
Choleb, *. {bile) \y^ ^aM. — 

{anger) ^ gaiz ; s-Afc ga^ab. 
Choleba, Choleba mobbus, a. 

^^e^ hai4a-t; ,.5^0^^ ^^^^ ^'ikn 

Cholebic, adj. y^^/^ ^afrawi-y ; 

s^r^ ga4iib. 
Choose, v. ;^\ ihtar, yahtar ; J» 

naqqa, yunaqqi ; s-<ti>\ iutahab, 
yantahib ; ^Ji^\ i^tafa, ya^^fi. 
Chop, a. <Si^ qita*.t, quta*t (pL gUl 

qitaS quta*). 
Chop, v. ^ qat^a*, yuqatU*. 
Chobal, b. Jtjy tartil (pi. sy^\f 

Chobd, a. fs watar (|)l. ;U^^ autar). 
Chobist, Chobisteb, a. ^y miu 

rattil ; ^ ■» - '* musabbih. 
ChOBUS, «. BOO CuoiB. 

Gh&ibTi f. f t ■ ,», U al-masi^. 

Ohbistiii, v. J-* 'ammad, yu'am- 
mid; j^ na!?ar, yunas^ir; u-W 
gattafl, jugaHis- . 

CHEiaTEMDOM, 8. fto*s— wl >aUU-Jl 

al-mamillik al-maaihija-t ; ^Wl 

ioi^TO^^ al-balad aii-iia9aruiitya:-t. 
Chbistening, b. ijJy**- ma'inudi- 

ya-t ; jUb 'iiuad ; j»**i tan^ir j 

SAf- ^ibga-t; u-^ gifaa- 
Christian, «. ^^/^ naflanioJ-y (pi. 

i^\f<i jiaflarBnija-t,fc5j>-* na^ilra) ; 

u.,e-— masihi-y (pi. ^-n-*g— " 

maaihiya-t, (j«*e— maaihiyyiuj. 
Chbibtianiti, «. r g-*J^ ijt-^ diu al- 

maaili ; o*^— ^' i:**"*^^ ad-din al- 

Gbbibtuas, ». co—Jl jXb* -V 'aid 

milfid al-maail^. 
Choonic, (idj- (j*y niuzmin. — 

(chronic disease) <-ii-i danaf. 
Chkonicle, «. (i)^ titrih (pi. fijV 

Chboniclb, v. tj\ arrah, yu'arrih, 

Cbkonicl&b, «. tjr" muwarrih. 
Cebonolooical, adj. ,^j^ ta- 

ribi-y- ^ ., 

CHBONOLOOiaT, «. Cjj* muwarriu ; 

^jljJl fi*^ mu'allini at-tawarih. 
Chbonoloqit, g. t'j^r'l r^ 'i^ *^ 

Cheonometeb, e. o^H u-*«^ miq- 

yaa az-zamun. 


Samaq ; ^j*- Jariiaqa-t (pi. i^\j* 

Cbcbbinbsb, 8. ill** sahana-t. 
Chubby, adj. gj)/* marbu'. 
Cbccklg, v. **!*-» daljak, ya41jak. 
CbDCKLE, CaUCKLlNO, «. »*W* 

•jaUk. 4>li><- 
Cbvbch, 8, i— o^i kaniaa-t (pi. ,j-t^ 

kaufiyis) ; J^ haikal (].!. JSV* 

hay&kil). — (commuwiijj i-*—tt 

bi'ft-t (pL joibiya'). 
Chubcbyaed, 8. iy^ maqbara-t 

(pi. ;tl«* maqfibir), 
Chubl, 8., Cbublibb, adj. K^ 

galiz ; liH'* taSin; o^^j wahi; 

^JlV jilf (pi. JM ajlaf). 
Chubk, 8. cJjH M lyi; Jo-;! box- 

mil yabu^^il fibi al-laban; i *A n * 

ininiha"(Ja-t ; (j4» (/-iJ ^;* qir- 

ba-t li-hadd al-laban. 
Chuenino, 8. y^* u**- ba^iJ »1- 

Chile, e. (j-jW kilfla. 
Cicatbisb, tj.a. t_j*l^ /**^ ^ttelB 

al-jarb, yuhattimi n. s-i»^ in- 

qafab, yanqafib. 
CicATBix, 8. cj;*'* J*' aia"" al-jurftfc ; 

£U dug (P.T8.}. 

Cider, 8. t^^ v^;^ ^arab at-taffct > 
C^\ ^ _r*^ baur ma at-tuful^ 

ClMETKB, ClHETAK, ». •-'>7- Mlf 

(pi. .Jje- euyflf) ; ^^ battir. 
CrNCTUKE, «. ^1^ hiaam (pi. •*»< 

-at, i>^^ ahzuna--t, f^ ^uzm); 

jUj zuninir (pi. te>W) zananir), 
CtNDEB, 8. ^ milla-ti oUj ratnad. 

ClNERAKT, Orfj. calj-Sl *^V Jl^ 

qabil turub al-amwat. 
Cinnamon, 8. ieiS-e- i*;* qirfft-t 

aailiiiiiya-t ; ijSe-jW dar jini-y. 
Cipher, s. ^j raqam (pi. ^U)\ 

arqiim). — (tecrd wri/i«j) ^ 

ramz (pi. JJ-J rumfiz). 
CiKCLB, i(. ^U dA'ira-t (pL jiljJ 

CiEcuiT, 8. >-»jt tauf. — (circwM- 

/^ence) S^W d&'ira-t ; ijltf-l iati- 

CiBCULAE, aij. jj-»* mudawwar. 
CiKCULAEiTY, 8. SjlAi-\ iatidAr»>t. 
CiHCULATB, e.n. /j diVr, yadur; a. 

J) J dawwar, yudawwir. 
CiBCULATiON, 8. ij^ys- Bayaxan ; 

ij^/>- jarayan; o^j)-i dawariin. 
CmcDMAMBiBNT, ad;. "^ l-e*- mu- 

hH bl. 
CiBCUMCiaE, V. y>^ t'diar, yu^ir; 

j^ tahhar, yutabbir ; i^^ batan, 

CntcimcifiiON, g. u^ bitan (biU- 
na-t) i je^ la^hir; Sj^ taiara-t; 

ClBCDUFLEX, 8. JjAfcJl KujJl A»b 

'alilma-t a«-;aut al mamdi^d. 
CiBcuHJACENT, adj. J^ti^ multafil ; 
jj^ mujnwir. 





CxBCUVLOcuTiOH, 9, ^^\ it^la-t ; 

fy^\ J^ tiil al-kalam ; U^ laff. 
CiBCUMNATiaATiy V. J^ j^U safir 

baul, jusafir. 

ClSCUMHATIGJLTIOir, 9. </)!l\ J^ /^m 

Ba&r t^ial al-anjL* 
CiscxTMBCBiBE, V, «Mi^ ^^laddad, ju- 

CiBCUMSCBiPTiOK, 9. (UmitoHon) 

'H^^ tai^d\d,'^tn9cription round 

a coin) J3UW* 8jtW da'ira-t ma'&- 

CiBcuMSPECT, a<^\ }f^^ mn^tariz ; 

crij*- t^iris ; ^\j s-^U ^al^ib rai. 


^^ysft.^ il^tiras ; ^JJ taabir. 

ClBCUMSTAKCE, 9. JW. ^41; AU. 

l^ala-t ; l^ kaifijBr-t. 
CiBCUMSTAKTiAL, odj. (incidentoX) 
^\M\ ittifaqi.y ; ^U 'ari^i-y.— 
(mintUe) Ip*^ ma4bi^t; J"*^ 

ClBCUMSTANTIATB, V. ^ fa^^al, 

CiBCUMTALULTioir, 9, jJut^ ^BBdaq 

(pi. j«>U^ b&i^A<ii<l) ; crO^ Bia- 

CiBCTJMTEirr, V. ^J^ goii, yagu^^ ; 

s-^ galab, yuglib; {j^ gaban, 


ClBCUMVENTION, 9, ^/^ giU ; ^«^ 

hadi*a-t (pL ^\^ feadayi*). ^ 
CiBCUS, 9, (^^'i^v• maidiin, mi dan 
(pi. ^«>W« mayadin). 

CiSTEBK, 9, ^j9* ^ihrij (pi. |5JhV 

^aharlj) ; s-^ jubb (pi. v'W^ 

ajbab, n^W iibab, s-«t^ jubab) ; 

^j^ bau4 (pi. u*W tiy 4d, o*^^ 

Citadel, 9. Wl qal'a-t (pi. J3M 

qila*) ; 1^ buri (pi. t}^ burAj, 

eV^ abraj, ^^» abrija-t). 
Citation, 0. (fummoiM) s-^ t^lab. 

— {quotation) /^ ?ikr. 
Cite, v, (mmnkm) Veo da'&, yad'ft. 

— {quote) /^ 7Akar, yazkur. 
CmzEsr, 9. ^ {:yi\ ibn balad (pi. 

*^ ^H/^ aulad balad) ; ^'^ bala- 

CiTizExsuiPyf. ^\ «>ll^\ (:)^*)i^^ (^/ 

kaun at^ul min aulad fd-balad. 

Citbon, 9. (^f^ laimAn, lim^n. 

Citt, 9, ^*^ madina-t (pi. (^ 
mudun, {^\'^ madayin^ ; a)| 
balad (pi. ^h bilad, (^\Mi bul- 
dau) ; j^ ini^r (pl.^j^^ am^ar, 
jy0» mu^Ar). 

Ciyet, 9. *mL^ misky musk; olij 

CiYic, od;. is^ baladi-y; ^J^ 

CnriL, adj. (not military) ,jflU 
mulki-y ; ^J^jl*^ diwani-y. — {not 
extraneou9) ^J-^^*> dahili-y. — 
{polite) N^»>\ s-^^ 9a^ib adab. 

Ciyilisatiok, 9, ^*>\ adab; s-4«>Vj 
tadib ; kj^\ ^U» al-adab al- 

C1YILI8B, V. *M>*A addab, yu'addib ; 
u*^\ annas, ya'annis ; ^J^ mad- 
dan, yumadoin. 

Civility, 9, ^S\ adab ; UkU lu^f ; 
^ murawwa-t; <jU. b^Q (pL 
jU\ ahlAa). 

Claim, v. jLe <^) idda'a <ala, yad- 
da'i ; Ja ^^ J*^ 'amal da'wa 
'ala, ya'mal; s-^ {alah, yatlub. 

Claim, 9. ^*y\ iddi'& ; «a>^W mu- 
da'at ; OK ll^aqq. 

Clam, 9. jW« mal^ar. 

Clam, v, ij^ lB99aq, yula^^iq. 

Clambeb, v. ij^y^ 'arba^, yu'arbil 

Clamoue, 9, cW« 9iyab ; i^ 9ar- 
ba-t; t^/* fara^; lM»yt gau^t; 

C*%* 4ajij ; %jl^^\ i9tiiaq. ^ 
Clamoub, v. c^ 9al^, ya9ib; tj^ 

9arah, yasruh ; yj^yt gawwaii, yu< 

gawwis; ^^ ^ajj, va^ijj. 
Clan, 9, A^ qabila-t (pi. JiW 

qabdyil) ; ^^ qaum (}>1. f^yiX 

aqwam); Cjuc 'a^ira-t (pi. jiVjua 

Clandestine, adj. ^J>a^ ma^fi-y ; 

ftys^ maktum. 
Clano, 8. ^j ranna-t ; {^o^ (anin. 
Clanq, v. (^j ranny yarinn; ^ 

tann, yatinn. 
Clank, s. ^^^2^ t^Qt^n^t. 
Clap, s. {of thunder) J^; ra'd. 
Clap, v. <3A« 9afaq, ya9nq. 
Glabet, 9. vJ^V^^j^ S^ nabi^ fran- 



Ci-ABipiciTiON, s. i-AaT ta?fiya-t. 
Clabity, v. i^ faffa, jujafEi, 
OiJiBB, e, ^-^ ^adma-t ; lal^idl 

iffi^lAiQ ; fkUti talutum. 
Clash, v. |»»Uj ta^ildam, jataf&- 

dam ( fAV taln(am, yatalntam. 
Clasp, a. {hook) ^Ubs. huttaf (pi. 

•J-o-tUas. hat&{if). — (embrace) 

^U:b.\ iliti^an i (^fJ>=- hodn. 
C1.A8P, V. «ti— - masak,yamaik; ijlc 

'ollaq, yu'alUq. — (embrace) i^ilc 

'ftnaq, yu'iimij; ^ ijamm, ya- 

Clash, s. (ti'iMi) (.;-** jins (pi. y-W\ 

aJDilB); £ynau'(pl.£V'anwa'). 

—(rank) JW> tabaqa-t; i^/* 

martaba-t (pi. s-jlj- mariltib). 
Class, r, t^ nawwa', yaoawwi' j 

<^j rattab, yurattib. 
Clabsic, Classical, adj. jt^*^ 

mu'tabar ; j.*m^ mu'tamad. 
Classic, e. j : '* ' olH^ mu'aUif 

Clabsification, s. s-eJjl tartib ; 

cSjJi tadrij. 
Ci^HsiFT, V. see Class. 
Clattek, s. i»iji qarqa'a-t; iA>Sk 

Clatter, v. giji qarqa', yuqarqi' ; 

Cladbk, 8. (tmlence) SW juiala-t 

(pi. J** jumal),— (ttrd'cfe of an 

agreement) ty. Sart (pi- '■1;* 

iuriit); S-*'- madda-t (pi. -JV 

Claw, g. /t lifr, sufr (pi. jW 

aifar, «>^1 aiiiflr) ; s-i*- mih- 

lab (pi. s-ll*- mahalib).— (0/ 

coiWe, *c.) .Jit gilf (pi. .Jitl 

Clay, s. (^ tin. 
Clbar, adj. vJigU nazif (pi. t-»Uti 

niiaf) ; t^\j ruyiq ; (^W halif ; 
7»\t (aiiir. 
Clean, ti. <-Jlti nazzaf, yuoaizift 

<-A- f 'assaff, yu'MBif. 
Clbakliness, «. ^Ub» Daia£a^t; 

jj^ naqawa-t. 
Clkasli, adj. .-*e^ naiif. 
Cleahbb, v. Bee Clean. 
OiiUiB, a^j- (bright) j^ uayyir ; 

! [Cw 

,jA« mudi. — (iransparpnf) 4j*U 

?fifi ; ^U». saffiLf.— (etJi'dcni) ;»ik 

zahir; c^lj wdditi, — (dwfiN«f) 

C*;- earih. 
Cleas, e. (»ia;te clear)*, ,Jy ;&&> 

yusaffi.— (nmoM) Jl* S&l. yaiiL 

— (acquit) l*e 'aia, yaf j yf 

barrar, yubarrir. — (gain) s— * 

kasab, yaksib. 
Clgabnebs, «. i^jy raunaq ; y* ^i^; 

ls-» (Jiya. — (di»tinetne*i) c^il 

idah ; £«.(j» jaralja-t. 
Cleave, v. (adhere to) jl* 'aliq, 

ya'laq ; ijl*> ta'alloq, yata'aJlaq ; 

i>J laaiq, yal^aq. — (tplit) J* 

saqq, ya^iuq ; i^li falaq, yaJUq. 
Cleaves, ». (ftulcAw'* ftii/e) jjVL. 

Batur (pi. jtl-ly sawatlr). 
Cleft, ». ij* Sa^q ; ^a^ loqqa-t 

(pi. jfU ;uqikq) ; ^ faJaq (pi 

Jjl* flifiq). _ 
Cleuenot, a. ^•*^} rahma-t ; l**^ 

marliama-t ; dUb ^faqa-t. 
Clehent, adj, fA^ karim; v>-i* 

Safiq; jyu. ^afiiq. 
Clbrot, I. ij-jeli^ akllms ; ^jL^l 

al-qaBilwiea-t 1 ij^\ &eU*^ ja- 

ma'a-t al-kahana-t. 
Clkboyuait, «. ^ qiff (pL ^^i^yl 

qu$il«) ; i,^-e— i qisBIS. 

Cleric, Clebical, adj. u— |U^ ka- 

najiai-y ; ijtjel^ akliri-y. 
Clerk, a. -^^S katib (pi. v^ knt- 

tab) ; Jei, wakU (pi. iSj wukalfi). 
Cleteb, adj. fi"^ mAbir;jLU 6Jttir; 

tJiJ labiq 1 jj-iU. baziq ; yjw> ni])< 

rir (pi. /,lis> naib&rir). 
Clbvebness, #. £jV* mali&ra-ti 

iji^ ^tara-t; OL^ lab&qft-t; 

UtJu. l^ofaqa-t. 
Clew, ». wm Clde. 
Click, t. ijt- faqq. 
Click, v. ^3^ Wi<i, yat<i(l<l- 
Client, 9. ojU*- l^m&ya-t; ,,;•<»■ 

mahmi-y ; ^y* maula (pL ij^f' 

mawili) ; |_jtU ^agi (pi, 2«M« 

Clientshif, f. ^Uk him&ya-t| 

li*S ziiniiia-t ' ' * 

>a.t: r"'^ 




Oliff, f. ;^« fahr, S^ ^ahra-t 

(pi. jf^ 9ubiir). 
Clifft, adj. f^ 9ahir ; i^f^ 9ah- 

Climate, Clime, b. f^\ iqlim (pi. 

f^\i\ aq41im) ; ^\ ^\y iniz4j 

al-qutr ; t^ munah. 
Climax, «. ^^jJ tadrij ; i^jW mu- 

Climb, v. ^jij raqi, jarqa; •»«* 

9a4d, ja^'ad ; ^J^fS ta'arba^, ja- 

ta'arl^; ^jLj tassallaq, yata- 

Clinch, v. (fix) <d^ gabbat, ju- 

fiabbit; «^ agbat, yugbit. — 

(^ra$p) ;/4>S qaba4> jaqbiiji. — (the 

fift) ^ <jA t&baq yaddaliiiy jat- 

Clino, v. see Cleaye. 
Clink, v. {^ t^^n, jatann; {^^ 

tanfan, jutantin. 
Clink, s. iji^ ^t&na-t. 
Clip, v. ^/^ qa??, yaqu«9 ; y^ jazz, 

Clip, «. (akeefp-ahearing) f^\ ^ 

jazza-t al-ganam. 

Cloak, $, S«y burda-t ; vr-M burnus 
(pi. \j^\^ baranis) ; ^1l!i^ mai- 
lah (pi. ^U^ ma^il^) ; W^ 'abd, 
k^ 'ablya-t (dI. ^ 'iba).— (0/ 
a pilarim) f^^f^^ u^rkm, — (conceaU 
fneni) ij>»^ talbis. 

Cloak, v. u^ labbas, yulabbis; 
^J^ bafa, yahfi ; ^ satar, yas- 
tar ; ^ katam, yaktum. 

Clock, t . XdU s&'a-t. 

Cloo, 8. (obiiruction) g>U mani 

(pi. fffXy* mawani') ; jk^ *ayiq 

(pL <Jk^^ *aw&yiq) ; a- sadd (pi. 

01 JL.^ asd&d). — (wooden ahoe) 

«t>Vm qabqab (pL s-^o>M qab4- 

CTloo, V, jVft «4<i, y&*iiq ; j^ *aw- 

waq, yu'awwiq; g-*^ mana', 

Cloistbb, b. y«> dair, der (pi. f;>t«> 

duyiira-t, IjL'^\ adyira-t). 

Close, adj. (shut) j^lA^ magliiq; 
Jywu maqfM. — (narrow) (je-» 
^yyiq. — (fMar) s-i;* qarib ; 

jamb. — (suUry) jU. ^Arr. — (Jc 
close to) ,Ja\ a^fa, yn^fi. 
Close, v. (shut) ^jl* galaq, yagliq ; 
j^ sakkar, yusakkir. — (the eyes) 
(jA4^^ agma4, yugmicji. — (finish) 

dtajnmam, yutammim; f^st^ 
am, yahtim. 
Close, s. \^\ intiM ; k^ nih4ya-t ; 

f\sd. hit4m ; ^Uj tam&m ; J\^ 

Closeness, s. (narrowness) Xi^ 

<jiiqa-t ; ;^Wa^^ i^tibas. — (vicU 

niiy) v>y^ qurb. 
Closet, s. f^ halwa-t (pi. ^^ 

Clot, v. v>^j rab, yariib; JUir ta- 

jammad, yatajammad; ^j^ji qa- 

ris, yaqras. 
Cloth, s. ty^ jAh (pi. eV^ ajw&h) ; 

^Ui qum44 (pi. iJUJ\ aqmi^a-t). 

— (tahle-cloth) SyuJ^ ^ biz as- 

suf ra-t ; \>yk^ mifra^. 
Clothe, v. ^r^ labbas, yulabbis ; 

ij^\ albas, yulbis. — (one*8 self) 

,j^ labas, yalbis; J^ taJab- 

bas, yatalabbas ; ^J'*si\ iktasa, 

Clothes, Clothing, s. v*y^ as- 

wab ; v^^^— ^ kasdwi ; <^i* ma- 

labis ; Uuk\^ ioxixM. 
Clothiee, s. ^^f^ jiihi-y (pi. J^yi. 

jikhiya-t) ; ^Ui qammiS. 
Cloud, s. ^W^ sa^aba-t (pi. v>W« 

sahab) ; i^UA gamama-t (pi. 

f*U6 gamam). 
Cloud, v.a. ^»«^ gayyam, yugay- 

yim; v-^^ bajjab, yuhajjib ; n. 

f^t^ tagayyam, vataigayyam. 
Cloudiness, s. JUlk zulma-t. 
Cloudy, adj. f^^A^ mugayyim. 
Clove, s. J«;J qaramful. 
Cloven, part, of Cleave, q.v. 
Clover, s, l^ hulba-t; a^ faf- 

9a-t ; ^»t>-^ barsim ; JA^ nafl. 
Clown, s. t^ fallal^ (pL «• -(in, 

cJ3^ falAlib). 
Clownish, <u(;. ^jJ^ fall&bi.y; 

(j-*^ ha^in. 
Clownishness, b. ^U^ ha^&na-t ; 

iiU gilAza-t. 
(}lot, v. gfAJ tatobba'9 yata^bba'. 

Club, a. f±>^ nabbQt (pi. u^W 

nabAbit) ; i^j-t'> dabbOa (pi. 

u-t^^-i dabUbis).— (aoeiWi,) j.^- 

majma' (pi. ^V* majfimi'). 
Clock, «. j/ qarq. 
Cluck, v. j/ qarraq, yuqarriq ; 

jU qflq, yaqflq. 
Club, g. (guidance) 03^ daUla-t. — 

{ball of tkread) >3a»*- jarauhaq. 
Clump, ». (o/ (re^-s) ifij dagila-t. 
Cluhsihebb, 8. ^w gil^iO't. 
Clumst, adj. (Hfi^ gaiim ; k^ 

Cluster, s. {of grapes) Jl-*- hufla-t 

(pi. J—- hufal). 
CLuaTER, V. {eotUet together) g**- 

jama', jajm^'. 
Clotch, «. i/M qab(l ; JU^ qabijla-t. 
Clutch, b. yM qaba^, yaqbi^ ; 

«* V ■» masak, jamaik. 
Cluttgk, 0. ^^ gaug4 ; l^ ^aj- 

Cltstek, «. iuto. Ijuqua-t (pi. (j^ 

CoAon, t. ^jj^ karo^a-t; fi^jc 

Coachman, a. JJljjJl j\j- sawv&q 

al-'araMna-t ; ,j»**;" 'arabaji ; 

i_5^ii;« 'arabanji. 
Co-ADJUTOB, f. j-^ij raflq ; ul-jj* 

Coagulate, v.a. *•*■ jammad, yu- 

jammid; ». -u^ tajatnmad, ja- 

tajammad ; ^*^\ iujamad, yaa- 

CoAotrLiTiOK, s. jU^rl iDJimid. 
Coal, b. ^^ ft^ fabm 'ardi-j. 
CoALRBCE, v. Q*^ ijtama, yaj- 

tami' ; jo/"! ittaljad, yattaljid. 
CoALB§cENCB, t. e'y^l imtizSj ; 

(UjA inijimilm. 
Coalition, *. £Ua».( ijtiini' ; jWl 

ittifAq ; jW^ ittitiid. 
CoABSE, adj. V guliE ; (j^u. ha^in ; 

et*' tabiii. 
C0AB8ENB8H, (. UU galftia-t ; 

ii\J^ hajiiiia't; ^^ Uhiina-t. 
CoA8T,«. Jk^^aabit (pi- J^^r- sawu- 

IjU); J-^ ^k\\ (pi. ^y ia- 

Coat, «. (^^U^ qaftun; Iff jubba-t 

(pi. s-«- jubab); jtj^ (&rta 

(iiV. flurtout). 
Coat, d. ^— ^ kasii, jakaA. 
Coax, o. jl^ mallaq, » ^ , 

ijLu tamallaq, yatamalUq ; utL] 

Intaf, yula!if. 
Cobble, v. j»j raqqa', - yuraqqi* i 

{i^ fallalf.yugalli^. 
Cobbleb, s. jy- haniz. 
Cobweb, «. >=i«Ja«H j— J nasj al- 

'ankabOt (pi. t^-' nisaj); (>« 

tv kJLuiII 'uS^ aU'ankabilt (pL 

i_^U.o 'Usas) J kSJjf^iJl u-*! but 

Cochineal, a. {imeet) yj^"^ ty) 

dQda-t al-qirmiz; L,K^^ kote- 

niliya^t. — (dye) y-j* qinniB. 
Cock, ». «li-i dik (pi. *jiJ duyAk). 
Cock, o. (<x gvn) oijJl "-Ujl aiiqaf 

ad-dik, yfiqif ; j^aaJI J*i qa"wl 

ai-Saqmaq, yuqa"id. 

COCKATBICE, ». •«l(»Jl yUA- Bultall 

al-hajyAt ; J- jill (pi. JW 

CoCK-CBOw, «. *ali.i]t {«• d|^ ad^ 

CocKBcoMB, 9. •«l(Jl i-Jj" '■axt ad- 
. dtk. 
Cocoa, *. (jJuajj* joz (jaaz) Un^ ; 

J^jii nflrjil. 
Cocoon, a. y)\ jj»- joz (jam) al- 

qazz; ^3<j* Sarnaq (pi. O*^ 

Cod, «. (AtMil) ^ qi^ (pi. j^fU 

Code, a! ^n^^l vU£ Idtab a«- 

Cosicn., ». iv''j'\ i*v** dunfan^t 

aUiraflya-t (pi. f^U-t damtiyiiii). 
Codification, ». 5*^7^' f^ naem 

CoDiPT, V. (^lyd^ ^ naiam al- 

qawiiniD, yaoiim. 
Co-EFFiciKNT, t. i-^^f malt- 
ma- 1. 
Co-EQUAL, adj., a. ifi^ qarin ; ,U* 

mijl; J^ masil; jM iia3r; 

A«<* ^bih. 
CosBCE, v. fi^\ alzam, julxim; 

w— * ga?ab, ya^^ib ; f^ )^ib*r, 





Coercion, s, ^\^\ ilzam ; 

Co-ETEBNAL, adj. aLu ^^j^^ abadi-v 

mirtUhu ; Ai^i^ f^}*y dayim misl- 

Co-EVAX, adj. ^U^ inu'asir ; ^ ^jh 

fard *urar. 
Co-exist, v. j^.^; c^J^ ^ ^Vi kAu fi 

wa^jt wahid, yakun. 
Co-EXisTENT, adj, '^\^ o^^ ^ '^y^r* 

inaiijud fi wakt wuhid. 

Co- EXTENSIVE, (uij. J^JO^S^ v^^Uj;^ 

mutasuwi al-iintidad. 
Coffee, «. (the fruit) ^^ banu (pi. 

(^W^ abnaii). — (fAe beverage) i^ 

Coffee-pot, «. i^\ ^ji\ ibriq al- 

qahwa-t ; tj^ bakraj (i»l. t;^ 

liakarij, Turk.), 
Coffer. *. J)'^^^ Banduq (pi. JM*>^ 

(Uiiiadiq) ; Ai^ hazna-t. 
Coffin, s. tf.^y>l3 vi>yU tabnt li-M- 

inavyit (pi. «:^^y tawalMt). 
Cooe'ncy, *. gUi\ iqmV; f»\^\ ilzimi. 
Cooent, ar//. ^iiU inuqiii* ; ^^ 

inulziin ; ^U <|ati'. 
Coo I TATE, r.^^^ iftakar, yaftakir ; 

j^ tafakkar, yatatakkar. 
Cogitation, s. ^ tafakkur ; J^U» 

Cognate, adj. s-siy* cjarib (pi. v»;Vi^ 

aqArib, s-i^ qJirAyib, W/^ aq- 

riba) ; s ' H "^ nasib (pi. sHt^'^ 

Cognition, Coonihance, 8. lif^ 

ina*rifa-t (j4. kJ^\»^ ina*arif) ;^ 

hubr ; j*^ babar (pi. )^\ ab- 

Cognomen, «. ^Wkinva-t, kunja-t; 

s-aJ laqal> (pi. v»^\ alqab). 
Cohabit, r. ^ ^A^ *As ma*, ya*is. 
Coheir, s. ^^W «jftb^ sank bi-'l- 

Cohere, r. v>-^^ iltasak, yaltasiq. 
Coherence, Cohesion, «. jUsJ^ il. 

Cohesive, adj. yyosL* multaHiq. 
Cohort, s. ^^ fawj (pi. t)y^ 

fuwuj, eV^ afwaj) ; ^^^ ^abiir. 
Coil, «. JW^ iJdL. Ijalqa-t IjiibAl ; 

^Aflik^ wasi'a-t. 

Coil, v. g*j waisa*, yiwassi* ;, yaKubb. 
Coin, s. &UU^ mu*amala-t ; ^^ 

8ikka-t (pi. *AC^ sikak). 
Coin, c. ^^ v»/* ^arab sikka-t, 

y ad rub ; &UU^ jj daqq mu'A- 

inala-t, yaduqq ; aUc «*£- sakk 

*ainla-t, yasukk. 
Coinage, g. i^ v*;* darb sikka-t. 
Coincide, v. jfi^^ wafaq, yuwafiq ; 

v3?V!. ^abaq, yutabiq ; ,J^\ iltaqa, 

Coincidence, «. v>*^y fciwafuq ; 

iM\y muwafiqa-t ; J^\ ittifaq. 
Coincident, adj. ^\y* muw&fiq; 

^J^^ multaqi-y. 
Coke, s. f^^^ fabm. 
Coition, h. aa«\^^ mujaina*a-t; 

C^ iiikab ; «tW uik. 
Cold, adj. ^;W barid ; J^^^ji bardan. 
Cold, h. o^ bard ; /ij9^} zamhanr. 

— (*r mid) ^; rasb ; Jy nizl ; 

iiy nazl:i-t. 
C*OLi)Ni:ss, n. io^^ banula-t. 
Colic, x. ,jaA^ hui^h ; (j^^ ^^ 

w;ij;t' al-]»atii ; ^y» (jaulanj. 
CoLLAI'SE, H. ly&^ tiiUl\l\ ; 1»^ bu- 

CoLLAi'HK, r. i»i- saqaf, yasqut ; 

'a^ babat, yalibit, yabbn^ ; ^^ 

waqa*, yaqa*. 
Collar, k. {nj a nmt) jMj ziq (pi. 

y}\ij\ azyaq) ; jUs. buiiaq. — 

(iurkhtre) J^ ^^^-^q (p^- <3^^^ 

atwaq); ^^i^ui qilada-t (pi. J«^ 

t|ila\i«l); aac *u<id, *aqd (pi. jyie 

Collar, v. J^ *anna<i, yu*auniq. 
Collate, v. J*^ qabal, yuqAbil. 
Collateral, adj. ^5;^^ miita- 

wazi ; v^^^--« musAwi. 
Collation, s. aIjVa^ inuqAbala-t. 

— (rcpaH bitwet'H t'fut nifaU) ^\ 
' akl.'i-t. 

I Colleague, s. J^^j zamil (pi. %•) 
I zumala) ; JM; rafiq (pi. ^; ru- 

Collect, v. ^^^ jama*, yajma* ; ^ 

lamm, yalumm ; 3^ ^Az, yahuz. 

— {(jather J'ruit) ^y^ jana, yajni. 
Collected, adj, (self - j)088e88ed) 


Col] ' 

Ij*^^ majmu' (pi. ffe-V* iJiajA- 

COLLKCTEPNEBB, s. ia^ jftm'ija-t. 
Collection, ». Jl*i»t ijtimii' ; j*v- 

Collective, adj. ?;**- majmfl'. — 

(eoUeetwe noun) i/^l ^\ ism 

COLI-BOTOB, f. C-W jflini'.— (n/ 

fwenwi') J*f* miilja^?il. 
CoLLKQK. 8. *-j-^ nmdi'aaa.t (pi. 

^J•J^■i^ inadi'iris). 
CoLLEOiAN, «. i-j-wJl yfl iLin al- 

mfldrasft-t (pi. i-jJ*ll ^jJ* liam 

Collier, «■ ij^j' ^»»^ o"*" mu'ad- 

din faJjui ardi-y. 
CoLLiEBY, ». o^j^ f»^ 0'*" nia'din 

fahm ardi-y. 
Collision, ». (•'■il^l i^tidAiu ; (tJUi 

ta?adum. — (of intvratg) iujli* 

nrnnfiia'a-t ; -jSj*! ihtiliif. 
Collocate, v. J^i wada', yada'. 
CoLLoqniAL, adj. jt^ eajir. 
CoLLoqciALiau, B. ii:'^ iTiRayya-t. 
COLLoqcT, ». ifjW* inub»dasa-t ; 

L^\a,- niubSlaba-t ; *j;W- uiuhft- 

Collusion, b. jliil ittifiiq; Sj-W- 

Collusive, udj. ;'-i* gaddur ; ;-!*- 

CoLLKBicM, ». J»ikuhl (pi. JWH 

ak^I; Vy tfitija; 4-jj- jftr- 

CoLONEL, ». ^jSl je^\ amir (mir) 
aUi ; jj*l* J3jlj bal&k luisi. 

Colonisation. «. S;»l*« nmhAjaiu-t. 

Colonise, r. p* hajj, vabujj ; ;»W 
hajar, vuhujir. 

Colonist, i. ^^ hfljij ; f t*~^- 

Colonnade, ». Jt^^jc i-ju ^aff 

Colony. *. (body of eolonieig) ieU» 
i-^\A jaiuu'at hiijju-t ; ^ p ^** 
yij».ijjl jaraa'ut al-nmhrijirin. — 
(country) J«tU .il) bulad tubi'a-t. 

CoLORisT, t. cjJm tiiulitwnin. 

Colodr, s. yjS lawn (pi. yljJl al- 
wiii). — ((^oIour«) Jpf bairaq (pi. 

■ CoLoon 

B win) 

jjW( l.aTari(|)i Jt'j rAvft-t ; fi* 

'alam fpl. ,^1 a'lAm). ' 
Colour, t'.o. yjl lawwan. vuUw- 

win ; ^^ Mlibap. _viiBabl<i(f- — 

{blueh) j*^\ ahmarr, jahmnrr. 
Colt, B. ;»- muhr (pi. jl»-l ainliAr, 

jlft* mi bar). 
Colter, Codltek, «. ia>1j»*)1 4£- 

Bikka-t al-mihrfls (pi- '•'-i- 

Column, e. -J;-^ 'Amfid (pi. -^a^^ 

'awAmid) ; ■>;** 'amiid (pi, iJ**l 

Comb, ». Ut- mus^, miSt (pi. tU-1 

amSAt).— (AoB*y-e<»Mt) J-» •»#* 

saM 'as! (pi. jW* sihAd). 
CoHB, I', ^^i^ moAsA^, yumasJit. 
Combat, s. IJiUU muqAtalo^t ; ^j^rf 

ta'Anik; ftljUrf mu'Araka-t, 
Combat, v. JiUqatal, yuqAtU; JfW 

tnqAtal, yataqaUl; ><^jW ta'&rmk; 

Combination, s.l"el*-*taljl1t ; fUa».l 

ijtimA' ; jW\ ittifAi); Jk«fl itli- 

Combine, r.a. f**- jama', yajma'; 

i3>j waffajj, vuwafliq ; •i-J} rattab, 

vuriittib; n.£«^Ujtama'.yajta- 

nii' ; J«l ittafaq, yattafiq ; J^ 

ittahad, yattal^id. 
Combustible, adj. jy^ yattanqj 

J*ji yiiqad. 
Combustible, ». JjJj waqfiJ. 
Combustion, ». jtj-j^' it)tir»q ; 

jly*>l iiiljiraq j i3*/^ labriq ; 

Ji^\ ihrAq. 
Comb, v. W- jA. jajt ; ^1 atu, tAIi. 
Comedian, t. i(J-»jfl\ h-b^ la'ib al- 

komediyo-t; s-*^ la"nb. 
Comedy, ». liJ«*jS komediyii>t. 
Comeliness. *. (j—^ husD; I^X* 

uialiilja-t; J W Jamil. 
Comely, adj. ^^ malih (iil. t** 

milalj) ; t!— » faaaan (pi. 1'-* 

Ijaeana-t, U-& bueana) ; J***- 

Comestible, «. jIj zAd; ^A^*" 

ma'As; .iJjt qut (pi. loiljfl aq> 

Comet, «. v>,U1 '^t^ kaukab Kf- 

zanab (pi. v^^l^ <^^ kawikib 




al-aznab) ; s-^J^ ^^^ najma-t 

Comfit, h. ^ hiilA, 5^^ hulw.i-t 

(|»1. (j^ l^alawa, ssA^ halu- 

Comfort, s. (ease) ^^ sahiMa-t ; 

*^^; niha-t ; i-J^ bulalniiya-t ; 

^ yusr, yusur. — (consolation) 

iel-» tasliya-t ; hy^ ta*ziya-t ; 

Jl-i tasalfi ; ^\^\ (^\p^ jabriin 


Comfort, r. J-. salla, yusalli ; ^^yft 
<azza, yu*azzi ; p^- jabbar, yii- 
jabbir. — (strengthen) v^«* qawwa, 
vuqawwi ; *>ja saddad, yusul- 

Comfortable, adj, J«- sahil ; ^/» 
murih ; {^^ hayyin ; s-^^ mu- 
nasib ; -Mj ra^fd. 

Comfortableness, s. ^^ sabu- 

Comic, Comical, a<//. iiW-i- mud- 

Comicality, s. a< ^x» madhaka-t ; 

ty* mazh (pi. t^y mizah) ; i /k >• 

Com I NO, s. *y^^ wurud. 

Command, s. j^^ amr (pi. j^\)\ awa- 
niir; ; ^•^ hukin (pi. f\>^\ al;- 

Command, v. jA amar, ya'imir. 

Commander, s. ^^ liukim (pi. 
^^^ hukkam) ; ^^ amir (pi. ^j^\ 
utnara). — (of an army) "^jVi 
qayid. — (of a garrison) lk*W« 

Commandment, «. Xe^^ wa^iya-t (pi. 
k^y waflaya). — (the ten) i^\ V^U^ 
wa^aya allah ; t£>UJi^yt«3^ al-'asar 

Commemorable, adj. /«^ yuzkar 
(3 pres. pass.). 

Commemorate, v. ^^ zakar, yaz- 
kur ; /^ tazakkar, yatazakkar. 

Commemoration, s, /*^ zikr. 

Commemorative, adj. ^jj^^ ta?- 

Commence, r. v^*^ bada, yabda ; 

\'iJ^\ ibtada, jabtadi ; J«% ja'al, 


Commencemeitt, 8. \^\ ibtid&; 

C^isl^ iftitah ; tr*b ^hs. 
Commend, r. f^ niaibih, yamdah ; 

.u^ hamad, yahuiud ; ^^y wa9af, 

Commendable, adj, C;*u^ mam- 

duh ; «^4>*> bam id ; «>^4n^^ mal^- 

mud ; ^y^y* mausiif. 
Commendation, s, ju*. hamd ; 

*u.^^ mahmad ; f^ madh ; ^c ^* ^ 

Commendatory, adj. -u^^ mul^am- 

Comment, Commentary, s. tj'^ 

sarh (pi. t)j^ sunih) ; ^^-J* taf- 

sir (pi. ^ij-W taf Asir). 
Comment, v. Cj^ sarah, ja^rab ; 

y^ fassar, yuiassir. 
Commkntator, s. t)^ ikrih (pi. 

C^^ surrab). 
Commerce, s. y^,^^ matjar; l^^ 

tijara-t. — (intercours**) IjUlXmm 

inu*asara-t ; i-^U^ mu^iihaba-t. 
Commercial, adj. <j;;W" tujari-y. 
CoMMiNiJLE, v.a. loU. halat, yahlut ; 

n. Uas.^ ibt'ilat, yabtalit. 
Commiserate, v. ^; rabim, yar- 

bam ; ^ yj^ safaq *ala, yasfuq ; 

^J^ ij^ liinu *all^ yahinn. 
Commiseration, s. ^U»»j rahma-t ; 

^AAAi safatpa-t. 
Commissary, s. J*^^ wakil (pi. K^ 

wukala) ; y*W^ mubasir. 

Commissaryship, s. AlVi^ wakala-t. 

Commission, s. (on goods) a3^ 
*umula-t. — (warrant) aa-« sauad 
(pi. jLu-^ asnad). — (delegation) 
i^^y wakala-t — (perpetration) 
^\^j\ irtikab. 

Commission, v. ^y wa^fa, yuway^i ; 
J^^ wakkal, yuwakkil. 

Commissioner, s. ^y muwakkal ; 
y^fSy wakil. 

Commit, v. (intrust, deposit) fX» 
sallam, yusallim ; £^^ wada', 
yada*. — (imprison) {j>»t^ b^l'&^f 
yabbis ; (;>%-• saian, yasjun. — 
(perpetrate) s-^;^ irtakab, yar- 

Committal, Commitment, s. (to 




prison) u'-^j^ haba. — {'perpetra- 
tion) v»^j^ irtikab. 

Committee, «. ^^^tj*-*^ jam*iya-t. 

Commodious, adj, s-^^ munasib ; 
<3i^^ muwafiq. 

Commodioubness, 8. A--»U* muna- 
saba-t ; Afi*^^ muwafaqa-t. 

Commodity, s. (merchandise) ^^ 
bida'a-t (pi. ^"^ badayi*) ; 6;V 
tijara-t; s-^<— sabab (pi. v*W-^ 

CoMMODOBE, s. j)*^yy^ komodor. 

Common, adj. f\^ *amm ; ^y*x^ 
*umumi-y ; **J^-;Ui^ inustarik. — 
(usttal) <^jW^^ i*tiyadi-y ; ^U*- 
mu*ta(l. — (ignoble) jt'-^ haqir. 

Common, s. ^^J^s^ niaidan, midan 
(pi. (:>4*>W^ mayadin) ; t/* marj 
(pi. ©j;^ muruj). 

Commonness, s. S^ kasra-t ; J^W 

Commotion, s, ^/^ haraka-t. — 
(perturbation) ^^ fitiia-t ; aIcI* 
qalqala-t; v*^ya-i\ idtirab; *^j^ 

Commune, v. ^^ Mlat, yuhalit ; 
^Vc *asar, yu*asir. 

Communicate, v. (impart informa- 
tion) yt^\ ah bar, yuhbir; cJ^ 
*arraf, yu*arrif. — (he connected) 
yys\ itti§al, yatta§il; ^ iialiiz, 
yanfuz. — (partake of the Lord's 
Supper) ^J*'i^\ ^^W;^^^ J;^^ tuiuu 
wal al-qurbaii al-muqaddas, ya- 
tanawal; ^jl-a-^J^ (j^^^ v»;^" 
taqarrab al-qiirbaii al-muqaddiuj, 

Communicative, adj, ^it^ fayyad ; 
jjL-^ iniisayir; t)^S'«^ mumtazij. 

Communion, s, {familiar tw/tr- 
co?^rrfe) A-e-Ua^musahaba-t ; Ay\c^ 
Diuhalata-t. — (the sacrament) 
^jJUJ^ (^\^^\ al-qurban al-mu- 

Community, s. Aj< .» i» jam'iya-t; 
j^^-fc:^ jamhur (pi. ^W jama- 

Commutation, 8. J->*>^ tabdil ; 

v*iXfi>\ iuqiiab ; Jj^" tahwil. 
Commute, v. J»^ badal, yabdil ; 
qalab, yaqlib. 

Compact, adj. i-Ae^ kasif ; 4-A>V^s^ 

Compact, s. Jkec *ahd (pi. *>^ 

'uhud) ; t>/» sar^ (pi. ^y^ surut) ; 

jU>i ittifaq. 
Compact, y. {^ sabhan, yusahhin ; 

cJU^ kassaf, yukas.sif. 
Compactness, s. ^iU^ kasafa-t. 
Companion, s. jki; rafiq (pi. VaA^ 

rufaqa, J^j^ arfaq) ; * i ■^■■■ ft U 

sahib (pi. v»Us*^ ashab). 
Companionable, adj. {j^\ anis. 
Companionship, s. ^j rufqa-t (pi. 

vJi) rufaxj, jUj rifaq, j\i;\ arfaq). 
Company, s. a**-*^ jam*iya-t ; ie«*« 

Ruhba-t ; l~Sii\y» niurafaqa-t. — 

(commercial) f^ s*irka-t, surka-t. 
Compare, v. ^J^ J»^ qabal *ala, 

yuqabil ; v» c^i;^ qilran bi, yu- 

qarin ; v* M* Kabbah bi, vusab- 

Comparative, adj. ^ Jh f^ tasbi- 

Comparative, e, (degree) J--4» 

tafdil. — (noun) A^t^^ f^\ ism at- 

Comparison, s. a-;--aj tasbih ; A6?U-» 

iiiusa])aha-t; J-j^Ui tam^il ; aI»Uu 

muqal)ala-t ; i— Ji^ muqayasa-t. 
Compartment, s. f*-^ <iism (pi. 

^•L«j\ a(j[sam) ; ^^ wi*a' (pi. A^i^t 

Compass, a. {yircle) '^jlS'^ dayira-t ; 

5^\a;u-\ istidara-t; ^^*> daur (pi. 

^y'^\ adwarj. — (vaivHt^ limit) j^J^fr* 

mi<idar; J^. hadd (pi. ^;J-»- 

hududj. — (the mariners) %a^ 

^ji*\ bet al-ibni-t ; aU^ busola^t ; 

*£»- huqqa-t ; «i^ hikk ; ^^^ Alji 

qibla-t iiama-h. — (^>air o/ com- 

paases) ;^ baikar, bikar (pi. 

^W^ bayakir, /\f bawakir). 
Co3iPAss, V. (surround) v» 1»^^ 

ahat bi, viihit ; «-JLd kannaf, vu- 

kannif. — (attain) J^ nal, yanal ; 

J-ea- ha9§al, yuha89il. 
Compassion, «. a^aa safaka-t; 

marhaiiia-t ; Aij riqqa-t. 
Compassionate, adj. ^y^ saliiq ; 

O^^AA* saliq ; j^AA^ musfiq ; v>«*; 

s-^^ raqiq al-qalb. 




Compassionate, v. ^j raham, yar- 

biin ; ^J^ ijAi* ^faq *ala, yasfuq ; 

^J^ {^ hann *aLi, yahiuD ; J j; 

raqq li, yariqtj. 
Compatibility, s. to\^ luuwafi- 

qa-t; A«l»U qaMliya-t. 
Compatible, adj. J vjp^^ muwafiq 

li ; ^ ^y^ yattafi'i m:i*a ; J>^ 

Compatriot, «. ^ {^\ il>n balad 

(pi. *>!l^^ auliid). 
Compel, r. f«)5^ alzam,yulzim ; s-^-^ 

uaijats yagaib; ;^>^ ajbar, yuj- 

bir ; j^i tjahiir, y.iqhar. 
Compendious, adj, y^y mujaz ; 

j<*:!^^ inuhta^ar. 
Compendium, «. ^-aiat^ luuhta^ar ; 

jUa.^ ihti^ar. 
Compensate, v. ^J^ >^ *awwa(l 

*ala, vu*awwid. 
Compensation, $. J^^ *iv ;icl, *awa<j[ 

(|)1. <^^^^ a* wad; ; SjU-i- u*4^ 

ta*wid hasiira-t. 
Compete, v. f}^ W'^r, yugayir ; 

f^*s taj;ayar, yatagayar; ^j)W 

jara, yujari. 

CoMPETENi!E, /». (tUlfHlcity) SjJul (jud- 

ra-t ; ifii*^ qal»iliya-t. — {liveli- 

hond) f»j^^^ al-la\vazim. 
Competent, adj. ;^Vi qjidir; s->^^ 

wajib ; sM^ l»yiq; s-^^^^ muna- 

Competition, s. *;*fc piira-t ; ijM^ 

iiiui^ayara-t ; /.^ tapiyiir ; i*^Va^ 

iiiiiqawaina-t ; S^j^»^ inujarat. 
Compilation, s. ^■♦■^ jam* ; Ui^\s 

Compile, r. ^^^ jama', yajma* ; 

«-J^^^ ^aimaf, yu^annif; «-A3\ 

iillaf, viral I if. 
Complacence, Complacency, s. 

^)f^ ma' rut ; ^^ latafa-t. 
Complacent, aiij. ^pf^ s *-*^ 

(Ah i b ma* r u f ; cAJbS fa^ i f . 
Complain, r. ^^ saka, ya^^ki; 

,j^Ak^ istaka, yastaki. 
Complainant, «. {plaintiff) ^Vj 

tahim ; o*J^ muda*i. 
Complaint, ^v. av^ sakat. 
Complement, «. AU^ kam41a-t; 

i*j^ tatimma-t. 

Complembntal, Complbmentabt, 

<w//. f^sj» mutimm ; J4X» mukam- 

Complete, adj. J^^ kamil; ^y^ 

mukammal; ^V; taium; ^U> ta- 

Complete, v. J*^ kammal, yukam- 

mil ; ^«^ tarn mam, yutammim ; 

v»; rabb, yarubb. 
Completeness, s. JU^ kamiil; ^w« 

9ahl>a-t, aihha-t. 
Completion, «. ^Us**^ ihtimam. 
Complex, oaIj. *^y» murakkab ; 

Ul-Al 1 itif ; jyu ^ jrair mufrid. 
Complexion, s. ^^^ (^^ laua al- 

Compliance, *. ic^ t*"'*^*- ; ^^^ 

CoMi'LiCATE, V. **M» sabbak, vu- 

sal)bik ; la^ lahbat, yulahbit. 
Complicate, adj. »-*ykU malfuf ; 

^^^ ^o zu sujim. 
Complication, a. U^ halt ; ^ '^ 

haU malt ; ^9^3 lahbata-t. 
Complicity, /». s^iJ\ ^ iSjb, sar- 

ka-t fi-*z-zamb. 
Compliment, «. v-AU* tikdluf (pi. 

«y^ -At) ; UIjUj taklif (pi. ug^- 

tiikalif) ; sjfUi tamallmi. 
Compliment, t*. (r>iH(jratalate) ^^ 

v» baniia bi, yuhanui. — (cuHresa 

with approl>ation or flattery) ijU? 

tiiinalliK], yatamalla'^. 
Com pLi mental. Complimentary, 

adj. ^ j^ g jUv tiimli([i-y. 
Comply, v. J^U. ^awiV, yu^awi* ; ^4— 

saiiiuh, yasmul]i ; v>W^ ajab, yu- 

Component, h. y^ juz (pi. \y^\ 

Comport, v. ^ **U^ salak ma*, 

Compose, v. s-^j rakkab, yurak- 

kib; J-»; wa9Hal, yuwa89il. — (cm 

an author) «-Ai* ^annaf, yii^an- 

nif ; *-AJ\ allaf, yu'allif. — {music) 

tii\ ansa*, yaiLM*. — {calm) i^S^ 

sakk.iu, vusakkiu. 

COMPOSEDNESS, 8. JW^^ te.\; fAljia-t 

Composer, $. {author) uu*« mu- 


fanoif ; '~ii'y mu'aJlif. — (of 
ic) (^^\ -r— ^ lilbib albfta. 
Composition, ». '»-*S/ tarkib. — 

{lilemrt/ work) ^Jj— « ta^ali (pi. 

•J^^ ta^iiuf) ; ^1 iusa. 
GoHposiTOB, g. (o/ types) ^T-jy 

Compost, ». ,}ij aibl ; illij zabii]a.-t. 
CoMPoaUKK, ». iie*Ut turaHniQii-tj 

Compound, ». U* hilf (pi. lJU-\ 
ahliil.) ; v-i/* murakbab. 

CoMPOPND, t). U* hakt, yahlut ; 
s-Sj rakkab, jurakkib. 

CouPBEHEHD, V. (understand) ^ 
fahiin, yafham ; j!j-»* adrak, 
yudrik. — (com/iriaej 5-j wasi', 
ya§a' ; Jc or*' i^tawa 'ala, 
yahtawi ; J* J*^l iataiual 'ala, 

CoMFBBHENSiBLB, aiJf. ft^ yanfa- 

him ; ^j«*- luafhiim. 
CouPBEUENBiON, B. (^intellect) f*«i 

fahin tpl. ^j»* fahum) ; J*= 'uql 

(pi. J/. 'uqfll) ; J^ ma'qul.- 

{conlaiai/ig) \f^\ ihtiwii ; JUskl 

CoupRiiHeNaiTE, adj. (^htlelliijent) 

j3jj- mudrik; Ji": 'nqil ; ,*=«* 

faliiin. ■ — (coinpritlmj) J— +ii- 

mustiiiuil ; ^5j=*^ muhtawi, 
CoupRBHENBivENEsa, 8. {diaetm- 

meiil)ii^^,.K,; ^i^ titua-t. 

— (pr«ci<io») W^ da,L.t. 
CoMPBBSB, I. i*^ tat'ufa-t (pi. Ulj^ 

C0UPBB8S, V. ijoc 'aff, ya'uii ; (jr* 

(Jayyaq, yu^uyyi-j. 
CoMPUEssioN, (. i>«^ ta^yiq ; 

^Ul i^aqa-t. 


CoHPBOUIBE, ». {agreement) f^ 

«ulh ; l^\^ mu^Hlaha-b; i^yt^ 

JJj4— It fariq as-suhula-t. 
CoMPBOuisE, V. {agree) ^^l-* taflii- 

lal), jatafAlal); ^Jt-l i?(alii^, 

ya^talilj. — (exiiote) U laU, ya- 

Compulsion, «. fl^' ilzAin ; s--* 

ga^b i w^— «*' igtijAb ; jW^^ 


C0MPUL8OKY, adj. ff^" majbir; 

f^ mulzim. 
CoMPUNcTiOK, «. i«l^ iiadiVma-t ; 

(•JJ nadiim ; |>J^ tanadJutn. 
CoupUTATtOK, 8. w>L^ l^isib ; 

viL— s».l iljtiflftb. 
Compute, n. s~-^ ^aaab, yaJisab; 

v>L-a. ^^ 'amil ^isfib, y&'mal; 

V,.— -»i< ihtisab, ya^taaib. 
CoMKAUE, fl. Jsij rafiq (pi. ^ 

rufaqu, J^Jjl arfAq). 
Con, p. ^ ;al ,^ fJ** ta'alUm 

'ala zuhr qalb hu. yata'alTam, 
CoNCATiNATioN, g. J~L- J taaalsul ; 

j)j"r tajanzur. 
Concave, adj. Jjifl ajwaf, f. Uj* 

jaufa (pi. <-*ys- juf); ^j** in«- 

CONCAVITY, S. i-Jj* jilllf (pi. ^\ft-y 

ajwi'if) ; >~itfr tajwif. 
Conceal, ti. jb*. hafa. yahfi ; JtA 

ahfa, yuhft ; j^u, gatar, yastur; 

ft^ lutam, yaKtum. 
Concealment, «. 4n^ tabbiya-t; 

UlI ihfii; ^ katm; (jU:^ kit. 

(admit) J(i qabil, yaq- 
bal ; fX^ eallam, yusallim. — 
(ijield) gjU. (lima'. viHSwi*. 

Conceit, t. (fancy) J^** Ijiyil; 
jj-» ta?ftwwur. -~ {affrelation im 
gpteck) Ai/.j zahrara^t ; g*J t»- 
aatmu'. — (gelf-etteem) j^ ta^kb- 
bur ; jWi^l isiikbAr. 

Conceited, adj. {affected) gi** 
musanna*. — (/wl( of telf-eaUtmt 
^ ■ < . ! —« mu»takbir; jt^s* mnt^ 
kabbir j j^yk- magrur. 

CoNcEiTEDNBBs, «. /t^ takabbuT; 
jl,i;i.l istikbiir. 

CoNCBiVB, *. (in (Ae mind) ^ 
fahim, yafham ; <«1;>>< wirak, 
yudrik. — (in the momh) «a4«» 
babilat, tabbal ; »■* " 'alityrta 


amy) ^\, ^Jj- ^ *>j.O' «•*■ 
jama' al-juyilj fi mautj*' wal^ 
vajma'. — (condmwe) wAtf bma^ 

COHCKHTBATION, «. fUsvl ijttini*. 




Concentric, adj. ,iiJ\^^j^ aJ lahu 
markaz wAhid ; ^jJ\ J^^;^ mut- 
tahid al- markaz. 


Conception, «. (ihoufjht) *^\j*y\ 
idruk ; ;^ taHawwur ; J<s^ ta- 
havvul. — pretjnancy) J<*- habal ; 
JW*- hubal. 

Concern, «. (business) j^\ aiiir (pi. 
jy\ amur) ; Jaa» sujrl (pi. JUai\ 

^fi-^iNfc^ miihabba-t. — (anxieiy) ^ 

haumi (|)1. ^y^ huuiiim) ; ^^ 

Concern, v. y^ biW» yahiisB ; 

s-'^--^^ intasab, vantasil). 

Concerning, prt'p. (^f^. U«i li-niA 

* — • • 

Concert, r. W) ralmt, yarbut ; ;»*> 

dab bar, vudabbir. 

Concert, s. (ayreement) J^^^ ta- 
da w u 1 ; v3^^ i 1 1 i f u< J . — ( m usica I 
enttrtainment) ^^ nanba-t. 

Concession, «. ^W^ ijaba-t ; J^ 

(^abiil ; f^ s^ '^i taslim. 
Conciliate, r. Ujain) «-Ala«i-\ ista*- 

^af, yasl'atif. — {reconclt') ^U 

f^^i^ Hiilah bou-lmin, yu^alih ; 

^\ iiHlah, yti^Iih. 

Conciliation, k. ^ Rulh ; a^U^ 

Conciliatory, adj. ^^ inii^lih. 

Concise, adj. j'^^^k^ iiiuhta^ar; 

^y*-^^ niujuial ; ^-*i4^ inu<[ta8ar ; 

y^y» mujaz. 
Conciseness, #.;V<«s^^ ihti«Hr; JW^ 

ijmal ; ^^ tan(|ih. 

Conclude, r. {finhh) fU» tam- 
mani, yutanimiin ; j^ hala?, 
yahlu^ ; f^s*- hatain, yahtiui. — 
\lotjiraUy) ^^ istantaj, yas- 
tautij ; Jj>^s-^ JHtadall, yastadill. 

Conclusion, m. (ierminat'um) j-U*. 
IjitMiii; h^ nihaya-t. — (i/i/tr- 
ence) ^^ <[iyAs (|»1. i— ^^*^ ^ 
sa-t) ; A^frSi' iiatija-t (pi. gjUJ 

Conclusive, adj. ^ batti-y ; ^Vi 

Concoct, v. (digest) ^ hadam, 

yahdim. — (plan) f^\ acinar, 

Concoction, s. ^»-*i^ hadra ; f»W^ 

iDhidam ; JaA**' tahlil. 
Concomitant, adj., s. s-%-^ sahib. 
Concord, s. j^\ ittifaq ; iM\y^ 

luuwafaqa-t ; *>U=1 ittihad. 
Concourse, s. f Uaj^^ ijtima* ; 3U^j 

zahiiia-t ; f»U.jj\ izdiham. 
Concrete, adj. (compound) s-*^ 

murakkab. — (having a real exist' 

ence) ^y^y maujud ; (^\^ kayin. 
Concubine, s. a*;- surriya-t ' (pi. 

<4;^;- sarari) ; aJ^^^ niahziya-t 

(pi. o^W« niahagi). 
Concubinage, s. v^;— * tasarri. 
Concupiscence, s. i^ Bahwa-t; 

&cUi tania*at ; ^Viy tauqan ; s-^ 

«t>\^e-^^ hubb as-sahwat. 
Concupiscent, adj. ^J^^^ sahwa- 

ui-y ; ,j— w nafsi-y ; ^J ^ •i^'• nius- 

tahi ; f^ gillim. 
Concur, r. yjiS\ ittafaq, yattafiq ; 

J»-^ ittahad, vattahid. 
Concurrence, s. j\^\ ittifaq ; *)W»1 

ittihud; SacL-^ niusa*ada-t. 
Concussion, s. ^y^y taza*zu* ; Sy^ 

huzza-t ; ^\jLc\ iHtidaiii. 
Condemn, v. (ttentmce) Jc d^ 

hakain 'ala, yahkuin. — (rtject) 

(jA-ij rafad, yarlid, yarfu^. — 

(hlamr) j^S lam, yaluin ; ^»i zaiiim, 

Condemnation, s. /» <> hukm: 

&^y^ hukuma-t. — (rejection) ^J^^ 

Condensation, s. {;^ts^ tashin; 

c A »^ tak:iif. 
Condense, r. ^* sahhan, yasab- 

hin ; «-A^ kassaf, yukassif. 
Condescend, r. JjU tanazal, yata- 

uazal ; f;^ tawaS yutawi*. — 

(stoop) ^"^ taljadda*. yatahadda*. 
Condescension, s. JjCj taiiazul; 

Ac^^ mutawa'a-t. 

Condign, adj. s->^; wAjib 

Condiment, s. j^ bahar (pi. «y^ 

""^) J Jr^ tabul; Jm^ tatbil. 
Condition, s. (state) ^^ hal (pi. 

jy^ ahwal) ; iXW bala-t.— (ronJk) 

UU iflu (pt. (Jj'j* Siruu, ylS4 

ii'fin) ; ^U- maqani (j-l. u»l -fit) ; 

Xfl;* martaW-t (i*!. •-r^\y marA- 

tib).— (jwali'j) 4e*ei taifija-t. 
-J wnjf J ii* ?ifft-t — (stifula- 

notOV^an (pl.l-3;fc8urut). 
Conditional, nrfj. J=^ 

l-,7i-» Diain'it- — (i» jT-ammar) 

Oj* sartiya-t 
GoKDoLB, e. tjj* 'azza, ju'azzl. 
Condolence, «. ii)*! ta'zijat. 
CoKDDcE, e. gu nafa', yanfa' ; j^jI 

afiid, yufiiJ. 
Conducive, adj. gtl* Di'ifi' ; j**- 

niufid ; (j)l*- mu'ftwiii. 
CoKDUcT, ». >*!}L. euluk ; utU_^ tnas- 

lak ; ije- 8ira-t.^{wuwoye)n(n() 

jrt-u tadlrir. 
Conduct, v. (ffaidi-) ^sJJ" hada, 

yahd! ; 15O) wadda, yuwaddi j J-> 

^all, yadull. — (an anny) J^ (]n<;, 

yaqiid. ^ ( wianaje) j|J dalXar, 

yudftbbir. — (behave) txU- salali, 

Conductor, *. AJj Jalil (j'l, 3^1 

Conduit, b. <Ji*-* wajra ( jir. ^fjW* 

majiiri) ; v'j)* mizrab (pi. ^i-3;lj- 

Cone, «. Lj^ai- mahriit (pi. %sA -flt). 
CoNET, CoNT, I. v-Jj' aruab (pi. 

S-*V araiiilO. 
CONrECTION, s. jl— Ijolu ; tSjl»- 

halwa (pi. ijjV. ^alAwa, uD^jyi*- 

hulawijfit); jj-i/* murmba (pi. 

is.W/' niurrabajfll). 
CoNFUCTiONEB, ». ^J^^ halwAui-v 

(pi. i^ljL- halwuniyii.|)i j^ 

murabbi-y . 

CONESDEBACT, ». SjA\ib* uiu'jiiia- 

da^t ; -^ 'alid ; jUil ittifi'it] ; 

JW^ ittihnd. 
CoNyEDEBATB, V. -^^ 'iibad, yu- 

■iihid; ^yil iltal'aq, valtutiq; 

•-A1W tulbAlaf, yata^alaf.' 
CoNFEDEiuTE, adj. ». i-iJl*-« nm, 

taljA!''; -Wi- mutUtid; ,3i=- 

Confer, p. (brsioK) ^jtt* 'ata, ya'tJ ; 

*T-*j wahab, jahab ; ^1 an'am, 

yan'im. — {eotituli iogether) jjUJ 

ta»flwar, yataiawarj Jjl->* Uda- 

wal, yatadawal. 
ConfbuGnce, 8. SjjlA- musAwara-t , 

i^i^ muzakara-t. 
Confess, ti. {tint) 4Jj«T ilanf, 

ya'tarif j ^fs-\ isla'raf, yaata'- 

rif. — {hear eonfetBion)U\jtBT\ g^- 

Baina'al-i'tirAf,yasiua'. — {admit) 

f\ aqarr, yuqirr. 
Confession, t. U'\j^\ jtirif ; jljfl 

Confessional, t. U^fc^i^ tt-^ bet 

al-i'tiiiifi ^\fti\ .J-/ kuraial- 

Confessor, e. {tcho eon/eetet) <~tj)»^ 

mu'tarif. — {who hears con/etioa) 

jljxeSl ^ nui'allim al-i'tirAf; 

■Jj*-* iiiu'arrif. 
Confidant, «. {rotijulenlial fritmi) 

J-U halll (pi. VI ahilli, oU 

hullan) ; r^\ s-*U. i.i)iib aa-dn 

(,.|. ^\^\ a^ljilb). 
Confide, r. {trutt) ijy\ amui, j^ 

min ; h> J^j wa^aq bi, Tagiq. — 

(entrvsl) fjji auda', vftdi'. 
Confidence, «. .lUucI i'-tiqad; J^ 

tawakkul; ^ f iqa-t. 
Confident, adj. {relying) J^ 

Confidential, adj. jj— •! amin (pL 

l-i-1 uniana) j ij^jl au»aq, f. J6j 

Confiodeatioh, e. ijy- |iira.t (pi. 

jj-f f unar) ; iSe* bai'a-t. 
CoNPiouHE, ti.jy ^awwar, yt^BW* 

wir; £1- (fig, ya^fig. 
Confine, c. {limil) -iJ^ haddad, 

yuhaddid ; f^\ iqtsfar, vaqte- 

fir. — (i(;i;iri«cn) i,r-t* ^abM. 

yalibis; (^^^ aajan, yasjait. 
Confinement, «. (imj-mo m w—i, 

reflTaini) i_r-i>- $abe; f^ti^t 

ihtibas; UM- tHJi.— (MiWfttra) 

io3j*iirid(i.ti tr^ DitlU. 
Confirm, f. yJ qnrrar, yuaarrir; 

ij*^ Ijafjqaq, yuljaqqiq.~(i««». 

vwiitally) It-/ fabbat, yugabbH( 

0jjs*J\ j~ fj^ tnanalf airr aK 

mirAo, yamoaiti. 

CONVIBMATIOM, t. ;1/1 JqrAr ; tMl\J^ 




igbat; J^ ta'kid.— (foemm^nO<Jg tasbit ; (^)j^ al-miH!in. 
CoNFiBMATOBT, odj, ^y muwak- 

Confiscate, v, ^ 4&bat, ja^bit. * 
Confiscation, #. W* ^Q.h\ ; 6j*>U* 

Conflagration, it. yj^f- ^ariq (pi. 

J;^ l^arqa). 
Conflict, #. (0/ interesU) ^W« 

muhulafa-t; SooU** mudadada-t. 

— (of bodies) ^U? tafadum ; 

f\jlmJ\ i^^iilkm.— {combat) 4l»Uu 

Conform, v. (comply) »3»Vk ^abaq, 

yu^abiq ; ^^y wafaq, yuwafiq. — 

(make conformable) <3*^ waffaq, 

Conformable, adj, <3A^ muttafiq ; 

sj^\f muwafiq ; ,3»U»« mutabiq ; 

Conformation, «. {^y^ takwin; 
«^-«^/ tarkib. 

Conformity, $. ^\y» muwafaqa-t ; 
i^"^ mutabaqa-t. 

Confound, v. (confuse) Wab3 lah- 
l»a(, julahbi^ ; ^jh^ haba?, yah- 
biH. — (iake one thing for another) 
UU- halat, yahlut. — (astonish) y^ 
bavyar, y uljayyir. — (destroy) J^-i\ 
afsad, yufsid ; «-*l»^ atlaf , yutlif ; 
oXU hallak, yuhallik. 

Confront, v,a. Ji^ qabal, yuqabil ; 
n. Ji^ ta^iabal, yata<jabal. 

Confuse, r. (disorder) Mf- harbat, 
yuharbit ; JH*/- harbaq, yuhar- 
biq. — (}}erplex) yt^ hayyar, yu- 
tayyir ; ort*^ haza, yahzi ; <jsi»>\ 
adhas, vudhiH. 

Confusion, s, aL^ lahl)ata-t; 
i^M^ bab^a-t ; iSu^^ ihtiUt ; aIU^ 
baftlala-t. — (perulejtity) i-AAJ 
daha!«a-t; ^^-xy^ indihas; £;«»• 

Confutation, s. J^^ ibtal ; i-tfU* 

Confute, r. a^S^ j^ naqa4 kalilm- 
hu, yanquiji ; ^^ JW^ ali^al qaul- 
hu, yub^il. 

Congeal, v,a, -u^ jaiumad, yu- 
jammid; .n. ju^t^ tajammiad, 

yatajammad ; ■ > » ^ \ injamad, 

Conoealment, Congelation, «. 

J^o4^ tajmid ; «>W^\ injimad. 
Congenial, adj. (j-^W^ muj&nis. — 

(agreeable) ^yt^ maqbiu; Uk^U 

Congeniality, s, l^\^^ mujana- 

sa-t; ^^f qaraba-t; ^UJ qasi- 

Congest, s, q*/^ jama', yajma'; 

^ lamm, yalumm ; ^^ kawwam, 

Congestion, s. (^\ q*^ jam' ad- 
dam; Ib)U.\ £^4>%^ majmu' al^laf. 
Conglomerate, r. q*^ jamaS yaj- 

ma' ; ^^ kawwam, yuKawwim. 
Conglomeration, s. f^y^ takwim. 
Congratulate, r. ^y^ hanna, yu- 

hanni ; «i)jW barak, yubarik. 
Congratulation, 0. 4j(^ tahniya-t 

(pi. ^^V«J tahani). 
Congratulatory, adj, ^y^ mu- 

Congregate, v.a, q*^ jama', yaj- 

ina' ; n. Q^J^^ ijtama, yajtami'. 
Congregation, «. ^W jama'a-t; 

i^»^^ jamMya-t ; f Us%.\ ijtima' ; 

;•»>• majma' (pi. A«W* ma- 

CoN(}RE8s, s. Lr*W* majlis (pi. 

(^V^»^ majalis) ; JA^^ mal|^fil 

(pi. J^W* mal;iafil). 
Conic, cu(/. J*;;^^* mabnit>-y- — 

(conic sections) sA>\^^iya^ manrii- 

Conjectural, adj, ^J-•^^* qiyasi-y ; 

u*-^) wahmi-y ; ^j-J^^ t^si-y. 
Conjecture, s. (»^^ » »^ tabmin; 

f^f tawassum ; ^y tawahhum ; 

f^^j rajm. 
Conjecture, v. ^ zann, yazunn ; 

(^^-•^ hamman, yubammin ; f^y 

rajam, yarjum ; f^y tawahham, 

Conjoin, v.a. J«; wa^^al, yuwaf^il ; 

t)) zawwaj, yuzawijj ; g » % 

jama', yajma' ; (j^ qaran, yaq- 

rin ; n. J^\ itta^al, yattafil ; 

£«^^ ijtamaS yajtami'; Ur^ 

iqtaran, yaqtarin. 


CoNJUOAL, adj. ^j»ij z5jt-y; ijr^ 

CoNJUOATB, V. J«*H -*;- sarraf al- 

fi'l, juaarrif. 
C0KJTJ8ATIOS, t. J«*J1 •-^y^ tafrif 

Conjunct, adj. aeo Conjoint. 
Conjunction, j. (union) JW^ itti- 

hM; JUl itti?iil; i^\y muwii- 

Sala-t. — (in grammar) oijiH J^b- 

fearf al-'atf (pi. ^1;^ burflf). 
CoNJUKCTUKB, I. J'j*S\ Ml^i kaifi- 

ya-t aUa^will j Jla. hfil (pi. J^j»-1 


CoHJrKATiON, s. i*i)c 'azima-t (pi. 

^lyj 'azaj-im) ; ftiy^ ta'zim. 
CoNJDBB, V. (entreat earnestly) 

sU\t i^ fi~J\ aqaam 'ale-tii bL-'l- 

inh-j, juqaim. — (epirif», £c.) f^ 

i_^ 'azgam 'ala, yu'aEsim ; ^— a= - \ 

iBtaqaam, jaataqaim. 
CoNJUBBB, t. f'^jB 'azzam; f^ 

mu'azziii] ; j^^ Bahbilr. 
Connect, ti. J-j wa^^al, yuwofgil ; 

ajl qaran, yaqrln, yaqrun. 


itti^; o*r*' iqtiran; tljj ribat. 

— (relatioitthip) if^ji qaraLa-t. — 

(6y marriage) S^V-*» rau?ahara-tM 

— (frunneM friendt) yjtj zabun 

(pi. y*^J aabiijiii). 
Connivance, g. (je^l i/Wil igmfnj 

al-'ain ; i-*-L— musama^a-t ; 

i-i\f munulasa-t. 
Connive, it. ^ y''*^^ aginaci 'ala ; 

^^ i^t*t gaiunia4 'an, yugammit}. 
CoNHOiasECB, 8. ;»l- iiiahir (jil. 

t^ mafaara-t) ; -«)^ 'urif <j>l. 

i^jljc 'awarif. 
Connubial, adj. see CoNJcaAL. 
CoNQUBB, ». s-J* galab, yaglih; 

i^b ffiq, jafuq ; yi £afar, yaifir. 
C0N4UBBOB, I. ^L.j;*» jil abu-'l- 

futiiljuti tf^\ pJU f&tilli al- 

CoRQDBBT, I. M^ galaba-t ; ^ 

fath 1 j*i lafar. 
CoNSANOUiNKOUB, odj. s-lj* qarib. 

CONSANoniN rrv, 

^tji qaraba-t. 
CoNsciBNCB, s. i'-i zimma-t (pL 

^J zimam) ; jt** (JamJr (pL 

jtW ^amHTtr). 
CoNBCiBNTioUB, adj. i"J ■ 

Bfihib Kimma-t (pi. ^W-1 a^bib). 
CoNSCIBNTIODaNESB, 9. i*J ziio. 

CoNscrouB, a^y. ^\} wa'i; ,J* ^'j 

d»tf m'l'i 'ala nafBi-hi. 
CoKBcionaNEBa, «. ^ ruM ; ^^ 

CoNsCKiiT. *. ff^ mftlraum ; ■^ f ^ 

iiji—M iiia^lub li-l-'a^karija-t. 
CoNscEiPTiON, e.^S^— « i*J lammB-t I 

'aaakir; ijji_«lJ s-ll> (aUb li-*- 

CoNaECBATE, f . ^j rasam, yaraum ; 

^j-J qaddas, yuqaddia ; u-^ 

karras, yukarris. 
CoNSBCBATios, «. i-l~j raAitnu-t; 

^LJjI inisiim ; ,^*E taqilis. 
CoNSBCUTiVE, adj. v-*^*" muta- 

'aqib ; J~J— i- mutasolBili ^J^ 

tali ; J'JiJ^ mutatiUi. 
CoNBBcuTivENEsa, «. •v'UucI i'tiqtb. 
C0H8ENT, $. Uj rida; Jjti qabfti: 

■vW;' ijftb. 
CoNSEWT, f. H^ o*j rada bi, yur^A; 

J*i qabil, yaqbal. 
CoNBEiiUBNCE, ». jjV- sftdir; J»^ 
l;ifi$il ; ^t*^ 'Hqit>a-t (pi. '^# 

'awaqib), — (importance) J* (iql; 

COMSBQCENT, adj. ff" ***>•' ; J** 

tall ; i^^^-" mutatalli. 

CoNaEftC ENTIAL, adj. jfis* mutft- 

kahbir ; fiA:^ mutaf&hbir. 
CoNaEEVATiON. «. il^ifc tif^Ift-t. 
CoNaEBVATivK, adj., t. WU. I^fii; 

kiUirf inuhiitiz. 


mambat (pi. <^-t^-M in&DJtbit)f, 
ss-j.* miiuabbit; EUa« maJUt 

CoHSEEVE, (. jU ^alu (pi. p» I; 
lAwa) i Vj* murabViA (pi. u>W 
mumbbat, m'j»^ rourabbawit}! 
;W; ri?iir (pi. ;b-^j; ruwijir). 

CoNsEBVB, V. (in tu<tar) ^i isbbft,. 
jurabbi, — (i» tiin«(ar) J**- ^a^ 


lal, jiihallil. — (keep in good con- 
dition) (^^ ^kUf jSi^dn ; lkA». 
I^afizy jaJ^faz ; •^j ra^aijii jar- 

Consider, v, A^^ ta'ammal, ja- 
ta*aminiil ; ;Xtf tafakkar, yata- 
f akkar ; j^ taba^^ar, yataba99ar. 

CoNBiDS&ABLB, odj, f^J^ 'azim ; 
pj»^ mu*tabar; jVtJsc^^ v3^ y -^ 
mustal^iqq al-i*tibar. 

CONSIDBBATK, odj. «!•*? ) <j\) S-^^ 

fahib rai wa taabir; ^^ fatin 
(pi. e>^ futn) ; JiU. *aqil (pi. 
lie *uqala, J Vac *uqqal). 

CONBIDBIULTENKSS, $, ij^ fifna-t ; 

S;e<«i ba^ira-t ; -^j ru^d ; Jflo 

COMBIDBBATION, «. (f^Ott^^) J^^ 

ta*ainmul; ^-^.JLJ tafakkur. — 
{reipect) f^^^S ikram; jWjx^ i*ti- 
bar ; v>U-^ l^isab. — (compenso' 



ticn) ^\ ajr (pi. jf^-^ ujiir, iW^ 

^i«^r) ; u*y^ *i^a4 (pi- u*V^ 

CoNSiDEEiMo, |>r£^. s ^ - * Ijiasb ; 

CoNBiOM, P. {transfer to) J^ haw- 

wal, vu^awwil ; ^/^ fawwa<j[, yu- 

fawwi<ji. — (intrust to) fX» sal lam, 

Consignation, Conbbionmbnt, $, 

0*t/f tafwi4 ; £^^ ^awala-t. 
Conbionbb, $. Je^^ wakil. 
Consist, v. (^ s-^ tarakkab min, 

jatarakkab; ^J^ j4J(i»\ istamal 

'ala, jadtamil. 
Consistency, $. (uniformity) lJU)\y» 

muwifaqa-t ; ^VL« mutabaqa-t. 

— (stability) ^\^ qijum; *^y^ 

fiubikt.— (cieiMi'/y) ^^ k^afa-t. 
Consistent, adj, (composed of) 

^^ Jt. Tt .* muitamil *ala. — (not 

contradictory) «3)VL« mu^abiq ; 

^U*^ gair munaqi<ji. — (solid) 

> * »» » * munjamid ; «.A»^ kajif. 
Consolation, it. XqIlj taslija-t; 

J— * tasalll ; ^y»? ta'ziya-t ; (j^/^ 

^\^\ jabran al-h4tir. 
Consolatoet, adj, ^J^"^ musalli; 

fj^ mu'azzi. 
Console, v. ^J>^ salla, jusaili ; i^ 

'azza, ju'azzi; ^ yt^- jabar 

qalbahu, jajbur. 
Consolidate, v, v^^ qawwa, yu- 

qawi ; j^ kassar, jukasgir ; Q*^ 

jamaS yajma'; \^ qarrar, yu- 

qarrir ; (^^^^ makKan, yumakkin. 
Consolidation, s, o^tK-^ ^sbit; 

(:>i«>afe^ tashin ; «- A »^ tak§if ; jt/S 

Consonance, s, ^^^S^ j!<*s\ ittif^ 

Consonant, adj. (agreeing) vJM^a^ 

muttafiq; \J^\y* muwafiq; OW^ 

Consonant, s. (letter) c^^* ^^ 

l]iarf 9ahih. 
Consoet, 8, (companion) Jk*; rafiq. 

(husband, wife) ty) zauj ; Wy^ 

zauja-t (pi. ^^)\ azwaj). 
Consort, v. y^Vc *aiar, yu'a^ir ; UU. 

halat, yubalit. 
Conspicuous, od/.yfcVk zahir; ^\y 

CoNSFicuousNESs, s, \f)^ zuhiir. — 

(celebrity) j^sJ^\ i^tih&r. 
Conspiracy, 0. ^W* mu^alafa-t; 

Uk3Wi» tahaluf ; /•V*' tahamur. 
Conspire, v. U^^ l]ialaf , yu^alif ; 

UklW* tal^Alaf, yatah&laf ; s-^-^aF 

ta'a^^ab, yata'a^^ab. 
Constable, «. WU <j[abit ; cr*V 

qawwas; ^/i ^urta-t (pi. lyb 

Constabulary, «. «i);JLJ\ ^L.^*^ 

a^b^b ad-dark ; i/i ^ura(. 
Constancy, #. i^^^x* mudawama-t ; 

j^^4Ju*^ istiiurar; «e>W^ s&bit 
Constant, flk(;. is^V» gibit; j*;^*^ 

mudawim ; s ^ -U ^ muwazib ; 

/ ^ ^ " ^ mustammir. 
Constellation, «. ^yr Sj^ 9ura-t 

nuj&m (pi. ;^ 9uwar). — (0/ <A« 

zodiac) tj^ burj (pi. tji;* buruj). 
CoNSTERNAfiON, s. i^ftjbj dahasa-t ; 

Jk\^^\ indihai; «;_o^ hira-t, 

Constipate, r. ^>M qabba4, yu- 

qabbi^. — (J>e constipated) J^\ 

inqaba4, yanqabi^. 
Constipation, s. ^W*^ inqiba4; 

eP^^ LT^ ^ubs al-ba^Q. 


CoirSTlTUBNCT, ». (;^^1 ^o*"!- 

jatui'o-t al-muwakkilin. 

COKBTITITENT, adj. ^J\'i ziitl-y ; 
^j«- muqawwim ; ^1 ajli-j ; 
,j;yi duriiri-y, 

CONBTiTtJENT, g. {etgential pari) J-l 
afl (pi. J^l u?ul). — (irAo de- 
pulet) Jiy* muTcukkil. 

GoNBTiTiiTK, V. it^\ aqitm, juqim ; 
s— «> najab, janijub ; {^t^ 'ayyan, 

Constitution, j. (of Ihe body or 
mind) t^y luiziij (pi. i^yA oiu- 
lijft-t) ; iii«i tabi'a-t (pi. «»1 
-fiti C»^ (abnyi'. — ( pcevlior cfta- 
raeliT) ie-^ Ljlpfiya-t (iil, y^w^-* 
buflAyi?); JtjAsi kaifiya-t. — («(«- 
btilkmenl) s—^ najb; q— e ttf 
ta'jin. — (form of government) 
^\j.tA\ LuU qA'ida-t ai-sarilyt'; 
i£U^\ y^ljl qawinin aUmamlo- 

CoNsTixnTioMAL, adj. (inhercnl lo 
the Jiaiural frame) ^\J ziiti-y ; 
J-1 ajfli-y ; cy^*- cuuintriajj. — 
{l^at) ^j* Bai-j-v. 

CoN§TR&iN, V. f^\ alzam, yulzitu; 
,jle s-** gufau "alii, yaj^ib. 

C0N8TBAINT, «, fiiyi ilzum; H-«fr 
ga?bi jW ijbflr; ^ qahr. 

CoNflTBicT, (I, (6in(i) -^^ 'aqad, 
ya'qudi !h; rabat,yarbut-^(c(jn- 
(rac() t/j fjabacj, ya^ibi^.^ 
(condaiMr) y^ qajar, yaqjur. 

CoBBTBICTIOM, *. J>«e "aqd; JUicl 

i'tiijAil i ^ ijamm. — {contraction) 
(jM* ta'jubjju^. 

CoMSTBiiiaBKT, «. (metficiDB) 1j>> 
i>(Ui dawA qAliid. 

CoHHTHUCT, V, (build) ^ bana, 
yabtil I t** 'uiriinar, yu'ainmir. — 
(a ihiji) ■** iiiadd, yamudJ.^ 
(arranyc) s-Jj rattab, yurattib. 

Con NTH 111 'HON, 1. Ibuilditig) U| 
bitiM' I jr^'il U'mir. — (arrangf- 
meul) s-Vy Uirlib ; s-e*/ tar- 
kib,- (.■:/>],l,nuitian) J(j*V lawil. 

CotrvTUUH, u. («r;j/oinJ ;—* faasar, 
yufuiir i ti* <i(Lral^> ya^rat^ 

CoNiui., f. ^^*J (jousul (pi. J-Wl 

CoNSCLATB, «. ioJ-ii qoD^ultyft-t. 
Consult, p. j;!* sawar, yuiawir; 

jjUJ laBiiwar, yataiAwar j jU.a-t 

ista^ar, yastaijr. 
C0N8D1.TAT10N, t. »y^A- mu^wa- 

CoNsiTMB, V. (eat) Ji\ ukal, jft'kuL 
— (tpend, waete) i>U*1 alitak, 
yuhlik 1 •->j> ;araf, ya^rif; fU-t 
asqam, yuaqim. 

Consumption, g. (use, ajiendittg) 
i-ij- ¥arf; Cj^ barj. — {eonmmp' 
livencsg) ^ Bill ; J— 11 W da* >•• 
ail! ; f'. bahar. 

C0N8UMPTITG, adj. Jjl— • maalu! I 
jei»: bahir. 

CoNSUUMATE, V. J*^ kammal, yii- 
kammil; ,m> tatnmaiD, yutam- 

CONSUMMATE, ax/j. J-U kainil ; (■!• 

tAm ; |*Ui tamam. 
CoNSUHUATioN, s. Je*^ takmil ; 

(•Wl itmAm. 
Contact, s. xj-*i lams ; J . — )■* 

niulamasa-t ; ij-^ mass ; J^ 

Contagion, g. ^j.u 'adi*a; ttj 

waba' ; ijl^ aarAya-t. 
CoNTAQiors, adj. ^sj^ •ari ; ^yMM 

Contain, p. ^5j» ^awa, j&bvl| 

1^ *Jr*^ iblawa 'ala, ya^tawt] 

i;}*^ ta^amman, yatajatnt&ut i 

,_jtc J«Ja1 ietamal 'ala, yi 

— (fibelain) y- •"J ' '" 

mill, yatamaaaak. 
Contaminate, v. >W lav 

lawwis ; f-j wassab, ji 

t^-f" najjas, yunajjU. 
Contamination, ». A.V najAM-t; 

ki-ijli talwii ; >A.jJi talawwag. 
Contemn, v. ^ Ijaqqar, yobaqqiri 

ytto.1 ibtai^ar, yabtaqir; j^i.l 

istal.iqar, yuatabqir ; ^^1 ohiti, 


CoNTEMl'LATE, tl. J''^ **'■■""■**,, 

yata'ammal ; ^^U* t^Ia', jntUif :, 
y>i oaiiar, yuuaeiir. — (dtinfa)' 
-^«I qafad, yaqfid ; ^•*B ti'miii^ I 





Contemplation, a, XjJ\L« muta- 

la*a-t ; J^V? ta'ammul. 
CoNTEMPLATivfi, adj. J^*^ muta- 

'ammil ; jiAs^ mutafakkir ; s-^^/« 

Contemporaneous, adj., Contem- 

POBABT, adj., 8. y^M^ mu'^if. — 

(contemporaries) o^^ J*^ ^^ 

Contempt, a. jUu^^ ihtiqar; t)^yfc 

hawan; li\Jt\ ihana-t. 
Contemptible, adj. yt- haqir ; Jji; 

razil ; JJ3 zalil. 
CoNTEMTiBLENESs, 8. ^"^^ zalala-t ; 

J\^\ ibtizal. 
Contemptuous, adj. yu^^ mutta- 

Contend, v. JjVj naza*, yunazi* ; 

^W hiUam, juhtMiui ; J*)W ja- 

dal, yujiidil. — (vie) ji^ gayar, 

jugayir; ;iU» tagiljar, yataga- 


Content, adj. ^y^"^ mabsiit ; o*^) 

Content, Contentment, s. J»U^\ 

imbisat ; U^ ricjia ; a^UJ qana*a-t. 

— (content/) Q)f-'^ ma<j[mun. 

Content, v. ^j ra<j[(j[a'* yura44i ; 

^J(^)^ ar4a, yur^i ; g** qanna*, yu- 

Contention, «. l^y^ hu^uma-t ; 

^ ••Ufc"* muha^ania-t ; ^jU^ mu- 

naza*a-t ; iJ j^»^ inuja<iala-t. — 

(emulation) ij^ gaira-t ; ji^ 

Contentious, adj. JjU*. munazi* ; 

^Ij^ muhafim. 

Contest, v. ^%^ hajjaj, yul^ajjij ; 
J«>W jadal, yujadil; fjV> naza*, 
yunazi' ; ^U. ha8am, yuha^im. 

Contest, s. l^y^ hu^uma-t ; icjU» 

Context, a. ^/ cjarina-t; {^s^ 

main (pi. (^f^ inutun). 

Contexture, a. s-^/ tarkib ; ^Lj 

ubiaja-t; ^^* ni^am. 
Contiguity, a. J^^ itti^iU; ajuJU 

mula^|a-t ; jUs]^ ilti^aq. 

Contiguous, adj. J-»^ iiiuttaAil ; 
multafiq; <>«^ mula^iq. 

Continence, Continency, a. ja; 

zuhd ; ^ 'i£Eat ; gj^ wara'. 
Continent, «. ;» barr (pi. jjj^ 

Continent, adj. ^) z&hid ; s ^ . ia ^^ 

mujtanib ; ^ » t ^^ mu^tami ; 

^ys^ mutawarri*. 
Continental, o^j. 0;) barri-y. 
Continoence, Contingency, a. 

Jbj^ *ari4 (pi. ^j\j^ *awari4) ; 

i*S^ l^adisa-t (pL *a»j\^ ^awa- 

Contingent, adj. jt^M *arid ; o^jU 

*ari4i-y ; o«* g^i^ijj- 
Contingent, a. (quota) s-*e-> na^ib 

(pi. W-a>^ au^ibiV, ^^^ an^iba-t) ; 

A-a- hi99a-t (pi. ^^^-i». fei^a?). 
Continual, Continuous, adj. ^U 

dayim ; f*^*^ inudani. 
Continuance, Continuation, a. 

A^^W mudawama-t ; f*^^ dawam; 

j\j>^jim\ istimrar ; ^\y^ muwaza- 

Continue, v.n. f*U d&m, yadtim ; 

^J^ f»;W dawam *ala, yudawim; 

J)2 ^ lam yazal (with participle 

or aorist) ; Jc s-^^^ wazab *ala, 

Continuity, a. jUsJ\ jlti^aq ; JU?\ 

Contort, r. ^jy^ lawwa, yulawwi ; 

ty^ *awwaj, yu*awwij. 
Contortion, a. tf* *awaj, *iwaj ; 

t^>y^\ i'wijaj ; ^\^^ in*iwaj. 
Contour, i. iji\*y dayira-t; jiyiS 

Contraband, a* w:^^yu^ mam- 

iiu*at ; ^^^^ icUf biiujla'at muh- 

Contract, a. Jk4c *aqd (pi. oyte 

*uqAd) ; •/» sart (pi. tJi* surut). 

— (in writing) v*vs^ kitab (pi. 
kutub) ; £%»> hujjat (pL 
Contract, v. (draw cloaer together) 

f^ (jamm, yiulumm ; vJM day- 

ya<i, yudayyi<i. — (\rrinkU), a. 

(jM qabbad, yutjabbitjl ; ^j^ 

qallafl, yuqalli? ; n. (jM>^ inqabad, 

yanqabi(j[ ; i^f^ taqalla^, yata- 

qallaf. — (contract d4ihts) ^JJ ta- 


d&yjan, yatadayyan. — (enter into 

a contract) tjjfc J** 'amil iun'it, 

y'Mna.1 ; ^^1* ■»*« ta'Ahad 'aLa, 

CoNTBACTEDNESB, $, ^^Lfi taqalluf ; 

^J^^S taqabbud. 
CoBTRACTioN, s. i^—!i qal>d. — 

{abridgmeni) jl-ai.( ihti^ar. 
CoNTKACTOK, g. J«*s- muta'ahfaid ; 

j-U- mu'apiir; j*W* mubasir. 
Contradict, p. jj^* ^aJa4, ju^ii- 

did ; u^U naqacl, vunaqitl. 




k ibdii' 

I -{«. 


^h jubdj 

4a.-t ; ii^\ii^ muhalafa-t. 
CoNTRAi»icTOBT, adj. jjU«» muta- 

dadid ; i/»*-«^ mutanaqi^- 
CoKTEABiETY, «. iiiJIst* rauhAlafa-t; 

iJl*- tahalluf; SjVa. mu^aJiJa-t, 

— (adcerniy) jW-^l idbar; i*e— • 

mupiba-t (pi. '•r-i'-*' mu?ayib) ; 

i-^ jidda-t. 
CoHTRAEY, adj. i-jUW» mutaiiE; 

.iS^Aft niudadid. 
CoNTBAKY, «. ■" dudd J <-***- bilaf ; 

i>ti! 'aks. 
C0NTBA8T, 8. ^U' muqabala-t ; 

jSia.1 ihtilaf. 
Contrast, u. Ji^i qabal, juqabil. 
CoNTBAVENK, P. ^5-** ta'adda, ;ata- 

'adda ; .-jUU. balaf, yuhalif. 
CONTBAVBNTION, «. gjl^l ,J.1» 

ta'addi ai-saruji' ; £iklL^ muhfi- 

CodTEiBDTK, V. {*•> dafa', vadfa' ; 

Jli falaz. yafliz ; J^ O}^ 'awau 

'aln, yu'uwin. 
CoNTEiBCTiotJ, J, .w- madad ; oj" 

'aun; WU filza,-ti »>lj» bidad, 

bad ad. 
CoNTRiBDTOB, ». i»* mmuidd. 
CoNTBITE, adj. .-A-li* muta'iBsif ; 

l*oU Dadim (pi. |>1-u uuddiim, 

iiidaii])i y^J* ua4iuun (pl-tf^'*' 


CONTBITIOH, *. i-i-U ta'BBSUf i WoJ 

Dadama-t; ^ nadaui. 
GoNTBivANCB, ». (iniwniion) £^.*|1 
. 'W:l ijiid; £y*-) ifetirfi'. 

— (icAeme) JUi qa^d ; io* uiya-t. 
CoHTBiVE, c, {invent) £j*l abda', | 

yubdi'i J*-jl aujad, yujidi ^;*i | 

ihtara', yahtari' ; ff^^ iftuia', 

yaflfani'. — (plan) ^ WV tar*- 
ba( 'ala, yatarabat ; ji-> uabbar, 
yudabbir ; j*-'^ admur, yu^mir. 

Control, v. (ekeck) i-U ^b&t, 
yui}bi( ; g*! qajna', jaqma' ; JfU 
qabal, yuqubil. 

Control, «. il|^ muqabal&-t ; W' 


Controller, «. J|l»» maqabil; 

LfU ddbit- 
C0NTEOTBB8IA1.1BT, «. »i-fcV^ tnn- 

CONTEOVEEBT, ». ^'■^W* mubil}&- 

la-t 1 ^.i^^^ mujadala-t ; UU<* 

CoNTRovBKT, V. *i-^. bajjaj. Tab- 
baa; ii-».l» balaas, yuba^s; JjW 

jfidal, yujildil. 
Contumacious, adj. i-ilW* muhft- 

lif ; o*^ '^8'; •'e^ 'anid (pL 

JOE 'unud) ; ^1— mu'anid). 
Contumacy,*, (jle-c *i|yfln; 4JW* 

muha!afa-t ; oUe 'iuad ; .>j4J t^ 

Contumeliodb, adj. (iniol^Ht) M- 

Bafih (pi. W^ BufatiA'); r-tU 

fiidilj ; c*) waqih (pi. cS wiqSl)). 

— (haughtily reproaeh/ul) jt^^ 

Contumely, j. jIg 'ar; £»<-•) fad!- 

Contuse, tt. ^J^^ radtjad, yura44>4 ■ 

j^j^j radrad, yuradrid. 
Contusion, a. *-»j ra^^-t; ^/^ 

mdd ; ^-^ da^a-t. 
CONUNDBUV. ». loV Daqt (pi. Lial 

anqat) ; ^^^ nukta-t (pi. u^ 

Convalescence, t. «i burA' ; bVs 

naqaha-t ; ^A naqli. 
Convalescent, adj. UU niiqili (p). 

A« nuiiqab) ; *e» naqifa ; ,J^Atit 

muitafi ; JilyJl (^ ^U qiyim 

Convene, I'.a, £•«- jama', yajma' ; 

M. g*- ' i».1 ijtama', yajtamj'. 
Convenience, Convknikkct, m. 

if-^j- muiiiUaba-t ; **\J liyaqa-t; 

^1^ luuwafaqa-t. 
Convenient, adj. ^1 luyiqi *t^^^ 




wftjib; <^^U^ moiiAsib; <3^^^ 

CoNYBirT, 8, ^*y dair (pi. ljjt*y du- 

yiira-t, ijiS\ adyira-t). 
CONYKirTION, 8, (a88€mbly) ^W 

jamA'a-t ; £Uz%^ ijtima' ; (^J^ 

majlis (pi. <^^ maj&lis). — 

(aareefnent) a«e *ahd (pi. o^^ 

•uhad) ; jW\ ittifaq. 
CoNVKNTiONAL, odj. (cu8tomary) 

jL-s«^ mu*tad; ;-»^ sayir. — 

(tacitly under8toad) j'iJ^ muqad- 

Conventionalism, 8. i«>^ 'Ada-t 

(pi. JNi^^ *aw&yidj. 
CoNYEBOB, V, ^J^^ iltaqa, yaltaqi ; 

^^j\B taqarab, yataq&rab. 
CoNVEBOENCE, 8. ^j^\ iqtirab ; 

v*;V» taqArub. 
CoNYEBOENT, odj, s^jVas^ inutaqA- 

CoNYBBSANT, adj\ «-Jkl^^ wAqif (pi. 

<JUI^ wuqiif) ; jlL* mut^la' ; 

y^u mahir. 
CoNYEBSATiON, 8, ^ W** muha^ 

ba-t ; X» jV«^ mul^ada^a-t ; f^ 

kalam; SVA^^ mui^akAt; lJJ!%^ 

CoNYEBSE, V. st>SL. l^Adag, yo^Adis ; 

^A>A^a^ tal>adda.;, yutahaddaj ; 

*^*y\^ tabAdas, yuta^Adat; ; ^J^ 

takallam, yatakallam. 
CoNYEBSioN, 8, s-^ taqallub ; 

AV^x«\ isti^Ala-t. — (in a religiou8 

§en8e) ^f tauba-t ; (;)U|^^ sj\ ty^) 

rujii* ila-'l-imAn. 
CoNYEBT, r. (change) s-^ qalab, 

yaqlib ; J^^ a^Al, yuhil. — (in a 

religious 8en8e) «>) radd, yarudd ; 

e^j rajjaS yurajji*. 
CoNYEBT, 8. y\^^ dahil ; ^J\ fy\j 

(jUii\ rAji' ila.*l.imAn. 

CONYEBTIBILITT, 8. yt^\ ^ViqAbi- 

liya-t at-tagayyur. 
CoNYBBTiBLE, odj, yp^ yatagay- 

CoNYBX, culj. s>*W^ mubaddab; 

s-^f^ muqabbab. 

CONYEXITT, 8. X)J^ b^^^^t ; S-^ 

CovYET, V. J» naqal, yanqul; JiU 

nAqal, yunAqil; ^ ballag, yu- 

CoNYETANCE, 8. (act of couveytng) 

J» naql; AaM tablig. — (means 

of conveying) ^y markab (pi. 

s-^/« marAkib). 
CoNYicrr, V, Jc va^ §abbat *ala, 

yugabbit; ^ *a^\ a^bat 'ala, 

CoNYicT, 8. f^ mulzam. 
CoNYicTiON, 8. (of a crifne) ^ifS\ 

p-^^ isbAt aj-jarm. — (firm 

belief) JjJi^ ta?d!q ; JM"*' tab- 

CoNYiNCE, r. 5«i* aqnaS yuqni* ; 

,J*»- b&qq^f yubaqqiq. 
CoNYiYiAL, adj. M^ nadim (pi. 

Ujj nudamA', f»^J^ nidam, (;)Ujj 

nudmAn) ; f*«>UU munAdim. 
CoNYiYiALiTY, 8, ^•>U« munAda- 

Convocation, 8, JUj^\ ijtimA*; 

< j"W '* niailis (pi. ^W^ majAlis) ; 

C)\jk'> diwan (pi. ^:^^\y*y dawAwin). 
Convoke, v, £Ux^3V# ym\ amar bi-'l- 

ijtimA*, ya'mur. 
Convoy, v. /* gaffar, yugaffir ; /*► 

baffar, yubaffir. 
Convoy, i . /^ gafar ; /^ hafar ; 

Stid. hafaza-t. 
Convulse, v, «-A^j rajjaf, yurajjif ; 

Jyc; za*zaS yuza*zi*. 
Convulsion, «. \fl\ iltiwa'; ^^ 

talawwi ; SyA laqwa-t ; ^^^t^AJ ta- 

Cook, v, ^ t&bab, ya^bub. 
Cook, 8. tW^ tat)bAb. 
CooKEBY, 8. (J» tabh. 
Cool, adj. *>jW bArid. 
Cool, r.a. •>;» barrad, yubarrid; n. 

«>;iJ tabarrad, yatabarrad. 
Coolness, 8. i*y^ji buri^da-t. 
Coop, s. (cage) ,jflAi qafa^ (pi. ^Ult 

aqfa?) ; ^ quim (pi. (;)UJ qinAn). 

— (cask) J©^^ barmil (pi. J©^^;| 

Coop, v. ,joAJ qaffa^, yuqaffi^. 
CooPEB, 8. o'^V barAmili-y; v*Wl 

CooPEBAGE, «. ^J^\ J**^ mi'mal 



Co-OFEBATB, V. JicV- sA'tid, yiisii'itl. 
Co-opBBATiON, «. Sj*U-<« ihubS- 

Co-OEDIBATE, adj. i^j*i\ Je^ 
mast I al-martaba-t. 

CO-PABTNBR, 8. >ali;» ^ulk (pi. 

Jl/.* a.irnk, tfjt Surakfi'). 


ii\ji. *iruka-t. 
Cope, v. <j-jl- maraH, yumuris ; 

^L. BH'a, joBu'i ; jjV taburaz, 

Copious, itrfj. JiV jaiil ; jo*^ 

kft»ir ; ylj wiifir. 
CoPiousNHSB, 8. SySkasra,-!; i^*-j 

ruh? ; ^j rahiV. 
CoppBK, e. o-^ uuJiHS. 
OopPiEfiAs, 8. }^ e'j ziij alidar. 
CoppBBSHiTH, i. u-k** nablj«9- 

COPPICK, COPBK, *, v>j» hira (pi. 

^yi aljrfi^) ; iltJ dagtii-t. 
CopDLA, 8. iiii^j rAbita-t. 
Copulate, v.a. bj) zawwaj, juzaw- 

wij ; /i* 'asSar, yu'a^iir ; m. Cjj' 

tazawwaj, jatazawwaj ; cj-'jl 

izdawaj, jazdawij ; jA*> ta'aSiSar, 

Copiri-ATiov, «. i«-^^ mujAma'a-t; 

gijy tazwij. 
Copt, s. i*— ' nuaha-t; Sjy- ?iira-t 

(vi.jr suwajj- 
Copv, «. 'Jjj* -^1 aha? jurathu, 

ja'huz; t-* nasah, janaith; Jai 

na^al, yanqul. 
CopTisT, a. t-l* naBih (pi. t^— ^ 

nusBi'ib) ! j'jj wamiq ; s-iVi 

kaUb (pi. w^aS kuttiib, ifJ^ ka- 

CoQCBT, V. gii gftnij. yagnaj ; gj*f 

tagannaj, yatag^Lonaj ; ^^^ ta- 

dallal, ytitadallal. 
CoQUBTBT, ». gi* giiuj, gunuj ; 

eUA gundj. 
CoQDETTS, *. JV^ ganija-t. 
CoiiUKTTisH, adj. ^ gaoij. 
CouAL, ». ftjWy marjun j -1-) bus- 

saz ; ■'—) buad. 
CoBD, ». >- babl (pi. JW Ijibil) ; 

j-v- manisa-t (pi. ^^y inaras, 

y»i^l aiurasj. 
CoBDiAL, ai^'. (tincere) u»l* qal- 

bi-y ; ^jft* ?afi-y. — (invigoraHng) 

ijji* muqawwi. 
CoBDiAL, ». ijj«* muqawwjya^t. 
Cordiality, a. ii' A- ?adaqa-t; ^jl* 

COBD-MAKER, (. JU*- t)a,bI>Hl. 
COBDWAIN, i. u*Hr!Jt~ BuhtiTKll; 

»jja- hawara-t (pi. jj»- l,mwar, tj'j^ 

Core, «. 'r- 

J qalb (pi. ^v'jU qalfib) ; 

CoBK, 8. (^ fillin ; JiU*. b&ffnnft-t. 
—(gfopper) Mi filiina-t; iol^ 
sidAda-t (pi. ^'^■^ BadAyid). 

CoEK, II. *- sadd, yasudd. 

CoBKscEEw, ». i-^t l>arnia-t ; i«y 

Cormorant, g. Jy^\ asfarQd ; ^U 




Corn, «. i^raint) f^ qamb ; s^t*^ 
hubftb. — (a tingle grain) *#»■ 
babba-t. — (on (fte /ooJ) j-* 
'uiQw; JUj dumiU i i^Wj do-. 

Cornea, s. u^g^l Agi^ qariuya-t sl- 

CoRNGB, «. ^)1j zilniva-t (pi. ti^j) 
zawayA) ; i*/ qurnu-t (p!. jjy 

Corner-stone, ». iijl^l j*^ bajtf 
az-zHwiyu-t ; i^j riiku (pi. ^klj\ 

CoaNicE, «. jijll ifriz ; oij raEf (pL 
^^j rufufj. 

COBN-USBCHANT, ». v>fp»l^ £W 

bayyiV al-hubQb ; j-U f Am!-y. 
Corolla, g. ^ kinim (pi. f>Ufl 

CoKoLLABi, ». i»i;J qarina-t (pL 

,jt\f qarAym) ; i^e^ luilij»-t 

(pi. ^^ natfiyij) ; i«)U tAbi'a-t 

(pi. pV lawAbi'). 
CoBOtfA, ». (halo) ^<ri»- halqa-t. 

(pi. JJlil akalil); gW Wj (pi. 
uW*? tijiln). 

Coronation,*. (j>jW julda; JeUl 
taklii ; cj^ tatawwuj. 

CoBPOBAL, adj. ^'i-^- joudl-j J 




CoBPOBAL, «. ^W ^A on bast 

CoBPOBATB, cuij. g »»>» mujamma'. 
CoBPOEATiON, 8. ZeW jauia'a-t. 
CoBPOBEAL, (Kf;. ^U-«i^ jismani-j. 

CoBPS, «. A-^ ^V fir^l^^ 'asakir 

(pi. J/ firaq). 
CoBPSE, 8, *A-«^ majjit (pi. ^y\ 

amwat); li^ ju^fa-t (pi. sJi^-W 

juKaf); i)W janaza-t (pi. yW 

CoBPULENCE, «. f^^i^ ia})m ; 

CoBPULENT, «. mA ial^im; 

• A 

CoBPUscLE, «. 8%3 zarra-t (pi. *xA 

-at, j3 zarr) ; W* *hab4' (pi. 1<a\ 

CoBBECT, r. (ameiu^) c^^« fa^l^h, 

yu9al>hih ; ^ ^allafe, yu^alli^. — 

(punish) s-J^ *aqab, yu*aqib ; 

u^U qa^a?, yuqa^i?. 
CoBBECT, adj, ^t»^« fat^i^y I»^t«^ 

CoBBECTiON, «. (emendation) m>J^ 

ta^lit^; C^^ iflal;; c«^ ta^bib. 

— (punishment) ^^V,-*J qi^a? ; 

^ **^* muqa^afa-t; X)Ue *uqa- 

ba-t ; v»Uft 'iqab. 

CoBBECTNBSS, 8, ^^ fa^^at; W^ 

COBBBOTOB, «. ^^«« mu^al^^; 

f^ mu9allib. 

(TOBBELATIYE, odj,, 8. s^^««JU« mail- 

«Ab ; f^\^ raji* (pi. g^; ruja*). 
CoBBBSPOND, r. (suit) Ukl\y waqaf, 

yuwaqif ; ,3»VL ^abaq, yu^abiq. — 

(by letter) s-?tf katob, yukatib ; 

s-fV^ takatab, yatakatab; J-^ 

tarasal, yatarasal. 
CoBBESPOKDBNCE, 8, (suitableness) 

lu\y muwafaqa-t; lJ^\^ muta- 

baqa-t. — (bu letter) L^\^ muka. 

taba-t ; iLSjtm murasala-t. 
CoBBESPOiTDENT, i. s-^liU muka- 


CoBBBSPOiTDBKT, odj, ^\y» muwa- 
fiq ; s— -U* munasib ; ijii layia. 

CoBBiDOB, «. ^yu*i« mamsa (pi. 

^U* mama^i) ; wA*o dihliz (pL 

pWj dahaliz) ; j^ '*- 

CoBBonoBATE, V, ^j^ qawwa, yu- 
qawwi ; «>*^ i^dad, yu^addid ; 
)/ qarrar, yuqarrir. 

CoBBOBOBATiONy 8, hjB taqwiya-t ; 
j^xts taidid ; ji/S taqrir. 

COBBOBOBATIVE, odj,, 8, 0^^ ^^' 

CoBBODE, V, ^ akaly ya'kul ; ^;l 

qanujl, yaqri^. 
CoBBOsiON, 8. u*y qarcj; «-*^ saraf. 
CoBBOsivE, adj, ,j*jVl q&n4 ; J^^ 

akk&l ; <-i;^ sarif . 
CoBBUOATE, V. {^ ga^^au, yu- 

ga44iii ; LT^/ karma^, yukarmi^, 

COBBUOATION, 8. (^^^ tAg^^U ; 

iJ^/ karma^t. 
CoBBUPT, V, JuJ^ afsad, yufsid; 
^\ an^^, yun^i^. — (bribe) Jt;i 
baital, yubar^il; (jAj dahan, 
yadhun ; ^j rasa, yar^ii. 


fasad. — (bribery) ^^j bar^ala-t. 
C0B8AIB, «. *-r^f» ^j* 4arrab ma- 

rakib (pi. ^V ^arraba-t) ; tUJ 

qaisat (pi. ilUi qasia^a-t) ; ^^) 

zabantd( ; ^^ji qarsan (pi. {j^\^ 

C0B8ET, s. c5;i*^ 9udairi-y ; ^^yj 

CoBTEOE, 8, s-^y^ maukib (pi. 

s-^y^ mawakib) ; ^^ wakba-t. 
C0BU8CATE, V. 5*3 laoiaS yalma^ ; 

^ lama^, yalma^ ; ^) zaff, 

C0BU8CATIOH, 8, It^ lam'a-t ; l^ 

Cosine, «. f^%^ sahm (pi. ^^ 

Cosmetic, s, (J'^*^^ mubassin. 
Cosmic, Cosmicai., adj. ^jy^*^ dun- 

Cost, s. i^ kulfa-t; ^j/^ mafrCif 

(pi. <J^jU«« mafarif). 
Cost, v, *^M^ waqaf, yaqif ; ^Us«\ 

istaqaui, ya8ta<[iui; ^^Mi kallaf, 

y ukidlif ; UUl < ? takallaf , y atakaU 

CoRTiYE, adj. <j* I t ** maqbu4 ; 



CosTivEKBSS, 8. j^^\ mqib&4 ; 
{^^ cr^ 7^b* al-batn. 


I, ». t)^"! i.L 

OOVTLT, adj. y«^ samin ; (;f*S* 
mufiuiLn J LT*** nafis ; y-U fahir. 

COSTCMB, 8. u-^ l^tiS (pi. ij-jj 

lubilB); (^-Skasm. 
Cot, Cottaqb, s. t/ kftlj (pi. t^j^ 

akwa]l, ylawi kiljilD) ; ,ja«- llU?? 

(pi. t/"^"*-' ah?i'?)- — (i"!*'. emdlf) 

■%• mahd (pi. •ij^ mubud). 
COTK, s. (pen) (joii qafas (pi. ^^Ull 

Cotton, «. yl" qotoo. — {stuff) i^jiv 

CoTTON-DBEBSER, s. 0*^ halliij. 
Couch, ». iJ»V firas (pi. i^ji funis, 

^y furii^) i jir- Barir (pi. Sj-1 

aBirrat, ■;- Burur) ; J^fl- mihad 

(pi. i->»"' aniUida-t, J** muhud). 
Corou, V. f^ kah^, yakulih ; J*- 

aa'al, yas'ul. 
CouoH, «. i-^ kahha-t ; Ujc 

Ba'ala-t ; i«i^ nahma-t. 
CouLTEK, 8. liil^ifcJl K_ aikka-t al- 

mihra? (p!. uii- sikak). 
Council, s. uIjJJ diwan (pi. tjjjtjj 

dawnwin); u-J"^- majlia (pi. 

t^W- maJHliB); ilfc- hufla-t ; 

pliJI ilti'am. 

CotlNCILLOK, 8. je-t-" musir ; jttj-— 

niuatasar (pi. ijljjJJl J*l ahl ad- 
diwao ; ^-' l ^i M ^^J^ arbub al- 

Counsel, *. (advice) ^jt- saur ; Sjij"- 
riaura-t (pi. \\ji-\ oswAr) ; ijji* 
ma^nara-t ; JL^«^ na^tl^a-t (pt. 
Ci^-i na^Ayih). — (advocate) Jslj 
wAkil (pi. ifj nukola') ; J**.;- 

Counsel, v. J* jl* Sar 'ala, yasfir ; 
p-J nafah, yaii?ah. 

Count, v. J* 'add, ja'idd ; ^j*. 
ha$a, yahfi ; s~-*- l^asab, jahsab. 

Count, «. (counting) v'— ^ ijisab. — 
((i7fc)*^jf kont (fV.). 

CouNTKNANCB, *. (face) *»j wajh 
(pi. Bj*j wujilh) ; ;lti- nianjar 
(pi. ji.W munajir). — (patronage) 
ijUfc l^inaja-t; ijW ijara-t. 

Countenance, c.jW-1 ajar, jujir; 
i^W hama, juljarai. 

Counter, i. (JoarJ) u-*" tabt (pi. 

.^j*- tiiljilt); jJ*" tahtaj (fL 

gjCt' tahAtij). 
CouNTKE, adp. J-*ilt bi-'^-<Jadd; 

^Sa biiy; (,r-S^V, bi-'U'aks. 
Counteract, o. t-HlU. halaf, tq- 

halif ; ijijM^ i'tarai ya.t»n«Jj 

ij-ilc ■I'lkas, ju'akis ; J-*c 'addal, 

CouNTEEBALANCB, P. Jj^e 'idal, 

yu'adil ; fjU qfiwam, yuqawim. 
Counterbalance, v. i!-iU« mu- 

Counterfeit, r. jjj zaw^rar, yu- 

zawwir ; JJ* qallad, ytiqalud; 

tj-^ Kaa,4, yagilBS ; Jiij lagal, 

Counterfeit, «. (tni;>08(wri!) ^^ 

giS^ ; iJle*- hiyfina-t. — (impoafor) 

i_r>'-i* gas^ ; J])* tnuzawirir; 

i^ff* mnzaugil. 
CouNTBRPEiT, adj. jjy* inazawirar. 
Counterfoil, 8. C^ <;labti %>*■ 

Countermanb, d. Jo^^ y*\ amu 

bi-'^-dudd, yiunur. 
Countermand, «. J^^y*1 amr bi- 

'd-dudd (pi. ^ly awamir). 
Countermarch, t>. jii^ ttW 'U 

sayir, ya'ud. 
Countermarch, 8. f«.j niju'. | 

GouNTERHiNR, 8. ^ Ja ^ lugm I 

[judd lugm (pi. cjti lui:itm, ^ytl 

Countermine, v. fJi -^ f>Ji J*c 

'amil lugni du^d higm, va'niaL 
Counterpane, t, ^O li^af (ul. | 

ol^ luhuf). 
Counterpart, s. Jlfli' muqaboltt-t. 
Counterpoint, g. t^ lahn (pi. 

t,^ luLan, oWlalhAn).' 
Counterpoise, *. itjlj* muwiu- 

Counterpoibe, p. Jj* 'addol, jn- 

CouNTBRfiiOM, V. ^J*-^ am^a, yum- 


COUHTERSION, 8. Va>1 im^A'. 
CouRTLBSB, aijj. .11^ S la yu'add; 

,_j^ J la yuhja. 
Country, 8. (8((((e) jJ» bokd (pL 

•>^ bilAd, ^1^ buld&n) ; Jl» 




mulk (pi. *t^X»\ amlak) ; SSX^ 
mamlaka-t (pi. •iUU* mamalik). 
— (native country) ^« wa^n (pi. 
(^^y\ au^n); ^V* j^y ar^ milad 
(pi. (:)y^)^ ardAn, ir>Uj\ ara^at, 
Jiy ara4« o*\)^ Siradx).— (opposed 
to town) i»e-» ^ai'a-t. 

COUXTBTMAN, 8. (rustlc) C^^ fal- 

l&h. — (comviitriot) ^^jJ^ baladi-y. 

County, s, h*) wilaya-t. 

Ck)UPLE, 8. t>3 zauj, zoj (pi. t^j^ 
azwaj). — (married couple) f^yp^ 

Couple, r. Cjj zawwaj, yuzawwij. 

Couplet, «. 'a^ bait (pi. «a>W}\ 

Courage, «. s-i«J^ 5»x quwmi-t al- 
qalb ; ij^^ bas ; ie^^ ^ajfl'a-t ; 
V\^ jara'a-t; 5;Ui%. jasara-t. 

Courageous, adj. £Wa> 4ajil* ; ^^ 
jari* ; j^— ^ jasur. 

Courier, «. ^^ sa*! Cpl. ^U- 
BU'at) ; -M;-} band (pi. «>;-« 

Course, #. (race) jW- sibaq ; i«>L«^ 
musabaqa-t; «-iyi» .4araf. — (rac«- 
ground) (^j^-V* inaidAn (pi. (^*>W^ 
maj&din). — (way of life^ conduct) 
J«-. sabil (pi. Js— subul). — (at 
table) cL>UUU^ Aa) badla-t at- 

Course, v. sy\^ sabaq, yusAbiq. — 
(hunt) oU ^ad, ya^id ; j^ 
qanaf , jaqni?. 

Courser, «. '>\f¥ jawad (pi. *>W 

Court, «. (yard)^ ^^ haus, po^ 
(pi. ^lA>e*- ^isan); ^^ saha-t 
(pi. *^\ -at, c^ sa^, Cr* 8^t); 
(2)1^^ fahn (pi. o^^^ (ul^Cin) ; Ul 
fioa (pi. ^^ afniya-t, ^yi 
funi-y). — (palace) ^j\j^ saniy ; 
y^ qa^r (pi. jy^ (lu^ur). — (retinue 
of a prince) ftJ^ ^a^^am. — (covrt 
of justice) I»W* inal>kama-t. 

Court, v. (flatter) Ui^"^ la^af, yu- 
l&tif ; s3f^ inalla<i, yumalliq ; Jj^ 
^HZJvl, yufj^ii; J*^'^ la^andal, 
yat:i9andal. — (nolicif) s-JJ» talab, 
ya^lub.— (iroo; s-J^ ha^b, yah- 
\ub. I 

Courteous, adj. s-4*>^ adib ; ^"Wx** 
mutamaddin ; «- A jJ latif. 

Courteousnbsb, Courtliness, 
Courtesy, 8. v**>^ adab; i»i3U 
mulatafa-t ; S\j\'i^ mudara'at. 

Courtesan, 8, 4^ qa^aba-t (pi. 
v»UJ qil?&b); lj^\) z&tiya-t (pi. 
Ji^;3 zawati). 

Courtier, «. ««U4i\ (j>^ jalis al- 
malik (pi. U-V julusa*) ; v*W f^jJ^ 
^\ULJ\ mulazim bab a^-ful^. 

Courtship, 8. ij^ hutba-t. 

Cousin, 8, m. ^ {^\ ibn 'amm ; 
i3W ^^ ibn hala-t (pi. ^ ban!) ; 
f . ^ «A^ bint 'amm ; fl^ i«^ 
bint hala-t (pi. ia>U| banat). 

Cove, 8, (^y^ jAn ; i*^ juna-t ; 
C^^alij (pi. ^ buluj, t,V^ 

• huljan). 

Covenant, «. j^\ ittifAq; SjufcU** 
mu*iihada-t ; J^^ 'ahd; J^^«^ 
misaq (pi. S^f^ maw/lsiq). 

Covenant, r. t^u* 6arat, yu^Arit ; 
J^ *ahid, ya'nad ; ij^y wa^aq, 

Cover, 8, (covering) VL^ gi^A (pi. 
ljBt\ agtiya-t). — (shelter) k^ 
bimayat. — (pretext) ^ *illa-t 
(pi. Jie *ilal; £%*^ tujja-t (pi. 
C:%^ bujaj). 

Cover, ». J^ gatta, yugatti ; f^ 
satar, yastur. — (conceal) ^j**- 
hafa, yahfi ; ^ katam, yaktum. 
— (shelter) ^J•^ l^ama, yahmi. — 
(copulate) c^ t*bi yat^b ; J/'^ 
taraq, yatruq; v*/* 4arab, ya^- 

Coverlet, «. <^W li^af (pi. <Jl^ 

Covert, ad/. f*y^ maktAm. 

Covert, s. (thicket) *sXi\ aik. — 

(hiding-place) o^4h^ mabba (pi. 

^W» mahabi). 

Covey, #. i-dU faqsa-t. 
Cow, *. S;4| baqara-t, baqra-t. 
Cow, V, «-i^ hawwaf, yuhawwif ; 

£)i fazza', yufazzi' ; {^^^ jabban, 

Coward, «., adj. oW jabAn ; (;)Vjkt% 

jabnan; f*--oAS la'un (pL f*Vj:^ 

Cow] 84 

li'nm, 1-y lu'ttiufi) ; ifly* tifrfl. 


Cower, «. jS; raku', jarka'. 
Cowl, i. s-»V' 't>j' sob ar-r^ti^ 

(pi. v^/1 oawflb) ; ,^1 iskim. 
Coxcomb, s. jj*^ gandir. 
Coy, adj. ,**-=»- muhlaiim. 
Coyness, b. j^j waqjir ; i*e 'iffa-t ; 

1^ hayiV). 
Cbab, g. all-j* sartiiu. 
C&ACK, g. (J* ^a<Hi; ^^ ia«jqa-t 

(pi. J/fc suqilq); jl* falaq tl>l. 

j^J fuluq). 
Ceack, v.a. ij* ^aqq, ya^iiqq ; tjli 

falaq, jafliq.^(a« /Ae fingers, a 

whip, dc.) {« faqa", yafqa*, yaf- 

qu'[ n. i^-^^ insaqq, yanSaqq. 
Cbadlb, s. -ifl^ mahd (pi. Jfi^ mu- 

Cbadle, v. -j^j^ hazhaz, yuhazhiz; 

P*;- marja^, juiimrjih. 
CsAFT, «. (*l:t7I) ^Ai' }aaa'a-t (pi. 

K^-i^ fauayi') ; ii^ l^irfa-t (pi. 

^f)}iini).—i/raud)/^ inakr; 

0^ tila-t. 

CRAPTlNKaS, B. ;^ makf; hj^ 

Crafty, adj. jl^ makkar. 
Chao, 8. ^^at' fahr ; ^ft^ $ahra-t (pi. 

j^ ?uhar). 

CBAOOED, ORAOQY, odj. ;!**• lUU?- 

Cbau, If. l-*^ hasA, yab^l^- 
Cbamp, s. *t— ^ Ijdl iltiwa 'a(al).— 

(Aoot) s-SS kuUib (pi. '^W 

Ckaup, v. {confine) ijh-i ^ayyaq, 

yu^ayyiq; j«j qof^ar, yuqa??ir. 
Cbanb, i. (6»Vd) jjil;" ij wazK 'ira- 

qi-y ; ^/ kirki (pi. ^/ ka. 

rnki).— (rfHU;Ain«) i^if^v luan- 

Cbank, «. t^jU inilwa (pi. ^^^ 

Cbaknt, «. ^>fc iaqq (pi. Jj** 

Obape, «. iJ*";* buranjuq (Turk.); 

tJLt^ kirt^H-t. 
Cbask, f. ^^qarqa'a-t; J.^ aqq.. 

Ceash, v. ^j* qarqa', yaqarqi' ; jfc 

taqq, ya^uqq ; JJ*j xaqzaq, JM- 

Crater, a. j^ Jr^^ ^ fumm &!• 

jabal D^r (pi. *V1 afwab, ,>Ui1 

Cravat, «. 4^ *-;»* mitram»-t 

ar - raqaba-t (pt. fjW* nul^ 

Crave, u. J^^ i*t4q, yaitiq (Jt 

Cbavkn, »., otij. Ji» naxU; J|i* 

Ceayino, «. Jl**! iitiyiq; J,fc 

^auq, Soq ; f<j* garim. 
Ceawi,, v. ^-^ dabb, yadubb ; <-fcj 

ml^af, yazhaf. 
Crayoh, *- ys'-'j ,J* qalam nvAf 

(pi. ^laqUm ^qilim); ^ 

mirqam (pi. (**ij- marft^im). 
Craze, d. e>^ Jaanan, yujaoinm. 
Ceazinkss, «. tiy* junfln. 
Crazy, adj- vj**^ mnjziib | Jfc^ - 

malti'is; yji*-* majniiii. 
Creak, e. J«t taqtaii, yutaqtiq. 
Cream, «. ^j^j ragwa-t; f^ij nb- 

da-t; ^l°^J qa^t^t; .J**) qa»- 

maq (Turk.). 
Ceeaht, a<lj. ij^) lubdi-^. 
Cbease, 8. i5jl« matwa (pL ^9*^ 

Crease, «. ^-f- lawa, ya^wl ; (j* 

;ana, yajui ; ■"• ja"ad. yuja'*i<l. 
Create, v. ^.fi*- balaq, yabluq ; 1^ 

liar'a, yabr'a. 
Creation, g. ^^^ hilqa-t ; \3i^ 

Lalq ; yij^ takwin. 
Cbeatub, ». jS^ hallAq; ^t& 

hiiiiq ; ^5jW buri. 
Ceeatubb, a. j)U>'iiiahlA<^; Im^ 

haliqa-t (pi. ^M^ haUyiq; t^ 

barriyar-t (pi. l*y barivA). 
Crbiiencb, ». i^ |iqa-t; oUseY i%. 

Cbbdrntialb, e. a^ saDad (pL 

•Aj—\ aanAd), 
Cbesibility, e. tjt-)^ ta^dii). 
Cbediblg, adj. jUucSI Jw* ma^all 

aUi'tiqad ; JJuM inu|adda<|. 
Cekdit, ». (belif/) oUicl i'tiqid.— 

(efieem) jlr^l i'Libur. — (wi( 




regard to moneys Ac.) ^^ muk- 
na-t ; l^^^ mudAjana-t. 
Cbbdit, V, (believe) j*>-» faddaq, 
yu^addiq; J*«^ i*tiqad, ya'ta- 
qid.— (•<?« on truet) ^^J^\i gW 
ba* bi-'d-din, yabi*. — (give credit, 
lend) {^^*y dAyan, yudAyin ; Jbji\ 

aqra4, yuqri^. 
Cbsditable, adj. yeSM,» mu'tabar. 
Cbbditableness, 8. jW^^ i'tib&r ; 

Cbrditob, 8. {^J^\ s-^V-» 9Al>ib ad- 

din (pi. s^W>^ a^hab) ; tH**J^ v»j 

rabb ad-din (pi. v*Wj^ arbAb) ; 

^x* mudayyin ; f^^ garim (pi. 

U^ gurama'). 
Cbbdulitt, 8. uVAsfiS\ j|3 zaud al- 

i'tiijad; iU>^Ju Hadaja-t. 
Cbedulous, adj. oVfcc!!^ gj^ sari* 

Cbeed, 8. o^^^ *^^ 'aqAyid al- 

Cbeek, 8. mU. halij (pi. ^ buluj, 

^V^ huljAn). 
Cbbbp, r. %»»•> dabb, yadubb ; i-**^) 

zahaf, yaz^af; ^ hamm, ya- 

Cbescbnt, #. J3^^ halal (pi. aU\ 

Cress, e. ^^ burf ; UJ^ jV^j rasad 

al-ina* ; f^ qurra-t. 
Cbest, 8. iy^ quuibara-t (pi. ji^ 

qanabir) ; «->;« 'uruf (pi. *^^f\ 

Cbbstbd, adj. i^ytJ^ qiimbari-y ; y^ 

iy^ ztl qumbara-t; *^f\ a'raf, 

f. U^'arfA (pi. ^/fc 'urf). 
Cbeyice, 8. j^ falq (pi. J^ 

fulAq); s>*» ^iq (pl« jy*** su- 

Cbbw, #. ^;9p. bal^riya-t; 4cW 

Cbib, 8. .>^ niadwad (pi. *>;W 

madAwid); UUU^ ma*laf (pi. 

«Jk3U«« lua'alif). 
Cbib, v. (confine in a email epace) 

ym. ha^r, yabfur. 
Cbickkt, 8. (ineect) y^y ^ur^ur; 

JJ^ jU-» (amr al-lel ; {^^y^ ^ 

abA dardan; -H^ii^ judjud (pi. 

«H.W jadAjid). 

Cbibb, 8. c5^U^ munAdl. — (of a 

moeque) (^^y» mu'azzin. 
Crime, *. f^ jaram (pi. f^yA 

ajram); J\ igm (pi. f»^\ as&m) ; 

s-*^ zamb (pi. v*y«i zunAb) ; tf^ 

Cbiminal, adj.j 8. sr-*^ muznib; 

fj^^ mujrim ; ^^ a^im (pi. 

ii^\ anima-t) ; j^^ mauzilr. 
Cbiminalitt, 8. ^*^ ma'fiya-t; 

hi)y* mauzAra-t. 
Criminate, v. ^^ f^ tahara' bi, 

y at him. 
Crimination, 8. l^ tuhama-t (pi. 

f^ tuham). 
Crimp, Crimple, v. j»%. ja"ad,"yu- 

Crimson, e. yf qirmiz. 
Crimson, adj. sSr*? qirmizi-y. 
Crimson, v.a.yf^"^ (^^ lawwan bi- 

*l.niriuiz, yulawwin ; n. {)}l\uih) 

r*«A ahmarr, yahmarr. 
Cringe, v. ^^ tazallal, yatazallal ; 

^-hfci' taha44A*» yatahfujida' ; g/f 

tadirra*, vatadArra'. 
Cripple, #. tf^^ a*raj, f. W;« *arj&* 

(pi. e/» *urj, e)W/» *urjan) ; ^^ 

ka8il> ; •3^*'^ muq'ad. 
Cripple, v. tf^^ a*raj, yu*rij ; ^-^ 

ka8sal>, yukassih ; j^ 'awwar, 

yu*awwir; gJ^ jada*, yajda*. 

Crisis, e. i*)^/^*. Imuran (pi. {^j^. 

l)abarin) ; ^^ <iatiV. 
Crisp, adj. (curly) a«%- ja*d (pi. 

jUq. ji*ad) ; Jk»%^ muja"ad. — 

(brittle) f^ y^ Jb hasxia ; j^^y'ffiym 

sari' al-iukitiar. 
Crisp, r. (wrinkle) Ja> ja"ad, yu- 

ja"id ; J^^ jau*ad, yujau*id. 

Criterion, #. ^^^-^ nisan (pi. 
{j^^ nayasin) ; M^t *alaina-t 

(pi. f^ 'alain, ^9^ *alayiin) ; i)^\ 
isura-t; J«)^ dalil. 

Critic, «., •a**.^ bal^ij ; vA^».V« mu- 

Critical, adj. ^^^. bahji-y. 

Criticise, r. vifi^^l) bahaj,'yubahi9 ; 
^\ &^ jj^ adaq<) fihi an-nazar, 
vudiqq. — ( fiml j'auli with) ^3 
Ui&i yaliiai ; JJ^^afa 1, ya'ful. 


Griticisu, ». >*-«: ha\)i (pi. .d>W;\ 

ab^iA;) ; 2iK.lf^ mubaha^a-t. 
Croak, «. (of a raven) s-^ na'b ; 

^U) nii'Ab.— {0/ a frog) J^ 

Cboak, v. -i~* - > na'ab, yan'ab, 

ya'nib j jji naqq, janiqq. 
Crock, a. ^ qulla-t (pi, JU qulal, 

JW qiiai) 1 ijly barrflda-t ; tj\^ 

Ceookekt, s. Sjlati fulihftra-t (pi. 

jLail fahbiir) ; ^y^ hazaf. 
Crocodile, «. t^— ** timsfllj (pi. 

Cbocus, b. (jV"j /a'frnD. 

Ceopt. «. Sjj*^ hAkilra-t (pl.;*^j» 

Crook, «. ^^V^ ^*-^ '^"* a^r-J^'i. 
Ckook, v.a. Ej* 'ftwwaj, yu'awwij ; 

jjio- Ijana, yftljni ; ». .^y^l in- 

hasa, yanhau] i t^^«-^< in'aj, 

Cbooked, aiJj. Bj** mu'awwaj ; 

jjj^j^ munhaai. 
Cbookedkebb. *. cy 'auj ; e'j^' 

in'iwitj ; ^"^1 inliiniV. 
Ckop, «. (of a bird) iUj^ Ijaimala-t 

(pi. J-y liftwii?il).— (/«true«l) 

JjA«^ mah^ul ; ^sj'ifa^* niahnA- 

l£t; t.^!-*^ hofida-t (pi. Jtltm. 

Crop, v. j-*- hasad, yab^id ; yi^ 

hni^, yahuiS, J-J qa^al, yaq?il. 
Crosier, «. uU^St £>-■£ 'asiU al- 

usquf ; l)^££ 'ukkilza-t {pi. y^^SJ: 

Cross, «. h-4- salib (pi. yl^l- sul- 

Cross, orfj. (ofcii^ue) ^j*iJ- mun- 
harif; j/^ai- mu'tari^. — ( peevigh) 
jc-^ hasir i (jUj za'lAn. 

Cross, v. (nuike ike sign of the 
eroKi) HiA-i^ i-S* J** 'amil 'alA- 
ma-t a^-^alib. ya'inal. — (mari 
with a eruii) w-J— ?allab, yu^al- 
lib. — d'oat orer) jfj* 'abar, 
ya'bur.— (iAiTOrO oUU-hlllaf, va- 

Cross-bow, i. jjjJ* (j«j» ijaiiH al* 
buuduq (|tl. ij«V^ ai^wAaj. 

Cbosb-xzakikation, I. ^1^1 ibram. 

[Cw I 

yaf^af; m{\ abram, yiibrin). 

Crossino, Cross-way, «. jjUt ,3^ 
mafrat^ at-turq (pi. jjU« ma- 
fSriq) ; ^ ; b ^ ?aliba-t. 

Crotchet, «. (kook) >^'ii kulMb 
(pi. s-<JJi kaiaiib); ^U-. Ijunlf 
(pi. ..^iU. ha(AUf). — (/a«5, 
tchim) SjIJj zaDtara-t; &■■«. ^m- 
la-t; Jle*. MyAl (pi. iUl ^- 
yila-t). — (in m«sie) Uklt A« 
Duqta-t al-ginA' (pi. UB nuqat), 

Crotchett, nd/. Jcsfci* mutahay- 
yil ; ^y muzamir. 

Ceocch, o. (fcmJ dowa) ^jWl in- 
hana, yanbani ; j«Ue taqfl^ ar, v*- 
taqi'i^ar. — (/own) JJ^ tafftlUl. 

Chottp, e. (of a Aor*f) jsL jahr (jiL 
jjst juhilr) ; .JJj ridf (pi. j1j,1 
ardAf). — (rfisftwe) i»U*. hun&qa-t; 
jjiU. hanilq. 

Crow, t. (bird) jli qaq (pi. olM 
qiqAn) ; je*- •v'ljt gurib »agir.— 
(0/ a coci) i-L- ?iyAha-t. 

Cbow, v. t^ sab, yaflilj. 

Crowd, g. /•'^•i)\ iKdibam; lt»j 

Crowd, v. ^y tazAljam, yatazA- 
bam ; ^-1)1 izdaljam, yazdabim. 

Crown, s. J^ iklU (p|. jJUl 
akalil) J e\J tflj (pi. yW tij-ftn). 
—(top) u.lj ras (pi. ^j'j] ra'Aa) ; 
^ sath (pi. Cj^ smfib)- — (of • 
tree) ifcj* ifisa-t (pi. ^Ij* *a- 
wM).— (coin) j-i jtl abu nami ; 
Jkfj riyAl (pL ->31ij riyiUl). 

Crown, p. (a tttw;) ej* tawwai, ju- 
lawwij ; Jli kallal, yukallif. — 
(eotnphte) ^ tammam, yut&tn- 
raim; Jii qa^a, yaq^i ; J*f 
kammal, yukammil. 

CEUtiBLK, «. itj, bi"na-t; iijj, bfi- 
daqa-t (pi. jjIj) bawAdiq). 

CBUcirtx, «. V')''** maflQb (til. 
•v-JV— masAlib); ^^—11 i,^ 
furat al-inaflDb. 

Crucifixion, f. >»-l- ^alb, 

Crocipt, v. ■^■^ j:ilib. ya^luK 

Cbudb, adj. ^U. bum ; \^ nay ; gl 




Cbudeness, Critditt, «. ^Wi fa- | 

jaja-t; i*y^ nuvuVt. 
Cruel, adj, ^^ 2Hlitn ; ^^-Vi qa^i. 
Cruelty, $. S^^^ qasawa-t; ^ 

zultii ; W jafa*. 
Cruise, $. au^ bol^a-h ; yL. gafar ; 

ij^^ qar^ana-t. 
Cruise, v, fiJ^ ^y^ *amil holta-t, 

ya'mal ; {^J qar^an, yuqar^in. 
Cruiser, a, (J^ji qor^an. 
Crumb, a, (§o/t part of bread) s-J 

W4fe3^ lubb al-hubz (pi. s^«J 

lubiib). — (amall fragment) «i>«* 

futat, fitat. 
Crumble, v.a. o^ fait, yafutt; 

o^^ fattat, Yufattit ; n. v^utf 

tafattat, jatafattat ; c:^\ iufatt, 

Crumple, v. j»(^ ja"ad, yuja**id ; 

J— ffio da'bal, yuda'bil ; «<XW 

ja*lak, juja'lik. 
Cruse, a, ^ Ae <> 8ifla-t. 
Crush, v. ««Xi»^ dahak, yadhak ; 

^JmJ^ haras, yahrus. — (overwhelm) 

f^ qahar, yac[har. 
Crush, a, ^^ bars ; ^jOu muqa- 

ra*a-t ; l^^^ ^adma-t. 
Crust, a. ^j^ qi»ra-t (pi. ^ytJ 

Crustiness, a. J^«-JU faqsa-t. 
Crustt, ad), (ill-tempered) (;)UJU 

Crutch, a. SjV^ 'ukkaza-t (pi. ssA 

.at,^l5:e •akakiz). 
Cry, r. (aloud) c^ ?ah, ya^il^ ; tr* 

9arah, ya?ruh. — (lament) c^ nah, 

yanii^ ; J^^ walwal, yuwalwil. — 

(weep) Jn baka, yabki; j^J 

dama', yadma* ; damma', yu- 

dammi*. — (proclaim) ^^*y^ nada, 

Cry, a. c^ 9ij^b; ^*7* ?arha-t; 

cy nau^; ^y nauha-t. — (iretp- 

ing) ; \i^ buka'. 
Crystal, a. j^ billur (pi. y^h 

balalir) ; j^\ ;^i^ l^jar al- bil- 
Crystallisation, a, «>Uir\ injimad ; 

J^«W* tajlid. 
Crystallise, v.a. •u^ jammad, yu- 

jamoiid; j^\ J^ /«-• fayyar 

misl al-billur, vusavyir; w. »U 

j^\ JAp» 9ar mis] al-billfir, ya^ir. 
Cub, a, (fox) h)^ mu*awiya-t. — 

(lion) J«A ^ibl (pi. JWaV aibal, 

J^-fAi i5ubAl, mC«* tiibAl, J-<A^ 

asbul). — (bear) ^o** s^*> dubb 

Cube, a, s-^ ka'ab (pi. ^r»f^ 

ku*ub, vU^ ki'ab). 
Cubic, Cubical, adi. s-*«^ inu- 

Cubit, a. £\j^ zira* (pi. ^jS\ azni*). 
Cuckold, a, *a>j|j dayyiig ; jjJ*-» 

(aqqilr ; (^yu muqrin. 
Cuckoo, «. fy^ kukii ; jy»^ waq- 

Cucumber, a, j^ bivilr; jy^ 

'ajjAr ; Ui (jisa. 
Cud, a, iy^ jirra-t (pi. 5;^^ ajir- 

Cudgel, a. «&>^ nabbiit (pi. <^^<«9M 

Cudgel, r. va>^W v*/* ^arab bi-'n- 

Dabbiit, yadrib. 
Cuff, #. (blow) IM latma-t. — (of a 

aleeve) yjit^\ fU^ lyiU dayira-t 

li-akmam al-qami^. 
Cuff, v. ^ la^am, yaltim. 
Cuirass, a, gj*> dir* (pi. J|;*> durii*, 

£\)*>^ adra') ; h*^y} zardiya-t. 
Cuirassier, a. ^J^ mudarra'. 
Culinary, adj. o«^J^ ma^bahi-y. 
Cull, v. (gather) UkU qa^af , yuqtif ; 

4j^ jana, yajni. — (aelect) y^\ 

ihtar, yahtar; s-^ nahab, yan- 

Culm, a. «a>W^ jL. gaq nabat (pi. 

<:^Va«-« siqan) ; il^ ^tla-t. 
Culminate, v. j^ kabbad, Tukab- 

Culpability, a. ^y^ jarima-t. 
Culpable, adj.. Culprit, a. s-JX« 

muziiib ; f^y^^* mujrim. 
Cultivate, Culture, r. (the aoil) 

jby!\ ^.JA. had am al-arcj, yahdum ; 

C^ fallah, yufallih ; y^ 'amar, 

ya*niur. — (the mind) v**>^ addab, 

Cultivation, Culture, a. (of the 

earth) X.4U fala^a-t ; ^^ Uflt^ ; 

^\;* (^rasa-t; Wjj zarA'a-t. — 


general) iei/ 
W6i7&-t ; tr-'V ta'adduL. 
COUBBlt. v- (load) ^ J^ 3BX]q&l 

t)ftf. Tuwaqqif; C^-^ mana, 


*»■»*■ mut'ib ; Jerf gaqil : s-«- 

CvMBKAKCE, «. iiflJ saqla-t; s-rf 

U'ab ; -^ kadd ; £>U mAni' (pi. 

^Ij- mawiini'). 
CvMxiK, ». or*^ kammtln ; (^foti 

Cdkkibo, adj. ;\i- makkfir; yU«o*. 

^tan ; JU*- muhtAl. 
Cdhhiho, ». i^ hila-t (pi. J,* 

luival) ; ^ makr; ■t^ kaid (pi. 

ol^ kijM). 
Cup, i. C-** qadah (pi. c'-^^ aqdah) ; 

yU kfis (pi. ^Utf kiisnt, t-j-jj 

Oup, V. (bleed) ,*^^ hajam, jaljjum. 
Cdp-BEASBB, 8. ^^L, 5uqi (pi. «^Ul. 

Buqnt, ,_ji- auqi-j, ^y- siiqqa). 
OuFBOARU, 8. 2i1yk huzana-t (pi. 

yjl^ hazSjin); y*^^;*- huriBli'm 

(pi, .ajiiU-j*. hurislAnat). 
Odpiditt, «. ij4k sabwa-t ; £*L 

tama.' ; yej* hir?. 
Cupola, «. i»* qubba-t ([1. ^^-^i 

qubab); oj-W janiluo; iA^ 

i^u^^t (pi. (ji-t^ljuSflS). 
CcppEB, *. ,•^ik- hajjam ; ^\ji lar- 

CnppiKo-aLASH, I. fy^^ miijjam 

(pL M-W* mal^&jiiu). 
COE, f. s-li kalb (pi. s-M kilab). 
CCBACT, «. ieljyfc burau!ya-t. 
CoBATE, «. ^^JJ*- bilri-j (pi. ^j'j*- 

hawarina-ti Fr. curi). 
Cqbatob, «. (^V iDu'taman. 
CuBB, f. ^V lijjim (pi. f^ lujum, 

U^\ aljima-t); uU fakk (pi. 

^\ii\ afkuk, ^^ fukuk).— 

(r«(rainO'»f^ iJaU; f*- maB*. 
CuKB, p. ft^i lajam, yaljum ; f>^\ 

aljani, jiiljim, 
Cued, f. vj/* vt^ halib muraw- 

wab; viij ur*J laban rAyib; vjj 

mub ; *ijj rauba-t. 


Cdeo, Curdle, v.a. *»>), rswwab, 

yurawwib ; n. sj^j rab, jarub. 
CtTBE, (. ilj^J- mudnwat ; e^ 'il&j i 



Cube, v. (heal) ijjlj dawa, yudawi j 
^U 'ulaj, ju'alij ; ^J>^ sa£a, 
yaifi : s-^ {ayyab, yu(a_Tyib. — 
( pickle) ^ mallah, yumallih. 

Cdbelbsb, adj. J^ 'a^Al. 

CuBiosiTY, t. (inqumtitteiUM) 
iU.\i^ mudiihala-t.— (mriiy) *** 
tulifa-t (pi. o»« tuhaf) ; i~^ 
nafiaa-t (pi. <j-tUl nafayia) ; Hj^^ 

CuBioijB, adj. (inqainlive) J«-1Jix 
mudihil ; ^^— .^ ^ mutAJaasia ; 
,_j-fc— • mustaq^i. — (rare) jj\» 
niidir; s-l/ ganb. 

CcRL, «. J** Jul* (lalqa-t sa'r (pi. 
>»1 -At, ^ halaq) ; .tiN- ja'd ; 
Sj*»- ja'da-t (pi. jI«* ji'i'id). 

CuEL, V. Muf ja"ad, _Tuia"id. 

CuBEANT, ». {Corinthian yrapes) 
yt*^ kifloiis. — (/raft) w-** 
S " ^ ' -3^ 'inab aj-sa'lab (pi. t^Lal 

CuBBENCT, *. i^jr- sair&n ; (jW 
jarayiin.— (o/ money) ^yi tarwii. 

CUBREHT, adj. (jjU- Jiirl; g-*!; 

CUBBBNT, *. J-r- sail (pi. Jj^ 

Cdbbiclb, <. ^i*^ 'ajala-t (pi. J^ 

'ijaJ, JV 'ijal). 
CUBBIER, (. {^.i dabbag ; v5<)jW 

Cdbk7, ff. ^■i dabai;, yadbug. yad- 

baf!, yadbi}!- — {ahorte) j^ jabar, 

yajburj o-^ ^a^^q> J"q>^>q' 
Cubby-cohb, I. ^ri* jabra-t ; l..»^,t. 
Curse, v. yJ la'an, jal'an ; J* leu 

da'a 'ala, yad'fi, yad'i ; J« bahal. 

Cdebe, *. ij^ la'auA-t. 
CuET, Qilj.j^ qafir. 
CuKTAtL, I'. fX^ qartam, yuqartim ; 

j^ qa^Sar, yuqa*(ir. 
CrETAtN, I, £jU. sitira-t (pi. dU« 

satayir) ; a. eiir (pi. ;j«- ■ntftr) ; 

kS-^ burdaya-t. 




CuBTAiN, V. yu sattar, jusattir ; 

s-^%^ feajjab, yu^ajjib. 
CuBTNESS, 8, f^ qufr. 
CuBTSET, «. Vji**^ in^ina'. 
CuBYE, «. y>J^ W. hatt muqantar ; 

sy^*^ ^ batt munJ^ani. 
CuBYE, V. e^ *awwaj, ju'awwij; 

^y^ ^ana, ja^ni. 

CUBYILINEAB, odj. jkoJI Wl J^ 

mijl al-baU al-muqantar. 

Cushion, «. -luu-^ masnad (pi. •tfl*.^ 
masanid) ; •iMii^ maq'ad (pi. 
•»ftU»« maqa*id) ; S*>^ wisada-t. — 
(cu#AioA of honour) fifi iakrim ; 
l^j^ takrima-t. 

Custody, s, ^ ra^d, ra^ad ; l^\f- 
^irasa-t ; h*». l^if z ; ^j,.,^^. }^h%. 

Custom, a. (manner^ habit) S«>^ 
'ada-t (pi. Jki^^ *awayid) ; f^j 
rasm (pi. ^j nisiim) ; s^U 
da'b (pi. vr»*)»>» ad'ub). — (irnpo*/) 
(.T'^ maks (pi. ij*^ mukus) ; 
f^j rasm (pi. ^y^j rusCim) ; «<S;^ 
Icumruk (gumnik, TurJK;.). 

CusTOMABY, adj, •>^s«^ mu*t&d; 
^_5«-«j rasmi-j ; w^^SU ma'Iiif . 

CUSTOMEB, 8. |4;U ^ri (pi. ^/Ife 

soni) ; cfr''*^ mustari ; (j^) 

Custom-house, «. «<S^«i3\ o^ bit 
al-kumruk ; *->V a>^ » < kumruk- 

Cut, v. ^ qata', jaqta'. — (t»to 

pieces) ^ C|att&S y^<l*^i« — 

(carve) (jtn naaai^, jauqai. 
Cut, 8, ^ qat' ; ^"^ qata't. 
Cutlass, «. «JW sail (pL ^p^ 

Cxttleb, «. ^y«^^^ sak&ktnS-y; 

(;)V5^ sakkftn. 
CuT-PUBSE, 8. jjU B&riq (pi. j^;- 

surraq ; j\^ tarrar ; JUi na^^. 
CuT-THBOAT, #. JijU^ ^Vl q&^i* at- 

tartq (pi. eVlJ qu^AS ^ qut') ; 

J^ J^ qattlQ qatli-Y. 
Cycle, 8, jjj*> daur (pi. j\jo1 adw&r). 
Cyclic, Cyclical, aflV.^j^j daurt-j. 
Cyclopgsdia, 8. (^f^\ g »^* majma' 

al-funtkn (pi. ^W^ majftmi'). 
Cylindeb, «. «>f«W *ftmtkd; «>y*0 

'umiid (pi. SjuiC^ a'mida-t, a^\^ 

'awamid) ; ii\ifom»\ U8tuw4na-t. 
Cylindbical, adj, v3»>^^ *4miid!-y. 
Cymbal, #. i^** fanj (pi. ^ 

Cymbalist, 8. s^ fannAj. 
Cypheb, 8, see Cipheb. 
Cypbess, «. j^ sarw ; i^ sarwa-t. 


DArFODiL, #. ^yj*- bansa (pi. ^J^ 

Daooeb, #. 7%^ banjar (pi. ^V^ 

Daily, adj, ^j*^ yaumt-y. 
Daivtiiiess, «. A^y nazaka-t; ^VU 

la^afa-t ; l^\^ zaraf a-t. 
Daiwty, adj. k^ laziz (pi. ^ luzz, 
3\iS liz4z); ugj latif; U^y 

nazif (pi. wiVh» nizif). 
Daiby, «. «au^ ^iftlik (TVrl;. 

Daiby-maid, «. ifSW b&liba-t ; ^W^ 

Daibyman, #. s-J^ Wlib (pi. Lt^ 
balaba-t) ; (^^ labb&n. 

Daisy, #. ^^\ y^j zabr al-I(dii. 

Dalliance, «. (fondling) jjUl ta- 
malluq ; UkUil talat^uf . — ( pro- 
crastination) ^VJ ta*bir. 

Dally, r. {fondie) s]^ mallaq, yu- 
malliq; UkLlI f&taf, yulAtif) — 
(fri/?6) e7* haraj, yabrij. — {delay) 
jytf ta'awwaq, yata'awwaq. 

Dam, 8. l^\y waiida-t ; f*\ uinm (pi. 
«A>U\ ummai, «a>V«^\ ummab&t). — 
(da?e) r-^ liar (pi. j»-^ jusCtr); 
•^ iudd (pi. •>^ sudiid). 



Dix, V. •>- eadd, joaudd. 
Dauaoe, I. fft- darar ; l^ maclar- 

ra-t ; SjU-t hosnra-t. — {damageg) 

SjL-4. u4!j^ ta'wiij haBi"ira-t ; ijtjc 

'awad ; £ijW- mu'iiwada-t. 
Damage, o. ^ darr, yoduT; ^1 

adarr, yuijirr. 
Dauabk, «. (silib) W»f kamhi; 

^ . ' ■» musajjar. 
Daub, «. ^^ Bitta,-t (pi. wL^ 

Damn, p. ,jW na£a, yanfi ; ^\ 

ankar, yunkir; ,.-4^* J^jI ftd- 

hftl al-jabannam, yudhil. 
Daunation, i. ^-^31 if]^\ al-haliik 

Dahnkd, adj. liUl* hiilik ; clj^ 

ma'lun ; ,•^4*!^ J*' tr* min a.U 

Damp, adj. s-l-j rafib ; ijJJ nadi ; 

(jViAi nadvin. 
Damp, v. *Aj rattab, yurattib ; tgJi 

nadda, yunaddi, — {depresi) J*i-1 

abmiid, yuhmid. 
Damp, Dampness, «. iijt, rufOba-t ; 

SjU oadawa-t. 
Damsel, s. i-er^ ^abiya-t (pi. 't^-f 

^abayii) ; ^jW jariya-t (pi. ijjtj> 

Damson, s. i^Wl ijjus {Egi/pf) ; 

ej*- hauj (Syria). 
Dance, «. ya*j raq? (pi. j^j*j 

ruqits) ; ft W** baDJala't. 
Dance, v. o«^j raqii?, yarqu? ; Ji^Je»^ 

tab^"]^! yatihanjal. 
Dancer, «. j/i^j raqqa?. 
Dandelion, «. ^\^\ J»j rajl aU 

Dandls, v.a. s-*) lu'ab, yulu'ib j 

■.,-xH al'ab, yul'ib; jj*) zabzaq, 

yuzahziq ; n. yoi/i 'arqa*, yu'ar- 

Dandt, «. j-w* gandar; jjJJA gun- 

dfir (pi. ijJUA gan«dira-t). 
Danoee, 8. ^ hatar (pi. jVUl 

ahtiir) ; £^b»rf uiubAtara-t ; •^•<- 

hof; Jj-fc baul (p!. JlfJ.! ali- 

DAMaBBoxrs, orf;'. "-ieat- muhlf; 

muhawwif ; ^ ba^ir. 

Danoebodsnebs, «. i^'vt- tnuUU 


Danolb, v. t^Ui ta'allaq, yata'al- 
laq ; jji tadalla^ yatadalla. 

Dabe. I), {venture) ^ ^tW bfitar bi, 
yuhatir. — (defy) Jc ,^«4^ tajah* 
mm 'ala, yatajahram; yV-^ 
iBtahtar, yastabtir. 

Daeino, adj.j-W JHsir. 

Daeino, Daeinosebb, t. ijl— •■ 

Dark, adj. ^ 'atim; ,*»* mu- 
'attom; ,ji- mujUra. — {of mean- 
ui^) ,nv mubham; t.,:^^ mu^- 

Darken, v. ^1 ailam, yuzUm ; 
^ 'attam, ju'attim. 

Darkness, g. ^^-^ 'atma-t ; 'uAi 
giilma-t ; fX-^ ealfim ; ij- t ' ■* 
biDdis (pi. ya-iUk, lianidis). 

Dablinq, «. v i T^ habib, i. i (pL 
v*^^ ahbab, ^^ ahibba*, ^^-1 
ahibba-t,s-iWfchab4yib) J (je^jj* 
nilr 'ain; jIj* ^ gamara-t fi- 
wad (botb with affixed pro- 

Daklino, adj. v^t*' ma^b&b; 
)ijc 'aziz. 

Dart, s. ^ja. Ijarba-t ; jl^ mizr&q 
(pi. <Jt)^y taazariq). 

Dart, v. ^j rama, yarmi; t_*Jib. 
Iiazaf, yaJjjif. 

Dash, v. (^ latam, yal^um ; (>*» 
fadam, ya^dim. — (cm wavet) tj*^ 
tamawwaj, yatamawwai. 

Dash, «. ^*^ latma-t; ^-^ fad- , 

ma-t ; A— •.lUk* nillafi Ha.ini\- t, 

{line) U. hau. 

Dastaed, a., aiij. yW jabio. 

Date, s. {lime) ftjW ta'rife (pt 
^jlji tawiirih). — (/ruif) ^^taair, 
ij*J tamra-t (pi. jUJl atiuar, jU* 
timiir, jj*s tumfkr) ; •■■ . i qasb ; 
ip-J qasba-t.— (/n«A) jlf balal;, 
Wt balaha-t ; >i-L; rutab, i^l^ 

Date, v. C;1 arrah. yu'arrih. 

Dative, i. ^VS Jj«i- mafiil li- 

Daub, g. ^fni^ tahbif. 

Daub, t>. ,j>vt- habbaf, yuhabblf. 




Dauohtsb, «. o^ bint (pL «a>W 

banat) ; <3^W *atiq (pL <3^\^ 

Davohteb-in-law, «. (^!l\ S\^^ 

imrat al-ihn; ifS kanna-t (pi. 

^U^ kanayin). 
Daumt, v. -u^^ ahmad, juhmid. 
Dauittless, adj, ^W jasir (pi. 

j^^ jawasir) ; ^y*^ jastir (pi. 

•-«% jusr, jusur); ijM ^^ zii 

Daw, «. ^yift 'aqarija-t. 
Dawn, s, j^\ mIL taPa-t an-nahar ; 

^^\ sy» ^aqq al-fajr. 
Dawn, v» j^y ^ iaqq al-fajr, 

ya^uqq; ^\ f^ \al&' ad-diil*, 

Day, #. (twenty-four hours) f*y 

jaum, yom (pi. f^i\ ayyam). — 

{from iunrUe to aunset) J^ nahar 

(pi. ^ nuhur, f;W nahara-t). 
Dat-bbeak, 8, see Dawn. 

DAT-LiaHT, 8, ¥^ (jiU\ 

Daze, r. t)*^ dawwah, yudawwih ; 

y^^ t&wwai, yu^awwi^. 
Daxzle, v.j«<%> jahar, yajhar; ^) 

jkU^ zaglfld an-nazar, yuzaglil. 
Deacon, «. ^Ua ^mmas (pi. ^Ua 

Dead, adj. ♦a-«^ mayyit (pi. s^\y\ 

amwat); Jy» mauta; s^f^ 

mutawaffa. — (inanimate) x«W 

Deaden, v, «Jbu 4a"af, yu4a"if ; 

%Juu\ a4'af, yud*if ; )^\ a'jaz, 

Deadly, adj. J?Vs qatil ; «<^ muh- 

lik; o ■>»■>• inumit. 
Deadness, «. (rigidity) jJ>^ hadar; 

»\j**^ inhidar.— (o/ fmcie) oL^ 

Deaf, adj. v»^ atras, f. U^ tar^' 

(pi. v^;^ (ur^^ ; f^\ a^amin, f. 

U« famma' (pi. ^ ^umm). 
Deafen, v. ^^ tarrai, yutarris ; 

v>y» tawwas, yu^awwii. 
Deafness, «. ^;U tara^; ^^ 

tuiia-t ; ^»*«» yamam. 
Deal, «. (quantity) jJ^ qadr (pi. 

jW^ aqdlGr) ; i^ kanuniya-t. — 

(board) <^*> daff ; ^o daffa-t (pL 

<^y^ dufiif); ^^ lau^a-t (pL 

Cy^ alwah). 
Deal, v. (distribute) f^^ qasam, 

yaqsim ; qassam, yuqassim ; J^ 

farraq, yufarriq. — (traffic) i%VJ 

tajar, yutajir. — (h^Mve) J*^ 

*amal, yu'amiL 
Dealer, s. (at cards) jji) f^^ qasim 

Dealing, #. f^V tijara-t; ^y^ 

'amal. — (plain d&iling) ii\xm 

9adaqa-t. — (double dealing) ^j 

Dear, adj. (costly, expensive) <J^ 

gall. — (behved) ^^ *aziz (pi. \)>ft 

'uzaza', ^\ a*izza-t); s^^t^^ 

Deabness, s. %^ gala'. 
Dearth, s. v**^ jadb ; ^\^^ ma- 

ja*a-t (pi. giW^ majayi'). 
Death, s. «a>^ maut ; va>U^ mamAt ; 

^U^ waf at ; ^y tawaffi ; «-As». 

butf (pi. t^y!^ hutilf). — (violent 

death) /^ «t>^ inaut ahmar. 
Deathless, adj, <a>^ )^ 14 yamiit ; 

^U dayim ; jJU^^ muhallad. 
Debar, v. ff- baram, yahiim ; Oj 

radd, yarudd. 
Debase, v. ^ baqqar, yubaqqir. 
Debasement, s. JJ<^ tazlil. 
Debate, s. ^W* mubabaga-t ; 

i^jV^^ mujadala-t. 
Debate, v. {^ «a-^W bftbag *an, yu- 

Debauch, s, *«3W^ inhimak; «>V.»i 

fasad ; <><»^ fisq ; &^ ^ahwa-t. 
Debauch, v. ^y^ fassaq, yufassiq ; 

%l^^ hatak, yahtik. 
Debilitate, v. «-A*^ 4a''af, yu- 

<^a"if ; Ubu\ a4*af , yu4*if . 
Debility, s. «Jbu 4a% <Ju*f. 
Debit, «. &e^ ^\ o^*^^ ad-duyiin 

allati 'alehi. 
Debt, s. {^^ dain (pi. {^^^ duyiin) ; 

v/y (iar4 (pi. J>yf quni4). 
Debtor, «. {^^^^ niadyun. 
Decadence, s. s^^/> barab; J^^) 

Decagon, s. j-^^m^ mu'ai^ar. 
Decalogue, s. uuUJi^ yUi\ al-'aiar 

kalim&t ; «U\ VtU^ waf Aya allah. 

■ atil 

■ fuf 

■ fati 


Decamp, v. J=-j raljal, yarhal. — 

(haatilif') vj* harab, ytLbrub. 
Decajut, v. Uf Jl \i\ jjjrf g^ farrag 

min ini ila, mil, jnfarrig. 
Dgcanteb, s. J^ a Bisa-t. 
Dkcapitatk, i;. (j-V' C'"' q*t*' *•■- 

ras, yaqta' ; t>u>ll vy darab al- 

'unq, yadrib. 
DscAPiTiTioN, 8. ^yi ^ qat' 

aj-rae; Jj*!! ^j/* ilarb d-*unq. 
Decay, v. ^ habaf, yahbit, jfLb- 

Decay, s. J1;iJ ziwiil. 
Decease, ». ia>*- maut ; ^j rilila^t j 

JUsi\ intiqal ; ^uUj wafAt. 
Decease, v. •^'^ mfit, yamflt ; ^^f 

tuwuffi, yutawaffa (Pass. V.). 
Deceit, a. i_r* giS^ ; y/- haun, 

hoD ; ji* makr ; £J^ had'. 
Deceitful, adj. ^Ui gasafiS ; i>li 

gass 1 jIj*- hadda' ; j*.*^ makkiir. 
DECKiTFtn.)4ESB, s. ii'i^ hiy&na-t ; 

JW hidA'. 
Deceitb, v. i^ ga^^i yagu^S ; (jW 

^un, yahun; f^^ nanwaa, yu- 

hawwin. — (miglead) ^sj* gawa, 

yagwi ; Ji 4aUi jadill, 
Decbhbbe, 8. JjS^ uytf k&niia sJ- 

Decxitct, g, v^^ adab; vj^y^ al- 

wujitb J &lW! liyaqa-t ; A*-**- 

Decent, adj. ijt'i Isyiq; v—^^ 

mumUib; (^.-Ol) w>-»lU) ^yy 

tnuwafiq (li - 'I - adab wa-'l-hi^ 

ma-t) ; ,j*i* Ij'^'-y- 
i)ECEPTio«, 8. see Deceit. 
Decide, v. k*~( bait, yabitt ; /t^ 

Ijakam, yatkutn ; £-U qa^a', 

ya<ita' ; J^ii qa4a, yaqdi. 
Decimai., adj., s. ijj^-** 'Uari-y; 

^j9±a> ta'£!ri-y ; E^^^ Ej-u: 'a^ora-t 

Decimate, o. ^ 'aiiar, yu'aiiir. 
Decimatiok, 8. jc4^ ta'iir. 
Decipher, i". ^ "abbar, yu'abbir ; 

;—* fassar, yufassir. 
DsciBiON, 8. •>* Ijukm (pi. ^>i*.l 

alikAm) j J*» faijl (pi. Jj-* 

fu?iil) ; tjji* fatwa (pi. ijj^ 

fatawa). — (i^ character) s-l* ij* 

quwwa-t qalb; (•)» hazm; Wj^ 

Decibivb, adj. ^ batti-y; ^tt 

Decisitbnbbb, 8. ^^ hukflm&-t. 
Deck, 8. us^^l ^Lu eath al-markab 

(pi. Cjl- SUtulj); CV^ 0*V 

fauqani-y al-markab; ^ bom 

(pout) ; "iAcA. eaqlfa-t (pL o^V*- 

Deck, v. ijt) Kayyan, yozayyin j 

Jjj zawwaq, yuaawwjq. 
Declaim, 8. jjuI au^, yuniid j 

H-t**- ha(ab, yuhatib. 
Declamation, s. ^U>^ mubat^ 

ba-t J ijijAil unBiida^t (pi. J**W\ 

Declabation, 8. jW^bt Utihar; jtjV 

taqrir i •-j'i/" ta'rif. 
Declare, v. (publish) js*>1 oibar, 

yushir ; js^l ajbar, yuihJT. — 

(affirm) jj* qarrar, yuqarrir. 
DECLENsroN, 8. (inflexion of noun*) 

U-St t-^j« ta^rif al-asma ; ■^\/\ 

Decline, v. {refute) Jj radd, yar- 
nid ; ^J^ aba, ya'ba. — (diminish} 
ijdi naqaf, yanqu; ; Jiiis\ mt&- 
qa^, yantaqif ; Jlj ziil, yazal 
(yazil). — (a noun) O^ pairaf, 
yu^arrit ; v'j* 'arrab, ju'arrib. 

Declivity, s. i.^) wahda-t; O^ 
nazla-t ; j)>w hadur. 

Decoct, p. ^ natiqa', yuuaqqi'. 

Decoction, 8. Jb* naqi". 

Decompose, u. J» l>all, yahull ; 
<a\i fakk, yafukk. — (roi) ^>*rt1 
in'afan, yan'afin; (jjMi ta'afEan, 

Decorate, v. t>1j zan, yazln ; tjij 
zayjan, yazayyin j jjj zawwnq, 
yuzawwiql; «-*/-j zahraf, yuzab- 

Decoration, «. i^j Elna-t; jljj 
zawaqi *J^) zuhnif; ii^) mJi- 

Decokoitb, adj. i^l Uyiq ; s—^ 
taunuHib ; s-^S wujib. 

DscoBOusNEsa, Decobum, 8. ir.U« 
muna«aba-t ; Ji^ liyaqa-t. 

Decoy, v. w^ ja^ab, yajjub ; ^ . 




garr, yagarr; ^^ garrar, jru- 

ganir ; ^ \Bjnmak\ jutammi'. 
Dbcot, «. l*^ tu'ma-t (pi. ^tA^ 

DxcBBASB, v.a. ^^ naqqas, ju- 

i^^li?; J^ qallal, juqallil ; n. 

^jS naqa^, ^anquf; yjJ^\ in- 

taqaf, jantoqi? ; Ji qall, jaqill. 
Dkcbeasb, «. v^ naq? ; (^U» nuq- 

9an ; |^Us»\ iutiqAf. 
DxcBBK, «. y*\ amr (pi. jA^ awu- 

mir); ^ ^ * l^ukm (pi. f*L.X».\ 

abkam) ; (^Uy farman (pi. ^^y 

faramini. — (o/ (3M) Ui qa<j[a 

(pi. ^^1 aq4ija-t). 
Dbcbbb, v. jA amar, ja*mur ; ^^ 

t^akam, jahkum. 
Dbcbbpit, adj, fy^ harim ; y^Ve 

•ajiz (pi. v^V *awiljiz); yj^ 

*ajiz (pi. 07%^ *ajzan). 
DxcBBPiTUDE, 8. y^ *ajaz ; f^ 

DxcBT, V. ^ zamm, jazumm ; ^i 

^mmam, juzammim. 
DxDiCATB, V. (consecrate) ^j*aI 

qaddas, juqaddis; j^'^ b^^a?* 

juhiiffif ; cAlj waqaf, yaqif. 
Dbdication, «. vj«-|Jk» taqdis ; 

c^*-i** tahfi?. — (of a book) \^\ 

ihda' ; ^JJB taqdima-t (pi. ^U» 

DsDucBy V. ^\ antaj, yuntij ; 

^uA«\ istantaj, yastantij. 
Deduct, v, U«\ aaqat, yusqi^ ; f^-^ 

ba^m, yahfum; C;^ taiub» yat- 

Dbduction, 8, (inferencf) &%^ 

natija-t (pi. ^^ natayij) ; e^^:-<^^^ 

ittintaj. — (abatementy subtrac- 

Hon) f^ \fx^m ; f^^^ hasui ; IaA« 

■aqt ; c> ^ar^. 
Dbbd, $. (action) J-^ 'ami (pi. 

JU«\ a'lnal); fiUft *amla-t (pi. 

JiUa 'ainayil, «&>!•« 'ambit) ; jAi 

fi'l (pi. JU*\ af*al).— ((iocwmenO 

^ bujia-t (pi. c;^-^ liujaj); 

J%- siiiU (pi. ««>i^ sijillat) ; 

J%- sijl (pi. J%- sujul). 
Dbbw, v. (^ 2ann, yazunii; • 

basab, yabsib. 
Dbbp, a<{;. ^>tf*A 'amiq ; j^ qa'ir. 

— (o6«ci*re) yj^^ gawif; ^/fc*^ 

gami4 ; J^^-*-* mu^kil. — (saga^ 

cious) J««J^ ^^•S zaki-y aJ-'aql; 

^y s-^^ 9ahib firasa-t. 
Deep, «. (the sea) ^ lujj ; l^ 

lujja-t (pi. ^ lujaj). 
Deepen, v. a. vJM^ 'ammaq, yu'am- 

miq ; tj4£\ a'maq, yu'miq ; n. 

<JM<^ ta'ammaq, yata'ammaq. 
Deepness, 8. 0M<^ 'umq ; ^^t gauf. 
Dbeb, «. ^^ 2aby (pi. s^\ azbib, 

^jt^y azbi, W^ ziba', ^^ zubi-y, 

u&>W^ zabayat); JU^ gaz&l (pi. 

Q)t gizla-t, (^Ityfe gizlan). 
Deface, t;. (disfigure) ft^ ^wwah, 

yusawwih ; ^^ bai^', yubassi' ; 

^•^AA hai^am, yuhas^im. — (erase) 

,^y^^ maha, yamhi, yam^u; t^ 

nasah, yansah. 
Defalcate, v. f^\}«> v3r* B&nuj 

dirahim, yasriq. 
Defalcation, s, iij^ sariqa-t; cr^ 

Defamation, «. ^ysi\ iftira'; f*^ 

ittiham ; (^^ bubtan ; i^^^sM 

Defamatobt, adj. ^^/^ mni^il} ; 

^j^^sjb hatkiyy. 
Defame, t;. ^ fadab> yaf^ab ; 

*tXxA hatak, yahtik; a^j^ j^ 

kasar 'ir^bu, yaksir. 
Default, s, J*U? tagaful; J^W^ 

tabamul ; j^ qu^ur ; yt^ taq- 

91 r ; (joA^ naq9 ; (^Uft nuq^an. 
Defaultee, s. f^V v3j^ silriq 

Defeat, r. j^ kasar, yaksir ; ^ 

bazzam, yubazzim. — (frustrate) 

s-fl*- bayyab, yubayyib ; Jfi^\ 

ab^al, yub^il. 
Defeat, s. j^ kasr ; iy^ ka^ra-t ; 

f>\y^\ inbizam. 
Defect, «. (deficiency) f»J^ 'adm; 

Ali qilla-t ; Ja» naq?. — (blemish) 

s-*fi *aib (pi. v>^ *uyub); £J^ 

gaHa-t ; ^^ *aba-t. 
Defection, «. S\j5.\ irtidad ; jW 

inkar; (;jW^ 'i^yan. 
Defective, adj, Jai\i uaqi? ; 

Defectiveness, s. W^^ naqifa-t. 


Oepbmce, 0. ^tA<* mud&fa'a-t ; 

^Ux- l^im4ya-t ; iSlUKa^ muhtl- 

faaa-t.— (ift o law 8k»0 iL-C^ 

muhfLmat ; i|^ tabrija-t. 
Defend, v. i^ gilj di'ifa' 'an, ju- 

diifl' ; tje ,_,». hftBia *au, yahini ; 

;ji! Jj radii 'an, jarudd ; tf* ^^ 

Jji'ima "an, juhami. 
Dbfbndant, 8. {ill a law suit) ^J-* 

&b1c mudda'a 'alehi. 
Dbfbe, v. Ja-^ amlial, yaiuliil ; /■( 

ahhar, ^u'ahhir; ^J JU. t^jizaf, yu- 

DefeeeNce, s. (regpect) jle^el i'ti- 

liar ; ("l/l ikr^m. — (autmtUsion) 

icU. |A'a-t. 
Dbferential, adj. ge!*' muti' ; 

fJU- hSdi' ; C*'j" mutawadi'. 
Defiance, s. J^J^j tabriz ; ^jVf 

Dbficibsci, S. ;j-* qu?iir; yl-* 

Deficient, arfj. u"^ nnqia ;;;«»• 

maq^ur ; 7*** muiia$?ir. 
Deficit,*. jy-» qusur; |*.«! 'uJra ; 

i/i» naqe. 
Defile, «. ij-JJ dannas, judannia ; 

o--r najjaB, yunajjis; ^i-j) law- 
I waaBah, yu- 


; c-j ' 

Defilement, a. ^^J dannea-t ; 

i—\r najusa-t. 
Define, v. (limit) 0J» ^addad, yu- 

Ijoddid. — (erplain) -Jjc 'arraf, 

Definite, a^. {limitedy Jj-^*' 

mahdild ; •iJ-.^' inuba^ldad. — 

{aw:t) fij* ?arit; ^j^-^i^uiadbut ; 

jjfc" muqarrar ; ij^^ mu'ayyan. 
DBriNiTiON, ». wAjjhJ ta'rif (pi. »=»1 

-at, i-aij^"' ta'arif). 
Definitive, adj. jLU qa(i'; ^1* 

Deflect, v. ^^t inhamf, yao- 

Ijarif ; s-^ janab, yajuib. 
Deflection, «. i_>l^l islfiruf ; J** 


DeFLOBATION, «. ytUi>l irtidlld. 
DlFLUXIOH, ». (coM) Jyt nu*ill ; 

^y Dazla-t; ^^; zukam. 
Dbfobh, v. (Ml iomna', yuiaimi' ; 

{~-iJ qabba^, ynqabbil^ ; ^ 

baSia', yubasSi'. 
Dbfobuitt, »■ ulA) basa'a-t; J^^ 

Defraud, ti. u^ gaji, yagn^ 

£J*- hada', yahda' ; j'i* gada 

yagdir, yagdur. 
Defray, a. ^j wafa, yafi; £< 

dafa', yadfa'. 
Defunct, arfj., s. ("j^j- marbftm 

jjUb. magfitr ; ij*t=* mutawaffa. 
Deft, c. {ehalhnge) jjW bnraz, yi 

bfiriz. — (est at defiance) (rfi 

tajahram, yatAJbaram. 
Dbqeneract, ». hjUi takf; •>'—' 

Degenerate, v. oil: talif, yatla) 

x-ii\ infasad, yanfasid ; (^ je 

i^\ Lf^ tagayyar 'an tiba-t aq 

hu, yatagayyar. 
De<:engrate, adj. jj— A« mafsdd 

J— Ai-* m unfa aid. 
Deobadb, ». {depo»e) Jjc 'aza 

ya'zil ; 'azzal, yu'azzil. — (di. 

^roce) (^ fadah, yafdah j J 

razzal, yuraz?il. — (in boih tenaei 

^j watla', yada'. 
Deobadation, «. J)C 'azl; Jjv 

ta'zil.^(di«jrace) JJ zall ; Jei' 

tazlil ; ^^Jy tarzil. 
Dbobee, «. (rani) i*-j'> daraja-t (p 

i;j>> daraj) ; Hy^ maazalji-t (p 

Jjl.M manazil) ; ^^ martaba 

(pi. s-i'j* luarfitib). — (niea«ur 

extent) ;•»* qadr. — (ftnatije) v— 

naaab (pi. <vUj1 anaab).— (i 

geomeiry) i»-;J daraja-t. 
Deify, v. a11 allah, yu'aUih. 
Deign, u. {eondetccnd) Jj*-ii tani 

zal, yataoilzal ; JJiU tafaddo 

Deject, v. i^'^ hazzan, yuhazzic 

iht gamm, yagumm ; s-^1 r* 

kaaar al-qolb, yaksir. 
Dejection, «. lo— sawdA'; Jj< 

^uinitd ; h^ kuL>a-t. 
Dblai, v.a. f-\ ahhar, yu'ahhii 

/■I ahar, juhir; J«->1 amba 

yumbil ; n. ki^ labif , yalba^ 

jyti ta'awwaq, yata'airwaq. 
Delax, >. ukij! tawaqqaf ; j^ 




ta*b!r ; «A^ luba ; H^ mahla-t ; 
Sx* mudda-t. 
Dklectablx, adj. s^/^ margiib; 
iiil laziz ; ^J|^ sahi-j. 

DXLBCTATIOV, 9. ^ $azZ (pl. ^^ 

abuzz, M^ b^zuz, ^ buzz, &c.) ; 
jjj^ sarur ; ^i^ talazzuz. 
DxLEOATE, «. v^V» navib (pl. s^^y 
nuwwab); J^j raiiil (pl. J-^ 

ruBuI); J^^ wakil (pl. ifj wu- 


Delboate, v. Jf^ wakkal, juwak- 

kil ; s^y nawwab, yunawwib. 
Delete, r. ij^ mahaq, yainhaq ; 

mahl^aq, vumabbiq. 
Deletebious, adj. vJ^U mAhiq 

(pl. i3^^y» mawal^iq) ; j^j^ mu- 

dammir; oUf^ niuhlik. 

Deletion, s. i>^* mabq ; JW« 

Deliberate, o. o^ j^ tafakkar ft, 

▼atafakkar; ^^ J^v» ta^amrnai 

fi, vata'aiumal ; j^UJ ta<awar, 

▼ataiawar: j^^ tazakar, vata- 

Delibebate, a<//. ;?*^ rnudabrir; 

j;s%^ muhtariz.— (Woir; ^ l^r:' 

(pl. ^ bi'ta'). 
Deliberation, «. J^^^j ta'aiunj^jl : 

y^ tafakkur ; A;^u±-^ uiU'^awara-T ; 

^*V? ta*aDiii. 
Dblicact, $. (fineneMi of i*j^\uf*j 

l^f» Tarawa- 1 ; ^ i^ 1 1 \ a iia - t ; 

Ai^ riqqa-t. — {tUijant* ) ii*^ i.a/ii- 

ka-t; AAa^ iatifa-t /j.j' ujlJJ 

la^ajif). — {uxrdy) tjJ jaz7.a-t 
Delicate, a<f/. ^/f«» '/ iKr*ur*, 
•tj^ft) Jh*; ra^i-j ^j.l. jJi; '"' i-v 
^^ arriqa';; ^^ uuiv. . ^^^ 
larrin. — (duinty) ^-^ ;:/ / . ^»-:i» 
nafitf. — {*r*ak) ■-ft* **' n-i; ? 
DELICIOVri. a'ij, ^-^ i: '..■:/// 
jifjj laziz; ^— ?*» liiif.h. 

DELICiyi>NE->. «. ^-•a- '.♦..>.' 
to! la7Z.a-t : ^J** tu-ii//':/ 

DELI'^rHl. r.a. ^ ''.iLi.!;. ; .' •. ... . 
^^ aJ'ii.ij. Tu'.ij.^; , --k' ■• <^- < 
\ n\'ja.7 .7. \ h. *^ iwj.i// / ^- ■. 

Delight, t. *»• i>a// j-^ i^*- 

buzC^Z, ^ b"7.Z, Ac; ; f;— • lijiL- 

sarra-t : ajJ Jax/a-t., 
Deliohtki;/,, «///. j^ Ji J;l/'i/ ; c/^ 

Deli.vkatk, v. ^; raH.'iffi, ^amuin \ 

yy» Maw war, yuiiawwjr. 
Deli.vka'IIox, «. ^^ raki/j ^pj. ^^j 

ruHi'im, ^) ii.r»iiiuij ; ^^ Ut^vt'if 

Cpl. ^^ui# in^kw'irj, 
DELl.v<<r;tscy, «, ^^ juiiii ^jil 

^•^ yiriiin) j h-^w /.iiul/ ^jil. -r»^^ 

DELl.s'^r. >:vx, 4f. *^ii^ iitn/nAi i 

^;^^ Uiijruti. 

' * / • * y 

li^ifjf . -^ i.-.t/ii lij/ijj 

y • ■ - 

^**- / "JJ ^h'iifittfl HI I.I f 

^,^.*»i t ..- .jfj ^uUtiUmi ^ -^i 

'W. i/'/ I,. I III f i ... r. .J...1.J r 

I>) 1.' ;/J ' y"*- <; J] . J > ij'l . I., I .X 

' • ■ ■ ■ </ 

;'■•'■■■'. .>'■:-'■•"■', -r * - ■■ . ■•• 


^ \' / ** ^j^X J. Hi, III f 
\ji i ' -.1 ' ^-A ;. ill, ^i»j.'.iin , 

I I 

l}lr I ' ■• fi ^ r ^0 * '}•, .• J ^. X ".' liJ N J 

i>l J.' .- / » I «#'/y ^ ■ • »i. iiL/j 

J>1 r > I r ^ L.I I.. J , ..iil,t .^ :• 

r ■. • i I. 

j /I f* ,••.■,' I r , .-** . ' • il.i J .1 I; 

I. > 
I . 

•" ■ ' I •«. ■ ■ ■ • - J . ■ , i I 1 , 1 

I >l • ■ J , '■ I . . . • 

I 'i • J . I s. ^ - . ..J- I . , i- 

• y • ■ ■ . J %^.^* ..^ 

. /i ■■ J . • ■' I r 

■ -y ■' •■ ' 

' J .»■ J « » . I ■ " ■ ' / ■ 1 ■ "^j^ ! ' ■ ■ 1 1 1 1 ; 


zunflb); i^ hatlya-t (pi. IjU-- 

hatfiyft) i JJ-* (ju?Jlr. 
Bbmise, «. «"j- maut ; cwU- ma- 

mfit [ «jV*j wat'iU ; --iia- Ijatf. 
Dbmocbact, «.jj9*V1 |»^ hukm al- 

Dbmoobat, «., Democrat, Demo- 

CBATICAL, adj. }fi*<ti\ |<k£^ ^^ 

tAbi' li-bukm al-jamhilr (pi. 

ff\f tawAbi"). 
Deholish, v. v/- harab, yairib, 

yabrul; harrab, yuharri'b; (•** 

hadam, yahdim, yahdiim. 
Demolition, ». -r-tf tahrib ; ^a* 

badm ; /n-^ tahdim. 
Dbhoh, 8, y* jinn (pi. ii* jinna-t) ; 

(jW janii (pi. tjW jin&n) ; vi-i/c 

•ifrit (pi. -i^jlto 'afarit). 
Demoniac, Demoniacal, adj. jj** 

Dbuoniac, «. ( ^MeMe(£ by a denion) 

af*^ majnun (pi. c^=*V* maja- 

mn) ; i^ji^ malbiis; oj^--» 

Dehonhtbate, b. tje) bayyao, yu- 

bayyin; ■■=~^\ agl>at, yusbit ; Jj 

J* dall 'ala, yadull; y*;i bar- 
ban, yuliarhin. 
Demonstration, 8, J*^ sftbid (pi. 

Jkalj* sawabid); Je^J dalll (pi. 

J-iSj daiayil) ; a'*;' burbSn 

(pi. tji!*y barahin) ; i=>W iabiit ; 

JUti bayyina-t. 
Demonstkative, adj. ti-»i- mus- 

bit ; Jl-*^ mudallil ; {^jt^ mu- 

DaMOsaTEATiTB, ». Sj^m ^1 iam 

Demokalihation, ». •>Ui fas&d. 
DuMOBALiBE, V. ■>— i fasaad, yu- 

fassid; ■>—i^ afaad, yufeid. 
Demur, p. w^j^ irtab, yartfib ; »*U. 

sakk, yaffukk; ikI^^J lu^akkak, 

Demube, adj. (grave) jjij waqflr. 

— ( prudM) JJle J-U 'Smi] 

Dehdrbne3b, «. j^j waqiir; fail** 

Den, «. Sji** magara-t (p!. y\*- 

magAyir) [ j^i gar (pi- jlj*' agwar). 

Denial, a. (rc/utal) 11*1-* ma'bAt,- 

(neya/ioK) j^\ inkar ; j» nafy. 

Denizen, «. j^ilt ba!adi-y. 

Denominate, v. u*- san 



Denomination, i 

lfc-1 asma', ^j*l-' asaini) ; ^j*- 
Biiiiaj ; H^ Liqab (pi. s^Vdl 
algfib).— («eeO ik^ (ayifa-t (pi. 
^Ijl. (awayil); iJj» firqa-t (pL 
jji firaq). 
Denominatok, «. (m ,/riic(*oiw) 
gjsi^ luahraj ; (•*• maqiVm ; fM 

Denote, v. u^t bayyan, yubayyin ; 
Jl jU\ isiir Ha, yuiir, 

Dbnouncb, v. (inform ayaintf) ^^- 
sj sa'a bi, yasa' ; v* ^j wa^Ja 
bi, yuwa^fii; ^^ ujW ta'Awan 
'ala, yata'awaa. — (proclaim) j^\ 
aihar, yuzhir ; ,*-l-et a'lam. 

Dense, adj. u^ kajif; <-An£x- 

mulakftsif ; ^^ galls. 
DBNSENEBa, Density, «. J^U^ ka- 

Dbnt, $.y^ hazz (pi. jj)»- l^aeilE); 

y- eimi (pi. jjlJ-Vasnao). 
Dbnt, v. y^ hazz, yaliazz ; }^ 

Ijazzaz, yu|>azziz ; (jJ— saunan, 

Dental, adj. ^y- sinni-y. 
Dentist. *. uU-3\ ,j^^yt- jarayiljl-y 

Dentistey, ». uU_31 ij*;V ^*^ 

fana'a-t jarayil^i-y al-asnaQ, 
Dentition, a. ylt-Jl fjJt (ylfi' al- 

Denudation, s 

Dbnude, v. jjjjb 'arra, yu'arri; U^ 

zallat, yuzallit; c^ 'jallal^, yu- 

Denitnciation, «. (irifoi malion} 

^Uj wisuva-t 1 Si\iL^ ai'aya-t. — 
(fiublieati'iyn) jW^I ilib4r; J^\ 

ial( ; k}^ 

{ pwilu 

Dent, v. ^ nakir, yankar; fi\ 
ankar, yunkir.— (re/u«) J« j* 
aba 'ala, y'abt. 

Depart, u. (^oJ s-^<3 zabal>, yaz- 





hab. — (tiari) J*.^ rahal, yarhal ; 
yV^ sAfar, jusafir. 

DxPABTMBNTy 9, (office) ^J^ hid- 

Dbpabtubb, 8, Jo*-^ raljiil ; JW;^ 
irtil^al ; ij^^^*^ inusafara-t ; v>U«S 

DxpxND, r. (^n^ from, he con- 
nected with) ^ JW ta'allaq fi, 
yata'allaq. — (rely on) ^^ x^^ 
itamad *ala, ya*tainid ; ^ ^\ 
ittakal 'ala, yaitakil; v> <3>^ 
waniq bi, jasiq. 

DxPEiTDANT, Dependent, adj, 
^jUa* muta'alliq, *^jr* »»auqiif ; 
«. (retainer) gt^ tabi* (pi. {»y 


(reference) ij\^ ta*alluq ; v>Uj;»^ 
intisab. — (confidence) *>Uac^ i*ti- 
mad. — (subjection) ^^ (a'a-t. 

Depict, r. (paint) ;^ 9a w war, yu- 
^wwir. — (describe) «-A«^ wa^af , 

Dxplobuile, adj, o^ mubakki. 


DxPLOBE, r. ^ <^ baka 'ala, 

yabki ; c^ nah, yaniil^ ; ^y; rasa, 

DxPLOY, V, l»->i baaat, yabsut. 
DxpoNE, V. *^ ^ahid, yashad. 
Deponent, «. J^^ sahid (pi. •>«6ii 

suhud, *^ ^uhbad, «>W<'^ ashad, 

ju»\^ sawahid). 
Depopulate, v, v»a harab, yahrib ; 

harrab, yuharrib. 
Depopulation, «. ^^ harab. 
Dxpo STATION, 8. JVw^ iiitiqAl ; JB 

Depobtment, 8. «t}yu suliik ; t ^V l - .* 

maalak (pi. «^Ll« masalik). 
Depose, r. Jye *azal, ya'zil ; *azzal, 

yu'azzil; fiU^ hala*, yahW. ^ 
Deposit, «. ^^\ amana-t; a*i*>^ 

wadi*a-t (pi. giW^ wadayi*). 
Deposit, v. f •i^ wada*, yada* ; £^^\ 

audaS yudi* (both with Aic*aiid). 
Deposition, «. (evidence) l*i\^ 

^ahada-t. — (dethronement) Jiy^ 

U'zil ; A)e 'azla-t ; (^ hal<. 

Depositobt, 8. £^yu^ mustawda'. 
Depot, «. <j))4to^ mahzan (pi. ^jW* 

nmhaziD) ; J«W ba^il (pi. J-»^^ 

Deprave, v. Ju^ fassad, yufassid ; 

J^^\ afsad, yufsid* 
Depbavitt, 8, «>U»i fasad; ^A^^tA. 

hubs ; imXiJ qabat^a-t. 
Depbecate, V, (a8k for^vene88) 

/Ai-\ i^tagfar, yasta^Er ; j^ta^S 

i8ta'zar,ya8ta*zir. — (pray again8t) 

*iu\AsJ\ istagaji, yastagig. 
Deprecation, 8, jUa&.«\ istigfar; 

j^Juuu.^ isti'zar. — (prayer) •a>Ua-\ 

Depreciate, v. /^ ^aqqar, yuf^- 

qir; ^J>^^ wakas, yakis; (^U\ 

ahiin, yuhin. 
Depreciation, «. j\is^\ ibtiqar; 

(^\y^ ha wan; JUyt-^ istirzil; 

^J»^) waks. 
Depredate, v. s-^ nahab, yanhab ; 

s-J^ salab, yaslub ; v3r* s&r&q, 


Depredation, 8. s-^ uahb. 
Depredator, «. v>V^ uahhAb ; £\U 
^^\ qatta* at-^ariq. 

Depress, r. (deject) ^^ agamm, 
yugimm ; t)^\ abzan, yu^zin. — 
(/oir^r) AM azall, yuzill ; v/**- 
hafa4, yanfi<j[. 

Depres;jion, 8, (hollow) i)t% jiira-t 
(pi. ^f^■ juwar) ; ^y^ jaut (pi. 
vJ^^(ajwaf). — (einking of spirits) 
s^Jk\ ^UX>\ iukisar aJ-qalb ; ^^«^ 

Deprive, v. (^ J^^ ahaz min, 
ya'huz ; (^ haram, yal^rim. 

Depth, «. OM^ *umq (pi. jUa^ 

a*mai|). See Deep. 
Deputation, «. a»^ wafd ; tSy wu- 

kala* ; J-j rusul. 
Pepute, v. J^) wakkal, yuwakkil ; 

J^^\ aufad, yiifid ; j^\ arsal, 

Deputy, «. s-4^ nayib (pi. v*^y 

nuwwab) ; J^j rasiil (pi. ^)-; 

rusul; ; Jtf^^ wakil (pi. ^ wu- 


Derange, v. f*VkjJ\ ^tOft^ a'dam an- 


□il&m, yu'diiu ; I*?*) lahbat, ju- 
lahbiti "W;*- harbat, yiiharbit. 

Debanoeuent, *. ("^l^i kr*!**! juqi- 
Inb au-iu£Aiu; '^^ lahba(a-t. 

Debide, tJ. Je "iW dabble 'ftla. 
yatjljak i Jc iiWl iddabak 'ala, 
jatJd^ik ; H* Ij*!-' ifltahza' hi, 
yastabzi' ; •»> jst- sabir bi, yaa- 

Debision, «. 'j«^^ iatihza ; jyt 
huzu ; ;at- sohar ; ^i/t- sahri- 

Dbbibive, adj. ijj»' — - mustahzi. 
Dbkivation, ». jUuil iHiqSq. 
Dbbitatite, ftdj. i>iJ^ muStaqq ; 

^jt far*!-/. 
Debive, P.O. {draw from) Jj»- haw- 

wal, ju^iawwil; C;*-l ahraj, juh- 

rij. — (o ipordj jjifcl iStaqq, jai- 

bujq ; C;A— '^ istahraj, yastahrij ; 

n. (fiowfrom) yj-i- aadar mia, 

ya^dir, ya?dur. 
Debooate, «. {leggeii) ijoS naqqa^, 

yunaqqi?. — (dUjiarage) jfc- liaq^""! 

yahqir ; ;» 'arr, ya'urr. 
DiBooATOKr, adj. (damagimi) ;** 

mudirr. — (dUjiaraginy) ;— i^-* 

muhqir, muhaqqir [ JSi- muzal- 

Debvisu, Debtis, s. i^iijj J danrish 

(pi. u^ij^jJ danlwis). 
Descend, v. Jy nazal, yanzil ; jJb^\ 

inhadar, yantadir; Wa habat, 

yabbit,yaiibut. — (from ancegtoTs) 

^t . - j^ iutasab ila, yantasib ; 

(j^ Bj* haraj min, yabruj. 
Descesdant, Descendeitt, adj. 

Descendants, t. J-i nasi (pi. JLjI 
anaAl) ; ij^-i zurriya-t (jil, ^jj'j-i 

Debcent, «. (pTogrett downwardt) 
Jj)-> nuzill; j\j^l inbidar.— 
(dope) *1^ babla-t. — (exirae- 
tioji) J-1 a?l (pi. Jj-1 usQl) i jJ-J 
nasi (pi. Jl— il ansiil). — (invasion) 
i—.^ kabsa-t ; f<}V* bujum. 

Debckibe, v. i-iUj wa^af, ya^if. 

Debcbiption, «. tJ^j waff, 

Descky, r. (»ee from a distance) 

( [I>n 

_*U gSf, yasfif.— («rpy) J-j ra?ad, 
yai^ud ; s-*l; ritqab, yuriiqib, 

Desecbate, v. i^J dannaA, yU- 
diiBuiB; (j-r najjas, yunajm. 

Debecbatioh, t. ^Uo dacaaa-t; 
J— W^ najfisa-t. 

Desert, j. (MjiWernwa) hjt barri- 
ya-t (pL iJjV biiriirt) ; i-»oV| 
bfldiya-t (pi. o-'V l>awAdi) ; j« 
qafr (pi. jU* qiffir) ; V»* saJjrft" 
(pi. i5j^*^ ?ahi'ira). — (merit or 
demeril) s-*') wiijib; .J^ t ■ 

Deskbt, o(^'. (ipiW) (jA-j wahii-y. 
— (u'(M(e) jCj wa'ir ; j*^ mudai- 

Desebt. v. (o6anrfoB) Jji tank, 
yatruk; JJ* hazal, yahzul. — (a* 
a soWier) *»jj* harab, yahrub ; ji 
farr, yafirr. 

Dexebteb, ». ltj£-~l^ y* VJ^ 
bitrih min al-'askariya-t i jl/ 

Debbbtion, ». >ty tark; m^^** 
hajriin ; u^j* barabTiQ ; j^ji firar. 

Desebve, v. i5*^^1 istahaqq, yasla- 
biqq ; s - ^ y--^ istaujab, yastAu- 
jib; J*U-i ista'hal, yaata'bil. 

Debion, v. {intend) ■!-• qa^ad, vaq- 
?id : Jljl ariid, yurid.— (i/ratc) 
^j raain, yarsuin; jj- ?awww, 

Design, «. (iaien(i'o») is* niyya-t; 
J-i» qa?d ; j1^ umrad ; !•)« 'azm 
(pi. r-j)* 'uziim); A-«- niaqgad 
(pi. am\a* maqiifid) ; ■iytii' mat)- 
?iid (pi. Je-Ut* roaqiifid). — {draw- 
ing) ft-j raBom (pi. ^^-j raBQm, 
^jl arsum) ; ji^" ta^wir. 

Desisnate, p. {mark out) ^\ jV*l 
aair ila, yu*ir;t>«( bayyan, yu- 
bayyin. — {tiame, appoint) ^jt— 
sanima, yusanimi. 

Designation, «. (mark) ij^X Ui- 
ra-t ; i"S* 'al«ma.t. — {appoinl- 
mfnl) if—1 tasiniya-t ; ■ > t W 

DxsioNiNa, adj. fl^*- haddiV ; jli- 
raakkar; J^**- mubtAl. 

Dbbibable, adj'. vy^/* margflh ; 




<3iU ikjiq; ^\ j^aSu^ justaq 

DssiBABLENBSs, $. S^ lazza-t (pi. 
^ -at, Si\ji lazaji^). 

DxtiiBB, V. (wish for) ^y^ tamanna, 
jatamanna; ^J^^^ istaha, ja^- 
tahi; w^^ ragib, jargab ; v3^^^^ 
Utiq, ja^taq. — (request) Wj raja, 
yarju (with ace. or (;^ min); 
w^ \ah,h, ja^lub (with ^J^ ila 
or (^ min). 

Dbsibb, «. f\f mar&m (pi. %sA -at) ; 

j^^\ a^w4q) ; f^jt garam ; ^t 

rairba-t ; fjfi* ^nwa-t. — (request) 

sJU> talab ; i^ talaba-t. 
Dbbibous, adj. v3^' ^ ' ^" * muitaq; 

s-^\) r&gib. 
Db8I8T, v. {^ t^ farag min, yaf- 

rug ; J^j z&l, yazal (followed by 

aorist or participle) ; ^^ in- 

qa(aS yanqa^i* ; *^ kaff, yakuff 

(both with ^ *au). 
Dbsk, «. vr^a^ maktab (pi. srJ>^^ 

makitib) ; <-?^T , t . > bastahta-h 

Desolate, adj. (voaste) v>^/- harab. 

— (comfortless) s-^ts^ mukta*ib ; 

yji^y^ mikf^. 
Desolate, v. v>/> harab, yahrib, 

yahrub ; harrab, yuharrib. 
Desolatiok, s, ^f- hara)). 

DeSPAIB, «. ^V{\ iyH8. 

Dbspaib, p. (;j^ J^5^ ^ <iata* al- 
amal min, ya<|(a* ; ^r^ ya'is, 

Despatch, r. (send away) J-^l 
artal, Tursil ; o^a» ba'an, yab*as. 
—ikilt) J-sJ qatal, yaqtul.— 
(eswcute speedily) J-^^ 'ajj^l, 
yu'ajjil ; fjJ^^ damsaq, yudam- 

Despatch, «. (speedy performance) 
JtV*' ta'ji] ; aAAi^j dam^aqa-t. — 
(metfooe) X3L.J ris&la-t (pi. Jt^t 

DE8PBBATB9 adj. (who despairs) 
ijH^ ay is. — (who is despaired of) 
jua ^yU miytks 'anhu ; W^^ ti^ 
rnaqt^* ar-raja ; \yji\ ^J^ 'adim 

ad-dawa. — (rash) ^j^^ mutahaw- 

Despkbatenbss, s. )ff tahawwnr; 

f^^ tahajjum. 
Despicable, adj. yi^ h^^\ sJ*^ 

dani-y ; Jiij razil (pi. 3ij ruzaU', 

JU. ruzala) ; JJ*S zalil (pi! JJi 

zilal. "IM azilla', fl*S\ azilla-t). 
Despicableness, s. SjW ^aq^Lra-t ; 

^^ zilla-t ; Q\^j razala-t. 
Despise, v. j/^soA il^taqur, yal^taqir ; 

jJ^ haqqar, yuf^aqqir; ; ifc 7 .«\ 

istal^qar, yasta^qir ; (^^\ ahan, 

Despite, Despitefulness, s. 

(malice) *^A»> haqd (j>l. «>yi^ l^uqiid, 

JkjUk. ^^aqayid, •>Um a^qad) ; yA*i 

Despiteful, adj. ^^ l^aqud ; ^^ 

jJW zii t^aqd. 
Despoil, v. ^ ^allal^, yu^llit^; 

^ haram, yahrim ; s-^ nahab, 

Despot, s. A^Vi salim (pi. f^ zul- 

1am) ; #J^\ s-^^ ^ahib as-zulm 

(pi. v>W*^ a^hab) ; jW jabb&r 

(pi. i;»W jababira-t). 
Despotic, adj. ^Vi zalim ; jiW 

Despotism, s. ^ 2ulm; ULJ tasal- 

lut ; J)U5-.\ istiqlal. 
Dessert, s. ^ naql. 
Destination, s. ,^Us*.^ ihti^af; 

(j^««J ta*yiu. — (ultimate design) 

Q¥j^ uiarja* ; «>^<«A^ maqfud. 
Destine, v. (itUendfor) ^ a*add, 

yu*idd ; ^j^'^ haf^a^, yuha^fif. — 

(fix) ^ qarrar, yuqarrir; jJ>i 

qaddar, yuqaddir. 
Destiny, s. s-^o^ nafib (pi. ^^\ 

anfiba*, i^\ ansiba-t) ; ^U««i 

qisma-t ; Ui qa^a' (pi. lt^\ 

aq4iya-t) ; j^J4^ maqdiir (pi. y «>U»« 

Destitute, adj. j|^^ 'awiz; s-^U. 

hayib ; J^»Aft faqid ; ^ faqir ; 

J^.W» mabzul (pi. Ji*iW« majji- 

Destitution, s. SjIc 'aza-t ; yu faqr, 

f uqr ; ,3«-k 4iq. 
Destroy, v. v^ ():u>a)), yahrib, 

L mu( 

B han 


jahnibi harrab, yuhftrrib; «ja 
nadam, rabdum ; u^Ua bulak, 
yahlik; hallak, ;vubdlik ; >^i^\ 
ablak, j;ublik ; f*-i damar, yatl- 

Dbstbdction, b. v'j*- barab ; s-ij*' 

tabrib; |«ia badm ; t>\-i(^\ iiibi- 

dam ; ^h\ itbif ; ,Uj dainftr. 
Dkbtructivk, fflrf/. usllfl.* iiiublik ; 

j-i* niudainmir ; f Jla hudiiii ; 

jA" mudirr. 
DESTBncTivKNBss, e. Sj— 4« mafsa- 

dat (pi. A-U- mafasid) ; ij-** 

maditrra-t (pi. >^\ -At, .U- mad- 

Dbsultoriness, 8. iijU« iU qjlia-t 

Dbbultory, adj. j(i- je* gu-ir 

Detach, v. j/ rara*|, jafruq ; J-J 

fagiil, vaf^al; J<>- hail, yabull ; 

*li £akk, yafukk. 
Detachment, e. H^ firqa-t (pi. 

Jj* firaq) ; i'^fr tajrida-t. 
Detail, v. j^l fkii^al, vufajjil. 
Detail, «. Je-u taffil.' 
Detain, c. i-Uj waqqaf, yuwaqqif ; 

i-Uj\ auqaf, yuqif ; Jj« 'awwa<j, 

Detect, v. i- ^ a ^ kaiaf, yaksil' i 

;«M ajbar, yujhir. 
Dete<7tion, a. t-ik-t£ ka^f ; )^\ 


DetENTIQIT, «. "-Mji tauqif ; JjE 

"auq. — (confinement) i_t-»* baba. 
Deter, v. ^j«- bawwaf, yubawwif ; 

ii^) zabhaq, yuzabbiq, 
Detekiobatb, v.a. i^-'j' r* eayyar 

arda, yusajyir ; ij~^ 'akkiis, 

yu'akkU ; ;— a1 ahttar, yuiisir ; 

A-il afsad, 7ufsid[ n. i^JjI ^U 

(ar arda, yasir; a_j)\ iniasa^, 

yanfasid ; j-*- hasir, yahsar. 
Deiekioratiok, b. •>^— — i fasi'id ; 

jl-JUl infisiid i jp-A' talisir. 
Detbeuinate, adj. {fiied) 


(j^ mu' 

Dktbbuinatidn, t. {rrtolidion) a^i 

niya-t; *^ 'lafd; ^)C 'azm (pi. 

f.,f. 'Mznm). - {decision) fU 
bukm (pi. fi'^\ abkam).~(Iimi- 
Uition) JijJsi' tabdid. 

Determine, v. (JU limit*) -m^ 
baddad, yubaddid. — (reBolve) 
■i-^ qafad, yaqfid; ^^ f^ 'axam 
'ala, ya'ziiu. — (injluence) ■d^ 
barrak, yuharrik. — ifiniih) ,*a*- 
hatam, yahtim, — {decide) f^ 
hakam, yahkuin ; , ^ ^ * lada, 

Detest, v. ^^ karib. yakrab ; i^^^ 
istakrah, yastakrih. 

Detestable, adj. H^ karib- 

Detestation, ». a'^i^-^ istikrah j 
Aaykantha-t; JUA) bug^a-t. 

Detheone, v. jIa- ba!a', yaila*. 

Detonate, v.n. J*; ni'ad, yar'ud ; 
jW sAr, yaaur; a. ^j\ aTad, 

Dbtonatiok, '. JCj ra'd'(p!- Jjtj 

rii-iid); ijy-iiiira-t. 
Dktbact, o. ^J^ fii natnm 'ala, 
janumm ; J* \jXii\ iftarii 'ala, 

Dbtbaction, «. A«^ iiaioimat ; 

lj=il iftini ; Jii qazf ; k'^, wisA- 

Dbteactok, 3. ^Ui nammam ; u!r"^ 

muftari ; ^\) wAai (pi. tul*j 

Dkteiment, », j;Ji darrar; ^-m 

macl^i'i'^^ ; SjL-*. hasAra-t. 
Detrimental, adj. /*• mu^lirr ; jU 

dArr ; (j-iy* inflji. 
Devastate, v. w>j*- bamb, yobHb, 

y all rub ; Ijarrab, yuburib. 
Devastation, ». tv^z-harAb ; s-tj** 

Develop, u. (un/oW) /J n«*ar, 

yausur; 1>— i bast, yabau?. — (wn. 

ravel) j^ ball, yabull ; JL. ^J. 

lal, yu^allil. — (cipiam) c-»j 

waddah, yuwaddib; c*i^ aud&tt, 

Detelopkent, «. ^-«-~fJ tabsit; 

jU-il intisjir; JM tablit; (vty 

Uudib ; c^t idAb. 
Deviate, r. J-* dall. ya^ill ; %J^ 

iabaraf, yaubarif; -t^^ bad, 





Deviation, a, u\fA inl^iraf ; S»>W 

il^fida-t ; JSU 4alal. 
Device, a. (contrivance) ^J^ tad- 

bir; ^^ l^ila-t (pi. Jei» hivai). 

— (aign) ^^ *alama-t (pi. fi^ 

*ahim, ^1^ 'aluvim) ; q)^ nii^n 

(pi. {^^^ nayasin). 
Devil, «. (^^^W^ sai^An (pi. ^^^J^^ 

^aya^ia) ; (j»^\ iblis (pi. (^r^V|^ 

Devilish, adj. ^J^^ saitaui-y. 
Devilment, Devilry, «. ^' .^ W* ^ 

nai^ana t. 
Devise, v. ^^\ abda*, yubdi* ; £^ 

ibiadaS yabtadi* ; ^f^\ ihtara*, 

yahtari* ; ^\ admar, yudinir. — 

(bequeath) ^j^ J^^J ^^y wassa li- 

al^ad-in bi-se-yin, yuwa^^i ; «-J^ 

Ae-»y hallaf bi-wasiya-t, yuhallit'. 
Devoid, adj, ^j^U fAcJi ; J^^ halt ; 

tj^ farig. 
Devolve, r.a. J^ hawwal, yuliiaw- 

wil ; ». J ^^ waqa* li, yaqa*. 
Devote, v, j^ nazar, yanzur, yan- 

zir; ^3J^\ ahda, yuhdi; ^J^ 

qaddam, yuqaddim. 
Devoted, adj. (faithfully attached) 

i^^W* muhlif. 
Devotee, «. j^^j zAhid ; J^^ 'abid ; 

««UU nasik. 
Devotion, it. (piety) SjUc *ibada-t ; 

J^t^ ta'ab)»ud ; A»Vij diyana-t ; 

*m3uJ nask, nisk, nusk. — (affec- 
tion) ^^y inawadda-t ; h)^ tida- 

Devour, v. f^ bala*, yal)la* ; f^^ 

ibtiili*, yabtali*; ^f^^ iftaras, 

yaf talis. 
Devout, adj, •x^m a * muta*abbid; 

oJUU nasik. 
Devoutness, «. f^/B taqwa; S.V» 

tar|awa-t ; S«>Wfi *ibada-t ; «<a«J 

Dew, *. ^Ji nada (pi. ^J^^ anda', 

ii^\ andiva-t) ; ji tall (pi. J^ 

tilal, Jl^Vlal). 
Dewy, adj, v^J^ nadi-y. 

DkXTERITY, *. ij^iaM, sil^lini-i ; AiWJ 

labaqii-t; ^^^ mahara-t. 
Dextrous, adj. ^U m\'\r \ JN^ 
labiq; ijy^ labiq. 

Diabolic, Diabolical, adj. ^J^^ 

Diadem, e. aj^-c 'a^aba-t (pi. s-st ^ 

^asayib); ^\ iklil (pi. JJ^ 

akaiil). Sec Crown. 
Diagonal, «..s-»ji warb (pi. s-»\y^ 

aurab) ; Aji^J^ U. hatt az-zawi- 

Diagonal, adj. ^\ hy^) (^ ^ e&7- .i>* 

hp^j uiustaKpm mill zawiya-t ila 

Diagonally, adv. v;^W bi-'l-warb. 
Diagram, s. ijyo ^lira-t (pi. j^ 9ur, 

9uwar, ^iwar). 
Dial, e. ^ '■■♦an a^'u. 8a*a*t ^msi- 

ya-t; aSb*—! 1a8ita-i. — (of a 

watch) AcLJ\ Aq.^ wajh as-siVa-t. 
Dialect, $. aaJ lu^M-t (pi. va>UJ 

lugat, 0^ lugun, ^^ lugan) ; 

5^ lugwa-t ; vJ^ harf (pi. %^fA 

Dialogue, e. ^U^ inuhataba-t; 

S;^^^^ miibawara-t; ^^^ hiwar; 

&^\^ mukalania-t ; a» j\^^ inuha- 

dasa-t ; y^' tahaluz. 
Diameter, «. jLi qatr, qutr (pi. 

j\iei\ aqtar). 
Diametrical, adj. ^^^ qa^ri-y. 
Diamond, 8. ij*\^\ almas. 
DiAniRAOM, 8. c^i^U sab it. 
Diarrikea, 8. JW-*^ isbal; (^p^ 

{;^\ sayalaii al-bato ; (j^\ s-»jj 

zarab al-ba^n. 
Diaky, 8. ^^)}) roznama-t (Pers.) ; 

U^^ wa4i'a-t (pi. gfU^ wa<Ja i*). 
Dice, pi. of Die, q.v. 
Dictate, v. (command) j^\ ninar, 

ya*mur. — (a lettvr, d-c.) JU 

malla, yumalli : t ^ Ji-'*^ amla, 

Dictation, 8. %A imbV (pi. JU^ 

amalin, ^J^\ amali). 
Dictator, s. (commander) ^•^W 

vj^ hakim mu^laq (pi. ^15^ 

Dictatorship, a. l^^ hnkiima-t ; 

y»'i\ AjS^ wilaya-t al-amr. 
Diction, a. f^\ ;«*^ tahbir al- 

kalaiii ; ^j^ 'ibara-t. 
Dictionary, a. ^^^ u^/*^ qamus 

al-luga-t (pi. {jrr*y^ (|awamis) ; 

i:*l ^LS kitfih luga-t (pi. -r^ 
DiB, V. (eaiie to live) fL* mfit, 
jamtlt ; ^^ tuwuffi, yutawaffa 
(pMB. V.) ; **»' ^ qa^a naljb- 

DiK, i (pi. Dice) s-«f ka'b (pi. 
vUS. ki'Ab, ^f^ ku'ub); iilj 
zAqa-t.— (pi. Dies) v'/** niid- 

Diet. «. JiSl j^-u tadbir al-akl. 

Differ, v. {disagree) oiJU. hilaf, 
juhalif; kJi]^ taMIaf, jataha- 
kf; --Als*.! ifetalaf, yahta,lif. — 
(io be unlike) jjUi tagftyar, yata- 

Difference, §. .J5^1 ihtilaf ; jji 
farq. — (m gublraclion) ^4 bAqi. 

DiFFEBKNT, adj. t-AL^at" mubtalif ; 
yljuM inutsgHjir; jy (•»;*) ben- 
hum farq. 

Dirricni.T, adj. v-«- sa'b (pi. v-^** 
,i-,;h) ; ,_« 'aflir ; ^c-e 'asir. 

DiPFicuLTY, «. iij*« 5u'uba-t ; J— c 
'usr. — (embarratgmeiit) 4-1^ bala- 
ia-t ; t>r'' diq. 

Diffidence, a. £«-& subba-t (pi. 
^s,\ -ilt, if* subftb) ; «A* sakk 
(pi. jljS* sukilk); o^^st^l istih- 

DlFFlDBNT, adj. ^j~ 

^ f l y - mutawahliim ; ^ ^ : .. — 

DiFFDSE, c. {pour out) w— !H,bb, 

jafubb; s-i- Bakab, taskub. — 

\»pread) jAJ iia»ar, yanaur ; g'*^ 

asA', vusi'. — (odours) t^ fAb, ya- 

ffllj. ■ 
Diffuse, adj. (iiot prectie) ^^ 

Diffused, adj. {scalUred) ;A*i- 

nuDtasiir ; jr*-^ maD^fir. 

FUSION, (. jUitft iati^r ; yV%e_ 
aayabSn. — {of ipeeeh) ^ ilW 
^1 itula-t fi-'UkaUm. 

Diffusive, olj, jtjj^ muntaiir. 

Diffusiveness, *. jWjjSI i,AiU 
qabiliya-t al-iutii«r. 

DiQ, V. ^ i^tar, yal^Sr; i>«* 
uaba^ yunbuG ; ;** (^a'ar, Taq'ar^ 

B uaba^ 


r, yuqa"ii 

i fahat, jraf- 

DioEST, e. (in iht $tomaeh) f^^ 
hadam, yabdim ; ha^^^m, yu- 
haddim. — {lo arrangt) fH oai* 
nam, yunaseini ; s-fj rattsb, 

Digestible, adj. ft.itn yanka^im 
(3 aor.) ; ,.^9^- luunha^ini. 

DlQEBTIOM, ■. friA badui ; i^W^ 

Digestive, adj. f^t^ rauh^im; 

f>j-w hadum ; (iLu ha^diim. 
DlONiFT, V. J)e 'azzaz, yu'azziz; 

ysl a'azz, yu'izz. 
DiGNiTABT, «. JA^j s—^ ^ib 

wasiffl-t (pi. t»jl*-l a^hllb) ; y-» 

•^-^U*J1 s^^j) miaarliibal-nianA- 

DioNITT, «. {ranli) i^f martabft-t 

(pi. s-Jlj* inarfltib) ; ^y- man- 

sala-t (pi. JjUo luanAzU); i-JjA 

saraf. — (o/ demeanour) i™* bai- 

ba-t ; jUj waqar. 
DioKESB, V. -ij-'l inl^araf, yan- 

DioRESBioK, g. <^1j-i^t ini^nf; 

yiljiel i'tirii4- 
DiaBEBsivE, a-ffj'. ^^^^m munliorif. 
Dilapidate, v.a. s-^j* harab, yah- 

rib; harrab, yubarrib; fhx-* 

hadam, vahdini. — {squander) 

oMil atla'f, yutlif; n. v'/'' in- 

harab, yauharil-; ft^\ inbadam, 

Dilapidation, t. v'/- barib ; 

l^Wl iuhidniu. — {ditnpatum) 

J.V Ub?n. 
Dilate, v.a. ^j wassa*, yDwaasi' ; 

li— ) bassat, vubassi^; n. l>-4i\ 

iiubasat, yam baa i^. 
Dilatokiness, f. ^J^f tawani. 
Dilatory, adj. J.i^ muUbAti' ; 

J^ji- mutawani. 
Dilemma, », iye^ bira-t ; jW^' jfeti- 

DiLioENCE, t. •il«^1 ijtibad; ■!«*. 

jahd ; iMi taqayvud. 
DiLioxNT, adj. .i^i^* mujubid; 

.**»* niuqayyad j i*» s-»l- fiUiib 





Dilute, v, J^ hall, jahnll; g^ 

naqaS janqa' ; naqqaS junaqqi'. 
Dilution, s. J»- hall; ^^y^^ J»- 

l^all al-mawayi* ; ^ oaq*. 
Dim, aflj, (dark) f^xtu* mu*tira, mu- 

'attain ; ^JiSk* muzlim. — (dim- 

sighted) ^\ jv^ qa^ir au-nazar ; 

JJ^ kalil. 
Dim, v. f^\ aslam, juzlim. 
Dimbnsion, 8. ^ Ba'a-t; o^x:^^ 

Diminish, v.a. Jls qallal, juqallil; 

^ naqqa?, yunaqqi? ; ;*- ^ag- 

^r, Yuyaggir ; {jr^, bahas, jab- 

has ; n. Ji qall, jaqill ; sjdii 

naqaff, janqu?. 
Diminution, e, JJ^ taqlil; j^ 

i^'^V ; d^*^ nuqsAn. 
Diminutive, adj. yd^ ?agir (pi. 

jjum (igar, 9Ugar) ; jt^ (jiiBir. 
DiMiNUTiTK, $, (in grammar) f^\ 

yk-^ ism niu^aggar; je^^ taftgir. 


Dimness, ti, iji ^iilma-t. — (of 

Bight) J^ kabil. 
Dimple. #. {in the chin) ijy^ gur- 

za-t; «yu uiiqra-t (pi. yw nu([ar, 

^Vl> DKiHr). — (in the cheek) &;Wi 

Din, i, -Vefi 'iyat ; ^>^ ^I'vij*^-* ; ^>* 

Din, r. ^^ ^awwas, yutawwis. 
Dine, r. ^Jj^ tagazza, yatagazza. 
Din iiNBss, 8. Uk zulma-t; ^Ujx 

DiNOT, a<(/. f*siu» mu'tim; ^JJk* 

Dinner, «. ^J^ gizA' (pi. h^\ agzi- 

va-t ). 
Di?fT, f. l^Jb himma-t; ^^a- 8a*i. — 

(mark of a blow) ^«> das^-t ; 

£m> hab(a-t. 
Diocesan, «. «juu\ usquf (pi. £uU\ 

Diocese. «. ^;»\ abarsiva-t ; S^j 

iksu'iy ra*iTa*t al-usqufa-t. 
Dip, v. a, ^j^Lt gattas, yugat^is ; n. 

tr^ giitas, yagtis; ^^ ga?, 

Diphtheria, «. ^^^^ b^in^ft-t; 

j^U. b&nAq ; jUa. hannaq. 

Diploma, «. ^^;? barat (j)l. s&Ay\ji 

bamwat) ; aj^ sanad (pi. •>^j^^ 

Diplomacy, 8. **XJU^^ «yU.iWft->\ ^ 

Ve*^ (^ 'ilm iB^ilahat al-mamalik 

ben ba*d-ha. 
Dire, Direful, adj. vJ^ae* tnuhaw- 

wif ; c-Aeflfc^ muhif ; J^ mahiil ; 

v*e O ^ inabib. 
Direct, adj. (straight) ^»aJU«..>« mus- 

ta(|im. — (immediate) aW-^^ ^ ^^ 

min g.iir wasita-t. 
Direct, v. (point out the tray) J^j^ 

arsad, yiirsid ; ^^JJt hada, yahdi. 

— (mnruxge) ^^ babbar, yudabbir. 

— (address) ^^ *anwan, yu*au- 

Direction, s. (side) ^^ taraf (i)l. 

*^\yL\ atraf). — (guidance) ^^j\ 

ir>ad ; <^«va huda. — (manage- 
ment) jui'^ tadbir. — (address) 

^^y^ ^UDwan. 
Director, s. (manager) ^J^ mu- 

dabbir; JjU. hiVyil (pi. J^ 

hawal) ; ^^ muna^ir. 
DiROE, s. a3^^ walwala-t (pi. J^!J^ 

Dirt, s. ^^ waHalj (pi. i^^^ 

ausah); (^•-*^' najas. 
DiRTiNKSH, s. AiL.^ wisAlja-t; i-W^ 

Dirty, adj. ^y wanih ; (^y mu- 

wassah ; ij^ najis (pi. ^W*\ 

Dirty, v. ^^ wassah, yuwassih ; 

{j-^- najjas, yunajjis. 
Dis-, (in composition) 7-e-*f bi- 

gair ; (^^^ bi-dun ; J la ; U ma ; 

^Ac 'adam ; ^-^ 'adim. 
Disability, s. a*^ ^ *adam kafa- 

ya-t ; y^ *ajz. 
Disable, r. )^^ a*jaz, yu*jiz. 
Disabuse, v. tUJ\ aj;* J^;^ azal *an- 

hu al-galat, yuzil. 

DiSADVANTAOK, S. (jjUfti DlK}RaQ ; 

d^r^ liusran ; ;;-k <larar. 
Disadvantageous, adj.j-^ iiiudirr ; 

^ darr; a-a^ ^ ^xuv iinifid. 
DisAFFKCT, r. ^H-4*^ agdab *aLi, 

yugdib ; kat-^ asljat, yiishit. 
Disaffected, adj. ^' 1»^«-^ ^ 

gair mabsu( in in ; >^ ^ji\j j-t pair 

ni^i hi ; ^^ t)V* gailbrm 'ula. 
Disaffection, ». i^ naf ra-t ; i»ljf 

kar)lha.-t ; i-t^ bugtja-t. 
OiSAasBE, I', o^^ halaf, yuhnlif ; 

._*H*' tahi'ilaf, yataljiilaf i oMiB.1 

ihtalai. ynhta'.if. 
DiaAOBEEABLE, adj. Jj?** ;!-* guar 

maqliul; ^}^ makrub. 


■ 'adam al-baiiUa-t. 
DiSAesEEMENx, *. ^jS^ ihtilfif; 

iilW- mixhAliifn-t. 
Disallow, v. ^ naldr, vaukar ; 

jii\ aiik^ir, yuntir; ff haram, 

DiBANNtTi,, V. ^ battal, yubattil; 

jm ai.ul, yubtil. 
Disappear, o. hj^ gilb, ja^b ; 

^j4M-l ihtafa. yahtafi ; Jaijl id- 

maljall, va^maljill. 
DiSAPPEAEAScE, a. v-W^ gajab ; 

^je*guyi'ib; Ji«**l iijmiljljil. 
Disappoint, ti. ■-- a A hayjab, ju- 

DisAPPOiNTMBNT, «. i— A- haiba-t. 
Disapproval, Disapprobation, *. 

«1 lauiu, lorn ; A.*>J 7Jimma-t ; ^\ 

Disapprove, v. {blame) f^ 7AIoui, 
jaiumm ; |*3 liim, yabim. — 
\rejeet) jii\ inkar, j-ankir; ^j*- 
i^aram, yahrim ; Ijanm, ya^rain. 

Disarh, v. ci-^^ i*-l ahaz os-siliih, 
ya'huz ; c^^l jLl qalla' as-silAh, 

DtSARHAHENT. §. c^^ C^ qal' aa- 

DiSARRANDE, i: Oi qalab, yaqlib ; 
1.^ labbu!, yiilahbil. 

DiUARRANOKMKKT, «. |»l-ltJl ^Ac 

inqilab au-niiiim. 
DiSASTKR. *. A^tj liahiya-t (pi. 

^_jftljj (laivi'ihi) 1 im— musiba-t 
(|>1. 'T-iUi* lua^iiyib^i Aelj bali- 
yu-t (1.1. ^h L.alavrOi »-^ sidJa-t 
(pi. J|W Si.bWid). 
DiSABTKOua, ailj. ^J•J^^ man^us ; 
l>jU<> mati'um. 

[Dw ' 

Disavow, c. ^S* nakir, yunkar ; a^^ 

jaliail, yaj^ad. 
DisAVOWAii, t. jlA^ inkAr; :w*. 

Disband, v.a. i}^\ atlaq, jutliq ; ' 
l;:~£1> ^attat, TU^attiti n. jl^\ < 
iufalaq, yantaliq; .i~wl insatt, 
DisBELiBF, I. /S kufr. — (<!eniu^ of 
belief, ■mittrutt) >)Uxe1 ^,u 'adam 
Disbelieve, v. (in a rtlii/ioat 
B^iise) /i kafar, yakfir ; jfil 
aukar, jiinkir.— (re/u« emfiO 
.>i^\ U ma i'taqad, va'taqid. 
DiBBUBDEN, V. ij^ jO' Jy naczal 
al-l^iunl 'au, yunazxil ; gij rafa', 
yarfa' ; ^ hajt, yahuH (botli 
with tbe same conBtmctioii). 
Disburse, v. ■-*;- jaraf, jafrif, 
vuBruf; ?arraf, yujarrif; t^yt-\ 
abrAj, yuhrij i --il^ takallaf, ya- 
takallaf; ijii\ aofaq, vuiifiq. — 
iadvance) 'UL. iV^\ a'tShu salaf- 
an, yii'ti-hu. 
Disbursement, s. c^a barj ; "-J-y-* 
luuHritf (pi. i_ijjli« masririfj. — 
(advance) .-*)- aalaf. 
Disc, g. ^^Bji qur? (pi. yeljM aqnt?, 
A-/ qira?a-t} ; i-j* qurfa-i (pi. 
oBji qura?). 
Discard, o. ;*j dasSar, yudasair; 

u**, ra£aij, yar&4. yarfuij- 
Discern, w. (^ j*- mayyax inin, 
jumayyiK; jjil afnz, jufriB; jj;* 
yrf faraq ben, yafruq. — {.p*r- 
eeive) jl« najar, yanjur. 
Discernible, a((r'.;Akt lahirjjj^M | 

maDjur; jyi- uiafn'iz. 
Discernment, ji.^n^ tainyii ; Jie ' 
•aql (pi. Jj4e 'uqill) ; i-'l/ fart- i 
DiscHAROE, D. (unload) see Dis- \ 
BnKDEN. — (a ijun) ^ t*^ 
yatluq; J-JLl atlaq, ymljq.— 
(rf/gmiss) J)e 'aial, ya'zil ; jW 
ftUftq. y»\\ui — (perform) J*« 
■amil, ya'mal.— («( /rse) jid. . 
hallaf, yu^llif ; ji^\ afUq, JH^J 
liq. i 

DiacHABOB, «. (Jloviny oul) glw* 


«iyalAi..-(A»m,»,on) jSil itlftq; 
J)B 'azl. — (re/awf) yiiol*' tahli? ; 
jlial i'taq. — (m wrilhg) Sijy 
yelU waraqa-t halaf. — («/ ^m- 
omw) t,-V quwM; gii- v-r* 
^orb modu'. 

DiBciPLK, t. \i*0 talmiz (pi. ^H 
taUmiz, £^3tf Ulamixa-t). 

DiBCiPLiKB, (. {training) i^f tar- 
hija-t ; s-t'*'* ta'dib, — (regula- 
Hon) W^ ^\>\. — (punitkment) 
I(jie 'uqi^ba-t. — (mortifieatioii) 

OiBCiPi.1111, V. {train) jij rabba, 

jurabbi ; w*' addab, yu'addib. 

— {reyulale) K* ^abaf, ya^Jbit- — 

{ehtuliM} i^U qAfaa, yuqa^if; 

s-Jle 'aqab, ju'iVqib. 
Disclaim, p. ^\ aukor, junkir. 
Disclose, v. i-jUJ kamf, jakiif; 

kaMal, jukas^f ; j~i^\ aghar, 

DtSCLOSUBK, #. -J** kasf; j>«ll 

is bar. 
DiBCOLODS, V. t^jU^ £—* fa«ah al- 

Uuo, jaBfah ; ^^l j^ kaddar 

al-laun, jrukaddir. 
DucoLOCKATioit, «. ^yJ^^ tagav- 

Tar al-laun. 
DiBcoHriT.p.j-lkaBar.Taksir; ^)* 

haiam, yahEim ; s-1^ f^alab, yl^;' 

DiscoMFiruBK, ». (tlj^l inbiE&ui ; 

i;— £ka«ra-t; J^ijbu tnaglitbifa-t. 
DiscoxroBT, ». i^-» baero-t; ^ 

gamm ; i^j la'ja-t. 
DlscOHMODti, V. ^^ ^ ;aqqal 

'aJa, yujaqqil ; ,^ •J'j^ sawnai 

'aLt, yusawwis. 
DiBCOMPOsB, v. {diiorda-i ^^ bar- 

bati yuharbit ; i/M- hab^, yah- 

bii. — {agiiait) \jXi qallaq, yuqal- 

liq ; ijli' aqlaq, yuqliq. 
DucoMPOflVRB, t. v<V1 i4tirab; 

A4« balbaU-t (pi. J,3« balAbil); 

ut4^ taiwU. 
DucoxcKKT, o. (.pfW 'ikas.yu'&kis ; 

Jm ba((iJ.yiibi(lil 
DtSOOSiMlCT, ». >■ Wl, yabull; 

Jl^ l^altal, ju^Ilil ; >i fa«al, 

5 [DiB 

Disconsolate, arf/. Ji— ^ S Uyata- 

BtiUcL ; ;LW1 j;— ^ makafir al- 

D18COMTKNT, v. v-*t\ Bgij'^b, yug- 

dib ; jLU. ^-£ kasar hii(ir, yaksir. 
Discontent, ». Ujlf |*j« 'adam ar- 

DiscoNTSHTED, a<jj. L^r* j^ gajr 

mabsi^t i u*'j 7»* g*'"' i'"4!- 
DiscoNTiNANCE, «. "-iiy tawaqquf i 

f 4ai( inqitiV ; Jljj zawnl, 
DrscosTiNBE, i>. ^a" inqafa', yao- 

qati' ; .Ji kaff, yakuff (both 

with ijB 'au) ; f^ gj* farag mitt, 

DiBCOBD, 8. j,^ siqaq ; J-ui fitna-t ; 

D18COKDANCK, I. see DiscoBC— '(iK 

mtMtc) £aAiJI fhtf 'adam an-n^- 

DiscoBDANT, adj. i3*lj- «tgair 

ntuwafiq ; i-tlW* mu^ulif ; ^^ 

inunHfir.— (in mutic) i«tJl ^j* 

'adini an-Datcma-t. 
Discount, #. **»*) wa^i'a-t (pi, 

jiU, waiJAyi') ; yUti Duq^an ; 

tU-f isqAt- 
Discount, v. ^V J*** 'Amal 

daruhiia, yu'ilmil. 
Discounts nance, r. -ij radd, ya- 

rudd ; £jm mana', yamna'. 
DiHCOURAOE, 1'. {dithtarten) -ua. 

haiiimud, yuhammid; -u^t a^- 

mad, yuhmid. — {intimidate) ••JfL. 

hiitvwaf, yubawwif. 
DiacoUBAOEMENT, t. -iy*^ humud. 

—{intimidation) •■Jtf*^ tabwif; 

J4JV tahdid. 
DincouBSE, ». {eonvertation) jii 

kalam ; icW** muhitaba-t ; i^X* 

mu7itkara-t. — {tpeech) i»l* hm- 

ba-t ())l. s-U- hu(ab).— ((r»iiM) 

Al^ nsAIa-t (pi. JfV-j nisftyU). 
D1SC00K8E, v. -i-Jaf tabaddo^i, ya- 

tahaddajj ; fiiii takaLlam, yata- 

DittcouETEOtTB, adj. v>l JJJ qalSl 

udabi i-iV J(Ji qalil al unsa-t ; 

v^lyji* ^ min ger wftjib. 
* *^ n» qilla-t 

ud&b ; i-i\ ^ qilla-t unaa-t ; Hi 

ir^ljqilla-t wiLJib. 
DiacovEE, V. (reveal) jflll a?har, 

jQihir; i-AAi kaiaf, jaksif. — 

{find out) -H-j wajad, jajid ; t-^^ 

abda', jubdi'. 
DiscovBBER, «. J*lj wajid; £y*- 

muhtaji' i k_iV^ kjiS^tf . 
DiacoTKHi, B. (inventioa) jVJ 

ijid; j(/4-\ iLtinV; £lJi(\ ibdu.'. 

— (ref ealiny) jW iibiir; ^l>>^1 

inkUif ; Ji^ikaif. 
DiHCKEDiT, 8. jW»l ("-i" 'adam i'ti- 

bilr ; jU»l ibtiqflr ; y'j* bawfui. 
Discredit, v. (not to believe, doubt) 

JJ- U ma ?addaq, yuHaddiq^ ; 

J dU sakk fi, ya^ukk. — (dw- 

graee) "y j_i kasar 'irijlu'i JbI*- 

sir ; {>Ai fa^ab, yaf^oli ; jfiit-} •>)- 

s&wwad wajb-bu, yusawwid. 

DiBCR EDITABLE, adj. ij±»U t&]tii ; 

{->U f&dih. 
DiBCKEKT, adj. {prudent) J-»^c 

'&qil (pi. S* 'uqala') ; jeiJu" S-— U 

(&hib tadbir (pi. H'W'f a^bub). — 

(modest) sj>>\ s-«^ |£bib adab ; 

v*'?" mu'addab. — (keeping a 

leerel) j-^\ ff^ katum KB-airr; 

f^tA am in, 
DiacKEPANCY, «. uS^ ibttlfif ; 

jji farq. 
DiscRKPANT, adj. i- ft ljjfc^ mubtaliC ; 

jiUjw mutagajir ; i_^\-^ muQH- 

DlSC'BBTioN, 8. (prurfence) J«e 

'aql ; »;«-« ba?ira-t: jao*J lamyiz. 

— {liberly of action) jW»-l ihti- 

ySr ; i-*!/* tafrif. 
DiacKETiONABT, ad;. cijW^l ihti- 

yari-y ; jiit^ mullaq. 
DiBCKiuiNATE, V. ^ farax, yafriz ; 

y^ yr* mayyaz min, yuraayjizj 

{jei «};* faraq ben, yafruq. 
Discrimination, *. ^mm tamyiz; 

J;* farz J jyi ifrfta. 
Discus, a. ece Dibc. 
Discusu, f. JjlJii Udanal, yatadu- 

wal ; ^\^ tazakar, yuta^iikari 

■J-V-. balsas, yabl^aji i t±-&^ Wibo-s, 


DlSCDBBIUN, J. ^/>^ f^? i |/W» 

tafabhu? ; *i-^. bahs ; 

Disdain, v. f^ baq". yftbqir; 

ijaqqar, jubaqqir; /=»-^ il^taqar, 

yaljtaqir; ;W-1 islabqar, jas- 

Ubqir ; yWil aban, yubin. 
Disdain. «. ;U:a-l ibtiqarj o^j* 

bawAn; ii^* ibiina-t. 
Disdainful, aJj, ji*-^— inustab<^ir. 

— ( proud) j»*a- mutakabbir j 

j)jA* magrilr. 
DiaEABE, a. !>;- mar<l (pi. u*Vi*l 

ainrntl) ; aU -illa-t (pi. Jl» 'ilal) ; 

1j du" (pi. ljj\ adwu'). 
DiSEAauD, adj. u*i/* niari4 (pi. 

4_r*/« marija) ; jp* 'alii ; *-*»** 

da'if (pi Vftiu (Ju'alu"). 
Disembark, c.a. s-^^Jl y- Cj*^ 

abrai miu al-nia.rkab, yuhrij ; n. 

H^xJ\ j^ giL tala' HUD al-mar- 

kab, yatla'. 
Disembowel, v. tjW .^ sftqq ftl- 

batD, yasuqq. 
Disenchant, v. j^^\ J* Ijall &s- 

sihr, yahuU ; }^\ uU fakk as. 

aibr, yafukk. 
Disencumber, v. i-U*- ^offaf, yu- 

balbf 1 t/iU. balla;, yu^albf. 
Dibenoaoe, p. (free) Ji*- bid'**. 

yuballi«.~(Iooit!) xU fakk, 7&- 

tiikk; J- ball.yabull. 
DiBENOAOED, adj. {at Ui»ur*) £;U 

I'arig. — i/ree) ^J^,^ mutahalli. 
Disi£»aAaEMENT, g. gpjU. ^xdb^ ; 

Aily faraga-t. 
Disentangle, v. J>- bail, ya^ull ; 

>iU fakk, yafukk. 
Disfiguration, a. £e-M tabit'. 
DisFiovBE, p. c*) baiia', yub»4ii'i 

{-ti qabbah, yiiqabbib- 
DiBOOROB, V. {vomit) ^y* nataq, 

yantuq; tl^^'^ istafrag. yut«- 

Disgrace, a, (frein^ owi o/ favour) 

J>e -aEli iiiy tu'iba-t; i3jW 

Duxila-t. — (cauae o/ thatnc) s-«* 

'aib (pi. sfjec "ujiib) ; j^ *ilr ; 

ycA B^in ; i^uu niafijabo-t. 
Disgrace, v. (jih' out t>/ Jacuur) 

ijti (^ l«L.t asqat miD nas&rhu. 

yuskit ; Jyc 'awil, ya'iil.— (frrti^jf 




reproach upon) <«^ hatak, jah- 
tik; j^ *ayyar, yu*ayjir; ^ 

la4ah, jaf4ab- 
DisoRACEFUL, odj, Qo*^ sani' ; ^^ 
qabil;^; v»^o** ma'jub; ^ -^>* 

D18OUI8E, V. ^ nakkar, junakkir ; 

ij>^ labbafl, julabbis. 
D18OUI8B, $. j^ tanakkur; j^ 

tankir; Js»*dc!' tahfija-t. 
DisousT, «. Ui/ qaraf ; i^f kara- 

hija-t ; l^ naf ra-t. 
D1SOU8T, V, ^f qarraf, ynqarrif ; 

Uiy\ aqraf, juqrif ; ^ naffar, ju- 

D18H, «. (veMeO (:>^^ fahn (pi. 

i^^ ffU^An); Jtl. ^abaq (pi. 

jL^\ a^baq) ; ^ ^ e "^ ^ ^ahifa-t 

(pi. ^U- 6ihaf ). — (/ood) ^USp 

ia*am (pi. ^U«i>^ a^ima-t, vfi>UUL 

Dishearten, v. s-*-i«J^7— ^ kasar 

al-qalb, jaksir; a ^ iJ \ ahmad, 

Dishevel, v. {^^^ as'an, yus^D. 
Dishonest, adj. ^U3^ JJi qalil 

al-amana-t ; ^Va^\ "^ bila isti- 

qama-t ; ^^^ jt^ gair ^alih ; ^S^ 

makkar; v>^ giUs. 
Dishonesty, «. £^ hiyana-t; ^ 

h^\ qilla-t az-zimuia-t. 
Dishonour, b, s-^ *aib (pi. ^•r>y^ 

•uyAb) ; ;U *Hr ; ^e^^ fadiha-t. 
Dishonour, r. ^ fadah, yafdaiji ; 

oL^ub hatak, yahtik ; f^ *arr, 

ya'irr ; {^ san, yasiu. 
Dishonourable, adf/. v»^— j-»-^ 

ma'yiib ; c*U f&^ilj ; J^\X f&hi^. 
Disinclination, «. IJ^f karaha-t ; 

Vfi nafra-t. 
Disincline, v. ^ naffar, yunaffir ; 

</ karrab, yukarrih. 
DisiNOENuiTT, B. ^"U^"^ ^ *adam 

al-ihlaf; jW nifaq, naf aq ; «^ 

makr; ^m. badi*a-t (pi. gi^***» 

Disingenuous, adj. j»>^ ;e* gair 

fadiq ; j^^ makkar. 
Disinhbkit, v. *a»j1I\ a^;^ haram-hu 

al-iri{, vabri°i-li^; ^^j6^ fi^ 

qafa* mirag-hu, yiui^a'. 

Disinheritajyce, $. *±Ajt^\fiai qa|' 

Disinter, v. yA*fi nabas, yambu^ ; 

u*j^^ (:^^ C/-^ akraj min al-ar4> 

Disinterested, adj, uM^^ f^«^ 

*adim al-gara4. 
Disinterestedness, $, u^y^^ f**^ 

'adam al-ganujL. 
Disjoin, v. Jj^ faraq, yafruq ; J-^ 

fa^al, yaffil. 
Disjoint, t;. «^ fakk, yafukk ; f^ 

halla, yuhalli'. 
Disjunction, b. j^y^^ iftiraq ; j^/ 

firaq ; J^-^^ infi^al. 
Disjunctive, adj. JUW^ infi^iili-y. 
Disjunctive, b. {in grammar) ^^ 

J-a» harf-u fa^l-in. 
Dislike, b. aa^/ karaha-t; M^^s-^ 

istikrah ; &/» nafra-t. 
Dislike, v. yu&^\ istanfar, yastan- 

fir ; tj^ji^\ istakrah, vastakrih. 
Dislocate, v. «^ fakk, yafukk ; 

g^ halla*, yuhalli*. 
Dislocation, b. gji*^ tahli*; ^ 

f^\ hal* al-*azm. 

Dislodoe, v. »>y» t^'^rad, ya^rad ; 

^ naf a, yanfi ; e/-^ &br&ji 

Disloyal, adj. ^^U. hay in ; q)^^ 

haw wan ; jS^ gadir. 
Disloyalty, b. Ai^e*. hiyana-t ; )^ 

Dismal, adj. (gloomy) ji'i^ kadir; 

jjX« mukaddir ; ^*A^ mugimm. — 

(horrible) J^ mahiil ; »» A eJb^ 

muhif ; 5)A^ mufazzi* ; ij^^y 



Dismantle, t;. (strip) ^ ^alla^, 
yusallil?. — (a town or forire$$) 
f^jJb hadam, yahdim. 

Dismay, b. ^> jaza* ; ^^ hauf ; 
£y* faza* (pi. ty\ afza*); iyt^ 
hira-t ; Jyb haul (pi. J^yb\ ah- 
Wal) ; JUjj\ indihal. 

Dismay, v. «*Jj*- hawwaf, yuljaw- 
wif; gy fazza', yufazzi* ; JJtj\ 
adhal, yudhil; i^r^^^ adhas, 

DisMKMBER, c. c/* Harrah, yu:iar- 

riti; glJ qatta", juqaHi'; J-* 

D1BHI8B, 11. jy! 'azzaJ, vu'aEiil ; 
^•J d&isar, juda^iir ; ijil>L\ atlaq, 

BlSHISSAL, J. J)£ 'azl; Jt)i^ ta'zil; 
jc^-iii tadSir. 

DrsMoiTNT, w.n. Jji nazal, janzil ; 
J-q-ji tarajjal, yatarajio.! ; a, 
{throw off) C/J^ tr* -^-^ qalat 
■an aa-sarj, yaqlib ; ijftjSl ^J\ v^/ 
karfcab ila 'l-ar^i jukarkib. — 
(remove from a dand, Ac.) J)» 
nazzal, yunazzU. 

Disobedience, s. ^^ (•■^ 'adain 
ti'a-t; i*llii- muhfilafa-t; 0^= 
■iljAn', 'usjftn ; jjSe 'uqiiq. 

Disobedient, adj. gii js* gair 
tAji' ; gtl"' ;«A (jair muti' ; ^-^ 
'Hji ; uJJlat-« muhiilif i jl* 'iMll 
(pi. iuc 'aqaqa-t, 4i*l a'iqqa-t) ; 
Jj*e 'aquq j j^ 'iiti. 

D18OBET, If. iwAlU. hAlaf, yuhalif; 
ijle ^^ 'a?a 'ala, ja'^i ; 1^ 'aqq' 

DiBOBLiaE, V. ■^i^\ iii i*^ J*e 
'amil ma'hu qilla^t al-m&'Hif, 

DiBOBLioiNo, adj. J)/ull ,»-|J>c 
'adim al-ma'ruf; .^Uifc je* gair 
ha«^s ; kJj/ul^^^ wa'r iiJ-ma'ruf. 

DjsoBDEB, ». {want of order) (-i^ 
f,^kii\ 'adam au - iiiziim ; i*-^'-'^ 
^^-i^j^\ 'adam at-Urlib; ^lUul 

Ii\LJi inqilub au-oi^.Aiu ; Sat^ 
ahbata-t ; i>*j* iawfli. — {iitdie- 

potilion) ij'i*)-" taiwiS. 
DisOBDGB, P. ^jt. harba(, yuharbit ; 

WaiJ lahbal, yukbbit. 
DiaoBXiEBLiNEBs, g. £elU hala'a-t. 
DisoBOAKiBB, V. s-eij^f |>^1 'adam 

ftt-tartib, ju'dim ; pUtiH s-/- 

borab an-nijam, yahrub. 
Disown, v. jiil ankar, yiinkir ; /Uy 
^ tanfikar, yatanakar; •i^*- jaljad. 

yajtad ; ^U. hala', yalila'. 
DisPASAOB, r. y^ haqqar, yuhaq- 

qir ; ,j°uj taonqqaf, yutanaqqa; ; 

uyj^ azra, yuzri. 
DisFAKAOEMBNT, I. ^/Ati tauaqquB ; 

}c^ Uiljqir. 

Dispassionate, adj. (^ j-A gftlr 
mugiam ; f^;-*^! (t-t^-^ 'adim 
al-garim, — {mild) f.^ bialim. — 
{withovi partiatily, jutt) < J t^i^ 

Dispatch, v. see Despatch, 

DisPBL, V. ts.^^ sattat, yusattit; 
0J4 bad dad, yubaddid. 

DisPEHBAST, ». J4}>>3t ^Uj dukk&D 
al-adwiya-t (pi. (;>e^>> dak&kiD). 

Dispensation, §. (dietrihtition) 
Ji;*! tafriq ; fi m i lB taqsim. — 
{exemption) y-Ae 'afii ('uiw) ; 
i=jUU- mu'afut.— (0/ ProotdeM*) 
A*~* qisma-t. 

Dispense, v. {deal out) ,i-J qaaam, 
yaqsim ; J= j/ farraq 'ala, yu- 
farriq ; £jj wazza', yuwazxi'. — 
{aa-mpt) ijc ^ji£\ a'fa 'an, yu'fi. 

DiBPEEsE, v.a. t±.^^ sattat, yuiat- 
lit; f^ ba/7iim, yubazzim; jH 
nasar, yanguj'; n. t±~Ai1 iu^t, 
yan^tt ; fy-v^ iiiLazam, yan- 

DiBFEBSION, g. uj^ ^tat; u - i'^ - I 

taitit ; i*^^^ itihizAm ; j^ nifeir. 

DispiBiT, 0. s-Jj^l J— ikasaral-qalb, 
yak sir. 

Displace, v. gU q&lla', yuqalli' ; 
JB naqal, yanqul. 

Displacement, ». JA naql. 

Display, v. (expand) j^ naaar, 
yan^uri I*— r basat, yabsut ; ^^ 
farai, yafrua,— (er A iii() ijfjl an, 
yuri ; j^\ ajhar, yushir. 

Display, «. jJ-i nair ; j^l iiliAr. 

Displease, v. t^^ agAj, yngii. 

Displeasure, ». ;♦• qahr ; ;W*1 in- 

Disposal, s. tJ^ tafarruf. 

Dispose, f. {arrange) fM naiam, 
yaQzim; na^taui, yuaa£EtBi ; 
v-Jj rattab, yurattib; j(J dabbar, 
judabbir, — {inclint) s-J'j ruggab, 
yuraggib; j»« mayyal, yumay- 
yil. — ii/ivr away, fell) ■^^ U^ar- 
raf, yataaarraf ; f ^ bA". yabi*. 

Disposition, ». (order) h-^/ tap- 
tib i fM xaikm ; f^ tan^m.— 
(frame of mtjui) s'^y luJxdj (pi. 
fc-j-l amzija-t) ; JIA tibii' ; m««L 

Du] 1< 

tabi'a-t (pL —\ .it, 9^ tabft- 


DispouEaa, v. ^ b&ratu, jal^rim ; 

1^ idA ahuz miu, j&'hu?. ; ^\ 

abraj, juferij. 
Dl8IK()POBIl6lf •. ■^— Uj1\ ill qU. 


DllPROPOBTIOKlTE, adj. ^■U*' ^ 

plir Tim!irini]aiii; J1a«J\ ^m 
'adim al-i'tidal ; y^U-H ^:te 
'adim at-tanitsub. 
DisPBOTK, e. ^ Jj radd 'ala, 

Dl 8 PITT ATI OK, «. lA-w. bohf ; ti^\^ 

miilinlfllja-t ; «]jl^rf muJHda1a-{. 
Diarm, p. J'JW j/tdLiI, ynjndit ; 

(^.i-*** liiiljai -au.jubiibi;. 
DisurALiriciTioM (.^'ajz; (•-" 

i*lj -aJnin liyS^a-t; ajUS ^ 

'adam kifAyo-t.' 
Diiiji ALiFVt v.y^\ ti'jaz, yu'jiz. 
Di8<)uiBT, V. v^ q&llaq, fuqalli'i i 

JMl qalqal, 7 uqalqil. 
Diii*tiim, DtB4iriETUDE, », JVi 

Ui>>iit (^1. Jill baUbil) ) J^^fiJ 

J1JI ta.-'tfii al-bal ; iUU qalqa- 

l^llyUIalTloV. f. y"** fu-b? J «••''' 

tafa^lfUf ; 0^^^\ mti\f&n ; ut^atl 

DisEiaAKD, V. JiUi tAKi'ifsl, jata- 

galal; ojV tahfiwuo, yalabA- 

])niicoA>[>,(. J*^" ta^'Aful; j\a»-l 

iljliqir a'j»liav.(ni. 
DisRXLisB, «. k^y 'juriir 
D18RKLI8II, V. ^jS 1:ii|iirntf, jata- 

qarraf; $ji^\ istakmh, ^astak- 

DisBiPDTiBLB, adj. c*^ muf^Jih; 

DiSBiPUTi, (. ;W 'Sir ; ^ ^**- maf- 

4abft-t (j>l. c.*U^ iiiafa4i)^j. 
DibVEBPKCT «. t*^7^31 il* qilla-t al- 

l>iaBB3PKCTrci., at//, i^r*' ;«« ga-'n 

DtsKCPTiON, *. ^ kaar {\-\. jj— £ 

J>la«ATurA<7Ti0.s, •. Uj]1 ,mu 'adam 


i [1>I8 

D1B8ATISFT, P. ^^1 afiAi, f ugii ; 

ijjjl U mi arda, yurcli. 
DiSHECT, p. Cj* -■iarrali, > iistirrili. 
Dissection, t. f~}~^ i:i-iili 
DiasEcTOE, «. Cr*-* musarrilj. 
DiseiEUBLE, V. iji^ UHfa(|, yunnfiq ; 

o>j rayja, y.inyyi; J^} ra'a, 

yurui; ojl-' d.W., vM/.rl 
SiSHEMiNATE, c. ^sjJl azra, yum ; 

j<^ Irazar, j^abzur ; j-i-i Da«ar, 

Di^.'st.MtNATi'iv, ». j^ nasr. 
Dissension, t. M\^ muhnlafa t. 
Dissent, J. ^Jtsi-l ihtiUf. 
Dissent, v. -H^ tahnlaf, yata- 

lii'il;if; obL*.l ihtalaf, yahtafif. 
D1SSE11TAT10.1, ». ilL_, risala-t (pi. 

"nl -At, Jil-j ra»Ayil). 
DmsKVKH, f. J^'qata', yaiita' ; 

'i:itti V'l'ialtl 
III --rMnM, atlj. 4»Li-» -i gair 

muHiibifa; o\i:^^ miibtalif. 

DiHSlMILABITT, ». i O l U .H ^ 

'adaiii al • musAbaha-t ; ^!!U«.1 

DiSSIMULATIU.N, «. ^j rivA' ; jUl 

nafaq ; A***-' tahtitna-t. 
Dissipate, t>. >-tii\ atlaf, jutHf; 

jj* buzjar, yiibajfir; *Jf-\ aarof, 

yusrif ; Jj*i Wzaq, yufiii'ziq. 
Dissipation jt. JiV tubzil; <^\,Jl 

Unit MCf) J*—* fasAd ; j^-i 

fiaq ; jj— t fusu(|. 
DisHuLUTE, ailj. < <i «»ii* miinbaDiik ; 

■»-U IYkIiJ ; ,>-U fasiq. 
Dissni I Ti NESS, ». >«1U»(\ iDbiniak ; 

jUJ fai.:iii 0_i fis-l- 

DlBSiU.UTMN, t. J* liall; <T>j->7ub; 
f~-i iush ; f~ii tafsilj ; '^/H 
iiaqiL — (ilfiith) •n^ maut. — (0/ 
an -M-mWy) JWl iobilal. 

DiSHOL7B,t-.(j-.-Vo > !iill,vahullj 
vjJ zawuAl., vii/;.nAil. - (bnak 
«l') JW l.i.rr,i>l, Milatlil; JWl 
al.lftl. yubjil. 

DisHOLVtNT, a.y. JW- muljallili 
V)j-* iiiu^awuili. 

Dissonance, »., Dihsusast, adj. 


Dibsuai>e, p. t^ j^j rajja' 'an, 


yii™j]>'; (J^ ft" niana' 'an, 

jamna' ; q* Jj radii 'an, jarudd. 
DisaUABioN, g. i«iU-» mumfliiu'iv-t. 
Distaff, «. Jj*-* migzal (pi, Jj^ 

magiizil); ^ rukka-t. 
Distance, «. *»( bu'd; ill-- masd- 

fa-t ; a ; a — * masira-l ) ^^a h&ub, 

DiBTANCB, V. ij^ sabaq, yaabuq. 
Distant, adj. ■^s*i ba'id (pi. ^-i^ 

bu'adft'J ; ,j-U qii^i ; cj^ niizUi. 
Distaste, «. Mjil ikrab ; U^^iqaraf. 
Distastbfol, adj. *j;^ inakruh ; 

i-iyu muqarrif. 
Distemper, ». jjft;- marcj (pi. u*V' 

ainrad) ; i^jAj ta^wii. 
Distend,!!, g-j waasa', yuwaasi'; 

^/^ 'arra^, ju'arrid ; J" intudd, 

DisTBNTioN, *. Ih,— fj tabsi^ ; fte-y 

tausi' i ui;^ ta'ri4 ; j1a=-* im- 


D18TICH, a. u-M bait (pi. uu^^ 

Distil, v.a. ^ qa(tar, yuqatjir ; 

gjfcl ahraj, juhrij ; n. jti qatar, 

yaqtur ; a. and n. I=» uaqqat, 

Distillation, ». j-^ qatr; ^el* 

taqtir; yljWi qatarftn; jJ;** tah- 

DibtilLEk, t. j^ qattiir ; cV 

tsjt^l barruj al-'ambari. 
Distinct, adj. (different) i-M^jt- 

muhtallf 1 j-j^-*i» mutayn^vir ; 

l^Wi- inutabayin. — {g^iarated) 

J-»i- munfa^il j y?*- mu'ayyan. 

— (cZatr) (-ij- ?arilj ; j»ll sflliir ; 

e^j wa(Jil?. 
Distinction, «. (d/^erence) yvr" 

tatnyiz; j^l ifniz; Jjt fan]. — 

(prc/er^tcr) Je^" laftjil. 
Distinctness, 8. (eleani^M) cW^ 

i4Ab ; ^V jariiha-t ; u^oj bav-iin. 
DiariHotiiSH, !>, tr* jiy* mavjaz 

miu, yumaj-yi/ ; jj* furaz, jafriz j 

(jirt J;* faraq beii, yafruq.— (gi'tJe 

pr^ui-encf) ^^ ji faddal "iiLi, 

Distort, e. |^ barrom, yubarrim ; 

^^)) lanwa, yulawwi; J** fattol. 

yufattil. — (u'l 

D18TOKT10K, B. IjiJl iltiwaj e^^\ 1 

Distract, u, (divert) ^J laho. ya- 

IShi ; j»- sabha, yusahhi. — 

(jierp/c/jjo* bayyar, yubftjyir; 

\^j^ ^awwas, yu^wwii. 
DiSTBACTKD, adj. tjlj("- bfu*^ t 

•.r-.^ salib; i^j-i- rausawwai. 

DiSTBACTEDNEBS, t. ( jierpUxity) 

^j-u taiwi^ ; £^ hira-t ; (jy*- 

Distraction, ». (a6««iM 0/ mind) 

Ji«!l ^Ua. sattiit al-'aql. 
Distress, «. ^t^ nakba-t; tii— • 

maakana-t ; i2,-A 4iqa-t ; yu fuq ; 

fiji ^idda-t ; v/ tarb. 
Distress, i>. ^^ aganim, yuginun; 

tjlcU. jic 'akkar bi'Hir-bu, yu'ak- 

kir ; y)"-^ ahzan, yuhzin ; jj>fl 

akdar, yukdir. 
DisTRESBiKo, adj. f** mugimm; 

jjjl- mukaddir ; y^^^ InubliIl■ 
DI8THIBUTB, u. fk-'qaaam.yaqiimi 

qasaam, yuqassim; jj* farrs^, 

vufamq; Jjj wazza', yuwasuf 

(all with ^J^ 'ala). 
Distribution, a. ^'i tafriqa-t} 

^-— B taqsim ; {(jf tauzi'. 
District, «. iiSj wiluya-t; L«Hm 

Distrust, <*. i*^ tabma-t ; i^^ 

subbo-t; >iU sakk (pi. .tijik 

sukuk) ; u^}ib^^ istihwHD. 
Distrust, v. a}*^'^ tstahwtuL, yas. 

tahniii ; u^ 1^7*^^ tst&Qru 

miD, yastahris ; J* ^y tawoh* 

bam n, yatawahbam. 
Distrustful, adj. i^f^ zanfta. 
DisTDKB, V. (ditqviel) j-^ kaddai^ 

yukaddir; J»)* ^wwai, yoiaw- 

wii (both witb ^ ■ala); jll 

qallaq, yuqalliq ; ,>Jjl aqUq, 

yilqliq. — (disorder) W*) l&tibat, 

Disturbance, h. rf'iAtakdtr; ImI 

litniL-ti ^ aiq^t; s->tjl^^ i^ti-' 


r. jUfa siqnq ; Aui fiu 




na-t ; I^Vx* muniifara-t ; UkU. 

hilf, half ; j\fi\ iftiraq. 
Disunite, v,a. jjk faraq, jafniq ; 

J** fa^ul, yaffil ; n. jjk\ infara<(, 

jaufariq ; J-i*^ infasal, yaufa^il. 
D18U8E, $. AUMxJi\ ^ 'aclam aU 

Mti^mal ; h\»^\ ^y tark al'iula-t. 
DidUHR, V. 5^U3\ JLq ba^tal al- 

*ada-t, yuba(til ; SjUJ^ *4Jy tarak 

al-^ada-t, jatruk. 
Ditch, •. ja^^ handac] (pi. j^U^ 

^anadiq) ; 8;-c*^ liafira-t (pi. 

;»u^ ^afayir). 
DiTTT, #. Ufc gina; S^\ u;^iya-t 

(pi. vj>^^ agiiui) ; l^ ^uniya-t 

(pi. vj*^^ ganaui; ; J^^ muw- 

wal (pi. s}iy\y mawawil;. 
DiCKXAL, adj, ss^y^ yaumi-y, 

DiTjur, 9. s^*f.*> diwuD. d:ii'.vaD Tpl. 

{ji^y^ dawawin, iji)H*> davawio;. 
DiTE^ r. ij"^ jjr**^*** yau'tJH ; ^^ 

j^if, yagu*. 
Diver, #. ^^ 'S\ttsui : ^^yt ^raw- 

DiTEK'ir. r. ^^^ iLhirii, yan- 

^arif; ^ *a". yi.-:"; -i^w u- 

l>H*ad. \iita(>i*'a i. 
DiTCB:*. il^lj. *^H>iej jfi« '. -• I. 
Dl V £&.•« E, O/J; . 'J .'- ^ i ^ ' .i^'* 

lU'ihtalif ; ^^»^=^ LiA-.i..-t .• 

DiwEadinr. r. -a* j-i^^t*. : ..-it. 

..... ' 


T. f "*r*# 





■*i. . 


t.ini. • iH 


• ■ 

• w 

— t.« 1^ 



--* • 




*.. • U-i.*^ . 


r 9MN. 



• *-* 

uTu ; V ..- 



i. t ^.^ 


• ..'. 

1 I • V » 

*' I ..^ 

I i. 



a • "'III 

qassam, yuqaMim ; f^j /.awwa*. 

DiviDKNi), $. (irAiirf) Jum. (.lifji^a*! 

(pi. yo.». l.ii9:M«); sr^ » -t iia^ili (pi. 

W-ai^ aiiHiluV, ii-«*^ iin^iha-t). 

(iw arithint'tir) f*y»^ tiiaq^riiii). 
Divination, *». v^^ ^ •ilm a|. 

giiil); J^j raiiial ; «U^ kilii(iia«t. 
Divine, v. JUJ^ ^k fatal^ al-lAl, 

yat'tal; ; ^■^^\ s^f 'arraf a|. 

gaib, yu'arrif; ^^^ tiikahliaii, 

Divine, ad}. ^^^3^ ilAhi-y. 
Diviner, «. *J^^ *arriit (pi. h\f 

*arrufa-t; ; JUt raiiiiiial ; ^U 

JUJ^ fatil; al.tViL 
Divinity, n. aJ\ (t3\; iJAh ^pl. H\ 

alih'i't; ; tA»yft3 luhi'it,, (iholiHjy) 

DiviHiiuMrr, n, ^u-i*»\ inlctKurn , 
^ j *" * ^ ^^^^ iffikAn iit.-f.;i/j II i III, 

Divisible, Wy. ^»— a*# ^ari/j.i«irfi. 

Divi-tjox, *. ^t— i /iKfii o#l ^— i1 
a«j<ar/i; , ^ i'j/ 'p#, '^* 'ij/iii'; f 
^^ I;i.^l ^jil J^ tuning (in 

f...'<^. it*»t,'» •14/- ' 

■I ' . ... 

^ # ■ # t 

,',- * i.f • (Kfc *i-. ..i<* ; ../ti. ...« 

y^ * » » * 

,, /. • 'I * t*. .► ..« ... t« It.*!.!." 

. ,' . • 0^ It. ■« ..•*. ^» .t. «« 

< I 

.,' • ' '"' ^ 000^" ^' » .,• ll . 

0r - 


^ ^-t m(. 

Doc] 1 

mina', yiidhil. — (V off) f^ 

qala', vaqt^^". 
DocTOB, s. {gclinlar) fi^ 'lUiin (pi. 

Uc 'ukiuii) ; fl*- mu-alliin.— (o/ 

ki/'e) Mi ftiqih (pi- ^ fuqaliA' ). 

— (phi/aician) f^^ Liakiiu (pi, 

U^ tfukiima') ; s-a J- t<l^i^ (p'- 

U.1 atibbi'). 
DocTHiNAL, «rfj. ij— ^ 'ilini-y ; 

,j.^- U'limi-y. 
DocTHiNK, B. (nJ-J ta'lim (pi. ^l^ 

ta'rtlim) ; s~*i^ luazliab (pi. 

s-»lJ- uiazAliih); ticli qA'ida-t 

(pi. AtljitiiwiVid). 
DOCUMBNT. «. iv hujjtt-t (pi. e**' 

Imjaj) ; J*- aijiU (pi. ^W- 


DoK, «. *l'>^ E^zfila-t. 

Doo, .. -^ kalb (pi. v»S kilAb). 

Doo, «■ •>^ turad, ja^rad ; s-a^ 

ta'aqqab, yata'aqqab. 
Doo-DATa, «. jr-^' C^^ avyfim al- 

biHar ; \)f}t bAljurA- ; j>JJl f^i\ 

ayyflm au-si'ra. 
DooaBD, at/j. «u;i** mu'airdt ; .*e-» 

DoooEDNKss, «. i-)l— f baeala-t; 

i.uW> mu'HDada-t ; -i^ 'inad. 
Doa-STAB, *. i^}*^ ai'ra. 
DouMA., «. *J*U qii'ida-t (pi. ^Iji 

qawnvid) ; iJ^i=el i'tiqada-t ; tjjiU 

qfinun (pi ys*V qawanin) ; J-' 

^_ji\ a?! ad-din (pi. Jj-' aeiil). 
DotiKATic, DooMATicAL, a<y. {pogi- 

tive) o^ hukml-y; (.U* Ijat- 

tfim. — {onerhearing) wJj^ "' -* mu- 

DooMATica, «. |Jh£ ^ 'ilm kalam. 
DoasuTise, v. ^ tatuni, yalj- 

Dole, ». (alms) *iJ— ;adaqa-t ; Sj—^ 
hasaua't. — {porliort) s-e^ na^ib 
{'pi, lr^\ anjiba-t) ; ft-^ qism 
(pi, f-'— il aqBAin). 

Dole, v. ,j)j waiia', yuwazzi'. 

DOLKFCL, nrfj. tfi)"- hazin (pi. Uj» 
huKaniV); jj'-j^ Ijazuan; jj-" 
jVW< makwiiraUhi'nir; ,»^A.*mug- 

DOLKFULNESS, *. ftt gamm ; yj*. 

buzn, ImZftH ; v/ karb. 

Doll, «. M) lu'bft-t 

Dollar, ». j-i yl abu nasr ; t^ j|l 

ubu kalb ; J^j riyAl. 
Dolorous, adj. fj**^ magnibm ; 

t^)^i* muhziQ. 

DOLI-HIN, 8. Je»jlj durfil; Js«0 

daofil ; ^ ;<f abuBalnm; <,^<^-^ 
Dolt, ». i>*»l alimaq (pi. iJ»» 
Ijumuq, jU>- himaq, &c.) ; ^])^1 
abraq (pi. jj^ burq) ; ii^ hn- 

DoMAiN, «. >£U- mUk, mnlk (pi. 

■el VI aiulak). 
DoHE, 8. i<i qubba-t (pi. s-J 

qubab) ; a-t— huSSa-t (pi. ,,;».** 

Domestic, adj. (bdungtng to U« 

hou«e) ^j^y liaiti-y.^ — (^m«) fj-^\ 

anla; ij«y^- ma'nus; uUj- mu- 

wallaf ; ^jijTrt baitiltJ-y. — (not 

foreign) J.tlJ dnhili-y. 
Domestic, a. ("Ij*- haddam; (»*U. 

hadim (pi. |*1'K- buddum). 
DoMEBTicATB, V. c^t labbii*. yti- 

labbi' ; 1^1 annaB, yu'anniB ; 

<-*Jj wallaf, yuwallif. 
DoMEaTicATtoN, ». {«W tmbi* ; 

u-jitf ta'niB. 
Domesticity, «. i«JA hidma-t. 
DouiciLE, 8. yj*— maskan (pi. 

ySV— * maaukm)) i-Ul J*^ ma- 
hall iqiima-t ; Jy maaeiil (pi. 

JjU^ mamizil). 
Dominant, adj. s-ll^ gdlib ; ^f-^ 

mu stall) I. 
Dominate, tt. U— J lasaUat, yata- 

Domination, ». i-rf* liukikm^t; 

Ud^ Kkllaua-t ; ^L-i tnaallut. 
DoMiNEEB, V. Jo jW jir 'ala, 

jajiir ; /i^ jalam, yaflim. 
Dominion, «. {lerrUory) ^ - fl ,** 

mamlukiL-t (pi, oilU^ inamnlitc). 
Don, I), I.— (J lalias, yalbos ; i—S 

kasa, yaksu. 
Donation, t. ^ biba-t; !*»* tub- 

fa-t (pi. o^ tubaf) ; Jj-ift had!. 

ya-t (pi. ^^-u hadaya'). 





DoircvT, 9. jW himar (pi. 
^mir) ; iji^^^ jab^ (pi. J^W^ 

Donor, $. s-^-*\^ wahib; v5*'^-9^ 
mubdi ; JUU 'a^i ; Jbm^ mu*^!. 

Doom, v. ^^ l^akam, ja^kum; 
v)%- Bajjalf yusajjil. 

Doom, «. («eii/eiu^) (»^ hukm (pi. 
JS^\ abkam); Ui qa^a (pi. 
^^\ aqcjiija-t). — (/«<«) ^^ 
qisma-t; jAS qadr (pi. j^aS^ aq- 
diir) ; Ui qa4a'. 

Doomsday, $, l^'^ qijama-t. 

DooB, $, v»V| bab (pi. v^y^ abwab, 
^W» biban). — (folding-door) v»W 
{^0^)*y {^ bftb min darfatcn. 

DooB-KEBPBB, $, ^^ bawwab. 

DooB-POBT, «. v»Wi» vKj ^y^ *^" 

DoBMANT, (uf;. ^V» nayim. — (latent) 

^j*ifc* ma^fi-J. — (tluggish) JW« 

DoBMiTOBT, $. f\j^ manam; <^^^ 

f»^^ bait an-naura ; <^^«^ mabit. 
Dose, «. SJ^^ ahaza-t ; ^j^ ^rba-t. 
Dot, •. fi* Duqta-t (pi. ^ nuqa^ ; 

W« ma^tt* 
Dot, v. IbA naqqat, junaqqi^. 
Dotation, $, jW jahaz (pi. i^\ 

ajhisa-t) ; yt^ tajbiz ; ^^6^ tam- 

DoTAOB, 9, Ui/- baraf ; ^^/> banU 

fa-t ; ^V{Jub baza Jan. 
DoTABD, «. ^V>/ barfan; U^a^ 

Dote, r. (from old age) Uj*. barif, 

jabraf; ^ »g - subib, yusbab 

(pass.). — (dote on) v» g^ wali* 

bi, jauW. 
Double, cuh\ <JicU« muda'af ; &;Ji 

{^f» qa<u*-bu marraten ; ^j*A»« 

Double, v. Uuu ^a"af, vuda"if ; 

UkftU 44'af, yuda*if ; uJu\ 'ad*af , 

jni4*if. — (#ai7 round) i^^ *adda, 

yu'addi ; ty^ *awwaj, ju'awwij. 

DOUBLE-DEALEB, 9. {^^9i^^ ^«^ ZU 

wajben ; ^^^ makkar. 

DOUBLE-DEALIKO, •. k) rija ; ^^/« 

muraja-t; jU> nlfaq; LJi\y,» 

DoUBLE-TONaUED, odj. (^LJ yS 

ZU lisaiicn. 
Doubt, s. iAa* .4akk (pi. ^^5^ 

sukuk) ; A^<A subha-t ; s-^; rail> ; 

idt; riba-t (pi. sHt; riyab). 
Doubt, v. ^^ *9Xa» ^akk fi, ja^ukk ; 

^j» ^\jj\ irtab fi, yartab. 
Doubtful, adj, tfXAi\ va-*«^ taht 

as-sakk; d^^Jt^ maskikk; ^ - it .^ 

musabbah ; s^^ murib. 
Doubtless, adj. «c^ M ^ mil 

fihi .4akk. 
Doubtlessly, adv, *«^ !l^ bi-la 

Dough, 9, {^^^ 'ajin (pL {^^ 

Doughy, adj, o**^ *ajini-y. 
Dove, 9. f>U^ hamain, a#«W hama- 

ma-t (pi. ^Uck. bamayim). 
Dove-cot, 9. (•U*. ^ burj hamain 

(pi. t)ji burAp. 
DowAGEB, «. AAjt^ flU^^ armala-t 

DowEB, DowEY, 9, jW jahilz. — 

(given by the hn9hand) ^ mahr 

(pi. j^ mubur). 
Down, *. (feather9) fA^ ,J^j ri^ 

DiVim. — (hair) y^ wabar. 
Downy, adj. y^ wal)ir ; ^U mVim. 
Down, adv., prep, c^oet ^\ il^ 

taht ; jA-\ J\ ila asfal ; «t^ 

Downcast, a^lj. (djected) ^Jk^* 

mahdum ; »y^s^ mahdud. 

Downfall, 9, v»\/- haral) ; *«J!U 

halak; J^^j zawal ; f\^\ iuhi- 

Downs, 9. JU; rimrd (pi. of J^j 

DoxoLOQY, 9. f^ madl.i; JU^ 

Doze, 17.71. (j-«J na'as, yan'as ; a. 

(^•^ na**a8, y una" is. 
Doze, Doziness, /». ^^W nu'as. 
Dozen, «. ^ ^^^ ajua-^ir ; ^3^ 

tozina-h, dozina-h. 
Dozy, adj, (j— xsV> iiiVis ; (^\ 


Dbab, 9, (prostitute) 
(pi. v»W qil>ab). 



DBA] 1 

Drachm, e. ^jJ dirham (pi. (^*j«» 

Draff, «. j^^ 'aki'ir. 

Dkaft, b. (for money) J^y boll- 
?a-t (pi. ly^U buw&li?) ; aW 
ijawillft-t. — [of BfAdiert) ii^ fir- 
qa-t (pi, j/ finuj). — (outline^ 
f-i rasm. 

Dhaft, e. ((fefocA) jj* faraq, yaf- 
ruq, — (delineate) jj* ?awwar, yn- 
;awwir ; f»->j rasam, yarsum. 

Drag, v. s-*- sahab, yaahab ; ft- 
jarr, yajurr. 

Dkaooh, 8. i^e^ tannin, tinnin (pi. 
(jfeibi taniinin); yL-»I su'bi'm, 
la'bf'm (pi. (^^ sa'iibm). 

Dkagoon, a. i-j\*- Jlj* hayyiil say- 

Dbain, v. t^ oazati, yanzalj, yan- 

Dbaim, I. (jf;** majra (pi, tS^W^ 

majfiri) ; w\je- mizAb (pi. s-ijW 

Dkaikaqe, ». tL*lt lK)^ tahwil al- 

Drake, s. W batt (pi. l-jW butiit). 
Drau, 9. see Deachm. 
Drama, e, J>tlJB v-«5 la'ab taqlid. 
Dkapb, p. ji- satai', yaatur; J^ 

gafta, yugatti ; f>~^ kas^am, yu- 

Draper, s, ^j» jiibi-y (pi- ^j* 

Deapeet, «. SjU- sitara-t (pi. jiU- 

satiiyir J jjy- auriLdiq (pi. •cl 

-at). — [cloth Tnanufaelory) J*"- 

tj*H ma'mal al-juh. 
Drastic, adj., $. J#— • muebil. 
Draught, a. (in'nt) hj^ Sarba-t ; 

vjT*^ maSrflb ; ^*- jar'a-t. — (o^ 

a net) iiV jazba-t. — (a «ietcA) 

}i^ taf wir ; Ejj— « musawwada-t ; 

^j raam.— («/ oiV) pij rilj 0^1- 

cl),* arwHt). 
Dbadobtb, s. (^ame) i-LJi s-«l 

la'b ad-tjama-t. 
Dbahobtbhan, «. ^*j rAsim ; jj-* 

Draw, u. (pwM) ;* jarr, yajurr ; 

wV jajab, yajzub, yajjili ; 
sabab, yasnul 


•rd) J- 

sail, yasull ; Jyi- jarad, yajrnd, — 

[detign) f^^y ra^m, yarsum ; j}> 

?awwar, yu^awwir. 
Drawback, «. SjU-a hasara-t j y^/-*- 

Draw-bridob, s. t^y3 J gHji EjLtl 

qanfara-t tartafi' wn tatawatfa'. 
Drawer, *. Cj>> durj (pi. gljol 

adraj). — (fift^sf o/ dmwtr*) w8i«> 

dWAb (1)1. S-JS-* dawflllb). 
Drawees, i. yye* maizar (pi, j)!*- 

inayazir) ; yWl libAs (pi. tvUltl 

Deawibo, a. ^j rasm (pi. fj-j 

ruflum, ^jl arsum). 
Deawl, v. tf*' lahljan, yulahhin. 
Dbawl, s. (>«J latn (pi- a;*l 

lubGn, oWl alb&n)- 
Deaw-well, «. ^ bi'r, Mr (pL 

>1 ab'flr, j»l abar). 
Dray, a. ilw naqqala-t. 
Dread, a. •,J)«. haul ; ilW> iiiah&> 

fa-t ; £y faza'. 
Deead, Deeadfol, adj. wAe*" mo- 

hayyif ; J<k^-* mujaffil ; ■ ftuA* 

mubif ; J^ mahiil. 
Dread, v. (^ -JU. haf min, yah&f ; 

g>i faza', yafza' ; ^JU. hai&, 

Dream, a. ^ bul^ (pl- f^ ^' 

ISm, i=jUj1» bulumat); f^ 

manam (pl. bjUU- manilmit). — 

ifaney) JV^ hiyul (pL &iA 

Dreau, v. fi^ balam, yal^lam ; ^y 

l*U-> ra'a manam, yara ; |*^ tJ'^ 

iki manAm, yaiiif. — {indulge ut 

day-dream«) Je*' tabayyal, yata- 

Dreamer, a.. Dreamy, adj. ^l*. 

hulim ; J^^i- '»— I- (Abib 1i>yU 

(pl. 't'W'* a^hAb), 
Drear, Dreary, adj. {penon) 

i^y^ bazm ; ,t,i** muglamm. — 

(thing) )<iS^ mukaddir; ^ ma- 

Dreariness, a. ^^ hazan; f^ 

gamm, y^ii kadar. 
Dredge, a. Hf^ ^bako-t (pl- ^W^ 


m-t. yii- ™»t» 




Dbxdox, v. X^iJtJVi oUm^ a^tad bi- 
'^^baka-ty ja^tM* 

Desdoxb, «. t^W^ fajjad. 

Dbscm, «. jVXd <ak&r ; v»^ i rasiib. 

DasHCHy V. J» ball, jabull; Jl» 
ballal, jubidliL 

Dbshch, «. i^/n sarba-t. 

Dbxss, 8, v/ s&uby aob (pL v»Ve> 
gij&b); <^\^ Ubas (pi. l^\ 
albiaa-t) ; i^ kiswa-t (pi. ij)^^ 
kasiwi) ; Djq badla-t. 

Dasas, v. (clothe) (^ labbas, ju- 
labbifl ; ^jmj\ aJbas, julbis ; V^ 
kas&y jakfliL — (prepare) ^ haj- 
T&, yuhajji ; )«♦• jahhaz, jujah- 
niz. — (food) f^ t&bah, jatbuh. 

Dbibblb, v.a. ^ qattar, juqaUir; 
W naqqat, yunaqqit; n. jIUi 
qafar, jaqtur; ^ naqqat, ju- 

Dbibblst, $, XaL> Dutfa-t (pi. <JkU 
nutuf, <^VU nitaf); Ad» nuqta-t 
(pL iU» niq&O- 

Dbiit, «. (aim) ^ nija-t (pi. ^\^ 
nijat, V|y naw&ja); ^^Jt garacji 
(pi. v/V( agriMJi). 

Dbivt, v. (float) v>V* fA4, jafAi; 
f>W '&m, ja'iim. 

Dbill, «. (borer) s-Ot* misqab (pL 
v^I^ masftqib) ; Jr-^^ mihraz 
(pL]|)W* mahariz); {J<^^ mib- 
bai. — (military training) f^t^ 
ta'lim ; vj*^ tadarrub. 

Dbill, r. (pierce) s-^ sa><l&b, yag- 
qub ; j^ b&raz, jahriz. — (train) 
v»j«^ darrab, judarrib ; ^^^ raw- 
wa^y jiirawwi4. 

DBIHK9 8, v»y» ^arab ; v»|;-<ti^ ma^- 
rdb (pL v£>U|j^^-A^ mainibat); 
viA^ DUiirab (pi. vjU^^ ma^ 

DBUIK9 V. vy» ^arib, ya^rab ; i^ 
jaraS yajra* ; s-^ 'abb, ya*ubb. 

DBurxxBy Dbunkabd, «. ^j^ dar- 
rab ; s-4/» ^irrib. 

Dbip, v. ^ naqqat, junaqqit ; J^^ 
walal, ja^il. 

Dbip, 8. (of a roof) v»^>«^ mizab 
(pi. s-l)V» mayizib). — (that 
which falii in drope) J^^ wa^ 
(pL jU^t aui&l). 

DaiPPiNa, «. (fat) ^^^Ai ^^m ; j/* 

Dbiyb, V, jU saq, yasiiq ; «>Vl q4d, 

yaqM. — (chase) *^ \BXBdy yat- 

rad. — (drive at) Jui qa^ad, yaq- 

fid; JtdS^ taqa^^ad, yataqaffad; 

*y\j\ arad, yurid. 
Drive, s, (ride) hf^\ ^ fiyi tanaz- 

zuh fi-'l-*araba-t. — (road) ijijt 

tariq (pi. J> turq). 
Dbivel, v. (slaver) Jij rayyal, yu- 

rayyil. — (dote) ^^ harif, yafe- 

Dbivkl, 8, JW; riyal ; v»UJ lu*ab ; 

Dbiyeb, «. o^»^7^ 'arabanjt. 
Dboll, adj, ( ^ *..* mushin. 
Dboll, Dbollebt, «. 8 ; afc^^ masba- 

ra-t (pi. /-L-^ masahir). 
Dbomedabt, 8. {^t^ hajin (pL 

{^^ hujun, e>iU^ hajayin) ; 3W 

Dbone, a. jy>> dubbiir (pi. ^V)0 

bababir). — (idler) (;j3Ua kasl&n 

(pi. ^^»<-^ kasala). 
Dboop, v. J>«^ zabal, ya^bul ; ^U» 

ta^a, yuta^i. 
Dbop, 8, SjUi qutra-t, qatra-t ; l^^^ 

dam'a-t (pi. J^*> dumii', g**>\ 

Drop, r.a. }^ qa^tar, yuqattir ; I* 

uatiqa^, yunaqqit. — (let go, lay 

aside) s-*t>- sayyab, yusayyib ; 

g-k^ wa4a*, ya4a*; n. (fall in 

drops) )^ qa{ar, yaqtur. — (fall) 

gij waqa*, yaqa* ; 1A« saqa^, yaa- 

Dropsical, (u2;. ^j&^ju.^ mustasqi ; 

{^^t^ babin. 
Dropsy, •. U-a-\ istisqa' ; ^j^t*. 

Dross, s, <j»>U4J\ fiysj ragwa-t al- 

ma'adin ; JW/ tubal. — (refuse) 

SjJ^ 'af^t. 
Drossy, adj, ^^U.^ gair balif. 
Drought, s, (j«^ yabs ; i^yH yu- 

biisa-t ; ^^ qu^iUa-t. 
Dbouohty, adj, (dry) (j^\i yabis. 

— (thirsty) (^UtLc *ai.4au. 
Dbove, s. j^ qi^ar (pi. ^ qu^ur, 

^aAJ^ qu^urat) j f^ qati* (pi. 

D»o] 1 

£\W aqtfi'); Vj- sirb ([•]. v>\;-l 

Dbover, 8. jlj- aawwitq. 
Dbown, ti.a. J;* garniq, yugarriq j 

n. ^}t yariq. yagmq. 
Drowsiness, g. (j-l«i nu'fts. 
Dkowst, rtrf;'. y-eU nil'ia j (jUjj) 

Dbub, p. w/* (Jamb, ja^rib ; Js 

qntal, jaqtnt. 
Dkubdino, «. wj^ diirb. 
Dbudob, I', s-** ta'ab, jat'ab; 

s— *^ ha^ab, jahSil). 
Drcdoehy, e. V*' ta'ab (pi, vUi\ 

DfioQ, g. l.J dawii ([il. ijjjl a(twi- 

^a-t) ; ijW bah&ra-t j jUc "aqti^iir 

(pi. f-U\iB 'aqAqir). — {arlicle 

stow of tale) S.»-u SjW tijiira-t 

Dbug, f. (mix) Us- halat, yablut ; 

yo^ habbas, yuhabbij, — (aj- 

minUler druge) ^ bannaj, yu- 

SsuoQisT, ». ;U>e 'attar; i^^Vfie 

DEnu, «. J^ (abl (pi. J^ tubal) ; 

^j*> darbala-t. 
Dkdm, v. J*ttftbal,yatbul; (abbal, 

jutabbil ; JtUI jj liaqq aMabl, 

yaduqq ; ,_yjjJ darlial, jmlarbil. 
Dkumusb, ». Jt^ tabbJil. 
Drum-stick, g. J-Ul jj^ luidaqq 

Drunk, DstiHKEii, adj. la^^ Balk- 
ran (pi. ,4)1^ saknra). 
Drunkard, t. .^Ij*. ^rr«b j s-«)* 


Det, adj. ,j-(Vj yiibie; i-4*U niUif, 

— (in tpeech, &c.) JjW bund ; ,jj^e 

Dry, v.a. ULu naisaf, yunaSiif; 

u-rt yabbaa, yuyabbia ; n. *JiJJ 

uaiif, yansaf; ^-mI tajahbaa, 

DcixBss, B. u-rt juba; i-jrf ju- 

bilna-t ; vJUj nisif. 
DftYSALTSE, «. (dn*3J«() j*-t-» 


a. /- aukr; «;i- 

DcAt, 8. ie*3 ta^niya-t ; ^J^ sX- 

DuHioufi. adj. *lj-S±- maAk&b; 

ApA-* miisabbah. 
Ducat, s- r«^ s-^-i ^bab nuj&r. 
Duck, c. &t batta-t (pi. Ljl^ butAf). 
Duck, u.a. i.^^ ganas, ^i^ttu i 

n. u-W galaa, yagpa;- y-i« 

tagattaa, yatagattaa. — (>(oop) 

^_y^\ inhana, yanl>aiii. 

DL-CK1NI3. ». y^ git* ; j^^ gauf ; 
j^joLt giyi'ij. 

Ductile, ai?^;. (viaUeable) -uaj yam- 
tad d.—(fi-acfa62<;) >>Ub* muqtiid ; 
ffU. tiji'. 

Ductility, «. JlAa*l imtidad ; ^y 

Due, adj. s-*^j wiijib ; |^J Ucim; 
^}»S bijiq ; S-— ^ niunnaib. — (a# 
a bill, &c.) Jt- V»»- 

Due, I. O* baqq (pi. jjfe- buq&q)- 

DuBL, 8. i^\ (^ Jlii qitiU ben 
osDi'D ; ifij>.«* inufiira'a-t ; SyW* 
luuburaza-t ; i^L-< musuyafa-t. 

Duelist, 8. £Ui- inutoBfiri'. 

Dues, 8. (/mc*) SjW 'ada-t (pL 
Jlljc 'awayid); Sjy farda-t, fir- 
da-t; y-al. (aqs. 

Duet, e. ^y nauba-t. 

Duo, 8. i*i- ha!ama-t; ^ biw (pi. 
jlj* bizaz). 

Dull, adj. {not cheerful) i^^ 
Ijazin ; JjU lualul ; (^jwj za'liii. 
— (slow of vjuleTstaiuiing) *^ 
balid ; /ttw l»ahiia. — (drovty) 
(jUjit na'Biin; j^Ui na"a8.— 
{dnll market) J>-lf j^ sauq k^id. 
— {chudy) /nM mugay^am. 

DuLNEaa, 8. (slupidily) t-H* bal&- 
da-t ; ^W bahflma-t ; ijW^ ga- 
bawa-t). ^ {Kidruet, annoyanet) 
fj! gamm ; ^j za'la-t. — (»lmg- 
yuknat) J-i kasi; jly" *»" 

Dumb, adj. (unabh to tpeak) ij^^ 
ahras, i. ^^ haraa' (pi. ij*^ 
hura) ; ^1 abkam (pL ^ 
bukm). — (»j7<.-nO .iJU aikit; 
>a.e^ aikkit ; •s—l* m'ufil j .^-c*-* 

DtntBMBSS, 8. ij>/- tjaius ; f»J^ 




bakam. — (iilence) %m9^ sukiit; 

sM^^^ yamt. 
Dummy, # . J^ iiVL 
Duv, adj. iy\tj^\ asmar g^miq; 

Dim, «. ymA 'asar, ya*Bur, ja'sir; 

y^ a'sar, yu'air; ^Vic taqa4ay 

DuH, f. /-^ 'aair; ^j*^*s* muta- 

DuNCX, f • J^Ai balid ; f»o«i bahim. 
Dung, # . J>j zibl ; AWj zabaia-t. 
Dung, v. Jij zabbal, yuzabbil ; J)j^ 

azbal, juzbil. 
DuNoxoN, «. u-*«*> l^bB (pi. cr*>«** 

^ub^); (;^%i« sijn (pi. e^%-* 

Dunghill, #. A|y« mazbala-t (pi. 

Ji^y* mazibil). 
Dupx, «. v>yAA« mag^ui, j^^ mag- 

r&r ; ^h»'A.^ gasim. 
DuPK, v. <>>^ gais, jagus8. 
Duplicate, ad;, ^^i^ musaniia. 
Duplicate, $, {copy) J^ naql, 

nuql ; ^U Xik-i nusha-t sanija-t. 
Duplicate, v. ^ s^uma, jusanni ; 

uuu ^''af, ju4a*'if. 
DuFLicmr, $. see Double-dealing. 
Dueabilitt, $. 4*^^ gabat; ^^ 

gubiit ; ^^^ dawam. 
DuBABLE, ad;. {^^ makin; ^s^^ 

labit ; ^U dayim ; ^^ qayim ; 
muitadim : i t- T ..,.* miuta- 

DuBANCE, «. {imprisonment) ^W^ 

in)^bM ; (j-*«*> ^bs. 
Duration, «. i^ mudda-t; Ut 

DuBiNG, jmp. iJ^ ^ fi mudda-t ; 

JjW bi-tul ; f>^*> U mil dim ; ^^ 

U ben mm. 
Dusk, # . o*^ iafaq. 
Duskiness, $. ^U^ 'atma-t; ^Uli 

DcsKT, adj. f^^ 'atim; ^s^^ mu- 

'attim, mu'attam. 
Dust, •. v»y turab ; ^W* gubar ; 

^j^ gabara-tv gabra-t. 
Du0T, r. (/rcc /n/«4 Ji«/; y66» 

nazzif; c**^ masal^, jamsal^. — 

(cover or sprinkle ioith duit, Ac.) 

pt gabbar, yugabbir; J^j ras^, 

Dustman, #. J»*y^ cV nazza]|^ al- 

Dusty, ad;, ^^a^ mugabbir ; (;)J^ 

v»y malau turab. 
Duteous, Dutiful, adj, jj*» 

mmi' ; *>Vju<« munqad ; f»UJ ^ 

zu zimam. 

DuTiFULNESS, $, ^U»\ i(a'a-t ; ls\L 

^a*a-t ; «>^^ inqijad. 
Duty, •. s-*^^ wajib (pi. v£>WU 

wajibat) ; ^jH lazima-t (pi. ^j\y 

lawazim) ; (J*> ^arjq (pi. jybk. 

j^uquq). — (toll) cr^ maks (pL 

(^y^ mukus) ; «i!^ kumruk 

(pi. «i!;U^ kamarik). 
DwABF, «. Wi»> l;atU ; s^ ^ '^ han- 

qab; c^J^*^ dal;dal;; aiU^ mu- 

qa^afa^t ; J;^; tiutaL 
DwAKF, V. yu\ aygar, juygir. 
Dwarfish, od/. jo^ yugayyir ; j^ 

Dwell, v. {^^ sakan, yaskun. 
Dwelling, $. (jSL^ miiskan (pi. 

^u^ masakin) ; (^^^ makan 

(pi. ijS^\ imkana-t, (^u^ ama- 

kinj ; ^JiA^ magna (pi. sj^^^ 

Dwindle, r. «^ na^^a?, yanqu?. 
Dye, r. ^y lawwau, yulawwin; 

^^ fabag, yafbug; sabbag, yu- 

Dye, 8. ^W* 9ibag. 
Dyeing, «. Iti^ ^ibaga-t; ^ ftibg. 
Dyeb, $. {W«> 9abbag. 
Dynasty, $, J\ al (pi. J^y awal) ; 

J-i nasi; a*?^ ^aifa-t; aJ^ 

daula-t (pi. J^-> duwal;. 
Dysenteey, 9, ijt^y {^1^ sayalan 

al-l/atu ; f^ J^^ ibhai dam; 

^^ uy nuzf dam. 
Dyspepsia, $. f»^§^^\ y^ bu^u' al- 

iucjiham ; f»^^^ j-^ *usr aU 

Dybfektic, adj,^ $. f^^l\ ^ bati* 

Dysuky, #. J^^ ^— ft 'usr al-buL 


Each, adj. Jf kull; J^-lj JT kull 

wfil>id; oy fan.1. — {each, other) 

,j-*t bu'd ; (j4i^ ijAn) ba'cj ba'4 

(with pronominal affix). 
Eaqeb, adj. (ardmf) ^jS^i-* muS- 

tahi ; jlii* mustiVj. — -(vehe^incnt) 

■it-iA &ai\i.- — (zealous) -^la^jaiiilil. 
Eagebness, 8. Ap,*- Ijiniija-t ; ije^ 

gira-t; iyU-> mugayara-t. 
Eagle, s, ;~-s nasr ([il.jj—* nuBur). 
Eaolet, ». J^i wulaj. 
Ear, e. ^i\ uzn (pi. yUl azan, du. 

O^jl aznin) ■, Tulg. ^l-> dfin, 

y-)j wudn,— (0/ corn) Jr- sabal ; 

3^— Babala-t; aI,j« aumbula-t 

(pi. J(U_ Bftniibil). 
Eab, c. {/orm ears) jU- sabbal, 

juBttbbil; J*-\ aabal, jusbil. — 

{plough) kA>^ harai, ya^ras ; 

fit falah, yanat. 
Eablinebs, s. «ifj tabkir. 
Eault, adj. ftA) bakir. 
Eabn, v. h i kasab, yaksib ; 

s — -^ iktasab, jaktasib ; t*j 

mbih, yarbah. 
Eabnest, adj. jjij waqilr; Jj** 

jalifld i -M- muqayyad. 
Eabnest, EAKHEsTHEas, s. j^j 

^aqar ; -^ jidd ; f^*^\ iblimuiu. 
Eabn EST- MOKE V, «. a^j^ 'urban 

(pi. ee<V "aJ-flbin). 
Eabninob, «. s— S kasb; s— ^ 

makaib 1 >t>^— -^ iktisub ; ^j 

Eae-bino, s. isl«^ Ijalqa-t (pi. -jUI* 

halqat) J tji qurt (]>!. LV' aqniQ- 
Eabth, «. i>jl ard (])1. ^y aratji) ; 

tj/ eara (pi. '^/^ agra') ; s^lji 

tuntb ; jW fahbiir. 
Eabtb, v. (^-i dafan, jad&n; j^ 

(amar, yafiuur. 
ELlbtheh, adj. ^t'V i^ niin tat&h ; 

oiV turabi-y ; jW y.* min fah- 

EABTHLiNKsa, 8. W'^^ S"*- Ifibb ad- 



Eaethlt, adj. ij-*jl ar^J-y- — 
(worldly) ^t^^ du.nya\fi-j ; Jjl« 
'ftlami-y ; JA- Bufliyy. 

Eakthquaee, ». A^j zLlzila-t (pi. 
JjSj zalazU). 

Eabtht, orfj. ^s^ \un.j. 

Eab-was, e. ^\i'i\ (^y wasah al- 

Eabwio, s. (^I.jJ^ iJk'J^ mu^kAi 
ad-din ; yt*;^ bans ; *Ui qum- 
mala-t. — {slanderer) ,_j*lj wlSi 
(pi. uuUj wuBnt). 

Ear-witness, «. ^^ sumi'. 

Eabe, s. (cOTn/or() i-(j ral>a-t; *»U, 
rafilba-t ; j-i yaear, yusur ; i^e^ 
bulahniya-t (pi. j»>i balabi, 
(j*ii balnhin). — {facility) flj*- 
suhula-t ; J— i yusr. — (o/maAnerv) 
J3>) dalAl I ^)m muliiyaiQa-t. 

Ease, v. oU& haSaf, yuhal&f ; ^ 
aahbal, yusatibil. 

Easihess, 0. Aljg.. suhMa-t; UU 
latafa-t ; ij~^ £albana-t. 

East, «. ji;*. iarq ; J;-*- ma^riq (pi. 
jjLt* masariq). 

East, Eastbbly, Eastern, a^. 
^Z- sarqi-y ; j»r*-* mairiqt-y. 

Eabter, s. f-ain ■ifD -aid al-faf)^ ; 
iJijAll Ae^l al-'aid aS-sarif . 

East, adj. (jaief) c^/« tnurta^. — 
{not diJicuU) J». sahil; ^^ 
hayyin (pi. U^al abwiun'). — (no! 
formal) Jtt%* mulaTim. 

Eat. v. jii akal, ya'kuL 

Eatable, adj., s. Jjf^ ma'kfll (pL 
«,3jS'U ma'kaiut). 

Eates, «. v^>«* mizflb (pL s-tjW* 

Ebb, (, jyc jazr. 

Ebb, v. jft jazar, yajzir, yajzur. 

Ebony, s. ^^31 s-t^ ha^b &!• 

Ebullition, «. (j^ gaJa^an ; oVf* 
fawariui; u'^"* hayajau; g.^ 

EocENiBic, at^'. {odd) >w/ garib. 




— (in geometry) ^j^ 

muhtalif al-marakiz. 
Eccentricity, •. (oddnesi) ^\jt \ 

garaba-t. — (in geometry) u^'i^ 

/\j4S\ ibtiMf al-marakiz. 
EccLSSi AATic, Ecclesiastical, adj, 

^y^^ kanajisi-j. 
Ecclesiastic, $, (^ c^iaa (pi. <^^ 

qusiis, X^^Ui qasAwisa-t). 
Echo, $. W, ^ju^ ^ada (pi. ^Ju>^ 

afdi') ; ^5^ dawi-j. 
Echo, v. f^%*A adwa, yudwi ; f^^ 

afda, ju^ai. 
Eclat, $. ($€andaT) l^ ^uhra-t. — 

(gplendaur) fjfi^ raunaq; i^ 

jalwa-t (jilwa-t, Julwa-t). 
EoLiPSE, •. «^L-55\ inkisAf. — (of 

the tun) v/»«^^ <^^ kusfif a.4. 

iaJDB. — (of the moon) j^\ ^y^^ 

bos&f al-qamar. 
Eclipse, v. «JL^ kasaf, jaksif. — 

(ike tun is eclipsed) «JUJ^\ in- 

kasaf, jankasif. — (the moon is 

eelips^) j4J^\ « - * . n A hasaf al- 
qamar, jahsif ; UL.^^ inhasaf, 

Ecliptic, «. t}p^^ Iti^j^ mintaqa-t 

Economic, Economical, adj. ^y» 

mawaffir ; J*xxa^ mu'tadil ; Juxfr* 

Economise, v. /^ waffar, jnwaffir ; 

•luxll iqtafad, jaqta^id. 
Economist, s, (mana/jer) yi^^ mu- 

dabbir. — (one who saves) j^y» 

(pL reg. and'c«^S^ falalih). 

mnwaffir. — (farmer) c^ fallal^ 

Economy, s. (management) s-^/ 
tartib ; ^Vks*\ intigam. — (/nt- 
goliiy) j^f taufir; «i)L.^\ im- 

Ecstasy, #• •»%« wajd (pi. ^t%.« 
wujM) ; ^VU»\ inhitM. 

Ecstatic, ad}. <^y<4^ inahtilf. 

EciTMBNic, adj. fS^ 'tunm; ^^f*^ 

Eddy, «. U5^ ^y^ dawwjlr al-ma' ; 
^^ gawwAr. 

Eddy, r. jU dAr, yadAr. 

Edge, #. QMtder) i-A|W l^ajif (pi. 

hasiya-t (pi. ^J^^ hawlUi); 

«*jW- sajaf. — (of a blade) •^ 

hadd (pi. *>^J^ hudud). 
Edge, v, (sharpen) »>J^ ^addad, 

juhaddid ; (^ sann, jasunn. — 

(fringe) «■ * » * sajjaf, yusajjif; 

ij^ lafaq, jalfiq. 
Edible, adj. see Eatable. 
Edict, s, j~^\ amr (pi. /-^V 

awamir) ; f^ hukm (pi. f»^^^ 

ahkam) ; <^U;* firman (pi. c:^\;* 

Edification, s. f^t)^ ta*lim ; sHt*>'^3^ 

ta*dib ; ^f tarbija-t. 
Edifice, s. w bina (pi. ^\ ab- 

niya-t) ; <jjV-t^ bunyan ; SjUft 

'imara-t, 'amara-t. 
Edify, v. (instruct) ^ 'allam, 

yu*allim; v»»>\ addab, yu'addib. 

— (improve) ^ ^allah, yu^allill^ ; 

^\ aslal^, yu^lih. 
Edit, v, ^i allaf, yu'allif; ULu 

^annaf, yuaanuif; j^\ azhar, 

Edition, s. ^ tab* (pi. jM^tiba*) ; 

A*-i tab*a-t. 
Editor, s. <Ji)^ mu*allif; «-JLu^ 

Educate, v. v»*>^ addab, yu'addib ; 

^^J rabba, yurabbi. 
Education, s.a, ^f tarbiya-t; 

s-^*>Vy ta'dib ; sHt«V tahzib ; n. 

v*«>^ adab ; v**>V; ta*addub. 
Kduce, v. t/^\ ahraj, yuhrij. 
Eel, s. ^ « *V ».. saiiiak hayya-t ; 

fj»^>JSJ^ (u-fl^^) 'ankilis (anklis) ; 

^j^ jirri-y (pi. ^ijV jarari). 
Efface, r. ,j^^ maha, yam^i; 

(j-^ tamas, yatmus, yatmis ; 

tammas, yu^animiH; (j^ ^alas, 

yatlis ; (alias, yutallis. 
Effect, Effectuate, v. ^y^^ 'amil, 

ya*mal ; J-a»- ha^fal, yuha^fil ; 

^ taminam, vutammim. 
Effect, s. y}»^ fi*l, fa*l; Jy»A^ 

maf*ul (pi. Joc^ mafiVil). — 

(consequence^ result) J*^ ba**l 

(pi. Jk^>»» hawafil) ; ^ » e ' ^ nati- 

ja-t. — (impression) f\ asar (pi. 

^ asar). — (purpose) jbjt gariuj 

(pi. u*\;i^ agra^l j ; Jui qaf d. 

Effective, Efpkctual, adj. Ji«i 
fa"ai ; ^li k* " ■' 


Effects, «. JU mill (ul. Jlj-l am- 

EFyKMiNACT,s. JJjJ tadl'd; 4i-c«* 
'' tahannus. 

Effbminatk, adj. JJa- mudallal; 
li-i*- miihannas. 

Effervesce, v. Ji ^ala, yagli ; jVi 
fiir, jafilr ; ^j raga, yargS. 

Effebvebcence, g. (^0^ galajan ; 
ij*j ragwa-t (pi. ^jt^ rugan). 

Effete, adj. ^ harim. 

Efficaciocs, Efficient, my. ^ii" 
kiifl ; JUi fa"al ; ^U fn'ili-j-. 

EFFiCACiotrsNBBs, Efficacy, Effi- 
ciency, g. ielcU fS'ilJya-t. 

Effiot, s. !jj- ?i\ra-t (pi. jy* 
^uwar) ; i-iJi naqi&-t. 

Efflokebcb, v.j^) ztthar, yazhaj- ; 
zahhar, yuzanmr ; y*)! azhar, 
juzhir ; jjl nawwar, yunawwir, 

Efflohescence, e. je*/ tazhir. — 
(cniption of the tkia) ^ basr 
(pi. jji) busiir) ; s^j» jarab. 

Effluence, Efflcs, b. ySiff- aaya- 

Efploent, adj. y Ji^ siiyil min. 
Effldvitim, ». jl*: baharj acUF 

Effokt, 9. .Ja^ jalid ; oW=»^ ijtihfid ; 

,_^ sa'i; •>*- jadd. 
Effbontbry, «. *»Uj waqal^a-t j 

J«U- Bafiiba-t ; ij^ fanjara-t. 
Efpuloence, s. ijW jalwa-t; .J*?^ 

Effusion, s. <■,— ?abb ; vW<J' in- 

^ibAb; ii\\ iriiqa-t; u^ eafk i 

(3*0 dafq. 
E.G., (emnpli gratia, for inttanee) 

"Vf* ma^alan. 
Ego, v. (in»tiijale) *•';*■ harrak, yu- 

Eoo, *. yA»i bai4 ; *'*ri baida-t. 
Eoo-cup, «. <-i^ zarf (pi. «-*j,;i 

Eoo-eHKi.1., «. i*ifJl r** qisr aJ- 

baida-t (pI.j*iJquSflr). 
EaOTiSM, ». £e»Ul ananJya-t, 
EoBBaioua, adj- i^*** tuumtaz; 


j^e.^i' ma^Ar; ^Uu mutafa- 

I. tjf- burftj. 

U^ > o*^ lamitn]. 
Eighteen, adj. jAc Je*W samiiii- 

ya-t 'aSar. 
Eiohteenth, adj. y^ (j-U iimia 

Eightfold, adv. <^\tLi,\ l^US aaml- 

niya-t ad'nf. 
Eighth, adj. yU samin. 
Eighth, e. {an eighth part) yJ 

gumn (pi. (jUJl asmnB). 
Eighty, Eightieth, ojij. (^W 

Either, adj. .)mA olfad ; U*J>-t 

Either, eonj. (A am ; M ainin&. 
Ejaculate, v. (ery out) (3*j Ka'aq, 

yaz'aq; tJJ nadA, jandfl. — (utUr 

a thort prayer) ijlj^ Ijaulaq, jro- 

Ejaculation, ». E^ da'wa-t ; il^ 

Eject, v. e^I &hraj, yubrij ; Cj^ 

tarah, yatrah. 
Ejection, Ejectubkt, t. jfi^\ 

Elaborate, «. J*^ kammal, ja. 

kammil; f' RaDna', yuaamii'. 
Elabobate, adj. J«U kumil ; f^ti* 

miikammal ; {^"^ mu^Qn&*, 
Elabosateness, s. ii«> diqqa-t. 
Elabobation, «. geJ— ■ la^ni' ; Je*JS 

Elapse, e. ^j*^ mada, yain4> ; '^^ 

fiit, yafut. 
Elastic, adj. -W } tj^ yuka^ w& 

yumadd ; yji ladn. 
Elasticity, ». i^Ui ka^A^t; t^t 

ie'jf*' quwwa-t tahawwuliya-ti 

iiU ladana-t. 
Elate, v. ^ babbar, yukabbir. 
Elate, ot/f. j .i < .-* mutakabbir; 

C— '"'* munfasiti. 
Elation, s. ^^^ takabbar. 
Elbow, «. {/ kti' (pi. oW* ki**!!. 

fljil akwa') 1 ^^ij- mirfaq j*l/« 

Elbow, d. f^\} Ea^am, yuE^biin } 





^j dafn^ jadfai; daffai, ju- 

Elbowiwo, 9, f»^«*j^ izdit&m ; ^4-^) 

Elder, adj. j4\ akbar, f. ^y^f 

Elder, #. t^ *aib (pi. t-j*^ suyAh, 

tW^^ aijah, (4V«^ti^ masajih, &c.)- 

— (tree) o^-X* bailasan ; UUi- 

hainam& ; o^**^ human. 
Eldeblt, 8. j^^fdA ihtiyar. 
Elect, v. j^^ ihtar, yahtar ; s-^a^^ 

intahab, vantahib; ^jAL«\ i^^afa, 

Elect, •. j^sai^ muhtar, ^Jio^ mu?- 

fafa; ^< ^u>» muntahab. 
Election, •. jW«^^ ihtiyar; v»Ws*\ 

Elective, adj, s-<m^ muntahib. 
Electoral, adj, v^Uj^\ intihAbi-y. 
Electbic, Electrical, adj, J^je^ 

Elbctbicitt, f. ^J^j^ kahrabayi- 

Elbctbift, v. v^ kahrab, yukah- 

rib. — (excite) ge^ liayyaj, yuhay- 

• • 

Elegabce, i. ^\^ zarafa-t; S^» 

Eleoant, adj, «-A|Jk zarif; ^J9l 
bahi-y ; ^t)^ mali$. 

Elegt, $. SV>^ marfat; ^^f^ mar- 
giya-t (pi. ^j^ marasi) ; Ij^ 
qafida-t (pi. J^ qa^id, J^^ 

Elembbt, 8. (cotutituent part) 

/•** 'un^ur (pi. ;*^ 'ana^ir) ; 

J*^ afl (l>l. J»«^ u^iil) ; ^J0\ i88 

(pi. (^C* asas). — (rudimmtA) 

•Jkf badw ; ^^oW* mabiuli (pi of 

mabdi) ; J^^^ u^HL 
Elemental, Elementary, adj, 

^f^ut 'un^uri-y ; yj^^ a^li-y. 
Elephant, •. J«A fil (pi. JW*^ 

afyAl, J^fijal). 
Elephantiasis, $, (^^ jazam ; U 

^\ da* al-fil. 
Elevate, v, a*; rafa*, yarfa* ; ^ 

'alia, yu'alli. 
Elevation, •. gW»\ irtifa* ; a**; 


Eleven, adj, jAa j^^ ahad 'a^, f . 

g^ ^^j^\ ihda *asara-t. 
Eleventh, adj. jJ^ ^5"*^ badi *a.^r, 

f. iyjs^ i^tjW hadiya-t 'asra-t. 
Elp, 8. ey^ jinn (pi. ^ jinna-t) ; 

^^i^ jinni-y, f. t^ jinniya-t. 
Elicit, v, v'-V jazab, yajzib ; tj^\ 

ahraj, yuhrij. 
Eligible, adj, s-^a^u* yuntahab ; 

;4^ jadir. 
Eliminate, v. ^\ alga, yulgi. 
Elision, 8. ^^ hazf. 
Elite, «. a-Xl hala^a-t ; M=* nuh- 

Elixir, «. ;<>— ^ iksir, aksir. 
Ell, 8, £\;*i zinV, zara* (pi. £;i^ 

Ellipse, Ellipsis, 8, (omi88\on) 

^^ bazf; jW:^ ijaz; ^joS taq- 

dir.— (/w (jeomeiry) ^^^ baidi-y. 
Elliptical, adj. %-i^<W* mahzilf; 

^^jji; tacjdiri-y. — (oval) ^j^ 

Elm, 8. SjU^j dardara-t; **©*•> 

buqi8a-t; ^\ Ij^ .4ajara-t al- 

Elocution, 8, {^^ bayun; jtfi 

ta()rir ; J» naql ; ^ji na?H. 
Elooium, Elooy, 8, ^.^ inadih. 
Elongate, t;. J^ tawwal, vu^aw- 

wil ; JVl\ atal, yutil. 
Elongation, 8, J>y« tatwil ; SVL^ 

Elope, v, ^ farr, yafirr. 
Elopement, 8. ;V firar. 
Eloquknce, 8. 4o.Ui fa^taha-t ; i*!^e 
! ])alaira-t; (^^ bayan. 
I Eloquent, adj. j-a-^ ffujih (pi. 

W-i fuKahiV) ; i^lj bali|< (pi. Ul| 
! bulapV). 
Elsk, adj, jtA ^?iur; /^^ ahar, f. 

<^/.^ libra. 
EliSKWHKItK, a(|y. ^\ Q*y» yj* fi 

inaiida^ ahar. 
Elucidatk, r. ^ faHHar, ynfanKir ; 

(j^ bayyan, vubayyin ; ^j wai^- 

dah, yuwaddih ; C/*» ^aral.i, ya?*- 

Elucidation, h. ^*— a* tafMir; fyfc 

J<arl.i; (;j^ bayaii ; ^^ taii- 



ELTToa, V. (J* JjU. ^Swal 'an, y u- 

Emaciate, v.n. >J«c< naljljaf, yu- 

nabhif ; ■~i^\ anhaf , y u'nhif ; J)* 

hazal, yahKJl ; n. jjail iuhazjil, 

Emaciation. s.ilU'nuljifii-ti Jj^ 

EUANCtPATB, V. iJM*^ a'taq, ju'tiq ; 

jll"! atlaq, ymliq. 
Emancipation, «. ijjw 'atq ; jUel 

i'Wq ; jUl itlflq. 
Embalm, «. Iua. haunat, yuhannit ; 

f»— 1) balsam, ^viibulsim. 
Embai.hino, >.*W<>* tahoit ; U~h 

Embank, v. J— sadd, yaaudd. 
Embankment, a. ^-*-jiar ([il.jj—* 

juHilr) ; J— aud'l (pi. JjA- Budud) ; 

^js 'arini. 

EhBAEOO, B. E;ja4' IJ* *^7*J1 C^ 

WJ1 (-^ inaii' al-marAkib 'om al- 

huruj min at-mioa. 
Embark, e.a. --r-ij^Jl) Jy nazzal bi- 

'I'lnarkab, yunazKil ; ^y^j waaaq, 

vasiq; B. ";«J1 s-Jj rakib al- 

\)atr, yarkab. 
Embabkation, #. ^;*H) Jj)J nuziil 

Embakkas, v. je»- hayjoT, yuhayyir ; 

i^ batai. yablus ; i^y* sawwa^, 

Embabrabsment, 8. ij<^ hira-t ; 

^J^)^ taiwis j i*i( balii^t. 
Embasst, s. i}\i~ Bifara-t, aalrtra-t. 
Embellish, v. (j— •> hassan, ytiliiis- 

Bin ; J**, jammal. yujammil ; 

uji) zajyan, yuzayyin. 
Embellishment, g, i;>e-«»^ tabalu; 

Js*r tajmil. 
Embers, «. U^ mallo-t. 
Embbzzle, e. ^V jj-saraq dariU 

him, yasraq. 
Embezzlement, ». %- sariqa-t ; 

, aa.t ([.1. i_rJ-- hulfts). 
Emblazon, c. ^> 'alaiu, yu'liiu ; 

ijti zayyiin, yuzayyin; jy* ?aw- 


i-ie 'ftl«ma-t (pi ^S* 'alAyim); 
QUi«i ius4a (pi. (;f«fcV uayiistu). 

Emblem, i. JeW tanijllj l,W\ 
isilra-t ; jW' majiiz ; v«j runs 
(pi. j^; rumiiz) ; i(UJ kinAya-t. 

Emblematic, Emblematical, ajj- 
^^j rimzi-y ; ijlAW li-'UiMra-t. 

EuBoniUENT, t. ,M~<r tuJBim. 

EMBODr, V. f»— % jasaam, ;uj««- 

EMBOLnEN, V. r-^ jasaar, yujassir ; 

C^ saija', yiUajji'. 
Emboss, v. ^ la'aj, ja('aj ; ffl 

ba'aj, yab'aj ; i>»i ba'aq, yab'aq. 
Embowel, t. (j^\ J* saqq al- 

ba^D, yasuqq. 
Embrace, v. ^y^ 'finaq, Tu'AQiq ; 

(^jJi^ hadan, yaljdau. — {tetMe 

eagerli/) j^ ittahaz, yatbihiz. 
Embbace. f. o*^^ ilit'^Mi"; 'u^-i-. 

hiadn ; aaU.* mu'amiqa-t. 
Embrasdkb, ». C*-i*il iiJ- (iqa-t 

Embboideb, o.^ t^rntz, TUtarris. 
Embboisebeb. v. j^^ farrAz. 
Embboidebi, «. Sjl> tir&za-t; yfr 

ta(ris; jljt tirftz. 
Embkuil., v. (J^ balai, yablai ; 

>xUa ^bbak, yiisabbik. 
Embryo, s. y«^ janin (pL l^y 

ajinna-t, oj^\ ajiiun). 
Emendation, c. ^o^ ta;!!!^; ^m 

Emerald, g. •>yi zumurrud. 
Emerge, t'. c/^ nanij, yabnii; jtt 
(^ fala' luiu, yatlu' ; jjt UBT&I, 

Emerobnct, ». EjlL tulii'. — (reaii) 
uAjVe 'Arid (pi- u*;V 'awAri^); 
i»J*-. tfAdi;a-t (pi. .±>j(^ l;aw&- 
6is). -(occasion) i^ fur,a,l (pL 
yo;* fura?). 

Emetic, «. j^a** muqayyii i^U* 

Emigrant, t. jua t^j; ^«A* 

Emiobatb, ti. juik tafoj, jatfii; ' 

;«^ h;ijar, yahjur ; cyot inl 

Emiobation, s. 0LtAL taCaiin ; ^d^ 

^>LJI tark al-wafan ; £^ hiji^-t, 

Eminence, §. J^MjI irtiffi* 




'&zama-t ; ^ *ulw, iiluw. — (title) 
flle^ fa4ila.t (d1. JjU* fadajil). 
Emin":nt, adj, ^^ *Rli; g^/» niur- 
tafi* ; 4-Ajyii .4anf ; f^t^ *azim. 

Elfl88ABT, 8, u*^^ JUSUS (pi. 

(.;«><^^^ jawiisis; J^\) niyid (pi. 

^^jy ruwwad). 
Emission, *. ey»\ ihraj; 3^^^ 

Emit, r. (^eitd forth) e/-^ aljraj} 

yuhrij ; j;»^ abraz, vubriz. 
Emmet, «. Jw nami, iUi nainla-t 

(pi. JW nimal). 
Emclument, s. i^^ favida-t (pi. 

JkiU* fawayid) ; laMi^ manfa*a-t 

(pf. g*U» mauati*) ; J^J^ mad- 

Emotion, «. (^We* hayajan; ^^ 

It^araka-t ; v»^y^\ icjitirab. 
Emotional, adj, ^^t^ muhayyij ; 

*dj^>» mul^arrik. 
Empale, r. j)^ hauza(|, yuhauziq. 
Empalement, 8. ii)^ hauzac^a-t. 
Empebob,«. ^^UL. HuUan (pi. ^^'^ 
aalatin) ; j^ qaigar (pi. &^^ 

Emphasis, 8, J^^^'V; ta'kid ; i^ 

nabra-t ; aaSL^ mubalaga-t. 
Emphasise, r. ^ akkad, yu'akkid ; 

f^^ fabham, yufahhim. 
Emphatic, adj. ^^J^*^ ta'kidi-y ; 

|mU fa^m. 
Empire, «. (kingdom) &^U^ mam- 

l&ka-t; ^y> dawla-t (pi. M;*> 

duwal). — {imperial dignity) iiL. 

■altana-t. — (dominion) y^ amr; 

L»^ f^ukikma-t ; UL»; tapalluf. 
Employ, v. (occupy) jAib ^agal, 

ya^gal ; saggal, yusagj^nl.— (ow€. 

ie(/") M^ iatagal, yastagil. — 

(ic«e) Jmmuu.\ ista'mal, yasta'mil ; 

f^^^ \^2A(\skm^ yiibaddim; uy«» 

ta^arraf, yatasarraf ; ^3f^ wakkal, 

Employment, «. (occupation) J^^a 

<ugl (pi. JUai^ asgal, JyUi 

^ugul) ; Aajl^ ma^gala-t (pi. 

J^Ul* mas4gil) ; J««fi 'amal (pi. 

JUft^ a*m&l) ; i^di^ l^idma-t. — 

(office) s^Afc* maDfab (pi. 


Empobitjm, tf. ^*3u» baiidar (pi. j«^U| 

banadir, Per 8.), 
E MFC WEE, r. jJ^ qaddar, yuqaddir ; 

,j*^ fawwa^, yufawwi^. 
Empress, s. ^UJl. sul^aua-t. 
Emptiness, «. !U. hala' ; ^ hulu-w ; 

U* tidiV. 
Empty, adj, ^^ fa<j[i ; JU hali; 

^Vi fa rig ; ^^^W hawi. 

Empty, r. ^_j^ fa^^a-* yufa^^i ; ir* 

I'arrag, yufarrig. 
Emulate, v, ji^ g»V^^» y^^*}'ir; 

^3»L• sabaq, yusabiq ; {j^\i nafas, 

Emulation, 8. ^jt^ gaira-t, gira-t; 

&^U^ mugayara-t; 4A|U^ musa- 

Emulous, adj. jM^ mugayir; jj-^U* 

Enable, v. j^ qaddar, yuqaddir; 

^^yi qawwa, yuqawwi ; {^y^ mak- 

kiiu, yumakkin. 
Enact, v. f^ liakam, ya^kum; 

^ qada, yaq4i. 
Enactment, 8. jA amr (pi. f\^ 

awamir) ; f^ l^ukm (pi. f»\^\ 

al^kam) ; Ui (ja4»V. 
Enamel, «. W^ miua (Per8.). 
Enamel, v. W*^^ s-^ rakkab bi-*l- 

mimV, yurakkib ; ^/JU uaqqai, 

Enamour, v. i-AAii sagaf, ya&igaf; 

fijt\ agram, yugrim. 
Encamp, v. f^t^ hayyam, yuhay- 

yiin ; ^ys s-^ ua^ab *ur4i, 

yau^iib ; jy nazal, yanzil. 
Encampment, *. ^;C *ur^i (i^*yj\ 

urdi, Turk.) ; j^S .m^ ma'askar ; 

Sa^^ muhatia-t. 
Encase, v. •x4^ gamad, yagmid, 

yagmud ; J^-^U\ aginad, yug- 

Enchain, v, •Mqayyad, yuqayyid; 

jy^ jaiizar, yujauzir ; yF*j zaujar, 

Enchant, r. «^- sal^ar, yashur. — 

(delight) ^m la^zaz, yiila??!^.. 
Enchanter, «. jW-* saljil^ar. 
Enchantment, 8. j^* 8il;^r; 

EvcHANTBita, s. S^U sa^ira-t. 

Bso] 1 

Emchase, v. ^j ra^^a', jura,;^!'; 
■x^ uaddad, yuua^^id. 

Ekcibclb, v. t-ii^ kanuai, jukan- 
nif ; v- 1^^ alint bi, juhi;. 

£nci.oaB, p. vjj zarrab, yuzarrib; 
jj<' tiadaq, yajjdiq ; >^ I-^l ahat 
bi, yutfit; (J4-t 4^iuman, yu^aJu- 

EucLOBUKE, ». {/ifnce) vjj larb (pi, 
^lU zuriib). — (j/Iace tnc/uwdd) 
iijj"- badiqa-t (pi. Ji^Jn- ta^it- 
yiq) i u-*- 9^n (pi. wj-»- 
^ul.iiinj; v;j)- mazrilb. — (in a 
letter) .JjAU jualfuf; iet (ayya- 
bu; ''J-^ dimuii-hu. 

Encomiast, «. c^-w maddalu ; c-*^ 

Encomiou, ». c-^ madl; ; UI aanu' 
(pi. i&ii\ asniya-tj ; liijS ta^rij. 
— (of a dead jictkoh) ^^°'li ta,' bia. 

Emcoupass, y. ijj^^ ihtawii, yuji- 
tawi ; J*:^t istamal, yastauil, 
jIj diir, yadilr (aJl three with ^Jc 

Emcountbb, ». {meelivj]) iijLa- 
muf iidafa-t ; itJl iltiiju'; Ailt- 
malaija-t. — (combat) ii**** muijii- 
tala-t ; ^j naq'a-t ; s^jb. ba.rb 
(pi. v^ turdb). 

Ehcohbaoe, tj.j-*- jttBsar,yujaaairj 
C*A iajjaSjuiajji'; s-tj raggab, 
yuraggib ; J-^ feass, yaljusa. 

Ekcoukageuent, a. v^y targib ; 
uil(j»' taljrik ; u*!/^ taljri^- 

Ebcuoach, v. ^J^ h5-"^ ta'odda 
'ala, yata'odda; jj* JjUw ta^a- 
val 'ala, yatatawal. 

Ercboacbuent, t. fj'i^ ta'addi ; 
Jjli" ta(awul. 

INcUHfiSK, V. ^JB Jtf saqqal 'fkla, 
yujaqqil; J*«- (juuiiiial, yuljam- 
mil; liipl liibbak, yulabbik. 

Eacumbbakce, g. ij>fj ta'arruj ; 
Jto* giql (pi. JUSi agqal) ; JtM 
taaqil.— (/awi/yj JW* 'ijiil. 

EncrcLgFOiDiA, ». f>jUli g «».« 
mujma' »l-'uiUiu (pi. f^ lua- 

Ens, *. (ferminafiun) ^1 iutiliA' ; 
j«-i &tiii'; t*^ lutom 1 k^ guy&-t. 
—(aim) A/ii qa^d ; f^ 'amn ; •*!/• 

I, [En 

murad. — (death) J»-l ajal (pL 

End, v.d. f^ tammam, yatammim ; 
J*i kammal, yukammil ; ^k^^ 
balaoi, yahtimi hattaui, yuoat- 
tim 1 n. ,ji^\ intaha, yant&lii, 

Endaboeb, v. ^W ha^r, yubfttir. 

" )«■ l^bbab, yul^b- 


Endeakhbnt, a. 

•^~!^ tal>abbub. 
Endeatoub, p. i_j»- aa'a, yas'a; 

^t^\ ijtahad, yajtahid ; ■'^ jadd, 

Endeavouk, s. Jx^ jadd ; ■)«- j&hd ; 

jl^jiq-t ijtiluld; ^^ bimiua-t. 
Emoless, adj. k^ iJ U ma Ift-bu 

nihaya-t ; ^t-iU dAyiiu ; is'*\ 

EtiDLEaairBas, e. ^)j>) dawiim -, •>t\ 

iibad (pi. •ik\ abad, Jyl ubiid) ; 

Jjl* bulud). 
Encemic, adj. ^jif baladi-y. 
Endobsk, ENDQBaEMBHT, «. see 

Endow, r. ^ jalihaz, yujahbii ; 

J*- mabar, yamhur ; J w-^j rattab 

U, jurattib. — (/or jiiovn ntet) 

>-ii) waqai, yaqif ; *J^)\ ftUqaf, 


EnDOWueNT, I. jeffr tajhix ; jaf* 

tauibir ; jt^ uiuhr. — (/"f pivus 
Unas) ^ waqf (pi. wiUjl auqAit 
-*rt wuqufj. 

EKDrsANcE, ». Ti' 9abr; jW^I 
i^tibur; J«»* ta^amiuul. — (last- 
iagiieaK) U| baq4' ; j1^4J^1 istira- 
rar.^( f/erseptrattcf) ^'■** mu- 
duwama-t; u^-jI idmui; i*Hy» 

Endcbe, «. (bear) J*^l ihtamal, 
yaiitamil ; J-*^-'' tabauimaJ, yato- 
tjammal; ^ jf fabar 'aia, 
yafbur. — (Uut) ,•(•> dam, yadAtn ; 
^Uu-1 tsUqaiu, yattt«qtiu ; j*^w1 
istamarr, yastaiuirr. 

Enkmy, ». jJ* "adfl-w (pi. Wl a'di", 
,^jlc1 a'adi, tc^ljc -udAt, v9^« 
'udao, 'idau) ; )j)U*J duimAa 




Enesoetic, adj. ^^ qawi-j ; ^t^^e^ 

Ene&ot, «. ^^ ^hama-t; fty 
quwwa-t (pi. ^y^ quwan, qiwan). 

Eke&vate, Enfeeble, v, «-J^a^ 
^"afy yu4a"if; cJL-«-6^ ad*af, 
ju4*if ; s^^ ahinal, yuhmil. 

Enervated, adj. v3^ l^aflaq, hafal- 

Ene&yation, i, i-Ae*^ tii^'if ; w*Ui^ 

Enforce, r. {strengthen) ^^yi qaw- 
wa, vuqawwi. — (compel) ^^^ 
alzam, julzim; s-^^ ga^ab, 
jagfub; ;«4^^ ajbar, yujbir. 

Enforcement, 8. f*ty^ ilzaiu ; ^ 
qahr; jW^ ijbar. 

Enfranchire, v. i^\ atlaq, yu^ 
liq ; ;;»• l^arrar, jubarrir ; j^c 
*ataq, ya*tiq. 

Enfranchisement, 8, j^^ i^aq; 
J^^ i*t«q. 

Enoaoe, v.a. (occupy) ^)*Ai sa|jj)^l, 
yu^ggil ; f^\ alzam, yulziin. — 
(Aire) ft\ ajar, ya'jir, ya jur.— 
(pledge) ^j rahan, yarhun, yar- 
hin ; ^^^J rabau, yurabiu ; n. 
(embark in business) ^^ g^ sara* 
fi, ya^ra*. — (jiglU) jjU? ta*araq, 
yata^araq ; J*^ taqatal, yata- 

Enoaqed, adj. J^*^-» mas«;ul, &c, 
—(betrothed) s-J-- hiuib, Ijatib ; 
J s-»y*a^ mah(ub li. 

Ehoaoement, s. (appointment) 
s-*-»*^ man^ab (pi. v**^"^ maua- 
fib); iJ^^ wazifa-t (pi. ^-AjVi^ 
wtLzkjii) ; i^M. hidma-t (pi. |»Jkd. 
bidam). — (battle) Aj;V^^ mul^ara- 
ba-t; J^ qitai ; aJjU^ iiiuqa- 
tala-t. — (to marry) ij«*. hutba-t. 

Ekoaoino, adj, (captivating) ^«^W 
jazib (pL s^S\y^ jawazib). 

Engender, v. (beget) ' jJ^ walad, 
valid. — (cause to exist) s-»<— sab- 
bab, yusabbib ; ^\ antaj, yun- 

Engine, #. i^\ ala-t (pi. ^J\ aliit). 

Engineer, s. ^^-J-**- muhandis. 

Engrain, v, v>*v^ ^ 9^bag gamiq, 

Engrave, *tT. ^J^ naqa^, yauqas. 
Engraver, s. <^^ naqqus ; *s^\^ 

Engraving, s. {J^ naqs (pi. yj»/i 

Engross, v. J^\ jAJb sagal al-bal, 

Engulf, v. ^ bala*, yabla* ; l^\ 

ibtiila*, yabtali*. 
Enhance, v. *>^j zad, yazid; J^j 

zayyad, yuzayyid ; J»^j zawwad, 

Enhancement, s. •>^*>j^ izdiyad; 

£^;^ irtifa*. — (of price) ^^i^ 

tazwid ; iJL*j tiigliya-t. 
Enigma, 8.y*J la^^z, lugz (pi. J^^ 

algaz) ; yj ramz (pi. jyj ruinuz). 
Enigmatic, Enigmatical, adj.y^ 

inulgaz ; yj^»^ mu'amma. 
Enjoin, v. jA aiuar, ya'mur; ^jo^ 

wa^^a, y uwa?9i ; ,j*y au^a, yu^i. 
Enjoy, v. ^Jto. haji, yalija; ^^ 

tamatta*, yatamatta* (both with 

V bi). 
Enjoyment, s. g^ taraattu*; ^JJiJ 

taiazzuz ; f^fui tana" urn. 
Enkindle, v. ^\ as^al, yii8*il ; 

•^^^ auqad, yucpd. 
Enlarge, v. ^^ wassa*, yuwassi* ; 

^ kabbar, y ukabbir ; jy» t^wwal, 

ya^awwil. — (set free) ^j^ halla^, 

yuhalli?; sS^\ a^lak, yu^lik. 
Enlargement, s. ^^*>;^ izdiyad; 

7«^ takbir ; ^^y tausi* ; fL-J^ 

Enlighten, v. U^ a^a', yucji* ; ^y 

nawwar, yuuawwir. — (instruct) 

f^ *allaiu, yu'allim. 
Enlightenment, «. jifS tauwir; 

f^^ taMim. 
Enlist, v.a. ii/i^\ ^Jk ^mX^a ^bak 

li-*i-*a8kariya-t, vasbuk ; n. J*^ 

ii/.^\ ^ dabal ti-'l-^askariya-t, 

Enlistment, s. s^it^\ iu^ibak ; 

Enliven, v. (cheer) i»-* Imsa^, yab- 
8U^ ; tr^ I'arnih, yiit'arrilj. — 
(make vigorous) ,^yi qawwa, yu- 
qawwi ; ^J^ ^auima, yuJ|^unmL 

Enmity, s. ^^ 'adawa-t; u^j-ie 
'udwun; *-j-*- hu?i'iraa-t. 

Ennoble, ». ^^ sarraf, yuiarrif; 
jjc "aKzaa, ju'aKziz j jcl a'azt, 

Enoshitt, s. ^«^ka)iira-t. 
Enouhous, adj. -ijJA aj,did; jer^ 

Enouob, ailj., adv. ijUiHi bi-'l- 
kafSya-t ; y-t bass ; ^Jit jalifa 
(3 aor.). 
Enouob. «. Jtf kaft ; iM kati- 

ya-t; s — — haab. 
Esbade, v. s— i* ga44ab, yuga^- 

4ibi s— 4*1 agnail, yug^ib. 
Enb&ptore, v. Jtoll s-J- siilab al- 
'aiil, yaalub; '•'•«> ia^^at, yu- 
Enbicb, If. ^jiil agna, yugai. 
Enrol, u. J%-. sajjal, yusajjU; 
fijl\ ^ j^ qayyad fi-'d-daftar, 
Enbolmbnt, t. Je«»I tasjil; ^ 

Enbubinb, o. yj*. hazan, yahzun, 

yahzin ; luw hafij. yahfaj. 
Ensbroud, v. (jii kafan, yakdu ; 

kaffan, yukafiin. 
Eksiqn, g. iJlag) fi^ 'alam (pi. 
1^1 a'Lain); ilj riiya-t ; J^ 
bairaq (pi. jjLj liayariq).— (Me 
heartr) ^iijgt bairaqdar; ;lj*l«! 
'alamdar (pi. of botli -i* -iya-t). 
Enslave, v. a,u-1 ista'bad, yas- 
ta'bid ; f*tf tam, yatim ; fnf tay- 
yam, yutayyioi. 
Ensmabb, v. (A)^ dUrf maaak bi-'l- 
fahh, yamsuk; •^jt^'^ J Jijl 
auqa' fi-'j-iarak, jiiqi'. 
Ensue, v. ^ taba', yatba' ; J*. 

t^afai, ya^fai ; U tala, yatlit. 
Enbobe, II. see Imbuhk. 
Entail, u. iS\jf\ ^h*. ha^faf al. 

viraja-t, yuhafji;. 
Entail, ». iS\^^\ ^^tr<^ tah;t; al- 

Ehtanolb, v. W^ labbat. yulah- 
bit ; tfi^ sabbak, yusabbik ; J*/: 
'arqal, yu'arqil. 
Entanoleubnt, «. ^W^ lab'j&t^t 1 
^*«* babfa-t. 

i Enter, v. M-* dahal, yadhul ; ^j 

walaj, yalij ; ij-^ bass, yahusi. 
I Enterprise, h. ^■^^ mubimnia-t ; 
I J-i»- iuaq?ad (i-l. J-^*- maq^id) ; 
I Sy-V* umlmsara-t, 

ENiEBrBisiNQ, adj. j-W jiUir ; 
I j)~* jasflr. 

I Entebtain, v. (converse) fi^ ta- 

: kaliam, vatakallam. — {at a hott) 

JU ^Hf, va^If, — {divert) J^ 

saJla, yusaill ; (^^ inaii, yu'&nie. 

— (Aet^) -ilS kallaf, yukallif. 

Emtbbtainbs, ». i-i^*- tuudlE; 

! iiLJl .,*u filjib a(J-4iyilfa-t. 

Entertainmbnt, «. {hanqtut) Uig* 
> diyiifa-t ; i*^j wnlima-l (pi. fiij 
walflyira); *—*^ 'azfliu»-l. — 
{amugenifnt) ^y nilzba-t ; i^^ 
' farja-t ; t Jl lazza-t. 
I Entubonb, v. u-W-I ajks, yujUs. 
I ENTBDSiASit, s. t^We* liayajin; 
I (jU-A bayamna ; ^t-— ' ta'uf^ub. 
I Enthusiast, ■. Enthusiastic, Em- 
I THUSiABTicAL, adj. f^^ hfiyim; 
^le«_>* muslahiim ; w .<* ' ■* mu- 
I ta'a^^ib. 

Entice, t-. ^5^* gawa, yagwi; gaw- 

) wa, yugawwi ; ^)t\ agwa,yugwi. 

Enticement, ». \jt\ igw4' ; ^-IW 

' Entire, adj. j>U tamm; ,>Ui 

tillliiliu ; J^'^kalttil 1 c°^* f^^b^b- 

Entibelt, ad^'. '^ kulliv-an ; 

ielfllt bi-'l-kulliya-t. 
Entibenesb, Entiebti, a. JUi 
kamAl ; Je^A takmil ; i^ kul> 
Entitle, v. {name) ^j*^ satnma, 
Tusauimi. — (give a title) s-J 
laqqab, yulaqqib. — (autkoriae) 
j/j* fawwa4.yufawwi4. 
Entity, a. ,a*^ kayiu (|>I. •a>WU 
kayiout) ; •^f*-y* maujAd (pi. 
kuljj*-^ maiijAdat). 
Entomb, d. jt* qabat, yaqbur, yaq- 

bir; ^i^J dafiiD, yadtin. 
EsTOMBMENT, ». jri^ uiaqbar. 
E.NTRAiLS, I. li—l aljsii' ; i^j^»» 

ENTRANCE, Entby, I. J<AJ duljiU. 
— {door) jA-i- luadtal; >*^i bab 

e*t3 ^ 

(pi. wV' abwAb, oW blbtn).— 
{beginniHg) \'^\ ibtidfi'. — (in a 
6<wt) J*^ taajil ; W* 4abt. 
EUTBARCK, V. U««> ^W. TuSalj- 

ExTKAP, V. iv>*I^ t*—* maaak bi- 
l-mifvAtla-t, yniusuk. — {lake in) 

EsTBCAT, e. j»y uirajja, yatarajja.; 

^H* tadarra', vatadarm'. 
E!«T»KAT¥, t. itii !i,l;il*-t; «r« 

twtairn'i JV«* ibtihal. 
EiiTBT, «. sei; Ks'iruM.i:. 
EsTWiNE, r.^ 4afar,ya4fur; e-* 

n«ai, yaoaij, jansuj. 
EBCrMEXATK, r. ■" *ad<J, ya'idd; 

.J— ha»a,vatn{. 
EsFlKKiTlOS ». -S-"* ta'dld ; I— 1 

EsuNCiATX, p. ( i>ri 


laf-iz, yaifil '»*'* Inlaffaj. yata- 
USni.—imakf known jt*-! ahbar, 
julfhir j^ ^bii&r yueahbir; 
yt*A a4Iur, ya»hir 

EscBcuTiON, ». 1*U talaffui. 

Eftklop, c. o» ^ laff n. yaluff i 
V -Ji^ ((allaf bi, yugallif. 

EmvsUipk, §. **W lafHfa-t (pi. U^W 
kKviOi '-'^''^ inugallaf; oU 
giUr (pi. *-*-!* Buli, t,'uluf, 

ExTiABLE, <»{;. J-d^yubsad. 
ExTtuus, <tdj. -wW bnsid (pi. jI-* 

tuavad) ; ■fy^ ta^iid 
EsiTiKOK, r. v ^^' iilj'"«l bi, yubit; 

i*. hftwwat, yubawwit- 
Exi T<i.>s, *. Jl)» hawnlai ^1>» 

atrif ; jV jawiir. 
E5VOV. I. jr-j ra«ftl (pi. J-j riiBul) ; 

j^ •afir (jil. (/- Bufara'). 
ExTT, t. J^-* biuad. 
EsTT. r. ■!--- baud, Tab^'tl' 
Epiltbe, *., Epicukbas, adj. i>Vo» 

Epidxxic, at(/ ^'U; walm'i-v ; i^jU 
»iri- ijM- muMi -^^S wHii.l. 

Ef rnimc, t Lij u.lI.,!' (pi. V i"'' «'» 
A,*;' aubiya-t)i ^jL- £!« 'illa-t 

Epkibam. «. CJi qidh (|>1. cW 


Epiobajcmatic, Epiobahhatical, 

adj. i^J* qadhi-y. 
EpmBAMHATiBT, «. c^Ji ^il* dalr 

Epilkpst. g. £/» far" ; flJull 1j dA' 
an-uuqta-t ; *-Jl\ y^ mara^ 

Epileptic, a. f «*• mairil' ; .^U- 
Si&jJt \.i< mufab bi-dn' an-nuq- 

Bpiscopaoy, ». l,M^\ usqufiya-t, 

Episcopal, adj. ^J^i~\ usqufi-y ; 

EpiiiCOPATE, »■ ia\~\ asafiqa-t (pi. 

of <-M-l uaquf, " bishop "). 
Episode, «. AiU*. hikaya-t (pi. ^^^ 

huikayn) ; vt-i^B. hadis. 
Epistle, *. ^^ ri^itla-t (pi. ^as\ 

-"t, JiL-j raiayil) ; •^fi^ mak- 

Epistolabt, arfj. ^^clij raqa'I-y. — 

{epiatolary hand) ,j-cU^t ^j 

mqara ar-raqa'i-y). 
Epitaph, s. jj ijUs kitaba-t qabr; 

jj o'j^ 'uuwHti (jabr. 
Epithkt, arfj. i*- 5ifa-t ; j-ji1 na't 

(pi. ^yi nu'ut); ^jwa«f(pl. 

jUjl uusAf) ; >^ luijab. 
Epitumr, (.j^Mk^ muhta^ar; jUu.1 

ihtifAr ; j'^sii* iiiU(|taKaT ; y^-y* 

Epitomise, v. y^\ ihtaaar, yah> 

Epoch, ». fjjtf ta'rib (pi. ^jly 

EquABiLiTY, Equableness, t. 

sljL— . iiiusuwiUt; (^ saft (pi. 

CjS- sutuh). 
Equaulb, aj(. (tmoofk, uniform) 

jjU-- luuaawii r^—- imisatSab ; 

,_i~l<*1 aiiilas, f. UX- ]iials:i 
EijVAL, ailj. j5jl~i- mutasiiwi; Ji* 

ini;] ; J*^ ma«il ; jju iiaeir. 
EfiiTAL, ». (J*;* quriu (pi. ^^ qu- 



< akvn. 

:. ^y a 

yiiaui ; h. i^jw lasiiwa, yuta- 
Equalisation, a. hf^ taawiya-t 

l^r] 1 

Equai-itt, Equalnbsb, S. uj^ 

tasnwi ; iljl— • muaawfi-t. 
Equanimity, ». Jl«el i'tidil ; j*- 

Equation, e. (ini»<i(ftMna(ic«) il(lt* 

muqAliBJa-t; 4ljl»- niirfidala-t. 
EftUAToa, s. Iji-S' ^ batt al- 

iBtiwtl'i )V J Je^ J-**- luu'adil 

lail wa nabiir; Jl«=31 U- haH 

Equatoeial, adj. S^^' '^ vy-J^ 

mans lib li-batt al-istiwa'. 
Equbkby, e. jj*-l j«*l amir a^or 

Equestkian, adj. Jl**- hajAH-y ; 

,_j-j;l farfiai-y. 
Eqcianqtilak, adj. ^'jpl vij*—*" 

mutaaAwi az-zawflyA. 
Equ I DISTANT, adj. J«*31 ^jijl— j» 

mutaJtAwi al-bu'd. 
Equidistance, s. j*?!! Ji* rnisl al- 
Eqcilateeal, adj. £1U3\ ^,\~.s^ 

mutasawi al-aij1A'. 
Equilibrium, s. J\.uc1 i'tidal ; 

^loliw mii'adala-t ; ^j^y' muwn- 

zana-t ; g*- saDJ (Perg.). 
Equine, adj. ij^*- bi?fini-y. 
Equinoctial, o(?j'. Jl.iic( i'tidali-y. 
Equinoctial, e. Jelll j jVJ' J-"*-" 

mu'adil an-naMr wa-'l-luil. 
Equinox, g. ji*Jl , J^\ J\aic^ 

i'tidfil al-lail wa-'n-nabflr. 
Equip, V. jVf jfthLaz, yujaliliiz. — 

(an army) ^ enllah, jusallilj ; 

m\ a'add, yu'idd. 
Equipaob, «. (equipment) Sj* 'ud- 

da-t, — (carriage) kj^ 'araba-t. — 

(relinue) (•*»■ t^aiatii [ ^^j^' at- 

tawAbi': w-S^ uaukab (pi. s-i^y- 

Equipubnt, 8. i->t 'udda-t; ^lar 

tajbiz; jV jahAz (pi. i^^ aj- 

Equipoisk, ». Aijlj* muwBzana-t. 
Equitablb, my. JJle 'Adil. 
Equitablbnbss, Equity, «, Jj>c 

'adl; ^l-u' 'adAla-t; <-»U>i\ iu^jif. 
Equivalbnt, a^. csi^— • niusHwi ; 

Equivalent, ». u*jc 'iwad, 'awad- 

3 [Bbo 

Equivocal, at^. y-»<»- yi ffi 

ma'Den ; |»#f^ mubham. 
Equivocate, v. ^1 abbam, jtiI>- 

Equivocation, «. ^W' ibbAm. 
Equivocatok, ». *j-4-» maibiih. 
Eha, s. (i/^ ta'rih ; ^k-j zamin ; 

j-c 'a?r (pl.jl-cla'jKr.^y-e'mflr). 
EaADicATE, f. J-'U-l iBta'sal, ya«- 

ta'?il : }^^ L?* C^ quJa' ni'ti *1- 

jijr, yaqla'. 
Eradication, g. JW^-' i^ti^ 
Erase, e. 1>*J qa.sat, yaqji( ; ^j^« 

ma^a, yam hi. 
Eeabek, g. !»**• miqte; (pL UV** 

Ebasueb, s. ^a- mafjii ; Sj** mi^- 

Ebect, v. *t— » na^ab, yan^ub ; fiA 

aqam, yuqim. 
Eekct, adj. s— J"- muntAfib ; 

^keSii~* mustaqim. 
Eeection, b. *^k»' iqAina*t; v-^ 

na?b. — (building) ti| bina' (pi. 

£ipi(t abniya-t) ; fjUc 'imAra-L 
Ebbcthess, ». i*j* qauma-t. 
Eemine, «. vS^ ainjAb (Pert.) j 

|.jiU qaqQm, ^U qAqum (Twnb.). 
Ebosiok, e. Ji^ akl. 
Eeosive, <k/j. Jkil akkil; ^9*^ 

Ebb, v. (go astray) JJ dall, yajiU i 

bU Uh, jatih. — (commil erron) 

Ui galit, jaglat ; J^ dall, ya^ilL 
Ebband, «. ^j wa*iya-t (pi. IjUj 

Ebbant, Erbatic, adj. *t^ tuyih ; 

JU dAlI. 
Ebbatdh, «- 1^ gaUt. 
Ebboneous, nd/. UUs gali(; o^U* 

galtau ; U*' mugallat- 
Ebbob, f. J^ d^lAl ; J]]*: giuAr ; 

JU£ galta-t. 
Eeuctation, *. (>* taii. 
Ebudite, adj. fti^ 'litim (pL UU 

'ulama) ; i-^e 'aUiima-t. 
Eecdition, ». ,J« 'Urn ; Hj*^ ma'ri- 

fa-t; ,J<J' *«- ai'a-t al-'ilm. 
Ebdption, g. (ijf a voUano) qW^ 

jU Jv«- bayajun jabal nar; 1^^ 

faura-t. — (cutaneoug digeage) yi) 




basr (pi. ))^ bus&r ; v»;%> jarab ; 

^^ huriij ; l^ tufb&*t. 
Escalade, s. ^SuJ^ «>yt« su'ud as- 

salalim ; i^t^ ix\/a.\i\'U 
EscALADB, V, ^jLiJ tasallaq, jatii- 

sallaq ; v>- ^ * ^ '^ taia*laq, yaU- 

Escape, v. V naj4, janjii ; csJli 

falat, jaflit. 
Escape , «. ^ najat ; ^!U^ hala^. 
Escarpment, «. ;;*w ha<)i\r ; Jty« 

Eschew, v. {^ v»y^ harab min, 

jahruh ; *ii '.u^ \ ijtanab, yajta- 

EscoBT, v,M^ hafar, yahfir, yab- 

fur; b&^r, yuhaffir; /6 gafar, 

yagfir; gafifar, yu^^affir; g-tA 

«avyaS vu^yvi*. 
Escort, «. ^ b&far ; y^ gafar. 
EscuLBHT, adj. J^^ yAkal; J^*^ 

Esculent, $. J^ ukl, ukul. 
Especial, adj. \^ysi>^ mah?^? ; 

^u ^'» niuhtaf 9 ; o^^ hu^u^i-y. 
Especially, adv. '^y^ hii^uAan; 

</a*>SW bi-*l-aba99. 
Espionage, «. (j«««^taJ8i8 ; ^'u-a^^ 

Esplanade, «. l^ij raqba-t ; l^^ 

fot^a-t; (^^*^-e^ maidan (pi. 

^a^o** mayidin). 
Espousal, «. ^\y) zawAj ; ^3 

Espouse, r. t^ tazawwaj, yata- 

zawwaj. — {adopt) ^*^ ittabaz, 

EsPT, V. (./»->^ tajassas, yatajassas ; 

•*«■• i^ ^h ^^ ™*^ ba*id, yaVd. 
Esquire, «. J^e- tayyid, sid (pi. 

*>W«\ asyAd, up^^U'sadat) ; <^xJ^ 

afiuidS (IVirib.). 
EssAT, «. (endeavour) ^y^ sa'y ; 

•^jabd; Jul qasd.— (<ria/| ^^ 

tajriba-t ; s-iyr tajrib ; ;^ *iyRr. 

— \treaii$e) UU, risahv-t (pi. «^^ 

-*t, J|U^ rasayil). 
EssAT, V. (etideavour) J^^^ ijtahad, 

^ajtahid. — (try) s-*/*- jarral', yn- 

jarrib ; ^ *ayyar, yu'ayyir. 
Essence, «. gpU ^t ; X^U mAbi- 

ya-t; )A^ jaubar (pi. J^t^f¥ 

yiwhhir) ; ^^ *ain (pi. (^^ 

'uyAni; aa^ kunb. — {bat part, 

cream) J^j zabad (pi. *>Wj^ azbad) ; 

5j^j zubda-t (pi. J^i zubad). — 

( pertume) ^ *itr (pi. j^ 'u^iir). 
Essential, adj. ^U zati-y ; J*\ 

afli-y ; <^»r* durftri-y. 
Establish, r. ^^^ aqam, yuqim ; 

UU^^ auqaf, yAqif; ^ qarrar, 

yuqarrir; v^-a^ na^ab, yan^ub. 
E8TABLisHMEf«rT, «. i^^\ iqaina-t ; 

^W5 qivam; ^-r^y tartib; g^; 

wad* (pi. e^^y auda*). 
Estate, «. (property, especially 

landed) J^ nial (pi. J^^^ am- 

wal); i*XU milk, malk (pi. ^%»\ 

anilak) ; ;Uc ^aqar. 
Esteem, v. yt\ a*zz, yu*izz ; jt^ 

i't^ibar, ya'tabir. 
Esteem, a. ft)»* ma*azza-t ; ^W^^ 

i*til>Hr; f^y^ ikrAin ; ^ •> 

Estimable, adj. yijs 'aziz ; y^ 

yii*azz ; ps^^ uiu'tabar; <J^ s ...>* 

jl-^e!J^ luustal^i iq al-i*tibHr. 
Estimate, r. {^^^ saminaii, yujam- 

min ; ^*- 8a*'ar, yusa^ir ; ^j^-u. 

hainman, yuhaminin ; s ^ -■■■ ? ■■ ^ 

ihtasal), yabtasib. 
Estimate, t. {;y^^ tasmin ; J^Jk^ 

^U^S^ tal^did al - aa*ar ; v*^— *> 

hisab ; ^^^—e*^ tab min ; j e *» l 

Estimation, a. (esteem) ;W«ft^ i*ti- 

bar. — (opinion) <^^; ra'i (pi. \j\ 

ara*) ; {^ zann (pi. (^^ zuniin). 
Estrange, r. J^ ba**d, yuba"id ; 

^j^ J;* faraq ben, yafrn(|. 
Estrangement, s. j^ tiraq ; *)U»^ 

ih'a.l ; AKife gurl>a-t; ^^y nawa; 

AmjiJ qati*a.t (pi. gt^ qatAyi'). 
Estuary, g. j^ f^ fumm nabr (pi. 

^U»^ atinam, ^\^y afwab). 
Et cetera, Etc., adv. &;«* ^ wa 

gairu-hti ;\^ ^ baDuma jarran ; 

^\ abbrrv. of ft^^ J\ ila abiri- 

Etch, r. JJ^ U| ju» naqjvs bi-nia* 

al-ball, yaut^us. 
Etching, m. v/U» uaqs. 



Eteenal. aiJj. Jjl aza!!-y; jA(1 

abadi-y ; /•-i^-' (lATiiii ; ^S-^j-" 

sarmadi-T ; ^^ IjAqi. 
EtBKNItt, ». Jj^ BZal J IJjl iizali- 

_va-t; •'l^ ali.iil ; ii-n\ alia^tya-t ; 

^^}J dawAm ; J-y< sarmai). 
Ethbk, s. ^j" hawa' ; jrJSl i*Ui falak 

al-a^ir ; j^\ a-ir. 
Etberial, adj. ^'j* haw«vi-y, 
Btiqokttk, «. (^cerenioniai) (joilj*! 

ttl - qawAoin. — (manners, good 

breading) s'j*-}'^ al-wujAb; v>>t1 

EmioLoaioAL, arfj. ij»Us*l Wti- 

Ettmologt, «. jlKfcl ^ 'ilin Nti- 

qftq ; J>Jtifc< istiqSq l fAfll Jj-1 

usul ai-kalSm. 
Etymon, s. J-1 a?l. 

EUCHASIST, g. |_^i4j\ (j\)yfll a,l- 

qurl>An al-muqaddae. 
Ediooibk, r. A^ ninjjad, yumaj- 

jid; J>*F-^ amjad, yumjid. 
EuLOoiaTic, adj. . ' ^ f niumajjid. 
Edlooictm, Euloot, «. -i,^*! tani- 

jid ; ■!•>- haind ; c-^ lUiLilh. 
Edncch, s.\s~^ hiisUy (pL cjl--*- 

hu^THu) ; ^jiiljt (awAsi-y (pi. it 

Euphonious, orfj. ,_j** iaji-v ; 

ka>^\ s->'^ 'a/.ili al-naut ; <4j] 

g*— il laziz li-'s-aam'. 
Euphony, s. ^ iijie 'afftba.-t 

nagam ; (jW^ iltiaa. 
Evacuate, v. t^ farrag, yuFarria ; 

(J** fad^a. yufaddi; ^ halla, 

yuhfttli.— (&j gfooO J^ J*-i \A- 

Habiiat bafn-hu, yatuailihal. 
Evacuation, ». fi/i tafritf; iel*" 

tshliya-t. — {of Ihe body) jl^ 

biraK; ij-V* uiajlia; f'yti-l isti- 

Eyaob, p. Jjlfc IjAwat.yuijSwil. 
BvANRSCKNCE, ». Jljj zawAI ; Vil 

Etanbscbnt, orf/. j^U fani; j-il» 

fiyit; Jt'j zayil. 


^.^t'I injili-y. 

ErANOELtSATION, f. J(-r!H ijLLt 

bi-^Arn-t al-aajil. 

Evaporate, v. "IjUt mJ tafk"*d 

buMran, yaUi4a"ad. 
Etaporatios. 8. ■»»«• ta;a"ud. 
EvA§ioN, ». *J— - hila-t (pi. Je^ 

bijal) ; ^ hujja.t (pi. £«» 

EvABiTB, arfj. Jl»^ muta'allil. 
ETABivBNEsa, ». Jl^ la'allul. 
Eve, Even, Eveninu, 1. 1— • nuoi' ; 

Lbjtlt aU'i^' ; *<-* J 'uiiy&-t. 
Eves, arfj. (/ewl) cij^-— mu«twi; 

^ji-- niiistawl. — (even AHm&tfr) 

t)j zauj. — (placid) gfUl (j*^ 

aAkin at-tali'. 
Event, i. ut)^ 'arii} (pi. ,fyY 

'awarif}) ; i-I jW I^Adiaa-t (pL 

i±<j1j- (tawAdis). — {ovkome) j^ 

?adir; j*W liA^il, 
Evkstpul, adj. iljU. jJ (ft bidi- 

Evbntuai.. ad/, o**"^ ittifAqt; ^j 

Eventuality, #. jUB* ittiTAq; *^) 
wAqi'a-t ; *«iy iii:Liiq^'a-t. 

Ever, arfv. "W^J dayimau; "l4»l 

EVEBLABTINO, fidj. ■ilW (jalld ; ^U 
dAvim; JWbaqi. 

EvEET, adj. Ji IfuU. 


bull ahad i ^l, Ji kull wihid. 
EvEEYDAT, ad)'- {common) ^Vpicl 

i'livAdi.y ; J^ai- rnu'taj. 
EvKRTWHERE, adp. ^y Jf o* fi 

kull mau4a* j a^t. Js j* (i kuU 

Evidence, ». {tegtimony) ijl«* te- 
bada-t: c*-^' i4Ah;iiot tiayyin»-l. 
—(wilnest) J»l* aahid (pL Ojih 

Evidence, r. {prove) jjoi bay^an, 
yubayyin ; >^-tf\ a^bat, yajbit. — 
((/ti'e tnlimonn) -^t^ sabid, vaA- 
hiid. — {make eU-ar) jfM aiDar, 
yuihir; ^j waddah, yuwa44il). 
Evident, adj. j^'^ lAhir; ^\f 

wA^ib ; 2^'- aiti' i ^^ L<ihir. 
Evil, adj. ^jJj radi-y (pi. I».i^^ 
"■ * jtjt. Sarir (pi. j^l 

sau, sA i JLl* *AtiI. 
iarr (pi. jjj^ iuriirj j 





lt'^\^ dahiva-t (pi. o^^^^ da- 

wahi) ; *y^-^ fasad. 
Evince, v. ^a^\ asbat, jusbit; y^\ 

a^har, vuzhir. 
Etokk, v. ^jCXu.^ istad'a, yastad*i ; 

j»i^y a^dar, vuhcjlir. 
Evolution, #. jji««^ tablil ; e^;^*-^ 

Evolve, v. ««U fakk, jafukk. 
Ews, «. iU^ gauatna-t ; la^ na*ja-t 

(pi. up^ -at, e^ iii'aj). 
EwEB, 8. ^ji\ ibriq (pi. «j!;W^ aba- 

n<l> ^jW^ abariqa-t). 
Exact, culj, ^p-^ ma^biit; sj^^i^ 

mudaqqiq; ^ e^- ^afeit; o^S 

Exact, v. s-i^ (alab, ja^lub; f>^\ 

alzam, julzim. 
Exaction, «. l^\im^ mutalaba-t ; ^ 

bal^a-t; s-^salb; f^j** tagritn. 
Exactness, Exactitude, s. W^ 

4dh\ ; Ai J diqqa-t ; v>«*«*» tadqiq ; 

A^« 9a]^(^a-t. 
EXAOOKBATE, V. ^jA ^W bAlag fi, 

jul>alig ; jt^ kabbar, jukabbir ; 

^ fiurra^, jufarrit ; f^^ *az2ain, 

ExAOOEBATiON, 8. aaS^^ mubala- 

ga-t; M^ takbir; ^/s t afrit ; 

ty\ ifra^ 
Exalt, v. ^j rafa*, varfa* ; ^J^ 

'alia, ju*alli ; f^9^ fahham, ju- 

Exaltation, 8, S^j\ irtifa* ; i^^\ 

Examination, «. e^»: bahs ; ,ja^ 

fa^f; u^-Wtf tafa]]t]^U9; (^W^^^ 

Examine, v. iJ^ fal^a?, yafl^a?; 

^ ^ ■^a^t imtaf^n, jamtiil^in. 
Example, «. J^ ma^al (pi. J^^^ 

amital) ; JU* tnisal (pi. &Lu^ 

amsala-t) ; i^J^ qidwa-t ; S^^ 

'ibnirt (pL yfA *ibar) ; e»i^^ un- 

ExASPEBATX, V. yty\ augar, jilgir ; 

*ir^-**^ ag4ttb, yugcjli^S ^^^ agaz, 

jugiz; K>^) zahhaq, yuzabhiq. 
EXASFBBATION, 8. i^ l^idda-t ; 

^U) zahiq; Im gais; i>\^\ 


Excavate, t;. /^ liafar, yubfir; 

^s-^^i fiihat, yathat ; ,J^ uabas, 

Excavation, s. j\iiSoA ihtifar; y^ 

hat'r. — (hollow) yw. jjafar ; ^J*^ 

Exceed, r. (surpass) j^ fari, 

yafiVj ; ^ *>^j zad *ala, yazid. 

— (go too Jar) ,^J^ ta^iulda, ya- 

ta*a<ldi ; j^W^ tajawaz, yatajawaz. 
Exceeding, Exceedingly, ado. 

■^J^ jiddan ; AjUU li.*l-gaya-t ; 

'\yJS kasirau ; *)|)J^ bi-*z-zaud. 
Excel, v. J^ ladal, yafcjul ; J-**^ 

afcjial, yutdil ; jU faq, yafilq. 
Excellence, Excellency, 8. J-** 

fadl (i»l. JU*^ afdiil) ; ^i^ facjii- 

la-t (pi. Ji^ fa^ayil); i^yt 

jiida-t ; ic;^ bari*a-t. — (/i7/i) 

5^ hadra-t ; SjVju* sa'ada-t. 
Excellent, Excelling, adj. J^U 

fadil; «-Aji^ sarif; -V-i- jayyid. — 

(|»i. ->W> jiyad, "^W jayayid) ; 

J-^niti natis ; £;^ bari*. 
Except, v. sj^^^^^ istasna, yastajoi. 
Except, conj. q)\ 3\ ilia aiin ; j^ 

baid ; (j\ •x^f baid aun. 
Except, prep. w*iU. bilaf ; »i gair; 

\y^ , i^y* sawa ; (jy*^ aiin ; ^ J^ 

*ada; ^J^ U ma *ada. 
Exception, 8. UJU-\ isti^jna*. 
Exceptionable, (m?/. «*^^«fc>^ mu- 

Exceptional, ad/ UAa«-«, ^_jUx--« 

Excess, 8. ^\^\ ifrat ; *>9; zaud ; 

S^^; ziyada-t ; aa3W* mulmlaga-t. 

— (intemperance) ^ naliam ; j»J^ 

w^Uie 'adam *al'at'; j^U^\ inbi- 

Excessive, a<(;. J^^j zayid; j^V^ 

uiutajawiz ; ^-A* raufri^ ; ;-i^^ 

Excessiveness, 8, j^V tajawuz ; 

U/\ ifrat. 
Exchange, v. Ja» badal, yabdil ; 

Jj^^ abiial, yubdil. 
Exchange, 8, Ja» badal ; JW 

bidal ; Jja^j tabdil ; iJai#*» mu- 

badala-t ; ^^Wv« mu'&i A-t. 


faimn-; (()l. i*;V= Bujiiritii-t, 

^;W* ?ttjiirif). 
ExCHBqUEB, «. ^y~ hiuua-t; i-u^ 

haziua-t (pi. cMi^ haaiAyiu). 

r-J "^sm (pi. «-j 

rusiiui) ; Ui^ takhf ([>[. wi^KA 

takalif) ; j^ bahiir. 
Excision, e, jki .jaf- 
ExciTB, f. ^ hiiyvaj, vuhavyij ; 

•*!j* Ijarriik, juljarrik ; ,jij» ha.r- 

ra^, )'u];iarrj^ ; ^/i^i^ iBtaalia^i 

ExciTBMKNT, ». -HjB-- tahrik; (j*ij»' 

tal^Hijl; m^^««Abayajuu. 
ExcLAiu , V. ty ?aiuh, va«ruh ; c^ 

(Slj, jus'iih ; jsj Ka'ai^, jraz'aq ; 

i-iJ^ ba'af, yahtif; We 'aryat, 

Exclamation, ». i*-^ ?arha-t ; cV 

juriih ; itej xn'qa-t; c^ ?iyn^ ; 

kJUA butaf ; <.£>j^ ;aut (pi. ifl^l 

ExcLCDE, ti. 1^ l>aium, yabrim ; 

g*- iiiaua', jamna' ; ^ nat'a, 

yaufi; -Mff ab'ad, yub'id; >)l>i 

^d, TOfiid. 
Exclusion, i. £— m man' ; f^ 

ExcLDBiTE, at/;'. ^Irf mitni'. 
ExcLUsiVBLi, adu. tf* Cj^ fesjij 




(^ barani 

> ^irm; 

(•jf Ijurum. 
ExcOBiATE, v. j^ qaijar. yuifaiiir ; 

■iK- jallad, yujallid. 
ExcoBiATioir, «. js-^di uqair. 

EXOBBMEKT, «. t/- ^ira' I (^; 

wasab ; jV ^i'^^- 
ExoKEecENcie,<. i*;) waraai (\i\. f\^ 
auriira) ; J^-ji ju'lul (pi. Jo>U 

ExcBuciAiiMO, (H^'. v-J*- mu'aj- 

ExcuLPATt, i.u. (^ c^ fafa^ 'an,. 
jaflfubi jAc -ufftr, ya'fir; jjl 
barnir, yubarrir. — (otietdf) jJuel 
i'ti^r, ya'tafir ; ^tS taburrar, ya- 

EXCDLFATIOM, *. j^ 'IfT, Ufr (pi. 

j\icl a'wir); j<iie\ i'lijar ; (ji*- 
luu'jira-l (pi. jJU* ma'Afir). 
ExcuBSiOK, «. Ijileaeurr-trip) Bi* 

lafarruj: 4*y nuiha-t. — (Ana(ii« 

EXCUSABLK, («(/'. 



X, a<(/. ij- 
■ij wfijilt al-'izr ('u?r). 
Exc-UMK. «. ;i« 'izr. 'uzr (pi. jlict 
a'zAr); iji»- nia'zira-t (pLj^iU- 
ma'Hzir) ; ^\i«\ i'tizar. — (pw- 
ter() jlJ>* nu^ar. 
EicusB, u. jJ>e 'azar, ja'zir; j^l 
a'far, yu'zir; Ijie ' ji* qabil 

ExECKABLE, adj. ^2)^ malcrikh ; 

^/ karih ; f^f^ ma'lAo. 
Execrate, v. (curse) t^ la'au, 

yal'an ; t^S lA'an, yula'iu ; ^j*^ 

J* da'a 'ala, yud'i. — {deietl) if 

harib, jakrah. 
ExBCRATtON, «. J^la'ua-t; ltj£i-1 

iBtikrAb; i^y k)iraha-t. 
ExGOUTE. f. (p(T/urm) ^ tam< 

tnaiD, yuiammiui; J«£ kamniftl, 

yukamwil; J*l aufaz, yucfiz. — 

(;>»( io ii«afA) Js* qalal. yaqtul. 
ExECtJTION, g.( performance) ft\JM-\ 

ihtitani ; mUi taniAm ; Je*A t&k- 

mil; U.Umda'.— (o/acn'miMO 

Jii qatl. 
Executioner, «. oW sayyaf i -iW 

jallAd ; ^U- maafl'ili-y. 
Executive, e. ,b^1 al-|)ukmi 

^u;j^ al-bukkam. 
Executor, s. ^j wa?i-y (pi. Wjl 

ExEHPLABv, (kJj. 'i;f* i^ki kityin 

'ibraUn; «;*• mu'taliar; g^ 

JUJl ntali^ al-niijal. ' 

ExBMFLiFT, V. J^ maj^al, yunug* 

sil; J^ tAiiia.jsal, yatamaHal; 

'Urf '^^ darab mislan, yadri^- 
Exempt, adj. *jW- mu'if j o***" 

mu'At'a i ly^ inunazzah. 
Exempt, f. Ue 'a(fi, ya'ffl; jrt 

a'fa, ju-11. 
Exemption, «. ^t*!** inii'ufiya-t. 
ExBRciBK, «. (labour) Ja* iugl | j 
\\*it,\ iitigil.—{ praetiM) gUjI , 

-^-*" ' ' — ■■■ — v* I 


; i-,U-r 




hibra-t. — (drill) l^kj rijada-t ; 

f^J>»s ta*lim. — (motion) i^ hara- 

ExsBCiss, V. (practise) ^j^ raaras, 

yumaris ; ^^ 'amil, ja'mal. — 

(instruct and drill) ^ 'allam, 

ju'allim ; ^J^ v»;*> darrab *ala, 

judarrib ; ^^j rawwad, vuraw- 

wid ; (;)/• marran, jumarnn. 
ExEBT, r. (put into action) J^-c^ 

a*mal, yu'mil ; J»*> ^ ^ ista'mal, 

jasta^mil ; J^\ ajhad, yujbid. — 

(strive) J^ jahad, jajhad ; •^s^^ 

ijtahad, jaj tabid. 
ExBBTiON, s. J^^ jabd ; ^\^s^\ 

ijtibad ; ^yt« Ba*i. 
Exhalation, «. ^^ faul^a-t ; j\^. 

Exhale, v. (scent) c^ fab, yafiib, 

Exhaust, v. •^^ anfad, yunfid ; 

««^*ik ^afitat, yuiiffit. 
Exhaustion, s, o^««aaj ta^fit. 
Exhibit, v. M asbar, yusbir ; <4;;\ 

aura, yUn ; jb^ *ara4, ya*ru4 ; 

^fi^ farai, yafrus. 
Exhibition, s, jtf. *ard ; u*V^ 

i'ra4 ; j^^ azbar ; yj»j^ tars. 
ExuiLABATE, v.a. ^ babaj, yab- 

haj ; babbaj, yubabbij ; ^\ 

abbai, yubbij ; c;* farra^, yu- 

ExHiLABATiON, «. t^ faral^ ; ^/s 

tafrif^ ; X%4» babja-t. 
ExHOBT, V, kc^ wa*az, ya*iz ; ^^\ 

au'as, yii*i2 ; jAj\ arsad, yur^id ; 

^ na^a^, yan^a^. 
EXHOBTATION, s. i^c. wa*2 ; ^2kC^ 

wa'sa-t ; «>Uij^ ir^d ; l^^o^ na^i- 

]|^a-t ; v ^y targib. 
Exhumation, «. JM nab^. 
ExHUMB, r. ^.r^ nabai, yambu^; 

^S\ ^ e/>^ abraj min al-ar^i 

ExioBNCX, ExioENCT, s. ^jyj^ 4^rii- 

ra-t; i^W. It^aja-t; eC^^ Uiti- 

Exigent, <u^j. f^ mulzim ; c5;j!r^ 

Exile, f. (6ant«Amei»^) «>;!» t^nid; 

^ nafi; ^As>^ intiia'.— (/Ait} ^>er- 

son) ^y^ matnid; «>;^ (ilrid; 

J^^«i^ musarkal. 
Exile, ». *>;!• t*rad> ya^rad ; J* 

nafa, yanfi ; J^^ sarkal, yusar- 

Exist, v, (^^ kan, yakiin ; J^^ 

wujid, yiijad (tobe found), 
Existbncp, s, (^^ kaun, kon ; «>^^ 

Existing, adj. ^^ kayin; «>^y* 

Exit, «. t;|;*. hurAj ; v»UJ zabab. 
Exonerate, r. ^;» barra', yubarri' ; 

)jt barrar, yubarrir; j^ 'a^r, 

Exoneration, s. )^ *azr; hy^ 

Exorbitance, s. ^W^ mubalaga-t ; 

j^V tajawuz. 
Exorbitant, adj. ^W^ mubalig; 

)^^^ mutajawiz ; J^t j^ fauq 



Exorcise, t;. ^ f^ *azam 'ala, 

ya*zim ; *azzam *ala, yu'azzim. 
Exorcism, s. l^-f^ *aziina-t (pi. 

^Uc *azayim) ; ^^....A ? ...^ istiqsam ; 

^Ik-ftJ^ 5^x« niadbara-t as-i^ait^n. 
Exorcist, s. f^^ 'azzam ; ^-.^i ? - 

Exotic, adj. s-^;* garib (pi. ^/\ 

agrab, \^jt guraba') ; ,ji^\ ajna- 

bi-y ; s-»^^»^ majlub. 
Expand, v.a. ^ basat, yabsu^ ; 

yj»^ faras, yafrus ; farrai, yufar- 

ri^ ; C«; wassa*, yuwassi* ; n. 

)m^>^\ imbasat, yambasi^ ; y^si^ 

inta^ar, yanta^ir. 
Expanse, s. l^^y wasa'-t; &«»i 

bas^a-t ; ^ -^^ f usba-t. 
Expansion, s. j^ nasr ; ^\x;j»\ im- 

tidad ; ^ a - ei tabsit ; LU^^ imbi* 

Expatiate, v. f&^\ J^ (awwal al- 

kalam, yu^awwil. 
Expatriate, v. *y^ (it'^dy ya^rud ; 

^Ji uafa, yanfi ; ij^ ^affas, yu- 

Expatriation, s. ^ t&rad ; Us»\ 

Expect, v.J^\ intazar, jantaziri 

^kijJ\ istausar, yutftauzir; ^y 

«if] , 1 

taraqqab, yntaraqqab ; ^y ta- 

waqqa", jatawaqqa'. 
Expectation, Ekpbctanct, b. jUii'l 

iutUKr ; jUiii-\ islinjAr ; J—y 

tara;;ud ; s-^/ tarfiqc[ub. 
ExFBCTOKATE, ti. jy bAzaq, yab- 

euq ; ^^ tanabba', jRtamihha' ; 

ft:irjj tunabham, jataDabham. 
EifBCTOBATioM, a. jlji buiaq; 

ffieJl tanahbu'; ftet^ taobim. 
Expedient, adj. liiS Inyiq; w— *-w 

EiPEorEBT, s. iti^ tariqa-t; •d^iS 

taditruk ; wasifa-t (pi. Wl-j 



liyaqa-t ; ^t ■''" uiumiBaba-t. 
ExPBDiTE, V. Jv= "i^jja-l. jru'ajjil; 

fj-1 asril', juari' ; Eju r^wwaj, 

ExpSDiTiON, 8. {hatie) iW^ 'ajala-t; 

i—t^ Bur'a-t ; E-ij)* tarvrij. — 

{^journey) ji- safar (pi. j>A-l 

aaf»r). — (military) Jj^-r tajrid 

(pi. Ji;V tajariJ) ; ijj^t g«7.iva-t. 
Expeditious, arfj. JjV 'ajul; liAi 

naiit ; JiJ"" **■"'. 
KxPBL, V. -i^ (arad, ;a(rud ; ^-i 

dafa', yadtV ; e/-' ai^raj, vubrij. 
Expend, d. uIja ;anif, yafrif, ya^- 

ruf ; qarraf, yufarnt ; oUA ta- 

kallaf, ^atakallaf; yju\ aufaq, 

EiPENDrrPKE, «. c/-!)"'j (pi- e'>^ 

ahraj, 4*y-l ahiija^t, gij^' ahA- 

^j) i ^a** "lafln'if (pi. ^jU- 

maaArif) ; &W nafa-jLi-l (pi. tul 

-at, jUt nifaq) ; jUil iafaq. 
Expense, $. i*ii kulfa-t (pi. <-Al£ 

£xpEiisivE, (ujj. (eosllj/') ^U guli. 

— (ezfrafOffanf) ji*- mubitf zir ; 

hJ^A* luufrif (j^j — • musrif). 
ExPBNSiVBNEsa, >. {cottUnett) ii 

galiV. — ■ lextratraganee) ijl^— 1 

isriif; .-iU talf. 
ExpEKiBNcE, *. ^^^-^^ huiira-t, 

^ibra-t; _,W^1 ibUbar ; Mfr laj- 

ExfEBiBEtaK, V. v;^ tajarrab, ja- 


Experienced, adj.jn*- babtr^ 

Exi'BRiMENT, (. ^jv^ tajriba-t 

w;^ tajAribJ ; ^W^' imtil^. 
ExpBKiMENT, V. sJ;*- jartab, 


Ex PEKI MENTAL, Or^. ^J\^MiA i 

ExpEBT, adj., ». ;n^ babtr) 

ExPBBTNBsa, s. jV mah&r; 

ExriABLB, adj.jyitjugfa.T (3 pa 
Expiate, u. ^ ^u kafiar '^u, 

katfirj ^f^ /a-.\ istaf(far 

Expiation, ». ijUS kaff»ra-t ; 

Ukfir;jU*i.( iatiglur; ijJdi 
Expiatory, ai(;. ^jui**s-l ii 

fari-y; ^sr^ lakliri-y. 

ElPIBATION, I. (corteJtUUMi) 

iotibiV. — (ioKi breath) ^r-^ ni 
Eskibe, 0, (breathe out) u-** 

naffas, jatauaftas. — (dt«; 

A^ qa(}a uabba-hu, yaqd' < 

C^y^ aallam ar-rul;, jusallii 

(termioiate) ,_j»^^ inULba, yao' 
Explain, v. ^ fassar, juEu 

j^ 'abbar, yu'abbir; Cj* ** 

yasmlj ; ^ I'abbam, yuf&bl: 

jy awwal, yu'awwil. 
Explanation, a. ja~^ tafair; | 

tasrih ; o^el bayan ; JijU ta'' 
Explanatory, od/. JW bay 

j^jt— ft tafairi-y. 
Expletive, ad;'. Jjlj zayid; j 

^^ zAbir; 


ExPLICITNEas, #. c*^' i<JAb; J 

fai^bii-t 1 ^^ bayan. 
Explode, o. jil^l iatalaq, yiui;i 
Exploit, *. ^-k^' tuuhimma-ti 

Explore, v. u— *-" tajasaa*, y 

jaasas ; j>a^ fohuf, rafbaf . 

EXPLOBEB, «. elU mU(illli* : y-. 

mutajasaia ; Jtlj rAyid. J 

ExPLoaioN, s. iJi^ talqa-t. i 
ExpuNXKT, «. (in o/^.J i^ J 

daJU al*quwwa-t i j->«- ji - 

9) M>i 

■H- jaar. 4 




Export, v. e/-^ ahraj, yuhrij ; J» 
naqal, jaDqul. 

Export, Exportation, #. g^/^^ 
L,^^\ Sl^\ J\ jy:i) ihraj al- 
amwal ila-*UbilH<l al-ajnabiya-t ; 

hadaji* ila buAd barra. 
Expose, r. ( /)?i/ in view) j^\ ashar, 

yujhir ; J^j^ *arrad, yu*arri4. — 

( put in danger) ;WatU ^^ *ara<J 

li-'l-hatar, ya'rid. — (cast off) ^; 

rama, yarmi ; *^f tarak, yatruk. 

— (to infamy) ^ fa4al>, yaf^ah. 
Exposition, s. (explanation) «♦«» 

ta*bir ; (^^ bay an ; »— a» taisir ; 

t/* sarb (pi. C;/» ^unih). 
Expositor, s. C;^ ^aril> (pi. c^ya» 

^un^); /-A^ mufassir. 
Expostulate, v. s-^^ *atab, yu- 

•Atib ; ;«3^^ anzar, yunzir. 
Expostulation, b. i«JU^ mu*ata- 

ba-t ; v»^ *itab. 
Exposure, «. (disclosure) j^-6^^ 

Uhir; UJ\ if.4a^ ^ fa(j[l>. 
Expound, v. ;-i fassar, yufassir. 
Express, adj, ^^^ wacjil? ; t^«** 

mu*ayyaii ; ^/» ^aril?. 
Express, «. (messenger) ^U 8a*i 

(pi. upU- Bu*at); i3W*5-^ isti*- 

jala-t ; 'Hj^ band ; ^^r* tatari-y. 
Express, v. (squet^ze out) j>»^ 'a^ar, 

ya'fir. — (hy language, writing, 

Ac.) W lafaz, yalfiz ; (^ bay- 

jan, yubayyin; yjfi^ na^aq, yan- 

tuq; ^ j^ *abbar *an, yu*ab- 

Expression, s, ^ lafz ; ^^ talaf- 

i\xz ; fijW* *ibara-t. — (of the 

features, Ac.) ^ biya-t. 
Expressive, adj. j^^^ •\i«^ 6adid 

at-ta'bir; ^J^^ wa^fi-y. 
Expressiveness, *. «-A-.^^ iyi quw- 

wa-t al-waf f ; ^^\ itti^af. 
Expulsion, s. t^/-\ ihraj ; ^^ 

\SLTd ; s^*> daf*. 
Expun iB, V. tj^^ maha, yamhi ; 

,j^ Dallas, yu^lis; v*^ hakk, 

Exi^uisiTE, €ulj. 5^ bad!*; ^^^^ 

nafis ; r^ Dialih (pi. c^ iiiilal^, 

c3U\ axnlit^). 

ExQxnsiTXNEss, f. Xa\U latAfa-t; 

UU malAl^a-t ; JL.W naf Asa-t. 
Extant, adj. *>^y* maujAd; ,jll| 

Extemporaneous, Extemporary, 

adj. ^JSt^ badihi.y. 
Ex tempore, adv. '1V^\ irtijAlan. 
Extempore speech, «. t^f3\ iq. 

Extemporise, v. J>r;\ irtajal, yar- 

tajil ; tf^^ iqtaral?, yaqtariti. 
Extend, v. (stretch out) ^^ sabalt^, 

yasbah; ^^ madd, yamudd. — 

(enlarge) g-^ wassa*, yuwassi*. 
Extension, *. *)^as^^ imtidad ; j^juJ 

taindid ; g*-y taiisi*. 
Extensive, adj. ^^x^ mamdAd; 

ji^j^ *ari4 ; g— *^ muttasi*. 
Extensiveness, Extent, s. £^^\ 

ittisa* ; ^^ 8a*at. 
Extenuate, v. (lessen) ^jij raqqaq, 

yuraqqiq. — (palliate) jS^ *azar, 

ya*zir ; {;y^ a^saii, yuf^sin. 
Extenuation, *. ^j riqqa-t ; y}JJS 

ta<jlil. — ( palliation) j^ *azr. 
Exterior, adj. y^^ zabir; t)^ 

Exterior, s. ^^^^ maDzar; y^li 

zabir ; k*"}) ru*ya-t. 
Exterminate, v. y»*y dammar, yu- 

daniniir ; *>W^ abad, yubid ; ^\*^\ 

iflta'^al, yasta^^il. 
Extermination, s. JUJU-^ isti'fftl; 

jts^jj tadmir; 5oW^ ibada-t. 
External, adj. y^^ zabir; ^M. 

Extinct, adj. ,J^ matfi-y ; ^J^^*^ 
muntafi* ; f*^*i^«^ ma*di^m. 

Extinction, *. (of fire) Ul\ i^fA'. 
— (destruction) **JJU balak ; •M 
baid ; J^^j zawal. 

Extinguish, v. ^J^^ atfa, yu^fi; 
•u^ bammad, yuhammid ; tU^^ 
ahnmd, yuhmid. — (destroy) f^J^ 
badam, yabdum ; f^^ a*dam, 

Extinguisher, s. ^yL« miitfi. 

P^XTiRFATK, v. (j*-J» t^iiiiaH, yn tlHUS, 
yutins; tatnnias, yiit*^i"")iH ; ^ 
qala*, yaijia* ; J-»U-^ iNtu'fal, 


EitTiBPATiON, i. J^to-1 iBti'?Sl. 
Extol, v. r4 kal>bar, yukadbir ; 

CJ»< mibddaii, yumaddih. 
Extort, «. "^-i- salab, jfaalub ; y^ 

baLlaf, yuballi?. 
Ektoetion, s. .jol) balj ; iJ* bal- 

ja^t; f^ julm. 
EsTBA, arfu..j"-^;J- *;»* gair-hu. 
Extra, g. Sj^j ziyfiaa-t; Ji^j zfiyjd. 
Extract, v. ff* ijala', yaqla' j 

Ej-JiJ-1 iaUhraj, yastahrij.— 

{from a book) J» naqal, yantiul 

^asfcl ihtafar, yahta^ir. 
Extract, «- *-S*- hula?a-t, hiJaja-t 

ijael*' tahli? ; ;-=*- uiuhta^ar. 
Extraction, ». {lineage) J-1 u;l 

ElTEADITlON, ». (if^i-Wl 1*^—* 

taalim al-QiuzQibln. 
ExTEASKoua, adj. Cj^ hfirij ; sr^;* 

Exteaoedinart, adj. Ji^*- ;si pair 
mu'tAd; fc5-»W«l ^ gair i'tiyii- 
di-y ; SjUJI ^^ tjii hurij 'an al- 
'Ada-tj jjli niidir; v-e*c 'ajib. 

ExTRAVAOANCE, », ol;-l ianif ; 
Jli^ tabzil. 

Extravagant, adj. { prodigal) j-*»^ 
mubazzir; -*7— • musrif. — (pro- 
jiigale) •*W^ munliamik; t«l-l* 
fiisiq i ■^'J fi'isid. — {excttnive) 
A»» 1^ CjU. harij 'an al-hadd ; 
lit=\^\ u^U- hiliif aUqa'ida-t ; 
Jjii fudul. 

Extreme, adj. o^^ aqsa (pi. ,j«^*' 
aqii#i); /^\ ahtr ; J»l«- muta- 


giiya-t; yc 'izz J Sj* sidda-t. 

Extricate, u. ,j^ haling. yuh&Ili^ ; 

ijiU fakk, yafukk; •'^Si fakbak, 

Extrication, «. >«iji*» tafkik. 
Extrinsic, adj. ufi^ jAhiri-y ; 

,j»jli hiiriji-y ; ,.^-^1 ajnaW-y. 

ExUBSRANCB, g. (jM ^ai(J; u^ 

rah? ; iysi kasra-t ; ^j wafr ; jy*j 

EXCBERAKT, adj. i/jl* fi'ivid ; j*Ji 

ka-ir; J^'j zflyid ; ji'j wnfir. 
Exudation, «. y nazz ; ce*j raSib ; 

J/! -araq. 
Exude, v. y nazz, yanizE; pfc) 

rasah, ynrsalj ; j^e 'araq, ya'raq j 

(jO) ba^f, yabisB. 
Eini,T, It. J* hall, yahuU ; JM 

tahallal, yataballa!.. 
Exultation, b. Jl^ taballul. 
Eye, 8. cfo£ 'ain (pi. yje^ 'uyftn, 

dii. (ji-Mi 'ain^n). — (o/ o needle) 

(•/- hurra (pi. ("j;* huriim) ; ,*- 

UL*!iBamm (sumni) al-l)iyAt- 
Eye. u. {11- tatalla', yalatalla*. 
Eye-ball, *. t?!*ll i*J» hadaqa-t 

'ain i ^\ u\-H insan al-'ain. 
Eye-brow. .. ^U ljiiib(pl..^y 


Eted. adj. (t>=J<« , or*) e^ j-^ ?* 

'ain ('uyfln, 'ainen).— (on?-fy«i) 
jjjbI a'wiir. f. Ijjo 'aurA^' (pi. jj" 
'ur, (jljjB 'ftran, ylje* 'irftn). 

Eyb-lash, ». H"i^ hudb, budub. 

Eyk-lid, ». i^ jafn (pi. yji* 
jufim, t)W1 ajfiin). 

Eyr-witne88, «. Jl*« 'iyant-y; 
mU. sahid (pi. ■»;•« kibAd). 

Fable, «. J*- masal (pi. JU-\ am- 
sAlj ; iil/. hunifa-t. — {fiction) 
^i^^ lufiiifa-t. 

Fabkic, I. (bailding) U( biail' (pi. 

iiii*l abniya-t) ; SjU* 'imaro-t. — 
{workinanthip) *•*» f«n'a-t. 
I Fabricate, v. {cviuirucl) ^ bana, 
I yaboi ; j*J> 'ammar, yu'aiumir. — 




(make) J«^ 'amil, ja*mal; ^ 

^anaS ya-na*. 
Fabeication, f . ;-9««> ta*mir : ^ 

jan*; £<J^\ w%mk\—{fali'>hood) 

^JS kizb. 
Fabulous, adj. ^Jh^-^ tai«nifi-y. 
Facs, j». (cUij€) A^; wajh Cpl. a^^ 

wujiili) ; y^ na/ ir (i»l. ;»^^ 

anzar) : W^ iimhiyva. — omt- 

fafti) ^Ifc- s.i^h ({>!. c/*- s:mih f : 

J^Ci^\ a^-zabir. 
Face, r. Jt^ ijalfal, yiiiiabil : JfvS 

taqaljal, yata4.|iUtal. — (o////04^«» 

hoUltf) o*;^ *ardd, yu'arid. 
Facetious, a^^. ^-a^J la|if ; cV 

mazzah ; Jy* hazil ; tj^ mu- 

Facetiousxess, #. o^ mazh : «i^ 

mu^haka-t ; ^^y» janifa-t : 

Facile, adj, J»- sahil ; ^w-* liay- 

yitt (pi. ^y^^ ahwiua' -?— » 

Facilitate, r. J#«, yus.ili- 

hil ; oy^ hawwan. yuhavmriii: 

^ yasaar, yuyassir. 
Facility, §. i^y^ suhula-t 
Fact, #. (deetl) J« n*! (pi. Jvni^ 

af*Ml) ; iU* fa*ala-t ; Jk« -ami 

(pi. JUfi^ a'tnal; ; aUc '<imla-t. 

— (ease) iM»- ha*ji'|a-t ; Jk»» hal : 

4*9*j waqi*a-t (pi. Qi>i^ wa«]ayi*; ; 

j>A am r (pi. jy^\ u m ii r) . 

Faction, t. *»7^ hizb (pi. ^^j^\ 
al^zab) ; i^-^ 'u^ba-t (pi. ^t--^ 

Factiostist, #., Factious, adj. (^iu* 
fattan ; Ju-A^ inuf aid : %i- ** .- 

Factiousness, s. Aj , ^ *anabiva-t ; 
s '** » ta'aimub : Ajj;i fitiia-t. 

Factitious, adj. ^^^^^ iritiua*i-y ; 
A*-** mu»aiiiia* ; .JU* •iiiiili-v : 
,^5^^ taqildi-y. 

Factob, f. (agtfiU) ^y wakil fpl. 
^ wukula*). — (lit arithmetic) 
ifk <}U' (pL t>^\ ad la';. 

Factory, #. J«^*-« ma'mri! 'pl. J^^»-» 
ina*iiiiiil; ; iiv^ j*^ kar-h/iLa-b 
( P«T*.) ; tf ^ karhiu. 

Faculty, #. ^J^ qadr ; h^ qudra-t ; 

&•» quwwa^t ; AjJljii qabiliya-t. 
Fade, c. J>*> zabal, yazbul ; «-AAi 

Da>if, yaasaf ; ^^ fana, yaf na ; 

J«4-^^ idmahall. yadm:ibilL — (of 

colours) jt^\ i?farr. yasfarr. 
Fadkd, adj. ^ii?j zablaii ; Jj^^ 


Fa'J. r.'i. (force to hard work) f^ 
siljhar, yusahhir; v,-*«?^ at'ab, 
yifib ; n. (fail in strength) ^r^ 
ta'ab, yat*ab. 

Fag, g. f!f^^ inusahhar. 

Fagot, h. i^^ huzma^t (pl. f^ 

F\IL. r. ihf or become deficient) ^^ 
na'|irt. yaiiquA ; ^j^^^^ iDta4|aM, 
y.iijtaji?: i^^ ;— «i qa^AAr 'an, 
yufj .!*!*ir. — (mi9i*) lJ^^ ah^a, 
vuliti ; i^y s^*t hab mill, vahib. 
— {heroine ffdnkrutt) ^■^>Si\ inka- 
Mr. vankasir: .-i*^ atlas, viitlis. 

Fail. /'. (otnyMi^.n) J-^s* tahainul. 

Failin*;. '*. ;»-^ ipi^iir : i^^^tH nuq- 
BaTj : tiki- l.rita' : ^y^ 'ai!i. 

Faiitki:. m. '-li 'jii\ii\ ; i«^ haiba-t. 
•»inl:riiptcy) ^u- ^1 inkiiMir: 
i^ kasr.i-t : ^'^\ iflA** 

Fain. '#//. -*^ ra^ii. 

Fain, '#■/'•. *i-^*«» ^v- in in tili ; ^^v-» 
.lB.i. ^j mill 7jit hatir (lioth 
with pr-'niJin afiix-d;. 

Faint, adj. /.»^ *avvan : i» a i ■ 

h I ji'ii : «-A?«-* (j i*:f. 

Fain;, r. ^JLc ^^^ iruini \ila, yuj^- 
lii I : ^ ^^^-t ^u*i 'ala, yuj^A 
< * ••• .1 pis*.). 

P' \ I N : . Fa i X n x«i. #. i^J^ iri'^wa-t ; 
^^ jiiuy. ;^Limau. 

F \ I N I V E-is. f. obu da'f : y^ 'ajaz : 
..^ liti'ir. 

F\!i:. ' //'. f /j/j«//>y//i'; ^*— ^ hasan : 
J.-^v JAiiiil : ^-^ lualih : ^^e— j 
■A I*. 'II. iafd dark) *-*«-• iiaf, 
>.»:iii : ^** *aii ; ,a^^ u'^-jur, f. 

Faiune-^ h. \h*^iHty) J»*4- ja:nal ; 
^..^.1^ llU^:i : i>^^ b:ihja-t. — \ juM^ 
H^MM) JJ^ 'adl ; %->»^^ iniiaf. 


I (pi. ^\y 
»- jiniiija-t ; tS;t i>ari 

Faik, s. f^^ 

Faibt, i. i^ 

Faith, s. (religion) yUj^ imin ; 

(jlJ din. — {Iruet) iii siiiJi-t ; 

oU-cl i'tiqAd ; jUwI i'tiraful . — 

{fidelity) j^ siJq ; iUl u,jiiil- 

na-t i Uj wafu'. 
Faithfui., at//. tJ^* amiu (i.l. 

U-l mnanii') ; u^j* mu'min ; 

jol-?ftdiq; Uj s-o-l- ^aijib waf It'. 
Faithfulnesb, #. ^W amAna-t. 
Faithlbbb, adj. (intidel) j^^ krlfir 

(pl.jUifkuffiu-, yi/iikilfiriu); -0 U 

(^J mfi lahu din. — {tnackerov*) 

liJl ^.W! 'a>liin al-walA' j i^U. 

hayin (pi. ^^J^ hmvn-i'in, (j^ 

PAlTHLBBSNEHa, e. (uiib'liff) /S 

kufr; i^^\ f-ie 'adam ad-ditt.^ 

{treaeliery) Uj!l |»o« 'adaiii al- 

wafft'i ii^s* hiyfiiia-t. 
Falcon, a./^ ?!iqr Cpl-jj^?uqur)i 

3W hftz {pi. >ijljlj bflzilt, Par*.) ; 

t^\»> ^b!n (pi. (^^eAly- jawahin, 

Faloonbb, <. jUjlt buz Jar; jU- 

Fall, ti. jij waqa', yaqa' ; ii- 

aaqat, yaaquf ; c* talji ya(ih. 
Fall, j. 1**- suqflt ; ^j wiiqa'a-t. 

—(rum) Jljj zuWiU j s^l/. har«l- ; 

■^U balAk. 
Fallacious, aij, s--S^i kSzib; j^y 

muzanniri Ji^) bfifil. 
Fali-act, ». v"^^ y-^ qiyas kAsib. 
Fallibilitt, «. U*!^ y^i-l imkilii 

Falliblb, adj. UiJl J,U qftbil al- 

Fallow, adj. {yMowiDh) jUJl JiU 

miiyil li-'?-safflr; jtejrf rauza'l'ar. 

— (ufldVfci) cV "lurtAl' ; ^W S^ 

bi-lu falitba-t. 
Falbs, adj. (rwt true) ^J-J^ kiiTiib ; bi.lil; jiT muiiawwar.— 

(ftr(ift;w() i— ■*• niufauna*. — 

(ireaeherous) yilA hiiyiii; jSU 

makir; ufet^-jj^ iiii wajhea. 
Falskhood, Falbiti, «. «.«U kizb ; 

tF" 1 

(je- men, njain (pi. yj** muyiiii) ; 

Falseness, adj. ^ maia; i*tJ^ 

hadi'a-t ; tr-* giss. 
Palsipicatiok, ».jijji taiwir; J>el* 

tiujlid [ J*J zagal. 
Falsifiek. 8. ny* muzawwir ; JJ*" 

muqallid ; i^jy* mu^augU ; J*j 

Falsify, u. jjJ Kawwar, juzawwir ; 

j1> qallad, yuqallid. — (money) 

Jij zagal, yazgal; J*i) eaugid, 

Falteb, v. (hetilate) Jy>i ta'awwa<|, 

yata'awivaqj ^jUjI tawaqq&f, j»- 

tawaqqaf. — (itammer) tpO lakin, 

yalkau; ,»W Lamt&m, yutamtiin. 
Fa»e, a. •!%> majd ; fj«t> ^ubra-t ; 

jlftiAl istibar; ^fafer. 
Famed, Famous, adj. jjt^^ mni- 

hitr ; jti'' sivhit ; t)-**^ tuamdiU^ 
Fauiliar, adj. (intimate) ^JjIV* 

ma'lnl'; iJU^u* muta'aliif; «JB 

ilf (pi. j31 alM).— (fl/<i6fa) ^ 

haHm; ^j~^\ a.n\a.—{tvdl vertrd) 

^H^ habir. 
Familiakhe, e. ij~il annas, yu'on- 

nis; "-(Jl Alaf, yulil; •i^ 'awwad, 

Familiakity, *, i—il unea-t; i-ilj* 

rauwHuasa-t) i-iJl u!fa-t; jl» 

datiil ; i^lj wiluf. 
Family, .. J*l ahl (pi. JW 

ahfili. Jl al): Jlo« -lyil (pt 

«:>3U -ivHliU); il^ *aila-t.— 

(nicr) J-J nasi (pi. JL-i( ansAI). 
Famine, «. w-^ jadb; io\^^ ma. 

jiVa-t (pi. ^V* majayi'); h^ 

qaht i ^faf quhut. 
Famish, v.a. £aA jawwa', yujawwi* j 

£V^ aja', J-Uji' ; n. £!.» ji', y»j»*. 
Famished, aiij. ■^j wabid. 
Fauibhiho, afl;. (jUe^ ji'an; q)^^ 

Fas, *. *»j/« inirffa^a-t, marw»]^».i 

(p!. CjV mariwilj). 
Fas, t'. ^ C}} rawwab 'ala, ^j» 

ifcjjJ^ 4! bawna lahu bi^'Unuiv 

wiil>a-t, yubawwi. 
Pakatic, adj., ». i;^! j^j* sadid 





Fanaticism, «. lyt*^^ &ja sidda-t al- 

gaira-t ; S;^;*- harara-t. 
Fanciful, adj. (imagityitiv^) J^as-^ 

mutahayjil ; jy«^ mutasAwwir. 

— {capricious) fiy muzantir ; 

^^yfc hawavi-y. 
Fancy, #. {inia'ji nation) JW*^ hiyal 

(pi. l-M-^ ahiiva-t) ; ^; walim 

(pi. f\A^ auham) ; j^ ta«aw\vur ; 

JW bal. — (inclituition) J^ mail 

(p\ JW«^ amjal). 
Fancy, r. (imagine) JU. hal, yahal ; 

Je^ hajjal, juhajyil ; j^ tasaw- 

war, yatapawwar; f^f tawah- 

hara, yatawahham. — (like) s-^ 

^abb, yahiibb; *>^ wadd, vawudd. 
Fano, s, (tusk) ^\i niih (pi. ^\i\i 

nabat) ; s-*c* naib (pi. v»W>^ 

anyab).— (c/aic) y^ zifr, giifr (pi. 

j^\ azfar, ;^^^ azafir) ; ^^JL^^ 

mihlab (pi. s-J^a^^ mahalil»). 
Fanoed, adj. vu>^ •«> zu aiiyab ; 

s-JW* ^^ zu maljalib. 
Fantastic, a<//. J^ hiyali-y. 

See Fanciful. 
Fab, ailj. J^;«? ba*id (pi. ^J^ 

bu'ada*) ; C;^ nazih; ,^Vi qasi ; 

^j-JJ^ aq^a (pi. ^j^\i\ a<pi9i); ^tflb 

sasi* (pi. g--A sus*, 2y-^ «U8U*). 
Fabce, s. ft.a fc> ■■■■>• mashara-t (pi. 

^U^ masuhir). 
Farb, f. (carriage) Jy naiil ; S^^ 

ujra-t. — (food) sa>^ (|ut (pi. 

«>\»i^ aqwat); J^' akl ; ^UL 

ta*am ; <^V«^ ma* as. 
Farb, r. (get on) ^U 'as, ya'is. — 

(feed) fJi» \SL'\m, yat*am. 
Fabewbll, s. gU^ wada'. — (hid 

farewell) J*>^ wadda*, yuwaddi*. 
Farinaceous, adj. «,y«>^ (ahiui-y ; 

<3«i«> y^ zu daqiq. 
Fabm, f. ^y* mazra'a-t. 
Fabm, v. (euUivcUe land) ^ falah, 

yafla^; ^^ haras, yahrig, yah- 

Fabmeb, i. lj\) zari* ; ^U-^ mus- 
ta'jir; c^^ fallA^ ; ^j^ haris ; 
j\f¥^ jawwar. 

Fabnbss, «. JMf buM ; iiU^ masa- 

FABBiBBy f. ;^ baitar (pi. S;W 

l>aitAra-t, SjtW* bayatira-t) ; x^ 

nail'and (Pt'r^^.). 
Farrow, s. ^>wV^ hananis (pi. of 

^w?^ hiiinaus). 
Fart, r. ^y^ darat, yadri^ 
Fart, rf. i^jJ> darta-t. 
Farther, adj. J^\ ab'ad. 
Farther, ronj. (moreover) '^\ 

aid an ; ctUU ^J^ SjUj ziyada-t 

*ala zalik. 
Farthinm, 8. ^ fadda-t. 
Fascinate, r. j.*^ sahar, vashur ; 

v^i^ jazab, yajzib ; (j-^ (almas, 

Fascixatixg, adj. s^^W jazib. 
Fascination, s. y^^ sihr: ^**Ji 

Fashion, >». (.^'///e o/ (ire««, cfec.) 

^•— ^kasm; ^3 zai-v ; Is^ hi'a-t. 

— 'Wi.//>) J^ sakl (pi. ^^Sj^\ 

a-kal, J;^ -ukul). 
Fashk^n, /'. ^^ sana*, ya«na* ; ^U 

sa*^', vaMi-; ^ 

haadam, yu- 

FasH ION ABLE, adj. y£^j\ ^J;j ^Jlc 

*ala zai-y al-waqt. 
Fast, v. f»\^ sain, y as fun. 
Fast, Fasting, b. ^yo saum, som, 

a inn (j)l. f*\y>\ as warn) ; j»W-» 

Fast, adj. (firm) cu^U sabit ; ^j^ 

niakin ; i.^--A^ madbiit. — (swift) 

J^fi *ajil ; J^ * .7-t..>* mu.sta*jil ; 

^y* sari' ; f;— ^ mnsri'. 
Fasten, t'. c>-^ sabbat, vu -rabbit : 

o-^\ ajbat, y us bit ; {^y^ mak- 

kan, ynniakkin; W) rabat, yar- 

Fastidious, adj. j^yu magrur ; 

yi^i— ^ mustahcjir; ^^^^^^ muta- 

Fastidiousness, b. ^\i^^\ igtil|^. 

P^astness, 8. (finnnrHs) t^W* sabat; 

j\^ <iarar. — (^tmn/jhold) a«1J qa- 

la'-t (pi. g:Xi <iila'). 
Fat, adj. (^v-.«— samin (pi. ^U^ 

sinian) ; ^a^Ai saliini ; (j-*J^ inud- 

Fat, 8. i^*^ dulin ; ft^^ sahm ; ^;)-^- 

samn ; ^o da^am. 

k Fatt] 

■ Fatt-i 

■ Fatc 

■ Ui, 

■ Fati)< 

Fat] I. 

Fatal, adj. (deatlly) JiU qfttil ; 
«"*• muhlit ; «-**- raurait. 

Fatality, «. ^jjtf taqdir ; -^f^ 
maktab ; i;ft^\ J* s-^ I* ma 
kutib 'ala 'l-jabln. 

Fate, «. l U —i qisnio-t ; Ul qa^iV 
(pi. IgjjX aqcliya-t) ; ;JiB taqdir 
(pl. ^\ -at,>toUf tiu|iUIir) ; s-e-l 
na^ib (pl. W1 aoRibiV, A^t an- 
liba^t) i ojJ- manun. 

Fated, orfj. j-u- rauqaddar ; •^j^y' 

Fathkb, #. ^^ ab, yl abil (pl. ^\ 
aba', «i.l«l abhiU) ; jJ\j wAlid. 

Father -in - law, s. {hngband's 
falh&r) ei)^! J\ aba - 'z- zoj-— 
(tci/e'« /«««■) iySl ^1 abu-'l- 
imrat ; ^ Ijam ; j«- hamu. 

Fathbehood, s. Sj(1 abiiwwa-t ; 
ijjil abawiya-t. 

Fathkeland, ». oV- i>jl *r(J 
milfid ; jJy* maulad ; ijt, watan 
(pl. oVl.,t .,,tan). 

FATaERLBBS, adj. (ka ya{im. 

Fatberli, adj. ^j(l abani-y ; is^llj 

Fathom, ». gj( bau', biV ; JV) ba' 
(pl- fV' ftl)WH') ; A-U qama-t. 

Fathom, v. (meamire) £j» bawwa', 
jubawwi' ; f jsi taliawwa', yata- 
bawwa' ; ,j~-b -nas, ja'ias. — 
(penelralf info) i3*«i ta'ammaq, 
yata'ammaq ; j*?* tabahljar, ya- 
tabaijbar (both with ^j* ft).— 
(rfwcA) .*!jJ darak, yadrik. 

Fatioue, g. *,-iJ ta'b ; ^i kail (pl. 
Jjli kul.-il). 

Fatiqub, v. S-* ta"ab, yuta"ib ; 
*r-*il at'ab, Tut'ib ; J\ akall, 

Fatiqubd, flrfj, al,«i ta'bitn, 
Fatitbsb, f. i^^a-i simaD, budiii ; 

J^J^^- Bamna-t. 
Fatten, v. tj*- samman, yusam- 

Pattenino, «. t>o*-j taamin. 
Fattinebb, ». ^J dasam. 
Fattt, «''_/'. ^J dasim. 
Fatciti. «. jAiJl Hi qillii-t al-'aql ; 

i&mnqa-t; iijBj ru'iina-t. 
Patcodb, adj. j**\ abmaq, f. l*— 

hauiqiV (pl. i3— ■ humuq, jU* 
himSi;); J*V jfihil (pl. J*f 
juhl, jubut, JW jubbftt, Ac.)- 

Fadlt, ». 'TTfO 'aib (pl. T'je* 
'uyfib) ; i-e« naqisa-t (pl. tj««l* 
naqiiyis) ; tjl— rf ouqf nn ; U* 
galat ; ja~ sahw. 

Facltinbbs, «. v-ec 'aib; s-irf 
ta'ayyiib ; *—■- ma'yaba-t. 

Fadltless, arf;'. h-cb a1 U nut laha 
'aib ; ^1>A je*( bigair ha(fi'- 

Fadltv, arfj. v-je*^ ma'yflb ; yrfJ 
naqi? ; ,«-.i ?anilni. 

Favohk, «. i*«i ni'mtt-t (pl. ^ 
ni'am) ; J-U fa<l! (pl. JlAtl 
afijiil) ; i*^ himnia-t (pl, **• 
himam, ^Ua bamHTim) ; mUi* 

Favour, h. jj-l=. hiisan, yuI^iUiii ; 
Jl y— "-l alisan ila, yul^sin ; ^t 
an'am. jHn'im ; ^ JaII af^al 
'ala, yufdil. 

Faviiurable, adj. ( /Top i how) 
J*y muwitfiq ; Jj3 Uviq ; Jj*-- 
mas'itd. — (liW) *sl* l>alim ; 
-AJJ latif. 

Fayourite, g. ^Ji nB^tm (pl. UjJ 
Dudamn) ; ■ , ■ j f ' habib (pl. wW^ 
ahbi'ib, H-^*— ■ habayib, Ac) 
haba' (pl. ^\ ahbn*) ; v 

Fawn, «. J])* gazfil (pl. 2j* gixla-t, 

uV gi^lan). 
Fawn, w. JIJJ tazallal, yatazallal ; 

jAi-' tuhad^a', yatabadtU' (both 

with prep. J li) ; J» tall, jatuU; ' 

^ y^i) dahiaz 'ala, ynd&Dlii. 
Fbaltt, *. l*j wafii' ; jVe»t inqi- 

jAd ; wW it«'a-t. 
Fear, s. ^^ hauf; iil^o tnftbft* 

fa-t; f/ faza*; i*-"- haiya-t; 

J*j wajal (pl. JWjl aujAI). 
Feae, !■. y- -*\*- bilf min, yaljiif; 

.ji* hasa, yab^; ^ faza*, 

rafza' ; t^ »*-*; rahib min, y»r- 
_U*ar Ood) jsl itU<ia, 

yattaqi. , 

Fearful, adj. (limoront) oljU. 

hayif; ^IjAhawwAf; J«V jaflL 

jiffil; yUj faK'iui; J,^ ^ "' 

(pl. jw, wijii). - (A -■ 

.;:: i 





muhayyif ; J^ mah^l ; 
JA^^ mujaffil. 

Fbarless, adj, «^W !) lA vahAf ; 
^^-^ jasur ; tjtJaj batii^. 

Fearlessness, «. «^*afe3\ ^ae ^adam 
aUhauf ; SjL-^ jasara-t. 

Feasibility, s. (^'^^\ imkan ; AiU^^ 

Feasible, adj. ^J.•J^ ju'mal (3 
pass.) ; {^^'^^ mumkin. 

Feast, f. (entertainment) S^^ diya. 
fa-t ; iij^ walima-t (pi. ^3^ 
walajim). — (holiday) J^ *id 
(pi. ^\^\ a'jad). 

Feast, r. (entertain) ^^^ aulam, 
viilim ; ^W-* J-^^ *amil diyafa-t, 
ya'mal. — (delight) c/ farih, 
yafrah ; v» ^^ lazz hi, yalazz. 

Feat, #. i^^ muhimma-t ; ^y*- 

Feather, ^. (Jto; ris; aj^^ risa-t 
(pi. \>y; riyai*, ^^;\ arya.4). 

Feature, «. (/mi/) ^jJaB taqti* (pi. 
getUB taqatiO ; ;V 8»rar (pi. S^-^ 
asirra-t). — (appearance) a.-^^^ 
wajh (pi. *j%-; wujuh) ; ^w^ man- 
jar (pi. ^U« manazir). 

Febrile, adj, ^j**« hamini-y. 

February, «. Luai subA^. 

Federax, a<f;. 4^*>Wl ittihadi-y. 

Federation, b, Sju^U^ mu*Ahada-t ; 
jU5l ittihad. 

Feb, #. /^^ ajr (pi. ^y*-^ ujur, ^W\ 
HJAr) ; 5;«^^ ujra-t ; \^ kirA. — (a 
broker*§) aJ3j dilAla-t. 

Fee, r. ;i^^ ajar, ya'jir, ya'jiir; 
y^*U«^ ista'jar, yasta'jir ; i^/^ 
istakra, vastakri. 

Feeble, adj. *^t^u da'if (pi. ^i»^ 
du'afa') ; yt^ *Ajiz (pi. y^\y^ 
'awAjiz) ; v-«%fi *ajiz ; o^>-V^ 

Feebleness, s. Ubub da'f, du'f ; 
y^ 'ajz, *ajaz. 

Feed, r.a. ^^t a^'aro, yut*im ; «^U 
qat, yaqut. — (animals) c-Alc 
•allaf, yu*allif; w. J-^ akal, 
ya'kul ; ^ ^a'am, ya^*am. 

Feed, #. Jm akl ; j»UL ^a*Am ; «yy> 
q&t — (o/ antma/«) *-Al« *alaf. 

Feel, v. (perceive by the eeneee) 

(j-^ hass, yahass. — (touch) ;j-% 
jass, yajuss ; {j^ lamas, yalmus, 
yalmis. — (compassionate) ,J^ {^ 
hann *ala, yah inn ; f^j rahira, 
yarham ; ^J^ j^Afti safaq *ala, 

Feeler, s. (of an insect) a^WjVa 

Feeling, s. (perception) (^^^ hass ; 
^i fahm ; *^\S\ idrAk. — (touch) 
{j^ lams ; (j-^ jass ; <^r^ mass. 
— (^yw*/>«//<y) ^'♦^j ra^ma-t ; ^«A^ 

Feign, r. J^ J^x *amil hal, 
ya*mal ; ^^^ auma, yAmi. Fre- 
quently expressed by the 6th 
form of any verb, as ,j*/« 
marid, ** to be ill ; " u*;^ tama- 
rad, '* to fei^n illness." — (invent) 
v>iA4*\ ihtalaq, yahtaliq. 

Feint, s. aL*. hila-t ; Sj^ siira-t ; 
^ makr ; aUU^ mugAla^a-t. 

Felicitate, r. s^^ ^JiJb hanna bi, 
yuhanni ; ,J^ ctJ^W bArak *ala, 

Felicitation, s. a^^ tahniya-t ; 
a51;W^ luubAraka-t. 

Felicitous, adj. Ju«-. sa^id ; •> 

Felicity, s. 6»>U-. sa'Ada-t ; 
sa*d ; ^S"^^. baht (Pers.). 

Feline, adj. UJ\ ^_^-ji^ ^^ min jins 

Fell, adj. ,^^Vi qAsi ; ^^ zAlim. 

Fell, r. ^p wa<iqa*, yuwa<iqi*. — 

(tre(s) ^ <iata*, yaq^a* ; c*^ 

badah, vabdali. 
Fell, s. jJI^ jild ; SuL|. jilda-t (pi. 

oy^ julud). 
Fellow, s. vjM"; rafiq (pi. ^j ru- 

faqa*, j^;^ arfAq) ; ^^/ qariQ 

(pi. ^/ quranA*) ; s-^^ sAhib. 
Fellowship, s. A2ij rafqa-t ; ^^t^^ 

Ruhba-t ; Ai^/» sirAka-t. 
Felon, b. s-^X« muzuib; fV%^ 

mil j rim. 
Felonious, adj. ^J^ saqi-y ; ^ ^e- g * 

habis ; ^j^ sarir. 
Felony, ». (•/»- jiirm (pi. f»^v^ 

juriim) ; 1^ ism (pi. j-^A AsAm) 
•> ?amD (pi. v»y«^ ?unub). 

FEiT, s. jW Iiibbiid. 
Fklt, If. -ij labad, valbud. 
Female, Feminine, adj. -Ai'f 

mil' an Has. 
Feuale, 8. j*i\ unja (pi. ^yW 

anftsi, ^'<i\ iniis) ; ijUil unaftva-t. 
FxNca, 8. eW- siyAj (pi. t^WVp. 

sijSjat) ; sjj) zarb (pi. v-y^ 

zurAb); iLl^l \\fk\a.-t.—{pTolee- 

tion) itU^ hima^a-t; £bi\j^ mii- 

Fence, v. (eTielose) ge- sayyaj, yu- 

aayjij ; ^vj zarrab, juzarrib. — 

(wi'IA foiU) ij*U»J talH'ao, jata- 

tA'an (literally with lances) ; s-^ 

oipJI la'ab as-sef, yal'ab. 
Fgnceb, b. sjjJ^ j y*^4 js?^ habir 

bj.'t-ta'n wa 'd-darb. 
Fbkcino, 8, (^VW tati'un ; *t-^ 

>- * f— H la'b as-sef; ^)— ^ mua^- 

Fennei., 8, i;** ^umra-t; 'jj- i?^ 

babba-t saudA' ; ,j-Lj— * basbrts. 
Febhbnt, p.a. ^ hamar, yahiiiir, 

yahmnr; hauiniar, yuhammir; 

j**l ahraar, yuhmir; n. j**' ta- 

hammar, valahammar ; }-^. '^ \ 

ihtamur, yabtamir. — (6c agitated) 

e^k haj, yabij. 
FsBHENT, 8. ;«*«■ bamtr ; ijo**- 

^amira-t. — {cfjilalion) u'-^e* 

Feruentation, s. js**' (ahmir; 

jUitl ibtiniAr. 
Febn, 8. fj-*-r' aarbflfi ; vjUq bat^- 

rJB ; jVj!-* hausftr. 
Fehocuh'S, adj. ^ji^} waljs'-y; 

(>W^ muffabbaj; |J^ nalim ; 

FeBOCITT, FEB0CI0DaNESB,8. ivi-^f 

wabsiya-t ; Sjl— i qasAwa-t. 
FEaai,^\trc 'abl>ar an-nahar, 

ju'abbir ; ffi qatta', yuqatli'. 
Fehby, 8. ^t^rf ma'bar (pi. j)^» 

ma'abir) j jiA" maij^a' (pi. ff-^ 

Feb'^le, u</j. ^•^ niusrnir; ia-*i- 

FEBTitiTY, 8. s--*- hiflb, ha(b. 
FiBTiLisATioir, a. v^"^^ i^jab. 

Fkhtilise, I 
Ferdlb, 8. 

Fbrvenct, b. Sj\^ b^rir»-t; IjU* 

Fk'ktest, arfj. jl» bArr; Ijt^ w*.U 

fabib gaira-t (pi. v-W*^ afl^b) ; 

^\^ hSmi. 
Festal, Festive, adj. tjJieo 'Sdi-y. 
Febteb, v. J-Jil iudamal, yanda- 

inil ; J-J\ iddamal, jaddamU i 

P-JE taqayyab, jataqnyyah. 
Festival, e. ajc 'id (pi, «>ie»l 

F«8TiviTi, 8. BjK tataiTUJ ; tUu 

naiiit ; i»y nuzba-t. 
Fkstook, 8. y»j |US1 iklil zahr (pi. 

JJlil akftlil). 
Festoon, v. j*j JJ^ tSj zayyan 

bi-akHlil zaur, ytizayyin. 
Fetch, v. wW- jftb, yajib ; vW c'j 

rah jub, yarfih yajih ; v* W ja 

bi, yajl i J.4-.1 ab4»r, yubij'r. — (a 

price) j_j*»< Qsman, yu^miii ; vW 

jab, vajib. 
Fetch, $. (itratagem) ^ makr; 

l^ hila-t. 
Fetid, aiJj. (;>*«=- muta'affiu; (j**» 

Fetidness, t. ^^ natitaa-t; <^ 

'iifn; i*jio'ufiinft.t. 
Fettkb, 8. •i>i!* qaid (pi. •»mI qayftd, 

JV=il aqyad) ; J& nikl (pi. JUa\ 

Fettbe, v. iei qayyad, yuqayyid. 

Feuo, 8. (inveterate quarrel) £j1J« 
'adi\wa-t ; j^ siqAq ; i^^ Gtua-t 
(pi. u^ fitan).— ((enara) U^ 
qati'a-t (pi. ^U^ qatAyt') ; i^Uij 
zi'dma^t; 2cUdt iq^A'a-t. 

Fevek, 8. ,j*o- buiutoa (pi. •x>l«*^ 
hum may lit). 

Feveb, tt. j*J4 {*) waqqa* bi-'l- 
humnia, yuwoqqi' i o*^ bamma, 
yuliamuii; (j^*- sabhan, yuaa^- 

Fevebisu, a<f;. i*}**^ mabmAm; 

U^'^^ sab nan. 
Feverishness, 8. itfi^ suhAna-t. 
Few, adj. i^ Jo^ qalil min. 
Fewness, 8. ^ qilla-U 




Fiat, #. (command) y\ amr (pi. 

f^j\ awarair). — (the fiat uf God) 

^^ JUJ jy» qaul ta'Ala kun. 
Fib, 8. i^;» barbaka-t (pi. ^tW^ 

FiBBEB, 8. viX^j^ mubarbik. 
FiBBE, 8. AAj lifa-t (pi. UlJ lif). 
Fibrous, attj. ^J^ lifani-y. 
Fickle, adj, »*>W* JJ^ qalil sabat ; 

* I ' U7 .>« mutaqallib ; . o^^ muta- 

Fickleness, 8. voL* iM qilla-t 

.Habnt ; j\ji ^ qilla-t qarar ; s-*li5 

taqallub ; ^J^ talaWwun. 
Fiction, 8. (faUehood) v»J^ kizb ; 

vy^iat* lunhtalaq. — {literary com- 

position) A/Ui*J tasuifa-t (pi. 

«-A^L*» ta«jiiih). 
Fictitious, adj. «^«^la? taqliJi-y ; 

^jUe *iimaliy ; vJ^^-^ muhtalaq ; 

gi-^ in n« mini*. 
FicTiTiousNKSH, 8, J^-lc taqlM. 
Fiddle, j». <i?W; r.ibjV»a-t; A>ui' 

kamauj:i-h (PtTft*.). 

FlDDLE-SnCK, /». A>-^ ,^^i qaUS 

(qos) kaiii.iiij;i-h (|»1. ^^^^ Jicj- 
whs^ ; ^j'^^ iiiidrab. 

FlDDLK-STKINO, 8. f^ Wlltar (pi. 

ys^y autar;. 
Fiddler, i». ^^j>^^ j^*> durjq bi- 

*l-kainauji-h (pi. i-JUiJ daqa- 

Fidelity, 8. jj^ sidq ; ii\xo sada- 

qa-t ; A»M ainuiia-t ; U^ waia*. 
FiDOET, V. ^f^ taharrak, vata- 

FiDOETY, a<lj. ^j^^ mutaharrik ; 

ij^j^^ iHuharkis. 
Field, s. i^ hiKjla-t (pi. J^ 

huqiil, JVia. ha'pili) ; ^^y maz- 

ra'a-t (pi. f;^^ luazari') ; ^ 

^it, «f^. p^ (|.l. ^Vl»iji ;^'itan). — 

(the open Ji*' Id) ^ji l>arriya-t. 
Field-piece, 8. v^/- v»^ tob 

(^op, Turk.) safri-y. 
Fiend, «. ^^^ s.ii^au (pi. y;^?l»WA 

Fiendish, adj. J^^ >aitani-y. 
FiENDisuNE!5S, 8. ^^Ai sii(aua-t ; 

J^^Be^ saipitiiya-t. 
Fibbcx, adj, ^y^^ ; sj^y* 

muwahl^a^ ; {j^ ^aris ; fi^ 

Fierceness, 8. ^ zulm ; ^^-^ 

wahsiya-t ; i-y* sarasa-t. 
Fiery, adj, (like fire) s^)^ nan-y. — 

(easily provoked) ^y*^ hami-y ; 

;U. harr; s— 4*3^ J^JA sadid al- 

FiEKiNESS, 8. ij\^ l>arara-t ; Sj^ 



Fife, s. Sj^ Baffara-t ; j^y miz- 
mar (pi. ji:^^'/* mazamir). 

Fifteen, adj. jJ^ li >. » ^ A hamsat 

Fifteenth, adj. ^a^c (j.»^W hamis 

Fifth, adj. (j-^Vd. hamis. 

Fifthly, adv. *\— ^U. hamisan. 

Fifty, Fiftieth, adj. e?j - » ft . ham- 
sun (vul^. (j f o.^ i ' hamshi). 

Fig, s. ^^ tina-t (pi. (^ tin). 

Fight, 8. a1»Uu muqat ila-t ; A*l^ 
wa<j'a-t ; ^j^^^ niulniraba-t. 

Fight, v. J»^ qatal, yuqatil ; **J;V^ 
'arak, yu'arik ; J>^' taqatal, ya- 
t ujatal ; *sJjUJ ta*araq, yata'arak. 

FiGMKNT, 8. w ^ j^ -Q> ta^Hif ; J^^-:ui^ 

Figurative, adj. ^J;/•; ramzi-y ; 
v^3^^»^ majazi-y. 

Figure, s. \/onn) ijy Hura-t (pi. 
jy ?awar) ; J^ siikl (pi. J^^ 
a«^kal, J^^ .sukul). — (nttiturt) Juj 
qadd (pi. *>\jJ qidad, *>;J^ (judud, 
Ai\ a<pidd, 6Ju>\ aipiddii-t). — 
(number) ^j ra<jain ([A. (iMj\ 
anplm). — (diagram) J^^^- jadwal 
(pi. J^^«^> jadawilj. — (in rhetoric) 
jV^^ majaz. 

FiGURK, V. (shape) jy «awwar, yu- 
9i\vwir ; ^U jja;^, yasut*. — (repre- 
sent) JJJ» <jalla<l, yuqallid. — {con- 
ceivt') jy^ t:i.siw\var, yataitawwar. 

FiLAMKXr, 8. {thread) «^ hait (pi. 
k^ hu\ii\).—(fihre) aaJ lifa-t 
(pi. Ju^'Ui). 

Filch, v. J-^ nasal, yansnl ; j;- 
earaq, yasrufj. 

FiLK, s. {of papersy d'c.) ,3^ ^abi| 
(pi. JW^^ a^baii, i&r^\ atbiqa-t). 
— (of soldiers) «-A^ »atf (pi. wjyu 

PII.1 ] 

turn).— {tool) Jj^ mibrad (pi. 

JjV* mabflrid). 
File, n. ( fasten together) ft* ^amni, 

Ta^umm. — {foluik) Jji barad, 

jalirud ; J»- !;iqal, yaijijul. 
Filial, adj. ^j^ banawi-y. 
Filiation, «. ij^ buauwa-t. 
Fill, v. S^- nidla', jumW ; J- 

mtilU, Tumalli; jj^c 'abb:v, vu- 

'abbi.-Ca« (#ce) J fM qAm ft, 

Fillet, ». (band) i»U* 'asftba-t 

(p!. s-!*-* 'asavib). — (o/ fcee/. 

£c.) js^ f»3:l lahui zahr. 

Fils.. ». LLi gisiV. 

FiLMT, adj. ^\^ gisHTi-y. 
Filter, «. «aU»» mi?fat ; i^Ua* 

mi^fiiya-t j jylj niwiiq. 
FiLTKB, If. jA« jaffu, _vu?affi ; ,3jj 

rawwaq, jurawwiq^. 


Fjlth, FiLTeiNBSB, 

(pi. tUjWusHh) ; i*-L-3 

i-W^ najiisii-t. 
Filthy, adj. f--j waaih ; ^j~ifr 

FiLTKATioN, ». i^i-u ta?fiya-t. 
Fin, «, cW jani'ilj, jiuiib (pi. W»l 

ajnilja-t, e**! ajnuh). 
Final, odj. (/u<() je*-} abir. — (co»- 

einaire) ^U qati*. — (comp/cfc) 

Finance, Financbs, t. {puhUe) 

^^\ JU mftl a1-miri-.v ; y*- 

milliya-t; &y~ hazna-t, — (income 

ia yeiivrat) Jj*-»^ madhul (pi. 

^SjiJ- m.vdL5l.U). 
Financial, adj. Ji- mSli-v. 
Fisancieb, e. J^UJ\ J-a^* niuhaf- 

fil nl-miiliya-t. 
Find, c. *i-) wajad, Tajid; ,J^ 

laqa, yalqa; ^i ltli|a, vulnqi; 

JtS\ alfa. yulfi.— (yeO Ju nfil, 

jranAI; J*- U"??:''!' yulja*!'!- — 

(jiriivide) J fJJ ijudjam U, yu- 

qaddim; )»- jalibaz, yujabhiz. 
Fine, », in;*- jarima-t (|il- ^'j»- 

jariiyim) j i*i^ garAma-t ; (tjt 

gunn ; ijj diya-t. 
Pine, i'. (mulel) ^j» jaram, yaj- 

rim ; fi^ garram, yugfuriin. — 

i [Fie 

{clarify) ,^ jaffa, yuf off! ; j^ 
korrar, yukarrir. 

Fine, adj. {not eoarte) Je*j raff ; 
^>e*j raqiq ; (pi- jUj riqftq. l*,l 
arriqiV) ; f*'^ na'ini. — (rrfintti, 
eh-tjaiil) <-*i;t jarif (pi, Ujl ju- 
ratiV, >-i;t juruf, lic.) ; "JsU 
latif (pi. <-*^ lilAf).— (AundwHM) 
Je«»- jauiil ; (J— buBan. 

Fineness, «. ^Uj rifiVa-t; **) riq- 
qa-t. — {tlrgancc) Ailjl lurafa-t — 
(tou(y) t:>-*- busu; JW janiHl. 
— ( purity) ijlA* 5:ifBwa.t ; ^/■j'^ 

FiNBBY, «. Jl". J J«- Ijuli-J W» 

Ijulal; iijj zina-t. — {Jurnaee) 
i^J\ atilii, attuD (pi. .uUjit at&- 

FiNOEB, «. gt-1 ajba" ([il. j(W 
asAbi', jrfl-l Q^i'ilji'). — (thumJi) 
fi^\ ibbiim (pi. (Jt\ii abAhim). — 
{indei) -iiV- a:ibjiba-t.— (middie 
finger) i^i^j was!aniya-t ; iit<^ 
tawila-t. — (ring finger) r*^ binfjr, 
bauBur (pi. — U| batnuir), — (litth 
finger) ^*- linsir (pi. j-'J* ^nai- 

FiNOEE, V. (touch) !_-* jaaa, ya- 
juas; i_r— *J lamas, yalmaa. — 
(handle) gJl* 'Alaj, yu'AIij.— 
(steal) j,^ Haraq, yasraq. 

Finical, adj. j^"i guiidar, gundor ; 

FiNicALNEss, a. Ij'iit gandara-t. 

Finis, «. (at Ihe end of a book) 
f^ tanim. 

Finish, d. (complete) f^^ atAintn, 
yutiium 1 ^ tAnimaui, luUuu- 
mim ; ftM. batam, yalitiin ; ,jti\ 
anba, yunhi. — (.perfrct) ^/i*■ 
hallaf, yuballif ; ^}^i kaminal, 
yukammil. , 

Finish, «, JUT kauml; 0^ Ml- 

Fir, «. v}^ taanflb ; Cjfc itt\t ; j^ 

l^yt Eiajarar-rHtinaj. 
PiBE, ». jii dAt (pi. oy ntria) ; 

■^aJj waqid. — (e<ntJlagralio») ji^ 




l^anq. — (ardour) S^ jifaira-t, 

gira-t ; S,^^ harara-t. 
Fire, v. (light a fire) *>Vi qad, yaqid ; 

AJ^^ auqad, y"<iid. — (set on fire) 

j^ haraq, yahriq. — (discharge 

fire-arms) (j^yi (|awwas, yuqaw- 

wis ; J-^^ aUaq, yutli<i ; v*/* 

4arab, y ad rib ; ^y farra^, yu- 

Fibs- ARMS, s. lij^ l^^\ asliha-t 

FiRE-ENoiNB, •. ^/ turutnba-t. 
Fire-man, «. ^j^t^f turumbaji. 
Fire-works, s. a«ju^ ^U nar iiiusan- 

iia*a-t ; ^^ haracia-t. 
Firm, ac(/. o^^ Habit; ^v^ makin; 

^iX^« muhkaui ; ^\j rasilj. — (of 

character) v5*^^ wa^iq; vjh>^ wasiq 

(pL J^^ wi2a(|) ; ^^ qawwi-y. 
Firmament, §, cw^y^^ «3^ falaq 

a^-^awabit; jiU'J\ j^li fahnj al- 

aflaq ; U-J\ as-sannV. 
Firmness, s. ^yW* saKAt ; ^^ (jarar ; 

i^U» inatana-t; a»Uj nisaua-t. 
First, o///. J^^ awwal, f. ^5^ ula 

<|>1. {^)^ awwaliu). 
First, Firstly, adv. '^}^\ awwalaii. 
Firstling, #., First-houn, <////. 

j^ bikr(i»l.jW^ akl>Hr). 
Firth, «. ;«* ^ fumin nahr (pi. 

i\yk\ afwali, f!Ui\ afiiiam) ; j^^ 

bikgaz (\)\' y^^^ bawa^iz). 
Fiscal, adj. JU niali-y. 
Fish, s. < ^^ »- saiuaka-t (j»l. 

samak, vi!U-^««^ asinak, ^^ 

sumuk) ; ci>^ hut (pi. ^^ 

hi tall, «y^^\ ahwat). 
Fish, r. weUl* a#w ta^ayya<l samak, 

yata^ayyad ; * f^ ♦ « •>^^ ir^tad 

samak, yii^^ad. 
Fisher, «. (u. 1 ♦■) *>^ sayyad 

Fishmonger, s. ^U^ Baininak. 
Fissure, s. jm* saqq ; aw* sa<jqa-t 

(pi. jyUi suquq); vj^ falaq (pi. 

y}^ fuluq;. 
Fissure, v, vJM* saq<], yasiKpi ; 

^ faliiq, yatliq. 
Fist, #. i^y^\ J^\ al-vad (yadd) 

al-matbiiqa-t (pi. ^^^2^ aidi, s^^^\ 

ajidi ; du. ^Jt jaden). 

Fistula, «. j^U n/isur; ^^V* nasAr 

(pi. j^^ iiawasir,^^y nawasir). 
Fit, s. {attar k of an illnrss) ^y 

naiiba-t (pi. s^y nuwab) ; j^»> 

daur (pi. )\)S\ adwar) ; Ajj^fc gas- 

Fit, adj. v3ii5 layiq ; <3'^^ ■ i iwa- 

tiq ; s-^^ muuasib ; fA^ jadir. 
Fit, v.a. vji^ waft'aq, yiiwattiq ; Jh«l» 

tabbaq, yutabbi(| ; v3?^ t»*^baq, 

yu^abiq ; n. ij^\y wati(|, yuwafiq ; 

s^-^ iiasab, yuiiasib ; jJ-J labaq, 

F1TNK8S, s. LJLJ\y^ muwafaqa-t ; 

ifi?^ mutabacia-t ; AilJ liyaqa-t ; 

M»U/« munasaba-t. 
Five, adj. < v- » f^ hamsa-t, f. <./-♦*• 

Fix, r. o^ sabbat, vusabbit ; ^a-***^ 

a:il>at, yu:*bit ; (^^ makkaii, yu- 

inakkin ; ;/ qarrar, ymjarrir. 
FixiTV, s. ^^^ riabat. 
Flarhinkss, 8. S^^j rahawa-t ; ^^*j\ 

irtilja . 
Flakhy, adj. ^) rahi-y ; vj^V* 

nuirtalii ; ^^iyuw* imistarhi. 
FLArcii), adj, J?U zai»il ; J"^^ zab- 

Flacciditv, K. J^i zubnl. 
Fla<}, s. J;-^ bainiq (pi. jjW? baya- 

ri<i) ; ^J liwa' (pi. i>y\ alwiya-t) ; 

h^) raya-t ; ^ *alam (pi. (•ic\ 

aMaiii) ; v3^^- Kiiija<|, sanjaq (pi. 

J^»U- sanajiq). — (//a/ stone) 

i^o'^i balata-t. 
Flag, v.a. (adorn with Jltgit) ^^j 

«yVi^^ zavvaii bi-rayat, vuzavyiu. 

— { jtavp) lol^ balat, yablu^ ; n. 

(grow languid) v^*;^ irtaha, yar- 

tahi ; .j^j^ istafha, yastarhi. 
Flagitious, adj. v>-\i lasi(| ; J*3) 

razil (pi. 'Ji; ruzaliV) ; ^l* talih 

(pi. C'-^ t"ll"lO ; o^ saqi-y(pl. 

W^^ a><|iya'). 
P'LAGiriousNESs, s. *>L-i fa><a<l; 

j^»i; razila-t (pi. J>^»^; r.izayil) ; 

vjh- ^ lisq ; is-v-J qal»aha-t ; S^^«>) 

Flagon, s. ^y (jazAza-t (pi. )>^y 

qazayiz) ; Jjuii <i[iuiiiua-t (pi. 

^Ui qanani). 


Pla] ] 

FLAOKUtT, adj. (notorious) ^^ 

ifihir; •-'j;-"^ ma'rflf; ;j-»*- 

Platl, f. j-i* midaqi (pi. jl-i« 

madifiq) ; v*/** Jnidrati. 
Plakk, «. (o/ anoH-) ^ **ij ruq'it-t 

galj (pi. lij riqA'). — (0/ icooi, 16c.) 

iijSkauka-t.— (»»in7/ ;.ifw) i^^ 

tabaqa-t ; W^ ^afilia-t. 
Plambead, ». J»A- rai^'nl ; flui- 

nms'ala-t (pi. JcU- masii'il). 
Flame, «. ^ lahaba-t ; w-osl 

lahib ; JJ laean ; EU- Ijurfi-t, 
Flamb, v. J<u« ta,-a"al, yataHa"al; 

J"s»l ista'al, yasta'il ; s-«Jl ilta- 

bab, jaltuhib. 
Flask, a. s-** jamb (pi. s^^^ 

ajnSb) ; s-iW jiiaib (pi. s-ilj* 

Flannel, s. Sl^ii fliluella' ; ^y 

?af (pi. ^Ij-l a?wfif). 
Flap, a. ^y- taraf, |arf (pi. iJi^\ 

alraf); ^jij mfraf (pi. JjUj 

rafiirif). — (of a garment) JjJ 

?ail (pi. JyJ juyiil). 
Flap, 0. {the wings) oyij nifra.f, 

vurafrif ; Jj raff, yaruff ; ja- 

^afoq, ya^Gq. 
Flabe, c. g*i lama', yalma' i ^a^ 

aata', yasfa'. 
Flare, «. f^ lam' ; ^UJ lama'fLa. 
Flash, >. j^ liarq ; ^j^p*j waniid. 
Flash, e. j;» baraq, jabruq ; (jA-j 

namad, yami<}. 
Flask, ». i' '" - luuqaiSa^a-t ; aa^ 

6isa-h. — ( powder-horn) /-J- mu. 

Flat, adj. i£^~— rousflwi ; ^ 1*-^ 

musattal>; l^e— i basit. — {insipid) 

g3-» dali'. 
Flat, «. J*- sahl ; %- sahla-t (pi. 

Jj^ Bflhfll) ; j:*-i fusljft-t.— 

Jshodi) ijl-j ramliya^t.. 
Flatness, ». (levelne$g) J»- saht. — 

(intipidily) f^ *!* oilla-t ta'in. 

—(dutnai) &■>}/ burQda-t. 
Flatten, v. jli- siHtflj, yusattitj ; 

j4-> sabbal, yusahbn. 
Flatteb, v. iji^ mallaq, yumalliq; 

fji^ tamallaq, jatamallaq. 

Flattert, «. ijUi tamalluq; 


Flatulency, «. ^tj rib ; (** uafb. 
Flatulent, adj. t^ iiaffiUi. 
Flaunt, v. fji^ tabahtar, yala- 

bahtar ; o.ia,j taba^ai]. yatabag- 

Flaunt, s. Sj** fahra-t. 
Flavocb, #. A^ lazza-t ; ^ i* ^ 

tu'nia-t. — (odoMr) i*:^j riyit»-t 

(pi. cjly mwfiyib). 
Platoue, v. Jji tabbal, yutabbil ; 

Jiji taubal, jutaubiL 
Flaw, g. (erack) Mfc saqqa-t. — 

(bkmiah) v-^ -aib (pi. ^-« 

'uyub); AmC 'aiba-t (pi. vV" 

Plat, ». yL=I kattAu, ktHUn. 
Flaxen, adj. ^W katt&ni-T ; t>" 

^^\iS min kattAn. 
Flat, d. j1* jalad, yajlid; jallad. 

TUJalUd ; (i- aalab, yaaluh, ya»- 

Flea, g. -^ftjt barguj (pi, tA-^l^i 

Fledge, w. ^J^^ rayyas, yurayjii 
Flee, v. •v'jA barub, yahrub; fijtll 

iubazam, yaalia: 

; / farr, 1 

Fleece, ». ^y*- jizza-t, jazia-t (pL 

«^y jizzHi,j«. jizan). 

Fleece, p. {shear iheirp) j* iaei, 
yajuzz. — Ipluruirr) (J* ^la]^ 
yusallib ; w-l- salab, yofiluli. 

Fleet, a. ijW 'itniVra-t (nl. jiW 
'aiDfiyir) ; J;!»-l ua^ul (pi. jiu\ 

Fleet, orf/. J%e 'ajil ; g,j. muI*.— 
(of koracs) jIj* jawad (pi. oW 
jiy&d, jWI ajjfld, J*jWl aj4wld). 

Fleetino, adj. Jilj ziiyilj ta-il* 
fayit ; Jli fftoi. 

Fleetness, a. Jv 'ajal; ity- 

Flesh, a. ^ lahm (pi. ^W libiini, 
^}*J luhiim) ; jt* babr. — (i« 
oppuaition lo apirit) ,i-4- jaaail 
(pi. J>— v( ajsAd, Jj— » jusiid).— 
(cama^'fyj Ijl* iahwa-t ; tvliUt 
lc>I.L-V1 al-laza^t al - ji 




Flbshlt, adj, ^J^^^"^ jasad&ni-y ; 
jL-AJ nuf8ilni-y. 

Fleshiness, t. iuL«^ jasama-t. 

Fleshy, adj, f^^^ mulijiim, mulaJ^- 
^m ; fJti^ la}>im. 

Flbxibilitt, Flexibleness, «. 
li\c^ liv&na.t ; aAUS^ l^M qkhilU 
ja-t al-*atfa-t (c^^ al-*auj) ; 
«&»U^^ inhinas. — (of character) 
i*iX« malavima-t. 

Flkxiblb, Flexile, adU ^y^'-i 
janhani (3 aor.) ; iitMiX J^ 
sahii al-'atfa-t. 

Flexcbe, f. t^ *aui ; Uo65\ inhina' ; 
«J^ 'atf. 

Flicker, r. g«J lama*, yalma*. 

Flight, ». s^y^ hurub ; ^\yv>^ inhi- 
zam ; ^V tirar. — {act of flying) 
(^\j^ ^var&D. — (flight of stairs) 
^\j*y\ ad raj (pi. of Cj** daraj) ; t)*^ 
duraj (pi. of **•;•> durja-t) ; ^iL. 
■alalim (pi. of ^ suUain, nul- 

Fliohtixess, 8, ^y» \8Lui, t^was. 

Flighty, a</;. tr*vL ^Ajis ; «» M * 
bafif (pi. «->^ hifaf, «^Ub.\ 
ahfaf) ; s^ qallab. 

Flimsiness, f. £^ ^ 'adam ma- 
tana- 1. 

Flimsy, a<lj, (^a^^^ g-air matin. 

Flinch, v. s-^ tajannab, yata- 
jannab; \j«3 ^^ raja* li-wara, 
yarja* ; eJ* V *^** **^» yaza*. 

Flivg, p. vj^^ rama, yarmi ; wJi^ 
^azaf, ya^^if. 

Fling, s. ^j ramya-t. 

Flint, #. i^\y ^awwana-t (pi. (^\y 
fawwan) ; iy^^ l^a^wa-t (pi. ^J«^ 

Flintinbss, i, ^Su 9aluba-t. 

Flinty, adj. o*V» ^awwani-y. — 
(obdurate) %t-3i)1 s-^ 9alib al- 

Flibt, v. ^ ganijf y&gn&j> 

Flibt, f. ^^%^ ganija-t. 

Flirtation, s. ^ gunj ; ^^ 
gun&j ; iytA *iawa-t. 

Flit, v. (y{y o^ou/) (•V-^ ham, 
yal^ikm. — (rdntooe) Ji«^^ irta^al, 
yartall^il ; «J^ b^ff » yagiff . 

Float, v. ^Vc *am, ya'ikm; ^ 
sabal^, yasoah ; <^U fa^, yafui. 

Float, s, ^a»^ ma*diya-t, mu*ad- 
diya-t ; u-^j rumiis (Syr,) ; oU^ 

Flock, «. (Aerc?) qM qa^i* (pi. 
CjVS-i qutan, jVSdi^ aqU*). — (o/ 
birds) hj^ surba-t (pi. *T*\y-^ 
asrab) ; a^^ hauma-t. — (congre- 
gation) AcU^. jama*a-t). 

Flock, v. 2*^ tajamma*, yatajam- 
ma* ; Q*-^\ ijtama*, yajtami*. 

Flog, v, v»/* 4arab, ya^rib, ya4- 
rub ; f/ qara*, yaqra* ; ^^ sat, 
yasu^ ; v»»M addab, yu*addib. 

Flogging, s, aj^* 4a'rba-t ; J»^ 
saut ; W^ taswi^ ; -xW jald. 

Flood, s. U3\ j^ fai4 al-ma' ; 
ej^^ tii-wafan, ^ufan. 

Flood, r. jt\i fa(J, yafi(J ; J^ sal, 

Floor, s. S^j\ ardiya-t. — (story) 
AA<^ ^abaqa-t (pi. J^^ ^ubaq) ; 
;;*> daur, dor (pl.;^;*>^ adwar). 

Floral, adj. «^yB>; zahri-y. 

Florid, adj, jttSj zuhir. 

Floridness, s. Sy^; zahra-t. 

Florist, s. jVi-j bustani-y ; ^V**3 

Flounce, s. ,jSjS kaikas ; v»ja 
hudub ; s^^JA huddab ; wJ^r-» 
sijaf ( Pers,). 

Flounder, t;. jm barara, yabrum ; 
tf^'^ tadal>raj, yatadahraj ; ij^y 
rafas, yariis, yarfus. 

Flour, s, j^o daqicj; ^^\ yfcj 
zahr ad-daqiq ; ^U^ kamaja-t. 

Flourish, v. (bloom) y>j zahar, 
yazhar; yfcj\ azhar, yuzhir; ^y 
uawwar, yunawwir. — ( prosper) 
f^ na*am, yan*um, yan*im ; 
na*im, yan*am. — (brandish) y^ 
hazhaz, yuhazhiz ; gJ lamma*, 

Flourish, s. (of a trumpet) v»/* 
y}yt^\ darb al-bdiq. — (in writing) 
^A ^ugra' ; */L tugra-h (Pers.). 

Floub-merchant, s. (j^ iahhan ; 
vM** 2^ bayya* daqiq. 

Floury, adj. ^y-o^ (at^ini-y ; ^J^o^ 

Flow. «. J^ baI, jasil ; et. Hfbh, 
fMi^i iSj» jaja, yajri ; h— i*^ 
iof»bb, jron^abb. 

tvair, t. (jjlp- Bajaiiin. — {abund- 
«!«*) i/f Vasra-t ; yM faid ; jij 
wafr ; jjlj wuflr ; jJ darr. 

Flower, ». ;*) zatr ; i;*j zahra-t 
(pi. ;^j zuhiir, jVa;l ai^bar) ; jji 
nanr (pi. jljfl ivnwiir) ; jly nuw- 
wAr (pi. ^jV niiw&wir). — (Uie 
6*»( jjort) ioS* hulfi?a^t; iJfj 

Flower, v. jftjl azhar, yuzbir; jjl 
nawwar, junawwir. 

FtowEB-poT, i. jj»^ miljur. 

Flowkey, adj. i5j*j zahri-y. 

Fluctdate, v. (tnove, aa a wave) 
eW tamawwaj, yatamawwaj. — 
(be irreiolute) wWjl irtnb, jartib ; 
s-1* taciallab, yataqallali. 

Fluctuation, ». (of taavee) ej^ 
taniawwuj ; /^il talajiini, — (o/ 
the yroiiiid) Jjly taziilzul. — (0/ 
the mind) v^ taijnjlub) wdj^ 

Flobkt, iw/j. (in speech) ^LJ Ia.8- 
Bfin i co-i fasih (pL W^ f u?abiVJ ; 
iel» balig (ill. Ul* bulajra'). 

Pldescy. «. i*t-i fa^ilha-t; *!;•- 

PunD, nrfj. 5^1- luAyi' ; Jjl— ei'iyil. 

Fluid, g. gjU mftvi' (pi. gi'j-* ma- 

Fluidity, «. a*1(-» mijil'ii-t. 

Flush, c.n. j*«-l attmarr, yahmajfr ; 
a. j*<^- hamniar, ^uhamiuir ; ^«-l 
a^mar, yuhmir. — (eltite) c/ £iur- 
rah, yufarril>. 

Flush, «. j1j*».1 ihmirar. 

Flute, t. A|lt gAbiut ; ^5^ nili (])1. 
•AJ^U niiyAt) ; k^ ^bbiiba-t. 

Flutinij, a. (of a eoluntn) i^ ba(( 
(pi. i'^ huiilOi l-^*" tah"tit: 
(K/^ tab rim. 

FluTTKK, 1'. ij^p U'o ii'irtgt) <-y; 
mfraf, yurafrif. — (be a^tated) 
J(At. hafaq, vahfiu, vahfuq- 

Fldttbb, s, j\^j zalzAI; ^J^) ra'S. 

Plox, s. {flowing) o>»j* jarayAn j 
ijSiii- aayal&n. — (risiny of lAe 

tide) J>» madd. — (dyaeatery) JW-^ 

Fly, «. it^-1 zubaba-t (pl. -^i 

zubAb, J^<i1 azibha-t) 1 valg. A^^t 

Fly, «. jU. tSr, jallr.— (^) ^t 

iahazam, yaabazim ; <*>;A bamb, 

yabrub ; ^ farr, jafurr. 
Foal, g. je* inuhr (pl. jW*WinhBr, 

jV mrbnr) 1 ,U filw, fiia (pL W 

Foal, e. .^^ waJad, valid. 
Foam. a. ^j raga; Ify rag«a-t ; 

.*)j zabad (pL J^ij^ azhad). 
Foam, u. Jtj\ arga, yurgi ; J»jl 

azbad, yuzbid. 
Fob, a. v,-,* jaib, jeb (pl. ^r*^** 

juyflb) ; i«* jaiba-t, jeba-t (pi. 

Focus, a. jy>-3t flail nuqta-t »l- 

FoDDEB, «. i-Akc 'alaf (pi. ^b 

'ilfif, wiS*; il'Uf, U.jU 'Qlflf) ; *^ 


Foe, 8. jj* 'add-w (pl. *J*1 a'di', 
^jWt a'Adi, loW 'udAt, ^^Jk* 
"udan, 'idan). 

Foo, a. ^Vi dabiib j i)W^ ^abaha-t ; 
^ gaim, gein (pl. ^^ go- 

Foible, a. jy^ qufur; ^^^ nuq- 

Foil, p. (fruatfale) s-«*. hay^TBb, 
yuhayTib; Jl«l abfal, yubtil. — 
{defeat) s-J* gaUb. yaglib. 

Foil, a. (defeat) ^)* kazima-t (pL 
^l^a haznyim}. — (in jawdlety) 
1^ munawwir. — (Jor fmcing) 
UiU <-Ae- saif mugaUai (pl. i-ii*- 

Fold, p. ^5^ t&wa, ya(wi ; ^jjl Uwft, 
yalwi ; lawwa, yulaww! ; ,j-^ 
gana, yasni ; ■-•! laff, yaluff ; J«l 
tabbaq, yufabbiq.— (ntcZow) vjiJ 
zarab, yazrub. 

Fold, a.'l^ (Sya-t; iijl lanlyft-t; 
i«J janya-t. — (/ur ah^) ^^ 
liaiira-t (pl. ft'^ l^aiayir) ; t^ 
muriil.i (pl. C/* uiurl>). 

FoLDiNu-DOOU, a. i^jM ***W bab 




Foliage, $. ^\jy\ aunq (pL of j^ 
waraq, ** leaf "). 

Folk, #. (j*U\ an-nis ; «jJU- b^q- 

Follow, r. g** taba*. vatba* ; ^^ 
Jc taba* *ala, jutabi*; V taJa, 
jatlu. — ( purme) ,jj lahiq. val- 
haq ; v3^U^^ istahlaq, vastahliq. 
— {ensue) J-*- basal, jahfal. — 
(obey) J^ \k% vati* ; £*** ata*, 

Follower, s, (partisan) ^^ tabi* ; 
gj^^-» mutabi*. — (disciple) Ju-U» 
talmiz (pi. Ju^Sj talamiz, ixAi 

FOLLT, $. a}v«^ jabala-t ; J^ jahl ; 
aaU^ gafaha-t ; Aiw^^ hamaqa-t ; 
i»y lu§a-t. 

Foment, r. J-a habl:«al, v .-.liblil ; 
A • ^ kammad, viikaUii:.i 1. — 
(ezcitt) ^^f' harrak. yuharrik ; 
ji>^ harrad, yuhamd. 

Fomentation, #. ^^^^ takmid ; 
»>U^ kimad; i^w^i kimada-L — 
(eneouragemeni) ^f^ tahrik. 

Fond, adj. (tender) {^f^ banun; 
s-W^ *J— «*; ra^jiq al - qalb. — 
(lotring) ^JaIc *a>iq ; J^ J«U 
majil ila; w^^«* mubibb; OJ» 
talib ; v f^** mugrambi; ^y 
v» mula* bi. 

Fondle, r. <-J^S lA^af, jalatif ; 
UlU; talattaf, yatala^af; J-^ 
mallaq, yumalliq ; JSo dallal, yu- 

Fondness, s. J^* mail (pi. J^j^\ 
amjal j ; a?*^ ragba-t ; v>-4^ *i'**q ; 
i^t^ muhabl>a-t. 

Font, s. Ajj^^juJt (^y^ jum al- 
ma*mudiya>t (pi. (:)^)^^ ajran). 

Food, $. %A>f qut ; ^Uk ^a*am ; J^ 
vy» ^ akl wa 8Urb ; \^ gi?H*. 

Fool, «., Foolish, adj. ^j^^^^ maj- 
nun (pi. (^V^ majamn) ; ,j.»»'\ 
a^maq, f. U*a- bamqa (pi. v3-»*> 
humuq, jU*. himaq) ; ^\ ablab, 
f. W^ balha' (pi. Al, bulb). 

FooLHABDiNESs, «. f^^ tabaj- 
jum ; £a*^^ inuwaba^a-t. 

Foolhardy, adj. ^ »q? * mutabaj- 

Foolishness, Foolery, «. ^y^ 



juDun ; Aiu». hamaqa-t ; i^W^ 

galtawa-t ; X3v^ jabala-t. 

Foot, $. J*; rijl (du. ^^^ rijlen, 
pi. J*-^ arjul » ; j»a5 qadam (pi. 
f\ji\ aqdanu f^^ aqdum). — (ike 
m^asur€ ) ^ qadam. — (in poetry) 
J-«ib- taMl (pL JefiUj tafa-il) ;yi. 
juz (pi. ^y^^ »j^')- — (of a woim- 
toin, Sc.) J*-^ asfal. 

Fop, f. j'3^ i^andar ; jyJ^ gundur. 

Foppish, adj. ^jua^* mutagandir. 

Foppishness, Foppery, s. i^As* 

For, pre}), (on aceouni of) J li; 
J^3 li-ajl- — (instead of) ^1*^ 
'iwadan (vulg. 'awad; 'an. 

Fob, conj. ^"1 li-ann; «^^«*. haij, 
bej ; u. t . jft hais-ma. 

Forage, #. ^J^ *alaf (pL w*3^\ 
a*lif, wJ5kc 41af). 

Forage, r. UkU5\ ^ laram al-*alaf, 
valumm ; *>^ rad, yarud. 

Fokay, #. A--i kabsa-t, 

FoRBEAB, r. (abstain) « ^t ' W tamas- 
sak. yatamassak ; ^^-^^ imtaua', 
yamtani'. — (dtsist) ^3a*^ inqata*, 
yanqa^i* ; *-i^ kaff, yakuff. — (to 
endure) ^y^-^ ihtaoial, yabtamil ; 
JLc j^ ^abar *ala, ya^bir. — (be 
merciful) ^^ rahim, yarhaui. 

FoBBEABANCE, B. (abstinence) ^f^ 
ihtiraz; £Ui^\ imtina*. — (pa- 
tience) y^ 9abr ; ;W**^ i^til^r ; 
J*a«=* tahanimul ; JU-S^^ ihtimal. 
— (lenity) aJAa safaqa-t ; A^^j 
rabma-t; a«a^ marhama-t. 

Forbearing, adj. (patient) jyt^ 
wabiir. — (merciful) f^e^j rabim ; 
^Uo-j rah man. 

Forbid, r. aJI* f^ harram *ale-hi, 
yuharrim ; ^J^ ^^^ ^ mana* *an 
so-yin, yatnna* ; t^ harraj, yu- 

FoBBiDDEN, adj. tf'^ mamnA* ; 

f*\f- haram 


FoBCE, #. (stremjth) 6ji quwwa-t 
(pi. ^5^ quwa) ; 6;«^ qudra-t ; 
j\xJ\ iqtidar ; AiU» ^Aqa-t. — (rio- 
lence) s-** gaijb ; ;*» qahr ; ^ 
qubra-t; *f^ jal)r ; ;^ jaur. 

Force, v. ff\ alzam, yulsiiu ; 

ga?ab, yB,g?ib; ;«* qahar, jaq- 

FoBCGPS, «. i^\*i kumma^a-t ; i^'iS 

kallAba-t (pi. c^l -at, h-^M kiila- 

lib) ; yWlS kalbatikn (kalbatain, 

Ford, s. J-^ bauij, hod; isV*- 

mahMa-t (pi. ^/^U-* mahawidj ; 

gUt« maqta' (pi. gttiu luaqAti'), 
FoBDABLB, adj. i/UJi jaoJiad (S 


FoKEABM, a. Ji-31 ii^l az-zand al- 

aafu,! (pi. Jji; zunfid). 
FoBEBODB, V. JjW tafawwal, yata- 

FoKECAST, V. jiw tafakbar, jata- 

fakkar ; J^'lr ta'ammal, jata- 

'animal 1 -ufi taqa^^ad, j&taka?- 

f ad ; -wc 'amad, ^a'mid. 
Forecast, ». ^S*> tafakkur; ■»-* 

taqa«sud ; a*b 'aind. 
FoEECASTLE, 8. {of a ship) j-^ 

v-iJl ?adr al-markab (pi. ;).w 

FoBEDooM, o. jAi qaddar. jiiqaddir, 

FOBBPATHEB, S. ■** jadd (pi. >.>}■>«- 

judud, •'W^ ajdad). 
FOBBFINQEB, s. aaLU\ aa-i^liid ; 

£tLp— II aB-sabbaba-t. 
FOBBGO, o. j!;l tarak, yatruk ; Jjlii 

(^ tauazal *an, jataJiazaJ ; J -ju^ 

fat li, yat'ut, 
FOKBJOiNa, adj. f>.ti^ mutaqad- 

dim : i>(t. BAbiq. 
FoBEHEAO, *. tw-h jabin (pi. (j^<-^ 

ajbun, ^^-i^f ajbina-t); £ft^ jab. 

ba-t; JjJ' f ul'a-t. 


garib (pi. Wjt gurabfi', v'j*^ 

BgrSb) ; ,_jr^\ ajnabi-y ; ^jty 

FoBEKNOW, r. JfJ y- ^/! 'araf 

miD qabl, ja'rif ; "VijVc j>i— sabaq 

'arifan, yaflbiq, yasbuq. 
FOBELOCK, 1. As-^ nasiya-t (pi. 

,j*lji uawaei). 
FoBEMAN, 8, t/-i1j rAyis. 
FoBEUAHT, «. SjJijJl ad-duwaidriv-t. 
FouxKOBT, adj. |>JAJt al-tnuqad- 

dim ; jpi al-awwal ; i^^l aqdiuu. 

Forenoon, *. i** dahwa-t ; .j** 

diiljan ; jflUl J^ qabl ai-Euhr. 
FoEB-OEtJAiN, u. jJi qaddar, yii- 

FoEE-OBDiNATioN, I. j(-i« taqdir 

(pi. ysj\jt.iii taqdirat, ji^US taqi- 

FoBBBns, I'. ^J^ sabaq, yasbiq, 

Foresee, «. s — * basib, yaabib ; 

i^f**- hamiuan, yuhammin. 
FoBBSEBN, adj. 'UL- jjLm mattsfir 

FoBEBioHT, «. (j>M/Jence) ^W> 

muh(i8iba-t ; Sj-i-t l-a^ira-t.- — 

(fore-k/iov-ledge) Jtai ta'aqqul. 
FoBEBKis, t. Wi quifa-t (»ulg, 

iili! gulfa-t) ; ii}t gurla-t. 
FOBBST. «. >y'^ gab; 4^ g&b&-t; 

Jy- bir^ (pi' J-V ajjras) ; i-i-i 

disa-t (pi. u-i-J dis, diyus). 
FoEKBTEE, «. ^^1 jjl-U nat&r al- 

birs (pi. jel'V nawa(ir). 
FoKSSTALL, ti. ^Jh— eabaq, yasbiq, 

yaabuq; ^ ^f bawwat '»la. 

FoBBTELi., f. ul anba', yiinbi ; jJil 

anjar, yunzir. 

FOEBTHODOHT, «. s-ilj^' i,.L,*. 

hisab aU'awaqib; S^e-j baslra-t. 
FoBETOKEN, ff. •t' ^^ abna bi, 

FOBETOKBN, g. JU fil; I;U1 iO- 

ra-t; Hi-i dalaia-t; U« 'aOi. 

FoBEWABN, V. j^\ anzar, yunzir. 
FoEPEiT, «. i*tfl- j.^rima-t (pi, ^\^ 

jariiyiLu) ; ^yt- jurm; i^^jt gari- 

FoBFKiT, V. *1U 'a^\ indabat mal- 

bu, yaDdabit. 
FoEPBtTUEE, t. A*iA. jarima-t; k^t 

FoBOE, It. (iron) J*A»3t JJ daqq al- 

badid, yaduqq ; it^ai^ j;l taraq 

al-badid, yaimq. — (yai*i/y) j|j 

zawwar, yuzawwir; J*j r-^ga^ 

yazt'al.— (/orye Iim) ^jji*l iftus, 

FoBoB, «. J(J«11 ,/ kOr al-^aadid ; 

jtj^t J.» mj-mal al-Mdld. 




FoBOKB, f. ji^y* muzawwir; J*j|>^ 

FoRQEBY, B. AeU0? taqlid ; f.^y taz- 

wir ; Ali^j zaugala-t. 
FoBOET, V. ,j— i nasi, jaosa ; y^ c\) 

a3W rah niiu hal-hu. 
FoBOKTFUL, adj. (^W— ^ nasjan ; 

^^j— * nasi-y; ^ nassjV. 
FoBOKTPULNEss, 8, (;)W— * nisjaii. 
FoBOiYE, 17. ykfc pafar, jagfir ; (^ ^ 

*afa' *an, ya^fu ; J ^^ samuh li, 

vanisuh ; {^ ^ ^afah *an, ya?- 

FoBoivENEss, 8, Syuu magfira-t, 

magfara-t ; y^ *atu ; c^*- samah. 
Fork, /?. aS^ soka-t, saiika-t ; ^S^^k 

furtaika-t ; UU mil<£at (pi. ^%» 


Fork, v. g;i farra*, yufarri* ; ^ji\ 
afra*, vut'ri*. 

Forlorn, adj. <^^f^ matriik ; J;J^ae» 

Form, 8. i\y^ 8ura-t (pl.;^ suwar) ; 
^ sakl (pi. J^^ a>kal, J^ 
Kukiil). — (innuld) s-J^ (jalib (pi. 
s^^\ji < pi Willi K). — (nreniony) 
ugi« taklif (pi. UU^- takalil). 
— (in (jrammnr) **<-• siga-t ; ^j^ 
wazn (pi. (j\})^ iiWYAiii). — {bench) 
ss^^"* Uiht (pi. vjyyfc^ tuhiit;. 

Form, v. icnat*') *i».w\ ah«laj, 
yuhdig ; (jj^ kawwan, yiikaw- 
win. — (nhape) ;^ saw war, yu- 
eawwir; ^u 8aj,% ya^ui?; ^ 
fanaS vamia* ; J^ .sikkal, yu- 

Formal, adj. (reremoniou^) s-^^ 
cyVAli;? 9ahib takallufat (pi. v»W*^ 
afhab). — (precise) i^j^ 9uri-y. 

FOBMALITT, 8. «-Ael^ takllf (pi. 

UL^\i5 takalif) ; o^\i qanun ([»!. 

{^^^)^ qawHiim) ; &ol-c 'ada-t 

(pi. '^^y^ *awayid). 
FoBMATiON, ». jiy^ ta9wir ; (:^^ 

takwin; s— «^/ tarkib ; aa_<j* 

Former, adj. vJM^ sabiq; ^ A fc^ 

Formerly, adv. 'Uaa* muqadda- 

FoBMiDABLKy odj. J^ mahiily mu- 

hawwil ; «-A«ae« muhayyif ; 

FoRMiDABLENESs, 8. A^yfc haula-t ; 

^^«ifc haiba-t. 
Formula, 8. S;^ sura-t (pi. )^ 

suwar) ; J;*^> jadwal (pi. J^W 

jadawil) ; * -*< ; ■* 9iga-t ; (^y^^ 

Formulary, s. (^^y^ v»^ kitAb 

qawanin ; A^^ O^^ qanun na- 

ina-h ; ;^»> dastur (pi. ^L-j 

Fornication, s. ^j zina' ; v>- * 

Fornicator, /». ^^^J zani (pi. va>yj 

zunat) ; v3— U fasiq. 
Fornicatress, «. V^j zaniya-t (pi. 

^j>^;3 zawani) ; A««\i lasit^a-t ; 4«ii\j 

za^iyii-t (pi. ij^^)} zawani). 
Forsake, v. J*>U. hazal, yuhazil ; 

^f tarak, yatruk. 
Forsaken, adj. J;j^«fc^ inahzul (pi. 

J> j^3fc^ niahazil) ; *^)y^ inatruk. 
Forsooth, adv. 'V&>- haqqan ; 'W*^* 


• • • 

Forswear, v. (renounce) (jAi^ rafad, 
yarfid, yarfud. — (awfar Jaleely) 
aj-j^ ^ iAUft hanis fi yamin-hu, 

FoKT, Fortress, /?. <J^ qal*a-t (pi. 

fiU (jibV, £^ <1"I^V) » ^^ **^9^ 

(pi. (^^-ao- huRun, ii-aa- lusana-t, 

^iU».\ ahsan). 
P^orth, adv. (abroad) ^j^ harij ; 

'\ji kiriMn. 
FoRTHCOMiNo, rt///. ^— iU. liAdir ; 

jJ^^^i^ niutahaddir. 
Forthwith, adv. JVJ^ ^ fi-*l-ljal ; 

'2^ halau ; AicU ^^ min siVat- 

Fortification, 8. (;>«-«ac» tah«iu. — 

(Mrouijhold) ^^j— «^ hisu ; A_«lS 

qal'a-t (for pi. see Fort). 
Fortify, v. (for defence) ^^v«w ha?- 

9an, yuhassin. — (Mrewjthen) ^^^ 

qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Fortitude, 8. SjL-^ jasara-t ; icl^ 

Fortnight, t. o >e?tf q juin^atcn ; 
^^9^\ UMb£i 

piMximoCS, iJj. u*;^ 'Arid i ,j»jVe 
*iriJI-j ; o*^"l ittiffiqi-;^. 

BMs't'i J ; 'Ojit^ mtibhut, 

IWtchk, «. (fcO '-ff-' na?ib (pi. 
V^t aiifiHA', i^\ an^iba-t) ; 3^^ 
t^hr ()>l-;t''' ■lil'i'ir.^ol adha.r). 
— (iMr-A) Sjlit, sa'iiila-ti o — *: 
U^t (Ptr».) ; t- hazj. — (bad 
fortune) h balu.— (wmtZfA) Jl- 
mil (1.1. JM amwai); -lu 
milk (pi. >*l^l amlnk). 

F01ITDKS-TKI.LBB, 8. JU, rammiil; 
^^■-- munajjim. 

t-YiiTir, Fortieth, adj. (i»^j' ar- 
Im'iii (U;^j' arba'uD). 

KuRWABD, arfj. (anterior) f i * ■ 
ilttOim ; P- ' ' - muqaddam. — 
(twjrt-) .i»i*-- mujtahid.— (pre- 
fuinjifTioiu) j ^^ " — miitakabbir ; 
J, waqih ; jW jabbtlr ; Jj.4* 
MWi-y.— (™Wy >*» »«i«on)jl£-. 

Forward, Forwards, oifti. fA^a 
quddAm, (•!•** J* ila quddam. 

Kurward, 0. (help on) oj^ 'Awan, 
yu'flwin. — ((ranrniil) J-j^ araal, 
yurailj *i-"( ba'EU5,yab'as, 

F08BB, *. JJ^ handaq (pi. jjLw. 

F08BIL, «. J.1" ma'dini-j. 

FoBTBB, p. (nowrwi) »=*U qat, ya- 
qftt; ^i rabba, jTirabbi.— (en- 
enurage) yif Ijarra^, yuljarrid; 
st* Ijass, yahu-s-j. 

Foster- BROTHER, «. ieUj jlI ah 
raiJiVa^t (pi. »}*■* ihwa-t, yly-l 



F08TEK-SI8TER, a. icl-ij ti-*-\ uht 
mdiVa^t (pi. «''j'l abawiU). 

Foul, adj. {uncleati) ,j-=r najU ; 
y-tj danis ; f-j wasih ; t)jJ 
darm. — (abominable) *tjS karibi 
ce^ (|ubih ; :l.U fftsid. 

Foul, it. tr^ najjas, yunajjiB ; ^-J 
wassah, yuwasBih. 

Foulness, s. ^V naji'isA-t ; it-\~j 
wiHiiba-t; f-j wa«iih. — (wieked- 
nenB) i*-W* qabalja-t 1 f I** sana' ; 
ieU* ' ' ' 
Found, v. u— -1 asaas,yu'as8iB; ^ 

I ~ 

^H Found, v. 


bana, yabn! ; f^\ aqiim, jnqtni ; 

•--ii}\ auqaf, yiiqif. — (r.iul) '^— 

fabb, vafubb; 'tif- Babak, yas- 

Foctndation, g. (j-Ul nRtie (pi. ij— 1 

ubub) ; J-1 n?l (pi. J^l u»ai).~ 

(endowmeHl) oiij waqf (pi. oUjt 

auqaf) ; .sjIj— » ^asanit (pi.). 
FoDNDRR, s. (builder) (.r— ^ mu'as- 

HiH ; jjIj wi^',— (mou/der) -IW 

FoiTNOBB, 0. jjt gariq, yagr&q ; 

jjAf tagarmq, yatagarriq ; >a>jb. 

^arras, yuljarris. 
FouNDSRY, Foundry, t. jIb— * 

masbak (pi. a^t^-^ masfibik). 
FouKDiNo, «. s->].^' ta^wib; ^U1 

iuba-t ; "^ sabk. 
FouNDLiNQ, 8. Ml laqit (pi. U 

FouNT, Fountain, ». jjeo 'ain {pi, 

yj-c 'uyiin, ^Jsel a'yiin) ; ^pj- 

tuamba' (pi. ^Im mauibi') ; 

£f^ yambu' (pi. jjrtW yaiiiibi'). 

—(jet of icater) Xl~i fisqivu-t 

(pi. ^jlL-i feenqi) ; cjIjjJU aiidir. 

WHQ.— (oriytn) J-1 afl (pi. Jj*l 

U^fli) ; liA* mau:iA'. 
Four, adj. J*tjl arba'a-t, f. ^j\ 

FoUB-FOLD, ad;'. ^^^^ J*)jl arb&'at 

FOUR-FOOTKD, adj. ^Iji ffj\ jj zi\ 

arba' qawAyim. 
FouB-acoRB, adj. ^^U^ satDHiuD. 
FuuRTBBH, adj. jAc i^jl arbft'at 

Fourteenth, adj. ^ ^Ij rtbi* 

FoDKTH, adj. gi^j rftbi'. 
Fourthly, adv. "Wj Mbi'an. 
Fowl, «. (coct) «liJ dik (pi. -J^,» 

duyflk.— (ftrti) i»U-J dftjija-t.— 

Fowl, p. j^ -ve-* tu^ayyad tuyur, 

Fowler, ». (jj-^) jI,- flavyid 

Fox, «. s-J*> ga'lab (pi. s-!W (»'4- 

lib)i i^r^^l jtl aba ■ 'I - ^uvain ; 

Jliiffft bkital. 





» - 


Fraction, >». ^ kasr (pi. jy^ 

Fractional, adj. ^y^ kisri-y. 
Fractious, adj. ^^^s^ muljuniq ; 

Fractiousness, 8. l^\j^ sirasa-t. 
Fracture, s. S,—^ kasni-t. 
Fracture, v.a. j-^ kusar, yaksir ; 

n. j>^Sj\ inkasar, yankusir. 
Frai;ilk, adj. y-^ yaiikaHir (3 

aor.) ; ^-Xm» munkasir. 
Fragility, s. jl-^iJ\ i^\i qiWn- 

liya-t al-iiikasAr; * i ^ rn\ \ <^^ 

sari'a-t al-*atl». 
Fra«iment, s. S;— ^ kasra-t; 

qit*a-t (pi. ^ qita*). 
Fraorance, Fra<juancy, s. 

ruyiha-t ; s-wi til» (pi. ^W^) 

atyah) ; ty^ ^*«»>b (I»l- cV^ 
a t w ah ) ; ^^ ii a f h a- 1 . 

Fraoraxt, adj. ycfu* Inu*at^^'^• 

FR.\n., adj. ^^ iViiii ; «- Aj a^ di*if. 

Frailty. <». U» laiuV ; ^/ nazaka-t. 
— {fault) ia-£> naqisa-t (pi. ^ja>Vfi> 
na piyiM) ; a--^\ «* ^ ^-** ' > (lu'f at- 

Frame, ft. (s(ritrfnrr) S,Ur *iiiiAra-t. 
— (of a pirturr) jU^ l»arwaz ({)1. 
^y^ji haniwiz). — - {of the mind) 
J^ hal (pi. J^^^ ahvval;. 

Frame, r. {mah) ^— ^— • sana*, 
ya«ui* ; J-»»c *aiiiil, ya'inal. — 
\fi*) <3*^ w a fTa« | , y u wa Hi < | ; j^ 
bahvaz, yubalwiz ; ^j ra.saiii, 

^^ * mm 

Framework, s. aJVi© Haqala-t. 
Franchise, r. (/nr) ^j^^ A^^% 

Tutliq ; sy^\ a^taq, yii^tiq. 
Franciiihe, Franchise.mext, 8. 

jU\ i^lA I ; juc^ i*taq. 
Frank, adj. {candid, sincere) v./3Ui-« 

muhlif ; ^j*^ safi ; J*)U saJiq. — 

(libt-rd) ^^ karim ; ,^3^- sahi-y. 
Frankincen.»<e, 9. y^. Iiahiir, l»ah- 

hur (pi. 7^^. bahahir) ; tj^J 

111 "an. 111) ran ; ;J^ kmulur. 
Franknes.-*, s. fi;^A-»«aIa\va-t ; j»^^ 

Frantic, adj. ^jW-** gadban ; ;*- 

sa^ir (pi. y^^ sa'ra) ; ^^ hayij. 
Fraternal, adj, sjf^\ ahawi-j. 

Fraternity, s. if^\ uhfiwa-t ; 

cyUi-^^ inuwahat. — {cangretjation ) 

h^^ ahi\viya-t. 
Fratricide, s. ^^\ J*^qatilaha-hu. 
Fraud, Kraudulence, b. ,J^ pjiss ; 

j^ iiiakr ; aLs. hila-t : Ju^ kaid 

(pi. Ju^ kiyjul) ; aajA:- ': idi*a-t. 
Fraudulent, adj. j\^ makkar; 

jifUiLi <JJa^isas ; g^Jk*s. IjaddiV. 
Fraught, atlj. (^y^A-^ inashun ; 

^^iU uiaran ; ^U^ iiiaiulu-w. 
Freak, s. ^^y^ hawa (pi. \y^^ 

ahwa') ; ^^ wahiii (pi. f\J^^\ 

Freakish, adj. ,jr^^ wahmi-y ; 

^}y^ ha\vayi-y ; jayy muzantir. 
Freckle, «. ^r^ iiamas ; ^^^^ na- 

Freckled, adj. ^JUi uami<. 
Free, v. ,j:^ hallas, yuhallis ; ^3)^\ 

atlaq, yu^liq. 
Free, adj. f^ liurr (pi. j^/»-^ ahrar, 

j\f^ hirar) ; J^^^*^ ma*tuq ; ^J^^ 

lijilis. — (/// manners, speech, d'c.^ 

v>'^ \.i\u\; yjh^ taliq. — (public) 

^^ *ainm. 
Freedman, 8. ,3^^ *atiq (pi. Use 

'uta'pij ; Jy^^^ ina^tuq. 
Frke-he\rtei), adj. 5.^_^ ^^a.U 

8ahil» niur.t\v\va-t ; ^J^ kariin. 
Frekness, Freedom, s. a>^ hurri- 

ya-t ; S^\ itlaq; loiuc *ataqa-t ; 

*jj>:j^ talaqa-t. 
FrrEEZE, v.n. a*^ jamad, yajmud; 
cr tajaniinad, yatajamiiiad ; a. 
janimad, yiijainiuid. 
Freight, k. (load) il^**. hainula-t ; 

V>-^ WaS<J (pi. y3y^y WllRUq, yy»y\ 

ausiiq). — (charge for carriage) 

Jy nanl (pi. J^y^ aiiwal). 
Freight, r. v>-^ wasaq, yasiq. 
Frenzy, s. ^^t^ <^ad iba-t ; ^^^^ 

hiyajan ; ^Jy^ junun. 
Fri>juency, s. Ij^ ka^ra-t; hj^\ 

FREvjurNT, adj. jj^ mutaniildid ; 

;X« iiiukarrar; fy^^ ys^ kajir 

Fre^^uent, v. ^ *)»y taraddad 

'ala, yataraddad ; jtJ^ *Hsar, ju- 


Fmi] II 

Fresh, adj, (cooQ -^j^ band. — {not 

faded) or> tart-v ; s-l>j riitib.— 

(»(!( salt) v-ic 'ii?ib ; ^ Ijalu.— 

(new) J*J* jadid. 
FfiEBHEm, V. iS^ tarra, vutarri. 
Fkebhet, «. «.U ^ imifurat; J>- 

Btiil (pi. Jj^ auyan— (wer/oM.) 

UH ijM faiij al-mfi. 
Pbeshnksb, 8. ijljl" tar;iwa-t ; S;*-^ 

na4ftra-t ; Sjyi buruda-t. 
Fret, v.a. (cArade) di^ farak, y&f- 

ruk ; farrak, yafamk ; <iW hakb, 

yabukk. — {vex) J^y^ foiwwas, yu- 

iawwiS ; s— *t ga^^ab, yugadij'l> ; 

n. yJifiJ taiawwas, yatasawwaS. 
Fretful, adj. vj^ gadub ; ,>jAi-' 

Fbktfulkess. *. (.rij^ taiwifi ; 

vl>il i4tirfib. 
Feiabiliit, g. 4*l-fc* baia^-t. 
Friable, adj. ^A* ha~^*- 
Friar, «. h-*1j rfihib (pi. uW*j 

pRicTiON, «. »*^ hakk ; i±l-^>^ tah- 

kik ; -5/ furk ; 'i*Aijtf Ufrik. 
Friday, t. i-»*^\ *)-* jom a.1- 

juwa-t. — {Oood Fridan) i»** 

(•331 juin'a-t al-alim. 
Friend, ». v-gi f - habib (pi. s^Wl 

ahbab, W ahibba'); s-«f* inu- 

^ibb ; J^ hal'il (pi. tiM bulUn, 

lU. hulla-t) i w— t- ,ahib (pi. 

sjW-I a?hali) ; ijt^^ |atliq (pi. 

Ua-1 afldiijii'). 
Fbiendless, adj. Jjiai- mabzul. 
Peiendlinkbs, j. jIjj wadudj iiUJ 

Fkikitdlt, odj. s~»p* muhihb ; 

(j—tl ania ; Uk^U la(if. 
Friendship, a. J^^■i' mu)>abba-t; 

w-* hul>b ; ij^ inuwftdda-t ; 

ii\j^ fadAqa-t ; yj>U- bulQf. 
Fbibzk, ». y/l ifriz (pi. jij^ 

Frigate, «. iLU;* firqata-t. 
Fright. ». J^ b.iul, hoi (pi. JV«>* 

aliwjil); iy»j WLihra-t; s-tj ru'b. 
Friobten, f. Jj* baivwil, 
^j^ hawwaf, yuhawwii 1 gji 

lazza', ynfassi'; h-bj1 ar'ab, 

Feiohtfoi., arfj. Jj»* mahlll ; J»l* 

bHyil; •J}:i>^ mahiif, muhawnif ; 

..ji^ rouhif. 
FBioHTFCLNEBa, ». Ojft haula-t ; 

J^- taliawwul. 
Frioid, adj. J.^i bArid. 
Frigidity, t. ";;( buruda-t. 
Frill, *. W layya-t ; ^V- sajif. 
Fringe, «. w-" hudb, budnb ; 

^V- Bajaf (Peri.). 
Frisbe, o. J|J zayyal, yuyaTyil ; 

^Ul^^ (jjij layyan bi-BaJifit, 

Fkisk, v. fti^ 'anjar, ya'anzir; U 

n%%\, yanutt- 
Fbibeiness, «. LUj na^t. 
Frisky, adj. k-w naitt (pi. lUi 

nisfil, o^*-" naSaVi). 
Fbitteb, v. (break) j-i kassar, ju- 

kaseir ; g!=i qa^a', yuqatti'. — 

(vaste away) J^il afna., yufni. 
Frivolous, adj. JkW batil ; J\W 

baUal ; J*^l '-J'**'- bafif al-'aql. 
Fkitolousnebs. Fkitolity. «. yJi* 

bufUo; £IU^ batAla-t ; J^baffa-t. 
Fro, arfr. Ij) warS.' ; \j)I li-warfi". 
Frock, s. ,^IW qaftan ; ^V farft> 

FBoa. «. IciUt dafda'a-t (pi. {J** 

dafda', £>itjU 4afAdi') ; ^^,-l« 

'uqurruq ; ^ lujm, lajam. 
Frolic, g. t;* harj ; «>;<• tAhrij ; 

^jt tarab ; cy inaz% (pi. eV 

Frolic, o. tj* barraj, yuhamj ; 

t)" maznh, janizalj. 
Frolicbokk, adj. sj** tlinj ; tV* 

From. prep, y* 'an ; (j^ mio ; u- 

Feont, I. V) wajh (pi. >j*) wajfih) j 

f,\^ quddam ; ^.^i- muqaddjh- 

Peont, ti. J(V1 qSbal, ynqSbil ; J»Ui 

taqal'al, yataqi'ibal. 
Fboktaoe, «. ^j wajh (pi. tj^ 

Fkontieb, *. J-. hiidd (pi. OjJ-. 

budiid) ; f^ tahm. tufem (pi. 

fif tuhuin, »*• tubW) ; /t |mgr 





Fbontispivck, 8. (of a huitding) 
gee Prontaoe, Front. — (of a 
book) 0^y^ *unwan ; eW>»> dibaj 
(pl. c^^** dajabij, ^W*> daba- 


Faontlkt, 8. ^^ 'i^aba-t (pi. 

s-^Uft 'a^&jib, H-««fi 'ufab). 
FmosT, 8, AeWjalid. 
Fbostt, flki;. '^•H^ ^j^ b&rid jiddan. 
Fboth, «. iytj raflp¥a-t ; ^^ ^ufa- 

]^a-t ; ^j sabad (pi. «>^3^ azbad). 
Froth, v. ^J*;;^ arga, yurgl. 
Frothy, adj. ^J^\) rigi ; i^j ^*J zA 

Froward, adj. ( perverse) jtj»» iarir. 

— (refractory) Aa^c 'anid (pi. J^^ 

'uDud) ; ,j*Vft 'A^i (pi. iA>Uft 

Frowabditess, 8. ( perverteness) j»» 

&UT ; ij\ji^ ^arAra-t ; ^ ^; rada- 

in^t.—-{refractorine88) *>Uc 'iniid ; 

^W«fi *if yin ; ^^^^^ 'a^awa-t. 
Frowk, 8. ur»t-<* 'ubiis; u*-*;«» 

s-^^^^ ta'arquf al-I^awajib. 

Frown, v. ^^^ tr^ *abas wajhu- 
hu, ya'bU ; 'abbas wajha-hu, 
TU'abbii ; s-^VJ\ jaijs. *arqa9 al- 
Vajib, ju'arqis ; ^ kalal;^, jak- 

Frozkit, adj. w ^* mujammad; 

jj^ maqHir. 

Fructifkrous, adj. j4J^ musmir. 

FRUcnriCATiOK, «. ^<JAj talqil^. 

Fructify, v. /t^* sammar, yujam- 
mir; j4S\ ajinar, yusmir; ^ 
lA^<l^b> yulaqqi^ ; s-««>^^ ah^ab, 

Frugal, act;. J-sua^ mu'tadil ; c ft^to 
•aCf ; l)** ;eA gair muf rit. 

Fruoalitt, 8. XoUi qana'a-t ; ^y 

taofir ; l«>U) sahada-t. 
Fruit, 8. KJ sftQutra-t (pi. »un 

acinar, jU» jimar) ; Sff^ fakiha-t 

(pL A^i faw&kih).— (a<it;a/i%e) 

ji* nai*; i«A** manfa'a-t; SajU 

fayida-t ; Ud\ ifada-t. 
Fruitaoi, 8. (produce) J^— i^- 

Fruiterer, 8. *^^ g^ bajya* 

^wikih ; ^W^ ttkihAiii.y. 

FruitfuIj, (ufj. z*-^ musmir; ^^ 

jU*3^ ka^ir al-a^mar. 
FaairFaLNESS, 8. ;U>\ ijinar; S^ 

jU*3\ kajra-t al-a9mar. 
Fruition, s. ^^ t imattu* ; uyaJ 

ta^arruf ; ^^ talazzuz. 
Fruitless, adj, ^^ j^ gair nafi* ; 

fij^Vi Xj bilA fayida-t ; ,>V, ba^il. 
Frustrate, ». s-e*- hayyab, yu- 

hayyib ; JW battal, yubattil ; JW^ 

abtal, yubtil. 
Frustration, e. s-*«*^ tahyib; 

J^ tabtil. 
Fry, r.a. ^ qala, yaqli ; qalla, 

yuqalli ; n. ^jUi^ inqala, yan- 

Fry, 8, k)^ basariya-t ; ^ ^ir. 
Fryino-pan, 6. ^^>U. tajin (pi. 

^^>\^ tawajin) ; &>^ miqlaya-t 

(pi. ^J^ maqali). 
Fuel, #. *>y^ wuq^d; s-^ hafab 

(pi. v»U«.\ ah^ib). 
Fugitive, adj., s. v»;Va harib ; (^Wyb 

harban ; ^j^/ firari-y. 
Fulcrum, «. juu* sanad (pi. «>\ju^ 

Fulfil, v. ^ taminam, yutam- 

mim ; ^ qaijia, yaq^i ; qa44a, 

Fulfilment, «. ^U>^ itm&m; ^ 

tamin ; J«4^ takmil. 
Full, adj, (^X» malan ; (^jVJU mal- 

yan; ^U^ mamlu-w; ,jt*^ mu- 

Full, e. (repletion) g-A saba*. 
Full, ». ^ qa^ir, yaq^ur; W^^ 

habhat, yuhabbit. 
Fuller, s, ;V-J qa^ar. 
FuLLERY, 8. IjtH^ maqsara-t. 
Fulling, e, S;Ui qa^ara-t. 
Fulminate, v. J^; ra*ad, yar*ad ; 

'^)\ ar*ad, yur*id ; J«^^ inia'al, 


FuLMiNATiON, ». ^\^^ ir*ad ; JUa*^ 


Fulness, «. U.\ imtila' ; c^ tifAlj. 
Fulsome, adj. ^/i» muqarrif ; fi.X* 
makriih ; J^^ f«his. 

FULSOMENESS, 8. Ju^ f uli^, fahs ; 
^^U fatiia-t. • ' ^ ' 

Fumble, ». (mana^d aii;i;t By) 


■ Fdbl 

■ mil 

■ FuRt 

- gasam, yagsim. — Igi'ope) 
■a- hasBae, juhassis. 
PuMBLER, t. ,«-"! fiasim (pi. U-t± 

FtiMBLiNa, t. ^ t^ f ' i" gasiimiya-t. 
FOME, «. o^'' duhAn, duhhan (pi. 

lii->\ adhioa-t. 
PpMB, t). yi-J dahhnn, yudahhin, 

— (rage) s— ** ga^alii jag^ib; 

iU£( igtn;, jagtai. 
FcMiOATS, V. f^. bahhar, yubahhir. 
FuMiOATiON, <- ;e*?» tabfilr ; J»rtJ 

Pdn, g. s-«) la'ab; i*}l nuzha-t; 

Ky mazij (pi. cV m'^Sb) ; gt^ii 

Pdnction, «. J*e 'amal (pi. JUal 

a'miil) -, ■■ 1 ■.*'■* manaab (pi. h-^^^^ 

matii'isib) ; i— 'Ji hidma-t (pi. 

(•■u- hidam). 
FuKcTioNAKY, «. i^\i- k^-t-U jiiliib 

miiDri^aba-t ; jl,v*^ man^abdiir. 
Fund, *. JUlf ^j.\ raa al-mAl 

(Tulg. msmiil) ; JUll J*\ a?l al- 

FcwDAMENT, «. |_^V_1 aa;*i8 (pi. l— ' 

u8U8).^(«ea/ o/ liie body) ■>»&• 

luaq'ad (pi. .uUU i))a({ii'id). 
Fdndamental, adj. ,_y^^ aBHai-y ; 

ol-l aili-y. 
Fdndauhntal, t. AJfU qii'ida-t (pi. 

^IjJ qawiVid), 
Fdhbeai., 8. SjU» janAia-t; ^^-^ 

tadfhi; tjiJii tadaffiin ; \)C 'a^a'. 
FuNdKL, ». gJ qim', qum' (pi. 

£j4Ji qumfi'). 
Funny, a<//. y^at— mushin ; «(X»,*« 

Fur, «. iyi farwa-t (pi. j^y farnwi, 

u,y fira). 
Foaioua, odj'. vr>* ga^Ob ; piW 

FcBiousNEHs, Fdry,*. s— 4* gad*b ; 

yU^i^ hayaji'm ; Sj^ Si Jda-t ; 

8^*ii (.-airaara-l. 
Foul, u. j^^l (awa, ya^wi ; ^ 

lamm, yalumiu. 
Fdbloho, 8. JtfJl y** sumn al- 

FuRLOuaa, e. c'^j^ i)W^ ijSza-t U- 
'r-riw&^; J^j ruh(a-t. 

[ FiTHNACB, a. a^\ atiiu (pi. «t.UjJ\ 

atfimit); y;* fum (pL oyi 

FcBNiBa, ,p. (etipply) ("j^)!" A f»* 
q ad dam la-bu al-lawAzim, yn- 
qaddim ; )g*. jabhaz, yujahhii ; 
,je» hayya', yuhajyi'. — (fit up) 
^\ a^sai, yu'ajuis ; ^Jt^ farM, 

FuBsiTPBE, «. ij"^ fars ; itrtJl a^ai ; 

u^~-Jt isjljti^ maoqitlat al - bet 

FnREiEB, I. y farrA'. 
Fdrbow, g. f)i talam (pi. fifl 

atlim) ; W. hatt (pl- '■j'* bmii(). 
Furrow, «. fis tallata, yuLallim; 

li* battat, yuhaUit. — (wrfnUe) 

ij"/ karrai, yubarris. 
Fubtheb, adj. Jtl ab'ad. 
FrBTUKE, 17. ^J|J raqqa, yuraqqi ; 

ft'ii qaddam, yuqaddim ; (jj^ 

'Hwan, yu'aiviTi. 
Fdbtuebanck. ». fitJ^ taqdlm; 

yjc 'aun ; U^ ma'UDa-t j Jicl-^ 

FuBTHEBUOBB, adr. «iUJ ^ »Jl(j 

ziyada-t 'ala italik ; >*U<i ^ rair 

FuBTHEBMosT, odj. J»i\ ub'ad. 
Furthest, adj. (*a»\ aqdara. 
Furtive, adj. Otr"^ masriq ; Jt*. 

FuBY, K. si'e FuRiousKBBB. — (vio- 
lent teaman) U^ gfila-t. 
FUEK, K. >£Lt~ sabak, yaebuk ; «,>yl 

zawwab, yuTHwwib. 
Fusee, «. E^J 7.abira-t (pi. jiUJ 

zahiiyir); ile^i' falibi-t (pi. JiW 

FuaiBiLtTY, g. iiIL-^1 ioaibAk} 

yWe- sayahan ; y^jJ xAbAn. 
Fusion. «. ^^V- aabk; i|U1 ifi. 

Fuss, «. v';Sfcil i<J|iriib, 
PosTiAM, g. (cioiA) V^qot<^DiyB4; 

fU. ham.— tbomfctMO J^W- niuUU 

laga-t ; ^l ^ tyi ifrit ll-'t 

FuaTiNESB, g. yAe *afaQ ; i>y« *ilft^ 

na-t ; iJ^^ Ufwif. 
FusTT, adj. tj**^ "ftfant-y. 




:, adj. Ji» banal ; J^»? 

FcTiLiTT. §. ^jO^ ftrtlin: i^ la- 

{Ala-t : jih* hafxi. 
FuTCRK, adj. Ji i ' * moataqril. 

Frrrss. FrruKixT, ?. J»^Ai-1 istui- 


Ft. >rrv. i, wah: w>^ uf ! J "WJ 

1 » • • 


Gabble, r. Vm batl:<kt. rubatbit. 
Oable. «. ^■■■'* ma.-^nii i : I. wi ^Jt^ 

ina>arif ) : c';**^ jajilun. 
Gag, #. ^u^ •:iii4iu : ^s^a <^ihi'ik : 

f»Mk Mbam. 
Gag, r. a W^ «thik. ra^hak ; U& 

yrallal, jujfallil : «»«a ^laiii, va-- 

Gaoe, $. ^%^ rahn ^pl. j^ft; ruht'inV 
Oaiftt, $. A^« bahja-i ; iw-i^ iiii- 

l»is«t ; i-J^ kaif ; ;•;- surur ; t^ 

Gaix. «. v^i-^ kisb : A . ■■ < - inaksi- 

l>a-t (j»l. s-^>^ m^ikasib); ^j 

ri M[i ( pi . t,^^ ar bji I.i i ; a Jk» ^ lav i- 

da-t (pL Ai^y fawaviilj. 
Gaix, p. < , ^- ■ ■. ^ kasuls yaksib ; 
"^ iktaRib, yaktasib; ^; 

raliih, yarbah. — {obtain) J^ iial, i 

yunal. — Oj*iin on) JJ-*- 8aba4|f 

yasltiq. ya.sbiiq. 
Gainful, adj. My* nafi' ; J^eA« mu- ' 

Gaixsat, r. UUu. halaf, yuhalif ; • 

tj<^^ naqad, yunii(|i(i. 
Gait, $. iyJ^ ma!^vi*a-t ; L^t^ mas. 

Gali:, 8. J^}JJbt ^j rih sail id; iJuVc 

'afifa-t (pi. vJUl^\ awasif ). 
Gall, «. £;« inirra-t, inurra-t (pi. 

jj^ mirar; ; ^yk* Kafra'. - (f/(i//- 

nnt) i-4e *afH;i-t (pi. ,jaAc *alH). 
Gall, r. (break ihf ttkin) *t*y\ ad bar, 

yudbir ; yto 'aqar, ya'qir ; *a<j<|ar, 

yu*a<j4ir. — ('"'J^) ^j^-W iiak;i, 

vaiiki ; *>rUt\ a<rdab, viii'dib. 
Gallant, adj. (brave) C^^%^saji*; 

^^ ;<^ zik baa ; JW ba^al ; JW; 

rajjal. — (shoic^i) «i-4bU mukallal' ; 

«Jbi zarif. 
Gallant, #. (^i/in/i/f/'i )J^i> ij.nidai' , 

..jLx ijundur. (^ /'cinimi'fii ^ ^*4b^* 

Gallantry, **. ^^rll.*•^r?/^ .V-fV^i^ 

s:ijji'a-t ; j^y^ ^ !.•»';.. 

attention io Wi'iittn) J^*» d.ilal , 

A}j\A^ inuL;a/.;ila-t. 
Galleky, *». o^i-»-* llMin-..4 \pl 

^^Ui^ inania>i); Jl^•^ rn\ii.|, \\\ 

wa<i (pi. Ai^;^ ar\M.|.j I ) 
Gallkv, I*. v'V h'"»*d» (pi A|,M 

a^rrilta-t ). 
Galloon, *». W;A snii , A-t^.w^ mi 

(f ALLOT, it. fjAi^ rai|il . f^»y i<iiitb 
Gali.oi', r. ^»; r;ii|ul. \.iii|iid , f> •, 

raiiiait, vannah ; A.*- bi\\.il, \ w 

b ly vil. 
Gallows, h. tW^* in.i-ii<i.|i f « pi 

JM^-i-^ iiiasaitii|) ; s ■^- •^.•^ hrlnl 

b isab. 
Gamhlk, r. ]Uji}^ vt>«^* nl i|iiitin ,'il* ; ;^U, \ii>(iiiiiii , i«a> 

t:ii|aiiiiiMir, >al.i«|.iiiiiii:ii 

<iAMIlM.l{, H. «^Aa1 i.i' till , 4. .*) 

Ir'ib; ^'Uu iini>|tiiiiM , ,« I \ 
< lA M iM.i.Nii, n, ^Wi i|iitnii , (} aw* mil 
<iAMitiii., r. yU i|al.i/, N.ii|(i.'. U 

li.itt . \aiiiitl. 

■ ■ • ' ■ 

(jAMIIdL, H. 6jA« i|;it/:i I , i-y* *[.\\l\ 
Zil-t ; »0 n:itl I 1. 

<fAMi:, H. I fihuf) ^ •) Iiali. lii'l» 
{'in mm III hinitfi} *^» nihI , ^^^-^ 
(|.ill:iN ; A k^jJ ({iihi^a-t (pi. (jA«^ 


G-AMi-BAO, I. u^e** himjan (pi. 

l^Uft haniaviu). 
Gamut, b. i£~-j*i\ ijjlj diivirat al- 

Gahuer, s, /j )j wazz ?akir. 
Gano, s. i=W jama'a-t; tj^j znm- 

ra-t (pl./*j zumar) ; i);- eurba-t 



Burilb, v^r-^ I 


^)4' jauqa-t. 
Gantlet, «. >t)-^ (j' <-iU' ka£E mm 

hadid (pi. J/ikufut). 
Gaol, *. ^j-^ habs (pi. (j*p* 

hubils) ; (;f*- sijn (pi. oj^- 

Gaolek, ». (j-V* habbfta ; t)W- 

Oaf, ». J/- harq ; Jt«> ^aqq, ^u 

^qqa-t (pi. j^ Bikquq). 
Gape, u. (yoion) vj^ tasawalj, ya- 

tasiwab. — {open) n. ijlM tafallaq, 

yatafallaq ; y^^ taiaqqaq, ja- 

Gaeb. ». J-J libs (pi. y-jtS lubua) ; 

^ kasm; ^sj ^i-? (p'- ^j' 

Garbage, t. (bowels) o^j-* mu?- 

ran ; y*;U* nja?iirin. — (offal) 

i-*^ 'alsa-t ; 1>*~ saqat (pi. Lli-l 

Gabble, v. (sieve) Jtjt garbal, yu- 

garliil. — (pick out /or a purpose) 

H-jfc.iil intahab, yantahib. 
Gabuek, a. i^~J* jauina-t (pi. ^U^ 

jaDHytn); tj^-i-t bualan (pi, 

yeitlj bsBAtin) ; ijy rau^a-t, 

ril^a-t (pi. y*iij riyad) ; S«J-. 

tadiqa-t (pi. Jk'-^ Ijadayiq). — 

(JtifcA«n • garden) ^jj^ link^ra-t 

(pl. ^y. hawakir). 
Gabd&neb, s. ^J^^ bustani-y ; 

,j**^ Lustanji (Tar*,) ; ^U* 

janavini-y ; ■i\„ warrad ; Jj* 

hauliy (pl. Jj-- tawal). 
Gabdenim:, s. y<Li^( a-j* hidmat 

Qabolb, GARflAHiaM, 8. ijiji gar- 

gam-t ; jtjti tagargur. 
Gabole, f-7*j* gargar, yugarpir. 
Gabland, «. j*j Jein ikiil lahr (pl. 

JJW akilijj. 
Gablic, f. fty |uiu { fjl turn. 

Garmekt, s. ■^y saub, gob (pL 

s-V Bivflb) ; al- hulla-t (pl. jl* 
tuUI, jlk- b'lAI) ; »r-^ kiswa-L 

GaBNEB, f. ;Ml aillbar (pi. ;a|VH 

analar) ; yj>i- ma, (pl. ojW* 

tiiahazin) ; Aty, sauna-t, siina-t 

(pl. ^y Sawatti) ; jjij* bury (pl. 

yi ahra'). 
Gabnet, s. t3c)c 'oqiq (pl. «3(VIa 

'aqiijiq) ; (jlo- ;*» t^jar sa^^ 

Gabnish, o. ijtj zayyau, juzayyia ; 

<^/-j zahraf, yuzabrif ; i-A^ taj^- 

haf, jutahhif. 
Garnishment, s. iijj zina-t; ii^J 

Gabket, s. ij>- b"j''ft-t (pL ^^k- 

b'ljar) ; ijB¥» Ijujainut). 
Garrison, s. (forl'Jied place) LdJ 

qal'a-t (pl. £W cjilft')-— (*«iy «/ 

<rciop« i» il) tjAtW*!^ al-mabU- 

zin ; a«;j3I J*1 abl al-qal-a-t 
Gabbibon, v. ^ j£\— E ^j wada' 

'asakir fi, yada'. 
Garkdlitt, s. Jyi» fu4Ui J*-** 

fu£ar; J:^ galaba-t ; fMl yS 

k as rat at-kalam. 
Gabbdlods, adj. j'J** mibfir; 

Jy*- fudili-y i j^^ faiSir; Jl,i 



Gabteb, s. jLJI L^j rib^t Ra->w) 

(pl. l^j rubu(). 
Gas, «. cjj iTJb ; j^ pRK. 
Gash. s. ^1;«. jir&bar-t (pl. c^i*- 

jiial}) ; t;* jarh (pl. Cip- jurt*. 

a^lii-y*. jurubat). 
Gash, v. C;* jarah, yajrab. 
Gasp, «. <j-^^ tanaffuB. 
Gasp, v. u-^ taoafFas, vat&naffu. 
Gate, b. v^ bab (pl. v-V^ abw4b, 

yl-pe) bibau) i ^\fi bawwaba-t. 
Gatewat, s. ^eUo dibtiz (pl.jJ^*^ ■ 

Gather, v. (»*»■ jama', yajnia'. — 

(fruit) ^ jana. yajni ; ^*U 

qmaf, yaqtif. — (injfr) c***-' 

iBtaDtij, yastantij. — (sappMraUi) 

Jrfjiil indauaJ, yau<laiuil. 
Gacdinbsb, (, ^;^/ tazahruf. 
Gaudy, adj. -*/■/■ muEalffJ- 
Gado«, f. u-l^ qiyJia (pl. i-tA 




aqjMft-t); cr*^ miqy&s; ^ 

kaila-t ; jV^ *ijir. 
Oauoe, v. ^^Vi q&a, yaqis; jiVc 

^jar» yu*ayir. 
Oaukt, adj. J*)t* mahziil (pi. JijVe* 

mal^azil) ; Jiy» hazil. 
Oauntihsss, 8. J^)A haz&l. 
Oauek, «. <-AA^ kaif ; «<WS» baran- 

jik (i>ry burunjiq, Tiiri.). 
Oat, adj. (merry) j-j;— • masriir; 

L^i. !>• mabsikt; c:)^;* farhan. — 

(•kowy) ^^^ sarif; *-y*>* mu- 

Oaib, v. J^'Vr ta'ainmal, jata'am- 

wmI ; e^Vk tilaS jutali' ; Uj rana, 

Oaxb, «. J^^ ^^•>^ idamat an- 
; €IU^ ittili*. 

OAznTK, i. h/t^ ^\) waraqa-t ha- 

barija-t; ^>i jW ahbai* yo- 

mija-t ; ^)^ gilzeta. 
Oaebttb, v. p^\ ahbar, yuhbir. 
Oasbttekb, «. ;^ato^ muhabbir. 
Gear, 8. e^^i/ tazyin. 
Oeld, yj^ ba^A, yah^i ; ,>y» taw- 

wai, yu^awwii. 
Obldiito, 8. \J»f^ e^-^^ hi^an mu- 

^wwa.^; o*^^ C:)^**" hifan mah- 

f >-J ; u**J^ kadis (pi. v>J^ kud^, 

Obm, «. y^y^ jauhar (pi. ^^^ jawa- 

hir) ; ^^4** iy^' Y^tLisLnL-t samma-t 

(pi. ji^ abjar). 
Oehiiti, 8. (constellation) ^}y^\ tji 

burj al-jauza*. 
Oevdeb, 8. cr*4^ ji°8 (pi. ,j*W^ 

ajnii, u«^ juQ&s). 
Obnsalooical, adj. ^^^ nasabi-y. 
Obitbalooist, 8. v*^«*i uassab ; 

2|L^ naasaba-t ; M^ ti'laiua-t. 
Obvealoot, 8. s^-* nasab; J— > 

Obvekal, adj. (public) f>^ *kmm; 

^y*A ^ain&mt-y ; ^•^♦^ 'ainim. — 

(not special) s3^ mu^laq ; J«^»^ 

mujmal. — (usual) ^^Sie^\ i*tiya- 

di-v ; J>\j»^ luuHad. 
Obvebal, «. ^^«^ r-i sari 'askar ; 

/^*^ ij[;U fan *askir ; ^^— «3\ ^\j 

rib al-*aBkar; •»i^ qftyid; J^/^ 


GBNEBALI8A.TI0N, «. jU^ iflaq. 

Gbnbbalisb, v. ^ 'amm, ya'amm ; 

^M>e 'ammam, yu'ammitn ; j^\ 

atlaq, yufliq. 
Generalissimo, s. \fift^\ jt^\ amir 

al-juyAs; ^/•S^ ^\ amir al- 


Generality, s. fy-"^ 'umiim; 

^^ '• y ^ f 'umumiya-t; ^Vc 'am- 

ma-t; ^ turr. 
Geneballt, ado. ^U galiban. 
Generalship, «. ^^^ (j^\ al- 

fann al-harbiya-t. 
Generate, v. j^^ walad, yalid. 
Generation, s. •^y taulid ; Sj!I^ 

walada-t; J-U? tanasul. — (pro- 

^en^) hj'^ zurriya-t. — (age) r^ 

'a^r ; yfc*> dabr ; ^Uj zaman ; J<si|. 

jll (pi. JW^ ajyai). 
Generative, (u2/. ^^ muwallid. 
Generic, Generical, Awi/. ^j— ^ 

Generosity, «. Wb^ saha' ; S^W« 

sahawa-t; *>^ jud ; Sj^> juda-t; 

^/ karam ; &^\j^ karama-t ; 8^^ 

Generous, adj. ^jafc- sahi-y (pi. 

Wab-^ ashiyjV) ; ^/ karitn (pi. 

f»y kinim) ; *>^^ jawfid (pi. *i\^\ 

ajwad, *yyW^ ajawid, <fcc.). 
Genial, adj. (cheering) t/^ muf- 

rih, raut'arrih. — (natural) e**^ 

sadij ; W**^ basi^. 

Genitive, 8. (state of construction) 
S^^\ idafa-t. — (noun in the gene- 
tive case) i^\ «^U^ miidaf ilaihi. 
— (noun governing the genitive) 
«^U^ mudaf. 


Genius, 8. (superior faculties) ^.^ 
qariha-t (pi. ^\ji qarayih). — 
(man of superior faculties) ^^^ ^•S 
zh qariha-t. — (a spirit) ^^ jinn 
(pi. ^ jinna-t) ; ^Ji^ jinni-y. 

Genteel, adj. s-4j\ adib; s-^^ 
s-*^^ 9ahib adab ; «-AeU latif ; 
«-A>^ garil' ; *;/• ^»i zu muruwa-t ; 
^j-iAi salabi-y ; (^^ kuwayyis. 

Gentile, s. o^p^ *^^ *abid al- 

Gbntilitt, 8. l^ muriiwa-t ; s^«>\ 

Gbn] li 

adab ; ii'H la^fifa-t ; ii(;t /.anl- 

Qbntls, adj. (mild) f^^ haXiia; 

j(Jj wadi' ; ^jljiJ ia(if. — {lame) 

u^^ anis ; y~L- salis. 
Obntleman, s. (H'^'v* mahditmi 

■ip- savyid (pi. 4^\ aoyaJ). — (if 

aack'iiar) ,j«^ rau'allim.— (1/ a 

irorf«enia«) ic^j*- hawajn^t, hiija-t, 

Gentlemasliness, «. v*' adiib ; 

ijy muruwa-t ; ii-l* salbana-t. 
Gentlemanly, adj. ^^■^^ adaiui-j 

(pi. ^jljl awidiui) ; (jj*i* muta- 

Gentleness, ». i«lJj wsida'a-t ; 

Gentlewoman, «. ojiU. Mtun (pi. 

tjs»')* hawatin) ; .j-i- sitta-t. 
Gentby, «. ^j^\ ai-fiurafii'. 
Odnoinb, adj. i^ia- hftlij (pi. u«**- 

hulla?) ; c»** ^aliih (pi. c^*- 

^ihfth, c^W> lahuyih, Ut«>l a^ih- 

Qkndineness, IT. ^jU. hulvt;; &^« 

Qenus, b, (j->» jina (pi. ^W 

ajnas, i^-y* juQiia). 
Geoobapheb, «. L^;3t ^loj rassAiu 

al-urd ; j!M1 l-U* had'U aUbilad ; 

^1/^ jugrSf. 
Geoobaphical, adj. ij*lj*^ jag"'- 


GBOaBAPHY, «. o*J^' /^J /*^ ''Im 

raainal-ard; iei'j** jagriifija-t. 
Geolooibt, «. i/j31 s-eip( (J^ 'Aliiu 

bi-tarkib al-ard. 
Geology, t. u*)^^ s-;*/ ^ 'ilm 

tarkib ot-ard. 
Geomanceb, e. J^-i ramniAI. 



^larb 8 

Oeohantic, adj. iJUj ramli-y. 


y"AA>- mubaodisj c*—^ tnoasfib. 
Gbombtbic, Geometbical, aifj. 

Qbouetby, a. l~iJ^\ f^e ■Udi il1- 

Gbbm, «. ^A-ti uabti A(Alt niUiyft-t 

Gebminal, aiij. t_^lfi oabAti-y. 
Germinate, v. ta-finnbat, jambut ; 

^^ 'avyan, yu'ayjin ; £^ farra', 

Gekhination, e. kuW* nabnl ; %Ltjti 

Gestation, t. A^ Ijabal ; JW 

Gesticulate, p. Uj wauia', yain&' ; 

^,\ auma, yum! ; ^ sabbar, 

yusalibir ; jU.1 a^r. yusir. 
Gestube, «. ^f l^araka-t; ijW 

i^arn-t ; U{t iiuA' ; ;«-^ taibir. 
Get, e. J^^ nal, yanul ; jW hAn, jiu 

hftz ; (^ J— haflal 'ala, yaljfal. 
Ghastlinebs, t. JjA haul (pL Jt^t 

ahwal, J)}A huw&l). 
Ghastly, adj. (deadly pale) J^ 

is^< mjsl al-mayyit ; V^l yut 

a^far al-wajh. — (iemtle) Jj»- 

Ghobt, ». t=-»J1 ,a~iJe 'itrit ai- 

mavyit; JV hivAl (pL a^t 

ahyila-t. i=*3Va hiynlAt) ; Ul|lt 

tfiyit (pi. '-t\^ (awwjf) ; <.ji.L 

taif.~(/Aif Hvly Ofiott) (^J«« cji 

nih al-cjuds. 

GhuSTLINEBS, «. ^^1) rul;liDiya.t. 

Ghobtly. adj. ^^Wy ruljanl-y. 
Giant, g. ^je 'aun (pi. tjlysl a'w&D) j 

Jt=* haikal (pi. JiVe* liajikU). 
Giantess, #. ii^e 'auna^t. 
GiBRBT, ». iii-i^ uasnaqa-t (pL 

j^U-» maiilNiq}. 
GiBBOUB, otfj'. -yt^i^ ai^dab, f. W^ 

hadlia (pi. -^^ l^udb). 
Qibb, v. v> j^' sahir bi, jasti&r ; 

j- A" '« ' tauLoahar, yatainnabAr ; 

•aW^ ladahhak, yaladabb^k (tha 

latter two with ^> -ala). 
Gibe, «. I^^^l iatihza' ; jv» hnxft; 

jst- saLar ; K^U- imi()«}|aka-t. 
Giddiness, r. ^^ dauliii-t, do)}»X ' 

— (levity) A*^ t)j&&i-t. 
Giddy, adj. mIj »-^) r&s-hu <U- 

yife ; !><" Iflyii. 
Gift, », i,:l« 'atiya-t (pi. ttU* 

'atAya') ; ^j wahaba-t ; i— t* 

hitia-t (pt. w^ hibit): it^ 

hadiya-t (pi. \t\jA hadiyi') ; Iwr 

tuhfa-t (pL ut>>tu)»a£).— (itotMl) 




ijji qudra-t; lj^\i qAbiliya-t; 

Imiyk qaiii^a-t. 
Gifted, a^j. ^"^ satir ; yfc»-« mahir. 
GiaANTic, adj. yjft *auni-v ; J^^ 

GiooLB, V, »i V ^As„^ istadhak, vas- 

GiooT, «. f^ ^^ fahz ganam. 
Gild, v, v^j^W sj^ tala bi-'z-zahab, 

jatli ; s-^«^ zalihab, yuzahhib. 
Gilded, Gilt, adj, J^ luutalla. 
Gilder, $. J^ mu^alli ; U ^alla' ; 

wJ^^ muzahhib. 
GiLDiNO, #. ^ tali ; l^ talva-t. 
Gills, #. **JU— J^ ^^-s^^ uah^us as- 

Gillt-floweb, s, jyi^^ maiisur. 
Gimlet, #. )f^ mihraz (pi. jj^at^ 

mahariz) ; s-*^ mi-Sqab (pi. 

*i,-J<A* masaqib). 
GiiroEE, #. J««^3 zinjibU; Jtrfy% 


GiPST, #. o^^ ji"K"" J <*5;^ l?ii- 
lari-y (pi. j^ ^'^i^^r) ; ^/^j zan- 
kari-j (pi. iy^^} zanukira-t) ; ^j 
zinj ; tj zutt. — (»'* '^yria) ^)f 
nawari-y (pi. j^ nawar) ; vj>Wy> 
qurbati-y (pi. «yW/ qurbat). 

GiftD, r. (•)»- Ijiazzain, yuhazziin ; yj 
zanuar, juzanuir; J^ qallad, 

Girdle, #. f^y^ ^izain (pi. «yU\j». 
t'lzaniat, l^^'^\ al;zima-t, ^^ 
huzin) ; ^) zuuuar (pi. ^^3 za- 
Danir) ; ^^ kamar ( pi. ;U^ 
akmar) ; <j3^ 9aula(|. 

Girl, «. ^5^01 biut (pi. ^^ banat) ; 
*«-• 9abiya-t (pi. ^W- ^abaya) ; 
hj^ jariya-t (pi. s^^y^ jawari). 

Girlish, adj, fA^\ JJU misl al- 

Girt, Girth, $. ^^^ bitan (pi. 
i^\ ab^iiLi-t, (^ butuu) ; f»^j^ 
l^izain (pi. f^ ^uzin). 

Give, r. JiC 'a^a, yati ; s-^; wa- 
hab, yabab ; ^•J^^ ah>]a, yiihdi; 
^j.1^ '\j^\ «.Jb^ atlj.if ahad-aii bi- 
8c*-yiu, yutl^if; {*•> data*, va^J- 

Gizzard, #. A«^ (^ufala-t (pi. 
J*\j^ ]|^kw&fil). 

Glacial, adj. ^ salij. 

Glad, Gladsome, adj. l»^~-«^ mab- 

!>ut ; o^y farhian ; )ir«-^ masriir. 
Gladden, r. o* farn^, yufarri|]i ; 

^ basatt yabsut. 
Glade, «. J* ;W**^^ e^ k^^ ,t^y^ 

yj»f^ iuau4a* lacli min al-asjar fi 

Gladiator, e. w>W- savvaf. 
Gladness, Gladsomeness, «. W«-i 

bast ; ;;!r* ^uriir ; t/ fani^- 
Glance, 8. J^ uajar (pi. j^\ 

aiigar) ; Syi> nagara-t ; A^ Lun- 

ha-t; ^^O lahi^a-t. 
Glance, t». J^ ^ lamah ila, yal- 

mah ; vJJ^; rainaq, yariuuq. — 

{skine) ^ laiua\ yalina\ 
Gland, s. Sj^ lauza-t, loza-t; iJ^ 

j^'udda-t (pi. *>J^ j;udad). 
Glass, b (^substancf) cM zajaj ; 

j^/ qazaz. — {tuinbUr) a^Wj zajA- 

ja-t; AiW^ kubl>aya-t ; f** qadl> 

(pi. ^\^i\ a(iduh) ; ^^ kas (pi. 

6L.V^ kasat, ,j*^ ku*UH, {j*^^ 

akwus). — (lookimj - ijla»$) ^y* 

mi rat (pl.^/* inara, \i\^ inaraya). 
Glassy, adj. o^Wj zajiiji-y. 
Glaze, v. (mndows) jyi ({nzzaz, yu- 

(|a/,zi/.. — (turthenKxtrf, t&c.) f^^j 

raHsas, y^iraH^m. — {papery ^c.) 

JA- Hi(p|al, yuN:ypjil. 
Glazier, s. tWj zajjaj ; 3^ qaz- 

Gleam, n. fv«A Mi*a' fpl. lMJk\'*a-t, ff^ su*u*) ; V^ (jivA. 
Glkam, v. ^-4«**» ji.i'Ma*, yiisi'jii* ; 

^ lama', yalma*. 
Glean, r. UaJ liqqat, yiila^piit ; ^ 

ij^\ lamm aUqa-^n, yaliimiii. 
Gleaner, *». ^^ hfj^pit ; ^/^^ f»^ 

lammam al-q;u4H ; JpbUUi t[i\.^kHn. 
Glebe, ». (clod) fi;J^ niadara-t. 
Glee, t. (joy) t} faral^ ; W— ♦ bant ; 

Ik*, b*"^?- —(faich) UA f^ihu' (pi. 

^^^ .'I'/Ani;. 

OlkKKII., (iLKP.HOMK, ndj ))j^^ 
111 i-!riir ; vj-^/ l.irb/iii. 

wtlii't'l;; s--«A^ 4rb Cpl. v«Ui» 
Glib, a/ijf. (Blippery) ^y* miizliq. 


Gli] 1« 

—(volubU) t,V_lH Je- aahit aU 
lisan ; j-i*l ftsdaq, f. U-i* ^adqft 
(pi, JJA *udq) ; ^,-4= 'adb. 

OLiBHEse, «. t)\— Ul i!j»- 6uhiila-t 
al-liean ; J**** bu'ba'a-t. 

Glide, v. ijjKi tazalJai, yatazallaq ; 
ijWy taza^laq, yaUizahlaq. 

Glimmee, ti. {*J latDii', valma'. 

OliMUBB, ». •)*<J lu.lii'u-t. 

Glimpbe, g. o^**) luuia'aii; ^ 

QiteTKN, u, ^ lama', yalma' ; Jjt 

baraq, yabruq. 
Glitter, p. jJui*. ^a'^', yu&i'ii*. 
Glittbb, g. yWJ lama'An ; ^^ 

barq i lp» dija'. 
Gloa^t, v.y*t gaminaz, yugammiz. 
Globe, 8. i^ kurra-t; ili kiUa-t.— 
(iA8 earth) i/j31 i/ kurrat al- 

arcl ; W-* duuja. 
Qlobulik, adj. ^/ kur'i-y; 4^5/ 

Globule, g. ^ liabba-t. 
Gloou, *. (darknees) i^ luluia-t. 

— (iullennrit) (•— * gamm ; jJi 

Qloom, V, (be lullen) )-i^ takaddar, 

jatakaddar, — {grow dark) ^^ 

'atam, ya'tim; ^ ' i- \ a'tam, 

Gloomy, adj. fS*^ miii\ira ; jjXt- 

mutakaddir ; fi^»i qamtarir. 

OlO B I FI CATION, (. (jWf- Bub^An; 

[v«~j tosbilj. 
Glorify, v. j*-" tnajjad.yumajjidl; 

e^- sabbal^, yusabbih. 
GLOBiona, adj. Jel«- jalil (pi. 3>*-t 

ajiUi'. il* jilla-t. SK\ ajiUa-t) ; 

L^e4*- Jahtr ; cj''-*' mamdtih, 
Globt, s. j>>^ majd ; •i*a- l^amd ; 
jaii fahr ; »)B 'izza-t. 
Qloey, u. (whH in) •,< ;** fahar 
bi, yaf^ar ; fi^ tafahhor, yata- 
f(^har ; ;sts*l iftahar, yaftabir. 
Globs, i. (yloseine**) V jilfi'; 8J». 
jalwa-t. - (commfHf) t/- iaA ; 
;t~w tafsir. 
Olobs, r. (</ive lutlre) Ji- jaqqaj, 
yufaqqil. — (c(*nint«n( upon) Ct* 
fand), yairalu ; 7^ fiuar, yafsir, 
jrafior ; fuau, yuf aaiir. 


Globbabt, j. «pU] .^Lf kit*b lu^ 
(pi. w-if kutub) ; qW/ Urga* 

Globby, orfj. ijW* mujalla Jj'-^ 

Glove, a. US kaff (pi. Oytf kuffkO- 
Glovkk, i. iJjJJ fLi+ bajryi' 

Glow, ». j» Ijarr; ij^^ l)arJtr»-t; 

£e*^ hammiva-t. 
Glow, v. ^^*- Ijami, yabma. 
Glowing, adj. ,jt^ hamiy, himso; 

,_^U. hniui ; 1,^**^ mul^ina- 
Qi.uw-woBM. s. >i-A^& ji^ abu^bA- 


Glue, «. 1;* ginV. 

Glue, 0. ^j^ garra, yugarri ; ^>J 

lyklli la$;aq bi-'l-gira', yulasaiq. 
Gluey, Glutinous, odj. ^ laxij ; 

jj)J dubuq. 
Glum, adj. yi-U. liamidj jb— » 

hiisir ; o^j la'Ian. 
Glut, v. gt^J tasabba', yataiabba"; 

fWl ibtala', yabtali'; *fc» ilt». 

qani.yaltaqim ; «;«• iarili,yasrKli. 
Glut, ». £ih-u taiU' ; g** £ab', 

Glutton, ». GLTrTTONone. arfj. ^ 

bula* ; J^ akkal ; ij»- s&rih ; d^ 

Sarbaii ; t_r-^\^ mahii. 
Gluttony, e. Qf^ tasabbu' ; i»^j» 

$aniha-t ; ij^ ^rah. 
Gnarl, v. ^t4*A hamfaam, yuhun- 

hira; jiji barbar, yubarbir, 
Onabb, v. u^ltl j^ «arr al-a«aib^ 

ya^urr ; 1^^ qarqa?, yuqarqit ; 

/,jS\ jjB. haraq al-iirram, ya^n<|: 
Gnabhino op tebtb. ». ^y r&Hr; 

^y> qarqa^a-t. 
Gnat, g. l-j-\i nJtmAaa-t ; X«yi( 

ba'(tda-t ; ujby barga^t. 
Gnaw, v. y*;i qarad, yaqri^J ; i>IJ 

qarqad, yuqarqid ; <J^ qaiqti, 

Go, It. (utaU;) (j*-* masa, yaiui!.— 

(go atcai/) t'j ralj. yarftfe 

xaLab, yazbab. 
Go-between, «. L.^ muUwMnt 

ilwlj wdBi(a-t. 
Goad, i. yt** tninh&z; )U«* 






Gk>Ai>» V. ^ nabaz, yanhaz ; 

nabas, yanbas, yanhus. 
Goal, «. (^jtti ni^n (pi. (^W na- 

j&sid) ; JuA^ maq^ad, maqfid 

(pi. juUu maqa^id). 
OoAT, B, v*^ ma*z ; S^ ma*za-t (pi. 

U»*» mi^za') ; /^ *anz ; Iji^ 'anza-t 

(pi. va>^ -at, jUft 'inaz). — (^€- 

qoaX) f^ mA*iz (pi. ^^^ ma- 

wa*iz) ; (j-e? tais (pi. yj^y^ tujAs). 
GoBBLKy v. w-^ *abb, ja*ubb; £;<► 

jaraS jajra' ; ^ lafskl^, jalfa^. 
Goblbt/ «. c*^ qadab (pi. c^*^^ 

Gk>BLi!r, «. JW- haj&l (pi. ^^\ 

abyilii-t) ; {^ jinn (pi. i*^ jin- 

na-t) ; [^> jinni-y. 
Gk>D» #. iUTallih. — {^od in general) 

iX\ , iJ^ iUh (pi. i^\ aliha-t).— 

(goddess) M it&ha-t. 
Godchild, s. (^yf^ iGilliyun, f. &)^ 

Godfatheb, 8. {^^^t^ sabin ; {jttJ^\ 

iibin (pL {j^^\ asabin). 
Godhead, s, ^^\ uliiha-t; S^^\ 

G0DLK88, adj. yV^ kafir (pi. S/^ 

kafara-t, ;U^ kuff&r). 
G0DLB88NE88, «. /^ kufr; (^^/^ 

Goolike, act/, ilt J^ misl ilah. 
Godliness, s, ^fi taqwa ; S^Vaf 

taq&wa-t ; I«>Wa 'ib&da-t. 
GoDLT, adj. JB taqi (pi. W^^^ at- 

qiy&') ; A^As« muta'abbid. 
Godmothbb, s. li^^ ^vbina-t. 
Gold, s. s-^*^ ^hab ; S^ tibra-t. 
GoLDEH, adj. «^-*ai ^^^^ min zahab ; 

sjt^ ^diabi-y. 
Gk>LDSMiTH, s. fyS^ 9^yig (pi* t^ 

f uyyig) ; ^W* layyag. 
Gold-thbbad, s. fy tail. 
GovDOLA, s. jj^j zaoraq (pi. j;^^; 

Gk>HOBRH<EA, «. (^/ o)^ sayalan 

firanji-y ; Utx zanqa-t. 
Good, adj. w^ V^yyib (pi. {ji, -in, 

*r*Vjr\ atyib) ; ^ hair (pi. j^ 

birar, y^\ aby&r) ; a«^ jay vid ; 

|JU ^b ; c^ lablb (pl. cv^ 

Good, s. (goodness) ^)«4J^ jamil ; j^ 
hair ; (^La\ ihsAn ; ji* fadl. — 
(advantage) ^M^ fuyida-t (pl. 
^\^ fawavid) ; A«Ai*« manfa*a-t 
(pl. 2-iu^ manafi*). — (goods) 
s-»W-^ asbab; ^>^ badayi* (pl. 
of icUj bada*a-t) ; SjV tijara-t ; 
£U^ mata* (pl. i*^^ amti*a-t). 

Goodly, (uf;. ^^Jic 'aziin; ^J^ 

GooDLiNESS, s. ^aX* malab&-t; 
;:)M.-^ husn (pl. (^W« mahasin). 

Goose, s. )) wazz ; £3^ wazza-t. 

Gore, s. (clotted blood) u*y^* (••> 
dam muqarras. — ( patch) iJi^ 
baniqa-t (pl. o^>Uj banayiq). 

Gore, v. ^ na(ab, yan^a^. 

Gorge, s. (throat) ij)^ halq ; (•ydL. 
biilquin. — (mountain pass) 
madtq (pl. v3>U^ ina4ayiq); 
si*b(pl. v»Ua i'vkb). 

Gorge, v. (swallow greedily) gUj\ 
ibtala*, vabtali*. 

Gorgeous, adj. (^^^\ ^^Jk^ 'azim 

GoRGEOUSNESs, s. ^^ 'azama-t ; 
L»\^ uzzaina-t. 

Gormand, Qourmand, Gobman- 
diser, s. {^ ba^in (pl. (^'^ 
bi^an) ; ^J^ batnani-y. 

Gormandise, v. {^*i bat in, yabfun. 

Goby, adj. ^ ♦a*^ mulawwaj bi- 
dam ; (•«> ^^Vi^ garqan dam. 

Gosling, s. ijc^ £j^ wazza-t 9agi- 

Gospel, s. J^^ injil (pl. Jr>V>^ 
anajil); yi\^ gi;\ arba* baiayir; 
^JJ^ busra (pl. s^A^yi^ bu^rawat). 
— (the Christian faith) ^^m ^ W ^j 
din al-masib ; ^ j^a- ^ U ^•i^^ ad- 
din al-masihi-y. 

Gossamer, s. ^jiiMJ^^ s^US li<ab ai- 
^ms; 0U«tfAJ\ LUr« muh&t a^ 
^ai^n ; J^«-i nusal ; r'W jaw&- 

Gossip, s. i^\ y^ kasir al-gala- 
ba-t ; Jy^ f uduli-y. 

Gossip, v. a-IaJ\ y^ kassar al-gala- 
ba-t, yukasuir. 

Gouge, v. {^^\ gU qala' al-'ain, 


Qtnrl 1 

QOUBD, ». £;* qar' ; i«y qa^a-t ; 

i^fjiik ya/jtln ; ii*^ vaqtlna-t. 
Gout, g. jS/Jl \j d«' al-muluk ; 

*!jl*)l ^, waja' al-muluk, 
GorTr. adj. ■^^\ \^ ^ l>ihi diV al- 

mulflk; ejli* mofldj (pi. j^u« 

Govern, v. ^Jc f&^ Ijakam 'aU, 

;fil)kuta; ^ U—J taeallat 'ala, 

yatasallat ; ;)>> dabbar, yudabbi r ; 

i_^V- sAs, yasuB. — (in tfrommar) 

^y J*c 'amil fi, ya'mal. 
OovEBNABLE, adj. gtV tnuti'. 
GoTEKNESB, g. JLJiw mu'alHina-t. 
QovERHUENT, g. (ruZi;) /ti^ hukm ; 

JE^jii- hukumo-t- je».*i tadbir. — 

(iocji/ o/ mUT») ^u;jt al-l^uk- 

GovEBNOK, s. 1*^ l^nkim (pi. ^V^ 
bukkuui); J\j wAli (pi. »^3j 

QovEBNOBSBiF, 5. ifiy wilaja-t. 

Gown, «. (a tcowon'*) *t>^ jaiib (pi. 
vWI siyftb) ; BjW- Ijabuni-t; **»**- 
niantiina-t. — (a miiw'<) u*— 4 
banis (rwrt.) ; ielU^ fauqani- 
ya-t ; i»*l;* fariigtya-t. 

Obace, «. (/avour) ^^ ai'ma-t (pi. 
M«) ui'nin) ; ^^ 'miiya-t ; ,^ 
Earani. — ( pardon) j*o 'afii j c*- 
Bamah. — {lovelines«) <-J;L l&ri ; 
£1^^ zarufa-t; JW jamiU ; ii'U 
latJifa-t ; 1.~^3l^ inaliiha-t. — 
(prayer) Ico du'i' (pi. V:-** ad'i- 
ya-t).— ((i(fe) i^ bWri-t. 

Gkace, w. (adorn) ij~-^ hassao, yu- 
IjasBm ; t^j swyyau, yuzayyin. — 
(&0H(i»r) t^\ akram, yukrim ; 
uij* ^rraf, yuiarrif. 

Graceful, adj. utt^ Eaiif; Ul^ 
latif[ Jif*» Jamil ; g« babij. 

QBAcErcLHEss, g. <-jU>l lutf; ^«« 
bahja-t ; ii\^ janifa't. 

Obacelesb, a</f'. (coarte) M^ gallj. 
— (^depraved) J~\* fasid. 

Qbacelkssness, (. ^S^ gilaja-t; 
Jl— * fasAd, 

Qbacious, arf;'. {gpiakimj of Ood) 
0U—J raijmrin ; fn^y ruijira. — (o/ 
man) fttf karim; wAUU muli- 

Gbacioussbss, *. Wj( kanma-t; 

i~*jji karimiya-t. 
Gkadation, 8. g^;-)' tadrij. 
Gbaiie, 8. «*-j-) daraja-t (pi. bj^ 

daraj) ; i?J-* martaba-t (pi. »t-'*/» 

Gbadual, adj. ^j#}^ tadriji-y. 
Gbaddallt, adv. [t^j-a^ bi-tadrij. 
GsADnATK, «. [divide into decreet} 

^^ i*-J qaasam hUdiiraj. yn- 

qassim; ey darraj, yudarrtji m. 

(lake a degree) £}■>* tadarraj, j»- 

Graduation, «. ej-' '*— * qiammt 

daraj; gjjJJ tadrij. 
Graft, s. (j*i gu?n ; i*-* gii(it&-t 

(pi. ii^ gifana-t, ^y^ gufan, 

CjUt* ag?Hn). 
Gbaft, I). ^ ta"am. yata">tii- 
Grafting, «. ,m<^ tafim. 
Grain, e. (yranw^e) *»-"• habb; it» 

l>abba-t (pi. »,'»>- bubub). — 

(com in j-i qamt ; 

tv^f^ ^ubilLnt. — (rmalUtt 

weiyht) A^ ^abba-t ; ltt*i qara- 

ba-t.— ((ii#po«(iW) g»i tab* (pi, 

Gkamihivobous, aiy. ^^ t - cJ * JH 

flkil ha^is. 
Gbammab, «. y^^) ^j^\ fJ^ 'Urn 

af-^arf wa 'n-naliii. — {book) t^^iS 

j^\ ) hJ^I ^ kilAb 'ilmaf-fkrf 

wa'n-na^ft (pi, s-^sS kutub). 
Gbamuakian, t. ^'} ^y f^»^ mti- 

'allim ;arf wa nahfl ; ^J^'^ na^ 

(pi, uu^ Duhiit); jj*' aabwi-y 

(pi. tf^j-' naljwiyuu). 
Grammatical, adj. ^f^ nabwi-y. 
Gbammaticallt, oilv. -u^jl ,JU 

ja^l j i_»^1 'ala qaw&'id a«-parf 

Gbanabt, 8. jWl ambar (pL jtM 
anilUir) ; 4*yfc ifina-l. 

Gband. adj. f^ '&i\m (pL ftta 
'in'im, U^ 'mamA') ^ jt^i lublr 
(pi. jl^ kibAr, l;*f kubari', U,i- 
makbura-); JA jaiil (pL W 
ajillu , aWI ajilLa-t). 

Gbakd-chii-d. ». >^)lf ■>>; w>]a4 
al-walad ; JiW l^afid. 




OKA.ND-DAUOHTKR, 8, ^^\ oa^ bint 

Oban DEB, 8. <Jk|^ ^anf (pi. VAy^ 

^urafa, U\j8t\ akraf) ; ;e^ kabir 

(pi. ;»V^\ a]-akiibir) ; Sju^ 'um- 

da-t. — (grandee8) (^^j^) s-»V;^ 

£^ji^ ((^V^\ arbab (arkan, a'jau) 

Gbandeub, 8, Uke 'azama-t ; JM 

Obandfathsb, 8. *H> jadd (pi. «>W\ 

Obandiloquencb, «. v57«a^ fihhlra ; 

f^a^ fJ^ kalam (jt^bm* 
Obardiloquent, adj, jfl^ iahdr; 

yts^ fahir, fihhir. 
Obakdmotheb, «. iM- jadda-t. 
Orandkess, #. yt^ kubr ; ^Jhc *Ui^in. 
Gbard-son, #. see Gband-child. 
Oban ITS, «. ^^^ ^^i^* ha jar ^awan. 
Obanivobous, adj, s-^ J^^ akil 

l^hb ; a* J^^ akil galla-t. 
Gbant, v. (bestow) ^J^ f^\ aQ^am 

'ala, yun*im ; ^Jas\ a*ta, yu*\\ ; 

JU\ anal, yunil. — (accord) v»W^ 

ajab, yujib. — (admit) J-i qabil, 

jaqbal; s^ ^j ra^i bi, jarda; 

fX* sallam, yusallim. 
Obant, 8. f»w( in*am ; JU«> ni'ma-t 

(pi. f^ ni'am). 
Obantbe, 8, ^\ {^""^^ muhsan 

Obanulab, adj. ^ JJU misl bab- 

Obanulatb, v. v^«*> habbab, ju- 

Obanulation, 8. s-^«0<^ tahabbub. 
Obape, 8. (berry) s-^J^ *inab (pi. 

«T*Uc\ a^nab). — (cluster) *>yuc *an- 

qudS ^unqCkd (pi. OeiUe 'anaqid). 
Obaphic, adj, «JUt^ wafif. 
Obapplb, v. (seize) (jM qabacjl, 

jaqbiiji ; •*J^—^ masak, yamsuk. — 

(eoniend) i^ lara', yu^ari*. 
Obabp, 8, l^ qabda-t ; ««i.--^ mask. 
Obasp, V, (seite) (jM qabad, yar)- 

bi^; oLm** ma8ak,yam8uk. — (lay 

hold of ^eedily) ^ b^Zf yal^uz ; 

jU^\ ij^taz, ya^tAs. 
OEAtfPiNO, adj. (eoveUnui) £U*^ 

Gbass, #. < j^ ' i > t ,D b^is; 

hasisa-t (pi. ^Ia*. ha^4yi^); 

S--AX 'isb, *usb (pi. v;Ux\ a'sab). 
Gbass-hoppeb, «. *y\y^ jarad; W^ 

Grass-plot, s. ijM. hudra-t. 
Gbate, 8. (grating) ^^ sabaka-t 

(pi. ^Wa ^ibak) ; aA^ 8ubbaka.t 

(pi. dlelWA ^ababik). — (>irc- 

^rafe) Ji^ mauqad (pi. Ji^^ 

Gbate, V, ««^ hakk, ya^ukk ; kftj 

qassat, yuqa^ssi^. 
Gbateful, adj, (thankful) /U 

^kir ; jy^ ^akiir ; c:)^'^'^ mam- 

uvLu.^^agreeable) J^^^* maqbM ; 

s-»>;*^ magrub. 
Gbatefulness, Gratitude, s. 

(^\j^ sukran ; LSyU^ mamntini- 

ya-t; Jjf^^ (;)^y^ *irfan al- 

Grater, s, Laa* miqsat ; i^^^^ 

Gratification, s. LL-^^ imbisa^; 

tyjAi\ iusirah ; 1^^. hazz; ^e^^^^** 

mahzuziya-t. — (reward) ^j^ jiza* ; 

SjW^ ijara-t ; (j^y~^ 'iwacji (pi. 

^\^\ a*wa<J). 
Gratify, v, (delight) k«-» basat, 

yal)8U( ; «^*^ iRzzaz, yulazziz ; ^ 

sarr, yasurr. — (satisfy) ^y^J^ 

ar^a, yurcjii. 
Grating, adj, (harsh) ^^yu mu- 

qarqi*. — (disagreeable) ^yf^ mak- 

nih; Jr**;^ ^^^ maqbul. 

Grating, «. a^ sabaka-t; ^/Ui 

Gratis, adv, sj^h bilas (for ^jA 3^ 
bila se-yin) ; 'UV^*. niajjanan. 

Gratitude, 8. see Gratefulness. 

Gratuitous, adj. (free) yj>f^ h bi- 
la *iwa4 ; l)W\ h bilA ijara-t.— 
(without proof) J«3u 3^ bi-la 
dalil ; J1.V» bajil. 

Gratuity, «. i^A*5r tuhfa-t (pi. Ukmif 
tahaf); < jt . a tifcV bab^is (pi. 
cr«^^: bahasis, Pers.), 

Grave, adj. ( person) ;^^ waqiir ; 
jVi* w-^U 9abib waqar (pi. v'W*^ 
avbab). — (maUer) fJL^ 'ajim ; 




Gbaye, s.jti qabr (pi. jpj^ qubur) ; 
iif turba-t (pi. v»/ turab) ; ^J--•» 
rams (pi. cr*r*J rumus, ij*^y 
arm as). 

Grave, v, (J^ naqa^, yanqa^. 

Gbaveb, 8, (engraver) \J»^ naqqa^. 
— (engraving fool) ^UJ\ ^ 
qalam au-naqqa^ (pi. f^\ aqlam, 
f^ qilam) ; ^UlU minqa^ (pi. 
^jt-jU« manaqis). 

G&AYEL, 8. iy^ hafWa-t (pi. ,j*ft. 

Geavitatb, V, vV^ injazab, yan- 

jazib ; ^J\ v^ rakaz ila, jarkuz ; 

^^^ JU mal ila, yamil. 
Geavitation, 8. syASqr^ injizab ; 

J«»^ mail. 
Geavitt, 8. (weight) ^y$ giqal; 

SS^ saqala-t. — (steadiness) ^y 

waqar ; ^«a haiba-t. — (import- 
ance) fM *uzm. 
Geavy, 8. ^JL-^ masluqa-t (pi. 

^U^ ma8ali(][) ; ^^^ ^/* mara- 

qat lahm. 
Geay, Geey, adj. ^W^ sinjabi-y ; 

^*>Uj ramadi-y. 
Geay-eyed, adj, jjj\ azraq, f. ^j) 

zarqa* (pi. Jjj zurq). 
Geay-haieed, adj, s-4^ ^ayib. 
Geayness, 8. (of the hair) s-*«a 

Geaze, v. (rub lightly in passing) 

uJJb haff, yahiff ; fj*^ mass, ya- 

muss; — (feed on grass) n. ^jCj 

fjuiiJ!^\ ra*a al-hasi^, yara* ; ^j\ 

irta*a, yarta*i; a. ,j-C;t ar*a, 

Geaziee, «. v^^; ra*i. 
Geaziko, «. Ai^) ri*aya-t. 
Geease, «. (j^«> duhn ; ^•> dasam ; 

jk^ zafar ; ^^^^ sahm. 
Geease, v, (j^«> dahan, yadhun; 

dahhan, yudahhin ; ;*j zaffar, yu- 

Geeasiness, s. ^y^*y dusuma-t. 
Geeasy, adj. {j/^J^ mudhin ; ^yJt^ 

dubui-y ; ^•> dasim ; , j »^/a> 

Geeat, adj. (bulky) jt4 kabir (pi. 

^ kibar, kubar) ; Jj^* tawil 

(pi. J^^ tuwal) ; ^yt jazil.— 

(eminent) f^ 'azim (pL ji^ 

%km, Uikc *uzama'); JoW jalil 

(pi. U\ ajilla', i^ jilla-t, aW^ 

ajilla-t) ; JVc 'AH. 
Gebatness, «. (bulk)p^ kibr, kubr, 

kibar ; J^- Xvd (pi. jy.\ atw&l). 

— (eminence) JW ijlal; •Jjjr^ 

saraf ; £«ibe <azama-t. 
Geeed, Geeediness, «. iA\jib, ^ari- 

ha-t ; (^j^ hir? ; ^UL (am&'a-t. 
Geeedy, a^j. «;*^ ^arih; ©V*^ 

sarhan ; gUl famma' ; £-^ 

tami* ; fjaij^ hari?. 
Geeen, cLdj. xi^\ ah4ar, f. Uj^ 

hadra' (pl.^^hucjir). — (unripe)^ 

fajj ; j9tfi *ajir. — (inexperienced) 

^ g A /> ga9im (pi. Ujl& gu^mi'). 
Geeen-hoube, «. S^Um* ma^ta-t. 
Geeenish, adj. j^\ ^J^ Ji^ m&jil 

ila 'l-l^a^ar ; ^^Aae* muh4arr. 
Geeenness, 8. y*^ ha4ar ; ^^ 

hudra-t (pi. j*^ hu^ar, hu^r). 
Geeens, %. sa:^y^ ha^raw&t. 
Geeet, t;. ^ f^ sallam 'ala^ ja- 

sallim; ^J\ ^jW barak ila^ yn- 

Geeetino, 8, fH^ salam ; f^f^ 

taslim ; ^^ ta^ya-t. 
Geeoaeious, adj. vj^ s&rib. 
Geenade, 8, j^ qumbar; ^^ 

Geenadiee, 8. jtJ^ syAjM ^ariAb 


Geidieon, 8. Qf^ mufabba' ; oilA* 


Geief, 8. f^ gamm (pi. ^y^ ga- 
miim) ; v>-^ karb (pL s^jr^ 
kurub) ; ^ hamm (pi. f^ 

Geieyance, 8. s-^ ta'ab ; %u ^anur 
(pi. j\j^\ a4r&r) ; ^ kacEd ; k^ 

Geieve, v.a. f^\ agamm, jogtmm; 
(^ycA alizan, yuj^zin ; ^W^ j^ 
kasar al-hatir, yaksir ; n, (M 
in^mm, yangamm ; i^ ^aiiiif 

Geievous, adj, s-^«^ mut'ib; J^ 
gaqil ; s-^»* ffa'ib. 

GEIXYOUBNBBSy «. Jl^ ftiql ; Ijik 




^awa-t; fJ\ aUm; ^^7 ta'al- 
Grim, <idj, v/*^ 'abus ; ^y^ wah- 

Grimack, #. S^ ka«ra-t. 

GRIXNB38, 8. l^yf^ 'ubusa-t ; ^ -j g f 

Grih, p. x^ kasar, jaksir ; yi^^ 

kAsar, jukasir. 
Grin, Grinnixo, «. i^ kaira-t; 

i^liU mukasara-t. 
Grimd, r. (reduce to po^cder) ^j^^ 

ta^an, ja^han ; v3^^ sahaq, jas- 

l^SLq ; ^j%. jaras, yajris, jajmi ; 

ijttji^ haras, jahrus. — (sharpen) 

(^ sann, jasuan ; *>J^ haddad, 

ja^addid. — (oppress) ^ ^alam, 

Grinder, s. ^^^^ sannan. — (back^ 

tooth) y-;* dirs (pi. Lr*V^ adra«, 

y-j;* 4urus). 
Grindstone, s, {j^^ ^%^ hajar 

misann; e*^W^- sumbaiaj. 
Grip, Gripe, #. ol-^ mask. 
Grip, Gripe, r. aX«^ masak, yam- 

aik, yamsuk. — (griper pinch) j»f 

qaraf , yaqru^. 
Gripbs, *. jjoA^ mafi:? ; ,jas*^ inagis ; 

^^^\ g>^ waja* al-batn ; ^y 

Grisliness, #. Jy^ haul. 
Grisly, (u^'. J^ mahiil ; fyu mu- 

Grist, «. ^^ qamh. 
Gristle, s. v>^/ qurqus ; <^;/^ 

^u^riif, gadruf ([>1. ^-A^^U^ gada- 

Grit, #. flV*^ nahala-t ; &•>; hdda-t ; 

j^* ^ htiskur. — (gravel) ^j*m> hafa 

(pi. of iy^ ha^wa-t). 
Gritty, adj. ^J^j ramli-y ; J^^ 

Groan, v. c^ nalj, yanul^ ; s-»*^ 

na^b, jaul^ab ; ^^ ann, ya^inn ; 

•j*V* ta*awwah, yata*awwah. 
Groan, s. cV nuwah ; s-e«^ nahib ; 

•j'V tu'awwuh. 
Grocer, #. ;^ 'attar ; ^^;V«> gv^rf 

bayya* baharat ; JJ^ baqqal. 
Groceries, #. ^\j^ baharat. 
Orocirt, «. {grocer^s shop) jVLe gV^o 

dukkan 'attar, ^. (pi. (:)^^*> 

Groin, s, OW halib (pi. s-5^^ 

hawalib) ; i*^;^ arnaba-t; ^j\ 

Groom, #. (j-*^ sayis (pi. y*^ 

suyyas). — (of the bed-chamber) 
ha jib (pi. At»* hajaba-t, 
Groom, r. ^U gas, yasiis. 
Groove, s.- «^y^- jauf (pi. u\y^\ 

ajwaf) ; A*j zaya-t 
Groove, r. ^^f^ jawwaf, yujaw- 

Grope, r. ^«> daas, yaduss ; ( j aJ^>> 

dasdas, yudasdis. 
Gross, at/;, (corpulent) ^ e n jasim. 

— (caar#e) M* g^Aij (pi. il* 

ijilaz) ; ^jj-Aa ha^ia (pi. (^tiU. 

hisan). — (indelicate) ^/^^ fahii; 

ji) zitir. 
Gross, ». a^j; ruzma-t (pi. ^jj; 

rizam, ruzam). 
Crossness, s. (corpulency) i«U-^ 

jasHina-t. — (coarseness) i^'it gi- 

lA^a-t ; AiLi^ husaua-t ; ^U* 

sahana-t. — (indelicacy) ,jSi^Vi ^fj^ 

kalaia fahis ; ^j ^^ kalAin zifir. 
Gbot, «. i;^*^ magara-t (pi. ^Wu 

III ii tray ir) ; *-J^ kabf (pi. <^^ 

GROTESi^UE, adj, 4*W*^ mudhik, 

miidhak ; &;afe — • masha**a-t. 
Ground, s. (earth, soil) ^^^ anj ; 

i?y turba-t. — (bottom) fi qa*r 

(pi. j^ qu*ur) ; (jAr*** b^^^id (pi. 

ij^-^^- hudud). — (cause) ^ f ^t^ 

sabab (pi. s-»W-^ asbal») ; J-1 

a?l (pi. J^^ U8ul) ; Ale *iila.t (pi. 

Jle Slalj. 
Ground, r. (lay on the ground) ^J*J 

^;'^ vJ^ rama ila M-anjl, yarmi. 

— (in a science) ^Ji*3^ ^^^ C;^ 

tarah a^as al-'ilm, ya^rah. 
Groundless, adj. s-^<— h 

sabab ; «^^eW h bi-Ia ba*i<< 

Groundlessness, s. s 

*adain sabab; v^^v^ |»ae 'adam 

Groundwork, s. Sj^U qaHda-t (pL 



Aolji ij&wu'id) ; (j«Ul asas (pi, 

,j—\ U8U§). 

Gkocp. e- ^W janiA'a-t j iU»- 
jumla-t ((.1. ^ jumal); /i 

iiafr ; iJ limma-t. 
Gkocp, v. s-~>j rattab, yurattib ; fA 

latnm, valumm. 
Obuvb, *. ij-/^ Ijii-s (pi. i>1/-l ali- 

nU) ; iyA« ifXi gaba-t ^iigim-t ; 

itj>^ £.kjartjra-t. 
Qbovel, p. sj-* dabb, yadubb. — 

(6e mean) Uj datin, yadni). 
Gbqw, v.n- (increaae) Ui nama, 

yanmu ; ,^ nama, yaami ; ^-ti 

DaJA, yanSa ; ts~ri naliat, yambut. 

— (fcecome) jLa ^ Jr, yas'ir j a. «-*f 

Dabbat, yuuabbil. 
Gbowth, s. f*i DumQ-w; t-±>^1 iii- 

tisA' ; J^Jjl iziliyiid ; -i-eTJ* tam- 

bit ; Jjl (111. 
Gkdb, «. (vionn) JjJ dfidj iJjJ 

dftda-t (pi. u}\-n-i didan); i.^ 

aiiBa-t (pi. ^y- eu8), — (food) 

ojj» qat ; ^U- lua'fi^. 
Gbdb, v. !.>-* nabai, yambui J jl* 

qala', yaqla'. 
Grubbeb, «. (too!) »- marr. 
GBunaK, t. i*Ui kasaha-t; Ji 

gill ; J— '^ bi>ld, haqad ; ■ > - —a 

Gbudob, v. j>-3- liasad, yahsJd i f^ 

diniu, yadinn, yadanii. 
Gbdbl, u. tj^ d^!^ iMkn mat- 

b&h ; y^j^ ^-Vr^ 'a; ida-t idfan. 
Gbupf, od/. ("jl- ^itrim [ i^^ 

Gboffnesb, <. LAj^ ;arama-t. 
Gbuublb, v. ;»j» barbar, yubarbirj 
j-Ji tadanimar, jatadammar ; 

fti*j6 taijauiqam, yataqaniqam. 
OacjUHLiNG, «. js-^' tadmir; j-jJ 

ttulainmur ; ,*A*Jc taqamqum. 
Gbdnt, p. ji^lj,*]! JA- Ufi! 'ayyat 

inijl a)-h:iaazir, yii'ayyi|. 
Qbuntimo, «. LWc 'iy'il- 
GuAUANiKE. ». ^u^ damana-t; 

il^ kaliila-t. 
Qdabaxtei!, ti. JiS kafal, yakful; 
J^ akt'al, yukfil; i^ 4'iiuin, 
yadoian ; [^*J tadaiuman, ysta- 
^ammaa. | 


GuASD, u. ijiroteel) ^j* ^aiuA, 
yal^mi ; li>i& l^afie, yal^fas ; ^U 
ffin, jafiln. — (toafc^ oiw) y»;» 
t^iiraa, yahnis, yatria j ij^^^ 
H}tas&e, yaljtdria. — (guard oue'a 
self againil) i^y /^\ i|)tax&r 
tnio, yabtazir. 
QoABD, a. (euttodtf) Uj*. hir&aa-t ; 
y-j-- bars.— (tody of men) ^^*jfc 
fiirnU (pi. of y-jW ^ria) ; U* 
gufarA' (pi. of jjt gaflr) ; jJ-V 
uawntir (pi- of ^jtU n(i(ur). 
GUABDSD, adj. {cireunupecl) j^ 

hazirj )f»* muljtariz. 
GcAKUiAN, ». 1>^W haGz (pi. iU.> 
huffas); yjW baria (pi. y-'j-- 
hurras). — (of orfhaiu) yM J^ 
al-qi];;ar (pi. 'iij nukala'). 
Gdabdianship, 0. Aki^^M mntti- 
faja-t ; fl—lj^ hirisa-t. — (of 
orphang) ^,^^\ H^y wakttla-l al- 
qitsiriD ; H^ii kafula-t. 
Guess, «. jji sano (pi. yjii ^uuijd) ; 

^^»*■ tahmin. 
Guess, v. j)*- hazar, yaljEir; y-i 
fassar, yufaasir; o-*^ hamnttD, 
Guest, «. --Av* daif (pi. ^w* 
4iiyuf) ; Jjl) wArid (pi. fjt -in. 
jIjj wurrid); J.y iialili >W 
ha(ir (pl-j'i*- huUar). 
Guidance, «. ^^^^a hiday&-t ; •>U>}1 

Guide, c. ,j.u> bada, yabdi ; J>> 

dall, yaduU; Mk,\ arsad, viiriid. 
Guide, a. J<J>i dalil (pi. MadUU') ; 

^JJ\A bad! 1 .u.^ iiiuriid. 
GuiDELESs, adj. lS''^ ^ ^ niH Ubu 
bfivii; JJj ujJ ;;>- min d&n 
Guile, «. i^ hila-t (pi. J.- 
biyal) J ij;i» makariya-t ; y^ 

GuiLEFtri., arfj. jULa makkAr ; £tj*. 

haddA' ; .^Uu ga^4ii 

GuiLEFULNESa, «. £tJ<- hidlV. 

GuiLKLEsa, adj. t^^ siUb; 

^lidii^ - yolU. balif. 
OuiLELEBBKBaa, t. IiW ladioi 

o-**' ibl«#. 

-la-ti ] 



nrSy «. (^\ g/ii^ minqa' 

r. IJcdL hatija-t (pi. ^Uad. 
) ; r^> jurm (pi. f^)j^ 
) ; f^\ ism (pi. j^VJ^aWim). 
BS8, 8. f»V^^ ijtinim. 
33, adj. v^;j bari-j (pi. ^^\ 
*); jW barr (pi. jV^ abrar). 
sdXESS, «. A^^'ac 'isma-t; 

adj. s-^x« muznib ; ^^^^ 
q; ^JW jani (pi. iW ju- 

#. *«-^#^ jmiya-t. 
r. ,4) zai-y (pi. ^3\ azya') ; 

#. *>y5 *utl, 'aud (j)!. t)^J^ 
; SjUui qitara-t. 

o^> jun; cr^ b'-ilij (pi. 

luj, tJ^^*^ huljan). 

• sJ^ n'i^*^^* yagu.s.s ; g.^ 


{dupe) y3^^^ ah mil] ; f^-^ 

— {the bird) Ai^*> danka- 

#. 0^ halq (j)l. s3y^^ 

pl. f^%^ hiUi jiiii; ; ^^5>^ 

r (pi. ^>^-ia- l.Kinajir; ; ^»«i? 
a (pi. ^i^ IxiliViiiij. 
gi| bala*, yaola' ; ^^\ ib- 
^ 9am^% surag (pi. ^^^ 

^4-« sainmag, ynsammig ; 
y^ lassaq bi-samg, yulas- 

adj. ,^5*«-« 9amgi.y. 
. ^\ &>il li;jat al-a^nan 
>^ lijut, ^ lijii); '^ 
lxil>ni al-a^nan (pi. ^^ | 

rijle, <£-r.) Lj^x;^ ban«lu |i- | 

pi. J^ buiidil 1) ; &^^ ! 

:.i-h ( Turk.) ; aj^jW I'uru la-t i 

^ji barawidj. — {cannon) i 

jiJ^ madfa* (pi. ^i^J^ madafi*) ; 

v»^' ^ob, top (Turk.). 
Gunner, s. ij=r.^ tobji (pi. ^tfr:^* 

Gunpowder, «. o^jVj barud. 
Gun-shot, .< ^j^ ^^^ ^a-rbat 

Gurgle, v. ,j<^ ])aqbaq, yubaqbiq. 
Gush, v. J^ sal, yasil ; s-^^ in- 

§abb, yansabb ; ^ naba*, yam- 

ba*, yanibi*, yambu'. 
Gush, s. v»Ll«fi>\ iu^ibab; g^— «i 

Gusset, s, ^j ruq*a-t (pi. fVSj 

Gust, s. (of wind) aa-U *asifa-t 

(j)!. Uu\^ ^awa^if) ; ^«*A> nafha-t 

(pi. «yW^ uafahat). 
Gusto, Gust, 8. (taate) J;*^ zauq. 
Gut, s. y-yc^ masir (pi. i^\^ niu^- 

raii) ; d>\^'» musraiia-t (j)l. (:^>;^-o^ 

luas'irin); ^^*^ mi'a (pi. ^*^^ 

Gut, v. (J^^ <3*» saqq al-ba^n, 

vasiKpi; ^^» farrug, yul'arrig. 
Gutti:i:, s. (^;5s^ niajra (pi. (^;V^*^ 

inajan) ; ^y^ iiiizab (pi. s-*ijW* 

Guttural, rt((/. ^^aU balqi-y. 
Guttural, «. o***^^ •^/^ birf al- 

lialq (pi. ij^\ ^yf- huruf al- 


Gymnasium, s. ^j^J^^ iiiaidan, mi- 
dan (pi. ;;>>^W^ mayadiu) ; J^^ 
i^^^j inahall riya«la-t. 

Gymnast, «. f;^-*^ mu9ari*. 

Gymnastic^;, s. ju.^\ i-&V)j riya^a-t 
al-jasad ; ^^U^ mu8ara*a-t. 

Gypsum, 8. {^^^ jibs ; {^y^^^ jabsin, 
jatsiu; ua>jaa.s, jiss.^ 

Gyrate, i\;^*> <lar, yadur. 

Gyration, «.;;•> d.iur (pi. j^^^^ ad- 
war) ; ob'*^ dawaran. 

Gyvks, 8. A J qaid (pi. *>^ quyM, 
•>^ji\ a'jyadj. 

Gyve, v. Jui qayyad, yuqayyid. 





Hasgkoasheb, ». Ja, aaqati-y ; 
Ij^ f Ui bayj'A' hurJa-h ; ■, ■; . i - 

Habii.imknt, f. -T-i kiswa-t (pi. 

Habit, ». (dress) t^V-3 libiis (pi. 
4— fJI aU'isa-t) ; ^f saub, sob 
(pi. v^ ai\Ah).—{cvitom) i^lc 
•idtt-t (pi. Jjlje 'itwHvid) ; m*j 
dfll) (pi. vjJI adub) i t)U-«Jl 
idinfin. — (habit of tody) s^y* 
inixAj (pi. i*')^^ amzija-l) ; i*^ 
tal.i'a-t (pi. «>1 -At. jjt^. tabfivi'). 

Habit, r. trJ lalMa, ; 
,^1 alLaa, yulbia ; ^-S kasA, 

Habitable. iwTj. tfi— j* yansakio 
(aor. of Tii.) ; r»^« 'amir ; v— U- 
Iii_JJ miinftsib li-'s-sakina-t. 

Habitadleness, s. ■ ' ' < ■ I I i~.U-» 

Habitation, ». i— ;i- sakiua-t j 
(ji— * niaskan (pi. t^l— -• inaea- 
kin) ; ^^1 Jttr* mahall iquiua-t 
(pi. JW» maliftU) ; ^IA« lua'^Am. 

Habitual, arfj. ^iJle^l i'tiyiVdi-y; 
jUh- niu'liiJ ; J*«i— • musia'iual. 

Habituate, v. ^jLb jjb 'uworad 'ala, 

Hack, v. ^ qUta', yuqaUi'; cj* 
faram, jafrum. 

Hackney, t. i^^Ss—* J«*- hail mus- 

Hacknet, v. (km much) J**^l 
iata'mal, yasta'mil ; •>;> jarrad, 

HsHosKBAOE, t. ^y nnxf, Duzf, 

Hajt, a. -ii yad ; iie: 

Hao, #. if<~ saljira-t ; ij-*Jl ^jjV= 

'aju-^at aii-iiahs. 
Haoqaed, ailj. ^ j ' ' ' J wal.iii-y; 

(^j-» muwatljaj ; c«fl qaU^ i 

£i4 baji'. 
Haix, «. J/ barad (pi. ^Jj^t bnrfid), 

j qab- 
; v**-^ ni?Ab (pi. 

—(mtulatton) fX. Balim ; Ir^ 

Hail, i^ .>;i barntd.yubarridj J^ 

J;t nanal b^rad. yaniil. — (grval) 

^ fX- sallatu 'ala, yuBalliin. — 

{call Old) V C^ «JLh bi, yafi|^. 
Hair, ». f^ saT; M* sa'n-t (pL 

«■* Su'ir). — ('(/ the pudmda) 

AiU 'aua-t (pi. yjc 'un). — (o/ 

onima(aJ jtj wabu (pi. j^ij! 

HAiB-DitEssKK. J. tLt- mai< 

yjj- uiuzayyin. 
Haieless, rtrfj. ijJ);*! ajrudi; gL*! 

a^laS f. t«l- (J'A {pi. 5I- (111-). 
Hair-pin, k. wjt-' dabbns (pi. 

,_,— )l)j dabiibia). 
Haiey, odj. ^J^}** ia'nVni-y: /ub 

Hale, aijj. f^ sallm ; ;^e9-> fa^i^. 
Half, a. .-A-* nj^f, uu?f (pi. v>W\ 

an^AF) ; ^1^ sa^r (pi. j'i^\ a^fAr, 

jjU sutur). 
Half-boiled, ai/. ^y ni', dm. 
Half-hoon, k. Ji» halal {pi. 1U1 

abiUa-t, J»ll*l abalil). 
Half-way, ». j!;^! ..a^ nisf »(_ 

Hall, «. icU qftVt; yUl twAa 

(pi. ««UV' IwAuit. o*jV »**- 


Halleluja, inlrrj. til\ ^Wt-> rab- 

bAa a'UU. 
Halleluja, t. c**— * taBbth, 
Hallow, v. ^Jiqaddaa, yu<)ad<liB. 
Halo, *. ill* UAU-l; flj«* uaa'«-U 
Halt. adj. {limpiifj) bjcI a'nj, f. 

Wjc 'arja' (|ii. o^-y "urjin). 
Halt, «. {halting) 5;* 'arj.— {•! 

•-tij waqf; oi^j wuqdfi * 

Halt, p. {limp) c^ 'antj, 

{ttoy) H. .-Ai, w.wl«f, Jf 

*-**> waqqaf. yunaqtjif. ' 
Haltbb, f. Jjft* inia'^~4 i{_ 
maqiwid) ; i-^ rat&*C 

Hal] 1 

y.^j-1 amr&s) ; y— j ratan (pi. 
Bai.te, r. i-iW naf^Li, Tan^uf ; 11:19- 

Ham. ». .ii* t'Ah? (pi. J^V afhft7) ; 

Jjj wirk (j>l. ^y aiinikj.^ 

{(wfon) iJ** ;?y* i^ 

■ ■ mlluW-i ; 

; ujf-* Jill 

Hamlst, *. icj^ miizr.i.*a-t (|'I. 

J;'y« inaKiiri-); /i Ul'r (j.!. ;j4S 

ki.lfir) i Sj^ l,uhiid.i-t. 
Haxheb, «. J^y» iiiitrjqa-t (|>I. 

^JJi* iiiatAriq); 4f;-« uiirzaliJ^t 

(|il. v'iV uiaiuKibj. 
Haxmbb. b. J^ liirii'i, vatruq. 
Haxuock, ». ii»- **j* liLrs:i-t 

mu'ullaqii-t ; i^)*f m;irjuljA-t. 

HaMPEB, 4. in «lUff.l-l (1<1. -"i 
quhtf) ; Jwij laiiiliil (pi. Js(l*j 

Mampeb, v. (impede) jl» "Aq, ya'uq ; 
jj_« 'uwvaq, ju"aw«iii; (~^ 
iii:ina', yaiiiuii'. — (r«i6iicc.Mj 
•aI|^ iirliliL-, yusjrliik i ;«>■ ^ay- 
yar, yiilj lyjir. 

HAXsrBlx<}> «■ j^-i' At*= 'asalia-t 

Hakr, ». J« ya'l, ya^M ('In, ^'-n 
jajjcn; l>!. fcj*-il nih". ij-»i«l 
BV*Ii).— (Ad«<(..r.iVM<yj U. Ijut, 
-^(Adiwit of a uixtcb) -^te 'aqriib 
(pi. .^jtfe 'aqiiril.;.— ((ciiitiinirt) 
C'l-t«i'i' (I'l- £^ ?\iriiiM-j, 

Ham., r. ^-^ y-^la, yu»a .1 ; JjU, yumiwil ; >j* ■arnuj.ju- 
'arri^ '1/7=1 a'r..[|. yu'nd. 

HAXUCtTPFH, t. J£ (cuU (pi. J'i*1 
aKlal); JJ^ uikl (ul. J0U1 au- 

HABDcvrr, ff. *J1 -ivl qayyad yatld- 
hu. yuqayjid, 

BABDrOL, V l-t-^ Icamjta-t; i^ 

HAXDtcmAVT, «. i*^ fUia*K-t (pl. 
^ ^W iindyi'); H;*. l;irfa-t (pL 


Handkerchief, f. Ji^i* mandil 

(]il. J'-i^'-' uiiiii.iJil) ; i-j^f luah- 

r.iiii:M(|.l. o^mahr.rim). 
Handle, «. a^ qal.^a-l; ^^J^ 

miqbiia (pl. u>^^ miqSbiiJ) i 

V'^'j iiifali (pl. s— ^ nufiib). 
Handle, u. i_r-i- j'aaa, yajuss; ^/-* 

mass, yiiiiiuss; x^-' maaak, yani- 

6ik ; ^ic -nlaj, yu'alij. 
Handmaid, g. ijW juriya-t (pl. 

tSjlf> jiiwi'iri) ; i*lJ4. haiiiiama-t. 
Hand-hii-l, *. iijjl^ jiiiii^i-t (pl. 

^jl,» jawirisj; Uj r-ihi' (pl. 

L-jl .irb-i, i=*j* aL-Jjiya-t). 
Hand-saw, s. /a-- minsar (pl. 

j-Al^ luaiiH-ir). 
HANnini.. B. u^T* 'urbin (pl. ;^i1^ 

'anil. ill). 
Handjei., b. v*j=' a'rab, yii'rib. 
Handsuuk, a<'j, c^ malih ; ;;^— >■ 

biiiiiiiij: J— »•♦ jaiiul; jfc-s-j 

('(HI/'''') ^ft 'iizita.^(hariJiuine 

iirlloH) ij\—i-\ ilisiiii. 
Handiijmknksm, » y— -hiisn; JW 

j.i[.iAI; ^°^ lu.ilaha-t. 
HAN-ii-wRirimi, *. 1"^ \u\\. 
HssvY, adj. {»kilfitl) ;tu. »ri(ir; 

j»l- imiliir; gi- jiua,' jiiii". — 

(-■onivrtiVBO jO liiyi.j; s— U. 

iimuH.ili J jil» biiJ'i' 
Hanii. i-.«, jle 'alltiq, yu'alliq.— 

(/^y lh<t n-rk) ^^ ii.u;v\, yiwiiii [ ; 

>i. ^* Jl''^ lii'alUq li, wiia'iLlhq. 
H^N.iKli-..N, ». JJ'— muIiMlliii 

f(i' tiiln- tpl. Q^ taba', {|ly ta- 

HrN'>.'N«« .. r- «!»>■ (I'l- ;j^ 

siilur) ; Sjti. BiUr,i-l (pl. ;|U- 

saliivir)! ii\-*ji burdava-t. 
Hanuman, ». ^U- maiii'ali.y (pi. 

itAclJ-iuaia-aliva-t): jX- jallad. 
Hanc«. A^ kabb'a-t. 
Hankbb, v. J\ jUAt Lsini] ila, 


HaKKGHIXO.J, jW^I ii'iyiii ; Jjk 

■ q (pl. jyi n*««qj ; >- 
nuuj (pl. J^l aaiyAli. 




Hapless, adj. ^ j ■?>*■>• mas' urn ; 

^ysa^^ man h lis. 
Happen, v. <^;> j ira, vajri ; *^<^^ 

ha'li<, vah«la< ; v>-^^ it lata 'j, 

yattatiq; J^ sar, vasir; ^; 

waqa*, yaqa' ; ^f- 'arad, yarid. 
Happiness, «. »^-**- sa'd ; iijv*- 

sa*jula-t; ^s^-^^ 1 aht ; ,^m» tui'a 

(f. of ^--ys^ atval>) : ^-^ u'i' ta-t. 
Happv, (////. J4?«- .sa'id (|»1. \J^»- 

su'ada'j ; J^*-^ nias'inl ; Ib^^j;*^ 

miiirtal"it. — {hapini 1idiu':>i) S;UiL> 

l):isara-t. — (rtiuh/) ;-^^ lijidir. 
HAiiAN<;i'E, ^. ^'-^ l_uitla-t (pi. 

s-^i^ luitab) ; •vJ^Vci^ inuhata- 

Hak.vnguk, r. s-^^ bat-O), yiiljAtib ; 

iJci Uc Mniil liutl)a-t, va'iiial. 
HARASrJ, i\ s-*i^ at'ab, yiiL'il) ; iji»y 

law was, yulawwis. 
Hakbtn«.;ki:, a. ^j^^:;/* iiiuiatjaddini ; 

^'^ muiji'ir; j~^ iiiub:^ir, imi- 

ba.^sir ; ;--i*? I'a.-sir (^pl. ^^-i-< bu- 

sara, y^ biK<r). 
Hakhour, .<?. {pnri) <.^/» iiiarsa 

(j)!. ^-^/^ niarasi j ; W** iniua (pi. 

(j;>^^ iiiawaui, ^.*» niiyau;.--- 

{jtsi/hnu) ^>X» iiialja (pi. vj^>'-^ 

nia;aji'); vj:/^ iiia'wa (pi. <^;^ 

HAUiio.'i;, v.a. J-n-^-^ i.>lail» il, yas- 

ta'ibil; »-~» divvat, \U(l.Lv\ii; 

Jy iia/./al.ymuiz/il ; Jv^-i-Uslaii- 

zal, yast.iii/il ; //. {^I'lL't' n/'dj*') 

^^y^\ ilt ija, yait.iji. 

HaIID, (Hlj. (sniii/) s.-JLc silili; ^ 

hald ( [d. S^A iis'.iVl ).-{ S' rrrr) 
jj--^ tp-"i^i ; s--— jco sa'b ; Jo^xAi 
Ki'iid ; f«;'wc siiriui. — (dilnrull) 
s-~* ^ si'h ijii. W.JLO si*al>j ; ^-.c 
*a<ir : ;-: — c M.sir. 
Hai:i>k.n, rji. ^-c s:i'.lab. viisiHib: 

• • • 

\iiiia--ii: L«^?. '»al>ias, viiva!'- 
l»is ; //. *T-*-=> tas.iliM b, \atasallab; 

LT*^^ ta\ai»l'as, Vat:i\;;bb;i:>. 

U.\i:i>iHi»oi), >-. (Iiolilii, .<.<) i^L*> 
j.i>ara-t ; »ix?^^ s i ja*a-t. - (^*;///'<///- 
/*r//j «i>Ufi «]abalia-t. 

Hardiness, *f. iyi <|uw\va-t ; Sja 

Habdly, arZi?. (ic//A dijjliculfy) '^^ 
bi-M-kadd; aUyu. J-J:, bi-kull 
R'i*ui)a-t. — {t^carcdy) vj-'r^ «iujiq 
(Turk'.). — («'///* sereriiy) J^ 
Wvo bi-kull 9 irania-t. 

Hardness, «. ijJL. ^alaba-t; •>;!• 
8 u ! u « 1 ; i;^— S qa su wa- 1 ; ^f^ 
su uba-t. 

Hardship, «. (/?eiTrp labour) sr^ 
ta'ali ; j^S kadd ; iaJt^ masaqqa-t 
( J d . v3^-i^ m a sarj q ) . — (o^ 'preeiion) 
^'»i» ziilni; 3UAlb^ luazlauia-t (pi. 
^^*i^ m.izalim). 

Hardv, adj. (stroHfi) ^^^ qawi-y; 
jk)Aii sad id. — {brav*\ bold) ^W- 
jasir (pi. x^^f*- jawasir) ; 
jasur (pi. 7-^ jusr, jusur) ; 
siji* (pi. (j^^ bUJVin). 

Haiik, s. *^j\ ariiab (pi. sn»y 

Harem, s. ^f^ liaram (pi. f^f'^ 
a lira 111). — (the v:otiii)i) f^^f' 

Hark, v. ^^.^ natjat, yansit ; £-4^ 
istauia*, yastanii*. 

Harlequin, s. &;«&— ^ niashara-t 
(pi. ^*£.U-^ inasahir). 

Harlot, a. &<s^ <|aliba-t (pi. *r»<^ 
qihab; ljc\^ zatiya-t (pi. ^J*^^ 
Z.LWati ) ; Li^^i lallisa-t (]d. J^y 
law ah is J. 

Harm, 8. (datiiajt') ^ dnrr; ;j^ 
dirar; S^ inadnrra-t (pi. *s^ 
-at, jV-i* madiirr). — (n-roioj) ^ 

ziilin ; 

ma^lania-t ; ;t^ 

laiir. — {there is no harm) j-»i 3 

l.i bas. 
Harm, r. ^ darr, yiulurr; ^ 

darrar, yiidarrir; y^\ adarr, yu* 

dirr ; lsS\ azza, vu*a7zi. 
Harmful, fi'//. ^ inndirr; ;^ 

daiT; v^j*"^ iiiu'zi (muzi). 
H.AJiMLEss, adj. y^ jt^ jjair mu^irr; 

^j-.^ j-j U ma ti-lii bas. 
Harmle-ssness, s. jy!> |»J^ *adaffl 

Harmonic. Harmonical. Har- 
monious, adj. ^j^ !*«iji-y ; 7* 

jUa» 7\i iiamna-t. 
Harmonise, v.a, ^^ lal^in, ;•!• 

ban; tji^ waffaq, juwaffiq; ^ 




na^zmi, yunaz^im ; n. ,ys\ itti- 
f;u|. yattufiq. 

Hakmoxv, ». «t>^^'J^ jVa>^ ittifa'] al- 
a^vaii ; «y\y«2\ iiX\ iilfat al-Mftwjit ; 
{^^\ alh.iii (pi. (»f ^^>^ Inhn). — 
(r'tnrord) s3^^ ittilVii; ^b^\ itti- 

Uakxkss, g. f^ \%\n\ ; Sac 'udda-t ; 

Habxks8, r. ^ ^iqiam, yutaq- 
q'nn ; J«^^ *>J^ *.ui<la«l al-hail, 
viiMdilid ; >^-^i r.ihhat, vurahhit. 

junnk); SjU^ kiunara-t ([»!. ;->»-i^ 

Hart, p. ^^^^^^^ ^J^ JJ da^q *ala- 

*l-j\ink, yadu'iq. 
Harper, s. ^^ junki-y. 
Harpoon, «. «^uJb4. hiittuf (pi. 

Harpoon, h. «^wa^^ «d-^ iiiiujak 

M-*l-hiin^*^» yain>ik. 
Harrow, h. &i\' .... ^ mislafat. 
Harrow, p. UiU salaf, yasluf ; ^ 

gala*, ya^la*. — (^ttfrnit nt) s-*-^ 

*azzab, viraz/ih. 
Harsh, atij, {to ihr tatttt) /• iiiiirr 

(I'l. ;^;^^ anirar). — (to thf^ tar) 

4*^ kirih. — {in maun* r and d in- 

position) ft> ; ^ '* inakiuh; f*;^— » 

^ariiii ; (j-^^ 'ahus ; ^^W jali ; 

^^jftic unli-y. 
Harsh NEHS, «. (of tan'c) ^^f nia- 

rara-t. — (of diApoMtinn) Ur^ jala ; 

Syk>. jatwa-t; fi^^-i qa^sawa-t ; 

UUc 'uijf. 
Hart. 9. J*^ ayyal, aval (|.l. Ji*m\ 

ava'il, A^^ nyda-t ) ; J*;^ aryal. 
Harve!(T, 9, itimt) «-A»^ hiiif; 

«>u^\ s£^^ w.i jt aUhisa*!.- {rtap- 

in*j) *>U». h »ad. — {trnim) ft. >g -aa 

l.iaHida-t (pi. J^^-»- hiMiynl); 

«>^««^^ maliHiid ; dl^ L'illa-t. 
Harvk-st, r. -^-a** hiiMul, yah^i*! ; 

^j^ jaua, vajiii ; «-*»» (|atal', vaq- 


Hash, r. fy faram, yafnnn. 
Hash, s gW^ saklmj. 
Hassock, if. &^^>^ 8ajada-t. 
Haste, s, aIl^ 'ajuia-t; L^j^ 
•ur'a-t ; «a^ wask. 

Haste, r.a. J^ 'ajjal, yu'ajjil ; 
J>^\ a*jal, \u*jil; t;; rawuaj, 

yiUMWwij ; «. J:;**i-^ i8tl*jll, 

ya-ta'jil; f;- saru*, yasru* ; gv-^ 

asra*, yusri* ; ^*>W I'adar, viilmdir. 
Hastinkss, 9. J^*Ai-\ isti'jal. — 

[vlolmce) Sj^ Mdda-t; 5j^ l>id- 

Hasty, adj. J<^xs *ajil ; J^%fi *ajul ; 

J*^»* *ajil ; ^;- Kar'r. — (nri- 

tahlv) cW^^ J*- sahil al-liavaj ; 

JojLi. sadid ; 3^ 4alit|. 
Hat, 9. i^ji bariit^i-t ([l. «<f»\;» 

Hatch, r. ^-i* faq:is, yaf<iiis ; t/* 

larrah, yufarrih ; ^j-io- hadan, 

yahiluii. — (jdot) /^ dauiar, yacj- 


Hatch, s. ajuo. hadna-t; i- £i faq- 

Hai* hel, i». (;;V;^^ ijJ^ midaqq al- 

Hatchkl, V, (^^^^ J^ da^iq al- 

katian, yaduipj. 
Ha'khkt, 9. (•j^qadduin (pi. ^o\^ 

Hatk, v. ft/ karih, ynkrah ; ij^ 

l»a'^:id, yal^ud; {j^^^ al^a^l, 

yui L'id ; c:^-* iiiaqat, yanujut. 
Hati-H'Im adj. t.^ makiuli; &>j^ 
I karih ; «i>yu^ niaiiHjUt : \jtp^^ 

maud n<i. 
Hatkki), 9. ^^/ kandia-t ; 6Vi;:-.\ 

islikrah ; a-<a# linj:da-t ; -Ji^ l.nq<l 

(pi. jyj*. liuqi'id, ^v£». ha(|ayid, 

jVfcft.^ ah(jad). 
Hatter, *». *e*^,*» f W* bayyiV baranit ; 

^J^'^)i 1 arani^i-y. 
HAr(;H'iiNE.«H, 9. b^ kibriyiV ; ;-^ 

takald.ur ; ^ taih, lih. 
Hau«jhty, </♦//. vj-ii^ mutakaldiir ; 

cv'W tawahaii; ^Itiu^ niiita'a^- 

Hail, v. s->^- sahab, yashab ; y^ 

jarr, yajurr.— (d <i/</^/) ^ qa^ar, 

Haunch, 9. ^';^ winj (] 1. ^^))^ 

anii'ik); s-^ ^ulb (pi. s-*^^ 

Haunt, 9, ^y^t^ J^^ mal^U ma*- 


Haunt, t'. f 'amar, ya'Diur; JJj* 
Jl tarnddail iln, yalarudJad ; 
J\ Ji !ala ik, yulfi. 

HAHKiED, adj. (% gko^U) ;j**- 

Havk, p. *1 la-liu ; ^*^ 'inda-bu ; 
ixU>> maliik, Tamlib ; dU*j Lamal- 
lak, jatamaUab; jU. Ijiiz, ya- 

Haten, «. o"r* tnarsa (pi, ,j-V 

niarAs!); W* rniDA" (]>1. Jly 

mawani, i^t^ inivaD). 
Havrbsack, ». vV i'l'^b (pl- ^/^^ 

ajriba-tj ; fiiA- mih!a-t ([J. JW- 

Havock, I, v^j* hariib j v-Jj»' tah- 

Hawk, a. ^ ?aqr (pi. jj4» ^uqftr) ; 

jl» lAz (pi. .^(j4 ba^fit, f r,«.) ; 

^jA^t biiSiq (pi. tj^'ji bawiiiiq). 
iJAWK, «. (carry ah ■ill J or sale) j\'» 

Qeri duryabi', yadur. 
Hawxeb, s. (jiedlar) J»«- saqa- 

ti-y; jy dawwar; .j^Jj* Ijur- 

Hay, *. u-*^ u ' °' * * I."^^'* yjibis. 

Hazard, «, (aeciiJenO ^-^ sadl'a-t ; 
jl«\ iltilaq; i~j^ 'itrit|a-t (pi. 
t/j\y! ■awArid).— (n>jtj ;l^ baiar 
(pl. j'^\ ahtiir); E^W' uiu^a- 
fara-t (pl. jtlji- uiaha;ir). 

Hazaed, v. ;Cu. hatar, yiibatir. 

Hazardous, adj. ^ !ia(ii-; ;tla* 

Haze, $. w*^ d'^l)^^i ^^ d'''^^- 

Hazy, adj. w>V* jJ d>i (Jal nb ; v-r*- 
1UudiLbt>abi (.e** mugim; j«*S- 

Se, proH. j^ hii. 

Head, s. y'l; ra's, r^B (pl. y-j'^ 
ru'ua). — {chief) y-ij ravyis, rais 
(pl. U'l, ruWO ; j*-l an>iv (pl. 
\f\ umarfi'). — {iiitnlleet) Jic "aql 
(pl. Jj£« -uqiilj ; utlljj' idnlk.— 
(wurce) ft^ mniubu- (pl. pU- 
maoabi') ; i^lj ra's (pl. ij-j'^j 
ru'iisji J-1 ajl (pl. Jy-l ii?ill;. 

ESAD, i>. •>U qiid, vaqAd; fiJJ 
qadaiD, yaq<lum ; (xtif liw|addiua, 

Headache, ». ij«yi g^j waja' ar- 

rSa ; gl.^ 9uJa'. 
HsADiSBBa, s. ft w tabajjum; 

£>jlv* iiiujazafa't. 
Headland, t. ^^j roa (pl. i^jjf 

Hbadlonq, ai/j*. (raeli) }jt^ mata- 
hawwir.— {(ffFp) t*'* "rHiiih. 

Hbaduost, adj. fM aqdain. 

Hkadqdartebs, «.ywMlt ^ maqarr 

Hbadstbono, adj. Af^ 'anid (pl. 
Ai£ 'iinud) ; ^J^pt gair muji'. 

Heady, urfj. {affMiing tht head) 
ji— inuBkir,— (ra«A) fi»i ' * mu- 
taliajjiin ; J«a^I -iiAh iadid sd- 

Heal, v.a. jj*a safa, yaifi ; i^*** 
aM'a, yusfi; s-e^ f^yyab, yut*y- 
yib; i_^( alira, yubri ; «. jj***^ 
istafa, yaititfi ; s*^ tnb, yaiib. 

Healing, «. Uu.t i^&- ^ UiaC Utifil' ; 
yi iiarh. 

Healtb, i. la^ ^i^ba-t, fal^tia^t; 
isi^e 'afiya-t. 

Healthful, Healths, adj. j**!- 
salini; ;*1U linliui.— (>ijIu6n'oM«) 
i«p-Jl J^V muwiiliq u9.(Jihu-t. 

HEAL1BFVI.NE3S, Healthikess, «. 

^^ Ba!iima-t; U^ ^4ltt ; ^>l* 

•Aaya-t.— (sfliubnVy) i*-» i*»\y 

muwaTaqat n; ?ahba-t. 
Heap, a. i-j£ kuuia-l (pi. (.yi ftk- 

\viitii, f.;J kuwam) ; ,./ kdm (pL 

yW^ kima.). 
Heap, v. /•/ kawwam, yukawvira ; 

£*^ jama', yajma' ; ^ lanmii 

Heab, v. £fc- sama', yaBma'. 
Hbaeiko, g. {»enM c/)2«-sun*; 

i ; * "U A-U. hlissa-t aa-aam'. — 

(uu(ii'ence) t-liiA- iuuqAbaJ&-t; 

ia>1^ mUKaJoii^t; £eU- n^ 

Hkabken, v. ^aa-1 Ulatiia', fns. 

tami' ; ks— J uufit, yaufit; 

l^iia^^.tt, yataiia^f^t. 
Heahsay, «. £«- saiu' ; ;*A. I 

(pl.j^\ abbar), 
Heakss, a. ij^ jiuaia-t, jontea-t 

(pl.jl^j^ jajiiyii). 




Heart, «. s-*-Jil qalb (pi. s^^^ 
qulub) ; l^^ muhja-t (pi. «a>\ 
-at, ^ muhuj) ; J^ kabd ([»1. 
^^\ akl.Hil, ^^ kuhuil); oy 
fuwttd (pi. 6J^^ ati'da-t). The 
last two words <'oini)nso, j)ro- 
iMiIy s{ faking, liver and luu^r-'. 

Hkakth« s. i^iy*» iiiaiiqida-t (pi. 
^\y luawiVjid) ; Jiy:-^ muslau- 

Heartily, adv. 6*>^;^\ ^ s-J^W bi- 
*i-«:alb wa-'l-inida-t ; ^ ■♦ ^ ^^ 
s-^^ mill Rainiin al-qalb. 

Hkartiness, *. (sinctrity) Ai\a-e 
fadajn-t ; JJ^ ^'uUi ; ,jei^^ ihluB ; 
^Jo. liuluB. — {cherrjnlntss) j^ 
Rurur; c/ tarah ; la-^ bas^. 

Heautlksh, «/(//. iflAAi^ ^.vc *adim 

Hearisome, adj. (merry) oW* 
larliaii ; ;;;—-• iiuisrur. 

Heauty, adj. isincert ) jjU ^adiq ; 
jjioU'* niuljlis. — {heal thy) ^^^^^^ 
niiita'aU ; ^ft^JL* 8a;l>ri. 

Heat, h. ;»> harr ; S^^/*- haran-t ; 
s-*^ >.iuh, Sob ; ^VsU* sidjaiia-t. 
— ('/ j>a>8ion) Jfcfi^ ^'lU ; s ' ^ 
^adib ; ^a-**- huinniava. — {ardour) 
&;^= ^aira-t. 

Heat. v. ^^^-^^ hamma, yuhniiini; 
^;^ifr- sahhan, yusahhiii; f¥~^ 
hauitii, yahuiniu. — {*j:cite) ^^ 
bavyaj, yuhayyij ; /;^ augar, 

Hi.ATHEN, 8. J Heathenish, adj. 
^y»y\ Jk|\£ •ubid al-aii:an ; ^y*^ 
wa-aiii-y ; ^^ katir (pi. j^ kuf- 
far. i/* lialara-t). 

HKAiHhNi.'iM, «. ^U-oU\ £jV-c *iladat 

Uewk, r. (rttiV) 5*; rafa*, yarfa* ; 
JvAi >;'il, ya?^il. — \fu:ave a ^>]jlt) 
\jiM^\ ijUjj taiiiitfas aH-Hirada, 
va'aniti'as. — (h»:avt'. as the »ei) 
C^ iiiiij, yaiiiiij ; c^ baj, yahij. 

Hkaven, 8. W- Haii.a* (pi. c:-»^^^^— 
h;iii.a\Nat, «y^^*-. Kaiiiawat; ; «jtAli 
l.ilak (pi. ^^\ atbik, ^tli luluk, 

Heavenly, adj, ,^;U- samawi-j ; 
^^^ *ulwi-j, *alawi-y. 

Heateits, inierj. 1\ ^^^ y Jy^ ^ 
Ai5V| ma haul wa ma qiiwwat il-l& 
bi-'Uah ; f^\ allahunima. 

Heaviness, «. {weight) j£? siql ; 
aJVJ saqiila-t. — [dejection) ^ 
<;aiiuii (pi. (•^♦i gumiim) ; j«»^ 
ka lar. 

Heaving, 8. ty* mauj fpl. t^*^^ 
aniwAj) ; (;;V^ hayajau ; ^S^ 
t^^-^ talatuiu al-amwaj. 

Heavy, adj. (mitfhti/) JeJtf gaqil 
(pi. iUJ suqairr, J^' siqalj.— (de- 
jtcfcd) j*^^ luukaddar; v^;^*>^ 
saiidawi-y. — {oppn88ive) J^J^ 
sa li 1. 

Hectic, (k//. J/-^ maslul. 

Hedo.e, 8. c^ siyaj (pi. saA -at, 
ih^^ aswija-t, t^.w^ asyaj; ; v»;j 
zarb (|d. s-»^;; zurul>). 

Hedge, r. ^^ >ayyaj, yusayyij. 

Uki>«ehoo, 8. j^A^ (|untuz (pi. JiUi 
(janulizj ; >i^\ aiiqud ; i^ hitan- 

Heki), 8. (gttard) ;«^ hizr, hazir. — 
(t-a/Y, attention) ^■iJ*^ i*lina* ; ^Uc 

Hei:i), v. {tak" care) ^J^ *ana, 
yirani; s-» ^^ bala Id, yuliali. 
— (nttsrvti) ^'i^ tmaldMli, yata- 
iiald»alj ; ^i j^\ ^JM^^ am*aii an- 
na /ar li, yuin*in. 

Hi KPFUL. adj. {rarrfnl, attentive) 

o^ o*b )^''^'» *^*i^ ; ^ cr^^«^ 

iiurtain Id ; ^ji Jua^ muqayyad 

li. — {uatrhjul) <u*i nabih ; A-i*^ 

muutabib ; {j^.)^ haris. 
Heei>fulne9s, 8. ^UiA^ ihtimAm ; 

aaU> nababa-t ; ^^/^^ ihtiras. 
Heedless, adj. (incavtiov8) jtA 

^J^f' piir haris ; ^J^iJ^ ^oe 

*admi at-tadbir. — («<'///iV/eii/) J*^ 

Hkldlkhsness, 8. aU& ^^afla-t; ^ 

tujj^j^ (pllat al-intil)ah. 
Hef.l, 8. s-£c *a|ib (pi. ^\Ae\ 

ji' iul ) ; s-«^ ki'b (^pl. v»U^ 

ki*ai», s-»^^ akuh;. 
I1i:kl-hone, s. ^^j*) zaura(p-j. 
Heft, 8, Haft. 
HsiYEB, «. i;i» baqara-t, baqra-t; 


Hai] 1 

a^ 'ijla-t (pi. J*e 'ijd, J^ 

'ijal, "ajill). 
HEianr. s. £^;1 irtit'A'; jlc 'alfl-w. 

— (../ (/if 6«./r,) J;!, till. 
HEiaKTCtt, w. c*j rulV, jarf.i'j J* 

'aiiit. vu-nlli. 
HsiNOUa, «dj. A,/ k:irih; B^ 

tuiikrtklt; Qs^ inn'v ; >e>j-A*^ 

HBiNoiraNEsa, s. ^a-Wi qabAha-t ; 

Heis. «. "i^j^j wAri; (pi. i»jj wara- 

sa-t, 'i»'_)j wuri-jl;), 
Heiedou, «. •i'jl irj ; ^ijlja- miru;. 
Ukirbbs, «, i',1) wiiriin-l. 
Hbirlesb, adj. lifjlj ^ U ma la-hu 

Hbikloou, b. iilje- minlsa-t (pi. 

tijjlj^ mawiirMj. 
Hbiksrip, *. *Jjj wara^a-t. 
Hbiiutrope, ». tj " * ' ^^ j'j"^ dawwftr 

Hkll, «. ,*;#»- jnhannam ; ,*c^«- 

iuhIin.-(/«iMr«)ja- saqar. _ 
Hrllibh, ni/j. i ^ *' g» jaliatinanti'y ; 

^J*9»l* jabimi-y. 
Hellishners, a. i^iA &ai\a,aa.-t ; 

l^]l.e^ saitaniy!i-t. 
Helm, «. s-^;^1 ^-^ daffat ol-mar- 

kab (pi. >Jji-> dufufj. 
Hbluet, ». i-i;*- hilKii-t (pi. Jj«- 

HuLMSMAN,^jti\ jfi^ mudabbir 

al-uiarkmi s-Si*ll J**i-* mus- 

tii'inU al-markub 
Help, p. jJ najar. van^iir; (jjlc 

'ivran, yu'fiwin ; tH*i a'Au, ju'in ; 

Ac^ Hn'itd, vusi't'id. 
Help, «. *ij«-- ma'tina-t; jjc 'aun j 

j'))«rf mu'AwiMJit-t 1 £j>e^ • miibU- 

'ada-t ; /* na^r ; i^^ auf ra.-t ; 

J.1- madad. 
HsLFFui., aJj. (iijl»- inu'Awin ; 

■uU-' tnusA'id. 
HBi.ri.Gsa, mlj. J;iai- mafaKt^l; 

^^ "Ajiz. 

HELfl-EBSSESS, g. Jliai.1 ihtijfll; 

>»" 'ajf i ej'j*" 'ajazfln. 
Helpmate, a. jMj rafiq (pi. Ul; 
rufaqa', J^j nifqa-t, jUj rifaqj. 


Hem, s. ^ lifq: i«l lafqa-t; itUT 

Hem. t>. ^ lafoq, valfiq ; «-*f laM, 
.vakiiff.— (ftem ih) v t^-V al>it 
bi, yul^it ; -^A^ kauuaf, yuluit»< 

' nif C a 


Hemisphebe, #. tjiSI 
koi-a-t (aUkiirra-t). 

Hbuihphekical, adj. ifi} 
lui^l ui^f aUkora-t, 

Hemistich, t. £t/» mifii' (pL 
gijl— ma^itr!'). 

Hemlock, a. yV/> sflkarin, iui. 

Hemp, t. s-^ qnnnab, qitmal)^ 
qinuili) ^'J'^kAiiadir. 

Hempen, adj. ,j^ qunnabi-v. L 

Hem, b. bWj dajaj ; i^W-> dajXja-t; 
4-.;* farha-t (p!. eyi atrnb) ; 
Bjy farrftj (pi. g-^y larilrij). 

Hence, adv. {/rom lki» ^tt) ^ 
ua niin titiuA; >i)u* ^ mjn bu. 
nak; fS (^ niin samiua. — (frvm 
this lime) t)3( ^^ min al-An.-^, 
— (aicay) H;* barran.— (/.(r fJUl^ 
r.a«onJ aiJj J»l ^ wia ,jl- 

Henceforth, ade. .uU j ^3t ^^ 
min al-nii wa ?<'rid ; }>«1j ^ ,jU ,^ 
rain hailaq (fur |iaza 'l>«ai|tj «• 

Her. adj. U -hA, affixed to » n 
|us IftiiUbn-bfi, " b'_'r suu"l;V*'« 
niitti'i'bii (/i(. "her i>niptfrlj," ■,_ 
I^cLm .^^ kitAb lual&'Iia,' " tht 
book wAicA i> her propert;=lMr 

book "). 

Herald, », ( proelaimer) ^s 

Herald, e. ^sjU iiAd.% ^unitdl. 
Heraldht, h. *^— j]\ f^iji fj^ 'tlm 

'alAviin aii-ndttab. 
Herb, (. i^J* h \a\i ; 

Jit baql (pi. Jy^ buqil). 
Herbage, g. j;^ uiarj (pL l* 
iiiuruj) ; i,.4«. hu^ra-i.— (no^hiftf 

as kiiiH-. 

Herual, «. (6Doi on A«riit) l, 
^U^V f^ kiUb 'Urn ftl-'sMfr* 
{^\i^\ ao-nabatit>.— (collMfio* 


iif dru'il herhg) yJ^^^A^ S,)^^'* 
i— ?V> majmu* l^asayis yilbiHii-t. 
Uerbaliht, #. s^tAx 'assub ; UijVc 
«t>\JljjJ^ *Hrif bi-*n-uab«Uttt. 

Herbarium, $, i— «^ «y^Wi iy^-^^ 

majmiV nabatiit rauyabbasa-t. 
Hkbbivoeous, adj. s-^a^ J^ akil 

'isb ; J^ ' C ' fe"* J^^ akil basis. 
Herd, ». ^cJaS qa^i* (pi. (^U!al qu^'an, 

gaj\ 'acjtaS^ e^U\ aqaltiO ; v»^ 

birb, surb ; a^*^ surba-t (pi. ^j-*\ 

asrab). — (on pasture) ^j ra*iya-t 

(pi. V>^; ri*ava). — (herdsman) ^^^J 

ra*i (pi. S^y ru|at). 
Heed, r. ^•^ ijtama*, yajtami*. 
Hebe, adv. Ua huna; UaIa ha- 

Hereafter, adv. J ?& ? ... »3\ ^ fl-'l- 

musta(|bil ; .v*# U ^^4 fi ma ba*i3. 
Hereby, adv. \^ q^ ma*a baza. 
Her EDITABLE, oJ/. *i>;^ vArjij, yu- 

warras (3 aor. pass.). 
Hereditary, adj. ^J^y wara^l-y ; 

sj^j^ minisi-y ; ^)^ maurus. 
Herein, adv. \^ ^ fi baza. 
Hereay, «. AiLyfc hartaqa-t ; ^^\ il- 

Heretic, s. v>b* bar^a<j ; aJL- 

inulbid (pi. J^^ malabid). 
Heretical, adj. ij^^;^ bartuqi-y 

(pi. ijL\jib baratiqa-t). 
Heretofore, adv. '^L. sabiqan ; 

"A-^JJU in uqad daman. 
Heritable, adj. *±>^jt yuras, yu- 

warraj ; *A>^^eiJ^ {^^-^-^^ munikiu 

Heritage, s. ^^ irs ; *i>^^ miras ; 

A*^;^ wira^a-t. 
Hermit, s. (^r-^^ babis «pl. V— !*► 

bubasa*); «tU\i nasik (pi. ^^J 

nii8sak) ; ^U. siiyib (pi. ^y^ 

HEKMiTA<iE, s. i^«'>«s«<« niubbasa-t 

(pi. cr^V^^ mababis) ; cs ^ '-'■'• 

iJKiiisik (pi. vdL.U^ nianuHik) ; 

l»^yo Hauma*a-t (j»l. ^"^y* sawa- 

Hero, s. ^ batal (pi. J^^ iMk\) ; 

^'\t pizi (pi. «t>^^ j^uzat) ; ^^ 

^jm^ zii bas ; ^.f qari*. 
Heroic, adj. f\^ suja'; ^6^ 

177 [Hid 

saji* (pi. e^*^ suj*an); ,J^ 
batali-y ; ^5^*^ fidawi-y. 

Heroine, s. ax^^ S\^\ imrat 6a- 

Heroism, #. ^^%a* .•^ja'a-t; ^y>} 
buliila-t; l^\^ babama-t; S^V 

Herring, s. ^««»i faaib ; ^j ran- 

Hers, adj. ^ la-ba. 

Herself, pron. Ve-«»A» nafsu-ba. 

Hesitate, t». jy»? ta*awwaq, yata- 
*awwu(j ; «Ji5J tawaqqaf, yata- 
waqqaf ; s^^( irtab, yartab. — (in 
speech) f^ baldain, yubal^im* 

Hesitation, s. aJVc *aqa-t; j^ 
ta*awwaq ; ^^e*^ .4ubba-t. — (slam* 
mering) i^Uw timtama-t. 

Heterodox, adj. vJ^^V* lia^l^'^qi-J* 
Heterodoxy, s. AaLy^ bart<iqa-t. 
Heterogeneous, adj. s-^^-*^ ^ 

)ZiUV uuinasib ; UViVat* inuhahf ; 

v-Aiii^ mubtalif; (j-*>V%s^ ^ 

^air inutajanis. 
Heterogeneousness, s. sJi^ ihti- 

blf ; «y;W talawut ; j;* farq. 
Hew, v. f^ (jata*, ya<ita*; qaUa*, 


Hewer, s. (of wood) s^Ui*. bat^ab. 
— (of stone) j^»»- bajjar; «i>^ 
nab bat. 

Hexagon, s. Vi^^)3\ (j<«J^«>-^ musaddas 

Hiatus, s. Jl*- balal (pi. J5^ 

Hibernate, v. ^yJ^ 6atta, yusatti. 

Hibernation, s. I ^ j s JsJ taitiya-t; 
,jiAJ tasatti. 

Hiccough, Hiccup, s. ^^ l^azqa-t ; 
&i^)^ bazuqa-t. 

Hide, v.a. ,J>^ bafa, yabfi ; ^JitA 
abt'a, yubfi ; ^ katam, yak turn ; 
^ baba', yabba* ; ii. ^^j*^* ta- 
bu iTu, yaUibaffa; yj^^ ihtafa, 
viihtafi ; ^jAs^ju-^ iBtabfa, yastabfi. 

lliDK, s. jJlh- jild ; SjJL». jilda-t (pi. 
*>^ julud). 

lliDKoUH, adj. ^<f!Jb» 9ani* ; ^«-^l 
f^\ ijabib al - mansar ; ftj;^ 
makru^ ; J^ mabul, mubaw- 





Hie, v. yj ^mt •\ ista*jal, yasta'jil. — 

(hie tJiee!) «-Ms- J^\ a*mal 

HiERAECHY, 8. ^U*t tugma-t ; i-j?) 

rutba-t ; ^^a^^ manzuma-t. 
HiEEOGLYPHic, 8, tr** naqs, niris 

(pi. yj>^ nuqus) ; ^J^\ f^\ al- 

qalam al-qadim. 
HiOH, adj. ^J^ 'ali-y ; JVc ^ali ; 

^^ *ulwi-y ; go*; rati* : ^^^ 

murtafi* ; ^^ ^umih (pi. ^-•a 

^ummah), f . S a-t (pi. ^^>*» sawa- 

HiGH-BOEN, a<£;. J-S^ «-**/• ^irif 

al-afl (pi. uya* i^raf, ^/» surafjV, 

«^\/.^ asruf). 
HiGH-BEED, adj. s-»*>^ s-^^ Buhib 

adab (pi. v>W-p\ a9hrib). 
Highly, adv. S^ bi-kasra-t ; f ^jW 

High - minded, High - souled, 

High-spirited, adj. a-^a ^•i zu 

Highness, s. ^ *ulu-w ; ^\iuj\ irti- 

ivL'.—{tith) ij^ hadra-t. 
Highway, «. ^^ ij>j^ tanq 'timm ; 

^_^VLL, s-»;*> darb sultani-y. 
Highwayman, s. ^^ ^^ qjHi* 

tarici (pi. e^ quttiV); ^y 

harami-j (pi. I a-t). 
Hilarious, a(7;. j))"^ masrdr ; 

(^U.^ farhan ; J»^— -^ mabsut- 
HiLAEiTY, «. j^y^ surur ; t;* farah ; 

s-*;t> ^arab. 
Hill, Hillock, s. J* tall (pi. J^ 

tilul, jy^" tuliil) ; S^j ribwa-t, S;Wj 

ribawa-t (pi. irf\;rabiya-t) ; J^**- 

Hilt, «. A-i^i qabda-t; ^M^ miq- 

bad (pi. t/jUi maqabid). 
Himself, j^row. ^^.-*> nafsu-hu. 
Hind, s. ^\y^ gazala-t. 
Hind, adj. J^^Al^ halfani-y; J^;^ 

warani-y ; y^^y* nurahhar. 

HiNDERMOST, HiNDMOST, adi. y!^\ 

Hinder, v. j^ 'aq, ya*uq ; jy^ 

*awwaq, yu*awwiq ; ^^ maiia*, 

yamna* ; ju> Radd, yasadd. 
Hindrance, 8. g*^ maiii* (pi. ^^ 

mawuni*) ; An^U^ mumuiia'a-t ; 

j^W *riwiq (pi. i3i^^ 'awayiq): 

•3^ 8ad^.(P^- «>\JL.1 asdad). 
Hinge, «. s^WJ^ j^W jarur al-bab. 
Hint, v. ^j^y\ auma, yiimi; j^\ 

asar, yusir ; yj ramaz, yannuz. 
Hint, «. S,W isara-t ; U. warn' : ;*•; 

ramz ; Sy*.^ gamza-t ; ji-^^ inzar. 
Hip, 8. vsJj^ wirk (pi. d^\jy\ aurak). 
HiproDEOME, 8. ^^Ae-* maidiin, 

midan (pi. t^*>W» mayadin). 
Hippopotamus, «. jmfA\ ^^*»- hi^n 

al-bahr (pi. ^j-*- ^u^un) ; Jk*;! 

Hire, v. (Jake on hire) ofT^ iktara, 

yaktari ; ^/^^^ istakra, yastakri; 

^U-^ ista'jar, yasta'jir. — (Id on 

hire) ^f kara, yakri ; ^^ akra, 

yukri ; ^ ajar, yiijir. 
HiEE, 8. \f kira;^^^ ajr (pi. ;j'^^ 

ujur, jW^ ajar) ; ftjW^ ajara-t. 
Hireling, 8. (mercenary) J^f-» 

niubartal ; o^/* murtasi. 
Hirsute, adj. ^\ azabb, f. Vjj 

zabbiV (pi. v>j zubb) ; ^\ as*ar, 

f . \fdb, sa*ra (pi. ytti su*r) ; v^^y^A* 

His, adj. & -hu, affixed to the noan 

(as Ase* l>et-hu, " his house ") ; 

&c\a* mata-'hu ; ^^ nial-hu ; *fc» 

haqq-hu, &c. 
Hiss, 8. (whi8tUng) j^ Bafir ; *-*«*• 

hafif. — (o/ derision) fjjA hazwa*t 

— (o/ a snake) c^^ fahit. 
Hiss, v. (whistle) A« ^afar, yaffir; 
c-Afe haff, yahiff. — (as a snake) 

^ fahl^, yafuhl^, yafihh. 
Historian, Histobioobaphes, ». 

t/x* mu'arrih ; m/^ w-^V- (4(^ib 

ta'rih (tnrih); ^^^\ ^\S kitib 

Historic, Histobical, adj. ^^j^ 

Historiography, «. ^)^y^^ *i^ 

kitAbat at-tawanh. 
History, s. ^;Vj tarih (pi. (jt)^ 

tawarih) ; fi;©- 8ira-t (pi. jr- 

siyar) ; ^ habar (pi. jC*-^ ab* 


, Histrionic, adj. <^J^ taqlidi*y. 
Hit, vm>. (strike) s^j<* ^arab, ya4- 

rib, ya^rub. — {hii ike martf'ie.) 





^r*^\ af&b, yiifib; n. ^«>U7 ta- 

fadam, vatafadam. 
Hit, #. (stroke) hj* darba-t ; ^Ju> 

^adma-t. — (chance) jW\ ittifaq. 
Hitch, s. (catch) «-J^ hu\t;ki (pi. 

i, A, ..LVU hatutif). — (impediment) 

^U niani* (pi. g^\y* niawani*). 
Hither, adv. ^^Jt\jb ^\ ila liahuna. 
HiTHERMOST, adj. s-*/^ aqrab. 
Hitherto, adv, ^^'i^ ^\ ila al-an. 
HiTE, 8. J*^ W*- haliyat nahl (pi. 

ViU halayi) ; ^ *ij\yi kuwarat 

nahl (pi. ji\y^ kawajir) ; ^^ 

jabt (pL c^^ ajbuh, cW^ aj- 

Hoar, Ho art, adj. (with age) s-^^ 

Hoard, b. (store) ii*y» mu'na-t ; *>\j 

zad; ^\) zawada-t, — (treasure) 

yS kanz (pi. )yJ^ kuni^z). 
Hoard, p. •u^ 9amniad, yu^am- 

mid ; y^ kanaz, yakniz ; /^^ 

zahar, yazhar. 
Hoarding, s. > ^ *'*» ta^mid ; ^^ 

Hoar-frost, s. ^ ^irr. 
HoARiXEBS, #. s-«-«<*» saib ; Kt^ 

Hoarse, adj. ty^*^ mabhui^ ; ^\ 

Hoax, s. s^^«^ mal*ub (pi. s-ec!t* 

inala'ib) ; A«». ^ila-t. 
Hoax, v. s-*y^ ^-^ s-^ la*ab 'ale- 

hi mal'tib, yal*ab ; aI^^ aJLc 

Da^ab ale-iii hila-t, yan^ub. 
HoBBT, s. (favourite pursuit) 

Hobgoblin, s. ^^y^ jinni-y. 
Hoe, «. ^j^^ mijraia-i (pi. ^j^^^ 

majarif ) ; ^ marr. 
Hoe, v. *^y^ jaraf, yajruf; ^j 

<>;S^ rama al-ard, yarmi. 
Hog, «. jivM. Ijinzir, banzir (pi. 

y3^-s*» hanazir). 
HoGGisE^ adj. i^jty^ hinziri-y. 
Hogshead, s. (cask) J«^;» barmil 

(pi. Jo^V haramil). 
Hoist, v. g*; rafa*, yarfa*; s-^ 

nafab, yanyub. 
Hold, v. (grasp) ^cl*^ inasak, yam- 

sik« yamsuk ; s^ c^ qaba4 bi, 

yaqbi^. — (detain) «-Ai^ waqqaf, 
yuwaqqif. — (contain) g-j wasi', 
yasa* ; ^^^ bawa, yaf^wi ; sSf^ 
yj-^ ihtawa 'ala, ya^tawi; {^^^JS 
tadaminan, yata^amman ; ^yjJ^\ 
^j-l* istamal *ala, yastamil. — 
(hold an opinion) s '■■■ ^asib, 

Hold, s. (grasp) ^^^--» maska-t. — 
(injluence) y^^ ta*gir; S^jJ qud- 
ra-t. — (of a ship) s--^1 (^ hinn 
(hunn) al-markab. 

Hole, s. w^ saqb (pi. s^ytf suq^ib) ; 
i^ gaqba-t (pi. s-J» guqab) ; 
iAik*. buhsa-t (pi. J*^. buh^is). — 

(in a dress) J/- harq (pi. JU;*. 
huruq). — (in the ground) M 
hufra-t (pi. /*• hufar). 

Holiday, s. (feast) j^ *id (pi. 

j\«c\ a*yad) ; •*«* ^^ yom (yaum) 

*id (pi. f^^y ayyam). — (i;aca/toit) 

iJUoj ba^ala-t ;^ ^V firag. 
Holiness, s. ^Ui qadasa-t; Sj^ 

Hollow, adj. ^y^\ ajwaf; Uy^» 

mujawwaf ; (J^ farig ; ^^\h f&ijii- 

— (not sincere) j|»)t« «A gair 

Hollow, v. ^^ jawwaf, yujaw- 

wif ; j^ bafar, ya^fir ; ^s^^t^ 

fahat, yafljat. 
Hollow NESS, s. (cavity) «^y%> jauf ; 

^ huliVw; ij^ jura-t. — (per- 

Jidy) ijJ^ gadra-t ; ^^ hiyana-t. 
Holocaust, #. iij^^ inutra(|a-t ; 

Ac*^ 4atiya-t (pi. ViW* 4aJl^aya). 
Holy, adj. <jHt*^ qaddis; ij^^Stf* 

muqaddas; ^^ wali-y (pi. ^.^ 

auliya').— (pure) y^^ tahir (pi. 

j\^\ athar). 
Homage, s. L~^\i\ i^a'a-t; f\jMm.\ 

ibtirAm; J«J» taqbU; f^ji^ ik- 

Home, s. (dwelling) ^Vi^ makan; 

(j^«-^ maskan (pi. ^^^A^^* masi- 

kin); ^U* maqam ; i»^ bait; 

J^^ mal^ll. — (native place) {jl% 

wa^an (pi. ^Vl^^ au(an) ; »>V* ij^^ 

ar^ milad. 
Homeliness, «. (familiarity) JSo 

dalal; iLj^ unsa-t; iLi^i^ mu'* 




anasa-t. — (plainness) ^Vaj ba- 

8a*a-t ; ^ quLh. 
Homely, adj. {familiar) ^\''y* 

mu'anis. — (u^ly) J^^^ ^ barsi* 

al-uiauzar ; u*^^ wahis ; ^-mJ* 

f^\ qal>ih al-manzar. 
Homeward, adv, aj^jj ^^ ila bait- 

hu ; t^h J^ ila bahid-hu. 
Homicidal, adj. JUi qattal ; »a5VA- 

Homicide, b. {murder) JjJ» qatl. — 

(murderer) J?^ qatil (pi. J^ 

quttal) ; JUs qattal. 
Homilist, 8, ^\) wa*i2 (ql. tVc^ 

wu"az.) ; )j^ kariz ; )^\S karuz. 
Homily, a. Akc^ wa*za-t; ^^^ 

mau*iza-t (pi. k^^^ mawa*iz) ; 

j/ karz. 
Homogeneous, adj. J^l^ (j-^ (^ 

min jins wahid; s-^^"^ muna- 

sib ; jj^V^j:^ mutajanis. 
Homogeneousness, 8. ^-U^ mu- 

nasaba-t ; i— iV^^ mujanasa-t. 
Homologous, adj. ij*^y^ muwafiq ; 

<3*^ mutribiq. 
Honest, adj. ^U ^alih ; j^ her, 

hair (pi. ;Ui hiyar, J^\ ahyar) ; 

j*>U> sadiq ; ^ hurr ; ^^i-^*^ auiin. 
Honesty, s. t^ §alali ; jJt© sadrj ; 

^i^^ ihlaa ; i*Ux-.\ istiqama-t. 
Honey, s. J--c *asal ; v*/* darab. 
Honeycomb, «. j^ sahd (pi. *>VeA» 

si had). 
Honey-moon, s. o^^^"^ utruwan. 
Honour, s. (estt-t'iHy diijnity) J3i> 

jalal ; Syc *izza-t ; U>/i isaraf ; 

jlfj^e^ i*tibar ; A^iac *uzma-t. — 

(reputation) J^f '*ird, *urd (i)l. 

^^^^^ a*rad; ^^V» namus (pi. 

<j-!j^^y nawamis) ; i*;*- hunua-t. 

— (chastity) l^JtXi. *iffa-t ; *-*Uc 

*afaf. — (proper spirit) ^j-^ 

gaira-t, gira-t (pi. yt^ gijar) ; 

A*A himma-t. 
Honour, v. ^\ a*azz, yu*izz ; f*j^ 

akram, yukrim ; Ut/i ^5arraf, yu- 

sarrif ; ^feJ\ ihtaram, yalitariiii. 
Honourable, adj. ;W«-^ v>*r^= — • 

mustaliiqq al-i*tabar; jt^^^ rau*- 

tabar ; f^^ mukram ; ^/ karim 

(pi. U^ akriina, f\^ kiram). 

HoNOURABLENESS, $, j<^st\ i*tibar; 
6)c *izza-t ; ^\^ karama-t ; A^i^ 

Honorary, adj. ^^ sarafi-y; 
^V^ ikrami-y. — {honorary dressi 
dj^ haWa-t (pi. gU hila*;. 

Hood, s. ^ qub* ; jji^jL \a.T\iiT (pL 
^y» tiiratir) ; ^»«^\ iskim. 

Hoodwink, v. (bind the eyes) sr-ift 
e^ ^r 'asab 'aiue-iii, ya'fib. — 
(deceive) £•**- hada% Jallda^ 

Hoof, s. ^^ hafir (pi. /\^ hava- 
fir); s>* na*l (pi. jUi ni^al).— 
(cloven) cJkit ziif, zulf (pi. U^\ 
azlaf). — (of a camel) t-A*. hiff, 
huff (pi. sJ\iiA ahfaf).^ 

Hoofed, adj. j^\f^ ^o zu hawafir, 

Hook, s. ^r>^ kuUab Q»L s-J3tf 
kalalib); £)K kallaba-t; ^U 
huttaf (pi. •-Aei^^ hatatif).— 
Is^ickle) J^^^ Diiujal (pi. ji-^i* 
i .:iuajil) ; JUfc* miq^al (pL Je«^ 

Hooi', 8. 3^ l^lqa-t (pi. ^s^udL ha- 
laipit, v3^ lialaq, haliq, ^ilaq).— 
(of a cask) 5;U» ^ara-t. 

Hoor, c. S^jc^ «y\;^ J*« 'amil 
tarat li-'l-baniiil, ya'mal. 

Hooping-cough, s. ^^^ J^«- su'il 

Hop, i'. («/**ii>) uoij raqa?, jarqu?.— 
(limj)) 5;C *araj, ya'raj. 

Hop, s. iyii qafza-t ; ^/ai^ raq?.— 
(plant) j^'>^\ *-te - ft a liasi^iat ad- 




Hope, v. Wj raja, jarjik; ^^tap 

rajja, yatarajja; J-*^ amaL 

Hopeful, adj. J^*^ mu*ainiiiil; 

^j>\)raji; ^J^f^ mutarajji. 
Hopeless, adj. (despairing) j^^ 

W^\ qau* ar-nij»V ; y«>i*^ ma yui; 

l>yul qauiit- 
Hopelessness, «. a^^^'A** nia*Taa- 

ya-t ; ^k\ iyas ; L.yd qanut* 
Hopper, s. [funtiel in a miUj^j^ 


PE, Hopefulness, s. J^\ ami 
[)1. JU\ amal) ; Wj raja* ; ifi 
ijwa-t; gSy tawaqqu^; j*sm 




^^^\ qadHkB at-tahuD (pi. (j«i*>^^ 

Horde, ». ^W qal>ila-t (pi. JeW^ 

HOKIZON, 8. ^\ ufq (pi. JjU\ 

afaq) ; O^W ijjifiq. 
Horizontal, adj. ^Jii^ ufuqi-j ; 

^;C *ardi-y ; i«gr-* La sit. 
Horn, 8. (^/ qaru (pi. ^;;i quriin). 
Horned, at/;. tjj|/ aJ lahu quruu ; 

^y/^ muqarna. 
Horny, adj, ^Jji qarni-y. 
Horologe, s. ^U sa'a-t. 
Horoscope, 8. gJU* ^ali* (pi. f}\^ 

tawHli*) ; f^-^ najra (pi. ^ 

Horrible, Horrific, Horrid, 

adj. J«Va hilyil : J^ uiabul ; &iy^ 

karih ; ft^;^ inakrah; ^c^J^ sani*. 


AfiUAi samVu-t. 
Horrify, r. ^^ hal, jahul; Jy^ 

hawwal, ) uhawwil. 
Horror, s. i j ^ j M..i,i qusa'rira-t; 

j\^UJ\ insi'rur ; ie^^^ karahiya-t ; 

Jyfc haul (pi. ^\jt\ ahwal). 
Horse, ». J«i" hail (pi. J^ huyul, 

J^\ ahyal). — (^iftallion) ^jUa. 

j^i^u, l^U9an (pi. A--».\ ah«iiia-t). 

— {mare) <j*^ faras; ^^ fara- 

ga-t ; 5;%^ hijra-t. — (tjeldintj) 

\J»y^ (^^'^^ hi^HU mu^awwas 

{sj^^* maliHi-y) ; <ji— 4^ kadis 

(pi. ^J^ kuds, kids, kidis. — 

(cavalry) J-*- hail, h<?l. — {8up' 

porter) ss — ^"^ taht (pi. «t>^-^* 

tubut) ; ^U« 9iiqala-t. 
Horseback, at//, (mounted on) s-^j 

rakib ; s^^; rakub ; y-jVi fans. 
Horse-breaker, #. ^r^^ say is (pi. 

fj*^ siyas) ; ^UJ\ ^J** mu- 

*allim al-hisan. 
Horse-dealer, 8, Jc^ £Wt bayja' 

Horse-doctor, Horse-leech, #. 

;VXm bai^ar (pi. IJ^^ baya^ira-t). 
Horseman, «. (^^Vi faris (pi. (j«;V 

fawaris, o^;* furwin) ; J^ hay- 

yal (pi. a3^ hayyala-t). 
Horsemanship, #. A^ ^iyiila-t; 

^W-^ f unksija-t. 

Horse-race, -racing, «. ^U^ 

(J«^^) rausabaqa-t (al-hail). 
Horse-radish, 8. ;^ JV fujl fearr ; 

(jU- A?^ hidaman. 
Horsk-shoe, 8. (j\^\ Jii> na4 al- 

Hortation, 8. &Sbc^ wa*aza-t ; fikc^ 

inaii*iza-t (pi. S&c^^ niawiVig). 
Hortative, Hortatory, ck//. jJu* 

miinzir (pi. joU- iiianazir); Ifcc^^ 

Horticulture, «. ;^U^\ iL«jkd. hid- 

mat al-janayiu. 
HodK, 8. s^;y^. jaurab, jilrab (pi. 

V)^^ jawarib) ; &i\^ jaraba-t. 
Hosier, 8, s^^\y^ g^ bayja* jara- 

Hospitable, adj, ^J^ts-A^ mi^jaf; 

«- ^. }-A>* inu^if ; c &c ^^ f^j^ mukrim 

Hospitableness, Hospitality, a, 

i*W-* (liyafa-t ; ^yl^ i'wa, iwa. 

Hospital, 8. ^^f^^ vs-^ bait al- 
inarda; UL£j\ ^U dar as-safa; 
^U^^U-jj biuiarihta'in (vulp. maris- 
tan, l\'r8.) ; <x»u. Uai safil hana-h). 

Host, *r. (rtiftrtainer) «- V ^ mudif ; 
S^aJ\ s-*-^ 9ahib ad-Ja'wa-t (pi. 
s-*U^\ 119 hal)). — (landlord) s-^^ 
l^ci^ sahib ina(^yafa-t ; ^^Vk. s-*-^ 
9ahib han ; ^^'^ hanji (pi. 
itJ^^*U. haiijiya-t) ; oV>^ mau- 
zilji. — (army) (ji>e*>. jaij*, jcm (pi. 

<>r*: P^y^^) ; -^^ jund, jand (pi. 
Oyi^ juniid, •>U^\ ajiiHd).— (mtt/- 
titudc) aW jiimla-t. — (con^cf- 
crated wafer) a-jJU £iy^ qur- 
bana-t iiiu<|addasa-t ; ^ ^ a »«^ 
zabiha-t ; A*Uy barsana-t. 

Hostage, #. Jo^^j rahiua-t (pi. 
^^^; rahayin) ; ^jJ^j ralin (pi. 
Q)^j ruhuD). 

Hostel, Hostelry, Hotel, «. j^*> 
W;*J^ dar al-guraba ; Jyi^ inauzil 
(pi. Jj^ luanazil) ; ^^U. lum (pi. 
**>UU b"»At); \j^tfP lokanda; 
ai^^ wakala-t. 

Hostile, oJ/. c5^^J^ *adiiwiy ; ^jt^ 

Hostility, #. iy\j>M *adawa-t ; ^^^ 




i A 


Hapless, adj. ^ j .".*■>• mas*i 
(j-^aa^^ man h us. 

Happcx, y. v^;> jiiM, yajri ; *i>.xa- 
lia«lis yah«la< ; ,J-w^ ittafa-j, 
yattaii'j; ^^ sar, vasir; ^^ 
waqa*, yaqa* ; ^j^j^ 'araij, yarid. 

Happinkss, 8, »i-*-. sa\l ; iiJv»- 
sa'iida-t ; ^j>-^. 1 aht ; ^?»^ tiiiia 
(f. of s--^^ atyal); ; ^is-is '^v ta-t. 

Happy, (/r//. ju*- sa*id (]il. ^»^*- 
sirada'j ; Jyu.^ mas'ud ; L^xi^ 
mui::tal.iit. — (Jioppll ild(ii<:f>) Sjti^ 
basara-t. — {naJy) *-^^ liadir. 

HakaxjU'e, s. ^^A^ liutj a-t (pi. 
s - ^ hiitabj ; aJs'vc^ luuhata- 

Harancuf, I?, s-^^ bat^'^S yuhAtib ; 
dJci, ^y^ Miiiil l_nitl)a-t, ya'iiial. 

Harass, i\ *--**\ at'ab, yiirib ; Ji>^ 
law was, villa WW is. 

HAKHTNtiHK, s. f^Aij;^ mutaqaddiiu ; 
^-ci^ muijhir; ^-i-!^ iiiubMr, iiiii- 
basMi* ; ;*-io ba>ir (pi. \p-* bii- 
sara, ;-io bu*r). 

Harbouk, ;». (port) i^:rT* ^^^^^^sa 
(pi. vj-^7* iiiar.isi ) ; U-^* niina (pi. 
4jj^^ uiawaiii, y^.- iiiiyaii;. — 
{at*ifJnni) ^>X» lualjji (pi. ^^^-^^ 
iiiaiaji') ; <j;;^^ iiia*wa (pi. c5^^ 

Hauuoji:, I'.a. J-n-^-^ i>ta'"[l'.i], yas- 
ta|l»il; «-^ davval", Midawil"; 
Jy iia//al,yimazzil ; Jy^^-Ustaii- 
zal, ya^laii/il : //. (UiLr rifutj*') 
^_^?!-J\ ilt ija, yalt.iji. 

HaRIS iidj. (snlul) s-Jl* .silil.; ^ 

H.lM (pi. SJ^^\ asial). — {at.Vt rr) 

^j-.^ <p\si ; s-*— «-o sa*l> ; JoJi. 

ba'ii 1 ; (•;'w saiiui. — - {diljirult) 

s— ** si'l.i (jij. ^^jue si'ali; ; v-x 

*asir ; *-; — c M.xir. 

Uarih:n, r.'/. s-'-i sa'lab, MisaUili; 

^JJ^j► <|.i.'?>a, yu|a>si ; »-ii^>, 

vuiia--il ; :^^> \abias, viival-- 

l.'is ; //. s--^' lasali.ii>, xalasallah: 

w^ ta\al»i'a^. vat:iv;:l» 

HAi:inn<.MH>, ^■. lin>ltin:s.<) ijU-.> 
ja>ara-t ; .ici.>^i* > ija*a-t.— (♦;//'/•<>/<- 
ttrt/ } "is^v^i jpii-aha-t. 

Hardin Kss, k. iy quwwa-t ; fcJA 

Hardly, adv. (iriih difficulfij) '^^ 
bi-'l-kadd; 3L-^yfc- J-^ bi-kull 
8'i'u!»a-t. — {scarct'Jtf) y>^'\ **uj*jj 
(Turk.). — (irith nei'trlty) J^ 
3U\^ bi-kull 9 iniina-t. 

Hardness, s. ijiX* siljilxi-t ; -^^ 
9uliid ; *;^— * qasjiwa-t ; ^f^ 
8U ul-a-t. 

Hardship, «. (severe lnhonr) sr«» 
ta*al) ; J^ kadd; Aii^ masaqqa-t 

(pi. J ^-5*^ luasjVjq). — (ffjjireision) 

^'v^ zulni; iJili^ mazlaiua-t (pL 

^^j^ laazalim). 
Hardv, rt<//. {afrong) ^^yi qawi-j; 

jljjlS. sadid. — (hract% bold) j*^ 

jasir (pi. y^^*^ jawjisir) ; 

jasur (pi. ^-^ jusr, jusur; ; 

s ij'r (pi. <:;^*>*» suj*HU). 
Hare. s. s->;^ aruab (pi. s-*y 

Harem, 8. f^y^ haram (pi. f^f-^ 

ahraui). — {the irohUh) f^^j^ 

Hark, i\ o-o* iia9at, yaii?it ; ^-^^ 

istauja*, vast a mi*. 
Harlequin, 8. S^fii-^ mashara-t 

(pi. ^L-^ raasahir). 
Harlot, x. i^^ «jahl>a-t (pL s^W* 

4 i h ab ; SJe\^ 7.ii\ i y a- 1 (pi. ^^y 

z.Lwati ) ; 6Ju^^ li'ihisa-t (pi. J^y 

Harm, 8. (duiiiajc) ^ c.iurr; *j* 

dirar; ly^ madarra-t (pi. ^^ 

-at, ;U^ madarr). — ('<Tui<«/) ^ 

zulm ; < v ♦ IVw mazlaiiia-t ; ;^ 

jaur. — {there is no harm) ^^ 5 

la bas. 
Harm, r. ^ darr, yiidurr; ^^ 

darrar, yudariir; y^\ adarr, ju- 

dirr ; ie3\ azza, vu'a/zi. 
Harmful, d^//. 7** mudirr; ;^ 

darr; ^•>''^ mu'zi (iiiuzi;. 
Harmless, adj. j*^ jt^ i»air mudirr; 

^^o <uj U ma fi-hi bag. 
Harmlessness, «. j^«^ |*J^ *adain 

Harmonic. Harmonical, Has- 

M0NIOU8, adj. ^^ *''*j^"J J ;^ 
^♦ib zu iiamua-t. 
Harmonise, v.a. ^O lahin, jal- 
han; (3t^ waffoq, juwaffiq; ^ 




rahizn ; jy^ ^f uq. 

HUMANISATION, 8. ^j^^ ta'lIlS ; 

{j*^\ inas. 

Humanise, v, ^^ annas, yu*anDis ; 
tj^} anas, junis ; (j^ lavyan, 

Humble, adj. ^^f^ mutawa^i* ; 
g^U. hadi* ; jt^ l^aqir (speaking 
of one*s own person). 

Humble, Humiliate, v. JI*^ zaliai, 
juzallil ; J«>^ azall, yuzill ; g*^ 
wadda*, yuwacjcjli* ; g*^; wada*, 
yuwadi*. — {hunible one*8 self) g«*y 
tawad4aS yatawa4<jla* ; J^*^ ta- 
zallal, yatazalial. 

Humbleness, Humility, «. £^«m. 
hu4u* ; jUrff^^ inhida* ; ^\f ta- 

Humbug, «. y^ faiar ; aL\^ hira^a-t. 

Humiliation, s. J*> zuU; JfJJu; 
tazlil ; J3i^ izlal. — {aelj-hum dia- 
Hon) ^pi tabrih. See Humble- 

Humour, s. (moisture) ij^; rutii- 
ba-t. — (temper) t^y mizaj (pi. 
4%v«^ amzija-t) ; ^U- ha^ir (pi. 
^\^ hawa^ir) ; sjy*^ ma^rah 
(pL v*;^-^^ masarib) ; *<'^ hii^ — 
(caprice) ijei) zan^ara-t. — (in 
good huniour) *^~^^Sjj» niutakayyil' ; 
«-J^ ^J^ *ala kaif. — (in bad 
humour) (^^^-Ai faqsan. — (witty 
disposition) Jy> liazl. 

Humour, v, £^^ \iiwa,\ yutawi* ; 
ft^U !jlc ^(^ nVa *ala hatir-hu, 
yura*i ; cAJu; ta'allaf, yata'allaf. 

Humourist, #., Humourous, adj, 
^flfc ■■'• musbii^ ; tj^ mazih. 

HuMOUROUSNEss, «. i< L -^»^^ tad- 
hiq ; «<SW^\ i^hak. 

HuMOURsoME, adj.j^y muzantir ; 
^^y» hawayi-y. 

Hump, Haunch, 8. ^J^ hadaba-t 
(pi. v'JtA. hadab); s-^qatab (pi. 
v»^^ aqtab). — (of a camel) f«^-^ 
sanani (pi. ^^i-^ asmina-t). 

Humpback, Hunchback, e. s-»«^^ 

^ ahdab, f. Wj>^ hadba (pi. v*-^ 
^udb) ; w-^ y^ ab& qatab ; y\ 
jyuu abik fandiiq. 

Hundred, ^., Hundredth, odj. 

AjU maya-t. 
Hundredweight, «. j^i»^ qan^iur 

(pi. ^Ui qana^ir). 
Hunger, «. £y^ jA* ; ic^^* maiiVa-t ; 

^^«ft4^ ham^a-t; S;—*^ ^\ abii 

Hunger, r. JW ja*, yaja*. — (long 

f>r) ^\ t\ jjV ila, yaja*. 
Hungry, adj. ^^jVa^^- ji*an; o^y^ 

ju'an; ^W jayi* (pi. £W jiya,* 

f^ juwwa*). 

Hunt, 8. J^^* ^aid ; (jo^ qan?. 

Hunt, v. *>U 9ad, ya^id ; J^ ta- 
sayyad, yata$ayyad ; *>^^ i$t&d, 
ya§^ad ; o*— ** qana?, yaqni? ; 
,jaj^\ iqtana^, yaqtani?. 

Hunter, 8. *>W« ^ayyad, f. 5 a-t. 

Hurdle, «. v»;j zarb (pi. Vjy) 

Huul, v. ^^ hazaf, yahzif; ^^ 

rauia, yarmi. 
Hukricane, 8. iA*Vc *afifa-t (pi. 

Ulo\^ *awa9if) ; A*j^j zauba'a-t 

(pi. ^\y) zawabi*). 
Hurriedness, 8, JV^*i-\ isti^jal. 
HuiiUY, 8. < v l ^ r *ajala-t ; A-jy. 

lluKKY, v.a, ^}^c *ajjal, yu*ajjil; 

^}^c^ a*jab yu*jil ; J%*i-^ ista*- 

jal, yasta^jil ; n. f;— ^ asra*, 

yusri*; J^ii-H8ta*jal, yasta'jil. 
Hurt, ». ty*- jarh (pi. tj/^ juru^?, 

t^;:*-^ ajrah) ; S^ ina4arra-t; j^ 

Hurt, r. c/^ jaral?, yajrah ; ^ 

darr, yadurr ; ^^S\ azza, yu*az^i ; 

^S\ aza, yiizi ; ^^ allam, yu'al- 

Hurtful, culj. ^ mucjiirr. 
Hurtfulness, 8, Ij-^ ma^arra-t. 
Husband, 8. t)) zoj, zauj, vulg. jy^ 

joz (pi. t^y)\ azwaj) ; J^ ba*l 

(pi. JU, bi'al, J^ bu*ul). 
HrsnAND, V. (economise) ji^ waSsLTy 

yiiwaffir; J^-aii\ if^ta^ad, yaqta^id. 

— (cultivate the ground) j^j^^ (•J^ 

badam al-ard, yaljduni. 
Husbandman, «. c^ fallah ; ^jW 

jjarig (pi. ^^^ ^urras). 

H USD AND BY, ». i-i^-'ii falllkat. — 

(e^mioniy) jaiy taufir; .«H— -1 im- 
HusH, inlerj. t»-i-l uskut; *-» 

Hush, v. *=.X- sakkat, jusakkit; 

yjA liiiJan, jahdin ; hailJan, vu- 

HoaK, «. ;-=J qUr (pi. jj-ti qusiir). 
HchEi f. /*j* qasiar, yuqassir. 
HuBKtHESB, I. (hoarteneia) i^. boh- 

Husky, adj. r^ j-i zu qiir; j^ 

jiiJl qasir al-qisr. 
HcsTisoa, f. (plat/onti) jri^ mim- 

has (pi. ;»^ maniibir). 
Hustle, v. i»1j z/iljam, juzaljim. 
Hni. g. t/ kilh, kuh (pi. e^\ ak- 

wiih, (jjtteS kiLfln) ; yc*. hua?, 

hi?5 (pi. (j=^-*-l ahsi'iH). 
Hutch, s. Jj-*** aaudiifi (\>\. ^jU*. 

Hydka, », UJl i-=. havja-t al-mfi. 
Hydraulics, ». UJl 5*j |^ fan raf 

al-ma; Vjij j aWljs- ^ "ilm 

sair al-mi;iib wa wutjuf-hii. 
Htsrocelk, s. iMi qalita-t, 
Htdkophobia, «. s-1* kaiali. 
Hyena, «. fi-' dab, ilabu' (jil. £W-* 

Hymex, «. (membrane) aijji-Jl -^W^ 

hijsb al-biikiiriya-t. 

HyMENEAI., adj. ij-);C 'ariisl-_V, 

HcMBNEAL, (T. ^j/i M^^ ugniyat 

Hyms, «. i».*- iiia>lilia-t (pi, {4\<u 

HYPBaBOLA, ». -iiiljlt {1^1 al-qat* &>• 

7. Ay id. 
Hypebbolk, e. Sii\f uul>&lag&-t; 

^ e^i ta'iim. 
Hyperbolical, adj. ^^ mabAIig ; 

lji\^ li-'l-mubnlaga-t ; ^^^ 

Htpebcritic, t. HYPERCBmcAi,, 

adj. jUj doqqnq ; ijUU o..Xl4 ni«- 

nakkit U-'Ugfiya-t. 
Hypochondeiacal, adj. ,jj)j^— 

Hypochokdeium, (. i^'^y ni&rft- 

qeu (du.) ; 7"^j* hawajir (pi. of 

i;-^ basira-t). 
Hypocbisy, g. lij riyfi ; i^jlj- niUTi- 

yu-t ; ijUi nif&q ; &UL<> niunUlb- 

qa-t ; Jjj Earq {Pert.). 
Hypocbite,*. >j*i-i- mun&fiq; ^yl/« 

miirayi ; ^>j s-»l- sahib riyi. 
Hypoceitical, o((f. i^'J- mudi- 

bin ; Jsv mu^il. 
Htpotbsusb, *. y»* qu;r Q»l. jWl 

Hypothsg, *. u»j nho (pi. ^yk, 

Hypothesis, *. y-W qirfia; i/ljS»( 

iftirnd ; i*-tj* fardiya-t. 
Hypothetical, adj. ^j'-^fi^ ilti- 

Hyssop, *. ij-t^ Ujj zaufA (tfitt) 


[, pron. Vil iiua. 

Iambic, «. {f*^ ■'^j watad maj- 

Ibex, «. J=, wa'l (pi. Jc, wu'ul, 
JWjl au'afj. 

«. ^5lil laqlaq (pi. i^li) laqi- 

s. -^ j^lid 1 ^ yalj ; w bClz 

BVUOS, 1. t,r** nitus. nauis ; 

i-~*i niniBa-t, naniBa-t (pi. if^ytt 
namiis); J^fi) zaq^q. 

Idea, ». jj-J taiawwur fpL '"'ju*' 
ta?awwarn-l); J^ Biyi) CpL 
iis^\ aUyila-t) ; fi»j wahm (pL 
fWjl imhiim). ^ (prototype) Jia» 
misi'tl (pi. il^^ amallft-t, ^^A* 

Ideal, ad;. JW*- biyilt-y ; uolr^ 
tafwiri-y ; jys^ uiuUfawnar. 




Idrntical, tuff. («eI/Mme) *i\M 
liizAtihi. — (not different) J*-^^ 
wahid ; <)k»a« muttahid. 

Identification, a. s^i^ ta^qiq. 

Identify, i;. (cotnbine) *^ itta- 
had, yaitahid. — (ascertain) ,3*^ 
baqqaii, vuba^iqiq. 

Identity, «. •jM itti^ad. 

Idiom, «. ^ luga-i (pi. va>U) lugilt, 
^;j/J luj?iin, ^ lujxan) ; ^ ^ 
(arz kalatu ; c^^^ i^tilaJt^. 

Idiomatical, adj, ^3/^ lup^awi-y. 

Idiot, «., Idiotic, adj. jifeJ^ 

lahif al-'a<il ; J^ balid ; v^*}^* 
majdikb; Alf^ ablah. 

Idiotcy, Idiotism, «. J'm)^ ^W« 
sa^afat al-'aql ; S*>)l4 balada-t. 

loLB, oilj.t Idler, t, {laxy, unoC' 
eupied) (^1^^ kaslau (dI. ^jL^ 
kausla, ^^«-^ kasala) ; ^^f^ inu- 
tawaui ; J^V^ Kafil; JW:^ niuta- 
•a^^il.— (/ni'o/oM«) J^ ba^tal. — 
( unprofitable) f^'^ j^ gair nafi'. 

Idle, v. J^ kasil, yaksal ; J«>^ 
takaaal, jatak&nal*; JW ta'a^tal, 

Idleness, $. J-^ kasal; ^^y ta- 
waui ; ^^ iKt^ala-t. 

Idleb, 8, see Idle, at/;. 

Idol, a, ^a-^ ^anam (pi. ^Vju^ 
a^nim) ; {^^ wa^tan (pi. ^^^ 

Idolater, $, f*U«!)\ j|U 'abid al- 
afDam (pi. &«a^ *aba:la-t, .iWa 
*ibad) ; ^»^ «>Wa 'abbad ^anam 

(pi. eH ->ii) ; cf**^ wajani-j. 
Idolatry, $, ft\*^\ t^W^ 'IbAdat 

Idolise, t;. (adore) J^ *ahad, 

va^bud. — {Itve passionately) f!^ 

haiu, yahim. 
If, conj. (^"^ in ; (^V^ ^^ in kan ; ^ 

lau ; U\ iza with pret. — (1/ not) 

f^ J^ in lam, with aor. 
Igneous, adj. sjj^ nari-y. 
Ignite, r.a. jh»>^ a^raq, yubriq; 

^y\ auqad, yuqid ; n. s3f^ taJt^ar- 

raq, yata^irraq; ^^^ waqad, ya- 

qid ; jA«i»\ ista'al, yasta*il. 
Ignition, «. JUxii^ iiti*iU; S^f^^ 


Ignoble, adj. ^o dani-y; 

hasiB (pi. v^Ui^ his&s, V«^\ 

ahis8a); JJ|;\ arzal (pi. (^^y*^^^ 

arzahln, arzalin, J*>\)f ar&zil); 

;ea^ It^aqir. 
Ignoblbness, «. JLL^ hasAsa-t; 

^\^j razala-t. 
Ignominious, adj. ^a^ ia4ik » 

mufijiib ; v^o*^ niaS'iib. 
Ignominy, «. s-^o^ 'aib (pi. 

*uyub) ; j^ *ar; l^t^ fa4ibA-tl 
Ignoramus, Ignorant, «. JftW 

jahil (pi. >. juhl, JW^ juhhal) ; 

J^ jahikl (pi. %^ iuhala). 
Ignorance, s. J«%. jahl ; ^W jaluU 

la-t; ^^ jahiihya-t. 
Ignore, v. J«%- jahil, yajhal ; J^V 

tajahal, yatajahal. — {p<ut over) 

^ o^i^ sakat 'an, yaskut ; *mM 

^^ fat *an, yafiit. 
Ill, adj. (bad) ji^ <arir (pi. j^;^^ 

asrar, \j^\ asirra); ^ sau, s^; 

v3->j rada (pi. V|oy ardiya). — (fidk) 

JJue *alil ; (^^ *ayyan. 
Ill, 8. ^ »arr (pi. ;<(jr«i ^urikr) ; l^\^ 

duliiya-t (pi. ^J^\v^ dawahi). 
Ill-brbd, adj. v»«>J^ ^J^ 'adim al- 

Illegal, odj. ^/yi «A gair <ar*i-j. 
Illegality, «. £;^^ wiJu. ^ilAf ai- 

^r* ; lmij^\ ^ 4udd a^.9ari*a-t 
Illegible, adj. ^3^^ 3 la yanqart. 
Illegitimacy, s. ^^ J«^ afl 

Illegitimate, adj. f^yJ^^ {^^ ibn 

al-t^aram ; M) j3^ walad sinA; 

j^J^ bandiiq (pi. v3<^^ banA- 

Illiberal, adj. J»^. babil (pi* 

:U: bubala) ; c^\Jk O^i^ ; cr*^ 

basis (pi. ;^^-«*> bisas, \^<mA\ 

Illibbrality, $. J«r bubl, babid ; 

Illicit, a^/. (^^ Y^^rkm ; f^«^ 

mabraiu ; f^^^^^ mabriiui ; tf^^ 

Illimitable, adj. t^J^ ) la jubad- 

dad (3 aor. pass. 11.); *> a ^*# ^ 

oair irmbfuHadi 


Ul] 1! 

Illiteeatb, adj. s — £->' jt^ gair 

adib (pi. i|J^ udabii). 
Illitegatenebs, ». i^j^\ f^^ 'adatn 

Ill-luck, e. I^aJt ^ sit al-has):. 
Ill-natdeed, adj. jrUl i^^Jj radi-y 

ILLSE88, «. t>t- mart} (pi. \J>'^f^ 

ami-Hd); il* 'illa-t (j)!. Jl* 'ilalj ; 

lo dS' ; It--) wajab (pi. s^^j^ 


XlLOOICAL, arf/. tjSoJ^J' ■»!)* "-iltat* 

muhnlif qa-nu'ld al-mantiq \ fo^ 

Ill-timed, adj. i^j ;e^ ls* ^ S^'i* 

Illdpe, v. Jj*- hada', yahda' ; J.s* 

hatai, jahtul. 
Illduihate, Illdminb, v.jjJ naw- 

war, vunawwir; J^jl auqad, vii- 

qid.— (adom (wVfc coiuttr* or pit- 

iuret) i/-^ naqai, vanqaj ; naq- 

qui, yunaqqi^. 
Illeminatioh, *. S'W idfi'a.t : ^ 

4ivu ) ji^ tanwir; i^j waqda-t; 

■»c*j waqid. 
Illusion, «. JW*- hiyftl (pi. ^le*-l 

ahyila-t) ; f^j wahm (pi. ,*^;1 

Illusive, Illusoby, adj. J^ 

bijali-y ; ,j**) wrtliini-j. 
Illustrate, e. (exfilain) j-i faasar, 

jufasair; ^jna^dah.yuwaiildib 1 

^J--^ l>ayyaa, yubayj-iu ; j-^ 

'abl'ar, ju'abbir. 
Illustbation, »■ jp-^ tafsir; j~^ 

ta'bir; pe*jl tauditi.— (6y ;n'c(wre 

or diagram) }tyi ta?wir (pi. ;jj*-« 

Ca^anir); i,^ niq^ (pi, ^jii 

Ili.itbtrativk, adj. t^j«— *» tafsiri-j ; 
fr*^ mu'abbir ; t;^»^ mubayyin. 

Illuwtrioub, adj. <-*(;* Sarif (pi. 
^(j*\ airaf, l*/. Burafa); j^*±- 
majbi'ir (pi. b*U-« masi'iliir) ; 
JJ* jalil (pf. W ajillA, iWl 
ajilla-t) ; C)*** mamdijj. 

Imaoe, *. ijj»(uni-t (pi. jj» juwar) j 
;ij-i tuwir (pi ji^U tafiwlrj } 

iij^tt aiqi\na-t ((iwoi') ; i>* njqi 

(pi. nuqftsj. 
luAoB, t'. jf ?awwar, yujawwir. 
Ihaobry, s. jjj-i tanwir. — (virid 

deeeription) oi-j wa*f ; ^ *b *j* 

Imaoinary, flJj. JVd* biyft!!-j -, 

J-e*^ tahyili-y ; <j**) wabmi-y. 
Imaoination, a. JW^ niyiVI ; Jee** 

tahyil; *!«*- 8j» quwwa-t mu- 

Imaoinatite, adj. JeiJ- muta- 

luAGiNE, V. jj« ta?awwar, yata- 

?awwar; •»} waham, yaiiim; 

J Jt*" tahayyal H, yatahayjal 

(imperg.) ; (^ laim, yaiunn. 
Iubecile, adj. {veak) ^l» 'Ajia 

(pi. j*\)* 'awajiz); w** 'aji«; 

y*)** ajzan. — (itiipid) J-^l afe- 

maq, f. l*«- bomqA (pi, J*^ 

humuq. jU*. himaq. &c.) ; *ltt 

ablah. f. Vt baliia (pi. Al, bnlfa); 

J>1« bahlfll (pi. JJlfi bahSlil). 
luBECiLiTT, t. >%o 'ajz, 'ajaz ; JCiUa. 

haniiiqa-t ; ^JS4 balada-t ; i-'^ 

Imbibe, r. ,j» maff, yamuff ; jWj 

rada', yaida; »t'j* Sarab, yatnV ; 

s-T^ lasarrab, yataiairab. 
Iubitteb, v. jf* marrar, yumanir ; 

j-^ amarr, yumirr. — {makt ttit- 

happy) U* saqi, yasqft ; ^^\ 

asqa, yusqi. 
IMBBUE, V. Ji ball, vabutl; Jit 

ballal, yuballil. 
Imbue, r. (j~ki gatas, yagtis; ^ 

flabag, ;a?bug. yn?big. 
Imitate, v. (follow) ^ Ji*s tAina^ 

sal bi, yatamasaal; s^ ,j»^l jq- 

tada bi', vaqladi. — (counifrfeit) 

Jii qalla^, yuqalUd. 
Imitation, «. J^ tamassul; ^<i^ 

iqtidiii A(Afi laqlid. 
Imitative, adj. ^^■^«l« taqlldt-y. 
Immaculate, adj. <j— u-* jet nir 

niunaddus; ^.ill ^^ ^L. aalim 

min ad-dai)as ; ^^ ti'iLir fpt. 

;»«I.l ajhir, uui«U lahara); j« 

naqi-y (pi. U) uiqa, IjS oaqwA, 




Imxjltisial, adj. ^Jyp^^ jiA gair 

bay^li-j ; ^^jU ^ gair maddi-j. 

—{unimportant) f^%* ^^^ gair mu- 

Immjltbbialitt, t. SoUJ\ ^ j^ 

tajarrad *an al-m&dda-t (^^-J^ 

xJ^\ *au al-jasad) ; ^)^ ^ 

gair ha?iilaniva-t. 
Immature, adj, s^f^^^ j^ gair mus- 

tawi ; ^ fajj. 
Immatueeness, Immaturity, «. 

^yu*!l\ ^ 'adain al-istiwa. 
Immeasurable, adj. ^Wi h hu\k 

qija« ; J^ a3 U ma la-hu t^ad4. 
Immediate, cu(;. ^U (^ali-y ; ;^W 

Immediately, adv. JV^\ ^ fi-'l- 

b&l ; JW^ ^^ o* f» 8^*at al-bal ; 
•3W J^&lan ; ^ykJ^ Jlc *ala-'l.faur ; 
n^y fauran. 
Immemorial, (u(/. JW)^ Jt^ qabl 
al-ajjal. — {in time$ immemorial) 

fi qadSm az-zaman wa salif al- 

'a^ r wa-'l-aw&n. 
Immense, adj. ^^ h bi-la qijAs ; 

«yw^ r^ gair ma^dikd ; j>a. aS U 

ma la-nu ^add ; fi^ 'asim. 
Jmmeksity, 8. •^^Jw* jtA £^^ ittisa' 

gair ma^diid. 
Immeroe, Immerse, v. ^J^^ ga^as, 

yartia; gaUas, yugaUis ; J/ 

gariq, yagraq \ garraq, yugar- 

Immersion, $. ^r^ g^ts ; Lr*e^ 

tagtis; J/ garq ; jy\ igraq. 
Imminent, a<i;. s-^;» qarib (pi. 

v»y qir&b) ; J<li— • mustaqbil ; 

vj^M^ mu'allaq. 
Immobility, «. a^;^^ f»J^ 'adam al- 

^araka-t; {^y^ siikikD ; sa>W 

Immoderate, adj. Lyu mufrit ; a|\j 

zayid ; Jk^^ ^ e;^ harij *an al- 

Immodest, adj. ^^sj» ^ gair mut- 

ta4i' ; ^4^ safth (pi. aa^ suffah, 

ftVi. sifah). 
Immodesty, «. gU;^ £^ qillat itti4a* ; 

X*V4^ saf&ha-t. 
Immolate, v. ^^ ^ba^, ya?ba^; 

J ^>^*^ f^ qa4dam ^bi^a-t li, 

Immolation, $. fjt^ ^h\^. 

Immoral, adj. «>^^ fasid (pi. ^3*1^^ 
fas4>i); u^U f&^is; j^l^ ^o, 
radi-y al-ahlAq ; v>**^ ^afiq (pL 
J^&'-i fasaqa-t, jV««l fuss^q). 

Immorality, «. *>U.i fas&d; S^^Oj 
jU)^ radawat al-abliq; 3^ 

Immortal, (uIj. «a»*4| 3 la yam^t ; 
^U d&yim; oSu. ^alid; Jl.*« 
9amad ; J^W b&qi ; ^^J^^ abadi-y. 

Immortalise, v. ^/^ •i^ ballad 


zikra-hu, yuhallid ; fl • '^ ^* 

dawwaiD isma-hu, yudawwim. 
Immortality, a. U) baqa ; «>yLk 

hulud; ;^H^^ (*V dawam an- 

Immovable, adj. iSy^\ ^j^e *adim 

al-ljiaraka-t ; «<)^w^ j^ gair mu- 

tal^arrik; yu-M« mustajirr; (j^^ 

sakin ; ^a^^ gabit. 
Immunity, «. jWa*«\ imtivAz ; liy 

maziya-t (pi. k\y mazaya) ; SU\jL« 

Immure, v. 1»^ t^awwa|, yu^^awwi^. 
Immutability, s. jt^\ f*J^ *adam 

Immutable, adj. y^ 3 la yatagaj- 

Imp, 8. (child) J3^ walad (pi. «>3^^ 

Impact, s. (shock) ^Ui ta#&duin. 
Impair, v. JJ^ *aital, yu'a^^il ; ^-^ 

hassar, yubassir ; j* darr, ya- 

4urr ; ji^it naqqay, yunaqaif. 
Impalpable, adj. fj»4k 3 la yul- 

Impart, v, (give) Jift *b\% ya*(i ; 

^.f-jfe^ wahab, yahab. — (comiritiiti- 

ca/6) ;«^ habbar, jubabbir; yf^A 

ah bar, vuhbir. 
Impartial, adj. j^^^ gair mug- 
rid; v/y^^ r^*^ *aaSm al-gAr4; 

v/>^ J^ ¥^1 »l-gar4 ; ^J^**^ 

Impartiality, $. j^j^\ f^^^ 'adam 

al-gar4 ; wiU»\ in^if ; ^ tAJar- 

Impassable, adj. j^\ (^iU| I U 

TUtnliin aJ-'ubflr; laUL. — t gair 


Impatienck, t. jf^\ ill qillat ft?- 
(&br 1 jf^\ ^-u 'adnm a$-^ 

Impatient, orf;. j~J1 J-1* qalil aj- 
?ahri jj,- _p4 gair fabur; ^ 
J*^^ gair in Utah am mil. 
HPBACH, V. fif tahaiii, yathim. 

HPEACUHENT, 3. |>^1 Hhtmi ; ^^^ 

Ihfede, w. gfc* mana', vamna' ; 

J** 'Aq. ya'fiq. 
HPEDIUENT, «. ^UmAni'(pl. Jllj- 

mawfloi'): jiU '«vi(] (p). ,jt\y 

.HPKL, I', (urge on) j^ sfiq, vasfif]. 

— (intit") J** hainal, yahiuil ; 

^^ harrak, yiibirril' ; i-^A 'j"''^" 

rad, yuhari'id. 
HPEND, ti. s^ qaruli, yaqruli ; 

vjU qjtrab, yuqarib j i-J danii, 

jaJlnii ; .Jj*l asraf, yuSrif. 

HPENGTRABLE, Atfj'. ^ JiAu D lA 

TUQfaz fi-hi ; M J*Ji 3 Ift yvii- 
Wl H-hi ; ttlj'Aj H 111 Tudrak. 

IPBNITENCE, B. i-ljJl f^^C '^idllffl 

an-nadAma-t ; ^y^l |*M 'adam ul- 
taubat ; ijl— » qasi'iwa-t, 

MPENITENT, odj. ("JU ;—* ^ir 

nAdim ; s-^li ;e^ gair tAyib. 
HPEBATivE, «. (in jraminar) j-1 

r. — (negatively) ^ iinXn. 
XPEKATiVE, adj. ^f\ iimri-y ; 

^ hatam!-y. 
UPEKCBPTIBLB, adj. f^ 3 lA yul- 
lal) ; ^J•y-^^ -,i gair lua^iaQB ; 
!jJ4 3 lA yuUraV. 
irpEKFECT, ad;. J^^;t* gair kArail ; 
yJi* oAqi*. 
HPEBrECTioN, t. JU^l |«^ 'adam 
al-kamAI; i^ n:iq« ; (jUit nuq- 
fAn ; £<icJu oaqifa-ti s-«:' 'aili 

MFKBIAL. 0(//', ,_j->>-^ sul(Suiyi 

^W^ sabAni-y ; iji/^ qai$ari-y ; 
yj,U* humAviiii. 
MPEBiL, D. V J>^ bnUr bi, Til- 

iPEBiiiJs. art;', ^v^f^ luutujabliir ; 
uM< 'uiif (pi. oU« 'uDuf) ; fi^ 

lulim (|.l. iJA lalama-t): ^.Aa- 

iMPEHtoiraNEaa, «. jt^t tjikabbur; 

j^ Uialihiir, .-Ju« 'Hill j«» 

qa,br; lj;«- jil.riyfi. 
Ihpebibhable, adj. ^^'j «* gair 

zAyil ; ^\i ys irair ffini ; iiyk 3 

^V1 lAyudrik-bii al-bnlAk. 
Impekmeable, ndj. j;*i3 lA yufe- 

mi (3 aor. pass.) ; Ul M ■»*« J 

lA yai.fuK fi-hi al.mfi'. 
Impersonate, p. (/** iahha^ yu- 

Impbbsokation, ». o*e*^ ta*hi». 
Impertinence, ». Jj*t fadfil ; iM\»- 

lUFBRTINENT. adj. Jy** fudfiiUj i 

4^ safih (pi. i«i- aufiihA. ri*_ 

Impebtubbability, «. v-U *)* qnw- 
wal qalb ; jl;i qarfir ; ■^Is* jabAt ; 
jiU>. hBfADa,-t. 

iMPEETrBBABLE, Qflj. ^j^j^ 3 U 

vataza'zii' ; Jt«W S lA yata^ab- 
bal ; >*-(« sAbit. 
Impervious, adj. Aa* J*Jt 3 li yud- 
bal li-bi (3 aor. pasB.) ; M J*>1 1 


Sja sidda-t. ; ^ jabr ; Vj*- ^ari- 
ra-t ; «■!» bid^a-t ; &;>ii| bftdi- 

Impbtuous, adj. .•^i-t* iadtd; ^W 

luPBTUd, I. i^ qawwa-t ; U^ ^ara- 

kii-l ; liW;-* tahrik. 
Impiety, iMPiousNESa, «. jtf Irafr ; 

o'/S kiitrAn; j^ fujOr; J-J 

fisq; y^o*- tapvAn. 
Impious, adj. j*^ kA6r (pi. lytf ka- 

fai-a-t, jUi kufffir) ; j*.U Hjir (pi. 

ij»* fajani-l, jW* fujjAr) ; ^>*U- 

IiiPiHaK, e.^fJ^ Intam fl, yaltmii ; 

ftji^\ ifX^dma, yaftndim. 
Implacability, ». S—aJ\^\ ,kx.a 

'adam al - niuf Alaba-t ( 

al-musAuiah^t) ; -u^X laa iai. 

da-t al-biqd. 

yaqbal al-uiufAla^a-t ; ^U^ S 




U jatifAIa^ ; (^ 1 lA yaltn ; M^ 

sij\ i^id al-baqd. 
Implant, v. J«^ affal, yu'af^il ; 

s-*^ na^ab, van^ub. — (iw the 

mind) jij o* fr^ ^at)a* fi.*l-*aql, 

Ikplaxtation, «. s— •» nafb. 
Implement, t. a}\ &la-t. 
Implicate, v. (entangle) **^ iah&k, 

jaii>ik; iabbak, yu^ibbik; vJti 

naisab, vuna^^ib. 
Implication, $, (entanglement) 

l^ 9abaka-t; *a i of AX taibik. — 

(inference) lj^\ isara-t ; ^%^ na- 

Implicit, adj, (abeolute) J^V^ kA- 

mil ; s3^ rau^latj ; j»^ tanira. — 

(inferred t underetood) f*j9^ nuif- 

huin ; g*A* inuntaj. 
Implore, r. ^\ &-*» tadarra' ila, 

vata4arra' ; Je^^ abtahal, yab- 

Imply, v. J^a ^nial, jasmul ; 

^ J^tJ^\ i^tainal *ala, ya^tamil ; 

,j4a 'ana, ya*ni ; ^\ ;Ui a^Ar ila, 

Impolicy, «. ;e»'^^ (^^ *a<lam at- 

tadbir; X^W-^^ ^ 'adain as- 

Impolitic, adf/. ;«|as3^ ^ae •adini 

Impolite, ac[/. v*>\ JtA> qalil adab ; 

,^j*U jpk jTiiir niiraddab ; ^^^aa. 

Impoliteness, «. v»*>\ ^ qillat 

adab ; X«j\ i\i qillat unsa-t ; 

Lyu. hustlna-t. 
Imponderability, s. Ji» ^ 'adam 

Imponderable, a<f;. ^^^j^ 3 lA 

yu/uD ; J*^ a3 ^ iiiA la-h« 5i<|l. 
Import, v. (goods) J*»J^ adlial, i 

yudhil ; s-W jalab, yajlub. — 

(mean) ^j^ *ana, ya'ni. 
Import, Importation, #. v* l g%^ 

AjUt (JU.u\) ijtilab (idbAl) ba- 

dAyi* ; *»y^ gfc^ baijAji* maj- 

]Al*a-t. — (meaning) ^y*^ ina*n;i 

(pi. o*^*^ ina*Ani-y ) 
Impobtanoe, «. J'* siql ; f^ 'uzm ; 

^ qadr. 

Important, (u^;. ^ muhimm; 

(»<>e 'aztin ; ^ saqtl. 
Importer, e. v»!W jallAb. 
Importunate, Importune, adj, 

^ saqil ; J^ fu<JAli-y ; 3V^ 

Importune, v. ^ ^ saqqal *ala, 

yusaqqil ; ^}\ az*aj, yuz'ij. 
Importunity, e. J^ fa^Al ; cW^ 

ill>ab, S*^^^ ^ihAza-t. 
Impose, v, ^^y^ fara^* vafri4 ; o*^^ 

alqa, yulqi ; o^; raraa, yarmt 

(all with JjB 'ala); UO^ kallaf, 

yukallif. — (deceive) ,jt^ gaj^^, ya- 

guss ; gJ^ hada*, yahda* ; ,j^ 

gaban, vagbun. 
Imposition, s, cJL-eL O taklif. — 

(drreit) ij^ gi^'* ; ^^ hiyAnat. 
Imposhidility, «. ^Vl^S^ ^ *adam 

Impossirlk, aJJ. (^jX^-* ^ gair 

mumkiu ; JW* niul^Al ; J o^t -' " * 

Impost, s. ^»— «) rasm (pi. fyy 

rusuin) ; ugiSi? takltf (pi. U^ 

Impostor, e. »V^ makkar ; {\J^ 

haibbV ; {jo'J^ mulabbis ; sjt>yt\im 

tagut (pi. wfl^^^JU tiiwAj^it). 
Imposture, $. f^ raakar; {j'^ 

Impotence, Impotency, «. 

*aja7., *aJ7. ; o^^ *ajazAn. 
Impotent, a///. «jM^ ^^^'i^ (pl. 

^Afc* du*afA) ; ^Vc 'Ajiz (pi. y%1^ 

*awajiz) ; {^j^ *ajzAii ; ^ j . ^ y 

Impoverish, r. yu faqqar, yufaq- 

qir; /»^ afqar, yufqir; ffS{ 

adqa', yudqi*. 
Impoverishment, «. j^as^^ iftiqAr; 

u-5^^ iflAs. 
Impracticable, ady J««i 1 lA yu'- 

uial ; jv*i 3 )A yaftr ; ^^^iU^ ;eA 

gair inumkin. — (unmanageahU) 

jUUi 1 lA yanqAd. 
Imprecate^ f». ^ ^^ da'a 'ala, 

yad*i ; (^ la'an, yal'an. 
Imprecation, $, i^ la'ua-t ; S^j 

da'wa*t (pi. uu^ftAj da'wAt, ^)^o 





iMPBEGNiBILITY, $, ^Uft. ]^&na-t. 

Impregnable, adj. q^*^ mani^ 
Impregnate, v. (cause to conceive) 

J-^ habbal, yuhabbil. — {saturate) 

g-A ^abbaS yu^abbi* ; QfJ^^ asba', 

Impress, Imprint, v. q^ ta'^a''i 

vatba* ; y^ assar, yu*assir; ^ 

ba^am, yab^uni. 
Impress, s. ^ \ah' (pi. f Wl» \ibk') ; 

ij^ n\qi (pi. sj»^ nuqii^). 
Impression, s.f^ asar (pl.j^asar) ; 

jJ''\S ta'sir. — (edition) v»V5^ g-t 

tab* kitaV». 
Impressionable, adj. jiS''\sl\ JjV* 

qabil at-ta*sir ; y^ muta'assir. 
Impressive, adj, y'y* mu'assir. 
Imprison, v. ^.r***- habas, yah bis; 

habbas, yiihabbis; (:»-« sajan, 

Imprisonment, s. { j" t >• > habs; 

;j--j-fi*!« tahbis ; ;;)^- sajn, siju. 
Improbability, t. J^ ♦■ s» S\ ^ja 

*adam al-ihtimal ; Ja«3\ ^^ J^ 

bu*d *an aU*aql. 
Improbable, ailj. ^jy^ 6^\a^ ^ 

gair musabih li-'l-haqq ; jl^ 

J4j;^.^ gair muhtaiual ; ^3jua^\ 

Improper, adi. s-^U/« y^ gair mu- 

nasib ; ^s jtA gair layiq ; j^ 

tj^\y^ gair uiuwHtiq ; s-^\; jot 

gair wajib. 
Impropriety, s. l^i^\ ^sn *adam 

al-munasaba-t ; v^y^ •^i^ hilaf 

Improve, r.a. ^ sallah, yu^allih ; 

^\ a^lah, yuslih ; ^^-o sahhah, 

yiisahhib ; 7i. ^V-a? tasalah, yata- 

9alah. — {in health) j^Ax-^ istafaq, 

Improvement, s. ^-A*> taBlih ; c^^ 

i^luh ; ^ - j -^-q* ta?hih. 
Improvidence, s. iyy<^\ ^*xe 'adam 

Improvident, adj. JAVfc gafil ; j^t 

jt^ gair ha«ir. 
Improvisation, s. c\r*^ iqtirah ; 

ljb\s^ bad a ha- 1. 
Improvise, v. y^'^ irtajal, yartajil. 
Imprudence, $. ^^^^^^ f»J^ 'adam 

at-tadbir; ^\ Ai qillat al- 

'aql ; l^ gab&wa-t ; \jiA ^ 

*adam n^na-t. 
Imprudent, adj. ji*^ jo^ gair mu* 

dabbir; ^•a^^ ^j^ 'adim at* 

mpudence, s. i^^y waqAf^t ; ^^ 

safaha-t ; ^j^^ fanjara-t ; i3^tm 

mpudent, culj, ^y waqi^ (pi. ^ 

wiqah) ; M«» safih (pi. IfU ga- 

faha) ; ^y^ fanjari-j. 
MPUQN, V. J*>W jadal, yujadi] ; 

^U ha^aiD, juhafim ; £jV» uaza', 

M pulse, 8. *Mi^f^ ta^rik ; *A^ 

mpulsive, a^fj, «<)^«^ muharrik. 

MPULSIVENE8S, M. «&>Uvl»S\ L^ 

8ur*a-t al-inhiiil-. 
MPUNiTY, $. i^^\ ,»Ae *adamal- 

'uquba-t; ^"CtSiy ^-j *adaiu al- 

MPURE, adj. {j^ najis ; ^^ waiik: 

yfcU. jtt gair t«hir. — {unckatif) 

v>-U fusiq ; y^Vc »&hir. 
M PURITY, P. i-vy najasa-t ; ^ 

wasah (pi. fcV-^ ausah). — {ofam^ 

duct) sJh^ fisq; AjW^ *ahiini-t; 

jUJ fasad. 
MPUTATiON, IT. fS^\ ithaui ; W 

MPUTE, V. ^ J.**> ^amal 'ili, 

V ah mil ; v» (^ taham bi, vit- 

Kim ; yj\ s-*--* nasab ila, yansob. 
N, prep, ^j* fi. 

N, atf r. J^^«> dahil ; ^^ jawvan. 
NAbiLiTY, «. ^U^ ^ 'adam kifi- 

ya-t; ^Vi ^ *adam qubiliya-t; 

Sj^\ f*.xe 'adam aUqudnt. 
naccessiblb, adj. J^y^ e^ ' 

^^ la vuuikiu al-wuniil ilr-hi: 

gfi-s^ luaDi*. 


J^y^ 'adaiii iiiikan aUwuful. 

NACCUBACY, S. A>jS\ ^vOC 'ad-Jifl- 

qa-t; ,3«Sju;)\ ^.j^ 'adam at-tad- 
qiq ; )a^\ ^ *adam a4-4abt- 

NACCURATE, odj, ^^f^ Jt^ pif 

ma^bii^; ^jiJ^ yt^ gair madaq- 




Ikaction, Iw activity, $. JaaJ^ ^ 

'adam as-iugl ; ^VW batala-t ; 

J«-^ kasal ; i^^\ f^^ 'adain al- 

Ik ACTIVE, adj, i^^\ ^J^ *adiin 

al-^raka-t ; *^^ ^ gair ]>arik ; 

J^ ba^tal ; ^^X^ kaslan. 
Inadequacy, Inadequateness, «. 

A{U^^ ^.xe *adam al-kifaya-t ; y^ 

*ajz ; (^U» nuq^an. 
Inadequate, cu//. o^^ m^ gair kafi ; 

v^^ naqi9; j^ qa^ir. 
Inadmissible, at//. £y-*^ mamnu' ; 

(*\j^ ]>araiu. 
Inadvertency, «. 5lij;>!l\ f*jke *adam 

al-intibah; UMt gafla-t ; J-^U; 

tagaful ; JUft\ ihuial ; ^ sahii. 
Inadvertent, adj. a^juu* ^ gair 

muutabih ; Ji^ gatil. 
Inalienable, adj. £Wt i la vuba*. 
Inane, adj. tj^ larig ; jw'hali.— 

(mm) JL^ ba^il. 
Inanimate, adj. t}) ^ bi-la ru^ ; 

J^W jamid. 
Inanition, «. ^>e* A J taifit ; A jfc " <fc'» 

Inanity, «. y*. hulik-w ; U* fi^a. — 

(raiii/ief) Jt»tW\ abatil (pi). 
Inapplicability, s. LM\j4i\ ^j^ 

*adain al - muwafaqa-t ; ^-i^-a 

i»i^ U .»3\ *adam al-munasaba-t. 

Inapplicable, adj. ij*^^ jtA gair 
muwatiq ; j^0»« ^ gair mutd- 
^iq ; J v>^ ) 1^ yalbaq li. 

Inapplication, 8. «>Wa^)^ ^ 'adam 
al-ijtih&d ; J»Uj tagaful. 

Ihappreciablb, a<f;. ^jJuJ\ ^^^C*^^ 
gair mumkin at-taqdir ; {j^ 3 
la jusannan. 

Inapproachable, adj. QtJ^ mam*. 

Inappropriate, adj. v3i) j^ gair 
lajiq ; s-^^^^^ gair munasib. 

In appropriateness, t, li\^\ ^ 
'adam al-liyaqa-t. 

Inarticulate, adj. ^^^^ yt^J^ j<^ 
gair mutamajjiz al • lafz ; j^ 
ik^^^ C^/* E^^ ftiril;^ at-talaffuz. 

Inartificial, adj. g^u^ yt^ gair 

Imaxtbntion, «. Am gafla-t ; J^Vai 

tag&ful ; aW9t»1\ (•Oft <adam al-inti- 

nattentivb, adj. a-a^ ^ gair 

inuntabih ; J^V^ gftfil* 
naudible, adj. c**— t 3 la jusma' ; 

g^.A.w* ^ gair masmii'. 
nauoubate, v. jJli qallad, juqal- 

lid ; (j^ jallas, yujallis ; ^Jmji 

karras, \ukarris. 
NAUOURATION, 8. •^1a» taqlid ; 

fj"^' tajlis ; LT*^ takris ; c^J^\ 

NAUSPicious, adj. f*yS'^^ mas*{im 

(vulg. ^y^ maiiim) ; {ji»f^ na- 

biis ; ( J" ^ «>* munl^is ; ^^^-^a^ 

m animus. 
nborn, adj. ^^««^ tabi*i-y. 
ncalculable, flui;. s-^—o^ 3 la yul^- 

sab ; ^j-tt^ 3 la yulj^^a. 
ncandescent, adj. ^W Ijiami ; 

s-^^ ashab, f. W«a suhbA (pi. 

S-^ SUhb) ; 5;^;^^ fiAfti ^jj^ ;/Iirt\ 

abjac} iniu ^idda-t al-t^arara-t. 
NCANTATioN, 8. ^^ 'azima-t (pL 

f^\)^ *azajim, ^^ 'azim) ; ^yi? 

ta'zim ; y^^ sibr. 
NCAPABLE, ac//. v3i3 ;^ gair Ujiq; 

^\y je^ gair muwafiq ; ^t^i ^ 

gair qadir; ^^Ve 'ajiz 'an. 

CAPACITY, 8. lMk\y ^ 'adam 
muwafaqa-t ; h^ f*<^ *adam ka- 
faja-t; y^ *ajz; (^^)^ *ajazaD. 
—(mental) ^\ Ai qillat aU*aql. 

NCAPACiTATE, V. {render unfit) y^\ 
a*jaz, yuMiz. — (di8quali/y) ^ 
^aram, ja^rim (]>arim, ysi^ram). 

NCARCEBATE, V. (.rt*> t^^bas, ja(^- 
bis ; {;y^- sajan, jasjun. 

NCARCERATION, 8. ( j - e* ^abs ; 

(.r«^ talj^bis. 
NCARNATE, adj. f^^^^ mutajas* 
aim ; > > ...^ ; ^ mutajaasid. 

NCARNATION, 8. A«^ tajaSSUd. 

NCAUTious, adj. iWs^j\ JflU qalil 
al-ibtijH( ; y.^ jtk gair mudab- 
bir ; jMit gAfil. 

Incautiousness, «.LVe;c>.3\ aU qillat 
al-i^tiya(; ^^t*^^ ^ *adam at- 
tad bir. 

Imcbndiary, «. jW t)ArrAq.~(if|. 

citing to tediiioni) i^^ iatiAa ; 

iiii H-*l- eiihili fima-t (pi. vjU-1 

a^huli) ; J — t" inufsid. 
Ihcbnsk, (, jj*; bahhilr (pi. w^-i*: 

bahnbir); ^ kabft; ^M lil'iui; 

H baataj ; jAi^^kuudurixo^oii- 

Ikcbhsb, V, {burn inceme) ^. bah- 

b&r, jubtth^ir. — {enrage) v-i*' 

agijab, jugijib ; tiil a^ii?, yugij. 
Inoensivb, ojj., I. Jt*^ niuharriq. 
Imcsntits, odj , », «*'jai- muharrik ; 

^/bj*- miiharri<l- 

iNOBBaANT, adj. f^'^'i dajim ; jjii "it 

bi-U futdr ; fU-Sil i| bi-lii iuqita'. 
IsoEasANTLV, adv. J^)-i ^ lam 

jaanl (with ace. of participle). 
Ibobst, s. vjUSl e- uyi H-^jl 

irtilcab ftz-zioa ma' al-aqarib ; 

Ii\/i\ jy^ fujilr al-qaraba-t. 
InoB, *. Uje* qira{ (pi. W;*/ qaja- 

rif) ; i4*l a^ba'a-t (pi. JjW 

Incident, a. ifjU. Ijadija-t (pi. 

■^•i^j-- hawAdis) ; ^j^ 'uriija-t 

(pi. i/jlj" 'awariij) ; ^'j waqi'a-t. 
Incidental, adj. ,j*j^ 'iiriiji-j ; 

^Wl iitif&qi-y. 
Incipient, adj. ^^jI* badi; ^a^-* 

Incise, v. (cut into) g^ qit&S 

yaqta' ; Ifc-,* sabat, yaibir, — 
I (came) y lj;izz, ja^azz ; ,>* 

■ IKC 


■ IMC 

I I»C 

H Inci 

I ^ 
I r 

■ Inci 



jyiA iuqilq). 
Ikcibob, 8. {tooth) V* aaniya-t (pi, 

-at, ^^ janilya). 
Incite, t: <tij-. ^arrak, yuliarrik ; 

y*;- kvrra4, yuliarri^ ; *i-* hais, 

yabuss; a-»1 aljaas, yuIjisB; ijjtl 

Incitement, i. (>^j^ tal>rt(j; •A<k 

baj? ; li-ftJ^ tabsis ; s-**/ tar- 


::iviLiTr. a. v>^ ^ qillat adab j 
li qillat uasa-t. 
iNCLBflENcY, I. i^/^ ,<-u 'adam 

^iFuqa-t 1 I*^j f>.ic 'adam rah- 

ma-t; £jUJ qasiiwa-t. 
Inclement, adj. {mercileM) ; ,j-U 

q&si ) ^/k ^ gair »ai&.j ; i) U 

JL».j ma la-bu raljma-t; fJf^ 

salim.— (tioTHiy) cV "ajjiij- 
HCLINATION, «. {ilopiiuf or bending) 

Ub*1 inbii-i'i; ^'/^' iubirfif. — 

{affection) Jb- mail (pi. Ji*4 

amyal) ; .-*U 'a(f ; Mj ragba-t 

v-lirl iDJi?ab. 
NcLiNE, CO. v-iU -alaf, Ta'tif|. 

J-* uiavyal, yumnjjil ; n. Jl* 

mal, yamil; o'>»'^ in^ajia, jaa- 

NCLINK, «. Siftj wabda-t (pL jU»j 

.NCLosE, V. Bee Enclose. 
NCLUDE, I'. ^ ,jf^^ ibtawa 'ala* 

yuhtaMii ^ J<^1 islamal *4la, 

yoitamil ; i^j*^ tadammau, yik- 

Inclusive, adj. J*.\-> dAhil ; J**-* 


COQNITO, ». (j-«ii talbis. 
ncohekehce, «. J^HI r>^ 'adam 

al-itti;al; ^^^11 fiJ^ 'adaiu »l- 

iqtiniu ; ^UruJt f^ 'adam ol- 

NCOUEBENT, adj. J«M j^ gur 

luuttafi] ; j^dj yeb gair iniiltk>' 

?iq[ OM^!- JO* gair mulftbiq. 
icoMBUSTiEiLiTT, #. j'/^S' r** 

'aiiam aUiblirAq. 
.hcomsustible, adj. tif^.'i la ynl}- 

r:iq ; J/*: 3 lA yab'nriq. 
Income, t. Jj^-J-* madljAl (gd. 

Je^f<^ uiad&^il, uuUj&Jx* mad^iU 



■ 'lyun. 

NCOMUENSURABLE, 01^'. u*^ 1^ ^ 

ma la-hum qiyfia wahid. 
^HcoMHODATE, Incommode, «. Jrf 

^j^ gaqqal 'ala, ju^aqqil; %J^ 

^ sawwai 'nU, yniawwU; v^A 

al'ab, ynt'ib. 
NcoMUouiODs, a^^j. f ' -■■ av> 

(iiddi' ; Jefi ^aqil ; s-**" ntat'ib* ' 
ncom91i;nici.BLB. adj. j^ i li 

yublior ; ^^ 1 lu vu'arr&f. 
NCUUPAUABLB, adj. j(lii a1 u ml 

ia-hu uaiir ; Jti* *J u mi l^bn 
ma^Il ; Jf^ farid ; ^\ au^^ 

Iho] 193 


(pi. o^Jk^^ uf^dAn, o^***:^ wufedAn) ; 
^^^^ fji't^i^ munqa^a' al-qartn. 
Incomparableness, ff. £«>U.^ wal>a- 


'adam al-mutabaqa-t. 
Incompatible, adj, i3*^f« y^^ pair 

muwafiq ; J^VL« ^ pair muta- 

biq ; C^ v3^ ) 1^ jattafiq ma^ 
Incompetence, Incompetency, «. 

liitf f»jke 'adam lijaqa-t ; h^ ^ 

qilla-t kifaja-t. 
Incompetent, adj. tjii j<A gair 

lavic] ; s-^^ rtA gair munasib ; 

Incomplete, adj. ^V? ^ jrair tamm ; 

J^^^ jjair kamil ; (^^ naqi?. 
Incompleteness, s, f*W ^ *adam 

tamam ; l«lju« nianqa^a-t ; j^ 

Incomprehensibility, «. (:>e ty/^ 

^\jSi\ &eft. huruj 'an l>ita-t al- 

Incomprehensible, adj. f^^k^ ) lA 

janfahim ; «<);*^ ) la yudrak ; 

J*J^ jy faiiq al-*aql. 
Incompressible, adj. oa.*«i ) la 

Inconceivable, adj. )y^ 3 la ya- 

taftawwar; ^h^ ) lA jufham. 
Inconclusive, adj. gLU ^ gair 

qAti* ; gJJU ^ ^ir muqni*. 

IncONCLUSIVENESS, 8. g^-*i^ f»AC 

^adatn iqnA* ; (O^y^ f*Ae *adam 
Incongruity, «. ^^•J^ f»AA *adain 
al-muwAfaqa-t ; £ii»vlMi^ f*J^ 'adam 

Incongruous, adj. ij*^^ ^ gair 
muwAfiq ; j^U^ ^ gair muta- 

Inconsiderable, adj. f^!^ ytA gair 
*azini ; ^y^ ) lA M».y ; ;tJi*^ ;«* 
gair ii)u*tabar. 

Inconsiderate, adj. J^\^ tayis ; 
;^ matyur ; ^\t gAfil ; ;^- yk| 
bi-gair tafakkur ; )«4i ;*fc (^ 
min gair tamyiz. 

Inconsideratehesh, 8. ^Velf (iyA- 
sa-t ; i^ gaila-t ; /^^ f»J^ 'adaiu 

al-fikr ; y^t^J^ Al qfllat at-tam^ 

yiz ; jci^\ ^ qillat at-tadb!r. 
Inconsistency, «. vj:*W> ^ qilla-t 

sab At ; s\^ ^ qillat qarAr ; s-Ji» 

taciallab; v>^^ inqilAb. 
Inconsistent, adj. vjwle^\ J-«U 

qalil as-sabAt ; ^^ii qallAb ; j^iksj* 

inutagayyir ; *» *W^ '* mutahallif. 
Inconsolable, adj. ^J^ 3 lA ya- 

tasalla; o^>*^ ^ la yata'azza; 

^\aii\ ;^~-^ maksiir al-hAfir. 
Inconstancy, 8. vjwW^\ j»j^ 'adam 

as.nabAt ; \k^\ i^i qillat al-waf A. 
Inconstant, adj. *a*»^ ;•* gair 

sAbit; v)lJ qallAb; ^^A;^ muta- 

Inconsumable, adj. uy«i ) lA vu^- 

raf (3 aor. pass.) ; U A a h j li 

yantalif (3 aor. vii.). 
Incontestable, adj. ^jU* A| U 

mA bi-hi inanAza'a-t ; gLU qA(i' ; 

a3 s^\y^ ) lA jawAb la-Uu ; /^i ) 

lA vunkar. 
Incontinence, «. %jtA^\ ^ «tf)U#^ 

inhiniAk fi-'l-kizzAt ; U'SmJi\ ^ 

'adara al-i^^timA ; ii«3^ ^ 'adam 

Incontinent, adj. tfU # » >» munha- 

mik ; ^ j ^^^^ y^ gair mubtami ; 

«-Mfi;e^ gair *afif. 
Incontrovertible, adj. 23*>^k« aj U 

mA bi-bi mujAdala-t. 
Inconvenience, 8. U i JS is taklif 

(pi. ugU; takAlif); ^ zalji- 

lua-t; i^ ma<Jarra-t; jj;* ^Anx 

(pi. ;^/*(a<}rAr). 
Inconvenience, v. Ukl^ kallaf, yu- 

kallif ; ^ J/6 gaqqal *ala, yusaq- 

Inconvenient, «(£;. (incommodious) 

s-*s^ raut'ib) ; Jei^ gaqil. — (wn- 

8uitable) ij*^^ ;^ gair muwAfiq ; 

s-^^"^ ;e^ gair DiunAsib. 
Inconvertibility, #. (^Vj^^ *J^ 

Jjo^^ *adani imkAu at-talMiil ; 

Jx^sJ^ ^jjX»^ ^ *adara iiukAn at- 

Inconvertible, adj. Jj^ 1 lA yub- 

dal (3 aor. |>a8s.) ; Ja,j^;c* gair 

Incorporate, v.a. (blend) 



halat, yahlm; g**jama',yajina'. 
— (embody) f*-^ joisam, jujeib~ 
iim ; Ti. llu-l ihtalat.yahtalit. 
Imooepokation, k. {mia^turr) H^ 
halt; ^'^^^ ihtiliit; e*i=-' initi- 
zAj.— (fcorfy o/ men) tcW ja- 

Ihcorporeai,, nrTj. Jj** mujermd j 
JU-* ;-* gair JinmAni.y; pA 

Incokuect, od/ ijfi* ;e* ptair nm^- 

inueallat; Jiai- inuhtall. 

Incobrbctnrsb, ». i*- ^ 'adam 
|iljha-t; W* f« 'a Jam ^tal-t ; 1>U 

Ihcobkioible, adj. J-u>-4 3 U yan- 
'adil (3 aor. vir.) ; cS-S' J* S 
la vaqhal al-iflfth ; *! ^4= ) la 
'ilA.] la-hu ; vy=i ^ U yatftb. 


LITT, I. Jl^Sl ili qilla-tai-iu- 
Incorbupt, adj. J— ll ;((* cair ffiaid ; 
u^lW liAli^ ; ^U salih ; ^U 

Incobbuptible, adj. -i— *i S I& ju- 
fawad (3 aor. ii.) ; 14 yufaad 
(3 aor. pass. iv.). — (rwl lo be 
bribed) jeLj, JiW S Ifi yAk.lI bir- 


BiLiTT, g. ji— 1*31 f».ie 'adiim al- 
infiBiid. — (in(tyri'(y) t^ jaliib i 
Jo^r^^ J^ ,»>' 'udaoi qal'ftl ^- 
Incobbuption, (. .iLjuSI |hW 'adam 

InCBSABE, «. iJljJ ziySda-t; JljJjl 

izdiyAd ; jeiii taksir ; /^ takA- 

jur; ^ numii-w. 
Inobbahb, t),u. j^ zawnad, yuzaw- 

wid ; jii kit}9ar, yuka^s^ir; UlcU 

^A'af , yudA'if ; n. ^M zAd, yaz!i3 ; 

jIjjI iblAd. yazdad; Ui namA, 

j'aoiuii ; ^ kabir, yakbar. 
Incbediblb, adj. JJ^ 3 lA yata- 

faddaq (^ aor. v.). 
Incbeoiblbnkbs, Incbedibilitt, 
jLfjcSl |>Ac '^am al i'tibAr; 

^a-J( fi.^ (je cj^ cr^^ uji 

kauo ai-*i'-y hArij 

NCEEDCLors, adj. jUioJI Jh bati 
al-i'tiqAd; .Hifc* ^t jr'^''" mu't*- 
qid ; J(.wai JJJ qalil at-ta(diq. 


t. jOucSI ^ 'adam &l-i'tiqAd ; 
^jl^\ , 'ailaiu at-ta^diq. 
KCBiuisATB, V. ftf tahaHi, Tathim. 
rcEUBT, B. (iciiA morlar, Ae.) trJ 
l&bbas, yulabbis ; ^^ layyaa, 
yuluvvia. — (untk preci 
Sc.) e-j raj?a', yu: 

iNCBUBTATiON, «. t.rflo'' talyis ; gc*|l 

NcnBATiON, ». (jO' J* J'J'j ruq4d 

'ala-'l-bed ; ^j-t-- hadn. 
Inccbcs, «. a*J**^ kAbi'lH (p!, u*^y 

Tnculcatb, v. JkJI j* Ji1> tabs' fi- 

'l-'ftql. ya^ba'. 
SCOMBENCI, ». (_dulii) i-jJ li«i- 

ma-t (pi. |>j1)) lawAxim); ^^j 

waiiU-t; yij* far^ ((d. >V 

firfid, yij;* furdd)- 
Incumbent, ud;. (•jS lAziui ; *<-*^j 

J* wAjib 'ala. 

[COB, V. J*'«-l isla'hal, yasta'liil t 

i—M ^ s-W- jalali 'alu naf»-hu, 

yajlib. — (incur debU) (ji^r !»- 

day y an, yatadayyan. 

rcuRABLE, a4j. V 4l irf mi U-bn 

dawA ; U E^ 1 lA 'ilAj la-hu. 
ncdbablbness, ». E*^^ r*» •adam 

.NCUBSIOR, 8, i—^ kahso-t ; /■■»• 

bujitm; i|jl* gAziya-t (pi. te/jj* 

^azawAt) ; Ej^ gAra-t. 

IDEBTED, adj. (ift drff; OJ*-** 

iiiadyun. — (oblig^) uyi*- uutui- 


TDECENCT, ». i*y ^ -adHlll Mji- 

qa-t ; £x^^ fal?isa-i. 
NDBCKNT. mtj. ^'i je^ gair Uviq ; 

•,-*lj ;e* gair wAjib ; u*-*^ 'itii- 
NDicisioN, >. ftiill Hi qiilat al. 

'azra-, uL>^e>- b^m-t; ^,''^^ irtJ- 

yAb; JOji Itimddiid. 
MDECiBivi:, adj. (-Ulj wAqif; j^ 
' gair 'Atim ; ^c»m muta^v* 




jir ; v»Vf^ murt&b ; ^\ ^ J*y> 

miiiaraidid fi amri-hi. 
Indeclinable, adj, ^yi^ jpt gair 

muD^arif ; ^ ^ ♦■ ^ jt^ gair muta- 

Indecorous, adj, <3t!l ^ gair lajiq ; 

^v-^^^ ;«^ g&ir adib. 
Indecorum, «. v»*>\ f»*^ 'adam 

adab ; ^0 f*<^ 'adam lijftqa-t. 
Indeed, cLdv, '\^ ]>aqqan; 'Ua^ 

lt^aqi(|atan ; AiaO\ ^ fi-'l-f^i- 

Indbpatiojlble, adj, J^ 3 ^ J^ 3 

li jakill wa la yamuU ; s-^*^ 3 

la jat*ab. 
Indefeasible, adj, JVW)\ ^2^X4^^ 

gair mumkin ai-ib^al ; Jy ) lA 

juradd ; j^t^ ) la jatagajyar. 
Indefensible, adj. (inexctuable) 

jStii\ QiA*^ mumtani' al-'u?r. — 

(ineawibU of defence) {^^'•^ *e* 

2a^^juJ\ gair mumkin aUmuda- 

Indefinable, adj, «JkiyuS\ g « »>« 

mum tan i* at-ta'rif. 
Indefinite, adj. «yw* ^ gair 

ma^diid; ^ ir>* mubham; ^ 

(;^oAs^ gair muta'ajjin. 

InDEFINITSNESS, $, ijit^\ f»*l^ 

'adam at-ta'jin; jl^j^\ ^ 
'adam at-t&^did. 

Indelible, adj. ^J^*l 3 la 
(3 aor. pass.) ; (,/*-4Ji| ) la yu^a...- 
mas (3 aor. pass. 11.). 

Indelicacy, s. li>\^ f^^ *adam ^arA- 

Indelicate, adj, Ukj^k ^ giir 
zarif ; ^^ ^ gair na'im ; ^^ 
galis (pi. iU giliz). 

Indemnify, i;. ^ ^tfi 'awwa^ 
"ala, ju'awwi4 ; Sj^«-^ A«le ^^ 
'awwad ale-hu al-bas&ra-t, ju- 

Indemnity, s. ^y *iwad (pL o*^^\ 
a'wa4) ; U^f^ ta*wi4. — {exemp- 
tion from punishment) v^^-*J^ f»J^ 
*adam al-qif Af . 

Indent, v, {^^^ sannan, jusauuin ; 
)»- t^azz, ^a^uzz; yt*-) ilj^tazz, 
jabtazz. — (covenant) i;U i&rat> 
\ u»ari( ; lyli^ isUrati yastarit. 

Indentation, •• B»-y tasnin; 

utl,^^ tal^bik. 
Indenture, $, ^^ l^^^art nama-h ; 

4b-^u JL-^ <ahd n&ma-h ; v»^ 

kitdb (pi. w^ kutub); i^ 

bujja-t (pi. ^^1^ bujaj). 
Independence, Independency, s. 

JUx.«^ istiqal ; \jJa^\ istigni ; liy^ 

Independent, adj, J fa ^i*^ musta- 

qili ; ;Uai^ muttar ; jf^ mnX- 

laq ; ^j»A ^ *^ mustagui. 
Indescribable, adj, UUji 3 li 

yiifaf ; '^ (^^^ 3 \k jumkin 

Indestructibility, s. f\J^1\ f^A» 

'adam al-inhidam ; v*^;^^^ f»*i^ 

'adam al-harab. 
Indestructible, adj, f»J^ 3 \k 

janhadim (3 aor. vii.) ; aU«i 3 

la yahlik ; v»/^- ^ 1& ju^rab. 
Index, «. J«So dalil (pi. ^j\ adU- 

la-t, J|3»> dalajil).— (0/ a 6ooit) 

sA^j^ fihrist (pi. u-j^ faharis, 

Indicate, v. J^ jUi\ sM,r ila,yuiir ; 

J^ Jo dall *ala, yadull. 
Indication, s, ^j<*»\ ii&ra-t; ^l«> 

dalala-t ; J^\ izhkr ; l^U <alA. 

Indicative, a^j JJ*> dalil; JU 

Indicative, «. (iit grammar) W 

^yj J«AJ\ bina al.li4 li-'r-raf*. 
Indict, v. ^^ f^ taham bi; jat- 

hum; ^ o^\ 'idtaka 'ala, 

Indictment, s. U^ tuhma-t (pL 

^ tuham) ; h^iM iikaja-t ; \/^ 

Indifference, $, aj>j^ burdd»-t; 

JUa\ ibm&l; J^Wf tabimul; Al 

Use\ qilla-t i*tiD&. 
Indifferent, ad/, {the eame to) 

bjjA \y^ sawa 'iiid-hu. — {carelete) 

J*U gatil; jg\ J^ bali.j al. 

bal ; v>«W^ mutahamil. — (/MMt- 

able) ^^ {^ bain bain. 
Indigenous, adj, *^ ^sH^ ibn balad ; 

<^*^ baladi-j ; {^f^ mutawa^* 



Imdioknt, adj. je^ faqir (|il. \^ 

fuqarfl); (j - i^- " miakin (pi. 

(j^L_j minjiktin) ; c^**^ mohlAj ; 

^J~ii' muflis iu^^ mai'AliB)^ 

.fljU- ^u'luk (pi. u^U' ^'lilikj. 
In mo EST ED, urfj. f^ ^ ^* p* gair 

nmnhafjim. — (not- arranged) jot 

fajlux gair uiaDEum ; s-^^^^s^ gair 

ISDiOESTiBLE, adj. ,»4»ii S lii yan- 

ha^im ; r^^ r"* '^is'^ al-hatlm ; 

^j wabim ; ^\ aL[i(. 
IkdioE8tion, «. ''**' tuhma-t ; i*if 

Ihihoni-NT, adj. (jV** ga<Jban (pi 

^\^ gi4>>b) ; v}^ ga^ub. 
Ikdiomation, 8. s-** ga(.iab. 
Ibdiokity, s. *»lti qabalja-t j j*. 

fwJ st)-y qabilj i i_r*^ ts^ ^e-J" 


Inoioo, *. Jgi nil ; Jlei t)i)a-t. 

IlfDIKBCT, adj. (W^ii— ;e* gair mu8- 
laqiin ; Jo* ^ gair 'adil ; ^f^ 
muitaw! ; ■Jj**- muiiharif. 

Indisc'KEET, adj. u^^^ %&y\i ; JbI* 
jle-»)\ qalil ttl-imtij-Hz; jei^ it 
bi-la tatlbir ; J^ fuduli-j. 

Inbihobetiln, «. i»^ (ij'iisa-t; 
£1U gafla-t -, l»<4 f^ 'adain ba- 
(ira-t; jW^Si ^ qillat al-imti- 
ySz; Jj^ fudul. 

ItJDiBCBiuiHATi:, a4f->«*' ^ \ji-\k 
tamyii ; J;i ii bi-lft farq ; jet 
jj;*- gair uiafrflq ; f^ •aram. 

iNDiSPBNaABLE, adj. \Sj>j* ^)arflri-y ; 
|.j3 lAzim ; V-**) WBJib. 

Imdispobe, v. (digardet-) i>j* saw- 
was, yuAawwiS, — (dmncline) 
^ s-**! ag^&b 'ala, jugijib. — 
(make unfit) u-^ 'akkas, ju'ak- 
kis; )*cl a"jaK, yu'jiz. 

Ibdibphskd, adj. {ill) ljx.1 ^ Je 
'ala guir istiwA ; \J'f^^ musaw- 

Inoisfobition, «. {tliyht dUixue) 
ot<jAJ taiwii; iWej da"bala-t. — 
(dislike) i^^ ga4bD.t. 

IUD18PUT1.BLB, adj. ^'>»«3' Jt* ;«* 


gair qnbil al-i'tiriid ; J_-e»^^— ^ 
icjUJI mustahil al-uiuDiiza'a-t ; 
e^U qAti'; |J^ M ^ m» £i-Iu 
Ikdisputablbnesh, ». ,j*<f tayaq- 

qun ; (je* yaqiD. 
Indisbolubility, «. j:^^ ^ 'adam 
inhilal; ^l^Si *u! -adkin al-in- 
Indissolcble, adj. JJ«p 3 lA j-o- 
hallal (3 aor. pass, ii.) ; J*^ S 
la yanljaU (3 aor. vii.). 
Ikdistinct, adj. ^j> jgt gair ^arib ; 
^U. j^ gair jafi ; yil* ^ gair 
bi'iyin ; ^*** jt* gair muniajjax. 
Indistinctness, s.j^e^ll ,»u 'adam 
al-imtiyaz ; t^'^ f^ 'adam al- 
idiib 1 JU.\^1 ^t^c 'adam a;-faiai- 
Indibtinodibhable, adj. ^t-n 3 la 
yumayyaz (3 aor. pa«8. ii.) ; jo* 
ye*^ gair mulamayyiK. 
InDiTE, V. J- tDalla, yuDialli ; J^l 

^ amla 'ala, yumli. 
Individdal, s. uUk* ^bv (pt- 
y-^ai* Suhue, ij=lai*l aihif); Jj* 
lard (pi. V fiiriid, jU^ afrAd) ; 
Jjj zaul (pf. Jljjl azwU). 
Individdai,, adj. J»ljwa^id; jy^* 

Indivisibility, 0.^U.tfS\ ^ 'adam 

Inditibible, adj. •>jli\ .y fard al- 
fard ; f> " »'i 3 la yanqaaim ; ^ 
^e— lill J(U gajr qAbil a'-t&qsir. 
Indocile, odj, J*J1 J*ti ;«* gair 
qAbil at-ta'allum. — (iniraetabit) 
eii ^ gair (Ayi' ; ^ j^ gair 
Indoctrinate, h. ^ 'allam, yu- 

Indolence, «. J— i kasaJ; jly ta- 

wnni ; JU*! ihmal. 
Indolent, adj. ^J^r^ riiut&wiini; 

J'lftM mutahnmil; Jt^ gafil; 

oi-i kaslAn (pi. JLl kaala, 

JUSka»alu)i j*tSkalill. 
Indomitable, adj. ^ 1 U juqbar; 

g** 3 la yuqma' (a aor. ]iasB.). 
Indoub. adj. J*-^-» dnljil. 




Indubitablb, adj, *mU> M ^ ma 

fi-hi sakk. 
Induce, v. ^^^ harrak, yu^rrik; 

oV^ t^rra^, yuharriiji ; c5*>^ adda, 

Inducbmbnt, 8. v*^/ targib ; j^f" 

Induct, v, J^*> dahhal, judahhil ; 

J*-*>\ adhal, yudhil. 
Induction, s. (introduction) J)*-*> 

duhiil ; J*M**« miidhal, mudhil. — 

{inference) ,j*W* qiyas (pi. L^\ 

aqyiaa-t) ; l^^^ natija-t Qd. 

^.^ natayij). 
Inductive, adj, o^«^ natiji-y. 
Indulge, v, £*^ i^iiwa*, yu'^awi* ; 

J ^4^ 8amal> li, yasinah ; ^^^^ 

ft^W rR*a hatir-hu, yura*i ; ^t 

agda, yugdi. 
Indulgence, «. ^^\L« mu^iiwa'a-t ; 

tU^ 8aina|> ; a ^ A,.,,» musuma- 

ha-t ; U*\ igija. 
Industrial, adf/. (referring to in- 
dustry) ^^J^ 9ana*i-y. 
Industrious, adj. (diligent) 

muitahid ; JUbV^ mujahid ; 

labib ; i*A s-^^ fa^ib himiua-t ; 

•M^ uiuqayyad. 
Industry, «. (arU) ^^^^ a?- 

fanayi*. — (diligence) '>^^s^\ ijti- 

had ; •^^ jahd ; J^ taqayyud ; 

,^^ sa*i ; J^ jidd. 
Indweller, s, {j^^ sakin (pi. 

C>^^ Bukk&D) ; (^U qa(in (pi. 

<^Urf qu^tan). 
Inebriate, r. y^ sakkar, yusak- 

kir ; /^\ askar, yuskir. 
Inebriation, Inebriety, s. ^ 

Bukr ; Ij^ sakra-t. 
Ineffable, adj, uu^ H lAyusaf; 

,j^ 3 la yu^ka (3 aor. pass.). 
Inefpectite, Ineffectual, In- 
efficient, Inefficacious, adj, 

yu^ j^ gair inuta*a.HMir ; J^W 

batil ; J^U ^ gair *ainil ; ^ 

JUA gair fa"al. 
Inefficact, Inefficiency, %, ^^ 

AekVA)\ *adain aUf&'iliya-t. 
Inelegance, «. li\^ f»J^*adani az« 

zarafa-t; ^^ f^^ *adam bah« 


Inelegant, adj. «-A4;^ ^e* gfair 

zarit' ; ^ ;«^ gair bahij. 
Inklioible, adj, j^ 5 la yuhtar ; 

&)U^\ ^^L^ H la yumkin intihab- 

Ineloquent, adj, ^©-^ y^ gair 

Inept, adj, v3i5 ;«* gair layiq ; jt^ 

;l.Ui gair sa^ir ; [^^\ J^ii qalil 

Ine(^uality, «. 5\^U-^ f»-^ft 'adam 

musawat; uJ!iu«*\ ihtilaf; J/ 

Inert, acfj. ^^^fi^ jt^ gair muta- 

^arrik ; ^^\ ^*^ *adiin al-l^ara- 

ka-t; jA^kahil; Jk ba^i-y. 
Inertness, %, iSj^ f^a *adam ^ara- 

Inestimable, adj, ^^ aJ U ma la- 

hu qiina-t; ^^ aJ U ma la-hu 

Inevitable, adj, 6j^ ^ 3 la mifarr 

min-hu ; ^^\ ^^^^U^ ^ gair mum- 
kin al-tirar; ^o^ oi ^ 1^ budd 

Inexcusable, adj, j«W !) la yu*zar 

(3 aor. pass.); j^J^»^ jt^ gair 

ma'ziir ; ^Sms^ ^ gair muta^a^- 

Inexhaustible, adj, ^/i !) la yaf- 

rag ; J^ 3 la yanfad ; ^y^ 5 la 

Inexorable, adj, ^^ S la yalin ; 

f^ji 5 la yar^am ; i*^; ;•* ^:)^ 

min gair m^ma-t. 
Inexpediency, t, SoiW ^ *adam 

al-tayida-t ; a^^-^UJ^ fii^ *adam 

Inexpedient, adj, ^M ^ gair 

nafi* ; .XeA* ^ gair muHd ; jt^ 

sJ^^X* ^^^^ muwafiq; s-^^^ jt^ 

gair wajib. 
Inexpensive, adj, i^^^j rahi?. 
Inexperience, 8, i^ Ail qillat 

hubra-t; ^^ gaiiimiya-t. 
Inexperienced, adj, i^\ JJi* 

qalil al-hubra-t ; ^•e-ft^ gaiim (pi. 

W.4^ gusama). 
Inexpert, adj, y^U ^ gair ^^ir; 

7»^;o^gair mahir; j5 ;•* gair 





Inexpiable, adj, y^ ^ la yugfar 

(8 aor. pass.) ; y^^^^^Ht 1) la jus- 

tAj^far (3 aor. pass. x.). 
Inexplicable, adj. tr^ ^ 1^ yu^- 

rah (3 aor. pass.) ; j^J^ j la 

yatafassar (8 aor. v.). 
Infallibility, s. tA*!^ ^^^ j»Usc^ 

i'ti^am min al-galat ; {^ ^••>'«^ 

VL5a3\ *i8nia-t *an al-hata\ 
Infallible, adj. laU5\ ^ (V*^ 

ina^^iim miu al-galaf. 
Infamous, adj. Cr**^ mafijuh ; ^-s^ 

fadih ; cs!y^ mahtiik. 
Infamy, 8. &«^ fadiha-t (pi. ^Ua 

t'aclayih) ; ;^ *ar; s-^e *aib (pi. 

v>^ *uyub) ; vtJUfe hatk. 
Infancy, s. ^y^ tufula-t; i^s3yd» 

Infant,' s. JaX» tafl, tifl (pi. J^^ 

atfal, Jy^ tuful). 
Infanticide, «. jil Jj;* qatl ^ifl. 
Infantile, adj, ^J*^ tiSi-y ; «4;** 

Infantey, 8, 5^-A^ ^^Ux 'asakir mu^- 

Infatuate, v. UUAi sagaf, yas^af ; 

^^ walla*, yuwalli*. 
Infatuation, «. UUAi sagaf ; ^JM^ 


Infect, v. W *ada, ya'du ; ^j^ 

sara, yasri. — {corrupt) JuJ^ af- 

sad, yufsid. 
Infection, s. S^ac *adwa-t ; 4^ 

waba ; A|\^ sarriva-t ; A»U\ i^a- 

Infectious, adj. ^^Ait* mu*di ; v^jU 

Infer, t\ {^ c^=^*-^ istantaj min, 

yastantij ; ,jJLc JJ^i-\ istadall 

*ala, yiistadill. 
Inferable, adj. JSjls-3\ J»U qabil 

al-istidlal ; ^^ yuntaj. 

Inference, s. ^^c^ natija-t (pi. 
jjUi iiatayij); y-V^i qiyas (pi. 
i— -J»^ ac^yisa-t). 

Inferior, a(//. J^\ adna; J*-^ 
asfal, f. yJJ^ suHa (pi. J*^^ asa- 
lil; ; J»5^ auta ; J*\ aqall. 

Inferiority, 8. k^^ danaya-t ; 

Infernal, ctdj. ^ j » e ^» ja^imi-y; 

^^5«j^ jahannami-y. 
Infest, v. s^*^ 'a?zab, ju'azfib; 
^j\ az'aj, yaz'ij; Js\ aif^ 


• * * 

Infidel, adj,, 8, /V^ kafir (pi. i^ 

kuffar, i/^ kafara-t), f. ijk\i U- 

fira-t (pi. ;A\^ kawafir). 
Infidelity, 8. /^ kufr ; (^U^ knf- 

rao ; {^'i^\ f^ 'adam aa-din.— 

(faithle88ne88) ^y\ f»J^ 'adam al* 

Infinite, adj, ^V^ a) U ma la-ha 

nihaya-t ; J»sc 1) la yuhadd ; S 

^^^ la tuhfa; ,^^5^ ^ gair 

Infinitive, 8, (in grammar) y>^ 

niafdar (pi. ^jU** mafadir). 
Infinity, 8, ^a^\ ^^j^ 'adamat- 

tahdid ; l^^\ f^s^ 'adam an-nihi- 

Infirm, adj. iJ^«it* da*if (pi. U^i 

du*afa) ; Jftlft 'alii (pi. U\ a'illa); 

J^y* mari4 (pi* o^/* marjla, 

(>^/« mira4) ; fi^ saqim. 
Infirmary, 8, ^r^\ s»-«t bait al- 

marda; \i^\ /a dar a^-nfa; 

(2^UmijU«» bimaristan (vulg. ^U^U 

maristan, Per».). 
Infirmity, 8. «JUt* ^*af; ^ 

mariji (pi. l/V*^ amrad); Ut 

<illat (pt. ^ 41al) ; a*^ <&ha-t 
Inflame, v.a. j«»> ^araq, ya|^riq; 

•vi^^ auqad, y&qid ; ^y^ ^'u, 

yas'al; n. jy^^ i^taraq, ya)^- 

tariq; s-^^ iltahab, yaltahib. 
Inflammability, «. j\ys».S\ UU 

qabiliya-t al-if^tiraq. 
Inflammable, odi. *»^f»U multa- 

Inflammation, «. s^WsS^ iltihib; 

j^y^t i^tirAq ; 5;\j»> (^ai4r^t; 

h)^ uariya-t {of the eyes). 
Inflammatory, adj. j^^^ mu^q; 

^3;^ nari-y; jU. t'l'r ; Vi^^ 

Inflate, v. ^ nafah, jan&b; 

naffah, yunaffib. 
Inflation, g. ^ nafb; t^^ intip 

InflscTi v. «JkU *attaf| 7U*aKi'i 




_ l^ana, jaf^it; (^anna, ju- 
l^aQQl. — {grammaiieiUly) sjj^ far- 
raf, yujarrif. 

Ihflbction, 8, UkLo *a^f ; Ja^ mail. 
— {of words) U^x^ tafrif; sJj^ 
farf . — (intonation) ^^^M nagma-t ; 
(^ Lilian (pi. (^0\ all^aD, (^^ 
lu^tln) ; «A>^ f)f» nahza-t faut. 

IvFLBXiBiLiTY, 8, U«c«!l\ ^ajkc *adaai 
aUiuhina; Ai^iiiS^ ^^oa *adain al- 
•a^Afa-t; *>Uft *inad. 

Inflexible, adj\ {^ jt^ gair lay- 
jin ; v.y^^^ ^ la yanl>ani (3 aor. 
VII.); ik^\ ^.iD 'adiin aU'atu- 
fa-t. — {unyielding) "M* 'auid ; 
J4*xife 8adid. 

Inflict, r. ^j-»l qa(Ja, yaqcjii; f^ 
^akain, yalikiim (^V^ij &^ 
*ale-hi hi-'l-ipfaB) ; s-^^ ^aqab, 
yu*&qib; ^^^^ qAf j,^, ymjAfiuj. 

Infliction, 8. ^^"^ L»yi^ l^ukii- 
ma-t bi-qi^. 

Inflobbscbnce, «. jUj\ izhar ; j^^J^ 
izdihar ; j^/*3^ izhinHr. 

Influence, «. ;e>v* ta's'ir; ^^^ 
^ukm ; ijSi qudra-t. 

Influence, v, ^j^ ^ ansar fi, yu- 
'ajssir ; ^y J^^ 'ainil fi, ya*iual. 

Influential, adj, ii^i s-^^ ?atib 
(judni-t ; ;»>U (jadir ; ) 5y^ s-»»^ 
yjuJt faliib quwwa-t wa iqtidar. 

Influenza, 8, £|y nazla-t (pi. J^ 

Influx, Influxion,«. J^*> dujjul; 
N^W«i*^ iof ibab. 

Inform, v, j^ habbar, yubabbir ; 
j^^ ah bar, yuhbir ; f^\ a'lam, 
yu'liiu. — {ajainst a person) {^)^ 
^J^ ^*a«rau *ala, yata^awan ; ^^« 
N^ 8a*a bi, yas*a ; %t» o^^ wa^ bi, 

Inpokxation, f. pd, habar (pi. j^\ 
ahtiar) ; ^et^'* tahbir ; f»^ ta'lim ; 
f^\ i'lAiu. — (accumtion) h^) 
wiMtya-t ; i^U« vraya-t. 

Infokmeb, 8. yfj^ xiiubbir; (K* 
iDuballig. — (<iccu8er) ^J\^ *iw&- 
ni-y ; jU* gaminaz ; ^\y wait 
(pi. «A>L^ wu>«it) ; fUi nam- 

Infraction, «. v/* d^4; t^ 

fasb ; vA^ naks ; 4*^ ta'di- 

Infrequency, 8, iyi^\ i^ qiUat al- 

wuqu*; *>^y^ ^ qillat a]-wuj6d. 
Infrequent, adj. j^\i nadir; J*!* 

tf^^ qalil al-wuq6*. 
Infringe, v. jUk naqacji, yanqu4 ; 

(^ fasah, yafsah ; <^J«7 ta'adda. 

Infringement, «. (j^ naq4. 
Infuriate, v. gei^ hayyaj, yuhay- 

yij ; s— *^^ ag4Al>» yug^i^* » ^^^ 

Infuse, v. ff^ naqa', yanqa' ; naq- 

qa*, yiinaaqi*. — {inspire) ^\ 

alh.iin, vulhiin. 
Infusion, 8, g» naq* ; gyB nuq(i' ; 

(eA naqi*. 
In JENIOU8, adj. y^U mahir ; ^^ 

zaki-y ; {^^ zahiu ; ,»e«A fabim. 
Ingeniousnebs, Ingenuity, s. &^^3 

zakawa-t ; ^i zihn (pi. (^UJ\ 

azhan) ; i<-*\^ firasa-t. 
Ingenuous, adj. j^U fadiq ; ^JA>^>• 

iiiuhli? ; ^j*U 9afi ; ^^U. hAli? ; 

gjL. sadij. 
Ingenuousness, s. jx« ^idq ; lk\x» 

9ada(pi-t ; f^U* 9 ifuwa-t ; \^^ 

hulu? ; i«* ^'U^ halaf niya-t ; 

X^^JL* sadaja-t. 
Inglorious, adj. JeW ^ ^air 

jalil ; t;'^*^;^^ gJiir tnamd6h. 
Ingot, s. ^^e t « sabika-t (pi. oXilt-. 

Ingraft, v. fj^ tA^^'am, yuta**iin. 
Ingrain, v. ^ 9abag, ya^bug; 

fabbag, yufabbig. 
Ingrate, 8. jy^ yt^ gair iak(ir; 

vJ^j;*J\ ^ imkir aUina'riif. 
In<}ratiate, v. MUjl«\ itttamal, yas- 

tainil ; w AU aJ V ista*tal ; yasta*tif. 
In<jratitude, 8. i^yi^^ fJ^ *a<lam 

iiiainiiuniya-t ; wJ^i^-iuJ^ o^r~^ 

(^L-^3^j iiukraD alnia*nif (al- 

iljsau) ; (1^mj1\) Je^\ ^^\^ kuf- 

raii al-jainil (an-ui*nia-t;. 

IngREI>IENT, 8. yy^ juzft (pi. \y^\ 

Ingress, #. J^a-j diiljul 
Ingulf, v. ^ bala*, yabli' ; ^\ 

ibtala', yabtali*. 




Inhabit, v, ^J^ {^^ sakan fi, yaB- 

kun; ^* Jtoi qa^an fi, yaqtun; 

^yu.\ istautan, jastautin. 
Inhabitable, adj. <j'^— «« yansakin 

(3 aor. VII.) ; ^ « ■ < ■ 13 s-^^ mu- 

nrisib li - *8 - HakaDa-t ; j^— •— it« 

Inhabitant, s. (;>^ sAkin (pi. ^jVX- 

sukkan) ; {^^ qiitin (pi. (^VLi 

quttuu) ; (J V>j ? >• mutawattin ; 

^ys^^^ mustautin. 
Inhalation, s. fj-^us taDaffus. 
Inhale, v. ^r^ tanaffas, vatanaf- 

fas ; ^ jsamm. yasunim. 
Inharmonious, adj. a.uJ\ ^j^ 

'adim an-nagnia-t. 
Inhere, v. <3-a^^ iltasaq, jaltasiq ; 

^3lsc\ i*talaq, ya*taliq; j^jS lazam, 

Inherence, «. jV-as3\ iltiRaq ; j)bft\ 

i*tilaq ; i^jlt* miilazama-t. 
Inherent, adj. ^J^ hulqi-y ; ^JLo\ 

asli-j ; fj\^ zati-v ; ^.sW jibil- 

Inherit, v. ^y waras, yaris. 
Inheritance, a. *i>;^ irs ; i*\j^ wi- 

rasa-t ; ^yt^ minis (pi. ^i^^y 

mawaris) ; A^y tarika-t. 
Inhospitability, 8. l~i\t^\ ^J^ 

*adam ad-diyafa-t. 
Inhospitable, atlj. cjVe-i*^ pair 

inidyaf ; cJLj-4/«^ jjair mudif. 
Inhuman, ar//. &,siL-i) aJ U ma la- 

Im insaniya-t ; a^ d3 U ma 

la-hu rahnia-t ; ifiAAj\ ^.xe *adim 

Inhumanity, s. (iLjiL-iS\) J^auui^ ^jlc 

*adam as - safaqa-t (al - insani- 
ya-t) ; ^ ziihii ; SjL-5 qasa- 

Inimical, adj. v^^^J^ *adawi-y ; 

c-AJVa^ muhalif. 
Inimitable, adj. Jlasj S la yuta- 

kallad (3 aor. pass, v.) ; ijj-s^* ^ 

pair nuitatal>ba* ; J^**^ ;** gair 

Iniquitous, adj. J^U ^_^ pair 

*adil ; c-*U»S\ J J* qalil al-insaf; 

aX cJU\ >J la insaf la-hu; *^^ 

zalini ; f^\ a^^iin. 
Iniquity, «. aJ\jjJ\ ^^jlc 'adam al- 

<ad&la-t; sJU\ Al qillat infaf; 
^ zulm ; j)^ jaur. 
NiTiAL, adj, <^\asi^ ibtidfii-y ; Jj^ 

NITIALS, #. 4\aS}\ wJjj^ YiMxhi ibti- 

nitiate, 17. (instruct in the rvdi' 

ments) J^^^ ^ 'allam al-n^ol, 

yii*alliin. — (give entrance) J*j\ 

adhal, vudhil. 
NiTiATiON, #. ^^tiUi ta*liiii; JUjI 

id hill. 
NJECT, v. ^ * ff ^» > l» ^ babh bi-*l- 

mihqana-t, yabuhh ; (^^ haqan^ 

NJECTioN, s. (act of injecting) ^ 

bahb ; ^•r*'- buhbiiha-t. — [tiqitid 

injected) M^ huqna*t. 
NJUDicious, adj, l\iSmJt\ J«U qalil 

al-ibtiyat ; jjfl ». ' i\ JJli qalil it- 

tamyiz ; l^ aS U nia la-hu ba^i- 

ra-t; J^ «^ j6^ LTiir inata*ain- 


NJUDICIOU8NE88, 8. JB*|3\ Ai qOkt 

al-'aql ; >w4^\ ^^J^ 'afiam at-tam- 

yiz ; i^e^^ (••>£ 'adani al-lofiim-t. 
NJUNCTioN, 8, ft^ hukm (pi. f^^ 

ahkam) ; y»\ amr (pi. ;*y awi- 

mir) ; ^^ wafiya-t (pi. V|Uj 

NJURE, ». ;-6 daiT, yaduiT ; ^^ 

dArar, vudarir; r^^ adarr, vudirr. 
NJURI0U8, adj. ^-4* mu^irr; ;^ 

darr ; v^"^^ niftzi ; ^Uk salim. 
s'juRY, 8, \y»* darar ; ly^ madar- 

ra-t ; h^ aziya-t ; U^ mazb- 

ma-t ; ^V.«fi^ nuqsan ; SjLi-<> han- 

NJUSTiCE, 9. AW f»ae 'adam ^adi^ 

la-t ; sJ^^\ Ai qilla-t infaf; f^ 

zulm ; ;^ jaur. 
NK, 8. y^ hibr ; ^^J^ uiidad. 

NKSTAND, #. *s>^^*> dawAt; *|^jJ cUf 

wAya-t ; S;**^ mahbara-t, mH- 

bara-t (pi. ;»W« tnababir). 
NLAND, 8. Jis-U dahil; j^ J*^ 

dAhil al-barr. 
NLAY, V. {-) rassaS jurasai': ^ 

qallam, yuqalliin. 
NLET, 8. (entrance) M^^ mad^ 

— (6ay) ;/► haur (pl.;V^ •fe**')- 




Inmate, s, ^a^^\ yt\ ^ min abl 

al-bait; Jec 'ajyal (pi. JW^ 

*iyttl, JiW« *ayayil). 
Inmost, Innermost, adj. J^^S^ aU 

Inn, 8, (^W hau (pi. «wl>U. hanat) ; 

Jyi^ manzil (pi. Jj^ manazil) ; 

ftj^^y lokanda-h. 
Innate, adj. ,^^^ ^abi*i-y ; ^^jtjt 

garizi-y ; J*^ jibilli-y. 
Innbb, oidj. {further in) J-*-^^ 

a<lhaL — {interior) J*-^*> dahil ; 

(^V^ ba(in. 
Inn-keepeb, «. J>^^ s-^U fA^ib 

al-manzil; o^i^ maiizilji; ,jr^ 

h4nji; ftJ^^yst s^U fa^ib al- 

Innocence, 8. £«x«fi *ifuia-t; l^^ 

barara-t ; s-^^ ^^ salamat al- 

qalb ; ^ naqa ; i^tju. sadaia-t. 
Innocent, adj, s-^^ ^»<A-* salim al- 

qalb ; vj;i bari-y (pi. W;*^ abriya) ; 

jL-i barr (pi. ^ji\ abrar) ; f»^— ••^ 

ma'fiim ; s^U sadij. 
Innocuous, Innoxious, adj, j^ 

^ gair mu^irr; (j«W M ^ m& 

fi-hi bas. 
Innovate, v. «a>j^\ af^da^, yul^dis ; 

Z^ ibtada*, yabtadi* ; tf^\ 

ibtara', ya^tari*. 
Innovation, s. «a>\ j».\ i^d&j ; £^*^^ 

ibtidA* ; t\f^\ ibtirA*. 
Innuendo, «. S;Ui\ isara-t; v— •^ 

gamz ; U^ wam*, wamA ; ^Us ki- 

naya-t ; y»j ramz (pi. j^j ru- 


Innumerable, ck^*. J^t 3 Uyu'add ; 

^j«0^ S U yi4if ;& (3 aor. pass.). 
Inoculate, r. ^ (a^aoi, yu- 

^'*iin ; ^ laqqa^, yulaqqil^. 
Inoculation, «. ^»9«^ ta(im ; ^oAs 

Inodorous, adj. f y ' * >• y^ gair 

Inoffensive, adj. j^ ^ gair mu- 

4irr; ^ 1) U ja4urr; vj*^^ }^ 

gair inu*fi. 
Inoffensiveness, f. h^\ ^^ 'adam 

jif iya-t i if^ ^ *adam nuujiar- 

Inoperative, adj. J^Ve ^»& gair 

'amil ; JU* «fc gair fa"&l ; p^ 

f'^T* ^'^^^ rau^gir. 
Inopportune, adj. &slj j^ s^ & 

gair waqUbu. 
Inordinate, adj. (irregular) jiA 

^P'^ gair ma(jib(it ; (*^^ jc^ gair 

man sum. — (exceisive) l^yu mu- 

f rif ; '^\} zayid; A^^ ^ ^jW 

harij 'an al-^add. 
Inorganic, adj. J^W jamid (pL 

^•-^ jamad, ^^^^^ jaw&mid) ; jt^ 

i^y^ gair *i4wi-y. 
Inquest, 8. j»^ tafa^l^a^ ; £s|U^ 

Inquietude, s. s>^jW\ i^tir&b ; 

il4» balbala-t (pi. J»3ii balabil) ; 

^y^ taiwis ; sj^ qalaq. 
Inquire, t;. (ask for) f ^^" \ istaf- 

ham, vastafhiin; j ra k . ? J istahbar, 

yastabbir (both with ^J^ (^ 'an 

se-y) ; o'«ft^^ istaqya, yastaqfi. 

—(examine) ,j»^ taifal^a^, yata- 

fa^ha? ; ^^-^^n ba^ag, yabf^. 
Inquiry, 8. (question) f\s^\ istif- 

hatn ; jWa^^^ isti^bar ; ^ -4? «1 

istif sar. — («earcA for) ^y^ ta- 

t'abl^uf; <>-»stf taftM; ^A^^. 

Inquisitive, adj. JsAj^ mudft^l; 

^■< A? .,.>» mugtaqfi. 
Inquisitivenbss, 8. i^\j^ mudi- 

bala-t; UA&«\ istiqfA. 
Inquisitor, 8. iJi'J^ mufatti^. 
Inroad, s. (encroachment) vJ*xaJ 

ta'addi ; J^^ ta^iwul. — (tntro- 

sion) ij^ gara-t ; i»^ kabsa-t. 
Insalubrious, adj. )\^ migyir; 

f^y^^ wabiim ; ^^ wabim. 
Insane, adj. oV^^^ majniin (pi. 

^W^ majanin) ; \J»^^ maltui^ ; 

N^U*« mufab. 
Insanity, 8. (^•a^ juniin; W jin- 

na-t ; JU. balal. 
Insatiability, ac^j. £t^ f^ 'adam 

as* sab'. 
Insatiable, adj. ^^M ) li jaiba' ; 

QiJk S la yaqna'. 
Inscribe, v. ^j raqam, yarqum; 

raqqam, yuraqaim; s-*a katab, 
yaktub. — (dedicate) v^ vJ*^^ 

ahda kitab, yuhdi. 





Inscription, «. ^Vi^ kitAba-t. — {of 

a hook) tj^y* *aiiwan. 
Inscrutable, adj, *sJ;J« . S la yud- 

rak; (jafcr 5 la yuhfa? (3 aor. 

Inscrutableness, 8, *^\jJ^\ ^ 

'adam al-idrak. 
Insect, #. Sy^ ^a^ara-t ; ^^*> du- 

Insecure, adj. ^^^ A^ji U ma fi-hi 

aman ; {^t^\ jt^ gair amin ; <..&«ab^ 

Insecurity, s. (^^\ *!* qillataiuan ; 

vJ^ hauf ; y»Vafc^ muhatara-t. 
Insensate, adj, oy^^^ majniln (pi. 

(j^V^H* majanin). 
Insensibility, s. y*L-ft.!J) ^^e *adam 

al-ihsas ; ;.;^) j**^ 'ad am al- 

hasB. — (duljiess) i*^^ bariida-t. 
Insensible, ac(/. (without percep- 
tion) u^\ <^J^ 'adim al-hass. — 

(imperceptible) (j^y^*^* yt^ gair 

Inseparability, #. ^3^^-A>!J\ ^.xc 

'adam al-infiraq, <&c. 
Inseparable, adj, jy^ ^ la yan- 

fariq ; J*-^ 5 la jaDhall (3 aor. 

VII.) ; JU4>1J^ ^jjX^^^ gair mum- 
kin al-infipill; *4JLj:Ai3\ g- iJ.»» 

mumtani' al-infikak. 
Insert, v. J*.^\ adhal, yudhil ; ^y 

wallaj, yuwallij ; ^y\ aulaj, yii- 

lij I J^ ^^^ a^af ila, yudif . 
Insertion, s. tk"^ ilaj ; J^*>^ id- 

Inside, #., adj. J^-U dahil; ^^^ 

Insidious, adj. j\>i^ gaddar; ;V^ 

makkar ; j^ *ayyar. 
Insidiousness, 8. h/^ makariya-t ; 

^ makr ; a1^ hila-t (pi. J«^ 

Insight, «. £jJ>i fitna-t; ^^ fi^a- 

na-t ; S^«^ ba^ira-t ; ^ fahm 

(pi. j*^ fuhum) ; Ai^ ma*rifa-t 

(pi. Uj;Ut* ma*arif). 
Insignia, «. ^)Xe 'alama-t (pi. t£>\ 

-at, ^2U *a)avim) ; (^^-i««* ni^an 

(pi. e^e^W nayasin). 
Insignificance, «. <y*« ^ 'adam 


Insignificant, adj. o^** aJ U mi 

la-hu ma*na; Jt^ qalil; ^<> 

Insincere, adj. j*>V« ^ gair 

9adiq ; (joSU. ^ gair halif ; jiJ^ 

(jolae* gair muhlif. 
Insincerity, «. j«a«S^ f*J^ 'adam 

af-9idq ; 63\a^\ ^^sr *adam af- 

^aduqa-t ; v^)U.!l\ |»ae *adam al- 

Insinuate, v. (hint) j^^ asar, 

yusir; ^^ laqqan, yulaqqin; 

^^y wal^a, yaJji. — (push one't 

self into favour) *» ftU u-^ ista'taf, 

Insinuating, adj, ,jiUi«A-\ isti'ta- 

Insinuation, s. (hint) l^\^\ isaim-t 

— (into favour) i^Uauu.^ isti^taf. 
Insipid, adj. a<mI» a) U ma la-hu 

ta*ma-t ; &VS ^ U ma la-hu laz- 

za-t ; ^^ dali' ; 0)V| barid. 
Insipidity, t. iUjiUl ^ *adam at- 

ta'ma-t; &aU1 ^ 'adam al-Iaf- 

Insist, v. ^ lajj, jalijj (with J 

fi, or Jlfi *ala) ; ^J *a-i> fiabhat 

I'i ; yu^abbit. 
Insnare, v. ^\ ^^ gi^\ auqa* fi-'l- 

fahh, yiiqi ; S^\ i^t^d, ja«t«d- 
Insobriety, $. ^ sukr ; S^ lak- 

Insociable, ajy. jAiVa^i S la Tata> 

*asar (3 aor. pass, vi.); s^^ 

Insolence, %. Im^^ waqa^a-t ; J*ii« 

safaha-t; jW ba^ar; am^^ far- 


Insolent, adj. ^^ waqiit^ (p^ t^j 
wuqa^) ; ^kM^ safih (pi. ^ ra- 
faliA) ; rf^ mutakabbir ; 
mutajabbir ; ^ bafir. 

Insolubility, %. JW*3^ ^ 'admi 


Insoluble, Inboltable, adj, (m' 
to he d\%%olmd) ^\^^ ^ 1& yan^ 
(3 aor. VII.) ; J^\ f^'^^^ muB- 
tana* al-]^all. — (not \o ht n^ 
plained) tjM 3 la ju^ikb ; /^ ' 
U jataf aiaar. 





IVSOLTEKCT, 8. ij^\ iflaS ; ;U^\ 

inkisar ; ;— c *iiRr. 

I21SOLVRKT, fld/., #. <jJi&- mufllfl; 
j ^- . O maksiir ; ;— «^ mu'sir. 

Ittbovuch, con;. ^^^ hatta; \^ 
jAaS) bi-hazH al-qadr. 

Ihspbct, v. j^\i nazar, junagir. 

IvspiCTiON, it. S^U* munajara-t. 

Ihspbctob, 8, ^U nasir (pi. j^ 

Inspiration, #. (breathing) {j*J^ 
taiLiffus ; <j«-w nafas. — (revela- 
tion) f^\ ilham ; ^^y wahi (pi. 
i^^^ auhiva-t). 

Inspire, v, (breathe) ^J*J^ tanaffas, 
▼atanaffas. — (^upernaturally) 
,^j waha, yahi ; ^^;^^ auha, 
Tuhi ; f^^ aJham, julliim ; f^^ 
j^atam, jabtim. — (inibufi with) 
*A»jimA al]i4las, vuhdis ; J*-j\ adhal, 
Todhil (both with ^J^ fi). 

Inspirit, v. ^^ Ijiarradt yubarrid ; 
^r-i^; raggab, ^ juragfsrib ; ^ 
nahha, yiinahhi. 

Instability, «. *a>W* ^ qillat sabat ; 
^^ aU qillat qarar. 

Instal. p. *^-«i^ ^ (j-W j alias fi 
maD^ab, yujiillis ; s-*^ na^ab, 
yariAub; j»^^ aqaui, yuqiin. — 
(inttall one* 8 8elf ) yu«.\ istaqarr, 

Installation, 8. v,r-«i^ mau^ab ; 
(j-J^ tajlis ; >^7**-^ istiqrar. 

Instalment, 8, m qi^t- 

Instance, 8. (example) J^ masal 
(pi. J^^^ aiiijal) ; JU^ misal (pi. 
fluut amjila-t) ; S^ *ihra-t. — 
(orra8ton) ^^ furpa-t (pi. \^^ 
fuiuff). — (8olic\tation) ^\y* suwal 
(pi. ili^\ as*ila-t) ; Wj raja; M^ 
talalni-t ; Vcjls-,\ iatid'a. 

Instance, w. J^ majsal, yumajsil; 
JXm tania^^al, yatama^jal. 

Instant, adj, (unjent) j»)^ muziiu ; 
<3))T* daniri-y ; f^jlJ la/.iin. — 
( f,n'gmt) y^^ hadir; *>)^y* inau- 
jnd. — (entreathnj) ^ ^♦■*'* niuta- 

In<»tavt. #. aI^J lah/a-t ; ^^^ 
laiuha-t; aM*> da<4iqa-t (pi. Jk^*> 

Instantaneous, adf/. *-ASy Hii bi-la 

tawaqquf ; &:^L. ^^\ ibn sA'at-hu. 
Instead, prep., adv. (jj* <>^ *iwad 

*an, {^ '3«v badlan min ; ^y^ 

bi-manzila-t ; J^^ ^ fi mahall. 
Instep, «. (•J^ qadam (pi. (•W\ aq- 

dam, j»J^^ aqdum). 
Instigate, v. ssJ;*- harrak, yuliar- 

rik ; J^-^ hamal, yahmil ; ^j*;^ 

harrad, vuharrid. 
Instigation, 8. **^/*^ tahrik ; u*!;^ 

tahrid ; vi-^ hags ; yyt\ igwa'. 
Instil, v. ;i»» qattar, yuqattir ; jXai\ 

aqtar, yuqtir ; J*-3\ adhal, yud- 

• hil. 
Instinct, 8. ^ taba* ; ,j*«i> )*«-»3^ 

tarn VIZ tabi*i-y. 

• • • 

Instinctive, adj. ^M\ vjM^ mu- 

tabiq at-taba* ; ,j««^ ta-bi'i-y. 
Institute, v. s— * na^ab, yan^ub ; 

f»^\ aqain, yuqim ; J«> ja'al, 

Institute, Institution, «. &^\i\ 

iqania-t; g*^ wada' (pi. gU^\ 

Instruct, v. (teach) ^ 'allam, yu- 

*alliin; «^;C *arraf, yu*arrif. — 

(give directions) ^^y wa^^a, yu- 

Instruction, s. f^^ ta'lim ; s-^^VJ 

taMib ; f^t^ tafhim. — (advice) 

l^^t^ ma^laha-t. — (direction) 

^^ wa9iya-t (pi. ^U^ wa9aya) ; 

^f tausiya-t ; aJV^^ wakala-t. 
Instrument, s. (tool) Sl\ ala-t. — 

(contract) v>U^ kitAb (pi. 

kutnl») ; A^i^ hujja-t (pi. 

Instrumental, adj. J^Vc *amil ; 

^U fiVili-y ; (j^^^ mu*in. — (of 

muffir) J^^ alati-y. 
Instrumentality, 8. i-l^U fa*ili- 

ya-t ; A >f. i >,^ sababiya-t ; fl»-^^ 

WHsita-t (pi. la>U^ wasiiyit). 
Insubordinate, adj. U^Uy* muM- 

11 f; ^_3*Vc *HSl. 

Insubordination, 8. (^W-^ *i8yan; 

AAJVfit-« rauhalafa-t. 
Insufferable, Insupportable, 

adj. j^ IJ la yau^aq (3 aor. 

VII.) ; J^^^ i:^^^*^ j^ gair 

imiTnkin at-taljammul ; ■ > > ' > fc 

IvBarnciKScr, g. it^iiSf jtJ* ' 

al-kftffiya-t; SlH^l ^^ 'adam 

loanPFiciENT, ». ^\S^ pair bfifi ; 

i^li iiiiqi$; )4-lc 'HJiz. 
Inhvlae, adj. ^}i\y*- jazkhi-y. 
Inbclt, * ^-il a^Wa-t; ^-Mi ta'ad- 

di ; l;i»l iftirfi ; "** iatni. 
Imbdlt, p. Je 1^1 iftarA 'ala, yaf- 

tari ; f*Ah ^atam, va^tum i sat- 

tam. yuiattiiji. 
IiraiTPEBABLE, a4lj. flbilL yuqhar ; 

v^ 3 111 yuglab (3 aor. pass.). 

Imscppbebsiblb, adj. {ineonquer- 

able) s-W 1 i« yuglttb ; 1^ 1 lit 

jndimX.^ {ineon(ealable) ,J^. S 
yubfa.^(»o( /o be abolished) 3 
Jl« lA yulital (all 3 aor. pass ). 
Ikbubance, t. i^j- saukira-t; 
iijjSj- sibilrta-t; i-jjjs;^ sikii- 

ii tatiiri 

IT, yuBaukir ; 
n al-basfira-t, 

il;i (pi uu^ 

Inbttbe, It. /^ 
S,L-a!\ ^j** d 

'usftt) ; o»-J^ hiiriji-y (pi. tj'j* 
bawiirij); cjUJ fattHQ; ^V| bilgl 
(pi. i=jUi bugat, yW*l I'Ugynu). 
Imsdsuocntable, at/;'. <-r-W 3 la 
yuglab; eUi J 14 juqiA' (H aor. 

Ikbuebectiok, *, i«* fitBa-t (pi. 
yja fitan) ; i-j* qauma-t ; mW** 
■isyiiii. 'usyan ; Sjl— e 'aaawa-t ; 
t)^ pjjynn ; Ej;* bunij ; •»;*' 


'adim afl-^fania't ; ijoij ^ ^ir 
Intact, orfj. (vituufked) ^J*y^L^Jst 
gair malmfis; y-;— ** r^ pa'r 
mainsus, — (uninjured) ;;/*• »* 
gair uiujruri ^Ju tHlim ; ^JU 
fAlib (pi. t:]^U fAlihtin, x>- 

NTANaiBLE, «. fj^ 3 la yutinaa; 

t7-*j 3 lii yuniaas. 
NTGOEE, f. ^-ea^ >>'*> 'adad foljlb ; 

j-^ je^ >>'U 'adad gair mukaa- 

adj. ffte' fahih ; ^^ 
NT, ot/j. J*^ tnukammil ; 

NTEOEITV, «. (coin^Weiu'M) JUf 
kaiuAli ^Uj tiinoHm.— (wjirrj/W- 
hea*) C^ falilhj ; (jojl* huli'if. 

.NTEOUMENT, «. jJJ qiir (pi, jjJJ 
qusur) -, -il* jild ; ijl*- jild»-t (pi. 
J)I*juliidJ; .Jit gilAt (pi. .-aU 
gulf) ; Itt gisA' (pi. ip*A( agii- 


NTELLECT, », Je= 'aql (pi. JJte 
■uqiil); ^ tabm (pi. f^ fu- 
hfimj; jlljj' idi'Hk;jy^ su'Or; 
^y tirAaa-t. 

STELLRCTOAL, adj. Jae 'aqll-T ; 
Jao jj zii -aql; .*)jA« mudnk; 
,>-ei fahiiu ; ^ >,-»U filfib 
fabm (p). >*'W>i afljAb). 

NTELLIGBNCB, *. (mental eaiiocily) 
l^\jt firiUa-t; f^ fab in i .dtj-^l 
idrak ; y*j zihn. — (n«tp«) jt* 
habar (pi. jW-t al}l>ArJi ^i^ ^ 

NTELLIOBNT, (u(f'. Ji^ 'aqil ; ,»«•» 

faliim ; ;}*« ^T-■.u ;n^ib su'Ar; 
/>^ iiiAbir; -v^ 'aLib (pi. wn 
alibbuj ; i^y j'j til firuM-i. 
NTELLioiBLE, ai^j. ,hM yanfahufe 
(3 aor. VII.); |>joA' niBfbfim; 
^^ Jt^ qi'ibil al-tahm ; (ji.^ 
^\^jt\ muukin al-idrik. 


LiTY, (. >t)1jjl\ mX.1 imkAa al- 
idrAk ; f^\ u^^l iiukiin al-fahm. 

HTEUPEBASCB, a. ^V^ '""^ i f^ 

tiahaiii ; •i^Uei\ iohiiUHk. 
• TuupEBATG, adj. I>^ mufrit; 
(ks* natiiiu ; >g U «'- lutiLhaiuili; 
L>f* saltjq. 

[TEND, V. -i-^ qafad, vuqfld ; *^ 
Uu{u9$a<], yalaqa^faU ; .)1;1 uid, 
yui'id; .j« 'ana, ya'ni. 
Iktbnuant, e. ;t\* nijir (jj. 
nuiiar) ; ^W^ mubUir 





wakil (pi. i^y wukal&); ^Jy^ 
ba«li-v (pi. Ji*- bawul). 
Intensk, adj. ai*^ ^a<iid; f^Jtc 
*aziiii ; j^ kabir (pi. j>^ kibar, 
\j^ kubara). 


Intensify, r. *>Jkifc saddad, yuiad- 

did ; y^f qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Intent, af!j. UkAc *rikit' (pi. cJ^^ 

*ukuf) ; "M^ muqay vad ; Jy^-^^ 

Intention, *. *y\f» iiiurad ; l^\j\ 

irada-t ; •^^ qaf d ; *>yJi» maq- 

9ud (pi. ■a^e-*^ imu|a8id) ; f^jt 

*azm (pi. f»j^ 'uzum) ; ^ niya-t 

(pi. «*W niyat) ; u*;^ garaij (j)l. 

o*y^ aprrad). 
Intentional, adj. ^yA* maqf i^d ; 

^x«2 (|af di-y ; f^f^ ina'zum. 
Intentness, *. J^ taqayyud ; 

I»Uj;*\ ihtiiuaiu (pi. «A>UUi*\ ih- 

tiiiiainat); ^^« Sii'i. 
Inter, r. ^^^ <lafaii, yadfin. 
Intercede, v, ^y ^aai tasaffa* fi, 

yatasaffa' ; {^ l^y tawassat boD, 

Intercept, p. v>V^ l>as, yahus ; 

^ qata'. ya^j^a* ; ^ ^M qab.i4 

*ala, yaqbi(j. 
Interception, #. ^^ qabcj ; fr^ 

111 ma' ; ^%^ bajz. 
Intercession, s. SM^\y inuwasa- 

^a-t ; 5^y tawassu( ; icUkik safa- 

Interchange, r. J*^ badal, yab- 

ddi ; J«>W? tabadal, yatahadal ; 

^y qawad, yuijawid ; u*^^ ta- 

qawa^, yataqawad. 
Interchange, i«. Jj^ badal ; Ji^ 

tabdil ; flaW^ mul>Ailala-t ; A^i^U^ 

Intkr<:hanoeable, aJJ. Jj^^ {^^^^ 

niuinkin al-badal ; ^aWJ\ v3i!l 

layiq al iuui)a(laU-t ; i*^Uj^ J#VJ 

qal'ii abmu*awa<jii-t. 
Intercourse, «. fty»ui^ nura.sari-t ; 

i^-***-** iiui.Hia il>a-t ; aJUU^ mu*a- 

uiala-t ; iJJVai^ iiiuhalata-t. — 

{CHiiinercial) ^V^ luatjar; i;^v 


Interdict, i;. ^Jle ^ harram 'ala, 
yiiharrim; g^ nianaS yamna' ; 
^ naba, yanbi. 

Interdict, Interdiction, #. gx* 
man' ; ^j9^ nahi ; f^ haram. 

Interest, $, {advantage) Sj^U fayi- 
da t ; JA» naf* ; ^j ribb. — (con- 
c«?r«) u*;^ gara4 (pi- u*^;*^ ag- 
rad) ; ;W^^ iUibar ; Ai5ic *alaqa-t 
(pi. JHt^ ^ *alayiq). — (ghare) 
l^ hi99a.t (pi. uo— - bi^a?) ; ^j^ 
ftirk (pi. **'^y»\ asrak). — {on 
money) Sa>U fayida-t (pi. J^\^ 
fawayid) ; W) ril)a; ^}f» mura- 

Interest, r. {affect) {jj^ ^annan, 
yubannin ; s-^j r.iggab, yurag- 
jrib; JUa-\ istiinal, yiuitainil. — 
(concem) ^^ ba99, yabu^f ; ^y» 
'ana, va'ni. 

Interfere, v. {intermeddle) J*.W 
tadabal, yatadabal ; Jl^ taballal ; 
yatabiillal. — {oppost') ^>^ niana', 
yainna' ; UkJU. hal.if, yuhalif. 

Interference, 8. aU.\ju« mudaha- 
lii-T ; Jli-' tahalhil. 

Interim. 8. Sx« niudda-t. 

Interior, ai//., 8. J^^*> d^hil ; (ji»l| 

Interjection, 8. ul>^ ^aut (pi. 
c^^^\ a^wat). 

Interlace, r. yu 4affar, yncjafiir; 
^^ nasaj, yansiij ; cfX^^ sahbak, 
yusabiiik; ^^^ babbak, yubab- 

Interloper, «. J^ tufaili-y (pi. 
A-al fl AU tnfailiva-t); j^U^ sailaq 
(pi. JjiJU- salaliqa-t) ; Jyik fu- 

Interlude, «. ajx.^ ^\^\ ^^ s-^J 
hi'ai) ben aqsain komediya-t. 

Intermeddle, v. J^^a; tadabal, 

Intkkment, 8. y^J daf n ; ^^JJ 
tad tin ; ^•v» tadaffun ; fjW ja- 

Intkrminadle, adj. kS^ ^ ^ ma 
la-hii nihava-t. 

Intkkminglk, r.d. «U. b:il it. vab- 
lu( ; li. 'AidJ\ ibtalat, yabtalit. 

iNTfiBMiMioNy «. ^^Vi# muqA^a'a-t ; 

tawiMnuf ; Jl* balal (pi. JS-^ 

Iktbrmit, ft. jlJUl inqattv', yan- 

Intbrmix, o,u. U*- bakt, yahlut ; 

n. U^l ihta,la{, vabtalit- 
Intkenal, adj. J*-^J clflhil; yl>\| 



huqfiq al-milnL 
Ibtbbnkcink, adj. JiU qAtil. 
Interp'jlatb, p. o-i*- Ijasa, yaljiSi ; 

o* >J^^ hus&v fi. _vuha^--i. 
Interpolation, ». ie^^ taliiiya-t. 
Intbbposb, r.a. ^^^ j^j wuija' bi- 

i-wast. yatja' ; t-j wattBuj. vu- 

massit ; n. i^y liiwaesiH. yata- 

Intbkpobition, ». fl^lj wiUita-t 

(nl, IuL.j wfisfivit) ; la-ji tawaaaut ; 

ii—\j* muvraaata-t. 
Interpret, v. j**ji tarjaiu, jfiitar- 

jiin; J—* fasaar, yulaHair; Cj^ 

*anib. yairah. 
Intkrpeetatios, g. i»»/ t»rja- 

nia-t; j~Ai tttfsir; Cj* sirh (pi. 

C))* surub) ; o^ t>ay«u ; j«*i 

Intebprbtek, s. uW/ tarjuiiiAn 

(pi. (^^s**V tarajauiiii) ; ^j> 

luutarjim ; j— '^ inufassirj cj^ 


Inteebkonuk, ». i;=* fatra-t. 

Interrooate, c. J'U aa'al, yas'al ; 
^ ^gt : .^ iaUtlham min, yastai- 
bim; <^ Tsi^l iatabbar win, 

Inter sDOATioN, ». J^'^ su'al (pi. 
ili-\ as'i!a-t); f^Ai-l istiflifim j 
jU.Ai_l islifai'ir: jVat^-l istihliAr. 
NTEKBonATivE, g. ^Wi-\ ^jfc barf 
istifbi'iui (pi. ^j;- bunil'). 

NTERROOATOBT, «. ^Ul^ uwSl^ 

suwAiat al-qftdi. 

iTKRBtPT, V. ^ qata', yiujfik' 

Jlx! 'altal, yu'aU'l- 
ITBBROPTION, g. JCjiI inqi(ii' 

inLI^.* milqata'a-t. 

( 1 BE8KCT, V. jl°i la^a', yuq(i].' 

^Ub taqafa', yataqata*. 

i tHj' 

Intimacy. «. i—Jlj- ni 

^— it iii]sa-t; A-<i-U.* mi 

ii\jdalla.t; JJj dalal. 
Intiuatb, adj. ^■»Vj* ., ^_ , 

^^y mii'aiiis; ^y mu'nia 

(niftoia) ; ft-u u;iJim (pi. Ujt 

UudaiuA, t>^->i nidiuu, (jUja nod- 

TQjln} ; I-;*- miibnim (pi. f^m- 

uialiAriui); Je^J dfthU; J-k-» 

Intimate, v. ;W aiiir, yoAr i j^ 

hubbar, yuhabbir; y^\ tHau, 

Intimation, *. i\^\ i>Ara-t; jf* 

bulbar (pi. j^f^ ahbiirj ; j^l 



Intersbction, s. gli* <)ata' (pL 

f^ qutfl') : al-ls taqAt"'- 
Intersperse, v. U* fealut. ynbtuV 

iNTEESPKRalON, ». Ul. biU. feftlt ! 

tj-s.\ ihtilat. 
Inteebtice, Interval, <- JU- b*^ 

lal (pi. JU hilAl): t^ U mk 

bain, ben ; i>i— * inasAfu-t. — (o/ 

/irne) Sj^ muJda-t. 
Intertwine, o. j** "Jafar, Ta46i'; 

daffar, yu^aflir; tAW>- babbttk. 

Intebtal, g. see Intbebtick. 
Intervene, v. ^ji tawaasaj, yata- 

wasaat ; J*-'Ji tailAhal, y&tadi- 

hal ; jitjU qiirai, yuqftriS. 

iNTEKTENTIo.'i. *. W-j! UwasSHt; 

i!--\j* muwitsata-t ; il*.'^- mudi- 

Inteeview. *. JX.lj- uiuwAfala-t ; 

VisJI Utiqil; ^^4^ muqababi-t; 

i^\f luuwttjabii-t. 
Interweavb, v. •*l«»- hayyafc, ra- 

bayyik ; p-* naeaj, yansuj ; j** 

4afar, ya^lif; <^aSur. yiidaffir. 
iNTiiHTATB, adj. it,'} h I'i-ln w«ft- 

ya-t ; Svf j!*e ^ DiA 'amal mift- 

Intehtinal, adj. tsj»* roi*awi-y ; J 
ue*- ma'yi.y. ^ 

Intbhtinb, aJj. J*-!-* dSbil; ^Ut 





Iktimidate, v. *-*^ hawwaf, yn- 

hawwif; gy fazza% yuiazzi*; 

J^^ ahjal, yuhjil. 
Intimidation, «. iLiU.\ ilmfa-t ; 

ih^ tahwifa-t. 
Into, prtp. ^j* fi. 
Intolerable, adj. J*-s»^ 3 la vuh- 

tanial (3 aor. viii.) ; J^.^^ ) la 

jutal^aininal (3 aor. pasd. v.) ; 

jlLij 5 la van^aq (3 aor. vii.) ; 

jOat ^ la yutaq. 
Intolerance, a. J^^^'^ ^ac ^adaui 

tat^ammul ; ijW\ (•'^ 'adam ij&- 

Intolerant, adj, J**^ ^ l»air 

Intonate, v. ^^ la^l^n, yuial^- 

Intonation, $. {j^^ talhin; {j^ 

la^u (|>1. (^V^^ alhaii). 
Intoxicate, r. /i* sakkar, yusak- 

kir ; j^\ a«kar, yuskir. 
Intoxicated, adj, J^)^ sakran 

(pi. ^J)^^ sakara, sukara, ysj^ 

Intoxication, #. y^ sakr; iy^ 

sakra-t ; {j^j^ sakaran. 
Intractability, #. ^^^^'•fi *i9yaii ; 

^W« inuhalafa-t ; ^Ue *ina<l. 
Intractable, adj. j^^^ 'anid (pi 

Jue *iiDud) ; UklV^b^ muhalif ; 

^j«Vc 'a?! (pi. «wUc »u9at). 

Intransitite, #. (r?er6) ^p v)** fi*l 
lazim (pi. J^\ aral). 

Intrench, r. (;^««»> ha^fLin, vuha^- 
f in ; {jHj^^^ J4X 'amal mataris. 

Intrenchment, $. i^js^ luitrasa-t 
(pi. «j*j^ mataris) ; ,j*^/^ uiit- 
ras (pi. u**;^ mataris) ; {j^^ 

^ifn (pi. f^ym. ^UfUD). 

Intrepid, a^//. vJV^ 5 la yahaf (3 
aor.) ; ;^-% jasur (pi. ;— ^ jusr, 
jusur); J^ ba^is; J^ )^ zu 

Intrepidity, #. J^ bats; i;^— %• 
jaaara-t ; ^^W^ ^aja*a-t. 

Intricacy, #. fl ^taJ lahba^a-t; J^l** 
bilt* bait; ^"•^ batva-t; •MM 

Intricate, adj. Un ^ U mulabbat ; 

mn*aqqad ; ^— *s^ mutiSos- 

sir; JXa-« miiskil. 
Intrigue, «. (scheme) S^ hila-t 

(|,1. Jt*" hiyal) ; A—s »^*> dasisa-t. 

— {love-affair) vJM^ *i^ ; **^^ 

Intrigue, v. (plot) J*.^J^ tadahal, 

vatadahal ; iw*«> dass, vaduss. 
Intrinsic, adj. ^y\S zati-y ; J-» 

afli-y ; ,jM»- h iqiqi-y. 
Introduce, v. (a ptrson) J j»Ai 

quddam li, yuqaddim ; v> ^j^ 

*arrat' bi, yu'arrif. — (to a place) 

J^a\ adhal, yudhiL 
Introduction, s. JU.j\ idhal; 

vJ^ J^*> dnhill *tUa. — (to a 

book) i^Jk*** muqaddima-t ; ao*^ 

Intrude, v. J*-^*> dahul, yudahil ; 

^ Uihallal, yatahailal.' 
Intruder. 8. Jafc^ iiiuhill ; J*-^J^ 

niudahil ; ^3 zanim. 
In:ru8Ion, s. aU.^x« niudahala-t. 
Intrust, r. Q^y w:i<j[a*, yacja* ; g*^\ 

auda', y(i<j[i' (both with ji^jia 

'and) ; AiU\ U. ^a(t amaua-t, ya* 


Intuition, «. &;-•? ba^ira-t (pi. jiW 
baaayir); S^^«^ zakawa-t; ft\^\ 
ilham ; AAthlx* mukiUafa-t. 

In UN TATE, V. ^J^ gj^a, yugatfi ; 
jyt ^arraq, yugarriq. 

Inundation, $. c^Uei fai^an;^ 
^aiiir (pi. jU& gimar, ^^4^ gu- 
miir); J;* garq. 

Inure, v. ^j* *awwad, yu*awwid. 

Inutility, #. Sj^UJ^ f»jke *adam al- 
ia vida-t. 

Invade, r. /»%* hajam, yahjum; 
^j^ kabas, yakuis; j^ gar, ya- 
pir (all with ^J^ *ala). 

Invasion, 0. ^~^ kabsa-t; f»^V^ 

hujum; 5^^ gara-t. 
Invalid, adj. J!»V| batil ; AtAc^ aJ U 

Ilia la-hu fa41iva-t. 
Invalid, «. (^/» luariij (pi. ^r*/* 

maiij.i, o-^^/* "laracjia, ^j- 

mirad) ; jy^ ma'lul. 

Invalidate, v. (weaken) 
4a**af, yuija"if ;^^ a*ja?, yu'ji^. 

--(make inefeelive) JW butal, 

iHVALtFAbLE, a^}j. J^*-i a1 U uiA la- 

hu iiIlD.l-t; y*» il U tjjii Ul-hu 

Invabiable, adj. j:^ "i la }at»- 

Rayjar (3 aor. ?.)■ 
iNyABiADLGNEsa, «. ;gAJ1 ^'adam 

Ihtectivb, «. ^ Bubba^t; ,*». 

ia^Da (pi. |*fX4 suium) ; s-^ silL^i 

jialb; g!;« taqri". 
Ihveiqii, ti. f>^ iatam, yaitum ; 

H— • Siibb, yitsubb ; s^ ijulub, 

Invbiolk, II. i^jtl agirii, yugwi ; jt 

gftrr, jagurr; jji garrar, yugar- 

IjT¥kkt, v. £^^ abda', jubdi'; fJ^l 
ibtaila', jabtaUi'; £^1 ihtara', 
yahtari'; Ji*-jl aiijau, yujid. — 
(^forge liet) or'*^ it'tara, yaftarl. 

Invbmtion, s. fWl ilidS' ; gl-iiil 
ibtida' ; jW:' ijad ; gl/*-' ih- 

tvTENTOBi, t. ^U qtiyiina-t (pi. 
It>y^ qawnviin) ; fi'i daftar (pi, 
/Uj Jafati'r) ; i-^ 4i'bt. 

Invrntokv, v. ipi daba^, ya^bi;. 

Inverse, adj. i_t-^*" iiian'akiB ; 
y^iJM ma'kus; u-^^ U-'l-'aka ; 
■^^ inaqtub. 

Invbrbion, g. ^J^'S^'^ iu'ik&s; v-il**^ 
iaqilttb; s-lK taqallub. 

Iktebt, p. s-1* qalab, yaqlib ; qal- 
lab, yuqallib; y-ia'ataa, ja'tia, 

Iktebt, c (clolke) (.r^ labbas, yu- 
labbis; u-J' albas, yulbis; l-S 
Icasu, yaksu. — {iitttal) u-J* ial- 
laa, yujallis ; f'vA aqfiin, yuqim; 
bi~^ naf ab, yan^ub ; ■'^ qallad, 
juqallid. — {be»Ugi:) /"^ tAjar, 

■ yuljaflir. — (money) -J;- faraf, 

■ vafrii; ^1 ab^a', yub^i'. 

■ Ihtkstioate, v. ,j^ fal^af , yafljaf ; 
B hft.A''. ba^a*, yabhaj ; '^--^ y ta- 
I bal^baj, yataliahajts ; iJ-j^ fatas, 
I yaftui 1 fattiij, yufatlij. 

I iKTEBTIQATIOIf, $. jt~^ti taf^i; ; 

^ •A'W^I ibti^itlj 1 J:-^ taf tU ; 

^L ^^-W tajassua. | 

1 Investiture, ».s-s*iJ tanjib J Jj« 

Investment, «. (eloJM ,^W1 UU« 

(pi. i — ^\ albisa-t). — (•i*9e) 

EjaW* mut^Asara-t. — (ntoMw ui- 

PM(ed) JU mfil (pi. jy\ atn- 

Invbtk&act, a. J^ i'f&l ; J**^ 

Intbtbrate, o/f;. J'*V±' inuta'af- 

ail ; f^.^ qadim. — (obttmaU) 

■V^ 'anid (pi. -"e 'unud). 
Ikvidiods, adj. (tnviouM) .^^W 

hUaid (pi. JU— IjusaadJ ; Jy— 

^asfld (pi. Ju.*- Ijuaud). — (hat^ 

ful) s— 4*- iuug4d); *t/ karili; 

ti-w* kabls. 
Invidiousness. f. (envy) \ ■ 

^asad. — (mcdigniiy) il^k ^aIA- 

Invihoeate, v. ^}i qawwa, to- 

qawwi; tiJA saddad, yuaadili<i. 
Invincible, a^j. s-^ 3 layuglab; 

s,jjlA*jet gair maglub; ;«4 9 lA 



krjUAiSl ^ 'adam al-ingilAb; •» 
ji4»3l 'adaniLil-inqibar. 
Inviolable, adj. ijift^ 3 la yim- 
qatl ; luai Jjp 3 1h yahail tuw)4- 
liu ; ^ Ijaram ; |^«- mu^v- 

Intisibilitt, a. w-a^ gaib (pi. s'V** 

gijAb, ^j-r* guyOb); H**-^ 

Invisible, a((;'. ,j^ 3 U yui» (3 

aor. paaa.) ; s-jl* gayib; s-<l* 

jU*!H ^ gHyib 'an al-ab(4r (pL 

s-ri^ guyyab, v^ guyyib, s-^tj* 

Invitation, j. Icj du'i; i*t:^ *axl- 

ma-t J iiW-t (jiyafa-t. 
Invite, v. Wj da'a, jad'ft ; ^^ 

'azam, ya'zim ; uktf kallaf, ru- 

Invocate, v. (invoke) Wj d»*4, 

Invocation, i. ^e>i du'i; 1^ 

da'wa-tj l*«_l ialid'i. 
Invoice, t. l^U qAyim&.t; t,JU 





Ik VOLUNTARY, adj, j^^fSdA ^ hi-lA 

ihtiyar ; Jul Hii bi-la oafd. 
Involve, r. <Jk3 laff, yaluff. 
Invulnerable,^^ ^ 1& yan- 

jarib (3 aor. vii.) ; ty^^ 5«*-* 

muiutana' al-jarl]i. 
Inward, adj, J*-^*> diihil ; (^4 

bat in. 
Irascible, adj, (^W«^ gaijiban (pi. 

v»Ufe gidab, o*-^ ga4^»a, o»^ 

^daba) ; v»^ gaijiiib ; s— *fc 

Irasciblenesb, Ibbascibilitt, 8. 

l^y^^ magdaba-t. 
Ire, $. s-«^ ga4ab ; K^ gaiz ; ^W^^l 

\\rtiyaz; OM^ baiiaq (pi. J^-*«- 

Ireful, (uf/. v»Ufe gaddab; (^W-** 

Iris. «. (ratn5otr) ty^ ^j»f qaus 

(qos) quzah. — {of the eye) ji^*y 

jiy^\ dajir al-bubu. 
Irksoxb, adj. J«a> gaqil (pi. Ja> 

r»i'll» J^ fiiqal> ^ Muqula) ; 

9a* b (pi. v»U* 9i*ab); 


Irksomeness, 8, ^U» saqala-t. 
Iron, 8. •^•^ l;adid. 
Iron, v. <<^ kawa, jakwi ; kawwa, 

Ironical, adj. fS^=^ mutahakkim ; 

^jt^ tahakkumi-y. 
Ironxonoer, 8. •>\*w. Ijiaddad. 

Iront, «. fAf tahakkum ; f^^ 
tashar ; \^^ts^\ istihza ; ^ hazii. 

Irradiate, v. ^tmjk sa'ssa', jusa^si' ; 
U\ a4ja, yucjii. 

Irradiation, «. g-tiUJ taia'su* ; 
;i^ tanwir. 

Irrational, adj. (void of reaton) 
^u j^ gair nati(| ; JJ^ ;«* gair 
jMjil. — (contrary to reason) «-A3lafc« 
jiaJ muh41if li.'l-*a^|l. 

Irreclaimable, adj. Jj^<ui H b\ 
yan*adil (3 aor. vii.) ; ^Usji 5 la 
yatasallah (3 aor. v.). 

Irreconcilable, adj. l^\^\ J^ !) 
In ya^ibal al-muHahiba-t ; ^^^^ )3 
la yataj«alal> r3 aor. vi.). — (i/i- 
cansUteni) Okt^^ (:^^U^ ^e^ gair 

muiiLkiii at-tii^biq ; ^J*^^ ^ 
^;iir nmwafiq. 

Irrecoverable, oJ/. a3 ^li^ 1) 14 
*iirij la-hu ; u*^*^ 5 la yuta*aw- 

Irrefragable, adj. *y^\ Q^^i^^ 
inumtana* ar-radd ; ^;i 1& la yu- 
radd ; a3 v»\^ 1) la jawab la- 

Irregular, adj. {^y-i\i^\ cjSu^ 
(s-^/^^) ]}Uaf al-qani^Q (at-tar- 
tib) ; Sj^^\ J^ 4add al-qiVida-t ; 
^Jbju* ^ gair mansum; ^.ifi 
l»tk;J^ 'adim an-nisain ; I»^«<a« ^ 
gair madbiit. — (in grammar) ^ 
^j-Ll gair qiyasi-y ; oU jiaz (pi. 
3\yb sawaz). 

Irregularity, 8. (•Vy j»jlc ♦adam 
nizam ; 5jlcV«J\ ^•.xe *adam al- 
qa*ida-t ; (^^\i^\ ^ 'adam al- 
qanun. — (rice) *>w fasad. 

Irrelevancy, 8. i^\^\ j«ac *adam 
al-muwilfaqa-t; is\^ ^•oe 'adam 

Irrelevant, adj. ^J*^^ ^ gair 
iiiuwatiq ; "Vj** ^ gair miifid. 

Ir religion, 8. i^'^\ f**^ *adam ad- 
diii ; y^ kufr ; ^y^ kufrau. 

Irreligious, adj. ^\^ katir (pi. 
;Va^ kuffar, 5^*^ kafara-t). 

Irremediable, ailj. a) ^ 1) 1& 
'ilaj la-hu ; \^j &3 U ma la-hu 
dawa ; cW\ ^^^X*^^ ^ gair mum- 
kiu al-*ilaj. 

Irreparable, adj. ^Usi ^ 14 yata- 
«allah (3 aor. v.) 

Irrepreuensible, Irreproach- 
able, adj. s-*^ *elfi ^ ma *ale-hi 
'itab; v>Ui H 14 yu'ab; (4| H 14 
yulam (3 aor. pass.). 

Irrepressible, adj. JWt ^ 14 yub- 
tal ; ^j**-: IJ 14 yuhfa (3 aor. 

Irresistible, adj. ^^VJU| H 14 juta- 
quwam (:3 aor. pass. vi.). 

Irresolute, adj. j^ji^\ JJll qalil al- 
cpirar ; r}^ j^ ^;air *azim ; jeW^ 
miitihayyir; o^;^}^ hairan ; v>V>^ 
iniirlab; s-»j^j^ iimzal^zib. 

Irresolution, #. JJy tiiniddud ; 
&;e*> ^airart ; v»W;^ irtiyab ; Ai 



-)-» qilliil aU'azm ; j^l Ui q^il. 

lat a.l-qariir. 
Ierespectitb, adj. p^*^ ^ gair 

IftRESPONsiBLE, adj. s-J^je* gair 

Ieekteievable, arfj. ^/y^ 3 la vu- 

'awwud (3 aor. pasa.) ; u*)*^ ^ 

la juta'awwad. 
Ieervbbbnck, *. f^f. J.J* 'adam 

ikrilm ; |«^j^' |*J* 'adam il^tirfitn j 

ijVcj ^ 'adam ra'Aya-t. 
Ieeevebknt, adj. ^^aw j^t gair 

luu'tabir ; j*;^ ja^ gair muknni ; 

,»— ' -^^ j^ gair iiiulitasim. 
Ibkeveksible, (^/'. ;e*4 3 la yata^ 

gajjar (3 aor. v.) ; je^\ gi^-*- 

mumtani' at-tugajyur. 
Irbevocablb, odj. fii-l/i 3 lA yata- 

rSja' (3 aor. ti.) ; ^—4 3 lA jun- 

aah ; £~^ 3 lii jautaBlh {'3 aor. 

VIII.) ; Jtl 3 la yul){al (3 aor. 

Ibkioate, o. u*- eaqa, yaaqi ; ^^\ 

osqa, yusqi ; j;^*- sajjan, yusaj- 

Iekioation, s, ,_^ Baqi ; Vl-1 isqA. 
Iebitate, v. s-^*1 ag<jab, yugdib ; 

i.\i\ ag^s, yugij; j-ijl* augar, 

Ibeitation, «.m. s -^ gadab ; W^ 

gais ; tW» hiyAj ; a, illi^ ignsa-t ; 

i/jjff tahwM. 
IbBITABILITY, ». kT~*k)l icj- Bur'at 

Ieeitablk, adj. s— 4*)\ gi;- Bari' al- 

gaijab ; t***!' tj»- saliil al-hayaj. 
Ieeuption, «. ill* giira-t ; Jl*» 

bamla-t ; i—4 kabaa-t. 
IsoHtiBY, 8. JjJl i^W^'l iuhiLas 

al-bol (a!-baul). 

IsiNGLABS, «. 31^ lija;. 

Island, Isle, « E^tye jazira-t (pi. 
-_-<V jazAjir). 

I§laNdeb, a, ^;(j% jaaiiri-j ; J»l j;^ 
i;!)^ luin ab-l jazira-t. 

Ihsuk, «. (eyrat) Sw*- bur&j ; »^* 
SUilQr.^CTuf) Wl intibi ; %lt) 
nihajiv-t ; ifjle 'aqibtl-t. — (f«M- 
sequence) i^t^ Dalija-t. — (of- ^ 
spring) o3jl aulad (pi. of jij 
walad) ; *ijJ zurriva-t, — (/»»- 
/<x««0 ,j=i kai-y (pi. ^^ -it); 
i«w». );iamiiiafa-t. 

Irboe, c.a, 6/-1 ahraj, yuhrij; j*-l 
a^dar, yufdir ; n. e/- haraj, yab- 
ruj ; jJ- fadar, ya^dir. — {tpring} 
Qti naba', yamba' (yambi*, jntii^ 
bu') ; ijf*- jara, yajri. 

Isthmus, ». o*;*-. tje* i/j^ «>— I 
Usiia ard b«a batren; t^ buc~ 
ZEih (pi. tj1;i barSzih). 

Itch, t. (dUeaae) s^j*- jamb ; t£^ 
bikka-t (pi. oU^ hikak).— ((A« 
sensation) H^ Ijikka-t. — (Um^iiyt 
u^jA hawaa ; £^ £ahwa-t ; jyb 
^uq 1 1 jA baw&. 

"tcht, adj. o'r* i*brAii. 

!teh, adp. 'W1 aidan ; »Ui£ kasL 

TEU, s. l^A sart (pi. tj;* inrdt) ; 
I^U madda-t (pL •ttj* mtw- 


■EEATE, t). j/ karrar, yuksrrir; 

-)W a'Ad, vu'id. 
■EBATiON.'s. jijH takrir; jl^ 

takriir ; jj~^ takamir ; ioLd 

tinebaht, fufj., «. ill— • miiB&fir; 
^Sj4- safari-y (pf. j^*- suffir) j 
(^U B«yih (pi. c'^ auwiry>). 
iNEBARi, g. ji-v-^ kitib safu 
(pi s~ii kutub). 
INBBATE, V. y^ safar, yaafir ; (L- 

TSBLF, jwon. 4— *l uafsu-hu. 
ivoBT, s. c^ 'Aj ; J<*J1 u- "inn "1- 

fil ; i jU .. (^ sinn samak. 
IvT, .. y^l-*ll J^ Ijabl al-maafc- 

kln 1 iulc 'aiiqa-t ; ,J*W j^tu 

'unqiid 'asiq ; i^}~* quaua ; jAj 

mad dad. 





Jabber, r. i^\ y^ ka^sar al- 

galaba-t, jukasnir. 
Jabbbb, s. LM galaba-t. 
Jackal, t, ^^\ ^^\ ibn awa (pi. 

0j\ «>U| banat awa) ; ^^\y wa- 

wa ; JlV jaqal. 
Jackass, «. jU*. l^imar (pi. jf*^ 

(pi. ^amir) ; (jt»^%> jah^ (pi. 

v>^^%- ji^ai). 
Jacket, #. ^ jubba-t; v4;2*^ 9U- 

Jade, v. ^^ lawwu^, julawwis; 

s-^ at*ab, yut*ib. 
Jade, #. (horse) (jt|Jk^ kadis (pi. 

^^ kuds). — (woman) ^j^j^ 

^nuu(a-t (pi. W^^/i sarami^). 
Jao, #. (^ sinn ; ij^ siuna-t (pi. 

^U«\ asnan). 
Jao, V, {j^^ sannan, jusannin ; )*> 

l^azz, ja^uzz. 
Jail, $, (j*-f*- ^abs, habas (pi. ^j*yt^ 

l^ubtks); (2^%-* 81 ju (pi. (:))^^ 

Jaileb, Jailob, 8. (;^V^ sajjan. 
Jam, #. ^JJ^ murabba (pi. c^ldy* 

Jam, v. ^Jie ^j--i^ kalias 'ala, yakbis ; 

<j-M^ 'a^sas, yu'assis. 
Jamb, $. &^Ue 'i(j[ada-t (pi. J«Ue 

Jakitob, 8. v»^y bawwab. 
January, #. ^J^^ (^^^ kanun ag- 

gan! (proD. at-tani). 
Jab, 8. (vessel) ^ jarra-t (pl-^V^ 

jirar, s^ jurar) ; aU qulla-t (pi. 

JU qulal). — (creaking noise) iii;J 

Jab, v,n, (creak) giyi qarqa', yu- 

qarqi'. — (he discordant) UkJU^ 

tab&l&f. yatah&laf; Ukb^^ ihta- 

laf, ya^talif; a. (shake) ^a^^-m. 

ba4b^> yuhacjibi^; >* hazz, ya- 

Jasmine, $, {jf^k yasmin ; Ji full 

(pi. jyi* fulAl). 

Jasper, «. s-«>ic ya^b ; f^M yasm. 

Jaundice, s, (^Vi^ yaraqan ; ^U* y1 
abu ^afar. — (have the jaundice) 
(jiif taraiqan, yataraiqan. 

Jaunt, v, j\*y dar, yadur; y-V^ ^as, 

Jaunt, s. c/» tafamib ; ^jy> daora-t ; 
^ji barma-t. 

Jauntiness, #. ^/-y tazahruf. 

Jaunty, adj, ^f-y muzahraf. 

Javelin, «. ^^ harba-t (pi. ^^ 

Jaw, «. «tU fakk (pi. ^^\ afkak); 

Jaw-tooth, «. ^^^ cjiirs (pi. ^j^y^ 

adrus, (j*)/* ^urus). 
Jay, s. hf^ 'aqariya-t. 
Jkalouh, adj, i^ytl^ gairan, giran ; 

;^ ^'ayur ; ^ gayyar. — {be 

jealous) j^ gar, yagir. — (of each 

other) ;iVA» tagayar, yatagayar. 
Jealousy, s. ^jt^ gira-t. 
Jeek, v. s-^j zahlab, yuzahlib; 

V* ^y^^ istahza bi, yaatahzi. 
Jehovah, s. y^ hu ; aU( allah ; aU\ 

JU» allah ta*ala. 
Jelly, s. (of fruit) v»j rubb (pi. 

v*W; ribab). — (of meat) ^%^ 

Jeopabdise, i;. v» j^^ b<^t&r bi, yu- 

Jeopabdy, s, ^ ha^ar (pi. ^VU. 

bH»^r, ;^^*-^ ah(ar). 
Jerk, v. \^ hazzaz, yuhazziz. 
Jerk, s. ^fyf^ hazhaza-t. 
Jest, v, cy^ harraj, yuharrii ; ty 

mazah, yamzab ; Cj^ mazab, yu- 

mazib; J>* hazil, yahzal ; J)U 

hazal, yubazil. 
Jest, «. tj^ harj ; ^^ tahrij ; cv» 

uiazb (pi. cV ™^2^b) ; J>* l^&zi ; 

& ; a i.- '* mashara-t (pi. /►U-^ ma- 

Jester, «. (huffoon) i^ai— • masba- 

ra-t ; f^^ nadiui (pi. Ujj nuda- 

Jet, 8. (of water) 5;^^ naftkiu-t; 



Jn] 2 

S;*y naufara-t; ijV fawwnra-t. — 

(aloTte) ij'y' ^^ ^ajar raiisa. 
Jbttt, ». J-* jisr (pi. J— *\ ajsQr, 

jj-ir jusur); J" Hudd, sadd (pi. 

•>j-^ sudiid, •)\.!>-\ asdud). 
Jew, ». ,jJj« yahildi-y (pi. Jj« 

Jewel, «. jftj* jauLar (pi. ;*lj* 

Jewblleb, «. ^_^j4. jauhari-j ; 

t3»^V jawAhirji. 
Jkwellebt, «. ieV- hil^a-t; ^Jf 

baly (pt. jjU. huli-y, liili-j)- 

JlNQLE, ». (^Tpit taniu ; iL- B j i . ft < 

haiho^t ; (;fg>j mota. 
JiNOLE, V. i;;!^ tantan, yutantiii; 
u " at - ifc ha^hai, yuha^his ^ c^ 

Job, «.' JAt ^ugl (pi. JUaI aigil) ; 

£!*£ 'iLinila-t. 
JocKKY, j(. (Aorge-rfea^er) J#i £W 

bayjiV hail— (c/i«iO fl-*^ had- 

Jocose, Jocular, my, tjv muhar- 

rij ; cj^ muzih ; c^j* mazzit ; 

uW^ mudliik. 

inairah ; eW imbihfij ; LL_,j\ 

imbisii( ; ill)* liuzala-t. 
Jocund, adj. ;)p-« masrur ; 0^=-/ 


JOCONDITY, », jj;— BuruT; Cj* 

foral} ; i>* bizza-t. 

Jog, v.a. (sAaie) ^^ bazhaz, yu- — (more Ktowly) jW ba(u', 

Joo, I. iyfc)A hazhazo-t. 

Join, v.a. J*j nafal, yaflil ; wasfal, 
yuwafijil ; y;* qaran, yaqrin ; ^** 
(^ jama' ben, yajma'; t;J zaw- 
waj. yuzawwii ; n. fl*i»( ijtama', 
yajtami' ; J-M ittaf al, yatta^il. 

JoiffEB, ». jW^ najjiir. 

Joinery, ». ijli^l jU kiir an-nijfl- 

Joint, g. J-** mafflil (pi, J-»\i* 
mafii^il) ; JJie 'uqda-t (pL -^^^ 
'uqad).— (0/ n.«i() i^ lahma-t ; 
)-4c 'a^u (pi. 1-icl a'4«,- 

JotMT, aiJ;'. ^^£J-> mustarik. 

Joint, v. (fit) ,>1. (abaq. ya(buq. 


— (diMecO C;* Sarrat, yniamti 

s~** qa?9ab, yuqatfib. 
Jointly, adj. 'U- ma'an ; Ij- 

sawu; "iW jumlat-ao. 
Jointure, ». jv" mahr (pL h»* 

Joist, t. i^Ad~ ba^ba-t; ii^^ •&• 
hiya-t (pi. ,^^^ sawu^i). 

Jdeb, u. cy* luazah, yamsati. 

Joke, ». cV >nazuh ; J^ hasL 
See Jest. 

JOLLiNEsa, Jollity, t. ^^^ luuit; 
CV t'T"t ; w^" tarab. 

Jolly, adj. ^U na^it ; (^^7* t»r- 
bAn ; Cj^ farih. 

Jolt, v. i/ot^ bat^Iha^i yuha4bi<) : 
1^ nafatl, yaafu^ ; Uitffafji 70- 

Jolt, ». ^j* hazhuza-t. 

Jostle, v. ^j zahAin, yasb^ui- 

Jot, (. £j>i zarra-t ; A^t nuqts-t 
(pi. U nuqa(, ^^ niqlt)- 

Jl. riNAL, g. (of a m«rehttHt} >*» 
Ujftar (pi. /Uj daffitir) ; ^U 
qAyimat (jjI. ^Iji q&wayiin). — 
(netM/iajJcr) ^tj**- ^jj wttiaqft-t 
^abariya-t ; Wj^ ga£ct« ; ^*j»- 

JocBHEY, 8. ^ aafar (pL jWJ 
asf ar) ; iyL_» muaafaia-t ; il^ 
rubla-t ; Al=-^ marbala-t. 

JousNEY, V, jk^ skfar, ytiafifir; 
,,;■£-' mosa, yauisi ; c<j rij^ 

Journeyman,*. JeU fa'il. 

Joy, ». t;* faralj ; h';^ (arab ; Jj— • 
uaBotTa-t (pb j^^ masarr) ; jj^ 
eurur; i»-baiei cV miralj. 

Joyful, Joyous, adj. jj^—^ maarfir; 
U^;! farhan ; v'^ t^'^> 

JorruLNEsa, Joyousnebs, «. eWM 
ibtibiij; LL^I imbiB&t; cljJul 

Jubilee, «. pie c^^^ wunAb 'ftna. 

JuoQE, *. ^Uqagi (pi. SutqutUtlj 
^U |,Akim(pI. ptX.. bubUn): 
ijA* muiti.— (expert) j»U m&hu: 

Judge, if. (in a lau>-»uit) .^f <fi4^ 
yaijcji ; y-t ,»*«■ t^ikaiD bca, ^t^ 




kum ; J^ fa«al, yaffil. — (opine) 
(^ zann, jazuna; ^j ra*a, 

Judgment, s, (under standiiig) Jac 
•aql (pi. J»»e *uqiil) ; ^«4i tain- 
jiz ; ^\;i hrasa-t ; ^ fahm (pi. 
f^ fuhiim). — (opinion) i^\j ra*i 
(pi. \)^ ara) ; (^ zann (pi. (^^ 
ZunikD). — (gentetice) f^ hukm 
(pi. f\^\ a^kani) ; Ui qa^a (pi. 
i^\ aq4iya-t) ; o^ fatwa (pi. 
v^U* fatawa, fatawi). — (Day 
oj Judgment) ^^\ ^jt jauin 
al-qiyaiua-t ; f>!^\ fjt yauin 
al-l}iikiu ; {ji.^\ ^ji yaum ad- 

Judicatory, $. ^Ui^^^ luahkama-t 
(pi. ^W* uiahaKiin). 

Judicature, s. aU^sU. hukiiina-t; 
A^Ui qa4awa-t. 

Judicial, Judiciary, adj. ^^J^ 

Judicious, ailj. JiW *aqil (pi. 5Ute 
'uqala, J^ 'uqqal) ; ^^ fahim ; 
^y s-^^ fal^ib hrasa-t (pi. 
^t'^^^ a^hab). 

Judiciousness, «. ^^;A firasa-t ; 
Jac 'aql ; ^ fahm. 

JuooLE, «. 4j^ jt^j za*bar *ala, yu- 
sa'bir; ^f»J^ sa'waz, yusa'wiz. 


ijr^) £a*bara-t ; Siyt^ sa'waza-t. 
JuooLER, $, j^y» muza*bir ; w-*c!U 

mula'ib ; •>ytju^ musa*wiz ; o*^^ 

Jugular, adj. ,J^ balki-y. — 

(jugular vein) J*;^ warid (du. 

^\aij^ waridan, pi. &»>;y aurida-t, 

*>^ wurud, J^t^)) warayid). 
Juice, «. Jtfi *araq (pi. j^^ a*raq) ; 

l^^j ru(uba-t. — (pressed juice) 

jt^ *afir; ijUc *u9ara-t. — (of 

meat) J/* maraq. 
Juiciness, s. U3\ l^ kasrat al-in& ; 

^^^^ dasarn. 
Juicy, adj. (of fruit) UJ\ «^ kasir 

al-ma. — (of meat) ^•> dasiin. 
July, s. j^ taiuikz, tammiiz. 
JuMULE, V. W«fe^ lahba^, yulahbi^ 
Jumble, s. iin^ labbafa-t ; tjT tj^ 

harj nuurj. 

Jump, s. Ai» natta-t; iy*S qafza-t; 

S/I» t&fra-t. 

Jump, v. ^ natti yanutt ; y^ (afar, 
yatfir ; /S qafaz, yaqfiz. 

Junction, «. J«^ wa^l ; JU?\ itti- 
9al; g »^>* majma'; £Ua^\ ijti- 
ma* ; eVj^ izdiwaj ; ^^j»s-2\ 

Juncture, «. (joint) J-**^ maffil 
(pi. J*Uu mafa^il).— (hW, cir- 
cumstance) «fc**j waqt (pi. *ft>VJj\ 
auqat) ; (^^ l^in (pi. i^\^ a^- 
yan) ; JU. hal (pi. J^^ a^wal, 
Qf^\ ahwila-t). 

June, s. oV>^ l^azir^n, l^izairan. 

Jungle, 8. SXto dagila-t. 

Junior, adj. jt^ 9agir (pi. jWu 
Hiffur, \j^ ffugam); /-^^ a^gar 
(pi. jtlo\ a^agir, ijt\J\ a^agira-t, 
(:))j^\ afgarun). 

Juridical, adj. ^j*» 8ar*i.y. 

Jurisconsult, 8. M* faqih (pi. 
W** fuqaha). 

Jurisdiction, «. ^^ l>ukilma-t ; 
Ui qa(la (pi. i^\ aq4iya-t) ; S^Us 
qa(lawa-t ; ^)^ wilaya-t, wala- 

Jurisprudence, 8. au fiqh ; ^ 
f;-fcJ^ *ilni a»-.sar*. 

Just, adj. J»>Vc *adil ; Jj^^ mu'dil ; 
UUi* inun^if. — (upright) jaU 
fadiq ; ^U ^alil;. — (orcura/tf) 
ly:^^ iiiaclbut ; JkJJ^ mudaqqiq ; 
^\^ wafi, — (merited) s-^^^ wa- 

Just, at/p. ^ij JX| bi-kull diqqa-t ; 
W^ bi-4abt; Ui fa-qatt.— (;«*' 
W0II7) AfiUJ^ ^ ri-'8-8a*a.t ; ^ 
JVJ^ fi-'l-bal. 

Justice, 8. Jj^ *adl ; fi\j^ *adala-t ; 
<^W\ in^af ; l^\J^ l>aq&iiiya-t ; 
W«i qist ; I»Lj^ iq^a^. 

Justifiable, adj. ^y^\ J|VJ qabil 
at-tabrir ; jyt^ yatabarrar. 

Justification, 8. jtj^ tabrir ; i^f 
tazkiya-t; ^y^^ tahqiq. 

Justify, v. ;;| barrar, yubarrir ; ^ 
zakka, yuzakki; t^^ ^aqqaq, 

Jut, v. --Jj^ s&mf , jaArai ; ^j^t i 
airaf, Tuirif (botii with ^ 

JCTENILB, adj. v^ iSbb (pi. S'W*' I 

»abab, o^ ^ubbAsj 
8abba't (pi. •^\j»' ia,vi 
fabi-y (pi. yW* sibja 
fabijo-t (pi. ^W* fabaj 

Keel, t. v-^/* ;" qa'i' markab (pi. 
yfi qu'ur). 

Ekbn, odj- (sAarp) jU Mdd ; jtU 
q&ti'i/4 bntir, — (piercing) iiU 
nafij. — (tagacioui) ^^'i ?aki-y ; 
jjU fatin. — (eager) j*^;^— inuS- 
taq ; ,_j»:i^^ muStabi ; .>i>>A aadid. 

EXBMDBBS, 8. &jet g!ra-t; *■»* iid- 
da-t ; J"' hadd, — {aagaclti/) i-lj* 
firasa-t ; ^i-i zakS. 

Eebp, v. (Aolif) u£\.-<* oiasak, yam- 
Bik. — (re(oi'n) ^>^» ba^i yabu^. — 
(take care of) U^ hafiz, ;uhfa£ ; 
j_^j»- ^aras, ya^nis, jahriB ; oy- 
hazan, y^ziin, — (feed) «jU 
qat, jaqut,— (oft«eri'e) 1**^ bafij, 
yatjfae. — (continue) (•!•' dam, ya- 

Kbkpino, «. (cuglody) ffltiV*- inuhA- 
fa£a-t. — (harmony) iiilj- muwa- 
faqa-t ; i*U" muifibaqa-t ; jU»l 

Ebepsake, a. jUJiJ tazkiir; f;^ 

Ksti, I. Js-;! barmil (pi. Je-V 

Kernel, s. h'^1 J»^ mahall aU 

Kebnel, I. s->. babb (pi. w'ji^ 
IjubiJb, y^A. hubbitn) 1 Jjl lauz ; 
s-J lubb Cpl."s^^ lubub. ^Ml 
albab); s-1* qalb (pi. ^^ 

Kettle, ». IL. Ijulla-t (pi. JW 
bulal) ; oV qiiziiu (pi. <^\i\y 
qazftnat, I^H.) ; j^i qidr (p!. 
jjJi qudOr). 

Kkt, I. c>J*- miftAli (pi. c*^^ ma- 
Ktib); -^^l iqlid (Feri. Jj^ 
kilid, xAiif). — (of a {liatw) (jU.a>) 

dastuo (pi. ^j^lwtl 
' • malmasa-t (pi. 


Kick, s. i— *j rafsa-t. 
Kick, u. i^-ij rafaa, j 

laba|, valbuti ^j n 

mall. — (a kiekiiu; I 

KiD, e. t3J«- jady (pL , 

0»jJ» jidyiln, 4W 

£l» billa'. 
Kidnap, h. i-A^ hatof, yi 

salab, yaslub. 
KiiiNAprEE, «. t-iiLW 

ijiLlji- hawatif J. 
Kidney, g. iell kulva-t 

wa-t(pl. Jiklla,Cs^ 
Kill, v. Js* qatal, jac 

mawwat, yuuawnit. 
KtLLiKO, «. JiJ qatl ; J 

t±-i^ tamwil. 
EiLH, ». ojil atuD (pi. 

nat, ijitl utuD, (;^^I at 

fum (pi. yyi afran). 
Km, s. ii\j* qaruba-t ; s 
Kin, adj. s-t/ qarib 

aqarib, s-jl;* qarajib 

riba) ; ■ 1 „ .:^ uaalb i 

KiHD, ;«. ^J-u^ jina (pi. 

niU) ; ey iiaW (pi. f\j 

•-A^ fHnf (pi. i^Uitt 04 
Kind, adj. fnU ^allm (| 

lamfi) ; ,Jh4fc iafiq ; 

(pi. jW li!.U) i ^/ 

^^ akrimii, ^/ ku 

kiniin) ; ^j—*^ miibi 

Kindness, #. ^ (liln 

buliiui, ^1 abli«ni)i, 





ka-t; UfcU lutf (pi. ^^\ aUaf) ; 
A^^/ karama-t ; ^\j ra*fa-t ; fi^/« 
muruwa-t ; «-*«** ma'riif. 

Kindle, v. jj^m ahraq, yuhriq ; 
J«fca» sa'al, yas*al ; Jima\ as*al, 
jus*il; gJ^ walla*, yuwalli* ; '>i^\ 
auqad, juqid ; ^\ acjlram, yud- 

KiNDBED, 8, (relationship) ^^/ 
qaraba-t ; s— * nasab ; SyfcU* 
mu^ahara-t. — (relations) sJ'^Ut 
aqarib) ; s-si^ nasayib. 

Kino, s, •*WU malik (pi. viJ^L* mu- 
luk) ; (^^JJL- 8ult&n (pi. <jj'>^ 
sal at in ) ; ^^ sAh (Pers.). 

KiNODOM, 8. (empire) i^U^ niam- 
laka-t Cpl. «iUU^ mamalik) ; 
Ij^tLm sal^na-t; aJ^»> daula-t (pi. 
J^»> duwal, ct>3^»> duwahit, du- 
]kt).— (royalty) ciXU inulk ; ^^iUu 

Kt8S, 8. ^^ bausa-t, busa-t ; ^M 
qubla-t ; ^U^ lajma-t. 

Kiss, v. u*W bas, yabus ; J-5 qab- 
bal, yuqabbil ; ^ la jam, yal- 

Kitchen, «. ^^ mat bah (pi. ^^ 

Kitchen garden, «. S;^^ hiikura-t 

(pi. ^^y»" hawakir). 
Kite, «. v*^ *U(jab (pi. w-«c^ 

a*qub, (;jW*« *iqban). 
Kith, 8, Uj^U^ ma*arif (pi. of Ai^ 

ma*rifa-t, " ac<iuaintanee ";. 
Kitten, #. ^«a* J^ quU nagir ; &;|;A 

huraira-t ; (j*— ♦ busaiu. 
Knack, «. (dexterity) ij^ sa^ara-t ; 

6;Vf^ mahara-t. 
Knapsack, «. ^^;^ jirab (pi. ^j^\ 

Knave, «., Knavish, adj. j^ 

*ayyar ; j^^ makkiir ; ^y^ fala- 

ti-j ; j\Jk* gaddar ; /-^ hiwir (pi. 

;— *• hussar) ; ^^<w^ habis (pi. 

wt-^f^ hubus, vJLa. hubasa). 
Knavery, Knavishness, s. a#U^ 

habiga-t ; ;^ makr ; t'^ had*. 
Knead, v. {j^ *ajan, ya*jiu ; J-% 

jabal, jajbul. 
Khbadiho-tbouoh, 8, {^^^^ mi*- 

jan ; aj^v^ rai*jana-t (pi. (^^^^ 

Knee, s. ^) rukba-t (|»1, s-*f) 

Kneel, v. ^ jasa, yajsu ; jf) 

raka*, yarka* ; *>^r- sajad, yas- 

jud. — (of a camel) viJ^ barak, 

yabruk ; ^ nahh, yaDubh. 
Knell, 8, UJ* t&ntana-t ; (^^e^ 

Knife, e. {^^^^ sikkia (pi. (^^e^VX.* 

sakakin). — (pen - knife) ^•^* 

Diibra ; sj^ mitwa (pi. sj^^ 

matawi) ; y*^ miis (pi. {j^y»^ 

amwas) ; ^jSf ^ qaiam tara4 

Knioht, 8. Y6^\ amir (pi. \j>»\ 

iimara) ; jiA^ kawallier ; y*;U 

faris (pi. y*;V fawaris, (^L.J 

fursAn). — (kniyht-templar) ^^^ 

dawi-v (pi. li^^ dawiya-t). — 

(kniyht in chess) y*;i faras (pi. 

^J>•)yi furus, u*y^ afras). 
Knit, v. J«>^ jadal, yajdil, yajdul; 

•Vic *aqad, va*qid ; wtW^ i^l)ak, 

yasbik; sabbak, yusabbik. 
Knittino-needle, 8, aLw. misiil- 

la-t (pi. J^-w* masiill). 
Knob, s, Ij^ *uqda-t (pi. jJ^ 

Knock, s, a_j-a darba-t ; A_^jt« 

^adiua-t; Sj^ lat:^a-t; ii*y daq- 

Knock, v. j»> daqq, yaduqq ; jjm 

taraq, yatruq ; y qara*, ya<ira*. 
Knocker, s. (of a door) s^U^ JJ^ 

inidaqq'al-bab ; s^W^t ^^L. halqat 

Knot, «. Jasc *uqda-t (pi. JJte 

Knot, v. asc *aqad, ya*qid. 
Knottiness, 8. Ajyu» 5u*uba-t. 
Knotty, ac(;. J^&t* mu*a(jqad. — 

(dijficult) J^U* muglaq; J^^-s-* 

Know, r. ^j^ *araf, ya*rif ; JIa 

'alirn, ya*lam ; ^^J^ dara, yadri. 
Knowing, adj. (cunning) j^ mak- 

Knowledge, 8. ^ *ilm (pi. ^^ 

*uliim) ; lijtu» ma*rifa-t (pi. <j»jU* 


ma'&rif) ; *iljJ dirAya-t ; ^J 
taan (pi. (^jH funi^) ; ^ fahm 
(pi. |Oja* fuhfim). 

!16 [Tui 

I Knpokle, h. -.-Jii ka'b (pi. ^US 
I Id'tib, v-/^ ku'ilb, s-«£l ak^b) ; 
I J-u mafji] (pL J-U- matijil). 

Labbi,, I. tS'j^ 'unwan. 
Labial, ad/, o**^* &ifahi-j-. 
Labial. ». ,jttUb uy>- harf iaftlht-j 

(pi. ^IdU. ^}^ Imruf ^afahi- 

Laboeatort, s. J**^ ma'mal (pi. 

>l^ ma'amil). 
Labobious, adj. (iinfMjirioii*) 

■t^^^^M mujtahid ; -i^rf mujidd ; 

C^ii kndih. — Uii£ictilt) --r-*^ 

mut'ib ; s-»- ?a.'b (pi. v»U- 

^i'ab) ; Ji-±— muskil. 
Labobiousness, s. j^»^.^ ijtiL&d ; 

J«» jabad ; ■\fi taqajfud ; ^)«« 

Laboub, Labob, s. Ja* Sugl (pi, 

JU4.1 a^gAl) ; cJi kadb ; ,j»- 

sa'i ; v-» ta'ab (pi. ^inil at'ab) . 

—(travail) yeW- mihafj ; jU. 

Labour, «. jj*- ea'a, yas'a ; s-** 

ta'ib, yat'an ; J*- jadd, yajidd j 

j4A(.t ijtuhad, yajtahid. 
Labocbeb, «. gii— ?aui' (pi. fU." 

9UQ1V ; J*W 'amil (pi. il*B 'ania~ 

la-1, jUc 'ummiil, W 'umaU) ; 

Jeli fft'il (pi. ilni fa'ala-t) ; JUfc 

Labtbinth, s. v3jJ dfibib, dau- 

liib (pi. s-siy dawalib); aUa- 

niagUita-t; aI-jj warta-t (pi. tljj 

Lace, i. ^-ij*" tahrima-t (pi. /»j'^ 
tahurim) ; i-S-«* ^bika-t. — 
(ttrini/) (3U«e» qtlSn i ^b'y*-t; 
JLi^l^kil andisa-t. 

Lace, u. ■»*» 'aqad, ya'qid ; liij 
rabati yarbuf. 

Lacebatb, t>. jy-hazzaq.Tuhazziq; 
j^ mazzaq, yumazziq ; Cj*- jur- 
ralj, yujanit. 

Lacbkation, $. ^^~ tajri^; '^*;^ 

Lack, s. i*^ 'adam ; ^/Jt na^jf ; 

bW-1 ihliyflj. 
Lack, v. (be in need of) Jl e^^» 

iljtAj ila, yahtAj ; jU 'ftz, ra'iti ; 

jl jUcl i'taz ila, y&'l&z ■' n. {he 

thort of) u*** naqaf, yanqUf ; J» 

qall, yaqill ; fJ^ 'adiui, ya'djim. 
Lacket, t. |*^>M- haddAm ; f^^ ^i- 

dim (pi. (if J'- huddAm). 
Laconic, adj. j ^ ' i k - mahtaf&r ; 

j-i^i^ muqtaf ar ; j^«q^ mijiz. 
Lacqceb, «. ij'}}^'^ siudBxikB ; ^l*o 

Lad, e. ■'^j walad (pi. Si^ aulad) ; 

,_j— ?abi.y (pi. ^W- !iby*n, 

fubyitu); f&t gulam (pi. XU« 

gilmo-t, ftjUli gilrauD) ; ^ f&l* 

(pi. ol<r^ fityan). 
Labdeb, a. ^ Bullaia (pi. ^tH. 

Balalim) ; SUj- mirqil-t (pi. j'j* 

Lade, d. (load) J^k. l^anunAl, jo- 

feammil.— (a «Ai» j-j WMsaq, 

Ladle, s. ^^ mi);rrafa-t (pL >JjUu 

magarif) ; iijt,\^ basiiqi^t. 
Ladt, ». u— sitt ; J^ Bltt^l (pL 

«^U- sittfit) ; y^U. bAtikn (pL 

j^lj*. hawntin). 
Laq, t>. /-*u ta'h^ar, yatA'ahbar; 

jW bn(u', yab(u'. 
Laoooh, 5. ijk^ aabha-t (pL (W- 

Bibnb); J«^ batiha-t (pi. ^iW 

batflyib) ; C^^^— mustoaqa*. 
Laical, adj. ^\e 'ii!ami-y. 
Laib, t. ijiA- maRPim-t (pi. ji**- 

magfiyir) ; j^ gkr (pi. J^l aa< 

wftr, e,l;et girtn) ; j*» ]ij>r (pi 




La ITT, i. A-^W Tilamiyji-t ; acU> 

Lake, 8. i^ birka-t (pi. <^j^ hirak) ; 

iy^^. bul>aira-t (dimin. of f^. 

bahr, pi. ji^. bahayir). 
Lamb, s. ^)j^ hariif (pi. e^/- hur- 

fan) ; ^^^ haruf (pi. «-A4j^^ 

Lamb, adj. (disabled) ^ ■■- ^ '* mukas- 

gah ; ^^^ kasih ; a«4^ imiq*atl ; 

t)^\ a*raj ; ^^ akta*. — {impev' 

feci) (joiU naqi?. 
Lame, v. >%« *ajjaz, yu*ajjiz ; c/s\ 

a'raj, yu*rij ; ii- saqqat, yusaq- 

Lameness, s, l^^^ kusaha-t ; e^;^ 

Lament, v. c^ nah, yanuh ; t:^^JJ^\ 

istanah, vastaDih. 
Lamentable, adj. ^j^?^ inubakka, 

mubki ; ^J!j^ saki-y. 

liAMBNTATION, S. t^ m\\\\\ ; A^-W* 

niyaha-t ; ^,-»J^ na<lb ; s--^ na- 
hib. * 


Lamina, $. «a)Ui tanak ; jh^ t^baq 
(pi. jW a^baq, aaJ.^ a^biqa-t) ; 
^j^ waraqa-t. 

Lamp, #. e^^ siraj (pi. C/- suriij) ; 
^t—^ niasraja-t (pi. t;^— ^ inasa- 
"j) ; *;^ manara-t (pi. j^U* 
manawir, ;4^ nianayir) ; cW-*^ 
mifb^^ (pi. ^^'tt^ inai^abih) ; 
J>JuJ qandil (pi. J*»>UJ qanadil). 

Lampoon, «. ^v^ haju. 

Lampoon, r. ^»A haja, yahju ; ^j*\it 
haja, yuhaji. 

Lance, #. ^^ ruinh (pi. c^; rimah, 
C^;^ arinah) ; J^jiy* mizr&q ; 
^J«;^y» mazari(|. 

Lance, r. {pierce with a lance) 
{^-'^ ti**a.n, yat*uii, yat*an. — 
(chirurgically) ys^W s^t* darab 
bi-'n-nastar, yadrib; ^>} bazag, 

Lancet, •. l^j risa-t ; U^-t-» mi!*- 
ra^ (pi. W;^-*-« maiarit) ; 7=-*^ 
naitar (Per«.) ; t^ bazg. 

Land, #. (opposed to toater) f barr. 
— {ground) ^j^ ar4 (pi. oW 
ar^un, ^^ ara4. a*\)^ arH^i) ; 
^V turilb (pL l^f\ atriba-t, oV 

tirbuii). — (country) *>h bilad (pi. 
^^>^jIj biildan) ; «aVU miilk. — 
{rxfatt') ci\U inulk (pi. v4J!U\ 

Land, v. ^\ Jlc ^ tala* *ala-'l- 
barr, ya^lu* ; y^\ J^ J)i nazal 
ila-*l-barr, yanzil. 

Landing, 8. (act of landing) f^-^ 
s-^^^ ^^ tulil* rain al-markab. 
— (-place) Ay^ manzil (pi. Jj^ 
nianazil) ; ^E-^ iskala-t (pi. JA-^ 
asukil). — (of stairs) £•— » bas^a-t. 

Landing-plank, s. ^V&« gaqala-t. 

Landlady, s. (lady 0/ the house) 
,A^\ i-*.U ^ahibat al-bait. — 
(hostess) tM\S^\ i^lo ^ahibat al- 
ii >kanda-h. 

Landlord, s. (owner of an estate^ 
<ir.) ; ^*g»3\ *4UU s-:«>^?Ahib ma- 
lik al-bait. — (innkeeper) ^j^f^ 
nianzilji ; ^^^ fanndiqi-y. 

Landscapk, s. (vie^n) ill* ^alla-t ; 
i^ nazi*a-t. 

Landwakd, adiK yr^\ Uj^LJ li-^araf 

Lane, k. aaXbc *atfa-t ; jUj zuqaq 
(pi. tjVij ziiqqan, &i)\ azi(|qa-t). 

Language, s. (spe^'ch) f^Kalam; 
j^ iiutq ; ^W lahja-t. — (idiom) 
^jUJ lisan (pi. ^^^^ alsun, ajuJ^ 
alsina-t) ; aaJ luga-t (pi. «i>UJ 

Languid, arf/. J?U zabil ; (^^ 
'avvun ; ^i^t^ da*if (pi. «^U^ 
dhif, U«^ 4u*afa)'; /U fAtir. 

Languidness, Languor, s. J^*J 
zubul ; Ui«-fc du*f ; ^ fatar. 

Languish, v. J>«i zabal, yazbul; 
f^ fatar, yaftur ; ,ji^ 4&i^> 
ya(Jna; f^L^^ insaqam, yansa- 

Lank, adj. <«.A«*^ a^yaf, f. U^* 
haifa (pi. <-*«* bif) ; ,3<jJ; raqiq 
(I>1. jVij riqaq, \i^\ ariqqa) ; 
da'if (pi. Uit* du*afa). 

Lanknbss, «. «-^}A hayaf; 
dumr, dumur. 

Lantern, s, v/*^^ fiiniis (pi. ^j^\^ 
fawanis) ; fi^U* manara-t (pi. 
j;^-s-« Dian&wir). 

Lap, •. j^^ ^lajr, t>jr, tujr (pi. 


Up] 21 

jj%^ hujAr) ; i;^ Ijicln (pT. yj^ 

V4fln, ij^y abdAn).— (f)/- o ^nr- 

wwn/) JiJ zail, zel (pi. J^il 

a^yfil); ^> tai^E (pi- -J'^^ 

Lap, o. (wrap rottnd) <-*) luff, vii- 

luff; jjL tawa, yatwi.— (/ici-it;)) 

y-J la^is, yalljas; j»! Li'iq, 

Lapidary, s. ^>^ Ijakkuli ; ^s}'<f^■ 

jauhari-y ; i_j*j*j* jau'iarjt-y. 
Lappet, s. Ji-5 iair(pl. J^i\ azyn.1). 
Lapse, ». (erroi*) 1=1* galat ; ^^^ 

gaH»-t.-( /a^O tyu 8uqut.-Co/ 

iime) y\^j "I— niasilfat zaman ; 

j*t* mamarr ; yL^l ^j*» ma^a az- 

Lapse, p. o;* jo-^i yajri ; ^^4- 

maqla, yamdi. —(maiB a »Up) IJ* 

galit, yaglat. 
Larceny, t. i^j- sirqa-t, sariqa-t. 
Labd, a. jty^'^ ,H> £ahm al-hinzir. 
Lakd, v. ft*^ ^ham, ya^^m ; sal>- 

t^am, yuiiabb'in- 
Lardeb, g. ;V karar; J«l»- bS?il j 

i»^l us-Trt bait al-milna-t; iliU 

Larqe, ai/j. }vtS kabir (pi. jW^ 

kubiir, kilar) ; ,*clu 'asim (pi. 

^Uu! 'ijiim, Ute 'uiama). — (wide) 

{-1, Wftsi' ; (jftj/^ •ari(} (pi. ^^ 

'irutj) ; pe—i faailj. — (aftuadanO 

t/(ll fayiij ; jiljwi'ifir; ye^ kaair 

Largeness, e. U>c 'asama-t ; ^ 

kubr. — (ea;(en*ion) **-• ea'a-t ; 

l^r-i fasba-t. 
Labqess, «. (liberalily) ij^A- eahti- 

wa-t; !->j*- jilda-t[ f/ karam. — 

{lionntion) i^^ tuhfa-t; J^^ wa- 

baba-t ; It* biba-t. 
Lark, «. ipJi qumbura-t (pi. j|Ui 

Larynx, «. i-t^ gal^ama-t (pi. 

frtiJi galfl;im) ; i^ baldam ; 

i j ^j* banjara-t (pi. j*.U>. hana- 

Lascitiocs, adj. o-'ye*- ^ahwaul-y ; 

i>-U ffiaiq ; ^j»— *> nafsAni-y ; 

fc>»* iabiq. 
IiAsciTioOBNEas, *. i)t^ sahwa-t ; 


^5-i fisq; jjflj fujflr; ^** 

Lasb, v. ■>!*. jalad, yajlud ; L^ Bkf^ 
yatifit- — {iampoon) \^ h^jAt 

Lash, a. (whip) 1>^ aaut (pi. U^^ 

siyiit, U>-^ asniit) ; Jc^ m'm- 

ra'ii-t (pf. fji*-TiiaqHri').^(W<>i») 

i>ji (jarba-t ; Jl* jald.^(marfc ^ 

a hlow) i*-> das^t; 2m- bkb> 

Lass, a. i±~<t bint (pi. tuU| baii4t) ; 

lar^ fabiya-t (pi. Vt- fab&ji). 
Lassitude, a. s-«J ta'ab (pi. t^Wl 

aL'i'ib) : Jl- tiialal. 
Last, adj. /A afcir. 
Last. a. (/orm) H*yfj-Jl s-lU qUib 

List, 17. fU dAm, y&d&m ; V* baqi, 

yabqft; (t'Jii-\ istaq&ffl, jMl^ 

Lastino, adj. fnU diyim ; fjt 

Latch, a. ^U> saqqnta-t. 
Latch ET. a. -u* bond (p). oy* 

bimud, Pwa.}. 
Late, od;. (latt-coai'v) ^-fc Sif" 

(pi. f J-* sufQ") ; j*.*j» mu'abhkr ; 

ji'U- muta'^hir. — (/«nn«r) 

ijtL. enbiq; ^uAm inutju]atldiiB. 

—{defunct) f>)m.j^ marhuto; ^j*^ 

Latency. «. jtii-1 istitSr 

ba-t ; ^LiiS\ inkilain. 
Lateness, a. /-1i ta'ahljnr.— 

(nooeHy) W jidJa-t. 
Latent, odj. jkt hafi-y (pL !»>** 

hafayti); (•f^*^ inabtiim; >i-4'* 

gayib ; y=.- — * mustatir. 
Lateral, adj. J;L (arafl-y ; ^jr*. 

Lath, a. i*jW 'Arifja-t (pL t>^^ 
•awAri^) ; ijjW biidAw»m-t 

Lath, v. «■■■ * * hasaab, yiibilttih. 

Lathe, a. iiji* inibiin».t( itt< 

Lather, a. ej*-" Sj*j ngwU af> 

Latitddb, a. (geograpkicaf) j^ 
'art! (pi. ^,jc 'urfid).— (rfeyr^ rf 

* g«»- 




*ar4, — (extent) a»«j waa^a-t, 

Latitudinarian, $, A^t* mulhid. 
Latitudinarianism, 8. *y^\ ilhud. 
Latter, adj. /-I ahir. 
Lattice, s. «Lai 8a!)jik5i-t (pi. »«3Wft» 

sibiik) ; ^Wa» subbaka-t (pi. 

uleiW^ 8al)Hbik) ; h/^ »a*ri)'a-t ; 

W " *^ muka^ab. 
Lattice, r. «aM» sabak, jasbik ; 

»abbak, jusabbik. 
Laud, v. c*^ madal>, jamda^ ; •u*. 

hamad, jal^mud; •v^^ majjad, 

vumajjid ; ,^ §aDDa, yusanni. 
Laudable, adj, J^e<**> hamid ; t)'^'^^ 

inamduh ; *>f>^^ niahmud. 
Laudanum, 8. (^ye^'^\ t)) riih al- 

afyuQ (ifyaun). 
Laudation, 8. a« »» » tain j id ; Ju*. 

^amd ; t*^ madli. 
Lauou, Laughter, «. uiX^^ dil^k ; 

i^^ qahqaha-t. 
Laugh, v. aX^<& cji^lji^l^* ya^hak; 

AA«i qahqab, yuqah<|ib ; ^f qar- 

qar, yu(iarqir. — (lowl and re- 

peaiedly) ;^karkar, yukarkir. 
Laughable, adj, ««W^ mudhik. 
Launch, v. ^; rama, yarmi ; sjf^\ 

a^laq, yu^liq. — (a8hip) s-^;*^^ Jv> 

j^\ ^ nazzal al-markab fi-i- 

bal^r, yunazzil. 
Laundress, 8. a3U»6 gassala-t. 
Laundry, «. ^1«>a^ magsala-t. 
Laurel, #, j^ gar ; J*»> difla. 
Lavatory, «. aL-a<« magsala-t. 
Lave, p. A«^ gasal, yagsil ; gassal, 

jugassu ; vJi^ ^a^af, yastuf. 
Lavender, 8, {ji^j^ uardin (Per8.) ; 

^y^y^ huzama. 
Laver, 8. J"-*^ magsal (pi. J-V*^ 

magasil) ; ^ "A^ ^t (pi. «^y^ 

Lavish, adj. j-W* mubzir ; ^;— • 

Lavish, v, j^ bazaar, yubazzir ; ;•>; 

waddar, yuwaddir. 
Lavishness, 8. ji-M tab^ir ; u\j^\ 

Law, 8, Att fiqh ; {/• sar* ; A*!/* 

^ri<&-t (pi. eK^>ii ^arayi'); ^/ 

fari^A-t (pi. ^/4iy £arayi4). — 

(rule) fij^VJ qa*ida-t (pi. J^\^ 

qawa'id) ; (^yVS qanAn (pi. (^\^ 

Lawj-'ul, adj. (conformable to law) 

^^y^ sar*i-y ; gy^\ v>*^r* muwafiq 

as-sar* ; ji- ha<iq. — (allowed by 

law) cW^ mubah; J)U ^lal; 

ytW jayiz. 
Lawfulness, «. ImijA^ ^ri'a-t; 

^W-^ iuubal>iya-t. 
Law-giver, 8. ff}^\ ^\p wa4i' a^- 

Lawless, adj. ^ h bi-la ^r* ; y^ 

^j^ gair sar*i-y ; lMijjs^\ xt 4udd 

Lawlessness, «. Aii | | . U \ ^^jlc 'adam 

Lawn, 8. (grass-plot) i^ij raqma-t ; 

e/« marj (pi. tpf muriij). — (tex- 

lure) yyrji birinjiq ; y qazz. 
Law-suit, 8. fi^»> da'wa-t ; v5^** 

da*wa (pi. o;^»> da*awa) ; l^^ 

Lawveb, 8. M^ faaih (pi. \^ fu- 

qaba) ; ^sf'^^ Jefj wakil ad- 

da'wa (pi. "^y wukila); JaU» 



Lax, adj. ^f^ mutarhi ; t^j rahft; 

^^^zablan; J^^ munoall. 
Laxative, 8. Ji— ^ mushil ; ^jJU 

Laxity, Laxness, e. l^) rahawa-t. 

— (wayit of exactness) W^^ ^ 

qillat ad-dab^. 
Lay, u. ^^ wada*, ya4a* ; U. ^atti 

yahuU; J«% ja*al, yaj*al. — 

(calm) (^^ sakkan, yusakkin. 
Lay, cut}., Layman, s. ^J^^^ '&la- 

""-y ; o*^^ *alamani-y. 
Lay, #. /Ui ^i*r (pi. j\mjk\ ai*ar^ ; 

Sa^ qa^ida-t (pi. a^ qafid, 

J^Ui qa^ayid). 
Layer, s. jVL ^4q (pi. ^ViVk t&q&t) ; 

SaJ^ tabaqa-t. 
Laziness, 8. J^ kasl ; AUif bafi- 

Lazy, adj. {:)%^ kaslan (pi. ^L^ 

kasaLi, JL-S kasla) ; JaI^ kiibil ; 

^^•x^ mutAwaui; J^ bati' (pi. 

^ bi^a). 
Lead, s. ^^j ra^af . 

Lkad, v. (euttducl) jU iiMil, jiujud ; 

•»•• qawwad, juqawwid. — (»how 

ike way) ^ J-> dall 'ala, yadull ; 

^5^* hftdft. yahdi ; ^^ arsad, 

juriid. — (induce) ^j^ harrad, 

Leaser, «■ •^^ qayid (pi. J^j* quw- 

Lbadimu, (tty. ^^1 a?li-y ; ^Jl 

bikbar; ^1 ahamiu. 
Lbadino-stkihgb, *. yUc 'iniui (jjI. 

LjA a'inna-t). 
Lea?, «. Jjj waiiu| jiijj WD.raqa-t 

(]')■ ij\)j^ auraq); d,b-A< Hal'ihat 

(pi. c*^ ^afilyiii). 
Leafihesb, b. J'j;S1 S^ ka:ra-t nl- 

Lkatt, adj. Jjj- muwarraq ; je^^ 

jljjSl kasir al-aurnq. 
Lbaoue, j. {confederacy) *oJ»^«rf 

mu'ihada'l ; jUi\ ittifaq ; J^*^ 

Leaoue, v. ■»»'1 iltaliad, jattaljid ; 

uBlw ta'ihad, jata'ahad; <-AJL. 

tliilaf, yubfilif; oUU^ taijAlaf, 

yatal^alaf. — (measttre) Je- mil 

(pi. J^e*l amjul) ; f--jt farsali 

(pi. t-V fartsih). 
Leak, 8. ij^ saqq,siqqj in^ siuj- 

qa-l (pi. J*** suquq) ; jjl* falaq 

(pi. Jjli fuluq) ; i**; huljsart. 
Lbak, t\ v-SjJ^ J;**! inLaniq al- 

niarkab ; (^; lusa^, jarsalj, 
Lban, adj. >-i^ BdiiH (pi. JU' 

nihSf) ; Jij* hazil (pi. J)* 

hazl&) ; J)^ mahziil ; 'AJ: ga»» 

(pi. •iMt gijis) ; ^ i gM J i da'if. 
Lxar, ». (/Ie»A ii'itkotit fat) j-* 

babr; ^^ £*«J lalima-l gaiga-t. 
Lean, v. (rett ai/ainft) ^\ Ai.\ 

aenad ila, yusnad ; AiAJi iBtanad, 

ya«tanid ; ji*i ta'akkaz, jato- 
'akkaK (both with J* 'ala), — 
(incline loivardf) J\ J\^ Dial ila, 

Leanness, «. ^^ niihilfa-t ; J^ 
nu^fil 1 dj*^ gaAilsa-t ; li\i~ aaAa- 
fa-t ; i-*j" du'f. 
Leaf, v. W natt, janiitU s-Jj wa- 

gab, yagib ; y*i qamaz, yaqmuz ; 

jU qafar, yaj]&r. 

Leaf, t. Hi natta-l ; >>*i q 

SjAi qaf za-t. 
Lbaf-ybab, t. A-v^ A±M Ban&-t k^ | 

Leabn, v. f4a* ta'allam, yata'ftl 

— (heaf) ^^^ sama', yunui' t j 

^1 iJii balag-hu aii, yatilug-bti. J 
Learned, adj. fi^ ■aliiu (pi. Ul« 1 

'ulama) ; OjW 'irif (pi. Jj^j* j 

■awarifl; jjuw inu'aUim. 1 

Learnino, «. ^ 'itm (pi. fJ* I 

'uluni) ; iij»^ ina'rif»-l ; «*- | 

^> ea'a-t al-'ilm. 
Leabe, «. SjW^ ijara-t. 
Lease, f. j*Ujar. yiijir; ^ tar», 

yakri ■, ^s^il akra, yukn. 
Leahh, *. lillj ribfi} (pi. -L-ilij rihi- 

tAt); -M qaid (pi. •i^ qayud). 
Least, adj., adv. ^\ aifgar (pL 

jiUl a^agir. Sj*l-1 aiiAgir»-t, 

y,j*-l afgar&d) ; Jil aqall ; ^A 

Leather, a. jW jilJ (pi. -ijU- ju> 


bayya' jild. 

Leathekn. adj. ^ {^ lo'in jild. 

Leave, «. (pfrmwuinn) tjJl ii 
iM ijnza-t; i-^j ritljfa-t; jH-^ 
dasttir (pi. jiiO dasatir). — 
(farewdl) £lJj wada'. — (fait 
'faiTc) £j, wad da', yairaddi' 
ijkU. Jufcl aliaz hitir-hu," Tft'^Of. 

Leave, v. {depart from) -if tanl 
vatruk; ff^ hajar, Tabjot.- 
(/oraoie) Jii. hazal," Tkbflll 
JJU. hAzal, juljAzil.— <6«7iMna> 
•/)/ tarak, yatruk ; (j^t «Mt 
vuwa^^i ; •-■U. haltaf, yaiULllif.- 
■(,„/«■ to r«»ain) ^1 ^>» 

Leaven, «. tj"- tM^mnut; » ^ i* 

Leaven, p. ^ hatuniftr, js^kb- 

Lecheb, «., Lbcbexocb, (ufr*. J^ 
Lecheev, *. A^ iahwa>t; %y^\ 
Lectubk, «. ii;fi laijriya-t ; u^^ 




tadris ; ^^M- hu^ba-t. — {admofii- 
lion) Sk^^ wa'aza-t. 
Lkctubb, V, {j*)*^ darras, yudarris ; 
s-J»U. hatab, yuha^ib. — (admo- 

nisk) ^p wa*az, ja'iz. 
Lbdoeb, 8. j^\ f^'ii\ ad-da£tar 

al-kabir ; v5;^^ al-huwi. 
Lbech, 8. (worm) ^^ *alaaa-t. - 

(doctor) s-^A tabib (pi. ^\ 

Leech, v. ^jf^ 'allaq, vu'alliq. 
Leek, «. ^\^ kurras/ 
Leer, $, ^j^y muzawara-t. 
Leer, v. ;jy zawar, yuzawir ; ^j^^^ 

ba^ba?, yaba8l)i9. 
Lees, $, jV5^ 'akar ; /^ 'akar. 
Left. tulj. J^^ samuli-v ; j^ 

vaimr (pi. ^ yusr;. 
Left-handed, adj, s^y^j"-^ *a8ra- 

Leg, «. jL« sn(| (pi. uz^Uu. saqAt, 

(^^^^ siqan;. -(of aniniaU) ^^ 

qayiina-t (j)!. ^^t* qawayim). — 

(of a chair, Sc) ^>; rijl (pi. y}^j\ 

Leoact, $. it^p wa^iya-t ; «J^ 

,j-y» halaf muwa^^a. — (for a 

piou8 purpose) «-AS^ waqf (pi. 

uMp\ auqaf). 
Legal, «. ^/» sar*i.y ; g;-fcJ^ v>*V 

niuwafiq aH-nar'. 
Legalise, r. ^^yb» J^^ ^aniil 

Kar*i-y, ya*inal ; Jl^ hallal, yu- 

l^allil ; c^« 9al>hal>, yuAahhil^. 
Legality, $, ^y»» Hari*a-t; J^ 

l>ilal ; i^* Kahha-t. 
Legate, #. J^j rasul (pi. J-j 

ni8ul) ; ;eA- safir (pi. \jkm gu. 

Legatee, 8, ^ vJ^r* muwaf^a la- 

Legation, 8, ijU^ sifara-t. 
Legend, 8. (inscription) l^^ ka- 

taba-t; f^j nM^am (pi. fMj\ 

an|am); f^j rasm (pi. ^^i 

rusiim, f^j\ araum). — (iale) 

k}Sm. I^ikaya-t ; ^ qif^a-t ; <^j^ 

hadis (pi. ^\,>^\ ahdas). 
Legerdemain, 8. ^jt^j za'bara-t. 
Legible, <ulj. o^ yanqari (3 aor. 


Legion, #. ;^^ tAbur (pi. ;e»\^ ta- 

wabir); ^/ fariq (pi. UJ\ 

afriqa, jy furuq, Jjj;J furAq) ; 

AJy^ jauqa-t (pi. J^y*-^ ajwaq). 
Legislate, v. 0i^/» ^^ wa^a' 

sarayi*, Ta<]la*. 
Legislation, «. ^W^^ Q*) wa^' 

as- sarayi* ; f ^/^ istira*. 
Legislature, «. X^^^ l>ukiima-t; 

^^^^ v»V^«\ oV^ diwan a^l^&b 

Legitimate, adj, JW ^alAl. 
Legitimate, v. ^y»- hallal, yu^al- 

lil ; J)U J4^ 'amil l^nlkij ya'mal. 
Legitimation, 8. J^^ tahlil. 
Legume, «. (greens) J*f baql (i)l. 

Jyil buqill) ; ^^ Tiu4ra-t (pi. 

^ hu4ar, <^V^ hu^rawat) ; 

J^» fill.— (j>oii) yui qi^r (pi. jr^ 

Leguminous, adj\ ^^\ «j-*«% (j-« 

mill j ins al-fiil ; ^yi> baqikli-y. 
Leisure, $. ^y fara^^t ; S^U* 

fadawa-t ; Je^ inahl ; i^ muh- 

la-t ; iil»c *atla-t. 
Leisurely, adv, ^^ ^J^ 'ala 

mahli-bi ; ii\y^ Jc *ala rawaqa-t. 
Lemon, «. (^^^^J^laimun ; i^f^ lai- 

Lemonade, s. a;U^«J laimunata-h ; 

^^•^\ v»^yii sarab al-laim(kn. 
Lend, r. «J^ sallaf, yusallif ; j^W 

*awar, yu'awir; j^\ a*ar, yu*ir. — 

(money) o*/ qarad, yaqri4 ; v/;*\ 

a<(rad, yuqrid ; ^^a dayyan, yu- 

dayyin ; (^\S\ adan, yudin. 
Lender, «. (trAo /«nc/<) wi)u sallaf ; 

,>y qarrad ; (ji^i^ mudayyin ; 

^yU muqri^. — (usurer) ij\j^ 

Length, $. J^ ^ul (pi. J\^\ at- 

wal). — (of time) i^ mudaa-t. — 

(a/ length) V^ ahiran ; ^^\ 

Lengthen, v. J^ (awwal, yutaw- 

wil ; JVL\ atal, yu^il. 
Lengthwise, adv, ^^ (lilan. 
Leniency, Lbnity, s. ^ ^ilni: 

^!U mulayama-t ; ^U»j ral^ma-t ; 

^»*/ tarati^um. 
Lbhient, adj. (softening) 

Lsm] 2 

mula^yin; (ji— • muHakkio. — 

{noi ievere) fn'i^ mulflvitn ; *«4» 

balim (pi. Ul- Ijulamfi, fA-l alj- 

Lehb, s. i^^) l^.i£ 'adasa-t zajuji- 

Lent, s.jtK^\ ^ym faum al-kabtr. 
Lentii,, t. ^ac 'adas ; i—M 'ada- 

Leopard, ». yti nimr (pi. Sjj*i nn- 

muro-t ; ■>«* fahd (pi. >>;«i f uliud, 

J«*l afLud). 
Leper, »., Lephods, «(//. i^jtl 

abra?, f. U^ bar$A (pi. j^/y bur?) ; 

f}^'^ majzum ; (*^t- mujaz- 

Lbpeost, b. jjP;* bara? ; h balA ; 

|tW juzikm. 
LEea, ad;- j**l as gar {pi. ji:\J\ 

asSgir. fijiul asagiru-t, tjjj**! 

afgariin) i Jit aqall ; ,jJ^\ an- 


■* muBtakri ; 

I biLmi 

Lessee, » 

Lesren, v. 3^ saggar, yu^aggir 

Jli qallal, yuqallU. 
Legbon, «. )j*j>> dare (pi. (j-y 

durfls).— (readiJiff) i'^ qirii'a-t. 

—(admonition) ^f^ 'abra-t. 
Lest, conj. W liyallil ; lo^ kailfi 

3 tT* batta la; U U ta ma. 
Let, v. (allotc) }f^ jawwaz, yujaw- 

waz ; jW-1 ajaz, yajiz ; £Jj wada', 

yada'. — (to a tetiant) ,j/ kara, 

vabri; iji/t akra, yukrl; f^'^ 

fijar, yfijir. 
Lethal, adj. JiU qatil. 
Letkaboic, Lethabqicai., adj. 

i_/W- aubflU-y ; y>--«* ua'sAn. 

LETHABaT, «. ujC- BUbfit; ,j«l^ 


Lettee, ». (eharaeler) -Jj* Ifori 
(pl. wJj^ hurilf, Uij»1 ahrufJi 
^j ra^am (pl. ^jij ruqflin). — 
(qiu(fc) -r'}-^^ maktilb (pl. 
t,-^-ii- makAtib); vUi kitib 
(pl. s-^ kutub); 43L.J risfila-t 
(pl. Ji>— ; rasnyil) ; *V barfit (pl. 
»tjljlj( bari'iwat) ; i*eij mq!iua-t. 

Letteb-carbibb, «. wj***il J-** 
\)iaul al-iuaktub. 

I FLu 

Lettered, adj. fJa ^-^^ V^^b 
■ilm (pl. vW'l a«Mb); ^U 
'nlim (pl. Uir 'ulama). 

Lettuce, «. u-*- bass. 

Leteb, s. (j-^-^ iiiajiia (pl. ^^^i* 
niajfllis); ujljfJ diwan. 

Level, adj. uj^— musiwi ; ^L— • 
musatta^ ; W-i baait. 

Level, t. ( /'fane tiir/aee) .sj-*- t^ 
Ki,\\\ mulaaawwi. — (plain) J** 
sahl ; i-Vfr. sahla-t (pl, Jj»- 
subul) ; i^-i fasha^t.— (tfjuo/^t 
ijj— i taswiya-t ; itji— • muai- 
wat— ((oo/J ^U ffttlim (pl. ^y 
fanAdim) ; ^J.^>,^ niiqyas ; JjA^ 
jadwal (pl. J,W jaJnwil). 

Level, r. (make even) ^5^ sawwa, 
yuBawmt; ^L, aaUah, yuMflil); 
J^ aalilial, yusahhil. — (f«i« 
am) (^V^^qI ^\ ahaz nis&D, yft'- 
huz; Je s-Jj rakkab 'ala, ya- 
rakkib; ^ jj» ^arrar 'aJa, yu- 

Lbtee, «. J-B 'atai ; *Ii^ 'atala-t ; 
Ji- muhl (pl. Jli-^ amhll); 
•t*)* qub (pl, v^jtl aqwab). 

Levity, «. Jie Ata. hiffat "aql ; 
i*-^ tiyflsa-t. 

Levt, v. {** JBiama', yujammi' 1 ,J 
lamm, yalumm. 

Levy, t. iJ Jamma-t. 

Lbwd, adj. ^_5J'j9* aahwini-y ; tJ-U 
fAaiq ; ^L_« naftiftni-y ; ^y^ 

Lewdnbsb, a. ije«> aabwa-t ; lj\^» 

naCsHoiya-t j i,^t^ ^baq- 
Lbxicoorapbeb, «. tj-y^ t-fa— 

mu^auiiif qamua; ul 't>^*t»^ 

f&t^ib kitab luga-t; ^yt) liig»- 

Lbxicoorapkt, (. i*ii\ fJa *ilm al- 

Lbxicoh, $. UaX ,j»y\i qimftB al- 

luga-t (pl. u---<1jt qawamia); 

iJi ^Lf kitAb luga-t (pl. *.^ 

Liability, >. (re«p(mtihHU\i) i,]^ 

niutalaba-t. — (((fntl<ntcy) J-^ 

mail. — (pi. (/c6l«) c)j|J dufto 

(pl. of ^-i dain). 
Liable, adj. (apoied) t^,-*' ma'- 




rCkd ; \^f^ mu'iirrad. — (subject) 

Si J^ Vi jad C* ill the hand '') ; 

sA^^ taht C* under "). 
LiAB, s. v>^«^ kazzah (pi. ^^j^ -un, 

^^ kuzAb) ; cjW* niayyan. 
Libation, «. ^ ^ubba-t. 
Libel, «. y^ haju ; *-*««» taqyif. 
Libel, v. W* haja, yahjfi ; ^j>U 

haja, juhaji; «-M qayyaf, yu- 

Libeller, «. o^ baji-y ; yj^^ 

Liberal, adj. (generous) o"-ate- 

sahi-y (pi. W^fc-^ a«hiya) ; f^yi 

karim (pi. ^^/ kiram) ; *>\y¥ 

jawad (pi. *>^^^ ajwad, *yyW\ 

ajawid, W^ juwada) ; ^•*^inua- 

Libbbalitt, s. iy^^^ sahawa-t ; 

U^ gihil ; f^ karani ; ^^ jud ; 

i^^ j{ida-t. 

Liberate, p. ^j^ halhi?, yuhallia ; 
yf- harrar, yuharrir ; v>U»^ a^laq, 
yutliq ; v>i^ a*taq, yu'tiq ; ^\ 
anqaz, yunqiz. 

Liberation, s. j^\ itl^; (W** 

Liberator, «. ^joU^^ muhalli? ; 

j^ui^ mu'tiq. 
Libertine, s. ^y^^ fasiq (pi. ^A~i 

fa8a<|a-'t, j^— i fussa.}); ;9»^ fajLr 

(\>l ;V^ fujjar, 5^<i»» f iira-t, ;:^y 

fawajir) ; jy¥^ fajur. 
Libertinism, f. •>^'^ f.isaJ; v>-»i 

fisq ; J^«-^ fusiiq ; A^ sahwa-t ; 

jy^ fujur. 

Liberty, «. ^;^ hurriya-t ; j^ 
*itq; jUe *ataq ; jU^ itla<i.— 
(priviU'je) <3^ lia<i(i (pi. j^ 
^uquq) ; ^^^^\ iiutiyaz. — (ex- 
emption) ^L^U^ mu*afiya-t. — 
(rhoire) ;W^^ ihtiyar. — (leave) 
ijW\ ijaza-t; i^j ruh«a-t. 

Libidinous, adj. ^J^y^ sahwani-y ; 
jLJtt naftmai-y ; ;-a^ *ahir ; 
J^\h tAbi.4. 

Librarian, s, s-^^^ a»^/- ^^^ nagir 
hizana-t al-kutub ; ^^\ 'a*w. 
^ii2 al-kutub. 

Library, «. s-*5^ ^\y^ hizana-t 

kutiib; LfS^ maktaba-t; 

kutubiya-t ; 6i\^Ssi kitab-Moa-h. 

License, s. (permission) ij^\ ijA- 
za-t. — (abuse of liberty) ^^^ 
ijtira' ; a*U^ safaha-t. 

License, v, )W^ ajaz, yujiz ; j^yk 
fawwa4» yufawwi^. 

Licentious, adj. ^^ falit; ^J^^ 
faliti-y ; (^Vsb falat&n ; ^y waqilji 
(pi. c^; wuqal^) ; ^^ ^qi-y. 

Licentiousness, s. «^W^ inhimAk ; 
i^\ASi saqawa-t ; l»My waqaljia-t. 

Lick, v, {j»^ lahis, yalhas ; j^ 
la*iq, yal*iq. 

Lickerish, adj. J^ la'iq. 

Licorice, s. ^J»y^ bus ; ij»y^ j;£ 
4rq BUS. 

Lid, «. Oa6 gi^a (pi. ljmt\ agfiya-t). 

Lie, v. (tell a falsehood) *-r»^\aaih, 
yakzab ; (^^ man, yamia. — (give 
the lie) *-r»^ kazzab, yiikazzib. 
-{^I'i'M lenfjthwise) c^*-^* insatalji, 
yansatilj ; J^; nyjad, yarqud. — 
(on one's side) {%-» 4^jaS ya^ja'. 
— (reditu) Juu. sanad, yasnud; 
^j-^\ attaka, yattaki. — (be 
situated) ^^ tx^T* y^ hii inaiidi\' 

Lie, 8. ^^ kizb; l^^ kizba-t; 
{^tf» main (pi. (^yt^ muyiin). 

Lieu, s. (in lieu, instead of) 1*^ 
yjfi 'iwa^an *an. 

Lieutenancy, LiBUTENAXTrtRip, s. 
^^ uivaba-t; Q^y wakala-t; 
ihU hifafa-t. 

Lieutenant, s. s-si^ nAyib (pi. 
s^y naub, s^^y nuwwab) ; ^\i 
^Uu qayim ma(|am (pi. f^yi quw- 
wam) ; ^AjU. halifa-t (pi. «-A|S^ 
halayif, ULl hulala). — (in the 
army) j»j^ mulazim ; s-si^ nayib. 

Life, s. (being alive) ^^^9»> haiwa- 
iiiya-t; ft^ (for ft^) hayat; 
AA>c *ai»a-t. — (time between birth 
and death) y^ *amr (pi. ^Uft\ 
a' mar). — (manner of living, con- 
duct) ije^ Bira-t (pi. ^^ siyar) ; 
d^yi^ BulAk; oU— ^ inaslak. — 
(biography) iy^ sira-t. — (lif^ to 
come) l/^Vi al-a^ira-t. 

Lifeless, s. (inanivfMts) jl-^^W 

jamid (pi. -W*- jatnad, ^ft- jit- 
wSmid). — (dead) ■j~e^ miij-yit 
(pi. '"'H amwlt, jJj- mautft) ; 
Cjj it bi-Ifl rulj. — (spiritless) je^ 
i5j» gair qawi-y; liiJ ^ guir 

LiCT, o. jij mfii.', jarfa,'; J>a siil, 

LiOAMBNT, «, (si?iew) -T"^ 'a^ab ; 
i»-B 'afliba-t (pi. *tj^' 'a9&b). — 
(fetter) -i^ qaid (pi. Jjei qujftJ, 
jlfjl aqynd). 

Lia4TtiKE, s. jU.* 4'iii*d ; i»l^fi 
'a^aba-t ; l-^j ribat (pi. l>)j rubuj). 

Light, «. jj* nur (pi. jV' anwar) ; 
y* i|lii ; ^1-* diy5. — (wAof jii'e* 
light) ^**i 6a,jn.' ; i**A ^m'li-t 
(pi. Jj«* Sumft*). See Oakole, 
IiAHP, — (explanation) u^hAyna ; 
^jai tafrih. — (knowled'je, itt- 
alrueiion) ft— lo 'ilm (pi. ("jLc 
'ulum) ; s-('»'W tii'dib ; i^^ 

Light, adj. ji^ nayyir ; jj^ mu- 
nawwar ; ij** mudJ. — (of colour) 
£.-11 fStih.— (nol weighty) Ul^. 
hafif (pi. .Jlit hifiUj. — (not 
eluvuy) i>^j rasiq (pi. tj«.) 
raSaq); li^ti uasi(. ^- (rtof grave) 
uiiU> (uyii. 

LioHT, o. (illuminate) ^\ adi, 
yudi; jj* nawwar, yunawwir. — 
(kindle) J«fc sa'al, yai'al; ^,1 
auqad,yuqid.— (afijAt) Jy nazal, 
yaneil. — (fall) j*j watja', yaqa'. 

Lighten, v. (illuminate) ^\ a4», 
yuiji; j)> nawwar, yunawwir. — 
(Jliu/i) j;( baraq, yabruq ; ^ 
lama', valma*. — {make lighter) 
.-4Afc ha'ffiif, yuhaffif.— (a««uiate) 
C— * fassab, yufaasih ; ,JL- aalla, 

Liohteb, I. (boat) jjjj zauraq (pi. 

Jjljj zawiiriq) ; flj*». s-ij* mar- 

kab banirUa-t. 
LtOBTHOUsB, ». !;Um maniira-t (pi. 

jjl-w nianuyir) ; y^yiJ faniia (pi. 

u—ilj* fawania). 
LiaHTNsas, «. i^ htSa-l. 
LiOBTMNa, s. ^jt b&rq (pi. jjgi 


^^ Lioiitm 

LioHTsoMB, (III/, jfi^ (briifkl) mil- 
nawwar, — (cheerful) jjj— roji*> 
rOr ; u**/ farhnu ; ^f— t' tiiab> 

««!■ . 

L10HTBOHENE98, «. (6rM&t(IM«) 

jij, raunaq ; S^ jufwft-t. — 

(cheerfulness) L>%ar bobjb-t ; ^ 

farab ; jjr" suriir. 
LioNBOUS, adj. -I ' ■» i^ IDIB 

ha&tb ; j)-s-*- hasabi-y. 
LiKB, adj. J^ mial ; J^i- magtl ; 

««?A iabib ; jt^ nazir ; ,^U.a> 

mutasAwi ; ^i,*— • musavi. 
Like, at^t', -t^ lia-. prefixed to » ' 

noun; J>1*^ ka-misi; f^ nai^m^ | 
Like, v. ^t-^ b^bb, ya^ubb; 

i^)--«.:^t istahBau, Tastabsin. 
Likelihood, «. ij«!l a«|L&« musA- 

Iwha-t al-haqq ; JU3».l ibtimAl ; 

i^rst^'' tahmiii. 
LiiCELV, adj. ,>»U «)L^ musihib 

li-'l-baqq; J*^*' mubtunuU ; 

Ji«ll s-iji qarlb li.']-'a,|l. 
Liken, v. '^ sabbah, yusabbih ; 

J^ nia»«al, yumajyii. 
LiKENEBS, ». (aimilarif]/) i. b\. > -» ^ 

mus)'ibaha-t ; J-b— l*J tamitl, — 

(image) if 9»'^-^ Cp'-JJ* *uw«r) j 

Ji* saki (pi. Jii*.^ aikal. J/» 

subi'il) ; J^ niqs, naqS (pi. 

^yU iiuqfis). 
Likewise, tuif. (in like manner) 

^Ai kaialik. — (moreovfr) "Wl 

LiKiKo, s. l^j rid"; o^-W^-< wtilj. 

sun ; Je- mail (pi. JV*1 amjil). 
Lilac, s. J^t^- sumbfiq ; q,U* 

hanmn, buniHii ; oUJ«4 iHulnsin. 
Lilipdtian, a<lj., t. jska fuifajjir 

(dim. of jsA" f agir, " small ").' 
LtLT, s. ujlu}- BUBun ; ,>>>i zambaq. 
LlxB, *. j*e. 'adft (pi. Lief a'^) — 

(fcorAr) io*W l^ssiya't (pi. ^^f 

baw^^i) I UW \yiki&.t ; ^^ tanf. 
Limb, t'. (diiiect) <^ •a4lL, ya'^ft; 

J^ fof^al, vufaffil. 
Limb, ». ^ kits.— (juict-It'we) 

ye* ]'"'.— (friiil) ^y*^ laim&n. 
Lime, v. ij~U kalJaB, yukallis. 
Liuit, t. ■>> hadd (pi. Ojj» budAd) ; 

ii^ nibay^-t. 




LiKiT, V. (§et hounds to) «>*)^ l^- 
dad, juljiaddid. — (restrict) 
^aiar, yaJi^fur. 

Limitation, s, 'H'>^ ta^did; 

Limp, v. Bj^ 'arij, ja'raj ; ^^^ 
hasaS yahga'. 

Limp, s, Bj^ 'araj. 

Limp, cub, (^ lajjiii ; li^\ J^ 
sahil al-'a(ii£a-t. 

Limpid, adj, ^U ^kH ; <^Uib ^f. 

LiMPiDKEBS, «. ^ 9af4; S^U^ fafa- 
wa-t ; ^jks, infM. 

Lime, «. U. hau (pl- ^^-^ butut) ; 
;3*- sa^r (pi. jpfc- su^ur, j^\ 
astar, ^L.\ asatir. — (cord) J**- 
bftbl ; ilt*> b^bla-t ; a^/* mara- 
wt-t (pi. y*j* maras, u*V*^ tt™- 
ras). — (cjuo/or) ^y^Ht W haU 
al-istiwA. — (row?, lifie of battle) 
*-A-» ^aff (pi. «-*y^ ffufiif), — 
{fishing-line) S;^ ^innara-t (pi. 
«*>^ -at, ^U* fanauir). 

Link, v. (ntarA; with lines) U^ ha^- 
tat, juhauit ; ^ sJi^ar, jusii^- 
tir. — {cover the inside) {jf^ ba^- 
taD, yubaUin. 

Lihkaob, •. k)^ ?urrija-t (pL ^j)\^ 
?arari); Jl al (pi. JV awiU) ; 
J-* nasi (pi. J^^ ansa!) ; 
naaab (pi. %^\^\ aD8ab). 

Lineal, cuIJ, {i}laced in lines) ^ 
muaattar. — {descendimj) ^JL-i 
nasli-j ; s - --" '»^ muutasib. 

Lineament, s, ^iui iaqt^' (pl* 

fjL\M taqa^i*). 
LiNEAB, adj. o^y^ hut^ti-J- 
Linen, «. i^\^ ^Ui quniiU kattan ; 

^ bazz. — (underclothing) ^Ui 

j^^ qumas baya^. 

Linen, adj, o^ ^ min kattan ; 
yi {j^ min bazz. 

Linen-deapeb, s, )^^ bazzaz. 

Linger, v. (languish) fJ^ saqim, 
jasqam. — (loiter) jyif ta'awwaq, 
jata'awwan ; J»W l>a^, jubati ; 
Ji^U mahal, yumahil ; j^U ta'ah- 
Ijar, yata*ahbar. 

Linguist, s, «a»Uin ^U <41im al- 

lugAt ; iyei^ «a>U) ^Jk^ mu'allam 

lu^at kasira-t. 
Linguistic, adj, S>^\ fJ^ v^^ 

muuusib *ilm al-luga-t. 
Liniment, s, fM^ inarham (pL 

f^^^ marahim) ; ^y^o duhiiiL 
Lining, s, ^VLf batana-t. 
Link, «. ^^ b^lqa-t (pi. «ft>Vil^ 

halaqat, ^^ halaq); S«>j|) zara- 

da-t ; «£t&^ masakk. 
Link, r. J<»J^ salsal, jusalBil; J^ 

qajjad, juqayjid. 
Linnet, s. j^/» sur^iir. 
Lint, «. (}/tfz) w-^ qunnab, qin- 

nab, — (j'or urounds) sa^ katit. 
Lintel, s, vVi^ l^^ *ataba-t fau- 

aaiiiva-t (pi. sa>\ -at, s-^** *atab) ; 

ip^^ U8kubl>a-t. 
Lintseed, Linseed, s, (^^^"^ ^ 

bizr al-kattan ; ^.r^ qumbus. 
Lion, s. a.*^ asad (pi. J^^ usud, 

'^y^\ usiid) ; A<— sabu' (pi. £W- 

Bibii*) ; c^wj laijj (pi. ^^-e^ 

LioNESH, s. «i>^ labwa-t. — (with 

young) a JLa^ niusbila-t. 
Lip, «. i^ i^aflfa-t (pi. aUai ^ifah, 

UiAAi sufuf, ^UAi tiifAf).— (cd^e) 

^ fiitn, famm (pi. ^\^\ afwah, 

^Ui^ afnuim). 
LiviUEFACTioN, «. s-4^J^ tazwib ; 

«je ^jf * tasbik. 

Lk^uefy, r. v>j*^ zawwab, yuzaw- 

wib ; iil(^ sablmk, yuaabbik. 
Liqueur, e. **/• 8aral>a-t. 
Liquid, 8. ff>^ mayi* (pi. gi^^ 

njawayi*) ; ^ » «* ^g^ miya*a-t. — 

{liquid letter) AjJ layyina-t. 
Liquid, adj. ^U mayi*; J|U 

savil; s-4^*^ zavib. 
Liquidate, v. (accounts) ^»*U-,%Ji ju^ 

ranad ul-hisab, yarfiid. 
Liquidation, s. ^^U^\ ^^!U. hala^ 

Liquor, s. (liquid) gjU mayi* (pi. 

^)y» iiiawayi*)- — (intoxicating 

drink) v»^/» Banib (pi. A|^\ asri- 

ha-t) ; S^ hamra-t (pi. jyu^ 

Liquorice, s, ^y^y^ siis ; fj^y* jy^ 

*irq siis. 


■ Li' 


Lib] 2! 

tiisp, V. >k^ tamtnin, yutamtim ; ' 

(^ Iftkm, yalkan. I 

Lisp, LiBPiRo, «. i**^*! tamtiima-t; | 

ijji^ lukuiia-t. 
List, «. [reg!§ler) i*iVi qajmia-t; 

<*-jfli fihrist (pi. (_r*V farahis, 

Pera.); /*■» daftar (pi. y*iJ 

daffitir. Pert.). — (arena) ylAe- 

maidftn, midSn (pi. iji^V* maya- 

LiBT, V. ((Viroi) «<1»A Sabftk, yaa- 

buk. — {desire) ,jt^\ i^taha, ya^- 

tahi ; C-*j ragib, jargab. 
Listen, v. Q*- sama', yaaina' ; 

j ; *'i "' .-< istaHama', yastaaanu' ; 

ut~4 na^at, yon^it ; ts^-'ajS tanaf- 

(at, yatanaf ^at. 
Listener, ». ^*~.^~^ muatasami*. 
Listless, adj. (without desire or 

energy) ■»j^ barid. — (careleag) 

Jl^ giifll- 
LiBTLessNESB, «. Ei>)]^ bur&da^t ; 

JIU |>afia-t ; i'^ balflda-t. 
LiTEBAL. adj. JiJi lafji-y; ^^ 

lugawi-y, kgawl-y. 


^j*J ma'na lugawi-y ; ^ji-l o^"" 
ma'na a?ll-j ; >J^1 i»-J dii|qa-t 

LlTEBALLT, adv. tjf^, .Jj=- Ijarf bi- 

Ijarf ; ijuiJi |_^ 'ala tadqiq. 
Literary, adj. s-*iJ' adib. 
Literati, adj. WjI udabii. 
Literature, s. h,>^Jli1 al-adab; fi^ 

^^'i'^ -ilm al-adab. 
LtTHB, Lithesome, adj. i-Jtttt\ ab- 

yaf. f. VM> liait'i (pi. oI-a hJf) ; 

•.^4V muhafhaf ; t^j mqiq (pi. 

jUj riqi'iq). 
Lithenebs, Lithesomknebs, «. i»j 

riqqa-t, raqqa-t ; ii^ liyAna-t. 
Litigate, v. ^U. hi^ain, yubit^im ; 

ffc"U* tafafljam, yatuhS?am ; £jU 

nAza', vunazi'; fjUf tandza', ya- 

Litioatiom, «. o)''' da'wa (pi. 

jJjUj da'4wa) ; i*^ b<>f Ama-t ; 

Cu qa^iya-t (pi. IjUJ 4a4nya) ; 

J«>^j« murafa'a-t. 
LiTioiouB, adj. ^^\i- muda'!. 
LiTioioneKESB, «. gl>l l&j^j- 

i [tit 

Litter, «. J**^ mahmal (pL J*W* 
mahumil) ; ^W* luuliaffa-t ; BJj« 
haudaj (pi. s-'^j* hawAdij) ; 
olj, Uht rawin (Pere.). 

Little, odj. (m qtiaiUilu) J«l» 
qaUl (pi. tiJ*U qalilun, JU qulul. 
Jii qilal, SkH aqilli). — C«m»iO 
;^ ?agir (pi. >- (igir. \;*- 

Little, ». kf- ^uwajya-t; J«»l 
qalil ; ^ JjU qalU se-y_. 

Littleness, t. jU- fig&r; ij^** 
^agitra-t ; yt« jigar ; ^ qillk-t. — 
(nitann(<8«) ^^ |*^ 'adam al- 
himma-t ; ^<i zilla-t. 

LiTVBoic, LiTDBoiCAL, ad/ 

LiTiTBQT, g. ij-Ji^ taqa (pi. v*}'^ 

Lite, 0. ,_;e^ Ifayt, yatrva; \^^ 
'as, ya'ij. — (live upon) «»* twj*"^ 
taqawwat bi, yataqawirat ; ^tui^. 
i'tiU, ya'lU— (dwe/O t>*- •akan. 
yaskun. — (Jlourisht f>i Da'im, 
yan'am ; f^jS taiia'*ain, yat^ 

Liveliness, s. i^^ I^idda-t ; i^ 

har&ra-t ; Lt^ na^t. 
LiTELOsa, adj. (lasting) ^l-t 

yim ; Jif tawil (pi. Jl J. %v 

J^ (iyai). 
Lively, adj. Uti ^M\%i ku tu 

•iW hi'idd ; '^f- harik. 
Lives, *. ^ kabid (pi. A^ a^ 

bfid). — (tngetbtr wiik ktnr%, 

lungs, and splten) ^>el^ii>* ItUl*UI|[ 

(pi. of jSU- mi'Uq), " 

Livid, adj. /u1 a^far, f. 1jfc> fsMi 

;»*- m unfair. 
Lividitt, ». jlA- ^ufnr; ^^ 

LiviNo, a. (livelihooil) ,_Ai« •uA} 

Ji\*^ ma'fi* ; Ai,** in»'ia»4 (pL 

uS^U- ma'Ayii); jjj riw ftt 

jV arzfiq).— (maii»er </ |^ 

i-i-e^ 'aiiU-t. 


■ 4abb (plT < 




Lo, interj, S\ iz; U\ i^; Jki\ 

unzur; (^\ inna. 
Load, «. (burden) ^^ ^ila-t ; £U*> 

];^amla-t; J**- lysLval (pi. MU*.\ 

al^mal). — (cargo) aJ^4*. l]iamula-t ; 

ij^^ wasq (pi. j^^ wusikq, ij^^\ 

ausuq) ; ^^ wasqa-t. 
Load, v. (animals) J**- ];^aminal, 

jutjiammil. — (a ship) v>-^ wasaq, 

jasiq; iS^)\ auaaq, yusiq. — (a 

gun) ;*• 'ammar. yu'ammir j jo 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Loadstone, s. ( j *>J***^ ^^*> ^ajar 

Loaf, «. «-M) ragif (pi. aa^j^ argi- 

£a-t, *-A^j rugut") ; vt*. i*^ qur- 

sat hubz. — (augar-ioaf) j^ O^ 

qalib aukkar (pi. *^\^ qawalib). 
Loam, s, {^ \\u. 
Loam, v. ^^ (an, ya^in ; {^ (aj- 

yan, ymayyin. 
Loan, 8, (of goods) Sj^ *iyara-t. — 

(of money) j^^ qarcj ; i**i aar- 

4A-t ; t^»> din (pi. (:)^»> duyun). 

— (wUhotU interest) «-AL« salaf . 
LoATHX, V, A/ karib, yakrah ; A;^ 

takarrah, yatakarrah ; ft ^ — C u^ 

istakrah, yastakrih; yk» nafar, 

yanfur; «*J^ 'af, ya*af, ya*if. 
Loathful, Loathsome, adj. ^^/^ 

makril^h ; ^ karih ; £»j^ ^ani*. 
Loathing, «. ^^^ karahiya-t ; 

j^^aA istikrah; ^^ bug^a-t ; 

l^ nafra-t. 
Loathsomeness, s. Im^jj^ ^ani'a-t 

(pi. gSi^ sanayi*) ; l^\Mkt ^qa- 

Lobby, s, y^^ dihliz (pi. ^^*> 

dahaliz) ; j|; rauq (pi. J^j^^ 

Lobe, s, (anaiom,) ^^; ragama. 
Lobster, s, ^f^, (:)f^ saHa*ikn 

(sal^a'an) ba^ri-y (pi. ^;)^i- 

Local, adj, ^J^^ makani-y j J^* 

Locality, s. g*^ mau^a' (pi. g*^^ 

mawadi') ; ^^ makan (pi. ^U^ 

amakin, LSA amkioa-t) ; J^^ 

maf^ll (pi. JW« maliall); ^U« 

maqam ; *^i^ (^ufliya-t. 

Lock, s. (of a door) Jtf qufl (pi. 

JVtf^ aqfal) ; 5;^, sikra-t (pi. 

/15L. sakakir); (^^^ kalun (pi. 

^jjj^^ kawalin). — (of hair) A«L. 

/tfti halqa-t ia*r; M\)^ ?uwaba-t 

(pi. s-iW ^.uwayib). 
Lock, v, Jas qafal, yaqf ul ; qaffal, 

yuqaffil; j^ sakkar, yusakkir. 
Locket, s. (amulet) ^ j^jdrz (pi. 

^y^\ ai^raz). 
Locksmith, «. JUi qaffal; ^f^^ 

sakakiri-y ; «>W ^addad. 
Locomotion, «. i^ l^araka-t ; JA 

^l^ naql mak&n ; JUs»^ intiqal. 
Locomotive, «. jU3\ £^^ 'arabat an- 

Locust, s, l^\^ jar&da-t (pi. Ay^ 

Lodge, s. (small house) ^^«> da- 

Lodge, v. (deposit) £*y^ wadaS 

yada*. — (give shelter) {^^ sak- 

kan, yusakkin; Jy nazzal, yu- 

nazzil. — (dwell) {j^ sakan, yas- 

Lodger, s. f^^ muqim. 
Lodging, s, Jy^ manzil (pi. JjU*» 

manazil) ; ^yu magwa (pi. ss^ 

Loft, s, a«J. ^baqa-t (pi. jW 

a^baq, ll^ a^biqa-t) ; i^^X»i fas4- 

Loftiness, s, (height) f}JSj\ irtifA*. 

— (sublimity) ^U-hc 'azatna-t ; ^ 

*ulA-w. — (of mind) sJjt^ ioLnd ; 

Lub himma-t. — (pride) p^ ta- 

kabbur; ^p^ kibriya; ty*'*' 

sumuh ; if^4M samhara-t. 
Lofty, adj. (elevated) ffSy mur- 

tati*; J^ *ali-y; JVc 'ili.— 

(high - minded) ^^ ^rif (pi. 

u\^\ asraf, \^^ surafa) ; m^ 

karim (pi. f»^/kirain). — (haughty) 

p^j^ mutakabbir. 
Log, s, l^f qurma-t ; l^^ qirmi- 

ya-t (pi. vj*\;J qarami). 
Logarithms, s. l^\ j^^ wafq al- 

Loggerhead, s. i>»^ huka'a-t; 

iS^ hubaka-t ; jU*. ]|^mar ; <,/»#? 

tais (pi. ^^ tuyiks). 

Loo] i 

Losrc, ». (jWiJI -Ic 'ilm al-mantiq. 

LooiCAL, aiij. ijUjl s-*y J* 'ala 

inQjib al-mantiq ; i.^^^^^ mau- 

LoGiciAH, 8. ^ji^i- mantaiii-y. 
Loin, g. s-^ 9alb (pi. s-^^ a:;lub, 

sA.1 a?Ub). 
LorTEK, y. J— ikasil, yaksal; J-^ 

taktWl, vataknsal ; j-iai bafii, 

jab(ji] jis.u.1 ieta'har, jasta'hir. 
LoiTEBER, I. J^UU.* mutakasil ; 

{;)lli--^ kasliiQ. 
LoiTBBiNa, 8. jiaj butu i JWfll Ui- 

Lone, Lonely, Lonesome, adj. 

(place) Ojii- munfarid.^ — {pereon) 

■w^ niutawaljlji<l- 
Loheliness, Loneness, Lone- 

80HBNE38, «, JljiH infirad ; S->»-j 

wat>da-t ; ^^-j waljsat. 
Long, orfj. Ji^i' tawil (pi. J^j^ 

tiwftl) ; OjA*- maradild. — (tUne) 

J=t bati-T ; o^^^^* mutabat'- 
LOHa, V. Jl JU4.^ iSt&q i!a,yaStaq; 

^jl s-*j rafjib fi, yargab ; ,j»=*l 

iitaha, ja^tahi. 
LoNOETAi,, adj. j»^\ Ji^ (awil al- 

'umr (pi. J\f tiwfll. (uwal). 
LoNOEviTf, «. jmII ^jl> f&Iat al- 

LoNoiHQ, ». jj* Sauq (pL jlyfcl 

aiwaq) ; jW^l iStijuq ; At*j rag- 

ba-t ; (•'j* garAm. 
LONajTiTDK, ». Jjl> tai. — (degree oj) 

JjUl 4«-jJ darajat at-tiH Cpl- Bj-' 

LoNoiTUDiNAL, o'/j. jSjl" tflUni-y. 

Look, v. (glance) ji najar, yanjur j 
jlu tatalla', yatatalla' (both 
with o" ila). — (Wi/or) ^1 
intaiar, yaatajir. — (look into) 
*i-^. balsas, yab^ja; ; u^ai fahaf , 
yaflja?. — ('ooA out) ytsi fattai, 
yufatlis. — (appear) yW bin, 
yaban ; j''*- *! la-bu manjar. 

Look, i. j^ nasar (pt. jUul anjilr) ; 
ijfct naira-t; fli talla-t. — (np- 
juarance) ;l'i- manzar (pi. ;i>U- 
man&Bir); iiy rflja-t; Vj wajh 
(pi. »j»j wujCih). 

LooKmo-OLABs, 1. it/* mirat (rulg. 

i^y mirfya-t; pi. \j- maii. WV 

Loom, s. j—j- raioflaj (|4. 5-^** 

manfisij) ; Jy naul (pL J^yl 

Loom, «. c3 H, yalQ^ ; ^"^ Uii- 

bar, yatasahar. 
Loop, «. (noosO ^ fabh (pi. e^ 

fihiih, 6}^ fuhub) ; ^W l^bila-t 

(p'l. JiV tiba'yif). 
Loose, adj. (not j'atleMd) >«U-* 

munfakk ; J ^ =* miuitfall.— - 

(/a.() ^^j- murtaha; ^^i ^ 

muBtarha. — (not coative)- ,^«U 

mulayyan, — (tnanton) .>-U Uaiq; 

^Ic 'ahir ; .jl— ^* fahis. 
Loose, v. (vtilie) J^ ^ali, ja^oU; 

uiU fakk, yaf ukk.— (s«f at liberty) 

ijaU. ballaf, yuhalli;. 
Loosen, o. (relax) ^y rabha, j* 

rabbi. — (the bowel*) J«-t sshal, 

yushil ; t^ lavyan, yulayjta. 
L&03ESB3B, a. (relaxation) EjWj n^ 

b&wa-t.— (f^WncM) i)*^ iahwa-i. 

—(of tht botoeU) JM iihil; 

yl^i yV- sayalan al-bato. 
Lop, v. f^ qata', yaqfa' ; s-M 

qanjab, yuqar^ib. — (/ithim} ^ 

qallam, yuqalliiu ; ^— I lowa^ 

LoppiNO, >. ^;i qardabo-t ; i^\~i 

LoQCACiona, adj. (ii^\ j^ ka^lr 

al-kalam ) aJa)\ ^ k^ir al- 

galaba-t; ij)*— tl* galabawi-y { 

j^Ji4>* uulizar, 


,^1 V^ kajra-t al-kaUm ; jUI 
f u^ur ; M^ galaba-t. 
Lord, «. (irMsJer) s— -l- fa^ib (pi. 
•vW*l afbab) ; N-j r»bb (pL 

v4;l arbfib) ; Jj- luaula (pL 
jj\t- mawili). — (AiwftaMl) J»| 
ba'l (pi. JW bi-iJ).— (my i«mO 

ij yd eayyadi. 

Qod) ^i k* yfi rabbi. 
LoKD, v. s-^;> tarabbab, 

bab ; U— ' taaallat, yal 
Lordship, f. (domiiuoH. 

ra-t ; i-flU malikjya-t. 

i/^ l^a^ra-t. 




Lose, V, (mislay) ^ 4&J7&, ju- 
4ayyi*. — (opposed to gain) ^— *• 
hasir, yahsar. — (a$hope, courage f 
ic.) ; fU qata*, yaqta*. 

Loss, 8. AjV-*^ hasara-t ; (j^;-»^ hus- 
ran ; ,y^ naq? ; (:)Ul> nuq^an ; 
•»** faqd. — (destruction) %<3!U 
halak ; i^!U halaka-t. — (trotfe) 
^Stf\ itlaf.— (fe« a< a ^w) jt^ ta- 
bayyar, yata^tayyar. 

Lot, 8. s '^^ na^ib (pi. W««^^ an^ibi, 
^t-^\ an^iba-t) ; I^jM qar*a-t (pi. 
J^ qura*); f»«- sahm (pi. (•W- 
siham). — (fate) ^U-J qisma-t ; 
Ul qaijia (pi. i^\ aq4iya-t) ; ;J^ 
gadr (pi. /jui\ aqdar). — (c€ut lota) 
AAjA\ %r»j* (Jarab al-qur'a-t, ya4- 
rit>; J^ qara*, yaqru*; ^^ 
siham, yusahim ; ^Ui tasaham, 

Lotion, 8. J^i* na^ul ; J^-^ gasiil. 

LOTTEBT, 8, S-^ Iiafib ; ^^--i 

Loud, ocI;. «a>^^ ^W <ali a^-faut. 
LouDHXSs, «. yu^ &Jyiii ^iddat a^- 

Lounge, v, ^ bafik, yab^ik ; J^^^^ 

kasil, yaksal ; J-*^ takAsal, ya- 

Lounger, «. J^~X« miks&l. 
Louse, «. ^3lU qamla-t (pi. J^i 

Louse, v. ^ falla, yafalli. 
Love, 8. (pasncn) ,>a* 'isq ; ^yfc 

hawa (pi. ^y»^ ahw4) ; ft\jt garam ; 

«-**•* te'af ; f»^ huyaoi. — (affec- 

tion) s-^ hubb ; if^^ mul^ab- 

ba-t ; *>y wadd. 
Love, v. (>a^ 'aiiq, ya'^aq; <-A*b 

^'af, ya^'af ; f*^ ham, yahim. — 

(he fond of) w-^ t«,bb, ya];^ubb, 

yal^ibb ; •>) wadd, yawadd. 
Loveliness, 8, ^^^ zara£a-t ; uui 

zarf ; ^UJ lat4fa-t ; ^ W jamal ; 

^:)--*> ^iisn ; Ul^ malal^a-t. 
Lovely, <uij. Je<*% jamil ; «.AsU 

la^if (pi. ^UJ U^ ; <-A|^ zarif 

(pl. U^ zurafa, ^> zuruf, ^^> 

Ziraf) ; yj^\ aniq. 
Low, ai(;. Tuoi elevated) ^^y wa^i-y ; 

^\y witi* — (mmn) u -t' " ^ bASiA ; 

haqir; <j>*> dan! (pl. Uj 

duna'a, ^»>^ adna). — (not loud) 

^hafi-y; o^^^wa^i. 
Low, V. fi na*ar, yan'ar ; gc *ajj, 

ya'ijj ; ^ bar, yahAr. 
Lower, v. (bring down) J»^ watta, 

yuwaUt ; J>* nazzal, yunazzil. — 

(lessen) J& qallal, yuqallil ; ^jM 

naqqa?, yunaqqi?. — (degrade) 

JJ3 zallal, yuzallil ; /^ ^aqqar, 

Lowing, s, jUj nu'ar ; ^^f^ huwar. 
Lowliness, s. ty^ nu^ii*; ^\f 

Lowly, adj, (huvMe) g^U. hadi'; 

^\f^ mutawa4i^ 
Lowness, 8. J^) wa^A ; f}Mj\ ^ 

'adam irtifa*. — (meanness) ij^ 

^aqara-t; ^ t" ^ hasisa-t. 

Loyax, adj. {^t^\ amin (pl. U*»\ 

umana); Vi^ s-^^ ^a^ib waf&; 

jjU ^adiq ; iji^^ ^iddiq ; ^ x .>»^ 

Loyalist, s, ii\j^ ^S zd ^adaqa-t ; 

\iy H-^U ^a^ib wafa. 
Loyalty, s, i^\^\ i^'a-t; l^\Ms^\ 

istiqama-t ; jJu ^idq ; U^ wafa. 
Lubricate, v, ^•> dahhan, yudah- 

hin ; vJpj zallaq, yuzalliq. 
Lubrication, s, {^'^ tadhin; 

<3«V tazliq. 
Lubricity, s. L»^^ dusikma-t ; 

ie-AAj dahniya-t. — (lewdness) ,^j 

dauas ; S^ iahwa-t ; ^j%»»- aabii- 

Lucid, adj. ^\) wk^ily ; c*r* 9arit 

(pl. ^*;-» auraha, ^\j^ ^arayi^). 
Lucidity, Lucidness, s. c^-^^ 

Idalji ; i^\t^ ^ara^t. 
Luck, s. ^^ ^li* (pi. ff\^ tawali*) ; 

JWi^ iqbal; S^U^ 8a*ada-t; ^m^ 

baht (Pers.). — (had luck) ^j^m^ 

nahs (pl. ^j^f^ Duljiiis). 
Luckless, adj. a*>^^ manijiiks ; 
aJ U ma la-hu bafet; JoU 
n qalil al-baht ; 

mai'iim (pl. ^ e AA>» ma^a' 
Lucky, adj. a- o h .< sa'id ; 

mu8*ad ; ^a^ w-^^ ^a^ib bafct. 
Lucrative, oJ/. •M^ mufid; ^^U 

nad' ; ^/* murabbif^. 

Luc] 2 

Lticbe, t. s~-f kasb ; f^j ribh ; 

Sjij'i f&jida-t j i*U^ mant'a'a-t. 
Lddiceouh, adj. u1«a* mudhik; 

£;(iir-rf maBhara-t. 
LuDicROUHMKSB, t.jW— *j tamashuf ; 

Jje! tahazzul ; e*j* tahrij. 
LuasAOE, s. i_r-«^ labas^ ^^}* bii- 

wiiyij (pi. of i*-** haja-t) ; vW-1 

ftsbab (pi. of s-1— sabab). 
LuoDBBiocs, adj. ^■^^ mukaddir', 

f»A>> mugimm. 
LUKEWAEM, adj. f\i fatir ; J>i=»- 

mu'tadil. — (o/ a yerson) Jj^ 

barid ; yU fatir ; S^ *! U ma la- 

hu gira-t. 

LiTEBWABHNSSa, «. jy^ futfir ; i'ijf 

buruda-t; lpii\ Sli qillat aX- 

Lull, o. (a child) ^ nayyam, yu- 

Ldll*bt, s. ^^-^. bajbaja-t. 
LuMBAOo, ». ft*, ruma'. 
Ldmbeb, t. JW asqal (pi. of Jat 

gaqal). — ((imfier) *T-*^hasab{pl. 

s-\^l ahSab). 
LuuBBK-BOOM, «. ^/!1 ^/- haz- 

na-t al-fars. 
Luminary, «. jei naryir (du. o';e> 

nayyir&n, "sun and moon"); 

jljy ,•— * jasm nurnni-y, 
LuMisous, adj. jy- munawwir ; 

jsi- munir ; jj** mu^i ; 5*S 

LuMisouaNKBfl, (.jji nOr Cpl.jV' 

anwar) ; »•* tjl- 
Lump. s. Jil^s fcutla-t (pi. ,>i tutal) ; 

i-U qifa-t (pi. jSu qita'). 
Lunacy, *. yy^ junAn; u^iJ* 

hazaySn ; ^■if Bauda. 
LuNAK, adj. i£j*i qamari-y. 
Lunatic, adj., «. ^f^f majniin 

(pi. ije»t*- majanm) ; ,>jil- 

nialtus ; ts^-^y- saudawi-y. 
Lunation, «. ^1 j.j daur al- 

qamar (pi. j'jjl adwar). 
Lunch, Loscheon, «. \^ gizft (jjI. 

iij^l a^ziya>t) ; i^ luhja-t ; 

£%*! lumja-t. 
LuNO, f, 4Fj riya-t. 
Lupine, «. i.r-*/ turmus, tarmus 


Lurch, a. ^-^ balasa-t. 

LuEE, », i**t tii'''"*-t (pi- (^ 

fu'am) ; ^V ^azba-t. 
Lure, v. w-W jazab, yajznb ; ^X 
la', yutamnii'. 

LuKK, V. ij*i kamon, yakmao; 

kamin, yakmao ; -i*) ra^ad, yu- 

fud ; ,,^<^ tahabba, yatahabba. 
Ldbeino-place, j. ■^j- mAFfad 

(pi. -i-V ffianifid) ; y*^ mak- 
Lkiimin) ; t*^ 

1 (pl. y. 

LcSClOtJS, drfj. JtjJJ lazii (pL Jl 
luzz, JU lizaz); ^ M& : w'J* 

LusciousNEsa, t, S^ balaw&-t. 
Lust, 8. ^^ ^aliva-t ; ^j* bawa 

(pl. lj»\ ahwa) ; u-W nalB (pL 

,_^jii nufus, i_-*jl anfus). 
Lu9T, V. W^ ^aba, ya^hfi ; ,,^^ 

istaba, yaStahi. 
Lustful, adj. ^L.^ nafaKoI-jr; 

jj>^j»fc sahwahni-y ; .>-U fisiq. 
LuBTPULNESH, «. J-iUAi iiataiiil> 

ya-t ; !>-* liBq. 
LuBTiNEBS, s. £}i quwwa-t; l-9m 

aalama-t ; M^ 'afiya-t. ' 

LusTBE, s. (gplendour) V* 4>7tt 

ijU- jalwa-t j ji^ r&aoaq. — 

{renown} J^,- majd ; jW»*^ Uti- 

^ar ; jAi fohr. 
LusTBOUB, a<fj. jpM man!ri jlji 

barraq; g-S lami'. 
Lusty, adj. ,j<i qairt-T; f»JU 

ealim (pl. U- gulamt). 
LuTB, t. Jjc 'aud (pl, g^.k^ 

LuxuBiAHCE, s. i^ ka^ra-t; Ut) 
ziya^a-t; (jM faid ; Wj t«^; 
)<^) wufur ; Sjtj wafra-t. 

LUXUBIANT, adj. y»iU fAyilJ ; ylj 

wifir ; jo^ kajir (pl. _,« kijir) ; 

jjij* mauf ur. 
LuxuEiATB, V. ^U na'am, jani^ { 

(•■^ taDa"am, ya(atm"aiB. 
Ldxdbioub, adj. ^Lu i]iaii4*uki 

fi^Mm mutaiui"iiii. 




LuxuBiousNxss, LuxuBT, 8. ^Mui ; Ltnx, 8, *M fahd (pi. *>^ fuhfid, 

tana^um. J^\ afhud). 

Lying, s. s^J^ takazzub. Lyke, s. ^^ 'aud (pi. ;*)^J^ 

Lying, ac//. ^^ kazzab. 'idan). 


Mack, 8. ($eeptre) s-*«4l qa<}ib (pi. 

oW^ qu4ban) ; Ue 'afA (pi. Ue^ 

a*8A). — (c/ii6) ufc>^ nabbut (pi. 

«^^o9V4i nababit) ; a*«l^ dabbufr 

(pi. u«-«»W*> dababis). — (spice) 

C^ jy¥- jauz tib. 
Machinate, v, ^^^ ilyikl^ jahtTd ; 

21e» J*e 'amil ^ila-t, ya*mal; 

J^^ol tadahal, jatadahal. 
Machination, 8, ^^ l]iila-t ; J^e^^^ 

Machine, «. ^} ala-t; v»)^«> dul4b 

(pi. s-^^^*> dawalib) ; vJMV^ 

manjaniq (pi. (J«%^ manajiq, 

vJk^V* majauiq). 
Machinist, #. J^j^i^ manjani- 

Mackerel, #. eir*^^ usqumri 

Mad, adj. or*^^ majnAn (pi. e«* W* 

majanin) ; v»yLM« maslub ; sJ'jf^ 

Madcap, «. oy^^^ majnun. 
Madden, v. ^^^^^ jaonau, yujannin ; 

{^\ aianu, jujinn; J^ habal, 

yahbal ; habbal, yuhabbil. 
Madhouse, #. ^L^U maris^an 

{Pen, for (;j^A-jUef bimaristau). 
Madness, «. (^y^ juniiu ; J— r^ 

babl, bubl ; Jt*' tahabbul ; ^1\ 

Magazine, #. (^ya^ mahzan (pi. 

^jW# mahazin) ; J*^ ha^il (pi. 

ji^^ t^awafil^. — (miscrHany) 

{ •»>• majma' (pi. £^W^ maja- 

Maggot, «. (^rra6) 5^^*> duda-t (pi. 

(;jW*> didan). — (irAtm) ^^ wahm 

I pi. f»^^^ auham). 
Magi, 8, {j^j^^ majib (pL of o**^^^ 


Magic, «. «%-• si^. — (of ^aiiciy) 

^■e" simiya. 
Magical, ai//. <4)W»* sa^f^-y ; 

^j4— J^ tilsami-y. 
Magician, s, f^\^ 8&l;^ir (pi. 5;^i«* 

8a];^ara-t, W- su^ara) ; jW* sa^- 

Magistracy, «. JU^^ t^akikma*t; 

ii^y walaya-t ; Ui qa^i (pL ^^^ 

Magistrate, 8, ft^ t^ikim (pL 

f*^^ ^ukkam) ; ^J*>^ qacji (pi. 

5UJ qucjat); J\^ wall (pi. «3, 

Magnanimity, 8. l'^ himma-t; 

^^/ karama-t. 
Magnanimous, adj. l^^ s-^^ 

9a^ib himma-t (pi. v»W*^ a9];^4b) ; 

mJ^ karim (pi. f>\/ kir&m) ; fXJ^ 

numam (pi. f»UA himam). 
Magnate, $. ^ kabir (pi. jV4 

kibar, ^^ kubara) ; v»j rabb (pi. 

s^W)^ arbab). 
Magnet, «. ^ j mJmiA^ j^m. f^ajar mag- 

Magnetic, Magnetical, adj. 

o fi^' ^* magnatisi-y. — (attrac' 

tive) v»3W jazib. 
Magnetise, v. < j >.ck>A»3i» oU. ^akk 

bi-'l-ma^na^is, yal^ukk. 
Magnetism, s. ^ ^ Jtk i A^i\ y/\^ ha- 

WA99 al-ma^^na^is. 
Magnificence, $. If^ fahra-t; 

JV jalal ; JV ^ ^ *izz wa jalal ; 

A^y» i«auka-t. 
Magnificent, 8. /-^ fahir; ^t*>« 

muftahar; JoW jalil. 
Magnify, v. (t^xali) j4 kabbar, ju- 

kabbir ; ^ *azzam, yu*azzim; 

JD© 'azzaz, yu'azziz. — (yraxMe) c*** 

mada^, yamda^ ; •x**> Y^mMii^ 

^ahmnd; J>*« majjad, yumaj- 
}\d,—{aiiiplifi/) ^) wasBu', yu- 
wassi' ; J*j iay;ad, juzajyid. 

Maoniloquenck, s. jUj I'usflx; 
jWil iftibur. 

Maoniloquent, adj. jLii faisAr; 
jiiii^ muftahir. 

Maonitpde, «. ^kubr; ^'ugm; 
U^ 'ajauiu-t. 

MAaFiB, «. i3"*c 'oq'aq (pi. ,3*iac 
'aqa'i<|) ; J^mS kundus. 

Maid, Maiden, g. Ls-t bint (pK 
^U» l,ainU) 1 /( bitr (pi. jW^ 
akiar) ; ^y* batula-t ; Iji-* 
'azrS (pi. tjijlJ* 'ajHra).— (spm- 
#(er) itj** 'ftziba-t. — (tervant) 
Mm. haddiima-t; ^jW jariya-t 
(l>I. ojV jawiirl). 

Maipeh, Maidenlt, adj. tsf^ 

Maidenhead, s. i^ bakara-t; 
^f^ batfilija-t. 

Mail, ,. {armour) £,j dir' (pi. 
fljJl adra', €jjO duru') ; -ij) 
zarad (pi. -iljjl azrad, -Jjjj zurild). 
—{letter-ba-j) j*t.)Jl w-=* kia 
al-liostaji. — (conveyaiice) Sc^j) 

Maim, c. gj*- jada', jajda' ; jj* 

Main, ai/j. J.) awwal (pi. JtU 
anayil, J'j' awuli), f. Jjl ilia 
(pi. «^yj\ ulayAt) ; J-1 a^ll.y ; 
-Jt* muqaddam. 

Main, «. {total) iU* jumla-t (pi. 
J** jumal). — (ocean) lu**!! *iJl 
al-bal>r al-mu^it ; y<a^\ al-bahr 
(pi. jf. buljur, jl*: biljar). — {con- 
tinent) yti\ al-barr (pi. ^^ burur). 

Mainly, adj.''^^ gulibua; '^y^ 

Maintain, v. (preterve) !t*^ Ijafis, 
yabfas ; ,j.;»- Ifaiaa, yahrus, yalj- 
ris, — {mpport) ^^ qat, yaqflt; 
Jii kafal, yakful ; t)V- mfln, 
yamfln. — (n^rm) j^i qarrar, yu- 
qarrir; JSI akkad, yu'akkid ; 
kt-I lahbat, yusabbit. 

Maintenance, t. >^)i qut (pi. 
«ul)-*\ aqnSt) i i>Ljw ma'aa ; 
ma'iia-t (pi, ^^'ji* ma- 

'al; »i- 

■AyiS). — {defence) ijU* ^mMjft-t ; 

^W* niubAfaea-t. 
MAJKsric, Majebticai., *. s-^^ 

j^ ^ahib baiba>-t; JaW jftQt 

(pi. %A ajilia). 
Majebtt, s. £nA haiba.-t ; ti^ 

£auka-t ; UK jalala.t. — {tilit) 

If*^ Ijiadra-t ; i^U- B&'&ds-t ; 

ilW jalala-t. 
Major, adj. y<£\ akbar, £. ^sj^ 

kubra (pi. j^ kubar) ; ^ akjor ; 

^1 a'gam, f. ,jJ*c -usma. 
Majoe, ». )IU najir (pi. jU»* noi- 

zar) ; ^4 •^ b'lk b£ii (biiS' 

bail, THri.). 
Majokity. s. (jrea(er numher) ySi 

aksar. — (/ui/ age) ,j-^ t^ 

bulilg ^'i-y. 
Make, v. J«i fa'al, y&f'al ; 

?ana', ya?na'. — (form) Jl- 

f a? ug.*^( create) ijl*- balaq, 
uq ; V bara, vabra. — (^tn) », 

kasab, yaksib ; (4; ra.bifa, jar- 

Make, Making, $. (form) **•- 

SLRa-t; S.J* jjira-t(pl.jj-fuwar); 

JS* saki (pi. JUU.^ askai, J^ 

Sukul). — {structure) s-et/ tar- 

kib. — (worjtmaruAip) i<u^ (&D*ft-t. 
Maker, b. (crnitor) j^ biilLL); 

^jlU. hfiliq ; ci)^ bari. 
Mal-adhinistbation, «. ^A:dt ^^u 

'adain at-tadbir ; ijUSI ^ac 'adam 

ul-idarat ; ^Ig— 11 ^ 'adam ai- 

Malady, ». u*;- marad (pi- u*Vl 

amrii^) ; iU 'illa-t (pi. ^ 'Uml) ; 

^•> da (pi. 1)->1 odnuj. 
Malcontent, adj. ^fj js^ gair 

rSd'i ; fcj-f* js* gair mabe&t- 
Male, adj., «. /J zakar (pL ;j*J 

zukur) J jiJk- muzakkar. 
Malediction, a. ij*i la'na-t. 
Malefactor, a. h-H^ uofiiib; 

fj^r' muirim. 
Maletolince, I. 6)W 'adAwS't; 

u)1jAc -udwdn. 
Malevolent, adj. ^jjlj* 'adAw!-;. 
Malice, «. i<^ habAja-t; 2|Jt 

Malicious, adj. ,J^ saqi-jr (pL 




WMb\ a^ij&); <A^»»< habis (pi. 

\^ huba^A). 
Maliciousness, s. ^Sj\^ habasa-t. 
Malign, Malignant, adj, j^e^ 

bagi4 ;M^ ^atir (pi. jVU su^tar) ; 

(^U ^(in ; (;)^ ^ait^n.— (tn- 

fecting) <^«>*^ mu'di; ^ij^ sari. 

— (pernicious) a*>^^ manl^Cis ; 

«ftUf«« muhlik. 
Malign, r. <J^ ^ aamm 'ala, ja- 

numm ; Af^^ «y« sawwad wajh- 

hu, vusawwid. 
Malignancy, Malignity, s. ^U} 

baga<j[a-t; ^^ bug4^t; ^ ^ir- 

Mall, Mallkt, s, j*^ midaqq, 

muduqq; ii<i^ midaqqa-t (pi. 

j^*x^ madAqq). 
Mall, v, s^ 4arab, ja4rib; ja 

daqq, jaduqq. 
Malleability, a. S\jA»'i\ l^M 

qabilijat al-imtidad (WL^!I\ al- 

imbisa^) ; ^^ lajana-t. 
Malleable, adj. *x24i jamtadd 

(8 aor. VIII.) ; ^ -» » < yambasit 

(3 aor. VII.). 
Malpbactice, 8. l^^ i*M <ada-t 

qabiba-t ; iy^*y^ raduwa-t; ^^-«i 

Malt, s. jtt^\ J^ ?ufl a.4-.4a*ir. 

Maltreat, i?. ^ zalam, jazlim; 
^S\ 4za, yu*azi. 

Maltreatment, «. ^ zulm ; h^\ 

Malversation, a, ij^ gUs; ^^ 
hivAna-t; ^^ hila-t. 

Mammal, s. mu^ muradda'a-t. 

Mammon, «. (riches) JU mal (pi. 
J\^^ amwal) ; ^ gaDa ; ftj/ 

Man, #. (Aunkin being) (^Uj^ insan 
(pi. ^U nas) ; (^\ {ji\ ibn adam 
(j)l. ^ bani). — (the human race) 
^un an-nas; ^t^\ al-ba.4ar. — 
(male) J%j rajul (pi. JWj rijiil) ; 
y mar (pi. t>/r* mar* An). — 
(person) Jufci* sah? (pi. v^W«*\ 
ashaf) ; ^j^M nafs (pi. u>M\ 
aut'u8) ; yk» uafar (pi. j^\ aufar). 

Man, V, J^ J*^ ^) wa4a' ahl H, 

Manacle, s. J^ qaid (pi. j^mS 

quvAd); Jfc gull (pi. JW 

Manage, r. ^«> dabbar, judabbir ; 

^blf basar, juba^ir; ^^Ve 'Alaj, 

Manageable, adj, ^4i jndabbar 

(3 aor. pass, ii.) ; *Ub^ jur^ad 

(3 aor. pass. iv.). 
Management, s. j-«|JJ tadbir; 

ijS^lf^ mubAiara-t ; J1«U^ ma'ft- 

Mandate, s, y»\ amr (pi. yAy\ 

aw Amir) ; f^ b^li^iD (pi* (^^^\ 

ahkAm) ; i©-*^ wa^ija-t (pi. V|Uj 

wa^ayA) ; It^y taufiya-t. 
Mandatory, s. Je^^ wakil (pL }S^ 

Mandible, s, XaaU mA4iga-t ; <aU 

fakk (pi. ^VX*\ afkAk). 
Mane, s, f*> sa'r ; sJ^ *urf ; Xl^ 

ma*rafa-t ; f jjyy zu'zii*. 
Manes, «. sa* ^ ^\ ty) nif^ al-maj- 

yit (pi. x^^ arwAh). 
Manful, adj. ^JW^ rajAli-y ; »•-♦ 

jasur ; £V** Haja*. 
Manfulness, Manliness, s, l^ 

muruwa-t; fly*.; rujMa-t; ^y¥) 

Mange, s, v^^ jarab. 
Manger, s, «>^*x^ mid wad (pi. •>^^Ju 

iiia«lAwid) ; «^ A , U >» ma'laf (pi. 

U^Viu* ma'alif). 
Mangle, s, i^»^ milzama-t. 
Mangle, v, (mutilate) £*H- jada', 

yajda* ; j^ *awwar, yu'awwir. — 

(i^mnoth) J«* 9aqal, ya^qul. 
Mangy, adj. (jjWy** jarbAn. 
Manhood, s. jW3^ f^ mablag 

• •At y %* o 

Mania, s. (^f^ junAn; J«^ hubl; 

i:)^^^ hayajam ; ^^ hawas, 

Maniac, «., Maniacal, cu(;\ eyv* 

uiinnikQ (pi. e^W^ majAnm) ; 

iO r ^'^ mask (in. 
Manifest, adj, y^^ zAhir; ^\y 

wadib ; {^ bayyin ; {^ bAyin ; 

C*r» 9arif . 
Manifest, v. ;«L^ azhar, yuzhir; 

{^ bayyaiiy yubayyin ; ^y wa4- 


^ab, Tiiwaijdilj ; ^)\ atidah, yft- 

Manifbhtation, s. jlel-l izh&r;jjfll> 

zuhlr; c*^! ulab- 
Manifold, adj. < ^I ja t * muhtalif ; 

jJlSU- mutaMsir; JliAl Jiifcl 

uskal askAl. 

StAMIPtlLATE, I>. gJli! 'fllaj, ju'iilij, 

Manitulation, I. S^J*** mu'ala- 

Maitkikd, t. f>-i\ ^Jlf ban! fidam ; 
(_^U11 an-nas ; ^l— iSl a!-insan. 

Manna, s. (j- mann ; i;>*«ry taran- 

Manner, g. {method) Ji* ^akl (pi. 
Jiii.^ aikfil); ^jLl usliib; iiij 
lai-y ; ^3j> tariq {pi. j;t (uruq) ; 
b*) naraat (pi. tU nimat). — 
(kind) £y nau' (pi. £V' *».■"«') ! 
i-Axe janf (pi. t-iUol a^naf). — 
(custom) SjIc fida-t (pi. J*V 

Mahhbblt, adj. v'O^ mu'addab ; 
,^j\ «,_&.\!b fuhib aoab (pi. v'^^'^ 

Mannehh, b. (behaviour) iij-i— 
Buluk ; nL-l— • maslak ; ij~,r^ 
sira-tj jl*l ahlflq; Jly- min- 
wiil. — (good breeding) kT">l adab 
(pi. vl->l "dfib) ; Utiis ukalluf. 

Manob, ».}^ qa?!" (pl- jj** qu?iir), 

MaNSIOK, «. <±-e) bait (pi. uiJjet 

bajiit; jlo dar (pi. ;iiJ diySr, jjJ 
duwar) ; J>" maaxil (pi. Jju-* 
manAzil) ; ij^—^ maskan (pi. 
f;ji\~^ masakin). 

Masslauohtee, «. JjJ qatl. 

Manblayeb, 8. J»Vi qatil (pi. Jl^ 

Mantle, a. (^^t bumua (pi. u-J'jt 
barnnis) ; ^^ mailah (pi. cJ*-*— 
ma^lil^) i W" 'aba (pi, ,«* 

Mandal, adj. fcs-i* yadi-y. 

Manual, «. v^ liitab (pi. s-*f 

MANorACTOEt, 9. J*** ma'mal 
(pi. J-U- ina'Amil); «iU./ kar- 
hiinn^h (ii^j\S kirbAua-U. P<t*.). 

MANurACTUBE, (. i -*t* ^au'a-b; 
Sjy^U manilattura-b. 


ya'mal ; ^.^ fana', yafna'. 
Manufacti7bbr, I. ^U gaai* ; 

jjU./ s-»^ ^ahib ka^Aoa-b (pL 

H'W'^ a^b^b). 
MANuuiasioN, 8. j^\ itl^; J^* 

i'tflq ; iJM" 'ataq. 
Mamdmit, v. jJil al'aq, ymliq; 

Jicl a'laq, TU'tiq; jj-- b^irmr, 

Manure, t. Ji) zibl ; Jllij cabUa-t 

Manure, v. Jij zabbal, jmcabbil ; 
Jijl azbal, yuzbU. 

Manudcbii^, s. A^~i Qiubtv-t (pL 
^ niisah) ; U ^U! kidb Utt ; 
o«lt U. hatt aUyad. 

Many, adj. f^ kastr ; ^^ wfifir. — 
(Aom many) ^ kam ; J-1. -i 
kam wahid.— («o nmni/);^ li» 
hAzA - '1 - qadr; ;■!** baJq^uliu'; 
Jill* balqadd. — (a% many at) -d 
qadd ; ^>i- misl- — (turif€ tu 
many) yJ/* »,-i» qadr-hu mar- 
niten ; '-J*' di'f (pi. jUa\ a,4'if). 

Map, *. -^IM^ f^i ^jj wantqat fmb 
al-balad ; ij«^ qlltaa (pj. |.r^t,> 
qarAtis) ; aIo^U. bari;a-t. 

Mat, I', ^j raaam, yarstmi. 

Maple-tree, «. <>ii^ jumuiaq. 

Mar, c. ^—i\ afsad, yufsid; yf 
kaddar, yukaddir; i^*) aaggaf, 

Marble, s. ;-/* marmar; fA«|j 
rub am. 

Mabble, adj. iSff nuumarf-j; 
jrfWj ruhAm!-y. 

March, », (mkw/A) ;*•>! ad£r. — 
( progretiion) j-*— masfk ; ,j*- 
niasi ; jf aair, ser ; !;*--• nusl- 

Mabch,- v. (move by step*) ^j^^ 
ma.^, yam^i; jl- sfir, ya^r. — 
(i>on/<T on) V J^^ itUfal bo, 
yattaqil ; ^U tAham, yuUthim. 

Mabchis, ». (bounJarift) - s* * 
huddd (pL of -i.^ hadd); f^ 
tubftin (pi. of ^ tubm) ; ^Ak- 
magjar (pi. yU^ ma^aair). 

Mabb, #. y-;* faraa; *-j* fantMk-i 
I tp'' -J^ furiii, ij«lyl ofriU). 
; Maboin, e ■ 

,*Wba4iy»-t(pi.^i»V' fl 




I^w&ii); <^;L taraf (pi. u\^\ 

Marine, cuIJ. i^fr. baljtri-j. 
Marine, «. (sea-soldier) fjj^, ^j/i^ 

'askari ba^ri. — (navy) Wy nau- 

tija-t, nCitiya-t. 
Mariner, «. ^f^, ba^ri-y (pi. h^, 

batnya-t); J^ nauti-y, nAti-v 

(pi. i^y nawati-y) ; c^ nial- 

Marital, adj. ,j^) zauji-y ; ,j¥:j 

^U'-J > kJ^ tazwiji-y. 
Maritime, adj. ^fr, batri-y. — 

(bordering on the sea) j^\ J-^s^ 

mutta^il al-ba];^r. 
Marjoram, s. *t^ff^\ anjikk. 
Mark, s. (sign) ^ asar (pi. j^ 

Hfar) ; L»X^ <alama-t (pi. ^ 

'alilm, ^SLe 'alayim). — (aim) 

O^-M ni^an (pi. ^^W nayasin). 
Mark, v. (make a mark or im- 

presMn) ^J^ ^ 'allam 'ala, yu- 

*allim; o*/^ ajsar fi, yu'aHsir; 

f^j rasam, yarsum ; f^-^y wasam, 

Jasim. — (note) ^"^ lahaz, yula- 
iz; ^\ yy nazar ila, yanzur; 

^J^ f^ tatalla' ila, yatatalla'. 
Market, s. (place) jy^ sauq (pi. 

J^^^ aawaq). — (vaulted) ^jW 

bazar ^ (Pers.). — (hall) it;L-e« 

qaisariya-t. — (sale) {m^ mabi'. 
Market, v. f^f^\ y £^ bu' wa is- 

tara, ^abi' wa yastari ; y¥^ t4jar, 

Marketable, culj, j\)\i Aoie <alai-hi 

Marksman, «. ^jr^^J^ ni^anji. 
Marl, s. {^ \ia. 
Marmelade, s, ^^y• murabba. 

Mar<2UEE, s. {^y 9awau (pi. ^f^\ 
a^wina-t) ; X^o^ haima-t (pL (^ 

Marriage, «. e^^) ziwaj ; ^j zija-t ; 

C^ nika^. — [demand in marriage) 

s-^ bat&b, ya^^ub. 
Marrl40Kable, adj, ^W balig, f. 

i -a-t ; tj)\ azwaj. 

MARRIAOE-rBAST, S. ^j^ 'urs (pi. 

^j.\f\ a'raa) ; c/ farab (pL cV^ 
Marrow, «• ^ mabb (pl- i^«^ 

mihAh). — (o/ (he spine) JW 

Marrt, V. (take in marriage) tjy 

tazawwaj, yatazawwaj ; J^^ ta- 

'ahhal, yata'ahhal. — (give in 

marriage) e^) zawwaj, yuzawwij. 
Mars, s, (planet) My imrrih, mar- 

Marsh, s, Isi,^ sabha-t. 
Marshal, s, ;^«^ y sir 'askar 

Marshal, v. ^ nazzam, yunaz- 

zim ; 4-JU faff, ya^uff ; UUU 

9affaf, yufaffif. 
Mart, s, ^y sauq (pL s3^y\ 

aswaq) ; ^^jW bazar. 
Martial, adj. (referring to war) 

^Jty tarbi-y. — (brave) JV** ^uja* ; 

Qt,^ Aaji*' (pL t>VA%*i 8uj*an); 

fjm\^ }3 zd bas. 
Martin, s. (sxcallow) sJ^ \i\x\\ki 

(pi. UkJJU. hata^if) ; Ul^ hu- 

taif (dimin.) ; y^ sunCinii (pi. 

%a>\^ym sunCinuwat). 
Martingale, s. S^y ^arima-t. 
Martyr, s. J^^ ^ahid (pi. «>^ 

suhiid); J^s«*i ^hid (pi. ^J4^ 

Martyr, v. •M** ^^ qatal-ha 

^ahid, yaqtal. 
Martyrdom, s. i*y\^ sahada-t. 
Marvel, s. ^ee % ft *ajiba-t (pi. 

s-^V^ 'ajayib) ; ^y^ 'ujuba-t 

(pi. s-^W\ a'ajib). 

Marvel, v. {j^ S 'V** ta'ajjab min, 
yata'aj jab ; s * » • ■ '^ ista'jab, 

Marvellous, adj. s-^^^a 'ajib; 
s-^/ garib ; gi^ badi*. 

Masculine, culj. j^^ zakar (pi. ;^<^ 
zukAr) ; i^^ zakari-y. — (in 
grammar) f^ muzakkar. 

Mash, s. (mixture) UU. hilt (pi. 

1%l\ ahlaO. 
Mash, v. (mu;) UU. balat, yahluf. — 

(crush) ««X* J dahak, yadhak ; vl*> 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Mask, s. 8 ^ ■!■.■■>• mashara-t ; ^^ 

Sjat— • wajh inashara-t. — (pre- 

ience) ^^ bila-t; ^^^^ bujjat 




Mask, v. fi^—^ inashar, yumashir ; 
j-i~-ij tanakkar, ^atanakkar.— 
(conceal) f^ katam, jaktum ; 
^^\ ahfa, jubfi. 

Mabdn, ». W bannil (pi, y**^ 
bannayin) ; jUx 'aminarj ^j*jU«»» 

Masonry, a. h^ binaya-t. 

Mabqitebade, b. Iji—^ mashara-t. 

Mabs, I. Qiulk) ,«-«. jiBm ; qU— ^ 
jusmin. — {quantHy) ip^ kasra-t ; 
jl.** miqdar (pi. y^U- maqudir). 
—(heap) i-ji kQma-t (pi. -IjSl 
akwam, *•£ kunain) ) f>ji kum 
(pi. O^ilmun); u-Wkurdfta. 
— (church tennce) u«\ui quddds 
(pi- tr^jl^ qadadia). 

Mass, v. gwe jamma', yujammi' ; 
[tji kawwam, yukawwim; u'-'/ 
kardas, vukardia. — (gay mass) 
U'.^ki qodilas, yuqaddis. 

MABfiACBB, s. J^ qatl ; Jil;^ maq- 
tala-t ; (4-^ zabli ; ij^ aikaya-t. 

Mabbacbe, v. J^ qatal, yaqtul ; 
^i zabah, yazl)ihi zabbali, yu- 
ziibbih; .Jp-Jl j^ JAi bacal 
fi-him as-Baif, yaozil. 

Masbitb, adj. ^1 aaamm, f. U- 
^amina (pi. ^ ^urnin, yU— jum- 
mOn) ; i-V-j raflif. 

MiflT, e, ysjU ?ari (pi. ^jjlj- Ha- 
waii ). 

Mastke, s. (ZoriJ) v-^^ jiihib (pi, 
s->W«^ a^hub) ; h--j rabb ([>1. 
V-W arbaii); J^ maula (pi. 
^j- mawali) ; «UU milik 
(pi. ^f-1 umluk).— (sA-iZ/m? m 
anytliing) j-ftL-* muhir; J^a-l 
usiad. — (teacher) ,*1»* mu'alliiu. 
— (mister, «V) Ow- eayyid, aid 
(pi. jW^ asyud, uaWL- sadU) ; 
4*<j*. hawaja-h (Per*.) ; jj-*-^^ 
afandi (Turi-.). 

Master, u. (tuhdue) 'r-l* galab, 
yaglib.; ;e* qahar, yatihari g^ 
qama', yaqma'; <.iiM tatnallak, 
yatamallak. — (acquire or yostett 
»kiU) |*U) U'oUam, yata'allami 
M mahar, Tunhir: «••' tatiiikh< 

; [Mat 

bar, yatamabltar (the last tiro 
with o* G). 
Masteblt, adv. i,tL±4 bi-^ira-t. 

ya-t. — (dominion) i-ji* ^uku- 

ma-t; uLAti tajoalluk ; \t.i~J 

Mastery, s. (wtperioriiy) J^ fa^I 

(pi. JyU fudul, JU*1 af^al). 
Mastic, s. o*^''** ma^taka ; •■U* 

'ilk ; ia* 'ilka-t (pi. *! Jc -ulnk). 
Masticate, i;. >sUe 'alak, ya'lak; 

2^ ma^atf, yamdag; •^i 14k, 

Mabticatioh, ». ^^ nia<Jg ; <«U* 

Mabtipf, «. -i s-tf kalb kabir (pL 
H^tf kilAb). 

Mat, «. j«— - lja?ir; Ijs-m^ ^afin-t 
(pi. J— bu?r,jiL-i. ^a^Ajir) ; h}* 
barija-t (pi. ^^^ taw&ri) ; jl 
nahh (pi. e^^ anhih). 

Mat, II. (make mate) f^ J*e 'Mtul 
hu|r, ya'inal. — (furniak vith 
mats) Ji-ji fara^ yafrui ; fami, 
yufarria ; j-r. ji gatta bi-bmr, 

Match, a. (o/ a gun) JM £atiU-t 
tpl. J(l=» fatiyil).— ((.>y«i mtk 
tulphur, Sc.) .a-*;tS j*c ^aud 
kibrit; >=-i;*f kibrit, l^j^-kihti- 
ta-t ; Ui naft. — (eguai) (^ 
qariu (pi. Uji qurana); JU. 
misikl (pi. £lU1 ajn^ila-t): J±* 
musl, mujul. — (fellow) BjJ cauj; 
o;i fard (pi. jy firad).— (f«faK 
in a gams) i^ii la'ba-t, la'b»-t; 
ilfU- muqabala-t. — (ttntMt ^ 
marriage) e'jj riwaj ; ^ ziia>L 

Match, i-.a. (i^;h»«c) J(U qlba, 
yuqabil. — (pair) sjj zawnj, to- 
zawvij ; n. (be equal) ^^U q&nii, 
yuqiirm ; gj^j zAwij, jnUwij ; 
tjj^- (jflja, jutafi.— (<«»l) JH, 
wafiq, yuwifiq. 

Matchless, ac^. JIUJ^ ^i^jka •sjIb 
al-mufil (mital) ; ;Jm <1 U ai 
la~bu natir; li ^U S U |*nl 
(tauij la-hu. 

Matz, I. (comjianion) ,Uj nSn 
(pL jUjl Mfaq, lit, niil^&Ji. 




s-^^ f4]>ib (pi. v»W«^ a^^b). — 
(male and female) t)) zauj, f. 
*^jU 2auja-t (pi. e^)}\ azwHJ, a^jj) 
ziwajft-t). — (of a thip) s-^/^^ ji'^ 
mudabbir al-markab. — (in chess) 
upU aU ^ah mat. 

Mate, v,a. e>) zawwaj, juzawwij ; 
n. t^ tazawwajy yatazawwaj. 

Matebial, <idj. (consisting of 
matter) ^J^ hayiili-j ; o^)^ 
hayiilani-y ; ^*>Vw* maddi-y ; 
^U««% jismAni-y. — (essential) 
^^ ?Hti-y; ^J^\ a^li-y; et)ir* 
^urikri-y; f»j5 lazim; (•yu mu- 

Matebial, s. (stuff) (>Ui qamy. 
— (matter) 5*>V^ madda-t (pi. *>^^ 
mawadd) ; s-«t^ sabab (pi. v»W-*^ 

Matebialist, s, o-v4» <^^*Jlei 
failaaiif (abi'i-y. 

Matebialitt, s. k*>^ maddiya-t ; 
^ tf tU ...^ jismaniya-t. 

Matebn AL, adj. ^^^ ummi-y. 

Matebnitt, s, i^f\ umiima-t; 
ivA ummiya-t. 

Mathematical, adj. ^j^kj riya^i-y ; 
^j^^ ta'limi-y. 


'alim bi - *r - riyacjiya-t ; -J^ 

yi>Vo««U2SW «41im bi-'Uta*limiyat. 
Mathematics, s. utf^\i^\ ^ *ilm 

ar-riya4iyat ; ^»»cU> ^ ^ (^^\ al- 

'uliim at-ta'limiya-t. 
Matbicide, s. (act) fX\ y}si qatl 

al-umm. — (who commits it) J^^ 

(tlS\ qatil al-umm. 
Matbiculate, V, fA^\ ^ J^ qay- 

yad fi-'d-daftar, yuqayyid. 
Matbiculation, s. *WI? taqyid. 
Matbimovial, adj. ^yr^) ziji-y; 

^j^^ zauji-y ; ^Jr4/ tazwiji-y. 
Matbimoht, s. e^ ziwaj ; Ainj 

zija-t ; t^ tazawwuj ; c^ nikalji. 
Matbiz, s. (womh) f^j raljiim (pi. 

f»W|\ ar^am). — (mould) O^ 

qaub (pi. O^y qawalib). 
Matbon, s. (respectable woman) 

^yU. hkiitu (pi. e^^^ hawatin). 

— (nurse) ij^\ amina-t. 
Matteb, s. (substance) ^^^ bi- 

yAla; 5*>UJ m&dda-t (pi. S\^ 
mawadd) ; j^y^ jauhar (pi. j^\^ 
jawahir) ; ^»«^ jism (pi. (•W^ 
ajsam, f^y*^ juHum). — (subject) 
Ajt* mudda-t ; ^*Um« mas*ala-t 
(pi. JJ^-— • masayil) ; flyt» maqii- 
la-t. — (affair) jA amr (pL jf^\ 
umur); i^U. b^ja-t (pi. ^\^ 
bawayij) ; ie-4i qadiya-t (pi. V|UJ 
qadaya). — (matter of fact) JW 
hal (pi. J^^^ abwal). — (import- 
ance) J» siql ; fM *uzm. — 
(pus) ^ qaib (pi tyti^ quyub) ; 
j{X» 9adid (pi. *>a* ^udud). 

Matteb, r. (6e of importance) fJ^ 
*azum, ya'zum. — (i^ matters not) 
y*V# d^ U ma fi-hi bas. — (what 
does it maiter f) ^jyr.. ij^\ ei 

Mattock, s. J^ mi'wal (pi. J^U^ 
ma*awil) ; j^^^m^ ma*dur). 

Mattress, s. Aib^ faraa-t (pi. ,>^;A 
furus) ; imAjL (arr&ba-t (small 
one) ; i«*^ martaba-t (pi. s-^^;^ 

Mature, adj. %sf''^ mnstawi ; g!^ 
yani* (pi. j*i yana*) ; g^U na4ij. 
— (mature in years) {^\ ,j* {^^ 
ta'in fi-'s-sinn. 

Matubitt, s. \f^\ istiwa. — (pU" 
berty) ^^\ f^ balau^ aa-sinn ; 
t^ buliig; 4*^1 bulAgiya-t. — 
(tncUurity of judgment) Jlii^ JW 
kamal al-'aql. 

Mausoleum, s. ^^ rau4a-t (pU 
^j^jD rt^) ; ^A* maqbara-t (pi. 
^V«^ maqabir); j\y mazar; W 
qubba-t (pi. v»W< qibab). 

Maw, «. (stomach) Soa^ mi'da-t (pU 
.>*- mi'ad); iU^ bau»ala-t (pi, 

Maxim, s. ^U qa<ida-t (pi. J^y 
qawa*id) ; m^Vi qanftn (pi. {^\^ 
qawanin) ; ^U ^abifa-t. 

Maximum, s. s-^!I^ al-aglab; ^S\ 

May, s. j<i\ ayyar. 

May, v. gencndly expressed by the 
aor. of a verb; iu formulas of 
inYocation for good or evil, as 


" May God blesH you," &c., by 
tUe preterite. See Can. 

Ma70r, s. ■>i-^\ (^ iaih aUbalad. 

Maze, s. v^j^ ddlab, daulab (yl. 
s-^t;>> dawilib) ; aU*» iua,gla- 
(a-t ; W-jj warta-t (pi. tljj wirA^). 

Mb (objective case of I), ^J m, 
affixed to a, verb, or ^5 i (^5 ya) 
subjoined to a. preposition : as, 
ijuu-. aama'-ni, " he heard me ; " 
J jfc- Bama' bi, " he heard of 

Mbad, i. 5=1 bit' ; J—jJI >^';* 
£arnb al-'asl. 

Meadow, g. e/* marj (pi. tjf 
muruj) ; i*)j rauda-t (pi. i>jj 
raud, ij-^) riyad, yl^tj rldan) ; 
^Jj wadifa-t ; ffj^ marba' (pi. 
pl^ marabi'). 

Meaobe, adj. oSs"" naLlf (pi. tjW 
niV'^) ; i^j* hazlL— (poor) jeifa- 
Ijaqlr; ^^J dani-y. — (lamty) 
Jeli qain. 

Meaoreness, «. ^^ nuhiifa-t ; 
J^jAbaznl; J^ nuhul. — (barreti- 
nes») S*ac 'uqina-t; *-ji^ yabu- 
aa-t ; ij^ 'uqfira-t. 

Me*l, $. (Jlcyur) e^J- tal.iin.— 
{coarse) /J^ huSkar.— (^nel 
^>(iJ daqiq; VU^ kamilja-t. — 
(repati) ^ akla-t ; l-ii giza, 
gida ; ij'ii gadwa-t ; |*WS: (a'ltm ) 
J/L- ma'kfil. 

Mean, adj. (lovy) jefc- ha«ir; Jo 
dani-y; u-i—* basis (pi. i^\~-»- 
hisfis, ^-^\ abisstt) ; AJ-^ zolil (pL 
jJJ lilfi), iiil afiDa-t)i y^ 
mahin (pi. W* muhana'). — 
(stingy) J=*: bahil (pi, S*: bu- 
balA); c*** sa^iiij (pi. cW* 
^ilif^i), f. £««> ^alji^a-t (pi. 
{«(■> Aalj&yilj)- — {middting') 
i^-ji- mutawasait 1 J>w»* rau'ta- 


Mkan, «. (middle) 1— j was( ; J^j 
wuBt^-^ — {niedtocrilij) atUj was*- 
(a-t ; J\ais1 i'tjdal. 

Mean, r. (intend) ■>-» qa?ad, yaqf id ; 
JmuS taqassad, yataqasBad; -ilji 
arud, yuM.—(»i^nifij) o^ 'auu., 
ya'ni ; ,j^\ a'oa, yu"!!!. 


Meaning, *. (tnteid'on) ■»-* qs^ 
jj-/u maq^ud ; f^ 'asm (pL . _ 
'uzdm) i uft^t garati (pi. yi'jH 
agrad) ; V niya-t. — (tignifita- 
tion) ij^«- ma'na (pL jj**- im- 
'Ani) ; SjW« 'ibara-t. 

Meanness, *. i}^^ ^aq&ra-t; JJ 
pll ; iL.l_a. haaasa-t ; J*-. ba^L 

Means, «. (in«<runienfal^y) J^lj 
wa8i(a.t (pi. W1-) wasa^iO ; t^ 
tariqa-t (pi. Jiljt {arayiq) ; A*-) 
wasila-t (pi. J»-j wasil. Jit 
wasSyil). — (resourees) Jl- 
(pi. Jlj*l amwAl). — (by ( 
-V 3 lii budd. 

Mbables, s. if^ ha^ba-t. 

Meastjbe, I. (extent) jJ 
j(.ui- miqdAr (pi ^-i^ maqadir). 
— (»(aniiird) ^^ qiy&a (pi, 
i-e*l aqyasa-t) ; Jef Icail {pL 
JVeSl akyal) ; j^e 'iyar. — (iiMfm- 
ment) ^J^Aei^ miqyiU ; J^e^ mik- 
yal (pi. Jei^fc- makiyil). — 
(metre) ojj wazn (pL o'ljl 
auzAn) ; yljo- ndzAn (j)L oljV* 
man&zin). — (pi. procetdimgi) 
^%'\m^ mu'tLmalAt. 

Mkabube, v. (length, Sc.) (j»M qfil, 
yaqiB ; ;iVa 'ayar, yu'ayir, — (eora, 
(Ec.) Jli kal, yakif. 

Meascrement, «. u-^o* qiyts; 
i»\— • masatia-t; ijjU* ma'in- 

Meat, t. (food in general) Ji^ akl ; 
f,\jit t&'am (pi. it*i'\ at*''B^^ 
^UUL ta'Amat); «jl qftt. — 
(>Iei&) ,^ Hm (pL f^ 

Mechanic, t. «jJS\ v-e9 ^3* r*** 
'Alim a tarldb al-AlAl ; iu3) g*^ 
^ani' Al&t. 

Mechanics, s. u>33) £ijB« lua'nfat 
al-AlAt i t^^SS^ >,-e9 ^ 'Urn tar- 
kib ol-alatj J««lt ^ ilm kl- 

Mecsamism, I. s:\ -r-^ tkridb 

Medal, b. iS- sikka-t (pi. i^li. 
sikak) i **ji quiia<t ' ' 


ikka-t (pi. -au-. 





Meddle, v, ^\^ tad&hal, jatadE- 

hal ; ^J>f» ta*arra4, yata'arrad. 
Meddler, «. J«a^ dahil (pi. ^«> 

duhalii) ; JyA» f u4Ali-7. 
Meddlesome, adi, J^^*x^ mudilhil. 
Meddling, #. i^W mudilhala-t. 
Mediate, r. W«y tawassat, jata- 

wassat ; ^V tawasa^, jatawasa^ ; 

^^ ji^ dahal ben, jadhul. 
Mediate, adj, W«^ mutawassat. 
Mediation, «. SLm\y muwiUata-t ; 

&U^ wisil^t ; l^^ mubiUara-t ; 

JfiUAi ^if&*a-t. 
Mkdiatob, 9. W-«^ wasit (pi. ^^ 

wusa^) ; W«^^ mutawasit ; 2«A^ 

^fi* (pi. UAii ^ufa'&). 
Medical, culj, ^jji t>bbi-y, tubbi-j ; 

^j^y^ dawa\ji-y. 
Medicament, Medicine, s, U«> 

dawa (pi. hp*^^ adwija-t) ; c^ 

*ilaj ; H-A t»^b, tubb ; h^ sar- 

ba-t (pi. s^ ^irab). 
Medicinal, adj, ^jt^ Ubbi-y, tub- 

Mediocre, adj. ^J^^y wastani-y. 
Mediocritt, «. S\^y wasA^a-t. 
Meditate, r. ^ tafakkar, yata- 

fakkar; J^^? ta'ammal, yata- 

'animal (both with ^^ fi). 
Meditation, b.^ tafakkur ; J**^ 

Medium, #. W«^ was^ ; ^J^y wua^. 
Medlar, «. £Uj^ mi^mila-t; c^ 

^^ji tufal^ bam-y ; aU> nulk. 
Mkdley, #. U*. haU (pl- ^3u.\ 

ahU^); Wu*-\ ihtilat; e^>*^^ im- 

Medley, ocf/. i^U^^ mahlAt* 
Meed, «. ^y^ iaz4 ; v&>^jV^^ mujazat ; 

u^Ul5U mukAf&t. 
Meek, od;. ^^^li** l^alim (pi. UU. 

hulama, fJi*>^ a^Um) ; Ql^^ wadl^ 
Meekness, b. f^ \^\\m ; ^^^^ wa- 

Meet, adj. ij*^^ muwafiq ; s->-^ 

munasib ; v3i) layiq. 
Meet, r.a. ^ laqa, yalqa ; ^3 

laqa, yulaqi ; <^oU ^adaf , yufa- 

dif; ji^ wajad, yajid; n. ^J^\ 

iltaqa, yaltaqi; £4^^ ijtainaS 


Meeting, b. (eneaunter) ^*>Up« mu- 
9adafa-t ; ^\ iltiqa. — (interview) 
J-^ wasl ; J4A ^ml. — (iiBBemhly) 
deU^ jama*a-t ; £Ua^^ ijtima' ; 
g »»>* majma' (pi. g^W^ maj&- 
mi*) ; u-W* majlis (pi. (j-J^^ 
majalis) ; JA^^ ma)]ifad (pi. J*W« 

Melancholic, oJ/. ^^^«>^ ^audi- 
wi-y ; (^)*> Ijiazin ; j*xC« mukad- 
dar ; My^ jawwAz. 

Melancholy, «. U^ saudil ; ^^|%> 
jawaza-t ; IJf^il* milanholiya-t. 

Mellifluous, adj. J-^-a^ mu'assal; 
J-Vft «A9il. 

Mellow, adj. (ripe) i^f^*^ mos- 
tawa. — (Boft) (^ lay y in; ^U 
iiri*iin ; ^) rah A ; ^^^ ^ari-y. 

Mellowness, b. \f^\ istiwA ; S^U.^ 
rahawa-t; l^fi nu'Cima-t; l^f» 

Melodious, adj. ^j^ ^aji-y ; v»y^ 

Melodiousness, b. ^ ^^J^ *azik- 
l>at nagam ; fiM\ ^j^^^ ];^usn 

Melody, b. JUa^ nagama-t; h^ 
sinaya-t ; ^y/ tarnuma-t. 

Melon, b. ^«W bi^tib, ba^tih ; ^^4^ 
biUiha-t (pi. (J^^ l)atatih).— 
(water-melon) [j^-t^ jabas. 

Melt, v.a. v»^^ zawwab, yuzawwib ; 
v»U\ azab, yuzib. — (meia^) «*Xt- 
sabak, yasbuk. — (fat) ^^ say- 
yah, vusayyilji ; Du sala, yasla; 
n. s^\»J zai), vazAb ; s-***^^ in- 
kasab, yankasib ; t^ sal;^, yasi^. 

Melting, b. s-*!^J^ tazwib; (^W>^ 
zawaban ; i^W-* sabk ; « *Vfl| ..l tas- 
bik ; ttf3V«.^\ insibak ; <;)We-* sa- 

Member, b, (limb) y^ 'a<j[ii (pi. 
Uc\ a*da); ^;W jaril^a-t (pi. 
Ci^y^ iawarih). — (of anoBBemblu) 
J*\ ahl ; s-^^ 9a^ib ; ;-kW IjAdir. 

Membrane, h. U^ giiA ; IkUu^ gisa- 
wa-t (pi. A^**\ agsiya-t). 

Membraneous, ai;. ^y^-AA gisavi-v. 

Memento, «. S;<» tafkira-t; j^J^ 

Memoir, «. S;^ ta^karft-t. 

Mix] 2 

Memo'bable, adj. /ii yujkar (3 
aor. paaa.) ; jS'JJl v-**) wAjib az- 

Memobanddh, s. i;£A! tELzkira-t 

(pi. /1-ii taz4kir). 
Meuorandum-book, s. ^UcU; taf- 

Memorial, s.jje-i-yi asar maihur 
(pi. ij;9-i- f\ ilsar raasbura-t). — 
(golicitalion) JW yt^ 'anjl tiul ; 
iui; riiq'a-t (pi. flij riqii'). 

MsMOBiALiBE, V. ijijC 'arra4, ju- 

Mbmoeialist, 8. Jljjl u*;* i^—U. 
^iihib 'ar4 nl-hul (pi. vW>1 
afhab) ; ^j s-^^ ;nhib ru- 

Memobv, a. (facultt/) iA» hifg ; Syi 
LOt quwwat al-^ifi ; Sii\^\ SySt 
al-quwwat a!-liAfisa-t. — {remem- 
hrance) /•* ?ibrj SjSlo- muja- 
kai'a-t ; ^ tozakkur. 

Mbnacb, s. -H-^ tabdid ; •i^k^J ta- 
haddud ; w-e*/ tarhib. 

Menace, «. "■** naddad,yuhaddid ; 
•i-tfi talxaddad, yatabaddad ; ^j*- 
hawwaf, yuhawwif. 

Mend, v.a. (improve) ^ fallah, 
yu^allili ; jl-1 a;lali, yu?Iib ; c»f- 
faht^aii. yu?ahbJb. — (repair) |-j 
ramm, yarumm ; fi^j rainraiu, 
yuramrim ; «. c^ tajallali, ya- 

Mendacious, adj. .^\ii kazzAb; 
v-j-ii ka7.flb ; uW mayyan. 

Mendacity, t. •^iii takazzub. 

M&NDicANT, I. je<U faqir (pi. Vu 
fuqarA) ; •i\^ £abl?M ; JfL 

Mendicity, t. i>>t«& ^hoda-t i J;—' 

Meniai., adj., s. r*^^ hadim (pi. 
f.\^ huddfiin) ; ^10*11 J\ H'r-*- 
mansiib ila - '1 - huddam) ; Jo 

MsNaeB, *. (>e»- Ijaid ; jic 'uzr ; 
J-^ limj ; l~Jl ^IjIc '4dut an- 
niflS.— (Aotie iA<: meiuei) w-*L. 
biidat, tal>id. 

Mensitrablb, adj. (^^ yuqaB j JUi 
yuk&l (3 aor. pasB.). 



Mental, adj. J«c "aqll-y; ^jjl 

qalbi-y j tSrf** datniri-y. 
Mention, s. jSJ zikr. 
Mention, v. fi zaku*, yaikur; 

fljiJ ■^\^ jflb zikr-bu, yajib ; ^ 

(j)' kana 'an, yakoL 
Mkecantile, adj. ^sj^ tujtr!-y ; 

tsjV^ matjari-y ; ^W ba^i'i-y. 
Merceb, *. <4;i^ hariri-y ; ^^ £W 

bayya' Ijarayir. 
Mbbchanoibe. *. ^W bi^a'a-t (pi 

^>-i| ba4nyi') : *jV tijir^t ; 

j^^ matjar (pi. j*U- miUijir) ; 

UL. fiil'a-t (pi. fU sita'). 
Mekchant, (. ^ tfijir (pi. .W 

Mebcifdl, adj. {eompoMiomatt) 
(te^j rabim ; ^j*, r&b^Un ; ^U", 
rahmaD ; J/^ ^Aq ; ,JAJ^ intii- 
fiq. — {wiUing to pardon) jj*t 
gafur (pi /t gufur). 

Mebcifulnebs, f. * ** j '» nutfbs- 
ma-t, &c. See Mebct. 

Merciless, oif/. J^j 'J '«>• mi la-lra 
rahma-t ; ,ye^ j^ g&ir iftSq ; 
u-ii qasi. 

MEBCiLEssNEaa, «. ijl—l qaiawK-t 

Mebcubial, adj. (eonlaining w*r- 
cury) ^jirtj zibaqi-y, Eiiibaqi-y. — 
(fprighlly) l"^ na9i(. 

Mbbcu&t, «. (meUil) Jwj itbaq, 
zaibaq ; j'^-i firar, fiuir. — 
( planet) J;^ 'utirid (also used 
for the metal). 

Mebct, s. (compattion) ^wj nb' 
ma-t ; S^ay* marhoma-t ; mu 
^faqa-t. — ( pardon) ^)*A* in^ 
fira-t; y^j^ gufraiii yc *afA ; 
cW- Hainuh.'~(pouiCT-) ^ qadr; 
•M yad. 

Mere, adj., Mbbblt, adt. M b* 
qaf (p!a(.-ed at the end ot a mi^ 

Mbbetbicioub, adj. ^U Slhirt 
kJ-U filsiq ; uS-U fahii. — (])a«^) 
'~*)^y muzahrif. 

Meroe, v.n. tijt g&riq, yigmq; 
J/! tagarraq, yaUgamq ; ^Ji* 
galaB, yaglis : a. ^ garn^, 7a 
garriq ; i^ ga«a8, yugatxa. 

iigHta- I 




Mebidi^it, 8. jVfjJ\ ULd U. \^ii\\ niff 

Meridional, adj. ($outhem) o^y^ 

jauubi-y ; ^J^ qihli-j. 
Mebit, 8, J«^ facjil (pi. JyAi fu<july 

JUi\ uf^ai) ; JVA^^\ istihqaq ; 
j\ja;l«\ istisiad ; Ac^W briri*a-t. — 

(reward) s^V sawab; y¥\ ajr; 

«>yil^ niukaf at. — ( puni8hment) 

^Ul qi^a? ; \y¥ jaza. 
Mebit, v. (reward) J^^a>*^ ista- 

l>a<|q, yaifta^itjq. — (2tuni8hmeHt) 

^ ^y .m\ istaujab, yastaujib. — 

(either) Jifc*U-\ ista'hal, vas- 

Meritorious, adj, ^Uw^^ istil^- 

qjMji-y ; yjl^f sawabi-y ; JjW bari*. 
Mermaid, 8, ^^\ o^ bint al-ba^r 

(|il. upU| banat). 
Merriment, Mkrrinehs, «. c/ 

faral> ; v*/» ^arab ; j^;^ Harur. 
Mebrt, adj, j^y^ masrur ; o^/ 

far^aii ; s^jl* t^rib. 
Mesh, #. ^;^ *ain (pi. (j^ 'uyuu) ; 

fi;^ gurza-t (pi. j;* guraz). 
Mb88, 8. (di8h) f*^ t^^aiii (pi. ^UaL^ 

aViiuii't, upUi^L^ ^a*aiiirit). — 

(mixtd ma$8) UU Uu. halt maU* 
Message, «. aSu^ ri8ala-t (pi. Ji^j 

rasayil) ; pd. habar (pi. jlM 

abb^r) ; ij^J^ ba^ara-t. 
Messenger, #. J^^ msul (pi. J-j 

maul) ; J^/« mirtwl (pi. J^^/« 

marasil; ; juU qafid (pi. oui 

quwad;; j^j^ barid (pi. o^ 

burud) ; jX^ uiubaKsir ; ^eX| 

baflir (pi. yL| busara*;. 
Messiah, #. ^^ »n al-masi^. 
Metal, #. ^^^jm^ ma*din (pi. (^jU«« 

Metallic, ac(;. ^-smu* ma*diui-y ; 

g)***^ ^j^ miu ma'diu. 
Metallurgist, #. (;)«>W3V| ^U 

'aliiu bi*'l.ina*adin. 
Metallurgy, #. (;)«>W3^ ^ *ilm al- 

Metamorphosis, $, v»2)^^ iuqilab ; 

H-^ taqallub ; Jif^ tal>wil ; 

^U; tanaaub. 
Metaphor, 8. hj\MiJ\ isti'ara-t ; k^ 

kinaja-t ; j^^ nrnjAs. 

Metaphorical, adj. v3jW^ maj&- 

2>-y ; «^j^*s-^ i8ti*an-y ; jU. C -^ 

Metaphysics, «. f*)3^\ ^ 'ilm al- 

kalam ; am^\ j^ U ^ <ilin 

nia fauq a^-^abi^a-t ; up!lybuS\ ^ 

'ilm al-ma'<|ulat. 
Mete, v. ^^ qas, vaqis ; J^ IdU, 

yakil; Jv^^ iktal, yaktiil. 
Metempsychosis, 8. ^,fi^ taqam- 

Meteor, 8. v»W^ ^ihab (pi. 

fuhub, (:)^-tt^ ^uhban, 

Meter, #. ^W qiyas; ^^o^^ miq- 

Methinks, v. ^J oWt yaban li ; 

(j^^ asuiiD ; » »\ ahsib. 

Method, if. ^^ manhaj (pi. ^^^ 

mauahij) ; iM^ ^riqa-t (pi. iji\^ 

^arayiq; ; &aeJ qa*ida-t (pi. J^c^^ 

qawirid) ; v*yL«\ uslub (pi. s-^^\ 

Methodical, adj, s-»/» muratiab ; 

^■ fc '*'* muutaziiu ; s^y^^ s-^U 

ha^ib uslub; f*^ s-^U ^a^ib 

uizam (pi. s^W«\ a^l^ab). 
Methodise, r. s-^; rattab, yuraU 

lib ; ^ uasam, yanziui ; naz- 

zam, yunazziui. 
Metre, #. ^j^ wazn (pi. (^\u\ 

auziiu) ; (^\yt^ mizan (pi. tHJT* 

Metrical, adj, f^^*^^ manztim ; 

Oi;^ mauzuu. 
Metropolis, 8, i^^^\ ^^f kursi-j 

aUl;ukuma-t ; ^uUlJ\ jU dar as- 

sal^aiia-t. — (applied to Mekka) 

^jii\ f\ umni al-qura. 
Metropolitan, #. (j^^ luitran, 

matran (pi. i^j\L» matarma-t, 

^^jVl^ matariD). 
Mettle, 8, a*, ^add (pi. ^y>^ 

l^udud) ; ij\j^ (^arara-t ; J^ sid- 

da-t ; ^*A himma-t ; ijt^ gira-t 

Mettled, Mettlesome, #. ^^ ^^ 

fu bimuia-t ; A{jt^ b^did ; ^^ 

bami ; Ajoii sadid ; £^%^ saja* $ 

j^-^ Jasur. 
MxWy 0. (m a cat) sjf nawwa, jtt« 




nawwi. — (shed feathers) )f kar- 

raz, jukarriz ; ^y( qaruus, \ u- 

Mew, s, (cage) (joAi qafa? (pi. ^/>Uj^ 

Miasma, s, ^, buhar (pi. S^^ ab- 

Microcosm, s, jtA» ^^ 'alam ^agir. 
MiCBOscoPE, s. s-»y^9y^^ ^\ alat 

al-miqrosqob ; jUj( ^15^ S^Uk» 

nas^ara-t al-a^ja a^-^igar. 
Mid, adj. J^^ wastani-y. 
Mid-DAT, s. ;6^ zuhr (pi. J^\ 

azbAr) ; hj^l^ zahriya-t ; j\^\ «-AaJ 

ui^f an-nahar. 
Middle, Mid- way, adj. ,J^) wasa- 

ti-y ; 0*^9 wastani-y ; loe-^ 

wasit (pi. ^^ wusata) ; \^fj» 

mutawassit ; «" A a. 7 .»^ munta^if. 
Middle, Midwat, Midst, s. ^^ 

wast, wasat ; ^y^ mutawassit ; 

«JU> ni^f, iiu^f ; ^y^BT^ bu^^bA- 

Middling, adj. <^^^ wastani-y. 
Midnight, s. ^}^\ «JU» ni9f al- 

Midsummer, s. *^J^\ «J^ ni^f a?- 

9aif ; ^Jh^ v»^^ inqilab 9aifi-y. 
Midwife, s. ^\i qabila-t (i>l. jiU* 

qawabil) ; AjU daya-h (pi. <a>Vju> 

day at, Pers.). 
Midwifery, s Ajif ^ 'IIqi taulid. 
Mien, s. ^Iw^ manzar (pi. j^\j^ 

manazir) ; hs) ruya-t ; 4^^ wajh 

(pi. *^^ wujuh). 
Might, s. SjJuj qudra-t ; ;^as*^ iqti- 

dar ; Sy quwwa-t ; i»^ t^qa-t. 
Mightiness, s. S;Ai qudra-t. 
Mighty, adj. ^S^ qadir ; ji^ qadir ; 

ft^ s-^^ fa^ib quwwa-t; y)ft 

Mignonette, s. a^U iagiya-t. 
Migrate, d. \J^ ta*^^! J^t^^ ; (^ 

hajj, yahujj. 
Migration, s. ga » ft hajij ; ^UAl 

Migratory, cu//. (j&iVL tufis. 
Mild, adj. ^^ layyin ; ^•J^ l^allm \ 

g4*>^ \>aai* (pi. ^*>j wuda*a) ; 

«^^e^*> damis. — (of taste) ^Sm 


Mildew, s. ^t*- sAa ; «a>Vtjd1 X«y« 
susat an-nabat ; v» firr. 

Mildness, 8. ^ ^ilui ; AeU^ v»- 
da'a-t; ^y^ ^Ufiiba-t; aJI* 

Mile, s. J«^ mil (pi. J^e^^ amjal) ; 
^^ farsah (pi. ^\^ farasih). 

Military, adj. ^ JJ^^f' 'askari-j; 
fjt/^ l?arbi-y ; ^^J^^ jundi-j. 

Military, s. hj^-^^ al-'askariya-t; 
^l^\ al-*askkir; ^u^ jund (pL 
•>y^ junud, «>W^ ajnad). 

Milk, s. s^tl* ^alib ; (^ laban 
(pi. fa^\ alban, <^W) liban). 

Milk, v. s-^ halab, ya^lab. 

Milk-maid, s. UW. ^aliba-t. 

Milkman, $. s^e^ £^ bayya' 

Milky, adj. ^jti^ ^alibi-y. 

Mill, s. or*^ (abun ; A»yh.VL ^i^ft. 
na-t (pi. i^e^^i^ tA^i^l^in) ; 4x«k« 
niitt^ana-t; w^ ra^i (pL U^t 
arlja, ^j\ arl^ija-t). — (turned hjf 
animals) jW madar. — (wmd^ 
mill) ^y» (^y^^ t^Ckn hawa.-— 
(water-mill) U ^«»>Vk ta^un nuL 
^ (hand-mill) ^^^W j&rC^aa-t (pL 
u*<;^yh jawaris). 

Mill, v. (grind) (^^ t&l;LAn»7>t- 
ban ; J^y^ jarai, yajrus. — (com) 
v>/& 4^raby ya^jirih; jj da^^t 

Miller, $. ^Wl» t<4ban; ^j^<>^ 

Millet, «. jP^;A)\ s-^ (^bb as- 
saraniq ; ;^-a*«» du^n ; u^jg^ 


Million, s. Ul^^ Ud\ alf alf ; ^^ 

Millionaire, $, «a>U!l\ «ir^U fif^ib 

alufat (pi. v*W«\ a«^ab). 

Mill-stone, «. oi^^ 7^^ ^ftj^ 
tahiin (pi. Sjl^». ^jara-t) ; k^ 

Milt, 8. (spleen) JW» tib&l (?!• 
>;. \u}^\i]).—(of fish) -U- W 
nutfa-t sainak. 

Milter, s. ji^ «aUm saiuak ^akar. 
Mimic, uc//., «. ^U* niuqallids 
s^A^ taqlidi-y. 





Hncic, V, JJil qallad, yuqallid ; JA 

naqaJ, yanqul. 
Mm icbt] 8, •itfl* taqlid. 
Mince, r. f^ faram, jafrum. 
Mind, «. ^LU. h^tir (pi. ^\y^ i&wk- 

tir); Cju rftl> (pl.^ cV arwat) ; 
J^ bal ; jo'^ isLiniT (pi. ;|U-* 4*- 

raayir); s-J^ qalb Tpl. s^y^ 

qulAb). — (inclination) p^ ^k\ir ; 

*>^^ murild (pi. %s>\S\j^ murnd^t). 

— (opinion) ^^; ravi (pi. \j\ ara) ; 

(^ zann (pi. (^•^ zuuiId) ; ^ 

fikr (pi. j\S:i\ afkar). 
Mind, r. ^^^ intabah, yantabih; 

^ a3V| Ji^\ a*tA bAl-hu li-^- 

vin, vu'ti ; v* iV"^ i*tana bi, 

MiNDPUL, adj. ^^^ wA*t; ,jAJ»^ 

inu*taui; 4^ ^*^ zA 'anAya-t; 

•M^ muqavjad ; A<iJt* muntabih ; 

{ j » j * ^^ mu^tarii. 
Mine, «. (of metah) (^'i>t^ ma'din 

(pi. (j*i'^ ma*Adin). — (undf^r 

walh, Sr.) ^ luj^^m (pi, ^^ 

Mine, v. s-^ naqab, janqub ; J^x 

f^ 'amil lu^m, ja'mal. 
Miner, b, (^^^^^ mu'addin. 
Mining, «. (^jViuJ\ e^;fl^&-^ ^aju 

fana'a-t istihraj al-ma'adiu. 
Mineral, s, (^-i^a^ ma'din (pi. 

(^jU^ ma'adin). 
Mineral, adj. ^J^«^ ma'dani-v. 
Mineralogist, s. <;>*>ViuJV| ^Va 

'alim bi-'l-ma'adin. 
Mineralogy, s. ^*>U43^ ^ 'ilm aU 

Mingle, r.a. Ua. Ijalat, jahlut ; h. 

UL^^ ihUlat, jahtalit ; ^vii^ halat, 

Minim, adj. yu^ a?f?ar (pi. /M 

afaeir, <:>;|;A*^ a^t^anln) ; jeA* 9U- 

pivyir (dim.). 
Minion, s. (favourite) ^J^ nadiiu 

(pi. Uji nudauifi). 
Minister, s. 4.)^ wazir (pi. ^;3^ 

wuzara). — {of the Interior) ^3^ 

aJU.^jJ\ ;^5^ wazir al-umur ii.l- 

dnhiliva-t. — (of Fureiijn Affair*) 

lt^s\^\ ^y»l\ ;ij^ wazir al-umur 

al-barijija-t. — (of Juitiee) jt}) 

U«J^ wasir al-aa^l— (0/ War) 
SJ>J^ )t}) wazir al.$arb. — (of 
Finanae) iJUJ^ ^yVi ^j^ wazir 
al- umi^r al-malija-t. — (of Polite) 
L*\ti\ Ui^\ ^j^ wazir as-sijiUat 
al-*amma.t. — (Prime-miniMter) 
^)^ jXti\ af-f adr al-a'zam. — (a 
clergyman) ^U4 sammAa (pL 
^ '• U ii isamamisa-t). 

Minister, v.a. (give) (^^ qaddam, 
yuqaddim ; n. (serve) ^ b^^^i 

Ministration, «. I^m. ^idma-t; 
f^jJB taqdim. 

Ministry, e. iM^ waz4ra-t. — (the 
ministry) i^y^\ ^^^^ arkaa ad- 
daula-t.---(iAc clergy) ijy^^ ak- 
liru8;_ ^y\^\ al • qasawUa-t ; 
li^\ ^W jamA'at al-kahaaa-t. 

Minium, «. /r^j zunjufr; f^^ 

Minor, adj. j^\ afgar (pi. Jt\^\ 
a^ajj^ir, l^\^\ afagira-t^ Ui;**^ 

Minor, «. (a person under age) 
^^^ ytM f agir as-siun ; t-U 
qa?ir (pi. /•» quffar). — (of a 
syllogism) ^jj^ f ugra. 

Minority, s. ^ figar. — (smaller 
number) j^'^X «3ae *adad al« 

Minstrel, s. ^y^ mugaani ; v*;^ 

Mint, s. ^j^\ jU dAr a<j[-^b (pi. 
;^»> dijAr, j^*> duwar;. — (plant) 
L-tLiMi na*na*a-t; g^^»* Da*Da'. 

Mint, v. ^^ v*«^ c^arab sikka-t, 
vadrib ; oL. salck, yasukk. 

MiNUKND, s. ^^^ Cj};^^ al-matriib 

Minus, s. (sign of subtraction) 
t;U^ ^)U *alamat a^^ar^. 

Minute, «. ^*> daqiqa-t (pi. ijiUo 
da^jayiq. — (i/i^inoraiuium) i;5J*l 
tifkira-t ; i^y^^ musawwada-t. 

Minute, v. (put down in writing) 
ii\jSl\i oei qayjad bi-'l-kitaba-t, 

Minute, adj. (#ma//) ;«*« 9 uxayvir. 
—(txtict) ^p'^ ihaJbu^ ; IjiJ^ 

Miw} 2 

Mintttenkbs, t. {emallneee) j*^ 

lupr; j'** sin^'' ; fj^** ^agnra-t. 

— (eeactnegt) iiJ diqqa^t ; Je*-** 

MiBACLE, *. ^)»*- mu'jiza-t; li\ 

aya-t; iij** 'ujuba-t (pi. w-«*l*! 

a'Ajib) ; ^ t V "iLJiba-t (pi. s ■i W'"' 

MiBACULODB, adj. ■ I ■ i ^ i' 'ajib. 
MiKAGB, g- vV aar&b. 
MiBB, «. J*) wahl, wal>u! (pi. Jj»-, 

wuljM. JS' auhfil) ; t>^ !iu. 
MiRHOE, ». ta^V "lirat (pi. I;- 

mara', 1>1/* mirSya) ; jUtw mjn- 

MiRROR, K. (j)l ara, yurt ; (.^-Sc 

'akaa, ya'kis. 
MiBTH, ». j)p- surflr ; ij— maear- 

nwt i C;* farlj, farali ; v;!- tarab ; 

SUiil imbiailt' 
MiBTHTUi,, adj. j)^— • maarur ; y^;* 

farlifin ; lii-->w mumbaBi(. 
MiKT, adj. J"-) wahil ; oS»-j wah- 

Ifin; J-r* """"al^bil. 
M18ADTESTDRB, e. *«*• inu|iba-t 

(pi. u, — iU- ma^ityib) ; kijJU. 

^dis (pi. lijJlj* hiLwftdis). 
Misanthrope, t. u*^l "j'J kflrib 

an-niis; ^f bLi'i-J; ^^-=-' maS- 
MiSAPPLtCATioN, 8. iti^yJl (hin 

'adam al-muwAfaqa-t. 
Misapply, b. u-ie 'akaa, ya'kis. 
MtSAPPREBEND, B. Jl^ tadallal, 

yataiiallal ; ^* Ufi galit fi, vag- 

lat. ■ ' , 

M18APPBEHES8ION, ». J** clallil; 

Ut Kftli't ■ J*- sabw. 
Misbehave, ". 4i->l Jli qallal adab- 

Misbehaviour, a. v--*^^ 1*-^ 'adajn 

al-adab ; *4Jj »je- sira-t radiya-t. 
MisBBLiEVB. V. J* dall, yadill ; /^ 

kafar. yak fur. 
Miscalculate, v. v^-Jl ^ l-l* 

galit fi-'l-hi84b, yaglat- 
Miscalculation, *. .^L-«J1 j* U* 

galal fi-'l-ljisAb. 
UiacARBiAQE, «. (failure) i-m*- 

haiba-t.— (a6or/iOH) ^U-1 iaqfi^ ; 


^L haiba-i 

I [Mb 

M18CASRT, Tf. t±.JdMl asq&^t, tiu- 
qit ; .A^^ farahat, tatrali. — (a« a 
letter) ^ dall, yatJiU ; JU ^4*, 

Miscellaneous, ik/;'. J/'^ tnat*- 

farriq ; ijU^ m&hlilt ; U:«w* 

muhtalit ; f j**'* majmi' (pL 

e^W- majftaii'). 
M1BCELLANEOUSNBS8, «. Uks«.l Uiti' 

MiBCELLANT, s, "j**«* Hiajmfl'tt-t. 
Mischance, 8. As*\-J daliiya-t {pL 

^j*l)-) dawfihi) ; Ml baUya-t (pL 

IjSt) bal4yA) ; £««*• tnu^Ibo-t (pL 

v-il-»» majfiyib). 
Mischief, «. (injury) j;* 4>^nu; 

&^ madarra-t ; h'^^ aziya-U — 

(iciVilwdneM) ;* Sarr (^pl. jg» 

Mischievous, orfj, j** mu^irr ; jU 

4"rr ; ijJj- mfl?! ; yj^ &rir (pi. 

^j6>\ airar, 1^1 asirrft'). 
MrscHiKTOUHBEss. ». ij~*- maf. 

sada-t; ij*j* sarara-t. 
Misconceive, v. JU- tji<Jall»l, y^ 

tadallal ; yul in^atr, yaagarr. 
Mibconception, «. lit galat : J** 

dalal ; jj;* gurilr. 

MiSCONDCCT, «. ^Jj •*-)!- Buluk 

radi-T : ^^j i;e- sira-t radSya-t. 
Misconstruction, k. jet^ ^ g^lM 

Misconstrue, v. ;«— Atlt ^ Uk 

galit fi-'t-tafsir ( ;««"» ^t fl-'t- 

ta'bir), yagla?. 
Miscreant. ». yiS kn5r fpL j« 

kuffar) ; •*)>>/• mardud ; JSy^ mur- 

Misdeed, «. n» j"rm (pi. nf 

jurilm); fSy ijin (pi. ^^1 aiiun); 

s-JJ ?anib (pi. wj»-J fuLftb). 
MisuEMKANouR, «. A^ ^aftva-t 

(pi. IjU.*. ha(av«) ; jj-* (]Uf&r; 

»,-eC 'aib (pi. ^jee 'uyub), 
MtsER, s., MisEBLT.afJ). J«*=: babU 

(pi. U: biihaU); L.-<-^ U<ib 

(pi. ^^l-t bisAa. L-fcl aljiui); 

(>U G&ljih ; {;<«*■ iaijib (pi- C^ 

JiljAb, Oil a.-il.>ba-l. pi. f. (^VaA 


MlBBBABLB, ixdj. Jo)-l falll (pi. JH 

Ku] M 

liUI, SJt ftfilU) ; ^;,,£^ mukin 
(pi. (;re^^— ^maniikin); ,jUtiaqS-y 
(pi. lB*fc* aiiqiyi) i u-^ ttt-ig. 

MiasKABLBNEBS, UiaiRT, «. flJ 
filla-t ; J-i^-rf tnuskana-t ; S^Uh 
tiiLqAtta-t; /* fi«l''; (.r*" U.iljB 
(pi. y-^ nubi"). 

MlHFOBTDNE, ». hft-*: y- sQ ba^t; 
le^U dnbi,va-t (jil. ^^^-^ da- 
wftlii) ; i»-» musiba-t (jil. s-tU* 
manAyih) ; iJ* ilidda-t (pi. ojlo* 

UmaiTR, v. <^^ Aalilcak, jumk- 
kik; w^j rHli, varib; >Jft- ^aw- 
waf, nili.iwwif. 

M .....wi.v ., J--Hi y-L- I- niii 

MiaOOVKESMEST. ». /tS^\ (fc»e 

'ailuni al-)julm ; ^^^\ iy>)jradi< 

Wilt ar-rnAK,i.t. 
MiaaotDE, v. JLi (fallal, yudullil. 
MtBHAP, #. *-»l» l>ndi|ia-t (pi. iAijI^ 

HiBiNFOBM, *. vJ>^ kazab, yak^it) ; 

jjU ^ |_jfc ^1 uljbar se gair 

(nilii|, luhliir. 

HtSINruRVATlON, *. JOU JO* Tt*- 

haliar piir fabiq ; J«t 1) ^ 
ija\ar 1>Mh a«l. 
MtBLAT, r. Qt^ dajTa'.yuiJayvi'. 

MlBLEAU, r. JU .jH^kl, TU(J:iUil. 
ilr.'.-tIA\AiiF, !• ;rf-*f J«* ty J^ 

fa'al iiiin ^ir tadliir, juf'al. 


'adniii at-tadtiir. 
MisKAMB, D. ,,,•— sll ^ Ut ^alit fi- 

't-tasamuii, _va|,'liit. | 

MUHOMER, «.i>UK»Mi J^ 4ilal. 
MiiPRiHT, *. £;U1 Ut galiit at- 

UiBrKuKocxcB, V. ^ kL«i^, jal- 

MlKFRONDXCIATtOX, t. ^ luHag. 

MlSQlOTATlON, J. y.l,*X-« '4t 

MiB-jt-UTE, r. y.W'i-SI ^ U* giilit 
fi-'t-iiiliijttut. lu^-IiLt. 

MlBKEritEBENT,' r. fM} s^ 4ilkl> 

al-kuliiui. vaqlil,; ^>-^» y—,! 
JLWlli Uboa al-baqq bi'l-UfU, 

1 [Mil 

yalbiB; j^ gayyw, yugayyirj 
^j» Ifarraf, yul^arrif. 

MlSBEPKBSBHTATION, ». u>wl) tal- 

biB ; H £*^ S ^ habar U fali< 

ha-t lu-hu. 
M18BU1.E, r. JJ^W ij*^ U ma aia 

bi-'l-'adl. yaafiB. 
MiBBULE, «. i.>l«— 11 ^ 'adam as- 

Miss, a. {ifitini/ /<idv) *«- fabiya-t. 

— (in addrtHiH;i Iff) _ji- Billt._ 

Sj>-*. baaiini-t. <,r(i,i() i^W 
bnju-t; e^e^l il^tiiiVj. — (error) 
Ui grtUl; lU. batii j4- Bahw, 

MtBB, V. (fA<- mark) U^l abta, 
yiiljti; ije j>U. (is 'an, vatH ; 
>>7- (arid, yafrad (wbirL, by 
ojipoititioii.iueanBulto tohit"). 
— (/uiO ^T-U. hAb,Yalj!b).— (pw. 
.■r.r<r the xrani of) c^ bflj. yaSai j 
el^l ibtflj.yabtAj fl>,,ll] will] J\ 
ilu).— (oHii/) ^j-J liana, yaiisa. 

MisMAL, t. y'l^l v^ kilab al. 
quddns; Jl— o- misiil. 

UiaaiLE, «. ^j* niirma (pi. ^;- 

M^tssioK, t. JUj\ ifBHl; fit-, risa- 
la-t; ii-j- Hiarsala-t.— (^wcncA- 

in;/ «/ the Gotpet) jeJ^" lalisir. 

MlBBioNABT, ». J ■ '' <* nnibailBir; 

J-;- UllirBill. 

MlBHIVE, «. i]L.j riiialB<t; '^•iii* 
niaktub (pi. »«;it- makaiib); 
^^ kitub (pi. -^-^ kutiib). 

; ii-1-li>li,j >,i.L ja(jlat;tJ*- ^If. 

I lull, VU-^il,liJI. 

' Mis-srENi), r. ^JtU 3* uij* faraf bi- 
U fayida-t, yafrif; ^j.\ aaraf, 

UjsT *. (eapour) vW^ 4abnli ; ^ 
itoilll. — (eyarivttrH) i*i« 'atma-t ; 
, -i-ai £iiliiin-t. 

Mistake, r. Ja tjall, yaijill ; LU 
(lalit. vuglat; V anbiii vabhu. 

lliBTAKL. «. JXa (jalal : Ui guUf ■ 
S^ K*'lta-t; 1^ Ijulii. 

MisTAKKM, adj. A\* Oall (bl JV 

Mia] S 

Mistime, v.^jt^^^ ^ 'ami! f i 

gair wakt-hu, ya'rau.!. 
Mistiness, ». v-WJiI itjbftb; itW-t 


MlHTRAN SLATE, u. i*»-ji3^ J* Ui 

galit f i-'t- tar jama- 1, vaj^lat. 

Mistranslation, s. a— m.j:J1 Ufi 
galat at-tarjama-t ; iL^ji* i*^y 
tarjania-t ma|jlilta-t. 

Mistress, ». (^woinan of authoritt/') 
i^fcU giiljiba-t ; 's— sitt (pi. uuU_ 
sittnt); t)/^ hatftn (pi. y^ilj*- 
l^awAtm). — {lady-leaeher) i*lw 
mu'aUima-t. — (/ot/y-iope) ^ij^a^ 
matliiiba,-t 1 ^— i— pt» l^abiba-t ; 
2l-±jb* ma'^Qqa-t. ~~ {conevbine) 
£>Uj4i qabramana-t ; hf- aum- 
ya-t (pi. i5jV sarari) ; aA*- 
mal)zija-t (pi. ^^^W* uiu^iiii). 

MiSTRUMT, «. tj^j3iJ-< iatibwilu ; ktU. 
Bakk (pi. >*Jy* sukuk) ; i** 

Mistrust, e. oji^^ istahwan, jaa- 
tahwin ; y^ u-;*^-' islaljias 
min, yastaljris. 

MiSTV, adj. ^tJ^ )■! 7.ii (Jabab ; 
*,~A« muijibb; |*bA- muyayyam. 

MiaCNDEESTAND, 0. *»>lj-J4 (^ ^ 

mil fftbim bi-'i-^awab, yafham. 
MiSUNDBKSTAHDINa, f. ,>«^1 U^ 

galat al-fahm ; U£ galat ; yt- 

fiahw. sahu.— (iidgeTwi'on) iJiW. 

miiha!afa-t ; uSu*.! ibtUiU*. 
Mite, *. {inied) i-j- susa-t.— 

{tmall portion) jj* ^awwai-y 

(dim, of ^ su-y). 
MiTioATB, u. (jel layyan, Tulayyia ; 

UtU laUiif. yulatt'if ; (^ sakkan, 

yusakkin; ^Jiit- IjaBiii, yubaffif. 

MmoATION, «. oieif tahhf ; yf,«-I 

taskin ; a^U.* muUtafa-t. 
Mitre, *. eW Uj (p!. oWsJ tijAo). 
Mix, u. U* haliit, yahlut; ey* 

mazaj, yamzaj ; n. U^t ifatalat, 

MiXTURB, «. U& hult 1 iA^\ ihtilat ; 

cly.^1 iiulizaj. 
Moan, o. c^ nAh, yauit^; >^-^ 

nahab. yauhatii ^Wdu, ya'iiiu ; 

t}°U ta'awwali, yata'awwab. 
MoAK, UoAsnia, «. ely nuwAti ; 

S [Hob 

^y Dauba-t ; srfs^ na^lb ; t^l 
nmn ; Sj'U ta'awwuh. 

Moat, j. JA^ biuxlaq (pi. J^^ 

Mob, 8. (cminj) i*^) labms-l ; 
^t,-.jjl izdibniB. — (populaer) 
^U1 JiUt ftgiiei aii-n^ : Ifif^ 

Mob, v. ^^ hAjam, yubnjim. 

Mobile, adj. >«;»—• mutAbarrilci 
wU qallab. 

Mobility, «. '^j*Jt Ji*. b>ff«t >I> 
baraba-l; '»';»' t«banTik. 

Mock, u. j ^-**" tamasliBr, jatv 
mashar; k^U.-^ dja^at, TB4b'^ 
(both witb ^ 'ala) ; ;*! ■attir, 
yushar; ij)f~^ tstahza, Tutxiui 
(botb with V bi). 

Mock, adj. (w/f real) ^J■i^ taq- 
lidi-y; j)j* muiawwar. 

Mockery, «. ^a^ aafaiir; j^^^ b. 
mashur; jjA huzu ; \yti^^ ittlhlL 
— (/o/m (rAoif) JjAj sahnif: 
i»/.j zabrafa-t (pl.-JjW^zahirif). 

Mode, «. (munnCT-) wtl— ^ usIAb (jj. 
s-^L.\ asfllib) ; Jlji- manwil, 
uiinwat ; tji;l (ariq (jiL j^ turq, 
turuq, j;L» H(ruq) ; u,^ yai<».t 
(pi. ^1> larfiyiq).— (/M»i«) 
^3j zai-y. — (euslom) £j»* 'id»>l 
(pi. ^V -awfiyid). 

MonsL, *. wJii qnlib (pt. *^^ 
qani'ilib) i SjJi qidwa-t, qftdwft^t 

Mouio., R. u^ uaqiU, yanqtt^; jf» 
fanwar, yu^awwir. 

Modeller, «. ^UB uaqqla. 

Moderate, adj. (not omrnrnt) ^ 
L^ gair mufrit ; Ja»«- mntft- 
dil ; L-js- uiutawassit ; j^y wari*. 
— (no( I'xacling) i-4*i-» muDfif. 

Moderate, c. J.)o -addal, yu-ad- 
dil i oiU laltaf, yulauif. 

Moderateness, Modreatiov. *. 
JlAicl i'tidal ; .JU*\ injilf ; JJ*.\ 
imtilak; U^SI ^^^ Ui^l i^IibI 
niiu al-ifrAv 

Modern, (u()'. -^-^ jaJid; ahJ* 
badig (pi. <a>1j»\ ^di*) ; .ftkW 

Modern, «. j*-*'^^ tnutjt'ab^ir. 
Modb&nibb, v. •»«. jaddad, yuj*d< 




did; J^-1 ajadd, yujidd ; ^J^ sji^ 
wiiqt, yu^Abiq. 

MoDE.iT, adj. {btcoinitiij) s^^y^^ 

mu'addab ; j^ a . ? ^* iniil^tasiin ; 
g-»^y5^ mutawiidi'.— (rAan/e) UicAe 
•afif (pi. Uft\ a*iffa, ^Uc *ifAf; ; 
<jUk^\ ytolL ^nhir an-nafs; ,j«*. 


_ _, • • » 

MoDKSTT, «. v»*>^ ada)> ; ^\f ta- 

wadii* ; V^^ havii ; ;^j waqar ; 

^^3; rizana-t ; ^ •■ i * hisma-t. — 

(chastity) AAfi 'ififa-t ; Oue <afaf ; 

S;W» t&hara-t. 
Modicum, s. h^ suwwaja-t ; IjJt 

bana-t ; ^e-u^ niinajya-t. 
Modification, «. y^AS tagjir ; jt^ 

tapiyyur ; vJ^^ taky if . 
Modify, v, y^ payyar, yujs^ayyir; 

^^ kavvaf, vukavvif. 
Modulate, r. ^^^ labin, ynlhan ; 

UaJ\ s-^j rattab al-gina, yurat- 

tib ; i^kilK ^ iia^am an-nag- 

roa-t, yanziin. 
Modulation, «. ^^ lal^o (pi. (^^^ 

lul^(iD, (^\^\ all^an) ; ^Ua> nag- 

nia-t ; f^f tarniin. 
MoiETT, «. wA^ uaff, niff (pi. 

<^W\ an^af). 
M018T, ac/;. H-J»; ra^ib ; ^Ji nadi-y 

(pi. h'^\ audiya-t) ; (^\i^ nait- 

Moisten, v. h-1»; rattab, yura^ib ; 

^^^ nadda, yuiiaddi ; Ji ball, 


M0I8TNE88, M0I8TURE, 8. Af J»^ TM\\\» 

ba-t; l^^ nadawa-t; J3yi| bulik^ 
Molar, a. ^j»j* ^in (pi. \j^\f^\ ad- 
ras, <j^ (^uriis). 

M0LA88S8, «. V*; nibb; Jyi.^ J«»A 

*a8al aswad ; (j«>)*> dibs. 
Mole, $, (mark on the skin) JV^ 
bal (pi. (^1^^ bilan). — (dike) Ju. 
sudd (pi. *>^ sudiid) ; y^^ 
^>ajiz (pi. &)i%»> ^ajaza-t, y¥^y^ 
tawajiz); ^-^ jisr (pi. ;#-^ 

I'usikr). — (antimiO Jl*. huld, wJi*. 
fulda-t (pi. ««>\j1^ buldat, ^U* 
luauajif ). 
Molxculx, «. i^ farn^t. 

Molest, v. Ja^ gaqqal, yu^aqqil; 
^ uukkad, yunakkid (both 
with ^ *ala) ; ^j^ az'aj, yu*zij ; 
^jAc *anna, yu'auui. 

Molestation, «. Ai^ saqla-t ; s-**^ 
ta*ab ; ^"i-* Ui^di* ; (J^yAS tai- 
wis ; J^ nakad. 

Mollify, v, (make soft) ^ lay- 
yan, yulayyiu; ^j niqqafi, yu- 
ratjqiq ; ff^ niM|qa*, yuuaqqi*. — 
(pacijy) (j^ sakkan, yusakkin; 
^^sjt had(la,yubaddi ; ^•wb^ ahda, 

Moment, $. (of time) ^20 labz&-t; 
^^^^ ramsa-t ; iy4^ gamza-t ; ^y» 
^art'a-t ; ^j rafia-t ; iUsO labma-t 
(all may \>e followed by ^^ 
*ain) ; ^L. sa'a-t ; JW. ^al ; aa^o 
daqiqa-t. — (importance) J*^ giql ; 
fM •ujiii; i;;/i <Jurura-t; kj^ 

Momentary, adj, ^yJ^ waqti-y ; 

Momentous, adj, fk%* muhiinm ; 

J«A» sa(|il ; ^•«lk<e ^asiin. 
Monarch, «. ^^^UL. sultan (pi. (^!iu 

salatiii) ; ««^ malik (pi. ««)yU 

Monarchic, Monarchical, a<(/. 

jUJL 8ultani-v ; o^^^ muliikl-y. 
Monarchy, «. &iJL« |altana-t ; A i3L»^ 

Monastery, «. jio dair (pi. Sj^j 

duyura-t, i^*>^ adyira-t). 
Monastic, Monastical, ady ^J^^ 

M0NA8TICI8M, 8. i^Wf; ruhbani- 

Monday, «. (:^S\ ^^^ yauin al- 

Money, «. ^J0^ fulus (pi. of <^ 

faU, **obole"); ^y darahim 

(pi. of ^j»> dirham, **dra<hm "), 
I Moneyed, adj, (j^^i s-^U la^ib 

tulus; ^y s-^U 9M^ib dara. 

him (pi. v*W*\ aeb^b). 
Money-less, adj, yjJik^ muflis (pi. 
I ^^uu mafalis). 
Monger, t. ^ bayy4'. 
Monition, t.j^J^^ in^ar; jt^ ta^" 
I fir ; &S; wa'asa-t 

MoKiTOB, e. Iwtj OTiVii ; jjj- niiin- 
MoNiTOBiAL, MoNiTORT, adj. ^li 

Monk, «. s-*'j rnhib {pi. (jW*j 

MoNKETf, s. ■>/ qird (pi. Jj-i 

quriid) ; t)j*e^ niaiinun; ylj«- 

Ba'd&n (pi. tjiJU- sa'iidiii) ; i^j*A 

hijrie (pi. u-jl»» hnjarifl). 
Monkish, aifj. ^W^j rufabani-j. 
MoNOCULiB, udj. (_07ie-eyd) ;jel 

a' war, f. Ijjc 'iiura (pi, yljjo 

'uran) ; ^^ jJ fard 'aiu. 
MOMOOEAM, g. 1/t (ugrA (Per*.); 

j-jramz (pl.jj-jrumuz). 
MoNOPOLiSB, V. Jo l-j* tawmH 

'ala, yiiljawwit ; ^- tahakkur, 

jataliakkar; ^^\ ihtakar, yal.i- 

Monopolist, s. Uj* ljawwH( ; jJU^-* 

mul>takir i |*>^ multa/im. 
Monopoly, s. jjWI o^ ^!J»■= tab- 

wit 'ala-'l-ba^fiyi' : /* batr; 

jlfcfcl Ujtikar; »Je.lj J* yad wiihi- 


MOKO SYLLABLE, «. ^jb. l«ei ^Ui^ 

itolj kalima-t fiha ^araka-t wb- 

Monotone, Monotony, t. t;^^ ->ji 

fard al-laba ; «1L^ bai>aLi-t ; 

^i«j»«4. ja'ja'a-t. 
MoNOioNODS, adj. -^i 1;}^ ii la- 

hu khu waMi J-W basil J ^> 

MoKHOON, R. t^f ft^y mausim an- 

nau ; jaI' yljl awfln an-uau. 
MoNsTEK, 8. tj^j wabis, wahs (pi. 

,>^j wubus) ; (le— maBJh ; W;** 

'ifrit (pi. l*jl*e -afarit)- 
MoNaTKous, mi;. Cf—h^ mamsA^ ; 

yr*-) wab^S-y. 
Month, ». jS*- sahr (pi. ;)«*■ Suhfir, 

jfl*l asbur) : ^/jUj numaf (pi. 

ija*J buinuj, i-»*i\ anmija-t). 
Month I.I, odj, j^ja* Babri-y. 
MoNuUKNT, g. j>9-i^ /' nsiir masbAr 

(pi. ijjs-i- ji>l Hjilr masliilra.I) ; 

^SiC 'alAma-t (pi. f^ 'aliiiii, ftti* 

'aiijim). See Tons, Madbo- 

MooD, 3. oi^ kaif ; ^<^\ ULci buf { 
ul-butir; ^^ hi'itir. — (in gramt' 
mar) Jull U~^ fi^t al-fi'l. 
Moon, «. ^ qauar (pi. jUil &q> 
marj.— (/uiimNon) jJ) badr (W. 
jjJ* buddr), — {new moon) Jt* 
■■' (pi. *l*l abillu-t). — (cAoMt 
hukl J- 

MuoNLiaHT, Moonshine, a. j»^ f* 

MooB, s. ijbf- sabho-t (pi. fiW 

sibub) i ^■ — * DiaababA-l. 
Mooa, o. Lij rabat, yorbat ; ^yr)' 

area, yurei. 
Moot, if. ^^e 'arad, ya'ri^. 
Mop, ». i- n . t .i* ujjii5<vf (j)l. .-AfcU- 

Mope, f. ^ mall, jamall ; JW 

taumlla), yatauallul ; Jcj fft'tl, 

MoFiNo, MoFiSH, adj. jt-^ h'^i 
oS*j Ka'lJlu. 

MoBAL, adj. {of good mammrrt) 
ije~-i\ t;^—^ b'l'^ti us-Hir^t : -w^h 
jS«.31 hamid al-a^lAq j ^A 
adabi-y ; t^ji~> muta'addib. — 
{mtntal) jie -aqli-y. 

Moral, #. {practieal Ifutm) ij^ 
'ibra-t (pi. j^ 'ibarj ; i^a"* !»• 
;iba-t; i-ii^ fa;ida-t (pi. J«y 
(away id). 

Moralise, v. v***^ addab, yu'aA. 
dib; .p^St ^ -allau al-i^Uq, 
yualliiu ; Iwj wa'ae, ju'ij. 

Moralist, ». jUJl fM s— U fA^pb 
'ilm al-ablaij. 

Morals, Mobalitt,*. jIm-I otiUq; 
w>^ adab (pi. wlol itdab) ; ^jt. 
suluk i ^jLJI ^)--K ^uan a^ 
Buiak.— (»ci>nM ^f) jliJl f)» 
'ilm al-aUltiq ; •^^St ^ 'ilm at 

MoKASH, «. isH- Babba-t ; g l t' i i* 

Morbid, adj. y*ij- miirid (pl. ,j*/* 

marda) ; J^ -alii (pl. U\ a-ilU). 
Mobbidngss, (. ilc ilbv-t (pl. 

'ilUt, JIb ^'ilttl) i yt^ mi 

nan4 (pt- I' 




HoBi, adj. ^ akgar ; ^y^ azwad ; 

Jkjj^ azyad ; l*>V4j zi?A1a«t. 
HoBE, «. ^ akjar. 
HoRBOYEB, adv, *^^ y^ gair ^ftlik ; 

oUi Jb SjV^j ziyadat 'ala zAlik ; 

J«i ^j» min Wd. 
Horning, «. cW« fab&b ; ^t« fub^ 

(pi. tW«^ afba^). 
HoBNiNO, flrf;. o^** f ub^^i-y ; ^;^«- 

HoBKiNO-STAB, «. ^V^^ v^/ kau- 

kab al-fajr; ^t^ X*ir najmat a^* 

|ubl^ ; S^j zuliara-t. 

HOROSK, adj, ^jmjt» iSLTlB ; j^-mm. 

fyA^xT ; jy^ maliil ; Je«» gaqll (pi. 
J*^ Muql, JU» jiqAl, Jul? suqalA) ; 

^^ wa*iq. 
HoROJiENBSS, «. JX« malAl; SX» 

roalAla-t ; U^) za*la-t ; iUift^ 

HoRRoir, «. J^ ffad. — (/o-morrow) 

'^JM j^adan ; aiK ^ fi-'l-gad. 
HoBssL, $. (bite) ^*J) luqma-t (pi. 

fji luqam). — (small piece) itimi 

qira-t (pi. ^J^ qufV)- 
HOBTAL, a<(;. (tub/ecf to death) ^U 

fAiii.— (Jeo<fZy) J?VJ qatil ; op.*4- 

mumit ; <«U^ muhlik. — (^uina^) 

jLj\ insani-j ; yjj^ bas^ri-y. 
HoBTAL, «. <^^^^ insan (pi. ^U 

Baa) ; f^} {ji\ ibn Adam (pi. ^ 

f»«>l bani adam). 
HoBTALiTT, s, Ui fauA ; w&>^ maut ; 

4;<A*» balarija-t. 
Mortar, «. (/or poundinij) ^J^ 

jiiFD (pL cjji;*' jurAu, (^^^ jinin); 

^^^ hawaa (pi. *a>Vi\^U hawaaut) ; 

v^^;#-» mihras (pi. ^^jW* maha- 

ria . — (for buildimj) ^J^^ hii- 

fiqi ; i^J^ tin. 
Mortgage, #. (:^*; rahu (pi. (;)yt>; 

Mortgage, v. Jua ^^ rahaii 4nd, 

Mortgagee, «. ftJ^fi c^y**/* inarhun 

Mortgager, «. e^V i^^urhin. 
Mortification, h. (depr*'$Aion) ^ 

gam 111 (pi. f*^ guinniu) ; s-»;^ 

karb (pi. wmj^ kurub). — (affront) 

J*^ fill ; Jl-M if IM ; k^\ a? tja-t. 

— («e(/'-(20nu»2) Juij zuhd; SoUj 
zuhAda-t; ^V|j rivA^a-t. — (gan- 
grene) A^ Akila-t; s-*U)\ al- 
Mortipt, v.a. (ntbdue) j%i qahar, 
jaqhar; g«J qama', jaama'. — 
(humble) Ji^ azall, juzilt ; <^W 

aliiln, yuhia ; n. {jkmi\ in^afan, 

Mosque, «. > \ %« » * maajid (pi. j%.L»«« 

masajid); Q^W jAmi* (pi. ^\y^ 

Moss, s. ijJk\ u^aa-t. — (white moa) 

}y^\ l^^ liaibat al-*ajiiz ; LxS 

)y^\ ku'^iat al-'ajiiz. 
Most, adj., ado., $. ^ aksar. 
Mostly, adv. "Wl^ galiban; ,Jm 

wrJUJ^ 'ala-'l.gAlib. 
Mote, $. ^J^ qa^a; M zarra-t; 

Wa babA (pi. ^\ ahbA) ; J^ 

Moth, $. l^y^ sAsa-t. 
Mother, $. f^ umm (pi. %a>\%A uin- 

mahat) ; SjJI^ walidit-t. — (mother' 

in-law) ty^\ ft^ umm az-zauj ; fA 

^p^^ umm az-zauja-t; £U»> ^a- 

mat (pi. Mw^^-4*. ^amawAt). — 

(mother-of-pearl) «*Ja« ^adaf (pi. 

^\sJ\ a9dAt) ; ^^ J/^ 'irq likli^. 
Motherhood, $. ^\ ummiya-t. 
Motherly, adj. ^\ ummi-y ; ^jyA 

ummawi-y ; fS\ J^ mi^l al- 

Motion, 8. if^ l^araka-t. — (pro- 

po$al) i^;A •ur4a-t; J^^f^ i*rA4 ; 

j^yj^ *unl(^. 
Motive, s. w-^«* sabab (pi. s^W-*^ 

asimb) ; XU *illa-t (pi. JU 41al) ; 

i^cVj l>a*i!ja-t (pi. %^^\yi hawA'ij) ; 

J*/ gara4 (pi. u*y^ agrA4). 
Motley, adj. ^;i^ abras, f. U^ 

barsA (pi. sj^ji buw) ; (j\^\i JU** 

AAl-^>* luuaaqqa.^ bi-alwAo mub- 

talifa-t.— (m!xe<i) i#U- mahliit. 
Mottle, p. Msa^» (;)V^ '-'^^ "*1" 

qas bi-alwAn nmhtalifa-t, yu« 

Motto, s. y»j ramz (pi. }yj ru» 

Mould, s. (eart.'i) v^V turAb ; ^/ 

turba-t. — (oi on oCl hread^ Se,) 





*^y^ ta^wif. — (fomi) s-5U qalib 

(pi. s-JV qawalib). 
Mould, v. s-^ sakab, yaskub ; 

t^ 9ttg, yasiig ; ;^ 9awwar, yu- 

MouLDEB, V. (decay) {^t»s ta*afFan, 

Moult, v. )f karraz, yukarriz; 

^f qaruas, yuqamis. 
Mound, «. J^ sadd (pi. o\ju.^ 

asdad) ; •*— sudd (pi. J^a— 

sudud) ; \j^f^ mitrAs (pi. {j^^ 

Mount, Mountain, «. J^- jabal 

(pi. JW jibal).— («i«aZ/) J? tall 

(pi. J:JJ tilAl). 
Mount, y. (a8ce7id) **«-» 9a*id, 

ya9*ad ; 9a"ad, yu9a"id (both 

with ^Jlc *ala) ; J5* •^^-^ a^'ad li, 

yus'id. — (on horseback) s-f; 

ratab, yarkab. — (set) ^j ra^^a*, 

yurassi' ; tX^ naddad, yunacjdid. 

Mountaineer, s. J-rt- jabali-y. 
Mountainous, adj. <jW jabali-y. 
Mountebank, s. ^Jf'^^^**• Dia*jun- 

• A 

MouBN, ?'. (fjritve) (^)0' hazin, yah- 
zau ; f^\ iii^amni, yan^amm. — 
(lament) s-s^ nahal). yauha]>; c^ 
Dah, vanuh. 

Mournful, (idj. {^^ hazin (pi. 
V>^ huzaua) ; f¥^^ nni^tainm ; 
^•^'•A- 111 a ir mum ; j^^^\ ;^— ^ 
iiiaksur al-hatir. 

Mourn I NO, s. (grief) (;j^ hazan, 
huzn. — (laiHcntation) s-«^^ uahib. 
— (mournhuj'unit) *)^*^e- hid ad. 

Mouse, s. jVi far; S^U lura-t (pi. 

Mouse, r. ;y fawwar, yufawwir. 
Mouse-trap, s. (;)\y^ Sju-c^ misya- 

da-t firan (pi. J^iU^ imisayid)/ 
Moustaches, s. s-»;^>*» sawarib. 
Mouth, s. ^ famm, fumm (pi. 

i\^\ afwah, f»\^\ afmam). 
Mouthful, *?. i*x5 hiqma-t (pi. 

f^ lu<]aui). 
Movarli:, adj. *iJ»^;i* mutaharrik ; 

lS^\ ij^^^ mum kin al-luiraka-t ; 

**!^yuharrak (3 aor. pass. 11.). 

Movables, «. JU mal (pi. ^f^ 

amwAl) ; ^V*^ as&s. 
Move, v. a, ( put into motian) *^^ 

harrak, yul>arrik. — (touch) i^ 

haDBan, yuhansin; ijS; raqqaq, 

yuraqqiq. — (persuade) ,j-*j» 

arda, yurdi. — (propose) J^ 

'arad, ya'ri4 ; n. ^f^ tabarnt, 

yataharrak. — (change retidence) 

J&s^^ iotaqal, yantaqil. 
Move, «. JVfci^ intiqril. 
Movement, s. a^ haraka-t ; ^aW 

tahrik. — (of a watch) s-Jy 

IA^\ dawalib as-sa'a-t. 
Mow, r. (jt». hass, yahuss ; ^fJ^ 

ahtass, yahtass ; J^ qa^l, vaq- 

sil ; JL«aek. ha^ad, yah^ud, yaf^fid. 
Mowing, s. ^jt*- ha^^s ; J-J qafl. 
Much, adj. yt^ kagir. 
Much, adv. i*^ bi-gaya-t ; ^^ 

jiddan. — (/kht much) f^ kam. 
Mucilage, Mucus, s. s^US lu*ib; 

LV^^ nmhat \ jji bazr ; f^ bal- 

Mucilaginous, Mucous, adj, ^j^ 

]>alganii-y ; ,^UX lu*abi-y. 
Mud, s. Je-^ wafel ; {^ tin. 
MuDDiNESs, «. j^ *akar; ffS ta- 

Muddy, adj. (covered triih mud) 

^,^c.^ wahlan; J*^^ wahil ; ,Wj^ 

muwahhil. — (turbid) j^ *akir; 

/>»^ mu*akkar ; j^yt^ mu^aukar. 
Muff, s. jUS quffaz. 
Muffle, v. «-aJ laff, yaluff; «-*!* 

gallaf, yugallif; ^ lasijain. yu- 

Muffler, s, f\^ lisara. 
Mug, s. 3/ kuz (pi. }\/\ akwax) ; 

ift- jaira-t (pi. j^^ jirar, jj/*- 

Mulatto, s. ^^'^ hilasl-y. 
Mulberry, s. ss>f tut ; &tf tuta-t. 
Mulberry tree, s. %a>f Ij^^ saja- 

ra-t tut (1)1. j^A^ asjar). 
Mulct, s. a^^ jarima-t (pi. ^V 

jarayiin) ; A^\jt garama-t; 4-* 

diya-t (for nnirdfr or hlotHhhd). 
Mule, s. Ja» bapl (]>1. JU| bijjil, 

JVA^Ubgal); f. AlA| bagla.t;';i4 

qatir (Turk.). 




MULBTBIB, «. JU| baggul; jUa- 

J^ammAr ; oi;^^ mukari ; ^j^J^^ 

Multifarious, adj, f}^^\j^ ka^ir 

al-anwa*; JL-5Ui\ JLjl^ askdl 

Multilateral, adj. v>y^^ ;o^ 

kaMir al-juuiib. 
Multiple, s, j^ja^ ma'di^d. 
Multiplier, Multiplicator, «. 

M s^jf;-** ma4rub fi-hi. 
Multiplicand, e. v;i;-^ ma^rub. 
Multiplication, $, (increase of 

number) jt^ taksir ; f^ ta- 

kauur ; ^\i^)\ izdijad. — (in arith- 
metic) v»/* (^arb. 
Multiplicity, «. fty^ kasra-t ; ^W 

juiula-t; i^W jama*a-t. 
Multiply, r. (increase in number) 

a, yi kajsar, yukasjir; n. ^ 

ka^ur, yak^iu^. — (in arithmetic) 

o* ^/* <^arab fi, ya<Jrib. 
Multitude, «. (threat number) iy^ 

ka:!ra-t; ij\jt jjazara-t. — (pupu^ 

lace) ^u3^ J^^ usatil au-uas. 
Multitudinous, adj, •>i<xe *adid ; 

te^kasir (pi. j^ kisar). 
Mumble, v. ^•f** hamhaiu, juham- 

him ; f»J^«> damdam, yudaiudim ; 

fJ^^ taqaaiqam, jataqamqam ; 

sy^ naqnaq, yunaqniq. 
MuMM, p. /^ tanakkar, yatanak- 

kar; ; »'. M »y tamashar, yataiuas- 

Mummery, «. i ^^ ^ masljara-t ; 

> ai- ■•! tamasbur. 
Mummy, «. ^^ mtiniiya-t (pi. 

fy» mum). 
Mundane, adj, c5^W^ dunyawi-y ; 

^^*> dunyawi-y ; ^J«J^ *alami-y. 
Municipal, oW/. ^\ v^yabuff 

al-balad ; (;)*i^*^^ mutamaddin. 
Municipality, «. aj(|jlJ\ «ie^\ akbar 

al-madiua-t ; jJJ^ JaV ^^ fiS^ 

bukkam min ahl al-balad. 
Munificence, s, W« saba; ft^W* 

sabawa-t ; «>^ jiid ; ^^ karam. 
Munificent, adj, ^ji^ sabi-y (pi. 

W-^ asbiyA) ; (^/ karim (pi. 

^y kiram; ; .>^^ jaw4d (pi. *>^^^ 


Munition, s, ^Va^t% jabhana-t (pi. 

vi>UVate^ jabbanat, Pers,) ; 5;o*-^ 

zahira-t (pi. jt^^ zabayir). 
Murder, s, J^ qatl. 
Murder, v, J^ qatal, jaqtul; 

qattal, yuqattil ; Je^l Jrf qatal 

qatil, yaqtul. 
Murderer, s, J>Vi qatil (pi. J^ 

qutUil) ; JUi qattAl. 

Murderous, culi. JV^i qattal ; «iSU« 

saffak; U^jJ\ uUU gllfik ad- 

Murkiness, «.;J^ kadar; JUiL zul- 

Murky, (u//. jJiU mukaddar; ^»xa^ 

Murmur, «. iUjL^j damdama-t; 

^ /v » « taqamqum ; ^ *» » naq- 

na<ja-t. — (q/ water) jtj^ bai^f* 
Murmur, t?. ^j^j damdam, yudam* 

dim ; ^J'^*y dandan, yudandin ; 
f^^^Jh hamtiam,yubamhim ; fJUJt 

taf|aui(|am, yataqam<|am. 
Murrain, s. ^W^ ^W jayib&t al- 

bahayim ; ^W^ J^ fa^l al- 

bahayioi ; «&>U^^o^\ (:>^^ ^^hu 

Muscle, s, aUd <a4ala-t (pi. J'^ 

Muscular, culj. J^ *a4iL 
Muscularity, $, J'^e *a<jlal. 
Muse, v, ^ tafakkar, yatafakkar ; 

J^"^ ta*ammal, yata'ammal (both 

with ^ fi). 
Muse, s, ^ fikr (pi. }^\ afkar) ; 

^ tafaEkur ; J^Hf ta'ammuL 
Museum, s, s j k ^ \ liy^ ^tiZUAt at- 

Mushroom, «. ^ kam (pi. y4^ 

akmu, i''US kam<a-t) ; ^ iM\T (pL 

^;^ faturi). 
Music, s, A^y nauba-t; (;)W3^ ^ 

I'auu al-alban ; *J^y» mtisiqa-h. 

Musical, adj, o***r* ni"**»qi-y' — 
(musical instrument) ^y^^ ^ 
alat an-nauba-t ; v/J^ ^^^ alat 
a^^arab (pi. ^S^ abit) ; Sjl^ 
AeAo<-*f* 'udda-t muslqiya-t (pL 
.>J^ *udad). 

Musician, s, J'i} alati-y; J^^ 
naubati- J ; v»;U« mutribw 




Musk, s, «£Xw« misk, musk ; f^^^JU^ 

Musk, t;. ctLw* massak, yumassik. 
Musket, s. ^a^i banduqiya-t (pi. 

JJ^ banduq) ; i*>^^ baruda-t (pi. 

*^j\^ bawurid). 
MusKETEEK, 8. ^j^^*^ banduqji-}' ; 

,j^^J^ tufankji-y. 
MusKT, adj. «j^— ^ muski-y. 
Muslin, «. Wl^^ mu^lina. 
Must, r. ^J^ s-«^^ wajab *ala, yajib 

(it 18 incumbent on) ; ^^ laziin, 

yalziin ; fi'^s^\ iltazam, yaltazim ; 

eV;to.\ ihtaj, yahtaj (the last three 

followed by (^j^ an). 
Must, 8. j^ju^ S^ nabiz jadid. 
Mustard, «. J.>/- hardal. 
Muster, 8. {review) jj*-*^^ ^j^ 

*ard al-jais. 
Muster, v. (a88emble) a. g^^ jaiua^ 

yajnia* ; «. g*J^^ ijtaina*, yaj- 

MusTiNEss, 8, i>i^ *ufna-t ; ^y^ 

*uf{ina-t ; ^jibJ ta'affun. 
Musty, adj. (j^A** mu*afiin. 
Mutable, arf/. v>Su> qaUab ; s-J^ 

yataqallab (3 aor. v.) ; va>W> ^ ^ 

ma la-hu gabat ; jt^ niutagay- 

Mutableness, Mutability, «. (•^c 

ia>W* *adam sabat ; j\ji ^ qilla-t 

qarar ; ^-*> tagayyur ; s-^ ta- 

Mute, adj., 8. u*/-^ ahras, f. ^j^ 

harsa (pi. ^^^ hiirs). — (be mute) 

(J-/- haris, yaljras. — (a mute 

Ittier) (j^^ sakiu. 
Mutilate, v. f J^ jada*, yajda* ; 

jy^ *awwar, yu*awwir ; tft- saqqat, 

Mutilation, s. gJ^ jada*; ^j^ 

ta*wir ; lA« saqat. 
Mutineer, «., Mutinous, adj. ^j*^ 

*A9i (j»L fiUft 'u^at) ; ^VsA fattan; 

iLu^ H-^U ^a^b fitna-t; JUki« 

Mutiny, 8. Sj^ fitno^t (pi. ^^ 

fitan) ; L^yi qauma-t ; ^W^ 

'i^yan, 'u^yan ; ft^Ue 'a^awft-t; 

f^\s^ ^ugyan. 
Mutiny, v. ^y»^ *a?a, ya*fi; v^ 

taga, yatgi. 
Mutter, v. fjus taqamqam, yaU- 

qamqam ; «<«JJ tadammar, yata- 

Mutter, e, fUk^ taqamqimi; f^ 

Mutton, «. ^ ^^ la^m ganam ; 

,.54^ 1^ lahm ganami-y ; ^ 

<^^ la^m dani-y. 
Mutual, adj. ^jSjL^ muitarik; 

u^ f^^^ ba'4-l^um ba*4» &c. 
Muzzle, 8. (mottih) ^ fumm, famm 

(pi. *yt afwah, fUi>\ afmam); 

}yi biiz. — (cover for the mouth) 

|(»U^ kimam (pi. l^ akimma-t); 

^ ka'm (pi. f\tS ki'am) ; fU 

Muzzle, v. f^ kamm, yakumm; 

^ ka*am, jaka'am. 
My, adj. ^j i (affixed to a noun). 
Myself, })ron, ^^^^M \i\ ana nafai. 
Myriad, «. «aS^ luk^iik; i^j rib- 

Myrrh, «. y murr; ISJm ym niarr 

Myrtle, «. ^j^ as; ^j w ^ marsin. 
Myrtle-berry, «. ^Sl s^*. j^abb 

al-as (vulg. s j X i ^ y ^ (^umbalas). 
Mysterious, adj* ofr* sini-y. 
Mystery, 8. y* sinr (pl.y^^rasF&r) ; 

s-^ gaib (pi. v»v^ giyab, v)^ 

guyiib) ; sjJ<^ gaibat. 
Mystic, adj, ^ym »A£i-y; ,jfi* 

Mysticism, «. wi^ tafawwuf. 





Nadih, 8. yj^ nazir ; ca>.».> n jjn 

ua^ir a8-8amt. 
Nao, 8. (jHt/ furain (dim. of v^/ 

Nail, 8. (of thejingei'8 and Ut€8) ^ 

zifr, zufr (pi. jUk\ azfar, /^\ 

azniir). — (of irotij Sc.) jU--« 

miHiuar (pi. ; <yU^ luasamir;. 
Nail, v, r*-* sainniar, vusaniniir; 

j*-"^ niasmar, juiuasmir. 
Nailib, 8. ^j^^^-^ misinarji-y. 
Nailery, «. ;o*«\— •J^ J**^ iiii*iual 

Naked, adj, ^;^ *Ari ; <:>^;fi 'urvau ; 

Uy« uiuzalla^ 
Nakedness, 8, i^j^ *ura ; ^^ 

*urya-t ; Wi zalt- 
Name, «. ^A isui (pi. Ui-\ asma, 

yy»^^ airnini) ; s-i* Lu^ali (pi. 

^US\ alqab) ; ^ 'alain (pi. ,4^^ 

a*lam;. — (nick-name) h^ kioa- 

ja-t. — (reputation) %*•*• ^iit ; ;^*i 

Name, r. ^^^-^ saiiima, jusamiui. — 

(mention) f^ ^akar, ju^kur. — 

(appoint) ^j^-* Bam ma, jusammi ; 

JiU" ja*al, yaj*al. 
Namely, adv, «^*> ^ wa-^alik ; y» y 

wa-hu; ^y^i ja^iii. 
Namesake, 8. ^j*^ sammi-j (pi. 

\^4^\ asmija). 
Nap, «. i^y naum ; A^^ qailuia-t. 
Nap, v. i*^ nam, yanam ; JU qal, 

Nape, «. Ui qafa (pi. i^^ aqfija-t). 
Naphtha, 8. ^ naf^ 
Napkin, «. X^^;^^ mi^rama-t (pi. 

f^^* mali^aniii); «JUUj^ minsaf 

(pi. Uuk\i^ maniUif); &y fik(a-t 

(pi. I>y fuwat). 
Nabcissus, «. e^ baihau ; (^>/ 

narjis ; \j^) ranjis ( Fer8,), 
Narcotic, od/., 8. ^»«j^ munim, mu- 

Dayyim ; jJ^t^ muhaddir. 
Narrate, v. ijj) rawa, yarwi ; ^J^ 

Narration, Narrative, «. h^^ 

^ikaya-t ; A-i» qi^^a-t (pi. ^/a*l 

qifta?) ; ^^jy riwaya-t; a#^.u. ^^a- 

Narrator, «. ,j^^ rawi (pi. 5U^ 

ruwat) ; ^J^^ ^aki ; JiU Daqil; 

«A»j^«« muli^addis. 
Narrow, ad;. cM ^Ja-yyi*! (a/to m 

//le 861186 of bigoted and avari' 

ciou8)\ tj^ btJ-rij. 
Narrow, v. (contract) JM <Jiiyyaq, 

yu<Jayyi<i ; ^qa99ar,yuqa99ir. — 

(limit) ^J^ haddad, y uhaddid. 
Nasal, adj, ^Jli^ anii-y. 
Nastinesh, 8. ^U^ wasaha-t ; a«V 

najasa-t ; •i-^^U fal^ie^i-t. 
Nasty, adj. ^; waailj ; ij^^ wa^is ; 

5»-^ l)a>i*; y»j zilir. — (ob8cene) 

JU.U fa^ift ; y) zifir. 

Natal, ad/. c5»>V* milAdi-y. 

Nation, «. W uiuma-t (pi. f^\ 
iimam) ; flU milla-t (pi. JU 
uiilal); ^^ \kyifsL-t (pi. oh^J* 
tawavif) ; Si^\ >\ ahl al-bilad; 
4l«i qabila-t (pi. JM qaba'il). 

National, adj, o^^ 'amumi-y ; 

^Vfi 'amm ; £i|W ^^o^^ yaljuff a(- 

Nationality, «. ^^ qaumiya-t. 
Native, ad/, (original) ij^\ afli-y ; 

^^U zati-y. — (referring to the 

place of birth) ,j»^^ wa^ani-y. 
Native, «. ^JJ^ baladi-y ; ^ ^1 

ibn halad ; e^y^ mutawaUin; 

JJt\ ahli-y. 
Nativity, «. ^y maulid (pi. jJ^y* 

mawalid) ; «>V« mil4d (pi. t^I^^ 

Natural, adj, ^^^ tabi*i.y ; ^jU. 

balqi-y; ^/ gami-y ; Jt% 

jibilli-y ; yj^^)^ jauhari-y. — 

(illegitimate) s})'^ bandilq (pi. 

j^oUi banadiq). 
i Naturalisation, «. J^ tablid. 
Naturalise, v, jJi| Itallad, yubaU 

lid i M ablad, yublid. 

Naturalist, b. «uL««JJ1 ^Uj OjU 

'Arif bj-'ilm at-tabi'iyAt. 
Natprk, s. i«»l labi'ft-t ; a^ tub' 

(pi. giWl- tabnyi') ; aW jniilk-tj 

v/*-* maarab (pi. vj^^ maaH- 

rib) ; S^y* mizfij (pi- ^y*\ amzi- 

ja-t). — {crealion) ij^ halq ; •'ft} 

Nahoht, adj., B. |_s* S la se-y (j^S 

ia>ij; ^l-mii sf-y Cj!.U U1H8). 
Nauohtinesb, s. >t'>i1 ^ qillat 

adab; ijljj radAna-t. 
Naughty, a^/j. '»'**' J*'^ I*'''! ''''"'' ! 

^j radi-y (pi. IjJjl ardjji). 
Naosea, s. v-i*!l ^j waja' al-qalb; 

s-lill Jj-> dfld al-qalb; i-«.jJ 

dftiiha-t ; y-*t s-jJ la'b nafs. — 

{disynat) "Jji qai'af. 
NArsEous, adj. ■^^ muqarrif; 

y-ijJl s-J« mu-allib aii-uafsj 

Cj-u judawwah. 
Nautical, Navai., adj. ^^ nawA- 

ti-y; os;*-. baljri.j. 
Navb, ». {of a church) l~^ i^y*^ 

fahn kanisa-t. 
Navel, «. ij- aurra-t (pi. j;- BUrar) ; 

i;T-. hujra-t (pi. j^^.bujar). 
Navigate, v. jL^\ ^ ;iL. safar 11- 

'l-bal^r, yusaQi' ; ^^1 j^ qafa' 

al-baljr, yaqta' ; }a^\ ^^j mkib 

sl-bal^r, yarkab. 
Natiqatidr, «. fm^\ ^ safar al- 

batr ; f^\ s-y£, nikub al-ba^r. 
Natioatoe, ». ^J\j< iiawAti-y ; ^fp. 

ba^ri-y ; f^. {J** qaU"' hafyc. 
Navy, s. hf^. »jUji 'imfira-t bat^rt- 

y»-tj ieJy n&liva-t. 
Nat, a<iK. 3 la j J4 3 la bal. 
Nkab, adj. s-;i qarib (pi. vV 

qirub) ; s-'v-jamb. 
NcAK, t>. w^ qarib, jaqrab ; w'jU 

qftrab, yuqirib ; ^fSi iqtarab, 

Nbaklt, adv. JcU 11 illH qalU ; 3 J 

J^ lau lii qalil. 
Nkarnesb, (. s>/ qitrb. — {relaiion- 

ikiii) k\f qaraba-t. — (atiariee) 

^. buhl 1 ^U.^. basasa-l. 
Neat, aiij. ^Ji oaqi-; ; ^J^ najif ; 

Neatness, t. ijUb naq 
najafa-l ; J^U latlfa 

Neckssaey, o((;. uijij*^ 
liizim ; -r^U wajib ; 
budd min-hu. 

Nbcedsakt, «. A^jl U 
f'^^ lawuziin) ; H-^ 
C^y bawiyij) i i,j;A 

Necksbitatb, p. rtpl alM 
jfti qahar, yaqbar ; ; 

NBCEBStTOna, adj. j«*t 
\j-ii I'uqara) ; b^'^ 
Q,^-' maskin (pi. ^^ 
kiu) ; (.r^^ luudu 
malalJs; ; ■*!jU» f ui&l 

NECESBlTr, «. j>j^ lu 

^arura-t ; ^t^\ i4 
iqtida. — {iiidigrTtet) 
yi faqr, fuqr ; AiU fit 
Neck, *. ^^~tij ra<]aba. 
riqab) ; JM* Tiuq, 
jU£\ a'niiq); .!«. ji, 

juyfld, jW ajyid). 
Neckeschief, (. &i>yi 

ruma-t ar-rMiaba-t 

Neceu-acb, «. jjL |aiK 

atwaq) ; iSii qllnda 

qalAyidj ; Jiie -uqd 

'uqiid^ ; i^^Jjf kaiUao 

Neobouances, <. ^^ 

I7*- sui^rAj ; ,W< u 
Necromancx, ». j^- »H 
Neceopolis, «. (cnn. 

maqbara-t (pi. j|Uu 

ijiA' madfan (pi, ^ 

Nectak, «. /j£ kaugar 1 

in i'aradiae). — {0/ y 

Need, «. *^U. (fija^t ( 
^'W*- feAjat, ej- ^ 
bawftyij); sV^l il^l 
4ariira-tj jly»*l i<J(irar 
ijle '^jm-t J j« £aqr, f 1 

NxkO, V. jU "Az, ; 

■Az, ya'ta 




ya'tAz; J^ ©Va^^ ifetAj ila, yafe- 

t4j; J^^U^ i4tarr ila, jwJtarr. 
Needful, adj, ^jJ lAzim; oi>i;^ 

4ar6n-y ; o-^f*^ niuqta<Ja. 
Needle, '$, ^ ibra-t (pi. ji\ ibar) ; 

^-•A^ minfal^; l ^* ^ '» minfa^a-t. 

— (0/ /Ae compass) X«— J^i**)^ S^J^ 

al - ibrat al - majjnatisiya-t. — 

( packing-nefdle) ^i--« Diisalla-t 

(pi. J^-"^ masall). 
Needle-case, s, IjtS^ nii'bara-t (pi. 

;»W» mavAbir). 
Needle-m AKEB, 8. J<i\ abbar ; yjji\ 

Needless, a(f/. ^)^ jc^ f^sdr Inzim, 

Nekdllssness, «. ^^^^ f**^ 'adam 

ihtivaj ; Usi^ ^»ac 'adam iqtida ; 

gki m qilla-t Daf<. 
Needy, adj. e^^*^ muhtaj ; ^ 

fa<|ir (pi. ^y»* fiiqara); ^.rU^ 

muflis (pi. trJ^ uiafalis); 

(^)«5L-^ mask in (pi. ^^^^^V.-^ masa- 

Nepabious, adj. ^/ karih ; ^^/^ 

raakrilb ; f^ qabih (pi. cW* 

qibah, ^J^^ qabaha) ; QoJ^ sani*. 
Nefabiousness, «. ^^Ae^Ai saui'a-t 

(pi. fi^^^ sauavi') ; * ^ e <J qabi- 

ha-t (pi. ^W* qabayih). 
Neoativk, adj. ^^V* nafi; ^^^A*^ 

iiiuufi ; i^j^\ inkari-y. 
Negative, $. ^y* ^^^ harf nafi. 
Nkoative, v. j^ uakir, yankar ; 

^ nafa, yanfi ; •>; radd, yarudd. 
Negation, «. j^^ iukar ; ^jiw nafi. 
Negl'ect, v. {j^ Ja* ^cafal *an, yapr- 

ful ; JiU? tagafal, yatapifal ; 

J^V^ tahainal, vatabamal ; J^a^ 

abmal, vubmil ; y^^^ zalial, yaz- 

Neglect, Negligence, s. aIa* gaf- 

la-t ; JAU* tagAful ; JUa^ ibniiil ; 

J^W tabaniul. 
Neoi.kctful, Neolljent, adj. JiV^ 

pafil ; J*4* mubmil ; »>*V^ mu- 

tabiimil ; Ja^*> zahil. 
Negotiate, r. {tniHfarf) ^o dab- 
bar, yudabbir; J^^ *Anial, yn- 

*aniil. — (/xir«/ajii) jn^^ tajar, yu- 


Negotiation, «. ;«H' tadbir ; A«*Wi^ 

Negbo, 8. *>ym\ aswad (pi. ^^•>^ 

Neigh, v. J«« ^ahal, yafhal ; ^^♦fc 

haniham, yubamhim. 
Neigh, Neighing, s. J^ fuhM; 

^ ♦ % -»^ ^ainl>aiua-t. 
Neighboub, $. jW j&r (pi. (^^jt^ 

Neighboub, v. j^W jawar, yujAwir ; 

J^^ itta^al, yattafil. 
Neighboubhood, s. )\f¥ jaw&r ; 

Sj^V^^ mujawara-t ; ij^y^ t^iw&la ; 

,^^y nawabi ; u\^\ i^raf. 
Neitheb, adj. ^1\ 1 ^ J^^^^ 1 li 

al-wal>id wa la al-Ahir. 
Neitheb, cortj. 1 ^ wa 1&. 
Nephew, s. {brother's son) t^\ {ji\ 

ibn al-ah. — (sister's son) ^^\ 

cb^-^S\ ibn al - u^t (pi. oS^I 

Nkbte, s. s-^^ 'aval) ; i^f^ 'a^aba-t 

(pi. v>Uc^ a'nab). — (firmness) 

w^W* sibat, sabat ; s-Ji* 5^ quw- 

wa-t qalb. 
Nebve, v. i^^ qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Nebvouh, adj. (strong) ^^^ qawi-y ; 

^j*-rf *a9abi-v. — (having weak 

nerves) s— ^^ *-A^it* 4*^*>^ >d- 

Nervousness, s. s-*^^ UbbA 4&'f 

(dii'f) al-'a^ab. 
Nest. s. (on trees) (jt^ ^uii (pi. 

JI^iLlc •isaii).— {against a trail) fy 

wakr (pi. ;^^\ ankar). — (m /A« 

<raii(/) vj^^^ udbi-y ; S|».j\ ud^A^ 

Nestle, r. ,jA-a^ 'a.^9aii, yu'a^tfi^; 

/^ wakkar, vuwakkir. — (fondle) 

UiLJ lataf, yula^if. 
Net. «. l^ 8abaka-t (pi. *s^\^ 

Netheb, adj. ^^5^ tal^tAni-y ; JA-.^ 

attfal, f. JU^ Bufla (pi. Jit.\ aaA- 

Nettle, «. ^;> qari?, qurrai? ; ijky^ 

liariq (pi. Ji;»- hanja) ; 5^^ an- 

NkTTLE, r. (irritate) jt^\ augar, 

jAgir ; v«A*^ H^^9 jug4ib. 


Nbu] 256 ^ 

NauTKAL. uiJj. iole S J 4«- 3 14 ma'- 



hu wa IS 'ale-hu. 

u!-*Sl *»~4 bint al-i 


Necthality, e. J»l ff- s— *J1 ^-i* 



NlOHABD, adj., B. Je" 


at^ad al-ha^imic ; ,j)^—l tasAtri. 

S*: buhalA); y-»-- 

Nevee, adv- 1-»(1 abadan; TUl 

(^L^ hiBiis, L^\ ahi 


ajlao; ti<|au. 



Nktkethelesb, ^;onj". allJ 5- ma' 

J*: buhl, bafeal ; i-l 



NioH, adj. s-jj» qari 


New, flrfj. (flo( old) J*^ jadid (pi. 


NiQBT, .. JJ lail, lel 


—(not be/ore knouin) ii-(J* badis 

(pi. JW liyfil, JWl Jf 

(pi, ^\^lahdA.)ie(J*hadi'(pl 



£J^ bud').— (*/errtiO /-I Ahar, 

(pi. JjL* -anAdil); . 


f. ^/.l uhra (pi. 0,/.^ fthardn, 
/.I ubar). 

na-t; S/J nupara-ti 


(pi. Jti( balAbil, 


Newhksb, ». W jidda-t; ijJ* jid- 

bazAr (P^«.). 1 

Nl(lHT»ARE, (. i^jlVl 



■1 ■■ ll News, «. j^ habar (pl.jW^-l ahbftr) ; 


I T 

iS-i^ hi'idisa-t (pi. lA-Jlj- Ijana- 

Nimble, adj. ^wAJ na^it 

di?) ; W* nabfi (pi. Wl a-iibS). 

JSil lazlAz. 


NBWsMONaEB, 8. ;T-ii- mutiihahbir. 


Newspaper, ». i»r*- ^;j waraqa-t 

raiAqa-t; ^.i! laflaz 

habariya^t ; S=ij^t gazeta-t; JV 

Nine. an!;, i*-! tis'a-t,' 


Ninefold, adv. ^\»*\ 

1 M 

Nest. adj. (nearett in place) h^^sI 



aqrab; J-*" muttB^U ; tJ-*? 

Nineteen, adj. yt^ 

qarin ; J\s tali. — (nearwi m 


time) ^\ktj: fOliqAdiiii. 

Nineteenth, orfi. -ti 


Nib, «. (poinl) t:t- sinn (pi. o'^^ 


1 aanAn) ; ^j.\ (pi. y-/« 
ru'fia).- (fcent) jUw minqAr (pi. 

Ninety, Ninetieth, 


tis'in (yj*-' tis'Qn). 


' ;^U- maniqlr). 

Ninth, arfj. j-tf t«i 


Nibble, v. ^j*/ qarod, jaqritj. 



Nice, adj. (accurate) tj,^ madbfit ; 

Nip. r. (pinch) ^f qa 


JJ^ mudaqqiq.— ( (/a.Wu) i(il 



laft?. - (p(.a»««() w^ latJf; 

qa??, yaqu??. — (o« 


oijji jarif; .-Afliu nazif. 

ballalc, yuballik. 


NicKNESB, NiCKTT, 8. iio diqqu-t. 

Nip,«. u';*qar»i V-^ 


— (*;ue«mi*A»e«) »ljJU-l jatik- 
rilh.— (rffiirocy) iil> janUa-t ; 

NippEES, #. i^lJ- miqr 
Nipple, ..^JltL-baia 

iiW la(Afa-t ; iiUt> nai»fu-t. 

Nit, «. w^iy ?u'Ab; i»' 


Niceties, *. (of the table) c^\ii 

(pi. (jWi- ?i'bftn, vul| 



NiTBB, g. Jj,yi (J- mil 


Niche. .. jlt (Aq (pi. *UU. tfiqAt, 

jjy hftra-i. boraq (i 

cUg. \\qkn). 



1 NiCKiTAMi, (. iiW l-inAya-t; v-»l 

NiTKOua, adj. Jj;U naj 



Nitty, adj. yU- jJ fft 

1 Nickname, e. •—H laqqab, vulaq- 

No,flrf/. ^M.wa l&i 



mauM- J 


Niece, ». (tro(Aer'» daughter) •»*} 

No, adv. 3 1ft ; -1^\ S 11 




Nobility. «. (aohleHfju) ^^^ saraf ; 
^^/ karAuia-t ; ^W^ uajAlm-t ; 
W% ja1A1a«t. — (hodi/ of nnhhmen) 
\kyiy\ a.--HurafH; liUJ\ ^^\tt^ 
a\vfin al • in.imlaka-t ; ^\Sl\ aU 
akAhir; i^y^\ ^^\S^\ arKHn ad- 

NOBLK, adj., 8. ^;i* ^flf (pi. sj\jkt\ 

asrAf, U^ 8urafA) ; J<j-»\ afil (pi. 

J>U^ a^Ayil); ^/ karim (pL 

f^f kirAiu; ; J^ nat>il (pi. ^ 

nuhalA*) ; s-*?* iiajih. 
Nobleman, «. «Jb^ Harif ; ^/ j^^ 

Raw ill kariin (pi. f^^;^ ^jL- 

DA'lAt kirAin); y»4 kibir (pi \j4 

Nobody, h. jw\ U mA al>ad ; 3; 

J^^^ wa-lA wAhid. 
Nocturnal, adj. ^y laili-y. 
Nod, *. f;V4\ i-Ara-t ; U|\ ImA ; U^ 

Nod, r. ^\ ^^ aunia ila, vAiui ; 

A-^;yfc hazz rAs.lni, yahuzz. — {ha 

drntr$if) ^jmM^ n.i*a8, yairas. 
NoisR, 8. (fiound) sji>y» faiit (pi. 

^y»\ af^%'At); ,^-^ haHs. hiKs. — 

irJamnur) i>; rjijja-t ; l^>* *iyA^ ; 

Z6lfe 1^1*1 4_jr|.t ; AiUib «amAta-t ; iJ^^ 

eau<<i-t ; ^»3 zaita-t ; i«AJ hiL'at. 
NomE, r. ^^t 'ja^, yu;;aw\vij* ; 

C* ^'^ij* .^'^^i'ij — (npi'tad nhntif) 



Noi!90ME, adj. (injurioHM) ^ a,>* 
mn<Jirr; JujU mufdid. — (o/fV/i- 
*iV*') i yCg i,^ miiHtaknih ; ^^s^* 

NoiSOMENE8», f. *>L-i fa<Ad ; jU-i^ 
iftfAd; i^U» natAna-t. 

Noisy, adj. e^ dajj. 

Nomad, j«. ;i^t Ja^ ahl aUwalKir; 
Jtftt na'pl ; £U f*^ i{aii!ii dalla-t. 

NoMKNCLATORE, 8. Aa ».i J taMIlliva-t ; 

c^a^^ i?tilAh. 
Nominal, *i<//. ^3*—^ iHini-y ; ^jU* 

Nominate, r. ^j*^ H.iniina, jUHaiu- 

111? ; J*^ ja*al, yaj'al. 
Nomination, i». **♦— * taMiniva-t ; 

•^J^ taqliil. 
Nominative, #. g*; raf*. 

NoN (/// eomp,), ^ gair; ^or 

'adiui ; ^ *adain, as seen below. 
NoNAOE, 8. jU* »igAr; yu ^igar. 
Non-appearance, t. j^W^ f»J^ 

*adam iU-t^udur. 
Non-compliance, s, Up\ ^ 'adam 

ar-ricja; Jy^\ |»aft *adam al- 

Non-conformity, s. Iu\y4l\ ^^ja 

*adam al-muwAfaqa-t ; u\f^\ in- 

»>iraf ; oO^ ilfeAd. 
None, a///., #. ^ 3 lA al^ail ; I ^ 

J^^; wa lA wA^id. 
Nonentity, *. ^^^^ ^ 'adam al- 

wujAd ; J^^^ ^air maujiid. 
Nonpakeil, adj. jj*i 6} U mA la-hu 

na^ir j JU^ aJ U ma la-hu misAl ; 

aJ o*^\ ^ 1« sAoi (tAni) la-hu ; 

J^;i farid. 
Non-payment, «. g^J^t ^vOa *adam 

ad-daf' ; VA»3^ ^ju& 'adam al-ifA. 


*adaiu ijra ; U-\ ^ Sidain iin4A. 
Nonpluh, 8. i^ l^ira-t ; J^^ 

taswis ; 4UJ1 halasa-t. 
Nonpluh, r. ji^ l;iy\ar, jutayjir. 
N«)N-uKHiDKNr, ndj. ^j^U jjb. gair 


NoX-KEdUTANCK. 8. L»y\A^\ ftJM 

*a' al • miiqawama-t ; ^»J^ 
AAiUJ^ *adaiii aUinudAfa'a-t. 
NoNSKNrtE, 8. ^jiM^yet ^^ f!^ kalAm 
mill ^iir ma*iia ; ^^W*^ hazayau. 

NoNMENHICAL, adj. ^j*** j^ {J^ 

min ^air ina'na; Ji«3\ j^ 4udd 
aU* ; JI»W l»Atil. 

Nook. #. a»^ qurua-t (pi. ^j\J 

i|:irani); ^j^j ruko (p 

Noon, No«»nday, Noontide, «. ^fi 

juhr ( pi. M^ azbAr) ; lijf^ jah- 

riya-t ; j^\ *-A*» niff (naff J an- 

NooMK, 8. ^ fahh (pi. t^^ fibAb) ; 

iii^ liihAla-t ; *i^j8B s irak (pi. 

^/i Miruk, *i)t^\ asrak; ; lmyU\ 

Noil, ro/jy. S • wa la. 
Normal. a<^, {^y*^^\ JP^** muwA- 

H<{ aU ptwAniii ; ^V.. HaUm. 
North, <« JUii sim4L 


I qmb 

North, Noetbeen, Nobtherlt, 
adj. ^jlUi lain&li-y. 

NOETH-EAST, «. Jj* ) J'-"* ^mi! 

wa Sarq. 
North-pole, g. JU*. 

NoETH-sTAE, *, JUjJI v-f)f kaulfub 


NOKTHWAHDL?, adv. JU-tM Jji 

'ala "s-samfil. 
NoBTH-wEBT, ». w;* J J^ iamll 

wa garb. 
NoBE, *. oiil anf (pi. JW tlnif,, 

NoBEOAT, s. j*j ^M-ti ,1 a^j ji ai, 

bftqa-t (ratba-t, taikiktj zahar ; 
jj»j fiy». )urza-t zuhQr. 

NosTEiL, B. jaii- miinhiLr, minhir ; 
jW* miiihl'' (I'l- /-^ inanahir, 
jtJ-Urf mannhir). 

Not, arft'. > 1" ; ^ lam ; ^J) Ian ; ^ 
mi— {it U not) u-Jlaiaa. 

Notable, arf/.. Notability, «.jj9-*-« 
ma^hfiv ; ji^u»^ mu'taliar ; .ji^ ? .■■■' 
j\,j*3^ muBtahaqq al-i'libar. 

Notarial, adj. i * < *.* ' ^ HJj^i-* 
maktOI) bi-'l-mahkama-t. 

NoTAET. ». ^Z- s-stf katib ^ar'i 
(pi, v-LS kuttnb)- 

NoTATioN, *. i^ tafkira-t ; i-S* 
'alAniJi-t; ijW isAra-t. — (o/wuni- 
frers) ^j raqaiD (jjI. ^«j1 arqaiiij- 
— (o/ mMBi'c} Ia*J1 l»e'^" taiiqil 

Notch, *. *)■■ hn/zat; ^/Ji farij. 

Notch, r. )• haKz, vahazz ; ^ 
Ijaiiaz. yuba/ziz ; ^^ fara^, 

NoTE, ». (mart) ^j raqam (pi. .Ujl 
arqiini) ; r—} raBiu fpl. |.-.j 
ruBdm. (i-jl arsinn) ; i-S* 'ala- 
nia-t (ill. 1^ •alAm, ^S* -alA- 
yini) i ^ 'akm (|4. ^W a'lAia). 
— {tncmorandum) i^ tafkii-a-i. 
— {aeenvnt) i— »jU qATimn-t. — 
(rrnoirn) »-«-• ?it ; jV"*.! i.^tihAr, 
— (mar;7T"oi rem.irit) i.*W bA^i- 
ya-t (I'll. ^y l.mwfi'^') i "J*^ 
miilhaq.— (irAorf lAt,T) IfJS ta?- 
kira-t (pi. /l-U taffikirj.— (wu**- 

c(ii cAaraefer) li*ll A* Duqfat ml* 
ginft (pi. ta nuqat). 
Note, v. {notice with ear*) kJ 
luhaj, yulal^i: ; ^ 7-^^ t?"' 
am'an an-naiar fl, jain'm. — (*tl 
dovm in writing) i|ui)*» j«i q«y- 
yad bi-'l-kitfiba-t, yuqaryid- 

mustjib>qq al-Hibar. 

Nothing, v. ^ 'i la-*e-Y ; i>3 UU. 

NOTHIHGNEBS, ». i*^ 'adajD. 

Notice, e. (abserfafion) ^ iux»ri 
i-Wi- miilAhasa-t. — (tm'ftai 
r«nari) Ase* taqyid. — (iM^aUi- 
oence) ^^ habar (pi. j^\ ftfabAr) [ 
S-ijf*- habariya-t. — (wonMi^) 
jj*J» tadslr. — (<fip« noh'te) j*J 
dai^ar, viidaSsir. 

Notice, r. k.) i&l^az, yaUbU i >> 
nazar, yaniur. 

Noticeable, adj. St^Xil\ ^,^ jt . » 
muBlaujib al-mulahiiia-t. 

Notification, a. ^w** lahbir -, jW*-' 

Notify, a. ^ habbar, yuhabhir; 
ji*-\ ahbar, yuhbir ; ^*1 a'iMi, 

Notion, «. j^J tatawnur; J^ 
hivSI (jil. ill-.! ahvila-t) ; Si 
fikr f pl.jliil ofkAr) ; e^ saon fpL 
yyt jiinun) ; ^j n&hm (pi. 

fJ^)\ auUAm). 

NoiioNAL. adj. J'^ biT^-y; 

,j«*j wahmi-y. 
Notoriety, NoTORiousvcas, r ^* 

suhro-r; jW^I iJtih&r; jU^I 

NoTOKiona, aiJ;'. jjti- niaibfkr; 

J}j« ma'riif ; _^l* jfibir. 

ma' kull zAbk. 
NouoHT, s. J* 3 U ie-v ; ^>J Ui. 
NoL'K. <. ^l ism fpl. U.1 netoi). 
NorsisH. IT. (./l*rf) -.U qat, yrnqftt; 

^j rabba, yuntbbi; f*iiLl'B{*uB, 

vurini.— (cA«T.V.) *^ lj*bb.«. 


NonBIBHMEKT. I. ^ 4]At; f»A 

Novel, a^. ^j» budi' (fL ^ 
bud") ; joU tuidir. 




Novel, a, ^ qi^^vt (pi. ^yi-^ 

Novelist, «. fj^^j niwi (pi. «t>\jy 

Novelty, a. fi;*>U im.lira-t (pi. j^V 

iiawndir) ; l»i^ l>a<li*a-t (pi. g>\uj 

NovEMRER, #. ij^^ {:^r^ ta^rin 

a?!-Mani (at-tani). 
Novice, a, J^frU? talmiz (pi. i^^SJ 

talatniz) ; (^x;«^ miil>tu(ii. 
Novitiate, «. &<3uJi» talinaza-t. 
Now, adv. ub^^l iJufc haza-*l-wa(|t ; 

(;)^^ al-an. 
Now-A-DAY3, adv. ^^ ^ fi jaum- 

Noway, Noways, adv. '^^ <]at*an ; 

'%*\ aflau (both preceded by ) 

Nowhere, adv. c/^ ^ 3 la ft 

matral^; J^^ ^ S ^ wa la fi 

mal^all ; Q*y ^ u ma f i maucjia' . 
Nowise, adv. 'XmX a^lau (preceded 

bj 3 la). 
Noxious, adj. y^ mu(JiiT ; jU JArr ; 

•jujU mufsid ; oU^ mulilik. 
Noxiousness, «. ^yt ^xmr; ly^ 

Nozzle, a. ^ tuinm ; ^ fumm (pi. 

^\^\ af wah, f Ui\ af main). 
Nucleus, $. Ai\y nawaya-t; sa^ i 

qalb (pi. v»yiJ quliib). — (founda' 

lion) f\ umm ; J-\ a$l. 
Nude, adj. ,j;;Ve 'an ; <:)W * *uryan. 
Nudity, #. ^;ft *ura; a*^ *urja-t ; 

Uj zal^ 

NUOATOBY, CLdj. Jl»^ ba^il. 

NuooET, «. Ipi tibra-t. 
Nuisance, a. ^ sa4|la-t ; 5^C« 

makruh ; U\^y wasaha-t. 
Null, adj. JL^ bafil ; a, J**, S lA 

yu'mal bi-hi ; ff^ 3 la yaufa'. 
Nullify, v. JN^ ah^al, yub^il ; ^ 

iiasah, yansa^. 
Nullity, a. (^ buflau ; aSC^i 

Numb, adj. {torpid) ;J^ b*<^»r; 

v;j^;«*^^ bft^ran. — (/ri/A co/J; 

^/^^ (j^ s-Aafc ? >« mutaba:^ib miu 

ai-hird; ^^ biricl 

Numb, r. *>;♦ barmd, jubarrid ; j***- 

liaddar, vuhad<iir. 
Number, s. *>j^ *adad (pi. *>^J^^ 

a*dad) ; l^ *idda.t. — {figure) 

^; raqara (pi. j»U^\ arqam). — 

{i>v*>n number) e^j zauj. — (odd 

number) ^^ fard. — {number in 

poetry) \^)y wazo (pi. (^\'^^ auzan). 
Number, v. J^ *add, ya*idd ; y^*^ 

ha^a, yali9i ; s ^ « > ^asab, ya(^- 

Numberless, adj. «>J^ a) U mk la-hu 

'addad ; ,j-«*: 3 ^ jm} ) la yu^add 

wa la yu^fa (-3 a'>r. pass). 
Numbness, a. j^i^ b^^dar; «>y«A. 

Numeral, a. •>J^ 'adad (pi. *y\Aa\ 

a dad) ; f^j nM|aiu (pL f^ij\ 

Numeral, Numerical, adj. ^•^J^ 

Numeration, a. Ji>i^ ta*did ; s^L-*> 

hisab ; Uft.\ i^fa. 
Numerator, a. {of a fraction) Ij^ 

9ura-t (pi. jy» 9uwar) ; !»-♦ basf. 
Numerous, at//, j^oa *adid ; *»^ 

kaMr (katir); ;*^^ w4fir; jiy^ 

Nun, a. i^\j rahiba-t. 
Nunnery, a. ul>W*\^ ^j dair r4hi- 

bat (pi. ijyi^y duyiira-t, i^^\ ad- 

Nuptial, adj. ^y^j^ 'ursi-y. 
Nuptials, a. yj*j^ *ur8 (pi. ^j^f^ 

a*ra8); C;* faraj^ (pi. cV^ »f- 

Nurse, a. i^y* murabbiya-t ; ii\^ 

daya-t ; a^^jia. haddama-t. — {wet 

nurse) aa^^ murJiVt (pi. {-*V* 

iiiara(ji' ; acUj ra<j[a'a-t. 
Nurse, v. {take care of) ^j\*> daiu, 

yudari. — {auckle) **^ ra44A'aty 

'tura4<Ji* ; «4*au^\ ar<Ja*at, turdi'. 
Nursery, a. {plantation) ^j^^ 

niagris (pi. ^J»^ luagaris). 
Nurture, a. {food) ^y qui; f*UL 

(a'am. — (inatruction) ^%jij ta'lim; 

^y tarbiya-t. 
Nurture, v. {feed) ufc>Vlqjit,yaqtit ; 

^\ aVam, y u^iui. — {educate) ^j 

rabba, yurabbt. 


|ut : Jil akl, ukl. 

I, NnTBtTtVB. td). .a-«ft> 
mui|it; ^ji' uiUijawwi. 
Nux VOMICA. •- Jfi\ jrj* jairt at- 

0, iiUerj. ^t JH ; ^:' avviihi. 
t)AK, e. tjJi l,allin (ji'M*) balAlit. 
Uakeh, adj. ^jl| biilluli-j. 
Oaxum, g. jU.- niiiiiA(j : iUiUll jU^ 

musnq al-qalfate-t. 
Oar, g. ^\.ii^ miiidi'if (j<l. i-AioV^ 

Oab, r. wJJiqaJdaf, _vii,[aildif. 
Oabsman, g. -J^M quUdal'. 
Uabis, g. cV alwfih (pi. *=.Uj» al- 

wfiljiU) ; .J.J rif (|il. ^l*jl ai-vSf) ; 

^jIj wAcii {[j|. iiJ.l iiudijit-t). 
Oat, s. oV s'lf"" ; JV i?"^^'- 

bartal; ^jljij ziwaii ; „Ul.j» luir- 

Oath, s. ^UU. I^alfno ; ^^t*l vaiutn 

(pi. '^\JtM yuiuiniU, uU(l uituAn. 

t^N^ aimun)i f~~i qaeaiu (pi. 

I-'— *1 a<j8iim). 
Obddracv, f. SjLj qasftwa-l; J^*e 



li taniarrud. 

Obdckate. adj. ■lyt^^ mubiinarriil , 
,j-U qasi (pi. »»jt_ I qUBHt) ; -^n-^ 
•anid (pi. A^ 'uuud). 

OSEDIENCG, 8. £e^ t"'^-t' ^^^ 

ita'a-t ; ol^l inqkAd ; JIA-.1 

imti.'al ; ^^i) ij'Ao. 
Obedient, adj. ff.^ laji'i Col-» 

muSi' ; jiiw muiKjiid. 
Obeisance, f. Uool lubiui'i; fyf- 

Obelisk, i. il~* mi-.iilla-t (pi. Ji — • 
Bu>«a") ; Jv mil (fl. J'*-' aiu- 
yAl, J^ moyul). 

ObES£, adj. ;M— V jasiui (pi, |(L.^ 

jasam) ; ^^1> ^aliiui. 
Obebitt, I. JuUtf). jasama-l ; f>»^ 


Obey, «. £0. (A-, jati' ; £11.1 »ti-. 
yu(i'; J ->Uil mqa.l li, jani|i<i; 
U^-i za'iu, yaz'aD ; <j^1 kf'Uk 
V u j'in. 

Object. «. (thing) ^^ se-v (pi. W*' 
sahf (pi. 
asLuf, i^fi> ?uhuf J ; ^ 
lus (pi. T^^^'^ uiaii&iirj ; j^ 
majhar (pi. ^\1m juuiibit). — 
(aiiiij -^^ qa^d ; -^y** maqiftd 
(pi. Jfl-Uu maqnf id) j -»1^ mariil ; 
^jc •aKdi.i (pi. |.j>c ■iizuin) ; yy 
garaij (j.l. >1^' ngri^). — (a 
yramiiuir) *i Jf'^ maf'41 bi-hi 

B. o*y** i"tara(J, JB'Um^ ; 
t/;>* 'aia4. vu"«ri4 ; j» •-•It* 
hAlaf n, j-ubfilif. 

Objection^ ». ^/V"' itir*^ ; *^>** 
mu'ara4a-t ; *JU. hilaf. 

OBJEiriiuNABLB, arjj. a. K - * -* uniak- 
kik ; 2^ ba^i'. 

Oblation, «. <j4/qurbAn(pl. (^^ 
qarulyiuj ; i^-i>c laqdiaa-t. 

Obliqe, r. (force) ^t alzata.^til- 
ziiu ; v-^ gafab, yagfihi j^ 
qabar, yaqbar. — (dtt a jatvur) 
je U^ Iiianu 'sl«, vamunu ; ,^1 
ai."am, vuu'iin ; "iiyi*- aW jk**!- 
bu mamniinAn, yajUl. 

OBLiama, if'(;'. ^}}'^ h— *^ fA^i^ 
iiia'riif : <.->^ latif ; fkU> mo- 
n'liu; fji— mukniu. 

OBi-ioATiuN, t. t^duly) T-^yj «ljlbi 
u*/ lurij vi>l. u*V fi"4. uV 
furitij) ; u>/ fariija-t (j>L uAiy 
tarftynlj.— (/upourj ' * 

(pi. y^ niinanj ; 
(pi. f^ ni'am) ; jW^I 




Obligatory, adj, ^jy*^ fanji-y ; 

^) wajih. 

^•jS lAzim ; 
Oblique, adj, ^jm^ iiiaul>arif ; 

JjU mavil ; v»;^^ warib. — (in 

grammar) ;;;%« iiiajriir; ^y^ 

OBLiquBNEds, Obliquity, s. u\f^\ 

in^iraf ; v»;^ warb (pi. v»^;^^ 

Obliterate, v. ,^y^-» mal>a, yaml.ii ; 

^«-i nasah, vansah ; uiW l^aLk, 

yal>ukk ; fjJL ^las, jaflas. 
Obliteration, s. ym^ mahi^ ; ^ 

Oblivion, 0, ^W^ nisyan ; i)Li-> 

Oblivious, adj, (^W--* nasvau ; ^^^ 

nasi-j ; V^ na^sa. 
Obliviousness, 9, i^ iiaswa-t. 
Oblono, adj, JjJiA-^ inustatil. 
Obloquy, t, f*^ laum ; ^^ inala- 

ma-t (pi. |«yU malawim) ; ^•i 

^mina-t ; a«^ iiamiina-t ; AgU^ 

Obnoxious, adj, (hurtful) /*- inu- 

4irr; juJU niut'sirl. — (kaiefnl) 

•j;^ mak rii h ; »/ kari h . — ( liablf) 

J««^^ luutal^amuiil. 
Obscene, a<(;. J^^ faljii-i; ^j 

Obscenity, «. Jt^ fat^^; iJu.U 

fat^i^t (1)1. J^V ^*^^'»^bi«) ; 
* a - t '%* fa1)!«iya-t. 

Obscure, adj. (dark) ^ 'atim; 
f^J»^ inu*tim ; ^J-k* inuslim. — (not 
clear) ffh^ mabhiim ; yj^ mug- 
laq ; J^^^bi^ mu^kil (muskal) ; 
*< gt * mugtabih. — (?io/ known) 
J^%* majhul; wi^;** ;«* gair 

Obscure, 0. ^^ azlaui, yuziiui ; 
/»-sA 'attam, vu*attiin ; ,«^-se^ 
a'tam, ju'tim. 

Obscurity, §, iUIk zulma-t ; 
'atma-t ; ;^*> daijiir (pi. ye^k^ 
dajajir). — (0/ meaniiuj) f^\ ib- 
ham ; h\fSJ^ istibiih ; oVik i^akk 
(pi. ^^ iyxViiV), 

Obsequies, «. )<^ tajuiz ; ftjW 
ianaza-t (pi. yt^ jauayiz) ; jW 
jaunix (pL y U^ jsAinis). 


Obsequious, aJJ. 5-*^. hacjii' ; ^\f^ 

Obsequiousness, «. g^-**- hiicJiV ; 

^\f tawAdii*. 
Observance, $, (respect) ^W^c^ i*ti- 

bar; A^;^ l>urtua-t; i^S^j ri*aya-t. 

— (of a liur or duty) Ifc**. )^vl(z\ 

l\^\j^ luura'a-t. 
Observation, «. £k».!U niulahaza-t; 

v»^; riifjub ; JLfi^;^ munujaba-t ; 

y^ iia^ar. — (comment) A^e^ tani- 

biha-t ; J^^ qaul ; fii kalaui. 
Observatory, b, s-^\^\ j^ mar- 

9.1*1 aUkawakib ; J^^^ u;-^ bait 

ar-ra^d (pi. «t>^ buyut). 
Observe, v, (watch) ^ yfcJ\ ^^mA 

am*an ao-iiasar ft, yuin*in ; WS 

Inhazt yulahiz ; Ju.^ ra$ad, yar- 

9ud ; ^i-*^; ratiab, yura«jib. — 

(remark) ^\ azhar, y;i2hir; {^ 

bayyau, yuba^yio ; f^ i^akar, 

yazkur. — (keep) Ifc*^ t^^afa;, yal^- 

fag ; y^\) ra*a, yura*i. 
Obsolete, adj, ^^f^ matruk ; ^ 

yiS^ i^air sayir; J^ju--* ^ gair 

iniist'aiual ; J^ battnl ; tr*^ 

luansi^h ; <JH^ mu'attiq. 
Obsoleteness, s, i^it^ \}M\\kii\ ^^ 

JUa;u.!)\ 'adam aUisti'tual. 
Obstacle, #. g>U mani' (pi. ^\y» 

111a waoi*; ; JM^ *ayi(j (pi. «3i^^ 

Obstinacy, », *>Uft *inad; ^j^s ta- 

Obstinate, adj, 't^v^ *anid (pi. 

Jua *uiiud) ; Juut* mu*iiid ; J^U*« 

inii^anid ; Jy*i£^ mutainarrid. 
Obstreperous, adj, gU <^ajj ; gU^ 

^.ir^a' ; £^%«^ ja*ja-. 
Obstreperousness, $, lt\t gaga-t; 

A^ 4^jj&-t ; l^^ gausa-t ; \J^^^ 

Obstruct, r. ju 8afld,yasudd ; gj^ 

maua*, yamoa* ; j^ *a«], ya*U4 ; 

j^ 'awwaq, yu'awwiq. 
Obstruction, *. aa>u^ muma- 

na'aot ; g>U uiAni* (pi. g>^^ ma* 

wani*) ; j^fS ta*arru<^ ; yj>\f^\ 

OBSTRUCTiyE, adj. vJM^ 'ayii^ ; ji^b* 

mu'awwiqs «iVtU mulabbijL 

Obt] 2 

Obtain, v. JU ii;il, yanSl ; J* J«- 
ha;al 'ala, jiih^ul ; t^OHi^^l. yu- 
l^u^fil ; i « l U i '" ) Uta-mlak, jastam- 
Uk; i^f—\ islaula, jastauli. 

Obtaisasle, adj. J^Wt u-^*^ 
mumkin al-hiiful ; y t ' '* muta- 

Obtbtjde, v. Ji-l-ii tadtihal, yata- 

Obtbcsion, s. Alit-u mudAbal^t. 
Obtbuhive, arfj. J*'-" inudilliil. 
Obtdbe, arfj. (»tupid) i>*»-l itbmaq, 

t. VJU& Ijanicjil (ji!. J** liumuq, 

jU«. hiinacj) i 4^* biiiid ; ^j-^ 

mal(u3. — ('M an nti'jle) E/^ 

Obttseness, «. ^U>- I>iim4qa-t; 

LjSk balAda-t. 
Obtiatb, c. (nieff di^culties) «»ljlo 

dfirak, yudArak i iilj-x:^^ istadrak, 

yastadi'ik. — ( prevent) ^ inana', 

jamna* ; yS^" 'fiq, ya'uq. 
OBVions, adj. tW^f bAyio ; y|i»- 

muUin; j*^ lAbir; j^'j wadi^ ; 

C^) wadilj- 
Obtiddbmlbs, s. ^;> tawadduh ; 

CjJj wucliili ; ^-i d*b^-*- 
Occasion, «. i«ji fur?a-t (pi. .^jUpj* 

fur^iU, f^jl furaj). 
Occasion, c. s-t- sabbali, yusab- 

bib; Jl* 'allal, ju'allil. 
Occasional, adj. ur^j^ "aridi-y ; 

jjiUfl ittifaqi-jr. 
Occasionally, adv. i-j4)( fjij .ac 

'and wuqfi' al-fur?a-t; i*^^ bi- 

'f-fadfa-t ; 'Wlt^l aljyfiii-an. 
Occult, arfj. ^^ Birrl-j ; (j™* 

paibi-y ; ^J^ feafi-v ; ,j*at- muh- 

la ; (ij^^ maktiim ; yy^^ mak- 

OccuLTHEBB, t. Iftfcl ilffa : l**l 

ihtili'i; ;- airr (lil. ;'/-^ asriir). 
OCCDPATION, «. J*A Sugl (pi, Ji**^ 

B*g"l); J*^^ la*r.j;ul; *!**<. 

maSgala-t (pi. JtU-» inasagil); 

i»i- jana'a-t (pi. ^u- janayi') ; 

ij«- luibua-t (pi. y«- mihan) ; 

iij* ijirfa-t (pi. y;* ^liraf). 
Occupy, v. (lake pottetnon of) uXU 

malak, yamlik ; tiiti tamallak, 

yitamallak \ i*^ a]}af, y&'buT- — 

(bn»y) J** *a(f(ral, jiuagRil; 
jAAl asgal, yiiigil. — (ORIJ*,) 
•~iy farat', yof rif ; c M fc ' -^ ista^* 
dam, 3'ii stab dint. 
OcCHB, », {An;ipen) J-ifc IjllfaU, yaV" 
«al; >A>J>- hadij, jsbdA* : yp 
jara, yajri; jl» fir, va«!r. — (fc 

jS' fi bAl-hu, vaji' ; *H« j* -U 

qAm fi bal-hu, yft<|(*iu ; J Ml 

badfi li, yabdu. 
OcciTBBENCE. ■. u*^^*Arid tpLy*)*^ 

'awAri^) ; i*jW t^Adijat (j>i, >*^\f. 

Ijawfidis) ; i"l) wA'ji'a-t (pL 

«.Uilj wAqi'At). 
Ocean, «. V»J1 ^1 al-t>nbr &1- 

niuhit ; Lr^Wj' oqiyAniw, 
Octagon, j., Octaookai.. adj. (ft- 

OCTANGULAB, adj. I(1j) fj}\*t ji |i 

Octo:bbb, «. JjSI ^;Ai tUria ir 

OcuLAB, adj. iSj-^ ba««!t-f.— 

(ociiiar vitna») ^'i^ 'i«Ant-y ; 

J*l* NahiJ. 
OccLiBT, I. JWi kalj^Al. 
Odd, adj. (not even) -^^ f&rd ; -^ 

nmfnd.— (fc/f owrr> J*!) sitid.— 

(j/rajijej *,-i;i g<inb ; Ht** 

*ajib; joV*ieljo* gair i'tljidl-y i 

J^ !"q. 
Oddngss, Oddity. «. lt\^ g*rfb»4i 

J*y tuwaljhud. 
Oddb, ». (variance) -Jw«. < ibtUUi 

d^W- ■—■?■'■■•*- • (firfriiiit^ 

ifl'' galaba-t ; >*-i« tagkllBb. 
Odb, s. .it-^ .jafid (pi. ^lArit q^ 

ditnj ; iJe-f qafidVt (jd. *^ 

qaflfd, JjU quflHjid) ; Jj* gmsaL 
Odiodb, ftr//'. ««^ knrib -, ij^ «i»k- 

riih ; tsiytf tiiamqilt ; «a..<*» nw 


Odiovsnehs, «. at;£A-t uttkribi 

mIj! karAba-t. 
Odium, s. uAi bug^-t ; A*tj£ kwi^ 


UDORtPEBODSKKSS, *. Ir^ tm^ ribft4 


4, ODORirEKOca, a<(f'. ^*» 




mu'attar ; ; t » ■ '• muSambar ; 

Odour, #. ^.) riha-t ; ^}) rAviba-t 
(pi. ^U; r;iwHvil>). — (fragrance) 
Lf\ Aflpjj raviha-t zakiya-t ; A»^^j 
AAfl-J raviha-t liitifa-t. — (pi-rfumt) 
s-«L tib (|>L v»Wt\ atva»»); ^ 
*itr, *utr (pi. ^^*utftr).* 

Op, prep. ^^ mm ; e?* *an. 

Off, adj, (dintant) J^^«l ba*id. 

Off, prep, (uway) ij^ .\^«» ba*id 

0>F, interj. t) ruh; ^^yi^^ imsi. 

Offal, #. *4- gaqa^ (pi. J»^^ 
asqa^) ; iAAe *afsa-i. 

Offence, s. (injury^ insult) ^.^ 
ta*ad«li ; Aj j\ aziya-t ; ;;-* darar ; 
iy^ iiia(}arra-t ; aJJ ziHa-t. — 
(displtmnr^') 5^ *asra-t. — fault) 
s-*©« *aib (pi. v»^ Miyub) ; ^ 
hata; »i,— *i zunli (pi. v»y»i 
zunub) ; jy^ qii^iir. 

Offend, r. ^ ^^J^ ta*adda* *ala, 
vata'adda ; ^5*^^ azza. vifazzi; 
aza, yuzi ; L, ga*, vasiV ; ^^^ ^\ 
asa ila, ya«i' ; /^ darr, yadiirr. — 
(trannyreng) ^J^\ ah^a, yvih^i : 
Jj zalJ, yazill. 

Offensive, adj. <*^a>^ inusakkik ; 

hyj^ niakrub ; j-^ inudirr ; a-ju 

mufHid. — (an a ireapon, £c.) 

^juuU li-*t.ta*addi. 
Offensiyenesr, s. Sjb\^ kiraha-t; 

b\jiAJ istikrab. 

Offer, *. v/V^ i*ra<^ ; y^)f *urA(} ; 
^jJB ta<|dim. — ( price) i*^ qi- 

Offer, r. ^ qaddaui, yuqadiliiii; 
J ^f *ara<J li, ya*ni<J*; ^^ jtf\ 
a*ra4 *ala. yu*rid ; ,jJ^^ abda, 
yub<li. — {as a Bacrijtcf) v»/ <|ar- 
rab, yuqanrib (aU li'llAb); ^^ 
zal>ab, vazbab. 

• * V * * 

Offebing, ¥. ^^ji <inrban (pi. i^^j^ 
<}arabin) ; i^JJS taqdiina-t. 

Office, *. (rmplotjin^nt) i*J^ b id- 
ma -t ; iAjiky wai^ifa-t (pi. ^Jb^^ 
w.i/ayif) ; * t '^ ' '^ lliailAib (pi. 
*^— -^^s-* inanafib) ; J-*^ *ainal (pi. 
JUft^ a*in4i). — ( place of hu$ine$$) 

maktab (pi. s-^VC* maUU 

Officer, b. ^*^y s-»^U yabib wazi- 

fa-t (pi. «-A4lV^ v»W»^ afbab 

wazayif) ; s-^-a^ s-^^ fal^ib 

mansab ; j\> w ^i^ maQyabdar. — 

{military commander) (j^j raia 

(pi. ^'jj; ru'sa). 
Official, adj, ft^\ ^j^ &» ^jU* 

iniinada bi-bi min al-bukm. 
Officiate, v. a^a^^ J«^ *amil wa- 

^ifat-bu, va*mal. — (in church) 

^Ai (jaddas, yuqaddis. 
Officious, adj. (intermeddling) 

Ji^Jk^ inudabil. 
Officiou ;ne8s, s, SldAj^ mud&- 

Offing, «. sJM*J^ al-*ainiq. 
Offspring, #. ^3^ aulad (pi. of aJ^ 

walad) ; kj^ zumya-t (pi. <4)V 

zarari); jli nasi (pi. JLJ\ an- 

Often. Oftentimes, adv. ij^/« 

iiiiraran ; ij^ j\j^\ amr&r kasJ- 

r.i-t ; '^J1liS kasiran ; U '^j^ 

ka^iran ma. 
Ogre, b. s^Hl/e *ifrit (pi. ^**!;Vao 

Mlarit; ; J^ ^rCil (pi. JX^ giUo). 
Oil, s. ^sHi; zait, zot. 
Oil. r. ss-o^W v:***> daban bi-'z-zait, 

yadhuti; dabhan, yudahbin ; 

ct->; ziivvat, vuzavvit. 
Oil-cloth, *. g * - ^* musamma'. 
Oilman, «. «y^j zayyat; jUo *af- 

Oily, adj. ^Jfi) zaitAui-j. 
Ointment, s. ^y^«> duhiin ; ^^ 

marbam (pi. f^^r» marabim). 

i: / i\ I -^1 :u*:..*_ 

^;^---« musiuu. — (an old man) ^©i* 
siib (pi. ty^ suyub, ^>AA-# ma- 
Miyilj;. — {^ancient) ^-ii qadim ; 
sji^ *atiq (pi. jUc *iittq, Vasa 
Olden, h*//. i»»J^ qadim. — ^in olden 

^1^;^^ ti (|adiin az-zamau wa ^alif 
al-'ayr wa«*l-awan. 

Old] ! 

Oldness, c, (niiliqjiUji) j-^ 'iitij. — 
(old aye) £».jaie^l as-^aihiihit-t. 

Olive. ». yyqj zaitfln ; ^ft) zaJtfl- 

Olttr-tree. ». yfSfj Sj^ sajariL-t 

Omen, «. JU fAI (pi. JV fu'ui. 
jy nf'u!) ; i*il anfa-t. 

Ominous, a((/. o^-^-^ nias'ftm fpl. 
,»fU- iim^Svim) ; u-j*^ mar- 

Omission, ». rt- Bahfl ; ^ji tark ; 
JUaI ilitiiAl; J-l«i tahfiinul; 
Jjl*i tacilful. 

Omit. r. (Ie"ve ovi) ^y tiirak. vitf- 
rat; JJ«- Ijazaf, yali7if; ^1 
alca, yulgl- — iforgel, Tiaglerl) 
^j-J naaa, jansa ; ^^ J»* pifal 
'an, yapful; Ji^" tagftfal, vata- 
niifai ; J-V tivLfimal, yatabS- 

Omnipotence. s. SjJl qudra-t ; SjJi 

i-li qHdrat kulliya-t ; '^jp* ja- 

Omnipotent, adj. j^ J^ J" ;*•** 

qadJr 'ala kull ie-\. 
Omnihciencb, ». iels iijo- ma'Hfa^t 

Omniscient, adj. ^■^\ fi^ 'Alim 

al-gaib ; fkclc 'a1!m ; fi'\ a'lam 

(icfto inovg beat). 
On, jiriTi. Jj* fauq ; J" 'ala. 
On, adv. Iforteard) |.lJJ J» ila 

quddftm. — (inilkoiit eeieing) Xt 

,^ bi-U fulflr; eUJul 1) hi-lA 

Onamism, «. LjLkJ^I UliniDA. 

fard maira-t ; 'i^ niarratan ; 
'ijUJ tjiratan ; 'i_«ij daf'ataii j 
-iju hatratan.— (iw former tim^) 
ni,U efil.iqan; uUUll J fi.'e- 
gfilif ; 'UjA- tniiqaddaraan. 

One, adj. J-1, wiiljid, f. Sj^', walji. 
da-t ; J»-^ ahad, f. j-»»-l ihda. 

One anotheb, }iron. 1^ i/k) l)a"4 

Onkbodb, fl'/y. 'T-Ju- mut'ibj Je.rf 
saqil ; h-** ?a'ib. 

Onion, g. J-» bafial ; SL^ ba»a- 

Onlt. adj. -^^j watid ; Jiy taM ; 

•ij^ mufrad. 
Only. (i''p. tu fa-qat. 
ONtjRT, On3Lait<]rt, ■. fj^ bajAa; 

U*>- l^amla-t. 
Onwaeji. adj. (fcii* miiqaddBn. 

OSWARI), ONWAKDa, lid». ^'j* fc^l 

iliL quddAm. 
Onyx, *. £i» jae'. 

Ooze, ». (e/inur) u^;in; ,>) mW- 
Ooze, «. e*; i^^b- Yaiiia^; fif 

tanu^^, yatara'iFftW. 
Opacity, OpAieCRSKss. ». Oit eiU- 

gtt.t ; JUIL 2uima-t ; llUuJI ^ 

'adim a^l-'afiifa-t, 
QPAIJUE, a*// ^l*fc je* gair f«W; 

Mtgalui fJI'-' miulim. 
Open, adj. (not c/oH.rf) cy** ^■*^ 

tilh ; i-tj-iX- luakifif. — (■_fr« 1( 

n??) f^e ■fltnm ; ^^-^^ 'iuhAbJ';: 

^^le 'aUni-y. — <■ /■rami) ^jjl. 

?mliq ; jAU-* muhli? ; j»l- |ifi 
Open. v. c^ falah, vaftah ; fatt^. 

_rtifnlt-h. — (ditciotr) j«M aiW, 

viiihir; «-*-^ ka«iif, rakiaf.-^ 

J«» ja'al. vflj'ai; ^50* 

yabda ; jJ^> ibMda, jri " 
Openino, «. (Aofc) pJ* 

fftttia-t ; iJ,— *■ harq 

hunlq); >T-*> Daqb. — 

,.ti l>adii; fiUtf ibti< 

Openness, «. j->««idq; 

Opera, ». ^3' jj j U* M t-**- 

iiiut'ab H-Li fiinA wu daqq AliL 
OpEBA-nLARH. «. i;!^^ min:«n-L 
Operate, r. J** 'amil. T&'tnal; J"* 

fft'al. yai'iii ; jf' n;sar. yu'^'jir. 
Operation, ». J** "ainal; Ji«t fil; 

«>"« ta'sir. — (0/ an armg) tS^ 

OppBATOR. «. (tun^eon) e^/» juHib- 
Opiate, f. jjt*^ Oj*** Ea'jto 

Opine, ii. tr^ outn, Taiann ; jO 

fakar, yafkur; •.■ — b^sib. nk- 

Opinion, «, (^ laim (pi. ^*ii 

lunfln); ij\} ri*} (pL 1,1 in); 





i^^^ tftbm^n ; /I fikr (pi. ^\^^ 

afkir) ; s-^*^ ma? hab. 
Opium, «. ^^t afjiin. 
Opponent, s, UdW« muh&lif ; 

ba^m (pi. f*U«.^ ahyam); 

hafim (pi. U«*. hufama); 

Opportune, adj, v>*V muw&fiq ; 

v5-*^ mutabiq ; ^J-*!! lajiq ; 

v^U^ muniUib. 
Opportunity, *. i*y fui^a-t (pi. 

«fc>^y fur^at, ^/►y furaf); v»J^ 

waqt (pi. smM^ auqat). 
Oppose, r. UdU. h&laf , ju^alif ; ^ 

<jladii, yaijludd ; «>U (jadd, yu- 

<ladd ; ^;«5 ta'arra4, yata*arra<i[ ; 

J^f^\ i'tara^, ja*tari<^; ^/-iU 

naqaij, junaqi4. 
Opposite, adj. {in front of) J|VA* 

niuqabil; ftV tajah ; \Sm. \^\zi\ 

— (contrary) ULJVafc- muhalif; 

<>*U^ niun&qi<jl. 
Opposite, #. j^ 4udd, 4id^ (pl* 

^\^\ a<j[d4d) ; wiU hilaf ; ^ 

Opposition, # . (being opposite each 

other) Al|U^ luuqabala-t ; ^^^ 

muwajaha-t. — (rttittance) lMh\j^ 

mudfifa*a-t ; l^y\i^ niuquwama-t ; 

l*j\»^ mu'ara^a-t; i^Va^ inuha- 

lafa-t. — (contrast) S*>U- mucjlad- 

da-t ; A4iU« tuunaqa4a-t. 
Oppress, r. ^ ^alam, yazlini ; f^ 

qal^ar, jaqhar ; fS^ ^am, yaijlini ; 

y^ )W jar 'ala, jajur. 
Oppression, «. (cruelty) ^ {ulm ; 

l^X^ inaslama-t (pi. ^V2h^ maz4- 

liin) ; ;^ jaur; ^ <iahr; ^^J^ 

ta'addi ; y^ jabr ; ^ 4&iin- — 

(deprt$$ion of mind) ^J^ saiida ; 

^ )^inin (pi. f*^ (<uiniim) ; ;J^ 

kadar. I 

Oppressive, adj, ^jUi 2ulmi-j ; i 

s3j%^ qahri-y. — (cm heat, Ac) ' 

•i^-^ Hadid. 
Oppressiyeness, s. Sj^ 9idda-t. 
Oppressor, $. ^li zaliin (pi. ^Uli 

zalamat) ; ^JU 4A*im. 
Opprobrious. aJ/. ^m^ niufcjilji ; 

f»^ Diuzimm; f^y*^ mazniuin. 
Opprobrium, t.jU *ir; ^U*^ fa^i- 

fca-t ; s-^ *aib (pi. s^^ *ujAb) ; 

^ zamm. 
Oppugn, v, g*W d&fa*, judAfi* ; 

U^U. halaf, yuhaliL 
Optic, adj. ef/*t ba^ari-y. 
Optician, s, ^\ ^1\ g>U |4ni* 

alat an-nazar. 

Optics, $. or^^ ^ ) jy^^ ^^ 
ma*rifa-t an-n(ir wa nazar al- 
'uyun ; f;^^^^ ^ 'ilin al muna- 
zara-t ; /^^ ^ *ilm al-ba^ar. 

Option, «. ^jt^ hira-t ; ;W-^ ihtiyar ; 
v>Ws>\ intihab. 

Optional, adj, e[)^»^^ ihtiyar!-y. 

Opulence, s, ^y^ gaiia; MU m&l 
(pi. ^\y\ amwal) ; fi^*> oiiula-t ; 
fij/ sarwa-t ; »W jab (Pen.). 

Opulent, s. ^yt gani; JU ^J jA 
mal ; ^^ )^ zii Harwa-t. 

Or, conj. )^ au ; ^^ am ; It ^ wa illA ; 
li ya. 

Oracle, #. ^^} wabi (pl. ^«^t 
aubiya-t) ; W^\ «Jk*U batif al- 

Oral, a(/;. ,j^«*^ badisi-y. 
Oranoe, #. g>;^ naranj ; ^f taranj ; 

Ai\j?^ I)unaq&na-t. 
Oration, «. i^ butba-t (pl. s-J«* 

hu^l.) ; v»^ hi^ab ; ^ kalam. 
Orator, s. s- a ^ ba^ib (pl. Mi** 

Oratorical, a<f;. ^j<ii*- bu^bi-y. 
Oratory, e. ^^* fajjaha-t ; i^h 

bah\^u-t ; fdS}\ ^ 41ui aUkalam. 

— (a ^>/ace for prayer) ^^^^ mu- 

Orb, #. &/ kura-t ; ^ jirm (pl. 

^ jiirum, f^^ juriim, j»t;%.t 

ujram) ; S;»\*> dayira-t (pl. ;»t^ 

<lawayir) ; j(j*> daur. 
Orbicular, adj. jt^^s^"^ mustadir. 
Orbit. $. ^W dawaran; ;^^ daur 

U*^;V^ adwar) ; S)^*> daura-t. — 

(nj the rye) {^t^\ **-*•» l>ait al- 

*uin ; [j^\ s-Jj waqab al-*aiD. 
Orchard. «. (;jU-^ bustau (pl. ^^^W 

Orchestra, t. (p^ce) ^♦'^t 5*^ 

!imii4a* an-nauba-t ; iftt j-»^ 

niauda' al-ala-t. — (fe^r/y of per- 

formers) Alt al-'aU-t ; lify^\ al- 


iUAtija-t ; i-estjJl an-naubati- 

OKDAm, V. (appoint) i^ 'nyyaji, 
yu'ayyin; ji* ja'al, yaj'nl; ^U^ 
aqAiD, yuqim.— ((fcw«) 7-^ amar, 
ya'mur ; (•*»■ hakam, yahkum. — 
(inelitute) ^) wacla'. yacia' ; jil 
aqarr, yuqirr. 

OssEAL, «. (jW^^ iuitifeiui; 2|jT= 
tajriba^t (pi. j»V tajabir). 

Obder, «. {methodical arrangfmeaf) 
s-t"/ tartiii ; ,«>^ langim ; ^Ua 
ni^nm ; bjJj laUijSr ; vj^* uslub 
(pi. v-JUl asaUb).— (commaiui) 
j-1 amr (jil. r*S' awaniir) ; ^ 
tultm (pi. ^ulUljk.\ai).— (rani, 
clow) i^j lutba-t (pi. v-Jj rutab) ; 
l^f martalia-t (pi. s-j'j- marA- 
tib);i»-jJdaraia-t (pi. tj-'daraj) ; 
Ji^ tabaqa-t (pi. ■^'^^ (abaqat). 
— (fralernily) h)^^ uUwija-t; 
dj^j nilibana-t. 

Ordee, II. {reunlate) ■n-j} rattab, 
yuratlib ; ftW naaam, janjim ; 
Dazsam, yuiianim ; jt-i dabbar, 
yudabbtr. — (command) y*\ amar, 
ya'mur; j^\ amar, yumir; ■**;! 
ar£a4, yurtid. 

Okdeblinesb, g. (rfguhrity) ^^U 
nijum ; ^ dab( ; s-ey tartib. — 

(good cnndii 


Obdkelt, adj. (regular) ,•5"- mu- 
nasEam : fjtn^ mauedtn; L^--*- 
madbfit. — (well - behaved) (;j— 
ip-H Ijaean as-a^ra-t : jU3( 0,^ 
^amtd al-iiblaqj s-->>'^ inu'ad- 
dal) ; j-»l* hSdi ; ij*-**- hi^mi-y. 

ObdkRLY, e. (tergeant) ^Vt ^^ un 
bail (Titri ). 

OftDiNAL, adj. ^j«Jy tartibi-T j 
^j-e- nirfmi-y. 

OitDiiT.LL, 8. s-sfjdl -»J* 'adaJ at- 

Ordinance, ». (tint) £/■ *ar' ; i«i;* 
4ari'a-t (pi. jil/i SarAyi')[ ^yU 
(pi. ^:^*'V qawfinln). — (regula- 
tion) SisU qfi'ida-t (pi. -loV 
qawa'id) ; ^U diibita-t (pi. V^j* 
4*wkli\) I y-^al qiyfia. 

Okdikabt, adj. (usual) i^^ili—ct 

i'tiyftdi-y ; -Ui^ mu'twl j jt^ 
Bflv'ir i ^jfc-j raami-y. — (Imb) yi>-» 
da'ni-y ; i,r-*-* ba«le ; «fc. |)«qlr 
— (not Kandtome) £^ ba£i* ; ^mI 

Obdinatiok, (. ^^; rasiin»-t; ^^ 

raam; i»^j' irtiBam. 
Ordnance, «. (arlillrrif) ^m^ »<*- 



wnmh (pi. ti-^ 

■RK, ». e-> ' 

liih) ; i-*-L., 

najas ; ^S^ najAsa-t ; ^j nbt 

lii-t; ybira. 
Obb. «. f«W yi«- ina'din hira ; a*^ 

s->fy^ ty.^ ma'din mahlfif b»> 

turflb (pi. t)0'«^ ma'tLdio). 
OsaAN. J. Jll ala-t; ,^ 'n4t (pL 

^1 a'da). — (mvMieal inslntmtmt) 

yjtjl argan, argun ( pi. ^yt^^ ati- 

Ohoanic, orfj. ijy*! 'aijw5-r ; s-y 

murakVab ; ^^ niiftmJ-T. 
Oroanibm, «. ■»— * jasad (pi. jU»1 

aJ8«d) ; H-S;- ,•— •■ jaam mnnk- 

kab (pi. fiU— «-t ajsam, fj— * 

Oroahibt, *. (performer <m Om 

organ) e*;S' J^ daqqUq ■!- 

Oboanizatiom, f. 'T-^f t&rkfb; 

s-cijl tartib; ja^ l»dbtr; r*t 

Organize, ». f^ naxjam, TOitti* 

l\m ; vt-^; lukkab, riirmklobi 

Hj/ tarrab. yutarrib ; j|J 

Orikl, «. (bay-ieinflow) 

£an, ro^n (pL ^aIj) 

Orient, adj. ji;W jtriq (nl. ^^ 

iurq); ^U. t"Ii' (pi. ^> ;*• 

Orient, «. ^ji~-i\ ^ m^ 

nq; Jr*^^ ^^ l^'l'ld •^-'■fHI 

Oriental, adj., «. ^J^ i»K|I.j.^^ 
(Oriental eounlrirt) J;^^-» Bt 
riq.— (On>n/a/ /iro,,;,) j^ JJ I 
afal ai-iarqi i/l^l «^&u£|V | 

Obiehtalibt, f. J qU31 j» 1-^ 1 




AeyJ\ ^\^J^ 'arif fi-'l-aUan wa- 

*i-adab as-saraqiya-t. 
Orifice, s, ^ fumm, famiu (pi. 

t\yk\ afwab, f*Ui\ at'iuam) ; M» 

8uqba-t (pi. *^ fiuqab, auqb) ; 

^W^ fatl^a-t. 
Obioin, s, J«\ Ef 1 (pi. Jy»\ Uffill) ; 

QrJ^ mauiba' {\A. ^^^ luaiiabi*) ; 

\x^ uiabda (pi. v5*>W^ mabadi*) ; 

jju^ luafdar (pi. ^jU^ ma^adir). 
Obioinal, cidj, ^J^\ a^li-y ; gj^ 

badi* ; ^)\ awali-j. 
Obigixal, 8, J«\ afl (pi. J^^ 

uful) ; ^^4^^ uusb^-t (pi. ^ 

nusahj. — {odd person) *^ nuk- 

Obioinalitt, #. A«id| badi'a-t. 
Obioinatk, v,a, £<M bada\ jabda* ; 

£<J^^ ibtadaS jabtadi' ; (^^ kaw- 

wan, jukawwin; n. {^ )'^ yadar 

inin, ja^dur; ^ naba', yambiS 

Obigikation, 8, ^W-i ijad; £^/^ 

Buru* ; {^yis takwin. 
Obnamknt, «. aj^\ zioa-t; j\^3 

zawaq ; iJL. l^ilya-t (pi. jl» 

Obnambnt, v. (^) zan, jaziu ; ^j 

zajyao, yuzayjin ; jj|) zawwaq, 

juzawwiq; uy^j za^raf, juzab- 

Obkambittal, adj, {^y muzayjin ; 

wiyft-y* muzalirif. 
Obnate, adj. ijiy inuzayyan ; ^y 

inuroHft' ; ^/^/* muzabraf. 

ObRITHOLOGT, 8, j^\ 5tWl» c;^ 

sarl^ tabayi* aH^yiir; )y^\ lif^ 

ma'rit'a-t a^-^uyur. 
Obphan, 8, f^:^ yatim (pi. ^U| 

yataina, f*Ui\ aitain). 
Obpuanage, #. f*^i3\ «*^ bait al- 

aitain ; ^Ue3\ JU#^^ isbital al- 

Obthodox, adj. (Mohammedan) 
inU8ta«|iin ; {^y* luumiD ; 
luuiiliiu; J«>U ^di<|. — (in 

a tjeneral sense) ^j^^^j\ ortodok- 

(*>->' * <J^^ {^'^ vW muwadq 
li-'d-diu aUl^aqq. 

OBTHODiXV, 8. aX«^ 



iji^\ faw4b ad-din; (^-^^ JJ^ 

fidq ad-dia; a^^^jj^^ ortodoksi- 

Obtuoepy, #. ce^\ ikAL;5\ at-talaf- 

fu£ a9-9al>i^. 
Obthogbaphical, adj, J%^\ im- 

Obthogbapht, 8, %A iinla; W^ 

d)U5J\ 4ab( al-kitaba-t ; U)^ ^j 

rasin aUhatt* 
Oscillate, v, ytyt hazhaz, yuhaz- 

hiz ; y^j«> tahazhaz, yatahiizhaz ; 

^j\ iitajah, yatarjih j ^j4S ta- 

marjah, yatamarjal^. 
Oscillation, 8. ^yy hazhaza-t (pL 

y\y hazahiz) ; c^;^ i^tija^^. 
Osier, 8. «^UA« yal'yat'. 
OssuABT, 8, (a charnel house) 

yJ^i^Ad. t^ashas; iU^WA^ ^a^b^ 

Ostensible, adj, y\^ zahir; jii^ 

yu^har (3 aor. pass. iv.). 
Ostentation, OsTENTATionsNESs, 

8, fji tat'abbur ; j\a^\ iftibar ; 

f^ fahr; ^a^ jahha-t; S^W^ 

Ostentatious, adj.jtiA^ mufabb^f ; 

j a^ ' Af luuftahir ; ;tu fassar. 
Ostleb, s. u^^ sAyis (pi. a«U 

sasa-t, ^W siyas). 

OSTLEBY, 8, J'^J^ fuuduq (pi. J«»Ui 

faniiiliq, way&oxuuv), 
OsTBicu, s, f*U> ua^aiD, ^U» na'4- 

nia-t (pi. ^U> ua'ayim). 
Otheb, adj. />^ abar, f. \/.\ ubra 

(pi. (:^/-1 aharin, /-^ ubar, ij)^\ 

ubura) ; ^ gair. 
Otuebwise, adv. (in a different 

manner) J^ ^ gair sikl ; ^ 

A^j bi-gair wajh. — («/««, t/ no/) 

)^ ^ wa ilia ; ^ v:^^ ^ wa in lam. 
Otteb, s. U3\ w-J«? sa'lab al-mi 

(pi. sJvW aa*alib, JW fla*aH) j 

U3\ s^ kalb al-ua (pi. h«^ 

Ought, v. sM"^ o^ kau layiq, ya- 

kuu ; J\ y^ i^ s-*>^^^ al-wajib 

ale-hu hu ano ; f*y^^ iltazaiu, 

Ought, s. (anything) ^ se-y (pL 

W^^ *^\va) ; ^^ iiiwai-y (<iiiu. of 

^y* se-y^. 

I (I- 

I ^ 

■ Odti 

■ ^1 

■ Oui- 

OuNCB, «. M* waciiya-t; ^,\ o(ii- 

ya-t (pi. jljl awAq) ; 4j\ ui;qa-t. 
OuB, m/j. l> oil, affiled to a uoun, aa 

"our hooks," Uj--S kutubnii ; 

t^if^ mata'-Qu ; UJU> uial-Bil ; 

Lifc- Ijaqq-DiV 
OuES, ai/j. i-J la-na. 
OuKsKLVEs, /iron. U-jA^ fjt^ nahDU 

Odst, ti. Jjt Jaraii, yatrad; b/-^ 

ahraj, yuhrij. 
Out, ado. gjU. hnrij ; \ji barrii. 
Out of, prep, i^ min ; (^ \jt barra 

Oct (in composition with yerba to 
eipreas superioritj). See Out- 

Ddtbalance, v. c*j rajalj, yarjat i 
(s-/ lartijjah, yatiirajjalj. 

OnTBID, 1'. j* ieUJl j«- jlj and 
si'r al-bada'a-t 'alii, yazid ; •>}) 
zawwad, yuzawwid. 

Outbreak, Outbubst, g. ^We* 
hajajuu; (j^jjS sawarnn; ta;*- 

OuTCAax, «. ciyl^ matrut ; ■^j^ 
luatriid; o*'^ uiaufi-y ; ty nif- 

Odtcby, ». eW siyAt ; tV flarih ; 
i*j- farha-l : Ltec 'lyaj, 

OuTBO, t'. J* jU faq "ala, yaf ftq ; 
v-l* galab, jaglib (both with v 
bi, or an adverbial acL-usative). 

OuTDOOK, adj. -ji-EiJ' Ej^ hi'irij al- 

OuTGB, adj. SjU. harij. 
OuTEBMOST, adj. ^j-*l aq?a. f. (j*i 

qa^WH (pi. ,_j-U* aqA^i). 
Outfit, a. jW jahi'iz (pi. ^je^^ ajhi- 

:ta-t) ; i^ 'udda-t; i-j^ lawa- 

OCTFiT, II. jM- jahhaz, yujahbiz; 

J*l a'add, yu'idd ; j.jljUl (•jJ qad- 
dam ai-law&zim, yiiqaddim. 

OuiaoiKO, «. {expeiiditure) Cj*. harj 
(pi. e^jfcl ahrftj) ; Ct-^tol^ al- 
harjiya-t ; ^j/** uia^raf (iil. 
v-4ijl*« iua;Hril:. 

Odtuuabu, s. <UgU> tali'a-t (pi. M^iL 

Oui-HODHK, «. mj-i fara. 

Outlandish, adj. -T-i^ g^b ({^ 

vlj*l agrab, W/ ^nbi) ; ^j»M 

ajnabi-y ; ^^ji biirrAni-j. 
Outlabt, v. Jtt l>a<]a, ymbqa. 
Outlaw, ». ^j» murtadd; •■j^ 

luardud; (aj^w* tual^rum. 
Outlaw, p. ,^1. haram, ynJjrim ; J^ 

sarkal, yuaarbil; ^Ji naf a, yu- 

Outlet, «. e/i^ niahi«i (pL |^>i^ 

Outline, «. ^j raaro (pL m 

rusurn, ^jt arsum) i jtr* tafvir; 

iJi* naqsa-l; j^tl i|4r (pi. ;U 

OuTLiNB, V. ^j raaam, yaraum. 
OuTLiTK, c. ^ baqa, y&bqa; (>•■ 

j^t ■^y imt 'ui ba'd maul i^u. 

Outlook, «. y«i nasra-t ; iH tidl*-t- 
OcTMOST, atij. ^j-il aq»a (pL ^j«* 

OUTNUMBEB, B. ■l.ult ^ ,3^ CliJ H- 

'l-'adad, yafflq. 

Outpost, t. i*J^ t^'*^' (pL ^^ ' 

Outpour, v. v (abb, jsfaU; 
'i-^ sakab, yaakub; or^ kaU^ 
yakubb ; i3*>i dafaq, yndfuq. 

OuTBAos, t. (in ieord») 1^1 iftiti; 
f>^ »alm (pi. fj^ sutAtu). — (ta 
deeds) ;yt. jaur; 1^ jafl; ^ 
iulm ; Aj^ bahdala<t ; i-cUa 

OuTKAOE. c. J* oir*^ ifUra *aK 
yaftari; fti^ »itaui, yaetuiaj 
Hattam, yusattim ; Jak babilal, 
yubabdil; ^ fa^alji vaf^olr. 
>AiA hatak, yahtik. 

OuTBAOGOua, adj. (offetuivt) ^^"^ 
luuta'addi ; isr** mufuui. — (ap> 
preuiw) /ii'A lalim ; ;aU (jUirj 
^U qisi. — ( pr-i/iijaie) ^/-« 
luhif ; ,>-U fa«iq. 

OuTRAOEousMKBS, #. iJA tid^a^i 
l\^\ ifrAt; ,>— i fiW|; Jj^ 

OuTBiDB, r. ,>^ Eaba<], Taabiq; 
sabliaq, yusabbiq (*T-Jj>Vt bi-'r- 

OuTUOHT, adv. %l^ kuUijui t *^^ 




mutlaqan; f\^\ y JUi3^ bi-'l- 

kamal wa-'t-tamaiu. 
OuTROOT, V, jU qala*, yiuihi* ; jU 

^J^\ ^^ qala* miu aUjizr, yaqla* ; 

J«U«\ i8ta*9al, jasta'^il. 
Outrun, v, ,jh— sabaq, yasbiq ; 

sahbaq, jusabbiq ({^^^ bi.*r- 

Outset, #. \asj^ ibtida; J^^ awwal. 
Outshine, v. i^^ jU fAq bi-*!- 

jalwa-t, yafuq ; jU faq, yafuq ; 

JA» fa<Jal, yafduL 
Outside, «. (exterior) t}^^ al-harij ; 

^^^^ al-barraui-j. — (8urfaee) 

4^^ wajh (pi. ty^j wujub, 4^j\ 

aujuh) ; ^u. safl^ (pi. ty-^ 

OuTSKiRT, #. (border) i*W haffa-t ; 

lc^\^ l^asiya-t (pi. ^J^^¥^ l? 

^(8uburb) a-j^juJV vV ^^ 

<^a^iya-t barraniyat al-niadina-t 

(pi. vj^V.^^w^bO; ^V h^ 

^ara-t barraniva-t. 
Outspoken, adj. jjU ^adiq ; t*^^ 

sadij (pi. e^Ju suddaj). 
Outstanding, (ulj. ^W baqi (j>l. 

^^W biu|iQ). 
Outstretch, v.a, !»-» basat, yabsu^ ; 

J^ madd, yaniudd. 
Outward, adj, e;^ b^nj ; y^^ 

Outweigh, v. ^j rajab« yarjal^ 

(yarjib, yarju<>) ; rajjafe, yuraj- 

Outwit, v. v/^ J?as», ya^UM ; {^ 

gaban, vagbun ; s-*V& j^pilab, yag- 

ub ; v5;w dara, yudari. 
Otal, oJ/. jtL^\ JSJk jLc *ala jiikl 

al-bai<^ ; ,^3-^^01 bai<Ji-y ; <3^-^ 

Oval, t. ,j4oi J^ .4ikl bai4i-y. 
Ovation, «. ^y^LtS taf fi<i ; Jelii? tab- 

Oven, 8. i^jk furn (pi. (^^j^\ afrau) ; 

yyii taunur (pi. j^^ tauanir). 
Over, prep. ^ *ala ; j^ fauq ; 

i^Wj ziyAda-t. — (acro$§) y^ *abr. 
OvERAcr, r. ^ ^W balag fi, yu- 

balig ; l^ farra(, yufarri^ 
Overalls, #. J\j|;ii iSirwAI (pi. J>y/* 


Overawe, v. •J^ hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif ; s-^ tabayyab, yatahayyab. 
Overbalance, v. ^; rajal^, yarjal^ 

(yarjih, yarjufe) ; rajjafe, yuraj- 

jih ; ^\; rajah, yiirajil>. 
Overboard, adv. s-f;^^ t^ b*rij 

Overcast, v. fX^\ azlam, yuzlim; 

f^ gayyani, yugayyini. 
Overcharge, v. (overburden) Jj^ 

saqqal, yusaqqil. — (demand more 

than U just) ^J^ galla, yugalli ; 

J^ ^'ala, yugali. 
Overcoat, 8. l^^M^ foqaniya-t. 
Overcome, v. s^ gal^^ls yaglib ; 

^J^ ykk zafir *ala, yajfar. 
Overdo, v. ^ ^W' balay: fi, yu- 

balag ; !»;-» farrat, yufarrit. — 

(fatigue) s-*'^ at*ab, yu*tib. 
Overflow, r.ti. jj* i?arraq, yugar- 

"4 ; J^ pitta, yugaui ; n. ^ 

tatah, yatfah ; ^U fa^, yufi4 ; 

jpjj tadaffaq, yatadaffaq. 
Overgrow, v. S^W)! y^ kabbar bi- 

ziyada-t, yukabhir; ^O^ {^ *>^3 

zad *aii al-badd, yazid. 
Overgrowth, 8. f^\ ^^^) ziyada-t 

Overhang, r. ^j^\ asraf, yusrif. 
Overhaul, v. (examine^ in8peei) 

^ nazar, yanzur. 
Overhear, v. q*j^^ istama', yas- 

Overjoy, r. '\j>^ C;* farrab jiddau, 

yufarrib* — (be overjoyed) aUc ^VL 

j^\ ^^ ^ar *aql-hu luin as- 

Overlay, v. (cover on tke gurface) 

^ tala, yatli. 
Overleap, t;. ^ W naU '&!&> yA* 

"uU (J^ (j^ min *ala). 
Overload, v. ^ ^ sacjqal *ala, 

Overlook, r. (viev) from higher 

ifround) Jl\ a^all, yiUill ; JM-\ 

iHta^all, yastitill. — (neglect) JAA 

gafal, yagful ; «a#U tat, yafiit 

( both with (^ *an). 
Overmuch, adj. j^ kanir; J^t^j 

Otbemuob, a4v. ^\yi bi-iijAdA-t 


Otsbplus, ». ij-** fiiilla,-ti JJl* 
f)i4'li '^*} K&yid; Jjj z;iu<i, zoii. 

^gi qiiliar, yiwjhar ; ^^ /l" {uEr 
'ala, yajfar. 
OvEKUAXB, i>. ^^ gaU, yugali ; 
i^^j) ^^ gammau bi-zijriula-t, 

OvEBBiDB, u. (;)^<W^ s-*'^ at'ab al- 

lji?uu, jiit'ib. 
OvBKKEAcH, V. (overhaitg) -*f*^ 

asraf, jaitif.— (cheat) J^ ga.-^s, 

yagUBs ; JJ*- Imda', yalida'. 
OvEBBULB, u. (coBlroO U-p4 ijal'^!. 

jmjbit.— (rejecfj i/"j rafaij, yar- 

ii^ i o^ Data, yanfi. 
OvEBBUN, II. (ovver all over) ^^ 

galta. jugaHi. — (ratiase) v*/- 

biimb, yahrub; harnib, yuhar- 

rib ; J^ jlt gar 'ala, yagir. 
OvEESKi:, 17. yta ua^ar, yaueur ; ^^ 

nigar, yunasir. 
OvEUBBBB, a. jLU iiaiir(pl. j^ Due- 

tar) i ;i>J-« inunajir ; ^^V- muba- 

OvEESHADOw, V. Jli sallai, yusal- 

lU; Jil aaall, yuEiU. 
OvERaHooT, o. (uertdire too far) 

^ s-J^ galab fl, yugftUb. 
OvBRBiaHT, a. I " I ^ gala(i j-< — ■ 

OvEBBPEEAD, V. 1.^ gatta, yugaui ) 

^^ jH nasar 'lUa, yausur. 
0»KB8TEP, V. jjW- jAwaz, yujawiz ; 

jjV Ujawaz, yatajfiwaz. 
OvEEBTOCK, V. *j4ji ** lualu' bi- 

ziyada-t, yamla'. 
OvBKT, tiJ;'. ^^t aabir. 
OvEBTAKK, «. sJ t>J labiq bi, yal- 

baq; k>'S bibai, yul»t)ili i.^^--' 

kr* UjUilaij bi, yahlatitji '*Jj'*l 

aJrak, yudrik. 
OvEETHEuw, V. <3-lj qalub, yaqlib i 

Jij waqqa', yuwaqqi'. — (detlroi/) 

■r*/- barab, yabi'U)); i*-^ badaui, 

UvKBTUBOw, *. (<i<tio»/a2iJ v~^^ 

ioqilab ; L^ BUqitt. — (detlruc- 

lion) (f*^ hadm ; fA^^ inhidAm i 

l^de/eal) S;-i kasru-l ; f\ye^ iohi- 

Otebtueb, g. (ppeningi c^***^ <£*•- 
tub; {^ latl^.— (^inntnjf) t-^1 

ibtida; SjIji) badawa-l. — (prv- 

jintat) iJ-f 'ur4a-t. 
Otkrtubn, f. -^ qalab, yaqlib; 

*>jSl Jl ^, rama i1»-'1-m4. 

yarmi.— (»M(«l(ii;j ^ qahar, jaq- 

bar 1 v^ gaUb, yaglib. 
OVKEVALHS, V. y*!Jl J^* 

iamau, yugali. 
OvsEWEBNiHD, adj. jT*** n 

bir ; }ii*^ mututa^bir- 
OVBKWHELM, 0. (#itida*)*T 

yagbb; jsi qabar, yaqhar.— 

(aabmnrge) j*^ gainar, yagmur; 

jtj±.\ ii^tjiiuar, yagtamir. 
OvEBwoBK, V. s-^' at'ab, yut'ib, 
OvipAEOUs, adj. y*i4 bAyi4 (pL 

wallad mill baiij. 
Owe, v. ^j i^ 'aleh ('alaib) dAin; 
(*y g''""'! yagram; |iifi*l igU- 
ram, yagtarim. 

TO, /irep. J»-S li-»jl ; t-*— ' 


^aqhar. — T 



WM, adj. 





witb prouou 

Ji aJiiitid, as 




•■ 4_4, 


hu; 4il 



iJ-£! -aiD 



IT) ^/.*»-Ii 



Own, ti. {puuett) t^^ maiak, yam- 
lil; { viU*j taiuallak, yatamallak. 
~{avov>) oi^asl i'laraf, ya'tarif ; 
/( aqarr, yuqirr (bolli witb ».* 
Iii).— (c/aimj J* ijCjI idda'a 
•ala, yadda'i ; J* ^jjsj J*e '011111 
da'wa 'ala, ya'nial. 

OwNEB, a. *,-*U (iljib (pi. «^W>1 
a^l^abj 1 ^u inaiik (pi. <«!jU 
uiuliikj i jj zii tpl. ijjjJ zawfto). 

Owl, I. Mjt bum; ^ji liuiaa>t; *1 
Ji^l -umui aUaili a-w- maffa- 
fib-ti kUMJl j^ ^air al-iuaui <J>1- 
jj^ (uyur). 

Owlet, $. a-vh qubaifa-U 




Ox, t. /» baqar (pi. ^y* buqftr) ; ;^ 
,j-Mt* gor (tor) mahfi-T (pi. cj^^ 
2«<«4fe^ h\thxi mahfiya-t). 

Oyster, «. ^J^/J-^ istridiya ; •JJ^ 

fadaf ; ^J^ fadafa-t (pi. u\x»\ 
u^dAf) ; SjW* mahan-t (coll. ^ 
niahar) ; (^^*y^ Itadalan ; 


Pace, t. (ttritff) l^ hatwa-t (pi. 

sr^\f^ hatwAt, U-. h\\k).—(of a 

hone) yj^^ maii ; ^^'^^ nia.<va-t ; 

SjJL-» ma-^wa-t. 
Pace, r. VW. hata, yahtft ; J»s£\ 

ihtata, yahtati ; ,j— *^-^ ma.'*d-, 

yam 81. 
Pacific, adj. ^J*y^ hadi ; ^»JL- 

salim (pi. VJL siilama). 
Pacipication, t. UU^ miifiAla- 

ha-t ; c^ BilAh ; (^ C - J taf^kin. 
Pacify, v. (r^coneih) ^^ ^U ^Alafe 

ben, TUfAlih ; ^\ a^lali, yuflih. 

— (appease) ^;ji- ankkan, yiisak- 

kin ; i^JA^ ahda, yuhdi. 
Pack, b. (bundle) l^ huznia-t (pi. 

ff^ huzam) ; S)^ jurza-t (pi. }^ 

juraz) ; i%«> buqja-t. — (fxick of 

cnnh) jj; Sj^ sid<la-t waraq. — 

(hody of hounds) a«« %^yS kilab 

Pack, r. ^ }^B,7.VLm, yahzim ; ^ 

RaiT, vaaurr. 
Package, 0. ^W bala-t ; U/» mir- 

Packer, s. f\y^ hazzAm. 
Packet, a. ly» «iirra-t (pi. j;* 

9iirar) ; ^jj rizma-t (pi. f^^ 

rizam) ; &(; rab^a-t ; ^^ buq- 
Pack-haddle, s. ^^ jiAjjir (jd. 

^^ iawAjjir) ; jlj rahl (pi. JU; 

riiiAK J*.j^ arhnl) ; ^*y liarda*a-t 

(pl. f jV l>arAdi*). 
Pact, Paction. $, i^ sjirt (pl. ^/^ 

jiurikt) ; A|c »ahd (pi. *>j«e *uliu.l) ; 

J^ *aqd (pl. jyte *u«|U«l); J^\ 

Pad, s. XtfA*. haHiya-t (pl. W^-^^ i 

(^.lifayi, Uu. Ij^aitt). 

Pad, p. ^a^ ha.4A, yah^ii ; [^ bat- 
tan, yubatt'Ti., #. ^^^ ha^A. 
Paddle, r. US^ ^j* s-«3 la*ib fi-'l- 

niA, ynl*ab. — {row) •JaI qaddaf, 

Paddle, $. •j^jJU miqdAf (pl. UI^jU* 

Padlock, 9. ^^y J*» qnfl rAmt-y. 
Pagan, b. {^^ A|Vi *Abid al-au?An ; 

^j wa?ani-y. 
Paganism, b. (^^Y) {^^ S»>Wft 

'ibAdat al-au«An (al-a^nAm). 
Page, *. (sen^ant hoy) fXt enlAm 

(pl. Ldt pilma-t, (^jUU eilmAn). 

— (of a honk) A A e ^^ ^aljifa-t (pl. 

»-A>^ KaliAvif, UW* ?ubuf) ; 

i^M Hafaba-t (pl. fJu ^\\(\\\^). 

Pageant, s. ^y^ maukib (pl. 
s-^^ niawAkil»'i ; ^kjL* manzar 
(pl. ^U« manA^ir) ; S,atw« mas- 
bara-t (pl. /.^^-« niasAbir). 

Pageantry, b. ^ • t « ha«<aina-t ; If^ 

fahra-t ; JUs.^\ ihtifAl. 
Pagoda, «. ^L-u.\ J-^ haikal 

aftnAm ; ^^^^ c:.^ bait fanam. 
Pail. *. (for milkinff) ^^jJU milban 

(pl. ^^%^ inalAbin). — ( for wafer) 

^o dalw, d:ilu (pl. 1*> d'ilA') ; IM 

*iilbn.t (pl. s-lc *ulab)., *. fj^ l^\^ t^irraha-t 

Pain, b. (hodily) ^^ waj* (pl. fW^^ 
anin*) ; ^jF tawajjn*; ^\ alain 
(pl. f>t} AlAni) ; ^-VJ fa\illiini.— 
(mminl) ^ £ramni (pl. ^^ (Mi- 
nium) : v»r-^ karh (pl. v»^ 
ktirfib) ; ^^ l^uzn (|>1. (^\y^ ab- 
zan).— (paifu, effort) M^ jidd; 

^t* jahd ; jI*=»\ ijtihAd; Juj» 
himmB^t ; ^J-^^ mi^iia-t. 

Pain, (lorlvre) g»j wttjja', ju- 
wajji' ) f^^ allam, yu'u.llim ; •^■i^ 
'aazab, yu'azT.ib. — (trouble) fM 
agamm, vugimini y)»l ahzan, 
yul^zin ; ^3'' ^awwtii, yu^aw- 
nis ; j-ij kaudar, viikaddir. 

Painful, adj. (causing pain) Qt*-} 


; ^y miiji*; ^1 aiim 
raSlira. — (full 0/ paiitj 

jJ*^ mma'ullim ; y*j» Vzia 
(pi. l*^ huzanA) ; ^JUJ■■ ijaznan ; 
,^ mugUmm. —(di^eutt) JtJ^ 
muskil i s-*- »a'h (fil, •^\»^ 

Painstaking, adj. •4=v* mujla- 

Paint, «. yj> laun (pi. yljH almm) ; 
£W- ?iliiiq; ef*J duhu (pi. ^\aj.\ 
adb.*.Q). - (/or (Ae /a«) S;*- 
l)umra,-t (pt. ;«»■ huniar) ; ij— »■ 
uA-jj huBn jliauf ; Sj^ gnza-t. — 
(for the eye-bromt) i*— j naama-t. 
—(/or Me ei/e-;id«) J*i kuhl.— 
(/or /At Aanti» and feet) L* 

Paint, 11. (lay on colour) yjJ law- 
wan, yulawwia ; i^S^ adban, 
juAhin.— (delineate) jj- jawwar, 
yufawwir j yiJB naqa:^, yauqai. — 
{paint ones face) j*- dammar, 
yubatnmir, — (one's eyet) J*A 
takabb^J. yatakah^al ; U«> ta- 
^aUat, yata^atla}. — (ones handt 
or feet) U»^ tabannil, yatahannA. 

Paintee, 8. jj** niu?awwir; ^j^jj— 
mUBawwirHti.y ; ^>t** naqqiis. 

Paintino, «. (ttc( of) }tfS liiflwir. — 
(profession) f.j^\ "U- ^una'a-t 
at-tofwir. — (picture) i,j- «Clra-t 
(pl. jj- »uwar); Jji nnqs (pi. 
J^;il nuqii). 

Pair, s. ej; zau], zoj (pi. e'jj' 
azwaj) ; yW^ zaujau. 

Pair, v. tjtJ zawwaj, yuzawwij ; 
y;» qaran, yaqrin, jaqrun. 

Palacb, ». jl^ sarAv ; l*\j- sanija ; 
iily- saniya-t ; 7** ijaflr (pi. jj«J 

pALAxqciH, (. ylj] ^a-^^ taljt rawaa I 

\9tA I 

(Peri.) ; e-*!* haudaj (pi. gJlj* 

Palatablb, adj. ^H laziK ; u-^ 

Palatal, aiJj'. o'^ hanalci-j. 
Palate, «. tAw hauak ; fJi^ ,jt^ 

(jW^) safq al-fumu (al-halq). 

— (organ of taste) JjJJl i-W ^is. 

aat az-zauq. 
Pale, adj. 4*jl\ yul ajfaj al-w&jh ; 

jA*» muffarr; Jjii* luanqAf. 
Palb, u, (turn pale) ji»l UfatT, yaf- 

farr ; t)/-» tu^afran, jatafatnui. 
Pale, «. •>'j watad (pi. >>^'j1 aulAd) ; 

j,jU. haiuq (pL J*jV hawaiiqj. 
Paleness, «. ijt^ ;ufra,.l; j\j*-l 

I Paling, «. ■lU^UjjIjilajim-tAatld; 

I ziq ; ^jj zaril>a-t ipl. s-Ajj 

I zara'ib). 

I Palfrey, s. a^U ^iifina-t. 

Palibadb, (. aee Paliko. 

Pall, «. e*^ kafan (pi. ^Ult ak. 

Pall, v. ^•'j^ far dali', yafir. 

Pallet, ». »p*^ Uy f«r*a-t taqi> 
ra-t. — (0/ a painter) y'jH i^ 
lau^a-t alwAn. 

Palliate, t'. (^r-*-^ a^sao, ju^ain ; 
jie -azar, ja'zir ; >^\^i^ J*e •amil 
'UK&rat, yani'al. — (mitiyaU) (^^ 
sukkan, jusakkin ; uu*. ^aff^f, 
yuhaffif; JUqaJlal, Tuqallil. 

Palliation, s. tji^ 'izra-t; U^^tf 
tahfif; y^-ii-i taakin! 

Palliative, adj. (ji— musalclda. 

Palliu, <!((/*. j&-taHfar, f.lyUfafrl; 
;A*- wu^lirr. 

Pallidness, t. i^ «ulni-t; j\^\ 

Palm, d, («/ (Ae Aa«J) ^JU kafl (rf. 
J;^ kuf&t, ^J^l akuff); ^ 
oiill la.\\i nl-kaff; U.\j mlja-L— 
((rff) J*- nah! ; a*- nafeU-t (pi. 
J^ nahil). 

Palm. u. ^/^ qaUaiJ. vaqlia^ (with 
aoius. or ^ bi) ; ad\ ^ ^ 
ahfa fi-'Ukaff, juhru— (impose) 
f J* ^ada', yahda' ; ^ gaia, y*. 
gu^ ; gU. ban, yal}An. 




Palpable, adj, ( perceptible by the 
touch) {j^ y "^^ mahsus ; ^r*^ 
juliims (3 aor. pass.). — (obvious) 
^\^ wa^ii^ ; y^Vi zahir. 

PaLPABLENESS, 8. {to touch) &ei»Vi 

fjm^\ qabiliyat al-lams. — {oh- 
viousntss) ty^^ wu^iih ; ^^ <}a- 
Palpitate, p. ^J**- hafaq, yahfiq, 
jahfuq; Uk%j rajaf, yarjut. 

Palpitation, s. (^j^fi**^ hafacian ; 
s-ii iM'j rajfa-t qalb ; «-A«i^^ wa- 


Palsied, adj, e^ mailuj ; 
mukassal^ ; •i^aA^ muq*ad. 

Palbt, 8. i*>U^ ku8u^a-t ; 

Palt&iness, 8, SjVa^ ^aqara-t. 

Paltet, adj. ;ei^ l^aqir; 
daui-j ; Je^*^ zalil. 

Pampee, r. iJuJ^ li\t ^j» 
*a)'jaH 11 ^ayat au-ni*ma-t, yxi- 
*a)yis ; iov^y ^^^ at'ain bi-zi}'a- 
da-t, yu^im ; Qt^^ asba*, yusbi*. 

Pamphlet, «. «a>v.-At;^ wuraiqilt; 

ii^j risala-t (pi. *a>%^j risalat, 

Ji^j risayil). 
Pajcphleteee, 8. ^^j H-^^ ^ahib 

rutala-t (pi. v*W«\ a^^ab). 
Pan, 8. jfi^ niiqla; Aj^lJU miqla- 

ya-t (pi. ^J\L» maqalij ; {^^ 

tajin (pi. {j^\^ ^awajiu). 
Panacea, «. ^e~i^ iksir; ^9^ kimi- 

ya ; ^Vc \yj dawa' 'amm ; J^/ 


pAKCKEAil, 8, ijtfu3\ j^ laUZ &1- 

Pandemonium, «. {hell) /*^t¥ ja- 

liauuam ; ^^» ja^im. 
Pandeb, r. u^T-* *»^*^»» ya*nv; 

*arraf , yu*amf (both with J li;. 
Pane, 8. )\^ t^ ku^ qazaz (pi. 

CV^ alwa*^). 
Panegybic, 8. c*^ madl^ ; ^•^ 

uiadi^ ; u» gaua (pi. ^e^ aitai- 

ya-t; ; wA*^ wa^f. 
Panlgybise, p. •i^^^ luujjad, yu- 

uiajjhi ; c*^ luaddaii, yuiuaibiil;. 
Panlgybist, *. c^J^ luaddat^; c**^ 

Panel, 4. c^ laui^ (pL c9^ alwah). 

Pang, 8. ^\ alam (pi. f!^} alam) ; 

s-»/ karab (pi. s-»^y^ kurub) ; AAe-» 

<Jiqa-t ; i-^i^ g"99^-t (pi. u«-^ 

Panic, s. J^ haul (pi. J^yfc\ ah- 

wal) ; iy^^ wahra-t; h^j ru*b; 

wJ^ haul' ; ^^ had^a-t. 
Pannier, s. J«ij zainl>il (pi. J«»U} 

zauabil) ; Jt;i qirtall ; fi^;J qir- 

tala-t (pi. JU.^ qirtal, JL^^J qarA- 

Pansy, s. a>^Ul\ Sy^j zahrat as- 

Pant, v. «-JWj rajaf, yarjuf ; «**%/ 

tarajjaf, yatarajjaf. — (long for) 

^\ jUfti^ ista(| ila, yastacj. 
Pantaloon, s. (trousers) J^jj;- sir- 

wal (pi. Ji^^/- sarawil) ; j^ t s k ^ 

^ahsiir (pi. ^Wa (iahasir). — 

(buffoon) s- ^^ muliVib. 
Panther, s. j^ niiur (pi. 5;^ 

uuiuura-t, jUi nimar). 
Pantry, s. iiyJS ss^^ bet al-m{iiia-t ; 

j^j^ karar. 
Pap, s. (soft food) ie^J labaniya-t ; 

Ijiji^ harim-t ; 5j^e-«c *af ida-t. — 

(pulp) ^^A id^m (pi. f*^^^ 

Nullum). — (dug) yi^\ iU^ ^amalat 

Papa, s. V|V| bAbA. 
Papacy, s. ii^WW babawiya-t. 
Papal, adj. c5^WW babawi-y. 
Paper, s. Jj^ wara<| (pi. j\)^^ 

aunKj) ; ^VL^ »|irtu8 (pi. (j^\j^ 

qara(is). — (blotting paper) J;^ 

wJUJ waraq nassaf. 
Papist, s. ^^^) rumaiii-y. 
Papyrus, s. ^^ji bardi-y; ^^'i^ 

Par, s. (equality) S\^Vw« musAwat. 
Parable, s. J^ iiiasal (pi. J^^ 

am sal) ; Je^' tamsil (pi. up2k«iUf 

Parade, s. (array of troops) cJUX 

/l-*J^ Jlc kasf *ala.'l-;asakir.— 
(display) a*j zuffa-t ; A », t > hoi- 

lua-l ; ^y» numkib {[A. s-^^ 

iiiiiwakib). — (plicv for exercise, 

d:c.) ^\x!!^ uiaidan (pi. ,^»*>W^ 
111 a \ a. 1 1 11;. 
Parade, v. ^j*W» tauaua, yatabAha ; 


I "^^•^• 

jAiA if Uhar, yaf tabir (both with 

■*• h<)- 
PAKAUtai, (, i^ janna-t ; ^y^j^ 

finlnus, fardus (pi. ,^jU farl- 

*1U. Pers). 
Paiudox, t. ia^it bid'a-t (pi. f^i 

PjlKAOOn, a. jj^ a1 U ma la-bu 

uaiir; *! ^jHf S lil sfini lu^hu ; 

M-> -ie^) wahid dabr-Lu j Jjj* 

Paraoraph, 8. J-i fa»! (pi. Jj-i 

Parallel, adj. (^j'y maw&zi; 

uijlj^ mutawiiKi. 
Pauallel, e. ijj^f- ^ halt muta- 

wazi (pi. ijjly^ Ljlm. hu(iit muta- 

Parallel, v. (make j'^ra^^'^^) "-^ 

iylji- UjU: ^aff bi-bufut luuta- 

wazija-t, yafaff. — (6e ^araZie/) 

fcSjlj wuza, TuwAzI. — (comj«tre) 

J|U qabal, yuqabil ; (jjU> qariLD, 

yuq&riB; 4** Sabbah, yu^abbib. 
Pakallblism, b. J^i^j' muwazat ; 

tjjlji tawiizi. 

PABALLBLOORAM, «. iS;^f^ li^ 

iM mutawazi (pi. (JjWi) Ji^l 
J«)1j::- askn] (^ukul) niutawazi- 
ja-t) ; gS-iJl ijjlyw mutawazi al- 
Pabaltsb, v. ^\ a'jaz, yii'jiz ; ^%c 
'ttjjaz, yu'ajjiz. 

PaBALYSIS, e. it.\^ kUBIl)fa-t ; ^U 

falij i i^!^ sakta-t. 
Pabalytic, adj., t. b^ maflilj. 
Pabauoust, adj. ^\ a'la ; Jusl 

a'lam ; jA.* fadr (pi. jjA> $udur) ; 

ffii^ muqaddam. 
Pakauour, I. ,J<>W 'asiq, f. lit-\K 

'aiiqa-t (pi. jUu 'u^silq) ; ■ , m » 

Ijabib, f. 1«»* babiba-t (pi. ^Wl 

abbi'ib, s-»lf* hiabayil)). 
Parapet, s. j*^* feajij (pi. y*-\^ 

bawujiz) ; £,lx- sutara-t. 
Paraph EK KALI A, a. j^ jab^E. 
Pabaphhase, ». f^} J ijjJ 

daura-t ti-'l'kalam; js—a tafair ; 

•-J^/u ta'rif ; »jW* 'ibara-t ; g-e^ji 

Paraphbabk, v.j-i faasar, yufas- 

air ; e^ torab. ya^ral^ ; {^ wai' 

feb. juwaasib. 
Parasitb, ». JiA tufaili-y ; jU- 

Butlaq (pi. o^U- safaliqa-t) ; ^^j 

waris; J*l,wiigU; ^j\i.Mi»n 
Pabasol, a. *e— ** ^msiyo-t ; *** 

Parcel, a. {portion) t-- biffi^t 

(pi. ,_,«» bi^a*) ; i"U qa»a'-t (pL 

jii qita', quta')-~( pftcAet) ^i* 

baqja-t ; i-^ rizma-t. 
Parcel, v. ,t-i qaaaam, yuqasum. 
Parch, v. Jj»- b^iraq. jahruq ; v^ 

^wwab, yusawwib ; t^-tt yabbaa, 

Parchednesb, a. ij-^ yube; ^j* 

Parchment, a. J^i* jj raqq g&ial; 

JV= J; ruqq 'ajl (pi. Jj*, niquq). 
Pardon, a. ^ 'atu ^ ^^^ gutran ; 

ajkA>* luagtira-t ; c^ samA^ ; 

A^.«L^ muaamaba-t. 
Pardon, p. /* gafar, y&^r; g*- 

Hamah, yamsai^ (both with ,j^ ^ 

la-bu bi-se-y) ; ^^ same^, jrv- 

samib ; i^ Uc 'afa 'an, ya'ffl ; 

^^ ^ ^at'ah 'an, yaffajf. 
Pardonable, adj. /*t yu^ar (3 

aor. pass.) ; ytal^ """^S "^jib aj- 

■af u ; yw}^ J«^ mahall al-'afO. 
Pare, v. (trim) u*;i qara4. y«qri4- 

— (fruit, £c.) yti qassar, yaqftt- 

Parent, a. -ill] valid ; >■>]<] wiljd»-t. 

— (jjttrenia) yjjJ'j wilideo. 
Parentage, a. J't a^l (pi. J^J 

u^ut) ; w — * nasab (pL tv<i— i1 

anBub) ; J-J nasai (pi. Jl-*1 

Parental, adj. ij^^j yralidi-y. 
Pakenthebis, I. l*f»f aW jum- 

Li-t mu'tarifja-t ; JS* hilal. 
Parenthetical, adj. i^f*- muta- 

Parinos, (. i-U qulama-t; i*y 

quruda-t ; >J\ uff. 
Parish, a. **«; ra'iva-t (pi, ^t^^ 

ra-fijfi) ; ojy^^^ ^ Vu al-bfiri-;- 
Parisbionbb, a. uy^^ ^ t^ nua 

bait al'b^i-y- 
Pabitt, a. (a^HO^ff) ^^ tMwi- 





ya-t ; ky» sawtya-t ; S\^U^ muB4- 

wAt. — (anoZo^) i|»U-» tnuiaba- 

ha-t ; £ii»U^ mumasala-t. 
Park, «. ^^^ gai(jU-t; (;)Vj^^ bus- 

Un ; «i))^ p4rk. 
Pablanoe, «. (uiiom) ^ luga-t 

(pi. upUJ lugat, oy^ lugAn, ^ 

lugan). — (conference) i**>W* mu- 

Parliament, «. ->yy^ icW ja- 

mii*at al-wufAd ; ^^ ^ ^^^ oV*^ 

^i^*. t 3^ diwan al-umara' wa wu- 

kal4' ai.^*b. 
Parlour, e, ^^ manzara-t. 
Parody, ». jJjb taqlid ; Je^** tam- 

gil ; * ff f^ * tasbih. 
Parole, «. {promiee) -^^ wa*ad 

(pL *>^^ wu*ikd) ; &J^^ wa*ada-t ; 

^y^y mau'iid (pi. -^©^^^ ma- 

Paroxysm, «. ^;i bural^a ; ,j«^^ j^*> 

daur al-l;umma. 
Parricide, s, (act) ^^y\ Js* qatl 

al-wilid. — (i^errfow) «JJ\^ J^U 

q&til walid-hu. 
Parrot, s, i)*> durra-t (pi. ^\j*^ 

durrat, ^^ durar); ^ babaga; 

JUt? babagal. 
Parry, r. e*W dafa*, yud4fi* ; gJuJ 

tamanna*, jatamauna*. 
Parse, v, ^^ • ^^ \ v*^^ a*rab al- 

kalamit, ju'rib. 
Parsimonious, adj, /^ muwaffir. 

— (to «cc«tf) ^ji qari^. 
Parsimony, Parsimoniousness, «. 

j9^f taufir ; Syy tawaffura-t ; 

«^L«^\ imsak. 
Parsing, «. upUb3^ ^f\ i'rab al- 

Parsley, «. cr*^*AAt baqdiioas (maq- 

diknas); J«%V tarijil; *«J^-^ 

Parsnip, «. ^•^i- saJjam (pi. ^)t- 

Parson, «. u-* qiss (pi. o*r^ 

qusiks); (.r>*--i qissis (pi. vulg. 

I *V'..» qasifisa-t) ; oi;y^ hikri-y 

(Xij\^ hawarina-t). 
Parsonage, «. tr*^^ ;^*> dar al-qias 

(pL jV|j dijAr); 0,^ ;W dar 

Part, e, ( piece) ^^ qata't (pi. {LS 
qi^a*, qu^a*) ; 5;— i kisra-t (pi. 
;--^kigar). — (portion) f^^ qism 
(pi. j»LJ^ aqtMin) ; A.4--i qisma-t ; 
i-^ tii99a-t (pi. ;ja«»- biffi*^). — 
(concern, interest) ♦iSy* iSirk (pL 
^\jA»\ airak). — (party) v»v^ 
l^izb (pi. s^W a^zab). — (aide^ 
quarters) sJJL ^raf (pi. u\^\ 
atraf) ; ^»e]^^ iqlim (pi. ^U\ aqa- 
lim). — (in a play) J* naql. — 
(talents) ^U qabiliva-t; ^i^ 
fadila-t (pi. JiU» fadayil) ; iAyu. 
ma*rifa-t (pi. U|;U^ ma*arif) ; 
^\)S\ idrak. 

Part, v. (divide) ^•— i qasam, yaq- 
sim; qassam, yuqassim. — (sepO' 
rate) a, j^ faraq, yafruq ; ^)-•* 
fa^al, jat'^il ; n. J^\ iufa^al, 
jaufa^il. — (take farewell) g*>^ 
wadda', yuwaddi* ; ft;l»W. id.\ ahaz 
hatir-hu, ya'huz. 

Partake, v. ^/* ^ariq, ja.4raq; 
^^ sarak, jusarik. 

Partial, adj. (not total) Jy¥ 
juz*i-j. — (not universal) ,^U. 
ha?? ; o^^^afc^ muhta^9 ; L/^r'^^ 
mahfuf. — (favourably inclined) 
J>U inayil; u*A* "lugnd. 

Partiality, ». a#jV^* muhazaba-t ; 
A^;^ ganwjija-t; Je^ mail (pi. 
J^^ amyal). 

Participate, v. »*J/* sarik, ya4rak; 
«iS^^ sarak, ju^arik ; ^^ SdA ahaz 
lt]ii9Aa-t, ya'huz. 

Participation, s, ^^j»» iiirkat; 
^\jXmA iitirak. 

Participle, s, (active) JeUX^ f^\ 
i8in al-fa*il. — ( passive) ^^— ^ 
JyiAj^ ism al-maf*ul. 

Particle, s, (atom) l^S zarra-t. — 
(in grammar) %^f^ Ijarf (pi. ^sf' 
huruO ; ^^^ adat (pi. ^J\yS\ ada- 

Particular, adj. (not general) ^W 
ha?? ; jjoiae* muhta?? ; ue^-Mi- 
inah^ii?; ,j-»^-^ bu^u^i-y. — (in<fi- 
vidual) *>yk^ mufrad ; ^^J-y far- 
dau; J-«A« mufa^^il. — (o(W) 
s — fr%e *ajib; s— «/ garib. — 
(exact) ijii^ mudaqqiq; ^jtlo 

daqiq. — (nice) ijii— . musta-k- 

Particplab, $. o/ fard (pi. -i^ji 

firndj ; J»-« tutRil. 
Particularise, v. J** fu^^al yu- 

fa^^i) ; Ji-^''^^ C/'' ^araJ^ bi-'t- 

PABTicnLARiTY, s. i-^A- ha??a-t; 

Pabtisg, «. jl;i*l iftirnq; jV 
firAq ; J-t fa«l ; JUiH infisal.— 
(/areupe/i) gUj wadt. — (of the 
hair) Jj»^ inafraq, mafriq (pi. 
jjlA* mufariq). 

Paetisaw, It. sjj^w muhrtzib ; ^U 
tabi' ; ijf'*' mu'allaq. 

PARTiaAHBHip, ». ijjW* muljHza- 

Pabtitiob, «. (divigioii) i*-lqis- 
ma-t J ^ i "J " taquini ; gjjji taiiai". 
— (separation) jl;* firdq; jl/^l 
iftirAq. — {wall, £c.) j»U. hi'ijiz 
(pi. ^W $awHJizJ i jjU fariqj 
v"^ O'jab (pl- '^♦^ bujab); 
Wl=- IjAyit (!'!■ ti^W' bitaa). 

Partition, p. ,*— ' qaaam, yuijsiui j 
qnaaiim, yuqaasiuii J-^ fafal, 

Paetkkb, «. ^j^ Si'irik (pl. VSy« 
sui-akii); rfljl-i-> muaarik ; getj 
rabi" (pl. ffj rubu'). 

PABTNEEaHiP, «. AJljA ^u.nika-t ; 
£:C,A sirka-t ; ^j'-'^ luusAmka-t. 

Pabteidob, ». Jv Ijajrtl; ^l^y 
liajala-t (pl. J^* afejal, J^* 
$ijla, oH» ijujlan). 

Paetpeition. #. SjJ lida-t; ^Sj wi- 
lAd; £-j1j wilnUa^t ; Jiy maulid. 

Party, t. («i<i«) -i^ (araf (pl. 
jUI atraf); ».-*W janib (pl. 
s^W jawnnib). — (facliun) s-^*- 
bizb (pl. I'V' 'w*"''); *-*-" 
*Ufba-t (pl. s—rf' 'u?ab). — (com- 
pany) (j-i>* majlis (pl. u-^*-»-* 
majAlis) ; 6^ 'isra-t; "W ja- 

Paschal, orf/. ^j*-* tii?b"-y. 

Pass, «. (j>ci«»a3e) i*i^ U)anfa2 (pl. 

(ifc^t) •^'j*;* lirqub (pl. v^lj« 
'uAqib) ; »>?*- niadiq (pL Ji^-a. 

ma^lAyiq) ; ij-*)- muDEq (pL 
ijily- mazfluiq). — (ttaie) jV I^U 

(pl. (;>r*y farar 
; ij-'jjet buyurdu ( 

(pl. JV^ aljwuJ); aw bilvt 

■(;/(W«^ur() yUj* far- 

y faramiu) ; Oj* 

buyurdu (Tttri.); 

i.j;{l-[ pasaport. 

Pass, v. (change jilace, Ae.) f»i 
zahab. yazhab ; /• marr, yamarr; 
iji- masa, yainiii ; jW jiz, yajfti. 
— (ctom) jt* 'abar, ya'bur. — 
(elapse) ,j*« mada, yamij! j f 
marr, yauiurr. — (pa«t evrreai) 
^f* jara, yajri. — (^end) Jj* 
9araf, yajrif. — (omil) ^y Unk, 
yatruk ; ^j-i nasi, yansa. 

Passable, adj. (posnibU (o b« 
pojised) jff*^^ (;f^*' mumkin ftl- 
•ubur. — {tolerMe) J-*;* yaU- 
hammal ; i^ (^ baiu bain. 

Passaoe, ». (way) Jj^i. (ariq (pL 
jjL t'lrq) i i*!;t fariqa-t (pL 
.=J>J> Surqat); J«- sabil (pL 
J^ Bubul) ; ^j-i darb (pl. -.^ 
durftb).— (corer^d passage) H|V* 
aiibat ; }e^.> dabiiz. — (mJnMM 
or fri() J*.^ madhal (pi. J*U* 
madahil) ; E;— i^ DiaLraj (pL 
tj^*- maharij) ; .*4i- mimfa? (pl. 
^U- manjifi?).^ place of ero**- 
ing) p»* ma'bar; itlji- mahi- 
di-t.— 0«r«fj) /- aafar (pl. 
jlt-1 aalar) ; ijiL— musAfara-t- — 
(o/ a book) 4lU- maqfila-t; Jjl 
qaiil Q.l. jyl oqwal, JjjUl aqi- 

Pasbenoee, f. ;lU aalir (pL J^ 
autTnr) ; jiL.^ musafir ; J-^V 
rahil ; j|lc 'abir. 

Passiko, aJj. (excfllmt) /i^ "licim; 
.!«■ jayvid ; JjU fftyiq ; J^ j 
fadil (l-'I. S-* fudalA) ; jiU* " * 
(comp. of tho previuiis). 

Passion, s. |_^j» hawtis ; _ 
(pl. yi abwii) i Sjifc ( ^ 
(pl. «jlj«4. saliwat, jah Ml 
t)^»e* uavaJHQ ; A»j wajd (pLl 
jj*-j wujaUj. — (»^fcn»g) ,Jrv \ 
ta'allum. — (anger) W^t ^iti( ; i 

PABsionATE, at^. ftj*^ miignun; 




^\yj\ ^y•\^ ^mt al-mizAj ; s>^ 

Passionatbnbss, «. J^»**> hammi- 

ja-t ; i)\^ harara-t. 
Passive, adj. Jw^ muta^jiammil ; 

JftL^ inusahil. — (passive verb) 

Jy»A« maf*ul ; J^«%^ majhiil. 
Passiveness, 8. JfME^ tahainmul ; 

UyiA* maf'iiliya-t. 
PissovBB, 8. (^^ *^»fi 'id al-fa^lji ; 

jt^\ J^ 'id al-kabir. 
Passport, «. oW* ^annan (pi. 

^i^y faraniin) ; t^^j^ bujArdu 

(Turk.) ; ^j>iW pa8ai)0it. 
Past, euij. <j-*^ ma^i ; iji^ sabiq ; 

UkSLi salif ; f*JJU^ mutaqaddim. 
Past, i^r^yp. j»* fauq. 
Past, «. ^j*Ui\ al-macji ; oW^ ^•^ 

qadim az-zamaD. 
Paste, s, (glue) 8}^^ bal(iza-t.— 

(dough) {:^ti^ *ajin (pi. {;^^ 

*ujun). — (leavened) S^ a*'* hami- 

Paste, r. (fasten tcith paste) vJH^ 

la9?aq, jula^^iq. 
Pastime, s, tj^ tafarruj ; A^y duz- 

Pastor, s, (herdsman) ^\^ ra*i (pi. 

5Vcj ru*at. — (clergyman) ^;^ 

hAri-y (pi. ^j^y^ hawurina-t) ; 

ij^ qiss (pi. [j-»y^ qusus) ; ^j-e— i 

qissis (pi. vul^. iL»iL»J qasafi- 

sa-t) ; {^^ kahin (pi. ^^ kaha- 

Pastoral, adj. vj-^— * qussusi-y. — 

(rural) ^i^^ v*^*«u^ maiiBub li- 

Pastry," s. ijj^ fatira-t (pi. ji^ 

fa^ajir) ; <j . ^ ?»■« sambusacj 

Pastry-cooe, f. cf;^^ fatAtiri-v ; 

^y^yi^ l^alwani-y. 
Pasturable, adj. i^\^ \J^^y mu- 

waiiq li-*i-ri*Aya-t. 
Pasturaqe, s. gsy* iiiarta* (j»l. j*^/* 

Pahturk, s. (ground) ^y* niar*a 

(pi. o*^/* "i''»^H*i) ; ^/« inarta* 

(pi. {»U* niarati*).— -(/oo(/) ^'^ 

qui ; ^ akla-t ; ^Agft * haMsa-t 

(pL u^Uu. ^aayis). 

Pasture, v. ^\ ^jC; ra'a al« 

ganam, yar*a ; ^;^ ar*a, yur*i. 
Pat, s. fj; rdzza-t ; Uk^ kaff . 
Pat, v. v»r* 4arab, ya4rub ; (jtW 

latas, yal^u^. 
Pat, adj. vjk^ layiq ; sj^^y^ muwi- 

Patch, s. 4«i; ruq*a-t (pi. gVlj riq&*;. 
Patch, r. g*; raqa*, yarqa* ; raqqa', 

Pate, s. 4-A^ qi^f (pi. u\^\ aq- 

haf, ^ym> qu^Af) ; ^ ♦^ m jum- 

juma-t (j»l. ^W janiajim). 
Patent, ck//. (open, public) giU 

sayi* ; o^y^ *umAiiii-y ; y^Vi 

Patent, s. ^Uy farm an (pi. ^j^ty 

faraniin) ; )y^'^^ man^ikr (pi. 

^U>« nianusir) ; yL>\^ bar&t ; 

^^ muwaqqa*. 
Patentee, s. 4^^/ fann&nli-y ; 

^Ji^Jl baratli-y. 
Paternal, adj. ^yf\ abawi-y ; ^^\) 

Paternity, s. i)i\ ub(kwa-t ; ii^\ 

Paternoster, s. (the Lord's 

Prayer) '^^^ li^\ a^-falat ar- 

rabbiya-t. — (rosary) ^^f >• mis- 

balia-t (pi. ^U-^ niasabil^). 
Path, Pathway, s. ^^ tariq (pi. 

j;L tnrq) ; ^^ tariqa-t (pi. «t>VlX 

turqat) ; uXL .^ maslak, maslik 

(pi. ciiJL-^ masalik) ; J«— sabil 

(pi. J^— subul). 
Pathetic, adj. gc«^ muhayyij ; 

{;)J^^ inuhaunin ; ^j^^ mii^ar- 

rik; ^j^ uiuraqqiq; ^ balig 

(pi. Ui# biilaj^a). 
Pathless, adj. Qt^ mani*. 

Pathology, h. u^V*^^ f^ *^^^ ^' 


Pathos, s. ^^ balaga-t; ^m^ 

s-»yjC\ tahyij aUqiiliib. 
Patience, s. y^ ^abr; j^^\ if^i- 

bar; J**-"* tahaniinul; 4^^ auat. 

— (have patitnce) ^* 9a bar, yaf- 

bir ; ;»V* 9abar, yuBabir. 
Patiknt, adj. jyf-» 9al»ur; j^ ^\ 

abu Habr; ji^ ?abir. 
Patient, «. ^J^J>• mari4 (pi. ^j*/» 

inar4a. u^V maritja, y*y mi- 

Patsiaeoh, «. •*!;^ batrak; utl*;l* 

l.alrib (.pl- Kj^ Ija^araka^t). 
Patbiaecbatk, b. W;W batraki- 

Pateician, <., cuif. •-*!;* sarif (pi. 

U^ ^urafii, tai^j^l asraf). 
Pateimonial, odj. •*'3}f mauriig ; 

,jSU uiullii-y. 

PatKIMONT, g, ■*»;! ira ; -A-^je- 

mtri^ ; *Jljj wiriga-t. 
Patbiot, j. ijtjll '^-*- muljibb al- 

watan; aAj^ mu'iKK wafau-hu. 
Patbiotism, «. j^jll ',-«- tiiMi al- 

watan ; tjl-jll *>»* mu'aaza-t al- 

Patboi,, I. •Jjl' tauf ; w~* 'ass ; 

(,^»« 'aaas. 

PATEOt, U. U-C "aM, ya'UBB J y~M( 

i'taaa, ya'tasB ; ^J^ (af, yati^f; 

>_i^t ataf, jutif. 
Patbok, ». J) wali-y ; ^Jf maula 

(pi. jlj- mawali) ; ^Jly• mur- 

rabi ; tj"^ hami (pi. "*» ^u- 

mat ; y-jW haria (pi. ^J^f■ b^tros, 

ij.\jB.l ahras, yi'V" buffOB). 
Patbonaoe, I. JJUii himaya,-t ; 3j 

wala ; ftHlj' mawalal. 
PATEOSI8B, V. Jlj wala, yuwali ; 

,j*-. hama, yaljmi. 
Pateontmuj, ». "i — J' (j«5 4**^ 

kinya-t tubayyin an-nasab. 
Pattkk, v. >^-> dabbak, juJalibik ; 

•*j-^*> dabdab, yuddbdib. 
piXTBEN, tp. (origitial) J-1 afl (pi. 

Jyl UfO!). — (wm/ifej •. B->^1 

Pauciti, 8, ^ qilla-t; J»li qalll. 
Pausch, «. y*l batQ (pi. ojW 

bujiln); >/ kirs (pi. ^j/ 

Paupkb, f. ijo^— • miskin (pi. 

(j^A— ' tnaBakia); ^/-^ muflia 

(pi. u-J^ luafalis) ; jjl— ?a*luk 

(pi. JoJl" (a'alii^J ; je** faijir (pi. 

1^ f uqarA). 
~*naE, «. 1-jU 

S)Sj rikza-t ;' £^y inqitA' 
pAUSK, tf. "-jUj waqaf, yaqif ; «-MjI 

tawaqqaf, yatftwaqqai. 

raba (bL. 

; tfM ' 

Pate, v. U, ballat, yuballit j ^^ 

WWW fara.-! bi-'Ubalfi^, yafru*. 
Pavement, §. U4 balat- 
Pavjbr, Paviob, f. U<-* rauballit. 
Pavilion, i. l*i*~ haima-t (p!. fi^ 

hiyatn, fk^ huyam, hiy&m) ; j^t^ 

suwi'm ; o^j^ (iwin (pi. ii^\ 

Paw, g. A{ yad (du. 1^^ yadro); { 

O*;) bursun (pi. yJ^;) bariain). 
Paw, v. (* jah$, yajuh^. 
Pawn, », (jiict^e) ^J*J nb rn (pi. 

yj*j ruhfln, (jWj ribin)jy ' 

rahina-t (pi. i^^j 

y;»/! 'urban; uj,*, , 

(d^S^o^tic).— (in ehfn) J 

dai| (pi. jjW bayidiq, 

Mt band (pi. Jj*» baD&d). 
Pawn, v. y^j rauan, yarhaa ; 

arhan, yurLin 
Pawnbbokkb, I. ts^ey mDrtahin. 
Pay, ». IfA ujra-t ; ii^ft- jiraya-t. — 

(0/ an oigicial) ie^W jamaldya-t 

(pi. ^yi«"'*"'««i»iary) 

iijle 'aliifB-t. 
Pak, v. ^, wafa, yali, yiifl ; jW 

aafa', yadfa' ; ij>>1 adda, yu'addL 

— (eompeiuate) Ij* jali, ya)ll 

(o* e* 'an se-y). 
Patablb, flrf/. jiJi yudfa' (3 aor. 

pa,§H.) ; {iAit yandafi' (3 aor. 


Pates, ». ^t Sji,w madfA' il».hi. 
Patmbnt, «. £lJ daf; W1 tfi; U 

Pea, a. ^^ basilla-t ; ^UW jalbtn ; 

i/u^ biiBinaf, ^imiiuf, l>Bmniuf ; 

MW. ^filija-t. 
Peace, «. ^i* ; ulh ; ^.uthudna-ti 

ii\->A hudina-t ; f^ aalAju. — 

{treaty 0/ ^jicaet) O^-* mu|il^ 

Peaceable, PEACBfUL, adj. ^t'^ 

Peaceable Naa§, Peackpolkbm, >. 

j-iA hudu ; ij^A* hadana-t. 
Peack-maeeb, (. (JU* niufalili. 
Peacock, «. u-m^ (awiis (pi, ^tjkt 

ajwaa, y-lj'jt tawSwis). 
Peak. ». J^f ^Ij r&s al-jabal ([d. 

u-/i, ru'ui). 




PBAL,-tK^o/ ikunder) J^j ra*d (pi. 

*>/i; ru*M)<— (0/ belli) Ij^^ tau- 

tana-t. ^^\,.^^^ 

Peal, v, J^» ra'ad, yte««4i^jar'ud ; 

^j\ ar'aa, jur*id; (;>; ra 

Pbab, «. cjr*^ kumasra (kumatra) ; 

v^V naja^ ; ^W^ naja^a-t. 
Pearl, ». ;*> durr ; ij*y durra-t (pi. 

«•> durar, *mAjJ durrat) ; pJ 

mlik; «yy luluwa-t (pi. ^3 

lu'ali) ; yfc^ jauhar (pi. yfc\^ 

jaw&hir) ; oW/« murjan. 
PsAJKLT, od/. j*> ^•i ?ii durr; g*;* 

jjJVi muraf^a' bi-'d-durr. 
Peasant, 8, t^ falla^ ; i)\) zari* 

(pi. fVj) zurra*) ; ^j\^ tiarig (pi. 

*mA^ Jl^urra^). 
Peasant&t, 8. (jt^^\ al-fallal^in ; 

Ci^U\ al.falalil^. 
Pebble, «. ^y^^ l^a^wa-t (pi. coll. 

^jmm^ t^a). — (crystcU) j^\ y^ 

^jar al-billiir. 
Peck, v.j^k Daqar, yanqur. 
Pectoral, adj. ^j.^* ^adri-y. 
Peculate, v. f^^)*^ J^r* saraq dara- 

him, yasriq. 
Peculation, «. il;- sariqa-t. 
Peculiar, adj. ^^ ha^? ; sj>y:i^ 

mabv^ ; L^-^ muba^faf. 
Peculliritt, f. ^ -•V ^ ^a^^a-t; 

j^»* ^ »<* b^f^f^yc^^ ; ^^ haf 9!- 

ya-t (pi. o^Ui. ba^&yif ). 
Pbcuniabt, (u2j. v5*^ Daqdi-y; 

JU mali-y. 
Pedaoooue, «. f^ mu'allim ; ^^ 

Pedant, «. ^^^ nal^awi-y ; y^ 

iLfUn kagir al-galaba-t. 
Pedantry, «. i«U galaba-t. 
Peddle, v. l^^,^^ dir bi-burda-t, 

PsDEflTAL, «. .*^W\ J^ rill al- 

•amAd (pL XtAfi\ J%/ arjul al- 

Pedestrian, t. ^U m&si (pi. 

lU^ mu^t) ; Uj zalima-t, zul- 

ma-t (pi. f»Sj sullam, |*Sj^ as- 

Pediorbb, «. v««^ na^ab (pi. v*Uj\ 


Pedlar, » . J*)/- gW bayya* hurda-t ; 

5*^ ba^i* (pi. itiii ba^a^a-t) ; 

J»U^ bisa^i-y. 
Peel, b. y*^ qisr (pi. j^ qusur). 
Peel, t;. yi^ qa^ar, yaqsir, yaqsur ; 

sar, yuqa>^ir. 
Peep, 8. ^ lamh; l^ lamha-t; 

aW lahza-t. — (/>«^ of day) j^ 

fa jr. 
Peep, v, (as chicken) ,j-»«* fau^a, 

yu9au9i. — (appear) c^ Ian, yaltkb* 

— (look slily) ^ lamab, yalmab ; 

v>«; ramaq, yarmuq ; W la^az, 

Peer, s. (equal) {^f qarin (pi. U^ 

qurana) ; (^^ qirn (pi. i^\/\ 

aqran). — (nobleman) je^\ amir 

(pi. \f»\ umara). 
Peerage, 8. (dignity) SjU\ am&ra-t 

(body of noblemen) ^j-^!t\ al- 

Peerless, adj. jj^ aS U ma la-ha 

najir ; Je^ dS U ma la-hu ma§il ; 

J^y farid. 
Peevish, adj. v»^ gft^i^b; yAy 

muzantir; (^tJu f aqsan ; ^;| 

Peevishness, 8. ifi) zantara-t. 
Peg, 8. 'iiy watad (pi. ^^^^ aut4d) ; 

jU— *• mismar (pi. ^ yU,^ masA- 

Peg, v. j*« sammar, yusammir; 

J^^ wattad, yuwattid. 
Pelf, s. JU mal (pL J^^^ am- 

Pelican, «. JL.4A.. rabma»t; 

baja* ; Vju saqqa. 
Pelisse, b. i^^j^ farajiya-t. 
Pellet, 8. £/ kurra-t ; ^VL (aba-t. 
Pellicle, 8. Ui^ gisi. 
Pellucid, (u^*. w^Ui^ iaffaf; ^U 


Pellucidness, tf. ^^ Kaffafa-t; 

U« fafa. 
Pelt, v.a. ^^ rama, yarmi ; ^3^^ 

rasaq, yarmuq ; ^^ rajam, yar- 

jum ; n. (pour) ji^ ha^al, yah- 

til ; JA». b&fal» yaffil- 
Pelvis, tf. 1*^ t^u^a-t; sjy^\ ^yk 

i}Lm'i\ gor aUjauf al-asfal. 
Pen, «. (/or writing) ^ qalam (pL 

^1 aqlilm). — {for fowl, &e.) 
y-U qals (pi. xj'\li\ iiiitl?/— (/or 
theep, &c.] s'j; zarb, zirb (pi. 
^jjj aurubj ; cij- munilj (pi. C/- 

Pbm, c. {write) s-^ katab, jaktub ; 
^j raqqam, yuraqqim. — {shut 
itp) yiii qu&a;, juqalli?; vjj 
zara-b, jazrub, 

Pkhal, adj. i_j»J*" 'uqubi-j- ; v-iU^ 

Pkmalty, «, yoUiiji^u? ; 4|j« 'uqli- 
ba-l ; ^j* jarima-t ; i^\jt gara- 

Pbnahce, ». (repmlancc) ^y tiiu- 
ba-t, luba-t. — {impoied by a 
j)riat) oyUi qanua (pi. tKilj* 
qawilnin) ; ^j^ kafiara-t. 

Pencil, ». yc^j ^ qalain ra^Af 
(pi. (j*»' uqliioi) J it-j^ luirjam. 

pKNCIL, o. (rfefi«ea(ej ^j rasam, 
jaraum j jj- jawwar, yujawwir. 

Pemdakt, 8. k/ qurt (pi. U/\ 

Pbkdent, Pemduluus, adj. ji*** 
muU'alliq ; ,jl*- mu'allaq. 

Pbbdisq, o(/j. (Mndeftdedj i-jUIj 
wAqif; J-*- je« gair mufaMal ; 
ti^ 3^ gair maqtu'. 

Ps«£TiiATE, II. (jjiei'cej iif nafaz, 
yanfiz (with prep. ^ fi); jji- 
garaq, jahriq ; y^ eaqab, jaj- 
qub. — (eatuT) jio daLal, jadhul ; 
g)j waltij, ;alij. — (comprehend) 
tti^Si adrak, yudrik; ^ fahim, 

FlNETBiTiNO, adj. ^J zaki-j ; yL* 
fa(in i f4ii\ ^^ sari- al-fahm. 

Fbhztbation, g. {eritraiice) JjW 
nutilz; JjiJ duljul.— (ucu/ene**) 
.«>1j>>^ idrak; ^ fabmi Sjiii 
(akawa-t ^ aA> tituo-t ; i—\ji tirA- 

Penikedla, (, ljij«. jazir&-t (pi. 

ji'^ JAZ&yir). 
Pkkinsulak, inij. ^jij* jiiilri-y. 
pKNia, «. jSJ fakr (pl-j^-i zukiirj. 
PxRiTEHcB, ji. i-li* uadama-l; ^ 

n«l»in i ("Aij tauadduin ; M^ tan- 

ba-t, taU-t; i|Ui tiiba-ti v^ 


Penitent, atjj., a. |W>U nidim (pL 

i*W iiuddaiu, nidam) i ^^'•^ lud- 

mi'iu (pi. u-l.i' nudaiua/ — {be 

peniteal) f^ nadiin, yaudADi i 

v'U tall, J'ulJib. 
Pkn-knifb, t. i\j^ Diibi-at (pi. ysj^ 

uiabttri) i 4j«y- luiia (pL (^>^1 

amwiis) ; y^ ■aun ; ^-e—tf 'uwai. 

8iya-t ; i^lji*i> qalamtaran. 
Penuan, a. >v^'U Uatlb ; j*U s^ll 

katib niuliir (pL v^ kutUb, 

Af^ kaUba-t;. 
Penuan SHIP, s. A)^ kiluba-t. 
Pennant, Pennon, ». i^*^ bsn- 

Penny, t. Lu tidd^t (fulg. E>4- 

pENNYLEas, adj. u~li- muHu (pL 

^Ui- uiafttliaj. 
Pension, «, vlj ratib, A,ilj riU- 

ba-t (pi. s-iljj rawatibj ; )^i«* 

Qja'd^i Afc^ wajiba-l; aa,Ij m. 

aila-t (pi. .-iiiiAj waiAyitJ. 
Pension, v. M^j a1 J*fi 'amil l».hti 

ratiba-t, jaiu-al. 
Pensioneb, ». V^j '^ la-hu riti- 

ba-ti d-luq. aJ la-hu Ja'aU-ti 

s-ilyl V**-" (aljib ar-rutib. 
Pendive, adj. ^■A^ luutafakktT; 

J-'i— • luuta'amiml. 
Pen;]1venghd, «. yj hkr; ^ u- 

takkur; J-'U WauimuL 
Pentaoun, «., Pentauonai,, adj. 

ij-*»rf niubanunaii; »(lj) »./-**■ jJ 

ju hauie zawa^A. 
Pentateuch, a. tlj^ taurat ^ ^*^^ 

pBNTKbOSX, «. i;*w)1 JvA 'id &!• 

•aujara-t ; (j e .)J< J^ 'Id »!• 

Penult, Pendltimatb, < 

/.3\ ma qabl aX-k^u. 
Pendbiouu, adj. J^. baitl ( 

buljaiuj i i.y qarit. 
Pbnukiousness, 4. J*: butjL 
Penuiiv, t. ekffi^l iiiti,vtij; S)^ 




••.^fa-t ll^^ 




PxoPLB, «. (nation) fyi qaum (pi. 

f^^\ aqwam) ; s-*** ^i*b, 8a*b (pi. 

v»yiik 8U*Ab) ; W umma-t (pi. 

f^\ umam) ; fiL* milla-t (pi. Ji^ 

inilal); i^^ tafiya-t (pi. Ub\^ 

^w&vif). — (men) yj^ halq (pi. 

sy!^ halayiq) ; ^\ji\ an-nas (pi. 

of (^\^\ insan). — {community) 

j^«*^ jumhikr (pi. y^W jama- 

hir) ; l^^ 'amma-t ; yt\ ahl (pi. 

J\M\ ahali). 
Pkoplb, r. y^ *ammar, ju^ammir. 
Peopled, ddj. jy-^^ ma*miir. 
Pbppee, «. jiu fulful, filfil. 
Peppee, r. JaU falfal, vufalfil ; 

JAI^V, j^ tavjaq bi-'l-filfil, yu- 

Pepper- BOX, Pepper-caster, 8, 

J*UJ\ ii^ buqqat al.filfil. 
Peppermint, r aiuj»> iia*na*a-t. 
Peppery, Akf;. JaU^ mufalfal. 
Pbradtenture, adv. J«S la*all ; 

(^\ ,j-* 'asa ann ; 'UU>\ ittifa- 

Prjulmbulate, v. j\*y dar, jadilr ; 

^\^ \kif jB,\}if ; j^ baram, yab- 

Perambulation, s. (^^j^ sairan ; 

Ij^o daura-t. 
Perceitable, Perceptible, adj, 

(j^ X ^^^ mat^siis; *^jJ»^ mudrak ; 

^pj^ madruk ; ^^^W ^^'^ yud- 

luk bi-'l-li^awa8B. 
Perceive, v. ^j*y\ adrak, yudrik ; 

^ fahim, yaiham; s^/^ sa'ar 

bi, yai*ur. 
Perceptibility, s. ♦«3^j*>3^ W?^ qa- 

biltyat al-idrak. 
Perception, #. *t^\j*y\ idrak ; ^^^-^^ 

i^aas ; i^W ^aflsiya-t ; ^ fahm 

(pi. f^y^k fuhum). 
Perceptive, adj. ^)J^ nmdrik; 

{j""^^ mut^iss. 
Perch, «. {for a bird) a^Uc *a^aya-t. 
Perch, o. jmI qa*ad, yaq*ud ; ^ 

jajam, yajgim. 
Perchance, adv. 'ViVtf^ ittif&qan ; 

Uij rubbama. 
Percolate, r. ^J^ fa£fa, yu^dili; 

i3j^ rawwaq, yurawwiq. 
Pejmx>latiom, f. Ji«M ta^fija-t. 

Percolator, s. SU^ misfat ; ^jU«»« 

mij»fuva-t ; Jm\) rawdq. 
Percussion, s. &^j^ ^adma-t ; ^J^ 

tasadJuiii ; X|^ 4^rba-t. 
Perdition, s. a)!U halak; v*^;A- 

harab ; a^^ baid ; ;^ Hubir. 
Peregrinate, r. v»;* garab, yag- 

rub ; v»;*» tagarrab, yatagarrab. 
Peregrination, b. l^j^ gurba-t; 

v»;^ tagarrub ; yu safar (pi. 

j\jLm\ as far) ; A^Ve- siyal^a-t. 
Peremptory, adj. gUU qa(i* ; qj^ 

muqni*; ^Ui ^fi; {j'^j^ mu- 

Perennial, adj. ^U dayim ; jJU. 

halid ; J^^ makid. 
Perfect, adj. J^^ kamil; J*^ 

niukammal; ^U> tamm ; f*UJ ta- 
rn am ; ^\) wafi. 
Perfect, r. J^ kammal, yukara- 

mil ; f^ lam mam, yutammim. 
Perfection, Perfecivness, s. JU^ 

kamal; f»Ui3\ ^ JU53\ al-kamal 

wa-'t-tamam ; ^^^ fa<}ila-t (pi. 

J|U» fa^ayil). 
Perfidious, a<f;. ^W hayin; (^\^ 

hawwan; ;«>^ gadir; \\^ g&d- 

Perfidy, «. il»Vo*. feiyAna-t; jOA 

Perforate, v. s-^ naqab, yayqub ; 

•^ nafa?, yanfi?; *m j^kk, ya- 

Perforation, e. w-*^ aaqb. 
Perforator, ». s-^U-» misqab (pi. 

w-^^^ masaqib). 
Perforce, adv. '\j%i qahran ; 1^f% 

jabran ; 'W-*^ gaf ban. 
Perform, v. {carry out) ^ qa^a, 

yaq^i; J^^ kammal, yukammil ; 

f^ tammim, yutammim ; J4i« 

*amil, y&*ma,l— {play on an in- 

strument) JJ daqq, yaduqq. — {as 

an actor) J* naqal, yanqul ; jJii 

qallad, yuqallid. 
Performance, 8. {execution) J*^ 

*amal ; Ul qida ; l^^ ta<j<j[iya-t. 

-^{entertainment) S^jk tarja-t ; 

A»y uauha-t; V^ taqlid; w-^ 

J^ Wh taqlid. 
Pireumb, f. s^ tib (pi. %^gi< 


»tTab);>e 'itr (^.1. j,l* -v^tn); 

_y*: bfthflr (pi. ui»l»*-. bahariit). 
PiSFimB, v.j^ babhar, Tubfthhir; 

J^ 'attar, ^u'&tfir; ^5^ halLaq, 

jruballiq ; f^ ijamab, ya^muh ; 

^ammah, Tudammih. 
PCBFUMEK, "s. jUoc 'attAr. 
PERFUidEBY, ». jjl»e 'utur (pi. of 

M 'it"-)- 
Perfunctobv, adj. J/** magfiil. 
Pkbeafs, odo. i^\ ,j-^ 'aaa ann ; 

"UWl iltifAqan; >J la'all ; Ujj 

PxBic^BDiirii, (. v-lilt wV^ bij&b 


FXBIHELIOK, «. yB u*;!M fJij* W;*' 

( j -*-*'!^ aqrab iiiau^a' al-ar^ 'an 


■ FBI 



Peril, «. >*■ bivtar {pi. jlUl ahtfir) ; 
" ' > Diukata: . . ^ 

' mabafa-t 
Pbbii,, v. f^ hfltar, jubAlir. 
FsBiLous, adj. <-A(ii- niuhif ; i-Imk^ 




PxBiuD, >. {cycle) ^j-i daur (pi. j^jJ^ 
adtrar); ^y oauba-t {)il. wy 
nuwab). — (ojc) i^jj waijt (pi. 
wVijI auqiit); t^Uj zanina (pi. 
yUj( aKiafla, ii-jl azmina-t, t^)\ 
azmun) ; J-»c 'ahd (pi Jja* 
'ubfldj ; ^ 'a?r (pi. jl-el a'^ar, 
jy-e 'm&r).^(iienie?ice) iU* juni- 
l»-l(pl. J^ jumal); Se-i» qaiji- 
ja-t (pi. >4Ui qa<JavA).— (rttd) 
V*^ iutihA; i^l^ nib'Ava-t; r>Ui 
tarn dm. 

Periodic, Periodical, adj. ijj'jJ 

Pekisb, v. aii* hitlik, yahlak; >)W 
bad, yabid; i-AU talif, yatlnf; 
1^ faDa, \ afuu ) ^'ii talA^a, ^a- 

Pbsisbablb, 'idj. ^U fHni; J{1j 
zAyil i tft-tl* 11.1 ii 1 ,j!ij waqti-j. 

^bibbablbkesb, «. fIjjJI ,«J^ 
'adam ad-dawAm ; Jljj xawAl ; 
Ui faDH. 

PsBJDBB, tp. ji)!^ hJ^ ^alaf bi-'i> 

! [Pnl 

7.ur, yablif ; •^-^ iiaka3,yankat; 

Pbbjcbeb, I. ti~iW ^inif 1 tA>J^^ 

Pebjttbt, a. ti- 

; J33 t>.*« 


Febmaneitce, Pebmanbkct, *. f>0 

qivAtn; |»1)J dawaui ; i"jl.M mo- 

dAwama-t ; >^'<J $abAt ; >"},} 

suLttt ; U^ baqa. 
Fbbhanent, adj. (H^-i dAyiai ; ta-t" 

sabit ; j*J— * mustanurr ; ti-A* 

Febubable, oij;. M ^*>t yanfiz fl- 

hi (3 aor.); M ^ yaqV fi^U. 
Fbrueatb, e. ^ iM naiar ff, yma- 

ti? i o* 5^ qaVa' fi, yaqta'. 
Fbruissible, adj. ijWSI -r-vlj w*- 

jib al-iJHza-t ; jW: yujas (3 aor. 

PsRuissioir, I. ljW\ ijAza-ti |^ 

izn ; itA.j ruh?a-t ; jy^J dsst&r. 
Pebmisbite, adj. ye^» mujis. 
pEEMtT, r. jW ajAK, ynji"; (jJl 

azaa, yazan ; ^*^ eain 

mab (the latter two wit 

la-bu bi-se-y); qJI) " 

( a' (a tjAea-t (ien, 

Pebmit. «. jiW^ ^'j*! ^1 amrbi- 

fawAl al-badayi' ; j'j* jawia. 
pERMrTATioH, (. JtA^ tabdil ; Ja,! 

tabaddiil (pi. .»3V tabadduUt) ; 

s-^ qalb. 
Pekmciovb, aifj. »%- mohlik; 

<- t li^ mutlif; f*' mu^irri ' *■ 

Pbbnicioubxebb, ». iy*» ma^arra't ; 

j^ ijarar. 
Peroration, «. A«iU. ^Atima-t (p!. 

^V- banatiin) ; i»j». ^atma-t 

(pi. ^Ui*. liatamat). 
Pebfendicdlab, adj. ^U qAyim. 
Perpend icuLAB, «. ->^ 'annd IpL 

iA^\ a'niida-t, A.S *umuil)i t* 

ijjj** batt 'auiildi-v (nl. tjW 

tu(ut, L^f abtat) i f.,tf-^ U. 

Son tnuBtaqim. 

amah . w>.M 




PiKPiTBATBy adj. *T^j\ irtakab, 

PxRPBTBATiON, 8, v»V^;^ irtik4b. 
Perpetual, adj, ^^«> d&jim ; f*;^*^ 

midwam; ^ |. u ....» mustadim; 

•*JW b^lid ; ^s^\ abadi-y ; ^j^^r* 

sarmadi-j ; J^y It la jazal. 
Perpetuate, v, f^*y\ adam, judim ; 

•iJU. ballad, juhallid; J^\ ahlad, 

juhlid ; J^\ abqa, yubqi ; J^'l 

abbad, ju'abbid. 
Perpetuation, 8, jl-JL*» tablid; 

^^*>^ idAma-t; V«|\ ibq&. 
Perpetuity, «. f*^^«> dawatn ; J^^ 

sarinad ; j^;4Ju«^ istimrar ; JUU. 

Perplex, v. j^ feayyar, yu^ayyir ; 

^»^ bahbat, yubahhit; «aW; ra- 

bak, yarbuk ; ««t) labbak, yu- 

Perplexed, adj, o^;«^ ^airAn; 

; ff^ ^ mutahayyir. 
Perplexity, «. J;o^ ^^ira-t ; jjtj^ 

taswi^; v»^y»*^ i^tir&b. 

Perquisite, «. {incidental gain) 
^^\ji J|*-J^ madhCil barrani-y. 

Persecute, v. '>4^ <jbhad, ya4bad ; 
JkfkA^ i4tabad, ya4tabid; ft^ 
zalam, yaslioi ; ^ 4^j j tr, yu- 

Persecution, «. jV|W^ i^^ihad ; ^ 

Perseverance, Persistence, 

Persistency, 8. ^^^j^ mudawa- 
ina-t ; ^^v^ inuwAzaba-t ; ^U*>\ 
id man ; ;t;4.2«^ istimriir ; j^^^ 

Persevere, Persist, v. f^U dk- 
wam, yudawim ; s-^^^ wa^ab, 
yuwAjib (both with ^J^ 'ala) ; 
^«>\ adman, yudmin (with ac'c. 
or ^ *ala) ; <^ ^4Jb.«^ istamarr 
fi, yastamirr. 

Person, «. tj^f^ iah^ (pi. v^^i^^ 
»^ha^) ; J^J 2Uiul (pi. J^^3^ azwal) ; 
/» nafar (pL j\m\ anfar) ; ^ 
^aru (pi. f*yi suium). — {appear- 
ance) i^ym 9ura-t (pi. j^ ^uwar) ; 
JSUi ^ki, sikl (pi. \XSm,\ askal, 
J/^ii sukikl).— (o/ Ui4 Trinity) 

ff3^\ aqniim (pL ^Vl^ aqinim). 

— {in grammar) 1st person, ^J5a ^ 

mutakalliui ; 2nd person, vJ^W* 

muhatab ; 3rd person, s-^^ g&- 

yib. — (a certain per8on) (ib 

fulan, f. fi a-t. — {in per8on) ^J^ 

bi-zat-hu ; a^-J^ bi-nafs-hu ; Ajbo«| 

Personage, 8, fi)e s-^t« fa^ib 

'izza-t (pi. v»W*\ a^tiab) ; J%j 

^f-sA^ rajul mu'tabar. 
Personal, (u£;. ^^j^a^ik ^ahfi-y ; ^U 

zati-y; ^U. haf f ; o^^*»fe- niah- 

Personality, «. 4><«a^ ^ahfiya-t. 
Personate, t;. *^ qallad, yuqallid; 

^)ii^ naqal, yanqul. 
Personation, 8. J^ taqlid. 
Personification, 8. i^fi:^^ ta^- 

hu9 ; ^»«^ taqnim ; f^^ taqan- 

Personify, v. ^ qannam, yuqan- 

Perspective, 8, {telescope) fijVy 

uazzara-t ; (:^;^*> d(irbin {Per8,). 

— {in painting^ Ac.) ^fc^ luauzar 

(|)1. ^u« managir). 
Perspicacious, adj. ^3 zaki-y ; 

^^ la^in; ^^ai^ latin; i^\jk yb\ 

ahl firasa-t ; fi;^^ s-^^ 9a 

ba9ira-t (pi. s^W«\ a9^ab). 
Perspicacity, «. fi^^«S zak&wa-t; 

A^k ti^na-t ; Ijn^ ba^ira-t ; li\^ 

bizaka-t ; A^y tirasa-t. 
Perspicuous, adj. ^\y wa^ilji; y^U 

zaliir; sJ\kb, saffaf; ^/* 9ari^. 
Persficuouness, Perspicuity, «. 

^J^ bayan ; c^^ ida^ ; ^^ tau- 

dih ; ^^j^ 9 iraba-t. 
Perspiration, 8. j^ *araq. 
Perspire, v. J;C *ariq, ya*raq. 
Persuade, t;. {induce) ^)\ anjia, 

yurt^i ; s-^;^ argab, yur^^ib ; JU^ 

aiuai, yumil. — {convince) Qii 

qaniia*, yuqauui' ; QJ>i\ a<jna\ 

Persuadable, a<lj. qJ^ yunqani' 

(3 aor. vii.) ; l^t^\ JiVl qibil 

Peksuasion, 8. {advice) A^»^ na- 

9ihii-t. — {conviction) •>Vlxa^ i*ti- 

^ 2 


qk&; jUjkI i'timud ; ^fiJ-^ tn;- 
diq ; i3e*^ tabqiq. 
Febbuasivb, adj. /'j- mu'ajsir i 

Pkbt, arfj. c*) waqihj *A- aafiJ) 

Pektain, v. J (jo*. ba;? li, yahug? 
H— ^^ intaaab, yautusib. 

PkBTIKACIOUH, orf/'. -ieic 'anid ; JJ«- 

PiKTiSAOiTY, I. (obttinaey) jU* 

•infid.— Cpei-«e«erttnce) iA'j* mu- 

wajaba-t; j^t^^-^ iatimnir, 
pBETIWBNT, arfj. t^^j- muwAfiq; 

v—U- muDftaib ; ij-t^ Ifijiq ; 

^\1» mutabiq. 
PebTINKNCB, PKRTIirKNCT, ». i*-!.*- 

niunasaba-t ; iii\j-- muw4faqa-t ; 

iiflL* mu(Abaqa-t ; iilj lijflqa-t. 
Pbktsesb, «. *=-lij waqi^a-t ; ''A. 

Pbbtobb, v. ;Ji kaddar, yukaddir ; 

^^ iawwa^, yusanwis (both 

with ^ 'ala). 
Pbbtdebation, «. ;i.*ii takdir ; j-^ii 

takaddur; uSjj^ taiwia. 
Perusal, «. ^iV qirfiva-t ; WU** 

mulAla'a-t; »;« taUwa-t ; c" 

Pbkusb, 1'. y qarii', ya^jra' ; gilt 

tfila', yiHaU' ; j-' tala. yatli ; t" 

taeaSah, yata«affah. 
Pebvabe, r. ^j* iu Dafaz fi, jan- 

n?i j^^ haniar, yiihainir. 
Pbbvebbe, adj. (stubboi-n) ■»«*« 

'anid; ■"** mii'nid; ^U.* mu- 

'Snid, — {wicked) ji^ ^arlr (pi. 

jljfcl Biriir, \j»^ aiirra') ; -Mt" 

marid (pi. Uy munidft) ; ^ 

Saqi-y (pi- ^o*^* aiqiya); •i-w^ 

habts (pi. li,* hubajB). 


(oftsfinocj) jUb -inad,— (wicfcai- 
nrw) ifW^ habAju-t; ;* s^rr; 
!)1Jj radawu-t. 

Pebvkebion, f. •^iu\ ioqiUb; jUj 
fasAd; -^^^^ infisAd. 

PaBTERr, r. s-U qalab, yaqlib ; 
qallab, yuqallib ; ij-^ 'akas, 
ya'kis ; ■>— ^^ afsad, yufsid. 

PsRVEBT, *. ^j--&- mafsitd. 

PEBViors, adj. M -i**! yunfar fi-hi 
(3 aor pass.) ; J/J\ J*U qlbil 

Pest, «. (plague) V|j wabft ; (jjctl 
ta'iti. See Pestilbkcb. — (wu- 
chief) ii^-** mufaba-t; i^ bal!- 
ya-t (pi, ^h halaya) ; !„(-*' naljt. 

Pestbe, ti. ,}*' amall, yumill; J*l 
za"al, yuza"il; Jo JS gaqqal 
'ala, yusaqqil. 

PKaTiPEKOBB, Pbbtilbnt, PKBrr- 
LBNTiAi., adj. jTij nabfiri-j-i 
^5jU sfiri; ^-i.- mu'di: 'j-U 
fAsId; ■>—^ mufaid; jm ma^ur- 

Pehtilbscb, «. l|j wabfi (pL ttti 
aubiya-t) ; pfi* tA'un (pL f^^ 
tawfi'in) ; ^ tubba-t. — {epi- 
demic) ^^) i^f ni&rad wSfid ; <>■ 
hy 'illa-t sAriya-t (pi. Jl» 'ilal). 

Pestle, ». ii-i- midaqqa-t (l* """ 
madAqq) ; oj^^ ■** ^'^d ftl^ 

Pet, ». (^ o/TO/tin-w) 
lara-t (zanUm-t) ; ^sj*! 
yi tthw&). — (/oroanto) 

Pet, e. .-JLS lA^af. TuU(if. 

Petal, s. ^ kiiiiin (pi. ^Uil ak- 
in Am, f>U^ kimum, J^ akim- 
ma-l) ; ^ (al'. 

Petition, «. Jl^ u*^" 'ard feil. >j« 
'arcl (pi, y*yi a'rild) :_*^»« 'ur4- 
cla-t ; iji (alttbft-l ; *^j ruq'a-t 
(pi. jUj riqa-) ; ij-UiH iltimis. 

Petition, v. J>f 'aradi va'rid ; ,^jA 
a'rad, .vu'rifj ; y-^al ilUniMi 
yaltainiu; ^f taiajja, yal^ 

Petitioseb, «. JWI i/je *»* U 
^Aliib -ard al-hAl ; M| «v«U 
sSJJih ruq'a-t (pj. vW-1 a«blb) } 
y*j»- mu'rid ! s-Jltiftlib; ^ ^ » ^ A* 

Petri? ACTION, a. ;e«^ tahjir. 

Petrify, c.a. ^^ »;*- faTj*r^)w 
l^ajar. yufsyyir-hu; h. ' •*>- jU 
«Ar ^ajar, yajir ; 7^ i^ajjart ?»- 
tiajjir; _f*--" Uljajjar, jratNtfaj* 

Petticoat, #, ylL_* fua|M(i (jj, 
<;wAl— i fasAtiu). 

PBTTiroaoBB, f. S}*1 1aJ^J> 




Prtivbbs, «. /• »ugr ; 5jU-» ^ acrA- 

Pettish, adj. j^y muzantir ; ^jSy^ 

Pettis UN E88, «. S^Wj zon^ra-t ; ^yb 

hawa (pi. ^y^^ ahwa). 
Petty, a<f;. ;«** ^a^ir (pi. jU-. ^ijj^r, 

\^ nvi^Tk) ; ;«** f ujrayjir ; ;U-i 

Petulance, «. ;W batar ; *l%ft 'aja- 

Petulant, adj, i^^ batran; 

J^ wT M ^ mu8ta*ji1. 
Pewter, ». ;|.^ qa? dir. 
Pewtereb, 8, J^»9^ mubavvi^ 

(yjL«d^ bi-'l-qa^dir). 
Phantasm, Phantom, «. J^ haval 

(pi Ae^l ahyila-t); Uk^ ^aif ; 

^ !ia>>l>, sabah (pi. cW^^ asbati, 

C^ subii^) ; )^ nuzur. 
Phantastic, Phantastical, adj, 

Jv^ hayali-y ; ^j^^ wahmi-y. 
Pharmacy, $. l\^S%\ ^ *ilm al- 

Phase, b. i;|« ^ftra-t (pi. \y» ?uwar) ; 

is^ haiVt; ^^ wajh (pi. a^^ 

wujuh). ^ 

Pheasant, «. f^ qij ; A%d* qija-t ; 

e^;*> darrAj (pi. c«;V ^ararij) ; 

^^ ^j dik barri-v. 
Phenix, 9. s-»;*^ ^*^ *auqa maf^rab. 

— (figuratively) '>^^) wahid ; J^/ 

Phenomenon, s. *)*>^ nadira-t (pi. 

;*>y nawadir) ; i^^^ *ajiba-t (pi. 

s-^V^ 'ajAyib). 
Phial, b. a-*^ Hisa-h (Pers.), 
Philanthropist, e. ^U3\ vs^«« 

mu^ibb an-nas. 
Philanthropy, ». o*^^ ^^^-^^ ma- 

babba-t an-nAs. 
Philologist, s. ^UUii ^^U *arif 

bi-'l-lu^t ; ^^ luj^wi-j ; ^f^ 

Philology, «. WJ^ ^ ilm al- 

lu^^t; ^a>UU\ Ih^ nia*rifat al- 

Philosopher, «. f^a^ hakim (pi. 

Ui^ ^uk iiua) ; sJ^^J^ faiLisilf 

(pi. IkJih falAsifa-t). 
Philosophic, Philosophical, adj. 

,>JIA falsafS-j; ^r^ failasA- 

Philosophise, v. * ^ M falsaf, yn- 

falsif; uUltf tafalsaf, yatafal- 

Philosophy, «. ^a.--^ filsa^t, fal- 
saf a- 1; UkJitf tafalsuf; ^UX». 

Phlegm, «. ^ balgam (pi. ^»^ 

Phlegmatic, adj. ^j*^ balgam!-y. 

— (elufjgish) i!^y^\ ^J^ 'adim al- 

haraka-t; t^)^^ *>;W bArid al- 

mizaj ; v»;.ft^\ Ji? batt-y al-ma^- 

rab ; J-^^ mutakAsil. 
Phonetic, adj. ^^ lafzi-y. 
Phonetics, s. i^ALS^ ^ <ilm at* 

Phosphorus, #. ;yk-i fusf{ir. 
Phrase, s. US luga-t (pi. %m>^ 

lugar, (^^ liigAn, ^j*3 lugan) ; 

SjWe 'ibAra-t ; aW jumla-t ; ^^ 

Phraseology, 8. xl^^^ ift^lAlji; jA 

fl^\ \SLrz al-kalAin ; f;^W« muljia- 


PhRENSY, PhRENZY, 8. (^y*^ juDiko ; 

^V^^ hay a j An. 
Physic, 8. (8cience of) ^UX^ Ijik- 

miV-t ; N-t t>hb; s-U^ fJ^ *ilfn 

at-tibb. — (medicine) Uj dawA 

(pi. ^^*>^ adwiya-t) ; e** *ilAj ; 

i#;i* sarba-t ([>!. s^/i .4irab). 
Phyhic, r. vj)^*> dawa, yudAwi ; gJU 

*alaj, yu*alij ; i^j^t iVA- saqA-hu 

adwiya-t, yascp-hu. 
Physical, adj. ,^tJ^ tabi*i-y ; v5^ 

^rizi-y ; ,j^ halqi-y ; J\^ 

zati-y ; J<«% jibilli-y. 
Physiciw, 8. f¥o^ l^akim (pi. UX^ 

hukatiiA) ; s-^ t^ibib (pi. \JU\ 

Physics, 8. (natural philoBophy) fM 

l e M eJ^\ \^'i\ *ilin al-anyA at-tabi*!- 

ya-t ; ^lfl >t t U \ ^\n «ilin at-^bi*i- 

Physiognomist, 8. Mji ^-^^ 

^aliib firAsa-t (pi. n^W*\ a^l^Ab). 
Physiognomy, 8. a^^^ ^ hiyat al- 

wajh ; ^3 lAhiv-t. — (tritfiicr of) 

L.\^\ ^ 'ilm al-finUa-t 

Phtaioloot, «. i"**^ tabi'a-t {pi. 
ujUe^ tabi'ttt, 5!t> (abavi'J. 

PlABTBR, ». v>y! girs {pi. i>j;* 

Piazza, «. Jy- auq (itl. jlj-1 a.a- 

PiCK, o. (aelect) ^ naqqa, ;unaq- 
<|i ; jUd.\ ihtAr, jahtAr ; ,J^\ i?- 
tftfa, ja«aii.— (ji'iteA) ^ jaua, 
yajni ; •-^^ qa(af, jaqlif, — ((ote 
Mpj iJl laqai, yalquf. — (pierce) 
^^ (a'an, yafun, yafan; j** 
nahaz, janhaz ; ^ garaz, yag- 
nz.— (pick the tedh) JU. hallal, 

Pi'cK-AXE, ». Jj«- mi'wal (pi. Jj\** 
ma'&wil) ; j)J" ma'dlir ; i^U 

PiOKLE, «. u-t* kabas, yakbis ; p^ 
mallah, yumallih. 

PiCKLEB, «. JU-* muhalla!; c'-*- 

Pickpocket, «. ^j-'j^ haraioi-y ; 

Pic-Nic, B. i*j(>= 'azfima-t. 

PicTOKiiL, adj. jy— uiufawwar. 

Picture, *. *jj- ?fira-t (pi. ;j-> 
puwar) ; ^f^ ta^wir (pi. jijW 
taifHwir) ; j)-» ta^awwur ; u^^ 
niqS (pi. i.r'j*' nuqus)- 

PicTUBB, V. jf ?awwar, yujawwir; 
(jMi naijas, yanqas. — (describe) 
i_iUj wa^af, ja?if. 

PiCTUKEsqiiB, ni/j. g»t^ mubhij, 
luutiahhij ; gi-s— mu^ki'. 

PiK, *. y>* fafira-t (pi. /lU fatii- 
jir. ^Ij^J ta(&rat)i 1^,,^.- 
aambflsaka-t ; ,j-£-v luahsi-y. 

PiECB, ». *^ qii'a-t (pi. ^ii qita', 
quta") ; Sj — S kiBi-a-t (pi, j— S 
kisar) ; ifc^ bitka-t ; am* iiiqfa-t 
(pi. .UUfc Saqat') ; i*/- ^t^a-ti 
i.Ui filza-t (pi. iii &hz. JAi\ 

PiBCEMEAL, adv. "' ■! ■*' muqat- 



r. (dam) r-* i'sr (|>1. jr-^ 
itir) ; J- Budd f pi. ojJ- sudiid). 
(pillar) J^^ ■titnud (pi. J^-^jC 

PiBBCE, c, JH nafaz, yanfii • s-' 

saqab, ya.^qiib ; yi*: ba^ai, jab- 

PiETT, B. jj* taqwa; ijUff taoA- 
na-t; J>i^ *iLa(la-t; -*' ' uack; 
itljj diyana-t ; ^j wara'. 

PiG, ». jiy*- hinzir (pl.yjU*. ^aoi- 

PioEON, «. f\*^ hamam ; ^Uk. ^ft> 
HiSma-t (pi. ^U*. i^am&jrim) ; 
irfUt yamuma-t. 

PioEON-HOcaB, «. (aW- ^ bnij • 
bamam (pi. cwt buriij). | 

Pigment, ». yj) laun (pi. y\jll al- 
wiin) ; f^ fibig. 

PiQMT, K. l»eU Ijatit- 

Pike, «. (gjiear) ^;>- barba>t (}d. 
v-;* hirab) ; t-j rumh (pi. el-^( 
amiah, c^; ruuiAh); lUi qanlt 
(pi, *£j\jii qananai, Ui qini). — 
OA) ^^jfll *U- aamak «1- 

PiKKMAK, «. Ui qanni; c^'j nm. 

PiLi, I. {large building) S,Ua <imi, 
ra-t; W bioa (pi. i«J|l abiiivib>t). 
— (haip) i-ji kauina-t, kama-t 
(pi. f.\/\ a]£wkm, f.\S kuniu); 
^ji kiiin (pi. oULi kioiin). — i 
{«ia]te:) J^j walad (pi. Jtj.l autad) ; 
Jjjli bSzuq (pi. t3t;V B^^'^iq)- 
— (Aairy turface) jtj wabar (pL 
j4)^ aubSr). 

Pile, v. J** jama', yajma' ; f>^ 
kawwam, yukawwim ; ^ lamm, 
yalumm; (•;' 'urram, yu'arrim. ' 

Piles, ». j^l| bisur; je-jt banrfr 
(pi. p~\jt bawasir). 

PiLFKB, V. s-«> iiabab, yanbab ; 
H-i- aalab, yaalub. 

PiLF-KBEB, «. -T'^ nabbab (pL i|t«> 

Pilgrim, «. jilj z&yir (pL jU mw- 
wilr).— {(o ifecM) eW h^j (^ 
eW* bujJHJ). — ((o JtruMUm) 
i^j-Ak* luoqdaai-y (pL J.-j^U ma> 

PuoBiNAGB, «. ij^j ziyAra-t ; im.\^. 
siyliba-t; ^ bajj.— (^ o» jitt. 
(p-jwiay?) jlj zar, ya^ur. — (to 
Meeea) ^ bajj, jatujj. — (|o 




Jerusalem) <j«*UBf taqaddas, jata- 

Pill, «. s-^ ^bb; ^ ^abba-t 

(pi. %^^t*. hubftb). 
PiLLAOB, «. «^-^ salab (pi. v*!)u^ 

aslab) ; ^ nuhba-t ; s-^ na- 

hib ; &)^ gara-t. 
PiLLAOK, V, s-^ nabab, yaubab ; 

«^-^ salab, jaslub. 
PiLLAB, f. »>^^ *amud (pi. J^y•^|C 

'aw&mid); S^Ue 'ic^lAda-t (pi. 

OiUe *a4&7id) ; u^ kab^ (pi. 

v>W^ akb&^). 
PiLLOBT, f. v5^ tauq (pi. s3\JA 

a^waq) ; Xa^W jaini*a-t (pi. Q*^y^ 

Pillow, «. Soat* mahadda-t; SVXf 

taka'a-t ; Jl Ull (pi. J!U^ atlal). 
Pilot, s. *^j4^^ j^VI qavid al-mar- 

kab ; s-^/* yi*^ mudabl»ir mar- 

kab ; VL^ bilota. 
Pilot, v. s-^^\ jt^ dabbar al-mar- 

kab, judabbir. 
Pimple, «. ly^ basra-t (pi. j^ 

bugikr) ; ^ b^bba-t. 
PiH, 8. ^J^^y|*> dabbiis (pi. ,j-«trfW^ 

dabAbis). — (peg) J^^ watad (pi. 

^^)\ autad). 
PiH, V, <j«^*^W ^^ gabba-t bi-'d- 

dabbtii, vusabbit. 
PurcBRS, 8. li^ kallaba-t (pi. ^^i"^ 

k&U&b&t, ^r^ii kalalib); ^;^,^ 

kalbaten ; v^^yi^ miqra^. 
Pinch, v. ^^ qaraf , yaqruy ; ^mJ 

lanuif, jalmuf . 
Pinch, «. X<*^ qar^a-t. 
PiNB, f. ;»yu f anaubar. 
PiNi, o. ^^^\ in4aiia, jan^ani ; 

J«i^\ intat^al, jantabil; <-^^«^ 

4a*af, ja^'uf . 
PiNB-APPLB, 8, A»Ai qai^a-t ; ^^ 

^Jm\Ji^ 'ain an-iiAs (pi. c)^ *uyiin). 
Pinion, t. (in'n^) cW jan&b (pl- 

l^i^\ ajniba-t, c^ junub). — 

{fitter) u\ji kitAf (pi. Ui^ kutf). 
Pinion, o. «JL^ kataf, jaktif ; kat- 

taf, jiikattif. 
Pink, t. (flower) ^f qaranful.— 

—{coUmr) ^)y ward ; ^j^)^ war- 


PiNVACLBi $. tf bnij (pL t;(;| 

burftj, e^;»^ abraj); ii^ !iurfa-t 
(pi. sJjt, suraf, va>Vyi ^urafat). 

Pioneer, «. ,j*4U^ baltaji-j. 

Pious, adj, ^js taqi (pi. Vei?^ at- 
qiya) ; X sma^ muta*abbid ; **V-.U 
nasik ; ^«U ^alib (pi. WU ^ula- 
ha) ; ^U 9alih ; fj^ wari*. 

Pip, 8. (seed) s-^ babb (pi. v»^t^ 
hubub, ^^W*. bubban). 

Pip, 17. (peep) j^yij zaqzaq, yuzaq- 
ziq ; o*^ ^au^a, yu^au^i. 

Pipe, s, (musical instrument) £jU* 
9afara-t ; jU^ mizinar (pi. wy»^y« 
mazamir). — ( for smoking tobacco) 
vJ^ chibAq, **X^ fiibuk (Twrib.). 
— (/j/fef) I | ,^i qa^aba-t; v*^^ 
aml.ub (pi. S-— trf^^ anabib).— 
(barrel) iU? battiya-t (pi. J?U| 

Pipe, v. ^} zaniar, yazmur; zam- 
Diar, yuzammir. 

Piquant, adj. U^^ hirrif. 

PuiUE, 8. j^ buj?<J ; .MU- baqd (pi. 
jyk. huqiid); J^ gill; JL.IU 
kassaba-t ; ^ kaid. 

Pique, t;. (irritate) i\t\ agaj, yugij ; 
^ naka, yanki ; /W jakar, yu- 
jAkir. — (pride oneself ) f^ fahar, 
yafhar; jak^i tafabhar, yatafab- 
har ; fL^\ iftabar, yaftabir. 

Piracy, s. ^>-t« taosit. 

Pirate, s. s--^/» v»^/* darrab marA- 
kib (pi. l^U 4arriba.t); iUl 
qaisat (pi. iliti qa^a^t) ; ^y 
^^\ barami-y al-babr ; ^^) za- 
ban^iit ; (^\^i qur^n. 

Pi88, v. ^ sabb, ya^ubb ; JW b41, 
yabiil ; J^ bawwal, yubawwiL 

Pi88, V. J^ b61 ; eWik ^ab. 

Pistachio, «. v>2— i fistiq, fustaq. 

Pistol, «. X%xJ» (abanja-t ; •y 
fard (pi. l^yjk funlda-t); X)JLJt| 
bistola-t (pi. JJoU, baa^il). 

Pistol, r. X4|»xJ» *^^ (jiarab (aban* 
ja-t, ya4rib. 

Pit, 8. ^ qa'r (pi. jfi qu*Ar) ; ;ei 
bir (pL j^\ abyar, ;W^ abar) ; j\t 
gar (pi. jy\ agwAr. ^j^^ girin) } 
s-^ jubb (pi. *.r»W^ ajbab, v>W 

Pit, «. /» qa'ar, jaq'ar. — (id 

aijamtl in conipetUion) Jil* qjihal. 

PiT-A-PAT, S. { patpilatioji) yW». 

L,JaH (ii^j) ^lafaqan (rajfa-t) al- 

Pitch, s. (/ar| la-Jj *it't ; wi qlr ; o^;la> 

qatrlln, qitrilu ; i^~^ balansam. 

—{height) Wj\ irtifA; ^ 'ulQ-w. 

— (Aigree) J*- Ijadd (pi. JjJ— 

^udfid) 1 iAft (nbaqa-t. 
Pitch, v. (tmear with pilch) je* 

qajjar, yaqajyir, — (Jling) i_*i«. 

qajaf, yal^zif i i^_j raina. yarmi. 

— (tel np) H— J na^ab, jaajub. — 

(_fall hkadlong) bu saqat, yae- 

qut ; ^j waqa', jaqa'. — {pitch 

upon) j^^ ihtar, yahlar ; "-i-Jtiiil 

iotahaD, yontahib. 
PiTCHEE, 8. t3i;(l ibriq (|il. tN;l)l 

abAriq, ^j^\ abdriqa-t). 
PlTEOua, adj. {eaciling pity) fft-y 

s-l*!! mawajji' al-qalb; s-*lj 

iWnJl wajib a^-Miaqa-t; |_jif- 

mubakta; ci>-v muljaizan. — 

(eompagnonale) jj** £af uq ; jjti-" 

musfiq 1 fK^j raljim ; s-in ije*; 

raqiq al-qalb. 
PiTEOUsNBSs, (. fi-1 plla-t; E;^ 

Pit-fall, «. iij*^ ugwiya-t (pi. 

^j^ti agawi). 

Pith, j. (o/ yfanf*) s-J lubb (pi. 
VjJ lubab) ; lj,^\ v-li qalb iii- 
tejara-t.— ((Ae best of a thing) 
s-J lubb i i^U. hula?a-t.— (/orre) 
Sji quwwa-t. 

Pitiable, adj. i*»-jJ( s-*l) wfljib 
ar-rabio^-t ; ^''^\ s-*j^' istau- 
jib a$-^faqa-l. 

Pitiful, adj. [exciting pity) s-^W 
l«uJ\ julib ai-^faqa-t. — (com- 
pauionaie) ,*3»j rabim; jylfc 
safflq ; i.M* ^afiq ; 43*** muS- 
fiq; J/jj ra'uf.— (j>a»ry) j,^ 
l^aqir; ^J dani-y ; JeU zalil, 

PlTIPULKKSS. ». (^TMiBery) Sj^A* (iaj:!*- 

wa-t— (;)i(y) A*i-j rabma-t ; *«* 
^faqa-t. — (j>aflri»e«f) Ili ^iU 

lo-t ; SjU^ b'^^'^t- 

FiTiLXBS, adj. JAuJI ^M 'adlin ai- 

safaqa-t ; j,Jk- ^ gair iafiq ; 

^U qftBi. 
PiTiLEsaNBSB, ». iafciJl f-J* 'ad&m 

PiTTAMCB, ». i— - b'ff^-t (pi- t^-* 

hi?a?) ; v-j^j ratib ; A*—* qisma-t. 
Pitt, t. i«-j raljnia-t; j.*^ lanjf- 

bum ; ^A^i* marhama-t ; am* 

iafaqa-t ; ilj riia-t, 
Pitt, u, J* Ji^ safaq 'ala, yasfaq; 

J* .J^y UiriVuf 'aJa, yatara'af; 

(jf^ tahannao, vaiabannaii. 
Pivot, ». ^^i^ maiiir ; i^^i qmba-t ; 

jj»-- mihwar (pi. jjW* mab"*'f). 
Placable, adj. ft^ hulim; fA* 

mulayim ; ^'•^ ga£r; jy>£ galAr. 
Placablbnbbs, «. fi^ hilia ; l*i^ 

mulayama-t: (jl/* (;"^™°- 
Placaed, ». ^\ i'liiDi. 
Place, ». j!»^ mahall (pi. JW- 

mahall) ; tl^i- maban (pi. tjiUl 

amAkin, AUL.t amkina-t) ; (';>■ 

mau(Ja' (pi, g^ly* luawa^i') ; ^»« 

maqBDi. — (public place) jljl* 

bazar ; Jj- Biiq (pi- jfy-' aawiqj. 

— (q^) i-J*. hidnia-t; s— 

manjab (pL s— i^ manfifib) j 

*Acl) waiila-t (pi. 'Ji'Aj wajiyif). 

—(rani) i<i^ martabvt (pL 

s^y maratib) ; Ji<L tabaqft-t ; 

iiy^ mauzala-t (pi. Jj^» iitMii4> 

zil).— («(ead) gJj- mau^a' i r*** 

Place, r. ^j wa^a'. vaija'; ^ 

batt. yabutt; J«*- ja'al, yaj-J. 
Placid, adj. f^ balim; ffr*f 

wadi' ; ,mL- Balim (pi. UL. sulft- 

Placidhess, «. *U biloi ; £*|^ 
mulayama-t j A-^y^ aa'linik-t ; 
i)jjc 'ufuba-t ; ieUj wa^a'a-t. 

Plagiaeihe, d. Jv Dahal, yan^ ; 
J*^1 inUbal, yautabil. 

Plaoiabisu, (. Jw=*^ iutihal. 

Plaoiabibt. ». J«^u« tnimtabili 
j1^ samiq. 

Plaoce, «. (^Mfi7«n(!p) laf^ (f^B 
(pi. t^eclj^ (aw£'m) \ Wj nbl 
(pi. ^j^ aubiya-t). — (niu'aajiM) 
0J->i tafdi-i ^VA uldlf (pL 
wA^IA takilif). 




PLAoini, V. 2*^ faddaS ju^addi'; 

uil^kallaf, Yukallif ; Jk«^ amall, 

jumill ; Jftj za"al, yuza"il. 
Plaid, t. W^ 'aba (pi. ^^^ a*bi- 

ya-t, ^Jf^ *abi) ; JU-*-* mi^mal. 
Plain, adj. (level) c5^^*-» musAwi ; 

sjy* sawi-j ; c~* musattab ; 

Ji»-4 basit. — (unadorned) {^y jt^ 

gair muzajyan ; jj^y* ;«^ gair 

muzawwaq ; ^/^y* ye^ gair mu- 

zahraf. — (artless) t*>U sadij (pi. 

gtju suddaj). — (clear y evident) 

*Alk zAhir; ^^^ wa(j[H^; ^^W 

My in. 
Plain, t. Jf^ sabl ; ^Ui#- sahla-t 

(pi. J^ 811 bul) ; Vl^ wata' ; A*a? 

buq*a-t ; aa..^ wus'a-t ; gVj qa* 

(pi. Q^ qi*, ^M qi*a-t, cjU->j 

Plain, v, sjy^ sawwa, yusawwi ; 

pi^ 8at(ah« vusa^ih ; M^ sah- 

nal, yusahbil ; J^ mahbad, yu- 

Plain-dealer, i. ^U ^alil^ (pi. 

(^^^ ^alil^i^n, t^ 9ul1ah) ; j^U 

^diq ; yoJU. bali? ; o*U^ muh- 

Plain-dealino, 8. t^ 9alab ; jJu» 

f idq ; ^^•v* fadaqa-t ; v^i^^ ih- 

Plainness, « (evenness) S^^U-» mu- 

sawat. — (clearness) c^^ i(j[ah. — 

(want of ornament) ^^jL* sAda- 

jiya-t. — (sincerity) ii\xo nadii- 

Plaint, s. ^^^ sikaya-t; ^^^ 

^kwa ; ^y nauba-t. 
Plaintiff, s. ^^ tAbim ; o^J^ 

Plaintive, adj, ^^^ wiki; ^'9»sj» 

Plaintivenbss, s. ^.j^-^ taMkki. 
Plait, s. (fold) i^ t«ya-t ; k)^ 

fawiya-t; iW Manva-t. — (of hair) 

^fiA* (Jafira-t (pi. ;«^ (iafayir) ; 

fl*J^ jadila-t (pi. JiW ja<layil). 
PLait, v. t^jL t^wa, ya^wi ; ^ • 

Haiia, yanui ; J*^- jadal, vnjdil ; 
yu (^ffar, yudaffir. 
Plan, s. (drawing) f^j raam (pi. 
f^j rusilm). — (plot) ^^jt ganuji | 

(pi. ^/\^\ agrA4); •^ qafd; 
^P'ti^ maqyiid (pi. a««U« maqA- 

Plan, v. (draw up a plan) ^j 
rasaTii, yarsum ; j^ yawwar, yu- 
ftawwir. — (scheme) J^ qa^ad, 
yacj^id; *^^ taqa^^ad, yataqa?- 
9ad ; ji^ dabbar, yudabbir ; j4>A 
admar, yuijimir. 

Plane, s. (tool) SjU fAra-t; f^j 
randaj ; l^^^ masha-t. — (level 
surface) ^^ sa^l^ (pi. t^f^ 

Plane, v. i^^^ #— • masah bi-*l- 
fAra-t, yamsab ; ^J^ij randaj, yu- 

Planet, s. S^W- i*ir najma-t say- 
yara-t ; S^W- sayyAra-t. 

Planetary, adj! u:*^jVo-J\ ja^i ya- 
bu89 as-sayyArat ; ^J^ falaki-y ; 
^yr nujilmi-y. 

Plank, s. t^ lau^ (pi. cV^ alwAh) ; 
^J daff; i*^ daffa-t (pi. ^^^ 

Plank, v. c^W J^/ fara^ bi-'l-lau^, 
yafrus ; va^i=» tahhat, yutabhit. 

Plant, s. ***M nabat ; &W> nabA- 
ta-t ; is-«i na9l>a-t (pi. u:*W^ na?- 
bat) ; ^J>^Jt girs ; i-ji girsa-t (pi. 
^yjt\ aprAs, ^ji;* gnrAs) ; s-*»ft 
*usl) (pi. v»Ux^ a*8Ab) ; XUn liat- 

Plant, v. ^j^^ praras, yagris ; w-^ 
uanab, yau^ub ; na^^ab, yunaf- 

Plantation, s. (planting) y.^ 
gars ; s— ^ na^b. — (nursery) ^^y^ 
magris (pi. ,j*;^A»« magAris) ; UU 
j\^^\ ^aff a.»*jAr. 

Planter, s. ^j^^^ garrAs. 

Plaster, i*. {jx-t^ jibs ; {^t^tn jab- 
sin ; ^;a> jass, ji??. — (for wounds) 
f^j^ niarbam (pi. f^^y* niarA- 
liiin) ; SjU-* dimada-t ; ^ laz- 

Plaster, v. (iralh) tj^ layyas, 
yulayyis ; (^r^t^ jabbas, yujab- 
bis ; {J^^^ jassas. yuja«isis. — 
(drens imuniU) J^4-* (jaiiiad, ya(j[- 
niud ; ^y ^ batt lazqat, ya- 


Plabtebbk, ». (.r— «^ mulayyis; 

(J.1** jabbaa. 
Plat, *. i^ qu^a'-t (pi. fi-A quta')- 
Plate, s. {<iith) ij^f eahn (pi. 

yj** jutfln) ; i-s^^ Bittiyo-t. — 

(•i/urr plate) «.1^1 al-fiddiyat. 

—{jiai piece of metal) c^ lauh. 

— (engraving) ^ - t g oaq^a-t. — 

(ormoMr) fjJ dir' (pi. f'j-il adra', 

fa-' durii'). 
Platb, ti. V tj^ lala bi, yatli ; f^ 

faffah, yuBaflilj. 
Platbao, ». -V najd (pi. -i^ nujud, 

jW anjad). 
Plater, «. St falla. 
Platfoem, ». (/or speaking') jr^ 

manibar (pi. ji^J- manabir), — (of 

Aousw) c-U sa(h (pi. crJ- 

Plating, ». ^^ tali ; i*lt talja-t. 
Platinum, Platina, *. i/ei' s-*-* 

Eal^ab abjacl- 
Platibe, «. J^t fabaq (pi. jW 

Plaudit, b. (Jfnt*^ ta?tiq ; Jeltf tah- 


Plausibility, «. ijaJ i«U-» niusa- 
bahat li-hatjq; J^taU i^ji (jurli 
U-'U'aql ; ilSli- mu^i\kala.t. 

Plausible, arfj. f^i- niuqiii' ; Jt^ 
jiiqbal i Jr^l '.-^l) wajib al- 
qabiil; JSl) v-J_;i qarib li-'l- 
'aql; t>*U **>-=- muiillib li-'l- 
ha/jq ; s — ^ luunasib. 

Plat, t. s-«3 la'ab ; i-«! la.'ba-t. — 
(theatrical performance) *=ltf s-^ 
la'ab taqlid. 

Plat, v. ••rJJ la'ib, yal'ab; s-*i 
la'ab, jula'ib; s-^l-i da'ab, ju- 
dft'ib. — (a mvtical inttnimetit) ^-^ 
daqq, yaduqq (with prep. ^J^ 
'ala) ; v'r' darab, yaijnb, — (act) 
•>li qallad, yuqallid. 

Platek, ». {of an inttrument) ^j* 
naubati-j ; vjl— mmrib.— (actor) 
il.u^1 s-e<J la"ibal-komadiya-t. 
— (at a game) ^^-ci Ia"ib, 

Playful, adj. h-b^ Wib; s-«V» 
mulA'ib ; i>yif haiiis ; Ai* fakih. 

Platfulnesb, #. iffiS^ mul&'aba-t; 
i*-^ baiasa-t. 

PLATTHisa, *. lt«l la'ba-t; 

Plba, <. (tpeeeh in defenee) iUW 

mul)ftmat; ivV*^ mul^amija-t. 

— (eui( a( (oic) »;CJ da'ira-l; 

^^ buf&ma-t; J^ l)ijj»-t. — 

(«fWK) ;« 'uzr (pi. j\S^\ •^^^) t 

jAiet i'tiziir; iji»^ ma'zira-t (pi. 

jJU- ma''a?ir). 
Plead, p. j" o*^ hiima 'an, jo- 

IjAmi ; 5*1- Ijajaj. JuljSi'i- — 

(plead guilty) >Jj~^\ jtaimf. 

Plbadino, ». eW=»* ibtijaj ; ^\*i« 

mul^HJja-t ; f/tW* niu^id^f^t. 
Please, p. ^ rada, yardft ; ^j*^ 

art}a, yurdi ; !•— ( basat, T&bsD( ; 

Jil la^faz, yulazziz ; v-^^l a-jab, 

Plbababt, adj. UlM latif ; J-i- 

maqbul ; -^-il laziz ; ^^ baUj ; 

dd^ fakih. 
Pleasantness, t. iiUJ lafifa-t ; 

o^ luff; tU laz^t (pi. -WUI 

Plbasamtbt, a. lAfU Utifa-t ; mf^ 

tahrij ; ty niazh (pi. cl^ mii^) ; 

icV^ basatiya-t ; UL£i fttkih^-i. 
Pleasing, adj. Jjt*- xuaqbfil ; i— »* 

Pleasure, *. ^U laz?B-t ; L\_^1 

imbisat ; jj^ suriir; *;— • luMar- 

Plebeian, adj., §. ,j»c 'uminl*; ; 

j.Vc '4mm (pi. f'iyc '^vnm). — 

(hw) j^ baqir ; jeA, wadi'. 
Pledge, *. i^} rahu (pi. um*} 

rubun, g^j rih&u); J^j**; nU- 

na-t (pi. t^W, rabi)yin)i q?*)* 

'urbiln ; t)j**j ra'bfln. — (^tomum) 

J*) wa'ad ; S") wa'ad»-t ; -^^f 

tnau'Ad (pL ^^^y mawa'id). 
Pledoe, v. {^j rahau, yArhuo ; 

y^lj rahan, yuriihin ; ^^»* 4aa>- 

man, jmjfimmin. — (in aitte) ^y*- 

sAqa, yusAq!. 
Plenaet, adj. J-\i kniuil (pi, JUS 

kamaJa-t) ; liUi bimam, ^j-W 

tamAmi-y ; |*u timm. 
Plenitude, i. JUi kamU; b^^ 

imtali' j jUi tomnJlu'. ^^^ 




Flbntious, Plentiful, adj, j^ 
ka^ir (pi. ^ kiyar) ; ^\y wanr ; 

oAl^ fayi4; "^^b *Ayid; y>^ ga- 

Plbntt, Plbntbousness, Plbnti- 

FULNB88, «. l/^ kajra-t; l^y 

wafra-t ; ja^) nih? ; U.^ ral^a ; 

fj^ fai4 ; *^Wj zijada-t ; *;^>* 

Pliable, Pliant, adj. j^j rahy; 

^ layyin ; ,ji^ yansani ; ^y^^ 

janJt)iaQi (3 aor. vii.) ; tf^^ J>^ 

qabil al-'awaj ; i^ji^\ Je^ sahil 

Pliableness, Pliabilitt, Pli- 
ancy, f. ^Ji^\ l^\i qabilija-t al- 

*auj ; ^^ lavana-t. 
Pliers, «. io^ mizrada-t ; li^U^ 

Plight, «. ^ *u8r. 
Plod, v. s-^ ta'ib, yat*ab. 
Plot, «. (j>tece 0/ iand) (o*;^) ^'^ 

qu^*t (ar4) (pi. ^ qu^a*).— 

{design) l^ niya-t ; Jui qa^d ; 

v// gara4 (pi. J^^jt\ agra^) ; 

^J^ tadbir ; i^ l^ila-t (pi. ^y«»> 

^ijal). — {conspiracy) /•U* tana- 

Plot, r. (coiMptre) /-W tal^&inar, 

jatab&mar.— -(i^^n) ^*> dabbar, 

judabbir; j^ a^mar, ju(j[mir. 
Plotter, t. (conspirator) ^^ «t^U 

yabib fitna-t. — (inventor) J.>W 

ba'di' ; ff^it^ muhtari'. 
Plough, t. «a»^^^ mil^ras ; «a»U^« 

mi^ras (pi. »M;W« mal^ans) ; 

O^ J^ faddan (pi. e<^^*^ fadadin) ; 

Plough, v. v/j^^ ^;*> b&nia al-ar^, 

jal^rafi; «a»w*3W ^^ ialalji bi-'l- 

miJ^rag, jaflu^. 
Ploughman, t. «a»;U J^^&ris (pi. 

«A»^i»> t^urric); ^\^ ^arrig; c^ 

Pluck, r. wAU qa^af , yaqUf ; vy% 

jana, jajni; ULo nataf, jantif; 

gU qaU', jaqla'. 
Pluck, t. (^W, Zir^r, i§e.) J^U^ 

ini*Uq (pi. v3>«^U^ ma'dliq).^ 

(courage) wM\ l^ quwwat al* 

qalb ; t*Vfib ^ahima-t 

Plug, s, ^^\^ sid&da-t (pi. ai^ju 

Plug, v, J^ sadd, jasudd. 
Plum, i. f^W\ ijja»; v^Vt injAf 

(Egypt) ; e>^ fiauh, hob (Syria) ; 

jy;» barqAq. 
Plumage, «. (j^j ri^ (pi. v/^Wj 

riyas, v-^^;^ arjas). 
Plumb, «. (^*>^ fadin (pi. tj»>V fa- 

wadin) ; ^^^ qiya« ; J^a». jad- 

wal (pi. J^W jadawilj. 
Plumb, adj. (perpendicular) ^V» 

qajiin ; ^J*^y^ *amiidi-j. 
Plumb, v. ^jj*>UJ^ j^ sabar bi-*l- 

fadin (JiUJli bi-'^-saqul), jas- 

Plumber, s. ^^^j ra^^af. 
Plume, «. iMj risa-t. — (hunch of 

feathers for ornament) {^ J!t^ 

cAhk hil4l miu rii (pL iJiA\ 

abilla-t) ; SLt^^ ij^j lis l^mita-t. 
Plume, v. (provide with feathers) 

yj»\ ras, yaris; ^J^) rayjai, yu- 

rayyis. — (6(xm/) ;«fc* fahar, yaf« 

bar ; f^ if tabar, yaftahir. 
Plummet, «. (^jU fadin ; (^•i^ fai- 

dan ; JiVi» ^aqul ; JyMi ^iil ; / 

Plump, adj. ^h^ mutahham ; ^ '■ " » 

jaaim ; (^^o^-^ samin. 
Plump, v.a. {^^^^ samman, yuBam- 

min ; n. {j^^^ Bamin, yasman. — 

(fall) U- gacja^, yaaqu^ ; ff^ 

waqa', yaqa'. 
Plunder, s. X^^ ganima-t (pL 

^\j± ganayim) ; f;^ gara-t ; «t# 

nubba-t; s-W nablb. 
Plunder, v. s-^ nahab, yanhib; 

«^-^ salab, yaslub. 
Plunderer, s. w^ nahhib ; s^U 

salib ; ^X« sallaba-t. 
Plunge, v.a. si^ garraq, yuganiq ; 

^jM gaUas, yugaUi«; n. j/ 

gariq, yagraq ; ^jM ga^as, yag- 

^ia ; ^\t g4(J, yagu^. 
Plunge, s. <jJiA ga^s ; <jky^ tagriq. 
Plural, s. 2*% jam* (pi. ty^ 

Plurality, s. l^ kaara-t; W«% 

jami'a-t ; £U% jumla-t. — (maior* 

ity) j^ akflar. 

Pon] 2 

ani'ini; -1»S1 ^ sailial-isliim.- 
CiV-) ^'^l al-WU; f^'i\ r<^\ 
iil-ljubr al-a'ziiiD. 

Pontifical, adj. iSj,^ habrl-y; 
^^)J-t^ habrawi-y ; ,j)^^ biibu- 

Pontoon, e. j^^ mi'bar (pi, jiW« 

miiatanqa' ; jJA* 

Pony, t. j-** 
Pool, ». ^ 


Poop, «. h-^1 f-f uiuhar al-mar- 

Poor, <iiV}, (indiijenf) p^ ta.(]\i (iil. 
lj« fiKiarn); u-li- lautiia (j.!. 
y^U- mafalisj ; (je- <- -' luiskia 
(l)l. (JbSL-* inaaAkin) ; J^" 
tf:\-Ui([ (pi. sJoi'*- sa'aliij). — {vaia- 
cinlfl) ujie«,4 da'if (pi. ^^^ du- 
'alVij ; oiss=> ' uabif (pi. JU> 
uil.iiit). — {wilhout good i^italiliei, 
iiu-mi) «i^ liaipr; J J daiif-y ; 
J^i zalil.— (i/tccuseiO f.^-/- mar- 
lii'iiii ; ijiji* iiiutawalia. — (We 
jioor) ^jt [.'urabti. 

PooitLV, uty. (ituUepoeed) (j^j-*-* 
iiiiisawwa» ; o^ 'ayyuu, 

r, jSi faqr, fuqr ; ial*- 
dUsL-w madkaiia-t ; 


Poi-, c. U"'/' 

ii ^ E^i Ijanj -ilia 
•ulla-t, vahriij.— (/J"^' //m (/«e«- 
/,•„„) .^ luitab. valiliib. 
I'oi-E, «. 1(^1" al-liiibii; ^31 ;«J1 

Poi-ul'a.'kT*. ^lyJUl-'awam; JiU 
tj«UH aaiitil au-uas ; *i-ie*f ju'ui- 



Foi'L-LAU, iidj. (I'l-i-laiiiimj to the 
IK-i'l.) fAe ■auiiu; ^j*= 'uniiV 
iiii-v.— (/ir-'i'j-iV'' I'-ilh Hit pe'iple) 
^jliH ^y,^ umlibul. al-iiiili\b ; 
v-jt;* iDuriiub ; ;;«-*-* niiLihur. 

Po I'LL A KITS, s. ("'j*! '^^ uiuliab- 
bat al-'iiwiViii ; -r-x-iJ* »^L«* mu- 

Poi'i,'L*.TE, V. 7»* 'aminar, ju'am- 

PoruLATioN, e. J*l ahl (pi. JW 

I [ftt 

abi'ili) ; ^Ul^ Bukkiin (pL ot yA. 

Populous, atf/.j^**' ina'miir. 
PopuLousNKBB, ». ^U^ i)^ fcmn4 

PoKCELAiN, I. jy«« fini-f ; jjW 

fagfur ; oj/y farfi'iri-y. 
Porch, i. P*j dahlii (pl.yj« 

dabiiliz) ; (;)tjiHwan; jtjjnn]; 

Aiiyb.1 iistuwtiuart. 
PoRcunxK, «. l^^ii qumfuw-t (|^ 

■U^ qaui'ifiz) ; ,j-^ mi. 
Poke, e, (tU.-* masauim (pL isil»l^ 

PoBK, B.fiy^ ft^ labm hiazir. 
PoKOua, adj. t»UL^ dl h-bumt 

BHiniuat ; ^L.-' jj zu mauLUun. 
FoupjiYBy, a. ^W> nimwii-y; jiIj) 

Porpoise, *. ja^\ ^yu>- ^inur li- 

bab' (l>l-;(;^ hamizirj. 
Port, «. (harbcurl W- min* (l*- 

^ylj* luawAsi, (;>«- miyan) ; ^j-f 

niai-sa (pi. j-*/- inariai); j^ 

bandar (pl.jjUi hanadlr, Pwt.)- 

—(door) vW bi\b (pi. vV' 'l^ 

wab yWf blbiiil; 4lV laro- 

ba-t. — {mien, carriage) *»)«]'' 

(pi. «H.j nujub) ; j^ minpi 

(pi. jlU- manajir) j 4Se» hi'»-t- 
Portability, ». J**J1 iit-b''^''- 

l^aml; >«lt 'IjS' suhula-t ll- 

Portable, adj. J*«I1 Jt- aaliil ^' 

haoil; J*^ ok«u. hifiC il- 

Portage, ». (ac/ of carri/iMg) J* 

Imli. yjW ImiaUri.— {i>ri«^ 

carriage) i^f»=^ liUinula^t. 
Porte (the Sublixe), i. ^ 

A«]>«11 ad-daulal al-'ab'y:^t. 
Portend, r. J* Jj dall'tla. y*- 

dull; i,^-B> na^us, yanhua. 
Portent, g. ,—- ii.ihs U'l. uT* 

uubus); ^^ nubiW-t. 
Pobtkntods, aiij- u-^ nefeis. 
PoBTBK, e. ((;»m«-) jU*- b*niB«li 

Jy— hamfll, — ((iooT.*W7wr) vf'jI 

PoRTERAOi, $. JUWl t)«-1 ajntil- 
I ^ammoL 


qui. — (refine) v»»>t addab, yu'ad- 

dib ; (^A^ moddan, yuinaddiii ; 

ij^\ annas, yu^anuis. 
Polisher, «. JVa* ^aqqal ; J«e* 

yaiqal (pi. JiUu ^aqajil). 
Polite, adj, s-|J^ adib (pi. \^*>\ 

udabk) ; ^^y* mu'addab ; s-^^ 

s>^^ ya^ib adab (pi. v*V-^«\ 

a^^ab) ; ^ a » ? >• mutamaddiu ; 

^jti^ ^abi.y. 
Politeness, V ^S\ a<lab; ^^^Jui 
^^tamadduu ; L^ salbana-t ; ^^^ 
»---zarafa-t ; lt^j\ adamija-t. 
Politic, Political, adj, ^j-W- 

siyasi-y ; ^JJ^^JS tadbiri-y ; J^ 

Politician, «. ^j^ mudabbir ; 

;o»«^ sr^U fiit^ib tadbir; ^W- 

Politics, s, i-W- siyiisa-t; ^ 

L»^^\ «ilm al-l^ukiima-t ; wjJ^i 

^)'^^ jy*^ tadbir umur ad-daula-t. 
Polity, 9, oXU^ (r^^^) r^» nizam 

(intizam) al-mulk ; Lmi^-m siya- 

Poll, s, (head) {j*\j ras (pi. (^^*); 

ru'us). — (list) fi*y dafur; ^Uj 

Poll, r. (/op) (^ qa99i yarju??. — 

(register) y^jJW •*•* qayyad bi-*d- 

d at tar, yuqayyid; ^^--c^ 4ftbat, 

Poll-tax, t. a«\% jizva-t (pi. ^cy^ 

Pollute, v. ^^j dannas, yudan- 

nis ; »A*^ lawwas, yulawwiu ; (j^ 

najjas, yunajjis ; ^) wassah, 

Pollution, s, ^V najasa-t ; ^r^J^ 

tadannus ; A|U% janaba-t. — (noe- 

tumal) fSsmA if^tilam. 
Poltroon, s, (^W jabban (pi. 

ee»W jabftbin); X^V^^ JtM 

3 alii a^^ja'a^t; J«^ nadil (pi. 
^a>^ andil). 
P0LTOAMI8T, f. ««»W)>It jt^ kajfr 

PoLTOAXT, f . <«»W|y)^ ^ ka^rat az- 

Polyglot, t. ^UU\| <j^U *&rif bi-'l- 
lugit ; ^j^ s-*>U ft^b alson. 


293 [Po^ 

PoLYooN, #., Polygonal, od/. ;e^ 
^^^)5\ kasir az-zawaya. 

POLYTKCHNIC, adj. J-i^ S— *^ 

^fihib ^anayi* (pi. %.r*W«^ a^f^ab). 
Polytechnic school, s. 

ffSj>^\ madrasa-t a^-^anayi*. 
Polytheism, s, *«3^ sirk ; aU^ «tf)^ 

sirk bi-*l-lah. 
Polytheist, *. d^jJs^ mu^rik; J^t 

^/i abl sirk. 
Pomade, Pomatum, «. (^y»3 duhiin ; 

v-rJ* tib (pi. v»W atyab) ; ^U^ 

Pomeobanate, «. ^Uj rumman; 

i>Uj rummana-t. — (/rec) ^Uj &^^ 

8ajara-t rummdn. 
Pommel, s. tj^^ <J^^/ qarbiis as- 

sarj (pi. (j-e»y qarabis). — (of a 

sword) uA>-J^ ^^j rummana-t 

Pommel, v. >^j* darab, ya4rib, 

ya^rul) ; J^i qatal, yaqtul. 
Pomp, Pompousness, «. If^ fah- 

ra-t ; JJU- ^ )c *izz wa jalal ; Whft 

*a2ama-t ; ^»-&*> ha^m ; X4JU. 

ha^aina-t ; iSyU sauka-t ; l^ nab- 

wa-t ; ^3^% jabba-t. 
Pompous, adj. ^ a ^?* '* muftahar ; 

/-U fahir ; ^•Jfcc *azim. 
Pond, s. ;|J^ ^adir (pi. (^^jJ^ gud- 

ran, j^ gudur) ; ^j^ birka-t (pi. 

^j^ i>irak) ; Ij^ ^i\\iirt!k'i (pi. W^^ 

Ponder, v. ^J)^ wazan, yazin ; ^j^^ 

auzau, yiizin ; J^^V* ta*ainmal, 

yata*animal ; /^\ iftakar, )afta- 

Ponderable, adj. (^j^ yiizan (3 

aor. ]>as8.). 
Ponderous, adj. X^ jaqil (pi. 

ILj? Huqalii, JV* gifjal) ; i^^)) 

wazin ; ^^^jj; razin. — {massive) 

•u^ 9.imad ; ^ c- ^ jasim (pi. f*^<«-^ 

jisain) ; J^U ^amid. 
Poniard, i . ^^m- hanjar (pi. /%-^^ 

Poniard, v. ^v^W v»/* 4iu*ab bi-'l* 

ban jar, ya4rib. 
Pontiff, «. (AiV/A />riVj«0 ;«^ babr 

(pi. )^\ af^bar). — (^uhammedan 

pontiff) ^V»3\ ^jjU mufti al« 

(Pope) l»WH al-bAU ; ^31 ^1 
ttl-l^abr al-a'zam. 

PoMTiFiCAL, (uij. i^f^ habri-y ; 
usa-^ l)abrawi-j ; ^j^^ babd- 

PoNTOOK, 8. jf** mi'bar (pi. jtW* 

Pony, s. jiM o'-*- hisau ?agir. 

Pool. s. ^jfcis— • mustaoiqa' ; >iJk* 

Poop, «. s-^t /!>)'• mi^har al-tnar- 

FouK, arfj. (indigent) jtA^ faqir (pi. 
1/1 fuqan'O; u-1^ inuflis (\± 
fj-,^'^1* mafAUa) ; tut^— • miskia 
(pi. iif<^<—- masAkin); j;l«- 
ea'lftq (pi. jJU- ja'fili,.),— (ema- 
cirtW) ■-*," ijii'if (pf. U»* du- 
•afu) ; «-i«^ iiajjif (pi. JW= 
nil^Hf). — {teilhoul good qtuUitttt, 
m«iN) »fc- Ijaqir ; ^y J daiii-y ; 
Jel-i pilil. — {deceased) (■j*^- mar- 
Ijflmj ^yj** mutawaffa. — (Ike 
foor) Wj* gurabfi. 

PooKLV, adj. (indi^oifd) ^j-t— 
inusawwas ; yWe 'ajyan. 

PooBMBBS, B. ^ faqr, fuqr; JjAup 
fii'la>]a-t ; i. i . i— * maskana-t ; 

PoF, tj. (pop in) g!) walaj, valij. — 
(pop out) ^>lu ^ e/- baraj 'aia, 
gu.tla-t, jahmj. — ^(/'ojJ Ike qiut- 
(,-„») v-l* hatab, jahtub. 

Popif. t. \l^^ al-b&ba; ^3\ ,rJ\ 
aUl^abr aUa'eaui. 

Popp*. t. ij«ljiA* kii^^iU. 

PoPUi.AL-B, «, (■lj"Jl al-'ttwAin j J*U^ 
i^UJl luiaSl aa-Dusi h-*^* ju'ai- 

Popular, "dj. (perlaitiing to Ike 
p,-;plr) |.le ''lUim ; ^y*o 'Uiua. 
tiii-y. — (favuurite witk tlie peupW) 
^^\ vr*^ luat^bAb aUqul^b; 
^jtf iiiiirjitib ; j)»i- maihilr. 

PufULtaiTT, (. ("'j"! ^**^ mubab- 
Ut al-'awAiii ; s-*JJl S;jL-. mu- 

P0PULI.TII, V. ;*« 'ammar, ju'am- 

PoPULAtiow, ». J*l abl (pi. Jl*V 

ahnii) ; yU^ sukkaii (pi. of (jA- 

PopDLons, aJj.jj*»^ ma'mftr. 
PoptiLouaBEaa, t. (jUL. 1^ ka^ra-l 

,jV «iiu-y; jj**> 


fagfllr; .jjj*/ farfiiri-y. 
PoBCH, e. pAJ dahliz (pi. ^l»^ 

dahaliz) ; ^Ijil iwaa ; jlj, nw&q ; 

iiljL-1 usfuiraua-t. 
PoscuriNt:, ». H^Ji qumfiiB&-t (pL - 

■U^ qaoi'ifiz) ; i_i-e> dIs. 
PoBE, §. f\—^ maaAiniu (pi. ivlolaM 

PoBK, «. jjy-i- ^ lalim binzir. 

PuKous, adj. •4i'Ul-M> jJ la-hn mA- 
BAmmAt ; ,>V-^ jj z(l muJailiiun. 

PoBPHYBT, *. ^J'^ aumAqt-J i jo*jl 

PoBPOisB, a. j^\ jty^ hinztr k1- 
baljr (pi. ;(jUd. banazir). 

POBT, t. (harbour) W- mini (pi. 
t^lj- mawaai, (j^i-* nuvan) ; oT* 
marsa (pi. ^j-l/* maraai) ; y^ 
bandar (pi. jjU» banAdir, Ptr*.). - 
—(door) v-lt biib (pi. -^V^ •^^ 
'ftb, t)W bibAnl ; iljt l«vwi- 

ba-t.— (nnV 

irriage) <>*) wsjh 

(pi. jlU. manAiir) ; iSe» hi'a-L 

PoBTABILITT, ». J*^l At4. hiffikt ftl> 
hatiil ; J^l ilo- Buh&l»-t ttU 


POKTABLB, adj. J*^1 J«- lahU ■!- 
Ifamt; >«1\ .jM*- baflf *1- 

POBTAGS, t. (act 0/ carrying) J»» 
hami ; jjS*fc l.iuDilon. — ( pnM ^ 
earriaye) Hf*^ humAla-L 

PoBTE (THE Soblimb), 9. A^ 
^elxll ad-daulal aU'&lij^t. 

Portend, n. ^ J-> dall *aU,j^ 
dull; i_rB> nabua. jbdIjus. 

PoBTENT, «. y-c-' nahe (pi. u^ 

PoBTEHTous, o^j", J-^ naJjiB. 
PoHTEB, », (carri«r) JW- h^ W "^! i 

Jj» bKDiiU. — (door-keeptr) s»V 

PoBTBBAoi, *. JU*)1 1^1 ujnt bI* 





PoBTvoLio, f . A^W* malt^faza-t (pi. 
kiW* ma^&fiz) ; (^^'^y^ juzdaD. 

PoETico, 8, (^\yt!^ liwan (pi. (^^^^ 
lawHwin); j^; rauq (^1. j^-y^ 
arw^) ; s3^i) riwaq (pi. ^))\ auri- 

Portion, $, (part, share) a-^ Ijii?- 
9a-t (pl. u^-^ hi^a?); ^i4-J qis- 
ma-t ; s-^e^ na^ib (pl. ^-f^\ ansi- 
ba-t). — (fate) *.•— i qisiua-t ; Ui 
qadA; j'^ qadr (pl. j^^^ aqdar). 
— {dowry) ^ mahr (pl. j^ mu- 
hiir) ; ^W jahaz ; l\y'i\ JU mal 

Portion, r. (divide) ^•*-* qasam, 
jaqsim ; qassam, yuqassiin. — 
{give a dowry) ^ mahar, yain- 
hur ; j^ amhar, junihir. 

Portliness, %. l^\^ jasaina-t. 

Portly, «. (•^— ► jasim. 

Portmanteau, «. tf- hurj (pl. ^f^ 

ahraj); v»V J^"^***^ (P^* Y^ 
iurub, hf^ ajriba-t) ; ^^ badid ; 
(L^ haqiba-t. 

Portrait, «. f;r» 9ura-t (pl. j^ 
Buwar) ; i«y^ taswir ; Ijiy^ ta?- 
wira-t (pl. ;>^^ ta^awir). 

Portraiture, «.jy^ tasawwur. 

PoRTRAT, ». j^ Riiwwar, jusawwir. 

Pose, r. (txUnce) >aS^ sakka-t, yu- 
fakkit.— (^>MZ2/6) r^ bay var, yu- 

Position, «. {situatioji, place) g^^ 
niauda* (pl. C^V "»^^wadi*) ; C;^ 
matrah (pl. C;^ matarib) ; S^ 
mahaUa-t. — (principle laid 
doirn) *J^Vj qiVida-t (j*!. ^^ 
qawa'id) ; ^J^a^ inuqadd:inia-t ; 
Atf-tf qa4iyi^t (]»1. W^-^ qadaya). 

Positive, *adj, Oqfirmativi.) ^W-J 
ijabi-y; o^^-rf ta?diqi-y.— (c^r- 
^ai») ^:^ya«im; ,3^*^ baqiq. — 
(decisive) gl»VJ qa^i* ; ^^ sail 

P088E88, r. (own) viU^ inalak, yain- 
lik ; iM)Xi^\ imtalak, yamtalik; 
jU. biiz, yahiiz ; ^5^*- bawa, yab- 
w» ; o^ \5r*"^ ihtawa *ala, yab- 
tawi. — (occupy, animate) *i— * 
tanallat, yatasallat : ,»<»" tabak- 
kaiii, yatal?Akkam (Uitb witb ^ 

Possessed of. Possessing, adj, 

s-^^ ^a^ib (pl. v»W*^ awbab) ; 
^*> zu (pl. tj^V zawAn), jf. «>U 
zat (pl. sA>\y^ zawat). — (pos^ 
sessed hy a demon) tj^yA^ nialbiis ; 
^^X-^ inaskun. 

Possession, s. «tiU milk, mulk (pl. 
^%»\ auilak) ; g^ matiV (pl. 
AAi*^ amti*a-t) ; uy«F tasarruf. 

Possessive, s. (in grammar) ^^\ 

Possibility,*. (^^^^ inikiin ; JUa^t 
ihtimrd ; AfiU^a-^ istita^a-t. 

Possible, adj, {j^^^^ mumkin ; 
J-^j;^^ mubtamal. — (it is possible 
that) (J^ {^^i, yuinkin aim. 

Post, s. (nf a dnor, &c.) iLj^ ba^- 
ba-t. — {station of duty) s " • i ^ 
inaiiKab (pl. s-^ ^ maDa8ib) ; 
A3\i^ wakala-t; a^j^ bidma-t. — 
(military) ;^l-x ^^ markaz *a8a- 
kir (j»l. ^^j^ marakiz). — (mail) 
Jkj^ barid (pl. *y burud) ; Ak-^ 

Post, v. (travel with speed) ^j»A 
asraS yusri* ; J^^ *ajil, ya*jal ; 
dk-^l^ yL* safar bi-'l-bos^a-t, 
y astir. — (station) ^^ wada*, 


PosTA<JE, s. *^f^ ^/^^ ujra-t niak- 

Posterior, adj. ^*U*» muta'abbir ; 

^y abir. 
PosTEKN, s. (small gate) p^ v»V| 

])al) ?apr. — {private entrance) 

^jc\d. s-»^ bab ha8.s (pl. v*y^ ab- 

wab, (jW biban^; ;-. v»W bab 

Posthumous, adj. (child) j^m j^^ 

&jkJ\^ c:^^ iiiaiilud ba*d inaut 

wrdi«l-bu ; f^i^ ^^y^ mauliid ya- 

tiiii. — (work) s-^^ *aqib. 
PosT-MAsTKU, s. ^j^}^ iiiaiizilji ; 

i^^\ s-r^lo >abib al-lK)Sta-t. 
PosTi'oNK, r. /s-^ abbar, yu'abbir; 

^\^\ auibal, viiiJibiL 
Postponement, #.^2^'^vj ta'bir ; a1^ 

PosTsi:KirT, s. ^^O-* inalbaija-t; 

Ji^ zail (pl. J^»i zuyui, Jv^Jt 

PoBTUEE, «. S** I>alA-t; J*rf qa^ 

'ada^t ; ie* hiya-t. 
Pot, 8. j-^ qidr ; SjjJ qidra-t (pi. 

„jj qudClr); SU bnlla-t (pi. JU. 

taoajjr) ; ^1^* |,'alaj'a-t. — {for 

jhiveri) yij ^y^ qasartya-t inhr. 

— (cAam6er-po() i U*:^ — « musta'- 

mala-t ; iij-** qa?ari_va-t ; Cj^ 

PoTABLB, arfj. v'r*-^ yao^rib (3 

aor. Tii.); vjt^ ma^r&h, 
POTAHH, «. jLi c^ n^'^" '3*l'' 
Potation, «. (dritikin'j boiil) iijJ^ 

mairalia^t (pi. vjW»« niaMrib). 

— {draught) i^j^ ^artia-t, sur- 

Potato, #. uSjS* c^ tufflh al-ard ; 

ilU^ batiita-t ; ^^ ^jJu kalkiie 

firanji-y ; y-Wi qilniqfis. 
Potency, g. Eji quwwa-t ; SjjJ qud- 

ra-t ; ji-«jl iqtidiir ; icU»i.l isti- 

Potent, adj. uji qawl-y ; jjU qadir ; 

f'y mu'assir. 
Potkntatb, «. tjlli- sultfin (pi. 

y^S- Balilttn) ; utlU maiik (pi. 

^f. mulflk). 
Potential, nifj. (pogeibh) {;>J»*-" 

murakiu.— (e^cicni) /"j- mu'ai- 

PoTioN, «. ^T* ^rba-t. 

PoTTAQE, s- Vjj* sorbA ; ii* fatta-t, 

Potter, »■ ijM* fahbari-y ; (JU)** 

fahfiri-y ; j-^W faharanS-y. — 

{jioUer'g elai/) jWi fahbiir. 
Pottery, «. ^sjWll J*"^ ma'mal 

al-fabhfiri-y (|..l. J-U- ma'imil). 

PODOH, «. Sr-d*- jaib (pi. -r'Jt*- 

juyftb); im* jaiba-t (pi. >.,-«»■ 
PotTLTIOE, ». iai»3 labha-tj Si^ laz- 

PoDLTiCE, p. Jf* habbal, yuhabbil ; 

^ labbab, yulabbih. 
PoDLTBHEB, *, giWJ fW bayjfA' 

PoDLTET, f. jjbI" tuyfir; e*-J dujftj ; 


gjV-> dajflyij (pi. of KW* dftjA> 

PouscB, c. i>vt iDqad4' J<^4*44- 
Pound, <. Jl-j rasf. rati (pi. Jit,! 

ar(ai). — (loverei^) igJg* jioiTa-t 

PoCNP, «. JJ daqq, Taduqq ; ,j^ 
haras, yahrus ; bairas, yuliu 
ytj radlj, yarudd. 

PoDK, ».a. s— • ?alib, ya^ubb; s-t. 
sakab, jaHlnib : <.^ kabb, J%- 
kubb ; ty-i dafaq, jadfuq, ysd- 
fiq ; n. JV- sal, yasil. 

PoDT, V. jy bawwu, jubawvit; 
■1^ barid, yahrad. 

PODTINO, ». yyri tabwti. 

PoTKRTY, «. ;** faqi"; ^il*- t*'U- 
qa-t; t jJ^-^ iiiaskatia-t. 

PowDBE, A. <wi)^ Bafiif ; ill- sof- 
fa-t; iiJduqqa-l (]>I.i>iJ d«qnq, 
JJ duqq). — (c/tin;>uWn-) Jjjli 

Powder, o. i3»- eabaq, jaalpiq; 

•^W- sahak, yaabuk ; ^ daqq, 

PowDKE-HOBN, ». i*3j waina-t. 
Powder-mill, *. -^M^ oj*-*^ taljftit 

al-bSrad (pi. t^jl- tawi^tn). 
Powder-boom, a. oj^l^ll 6>>*^ ma))* 

zao al-bnrQd (pi. e^^*" mabtsiD). 
Power, *. (faeaity) SjjJ qudia-t; 

jliiil iqtidiir; ij» quwws-t; Wl 

ti\qa-t. — {ilrengtk) i*i quwwa-t; 

By- gaula-t ; jJ* qadr ; )e 'ixB, — 

(oH/ftori'fy) i*-*^ liukm; i-ji» 

bukflma-l.— (in ma(fc«»a /ie«) Ijl 


Powerful, adj. ,j)l qawt-j ; M 
quwira-t wa iqlidnr; 1,41 sr<»U 

qAdir; jlojil 

fAhib qudra-t ; y>e 'az!s. 
PowERFCTLKEsa, (. l;JJ qudra-t ; U 
quwwa-t ; j1>uill1 f^ feajnU al- 

. tj.i«1 ^ja •adtm 
> ;e^ gair qadir; 

Powerless, udj. 


iSj*r* gairqawi-y. 
PowEBLEfiSKESB. «. Sjjtdt |>.ia 'Bjlam 

al-qiiitra-t; <1-uil1 ili qilUt al- 

iqtidiir ; Ijjf ,*.» 'Mlam «]-qu«- 






Pox, #. OD**^ jadrt-y, jadart-7. 
Pricticable, adj. jU| rii^al (3 

aor. pass.) ; ^^^C^ miimkin. 
Practicableness, Practicabilt- 

TT, «. (^^^^ imkan ; icUiJu.^ igti- 

t/l*a.t ; JU«t infi*&l. 
Practtical, adj. ^J4^ *amali-y ; 

JV4JU-^ i8ti*m&li-v. — (expert- 

eneed) ;«*► habir. 
Practicalness, s. ijt^ hubra-t; 

^itSdA ibtibAr ; i^fi^ tajriba-t. 
Practice, b. JU«-.\ isti'mAl ; J«* 

'ami ; ^;U«« mum^rasa-t ; Ip^ 

b libra- 1 ; (^j^ tamarrun. 
Practise, v. .>« *amal f*amil), 

ya'mal ; J»» w?- \ ista^al, yas- 

ika'mil ; s^f¥ jarrab, yujarrib. — 

(a$ a phytician) ^»^ hakkam, 

yubakkim ; H-i» tabb, yatibb, ya- 

Practised, adj. n^;%^ mujarrab; 

7«M*. habtr. 
Practitioner, t. J-^^-^ 'amil; 

.|»jt 7 ...,>« musta'mil ; w>y^^ tnu- 

jarrib ; g>^ ^kn\*. 
Prairie, s. g^/* marj (pi. tjor^ 

Praise, b. (commendation) a*^ 

barad ; c*"^ madb ; •^^^ maid 

Cpl. oV^t amj&d) ; •M>*> tamjid ; 

UUj waff (pi. u\^)\ aufAf. — 

(glorifying) •^♦»» bamd ; (^Wi— 

subhAn ; y~^ ^iikr (pi. j^-^ 

Praise, v. (comm^n<f) c*^ madah, 

yamdab ; •^^'^^ bamad, yal^mud ; 

^ §anna, yusanni ; ^^ ^y*^ 

ajna *ala, yu^ni. — (glorify) ^.<— 

sabbab, yu^abbib ; j^ iakar, 

Praiseworthy, s. -^e*^ bamid ; 

Oy*^^ mabmftd ; c*^^ s-^^; wA. 

jib aUmadb ; •i^*^^ J^ '" * mus- 

tahiqq al-hamd. 
Prance, v. W na^t, yanutt ; y^ 

tafar, yaffir. 
Prank, s. s-^ la*ab; f ; ^^ >• mas- 

Prate, Prattle, 9. IM fjalaba-t ; 

i^l^ Mlka-t. 
Prate, Prattle, r. J^aS\ yt^ kajgar 

al-sralaba-t, yukassir ; «Ufi 'alak, 
ya*lik, ya*luk ; *allak, yu'allik. 
Prater, s., Prating, adj. *t^l» 
*allak ; M*3^ ^ kagir al-eala- 
ba-t; f^W^ jji kasir al-kalam; 
J^ fu(j[uli-y. 
Prawn, s. (^^j^ saratan ; (^Uyu 
salta'an; e^«I«U salta'ftn (pi. 
(2)^!)u 8a]a(a*in). 
Prat, v. J« ^alla, yu^alli; ^jfto 

da*a, yad*i. 
Prater, 9. (to heaven) i^ , SSu 
nalat (pi. s^^^^Lb salawat) ; Vaj 
du*a (pi. ^>c^^ ad*iva-t).— -( p^/t- 
/,V>n) Wt talaba-t*; J^ su'^l, 
BuwAl; W; TiiA, raja; ^jU5 ta- 
manni ; ^j^tUiS^ iltim&s. 
Preach, v. ^^ wa*az, ya*i?; s-^ 
battib. yahtub ; s-J«s*.^ ihtatab, 
yahtatib ; j/ karaz, yakriz. 
Preaching, «. Jkc^ wa*? ; 3/ karz ; 

f}/ karza-t ; ^^ hataba-t. 
Preacher, «. Ifcc^^ wa*iz (pi. ^^y 
wii"a?j) ; 3;\^kariz (pl.jy^kArAz) ; 
s-i.U. hAtib rpl. v»^ huttab). 
Preamble, h. i»JJU muqaddama-t; 
^Wi fAtiha-t (pi. c^^y fawatih) ; 
eW4»> dibaj ; ^W«> dibaja-t (pi. 
jj-»Vij dayAbij, ^W*> dabAbij); 
ijod. bu^ba-t. 
Precarious, adj. *M>y^ ^ prair 
ma^biU ; sa^ ^ ^s^ ^ eair muta- 
sabbit ; **^aJ) ss^jmi' tabt a^-iiakk ; 
j^yCt^ ma.4kiik ; jjl*^ mu'allaq. 
Precariousness, 8. C:J— e*J^ f^ 
'adam al-yaqin ; ^WtS^ ^^jlc *adam 
as-sabat; **i— i* sakk (pi. «i)y^ 
sukuk) ; v»y;^ irtiyab. 
Precaution, s. ;J^ hizr, bazar; 

jMjioA ihtizar; )^f^\ ibtiraz. 
Precautionary, adj. jy^^^ mub- 

tariz ; ;J^ hazir. 
Precede, v. (•a*? taqaddam, yata- 
q ad da in ; v>^- sabaq, yanbuq ; 
«-AL- salaf, vasluf. 
Prkckdence, Precedency, «. f»JJ» 
ta<|addum ; S^^J^ Radara-t ; jJuf 

#. ^3»L- saMq ; J^ 

JU^t am sal) ; JV^ 

^3Uut am^ila-t, JX« 


misl (pi. 
mifal (pi. 

p»ll » 

mm], mugul); ^ najtr; jy^-^ 
dastdr (pi. wIUj dasah'r) ; oU_l 

Pkkckpt, f. S«U qfl'ida.t (pi. -^V 
qawiVid) ; yjili qanun (pi. (^Ij* 
qawiinin)_; ^V ^'"'4 ff'- ^}^ 
furfiij) ; AJjj* farida-t ; ii-j wa?i- 
ya^t (pi. ^iUj wa^Avfl). 

Pkkckptoe, «. (JjM nm'allim ; ^-)j- 

Pbecbssion, k. ftiS taqaddum. 

Pbecinct, s. iLW* ihftta-t; SjIjj:-! 
istidSra-t ; j^ haAA (pi. JjJ^- 
hudfld) ; !j«e 'aqwa-t (pi. Uc 
'iqS) ; W hima'. 

Peecioits, adj. (je^ samin; t:>*i« 
musmin ; i,^-e« nafis ; )*)* 'aziz. 

Precious NESS, ». £*-i qima-T ; (^^ 



tahdii-at ; i-^ Lab&t : '^j; war- 
ta-'t (pi. Uj, wirat) ; i^^ tnah- 
laka-t (pi. uiUlfr* mahalik). 

Precipitance, Fbecipitanct, 
Peecipitation, ». JW*^^ is- 
ti'jAI ; flv 'ajala-t ; J-v* ta'jil ; 
jitJ ta'ajjul. 

Peecipitatb, r, W* habat, yahbut ; 
hftlibat, vuhabltit; k*' ahba(, 
yubbit ; wL. sAqat, yusfiqit. — 
(*""■!/) J-*e 'ajjal, yu'ajjil ; 
^_5* J*«^l ista'jal fi, yaBta'jil ; 
^ Jj-1 aara' fi, yuari'. 

Peecipitoub, arfj. (tteep) --Al^j wa- 
qif ; ^l» ifimih ; Jj^* nSzll ; J*l- 
mfiyil; ^U qityim. — (rapii/) 
Jfciii.—« muata'jil; f.j- sari'. 

Precipitouhness, a. io^ aar'a-t. 
See Pebcipitasck. 

Pbecisk, adj. {accurate) l-jr** macl- 
bfit; j*'** mudaqqiq; {-9W« (a- 
^lih. — {dfJtHed, delermitieii) (;ji** 
inu'ayyaa ; J^-W* mal^dfid j oa^^ 
muhaddad. — (/nnnal) s— -U 
uijUii: jiihib takQlliifAt (pi. v-'-i^^ 
Btfciab) ; ugXi .^-.U (Aljib tak- 


Peecibenebs, Febcision, t. ^-^ 
diqqa-t ; JoiJJ tadqiq ; (^W 
tanqit) ; W^ dabt ; jV.' ijfij:. 

TkECLUDE, f. ^ niaua', yatnna' ; 

t {Pwa 

^J» nafa, yand ; f}^ banun, yab- 

rim ; ■>) radd, yarudd. 
Peecociopb. ndj. jt^ liikkir: J** 

uiijJl qabi al-waqt ; ^^jJ* -hadH-y. 
Prbconceitk, t'. /t^j wabmai, ya- 

him ; jfo ta^anwar, yaU^w- 

Pheconceptiok, t.jr^ taf»winir. 
Febconcbbt, v. J" x}'s\ ittifaq 

'ala, jattafiq. 
Pkeconcert, «. (tJto* jUil itiifiq 

Pbrccrsoe, f. iji^ sAbiq ; f» M- * 

Peedatoet, adj. t,-*l» n&bib ; <vJ^ 

Pegdecsasb, v. j1*i •«>U mit qftbU 

hii, yamitt. 
Pbedecesbos, I. i^U dUif (pL 

^1-1 aalAf) ; f^ii^ mataqaddim : 

i^tU Bftbiq (pi. jU- flubbAq). 
Pbedestinate, Peedestike. b.jJ* 

qaddar, yuqaddir (with J li or 

> 'ala). 
Feedestikation, a. ;|J* toijdlr; 

jJAjt al-tnuqaddar; j^Ufl j UA 

al-qadA wa-'I-qadr ; iU— i qb- 

Pbbdetebuinatr, d. ia«IT tUhun, 
yulbim; J o^ hada li wMl. 

Predetermination, t. f^fl ilbim; 
k->^ hadiya-t. 

Pebdioahbkt, ». JW IjiU (pi, Jljfcl 
abwHt) ; 0\.. h&la-t ; ^U «iii (pL 

Pbedicatb, t>. ^\ aquT. yuqirr. 

PBEDICATE. t. (in grammar) t i-M 
^ al-musnad bi-fai ; JAa (ifa-t. 

Pbedict, v. jHy aufar, Tunxir; Ut 
anba, yunbl I bolli with ,_jJtt hi- 
*e-v); e/ barraj. Tubnrrij. 

Prediction. «. JU «1 (pi. jy 
fu'ul. jy af'nl) ; j\m\ infiri 
£>j»J tabnj ; 4s»^ tnnbiya-t. 

PuEDiLECTioN, A. Jl J»» mail tb. 

Pbedispobe. t'. (inclme hr/onAand) 
Jb- mavyal, yumavyil. — (pr*> 
;»nre) J*^ a'add, yu'idd j *•* n»y- 
yS, yuhayyi. 

Pbedominance, «. H-Jf ta^nllub; 
i^ gaUba-t : U-i tuallat. 




Prkdoxikatb, V, v^ galab, jag- 

Pre-eminent, adj, ^\ af(j[al; 

^ybA asraf, f. U/i sarfa (pi. «J(/i 

surf) ; ^^i«-» mumtaz ; ^•jJU* mu- 

Fbe-escftion, 8. ^^«Aik suf*a-t. 
Prb-enoags, f. /^Vs^^ ista'jar, jas- 

Pre-bnoaobmbnt, 8,^^Sa^\ isti'jar. 
Pbb-bxist, V, %i ^u kan qablan, 

yakuu; %i •H-^ wujid qablan, 

Pbb-existbncb, 8. f**)^ ^^ kaun 

muqaddain; f»J^ Jy%>^ wujiid 

Preface, «. JUjju muqaddama-t ; 

i^^ fati^a-t (pi. c^V fawatib) ; 

^Wt^ dibaja-t (pi. |^Wj daja- 

bij, |5e»W*>dababij). 
Prefect, «. JU wali (pi. Wj 

wulat) ; f^^ ^akim (pi. fS^ 

^ukkam) ; jiU nazir (pi. Jk\^ na- 

wkz'iT) ; ;»J^ mudabbir. 
Prefecture, «. iL«^ ^ukilma-t ; 

h"^^ wilaya-t. 
Prefer, v, ^ J^ faddal 'ala, ju- 

fa44il; f\ ajar, jusir; ^j^ ^\ 

rajja^ *ala, yurajji^; (^jO j^ 

ibtkr duD, yabtar. 
Preferable, <idj, f^\ a'zam, f. 

sj^ 'uzma ; {j'»^\ SLt^SLU (pi. 

^^\a^ at^asin) ; ^\ af (Jal ; ^y\ 

Pkeferableness, «. J^ktf tafa44ul. 
Preference, «. Je-y» tafcjiU ; j^o^^ 

ibtijar ; jUj^ igar. 
Preferment, «. Wj^ irtiqa; ^^jf 

t&riaui(ii ; JU?j^ irtifa*. 
Pre»ix, v. ^ ^S\ aabal fi, yud- 

Prefix, t. «%. u^^*. ^arf jarr (pi. 

^^ ^uruf). 
Pregnable, adj, J^^ Jiihaf l3 aor. 

Pregnanct, 8. Jt^ babal; J^*^ 

Ijiubul ; J^ l^aml. 
Pregnant, aJj. J^ ^?ubla (pi. 

<J^ l^bala) ; aUU bauiila-t. 

Prejudge, v. ji^\ J*i (»^ it^akam 
qabl al-£a^, jat^kum. 

Prejudice, s, s ^**? ta'a^^ub. — (tn 

favour) Je* mail (pi. Jv«^^ am- 

yal). — (injury) J^ 4arar ; ftt^ 

luaclarra-t; &;^««^ b&sara-t; <^w«» 

Prejudice, v. (agaiMt) (^ J««« 

mayyal *an, yumayjil. — (in 

favour of) ^J\ Je* majyal ila, 

yuinajvil. — (injure) /* 4*rr, ya- 

4urr; jJ>\ a4arr, yudirr. 
Prejudicial, adj, y^ mu4irr ; ;U 

(jiarr ; JuJU mut'sid. 
Prelacy, h, Sj4^\ LJ<ij riyaaa-t al- 

kabana-t; l^^\ imama-t. 
Prelate, «. f«U\ imam (pi. iUlt 

a'imma-t) ; ^ ^br (pL ;W*>^ 

Prelect, i;. \ji qara, jaqr&. 
Prelection, «. h/S taqriya-t; 

u^)'^ tadris. 
Preliminary, adj, f»jJU muqad- 

dim, muqaddam. 
Preliminary, «. ^jJU muqadda- 
Prelude, «. ^j^ badii ; c^^^^ ifti- 

Premature, adj. ^a^^\ JtJ qabl al- 

watjt; J^^*ajil; j^i^ mibkar. 
Prematureness, 8. j^ tabkir; 

i^fi *ajala.t; ^^\^1\ J^ f^Li 

bulug qabl al-awan. 
Premeditate, v, j^-^ taqa^^ad, ja- 

taqa^^ad ; ^\ acinar, yu4aiir; 

yj^ f^ *azam *ala, ya*zim. 
Premeditation, s, •u^ ta*ammud ; 

J^*^ ta'ammul ; J^ q'iod ; /^ 

tafakkur ; ^ Diya-t. 
Premier, «. (Prime Minister) jJ^\ 

^3^ a9-9adr al-a*zam ; j^jjf^ 

f^'^\ al-wazir al-a*2am. 
Premise, v. f^ qaddam, juqad- 

dim ; «-A)L ^allaf, yusallif. 
Premises, «. (^\^ makan (pi. LiSJi\ 

Premiss, «. JUai^ muqaddama-t; 

^aS taqdima-t (pi. ^Vj? taqa- 

Premium, «. ^jyi^\ i^^ qimat 

Prbmonisu, v.\^\ aujar, yui^ir; 

Pm] 3 

PBEUONITION, «. jl^l inztlr ; jjj*" 
Pkkmonitive, Pebuokitoby, aJj. 

Pkepaeation, «. jlj»ii-\ isti'dfid; 

^etfr tajhiz ; )»r tajahliuz ; s-*tf 

Pbeparatitb, Prkpabatort, aJj. 

^Afl» muqaddim ; |_je*» muhayyi. 
Prkpake, c. W* h!i.yjB, yuhayyij 

•fl^ jiilihiiz, jujiihhiK ; j-to. I^add'ar, 

yubaijtli''; -■"*' abbab, ju'ahhib. 
Peepay, v. <-4L-\ aalal, yuslif. 
Peepayuent, g. >~i^ aalat'; ^o 

^jJf* dat* luiiqaddim. 
Pkepohderancb, It. c;^; rujith ; 

i'^.rt-j rujhftna-ti i^ galaba-t; 

s '1** tagallub. 
Peepokdbrate, v. (f^) i-ajjtt^, ju- 

mjjih ; s-lt galab, yagliu. 
Preposition, a. j*- wy- l^arf jarr 

(pi. '~tjj^ IjurulJ. 
Frepobsbbb, v. Jfl- mayyal. yu- 

mayvil ; ^-iq- juzab, yajzib. 
Peepohbessino, adj. v-iW- j«?ib 

(pi. H"^V ja.WHzibj. 
Pbeposibkous, «(//'. JW» muli&l ; 

J«.i— rauslatiil; ja^l •" »Judd 

pREP0siER0D8NBss, «. •J-t' 'abas ; 

^U:^1 iatiliala-t. 
Pbbfuce, «. i*U qulfa-t ; Hjt gur- 

Fbe-eeijuibite, ». Lm^iXm Lm^^ lazi- 

ma-l muqaddima-t (pi. f*j^y lo* 

Pebbooatitb, «. j». Ijaqq (pi. jjfc. 

l^uqfiq) J hy maziya-t (pi. ^\y* 

PEBaAOE, «. JU tal (pi. J'j* fu'ul, 

J'yl at'ul; *33j dalala-t, 
Pbesaoe, u. JUI\ v-jJ ijarab al.f41, 

yadrib ; ^^ kaban, yakhan ; ,j«A 

takabbuii, yaUikabbau. 
pREsBXTGu, «. ^^ kAbin (pi. <U|! 

kabana-tj ; ^j-i qioB (pi. j^^ 

qusuB, i-jLj qasHwisa-l); ij-i— * 

(jaaiii (pi. yL_i quBBan, J~i1 aqia- 

Pkuci£hce, (. v^^ (^ 'ilu a]- 


PbebcIent, adj. s-e*!! (J^ ■ilijn^al- 

Prescribe, u. ^1 aniar, j&'mur; 
J* ^ Ijataiii -ala, jatjtiiu ; ^^ 
i_jle faragl 'ala, yairi^ i ^j^ (»-j 
ra:iam 'ala, yarBum. — (a< a fiijf 
iicwn) •~^} wa^al, jaflf. 

Pbebcbiption, «. (j<rei;«plj j^^ amr 
(pi, ^V awamir> ; y*/ Ult^ (pL 
Jijji turiid;; iJ*»* qu-idu-l (j.1. 
Aciji qawa'ni_)i oyt* qaiitkii (jiL 
y^y qawauin}.— (cy a pAjw»- 
f lanj ^'■'j wafla-t ; *a >— ' nuJil{A-U 

Feebehcb, ». ;;-^ liudiir ; ij.^ tMk4- 
ra-tj i-i^ sabada-t. — (in Aw 
presence) A{>>1 urct baiii ^aile-tu i 
A'l-ii quddam-liu) i-^\ uuim- 

Pbeueht, adj. fi^ badir (pi. ^i-^ 
liucldar, (ji;*W ^adjrinj j •'j^-j' 
maujiid. — (not jHut) j*>» tf*4"! 
JW ^ali-y. — (al prmentj ^IH 
aiau ; ^iA baliaq. 

Present, t. {the jireMJit time) Jwll 
al-hal) ^^\ al-hudir; ^^-*y\ l-i* 
hiza ai-waqt. — (ifyf> *^" lu^Oa-t 
(pj. kjW- lu^al/; if^ haoiya-t 
(jil. ^(1.** badayaj. 

Prbsent, v. ,,j-^haijdar, yu^ad^i 
j.^\ alidar, yuhdir ; ftM qauuiUD, 
juqadUim. — (niofce a ^retttU) 
^ji^ 1.w1 >.j>B<1 attfal a^oid-ui bi 
se-yin, yut^ ; *l jjUl ,j^t 
abiia es-se-y la-hu, j^uiiai. 

Pbesbbtatioh, *. fH-iiB laqdim; 
J'f 'ard, 

Prebentijuent, I. ,.r— Ws* i ^^ 
huaiya-t) 4i*U-« luuka^Alu-t. 

Prbsbntli, iMJK. '1^ balAQi <^ 
i.utv- mm sa'&Ubu ; ^i\ aina ; 
"l^ii uajizaa. 

PrebEBVATIOM, «. kW Ijlalz ; Atlmf 
mu^alUia-t ; itW fiyiiaa-t ; ^^ 
ill rasa- 1. 

pBBBEEVE, V. (keep cart!/ullf,pTxt' 
fccO Uk iintit, yaljtaf; ^w fin, 
yafuiii Uk l^iuia, yidtiul ; ^m* 
'afaiu, y&tiui.—(jniu», iccf jj 
rabba, jurabui i.i« vu^r^ ; j— 
ballai, ytUiaUll (^m Pineyar; j ^ 




Pbksebti, f . ^J^f• murabba ; JW« 
^muball&i ; ^U^ mumallai? ; {j^y^ 
~ makbuB. 
Pb£8IDk, r. ^/J^%«i3\ ^y tawalia al- 

majiiSy jata walla ; j*M '^»i qa'ad 

bi-9adr, yaq'ud. 


v / *J^%»M ^^^ rivasat al-majlis ; 
y^ fadr. 
Pbk6IDknt, 8. ^ / >- ^ %* U u^^ ray is 
al-inajbg (pi. U^i^ ru'auaj ; ^y^ 
v / -*»» M mutawaiii al-inajlis. 

Press, «. {for fluids) ij'^^^ ini^^a- 
ra-t (pi. j^\»^ ma^a^irj. — (for 
papers, Ac) l^*^ milzaina-t. — 
(^iiUiyi^ press) i»-^ mj^ba'a-t 
(pi. gj^«* ma^bi'). — {throng) 
!•*>) za^uia-t ; (^^^j^ izdi^diu. — 
(wardroOe) ii\y^ hizana-t (pi. 
^^j4> ^izajrin) ; o^^^-/- buristau. 

PftEtftf, V, {comprtss) v>o-* <^yy»Hl» 
ju<Jlayyiq; ^yc ,^r^ kabas 'ala, 
jakbitf. — {siiuetze) /^ *a9ar, 
ja'9ir. — (hug) ftjJ^ ,jJ^ ^ (jLiuim 
ila fadr-iiUy ytujiuLuin ; (^'*^»-\ i|^- 
ia4i^» yat^ta<jm. — (distress) ,jo-^ 
'a^af, yu'affif; y lazz, yaluzz. 
— ( press upon) f^^ hajam, yah- 
jiiu ; J^» Jl^aiual, jabuiil (uoth 
with ^ *alaj. — {crowd) ^j 
za^m, jazJI^am ; ^*>)^ izda^aui, 

Pbessuke, s. {pression) ly^ 'a^ra-t. 

— ( /t/rce; j^ jaur; ^ zulm;;fi 

qahr ; f>\^\ Uzaiu. — {distress) 

%^\aA *ajau ; ^V* (jLiqa-t. 
Prestige, t . iyft 'izza-t ; ^Uikc 'a^a- 


Presume, v. {suppose) jtjk l'ara4, 
yalra^ ; u«^ J*^ 'tkiuil qiyas, 
ya^mal; ^y tawabham, yata- 
wahhain; ^ sann, yazuun. — 
{arrogaU) pr tajabbar, yatajab- 
bar; ^u\ idda'a, yadda'i. 

Presuming, Presumptuous, adj, 
jt ^'** mutajabbir ; ^j^^^ muta- 

Presumption, t. {supposition) (^W 
Ura4 i ^ saim.---(j;riiEm|^(uou«- 

n60«, arro^/u^e) jt^ takabbur ; 

jlfSjjJS istikbar; j9^ tajabbur. 
Presumptive, adj. ^^-Wl qiyasi-y. 
Presuppose, v. ^y l*ara4, yatra4 ; 

jj^ qaddar, juqaddir ; {j^'^ v)«* 

'amil qijas, ja'mal ; (j-*^ b&o^- 

mau, yuhaunuin. 
Presupposition, «. ^y farcji; >•*• 

taqdir ; ^^Wi qiyas. 
Pretence, «. a^i^ ^^ujja-t; ^ 

*illa-t; JU» ta*allul; jJ^ *uzr. — 

{pretension, claim) ^*>^ iddi*a ; 

6^\j^ muda'a-t; i^*y da*wa-t; 

f^j za'm. 
Pretend, v. {make skow) jt^\ azhar, 

yuzbir ; J^^ Igiawal, yub^wil; 

J^-0^ tal;iawwal, jata^awwal 

(mostly expressed by the vi. 

form of a verb, as : ^/* mari4> 

** to be ill ; " ^jUi tamara^, 

" to pretend to be ill." — {claim) 

^jlfi ^S\ idda*a *ala, yadda*i ; 

^J^ v^yc*> J<* *aniil da'wa *ala, 

Pretender, «. {claimer) o"-**^ 

madda'i ; ^3 za'im. 
Pretentious, adj, {presuming) 

^f-V^ mutajabbir ; p^*^ muta- 

Preterite, s, {tense) ^U ma<ji; 

^j^U)^ J** ti*l al-ma4i. 
Preternatural, adj. aa^\ ja 

4udd at-tabi'a-t ; ^vA ;«^ gair 

tabi*i-y ; &^^\ w^J^ bil^^' &1- 

qa'ida-t; s ^e^ ** *ajib. 
I Pretext, s. j«^ 'u^r (pi. j^*^^ 

*azarj ; *jj^ *i?ra-t (pi. jJ^ *i?ar) ; 

i^ bujja-t (pi. ^^ bujajj; 

Ai«^ bi^-^ (pi- Jo^ b»jal)' 

Prettiness, «. (^r«^ kais ; ^^ 
la^af a-t ; i^\Jk zarafa-t ; ^ baha ; 
A^^ babja-t. 

Pretty, oU/. u^f^ kuwayyis ; «-A«U 
latif (|>1. «^vU ii^f; ; Je^^jamil; 
uiiy z^rif ; ^qL« malib. 

Prevail, v. {overcome) «t-^ g&bib, 
yaglib; ^ yi z^far *ala, yaz- 
hr. — {be customary or general) 
ftjU jU ^ar 'ada-t, ya^ir; ^ 
'amm, ya'uinm. — (ip^uce) ^ 
qanna', yuqanniS 

Pit] 3 

Pestailino, Pekvalknt, ai/j. s-J^ 
gulib; ^Jf~• luustiiuli,— (cur- 
renl, autoviary) jjjW jAii ; ^j'f*^ 


tagiillub ; iei-l iBtUA. — (currency, 

cugtom) eIjj rawiij ; iJle 'fida-t. 
Peevaeicatb, v. J)i* ijSwal, yu- 

t«wil; ^\ i^tajj, jaljtajj ; yU. 

hin, jahin. 
Pkbtaeication, ». ilfl* tiila-t (pi. 

Jb". hijalj ; ^i.-. Ijujja-t (pi. e** 

hujajj ; ii^ hijana^t. 
Pekvbnt, II. ^« mana', jamna' ; 

J^e 'aq, ya'uq [ jj* 'awwaq, yu- 

'awwiq ; i>ji*\ i'tarad, ja'tari«jl ; 

}^ IjaEfti', jahjur. 
Peevehtidn, ». ^.M mau'; djttu^ 

mumaDa'a-t; ^jftl/el i'tirad- 
Peeventitb, adj., t. gJU mani' (jil. 

S^j^ niawani'); ijjic '"jiq (pl- 

^IjB 'awiijiq). 
Pkevioub, arfj. jt*— Babiq (pl. 

jW- aubbaq, i>-- aubliaq, f. i 

a-t, pl. ^^f sawabiq) ; <-jJU. 

Hlllif (pl <^l~ sullaf); (t-iA- mu- 

qaddiiu, muqaddam. 
PsEY, 8. {hunted) J^ said ; i— tj* 

farUa-t.— (i)oo(j) i*ffifc ganima-t 

(pl. ^liA ganayim) ; ^ nuh- 

ba-l. — (beatt of prey) cjW- n^ft^ 

Cr->i) baiwan jirilj (kilsir) (pl. 

t;V *^J^J wulju^ jawarih, i/'j'-j 

^Iji wuljfli kawaair). — {bird of 

prey) ;-li jj. tail- kaair (pl. j^ 

;-^yi tuTur kawasir). 
Peey, v. \cu animalt) ij-r*^ iftaras, 

yaltaris. — {reel heavily on) Jtf 

i_jle aaqai 'ala, yajqul. 
Pbice, I. 1^ gatnan (pl. ^Utt a.3< 

munj ; j«- si'r (pl. j^n-l an'&r) ; 

4*e* qima-t (pl- ^ qiyam). 
Pbichless, adj. i*^ Al U inA Ifr-hu 

qima-t ; {^ -i) U ma la-hu 

eamac ; /tr^ yatim (pl. f!^\ 

Psicx, V. ^ nabaz, yauhax; ^ 

garaz, yagriz ; <*Ui gakk, ya- 

Fuox, «. i^ iuit(ra*t. 

! [^1 

Pbicelb, (. <*>;<> sauk (pL •allj^t 

at^wak) ; ^^ £auka-t, iol»-t. 
pRicKLiNEss, ». Jl^l istrik. 
Pbickly, adj. **lj* sawik. 
Pbide, a. pi kubr; ^^ ktbnyi ; 

jtii takabbur; j\^ij^\ islikb'ir; 

,*W ta'a^ium. 
pRiKflT, ». t^^i kabin (pl. i^ t»- 

hana-t) ; i^ qiss (pl. tj«j— ' 

qusus;; ,_r*-* qisaia (pi. X-JLJ 

pRiesTHuoD. s. ^r-^ kfthniit; 

^)~-* qusQsa-t ; ^- j - * quBJUt* 

Pkiestlt, e. ij-j— i qiiBiiBl-y. 
Pkim, adj. ^/-y uiUEa^r&f; £m* 

Peimaev, adj. Jjl awwal (pl. JT.I 

awnyil, ^y awnlij, f. ^jl Uk 

(pl. -nLjj/ uwaliyat) ; ^j-I— t 

Pbihate, «. |tU\ iranm (pi. itfl 

a'ioima-t) ; j^jJl jA- fadr ad- 

diu (pl. jjA- ?udur); »*1);,W b»(. 

rik; ^ji;W batraink (pL ultjOt 

baliii'ik, i^j^ ba|urika'tj. 
PEIMATEaHIP, Peiuact, «. t-M 

imuma-t ; J^ bafraka-t. 
I'eihe, adj. U}*.} aeraf, f. U^ iatH 

(pl. Jj* iurf) ; JJl af^ ; 4^ 

wahid ; ^ji farid (pL -iSi^ fui- 

Peihe, Pbiuesess, *. (bluum) qj*'* 

'anfawnji ; jjj raiq, ravyiq, riq. 

— (best pari ) i^i*- U^Ufa-t, bdli- 

»a-t; s-1 lubb (pl. v^tl lubikb). 
Pbime, f. (prepare) .ut a'Kdd, 

yu'idd ; le* haj-ya, yuhayyi. — (a 

gun) j^i zahhar, yufab^ir. 
Pbimee, «.' J^ll ^us'kilib kl- 

U(fll (pl. s-i^ kutub). 
Peimbtal, Pbikitivk, m^j. f^^ 

qadim (pl. qudomi) ; ^J*^ 

'atiq (pl. Uw 'utaqt, {. iji^ 

PfiiuiFfo, i. {oj a, (run) ij^ fa](t* 

ra-t (pl. j|U.J pdiayir). 
Pbimitive, ». {pTi^r,al irord) W-* 

aqtiya-l ; Jj** mujarrad. 
Pbihitivskebs, t. ^-lAlt JU. ^ 





PmnfOonriTUBi, t. kjy^ bakftrt- 

Primordial, adj, ^J^^ a^li-y ; ^J)^ 

Prince, «. (son of a king) odUJ^ ^J^^ 
ihn al-nialik (pi. W^ ahna, {j^ 
banin). — (chief) je^\ amir (pi. 
\jA nmara) ; Je* qail (pi. JWJ^ 
aqyal) ; J^^- sayjid (pi. 5*>U 
sada-t) ; J^Juu ^indid (pi. J^jU* 
fanAdid) ; ^J^*. hidiw (Pers,). 

PRiNCBLiNBAfl, 8, £;U^ imAra-t ; 
^W^ maUkiya-t ; \j>»'S\ ^53 zai-y 
al-uniarA (j^^\ al-muluk). 

Pbincblt, adj. ^jt^ miri-y (for 
^yii^\ amiri-y) ; [j^^^ sultAni-y ; 
^yjA. hidiwi-y. 

Principal, adj, ^JL«^ a^H-y ; c5;^/^ 

<Jiin1iri-y ; 

aha^9 ; 


Principal, b, fj^j raiyis (pi. ^^^ 

ru'asa) ; ^Jy^ mutawalli ; f*JJU«« 

Principality, 8. fj^^ imAra-t. 
Principally, adv, "^y^ hu^tifan. 
Principle, n. (element) ;-•*« *un9ur 

(|d. ^Uft *anA«ir) ; ^J^^ a8H, iss 

(pi. ij0^^ isAs, AsAs) ; J-»^ a?! 

(pi. Jy*^ u^ftl). — (fundamental 

truth) l^^ qA*ida-t (pi. J^V qa- 

yfH*\ii), —(tenet) s-ax« miizhab 

(pi. s--A^<^ mazAhib). 
Print, 8. Qj^Xnha*; i*-^ ba^ma-t. 

—(foot-print) y\ ajar (pi. j^^ 

Print, v. gt^ ^aba*, ya^ba* ; ^ 

ba^am, yab^um. 
Printer, 8. f ^ ^abbA* ; ^^^^ 

mitba*ji ; f\^ ba^^Am. 
Printing, 8. icljl ^ibA*a.t; ^U-» 

Qfi^\ 9anA*at at-^aV. 
Printing-house, -office, b. j\*> 

U^\ dAr at-tibA*a.t. 
Printing-press, b. C*J^ mitba*a-t ! 

(pi. {»^ ma^Abi*). 
Prior, adj. ( previous) ^\ atjdam ; 

f»J4^ inu(|addim, muqa<idam ; 

v>»^ sAbiq (^1. jW- 8ubl»A<i,0k- . 

8uM>aq, f. I -t, pi. v3*^^ huwA- 

biq). . 

Prior, #. (of a convent) ^j^j 

(^\fib^\ raiyis ar-nihb4n (pi. U.*|^ 

Prioress, b. vJitA\^\ l^j raiyiaat 

Priority, b. (^^ taqaddum ; W^^ 

awwaliya-t ; **!<— sabk. 
Prism, s. )y*->^ mansAr (pi. jt ^ \t '» 

manA>ir) ; yf^y^ mau^iir (pi. 

jt^^y^ mawAsir). 
Prison, s. (j-»t^ t^bs (pi. {j^p^ 

hubus) ; ;:)—%-• sijn (pi. (^y^* 

Prisoner, b. ^^-r^^ ma^biis ; 

^^^— ^ mas j (in. — (prisoner of 

war) yt^\ asir (pi. \^\ usarA). 
Pristine, adj. ^aj qadim (pi. UaI 

(|udiimA) ; v>«^ *atiq (pi. V*sft 

*utAqA) ; vJM^ sAbiq (pi. jW- 

subbAq, vjk^ subbaq). 
Private, adj, (particular) ^^U. 

hA?? ; v^y*afc^ mah^A?. — (Bccret) 

^5^ sirri-y ; j»*-^ master. 
Privateness, Privacy, b, ij^ bal- 

Privation, b. f»J^ 'adam ; t^^»^\ 

ihtivAj ; s-J^ salb. 
Privative, adj. s-J^ sAlib; ^•Jk** 


Privative, #. (i/i grammar) %J^ 
s-^ harf sail) (pi. wi^;^ huriif). 

Privilege, «. hy maziya-t (pi. 
\i\y» mazAvA) ; jWt^^ imtiyAz (pi. 
«J\jVei^\ imtiyAzAt). 

Pkivilkge, I'. u>\»^ AUfi 'amil-hu 
mu*Af, ya*mal; v» ^,^sd^ ibta^f 
bi, yabta^f. 

Privileged, acf/. sJ\m^ mu'Af; o*^*^ 

Privy, adj. (conBcious) ^J^ «-AJ\^ 
wAqif *iil:i ; giW« miitalli ; ^ A*^ 
ma'-hu habar. — («o/ public) ^^^^ 
niahram ; ^^U. IjA??. — («^cre/) 
,^^ sirri-y. 

Privy, s. t^y^— • mustarAl^ ; v/^/* 

inirhlid fpl. ^jA^^^^ marAhi4) ; 

«-At>^ kanif (pi. «-J^ knnf). 
Prizk, s. SuVCt iDukAfA-t ; S^jW* 

mtijuza-t; ^^^^ halwan. 
Prize, r. )«^ a*azz, yu*izz; {^ 

aamman, yuj^ammin. 

PiioRi»n.rrT, ». ij*i* i»U— miiSA- 

V«liat al-hiMiq ; JUja.1 ihlimfll. 
pBOPiBLE, aSj. 0»13 *|U- louiJfi- 

bih li-'l-haqq ; J*^*- miihta- 

mil. mnlitnina]. — (if it probable) 

J*;^^. Tahtamil. 
Pkobation, I. t)W"l initiljftn ; 

iij». bahs ; i/!** fatij ; (ja»« ta^ 

Probe, «. ij-*- niii'asB; jW— • mie- 

Mr; Je^ mil (pi. JW-1 amvftl, 

J^ muyOl). 
pBOBE, o. 7?- eabar, yaabur. 
Pkobitt. c C^ Balfit; J.i*!adq; 

^U)1 innnf. 
Problem, e. i^i- miiifeik-f fpl. 

JiU- mft^akil) : fl'l— . masa'a- 

In-t (pi. Ji' — • maBfiyil'). 
Problem ATiCAL, adj. *-*- mn^ab- 

bah ; j),i-t-« maiWik; .ja*- jei 

pair Eouhaqqaq. 
Pbofobcib, «- (•)'•/■ hurtilm (pi. 

^1/. barA^iin) ; |«jt^ hirtflm, 
Pbockdhee, «. SyArf maswa-t ; l*ijl 

tariqa-t; ;o»-»I tadbir. 
Proceed, p- (aifponce) ("JJ qatlain, 

yaqdiim; f"-''' taqaddam, yata- 

qaddam ; j^ afif, yaair. — (make 

protirese) jjy tarnwia, vatarratia. 

— (come forth') jJ-« ?ai]ar. ya^dir, 

yasdur; J-^ hH?al, vah^al. 
Procebdino, s. Jl-l*- mii'Smala-t ; 
Uc 'anial, — i proceed hge) Jljl— 

Proceeds, t. J-l- Iiiisil (pi- *ii>!l«U 

bfi?ilfit. J-l;» hawnRil); Jj-w* 

mab^^tl; Jjii* madhfil. 
Process, «. ( proeedvre) iti^ (art- 

qa-t (pi. ^»jl> tarayiq); J^ 

'amal (pi. JU=1 a'mSl).— (;o«^. 

trn'O !»«J dn'«a-t; tsj^J da'wa 

(pi. lS)^-' da'flwa) ; i-r* h"?'^- 

ina-t; Se^ qa(Jiya-t; JL.U* mu- 

Pbocehbion, «. (pageant) s-J'j^ 

maultih (pi. s-il^' mawfikib) ; 

»=jj)>> daura-t ; i*) zaffa-t (narti- 

culaily applied to a wedding 

proceesion). — (eeeleti'asliea!) e^J 

livyftVi (pi. -^^^i liyyAb&t). 
Proclaim, !p. ,jjU nftda, junfidi ; 

fit-^ a^bar. yuAir; ijU\ alui, 

Pboci.avattoh, ». fljVi- mniiAilit; 

fS^\ i'lAm : uSfl ilAn ; jW^I iHUr ; 

jV^l i7.hfir. 
Pkocltvttt, «. iJll«>l in'itif ; Jw" 

mail (pi. JM amySl). 
Pbocfabtinate. p. ;«-1 ahhar. ya- 

'ahhir; ^1 abqa, yubqi ; j^ 

ta'awwaq. yata'awwiq ; ^*. tt i» 

Mzaf. TuViflzif. 
PRocRAsxrwATiow, «. j^'^ ta*btr; 

iiJU^ miilia7afa-t. 
Pbocrasttvjjtok, ». J^** matfil, 

mutawwil; J»** mumahhil. 
Procreate, p. j3) walad. valid ; 

J— i oasal, Tansul ; J— i^ kdmI, 

Procreation, «. -^f tanltd ; J-V* 

Proceeative. ifdj. jJj* tnuwallid. 

pROCEEATrVEirESS, 8. J— (Jf:St Ij) 

quwwat at-taiiltd ; i^y* IjJ qnw. 

wa-t muwailida-t. 
Pbocdrablb. a^j. Jt^t mIUa 

niimkin al-hu?fll. 
Procurator. ». ,jJ»'* mntftwnlU; 

J^, wnWl (pi. JS, waVaiaV 
Procore, v. J.*- haemal, rtihuvil ; 

■v>W. jab. Taiih ; ■— U- jalah, vaj. 

lub.— (oft/nin> Jli nftl. yanfil (J^ 

yanil).— (ptm^) yfy* 'arra», yo- 

Procbbess. *, flJj dallfila-t. 
Prodigal, adj., t. )J*- inuba^ir; 

kJ«-^ musrif ; i-Jtlx* millaf. mnt- 

PsODIftALITT, *. ol^l i«r4f ; JtV 

PRomarouB, ffl(^*, fwonrfp r/uf) ^-e^ 
•aiib. — (wwrwow) J*J* Jadtd : 
,1(1; zftyid ; ft^ 'atim. 

Prodiot, t. 2»%e 'ajtba-t fp]. 
s-tW* 'ajfiyib) ; Uy^ 'iijflha-t; 
-•■tW^' v,-^ 'ftjob al-'ajilviK 

Produce. Product, «. J-** b^>1 
(I'l. J*')*- hawafiH ; Jr>v>niab> 
ffll (pi. «yjy«- mab?aiiSt). 

Produce, p. dtn'n-j (o nVir) fji 
qnddam, yuqadditn; yi^ AthAX, 
yujliir. — (bring forOt) jJl »(• 




mar, jafimir ; j3^ wallad, juwal- 

lid; Uj\ ania, juD^i ; |^^ antaj, 

juntij. — (came) s-^-* sabbab, 

Production, b. (dct of producing) 

ijij^ takwin ; jUi\ igin&r. — (com- 

position) U i^ <tS ta^nif ; iAi\ in^. 
Pboductivb, adj. y^^ musinir ; 

s ^ j ^ ha^ib ; J[^ muwallid. 
Pboductivbnbss, s. s-^*^ hisb. 
Pbofanation, 8, (^r*»%^ tanjis ; 

ij'^'iS taenia. 
Propane, adj, (worldly) ^^^odun- 

yawi-y. — (impure) ^yJ^ fasiq. 
Profane, i;. ^J law was, yulaw- 

wijj ; <j-r* najjas, yunajjis ; <j-^*> 

dannas, yudaunis. 
Profaneness, Profanity, s. (••^ 

^\y;kj\ *adam al-ihtiram; vjM 

Profess, r. (declare) ^\ azhar, 

yujhir ; ^^ qarrar, yuqarrir ; ji^ 

aqarr, yuqirr ; .^ sahid, yawhad. 

— (exercise or teach) J^^ *amal 

(*aiiiil), ya*mal ; g-j^ ^ana*, 

ya^na' ; f^^ *allam, yu'allim ; 

{j^^^ darras, yudarris. 
Profession, $, (declaration) jUl^ 

iqriir; sj\y~^\ i*tiraf; Ju^'^? 

ta*kid ; S*>^ sahada-t. — (calling) 

^t*A« 9an'a-t ; ^^ ^ana'a-t (pi. 

g|U-» ^aiiayi*) ; S^f^ birfa-t (pi. 

s^^ ^iraf) ; (^ fann (pi. ^^y^A 

funiin) ; ^ *ilm (pi. ^^ 'ulum). 
Professor, «. #J«- inu*iillim ; v^;J^ 

mudarris ; "i^-^ ustitz. 
Proffer, r. ^ (jaddam, ymjad- 

dim ; g*;C *arad, ya*rud. 
Proffer, s. ^aiP taqdim. 
Proficience, Proficiency, s, SjV^ 

mahara-t ; J)? tara(|(p ; \^j\ 

irtiqa ; ^W) labaqa-t. 
Proficient, adj,, $. yfcU niAhir ; 

;tU Katir ; vjM labiq ; Jh>*5 labiq. 
Profile, *. ^^\ Uui na^f al-wajh ; 

o-^AsU niultafit. 
Profit, s. (gain) *• ^ kasb; ^j 

riblji (pi. t^;^ arba^). — (adcan- 

tngf) SoiU fayida-t (pi. J^^V fa- 

WHvid); 4-«Ax* inanfa*a-t (pi. 

g^U* man&fi*). 

Profit, vm. ^j rabit, yarba|^ ; Ma 
tanafPaS yatanaffa' ; ^\ intifaS 
yantafi' ; s-^<«>-^ iktasab, yakta- 
sib; a. gf^ nafa', yanfa'; naffaS 
yunaffi* ; ^jM^ ajda, yujdi. 

Profitable, adj, •M* mufid ; g*U 

Profitableness, $, gf^ naf' ; Imia^ 
nianfa*a.t ; 5^^^ ifada-t. 

Profitless, adj, 5a|UJ\ ^aa *adim 
aUfayida-t ; •M^;«^ gair mufid. 

Profligate, adj., s. /►^ fajir (pi. 
jV fujjar, f;%* fajara-t,/i.y fa- 
wAjir) ; v>-^ fasiq (pi. jL-i 
fussaq, ^^A«-i fasaqa-t). 

Pkoflioateness, Proflioact, «. 
jh-* fisq ; ^^— * fasad ; ;^%* fujiir. 

Profound, ac(;. (deep) Ok-^^ *amiq 
(i)l. v>^ *uiiiuq, ^3«Ux *amayiq, 
jUfi *imHq). — (abstruse) J^U^ 
inagluq ; v/^^ piwi?. — (learned) 
j^>?>* uiutabahhir; JM;^ g&nq. 

Profoundness, Profundity, «. 
^j*^ *umq. — (figuratively) jyt 

Profuse, adj, (prodigal) )^ mu- 
l^azzir ; «^;— ^ musrif ; j)*f-« mu- 
ba*ziq. — (plentiful) /\^ wafir ; 
ja^ kasir. 

Profuseness, Profusion, «. (/>ro- 
digality) sJ>\yJ\ israf ; Sj^Aj baza- 
ra-t (bazarra-t). — (abundance) 
ijH kajra-t ; ,ja«* fai4 ; o*^; 
rah? ; /^ waf r ; ^^^ wufur. 

Progenitor, s. •»% jadd (pL ^^^ 
juduil, jW^ ajdad). 

Progeny, s, *>3^^ aulAd ; i|;3 zurrf- 
ya-t (pi. ^)^j^ zarari) ; J—* nasi 
(pi. JU-i^ ansal). 

Prognosticate, v. Jyti» tafawwal, 
yatafawwal ; {j4^ takahhan, ya- 
Likahhan ; ^^yfJS tanabba, yata- 

Prognostication, s. JVa fal (pi. J*^ 
Mxi\ ; JV^ af ul) ; ^y^ tabrij. 

Progxosticatob, s. fk ^ i'» munaj- 
jirii ; JVi c^ fattah fal. 

Progra.mmk, s. ^Wi bayuu. 

Progrksm. Pro<}reshion, s, (ad' 
raitmnt nt) (••v£i taqaddiim ; JM^ 
i4|bal; e^^xu*^ istidraj ; Q^j-tf tad- 



rij. — (improvement) ^^f taraqqi; 
jIjji\ izdijttd; cV naiah: t^\ 

pBOSBBBa, V. (.J* taqaddam, yata- 

Peoobbbsionai., Peoqbesbite, odj. 

,_j»lj*™l iBtidriiji-y ; ,.^4*- muta- 

PROOSEBaiTGHEBS, §. e\]-u>1 Uttd- 

Pkohibit, v. {forbid) ff Ijarrani, 

yuharrim ; ^j^ iiaha, yaahi. — 

(hiader) g*-* mana', yamaa' ; J^ 

'fiq, ja'ilq ; jjo 'awwaq, yu'aw- 

wiq J Ji^ $asar, yaljjur. 
Prohibitioh, s. (ifeftnce) ,m/^ talj- 

rim ; ^ Dahi. — (ii'srfronce) g** 

man' ; iU:=*l imtina' ; IbjU-* mil- 

Peohibitoey, adj. ^L- mfini' ; f/** 

Project, «. -i-i qa?d ; Jj-a* maq- 

?iid (pi. J*-U- maqiisid) ; jei'»' 

tadbir; J\J-^\ ibtida' ; jW.1 


Project, w. (contrive) ;)•» dabbar, 
yudabijir; £y»-\ ihtara'.yahtari' ; 
jAs,! ibtada', yabtadi'. — (throw 
out) Ji» ha^f, ya^zif ; ^j 
rama, yarmi.— ( jwi out) ^^ •-*;*> 
aSraf 'ala, yuSrif. 

Pkojectilk, «. ^/« mirma; Sl-j- 
niirmat (pi- ij;"V marami). 

Projecting, adj. -J^a- muSrif. 

Projection, «- (dttlinfation) f^\ 
raBm (pi. fj-^j ruBilin, (•— j> 
arBum); i-S raBama-t ; y^' 
ta?wir (pi. fii^ ta$awlr). 

Projector, «. fJr- mubdi' ; tf*^ 

Pbolific, adj. (at a female) ijtA 
JijV. kasirat al-auUd. — (a. a 
tree) jUJSl IjeH ka.jiral al-a»mar ; 
j*i^ mu^mir. 

PROLII, adj. JijL tawil (pi. Jljl. 
tiwSl, JWl. tiyS!) ; ^1 ^ ka^ir 
al-kaiAm ; J-** iniifa??al. 

PEOLixiTr, Pbolixnebs, i. J*L (Ql ; 
Jijt Ut*il ; rS^l i;ii kajiut al- 
kalAtn ; v-^^ iHhub ; v'ULt 


Prologue, t. *-■*»- muq&ddasiB-t ; 

i^V* f&tita-t (pi. (Jly fawltib). 

Pbolono, v. Jjt (Kwwal, ya^w. 


PbO LONG ATI ON, ». J»^ t»twll J 

ii'^\ itnla-t ; ^ muhla-t. 
Prohehadb, *. { pUaaure-walk) ^ 
tAoaz^uh ; J^ nuzha-t. — (plae4 
for icatking) lysJ^ muntazah. 
Pbomiwbrcs, Prominency, «,taijA- 
nia^raf. mu^raf (pi. ^^^-^-^ ma^ 
rif) ; fWjl irtifa'. 
Prominent, adj. ^j-*^ muirif ; 

{«)-• nmrtafi' ; jjjW bans. 
Promibchodb, adj. Ljld^ ma^Iftt ; 

loUi' muhtalit- 
Pbomibcuocsnebb, ». U«. hilt, h*^M 

lts4.\ ihtilM ; JW«I lab^ftlA-t. 
Pbouise, «. «. wa'd ; i«) m'cUi-ti 
jyEj- mau'ud (pi. ■^tB\f va»- 
wa'id) ; -»«c 'ahd (pi. Jj«e 'ub&d). 
Promise, i'. ■»*; va'ad, va'id ; J«^l 
au'ad. vfl'id; ■i»'^ '£had, vu- 
Promissory, adj. «lj w&Hd. 
Peomohtoet, ». i^lj rfte (pL y^'j 

ru'uB, i^'jj ru'fls). 
Pbomote. tP. (p'p/er) ^j raqqa, 
Turaqqi ; f^^ qaddam, vuqad- 
dim ; gij rafa', yarfa'.— (ocfW«- 
rate) (•■>» qaddam, yuqaddim; 
Ejj rawwaj, yurawwij. 
Promotion, ». J/ taraqqi; **jl 
irtiqA ; fiAS taqdim ; ^ U- 
Prompt, adj. (active) ;tl* i4(ir (pL 
jUa iuttAr) : ^j» barik ; U) 
D&Ai\.—(rfady) y*^ Wdir ; J«— 
muBta'idd ; fif- sari' (pi. ^Icp 
sur'fin), f. i«i;- Barl'»-t (pL jV^ 
Peompt. ». (ineile) ■ji^ l;ar»k, jf«- 
barrik ; ^f ljarra4. yu(jarri^— 
(tuggt**) jLtj^' i^r 'ala, yuBr. 
Pbomptitude, Promftnesi*,*.!^ 

sur'H-t; jfj<u_1 iBti'dad. 
Pbomolgatb, d. jV^ ashar, jrutfliir; 

^\ azhar. ywthu. 
Promulgation, «. jWi>Hihi^;y^ 

Pbone, adj. (prottraU) t 





riiJ^. — (mentally inelined) J|U 
majil ; s-^^; ragib. 

Pbonenbss, 8. Je^ mail (pi. JW«^ 
amyal) ; i^j rugba-t ; W^^ isti- 
ha ; v^y^ hawa. 

Fbono, 8. «i}*ik 4ok ; ^^ soka-t ; 
&^y furtaika-t. 

Pronominal, adj, %S)^'^ ^^miri-y. 

Pronoun, s. ^«*^ 4^mir (pi. jtU^ 
4amajir). See Dkmonstrativk, 
Kelativb, Sic. 

Pronounce, v, (articulate) ^ 
lafas, yaiiiz; ^^ talaffaz, yata- 
laffaz. — (pronounce sentence) 
f^ ^kam, ya^kum ; ^*^^^ j*^^ 
afdar al-^ukm, jufdir. 

Pronunciation, 8, ^ lafz (pi. ^^\ 
alfaz) ; ^Ai» talaffuz. 

Proof, «. (evidence) &x*U ^ahida-t 
(pi. jJty, nawahid) ; Jo3j dalil 
(pi. J|i*> dalajil) ; ^jV^i bajan ; 
(;)^;i burhan (pi. {^^ii barahin). 
— (fcj#0 ^Ws^^ imtil^an ; i»/r 
tajriba-t (pi. v»^V tajarib) ; vi-««: 
ba^ ; ^;t^ hubra-t. 

Prop, 8. Ju^ sanad (pi. ^U^\ aanad) ; 
jUju.^ istinad. 

Prop, v. j^j»^ sanad, jasnud ; Biin- 
nad, juiannid ; J^U sanad, jusii- 

Propagate, v.a. (increase in num- 
ber) /i ka^sar, jukajsjir ; •>^j zad, 
jazid. — (spread) j^ nasar, yan- 
iur ; fUi^ asiS juiii* ; g^i* sayya*, 
jusajyi*. — (increase by gcnero' 
tion) ^W taniisal, jatanasal. 

Propagation, s, (increase) S^^ 
ziyada-t; •>ViOj\ izdiyad; jo^ 
takair. — (of a race) ^UJ tana- 
•uL — (diffusion) j\J^\ inti^ ; 
i^y*^ iaa'a-t. 

Propel, v. j^ saq, yasiiq ; ^;^ 
(arad, ya^rud. 

Propensity, s, J©^ mail (j>l. J^^ 
amyil) ; wiUis^t in'i^af ; M^^ rug- 
ba-t; v^y^ hawa. 

Proper, adj. (suitable) vjk) layiq; 
^j^\j>» muwadq ; ^^ U ^ muna- 
■ib. — (besteminy) s-^^^ wajib ; 
u^y^" >^ mustaujib. — ( peculiar) 
^U. \^ I <^/**^ m&bf (k|. — (real) 

JM^ baqiqi-y ; v^< a^li-y.— (a 
Ijropcr fiame) fM 'alam (pi. fSfi\ 
a' lam). 
Property, «. (peculiar quality) 
i^U ha99iya-t (pi. ^Ua. ha^il- 

yi?) ; **^ ha^a-t (pL <^^^ ba- 
wa99) ; ^^«Ae^ kaifiya-t ; ^U mi- 
hiya-t ; *JUj wa?f ; *** fifa-t. — 
(a thing owned) JU niAl (pi. J^^^ 
amwal); jVa^ matA* (pi. Im»«^ 
amti*a-t) ; *«WU milk (pL ««J3^^ 

Prophecy, s. l^^ tambiya-t ; X»\|S 
kihana-t. — (gift of prophecy) Ip^ 
nabuwa-t ; pJ5 tanabbii. 

Prophesy, v. ^J«^ taoabba, yata- 
nabba ; ^^^ takahhan, yatakah- 

Prophet, s, ^^ nabi-T (pi. W^ 
ambiya) ; J^j rasiil (pL J-^^ 
arsul, J-j rusul, 3^ rutal&*;; 
{^^ kahin (pi. ^^ kahana-t, 
^^ kuhhan). 

Prophetic, Prophetical, adj. 
,3^ nabawi-y ; Jy-j rasiUi-y. 

PROPiNijuiTY, s. v/ qurb ; ^^;I 
qaraba-t; s^««> nasab. 

Propitiate, r. <JkLiu«\ ista^t&^i 

Propitiation, s. u>^ittuJ\ iati'tif. 

Propitious, adj, (favourable) i3*^»* 
muwafiq ; ^•a^ muu'im ; «jOJ 
latif. — (disposed to be merciful) 
f^t^j ra^im; oW) ragman; j^ 
gaf Ar (pi. yi gufur). 

Propitiousness, s, o A fiL^ muii- 
'ada-t ; UkU luff ; l^mi ni*ma-t 
^pl. f^ ni*am) ; OM/ taufiq ; 
^^♦^^ rai>ma-t. 

Proportion, s. l^^ nasaba-t; 
v^^U; tanasub ; AoU^ mu'adala-t; 
J\jaA\ i^tidal ; ^VU mu^abaqa-t 

Proportion, Proportionate, v. 
Jj^ *addal, yu'addil ; Jj^^ a*dal, 
yu*dil; ^JlA <j«^ qas *ala, yaqis ; 
vJ^ ^«^ qaddar *ala, yuqaddir; 
J «^-^U nasab 11, yunisib. 

Proportionable, Proportionate, 
adj, s-%-Ua>« mutanasib ; v>)V«^ 
mufabiq; <3^^^ muwanq. 

Proportionarlivbm» Pmopom- 

Pbo] 80 

TiosALirY, Proportion AT KSEBS, 

g. ^T^UJ Uinasub; iljU- mu- 

•4dala-t; J\j.«\ iaiJAl. 
Pbopoktion LESS ,«(//. w—U-je* gair 

munfisib ; iji^ jet gair mu^aLiq j 

i^i^UtH ^J« 'lulim at-tauiiaub. 
Peoposal, «. ^f 'urija-t; i/j;** 

nia'riU ; |a^>&' uiuqiidduiiii. 
Fkopose. v. t^f ■aniij, yariiij. 
Fbopobitioh, «. (in malhtmaUm, 

eU.) *1^— • ma«'ala-t (pi. Jft—- 

Propound, v. o*;» 'ara4, ya'nid ; 

^ qaddam, Tuqaddiin. 
pROPKiRTAsr, adj- .*^jl*-* mamluk. 
PXOFKIRTOR, *. ■.-— ^ filjilf (pi. 

•r'Wtl sfl^b) ; i^^ milik (pL 

<«ljlo1 umliikf. 
Pbopuktt, »- fiVil tavaqa-t ; i*-U- 

muuasab^trl "^J*J wujub. 
Pbopdlsios, «. JW- siyiq ; iiV- 


FBOBOaXTlON, ». ;.A*\» U'birjwAJji 

tawaqquf ; ^j waqfa-t. 

pBOKOGUS, f. ^1 ahbar, yu'ahhir; 
^Mj waqqaf, yuwiiqqif. 

Pbosaic, PROSAICAL, adj. ^j*S 

PKoaCKiBR, «. o" naCa.janfi; iiaHa, 
junaSi; •'^ (arad, ja(riid; ^j* 
l^iuniui, yahriiu ; f^l alirum, 
yuhrim; ^Lit j*i amar Li-qall- 
hu, j'uiuur. 

PsoacRiPTiON, ». J« nafi; f\^\ 
itiram ; J> !ard. 

PsusK, s. ^ naar. — (jhymed fro$e) 
^^' • C »— * (^ kalAoi 

Pbohecute, f. (^itrcue) ^ taba', 
yatba' ; (J«L^I ibtal^aq, ^astal- 
luy i ■*;^ larad, ja(nid. — (con- 
Itrwe) ^a-^l tsLauarr, yiistamiiT ; 
fi^-i dawam, yudawim (both with 
Je 'alaj. — (iw) ^A idda'a, 

Pbosbcuiion, I. (j>((r*ui() SjjUw 
mutaradit-t i ii^H- miiUtiaqu,-t ; 
sr*"* ta'aqqub. ^ [cunlinuance) 
j>*j1j.* mudawauia-t ; jl^^x-l is- 
limMr. — {legal jiroseeutitm) ^sf^ 
d&'wa ; 1^>> da'na. 

PBoaECDTOR, g. ,jC.»* mudda'i. 
PjiosELriB, g. Je*-J dahil; ^j*^ 

gJrB, para (pi. y';*! agra»). 
PEoBiMtaa, ». J^ (ul; Ji^ t»|- 

Peosodt, t. yijjc 'arii4 ; ^Ad^ f^ 

■Urn al-'aru() ; j»*J\ (JJJV r** '"^ ' 

Prospect, s. (eieio) *^ 
^ti— manjar ; ^ tall»-t| 
mu^tuat (pi. ^^ maftP 

(Ao/ie) J-l amal (pi J^ 
Wj rajA. 
Peospek, v. t^ falah, yaflafe ; jW 

aBal>, TuHi^ ; ^ najat), jruiJA^ ; 

j*y tiwaSaq, yatawaffak. 
Prospebiti, f. J^' iqbil ; ;-t 

jasar; ^.wn na'ma-t; ,,;*«> na'nHti 

8jU- §a'iida-t ; i>r*; *-*-^ I**-* 

ra^iya-t ; ^^ taafiq. 
FRoaPEROUS, adj. ^1** muflili ; JU" 

muqbal i Jke*- sa'id ; .»fc-" 

PaosTiTOTE, r. (J-"-* d anPM , 

yudanuiB ; ^,r^ najjas, TUiiAJjb; 

J<jj razzal, yurazziL. 
pRoaxiTUTE, g. tt^ qa^ba-t (pL 

^t»i qitiAb); ij'\j zk\ija-i (pL 

J^\}j Eawnti) ; i-u-tt faljisa-l. 
Fkostitdtion, ». 0~* fisq ; ^j aini ; 

■ u -^ qahbana-t. 
Prostrate, v. (Ikrou! dovn) t^ 

\BLiaii, yatia^ ; ^j rama, jmrniL 

— (bow in recerenfe) ■»*- aaJKl, 

yasjud ; fi, raka", jarka*. 
Prosteatb, adj. ^^* mulqa; ^ 

laqao (pi. UOl ftlqa); fj—- uUfri; 

ji;- jari-. 
Peostkation, I. Jjv- sujild ; l*»- 

sajda-tj ioij rak'a-t. 
PaosY, adj. J;U- mainiai ; Ji^ 

Protect, r. ,j*^ hatoa, rabmli 

jj-u. ^ama, yuhami ; yW taa, 

ya^dn; jWl ajir, yajir; *;^ J* 

sadd iahr-bu, yaiidd ; UW |^a{, 

yuljaQj. — (ojain#f anything: ^ 

Pbotectioh, t. ifU* biniya-t; 

it^i*» mu^amiti ItW* 9iy|j[|k.t{ 

af faun ; £uw« mn)ruMM} 




^W\ ijara-t ; h^^ waqaya-t ; f»U.S 


Protest, Protestation, 9. (decla- 
ration, especially 0/ dissent) j\ji\ 
iqrar ; iM\a^ mu^alafa-t ; f^))i 

Protest, v. {assure) .^ akkad, 
ju'akkid; jl\ aqarr, yuqirr. — 
{oppose) «J^U. halat', juhalif ; 

j^f^^ i'tara4,ya*tari4 ; f^^s^ J«^ 

*amil protesto, va^mal. 
Prototype, s. j^\ a^l (pi. ^yA 

Uful); J^^ misal (pi. ALU\ 

amgila-t, J^ musl). 
Protract, v. /-\ abbar, yu*abbii*; 

J^ tawwal, jutawwil ; J^\ a^al, 

Protraction, s. je^^ ta*hir ; Ji^i* 

ta^wil ; A)kL\ i^ala-t ; ^J\y tawani ; 

j\jaA imtidad. 
Protrude, v,a. t/^\ ahraj, juhrij ; 

n. j;» barraz, yubarriz. 
Protuberance, s. f*;^ waram (pi. 

fi^)y\ auram) ; ^^^feA^ nafha-t. 
Protuberant, adj. {swollen) ^/^ 

maaf lib ; (^^)) warmau ; p\p 

warim. — {prominent) ^yyi nati. 
Protuberate, v. f^y wahiu, jarim ; 

f)if tawarram, yatawarram ; ^As»\ 

intafah, yantatib* 
Proud, adj, j^>a>» mutakahbir ; 

f^*^ muftahir ; ^yf^ magriir. — 

{})ehave proudly) jt^ takabbar, 

Protablb, a^j, ^^ifiS\ J}^ qabil 

al-isbat ; %»^ yugbat. 
Prove, v. {demonstrate) ^^ bayyan, 

yubayyin ; ^^ agbat, yugbit ; 

^;i barhan, yubarhiu ; ^J^ J«> 

dall *ala, yaduil. — {try) {j'^f^\ 

iintaban, yamta^in ; v^^ jarrab, 

yujarrib ; «A^a^. ba^aji, yab^a^. 
Provender, s. ^yk qut (pi. ^\^^ 

aqwAt); UkJb *alaf (pi. ^^ 

Proverb, s, Js^ masal (pi. J^^ 

Proverbial, adj. ^J^ ma^ali-y ; 

Ju#»\ amjtali-y. 
Provide, v, {get ready) ^ ^^44^^, 

yui*44ir; V«* hayya, yuhayy!; 

)€% jahhaz, yujabbiz. — {supply) 
jj; raza(|, yarzuq. — {stipulate) 
i'/i sarat, yasrut, yasrit; ^j^ 
sarat, y u.sarit. — {provide against) 
«i}j\a> tadarak, yatadarak. 
Provided that, conj. (^\ ^j^ bi-tert 


Providence, s. {Divine) i . :^ m \ \ 
i-e^'iX al-hukmat al-ilabiya-t ; 
i^'}\ ii\jjii\ al-^inayat al-ilahiya-t. 
— {prudence) wJ\^\ v'L^ l^iM) 
aU*awaqib ; ^yt^ ba^ira-t ; ^•^J 

Providential, adj. ^ ■♦■ W W ^m»s^ 
i^lit mutaminam bi-'l-bukmat 

Province, s. i|3^ wilaya-t; Q^\ 

Provincial, adj. {relating to a 
province) ^3yiJ *^^L^ munasib 
li-*l-wilaya-t. — {rustic) W* galu ; 
,j^ laliabi-y. 

Provincial, s. c^ fallab- 

Provincialism, s. i^UWl ^um- 

Provision, s. {food^ store) *^f qiit 
(pi. sjt>\^\ aqwat; ; *>^j zad ; 5*>^jj) 
zawwada-t ; ii*'y^ muua-t ; A^Uy 
qiiiuauiya-t ; f^ ^u^r (pi. ^UJ^ 
afb^i*)- — {preparation) joi^ tad- 
bir ; ytfr tajbiiz ; ««!;W tadaruk. 

Provision, v, o^ zawwad, yuzaw- 
wid; )«^ jahbaz, yujabbiz. 

Provisional, adj. ^^ waqti-y. 

Proviso, s. ^yJ^ sart (pi. i|;*ib 

Provocation, s. ^^^ igasa-t. 

Provocative, s. ly^\ ^j^» tnubar* 
rik a^-sabwa-t. 

Provoke, v. {excite, move to) ^^ 
barraq, yu^arriq; ^J*;^ b^ra<J> 
yubarri^* — {make anyry) *i ■ ^ \ 
ag^ab, yug^ib ; ^^\ agaz, yugij. 

Provost, s. {chief) {j»Jj ra'is ; ^W 
hakim (pi. f>^^ b^^^k^iu) ; fJ^ 

Prow, s. s-^^^ (•J^ muqaddam 

Prowess, s. Ia\^ Haja*a-t; flJit 
butiila-t ; iV jura'-t ; fW 

Vro] 'c 

Peowl, v. Olt (Sf, ya.\uf; ^\tl 

a,%Ai, yu\iL. 
Fbowleb, ■. kjl^ tawwaf. 
PBOxiNi.TE, adj. s-Jj» narib (pi. 

vV qirftb) ; ^jil aqrab ; J-J^ 

PaoKiMiTT, 8. v/ qurb ; J^^ 

PaosY, g. (person) Je^j w»kil (pi. 

«, wukttlilj ; s-IU niiyib (pi. ^y 

naub, vV miwwab^— (/i»H 

power) i^ i-^j ruhsa-t kulliva-t ; 

ijJii* i^jii tar mid mutlan;[. 
Pkude, «. jlj* muril'i. 
FsDDENCE, 8. ^^ tadbir ; lijc^ 

ba?ira-t ; Jae 'aql ; ■»*; ruscl ; 

i-ii fitoa-t; ^ tiazm. 
Pkddekt, ad/'. JiU 'nqil (pi. %m 

'uqala, JUe 'uqqil) ; jti^ ^r-^Li 

^ahib tadbir (pi. ^Iv^ afb^b} ; 

S^**! j-i zu bagiiiL-t ; fjl»- t*^'^ 

(pi, i^ hazama-t) j (^ fatin 

(pi. yS- futn). 
Peodeet, ». *ij riya; iljlj- mur- 

Pbonb, g. ysW-l ija?; yoVl injft? 

(Egypt.) ; tji haiih, feoh (Syr.J j 

Jj*;) barquq {Magr.). 
Pbdme, 0. fJi qallam, yuqallim. 
Pbdhino, a. ft,^ taqlim. 
Peubibnce, Peubiency, «. i_r**i» 

Pedbignt, adj. t J -^Ju^ muuagmia. 
Pey, v. u—r tiLJaasas, yatajaaaaa. 
Pbalu, *. JJ-J-* mazmiir (pi. ja^^y 

Pb&lhibt, Psalmodist, t. yy 

PsA.LMODY, «. jf^ tazmtr. 
PsALTEK, t. j»j zibr; jjtjJl v^ 

kiti'ib az-zubiir. 
Pbaltebv, 8. {mtitical imtrutneict) 
j qAuiln (pi. u>c*V q<iwaQiDj ; 


m il'BICHC 

i fata 

Phtcholooical, adj. i*/»Ul -.f— U.« 
y~iJl niunaaib U-'l-ina'rifat an- 

PaYCHOLOuisT, ». y-*J' ^y* «»-fcU 

jaljib ina'rifat an-oafs. 
PbichOloot, «. ij~^\ ^;«rf ma'ri- 

fat an-DEfs. 

5 [Prt " 

PuBEETT, «, ^jlj bnlflg; ^jlf boln- 

PUBEBCBNT, (KJ;. ^l) liuig. 

Public, adj. (eomittoH) f^ *imm ; 
^J-■J** 'amOmi-T; jlyt*-* mni- 
tarib ; ijij}»*» jamhiLri-y. — (■»• 

^j;» ma't-ul: ; ^l>c -alKDl-V. 
Public, 8. ^WH ai-*Amm ; ^^♦*n 

^Ijsllj al • hawAf; na-'I-'awatu ; 

;js*» jiimhilr (pi. ;»»U» jami- 

hir) ; i^UH an-n,ia. 
Publican, «. {keeper o/ a piAUe- 

hotiee) jU». hammar; jj^rt*^ 

maihanji (Ptirg.. Turk.).—ita»- 

gatherer) j<At 'ae^ar. 
Publication, ». j^^ isb&r; jt»*i 

liiihir ; J^\ ishar. 
PuBLiciTi, 8. )j^ lubiir ; ^fk iuh- 

Pdblish, o. ylel aiiin, yu-lin ; ;«t>t 

a.Hbar,yu^liir; ^\ aibur, jujbir ; 

j^ na^ar, yansur ; |J-|1 ^bimi 

PuBLiSBEB, 8. (o/ hookt) s-rf J*"* 

uasir kutub. 
PucKEE, ti.o. J«»- ja"ad, jrajftSd j 

•*cj*- jau'ad, jujau'id. 
PoDDiNa, 8. ^>>}t budina-t. 
PuuULE, 8. ^; watla-L ' 

Puddle, «. y^ 'akkar, yu'akkar. ' 
Puddly, adj. ^jV^ wal^Un ; J>) 

watil ; ^^ mu'akkar. 
Pudbnduv, 8. (tnembrttm virile) jki 

^akr (pi. j^-i fukur, j*n^ inafi- 

kir); v-J zi]bb(pi. -^^jl ubib, 

>^*4j zibub). — (muli^ru) i/d^ow i 

B;* fiirj (pi. Bj;* furilj).— Cy«#. 

rally) ij^ 'aura-t. 
PuGBiLE, a>dj. J*t tifli-j; u^^^ 

PuEEiLiTY, 8. ^t*^ tuEulira-t. 
Puff, «. l^ nnl^a-l. 
Pdff, v. fJi nafal), yaafub ; nolbtbt 

Puffeb, «. (at tafM) ijJ^^' mgoidl. 
PuFFif, tu/j. tj*-. niautiib. 
PuaiLiait, 8. ^ Ulikinni 1*A< 

PuaiLiBT, *. f>Af muUkim. 
PuQRaaiouB, a^. ^U>*intibABlili 




ba«im (pi. U^ bufami, 

^v«.4» huf mAn). 
PuoHACiTT, 9. vjM^ tabAnuq. 
Puissance, #. SjJi qudra-t ; j^Jal\ 

iqtidar ; Ay* f aula-t. 
Puissant, oo;- W^ q&dir ; ji)ft *a2iz ; 

Syk %ir**>^ 9abib quwwa-t (pi. 

«^V^«^ afb^b). 
Pull, v, (draw) ^S^ jazab, jaj- 

zub, vajzih ; v».W^ ijta?ab, jaj- 

tazib ; s-^- sa^ab, yas^ab ; ^ 

jarr, jajunr.— (/>Zuc*) jjlJ qala*, 

yaqla' ; *-*^ nataf, yaiitif. 
Pull, #. vW jazb ; y^ jarr. 
Pullet, «. i^>-» ^ftf (pi. oW* 

f If ad) ; ^/^ kutkut (pi. ^»^U^ 

Pullet, #. f;^ bakara-t (pi. vi^^j^ 

iMikarat,/^ bakar). 
Pulmonart, a<Z;. iSp s^^-^ man- 

•iib li-'r-ri*ya-t. — (pulmonary 

disease) ^j^^ ^*> da ar-ri*ya-t. 
Pulp, #. ^•^*' iak^ (pi. f»^^*» 

Hubiini) ; s-J lubb (pi. s^^ 

Pulpiness, «. ^»^«^^ &^ ka.Hrat ai- 

^boi ; ^^^ V^ kasrat al-lubb. 
Pulpit, s. ytJ^ uianil*ar, mini bar 

(pi. ji^J^ mauabir). 
Pulpy, adj, f^^^ j»i ?u nal^m. 
Pulsate, r. j^^ iiaba4, yainbi^. 
Pulsation, s. i^ nalxjia-t. 
Pulse, «. j^ nal)4. 
Pulverisation, «. v>^-* i^bq ; vl^ 

Pulverise, p. v>^^ sabaq.yasbaq ; 

j^ dai|q, vaduqq. 
Pumice, $. u^^ 7%^ bajar al-has^ ; 

j^^\^\ j^m. bajar al-hakuk ; ;^». 

^JiA^S^ b^jar al-isfinj. 
Pump, r At^/ turumba-t ; a<^IL 

Pumpkin, «. y qar*, *«;* qar*a-t ; 

^^JJI| yaq(iu ; A^tH>4l va«i^iiia-t. 
Pun, •.'li* uaq^ (pi. ^^^ uinjat) ; 

A» nuqta-t ; ^-«^" tajuis; 

il^LL^ iiiU!«Jibaha-t ; j^^ kalam- 

Pun, 0, )y^'^ s)^ *auiil kalaiubflr, 

Punch, «. (ioo/) j^^ mibras (pi* 

)ijU^ mabfcrts.— (&Zoir) l^ lak- 

ma-t ; ^^ la^^t. 
Punch, v. (jtU lafa^, jal^u^ ; ^ 

lakam, julakim. 
Puncheon, #. Je^/ barmtl (pi. 

Jtf*^;» bar&oiil). 
Punctilio, s, c-ijlXy taklif. 
Punctilious, adj, <--A«Uj s-^^ 

9abib taklif (pi. vU^^ a^b^b). 
Punctiliousness, s. «>-AUf takalluf. 
Punctual, (w//. ^yt^ ma^biit; 

^j v^^ fahib diqqa-t ; <3SJ^ 

Punctuality, s, W* dab^; ^** 

Punctuate, r. ^ iiaqqa-t» junaq- 

Punctuation, «. Waj tanqit. 
IhjNCTURE, «. ^ uahza-t. 
Pungency, s, ti^ bi<lda-t ; Ji»> 

Pungent, adj, t)^ b^<i* 
Punish, v, ^^^Vl qa^a?, juqAf if ; 

s-J^ 'iqab, ju*aqib ; s>^ '&??&b, 

Punishable, aJ;. ^Ui}\ s-^y^^ 

istaujab al-qifaf. 
Punishment, «. ^Ul qifaf ; ^Vju 

muqavfu-t ; X^yie 'uquba-t ; v'Ud 

'iqab; ^\^ *izab; JV5;» nakU 

(pi. ^\^\ ankal). 
Puny, «. jtA^ sugavyir; 4Jk««<* 

(Ja*if (pi. \iMA 4u*afa)' 
Pup, Puppy, s, ^e*-» s-i^ kalb fagtr. 
Pup, v. i^ uujJ. walidat kalba-t, 

Pupil, s. (school-boy) v'Ufl^ jj^ 

wulad al-kuttab.—( /0//0UWT 0^ 

a masttr) \^ taliiiiz (pi. S^Ai 

talamiz). — (pupil of the eye) 

^ve^^ yfyf hiihu al-'aiu ; {^^\ liJ^ 

hadaqat al-*ain (pi. jo*. b^daq, 

j,\^\ abdaq) ; ^^^ ^^Ui\ iusAn 

al-'ain ; y^yt^ bafbuf. 
Pupilage, s. (minority) jU* figar. 

— {state of beiutj a scholar) AW 

' ^fl » l --3^ hillat at-taluiiz. 

• * 

Puppet, •. a^ Li*l»a-t, ]u*ba-t (pi. 
s-*5 lu*ab). 

Purblind, adj. ^\ jv^ qafir an- 

PVRBLtSDMBSB, I. ;l"31 j-i qusf an- 

Pdkchabe, 1'. csy*' i^tara. ya^tari ; 
JW^ ibtH*, jabtft' ; Jj— J taaaw- 
wiu), jatasawwaq ; j^iJ tabadtja', 

Pure, adj. (oi^an) w-Ajt* nasi! (p!. 
jUu niziif} ; jt^j rAyiq ; ^U 
?Sf. — (not mixed or adulteraled) 
yJU.Mli?; ^■^ eAii. ^(morally) 
^li (Shir; uoiWhAli^; ju oaqi; 
oMe 'flf i£. 

PuRBSESB, PcRiTT, *. ij^flt Jabil- 
a-t ; iil*! natAza-t ; S,Ul. ^affl. 

wa-t ; i,^ naqiiwa. 

; ^y^ hulil!. 

Pdeoation, Puboi 

a. *. JW-1 



^5r-flt- niat- 


POEGATOKY, t. j^ m 


PUEOE, t-. {cleanse) 

^JJa naisaf. 

yunajsif. — (reliet 

e iAe 6o«*fa) 

J^l ashal, yushit. 
PCEOB, PnROATIVE, «. Je— niu- 

PuRIPicATtON, «. ^rii'" ta(hir ; is*-* 

Ptjbift, u. j«1» tahhar, yulahhjr; 

ju flaffa, yu?affi. 
PuBL, f. ;* harr, jahirr, yahurr. 
Purling, k. fij^ harir. 
Purloin, v. ^ij- saraq, yasrjq ; J^ 

nasal, yansil. 
PiTRPLB, ». oVj' arjawan (P(r«.)- 
Purple, adj o'Vj^ arjawaGi-v ; 

JU^I aljiaar qani ; ciTJ* <l'r- 

PoEPOBT, ». ,j*jt garad (pi. yiiy-l 

agrAd); ,j«- ma'na (pi. JU- 

ma'Ani); i^^n^ uatija-t (pi. gjU 

PUEPosE, ». ■»« qa?d ; -V** maq- 

(ftd (p!. -la-U- maqa^id) ; |.yi 

'azm (pi. ftjy 'uzilm) ; j1^ mu- 

rildi S=* mya-t (pi. .At, \iy 

nawdyA) ; vjl- mftrab. 
Pdrpobe, r. •'^ qa^ad, yaq^id ; -x^B 

taqaf^ad, yataqaffad ; ^y tiawa, 

PusroBELESs, adj. i-H^\ /n-^ 'ad?m 

2 [Poi 

PuEaE, u-ei kis (pi. u*lcf^ a^l^)- 

PcESUANcK, «. A-)W mu^iw^ 
ma-t; jl;*a-( islimrAr; i»Mj- 

PEBSUANT, j,rep. s-^^ bi-mAjjl); 
It — fc Ijaab; s — r. bi-bub; J« 
*, — * 'aJa Ijasb. 

PuBBUE, v.a. ^ taba', jaiHa.' ; 
,3*U-1 iatal^aq, yastal^iq; J^ 
tarad, yatrad; J,i {ira^ pt- 
tArid; s-«" ta'aqqab, yat&'ftq. 
qab ; UJ qafi, yaqf*.— (/trffcw 
"P) u* T*^' isUmarr fi, yaaU* 
niirr; |«yJ dswam, yadlmm. — 
(prosetute) .jtwl idd»*a, yaddk't. 
^(imitatt) ^jftsil iqtafa, yaqtafi. 

PUKSCIT. ». (foUoiniug) jW ' - ^ 
iatilljAq ; v-*^ ta'aqqubj fW 
ittibA'. ^ (enrffupouj") ,_^— skij 
>^«- jabd ; -i^f^f ijtibAd; l»» 

PuEULBNCE, «. ps* taqayyu^. 

PoEULEKT, nrfj. ct*=* miitaqajTib. 

Purvey, v. ((Ji* qaddani, yuq^- 
dim ; y**- jabhaz, yujahbii ; v-l*- 
jalab, yajlub ; y^ haddar, yii< 

PtJRVBTOS, t. i^f* mavwin (pL 
ijy mawwam-t); s-VjaiUb.— 
( pimp) ij'f- luu'arri?. 

Pns, ». [41 nail^. 

Push, a. ^^ lattna-t ; JUa* fad- 
nia-t.— (--/.-rO .*^ jahd ; o*- 
sa'i. — (oMauti) i*}^ liujbm; 
*U»- hamla-L — (eintrgencu) ttjU. 
IjAdisa^t (pi. ^j1^ JjawAdis)- 

PvsH, t). ^ latam, yaltum ; f*A* 
(adam, yafdum ; ^^i* daai, 
yodfus ; ^j za^ani, yazlfftm ; 
^>> dnfa', yadfa' ; ^ babaji, ja,h- 
Laz; iiA' d&t<at. ya^gut. — {muUtt 
an effort) ^^~ aa'a. jna'A. — 
(ineite) Jic J— Ijammal "aU, 
yuhanitiijl; Jm ^j> b'lm^ il*i 

PcsHiHa, adj. (enlerjtriting) *i-*^ 
£** filbib bimtutt-t (pi. H''w1 

PuslLLAKIHITy, «. JiW jkbfilUUl; 

ijy. Hi qillat niurQwa-t; ui\ iff; 

.ju\ if Af. 




PusiLLANnrouB, adj, ^W jabAn ; 
lyj4l\ JJil qalil aUmuiiwa-t ; 
J^ jam ; Uk|W hAyif . 

Pustule, «. ^ habba-t ; ^Mi baq- 
baqa-t; ^VAtt' faqfAqa-t ; «;i| 
basra-t; A#««> dammala-t (pi. 
J««Uj damamil). 

Put. f. ^^ wa<JaS va<j[a* ; W b^tt. 
vahutt ; J**- ja'al, yaj*al. — (put 
off, ditejit) f^ bala', yahla* ; g^ 
qalaS raqla*. — (delay) ^\ abhar, 
TU*abbir. — (put on) {j^ labas, 
yallias. — ( put out, ertin^fuiah) 
^J^ tafa, yatfi. — (difcournge) 
•u^^ ahmad, vuhmid. 

PuTRKPACTioN, 8. ^^ *uf Ana-t ; 
(^ykAj ta'aif un. 

PuTEEFT, v.a. (^ *aifan, yu*affin ; 
». t^ *afan, ya*fun ; [ji^ ta*af- 
fan, yata'aifan. 

PcTBESCENCB, «. f^^^ ta'affun. 

PuTBESCENT, odj. {^»mxM muta'af- 

Putrid, adj, ^y**^ ma*f An ; o*y^ 

*ufAni-y ; t>*^ mu*affan. 
PuTRiDNESs, r i*yk« 'ufAna-t. 
Putty, «. \^ jrira. 
PuTTT, r. ^yk3l| ^ la^faq bi-'I- 

fi^ira, yulaMiq. 
Puzzle, 9. ( perplexity) S^ binv-t ; 
iAl| balasa-t. — (riddle) yi^ lagz 

(pi. jUJ^ alg&z) ; ,^y*to» mu'am- 

Puzzle, v. yo^ hayyar, yubayyir. 
Puzzled, adj. o^^ hairiln. — (he 

puzzled) jtfi^ tabayyar, yatahay- 

T^YOMT, %, (dwarf) W^ b&tU* 
Pyramid, «. ^ baram (pi. f^^ 

hi nun, f^j^\ abram). 
Pyramidic, Pyramidical, adj, 

f^\ Ji* inisl al-baram. 


Quack, v. ^3^ naqq, yaniaq. 
Quack, #. ^jr^y^^ ma*jAnji-y (pi. 

l^y^u» ma*junjiva-t). — (boa$ter) 

jUi i2LsAkr. 
Quadrangle, b. ^/* murabba^ 
Quadrangular, adj. V^j g9j\ ^3 

zA arba' zawava. 
Quadrant, b, (agtron, instr,) gji^ 

lyi\jS\ rub' ad-day ira-t. 
Quadratic, adj. ^f* murabba*. 
Quadrature, b. Qoi^ tarbi*. 
Quadrilateral, adj. f^j^ murab- 

ba* ; l^ ^^ y^ zA arbaa dulA'. 
Quadriliteral, adj. ^-^^J ^^' 

Quadruped, b. f^\^ ^;^ yS ^^^ 

haiwan zA arba* qawaviin. 
Quadruple, aJJ. u\tu\ Im^^ arba*-t 

Quadruple, t7. g; rabba*, yurabbi* ; 

im^^ ^ s^yh darab fi arba*-t, 

y ad rib ; ^y* ^^ UkoU dtt*af arba* 

mirar, yu$a*if. 

i Quaff, v. ^^ iarib, ya^rab; tf^ 

jara*, yajra*. 
Quagmire, b. ^^ wahla-t. 
Quail, b. 'jU- summan; ^U- 

summana-t ; {^^^ sumrnun ; ^^a*- 

8uininuna-t (pi. (^^U- samAmin) ; 

^^ siilwa (pi. sS^ aalawi); e** 

diijj ; Sy firra-t. 

Quail, v. V C^) "^i** li-^ar^ 

Quaint, adj. (neat) «-A|jk jartf (pi. 
' ^^ jurafa, *^^ zuruf, wi^i 
' ziirAf); Ukjtf nazif (pi. wiVW 
nizaif).— (o<W) s-i;* jfarib (pi. 
V|;fc ^uraba) ; s-*«%fi *ajib. 
' Quaintnesb, •. Ih^ ^arifa-t; ^W 

Quake, r. «-JW; rajaf, yarjuf ; *-4^";^ 
irtajaf, y.irtajif; tr*-*) ra*i.4, 
yar^i.** ; ij^^ irta*;i?*, yarta'iji ; 
X^)^ irtajj. yartajj. 

Quake, Quaking, b. z^^ irtijaj; 


JU*j n'ia^t ; jyj zalziil ; Cj)j 

Qualification, <. (/h.«s) Sa^ 
ltyai]a-t ; ^ 11 >^y« muw&faqa,-t ; 
ip-U' inunaHalia-t ; iiM^ qabili- 

QcALijT, if. (make fit) t^t J*e 
'aniil lAyiq, ja'mal ; jilj- J^ 
'amil muwikfiq, ya'mal ; i3lj waf- 
faq, yuwaffiq. — (liviil) Ja- had<1, 
yaljudd ; jj^ haddad, yuhaddid ; 
ijtfi 'ayyan, ju'ayyin. 

QcALiTT, 8. (properly) ^^^ kaifi- 
ya-t ; io*U njfihiya-t ; — 4-j wa?f 
(pi. ^Ul au?ftf) ; i*- ?ifft-t ; 
JUI ittisaf; i«lj-r- mau^ftfi- 
ja-t ; W quwwa-t ; i«^ hu^^a-t. 
—(Tanic) f^ maqilm (pi. ^^jUU* 
maqfiraitt) ; i^y mortaba-t (pi. 
s-jlj* maratib) ; J*jJ daraja-t 
(pi. Ej.* daraj); iJy-" mauzila-t 
(pi. Jj^ manftzil). 

QuALH, (. lyi^ )^swa-t ; s-lJ>)1 gvj 
waja' al-qalb; ^jJ dayha-t. — 
(of eoiueience) i-J zimma-t. 

Qualmish, adj. s-l*!^ g*-lj wSji' al- 
qalh. — (/ feel qualvntk) u«*-) 
^jfli waja'Di qalbl, yaja'ni. — (un- 
easy in mind) (■•Ju Diidim (pi. 
^IjJ nuddSm, |-1^ nidam. 

Quantity, «. (amounl) j-ii qadar ; 
yjA- mundftr; io*i kamiya-t; 
JU- mablag. — (miUtiiude) V^ 
kajra-t; fl** jumla-t.^(7neiMtire 
in prosoJy) oj, wazn (pi. tjljjl 

QuAHXNTiNK, a. ^j) t^v^y *■** *™ 
igufla-t muddat arba'in yom ; I«u> 
tahaSu£ 1 ii»iijlS kfirantina-t. 

QuAKBEL, ». icj^i^ muniiza'a-t ; gly 
niia' ; isU-» muhiiDaqa-t ; jiw' 
tehanuq ; (•^••*- hi?am ; i**lji- 
muhA;ama-t ; ^j.i^ hu^Ama-t ; 
JW jidai i Ji ladd. 

QuAERKL, V. i3i^ hituaq, yuhAoiq ; 
^ ijp W tahanaq ma', yalahnnaq ; 
{jl> iiliza', yuuHzi'; ^U. ha^ajii, 


adj. Jjlj-" munSzi' ; ,3^*- mu- 
h^q ; fti ,'* haf im (pi. W-**- 

hujamfi, tjW-*. htifmin) ; .»-B 

QuARRT. t.fft^ mabjir (pi. j»W» 
miitiftjir); j-t^ yJ-— ma'diB 
Ijajar (pi. yoU- ma'&dm). 

QuARBTMAN, «. j**Jl t)-»*- mu'ad- 
diD al-hajari jW* l>ajj^- 

QuABT, 8. jij rub'. 

QuABTAN, otjj. £)^ marTsba* i a. 
Cj iJ**- humma rub'. 

QuABTKB, «. (/oHr(A pttrf) Jij ruW. 
— (/Nir( ii/ the world or eoiuiitjt 
J;i. (araf (pi. u\^\ atmf) ; h-»V 
janib (pi. w-lt^ jawiuiib) ; ^ 
qutr (pl.jliil aqlflr); s-j- tMvh. 
— (of a (own) JW* maliaU^I; 
£j^ ^Ara-t, tarra-l. — (hd^mg) 
f;fi—^ inaskan (pi. ^JSi—^ mu- 
Akin) ; yU^ makan (pL hM 
anikiua-t, yiUl amabiD). — (im 
baffl^iuUtaiuAD.— (MrMDtMUt) 
ja*l ijH salasa-t aihur. 

Quarter, v.a. (divide into /mt 
par(«) i«i;l ,•— J qaasam arb«'m-t, 
yuqasaim. — (ag goldiers) (^iu 
Bakk.'iD, yusakkia ; Jy( uual, 
yunzil; n. (lodgt) t>*- "akan, 

QuASTEBLT, adj. ;»*1 lis* JJ kull 

sala<al a^hur. 
Qdartz, t. ytf ;«^ ^ajar fawis. 
QcA^H, V. (erntk) »iUj dahak. 

yadhak.— (onnuO Jl« baR»l, 

yulia((il; ^ nasah, yanaah. — 

(iupprm) ,j*t( ahfa, 5abn. — 

(guhdwe) f^ qahar, yaqhar ; /l^ 

£aUm, yaslim. 
Quatrain, i. j^^tj rubi'I-y; ^^i^* 

QuAVKK, (I. eja haiij, jabxaj. 
Quaver, «, c)A haiaj. 
Quay, i. j- gudd (pi. JjJ- ladU)! 

i-*i-»j niflif . 
Queer, «. H^ malilia-l; AU. 

Bultana-t.— (m fA**t) jtij waxlri 

(y(;/ furiiD. 
Queer, adj. (odd) s-«;£ sartb (pL 

l(jt Ifiiraliu); -i-i^ " '»iH>i ^)** 

LiWt (ji hilrij 'an al-'A<u^t. 
QuEBRNKss, «. i]ua> tMl«-t (pL 

JW. hi,ftl). 




Quill, v, (tubdue) s-^ galab, 
ja^^lib ; jii qahar, yaqhar. — 
(quiet) {^y-* sakkan, yusakkin. 

QuKNCH, V. {fire) ^ \2AvL, yutaffi ; 
^\ atfa, y\i\i\.^ (thirst) ^ 
qata', yaqta' ; ^; raw!, jarwa. 

QuKMCUABLK, odj, ^J^ jun^afi ; 
^ yuqta*. 

QuKNCULKss, adj. VaIS\ {^^^^ jtt 
gair mumkin al-i(fa; {j^U>^ y^^ 
f}^\ gair mumkin al-qat*. 


^j^Ufc t^ki ; ^j^A.^ mustaki. 


NE88, 8. ^^J^\ ifitika. 

QuEBYy 8. f*^«*^\ istifham ; jLJU*\ 

Quest, «. s-^ (alab. 

Question, «. (tVt^uiry) J^V* ^u'^> 
suwal ; X)*U^ mas'ala-t ; ^V&«\ 
istifham ; jLju«^ istifsar. — (di«- 
quitition) <^-^»: ba^^ ; ^W* 
mubahi^a-t. — (doubt) *m^ iakV 
(pi. ^/^ iukiik) ; 4f^ ^ubha-t. 

Question, f. (interrogate) J*^ 
sa'al, jas^al ; jia^? »^ istahbar, 
jastabbir ; f^i^\ istaf ham, yas- 
tafhim. — (examine) v/^ faJ;^, 
yaf^ ; ijaW^ tafal^l^af, yata- 
^^ ; o^ ^^^^. ba(>aa 'an, 
yabJI^i^. — (doubt) *t^ sakk, ya- 
^ukk ; ^\Sj\ irtab, yartab (both 
with ^ fi). 

Questionable, adj. *mXjJ\ o^ tal^t 

as-^akk ; A| ijS^sJL* maikiik bi-hi ; 

A«AiM» mustabih. 
Quibble, #. (evasion) J1»W jJ^ *u?r 

biitil ; Aft 411a.t. 
Quick, (uf/. (speedy) ^y^ sari' ; J^ 

'ajil ; J^ *ajul. — (sprightly, 

nimhU) kJtJ naiit ; y^^ji buzabiz ; 

«-*•**• b&nf . — (ready) /A^ ha4ir ; 

{^ laqin. 

Quick, r (living) ^^ l^&jj (pi. ^^ 

Quicken, v. (bring to life) ,j^\ 
al^ya, yufcyi. — (hasten) a. J%ft 
*ajjal,yu*ajjil ; J^^ a*jal,yu'jil ; 

f^ J^ 'ajilf ja'jal; (^ taruS 

Quicklime, s. ^Ji»^ ytA v/*^ ^^^^ 

gair mutfa. 
Quickness, s. ^^ sur'a-t ; i»Ui 

Quicksilveb, s. v>ei3 zibaq, zaibaq ; 

^y firar. 
Quiet, Quiescent, adj. (calm) 

v50^ hadi ; c^/* murU^ ; {^^ 

sakin. — (silent) «a>^^ sakiit ; 

«d^U sakit. — (mild) f^M^ halim 

(pi. Uik. ^ulama, ^Jk»>^ a^lftm) ; 

sA>*t^^ damis. — (quiescent letter) 

^^SL, sakin ; IjSL, s4kina-t. 
Quiet, Quiescence, Quietness, s. 

(repose, calmness) ^\j r&^a-t ; 

C^yL.\ istira^ ; c^^^ irtiy&b ; *J^ 

hadii. — (silence) *^sL sakt ; 

%^y^ sukut ; o*.<>* 9amt ; ia>*4^ 

fumiit. — (mildness) ^ ^un ; 

i^Uj dama^a-t. 
Quiet, v. ^.5*^ hadda, yuhaddi ; 

^a*\ ahda, yuhdi ; {j^ sakkani 

Quill, s. s-^ qa^b. 
Quilt, s. wiO lil^af (pL <-W 

Quince, «. J*/- sa£arjal; A^yL. 

safarjala-t (pi. e^U^ safarij). 
Quinine, s. U«2 U«i qinA qin&. 
QuiNi^UANouLAB, odj. ^ j^ ^ifc** mu- 

Ijammas ; W^^j ^^^»i«^ ^6 ^d J^ams 

QuiNST, «. vl^ buniq ; ^U^ 

5unaqa-t (pi. OM^^ bftwaniq). 
Quintal, s. j^La qanfar (pi. ^Ul 

Quintessence, s. ^lU. bil^^t, 

hula«a-t; aijzubd; i^} zubda-t 

(pi. *^3 zubad) ; s-J lubb (pL 

v^ lubiib); y^^ jauhar (pi. 

yfc^y% jaw4hir). 
Quintuple, acj/. u>\su\ l» , ^ (^unsat 

QuiBE, s. jj^ «.^ kaff waraq (pi. 

«^yk^ kuf lit) ; jj« o^J dast waraq 

(Per*.); <j*V Kurraa (pi. tjH^/ 

QuiBK, s. (quibble) ^^ l^ila-t (pi. 

Je^ tiyal; ; JL^ jAc *u?r bAtii. 
QuiT| v. (^ve) 0^ tarak, yatruk ; 
^ hajar, yahjur; ^^U faraqi 

On] 8 

yofiriq.— (jw over) Jjlj zkja.\, 
jutkjil; S*- halii, yahlu. — (pay) 
^ dafa', yadCa'; ^j wa,ia, 

QciT, adj. i^\*- biilif [ jjU» mu- 

QciTB, ttdn. VS kulliyan; a^^i 

bi-'I-kulliyat ; "UW twinaman ; 

^Wdl) bi-'t-tamam ; JW-. bi- 

Quittance, t. i^eS*. iijj waraqat 

hola; ; ^^ tabri;a-t ; Ji^ gf'^^l i 

jj., wu?ill Cpl. ^if} wu?ulat)- 
QuiVEK, B. ii^ kinaua-t (pi. t^^ 

kanAyin); i?"*. ja'ba-t (pi. -vW 

ji'ib) J y^. j&fir. 

t [EiF 

QnivKH, (■. >-Vj rajaf, yarjuf ; ^j*l 

i'.&ma, yaznii. 
Quota, a. i-». ^t$$a-t (pL jj»» 

biga^) 1 v-^ Du^ib (pL ii^\ 

Quotation, t. yW^ iqtibu ; jfcl 

QcoTE, f. u-r^ iqtabas, ;a4tabui 

^i jakar, yazkur; i^*^ ^nifim^n^ 

ruqtaramin.— (^ricMj f^ q«w- 

warn, yuqanwim. 
QpoT ID I AN, adj. ^j-ji yauini-y. 
Quotient, *. (in arithmeUe) J-k*. 

b3?il (pi. ^y^y bawifUj ; Bj** 


Babbi, «. ^Wj rabbuni-y ; |tU.U. 

Rabbit, g. v-jj^ a-ruab (pt. s->tjf 

Babble, *. i>4)l aub&s (pi. of iji^j 

wabas) ; (j*U\ Jll_l aaafil an- 

Babid, aifj. uf^r' majiiun (pi. 
(joiV* majauin) ; ^\a hayij. — 
(6y a dog-bite) yWlS kalban. 

Babidnbss, a. ^jy* jum'in; yVo* 

Basiks, 8. (hydrophobia) s--U 

Back, *. (rapid course) ,>!; rak<l. 
— {eotUeal in ruajiijtg) iaji— <• 
mUBfLbaqa-t; jW~ sibnq. — (ttoe/i) 
J-1 a^l (pi. J^l usM); s~J 
nasab (pi. ^L_t( ansib) ; J-J 
nasi (pi. Jl~i^ ausal) j &it^L 
|a'ifa-t (pi. .-ii'jl (awfiyif). 

Bacb, I!, i^j rakafj, yarku^ ; i>^j 
raka(J, yuraki^ ; \j* 'uda, ya'dii ; 
^t_i taaabaq, yatiisiibiLq. 

Bacb-coukse, «.* ^1>v maid&n, 
rnidau (pi. ^i<)W' mayadin). 

Backb, (, ii\j^ jawad (pL itW 
jiyadj ; ^l— • musabiq. 

Baceh, <. Je«It vjW aibaq al-hul; 

iifL-^ muaabaqa-t. 
Bags, V. (ttreteh) ■i^ madd, yatnudd; 

^ matt) jamutt. — {lorlure) •w^ 

'aszub, yu'az^ib. — (deooKl) ,^ 

faff a, yuiaSi. 
Back, ». {torture) v-lAc 'tt^ab. 
Baci, adj. {to the ttule) o'^ ^unl 

— {wittif) tfe*-* xaJxiD. 
Badiance, Kadi an ct, >. i«A«h 

^'sa'a-t ; ^^o*! Uma'in ; W* 

4iy& ; SjW jalwa-t ; ji^) raunaq. 
Radiant, ad/. ,jA* mutjli ; fi-S Umi'; 

;*^ munir. 
Eadiate, p. i^*-"* ea'sa', jaia**i'i 

U1 aiiu, yudi ; ^ laui&*, ^ftlma* i 

jjil airaq, yuiriq. 
Eadiaiion, «. ab.±ji* »'ia'a-t ; £Uk 

bu'k' i ^.Aiubj laga'su' ; ^ Ian'. 
Badical, adj. J-l afli-y; t,^-* 

zali-v. — (eomjdeU)j''^ Uunn. 
Radish, >. J^ liji ; JM fijl>-t (j<l. 

J^ lujfl). 
Radius, t. ^1 i-J^ ni^f al-qafr. 
Raft, t. aj.uu ma'dlya-t ; tf^} 

ramus ) oIU kalak ; ^jL (auf. 
Bajteb, j. ia^j* &iil^iya>t (pL ^lj» 


Rka] a 

Ra-o, (. <f^ faii^a-t (pi. jji- binq) ; 
^r'j*> Kannftf^-t (pi. ^^j^ liara- 
mit) ; irfj niqa*-t ([>1. t<i, nqiV). 

Baob, (. H~^ gatjab ; At4* |^bii-t i 

bano^ (I>I. jU» >r>"i<^); biVo* 
Baoe, e. i^i^ baniq, jabnafj ; s— tt 
g-dtjah, yaffijib; s--«*f tagatjl^ab, 

ban (pL v^^ gi^ub) i qI^ 

Baooed, Of//. £l;rt mura(|<{a' ; (jHj^ 

bariq ; jjj^^* mahrilq. — (row;^) 

vjl aiabb, f. y) zabba. 
EUiL, Ri.tLiNa,«. (jijt^j'i darnbzio. 
R^L, o. (enthie wilA nnlf) m- 

■ayyaj, juBayyij V 

haia', jabza' ; j4^ s^ilnr. t.«har 

(both with w bi or tj^ min). 
Bailxk, «. j)|11 M^ luLjir ai-buzil. 
EAiLetiT f. j> buiA ; ^)t^'^ iatihzi ; 

Eiii.Bo*D, Kmlwat, #. Jsi-Ol iji;t 
tari>] al'bculiil; -it-W^ w;>> darb 
al-badid; Jt-OI JiU iLkkat aU 

Ri.l]fKVT, «. ^ libs (pi. u**t> 
lubila); ^W libu (pi. I4» 
albiaa<t) ; Om badla-t. 

Bais, », jU matar (pi- j*!**^ iimtir). 
— (thower) ^ i*-) zabb<^t luatar. 
— (heavg rain) J-o* Kais ; Jt» 
halil. — (iijW rain) *^ mu- 

&A1II, V. jU* matar, yamtur ; jW 
(.-irmnur. vat.iiiuMtJr; ji» halal, 
yalHil; j~* L{;iv\n-.yugayTiB- — 
(■( u Txiinin'i) U-JI jImI Umfur 
as-mnA, " the iky ii raining." 

Baikbow, «. t^ 1^^ qaua quzah ; 
Bjh nad'a-L 

RAiirr, aJJ. jWW mitir (pi. ^'iy 

BtlBE, e. («rec() s->» nafab, yan* 
tub ; ^ l»na, yabni i ^Ut 
aqam, yuqim ; u*ft^ aDha4i yun- 
bj^. — {aalt) At) rafa', varfa' ; 
J- -alia, yu'am; <,. jw'ttl bi, 
ykiOL « (raw tt< priM} Jt 



yuiralli. — {collect) {•♦ 
, vaima'. 

•etj zabib; ^j sabi- 

Bake, a. (^arifcniiuf (oo/) Jij«^ 

niijnifa-t (pi. *J;^»- tnajarif). — 

(rakiik perton) J-l* faBi<{ (pi. 

u— t fasaqa-t, jl— * fuaaiiq) ; 

yi*U Mbis. 
Rake, f. ^;» jaraf, yajruf. 

EAKlHHNEeS, I. <>--i fisq; Jj— t 

fusAq ; £}«fc iiabwa-t. 
Bally, v. (.rail) '^ baza', yahza' ; 

' ■ yaahar (both with ^ 

bi < 

tr ' 


«bir; >-*( l,u 
■shar (butb with 

, -■"■■ J*- 

tamashar (butb with J^ 'alu). — 
(eolU'-t) ;-• jiima', Tajnoa'. — 
{reeovr ilr>'ii-jO, ) ^^L \i\>, yafib ; 
4»lj^ J->*i^l i>iUL'd&l miz«j-hu, 

Bah, ». u^ kabs (pi. >Wf kibU, 
<_^W^l akbas) ; Jm. bamal (also 
uMed for the cona tcifutioa, pi. 
yi** humlin, JUfcl abmal). — 
|/M/(i-r(ifi/ rrmj ^5«J^^ manjauiq 
{\i\. LiiO,-^^ manjaniqiit, kW» 

Bah v. J j i» u1 ^ •t^ darab bi-'U 
manjaniq, yadrib ; j-> daqq, ya- 


Bahulk, v. jl>> dar, yadAr — {talk 
in an incoherent loay) (■U31 ^jtj 
dar ri-'l-kalam, yadur. 

Bauble, Bamuliso, i. ^I^jo d». 

Bamblbb, <. jV dawwar. 
BaMIFICATION, ». ffi^ tafri' ; yi 

tafarnt'; s-««i*J taii'ib; v>^<uu1 

Bamift, r.n. y Urru', yufurri'; 

{;*• t;il'itn-<t' yataftirra' ; s-a-Ut 

iDsa'ab, yanfa'ib. 
Ramp, p. (■iti> o^ul) )tf qafazi 

Rampant, tuff'. s-JU galib; )j^** 

mutajawwiz ; y m'^ mutajabbir. 
Rampaet, t. o«'r* tnitraa (pi. 

u-iji** matarfi) j j|^ i&r (pLjV* 


Kui-BOD, K.iuMEB, g. ^->* midak- 

KiJiciD, adj. (i} zanih ; yi" mu- 

'affin. — (become rancid) fij zanih, 
jazoah ; zajinah, yuzannib- 
EANCiDNEse, Rancidity, g, Jjjie 

Eancoue, «. i».Ui ka^ifilja-t ; i*k( 
bug4ib-t ; -^Ib- tjaqd. 

Baj(cosous, aif/. >>j^ l^aqi^d. 

Bavbom, «. jWI ittifaq ; Hi^ ^ad- 
fa-t ; ij4j>* 'iirid ; i*jlj! 'tiri^a-t 
(pi. i/jijo 'awariijj. — (a(ra«iiom) 
"Ulal ittifaqan ; t^;l. ;«* Jb 'ala 

HandoHiOijj. ^Uit ittifaqi-y; ^j^ 

KA.MOB, ». (l-ow) oU ?dff (pi. Jji- 

?ufOf), — (compatg, eztml) Sjlii-l 
istidfiru-t. — (0/ a 3«») i»j* ^ar- 

IUnqe, v. -a- fuM, ya?uff ; yoj 
ra?!, jOiTMif ; v^j mttab, yuraU 
tib ; fM nasaiu, yaD^im. —(rove) 
jIj dfir, jadflr. 

Bank, ». (itne) oi- ?aff (pi. ^^ 
guf&i) ; ("Uu ni; — {atatui in 
aocietjf) f»uu majju