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1 81 7 










JANUARY 1881 to DECEMBER 1889 





aPOmSWOODB . AVD COh nnif'-€TBIIT B<2i:iBB 


• » 

/>^<'^ PEEFAOE. 

The Fonrih Volume of the English Gatalogne, now before the reader, is, as nearly 
as possible, a quarter larger than its predecessor. Volume m. was estimated to 
eootain the names of at least sixty thousand books. That number is considerably 
larger when successiye editions are reckoned, and still further increased by the 
&ct that a great many books are recorded a second time under Series in the 
App^idices. Volume IV* may thus be considered a record of the names of many 
more than seventy-five thousand books. 

The Editor has to acknowledge the kindness with which he has been fovoured 
with information for the Appendices, on the one hand, by Secretaries of Learned 
Sodetiee for Appendix A, which gives the volumes of Transactions pubhshed during 
the years 1881-9 ; on the other, by Publishing Houses, for Appendix B, composed 
of tlieir various Series. 

It may be useful to add, that when publications of a Society are sold in the 
regular way as books, they are generally placed in Appendix B. The Philosophical 
Transactions of the Boyal Society, separately issued, are an instance of this. 

Some time since, one of the daily papers printed an account of the processes by 
whidi a coat arrives at a finished state. If the details of clothing the body are 
esteemed interesting enough for a special paper ad captandum vulgus, it may be 
hoped that particulars of the making of an article not remotely connected with 
clothmg the mind may have their interest. We venture, therefore, shortly, to 
give an idea of what has to be done before a volume of the English Catalogue can 
be cffereA to those who are interested in books. 

A volume of the English Catalogue being a blending of so many years of tiie 
Anmud Catalogue into one alphabet, the main thing for the operator is to see that 
none of the titles of the separate alphabets get astray after they are cut apart, cme 
by one — which is found necessary in order to put the whole into proper order. 

Fiisi of all, two copies of each year's Catalogue are taken. The right-hand 

pages of one of these are erased with blue pencil. The left-hand pages of the 

o4faer are similarly erased. This gives a perfect copy of the Catalogue, by leaves 

iitftead of pages. The next process is to spread gum over the backs of the pages, 

after they have been trimmed down to the edge of the print with scissors. The 

ZDcmths observable in the yearly Catalogues are removed in trimming, as years 

take their place in the volume of several years. When the gum is dry, each page 

m cut up into its component lines. These pieces of paper, extremely slender, are 

firand quite long enough to be manageable without the margin which has been 

removed* The heading of each page is not thrown away, but kept in the heap of 

£p8. The gummed slips of each page are rapidly passed through water in a 

duJIow dish, and laid, one by one, on slips of paper cut to a particular size, and then 

pbeed between sheets of blotting paper. It is found that half a quire of blotting 

paper easOy holds the slips of two pages of the Catalogue, ten slips going to each 

mtcrvaL The heading of each page is treated like a title, only it is laid down on 

■n envelope of suitable size. When the slips of two pages have been laid between 

the blotting paper, they are removed from it. The hour or so which the process 

bas taken has given most of the slips time to dry somewhat^ 

Each page of titles is then placed in its envelope, already labelled, as we have 


shown ; bat the envelope is not closed, for, after a certain number of pages h-j c 
been thus prepared, they are ' checked ' by the file-copy of the yearly Catalogue ''. 
This is for the double purpose of making sure that nothing is lost, and for tc^i^^ 
ferring any corrections that have been made from time to time in the file-copy. 

Oheckhig the slips is more of a process than might be imagined. Wher u 
page of them is taken out of its envelope, it is found to consist of three varieties . 

those which are right for reading, those which have a in place of a name , 

and those which are upside-down. These go into three heaps, and then the ^ 
which are upside-down are sorted into the two other heaps. Those titles whi :ii 

have a where the author's name, and perhaps his book too, should be, mu> . 

now have the absent names written in. The question may occur to the read>> , 
' Are you not liable to error in copying the names ? ' Certainly one is ; but, is 
the names have to be found after they are written, and will not be found if they 
are wrong, the chances of mistake are reduced to a minimum. For each one of the r 
(perhapshalf the sixty orseventy odd which compose a page) the page must be search i-l 
to find what it is and by whom. When the writing is done, this heap is laid aside, a id 
the titles which want no writing are ticked off against the file-copy, and laid aside 
in a heap. After that, the ' written-in ' titles are similarly treated. If all are 
found, the number of ' ticks ' is counted and pencilled at the head of the file-co^y 
page. Then each of the heaps of titles is counted and marked at the back. If t: i*" 
sum of the two heaps comes to the same as the figures on the page, the checking i 
complete ; but, before the page of slips goes into its envelope again, each must l> ; 
marked with its date, which is not found against the titles of one year. This dour, 
the slips go into the envelope, which is now closed. A repetition of these process i 
gives, in about a hundred envelopes, the successive pages of one year, duly labelle'i. 
When all the years are got together side by side in order of pages, it is possibu 
to take away, first A, then B, and so on from each year, so that the labour ct 
sorting a great mass into its component letters is saved. 

Little need be said of getting each letter into what is called perfect alphabc :. 
The contents of the envelopes which contain letter A are first sorted into si ^ 
heaps : Aa-Ad, Ae-Ah, Ai-Am, An-Ar, As, and At-Az. Then Aa-Ad i ' 
separated into Aa, Ab, Ac, and Ad, and so with the other five divisions. Fro> 
this point the progress to proper alphabetical order is but a repetition on a small* . 
scale of what has gone before. The envelopes which are emptied are not throTi.. 
away* The labelled fronts are cut off with a paper-knife and preserved, letter by 
letter, each containing the years of which the volume is composed, as ' vouchers * 
that the material has all been used up. 

This account is not complete without referring to the way in which the titles 
of books in the yearly issues of the Enghsh Catalogue are presented, each in one 
line. The numbers of the PvAlishers' Circular which compose a year give the 
names of new books in transcript ; each title is a copy of the title-page. This co: v 
extends in some cases to twelve or more lines of the column. The titles of a ye r 
in this form are cut apart and laid down on larger pieces of paper in the saCi 
manner for a year as for a volume of years, only, before making an alphabet of thei . 
nearly every one must be abridged so that in print but one line is occupied by each. 
This is done by striking out all words which can be dispensed with while giving .' 
sufficient indication of the nature of the work. Care has to be taken that tl : 
words which remain fit one another so that they do not read unpleasantly* Whes 't 
is stated that the preparation of the titles for one line does not occupy a minute, it 
will be understood that the process is one requiring some labour and attentio i. 
The result is, however, a great saving of time and trouble to those who consult ti > 
English Catalogue, and saving of expense to those who desire to possess it. 








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1881-1889] ACTON ADAMS 8 

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. (3fw) Easy Lessons in Light, cr. 8vo, 9(/ Re{fe Bros 18S8 


4 ADAMS [Bnoush Catilooith 

Adams (Mrs, A, W,) Crumbs from Dame Natare*s Table, sq. 16mo, 2s 6d Partridge 1883 

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English Authors, 4s ; new edit. rev. 1 6mo, 4« Boston , Mass, 1 883-5 

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Manual for Sick Visitation : Prayers, Hymns, &c. post 8vo, 3s 6<i ... Griffith 1886 

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on the Sea : the British Navy, 2 v. 15s; n. e. p.8vo, 6s F. V. W^t^... 1886-6 

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Golden Book of English Song, post 8vo, 3s Nelsons 1881 

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- Master Minds in Art, Science, and Lettera, post 8vo, 4s & 3s 6(2 Hogg 1 889 

- Mediterranean^ illustrated, 4to, red. 12s Nidsons 1889 

1581-1889] ADAMS ADVENTURES 5 

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Mountains and Mountain Climbing : Adventure, &c.8yo,4«... NeUons 1883 

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^Taken by the Enemy : a Story for Boys, illustrated, Is 6c2 Boston^ Mass, ...1888 

.Within the Enemy's Lines: a Story of the Civil War, ill. 12mo,736<i Boston^ Mass, ...1889 

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Gospel of Evolution : Drummond's ' Natural Law,' Vlmo^Zd ... Simpkin 1885 

Religious Anecdotes of Scotland, post 8vo, 5£ Hamilton 1885 

Adcock's Engineer's Pocket Book for 1881-9, 12mo, 6d e-ich Simpkin 1881-9 

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Essay on Milton, Notes, p. 8vo, 2s (Univ. Corr. Coll. Tutorial Sep.) Clive 1889 

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— and Tales, 18mo, 6d and Zd (Cassell's National Library) ... Cassell 1888 

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(P. L.) Elements of Construction, cr. 8vo, 6s Stock 1888 

{R.) Children's Voices : a Collection of Song, with Music, Zs6d Hildesheimer ...1884 

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Adeler {Max) An Old Fogey, and other Stories, illus. 12mo, 2s 6rf, 2s, Is, & Gd ... Ward 4" L, ...1881-9 

— ; Curious CJompany, by Max Adeler and other Writers, 8vo, 6d Ward^ L 1886 

Desperate Adventure, and other Stories, 12mo, 2s Ward^' L 1888 

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Out of the Hurly Burly, People's edit. 4to, Gd Ward |- L 1882 

Random Shots, with illustrations, 12mo, Is &6rf Ward ^ L. ...1883-9 

Transformations: Mrs.Shelmore, Desperate Ad venture, &c.r2mo, Is Ward^ L 1883 

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- From Christ to Constantine, cr. 8vo, 2s (Normal Stud, for Teachers) Sun. Sch, Un, ...1884 

Adey (W..T.) Sunday School Readings, Recitations, and Dialogues, post 8vo, Is... Wame 1887 

Adley (C.) Lovely Homes, and other Poems, cr. 8vo, 3s Gd Remington 1889 

Adlington, Cupid and Psyche. See Apuleius. 

Admissions to Gonville & Cains Col. Camb. 1558-9 to 1678 -9, ed. by Venn, 8vo, 10s 0.vfnrd Wareh.,.\BZ7 

Adrienne : a Story of French Life, by Rita, illus. by Emile Bayard, roy. 8vo, Is ... Strand Pub. Co. 1888 

Advanced Epglish Grammar for Higher Forms of Middle Class Schools, 12mo, 2s Blackie 1881 

History of England, with portraits, maps, &c. 12mo, 2s Nelsons 1884 

Science Series Collins 1886 

Thearle, Shipbuilding, I, 5s; 2. 10s 

Whist, by Aquarius, 32mo, Is Chapman 1884 

Advent Addresses, by a Country Curate, 8vo, Is 6^ (Oxford, Slat ter & R.) Sintpkin 1881 

■ Readings from the Fathers, 12mo, red. 2s W.Smith 1884 

Adventures Ashore and Afloat, post 8vo, 2s 6<i{ Rel, Tract Soc, 1887 

in Field, Flood, ana Forest : Stories of Danger & Daring, p.8vo, 2s 6^ Blackie 1884 

of a Dear Old Doggie, and other Tales, folio, 2s Gd Dean 1888 

an Amateur Tramp, written by Himself, 12mo, Is Ward ^ L 1883 

the Pig Family, illus. oblonp small 4to, 2s Gd Griffith 1881 

■ William Jermyn, cr. 8vo, 10s Gd - Remington 188t 


Advice to Stout People, showing bow I reduced from 208t. to 13it. byD. S. 12o, ChI Boutlcdge 1883 

Adviser, Vol. for 1883, 4to, Is and 9i ffouUion 1883 

—-vols. 4tOt 2s, Is fid, ]«, and9^ Nat. Temp. Dep. Ann. 

Adye (F.) Queen of the Moor, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a 6</ J. 4- B. I^axwtU 1886 

JElmc's Selected Homilies, ed. by H. Sweet,12o, Is 6d (Ang. Sax. Reud. Primers, I.) Oxford fFareA....1885 
JEschylus, by F. A. Paley, 8vo, red. 8« (Bib. Classica) Whittaker 1889 

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Plays, translated into English Verse by Kobert Potter, post 8vo, 1#.., BotUledae 1886 

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— ■ emendavit S. Maigolionth, 8vo, 2d 6<f MacnUllan 1884 

■ edit, by A. Sidgwick, 3«; new edit fcp. 8vo, 3« Oxfd. JVareh. 1881-8 

Choephoroi, with Introduction and Notes by A. Sidgwick, 12mo, Zs ... Oxford Wareh., .ASS^ 

Eumenides, by J. F. Davies : Critical Ed. with Metrical Trans. 8vo, 7s Lanamans 1885 

with Introduction and Notes by A. Sidgwick, 12mo, 3s ... Oxford ^ar«A....1887 

Fabnlae in Libro Medico, curante F. A. Paley, 8vo, Is^d Camh. Wareh. ...1883 

House of Atreus: Agamemnon, Lib. Bearers, &; Furies, tr. by Morshead,?^ Keaan Paul 1881 

Libation-Bearers, with Notes for Schools, by F. A. Paley, n. e. 1 2o, 1 « 6d BeU 4-8, 1889 

Persae : Persians, lit. tr.byMeyler-Warlow,12o, Is, CbmwA;,5s Simpkin 1886-8 

Prometheus Vinctus, with Notes by M. G-. Glazebrook, 12mo, 2s 6d... Bimngtons 1887 

H. M. Stephenson, 18mo, Is 6i... MacmiUan 1885 

Seven against Thebes : a Tragedy (Gk.), by L Flagg, w. map, 12mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1885 

with com. and trans, by A. W. Verrall , 8 vo, 7s 6c? Macmillan 1 887 

Notes by Verrall & Bayfield, School ed. 1 2o, 3s Qd MacmiUan 1 88a 

Suppliant Maidens, tr. into Eng. Ver. by E. D. A. Morshead, p. 8 vo, 3s ^ Kegan Paul 1 883 

Supplices : Revised Text, Notes, &c. by T. G. Tucker, 8vo, 10s 6i ... Macmillan 1889 

.ZBsop's Fables as printed by Caxton in 1484; Avian, &c by Jacobs & Lang, 2 v.l4s Nutt 1887 

.^..^ for Little Readers told by Mrs. A. Brookfield, roy. 8vo, 3s 6<£ ... Unwin 1888 

^-^^ illustrated by Ernest Griset^ Popular edit. roy. 8vo, 6s and 3s 6<?... Cassell 1887 

■ — Harrison Weir, 4to, 6d BoutUdge 1882 

J. Wolf and others, new edit. sq. 16mo, Is Bell ^ 8. 1889 

. translated by Saml. Croxall & Sir Roger L'Estrange, p. 8vo, 2s 6d Warns 1887 

edited by G. F. Townsend, 12mo, Is Wame 1887 

■I G. F. Townsend, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d; sq. 16mo, ed and M Boutledge 1882-6 

— — — some of, with Modem Instances by R. Caldecott, 4to, 7s ed and 6s MacmiUan ...1883-7 

Verse Selections, by G. H. Armitstead, post 8vo, 2s ed *. 8tmpkin 1889 

with Applications by Townsend & L. Valentine, p. 8vo, 2s & Is C<2 Wame 1882 

-^ of JEBop & others, trans, w. Applications, by Croxall, ill. l2o,ls ed 8impkin 1 889 

Afloat : a Story, by Author of the • Caged Linnet,* post 8vo, 3s ed J. F. Shaw 1885 

Africa Past and Present, by an Old Resident, 4th edit, post 8vo,6s Hodder 1885 

After Five Years, by the Author of * Clary's Confirmation,* post 8vo, \s ed S.P.C.K. 1886 

Long Grief and Pain, by Rita, 3 vols. 31s ed, Tindey; new edit. 2s 6rf & 2s 8. BlacJcett ...1883-7 

Twenty Years : a Story of Patient Hope, post 8vo, Is ed Bel, Tract 80c, 1882 

— ^ Work: an Annual for all Readers, 8vo, Is 6{i 8toneman 1886 

-^— Years : a Story of Trials and Triumphs, fcp. 8vo, 2s Nelsons 1884 

Afternoons in the Manchester Slums, by a Lady, from the * Health Journal,* 1 2o, 3i Heyvxx>d 1 887 

Agabeg (-4.) and Barry (^.F.) Bills of Exchange Act, 1882, w. Notes, r. 80, 12s ed Clowes 1884 

Against the Stream, by Author of * The Schonberg-Cotta Family,* newed. p. 80, 4s 8.P.C.K. 1881 

Agassiz (A.) Three Cruises of the 'Blake,* 2 vols. roy. 8vo, 42s Low 1888 

I {E, C. & A.) Seaside Studies in Natural History, new edit, illus. 8vo, 16s Boston, Mass. ...1882 

I (L.) Life ana Correspondence, edited by E. C. Agassiz, 2 vols, post 8 vo, 18s Macmillan 1 885 

— ^^ {L. &E. C.)A. Journey in Brazil, w. illus. & new map, new ed. 1 2mo, 1 2s ed Boston, Mass, . . .1886 

Agate {E.) Daily Texts and Helps for the Young, 32mo, ed HamUtofi 1889 

Agatlia and the Shadow : a Novel, 2nd vol. in the * Old Colony Series,* 12mo, 7s ed Boston, Mass. ...1887 

Ager(<T.) Extra Code Words, followingthosein*TheStandard'Code, 1879,4o,15s BUicklock 1S81 

Agge {A. A.) and Brooks (M. M.) Marblehead Sketches: Buildings, &c. 4to, 16s Boston, Mass. ...1885 

Agnes & her LittleKey : Bereaved Parents Comforted, by her Father, n. e. 18o,ls ed Hamilton..^ 1881 

Agnew (D. H.) Principles and Practice of Surgery : Dis. and Inj. Vol. 3, 8vo, 38s Lippincott 1883 

■ \H.) Mnciples and Practice of Surgery, Vol. 2, 8vo. 86s Lippincott 1881 

•AgnosticFaith,* fr.Paperon 'Ethical Theism 'in 'National Review,* Feb. 1 884, 6i Bidgway 1889 

Agnostic*s Progress from the Known to the Unknown, post 8vo, 5s Williams 4^ N. ...1884 

Agreement of Reason and Faith, by a Lawyer, cr. 8vo, Is 6(2 and Is Partridge 1882 

Agricultural Almanac, 1881-8, Is each; 1889, 12mo, ed Vinton Annual 

. and Administrative Reform in Bengal, by a Civili&n, post 8vo, 2s ed Wyman 1888 

Aguilar (E) How to Learn the Pianoforte, new edit. 12mo, Is Groombridge ...1883 

( Grace) Home Influence : Tale for Mothers & Daughters, 36th e. p. 8 vo. es Groombridge ... 1 881 

■ . — n.e.p. 8o,2s6rf&2s Boutledge 1889 

-^— — ^— Women of Israel, new edit, post 8vo, 3s ed, 2s ed, and 2s Boutledge 1888-9 

Ahn (^.VGrammar of Dutch Language, 4 edit, by Hoogvliet & Kern, p. 8vo, 3s6c? TrUhner 1887 

Aid to tne Study of Moral Philosophy, by Auxilium, cr. 8vo, 6s 8ime 1886 

Aidi(i?awii?to»)Carrof Carrlyon, newedit. 12mo,2s Chatto 1881 

Cliff Mystery, 12mo, ls6(^and Is (Arrowsmith*s Library) Simpkin 1888 

Confidences, new edit. ]2mo, 2s Chatto 1381 

■ Introduced to Society, new edit, post 8vo, bs, Chapman; 2s Ward 4' L, ...1884-5 

1881-1889] A1d6 AITKEN 7 

Aid^ (Hamilton) Passages in tlie Life of a Lady, 1814-16, 3 vols, post 8to, 31« 6i Hwrst 1887 

new edit. cr. 8vo, 3« 6d Ward^D, 1888 

Poet and Peer, post 870, 2$ Routledae 1883 

. Bita: an Autobiography, new edit, post 8to,2« Routleage 1883 

Songs witbont Mnsic : lUiymes, &c. sq. I60, 68,Boffue; 8 e. 12o, 6s Bell ^ 8. 1882-9 

Aids to Bible StndenU, 24mo, U, &c ; 8vo, 2«, &c Ewe ^ 8, 1882 

Daily Meditation, being Pract. Beflects. and Observ. n. e. post 8yo, 2« 6i2 Wed, Book Room 1883 

Prayer, new edit. 32mo, Is 6d Bogue 1882 

Beverently Celebrating the Holy Eucharist, by E. H. 16mo, ls6d and Is Griffith 1889 

.^— i— the BiyineLife, new edit, with a Preface by William Maude, 18mo, 1«... Griffith 1885 

Inner Life, ed. by W. H. Hutchings, 32o, 5 vols. 6(/ ea. ; in a box, Ts ... Ritingtons 1 88 1 

Aiken (Cr.i.) The Household Skeleton, Syo,6d Ward f L 1885 

Aikenbead {Mary) Her Life, her Work, and her Friends, by S. A. 2nd edit. 7s 6d 8impkin 1882 

Aikin {DrS) & Barbanld (Mrs.) Evenings at Home, new edit, post 8to, 28 Warns 1881 

cr.8vo, Zs6d&nd2s RouUedge 1882 

Aimard (&.) Indian Tales, Series 5-8, post 8vo, 2« each , J, ^ R.Maxwell 1882 

Red-River Half-breed : a Tale of the Wild North- West, cr. 8vo, 6d J.^R. Maxwell 1885 

Treasure of Pearls: a Romance of Adventure in California, 12mo, 6d J. ^ R. Maxwell 188^ 

Aioger (A, C.) Clivus : Elemen . Exer. in Latin Ele^ac Verse, Pts. 1 & 2, n. e. 2« 6<2 ea. Rivingtons 1 882 

'^^— Hints for the Construction of Latin Sentences, 8vo, Is Simpkin 1882 

and Wintle (K G.) Elementary Latin Exercises, post 8vo, 2s 6d ... Murray 1885 

EtonLaUOram. P.l,abr.:Accid.&;Synt.p. 8o,2s Murray 1887 

Elementary, post 8vo, Zs 6d Murray 1885 

Ainsley (Gen,) Life as I have Found it, post 8vo, 12^ 6d Blackwoods 1883 

(71 L.) Engineer's Manual of the L. M. Board Exam. 21 ed. r. 8to, Is %d Laurie 1883 

Examiner in Seamanship, New Com.Code of Signals,33rded.8o,2tf Simpkin 1884 

— Guide to Local Marine Board Extra Exam. 3rd ed. r. 8vo, 12s 6d Laurie 1883 

■ . Ordinary Exam. 42nd edit 8vo, 6s 8impkin ,.•1883 

■ Book to the Local Marine Board Exams. 45 e. r. 8vo, Ts^d Simpkin 1885 

— ^-^ to the Local Marine Board Examination, 5th ed. r. 8vo, 15s Laurie 1888 

Ainsley's Nautical Almanac and Time Tables, 12mo, Is and 6(£ each Simpkin Annual 

Ainslie (A. D,) Reynard the Fox : after the German Version of Goethe, p. 8vo, 7s ^d Macmillan 1886 

(O.) Servant of the King: Life of Rev. G. Ainslie, by A. Warner, sq. I60, Is Nisbet 1889 

{General) Record of the First Royal Regiment of Dragoons, roy. 8vo, 21s Chapman 1887 

Ainsworth Banquet in Manchester, illus. post 8vo, 10s 6d (Manchester) Cornish 1882 

(W.F.) Narrative of the Euphrates Expedition, 2 vols. 8vo, 32s K^gan Paul 1888 

River Karun an Opening to British Commerce, post 8vo, 6s .,, W, H. Allen ...1889 

(fT. JSr.) Novels, illus. 8vo, edeach IHcks 1889 

Jack Sheppard Rookwood Windsor Castle 
new edit, illus. cr. 8vo, 3s 6d each RouUedge 1881 

Auriol Hilary St. Ives John Law 

2s 6i each RouUedge 1888 

Old St. Paul's Tower of London Windsor Castle 

post 8vo, 2s each RouUedge „„,M%\-% 

Anriol Lancashire Witches Rookwood 

Beau Nash Mervyn Clitheroe St. James 

Crichton Miser's Daughter Stanley Brereton 

Plitch of Bacon Old St. Paul s Star Chamber 

Guy Fawkes Ovingdean Grange Windsor Castle 
Znck Sheppard 

12mo, Is each RouUedge 1883-4 

Beau Nash Boscobel Manchester Rebels 

Author's copyright edit. 8vo, 6(2 each RouUedge 1881-9 

Crichton Miser's Daughter Spendthrift 

Flitch of Bacon Old St. Paul's Star Chamber 

Guy Fawkes Rookwood Tower of London 

Jade Sheppard St. James Windsor Castle 
Lancashire Witches 

new edit. 8vo, 6d each Wame 1889 

Miser's Daughter Tower of London Windsor Castle 


Stanley Brereton, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Zls 6d; new edit. Zs 6d RouUedge 1881-2 

Tower of London, post 8 vo, 2s and Is (Red Library) CatseU 1889 

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Airy (Sir G.B.) Gravitation : Principal Perturbations in Solar Sy8tem,2e.p.8vo,7s6<2 Macmtllan 1885 

\0,) Books on English History (Birmingham Refer. Libr. Lects.), roy. 8vo, Is Simpkin 1886 

— Encash Restoration and Louis XIV. 18mo, 2s 6d (Epochs) Longmans 1888 

Airy FairyLffian, by the Author of 'Phyllis,' new edit. 12mo, 2# 6<i and 2s Smith ^ E. ...1884-5 

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Growth of the Recruit and Young Soldier, 2 ed. p. 8vo, Ss6d ... Macmillan 1887 

8 AITKEN ALDEN [English Catalooui 

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Eastertide Thoughts on rassion&Resuirectioo, postSTo, Zs J, F. Shaw 1889 

«_^._^ Glory of the Gospel: Mission Pulpit, Ist series, post 8vo, 3« J. F, 8kaw 1882 

~^-^-.— »^— ^ God's £verlast.Yea: Divine Provis. for Hum. Need, p. 80, 8« J, F. Shaw 1881 

HighwAj of Holiness: Helps to the Spiritual Life, p. 80, Zs «7. F. Shaw 1883 

. — -> Love of the Father : Sermons on the Prodigal Son, post 80, 3^ J, F, Shaw 1887 

Revealer: Revealed Thoughts uponChri8t£c.4thser.p.8To,3« J, F. Shaw 1886 

Akerman(tA 7.) Legal Guide forLandlords,TenantR, and Lodgers, new ed. 12mo, 6(2 Griffith 1885 

Akers (Elisabeth) Hock me to Sleep, Mother, illus. fcp. 4to, 6« Low 1882 

^—^~ Silver Bridge, and other Poems, 16mo, 6« Bostont Mas$ .. .1886 

Alabone (E. W,) Cure of Consumption, &c. : a new Remedy, 8th edit 8vo, bs ... Author 1884 

Aladdin ; or, the Wond. Lamp; Sinbad the 8ailor,andAliBiiba,M.£.Braddon,r.8o,28 J, ^ R. NaxwelllBSl 

Alarcon (P.A.) Capt. Spitfire & the Unlucky Treasure: Spanish Novelettes, p. 80, 6d Vijeetelly 1886 

Three-cornered Hat, and other Spanish Stories, post 8vo, id ViztteUy 1886 

Albany, Countess of, by Vernon Lee, post 8vo, Za 6d (Eminent Women Series) ... W.H. AUen 1884 

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Poems, 16mo, 7« 6rf New York 1883 

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Albert {Prince) Childhood of the Prince Consort, by F. L. Clarke, p. 8vo, 1« 6i... Sonmen$chein ...1883 

- Collected Compositions, ed. by W. G. Cusins, fol. 2\8 Mettler 1882 

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and lerne : a Political Romance, by an Officer, post 8vo, 3< ; red. 23 M. Ward 1886-7 

other Poems, 12mo, 5« Wyman 1887 

AlbumforCrests, Monograms, Coats of Arms, Dies, &c.sq. 16mo, USdScls Mack 1882 

. of English & Foreign Stamps, pages for Rare Stamps, sq. 16mo, U 6dSi Is Mack 1882 

Opinions, with Female Christian Names, &c. new edit. 16mo, Is 6d .. Mack 1882 

Plans of Agricultural Construction at Beau CMre. fol. \6s Low 1884 

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Desert : a Storvof the Church, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d; n. e. roy. 6to, 6d J, F, Shaw ...1881-4 

—Roman Students: a Tale, 6s ; red, 4^ 6d ; new edit, post 8vo, Zs 6d Unwin 1882-8 

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— ^ Walking with Qod : a Memoir, by his Daughter, post 8vo, Is 6d ... Hodder 1887 

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^~- Philosopher & Seer, pro8e&rerse,2e.l2o,55 Bonton^ Mass, ...1889 

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(L,M,) Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag, sm. cr. 8vo, 2« Ci and 2< Low 1889 

Calendar for 1886: Selection for every Day in Year, &c. illus. 5«... Boaton, Mass. ... 1886 

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Jimmy's Cruise in the * Pinafore,' &c new edit, post 8vo, 2s Low ....1883-8 

Jo's Boys, and How they Turned Out, post 8vo, bs Low 1886 

. Life, Letters, & Journals, ed. by Ednah D. Cheney, illus. cr. 80, Qs Lew ,.1889 

. Little Men, new and cheaper edit. 12mo, 2s Low 1888 

Women; or Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, 3* 6rf; n.ed. 12mo, 2» Low 1881-8 

and Little Women Wedded, new edit. 12mo, 2s... Low 188S 

— Lulu's Library, Zs6d\ new edit. 12mo, 2s Low 1885-^ 

Collection of Stories, Vol.2, bs\ 3, 16roo, 5« Boston, Mass 1887-9 

Moods: aNovel, 12mo, l«6<i and U (Star Seriss) Wame 1882 

Old-fashioned Girl, new edit, 12mo, 2« Low 1888 

Thanksgiving Day, am. post 8vo, 3^ 6d Low 1882 

— ^ Proverb Stories, sm. post 8vo, Zs ed Low 1882 

— ~^-~— - Rose in Bloom : a Sequel to ' Eight Cousins,' new edit. 12mo, 2# Low 1888--8 

Shawl-Straps: 2nd ser.of *Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag.' s.c. 80, 2s6d&2s Low 1889 

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Spinninff-Wheel Stories, 6s; new edit. 12mo, 2s Low 1884-9 

I ifnder the Lilacs, illus. new edit 12mo, 3«6<£and24 Low 1883-4 

■ Work, 2 parta, complete in 1 vol. new edit. 12mo, 2« Low 1888 

Alden (G, R.) Christie'a Chriatmas, illustrated, 12mo, 7« dd Boston, Mom. ...1886 

1881-1889] ALDEN ALEXANDER 9 

Al4ien {G. R.) Eightj-Seven : a Religious Novel, 12mo, 7< 6<f Boston, Mass. ...1887 

(Mrt, I, M.) Chrissy s Eodeavour : a Story for Girls, i2Rio. Is ^ Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Judge Boraham's Daughters, ilius. 12mo, 7s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1888 

One Commonplace Day : a Temperance Story, illus. 12mo. 7* 6<i Boston, Mass. .. 1886 

— — Sevenfold Trouble : a Story for the Young, 12mo, iT^d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Spun from Fact: a Story for Girls, 12mo, 7« 6ci Boston, ilfa««....1886 

and Livingston, Profiles : Stories for Boys & Girls,ill.l2o,7« 6rf Boston, Mass, ...1888 

-{W. Ij.) Adventuresof Jimmy Brown, written by himself, 2s6d; n.ed.p.8o,2« Low 1885-8 

Christopher Columbus, 16mo, 6j (Lives of American Worthies)... New York 1881 

Cruise of the Canoe Club, illus. 16mo, 5s New York 1883 

^- Loss of the * Swansea' ; a Story of the Florida Coast, ill. 16mo, 6s Boston, Afo^t. ...1889 

Moral Pirates, and the Cruise of the 'Ghost,' postSvo. 25 6d J. Clarke 1881 

New Robinson Crusoe : a Stoiy of Adventure, illustrated, 16mo, 5s New York 1888 

Trying to find Europe, by Jimmy Brown, illus. post 8vo, 2s 6d ... Low 1889 

iiien's Oxford Guide, new edit. 16mo, Is Jind 6d (Oxford) Alden 1882 

AidersQD {Ltody M.A.) Record of an Humble Life, ed. by Beata Francis, \2mo,28^d Strahan 1881 

AidhoQ«<^ iF.8.) Way to Parse the Latin Parts' of Speech, with brief Syntax,12mo,6<;; Simpkin 1881 

iidxs {J. A.) Christian Communion with the Departed: Sermons, 8vo, Is Simpkin 1881 

(M. iS.) The Great Giant Arithmos : a most Element. Arithmet. 12mo, 25 6(2 Macmillan 1882 

'(W. 8.) Elementary Treatise on Geometrical Optics. 2nd edit. p. 8vo, 45... Bell j- 8 1886 

Introductory Treatise on Rigid Dynamics, post 8vo, 4« Bell j' S. 1882 

Text-book of Algebra, post 8vo, 7« 6d Oxford Wareh. 1887 

iidred. Gram. Notes on the Plutus of Aristophanes, with Hard Passages, 12roo,25 Simpkin 1887 

(f,) Law of Mortgage of Real Estate, for Use of Students, &c. p. 8vo, 75 W. Maxwell 1883 

— ^ CW, Jkf.) Love Afiair : a Drama of Ancient Demi>cracy, 12mo, 35 6d Bedway 1887 

(FT. W.)AUMitCikU8e: Story of the Last Rebel.inPoland,, 3l5 6<f W. H. Allen 1881 

Aldrich (A. R.) Rose of Flame, and other Poems of Love, 18mo, 45 New York 1889 

■ (J7'.Zf.)ArcticAlaska&; Siberia: Eight Months w.Whnlemen, ill. 120,105 6a Chicago 1889 

(J. K.) Critical Examination of the Time of the Crucifixion, 12mo, Is 6i WeUjteeU Mass. 1888 

{P.E, ) Equity Pleadings & Practice in the Courts of Massachusetts, 8o, 2l5 Boston, Mass. ...1885 

It.B.) Baby Bell, and other Poems, 64mo, l5 (Glasgow, Bryce) Simpkin 1883 

Complete Poems, illubt. by the Paint and Clay Club, 8vo, 2l5 Low 1882 

Friar Jerome*s Beautiful Book, &c. selected, 12mo, ZsQd Low 1881 

From Ponkapog to Pesth : Travel Sketches, 16mo, 65.... Boston, Mass 1883 

Marjorie Daw and other Stories, Author's edition. 32mo. 25 & l5 Hamilton 1885 

— 16mo,55 (Riverside Aldine Series) Boston, Mass. ,,.ISB6 

Mercedes : a Historical Drama, and later Lyrics, 16 mo, 6s Boston, Mofs. ...1883 

_.«— Novels and Poems, new edit. 6 vols. 12mo, 455 Boston, Mass. ...1885 

Poetical Works,Householde. with Poems not pre v.incld.l2o, 105 6^ Boston, Mass, ...1885 

■ Prudence Palfrey : a Novel, Author's edit. 32mo, 2* and I5 Hamtltoti 1886 

Queen of Sheba, Author's edit. 32mo, 25 and I5 Hamilton 1885 

Stillwater Tragedy, Authors edit. 2 vols. 32mo, 45 and 25 Hamilton 1886 

Wyndham Towers : Narrative Poemof Timeof Eli»ibeth,cr.8o,65 Boston. Mass. ...1889 

2nd edit. 32mo, I5 6<^ and I5 Hamilton 1889 

ildrid^ (Liszie) The Old Abbot's Road, post 8vo, 65 J. Clarke 1881 

-{R.) Ranch Notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory, &c. p. 8o.55 Longmans 1884 

^llo^n (AT.) Adventures of Guzman of Alfaraque r Spanish Novel, tr. p. 8vo, 65 Vizetelly 1883 

^hamr (J. de) L-ac^ma the Honey-Lips, translated by Isabel i^urton, 12mo. I5 Bickers 1885 

Jlkzaader tha Great, History, by Jacob Abbott, 32mo, I5 4(2 Woolmer 1882 

Syriac Version of Pseudo-Calliotbenes, 8vo, 25* ... CaiTift. Wareh. ...1889 

II. Life of, Emperor of all the Russias, post 8vo, IO5 ed IV. H. Allen 1883 

{Prince) of Battenberg, Reminiscences of, &c. by A. Koch, 8vo, IO5 6d Whittaker 1887 

l^xanderC-^) Healthful Exercises for Girls, illus. post 8vo. '25 6<2 Philip 1885 

Modem Gymnastic Exercises, by Rushfortb, post 8vo, 25 ed Philip 1887 

.- Musical Drill for Infants, with 100 ill. by Gisbome, p. 8vo, 2sed Philip 1886 

^ Some Problems of Philosophy, 12mo, 55 New York 1887 

{A, JT.) Grant as a Soldier, 12mo, 7«6d St. Louis 1887 

{Bithop of Jkrry) Divinity of Our Lord, sq. 16mo,l5(Helps to Bflief) Cassell 1886 

Epistles of John, with Greek Text, &c. n .e. p. 80, 75 6rf Hodder 1889 

Great Question, and other Sermons, post 8 vo, 65 Kegan Paul 1 886 

St. Augustine's Hoi Iday, and other Poems, post 8 vo, 65 Kegan Paul 1 886 

— ^^ w ^ ^___^ -, ^^ ^^ J — — , ^ _,_y — — — 

(FVvmcesea') Christ's Folk in the Apennine : Reminiscences, sm. p. 80, 75 AUen 1888 

(O, G.) Doctor Victoria: a Picture of the Period, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3l5 6^ S. Tinsley 1881 

(X.) The Opera Glaw: a View of 100 Popular Operas. 8vo, I5 Bogue 1881 

(/*. C.) The Other Half: a Series of Stones and Sketches, cr. 8vo, 65 Stock 1884 

(Mr:) Admiral's Ward, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3l5 ed; new edit. 65 Bentley 1883-4 

At Bay: a Novel, 12mo. Is Wonie 1886 

Beaton's Bargain : a Novel, 12mo, l5 Wame 1886 

By Woman's Wit: a Novol, 2 voU. cr. 8vo, 2l5; n. e. 35 6<£& 25 F, F. W kite... ISSes 

— Crooked Path, 3 vols, post 8vo, 3l5 6d Hurst 1889 

Executor, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 8I5 ed; new edit. 65 Bentley 1883-5 

False Scent: a Novel, cr. 8vo, I5 6<;? and I5 F. F. White 1889 

, Frerea: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3l8 ed ; new edit. 65 Bentley 1882 

10 ALEXANDER ^ALL [Ekoush Catalooub 

Alexander (A/rs.) Holiday Songs, iet to Music by Lady Arthur Hill, roy. 8vo, isQd yovello 1884 

Life Interest, 3 toIs. cr. 8vo. 31« 6d, BenUet^; 12mo, 2« 6</ F, V. Jf^t^... 1888-9 

Look before you Leap, new and revised edit, post 8vo, 6« BenUey 1882 

— — — -^ Maid, Wife, or Widow: Episode of the '66 War,n. e. p. 8o, ds 6rf Chatto .....1881 

Mona's Choice : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31s 6(2; n. e. 3s 6<2& 2« F, F. White,. AW-^ 

Second Life, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s %d Bmtley 1886 

Valerie's Fate, &c. 12mo, 2s ChtUto 1886 

(Mrs, C, F.) Baron's Little Daughter, and other Tales, 6 ed. 12nio, 2s 6i Masters 1888 

Hymns for Little Children, 67 e. sq. 16o, 2s6<i; w. Photos, 6s Masters 1888 

Poems on Subjects in the Old Testament, 3rd ed. 18o, Is 6rf Masters 1888 

(P.) Carlyle Redivivus, new edit. cr. 8vo, Is MacUhose 1881 

(5L) Moral Order and Progress, 8vo, 14s Triibner 1889 

(5.^.)Sakya-Mani: StoryofBuddha,NewdigatePrizePoem,1887,8o,ls6<2 Simpkin 1887 

(5. 5.) Ten of Us: Short Stories, 16mo, 4s Boston, Mass. ...1887 

(^& Thomson (A. ^.) Elemen. Applied Mechanics, Pt. 2,p.8o, 10s 6i Macmtlian 1883 

(Fr.) Backward Displacements of the Uterus, &c. po6t 8vo, 3s 6d Churchill 1884 

Johnny Gibb, of Gushetnenk, 8th edit. ]2mo, 2s Hamilton 1884 

Sea Bathing of Scarborough, 8vo, 6s Longmans 1881 

Treatment of Epilepsy, illus. 8vo, 7s 6d Peniland 1889 

{W. J.) Introduction to the Poetry of Robert Browning, 12mo, 5s 6d.,. Boston, Mass. ...1889 
( W, L) Ancient British Church, post 8vo, 2s 6<2 (Church Hist. Series) Rel Tract iSoc....l889 

life and Work: Illustrations of his Teaching, cr. 8vo, 7s 6c£... Nishet 1886 

System of Biblical Theology, 2 v<ds. 8vo, 21s Hamilton 1888 

Zechariah, his Visions and Warnings, post 8vo, 6s Nisbet 1886 

Alexandrow {A.) New and Complete English-Russian Dictionary, post 8vo, 16s... Nutt 1884 

(F.) Method of Learning the Russian Language, 6th eidit. cr. 8vo, 6s Thimni 1888 

Alford (E.M.) Modem Don Quixote, post 8vo, 3s 8.P.C.K. 1889 

Romance of Coombehurst, 2 vols, post 8vo, 17s Blackwoods 1883 

— ^^— {H.) Coming of the Bridegroom, new edit. 48mo, 9i Hodder 1882 

Greek Testament, new edit. Vol. 1, 8vo, 28s; 4, 32s Rivingtons ...1881-3 

New Testament for English Readers, Part 1, new ed. 8vo, 12s Rivingtons 1882 

Quebec Chapel Sermons, Selected, Vol. 1, 6s; 2, cr. 8vo,6s Rivingtons ...1888-9 

Queen's English, 7th edit. 12mo, Is ed and Is (Bohn's Shilling Lib.) Bell # S. 1888 

State of the Blessed Dead, new edit. 48mo, 9d Hodd4!r 1882 

{Lady Marian) Needlework as Art, 8vo, 42s ; large paper, 84s; n.e. 21s... Low 1886-7 

Alfred (/?../.) Through the Goal of LI, post 8vo, 7s 6ci Griffith 1888 

Alfred in In<&a, new edit. 12mo, Is (Chambers' Juvenile Library) Chambers 1882 

Jewsbury, cr. 8vo, Is Griffith 1883 

May, by R R 32mo, 9(i Woolmer 1882 

Alfree {G.F.) Progressive Examples in Arithmetic, Part 1, 4th edit 18mo, Is ... Hamilton 1882 

Algebra, First Stage, 4<f; Second & Third Stage, 12mo,4<<(Collins'8 School Series) Collins 1883 

InstructioninPublicElementarySchools, without Answers, 12mo, ls6(2.. Blackie 1889 

Algebraical Questions and Exercises, post 8vo, 2s Simvkin 1881 

Alger {H.) Backwoods Boy; or. How a Railsplitter became President, il . 1 2mo, 6s . . . Philadelphia ... 1 883 

Ben's Nugget ; or, a Boy's Seuch for Fortune, illns. 16mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1883 

: Bob Burton; or, the Young Ranchman of the Missouri, illus. 16mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1889 

Do and Dare; or, a Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune, illus. 16mo, 6s 6^... Philadelphia ...1884 

From Canal Boy to President ; or, Boyhd. & Manhd. of Garfield, 1 6mo,6s6<2 Kew York 1881 

Farm Boy to Senator: Boyhood Life of D. Webster, ill. 1 2o, 6s 6<f .. . New York 1 882 

— Hector's Inheritance; or, the Boys of Smith's Institute, illus. 16mo, 6s ... Philadelphia ...1885 

— Helping Himself ; or, Grant Thornton's Ambition, illus. l6mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1886 

— Luke Walton; or, the Chicago Newsboy, illus. 16mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1889 

Store Boy; or, the Fortunes of Ben Barclay, illus. 16mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1887 

Young Circus Rider ; or, the Jiifysteiy of Robert Rndd, iUus. 1 6mo, 6s. . . Philadelphia ... 1 883 

- {J.G.) Englishmen in the French Revolution, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Low 1889 

- New Paris Sketch Book : Manners, Men,&c. 6s; 2nd edit cr. 8o, 2s6<2 W.H. Allen 1887-9 

(W.R.) School Life: the Universe, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Ali {Sved AmeerVljiiw of the Mahommedans according to all Schools, 8vo, 16s... JV, H. Allen ...1881 

Alice (JVincess) Biographical Sketches and Letters, 8vo, 12s Murray 1884 

— ^Birthday Book, from Letters of Princess Alice, 32mo, 2s 6c?; with Photos, 3s 6<2 Haichards 1884 

Grand Duchess of Hesse: Letters to the Queen, new edit. cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Murray 1885 

Alice Learmont,by the Author of 'John Halifax, Gentleman,' illus. n. e. 8vo» 4s 6i MacmUlan 1884 

Thome; or,aSister'sWork,n.ed. 12mo, 2s 6{? (Sunday Lib. for Young People) Hodder 1885 

and her Croiss, and other Stories, selected^ edit by J. Erskine Clarke, p. 8o, IsZd W. W, Gardner 1881 

Alice's Wonderland Birthday Book, 7s 6<i Griffith 1884 

Alif Laila, Tarjuma I Alif Laila Ba-Znb4n-I-Urdu, Romanised, post 8vo,10s ed W. H. ^//sn......l882 

Alirabi ; or, the Banks and Bankers of the Nile.byaHadjiof HydeI^k,p.8vo,7s6(f Blackwoods 1883 

Alison (Sir A.) Some Account of My Life and Writings, by Lady Alison, 2 v. 8o, 36s Blackwoods 1 882 

Alison, by the Author of 'Miss Molly,' 3 vols, post 8vo, 25s ed Blackwoods 1883 

Alive unto God : Sermons for Lent and Eastertide, ed. by T. B. Dover, 8vo, 4s ed,„ Sonnenschein ... 1888 

Aiken (H.) Beauties and Defecta in the Figure of the Horse, roy. 8vo, 10s 6Ki & 7eed Toovey 1881 

All About It Books, 2« ed each Wardf L 1886 

Artistic Furnishing Bible Student's Handbook 

1881-1889] ALL ALLEN 11 

AH About It Books, 2a 6<ieach Ward # X. 1885 

Health and Diet Modern Housewife 

Household Adviser Our Domestics 

How to Make Home Happy Plain and Fancy Needlework 

Ladies* Dress Book Profitable Poultry-Keeping 

Letter-Writer's Handbook Secret of Success 

Manners of the Aristocracy 

our Railways. 12mo, U (All About Series, No. 1) • Tit-Bita* Office 1887 

the Cocoanut Palm, Planting and Cultivation, with Estimates, p. 8vo, 6* Trubner 1885 

All England Series, per vol. U Btll # S 1880 

Dunn, Fencing Vassal], Football Winn, Boxing 

Linskill, Golf Wilberforce, Lawn Tennis 

Hands on Deck : a Book for Seafarers, illus. post 8vo, 1 8 (Large Type Series) . . . Bel. Tract Soc. ... 1 88S 

is not Gold that Glitters, and Happy Joan Oliver, post 8vo, Is Rel. TVact Soc.,.A9S9 

— Sorts of Adventures, 4to, Is Cassell 1887 

the Year Bound, new series, Vols. 26-43; 3rd series, Vol. l,roy. 8vo,5s6(2ea. Office 1881-9 

— Things Bright and Beautiful : Picture and Song, arranged by R. E. Mack, fol. 1 ds Nister 1 888 

Allan (C. E.) Law Relating to Goodwill, 8vo, Is ^ , Stevens^ S. 1889 

• (J.) Healthy Houses and Sanitary Reform, new edit. 8vo, \s Simpkin 1884 

& Patterson, School Songs for 3 eoual voices, Staff Notn. No. 1, 12o, 2d Simpkin 1885 

(t/: MeGHgor) Lady's Four Perils: a" Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31» 6d F. T. White 1888 

Wild Curate: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s U F, V. White 1887 

Woman Suffrage Wrongin Principle & Practice, 8vo, 10«6<i Reminoton 1889 

- (J, W.) Outlines of Infectious Diseases, for Clinical Students, 12mo, 3« ... Churchill 1886 

- {W.) After-Toil Songs, post 8vo, 6« Simpkin 1882 

Lays of Leisure: Poems and Songs, post 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1883 

Northern Lights; or, Poems and Songs, post 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1889 

Weather Wisdom from January to December, 12mo, 6d Field 4' T. 1889 

Allardyce (P.) Stops; or. How to Punctuate, Is; new edit.sq. 16mo, Is Unwin 1884-7 

Allbut {S,) London & Country Rambles with Dickens, revised ed. illus. 1 2mo, 2« 6d Sheppard 1 888 

Tourist's Handbook to Great Britain and Ireland, 12mo, 5s Shtfpard 1887 

2nd edit. cr. 8vo, 5« VhUip 1888 

Switzerland, 12mo, Zs ed Nelsons 1884 

new edit. 12mo, 3« 6rf Sheppard 1887 

.- (71 C.) Clinical Lectui-es on Scrofulous Neck, & Teale's Surgery, &c, 8o, 2s Churchill 1885 

Visceral Neuroses : being the Gulstonian Lect. on Neuralgia, 8o, 4<6i Churchill 1 884 

AUdridge (Liexie) Flor. Nightingale, F. R. Havergal, Cath. Marsh, &c. p. 8vo, Is Cassell 1885 

Tower Gardens : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 870, 31s 6rf F, V. White 1882 

(Miss) The Queen's House, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31* ed Bentley 1886 

Allen (A, F.) Ambassadors of Commerce, Popular edit, post 8vo, Is Unwin 1886 

{a, H.) Commercial Organic Analysis, 2nd ed. V. 1, 14«; 2, I5s; 3, pt. 1, 14s ChurchUl ...1882-9 

Vol.2,n.e.FixcdOils,8o,17fi6rf Churchill 1886 

(A. P.) Ambassadors of Commerce, cr. 8vo, Zsed; new edit. Is Unwin 1885 

{a. V. G.) Continuity of Christian Thought, cr. 8vo, 5s Ward ^ L 1885 

Life of Jonathan Edwards, 16mo, 6« Boston, Mass. „.\%^9 

(C. B.) Cottage Building, 10th edit, revised and enlarged, 12mo, 2sed^2s Lockwood. .1886 

Man Wonderful in the House Beautiful : an Allegory, ill. 12o, 7s ed New York 1884 

(E. C,A.) Westons of Riverdale; or, Triumphs of Temperance, new ed. 8o, 5s Hodder ..1882 

{E. Heron) Cheiroscopy : Sciences of Cheirognomy & Cheiromancy, p. 8vo, 5« Ward j- L 1885 

Kisses of Fate: a Novel, 12mo, 5« and 2s ed Chicago 1888 

. > Love Letters of a Vagabond, sq. 16mo, 6s Drane , 1889 

Practical Chirosophy : a Synoptical Study, with plates, 16mo, 6s New York 1887 

— ■ Princess Daphne: a Novel, post 8vo, Is (Lovell Library) Drane 1889 

Violin Making, as it Was and Is, illustrated, 8vo, 10s ed Ward # L 1885 

Young Folks' History of Edinburgh,, illus. 16mo, 7s ed Boston, Mass, ...1882 

(F. M,) Anchor-Watch Yams, illus. by M. Fitzgerald, new ed. p. 8vo, 3s ed Ward # D 1888 

From the Green Bag, post 8vo, 2s ed Ward J D 1889 

Through Green Glasses, illus. by M. Fitzgerald, p. 8vo, 6«; new e. 2s Ward };• D. ...1887-8 

Voyage of the Ark as related by Dan I&nim, cr. 8vo, Is Ward 4' B, 1888 

(^.) Anglo-Saxon Britain, with map, 12mo, 2s ed S.P.C.K. 1881 

Babylon : a Novel, illus. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed; new edit. Zs ed ^ 2s Chatto 1885-7 

Beckoning Hand, and other Stories, post 8vo, 6s and 2s Chatto 1887-8 

Biographies of Working Men, cr. 8vo, Is S.P.CK. 1884 

Colin Clout's Calendar : Recordof a Summer, April-October, p. 8 vo, 6s Chatto .....1882 

Colours of Flowers in the British Flora, p. 8vo, 3s 6<i (Nature Series)... Macmillan 1882 

Devil's Die: a Novel, 3 8vo, 31s ed Chatto 1888 

Dr. Palliser's Patient, post 8vo, Is Mullen 1889 

Evolutionist at Large, new edit post 8vo. 6s Chatto 1881-4 

Falling in Love, w. Essays on more exact Branches of Science, p. 8o, es Smith ^ E, 1889 

Flowers and their Pedigrees, Tsed; 2nd edit post 8vo, 5s Longmans ...1883-6 

For Maimie's Sake : a Tale of Love and Dynamite, 6s ; n. e. 3s 6<2 & 2s Chatto 1886 

Force and Energy: a Theory of Dynamics, 8vo, Ised Longmans 1888 

In All Shades : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed; new edit 3s 6(? & 2s Chaito .........1886-8 

12 ALLEN ALLMAN [English Catalogui 

Allen (^.) I^i^'^o ^PP^rition. 8ro, hi 8.P.C.K. 1889 

Philistia, new edit. i2mo, Zs6dHud2g Chat/o 1886-6 

Strange Stories, 6< ; new edit. 12mo, 2i Chatto 1884-6 

Tents of Shem: a Norel, 3 vols. cr. 8ro, 31« 6i/ Ckatto 1889 

Terrible Inheritance, 8 vo, Irf (Penny Library of Fiction) S.P.C.K. 1887 

This Mortal Coil : a Norel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3U 6a ; n. ed. 3a 6(/ & 2s ... Chatto 1888-9 

Vignettes from Nature, post 8 ro, 6« Chatto 1881 

White Man's Foot, illus. by J. Finnemore. 8vo, 6s Haichards 1888 

& Cotes (A/ay)KaIee's Shrine, 12mo, 1«6<2& l5(Arruwsiniih'tf Library) Simpkin 1886 

(G,B.&i W. B.) Forms of Indorsement of Writs, Pleadings, &c. p. 8vo, r8« Stevens j- 8. ...1883 

{G. }V.) Songs of Thought and Feeling, 12mo. ds 6rf E. Bumpus 1888 

{Hannahs.) A Beloved Mother: Life of, by her Daughter, p. 8vo, 3s 6d ... Harris 1884 

(JbA»)Vicar of Frees &Archdn. ofSalop iMemoir by R. M. Grier, 8vo, \2s(id Bivingtons 1888 

<c7. A,) True& Romantic LoveStory of Col.& Mrs. Hutchinson, cr. 8vo,2« 6d Stock 1883 

\j. B,) Second Latin Exercise Book, 12mo, Zs 6d Oxford Wareh, 1886 

(J. H.) Christian History: 2nd Period, 'The Middle Age,' 16mo, 6«6rf Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Our Liberal Movement in Theology : UnitarianiHm in N.Eng.l6mo,6s Boston^ Mass, ...1882 

Outline of Christian History (a.d. 60-1880), 16mo. 4« Boston, Mass. ...1886 

Tariff and it«» Evils ; or. Protection which does not Protect, 12mo, 6« New York 1888 

(/. ^.) Early Christian Symbolism in Great Britain and Ireland, 8vo, 164! ... Whiting 1887 

(/. W.) Paul Dreifos: his Holiday Abroad, 12mo, 6« Boston, Mass. ...1882 

{Maj.J. W.) Short Treatise on Perspective, for the use of Schools, p. 8 vo. Is Simpkin 1886 

(L. F.) American Cattle: History, Breeding, and Management, 12mo. 12s 6d New York 1882-3 

{M. L.) Breakfast Dishesibr Three Months, new edit. 12mo.2^.1s6{/,and Is Virtue 1884-8 

Five o'clock Tea : Cakes. Drinks, &c. Is 6rf&l«; n.e. 12o,l«6<f& Is iCc^awPai*/... 1886-7 

Savouries and Sweets suitable for Luncheons. &c. 12mo. is^Sc Is Virtue 1886 

Savoury Dishes for Breakfast, Luncheon, and Dinner, 12mo, 2s 6rf Virtue 1886 

(iVrs. ,7.) Alice Warner, 2 vols, cr. 8vo,2U F. V. WhUe 1881 

\Phabe) Asaph Wood; or. Little by Little, post 8vo, 1« 6rf S.P.C.K 1882 

'- Black Witch of Honeycritch, with 3 woodcuts, post 8vo, 2«6<i S.P.C.K 1886 

Broken Hearts are Still, pon 8ro, 2« S.P.C.K. 1885 

Cricket Club, cr. 8vo. Is 6rf S.P.C.K 1884 

From Lif^ pofet 8vo, 2« S.P.C.K. 1889 

Minon : thn Cat that the King looked at, illus. by DHdd,p. 8vo, l«6i S.P.C.K. 1887 

Old Iniquity: a Novel, cr. 8vo, 6s Sonnenschein ...1886 

Playing at Botany, illus. by Maud Naftel, 12ino, 3s 6rf Haichards 1887 

Thanki'giving Tabernacle, post 8 vo, 2s 6d Mowbray 1888 

Wanted a Camel, 12mo, 2« 6<i Hatrhards 1«88 

(/?.) Memoir of (a Christian Philanthropist). byH. M. WighHm,p. 8vo, 3s 6<i Hodder 1886 

\T. W.) Notes on Abbreviations in Greek Manuscripts, roy. 8vo, bs Oxford Wareh. 1889 

\W.) Governor Chamberlain's Administration of South 'Carolina, 8vo, Pis 6d Putnam 1888 

Spitalftelds Genius : St/>ry re-told by J. Fayle, 8vo, 4s 6d Hodder 1884 

(W. B.) Cloud & Cliff; or. Summer Days at the White Mountains, ill 120,5* Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Kelp: a Story of the Isle of Shoals, illus. 12mo, 6s .. Boston, Mass. ...1888 

Red Mountain of Alaska, illus. by F.T. Merrill & others, 8o, 12s 6d Boston, Masm, ...1889 

(W. F.) Reader's Guide to English History, obi. 2s Bt»ston, Mass. ...1882 

{W. 0. P.) Parson's Holiday in India, Burma, & Ceylon in 1882-3, 8vo, 4s Kerly 1886 

\W. S.) Hidden Depths: a Story of Cruel Wrong. 12roo, Is Hodder 1886 

& Greenhough's Latin Grammar for Schools, &c. by G. L. Kitiredge, cr. 8o, 6« IViibner 1889 

AUerton (^. P.) Annabel, & other Poems, 16mo, 4s New York 1886 

Allfree((r. F.)&Scudamore(r. K .7.) Helps to Higher Arithmetic p. 8vo, 3s 6(/ Hamilton 1886 

Allies (Mary H.) Leaves from St. Augustine, edited by T. W. Allies, cr. 8vo. 6s ... Burns ^ 1886 

(T, W.) Church & State, as seen in the Foundation of Christendom, 8vo,12s Bums ^ 1882 

Holy See and the Wandering of the Nations, 8vo. 10s 6rf Bums ^ 1888 

Throne of the Fisherman Built by the Carpenter's Son, 8 vo, 10s 6d Bums # 1887 

Allin (T.) Memoir, by Samuel Hulme. post 8vo, 6s Ward # D 1881 

Question of Questions: IsChristinderdtheSaviourofthe World? 8o, 6s Ununn 1886 

Universalism, from Reason. Fathers, & Scripture, new edit 8vo, Is 6rf Stock 1888 

Allingham (H. W.) Diagnosis & Treatment of Dis«»ase8 of Rectum, 6 e. 8vo, 10s 6rf Churchill 1888 

Fistula, Hsemorrhoids, Painful Ulcer, &c4thed.8vo, 10s 6rf... Churchill 1882 

Treatment of the Intemnl Derangement of Knee-Joint, 8vo, 6« Churchill 1889 

(>r.)A8hby Manor: a Play in two Acts, 12mo, Is Sfott 1882 

Blackberries put in a Basket, sm. 4to, 6s Philip 1884 

Day and Night Songs, new edit. sm. 4to, 7s 6d and 6s Philip 1884 

Evil May Day. &c. 12mo, Is Stott 1883 

Fairies : a Chila'g Song, ill. by E. Gertrude Thomson, 4to, Is... Be la Rue 1883 

Flower Pieces,^ other Poems, designs by D. G. Ro^setti, 12mo, 6s Reeves j- T. 1888 

— ^ Irish Song6& Poems. with Airs,hHrmon.forVoice&Piano,c8o,6s Reeves ^ 71 1887 

—— ^^ Laurence Bloomfteld ; or. Rich & Poor in Ireland, n. ed. 12o, 3s 6d Reetes 4" 71 1888 

■ Life and Phantasy, with a Song for Voice & Pianoforte, 12mo, 6s Reeves 4" 71 1889 

Rhymesfor the Young Folk, pictures by Allingham, &c. 4to, Zsdd CosmH 1887 

Allison (t/.) The Little Housekeepers; or, Pattikin's House, 18mo, Is Bcok Soc 18S2 

Aillman {G. J.) Greek Oeometiy from Thalet to Euclid, 8vo, 10s 6i Longmans ....-ISSO 

1881-1889] ALLMOND AMERICAN 18 

AUmond (AT. B.) Estelle, and other Poems, 12mo, 4s 6<2 LouUvUle 1885 

Allnatt {K 8.) Eise and Progress of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, cr. 8vo, 6d Gr^h 1 882 

If, J, B,) Witness of St. Matthew : Sequence of Inspired Thonght, p. 8^0, 5« Kegan Paul 1 884 

{Maud R S,) Settled Doctrine of the Church; on the Articles, 12mo, 28 6d NUhet 1884 

AllotmenU Act, 1887 (50 & 51 Vict. cap. 48), with Notes, Index, &c cr. 8to, 2a Knight 1888 

AUpress {R, H.) Geography Questions for Proliminary Examination, p. 8to,3«6<{ Unwin 1882 

Alison {W,) A Gathered Sheaf of Golden Grain, illns. post 8to, Zs 6d Sonnenachein ...1881 

Allsop If, C.) Practical Bell-Fitting : Electric Bells & Apparatus, ilL p. 8o, Zs 6d Spon 1889 

Alma Materia Mirror, ed. by Thos. Spencer Baynes & Lewis Campbell, sq. 16o,5« Hamilton 1887 

Almack's: a Society Novel of the Times of G^rge IV. 3 yols. cr. 8vo, Zls^d ... Remington 1887 

Almhain's Jewels of the Prince de Janville, cr. 8vo, 3« 6i Sonnenachein ...1888 

Almond (H, H,) Sermons by a Lay Head-M!aster, post 8vo, 6a Blackwooda 1886 

Almonds and Baisins : the Vegetarian Society's Aiinual for '85, 6<i ; '86, 8vo, 6(2 Heytoood 1885-6^ 

Almost a Duchess : a Novel, 16mo, 6a Boaton, Masa. ...1884 

an Orphan, & Orinnal Temp. Readings in prose & verse, p. 8vo, \a&6d Nat. Temp, Dep. '83-4 

Almy (C) & Fuller {H, W.) Law of Married Women in Massachusetts, 12mo, 6« Boaton, Maaa. ...1885 
Alone to the Alone : Prayers for llieists, ed. by Frances P. Cobbe, 3 ed. p. 8vo, 5s WHliama ^ JV1...1881 

Alphabetical Index to Principal Public Gen. Acts, from 1 Will. IV. to 1 884, 8 vo, \a Wdierlow 1886 

Itinerary: Addenda to ' Export Merchant Shippers' Directory,' 8vo,38 Bean 1 886 

Alpine Climbing : Recent Ascents of Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Jungfran, &c.fcp. 2a Nelsona 1 88 1 

Journal, Vols. 8 ro, 14s each Longmana ...1881-9' 

Scrambles & Classic Rambles: Gipsy Tour, Search of Summer Snow, 18o,ls Niabet 1884 

Alsop (A.) Below the Surface; or, Down in the Slums, by a Delver, post 8vo, Is Heywood ...' 1886 

From Dark to Light; or. Voices from the Slums, post 8vo, Is Simpkin 1881 

Street Children Sought and Found, and other Stories, post 8vo, Is ... Heywood 1883^ 

(C. M.) Memorials, compiled by Martha Braithwaite, poet 8vo, 5a Harria 1881 

Altar Hymnal : a Book of Song for use at Celebration of Holy Eucharist, 18mo, Is Griffith 1884 

Societies' Handbook, by a Member of an Altar Society, fcp. 8yo, 3s Waahboume 1887 

Altemus (J, T,) Life of Helena Modjeska, 12mo, 5a New York 1883 

Alternalire: a Study in Psychology, post 8vo, 8s 6c2 MaemiUan 1882 

Althaos (J.) Sclerosis of the Spin^ Cord, 8ro, 10s 6d Longmana 1884 

— Tinnitus Aurium, its Treatment by Electricity, post 8vo, Is Longmana 1887 

Altieri {Princeaa Olga Cantaauhte) Irene, 12mo, Is (Lib. of Continental Authors) Wdme 1886 

Alvary {W. C.) Gilbert Freethorne's Heritage, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s Sonnenachein ...1887 

Alviella ( G. de) Contemporary Evolution of Religious Thought in Eng.&c.8o,10s6(2 WiUiama Jj^ N„, .1885 

Always : a Manual of Etiquette for Guidance of either Sex, by Mentor, 16mo, ^ Routledge 1884 

in Trouble, & other Original Temper. Readings in Prose & Verse, p. 8o,6(2 Nat, Temp, Dep, 1887 

Jolly: a Movable Toy Book, by Lothar Meggendorfer, foL 7s ^d Grevel 1889 

the Same: a Love Story, by C. E. 8. post 8vo, 4s 6<i Hodgea 1883 

Alzog {J.) Manual of Universal Church History, tr. with Additions, V. 4, 8vo, la^d Simpkin 1 882 

Amat: a Novel, 8 vols. cr. 8vo, Zla6d ...' Chapman 1881 

Amateur Angler's Days in Dove Dale, imp. 16mo, Is &d and Is; large p. 5s Low .....1884 

.- Mechanics: Hlus. Monthly Magazine, by Hasluck, Vol. 1, roy.8vo, 7s 6d Trubner 1883 

2, roy. 8vo, 7s 6<i Biffe 1886 

Tommy Atkins: Letters of Private Samuel Bagshaw, 12mo, Is Field 4' T, 1885 

Work, Vols. 1- 7, 4to, 7s 6<i each Ward 4r L. ...1882-8 

Amateur's Workshop, by the Author of * Pattern Making,' post 8vo, 2a 6d Sonnenachein ...1889 

Amber Witch, translated by Lady Duff Gordon, 18mo, ed and Zd (Nat. Library) Casaell 1888- 

Ambler (5. tf.) Eddies and Ebbs, Part 2, cr. 8vo, Is 6<i Utoek 1884 

..— -. Leaf from Marc Antony, and other Poems, cr. 8vo, 2s Stock 1888- 

Ambrose (R. G.) Growth of Grace ; or, the Saved Soul Seeking Glory, 12mo, Is 6d Niahet 1889 

Ambulance Leaflets, Nos. 1-4, in packets of 100, Is 6d each Lockwood 1889 

Pupil, by a Member of St. John's Ambulance Assoc. 6d;2e, 32mo, 6d Lockwood 1887-S 

Amelie (Afadame) Brass Repouss^ Work, oblong 8vo, 2s Amelie 1885 

Amenities of Home, by M. E. W. S. 12mo, 3s ed New York 1881 

America Heraldica : Coats-of-Arms, Mottoes, &c. of Families before 1800, 4to, 63s New York 1887 

N. W. Coast, Results of Recent Ethnological Researches, in portfolio, 50s Aaher 1883 

American Almanac and Treasury of Facts. 1881-9, sm. 8vo, 7s ed each New York 1881-9 

Annual Cydopsedia : Register of Events, new series, Vols. 8vo, 26s ea. New York 1881-9 

Catalogue, July 1, 1876, 2 vols. imp. 4to, 106s New York 1881 

June30, 1884, Subject Ali)habet,&c.4to, 52s 6<? New York 1886 

Citizen's Manual, Part 2, The Functions of Government, 8vo, 6s New York 1883 

Gassics for Schools, a Selection, Hawthorne, 1 6mo, 3s 6i Boaton, Maaa. ...1882 

Longfellow, 16mo, 3s 6<2 Boaton, Maas. ...1882 

Coin : a Novel, by the Author of • Aristocracy/ 12mo, 4s and 2a ed ... New York 1889 

Cottages, 42 large 4to plates, designs of med. & low-cost cottages, 4to, 255 New York 1 883 

Dishes & How to Cook Them, receipts of an American Lady, p. 8vo, 2s ed Unwin 1 883 

Encydopeedia of Agriculture, edited by J . Periam, illus. roy . 8 vo, 42s. . . Chicago 1882 

Etchings, with Text, Essay, &c. by J. R, W. Hitchcock, folio, 62s ed„. New York 1886 

Guide Books, New England, Marit. Prov. Mid. States, &c. 16o, 7s ed ea. Boaton, Masa. . ..1881 

Home Book, Directions and Suggestions, 12mo, 9s New York 1886 

Homceopathic Pharmacopceia, 8vo, 18s , New York 1882 

14 AMERICAN ANDERSON i s ;l ,h Catalogub 

AmericAD Jests and Anecdotes, collected from various sources, 18mo, Is ' . > ....1887 

Law Review: a ifonthly Periodioali Vol. 15, 8vo, dU 6d ;. .>{as8, ...1882 

Men of Letters, 16mo, 2«6<2each ^ 1882 

Irving (Washington) by C. D. Warner Thoreau, by F. D. San ^r-i 

Webster (Noah) by H. E. Scudder 

Notes and Queries, Vols. 1 and 2, 8vo, \0s 64 each 7 ^ '^/'.hhia ...1889 

Orations, Colonial Period to the Present Time, 3 vols. 8vo, 38» A i''' i 1888 

_^ Kepresentatlve, to illustrate Political History, 3 vols. p. 8- >. 1 .> . I .i-^in 1885 

Poeras,Longfellow,Whittier,Bryant, Holmes, Lowell,&cill.8vo,l' fi^ ' • y. 1881 

—^»— Poets' Calendar, Quotations from Longfellow, Whittier, &e. 12mo, i 6<'' \> . J"Z3S. ...1881 

Prose, from Hawthorne, Irving, Longfellow, &c. Holiday edit 8vc > , ^ iss. ...1882 

Railway : its Construction, Development, Management, &c. 8vo, 3 • ' .* 1889 

Reciter, edited by A. H. Miles, 1706-1 886, 4to, Sd (Aldine Reciter - ^ . / ' / 1 886 

Sonnets, with Introduction by W. Sharp, sq. 16o, Is (Canterbury P . ^ '* ^- < 1889 

Statesmen .. '/• Jr 1886 

Adams, by Hosmer, 6s 

Amery (C. F.) Charley's Wonderful Journeys, illustrated, 4to, 7» 6d A j 1889 

Ames (F. 8. D.) Wishes on Wings : a Roundabout Story, post 8vo, Zs 6d ' - 1887 

(cT.B^ Cases on Law of Bills & Notes & other Negotiable Paper, 2 V. 73 ' .{«. ...1882 

(L. T,) Great Thoughu for Little Thinkers, with illustrations, 12mo, 1 n 1888 

Memoirsof a Millionaire: a Novel, 16mo, 6j A ^ > ^/"«. ...1889 

Amherst ( W. J,) Hist of Catholic Emancip. in Brit Isles, 1771 to 1820, 2 v. 8o, 2is Kegan Jruu.: 1886 

Amicis (E. de) Constantinople, translated by Tilton, 8vo, 10« 6d Putnam 1886 

Holland, from the Italian by Maurice Saltire, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 2l£ ... Reminjton . . . ..1883 

_^— Morocco: its People & Places, O.Rollin-Tilton, n. e. 8vo, Is 6d CasseU 1882 

Spain and the Spaniards, trans, by W. W. Caddy, illus. 8vo, 10« 6d New York 1881 

Amiel (E. F.) Journal intime, translated by Mrs. H.Ward, 2 vols. \2s\ new edit. 6« MaomUlan ...1885-9 

Amner's Notes of Lessons, & How to Write Them, 6 ed. re v. & enlarged, p. 8o, 2« 6^ Moffatt 1881 

Amnon, Prince & Peasant : Romant. Idyll of Judea, tr. & adap. by Jane, p. 8 vo, 3^* 6d Simpkin 1 887 

Among the Chosen, ]6mo, 5a (American Novel Series) New York 1884 

— « Clods, Phases of Farm Life, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Tinsley Bros, ...1884 

Fairies: a Story for Children, fcp. 8vo, \s 6d Bumsj- 1886 

Ice, and other Stories, post 8vo, 9^ (Edinburgh, Oliphant) Hamilton 1881 

Reeds & G-rasses : River Poems, iU. in monot by B. D. Sigmund, 1 2o, 1 « HUdesheimer . . .1887 

Rocks, and other Poems, by M. A.S. 12mo, 2« 6rf WilUams ^ ^....1886 

Sassenachs, being Scratches by a Scotsman, by R. McE. roy. 8vo, \s 6d Simpkin 1882 

T^tchas of Central Asia, 12mo, la (Gem Library) Southern Pub,Co.lSSS 

Amory (M.B,) Domestic & Artistic Life of J. S. Copley, R.A. w. portrait, 8vo, 15a Boston^ Mass. ...1882 

Amos (S.) History and Principles of the Civil Law of Rome, 8vo, 16a Kegan Paul 1883 

Primer of the English Constitution & Government, 4th ed. p. 8vo, 6a Longmans 1883 

Science of Politics, post 8vo, 5a ^International Scientific Series) Kegan Paul 1883 

— and Ferard : Law of Fixtures and otner Property, 3rd edit. 8vo, 18a Stevens ^ 8, 1883 

Amusement for the Holidays, Enigmas, Charades, Acrostics, 12mo, 2a6<2 Griffith 1883 

An Appeal to Pharaoh: a Radical Solution of the Negro Problem, 16mo, 5a New York 1889 

— Endless Chain : a Story, by Pansv, 12mo, 7a 6^ Boston, Mass, .. ASS A 

Analysis in Tables of Roman Law, the Law of Contract, 4to, 2a Simpkin 1883 

Anatomy: Part 1, the Upper Extremity, 12mo, la 6(f (Catechism Series) Simpkin 1888 

Part 2, Lower Extremity, 12mo, la each Simpkin 1889 

of Tobacco, by Leolinus Siluriensis, post 8vo, 3a 6d Redway 1884 

Ancient Legend of * That Cow and the Three Wonderful Acres,' 12mo, 6rf L, Lit^ry Soc, 1886 

Nineveh : a Story for the Young, illustrated, 3rd edit, post 8vo, la 6d... Sun. Sch, Un, ...1881 

and Modem Britons: a Retrospect, 2 vols. 8vo,24a Kegan Paul 1884 

Anderdon (W. H.) Evening with the Saints, post 8vo, 5a Kegan Paul 1888 

Fasti Apostolici: a Chronological Survey, 2a 6d; n. ed. 4to, 5a iT^^anPau/... 1882-4 

Andersen (H. C.) Fairy Stories, trans, by H. W. Dulcken, sq. 16mo, 3a 6(2 & 2a 6(2 Routledge 1883 

. Tales, post 8vo, red. 4a and 3a 6(/ Bell ^ 'S. .........1886 

— ^ . firat series, for School &Home, illus. .^6(2 & 2a 6(2 Boston^ Mass, ...1886 

ill. in colours after drawings by E.V.B. n. e. 4to,5a Low 1882 

_— tr.byCarl.Siewers, ill. by Scaniiinav. Artists. 4to, 6a Low 1887 

ill.byA.W.Baye8,r.8vo,6(2(Routl.SixpennySer.) Routledge 1882 

— _— tr. by H.W. Dulcken, col. plates, n. e. p. 8vo,3a6i Routledge 1881 

. Music by A. Armstrong, sm. 4to, 2a 6d and la 6d Sonnenschein ...1884 

trans, by Mrs. H. B. Paull, ill. 8vo, 7t6d & 2a 6(2 Wame 1882-3 

5 vols. 12mo, la6(2each Wame 1883 

Little Thumb, illus. by Laura Trowbridge, fo. 5a; luxe, 21a Mansell 1883 

Shoes of Fortune, Tales, illus. by 0. SpS»kter, 12mo, 3a & 2a6(2 Hogg 1883 

Snow Queen, illustrated by T. Pym, 4to, 5a W. W, Gardner 1883 

Stories for the Household, trans. H. W. Dulcken, n. ed. p. 8o, 6a Routledge 1888 

. Story of the Mermaiden, fm. German E. Ashe, ill. 4o, 3a&2a6(2 Griffith 1888 

What the Grass Stalks Said, &c. trans, by Dulcken, 12mo, la ... Routledge 1881 

Works, new and cheaper edit. 10 vols, illustrated, 12mo, 50a ... Boston, Mass, ...1884 

. (X.) Copenhagen and its Environs: Guide for Travellers, 2 ed. fcp. 3a 6(2 W. Seott 1888 

Anderson (A,) Game of Draughts Simplified with Diagrams, 5th ed. 8vo, 2a 6d& Is Simpkin 1888 

1881-1889] ANDERSON ANDREWS 15 

Andenon (A.) Songs of the Bail, 3td edit. cr. 8yo, Zs 6d Simpkin 1881 

(u4.^.) Terra : hitherto unsuspected 2nd Axial Eotation of Earth, c.8o,6# Reeves ^ T. 1887 

25 Years in a Waggon in Africa GK)ld Kegions, 2 v. 8o, 248 ; 12« Chapman 1887-8 

— ^— {JL D.) Mexico, fr. Material Standpoint: Past & Pre8.DeTelopment, 8yo,4« New York ', 1884 

Tehuantepec Inter-Ocean Bailroad, 8to, "with coloured maps, ba New York 1881 

(C) New Readings of Old Parables, 8yo, red. 4* 6<2 Kegan Paul 1882 

{C. G,) Beekeeper's Alphabet, illustrated, 4to, Is Simpkin 1886 

(Z>.) Scenes in the Commons, poBt8vo, 5« Kegan Paul 1884 

{EL L.) Gallop, instantaneous photos, by John Annan, 4to, 25 6d Hamilton 1883 

How to Ride and School a Horse, with Gymnastics, p. 8vo, 2t6d W, H, Allen 1881 

Modem Horsemanship : Teaching Riding, &c Pictures, 8yo, 21a Hamilton 1884-9 

On Horseback, in the School and on the Koad, 12mo, 7s 6d New York 1882 

School Training for Horses, cr. 8yo, 2s 6d W. H, Allen 1882 

Vice in the Horse, and other Papers on Horses & Riding, 8to, bs Hamilton 1886 

(«/:) Scotland in Early Christian Times: Rhind Lect. 1879&'80, 125 ea. Hamilton 1881 

Pagan Times: Bronze and Stone Ages, 8 iro, 125 Hamilton 1886 

Iron Age,RhindLec. inArch8e.'8 1 ,8vo, 1 25 Hamilton 1 883 

Searching the Scriptures, 3rd edit, post 8yo, 85 6<{, 25 6<2, 25&l5 6(f Morgan 1888 

Sprigs of Heather, Rambles of a May Fly, cr. 8vo, 35 Simpkin 1884 

What is Man? His Origin, Life, History, &c. as Revealed, 80, 105 6rf Nisbet 1888 

saith the Scripture? an Exposition of the Pentateuch,p.8o,356<£ Hodder 1885 

(J. H.) Public School Chemistry: for Master and Boy, 2 ed.p. 80, 25 6i Casseii 1886 

— (Jl J,) Manual of General History : Part 1, Ancient History, 48 6i ... New York 1881 

(J. P.) Book of British Topography : Cat Works in Brit.Mus.roy. 8 vo, 265 Satchell 188 1 

((/. W.) E^ntials of Physical Diagnosis of Chest & Abdomen, 12mo, 35 Macmillan 1889 

Lectures on Medical Nursing at Glasgow, 12mo, 35 6i Hamilton 1882 

Medical Nursing, 2nd edit. 35 M; 3id edit. fcp. 8vo, 2s 6d ... Macmillan ...1883-8 

Prospector in Search of Minerals, &c. 12mo, 85 6d Lockwood 1885 

-'s Handbook, new edit. 12mo, 35 6<f Lockwood 1888-9 

— ( Mary) Story of her Life & Professional Career, by J. M. Farrar, 4to, 55 Bogus , 1 885 

\R.) Coming Prince: Last Great Monarch of Christendom, 2 ed. p. 8yo, 55 Hcdder 1882 

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■ Lightning Conductors, 3rd edit 8yo, 125 6<2 Spons 1885 

(R. B,) Discovery of America by Northmen in the 1 0th Century, 8 vo, 55 Chicago 1 883 

Viking Tales of the NorUi, from the Icelandic, new edit 1 2o, 1 OsM Chicago 1 889 

( 7*. ) Catechism of Shorthand : Exam, of the Various Styles, 1 2mo, I5. . . W, H. Mien 1883 

History of Shorthand, Condition in Europe & America, p. 80, 1 25 6(i W, H. Allen 1 882 

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(T. M.) Political Conspiracies preceding the Rebellion, 8vo, 65 New York 1882 

(T. M'Call) Diseases of the Skin, with Diagnosis and Treatment, 8yo, 255 Griffin 1887 

Syphilitic Affections of Nervous System : Diagnosis,&c. 80, 55 Macmillan 

rsion of Heat into Work : Bk. on the Engine, 65 ; 2 e. p. 80, 6s Whittaker ... 1 8 

( W,) Conyersion of Heat into Work : Bk. on the Engine, 65 ; 2 e. p. 80, 6s Whittaker ... 1 886-9 

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and De Reditu, edited by E. C. Marchant, post 8vo, 55... Rivingtons 1889 

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Dottie's Big Path ; or, the Seaside, Pictures and Words, sq. 16mo, I5.,, Wame 1882 

Ebb and Flow: a Story of Home and Abroad, 12mo, I5 Wame 1887 

Georgie's Money-Box, sq. 16mo, I5 (Oak-Leaf Library) Wame 1882 

Grandmother's Thimble, Pict & Words, sq. 16mo, I5 (Oak-Leaf Lib.) Wame 1882 

—^ Jack's Slate, Scribbles and Scratches, sq. 16mo, Is Wame 1882 

King's Bell Tower: a Romance of the Olden Time, 12mo, 25 Wame 1888 

Liliputian Opera, Red Riding Hood, depicted by R. Andr6, 4to, 45 ... 21 Bemers 8treetlSS5 

Little Blossom, 4to, 35 6d 8.P.C.K. 1884 

Outpost : a Tale of the Backwoods, 12mo, Is Wame 1886 

Pictures and Story, sq. 16mo, l5 (Oak-Leaf Library) Wame 1882 

Up Stream: a Journey from the Present to the Past ; Pictures, 4 to, 55 Low 1883 

Andres (E.) Fabrication of Volatile & Fat Varnishes, Lacquers, & 8yo, \2s6d Low 1882 

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a Lecture, 8vo, 6d W. K Allen 1882 

Indian Railways & British Empire in the East, 4 e. 8vo, IO5 6d W, H, Alien 1884 

(JT. W^;) Four Thousand Germs of Thought, new edit post 8vo, 35 6rf ... Nisbet 1886 

Aiidrewes(J?p.) Manual for the Sick,Devotions, by Canon Liddon,4the.24mo, 25 6d Rivinatons 1883 

Private Devotions, by Venables &Bp. Ely. 8vo, 65; 32mo, 25 ... Suttaby 1883 

Seventeen Sermons on the Nativity, new edit 8vo, I5 Griffith 1887 

— (ilft55 7'.)Animals& their Social Powers: Anecdotes, 2 ed. sq. \6mo,2sQd Griffith ...1881 

Andrews (C. C) Brazil: its Condition and Prospects, 12mo, 75 6<{ New York 1887 

{EMK W.) Rectal & Anal Surgery, Methods of Specialists, 2 ed.8o, 75 6(2 Chicago 1889 

16 ANDREWS ANNOTATED [English Cataioou. 

Andrews {E, B.) Institates of Qeneral History, 12mOt lOs 6d Bostcn, 3fass, ...1888 

(Fanny) Prince Hal ; or, the Romance of a lUch Toung Man, 12mo, 6# Phiiadelphia ...1882 

' (<7afi«) Ten Boys who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now, p. 8o,2#6c{ Blackie 1886 

(J. JR.) QeoTge Whitefield, new 8to, U Morgan 1883 

(itfafyJ7.)Stoiy of aLitUeCrab, sq. 16mo, Is Holnest 1885 

(^.»^)&Stoney(-^5.)CourtofJndicat!ireAct8,78to'84,4e.8TO,12#6<i Reeves ^^ T. 1886 

(S, J.) Bible Student's Life of Oiir Lord, new edit post 8to, Z$ M Isbieter 1884 

God's Revelation of Himself to Men, cr. 8vo, 12s 6d New York 1886 

(7.) Scientific Papers: with a Memoir by P. G.Tait& A. C. Brown, 8o, 18s MacmiUan 1889 

(T.iV;) Practical Geometry for Second Grade Art Pupils, &c.l2mo. Is 6i{ AUman 1881 

(IT.) Book of Oddities. l2mo, Is Simpkm 1882 

■ Curious Epitaphs from Graveyards, Gt. Brit.& Irel. cr. 8vo, Zs 6d Hamilton 1883 

Famous Frosts and Frost Fairs in Great Britain, 4to, 5s « Redvjay 1887 

. 1 Historical Romance: Strange Stories of Old England, post 8vo, 5s Simpktu 1883 

Modem Yorkshire Poets, post 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1886 

Andriessen — Eva: BookforGirl8,tr.byG.S.GTahame,p. 8o, 3s6<2(Edin.G«mmell) Simpkin 1883 

Andy and his Book, by Author of ' Adventures of Two Brothers,' 18mo, 4<2 Bel. Tract 5o<?...1884 

Aneodota Ozoniensia, VoL l,Part3, 4to, 10s Oaford Wareh.,.A^%A: 

•^._ Commentary on Book of Daniel, by Margoliouth, 4to, 21s... Oxford Wareh.,,.\^^^ 

— Li vesof Saints from Book of Lismore, by W. Stokes, 4o, Z\M, Orford Wareh. ... 1 889 

Mediaeval and Modem Series, Vol. 1, Part 2, 4to, 12s 6(2... Oxford Wareh,., A9%7 

Semitic Series, Vol. 1, Part 4, 4to, 14s Orfwd Wareh.„A%%7 

Texts, Documents, and Extracts : Vol 1, Part 1, 4to, 8s %d Oxford ^afvA....188I 

Anecdotal Illustrations of the Qoepel according to St. Mark, cr. Svo, Is Bemrose 1882 

Anecdotes Illustrative of New Testament Texts, 6s ; new edit, post 8vo, 6s Hodder 1884-6 

Old Testament Texts, post 8vo, 6s Hodder 1886 

of Aborigines ; or. Illustrations of the Coloured Races, cr. 8 vo, Is 6(2 ... Partridge 1 881 

- Luther and the Reformation, cr. 8vo, S$6d Hodder 1883 

Angel (if.) Practical Plane & Solid Geometry; Graphic Arithmetic, n. e. 12o, Is Sd Collins 1885 

(j^osa) This Side and That : Poems, 12mo, 6s Cincinnati 1889 

Angel Guide; or. Year of the First Communion, fcp. 8vo, 3s 6d Washhoume 1882 

Meadow, bv Author of ' Field Court,' with illustrations, sq. 1 6mo, 2s 6<2 Bel. Tract 8oc. . . 1 883 

Voi ces on life's Pathway, illus. with Texts for a Month, 32mo, 6d Book Society ... 1 888 

Whispers to the Little Ones : Moming, Evening, sq. 16mo, Is each M, Ward 1884 

Angel's Whispers and Angel's Kisses, by M. J. H. 18mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1883 

Angeline, an(i other Stories, cr. 8vo, 10s 6({ Chapman 1882 

Angell(t7.Jr.)& Ame8(i$.)LawofPrivateCorporationsAggregate,lled.8vo,31s6<2 Boston, Mass, ...1882 

. . l>)rfee(7'.) Law of Highways, 3 e.; later cases by Choate, 8o, 25s Boston, Mass, ...1886 

v^'r i» ". /. s(,[M. H'lonarroti, by C. H. Wilson, 2nd edit. 8vo, 15s... Mwrray 1881 

i ' L- ... . - V M.Ward 1888 

- t>i i)u*:. - .- • "ih >f Poems, illus. by B.D.SigmuDd,roy. 8 vo,2s ... Hildesheimer ...1888 

.^.., .< . ' •' c ' 1 ' " » > livers and L^es of the World, post 8vo, Is 6d H. Cox 1889 

— - r c.^'r -\' neh. Anglers' Asso. 2 e. p. 8o, 6s; 2 ser. 6s; 1. p. 15s /StmpArm 1882— S 

ai'd N/ in.. i-t's Record, 4to, 7s 6(f,6StocAr;4to, 6s(YellowSer.) iSa<(?A«iZ ....*. 1881-8 

— ^- ;5u.^^t^ ' 1 ' • 'Medley, by Cotswold Isys, 2nd edit. 4to, 3s 6(2... Low 1885 

Anglican Pulpit of To-day: 40 short Biographies and 40Sermons,post 8vo, 7 s 6d,., Hodder 1886 

Anglo-Catholicism: a Short Essay, by a Layman, 8vo, 6(i Bivingtons ......1881 

^Indian : the Indian Question Solved, ed. by L. Arnold, demy 8vo, Is 6(2 & Is Partridge 1 882 

Codes, edit, by Whitely Stokes, Vol. 1. Substantive Law, 8vo, 30s... Orfbrd Wareh, 1888 

^— . 2, Adjective Law, 8vo, 35s 0:^ford Wareh, 1888 

Saxon Dictionary: Irregular Verbs and Etymological Features, 15s New York 1888 

Angus (•/. K.) Charades for Children, 12mo, Is Hatchards 1887 

AngusOraeme, Gamekeeper, by the Author of 'A Lonely Life,' 2 vols.n. 8vo, 21s... A, Gardner 1883 

Animal World, 1881-82 vols. fol. 5s and 2s 6(2; 1883-9, 4s and 2s 6J Partridge 1881-9 

Animals from Famous Artists, 2 Parts, illustrated, 4to, Is each Dean 1884 

the Life, with coL iUus. by Heinrich Leutemann, roy. 8vo, 10s 6(2... Stafford 1 887 

& Their Ways: Tales, Anecdts.& Fables, in Prose & Verse, St 2, 12mo, 8(2 T. Laurie 1881 

Ann Whitby's Trial, by the Author of • Jack the Runaway/ 12mo, Is S.P.C.K. 1881 

Anna; or. the Little Runaway, from the German by £. J. S. 12mo, Is 6(2 Hodder 1886 

Annals of Botany, by Balfour, &c. Vol. 1 (pts. 1-4), 36s; 2 (pts. 5-8), 42s Oxford Wareh. IS8S^^ 

Part 9, lis 6(2; 10, 13s 6(2; 11, 18s 0xfordWareh,l8S8^9 

Brookdale, a New Enriand Village: a Novel, 12mo, 6s Philadelphia ... 1881 

— » Chemical Medicine, edit, by Dr. J. L. W. Thudichum, VoL 2, 8vo, 14s Longmans 1 881 

Annandale (C.) Concise English Dictionary, 8vo, 10s 6d Blackie 1885 

Anne Boleyn : Tragedy in Five Acts, by Author of ' Palace & Prison,' p. 8vo, 3s 6(2. . . Kegan Paul 1881 

Annesley(C) Standard Opera Glass: Plots of 90 Operas, 2s; n.e.fcp. 8vo, 2s 6(2... Low 1888—9 

(^osd) Voices of the Wind: Stories and Allegories, 8vo, 3s 6(2. Hirsc^eld 1889 

Annie Laurie, Ulustrated by Genevieve Hall, 4to, Is 6(2 Wame 1888 

Anniversary Book: Recordof Events, with Suggestions by 8 vo, 2s 6(2... Waterston 188G 

Gems, Words only, 32mo. 2d Nicholson 1884 

— TextBook:aManualofScript,Ver8e&SacredSong,S2mo,ls6(2&ls Griffith 1882 

Annotated Catechism, '84 : Reformed Catechism, '83,Annot. by Author, 2 ed. fcp. 1 s Williams ^ ^... . 1 889 

I«81-18e91 ANNUAL ARABIAN 17 

iaaml AmaneaoL Cate£agiu for 1886-9, Stq, I4t And 10s 6i ...»«.. ..^...^». lam »^...»...a8S6U9 

Ifoutar Jbr ia81-3» 18mo, Udd^Adi ««.« HarrtM 1881-^ 

Ko^iitttV 8vQ« I8# ...>««»•«...•»•«.....••.•..»».•»..»....>..•«•»•».•..•........«.....»»..• Sinn4i*Mt9 ...1881—9 

AMdivTicwof tiiftBntuh5ttTjmtJi0Pt«6eiitY«ttrof Grace, bjalifioLl^^^ Smpiim ».a88S 

Amttim {3mimi}hj^^W. Chmdu post 8to» S« .^«^. MaemiUam »....I88$ 

Cur Dns Homo? with. Lettezs^ Sro^ U ( Andeat & Modem Lib.) Gr^k,,^ ...1889 

Itoio^ 2« and U 6<i ..« F.Nbrgata ......188« 

(WTijdidGodb«comeMan?)2«;ii.ed.l2mo^23 EaL Tr. &<?-.. 1888-7 

Lift and TiiBM of St. Anaeim^ArehK of Cantcrbnrf, 2r. 8to,325 Ktgonl^ivl 1882 

AiMi(5r ir.£:)lAwafCoiit]sid:&A2<me7mCoetncU2ewlOj>6J;^ Oifd. ITorvA.. 1882-8 

'• ltOistaaiafdiftCoBstita£ioa,Pt. 1 : Firiiament, 8o» I0«6J Ch^fsrd ^arfA...188^ 

[W.Sl it.) TkmFaotxalL Little aaoiiics»T03r.8roy6<i Sonnmacksm ...1882 

Aat^iP.T:\ Wodd veLiY« in; flirt Leasooa in Physical Geography, n.e.l2o,2» W, H.MUm 1881 

Amgj (/:} Black Pbodle aadotho^Talesy 6« ; new edit, post 8to, 2^ ^ and 2< ... LiMfmams ...1884-8 

Bvxi^flrBQl, It otiur Pieces fivRedteis, £r.*Pinyh,*p. 80, ls6d&U Bradburtf 1888 

Fallai Idot^ Stf ; Bcv edit, poet 8vo» 2« 6<^ SMiiJkfiL ...1888-7 

Gwac'e Bobe» 8e ; 2ad edit, poet 8to» 6tf SmUk^^E, 1884 

Pkriah: aZferil, 3 ▼ 8to, 31« 6d « SmitA f K 1889 

Tinted Temia : a Fanseal Boooanee, 12bk)> U 6d and U SimpJHm 1886 

Ttem TenA; or, a LesMn to Pathos 1st to 20th edit, post 8to, 6«... SmUk ^ £ 1882 

new and reT. edit, poet 8To»2s6<i Smith ^ £ 1883 

AuUb{F. JT) Xcna^ia, and the Dieeaaes which Resemble it, 12mo» 6« Nem Yori, 1886 

Asitntber(^.)TweTaleetoIdb7aSensithrt,12mo,la Shwim 1888 

iitheaa: 35 Anthesia, Svtences, &e. fi>r the Church and the Home, imp. 8to, 8d CVraMve^ 1886 

kahomj Fmiiiax^Z 9nK 31* 6d ^ Bantlejf 1885 

iatk»7'B PboCofn^hk BoUetin, Lttematioiial Annual, VoL 2, cr. 8to^ 2$ Biffe 1889 

Jitirhziat Foraaeea, by a Sentry on Goaid, 8to, 6d Hamatom 1881 

iid-Darwia, bj tba Author of ' Ceylon, Ancz«Qt and Modem/ n. ed. ISmo, 2* 6^^ Ward # 2>. -....1888 

ixiaori (OtovM) a&ort Memoir, translated by Ijkdj Herbert, 18bks U 6d ... SimpJkim 1884 

f i^ipodean KoCaa: NineMontba' ToarRoond the World, by Wanderer, e. 80, 7«6^ Xo» 1888 

liSi^oa Mater: a flCndy of Christian Origins, post 8to, 7< &; TWcftaer 1887 

AatB^srian Magazine and Bibtiogimpher, ed. by E. Walfoxd, 12 toIs. 8to, 60* net G, W. Bedway 1882-7 

AstJqMiy, Vols. 3-19, 4to, 7$ 6rfeaeh , SiocJt 1881-9 

Ai^e^ui Modern Pout Lace: InstmetioBs with Engravings of Stitches, 12mo, 1* ^fy*^ 1888 

Aitiiety sad Genninensw of the Goepeb: Confirmatory Amments, p. 8to, 2* n.ff. Jl£m......l884 

Agm (P.) KngiaiwrsEMayiats: Addison, Bacoo,De Qnincey,Lamb, 12mo,2*6d... ^mpiim 1883 

■ new edit. 12mo, l« 6d Wanu 1884 

cr. 8TO, 1# (Ward & L.*8 ShiUing Library) Ward f L 1888 

Masters in Histoiy, new edit. 12mo, U 6d Wame 1884 

: Meditations of Marcos Anrdins, trans, by Jeremy Collier, post 8to, 1* W, Scott 1887 

IT, translated by Crossley, 8ro, 6*... MaemUlan 1882 

A|t9t(I. J7.) Baker^s Dosen, post 8to, 2j 6d SJP.C.K, 1882 

■ We Little Ones, postSro, 2* 6d and 2* S.P.C.K, 1883 

Apb(£)G«niianPmseStonesforBeg:inner8, 2ndfdit postSro, 2*6d Williams 4' X,.AB6Z 

i^fhiriM^ firom the German of Marie, Freifran Ton Ebner-Eschenbadi, 16mo,5* Pkiladehkia ...1882 
iiK^(L)JolinBrigfatandPartyofPeace,Betrenchment,&Reform,p.8TO,2*6<< Tvne Pub, O. ...1881 

ApUa (0. r.) The i^rds of Oxfordshire, with a map, 8to, 10* 6d Oxford Warek, 1889 

ApEOaas Rbodins* ArgQiiantiea,£nglishpro8ebyE.P.Coleridge,12o,5* Belidt S, 1889 

i^cieta ad fiebraeos: Epistle (and Gospel) to the Hebrews, by Zenas, p. 80, 10s 6<2 Hamiiton 1887 

iH««7of Al Kindy: Defence of Christianity, read by Sir W.Muir, 2 e. 12o, 2t6d 8.P,C,K. 1887 

i^faxition. The, by the Anthor of < Post Mortem,' post 8to, 5* Blackwooda 1883 

A^Wttancea of the Risen Lord: Practical Readings bv S. F. L. S. 12mo, 1* ed.,. W. W. Gardner 1889 
iifd (r.) Beconections of College Life at Marshall College, 1839-45, 16mo, 6* 6d Lancaster, Pa.. ..1886 

i|ftft<m (C £) His Life and Literary Relics, by Appleton&SAyce, 8to, 10;$ 6<^... Drubner 1881 

(<r. IT.) Catching a Tartar: a Novel, new edit post 8vo, 3* 6d Ward^D 1888 

Frocen Hearts : a Romance, new edit, post 8vo, 3* 6</ Ward^ D. 1888 

JadtAllyn'sFriends:aNoTel, postSTo, 3*6d Ward ^ D 1887 

Terrible Legacy : a Tale of the South Downs, p. 8to, 6*; n. e. 2* Ward 4- D. ... 1887-8 

- (i?.) God in Nature, poit 8to, 2* 6i Sun, Sch. ifM<....1886 

I a American Geogra|^ies: Physical, by Qoackenbos and others, 4 to, 8*... Philip 1888 

Annnnl C^dopeedia and Register, 1880-8, illus. 8to, 25* each New York ...1881-9 

Cyclopedia of American Biography, Vols. 1-6, 8vo, 25* each New York ...1887-9 

IHetionary of New York, 1881-8, 2* e. ; centennial illus. edit. 12o, l*6d AppleUm 1881-9 

£aropeiin Guide Book, 1881-9, 2 toIs. 12mo, 20* each Apj)leton 1881-9 

Onide to the United States and Canada, 12mo, 10s Jjongmans 1881 

— - — Haodbookof American WinterResort8forTouri8t8&InTalid8,12o,2*6^ New York ...1881-9 

— ^— Statistical Atlas of the United States, 8to, 7a 6<f New York 1887 

^f^ssmaXM Tibbies of Freeboard, as issued by Board of Trade for Staff, 8to, 6i Pewtress 1888 

ipc^ (ff.) XHendonn^: a Study, 1 toI. 10* 6d Bemington 1884 

'^r^issf. Marriage of Cupid and Psyche, by Adlington and Andrew Lang, 3* 6d Nutt .1887 

%iaaB {8t. TAtmas) Life, 8to, 4* Washboume 1882 

iaiban Ni^ita, Selections, re-written from Scott's Version, 12mo, Is Bell Jt 8. 1886 

niuu^ted by James Mason, new edit. roy. 8?0| 10* 6d & 9* ... CassJl 1883-7 

VOL. nr. 

18 ARABIAN ARISTOTLE [Exolish Catalooi: 

Arabian Nights, with Introduction by Jonathan Scott, 4 vols, post 8vo, 3(M Nimmo I8S 

illnstrated by Dalziel, new edit 8vo, 7« 6d; 4to, 6d RouUedge 1882- 

— 8vo, Zs 6d (Popular Library of Standard Authors) Roitiiedge., 188 

ill. by Millais, Tenniel, Wataon, &c., People's edit. roy. 8vo, 6d Ward 4* L. 188 

-^ new edit, illustrated, and plates in colours, 8vo, 7« 6a. Wame 181 

Lady Burton's Household Edition, by J. H. McCarthy, 6 toIs. 63* WaUrlnw 188 

Arabic Bible Cbrestomathy, with a Glossary, ed. by G-. Jacob, cr. 8to, Zs WiUiawt ^ jy....l8S 

Manual : Grammar of Ancient and Modem Arabic, &c. fcp. 7« 6<2 W, H, Allen \U 

Arbuthnot( 6^.) Disestablishment : Sermons preached at Stratford-on^Avon, 8vo, 1« RinnaUms 
(J,) History of John Bull, 18o, 4d and Sd (Oasseirs National Library) CassJl 


(Mrs.) Henwife: Elxperience in her own Poultry Yard, 12 e. p. 8vo, 1$ ^d Jack 18j 

Archbold(<T. F,) County Court Practice, 9th ed. by J. V. VeseyFitzgerald, 8vo, 26« 8Aaw 4' S. 18^ 

10th edit by C. A. White, 8ro, 25* ... Shawj-S. 18^ 

. Plead. & Evidence in Grim. Cases, &c. 19 e. 24s ; 20 e. 8o, 31* 6d Sweet 1884- 

Queen's Bench Practice, by Chitty, 14th edit 2 vols. 8vo, 738 64 Sweet 1( 

Archer (J. H, Z.) British Army: its Regimental Records, Badges, &c. 8vo,31s ^d Bell ^ S, li 

■ (T.) By Fire and Sword : a Story of the Huguenots, post 8vo, 2s 6d Caesell l^ 

Decisive Events in History, illustrated, new edit post 8vo, 2s 6<{ ... Cassdl IM 

Little Tottie, and other Stories, with illus. by J. J. Proctor, post 8 vo, 2* Blackie 

Miss Grantley's Girls, and the Stories she Told Them, ill. p. 8vo, 1 s 64 Blackie 

Our Sunday Book of Reading & Pictures, ed. by T. Archer, 4to, 4« 64 Griffith 


(W,) About the Theatre : Essays and Studies, post 8vo, 78 6d Unwin 

English Dramatists of To-day, post 8vo, 8« 64 Low 

Henry Irving, Actor and Manager : a Critical Study, sq. 16mo, Is... Field ^ 7. 

Masks or Faces : a Study in the Psychology of Acting, p. 8vo, 6s 64 Longmam -l^ 

Archer's Register for 1888-9, edited by Fred T. Follett cr. 8vo, 2# 64 H, Cox 

Archibald (F. .^.) Methodism and Literature, 12mo, 8s 64 Cincinnati .....1 

(IT. F, A.) Country Solidtor's Practice, 8vo, 25« Stevens ^ S, 1 

Archie Digby; or, an Eton Bov's Holidays, by G. E. W. post 8vo, 2s 64 Nelsons If 

Dunn's Stories, as Told by Himself, post 8vo, ]« 64 Sim. Seh, Umtm iSa 

Mason: an Irish Storv, and other T^es, new edit 12mo, U 64 W. SeoU \^ 

Archie's Chances, & the Child's Victory, by An. of * Spanish Brothers,' p. 8o, Is 64 Nelsons 1^ 

Troubles, 4to, Is (Routledge^s Toy Books) Routledffe 185 

Archives of Maryland, to 1676, Vol. 2,8vo, 18s Baltimore 1^ 

Arctic Stories, with illustrations, 12mo, 94 Gall ^ /. 1^ 

World ; its Plants, Animals, &c. ; Arctic Discovery, 1875-6, n. e. fol. 8s 64 Nelsons ^^ 

/Uden (H, I.) Aunt Bell, with the Story of her Four-footed Black Guards, p.8o.ls64 Nelsons l&J 

— , ( V.) Undercurrent and After-Glow : an Elegy of England, cr. 8vo, 4s 64 Bell f S. 18^ 

^^igsions doing any Good? post 8vo, Is Kegan Panl 1^ 

* i ' :, .) : '^ and School Training, 12mo, 4s pKHaddpkia ...1^ 

. . •' '^ .y : a Sketch from Life, post 8vo, 3s 64 Unwin,.,, 

i> I .nstmction for Confirmation & 1st Communion, 12o,24 Simpkin . 

/ S. dseach BetUlev.... 

A -^Ni ' , t - .ty & Catastrophes in Geology: an Address, 1883, 8o, Is Hamutom. 

- i: Farms in Hebrides: Island Estate for 130 yrs.2e,8o,ls i?amiJ^oo. 

• J and the Deluge, 8vo, 2s 64 Simpkin J^ 

. Ic: new edit 12mo, Is Hamilton 

New British Constitution'and its Master Builders, p. 8vo, 3s 64 HatniUon 

Prophet of San Francisco, from • Nineteenth Century,' Apr.'84, 34 Kegan Pai4....-JJ 

Reignof Law, 18th edit post 8vo, 3« 64 Strethan 

Scotland as it Was, and as it Is, 2 vols, 28s ; 2nd edit 8vo, 7s 64 Hamilton J**' 

. Unity of Nature, 16s; 2nd edit 8vo, 16s, Strahan; newed. 12s Murray 18w 

What is Truth? 12rao, Is HamUton ^^ 

Aristocracy: a Novel, 6s and 2s 64, New York; cr. 8vo, 3s Appleton 18^ 

Aristophanes : Achamians, with Notes and Glossary by W. W. Merry, 12mo, 3s Oxford Warek 1^ 

Eng.Ver,byR.y.Tyrrell,p.8o,2s64(Dub,Univ.Pr.Ser.^ Longmans ^^ 

literal trans, p. 8vo, Is (Oxford Trans, of the Classics) Simpkin J^ 

MetricalVersion, the Knights and the Birds, p. 8vo, Is Routledgs, i^ 

trans, into English Verse by C. J. BiUson, p. 8vo, 3s 64 Kegan Paul 1^ 

~ Bird8,literallytran8.withNote8,byW. C.Green,2nd edit 12mo,2s... Simpkin ^^ 

— Clouds, edited by W. C. Green, new edit cr. 8vo, 3s 64 Rivingtons ^?^ 

literal trans. po8t8vo. Is (Oxford Trans, of the Classics) ... Stmpiin ^^ 

Nubes,literally translated by T.J. Arnold, 12mo, 2s Cormsk J*|, 

literal trans, with Notes by W. C. Green, post 8vo, red. 2s ... Simpkin ^^ 

Frogs, with Introduction, &c by W. W. Merry, 12mo, 2s; 2 vols. 3< Oxjrd, Wank 188^^ 

literal trans, p. 8vo, Is (Oxford Trans, of the Classics) S^kin 'H 

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— Plutus, translated from H. A. Holden, Notes by Green, post 8vo, 2s Sin^kim •••• "df^ 

— Scenes: Clonds^Frogs, Knights, &c by Sidgwick, n.e.fbp.8o,ls64ea. Rivingtons »•' j^gg 

Three Plays; Pblitics of Aristotle; Virgfl'8.fineid, cr. 8vo, 3s 64... Romilidgt.*^"*''!'^^^ 

AristoUe, Analecta Orient in Poeticam, ed. by D.S. Maigoliouth, 12mo, 10s 64 Nntt •*^"'"i&si 

by G. Grote, ed. by A. Bain & G.Crowe Robertson, 8rd edit 8vo,12s ... Mumg ♦r****%ge8 

acd the Christian Church : an Essay by Brother Asuiiis, p. 8vo, Z» 64 Kegam P*w 


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. Suinmai7& Analysis, Books 1-4, c 6-10, w. Quest p. 8o, 2f 6<i Simpkin 1887 

and Logical Treatises, by J. G. Smith, 12mo, 2s 6d 8.P.C.K. 1889 

M^aphysics I, in English Prose, by a Cambridge Graduate, 8to,5« ... Macmillan 1881 

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trans, by F. H. Peters. po8t8To, 6s Kepan Paul 1881 

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Aiithmetieal Aids toBesponsions: BuleswithEzamples, post 8yo. 2«; red. 1« ... Simpkin 1883 

Qnastions and Exercises, post 8to, Is od Simpkin 1881 

' Bnles for the use ofMarllK>rough College, 4th edit post 8to, Is 6d... Cassell 1884 

Tips for Besponsions at Oxford, post 8vo, l« Simpkin 1883 

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— Stories by Popular American Authors, imp. 8to, 2s 6d Cassell 1887 

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Asoiesofthe Native States of India, reprintcxl from the 'Times,' post 8 vo, 4s Chapman 1884 

Annindl: a SocialBomance, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 81«6i Stock 1889 

Anzdtage (2>.) How to Succeed in the World : a Manual for Young Men, 32mo, 6d Simpkin 1883 

(£.) Lectures on Painting, iUus. cr. 8vo, Ts6d TriiJmer 1883 

{BLM.) Beneath the Shadow, 2nd edit post 8vo, Is A. SpoUistDoode 1886 

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(A.C.') Primer of United States History, with maps, sq. \6mo,2s6d ... New York 1881 

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(Jessie ) Birds and their Ways, told to one another, post 8vo, Is 6d... Sonnensehem ...1883 

Climbing Higher, ilLby F.Hutchinson, cr. 8vo,'3« 6<i ;roy.8o, ed J. F. Shaw ...1886-9 

Ernest and Ida; or, Christmas at Montagu House, 12mo, Is Houlston 1868 

For the Xing and the Cross : a Story for Girls, post 8to, 2s 6(2 Woolmer 1889 

Frank Horton's Heritage, cr. 8vo, Is Sd Bel. Tract Soc. 1889 

Griggie'gHlgrimage, 12mo, Is (Volume for the Young) Bel. Tract Soc. 1887 

Lost, Stolen, or Strayed: a Story of London Life, 12mo, Is... Bel. Tract Soc. 1888 
^ladow on the Threshold ; or, a Little Leaven, post 8vo, 2s 6d Bd. Tract Soc, 1889 

Sybil and Dave ; or, the Little Comforter, post 8vo, Is 6d.,.., Houlston 1887 

There's a Friend for little Children: a Story, 12mo, 2s 6d... Hodder 1884 

- {L. EJ) Sport of Circumstances, post 8vo, 3s 6d Sonnenschein ...1887 

Jfn.) Good Form: a Book of Everyday Etiquette, 12mo, 2s F. V. While 1889 

B. AS) LatteiyDay Teachers: Six Lectures, post 8vo, 2s 6d Kegan Paul 1881 


20 ARMSTRONG ARNOLD [Enoush Catalooci 

Armstrong (R, A.) Man's Knowledge of God, 12o, U 6d, l«,&6</(Hndbk8.ofRelig.) Simpkm 1886 

— Falpit Studies from 'Robert EUmere/ with Appendix, 12o,9df Simpkin 1889 

(JT.) Celebrated Pictures Glasgow Exhibition, 8U and 42* Viriue 1888 

— Manchester Exhibition/o. 62s6d ; proofs, 1 068 Virtue 1 887 

Scottish Painters: a Critical Stud^, illus. fcp. 21s; large p. 84s Seeley 1887 

Dyer and Green's Poetical Works, by GilfiUan and Clarke, p. 8vo, 2# Cassell 1881 

Anoy Act, 1881. and certain other Statutes relating to the Army, 2nd edit. 8to, 2s Clowes 1882 

Examination Series, cr. 8to ^ Japp 1882 

Curtis, Geometrical Drawing Questions, 2s %d 

Prelim. Examination: French, 500 Sentences, &c. by Army Tutor, 18o, Is Simpkin 1889 

1882-7, Mathematical Answers, post 8to, 3s 6(£ ... MaemUlan 1888 

and Navy Calendar for Financial Year, 8vo, 2s 6d 9f . ff. Allen.., \9Sl-9 

Magazine, Vols. 8to, 7s 6d each W. H. Alien.. .\%%\-9 

Armytage (i^.) Out of Tune, 2 yols. cr. 8to, 21s Sonnmtchein ...1887 

{FeneUa; 3frs.) Hall Court, post Svo, 2s and Is 6<2 8.P.C.K. 1886 

Old Court Customs & Modern Court Rule, 8ro, 10s 6i Bentley 1883 

Wars of Victoria's Reign, post 8vo, 5s Low 1886 

Arnand (if.) One Day in a Baby's Life, translated by Susan Coolidge, 4to, 7s 6i Boston, Mast. ...1886 

AmeU (B.) Euclid, Book 1, with Notes and Exercises, 8ro, 4s Sd Bell ^ 8. 1885 

Amim {A. L.) Health Maps, 5 rols. post 8to, 25s Sonnenschein ...1887 

Arnold ((7. D.) Studies in Architecture at Home and Abroad, illus. 4to, 12s 6<£... TVoy, U.8, 1889 

XSir Edwin) Birthday Book, f^m his Works, by his Daughters, 4s ^ ... Low 1885 

Death & Afterwards, fr. 'Fortnightly,* Is 64; n. e. Is64& Is Tribner 1887-8 

In My Lady*s Praise: Poems in honour of LadYAmoId,p.8o,3s6<i TrObner 1889 

India Reyisited,with additns. from 'Daily Telegraph,'p.8o,7s6<f 'Biibner 1886 

Indian Idyll8,fr. the Sanskrit of the Mahabharata,2 e.c8o,7s6(i Triibner 1 883-9 

Poetry, new edit. 8vo, 7s 6<i Trubner 1881-6 

Light of Asia : theGreat Renunciation, n. e. 7s 64, 3s 6i, & 2s 6<{ Tnihner 1 881 -9 

illus. edit 4to, 21s Trubner 1884 

• Lotus and Jewel ; containing ' Tn an Indian Tempi e,'p.8yo.7s6<* TViibner 1887 

Pearls of the Faith : Islam's Rosary, new edit, post 8vo, 7s 64 Triibner 1882-7 

• Poems : National andNon* Oriental, with New Pieces,p. 8o,7s64 Irubner 1 888 

Poetical Works, 8 vols, post 8ro, 48s Trubner 1888 

. Secret of Death (from Sanskrit), with Poems, 3 ed.p. 8vo, 7s 64 Trubner 1885 

With Sa'di in the Garden; or, the Book of Love, post 8yo, 7s 64 Trubner 1888 

(^. /i.) Bird Life ii ^ :< :i I DOst 8vo, 6s Chatto 1887 

C ffp.- kCtiI : - »t, and Profit, 8vo, 10s 64 Whittingham 1886-8 

Od thclndiuo > 's,* - Coffee Planting in S. India, 2 T. p. 8to, 24s Low 1881 

\F.) T'ljiaaij-r >': U' in L 'm, new edit, post 8vo, 6s Bentley 1882 

[O. M ) Ri.»£r P^:- •: \;« GraTesend Historian, &c. cr. 8vo, 5s Lovi 1883 

(/. y)X.if rA'r.. ' 'Uc ' I, with Portirait, 8vo, 12s 64 Chiciu^ 1885 

— {J. / .^ i u^ ; r' vr .; t . >, *! ' what I Learnt There, post 8vo, 2s Bel. Tract iSbc....l882 

- - ' ^ i^oueuii B irnce liist, 12mo, Is (Volume for the Young) Bel. Tract /Sioc....l889 

Seven GK)lden Keys, illustrated, post 8to, Is ^4 Blackie 1889 

{J. T. B.) Palms and Temples : a 4 Months' Voyage upon the Nile, 8yo, 12s Tinsley Bros. ...1882 

(ilfo^^Asio) Birthday Book, arr. by his DaughUr, Eleanor Arnold, 4to, 10s 64 8mUh ^ E. 1888 

Culture & Anarchy : Political & Social Criticism, n. e 7s & 2s 64 8mith # E. ...1 882-9 

>^ Discourses on America, post8vo, 4s 64 MaemUlan 1885 

Dramatic and Later Poems, post 8vo, 7s 64 MacmiUan 1885 

Early Poems, Narrative Poems, and Sonnets, post 8vo, 7s 64.. Maemillan 1885 

). 7s64 ., 

• — — Essays on Criticism, 2nd series, post 8vo, 7s 64 MacmiUan 188S 

God&theBible: Sequelto<Literature&Dogma,'po8t8vo,2s64 Smith j- E. 1884 

Higher Schools and Universities in Germany, post 8 vo, 6s ,,. MacmiUan 1882 

Irish Essays and others, post 8vo, 7s 64 , Smith ^R 1882 

Isaiah of Jerusalem in Authorised Version, Notes, post 8vo, 4s 64 Maemulan 1883 

Literature and Dogma, Popular edit, post 8vo, 2s 64 Smith f E. 1883 

Lyric and Elegiac Poems, post 8vo, 7s 64 MacmiUan 1885 

Report on Elementary Schools, 1852-82, post 8vo, 7s64& 3s64 MaemUlan 1880 

St. P&ul and Protestantism, Essays, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 64 SmUh f E. 1887 

SAftss M. J.) Personal Recollections of Cardinal Wiseman, 2s Washboume 1884 
Mrs. H.) YoT Love of Gold: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s Sonnenschein ...1887 

!R.) Ammonia & Ammonium Compounds: Manufacture, &c. ill. p. 8vo, 5s Low 1889 
T.) English Poetry and Prose, post 8vo, 7s 64; red. 6s Longmans 18S2 

History of the Cross of Edinburgh, called Mercat Cross, 12mo, Is 64 Hamilton 1BS5 

Roman Commonwealth, new edit. 2 vols. 8vo, 24s Bickers 1882 

life, by Emma Jane Worboise, new edit. 12mo, 3s 64 Isbister 1885 

& Correspondence, by A. Penrhyn Stanley, n. ed. 2 vol8.p.8vo,12s Murray 188 1 ^2 

illus. p. 8vo, 2s Ward 4* L 1889 

of Rugby, \)j Rose E.Selfe, post 8vo, Is (World Workers) CasseU 1889 

— Second Punic War, from the History of Rome, post 8vo, 8s 64 MacmiUan 1886 

Teadiin^ the Deaf and Dumb Speech, Lip Readmg, &c roy. 8vo, 15s SmUh f E. 1B8 1 

{T,J.) Mnnieipal Coiporations in Engl. & Wales, by S. G. Johnson, 3 e. 25s Shaw ^8, 1883 

1881-1889] ARNOLD ARTHUR 21 

iiDold(r. JT.) First Greek Book, D.ed. edit. & rev. by F.D.Morice,12mo,3«6<2 Simnatons 1883 

Key, new edit. fcp. 1* W (Kelly's Keys) Cornuh 1889 

Hebrew Book, 7th edit. 12mo, 7< 6<f RtvingUms 1888 

Verse Book, 13th edit. 12mo. 2s Rimngtom 1886 

Greek Accidence, 10th edit. Svo, Ss 6d Rimngions 1884 

Prose Composition, Part 1, new edit. 8vo, 5« 6rf Rivtiufions ...1883-6 

ed. by Evelyn Abbott, n. e. cr. 8vo, Zs 6d Rivingtons ...1881-6 

Henry's First Latin Book, 25-27th edit. 12mn, 35 Rimngton$ ...188U7 

new edit, by G. C. Gepp, 12mo, Z» Rtttngions ...1882-6 

Latin Plt)se Composition, Part 1, 20th and 2l8t edits. 8ro, 6« 6d,. Rivingtons ...1882-4 

new edit, by G. G. Bradley, cr. 8ro, ds... Rivingtons ...1881-2 

• Part 2, 6th edit, 8ro, 8« Rivingtons 1881 

Arnold's Code Tots for Standards 4-7. Code 1889, 12mo, \d\ Key, 2d Simpkin 1889 

Lupectors' Arithmet^ Tests, St. 3, 4, 24 ea. ; Aus. 2rf; 6, \d\ Key, 2rf, 120 Simpkin 1886-6 

Official Tests: Arith. & Gram. Stand. 2 dr 6, Ide,; Answers, 12mo, Id e. Simpkin 1887 

Pupil-Teacher's Year-Book of Mfimory . Maps for each Year, 4to, 1 « 6cf ea. Simpkin 1 889 

Tests: Arithmetic and Grammar, Stand. 1, l(f Simpkin ...^..•J887 

in Arithmetic & Grammar, w. Spell. Lists, St. 4, 12o, Id] Ans. 2<£ Simpkin 1889 

irDot(ir.) Laws from Hearenfor lafeon Earth, ill. ed.p.Sro, 4s 6<2 h'dsons 1883 

< Leaser Parables of onr Lord, and Less, of Grace in Nat. p. 8to, 4« 6<£ Nelsons 1883 

Lessons from Life, 12mo, red. 2s Nelsons 1881 

Parables of onr Lord, new edit, post 8to, -Is 6d Nelsons 1883 

Anoold (James) Marine Insnranee, 6th edit, by Madachlan, 2 yols. roy. 8to, 60f . . . Stevens j- S. 1887 

Ait(E,IL) (E. H. BoUins) New England Bygones, intro. by G. Hamilton, 8 vo, 26s Philadelphia ... 1 882 

Old-time Child-life, 16mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1881 

Airian : Anabasis, War8,&c of Alexander the Great, lit. trs. Chinnock, p. 8o, 7s 6c? Hodder 1884 

Selections fr. Anrian, by ReT. J. Bond & A. S. Walpole, w.Notee, 18o, Is 6<i MacmUlan 1888 

ArrowBmith'8ChristmasAnnna],1881: ThirteenatTable,&WhatCameof it,8o,ls Griffith 1881 

Dictionary of Bristol, ed. H. J.Spear & J.W. Airowsmith, cr. 8o, 2s M Arrowsmith 1 884 

in Orammatica, Latin Gram, for use ofCandid.for Be8pons.byM. A. p. 8ro, 2s Simpkin 1883 

Art Annual : J. C. Hook, his Life and Works, by F. G. Stephens, 4to, 6s & 2s 6(2 ' Art JnlJ Off, ...1888 

Leighton, Millais, Tadema, Meissonier, 1 vol. 4to, I2sed Virtue 1887 

Sir John £. Millais, L. Alma Tadema, 4to, 10s6(f Virtne 1886 

^ Meissonier : his Life & Work, bv L. Bobinson, ill. 4to, 6s & 2s 6c/... Virtue 1887 

• Tadema: Life and Wurk, by Helen Zimmem, 4to, 6s & 2s6d Virtne 1886 

- and Meissonier, 1 vol. 4to, 6s Virtue 1887 

Meissonier. and Hook, 1 vol. 4to, 10s 6i *Art Jnl,*Off, ...1888 

— Joamal,Volfl.forl881-4,31s6rfea.; '86, '86, 21 sea.; '87,22s6rf; '88, '89, 2 Is ea. Virtue 1881-9 

— Kaedlewc^k, Complete Manual of Embroidery in Silks & Crewels, 4to, 10s 6d Ward ^ L 1883 

— of Fightingthe German Army, by an ex-Officer of French Artillery, 8vo, Is... Wyman 1887 

^ Investing, by a New York Broker, cr. 8ro, 3s E. Wilson 1888 

Preparing Soups, Stews, Hashes, and Hagouts, by Jenny Wren, p. 8to, 6(2 A. Gardner 1888 

Vegetables for the Table, fcp. Is Hamilton 1888 

Becreaticms : Guide to Decorative Art, ed. by Murion Kemble, cr. 8ro, 10s C<2 Boston^ Mass. .. .1884 

• Tea Blending;: for Tea Merchants, Brokers, Dealers, &c. p. 8o, 3s 6(2; n. e.2s New York ... 1882-9 

Tidcet Writing, with numerous illustrations, post 8vo, Is Collingridge 1888 

-^& Letters: Monthly Magazine, by J. Comyns Carr, Vol. 1, fol.21s; 2, 21s ... Reminaton ...1882-3 

LiUrature, Vol. 1, foL 8s 6<2 * Pen f Pencil \..IBS9 

' — - Science of Stair Building, by An. * Carpenters' ^Builders' Assist.' ill. 1 2o, 6s New York 1 886 

Art thou Weary? illus. by Eveline & Wm. Lance, ed. by G. C. Harte, 18mo, 6d Griffith 1888 

Azteanu Ward, his Book, new edit. fcp. 6<2 Ward ^ L 1886 

— Travels, reprinted from the original, new edit. 8vo, 6<i Routledge 1883 

- Complete Comic Writings, with Biography, portrait, n. e. 16o, 7s 6<i New York 1882 

Atthar (#*.) Coparceners : the Adventures of two Heiresseo, post 8vo, \0s 6(2 Triibner 1884 

Touch of a Vanished Hand, cr. 8ro, 6s Remington 1889 

{T, 8.) Anna Lee : the Maiden, the Wife, and the Mother, n. e. \2o,\s M Hamilton 1886 

Life's Crosses, and How to Meet them : Talis for Girls, p. 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1884 

Temperance Stories for the Youn^, new edit, post 8vo, Is Partridge 1887 

Ten Nights in a Bar-room, and What I Saw there, illus. n. ed. 6s Philadelphia ...1886 

^edited by J. W. Kirton, 12mo, 6<i Ward ^ L 1886 

Three Years in a Man-trap, post 8ro, 2s 6d Po^^rsofi 1888 

True Riches ; or,Wealth without Wings, rev. for Eng. ed. p. 8o, 2s 6(2 Partridge 1 88 1 

(W.) Difference of Physical &; Moral Law, Femley Lee. 'S3, n. e. 8o, 3s& 2s Woolmer 1884 

God without Religion, Drism and Sir James Stephen, p. 8vo, 7s 6d Bemrcse 1887 

People's Day: an Appeal to Lord Stanley, &c. 12mo, Is Bemrose 1686 

Phjrsical and Moral Law (Femley Lecture of 1883), 8ro, 3s & 2«... Woolmer 1883 

Religion without God : Pt. 1 , Positivism & Harrison, p.8vo, 7s 6dic2s Bemrose 1886-8 

~^— —— -2. Agnosticism &Mr.HJ3pencer,p.8o, 4s 6(2 Bemrose 1886 

1 vol. cr. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Bemrose 1888 

Snceeesfnl Merchant : Mr. Samuel Bud^tt, Author's edit. p. 8vo, 6s Bemrose 1886 

Toogneof Fire ; or. True Power of Christianity, Auth. e. p. 8o, 4s 6d Bemrose 1886 

-n.e.32mo. Is Wesl. C(mf,Off, 1882 

AitW EnkiDe's Story, by the Author of * The Spanish Brothers,' post 8vo, 4s... Nelsons 1884 

22 ARTICLES AT [English Cataloodi 

Artides of the Interoational Copyright Union, &c. Byo, 2s 6d and 1$ 6d .» Longmans 1888 

Aitasan's Year-Book, and Engineer and Building Trades Almanack, 1884, 8to, ^d Simpkin 1883 

Artist and Journal of Home Culture, Vol. 1, 4to, 8* 6rf W, Seeves 1881 

Biographies, by M. F. Sweetser, illustrated edit. 12mo, each vol. 79 6d ... Boston, Mass. ...1882 

Artist's Year, a poem of oach month, with accompanying illustrations, 4to, 24^... New York 1882 

Artistic Japan: Illustrations & Essays collected by S.lSing, Vols. 1 & 2, 4to, 15s ea. Low 1888-9 

Language of Flowers, imp. 16mo, 3^6^ Routledge 1888 

Artists at Home, photographed by J. P.Mayall & reprod. in facsimile, 7Ss6dSc42s Low 1884 

Arvise {KJ) Cyclopeedia of Moral & Religious Anecdote, by G. B. Cheever, 8vo, Ids New York 1881 

Arrisenet (Jlf.) Maxims & Duties of Parents, from French'by Sister Davin, 1 8o, 1 sSd Simpkin 1883 

Memoriale Vitae Sacerdotalis ; or, Solemn Warnings, 3 o. 1 2o, 35 6d Masters 1 882 

Aryan Sea-l^ths : Origin of Religions, with introduc. by Chas. Morris, cr. 8vo, Bs TViibner 1 889 

As Common Mortals : a Novel, post 8to, 3« 6(2 J. ^ R. Maxtodl \%S6 

— Thy Days so shall Thy Strength be: Daily Texts and Hymns, illus. 4to, 3s ed Nister 1888 

— Time Glides on: the Months in Picture and Poem, 4to, Is Hodder 1887 

Asbjomsen (P. C.) Round the Yule Log : Norwegian Folk & FairyTales,7s6<f ; n.e.6« Low 1 88 1 ~6 

& Andersen, Northern Faiiy Tales, by Braekstad, &c. 2e. r . 8o, 6s Low 1 882 

Asboth (J. de) Official Tour Through Bosnia and Herzegovina, roy. 8vo, 21s Sonnenschein ...1889 

Ascent of Mount Carmel by St. John of the Cross, fr.Spanish,by D.Le wis,2e.8o, I2s T. Baker 1 889 

Ascham (7?.) Scholemaster, edit from Texts of first two edits, by Mayor, 12mo, Is Bell ^ 8. 1884 

Schoolmaster, 1 8mo, 6d and Zd (Cassell's National Library) CasseU 1 888 

Ascher (/. G.) An Odd Man's Story, cr. 8vo, 6s Stock 1889 

Aschrott (P. F,) English Poor-Law System, Past and Present, trans. 8vo, 10s 6<2 Knight 1888 

Asclepiad, Vols. 12s Qd each Longmans ...1881-9 

Ashbumer(/?. IK) Shorthorn Herds of England, 1885-7, 8vo, 21s Simpkin 1888 

(If.) Shorthorn Experiences, post 8vo, lOsQd Simpkin ... 1888 

Ashby (H.) Notes on Physiology, new edit, illustrated, 12mo, 5s Longmans ...1881-4 

& Wright (^. A,) Diseases of Children, Medical and Surgical, 8vo, 6s Longmans 1889 

(Mrs. E.) Wonderful Words of Life, 18mo, Is J, F. Shaw 1882 

Ashe {£.) Story of the Mermaiden, illustrated, sm. 4to, 3s and 2s 6^ Griffith 1888 

{Major) Personal Records of the Kandahar Campaign, by Officers, 8vo, 1 2s 6d Bogue 1881 

— >^— (i?.P.) Two Kings of Uganda : Life byShores of Vict.Nyanza,ill.&maps,c.8o, 6a Low 1889 

(r.) Poems, complete edit, post 8vo, \0s ^ Bell 4- S, 1886 

Ashenhurst (71 /?.) Designs in Textile Fabrics, 10 col. pi. & 103 diagr. fcp. 4s 6d Cassell 1883 

— ^^ Practical Treatise on Weaving, &c. 3rd edit. 8vo, I2s 6d Simpkin 1885 

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«"- , 1.' •!;> c! ^'h i entury, w. facsimiles, notes, introd. p. 80, Ts^d Chatto 1882 

• ' -hik:., ]'t f rTinEngland,ill.2v.8o,30s; cr. 8o,n.e. 10s6<i Unwin 1886-6 

'. : M* , - ^ iifs, post 8vo, 12s Hurst 1887 

— i .- ii'-p • 1 1 Satire on Napoleon 1, 2v. 28s; n.e. p. 80, 7s 6i CAa//o 1884—8 

* M /■ <*. I' <^ '"arriages,,8o,21s; n.e.7s6<i Unwin 1887— S 

_ Ih- .-. \ ' , < ^ tire of the 17th Century, post 8vo, 7s 6rf Chatto 1883 

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Modern Street Uallads, with 66 illustrations, post 8vo, 7s 66? Chatto 1888 

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. Valentino: an Historical Romance of Italy, post 8vo, 6s Unmn 1886 

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— Granny's ; or, Ten Days without Father and Mother, sq. 16mo, 2s %d Masters 188d 

— Home and Abroad; or, Uncle William's Adventures, post 8vo, 2s Simpkin 183T 

— the Holy Communion: a Simple Manual for Communicants, by a Priest, I80, 7d Mowdrag 1 BB6 

— : Pastor's, by the Author of 'The Swedish Twins,' 12mo, Is 6d Nelsons 1 BHS 

Red Glove : a Novel, illustrated by C. S. Reinhart, 12mo, 7s 6d New York I88d 

1881-1889] AT AUGUSTINE 28 

At the) World's Mercy, by Author of 'House on the Marsh/ post 8?o, U 6d& Is W. Stetfens 1884 

Atalaota, Vola. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, 8« each Hatchards ...1888-9 

Atcheiley (R,J.) Trip to Boerland : Year's Travel, Sport, &c. 8vo, 1 Oa 6^ Bentley 1 88 1 

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^— __. 4th ed. 2to1s. 16* Longmans 1888 

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Garden of God, Oonversational Catechisings & Addresses, p.8o,3s6(2 Skeffington 1 888 

(Gertrude F,) Hermina, an American Woman, post 8fo, Is Boutledge 1889 

-— What Dreams May Come, 12mo, 1j Boutlewge 1889 

Athlete & Qyclist's Guide & Directory for 1889-90. ed. by A. E. Hunnable, r. 8o, Is Hunnable 1889 

Athlete's Guide, with special information, 12mo, 1« * Pastime* Off,„ASS7 

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Atkins (E.) Algebraical Exercises for Loirer Forms, 9c2; with Answers, 12a)0, \s W, CJoUins ...1881-2 

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Study of Politics, 16mo, 2s 64 Boston, Mass, ...1888 

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Fjrtg^iMMl and Wales; 57 Maps, on one scale, in alphabet, roy. 8?o, I2s6d.., Johnston 1889 

Finsbury Atlas, 4to, 4s 6d Botdton 1882 

Multnm in Parvo Atlas of the World, 2nd edit. 32mo, 28 Sd Johnston 1889 

Physical Atlas for 'Beginners, 12 Coloured Maps, 4to, l5 S.P,C.K, 1884 

Popular Atlas of the World : 36 new and authentic Maps, folio, 2s S.P.CK, 1884 

United States, 40 Coloured Maps, with Text, roy. 8ro, 6^ 6d Appleton 1888 

and £[andbook of the United States, roy. 8yo, 21s Cincinnaii 1881 

Atonement: Clerical Symposium on Scripture Doct of the Atonement, 8ro, 65... Nishet 1883 

Atteridge {HeUn) Beauty and the Beast, lUus. by Gordon Browne, post 8to, \s„, CasseU 1888 

* Foremost if I can,' illus. by Gordon Browne, post 8vo, 2s ... Cassell 1886 

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Water and Water Supplies, and Unfermented Beverages, 8to, Is ... Clowes 1884 

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. —Flight to Mexico, with 7 illustrations, post 8vo, Ts^d Kegan Paul 1882 

Six Months in Cape Colony and Natal, &c illus. post 8vo, 65 ... Kegan Paul 1886 

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done into English by Andrew Lang, 16mo, 8s 6d Nutt 1887 

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Poems of Eng.Heroism: fr.Brunanburgh toLucknow,12mo,ls6<2 Kegan Paul 1882 

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Aidrey Ferris: a Novel, cr. 8vo, 6« Ward^B 1889 

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— Polychromatic Decorat. in Building in Mediaeval Styles, 6O3 Sotheran 1882 

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Ans(C. S.) Key to German Grammar, 12mo, Is 6d (Chambers' Educat. Course) Chambers 1881 

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Two Stories, post 8vo, Zs &d. Sonnenschein ...1882 

{^8i,) by K L. Cutta, 12mo, 2s (Fathers for English Readers) S.P.CK, 1881 

24 AUGUSTINE AUSTIN [ELnxlisu Citalooci 

Augastine ( Si,) Anti-Pelagin n Heresies, trans, by Woods & JohD»tone,p.8ro,4« 6d I^^uti 1 887 

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by W. H. Hatchings, new edit. ISmo, 2« 64 2iivinaton$ ...1888-9 

a new translation, 82mo, 2«and U Suttabt/ 1888-7 

— Enchiridion on Faith. Hope, and Charity, 12mo, 2$ Rel. Tract Soe, 1887 

- Life and Times, by Rev. R. W. Bush, post. Svo, Za ed Bel. Tract Soe. 1888 

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Hester, and Why we loved her: a Story of Rosebrook, new ed. roy. Svo, 6<2 J, F. Shaw 1887 

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1882, cr. Svo, SsSd Bogue 1882 

1883, by H. K. F. Gatty, p. 8vo, Ss 6d; 1884, 8s 6d Bemrote 1883-4 

1885, post 8vo, 7» 6d Hatcharda 1886 

Louisa's Coloured Gia Books: Bible in colour, by Kronheim, 4to, ZsSd Wame 1882 

Favourite Gift Books : Home Fairies, 4to, SeBd Warns 1884 

First Gift Book for Children, illustrated, 4to, Is Wame 188» 

London Toy Books, 4to, Is each ; Wame 1888 

CountiT Holiday, Farm Yard Hunt,&c. 4to, Is Wame 1882 

Home Fairies, Six Little Maidens, 4to, Iseach Wame ...1884 

Magic Modeller: The Tower of London, 4to, Is Wame 1881 

MissRich & Little Hungry, from cold.dpsignsby W.J.Webb,4to,l« Wame 1886 

My Dog Tray, from coloured designs by H. W. Petherick, 4to, Is... Wame 1 886 

Nurseiy Rhymes: Soldier's & Sailor's Alphabet, n. e. 4to, 2s& Is e. Wame 1881 

Ships, Birds, and Wonder Tales, in colours by Kronheim, 4to, 6# Wame 1888 

Stories of Old Puss in Boots, Jack and the Bean Stalk, &c. 4to, 6s Wame 1886 

Mary's Bran Pie, by the Author of 'St. Olave's,' new edit. 12mo, Ued ... Griffith 1884 

Austen {Jane) by Mrs. Chas. Maiden, post Svo, 3s6<i (Eminent Women Series)... W, H, Allen 1889 

Novels: Steventon edit. 6 vols, post Svo, 63s Bentla/ 1882 

. Emma: a Novel; new edit, post Svo. 2s 6d and 2s Boutledge 1883 

. Letters by Lord Braboume. 2 vols. Svo, 24s Bentley 1884 

Man8fieldPark:aNovel, postSvo, 2s W.Scott 1889 

Northanger Abbey and Prrsuasion, new edit, post Svo, 2s6<i and 2« Boutledge 1883 

Pride and Prejudice, post Svo, 2* and Is (Red Library) Caseell 1886 

Svo. 6rf (Dicks' English Novels) Dicks 1887 

new edit, post Svo. 2s 6d & 2» : new ed. 6d Boutledge 1883-6 

Sense and Sensibility: a Novel, post Svo, 2s and 1* Caseell 1S87 

new ed. p. Svo, 2s6<2A2s; n. e. 6<i Boutledge 1883-4 

- Ch' ' •• r^ K-ni, • f*. ; ■■ ^ ' r Fay Adams, with portrait. 16mo, 4s... Boston^ Mass ...ISSft 

i\ii<'on \.i*^reu , V i^' - K J. ^if '\ ' 'V ;v"..' and o!h«»r Poems, poRt Svo, 6s Ma^emilUtn 1886 

- - - _-? ,s..f ^hc >. r: p. fMendar, from his Works, IPmo, Is 4rf W.Scott 1887 

•' •' 1 ♦ f ' > r r i^i I rtvised edition, post 8vo, 7s 6<i Macmillan 1889 

— - _ . ', ^ , V ,.' Mid ft I -r Poems, post Svo, 6s Macmillan 1889 

^ » . 1. ^vA -, ! as 6rf BlaektDoods 1882 

_ _ 1 r,. !,.^,M t ,,.v '^n.i ^ Svo, 6s Macmillan 1887 

Savonarola: a Tragedy, poet Svo, 7s 6(i Macmillan ...... 1S81 

Soliloquies in Song, 7s 6a ; post Svo. 6s Macmillan 1882 

(Caroline) Cousin Geoffrey and I, illus. by W. Parkinson, post Svo, 3< 6d Blackie 1889 

Dorothy's Dilemma: a Tale of the Time of Charles L p. Svo, 2s Blackie 1886 

Hugh Herbert's Inheritance, ill. by C. T. Gariand,p. Svo, 3s6<i Blackie 1888 

^ Marie's Home; or, a Glimpse of the Past, post Svo, 2s Blackie 1885 

(E. P.) Manual of Entomology. Directions for Collecting, &c. ill. 12o, 7s6^ Boston, Maes, ...1882 
(G.L.) Life and Times of Wendell Phillips, w. portrait & illus. 12mo. 7sGd Boston, Maes. ...1887 
Longfellow: Life, Works, & Friendships, 12s 6(2; n.e. 12mo, 10s 6<2 Boston, Mase. 1883-7 

(J.) Lectures on Jurisprudence, 6th edit, by R.Campbell, 2 vols. Svo, 32s Murray 1885 

(J. A.) Ambulance Sermons, cr. Svo, 5s Redway 1SS7 

(«7. B.) Duties and the Rights of Man : a Treatise on Deontology, So, Ss 6<2 Trubner 1 88 7 

{J. G.) Moonfolk: True Account of theHomeof the Fairy Tales, p.8o,4s6£2 Sonnenschein ... 1881 

Nantucket Scraps: the Experiences of an Off>Isiander, 16mo,7s6(2 Boston, Maes, ...1882 

Standish of Standish : a Novel, 16mo. 6s Boston, Mase, ...1889 

(Mrs.) * Friend Sorrow ' : an Everyday Story, cr. Svo, 6s Bums ^ 1887 

(Stella) Great Grandmother's Shoes : a Story for Children, 12mo, 3s 6d„, Masters 1S81 

Kenneth's Children: Story for Boys and Girls, post Svo, 3s 6^... Masters 1883 

— ^ Mother Bunch: a Story for Boys and Girls, post Svo, 3s 6rf Masters 1884 

■ Other People: a Story of Modem Chivalry, post Svo, 3s M Masters 1882 

^ Paul's Friend: a Story, illustrated, Svo, 6s W. Smith ...1889 

Rags and Tatters : a Story for Boys and Girls, 6th edit 12mo, 3s Masters 1882 

1881-1889] AUSTIN AYRTON 25 

listm (Stdla) Stumps: a Story for Children, 6th edit. sq. 16mo, 2« 6d Masters 1881 

. Tom the Hero, 12mo, Zs 6d Masters 1886 

Two Stories of Two :l,Grandm. Darling; 2, Faith.Friend,p.8o,8«6<l Grij/Uh 1884 

. Wings, sq. Is and 6d Masters 1882 

(FK. F.) Sandhurst Mathematical College Papers, w. Ans. 2 ed. 8to, 2s6d Stanford 1889t 

Aostralian BaUads ic Bh jmes, selected by Sladen, sq. 16mo, 1« (Caoterbnry Poets) W, Scott 1 888 

Heroes and Adventurers, post 8vo, 2« W, Scott 188^ 

Law List, 1884, 10*6<i W.Maxwell 1884 

Aiwtralians* Cricket Tour in England. 1884, 12mo, Is Office 1884 

in England : a Complete Record of the Cricket Tour of 1882, 12mo, U * BelVs Life ' Off. 1882 

Antlior*8 1/>re: Unpublished Letters of P. M^rim^'s * Inconnne,' 2 vols. p. 8o, 12s Macmillan 188& 

Aithors and Publishers: Manual for Beginners in Literature, 12mo, bs New York 1888 

Anthonhip of the <De Imitations Christ!,' by F.S. A. 8to,2«6<; Suttahy 1883 

and Publication: Concise Guide to Print. & Pub. roy. 870, 2s Sc^and Is Wyman 1881 

Autobiography of a Manchester Cotton Manu&cturer, by H. S. G. post 8to, 3s 6<2 Heytoood 1887 

an Alms Bag: Church Life, &c. in a Watering Place, p. 8o,3«6ii Hoages 1885-8 

— — ^ Independent Minister, new edit, post 8to, 4s Williams ^ J\r....l887 

-— Frank, the Happiest Little Dog that e?er Lived, 12mo, 2s Gall 1882 

French Protesunt condemned to Galleys, from Fr. n.e. p. 8to, 2s Bel. Tract /St>c...l881 

MarkRutherford,&;BiIark Rutherford's beliverance,n.e.p.8o.7s6</ Triibner 1888-9 

Thomas Allen, by Author of *Post Mortem,* 3 vols. p.8vo,2ds6(2 Blackwoods 1882 

Anton (C) Recollections of Auton House: Book for Children, illus. small 4to, 6s Bostofi, Mass, ...1881 

Aotumn Leaves : Acrostics from the Poets, 32mo, 3s; Answers, 6d Sim'pkin 1882 

Selected by KNesbit, with Pen and Ink Drawings, sq. 16mo, Is Dram 1888 

AB^^jMe,formerly Mrs. 7bi!so«)Ann]e : a Yorksh.AcLane. Revi vahst,4 e. c.8o,2s6{2 Simpkin 1 888 

ATanmrioe, OermsofThought and Meditation for Daily Use, translated, 64mo, 6d S.P.C.K. 1882 

ATding {E.) Mechanics for the University of London, post 8ro, 6s Chapiutn 1888 

and Experimental Science, cr. 8vo, 5s Chapman 1889 

Chemistry, 6s ; Key, 2s M ... Chapman 1888 

Heat and Light» post 8vo, 6s Chapman 1888 

Key to Mechanics, p. 8o, 3s6d Chapman 1888 

(E. & Eleanor M.) Working Class Movement in America^ ^2mo, Is Sonnenschein ...1887 

\E. B.) Chemiatry of Non-Metallics, 4s ^d; Is 6d (Hughes* Matric. Man.) Hughes 1886-9 

Natural Philosophy for London University Matriculation, p.8vo, 4s Stewart ^ Co.. 1881-8 

(F. W.) Elementary Treatise on Light and Heat, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 Belfe 1887 

Notabilia of Greek Syntax, 12mo, \sM Reife 1886 

{J, H.) Chitmberlens & the Midwifery Forceps: Family Memorials, 7s ^d Churchill 1882 

Inversion of the Uterus, illustrated, cr. 8vo, Is&d Churchill 1886 

(T. W.) Irish Scholar; or, Popery and Protestant Christisnity, 18mo, dd Sun. Sch. Un.... 1%S2 

Aveager : Storias fr. History of the Church in Cevennes, by H. £. Burch, 12mo, Is Bel. Tract Soc... ISS9 

Afiry(j: FK.)Histoiyof Georgia, in Three Epochs, 8vo. 25s ^ NewYork 1884 

Aiiaaua Fables, with Commentary, Excursus, and Index, by R. Ellis, 8vo, 8s dd Oxford Wareh... ISS7 

ATOodoora ; or, in Another Generation : a Story, post 8vo, 10s 6d Newman 1881 

Afrakm** Guide to Lent, new edit. 32mo, 64 J. miitaker 1888 

Year of the Affections, 12mo,red. 4s W. Smith 1881 

Av^ from Home; or.Sights and Scenes in other Lands, new & rev. ed. 12mo, UM Book Soc 1881 

on the Waters, by the Author of 'Only Me,' 18mo, 6<iand 3d Bel, Tract Soc... 1889 

Avdry [S.) Hellas: an Outline of Classical Geography, cr. 8vo, 9d Longmans 1884 

Paucnla : Latin Syntax Rules for Lower & Middle Forms, cr.8o, 1 s6<f & Is Bivingtons 1 886 

AnfUaod Ethical: Allegory of Deuteronomy Smith, Medical Student, 12mo, Zd SimpJcin 1886 

AvBfaj {EditJk) Ruth Seyton ; or, the Cross and the Crown, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1888 

Three School Friends: a Tale for Girls, fcp. Is Simpkin 1889 

Ax»(/.ir.)Siiire Horse Prize Record & Winning Produce, Pt. 1 : Stallions, 18o, Is Simpkin 1886 

AxQB (IT. E. AJ) Cheshire Gleanings, post 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1884 

. Lancashire Gleanings, post 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1883 

Stray Chapters in Literature, Folk-Lore,& Archseology, p. 8o, 3s6<i Heifwood 1 888 

Ajen {A.) Gctrmao Grammar, for Eng. Students for London University, p.8o, 2s6c{ Stewart ^ Co. ...1882 

\e r.) LawandPracticeofPettySession8,8vo. 5s Wateriow 1884 

Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1884 (47&48.C.48), with Notes, 8vo, 2s Wateriow 1885 

{N'. W.) American Newspaper Annual, 1881. illustrated, 4to, 18s Phiiade/pkia ...1882 

'84, 18s; '85, contain. Catal. 8vo, 15s Philadelphia ...I S64'6 

ijbsr(lfrs.«/.£) Distant Homes; Graham Family in N.Zealand, n.e. 12mo,ls6<2 Griffith 1881 

ijlvaid (^) Transvaal of To-day : War, Witchcraft, Sport, &c. n. ed. post 8vo, 6s Blackwoods 1881 

lj^e9(Mr».J. M.) Our Tour in Southern Indis, 8 vo. 10s 6<i F. V. White 1883 

^Jt{itiUker) A Twisted Skein: aNovel,post 8vo, 10s 6<2 Tinsley Bros. ...1881 

A]ns(^) Essentials of Elocution, 16mo, 3s 6df NewYork 1886 

— Mentor: for the Guidance of Men and Boys in Society, 18mo, 5s Ntw York 1884 

>- Ort lioeptst : Pronouncing Manual, contain, about 3,500 Words, 1 8mo, 5s New York 1 881 

— Verbalist: the Right and the Wrong Use of Words, 18mo, 5s New York 1881 

-- — {Mrs.) Mirror Painting in the Italian Style, for Amateurs, 8vo, Is * Bazaar' Office. .ISS6 

kjnaa {ML C. ) Oiild Li fa in Japan and Japanese Child Stories, new ed . roy . 8 vo, 6s Griffith 1 888 

\8. O.) A Thomas (H. Moy) True Position of Patentees, roy. 8vo, Is ... Ayrton ^ T. 1889 

(fr.£) Practical Electricity : Laboratory Course, 7s6<£;n. ed. cr. 8o,7s6<J Cassell 1887-8 

26 AYTOUN BACON [English Catalooub 

Aytoun ( W. E,) Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, &c. Poems, n. ed. 12mo, Ss 6<2 & 1« Blackvooodt 18B6 

B.A. Mathematics (London University Exam.), Questions, 1881 to 1886, p. 8o, 2s BaUlihre 1887 

Baba (Tatui) Elementary Grammar of the Japanese Language, 2nd edit, ds TMibner 1888 

Babbage (C) Calculating Engines : their History and Construction, 4to, 21s Spon 1889 

Tables of Logarithms of Numbers to 180,000, n. ed. roy. 8vo, 7« 6rf Swn 1889 

Babbington (C) Tuning and Bepairing Pianofortes -.Amateur's Guide, post8o, ^d * Bazaar* 0/^e...l881 

Babcock(fr. K) Cypress Beech, 2 vols. er. 8vo, 21s ; post Svo, 3s 6(2 Sonnenschein 1884-6 

■ Invention of the Enemy : a Biomance, 8vo, 2s 6d Philadelphia ...1889 

(E. W.) Household Hints: aBook of Home ReceipU, &c. 12mo, 8s 6d„. New York 1881 

Babel, 28 6d Author 1886 

Babelon (£7.) Manual of Oriental Antiquities, translated, illustrated, 8to, 10s 6d Grevel 1889 

Babes in the Basket; or, Daph& Her Charge, by Auth.of 'Heart& Hands,* 12mo, Is Hodder 1887-9 

new edit. 12mo, Is (Ivy Series) * SimpJcin 1883 

Wood, 4to, 64 (Nelson's ToyBooks) NeUoru 1881 

illustrated by W. J. Wiegand, 4to, Is Tuck 1886 

Babies & Ladders, by Kink; & Among the Fenians, by Artemus Ward, n. e. 12o, ^d Ward ^ L 1885 

Babington (C. C.) Manual of British Botany, 8th edit. 12mo, 10s 6rf Van Voorst 1881 

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Baby: Mother's Magazine of Health, Dress, Food, of Children, Vol. 1, roy.8vo, 6s Ran8ardPuhMn.{%%^ 

Messengers, and other Fragments for Spare Moments, 18mo, 6i Pitman 1881 

Baby's ABC, printed in colours, 4to, Is Wame 1889 

Birthday Book, sq. 16mo, 4s 6i and 3s 6^ M, Ward 1887 

Book, roy. 8vo, 6<2 ., Blackett 1887 

Baby's First Book and Baby's Museum, by Uncle Charlie, 4to, 2s 6<2 Griffith 1889 

First Book, by Uncle Charlie, 4to, Is 6d£;roy. Svo, Is OHffith 1888-9 

Journal, designed and compiled by S. Alice Bray, illus. oblong, 7s 6t^ ... New York 1886 

Museum: Mother Goose's Nursery Gems, by Uncle Charlie, 4to,2s6(£& Is^d Griffith 1889 

of Khymcs, Jingles, & Ditties, by Uncle Charlie, 4to, ls6(i & Is Griffith 1882-6 

Record, by R. L W. 12mo, Is Field # T. 1889 

Vote, 16mo, Is Wyman 1884 

Babylonian Cops; or, Behind the Scenes, by Special Com. ch. ed. p. 8vo, Is 6(2& Is E. W. Mien 1881 

Baccarat: its Origin andRules, by'Disque,' Is Smith ^ A 1888 

Bach(-4.B.)ArtofSinging, poetSvo. 3s Blackvooods 1886 

Mus. Educ. & Vocal Culture, n. e. 7s 6aJ ; w. Lect. Equal. Voice, 8vo,5s Blackwoods ... 1881-3 

Principles of Singing, with Vocal Exercises, post 8vo, 6s Blackwoods 1885 

(Zr. E.) Carols of Cradleland; Six Songs for Children. 4to, 6s Navello 1885 

— ^Sebastian), by Reginald Lane Poole, post Svo, 3s (Great Musicians) Low 1882 

Bache (/?. ilf.) The Young Wrecker of the Florida Reef : Trieds, &c 16mo, 5s Boston, Mass, ...1886 

Bachelor's WeddingTrip. by Himself, 12mo, 7s ed Philadelphia ...1888 

Backhouse (^E,) Early Church History, edited and enlarged by C. Tylor, Svo, I6s Hamilton 1884-5 

&Scott(»^.5.) Martyr Scenes of 1 6th & 17th Centuries, 4to, 7s 6d Hamilton 1888 

& Tylor (C.) Witnesses for Christ, 4th to 13th Cent. 2 v. 8vo, 21s Hamilton 1887 

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John Nichol, Part 1 : Life, 12mo. 3s 64; 2, Philosophy, 12mo, 3s 64 Blackwoods ...1888-9 

'. .: tH ' '/. 1 8mo, 64 and 34 (National Library) Cassell 1889 

- - • t ' ational Library) ....; Cassell 1889 

- : ' ^ueen Elizabeth & Julius Csesar.l So, 64& 34 H^or4^ Z 1886 

7, as he left them, by H. Morley, p. Svo, Is Routledae 1883 

— — ' v,^ Intnxluction &Notes, by F. G.Selby, 12o, 3s64 JifocmtZZan 1889 

.« _ - A. , 1 ,N\ .. s T. 0*Byme Croke, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

— Joseph Devey, post Svo, ls64and Is Bell j" S. 1887 

and Indexes by Storr and Gibson, 12mo, 3s 64... Rivingtons 1885 

and Colours of Good and Evil, with Notes, 12mo, 4s 64 MaemUlan 1882 

Jonson's Plays, &c.; Herrick's 'Hesperides,' 1 vol. cr. 8o, 3s 64 Routledge 1889 

Moral & Historical Works, Notes & Glossary, 12o, 2s & Is 64 Wame 1883 

andWiudom of the Ancients, New Library edit. 12mo, 7s 64... Boston, Mass, ...1884 

Novum Organum, with Notes, &c by T. Fowler, 2nd edit Svo, 15s... Oxford FFarsA..,. 1889 

Promus, Formularies, Elegancies (by notes circa 1 594), Abbot, 8vo, 1 6s Longmans 1 882 

Review, with Selections by Lovejoy, post Svo, 6s Unwin 1888 

Tale of Shakspere Epitaph, tr. from Ajiglo-phonetic, 1 2mo, 6s and 2s 64 Chicaao 1888 

Wisdom of the Ancients and Atlantis, ISmo, 6d and 34 (National Lib.) Cassell .....1886 

Wit and Wisdom, ISmo, 64 and 34 Rel, Tract Soc, 1888 

(Delia) Sketch, with Letters from T. Carlyle, Emerson, &c. cr. Svo, 10s 64 Low 1880 

(E.M.) Artistic and Pictorial Description of Boston, &c. new ed. 12o,2s64 Boston, Mass. ...1886 

Dictionary of Boston, n. ed. by G E. Ellis, cr. Svo, 10s 64, 7s 64 & 6s Boston, Mass, 1886-7 

(Mass.), by G. E. Ellis, ISmo, 6s and 2s 64... Cambridge, U.S. 188? 

(G. W.) Breathing & Ventilation : Our Lungs, How to Preserve Them, 1 2o,64 Bacon 188 ' 

Children: their Health, Training, and Education, 12mo, Is Bacon 188( 

Guide to Success in Poultry Keeping, post Svo, Is Bacon 188' 

How to Live Long, 12mo, 64 Bacon i88« 

Our Colds : How Caught, Prevented, &c. ; Care of the Skin, 1 2mo, 64 Bacon 1 88< 

1881-1889] BACON BAEDEKER 27 

Bacon (G^. ^.) Our Food : What, When, and How to Eat, 12mo, 6rf Bacon 1885 

Pmctical Guide to Health and Longevitj, 12mo, la Bac<m 1881 

— -(E)ParisianArt&ATtiita,depicting W.Pen & Pencil the Work8&Life,8o,15# Boston^ Mas$, ...1882 
Year, illns. by the Author, ]6mo, Is^d Bostout Mas8,,,.\^%2 

{J.S.) ImproTement of Memory Simplified, 2nd edit. 12mo, 1«6<2& Is ... IHtman 1889- 

(Zi. W.) Simplicity that is in Christ: Sermons, 12mo, 7#6<i New York 1886 

\L W. k G. B,) Sabbath Question : Observances and Sunday Laws, 1 6mo, 6s New York 1 882 

— -(T. 5.) Beginnings of Religion: an Essay, 8 vo, 155 Rivingtons 1887 

Bieoo'i Atlas of Modem Geography, 5s Bacon 1887 

BirdVEye View of the Rircr Thames: London to Oxford, fcp. Is 6rf Bacon 1889 

— — Cycling Road-Map of England, 7 Sheets, with Roads, incase. Is each Bacon 1886 

En^l.& Wales, showing,2s6(/& Is Bacon 1887 

Ireland, coloured, Is; mounted on linen, 2s 6(i^ Bacon 1889 

Excelsior Elementary Atlas, roy. 8vo, 2s and Is; 4to, M Bacon 1885 

Outline Atlas, 4to, 6<2 Bocon 1889 

Gem Map of London & Suburbs, in case, unmounted, M\ mounted. Is ... Bacon 1889 

Guide to England and Wales, Is; with Atlas, 12mo, Zs^^U^d Bacon 1886-7 

Illustrated Guide to London and Suburbs, fcp. ^d Bacon 1889 

Map of the New London Boroughs, folded to cr. 8ro, 3s; on cloth, 6s ... Bacon 1884 

New Bird VEye View of the Egyptian Sondan, Is Bacon 1884 

General Atlas of Modern Geography, Is; with Index, 7s 6<i& ls6<i Bacon 1887 

the World, folio, 7s 6^^ Bacon 1889 

Handy Atlas of Modem Geography, 24 coloured maps, roy. 8 vo, 2s 64 Bacon 1 887 

Political l£&p of the British Isles, Oldand New Representation, 2sand Is Bacon 1884 

Tourists* Guide & Handbook to England & Wales, Atlas, 12mo, 3s 64 Bacon 1885 

^*^{MaTy E,) Herbert Dalton: a Tale of Fame and Fortune, sq. 16mo, Is ... Partridge 1883 

WBoj Abroad, 12mo, 64 Routledge 1883 

— Boy'sDiary: Unabridged edit. 4 to, 64 Simpkin 1882 

by Author of * Blunders of a Bashful Man,' complete ed. 8vo, 6d Ward, Routl, . . .1884 

8to, 64, Routledge; Unabridged edit, post 8vo, 6d Wame 1883 

— Shilling, and What it Did, by Author of 'Sandy Ro8S,Mllustrated, 12mo, 94... Gall j- 1, 1888 

Badrock {J,) Vignettes from Invisible Life, post 8vo, 3s 64 Cassell 1883 

B*ddel«y(3f.j;A)AuxiliaLatina,Pt. 1: Accidence & Exercises thereon, 2 e. 12o,2s Bell ^ S. 1883 

English Lake District, -with maps, 5th edit. 12mo, 5s JDulau 1889 

Highlands of Scotland, maps & plans by Bartholomew, 1 2mo, 6s Dulau 1881 

Ireland, Part 1 : Northern Counties, Dublin, &c. 12mo, 4s Dulau 1887 

Northern Highlands and Islands, Inverness, &c. 12mo, 4s JDulau 1883 

PeakDistrict of Derbyshire & Neighbour. Counties, 12mo, 2s64 Dulau 1882-7 

Scotland (Ft. 1): Edinburgh, Glasgow, & Highlands, 12mo, 7s Dulau 1885 

3): • Lowlands,* Edinburgh & Glasgow, 12mo,4s Dulau 1886 

& Ward(a5.)NorthWale8,Pt.l,byBartholomew, 12mo,3s64 Dulau 1884 

2, Llangollen, Bala, &c. 12o, 3s Dulau 1885 

{ W. S.) Legend of the Death of An tar : also Lyrical Poems, &c. cr. 8 vo, 68 Bogue 1 88 1 

{W. St. Clair-) Dramatic and Narrative Sketches, fcp. 8vo, 6s Rooson ^ K. ... 1 884 

Lotus Leaves, folio, 8s 64 ...: Triibner 1887 

• Tchay and Chianti; Russia, Finland, and Italy, p. 8o, 5s Low 1887 

Travel Tide, »q. 8vo, 7« 64 Low 1889 

S»«i« (J.) Aristocracy in Enghind, 16mo, 6s NewYork 1886 

Conspiracy: a Cuban Romance, post 8vo, 6s Wame 1886 

Military History of General Grant, Vols. 2 & 3, 8 vo, 18s each Low 1881 

Ulysses S. Grant, 3 vols, new ed. 8vo, 30s New York 1 885 

8«diaoeh (/. G.) Art of Letter Painting made Easy, 4th edit. Is 64 Lockwood 1888 

WW (£) Measured Steps, 12mo, 4s Unwin 1884 

fi«Jgw(G. P.) EngUsh-Arabic Lexicon, 4to. 189s and 80s Kegan Paul ...1881-4 

(fT. C.) Hebrew Bible and Science, 18mo, Is Ntebet 1889 

Sniilain^XJ^.) Suggestive Lessons in Language and Reading, ill. 12mo, 8s 64 Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Wley(J5.£r.)Tul8ipurFair: Glimpses of Life in India, for Children, 4s; 2e. 4to, 4s Rel Tract 8oc.\Z%^-^ 

B»<iBiaton Ghuno Book, as recommended by Sir Ralph P. Gallwey, 4to, 21s Webster 1886 

Library {See Appendix B.) 

fAnA{F. C.) Spanish Galleon : a West Country Romance, post 8vo, 3s 64 Ward 4' D 1889 

B»ieker(jr.)Belgium and Holland: Handbook for Travellers, n. e.l2mo,6s&5s Dulau 1881-5 

Con vernation Dictionary in Four Lang.: Eng. Fr. Ger.Ital. 12o,3s Dulau 1889 

Eastern Alps: Bavarian Highlands, l^rol, &c. 6th edit. 12mo, 8s... Dulau 1888 

EgyptrHandbookforTravellers, Part 1,2nd edit. 12mo, 16s Dulau 1885 

France from Belgium & English Chan, to Loire exc Paris, 12o, 7s Dulau 1889 

— GreatBritain,England,Wale8, and Scotland, with 14 maps, &c. 10s Dulau 1887 

— Greece: Handbook for Travellers, Panorama, Maps, &c. 12mo, 10s Dulau 1889 

Italy: Northern, 7th edit 12mo, 6s; Southern, 6s Dulau 1886-6 

Central, and Rome, 7th rev. edit. 12mo. 6s Dulau 1881 

London : Excursions to Brighton, Isle of Wight, &c. 12mo, 6s Dulau 1881-9 

Northern Germany: Handbook for Travellers, n.edit 12mo, 7«&6s Dulau 1881-6 

Norway and Sweden, Handbook for Travellers, new edit. 12mo, 9s Dulan 1882-9 

Paris and its Environs, new edit. 12mo, 6s Dulau 18S1-4 

28 BAEDEEEB BAEEB [Emoubb Cataloovb 

Baedeker (JT.) Rhine, from Rotterdam to Constance, 9th reTised edit 12mo, 6«... Dulau 1884 

Southern Germany and Anatria, including HungaiTi &c. 12mo, 7s Dulau 1887 

Switzerlandandportion8ofItaljr,Saroj,&c. 13thed.l2mo, 8s&7« Dulau 1883-0 

Baemreither (J'. M,) English Associations of Working Men, Engl. edit. 8fo, 21« Sonnetuchein ...1888 

Bag of Gold: a Tnie Tale of Bologna, by I.M. L. W. 12mo, U ed Wyman 1881 

Bagatelle, roTiied by Madame N. L new edit 18mo, 2« Lockwood 1883 

Bagehot (W,) Biographical Studies, edit by Richard Holt Button, Sro, lis LcmgmmM 1881 

Essajs on Parliamentary Reform, post 8yo, bs Kegan Paul 1883 

Plan for Assimilating English and American Money, post 8yo, 28 6<2 Longmam 1889 

Postulates of English Political Economy, Students ed. p. 8?o, 2$ 6d Longmans 1885 

Bagenal (P. H.) American Irish and their Influence on Irish Politics, post Sro, 6« Kegan Paul 1882 

Tory Policy of the Marquis of Salisbury, post 8fo, 2s 6d Blackwoods 1886 

Baggage & Boots ; or,8mith*M First Peep at America : Travel & Advent 1 2mo, 3^ 6c{ Sun, Sch, Un. . . . 1 883 
Bagnall {J, E,) Handbook of Mosses, post 8to, Is fYoung Collector) Sonnensehem ... 1 888 

(John Noek) A Memoir, by his Daughter, Mary Willett, 12mo, 2s Masters 1885 

Bagneris {G,) Elements of Sy iTicnltuie, 2nd ^. by Femandes & Smythies,p. 8 vo,5< Bider 1 882 

Bagnold (E, 8. H,) Handy Book of English Spelling, 8rd edit 12mo, Is Zd Lockwood 1888 

Bagot (il) Principles of Civil Engineeringas applied to Agriculture, &c p. So,7s6d KeganPaul 1885 

^^CoUiery Ventilation, 2nd edit post 8vo. 5s Kegan Paul 1882 

{A, (r.) Shooting and Yachting in the Mediterranean, 6s; 2 ed. post 8vo, Is W, H, ^^.. .1887-8 

{A. J, B.) Men we Meet in the Shield ; or, the Bullshire Hounds, cr. 8to, 7s 6d Tinsley Bros, ... 1 88 1 

(F,) EasT Lessons in Dairying, 2nd edit 6d and 4d Simpkin 1883 

Bagshawe (J, A) Catechism and Holy Scripture, fcp. 8vo, Is 6d Waskboume 1885 

— Credentials of the Catholic Church, fcp. 8ro, Is Washboume 1889 

, Threshold of the Catholic Church, new edit fcp. 8vo,l# Waskboume 1884 

Bagwell {B.) Ireland under the Tudors, with its Earlier History, 2 toIs. 8to, Z2s, . . Longmans 1 886 

Baildon(A)TeaIndustiyinIndia,aReTiewforCapitali8tsJkA6sistants,8vo,10a6i W, H. Allen 1882 

Bailey (/.) How to Teach the Babies, post 8vo, 2s 6d Hughes 1889 

Oral Teaching in Infant Schools, oompris. Notes of Lessons, p. 8vo, 2s 6d Hughes 1 889 

(J. B,) England from a Back Window, post 8to, 5s Brooks 1881 

— ^— > Modem Methuselahs : Short Biographical Sketches, 870, lOsdd ,„ Chapman 188& 

— — (J, H.) Factors of CiTilisatioD, Real and Assumed, 8to, 10s 6d Atlanta, U,8, ...188^ 

— — {L, H,) Talks Afield : Plants and the Science of PJanta, illua 16mo, 5s... Boston, Moms. ...1885 

- (Af.) Introduction to Elocution, a Natural Style ofReading, &c. 1 2mo,3s 6i Asto York 1882 

(P. J.) Festus : a Poem, anniversary edit 8ro, 3s %d (Popular Library)... Bontledge 1889 

— I Beauties, by a Student, Selections, 2s and Is Longmans 1884 

— — Birthday Book, 12mo, 3s6<2 Lotions 1881 

(8, LA Historical Sketches of Andover, Massachusetts, illus. 8vo, 20s ... Bo^hm, Mass. ...1881 

(IK E) Against Her Will, post 8vo, Is Johnstone 188& 

BailifTs Daughter, and other Stories, 8^0, 2s 6d and 2s (Favourite Fiction Ser.) Stevens 188S 

Baillie (A. F.) Pleiraguayan Treasure, the Search and the Discovery, post 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1887 

- (E. J.) John Ruskin, Aspects of his Thought and Teaching, 8vo, Is Pearce ....1882 

(Helen) Deep Truths Simply Explained, for Women's Bible Classes, 12o, 3s CA. Ext, Asaoc...,lSB7 

(N. B, E.) Digest of Moohummndan Law, Part 2 ; 2nd edit 8vo, 16s Smith ^ E 1887 

Baillon (^.)NatuFal History of Plants, Vol. 7, 25s; 8, roy. 8vo, 25s L, Beeve 1888 

Baily («/.) Pheasants and Pheasantries, 4th edit revised, I2mo, Is (id Henningham ...1883 

Physician's Pbarmacoposia : Unofficial Preparations, 12mo, Zs 6d BaiUikre 18S5 

Bain {A.) Composition, &c. n. e. Part 2 : Emotional Qualities of Style, p. 8vo, 3s M Longmans 1 88 8 

. . . ^^ucation as a Science, new edit. p. 8vo, 6« (Intemat Scientific Series) Kegan Paul ...1882_£ 

'>" ; '"'ti'onand Rhetoric, enlargededit Part 1, post 8vo, 3s6<2 Longmans 1B87 

- — - ' •: j: ' ('riticism, with Recollections, 2s 6<i ; p. 8vo, red. Is Xof^TTiuzfis ...ISd^ — 1 
" i^' with detailed Examples, &c. post 8vo, 2s 6<i ... XoM^moas I884 

8vo, 4s6(2; red. 2s Longmans ...188-4 — I 

-— (./.,.. A ^ ''u^. '' . igrimage : an Expository Study, 1 ser. p. 8 vo, 6s ^TiMMsr IBB" 

J >i>> •: : H >' ..o by his oldSchoolfellowJDarlington, cr.8vo, 2s 6<2 Afor^an .1B8' 

J , " . ' ^ fie- World Letters: Two Years' Travel, 12mo. 7s6<i Boston, Mass IBB^ 

— — — - ( >Ki''.)Aruu**- orld,Tour of Christn.Missions : aSurvey,12o,10s6(2 Boston, Mass, ... 1 BB" 

Bainbrigge (H^.i?.) Early Education: Sub.of Lect.Colleg.Inst.L'pool, 12mo,2s6<i Nisbet IBB 

Baines (E,) History and Directory of Lancaster, n. e. by Croston,yol. 2, 4to, 16s ... Heywood X BB 

■ Sermons preached to Country Congregations, with Memoir, p. 8vo, 6s Macmitlan X BB 

— . — {T.) Greenhouse & Stove Plants, Flowering Palms, Ferns, &c. 8vo, 8s 6d Murray 1 BB 

Baird {A, IT.) Manual for Tidal Ob6ervatns.& Reductn. byHarmonic Anal.8o, 7s 6d Taylor ^-F, X BB 

(C. ^.)HucuoDot Emigration to America, 2 vols. 8vo, 25s New York ......XB^ 

(E, J, C) My First School : Tale for Boys, founded on Fact, cr. 8vo, 2s (id Digby j- L. X BE 

(H. M.) Huguenots and Henry of Navarre, with maps, 2 vols. 8vo, 24s ... K^n Paul .. • XBC 

(Jl) Nearer Heaven : a Help to the Deepening of Spiritual Life, p. 80, U6d Ntsbet •XBI 

— -- (^.f*.)Brewer,&Ridgway,WaterBirdsofN.America,V.l,63s;2,ill.4to,63s Boston, Mass xq^ 

Bairns, The ; or, Janet^sLove and Service : a Stoiy from Canada, new ed. p. 8vo, 5s Hodder . x 3| 

Annual of Old fashioned Fairy Tales, by A. Corkran, illus. 8vo, Is Field # 7. 

Baker {A,) Latin Prose for London Students, 12mo, 2s t Bell ^ 8, • . X&; 

(Amy) First History of the Sng.People (Anglo-Saxons to Hen. III.) 12mo, Is Sonnenschein . « « X ^ 

— — (Edw.L to Elisabeth) Vol. 2, 120, Is Sonnenschein XB; 

10ai-1889J BAKER 29 

Hibr(ia4r) Fifst History of the Eog. People (James I. to Revolution) l2mo, Ib Sonnenschein ...1888 
— (Win. III. to Victoria's Jab.) 12o, Is Sonnenschein ...1888 

— (C.) Foreign Commeicial Correspondent, 2nd edit, revised, post 8ro, 3«6(2 Lookwood 1889 

— (C il) Summer in the Azores, with a Olimpse at Madeira, 18mo, 6» Boston^ Mass, ...1882 

{€. C. If.) Laws relating to Young Children, 8vo, Is Waterlow 1885 

— ' (C. E.) Commercial Correspondent : Eng. Ger. Fr. Italian, Spanish, cr. 8o, 6s Lockwood 1 888 

Husband &Wife,& Married Women's Property Act, '82, n. e. 12o, Is Wame 1882 

— Landlords, Tenants, and Lodgers, &c new edit, post Sto, \s W(mu 1888 

Law of Master and Servant, 12mo, Is Wame 1881 

^ Local Government Act, 1888, with Notesand Index, post 8vo, 1«... Wame 1888 

^ Wills: How to Make andHow to Prove Them, 3rd edit. 12mo, 1«... Wame 1881 

— (2).) Addresses to Young Men, w. Pre&ce by D. L. Moody, 12o, \s 6d & Is Morgan •• 1884 

— (£) Note Book for the Artillery Volunteers, 32mo, Is Simpkin 1884 

— (Bia) Bertram de Dmmont, post 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul 1888 

^Kingscote Essays and roeros. 18mo, 2# 6i Kegan Paul 1888 

Stories, post8vo, 2s 6i Kegan Paul 1888 

^-Talesof Olden Times, iUus. post 8vo, Is 6<^ Sonnensohein ...1882 

— {E,B.) Sport in Bengal, and How, When, and Where to Seek it, 8vo, 10s 6<2 Ledger 1887 

— \E. E») Simple Lessons for Infant Sunday Schools, Advent to Trinity, 8o, Is 8.P,C.K. 1885 

— {G. A.) Mr8.Hepluestns & other short Stories ;West Point, a Comedy, 1 6o, 5s JVsto York 1 887 

—'{G.B.) Sonnd Investments for Small Savings, 12mo, Is 6d and Is Virtue 1889 

— {G. M.) Dialect Reciter, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d Boutledge 1888 

Grand Army Speaker, Patriotic Pieces in Prosed Verse, 12mo,6({ Boutledge .1888 

Irish Dialect Recitations, Selections in FMse and Verse,12mo, 6d, . . Boutledge 1 888 

Medley Dialect Recitations, Selections in Ger.Fr.& Sotch. 12o, 6(2 Boutledge ^..1888 

Negro Dialect Recitations, Selections in Prose and Verse, 12mo, 6<f Boutledge 1888 

— Yankee Dialect Recitations and Eng. Character Sketches, 12mo, 6(i Boutledge 1888 

— '(G, 8.) Instruction for Economical Management of Locomotives, 16mo, 5s Chicago ' 1889 

— [G, W.) Point Lace and Diamonds: Vers de Soci6t6, new edit. 16mo, 5s... New York 1886 

— {Harriet) High School Needlework and Cutting-out Manual, 12mo, Is Grij}ith 1886 

— (£2^.)^^'0ndonSta^: History&Traditions,fm. 1576-1888,2v.p.8vo, I2s W, H. Allen 1889 

Our Old Actors, Popular edit, poet 8vo, 6s ." Bentleg 1881 

— {H. F.) Practical Notes on the Treatment of Deformities, 8vo, 6s Stanford 1886 

— {Bir H, W.) Chrittmas Hymn, iUus. by B. D. Sigmund and Alice West, ^d Hildesheimer ... 1888 

^— (Josut) By the Western Sea: a Summer Idyll, post 8vo,6s... Longmans 1889 

Days Afoot, and Kurop«an Sketches, 2 ed. 18mo, 3s 6d, 2s6<{, & 2s Simpkin 188;^ 

John Westaoott: a Novel, 3vols. cr. 8vo, 81s 6d; new ed. 1 vol. 6s Low 1886-8 

Quiet War Scenes: Poems and Translations, 4to, red. 6s Simpkin 1888 

— (/.i?.) History of Scarborough, 8vo, 25s Longmans 1882 

- — (/. F.) Federal Constitution: an Essay, 12mo, 5s New York 1887 

— ^ (/. F. J?.) Influence of Christianity on War, 8vo, 5s Macmillan 1888 

" — Sternness of Christ's Teaching : Law of Forgiveness, cr. 8vo, 2s6d Macmillan ...... 1 889 

' — (/. G.) Flora of the English Lake District, «vo, 7s Bd Bell # 8. 1885 

Handbook of Amaryllidese, indud. AlstrGsmerise & Agaves, 8vo, 5s Bell 4" S 1888 

the Fern- Allies: Equi8etacen,Lycopodiace8e,&c.8o,5s Bell 4" S. 1887 

(Ittfy) Half-hours with my Girls : Talks about Anything, 3 e. 1 2mo, 2s 6d Haiciards 1 885 

More Half-hours with my Girls, 2nd series, 12mo, 2s 6<2... Matdhards 1885 

(0.) Ludlow Town and Neighbourhood, 4to, 30s; 2nd edit. 8vo, \2sBd,„ Simpkin 1888>9 

i&rR.) Meditation^ jcc on the First Psalms &c. by Grosart, cr. 8o, 6s6<2 Higham 1881 

(B.) Theatrical Scene Painting in Distemper for use of Amateurs, cr. 8o, Is Brodie ^ M- 1389 

\8irS. W.) Egyptian Question, Letters to the * Times,' &c 8vo,2s Macmillan 1884 

Eight Years in Ceylon, new edit, with illustrations, post 8vo, 5s Longmans 1884 

— . R^e and Hound inCejrlon, new edit, post 8to, 5s Longmans 1884 

True Tides for my Grandsons, illustrated, cr. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Macmillan 1883 

(T.) Ba^inff Life, chiefly the Civil Service : an Autobiography, p. 8vo, 7s 6d Kegan Paul 1 885 

Land Engineering and Surveying, by J. R. Young, 14th ed. 12mo,2s Lockwood 1887 

Law Relating to Burials, with Notes, Forms, 5th edit. 12mo, 8s W, Maxwell 1882 

Memoriab of a Dissenting Chapel, 8vo, 6s Simvkin 1884 

and Nugent {K) I^&nd and Engineering Surveying, new edit. 12mo, 2s LocKwood 1883 

— (T. A L.) War with Crime, edit by Herbt. Philips & Ed. Vemey,8vo,l 2s 6<f Longmans 1889 

-(T. H.) Records of Seasons, Prices of Produce, and Phenomena, p. 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1883 

— (T.£.) Natural Philosophy for Schools and Colleges, 12mo, 7s 6^ Philadelphia ...1881 

— (Foisn/me) Baker P&sha: Shall he be Re-instated? 12mo, Id Barnes 1884 

— [^) Chureh of England the Safest Guide: a Sermon, 8vo, 6d BivingUms 1886 

Daily Prayers for Younger Boys, ^; 2nd edit. 32mo, %d Bivingtons ...1886-7 

— Good Life: Sermon on the Death of Mr. G.H. Caviller, sq. 16mo, 6d Simpkin 1886 

Hirtorieal & Dogmatical Position of the Church, cr. 8vo, Is 6d.^ S.P,C.K ....1882 

InuzMntality of Uie Soul : the Substance of a Sermon, 16mo, Zd Simpkin 1889 

Plson Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles, for Schools, 18mo, 2s 6d Bitnnatons 1883 

Strength and Courage, 32mo, Zd Simpkin 1882 

— (T. G.) British Empire: Part 1, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, 8vo, 2s Blackie 1889 

Geographical Reader, No. 1,4<;; No. 2, 7d; No. 6, 12mo, 2s Blackie 1882 

80 BAKER BALFOUR [Emoush Catalooto 

Baker (W. G,) Geographical Reader, No. 3, lOd; No. 4. U ; No. 5, U M Blaekia ......1883 

Part 2, lOd; 3, U; 4, Europe, 12mo. U Zd Blaekie 1881 

Introductory Geography, 12mo, It (Comprehensive School Series) Blackie 1885 

— Magnetism and Sectricity, 12mo, Is (Elementary Text-Books) ... Blackie,,^ 1886 

Realistic Geography tanght by Picture & Plan : Maps, &c p. So, 1« 9<f Blackie 1889 

{W, M.) Blessed Saint Certaintr: a Novel, 16mO; li 6d Botian, Mast. ...1881 

Making of a Man: a Novel, 16mo, 6# Boston^ Mau, ...1884 

Ten Theophanies, Appearances of Oar Lord to Men, &c. 1 2mo, Is 6<2 ^010 York 1 884 

Year Worth Living : a Novel, cr. 8vo, 7« 6<i Boston, Mass ...1887 

{W, 8.) Character Portraits of Washington, by Historians, &c 4to, 2d«... Philaddphia ...1887 

Balch (ElUabeth) ZoTB.h : a Love Tale of Modem Egypt, post 8vo, 7« 6i Blackwoods 1886 

( W, R,) American Career and its Triomph : Life of J. G. Blaine, cr. 8vo, 12s Philadelphia ...1884 

Evexy-day Dictionary of the fSiffluth Language, post 8vo, 2# Griffith 188^ 

Life of President James Garfield, Popular edit Ss 6d 8t, Louis 1882 

Peculiar People : a Romance of Reality and Fiction, l2mo, 61 6(2... Chicago 1881 

Ready Reference: the Universal Cyclopaedia, post 8vo, 3s 6d Griffith 1889 

Balchin (A.) Science Reader, No. 2 for Standard 4, illus. 12ino, 1#.» Hughes 1883 

Balderston {R. R, and Margaret) Ingleton Bygone and Present, post 8vo, 4s 6d,.. Simvkias 1888 

Baldwin, Illustrated Catalogue of Locomotives, with Designs & Photos, 4to, 25s Philadelphia ...1881 

(E. 21) Concise Treatment of the Law of Bankruptcy, new ed. p. 80, 16« Stevens %H... 1884-9 

(G. C.) Model Prayer: Lectures on the Lord's PJrayer, 12mo, 6s 6d Philaddphia ...1884 

(H.) Chpchids of New England, a Popular Monograph, 8vo, 12s 6d New York ...1884-6 

- (J.) Book-Lover: a Ghiide to the Best Reading, 16mo, 6^ Chicago 1885 

— 12mo, 8s6rf. Putnam 1886 

ElementaxT Psychology and Education, cr. 8vo, 6s Appleton 1889 

Essential Studies in English and American Literature, 12mo, 6s 6d Philadelphia ...1887 

IntroductiontotheStudy of Eng.Literature,&c.y.2, Prose, 8o,12s6<i PAt2a<2e4>Ata ...1882 

School Management: for Normal School Teachers, 12mo, 7s 6d ... New York , 1881 

Story of Roland, illus. cr. 8vo, 6s ^ Low 1883 

Siegfried, illus. hj Howard Pyle, cr. 8vo, 6s Low 1883 

the Golden Age, illus. by Howard Pyle, post 8vo, 6s Low 1887 

[J, ff.) Large &; Small Game of Bengal & N.W. India, 2 ed. 4to, 10s 6d Ktgan Paul 1883 

[J. L.) and Clay, Short Whist, new edit. sm. 8vo, 3s 6<£ and 2s 6<f I>e la Rue 1888 

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(jL.) a Martnrr to Mammon, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d Sonnenschein ...1886 

Story of a Marriage : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d Ward 4r ^ ^^^^ 

- (L. W.) A Yankee School Teacher in Virginia: a Tale, 12mo, 6s New York 1884 

- (M, B.) Misssion Life in Greece & Palestine, by Mrs. Pitman, cr. 8vo, 5s Casaell 1881 

- (3f. 8.) Life in a Look, 12mo, Is Hodder 1883-6 

^ ( 71) Introd. to Practical Farming, for Irish Nat. Schools, 18 e.l2mo, 2s 6<2 Simpkin 1886 

- (W.J.) Hot Water, Heating and Fitting, or Warming Buildings, 8vo, 20s • Bngin. Record' 1889 
Steam Heating for Buildings; Hints toSteam Fitters, 12o, \2s^d New York 1882 

Bale (AT. P.) Handbook for Steam Users : Rules for Engine-drivers, &c. p. 80, 2s6<2 Lonamans 1887 

— Pumps & Pumping : Selection, Construction, & Management, 2s ^,., Lockwood 188^ 

Saw Mills: their Arrangement and Management, post 8vo, lOs 6d„. Lockwood 188S 

Steam and Machinery Management: Construction, &c ill. cr. 8vo, 3s Lockwood 188^ 

. Stone WorkiT^'* "^^ ^hinery £c Rapid Conversion of Stone, post 8vo, 9s Lockwood 188^ 

f Balestier/^ T^, i ... a American Novel, 12mo, Is 6<i JVew York 188^ 

1 ^ James G.Blaine, with Life of A^ Logan, 12o, 5s JVsto Pbr^ 188^ 

• 'it : a Novel, illustrated, 12mo, 5s New York 188 

lliam Alexander Barrett, post 8vo, 7s 6^ Remington 18S 

>reat Sorroir,w.Hymns on the Passion, 16o,2s 64:2 NeUone 188 

. ' " vri th Christ : Meditations & Prayers, p. 8vo,3s6<2 Hodder 188 

^vo Aor the Weeks of the Year, 12mo. 2s %d 'HomeWbrd^ 0/188 

I - ^ .^unuer): a Memoir, b^ R. H. Lundie, 6s; 4th edit 12mo, 2s 6d Nisbet 1888- 

-^— \A, J.) Pleasures of Reading;: Address St. Andrew's University, 12mo, id Blacktvoods 188 

— — Religion of Humanity : an Address at Manchester, 8vo, 5s Hamilton 188 

' • ' 18mo, id ... 8.P,C.K. 188 

■ (F. H.) Leaves from my Chinese Scrap Book, 8vo, 7«6rf. Triibner 188 

(F. M.) Comparative Embryolo^, 2 vols. Vol. 1, 2 ed. 80, 18s ; Vol. 2, 21s Macmillan 188 

Studies from Morphological Laboratory in Camb. Univ.Pt.2, 8o,5s Williams ^ ^....18J 

( G, W. )Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Heart & Aorta, 2 ed. 80, I2s6d Churchill 18? 

(j. H.) Botany & Religion ; or, Illustration of Works of God,4 e. p.8o, 6s6<i Hamilton 1 8i 

Plants of the Bible, new and enlarged edit. 8vo, l^s Nelsons 18} 

(3/ir«. ex.) All but Lost, new edit. 18mo, 9<2 Sun, Sch. C7«....18l 

Bond of Kindness : a Household Record for Young, n.e.l 8o,9<2 Sun, 8ch, Un, ... 1 81 

Club Night: a Village Record, 12mo, red. 9<£ Partridge 181 

BthoVs Strange Lodge?: a Story in Four Chapters, n.e.l8o,9<l Sun. Sch, Un, ...181 

Job Tufton : a Story of Life Struggles. 12mo, Is 6d Nat. Temp.Dep. 18! 

Lyndon the Outcast, post 8vo, 2s (Onward Series) Partridge 181 

Mother's Lesson on the Lord*s Prayer, new edit. 12mo, Is... Partridge...,,,..,!^ 

One by Herself, post 8vo, Is 6d Sun, Sch. I7n.... 18 

I Sidney Holt's Purpose, and What came of It, postSvo, Is 6<2 Partridge 18 

1881-1889] BALFOUR BALLIN 81 

Bitibir (Mrs. C. L.) Women Worth Emulatiiig. post 8ro, U 6d Sun. Sch. Un. ...1886 

Bilfoar'tCjclopedia of India & Eastern & Southern Asia, 3rd ed. 3 v. Irg. 8to, 1 05^ Quaritch 1885 

Bilg((r. H.) GothicGlossary, with Reference to Eng.&Qer. Ft. 1 &2,8o,2«6(^ea. New York 1888 

B»lp«ue(ff.) Arkite Worship, 12mo. l*6i Niihet 1881 

Btll {C. B.) Reetnm and Anus : their Diseases and Treatment, illus. &c 12mo, 9« Cassell 1887 

— {€. J,) Meichant Taylors' Hebrew Grammar, 8vo, Ss Bagtter 1882 

— ^ (C i?.) Apostle of the Gentiles : his Life and Letters, 12mo, 2« 6<£ 8.P.C.K. 1885 

Dispensation of theSpirit: Person& Workof HolyGhostp.870,2a6d SJ^.CJS!. 1887 

Familiarlnstmctions on Church Catechism, forevery Sunday, 12mo, Is 8.P.C.K. „,. 1885 

— Promised Seed: Course of Lessons on Old Testament, post'8yo, 28 6d 8.P.C.K. 1884 

-^ (£ A. R,) Mediterranean Winter Resorts : a Practical Handbk. fcp. 870, Ss ed * Bagaar* Office 1888 
. — {EL W.) Leading Cases on the Law of Torts, roy. 8to, 21« Stevens j- 8. 1884 

— (/.) Drill 3ianual, with Calisthenics without Apparatus, for Schools, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1885 

Notes of a Naturalist in South America, post 8vo, Ss 6d Kegan Paul 1887 

— (/. T.) Historical Review of Legislative Systems in Ireland, 8to, 65 Longmans 1888 

Reformed Church of Ireland (1537-1886), 8vo,7« 6rf Longmans 1887 

— (Sir R, S.) Experimental Mechanics: Lectures, ill. 10« 6(^; 2nd ed. p. 8yo, 6« MacmUktn 1888 

Star Land : Talks with Young People about the Heavens, p. 8 vo, 6s Cassell 1889 

Story of the Heavens, with coloured plates & illus. 8vo, SlsSd ... Cassell 1 885-8 

Time and Tide: a Romance of the Moon, postSvo, 286d S.P.CK. 1889 

— (71 F.) Queen Victoria: Scenes, &c in Life & Reign, il. 2« 6<2 ; 2 e. p. 80, 25 6<i Partridge 1886 

— (r.) The IHamonds, Coal, & Gold of India: Occurrence and Distrib. 12mo, 5s Truhner 1881 

— (W, W, R.) History of the Study of Mathematics at Cambridge, po8t8vo,65 Camb. Wareh, ...1889 

Short Account of the History of Mathematics, post 8vo, 10« 6^... MacmUlan 1888 

Student's Guide to the Bar, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 64 MacmiUan ...1884-7 

M Boom Guide and Etiquette, by a Professor of Dancing, new edit. 32mo, 6(2 R. 8. Cartwright ISS9 

BiIlade8&Rondeau8,Chant8Royal,Se8tinas,Villanelles,&cbyG.White,sq.l6o,ls W, Scott 1887 

BiOsds of Books, edited by Brander Matthews, 12mo, 10s 6d New York 1886 

Romance and History, b^ Susan Coolidge, and others, 4to, 12s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1887 

the Cid, by Gerrard Lewis, sm. cr. 8vo, 2« 6<2 Low 1883 

& Lyrics: Choice6tinEnglish& Amer. Literature, by Lodge, n.ed.8vo,l 5s Boston, Mass, ...1882 

Songs by Writers of *The Nation,' with Music, 4to, 12« 6d Dujfv 1882 

Banindne (S.) On the Way to the Throne, cr. 8vo, 3« ed OUphant 1889 

(^Serjeant) Experiences ofa Barrister's Life, 2 v. 80, 28s; n. e. 6s& 2sM Bentley 1882-3 

— — __ Old World and the New: Continued Experiences, 8vo, 14s Bentley 1884 

BUlantjne (Z.) Latin First Course, 3rd Merington, 2 80, Zsed Taylor ^ F, 1886 

(J?Jlf.)Battery&Boilcr;or,Layingof Subm.ElectrieCablee,iU.p.8o,5s Nishet 1882 

Battles with Sea; or, HeroesofLifeboats& Rockets, c8vo, 2s 6i Nisbet 1883 

. Big Otter: a Tale of the Great Nor^ West, post 8vo, 5* Routledge 1886 

Blown to Bits; or, the Lonely Man of Rakata : a Tale, n. e.p.8o,5s Nisbet 1889 

— Blue Lights; or, Hot Workin the Soudan: a Tale, post 8 vo, 5s... Nisbet 1888 

— Chit Chat by a Little Kit Cat, with illus. by autlior, p. 8vo, 9rf . . . Nelsons 1 887 

— ' Crew of 'Water Wagtail,'StoryofNewfoundland,il.p.8vo,336<i Nisbet 1889 

DustyDiamondsCut&Polished:TaleofCityArabLife,p.8vo,5s Nisbet 1883 

— Eagle aiff: a Tale of the Western Isles, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 Partridge 1880 

Freaks on theFells&WhyIdidnotbeaSailor,n.e.p.8o,5s&3«6<2 Nisbet 1884-5 

Fugitives; or, the Tyrant Queen of Madagascar, iUtis. p. 8vo, 5s Nishet 1887 

— Giantof the North; or, Pokings round the Pole, ill. p. 8vo, 5s ... Nisbet 1881 

Golden Dream; or. Adventures in the Far West, 6 e. p. 8vo, 5s Nisbet 1881 

Island Queen; or. Dethroned by Fire & Water: a Tale, p.8o,3s6(l Nisbet 1885 

— JarwinandCufiy:aTalewithorig.iUus.newed.l2mo, 2s&ls6(£ Wame 1881-9 

Kitten Pilgrims ; or, Ghreat Battles &c. ilL 5s ; n.ed.p. 8vo, 2s Ni^t 1882-7 

Life in the Red Brigade, & Port Desolation, illus. p. 8vo, 3s ed Nisbet 1 887 

^ Lively P611: a Tale of the North Sea, 18mo, 1# Nisbet 1886 

— Madman and the Pirate, with illustrations^poBt8vo, 3s 6<f Nishet 1883 

— Mee-a-ow! or. Good Advice to Cats and Kittens, p. 8vo, 9d.,, Nelsons 1887 

^ Middy and t^e Moors: an Algerine Story, ill. post 8vo, 3s 6(2... Nisbet 1888 

~ My Doggie and I, post 8ro, 3s 6(2 Nishet 1881 

Prairie Chief: a Tale, illustrated, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 Nisbet 1886 

Red Eric; or, the Whaler's Last Cniise, new edit, post 8vo, 5s Nishet 1885 

Rooney, illustrated, post 8vo, 5s Ifisbet 1886 

— Robber Kitten, with illustrations by the author, post 8vo, 9(2 Nelsons 1887 

Rover of the Andes: a Tale of Adventure, illus. post 8vo, 5s ... Nisbet 1885 

Silver Lake; or,LostintheSnow,illu8.newedit. 12mo, ls6(2... Wame 1889 

— Thorogood Family, 18mo, Is (Ballantyne's Miscellany) Nishet 1883 

— Three Little Kittens, with illus. by the author, post 8vo, 9(2 ... Nelsons 1887 

— Twice Bought: a Tale of the Oregon Gold Fields, p.8vo, 3s 6(2 Nishet 1884 

— Wild Man of the West: Tale of the Rocky Mountains, post 80, 5s Nisf/et 1885 

Young Trawler, cr. 8vo, 5s Nisbet 1884 

and Richardson, Man on the Ocean, Boats & Ships, n. e. p. 80, 3s Nelsons , 1882 

Mipd(/.P.) Insect Lives; or. Bom in Prison, illustrated, sq. 12mo, 6s New York 1H87 

-—- (i?.) Solution of the Pyramid Problem; new Theory of their use, 8vo, 6s 6(2 Low 1889 

Baffin {Ada 5.) Sdeaceof Dress in Theory and Practice, post 8vo, 6s ;••• Low 1885 

82 BALLIN ^BANE [ENOLun Cataloqui 

Ballin {A, S. ftF. L.) tfebrew Qrammar. withExer. select. fron Bible, p. SvoJeSd Kegan PatU ...1881 
Ballou {M. M,) Dae North : a recent Joaroey through Norway. &c. 12mo, 78 6i Boston, Man. ...1887 

.^..- Sooth ; or, Cnba Past and Present, 12mo, 78 6d Boston, Mast. ...1885 

^ West; or, Round the World in Ten Months, 12mo, 7s 6d ... Boston, Mass. ...1884 

Edge-Tools of Speech: Striking Passages of Great Men, Sto, 18# Boston, Mass. ...1886 

Genius in Snnshine and Shadow, 12mo, 7s 6d Boston, Mass, ...1886 

New Eldorado: a Summer Journey to Alaska, cr. 8ro, 7« 6d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Under the Southern Cross : Australia, Tasmania. &c 12mo. 7« 6d Boston, Mass. ...1888 

Balmas (J.) Art of Thinking Well, from the Spanish by W. M'Donald, cr. Sto, 6s Simpkin 1881 

Balsillie (D.) Ethic of Nature, and its Practical Bearings, post 8ro, 6# Hamilton 1889 

Paris, 12mo, 1« (Studies of Great Cities) Hamilton 1889 

Baltet (C.) Art of Grafting and Budding, new edit 12mo, 2s 6d (^Weale's Series) Loekwood 1882 

Baluffi (Cardinal) The Charity of the Church a Proof of her Divinity, post Bvo,Ss Hamilton 1885 

Balzac (Honori) NoyeU, cr. Sto, 8« 6d and 2s each Boutledge., ...1886-7 

C6sar Birotteau Eugenie Grandet 

Country Doctor House of Claes 

Cousin Pons Pire Goriot 

Duchesse de Langeais Two Brothers 

After-Dinner Stories, inEngl.byVerelst,bySaltus,16o,6«6<2&2<6(2 New York 1885-6 

-^— Bureaucracy, translated by Katharine P. Wormeley, 12o, 7» 6d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

•.^^.i„ — Cousin Pons, transl. p. 8vo. Is (Library of Continental Authors) Wame 1888 

Eug6nie Grandet: Scenes. &c by G. Petilleau, 12mo, 2s Hachette 1886-7 

Tr^'* Lambert, trans, by Katharine P. Wormeley, 12mo, 78 6d.., Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Magic Skin (LaPean de Chagrin), post 8to, 3« 6^and 2s Routledge 1888 

_^ — Modeste Mignon, new edit, post 8to, Zs 6d and 2s Routine 1888 

Pire Gtoriot, illustrated by Lynch, roy.8TO, lOs 6d Routledge 1887 

Selections by Henri Van Laun, with Notes, new edit. cr. 8o, 3«6<{ Rivingtons 1884 

Seraph] ta, translated, with introd.byG. F. Parsons, 12mo,7#6<£ Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Balzani (Ugo) Italy, post8vo, 4# (Early Chronicles of Europe) S.P.C.K. 1883 

Popes and the Hohenstaufen, post8TO, 2« 6d Longmans 1888 

Bamberger {A, J. ic L. JJ) Legale FinancialDirectory U. States& Canada, 8o, 1541 Philadelphia ...1885 

Bamford (^. J.) Turbans &, Tails ; Sketches in the Unromantic East, p. 8o,7« 6d Low 1888 

(^. ^.)Rttdimentsof TheoryofMusicforTeach.&Train.Coll.l2o,l«3rf Heywood 1889 

\j. M.) Elias Power of Ease-in-Zion, 2s 6d ; new edit. cr. 8vo, 1« 6d ... C. H. Kelly ...1884-9 

Father Fervent, post 8to.2« 6J Woolmer 1887 

new edit, post 8vo, 1« Sd C. H. Kelly 1889 

Hugh Axe, new ediL post 8vo, 2s and Is 6d Woolmer 1889 

John Conscience of Kingseal, 2s 6d; new edit post 8vo, Is 6d ... Woolmer 1886-9 

(ATory^.) Look-About Club &thecuriousLiyeThingstheyFound,ill.7«6<2 Boston, Mass. ...1887 

My lAud and Water Friends, illustratwl, 8vo, 7« 6d Boston, Ma.ts, ...1887 

Up and Down the Brooks: Studies of Lisects, illus. I8mo, is Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Bampfylde-Moore Carew, King of the Mendicants, History & Advent, p. 8vo, Is Dames 1882 

Bampton Lectures (See Appendix B.) 

Banbury {G.A.L.) Sierra Leone ; or, theWhite Man*sGrave. p. 8o, lOsSd; red. Zs6d Sonnenschcin 1888-9 

Bancroft (y(.) Life of George Washington, new edit 12mo, 6«6c; Philadelphia ...1881 

((?.)FormationoftheConstitutionof U.States, 2v.8vo,24» Low 1882 

new edit 12^;6£i New York 1887 

Historyofthe UnitedStates, Vols. 1-6, 8vo, 12* 6<£ each New York ...1883-5 

new edit. 7 toIs. fcp. 8vo, ISs Routledge 1882 

— ^ Martin Van Buren to the end of his Public Career, cr. 8vo, 78 6d „. New York 1889 

(H. H) California Pastoral, 1769-1848, 8vo, 24« SanFraneisoo ...U^^ 

History of Central America, Vol. 3, 1801-87, 8^o, 265 San Francisco ...1887 

Mexico, Vol. 4, 1804-24, 8vo,26« San Francisco ...1885 

Pacific States of N. America, 34 vols, (all but 1 9, 33, 34), 8o, 246 ea. San Francisco 1 88 1 -9 

Popular History of the Mexican People, 8vo, \6s Trubner 1888 

Works. 39 vols, (all but 24, 38, 39), 8vo, 25« each San Francisco.. ASB6 

(M. & 8. B.) Mr. & Mrs. Bancroft on and off the Stage, 2 vols. 8vo. 30# Bentley 1888 

(R. M.) and Francis {J.) Tall Chimney Construction, roy. 8vo, 6« 6d ... Simpkin 1885 

Band of Hope Eeview, 1881 to 1889. folio, 2s and U Partndae 1881-9 

Mercy Advocate, 1881-80, folio, 2« and 1« PartrieUfe 1881-9 

Melodies, by Variou8Composers,byAu. of 'Bd.ofHopeAdv.* r.8 vo, 1 * Partridge 1881 

Bandmann (Z>. E.") Actor's Tour; or, 70,000 Miles with Shakespeare, 12mo, lOsM Boston, Mass. ...1885 

Baness (J. F.) Index Geographicus Indicus, with maps, roy. 8vo, 21« Stanford 1881 

Eanfield (F.) Biographies of Celebrities, for the People, 12mo, 9d and Sd J.j'R. Maxwell 1884 

Great Landlords of London, from the ' Sunday Times,' Is Blacketi 1888 

Banham ((?. A.) Tablesof Veterinary Posology& Therapeutics, Weights, &c.2»6i Baillihe 1887 

Banim (</.) The Ghost Hunter and His Family, 8vo, 6d Wame 1888 

(AT.) Bit o' Writin'and the Ace of Clubs, 18mo, Is, 6d, Zd and 2d Simpkin 1886-9 

Banished Family and the Bohemian Confessor, 18mo, 9d (New Ninepenny Series) Rel. Tract Soc. 1886 

Banister {H C,) Lectures on Musical Analysis, before College for Blind, p. 8o, 7« 6i Bdl f S. 1S87 

Music, new edit 12mo, 6s (CambridgeSchool &; ColL Text-Books) Bell j- 8. 1881-5 

Musical Art and Study Papers for Musicians, post 8vo, 2s Bell ^ 8. ...1887 

Bank and Stock Exchange Anecdotes, editMl by a Lame Duck, 12mo, 1« E. Wilson 1885 

1881-1889] BANKER ^BARDEEN 83 


Btnker't Clerk, illustrating the Principles and Practice of Banking, 6th edit. 2s. . . HotUsion 1 883 

fiAokes' Table of Changes Made by the New Supreme Court Rules, 1883, 1a Cox 1884 

BftDking Almanac, Directory, Year Book, and Diary, 8ro, la 6d Waierlow 1881-9 

Bukroptcj Act, 1883: Popular Digest of Kequisites and Proceedings, 12mo,l5... Ward ^ L 1883 

Binks {A,) Cheep &Chatter : Lessons from Field & Tree,ill. G.Browne,8yo,4<&3«6(; Blackie 1 883 

Cbirp and Chatter ; or, Lessons from Field and Tree, n.edit. p.8vo, 28 Blackie 1887 

(G. L.) Watchmaker's Daughter, and other Tales, post 8to, 2s 6a Simpkin 1883 

(/. S.) Manual of Christian Doctrine, post 8to, 35 6d Wbolmer 1887 

{M. B.) Bright Days in the Old Plantation Time, illus. 16mo, 7« 6d Boston, Mass, ...1882 

{Mrs. G. L.) Caleb Booth's Clerk : a Lancashire Story, new ed. p. 8to, 2s 6d Simpkin 1882 

Forbidden to Marry: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Sis ed F. V. TFAtto... 1883-5 

Wed, new edit, post 8vo, 2^ 6d Simpkin 1885 

Glorv : a Wiltshire Story, illus. new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1881 

In His Own Hand: a Novel. 3 8va 31« 6d F. V. White 1885 

illus. by R.Pollitt&G.C.Banks,p.8vo,2«6i Simpkin 1887 

Manchester Man, 4th edit. po8t8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1881 

oth edit post 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1886 

— More than Coronets, Copple&ton & Banks, n. e.p.8vo,2«6i Simpkin 1882 

— Stung to the Quick : North Country Story, post 8vo, 2s 6d ... Simpkin 1881 

— Sybilla and other Stories, post 8vo, 2^ 6d Simpkin 1885 

— Through the Night: Tales of Shades, &c. new ed. p. 8vo, 2s 6i Simpkin 1882 

Wooers and Winners: a Yorkshire Story, post 8vo, 28 6d Simpkin 1882 

Bannatyne {JD. J.) Republican InstituUons in the United States, post 8vo, 7s 6d Blackwoods 1887 

— iJ. M.) Guide to Exams, for Infantry Promotion, P. 1, 18 e. p. 8vo, 7« Hamilton 1884 

^ 2, 8o, 7« Macmillan 1886 

Infantry Exams. Pt. 1 , Lieut. & Capt. 7s ; 2, Major, n. e. cr. 80,7' Maclehose... . . .1882-4 

Burner (E, G.) Wholesome Houses : Domestic Situation, &c. new edit. p. 8vo, 2s 6(2 Stanford 1882 

Buiier of Faith, toIs. roy. 8vo, 2s 6(2 each Office AnntuU 

■ Temperance: a Collection of Original Verses, 12mo, Is Ueywood 1886 

BdDoenDan, Scripture Doctrine of the Church, Cunningham Lectures. 8vo, 12^... Hamilton 1887 

Worahipof the Presbyterian Church, Liturgies, l2mo, Is 6(f Hamilton 1884 

Buning {H. T.) Marriage Settlements, with an Appendix of Statutes, 8vo, 16s ... Stevens ^ S. 1884 

BaooiiigJ(:Blesiiing,byAuthorof *AtelierduLys,' with 4 full-page illus. p. 8o,3s6<2 National Soc. ...1889 

fiuniow (IT.) Emigrant's Handbook to the British Colonies. l2mo, Is 6(/and Is... W. Scott 1887 

• Guide to Emigration and Colonisation, 12mo, Is 6d W, Scott 1887 

Baaqoet, The: a Political Satire, 12mo, 2s ed; new edit. Is Blackwoods ...1884-5 

Btntiog {W.) Letters on Corpulence, new edit. 8vo, Is Harrison 1881-5 

Bsntoek {G, G.) On the Use and Abuse of Pessaries, 2nd edit. 5s H. K. Lewis 1884 

fiuinrd (</'.) Daniel Webster: Life and Public Services, new edit. 12mo, 7s ed Boston, Mass, ..1882 

Btptie(A) Handbook of Musical Biography, post 8vo. 4s and 38 Morley 1883 

Baptist Handbook, 1881, Is ed; 1882-9, 8vo, 2s Alexanderj-S. ISSl-^ 

Bit (?.) Antiseptic Midwifery, trs. by H. D. Fry, with Appendix by Author, 8o, 9s Philadelphia ...1888 

Bar»noff(fF.)LifeandHappiness, 8vo, Is JUibner 1883 

Barbara's Stocking, fdio, 2s ed Bean 1888 

Warning, by Author of * Becommended to Mercy,' n. e. 3s ed and 2s... F, V. TTAt/s... 1882-4 

Btrb%iUd( J. L.) Tsles, Poema, & Essays, with a Memoir by Grace A. Oliver, 1 6mo, 5s Boston, Mass, ... 1884 

— (Jfrs.) Hymns in Prose for Children, illus. by Giacomelli, ISmo, Is ... Nelsons 1884 

Biibe(Z.. ^.VTragedy of Gowrie House: an Historical Study, 4to, 6s A. Gardner 1887 

Buber (T.) Eama and Thoughts on Various Subjects, post 8vo, 6s ed Simpkin 1888 

{T. ^.)£i:]^nee]<8 Sketch-Book of Mechanical Movements, &c. 8vo, 7s 6<;{ Spans 1889 

Bvbier (/Vn/) ClaaaBook of French Poetry for the Young, 2nd edit. 12mo, Is Zd Haohette 1883 

— Elementary French Course for edit. 12mo, Is 6<?... Heywood 1883 

Graduated French Header, fcp. 8 vo, 2s; new edit 2s Bivinatons ...1881-5 

Bsitev (X) Rhuvaig Smuggler: a Story of the Highland Crofters, post 8vo, Is... Simpkin 1889 

{A.H.F.) Anatomy of Labour, & its Bearings on Clinical Work, p. 8vo, 26s Johnston 1889 

• — ' Spinal Deformity in Kelation to Obstetrics, foL 21s Johnston 1884 

(D.) Theory of Bimetalism : Effects of Demonetisation of Silver, 8ro, 6s Cassell 1886 

{G. M.) Florida for Tourists, Invalids, and Settlers, new edit. 7s 6(2 .... New York 1881-4 

{J. G. ) Unique Traditions of the West & South of Scotland, post 8vo, 4s ed Hamilton 1 886 

Birday (A. J. G.) Geometry for Schools: Books 1 and 2 of Euclid, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1883 

(^/>.) A Jliasionary Biography, 8vo, 18s; red. 12s Partridge 1883 

{Bdgar) Mountain Life in Algeria, illus. by Author, roy. 8vo, 16s Kegan Paul 1881 

(i7.) Haatben Mythology Corroborative or Illus. of Holy Script-, p. 8o, 2s6(2 Hamilton 1884 

(H. M,") Sundaj Occupations for the Children, cr. 8vo, Is 2>Hsbet 1884 

(1?.) Surer Question and the Gold Question, 3s ; 2nd edit, post 8vo, 3s... E. Wilson 1885-6 

(i9Jr.)Self-Bevealing Jehovah of Old Test, the Christ ofNew Test. 8o. 7s 6(2 Nisbet 1885 

(r.) Decree of Oct. 2, 1888, Law Kelating to Foreigners in France, 8vo, Is W.MaxweU .^...1888 

Frencii Law of Bills of Exchange, Promis. Notes, & Cheques, 8o, 2s 6<2 WcUerlow 1884 

; Law of France reUiting to Industrial Property, cr. 8vo, 6s Sweet f M. 1889 

Bcoiaaky {AJ) Shadowy Partner; or, the Devil among the Stockbrokers, p. 8o, Is Sonnenschein ...1888 

B«4eeo(C. ir.)Bhetoric for^hoolsand Academies, 8s6(2 New York 1884 

Sdiorter Course in Rhetoric, 16mo, 6s New York 1885 

— ~ Verbal Pit&Us : 1,500 Words commonly misused, 18mo, 4s6<2... Syracuse, £^.^....1884 

VOL. nr. D 

34 BARDSLEY BARKER [Enqush Catalogue 

Bardfiley {C. W.) Curiositiea of Puritan Nomenclature, new edit, port 8vo, 6«... Ckatto 18S8 

Hi« Grandfather's Bible: a Tale, poet 8ro, as6<^ and 2a^ * Home Ifonis.* 1886-9 

(J.) Counsels to Candidates for Confirmation, 18mo, red. 9<2 Stock 1884 

(Jl W.) Glimpses through the Veil; or, Natural Analogies, &c. p. 8vo, 5« I^ubet 1883 

Illustrated Texts and Texts Illustrated, 12mo, red. Zs 6d Xisbet 1886 

Baretti's Italian Dictionary, edited by Darenport & Comelati, 2 vols. 8ro, red. 21« SimpMn 1887 

33arfoot {J,) Bold Pictures of Animals, Tame &c Fierce, in chromo colours, 4to, bs., Jkan 1887 

Barford (A, H.) and Tilley, English Spelling, new edit. 12mo. USd Relfe 1884 

Barham (S, H,) Ingoldsby Legends, ill. by Cruikshank, Leech, 8to, 1«; 4to, 6i.. BentUy 188M 

. poet 8ro, 2s and la (Red Library) Catsell 1889 

complete edition, poet 8vo, 3« 6^ and 2t «. Routledge 1889 

1, 2, & 3 ser. 18mo, laea. (Pocket Library) Routledge 1889 

Ser. 1,2, 3, ill. by Cruikshank, &c. p. 8o, 6<i ea. RoutUdge 1888-9 

by Leech and Cruikshank, p. 8vo, 3»6<?& 2* Ward ^ L 1889 

. 2«&1j6</ Wame 1889 

Albion ediL cr. 8to, 3* M Wame 1888 

. Lyrics, post 8vo, 3# 6<f BtntUy 1881 

- Jackdaw of Rbeims, illus. by E. M. Jessop, 4th edit. 4to, 6a ^re ^ 8. 1884 

- Knight and the Lady: a Domestic Legend of Queen Anne, fol. 6a Eyre ^ S, 1885 

- Lay of St. Aloys, illus. by E. M. Jessop, imp. 4to, 10a ^re ^ 8. 1884 

.. Smuggler's Leap and other Ingoldsby Legends, post 8vo, 6d&Zd Ward ^L 1886 

- Witxshes* FroBc, pictured by Ernest M. Jessop, fol. 7« ^ Epre ^ 8, 1888 

Black Mousquetaire,&c.Ingoldfiby,p.8o,6<i&3<i Ward ^ L 1886 

Ye Jackdaw of Bheims with ye Old Writing, by Jessop, imp. 4o, 6j Eyre ^8. 1 883 

Barili {A, G.) Deril's Portrai t : a Story from the Italian , by Wodehouse, 2 vols. 21a Remington 1 885 

Noble Kinsman : a Novel, trans, by H. A. Martin, 2 vols. p. 8vo,21a Ununn 1885 

Baring (71 C.) Scheme of Epicurus : a Rendering into English Verse, fcp. 4to, 7a Kegan Paul 1884 

Barke {Lizzie) lafeScenes from a Children's Hospital, 12mo, la Ret. Trad 5m?.... 1881 

Barker (^.) Introduction to Chemical Analysis (Inorganic Qtialitative), 12mo, Sd Simpkin 1884 

(A. E.J,) Short Manual of Surgical Operations, w. 61 ill. p. 8vo, 12a 6d... Longmans 1887 

(Sp.) Episcopate of the Riff tit Rev. Fredk. Barker. Bp. of Sydney. 8o,7a 6rf Hatchards 1 888 

\D.) Poems, with Biographical Sketch by J. E. Godfrey,8vo, 10a6<i& 7a ^ Bangor^ Me 1889 

\E.) Opera Guide: Description of Plots. Singers, &c. p. 8vo, 2a& la 6<i Crriffitk 1887 

Through Auvergne on Foot, 12mo, la 6(/ Griffith 1884 

(Ellen) Graab, post 8vo, 7a 6rf Remington 1885 

{E, J.) In Safe Keeping: a Story of True Incident, post 8vo, la 6rf Ret. Tract 5oc....l889 

-^-^ \F. C.) and Danforth (J. 8.) Hunting and Trapping, 12mo, da Boston^ Mass. ...1882 

( G. F, R.) & Dauglish, Historical & Political Handbk. 6«; n. e. p. 8o, 2a ed Chapman 1886-8 

{G. M,) a Tea Planter's Life in Assam, illus. by the Author, p. 8vo, 7a ed Thacker 1883 

(i/.j:) Lays and Ballads of Heroism, 12mo. la yishet 1884 

— ^— » Original English as Written bvour Little Ones at School, 12mo, la Jarrold 1889 

(/. M.) Maiy Elwood : a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21a Remington 1884 

Oupfeoy: a Story, cr. 8vo, 6a Roper ^D. ...1888-9 

— — (J. T) Pilgrimage of Memory : Romance of Yorkshire 3Ioor8,&c.sq. 16o, la6rf Simpkin 1886 

(Lady) Boys, post 8vo, red. 3a 6d Routledge 1883 

— — Letters to Guy, post 8vo, 5s MacmiUan 1885 

. New Year's Housekeeping in S. Africa, with illus. n. e. p. 8vo, 3a 6d MacmUlan 1883 

_ Ribbon Stories, new edit, post 8vo, 2a 6rf Wame 1887 

Station Life in New Zealand, new edit post 8vo, 3a 6(2 MacmiUan 1883 

Stories about , new edit, with illustrations, post 8vo, 28 64 ... Wame 1887 

Sybil's Book, new edit, with illustrations, post 8 vo, 2a 64 Wame 1887 

IVavelling About over New and Old Ground, post 8 vo, 5« Routledge 1888 


White Rat, and other Stories, 12mo, adv. 4a 64 MacmiUan 1884 

(iV. U.) Topsail-sheet Blocks; or, the Naval Foundling, new edit. 8vo, 64 Routledge 1889 

{Mrs.) Agreement of Science & Faith ; Sacred Heart of Jesus, fcp. 8o, 2a&;U Washboume 1 883 

Life of Father Hermann, Carmelite, from Sylvian, 8vo, 6a64 Washboume 1883 

(Mrs. 8.) Flowers in May, with 40 illustrations, roy. 8vo, la Routledge 188' 

- For Very Little People, roy. 8vo, 2a 64 Routledge 1882 

...-. Golden Hours, illustrated by M. E. Edwards, roy. 8vo, 6s Routledge 1884 

Lily's Visit to Grandmamma, with 120 Pictures, 12mo, la Routledge 188! 

More of my Feathered & Four- Footed Fri Aids, 8q.l6o, 1 vol. Ia64 Routledge 1881 

— Humble Friends, sq. 16mo, la 64 Routledge 188' 

Our Friends: Original Verse, illus. by Fra8er,8q. 16mo, la 64... Routledge ^.188' 

Home, Pets, k. Friends, illus. Cooper, imp. 16o, 3a64& 2a64 Routledge 188] 

Pots: Original Verses, illus. by PaulHardy, sq. 16mo, la 64 Routledge 188' 

Puff the Pomeranian, and other Tales, illus. in colours, 4bo. 3a64 Routledge ..188 

Some of my Feathered and Four-Footed Friends, 4to, 8a 64 Routledge 188 

Little Friends, coloured plates, sq. 1 6mo, 3a 64 Routledge..,,. .... 1 88 

Sunday Talks with Mamma, with 55 illustrations, 4to, 2a 64... Routledge 188 

Sunny Childhood, coloured illus. by M'Cloy, impL 16mo, 3a 64 Routledge 188 

Those Boys, illustrated, 4to, la64 ^ Routledge 188 

Girls, illustrated, 4to, la 64 Routledge 188 

Uncle John's Adventures in Prairie Land, post Svo, 6a Routledge 188 

1881-1880] BARKEB BABON 85 

Btffar (J/rj. 5.) With a Stout Heart, 12mo,2»6<i Boutledge 1883 

Strker 9 Trade and Finance Annual, with coloured map», 8vo, 6* E. Wilson 1881-9 

B«let(5.) London University Matriculation Papers, with trans. &c. 12mo, 3s &d Young 1882 

^$^a%[F, ir.)Leonida8; the Bridal of Thanatoa: a Dramatic Poem, fcp. 8vo, 1« Wymans 1885 

Barlow \G.) An Actors Reminiscences, and other Poems, post 8vo, 6# Remington 1883 

Homiletical Comn\entary on the Books of Kings, roy. 8ro, 9« Dickinson 1886 

— — ^— Life's Love, new edit, post 8to, 6« Remington 1882 

Pageant of Life: an Epie Poem^in Five Books, cr. 8vo, 6*; red. U (jd Sonnenschein 1888-9 

Poems, Real and Ideal, post 8 vo, 6« Remington 1884 

Song Bloom, post 8 vo, 7« 6<2 Remitigton 1881 

{J,W,) Short History of the Normans in South Europe, 8vo, 7s6d Kegan Paul 1886 

Ultimatum of Pessimism: an Ethical Study, 8vo, 65 Kcgan PatU 1882 

(P.W.) Kaipara ; or. Experiences in N. New Zealand, ill. 6«; 80, 65 Low 1888 

(FT.) New Thrones of Matter and of Force, 8ro, 12* Low 1885 

{W.H.) Normal Phonofpraphy, adapted to all Styles of Reporting, 120, os Philadelphia ...1886 

fisnnby(<7.) Plays for Young People, with Songs and Choruses, 8vo, 3« 6d Simpkin 1888 

Barn Plans, & Outbuilding, Hints, &c. by Pract. Writers, Designs, &c. 8vo, 7« 6<£ New York 1881 

Banaby (^.) Naval Review: British, French, Italian, German, War Ships, 8vo, os Marlborough ...1886 

{8.W^ Marine Propellers, 5*; 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6« Spcm 1885-7 

Barnard (C.) Co-operation as a Business: Results of Co-operative Work, 16mo, 08 New York 1881 

Dead Town: a Romance of the Old Country , 12mo, la Ward <f L 1885 

First Steps in Electricity: Simple & Inexpensive Experiments, 12o,4« Niw York 1888 

— ^•— Knights of To-day ; or. Love and Science, ]2mo, 5« New York 1881 

{E, A,) Maple Range,'an Hist. Romance of Western Border, 12mo, C* (id Chicago 1882 

(/*.) Character Sketches from Dickens, new edit, folio, 21» Gissell 1887 

Thackeray, 2la Cassell 1886 

&Ross(C.H.)BehindaBrassKnocker:GrimRealitie8,&c.8o, 10;«6r; Chatto 1883 

Pictures & Prose, n.ed. 80, 1 « ' Judy ' Office ... 1 884 

{F. P.) Strongbow*8 Conquest of Ireland, 18mo. U Xutt 1888 

{G,) Handbook of Foliage and Foreground Drawing, new ed. post 8 vo, 55 Routledge 1 884 

Baraaval (L.) Love Poems, edited by C. DeKay, cr. 8vo, 7« 6<i Low 1883 

Baineby (W,H.) Life and Labour in theFar,.Far West: Notes of a Tour, 8vo,16« Cassell ^..1884 

NewFarWest& Old Far East, America, Japan, &c.illus. 8 vo. Vis Stafford 1889 

Banes (J. J*.) Shorthand Lessons : Phonography for Schools, 12mo, 6a St. Louis, U.S..ASS5 

{J.S.) Popular History of the United States, illus. roy. 8vo, SOs and 25s New York 1886 

(B.T.) Easy Lessons on the Church Catechism for Son. Schools, Tio, U6d Bell tf* S, 1886 

(C. L.) Rock History : Note Book ofGeology,Eng.& Welsh Forms, p 80, 6^ Stanford 1884 

{C. R.) Handbook of Bible Biography, illustrated, 8vo, lOaSd New York 1885 

(£1) A Tramp Actor, illustrated, 12mo, 5b Chicago 1886 

{K. G,) How to Arrest Infectious Diseases, 12rao,2« 6d Churchill 1883 

{F.) Gernum-English Dictionary of Wordsfc Terms in Medicine, sq. 12o, 9^ Lewis 1881 

Midwifery forMidwives, illustrations, new edit, post 8vo, 6a Smith ^' E, ...1883-8 

(G,A.) George and Joseph Maud of Ditchling, &c. : Poems, roy. 18mo, os Bcmrose 1888 

{J.) Tables for Qual. Analysis : * Simple Salts ' & • Easy Mixtures.' 12mo, la Simpkin 1882 

and Robinson ( 1^.) Asparagus Cidture : the best Methods, 12mo, 1«... ' Garden * Ol/ice..lBSl 

{M. M.) Epithalamium : a Poem, illus. by Dora Wheeler, sm. 4to, 25^ New York 1 889 

(P.) Martyrs to Freedom ; or,Struggles for National liberty, ilL p. 80, Zs 6d Hogg 1 889 

{R,) Lectures on Obstetric Operations, 4th edit. 8vo, I2a 6d Churchill 1885 

Synoptical Guide to Study Obstetrics : Class-Room, Study,&c. p. 8vo,3< Smith ^E, 1883 

(^. &F.)ObstetricMedicine& Surgery, Theoretical, &c.V.l,18<; 2, 8vo, 20s Smith c^" i?. ...1884-5 

(JT.) Idfe, by his Daughter, Lucy Baxter, post 8vo, Ta 6d Macmillan 1887 

Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect, new edit, poet 8vo, 6#... Kegan Paul 1888 

•^ ■ ^ \ /-^ ^_ o_-.__ /^i_4.i-:__ t, a rt« oj 11^ TOT 1 AAA 

Bamett (Edith A,) Common Sense Clothing, post 8vo, 2« 6d Ward 4' L 1882 

— ■ Cookery Instructor, for Teachers of Cookery, &c. p. 8vo, 2a 6d Ward ^ L 1881 

Ladies' Dress Book: What to Wear, &c. illus. post 8vo, 2a 6d Ward ^ X. ...1885-7 

(F. S. A,) Sprott: the Autobiography of a Dog, illus. sq. cr. 8vo, ia6d... Hatcharda 1884 

(Matilda J,) Tontine, post 8vo, 4* Pitman 1883 

(Mrs. S. A.) Making of the Home: Book of Domestic Economy, 12o, l86d CaaaeU, 1885 

(R,) Devil's Whisper, 12mo, 1« (Novocastrian Series) W, Scott 1889 

Police Sergt. C 21 : the Story of aCrime, 12o, la (Novocastrian Nov.) W. Scott 1888 

(Rev, ^Mra. S,) Practical Socialism: Essays on Social Reform, p.8o,2s6<^ Longmans 1888 

(r.iC) Strong &the Stronger: Readings onTemptn. ofOurLord,p.8o,2s6(/ W, W, Gardner 1889 

^Jansy: a Soldier^s ^ory, by E. A. B. D. post 8vo, 3< 6d J. F. Shaw 1887 

2«»alim (/. C.) Some Talk about Pears and Pear Trees, cr. 8vo, 6d Simpkin 18^1 

Bttattm(P. r.) Circus, Museum & Menagerie: Text & 111. for Little People, 4to,6« Wame 1889 

Life by himself : inelud.Golden Rules for Money-making,il. 1 2o,2«6£? Buffalo X^S 

new edit, brought up to 1888, 8vo, la RoiUUdge 1889 

-- Money-Oetting: Hints and Helps How to Make a Fortnae, 12mo, 6d Ward 4' L 1883 

>- Show and Circus, 4to, la Wame 1889 

— Struggles & Triumphs ; or. Recollections, 2a; new ed. 12mo, \a... Ward cf L, ...1882-9 
World's Showman : bis Life and Career, post 8vo, 1# Diprose ^ B. ...1889 

(8. W.) Vocabulaiy of English Rhynies on a new plan, 12mo, I2a New Ilaven,U.S, 1882 

SiRB {B.) Bays of Messiah's Glozy ; or, Chiiet in the Old Testament, p. 8vo, 6« Madder 1886 


86 BARON BABRON [English Catalootji 

Baton (J.) Greek Origin of the Apostles' Creed, ill. hj BocomentSf&c. Sto, 10« 6d„, Parker 1885^ 

Barr {Amelia E,) Between Two Lores: a Tale of the West Riding, post 8vo, 3s 6d J. Clarke 18S6 

12mo, 2s and Is Sd (Star Series) Wame 1888 

Border Shepherdess: a Homance of Eskdale, post 8vo, 3s6<i ... J. Clarke 1887 

Bow of Orange Kibbon, 12mo, 2s and Is ^d (Star Series) Wame 1888 

Cluny Macpherson, ds; new edit, poet 8ro, 3s fSd Hodder 1884-7 

Daughter of Fife, cr.Sro, Zb Qd J.Clarke 1886 

12mo, 2s and Is ^ (Star Series) Wame 1888 

Feet of Clay, post Svo, 3s 6rf J.Qarke 1889 

_-^ Hallam Succession: Methodist Life in Two Conn tries, p. 8 vo, 2s 6(i Woolmer 1885 

Hairest of the Wind, and other Stories, post 8vo, Is J. Clarke 1886 

Household of McNeil: a Story, cr. 8ro, 3s ^ J. Clarke 1888 

In Spite of Himself: a Tale of the West Riding, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 J. Clarke 1888 

___^ — Jan Vedder*s Wife, post 8to, 6s and 3s 6<i; new cd. Is 64 J, Clarke 1885-8 

Lost Silver of BrifGiult, post 8vo, 3s 6<i Hodder 1886 

— , Riul and Christina, poist 8to, 3s td J. Clarke 1887 

Squire of Sandal-Side, post 8to, 3s6rf J, Clarke 1887 

■ Woven of Love and Glory: a Novel, cr. 8vo, ZsM J, Clarke 1889' 

— Young People of Shakspeare's Drama, for Youth. Read. 12o, 7s6<i New York 1882 

(T.) Diseases of the Ear, cr. 8vo, 10s 6i Macmillan 1884 

(71 E.) Gist of It: a Philosophy of Human Life, by D. S. Gregory, 12mo, IsSd New York 1888 

Barran (T. H.) Felix the Young Gardener, illustrated, 18mo, ed Gall ^ I. 1887 

Barras (•>/.) India and Tiger Hunting, 2 vols, post 8vo, 3s %d each Sonneftsohein ...1885 

New Shikari at our Indian Stations, Vols. 1 and 2, post 8vo, 3s 6d each Sonnenechein ...1885^ 

■ On the Natives of India, post 8vo, Is 64 Sitnpkin .........1889^ 

Rama: a Sensational Story of Indian Village Life, 12mo, Is 64 Simpkin 1886 

UnderTwoShillings, 12mo, ls64 Simpkin 1888 

Barratt (-<<.) Physical Metempiric, 8vo, 10s 64 Williams 4- y,.,ASSZ 

— (D. W.) Life and Work among the Navvies, 3rd edit, poet 8vo. Is S.P.C.K. 1883 

Barraud, Portrait Pictnreof the International Medical Congress, 150s and 63s ... BaiUihe .........1882 

{F. A.) Table of Interest at 2} per Cent, per Annum, poet 8vo, 2s 64 Waterlow 1889' 

Barr6re(^.) ArgotandSlang: Fr.&Engl.Dictny.ofCantWords.&c.n.e.8vo,10s64 IVhittaker 1888 

Elements of French Grammar, and First Steps in Idioms, p. 8 vo, 2s. . . Whiltaker 1886^ 

Junior Graduated French Course, Translation, &c. post 8 vo. Is 64 ... Whittaker 1 886- 

Precis ofComparativeFr.Gram.&Idioms.& Guide to Exams. p.8o,3s64 Whittaker 1888 

IMcitsmilitaires, from Valmy, 1792,to Siege of Paris, 1870, p. 8vo,3s Whittaker 1889 

Barrett (A, fT.) Dental Surgery for General Practitioners and Students, p. 8vo, 3s Lewis 1885 

(C.R.B.) The Tower: Series of Etchings, with Vignettes, &c. folio, 21s... Caftt/ ^D 188^ 

(E. R,) Truth about Intoxicating Drinks, Scientif. &c. Aspects, p. 80, 2s 64 Nat. femp.Dep. 1889 

{F.) Admirable Lady Biddy Fane : Adventures, &c 3 v. 3ls 64 ; n. e. ds... CasseU 1888-^ 

Fettered for Life: a Novel, 3 voU. cr. 8vo, 31s 64 Chatto 1889 

Folly Morrison, new edit, post 8vo, 3s 64, 2s 64, and 2s Ward 4- D. ...1886-6' 

Found Guilty: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 64 Ward 4- D 1886 

Great Hesper, 12mo, Is 64 and Is Ward 4 D, 1887 

His Helpmate, post 8vo, ^s Ward 4' D 1887 

Honest Davie: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 64; new edit. 2« Bentley 1883-5 

John Ford: his Faults and his Follies, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12s Ward 4' D 1884 

Lieutenant Barnabas: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 64 Bentley 1881 

new edit, post 8vo, 3s 64 Ward 4 D. ......1888 

Little Lady Linton: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 64 Bentl^ .1884 

Prodigal's Progress, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3 Is 64 Bentley 1882 

Recoiling Vengeance, 2 vols cr. 8vo, 12s; new edit. 3s 64 Ward 4"^ D. ...1888-9 

Under a Strange Mask, 2 vols, cr. 8ro, 1 2s Caseell 1889 

{G. 8,) Family Worship: Morning and Evening, post 8vo, 2s 64 Jarrold 1889 

Temptations of Christ, 12mo, 3s 64 (Household Lib. of Exposition) Hamilton 1883 

f^.) Infancy and Childhood in Health and Disease, new ed. p. 8vo, 2s 64 Bowtledge 1883 

[t7.) How he Lost her : aStory, 16mo, 7s 64 New York 1887 

Jockey Club Stories, illustrated by Phil Ebbutt, 12mo, Is 'Fun' Office ...1887 

(Af.) William the Silent: a Biography, portrait, map. & illus. 12mo, 7t 64 Boston, Mass. ...1883 

(R. S.) Character Building: Talks to Young Men, 16mo, 2s 64 New York 188^ 

{W.) New Marina, post 8vo, Is W, JIT. Thomson 1889 

{W. ./i.) English Church Composers, post 8vo, 3s (Great Musicians) Low 1882 

Glees& Part Songs : Historical Development, p. 8vo, 7s 64 ; n. e. 5s Longmans . . . 1886-9 

Barrio {J. M.) Anld Licht Idylls, 6s; new edit cr. 8vo, 6s Hodder 1888>9 

Better Dead, post 8vo, Is Sonnenscheifi ...1887 

Edinburgh Eleven : Pencil Portraits from College Life, 1 2mo, Is. . . Office 1 888 

When a Man's Single: Tale of Literary Life, 6s ; 2nd ed. cr.8vo,6s Hodder 1888-9 

Window in Thrums, 6s; new edit, post 8vo, 6s Hodder ..1889 

Earrington {J. T,) England on the Defensive : Problem of Invasion, p.8vo, 7s 64 Kegan Paid 1882 

{Lady K.) Bible Hist, for Children : Short Hist, of Christ, ill. 12o, Is 64 Nishet 1889 

(L.) Short Prayers in Simple Words for Daily Use, new edit. 32mo, 64 Simpkin 1881 

Barron (A^ F,) Vines & Vine Culture, 8vo, 10s ; new edit. 6s 'Jnl.o/HdrtJ 18SS-~7 

{E, A.) The Viking: a Dramatic Poem, 12mo, 5s... Chicago 188S 

1881-1889] BABROW BABTON 87 

Burov (B. P.) Stray Links : Fiftj Short Stadies for SennD8.& Mdtatuis.p.8o,2« 6d Sktffinaton 1 888 

(Isaac) Sermons on Evil-Speaking, 18mo, ^d & Zd (National Library) ... CasaeU 1887 

(Sir John) Mutiny of the 'Bounty' & Pitcaim Islanders, 16mo, 6d 6c Zd Routledge 1886 

(/.) Honntain Ascents in Westmoreland & Cumberland, 7« 6c2 ;,d4 Louj 1 886-8 

(Sir J. C) Mary of Nazareth, Part 2, 2« Bums 4* 0. 1889 

(& /. & Z C.) Shaybncks, Ten Summers under Canras, w. map, 16mo, 68 Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Bumws (C. A/.) Acts & Anecdotes of Authors ; Facts about Books, &c. 12o, 7« 6(2 Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Facts and Fictions of Mental Healing, 12mo, 7s 6d Boston, Mass, ...1887 

(K P.) Manners and Customs of the Jews, new edit, poet 8vo, 2s 6d ... Bel, Tract 8oc,„ASS^ 

(J. 0.) On Horseback in Cappadocia: a Missionary Tour, 16mo, &s6d„, Boston^ Mass, ...1885 

(^.) American Commonwealths, V. 2: Oregon Struggle, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Purgatory : Boctrinally, Practically, & Histor. opened, 12mo, 6« 6d New York 1882 

United States of Yesterday and of To-morrow, cr. 8vo, 6s TVilbner 1888 

BmjfLiresof Irish Saints, 1st Series, 18mo, Is Washboume 1887 

(ii) Church Unity and Lay Help, 8vo,6<i Rivingtons 1882 

Colossians, Thessalonians, and Timothy, with Commentaries, 12mo,34 Cassell 1883 

— '{Bp, of Sydn^) First Words in Australia : Sermons, p. 8to, da Macmillan 1884 

— Parables of the Old Testament, post 8vo, 4« 8.P.C.K, 1880 

Sermons at Westminster Abbey, post 8vo, bs Cassell ....1884 

for Passiontide and Easter, post 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1881 

— — . Teacher^sPrayerBook, with Analysis & Notes, 18mo, 2s 6(2 Eyre j" S, 1882 

• (E. M.) Lectures on Architecture at the Royal Academy, 8vo, I6s Murray 1881 

(/. W,) and Bramwell {F. J.) Railways & Locomotives : Lectures, 8ro, 21« Longmans ......1882 

(M. J.) Heinrich and Leonore: an Alpine Story, &c. Verses, p. 8vo, Zs 6d Simpkin 1886 

(jr. Zw) Haid Realities, l2mo, 2s 6d aaid 2s J. ^ JS, Maxwell iSSi: 

(S, M.) Bayreuth and Franconian Switzerland, 6s ; new edit post 8ro, 2s Sonnensehein 1887-8 

( W.) Venesuela: Gold Mines of Ghiyana & Riyer Orinoco during '86,p. 8o, 6s Marshall Bros, . . 1 887 

fiKBtowCC. H,) Old Ransom; or, Light after Darkness : a Story, sq. 16mo, Is... Wame 1884 

Bntels(X)£ngli8h-German Conversations, 11th edit Is 6d Nutt 1884 

Modem Linguist: Conversations, English & French, n.e. ISmo, \s6d NtUt 1884 

Bsiters ABC Verbatim Reporting, 12mo, 2s 6d Author 1885 

Guide to Beautiful Writing, oblong, Is Simpkin 1886 

Iklagic Shorthand Note Book, oblong, 6(f Simpkin 1887 

Manual of A B C Shorthand for Colleges, SchooU,&c. 12mo, 6d Allman 1886 

Self-Instructor, ABC Shorthand, Ollendorff System, 12o, ls6d;Kej,6d Mlman 1885 

Wonderful Memory, and How to Acquire it, &c. 12mo, 6d Simpkin 1889 

Ssth {A,) Hie Religions of India, authorised trans, by Rev. J. Wood, 8 vo, 16s. . . TriJumer 1 88 1 

Bttthdet {A.) The Worics of Art and Bric-a-Brac Doctor, 6s Philadelphia ...1884 

BvtlwJooew (J.) British Colonial Pocket Atlas, 32mo,3s 6d and 2s Gd J. Walker 1886 

■ — Klementary School Atlas, royal 8vo, Is Macmillan 1888 

— Gazetteer of the British Isles, Statistical, &c. royal 8vo,36s... Black 1887 

Handy Reference Atlas of the World, post 8vo, 7s 6d J, Walker 1887 

National Atlas of Modem Geography, 4to, 2s 6d ColUfis 1884 

Pocket Atlas of EngUnd and Wales, 18mo,ls 6<2andls J, Walker 1887 

Ireland, 18mo,2s 6d, Is 6d, and Is J, Walker 1887 

-. World,3s6(i&2s6(i; 2nded.32mo,3s6(i&2s6i J, Walker 1886 

and Guide to London, 18mo, Is 6d and Is J, Walker 1889 

Paris, 18mo, Is 6(2 and Is J, Walker 1889 

Gazetteer of the World, 32mo, 2s 6(i J, Walker 1888 

(Mrs, M,) 34 Orig. Tunes, set to pieces by Milton,Heber,&c.4to,3s 6d Chapman 1 883 

^^^ithobw {B.) Electricity in its Application to Medicine, 2nd edit. 8vo, 12s 6(2... Phitadelphda ...1882 
Hypodermatic Medication in Diseases, 4th edit. 12mo, lOs 6d ... Philadelphia ...1882 

Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 18s; new edit 8vo, 16s H, K. Z^^i02it...l881-9 

Medical Electricity, illustrated 8vo, 10s 6d Simpkin 1887 

^ Practice of Medicine for Students & Practitioners, 5 ed. 8vo, 21s Lewis 1884 

^Qtlett (^ £) C6mic Angler, illustrated, 16mo, 6d Low 1886 

(E, AjJtmead") Shall England keep India? with special maps, folio. Is ... W, H, Allen 1885 

(£: 7*.) & Peters: Scriptures, Hebrew & Christian, Vol. 1, 7s 6(2; 2, 7s6d J. Clarke 1886-9 

( ^ J?.)NewGame8 forParlour & Lawn : Old Friends in a NewDress, 1 6mo,5s New York 1 882 

Ij.) Familiar Quotations, Author's edit. cr. 8vo, 7s 6d; 8vo, 3s 6d Routledae 1883>9 

— Shakespeare Phrase Book, post 8 ro, \2s6d MacmUlan 1881 

(R. E,) Letter and the Spirit : Bampton Lectures, 1888, 8vo, 9s RivingUms 1888 

(r.) Heart Stories, 12mo, 4s New York 1889 

( T, B.) The Life of Wm. Rimmer, in & near Boston & N.York, 4to, 52s 6d Boston, Mass . . . 1882 

\W, A.) Profitableness of the Scriptures, 2 Tim. iii. 16, 17, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Riwwtons 1884 

(IT. C.) A. Breeze from the Woocfs, 16mo, 6s 6d San Francisco ,„IBSZ 

»o%(£L H.) Medical Chemistry : Text-Book, with plate & Glossary, l2o,\2s6d Philadelphia ...1885 
^ital (C. A,) James T. Fields: a Discourse in West Church, Boston, 8vo, Is 6d Boston, Mass. ...1881 

r- Preaidrat's Death : a Discourse, 8vo, Is 6d Boston, Mass, ...1881 

*«6kiaa, by A, W. Tuer. 2 vols. 4to, 42s ; adv. 63s ; 2nd edit post 8vo, 12s 6d Field ^ T. ...1882-5 

— Catalogue of a Collection of Engravings and Etchings, by Tuer,4to, Is Field 4' T. 1883 

{^es) Bn>ther or Lover? post 8vo, 3s 6d L, Literary Soe. 1887 

(.4savAf.)TheMiniBterof Ebenezer Chapel, post 8vo, 5s and 2s 6(2 ... Crombie 1887-8 

88 BARTON BATES [English Cataloguf 

Barton (R. T.) Pleading and Practice in the CJourts of Chancery, Sro, 3U Cd ... Riehnwndj U.S. 1881 

Baitram (H.) Voice from Heaven : a Sermon on the Ere of all Saints, 1S88. 80, 6d BimngtMit 1888 

(i?.) Stories from the Book of Genesis, 18mo, U Sun, Sch.Asioc.,.\%%\. 

Bartrnm \E,) Church Catechism, with Notes & Scripture Proofs. 3rd eJ. 12mo, Is Oxford W^arr A.... 188ft 

The Stewarton, the Hive of the Busy Man, 12mo, 6<f Longmans 1881 

Barwell (A.H.S.) * Have ve received the Holy Ghost since ye Believed ? ' fcp. So,6d Rivingtom 1882 

(Mrs.) Good in Everything: Early Hist of G. Harland, n. ed. 12mo, U 64 GHffith 1881 

Little Lessons for Little Learners, 11th ed. sq. 16mo, Is 6<£ Griffith 1883 

(R,) Causes & Treatment of Lateral Curvature of Spine. 4 edall. p. 8vo, 6^ Maemil/an 1889 

-- Diseases of the Joints, illus. 2nd edit, revised and enlarged, 8vo, I6s MacmilUm 1881 

Bary {A, de) Comparative Morphology & Biology of the Fungi, &c. roy. 80, 22^ 6rf Oxford War€h,.MVl 

Lectures on Bacteria, 2nd improved ed. trans. by Gamsey, p. 8vo,6« Oxford If areA... 1887 

Bascom (e/l) vKsthetics ; or, the Science of Beauty, new edit. 8vo, 7s ^ New York 1881 

Natural Theology, 12mo, 7« 6i NewYork 1881 

Problems in Philosophy, 8vo. 7« 6<f New York 188& 

Science of Mind, 8vo, Ida 6d New York 1881 

Sociology, 8vo, 7s6d New York 1887 

Words of Christ as Principles of Personal & Social Growth, 12mo, 9s New York 1884 

Baseley (^fr«.) Millicenfs Children, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31.V 6<i Remington 1883 

Basford(J. L.) Sparks from the Philosopher's Stone, sq. 16mo, 2« 6d Bogue 1882 

Bashford (J, L.) Elementary Education in Saxony, 8vo, L** Low 1881 

Bashforth (F.) Attempt to Test Capil. Action by Forms of Drops of Fluid, 4to, 2ls Camb, Wareh, ...1883 
Basil (M. M.) Commoner Diseases of Life and Limb, cr. 8vo, 2i ^d ChurchiU 1887 

{St,) Ti^eatise on the Holy Spirit, trans. with notes, 12mo, 2s (C. C. Series) Rel. Draet Sex*.... 1888^ 

Baskcomb (C.G.H.) Advent Watch Words : Readings or Medita.for Advent, l2o,2« Skeffington 1886 

Forty Thoughts for Forty Days : Lent Manual. 32mo, ls&9d Mowbray 1886 

Baskerville {C. G.) Abba Father: Helps to Prayer and Meditation, 12mo, Is ^d Nisbet 188$ 

Basket of Flowers and Susan Gray, 12mo, Is 6^ (Edinburgh) Gemmell 1882 

or, Piety and Truth Triumphant, 12mo, U Hodder 1887-9 

fcp. 8vo, \s Houlston 1889 

by G.T.Bedell, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1882 

12mo, Is^^Xs (Lily Ser.) Ward ^ L 1885 

illus. cr.Svo, 2s Warm 1881 

Bass(r. /.) The King's Coin; or, God's Fraction, 12mo, Is 6(i: NUbet 1886 

Basset {A. B.) Treatise on Hydrodynamics, numerous examples. Vol. l,8vo, 10s 64 Bell ^' S. 1888 

(G.H.) Book of Antrim : for Manufacs. Merchts. Traders, p. 80, 3s ^d & 2s 6rf Simpkin 1 888 

Bassett {F. S.) Legends and Superstitions of the Sea & Sailors, illus. cr. 8vo,7s6rf Low ,...1886 

(e/".) Persia : Land ofthe Imams, Travel andResidence,l871-85,p.8vo,7s6e/ BUickie 1886 

Bassin (E.) Modern Hebrew and the Hebrew Christian, post 8vo, 4s 6c? Nisbet 1882 

Bastable (C. F.) Theory of Liternational Trade, with its Applications, p. 8o,3s 6d Simpkin 1887 

Bastian (H. C.) Paralyses, Cerebral, Bulbar, and Spinal, for Students,&e.8o.l 2s 6<i ff. K, Lewis 1886 

Bastiat (F.) Popular Fallacies regarding Trade and Foreign Duties, n.ed.Svo, 6rf Casseil 1882-8 

(3/. F.) Essays on Political Economy, 12mo, Is Beer 1886 

Bastin (E. S.) College Botany, Organography, Histology, Physiology, &'e.ill.8o, 1 5s Chicago 1889 

Elements of Botany, and a Glossary of Terms, illus. 8vo, 12s 6rf ... Chicago 1887 

Basu (K. P.) Student's Mathematical Companion, Prob. in Algebra, &c. p. 8vo, 6s Kegan Pavl 1887 

Batchelor ( 6^.) Social Equilibrium, & Problems, Ethical & Religious, 12mo, 7s 6d Boston^ Mass. ...1887 

(//.) Christian Fulfilments & Uses of the L^vitical Sin Offering, p.8vo,6s Nisbet 1887 

Bate («/;) Influence of the^Iind on Mind, 8vo, I2s6(£ Woolmer 1883 

Out-Spoken (dedicated to the Churches), 8vo, 3s 6i Passmore 1888 

Six Thousand Illustrations of Moral and Religious Truths, 9 ed.8o,7s6rf Jarrold 1884 

Bateman (C. S, L.) First Ascent of the Kasai, with illus. and maps, 8vo, 21s ... Philip 1889 

(F. La 7Vo/;e-) History & Description of Manchester Waterworks, 4o,50s 5/xws 1884 

— (J.) Clerical Reminiscences, 3rd edit, post 8vo, 4s 6d Seelei/ 1882 

' Great Landowners of Great Britain & Ireland, 4th edit. p. 8vo, 14s Harrison 1882 

— Law of Auctions, Rules for Valuing Property, &c. 6th ed. p. 8vo, 14s W. Maxwell 1882 

Why do you believe the Bible to be the Word of Gml ? Timo, Is... S.PCK. 1887 

Bates (A.) Berries of the Brier: a Collection of Poems, 16mo, ds Bostony Mass, ...1886 

— Lad's Love: a Campobello Story, 16mo, 5s Boston^ Mass, ...1887 

Pagans, translated, 16mo, 5s (American Novel Series, No. 2) New York 1884r 

— Patty's Perversities : a Story of New England Life, 18mo. bs ic2s ^ Bosto7i, Mass, ...1887 

Philistines: aNovel, 12mo, 7s ^ Boston ^ Mass. ,.,18S8 

Sonnets in Shadow. 16mo, Ss Boston^ Mass. ...1887 

.- Wheel of Fire: a Novel, 12mo, 6s New York 188»5 

C) Law of Limited Partnership, cr. 8 vo, 16s Boston, Mass. ...1B86 

E. CafJurine) A Year in the Great Republic, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s Ward ^ D 1887 

- {E. K.) George Vyvian : a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s ffurst 1889 

Kaleidoscope : Shifting Scenes from East and West, 8vo, 12s Ward ^ D 1889 


- - (Fannt/ B.) Between the Lights: Thoughts for the Quiet Hour, p 8vo, 5s Burnet 1888 

-^— {H, H .) Central America, West Indies and S. America, 2nd edit. p. 8vo,21s Stanford 1882 

(«/. H'.) Blind Lead: the Story of a Mine, 1 2mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1888 

• Nameless Wrestler: a Novel, 16mo, 5s and 2s 6rf Philadelphia ...1889 

-^— (K, L.) Rose and Thorn: a Novel, illustrated, 12mo, 7s 6c? Boston, Mass, ...1889^ 

1881-1889] BATES BAYLISS 39 

Bit«(^.) Eric, the Scandinavian ; or.Life with the Norsemen of the West, 12o,6«6i Philadelphia ...1884 

'{MUi n.) Edith Lawson, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31« 6</ F, V. White ...1886 

Bith {W. H.) Handbook of British Birds & their Nestsfe Eggs, p.8o, 1«(Y. Col.) Sonnenschein ...1888 

Young Collector's Handbook of Ants, Bees, Dr8gonflie8,&c.p.8vo,l« Sonnenschein ...1887 

Balh and Wells Diocesan Kalendar, 1888, cr. 8vo, 28 6d KeganPaiU. ....1888 

Bathe (i<.)LoTing Communicant, 18mo,6rf * Church Belh\,ASSS 

What I should Believe : Manual for Church-people, post 8vo, Zsdd... RivingUms ......1886 

Bather (F.) HinU on the Art of Catechising, new edit. 32mo, U Ad S.P.C.K, ...1888 

Bathgate (^.) Waitaruna : a Story of New Zealand Life, 12mo, 6« Low 1881 

(If.) Progressive Religion: Sermons & Selections from MSS.postSvo, 6« Hamilton 1884 

BatJej (A, W.) Series of Studies for Furniture, Decoration, &c. imp. folio, 62« 6i Low 1883 

Battalion Drill made Easy, in Accordance with the Field Exercise, 1884, sq. 16o, 2$ Simpkin 1886 

Batten (J. M.) Reminiscences of Two Years in the U. S. Navy, 16mo, 6* Philadelphia 1881 

Battersby {J. C.) Bridle Bits : a Treatise on Practical Horsemanship. 16mo, 6«... New York 1886 

(Mrs.) Riband Oath, an Irish Story; and Lighthouse Keepers, 12mo, 9d Sun. Sch, Uniwh 1886 

{T. D. H) Christ the First and the Last, post 8vo, 5s Hodder 1883 

( r. P.) Elf Island : a Fairy Tale, post 8vo, 3« 6rf GHffith 1886 

(T. S. F.) Secret Policy of Land Act: Compensation to Landlords, Svo,6d Simpkin 1882 

ftm^Tshall (J. P.) Food Adulteration and iU Detection, illustrated, 8vo, 15* Spons 1887 

Battenon {H.G.) Sketch-Book of American Episcopate, new ed. 12mo, 5tf ; 4to, 258 Philadelphia ...1884 

Battle of Life ; or, What is a Christian ? illustrated, 12mo, 1« 6rf Gall 4- 1, 1887 

NewiT : Result of Thirty Years' Lib. Legislature, by Ulidia, 2e. 1 2mo, 6d Simpkin 1883 

Port Said : History of the Future, from * Engineering,* or. 8vo, U * Engineer iiig\..lSSZ 

Talking: MetricalVersionof Home Rule Debates, by AW. A.P. 12o, 3rf Simpkin 1886 

the Moy : How Ireland gained her Independence in 1892-4, p. 8vo, Qd Sonnenschein ...1883 

off Worthing: Why the Invaders never got to Dorking, 6d L. Literary Soc. 1886 

Battlefield: aTaleof East End Life in London, 12mo. Is Partridge 1881 

Battling with the World : Story of the Roby Family, by A.L.O.E. 12mo, 28^... Nelsons 1881 

Batty (/.) Scope and Charm of Antiquarian Study, 8vo, Is Bcdway 1883 

(J. H.) How to Hunt and Trap, Outfit, Guns, &c. new edit. 1 2mo, Is^d New York 1 881 

Baaer (iCiirWtiw) Memoirs of, 2 vols. 8vo, 32«; 2nd edit. 2 vols. 8vo, 32« Remington 1886 

Posthumous Memoirs from the German (3, 4), 32« Remington 1884 

and the Coburg Princes, by Charles Nisbet, 1 2mo,3« 6rf,2s 6<f & U VizetcUy 1 885-9 

BaBrrman (H.) Metallurgy of Iron, 6th edit. 5«; 6th edit. 12mo, 6«6fl?..... Lockwood 1882-9 

Text-Book of Descriptive Mineralogy, 12mo, 6« Longrnans 1884 

Systematic Mineralogy, 1 2mo, 6* (Text Books) Longmans 1881 

F*nghan ( B.) Chirognomancy : Temperament of Thumb & Fingers, 8vo, 1 5 6(f & Is Redway 1 883-4 

Handbook of Palmistry, with illus. plates. 3 ed. 8vo, 3« 6c£& J ^ Redway 1 882-6 

Physiognomy, 8vo, Is Redway 1886 

Influence of the Stars : a Book of Old-World Lore, 6* Redway 1889 

Baombach (/?.) Summer Legends, translated by Helen B. Dole, post 8ro, 3s 6rf... W. Scott .........1889 

Bax (£". B.) Ethics of Socialism : Essays on Modem Socialist Criticism, p. 8o, 2s^d Sonnenschein ... 1889 

Hiatory'of Philosophy, for the use of Students, l2mo, 5s, Bohn; 5s ... Bell ^ S. 1886 

Beligion of Socialism: Essays on Criticism, p. 8vo, 4* 6rf. ; n. e. 2s Gd Sonnenschein 1886-9 

Baxeodala (W-) Dictionary of Anecdote, Incident, Illustrative Fact, r. 8vo, 128 Od Dickinson 1888 

Preacher's Commentary on the Book of Ruth, Notes, 8vo, Zs6d.., Dickinson 1882 

Baxley(/. B.) Prophet and other Poems, 16mo, 5s. New York 1888 

Temple of Alanthur, with other Poems, 8vo, 6s New York 1886 

Baxter (C E.) Talofa: Letters from Foreign Parts, post 8vo, As Low 1884 

(C. 2f.) Cheas Problems, collected and arranged, post 8vo, ZsGd Simpkin 1883 

(E, J.) In Anarchy's Net, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6rf W.H.Allen 1888 

(F.) Clavis Dominica. 12mo, 5s Bell 4- S 1884 

{R.) by O. D. Boyle, cr. Svo, 2s 6d (Men Worth Remembering) Hodder 1883 

Preacher and Prisoner, by John Hamilton Davies, Svo, lOs 6d Kent 1886 

Saints' Rest, new edit. 2vols.8vo (Anc. & M. Lib.Theo. Lit.), Isea. GHffith 1887 

(If. £.) England and Russia in Asia, post 8vo, Is (Imperial Parliament) Sonnenschein ...1886 

Judicature Acts and Rules, new ed. cr. 8vo, 10s; large paper, 20s Butterworths ...1883 

1873-84, 6 e. w.Sup.p.8vo, 15s; Sup.6s Butterworths ...1884 

Winter in India, with map and illustrations, post 8vo, 58 Cassell 1882 

{W, G.) Fifty Sloper Cartoons, from *A!ly Sloper's Half-Holiday,' 4to, Is... Dalziel 1888 

Eajaid. History of the Good Chevalier, from French of Larchey, roy. 8vo, 21s ... Chapman..,. 1883 

BaTkl£m(.4-) I>iy» and Lyrics, cr. Svo, 5s Bell^'S. 1887 

Eajlee (./.) Const on Earth, post Svo, red. 6s Hunt 1886 

Bay'iey (Sir E. Oive) History of India told by its own Historians, Svo, 21s W. H. Allen 1886 

(T.) As«ay & Analysis of Iron and Steel, Iron Ores, and Fuel, p. Svo, ZsGd Spons 1884 

Pocket Book for Chemists, Chemical Manufacturers, &c. new edit. 6s Spons 1881-6 

. Pharmacists, Medical Practit. Students, &c. 32mo, 6s Spons 1889 

(»'.) Banquet, fcp. Svo. 3s 6d Bayley 1884 

B«jlies (E.) Bights, Remedies, & Liabilities of Sureties & Guarantors, Svo, 31s6ef New York ...1881 

ttj)im{Wykr) Enchant«d Island, Venice of Titian, & other Studies in Art, p. So, 6s W. H. Allen 1888 

— Higher Life m Art: Chap, on Hobgoblins by Gt. Masters, 2 e. So, 6s W. H. Allen 1888 

Profe«orof Poetry at Oxford and the 'Witness of Art,' Svo, Is... W. H.Allen ISS** 

40 BAYLOR BEALE [English Catalogue 

Baylor (F. C) Behind the Blue Bidge : a Novel, 12mo, 6« Philadelphia ...1887 

^ Jane and Juanita: a Komance, with illustrations, 12mo, 78 6d Botton^ Mass, ...1887 

....On Both Sides : a Novel, post 8yo, 6«, Hamilton; 6s LippineoU 1886 

Shocking Example and other Sketches, with portrait, 12mo, 6s ... Phuadelphia ...1889 

Bayly (Eliz, B.) Jonat^n Merle : a West Country Story of the Times, p. Svo, 6« Jarrold 1889 

- I G,) Sea-life Sixty Years Ago : Discovery of Relics of P^rouse, p. 8to, 3s 6d Kegan Paul 1 885 

\j. A, Sparvel') New Studies on Old Subjects, post 8ro, 6s Stock 1889 

{Mrs,) Story of our English Bible, new edit. 12mo, 3# ed and Is 6d Nihbet 1883-9 

Bayma {J,) Elements of the Infinitesimal Calculus, 8vo, 10« 6d San Francisco ...1889 

Bayne (Jlicia) Studies in the Benedidte, post 8vo, ^s6d„ Hatchards 1886 

(P,) Christian Biographies : Howard, Wilberforce, Chalmers, & 8ro, 5s Bayne 1887 

Baynes( 2).) Auxiliary Methods of Cure: Weir Mitchell System ; Massage, 12o,2s6i Simpkin 1888 

\H,) Evolution of Modern Thought in India, 12mo, Is S.P.CK, 1889 

(H, S,) Child Life and Youth of Jesus, with consecutive illus. 32mo, 6d Partridge 1881 

(i2.) Hymns and other Verses, cr. 8vo, Is Low 1888 

[B, if.) «Bythe Waters of Babylon,' post 8vo, 2s Bevington 1886 

i.^..— ^»— - Hlustrated Book of Sacred Poems, new edit. roy. 8vo, 6s Cassell 1881 

Baynham (G, W.) Exercises, Rules, and Hints for Elocution, 12mo, Is 6d Blackie 1881 

^^-^— Select Readings and Recitations, post 8vo, 2s 6d Blackie 1883 

Bazalgette ( C, A'.) & Humphreys,;Law of Local & Municipal Gt)vemment, r. 8o, 63s Stevens ^S. 1 885 

^— relating to County Councils, rov. 8to, 7s 6rf Stevens 4* ^....1888-9 

Bazely {Henry) the Oxford Evangelist : a Memoir, by Rev. E. L. Hicks, p. 8vo, 6s MacmiUan 1886 

Be Kind to your Old Age: a Village Discussion of the P.O. Aids to Thrift, p. 8o,6<i S.P.CK, 1882 

Beach {C. AJ) Too Good for AnyUiing, new edit, post 8vo, 2s Wame 1881 

Way to Win, new edit, post 8vo, 2s Wame 1881 

(C. F,) Law of Contributory Negligence, 8vo, 26s New York 1881 

& Pratt {E. J.) Law of Wills in England & United States, 8vo, 15s San Francisco ...1889 

Beaconsfield {Earl) Alroy, Ixion in Heaven, Marrisga & Popanilla, n. ed. 12roo, Is Longmans 1886 

Biography, by T. P. O'Connor, 6th edit, post 8ro, 7sed Chatto 1884 

Algernon Foggo, Vol. 2, post 8vo, 10s dd Goubaud 1881 

Birthday Book, 32mo. 2« 6d Longmans 1884 

Cartoons from * Punch,' new edit. 4to, 5s and 2s 6d Bradbury 1881 

Coningsby, iU. by F. Gilbert, 8 vo, 6d (Dicks' English Novels) Di4:ks 1888 

(reprinted from the edition of 1844) p. 8vo, Zs6d W, H. Allen 1889 

Contarini Fleming, Sybil, Vivian Grey, 8o, 6d ea. BouiUdge 1888 

HenrieUa Temple, &c 8o, 6d e. Ward j- L 1888 

Correspondence w. his Sister, 1832-52, 10s 6<^; 2e.p.8o, lOsed Murray 1886 

En^ymion, new edit. 12mo, 6s, 2s 6<^, and 2s Longmans ...1881-2 

HenriettaTemple,Venetia,Wondrous Tale of Alroy, &c 8o,6<2e. Wame 1888 

Home Letters, written in 1830 and 1831, post 8to, 5s Murray 1885 

Letters, 1830-52, new ed. * Home Letters h Corres.' p. 8vo, 2s Murray 1887 

Life by T. £. Eebbel, post 8vo, 2s 6d (Sutesmen Series) W. H, Allen 1888 

& Political Career, by Edward Walford, 12mo, ls6rf& Is Warrie 1881 

Work, by L. Apjohn, p. 8o, 2s 6d (Mem. Men lOthCent) Tyne Pub. Co... .1881 

— Memoir, reprinted from the ' Times,' 12mo, Is lA)ngmans 1881 

— Memorials, reprinted from * Standard,' post 8vo, Zs6d Maemillan 1881 

— Norels, 10 vols. 12mo, 3s each Longmans 1881 

Hughenden edit. 11 vols, post 8ro, 42s Longmans 1881 

new edit. 12mo, Is 6d and Is each Longmans 1881-6 

Coningsby Sybil 

Contarini Fleming Tancred 

Endymion Venetia 

Henrietta Temple Vivian Gray 

Lothair Young Duke 

Public Life, by Francis Hitchman, n. e. po6t8vo, Ss6d;Zs6d Low 1881-5 

Recollections of his Later Years, 12mo, 6rf Btackwoods 1881 

Selected Speeches, arr. by Kebbel, with Portrait, 2 v. 8vo, 82s Longmans 1882 

Sketch of Public Career, by Hyndman, 3 ed. poet 8vo, red. Is W, H. Allen 1881 

Statesman & Orator : Polit. & Literary Career, 12o, 2s 6<i & Is Ward # L 1888 

~ Study, by Georg Brandes, 8vo, 6s Bentley 1881 

Whatishe?VindicatofEngl.Constitut.n.e.Hitchman,16o,2s6rf Field 4- T, 1884 

Wit and Wisdom, 6«; new edit. 3s 6d, 2s 6d, Is 6d, and Is... Zofi^tnafis...,^.. 1881-6 

— Y''oung Duke: Gleanings, com. by St. John Raikes, 16mo, Is... M, Ward 1886 

Beal {S.) Abstract of Four Lectures on Buddhist Literature in China, 8vo, I0s6d TrObner 1882 

Buddhism in China, 12mo, 2s 6d (Non-Christian Religious Systems) ... S,P.C,K. 1884 

Si-Yu-Ki, Buddhist Records of the Western World, trans.2vols.8vo, 24s TrUbner 1884 

Beale(^nns)Courtleroy, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6d Hurst 1887 

Fisher Village, 12mo, Is^d Bel. Tract Soc,. „ISS6 

Gladys the Reaper, 5s; new edit, post 8vo, Zs6d Griffith 1882 

Idonea: aNo?el, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6<i Hurst 1881 

Nothing Venture Nothing Have, illus. by F. A. Lockyer, p. 8vo, 5s Griffith 1886 

Pennant Family : Story of Craigavon, 5s ; new edit, post 8ro, 3s 6d„ Hoddtr 1885-7 

Queen o' the May, 16mo (Girl's Own Bookshelf, V. 3) 3s and 2s 6<;... Bel.Tract Soc. 1882*3 

J881-1889] BE ALE BEAUMONT 41 

Biale(i«ie)RestitTition: aNorel, 3 toIb. cr. 8to, 31# 6d Hurst 1888 

Roie Mervyn : a Tale of the Eebecca Riots, illustrated, post 8vo, 6s Griffith,, 1889 

Seren Years for Kachel, illustrated, sq. 16mo, Zs 6d Bel. Tract iSt>c....l886 

Simplicity and Fascination, post 8to, Zs 6d , Griffith 1883 

Squire Lisle's Bequest, 3 vols, post 8to, 31« 6d Hurst 1883 

Young Refugee, sq. 16mo, Is 6d , Rel. Tract Soc.„, ISS2 

{A, C.) Frobel Reading Primer, for Kindergarten & Infant Schools, 4to, U Sonnenschein ...1886 

{£,) Practice of Court of General Assessment Sessions, 12mo, lOs 6d Shaw ^ 8, 1888 

{ Mind of Christ as exhibited in 17th Chap, of St. John'sGoepel, 12o,8<i 8.P.C.K. 1887 

(i. 8.) Lectures on Principles & Practice of Medicine : The Liver, 8vo, 6# Churchill 1889 

One Hundred Urinary Deposits, 2nd edit plates, bs Churchill 1883 

— Our Morality and Moral Question, from Medical Side, p. 8vo, 2s6d Churchill 1886 

Slight Ailments: their Nature and Treatment, 2nd ed. 8vo, 6» Churchill 1882 

' Urinary and Rpnal Derangements and Calculus Disorders, 8vo, 5s Churchill 1885 

(&) Profitable Poultry Keeping, post 870, 3«6<?; red.2« Routine 1883-6 

{8. 8,) Amateur's Guide to Architecture, with illustrations, p. 8vo, Zs 6d„ Virtue 1887 

Louvre: Concise Handbook to the Museum, sq. 16mo, Zs „ Harrison 1883 

Bttl«7 {B, R,) Later Life : Jottings in Verse and Prose, post Svo,2t6d Simpkin 1 884 

AftU (/.) Happy Hours, with coloured, &c. E. E. Manly, roy. 8vo, 2s 6d Meissner ^ B. ...1889 
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Sttmish {Esther) ' A Voice that is Still' : Memorials of, by her Sister, p. 8vo, 6« <7. F, Shaw 1885 

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Our Home Physician: Preserv. Health <& Treat. Disease, 8vo, SUed New York 1883 

Psychology of the Salem Witchcraft Excitement of 1 692, 12mo, 6« New York 1882 

— Sea-Sickness : its Nature and Treatment, new edit. 12mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1882 

— Sexual Neurasthenia (Nervous Exhaustion), ed. Rockwell, 80, lOsed New York 1884 

and Rockwell (-4. D.) Medical and Surgical Electricity, 8vo 28f... Lewis 1881 

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— '(W. a.) Graduated Exercises in Addition (Simple and Compound), 4to, Is Bell # 8. 1889 

Beaidsley {jL EJ) History of Episcopal Church in Connecticut, n ed. 2 v. 8vo, 30* Boston, Mass, ...1883 

— . Life & Correspondence of S. Seabury , Bp. of Connecticut, 8vo, 21s Boston, Mass, ... 1 885 

— Johnson, Missionary, new ed. 8vo, 18s Boston, Mass, ...1887 

^mnt{Lucy W.) Sister Ursula, post 8vo, 6s J. Clarke 1884 

Sttiley (H.) Book of Prescriptions, contain. 3,000 most emineLt, 6 cd. 18mo,6s6i Churchill 1883 

* Pocket Formulary, & Synopsis of Phurmacopceias, lie. 18mo, 6s6(2 Churchill 1885 

(/?. D.) Elementary Plane Trigonometry, w. Examples, 8 ed. post 8vo, 3f 6rf Maximilian ...... 1883 

Beatitiidcs: Thoughts for AUSaints'Day, by Au. of 'Schuuberg Family,' \2o,\sed S.P.CK, 1889 

Beaton (A. C.) Pocket Technical Guide, Measurer. &c.for Builders, &c. 4 ed. Ued Lockwood 1887 

Quantities and Measurements : How to Calculate, 6 edit. 1 2mo, \sed Lockwood 1 882 

Biitriceof St. Mawe's, new edit 12mo, Is ,.- ^- ^' Gardner 1888 

{Primcess) Birthday Book, designed by the Princess Beatrice, 4to, 42s ... Smith ^ E, 1881 

BttSsoD {b, W,) Progressive Exercises in Greek Iambic Verse, 13th ed. 12mo, 3s Simpkin 1883 

5«tty {J.) Belle o' Becket's Lane: an American Novel, 12mo, Ised Philadelphia ...1883 

(P.) Marcia : a Tragedy, sq. 16mo, U Hamilton 1884 

Three Women of the People, and other Poems, post 8vo, es Newman 1881 

^ity (/.) Paying the Pastor, Unscriptural and Traditional, post 8vo, 6s Unwin 1885 

ficaocsire {Viscount H, de) Mesalliance in the House of Brunswick, 8vo, 12s Remington 1884 

B««hanip (5.) Grantley Grange, new edit. 12mo, 2s Chatto 1881 

^wd«k (»^. N.) Rural Italy, Present Agricultural Condition, 8vo, 9s Bentley 1888 

BeMfort(I>.^) What says theBible of Marrying Deceased Wife's Sister? 3a'... Rivingtona 1884 

{Duke of) Driving: with Contributions by others, illus. post 8vo, 10s 6d Longmans 1889 

—■ and Morris (iV.) Hunting, illus. by J. Sturgess, &c. p. 80, 10s ed Lotvgmans ......1885 

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^**fliBoot: Grange Career of Chevalier D'Eon de Beaumont, by Telfer, 8vo, 12s Longmans 1885 

(f roHCfs) Jack Dane's Inheritance : a Tale of Church Defence, 12mo, ed S.P.CK. 1884 

{Francis) A Critical Study, by G. C. Macaulay, cr. 8vo, 6s Keqan Paul 1883 

{Grace) Aunt Judith: the Story of a Loving Life, post8vo, 2sed Nelsons 1888 

(/.) Agricultural Holdings and the Law of Distress, roy. 12mo, IQsed Stevens 1884 

{Mde,di) Contes de f^es tir^s du Magasindes enfant8,po&t 8vo, Ised Hachette 1882 

42 BEAOrONT ^BEECHER [Ehclm Catilogum 

Beaumont (yfrt, B.) Twelre Years of my Life : an Antobiographv, 12mo, 7# ^ PkUadelpMa ...1887 

{Ji.) Woollen and Worsted Goth Mannfacture, pout 8vo, 7s ^d Belt ^ S 1887 

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with ita Seven Pillars, cheap edit. 4to, \s Rd. Tmct 5oc..„188^ 

Letters: Alphabets, InitiaU. Sonograms, and OmamentH, 12mo. 6#... Hartford, l'.5...188l 

Bea«ty of the King: Daily Food for the Kind's Household, by F. M. H. 32mo. Is Harckim 1881 

and How to Keep it, by a Professional Beauty, 12mo, 1.? Brmtano 188& 

Beauty's Daughters, by Author of ' Phyllis,' new edit. 12mo, 2t ^d and 2* Smith Jr £. 1884 

Bearen {Mrs. £,") Lil Grey; or. Arthur Ch«»ater'3 Courtship, pose 8ro, red. 2s 6d Partridge 1883 

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Natural History of Ca«re Birds, new edit, post 8vo, 3* 6<i Groomhridge ...1885 

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{Mary E.) Fresh Diggings from an Old 3Cine, with illastrations, p. 8vo, 2j RA, Tract 3oc.,„\%^ 

Heavenly Kelationship, ISrao, Ij Sishet ISS'S 

Turning Points in the LIvpm of Eminent Clirisrians, p. 8vo,3j 6rf Hhdder 1888 

(5. W.) Draper's Dictionary: a Maaujii of Textile Fabrics, p. 8vo. 3^ 6d ... * Wareh, J<wr.*...1882 

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— - (Wm.) Short Plam Lectures on the .Apostles* Creed, 18mo. 9<i ....», Eyre Jt S. 1887 

Becker (A.) Tempted of Deril: ESssages m Life of a Kabbalist: a Story, p. 8o, 6* A. fh/rdner 1888 

(A.L,) Supplementary Exercises to First German Book, 18mo, is Hachctie 1888^ 

— {B. H.) Disturbed Ireland : Lett4»rs written dur. Winter, 1880-81, p. 8o, 6a MacmilUm 1881 

-- (H. H.) Holiday Haunts by Clifiide and Riverside, o.«» ; new edit. 5s Rgmiugton ...18S4-5 

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with Genealogical Tables and map, 12mo, ZsM.., Oxford Worth. 188S 

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{Sir jEL) Astronomy without Mathem^itir;). 7th e<Ut. cr. 8ro. 4? .-. S.P.C.K. ........ 18S3 

- Review of Hume and Hnxley on Miracles, post Sro, 6<f...„ SJ*.C.K. «.18S3 

Rudimentary Treat, on Clocks, Watches, & Bells, 7 e. 12mo, 5* 6d Loekwood 1883 

Should the Revised New Testament be Authorised? cr. 8vo, 6* Mnrray 1882 

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( JF.) History of the Caliph Tathek, 18mo, 6rf & 3</ (National Librarv) Cas»eU «.1887 

— — «&■ Johnson (»S.)Vathek,by Beckford; Rassebis. by Johnson, p. 8o, 7;*6<i yimmo ^ ....1882 

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Beddome {R. H.) Ferns of British India, Ceylon. & Malay Pcnins. 18^; red. 12j ^ Thacker 1883-7 

Bede (C) Fotheringhay and Mary Qaeen of Scots, post 8vo, o,-* Sioipkin 1885 

(Cuthberf) Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, new edit, post 8vo, Zs6d ^Zs J. Blackwood 1883-5 

( yenerahle) Epistle to Egbert, & Extracts from Betie's History, tr. 12mo, 1* Suupkin .........1883 

Bedell (G. T.) Basket of Flowers; or. Piety & Truth Triumphant, n. ed. 12mo, Is Simpi-in 1883 

Pastor: Pastoral Theology, 12mo, 6s Cleveland 1887 

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— — i^fJ') Prelim. Exam.Qnestions in Latin Grammar, with Answers, 2 e. 18« Stevens 4- 8 1882 

Student's Gde. to Stephen's Com. on Iaws. 2 e. 12* ; 3 e. 8vo, 7* 6J S/eveiu ^f 6L ...1881-4 

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— -- (J. T,) Story of the Ptes^rvation of Epping F'^reat: a Lecture, Svo, 1* ... OMingridge 1882 

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{S.) House Sanitation for the Multitude, 8vo, 1* Rid^ntay 1884 

- ( fT.X.i?.) Regulations of Hosp. of Knights of St. John at Valet t,i, r. 8o. 7*6*/ Blackwods 1882 

Beebe (C.D.) Lace, Ancient & Modem, with Hist, of its Origin ^^ Manulacv Svo. 12* y^v York 1881 

Beeby ( C. E.) Woes of the Gospel: Xr. H. Spencer and Damnation, fop. Svo. . ...1884 

Beech {J. H.) Ooter Life of a Methodist Preacher, and Sermons, post Sro, os ...1884 

Be»»cher (^- W.) Evolution and Religion: Eight Sermons. Sro. 3^ 6d ...1885 

Part 2 : Eighteen Stjrmons, Life, Svo, .* ... 1 884 

— __^ Revolution: Selected Discourses, Svo, lOs 6d .. ...1884 

Last Sermons preached in Plymouth Ch. Brooklyn, p. Svo, 3s 6. .,1 S87 

Lectures to Young Men on Various Import. Subjects, 12mo,2s 6< - . . 1 887 

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Pat riotic Addresses : on Slavery, &c. by J. R. Howard. Svo, 25 6c . . 1 887 

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— Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit: Selections, &c- 2.^ 6d and If... 885—7 

Religion Sc Duty: Sonday R^ings from Be»»cher. p. Sro. 3j» 6<f . .1887 

— Sermons ; embracing Discourses preached daring 1873-5, Sro, 9* * . . 1 882 
' from Pl}Tnonth Pulpit, 1 882-3, cr. Svo, 7s 6d .1 883 

1881-1889] BEECHER BELFOND 4B 

Beecher {U, W,) Sennons from Published & Unpublished Discourses, 2 v. p. 870,75 Dickinson 1886 

in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, 4 toIs. cr. 8vo, 4«each J. Clarke 1888 

as a Humorist: excerpts from works, by E. K. Ames, 16mo, 6s New ybrA:......,..1887 

Biography, by Wm. C. Beecher, &c. roy. 8vo, 21« Low 188& 

Christian Philosopher, Pulpit Orator, &c selections, ill. 12mo, 65 Chicago 1887 

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His Career as a Preacher, Lecturer, Orator, &c. 8vo, 12s ^d ... F. B. Hunt ......1883 

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in England, 1886: Addresses, Lectures, Sermons, Prayers, p.8o, 5a J. Clarke 1886 

the Pulpit, sq. 16mo, 6<iand Zd (World Library) Ttoutledge 1886 

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Beecbcy (F. S.) Electro- Telegraphy, 2nd edit. 12mo, la and 6d Spons 1882 

Becching (/T. C.) Prosody of 'Paradise Regained* &* Samson Agonistes,* p. 8 ro, la Simpkin 1889^ 

Beerbohm (J.) Wanderings in Patagonia, new edit, illustrated, post 3ro, 3a 6d„. Chatto 1881 

Beers (H.AJ) Life of Nathaniel Parker Willis, 16mo, 6a (American Men of Letters) Boston, Mass. ...1885 

Outline Sketch of American Literature, 18mo, 3a 6c? New York 1887 

Thankless Muse, and other Poems, 16mo. 6a Boston, Mass. ...1885 

Bees, Rabbits, & Pigeons : How to breed & rear them on Sound Principles, p. 8vo, la Ward ^ L 1 882 

Beet {J. A.) Commentary on Corinthians, post 8vo, 10a 6(2; new edit. 10a 6(i Hodder, 1882-5 

— Galatians, post 8vo, 5a Hodder 1885 

Romans, 10a 6<i; new edit, post 8vo,7»6rf Hodder 1882-5 

Credentials of the Oospels : Reason of Xtn. Hope : a Lecture, 80, 2a 6<i West. Bk. Room 1889 

Beetboren : a Memoir, by Elliott Graeme, 3rd edit, post 8vo, 3a 6rf Griffin 1887 

Bwtleon his Back, by a Looker-on, 12mo, 6c? Simpkin 1886- 

Beeton's Art of Public Speaking: a Practical Treatise on Oratory, post 8vo, la... Ward ^ L. ...1882-5 

Book of English Poetry, from Chaucer to Pope, with Notes, roy. 8vo, 6a... Wa'rd 5' L 1888 

Favourite Modem Poets of England and America, roy. 8vo, 5a Ward ^ L 1888 

Garden Management, post 8ro, red. 6a Ward ^ L 1888 

British Orators and Oratory, Past and Present, post 8vo, la Ward ^ L 1882 

Christmas Annual: a Curious Company, 8vo, la Ward^ L 1882' 

Dead Town : a Romance of the Oil Country, 8yo, la Ward J L 1883 

— — Uncle 01denthorpe*s Legacy, 8yo, la Ward 4' L 1884 

Defeated, 8vo, la Ward^ L 1885 

. Worth his Weight in Gold, &c. 8vo, la Ward ^ L 1886 

Mystery of MandevilleSq. by SirG. Campbell,8vo, la Ward ^ L 1888 

- Complete Orator, including the Art of Public Speaking, post 8vo, 3a 6ci Ward ^ L. ...1881-9 
~ Cookery Book for Comfort, Economy, and Health, 12mo, 6rf Ward 4' L 1886 

— Cottage Cookery Book, Simple Lessons in Cookery & Management, 12o,6<i Ward ^ L 1886 

~ Dictionary of Geography, Biography, and History, new ed. roy. 8ro, 18a Ward §; L 1881 

Industries and Commerce, illustrated, roy. 8vo, 7a 6d Ward 4' L 1888- 

Literature, Fine Arts, and Amusements, roy. 8vo, 7a 6fl?... Ward 4' L 1888 

Natural History, post 8ro, 2a6rf Ward 4' L 1884 

Science,Art,Literature,Religion,& Philosophy, n.e.r.8o, 18a Ward 4' L 1885 

— Domestic Recipe Book: Domestic Management, Household, &c. p. 8vo,la Ward 4' -^ 1883 

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— Illustrated Dictionary of Physical Sciences, 8vo, 7a 6d Ward 4 L 1886 

Religion, Philosophy,Politics,& Law, r. 80, 7a6(i Ward 4- L 1886 

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Brfcoe the Altar: Christian's Manual for Attendance, &c. n. e. roy. 32mo, la 4i &; 1 a Mowbray 1 884-5 

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- — {W.P.) Development of Taste, and other Studies in ^Isthetics, 8vo, 12a 6rf . . . MacmiUan 1 884 

Begiwier'i Guide to Photography, la; 2nd edit. 12mo, la Perken 1886-8 

B^umbagh : a Tale of the Indian Mutiny, and other Stories, post 8vo, la 6rf Chambers 1887 

Behind the Bungalow, by Elia, 6a; 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6a Thacker 1889 

Cloud, and other Lessons from Life, by E. C. po8t8vo, 4a ^ Nishet 1885 

Scenes in Norway, by a Special Correspondent, post 8vo,2a 6c£& la6rf Simpkin 1884 

Bthn {Mrv, Apkra) Oroonoko, from the original in British Museum, 12mo, la Thomson 1889 

Bcknke {E.) Mechanism of the Human Voice, new edit, post 8vo, 2a 6<i & la 6rf... Curwen 1888 

&Browne,Child*8Voice:Treatmentof After-DeTelopment,p. 8o,3a6rf Low 1885 

frbraods {A. J. F.) Socialism and Christianity, 12mo,7a 6d NewYork 1886 

Briirens ( J". fK.)Micro9CopeinBotanicalResearch,traos. from the German,8T0, 25a Boston, Mass. ...1885 

( >r. J. )Text-Book of General Botany, rev. byP.Geddes,408illus.8o, 10a 6<i Simpkin 1885- 

Bei|faton (J. T.) Betel-nut Islands; Scenes fr. Home & Tent, in India, p. 8vo, 2a H Bel. Tract Soc ...1887 

(Ifra.) Stories of Home Life, 12mo, la Jarrold 1888 

BelMMy (2?.) Bible and the Papacy, post 8 vo, 2a Kegan Paul 1889 

' &Mermilliod, Marriage in Pre-Chri8tn.&Chri8tn.I>, la Bums 4 1881 

B»lebT(fll)KeytoShort Exercises in Latin Prose Composition, n.e. 18mo, 3a6(2... Macmillan 1885 

Second Part of Short Exercises in Latin Prose, 18mo, 3a Macmillan ......1883 

Bekwtt {G.) Ptopular English Proverbs, Familiar & Idiomatic Locutions, l2mo, 2a Hachette 1883 

* Meaion of most-used French Proverbs, w. English Equivalents, 1 80, la Stanford 1 882 

^«l£aod(/.}HIementaryFrenchConversational Gram. Pt.l, Accidence, p. 8 vo, Is^ Hachette IBB8 

44 BELFORD BELLECIUS [Ekolish Cath/wui 

Belford (P.) iTonoe : a Tale of Bonlogne-sur-Mer, post 8vo, U General Pub,Co. 1889 

Bell'ord's Annual, 1888^9, illustrated, 4lo, l0s6dKnd7Bed « New York 1889 

Belgium of the East, by Au. of * Egypt under Ismail Pasha,' ed. by B. Jerrold, p.8o,6« W, H, Mien ... 1 882 

Belgrave (D. J.) Great Turf Fraud : a Queer Story of the 8t. LeSjer, 12mo, Is J, Hoag 1888 

Luck at the Diamond Fields, post 8vo, 6# Ward ^ D 1887 

Belfpravia, Vols. 43-69, 8vo, 7» 6rf each Chatto 1881-9 

Beljame (AI.) andBossert (X) Common French Words, a Stepto Conr.&Gor. 12o,2s Hachette 1887 

Bell {A.) An Old Educational Keformer, Dr. Andrew Bell, 12mo, 3s 6<2 Blackwooda 1881 

(A. J.) Whence Comes Man, from Nature or from God? 8vo, 12« Isbisier 1888 

(A. 3f.) Sounds and their Belations : Manual of Univ. Alphabetics, I0s6d&7s6d 8aUm,]iifass, 1881 

World English, the Universal Language, roy. 8vo, Is I^ubner 1888 

(C JD,) Gleanings from a Tour in Palestine and the East, 5s ; 2 ed. p. 8vo, 6s Hodder 1887-9 

Huguenot Family, new edit. 12mo, Is 6rf & Is (Star Series) Wame 1881 

Hymns for the Church and the Chamber, post 8vo, 3s6<2 Nitbet 1881 

— Living Truths for the Head and Heart, post 8vo, ZiM Nisbet 1881 

Our Daily Life : its Duties and its Dangers, post 8to, 3s 6<^ Hodder 1881 

- Boll Call of Faith, 2nd edit 12mo, 5s Hunt 1886 

~ Songs in Many Keys, post 8vo, 5s NUbet 1884 

- 'Valley of WeepingaPlaceof Springs': Expos. of Ps. xxxii. p. 8o, 8s6<i Hodder 1886 

^Winter on the Nile in Egypt axid in Nubia, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6s ... Hodder, 1889 

(C.^.af.)EgyptianFinance,fr. Letters in 'Times,' Dec.-Feb. 1885-6, 12mo, Is Harrison 1886 

From Pharaoh to Fellah, illus. by Montbard, 4to, 16s; n.ed. 7s 6d W.JV.Gardner 1887-9 

(D.) Among the Bocks around Glasgow, cr. 8vo, 6s Maclehoee 1881 

(2>. C) Ladies' Header: Class-Book ofPoetryfor SchoolsandFamilies,p.8o,2s6<2 Hodder 1885 

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& A, ilf.) Standard Elocutionist, new edit. sm. 8vo, 3s M Hodder 1882-8 

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((r. C.) Increase of Faith : a Sermon preached in Salisbury, 8vo, Id Simpkin 1887 

{H,) Choice of Wisdom ; or, Saviour's Besponse to Man's Anxiety, 18mo,red.9c{ Stock 1884 

- - (H, G,) Mary Queen of Scots: a Poem, 4to, 2« 6d Tnek 1889 

— - {H, J.) Obeah Witchcraft in the West Indies, post 8vo, 2s6i Low 1889 

(H M.) AFoigotten Genius : C. Whitehead : a Critical Monograph, cr. 8o,7s6^ Stock 1884 

(H, T, MJ) Old Year Leaves : Old Verses, 6s, Stock; new ed. post 8vo, 5s ... Unwin 1884-5 

Verses of Varied Life, new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 Unwin 1885 

(«/'.) Analysis of Foods, Part 1, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, &c. p. 8yo, 2s 6(2... Chapman 1881 

2, Milk, Butter, &c. post 8vo, 3s Chapman '....1883 

Examination Book-keeping, post 8vo, 2s Chambers 1889 

George Eliot as a Novelist: a Lecture, cr. 8vo, Is Zd Hamilton 1888 

Manual of the Operations of Surgery, illustrated, 6th edit, post 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1888 

Notes on Suigery for Nurses, 1 2mo, 2s 6£^ Simpkin 1887 

(J. F.) Premier and the Painter, 10s 6d; new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6d Blackett 1888-9 

{J. X.) Principles of the Manufocture of Iron and Steel, 8to, 21s Boutledge 1884 

- — (AT.) Deeds not Words, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6rf Boutledge 1888 

His Fatal Success : the Strange Adventures of Joho Stuart, post 8vo, Is Jhane .....1889 

(Jtfary) Book of Counsels for Girls, 12mo, Is S.RCK, 1888 

By Northern Seas, poet 8vo, 2s6<i ....; Ch. Ext, Assoc,. ASS7 

{M, (71) Catechism of the History of Musicians, with Questions, cr. 8vo, Is ... Simpkin 1889 

- (A/ Petit th^tredesenfants: 12TinyFrenchPlay8for Child. 12o, Is 6<2 Longmans 1888 

Th^dtre de la jeunesse : Twelve Little French Plays, fcp. 2s 6d... Lfngmans 1889 

(i?.) Diphtheria : its Cause, Cure, and how toArrest it, 8vo, Is Churchill 1881 

Our Children: How to Keep Them Well &Treat when 111, n. e.8s 6d ... Hamilton 1889 

12mo, 3s 6^ and 2s 6(2 Simpkin 1887 

Woman in Health and Sickness, post 8vo, 3s 6d and 2s 6d Simpkin 1889 

{T. Jl) History of the Water Supply of the World, 8vo, 4s ed Cincinnati, U.S. 1882 

— - (W. G,) British Farmer's Labour and General Account Book, 8s Qd Lockwood 1881 

Bell's Agricultural Series (See Appendix J?.) 

Books for Young Readers (See Appendix bS 

Reading Books (See Appendix B.) 

Bellairs (Lady) Gossips with Girls and Maidens, Betrothed and Free, post 8vo, 5s Blackwoods ...1887^ 

Transvaal War, 1880-81, 8vo, 16s Blackwoods 1885 

(Sir W.) Military Career: GuidetoYoungOfficers,Candidates,&c.p.8o,5s W. H. Allen 1889 

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Bellamy (C. J.) Way Out: Suggestions for Social Reform, 8vo, 6s New York 1884 

(i?)Dr. HeidenhoflTs Process, cr. 8vo, 6s HamUton 1884 

Looking Backward : 2000-1887 : a Romance, 12mo, 7s 6<2 Boston, Mass. ...1888 

post 8vo, Is W. Beeves 1889 

Miss Ludington's Sister : a Romance, 16mo, 6s Hamilton 1884 

« Student's Guide to Surgical Anatomy, 3 edenlarg.&revd. 12mo, 7s6^ Churchill 1885 

(E. W.) Old Man Gilbert: a Novel, small 8vo, 5s and 2s 6<i Chicago 1888 

Bellars (W.) Before the Throne : Private Devotion, 2s ed ; n. e. 18mo, 2s ed Sotinenschein 1884-8 

Bella6i8(£'.) New Terence at Edgbaston: Performances, 1880-1, 3rdis8ue,sm.4o,ls6c2 KeganPaul 1885 

BoUecius' Solid Virtue, Meansof Acquiring & Motives for Practising, 2 e.c. 8o,7s ed Washboume 1882 

1881-1889] BELLE SHEIM BENN 45 

BeUesbaiiD (^.) Catholic Church of Scotland, by Blair, Vols. 1 , 2, 25j ; 3, Svo, 1 2f 6d Blackwoods ... 1 887-» 

B6Uett(/.C.)D6tidiD Christ; or,Bible Studies ofthe Faithful Departed, 12o, UM 8.P,C,K, 1887 

God's Witness : Studies on Fulfilm. of Jacob's Proph. Bless, p. 8 vo,6« Masters 1 883 

BeUew(Gzp^)Memoirsofa6riffio: a Cadet's First Year io India, n.e. p. 8 vo,10« 6(2 W. H. Mien 1881 

\H, W.) From the Indus to the Tigris, 8ro, Us; red. 10« M Tnihner 1885 

Kashmir and Kashgar: Journey of the Embassy, 8o,16«; red. lO^i Triibner 1885 

Nature, Causes, &e. of Cholera in India, fir. 1862 to 1881, 8o, 7« 6d Triibner 1887 

(/. C. 3r.) Poet's Corner, for Students, 2« 6d ; new edit, post 8to, Zs6d ... Boutledge ... 1 884-9 

Bellnves ( G, C) What the Church Bells were Saying, and other Papers, 1 2mo, 1 «. . . Hodges 1 884 

BaUingham (Lady C.) Duties of Christian Parents, Zs 6d Washboume 1884 

(H, B, G,) Ups and Downs of Spanish Travel, 2nd edit, post 8ro, 5s ... Kegan Paul 1883 

Bellows (H, W.) Before and After the President's Death : Two Sermons, 8to, l«6i. . . New York 1 881 

Sermonsin AllSouU' Church, New York, 1865-81, 8vo, 12«6rf ... New York 1884 

and Addresses, 12mo, 10« ^d Boston^ Mass. ...1882 

(y.) Pocket French Dictionarjr. by Prof. Beljame, n. e. 32o, 12*6rf & lOi 6rf TrUbner 1884-6 

BtUs of Yule : a Selection of Poems, illustrated by B. D. Sigmund, 8ro, Is Hildesheimer ...1888 

Btlmore ( Barl) History of the Two Ulster Manors of Finagh and Coole, 8to, 1 Os 6d Longmans 1881 

ParL Memoirs ofFermanaghandTyronetfr. 1618 to 1885, 8o,10«6<2 8impkm 1887 

County and Borough, 2« 6<2 Simpkin 1885 

Bilot {A.) Alphonsine ; or, the Criminal Charm, authorised translation, 1 2mo, Is. . . General Pub. Co. 1888 

Black Venus: a Tale of the Dark Continent, fr. the French, sq. 16mo, is Philadelphia ... 1881 

• Crimes of Paris ; or, Colonists and the Capital, 12mo, 2^ Vickers 1884 

Woman of Fire, translated, post 870, 2* %d (Boulevard Novels) Vtzeielly 1884 

Belt (A P.) Marjorie Huntingdon : a Novel, 12mo, 6« Philadelphia ...1884 

— (r.)Naturaii8tinNicaragua: Resid.atGoldMinesof Ohontales,2e.p.8o,7s6(f E. Bumpus 1888 

Bdt Trial: Beview of, by an Outsider, with extracts from Evidence, 8vo, 1« F. V, White 1883 

Belt sod Spur, Stories of the Knights of theMiddle Ages ; from Old Chron. p. 8 vo, hs SeeUy 1 882 

Bnrose ( W.) Buhl- Work & Marquetry, with Pract. Ins. & Col. Designs, 3 e. 4o, 6s E. Bemrose ......1887 

ManualofWood Carving, w.Introd. byLlewellynn Jewitt, 16e.r.8o,5s Bemrose 1887 

Bearose's Guide to Paris and the 1889 Exhibition, post 8vo, Is Bemrose 1889 

School Manuals (See Appendix B.) 

Biisnd Kit: a Story about Two Poor Children in London, new edit. 18mo, Is ... Simpkin 1882 

Bendcp (A, ir.)Dantzick; or. Story of a Picture, with other Tales, 2nd ed. 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1881 

Beiidall(C) Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts in Univ. Lib. Cam. 8o, I2s Camb, Wareh....lSS3 

Literary and Archaeological Research in Nepal& N.India'84-5, 8o, 1 Os Camb. Wareh,.,. 1 886 

(G.) Musa Silvestris, sq. 16mo, Is 6d Kegan Paul 1884 

- Scenes and Songs, 12mo, 3s 6c{ Barrett 1881 

Beuath the Green Emblem, by an American, 8vo, 6d Simpkin 1889 

Bewdict {F. X.) The Price She Paid : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d F. V. White 1882 

(1.0^) How to Teach the Pianoforte to Young Beginners, cr.8vo,6<2 ... Hughes 1883 

{Mrs. A, K.) My Wonder-Book: a Child's Physiology, 4to, 7<6rf Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Benedictus, by the Author of * Eftelle,' 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s Bell ^ S. 1887 

Bnedikt(iff.)ChemistryofCoal-Tar Colours, trans, by £.Knecht, 2 e. p.8o,6s6c2 Bell^^ S. 1889 

Beoedix («r.i?.) Doctor Wespe, edited, with Notes, &c. by Karl Breul,12mo, 3s ... Cam6. fForeA. ...1888 

— w. Notes & Vocabulary hj Frans Lange, 1 2mo, 2s6rf Whxttaker 1 888 

Dr. Trenwald: a Comedy, ed. by H. S. Beresford-Webb, 18mo, 2s Bivingions 1887 

Btogeo's French Grammar, by E. de Tuetey,fcp. 8vo, 2s 6d RivingUms 1882 

Be9hab(£l) Vagary Papers, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s Bemvngion 1881 

Benham {R. F.) The Supply of Water to our Homes, 8vo, 6d Churchill 1882 

(W,) Companion to the Lectionary: Commentary, &c. n. ed. post 8vo, 4s 6^ MacmUlan .1884 

How to Teach the Old Testament, 12mo, Sd (Rel. Know. Manuals) National Soc. ...1881 

Sermons, Church's Year, Vol. 1 to Trinity, 6s; 2.Trin. to Advt. 8o, 6s Griffith 1884 

Short History of Episcopal Church in United States, cr. 8vo, 2« 6d Griffith 1884 

Winchester, with map, fcp. 8vo, 3s (Diocesan Histories) S.P.CK. 1884 

{W. G.)AStoryofStourton, and otherWiltehireTales, in Verse, 18mo,ls Simpkin 1883-4 

Benson {H. W. 8. Worsley-) Haunts of Nature, ill. by C. N. Worsley, p. 8vo, 6s Stock 1889 

Nature's Fairyland : Woodld. Mead. &c.5s ; 2e. p. 8o,5s Slock 1 888 

Bn^jameni de Israeli: Who is thisUncircumcised Philistine? byD.(Edipus,p.8o,7s6(ci Stewart 4* Co. ... 1881 

BagiBiin (£ B.) Jim the Parson, fcp. Is ed and Is Ward ^ L. ..!... 1889 

< Two Victors, cr. 8 vo, 10s 6<i and 7s 6rf F. V. White 1881 

{G. W.) Sunny Side of Shadow: Reveries of a Convdescent, 16mo, 5s... Boston, Mass, ...1887 

— ?X.) Why wasit? aNovel, 12mo, 5sand2s6rf Chicago 1888 

(X.P.) On Sales, new edit, by A. B. Pearson and H. F. Boyd, roy . 8vOy 38s Sweet 1 883-S 

(P.) Age of Electricity : from Amber-soul to Telephone, illus. 1 2mo, 786d Cassell 1884-7 

{S. G. W.) Cruise of the Alicei May in Gulf of St Lawrence, sq. 8o, 7s6i New York 1884 

Group of Etchers, 20 Etchings by Fr. & Eng. Artists, fol. 75s New York 1 882 

Oar American Artists, Ser. I,l0s6d&7s6d; 4o, I0s6d&c7s6d Boston, jlfass. ...1881 

Persia, post 8vo, 5s (Story of Nations) Unwin 1888 

and the Persians, illustrated, roy. 8vo, 24s..... Murray 1886 

— a Sketch, by E. and A. post 8vo, 6s GHffith 1885 

Holfs Boys and What they Did for Him, 18mo, Is Partridge 1881 

{A. IT.) The Greek Philosophers, 2 vols. 8vo, 28s Kegan Paul 188S 

46 BENNETT BENTLEY [Exgush Cataloqub 

Bennett (A,) The Music of mj Heart, 12mo, 3* 6d Sin^kin 1889 

(A, H.) Electro-Diagnoeis in Diseases of the Nervous Svstem, 8vo, Ss %d Lewis 1882 

Statistical Inquiry into Nature & Treatment of Epilepsy, 8o,2« 6^ LewU 1884 

{A. W.) and Murray {G,) Handbook of Cryptogamic Botany, ill. 8to, 16# Longmans 1889 

(C.) Cloud on St. Angelo: a Novel, 2 voIs.cp. 8vo, 2U Unwin 1888 

Massage Case: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 2li» Unwin 1887 

(C. JF.) Christian Archeology, Introduction by Dr. F. Piper, 8vo, 18* ... New York 1888 

(E.) Amenities of Social Life, 12mo, 3# 6rf Stock 1887 

(FMm A.) Freemen or Slaves, sm. 8vo, Is 6d - Nisbet 1888 

(F, ES) Detective's Experirnce amoni; the Mormons, &c l2mo, 7s 6d CUeatfo 1887 

(<r.) How to Restore the Walking Powers, new edit. 1* Whitiaker 1883 

\G. L.) Easy Latin Passages for Unseen Translation, ]8mo. Is 4^ BimngUms 1883 

Stories for Beginners, new edit. cr. 8vo, 2s 6d JUvingtons ...1881-9 

First Latin Writer, with Accidence, Syntax. &c. n. e. cr.8vo, 8*6<f Bivinqtons ...188S-4 

Second Latin Reading Bk. Continuation of Easy Storie8,cr 8o,2^^ Bivingtons 1882 

Writer: Latin Prose, with Exercises., 3*6rf Biftingtons 1884 

Viri Blustres Urbis Romse : EHem. Latin Reading Bk. fcp. 8o, \s6d Bivingtons 1884 

(G. ^f.) Art of the Bone Setter, with Notes and illustrations, p, So, Zs6d Mnrhy 1884 

(ff. M.) The King of Glory: Short Meditations for Easter, &c. 12mo, Is Hages 1884 

\j.) Billiards, edit, by ' Cavendish,* illus. 3rd edit, post 8vo, 10« ^d Dela Bue 1881 

John Bull's Daughters, 12mo, 6^ Crown Pub. Co. 1884 

Sons: the Ghimbling Son, the Fast Son, &c. 12mo, 6d ... Crown Pub, Co. 1884 

(Sir J. B.) Diseases of the Bible, cr. 8vo, 2s ed Bel. Tract SoclBS7S 

(Lwiy A.) He Ever Liveth : an Easter Memorial, sq. 16mo, ^ Castdl 1889 

My Redeemer Liveth : an Easter MemOTial, sq. 16mo, 1* & 6<i Castdl 1888 

Open Secrets, illustrated, sq. 16mo, U CasUU 1888 

This Sjune Jesus, with designs by A. &F. C. Price, sq. 16mo,6<2 CasteU 1889 

{Mrs.) Cottaee Girl; or. the Marriage Dav. 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1881 

Jane Shore; or. the Goldsmith's Wife: Historical Tale. l2mo, 2j? Simpkin 1881 

{Mrs. W. Ford') Rob's Broken Leg, & his Friend in the Hospital, 12mo,9rf Sim. Seh. Union 1886 
(B. A. B.) Marine Aquaria : Construction. Arrangement. &c. S0y2sGd ' Bazaar ' Office 1889 

{8. F.) Sweet By-and-By, illus. 4to, 2j 6/^ Gnffitk 1884 

{W.) King of the Peak: a Romance, republished, p«st 8vo, 6s Chapman 1883 

Madame de Maintenon: a Memoir, cr. 8vo, 10« 6^ Beningion 1881 

{W. C.) Songs for Sailors, 3rd edit sq. 15mo, 2« Ckatto 1883 

{W. H.) Clinical Lectures on Varicose Veins of Lower Extremities, 8yo, 6a Longmans 1 889 

Misbna as Illustrating the Gospels, 8vo, 4s 6<f ', Belt <f ^5. 1884 

(W.j; J?.) Last Words: Sermons, post8vo. 4s 6<i SkeffingUm 1887 

Bennett Street Memorials : Record of Sunday School Work, by G. Milner, p. 8 vo. 6* Simpkin 1 881 

Benning (H.) Finding Her Place, port «vo. 2s 6d Bel. Tract 1S0C....I888 

HesterLennox ; or. Seeking a Life Motto, cr. 8vo, 2s Bd. Tract 5oc.l 883-4 

Hope Reed's Upper Windows, sq. 16mo, 3# 6d Bd. Tract *S<x?....l887 

Quiet Comers, illus. 12mo, 12j*6<f New York 1882 

an American Tale, with illustrations, sq.l6mo,3«6J Bd. Trad 5<?c....l883 

Ursula's Beginnings, illustrated br E. Whvmper, sq. 16mo, 3s 6<i Bd. Tract 5<?c....l886 

Bensel {J. B.) In the King's Garden, and other Poems, 16mo, bs Boston^ Mass. ...1884 

King Kophetua^ Wife: a Novel, 12mo, 7« 6rf ».... Lt/nn, Mass, ...1884 

Benson {A. C.) William Laud, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury, post 8vo, 6* Kegan Paul 1887 

(C. IK) Our Irish Song Birds, post 8vo, 4« Simpkin 1886 

(jK.) Art and Nature in Italy, 16mo. 65 Boston, Mass. ...188.^ 

Gaspara Stampa : a Venetian Sappho, Sonnets, 16mo, 5« Boston. Mass. ...1881 

(fc\ W. ; Archbishop) Boy-Life ; its strength, its fulness, new edit. 6s MacmiUan 1883 

Christ and His Times, post 8vo, 6s Maemilian 1889 

Commuoings with Masters of Public Schools,p.8o,3«6i Griffith 1886 

Seven Gifts, addressed to the Diocese, post 8vo, 6s Maemilian 1885 

Singleheart, Advent Sermons, 2nd ed. cr. 8vo, 2s M Jkirker 1883 

Bishop of 7\ruro) Voice and its Homes : a Sermon, 8vo, 6d Bivingtons 1881 

(.7.)HolTBible:containingO.&N.Test8.9thed.Vols.lto5,r.8o,7s6<ie. Wesl. Conf. 1881 

{M. E.) The Story of Russia, with illustrations, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d Bivingtons 1885 

(7?. iV.) Final Pa8BOTer:Meditation8uponPassionof Christ, V. 1,1 2mo,5s Hagss 188-J 

Life Beyond the Grave : Resurrec&Ascen. of our Lord, 12mo, 5* Hayes 1881 

Macmificat : Meditations on the Song of the Virgin Mary, 1 2mo, 2* Hayes 1 88t 

Spiritual Readings for Every Day, 3 vols. 12mo, 3s 6^ each Hayes 188< 

Christians, 12mo, 55 Hayes 1881 

Bent {J. T. ) The Cyclades ; or. Life among the Insular Greeks, post 8 vo, \2s6d ... Longmans 1 88^ 

{8.A.) Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men, with Notes, 1s6d\ new ed. 7« 6rf Chatto 1 886- 

Bentham {J.) Handbook of Britisn Flora, 6th ed. by J. D. Hooker, p. 8vo, 10s 6<£ L. Beevs 188! 

and Hooker: Genera Plantarum, Vol. 3, Part 2, 32« X. Beeve .........188 

{Jeremiy) Theory of Legislation, 5th edit, post 8vo, 7« 6rf TrUhner 188 

Bentley (JStftwireO Poems, 3« 6ii L. Literary Soc, 188 

■ (H. C.) Legend of the Black Loch, ilius. by Wycliffe Taylor, obi, fo. 6s For4S 188 

{Bichard) by R. C. Jebb, 2s 6i; n. e. Is 6<2 & Is (English Men of Letters) Maemilian ... 1882- 

- Epistles of Phalaris& Fables of .£6op, by W.WagBer,12mo,ls Bellas, ..188 

1881-1889] BENTLEY BERT 47 

Bentley {Robert) Botany, new edit. fcp. 8ro, U (Manuals of Elementary Science) S.P.C.K. 1886 

« Manual of Botany, now edit. p. 8vo, 155 Churchill 1882-7 

Organic Materia Medica ; Vegetable & Animal Drugs, p. 8o,7« Sd Longmans 1887 

^ Physiological Botany: Abridgment of 'Student's Guide,* 12o,7«6i New York 1887 

— Student's Guide to Systematic Botany, 12mo, 3«6(/ Churchill 1884 

Structural Morphol. & Physiol. Botany, 12mo, 7« 6rf Churchill 1883 

(&) Church Episcopal Manor in Bosbury Manor, Herefordshire, 870, Is^d Bemrose 1881 

{W. H.) Dictionary and Grammar of the Kongo Language, d\ro, 2U Truhner 1888 

Life on the Congo, by G. Grenfell, illus. 12mo, U 6<i Bel. Tract 5o<?....1887 

Bentley'ft Farourite Norels (See Appendix B.) 

Beaton {A. A.) Church Cyclopaedia of Church Doctrine, History, &c. 8vo, 305 ... Philadelphia ...1884 

{J.) Balph Waldo Emersonas a Poet. 12mo, Is 6d New York 1883 

— (J. R.) How to Cook well, 16mo, 7^ 6d; new edit. 12mo, 7s 6d Boston, Mass. 1887-8 

(5.) Home Nursing : How to Help in Cases of Accident, 2 e. p. 8vo, 2s 6d W. H. Allen 1884 

Benion (£) How I Lost £250,000 in Two Years, post 8vo, 10* 6<i Trischler 1889 

Beowulf: an Old ElnglishPoem, in Modern Rhymes, by Col. Lumsdeo, p. 80, 5s ; n. e. os Kegan Pa«i.. .1881-3 

Beranger: Poems in the Versions of best Translators, sel. by Walsh, ill. r. 80, Ids W. H. Allen 1888 

Berdmore(5.) On the Principle's of Cooking, 8vo. Is Clowes 1884 

Scratch Team of 'Quarterly' and 'Westminster' Essays, p. 80, 7s ^d W. H. Allen 1883 

Beens {E. M.) Handbk. of Mythology for Schools: Anc. Greece & Rome, 16mo,ds Kexo York 1882 

(Mrs.) A Woman with a Past, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s Qd Chapman 1884 

Bererford (.Vrs.) Poppy: a Novel, 3vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6rf h\ V. White 1883 

(W.) Lichfield, with map, 12mo, 2s Gd (Diocesan Histories) S.P.C.K. 1883 

Bergen (J. Y.) Development Theory: Study of Evolution simplified, illus. 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1884 

{W. C.) Guide Book to the Local Marine Board Examinations, r. 8to, 4s Simpkin 1881 

Marine Engineer, 3rd edit. 8 vo (North Shields) 7s Simpkin 1882 

.-..^— _ and Board of Trade Exam. Metcalfe, n.e. 80, 10s Simpkin ......1884-5 

Seamanship, new edit. 8vo, 2s 6d *. Simpkin 1882-4 

Beringer (C. 6c J. J.) Assaying for those connected with Minos, p. 8vo, 10s (ki... Griffin 1889 

(Mrs. Oscar) Beloved of the Gods (After the Danish), post 8vo, 10s 6d Remington 1883 

- Left-Handed Marriage : StoryofMusicalLife,,21s Remington 1884 

BeringtoQ (J.) Literary History of the Middle Ages, new edit, post 8vo, 3s Qd ... Routledge 1888 

Berkart (J. B.) Bronchial Asthma : its Pathology & Treatment, 2nd ed[it. 80, 10s ^d Churchill 1889 

Berkeley, by A. Campbell Eraser, 12mo, 3s 6<f (Pbilosophital Classics) Blackxvoods 1881 

(HI) Wealth& Welfare: Our National Trade Policy & its Cost, p. 80, 6s Murray 1887 

Berkley (£L) Historical Reader, Standard 2, 8<i; 3, 9rf; 4, 12mo, Is Zd Laurie 1881 

Pharaohs: Scenes of Old Egyptian Life & History, illus. cr. 8vo, 5s Scelet/ 1883 

(S.) Kate Temple's Mate, post 8vo, ls6(i S.P.C.K. 1883 

Story of the Schoolroom, post 8vo, 2s 6<? and 2s S.P.C.K. 1883 

Beriioox (^M^) Month of Saint Joseph: Practical Meditations each Day, 32o, Is Simpkin 1888 

the Souls in Purgatory: Practical Medications, 32mo. Is Simpkin 1884 

Berlioz (ff.) Autobiography: Travels in luly, Germany, &c. tr. 2 vols. p. 8vo, 21s Macinillan 1884 

Life & Letters, tvans. from the French, by H.M. Dunstan, 2 v. p. 8vo, 15s Remington 1882 

Beriy (J. A.) British & Continental Electrical Direct& Advert, for 1882, 8vo, 5s.. Berly 1882 

BermiDgham (E. J.) Disposal of the Dead: a Plea for Cremation, 12mo, 10# 6rf... New York 1881 

(J. A,) Rise and Decline of Irish Industries, 8vo, Is Simpkin 1884 

BHuaid (St.) life and Works of, edit, by D. J. Mabillon, Vols. 1 and 2, 8vo, 24s Hodges 1889 

Love of God : translated by M. C. and C. Patmore, 12mo, As %d Kcgan Paul 1881 

(A.) Love and iu Counterfeit: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, %\s^ F, V. White 1883 

(A. G,) Causes, Treatment, and Cure of Stammering, post 8vo, 2s ChwchUl 1889 

(C. de) Lioo'8 Skin, post 8vo, Is (Capital Stories, Vol. 5) Vizetellg 1889 

(F. ) Wonderful Escapes, rev. from French, Chaps, added, ch. e. p. 80, ls6d Cassell 1 888 

(H. F".) Redistribution by Proportional Representation Considered, 8 vo, Is Wyman 1884 

(ff. H.) Book of Job, edit, by F. Chaucer, with Appendix, 8vo, 7s 6t£ ... Highain 1884 

■ (H. N.) Mental Characteristics of the Lord Jesus Christ, post 8vo, 6s... Ntsbet 1888 

(J.) Retrospections of America, 1797-1811, ed. by Mrs. Bernard, il. 80, 9s New York 1887 

(3/1) LettertoMr.GhidstoneonStatutesofUniv.of Oxford Commis.8vo, Is Rivingtons 1882 

(T, X>,) *B«*<>r« Sis Presence with a Song,' 117 Hymns, 2nd edit. 12mo, Is Stock 1887 

heram(A.J.) NoteM on Analytical Chemistry for Students, new ed. p. 8vo, 4s 6d Churchill 1884-9 

B«nert(</ic/iaiia) Older Formof Treatyseof Fyhshingo with Angle (1450]^ 8vo,7s6rf Satchell 1883-4 

Berabard ( W.) The Book of One Hundred Beverages, 4th edit. 6rf Houlston 1882 

B«niheim (H.) Suggestive Therapeutics : Nature and Use of Hypnotism, tr. 8o, 18s New York 1889 

Bemihsen (A.) Text-Book of Organic Chemistry, G. M'Gowan, post 8vo, 9s Blackie 1889 

ficxrif* and B<»ath« of Runnoch, by A. Snowdrop, roy. 8vo, Istd Bell S^ S 1881 

BemogtoD (B. S.) Fortunes of Albert Travers : Tale of the 18th Cent cr. 8vo, 6s W. H. Allen 1888 

(J.) Self-Testa Series, No.l: French Set Papers, Quest & Ans. 12o, 5s W. H. Allen 1888 

Berry (A.B.) list Peoacook: a Tale of Provincial Times, illustrated, 12mo,5s... Boston, Mass. ...ISS7 

-(G.A.) Diseases of the Eye, with col. illus. from original drawings, 8vo, 25s Pentland 1889 

in (J. li') Law of Insurance: Fire, Marine, Life, and Accident, 8vo, 42s Chicago 1888 

(E.) ColigBT : the Earlier Life of the G reat Huguenot, trans, cr. 8 vo, 7s 6rf Hodder 1884 

Gospel in Paris: Sermons, with Sketch ot the Author, p. 8yo, 7s 6rf Nisbet 1883 

Sermons, translated from the French, 2nd series, post 8vo, 4s Bickinson 1885 

Bert (P.) Fiift Elements of Experimental Geometry: Length, &c. tr. 12mo, Is 6(2 Cassell 1888 

48 BERT BETTANY [English Cataloou» 

Bert (P.) First Year of Scientific Knowledge, tr. by Josephina Clayton, l2o,2s6d Be(fe 1886-7 

Berthet(J?.)^*^^y<)fAndora, translated by F. H.Dererell, 12mo, 1« Simvkin 1885> 

Berlin ( Geo J) Abridged Grammars o! the Languages of Cuneiform Inscrip. p. 80, 5« Triioner 1 888> 

Bertram (cTl G.) Harvest of the Sea. 4th edit, post 8to, 65 A.Chrdner 1886 

(R, A,) Isaiah, VoL 1^70, 9< (Preacher's Homiletical Commentary)...... Dickinson 1884 

and Tucker, Homiletical Com. on Isaiah, Vol. 2, roy. 8vo, 9« ... Dickinson 1887 

Bertram Family, by A u. of 'Chronicles of Schonberg-Cotta Family,' n.e. p.8o,3«6i Nelsons 1882 

Bertz (£1) French Prisoners : a Story for Boys, post 8 vo, 4« 6(2 MacmiHan 1884 

Berwick (Duke of) Marshal of France, 1 702-34, by C. Townshend Wilson, 80, 15s Keffan Puul 188a 

Besant (W.) All in a Garden Fair, 3 toIs. post 8vo, 31« 6d ; new ed. 3s 6if and 2s Chatto 1883-6 

Sorts and Conditions of Men, 3 vols. SU6d; new edit. Zs6d&2s Chatto 1882-7 

Art of Fiction: Lecture at Boyal Institution, April 1 884, 8vo, Is Chatto 1884^ 

Bell of St. Paul's: a Romance, 8 8vo, ZUQd Chatto 1889 

Captain's Room, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, ZUed; new edit Zsedtind 2s Chatto 1883-4^ 

Children of Gibeon: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s Bd ; n. e. Zs 6d & 2s Chatto 1884-a 

Dorothy Forster : a Novel, new edit, post 8vo, 3s6<2and 2s Chatto 1884-6 

Doubto of Dives ('Arrowsmith'sChristmasAnnual,"89), l2o,ls6d&ls Simpkin 1889 

Eulogy of Richard Jefferies, with portrait, post 8vo, 6s Chatto 188S 

^ Fifty Years Ago, with 137 plates and woodcuts, 8vo, 16s Chatto 1888 

For Faith and Freedom, 3 vols. 31«6i; new edit. 8vo, 3s 6i Chatto 1888-9 

Herr Paulus: Rise, Greatness, & Fall, 3 v. cr. 8vo, 31s6i; n.e. 3s6(i Chatto 1888. 

Inner House, 12mo, Is 6d and Is (Arrowsmith's Bristol Library) ... Simpkin 1888 

. . Katharine R^na(Arrow8mith'8 Christmas Ann. 1887)i 12o, Is 6(£& Is Simpkin 1887 

— Readings in Kabelais, post 8vo, 7s6<2 Blaekwoods 188^ 

To Call Her Mine, and other Stories, illustrated, cr. 8vo, 6s Chatto 1889 

Uncle Jack, &c. new edit, poet 8vo, 6s, Zs6d, and 2s Chafto 1885-^ 

_^ World wont very well then, 3 v. Zls6d; new e. ill. p.8vo, 3s6^& 2s Chatto 1887-9 

& Palmer, Jerusalem, the City of Herod and Saladin, n. e. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Bentley 1888 

Rice (J.) By Celia's Harbour: a Tale of Portsmouth Town, 8vo, 6s Chatto 1888 

Case of Mr. Lucraft, and other Tales, lib. edit. 8vo, 6s... Chatto 1888. 

Chaplain of the Fleet, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(2 ; n. e. 6s & 2s Chatto 1881-3 

— Goliien Butterfly: a Novel, library edit, post 8vo, 6s Chatto 1887 

Monks of Thelema: a Novel, library edit, post 8vo, 6s... Chatto 1888 

— My Little Girl, library edit. 8vo, 6s.. Chatto 1887 

Ready-Money Mortiboy: a Story, lib. edit, post 8vo, 6s Chatto 1887 

Seamy Side: a Story, library edit. 8vo, 6s and 2s Chatto 1881-S 

Ten Years' Tenant, 3 v. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(2; 6s, 3s 6(2, & 2s Chatto 1881-8 

This Son of Vulcan, library edit, post 8vo, 6s Chatto 1887 

; Twas in Trafalgar's Bay & other Stories, lib. ed. 8vo, 6s Chatto 188ft 

With Harp and Crown: a Novel, library edit. 8vo, 6s ... Chatto 1887 

(ly. H.) Dynamics, post 8vo, 7s 6<2 Bell ^ S. 1884 

Enunciations of Propositions in Geometrical Conic Sect. 12o, Is 6(2 Bellj- S, 1884 

Hydromechanics, Part 1, Hydrostatics, 4th edit p. 8vo. 5s Bell 4" S, 1882 

Solution of Examples in Conic Sections, Geometrically, 12mo, 4s Bell ^ ^S^. 1881 

Besche (L.) A Girl's Anticipation and Realisation of Marriage, roy. 16mo, 2s& Is Dean 1888> 

Besemeres {Jane) Comfort : Book for the Cottage, 32mo, Is ; r^. 9(2, Stock ; ] 8mo, Is Nisbet 1882-4 

Vanished Faces, and other Poems, 18mo, Is Nisbet 1884 

Wonders under the Earth, 12mo, Is (Volume for the Young)... Bel. Tract Soc, ...1882 

Besom 'maker, & other Country Songs, col. & ill. bj H. Sumner, w. music, 4to, 2s 6(2 Longmans ]888> 

Best (^. P.) Morality and Utility : a Natural Science of Ethics, post 8vo, 6s...... Trubner 1887 

(K, T.) Etymological Manual; 9,000 Derivatesfm. Latin & Greek, n.e.l2o, 3s Stanford 1887 

(W, M.) On Evidence, by J. M. Lely, 7th edit roy. 8vo, 92s Sweet 1883 

Principles of the Law of Evidence, 7th ed. by J. M. Lely, r. 8vo, 32s Sweet ..1883 

BestBook : a Story for the Young, poet 8vo, Is ed S.P,C.K. 1887 

Gifts of Heaven : Faith, Hope, Charity, 64mo, Is Walker 1883 

Hundred Books by the Best Judges, new ed. roy. 8vo, Is and 6d * Pall Mall ' Off, 1884 

Last "with other Chapters to Help, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d Isbister 1888 

Melodi es of the Best Composers, Music & Words by H. Hersee, Part 2, 8vo, 6(2 Dicks 1 886 

— -. of Everything, by the Author of * Enquire Within,' new edit 12mo, 2s and Is Wiame 1884-8. 

~ — Reading, 2nd ser. : Lists of Publications for 5 years, ed. by L. E. Jones, 8 vo, 6s New York 1 882 

Way to Get on ; Money -Making and Money Spending, by Smart Men, p. 8vo, Is W, Scott 1 889 

Betham {Matilda) Litterateur and Artist, by M. Betham-Ed wards, 12mo, 6(2 ... Griffith 1884 

Bethell {Hon, Augusta) Helen in Switzerland, illus. new edit. roy. 18mo, Is 6(2 ... Griffith 1885 

— Millicent and her Cousins, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 Gr^th 188S 

(^.j;)SouthAfricanHunting;aRidetoVictoriaFallsofZambesi,12o, Is Whittaker 1887 

{G, R,) Remarks on the Manoeuvres of Two Vessels in Action, 8vo, 2s... Simpkin 1881 

Bethune {A, & J,) Tales of Scottish Peasantry, by John Ingram, cr. 8vo, 3s 6(2... Hamilton 1884 

Bettany {G. T,) Botany, 12mo, 6(2 (Science Primers for the People) Ward ^ L, 1882 

Conquerors of the World, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Ward f L 1889 

Elementary Physiology, Part 1, 12mo, Is (Bemrose's Sch.Manls.) Bemrose 1884 

Eminent Doctors, 2 vols. 21s ; 2nd edit 2 vols, post 8vo, 12s ... Hogg 1884-5 

First Lessons in Practical Botany, 18mo, Is MaomiUan 1881 

Teeming Millions of the East, illustrated, post 8vo, 2s ed Ward ^ In » 1889 


Uittanj ((?. T.) World's Inhabitants; Mankind, Animals, & Plants, roy. 8to, 7s Gd War I ^- L 1888 

(J.G.) House of Rimmon : a Story of the * Black Country,' 3 v. 31« 6rf ; 2s Wari 4- L, ...1886-9 

Two Legacies (not to be read by Schoolboys), post 8vo, Is Ward ^ L 1886 

Brttep Land Texts and Hymns, 32mo, U ^f. Ward 1888 

than Revenge : a Story, 12mo, U Heywood 1885 

Times: Story, by Author of * The Story of Margaret Kent,' 12mo, Ts 6(i... Boston, Mass. ...1888 

fiettn-idge(F.) Handwriting: Collective Lessons, GermanTime-writing,&c.4o,2d Gd Griffith 1S87 

Bftti9on(ir.J.) The Lads of the Bible, 12mo, U S.P,C,K. 1888 

Between Tvo Stools : a Story, by ' Costa,* post 8ro, 10s Gd Bemifigton 1883 

Betwixt my Lore and Me, by the Author of ' A Golden Bar,' 2 vols, post 8vo, 2\8 Hurst 1885 

and Between; or, an Incident in Ireland, by Nicguem, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1884 

Bets ((?.] System of Physical Culture, First Book : Free Gymnastics, 4to, 7sGd&5s Kansas CUy^Mo. 1884 

BrastfC^ws/) Memoirs of, written by Himself, by Baron de Worms, 2 vols. 8vo, Z2s Remington vl887 

Bmn (iViuKo) Seven True Stories, sq. 16mo, 28 Gd Holness 1885 

Three Friends of God: Tauler, l^icholas of Basle, &c. p. 8to, 65 Nisbet 1887 

{G, P.) Atlas of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Pt. 1, rel. sup. roy. fo. 7^ 6^ Johnston 1881 

Handbook to the Industries of the British Isles & U.S. 12mo, AsGd Bogiie 1882 

London Water Supply : Past, Present, and Future, map, 12mo, I« Gd Stanford 1884 

Statistical Atlas uf England, Scotland, and Ireland, folio, 126^ ... Johnston 1882 

Tourist's Guides, fcp. 8vo Stanford 1881-9 

Channel Islands, 2s Wye and Neighbourhood, 2s 

Hampshire and Isle of Wight, 2s Yorkshire, E. and N. Bidings, 2s 

Kent, 2s West Riding, 2» 

Sorrey, 3* Gd and 2s 

— and Stainer (J.) Handbook to the Cathedral of St. Paul, 12mo, Is Griffith 1883 

(/. A.) The March of the Strikers: a Story of American Life, 12mo, Is & Gd Sonnenschein, 1884-5 

(1,1?.) Christ & the Age: Sermons at Highbury Quadrant Church, p. So,7sGd Isbister 1885 

Sermons to Students and Thoughtful Persons, post 8vo, 2s Gd Dickinson 1881 

(Mrs. B. C. X.) Service of Song in the House of the Lord, post 8vo, 3* Gd Haichards 1884 

(/K Z.) Sl David's, fcp. 8vo, 2« 6<? (Diocesan Histories) S.P.C.K. 1888 

B*T«B(r.)Employer8'Liability for Negligenceof Servants, Act of 1880, 8vo, 3* Gd Waterlow 1881 

-7— Principles of the Law of Negligence, roy. 8vo, 42s Stevens ^ H, ...1889 

^ntoot (C.) Select Passages f m. French & German Poets, for Repetition, cr. 80, 3^ Gd Bimngtons 1 888 

B«mdge(Z>.) Between the Ochils and Forth, post 8vo, Gs Biackwoods 1888 

— ■ iJ.) Guide Books for Pupil Teachers, Is Chambers 1885 

5enr(/. L.) Visitor's Guide to Orvieto, small post 8vo, 8s Stanford 1884 

■ Siena and San Gimignano, small post 8vo, 5s ... Star^ford 1885 

B«i<i (r.) Land Birds, new edit. Vol. 1, roy. 8vo, 50* Quaritch 1885 

Life and Works, by D. C. Thomson, small paper, 42s *Art JoumJ Off. 1882 

Memento: Catalogue, with Purchasers' Names and Prices, 4to,7» Gd Field ^ T. 1885 

Select Fables of iGsop Mothers, with orig. wood engr. p. 8vo, red. Gs Longmans 1883 

fi«»ieke {A. E. N.) MissStandish, and By the Bay of Naples, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31< Gd F. V. White 1883 

1 Mother Darling ! sq. 16mo, l^f Field ^ T, 1885 

^^ (E.W.) Dudley Castle.Black Country, Lit. Mabel's Note-Bk.&c.l 8mo,2« Gd Wyman 1884 

%ff's Western Norway, 3* 64 ; in two sheets, 2s 6rf each Philip 1889 

— -- Time Table, 9d Philip 1889 

%w(A H. M,) The Happy Isles, and other Poems, 18rao, 6* Boston, Mass. ...1884 

%»«(X. B. K.) Story of Life of young Dutch Naval Officer, trs. post 8vo, 5» Low 1885 

%«a (5.) Draper's Assistant. 12mo, Is Houlston 1885 

«7>wd the Black Waters: a Tale, by A. L. O. E. post 8vo, 2s 6rf Nelsons 1889 

%^(iir.£L) Kathleen Kilmaine: a Novel, post 8vo, 5s Tinsley Bros. ...1889 

^IwidGita; or, the Lord's Lay, with Notes, 10s 6(i; 2nd edit.8vo, 10s 6i... Triibner 1887-8 

^1 Sacred Lady: a Sanskrit Philosoph. Poem, trs. 2 ed. 8s Gd Triibner 1889 

*4»hti(5i(Mtfrfra) Buddhist Catechism: Outline of Doctrine of Gotama, p. 80, 2s Bedway 1889 

^«Q«rdi (£L D. B,) At Home in Italy, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1884 

^^(L) Adventures of a Young Naturalist, by Gillmore, 7th ed. post 8vo, 2» Gd Low 1889 

Arteca : their History, Manners, &c. trans, by J. L. Gamer, 8vo, 10s Gd Chicago 1886 

Clients <^ Doctor Bemagius, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey, 12mo, 3s Gd Low 1881 

n. edit. 2 parts, 12mo, Is ea. (Rose Lib.) Low 1882 

*^( Polished Stones and Sharpened Arrows, byA. J.Qordon,12mo,6s... New York 1889 

^•^AtttbOTiaed(A.i>.l61 1), Apocrypha,with Commentary by Wace, 2 vols.80, 50s Murray 1888 

~ — > Holy, with illustrations by Gustave Dor6, new edit. 2 vols. 4to, 50s Cassell 1884 

— traailated by Samuel Sharpe, new edit. 8vo, 4s Gd Williams j- iV....1883 

*^— from the Latin Vulgate, post 8vo, Ze Simpkin 1882 

— ^ Birthday Ikyok: Texts for Every Day in the Year, 32mo, Is Gd Nelsons 1885 

— -Cbimes: Versee for Every Day in the Month, 64mo, Is Cassell 1885 

CfaBjthmas's Family (with Com. Old Test. 14s; New Test. 6s),4to, 17s S.P.C.K. ^1881 

- — -(^aoB Addn;sses; or, Hours of Quiet Study, by E. C. A. 18mo, Is Partridge 1881 

" - — Handbooks and Primers , (See Appendix B.) 

'"*- Ooaqnesti in 3£ai3y Lands: Experiences of Distributors, &c. post 8vo, 38 6ei I/odder 1885 

-^-DktujoMy, illustrated with nearly 600 engravings, new edit. 4to, 7« Gd ... Cassell 1883 

— Emblem AnniTeraary Book, by Compilers of 'Floral Birthday Book,*16o,35 Gd BotUkdgc 1883 

VOL. nr. E 

50 BIBLE BICKERSTETH [Ehoush Cataiogh 

Bible Fear Nots, sq. I6mo, 6^ Dmne 1887 

Flowers and Flower-Lore, 12mo, Is^ Fodder 1885 

«- Folk Lore : ComparatiTe Philologj, bj An. of *Babbi Jeshna,' p. 80, lOt «J Kegan Paul. 1884 

^ for Teachers, Auth. and Rer. Vert, of New Testament, p. 8to, 229 6d&lSs Oxford Warek. 1882 

- — Yonng People, by Oort,Hooykaas,&c.V. 1-4, 3«ea.; 5,6, 4«ea. ;red.4« WiUiama ..1882 

History, prep^ed for thense of the Catholic Schools, 12mo, 2« NuU 1883 

' Interpreter : Illos. Dictionary of Holy Scriptures, n. edit 18mo, 2«, 1« 6<2,& 1« Morgan 1885 

Lii^ht for Tmth Seekers and Christian Workers, Vol. 2, 80, U^d\ 3,l#6<f ... J, F, Show 1884 

-Lilies: Scripture Selections for Morning and Evening, illastrated,ls 6d& Is Hawkins 1882-4 

- Misreadings ; or, the Dook Divine and Human, post 8ro, 2# Simpkin 1883 

^ Myths, and their Parallels in other Religions, Sto, 21« New York 1883 

- Picture Book, Old Testament, 4to, Zs 6d Nelsons 1888 

and New Testament, I voL 4to. 6# 8.P,C.K, 1883 

- Pictures for Little People, by Uncle Harry,l«6<f ; 2nd serie8,4to,2« 6d& \s Sd Sun, 8ek. Un, 1884-5 

N. TestScenes, by *(Jncle Harry,' sq. 16mo, ls6d Sun, Sek. [7«....1883 

and Stories, large type, illustrated, 4to, 4s Rel. Trmet 8oe, 1881 

Primers (See Appendix B,) 

Queries for Every Day in the Year, 6dSc4d;n. and enlarged ed. 32mo, 6d ReLTnct 8oe, 1885-8 
Headers Help, for the Use of Plain People, new edit. 18mo, Sd and 6d .., Rel. Tract 80c. 1881 

>- Remembrancer: Analysis, with Index to Psalms, Atlas, n.e.8q.l 60, l«6(f& Is Morgan 1885 

^ (Speaker's Commentary) Phil. 8to, 28s ; 4, Heb. to Rev. 28s Murray 1881 

- Story, by the Author of 'Earth's Many Voices/ post 8vo, 6d S.P.C.K. 1883 

- Student's Handbook, post 8vo, Is Ward j- L 1882 

- Suu-Flowers; or, Looking unto Jesus: a Daily Text-Book, 64mo, Is M, Ward 1884 

- Tales for Infant Minds, with 40 full-page illustrations, 8vo, 3s 6^ R^, Tract 80c. 1885 

.- Thoughts for All Times. 64mo, 6d W. ScoU 1884 

. Work, Vols.l -5, New Series of 'The Missing-Link,' 8vo, 3s each CasseU 1884-9 

for Little Fingers : Pictures to colour. Texts to illuminate, 4to, I5 6<f Rel. Tract Soe. 1887 

Bibles of other Nations : Hindoos. Persians, Buddhists, &e. post 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1885 

Biblia Pauperum : a smaller Biblia Pauperum. &c. 8vo, lOs 6d Unwin 1884 

Biblical Commentary ; Hodder 1887 

Delitzsch, Psalms, VoL l,7s Bd 
Ulnstrator Ntd>et 1889 

Exell (/. L.) Epbosians, 7s 6d 

Treasury of Expositions and Illustrations, new edit. vols. 28 each • Sun.Sek. Un„ASSlS 

Bibliographer: Journal of Book Lore, vols. roy. 8vo, 7sGd %Ach Stock 188*2-3 

Bibliotheca Americana for 1886 : a Priced List, 7, 422 Titles of Books, &c 8vo, 2s6d Cincinnati 1886 

1 883: a priced Catof Bks. & Pamph. reUt to Amer 8o,2s ed Cincinnati 1 883 

Classica (See Appendix J5.) 

Pastorum, 8vo (Orpington) Allen 1883 

Wedderbum and Collingwood : Economist of Xenophon, 7s 6d 

Piscatoria, Re-issue (13 Parts), Pdrt 1, 4to, Is SatcheXl 1884 

Bibliotheque de Carabas (^^leb Appendix B.) 

Bicentenary Lectures : on the Revolution of 1688, edited by R. Bruce, 8vo, 6s... Congregat, Un^„.l^i 
Bickerdyke (J".) Angling for Coarse Fish : Roach, Perch, Barbel, cr. 8vo, 2s& Is.., * Basaar^ Off, ...11 

Game Fish, illus. cr. 8vo, Is 6<f. 'Baeaar* Off, ...II 

— Pike, uncut edit cr. 8vo, Is ^Bazaar'* Off. ...181 

in Salt Water, cr. 8vo, 2s & Is ^Bataar* Cyf. 1881 

-- Book of the All-round Angler (the 4 above in 1), 5s6<2; 1. p. 21s • Baxaar ' Off, ...11 
-- Irish Midsummer Night's Dream: Legend of the Shannon,p.8o.ls6(2 Sonnenschein ...11 

— Is6<£&ls Low 11 

With the Best Intentions : Undergraduate Life, p. 8vo, 2s 6<f ... Sonnenschein 

Frolic, r. e. p. 8vo, Is Sonnenschein ...11 

Bickerstaffe {Mrs.) Tales from the Holly-Tree Farm, new edit 12mo, \std Hodder. H 

White Rose of Glenmere, and other Tales, n. ed. 12mo, Is 6<i W, Scott 11 

Bickersteih (C) Old Picture Bible, plain & col. illustrations, n. ed.2 v. 4to, 3s e. J. F, Shaw 1 

{E.) Association : its Divine Origin and Purpose: a Sermon, 8vo, 6<i Ritfikgt&ns 1 

..^ Children of Long Ago, sq. red. Is Seeley 1 

Christian Evidence and Modem Infidelity: a Sermon, 8vo, 6d Rivingtons 1 

Progress : a Sermon, 8vo, 6<2 .,, Rivingtons 1 

Day of Intercession : Sermon in Lichfield Cathedral , 8 vo, 6d Rivingtone II 

Diocesan^nods in Relation to Convocation & PSarliament8T0,6<f Rivingtons • ...••11 

Friend's riand, 3rd edit sq. 16mo, Is 5J>.C.-C 

Good News in Africa : Scenes from Missionary Hist p. 80, 3s 60? Seeleg 

Lay Ministration : a Paper read at the Carlisle Ch. Congress, 8o,6<l Rivingtons 

Msrriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister, 8vo, 6<i Riwngtonet 

My Her«ifter, 32mo, Is (Heart Chords) CasseU l( 

Revised Version of the New Test. : Lecture at Lichfield, 8vo, Is Rivingtons ..... 

Thy Kingdom Come : * Sermon in Lambeth Palace Chapel, 8o,6<2 Rivingtona 

(E. & F.) Doing & Suffering, by their Sister, new edit post 8vo, 3s 6d Sedey 

(Bp, E. H.) Evangelical Churcnmanship And Eclecticism, 8vo, Is ... Low 

From Year to Year, 6s& 3s6(£;2nded. 16mo. 5s& Zs6d Low 1 

Lord's Table ; or, Medita.on Holy Communion, 18o,2s& Is Ritingtons 


Biekenteth {Bp, K K) Eeef, and other Parables, illus. 2Dd edit. 32mo, 2« 6(2 ... Low 188$ 

Eockof Ages: Scripture T.& Eternal Godhead, n.e.8o,2«6(2 Rel. Tract jS0c....1888 

^-^—^—^.^ Shadowed Home & the Light Beyond, new edit. 12mo, bs Low 1884 

— — — WaterfromtheWell-SpringforSabbathHour8,n.e.l8o,2s Rd, Tract /&?<?.. ..1886 

Yesterday, To-day, & for Ever: new ed. 16mo,d<,2£6£2& 1« Rivingtona ...1881-9 

See also Hymnal Companion {Appendix £.) 

{S. laU Bp. o/Ripon) Sketch of Life & Episcopate, by his Son, 8to, 1 2a Rivingtons 1887 

^yAltj (A. C.) George Fox, and the Early Quakers, post 8^0, 7s 6d Hodder 1884 

fiicknell(itf.J.)Modem Architectural Designs and Details, 10 parts, 8vo, da each New York 1881 

(^.^0 Police Manual, &c. 6th edit. revised and enUucged, 12mo, 3j Knight ^ Co, ...1882 

. (W,L.) Keep Troth, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31a %d Hurst 1884 

BieydeaDd How to Ride it, by a Practical Bicyclist, 18mo, Qd Ward f L 1882 

KffdesaodTricyclesof the Year 1887, by Harpy Hewitt Griffin, 8vo, la * Bazaar* Off. ...1887 

Bidder {M.) Westminster Cloisters : Story of a Life's Ambition, cr. 8vo, 5a W. W,Gardner 1887-8 

Biddle(iL) Law of Warranties in the Sale of Chattels, 8vo, 15a Philadelphia ...1884 

(J, & G.) Law of Stockbrokers, cr. 8vo, 25a Philadelphia ...1882 

(EP,) Elements of Knowledge, 12mo, 7a ed Cincinnati 1881 

{J, ^.) Materia Medica: for Physicians and Students, new edit. 8vo, 2 la Philadelphia 1883-9 

(7*. £) Amateur Sailing in Open & Half-Decked Boats, illus.8vo, 3a 6cf C, WiUon 1885 

Construction, Kigging, & Handling Yachts, Ships, &c. 2nd e. 8vo, 4a C, Wilson 1 883 

Corinthian Yachtsman ; or, Hints on Yachting, 8 vo, 4a C. Wilson ......1881 

— ^Hints on Yacht Building, for Amateurs, 8vo, 2a C, Wilson, 1888 

Kddl^Cope (aforytfia) Mad : a Novel, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 7a U Ward ^ D 1887 

Biobowvr {A.) Life and Sermons of Dr. H. W. Thomas, 12mo, 7a 6<2 Chicago, U,8, ...1881 

SgSoaae and the little House; or, the Two Dreams, ISmo, 9d Rel. Tract Soc,.,ASSi 

— Wages and How to Earn Them, by a Foreman, 12mo, 4a New York 1887 

%low(ir.5.)Gynaecological Electro-Therapeutics, introd.byApostoli,8vo,8a6i H. K.Lewis 1889 

(J.) Kmaaanuel Swedenborg, an Essay, 8vo, 2a 6d New York 1888 

France Ac the Confederate Navy, an Intemat. Episode, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Low .1888 

— Lafayette, 12mo, la 6(^ Boston, Mass ...1882 

— MolinostheQuietist:aChap.]nthe£Ust.of the Kom. Church, 16mo, 6a New York 1882 

(if. M.) Elements of the Law of Torts, 3rd edit. cr. 8to, 1 6a and 1 2a 6(2 ... Boston^ Mass ... 1 886 

aTezt-BookforStudents,p.8o,10a6(2 Camh. Wareh. ..,\^^^ 

• — Index of Cases overruled by Courts of America, England, &c. 3 5a Boston, Mass ... 1 887 

- Law of Estoppel, & its Application in Practice, n.ed. 8vo, 31a 6<2 Boston, Mass 1882-6 

Fraud on its Civil Side, 8vo, 31a 6(2 Boston, Mass ...1888 

(AT. r.) Handbook of Punctuation, 12mo, 2a 6d Boston, Mass ...1881 

Mistakes in Writing English, & How to Avoid Them, 1 8mo, 2a 6d Boston, Mass ... 1 886 

r— (Mrs. P.) Beautiful Mrs. Thomdyke: a Story of New York Life. 8vo, 2a 6<2 Philadelphia ...1888 
^(C) Christian Platonists of Alexanilria : Hampton Lectures, 8vb, 10a 6(2 ... Oa^ford Wareh„,lSS6 

— (L(>ittM)Buined Sanctuary, 12mo, la Wyman 1885 

r^ (B. H.) Spinal Curvature, with the Mechanical Appliances, 8vo, 3a 6(2 Churchill ...... 1 882 

^^&r {S. L, L.) Collegians : a Poem in Fourteen Cantos, sq. l6mo, 7a 6d Simpkin 1882 

r Elyah,theProphetof Fire, post 8ro, 2a 6<2 Simpkin 1885 

%tt»B (-£ C.)aDd Wyman (C. W.Jl.) BibUographyof Printinff. Vol.2, 4to,52a 6(2 Quaritch 1884 

%ft(C.) Raphael and the Villa Famesina, tr. byM.Healy,with etchings, 4to,42a Kegan Paul 1884 

^a<*yMdPit)|;resfl, 8vo, 7a 6(2 Dickinson 1888 

^Tbooghts for Busy Moments, selected by B. E. S.T. 64mo, 6(2 W. Soott 1883 

^^>lu(i).)LoukiflLaias: Heminiscences of a Chiote Merchant, trans. Svo, 7a 6(2 Macmillan 1881 

«^(j1.J: )r.)Malay,Achine8e, French, & English Vocabulary, p. 8vo, 7a 6(2 W.H.Allen 1882 

*f«wigh (£•.£!) rrwixtFrance& Spain; Springin Pyrenees, ill. Dori,p.8vo,7a6(2 Low 1883 

^^n(fi^) InTolimtary Idleness : Sopply and Demand in Labour, 12mo, 6s,., Philadelphia ...1889 

^Wd: a Tale, aj>. 703. given in English by Julie Sutter, cr. 8vo, la (id Rel. Tract Soo ...1884 

^^^gul Teaching in Welsh Elementary Schools : Minutes of Evidence, 8vo, la Simpkin 1888 

^thePUy: Ulnstrated Record of Chief Dramas, Plays, Operas, 8vo, la *Pict. World\„lSS2 

^r(&i»ia)Ulli: the Story of a Neglected Girl, trans, by A. B.D. Rest, cr.8o,6a Triibner 1889 

^^^ SuB{dified ; or, How to make Breaks, illus. by 60 diagrams, post 8to, la Wame 1885 

^^^{F. 8.) Belation of Animal Diseases to the Public Health, &c. 8vo, 21a... New York 1884 

TT] — (J- S.) Principles of Ventilation and Heating : Application, 8vo, 15a Triibner 1884 

g*w (/.) Bluebird Notes: Poems, sq. 8vo, 7a 6(2 New York 1889 

!^f. L) Annals of St. Louis (Mo.) in its Early Days, &c. 4to, 52a 6d 8t, Louis 1887 

rJwtli (T.) Sdjgieal Pathology & Therapeutics, C.E. Hackley, 8o, 18a Lewis 1883 

^^ (£) Four Goroels, tis. into Mod. Englishfrom Autho. Versions, p. 8o, 2a 6<2 A, Gardfier 1 888 

^•Storieafor Children, by Ouida, 16mo, 7a 6d; new edit. 5a and 2a Chatto 1882-4 

'■■%(F.&fi)TheDawnofHope:anEasterBooklet,imD. 16mo,2a6(2&la6<2 M. Ward 1889 

r^ (T. H.) Chalc»dooian Definition of the Faith, translated, cr. 8vo, la Rivingtons 1886 

^*^ (X) Pfychic Life of Micro-Organisms, trans, l^ T. McCermack, cr. 8TO,3a Longmans 1889 

r^ iDdF^r^C7.)AnimalMagneti8m,p. 8vo, 5a(Internat. Scientific Ser.)... Kegan Paul 1887 

5?^(-4.i>.)EdaMav; or, the Twin Roses, new edit. 18mo, 9(2 Sun. Sch, Un....lSS2 

**>^*a(C.) Sea Sketches, illustrated by Charles G. Noakes, sq. 16mo, la ed... Portheim 1889 

^ (£&«. D.) Baatile, illustrated, 2 vols. 8vo, 32a Chapman 1887 

— Hazriages of the Bonapaite6,2 v. 2la ; 2nd ed. 2 v. p. 8vo, 21a Longmans ...1881-2 
Bourbons, 2 vols. 8vo, 32a Chipman 1889 

52 BINGHAM ^BIBTHDAT [Ekolish Catilooub 

Bingham (Han. D.) Napoleon's Letters and De«patchefi, &e. 3 toIs. 8ro, 42s Chapman ISSl 

■ — (E.) Rossljm Hall : a Novel, 3 vola. or. 8ro, 31* 6d Remington «....1884 

{G. C.) SoowBabj: Merrj Rhymes for Pleasant Times, sq. 16mo, 1«... JVUter 1888 

Binnie (A.J.) His Native Land, post 8ro, 2» 6d Gnffith mi 

(W.) Church, post Sto. Is 6d (Handbooks for Bible Classes) HamiUon 1882 

— . Psalms: their History, Teachings, and Use, new edit. 8to, 10# 6d.„ Hodder 1886 

Sermons, post 8to, 6« , MacmiUan 1887 

Binns (W, 8.) Elementary and Advanced Descriptiye Geometry, &c. cr. 8ro, 2s Sin^kin 1887 

Geometrical Drawing and Drawing Instniments, Ptl, n.e.p.8TO,4« Simokin 1881 

Biographical Directory of the Bailway Officials of America for 1887, 8to, 15s ... Trubner 1889 

Biographies of Celebrities for the People, edited by Frank Banfield, l2mo,9d&ed J, j- S. MaxweUim 
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— . the Christian Year and Register of Events, 32mo, Is ... Bent 18 

from Great Thinkers, & Journal of Everyday Thought, 32o, Is Bent •••.•18 

Holy Writ and Register of Daily Thought, 32mo, Is... Bent •. . , . 1 fi 

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in Prose and Poem, 32mo, Is....... Bent •••..» II 


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the British Isles, illus.4to,4< S,P.C.K. 1883 

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and the Fisher Lassie, translated from the French, 12o,3s6i Bill ^ S, 1889 

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from the Norse, Authorised ed. post Svo, 2s ^d Bickers 1883 

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■ Volunteers, Royal Engineers, &c 2 ed. 16mo,6s Clowes 1889 

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(C A. H.) Employers & Workmen Act 76 & Empl. Liab. Act '80, Svo, Is M Bemrose 1881 

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— Normandy, 2s 6d; and Brittany, illustrated, 8th edit. fcp.Svo, 6s... A, ^ C, Black 1884-8 

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. West Half: Summer Resorts, 6 ed. p. Svo, 2s 6rf A. J C, Black.., \SS9 

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54 BLACK ^BLACKETT [Enolmh Cathooti 

Black (£l)EttlT Songs and Lyrics, 12bio, 4« ».... SimpHn ^ \Wl 

(&.) Bnmwork and Orenrork, new edit. cr. Sto, 1« Ward f L. 1888 

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Ereaight, and How to take Care of It, new edit. cr. 8to, U Ward ^ L 1888 

Fiist Aid in Accident or Sadden Illness, cr. 8to, 2s Bd and 2$ Ward j- L 1888 

Instruction for Ambulance Students, &c. post 8vo, 2s 6d ... Ward ^ D 1887 

Household Medicine : Oood Health, Long Life, Diseases, &cjr. 8vo,7s6<£ Ward j- L 1882 

— , — Long Life, and How to Beach it, new edit cr. 8to, Is Ward ^ L 1888 

Throat and Voice, new edit. cr. 8to, Is Wardj'L 1888 

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Household Cookery andLaundry Work, 12mo, Is CoUms 1882 

(iZo^O Horse Bacing in France : a History, 8to, 14s Low 1887 

See also Cicero. 

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Sunrise: a Story of these Tiroes, illus. 3 T.8vo,31s6i:,6s Low 1881 

. White Heather, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6(2; new edit. 6s AfacmiUan ...1886-6 

Wing<9 : a Yachting Bomance, new edit, post 8vo, 6s MacmiUan 1881 

Wise Women of Inverness, and other Miscellanies, cr. 8vo, 6s MacmiUan 1885 

Yolande : the Story of a Daughter. 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6<i ; n. ed. 6s MacmiUan ...1883-4 

(W, G.) Heligoland and the Islands of the North Sea, 12mo, 4s Blackwoode 1888 

Law Agent Act, 1873 : its Operation in Scotland, post 8vo, 2s ^ MacmiUan 1884 

BUck's General Atlas of the World, new edit, folio, 63s A. # C. Black 1884-8 

Guide Books (See Appendix B.) 

Black-Box Murder, by the Man who discovered the Murderer, post 8vo, 6s Eemington 1889 

Donkey; or, the Guernsey Boys, by Darley Dale, post 8vo, Is 8.P,C,K, 1881 

Jack,&other Temperance Tsles,by An. of 'Clary's Confirmation/p. 8o, Is 6d 8,P.C,K. 1884 

Jewel, by Fleur de Lys, post 8vo,' U6d 8.P.C.K, 1888 

^Lady of Bynge Castle, post 8vo, Is (Large Type Series) Rel. Tract S^....1884 

-Psalm: a Cathedral Story, by a Minor Canon, post 8vo, Is Potter 1889 

Trooper, and other Tales, post 8vo, 2s 6^ Rel. Tract Soc„.A%%*l 

Blackbird's Nest, 4to, 6<? Rel, Tract Soc.AUZ 

Blackburn (C F.) Hints on Catalogue Titles, Index Entries, &c. roy. 8vo, 14s ... Low 1884 

(D.) Thought Beading: Modem Mysteries Expkined, sq. 16mo, Is... Fidd ^ T. 1884 

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Vol. 1880-4, Q8.\ 1885-9, 8vo, 7s 6(f Chaito 1884-9 

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Sketches, 1884, 8 vo, 2s W, H. AlUn 1884 

— Because, collected and edited by, 32mo, 6<2 8impkin 1888 

— Breton Folk: an Artistic Tour in Brittany, newed. r. 8vo, 10s 6rf Low 1882 

— Catalogue of Paintings in the British Section at Paris, '89, 8vo, Is Chatto 188S 

— Grosvenor Notes and Sketches by Artists, 8vo, Is Chatto 1881-$ 

— Bandolph Caldecott : Memoir of Art Career, ill. new ed. 4to, 7s 6(2 Low 188S 

— See also Caldecott. 

(Lord) Contract of Sale, 2nd edit. roy. 8 vo, 21s SUvena^ S, 188^ 

{Mrs. H. 'cT*. B,*) Bible Beasts and Birds,by an Animal Painter, 4to, 42s Kegan Paul I88i 

Caw Caw, illus. 4to, 2s6rf Ma^lehose 188i 

{T.) True and False Issues between Christianity & Science, 12mo, 2s 6<i Skeffington lS8i 

Visions of the King, and other Sermons, post 8vo, 3s 6(£ Skeffington 188 

(>K. 3/.) History of the Christian Church, 8 vo, 16s New York 188 

Blackburhe (E» 0.) Con O'Donnell, and other Poems, &c. for Becitation, cr. 8vo, Is Bean 188 

Heart of Erin : Irish Story of To-day, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6rf... Low 1 88 

Love that Loves Away: a Novel, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6<2 .,, F, V, White ...188 

Shadows in the Sunlight, 3 8vo, 3is ^ Cecil Brooks... ^^.\%^ 

{Gertrude Isabel) In Opposition, 3 vols. 31s 6d Ward 4" ^ 181 

, M, /.) Zig-Zag: a Quiet Story, post 8vo, 6s L. Literary Soe. ISi 

ilf.Jl) Algernon Sidney: a Beview, post 8 vo, 6s Kegan Paul,,..., \%i 

—— — (J.) Popular Becitations, Original and Selected, 12mo, 6d Pitman 18J 

Blacker ( G, 0.) Second Grade Perspective : Exercise and Text-Book, obi. folio, 4d Heywood 1 8< 

( R, 8. C. ) Erin : her Sisters, her Nurse, and her Doctors, cr. 8 vo, 6rf Ridgway ...l^ 

Blacket ( W. 8.) Besearches into the Lost Histones of America, 8vo, 10s 6d 7\rfibner ..ISI 

Blackett (i?.) My First Offer, po£t 8ro, la Burnet I8i 


BliAitt(EF.) Mj Two Yean in an Indian MiAsion, cr. 8vo, U 6d S,P,C.K. 1884 

(Mn.) H«r Story (reprinted ftom * Gopslej Annals *;, new edit Timo^ U SeeU^f 1884 

Hacketfi Sdect Novels {^e^ Appendix B,) 

Slidde(C.)^<^^°<^7of Place-nameif, girine their Derivations, 3 ed. p. 8vo, 7« — Murray 1887 

(/.i&)AlUTona: Fact&Fictionfr.mj Life in the Highlands, 2 e. p. 8o, 7«6(2 Hamilton 1882 

> n. ed. p. 8vo, 6« Chapman 1883 

— Laj Sermons, post 8vo, 6$ MacmiUan 1881 

Lays of the Highlands and Islands, 12mo, 2« ^d W, Scott 1888 

MessisVits: Gleanings of Song from a Happy Life, p. 8to,4«6<2 „, MacmiUan ......1886 

Scottish Highlanders and the Land Laws, 8vo, Os Chapman 1884 

Song: its Wealth, Wisdom, Social Significance, p. 8vo, 7 s 6d Blachoooda 1889 

— What Does History Teach? Two Lectures, 12mo, 2<6d. Maomillan 1886 

Wisdom of Goethe, 12mo,6* Blackwoods 1883 

& Jones (£L) Democracy : a Debate, Jan. 1867, 2nd edit 8 vo, 6(2 ... Simpkin 1 885 

(,post8vo,6«... Bel TVoc^ &».... 1884 

Samuel I. post 8vo, It %d\ II. Is Sd Hodder 1888 

Witness of Palestine to the Bible, cr. 8vo, id Bet. Tract Soc...,lSSZ 

Sackie's Comprehensire First Reader, new edit, extended, 12mo, 7d Blackie 1886 

Elementanr History Beading Book, Pt.1: English, 12mo, 9(;f Blackie 1881 

■ Text-book: Mechanics, Part 1, 6d and 4d Blackie 1889 

- Modem Cyclopedia, by C. Annadale, Vols. 1-4, cr. 8yo, Ba&d&i6e each Blackie ...1889 

— Scries (See Appendix B.) 

HKkley(fr.X.) Social Economy Reading Book, 12mo, 2s National Soc. ...1881 

^^—^ Thrift and Independence: a Word for Working Men, post 8to, 1« S.P,C.K, 1884 

& Friedlander ( CM,) German Dictionary, new edit. p. 8 vo, 3« 6d Longmans 1 886 

Ksekmore(i?. />.) Christowell: a Dartmoor Tale, 3 8vo, 3U 6(f ; n. ed. 6s Low 1881-2 

■ Clara Yaughan, new edit, post 8vo, 2« 6i and 2s Low 1889 

Kit & Kitty: a Storyof West Middlesex, 3 8vo, 3U ^d Low 1889 

— l/iruADooTiGjedition deluxe^ cr. 4to,35s& 31s 6(2; also 21s ... Low 1882-6 

— ■ new edit, post 8vo, 6s; 2s 6(2, and 2s Low 1882-9 

Maid of Sker, new edit, post 8vo, 6s Blackwoods 1888 

KemarkableHistoryofSirT. Upmore, Bart. 2 vol8.21s;n. e. 6s Low 1884-6 

— Springhaven, 8 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(2 Low 1887 

illustrated edition, 8vo, 12s; now edit. 7s 6(2 Low 1887-9 

Hscksinith'sDanghUr; or, the Little Comforter, 18mo, 6(2 BeL Tract Soc, 1886 

BUckstock (£LF.) Land of the Viking and Empire of the Czar, &c. ill. 16mo, 6s ... New York 1889 

B2ackitone (5«r W,) Commentaries, Student's edit, by Kerr, new ed. p. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Clowes 1885-7 

Elements of Law,arranged by Blickensderfer, 8vo, 20s Stevens 4" S. 1889 

BUekwell (C. 8,) A Living Epistle : Fragments from Correspondence, n, e. p. 8vo, ds J. F, Shaw 1 884 

(E,) Booth, of the Blue Ribbon Movement, cr. 8vo, 3s 6(2 Passmore 1883 

(Elizabeth) Human Elements of Sex, 2nd edit. 8vo, 2s Churchill 1884 

(/. C.) Sisters: a True Tale for the Young, 12 mo, Is Simpkin 1889 

BUckwood (J. S,) Paradox of Life; or. Christian Koheleth, sq. 16mo. 7s 6(2 Nisbet 1881 

{Lady -4.) Personal Experiences during the Crimean War, p. 8vo,7s6(2 Hatchards 1881 

\S, A,) The Number Seven in Scripture, 12mo, Is 6(2 and Is Morgan 1883 

BUdcwood's Complete Histoiy of England for Junior Classes, 12mo, Is 4(2 Blackwoods 1884 

History of Great Britain, Part 2, Georges to Present Time, 12mo, Is Blackwoods 1887 

— ■ Series (See Appendix B.) 

Eidfs (W,) Biography an<i Topography of William Caxton, new edit. cr. 8vo, 5s Triibner 1881 

Enemies of Books, 3rd edit post 8vo, 5s Triibner 1881 

revised and enlarged by the Author, 12mo, 4s 6(2 Stock 1888 

— ■ German Morality Play, 'Depositio Comuti Typographic!,' 4 to, 7s 6(2 Triibner 1885 

— • NumismataTypograpbica : the Medallic Hist, of Printing, 4to, 10s 6(2 * Printer's Beg. \,A^%^ 

Bligden {Mrs. George) Little Summer Shower, post 8vo, 6s Unwin 1887 

BUgg (J, W.) The Law as to Public Meeting, cr. 8vo, 3s Butterworth 1888 

K»poTe {G,H.) Marble Decoration and British & Foreign Terminology, 3s ^.„ Lockwood 1888 

Shoriogand its Application, 12mo, Is 6df(Weale's Series) Lockwood 1887 

BWde (J.) Elements of Dynamics (Mechanics), new edit. cr. 8vo, 3s 6(2 SimpJnn 1883-0 

{W,) Sound Bodies for Our Boys and Girls, illustrated, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Low 1884 

(IT. G.) Better Days for Working People, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6(2 Bel. Tract /So?.. ..1882 

Leaders in Modem Philanthropy : Biographies, 6s 6c? New York 1885 

Manual of Bible History and of the World, n. e. rev. p. 8vo, 3s 6(2 Nelsons.,,, 1882 

MyBody, 32mo, Is (Heart Chords) Cassell 1883 

Preachers of Scothind from the 6th to the 19th Cent. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Hamilton 1888 

Public Ministry and Pastoral Methods of Our Lord, post 8vo, 6s Nisbet 1883 

r Work of Ministry : Homiletical & Pastoral Theology, 3 e. p. 8o, 5s Nisbet 1 882 

«a»(/. G.) Eulogy on James Abram Garfield, 16mo, 2s 6d... Boston, Mass. ...1882 

— — Twenty Years of Congress, Lincoln to Garfield, V. 1, 2ls; 2, 8o,18s Norwich, U.S. 1884-6 

■^ — {S. G.) Numerical Examples in Practical Mechanics, &c. 12mo, 2s 6d ... Cassell 1888 

«»b {A. A.) Chemical Analysis of Iron : Account of all Methods, illus. 8vo, 21# Philadelphia ...1888 

«ir Aihol: a Novel, by * Blinkhoolie,' 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s Gd ; new edit. 2s Chapman 1881-2 

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Outlines for the Study of English Classics, new ed. 12mo, 7s 6(2 Boston, Mass. ...1881 

56 BLAKE BLIND [Ekoush CATAiocrB 

Bltke (^. O.) Arithmetic, 12mo, 2s Longmans 1885 

{Emilia A.) B»»llads and Poems for ReciUtion, 12mo, (jd J.^ R. MaxweU 1884 

Cithern; Poems for Recitation, &c 12mo, \$ and 6</. J-^R- MtutvxU 1885 

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Poems and Essajs, 2 Tols. 10« Chicago .: 1887 

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Poems, 16mo,6« Boston, Mass, ...1882 

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My Friend and my Enemy, illustrated by F. C. P. poet 8vo, 3« 6<2 ... Griffith 1887 

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by David Hannay, post 8vo, 2s 6d, Is 6d, & Is (English Worthies) Longmans ... 1 886-8 

■^ (Sophia Jex-) Care of Infants: Manual for Mothers and Nurses, 18mo, Is Maemilktn 1885 

Medical Women : a Thesis and a History, post 8ro, 5s Hamilton 1886 

— (S.L) The Book: When, and by Whom, the Bible was written, 12mo, 7sed Boston, Mass. ...1886 

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64mo, If (Jewel Poets) Simpkin 1883 

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p -^ Papers on Alternating Currents of Electricity, 2 e. p. 8vo, is 6d WhittaJcer 1889 

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Geographical Reader, Book \,%d\ 2, Is; 3, 1* Zd Griffith 1885 

3 & 4, 1* Zd e.; 6, Is Ad; 6, 12mo, \s 6d Griffith 1884 

7,*Glimpse8 of the Globe,* 12mo,2# Griffith 1885 

revised edit, of Glimpses.* 1« 6rf & l#3<i Griffith 1885 

^— Glimpsesof the Earth 'Glimpses of the Globe,* 12mo,2<6rf Griffith 1881 

Sea and Sky, 12mo, 2s 6d Griffith 1885 

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UnclePierce: a Novel, cr. Sro, 6s Longmans ISSS" 

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Blavatsky (/r. P.) Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky, 8vo,10s6<2 Redwag 1886 

Key to Theosophy, in the Form of Question & Answer, 4to, 5s Theosoph. Soc...AZS9 

. Secret Doctrine, Science, &c. Vol. 1, Cosmogenesis, roy. Svo, 21s Theosoph, iSoc.... 1888 

; 2,Anthropogene8is,r.8vo,21s Theosoph, Sac 1889 

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the Island, by the Author of * Ursula's Promise,* 18mo, Is Rel. Tract Soc.,., ISS*2 

Girl, Little Vendla, by the Author of *The Swedish Twins,* post Svo, Is... J^elsons 1889^ 

■ Man*8 Holiday ; or. Short Tales from the Nursery, illustrated, cr. Svo, 2s... Wame 1883 

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Prophecy of St. Gran, and other Poems, post Svo, 2s 6rf Newman 1881 

• Tarantella: a Romance, 2 vols, 21s; 2nd edit post Svo, 6s ... Unwin 1884—0 

See also Byron. 

1881-1889] BLISS BLYTH 57 

Bliss((r. B.) CommeDtaiy on the Gospel by Lnke, 8vo, lOs 6d Philadelphia ...188J 

— (Mrt. J. JK.) Every J neb a King : Adr. of liex and his Friends, n.e.p.8 vo. 2^ 6d Griffith ...1881 

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— Bibhoa: a NoTel, by the Author of * St. Olave V 12mo, 2s 6c; and 2s Blackett 1889 

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Text Book, 32mo, Is 6d Partridge 1882 

JSm {A) Psychic Life of Micro-organisms, translated, cr. 8yo, 3s Longmans 1889 

BlBmijRC.) Bertha Laycourt: a Novel, 12mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1889 

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fflBfldell (A/rt. F.) LittleRosary of the Sacred Heart: Daily Meditations. 32mo, Is Simpkin 1886 

Bluidera of a Bashful Man, by Aut of * A Bad Boy*s Diary,' 8vo, ed, Wame ; 6rf Routledge 1883 

fiani(i<. W.) Bankruptcy Act, 1883, with Notes, sq. 16mo, 2s 6rfand Is 6d Pettitt 1883 

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illus. new edit 18mo, 2s ed Virtue 1883 

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Fatore of Islam, post 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 1882 

^ Ideas about India, post 8vo, 6s Kegan Paid 1886 

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New Pilgrimage, and other Poems, 18mo, 6s Kegan Paul 1889 

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— -(^. P.) Antoinette: a Novel, 2 rols. cr. 8vo, 21s Bentley 1888 


Btph {Si. P.) Qoeea'f Jewd: StonrofQuen Anne's Daj, iILlijLMe%r. 8rD,e« iZmi&y 1889 

(P. A.) EitlMf'f Beqnintn: Fov«r of the Name of Jetn, 12ao, 1«...^.... Jarroid, 1885 

(r. ^) Anewen to Bzerasee in Arithmetio in Onkle, 12mo, U Simpkim 1884 

Matricidation&BeqM>n«ionsinUniT.ofOxfiard,2edit.p.8To,4«6<< B im pJkin 1889 

Stodflofs Onide to MAtricnlatione, Beeponsions, &e. poet 8vo, 5§,.. Stv^ftim 1882 

Handbook to the Tfairty-nine Artidee, poet 8to, 6* Sia^n 1887 

Blythe (F. A.\ The Miedog Jug, 18mo, 6<2(LitUe Dot Series) BeL Tract Soe...l888 

Board c^ Trade and the LMd-Une Qneetion, 8to, U Spottitwoode ...1883 

Boardman (G, D,) IMfine Man, from the Natiritj to the Temptation, 8to, 6$ ... Appleton 1888 

_ Unirersity Lectures on the Ten Commandments, 12mo, 7s 6d Philadelpkia ...188S 

{ff. A,) Handfdl of Com : Selected Btseages, 12mo, 6« 6d ^'ew York 1885 

— : Mottoes for theNewYear,a8giTenin Texts,&e.dem78o,7«6<2 PiU^<ufe/pAta ...1882 

— '- (W, E,) Gladness in Jesns, new edit 12mo, U 6d Bemrom 1883 

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Boare ((r.) What Became of Them ? and The Conceited Little Pig, obL cr. 8vo, Is Hilde$heimer ...1888 

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— the Spotted Terrier, by Himself, new edit. 12mo, Is GHffith 1886 

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■ ■ Forty of its Han(^«d Novels, post 8vo, Is Routledge 1884 

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cr. 8vo, 2s tk/ and 2s Morgan 1881 

new edit Svo, 3s 6d (Popular Library) RoiUUdge 1889 

-^— — 32mo, 2sandls Suttaby 1882-3 

• 16mo, ls6rfand Is W. Soott 1888 

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ho^T {Charlotte &.) Southwark and its Story, post 8vo, 4s 6<2., Simpkim 1S81 

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..^— Myths, Scenes, and Worthies of Somerset, post 8vo, 10s 6d Bedway 1887 

Boggett(^r.)KeytotheMysterie8ofWater,Electricity,&Heat,cr.8vo,ls 6<Wfcls Trvbner 1888 

• Life,whatiti8sustainedby,&CognateSubjects, cr.Svo, ls6<2&ls... Triilmer 1889 

Bohn {H. G^.) Dictionary of Quotations Irom the English Poets, I0s6d ; nowed. 6s Bell ^ S. 1881-4 

Bobn's Libraries (See Appendix B.) 

Series (See Appendix B.) 

Boielle {J,) French Composition through Macaulay's Warren Ha8tings,cr. 8o, 3s 6d Williams 4^N..., 1889 

Frederic, cr. Svo, 3s Williams ^ ^....1888 

Poetry for Schools, 2s; 2nd edit. 16mo, 2s Bivingtons ...1886-7 

Boileau («7. r.) Memoir, by C.RathboneLowandCol. Yule,po8t8vo, Is W, A Allen ...1887 

— ; Traverse Tables of Differences of Latitude, 6th edit. Svo, 12s IF. H, Allen ...188S 

Boileau-Despreaux, Lutrin, with Notes and Vocabulary by Clapin, 12mo, 6d Hachttte 1881 

Boisen {H, B.) Preparatory Book of German Prose, ]2mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1882 

Boisgobey(F.(/u) Novels, 2s 6(2 & 2s; 2 vols. 12mo, Is each J, 4- B, Maxwell 188' 

Condemned Door (Porte Close) Fickle Heart 

Death or Dishonour Red Bund 

Felon's Bequest 

■ post Svo, 35 6i and 2s each BotUledge 1887-. 

Bride of a Day (Grippe Soleil) Half-Sister s Secret 

Cat's-eye Ring Married for Love 


Bou8obe7(F.<te)NoTel8. post 8fo,2«6<i each ^ VueUlfy 1886-7 

CrinM of the Open House MTStsry Still 

Bay of Reckoning Sealed Lips 

U each VUeUUy ....1889 

Ace of Hearts Mysteries of New Paris 

Angel of the Chimes Nameless Man 

Btftha's Secret Phantom Leg 

Coonct Colonel Pretty Babiole 

Coral Pin, 2 vols. Railway Tragedy 

Crime of the Opera Honse, 2 vols. Red Rand 

Day of Reckoning, 2 yoIs. Results of a Duel, 2 vols. 

Fatal Legacy Saved from the Harem, 2 vols. 

Feniaode*s Choice Severed Hand 

Fight for Fortune Steel Necklace 

Golden Tress Thieving Fingers 

In the Serpent's Coils Where's Zenobia, 2 vols. 

Jailer's Pretty Wife Who Died Last ? 

Matapan AfBair 

6(2 each Vieetelly 1886 

Cecil's Fortune Detecti?e*8 Eye Red Lottery Ticket Steel Necklace 

Bertha's Secret, and Who Died Last ? 1 vol. post 8vo, 2* 6d... VizeteUy 1886 

Blue Veil; or, Angel of the Belfry, post 8vo, Is J, ^ R. Maxvoell 1886 

. Cash on Delivery : Novel of Love, 2 pts. 12o, If e. ; 1 v.2«6i&2* VUeteUy 1887 

Cry of Blood: a Story of Crime & its Penalty, 12o, 2s; 2 pts. Isea. J, <f R, Maxwell 1886 

Detective's Eye & RedLottery Ticket (Novels, Vol. 22), 12o, U Vitetdly 1887 

Golden Pig. 2 vols. Is each; 1vol. post 8vo, 2s 6<2 VizeteUy 1886 

^~ His Great Revenge, 2 vols. Is each; 1 vol. post 8vo,2«6<i VizeteUy 1886 

Matapan A£bir and a Fight for a Fortune, 1 vol. post 8 vo, 2s 6(2 VizeteUy 1 886 

Old Age of Leccq, and an Omnibus Mystery, 1 v. p. 8vo, 28 6d VizeteUy 1886 

2 v.p. 8vo, U ea. Ward ^ L 1886 

Severed Hand, and In the Serpent's CoiU, 1 vol. post 8vo, 2« 6rf Vizetelfy 1886 

ThumbStroke,& Pretty Babiole, 2 vols. Uca.; 1 vol. 12mo,2«6<2 VizeteUy 1886 

Bq^{R.A.) Eustis: a Novel of Southern Life and Character, 12mo, 7s 6(2 Boston, Mass, ...1884 

Bokir(^.^.) The Book of the Dead: a Poem, 12mo, 6s Philadelphia ...1882 

Bold Retrenchment ; or, the Liberal Policy, post 8vo, 2s 6(2, Is 6(2, and 1« WhUtingham 1887-8 

&ldrewood(i?. ^.)RobberyUnderArms,3v.p.8o,31s6(2,7?«n%^(>»;cr.8o,3«6(2 MaemiUan ...1888-9 

Boles ((r.) Anecdotes of Some of our FouivFooted Friends, postSvo, 2s Griffith 1882 

Mngbroke ( Viscount) Life, by Arthur Hassall, p. 8o, 2s 6U (Statesmen Series)... IV. H, AUen 1888 

Letters on the Study and Use of History, n. ed. p. 8o, 3*6(2 Ward 4' L 1881 

toSirWilliamWindhamandMr.Pope,8o,6(2&8(2 CaeseU 1889 

Study and Use ofHi8tory,18o,l« (Victoria Library, Vol. 3) L, Reeve 1889 

B(dlee(X^.)^'iaancialHi8tory of United States, Vol. l,8o. 12«6(2; 2, 18s; 3,18«... JS'ewYork 1883-6 

— Law of Banks and their Depositors, &c. 8vo, 26s ^ew York 1887 

Practical Banking and Banker's Commonplace Book, 8vo, 15s New York 1884 

BoboTer(5. IV.) Bankruptcy Act, 1883: Chart showing steps to be taken, sheet, U Waterlow 1884 

Bohon {A. M.) Over the Pinrenees: a Bicyclist's Adventures, 12mo, Is StrandPub. Co, 1883 

[Sir F.) London Water Supply : a History of the Water Works, 8vo, 14s Clotoes 1888 

[H. C) CoDcise Manual of Quantitative Analysis, 8vo, 8s 6d New York 1882 

Coonting-out Rhymes of Children : their Antiquity, &c,roy. 8vo, 9s Stock 1888 

(H. fT.) Home and Social Life, 12mo, 6s Chiooyo 1887 

(ifrs. a. />.) Our Mothers' Meetings, &c. poet 8vo, Is 6(2 and U Nat, Temp.Dep, 1887 

(5. K.) Famous American Authors, with portraits, 12mo, 7s 6(2 New York 1887 

Statesmen, with portraits, 12mo, 7s 6(2 New York 1888 

Men of Science; Short Biographical Sketches, 12mo, 7» 6(2 2^ew York 1889 

Girls who became Famous, with portraits, 12mo, 7s 6(2 New York 1886 

Poor Boys who became Famous, 12mo, 7s 6(2, New York; 6s & 3s6<2 Hoddcr 1885-7 

- Social Studies in England, 12mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1886 

Some Successful Women: Biographies of American Women, l2o, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1888 

Stories from Life, 12mo, 6s New York 1886 

Successful Men who have Risen from theRanks, 2 e. p. 8vo, 3s 6(2 Hodder 1888 

^oabonnel, the Panther Slayer, translated by M. Betham-Edwards, p. 8vo, 6(2... J.^R. MaxweU 1887 

Baapas (Bp. of Mackenzie River) Diocese of Mackenzie River, 12mo, 2s 8,P,C.K. 1888 

(A AJ) From Strength to Strength : Address to Young Believers, 32mo, 6(2. . . Morgan 1 883 

(£t) a Memorial, T)ost 8vo, 2s 6(2 Nisoet 1889 

Christ of God, new edit post 8vo, Is Nisbet 1886 

Communion Hymns, sq. 16mo, Is Nisbet 1881 

How shall I go to God ? post 8ro, Is (Laige Type Series) ; 6(2 ReL Tract Soc.iSSl-Z 

-. Hymns of Faith and Hope, new edit. 3 vols. 10s 6(2 Nisbet 1886 

Songs of Love and Joy, with floral illustrations in colours, 4to, 6s Drane 1888 

and others, The Better Land : Poems, 12mo, 2s Brans 1888 

r-^-(y.)Malthii»»ndhi8Work, 8vo. 12s6(2 MacmUlan 1886 

(S.) Life of Christ, translated by W. H. Hutchings, post 8vo, 8a 6(2... Rivingtons 1881 

60 BOND BOOK [Esgusm Catai^xict 

Bond (X L.^ Totfy's Natural Histwy, in Words of Foot Letters, 4to, 1« Boutledge 188S 

- (G^. J.) Skipper GeoiTje Netmaa: Methodism in Xt-wfoundland, l2ixio, 1* ... Woolmer 1887 

(i7. i9.)HaiulbooktoStampI)iiUe8: Acts,&lAir&Pme.ofDoeQ]DeDtM,8o,U WaUrlom 1888 

^— (cA) & Walpole: Stories from Grid's Metamorphoses, w. Notes, fcp. 8ro, \$ 6d Maemillan 1887 

{J. J.) Rales& Tables for Verifying Dates with Christian Ens 4 ed- 12o, 5s BeU f S. 1889 

(/. /SL) Problem of Roulette and Trente et Qoarante. fcp. U .^ Harrimm 1889 

( r.)HistOTy& Description of Corfe Castle in Isle of Purbeek, Dorset, 8o,7#6<? SUmford 1884 

Bonham {J, M.) Industrial Liberty : Analysis of Condition of (J. States, 8to, 9s... New York 1889 

Bonile (Z.) Via Crucis: a Norel, 2 rols. cr. 8vo, 2U Remington 1882 

Bonnecbose(£:<^)Ben>of BritUny, trans, by M.S.Jeune,nev edit. 12mo, Is ... GrifUh 1881 

■ — — — History of Fzaace, 8to, 7s 6J; po«t 8vo. 3s ^ and 2» ^ Ward^ L, ...1883-7 

Laxare Hoche, by H. Bui, post 8to, Is td HacketU 1881-9 

C.Odbeck, 12mo^ 2s (Pitt Press Series) Comb, ^areA. ...1881 

Bonner (5.) Dialect Tales, illus. 8ro, 9s ^ New York 1883 

Suwanee Birer Tales, with Memorial Sketch bySophia Kirk, 16mo, 6s Botton^ Mass ...1884 

Bonnes Boudies : Bedpes of Choice Dishes of Various Nationalities, 18mo, 3s 6^ Remmgton 1882 

Bonnie Editha Copple^ne: aNorel, by the Author of * She Beigns Alone,' p.8o,5s SimpJau 1886 

Bonsall (B. L.) Cash ; or. Practical Hints for Practical People, 12mo, 78 Sd New York 1883 

Bonralot (G,) Through the Heart of Asia orer the Pamir to India, trans. 2 r.r. 80, 34s Chapman 1888 

Bonwick (J.) British Colonies (Asia, Africa, America, Australasia), U. ea. p. 80, 5s Low 1886 

Curious Facts of Colonial Days, 12mo. 2s ^ Low 1882 

First 20 Years of Australia, founded 00 Official Documents, cr. 80, 5s Z/fW 1882 

Little Joe : a Tale of the Pacific Railway, 2nd edit. 12mo, Ij Nat, Temp. Dtp. 1882 

^— Lost Tasmanian Bace, post 8ro,i# Low • 1884 

Orion and Sirins, 16mo, 2s RA.PetAeriek 1888 

.— «» Our Nationalities, post 8 TO, ds Bogme ..1881 

Port Philip Settlement, with Map, Drawings, and Letters, 8to, 21s Lijw 1883 

Bomance of the Wool Trade, post 8ro, 7# 6<i Griffith 1887 

Who are the English? 12mo, Is (Our Nationalities. No. 4) Bofue 1881 

Welsh? 12mo, Is (Our Nationalities, No. 8) .^ Bogne 1881 

Boodle {Adelaide J.) The Children's Guest, post 8vo, Is 8J*,C.K. ...1888 

Book Annexed, Authorised ed. 1885: Book of Common Prayer ( Amer.), cr. 8to, 5<* Bivingtone 1885 

of Adam & Ere, called Conflirtof Adam & Ere W.Satan, tr.Mahui,8vo,7«&i WUliems^'N. ...1882 

Alphabets : New Shilling Book, Numerals, &c Ancient & Modem, obL Is Field j- T. 1889 

American Figure Paintera, with 40 PhotQgnrures, large 4to, 128s Niwtmo 1886 

Ballymote: ^eces in the Irish Language, imp. folio, 105t Williams 4" N. ...1887 

Bosh, with Amusing and Instructive Nursery Stories in Bhyme,foL 2s 6d Griffith 1889 

Christian Discipline of the Friends in Great Britain, 8to, 2e6d Harris 1883 

Extracts, 8to, ls3<i Harris 1884 

Church History, 6th edit. 18mo, Is Masters 1883 

Common Order: Prayer &Administratiott of Sacraments, 5th ed. Timo, 6s Blackwoods 1884 

Prayer, arranged as read in Chnrehes, with Texts &e.l8mo, 3s 6<i Hatchards 1886 

& Commentary for Students & Teachers, n.ed. 8to, 2s 6d 8.P.C.K, 1883 

Dreams, being a Concise Interpretation of Dreams, by Raphael, 82mo, Is FouUham 1885 

Enoch the Prophet, trans, from an Ethiopic MS. Bodleian Lib. p. 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul 1883 

Esther : TransUted, with Notes, &c. by the Lowell Hebrew Club, 1 2o, 7s 6<2 Andover, U.S.,., 1885 

Fancy Needlework: Embroidery, Wool Work, instructions, post 8vo, Is... Ward j- L 1881 

Fruits & BlossomsforLittleFolkstoIViint, designs by A.Warren, 4to,l«... Cassell 1885 

Garden Management, roy. 8 TO, lOs 6d Wardj-L. 1886 

Gems from the Poets, with illustrations by Giacomelli, 12mo, 8s Nelsons 1887 

Golden Gifts, for all Times and Seasons, post 8to, Is 6d WWoughby .1883 

Health, by Bennett, Brititowe, Brown, Reynolds, and othera, roy. 8to, 21s Cassell 1883 

Humour, Wit, and Wisdom: a Manual of Table-Talk, 18mo. Is Boutledge 1887 

Job, translated by Morgan, fcp, l<6^&ls(WelBhClas8ic8for People) Oxford Wareh ...1889 

Psalms, Prorerbs, & Song of Solomon, Wydiffite Version, 12mo, 3s ^d Oxford Wareh. . . 1 881 

Jousts, edited by James M. Lowry, 12mo, Is Field J^T. 1888 

Kalilab&Dimnah,tran8.fromArabicintoSyriao,ed. by W.Wright, 8ro,21s TrUbner 1884 

Knots : Complete Treatise on the Art of Cordage, 5th edit. sq. I60, 2s 6<f Bogue 1882 

Prayera, arranged by R. M. B. new edit. 32mo, Ad and \d Rwingtons ...1881-6 

Private Prayer, Forms of Prayer for Use Seven Times a Day, 18mo, 3s... J. Whitaker 1887 

Twice Daily, 32mo, 2s J. Whitaker 1886 

ShortFormeof DailyPrayer,L.H. of Convocation, 82mo,6rf J. Whitaker 1885 

Scottish Anecdote, by A. Hislop, new ed. witb Classified Index, p. 8 vo, 6s Simpkin 1882 

Story :' Historical, Humorous, Legendary, &c. selected, p. 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1882 

Shadows, roy. 8vo, 6(i Sonnensckein ...1882 

Shakspeare Gems, Landscape Illus. 8vo, 7s 6d Boutledge .1884 

Simple Prayera, collected & arranged by E. Waterhouse, 5s and 8s 6d ... Simpkin 1885 

Table Talk, Notes &, Memoire by W. C. Russell, p. 8vo, 2s (Excelsior Series) Boutledge 1 SB4 

the New Covenant of our Lord and Saviour, cri tical revision, 8 vo, 6s Stock 1 88 7 

Rabbit,! 2s 6<i; 2nd ed.byK.W. Knight, w. Rabbit Farming,8vo,10«6rf * Bazaar' Off. 1881-0 

Tile Club,oontng. 41 Phototypegof Painting8& Ba8-Relie&, 4to, 126s Boston, Mass. ...IgBG 

Verse, by J. R. W.fcp. 8vo, 2s 6d Kepan Paul 1888 

Wedding Days: Quoutions for Every Day in Year, by Reid, &c. 4to, 21s Longmans • 1889 

im-imd] BOOK BOSE 61 

Bode and its Story: Kamtive for the YouDg, bjr L. N. R. 27 ed. p. Sro, Zs 6d ... Bel. Book Soe.„ASS2 

Bookbinder, VoL 2, 4to, 7# 6i aotoes 1889 

Book Buyer : Summary of American and Foreign Literature, Vols. 1 , 2, 7« ^d each New York ... 1 885-6 

Monthly Sam. of American & For. Literature, V. 3-5, 4to, 10«6(2 ea. New York ...1887-9 

. — Christmas, 1888, illustrated, 8to, U Low 1889 

Bookkeeping DO Mysteiy, by an Experienced Bookkeeper, 4th edit. 12mo, Is 6d Lockwood 1883 

BookLore,Vol. 6. roy. 8to, 7« 64 Stock 1887 

Book-LoTer's Enchiridion : Thoughts on Books, n. e. 6s& d« ; 32mo, bs 6d & U 6d Simpkin 1882-3 

Library (See Appendix B.) 

Rosary : Praise of Books from Socrates to Robert Collyer, 16mo, 2s New York 1885 

Boobfora Reference Library: Lectures in Birmingham, 8to, 7«6c2 and 28 6i Simpkin 1886 

^ tl»6 Country, 12mo Wame 1883 

Bom (R. S.) Hints for Farmers, new edit. Is 

— — People (See Appendix B,) 

Young: Guide for Parents & Children, by Miss Hewins, ls6d; 2 e.U6i New York 1883-4 

Young Readers (See Appendix B.) 

from the Bible, in Latin and Greek, 8vo Castle ^ L 1881 

Jonah, by J. Baker, ^ 

of All Time : Guide for the Purchase of Books, by Leypoldt & Jones, 32o, %d New York,,,, 1883 

which hare influenced Me, 12oio, U (* British Weekly Extras,' No. 1) Hodder 1887 

BookuUers&BookbnyersinBywaysandHi^hways, byC.H.Spurgeon,&cl6o,l«6i Passmore 1882 

Bodnronn: a Treasury of Old Literature, Vol. 1, Is 6d ; 2, roy. 8to, 7s 6d Stock 1888-9 

Bool (it £?.) Art of Photographic Painting, 12mo. 1« Piper 1887 

Bode [Mary) Message of Psychic Science to Mothers and Nurses, post 8to, 6s,., Triibner 1 883 

Symbolical Methods of Study, cr. 8vo, 5< Kegan Paul 1884 

Boomerang ShoU, by 'Bill Nye ' (of the Boomerang), 8ro, 6d Ward ^ L, ...1884-7 

Boooe(C. r.) Law of Mortgages of Real and Personal Property, &c. 16mo, 15s San Francisco ,„\^^6 

[B G.) Education in if. States: its History fm. Earliest Settlemts. cr.8o,6« Appleton 1889 

Bootej (71) Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing, 8ro, Zs 6d Hamilton 1887 

Boot (W. H. J.) Trees and How to Paint them in Water Colours, col. pL 4to, 6s ... Cassell 1883 

Booth (H. ) Corrupt and Illegal Practices at Mnnicipal Elections, 8to, 2s 6d Simpkin 1883 

{H, M,) Heayenly Vision and other Sermons, 12mo, 6s New York 1886 

— - (/.) Poetical Reader, School Prize edit. 12mo, 2s and Is 6d Longmans 1881 

■ (J.B.iiE,) The Elder and the Younger Booth, by A. Booth Clarke, p. 8to.5« Bogus 1882 

(Mrs.) Papers on Aggressire Christianity, 12mo, la Partridge 1881 

• Godliness, post 8vo, Is Partridge 1882 

'{R. T.) Blue Ribbon Gems, a Choice Selection, 12mo, 6d Passinore 1883 

Movement: Factory BoyTemperance Evang. p. 8o, Zs 6d Passmore 1 883 

(ir.)HeathenEngland, Srdedit. 12mo, 1* Partridae 1881 

Salvation Soldiery: Addresses, post 8vo, Is 6d and Is Partridge 1882 

TraiDingofChiIdrenintoSaints&SoldiersofChri8t,8TO, 2«6i&ls6<2 Salvation Army 1884 

( W. B,) Fortunes and Misfortunes, and other Stories found, on fact, p. 8o, 2s Wbolmer 1 887 

Bo Peep, Vols, for 1881-9, 4to, Zs 6d and 2s Bd each Cassell 1882-9 

Bopp (>.) Comparative Grammar, 4th edit. 8 vols. 8vo, 31« 6d Williamsf N. ...1885 

Border Ballads, with Notes,by Graham R. Tomson, sq. 16mo, Is W, Scott 1888 

Lances: Romance of Northern Marches in Reign of Edward III. p. 8o, 6s Seeley 1885 

Bowl (T.) Count Agenor de Gasparin, tr. by Brig.-Gen. Howard, U.S.A. 16mo. 6s New York 1881 

Bars to Lock : NoTel, by Author of 'Wrecked Early in Life,* 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 2U Remington 1882 

Borse (L.) Recollections of a Rerolutionist, by H. Heine, tr. by £^n, p. 8 vo, Zs 6d Newman . , 1 881 

Bone on the Breeze, illustrated by Bertha Maguire, post 8vo, la Hildesheimer ...1888 

Booow (6r.) Bible in Spain, new edit. cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Murray 1888 

with a Biographical Introduction, post 8vo, 2s ...... Ward ^ L 1889 

Larengro : the Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest, n. ed. p. 8vo, 2s 6d... Murray 1 888 

Romano Lavo-Lil : Word-book of Romany, &c. new edit, post 8 vo, 6s Murray 1 888 

Romany Rye: a Sequel to 'Lavengro,* new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6(f ... Murray 1888 

Wild Wales : its People, Language, and Scenery, n. e. p. 8vo, 28 6d Murray 1888 

Zincali : an account of the Gypsies of Spain, n. ed. post 8vo, 26 6d.., Murray 1 888 

BorrovdAie (W.) Original Designs of Headstones, Crosses, &c. roy. 8vo, 17s 6^... Hamilton 1881 

Booovcd Plames : Translations fr. German Poets, by J.D.B.Gribble, cr. 8vo,4s 6d Triibner 1888 

Bofcakrth (£•.) Tin : a Novel, 12mo, Is Vnwin 1888 

B««aqnet(^.) Essays and Addresses, post 8vo, 4s Sonnenschein ...1889 

■ Knowledge & Reality: Criticism of F.H.Bradley's Logic, p. 8vo, 9s Kegan Paul 1885 

— Log:ic; or, the Moipholoey of Knowledge, 2 vols. 8vo, 21s Oxford ^ar«A....1888 

-— — ' (C.) Jehoshaphat ; or, l^nlignt and Clouds, 18mo, Is... Xoto 1886 

Tender Grass for the Lambs: Sermons to the Young, 12mo, 2s6<2 Low 1881 

B«wren(fl<?».(r«r/nMi«) Gate in Park Lane; or,ArnoldLane'sCourtsh.l2o,ls6<i Nishet 1888 

Judith the 'Stranger,' 12mo, Is Ni^t 1887 

• — ' ' ( W, St, Chad) Sheol & other Essays, 12mo,ls (British Museum Lectrs.) Temple Pub, Co, 1885 

BosBb: Some Account of Don Bosco and his Work, from D'Espiney, 18mo, Is ... Simpkin 1885 

-^ — (C) and Morell (J, J),) Compendium of Italian History, 4to, 7s 6d Longmans 1881 

BwovrtE {A.) Earlbquakes, from the French by C. B. Pitman, illui. post 8vo, 5s RoutUdge 1889 

Boas (fiam Chandra) Brahmoism ; or, History of Reformed Hinduism, p. 8vo, 6s Funk^ Wagnall 1884 
~ Hindu Philosophy Popularly Explained: Systems, p. 8vo, 68 F. B, Hunt 1884 

62 BOSE BOUBDILLON [English Catalogtjb 

Bote (Ram Chandra) Troths of the Christ. Helicon Estab. by Miracles, p.8ro, Ze Rel. Tract i^....l88l 

(S, C.) Hindoos as they are : Descrip. of Manners, Customs, &c. 8ro, 7« ^ Stanford ..1881 

^ — - 2nd edit, reyised and enlarged, post 8vo, 7< 6rf Thacker ...1884 

Bosher ( W.H,) & Foster.Freehand Copies,designed fr. Wild Flowers, pkt.5«&3« 6(2 Simpkin 1884 

Bosnett (H, M.) The Ricardian Theory, post 8vo, 2$ 6d Longmans 1884 

Bossnt's French Phrase Book: a Key to French Conversation, new edit. 18mo, 1« Whittaker 1887 

Word Book, new and revised edit. 18mo, 1« Whittaker 1888 

Boston (71^ Crook in the Lot, new edit, post 8vo, \$ 6d Rel. Tract So€...AS^ 

Boston Almanac and Business Directory, 1885, 24mo, 6« Boston, Meus. ...188*5 

Illustrated: City and its Suburbs, Buildings, Parks, &c. n. ed.l2mo,2«6(2 Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Mass. History, edit, by J. Winsor, Vols. 1 and 2, 4to, 31< 6d each Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Monday Lectures (See Appendix B.) 

Society of Nat History: Histor. Sketch of, by T. T. Bon v^, post 8to, 30s ... Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Boswell(e7'.)LifcofJohn8on,TourtotheHebride6,&c.n.e.A.Napier,ill.5v.imp.8o,210« Bell 4" S, 1884 

Bosworth (F. H.) Manual of Diseases of the Throat and Nose, 8vo, ISs New York 1881 

(J.) Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary, 8to, 12* Ruves ^ T. 1888 

Dictionary, edit, by T. N. Toller, Pte. l-3,4to,16« each Oxford Ware, 1882-7 

Bosworth's Clergy Directory and Parish Guide, 1882-8, post 8to, 4* 6d each Bosworth 1882-8 

Clerical Guide and Eccles. Directory, 1886, 1887, 1888, 6s 6d each ... Hamilton 1886-8 

Both Defeated, and other Orig. Temp. Readings in Prose & Verse, p. 8to, Isic 6d Nat. Temp. Bep, 1887 

Sides of the Street : an American Tale, with illustrations, sq. 16mo, 2s 6d Rel, I¥act Soe....\^fi 

Bothmer (Countess M. von) Aut Ceesar aut nihil, 3 toIs. post 8vo, 21s Longmans 1883 

Bott (T. H.) Robinson Crusoe in Verse, post 8yo, 3«, 2*, and \s Simpkin 1882 

William Aubrey: a Tale of My Time?, cr. 870, 64 Simpkin 1882 

BottH (A. C. L.) Handbook of Universal Literature, new edit. 12mo, lOs 6d Boston, Mau. ...1884 

( V.) Introduction to the Study of Dante, with an Analysis, &c. p. 8 vo, 7s 6rf Slark 1 887 

Bottentuit (Dr.) Waters of Plombi&res ( Vcsges) w. Route Map, Ulust. 1 6mo, 2s 6<2 Churchill 1 888 

Bottomley (J*. T.)I>^amics; or, Theoretical Mechanics, 12mo, 3« CUlins 1882 

—i.. Four-Figure Mathematical, Logarithmic, &c. Tables. 8vo, 2s 6i Macmillan 1887 

Hydrostatics; or, Theoretical Mechanics, Part 2, 12mo, Is 6d Collins 1882 

Bottone {S. R.) Dynamo : How made & How used : Book for Amateurs, p. 80, 2s 6d Sonnenschein ... 1 884 

Electric Bells and all about them, illustrated, 12mo, 3s Whittaker 1888 

- Electrical Instrument Making for Amateurs, 3s; n. edit 12mo, 3s Whitt4iker ...1888-9 

Boucher (i?.) Statesman's Love, 3vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d J. Blacktuood ...1886 

Bouchier (L.) Heart Story of Father Neot: a Cornish Romance, post 8vo, 6s ... Remington 1882 

How the Battle was Won ; or, Walter Trevellyan, l2o,2sed', n.e. 2s Gall 1883-9 

Bouchot (H.) Printed Book, History. Illustration, and Adornment, 8vo, 21s & 9s Grevel 1887 

Boucicault (D.) Fireside Story of Ireland, 12mo, Zd Routledge 1881 

Boudoir Table Book : Register of Birthdays, with Selections from Poets, 4to, 10s 6d M. Ward 1 884 

Bougaud (A. L.) An Argument for the Divinity of Jesus Christ, tr. Currie, p. 80, 6s Murray 1 882 

Boughton(6^.ff.)SketchingRamble8in Holland, ill. by Auth.&E. A. Abb^,8o,21s Macmillan 1884 

Bouillerie : Meditations on the Eucharist, 4th edit 18mo, ls6d Movi^tray 1885 

Boulanger((r07iemZ): a Biography, by F. Turner, 8vo, 10s 6i Sonnenschein ...1889 

Boulding(^.) Satan Bound: a Lyrical Drama, post 8vo, 6s Bemrose 1881 

Boulenger (G.A.) Catalogue of Batrachia Salientia in British Museum, 2 e. 80, 30s IViibner 1882 

Boulevard Novels (See Appendix B.^ 

Boulger (D. C.) Central Asian Questions : Essays on Afghanistan, China, &c. 80, 1 8s Unwin 1885 

History of China, Vol. 1, 18s; 2, 18s; 3, 8vo, 28s W. H. w<W«i... 1881-4 

(G. S.) Familiar Trees, col. plates, byBoot,Ser. \,\2s6d\ 2,p.8o.l2s6i CasstU 1887-8 

Uses of Plants : Vegetable Products of last 60 Years, p. 8vo, 6s Roper ^ D 1889 

Bonlnois (H. P.) Dirty Dustbins and Sloppy Streets, cr. 8vo, Is Spons 1881 

— — Municipal and Sanitary Engineer's Handbook, 8vo, 12s 64 Spons 1883 

Practical Hints on Taking a House, 12mo, Is 6<2 Spons ,...1885 

Boultbee (71 P.) Quiet Strength: a Memorial, by Gordon Calthrop, 18mo, 2s ... Hunt 1884 

Boulton (M^jor) Reminiscences of the North-West Rebellions in Canada, p. 8vo, 9s Low 1 886 

■ (8. B.) The Russian Empire: its Origin and Development 1 2roo, 2s& Is Cassell 1882 

Boultwood (Harriett) Acting on the Square : a.School Boy's Diary, p. 8vo, Is 6d J. F. Shaw 1887 

. Adventures of a Sixpence, with illustrations, 12mo, Sd ... J. F, Shaw 1887 

Donald's Charge&Broken Promise, by JenniePerrettl8o,6i Partridge 1885 

Dot's Scarlet Geranium, fcp. 6d San. Sch. J7». ...1889 

Dunce of the School, 12mo, 9d CauldwtU 1889 

Just Saved: the Story of Sam's Troubles, 18mo, 9i Jarrold 1886 

My Lady May, and one other Story, 12mo, 9(2 Blackie %...1887 

Robbie's Ambition, fcp. Is Jarrold 1889 

_— Sailor's Darlings and How they were Cared for, cr. 8vo, Is 6i Jarrold 1 889 

Bourdache (H.) Grammaire des ezamens : Practical French Grammar, 8 vo, 2s 6d Relfe 1 88.5 

Bourdaloue (Father L.) Eight Sermons for Holy Week and Easter, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 W. W. Gardner 1884 

Bonrdillon (F.) Acts of the Apostles, in short Sections, with Comment p. 8vo, 5s Stock 1886 

— Among the Flowers, and other Poems, new edit. 8vo, 2s 64 M. Ward 1883 

As Happy as a King: Plain Bk. for Occamonal Reading, 80, 2s 6d Rel. Tract Soe »,.1SS\ 

Cloudy Days : Short Medita. on Texts & Scripture, post 8 vo, \s6d S.P.C.K. 1888 

Family Readings in St Mark, post8vo, 4s; St Luke, 4s Rel. Tract Soc.lS8J^4^ 

Help to Family Worship, Vol. 2, 2s & Is; 1 vol. 3s 6d & 2# Rd. Tract Soc...lBS4 

1881-1889] BOURDILLON BOWER 63 

Booidillon (F.) Lamp & Light : Short & Simple Chap, od Texts of Scripture,12o, 2« Hatcharda 1 884 

— Lesser Lights: Minor Characters of Scripture, 28 ^d ; Ser. 2, 2« 6<i 8.P.C.K. 1882-3 

Our Own Book: Plain Readingfor People in Humble Life, 12o, )« S.P.C.K. 1886 

— - Quiet Visitor: Book for Lying-in Women, l2mo, Is 6rf; red. lOd 8.P.C.K. ,...1885 

Short Sermons for Family Reading, 2nd ser. 2 edit 12mo, 2$ 6d Hatcharda 1881 

Threefold Life ; or, the Walk, the Work, & Warfare, sq. 16o, U^d Jlel. Tract SocASHS 

— Where Lilies Live, &c. Pictures by E. S. Berkeley, roy. 8vo, 6«... Jlf. Ward 1889 

Young Maids and Old China : Pict. by Sowerby, r. 8vo, 5s Sc Zs 6d M. Ward 1 888 

BoBig0t (P.) Andr6 Comelis, trans, by Mrs. Cashel Hooy, p. 8vo, 3« 64, 2a 64,&2« Blackett 1880 

Cruel Enigma, cr. 8ro, 3« 6if Visetelly 1887 

Tiore Crime, unabridged translation from the French, post 8vo, 3» ^d Vizetelly .........1887 

Bovinot (/. G,) Constitutional History of Canada fm. Earliest Period, 12o, 6« 6(2 Montreal 1888 

Federal Government in Canada, 8vo, b» Baltimore 1889 

Intellectual Development of the Canadian People, 6» Toronto 1 88 1 

^Local CK)vemment in Canada: an Historical Study. 4to, 2<6i ... Baltimore 1889 

Parliamentary Procedure, and Parliament in Canada, 8vo, 25a... Low ....1884 

Bouker^.) Remarks on Tithe Redemption, cr. 8vo, 6c; Stock 188a 

(/. G,) Apache Camp.inSierTaMadre, Pursuit of Chiricahua, 1883, 12o,5a New York 1886 

^^ Snake-Dance of theMoquis of Arizona, Santa F6, &c. 8vo, 21a... Low 1884 

{U, J.) Easy Lessons, Self-Instruction in Irish, n. e. 12mo, Zs^&o 28 ^ Simpkin 1885 

Boora (H.H.) Earth's Diamonds; or. Coal, its Formation and Value, 2a6<2; red. 2a Partridge 1882-4 

Father Revealed and Christ Glorified, post 8vo, 6a Partridge 1885 

Fatherly Chastisement; or. Comfort for God's People, &cp.8o, 3a6<i Partridge 1885 

Botne(C. Z,) Great Composers: their Lives, 3a 6(£; 2nd edit, post Svo, 3a 6(2 ... Sonnenschein .,lZZ6-7 

Heroesof AiTicanDiscovery,&c.toDeathofLiving8tone,p.8o, 3a6(2 Sonnenschein ...1882 

(E. 2>.) BecreaUve Handbooks for Boys and Girls (1, 6(2; 2,M)l8Ad ... Griffith 1888 

(G, H.) Greatness and Chief Place in Christ's Kingdom : aSermon,8vo, 6<2 Simpkin 1881 

King taking Account of His Servants: a Sermon, Svo, 6(2 Simpkin 1884 

(H.R.F.) English Merchants' Memoirs: Progress of Commerce, p. 8o, 7a6(2 Chatto 188& 

.- Newspapers: Chapters on Journalism, 2 vols. Svo, 2ba Chatto .1887 

Story of Our Colonies, new &; rev. edit. 6 maps, p. 8vo, 4a 6(2 J. Hogg 1888 

(/.) Catechism of the Steam Engine, new edit, post 8vo, 7a 6(2 Longmans 1885 

(M, a)Gray'sCourt,8q. 16mo, 9(2 Simpkin 1882 

Booroenlle and Bncon's Hypo(iermic Medication, post 8vo,6a Lewis 1887 

BoBifiald (Bp,) Six Tears in the Transvaal : Founding of the Church there, 12o, la S.P.C.K, 1886 

\G,) Timber Merchant & Builders Vade Mecum, 3 edit post Svo, 2a 6(2 Spona 1884 

"(JJ) Pleasant Memories of Darlington and Neighbourhood, post Svo, bs Simpkin 1882 

(W, S.) Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883, Svo, 8a M. Sweet 1884 

BotMenard (L.) Crosoes of Guiana; or, the White Tiger, 16mo, 7a 6(2; n. e. 2a 6e2 Low 1883-B 

— Gold Seekers: Sequel to the Crusoes of Guiana, 6a; newed. 2a 6(2 Low 1884-& 

B«itell(C.) English Hemldry, new edit, post Svo, 3a 6(2 Beeves 4- T.... 1882-9 

BoQtfiGver (C, H,) Death of Alexander, Newdigate Prize Poem, 1884, Svo, la 6(2 Simpkin 1884 

Soitoa («r. ^.) Roandabout to Moscow: an Epicurean Journey, 12mo, 7a 6(2 yew York 1887 

Bovtvell ((r. 8.) Lawyer, Statesman, and Soldier, 12mo, ds 6d AppUton ...1888 

Boanrie {B. P.) Service for Children, Metrical Litanies, &c. illus. roy. Svo, 3a 6(2 Skeffinqton 1885 

-^ — {EL O. Pleydell-) J. S.; or. Trivialities, post Svo, 3a 6(2 Griffith 1886 

Bo«ner(JL) Bewitching Iza, poKt 8vo, la (Sensational Novels, VoL 1) Vieetelly 1887 

" — Wily Widow, post Svo, la (Sensational Novels) Vieetelly 1887 

(J,) Law Dictionary : Constitution & Laws of Um'ted States, 2 v. roy. 80, 75a Philadelphia ... 1 883 

Borct(j>lur) Egypt, Palestine, and Phoenicia : a Visit, translated, cr. Svo, 9a Hodder 1882 

BwrBdJs Annual, 1 88 1-9, Svo, 6(2 each Dicks 1881-9 

Novelettes : Twelve complete Stories in 1 vol. Vols. 1-3, 4to, la each... Dicks 1884 

— of Promise ; or, the Sure Grounds of the Believer's Expectations, n.e. ISo, \* Griffith 1885 

Boidea(C.)Pocket Code and Teacher's Daily Handbook, 32mo, 6(2 Simpkin 1883 

(H. P.) Witch of Athis: a Ballooning Story, post Svo, 6a Low 1889 

Bciw (d K) Alice Neville; or, *A Little Child shall Lead them,' ISmo, red. 9(2... S.P.aK. 1885 

BaUle and Victory; or, Story of a Painter's Life, ISmo, la 6(2 Griffith 1882 

Brook's Stoiy, and other Narratives, 4to, red. 2a 6(2 Partridge 1883 

Cared for; or, the Orphan Wanderers, 12mo, la 6(2 & la Partridge 1881 

How a Farthing made a Fortune, new edit, post Svo, la Partridge 1886 

Jack the Conqueror; or, Difficulties Overcome, newed. p. So, la 6(2 Partridge 1888 

" — — {C.W.) Boxmdaiy Disputes of Connecticut, portrait Gov. Winthrop, 4to, 25a Boston^ Mass, ...1882 

( £L A.) Astronomy by Observation, for High Schools & Academies, 4to, 6a New York 1 886 

' (£L J?.) Harrow Songs, and other Verses, 12mo, 2a 6(2 Longmans 1886 

" — — (i^.) Layman's Study of the Bible in its Literary & Secular Aspect, p.8o,4a6(2 Unwin 1886 

-(G.)Love Revealed : Meditations on Parting Words of Jesus, post Svo, 6s Hamilton 1884 

{Sir G, F,) Thirty Years of Colonial Government, 2 vols. Svo, 32a Longmans 1889 

'{H. C) Blossoms from an Old Orchard: Poems, Son^, Sonnets, 12mo, 6a Stott 1885 

Catelogne of Historical Novels, for School Libraries, Svo, la 6^... Stanford 1882 

(/. JSL) Conflict of East and West in Egypt, post Svo, 5a Putnam 1SS7 

{L, P.) Days of Makemie^ founder of Presbyterianism in America, 12o, 9a Philadelphia ...1885 

^'•w {AJ) Asserted but Not Ptoved ; or. Struggles to live, post Svo, 4a 6(2 Unwin 1886 

(X M,) PablieExam.French Reader, Vocab. to every Extract, p. So, 3a 6(2 WhUtaker 1888 

64 BOWER BOYD [English Catalooub 

Bower (i?. T. C) Notes on Army Signalling, 32mo, Is Simpkin 1888 

{f, 0.) & Vines, Instruction in Botany, cr. 8vo (1, 6«6i ; 2, 4«6rf), 10s 6i Macmiilan ...1885-8 

(e.) Hunting in Hard Times, ob. 4to. 12s Bradbury 1888 

(G, S,) Hartley and James Mill. 12mo, 3s 6<i (English Philosophers) ... Low 1881 

& Webb {W) Law of Electric Lighting, 8vo, 6s; new edit 12s 6i Low 1882-9 

(t/*. ^.) Science of Common Things, 12roo, red. Is ^ Sun, 8ch» Un, ...1884 

— Everyday Life, with 49 illustrations, 12mo, Is 6d Cassell 1889 

(S. A.) Let there be Light; or, the Story of the Reformation, post 8vo, Is Nisbet 1882 

•Science Erenings with the Young, post 8yo, Is Ni»bet 1883 

Bowps {A.) Practical Synopsis of English History, 8vo, red. Is Bell 4" S. 1888 

(ff. 8.) Conversation: Why don't we do more good by it? post 8vo, 2s 6<£ Nisbet 1885 

Information and lUostration, post 8to, 5s Nisbet 1884 

— »- (/.) Notes, Quest. & Answers on the Catech. & Confirmation, n. e. 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1881 

(J, L.) Japanese Enamels, with illus. from a Collection, imp. 8vo, 21s ... Quaritch 1884 

Bowick (J.) London Matriculation Magnetism and Electricity, ]2mo, 2s 6<2 Stewart 1887 

Preliminary Pharmaceutical Society Answers, &c 1 2mo, Is Stewart 1 888 

Bowie (A. f/.) HTdraulic Mining in California, illustrated, 8vo, 25s New York 1886 

Bowker (*/.) Birds of the Bible: Chats w. Children about Bible Birds, sq. 16o, 2s Morgan 1884 

Goblin Tales of Lancashire, from Drawings by C. Gliddon, p. 8 vo, 4s 6d Sonnenschein ... 1 882 

(Z?. a,) Economics for the People : Plain Talks on Economics, 16mo, 4s New York 1887 

Work and Wealth : a Summary of Economics, 12mo, 2s (kl New York 1884 

and Solberg (71) Copyright: its Law and its Literature, 8vo, 15s Low 1886 

Bowlby (A. A.) Injuries & Diseases of Nerves & their Surg. Treatment, 8vo, 14s Churchill 1889 

Surgical Pathology and Morbid Anatomy, illus. 1 2mo, 9s Churchill 1 887 

Bowles {S.) Life & Times of Samuel Bowles, by George S. Merriam, 2 v. p. 8o, 21s Unwin 1885 

{T,G.) Flotsam & J etsam : Yachtsman's Experience at Sea, &c p. 8o, 7s 6d W, H, Allen 1882 

—^ Log of the ' Nereid,' illustrated by Lockart Boyle, 8vo, lOs 6^ ... Simpkin 1889 

— Lamb, &; Coleridge, Poetical Works selected by Tirebuck, sq. 16mo, Is...... W, Scott 1887 

Bowling (E, W,) St. Paul and Felix : Seatonian Prize Poem, 8vo, Is Bell # 8, 1881 

{J.) Brailsford : a Tale of West Riding Life, post 8vo, 3s; red. 2s 6<i... Simpkin 1887-9 

Bowman (Anne) Boy Voyagers, post 8vo, red. 2s 6<2 Routledge 1888 

Kangaroo Hunters : Adventures in the Bush, new ed. p. 8vo, 3s 6(2 Routledge 1 883 

- (F, H,) Cotton Fibre in Technical Applications, ill. 8vo, 10s; newed. 10s Simpkin 1881-2 

Intermediate Text Book of Physical Science, illus. 12mo, 3s 6d Cassell 1882 

Wool Fibre in Use of Wool for Technical Purposes, 2 e. 8vo, 16s Simpkin 1885 

(Hetty) Chapters in the Life of Elsie Ellis, new edit, post 8vo, 8s 6i ... Hodder 1886 

i — Lily Hope and her Friends: a Tale, new edit post 8vo, 3s 6c{... Hodder 1885 

Mary's Work and other Tales for her Young Friends, 18mo, Is Hodder 1886 

Thoughts on the Christian Life, new edit 12mo, 3s 6<< & 2s 6(2 Hunt 1881-4 

(J, E.) Practical Chemistry, including Analysis, 8th ed. 12mo, 5s 6d Churchill 1885 

— — - (71) Hebrew Grammar, Exercises, &c. P. 2,Irreg.Verbs, &c. 8vo, lOsSd Hamilton 1882 

( W.} Address on Surgery at the British Medical Association, 8vo, 6<2 ... Kolckmann 1882 

Bowne (B, P.) Introduction to Psychological Theory, 8to, 9s New York 1887 

Metaphysics: a Study in First Principles, 8vo, 12s 6d Low 1882 

Philosophy of Theism, 8vo, 9s N'^York 1887 

(Eliza S.) Girl'8 Life Eighty Years Ago : Letters of E. S. Bowne, 8vo, 12s Chapman 1888 

Bownes (J.) Story without Names, and other Poems, cr. 8to, Is 6(2 Low 1886 

— ^— ~^ Vision of Martyrs and other Poems, fcp. 4s 6(2.. Matters 1888 

Bowra (//.) Miscalculation, post 8vo, red. 3s 6(2 Wame 1882 

Bowser (E. A.) Academic Algebra, with numerous Examples. 12mo, 7s 6(2 New York 1888 

College Algebra, with Examples, 12mo, 10s 6d New York 1888 

_ Elementary Treatise on Analytic Mechanics, illus. cr. 8vo, 15s ... New York 1884 

Box (C) Musings for Athletes: Twelve Brief Philosophical Essays, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1888 

— (71) Practical Treatise on Heat, 4th edit post 8vo, 12s 6(2 ^;pofis 1883 

Mill-Gearing,Wheels, Shafts, &c. 3rd ed.p.8vo,7s 6(2 Spons 1882 

Strength of Materials, post 8 vo, 18s Spons 1883 

Box of Stories Packed for Young Folks, by Horace Happyman, illus. p. 8vo, Is 6d Blackie 1882 

Boxham (J. M.) Industrial Liberty, cr. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Putnam 1888 

Boy Artist; or, the Reward of Perseverance : a Tale, new edit 12mo, Is 6(2 Nelsons 1887 

— Hero: a Story founded on Fact, by W. W. B. cr. obi. Is 6(2 W. W, Gardner 1884 

Life at Nutting, by the Author of ' Win and Wear,' post 8vo, 2s 6(2 Hamilton 1885 

— Martyr; or, Mampesti's Page : a Story of 1567, 18mo, 9(2 J. F. Shaw 1884 

Musician; or, the Young Days of Mozart, illustrated, 18mo, Is Blackie ....1887 

Boyce ( E. J. ) Catechetical Hints & Helps for Parents & Teachers, 5th ed. fcp. Is 6(2 S.P. C.K. 1888 

(W. B.) Introduction to the Study of History, 8vo, 7s 6(2 Woolmer 1884 

Boyd (A. J.) Old Colonials, cr. 8vo, 2s Gordon ^ G. ...1882 

(A. K. H,) Best Last, with other Papers, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 Isbister 1888 

-^— - East Coast Days and Memories, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 Longmans 1889 

Our Homely Comedy and Tragecty, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 Longmans 1887 

Little Life: Essays, Consolatory, 3s 6(2; 2nd Series, p.8o,3s6(2 Longmans ...1882-4 

To Meet the Day : through the Christian Year, post 8vo, 4s 6(2 Longmans 1889 

Towards the Sunset: Teachings after Thirty Years, l2mo, 3s 6(2 Mister 1882 

What Set Him Right, with Chapters to Help, post 8vo, 5s; 3s 6(2 hbister 1885-8 


Bojd(C) and Meara (ff, G,) Helps to Worabip, new edit. 18mo, Is and 9d Mowbray 1881 

— [C. R.) Resources of South- West Virginia, illus. and map, 8vo, Ids New York 1881 

— [H. F.) and Pearson {A. B.) The Factors* Acts, 1823 to 1877, 8to, 6« Stevens <f 8. 1884 

^—(/?.) Tables oftbe Average Weights of Human Body, sheet, \s\ mounted, 2s Churchill 1881 

— (/?. JV:) Chili : Sketches of Chili and the Chilians, post 8vo, 10s %d W. H. Allen ...1881 

— {E. ^.) a B C of a Healthy House, being Hints to Householders, 12mo, \s Simpkin 1889 

fiojdeQ(i. L.) Echoes from Hospital and White House : War Elxper. 12mo, 6s Boston^ Mass. ...1884 

Bojer (/. A.) Legal Directory of tne United States and Canada, 8vo, Ids Philadelphia ...1889 . 

Bojesen {H.H.) Gunnar: a Tale of Norse Life, new ed. 12mo, 2s 6<2 New York 1888 

History of Norway, 8vo, IsM Lrw 1886 

Idyls of Norway, and other Poems, 16mo. 6s New York 1882 

• Ilka on the Hill-top, and other Stories, 1 6mo, 5s New York 1881 

■ Light of Her Countenance: a Novel, 12mo, 4s New York 1889 

— Modem Vikings : Stories of Life in Norseland, illus. sq. 16nio, ^ Jiow 1888 

Old Adam: a Komance, 870, 2s 6(2 Philadelphia ...1888 

Queen Titania : aRomance, 12mo, 6s New York 1881 

Tales from Two Hemispheres, new edit. 12mo, ds New York 1881 

..^ Vagabond Tales, 12mo, 6s Boston^Mass. ...1889 

'Boyie (F.) Camp Notes : Adventure in Asia, Africa, & America, n. e. p. 8vo, 3s 6c£ Chatto 1 882 

— ^— Chronicles of No-Man*8 Land, new edit post 8vo, 6s and 2s Chatto 1884-5 

English Vendetta. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6^ Chapman 1887 

Golden Prime: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ^d Chapman 1882 

Good Hater, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6i . Bentley 1885 

Legends of my Bungalow, post 8vo, 10s 6c^ Chapman 1881 

■ On Borderland Betwixt Realms of Fact and Fancy, post 8vo, I0s6d ... Chapman 1884 

■ Savage life, new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6d (Wanderer's Library) Chatto 1882 

Treasure of Thorburns: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d Hurst 1887 

(^. i>.) My Aids to the Divine Life, 32mo, Is (Heart Chords) CasseU 1883 

{H. E.) Pr^is of an Action at Common Law, 8vo, 6» Butterworths ...1881 

{J. R.) Lost Towns of the Humber ; Roman Geog. ofS £. York, 80, 7s&Ssed Simpkin 1889 

(/?. W.) liove until Death : an Irish Story, post 8vo, Is (Select Novels) Blackett 1 888 

Boyle's Court Guide, January and April, 12mo, 5seach Office 1881-9 

Bojlston (P.) John Charazes : a Tale of the Civil War in America, 12mo, 6s Philadelphia ... 1889 

Bojne (Piytfw) Our Bobbie, and other Tales, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1886 

(>r.) Trade Tokens issued in 17th Cent. n.e. by Williamson, 2 v. V.l,8o,1058 Stock 1889 

&7i(£l) Consecrated Recreation; or, the Christian's Leisure Time, 18mo, Is Nisbet 1884 

Filled with the Spirit; or. Studies about the Holy Ghost, 18mo, Is Nishet 1883 

— My Lord's Money ; or, the Consecration of Talents, 18mo, Is Nishet 1883 

Rest unto your Souls; or, the Enjoyment of Peace, 18 mo, Is Nishet 1881 

Boys Book of Poetry, 18mo, Is Ward 4- L 1883 

Sports &: Outdoor Life in America, ed. by M.Thompson, r. 8vo, 7s 6d Wame 1886 

— - Favonrite Library, cr. 8vo, 3s 6rf each Griffith 1881 

Kingston ( W, H. G.) Hurricane Hurry Kingston ( W. H. G. ) Mark Seaworthy 

- — - Froisssrt: Sir J. Froissart's Chronicles, ed. by S. Lanier, 2 e. cr. 8vo, 7s Bd.., Low 1883 

— . Qvnet, edited by E. D. Browne, 12mo, 6# Griffith 1887 

HandyBookofNaturalH)8toi7,editbyH.W. Dulcken, ill.n.e.p.8vo, Is... Ward j- L 1881 

Sports, Pastimes, and Amusements, withillus. post 8vo, Is... Ward j- L 1881 

- — - IliDstnsted Library (See Appendix B.) 

-"- of Highfield ; or, the Hero of Chancery House, new edit, post 8vo, Is 6d... Bel. Tract Soc....l^^2 

Holy Writ, and Bible Narratives, with illustrations, new edit. 4to, 2s Bd Wame 1886 

the Bible: consisting of Descriptions and Dialogues, sq. 16mo, Is 6cf ... Simpkin 1884 

Own Annual, roy.8vo, 1881-2, 7s 6d each ; 1883-9, 9s 6d and 8s each Bel. Tract Soo. 1881-9 

Book of Sports and Pastimes, new edit. 16mo. 8s 6<i Lockwood 1881-9 

— Bookshelf (See Appendix B.) 

Sea Stories, r2mo, red. 3s 6<2... Ward ^ L 1883 

ury of Sports and Pastimes, by Wood and others, fcp. Zs 6d ... Boutledffe,...,.... \8Sd 
^^mpanion, new ser. Vol. for 1883-9, 4to, 2s and Is 6d each ... Sun. Sch. Un, 1883-9 

^>rary Dean 1889 

Hityer, Frolic, ~ 

Owi Stories, Packeta 1 & 2, post 8vo (Edinb. Oliphant) Is each Hamilton 1882 

Picture Book, roy. 8 vo, 2s and Is 6(2 , Sun. Sch. Inst.... \8%B 

and their Ways, by One who knows Them, n. ed. with illus. 1 2mo, 4s & 3s 6c? Hogg 188 1 

B««e(liC.) That Most Distressful Country: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6i ... F.V. White 1886 

^nkfaaat (F. (r.) Plane and Solid Mensuration, with Examples, cr. 8vo, 3s 6e? Bivingtons 1887 

^hwDO (Lord) Social Arrows, 5s; 2nd edit, post 8vo, Is Longmans ...1886-7 

Some National and Board School Reforms, 8 vo. Is Longmans 1887 

State Directed Colonisation : its Necessity, sq. 1 6 mo, Cd Stanford 1 886 

^kbenrac {Lord) Crackers for Christmas : More Stories, n. e. post 8vo, 3s 6(i ... Boutledge 1883 

Ferdinand's Adventure. &c illus. by E. Griset, 5s ; red. 3s 6d ... Boutledge ... 1 882-3 

Friends & Foes from Fairy Land, ill. by Samboume, p. 8vo, 6s Longmans 1885 

Moonshine Fairy Stories, post 8vo, red. 3s 6d Bout/edge 1881 

Queer Folk : Seven Stories, new edit, post 8 vo, Zs 6d Boutledge 1 883 

Redtations and other Poems, cr. 8vO| IsSd Stock 1889 


66 BBABOURNE BBAD8HAW [Eicolish Cataukhji 

Brahonme (Lard) Stories for idj Children, new edit, post 8to, Zs 6d RotUUdge 1883 

Tales at Tea Time: Fairj Stories, post 8to, red. Za 6<2 BoutMge 1881 

Uncle Joe's Stories, post 8vo, red. 3< 6d Rautledge 1882 

Brace(aX.)Oesta Christi: Human Progress & Christianity. I2r, n. e. p. Sto, 7$6d ffodder 1882^ 

Brachet, Historical French Grammar, trans. bjG. W. Kitehin, 7 ed. fcp. Sro, Zs 6d Oxford Worth. 1888 

Pablic School Fn^nch Grammar, n. e. 3« 6^; Part 1, n. e. 12mo, 2b 6d ... HaehetU 188S-4 

Brette, & Pub. Sch. Elementary French Grammar, ParU 1, 2, U ed ea. HaehOU 1881 

Masson*sPabSch.Elem.Latin6ram.Janau,Pc.2,Syntax,p.8o,l< BaehetU 1884 

Sup. Exer. Elem. French Gram. Pt. 2, 2nd ed. 12mo, U HaeheUe 1887 

Brachet*s Aix-les-Bains: Medical Treatment and Indications, cr. 8ro, 4« 6^ Renshaw 1884 

Bracken (7*.) Lays of the Land of the Maori and Moa, by R. Waddell, 16mo, 5s Low 1884 

BrackenbnTy(a)^ C. ^.) Field Works, with plates. 2 toIs. 12mo, Via Kegan Paul 1888 

(Maj.'Gen. H,) River Columnof the Nile Exped. Force, p. 8to, 7« ^d Blackwoodt 1885 

{Mrs. F.) One of those Little Ones, 12mo. U J. F, Shaw 1886 

Bracket Book of Fretwork Patterns : Designs, 3rd series, fol. 1« Brook 1885 

Brackett (J. R.) Negro in Maryland : Stady of Institution of Slavery, 8ro, I0« 6d.„ Baltimore 1889 

Bradbnry (£1) All about Derbyshire, post 8vo, 3s 6d; extra edit. 7s 6d Simpkin 1884 

(J.) India: its Condition, Religion, and Missions, post 8ro, 4s Od Snow 1884 

(W. F.)and Emery ((?. C.) The Academic Algebra. 12mo, fU BotUm, Maaa. ...1889 

Braddeley ( }V. ^, Clair) Bedoueen jLegends, and other Poems, fcp. 8to, 6s Robaonj-K, 1884 

Braddon (M, E,) Asphodel : a Novel, 3 vols, post 8ro, 31s 6d; new edit 2s 6<; and 2s J.^R.Maxwell 1881-2 

Christmas Annual : The Mistletoe Bough, 8iro, Is t7'.J/?.A/iix«wW 1881-7 

Cut by the County, 12mo, laSd and 1* J.j- R.Maxwell 1886 

Day Will Come: a Norel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed Simpkin 1889 

Fatal Three: a Novel, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s ed\2aed and 2s Simpkin 1888-9 

Flower and Weed, and other Tales, 12mo, 2s ed and 2s J. ^ R. Maxwell 1884 

Golden Calf: a Novel, cheap edit fcp. 8vo, 2s ed and 2s J.j- R. Maxwell 1883 

Ishmael: a Novel. 3 vols. 31s ed; new edit 6s ; 12mo. 2aed&2a «/^i?.3faxfos2il884-5 

Just as I am : a Novel, new edit. 12mo, 6s; 2s 64^ and 2s J.^R,MaxweU I881-2 

Like and Unlike : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed\ n. ed. 2s6<i& 2s S» Blaekett ...1887-8 

Married in Haste: aNovel, 12mo, 2s 6<iand2s J. J^ R. MaxweU 1%^^ 

Mistletoe Bough, 8 vo. Is J.j- R, Maxwell Asm. 

Mohawks: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6rf; new edit. 2s 6rf & 2s J.j-R.Maxwell 1886-7 

Mount Royal : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8to, ZUed; n. ed. 2s 6// & 2s J.^R.MaxweU 1882-3 

One Thing Needful : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed : n.e. 2s 64& 2s J.^R.MaxweU 1881-6 

Phantom Fortune, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed\ new edit, ined and 2s J.^R.Maxwell 1883-4 

Under the Red Flag, and other Tales, l2mo, 2s 6iand 2s J.j-R. Maxwell 1886 

Wyllard's Weird : a Novel. 12mo, 2s 6<^and 2s J.j-R. Maxwell 1886 

Bradford {A. H.) Spirit and Life : Thoughts for To-day, 12mo, 5« AJw York 1888 

Bradlaugh (C.) Life, by Charles R Macksy, 8vo, 10s ed Gwm 1888 

Rules, Custoras,& Procedure of the Houi^e of Commons, 12mo, 2s 6d( Sonnenachein ...1889 

Bradley ( C.) Faithful Teaching, with Memoir by Dean of Manchester, p. 8vo, 3s ed Hatcharda 1885 

Sermons at High Wycombe, Glasbury, and Clapham, p. 8vo. 3s ed W. W. Oardner 1884 

(E.) Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, with illus. new edit 4to, ed J, Blackwood.., 1882 

{F. H.) Principles of Logic. 8vo, 16s Kegan Paul 188S 

(G. G.) Address on Funeral of Frederick, Emperor of Germany, 8vo, ed ».. Rimngiona 1888 

Aids to Writing Latin Prose, by T. L. Papillon, post 8vo, 6s Rivingtona 1884 

Lectures on Ecclesiastes, in Westminster Abbey, post 8vo, 4s 6<£... Oxford ffi>fvA....1885 

Job, in Westminster Abbey, post 8vo, 7s 6i; n. e. 7s ed Oxford ff^sA. 1887-8 

Strength out of Weakness : a Sermon, Is Rivingtona 1883 

Temple and the Work : a Sermon, 8vo, Is Rivingtona 1881 

(H.) Goths to the end of the Dominion in Spain, poet 8vo, 68 Dnwin 1888 

(/. JT.) After Years : a Story of Trials and Triumphs, 12mo, 2s Ndaona 1884 

Culm Rock: or. Ready Work for Willing Hands, new ed. p.8vo, 2s Nelaona 1885 

(M.) Kitty's Curl Papers : a Fourth-of-July Story, 16mo, 6s New York 1885 

(W.) Wreck of the * Nisero* and Captivity in Sumatra, sq. 16mo, 7s ed Low 1884 

Bradshaw (/<»nte) Crimson Stain, post 8vo, Is Caaaell 1885 

(B.) ABC Directory United States, Canada, and Mexico, 2nded. 2s6i TrUbner 1887 

Collected Papers, with plates, 8vo, 16s Camb. WareA. ...1889 

Dictionary of Mineral Water8,01imatic Health Re8orts,&c.l2o,3s6rf Stanford 1S82 

. n.e.l2o,2s6rf Trubner 1883-9 

. (H.) Memoir of Henry Bradshaw, University Librarian. 8vo, 16s Kegan Paul 1888 

(hahella) Wedding-Day Book, from Shakespeare, &c. sq. 16mo, 2s ed Heywood 18^4 

(J) Dedham Park : aTale of Saltshire, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31s ed Low 1885 

New Zealand as it is, 8vo, 12s ed Low 1883 

of To-day, 1884-7, with maps, 8vo, 14s Low 1888 

Raphael Ben Isaac: aTaleof *>0 a.d. 2 vols. cr. 8to, 12s Low 1887 

(J. ^.)Easy Arithmetical Examples for Beginners, 12mo, 2s ed Maemillan 1889 

(Maude) Indian Outfits, 12mo, Is (Silkworm Series) Mvra 1888 

(Mrs. F.) Gabrielle; or. Worth the Winning, post 8vo, 6s W. H, Allen 1887 

(Mrs. J.) Merevalo, post 8vo, 6s ; red. 3s ed Sonnenacheim 1886> 9 

Rivets of Gold, post 8 vo, Is 6<i Jarrold 188€ 

Roger North, 3 vols. cr. 8to, 31s ed Sonnenachein ...188^ 


findflbsVs Railway Manual, Shareholders' Qnide & Directory, 1881-9, 12s •- ^. J, Adams 1881-9 

Bndshawe's Lecture on Cardiac Anenrisms, by J. Wickham Legg, 8vo, Zs 6d ... Churchill 1884 

Bndwood(fr(Z/) Ensemble, new edit. 12mo, 2« Ward f L 1885 

O. V. H. ; or, How Mr. Blake became an M, F. H. n. e. 12mo, 2s Ward ^ L 1884 

Bmdjr (C.) Plenteous Redemption, 12mo, Is Partridge 1885 

Riches of His Giaiee, 12mo, \s Partridge 1885 

(W, JT) Annals of Catholic Hierarchy in £ng. & Scotland, roy. 8vo, 7tf 6<2 J. M. Qtark 1883 

'- Rome and Fenianism : the Pope's Anti-ParncUite Circular, 8 vo, 6<^ Waskboume 1883 

Bneaiar; or, Two Months in the Highlands, by L. R. L. 2 vols. cr. 8to, 21s ... 8. Tinsley 1881 

Brahmo Tear Book: RecordsofTheisticChurch of India,byCo]let,8o,2«6e2&;l«6i Williams fN. 1881-2 

Bnlims (Johannes) : a Biographical Sketch, by Hermann Deiters, trans. 12mo, 60 Unvrin 1887 

Bmin, Vols. 8to, 15s each Macmillan,,, 1881-9 

Bnitbvaite (Adeline) Scripture Spoil in Sacred Song, l8mo, Is Ifisbet 1886 

{T. ^.) Oaths in the Supreme Court, 4th edit. fcp. 870, 28 ed Stevens j- 8. 1884 

(^. & •/.) Retrospect of Medicine, Vols. 83-99, 12mo, 6s 6d each ... Smnkin 1881-9 

Brmeid(W. AJ) In I^pe and Shadow : Old Test. Types of Christ, n. e. 12mo, Is 6i Skeffington 1885 

Bnmston & Leroy,Historic Winchester, England's First Capital, 6s; n. e. p. 80, 6s Longmans ...1882-4 

(Af.) Apples of Sodom: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12* W, 8mUh 1889 

Everingbam Girls, with 3 page woodcuts, post 8vo, 2# 6(^ and 2s 8.P.C,K, 1886 

Heroine of a Basket Van, 2s 6d; new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6d National 8oe, 1886-7 

Home & School : Sequel to • The Snowball Soc.* p. 8vo, 3« & 2s 6rf 8.P,C,K, 1883 

In Hiding, poet 8vo, 6s W, Smith 1889 

Judea& its Rulers, Nebuchad. to Vespasian, cr. 8vo,3s6<2 S.PX\K, 1882 

— ^— ^— Mavis, illustrated by J. Nash, post 8vo, Is 6d S.P,C.K. 1888 

• On Character, sq. 16mo, dd Hatchards 1886 

-^— Pair of Cousins, with 3 full-page illustrations, post 8vo, 2s 6d „, National Soo, ...1889 

Bosamond Ferrars, 12mo, red. 2s 6d S,P.C,K, 1884 

Stiver Star Valley, with 4 full-page illustrations, cr. 8vo, 3s National Soc. ...1888 

—^ Toads and Diamonds, and other Tales, post 8vo, Is S.P.CK, 1885 

Unde Iran ; or, Recollections of Fifty Years Back, post 8vo, 2s 6d National 800, ...1887 

— . Woman of Business, post 8vo, 2s S.P.CK, 1885 

Bnmwell{^.)Diseasesof the Spinal Cord, illns. 15s; 2nd edit. 8vo, 16s Simpkin 1882-4 

Examination of the Pulse : a Description of the Sphygmograph,8o,6<2 Simpkin 1881 

— Intracranial Tumours, with 116 illustrations, 8vo, 14s....... Simpkin 1888 

Practical Medicine & Medical Diagnosis, Case Taking, &c. 80, 4s6<2 Simpkin 1 887 

— Student's Ouide to Ebutm. of the Pulse & Sphygmograph, 2 e. 80, Is Simpkin 1883 

Treatment of Pleurisy and Empyema, with 4 illustrations, 80, Ss 6<2 Pentland ...1889 

(W, C.) Wool Carders Vade Mecum, 3rd ed. rev. & enl. 12mo, 10s Od New York 1881 

12mo, 12s 6d Philadelphia ...1882 

Brandurdi^re (^MUe. Siego de la) Irish Lace Instructor, Spanish Lace,&c. 4to, Is Simpkin 1886 

—Modern Orris Lace for Gold, &c. 16mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1885 

Pretty Crochet Edgings, oblong 16mo, 4d Simpkin 1888 

Royal Jubilee Crochet Book, sq. 16mo, Is Simpkin 1887 

Winter Bk.'86;Needlewk.Sketches,&csq.l6o,6(i Simpkin 1885 

BriBd(a)B«ba: a Novel, fcp. 2s 6d Johnstone 1889 

( W. F.) Life of Whittingham, 4th Bp. of Maryland, w. Facsim. 2 v. 8 vo, 25s New York ... 1 883-6 

■■ London Life seen with German Eyes, post 8vo, 2s Field j- T. 1887 

Baadt (J.) Popular Antiquities, with additions of Sir Hy.Ellis, n. e. p. 80, 7s 6d Chaito 1888 

^aades (G.) Eminent Authors of the 19th Century, translated, 12mo, 10s 6(2 ... New York 1886 

" Impressions of Russia, from Danish by C. E. Eastman, 12mo, 6s„, New York 1889 

Bemdram (^.) Speaker: Prose and Verse for Recitation, 5s; n. ed. p. 8vo, 8s 6(2... Bouiledge 1885-8 

Bnadt (fl. C, G.) First Book in German: Accidence, Syntax, &c. 12mo, 5s Boston, 3fass.... 1888 

— ^ Grammar of the German Language, post 8vo, 6s Putnam 1886 

Bnaat (W, 71) Animal & Vegetable Fats &; Oils, w. additions, &c. ill. r. 80, ibs Low 1888 

Manufacture of Soap and Candles, &c. illustrated, 8vo. 36s Low 1888 

- — . . Vinegar &Acetotes. Fruit Wines, &3. ill. r. 80, 25s Low 1889 

Metallic Alloys: Amalgams, Solders, &c. illus. cr. 8vo, 12# 6(£ ... Low 1888-9 

Boat (£ 3f.) Systematic Cutting-out fiom Units of Measurement, post 8vo, 2s Sonnenschein ...1884 

^Mher (A.) Sophia ; or, the Viceroy of Valencia : a Comedy in 5 Acts,,2s6(i Kegan Paul 1884 

Bn»ey (Lady) In the Trades, Tropics, 2 Is ; ^ition de luxe, 73s 6/2 ; n.e.7s6<f&6(2 Longmans ...1884-0 
Snnbeam, Wood's Strange DwelLHartwig'sArct. Reg. 1 v.r.8vo,28 Cd Longmans 1882 

— Sunshine and Storm in the lilast, new edit, post 8vo, 7s 6<2 ; ^ ... Longmans ...1882-6 

— Tahiti, with Photographs by Col. Stuart- Wortley, sm. 4to, 21s ... Low 1882 

~ Three Voyages in the 'Sunbeam,* imp. 8vo, 2s 6rf Longmans 1886 

— Voyage in the 'Sunbeam,' popular edit. roy. 8vo, ^ Longmans 1881 

(T.) British Navy: Strength, &c. Vol. 1, 8vo, 10s 6(i; 2-6, 3s 6rf each ... Longmans ...1882-9 
— Recent Shipbuilding Policy, cr. 8vo. Is P. 8, King 1884 

(Tk(m0ts)UU and Labours, 1805-70, 7th edit, post 8vo, Is 6(2 and Is ... Bell 4* S. 1888 

^WMtys Naval Annual, 1886, 7s 6rf ; 1887,7s6(i; 1888-9, roy. 8vo, 10s 6(2 ... Simpkin 1887-9 

Burs Ai«hie, by the Author of * Sketches and Stories of Life in Italy,' 1 8mo, 9(£ Bel. Tract 4SW....I887 

Boy: or, FQial Love, new edit. 12mo, Is Boutledge 1881 

British Soldiers and the Vict. Cross : Regiments & Men of the Army, 8vo, Is Ward k L. 1 886 

- — John None, and other Tales, founded on Fact, po8t8vo, 6(2 S.PCK, 1883 


68 BRAVE BREWER [English Catalooui 

Brave Swiss Boy. and other Tales, 12mo, U (Chambers* Jnrenile Library) Chambers IRRi 

Bravely Borne; or, Archie*s Cross, by the Author of * Dick's Strength,' 12mo, U Rei. Tract 5«?....1882 

Bray (Anna E.) Autobiogmphy, post 8ro, 10* 6d Chapman 1884 

Romances, new edit post 8vo, 8a Bd each Chapman 1884 

Conrtenay Hartland Forest Trelawny 

De Foix Henry de Pomeroy Trials of the Heart 

Father's Cnrse Protestant Warleigh 

Fits of Fitz Ford Talba White Hoods 

—.- (C.) Elements nf Morality, in Eas^ Lessons, 2s 6<2; 2nd ed. p. Svo, Is 6d.„ Longmans ...1882-8 

Phages of Opinion and Experience during a Long Life, post 8ro, Zs 6d Longmans 1885 

Philosophy of Necessity: Law in Mind as in Matter, 3rd edit. p. 8vo, 5s Longmans 1889 

Science of Man: a Manual of Anthropology, 2nd edit post 8vo, 4s Longmans 1883 

(E.) Principles and Practice of Discovery, Appendix of Forms, 8vo, 12s 6<i Reeves 4" T. 1884 

{Mrs.) Branded ; or, the Sins of the Fathers shall be Visited. &c. p. 8o, 7s 6d Griffith 1888 

III Silver Linings; or, Light and Shade, post 8vo, red. 3s 6d Crriffith 1883 

Ten of Them ; or, the Children of Danehnrst, new edit p. 8vo, 2s 6d Griffith 1883 

(Mrs. C.) LiWle Mop, and other Stories, 18mo, 6d BlaeJIne 1883 

Paul Bradley: a Village Tale, new edit fcp. 8vo, Is 6d Partridge 1881 

(Mrs. R.) We Four, illustrated bv Miss W. Erichsen, post 8ro, 2s 6d Griffith 1881 

Braye (Lord j4.) Poems, edited with a Preface by F. A. Paley, Umo, 5s Bell # S. 1882 

a Selection, fcp. 8 vo. Is Washhoume 1887 

Present State of the Church in England, fcp. 8vo, Is Washboume 1884 

Bread-Winners : a Social Study. 6s; new edit 12mo, 2s Warns 1884 

Breakey((/.«7. C.) Bible Student's Examination Guide to Study of Scripture, 12o, Is Simpkin 1884 

Breakfast and Savoury Dishes, by R. O. C. post 8vo, Is Chapman 1885 

Breakfasts, Luncheons, and Ball Suppers, by Major L , post 8vo, 4s Chapman 1886 

Dinners at Home, by Short, 6th edit post 8vo, 3s 64 Kerhjf 1886 

Breaking? and Training Dogs, by Hugh Dalziel & • Pathfinder,' 2nd ed. p. 8o, 6s Bd * Bazaar ' Office. 1885 

Bredif (L.) Demosthenes: Extracts. &e. trans, by M. J. MacMahon, A.M. 8vo, 5s Chicaao 1881 

Breech-Loading Ordnance and Naval Gun Question in 1885, 8vo, Is Simpkin 1885 

Breed (Z). i?.) Abraham : the Typical Life of Faith, 12mo, 5s Chicago 1886 

Breese (8.) Early History of Illinois, from the Discovery by the French, 8vo, 18s Chicago 1884 

Bremiker's Tables of the Common Logarithms of Numbers, &c. 10 edit. 8ro, 8s6<2 Nutt ..1888 

Brenan (i?. /T.) Allnred to Brighter Worlds ; or. Words to the Young, 12mo,2s6rf Nishet 1886 

^~—— Surpassing Fable; or, Glimpses of our Future Home, 12mo, 2s... Isinbet 1887 

Words to Sailor Boys on RundHy Mornings, 12mo, Is S.P.C.K. ...188o 

Brennan (J.) Observations upon the Land Traniifer Bill, 1887,. I2mo, 6d Waterlow 1887 

— — - (M. 8.) Electricity, with Sketches of some of its Discoveries, 16mo, 4s... New York 1885 

Brenon (E. St. John) Future Reflects, and other Poems, post 8vo, 6s Reeves ^ T, 1881 

Two Gallian Laments, and some Verses, cr. 8vo, 4s Reeves J 21 1884 

Brent (J.) Poetical Works, rev. edit 2 vols, post 8vo, 10s Kent 1884 

Brentano : Fairy Tales in English, by Kate F. Kroeker, post 8vo, 5s ; red. 3s 6rf Unwin 1884-5 

New Fairy Tales told in EDgliwh by Kate F. Kroeker, ill. 4to, 6s & 5s Unwin 1887 

. Wondrous Tale of Cocky, Clucky, and Cackle, trans, post 8vo, Is 6rf... Hogg 1887 

Brereton (A.) Dramatic Notes, 1882-3, 8vo, Is; 5th & 6th issue, 8vo, 2s Bog^ 1884-6 

illus. 8vo, 2s and Is Carson Annual 

Shakespearean Scenes and Characters, illustrated, 4to, 2ls Cassell 1886 

Some Famous Hamlets, Burbage to Fletcher, with Criticisms, p. 8o, Is Bogue 1884 

.— ^ (C. 8. H.) Last Days of Olympus : a Modem Myth, post 8vo, 3s 6<i. Kegan Paul 1889 

■ (Emily) Wandering Thoughts, sq. 16mo, 3s Bd Young 1884 

( W. A.) Truth about Opium : Substance of Lectures, 8vo, 7s6d;n. e. Is W. H. Allen,.. \SS2-^ 

Breton Maiden, by Author of * Till my Wedding Day,' 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6rf ... Hurst 1887 

Bretschneider (E.) Mediaeval Researches from Eastern Asiatic Sources, 2 v. 8o, 21s Triibner 1 888 

Brett (^.) Comet, with Adaptations for other Instmments, &c. 4to, 2s 6<i and 2s Novelh 1888 

(Mrs. J.) May Lester; or, the Fraits of Self-Denial, illus. sq. 16mo, 2s 6d Partridge 1883 

( ffoAer/) of Stoke Newington: Life and Work, by T.W. Belcher, cr.8o. 10s6rf Griffith 1889 

(T.) Bankruptcy Act 1883, with Notes and Index, Appendix, 14s and 12s 6d Buiterworths. 18b3-4 

( W, H.) Apostle of the Indians of Guiana, by F. P. L. Josa, post 8vo, 6s W. W. Gardner. 1887 

Mission Work among the Tribes in the Forests of Ghiiana, p. 8vo, 3s S.P.C.K. IHSl 

Brette(/?w. P. H. & T.) French Exam. Papers at Univ. Lond. 1839-88, 3s 6rf; IL 7s IVUbner 1888 

Breuil(ilf<fe) Scientific Culture of Fruit Trees, 4th edit by G. Glenny. ]2mo. Ss6d Lockwood 1883 

Breviarium Romanum a Francisco Quignonio juxta edit. Venetiis, &c. 8vo, 12s ... Camb. Wareh. ...188S 

Brew (H. W.) Chronicles of Castle Cloyue, &c. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s Gd Chapman 1885 

Brewer (D. C.) Madeleine : a Poem in Fragments, 16mo, 6s New York 18€8 

(E. C.) Authors and their Works, with Dates, post 8vo, 2s Chatto lSd4t 

DictionaryofMiracles: Imitative, Realistic, & Dogmatic, p. 8o,7<6<i Chatto 1884 

Phrase and Fable, n.ed. by Robertson, post 8to, 3s 6<i Cassell 1881 

Entire new System of Book-keeping by Si ngle Entry, 1 2 ed. 1 2o, 2s Jarrold 1SH5 

Errors of Speech and Spelling. 2 vols, in 1, cr. 8vo, 7* Ward f L ..1881 

Etymological & Pronouncing Diet of DiflScult Words, n. Ward ^ X.^. . 1 882-8 

Guide to English Composition, new edit 12mo, 3s 6d Longrnans .iB%^ 

Political. Social, and Literary History of Germany, post 8vo, 6«... Dela Rue 1 8B2 

Readers'Handbookof Allusions, References, &c. 3 ed. p. 8to,7< 6i Chatto 1882 


Brewer {KC.) Smaller History of Germany, Political, Social, &c. 18mo, 2s 6d De la Hue 1882 

{J. F,) Cane upon Mitre Square, A.D. 1530-1888, I'imo, U Simpkin 1888 

(■/. S.) £Ddowment & Establishment of Church of England, 2 ed. p. 8to, 6« Murray 1885 

— English Studies; or, Essays in English Hist.&c. by U.Wace,8o,14<f Murray 1881 

Reign of Henry VII I. f m. Accession to Death of Wolsey, 2 v. 8o, 30« Murray 1 884 

{Mrs.) Statistical Chart of London, If ; Great Britain & Ireland, cr. 8vo, Is Bell ^ 8. 1881 

fin«er, Distiller, & Wine Manufacturer, post8yo, 6« 6(2 (Technological Handboi^ks) Churchill 188b 

Braweiy (t/. 5.) Elementary Engineering: Questions & Answers, w. Tables, 12o, 2s Locktoood 1889 

Brewio {R.) Gospel Sermons for Children, post 8vo, \s 6<2 Jarrold 1886 

Breirst^r {Sir D.) Home Life, by his Daughter, Mrs. Gordon, 3rd edit. p. 8vo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1881 

Letters on Natural Magic, by J. A. Smith, new edit. p. 8to,4« 6(2 Chat to 1883 

{H, B.) Theories of Anarchy and Law,cr. 8ro, 5s Williams ^N...,ISS7 

BriMt (Z.) Laboratory Text Book for Brewers, post 8vo, lOs 6d T. Briant 1886 

Bribery and Corruption: the Comic Companion to the Corrupt Practices Act, 4to, Is J.ow 1886 

Britt (5.) Law, Practice, and Procedure relating to Patents, &c. 8vo, 18s Clowes 1885 

Brifkdale (C. /*.) Registration of Title to J^nd,& how to Establish it, &c.8vo,5« Stafford 1886 

Bride from the Sea, &c. by the Author of * Dora Thorne,' &c. cr. 8vo, U 6d & Is W. Stevens 1888 

— of Greenlawns ; or, William Woodman's Trust: a Political Parable, fcp.6<2 T, F. Unwin ...1886 

Pjcot^, by Author of *L'Atelier duLys,* illus. by W. L. Jones, p. 8vo, 3s 6d Bemrose ....1883 

Bridge {C.) History of French Literature, fromDemogeot, new edit. cr. 8ro,3s6<i Rivingtons ...1883-4 

(/. F.) Double Counterpoint and Canon, 8vo, 2s 6d & 2s (Music Primers) Novella 1881 

BrK^man (S, C.) Uncle George's Money: a Story, 2 vols. 21s Chapman 1884 

Bridger {A, E.) Demon of Dyspepsia ; or. Digestion Perfect & Imperfect, p. 8o, AsSd Sonnenschein ...1888 

• — — Man and his Maladies ; or, the Way to Health, post 8vo, 6s ffogg 1889 

Bridiges (C*.) Scriptural Studies, 9th edit. 12m3, 2s 6<i Nii>bet 1884 

(F. D.) Journal of a Lady's Travels Round the World, illus. post 8vo, 15s Murray 1883 

(/.-<l.)Idyll8of a Lost Village, post 8vo, 1s^ Macmillan 1889 

(J. H.) Five Discourses on Positive Religion, 8vo, Is Reeves 4" T, 1889 

- Positivism & the Bible : 3 Lectures given in Newton Hall, Bvo,9d Reeves j- T. 1885 

(A/tss) Brides of Kensington, fcp. 8vo, Is 6d Washboume 1884 

{R,) Nero, Historical Tr«igedy, 4to, 2s E, Bumpus 1885 

Poems, sm. 4to, 8s E. Bumpus 1886 

Prometheus the Firegiver : a Drama, fcp. 8vo, 4s G. Bell J884 

Bridgett (T. H) History of the Holy Eucharist in Great Britain, 2 vols. 8vo, 18s Keqan Paul 1881 

Ritual of the New Testament, 3rd edit. 5s Biims ^O. 1887 

Bridgman(/^. A.) Winters in Algeria, illustrated, sq. 8vo, 12s 6d New York 1889 

Brief History of Ancient, Medieval, and Modem Peoples, 16mo, 9s New York 1884 

Peoples : Monuments, Liter. &c. maps & illus. 12mo, 6s New York 1884 

Briefless Ballads and Legal Lyrics, by a Briefless Barrister, 8vo, Is Stevens j^S. 1881 

Brierley (B.) Ab-O* Th' Yate in YunkeelHud : Two Trips to America, p. 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1887 

Bita o*Fun for Lancnshire Firesides, post 8vo, Is Simpkin .........1884 

Cast upon the World: the Story of a Waif, post8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1887 

Cotters of Mossbum, post 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1887 

-- Daisy Nook Sketches, popular edit. 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1882 

Home Memories, and R«^llections of a Life, cr. 8vo, Is Simpkin 1886 

Ni/;hts with Ben Brierley: Lancashire Headings, cr. 8vo, Is Simpkin 1884 

OatofWork,01dNook,FrutchingtonsofFrutchingthorpe,p.8o,3s6£{ Simpkin 1887 

Tales of Lancashire Lite, Chronicles of Waverlow, poet 8vo,3s 6rf... Simpkin 1884 

Marlocksof Merriton, &c. post8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1884 

andSketches of Lancashire Life: Irkdale, post 8vo, 3s 6<£ ... Simpkin 1885 

Brictzcka (ff. JT.) dsRooper, Lessons in Plain Needlework ic Knitting, p. 8vo, 3s 6d Sonnenschein ...1885 

Brigg(^.) * Sunny Fountains ' and * Golden Sand,' post 8 vo, 2s &2 Woolmer 1888 

(/.£•) PhUosophy of the New Birth, 12mo, 2s Nisbet 1887 

Brigga (C. A.) American Presbyterianism : Origin and Early History, 8vo, 7s %d Hamilton 1885 

Biblical Study : witha Catalogue of Books of Reference, 8vo, 7s6<i Hamilton 1884 

Messianic Prophecy, 8vo, 7s Sd Hamilton 1886 

Whither? a'Theological Question for the Times, 8vo, 9s New York 1889 

-^-- ((?. R.) Elemenu of Plane Analytic Geometry, Text-book, 12mo, 7s 6rf ... New York 1881 

{HJ) Steam-Heating: American Warming Buildings by Steam, 24mo,2s 6<2 Niw York 1883 

((rcfli.«A) Memoir: Comment8onWords& Work,byMaj.E.Bell,r.8o, 7s6<i Chatto 1885 

(T.) Povert J, Taxation, and the Remedy, 12mo, Is W. Reeves ...1883-4 

Briffaam (C. H.) Memoir and Papers, portrait, 12mo, 9s Boston, Mass, ...1881 

\g. N.) Phthisis Pulmonalis; or. Tubercular Phthisis, 8vo, 10s 6<^ New York 1882 

- {Sarah P.) Bond of Honour: a Story for the Young, 12mo, 5s New York 1889 

( W, T,) Guatemala, the Land of the Quetzal: a Sketch, 8vo, 21s Unwin 1887 

BrifboBse (J. ^.) Midnight Postern: a Novel, poet 8vo, Is 6<2and Is Simpkin 1889 

— ; Old Klimber Hall : a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s Remington 1884 

Bright (JSr. A.) English Flower Garden, with illustrative Notes, po8t8vo, 3s6rf... Macmillan 1881 

' (Jaco6) Speeches, 1869-^4, edited by Mrs. Jacob Bright, p.8vo, 2s6£^& 2s Simpkin 1885 

(^*o^) Birthday Book, from Speeches and Letters, sq. 16mo, 3s 6<2 Simpkin 1883 

Life, by Lewis Apjohn, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6i W, Scott 1889 

. Geo. Barnett Smith, based on the larger work, post 8vo, 5s Hodder 1889 

&Opinions,byF.Watt,w. coloured portrdit,&c. p. 8vo, 3s & 2s 6rf Sangiter 1884 

70 BRIGHT BRISTOWE [Exoush Catalooue 

Bright (John) Life and OpinioDP, by F. Watt, post 8ro, 1* Ward ^ L 1889 

Spe^es, bj Smith, 2 v. 21«; n. e. 2 rols. in 1. 8vo, 7« 6J... Hodder 1882 

Times, by William Robertson, post 8vo. 7< 6rf Caisdl 1883 

Man of the People, by Jesse Page, post 8vo, Is (W Partridqe 1889 

Non-Political Sketch of a Good Man's life, by C. BuUock, p. 8vo,2# ' ffomeWds: 0/.1889 

Popular Biography, \2mo,6d BotUUdge 1889 

Sketch, Statesman and Orator, cr. 8ro, 6^ Stock 1885 

— Public Letters, collected and edited by H. J. Leech, post 8to, 7s6rf Low 1885 

(J. F.) History of England, Period l,MedisTal Monarchy, 4 ed. cr. 8o, 4s 6rf JtivingUma 1887 

2, 1485-1688, 4th, 6s Binngton$ 1882 

3, 1689-1837. 4th edit. cr. 8vo, 7s 6rf... Bmngtona 1884 

4.GrowthofDemocracy,1837-80,cr.8o,65 Bivinqtotu 1888 

-(./. 5) History of Dorking and Neighbouring Parishes, 8vo, 12s 6«/ Simpkin 1885 

- (r.) Agricultural and Tenant-Right Valuers' Assistant, post 8vo, 3s 6<i ... Lockwood 1886 

Plantations and Underwoods, post 8to, 3s6<f Lockwood 1888 

{W.) Chapters of Early English Church Histoiy, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 12s... Oxford Wareh. 1888 

Incarnation as a Motive Power : Sermons, post 870, 6s Hieingtons 1889 

— ^- lona, and other Verses, 12mo, 4s 6<2 BivingUmi 1885 

Notes on the Canons of the First Four General Councils, p.8vo, 5s 6i Oxford IFareA....1882 

Red Book for SergeanU, 6th edit. 12mo, Is W, H. Allen ...1886 

Seven Sayings from the Cross: Addresses, 12mo, Is Qd Parker f Co* ...1887 

Bright's Illustrated Guide to Bournemouth, 5th thousand, cr. 8to, Is Mown. ^ P. ...1888 

Bright Life, with an Introduction by the Rev. W. B. Robertson, sq. 16mo, 3s 6(2 Ats6<< 1881 

Promises, sq. 16mo, Is Hawkins 1888 

Sabbaths : a Few Words to Mothers, by One of Themselves, sq. 16mo, Is Partridge 1888 

Sundays: a Few Words to Mothers, by One of Themselves, 16mo, Is Partridge 1887 

Sunset: Last Days of a Young Football Player, ls6<£; new edit.l2mo. Is Hodder 1885-7 

Brightwell (3ftss) Above Rubies: Mem. of Christ. Gentlewomen, n. e. p. 8vo, 8s 6^ XeUons 1881 

■ Men of Mark : a Book of Short Biographies, n. e. post Svo, 3s 6d Book Society ... 1 883 

Brillat-Savarin : Gastmnomy as a FineArt, trans, by R. K. Anderson, n. e. p. 80, 2s Chatto 1889 

Brimley {G.) Essays, edited by William George Clark, 3rd ed. post 8vo, 5s Macmillan 1882 

Brinckman (A.) Controversial Methods of Romanism, po8t8vo, Z$6d Sotmenaekein ...1888 

Notes on Rescue Work, 2s 6d; new edit, post 8vo, Is G, J, Palmer 1885-7 

Brine (E.) Allington, and other Poems, poet 8vo, 4s 6d snd 3s 6d Simpkin 1884 

(F.) British Decorations, from 1348 to the Present Time, n. ed. 80, 2s6<2&2s Stanford 1882-4 

- (G. A,) King of the Beggars: Adventures, a TrueStory, Is; new ed. 12mo, 6d Ward 4" -L' ...1883-6 

(3far^ i>.) Christmas Dreams, roy. 8 vo, 2s Cassell 1887 

Rhymes and New Year Chimes, illus. 4to, 6s J. Clarke 1882 

Clover Blossoms, roy. 8vo, 2s CateeU,,, 1887 

Ding Dong Bell, imp. 8vo. Is 6d CassHl 1887 

-«~— Dozen and One; or,theBoysandGirl8of Polly King, imp. 1 60, 5s Cassell 1888 

From Gold to Grey, 7s 6ci CassM 1886 

Good Times for the Little Ones, roy. 8vo, Is 6cf Cassdl 1888 

Grandma's Attic Treasures, 9s ; new edit. 4to, 3s 6d Griffith 1882-8 

Memories, illustrated, roy. 8vo, 5s leister 1888 

Jingles and Joys for Wee Girls and Boys, 4to, 5s.... Cassell 1884 

— - Madge, the Violet Girl, and other Poems, cr. 8vo, 15s Xew York 1881 

Merry-Go Round, 4to, 5s Cassell 1886 

My Boy and I ; or, 00 the Road to Slumberland, 8vo, 25s ^ew York 1881 

■ Stories Grandma Told, post 8vo, 3s 6(/ J. j- B. Maxwell 1886 

. Twilif^ht Fancies for our Young Folks, roy. 8vo, 2s 6<f Cassell 1888 

— — — Wee Little Rhymes, imp. 8vo, Is 6rf Cassell 1887 

Brinkerhoff (i7. B.) Nah-nee-ta: a Tale of the Navajos, 12mo, 7s 6i Boston^ Maes. ...1886 

Brinkley (Bp.) Astronomy, with chapters by Stubbs & Brunnow, 3 ed. post 8vo, 6s Lomgrnans 1 886 

Brinsmead(£^.) History of Pianoforte: Theory of Sound & Instruments, p. 80, 2s 6<2 Simpkin 1889 

Brinton (D. G.) Aboriginal American Authors and their Productions, 8vo, 5s PhUadelphus ...1884 

■ Comedy of G iiegiience, trans, f m. Nahuatl.Spanish Dialect.80, 1 0s6<£ Philadelphia ... 1 884 

Myths of the New Worid : Symbolism of the Red Race, 80, 10s 6rf Philadelphia ... 188S 

Briny Deep : Log of ' The Flying Cloud * : Olden Times in Merchant Serv. p. 8vo, 6s Griffith 1 885 

Brisbin (</. S.) Beef Bonanza; or, How to Get Rich on the Plains, 12mo, 6s Philaddphia ...1881 

Trees and Tree-Planting, illustrated, 12mo, 7s 6d New York 1888 

Briscoe («7. P.) Curiosities of the Belfry, ill. by Cruikshank. Jewell, &c 16mo, 2s... Hamilton 1883 

Gleanings from God*8 Acre: Epitaphs, ]6mo, 2s Hamilton 1863 

Brisse (Baron) Menus and Recipes in French and English, 5s; 2nd ed. p. 8vo, 5s Low 1882—3 

Bristol Channel Almanac and Tide Tables, 1884, 12mo, 6^ Simpkin Anntiai 

Medico-Chiruigical Journal, edited by J. Greig Smith, 8vo, 2s ad Churehiil 1883 

— Tune Book, Supplement 1881, sq. 16mo, 6^ Novella 1881 

Bri8tow(^s^) Beatrice and Brian, 12mo, Is WooUner 1887 

May*s Captain, post 8vo, Is 6^ Woolmer 188^ 

- Poor Boy of the Class, 12mo, Is Woolmer 1887 

Bristowe (Beatrice) Clarissa's Tangled Web: a Tale, po»t 8vo, 5s J. Clarke 1886 

(J^ 5.) Clinical LecturesA Essays on Diseases of Nervous System, 8o,12s6<2 Sffiifh f E. 1888 

Theory and Practice of Medicine, new edit. 8vo, 21s Smith <j- E. •••1882—7 

mi 1889] BRITAIN BROCK 71 

Bntsin's Qaeen : a Story and a Memorial, by Pearl Fisher, cheap edit, roy . 8 vo, 6d, . . J. F. Shaw 1887 

Britinnia Arithmetic and Writing Cards, Standards 1-7, 32mo, packet, Is eHch... Simpkin 1885 

Arithmetical Examples, Parts 1 & 2, lc2; 3, 1<2; 4 & 5. 2(2 e. ; 6 & 7, Zd Marshall 1886 

— Answers to Parta 1-4, 4(2; 6-7, 6rf; l7ol.9<2... Marshall 1887 

.^—^ Handbook of Arithmetical Examples, 12mo, Is Marshall 1886 

^ Magna* by the Alderfirst of Ababrelton, 8vo, Is Wyman 1885 

Biitish Almamur, Is; Companion, 2s 6d; Almanac& Companion, 1 toI. 12mo, 4s ... Stationers* Co. 1881-8 

1*; Almanac and Companion, 2« 6(2 Staiionert^ Co.,.. ISSO 

Apples: Beport of the Committee, Oct 6 to 25, 1883, 8ro, 2« 6d MacmiUan 1884 

Army, by the Author of the * Present Position of European Politics,' 8o, 1 2s Chapman 1 888 

the Present System of Edncation for Ofificers, 8vo, Is Simpkin 1885 

Album of Crests, Badges, Devices, & Nicknames in the Army, 4 o, 4s Simpkin 1 889 

Art during her Majesty's Reign, Jubilee No. of the ' Art Journal,' folio, 5s Virtue 1 887 

Cdambia: Report of Mission of the Church of England, 1880-81, 8vo, Is Rivingtons 1882 

Fisheries' Directory, 1883-4. 12mo, 2s6<2 Low 1883 

Imperiiil Calendar and Civil Service List, 12mo, 5s Warrington, ,,\^%\-^ 

Jouaial Photographic Almanac and Daily Companion, 12mo, 2s and Is... Greenwood ...1881-9 

Juvenile Album: a Gift-Book for the Young, illus. imp. 8vo, Is WiUoughby 1883 

Letter Writers from the Fifteenth Century to Present Time, roy. 8vo, 5s Nimmo 1882 

Museum Lectures , Thmple Co 1885 

Boecawen, Sheol, &c.: Essays, Is 

Publications (See Appendix B.) 

Navy in the Present Year, by an Undistinguished Naval Officer, post 8o, 6s Hamilton 1885-6 

Pharmaceutical Conference, Unofficicd Formulary, 6d ; Is and 6d Churchill 1887-8 

PhamrncopcBiaof the General Councilof Medical Education, n.e. 1865, 8o, 6s Spottiswoode ...1885 

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School Geograph.Reader, rev. ser. by T.Morrison, 1,9(2; 2,9(2; 3,ls;4,ls6(2 Gall ^ /. 1885 

Series (See Appindix B.) 

Song Birds, illustrated. 18mo, Is 6(2 Nelsons 1887 

Standard Handbooks of Sports & Pastimes, Vols. 1, 2, 3s 6(2, 2s 6<2, & 2s ea. J.^R.Maxwell 1883-5 
Library (See Appendix B.) 

Taxpayer and his Wrongs : a Typical Year's Imperial & Local Tax. 8 vo, 6s E, Wilson 1 888 

Weekly Extras, Is 6(2 and Is each Hodder 1888 

Barrie, An Edinburgh Eleven 

Pnlpit: Companion Journal to the 'BritishWeekly,' Vol.l,8vo, 6s Office 1880 

Workman, Vols. foL 2s 6<2 and Is 6(2 Partridge Annual 

Workwoman, Vols. fol. 2s 6(2 and Is 6(2 Office Annual 

and Colonial Temperance Congress, London, July, 1886, 8vo, 3s 6(2 Nat. Temp. Dep. 1886 

Batm (£ V.) Some Account of Amyot Brough, Capt. in H.M.'s Foot, 2 v. p. 8to, 1 2s SeeUy 1884 

^-— ~ Sue; or. Wounded in Sport, post 8 vo, Is 6(2 and Is SteUy 1886 

{F.) By-and-By : a Thrilling Tale, deeply interesting, post 8vo, 2s KensU 1888 

Britflns, Awake! byA. B. C. 4<2 KeganPaul 1885 

in BritUny, by G. H. F. post 8vo, 2s 6(2 Low 1886 

Brittaia (F. 8.) Oscar and Esther, and other Poems, fcp. 8vo, 3s 6(2 Wgman 1883 

^(fl:)Nores on the Broads& Rivers of Norfolk& Suffolk, 3rd ed. fcp. 2s& Is P. Loman 1889 

— ; (T.) Micro-Fungi : When and where to find them, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

Bntten (F, J.) Watch and Clockmaker's Dictionary and Guide, illus. ds Kent 1 884 

Handbook. 1882, 4th edit. 8vo, ds Kent 1882 

—^ — (J,) European Ferns, coloured illus. from Nature by D. Blair, 4to, 21s... Cassell 1881 

Brittoo {H.) Lolona ; or, Two Years in Cannibal Land, post 8vo, 4s 6d Mullen 1884 

(J.) Hiatory and Antiquity of Bath Abbey Church, 4to, 7* 6(2 and 6s ... Hamilton 1887 

— — («/. J.) Lay of the I/uiy Ida, and other Poems, cr. 8vo, 5s Remington 1883 

Sheaf of Ballads and Stories in Verse, cr. 8vo, 4s 6<2 Sfock 1884 

Bntts (M, v.) Better than Gold : a Temperance Story, 16roo, 6s 6d Philadelphia ...1885 

^Md (C. E.) Mary Lorn, Story of an Ocean Waif: a Tale for the Young, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

Ikcedtxe {B.) Btid Boy and His Sister, with illustrations, 8vo, 6<2 Ward f L 1888 

Sbedbent (H.) Wealth & Want : a Social Experiment, ed. by Masherma, 1 2mo, 6(2 W. Scott 1885 

Bnsdbridge («/*. J,) Alphabetical Guide to Modern Double-Entrpr, 8vo, 2s ed ... Simpkin 1883 

I^QidfoQt (&.) Career 1844-5 in Afghanistan and Punjab, from his Papers, So, 15s Murray 1888 

^nvlbouBe («r.) Musical Acoustics: Phenomena of Sound, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Reeves 1881 

^Mdhuist {H.) and Reid (R. T.) Lessehold Enfranchisement, poet 8vo, Is Sonnenschein ...1885 

Broidley (X M.) How we Defended Arabi and his Friends, 18s; 2nd ed. 8vo, 12s Chapman 1883-4 

Last Punic War : Tunis Past & Present, 2ed. 2 vols. p. 8vo, 25s Blackwoods 1882 

l^Qadas (/. A.) Commentary on the Gospel by Matthew, 8vo, 12s Philadelphia ...1887 

^f^iJ. H. E.) Elements of Physiology, adapt, to Science & Art Depart fcp. Is 6(2 Chapman 1889 Ques.of Science & Art,l 88 1-6 : Animal Phys. c.8o, 1 sSd Chapman 1889 

V- 1884-6 : Hygiene, cr. 8 vo. Is 6(2 Chapman 1889 

(M.) Roma : Pagan and Papal, eoT by G. H. Pember, illus. 5s Hodder 1883 

(i6«. Carey) Almost Persuaded: a Tale of Village Life, new edit. 12mo, Is Seeleg 1881 

— Chances and Changes: a Tale, post 8vo, 5s Setlei/ 1882 

— Church Echoes: Tale of Saeramect & Special Services, p.8o, 5s Seeleg 1 888 

72 BROCK BROOKE [Ekoush Catalooub 

Brock (Mrs, Carey) Margaret's Secret, new edit, post 8vo, 5s SeeUt/ 1881 

— My Father's Hand and other Stories, new ed. post 8vo, 2s 6d SttUy 1881 

Snnday Echoes in Weekday Hours : Parables, n. ed. p. 870, 6» SeeUy 1882 

. What is the Difference ? or. Wishing and Choosing, 12mo, Is S,P.C,K, 1881 

Brockett (Z. P.) Our Western Empire ; New West beyond Mississippi, roy. 8ro, 1 8« Philadelphia ... 1 882 

Brocklehurst(7; l^.) Mexico To-day, 8ro, 21 < Murray 1883 

Brockman (J.) Seven o'Clock : a Home Story for Home-lonng Children, 12mo, 2s Wame 1883 

( Jantc) Bert, 12mo, Is W, W, Gardner 1889 

From Storj' to Story, illnstrated, roy. 870, 1« 6d W, W. Gardner 1889 

Right Side Up, post 8vo^ 2s W, W. Gardner 1889 

Brodhurst (£.£1) Anchylosis.Removal of Deformity^ Bestoratn.of Mobility ,4e.8o,d« Churchill 1 88 1 

Carvatnres and Diseases of the Spine, now edit. 8vo, 7« 6<£ & 6« Churchill 1883-8 

Brodie (C. F.) Hidden Picture: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 2\s Remington 1884 

{Emily) Cousin Dora ; or, Serving the King, post 8vo, 3^ 6d J. F, Shaw 1887 

Dandy Blue; or, Robin's Knight Errant, 12mo, 1« 6d i?e/. Tract 80c, „ASS9 

East and West; or, the Strolling Artist, illus. post 8vo, Is 6d ... J, F, Shaw 1885 

Fire Minutes Too Late; or, Leslie Harcourt's Resolve, p. 80, Zs6d J, F. Shaw 1885 

His Guardian Angel, post 8vo, Zs 6d J, F, Shaw 1886 

Jean Lindsay, the vicar's Daughter, n.e. roy. 8 vo,6<2 (Home Series) J. F, Shaw 1885 

Lonely Jack and his Friends at Snnnyside, post 8vo, Ss 6d J. F. Shaw 1882 

Nora Clinton; or. Did I Do Right? post 8vo, Zs (id J. F, Shaw 1883 

Norman and Elsie; or, Two Little Prisoners, post 8vo, Zs 6d J, F, Shaw 1884 

Old Christie's Cabin, post 8vo, 2s 6d J, F. Shaw 1889 

Rough the Terrier: his Life,&c. illus. by P. T. Pym, sq. 16mo, Is 6d J, F Shaw 1887 

— ^— Ruth's Rescue; or, the Light in Ned's Home, Timo, Is J. F, Shaw 1883 

Seagull's Nest; or, Charlie's Revenge, 12nM), Is ed J. F, Shaw 1884 

Sybil's Message, postSvo, IsCd J. F, Shaw 1888 

Uncle Fred's Shilling: its Travels and Adventures, post 8vo, Zs 6d J. F. Shaw 1884 

(E, H.) Lyrics of the Sea, 12mo, 6s Bell ^ S. 1887 

\S,) Songs of the Country, with Vignettes by the Author, sq. 16mo, 3s 6(2 Beminyton 1885 

Brodridc (G. C) History of the University of Oxford, post 8vo, 2s 6d Lotiymans 1886 

Broglie (Due de) Frederick IL & Maria Theresa, from Documents, 2 vols. 8 vo, 30s Low 1883 

Personal Recollections of Due de Broglie, 1 785-1 820, 2 v. 80, 30s Ward ^ 2>. 1 887 

Broken, by Einan, 12mo, 9d Wo*.lmer 1889 

Cactus, and the Fourth Beatitude, new edit. 18mo, 6c2 Sun. Sch, Union 1882 

Glass; or, Brave Jim and his Troubles, by L. F. W. 12mo, Is '. Houlston 1886 

— , Wedding Ring, by Author of * Dora Thome,' post 8ro, Is ed and Is W, Stevens 1882 

Bromby (Bp,) HiBt& Gram, of the Eng. I. L.Reynolds, 2 e. p. 8o,2s6<2 Moffatt 1 881 

Bromfield (ATar^ E) Trot's Letters to her 1^11, new edit, post 8vo, Is kelsons 1883 

Bronkhurst (H. F,P.) Colony of British Guyana & Laboring Population,p.8o,10s6cf Woolmer 1883 

Bronte (Anne) The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, new edit. 18mo, ls6d SmUh j- E. 1889 

( Charlotte) Jane Eyre : an Autobiography, new edit, post 8vo, Is Routledye 1889 

; Introd.byC.K.Shorter, 12o,ls W, Sooit 1889 

__ 1 new edit. 18mo. Is 6d; 8vo, 6d Smith ^ E, ...1888-9 

Life, by Augustine Binell, 12mo, 2s 6d and Is W. Scott 1887 

Mrs. Gaskell, new edit. 18mo, Is ed Smith ^ E, 1889 

Professor, Poems by Currer, Ellis, & A. Bell, &c.n.e. I80, Is 6rf Smith ^ E, 1889 

. Shirley: a Tale, new edit 12mo, Is ed Smith j- E 1888 

Villette, by Currer Bell, new edit. 18mo, Is ed Smith J E, 1888 

(£!wit7y) byA. Mary F.Robinson, 2s 6<i; 2nd edit Is Od (Eminent Women) W. H, Allen 1883-9 

(Emily Si Anne)Yi}xtheT\ng Heights; Agnes Grey,ed.C. Bronte, 12o, Ued Smith f E, 1889 

Brook (J.) French Measures and English Equivalents : Iron and Steel, 64mo, Is Spans 1886 

(Nelsie) Come Home, Mother, 6th edit 18mo, ed Partridge 1884 

Lucy Bell's First Place, 12mo, red. 9i Partridge 1883 

Never Give Up, 12mo, red. 9i Partridge 1883 

— Nothing like Example, 12mo, red. 9(2 Partridge. 1883 

(R.) Family Herbal : History of Brit. & For. Plants, rev, ed. 12mo, Is ... Brook ^ Co. ...1885 

(Sarah) French Histoir for English Children, with coL maps, post 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1881 

Three Sixteenth Century Sketches, post 8vo, 2s ed S.P,C,K. 1884 

Brooke (Carts) Before Summer and other Poems, 32mo, ed Brane 1888 

(C K.) System of Field Training, post 8vo. 2s Kegan Paul 1883 

(C.P,) Handbook for Cotton Manufacture Students, 2nd ed. 32mo, ed ... Simpkin 1887 

(Edward) Memorial, Diary & Correspondence, by J. H. Lord, p. 8vo, 3s6tf Woolmer 1881 

(H.) Temple of His Body : a Series of Bible Readings, post 8vo, 2sed ... Marshall 1889 

(X.) Flora Hepburn's Marriage, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Zlsed S. Tinsley 1881 

-^— Mrs. Gordon : a Mesmeric Mystery, sq. 16mo, ed Bogue 1885 

Three Fair Daughters: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Zised; new edit 2s F, V. H^AtYs... 1882-3 

(^.) Notes on the Liber Studiorum of J. M. W. Turner, post 8vo, 12s Autotype Co, ...1886 

"^-—^ (S. A,) Early Life of Jesus : Sermons preached at Bedfora Chapel, p.8o, 6s Stott 1 887 

— ~-^-— — — Sermons Preached in St. James' Chapel, 2nd series, 5 ed. p. 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul 1881 

— Spirit of the Christian Life: Sermons, post 8vo, 7s ed Kegan Paul 1881 

— Sunshine and Shadow : Meditations from Sermons, post 8vo, 6s... Stott 1886 

Unity of God and Man, and other Sermons, 4s; 2 ed. post 8vo, 4s Stott 1886-7 

mi'im] BROOKE BROWN 73 

fifooke(IK G.) Churchwarden's Guide, 10th edit, post 8to, As 6d Knight 1881 

fiiooket {H,) Peers and the People, and the Coming Kefonn, new ed. cr. 8to, 2s„, W. Jkeeves 1885 

{J.B.) Salvation, the Way made Plain, cheap edit, post 8to, Is Hodder 1884 

-( IK) Pencil.Pictnres of Child Life. w.Remin. by T.Letherbrow,16o,3«W ComUh 1889 

Bnokfield (C.iC.£'.)Illn8trated Sporting Glossary, eq. 16mo, 2# Bogus 1881 

Brooklyn Library: Analytical & Classed Catalogue : Authors, Titles, &c. fol. ZUM Brooklyn^ U.S, 1 881 

Brooks (il.) Life of Christ in the World : Sermons, 12mo. 7« 6<i ^"ew York 1887 

(B.A.) Phil, ypmon and his Schoolmasters : a Story, 12mo, 6s New York 1886 

— Those Children & their Teachers: Parental Experience, 16mo, 6s KetrYork 1882 

(C.)Still Waters, poet Syo. 3»6rf L. Literary Soc. 1886 

{C. P.) Cotton Manufacturing, illustrated. 6s ; 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6« Spons 1888-9 

Handbook for the Use of Cotton Manufacture Students. 3 e. 12o, 1« Hetfioood- 1889 

WeayingCalculations: Guide toCotronYarn&Clotb.ill. p.8o, 3a6<2 Spons 1889 

(E) Elocution and Beading, with Prose & Poetical Selections. 16mo, Is 6<i Philadelphia ...1882 

Mental Science, 12mo. 9« Lancas'.er^U.S. 1886 

(£. S,) American Sailor in Merchant Vessel & Man-of-War, ill. 8vo, 124 6<2 Boston^ Mass, ... 1 889 

— — Chivalric Days : Stories of Courtesy and Courage, post 8to, Zs 6d Blackie 1887 

• Historic Boys: their Endearours, Achievements &Times, p. 8o, 30 6<i{ Blackie 1886 

■ Girls: Stories of Girls, &c. 8vo, 6# Putnam 1887 

In Leisler's Times : a Story of Knickerbocker New York, 12o, Is 6d Boston, Mass, ... 1886 

No Man's Land, Wonder Stories, Vol. 1, with illus. 12mo, 6s ... Boston, Mass, ...1886 

Life of £. G. Brooks, Minister in Universalist Church, 12mo, 68 6d Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Storied Holidays, illustrated by Howard Pyle, post 8vo, ^ 6d Blackie 1888 

Story of New York, illustrated, 8vo, 7s6d Boston, Mass, „ 1888 

the American Indian, 8vo, I2s 6d Boston, Mats, 1887-8 

Soldier, illustrated, 8vo, lis 6d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

(G.) Mr. Gladstone and Politics: Second Administration, post 8vo, ls6d W, Fawcttt 1889 

(H.) Vision of the Candlestick and other Bible Readings, post 8vo, 2s 6d Marshall 1888 

(^e/^na) Sister Ellen and Clare's Probation: Two Stories, 12mo, ls6d,„ Eng,Pub.Co, ...1887 
(</. F.) Principles of English Grammar, unfolded to Learners, 8to, bs,,, Sj^ngfield, III, 1887 

(y. /r.) Stumbling Blocks Removed :fm. •Life thro' the Living One,* 640, 9rf Hodder 1883 

{L) Year's Sonnets, oblong 4to, \Qs 6d Boston, Mass, ...1886 

(A.) Our Baseball Club, and flow it Won the Championship, 1 0« 6ei & 7* 6d New York 1884 

{PhUlips) AJezander Hamilton Vinton : Memorial Sermon, 8vo, \s 6d ... Boston, Mass. ...1881 

■ Candle of the Lord, and ether Sermons, post 8vo, 6s MacmiUan 1881 

Influence of Jesus, 3rd edit, post 8vo, 3« 6d (Bohlen Lectures) Dickinson 1883 

Lectures on Preaching, cr. 8vo. 4s 6d and 3« 6d W, W, Gardner 1881 

Yale College, 1877, post 8 vo, 2s 6<i ... Griffith 1885 

O Little Town of Bethlehem, 4to, 2s Griffith 1887 

Sermons Preached in English Churches, post 8vo, 6^ MacmiUan 1883 

Tolerance: Two Lectures to Divinity Students, post 8vo, 2s 6d Macmillan 1887 

Twenty Sermons, post 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1886 

{Shirley) Naggletons, new edit, 12mo, Zs 6d Bradbury 1883 

Wit and Humour, from * Punch,' new edit. 12mo, Zs 6d Bradbury 1883 

(5. ^.) Poems, post 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1888 

{T.B.Htrvcy) My Godchildren; or, Hints to Godparents, sq. 16mo, 1^... Hatchards 1888 

{W. BS) Invertebrate Zoology for Seaside Use, illustrated, 8vo, I65 Boston, Atass, ...1882 

(^\ H. S.) Arms of Achilles, roy. 8vo, 6d Simpkin 1883 

Vestiges of the Broken Plural in Hebrew, roy. 8vo, \s Simpkin 1883 

(^. K.) Law of Heredity, 12mo, 10< 6d Baltimore, U,8, 1883 

^roofamirh {E. J,) Woolwich Mathematical Papers for 1880-88, cr. 8vo, 6s MacmiUan 1889 

^i^»o [H.) Common Law, by Achibald and Greene, &c. ik.e,Zls6d;Be. 8vo, 25< W. Maxwell ...1884-8 

Coostitutional Law, 2nd edit, by G. L. Denman, 8vo, 31< 6d W. Maxwell 1885 

~ Legal Maxims, Classified & Illus. 6 e. by H. F. Manisty, 8vo, 3ls 6d W, Maxwell 1884 

Primer of Legal Principles: Philos. of Law. remodelled, 3 80, 6« IK Maxwtll 1883 

^'wohall (j^.)£TaDgelisation of the World: Missionary Band, &c.r. 80, 3<6</, 2s 6<2 Morgan ^ S. ...1888 

wotierhood of Rest, by E. W. 18mo, Is Simjokin 1887 

2nd edit. 18mo, \s6d (Reading) K, Langley 1889 

or. In the Way of Temptation, post 8vo,24 S.P.C,&. 1888 

^^ff^hns in Arma : a Tale of the Children's Crusade, new edit. &q. 16mo, 2s 6d.. Ch. Extcn, Assoc, 1886 

2njs|h (A.) Short Account of, by E. Vincent Burton, 2nd edit, post 8vo, bs S'eby 1885 

{h. H.) Mine Surveying, with numerous diagrams, post 8vo, 7« 6d Grijfin 1888 

(C.) He and She. 12mo, Is Wyman 1889 

r {J- F.) Good, Bad, and Indiflferent : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Zis6d Rtmington 1886 

^f^aS^^am {J.) Life Stories & Poems, with portraits, sketches, &c. 12mo, 10s 6d„ Bo8ton,'Mass. ...1881 

«*«gtt to Light, W Ivaniona, 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1885 

'^w^oo (JVr«. F. belr(S') Companion to Almanac & Church Calendar, p. 80, 3«6<i W. Smith 1888 

{Bkoda) Belinda, 3 vols. cr. 8vo 31s 6d', new edit. 6s Bcntley 1882-4 

Batty*s Visions & Mrs. Smith of Longmains, 12mo, Is id & Is Routledge 1886 

Is Blackett 1889 

- Doctor Cupid, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6rf; new edit. 6« Bentley 1886-7 

"»wi U) Coffee Planlera* Manual, fcp. 8vo, 6s Haddon 1883 

- Constroctionof Power Loom & Art of Weaving, 6th edit. 12mo,3s 6d Simpkin 1887 

74 BROWN [Ekolish Cataloous 

Brown {A.) Doctrine of Sid, 12mo, 2« 6d Hamilton 1881 

^ Fools of Nature : a Novel, 12mo. 78 6d Boston^ Ma$t .,.1887 

- Handy Book of the Psalms, for Plain People. 8ro, 3« 6d Partridge 1884 

Lastof the Abbots; or, theMonksofSt.B^net's: a Tale, p. 8ro, 1« Partridge 1887 

Law & Practiceon Enfranchisement, &c. and. Copyhold Acts. cr.8o,14« Butterwartks ...1888 

» (.^m«) Lost on the Moor ; or.theStoryofonrGeordie, 12mo, U6d J. F. Shaw 1884 

— (Archibald) Law of Fixtnree, Landlord and Ten«nt,&c. 4th ed. 8vo, 12* .. Stevens ^ H, ...1881 
-- {A, H.) Short Phrases for Chnrch Organists, Holy Communion, 8vo, 2b 6d Boeworth 1883 

— (X Af.) Animal Alkaloids, Oadareric& Vital; Ptomaines, &c. 2 e.8yo,7s6<2 Hirsc\field 1889 

Diary of a Minister's Wife, complete edit. 12mo, 7* 8(Z Xew York 1882 

Musical Facts Essential to Success in Examination, 12mo, 6d ... Cocks 1882 

(A, &)Madeira& the Canary Islands: for Invalids & Tonrists, 12mo, 2s 6d Low 1889 

(C.) Commercial French: New Method of Conrersa. & Correspon. p. 8o, 2« ffachetie 1889 

Fouodations of Mechanics, reprinted from the 'Engineer,' 12mo, 1« Griffin 1882 

Thistle: Miscellany of Scottish Song, by Merryweather, roy. 8ro, 7s6d Collins 1884 

True Stories of the Reign of Queen Victoria, 2«6i; n. ed. p. 8to, 2« 6<i Grijith 1886-7 

(C. B.) Works, complete in 6 vols. 8to, 9is Qd (sold only in sets) Philadelphia ...1887 

(C B,) BalUds (Humorous & otherwise) for Becitation, &c. cr.8vo, 2s 6d Dean 1889 

Loveliest Woman in London: a Story in Ten Scenes, post 8vo, \s Dean 1889 

Bhymes of the Times: Ballads for Becitation, post8vo, \s Dean 1889 

Bichard Barlow, the Bloodhound : Story in 12Scenes, post 8vo, Is Dean 1889 

Byder'sLastBace, and other Humorous Becitations, 12mo, \s Dean 1889 

(D.) Bomans, with Introduction and Notes, post 8ro, 2s Hamilton 1883 

(D. .9.) Surgical Experiences in the Zulu ft Transvaal WHm,78>81, 8vo, 6s Simpkin 18^3 

(E,) Poultry, post 8vo, Is (Dean's Practical Guide Books) ^ Dean 1889 

Practical Artificial Incubation, roy. 8vo, Is Cassell 1881 

(E.E.) Life of George Washington, 12mo,7«6rf (Young Folks' Biographies) Boston, Mass. ...1882 

— — James Buisell Lowell, with portrait, 12roo, 6« Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, with portwit, 12mo, 7«6rf Boston, Mass, ...1884 

Ulysses Simpson Grant, portrait and illustrations, 7s 6<^... Boston, Mass. ...1886 

and Public Services of James A. Garfield, new ed. 12mo, 10s Boston, Mass. ...1882 

— (F,) Amyriology: its Use and Abuse, 12mo, 5» New York 1885 

— (F. C.) Stroll with Keats, illustrated, 16mo, 7«6rf Boston, Mass, ...1886 

— (F. if.) Harvard University intheWarof 1861-5: Services, 8vo, 21s Boston, M€l$», ..ASS6 

— ((r.) Aids to Surgery, Part 2, 12mo, Is BaiUihe 1881 

— ((r. S.)FromScholatoCnthedral: Early Christ. Architecture, 8vo, 7s 6rf Hamilton 1886 

— (G.J,C.) Household Prayers: Morn. & Even vines, 12mo,2«6rf BellJjr S, 1881 

— (G, P.) Sewer-Gas and its Dangers, illus. 16mo, 6s 6d Chkaao 1881 

— {G, r.) Animal Life, post 8vo, 2s 6<£ (Handbook of Farm Series) BradXwy 1886 

~ {H, A.) Winter in Albania, illustrations bv C. H. Brown, cr. 8vo, 10s Bd Griffith 1888 

— (H. D.) Better than Gold; or, the Precious* Blood of Christ, 2 ed. 18mo, Is Hodder 1881 

Herein is Love, new edit 12mo, Is 6rf Hodder 1882 

Two College Girls: a Novel, 12mo, 78 6d Boston, Mom. ...1886 

(H. F,) Life on the Lagoons, postSvo. 6s Kegan Paul 1884 

Venetian Studies, post 8vo, 7s 6^ Kegan Paul 1887 

(Hugh ^tt«2/) Autobiography, Commonplace Book, 5s; 2 ed. p. 8vo, ds... Routledge 1886-7 

Manliness. & other Sermons, w. A. Macfaren,p.8o,6s Oliphant 1889 

MemorialVol. ed.byhi8Son-in-Law,W.S.Caine,ls6<f&ls Somiledffe 1888-9 

(/. ^.) Common School Elocution and Oratonr, 5th edit. 12mo, 6s St. Louts 1887 

(J.) God's Book for Man's Life: a Series of Lectures, post 8ro, 3s dd Hodder 1881 

Forester: Planting, Bearing, and Management of Trees, 5 e. r. 8vo, 36s Blackwoods 1882 

— HorsB SubsecivK, 10th edit, post 8ro, 7s 6d (Edinburgh, Douglas) ... Hamilton 1882 

— John Leech, and other Papers, post 8vo, 7s M (Edinburgh, Douglas) Hamilton 1882 

— LifeandLettersof John Brown, Liberator of Kansas, &c. p. 8vo, 12s6<{ Low ..1886 

— Maxjorie Fleming : a Sketch, entitled *PetMarjorie,'newc^ 7s6d&6s Hamilton 1882-4 

— Plain Words on Health, addressed to Working People, new edit. Od... Hamilton 1882 

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1881-1889] BROWN BROWNE 75 

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^ Practical Chemistry : Analytical Tables & Exercises, 2 e. 8vo, 2« 6d Churchill 1882 

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Sehool Series (SeeAppendir B.) 

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76 BROWNE [Ekolish Catilocub 

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See also Appendix B. 

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and Nolan's Series (See Appendijc 3.) 

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1881-1889] BEO WNELL BRU SH 77 

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post 8vo, 2s (Excelsior Series) Routle^e 1887 

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Essay on P. B. Shelley, 870, 6# Beeves ^ T. 1888 

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— Jocoseria, 2nd edit. 12mo, bs Smith ^- E. 1883 

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Reciter: Poems, edited by A. H. Miles, post 8ro, is Hutc'/inson 1889 

^^ - y- - ^ -^ '* ' — . — --- — _ 

aKwn\t9 {W,M.) Lawn Tennis : its Rise and Progress, 12mo, is 6d Simpkin 1889 

&j»nlie (/.) Hymns of Our Pilgrimage, post 8vo, 2« Nisbet 1889 

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(i?.) Was Her Marriage a Failure? post 8vo, l6 Liahy^L 1888 

^— (IT. n. B) Vitis Mystica ; or. True Vine, 2s 64 H^shboume 1884 

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Nigixt in a Snow Storm, and other Stories. 12mo, Is Simpkin 1886 

Round Africa, Peoples and Places of the JDark Continent, p. 8vo, 2s 6^ Cassell 1882 

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— i^B.) P^ ^ Persis: Revolutionary Struggle in MohawkValley, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1882 

78 BRUSTEB BUCHHEIM [Enousb C^taloow 

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Only a Soldier, oar Comrades, and Active Service, 1 vol. 32mo, 9J Ni^et 1883 

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^ Diseases of the Breast, vr. 18 Engravipgsft Chromo-Lithogs. 12o, 9« Ca$9dl 1888 

Hnnterian Lectures on Tension as met w. in Surg. Prac.June,'88, 80, 6« Ckurckill 1888 

— Manual of Uie Practice of Surgery, 4th edit. 2 vols, post 8vo, 32#.... Ckurohill 1884 

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exhaustive edit. 2 vols. so. 8vo, 30s 2few York 1883 

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and Gay, Popular Hist, of the United States, V. 4, r. 8vo, 40s ... Low 1881 

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- — Romance of an Alter £^ English Copyright edit. fcp. 5s Brentano 1889 

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1881-1889] BUCHHEIM BULL 79 

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Jal (/. W.) Russian Nihilism and Exile Life in Siberia, 8vo, 15s St.Louis, U.S...ASSZ 

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80 BULL BUNYAN [Exoush Catalogue 

Ball (rOHintstoMothersfor^THn^flfementofHeAlthduping Pregnancy, n.e.l2o,l<6i Jjongmans 1882 

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Home Songster, 12mo, la and 6^ ^HbmeWrds.'OfT.lSSS 

How they Lived in the Olden Time, post 8ro. 2« * BomeH^rds.'OfA SS3 

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Law of Compensation for Agric. Hold (Eng.) Act,'82, 2 e. 8o, I2a Butterworths . . .1883 

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Story of a New York House, illustrated by A. B. Frost, 12mo, 6a New York 1887 

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by J. Brown, post 8vo, 6a Hodder 1887 

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Holy War, with Notes by John Brown, post 8vo, 6a Hodder 1887 

18 illustrations and Mason's Notes, 12mo, 2a 6rf Nelsons 1885 

n«»w edit^ post 8vo, 3a 6rf Nisbet 1882 

with illustrations by H. Fitzcock, 12mo, 2a 6rfand 2a Nisbet 1887 

- Jerusalem Sinner Saved, and Heavenly Footman, 18mo, 6d and Zd Ret. Tract Soc, 1886 
-- Life, with portrait and illus. new edit, post 8vo, Is 6d Bel. Tract iStx?. 1888-9 

by Edmund Venables, 12mo, 2a 6d& la (Great Writera) ... W. Scott 1888 

BuntinK& Rowe, cr. 8vo, 10a6^ Woolmer 1887 

Times, & Work, by John Brown, illus. by Whvmper, 21a; 7a6rf Isbister 1 886-7 

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new edit post 8vo,3a 6d Bickers 1889 

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with wood engravings, newcd. post 8vo, 2a 6d GallJj' I, 1883 

1881-1889] BUNYAN BURGH 81 

Banyan (Jokm) A Book for Boys and Qirls ; or, Kh7me9y cr. 870, Zs 6d Stock 1889 

Choce Passages forEreiyDay, 32in0y Ued Aud U Ward 4" L 1881 

Pilgrini*8 Progress, with Biographical Sketch, 12mo, 2$ and l5... HamiUon 1883-8 

— — — — LifeofAutbySouthey,ilL p. 8o,4»&3s6rf Hogg 1881 

. Designs by Gordon Browne,cr. 8vo, 3«6<^ Low 1883 

poy. 8vo, Is Qdf U, and 6d Morgcu% 1886-7 

with Mfik9on*s Notes, post 87o, 2« Nelsons 1885 

illus. by David Scott and W. B. Scott, 8vo,5s... Nelsons 1887 

^_^_. _ and the Holy War,w. Mason's Notes,ill.8o,3«6flf Nelsons 1880 

2s 6d ; new edit. 12mo, 2s ; 32mo, Is 6d & Is Nishet 1883-6 

__-.^— ^_ ilL by Barnard, &c.; Introd. byLandels, 4o, 5s Partridge 1888 

Sir John Gilbert, roy. 8vo, Zd Ret, Tract Soc. 1882 

^ improTed edit, post 8ro, Is 6d Rel, Tract Soc. 1883 

- with coloured plates, post 8yo, 2s ; 24mo, Is 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 1884 

- Memoir by Allen, Is 6<^ & Is ; by Offor, p.8o,2s RoiUledtfe 1883-4 

- with illus. by J. D. Watson, 8vo, 5s & 3s 6^... Routledge 1889 

- Words of One Syll., Mary Godolphin, sq. 1 6o,2s Routledge 1 883 

. and Holy War, Memoir, Notes, &C. p. 8vo,2s6<2 W. ScoU 1884 

^ Facsimile Reproduction of First Eldit. 18mo,ls Stock 1885 

-illustrated, 4to, 10s 6«?; new edit. 5s Strdkan 1884-8 

- with Memoir, &c. illus. Elstow ed. 10s 6i&3s6(^ J. Walker 1881-6 

- complete edit. 4to, 6(2 WardSf L 1882 

YoungFolk's, illus. 4to, 2s 6(£ HutcfUneon 1889 

Bnrrsrd (O.) Fruit Farming for Profit, poet 8vo, Is 6d (Maidstone, Bunyard)... Stanford 1881 

Bvtidgo (Ed,) Liturgies & Offices illustrating the Common Prayer, p. Bvo, 9s ... Bell ^ S. 1885 

Peace with God: a Manual for the Sick. cr. 8to, Is &d S.P.C.K. ...1881 

(F, W.) The Chrysanthemum : its History, Culture, &c. 8vo, 3s M ... ' Garden * 0|f.... 1884 

Bocfa {F. ML) Billy, the Acorn Gatherer, 18mo, 9d Rel. Tract Soe. 1886 

Broken Strap; or. Her Great Reward, 18mo, 9d Rel. Tract Soe. 1889 

Farmer Bluff's Dog Blazer, with illus. by Gordon Browne, 12mo, 2s Rel. Tract Soe, 1889 

How it Came About, 18mo, 6<2 Sun. Sch, Un, ...IBS7 

' Joseph Adams ; or, Two Ways of Facing Life, post 8to, 2s Rel. Tract Soc. 1886 

No Royal Road: a Story for Girls, 12 mo, 9rf Sun. Sch. Un. ...ISSe 

Squirrell; or. Back from a Far Country, 1 2mo, 9^ Rel. Tract Soc. 1888 

Therefore ; or, Nessie^s Ideal : a Story for Girls, post 87o, 2s Rel. Tract Soc. 1888 

' {S. K) Coont Renneberg's Treason: a Tale of the Siege of Steenwijk, p.8o,5s Rd. Tract Soc. 1887 

" Dick Delver : a Story of a Peasant Revolt in 14th century, sq. 16o,4s Rel. Tract Soc. 1889 

— More than Conqueror : or, a Boy's Temptations, ill. post 8ro, 2s... Md. Tract Soe, 1888 

- — PWriot Prince: Early Life of William the Silent, post 8yo, 1^ Rel, Tract Sod, 1887 

SttfUa Rae ; or, the Yoke of Love, illustrated, poet 8vo, 3s 6<2 Gale 188a 

Tempted, 12mo, Is Rel. Tract Soc. 1888 

Wind and Wave Fulfilling His Word, 16mo. 8s6<^ Rel. Tract Soe, 1884 

Bschsll (MrM, K) Waste Not, Want Not: 114 Cookery Receipts, post 8vo, Is... Simpkin 1888 

BwckeU {EL 8.) Practical Plane Geometry, small 8vo, red. 5s Collins 1886 

{G.) Dominic Penteme, 6s; new edit, post 8vo, Is Vizetelly 1889 

^iisQ {K, B.) Hollowmell, square 16mo, Is 6i Simpkin 1882 

Svdctt (a JIf. If.) Fortune-Telling Birthday Book, new edit. 32mo, Is 6(2 Routledqe 1882 

(^. C) Helps to Health, post 8vo, Is^d Kegan Paul 1884 

Hints in Sickness, cr. 8vo, USd Kegan Paul 1884 

" — Hospital Sunday and Saturday: their Origin, Progress, &c 8vo, 6d Kegan Paul 1884 

Hospitals & the State, Hospital Income,£zpenditure.&c.8m.4to,3s 6d Churchill 1882 

Official Intelligence for 1883, 31s 6i Stock Exchange 1883 

Priooe, Princess, & People: Social Progress of Own Times, 8o, 21s Longmans 1889 

Ralative Mortality of bugs and small Hospitols, 8vo, 2s 6d Churchill 1883 

(22. J,) Life of William Penn (Lives of American Worthies), 16mo, 6s... New York 1882 

JiEfiek {L. D.) Throngh Field and Wood: Lyric Verses and Sonnets, 12mo, 6s Philadelphia 1888 

Wjty (X) Nioe.byWeet;VegetotionoftheRiviera,byProf.Allman,12mo,4s6i Stanford 1882 

yiU {BL J,) Memoir, with Sermons, edited by his Sister, post 8vo, 4s Simpkin 1883 

^^(X.) Aryas» Semites, and Jews, Jehovah and the Christ, 12mo, 7^ ^d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

^j-- Pre-^adal Msin. and the Aryan Race. 12mo, 7s M Boston^ Mass, ...1887 

^>SM {J. B,) Letters and Correspondence, with Notices of Life, 8vo, 15s' Murray 1885 

(IK.) Ardiiteetiiral Designs and Stonework, ed. R P. Pullan John, 12s 6d Batsford 1887 

(£) Engliah & American Yachts, illus. by 50 photo-engravings, 4to, 42s Chapman 1888 

(#*.#*.£) Sportiiig Fire-arms fbr Bush and Jungle, poet 8 vo, 5s W. H. Allen 1884 

(H.) Art of Preaching and the Composition of Sermons, 8vo, 12« Hamilton 1881 

(/.) AzcfasK^ogical Survey of W. India, Vols. 4 and 5; 2 vols. foU 126s... Triibner 1883 

(/. L.) Bdgian Homing Pigeon, 12mo, Is Hamilton 1881 

{J. Tm)^^ithyiiid Flowers foundby theWayside,&c.ill.n.e.p.8vo, 3s ed Wame 1881 

* KdoCb, Ties, and Splices: Handbook for Seafarers, p. 8vo, 2s6<2; Is Routledge 1884>5 

(/. IK.) Praetical Coach-Building, History and Description, 12mo, 2s 6d„, Lockwood 1881 

(iri{.)Notcs,(Mtical&Philologieal,onHeb.Psalms,V.2,,9s WUliams 4' N ...1882 

^^ iere. 1^ New Handbook of Dosimetric Therapeutics, post 8vo, 10s 6d ... Bogue 1882 

^p(ir. P.) BeikgEs & Boiler-Making, with engravings & plates, n. e.4to,73s6(i^ Clowes 1881 

82 BURGH BUBNAND [Ekoush Cithoow 

Bargh (M P.) Indicator Dingram Pncticillj Considered, new ed. pott 8fo, 6« M Cloweg 1881-5 

— Link Motion & Expansion Qbht Pract. Con8id.w. Appendix, 4to, 3<># Clowes 1881 

Marine Engines : Sap. to 'Marine Engineering/ 4to, 18# Clowes 1881 

Screw Propulsioo. new edit 4to, 42s Clowes 1881 

-^.^ Modem Marine Engineerins:. with Appendix, 4to, 45s Clowes 1881 

Pocket-book of Componnd Engines, 2nd ed. sq. 18mo, 12s 6d Autkor 1887 

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' n • .). ": WnreandR. K.Mann,p.8o,7s6<2 i^&<# 21 .1% 

- * .i/»u \.. ' 3rf JHprose,,^ 18 

- " r ' ... ii« i'. of . V . i6t2x,c.So,2\s;n,9,2s6d Bentleg 1886 

■ - 1 ' - ' . '-I .' ■ ..^- ' .■enturesintbeAir,12mo,ls Xots •, \B 

■ I — to..).' ,. !. vHt. . ..• ? , Zs6dSc Is ed; Toy, Svo.ed Cassell. ifi 

.w 1 <tral A8ia,newed.p.8vo, ls6<{ C&a^fo ...18 

(il/9's. F.) High Alps in wl. - .;. <> i.caineering,&c. ill. cr.8vo, 14s Zow \) 

See also * High Life.' 

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1881-1889] BUENAND ^BUBNS 88 

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a Love Story, l6mo,5s Philadelphia ...1883 

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and Mitehdl {W.) Fight of Faith: Service of Sacred Song, 8vo, Ad Simpkin 1881 

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Tenpcsaiice History: Consecutive Narrative of Reform, Pt. 1, 8vo, 2s Nat. TemtK J>ep..lS%d 


84 BURNS ^BUBTON [Enouot CAiiLoora 

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with Glossary. Notes, Memoir,^ post 8to, Zstd ... Wame 188S 

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^ — Notes, Glossaries, and Index, 8 Tols. 12mo, 6s... Simpkin 1884 

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32mo, 2sand Is Hamilton 1884 

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Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court, &c. roy. 80, 42s Longmana 1 886 



: .t 

— Homiletical Commentary on the Book of Esther, 8vo, 5s DicUnsom 1%%^ 

Widif » Place in History : Oxford Uni versity Lectures, p.8o,3s6</; 2s6<i /s5ts^ 1 882-^ 

. ' Fleanor Lewkner, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12s Remington 188S 

■ / V Won, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 2ls Remington, ......\Sft1 

. / i - -^ of Water Undertakings, Acts, &. cr. 8vo, 4s 6<i; 3s Oxford WareJk.lS8S--' 

' ' -' ^ . ' ^ Guide to Good Riding, with Charts, 16mo, 4s Boston, ATo^tf. ...1881 

— ' • .. . 1 n: 1 ^~ . Health and Disease, cr. 8ro, 6s Lewis \8S 

BortOi. .1 -. i'uir : i<'i^<»8 of Clement and Barnabas, 8vo, Is ^rtj^A 188 

'..'1 * >^Tfi:natiusandPolycarp, 8vo, Is GVij^A 188 

RoL* :- n\ :hr u, 1 J, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 J. F. Shaw ......188 

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Reminisce liC ^ . - Unstrations by Author, 80, 18s TT. i7. ^^ss 188 

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(£r. i?.) Manual of Methoa.. ^Ve8leyan Polity, post 8vo, Is Hodder 181 

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(J.) His Own Enemy : Story of Man of the World, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s ... Sonnenseheim ... 1 81 

Sermons on Christian Life and Truth, 8vo, 7s 6d Hamilton 18J 

1881-1889] BURTON BUTLER 85 

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& Cameron(r.X.>TotheGoldGoastforQold,2r. p.8o,21j) Chatto 1882 

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Melancholy Anatomised : Causes, Consequences, &c. 12o, 2s 6d Chatto 1881 

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— {fy^) Guide to Photography and Photo-Mechan. Printing, post 8ro, 4s Marion 1888 

Modem Photography, formerlyABC of Modem Photo. 6 e. 12o, Is Piper 1886-9 

Boiy (Baroness Blate de) All for Greed : a Norel, new edit. 12mo, 2« Ward f L, 1884 

^— {Bp, R, de) Philobiblon, edited by Emest C. Thomas, post 8ro, \0s6d Kegan Paul 1893 

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( W.) Max and Moriu: a Stonr in Seven Tricks, 8vo, 2s Myers 1886 

Bash(a &.)OurChoir.Symph.inABCl>EFG,&c.Flt.d:Shrp.Maj.orMin.4to,7<6(2 New York 1888 

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Life and Times of Chrysostom, post 8vo, 5s Bel, Tract Soe,.,. ISS5 

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Literary Varieties, 3 vols. 12mo, 24s New York 1881 

Moral Uses of Dark Things, post 8vo, red. 3s 6d Dickinson 1881 

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Sermons on Living Subiects, post 8vo, 4s 6d Dickinson 1882 

Work and Play, new edit. 8vo, 3s 6d Dickinson 1888 

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(IF.) and Chabrillat,Lecoq, the Detective*s I>aughter, 12o, Is (C. 8, N.) VizeteUy 1888 

Busall (Bmphtmia E, G.) Miss Chatterbox, Tenant of Dahlia Lodge, 12mo, Is ... Hayes 1884 

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Digest of Retums & Tabular Statements, 80, 2s (Civil Ser.Textbks.) Stewart ^ Co.. ..1886 

. Indexing &FricbWritin^,p.8o,2s (Stewart's Civil Service Textbks.) Stewart 4^ Co,„.lSS6 

Spelling Book and Dictation Exercises, post 8vo, Is 6d Stewart 4* 0>....]885 

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Swwdl (H, F,) Law of Insanity : Civil Rights and Capacities, &c. 8vo, 31s 6^ Boston, Mass, ...1885 

Statuteof Limitations & Adverse Possession, w.£Dgl.Act8,8o,31s6(2 Boston, Mass, ...1889 

& Walcott, Practice & Pleadings in Personal Actions, n.e. 8vo,31s6(^... Boston Mass, ...1885 

Busy Bee, br th« Author of * Dora Selwyn,* illus. post 8vo, 2s 6d; red. 2s Stoneman 1886-8 

B«ttiia(#*.) IdghtfrtheLowly; Lives of Persons whobanctified themselves,2v.l2o,7s Simpkin .........1 884 

■ Persons in Humble Positions, 12 ser. Is and 6^ ... Simpkin 1885 

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Court Life m Egypt, with illustnitions, post 8vo, 12s Chapman 1887 

^Annig B.) In the Beginning ; or, Stories from Genesis, illus. p. 8vo, 2s 6d Bel, Iract i$ac....l889 
Glimpses of Maori Land, ill. & map by £. Whymper, sq.lSo, 5s Bel, Tract 'Soc,„.lSS6 

Stepping Stones to Bible History, post 8ro, 2s (id Bel, Tract 8oc„.,lSS9 

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(Bp.) by the Rct. W. Lucas Collins, 12mo, 3s ed Blackwoods 1881 

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— Synopsis by R. O. Thomas, 12mo, Is Murby 1882 

Analysis, & Sermons on Human Nature, p.8o. Is Bel. IVact Soc..,lSS2 

- by Henry Morley, post 8vo, Is BotUledge 1884 

Natural & Revealed, Wheeler, n. e. p. 80, 3s 6d Stevens 4" D, 1881 

Introd. Life, & Notes, by Malleson, p. 8vo, Is Ward 4' l* 1^85 

Human Nature & other Sermons, 18mo, 6c? & Zd (National Library) Cassdl 1887 

Sermcms on Human Nature ; Man as a Moral Agent, cr. 8vo, Is bd Hamilton 1888 

(C. M,) Reformation in Sweden under Charles IX. 12mo, 6s New York 1884 

(£) For Good Consideration, post 8vo, 2s E, Stock 1889 

(£ AJ) Pood Life: Insects, post 8vo, ls(Young Collector) Sonnensehein ...1886 

^Ikworms, post 8vo, Is (Young Collector) Sonnensehein ...1888 

{G.) Chxooicon Gulfridi Baker de Swynebroke, with Notes, 4to, 21s.. ... Oxford Wareh,.„lSS9 

86 BUTLEB ^BUXTON [English CATALooTjm 

Butler {H, M.) * Be ye free from the lore of monej* : a SermoD atStPanVs, 8o,6<2 Bivingtofu 1881 

(JosepAtfM £.) Sketch by W. T. Stead, post 8vo, 2#, 1« 6(2, and l9 Morgan 1887 

Government by Police, 8to, 1« and 6<^ Unwin ••188^ 

. Our Christianity Tested by the Irish Question, Syo, 6d ... Unwin 1887 

Salration Army in Switzerland, 8vo, 4s 6c{ Dger 1884 

' (J, 8.) Curability of Insanity & Individualised Treatment, 16mo, Zs6d.., Ifew York 1887 

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Story of Little Hal and the Golden Gate, illus. 4to. Ss 6d ... J, F. Shaw 1887 

(5.) Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino,2e.8o,2ls Bogue 1881 

Erewhon ; or, Over the Range, new edit. cr. 8vo, 6s Triibner 1884-S 

Ex Voto : Sacro Monte, or New Jerusalem, at Varallo, post 8 vo, 1 Os ^d Triibner 1 888 

— Luck or Cunningas the Main Means of OiganicModificatiou,p.8o,7s6^ TrUbner 188^ 

Selections fr. Works : Romanes* Mental Evolution in Animals, p.8o,7s6<2 Triibner 1884- 

{Samuel) Hudibras,by HenijMorley, p. 8?o, Is (Qniversal Library) Rimtledge 1886 

P. ], 8s 6(2; 2 & 3, by Alfred Milnes, 12mo, 4s M ... MacmiUan ...1881-3 

{W,) From Boston to Bareilly and Back, with portrait, 12mo, 7s 6<2 New York 1886 

Pompeii: Descriptive and Picturesque, post 8vo, 6s .Blackwooda 1886- 

{}V, ul.)Domesticus: a Novel, 12mo, 6s New York 188S- 

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{W, J,) Faith once delivered to the Saints: a Sermon, cr. 8vo, 6(2 Mowbray 1886 

Butlin (£r. 71) Diseases of the Tongue, with Cbromo-Lithographs, &c. 12mo, 9s Caesell 1886 

^^->— ■^— Malignant Disease (Sarcoma & Carcinoma) of the Larynx, 8vo, 6s Churckill 1883 

On the Operatic Surgery of Malignant Disease, 8vo, 14s Chttrehill 1887 

Sarcoma & Carcinoma: theirPathology,Diagnosis,&Treatment,8o, Is ChurehiU 1 882 

Butt {J, H.) Pattern Prayer Plainly Put: Exposition of Lord's Prayer, sq. 16o, Is Bourne 188^ 

(iT.) Reverse of the Picture: an Art Reverie, sq. 16mo, Is Simpkin 1887 

Buttercups and Daisies, sq. Is M. Ward 188^ 

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Butterfly Birthday Book, 32mo, 2s 6(2 M, Ward 188S 

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& Ellis, Law of Rates and Traffic, &c. 16s; 2 ed. 8vo, 18s 6rf Butterworth 1889- 

-^^^-~— (HJ) Songs of History, poems upon Episodes in America, 12mo, 6s... Bostortf Mate, ...1887 

and Ballads, 2Dd edit. 16mo, 6s Boston^ Mass. ...1889 

Young Folks* History of Boston, illus. new ed. 16mo, 79 6d ... Boston, Mass. ...1882 

Zigzag Journey in the Sunny South, 8vo, lOe 6d and! 9s Boston, Mass, ...1887 

— Journeys in Arcadia and New France, sm. 4to, 1 2s 6(2 & 9s Boston, Mass. ... 1 884 

India: Zenana Tales, illus. 8vo, 12s and 9s... Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Occident, Atlantic to Pacific, s. 4to, 12s & Os Boston, Mass. ...1882- 

Rhine to the Arctic Circle, 8o, I0s6d6i 7s 6d Boston, Mass. ...188^. 

— _ the Antipodes, illustrated, 8vo, 10s 6d & 9s Boston, Mass. ...1888. 

— British Isles, illus. 8vo, 10s 6(2 and Os... Boston, Mass. ...1889 

— Levant: Tour of Club, il. am. 4to, lOsSd Boston, Mass. ...1881!^ 

Orient, &c. sm. 4to, 10s 6d and 9s Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Western States of America, 4to, 6s Dean 1884 

Buxton {B. H.) From the Wings: a Novel, new edit, post 8vo, 2s TinsUys 1886 

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Nell on and off the Stase: a Novel, new edit. 12mo, 2s Tinsleys 1884 

Sceptre and Ring: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3U6(2 Tinsleys 1881 

and Fenn, Noble Name, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3U M ; new edit 4s ^d... K V. ' Whits... \^%Z-7 

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— (2). W,) Anaesthetics: their Uses and Administration, cr. 8vo, 4s H. K. Lewis 188& 

{Ethel M. WUmot^) Wee Folk, Good Folk: a Fantasy, illus. roy.8vo, 5s Low 188^ 

-- {E.N.) ABC of Free Trade: Address at West Ham Liberal Assoc \2o,Zd Cassell 1882 

Epping Forest, 12mo, 2s Stat^ford •• 188/^ 

{H.J. W.) Battle of Life: Mission Sermons, poet 8vo, 6s SkeffingUm 1889- 

Children's Bread: Short Sermons for Children, post 8vo, 3s6(i Skeffington ...1882^ 

English and American Painters, b^ Eoehler,cr. 8vo, 6s Low 188^ 

Led byaLittle Child: Addr. forChildren, p.8o, 3s6(i; n.e. ZsM Skeffington ...1886-8r 

Life of Duty: a Year's Sermons, Vol. 1, cr. 8vo, 6s; 2, 6s ... Skeffington 188^ 

Worth Living: Mission Sermons, post 8vo, 6s Skeffington 1882 

Lighthouse on the Rock: Short Serm. for Child, p. 8fO, ^sQd Skeffington 1887 

Mission Sermons, Vol. 2, 4th edit. 12mo, 4s 6d Skeffington 1884 

for a Year. 3rd edit, post 8vo, 7s 6d Skeffington 188tT 

N^w & Contrite Hearts : 40 Meditations for Lent, p. 8vo, 2s 6d Skeffington 188^ 

Parable Sermons for Children,post 8vo, 3s6d Skeffington 1884- 

Pictures from the Acts of the Holy Apostles, illus. 8ro, Is 4<i Mowbray 1889 

Gospels, ill. by Wyndham Hughe8,r. 8o, Is Mowbray 1887 

Pilgrim Band: a Series of Sermons, post 8vo, 4s Skeffington 1886 

Soldiers of Cixritt : a Series of Plain Sermons, poet 8vo, 6s... Sk^ngton ISSS- 

1881-1889] BUXTON BYERNE 87 

Butoci (HI J, W,) Sunday Sermonettes for a Year, 5« ; 2iid edit, poet 8vo, 6«... Skeffington ...1883-^ 

_. Sweet o* the Year : a Novel, post 8vo, 4« Sk^ngton 1887 

Waterside Mission Sermons, \st series, 3rd edit. 12mo, 3« ... Sk^ngton 1886 

— Year's Plain Sermons on Gospels, &c. Parts, 12mo, 2» 6(£ea. Skeffington 1885 

_ & Epistles, P. 1, 12o, 2# 6rf Skeffington 1884 

& Pojnter, German, Flemish, and Dntxm Painting, p. 8vo, be Low 1881 

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is. C.) Arguments For and Against the Three Fs, roy. 8to, Is.^ « Strahan 1881 

1- Finance and Politics : a Study, 1783-1886, 2 toIs. 8to, 26« Murray 1888 

Handbook to Political Questions of the Day, n. e. 6s ; 7« 6</ ; 8« . . . Murray 1 88 1-8 

Over-Pressure and Elementary Education, post8yo, 2s and 1« ... Sonnentchein ...1885 

Political Questions, Arguments on either Side, 12mo, 6d Liberal Union ...1881 

(71) Clinicdl Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System, 8vo, 15« Churchill 1882 

Paralysis from Peripheal Neuritis of Gouty, &c. Origin, post 8vo, 58 Churchill 1886 

By a Hair^a Breadth, & other Stories, by various Writers, il. by Barnard, &c 12o, 28 Partridge 1885 

— Land and Sea, Selected and Arranged by £. Nesbit, 16mo, Is Drane 1887 

— Head and Stream, illustrated by Charles G. Noakes, sq. 16mo, 6<f HUdesheimer ...1888 

—the Coming of the Holy Ghost, by^Au. of * Schonberg-Cotta Family,' cr. 8o, Is 6<2 S.P. C,K, 1888 

Sea: Selections from the Poets, 4to, Is : M, Ward 1888 

Seashore: Sea Poems, illus. in Monotint by B. D. Sigmund, 12mo, Is ... HUdesheimer ...1887 

Tiber, by the Author of 'Signor Monaldini's Niece,' 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s W, H. Alien 1881 

— Thy Croas & Passion: Thoughts on Words Spok. ar. & on the Cross, 12o, Is 6d S.P.C.K. ...1887 

Glorious Resurrect. & Ascension, An. of 'Schdnberg-CottaFam.' l2o,l86d S.P.CK. .1888 

^erley (J,) Ruth Arnold; or, the Country Cousin, 12mo, Is Rd. Tract Soc.,„lBS5 

{Lucy) Amy's Secret, 18mo, 6d (LitUe Dot Series) Rel, Tract 6^....1883 

Queen's Oak, 18mo,6<i (Little Dot Series) Bel. Tract Soc...lSS6 

Byerly (W. E.) Integral Calculus, with Key, 12s 6<2; 2nd edit. 8vo, 10s ^d Boston, Mass, 1881-9 

Byera {8.H. M.) Switzerland^^ the Swiss: Historically descriptive. ill. 12mo, 7s 6^ Boston, Mass. ...1884 

Bjl^ ( IT. £r.&^.r.) Medicine & Surgery, Diseases of Women, 4 edit. 8to, 25s Churchill 1888 

Bjlea (J.) Spring Blossoms & Summer Fruit; or,Sun.Mom.Ta]k8toChil.p.8o,2s6i Unwin 1888 

What Jesus said on Six Great Subjects : Six Sermons, &c p. 8vo, 2s ^auU 1889 

(AT. ^.) and Lloyd {A.K.) Laws of Bills of Exchange, 14th edit. 8vo, 26s H. Sweet 1885 

Byag (^. £1 C) Friends and Foes of Jesus Christ, and other Sermons, post 8vo, 5s Skeffington 1881 

BynDe(0. iT.) Short Studies in Modem Oxford. 12 mo. Is Simpkin 1886 

BjBDer(£) Lesson in Love: a Story of Modem Society in New York, 12mo. 5s... Boston, Mass. ...1881 

\E. L.) Agnes Surriage : a Romance of Massachusetts, 12mo, 7s6(^ Boston, Mass. ,..ISS^ 

Penelope's Suitors : a Story of Old Col.Days in Mass. 32mo,2s6i Boston, Mass. ...1887 

By-paths of Bible Knowledge (See Appendix B.) 

English Church History SJP.C.K. ....1889 

Hols, Hsdiseval Church Missions, Is 6d 

"Bjrne^E, F.) Fair Ck>untry Maid, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31s 6d Bentley 1883 

• (J.) General Principles of the Strocture of Language, 2 vols. 8 vo, 3 6s TVUhticr 1 885 

Origin of the Greek, Latin, and Gothic Roots, 8vo, 18s Trilbner 1887 

(AT. L. ) The Baron of Belgard ; or, the Pale & the Septs, ne w ed. post 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1 384 

J^TCB {Lartl) by John Nichol, new edit, post 8vo, Is 6d&ls (Eng.Meu of Letters) Macmillan 1888 

Birthday Book, compiled^ ed. by James Burrows, n. ed. 32mo, Is 6d W, B, Allen 1884 

. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 18mo, 6d and 3d Casxdl 1886 

. illustrated, 8vo, 16s Chatto 1885 

-^ Canto 3, stanzas 1-60, cr. 8vo, 4rf Collins 1883 

4, stanz. 1-48 & 140-186, 12o, 6<2 National Soc. ...1882 

. . & 8vo, 8i ... Gall 1882 

32mo, Is (Pocket Library) Boutledge 1888 

' CompletePoeticalWorks,byW.B. Scott, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 10s 6rf ... Boutledge 1885 

po8t8vo, Is 6i and Is ... Boutledge 1887 

Don Juan, people's edit, illustrated by F. Gilbert, J2mo, %d Dicks 1882 

complete edit, with Notes, post 8vo, 3s 6<f and 2s Boutledge 1886-7 

. Gems,sq. 16mo, 6i and 3<2 (World Library) Boutledge 1886 

- Letters and Journals, selected by Mathilde Blind, 12mo, Is W. Scott 1886 

Poems, carefully selected, 2 vols. 32mo, Is each Cassell 1886 

2s6d Aent 1882 

by Mathilde Blind, 2 vols. 16mo, Is ea. (Canterbury Poets) W. Scott 1886 

Poetical Works: Introductory Memoir by Scott, post 8vo, is 6d ... Boutledge 1883 

with Original Notes, 12 vols. 32mo, 31s 6d and 21s Suttahy 1884 

Life, Explanatory Notes, &c. post 8vo, Zs^d ... Wame 1881 

Poetry, chosen and arranged by M. Arnold, large edit. 8vo, 9s .., Macmillan 1881 

Selections from the Works, by Algernon C. Swinburne, 18nio, Is ... Ward ^ L 1885 

Werner; or, the Inheritance: a Tragedy, 18mo, Is (Pocket Library) Boutledge 1887 

(fl: J.) Paid in Full: a Novel, new edit. l2mo, 2s Ward^L. ...1881-4 

(JT) Unlocked Hearts, post 8vo, Zs^d Griffith 1886 

BjBBS {M. F.) Entangled, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6<2 Hurst 1885 

Hi-ir Without a Heritage, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(i Bentley 1887 

■ l^Iilicsnt: a Poem, post 8vo, 6s Kegan PomI 1881 

88 BYTHEWOOD CiESAR EEkglish Catalogui 

Bythewood and Jannaii*8 Precedents in Conreyancing, n. ed. bj Robbing, roj.80. Sweti 1884-9 

I. Abstracts, Agreements, Annuities, &c 38« 
II. Appointment of Tmstees, Arbitration, &c. 38< 
m. Leases, Licences, Mortgages, ZSs 
IV. Mortmain, Patents, Copyright, &c 30s ^ 

y. Porchase Deeds, 2ds 
VII. Stamp Duties, Wills, 35s 

G Minor and the Vicar of ^stock: Two Stories, by £. D.N. post 8to, 5s Newman 1881 

Cabab^ {M,) Attachment of Debts & Equitable Execution, 2nd ed. cr. 8?o, red. 6s W. Maxwell 1888 

Interpleader, &c with Forms, &c 2nd edit. cr. 8ro, 6s W. Maxwell 1888 

and Attachment of Debts, 8to, 7s M W, Maxwell 1881 

Principles of Estoppel : an Essay, cr. 8to, 3s6<2 W, Maxwell 1889 

& £llis3eports of Actions inQueen'sBench,Pt. 1 , 1 05;2, 7s &/; 8, 7sM W, Maxwell, . .1883-5 

Gaballero, a Spanish Norelist, by M. Betham-Edwards, 12mo, 6<; Griffith 1884 

'. Air-Built Castles, translated by Pauli, cr. 8fo, 3s M L. LiUraty 8oe, 1886 

Bird of Truth, and other Fairy Tales, post 8vo, 4s 6d Sonnetuchem ...1881 

— — Silence in Life and Forgiveness in Deatn, and other Tales, 12mo, Is ... Richardson 1883 

Cabinet Atlas, new edit. imp. 4to, 10s 6rf Philip 1886 

Biographies 8imphin 1885 

Our Political Leaders, td 

Birthday Book of Quotations and Frorerbs, with natural grasses, 4to, 6s Simpkin 1885 

Lawyer: Popular Digest of the Laws of England, new edit. 12mo, 9s ... Lon^t/uma ...1881-6 

of Gems, and the Literary Bouquet, from Celebrated Authors, 4to, 7s 6d Simpkin 1881 

Cable(^. ^.) BonaTenture: a Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana, sm. p. 8to, 5s Low 1888 

'. Creoles of Louisiana, 8vo^ 10s 6i Nimmo 1884 

Dr. Sevier: a Novel, 2 vols. post8vo, 12s Hamilton 1884 

__— ^ new edit. 12mo, 6s and 2s 6d New York 1887 

Grandissimes; OldCreoleDays; 'Caf(6de8Exil^' n. e. 12mo, 6s ea. New York 1888 

Madame Delphine Carancro and Grand Pointe, 32mo, 2s and Is... Hamilton 1887 

other Tales, poet 8vo, 3s6<; and Is Wame 1881 

— — Old Creole Days, 32mo, 2s and Is (Edinburgh, Douglas) Hamilton 1888 

.....^-.— Silent South, with Freedman'sCase in Equity, &c new eid. 12mo, 5s New York ••.1885- 9 

Strange True Stories of Louisiana, illustrated, cr. 8vo, 10s $d New York 1889 

Cabman's Daughter: a Tale, fep. Is 6(2 and Is Maxwell 1885 

Cachemaille (£. P.) Daniel's Prophecies: Harmony in Bevised Version, 2s 6d ... Hodder 1888 

Caddy (ilfrs.) Adrian Bright, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6(2 Hurst 1883 

Footsteps of Jeanne lyArc : a Pilgrimage, 8vo, 15s Hurst 1885 

Lares and Penates; or, the Background of Life, post 8vo, 6s Chatto 1881 

Through the Fields with Linnssus, 2 vols, post 8vo, 16s Longmans 1887 

To Siam &MaUyain Duke of Sutherland's Yacht *SansPeur,' 80, 12s Hurst 1888 

Cadogan(Z^y^c2s/^af(20) Drawing-room Plays, from the French, illns. 4to, 10s 6d Low 1888 

— -.— ^ Illustrated Games of Patience, new edit.4to, 12s 6d ... Low 1883-6 

-^— — 2ndser. 4to, 12s 6rf Low 1887 

CsBsar, Conunentaries, Book 1, with Notes by White, 18mo, Is Lonamans 1883 

~& Argument by GXong,&c.l6o,ls6<i Whtttaker 1889 

2,withNote8byG.Long,&Vocabulary,12mo,ls6<{ Bell f 8. 1889 

- by A. C. Maybuiy and P.Egan, Books 1 and 2, Is each... Bailiihre 1888 

~ Book 3, by G. Long, with Vocab. by Shilleto, fcp. Is 6(2... BeU # 8, 1889 

7>editedby Dr. Schmitc, 12roo, 6<2 Chambers 1881 

.- Books 1 to 3 for Juniors, by G. Long, 12mo, Is 6(2 Whtttaker 1887 

• 1-4, Extracts for re-transl.; Macnaghten, 16mo, 6(2 Rivingl4m$ 1887 

- 4 & 5 for Juniors, by G. Long, newed. 12mo, Is 6(2 BeU ^ 8. 1888 

— literal translation. Books 1-4, post 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1883 

_ Analysis, Translation & Notes, Book 1, 3rd ed. post 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1883 

— Civil War, Book 2, literally translated, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1889 

Books 1 & 2, literally translated, 12mo, Is 6d Cornish 1889 

- De Bello Civili, 18mo, Is ed (Oxford Pocket Classics) Parker # Co, ...1887 

an Easy Abridgment, by H. Awdry, fcp. 2s 6d BivingUms 1888 

Gallico, Notes by Bond and Walpole, 6s ; 7, fcp. 8vo, Is 6(2... Macmillan 1887 

Book 1. edited. Notes & maps, by A. M. Bell, cr.8o,2s6(2 mUiams # ^....1887 

^_.. Exercises and maps by Estodet, 12mo, Is nd Stewart 1884 

with two trans, by J. H. Hawley, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Relfe 1885 

^ Vocabulary by M'Dowall, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

Notes by A. G. Peskett, cr. 8vo, Is 6(2 ... Camb, Wareh, ...1888 

Exam. Quests. Notes, &c. by Schmitz, cr. 8 vo, 1 s Collins 1 882 

edited by Walpole, Notes, 18mo, Is 6(2 Macmillan 1882 

Analysi8,Tran8lation,&Notes, 2nded.p. 8o,5s Simpkin 1882 

Books 2 & 3, by Merry weather and Tancock, 12mo, 2s Rivimgtons 1889 

withEng.NotesbyA.G.Pe8kett,12mo,2s Camb. Wareh, ...1889 

l-3,withEng. Notes by A. G. Peskett, 12mo,3s Camb. Wareh. ...1885 
3 & 6, with Eng. Notes by Peskett, 12mo, Is 6(2 Camb. Wareh. ...1882 

1881-1889] C^SAR CALDECOTT 89 

Cesar, De Bello Gallico, Books 4 & 5, literally translated, 12mo, 2$ Simpkin 1885 

6 & 6, trans, and Notes by Maybnry, 12nio, 2$ BaillUre 1886 

Book 8, with English Notes by A. G. Peskett, 12mo,l«8d Camb, Wareh, ...1886 

Gallic War, by C. Anthon, new edit. Wheeler, 12mo,4« ^d W, Reeves 1881 

— ^— >_^.— ^ based on Kraaer's Text, 18mo, l«6i Rivingtons 1881 

complete, literally translated, 18mo, 64 Cornish ...1880 

— — ^— ^ Book 1, separately, new edit fq>. 8to, 2s RitmgUms 1886 

-^-^ with trans, and Notes, 18mo,2« and U6df Simpkin 1884 

Books 1 and 2, edited by C. E. Moberly, fcp. 8vo, 2s Oxford JVareh..„lSSB 

Book 1, trans. Is6d; 2, 18mo, Is 6^ Cornish 1881 

1-3, Notes by Merrvweaiher, ficc. n. e. fcp. 8vo, 3s 6rf Rivingtons 1886 

8 and 4, with literal translation, 18mo, la 6(2 Cornish 1880 

Book 4, with Notes and Vocabulary by C. Bryans, 18mo, Is^d Macmilfan 1886 

6, with Notes and Vocabulary by C. Colbeck, 18mo, U6d Maemillan 1887 

1, Is; 2, Is; 3, Is; 6, Is, with Notes, &c. 16mo, Is... Rivingtons 1887 

Books 5 ^^t Interlinear translation, by Arnold, 18mo, Is^d Cornish 1886 

Scenes, by C. Colbeck, 18mo, Is 6<i MactniUan 1881 

Book 6, with Notes and Vocabnlaiy, 18mo, Is (Latin Texts) Rivinatons 1886 

Books 1-6, with Synopsis & Notes by Cookesley, n.e. p.8T0, 3s Simpkin 1886 

Book 7, with Vocabulary by White, 18mo, Is ^d Longmans ......1881 

interlinear translation and Notes, I8mo, Is ^d Cornish 1887 

' translated into literal English, with Questns. 1 2mo, Is BaUlihe 1 888 

Wall Map Handbook, cr. 8vo, 6(2 Johnston 1881 

Gaul (De Bello Gallico, Lib. 7). with Notes by W. C. Ck>nipton, p. 8vo, 4s BeU ^ S 1880 

Uttlretian War, adapted by W. Welch & 0. G. Dnffield, Notes, 18mo, Istd MacmUlan 1887 

Invasion of Great Briuin, by Welch and Duffield, Notes, 18mo, Is 6i... MacmiUan 1884 

Csttax (Maithtw) : a Pioneer of Trath. by Florence Gregg, post 8yo, Is 6d Sonnenschein ...1889 

Giiyn {8. M.) Hiss Milne and I: a Story, post 8to, 2s Remington 1889 

r (CL) Oompensation : the Publican's Case, 8to, Is W. H, Allen 1888 

(J.) Wheal Certain^ : a Cornish Story, post 8to, 68 Ward ^ D. 1889 

Cifam (X.) AdTentoreeof Capt. Mago: Phoeniaan Expedition, b.c. 1000, 2s 6d,„ Low 1888 

Blue Banner : Adren. of a Mussulman, Christn.Ac Pagan, ill.p8o,2s&i Low ....1888 

C^illard {K M.) Inyisible Powers of Nature, post 8to, 6s Murray 1888 

Lost Life, and other Poems, post 8to, 2s 6<2 Eyre ^ S, ...1889 

Csnie (7*. H.) Cobwebs of Criticism, new edit. cr. 8vo, 6s Stock 1884 

Deemster: a No7el, 3 8to, 31s 6 J; new edit. 3s 6^ and 2s Chatio 1887-9 

Shadow of a Crime, 8 toIs. 31s M; new edit. 3s 6(£, 2s M^ and 2s Chatio 1886-6 

Son of Hagar: a NotoI, 3 8ro,31s6«?; new ed. 3s 6(2 & 2s Chatto 1886-8 

{W. 8.) Trip Round the World in 1887-8, illustrated, 8vo, 7s ed Routledge 1888 

Huyle (fT.) and Bums (Z>.) Local Option, post 8ro, Is Sonnenschein ...1886 

Gnid iE.) The Social Philosophy and Beligion of Comte, post 8to, 6s ..: MacmUlan 1886 

(#1 Jf.)^ Cathcart, Surgical Handbook, illus. 12mo, 8s ed; new edit. 8s 60? Griffin 1889 

(fitr .7.) British lAud Question, 12mo, 6<; CasseU 1882 

— India : the Land and the People, 8vo, 10s 6d and 7s ed CasseU 1883-4 

(J.^ Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, new edit, post 8to, 6s ... MacmUlan 1889 

(Jfoflo) Wing of Azrael : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8to, 31s ed Triibner 1889 

€^itBe8(«r. iSl) Leading Principles of Political Economy, 8to, 14s MacmiUan 1883 

( Wi J&) Character and Logical Method of Political Economy, post 8to, 6s MacmiUan 1888 

Cvrm i&grQ Brief Memoirs of Hugh McCalmont, first Earl Cairns, 12mo, Is... J^isbet 1886 

(«r.) Unbelief in the 18th Century : Cunningham Lectures, 1880, 8yo, lOsed Longmans 1881 

( A i if tc ip a/) Present State of Christian Argument from Prophecy, cr. 8to, id Rel, Tract 80c,,,, ISS4 

(^0 1^7 ft'^ the Fair, post 8to, Is Sonnenschein ...1887 

Cuthntm (Ckmniess) Mystery of the Ages, 8fO, 10s ed Redtcay 1887 

Oikes, and other Good Things, 12mo,8(; Simpktn 1886 

GUbii(X/.)Exercise8inLongerSyntaxtoEre&DeBaudi88*FrenchGram.p.8o,ls6(2 Nutt 1888 

Wellington Coll. French Exercise Book, 3s 6(^; 2nded.reT.p.8vo,3s6(;? JSutt 1886-9 

—Reader, postSvo, 2s ed JSutt 1887 

CikoCt {M. K B,) Faith's Triumphs, and other Scripture Subjects, p. 8to, 3s ed Partridge 1884 

€4kQtUtoLiTerpool,byChina,Japan,ft America,in 1877,byH.W.N.2e.l2mo,3s6(; Thacker 1881 

Caldaeott(^.} Come Lasses and lAds, Ride a Cock Horse, 4to, Is each Routledge 1884 

Farmer^s Boy, 4to, Is Routledge 1881 

- Fri>g Would a Wooing Go; Fox Jumps over Parson's Gate, 4to, Ise. Routledge 1883 

- ■ Gleanings from the * Graphic,' obi, fol. 6s Routledge 1888 

< Graphic 'Pictures, obi. foL 7s6rf Routledge 1882 

- Great Panjandrum Himself, 4to, Is (Picture Books) Routleage 1886 

Bey Diddle Diddle Picture Book (separately. Is), 4to, bs RouUedae 1882-3 

Laat 'Graphic' Pictures, folio, 6s Routleage 1887 

Memoir of Early Art Career, by H. Blackburn, 14s ; n. e. 8to, Ised Low 1886-9 

More ' Graphic Pictures, folio, 6s Routledge 1886 

Paigandmm Picture Book, 4to, 6s Routledge^ 1886 

Picture Bode, YoL 2, 4to, bs\ 2 toIs. in 1, 4to, 10s ed Routledge 1881 

Queen of Hearts, 4to, Is Routledae 1881 

Second Collection of Pictures and Songs, 4to, 10s ed Routledge 1886* 

90 CALDECOTT CAMBRIDGE [English Catalooto 

Caldeeott (S.) Sketch Book, reproduced by Edmnnd Evans, 4to, Zs 6d Bouiledge 1883 

Sketches, with Introduction by Henry Blackburn, roy. Svo, 28 6d Low 1889 

Calder (A,) For Happiness, 8vo, 7« 6rf Triibner 1885 

Oalderon: Select Plays, ed. with Introductions & Notes by N. HaccoU, p. 8yo, 14s Macmillan 1888 

Calderwood {H. ) Handbook of Moral Philosophy, 1 4th edit, post 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1888 

On Teaching : its Ends and Means, 3rd edit. 12mo, 2s ^ Macmillan 1881 

Relations of Mind and Brain, 2nd edit. 8 vo, 12s Macmillan 1884 

Science and Religion, Morse Lecture, 1880, p. 8o, 6« Macmillan ......1888 

(Mrs.) Letters, &c. of Mrs. Calderwood of Polton, in 1 766, 8 vo, 1 8s ... Hamilton 1 884 

Caledonia, described by Walter Scott,Bums, &c. ilL by Macwhirter, n. e. 4to,l Os 6d Simpkin 1882 

Calendar College of Preceptors, 8vo, 2s ^d Hodgson Annual 

Royal College of Surgeons of England, July l882,roy. 8vo, Is Taylor ^ F, 1882 

State Papers {^q Appendix B,) 

Tiles : Drawings by G. F. B. verses by C. D. B. sq. 16mo, 2s 6i J. F, Shaw 1881 

University College of Wales, 1882-8, cr. 8 vo, Is 6<i (Manchester) Cornish 1882 

of London, 12mo, 4s Taylor^ F. .•.Annual 

Calkins (N. A.) Manual of Object Teaching, with lUustrative Lessons, 12mo, 6s New York 1881 

Callan (H.) Wanderings on Wheel and on Foot through Europe, post 8vo, Is 6d Low 1887 

Callant (A. G.) St. Mungo's Bells: Old Glasgow Stories run out anew, p. 8o, 3s 6d Simpkin 1888 

Calleja {C.) Principles of Universal Physiology, post 8vo, 3s 6d KeganPaul 1889 

Callendar (H. X.) Manual of Cursive Shorthand, 12mo, 2s Clay 1889 

Primer of Cursive Shorthand : Camb. System, 1 2mo, ^d Clay 1889 

System of Phonetic Spelling adapted to English, 12mo, 6rf ... Clay 1889 

Callender {E. B.) Biography of Thaddeus Stevens, Commoner (1860-68), 12o, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1882 

Callow {E.) The Phynodderree & other Legends of the Isleof Man, ill. 16mo, 5s... Bean 1882 

Callwell (•/: Af.) Dorothy Arden: aStory, 8vo, 4s Nelsons 1889 

Little Cariosity : the Story of a German Christmas, 18mo, 6<i... Blackie 1887 

Squire's Grandson: a Devonshire Story, illustrated, post 8vo, 2s Blackie 1887 

Timothy Tatters : a Story for the Young, cr. 8vo, Is %d Nelsons 1889 

Calpumius Siculus and M. Aurelius Olympius, Eclogues by C. K. Keene, cr. 8o, 6s Bell ^ 8. 1887 

Calthrop (G.) Castle Building Lectures on Home SubjecU, 12mo, 3s 6d Hunt 1889 

Christian Certainties: Lenten Addresses, 32mo, Is; red. 9d Stock 1882-4 

Eden to Patmos : Scenes & Incidents in Bible Hist. ilL p. 8vo, 3s ed Warns 1887 

Family Prayers for Four Weeks, sq. 16mo, 3s 6i Suttaby 1885 

Hints to my Younger Friends : Group of Sermons, n. e. p. 8vo, 2s Higham 1886 

Labourers together w. God, for Sund. Sch. Teachers,32o, Is ; red. Orf Stock 1882-4 

Lost Sheep Found, and other Addresses to Children, sq. 16mo, 2s Hunt 188S 

Megiddo, and other Sermons, post 8vo, 6s Hunt 1889 

Preacher's Comment, on the Gospel of St. John, post 8vo, 3s 6d... Hodder 1889 

Twin Brothers, and other Addresses to Children, 3 ed. sq. 1 6mo, 2s Hunt 1888 

Upward Steps in the Christian Life, post 8vo, 6s Hunt 1884 

{H. C. Holloway-) Paladin and Saracen : Stories from Ariosto, p. 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1882 

Calvados (J. S. de) Levana and oar Ladies of Sorrow, imp. 16mo, 5s Kegan Paul 1888 

Calver (Amdia JlV Every-day Biography : a CoUectn. of Biographies, 12mo, 7s 6rf New York 1889 

Calverley (C. 8.) Fly Leaves, 10th edit. fcp. 8vo, 3s ed Bell ^ 8^ 1884 

Literary Remains, with Memoir by W. J. Sendall, p. 8vo, lOsU Bell ^ 8. 1885 

Verses and Fly Leaves, new edit post 8vo, 7s ed BeU ^ 8. 1885 

Calvert (^.) School Readings in the Greek Testament, Mark, &c. 8vo, ^s ed Macmillan 1887 

((r, i5r.)Brangonar: a Tragedy, 12mo, 6s Boston, ilfoss. ...1884 

JoanofArc: a Narrative Poem, 16mo, 5s Bostom,Mass. ...1883 

Life, Death, and other Poems, 12mo, 7s ed Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Mirabeau : an Historical Drama, 12mo, 5s Boston, Mass. ...1883 

^-Nasarene: a Poem, 12mo, 5s Boston, Mass. ...1884 

( W.) The Wife's Manual : Prayers, Thoughts, & Songs, n. e. sq. 16mo, 6s Longmans 1882 

Calvert's Mechanic's Almanack and Workshop Companion, 1881-90, 12mo, id ea. Heywood 1881-9 

Practical Information for Handicraftsmen, 3 ed. p. 8vo, Zsed Heywood 1881 

Pocket Book and Annual for Engineers, Mechanics, & Builders, 12mo, Is Heywood 1882 

PracticalNotesonScrewCutting,&c.byWilliamWard. 18mo, 2s6<; ... Heywood 1888 

Reference Book of Information for Handicraftsmen, 2 ser. p. 8vo, 38 ed Heywood 1886 

Cambridge (Ada) A Mere Chance : a Novel. 3 vols. 31s ed Bentley 1882 

My Guardian: a Story of the Fen Country, n. ed. p. 8vo, 3s ed Cassell 1882 

Cambridge Bible (See Appendix B.) 

Greek and Latin Texts Bell # 8 1886 

Novum Testamentum Graece, edited by Major and Scrivener, 7s ed 

Testament (See Appendix B.) 

w Historical Essays, per vol. 2s 64 Camh. fTancA. ...1889 

Kellett, Pope Gregory the Great Whitley, Political Parties in Athens 

Mathematical Series (See Appendix B.) 

School and College TextrBooks, 12mo Bell ^ 8. 1881-5 

Banister (H. C.) Music, 9th edit. 5s 

Stoircase: 'Varsity Sketches,byAuth. 'DayofmyLifeatEton,*16o,2s6<i Low 188S 

Texts (See Appendix B.) 

-Triflesyby the Author of < Day of my Life at Eton,' lBmo,2sed Low 1881 


C^bridge Unirenitj Calendar, 12mo, &8 6d ...., Bell ^ 8,,,.,, .Annual 

CiaMien(C.)Hoity Toity, the Good Little Fellow, 12mo, 2«6<f StraMn 1881-4 

TnTelling Menagerie, illos. bjF. Mahoney, 2nd edit. 12mo, 2s 6d ... Sonnenschein ...1884 

Ctmlot Series (See Appendix B,) 

CuuoSeriM > , Unmn 188^ 

Ury (Jm) London Plane Trees, &c. Verses, 3« Od 

Camen: aMagazine of Photography, VoL 2, 8^6(2; 3, cr. 4to, 78 6d Wyman 188^ 

Catnaiuk {Lv^ Hints on the Cnltivatton of the Voice, with Exercises, 8yo, Is Heywood 1881-2 

GuBeniD(il.) Church of Oar Fathers, 3rd edit, post 8to, As 6d Simnkin 1887 

IC.) Cholera Microbe, and How to Meet it, 8ro, la Baitliere 1884 

Microbes in Fermentation, Putrefaction and Disease, new edit. Is.,. Baillikre 1884 

Romance of War; or. How the Cash goes in Campaigning, 8ro, \s BaiUHre 1884 

— »— (9. /*.) Lyrics on Freedom, Love, & Death, ed. by C.J. Cameron, 8o, 7^ 6d Boston, Mass, ...188^ 

(jy. P.) History of the English Bible, 12mo. 2« 6<i Gardner 1886 

(/.) Gaelic Names of Plants, Scottish and Irish, 8vo, 7s 6d Blackwoods 188S 

— Oils and Varnishes, post 8to, 7e 6d (Technological Handbooks) ... ChurcMl 188^ 

Soaps and Candles, edited by James Cameron, post 8ro, 7a Churchill 1 88S 

-> (K.) Plasterer's Manwal, new edit illustrated, 18mo, is New York 188^ 

~ (Mrs. C.C.) Home for the Holidays, post 870, 2a Nelsons 188& 

- (Mrs.H. L.) Cost of a Lie, 2 toIs. cr. 8vo, 21a ; new edit. 2s 6</ F. V. White ...1886-9 

Dead Past, new edit. 3 vols. 31a 6d; 6$, 3a 6d, & 2a F, V. White ...188S-S. 

Deceivers Ever, new edit 12mo, 2a Chatto 1881 

Devout Lover, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. Zla^d; n. e. 3a edand 2s ... F.V. White ...1887-9 

■ In a Qrass Country, new edit post 8vo, 3a 6<2and 2a F. V. White ...1886-7 

Lifes Mistake, 2 vols. cr. 8ro, 2la; new edit 3a ^ and 2a F. V. White ...1886-8 

Lodge by the Sea: a Novel, new edit 12mo, la F. V. White l88/> 

Lost Wife: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21a F. V. WhUe 1889 

Madness of Marriage: a Sketch, 12mo, la 6^ and la F. V. White 188^ 

Neck or Nothing: a Hunting Story, post 8vo, la 6<iand la F. V. White 1887 

North Country Maid. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, ZlsSd; n. e. 3a 6rf & 2a F. V. White, .MBA^ 

Pure Gold, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a 6^; new edit 2a 6<2 and 2a Tinsleys 1884-6 

—^ — This Wicked World, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a 6d; new ed. 2a Sd F, V, WhUe,, 1888-9 

Vera Nevill ; or, Poor Wisdom's Chance, 12mo, 2a 6ci & 2a e/l # R, Maxwell 1886 

Worth Winning: a Story, post 8vo, 10a 6rf Eoworth 1882 

Novel, 12mo, 2a 6(£ and 2a J.i-R. Maxwell 1887 

- (R.) life, by Jean L. Watson, sq. 16mo, 6d (Edinburgh, Gemmell) Simvkin 1882 

(F. L.) Across Africa, new edit 8vo, 12a 6i; red. 7s 6d Philip 1885-8 

Adventures of Herbert Massey in East Africa, ill. p. 8vo, Zs6d RguUedge 1887 < 

Among the Turks, with 27 illustrations, post 8vo, 2a Nelsons 1888 > 

Cruise of the ' Black Prince* Privateer, post 8vo, 5a; n. ed. 2a Chatto .........1886-8, 

Harry Baymond : Advent among Pirates, Slavers, &c. p. 8o, 68 Warns 1888. 

History of Penreatb, some time Gent of SirW.Ealeigh, p. 8vo, 5a Griffith 1888 

In Savage Africa ; or, the Adventures of F. Baldwin, ill. p. 8o, da Nelsons 1887 

Jack B ooper : his Adventures at Sea & in South Africa, p. 8o, da Nelsons 1 888- 

Queen's Land ; or, Ard al Malakat, 6a ; 2 ed. post 8vo, 3a 6d,. Sonnensehein 1886-8- 

^^■Kos, Life and his Lusiads : a Commentary by R. F. Burton, 2 v. 12mo, 16a... Quariteh 1881 

Lonada in Enolish Verse, by J. J. Aubertin, 2nd edit. 2 vols. p. 8o, 12a Kegan Paul .1884. 

EngliiSied by B. F. Burton, ed. by I. Burton, 2 vols. 12mo, 12a Quariteh ...1881 

Lyrieks (Sonnets, Canzons, Odes, &c) by R.F. Burton, 2 vis. 12mo, 16a Quariteh 1884 

Sonnets, Portuguese Text and Translation by Aubertin, p. 8vo, 7a ^ Kegan Paul 1881 

^^■pugn m Viiginim, 1781 : Reprint of Clinton-Cornwallis O)ntrov. 2 v. r. 8o, 42a B.F. Stevens ...1888 
7 — ;— of Fr^ericksbnrg, 1862, by a Line Officer, 5a ; 2nd edit cr. 8vo, 6a ... Kegan Paul ...1886-8 

:;^F>||ning in a Strange Land: an Election Story, post 8vo, 5a Stott 1888 

'^atpufBA of the Civil War, 12 vols. & Supplement with maps & plans, 18mo, 63a New York 1882-8 

"^bril (A.) Captain Macdonald'a Daughter : a Novel, 16mo, 6a New York 1887 

(A. A,) Sermons Preached before the Queen at Balmoral, post 8vo,4a6<2 Blackwoods 1882 . 

(A. J.) Fifty Years of Presbyterianism in Victoria, 2a andla6<f Nisbet 1889 

(C.) Bible Thoughts for Dady Life; or, Family Readings, cr. 8vo, 2a 8.P.C.K. 1884 

[CM.) Skin Diseases in Infancy and Earlv Life, post 8vo, da Bailliere 1889 

(2>.) First Course of English Grammar and Analysis, 12mo, Gd T. Laurie 1881 

{E.A.)Mim Pris, 18mo,6<i (LitUe Dot Series) Rel. Tract /Soc....l888 

' — (G,) Analysis of the English Law of Real Property, 2 ed. cr. 8vo, 3a 6d Simpkin 1887 

(Sir G.) British Empire, post 8vo, 3a Cassell 1887 

In the Shadow of Death, 12mo, la Blacketi 1888 

- Wild and Weird Tales, &c. Russian, English, &c. cr. 8vo, 6s.. Ward ^ L 1889 

(ff.) CansBtion of Disease; Ultimate Factors wh. induce it, 8vo, 12a 6d H. K. Lewis 1889 

Eye and its Functions, 12mo, 9d (Popular Physiology Series) Simpkin 1888 

Neurasthenia : Cerebro-Spinal Exhaustion, Causes, &c 1 6th ed.SsSd Renshaw 1 883 

— — {Hde») American Girl's Home-Book of Work and Play, sm. 4to, 10a 6d New York 1883-6 

or,Work&Play,ill. n.e.8o,7a6c? Putnam 1888 

- Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking, 16mo, 6a NewYork 1881 

Harry's Winter with Indians ; or. White and Red, 12mo, 2a 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 1882 
Hoosakeepei's Year Book, 16mo, 2a6(i NewYork 1888 

92 CAMPBELL CANTLIE [Ekolbh Citaiooti 

Campbell (Helen) Kh\y*» Ad? entore at Grandpa's House, post 8ro, 2$ 6d •• Book Society ...IBB2 

Miss Melinda's Opportnnitj: a Story for Oirls, Idmo, ba Boston, Matt, ...1886 

Mrs. Hemdon's Income : aNorel, 16mo,7«6<2 Boston, ifoM. ...1885 

Prisoners of Poverty: Women Wage-Workers, ^ 12mo, ba ... Botton, Matt, ...1887 

Problem of the Poor: Qaiet Work in Unqniet Places, Timo, 68 Hew York 1882 

■ Roger Berkeley*8 Probation : a Story, 12mo, 6s and 28 6d BofsUm^ Matt. ...1888 

Under Green Apple Boughs: a Norel, 12mo, 6s New York 1882 

— . What-to-do Club: a Story for Girls, 16mo, 7a6d Boston, Matt, ...1885 

(H.F,) English Word Study: Exercises, Analysis, &Comp. 12mo, ls6<2 Longmans 1883 

(Jl) Authentic Account of White Herring fishery in Scotland, p. 8o,4«6<i Simpkin 1885 

. Elements of Hygiene & Sanitation for Schools, 1«; 2 e. 12o, 2s 6i Simpkin 188/^7 

Thirty Years* Experx>f a Medical Officer inConTictSeryice,p.8o,2«6<f Nelsons 1884 

{J, K.) Piflgah Glimpses and Gospel Gleanings, cr. 8ro, 6s,., Houlsion 1889 

Through Egypt, Palestine, and Syria, post 8yo, 4s Partridge 1884 

. — (J, R,) Theory & Practice of Slide Kule, w. Prop, of Logarithms, 12o, U Spons 1886 

— iLadg Colin) "Book of the Running firook and of Still Waters, 12mo, 6s Low 1886 

Darell Blake: a Study, post Sto, 6« Trisehler 1889 

{Lord) Life, Autobiography &c. by Mrs. Hardcastle, 2 toIs. 8to, 30«... Murray 1881 

{MaruM,) At Rest among the Laos: Life & Missy. Career, n. e. 12o, \s 6d J. F, Show 1888 

(M, M.) On Foreign SoU, 8 rols. cr. 8vo, 3U 6d F, V, WkUs 1888 

{Miss M.) Amico*s Little Girl, cr. 8to, lOs 6d and 7s M F. V. Whits 1881 

(Mrs, C, C.) Natural History for Young Folks, by GiacomeUi,p 8o, 3s 6<2 Nelsons 1884 

(ilfrs. Cb/in^.) Gospel of Suffering, 12mo, Is S.P.C.K 1886 

Hints to Hospital & Sick-Room Visitors, 12mo, U 6d Nisbet 1881 

(Mrs, E.) Buckets and Spades: Words and Music, 4to, Zsed W, W. Gardner 1883 

(Afrs. K«re) The Crime of EeziahEeene, post 8ro, 2s 6<i Ward 4' D 1889 

(/?.) Law relating to the Sale of Goods & Commercial Agency, 8yo, SOs Stevens 4" Bl, ...1881 
(7.) Gertrude of Wyoming, with Notes by H. M. Fit2gibbon, 12mo, 2s Oxford >rar«A....1889 

Pleasures of Hope.ed. with Notes & Quests, by Woodroffe, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

Poetical Works, 18mo, Is (Pocket Library) Boutledge 1887 

Prefatory Notice by John Hogben, sq. 18mo, Is.... W, SooU 1885 

Campello (CoicnO Autobiography: Introduction by W. Arthur, cr. 8to, 3s 6<2 Hodder 1881 

Campin (F.) Application of Lron toBridges, Girders, &c 3 e. 1 2o, 2s6^ (Weale's S.) Loekwood,,,, 1883 

. Details of Machinery : Fitting Shop, &c. 12mo, 3s(Weale*8 Series)... Lockwood 1883 

■ Materials and Construction, 2nd edit, rev, 12mo, 3s 6d Lockwood 1884 

■ Mathematics as applied to the Constructiye Arts, 2nd edit. 8s Lockwood 1882 

. Mechanical Engineering, new edit. 12roo, 2s 6d Lockwood 1881 

Camping Out; or, Holidays under Qinvas: Gipsy Life on River, by Gyp. 12o, Is Simpkin 1886 

Camps and Quarters : an Annual, by Arch. ForbM. Henty, and Williams, 8yo, Is Ward 4" L, ......1889 

Can Parliament Break Faith? Supply ofWater to Metropolis by Companies, 8o, ed Field ^ T, 1884 

Canada: Memorial Volume, Statistical & Descrip. Handbk. by Biggnr, 8vo,10s6(2 E, Stanford 1889 

Canadian Parliamentary Companion, 1889, edit, by J. A. Gemmill, Ids 6i Ottawa 1889 

Tour: Reprint of Letters from Special Corresp. of the 'Times,' 4to, %d Wright 1886 

Canary, History, Varieties, Management and Breeding, new edit. 12mo, Is Groombridge ...1886 

Candeze (E,) Adventures of a Field Cricket, trans. D'Anvers, ill.2 ed. sq. 16o, 6s Low ...1881 

Candle Light(>d by the Lord, new edit. 12mo, Is 6<f MuUan 1884 

Candler (C.) Prevention of Consumption, 8vo, 10s 6d Kegan PomU 1887 

. Measles, post 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul 188t 

Candlish («7. S,) Christian Doctrine of God, post 8vo, Is 6d Hamilton 188^ 

Kingdom of God, Biblically & Historically Considered, 8o, 10s6i Hamilton 188^ 

Work of the Holy Spirit, post 8vo, Is Qd Hamilton 188i 

-^— — ^ ( E, S.) Book of Genesis Expounded : Series of Discourses, 3 e. p. 8o, %sfkl Longmans ...... 1 88 

Life, by Jean L. Watson, cr. 8vo, 2s Simpkin 188 

Candolle (A. de) Origin of Cultivated Plants, post 8vo, 5s Kegan Pttul 188 

Candy {G,) Is Local Option a Fact? Powers &Di8cret. of Licensing Justices, 8o, Is Layton 188 

Canivet, Contes de No§l, with Notes & Vocabulary by Am6d6 Porcher, l?mo, 6d{... Simpkin 188 

Cann (R, W.) Village Beauty, and other Verse Tales for Recitation, I2mo, Is ... Ilijfe.,.. 181 

Cannan (E,) Duke of St. Simon: Lothian Prize Essay, 1885, post 8vo, 8s 6<f Simpkin 181 

Political Economy, fcp. Is Oxford Wareh..A^ 

OAnning (A. S, (?.) Divided Irish, 8 vo. Is Simpkin ISi 

' Literary Influence in British History, post 8vo, 5s W, H. Alien 18< 

Lord Macaulay, Essayist and Historian, post 8ro, 6s Smith ^ R, ISl 

Revolted Irehind: 1798 and 1808, post 8vo, 3s 6d W, H, Alien 1» 

Thoughts on Shakespeare's Historical Plays, 8 vo, 1 2s W, H, Allen IB 

{George) by Frank H. Hill, post 8vo, 2s 6c2, Is 6<^, & Is (Eng. Worthies) Longmans ••.1887 

Official Correspondence, notes by E. J.Stapleton, 2 vols. 8o, 28s Longmans 18 

{Sir.) Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, by S. Lane-Poole, 2 vols. 36s Longmans 18 

— (S, G.) Baldearg O'Donnell: Tale of 1690-91, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s M. 'Ward 18 

Cant- Wall {E.) Ireland under the Land Act, Letters to the ' Standard,' cr. 8vo, 6s Chatto I| 

Canterbury Poets (See Appendix M.) 

Cantlie (J.) Accidental Ii\juries: their Relief and Treatment, 12 edit.l2mo, ls6d Clowes \^ 

< ^ Degeneration amongst Londoners, 12mo, Is Field^ r..p......l| 

Naked-Eye Anatomy : Text to Masse's Plates, 3rd edit 8vo, 50s ... BaUUkre 1 « 

188M889] CANTON CARLES 08 

CutOD (IF.) Lost Epic, and other Poems, 12mo, 5« Blackwoods 1887 

Caatj (M.)VnTK^UiTy^ Do^^matic & Scholastic: Questions connected, 18mo, Za^d Simpkin 188ft 

C&pa (>)IoDj Official Handbook, 2$ » Currie 188S 

— of Good Hope Univereitj Calendar for the Year 1884-5, 7« ^d Low 1885 

Ct^latto (A.) Life of St. Philip Neri, Apostle at Home, 2 vols. \5b Bunu^ # 1882^ 

Cip«l(J. ]),) Gatch Qaestions in Arithmetic & Mensaration, 4« 6^ ; Key, 7« ^d Hughes 1885-& 

— Common Sense Enclid, Books I and 2, Part 1, 12mo, 1$ td Hughes 188& 

-^— Principles and Practice of Mental Arithmetic, 12mo, 1« Hughes 1889 

■ Pupil Teachers' Algebra for Preliminary Examinations, p. 8o, 2«6i Hughes 1887 

— Tips in Algebra, Quadratic Expres. into Factors, p.8o, Asid ; Key,7«6i Hughes 1 886* 

(C. C.) Treat Culture: Art of Spawning, Hatching, &c 2 ed. fcp. 8ro, 2s Low 1885 

O&prilo {S.) and Irens, From Benguella to the Territory of Yacca, 2 y. 8vo, 42s Low 1882 

Ckpea (y.) Reminiscences of John Gaspar Spuizheim and G. Combe, 12mo, 7s fid New York 1881 

(kpara (£1) Snn-Oleams and Shadows, post Sro, 6s Kent 1881 

Cipes (Harriet AT.) Wise Princess and other Stories, 18mo, Is Blackie 1887 

— (/. M.) The Church of the Apoetles : an Historical Inquiry, 8vo, 9« Kegan Paul 1886 

(M, H, M.) SylTia Brooke, illustrated, 18mo, 9d Blackie 188& 

— Two Little Brothers, illustrated, 12mo, Is Blackie 1885 

{W. W,) History of the Achaean League in Remains of Polybius, 12mo, 6s AfacmiUan 1888 

C^iper (E. y.) Voices of the Twilight and other Poems, with trans, post 8o, 2s Harris 1882 

{8, J.) Shores & Cities of the Boden See: Rambles in 1879 & 1880,80, 16s Be la Rue 1881 

C^e(/.) Causation of Sleep, 2nd edit re-written, post 8vo, 4s 6<f (Edin. Thin) Simpkin 1883 

Gipiuff(j:$.) Tabulated Weight8ofAngles,Tees,&Phites in Lron&Steel,32o,2s6(^ Walter Scott ...1887 

Captain Jewell's Wife, by Author of * Our Valley.' post 8ro, 2s 8.P.C.K. 1884 

Mugford; Our Salt & Fresh Water Tutors, ed. Kingston, ill. cr. 8vo,2s 6d Low 1888 

of the School, and other Stories, 18mo, 6d Bel, Tract >&<?.. .1887 

Ciptain's Daughter : Tale of the Time of Catherine II. of Russia^ cr. 8to, 5s ... Citi/ of Lon, C^..1883 

• Story; or, Jamaica, with an Account of the Emancipation, sq. 16mo, bs Bd, Tract /Sioc... 1883- 

Qiptirity of lir. Bouncer, as narrated by Dan Sinclair, illus. 12mo, Is Lit, Prod. C!om...l88I 

WYin Route between Egypt and Syria, trans, from the German, 8vo, 7s 6^ Chaito 1881 

Mmao {Lopes de) Method of Learning Portuguese Language, 5th ed. post 8vo, 4s Thimm 1 88S 

Ckrimtt (Mr$. K H.) Five Months' Fine Weather in Canada, U.S. &c p.8vo, 5s... Low 188d 

Gudale(£.r.) Capitol Letters in Holy Scripture: aPlea for their Use, 8vo, 6i... Bivingtons 188$ 

Four Holy Gospels according to Authorised Version, cr. 8vo, 6s ... Bivingtons 1884 

— —■ - New Testament w. Variations in Cap. Letters, 10s; Pt. 1, 5s; 2, 5s Bivingtons 1889 

CMimI Richelieu, founded on the Play of* Richeheu ' by LordLytton, 12mo, Is J. # B. MaxtvelllSSZ 

Cudweli (J. J.) Introduction to Study of Commercial Geography, Part 1, p. 8vo, Is Heywood 1889 

( FFl) Marks of Spiritual Life and Means of its Development, post 8 vo, Is Hatchards 1882 

Cwwr of a Nihilist: aNovel, by8tepniak,post8TO, 5s W, Scott 1889 

(kreliif (^.) The Great Problem SolTed, post 8to, 2s 6i Bevington 188^ 

Cuctte {Madatne) My Mistress, Empress Eugenie: Court Life at Tuileries, p. 8o,6s Dean 188^ 

Cucv(Lairra J. S.) Mj Destiny ; or, Lady Musgraye, post 8yOy 3s Bevington 1886 

- — (Jfsud) Peggy's Little Squire, 12mo, Is S.P.d.K. 1881> 

Cttcj (X) Cloveniook Children, new edit. 12mo, 6s New York 1883r 

Principlesof Agriculture, 2nd edit. fcp. 8ro, 2s Murhy 1884 

Hygiene,forScience&Art Dep.8. Kensington, 12mo, Is 6<2 Mnr^ 1884 

(Amme) School Girls ; or, Life at Montagu Hail, post Sto, 3s ^d and 2s . . . Cassell 1 88 1 -S 

{M.E.) IsabeFs Difficulties; or,Light on the Daily Path, n. e. p.8ro, 3s ed Griffith 1883 

{B. N.) Aunt Diana, sq. 16mo, 2s 6d Bel Tract Soc. 188S 

Barbara Heathcote*s Trial, new edit. 6s Bentleu 1883 

Esther, sq. I6mo, 3s M (Girl's Own Bookshelf) Bel. Tract Soc. 1887 

For Lilias, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d BenUey 1885- 

Marr St, John: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8yo. 31s 6rf BentUy 1882" 

Maries Crusade, with illustrations, poet8TO, 2s ed Bel. Tract Soc. 188^ 

Not Like other Girls : aNoyel, 3 vols. cr. 8to, 31s ed ; new edit. 6s Bentley 1884-5 

Only the Governess: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed\ new edit. 6s Bentley 1888 

Qoeeoies Whim: aNovel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo,31s 6<2; newedit.6s Bentley 1881-9 

Robert Ords Atonement, new edit. cr. 8^0, 6s Bentley 1884 

S«areh for Basil Lyndhurst : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed Bentley 1889> 

Uncle Max: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 81s ed; one vol. 6s Bentley 1887 

Wee Wifie, new edit. cr. 8vo, 6s Bentley 1887 

Wooed and Married, 6s; new edit. cr. 8vo, 6s Bentley 1882-$ 

(JT.) by JamraCulross, post 8vo, 2s ed Hodder 1881 

Life of Wm. Carey, Shoemaker and Missionary, 8vo, 16s; n. e. 7s ed Murray 1885-7 

.— Modem Dissent: What is it? Retrosp. and Prophecy, 12mo, U ^ ed Simpkin 1882' 

— Shoemaker, the Founder of Modern M issions, by J. B.Myer8, p. 8o, ls6i Partridge 1 887 

^«Xill(AmaU) life, by Jean L. Watson, sq. 16mo, ed Simpkin 188^ 

CiAvt (/>.) Plane Surveying, 8vo, lOsed Boston, Mass. ...1888 

5»«brooke Library (See Appendix B.) 

^^«ria{iii/ni|») Book-Eeeping by Double-Entry, 6s; 2nd edit post 8 vo, 6s E. Wilson 1883-^ 

^•8i«r«t: a Story of Life in Vienna, 12mo, 4d Bel. Tract Soc. 1887 

Crisa {E.) Two Wivea, from the French by F. E. D. 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s Bemington 188$ 

^^*^(T. B.) Life in Cores, with illustrations and map, 8vo, 12s 6^^ MacmiUan 1883 


Carleton (C. C.) Our New WayBoand the "World, illu«. 8to, 8<6<2 and 7« 6d Wam$ 1883 

(J, G.) Bible of Our Lord and Hi« Aportles, &c. 12mo, 2« 6^..... Simpkin 1888 

_— ( Ifitf ) aty BaUads, illus. 128 6d; 12mo, 1« (Rose Library) Low 1886-7 

_- Legends, illustrated, roy. 8ro, I2s 6d Low 1889 

Farm Ballads, fcp. 8fo, 9<2and ad^Low; 18mo, Iff (Pocket Lib.) RoutUdge 1889 

- Farm FestiTals, & Farm Legends, 1 toL 12mo,3«6<2 Low 188i 

— Festivals, illus.8F0, 12«; 12mo, 1« (Rose library) Low 1881 

Legends, 12mo, la (Rose Library) X<w 1882 

Red-Haired Man's Wife, 8vo. 8a M Secdey 1888 

( fF«».) Amusing Lrish Tales. 8vo, 2« 6iand Is HamUUm 1889 

Stories of the Irish Peasantry, p. 8fo, 2s & la ; new ed, 2s 6d ... RouiUdae 1889 

Traits & Stories of the Irish Peasantry, ill. n.e. p. 8 vo, 3a W&2a6<i MaxweU 1881 

compL cr. 8vo, S8ed^2$6d RoutUdge 1881-6 

— new ed. 2 vols. p. 8vo, 4a ea. Wcard # i. 1881 

Carlile ( W.) Thirty-Eight years' Mission Life in Jamaica, by his Son, p. 8vo, 3a ^ Nisbet 1884 

Carlin ( fT.) Recipes on Every Known Subject ; Treatment of Bees, &c. 12mo,10a Qd Boston, Mass. ...1881 
Carlisle (£L) Simple Gutting^at for Home and School Use, Pkutl, l2mo,la; 2, la Hatekards ...1886-7 

. {Mt8,) Breathing, 16mo, la Chappell I88d 

Carll (L. B,) Calculus of Variations, 8vo, 21a MaemiUan 1885 

Carlon (C. B,) England's Sin : Honour Sold, Truth Betrayed, ed; newedit. 6<2... KeganPaid.,mi-b 

Carlos tke Little Spaniard, and What the Flowers Did,18mo,8<2 Partridge 1886 

Carlyle(tAiiMfr.) Early Letters, with a few of later years, by D.G.Ritchie, 80, 12a aoimm$chgin ...1889 

....._ Letters and Memorials, edit, by J. A. Froude, 3 vols. 8vo, 36a Longnunu 1883 

(r.) Choice of Books, with a New life of the Author, new edit. 12mo, 2a Chatto 1881 

» Counsels to a Literary Aspirant: Unpublished Letter of 1842, 12o, la Hamilton 1886 

_—. Criticfd and MisoeUaneous Essays, Ashburton edit. 8 vols. 8a each... Chapman 1887-8 

4 vols in 2, Vol. 1, p. 8vo, 2a each Ch^man 1888 

7 vols, post 8vo, la each Chapman 1888 

Cromwell's Letters & Speeches, w. Elucidations, ch. ed. 5 v. 12o, la ea. Chapman 1888 

8 V. p. 80, Orf & 64 ea. Rontledge ....«1888 

-- complete edit. cr. 8vo, la RotUUdge 1888 

Early Kings of Norway; also Essay on Portraits of John Knox, 12o, la Chapman 1888 

^ Letters, edit, by C. R Norton, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 18ar MaemiUan 1886 

Essay on Bums and Scott, 18mo, 6d and 8<^ (Cassell's Nat. Library) Cauell 18S8 

Goethe, 18mo, 6<2 and 3i (Cassell's National Library) ... CaueU 1888 

Essays: Bnms, BoswelVs Johnson, Scott,Diamond Necklace, 4to, M.„ Chapman 1882 

French Revolution: a History, new edit. Vol. 1, 8a, 2, 8vo, 8a Che^pman 1885 

1 vol. post 8vo, 2«; 3 vols, la each... Chapman 1887-8 

1^ 3a 64 and 2a RoutUdat 1888 

3 vols, post 8vo, la and 6rf each RoutleJge 1888 

CfHnplete in 1, post 8vo, 2a ... Ward ^ £r. 1888 

Friedrich II. of Prussia, called Frederick theGreat,n.e.l0v.l2o,laea. Chapman 1888 

Heroes, Hero-Worship,and the Heroic in History, 12mo, la; 4to.6<;... Chapman 1882-1 

9<;and6<f... Rontledge,; 188« 

History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Ashburton ed. 6 vols. 8vo, 8a each Chapman 188C 

Last Words: Trades Unions, Promotensm, &c l2mo, la Simpkin 188*^ 

Latter Day Pamphlets, new edit. 12mo, la Chtqman 188i 

Kings of Norway, John Knox, 8vo, 8s Chapman 188^ 

Letters, 1826-36. edit, by Chas. Eliot Norton, 2 vols, post 8vo, 18a MaemiUan 1881 

Life of Friedrich Schiller and Examination of his Works, n. ed. 12o, la Chapman 1881 

John Sterling, copyright edit. cr. 8vo, la Chapman 188J 

Lives of Schiller and Sterling, new edit. 8vo, 8a (Works, Vol. 4) Chapman 188 

Past and Present, new edit. 12mo, la Chapman 188 

po8t8vo, laand6rf RotUUdge 188 

Reminiscences of My Irish Journey in 1840, cr. 8vo, 7a 6<^ Low 188 

R^)ealoftheUnion, withNotebyP. E.N. 18roo.6<i Field 4- T. 188 

Sartor Resartus, 8to, 8a (Works, Vol 3); People's edit la; 4to, M Chtqman 1882- 

Heroes, Chartism, w. Author's Corrects. 1 v. p. 80, 2a Chtqiman 181 

■&Hero-Worship,Past&Present,8o,2a& la Rontledge 181 

- edit by L. Lowenstam, Elsevir, 7< ^ and 6a Kegan Pent 181 

- post 8vo, 9<^ and 6<i RoutUdge •,j„.l^ 

with an Introduction by Ernest Rhys, 12mo, la ... W, Scott ..•••X...18i 

Tales by Museus, Tieck and lUchter. translated, n. ed. 2 v. 12o, la ea. Chapman .. • • £....1S 

by Henry J. Nicoll, 12mo. 2a td and la (Edinburgh, Macniven) Simpkin ... J.....18 

History of the First Forty Years of his life, by Froude, 2 v. 80, 32a I^ongmans &..... 1£ 
— his Life in London, 1834^81, by J. A. Froude, 2 v. 80^ 32a Longmane \ W 

> Iconoclast of Modem Shams, by John Wilson, 12mo, 2a 6({ Simpkin ••• JL 1) 

- Life hy Richard Gamett, 12mo, 2a 6<2 and la (Great Writers) W. Scott ...1.....]^ 

- Man aiid his Books, Reminiscences, &c. by W. H. Wylie, p. 8vo, 7a 6d ManhaU #■ Mj, ...\l 

- Memoirs of the Life and Writings, with Rrauniseences, 2 v. p. 8vo, 21a W, H. AJum^ ... 1 1 

- National Lessons from the Life and Works, la 6df X. Literary Mboc. h 

-Redivivus:anOocasionalDiscourseonSanerteis,bySmellfungiis,12o,la Maemillam B^.^.l 

- Reminiioeiiois, edit by Jtatef Anthony Fhyude, 2 vols, poft 8to, 18a Longmam M 1 


MjU(T.) B«miii]8ceno60, edited by Charles Eliot Norton, 2 vols, post 8to, 12« MaemiUan 1887 

Story of Thomas Carlyle, by A. S. Arnold, post 8to, 6« Ward ^ D, 1888 

Study, by J. C. post 8ro, 2# 6i Heyvoood 1881 

& Emerson (^. W,) Correspondence 1834-72, v.portrait8,2v.p.8o,24« Chatto 1888 

Cknniehsel {H.) Footprints : Sermons on Scripture Characters, cr. Syo, ZsCtd Williams ^ i\r. . . . 188 1 

.— — —^ Glimpses of the Sonny South, a Tour to the Antipodes, 2« & 1« Alexander 4'8„.A8S7 

(/.) Dead Stripes: a Novel, 3 xols. er. 8to, 81s 6d Chapman 1880 

Oumios Columbiana: Songs of Columbia College, with Music, &c 7s M New York .1885 

Yaleosia: American College Songs, with Music, &c lOt 6d and 7s 6(2... New York 1885 

Cine (fT.) The Hope of the Foresters, post 8fO, Is 6({ Bib.Ch,Bk.Rm. 1887 

CSinMgie(X) American Four-in-Hand in Britain, 8to, 10s 6d ; new edit. Is Low 1888-4 

Round the World, 8to, 10$ 6d Low 1884 

Triumphant Democracy, 6s ; new edit, post 8to, ls6iland Is Low 1886 

(FT.) Oame Preserving: Winged, dEC.Game,& Destroying Vermin,8o,21s *Basaar* Office 1884 

CvMUy {Thot.) Physics, Chemical Constituents, with Tables, 4to, 42s Harrieon ^ 8, ...1887 

Ounellej (FT.) Questions of the Bible, in the Order of the Books, by Green,8o, 7s6<; Unwin 1880 

Cnoehso (JJf.) Contributions to Operatiye Surgery, Parts 7, 8, & 0, 4to, 4s ea. i^Tsto York ...1881-6 

Carel Songs for the Sunday School and Home, by C. W. Wendte, 2s Cineinnaii 1886 

Canlino (Pedro) New Portuguese and English Conversations, sq. 16mo,2s6<2 ... Triibner 1883 

Cvoli for Christanas & Epiphany, Words £ MusicTiaditional & Modem, p. 8o, 6d Novella 1887 

CnoD (P.) French Dishes for American Tables, translated, 1 2mo, 5s New York 1886 

CupsDtsr {A.) Health and School,12mo, Is (Hughes' Educational Course) Suffhee 1882 

Principles ^Ptaetice of School Hygiene, iUus. 4s 6c{ ; 2 e. p. 8o, 4s 6<2 Huffhee 1887 

— (£) Civilisation : its Cause and Cure ; and other Essays, p. 8o, 2s 6<2 Sonneniehein ...1880 
England's Ideal and other Papers onSocial Subjects, 12mo, Is ... Sonneneekein ...1887 

(^^.) South-County Neighbours: Narragansett 50 yean ago, 16o, 5s Boston, Mass. ...1887 

(F. D. y.) Bound about Bio Janeiro : Brasilian Travel, 12mo, IDs 6d Chicago 1888 

(i7.i?.) liber Amoris : aMetrical Bomaunt of the Middle Ages, 16mo,0s Boston^ Maes. ...1887 
(J. A) Three Ways of Salvation: Address at Manchester New Col.8o,ls WUliams ^ N. ...1884 

(AT.) Life and Work of, by J. E. Carpenter, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6s Maemillam 1881 

(Marie P.) Educational Beform«r,by M. Betbam-Edwards, 12mo, 6d Griffith .1884 

IW. A) Microscope and its Bevelations,illus. 6th edit pott 8vo, 16s... Churchill 1881 

NatureandMan: Essays Scientific & Philosophical, p. 8o,8s6<2 Kegan Paul 1888 

Ontlines of Human Physiology, ilL 12mo, 6<< (Science Primers) WardfL, 1888 

Principles of Human Physiology, ed. H. Power, ed. 8o, 31s6c{ Churchill 1881 

(Bp. IT. ^.) District '\^tor's Companion, 32mo, red. Ocf Stock 1884 

— My Bible, 32mo, Is (Heart Chords) Cassell 1884 

• Permanent Elements of Beligioo, Bamp. Lee. '87, 8vo, 14s MaenUllan 1880 

-> Prophets of Christendom: Sketches of Preach. 2 6.p.8o,3s6<i Hodder 1884 

Bevelation of St. John the Divine ; Commentary, 12mo, 3s Cassell 1883 

^ Truth in Tale: Addresses chiefly to Children, p. 8o, 4s 6d Maemillan 1885 

— {W.L.) Energy in Nature: Six Lectures in Autumn 1881, p. 8vo, 3s6<2 Cassell 1883 

Manu£M:tnreof ^*oap,Candles,Lubricants,&c. illus.p.8o,10s6i 8pons 1885 

Ctfpnaal {A, ft £1) Patent Laws of the World, collected, edit. & indexed,8vo,25a Clowes 1885 

Cao(J.) Church and the Boman Empire, p. 8to, 2s 6d (Epochs of Church Hist.) Longmans 1887 

-Evangel & Evangelist: Addresses on St Matthew & the GK>spel, cr.8o, Is 8,P,C.K. 1884 

Matthew, with Notes, 4s 6d; 18mo, Is (Smaller Cambridge Bible) Camb, Wareh,lSSl'9 

Txvheme's TempUtion, 3 vols. 31s 6d Smith ^ S, 1882 

— (£Utf) An Eviction m Ireland, and its Sequel, 4th edit 6d Simpkin 1881 

— {Edher) Face at the Window: a Storv, 18mo, Is Griffith 1885 

— - (#*.) Left Alone : the Fortunes of Phillis Maitland : a Story, n.e. p. 8o, 3s 6<i Griffith 1882 

LoisLeggatt: a Memoir, post 8vo, 6s Gr^th 1881 

— {G, 8.) Synopsis of Elementary Besults in Pure Mathematics, roy. 8vo, 34s Hodgson 1886 

— (H.) Our Domestic Poisons ; or. Poisonous Effects of Dyes, ftc cr. 8vo, Is Ridgway 1883 

— • (/. OnHyms) Ait in Provincial France : from <M. Guardian,' p. 8vo, 3s6«{... Remin^on 1883 

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth : an Essay, 8vo, Is Bickers 1880 

*— ^ Modem Landscape^ with etchings firomcelelnated pictures, fd. 5s Remington 1882 

^^$fn on Art, post 8vo, 8s ed Maemillan 1885 

- — (L) Missouri, Vol. 2 in Series of American Commonwealth, w. map, 16o, 6s Boston^ Mass. ...1888 

— (Mrs. J, Oon^fns) Kate Pereival, Is 6d and Is (Arrowsmith's Bristol Lib.) Simpkin 1886 

La Foortunina, 3 vols. cr. 8vo» 31s 6d Low 1884 

Lncretia and other Tales, 10s 6<£ Remington 1882 

Maisaret Maliphant, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 25s 6d Blackwoods 1880 

Nortti Italian Folk, sq. 16mo. red. 7s 6d Chaito 1881 

-^ Stonrof Autumn, or. 8vo, 10s 6<^ Remington ......1881 

' — (Ifrs. IT.) The Ideal Mother, printed in red and black, post 8vo, Is ...,-... S.P.CK. 1886 

— ^ (IT.) Montenegro: Stanhope Emmv, 1884, 8vo, 2s 64 Sin^kin 1884 

CnM(7.)8weetTbougfataof Jesus and Mary, 2s and Is Bums j- O, 1880 

^^mgtBarom Nd) Frank O'Meara: an Irish Story, new edit poet 8vo, Is Simpkin 1882 

^ML(GJ^) Koumiss; Fermented Mare's Milk k Cow's Milk, cr. 8vo, 10s 6d Blackwoods 1881 

■W'sEosBr and the Vicar's Story of Christmas Eve, new edit 18mo, 64 Sun. Sch. Un. ...1882 

(fl. BO BatUe-Mapa M Charts of American Bevolution, 8vo, 6s 6d New York 1881 

Obeliik^iuyoicet;WashiogtonMoBunMiitFbcings,5sMs64 .Boston, Afoss. ...1887 

96 CARBINGTON CASEY [Enoliot Catalooto 

Garrin^ton {R. E,) Dissections of the Human Body, 7s 6(2; 2od edit postrSro, Os Bell ^ S. 1881-8 

Carroll (H,) Twelve Americans: their Lives and Times, portraits, 12mo, 9s New York 1883 

(7.) Practical Geumetrj for Science & Art Students, n. e. p. 8o, 1« 6<2 & Is Burns ^ 1888 

Second Grade Test Papers, Freehand and Geometry, imp. 4to, 2s ea. Philip 1884 

(Xstois) Alice in Wonderland, People's ed. illus. by Tenniel, p. 8vo, 2s 6d MaonUllan 1887 

^& Through Looking Gloss,, 4s 6<2 MacmiUan 1887 

Alice's Adventures Under-ground : a facsimile of MS. post 8vo, 4s Macmillan 1886 

Game of Logic, post 8vo, Is Macmillan 1887 

Rhyme? and Reason? illus. by Frost and Holiday, post 8vo, 7s Macmillan 1883 

........ Sylvio and Bruno, with 46 illus. by Harry Furniss, post 8vo, 7s 6d Macmillan 1889 

»__— Tangled Tale, with i llustrations by A. B. Frost, post 8 vo, 4s 6c{. . . Macmillan 1 88i» 

ThroughtheLookingGlass,&c.ill.byTenniel.PeopWsedit.p.8o.2s6<2Afacmt^fi 1887 

Garrothers (J. J>.) Kesa & Sa^jiro ; or. Lights & Shades of Life in Japan 12o, 7s 6c£ New Fork 1 888 

Carruthers fj,) Communal and Commercial Economy, post 8vo, 9s Stafford 1883 

Carry's Chnstmas Gift, by H. F. E. post 8vo, Is S.P.C.K. 1881 

Carson (JTorris^) Straight Paths for the Three T's, post 8vo, Is 6d Nelsons 1886 

— — (J, C. L.) Heresies of the Plymouth Brethren, new edit. 12mo, 2s 6d Houlston 1883 

(i?.iy.)Brethren:theirWorship&WordofGodatV«riance,2nded.8vo,ls Stock 1881 

{W. B.) Essays on Theology and Philosophy, 8vo, 2s 6d Atlanta, U.S, ...1881 

Carter (X) Perfect Demon, 12mo, Is (Original Select Fiction) •• Al. Pub, Agency 1888 

Scripture Scenes, and their Lessons, 18mo, Is Partridge .1888 

Story of the New Testament Bases, Codices, &c. new ed. Is 6<;{ and Is Whittalker 1883 

^ To Him that Overcometh, 18mo, Is Partridge 1888 

— i^— {A, H,) Elements of Practical Medicine, 9s; new edit, post 8vo, 9s Lewis 1881-8 

{E) Greek Scholar, by M. Betham-Edwards, 12mo, 64 Griffith 1884 

. \f, H,) Practical Book-Keeping, Commercial & JudicicU, 5 e. 8ro, 7s 6i Simpkin 1885 

(G.) Hound and Horn : Life and Recollections, by I. H. G. post 8vo, 5s . . Simpkin 1885 

. (H, V.) Peyerian Ulcer-Lesion of the small Intestines, 8vo, with plates, 6s Churchill 1887 

Spirillum Fever, Synonym of Famine, Sec, as seen in India, 8vo, 21s Churchill 1882 

{J. C.) Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act, w. Notes, p. 8vo, 5s Stevens f S, 1888 

{Jessie E.) In Time of Need; or. Words in Season, &c. 32mo, Is 6d Masters 1885 

(J. P.) & Raddiffe, Examples in Elementary Arithmetic for Eton, p. 8o, 3s Simpkin 1889 

{Mary E) Mrs. Severn: a Novel, 8 vols, crown 8vo, 31s 6i BenUey 1889 

(/?.) Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England, post 8vo, 6s A, Gardner 1888 

(R, B,) Modem Operation for Cataract : Lettsomian Lectures, 1 884, 8 vo, 6s Macmillan 1 884 

& Frost (^.^.) Ophthalmic Surgery, chromngraph&engrav.l2o, 9s Cassell 1887 

(^9. ^.) Drawing in Black & White; Charcoal, Pencil, Crayon, &cl2mo,2s 6(2 New York 1882 

{T, F.) Narrative of the Boer War: its Causes and Rflsults, 8vo, lOs 6d Remington 1883 

(71 T.) Doctrine of Confession in the Church of Em^land, 3 6d.p. 8vo, 5s Masters 1885 

Guide to Heaven, new edit 18mo, Is 6d and Is Rimngtons 1881 

Imitation of our Lord: SeriesofLecturesin 1 860, 5th edit 8vo,2s6i2 Masters 1881 

Lent Lectures at AU Saints*, Mara^aret St. 1860-66, n. e. p. 8vo, 6s Masters 1883 

Maxims & Gleanings from his Writings, by C. M. S. 32mo, 2s ... Rivingtons 1884 

Parish Teachings : Apostles' Creed & Sacraments, poet 8vo, 4s 6(f Masters 1882 

Second Series: Lord's Prayer, &c. p. 8vo, 4s 6d Masters 1886 

Spiritual Instruction : Divine Dispensation, 2nd ed. poet 8vo, 3s 6d Masters 1882 

Holy Eucharist, 5th edit. cr. 8vo, Zs6d Masters 1881 

Life of Grace, post 8vo, 3s 6d Masters 1883 

OurLoixl*8 Early Life, post 8vo, 3s 6d Masters 1887 

{W, S.) The Lord's Prayer: Nine Sermons, post 8vo, 2s ed Hatchards 1885 

Carter's Practical Gardener: Amateur's Guide and Handybook, new edit 4to, Is Carter 1881-6 

Carteret {Lord) Political Biography, 1690-1763, by A. Ballantyne, 8vo, 16s Bentleg «....1887 

Cartbeny (J.) Wandering Knight ; or, a Mediaeval Pilfrrim's Pro^rress. cr. 8 vo, 2s 6d Bums f 0, 1 889 

Gartlidge {S. J,) Perspective Drawing & Projection of Shadows & Reflections, 4to,5s Blackie 1883-4 

Carton {J.) Twice Married, 12mo, 2s 6d Griffith 1886 

Oartwright (F. Z.) Baglioni : a Tragedy, cr. 8vo, 3s 6<^ Field 4- T, 1888 

Bianca Capello: a Tragedy, cr. 8vo, Sst ed Field ^ T, 1886 

Emperor's Wish : a Play in Five Acts, 3s ed Field ^ T, 1885 

Lorello: a Play in Five Acts. 3s 6<f Field f T. 1885 

Olga Zanelli : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed Sonnenschein ...1889 

(P.) Autobiography (Backwoods Preacher), new edit post 8vo, 2s ... West. Conf, C!^....1882 

Cams (P.) Fundamental Problems : Philosophy an Arrange, of Knowldg. c 80, 4s Longmans 1889 

" {W,") Memorials of Charles Pettit Mcllvaine, 8vo, 15s New York 1881 

Cary (^/tcs) Clovemook; Our Neighbourhood in the West, n. e. 2 v. 12mo, Vised New York 1884 

& Phahe) Complete Poetical Works, New Household ed. 12mo, 10s 6i Boston, Mass, ...1882 

Early and Late Poems, l2mo, 7s ed Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Casalis {E,) My Life in Basuto Land : Mission. Enterprise in S. Africa, trans, p. 80, 5s Rel, Tract Soc, ... 1 889 

Casartelli {L. C) Not«s of Lectures on Commercial Geography, cr. 8 vo, Ued Simpkin 1 884 

Case (F.) Short Practical Sermons, post 8vo, 2s ed Williams 4- N. ..,lSSi 

— (T.) Physical Realism, 8vo, 15s Longmans 1883 

Case of the Irish Protestants in Relation to Home Rule stated byoneofthem,p.8o,ls Simpkin ISBS 

Casey (C.) Philitis, Use & Meaning of the Great Pyramid, 5th ed. 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1882 

{j,) Analytical Geometry of the Point, lane, &c. post 8vo, 7s ed,„„ Longmans 1885 

1881-1889] CASEY CASWELL 97 

Cwj(J.) iSementary Trigonometry, witb Examples and Questions, 3« ; Key, 3$ Longmans ...1886-7 

Euclid: Furst Six Books, 48 6d; Key, 6«; Seqael, newed. 12mo, 3s 6d Longmans ...1881-8 

PlaDeTrigonometry;contng.AccountofHyperbolicFanctions,p.8o,7«6i Longmans 1888 

Spherical Trigonometry, Geodesy, and Astronomy, post 8vo, 6» 8im)akin 1889 

Ivaniona, 12mo, Is SimpHn 1889 

CiBhiD(r.^.) Free Trade Fallacies: Progress and Poverty, 8vo, Is Wgman 1886 

Inutilityof Bankruptcy Laws: Lord Sherbroolce*sBemedy, cr.8o, 1« Law 1883 

Casjur (C. A.) and PatmoreC^l M,) Handbook of Musical Biography, 12mo, 1« Sd Bell # S. 1886 

(C. *V.) Directory of the American Book, News, &c. Trade, & Canada,8o,48s Milwaukee 1889 

ftjpari (K. H.) Schoolmaster and His Son, new edit. 12mo, 2s 6d W,JV. Gardner 1888 

Cusal ((7.)& Karcher, Modem French Reader : Prose, Senior Course, 8 e. p. 8^, 6» Triibner 1881 

Cusel (Z).) Manual of Jewish History & Literature: Sum.of Bible 12o,256(2 MacnuUan 1883 

Cim\] (P.) Commentary on Esther, with 4 Appendices from Aramaic, 8vo, 10s 6tf Hamilton 1888 

Cissell's Book of the Household : a Work on Domestic Economy, Vol. 1, 8vo, 6s Cabell 1889 

Indoor Amusements, Card Games and Fireside Fun, 870, 35 ^d Casseil 1881 

— Outdoor Sports and Indoor Amusements, illus. 8vo, 9s Casseil 1883 

Sports and Pastimes, 7« 6fl?; new edit. 8vo, 3« 6d Casseil 1881-8 

Combination Test Cards, Standards 2-7, in case. Is each Casseil 1887 

• Complete Pocket Guide to Europe, revised and enlarged, 32mo, 6s Casseil 1887 

Concise Cydopsedia, edited by WiUiam Beaton, illus. roy. 8vo, 16s Casseil 1883 

Natural History, by E. Percival Wright, roy. 8vo, 7s 6rf Casseil 1885 

Dictionary of Cookery, illus. roy. 8vo, red. 7s 6d Casseil 1881 

Domestic Dictionary : Encyclopedia for the Household, roy. 80, red . 7s 6d Casseil 1 88 1 

Elementary Readers: English History, Standard 4, Is Casseil 1882 

Family Magazine, Vols. roy. 8vo, 9s each Casseil 1881-9 

French Dictionary, by De Lolme, Wallace, Bridgeman, &c.n.e.p.8vo,3«6(i Casseil 1881 

Guide to Employment in the Civil Service, new edit. 3s 6d Cassdl 1883 

History of England, with new Drawings, Vols. 1-3, roy. 8vo. 9s each ... Casseil 1887-9 

new and revised ^it. Vol. 10, 4to,9s Casseil , 1885 

nhstnited Guide to Paris, 12mo, Is Casseil 1884 

Spelling and Bieading Book, new edit. 8vo, Is Cassdl 1884 

univerKil History, by E. Oilier: Early and Greek, roy.8vo, 9s Casseil 1882 

— Middle Agep, roy. 8vo,9s... Casseil 1884 

— — — ^— ^— _ Modem History, roy. 8vo, 9s Casseil 1885 

Rome, roy. 8vo,9s Casseil 1883 

Litin-English Dictionary, rewritten by J. R. V. Marchant, post 8vo, 3s 6rf Casseil 1887 

library of English Literature (See Appendix B.) 

Middle School Arithmetic Test Cards, Standards 1-7, 32 in packet, Isea. Casseil 1887 

Mimature Cyclopaedia, compiled by W. L. Clowes, 18mo, 8s 6rf Casseil 1888 

Natural History, by P. Martin Duncan, Vol. 6, 9s; 6, roy. 8ro, 9s Casseil 1881-2 

New Popular Educator, Vols. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, 6s each , Casseil 1881-9 

Old and New Edinburgh, by J. Grant, Vol. 2, 9s; 3, roy. 8vo, 9s Casseil 1882-3 

Pictorial Scrap Book, 4to, 21s and 15s Casseil 1889 

Popular Cookery, edited by A. G. Payne, with coloured plates, post 80, 2s Casseil 1889 

Gardening, edited by D. T. Fish, Vols. 8vo, 5s each Casseil 1884-6 

Library .^ (See Appendix B,) 

Public School French Reader, with Etymological Vocabulary, p. 80, 2s6i Casseil 1886 

Bwlway Library (See Appendix B.) 

Beaders - (Ste Appendix B.) 

Saturday Journal, Vol. 1, 4to, 5s; 2, 6s; 3, 68; 4, 6s; 5, roy. 8vo, 4s ... Casseil 1884-6 

yearly vols, folio, 7s 6d each Ca^seU ..1884-9 

Shilling Cookery, edited by A*G. Payne, post 8vo, Is CasseH 1888 

Library Casseil 1882 

5I«eri^ Wit and Wisdom of the Bench and Bar 

^^ War between France and Germany, 1870-1, Vol. 1, 9s; 2, roy. 8vo, 9s... Casseil 1883-4 

|*» {ha L.) Between Blidnight and Dawn, post 8vo, 6s; new edit. 2s 6rf & 2s VtseteUy 1885-8 

Loveless Sacrifice: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 8U 6cf F, V. White 1882 

Society's Queen : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6<i F. V. White 1883 

(^J&) NaturaliBt's Dirk-ctory, 1884, of Naturalists, Chemi«t8,&c.l2o,10s6<i Boston, Mass. ...1884 
^'^^ona: LeUers: a condensed Translation of the Variae Epistolae, 8vo, 16s Oxford frareA...1886 

■^ (/.) Treatise on the Conjugation of French Verbs, 8vo, Is %d Hacheite 1889 

7 tlw Author of 'Mr. Arle,*ncwodit. 12mo, 2s Ward ^ L 1883 

[^ (R) Handbook of Fencing, 18mo,6rf Ward ^ L 1882 

';Smi Brothers, The, Chateaubriand & Waldemar,& Rose of Sicily, post 8vo,6s Keqan Paul 1883 

^(fi)8«-hools & Masters of Fence, fm. Middle .-Iges to 18th Century, 4o, 31s 6<i Bell 4" S, 1884 

(^) Flower Chutleningfor Town, Suburban, & Country Gardens, p. 80, 2s ^d Sonnenschein ... 1 888 
-— Orchids: thdr Structure, History, and Culture, ill. Is; new ed. 12mo, Is * Jl. Hort: Of, lSSe-9 

*«eGwdeto South Africa, Is 6rf Currie 1888 

{H^ George at the Fort ; or, Life among the Soldiers, 16mo, 6» 6d ... Philadelphia ...1882 

Bod and Gun, 12mo, Ss Philadelphia ...1884 

Slagged and Sunk ; or, Adventures of a Canvas Canoe, ill. I60, 6s Philadelphia ...1888 

(^.) The Maiqna of Mary, and other Poems, fcp. 8vo, 28 6d Bums #• 1887 

• aPandoz, 2 rols. poet 8vo, 21« Unwin 1887 

^OL-IV. H 

98 CAT CAW [English Catalooti 

Cat&Dog;MemoirsofPu8s&CaptaiD,byAuth.of'Doll&HerFriend8/n.e.l2o,U Griffith \m 

— Stories, as told to One Another, roy. 8ro, 6d 8onnen$chein ...1882 

Oatalogi Codi. Manuscript. Biblio. Bodleianse, K. Digby, ConfecitMacraj, 4o, 10« 6d Oxford Wareh....l%iZ 
Catalogue American Authors, First Editions, 8ro, 5« Nno York 1S85 

Anatomical Museum, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Vol. 1, 153; 2,7s 6d Churchill 1882-5 

Books, Medical & Biological, at University College, London,cr. 8o, 2*6^ Taylor ^ F. 1887 

Govemment Publications of the United States, 4to, 31a 6d Washington IE86 

Graduates of the University of Dublin, Vol. 2, 8vo, 6» Longmans 1884 

Institute of Painters in Water-Colours, 8vo, U ^Graphic* Ojf..,.im 

Library of Statistical Society, 1884, 8vo, lOs Stanford \m 

. Paris Salon, edited by Dumas, with facsimiles of Drawings, 8vo, 3« ... Chatto 1883 

1882, edited by E. G. Dumas, 8vo, 4« Hamilton 1882 

1 886-9, edit by F. G. Dumas, illus. in facsimile, 8vo, 3« ea. Chatto m6-9 

Persian, Turkish, Hindustani, &C.MSS. in Bodleian Lib. Pt.l,4to, 63* OjifordWareh..,.im 

Pictures in the Boyal Holloway College, Egham, by Carey, 12mo, Is... Simpkin 1888 

Portsmouth Collection of Books, &c, of Sir Isaac Newton, 8vo, 6» ... Canib. WaTth.„A%^^ 

Printed Books and Manuscripts in Cathedral Library, Lichfield, 8vo, Is Sotheran 1889 

Boyal Society of Painters in Water Colours, 1885, lUustrated, 8vo, Is Unwin 1885 

Sum.Exhib.*87,ill.8o.l« Office W87 

Stowe MS. in King's Lib. Brit. Museum, sm. 4to, %d; w. Facsimiles, Zs 6d Longmans 1884 

Catching a Husband: Miss Slimmens' Window and Boarding-House, 8vo, 6d ... Ward ^ L 1883 

Catechism of Cottage Gardening, by an Old Practitioner, red. 6i Ridgway 1883 

Series Sin^kin 1885 

Patholoffy, Part 1, 2t 6i 

Catechisms ^r the Young, with the Teaching of the Church of England, 32mo,ls Sun, Sch. Inst, 1891 

Caterina: a Novel, by Author of < Lauterdale,' 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d Hurst 1887 

Cates ( W, L, H,) Dictionary of Biography, 3rd ed.|28s ; 4th ed. with Suppl. 8vo, 28s Longmans ... 1 881-5 

Catharine of Siena: a Biography by Josephine E. Butler, 3rd edit. post8vo, 6s... Dyer 1B81 

Cathedral Churches of England & Wales, De8criptive,Historical, Pictorial, 4to, 2 Is Cassell 1884 

Cities: Ely & Norwich, Etchings of Farren, by Freeman, 4o, 63«; l.p. 126s MacmUlan 1884 

Catherine Hamilton and Catherine Grown Older, by M. F. S. new edit. fcp. 3s ... Washbounie 1884 

Catherwood {Mary H) Secrets at Boseladies : a Story, illus. 1 2mo, 5s Boston^ Mass, ... 1 888 

The Bomance of Dollard, illustrated, post 8vo, 6s Unwin 1889 

Catholic Calendar and Guide to the Services of the Church, fcp. 6d Wa8hboume,„\BS2-1 

Directory and Almanac, 12mo, Is 6d; withOrdo, 2s; Ordo separately, 9d Bums f 0..,,Annuai 

_^»« for Scotland, cr. 8vo, Is Washbotime,„l%^\'^ 

Home Almanack for 1888, illustrated, 4to, Is; 1890, Is 2d WashboumcASHl-i 

^ Standard Library Bell # S. 188t 

Maldonatus on the Gospels, translated, 12s 

Catlin (G,) Life among the Indians, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6d, Gall 188 

Caton (J, D.) Antelope and Deer of America, 2nd edit, illui^trated, 8vo, 15s W, Wesley 188 

Cattell (C, C.) Did Bacon write Shakspeare? Reply to Ignatius Donnelly, 12o, 6d Simpkin 1^ 

Thoughts for Thinking, from the Literature of all Ages, 12mo, Is 6(2 Simpkin 181 

Cattermole (i.) Odds and Ends, 12mo, Is E. Wilson 18« 

Cattle, Sheep, & Pigs of Great Britain, ed. by Coleman, illus. new^d. 8vo, 12s 6d H, Cbx....... 1%^ 

Varieties & Management in Health & Disease, n.e. by Armatage,12mo, Is 6<2 Wam^ 18) 

and Dairy Farming, United States Consular Beports, 8vo, 42s WasHnglon 181 

Catton {J, M.) ABC Guide to English Civil Service at Home & Abroad, p. 80, 2s SonnenBckein ...IS 

Catullus, edited by J. P. Postgate, 18mo, 3s BeU 4- S, 18 

Select Poems, translated in Verse by Arthur P. Howell, post 8vo, 5s . . . Thacker 18 

Caught and Bowled: a Romance of the Cricket Fi«ld in Seven * Overs/ 12mo, ^d Wright \l 

Caulfeild {S, F.A,) Apostles, their Contemporaries and Successors, post 8vo, 6s Hatckards 1< 

Directory of GirU* Societies, Clubs, and Unions, 12mo, Is 6d Griffith H 

Restftil Work for Youthful Hands, il. by Scannell, p. 8vo, 2s 6<2 Griffith 11 

True Philosophy : Reply to * Scientific Religion,' p. 8vo, 3s M Hatehards 1 i 

and Saward, Dictionary of Needlework, 4to,31s 6d; n. e. 3U 6<2 * Bazaar * Off. 188* 

Caulter (J,) Mr. Desmond, U.S.A.: an Army Story, 12mo, 6s and 2s 6d Chicago 1 

Caumont {Mary) Uncle Antony's Note Book, post 8vo, 28 6d F, F. White 1 

■ {Mrs.) Hanleys; or, Wheels within Wheels, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Stock ..1 

Wilboume Hall, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s Unwin ...,. 1 

Caux {J, W, de) Cruise of the * Bunch of Roses ' : Tale of Fisher Life at Sea, 1 2o, 4d Simpkin 1 

— — ^ Herring and Herring Fishery, Fishes and Fishing, &c. cr. 8vo, 8s Hamilton 1 

Cavanagh (C) Law of Money Securities, 2nd edit 8vo, 30s Clowes 

and Procedure of Summary Judgment, &c. 8vo, 5s Water low 

Principles and Precedents of Modem Conveyancing, 1882, 8vo, 15s Waterlotn 


Cave {A.) An Introduction to Theology, 8vo, 12s Hamilton,, 

Inspiration of the Old Testament Inductively Considered, 8vo, 10s %d Cowfregat. ZJn„ 

Cavenagh {Gen. Sir 0.) Reminitoences of an Indian Official, post 8vo, lOs 6d ,,, W. H. Allen, ^^^^, 
Cavendish ( W, Duke of Newcastle) Memoirs by Margaret, Duchess of Newe. 8 vo, 21s J, C. l^intmo . . . 

Whist Developments : American Leads and Plain Suit Echo, r. 18mo, 5s Be la JRtte , 

Library (See ^/>pen<2ix J 

Caverly {E, B.) Life & Labours of John Eliot among the Indian Nations, 8vo, 6s 6<f Lowell^ Afass, . . 
Caw Caw; or, the Chronicle of Crows, illustwited by J. B. 4to, 2^ 6(^... MaoTnillaf^ 

• • • • • 

1^1-1889] CAWAIN CHADWICK 99 

Ctvain (3f. J. Triamph of Music, and other Lyrics, 16nio, 5s Louisville 1888 

Ctxton ( WilUam) Biography and Typography, by Wm. Blades, 2nd ed. cr. 8 vo, bs Triibner 1 88 1 

(kj\»j{A.) Collected Mathematical Papers, Vol. 2, 4to, 25s Camb, lVareh..,ASS9 

Cas0aQx( P.) Obstetrics, remodelled & rearranged by S. Tamier,7th ed. roy.8vo,3ds Zewis 1884 

Caienore (Annie) Fragments in Prose and Verse, 48mo, 6d Griffith 1883 

Madge Allerton : a Novel, post 8vo, da W. Smith 1882 

Proverb Stories: Effie Snow, Fairfax, &c. sq. 16mo, 1* W. Scott 1883 

— — Thoughts and Verses, collected and arranged, 64mo, 6d Griffith 1884 

Whispers of Lore and Wisdom, preface by C.M. Yonge, 32mo, 6d Griffith 1882 

{J. G,) Fathers for English Readers: Hilary and Martin, fcp. 8vo, 2s.., S.P,C.K, 1883 

Historic Aspects of the a priori Argument, &c of God, 8vo, 68 Macmillan 1886 

Cecil : life & Times of Gen. Sir £. Cecil, Visct. Wimbledon, by C.Dalton,2y.8o,30s Low 1885 

(£) Notes of my Journey Bound the World, with full-page illus. 8to, 12s 6d Longmans 1889 

(LadyF, E.) Paradise Found, and other Poems, post 8vo, 286d Nishet 1882 

(IL) Elementary Religious Truths from the Books of Moses, 2 vols. 8to, 2 Is Bell j- S, 1881 

( r.) Massage Siche, 12mo,2# Simpkin 1888 

Cedar Creek: a Tale of Canadian Life, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6c2 Rel, Tract Soc.„.\^^^ 

Celelrated Musicians of all Nations : Portraits, w. Notices, tr.byHerrey, 4to, 10s Low ....1883 

Pictures at Glasgow Exhibition, by W. Armstrong, fol. 42« ; 1. p. 84s Virtue 1888 

Celsbrities of the Century, edited by Lloyd C. Sanders, roy. 8vo, 21s CasscU 1887 

Cain (P.) Startling Exploits of Dr. J. B. Qui^s, from the French, ill. p.8o,7« M Low 1886 

the Doctor, new edit, post 8vo, 3s ^d and 2s M Low 1889 

C«Uim {Bmvenuto)lMet translated by J. A. Symonds, w. etchings, 2 v. 8vo, 36s Nimmo 1887 

— newly trans, by John A. Symonds, 2 e. 2 vols. p. 8o, 12s Nimmo 1888 

Ciids (E, de) LeixlipCastle : a Romance of the Days of 1690, post 8vo, 6s ; 2s ... Simpkin 1883-7 

Cankwt (C.) Panther: a Poetical Tragedy, 8vo. 2s Wj^rnan 1888 

CtBtenary Conference : Protestant Missions of the World, June 1 888, 2 ▼. 8o, ls6d Nisbet 1888 

Cnteonial History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in New York, 8vo, 21s... New York 1886 

Ctttrd Africa, VoL 7, 1889, 8vo. 2s W, W. Gardner 1889 

Ceatary Dictionary of the English Language, Parts 1 and 2, fol. 1 Os 6<2 each . . . Unwin 1889 

Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Vols. roy. 8vo, 10s 6i each Unwin .,,Half-yearlif 

' -Infant Reader, 12mo,6<i Blackie 1888 

of American literature, select. & arranged by Huntington Smith, 12o, 9s Niw Yi^rk 1889 

— Dishonour: U.S. Dealings with N.American Tribes, by Chaito 1881 

Primers, No. 1, 2Jd;2, 3rf Blackie 1888 

Readers : Home Lesson Book No. 1, \d\2,2d\ Z,2\d\ 5, ls6fif; 6, ls6<; Blajekie 1889 

No. 1,8^; 2, 8<i; 3,1s; 4, Is 4i Blackie 1888 

Ootz [P.C^ Republic of Republics, American Federal Liberty, 4th ed. 8vo, I8s ... Boston^ Mass. ...1881 

Coimonial Guide to Low Mass: Directions for Consecrat. dcAdmiuibt. r2mo,4s6f/ Pickering 1883 

— • of the Altar : Guide to Low Mass, accord, to Anc. Customs, l2mo, 2s 6^ Sonnenschein ... 1 888 

C«Tuitee,DonQaizote,aTrans.withMemoir&Notes,byLockhart,2v. 12o,3<6c2e. Bell 4- S 1882 

■ trans, by C. Jarris, 2 parts, 8vo, 6d each I>icks 1887 

po8t8vo, 2s Nicholson 1888 

with Etchings, Vol. 3, m. 8vo,18s; large proofs, 42s ; 4, 18s Paterson 1882-4 

a new edit, by H. £. Watts, 5 vols. 4to, 106s Quaritch 1888 

with 16 etchings on steel by G. Cruikshank, r. 8vo, 10s 6d Routledge 1884 

— - P. 2, C. Jarvis, post 8vo, Is (Morlej's Library) Routled'ge 1886 

— - illus. by Sir J. Gilbert, 4to, 6<i(Routledge'8Sixpenny Series) Routledge 1882 

with a Life of Cervantes ,* 12mo, Is; red. 6<^ Simpkin 1885 

Introd. &c. by J. Ormsby, Vols. 1-4, 8vo, Vls^ each Smith # E, 1886 

People's Edition, Parts 1 and 2, illus. 4to, U each Ward J L 1882 

adapted for Young Readers, with col. pictures, r. 8vo, \Qd Sonnenschein ...1882 

Wit and Wisdom of Don Quixote, sq. 16mo, 3s ^d Low 1882 

Exemplary Novels, trans, by Walter K. Kelly, 12mo, 3s 6rf Bell # 8. 1881 

JourDey to Parnassus, translated, post 8vo, 128 Kegan Paul 1883 

^^rraa ((?. J,) Cut: aStoiy of West Point, 12mo, 6s and 2s 6d Philadelphia ...1886 

Model Wife: a Novel, 12mo, 5s Philadelphia ...1885 

White Feathers : a Novel, Timo, 5s Philadelphia ...1885 

( Couniest E. Martinengo-) Essays in the Study of Fulk Songs,p.8o,7s Qd Redway 1886 

^^Mstftlli \L, C.) ^otes of Lessons on Commercial Geography, cr. 8vo, Is ^d .,. Simpkin 1884 

C«Bok(-4.P.) Historjr of Salaminia (Cyprus), &c. 2nd edit. roy. 8 vo, 21s WhUing 1884 

— SaLiminia:Bistory,Treasures,&c.ofSalamisin Cyprus, r. So,Sls6d Triibner 1882 

^( 3ljig^eto and Dynamo Electric Machines with Accumulators.p. 8vo, 6s Symons 1884 

^^s&oorse (P. AJ) Instinct in Animals and Man, new & revised edit. 8vo, I2s^d ^ew York 1883 

^^Mvidi (£L) & Boaidman (J.) Reports on Estate of Sir A« Chadwick, roy.8vo, 30s Simpkin 1881 

(P. K.) Training Systems for the Navy & Mercantile Marine, 8vo, 18s Washington 1881 

((?. A,) Gospel according to St. Mark, post 8vo, 7s 6d Hodder 1887 

Mj Emotional Life, 32mo, Is (Heart Chords) Cassell 1883 

{J. E^ Saved in the Wreck, &c. : Stories, 18mo, 6rf Nat.Temp.Dep,„\m2 

{J, WS) Book of Poems, 8th edit, revised and enlarged, 16mo, 6s Boston^ Mass. ...1888 

— In Nazareth Town : a Christmas Fantasy, Poems, 16mo, 5s ... Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Man Jesus: a Course of Lectures, 16mo, 6s Boston^ Mass. ...1881 

— ^— {W,) Nnmbcr& Weight Calculator, imp. Svo, 30s; 2ad ed. 8vo, 18s... Lockucood 1886-8 


100 CHADWICK CHAMBEBS [Ekoush Cituooui 

Chadwick (IT. E.) First Church Workers* Lessons, fromEariv Days, 12mo, 1$ ... SP.C.K, 1889 

(W. J.) The Macic Lantern Manuia. 2nd edit, post 8to, Is Warue 1886 

CbaiBnn ( W.) Collectors' Handbk^of >£ark«&Monairnim« in Potterj, n. e. p. 8o, 6s Bntr** f T. 1889 

— — . Gilda Aurifabromm : History of Goldsmiths, &c. roy. 8ro, \Ss W, H. Alien 1883 

Hall Biarks on Gold and Silrer Plate, 6th edit. roy. 8vo, 16» Bicken -.1883 

f> ' ~ Maiks Sc Monogr. onPottery k. Porcelain, Kenaia. & Mod. p. Sto, 6s Bickers 188S 

European &OrientalPotter7.&c. 7 er.8o,42« Runea ^ T. 1886 

Chfthta for the Neck, new edit. 32mo, 6i « Sion^kam 1884 

Challamel(^) Fashion in France :Gallo-Boman to Present Time, imp. 8ro,28t Low ».1882 

Challenger, Report of Scientific Voyngf, 1870-73 : Zoology, Vol. 4, 4to, dOs Ltm^mans 1882 

Challia (a) Britain's Slaves. 12mo, 2s J.fR.MaatweU 1885 

^>^ \j,) Cmmting & Xnterpretattoo of the ' Nnrober of the Beast,* 12mo, ls»« Biohufton* ......1881 

* \B,) Curate : Talo of Two Countries, fir. Dramaof that title, 12o,l#6rf& Is Simpkm 1888 

Chalmers (J.) AdTentnres ia New Guinea, illus. I8mo. 6d and Zd Bel, Traet^ &)C....188$ 

. I- Mi8sioD.&£xplorerofR8(rotnnga&NewGiyoea,byKnb8on.p.8oJs6(2 BoHridge 1R87 

■ ^ Pioneeris^rin fiTewGuinea^^wiUi nap, portraits And illus. 8vd, I6s... Rel. Trad <Soc....l887 

■ . . ■ and Gill, Work and Adventure in Now Guinea, 1 877-85, postSTo. 6s 7?^. Tract Sue.... 1 885 

{Judge) Digest, Law of Bills of Exchange, Prom. Notes, 3 ed. 8to, 16s St^ttenM tt S...„..\&VJ 

> («7'.^.)GraphicalDeterminat*ofForcesio£n|»iHeeringStriictures,8vo,2ls MaemUian 18&\ 

— — {dl. D.) Bills <rf Ewhange Act, 1882, 8to. 3s %d and 2« 6i Wateriom 1882 

Loeal Government, post 8ve. 3s 6i (English CitiEen)...v Maemillan 1883 

-t- &Hough(£l) Bankruptcy Act, 1883, w. Index &Note8,8vo.2«6<f Wateriom \iXi 

&Rule8,1883;Forms,&c.8o,12*6<i Waterlow 1884 

WiUou (fl;X,) Supreme Court of Judicature Acts, Brtl'ed. 25s 5^em^<f' 8. 1882 

(P.) Adhewve Postage Stamp I Keply to Mr.Peereon Hill, 8vo, U ... E. WiUon ..18RS 

Penny Postage dcheme of 18^7 : was itan Invent or aCopy? 8vo,3<2 E- WiUcm 1881 

Short Review of the Adhesive Stamp, 6rf K WiUom 1883 

(r.) by Donald Fraser. post 8ro, 2» 6d (Men Worth Remembering) ... Hodder 1881 

Life, by Jean L. Watson, sq. 16mo, 9d (Edinburgh, Gemmell) ... fiinq>kin .J881 

Select Sermons, new edit. 12mo, Is 6(2 Simpkin 1881-3 

Chamberlain {B. K) Handbook of Colloquial Japaneae, 8vo, 12s 6d Triibner 188^ 

. I . Romanised Japanese Reader, in eaxy written style, 18mo, 6s Triibner 1886 

■ ^Simplified Grammar of the Japanese Language, post 8vo,5s Triibner 1886 

(B, K,) Aino Fftiiy Tales, No. 1. Is; 2, lOrf PutnanCs S(m8..Am 

■■ {Edith L.) Lessons on the Beatitudea, for use of Sun. Schools, 12o, Is Skeffingion 1881 

-"— -^Revenged, post 8 vo. Is. Sitmnensoheim ...1886 

Up Hill and Down Dale: a Tale, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6<2 Banington 1884 

(iy. H.) The Ladder of Life. 12roo, Is S.P.C.K. 1889 

{Joseph) Home Rule Ss the Irish Question, Speeches, &e. p. 8o, 2s & 1 s Sonnentcbein ...1 887 

— RsKlical Platform : Speeches at Hull. '&c. 1 B86, 8to, 6<2 ... Simpkin 1885 

Speeohes, Sketch of Life, authorised edit p.Svo, Udd^ls Nouiledgt 1885 

(JCirfs) Brookdale : a Story, post 8vo, 8se<i GriffHh 1881 

{M,) Catalogue of Canadian Birds^ w. Noteaon Spedei*, 8vo. 10s 6d St.John^ N. Bru, 1888 
{N, B.) Autobiography of New EngL Farmhouse, n. e. 12o, 5s& 2s 6<2 Boston, Mass, ...1888 
Sphinx in Aubrey Parish : a Novel, 12mo, 7s 6d Boston, Afosa. ...1S89 

^ (P. B.) Rob Claxton'a Story, 12mo, 6s New York «1885 

^- (fr.)TheTimeof theEiid; or,NoU8on Zechariah, 2nded. 12mo^0c2 Simpkin 1882 

Cluimbers (-4. C.) Amid the Greenwood, post 8to, 2s 64 8.P.CLK. ...... ...1881 

Away on the Moorland: a Highland Tale, 12mo, red. 28 6rf S.P,C.K. 188^ 

(tf.JPl)Churohwapden*s Guide, llth edit er. 8vo,6s Knwht 1881 

I Descriptive and Practical Astronomy, 4th edit Vol. 1 , 8 vo, 2 U. .. Oxford Warsh. . . . 1 %81 

^DigestofLawof Pub. Libraries & Museums, Sed.roy. 8vo, 8s6<£ Stevens^ 8. 188 

^EfluBtboume, Hentmonoeux, Pevensey, Seaford. n. ed. cr. 8vo, 1^ Stanford 1881^ 

Handbook Diet English, French, and German, Parallel, 24mo, 6s Murrag 1%8 

Law of Public Health and Highways, 8th edit. 8vo^ 40s Stevens ^ ^....1881- 

Supplement to, Is Stevens^ £r.......l88 

Loeal Goverument : Popular Summary, 8ro, sewed, isSd Stevens ^ S. 18) 

with Official Copy of the Act, 8vo, 6s ed ... Stevens^' 8., 181 

Pocket Book for English on the Continent, 18mo, Is Stanford ISi 

Tourist's Guide to the County of Sussex, new edit. 1 2mo, 2s Stanford 1 8S3 

{H. E,) Higher Hist of United States for Schools & Acad, illus. 8to, 6s New OT?eaisa 1 81 

(J*.) LoversFour and Maidens Five: Stoiy of Allegheny Mount. 12o,ls6<i PhUadslphus ...181 

On a Margin: a Novel of Wall Street and Washington, 12mo, 6s... New York ...18 

(«7:2>.) Divine Worship in EngL in 18th & 14th Centuriea, 2 ed. 4to, 21s Pickerimg 18 

{R,) Domestic Annals of Scotland, to 1745, abridged edit 8yo, 5s Chambers 18 

Illustrations of Author of Waverley : Anecdotes, 1 2mo, 10s 6^^ &: 6s Shnpkin H 

Scottish Jests and Anecdotes, 32mo, Is SimpJdt^ ..IC 

Traditions of Edinbiirgh. new edit post 8vo, 2s 6i OAamd^rs......*..!^ 

Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, 1 2th edit. 1 2mo, bs. . . Chambers i j 

— by Morley, p. 8vo, Is BoutUdffs U 

■ Memoir, by William Chambers, I2tfa edit post 8vo, 3s ^d Chamhers ^^^^ V 

. {TW,) Conipaoion to Revised Old Test showing Changes & ReasonSy &s New York^ i 

>•*—.( Ttfotsl) Is liOthian'fl Fields, cr. 8vo, bs , Chambers l 

1881-1889] CHAMBERS CHAPLET 101 

Chambers (fF.) Exploited Anecdotes of Scottish Gypsies, 1$21, x^rint, p. Sto, 24 Simpkin .........1886 

— Storjr of a lioog and Busy Life, 12mo, !«.., ...».*..« *,... Chambers 1882 

Cbambera' Arithmetical Ezezcises for Standard 8, mUi Answer8).3(2 Chambers 1883 

Educational bourse ........,*. (See Appendix B,) 

. Encydopsedia, new ediL Vols. 1-4, roy. 8ro, Id^and lOieach ......... Chambers 1888-9 

Etymological Dictionary of the English Language, new ed, is Si Ze 6d Chambers 1882 

Examination Book-keeping, Papers fully solyed, by J. Bell, p. 8vo, 2^.. . Chambers 1 889 

ExpreasiTO Beaders «.«...« ...^ <. (See Appendix B,^ 

Geographical Headers ,,., , (Bee Appendix B.) 

German Dictionary, 12mo, red. 5<4 ...» Chambers 1884 

Graduated Readers ^,* « (Sq9 Appendix B.) 

Historical Readers , -, , {Sea Appendix B,) 

Journal, Vols. roy. 8vo, 9* each , ^ C^wjAer*..... .1881-9 

Juvenile Library ,..., ...^« (See Appendix B,) 

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Heirs of Dene Royal, 12mo, 1« Sun, Sch, £rw....l886 

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Seriea « ....« .*..,..> (See Appendix B,) 

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102 CHAPLET CHARLESWOBTH [En-qlish Catalootii 

Chaplet of Gems, illus. by Edith Mnplestone, edited by Geo. C. Hurte. 18mo, 6d Griffith 1888 

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iS.) English Railway Passenger Traffic for Five Years, 1883-7, 8vo, \s McCorqmdale ...1889 

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French Grammar, 12mo, red. la 6d Bateman 1883 

Notable Women of the Covenant, their Li ves& Times, p. 8vo, Zs 6d Sonnenschein ...1883 

Reformation : their Lives, &e. p. 8vo, Zs 6d Sonnenschein ...1884 

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Crossed with Silver, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1888 

. For Honour's Sake, post 870, Zs 6d Partridae 1889 

Left Behind; or, a Summerin Exile, 12mo, Is J, F. Shaw ......1887 

Little Radiance; or, a Year in a Child's Life, post 8vo, Is 6d J. F, Shaw 1889 

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More Precious than Gold, post8yo Zs 6d Partridge 1888 

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Two Lilies, and other Stories, 18mo, 6<^ Partridge .1887 

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Musical Magazine, Christmas No. New& Popular Dance Music, 4to, Is Chappell Anwud 

Chapter in English Church History, Minutes of S.P.C.K. 1698-1704, &c. 8vo, 65... S.P.C.K, 1888 

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Characteristics of True Devotion, from the French, sq. 16mo, 2s Suttabg 1888 

Charcoal Burner; or. Kindness Repaid, 18mo, 6d Blackte 1S81 

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Scripture Texts and Sacral Song, by Charlotte M. Yonge, 64mo, Is Griffith 1884 

Charity's Birthday Text, by the Author of 'Willie & Lucy at the Seaside,' 18mo,9rf i?«/. Tract Soc. 1S82 

Charlemagne: Life and Times, by F. L. Clarke, post 8vo, ls6d Sonnenschein ...1882 

Charles I.: Life, 1600-26, by E. Beresford Chancellor, 8vo, 6s Bellas 1880 

XII. and his Stirring Times, by Albert Alberg, post 8vo, Is 6d Sannettschein ...188S 

theGreat (Charlemagne), History by J. I. Mombert, roy. 8vo, 15s Kegan Paul 188f 

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(£r. ?'.) Gentleman Jackson : an Outline, post 8vo, Ss Rd. Tract Soc. 188J 

Young Sir Richard, with illustrations by E. Whymper, p. 8vo, 5s. . . Rel. Tract Soc, 1 88< 

(J.) Modem Thoughts Modem Thinkers: Explanat Sketches, 12o, 2s 6d Reife 188! 

(A/r«.) Miss Brown's Basket, 12mo, Is Btackie 188 

Old Story of Bethlehem, One Link in the Great Pedigree, 4to, 3# 6d S.P. CK. 1 88 

iR. ff.) Forgiveness, and other Sermons, post 8vo, 4« 6d Kegan Paul .....188 
71 C.) Elements of Physiological & PathologicalChemifctry, 2 Is ; red. 1 2s6d Smith f E ... 1 884- 

Charlesworth {M, L.) Broken Looking Glass, new edit, po^t 8vo, 2s 6d and Is ... Seeleg ..1881- 

Heavenly Counsel in Dnily Portions: St.Matthew,p.8vo,3s6<i{ I^'isbet 188 

Last Command, new edit, post 8vo, Is Seeleg 18^ 

. Ministering Children, new edit. 4to, Is Seeleg 18€ 

ill. by B.Fcster& other Arti8t8,4to,6rf Seeleg .....188 

Old Looking Glass, new edit. cr. 8vo, 2s 6rf and l5 Seeleg .........1884J 

Oliver of the Mill, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 64 Seeleg 181 


Chflriesworth (Af. Z.) SondajAflemoons: NarratiTes from Genesis, sq. 16mo,2«6c2 Sedey 1882-5 

Charlaton (A.G,)T\u\ ChiefMethods ofMiniog, Dress. & Smelt. Abroad, So, 12«6(; Spons 1884 

Charlej (IK T.) Legal Profession ; its Fast History, Present State, &c. red. 5« ... Ridgway 1883 

Qurlev and his Pet, and other Pictures, sq. 16mo, ^d (Royal Picture Books) ReL Tract Soc, 1886 

Ckarley's Log: a Story of School-Boy Life, 12mo, U Rel. Tract Soc. 1882 

Charlie Barton : a Tale, new edit 12mo, l5 8.P.C,K. 1881 

Charlotte (Princeu) of Wales: an illus. Monograph, by Mrs. Jones, 4to, 523 6d Quaritch 1885 

Elizabeth : Life and Letters of C. Elizabe tb, Pri ncess Palatine, 8o, 1 OsBd Chapman ......... 1 889 

Charlton (C) Brown Ringlet of the Hawkesbnry Widow, post 8vo, 1« Wyman 1886 

Chronicles of Yale Court : a NarrntiTeof 1399, 12mo, 1« Wvman 1886 

■ Fair Maid of Codrington, post 8vo, la 6^ Wyman .........1885 

Charmef(6a^neOFiTeMonthsinCairo&Lower£gypt,autho. trans.p.Svo, 7a6<£ BenUey 1883 

Naral Reform, translated by J. E. Gordon-Cumming, 8vo, 12a W, H. Allen 1887 

Cbamay (D.) Ancient Cities of the New World : Mexico, &c. roy. 8vo,31a 6d Chapman 1887 

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Pnenomina; Etymology Christ. Names of Ot. Brit. &c n.e. p.8o,6a Trubner 1882 

Charon : Sermons fh>m the Styx : Posthumous Work by Frederick II. 1 2mo, la... W, H. Alfen 1886 

ChiiterhoQse Oxford and Cambridge Atlas, 21 mapi», 4to, la Belfe Bros 1888 

Chartens(^.i7.) New Testament Scriptures: Croall Lectures for 1882, S70,7s6d NUbet 1882 

- (3f.) Health Reaorts at Home and Abroad, post 8to, 4a 6<^ ; new ed. 5a M Churchill 1 885-7 

Student's Guide to the Practice of Medicine, 3rd ed. 12mo, 7a. Churchill 1881 

. new edit. 12mo, 9a... Churchill 1885-8 

Chate(J. IF.)Fam]lyPhy8ician,Farrier,Beekeeper,&2ndReceiptBook,12o,12a Toledo, U.S. 1885 

{C. B.) Alpine Climbers, 12mo, id 8.P.C.K, 1888 

(i>. P.) Constitutional Loyalty, &c cr. 8vo, 4a 6<2 Rivingtons 1886 

—^—^ Epistle to Romans, au. ver. 1 61 1 , in Paragraphs & Dialog. p.8o,2a6<i Rivingtons 1 885 

(£LB.) Orer the Border : recent Summer Travel in Nova Scutia, 12mo, 7a 6d Boston^ Mass. ...1884 

(F. K) Ballads in Black: Shadow P&ntomimes, 24mo, 5a Boston, Mass. ...1882 

{F. K) Chrysoetom : Study in theHistoiy of Biblical Interpretation, 8vo, 6a Bell ^ 8. 1887 

(A R) Double Life ; or, Starr Cross: a Romance, 12mo, 7a %d New York 1884 

{W. 8.) Ciril Government in Theory and Practice, 16mo, 4a 6tf Chicago 1886 

Cbaster'a Powers of Executiye Officers, new edit 8vo, 15a ClotDes 1888 

Chateaubriand Voyages en Am^rique, edited by Lton Delbos, cr. 870, la 6<i Williams ^ .y....l886 

ChatslaiD {Madame de) Merry Tales for Little Folks, withPictures,n.e.sq. 1 6mo,3a6<2 Lockwood 1882 

CfaaU with the Children, cr. 8to 8onnenschein ...1883 

Wiedermann (F.) Object Lessons, 3a &d 

Chatterbox, Vols. roy. 8to, boards, 5aand3aeach ^.^.^ar(2n«rl881-9 

Qiattering Jack's Picture Book, ill. by W. Crane, printed in colours, roy. 8T0y 3a 6d RoutUdge 1881 

Chatteijee {B. C.) Kopal Kundala : a Tale of Bengali Life, by Phillips, p. 8TO,6a Trulmer 1885 

Poison Tree: a Tale of Hindu Life in Bengal, trans, p. 8to, 6a Ununn 1884 

Chattertoo (T.) Poetical Works, by John Richmond, sq. 16mo, la W. 8cott 1885 

Chatto (HC A.) Treatise on Wood Engraying, new edit. roy. 8vo, 28a Chatto 1881 

Chattoek (i?.A)PracticalNotes on Etching, 80, 7a 6c2; new ed. Is^d ; 3rd ed. 10a6(f Low 1883-6 

Cksoeer, by A. W.Ward, new edit post 8yo, la 6^ and la (English Men of Letters) Macmillan 1888 

royal Svo, red. 7a 6rf (Old Poets) Routledge 1884 

Canterbuiy Tales ; Sielections by F. P. Taylor, post 870, 6a Chapman 1884 

with ill. of Eng. Life in Chaucer's time, n. e. p. 80, 6a Bent 1881? 

by Pollard, 2 vols. 12o, 6a ea. (Parchment Library) Kegan Paul.,. lSSS-7 

• Gierke's Tale, with Life, Grammar, Notes, and Glossary, 12mo, la 6i... Chambers... . ....1888 

- Legend of Good Women, edited by Rer. Walter W. Skeat, post 8 vo, 6a. . . Oxford WareK. . . 1 889 

- Minor Poems, edited by the Rer. Walter W. Skeat, post 8to. 10a 6<i... Oxford Warth....\^%^ 

- Prologue to Canterbury Tale8,Teztcollated by Willou^hby,l2mo, la M Blackie 1881 

Knightes Tale, Non Preeetes Tales, by Moms, n. e. 12o, 2a 6d Oxford Wareh....lSSd 

Beads, by Mrs. Haweis; a Birthday Book, Diary, & Concord, p. 80, 4a 6d W. H. Allen 1884 

for Chiliuen, a Golden Key, by Mrs. H. R. Haweis, n. e. revised, 4to, 6a Chatto 1882 

selected and edited by F. Noel Paton, sq. 16mo, la (Canterbury Poets) W. 8cott 1888 

CbnmiODt (JF*. de) Sanitary Assurance, roy. 8vo, la Churchill 1881 

dsBtaoqu* Qirls at Home, by Pansy, post 8vo, 2a and la Routledge 1887-9 

12mo, 28ed;l8ed and la (Lily Series)... Ward^L. ...1887-8 

Ckaareoets Treatise on Elemental^ Geometry, by W. E. Byerly, 12mo, 6a Philadelphia ...1887 

Chayior (U.) BecreU of National Finance, from * Fair Trade,' enlarged, 8vo, Zs6d W. H. Allen 1888 

CWadle ( IK B,) Various Manifestations of the Rheumatic State, cr. 8vo, 3a 6i... 8mith ^ E. 1889 

Ckales (A. B.) Epigrams and Epigraphs, 12roo, la (Dorking, Clark) 8impkin 1881 

Proverbial Folk Lore, 2nd edit revised & enlarged, post 8vo, la.. Simpkin 1881 

( K S.) Memorials of Beloved Child, by her Mother, n. a. fcp. 2a 6(f & 1 a 6<2 Holness 1 888 

CIsap IHoner Dishes, by the Author of ' Supper Dishes,' 12mo, Bd 8in^kin 1883 

Omem {Al^h) Lays of Ind, new edit illus. by the Author and others, 8vo, \0s^ Thacker 1881-8 

— the Seaside: rendering of Seaside Stories, &c p. 8vo, 5a.. E. Bumpus 1887 

CSKere (£.) dinreh Catechism Explained, revised edit. 12mo, 2s^d Skfffington 1885 

GWcrfal Sundays: Stories, Parables, & Poems for Children, n. ed. sq. 16mo, 3a6<£ Hodder 1884 

and Poems, for Children, 3a6rf; new ed. 16mo, 3a fkd W.W.Gardnerl%B2~Z 

^erj lAys for Dreary Days, selected by R. E. S.T. 64mo, Sd W. 8cott 1883 

(Ctoni) Boiling Stone, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a 6i Bentley 1886 

104 CHEESES CHILD [Enolisk Catawoto 

Cheeser (^.) Vagaries of a Vagrant* cr. 8yo. 28 Gen. Pub, Co.. ..1884 

Cbeetham (Bp,) One Handred Texts of Irish Church Mis. Briefly Expanded, 12o, 2s JBemrose 1881 

—— — ((71) Self-Acting Mules in Card & Twining Rooms, 2nd ed. or. 8ro, U 6d J. Heywood 1884 

Cheever (G'. J5.) Faith, Doubt, ficcGod's Vouchers for HisWritten Word, 12mo,7«6<i Boston, Matt, ...1881 

— GK>d's Timepiece for Man's Eternity, &cpo8t 8vo, 5«... Hodder ....1883 

— — (if. T.) Autobiography of Ichabod Washburn, 16mo,4*6<i IkwYark 1882 

Correspondences of Faith, & Views of Madame Guyon, p. So, 6« Stock 1887 

Chelsea Householder, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6^ Low 1882 

Chemistry Manual for Beginners, 18mo, M Simpkm 1886 

Theoretical, Practical, & Analytical, by Eminent Chemists. 2 v. 4to, 80s Mackenzie 1882 

Chenery (£.) Alcohol Inside Out from Bottom Prineiples, 12mo, 7s M Boston^ Mau, ...1889 

Cheney (C E,) Young Folks* History of the Civil War, maps & plans, 16o, 7s 6^ Botton, Mass, ...1883 

(JE. JD,) Gleanings in the Fields of Art, cr. 8vo, 12s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1881 

(J, r.) Old Doctor : a Romance of Queer Village, 16mo, 2s Qd New York 1886 

Thistle-Drift: Poems, 16mo, 6s New York 1887 

Wood Blooms: Poems. l6mo, 6s New York 1889 

Chequered Career; or. Fifteen Years in Australia and New Zealand, p. 8ro, 10s 6d Bentl^ 1881 

Cb^ranc^ (L. de) Life of St. Francis of Assist, new edit. cr. 8vo, 5s Bums 4" 0, 1887 

Cherbuliez ( F.) Low-Bom Lover s Revenge (Revanche de Joseph Noirel), 12mo, Is Vizetdly 1881 

MeU Holdenis, & a Stroke of Diplomacy, 12mo. Is (Pop. Fr. Nov.) VUetdly 1881 

Trials of .Tetta Mahiubret, post 8vo. 6s; red. 3s6<i; new edit. 2s VUetelfy 1886-8 

Cherry Pie: Pictures Bright for our Pets' Delight, Verses by Whitchurch, 4to. 4s Dean 1884 

Cheshire (F. R.) Bees & Bee- Keeping, Vol. 1, Scientific 7s 6d; 2, Practical, 8s ed * Bazaar ' Office 1886 

Chesneau (E,) Education of the Artist, translated by Clara Bell, post 8vo, 6s ... CasseU 1886 

English School of Painting, translated by Etherin|;ton, post 8vo,6s CasseU ...1885 

Chesney {Baroness E, Marquise &; Rosette & the Easter Daisy, n. e. 12mo, 3s Strahan 1881 

(General) Life, by his Wife & Daughter, by Stanley Lane-Poole, 8vo, 18s W, H. Allen 1886 

(J.) Land of the Pyramids, illustrated, or. 8vo,2s 6d Cassell 1884 

Ramble Round France, post 8vo, 2s 6d Cassell 1886 

Shakespeare as aPhysician: Thoughts of the Lnmortal Bard, 12mo, St. Louis, U.S.,.ASSi 

{Major-General) Operatic Tales, cr. 8vo, 6s Ward f D 1889 

Chess Congress in *62: Games played, & aSelect. of Problems forCompetit. 12o, 6s BeU ^ S. 1889 

Player's Annual and Club Directory, 1889, edited by Rowland, 12mo, 8s 6d Morgan 1889 

Problem: Text-Book with 400 Positions, from Andrews. &c. 8vo. 7s 6d ... Cassell 1887 

Chester {G. J.) Amelia: the Close at Mixeter. Sketches, 10s 6d; 2 e. p. 8^0, 3s 6d M. Ward 1882-3 

Ella Cuthullin and other Poems, Old and New, sm. 8vo, 5s M. Ward 1883 

Evelyn Manwaring: Tale of Hampton Court Palace, p. 8vo, 10s 6i M. Ward 1883 

Julian Cloughton; or, Lad Life in Norfolk, 2nd edit post 8vo, 6s M. Ward ..1881 

{H. M.) Meg*s Primroses, and other Stories, eq. 16mo, red. Is ed S.P.C.K, 1884 

{Mrs.) Russia Past and IVesent, from Lankenau & Oelnitz, post 8vo, 6s.,, S.P.C.K. 1881 

(W. JD.) Chronicles of the Customs Department, post 8vo, 6s PrivatefyPrintodlSS5 

Chesterfield (Z<?r<f) Letters to his Son, select by C.Sayle,12o,ls(CamelotClassics) W. Scott 1889 

Manners& Speech: Maxims fromLetters to hisSon,sq.l6o, Is Griffith 1884 

Chetwode (A. W. ) John Canada ; or, New France, t r. f r. Raol De Navery, p. 8o, 3s ed Simpkin 1887 

(i?.2>.) Fortunes of the Qui ttentons; or. How we found Treasure, p.8o,2s6i Biggrs ^ i> 1889 

Chetwynd (Mrs. H. W.) Bees and Butterflies, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3ls ed Chapman ...1885 

Dutch Cousin, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s ed Chapman 1881 

Lady Honoria's Nieces, 12mo,1s F. V. White 1887 

— — — March Violet: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6<i Chapman 1883 

— ■ Mrs. Dorriman: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed Chapman 1886 

Sara: a Novel. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6i F. V. White 1886 

Cbftvalier ( W. A. C.) Wm. Longe of Wykeham : the Winchester Boy, p. 8vo, Ssed Nisbet 1883 

Chevers (A.) A Commentary on the Diseases of India, 8vo, 24s Churchill 1886 

Chevreul {M.E.) Laws of Contrast of Colour, tr. by J.Spanton, n. e. p. 8vo, 3s ed Boutlodge 1882 

Chewton Abbott, and other Tales, 12mo, ed Chambers 1884 

Cheyne {C.H. H.) Elementary Planetary Theory, with Problems, 3 o. p. 8vo, 7s6rf Macmillan 1883 

{T. K.) Hallowing of Criticism: nine Sermons on Elijah, post 8vo, 5s ... Hodder 1888 

■ Hosea, with Notes and Introduction, 12mo,3s (Cambridge Bible) Camb. WareK ...1884 

— — > Isaiah, Translation, with Commentary, Vols, 1 & 2, 12s 6c2 each Kegan PauZ...1881^ 

Jeremiah : his Life and Times, post 8vo. 2s ed (Men of the Bible) N^bet 1888 

■ Job & Solomon ; or, the Wisdom of the Old Testament, 8o, 12s 6i Kegtm Paul 1887 

Micah, Notes & Introduction, 12o,ls6rf( Camb. Bible for Schools) Camb. Wareh. ...1882 

Psalms, translated, 12mo, 6s (Parchment Library) Keyan P«i«/......1884 

or, the Praises of Israel, new translation, 8vo, 16# Kepan Paul 1888 

{W. ^.) Antiseptic Surgery: Principles,Practico,History,& Results, 8o.21s Smith 4' E. 1882 

- Treatment of Wounds, for Studente, &c. ill. p. 8o, 4s ed Smith St E. 1 885 

Suppuration & Septic Diseases : Lectures at Coll. of Surg. 8o, 5s Pentland I88fl 

Chichele {Marp) Doing and Undoing: a Story, post 8vo, 4s ed Keffi^i Paul 1885 

Chief Ancient Philosophers S.P.CK. 188^ 

Smith & Grundy, Aristotelianism. Part 1, the Ethics, 2s ed 

Chiel and I: Our Wedding Tour, by Both, 12mo, Is Dighy^L. 188S 

• Ohi-ike,' the Radical: Epistle to an Ancient Woodpecker, byPeneluna, p. 8vo, Is BeeingUm 188< 

Child (Amy) Churchman's Year : Daily Texts on the Collects, 18mo, Is Groombridge ...188$ 

1881-1889] CHILD CHILDBEN 106 

Child {I^^ Maria) Isaac T. Hopper, a True Life, new edit with portjaits, 1 2o, 6« New York 1 882 

Letters, by J. G. Whittier & W. Phillips, 16mo, 7a ^d Boston, Mass. ...1882 

{T.) Summer Holidays : Trarelliug Notes in Europe, post 8vo, 6a J^ew York 1889 

Child Elrea : a Fairy Tale founded on Facts, by M. L. post 8ro, 7a 6d Griffith 1887 

Lore: a Selection of Folk Legends and Rhymes, 64mo, la Simpkin 1883 

Nature, by one of the Authors of 'Child World,' new edit. 32mo, 3a Qd ... Strahan 1881 

of the Glens, 18mo, red. 9d S.P.C.K, 1882 

Rerolution, by the Author of *The Atelier du Lys,' post 8yo, 6a Hatchards 1886 

Pictures from Dickens, 4to, 3a 6d Griffith 1886 

Child's Atks : Physical and PoUtical Maps, ed. by J. F. Williams, roy. 8 vo, la £<i Philip 1889 

Bible, new edit. 4to, 7a 6i Cassell , 1883 

• Book of Poetiy, with 63 illustrations, post 8vo, 2a Bel. I^act Soc, .„\%%Q 

^ Preparation for First Communion, fcp. 8to, 2a 6d iVasUtourne 1887 

Companion and Juvenile Listructor, Vols. 4to, 2a 6<^, 2a, & la 6d each... Bel, Tract 8oc. 1881-9 

Guide to Knowledge, by a Lady, new edit. 2a Simpkin 1883-9 

Instructor ; or, L^zning made Easy by Means of Toys, &c. roy. Svo, Is 6d Ward j- L 1883 

Life of Christ, with original illustrations, 4to, 21a Cassell 1882 

Own Magazine, vols. 8vo, 2a, la 6d, and la each Sun. 8ch. Un. 1881-9 

Story Book, with coloured illus. by T. Pym, sq. 16mo, la 6<i; ^d W. JT.ffarrfner 1883-8 
Text Book, 64mo, la Hawkins 1886 

Pictorial : Coloured Magazine, Vol. 8vo, 2a and la 6<2 8.P.C.K. 1886 

Vols. 4to, 2a 6d and 2a 8.P.C.K. 1886-9 

Picture Story Book, with 400 illus. by Sir J. Gilbert, new ed. sq.l6mo,3a6i BouiUdge 1883 

Scripture Histoiy: Analysis in Question and Answer, la 6i2; n. e. 12mo, la Houlston 1882-8 

Cldldar(C5(i/^rme) Daisy Beresfoid, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a ^ Hurst 1882 

Double Dutchman, 8 vols, post 8 vo, 3 la 6(2 Hurst 1884 

Future Marquis, 3 vols, post 8vo, Zls^d Hurst 1881 

-^ Maid called Barbara, 3 vols, post 8vo, 81a 6<i Hurst ....188«H 

CSiilders {H. C. E.) Army Organisation: Speech in the House of Commons, 8vo, la Longmans 1881 

Qiildhood, Twelve Page Hlus. in Colours, with Ornamental Letterpress, 4to. ZsQd Warns 1883 

Childhood's Favourite Tales, with New Designs by Mrs. Grey and O.E. A. 8vo, 6a Dean 1881 

Golden Days, 4to, 12a 6d Bean 1884 

Tales: Cinderella, Mother Goose, White Cat, &c. ill. folio, 7a Bean .....1889 

Children Busy, Children Glad, Children Naughty, Children Sad, sq. 16mo, 3a 6d W.W. Gardner.,.lSSl 

' in Norway: Holiday in the Ekeberg, by Pater, F.G.S. &c 4to, 6a Griffith 1884 

the Valley, 18mo, 6d (Little Dot Series) Bel. Tract iSoc....l883 

of Abbotsmuir Manse, by Author of 'Nelly's Teachers,' post 8vo, 3a 6d Nelsons ...1882 

— Africa, written for all English-speaking Children, 4to, 6a Hodder 1886 

all Nations : their Homes, their Schools, their Playgrounds, 4to, 6a... Cassell 1884 

Babylon : * Judy's* Annual for 1888, roy. 8vo, la (^ice 1887 

Blentarn GhyU, 12mo, 44 S.P.C.K. 1888 

- China, written for the Children of England,*:map and illustrat. 4to,6a Hodder 1884 

- India, written for the Children of Eng. by One of their Friends, 4o, 4a Bel. Trad Soo.., ISS3 
w the Great King: a Tale of the Crimean War, by M.H. n. e. 12o, 2a 6d Hodder 1886 

Pisrsonage, by the Author of *Gerty and May,' new edit. 12mo, la Griffith 1882 

Oat-of-Doors: a Book of Verses, by Two in One House, post 8vo, 3a 6d Hamilton 1884 

and What to Do with them: a Plain Guide to Mothers, 12mo, la Ward ^ L 1881 

Children's Book, ed. by Horace E. Scudder, Author of the 'Bodley Books,' 4to, 18a Boston, Mass, ...1881 

Booquet of Verse & Hymn, gathered by Aunt Sarah & Cousins, 64o, la Unwin 1882 

Circus and Menagerie Picture Book, fol. 6a Boutledge 1883 

— DailyHelpforChrist. Year, fr. Psalms & Lessons, by E.G. 32o, 2a&la6<i Griffith 1882 

Kmbossed Chromo Picture Book, by E. 0. A. 4to, 68 Bean 1881 

Evergreens, Fifteen of the Old Favourite Tales, illus. post 8vo, la 6d Hogg 1888 

Fancy WoA: Guide to Amusement & Occupation for Children, p. 8o, la Ward 4" L 1882 

Flowers ; the Friends of their Kambles and Play, post 8vo, 2a 6c2 ... Bel Tract 8oc„.\^%2 

Friend, Vob. 4to, 2a6<i, 2a, and la ^d Partridge 1881-9 

Gnlleiy, Four Series, sq. 16mo, 2a each Griffith 1887 

Hour, from Various Authors, illustrated, 16mo, 6^ Hildesheimer ...1888 

Series (See Appendix B.) 

- Hymn Book, Words only, la 6rf, la, ^d,2d, & Id; withMusic, 3a 6d&Zs SeeUy 1881 

- Hhistrated Annual, Vol. for 1889, 4to, 2b and la 6rf SeeUy 1889 

Magazine, 1888, roy. 8vo. da 6(£and 3a Seeley 1888 

Jonmer. and other Stories, 12mo, 3a, Strahan; 2nd edit 12mo, 3a ... Sonnenschein 1881-4 

Kettledrum, by M. A. C. 65; new edit. sq. 4to, 2a 6rf Bean 1881-2 

King, and other Headings for the Little Ones, in large type, la 6d ; Is Bel. TVact Soc. 1881-9 
Library, cr. 8vo Simpkin 1886 

Onldmi's First Verse, 9d and 6d 

Menu, Dished up by Andr^, in Blue, White, & Brown Plates, 4to, 6a Bean 1881 

Hinor: a Treasury of Stories, by Cousin Kate, post 8ro, 3a Nelsons 1886 

Own Flaper, VoL 6, 4to, 3a Cassell 1884 

Pielorial Bible: an Abridgment, with Notes, 4to, 10a 6c2 Ward ^L, 1883 

Picture Annual, by Mercie Sunshine, 1S82-8, 4to, la each Ward^L. ...1882-8 

106 CHILDREN CHRISTIAN [English Cataiooui 

Children's Praises: Hymn-book for Sunday School, & L. H. H. Tristram, id Low 1883 

— Pulpit Hunt 1888 

Calthrop, Twin Brothers, 28 

Service Book, with Hymns, Litanies, Carols, and Prayers, post 8to, 3s SkejJingUm 1886 

— Serrices: with Hymns & Songs, ed. by A. W. Oxford, M.A. 2 e. 32o, 9rf Unwin 1888 

'— — Sunday, roy. 8vo, 3s 6<2 Smpkin 1882 

— Treasury, ed. by Dr. Bamardo, Vol. 9, 16mo. 4s and 3s M Haughton 1881-2 

of Pictures and Stories for 1885, small 4to, Is NeUom 1884 

Childs {E, E,) History of the United States, from 1492, 8vo, 7s 6d; 16mo, 6s ... New York 1886 

Chillon {E.) Joyce Tregarthen, 2s 6<?; new edit roy. 8vo, 6<i (Home Series) J. F, Shaw ...1887-9 

Chiltcm {Faith) By a Way They Knew Not, 18mo, 6d Sun, Sch. Un. ...1886 

Messengers of Truth: an Allegorical Story, 12mo. Is 6d Nat, Temp,J)ep, 1883 

Chimes for Eastertide, selected and arranged by Thos. Bury Reid, sq. 16mo, 6<2... Drane 188^ 

of Erfort : a Tale, trans, by Beatrice Tomassondc Wiistenbiirg, p. 8o, 3s6cf L. Literary 8oe, 1885 

and Khymes for Holiday Times, edit, by A. L. Hayward, illus. 18mo, bs Boston, Maes. ...188S 

Series, Is each •.. Cassell 188$ 

Bible Chimes Daily Chimes Holy Chimes Old World Chimes 

Chimney Park, by the Author of ' Clary's Confirmation,' poet 8to, 2s and Is 6d. .. 8.P.C.K, 1886 

China Beports on Trade at Treaty Ports for 1881, maps, 4to, 8< King 1883 

Tonquin, and Cochin China, a map, with Statistical Notes, Is Johnston 1884 

China Cup ; or, Ellen's Trial : a Worcestershire Story, 18mo, 9d Bel, Tract 5<>c....l882 

Chiniquy (Fa/A«r) Fifty Years of the Church of Bome, n. e. 8vo, 7s 6i, 6s, & 8s 6<i Banks 1886-8 

n.e.Badenoch,7s6rf,6«,&3s6d Protes(antLepAS6^1 

Papalldolatry: Exposure of DogmaofTraD8ub8tantiation,12o,6<i Banks 1887 

■ Priest, the Woman and the Confessional, post 8to, 2s 6d and Is Banks 1888 

Chinn (8,) Among the Hop-pickers, post 8vo, 3s 6d J, F, Shaw 1887 

Chipman {W. P.) BUck Forge MUls; or, Up the King's Highway, 12mo, 7sBd.,. Philadelphia 1889 

Chips: Another 'Tribute of Song,' by the Au. of 'Somebody: aSketch,'cr. 8vo, Is R W, Allen 1884 

from the Royal Image : Fragments of Uie Eikon Basilike, 32mo, Is Masters 1887 

Chirol(ifcr. r.)'TwixtGreek&Turk:thio'Thessaly,&c.inl880,po8t8vo,10s6rf B«acihe»<His 1881 

Chishohn ( G, G,) Animal Life on the Globe, 1 2mo, 9d (Geograph. Reading Books) Longmane 1 885 

Handbook of Commercial Geography, 8vo, 16s Ixmgmans 1889 

■ Longmans' School Geography, post 870, 3s &d Longmans .1886 

PronoundugVocabulary of Modem GeographicalNames, 1 2o,ls6d Blaekie 1 885 

Two Hemispheres, illus. 8to, 16s Blaekie 1881 

(J. C.) Sheldon and Craigie: Manual of the Coal Mines Act^ 8to,7s6<2 Stevens f S 1888 

Chiswick Series (See Appendix B,) 

ChitHChat Album, 4to, 3s ed Cassell 1889 

Chittenden (L. A,) Elements of English Composition, 12mo, 6s Chicago 1884 

Chitty (T. IV.) and Mews, Digest of Decisions of all Courts duriog 1880, 8yo, 14s Sweet «...1881 

Forms of Practical Proceedings i n the Queen's Bench, 1 2 e. 8 vo, 38s Sweet 1 883 

Index to EquityCases.4c.Vols.lto3,6to8,31s6(iea.; 4,42s; 9,21s Sweet 4- M. ...1883-9 

Choate(/. A) Elements of English Speech, 16mo, 5s New York 1884 

(Z.) Romance of a Letter: a Story of Boston, 12mo, 6s Bosfon.Mase. ...1887 

ChoiceAnecdotes&GoodSaying8oftheWitty&Wi8e,ed.byW.A.Clou8ton,c.8o,ls Wardj- L. 1888 

Bits from American Wits: Artemus Ward, Max Adeler, &c. 12mo, Is ... Diprose 1886 

British Wits (English, Scotch, and Irish), 12mo, Is Diprose 1889 

Extracts from Standard Authors, 3 vols. 12mo, 2s 6rf each .•• Griffith* 1883-4 

Readings, comp. by R. I. Fulton & T. C. Trueblood, Prose & Poet.l2o, S*6d Boston,Mas8 1886 

Chope (i?. R.) Carols for Easter, Ascensiontide, &c (Music & Words), p. 8vo, 6d Noeello 188T 

Catechist: forSchs. Chrcbs.Confirmatn.Lec8.&Home,6 e.l2o,ls6<2 Simpkin 1888 

Children's Service Book, 2nd edit. 2mo, 2d Simpkin 1888 

Chopin (F.) As a Man and Musician, by Frederick Niecks, 2 vols. 8to, 26s Nowlh .188^ 

Chordal's Letters, from * Extracts from Chordal's Letters,' new edit. 1 2mo, 1 Os ed New York 1 88J 

Chorister Brothers : a Tale, by Author of * Auld Femie's Son,' 6 ed. p. 8 vo, 3s 6d Masters 1 SS'^ 

Chreiman (Miss) Physical Culture of Women : ParkesMuseum Lectures, 12mo, Is Low ..I88t 

Chris Derrick : Stormy Passage in a Boy's Life, by Auth. of* Starwood Hall,'p. 80, 2s National Soe. ... 1 881 

Christ Crucified, w. Strictures on * A Reasonable Faith,' by • Three Friends,' 8 vo, Is E, W. Alien 1 88J 

for To-day: International Sermons, by Preachers of Epis. Church, p. 80, 6s Sonnensckein ...l%Si 

in the Covenant ; or, the Character & Claims of the Redeemer, n. e. 1 80, Is Griffith 188 

our Ideal: an Argument from Analogy, 8vo, 8s 6rf Longmans 188 

the Key of the Psalter, by an Oxford Graduate, post 8vo, 5s Stock IftS 

and His People, by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Dean of Ripon, post 8vo, 6s Hodder 188 

Modem Thought: Boston Monday Lectures for 1880-81, 16mo, 7s6d Boston, Mass, ...188 

— the Fathers: the Reformers of the Roman Empire, post 8vo, 7s ed.., Williams 4" A....lft8 

Christian (0.) Poems, small cr. 8vo, 25 ed Kegan Paul ist 

Christian Age, Vols. 18 to 36, 4to, 6s ed each LM ^ B, ...1881- 

Biographies {See Appendix B,) 

Cabinet : Narratives, Hymns & Gospel Gems, large type, vols. Is 6(2 ... Hamilton 1 881- 

Classics (See Appendix A) 

Ethics and Wise Sayings, by a Presbyter of the Ch. of England, 8vo, 6s Nisbet 1 SI 

Life in Song ; Hymns & Hymn Writers of many Lands & Ages, 4e.p.8o,6s Nelsons 18J 

Series (See Appendix J5.J 


Christian Lyrics, chiefly from Modern Authors, Dew edit. 18mo, 28 6d ' Hamilton 1883 

— Million, Vols. 4to, 7« 6<^ '. Office ,,Annu(d 

Names and What they Mean : a Birthday Book, sq. 16mo, 3« M,, 3«, Is M. Ward 1885-7 

— Pioneer, Vol. 34, 1880, l2mo, 1# Bimpkin 1881 

— Portrait Ghdlery, with Biographical Sketches, 4to, 10« %d Morgan 1889 

-—Progress, Vols. cr. 8to, 1» 9rf eat-h Bemrose 1881-9 

— Theocracy, and the Dynamics of Modern Government, 4to, Is 6(2 Simpkin 1886 

— Thought: Letters and Papers on Philosophy, Evidence, &c. 8vo, 123 6d New York 1889 

— Treasnry, Vols. roy. 8vo, 6< 6d each Orooinbndge.,.lSSl'-5 

8vo, leSdeAch .-. Marshall Bro8.\SS6-9 

Worker, Vol. for 1884, roy. 8ro, 2s 6d Cassell 1884 

World Annual, Is each , J, Clarke 1881-9 

Magazine, new series, Vols. 1-6, 8vo, 4s each J, Clarke 1887-9 

Pnlpit. Vob. 18-3d, 4to, 4s 6d each J. Clarke 1881-9 

— Year Book, 1883, a List of Ministers, post 8vo, 3s and Is 6c2... J, Clarke 1883 

for 1884-6, 8ro, 2s and Is 6<£ each J. Clarke 1884-6 

QiziitJu's Monthly and Family Treasary for 1882, roy. 8vOy 8s Nelsons 1882 

OwD Calendar of Pers. & Family Events : a Daily Memorial, 16o, Is 6<2 Sedey 1886 

— Pathway; or, Upward and Onward; new edit. 18mo, Is Griffith 1885 

Christiam {A. F,) Principles of Expression in Pianoforte Plsying, 8to, 16s New York 1885 

Chmtijioity and Common Sense, hy a Barrister, 8vo, 7s %d Chapman 1883 

Evolution : Modem Problems of the Faith, post 8 vo, 6s Nisbet 1 887 

Social life: a Course of Lectures, 1 2mo, Is Simpkin 1885 

in the Daily Conduct of Life : Study of Texts, post 8vo, 6s Hodder, 1888 

V. Ecclesiasticism, Parleys on the Ecclesiastical Creed?, &c 8vOy 12s Williams ^ N. 1887 

Cbistie (A, J.) End of Man, in two books, 4th edit. fcp. 2s 6«? Kegan Paul 1888 

(^.ir.) Manitoba DMcribed ; Farming, Climate, &c. with maps, 12mo, Is Wyman 1885 

(7*. N^ Prize Essay on Cinchona Cultivation, 8vo, 2s ^d Uaddon 1883 

-{r. ^) Methodism a Part of the Great Christian Apostacy, post 8vo,3s6<2 Simpkin 1881 

(^nsdVs Christmas, by Pansy, postSvo, 2s {Pansy Books) BoutUdge 1887 

12mo, Is 6rf and Is (Lily Series) Ward ^ L 1888 

Chrartma, Queen of Sweden, by F. W. Bain, post 8vo, 7s 6<i W, H. Allen 1889 

Cbisdson {Sir Robert) Life, Vol. 1, Autobiography, 16s ; 2, Memoirs, 8vo, 16s... Blackwood* ...1886-6 

Cbiiadieb {Bmily) A Day in the Life of Luther, 18mo, Is Nisbet 1888 

Qimdnas Bells, by Truda, post 8vo, 2s M L. Literary Soc. 1887 

— and their Message, and other Stories, 18mo, Is Book Society ...1881 

Box ; or, New Year's Gift, 12mo, Is Field 3f T. 1889 

of Pictures and Stories, edited by Arthur Holme, 8 vo, 2s 6(2 ... Griffith 1 887 

Card Sketch Book, 4to, 6s Marion 1886 

Carols: Hymns forChristmastide,Musicfor4Voices,l,2,&3 4o,6<2 Bel, Tract Soc, 1888 
and Midsummer Songs, by American Poets, sq. 8vo, 7s %d Boston^ Mass. ...1881 

Country and other Fairy Tales from the Danish ic German, 12mo, 7s 6<2 New York 1 886 

Day and All the Year: 25 Short Stories for Children, 12mo, 5s.. Boston, Mass, ...1881 

EntertAinments, Is; new edit. sq. 16mo, 6d Field ^ T, ...1883-4 

Eve, by L.M.M. illus. by R T. Caldecott, 9d Griffith 1888 

Garlazid : Carols and Poems fr. 15th Cent, to Present Time, 8vo, 10s 6d Nimmo 1885 

Gleams, byBlackman, Mrs.Ljnn Linton, Earl of Kosslyn, 8vo, Is ; 6d Simpkin 1884-5 

Legends, translated f^romthe German by 0. S. B. fcp. 8?o, Is 6d Washboume 1889 

Pantomime, colotired illustrations, 4to, Is Wame 1888 

" — Bevels ; or, the Puritan's Discomfiture: a Burlesque, 6d Washboume 1886 

— Rose, 1884,4to, 6<2 J. Clarke ....1884 

— ■ containing the Adventures of Tom Thumb, 4to, 6d J. Clarke ..1886 

t^^nstopber (A) Bcseof Venice, post 8vo, 6«; Zs 6d Washboume... lbS\-4 

^^ofther's Hints on Beading and Study of Holy Scripture, new edit. 18mo, Is Nisbet 1886 

^^^^^>her Crayoo amongst the Good Samaritans, 12mo, Is J. Clarke 1884 

in Scotland : from the Strand to btomoway, 12mo, Is J. Clarke 1883 

Camtophers (S. W,) Hymn Writers and their Hymns, 3rd edit, post 8vo, 3s 6<i Partridge 1886 

Gimty {M.) Handbook for Essex, fcp. 8vo. 2s 6d Simpkin .1887 

— ■ Trade Signs of Essex, 8vo, 7s 6<f Simpkin 1887 

{B.) Proverbs, Maxims, and Phrases of all Ages, Classified, 2 v. 8o, 21s Unwin 1888 

{T.) Ennloge: Preservation of torage Plants & Grasses, roy. 8vo, Is ... Christy 1883 

Guide to Poultry Bearing, for Profit, by Artificial Means, 32mo, 6d Christy 1885 

Hydro-Incubation : its Theory and iWtice, 7th ed. roy. 8vo, Is ... Christy...- 1882 

New Commercial Plsnts and Drugs, Nor. 8, 9, 2s 6<2 ; 10,roy.8o,3s 6<2 Christy 1886-7 

( WJ.) JcHotsMade & Used by Builders in Engineering,&c.'Works,12mo,3s Lockwood 1 882 

^^Bi^ Csrrw : a Novel, by the 'Hon. Miss Ferrard,* new ed. poKt 8vo, 6s ; 2s ... Macmilfan ...1882-3 

Cbc»de Od, by B. Southey, poet 8vo, Is (Morley's Universal Library) Boutledge 1883 

Coinrocatioo, Session 1881, 8vo, 5s Bivingtons 1881 

King Henry VIIL of England, trans, by M. A.S.Hume, post 8vo, 6#... Bell 4* S. 1889 

Two Months, post 8vo, 2< 6d Bfntley 1889 

'^IwoJelea and Memorials (See Apptndix B.) 

Christoplier Columbus : a Poem in 1 2 Cantos, by M.D.C. sm. cr. 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul„.,,,lSS2 
Cricket : Facimile Beprintsof Nyren's Cricketers' Guide,&c.p. 8o, 3s 6d Sonnentchein ...1886 

108 CHBONICLES GHUBCH [Evguse Catalooui 

Chronicles of tho Schooberg-CoUa Family^ new edit, poet Sto, 5s XtUons, 188} 

CbroDograms Contmoed: a SappIemenUl VoL to that pub. in ISBi^cr. 4to, 42« ^(ock 1885 

Cbi^sotfiom (^•J(oJU)BnefPa8Mge8fit>m his WntiDg8y64oio,l« (Church Lam^^ Sedey 1882 

Leares, trans, by M. K. Allies, Fref. by T. W. Aldis, c. 8o, 6s Bums # 1889 

Life & Times, by W. B. W. Stephens, 3rd ed. 8vo, 7s 6d ... Murray 1883 

& Basil :Dirin6& Sacred Liturgies of our Fathers, j(e.l8mo,6#6J.. . NuU 1886 

ChrysUl (a) Algebra for Higher Classes of Second Schools, Pt. 1, I0s^;2y\2s6d A. f C, BUiek...\m 

Cboang Tea : Mystic, Moralist. & Social Beformer, trans, by H. A. Giles, 8to, iOs QmrUch 1889 

Clmdleigh {M^) Charity in Essence 6c Operation, & other Treatises, p. 8to, 2s 6d Kivirngtans 1881 

■ Was Abraham a Christian? post 8vo, 2s 6<2 RioingUms 1881 

What is Truth? (St. John xviii. 88 ; xiv. 6) cr. 8ro, 2s 6i ... RivuCgions 1881 

Chums: a Tale of the (^neen*s Nary, 3toIs. cr. 8^0, 3l8 ^ TinsUys 1882 

Church (^. if.) Colour : Elementary Manual for Students, new edit. p. 8to, 3< 6d CasseU 1887 

■ English Earthenware, p. 8ro, 3s (South Kensington Handbooks)... Chapman 1884 

I ■■ — Porcelain: Handbook to china, illustrated, post 8vo, 3s Chapman 1886 

Food Grains of India, roy. 8yo, 6s (South Kensington Handbooks) Chapman 1886 

— — Laboratory Guide : Manual for Agricult. Students, 6 ed. p. 8o,6s ^ Van Voorst 1882 

for Agricultund Students, 6 edit. p. 8ro, 6s 6</ Gnmey ^ J, ...1888 

Precious Stones in their Scientific & Artistic BeUttons, 8ro, 2s td Chapman 1883 

{A.J») Cdrthage : the Empire of Africa, p. 8vo, 6s (Story of the Nations) Unwin 1886 

Chantry Priest of &met, with 16 illustrations, post 8vo, ds Scdey 1884 

Early Britain, post 8yo, ds (Story of the Nations) Unwin 1889 

Heroes and Kings : Stories from the Greek, 32mo, Is 6<f Setley 1883 

HamTennysoniansB,8iTeeclogs,E.TennysoniLatinereddits,12o,6s Kegan Pan/.. ....1882 

— • Isis and Thamesis : Thames, Oxford to Henley, roy. 8ro, 16s Suley 1886 

— Boman Life in the Days of Cicero: fm. Letters, &c. p. 8o, 5s; 1. p. 42s SeeUy 1883 

I Seaof Galilee: Exercwh.obtained Triennial Prize, 1884, 8q.l6o, Is Sivnkin 1884 

Stories fromLiry, illus. from Designs by Pinelli, poet 8vo, 5s Seetty 1882 

— of the lUad and the ^neid, 18mo, Is Seelty 1886-6 

Magicians: Thalaba, Bustem, &c. post 870, 5s Seeley 1886 

Story of the Persian War, from Herodotus, post 8to, 5s Sedey 1881 

Three Greek Children: a Story of Borne in Old Time, ill. p. 8o, 3s 6<£ Sstley »^..J888 

To the Lions: Tale of Early Christians, ill. byH.M.Paget,p.8o,2s Seel^ 1889 

Two Thousand Years Ago ; or. Advent of a Boman Boy, p. 8yo, 6s. . . Blackie 1886 

With the King at Oxford : Tale of the Great Bebellion, p. 8to, 5s Seeley 1886 

and Putnam (^.) The Count of the Saxon Shore, a Tale, p. 8to, 5s Sedey 1887 

Seeley (^.) Hammer : Story of Maccabean Times, ilL cr. 870, 5s Seeley .....1889 

{E, R.) Among the Trees at Elmridge, 12mo, 6s 6(2 Philadelphia ...1886 

Flyers and Crawlers ; or, Talks about Insects, illus. 16mo, 6s %d Philadelphia ...1884 

— Home Garden, illus. 12mo, 3s 6d Kew York 1881 

Needle, with Diagrams, 12mo, 3s 6<i Ntw York 1882 

How to Furnish a Home, illu.**. 16mo, 3s 6^ Asts York 1881 

Money-Making for Ladies, 16mo, 4s 6(2 Hew FbrA:.. ....... 1882 

(JS?. i?ass) Actress's Love Story, Pref. by Florence Marryat, 2, 2 Is F, V. White 1888 

{J. P.) Mechanics of Materials : Beams, Columns, Arches, &<^. 8vo, 15s Xew York 1887 

(Mrs,A,B.) Cecily's Debt : a Novel, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6<i Low 1881 

{R. W,) Advent Sermons, 1885, post 8vo, 4s 6(2 Macmillan 1886 

Church and State, from the * Christian Bemembrancer,' 8vo, Is... W. Smith 1881 

Dante, and other Essays, post 8 vo, ds Macmillan 1888 

Discipline of the Chrintian Character, post 8vo, 4a 6d Macmillan 1885 

Human Life: Sermons at Uuiver. of Oxford, 1876-8, 3 e.p.8vo.6s Macmillan 1886 

Miscellaneous Essays, post 8vo, 5s Macmillan 1888 

Writings, 5 vols. cr. 8vo, 5s each Macmillan 1888 

. Spenser, post 8vo, 5s Macmillan ...••.1888 

■ (W. S.) Writ of Habeas (3orpus, False Imprisonment, &c 8vo, 3l5 6d ... Chicago ^.1884 

Church Bells, Vols. 4to, 7s6<ieach OJice Annual 

Album : Lancashire, 6d ; Yorkshire, 6d ; Midland Churches, 4io, 6d * Ch. Bella ' ...1886-4 

< Builder, new issue, Vols. 8vo, 2s each Rivhigtofks ...I881-I 

Catechism in Scripture Story, Part 1, 12mo, Is GHJith 18d< 

Choir Manual, bv Edwin Potter, Is 6d and Is ; n. ed. fcp 4to, Is and 6d Rivingtona ...1881-^ 

Congress at Cardiff. Official Beport, 1880, edit, by C.Duukley, 8vo, 10s6i Bemrose 1881 

Wakefield, Official Beport, 8vo, 10s 6d Bemrose .........18» 

Wolverhampton, Oct. 3-7, 1887, Official Beport, 8to, 10s 6(2 Bemrose 1881 

Cydopeedia of Church Doctrine, History, Organisation, &c 8vo, 30s Philadelphia ...188 

Enbroidery, for Workers, Materials and Work over Cardboard, p. 8ro, U *Basaar* Office 188 

Manual of Instructions for Beginners, post 8vo, Is Ward ^ L* 18Q 

Febtival Decorations, illustrated, 8vo, Is * Bazaar* Office 138 

Handy Dictionary, post 8vo, 2s id ; red. 2s Skeffington ^.1884- 

History Series (See Appendix BJ) 

Lamps, 64mo, Is each Seeley ..,l 

Augustine, Brief Passages Taylor (i/srein^) Brief Passages 

MannaU The Oldest, called ' Teaching of the Aposdes,* cr. 8vo, 10s 6(2 ... New York 18( 

Missionary Gleaner, Vols. 4to, 2s 6(2 and Is 6(2 each Seeley 18S1- 

1881-1889] CHDBCH CICERO 109 

Cfav<^ Monthlj : an Illastrated Magazine for Home Reading, Vol. 2, roy. 8vo, 2« Office 1889 

Mnaie in Town and Connti^, by ' The Stranger Within thy Gates/ 12mo, U Bemrose 1882 

of Englaiid and the Teaching of Bishop Colenso, Svo, Is Ridgtcay 1888 

Fsstoral Aid Society: Sketdi of its Origin and Progress, post 8ro. 3< 6(2 SeeUy 1881 

Bambles and Saambles, by Scratch, post 8vo, 25 Sonnen$ehein ...1884- 

BeftdMs^No. 1, 4<f; Nos. 2 and 3, 6<i each ; No. 4, 8rf 8.P.C.K. 1882 

Becords, 32mo, 1* ..; Hatchitrds 1883 

R«ibrni, ed. by Albert Qrey & the Hon. & Rv. Canon Fremantle, p. 8vo, \» Simnmschein ...1888 
Standard, Vol. 1. Oct. '81 to Oct. '82; 2, Oct. '82 to Oct. '83, folio, 2« ea. 'Home Words* 1882-3 

SnndaySchoolMagaxine, Vols. 17>25, 8vo, 5«each Sttn^Sch.hst, 1881-9 

Teaching for Sunday Schools, l2mo National Soc, ...1884^ 

Watson (J,) Sunday School Lessons on the Gospel Stories, Is 6d 

Work, Mission Life, Vol. 1887, 8vo, 7a; 1888, 6^ W,W. Gardner I SS7 -9 

Worker, Vol. 1, 2« 6<2; Vols. 2-8, roy. 8ro, ?» 4rf each Sun. Sch.Inst. \SS2-9 

and Chapel : Sermons on the Church of Ens^land and Dissent, post 87o, 6« Smith ef B, 1881 

Omiehar (IT. (?.) Sparks from the Yule Log, 4to, 2« 64 ..* E. Stock 1889 

Chorebea of Christendom, post 8to, 5f Sivtvkin 1884 

Qrarehfolk's Home Magazine, Vol. for 1882, 8vo, Is 6rf W. W, Gardner. 1883 

ajBTchiU (F.) Congenital Club Foot, 8to. 6rf Churchill 1887 

Face and Foot Deformities: Appliances for Cure, &c. 8vo, 10a 6rf Churchill 1885 

^(«7'./'.)Letterto Registrar-General onSpreadofCancerin England, 8yo,U Stott 188S 

Letters to Patient on Consumption & Cure by Hypophosphite8,8o,5a Stott 1 888 

(Jfrs. E.) From Convent to Altar, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21« Sonnenschein ...1884 

(Afra. i9.) Daisy Darling, post 8vo, 38 6<f Sonnenschein ...1886 

\LoirdB,) Life and Speeches, la 6d and la ; new edit. 12mo, la M and la Maxwell 1884-6 

New Conservative Programme of Chancel, of Exchequer, 12o, la Maxwell 188(> 

— — — Plain Politics for the Working Classes, by E. A. Arnold, 8o, la BentUy 1886 

Speeches, Sketchof his Life, by H.W.Lucy, l2mo, la6<2and la Routledge ...1886 

1880-8,Notes&Intro.byL. J. Jennings, 2 Y.8o, 24a Longmans 1889 

and Morley (John) Both Sides, Two Speeches, 12mo, ^d Simpkin 1888 

(Bosie) Poems and dong Words, 8vo, 3a 6d and 2a Simpkin 1889 

l&) Church Ordinances, Layman's Standpoint, 2s 6d; 3rd edit.l2mo, la ICisoet 1884-8 

Forbidden Fruit for Young Men, 2a 6d; 3rd thousand, cr. 8vo, la Nisbet 1887-8 

Steppinff-Stones to Higher Things, new edit. 12mo, 2a 6d and la... Nisbet 1883-S 

CharehOTs Student's l&nuals {Ste Appendix B.) 

Technological Handbooks (See Appendix B.) 

Ctodmiaa's Altar Manual and Guide to Communion, &c. 32mo, 8a, 2a, 9d, and 6d Chiffith 1881-9 

■ Annual and Popular Handbook for 1882, post 8vo, la M Poole 1882 

Birthday Book, selections fm. 'Imitation of Christ,' 32o,2a 6rf & la ^d Mack 188S 

Clock : ifeditations for each Hour of the Day and Night, cr. 8vo, 2a Rim'ngtons 1887 

— Companion,Ser.l,40v.l2o,red.lae.;2,6v.l2o,2aea.;3,22v.2a6(/e. Masters 1883 

4th Series, Vols. 1-6, cr. 8vo, 4a each Masters 1881-9 

■ ■ Daily Remembrancer: Texts, &c.for Every Day, by E.M.32mo, la 6<? Griffith 1888-9 

Family Bible: Old Test 4to, 14a; NewTest.6a; Old & New Test 17a S.P.C.K, 1886 

■ — — -.»- G aide to Faith and Piety, new edit. 2 vols. 1 8mo, 2a en. ; 1 vol. 3a 6d Masters 1 883 

« Manual of Private and Family Devotion, compiled, 32mo, 2a « Griffith 188S 

— Oxford Kalendar, 1889, la Mowbray 1888 

Penny Magazine, Vols, for 1881 and 1882, 8vo, 2a each Nisbet 1881-2 

1888 and 1884, 8vo, 2a each Partridge 1883-4 

Shilling Magazine, Vol. 28, 8vo, 7a 6d Houlston 1881 

T«xt-Book for Every Day in the Christian Year, 32mo, la and 6d Griffith 1882 

(^tvrdiBMn Hear! a Remonstrance against the Athanasian Creed, 8vo, la Ridgway ..1886 

Cl w Aw a rd ( W, B.) BlackbirdinginS. Pacific; or, First White Man on 6each,10a6(f Sonnenschein ... 1888 

— . My Consulate in Samoa: 4 Years in Navigators' Island, 8c, 16a Bentley 1887 

(^ngrew, by * The Prig.' fcp. 8vo, 3a ed Kegan Paul 1888 

Chsra (P.) Indian Civil Service Reform : a Digest and Criticism, roy. 8vo, 6d ,,, Unwin 1889 

Cfaoitoii (Bp, of Nassau) Island Missionary of the Bahamas, &e. 2nd ed. p. 8vo, 3a Masters 1888 

(E.y'EtLTly English Church, new edit, post 8vo, 4a Pickering 1887 

(fr^)Uncanonical& Apocryphal AdditioDsto01dTest.Canon,cr.8o,7a6rf Whitaker 1884 

Ckit*(C. W,) History of the Vyne in Hampshire: Antiquities, House, &c. 4to, 21a Simpkin 1887 

•— «- {H. N. ) Elementary Practical Physics : Guide for PhyscLLaboratoiy, 1 2mo,6a Boston, Mass ... 1 889 

Cfastaey Papess:8oeiety,Shikar,&SportinIndia,C.M.A.Bombav- Walla, p.8o,la6<2 Beer 1884 

CieetOt ft Chapter Introductory, by J. Muirhead, cr. 8vo, la 6a (Glasgow) Maelehose 1883 

- — - by W. Locas Collins, new edit. 12mo, 2a 6d (Ancient Classics) Blaokwoods 1886 

' AeaderaicA, the Text Revised and Explained, by J. S. Reid, 8vo, 16a MacmiUan 1886 

' — -^ Catilina, with Translations and Notes, by A. C. Maybury, 12mo, la Baillihe 1884 

Ckto Major, De Senectute Dialogue, w.TransIatioDS& Notes, 18o, 2a & la 6<2 Simpkin 1884 

— with Notes and Vocabulary, post 8vo, la Gilt 1888 

- — — Laelius, De Amicitia, edit. W. Heslop, 12mo, 2a Oxford Wareh, 1884 

by Howson, fcp. 8 vo (Text & Notes sep. la e.) 2a Rivingtons 1 887 

Huxley, Part 1, la; 2, la; 1 vol. 2a O^^ord Wareh, 1887 

in Literal English, by A. 0. Maybury, 12mo, la BaiUiire 1886 

■ et Lfi^uffOommentary by Professor Austin Stickney, 12mo, 6a New York 1887 

110 CICEBO CIRCLE [Exgush Cataixkhie 

Cicero. Correspondence, in CbrooologicAl Order, 3 vole. 8ro, I2s each Lougmaiu ...1882-9 

De Amicitia, by A. Sidgwidc, 2Dd edit. em. poet 8to, 2$ RicwgUms 1883 

J. S. Reid, new edit. 12mo, Z$ 6d (Pitt Press Series) Cofnh, fTarcA.... 1883 

with Notei, Vocabulary, aud Biographical Index, 18mo, Is Gd Macmillan 1885 

Vocabnlaries, and Translation, post 8to. 2s 6d Clive 1889 

and ProBalbo, tran8.8ro, 2s Cd(0tib8on*a Interlinear Trans.) Cornish 1889 

^ Finibos, by J. S. Reid, 3 vols. Vol. 3, the Translation, 8yo, 8s Camb. Wareh. ...1883 

.- Natora Deomm, Libri Tres, by J. B. Mayor, V. 2, 12« 6<2 ; 3, 8o, 10« Camb. Wartk, 1883-5 

literally translated by H. Owgan, 12mo, 28 6d Comisk 1885 

Officiis, by H. A. Holden, w. English Commentary, 5th 8vo, 9s Camb, Warek,...\%%i 
■Trans, with Notes, by Rev. Andrew P. Peabody, 12mo, 6s ..; Boston, Mass. ...1884 

Oratore, Book 1, with Notes by A. S. Wilkins. 2nd ed. 8ro, 7s6d; 2, 5s... Os/ord Warch. 1888 

Death no Bane, Tnscnlan Disputation I, by R. Black, with Notes, p. 8vo, 5s Low 1889 

in Q. Ceciliom Divinatio & in C. Verrem Actio Prima, by Kin^, 12mo, Is 6d Oxford Wareh. 1887 

Lsliufl de Amicitia Dialogue, w. Trans. & Notes, A. C. Maybnry, 12mo, 2s BaUlihe 1884 

siye de Amicitia Dialogns, with Trans, and Notes, 18mo,2s& \86d Shnpkin 1884 

Letters, selected ft ed. w. Introduction & Notes by J. H. Muirbead, p. 8o, 6s Rivinatons 1885 

after the Death of Oesar; a new translation, 12mo, 2s 6d SimpHn 18K3 

Li fe & Select Letters after Watson, trans, by G. E. Jeans, cr. 8vo, I0s6d „. Lonpnans 1 888 

Letters, new Translation in Watson's Coll. 2 edit. p. 8vo, 8s6«? ... Macmillan 1887 

Life by Middleton ; Letters by Melmoth. &c. roy. 8yo, 5s Simpkin 1887 

Offices,Book3,withIntroduction, Analysis, & H. A.fiolden, 7 e.p.8o,2s OaTnb. fTareA. ...1888 
with Introduction and Notes by Austin Stickney, 12mo, Is 6d New York 1885 

^ on Friendship & Old Age, literally translated, with Notes, 12mo, Is 6d & Is Bell j- 8, 1889 

translated by Wm. Melmoth, 18mo, 6d and 3d CasseU 1889 

Oratio Philippica Secunda, by A. G. Peskett, 12mo, 3s 6d Camb. Wareh. ...1887 

pro Archia Poeta, edited by James S. Reid, new edit. Timo, 2s Camb. Wareh.. ..IBBi 

" literally translated, 12mo, Is (Kelly's Keys to Classics) Cornish 1886 

Balbo, with Notes, Vocabularies, & Translation, post Sro, 2s 6d CUve 1889 

(for Balbus), literally trans, by Mongan, 12mo, Is 6<:2... Cornish 1887 

- Oluentio, Critical Notes by W. Yorke Fausset, post 8vo, 6s ... Bivingtons 1887 

literal, by T. Meyler-Warlow, 12mo, 2s Cornish 1888 

Cneio Plancio, by Hubert A. Holden, 12mOy 4s 6<2 Camb, Wareh, ...1881 

Lege Manilla, after K. Hahn, by A. S. Wilkins, l2mo, 2s 6<^... Macmillan 1885 

MiTone, Interiinear, by Gibson and Prout, Sro, 2s 6(/ Cornish 1887 

•• L. Murena, new translation by £. S.Crooke, 12mOy 2s Simpkin 1886 

literal trans, by B. Mongan, 12mo, Is M Cornish 1883 

-• Rabirio (Perduellionis Reo) ad Quirites, with Notes, 8yo, 7s 6d Camb, Wareh. ...\6S2 

- Roscio, lit. trans, by T. J. Arnold, 12mo, Is 6d (Kelly's Key) Cornish 1884 

- Sestioad Judices, by H. A. Holden, 12mo, bs Macmillan 1883 

literally transited by W. J. Hickie, 12mo, 2s Cornish 1888 

* Sulla, ad JudicGS, by James S. Reid, 12mo, 3s 6d Camb. irar^....l882 

literally translated by Crosse, 12mo, 2s 6<;... Simpkin 1882 

Oration for Cluentius, trans, into English by W. C. Green, 2nd edit. 2s 6d Simpkin 1881 

Milo : a Translation, &c by J. Wells and Morris, 12mo, Is ... Simpkin 1885 

closely rendered, with Short Notes, 12mo, Is Siinpkin 1886 

— RosciusAmerinus, by K.D. Cotes, 12o, ]s(Oxf. Ezam.Ser.)... Simpkin 1885 

Notes by an Oxford Graduate, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1881 

with short Notes, 2nd edit, poet 8vo, Is 6d Simpkin 1883 

- Orations, by G. Long, 4 vols. 8vo, red. 8s each (Bibliotheca Classica) Whittaker 1889 

Philippic,withNotes,Book2,12mo, Is 6c£ (Oxford Translations) Simpkin 1881 

1, 2, new trans, by J. R. King, 3rd edit p. 8ro, Is 6d Simpkin 1882 

new trans, mainly from Halm, post 8to, 2s 6^ Simpkin 1883 

Select, chronologically arranged, by Prof. Greenough, 12o, 7s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1886 
literal translation by Maekay^ new edit. 1 2mo, ls6d Whittaker 1 884 

Vol. 1, lit trans, by R. Mongan, 12mo, 3s 6rf (Kelly's Key) Cornish 1881 

Orator, by John Edwin Sandys, 8vo, 16s Camb, fToir A.... 1885 

Republic, Latin and English, with Notes by G. G. Hardingham, 8vo, 15s Quariteh 1884 

Second Speech aoainst Antony, the Second Philippic, trans. 3 ed. p. 8o, 3s 6d MaemilUm 1885 

Select Letters, edited for Schools, by Rer. G. E. Jeans, 18mo, Is 6<f Macmillan 1882 

Somnium Scipionis, edited by W. D. Pearman, 12mo, 2s (Pitt Press Series) Camb, Wareh„„\S%Z 

Speech for Cluentius, trans, into English, w. Notes, by Peterson, p. 8o, 3s 6<{ Simpkin 1882 

Speeches against Catilina, Introduction and Notes by Upcott, 8vo, 2s 6d.., Ox/d. Wareh, 1887-8 

Stories from Roman History, G. £. Jeans and A. V. Jones, 18mo, Is 6d.., Macmillan 1884 

Student's Cicero, from Munk's * Geschichte der Romischen Literatur,' 3s 6d Sonnenschei» ...1889 

Study of his life and Works, by J. H. Muirhead, cr. 8vo, Is 6d Madehose 1888 

Tusculan Disputations, translated, with Notes by Peabody, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass, ...1886 

Cincinnati Illustrated Business Directory for 1882, 8vo, 12s Cincinnati 1882 

<j\ nderella, The Gk)od Old Story of Cinderella retold in Rhyme by Seccombe, 4to, 6s Wame 1 882 

Cinderella's Cousin, and other Stories, by Penelope, illustrated, 12mo, Is Blackte 1888 

Cinnamon Island, and its Captives, by Au. of * What I saw in Eferpt,' 12mo, 9d Bel, Trad Soc, 1884 

Circle of Saints : Hymns and Verses for Holy Days, by K. E. V. sq. 16mo, 3s 6d Sonnenschein ...1886 

- SoDg, by Cantab and others, 2nd edit fcp. Is Cornish 1888 

1«81-1889] CIBCLE CLARK 111 

Cirde of the Seasons : Hjinns & Verses, by R E. V. Int rodoc. by Dover, p. 80, Zs 6d Slock 1 889 

Ciicoliitiiig Capital : Fundamental Laws of Money, by an £.IndiaMerchant, 1 2o, 68 Longmans 1 885 

<Sties of the World, 4 rols. 4to, 7« 6d each Cassell 1882-9 

<^tisen Beader, with Preface by Right Hon. W. £. Forster, for Schools, p. 80, Is 6d Cassell 1886 

CkyChnrches: Notable of London, 4to, U * Church Bells* 1889 

.1— Eehoes. from Glasgow, by the Author of ' Spero and Celestus/ post 8to, 4« A. Gardner 1884 

in the Sea : Stories of Deeds of Old Venetians, from the Chronicles, p. 8yo, 5s SeeUy 1883 

of London Directory for 1881-90, toj. 8vo, 12# 6d Collwgridge 1881-9 

Lireiy Companies and their Corporate Property, by L. B. S. 8 vo, Is Ritinytons 1885 

- Three Spires, 2 toIs. cr. 8vo, 12« Bemrose 1888 

Ciril Service Calendar,' 1886-7, Exam. Papers, w. Answers, p. 80, 2f 6d, 2«, ^1« 6d Stewart cf- Co, 1886-7 

-- 1888, edited by Wm. Bussell, post 8vo, 2sand Is 6^ W, H, ^^f».. .1888-9 

Competition Papers Simpkin 1885-6 

Skerry, Composition, Is Skerry, Papers on Digesting Eeturns, Is^d 

Directory, 1889, with an Appendix, 8vo, 6« W, H, AUen ...1889 

Series Simpkin 1888 

Skeny, Composition and Essay Writing, Is 6d 

Text-books, 25 each Stewart 1886 

Bossell, Digest of Returns & Tabular Statements Bussell, Indexing & Precis Writing 

^ Year Book: Official Calendar, 1881, 12roo, Is Sd Civ.8er.Pub.Co. 1881 

cr. 8vo, 2s 6<i; sewed, 2s Sheppard Annual 

Ghtwo {J, Jkf.) Small Sermons on Great Texts, 8vo, 3s 6d Casaell 1881 

Claims of Labour: Lectures in Scotland in the Summer of 1886, post 8vo, Is Simpkin 1886 

Osir {A,) Cbiudio and Fida, and other Poems, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d L, Literary Soe, 1885 

Philaster, and other Poems, cr. 8vo, 5s Unwin 1888 

dainut (A. C.) Elements of Geometry, trans, by J. Kaines, post 8vo, 4s 6(2 Kegan Paul 1881 

<^airc, by theAuthor of 'Vida,'post 8ro, 6s Macmillan 1888 

Ckmtown Chronieles, and other Sketches, by-Qui]), post 8vo, 6d I>ighy ^ L 1889 

Cltpasson (J*. 8,) First Steps in French Conversation, cr. 8vo, 8<2 (Aberdeen) A, Murray 1882 

. F^rench Students* Guide, cr. 8vo, 3s (Aberdeen) A, Murray 1882 

in {A. C.) English Passages for trans, into French, 2s 6d; Key, cr. 8vo, 4s... Bell 4- 8, 1888 

German Primer, with Exercises, 12mo, Is Bell f 8, 1883 

Itidiao Primer, with Exercises, 12mo, Is Bell 4" S. 1884 

Latin Primer, with Exercises, 12mo, Is Bell 4" S. 1883 

Notes on Saintine*s * Picciola,* 12mo, Is (Pitt Press Series) Camb, Wareh, ...1883 

Oapperton («/*. H.) Margaret Dunmore; or, a Socialist Home, po6t8vo, Zs 6d ... Sonnenschein ...1888 

Scientific Meliorism and Evolution of Happiness, p. 8vo, Satd Kegan Paul 1885 

Clue {A.) Cjirved Cartoon: a Picture of the Past, new edit post 8vo, 4« S.P.C.K, „1883 

Child of the Menhir : aNovel, 3 vols. cr.8vo,31s 6i Tinsleys 1883 

Dream of Rubens, post 8vo, Is 6(£ 8P,C.K, 1882 

— In the Garden of Eden : an old Story retold to Children, 12mo, 9d ... S.P.C.K. 1888 

North Countrie, 18mo, red. 9d S.P.C.K. 1882 

Oneof Old School : Portrait fr. Life &Coloured fr Imagination, p.8o,ls6<i S.P.C.K. 1882 

Our Example: Twelve Studies on Character of our Lord, p. 8vo, 2s ... S.P.C.K. 1886 

- Passover : Twelve Lessons on BlessedSacrmnt. by Jenner, p. 80, Zs6d Griffith 1 889 

Pandora's Portion : a Story of Hope, post 8vo, 6s Unwin 1888 

Sprig of White Heather, illustrated by W. J. Morgan, 18mo, Is ed S.P.C.K. 1885 

Stolen from the Sea: a Story of Farm Life in Brittany, poet 8vo, Is 6d Bel. Tract i&r....l884 

Two Ways ofLooking at it, post 8vo, Is 6d 8.P.C.K. 1885 

Woman's Dower: Sketch in Black &White, from Girls' LiTes,p. 80, 2s6d Roper j- D 1887 

Words in Season to Working Women, 18mo, Is Zd Masters 1889 

(£) First Elements of French Grammar, cr. 8vo, 2s Nutt 1889 

(Framctt) Child's f^lgrimage : Allegorical and other Tales, sq. 16mo, 2s 6d Skeffington 1886 

How the Gentle Shepherd careth for His Tender Lambs, 4to, 2s 6d Roper 4 L) 1888 

Store of Stories for Children, post 8ro, 3s 6d Skeffington 1888 

— {MJ'.) Three Visits to Knock, w. Medical Accounts of Apparitions, f. 8to, 2s Washooume 1 882 

ClaraidoD, Characters & Episodes of the Great Rebellion, by Doyle, p. 8vo, Is^d Oxford Wareh. 1889 

HistOTT of the Rebellion, by W. D. Macray, 6 vols. cr. 8vo, 45s Oxford Wareh. 1888 

Rebellion, Book 6, edited, with Notes, by T. Arnold, 12mo, 4s 6^^ ... Oxford Wareh. 1886 

OareDdon Press Series (See Appendix B.) 

Qsntie {J.) For Jaqnes' Sake, 12mo, 1* Vizetelly 1889 

Prince Zillah, translated, post 8vo, 6» and 2s Vizetelly 1885-8 

Oarie's little Charge, by M. L. C. new edit. 12mo, Is 6d J. F. Shtno 1881 

€3axk (J.) Goodness of God : Sermons, post 8to, 7s and Is Stock 1887-8 

(iL B.) L. L. L. ; or, Fif^ Law Lessons on allTechnical Points, 12mo, 6s... New York 1882 

(C. D.) Wamcliffe the Wanderer, post 8 vo, 6(; Ward 4 L 1885 

— (C ^.) Just the Very Thing for Newspaper Readers, 18mo, Is Diprose 1885 

— (D.) Comprehensive Examiner : Questions on Subjects in Ckxie, post 8vo, 3s Biackie 1 887 

— _ Offices of the Holy Spirit, 4th edit, post 8vo, Is 6d Partridge 1884 

{D. K) Rnlee, Tables, &c. for Mechanical Engineers, 3 e. 8vo, 20s and 1 6s . . . Biackie 1884 

Tismwajs: Construction & Working. 2 v. p. 8vo, 30s ; Suppl. 12s... Lockwood 1881 

(£ C.) Cambric^ Legal Studies, 12mo, 2s 6J Bell 4 S. 1888 

112 CLARK CLARKE [Exguot Catalooub 

Clark (E. C) Practical Jnrispradence: a Comment on Austin, post Bvo, ds Oxford Wareh. 1883 

(E. G,) Tale of the Shakespere Epitaph, by Bacon, l2mo. 6s and 2a 6d ... Nmo York 1888 

{E H. G.) Man's Birthright; or, the Higher Law of Property, 16mo,5»& 1« Neto York 1885 

{E. L.) Book of Hebrew Scriptures, 12mo, 7« 6d New York 1882 

{Frances) Mr. Fox's Pinch for Pride, illustrated by R. H. Moore, 12mo, U Griffith 1887 

{F. >r.) aenn-Theory of Disease, 8vo. Is Churchill 1888 

( Georgiaria) Gifts, Knick-Knacks, and Pretty Trifles, how to make, cr. 8vo,ls Dean 1 888 

{G. B.) Transraal and Bechuanaland, 8vo, 1« JWtf, H. ^ Co.... 1883 

\G.E) Passport to Civil Service Lower Division, n. e. 3a; Key, 4a 6<i ... Civi'- Serv. Co. 1882-7 

Specimens of Copying MSS. set by Civil Service Commisnrs.fol. la 6d Civil Service Co. 1883 

— Handwriting for Civil Service Examinations, 4to, Sd.., Simpkin 1885 

& McLean, Guide to EssayWriting for Univ. &Sch. Exams. 12o,la6rf Blaekfriars Co. 1887 

^ ((r. F.) Temperance Reform in Massachusetts, 1813-83, 16mo, 7a 6^ Boston^ Mass. ...188S 

— {G. T.) Mediietal Military Architecture in England^ 2 vols. 8vo, 3la 6d ... Wt/mans 1884 

— ( (r. W.) Harmonic Arrangement of the Acts of the Apostles, 1 2mo, 68 6d... Philadelphia ...1884 

— {H. H.) Boy Life in the United States Navy, illustrated, r2mo, 7a 6d Boston^ Mass, ...1885 

Naval Cadet Bentley: Sequel to * Boy Life in U.S. Navy,' 12mo, ls6d Boston^ Mass. ...1889 

(t7..B.) Philosophy of Wealth. 12mo. 6a Boston, 3fflaa. ...1887 

(f7aaaft0 M.) How to Excel in Singing, &c. : for Lady Students, cr. 8vo, 2a... Cramer 1884 

\j, 8.) Practical Rhetoric for Colleges & Intermediate Schools, l6mo, 6:?... New York 1887 

(«/. fT.) Cambridge, Hist, and Descriptive Notes, illus. new edit. p. 8 vo,6a. . . Seelet/ 1 889 

(L.) and Sadler {H.) Star Guide for Small Telescopes, &c loy. 8vo, 6a Ma/mUlan 1886 

(Jlfiwyfl^.) Tumaaide Cottage, new edit. 12mo, 2a M. Ward 1888 

{8. R, G,) Herbert Garden^'s Children, 12mo, 1s6d Boston, Mass. ...1888 

Yensie Walton, post 8vo, 6a Hodder 1882 

— Walton's Womanhood, with illustrations, post 8vo, 6a... Hodder 1886 

.- ( r. A.) Workshop Notes for Classes, Course 1 , Wood Working, p. 8vo, la. . . Simpkin 1889 

(r.J5:)*Tots'inCompound&Simple Addition, bTCivilServiceCom.8o,lO^ j&/a<?;t/r*ara Co. 1886 

(r. (?.) Christianity East and West, 8vo, 10a 6<i Hodd^ 1889 

(71 M.) Building Superintendence, based on prepared Papers, roy.8vo, I6a Boston, Mass, ...1883 

— ( W,) Witnesses to Christ: Contribution to Clu^istian Apologetics, 12o, 7a 6<^ Chicago 1888 

Clarke (A, D.) Army & Civil Service Papers in Arithmetic, 8a 6d\ 2nd ed. 3a 6^... Bivingtons ...1886-7 

— — ^— Plane Trigonometry for Examinations, with Answers, cr. 8 vo, 8a 6d Rimngtons 1886 

(B.) Across the Sea, post 8vo, 2a Sun/Sch, I7«.... 1886 

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. Perspective Explained and Illustrated, 8vo, 3a 64 Spons 1884 

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London Government: Local Government Act, 1888, 2nd ed. 12mo, la Simpkin 1888 

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^Two Chorus Girls, and other Stories, post 8vo, 3a 64 and 2a Sonnenschein 1888-9 

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1881-1889J OLAKKE CLAUDE 118 

Clarke {H. W.) Sextant, sq. 16mo, 2« W. H. Alien 1885 

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— Logend of Thomas Didymus, 16roo, 10a 6i Boston, Mass ...1881 

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and others — Modem Unitarianism : Essays and Sermons, 12o, 6a Philadelphia ...1886 

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Prescriber: Dictionary of New Therapeutics, 3a 6d; 2 ed. 12o, 3a 6d Keene f A 1886 

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- (Mrs.) Polly's Petition ; or. Bread for a Stone, post 8vo, 2a Bel. Tract iS!oc...l884 

-( Mrs. A. ) Ideal Cookery Book — Economy, Wealth, & Comfort, 1 2mo, 7a 6rf Chicago 1 889 

\Mrs.C.) CheapRecipesforFish Cookery, Object8&WorkofSchools,12o,3<i Clowes 1883 

High-Class Cookery Recipes as taught in N. Train . Sch. cr. 8o, 2a ^d W. H. Allen 1 885 

2ed.p.8o,3a Clowes 1887 

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Con's Acre: Tale of Gillcourt Farm. 12mo, IsSd Sun. Sch. Un..,.lSS4: 

. Cousin Dorry; or, Three Measures of Meal, post 8vo, la 6d... Sun. Sch. Un. ...1883 

. Johnnv's Search, 18mo, la Sun. Sch, Un....l884 

More ^rue than Truthful: Story and a Study, illus. p. 8o, 5a Hodder 1887 

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From the Deck of a Yacht, post 8vo, 3a ^d Bemington 1882 

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Three Diggers : a Tale of the Australian 'Fifties, post 8vo, 6a Low 1889 

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post8vo, la4(i Nisbet 1881 

18mo, la ed... Bel. Tract 5oc...l884 

(Sarah M. S.) Trivial Round ; or. Chapters of Village Life, post SYO,2s6d Nisbet 1888 

■{S. B. G.) Tom's Street: a Story for the Young, 12mo, 7a 6d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

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Inaian Summer: Autumn Poems andSketches, 4to, 21a..., Griffith 1881 

.- Shadow of John Wallace: a Novel, 12mo, 5a New York 1884 

CIa8on(^. ^.) Seven Conventions, 12mo, 6a New York 1888 

Class Book of English Poetry : Jnnr. &Sen Divis.n. e. 12o, la (Nelson's Sch. Ser.) Nelsons 1881 

History of England, with numerous maps and illustrations, 12mo, 2a 6d ... Cassell 1884 

Classic Tales :Ra8selas,VicarofWakefield. Gulliver, & Sentiment. Jour. 12o,3a6(2 Bell j- S. 1882 

5 vols in case, 6s Paterson 1889 

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Series (See Appendix B.) 

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Classified Bibliography of English & American Political Economy, &c. 8vo, la 6(2 New York 1881 

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and Descriptive Catalogue of .scientific and Technical Books, 8o, 2a 6(2 Philip 1886 

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GelI6e le Lorrain, by Owen J. Dullea, post 8vo, 3a 6(2 (Great Artifits)...... Low 1887 



lU CLAUDINE CLEMMEB [Enqubh Catalmvi 

GUadine ; or, Hamili^ the Basis of all the Yirtues, bj a Mother^ n. ecL 12mOy Is Griffitk 1881 

Claas (C.) £leinezitai7 Text-book of Zoologj : Mollosca to Man, 16#; 2 edit. IBs 8(mnenM:hein.A9BS-9 

'- Protozoa to Insecta, trans. 8to, 21« Satmenschtm ...1884 

Clausen {Agnit M.) Daisy Bajs, Verses by Nesbit, Qraham, Tomson, &c.4to, is 6d Griffith 1887 

ClansewiU ((?«». C.vofi) War, 4tOy red. 10f6<i Trubner 188S 

Clareribonse, by Mowbray Morris, post So,2s6d; l$6d&U (English Worthies) Longmans ...1887-8 

ClaTering (Vere) Barcaldine, 3 toIs. postSTO, 3U 6d ffurat 1889 

^— Modem Delilah: a NoTel, 3 vols. cr.SvOy 3 l«6<i ffurst 1888 

12mo, 2i<Waud2* Blackett 188« 

ClarerSy the Despot's Champion : a Scots Biography, by a Soathem, post 8o, 7s M Longnuau 1889 

Clay (Alice) Agony Colamn of the * Times/ 1800-70. 12mo, 2« ^ (Mayfair Lib.) Chatto 1881 

(5. if.) Earl's Atonement: a Novel, 12mo, 7#6<i New York 1885 

Put Asunder: a Novel, 12mo,7« 6<i ^ New York 1885 

Sunshine and Roses: a Novel, 12mo,5# New York 1884 

Thorns and Orange Blossoms: a Novel, 12mo, 5« New York 1884 

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Daric Marriage Mom: a Novel, 12mo, 7« ^ New York 1882 

Daughter of the Gods ; or^ How she Came into her Kingdom, 12o, 5« New York 1883 

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^ Modem Hagar: a Drama, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 2]f Low 1882 

-Struggle for a Ring: a Novel, l2mo, 7» ^ New York 1882 

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(J:) Treatment of Cancer, 8vo, Is Churchill 1882 

{Ladv) Stranger in a Strange Land, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3ls6d Low 1882 

"'— and Wlllats (Mrs.) Failure and Fortune in Fanning, square 16mo,U Cassdl 188S 

Clayden (A.) Handbook to New ZeaUnd: Resources & Industries, 2sed; 2 ed.2<6^ Wyman 1885-6 

(P.W.) Rogers and his Contemporaries, 2 vols, post 8vo, 24s Smith ^ E. 1889 

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{EL C.) A Girl's Destiny: a Love Story, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d TinsUjffs 1882 

((?.) Wheat and Tares: a Novel, 12mo, 6s Philaddpkia ...1889 

{Lomsa) Loving Messages: Addresses for Mothers* Meetings, p. 8vo, 2s 6i Book Society ...1883 

Story of Miss DeBroen*s Mission at Belleville, Paris, 12mo, 2s 6<2 Nisbet 1881 

Winning and Warning; or. Talks with Bible Class, p. 8vo, Is 6(f Hawkins 1889 

Claytor (6r.) Otterdale: Pen Pictures of Farm Life, & other Poems, ilL 12mo,4s6<{ Bichmond^ Fa....l885 
Pleasant Waters : a Story of Southern Life and Character, 16mo, 6s PhiladdMa ...1888 

Cleaiy(r. S.) Twitterings at Twilight, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1883 

Clegg (J,) Directory of Second-hand Booksellers and Libraries, Brit, and For. 2s6i Stock 1888 

Cleland (J.) Directory for the Dissection of the Human Bod^, new ed. 12mo, 3s 6<f Smith Jlr E. ...1881-8 

Mackay, and Young, Memoirs and Memoranda .n Anatomy, 8to,7s Bd WiUianu ^ if.... 1 888 

(JbAn) Relation of Brain to Mind, cr. 8vo, Is Maciehose 1882 

(/?.) Barbara Allen, the Provost's Daughter, 2 vols. cr. Svo^ 17s Blackvooods 1889 

Inchbracken : a Novel, cr. 8vo, 6s and 2s Wilson <f 3/*C.188M 

Rich Man's Relatives, 3 vols, cr. 8vo, 31s 6i , F. V. White IS81 

Troe to R Type : a Novel, 2 yo\b. post 8vo, 17s - Blackwoods 1883 

Clelland(Af. (?.) Oblivion : an Episode, 16mo, 5s New York 1881 

Clemance ( C ) Scripture Doctrine of Holy Spirit & Thoughts for Student8,p.8o,2s6rf Snow 1 '"'^ 

To the Light throu^ the Cross : Elxpositions, Isaiah, &c p. 8vo, 5s Dickinson 1 

Clemens (E.JM.)Ia Plata Countries of South America, illus. with maps, 1 2o, 7s6d Philadelphia ... I 

((?. C.) Law of Corporate Securities in the Federal Courts, 8vo, 15s St.LouiSj U.S..,A 

\W. M) Famous Funny Fellows : American Humorists, cr,8vo, ls6rf & Is Jl ^ R. Mojrtodl \ 

. Brief Biographical Sketches, 12mo, 6s Cleveland^ Ohio 1 

Clement (C. E) Charlotte Coshman, 12mo, 6s (American Actor Biographies) Boston, Mass, 

- Christian Symbols and Stories of the Saints, 12mo, 12s 6d Boston, Mass. ...11 

Elpanor Maitland : a Novel, 16mo, 6* and 2s 64 Boston^ Mass, 1881 

. Handbook of Legendary and Mythological Art, cr. 8vo, 12s 6{f Boston^ Mass. ...U 

History of Art for Beginners & Students : Painting, &c 8vo, 21s New York 11 

Egypt, illus. 12mo, 7s 6<f Boston, Mass. ...11 

Outline History of Architecture, with indexes Villus. 8to, 126 G<e2 NewYorJk ...1^ 

_»^_^_^. — . Painting, for Beginners & Students,8vo, \2s6d New YorJk i\ 

Sculpture for B^finners, 8vo, I2s6d & I0s6d New York 1| 

Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Engravers, &ccr. 8vo, I2s 6d ... Boston, Mass. ...ij 
Stories of Art & Artists,Histor. & Descriptive, portraita,&c.8o,2ls Boston, Mass. .. . Ij 
and Conway, Handbook of Christian Symbols, new ed. 12o, 7s6d Boston, Mass, 
Hutton (/^) Artists of the 19th Century, new edit. 12mo, 15s Boston, Mass, ... 

- (E) Geological Systems, with Litholog.Corop.& PalaBontoJtemains,12o,ls Sonnfnschein 

Clement's Trial & victory ; or. Sowing & Reaping, by M. E. B. n. ed. 12mo, 3s M Gr\fith, 
Clements (^.)^^^o^^^^^^°' Text-bk.of AgricbyKain8-Jack8on,)2mo,2s6<^ Loeku.'ood 

(M. E) Adopted Brothers: Blessed are the * Peacemakers,' poet 8vo, Is Nelsons .. . 

Bible Stories Simply Told: the Old Testament, 4to, 5s Nelsons ^,. 

Cords of Love; or, Who is my Neighbour? poet 8vo, Is 6d... Nelsons,,. 

Eagle and Dave : a Tale of Franco-Prussian War, poet 8vo, 2s Nelsons 
Sheltering Arms : Entrance of God's Word gives Light,p.8o,ls6i Nefsons 

Clemmer (Af.) Poems of Life and Nature, 12mo, 7s 6d .«. Boston, Mass. 


1881-1889] CLERGY CLOUGH 115 

QaiKjDirectoTj and Parish Gaide, 188U3, Zs 6d; 1884, post 8to, is ed Bosworth 1881-4 

rstSrOfised T. G.Johnson 1885-9 
HaU 1881-8 

with Clerical Guide and Ecclesiastical Directory, 1889, 8rO; 10s 6d Hamilton 1889 

dergymaa's Magazine, Vol. 1, New Series, 8^0, 7s 6d Hodder 1887 

Clerical librarj (See Appendix B.) 

I Reminiscences, by Senex, 2nd edit, post 8to, 4« 6<2 SeeUy 1881 

World: a Paper for the Pulpit and the Per, Vols. 1 and 2, 4to, Is Sd ea. Hodder 1882 

Clark (i?.) Gas Eneine, post 8vo, 7>» 6(^ Longmans ......1886 

— (/. F.) and Lindsell (W. H. B,) Thft Law of Torts, roy. Svo, 25s Sweet f M, 1889 

— (AT. C) Birthday Book in Gaelic & English, selected from Ossian.&c.l2o,5s Simpkm 1885 

Qerke (A. St. J.) & Brett, Conveyancing Acts, w.Notes,cr.8o,12s6<i&6«6<i ; n,e.7s6d Buitertoorths 1881-9 

Humphry, l^eatise on Law relating to Sales of Land, r. 8o, 25s Stevens ^ S. 1885 

{j^ueaMJjTopulsLr History of Astronomy, 12s 6(2; new edit 870, I2s6d.., Longmans 1885-7 

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Clei^and (C 2>.) Compendium of English Literature, 12mo, 12s 6d New York 1886 

{Grotfer) Life and Public Services, by Pendleton King, 12mo, Is Putnam 1885 

— ^ (B. W. 8.) Voyages of a Merchant Navigator of Days Past, 12mo, 6s New York 1886 

(R.JS,) Long Run : a Novel, 7s 6d and 5s , Detroit 1886 

{Bose R) George Eliot : Poetry and other Studies, roy. 16mo, 6s 6c? ... Hodder 1885 

Qereiiger (S. V.) Comparative Physiology and Psychology, 8vo, 10s 6d Chicago 1885 

ClwerBoys, fcp. 8vo (Juvenile Library), Is Chambers 1881 

Cata, 4to, 6<2 (Nelson's Toy Books) Nelsons 1881 

Frank, by Anthor of * Maid Marjory,* & other Stories, new ed. post 8vo, Is Cassell 1886 

QfTeriey ((r. rf^.) Law of the Universe: an Undelivered Lecture, 8vo, Is Simpkin ....1888 

CKff Hut; or, the Perils of a Fisherman's Family, 12mo,red. 9ef Partridge 1883 

aiffe(F. fll) Abel: a Tragedy, post 8vo, 5s Remington 1883 

Can it be True? a Novel 2 vols. 21s Remington 1887 

Clifford {C. JET.) Shishak the King: a Sacerdotal Drama, sm. 8vo, 2s ^d Simpkin 1887 

(E.y Father Damien : a Journey from Cashmere to Hawaii, post 8 vo, 2s 6d Macmillan 1 889 

(/:) History of Private Bill Legislation (I. 20s; II. 35s), 2 vob. 8vo, 65s BiUterworths..A%%6-7 

and Rickards {A, G.) Locus Standi Ileports (See Law, App. B.) 

{ff. itf.) Selections, Annotated, 12mo .' Oxfd. Wareh. 1887-8 

Esm and Nehemiah, Is Joshua and Judges, 9d Ruth and Samuel I. 9d 

Genesis, Is 6d Kings I. Is ; IL Is Samuel IL Is 

— (J.) Bawn of Manhood : Twelve Sermons, 3s 6^? ; 2nded. post 8vo, 3s 6d * Chr.Comwih*lSS6-7 

— (J, R. S,) Holy Days & Holidays : Mem. of the Calendar, sq. 16mo, Is ed West. Conf. Of. 1881 

— (AT.) Constitutional Diseases, their Warnings, Symptoms, &c. 12mo, Is... Simpkin 1882 

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Mrs. Keith's Crime: a Record, 3rd edit. cr. 8vo, 6s Bentley 1885 

4th edit. 12rao, 2s (Novel Series) ... Unwin 1888 

Very Short Stories and Verses for Children, 18mo, Is W. Scott 1886 

(fi.) What think Ye of Christ? post 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 1883 

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{W, K,y Common Sense of the Exact Sciences, with 100 Figures, p. 80, 5s Kegan Paul 1885 

Elements of Dynamic, Book 4, Part 1, and Appendix, cr. 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1887 

— Lectures & Essays, ed. by Stephen & Pollock, 2 ed. p. 8vo, 8s ed Macmillan 1886 

■.- — 3Iathematical Papers, by Tucker, Introd. by S. Smith, 8vo, 30s Macmillan 1882 

Unfinished Papers on the Theory of Graphs, fcp. 10s hd Macmillan 1882 

Qiftoa (Geo. H.) Wilford Grantly, post 8vo. 3s ed Hatchards 1881 

\J.FS)ljes9onOut\\nwfortheiQtOB[^\Yesx'. Man. ofSun.Teaching,12o, Is S.P.C.K. 1883 

(R. fT.) Kighta and Liabilities of Innkeepers, post 8vo, 2s ed W. H. Kelly 1885 

{8,) Little Reason Why Picture Book, illus. by C.Rohling, folio, 4s ed ... Meissnerj-B. ...1886 

CSitaaColl^e Bister: List of Cliftonians, Sep. 1862 to July 1887, cr. 8vo, 5s Rivingtons 1887 

Clisfial Manoalfcv Study of Medical Cases, by Finlayson, 2 ed. post 8vo, 12s 6<;... Smith^E. 1886 

MAzroalfl (See Appendix B.) 

^^*oa{£f. R.) Crocy to Assye: Five Centuries of Military History, p. 8vo, 7s ed Wame 1881 

(IT.) Told in a Trance, post 8vo, Is Sonnenschein ...1887 

Cfi^bef Wing; or, L#et her Soar: a Romance, by a Lady of Louisiana, 12mo, 7s ed New York 1889 

^W>M {A. ) S veden borg's Writi ngs and Catholic Teaching, 3rd edit, post 8vo, 3s Longmans 1881 

G*i(JC.) Eberhard ; or, the Mystery of Rathsbeck, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s ed Ttnslegs 1883 

— In Spite of Fate: a Novel, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s ed Tinsleys 1881 

*«dd (£) Jesns of Nazareth : special edition for Schools, 18mo, Is ed Kegan Paul 1889 

Jewish History to Birth of Jesus: special ed. for Schools, 18mo, Is ed Kegan Paul 1889 

Mjthe and Dreams, post 8vo, 5s Chatto 1885 

Story of Creation: a Plain Accountof Evolution, post 8vo, 6s Longmans 1888 

Ode (IT) Lav reliU^ing to Tenement Houses and Flats, 8vo, 10s ed Cloms 1889 

Cliq«et(ff.Z«.)Expositionof Tbirty-nine Articles of Church of England, 8vo, 16$ Nisbet 1885 

Cme (F.) B«storatk>n of Churches is Restoration of Popery, 8vo, Is Newman .........1881 

^)a«flttd: or, the Secret of Usefulness and Happiness, 4to, red. 2s ed Partridge 1883 

'SiBi)! {AMJ) a Moo<>gniph, by Samuel Waddington, post 8vo, 7s ed Bella's. 1882 

Poemo, with Memoir, ne-w edit. 6s ; revised edit, poet 8vo, 7s ed.,. Macmillan ...1883-8 

— - Proee Kemains, with Letters and a Memoir, post 8vo, 7s ed Macmillan 1888 



dough (B.) Guide to the Scholarship Examination, post 8vo, 25 6d Gill 1888 

Clonston (T.8.) Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases, p. 8ro. I2sed; 2 ed.lOs (id Churchill 1883-7 

Female Education from a Medical Point of View: Lects.Svo, I «... Simpkin 1883 

( W, A.) Book of Noodles: Stories of Simpletons or Fools. &c. 12mo, 4s 6rf Stock 1888 

Choice Anecdotes of the Witty & Wise, in Prose& Verse, p. 8\-o, 2« Ward ^ L 1883" 

Popular Tales & Fictions, theirMigrations, &c. 2 toIs. p. 870, 25s BlackwoocU 1887 

Clowes (F.)Practical Chemistry &QaalitatiTe Inorganic Analysis, 4 e. p. 8yo, 75 6d Churchill 1885 

Club of One : the Note-book of a Man who might have been Sociable, 16mo,-6s... Boston, Mass. ...1887 

Series (See Appendix B.) 

Clulow (IV. B,) Sunshine & Shadows; or, Sketches of Thought, new ed. post 8vo, 55 Unmn 1883 

Clum (A i>.) Inebriety: its Causes, it« Results, its Remedy, 12mo, 65 Philadelphia ...1888 

— Men and Women: their Structure, &c. 12mo, 10s ^d Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Clyde (t/.) Modern Latin Q-rammar, Part 1 , Elementary, sq. 16mo, 28 Simpkin 1 887 

SchoolGeography, 20th edit. 12mo, 4s (Edinburgh) SimpHn 1881 

- {Lord) Life, Diary, and Correspondence, by Gen. Shadwell, 2 vols. 8vo, 36s Blackwoods 1881 

Clynton (R.) Life of a Celebrated Buceanet-r: a Page for Children, p. 8vo, 45 6d Sunnenschein ...1889 

Coan (T,) Hawaii : an Autobiographic Sketch of Mission Life, cr. 8 vo, 7s 6c? yew York, .% 1 882 

Coape(iy. C.) ChAteau de Louard: Story of the Edict of Nantes, post 8vo, 6s ... Bel, Tract Soc,„, IBS7 

In a Jesuit Net, illustrated by E. Whymper, post 8vo, 5« Bel, Tract iSt>c....l888 

— I Mountain Mill : a Pastor's Story, 18mo, Is Kelsons 1881 

Coates («/.) How to Mesmerise, 12mo, Is Foulsham 1889" 

Manual of Pathology, with 329 illus. 8vo, Sis 6d Longmans 1883 

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Martin the Skipper: a Tale for Boys,&c. 8vo,3s 6<i W,}V.GardnerlSSS-S 

Off to California: adapted fr. Flemish, ill. cr. 8vo, 3s 6(f;n. e. 12o,3s6rf W,W, Gardner ISS5^ 

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— - Karmel the Scout ; or, the Rebel of the Jerseys, post 8vo, Ss 6^ Cassell 1889 

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Tinted Vapours: a Nemesis, 12mo, Is Wame 1885 

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— -^-^-^ Duties of Wom^^n : Lectures, 5s; new edit. 12mo, 35 6rf WiUiams^N. 1881-8 

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Peak in Darien, with Inquiries touching Soul & Body, post 8vo, 7s 6rf Williams ^N, „ 1882 

Scientific Spirit of the Age, and other Pleas, &c. post 8vo, 65 Smithy E, 1888 

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new edit. 8vo, 6rf ... Ward 4^ L 1887 

8vo, Sd ... Wame 1887 

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by Richard Gowring, post 8vo, Is (World's Workers) Cassell 1886 

and the Free Traders, by Lewis Apjohn, post 8vo, 2s 6i Tyne Pub, Co. ...1881 

Cobwebs to Catch Flies, Is; new illustrated edit. 18mo, 6^ RoiUledge 1885 

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1881-1889] COCKRAM COLE 117 

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.- n ew ed. cr. 8vo, 2« 6<f , 2*, and \s\ 8 vo, 6rf Bo utUdge 1 882-9 

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— Building the Nation : Events in the Hist, of United States, 8vo, I5s New York 1882 

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. (jy.) Wlio's She ? 12mo, Is Paterson 1887 

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How to Read Character by the Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, &c. 12mo, Is Cohen 1888 

— -> Lessons of Life: Sweethearts &How to Read their Characters, p. 8o,3s6(f Cohen 1887 

Modem Self-Instructor in Phrenology, Physiology, &c. post 8vo, Zs6d Cohen 1887 

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Day on the Peak, Bakewell Ch. Haddon Hall. &c. 2 e. p. 8o. Is&Sd Simpkin 1887 

r^{i7.) Creeds of the Day: Opinionsof Reputable Thinkcr8,in Letters, 2 7.8o,21s Triibner 1883 

Oitr (^. 3f.) Found on the Hills, 12mo, Is Bel. Tract Soc.... ISS7 

^joaMmh (G. St,y An Ascent of Parnassus by way of Mendacia, cr. 8to, 3s 6^ ... Bemington ......1886 

C<iluge {Leo de) Heart of Europe, the Rhine to the Danube : Views, folio, 20s ... Bostoit, Mass. ...1883 

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Ptablic Schools Historical Atlas, 4to, 6s Longmans 1886 

Teaching of Modem Languages in Theory and.Practice, 12mo, 2« ... Camb. Wareh. ...1887 

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<yborBe(CW.i?bft. J.) With Hicks Pasha in the Soudan: SenaarCamp.'83,p.8o,6s Smithy- E. ......1884 

Wbit?ih(Af. 71) What to Get for Breakfast, 16mo, interleaved, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1882 

^j^lnmi ( JT.) Intellectual Arithmetic upon the Inductive System, n. ed. 16mo, 2s Boston, Mass. ...1884 

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- — {C. W.) and Baltton (W.) Demon Cat: a Naval Melodrama, 4to, 2s 6rf Simpkin 1889 

- — - . Kamdene, Bameeburie, & D* Alston's Tour, &c. 4to, Is Simpkin 1888 

— (£ir.> Geological Rambles in Yorks.: Le€d8toScarboro',Whitby,&c.8vo, Is Simpkin 1883 

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Sayings of 100 Great Men in Praise of Books, 64mo, 6d W. Scott 1886 

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- — (G. 1?. F.) Perovians at Home, cr. 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 1884 

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— (j. R) For««t Edioes: Poems select by J. E. Cole, ill. by H. A. Cole, Z2mo,ed Drane 1887 

— -{W. S.) Notefl OB Plate Laying, Maintenance Cnrres, Points, &c.p. 8o, 3s6(2 Spons 1886 

118 COLE COLLEGE [Enouct Cataioqib 

€k>le*8 Fun Doctor : the FanniMt Book in the World, poet 8to, 3« 6i&nd 2s 6d.,. RoutUdge 1886 

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- {J,) Curly : an Actor's Story, illus. by J. C. Dollman, 12mo, U^&ls Chatto 188$ 

■ Playerf and Playwrights I have Known, 2 vols. 8to, 24» Chatto 188ft 

— Rival Queens : a Story of the Modem Stage, 3 vols. cr. 8to, 8U 6<2 Bemingion 1887 

White Ladye of Rcsemount: Story of M(^em Stage, p. 8vo, Z* 6d ffiUehtiuon , 1889 

and Chute {J. C.) Gladys* Peril, fcp. U6d&l$ (Bristol Library)... IHimpkm 188& 

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Girls of Flaxby, 18mo, 2s W, Smith 1882 

— Jack o' Lanthorn : a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12« Smith ^ L 1889 

■ ■ Kingsworth ; or, the Aim of a Life, post 8vo, 3« Masters 1881 

— — Makers of Mulling, and other Tales, post 8vo, 6s W. Smith 1889 

Maude Florence Nellie ; or, Don't Care, illustrated, post 8vo, 3« Sational Soc, *..1889 

Near Relation, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3ls 6d Bentley 188$ 

Plunge into Troubled Waters; or.Mod. Parochial Life, 12o,2*6rf W. Smith 1888 

Keubon Everett ; or. When Old Things were New, ill. p. 8vo, 3# National Soc, ...1888 

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(/x9r<2)LawofBlasphemousLibcl:Samm.upof Reginar.Foote,&c.8o,l« Stevens 1883 

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by Rov. Derwent Coleridge, post 8vo, 2s Ward j- L. 1885 

n.e.rev.tran8.of Greek & I^tin Quot 12o,3«6<^ Simpkin 1883 

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Miscellanies, ^aEsthetic & Literary, &c. by T. Ashe, 12mo, 3*6<2 Bell 4" S. 1885 

Poems, 12mo, Is 6(2 (Chiswick Series) Bell J 8, 1888 

with a Prefatoiy Notice by Joseph Skipsey, sq. 16mo, Is ^. Scott 1884 

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edited by W. B. Scott, 18mo, Is BoutUdge 1889 

rep.from Early Edits, with Memoir,&c.p.8o,7s6(2 Wame 1883 

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by H. D. Traill, 25 6(2; new edit, post 8vo, Is 6(2 and \s Maemdllan ...1884-9 

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& the Eng. Romantic School, by Brandl,byLadyEa6tlake,p.8o,125 Murray 1887 

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Fibulae, cr. 8vo, 4s 6(2 Kegan Paul 1888 

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Microcosm, and other Poems, with four photographs, 12mo, 12« Qd ... New York 1881 

Psalterion : a New Rendering of Hebrew Psalms into Eng. Ver. 12o, 6s New York 1888 

{E. Beatrice) Holy Seasons of the Church : Selectns. in Prose & Ver. 16mo, 2s S.P.C.K. 188& 

(J.) Summer Travelling in Iceland ; Two Journeys across the Island, r.8o,18s Murray ;...1882 

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J — & Tomlin's Arithmetic, for Public Elementary Schools, 12mo, 10(2 Simpkin 1884 

English Grammar for First Classes in Elem. Schools, 12mo, 6(2 Simpkin 1881 

Geography for Public Elementary Schools, l2mo, Is id Simpkin 1884- 

Little Traveller : Geographical Reader for Standard 2, p. 8vo, 9d Simpkin 1881 

Ocean Currents & Tides, the'Planetary System, the Moon, 12o, Zd Simpkin 188S 

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Coley(F. C.) Turkish Bath : its History and Uses, 8vo, 6(2 W.Scott 1887 

Collard (E, &.) The Young Schoolmistress at her First Situation, 12mo, Is S.P.C.K. 1881 

Collation of the Athos Codex of the Shepherd of Hermas, by Lambros, tr. 80, 8f 6(2 Comb, Wareh, ...1888 

Collectanea Genealogica, Vol. 1, large 8vo, 42s Foster 1882 

Collection of Latin Maxims literally translated for Le^l Examinations, 8vo, 2s 6(2 Stevens 4" H* ...1881 

Collects Exemplified: Illustrations from the Old &New Testaments, p. 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 188ii 

College Course of Biology Smithy E, 188* 

Marshall, Frog, 3s 6(2 
Cuts: Amusing Episodes in Society and College Life, oblong 4to, 9s New York 1882 

- Days, Recorded in Blank Verse, 12mo, 6s Unwin 188^ 

of Preceptors' Calendar for 1881-9, 8vo, 2s 6(2 each C, F. Hodgson 1S81-9 

■ Questions in Arithmetic from 1847-83, 12mo, Is AUman 1884 

English History, 1847-82, 12mo, Is AUman 1884 

French Language, 1863-83, p. 8vo, ls6<2 Allman 1885 

Scripture History, 1847-82, 12mo, Is AUman 1884 

Politics: Address to S. W. Medical Ass. on College of Surgeons, 8vo, 6(2... Churchill 1888 

1881-1889] COLLEGE COLLINS 119 

^ jc the QiTircIi/ How I was Educated/ Papers of Denom. Believers, 80, 7«6i New York 1887 

CblligBn r. Oppidans : a Reminiscence of Eton Life, by an Old Etonian, I60, 1«6<2 Simpkm 1884 

GoUeoder(£r. IF.) Modern Billiards Book, iUns. 12mo, IsM New York 1881 

Coller(£l) Homespun Yams, poet 8to, 5^ J.^RMaxwdl„,l%%2 

new edit. i)OSt 8to, 3s 6i Simpkin 1887 

ODUes(ff.if.) literature & Pension List, Inirestigatn. for Soc. of Authors, c8o,4tf6<{ H, Qlaiaher 1889 

GoUet (Lieut.) Compensation of Compasses without Bearings, trans, r. 8yo, Za 6d Simpkin 1885 

(& D.) Outlines and Episodes of Brahmic History, 870, 6<i Williams # ^:...1884 

Colbtt (£) Parish Priest's Day Book for 62 Weeks, 8vo, 2« Gnffith 1883 

(/.) Story of Stephen, and other Poems, 12mo, 5s Longmans 1883 

CWlette(C. if.) Luther Vindicated, 8vo, 5s Quariich 1883 

Reply to * Catholic Belief' : Letters to Card. Manning, p. 8vo, Is J, F. Shaw 1887 

Rome'sTheoryofTraditionaspartof aChri8tiau'sFaith,p.8o,ls J. F. Shaw 1886 

St. Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus EpiscopusHipponiensis),8o,5s W, ff, Allen 1 883 

Collie {A.) FeTers : Histoiy, Etiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis,^ Treat, p. 80, 8s 6d Lewis 1886 

Collier {J.) Book-Keeping hy Double Entry familiarly explained, 12mo, Is Belfe 1884 

^Manual of Oil Painting, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d CasseU 1886 

Primer of Art, with illustrations, 18mo, Is Maemillan 1882 

(/. r.) Lieutenant Mary: a Story, 8to, 21s Bemington 1886 

{Margaret) Babel, 2 toIs. post 8vo, 17« Blackwoods 1887 

Our Home on the Adriatic, 10s 6^; 2nd edit. 8to, 10s ^d Beatley 1886 

Prince Peerless: a Fairy Folk Story Book, post 8vo, 5s Unwin 1886 

{M. P. M.) Phrsiology of Vascular System, 3 Lectures, illus. 8yo, 3s 6d.,. H. K, Lewis 1889 

{Mrs.) Bible woman^s Story : Autobio. of MjrsCollier3inniDgham,l 80, Is Woolmer 1885 

(P.) Sorghum, considered as a source of Sugar, Syrup, & Fodder, 8vo, 15s Cincinnati 1884 

(P. F,) Cyclopaedia of Commercial Information, by K. Robinson, 4to, 21s New York 1882 

(R. L.) English Home Life, 12mo, 2s 6<? Unwin 1885 

[W, F.) Great Erents of Hist, from beginning of Christian Era, n. e. 2s 6<^ Nelsons 1888 

History of Lreland for Schools, post 8vo, 2s Jf. Ward 1885 

— Outlines of Zoology for Junior Classes, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

CoUigDOD (3f.) Greek Archseology, trans, by J. H. Wright, p. 8yo, 5s (Fine Art Lib.) CasseU 1886 

Mythology of Greek Art, trans, by Jane E. Harrison, 8vo, 10s 6d Orevel 1889 

Gdliiigs [G.) Circular Work in Carpentry & Joinery, with Diagrams, 12mo, 2s 6d Lockwood ..1886 

Hand-Railing : Methods for Finding Pitch of Plank, ill.l2mo, ls6<i Lockwood 1882 

(/. P.) Choosing a Calling and Making the Best of It, post 8to, 2s 6(2... Edue. Sup, Ass, 1889 

CQlIingvood(Jc?mi. Xor(2) Corresp. &Memoir8, G. N. Collingwood,2 v. red. 5s Ridgways 1883 

' (C) Bible&the Age: Principles of Consistent Interpretatn. 8o, 10s6ii Vnwin 1886 

(U.) Congo Rovers: Story of the Slave Squadron, illus. post 8vo, 5s Blackie 1885 

Loss of the * Flying Fish* : Aerial & Submarine Peril, p. 8vo, 6s Blackie 1886 

Missing Merchantman, illustrated, cr. 8vo, 5s Blackie 1888-9 

Pirate Island: a Story of the South Pacific, illus. cr. 8vo, 5s... Blackie 1884 

• Reveres Secret: a Tale of Pirate Cays, &c of Cuba, ill. p. 8vo, 5s Blackie. >,^ 1887 

Secret of the Sands ; or, the * Water Lily,' new edit cr. 8 vo, 6s... Griffith 1 888 

Under the Meteor Flag: Log of a Midshipman, 6s& 5s; n.e.2s6<2 Low 1884-7 

— Voyage of the 'Aurora,' illus. cr. 8vo, 6s&5s; newed. 2s%d ... Low 1885-7 

( W, GJ) Philosophy of Ornament : Lectures (Orpington), ill. cr. 8vo, 5s G, Allen 1 883 

CdliM ((?.-<<.) Bar Sinister, new edit. 12mo, 2s Chatto 1881 

(CM.) Celtic Irish Songs & Writers : Selection, with Memoirs, p. 8o, 5s Cornish 1885 

History, Law and Practice of Banking, with Statutes, p. 8vo, 7s ^d Cornish 1881 

<PV«»ices)BrokenLily, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s6<£ Hurst 1882 

You Play Me False, new edit. fcp. 8vo, 3s6<iand 2s Chatto 1883 

& Cotton (P.) Woodleighs of Amscote, illus. post 8vo, 4s 6d., Sonnenschein ...1881 

(F. H.) Epitome of Synthetic Philosophy, by Herbert Spencer, 8vo, 15s.. Williams 4" i^....l889 

(<x.) School Management, Code of 1882 Sc Circulars, 12o, 2sed; n.e. 2s6d Moffatt 1884-7 

(A:) Nature as Exhibiting the Works and Goodness of God, p. 8ro, 7s 6<i.. F. F, White 1886 

(/. C) Bolingbroke : an Historical Study, Sc Voltaire in England, p. 8o, 7s 6d Murray 1886 

-(/. H.) First Book of Mining and Quarrying, &c fcp. 8vo, Is 6a. Lockwood 1888 

Guide to Trinidad, 2nd edit, revised and illustrated, cr. 8vo, 6s ... E. Stock 1888 

Mineralogy, Vol. 1 , 1 2mo, 3s ; 2, 3s(Collins' Advanced Science Ser.) Collins 1 884 

(J^) Advertisers' Guardian, 1885, Svo,2s6d L. Collins 1885 

(Mabel) Blossom & the Fruit: True Story of a Black Magician, p. 870, 6s Author 1888 

Cobwebs: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6^ Tinsl^s 1882 

■ In the Flower of her Youth, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d ; new edit. 2s F. V. White ...1883-.9 

Innocent Sinner, new edit. 12mo, 2s F. V. White 1883 

Lord Vaneourt's Daughter, 3 vols. 8vo, 31s 6rf Ward ^ D 1885 

■—!■ Prettiest Woman in Warsaw, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 81s 6rf; 6s; 2s ... Ward ^ D. ...1885-7 

Too Red a Dawn, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6<; Tinsleys 1881 

(MoHimer) Fight with Fortune, new edit. 12mo, 2s Chatto 1883 

From Midnight to Midnight, new ed. post 8vo, 3s 64! and 2s Chatto 1883 

8electPoeticalWorks,by F.P.Cotton, 870, 10s 6<l Bentley 1886 

Sweet Anne Page, new edit. 12mo, 3s 6J and 2« Chatto 1883 

Transmigration, new edit. 12mo, 3s 6i and 2s Chatto 1883 

Violet Fanshawe: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s F. V. White 1884 

120 COLLINS COLONIST [Ekoush Catalooti 

Colliiifl {Mortimer) Who U the Heir? a Norel, new edit. 12mo, 2< 6d and 2s ... J.j^B. MojcweU 1884 

{^Mortimer &FVanees)B\ackBanthSc8cho]Ar, newed. fcp. 8to.3«6</&2<... Ckatto 1883 

_ Fnoees, new ediL 12mo, 2s Ckatto 1888 

Sweet and Twenty, new edit. 12nio, 2# ^ Ckatto 1883 

Village Comedj, new edit. 12mo, Zs ed and 2s Ckatto 1883 

i3f. J.) Homestretch: aNorei of Soathern Life, 16mo, 6s Ntv York 1882 
T.) Emsj Tranelations horn Latin Prose Authors for Be-trans. p. 8ro, 2s Beil 4* S. 1888 

Greek Unseen Papers in Prose and Verse, with Exam. Qoes. ]2mo, Zs Bell ^ 8 1882 

- (T,H,) & Dewane (£1) New Pinafore : Pictures^ Bhymes, roy. 8to, ZsSd Bean 1882 

(^W.E.WAA Few Notes on the Gospels, new edit. 12mo, ls6d SimpUn 1884 

Imikie) Black Robe, 3 vols, post 8to, ZU 6d ; new edit. Zs 6d and 2s ... Ckatto 1881-3 

Eril Genios, 8 vols. cr. 8vo, 31# 6d; new edit. Zs 6rf and 2s Ckatto 1886-8 

Fallen Leaves, 1st series, new edit. 12mo, 2s Ckatto 1881 

Gniltj Biver, 12mo, Is 6d& Is (Arrowsmith's Xmas. Annnal).. Simplin 1886 

Heart and Science: a Story, 3 v. cr. 8vo, Zls6d; n.e,Zs6d&2s Ckatto 1883-5 

— I Say No, 8 vols. cr. 8vo, ZU6d; new edit. Zs6dAnA2s Ckatto 1884-6 

JezebeVs Danfhter, new edit 12mo, 2s Ckatto 1882 

Legacy of Cam : a Novel. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31« 6*^; new ed. 3« 6^ Ckatto 1888-9 

Little Novels, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Z\s6d; new edit. Zs 6d and 2# ... Ckatto 1887-9 

Bogue's Dfe from Birth to Marriage, n.e. p. 8vo, 3«6<f; 12mo, 2s Ckatto 1889 

Collins* Academic Atlas, new edit. 4to, 6s Collins 1881 

Advanced Atlas, ccn^tmcted & engrvd. by Bartholomew, new ed. 4to,3«6<^ Collins 1881 

Arithmetic, adapted to the New Code, 12mo, Is 6d ColUns 1883 

Atlas of Scriptnre Geography, coloured, 4to, red. 6d Collins 1883 

Collegiate Atlas, roy. 8vo, 7« 6rf Collins 1881 

Bnglifih Classics (See Appendix B.) 

First Infant Beader, graded, with Scripture Exercises, fcp. Zd Collins 1886 

Geographical Beader for Stands. 1 & 2, Definitions & Outlines, ill. 12o, 9d Collins 1885 

Third: England, 12mo, 1<; Fourth, UZd CoUins 1885-6 

Guide to London and Neighbourhood, with maps, new edit. 12mo, Is ... Collins 1883-6 

Handy Shilling Atks, 24 maps, 8vo, Is Collins 1885 

Historical Beader, Parts 1 & 2, 12mo, 6rf; 3, \s 6i(Collins' School Series) Collins 1881 

Standard 4, English History, 12mo, ls\ 5-7, Is 6d ... Collins 1886-8 

Blustrated Atlas and Geography, Political and Descriptive, 4to, 2s Collins 1887 

Beader, Book 1, 8rf Collins 1884 

Stand.a, Simple Stories from English History, 1 2o. 1 Orf Collins 1 886 

4, 12mo, l«6<i; 6, Is 2d; 6, Is Ad CoUins 1885 

Infant Primer, small 8vo, 1, 2d and Id; 2, 2d and Id; Z, Zd and 2d ... Collins 1884 

International Atlas, by CoUier and Schmitz, new edit. roy. 8vo, lOs 6d.,. Collins 1881 

New Code C^graphy : enlaiged edit, of * My First Geography,' I2mo, 4d Collins 1888 

Sixpenny Outline Atlas, 4to, 6d Collins 1884 

Progressive Atlas, consisting of 32 maps, 4to, red. Is 6d CoUins 1882 

' Series (See Appendix B.) 

Student's Atlas : Modem Geog. with copious Index, new edit. roy. 8vo, 6s CoUins 1881 

Unique Shilling Atlas, 8vo, Is CoUins 1881 

CoUinson {K J.) & £de (H. P.) Handbook of Election Law, &c. p. 80, 2s 6<2 & 2s Bet/wood 1885 

Collis (5. M^ Women's War Bccord, iUus. 16mo, 4s Aw York 1889 

Collom {J,) Prophetic Numbers of Daniel and the Bevelation, 12mo, 7s 6d Chicago 1881 

Collyer (F.) Gas Works: their Arrangement, Construction, Plant, &c. 8vo, 24s... Spons 1884 

(B.) Joy of Youth: Talks to Young Men, &c. post 8vo, as Dickinson 1888 

Life that Now Is, new edit. 16mo, 7s 6d Boston,. Mass, ...1882 

Talks to Young Men (with 'Asides ' to Young Women), 16mo, 6s ... Aw York 1887 

Colmache (^. A.) Under Spell of the Dark Powers ; the Gates of Machecoul, Sofid Ward j- L 1888 

Undiscovered Crime : the Story of a Guilty Secret, post 8vo, 6d Ward J // 1888 

Colman (J^ Sam Silvan*8 Sacrifice : Story of Two Fatherless Boys, illus. p. 8vo, 2s Blackie 1 889 

{Walter 8.) Section Cutting and Staining, cr. 8vo, 3s Levris 1888 

Colmore {G,) Concerning Oliver Knox, 12mo, 2s (Unwin's Novel Series) Uniein 1888 

Colomb (Colonel) Cardimd Archbishops and Invincible Armada, new edit. fcp. ds W. H, Allen 1889 

For King& Kent (1648): Story of Great Bebellion,,31s6<i Bemrngton 1882 

Miss Crusoes: Curious Story for Big & Little Chi]dren,p.8o,3s6rf W.H.AUen 1888 

(Madame) Carol's Little Daughter, with illus . by Adrien March, p. 80, 3s 6d Boutledge .1 886 

Little Beady Cry ; or, the Sorrows of Six Years Old, I60, 3s 6d Masters 1884 

(Cdf^.P.J^O^&DgC'Sof theModemBuleoftheRoadatSea, 8vo, 7s 6d Griffin 1885 

Fift^n Years of Naval Betirement: a Study, 8vo, 78 6d ... Simpkin 1886 

Colombi (Marckesi) In the Bice Fields, trans, by Astor Willmott, 2 v. cr. 80, 21s Ckapman 1887 

Colombier(Jlfafv) life and Memoirs of Sarah Bamum,by P. Bonnetain, 12mo, 6d Crown Pub. Co... 1884 

Colonel Annesley's Daughters: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d F. V. Wkite 1884 

Bolfe's Story, and other Stories, edited by J. Erskine Clarke, p. 8vo, Is Zd W. W. Gardner 1881 

Colonial Church Histories, fcp. 8vo 8.P.C.K. 1889 

Jacobs, New Zealand, 6s 

OflBce List, 8vo. 7s 6rf and 6s Harrison 1881-9 

& Indian Exhibition, 1886, Beports of the Colonial Sections, 8vo, 10s 6<2 Clowes ..1887 

Colonist at Home Again ; or. Emigration not Expatriation, post 8vn, Is Dawson ...1889 


Cdonrfd Bible for the Young, Trith 125 illns. sq. 16mo, Zs ed BouUedqe 1888 

Picture Bible fnr Children, illus. by Andr6, 4 sect. 4to, 1« ea.; 1 vol. 4a S.P.d. 1884 

Toy Books, 4to, 6</ each Bel. Tract Soc.., ISSl 

Prodigal Son Story of Joseph 

Stories from the Parables - Samuel 

CDloar^ergeant*8 Pocket-book for 1882 and 1883, 32mo, 28 6d and U 6d Clowes 188U3 

CDlqohonn (A, B,) AcrossChrys^: S.ChinaBorder; Canton to Mandalay,ill.2v.8o,42« Low 1883 

Amongst the Shans, by Terrien de Laconperie, 8vo, 21« Field ^ T, 1886 

Burma & Burmans : ' Best Unopened Mkt. in the World,* 12o, Is FUld J T. 1885 

English Policy in Far East: • Times' Correspondence, p. 8o, 6i Field |- T. 1885 

Opening of China : Six Letters from the ' Times,* 12mo, la Field ^ T. 1884 

Truth about Tonqnin: 'Times ' SpecialCorrespondence,sq.l6o,ls Field J T. 1884 

{F. Mary) Songs of Christian Warfare, 12mo, 2a and la ^ Hamilton 1887 

(Sir J.) Family Year-book, 18mo, 3a 6rf Ni^et 1882 

{J.) Moor and the Loch, 6th edit. 2 toIs. post 8to, 26a and 21a Blackwoods ...1884-8 

(.Vfl;orj;^.5.)Withthe Kurrum Force in Caubul, 1878-9, illus. 8o, 16a W. H. Allen ...1881 

(AT J.) Eyery Inch a Soldier: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo,31a6<i; n.e. 2« Chaito 1888-9 

Primus in Indis: a Komancf^, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21a Chapman 1885 

Under Orders: a Novel, 3rd edit. 3 vols, post 8vo, 3la %d ... W. H, Allen 1888 

Cobon (F. H.) Stories and Legends: a Prose Greek Header, with Notes, 12mo, 3a MacmiUan 1888 

CoJtman's Registration Cases, Vol. 1, Part 6, 2a 6<i Stevens ^ 8 1885 

CohonC^. ^. )Shakspeare& the Bible,with Pari. Pa88gs.&c.byR.Coliyer,12o, 5a New York 1888 

CoJtmba (Saint) Life and Work, by Edward Alexander Cooke, post 8vo, 6a Simpkin 1888 

Columbia Library, cr. 8ro , Wamc 1882 

Bodge, Donald, and Dorothy, 5a Eggleston (E.) Hoosier School Boy, la 
ColBfflbos (Christopher) Life & Achievements, by John Abbott, new ed. 12mo, 2a Ward if L 1882 

Life, by Sarah Crompton, illus. and map, 12mo, la BeU ^ 5. 1888 

or, the Discovery of America, edited by Fred, H. Allen, 12mo, 6a Bostonj Mass, ...1881 

Cbhile (C. F,) MiUtaiy Tribunals, cr. 8vo, 2a U Kegan Paul 1883 

(F, l!) Catechism of the Liturgy of Church of England, new ed. 1 2mo, %d Suttaby 1 889 

(X<.-Ci>/.) Accursed Land; or, First Steps on Waterway of Edom,cr.8o,10«6rf Low 1884 

OBiTille (J) John Colville, Younger, of Bumside, Evangelist : Memoir, p. 8o, 3a 6i Hamilton 1888 

CoJwell {J.) Good News for Children ; God's Love to the Little Ones, p. 8vo, 2a 6rf Woolmer 1884 

LittleFoxee; or, Little Sios that Mar the CliristianCharacter,12mo,la Woolmer 1882 

Pleasant Talks about Jesus : Half-flours with Children, cr. 8vo, 2a 6d Bemrose 1 88 1-2 

^ Progress and Promise: Sermons, Lectures, & Addresses, p. 8vo, 3a 6c? Woolmer 1887 

Wayside Wisdom ; or, Old Solomon's Ideas of Things, 12mo. 2a Woolmer 1885 

Colyer (F. ) Hydraulic,Steam,& Hand Power Lifting and Pressing Machnry. 8 vo, 1 8a Spons 1881 

Public Institutions : Engineering and other Appliances, 8vo, lOsSd.., Spons 1889 

Pumps and Pumping Machinery, 8vo, 12a 6d; Part 2, 12a ed Spons 1882-7 

Steam Engine« and Boilers : Land, Locomotive, and Marine, 4to, 25a Spons 1885 

Water Supply, Drainage, Appliances of Residences, &c 12mo, 5a ... Spons 1889 

Working and Management of Steam Boilers and Engines, 1 2mo, 2a. . . Spons 1 885 

Omkm (£L) Walderses of Italy, from their Origin to the Reformation,trans. So,7 sQd Truelove ^ S, „.\ 888 

Combe (M.) and Lisle (D.) Arnold Robur, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a ed Chapman 1885 

{W,) Three Tours of Dr. SynUx : a Poem, cheap edit roy. 8vo, lOa 6i ... BoutUdge 1884 

C<wbfr ( T. J^) Missionary Pioneer to the Congo, post 8vo, la ed Partridge 1888 

Cost flome, Mother : a Story for Mothers, 12mo, red. 9rf Partridge 1883 

Unto Me: Scenes from the Life of our Lord, w. Scripture & Poetry, 4to, 5a Griffith 1888 

GasHoius (JoJm Amos)liA![Q and Educational Works, 3a ed\ 2nd edit. 12mo, Zsed Camh, Wareh. 1881-4 

Cc«fartinSorrow,withaPrefaceby theRev.M.G. Watkins,po8fc8vo, 3a Satchell 1883 

ye My People: a Record ofSevere Suffering & Great Consolation, 32mo, la Woolmer 1882 

(cafortableWords in Sickness & Suffering, ser. I.n.e.la4(f;ser.2,la4<f; 16mo,la4(^ Kerbi/ 1882 

sBirthday Book, compiled by W. F.March PhiUips,32mo. red. la 6(i HaUhards 1886 

Concerts: H.L.Williams,p.8o,2a6«M52a J.^fB. Maxwill 1883 

" Guide and Historie of Saffron Walden, by Timothy Titus, 8vo, la A, Boardman ...1883 

Hirtory of France, by 0. P. Q. Philander Smiff, with Sketches, p. 8vo, 2a Myra 1888 

liar : Col. of Best Things, by • The Funny Man* of *DailyTimes,' 1 2mo, Ised New York 1882 

Poetry, English and A merican : a Selection of Humorous Poems, post 8vo, ed Kent 1 883 

and Prose Readings, English and American, la ; new edit. p. 8vo, la Kent 1884-6 

from Market, 4to, la (Routledge's Toy Books) BouUedge 1885 

Reformation of the Twentieth Century, 8vo, la Simpkin 1887 

for Schools (See Appendix B.) 

Directory of Spain and her Colonies, 8vo, 25a Bailliere 1881 

Mathematics, Arithmetic, Foreign Moneys, Weights, &c. post 8to, la Longmans 1888 

Bhmdert in Writing and Speaking, and how to avoid them, 12mo, la& ed Ward ^ L 1884 

- Prayer, Book of, with Commentary for Teachers & Students, 12mo, 2a 6<^ S.P.C.K, 1883 

— in Turkish, newly translated, roy. 8vo, 20a S.P.C,K, 1883 

■ Litorgie de TEglise anglicaine, new edit. 32mo, 3a Nuit 1886 

of Edward VI. and the Ordinal of 1 549, by Walton, new edit 6a Bivingtons 1 882 

CoBi»OB^Ace Book of 15th Century, w. Notes by Lucy Toulmin Smith, 8vo,7a6ci... Triibner 1886 

^nnen: a Novel, 2 vols. 21a Bemington 1885 

a Manual of Devotions for Holy Communion, 32mo, red. la Stock 1884 


Commanion ^th God ; or, MoniiDgand Ereniiig Frajert for a Month^sq. 16mo, 2# SiUtahy 188^ 

^ and other Bymns, obL I8m0y 1« Hawkins 1887 

Compaiog (C.) Orercoat Cutting for all Styles & for ereiy CooformatioD, 8to, Zs 6d Simpkin 1884 

& Derere (X.-) Manual of Cutting, 3 toIa. folio, 20« Simpkin 1884 

— Tronsers CnttiDg, pock. ed. sq. 1 6m€>,Z86d Simpkit^ 1 881 

Waistcoat Cutting, pkt. ed. sq. 16mo, Zs Simpkin 1882 

. Tailor's Guide to Garments to Mea8arey2T.8o,red.l7« Simpkin 1885 

Companion for the Association in Honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 32mo, 6d. . . Simpkin 1888 

Library, 12mo , Wame 1881 

Le Fanu (J, S,) House by the Churchyard, 2$ 

Pictures; or, the Political See-Saw, sq. 16mo, 64 Boffue 1888 

. to the Altar, by a Layman, 2nd edit. 12mo, Is Ciowes 1888 

. — Lord's Day, by a Deronshire Clergyman, ]2mo. Is 6d Hatchards 1882 

Table : Meditations & Prayers Ancient & Modem, Is 6d Rd, Tract Soe. 188S 

- — Observatory: Monthly Review of Astronomy, &c. 8vo, Is 6rf Taylor ^ F, 1888 

Writing Desk, new edit. 32mo, Is Boffue 1882 

Companions for a Quiet Hour (See AppendixB.) 

Company Boll Book, 32mo, Is Simpkin 1885 

Compayr^ ( G,) History of Pedagogy, translated by W. H. Payne, post 8vo, 6s Sonnen9chtin . ..1887 

Compendious Composition Book, containing Specimen Essays, Hints, &c. 12mo, Zd Simpkin 1888-9 

EngUsh Grammar, 12mo, Is 6<2 (Blackie's School Series) Blaekie 1885 

Compendium of English Church History, from 1688 to 1830, post 8to, 6s Bell f 8, 18S3 

Competitive Examinations Outline Atlas, 4to, 2s ^ PHlip 1687 

Competitor, Vol. 1882-3, roy. 8vo, 7s M Longmans 188* 

Complete Arithmetic : for Secondary Schools,! 2mo,ls; An8wer8,6<2; together, ls6c^ Bkukie Id82 

Grammar for Pupil Teachers and Middle-class Schools, 12mo, 2s 6^ . . . Bemrose 1889 

History of England for Junior Classes, 12mo, Is ^d Blacktooods 1884 

^ Record of the Royal Visit to Wales, 1889, illustrated 8vo, 6d Simpkin 1889 

Set of Contract Documents for a Country Lodge, imp. 8to, packet, 1 Os. . . Spons 1 887 

Compliments of the Season, 64mo, Sd W, Scott 1883 

Composition Exercises: Leaves from an Inspector's Note Book, 12mo, If Griffith 1886 

Compton (^. &.) Logarithmic Computation, with Examples, 12mo, 7s 6<i New York 1882 

(Berdmore) Armoury of Prayer : a Book of Devotion, new ed. 18o, 3s 6d Rivingions ...1882-6 

Fiftieth Year of the I9th Cent. Reformation: a Sermon, 8o, Is Rivingtons 1884 

(Frances S.) Esther, cr. 8vo, 6« Bentley 1885 

\j,) Flimsy Court : a Temperance Tale, cr. 8vo, 2s and Is M Tbtdson 1889 

r 7'.) Winscombe : Life& Scenery among Mendip Hills, 2 ed. cr. 8o. 2« ed Stock 1889 

{W. C.) Rudiments of Attic Construction and Idiom, post 8vo, 3s Bell ^ 8, 1887 

Comstock {D, Y.) First Latin Book, 8vo, 6s Boston, Mass, ...1883 

{J, K) Introduction to Entomology, illustrated. Part 1, 8vo, lOs 6d... Ithaca ltt»9 

(J. M.) Civil Service in United States; Reports of 1884, 12mo, 10s ed New York 1885 

(W. T.) Modem Architectural Designs and Details, 80 platos, 4to, 60s New York ......1881 

Comte (-4.) Appeal to Conservatives, by T. C. Donkin & R. Congreve, cr. 8vo, 2s ed TrObner 1 889 

CatechismofPositiTeReligion, R. Congreve, 2 ed.l2o, 2s 6(^ TrUbner 1883 

Comyn (L. N.) Atherstone Priory, new edit, post 8vo, 2s ed Longmans 1886 

— ; ( fr.i?.)HandyBook of Exercises on Abstracts of Title,4e. by Parker,10s6<i Reeves j- T. 1884 

Conant [JS. C) Popular History of the Translation of the English Bible, n. e. 8vo, hs New York 1 881 

Concise Guide to JLondon, with map, tables, &c. 12mo, Is and ed J. 4" R- MaxvM 1885 

Harmony of the Four Gospels, for Bible Classes, &c. 4to, ds Seeley ..1889 

Concord Lectures on Philosophy: Lectures at Summer S<^oolin 1882, 8vo, 6s ed Cambridge, U.S, 1883 

Conder (A,) Discontent of Ireland : Origin and Cause, post 8vo, 63 W. H, Mien ...ISSl^ 

(C. E.) Altaic Hieroglyphs and Hittite Inscriptions, poet 8vo. ds Bentley 1887 

(C. L.) Tent Work in Palestine, new edit, 6s, Bentley; post 8vo, 6s Watt 1885-9 

(C. i?.) Heth and Moab, Syria in 1881-2, 14s; new ed. post 8vo, 6s Bentley 1S83-5 

Primer of Bible Geography on Latest Explorations, post 8vo, 2s ed Sun. Sck, {7fi....l884 

Syrian Stone Lore; Monumental Histonr of Palestine, p. 8vo, 7s ed Bentley 1886 

(E. R,) Basis of Faith : Congregational Union Lecture 1 877, 2 ed. p. 8vo, es Hodder 1 881 

Drops & Rocks, and other Talks with Children, sq. 16mo, 2s 6^ Hodder 1882 

Life of Christ: Chronology, Purpose, &c. of the Gospel, 18o,6<i&3<;? Rel. Dract 8oe„ASSt 

Origin of the Hebrew Religion, cr. 8vo, id Rel, Tract iSoc.. .188^ 

Outlinesof Life of Christ: Chronology, &c. of Gospels, p. 8o, 3s6<2 ReL TVact <Sbc...l88] 

Condit (B.) History of the English Bible, 12mo, 10s ed New York 1885 

——(CL.) Painting & Painters* Materials: forPainter8&Dealer8,p.8o, 10s6rf &pons 1881 

Condon {E. uM.) Irish Race in America, post 8vo, Is Catneron ^ B*. ...188i 

Confectioner's Receipt Book and Pastrycook's and Housewife's Guide, 32mo, ed Heywood 188< 

Confessional Album : Mirror reflecting General Sentiments, &c. of Friends, 4to, 5s Mead 188 

Confessions of a Coward and Coquette, poet 8vo, 65 ; new edit. 3s ed Ward f 2}. ...1835^ 

— — — ^ Frivolous GHrl, edited by R. Grants cheap edit, post 8vo, Is Low 188 

Medium, with 5 illustrations, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 ^ Gr^h laS 

- Society Man: a Novel, illustrated, 16mo, 65 Chicago ^.188 

an English Hachish Eater, 18mo, Is Redway 188 

Confirmation Papers, cr. 8vo, voL ed 8.P.C.K. 18{ 

and First Communion: its Origin and Benefits, 16mo, 9d J, WhUaktr, 18€ 


Confiict in Nature and Life : Antagonism in Constitution of Things, 12mo, lOs 6d New York 1883 

Qmfiicius' Life and Teaching, with Notes by J. Legge, 6th ed. cr. 8vo, iOs 6d... TrUbner 1887 

CoDgleton (Lord) Memoir (* Not of the World'), hy Henry Groves, p. 8vo, 2« Sd J. F. Shaw 1884 

Ooogrcgation in Church : Bev. ic Intel. Service, n.ed. 12o, isSdScU 6(^, Mowbray; Wyman 1887-9 

Congregational Magazine, Vols. 2s each, Maek MemorialHall 1882-9 

^ Year-Book, 8vo, 35 and 2jt Congrega, C/».1881-9 

Coo^Te (/) Visitor's Gnido to San Eemo, with maps, 12mo, Zs Stanford 1882 

\William) edited by Alex. Ewald, post 8vo, 2s 6d (Mermaid Series) ... Vititelly 1887 

English Dramas: Way of the World, Mourning Bride, 18o, Is L. Reeve 1889 

— Life, by Edmund Gosse. 12mo, 2« 6(?and l8 (Great Writers) W, Scott 1888 

Cogogation of S^nish, French, German, and Italian Verbs, cr. 8vo, each 66^ ... Hirschfdd 1889 

Conklin {J. M.) Bek's First Comer, and How She Turned It, wst 8vo, 5s J, F, Shaw 1883 

- — Just as it Ought to be; or, the Story of Mips iVudence, p. 8o, bs J. F. Shaw 1884 

Out in God's World : Electra's Story, post 8vo, 6s - J. F. Shaw 1881 

(/. Af. 2>.) Fifteen ; or, Lydia's Happenings, 12mo, 7s 6d New York 1882 

Story of Hannah, 12mo, 7s 6d New York 1885 

Uncle Seth's Will, 12mo, 6s 6rf New York 1886 

Wildwood: a Novel, 16mo, 7s 6rf ,... Philadelphia ...1884 

-(Mr8.N.) Fourfold : a Story for Girls, 12mo, IsQd New York 1889 

From Flax to Linen: a Story, 12mo, 7s 6d New York 1888 

Rizpah's Heritage: a Novel, 12mo, 7s M Ne^v York 1887 

CakUng (H.) Mexico and the Mexican8,Pen-and-Ink Sketches by Author,l 6o,7s6(f New York 1 883 

— («7.^.) Guide to Mexico,Guatemala,&Eng.>SpanishVocabulary,I2o,10s6<^ New York 1884 

— Vocabulary, &c. 3rd edit. 12mo, 10s 6d New York 1886 

C!Mm(ir. ^.) Evolution of To-Day: Theory of Scientists, 8vo, 7s 6<i Putnam 1886 

— [W.) Cow Boys & Colonels: Journey across the Prairie, 10s 6d; n. e. 8s 6d Griffith 1887-8 

Coonell {A.K.) Economic Revolutionof India & Public Works Policy, cr. 8o, 4s 6d KeganPaul 1883 

Irish Union: Before and After, cr. 8vo. 2s %d Catsell 1888 

{B.) St. Kildaandthe St.Kildians, post 8vo, 2s ^d Hamilton 1887 

C«nieUan(Z.) Hear the other Side, 2nd edit. 12mo, ^d Simpkin 1889 

ComtUjiE. if.) Tiltingat Windmills: Story of Blue Grass Country, 12mo, 7s ed Boston, Mass. ...1888 

Connor (Kate) See-Saw: an Irish Story, post 8vo, 6s L. Literary Soc, 1886 

{Marie) Beai:^y'8 Queen : a Romance, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d F. V, White ...1884 

Husband and Wife : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 81s 6d F. V, White 1888 

Morganatic Marriage, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 81s 6d F, V. White 1886 

Sweet Magdalen: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6rf F. F. White ...1887 

■ Triumph of Manhood, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Zls^d Chapman 1889 

Two Black Pearls : a Novel, 12mo,ls F, V. White 1886 

Cosnobial Bliss : Passages in the Lives of Alice and Arthur, new edit. 12mo, ed Ward ^ L 1885 

CoBqnering and to Conquer: a Story of Rome, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6^ S.P.C.K. 1881 

Coajnett of Tunis & the Goletta by the Ottomans, tr. by J. T. Carletti, p. 8o, 2s 6d TrUbner 1 883 

Oorad (G, S.) Hints on French Composition and Unseen Translation, p. 8vo, Is 6d Hamilton 1 887 

Public School French Reader, 2s 6<i CasseU 1886 

(«r.) German Universities for the last Fifty Years, translated, 8vo, 10s 6d Simpkin 1886 

feian(/. S,) 'Clean Money,' How made, & what it Accomplished, p.8vo, 2s & Is Jarrold 1883-6 

<^woy(jBj>. of Ardagh) Occasional Sermons, Addresses, and Essays, 8vo, Is 6d... Simpkin 1884 

C«»otnce (if) Happiness of Being Rich, with a Life of the Author, 12mo, Is ... Hodges 1888 

Iron Tomb, fcp. Is 6d and Is Hodges 1889 

Off to California, adapted by J. F. Cobb, illus. cr. 8vo, 3s 6d ... W. W. Gardner 1884 

C^aader the Lilies of the Field: Plante & Flowers of the Holy Land, 18o, Is ed Nelsons 1887 

C»stabIe(F.) Barker than Night, and other Stories, 12mo, Is J, 4^ R. Maxwell 1887 

{J.) Book-keeping Taught by Examples of Ann. Accounts, 2 ed. p. 8vo, 4s Stewart 1884 

(S.) Geom^rical Exercises for Beginners, post 8vo, Zs ed Macmillan 1882 

CcwaWe 42 Z, by R A. B. D. illustrated by C. Whymper, post 8vo, 2s Bel. Tract Soc... .\S8S 

^^srftnee of Acadia : an Historical Novel, 12mo, 7s 6<i Boston, Mass. ...l8Se 

^^rtantine (•/.) Hydropathy at Home: Practice of Water Cure, 3 e. p. 8vo, 2s6^ Heywood 1884 

7 Practical Ventilation and Warming: Turkish Baths, &c. 8vo, 6s Churchill 1881 

"'eaitittttion& Law of Church of Scotland, by a Mem.of Coll. of Justice, 12mo, Zsed Blackwoods 1884 

f^tieitBtioQal History of United States as seen in Development of Law, 8vo, 12s ed New York 1889 

Year-Bcx>k and Politician's Guide, 1886, l2mo. Is Harrison ^ S, ...1884 

for 1886, post 8 vo, 2s and Is Office 1886 

' 1887, post 8vo, 2s and Is Blackwoods 1886 

^- — 1888, 8vo, 2s and Is Office 1887 

1889, Is Boston, Mass. ...1889 

J^itnetion and Maintenance of School Infirmaries, &c. with 13 plates,8T0, Zsed Churchill 1888 

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124 CONTEMPORABY COOK [Ekoush Catalooui 

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1681-1889] COOK COOKE 126 

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126 COOKE OOOPEB [English Citjluxitji 

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No: aStory, 12mo, 48 6(i New York 1887 

Poems, 12mo, Ts 6d New York 1888 

Somebody's Neighbours : a Collection of Stories, 12mo, 78 6d ... Boston^* Mass. ...1881 

Sphinx's Children: and other People's, 12mo, 78 6d ............... Boston, Mass. ...1886 

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for Our Sick and Invalid Poor, by the Author of * Supper Dishes,* 1 2o, 6d Simpkin 1 886 

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. next,ill.byJ.McDermotl2o,l86rf&l8(LilySer.) Ward 4- L 1887 

12mo, 38 6d, Is 6d, and Is Wame 1886-7 

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\a. W.) Dog and Cat Toy-book, 4to, 2« and Is BoutUdge 1884 

(E) Twenty Sermons, with Memoir & Essay (1770-1836), cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Bell j- S. 1883 

(Elise) Queen's Innocent, and other Poems, post 8vo, 6s Stott 1886 

(E. J.) Embalmed Heart, and other Poems for Recitation, cr. 8vo, Is Dean "1889 

Iff. J.) Art of Furnishing on Rational &JEsthetic Principles, 16mo, 4s 6d New York 1881 

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for Boys.&c. arr.byMoon,r. 1 6o,7 s6d RoutUdge 1 881 

Novels, post 8vo, 28 and Is each (Red Library) CasseU 1887--^ 

Deerslayer Xjast of the Mohicans Pathfinder Pioneers 

im-im] COOPEB COPNEB 127 

Cooper (/. Fenimort) Norels, edited by Sosan Fenimore Cooper, post 8to, Zs6de&. Routledge,,, „ASS7-9 
Afloat and Ashore Lionel Lincoln Redskins 

BnTo Mercedes Satanstoe 

Chainbearer Miles Wallingford Sea Lions 

Crater Monikins Spy 

Headsman Nella Two Admirals 

Heidenmaner Oak Openings Waterwitch 

Home as Found Pilot Ways of the Hour 

Homeward Bonnd Precantion Wiug and Wing 

Jack Her Red Rover Wyandotte 

new edit, post 8vo, 2«each Boutledge 1883-9 

Beerslayer Last of the Mohicans 

870, 6<f each Boutledge 1883-6 

Borderers Last of the Mohicans Precaution 

BraTO Pathfinder Red Rover 

£re Effingham Pilot Spy 

Homeward Bound Prairie Waterwitch 
Jack Tier 

cr. 8vo, 2e each (Crown Library) Wame 1887-8 

Last of the Mohicans Pathfinder Pioneers Prairie 

arranged for Youth, illustrated, post 8vo, 2$ each Boutledge 1889 

Deerslayer Pathfinder Prairie 

Last of the Mohicans Pioneers 

Novels &TaIe8.Firesideed.l6v.l2mo,106«(SoIdonlyinSet8) Boston^ Mass, ...1885 

Sea Tales, 2 series, by Susan Fenimore Cooper, 5 vols. 26s Boston, Mass. ...1884 

Tales from his Works, post 8vo, Is 6d and Is J. j- B.MaxwU 1882 

Waterwitch,illns.byW.A.Cranston,8o,6rf(Dick8'Eng.Nov.) Dicks 1887 

{Lina Orman) Aunt Tabitha's Trial: a Story, post 8vo, Zs 6d Hodder 1886 

Cathedral Cave; or, the Gate of Heaven, 12mo, \s Hodder 1885 

Charity Moore : Story of ^ Stray, 12mo, \sM Hodder 1884 

Then and Now; or, Abe's Temptation, 12mo, 1« Hodder 1886 

We Wives; or. All Hallowe'en, poet 8vo, 2« 6rf J. F. Shaw 1886 

(i/l) GeoflQrey Heywood; or, the Right Way, illus. 8vo, 2« ed Bel. Tract Soc... ISSS 

{Mrs.) Heart Salvage by Sea & Land, 3 vols. p. 8to, Sls6d; n.e,Zs6dic2s Chatto 1884-7 

Hide and Seek: a Story of the New Forest, post 8vo, 2s 8.P.C.K. 1881 

Nearly in Port ; or.Phcebe Mostyn's Life Story, post 8vo, 2s Bel. Tract Soc.... ISSQ 

Sebastian, new edit. 12mo, 2« Chattc 1887 

{B. A.) Inflammation, and other Diseases of the Ear, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6s Homoto. Pub. Co. 1881 

(B. T.) Chronic Deafoesses: Scientific Treatment, with Cases, 6d W. A, Benham... ISSH 

Deafness, and How to Treat it, new edit. 6d Ambrecht 1883-4 

Ear Discharge (Otorrhcea), and its Treatment, 6d Ambrecht 1884 

(S.) Animal Life in the Sea and on the Land, illustrated, 8vo, 6s New York 1887 

(5. F.) Rural Hours, new edit, abridged, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass, ...1887 

{S. W.) Three Days: a Midsummer Love Story, illustrated, 12mo, 68 ... Philadelphia 1889 

(71) Astbury Church, Cheshire: Canopied Tomb or Monument, 8vo, 2s... Simpkin 1888 

Biographical Diet. n.e. with Supplement, p. 8vo, 15s; Sup. sep. 3s 6d Bell ^ 8. 1883 

Bridge of History over the Oulf of Time, new edit. 18mo, 2s 6d Hodder 1889 

Poetical Works, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 7s 6d Hodder 1886 

Thoughts at Fourscore and Earlier : a Medley, with portrait, p. 8o, 6s Hodder 1 886 

Verity of Christ's Resurrection from the Dead, new edit. 18mo, 2s 6d Hodder 1884 

-^ {W. M.) Flagellation & Flagellants : Hist, of the Rod, n. e. p. 8vo, 7s ed W. Beetes 1887 

^>»per, TIm: Hia Work and How it is done, 6th edit. 12mo, Is (Industrial Lib.) Houlston 1883 

Cooperation in l^nd Tillage, by M. A. post 8vo, 6s Cassell 1881 

Coou (it) Bible Helps for Busy Men, 12mo, ls6(^and Is Hawkins 1884 

— - {H. C.) Com. Form Practice of the High Court in Probates, &c. 9 e. 8vo, 26s Butterworths ...1883 

& Tristram's CSontentious Prac. in Prob. &c. 2 e. 8o, 32s Butterworths ...1888 

Law of Mortgage, 4th edit, by W. W. Mackeson, roy. 8vo, 42s Stevens ^ S, ...1881 

by Mackeson &H. A. Smith, 6 ed. 2 vols.r. 8vo, 60s Stevens df' S. 1 884 

(Jfry.) Grace Trevelyan; or, Led into Light, illus. by E.Whymper,p.8o,3s6rf Bel, Tract Soc.. ..ISSS 
Sure Harvest, sq. 16mo, 2s 6d Bel. Tract Soc... .ISS^ 

(IT.) WaDderings South and East, illus. 2ls; new edit. lOs 6d Low 1882-3 

Western Pacific: the Group of Islands N.&R of Australia, 12mo, 2s 6c{ Low 1883 

^{E. D.) Origin of the Fittest: Essays on Evolution, 8vo, 12s 6d Macmillan 1887 

Th«5logy of Evolution : a Lecture, 12mo, 4s and 2s Philadelphia ...1887 

-;— (IT. fll) Bram^ill: its History and Architecture, cr. 4to, 21s Infield 1883 

^cpeman {8. 8.) Thonghta on Life from Modem Writers, 8vo, 6s Sonnenschein... 1886 

^-F^*?«» ( W, JJ) I*aw of 0)pyr!ght in Works of Literature & Art, 2nd ed. 8vo, 30s Stecens ^ H. ... 188 1 

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^te {E, M.) The Student's Boteny, p. 8vo, 2a 6d (Royal University Course) BaillUre .........1885 

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(. a»Bo de Medici, the False One, &c. : three Tragedies ; k the Deformed, cr. 80, 5a Kegan Paul 1 884 

and his Marmoset, 18mo, 6</ (Little Dot Series^ j?^/. 7>ac^ i^...l881 

Johnston 1884 

Ward 4- 1) 1889 

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^ of Bevcnge ; or. Dirty Dick k his Dog Bones, k other Stories, n. ed. p. 8vo, la CasseU 1 886-8 

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^ Corner Series, 12mo, 2aeach CasseU 1881 

5i»-8aw Stories Story Flowers for Kainy Houra 

**«?« Door, and What I Heard There, post 8vo, la (Large Type Series) Ret, Tract Soe..ASSS 

r'^ and Artisan, Vols. roy. 8vo. 2a ed and la ed Rel. Tract Soc.lSSUO 

*^*^n Comforts, k Recipes in Knitting k Crochet, by * Grandmother,' fcp. la HaUhards 1886 

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Roaring in Horses, 12mo, la i^^g Iggg 

-- — (Bp. o/Edinb.) Does Science Aid Faith in Regard to Creation ? p.8vo,3a6<^ Hodder 1883 

; -J Mv Work for God, 32mo, la (Heart Chords) Cassdl 1883 

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- (/. ft ) Applied Mechanics : an Elementary General Introduction, 8vo, 18a MacmUlan 1 884 

—^ — (J. M.) Modem Criticism and Clement's Epistles, 8vo. 5a Hamilton 1884 

**^yw.) EUzabeth ; or, the Exiles of Siberia, new edit. 12mo, la Rout ledge. ....... US3 


180 COTTIN COWAN [English Catalooto 

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Cottinger (ir.Jf.)UniTer8Hl History for Higher Institntes in Bepublics,^. So.Ss 6d Milwaukee 1886 

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Thorough Cultivation, 8vo, 6<i Simpkin 1887 

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Ware Wire, Svo, Is Simpkin 1881^ 

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. '■ Jury Packing, 2nd edit. Svo, 3</ Simpkin 1887 

— Our Orange Opponents, Svo, 6<i Simpkin 1886 

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1886-9, and Portion of N. Northumbrlnd. Svo, Ss6d Simpkin 1886 

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Paris and Helen, and Endymion, cp. Svo, 2s E. W. Allen 188^ 

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Kitty : the Wonderful Love : Story for Children, 2 e. 1 Smo, ls6d Woolmer 1 889 

— Little Sunnyheart^ ISmo, 6(^ Sun, Sch. Un,.,.V 

— Marjory's Dark Month and Little Gipsy Mag, ISmo, 6d Sun. Sch. Un....l\ 

- — Mattie and Bessie: a Story for Children, 6th edit. ISmo, Is... Wbolmer II 

Orphans of the Forest ; or, His Little Jonathan, 12mo, 2s 6<^... Woolmer U 

Than Many Sparrows, post Svo, 2s 6d Woolmer li 

Tina and Beth ; or, the Night Pilgrims, cr. Svo, 2s 6d Wesl. Conf. Off. 11 

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Gone to the Bottom : Twenty-four interesting Sketches, sq. 1 6o,l s6d Jarrold 11 

Joe Jasper's Troubles, and other Stories, post Svo, Is 6^ Jarrold il 

One Good Turn deserves Another, and other Sketches, post Svo, Is Bel. Tract Soc^ U 

Phil the Town Crier, &c. poet Svo, Is (Large Typ« Series) Bel. Tract Soe, II 

Plain Words on Temperance : 24 interest. Sketches, sq. 1 6mo, Is 6d Jarrold II 

(E.) Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, post Svo, 10s 6<^ ... BaillUre 11 

Courteney(C.) Link by Link, post Svo, OS Bevington li 

Traced through a Dream, 12mo,. Is 6<i and Is Simpkin 1! 

Courthope {W. J.) Liberal Movement in English Literature, poet 8vo, 6s Murray W 

PHradiseofBirds,newedic. illus. by Lancelot Speed, r. So, 7s6<^ Hatchards L 

Courtney (J.) Boiler-Maker's Ready Reckoner, 9s ; 2nd edit, by Clark, 1 2mo, 6s & 4s Lockwood 18* 

(If'.)Tarauaki,theGardenof New Zealand, Svo, 6<i Howard^ S 

(JF. ii.) Constructive Ethics: Moral Philosophy, &c. Svo, 12s Chapman 

Studies in Philosophy, Ancient and Modem, Svo, 12s Bivingtons 

New and Old, post Svo, 6s Chapman 

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Cousins (ICa/tf)NormAn and I, 3 vols, post Svo, 81s 6i Hurst t 

(/?. ^.) Strength of Beams and Columns, cr. Svo, 21s Spons , 

Cousins (The) with illustrations, 12mo, 9ti Gtdl^ T..^. 

Coutts ( .B.M.) Letters to a Son Preparatory to School life, so. 1 6mo, \s%d Hatehards 

. Training of Instinct of Love : Preface by Rev. E. Thring,p.So,2s6<; Kegan Paul. • . . . - 

Coventry (J.) After His Kind: a Novel, 16mo, 6# New YorA 

Coverdale (U. 8.) Fall cf the Great Republic, 1886-8, 16mo, 2s Boston, A/L„ 

Coveriy (i?. L.) Indian Wars of New England, illus. 12mo, 10s 6d Boston, I^ass. ... 

Coiran(G JE>.) & John8U}n{R.L,N.) Moori^ Lotos Leftvei : Sontb. Marocco,8o,l Os6<2 Tinel^ 

1881-1889] COWAN COX 181 

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(A R.) Ups and Downs on the Race Course of Life, 32roo, 6<i Ward^ L, 1887 

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Coward or Hero ? translated from the French by Mrs. Sale Barker, 12mo, 28 BoutUdge 1883 

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Cowell (E. BA & Neil {R. A.) DivyaTadana: Early Buddhist Legends, 8vo, 18s Camb. Wareh... .ISSe 

{G.) Lectures on Cataract, its Causes, Varieties,& Treatment, il.p.8o,4s 6d MacmiUan 1888 

\H.) Tagore Law Lectures : Courts & Legislative Authorities,2e.8o,10s6<2 Thacker 1884 

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{Joseph) Life and Speeches, by R K Jones, with steel portrait, 8to, 14s,., Z*ow 1886 

(P. H.) Poor Laws of the State of New York, &c. with Forms, 8vo, 21s... Albany 1887 

Cowham (</'. H.) Graphic Lessons in Physical & Astronomical Geography,8YO, 4s M Simpkin 1 889 

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Luke, Gh)spel History & Acts of the Apostles, with Notes, 1 2mo, I0s6d New York 188 1 

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(P. 71) Poems, 8vo, 6s Trubner 1881 

Cowper((7oi»i^«6) A Month in Palestine, 8vo, 6s J. Bumpus 1889 

Help at Hand : What shall we do in Accidents,&c.2 e. 1 2o,6<i & Zd W. W. Gardner. . . 1 886 

(F.) Csedwalla ; or, the Saxons in the Isle of Wight, il. by Author, p. 8o, 6$ Seeley 1887 

Captain of the Wight : Romanceof Carisbrooke in 1488, bs\ n. ed. 6s 8edey 1888-9 

{W.) by Goldwin Smith, new edit, post 8to, Is %d and Is MacmiUan 1888 

Letters, ed. with Introduction by W. Benham, 12mo, 4s %d Mfcmilian 1884 

with a Memoir, illus. 18mo, 6d & Zd (R.T.S. Library) Rel. Tract 8oc, 1887 

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Task, 12mo, Is 6rf (Chiswick Series) BeU^ S. 1889 

and other Poems, 18mo, M and Zd (National Library) Cassell 1889 

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18mo, Is (Pocket Library) Routledge 1889 

Birthday Book, 32mo, Is Groombridge ...1884 

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Cowslip ; or, Stories in Verse, by Author of 'The Daisy,' illus.26th edit 18mo, Is Griffith 1886 

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{Col. G.) Practice and Proceedings of Courts Martial, folio, 10s Harrison ^ S. ...1887 

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182 COX CRAIK LEnoush Catiloqtji 

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— ThreeDecades of Federal Legislation, 1855-85, illus. roy.8TO,24< ... New York 1885 

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Keports of Cases. 5!^^ Law Reports (See Appendix B.) 

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. post8vo. Is V,.... JVard^ L 1S&6 

In the Clouds, post 8 vo, 2s Ward (f L 1886 

Tennessee Mountains, post 8 vo, 6s Longmans 1884 

Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains, 12mo, 2s Chatto 1885 

Where the Battle was Fought: a Novel, post 8vo, 6s Ttubner .........1885 

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About Money and other Things : a Gift Book, post 8vo, 6s Macmiit€in ISl 

Adventures of a Brownie as Told to my Child, new edit. 12mo, 4s 64 MacmiUan \S 

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— Alice Learmont : a Fairy Tale, new edit, revised 12mo, 4s %d Macmillan 18 

An Unsentimental .Toumey through Cornwall, imp. 8?o, 12s 6d Macmillan IS 

Children's Poetry, 12mo, 4s 6rf Macmillan 18 

Concerning Men, and other Papers, po8t8vo, 4s 6d Macmillan IS 

Fifty Golden Years : Incidents in the Queen's Reign, illus. 4to, 6s . . . Tuck 1 ] 

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How to WinLove, new edit. 12mo, Is id Dean l 

John Halifax, Gentleman, 85th edit, post 8vo, 5s Hurst l 

King Arthur, not a Love Story, post 8vo, 6s Macmillan ..•...! 

Little Lame Prince and his Travelling Cloak, n. ed. post 8vo, 4s 6<2 Macmillan 1 

Sunshine's Holiday : a Picture from LifOi new ed. 1 2mo, 2s M Macmillan 1 


1881-1889] CRAIK CRAWFORD 188 

Oaik {Mr$,) ITiss Tommy: a Mediaeval Komaoce, Dew edit, post Svo, 6^ MacmiUan ...1884-5 

— • My Mother and I : a Girl's Love Story, illus. new edit, post 8to, 60. . . Maemiilan 1 882 

Ogilriee: a NotcI, new edit. l2mo, 2a Maemiilan 1882 

— Olive: a Norel, new edit 12mo,2« MaemiUan 1882 

— Onr Year: a Child's Book in Prose and Terse, new edit. 28 6d MaemiUan 1881 

— Tliun Speaking, post 8to, 10« 61^; red. Bs Hurst 1882-8 

Poems, by the Author of 'John Halifax, Gentleman,' &c cr. 8yo, Ss MaemiUan 1888 

Sermons ont of Chnrcb, new edit post 8to, 6s MaemiUan 1881 

— Sydney: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31« 6rf Hurst 1881 

Thirty Years: being Poems New and Old, new edit 12mo, 6s Maemiilan 1881 

Two Marriages, new edit. 12mo, 2a MaemiUan 1882 

UnknownConntry, illus. by Frederick Noel Paton,roy. 8vo, 7a 6d ... MacmiUan 1887 

Cnke(i<. i>.)£miliu8 : Tale of Decian & Valerian Persecutions, n. e. p. 80, 3« 6<^ Mowbray 1886 

Alfgar the Dane : Second Chronicle of iEIscendune, n. e. cr. 80, 3a 6d Rivingtons ...1883-6 

Book of Private Devotion for Girls, 18mo, la 6d Moujbray 1886 

Bread of Life : Manual for the Sacrament, n. e. I80, 2a, la 6df & la Mouibray 1885 

- Brian FitzCount : Story of Wallingford Castle, &c. cr. 8vo, 3a 6</... Rivingtcns 1887 

Camp on the Severn : a Tale of the Tenth Perspcution, n. e. p. 80, 2a Mowbray 1882 

Doomed City ; or, the Last Days of Durocina : a Tale, cr. 8vo, Zs6d.,. Mowbray 1 885 

£dwy the Fair; or, the FirstCbronicle of.£8cendune,n. e. cr.80, Zs6d Rivingtons ...1881-5 

Evanus : Tale of Constan tine the Great, n. e. post 8vo, ds 6d MowSray 1885 

— — Fairleigh Hall : a Tale of Oxfordshire, new edit post 8vo, Zs6d ,., Monday 1882-7 

Heir of Treheme : Tale of the Beformation in Devonsh.&cp. 8o,3a6e^ Mowbray 1889 

House ofWaldeme : Tale of the Barons' Wars, 12mo,3a 6d; n.e. da 6d Rivingtons ...1886-7 

Last Abbot of Glastonbury: a Tale of the Monasteries, cr. 80, Zs6d Mow6ray 1884-6 

— - Private Devotion for Girls; with Prayers, &c. 18mo, la 6d Mowbray 1885 

Rival Heirs : Third Chronicle ofiEscendune, Zs6d\2 e. cr. 80, Sa 6d Rivingtons ...1882-6 

Schoolboy's Book of Private Devotion : Simple Prayers, I80, la 6d Mowiray 1886 

' Sevenfold Gift: Manaalof Instruct &Devot.f or Confirmation, 18o,9<2 Mowbray 1889 

Sheath of Yule-Log Stories, post 8vo, la Mowbray 1887 

Stories from Old £nglish History, post 8vo, 3a 6d Mowbray 1887 

— Victor's Laurel : Tale of School Life in Italy, post 8vo, Zs6d Mowbray 1886 

Caopton (Jl) Three Heavens, 8rd edit post 8vo, 6a Hunt 1882 

{8. R.) Over theHills&Far Away : a Story for Children, cr. 8vo,2a 6rf City of Lond,Co.l6B2 

( 71 ) Music for New Code, Staff Notation, Exercises, and Songs, cr. 80, 4£? Collins 1 884 

Oaath (C. P.) Ariel and Caliban: Poems, 16mo, 68 Boston, Mass. ...1886 

Cms (/. M,) Recordsof the Life of the Rev. W. H. Haveigal, cr. 8vo, 6a ^HandfW 0/.1882 

{Luey) Lectures on Art and the Formation of Taste, illus. cr. 8?o, 6a Maemiilan 1882 

(r.)»iid Houghton (.EW«i£:.) Abroad, 4to, 6a M, Ward 1882 

London Town, 4to, 5a M. Ward 1888 

(r. /^.) Italian Popular Tales, 8vo, 14a Maemiilan 1886 

{WaUer) Baby's Own iEsop : Fables in Rhyme, Pictorially pointed, 4to, 6a RowUedge 1886 

— Legends for Lionel in Pen and Pencil, roy. 8vo, 6a Cassell 1887 

— liiUle Queen Anne and Her M^esty's Letters (Patent) 4to, 2a 6d M, Ward 1886 

Fainting Book, with coloured plates, by Edmund Evans, 4to, la Routledge 1889 

FothoobB and Perseverance ; or, the ABC Serpent, 4to, 2s 6d ,., M. Ward 1886 

— — Sirens Three: a Poem, illustrated, 4to, 10a 6<f Maemiilan 1886 

Slate & Pencil-vania : Adventures in a Desert Island, 4to, 2a 6d M, Ward 1886 

( W. C.) Life & Select Literary Remains of Sam Houston, of Texas, 80, 26a Philadelphia ...1884 

\W, J. EJ) Bookbinding for Amateurs, illustrated, post 8vo, 2a 6d ' Bazaar^ Offiee 1886 

8heet-MetalWorker'sGuide,forTin &Coppersmiths,&c. 1 2o, la 6^ Jjoekwobd 1883 

Smithy and Forge, 2a 6d\ 2nd edit with Additions, 12mo, 2a 6d Lockwood 1883-5 

( W. WS) Politics : Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law,8vo, 7a 6d New York 1 884 

Caoer (^6p) Life, Times, £c Writings, by Charles Hastings Collette, 8vo, 7a 6d Redway 1887 

Cmbaw {R,) PoeticalWorks,&Quarles'£mblems,&c. by G. Gilfillan, post 8vo, 2a Cas^l 1881 

<^MseU {J.) MeditatioosforEveiyDay inYearfm. ' ChristConsidera.'tr. 2 v. 80,8a Washboume 1888 

^Jnftid (.4. if.) Enigmas in the Spiritual Life, post 8vo, 68 Stott 1887-8 

Unknown God,&c Serms. in St. Peter's, Vere St 6a ; 2 e. p. 80^ 6a Stott 1 886-7 

{H, J.) Suggestions forTraining of a Company of Infantry, cr. 8vo, la 6d KeganPaul 1884 

Cims (/.) Hand-book for High Bailiffs & Bailiffs of County Courts, l2mo, Zs6d ShawfS. 1887 

{Mrs, Auffu^us) Elaine, trans, by Lady G. Fullerton, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21a Bentley 1882 

Lina, an Italian Lily, by Hon. F. Spring Rice. 16mo, la 6d Simpiin 1882 

Lucia, tr. by Lady Herbert of Lea, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21a Hurst 1886 

Year'sMeditations, from the French, post 8 vo, 6a KeganPaul 1881 

(Jftra. D.)Giiide to District Nurses, post 8vo, 2s 6d MacmiUan 1889 

{W. G,) Tko Margravine : a Story of the Turf, 12mo, 2a (Select Library) Ward ^ L 1886 

^flnriiQ(d(^. Maxiors) American Politician, 12a; new^HETpOs^^^vo, 12a & 6a ... Chapman 1884-5 

— 12mo, 2a .TTTft^v. Ward f L, 1886 

Doctor Claudius : a True Story, post 8vo, 4a 6d; n. e. 3a 6d Maemiilan ...1888-9 

Greifenstein : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31a 6d; new edit. 6a Maemiilan 1889 

Itfanio's Crucifix, 2 vols, post 8vo, 12a ; new edit. 6a MaemiUan ...1887-8 

IAt, iMacs : Tale of Modern India, p. 8vo,4a 6d\ii.e.Zs6d Maemiilan ...1882-9 

*-- Paul Patoff, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31a 6d; new edit 1 vol. 6a... MaemiUan ...1887-8 

184 CRAWFORD CRICKETERS [Ekglhb Catalooti 

Crawford(F. Marion) Boman SiDger, 2 vols. 12^; new ed. post Syo, is SdSi Zs 6d Macmllan ...1884-9 

Sant' Ilario: aNovel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31« ^ Afacmillan 1889 

. Saracinesca, 3 vols, post 8vo, 26« 6d ; new edit, ds Blackwoods 1887 

Tale of a Lonely Parish, 2 toIs. post 8vo, 12« and 6« MacmiUan 1886 

To Leeward, 2 vols, post Svo, 12«; new edit, bs Chapman 1883-4 

new edit. 12mo, 2« Ward^L 1886 

With the Immortals, 2 vols. Svo, 21» MacmiUan 1888 

Zoroaster, 2 vols, post Svo, 12«, 6s, and Zs 6d MacmiUan ...1886-9 

(H.) An Atonement of East London, and other Poems, cr. Svo, 6« Blackwoods 1889 

(/. V The Poet Scont :' aBook of Song & Story; 12o,10«6rf New York 1886 

(Lord) Earldom of Mar, in Sunshine & Shade, 600 years, 2 v. Svo, 32« Hamilton 1882 

(2?.) Across the Pampas and the Andes, with map & illus. p. Svo, 7« ^d Longmans 1884 

Rembisoences of Foreign Travel, cr. Svo, 6« Longmans 1888 

(8, W.) Genesis of Civil War : Story of Sumter, illus. roy. Svo, 21< New York 1888 

. (r. C) An American Vendetta : a Story, illus. 12mo,6« Chicago 1889 

Crawfupd(OMoaW) Beyond the Seas, 6s; 2nd edit, post Svo, 3« Sd Chapman 1887 

Horses and Riders, and other Essays, 12mo,2s Ward ^ L 1885 • 

Portugal Old and New, illus. new edit, post Svo, 6« Kegan Paid 1881 

^Ivia Arden: a Novel, 6«; 3rd edit cr. Svo, 1« Kegan Paul 1888 

Woman's Reputation, 2 vols. cr. Svo, 12« Chapman 1885 

. new ed. 12mo, 2« (Select Library) Ward ^ L 1885 

World we Live In, 2 vols. 12s ; new edit. 1 vol. cr. Svo, 6s ... Chapman 1884 

new edit. 12mo, 2s (Select Library) Ward # L 1885 

CrawhaU(j:)ChapBookOhapletii,4to, 26s Field ^ T, 1883 

Jubilee Thought, imagineid and adorned, 4to, Is Simpkin 1887 

Old Aunt Elspa's A B C, 4to, coloured, 2s 6(i and Is Field^ T, 1884 

Crawley (C7.) Law of Life Insurance, demy Svo, 12s 6i Chovoes 1882 

\M,) Thought fora Day : Text-book for Record of Birthdays,&c.6q.l6o,2s Groymhridgt ...1886 

(fK <7. C.) Handbook of Competitive Examinations, new ed. 12mo, 2s 6d Longmans ...1881-4 

Open Competition Preliminary and Arithmetical, 16mo,2s 6rf Longmans 1887 

Crawley-Boevey (A if.) Beyond Cloudland: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. Svo, 21s A. Gardner 1888 

Creak {A.) Complete Dictionary to Caesar's Gallic War, 4th edit, post Svo, 2s 6d Rodder 1881 

Creamer {R, G,) The Household Myth: a Novel, 12mo, bs Boston, Mass, ...1886 

Creasy {K S,) Rise and Progress of the English Constitution, post Svo,red. 6s... Bentleg 1881 

Creatures Wild, 4to, Is Cassell 1884 

Creed of the Gospel of St. John, cp. Svo, 6s Bickers 1881 

Sermons, and a Thanksgiving Sermon, by a Village Rector, post Svo, Is 6d Simpkin IBS? 

Creighton (C7.) Bovine Tubenmlosis in Man, Svo, Ss 6d MacmiUan 1881 

Contributions to Physiology, &c. of the Breast & Glands, iL Svo, 9s Lewis 1 88(! 

Jenner & Vaccination ; a Strange Chapter of Medical Hist. p. So, 6s Sonnensckein . . .188? 

Natural History of Cow Pox and Vaccinal Syphilis, post Svo, \s6d Cassell 188^ 

(Jjouise) First History of England, illus. 2s 6d\ new edit. 16mo, 2s 6d Bivingians ...ISSM 

Government of England, 12mo, Is 6d Rivingtons 188 

Life of Sir W. Raleigh, with portrait & maps, new ed.fcp.8vo,3s Rivingtons 1 88t 

Social History of England, fcp. Svo, Is 6d (Highways of Hist ) Rivii^gtons 1 88! 

Stories from English History, with numer. illus. sq. 1 6mo, 3s 6d Rivingtons 1 88 

(Mandell) Carlisle, post Svo, Zs 6d (Historic Towns) Longmans 188 

Papacy during the Reformation, Vols. 1 £c 2, 32s ; 3 & 4, 24s Lowmans 1882- 

(T.) Ethics of some Modem Novels, sq. 16mo, Is Field^ T. 188 

Cremer {F. D.) Nonconformists : What may we Leun from them ? cr. Svo, Isk^d Griffiik 18^ 

{H,) Beyond the Grave, trans, by S. T. Lowrie, introd. by Hodge, 1 6mo, 4s New York 18^ 

Lexicon of New Testament Greek,3rd English ed.with Supplmt.4o,3Ss Hamilton 181 

Supplement to Lexicon of New Testament Greek, 4to, 14s Hamilton 181 

Cremona (L.) Elements of Projectiire Geometry, trans, by C. Leudesdorf, So,12s6<2 Oxford WareK^.A^ 

Cressey (E, K.) Pine to Potomac : Life of James G. Blaine, 12mo, Tsid Boston^ Mass. ...IS 

Cresswell {B,) My Lord Othello: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. Svo, 81s 6d Hurst IS 

(Beatrice F.) Royal Progress of King Pepito, il. by K. Greenaway, 4o, Is 8.P, C JT. 18 

(fl*.) Incognita, 3 voIb. post Svo, 31s 6rf Hurst 18 

Sins of the Fathers, 3 vols, post Svo, 31s 6d Hurst 18 

Survivors, 3 vols, post Svo, 31s 6d Hurst \^ 

Teacher's Manual of Music, 2s 6<i L. Literary Soe, It 

Wily Widow, 3 vols, post Svo, Zls6d Hurst 1^ 

new edit fcp. 2s 6(2 and 2s Blackett \? 

(Mrs, G.) Eighteen Years on Sandringham Estate, n. e. p. So, Is 6<2 & Is Temple Cb. U 

— How Farming in Great Britain may be made to Pay, 1 2mo, 6d Simpkin U 

) Preparation for Confirmation and Holy Communion, ISmOflsSd Hayes ......•••...!' 

Creswell (F 0.)'HanJrailing& Staircasing: Lines by Square CntSystem,12o,3s6<2 Cassell 

Crew (^.«/.) Practical Treatise on Petroleum: Chemistry,&cbyC.Ashbumer,So,21» Low 1 

Crib and Fly: a Tale of Two Terriers, 12mo, Is Gr^h \ 

Cricket: Popular Handbook, edit, by G. A. Hutchison, post Svo, 2s Bel, Tract 8oe,,.X 

Theoiy and Practice, new edit illus. square, 6rf Chambers 1 

Year-Book for 1888, 1889, l2mo, 6<2 Simpkin 181 

CricketersQuyedfoxlSSS, edited by W.Sapte,jun. post Svo, 6<2 J. i B, AtojeweU X 


Crieketov* Note Boole : Notes, Beminis. & (Gossip, by an Old Cricketer, p.8To,2«6(2 Bogue 1881 

CriekmAn (ifr^) Motherless Alice : Stories, 18ino, 6c2 Nat, Temp, Dep, 1882 

Crime of Christmns Day : a Tale^by Auth.of ' My Dncats & My Daughtep/ 1 2mo, Is Kegan PauI 1 884 

Cni^>eii (r. G,) Popular Introduction to the History of Christian Doctrine, 8o,9s Hamilton 1883 

Cripps (C, A.) Compensation in Land Clauses Consolidation Acts, 8to, 158 ; n.e.l6s Sweet 1881-4 

Law Eelating to the Church and Clergy, 6th edit. roy. 8vo, 2Ss ... Sweet 1886 

(If.) Diseases of the Bectum & Jacksonian Prize Cancer, 12« 6^; 2e. 12s 6(^ Churchill 1884-9 

lW,JS) CoUecj^ & Corporation Plate, from 8. K. Museum, post 8vo, 2s ^ Chapman 1881 

Old English Plate : its Makers and Marks, 16s; ne^edit 8vo, 21s Murray 1881-6 

Crisp (^. F,) Catechism of Punctuation, new edit. cr.8T0, 6i Haddon 1883 

Ciisdani (R, 8.) Soap and Candles, Fat and Oils, illus. roy. 8vo, 31s 6c^ Low 1881 

Crisvell {R. W.) Grandfather Lickshingle, 12mo, Is 6d and Is J. ^ R, Maxwell 1886 

Cioad ( Mrs.) Service of Suffering : Biography of Mrs. Croad, 2nd edit. 1 2mo, Is 6d Mack 188 1 

Ctoiida:le(^.) Ladrof the Tower: a Lyrical Romance, in 6 Cantos, fcp. 8vo, 5s Stock 1885 

Ci02ker((r. G.) Principles of Procedure of Deliberative Bodies, 16mo, 4s New York 1889 

{H. R,) Diseases of the Skin : Pathology, Diagnosis, &c. illus. roy. 8o, 21s Lewis 1888 

Oroekfoid (Dick) A Bagman*s Yams: Humorous Commercial Stories, 12mo, Is... Simpkin 1885 

Cioekford*8 Clerical Directory, roy. 8vo, 15s H, Cox Annual 

CvMn.%{WjL) Midsummer Lark, Humorous Account of a European Trip, 16mo, 5s New York 1883 

Yanderbilts, and the Stoiy of their Fortune, post 8vo, 6s Griffith 1886 

Croft {S,) Pupil's Concise French Grammar and Useful Header, 8vo, Is 4d Relfe 1889 

— (,/.) Pages from the Green Book, post 8to, 2s S.P.C.K. 1886 

(Li/y) Our College Theatricals : Story for Big & Little Girls, illus. 32mo, 6d Biggs ^ D 1889 

Crofter in History, by Dalriad, post 870, 2s Simpkin 1885 

Odton {F. £,) Hairbreadth Escapes of Major Mendax, 12mo, 7s 6d Philadelphia ...1889 

^— Major's Big-Talk Stories, with original illus. 8ro, 3s 6d Wame 1881 

(J7. IT.) ETolution and the Moral Sense : a Lecture, 8to, Is Rivingtons 1885 

(AT.) Netherwood: a Novel, cr. 8vo, 10s 6(i CUg London Co. ISS2 

{M, W.) Lectures on the Elements of Applied Mechanics, roy. 8vo, 7s 6d Hodgson 1881 

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elucidated by T. Carlyle, n. e. cr. 8vo, 2s & Is Ward ^ L 1888 

Set also Carlyle. 

life, by F. W. Cornish, with maps and plans, 12mo, 3s 6d ... Rivington$ 1881 

186 CBOMWELL CROWE [Ewaua CiTiLoari 

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iU,) Handbook describing Aids for Sick Nursing, 12mo, Is M Simpkin 1881 

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Study of the Bladder during Parturition, 4to, 6« Hamilton 1884 

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and Crown Series, 2s Qd CasseU 1883 

By Fire and Sword 

the Crown: a Tale of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, 12mo, Is Bel, Tract Soc. 1886 

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Which Church has Orders from St. Patrick, 2nd edit. 8ro, 6d „, Simpkin \%Vi 

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On a Surf-Bound Coast, Cable-laying in African Tropics, p.8o,7s6rf Low \^ 

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Unity of School Life in the Love of God: Two Sermons, 16mo, 6d Bivingtons 181 

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(Louisa) By Order of Queen Maude : a Story of Home Life, ill. p. 8to, U6d Blackie 1 84 

1881-1889] CROWE CULLEN 187: 

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Crown Birthday Book, 4to, 5s Mead 188a 

Library (See Appendix £.) 

of Flowers: Poems and Pictures collected from 'Girl's Own Paper,' 4to, 65 Rel. Tract Soo. 1883 

Crowned Heads of Europe, sup. roy. 4to, 62s Schipper 1884 

Crowninshield {M.) Mural Painting, with diagrams and illustrations, sq. 8vo, lbs Boston^ Mass ...188& 

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Ignoramuses:TourofEuropew.2Boys&aGirl. 12mo, 7^6^ Boston ^ Mass, ...1887 

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Golden Thoughts from Great Authors, 64mo, 1 5 SimpHn 1883. 

( Catherine E.) Old Cranks the Gander : Story of Mischief, &c. ill. 4to, \s 8, Jones 1 887 

(G, F.) Guide to EnglishPattem Coins in Gold, Silver, &c. illus. 8vo, 6« ^ Bazaar'' Off* ...1887 

(/.) Across the Channel: Picture Stories of Foreign Lands, p. 8vo, 3s6rf Sun, Sch, Un, ...1888 

' Autobiography of an Acorn, and other Stories, post 8vo, 3s 6d Sun, Sch. Vn, ...1887 

Five-Barred Gate: a Story of the Senses, post 8vo, U 6d Sun. Sch, Un, ...1881 

Horses of the Sun : their Mystery and their Mission, post 8vo, Ss6d Sun. Sch. Un, ...1886 

Lady Bird's Tea Party, and other Stories, post 8vo, Is 6d Sun, Sch. Un, ...1886 

• Solomon's Little People : a Story about the Ants, post 8vo, 2s 6d Sun, Sch. Un, ...1882 

The Starry Cross: a Story of Dreamland, post 8vo, 2s 6d Sun. Sch. Un, ...1884 

Unwritten Record: World we Live On, J. R. Macduff, 8vo, 2s 6d ,,, Sun, Sch, Un, ...1883 

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— Textbook of Machine Construction, &c. Part 1, Details, fol. Is 6d Simpkin 1885 

- and Drawing, 2 e. 4to, Is 6d Heywood 1886 

Ooiford (Emily) At Home Farm, &c. Poems, 2s6d L, Literary Scc.lSSQ 

Croydon to the North Downs: a Handy Guide to Kambles in the District, p. 8o, 9(i Japp 188i 

Croiier (F,) Soul Winning, Church Life and Growth, by Cbampness, cr. 8vo,l«6<i Hodder 1887 

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Lord Randolph Churchill : a Study of English Democracy, p. 8o, 2« Sonnenschein ...1887 

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Old & New Testaments, 7s 6^&os ; n. Q.ZsGd Morgan 1881-7 

by Carey, p. 8o,38 6<i RoutUdge 1889 

by Youngman, roy. 8vo, 7s (Sd, bs^ and 3s 6d Warns 1888 

— (G,) Manual of Musical Drill, &c for use of Teachers, post 8?o, 3s 6d.„ Simpkin 1889 

Cngff (3f.) Den of Thieves: a Novel, 12mo, 4s New York 1887 

Hypersesthesia : a Novel, 12mo, 5s NewYork 1885 

C^Bikshank (G.) at Home: a New Family Album of Endless Amusement, 4to, 6(2 Blackwoods 1882 

Fairy Library: Hop o' My Thumb, &c. new edit. 4to, 10s 6d Bell^S. 1885i 

Life, byBlanchard Jerrold, 2 vols. p. 8vo,24s ; new edit. 78 6d Chaito 1882 

My Sketch Book, 37 plates, a reissue, obi. fcp. fol. 4s Reeves ^ T, 1882 

^ Omnibus, edited by L. Blanchard, new edit. roy. 8vo, 31^ 6d.,, Bell ^ S, 1885 

Scraps and Sketches, 24 plates, a reissue, obi. fcp. fol. 4s Reeves ^ T. 1882 

— ; Table Book, edited by G. Abbott i Beckett, n.ed.roy.8o,31s6<2 Bell 4' S. 1885 

Crajse (F. R. ) Thomas i Kempis, Visit to Scenes where his Life was spent, il.8o, 1 2s Kegan Paid 1 887 

Creise of Henry Vane: a Novel, by the Author of 'Guerndale,' 12mo, 6s New York 1884 

the * Walnut Shell,* written and illus. by Andr^, 4to, 6s Low 1881 

Ciwunell (A.) Greatness of Christ, and other Sermons, 12mo, 7s 6rf New York 1882 

Cfiap (X) Causes of Fall inPrices: Demonetisatn. ofSilver byGermaDy,r.8o,6s Longmans 1889. 

Exposure of the Pretensions of Mr. Henry George, 8vc, Is E, Wilson 1884 

Formation of Political Opinion, 8vo, 7s 6d\ new edit. 7s 6c^ Longmans 1886-8 

Key to Progress during 21 years of London Joint-Stock Banks, fo. 2l6 E, Wilson 1883 

(F. 0.)& Evans, Practice of the Supreme Court of Judicature, 8vo, 30s ... J^ Cox 1881 

Cfwade of Richard L from the Itinerarium Ricardi Bohadin, by Archer, 18o, 2s Nuit 1889 

CmtwcU & Banton, Roman Literature, 2ed. P. 1, cr. 8vo, 6s ; P. 2, 5s ; 1 v. 10s 6d Griffin 1882 

GyfroiB the L^nd of Calvin & Voltaire :' White Fields of France,' p. 8o, Is Hodder 1887 

CiyET ( T.) & Jordan ( H, G,) Machine Construction & Mechanical Drawing, 4o,2s 6d Heywood 1887 

— Textbook of Applied Mechanics, post 8 vo, 3s Heywood 188^ 

Q7*k»l Age, post 8vo, 4s 6d Unwin 1887 

^ Stories, for Family Reading, Vols. 1-6, 4to, Is 6rf each Willoughby ...1882-5' 

<^itt{ G.) Dialogues on Pulpit Prepara. with Sketches of Sermons, 4 e. p. 8o, 2s 6d West. Conf, Off. 1881 

Ceflkzd (E. ikr.)CbarloUe Corday, and other Poems, 12mo, 3s 6d Kegan Paul 1884 

Ctlimy Jottings: Refined Cookery, & *Wyvem,' 5the.p.8vo,14«; red. 12s Richardson ...1886-& 
CiBca (/.) Pen Pictures iiom the Life of Christ, post 8vo, Is ed Dickinson 188a 

188 CULLEY CUPPLES [Ehoush Catauxwi 

Culley (JR. S.) Handbook of Practical Telegraphy, illos. 8th edit.870, IBs Ltmgmant ...1885-« 

Cullingworth {C, J,) Nursing, Medical and Surgiciil, 12mo, Zs 6d ; u, e. 2s 6d ... ChurcJaU 188^-5 

Puerperal Fever a Prevemible Disease : Address, 1888, 8o,l« Churchill 1888 

Short Manual of Monthly Nurses, U 6d ; 2nd ed. 12mo, 1« 6d Churchill 1884-7 

Culmshire Folk, by Author of * John Orlebar,' 3rd edit, post 8vo, Sa 6d CasseU 1888 

Culross (J.) First Lore: Christ's Message to Ephesus, new edit, post 8vo, la 6d Morgan 1887 

John whom Jesus Loved, 4th edit, post 8vo, 3« 6rf, 2« 6<<, and 2s ... Morgan 1887 

Culwick {J, C) Kudiments of Music, with Examples and Exercises, 2s; n. ed. 2« Simpkin 1882-7 

Cumberknd (C.) The Guinea Pig; Domestic Cavy for Food,Fur,&Fancy,p.8o,236<i * Bazaar* 0/....1886 

(8.) Fatal AflSnity : a Romance, cr. 8vo, U 6d and Is 8. BlackeU 1889 

■ Queen's Highway from Ocean to Ocean, 18s ; new edit 7« 6<i ... Low 1887-8 

— Thought-Readers Thoughts : Impressions, cr. 8vo, 10s 6d Low 1888 

Vasty Deep : a Strange Story of To-day, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21» ... Low 1889 

■■ (A C.) Rabbi's Spell : a Russo-Jewish Romance, 12mo, Is Wame 1885 

Cumbrian Brothers ; or, How we Raise the Revenue, 12mo, Is Wvman 1885 

Gumming {A. N,) Value of Political Economy: Cobden Essay for 1880, 12mo, Is MacmiUan 1881 

(C. F, G.) At Home in Fiji, 2 vols. 25«; n. ed. 2 vols. 8vo, 26« ; 7« ^ Biackwoods ...1881-2 

Fire Fountains: Kingdom of Hawaii, illus. 2 v. p. 8vo, 26s Blackwoods 1882 

Granite Cracs, with illus. 8vo, 16s BlacJcwoodi 1883 

In the Hebndes, new edit, post 8vo, 8« Bd Chatto 1888 

Himalayas and on the Indian Plains, ilus. p. 8vo, 8s Bd Chatto 1884 

Lady's Cruise in a French Man-of-War, 2 v. 25s; n. e. 12« 6d Blackwoods ...1881-2 

ViA Cornwall to E©rpt, post 8vo, 7s 6d Chatto 1885 

Wanderings in China, 2 vols. 8vo, 26s; new edit. 10s Blackwoods ...1885-8 

Work for the Blind in China, sq. 16mo, Is U Nisbet 1888 

(J.) Apocalyptic Sketches, cheap edit 2 vols. 12mo, 7«.. -^- Hall 1887 

(L.)Electricity treatedExperimentally.forthe use of Schools, &c 12o,4s6<2 Bivingtons 1886 

Oummings (A.) Fall of Kilman Kon: a Novel, 12mo, 7s 6d JV>tt; York 1889 

(A Af.) Hercules Brand: a Temprance Tale, 16mo, 7« 6ti New York 1885 

■ (E. C.) Nature in Scripture : a Study of Bible VeriHcation, 12mo, 9s Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Cummins (A,H.) Grammar of Old Friesic, 3< ; 2nd edit, w. Reading-Book, p. 8vo, 6s Trubner 1881-7 

(C.) Book-keeping, the Science Explained, roy. 8vo, 6s 8impkin 1887 

Key to * Bookkeeping ; Science Explained,' Quest. & Ans. sq. I60, Is Simpkin 1889 

(Maria 8.) Lamplighter, post 8vo. 2s Gd and 2s yisoet 1888 

new edit, post 8vo. 2s W. 8cott 1889 

Mabel Vaughan, unabridged edit. 8vo, 6d Wame 1887 

Cumnock (R,N.) School Speaker : Rhetorical Rwiitations for Boys & Girls, 1 2mo, 5s Chicago 1884 

Cumpston ( W, H,) Glimmerings of Truth: Collection of Poems, poet 8vo, 3s 6d,., 8impkin 1887 

Cundall (J.) Bookbinding: Ancient and Modem, imp. 8vo, 81s 6^ Bell ^ 8. 1881 

Cundill (J, P.) Dictionary of Ebtplosives, 8vo, 4s Hamilton 1889 

Cunliffe (Mary H, PickersgiU) They Twain, post 8vo, 6s , L. Literary Soc. 1887 

(/?.) Helps to Technical Examination in Cotton Manufacture, 12mo, Is... Simpkin 1888 

Cunningham (A.) Tales of English and Scotch Peasantry, by H. Morley, p. 8vo,ls Routledge 1887 

(Allan) Great English Painters, from • British Painters,' 12mo, Is... IK Scott 1886 

{B. 8.) In Sancho Panza's Pit. 12mo. 7s ed Philadflpkia ...1883 

( C.2>.)&Abney, Pioneers of theAlps, Guides' photos, 4o, 42s; n.e.2 Is Low 1887-8 

(D. J,) Dissector^s Guide, Head and Neck, 67 illustrations, p. 8vo, 8s Simpkin 1887 

& Brooks : Anatomy, Part 1 : Upper Limbs, &c. 2 ed. p. 8vo, 9s $Simpkin 1 889 

(E. J.) Notes on Church Catechism, with Scripture Proofs, 18mo, 6d Simpkin 1885 

(H, 8.) British India and its Rulers, 8vo, lOs 6d n\ H.Allen 1881 

Coiruleans, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s ; new edit. 6s and 3s 6<^ ... Macmillan ...1887-9 

Wheat and Tares: a Modem Story, post 8vo, Is JHprose 1887 

(J'.)ChurchHi8toryof Scotland, from the Christian Era, 2 e. 2 V. 16s Simpkin 1883 

in its Organisation, &c. : Croall Lectures for '86, 8vo, 9s Macmillan 1886 

&Mattinson, Common Law Pleading Precedents, 2nd ed. 8 vo, 28s Stevens 4" ff, ...1884 

(J, J.) Monkswood; or, the Fatal Passion : a Romance, 12mo, Is ... Simpkin 1888 

(R, H.) Amusing Prose Char-Books, Chiefly of La8tCenturv,8o,3s Bd Hamilton 1889 

( fT.) Christian Opi nion on Usury, w. Special Ref .to Englaiia,p.8o,2s6<£ Macmillan 1 884 

Political E^nomy treated as an Experimental Science, 8vo, Is Hamilton 1887 

Politics & Economics: Principles of Political Economy, p. 80, /is Regain Paul 1885 

St. Austin ^hisPlace inHistory of Christian Thought. 8o,12s6<i Clay 1886 

Lecture Series, cr. 8vo Hamilton 1888 

Bhiikie, Preachers of Scotland, cr. 8vo, 78 6d 

Cmnnington (May) The Ogre: a Story for Children, with illustrations, 8vo, Is ... M, Ward 1885 

Cunyngbame's Law of Electric Lighting, roy. 8vo, 12s 6d Stevens ^ 8. 1S83 

Cup of Blessing for Every Day in the Year: Birthday Book, 32mo, Is Qd and Is Simpkin 1883 

Coffee, 12mo, Is (Cup that Cheers Series) Unwin 18S5 

Cupboard Papers, by Fin-Bee, 12mo, 2s 6d (Mayfair Library) Chatto 18S1 

Cupples (G,) Cupples Howe, Mariner, 16mo, 5s and 2s 6d Boston^ Mass, ...188^ 

Deserted Sh ip t Story of Atlantic ; Life of Cupples Howe, 1 2mo, 6s M Chicago 1882 

'' Green Hand ; Naval Lieutenant : Sea Story for Boys, new ed. p. 80, 2s Routledge •••.188^ 

(Afrs.(r.) Aboard the* Mersey'; Our Youngest Pft8flenger,illua.l2mo,9<< Blaciie 188^ 

1881-1889] CUPPLES CURWEN 189 

(kpfiea{Afrs,G,) Alf Jetsam ; or, Found Afloat, illnstrated, 12mo, Is Blackie 1886 

Hard to Win; or, a Yoke Broken, 12mo, 2« and la ^d Hamilton 1881-6 

Hazelwood Farm : a Country Story, 12mo, 9^ Gall ^ L 1886 

Hugh Wellwood's Saccess; or, Where there's a Will, 18mo, 9d Nelsons 1881 

liitde Captain, with illustrations, 18mo, Is Gall ^ L 1885 

Miss Matty: a Tale of the Sea, 12mo, Is e^f Hodder 1886 

Old * Dolphin,' with illustrations, 12mo, 1« Gall 4- L 1885 

Our Parlour Panorama, illustrated, 12mo, Is Nelsons 1882 

Bedfords: an Emigrant's Story, illustrated, 12mo, Is Bla^kie 1886 

Sailmaker^s Yam, and other Stories by Popular Writers, fcp. 1 s Simpkin 1 889 

Shadows on the Screen: an £?ening with Children, ill. p.8vo, Is Nelsons 1889 

Tappy'sChicks: Links bet.Kature&HumanNature,3e.l2o,2s6<^ Sonnenschein ...1884 

Walks and Talks with Grandpapa, 12mo, Is ed Nelsons 1882 

CoBOsa Mathematica, globe 8yo MacmUlan ......1889 

Dodgson, New Theory of Parallels, new edit. 2s 

Cuiodties of the Old Lottery: No. 1 of the Olden Time Series, 16mo, 2s ^d Boston, Mass, ...1886 

Csrioas Creatures: NewMovableToy-bookof Animals, by L.Meggendorfer, io.Ts^d Grevel 1889 

Cvriing (J. c/'.) Coastal Navigation : Notes on the Use of Charts, sm. 4to, 2s 6d,.. Griffin 1885 

OnrDock (i\r.) God and Nature, 16mo, Is Woolmer 1887 

Nature-Musings on Holydays and Holidays, post 870, 2s %d Woolmer 1886 

Thrales of Redlynch, with illus. by G. H. Edwards, post 8vo, 2s ^d Hodder 1889 

GuTDow {J.) English History for Schools, post 8yo, red. 2s 6<£ Philip 1881 

Gvr {E. M.) Australian Bace : its Origin, Language, Customs, &c. 4 vols. 42s... Trmner 1888 

CiR&n («/. i!?.) Miss Francis Morley : a NotpI, 16mo, 6s Boston^Mass, ...1888 

CmPMit Repentance: a Novel, by A.B. C. S. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6^ J, ^R.MaxasU 1885 

GBirie (Jl) First Musical Grammar, new edit 18mo, 9d Simpltin 1885 

Sermons & Lectures for Sundays & Holidays, 7s 6d ; Vol. 2, 8vo, 7s 6d Masters 1884-5 

{J. F,) Principles and Practice of Common School Education, 12mo, 7s 6d Cincinnati 1884 

{M. W,) Voices of the Past : Sermons at Hingham Church, Norfolk, fo. 2s 6d Hate hards 1 889 

Cnny (D.) Book of Job, with an Expos. & Pract. Commentary, 12mo, 10s 6d New York 1888 

{J. L. M.) Constitutional Gt>veniment in Spain: a Sketch, 16mo, 6s Nev) York 1889 

Cinteis (G, H,) Scien ti fieObstacles toChristian BeUef : BoyleLectures, 1 884,p. 8o,6s Macmillan 1 885 

(7! A.) Four Meditations on the Wounds of Jesus, 2nd edit. 18mo, 6d ... Mowbray 1885 

Qir^ce's Universal A B C Telegraphic Codes, 12mo, 6d Curtice 1885 

Cntis (B. B.) Jurisdiction of the United States Courts, 12mo, Ids Boston, Mass, ...1881 

{€, B.) Velazquez & Morillo : Descrip.Hist.Cat of Works, roy. 8vo, 81s 6rf Low 1883 

(C H. O.) Geometrical Drawing Questions, post 8vo,2s ^ Japp 1881-2 

\E. a,) Needlework: Schedule 3, exemplified and illus. new edit. 12mo, Is Griffith 1882 

.- {£Ua; * Shirley 5?»t^A ') Favourite of Fortune, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s ^d ... Hurst 1886 

Game of Chance : a Novel, 3 vols. p. 8vo, 3l8 6ei.. Hurst 1889 

{G. T.) Creation or Evolution : a Philosophical Inquiry, post 8vo, 10s 6d.., If^ard # D 1887 

History of the Constitution of United States, n. e. Vol. 1, 8vo, 16s New York 1889 

John Charaxes: a Tale of the Civil War in America, 12mo, 6s ... Philadelphia 1889 

life of James Buchanan, 15th President, 2 ports. 2 vols. 8vo, 30s New York 1883 

Character, and Service of G^n. G. B. MrClellan, 12mo, 2s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1887 

McClellan's Last Service to the Republic, with a map, 12mo, 2s... New York 1886 

{G. »^) Pme and I, Author's edit. 32mo, 2s and Is Hamilton 1883 

Trumps : a Novel, new edit, illustrated, 12mo, 10s 6d New York 1889 

Wendell Phillips: Eulogy deli v. at Boston, Mass. 1884, 8vo, Is ed New York 1884 

(•T.) Farm Insects : Nat. Hist. & Economy Insects Injurious, n.e. roy. 80, 21s Van Voorst 1883 

(Jessie) Lighted Footsteps by Life's Pathway, 18mo, Is 6d Jarrold 1881 

\W, ^.)Capitals of Spanish America: Mexico, Cent.^ S.Amer. iU. 8vo, 186 Low 1889 

Land of the Nihilist, Russia, illus. 12mo, 6s New York 1888 

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Verb : Struct & Develop, tr. Wilkins &England, 2 e. 8vo, 12s Murray 1888 

€vt«s {M. A,) Athlos; or, the Story of aLife, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12s Bemington 1886 

Chronicles of Elf-land Elf-Knights, 4to, 6s Bemington 1889 

Kitten : a Sketch, 12mo, Is ed Mowbray 1883 

Leap Year, 2 vols. 21s Bemington 1885 

My Best Pupil, post 8vOi 10s 6<i Remington 1883 

— StoryofMeg, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21» Bemington 1884 

Tracked: a Story, 2 vols. cr. 8 vo, 15s BemingUm ....'..1887 

{H.) Ploddingon ; or, the Jo^Trot to Fame & Fortune, p. 8vOi red. 2s6(i Hogg 1884 

{j.) Harmony, w.Exerc. in Analysis, 9 e. 16mo, 2s; Pu 1, 8/i; 2, Is Curwen 1888 

How to Read Music, 6th edit. 12mo, Is Curwen 1888 

Musieal Theory, post 8vo, 3s ed Curwen 1888 

Specimen Lessons on the Tonic SoUfa Method, post 8?o, Is ed Curtoen 1888 

- — Studies in Worship Music, 1st ser.CongregationalSinging,2 e.p. 80, 7s6i Curwen 1 888 

Teacher's Manual of the Tonic Sol-fiei Method, 3rd ed. 4to, ds Curwen 1887 

' (J, 5.) Companion for Teachers of Tonic Sol-fa Method in Schools, 8vo, Is Curwen 1882 

Studlea in Worship Music, 8vo. Vol. 1, 5s; 2, 3s Curwen 1881 

Second Series, post 8vo, 3s Cwrwen 1887 

140: CUBZON DAAL [English Cataioouk 

CnzzoD {G,) Delamere : a KotoI, 3 rols. cr. 8ro, 3U 6d Low ..188S 

— Violinist of the Quartier LatiD, 8 Tols. cr. 8to, Sis 6(2 Low 1884 

^ ( O, N.) Riissia in Central Asia & Anglo-Russian Quest. 21s ; 2 e. 8to, 21s Longmans 1889 

Cosack (Af. F,) Case of Ireland Stated : Flea for my People & Race, p. 8ro, Is 6<2 Simpkin ,...1881 

(3f. F, C.) Life Inside the Church of Rome, post 8vo, 7s U Hoddtr 1889 

. Nun of Kenmare: an Autobiography, new ediL post 870,7«6d Rodder 1889 

Gushing (P.) Blacksmith of Voe : a NoFel, 8 vols. cr. 8to, 26s 6(2 Blackwoods 1888 

Dr. Cssar Crowl, Mind Curer. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Sis Sd J. # R. MaxweUn%7 

Misogyny and the Maiden, 12mo, 10s 6d, 2s 6<f, and 2s J. # R^ MaxweU'^M 

Woman with a Secret, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Sis 6(2 .....j Bentley 1885 

{W,) Initials and Pseudonyms, 25s ; Series 2, super roy. 8 vo, 21s Low 1885-^ 

Cushman (Charlotte) by Clara Erskine Clement, withillus. post 8vo, 6s Bogue 1882 

\G, F.) Doctrine and Duty : Sermons, 12mo, 7s 6(2, 2^'ew York ; cr. 8o, 6s Higham 1884 

Cus8ans(«7:£.)Handbookof Heraldry, 3rd edit, withillus. post 8vo, 7s 6(2 Ckatto ...1882 

Cust {A, P. Purey-) Samuel Wilberforce, late Bp. of Winchester: Lecture, 8vo, 6(2 Simpkin 1883 

(ff. K) LinguisUc and Oriental Essays, Vol. 1, 8vo,red. 10s 6(2; 2, 2ls WUmer 1888 

Modem Languages of Africa, andHjinguage-Map, 2 vols. 8vo, 26s... Driibner 1884 

PicturosoflndianLife,witiithePen,£roml862-81, p. 8vo, 7s6(2... Triibner 1881 

Custer {Eiiz,) Boots and Saddles; or, Lifein Dakota with Gen. Custer, p. 8o, 8s6(2 Low 1886 

Tentingon the Plains : Oen. Custer inKansas^ Texas, r. 8vOy 18s... Low 1888 

CutcUffe {ff, C.) Art of Trout Fishing on Rapid Streams, 18mo,8s 6(2; n. e. Ss 6(2 Low 1883 

Cuthbert of Lindisfame : his Life and Times, by A.C. Fryer, p. 8vo, red. 2s 6(2... Partridge ....1883 

Cuthbertaon (F.) Test of Domicil. Conflict between Dicta of Lords, 8vo,8ewed, 2s Stevens 4r S, 1887 

(J.) Glossary to the Poetry and Prose of R. Bums, illus. poet 8vo, 6s A. Gardner 1886 

Sacred & Historic Lands : Travels in EgyptJ'alestine.&c p. 8o, 4s West, Conf. Ojf...l886 

Cuthell (Edith E,) In the Mutiny Days : Scenes in a Child's Life, 12mo, 4(2 S.PC.K. 1888 

Sunny South, pictures diawn by T. Pym, 4to, 3s 6(2 ... W, Smith 1888 

Cutkoff, Money and Common Sense, 12mo, Is Wgman 1888 

Cutler (C.)B4:inning of Ethics, 12mo, 6s Hew York 1889 

(C.iV.) Manual of Differential Medical Diagnosis, 6s New York 1886 

(C. WJ) Essentials of Physics and Chemistry, 3rd edit. enl. cr. 8vo, 7s 64.. Putnam 188^ 

Manual of Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of Skin, 16mo, 7s 6(2 New York 1887 

(^.il)& Edge {F.J.) Tables for Setting-out Curves,101 to 6,000 ft, 32o,2s6(2 Spons 1886 

( Afanasseh) Life, Journal, & Correspondence, by his Grandchildren, 2 vols, 26s CineinnaH 1888 

Cuttell (J.) Trevartha : a Cornish Coast Story, cr. 8vo, 2s and Is 6(2 Toulson 1889 

Cutter (C.) Intermediate Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Philadelphia 1887 

Lessons in Hygiene : Maintenance of Health, illustrated, 12mo, 2s 6d Philadelphia.^ 1887 

(G, R.) Dictionary of German Terms used in Medicine, post 8vo, 6s 6d.„ BaiUikre 1881 

(R, H.) Reachedat Last : Romance of 19th Century Science, p. 8vo, Ss 6(2 Griffith 1887 

Cutting (H^. A.) Gleanings about Gayton (Norfolk) in the Olden Time, 8o, 10s ^ Goose 1889 

Cutts (EL L,) Addresses to Candidates for Confiraiation, post 8vo, Is S,P.C.K, 1882 

Breaking of the Bread : Ezplan. of the Holy Communion, 32mo, 2s W, W, GardnerJi^^. 

Charlemagne, with map, post 8vo, Ss 6(2 (Home Library) S,P.C.K. 1882 

Colchester, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 (Historic Towns) Longmans 1888 

Constantine the Great: Union of Church and State, post 8vo, 8s 6(2 S.P.C.K, 1881 

Devotional Life of Our Lord, post 8vo, 6s S,P,C,K. 1882 

Dictionanr of the Church of England, post 8vo, 7s 6d 8.P,C.K. 1887 

-^ Form of Solemnisation of Matrimony, Introd. and Notes, 12o, 2s 6(2 8,P,C.K. 1886 

Perfecting Holiness, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d S.P,C.K, 1883 

Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages, illus. 8vo, Ted. Is 6d ... Virtue 1885 

Cuyler (T, L,) From the Nile to Norway, and Homeward, 7s 6(2 New York 1881 

God's Light in Dark Clouds, 18mo, Is M ; new edit. Is 6(2 Hodder 1882-6 

Heart Culture, new edit. 12mo, Is 6(2 Hodder 1886 

Thoughts, new edit 12mo, 3s 6(2 Hodder 1885 

Newly Enlisted: Talkswith Young Converts, 12o,ls6(2; n.e. Is6(2 Hodder 1888-9 

Pointed Papers for the Christian Life, new edit 12mo, Ss 6(2 Hodder 1886 

Thoughts for Heart and Life, new edit Ss 6(2; 6th edit 12mo,Ss6(2 Hodder 1885-9 

Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life, sq. 1 6mo, 1 s 6(2 Hodder 1 883 

CycUst Christmas Number for 1889 and Year-Book for 1890, fol. Is Iliffe 1889 

Wheel World Annual : R^sum6 of Bicycling and Tricycling Doings, Is ... Etherington ...1883-6 

Cyclopaedia of Bible Illustrations: Similes, Allegories, &c. illus. 12mo, 6s %d ... New York 1888 

Diseases of Children, Medical & Surg, by Keating, illus. V. 2, 8o, 26s Philadelphia ... 1 889 

Education, new edit 8vo, 21s New York 1888 

Painters k Painting, by J. D. Champlin, jun. illus. 4 v. r. 8vo, 1 06s (^ritch 1888 

Political Science i2onomy, and History of U. States, Vol. 1 , fol. 36s Chicago 1 882 1 

Cynthia:Taleof Two Lovers, 2 vols. cr.8vo, 21s 7Yfis2^s 1881 

Qrples (W,) Hearts of Gold, Ss 6(2; new edit 12mo, 2s Chatto 1882-f 

Qrril (St.) Commentary on the Gospel of St John, Vol.2, ch. ix-xxi.8vo, 10s 6(2 W, Smith 1884 

Mysteries and other Sacramental Treatises, with traoslations, 12m<>, 3s Parker d Co, .. .1 88' 

Czap(2%«) Tale of Time of Napoleon I, by Author of 'Spanish Brothers,' bs ; 4s Nelsons 188 

Csartoryski (Prince) Memoirs it Correspondence with Alexander I. 2 vols. p. 8o, 26s Remington 18 

Daal {Marie) Anna, the Professor's Daughter, 6s ; 2od ed. revisedj'post 8vo, 3s 6d Sonmnschein^l 

J881-1889] DABNEY ^DALE 141 

DibDe7(i?. W.) Causes of the French Revolation, 16mo, 6s New York 1388 

^ {V.) Gold that Did Not Glitter: a Novel, 12mo, Ss Philadelphia ...1889 

Daborieh (P. E,) Technical Marine Diet. German, Italian, French & £ng. r.8o, 33« Dulau 1883 

Dioo)rd (Jif.) Pebbles (Poems), post 870, 5s Remington 1884 

Dtu»fts(/.) Remarks & Extracts from Official Reports on Bengal Tenancy Bill, U W,H. Allen 1884 

(/. iV.) Medical Diagnosis, with ref. to Practical Medicine, 6 ed. 870, 24s Smith ^ E, 1881 

Mdfs Bobby; or, the Star of Bethlehem, by Hesper^ Naomi : Stories, p. 870, Is Simpkin -1884 

DlidsoaCi^j;) Short Sketch ofEnglishMisrale in Ireland, 1171-1887, 12mo, Is... Ronnenschein ...1887 

Dsgonet the Jester, post 8ro, 4s 6^ MacmiUan 1886 

I)iihlgren(3r. F.) Divorced: a Novel, 12mo, 6s Chicago 1887 

Lights and Shadows of a Life, 12mo, 7s M Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Lost Name: a Novel, 16mo, 6s Boston^ Mass, ...1886 

Memoir of J. A. Dahlgren, Rear- Admiral U.S. Navy, 8vo, 16s Boston^ Mass, ...1882 

'• South-Monntain Magic, Legends of Maryland Moimt.l2mO|7s6<2 Boston, Mass, ...1882 

Sea Sketches, 12mo, 7s 6c? Boston^ Mass, ...1881 

Washington Winter: a Society Novel, l2mo, 7s 6<i Boston^ Mass, ...1883 

Jkhji {F.) Felicitas : Tale of German Migrations, i^D. 476, fr. German, p.8vo, 4s M MaemUlan 1883 

Saga of Halfred, the Sigskald ! a Northern Tale, tr.byVeitch, p. 8?o, 6s Gardner 1886 

iMilj Bread: a Birthday Text-Book &c. comp. and ed. by £. M. H. 32mo, Is Wame 1881 

Chimes: Thoughts in Verse for Every Day in the Month, 64mo, Is CasseU 1885 

Comfort, by E. R Crowther, Mominar, Evening, Is 6<2each; in box, 3s %d,„ Simpkin 1884 

Food, new and revised edit. 64mo, M Bel, Tract 8oe„„\%%^ 

Helps from the Collects, compiled and arranged by K. C. 32mo, Is OriffUh 1886 

-Life, 12mo, 4s 6J J, Whitaker 1886 

• Maxims : a Daily Textbook of Proverbs and Wise Sayings, 32mo, 6(2 Simpkin 1886 

Bound : Meditation , Prayer, and Praise, new edit. 4s ^d and 3s J, Whitaker 1882 

Steps Upward: Scripture Text & Poetry for Every Day in Year, 32mo, 2s 6d Nisbet 1884 

Strength, obi. 32mo, 6d Dean 1883 

Text-Book concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, sq. 3s 6(2 Simpkin 1887 

from the writings of Pusey, by E. H. & F. H. sq. 16mo, 3s Bd W, Smith 1883 

Texts for the Little Ones, compiled by Elizabeth T. King, ill. obi. 4to, 2s... Bel. Tract Soc, 1884 

& Daily Mottoes for Young Christians, w. Bible E^ad. sq. 16mo, USd Hodder 1881 

Thoughts of Comfort for the Year, by E. G. sq. 16mo, 6s and 3s 6<2 Griffith 1882 

Mj8 of S^en Fen, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(2 ^ Bentley 1884 

Diiiiry (Laura) Eros : a Novel, 12mo, 6s and 2s 6d New York 1888 

Dtines from the Psalms: Words in Season, by F. M. H. Is ; new ed. 64mo, Is... Hawkins 1883-4 

J^tjBlue Eyes, by Favourite American Authors, roy. 8vO| 2s Cassell 1888 

Ofiutionary Stories in Verse, engrav. by S. Williams, 30th edit. 18mo, Is... Griffith,,, 1885 

Dimple's Scrap Book : a Book of Picture Stories, 4to, 7s 6d and 6$ Cassell 1883 

Family Story Teller, Vols. 4to, 4s 6<2 each Hunt 1882-4 

Journal of Pure Literature, Vol. 8, 4to, 4s 6d Lobb 1881 

Dakin (H. «/:) The Stage in the Drawing-Room ; or, the Theatre at Home, Is ... Griffith 1882 

M>y (J.) Ufayroyd of Mytholm : a Romance of the Fells, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, dUSd Chapman 1888 

{Sir W, B. ) Lects. on Diseases of Ear, &c. at St George's Hosp.3 e. p. 8o, 7s 6(2 Churchill 1 886 

Short Contributions to Aural Surgery in the * Lancet,' 8o, 3s ^d Churchill 1887 

I^y (^. B.) Colonial Copyright Acts, with an introduction, cr. 8vo, 6s Longmans 1880 

Dal» {A.) JooAthan's Home, 12mo, Is 6d and Is (Arrowsmith's Bristol Library) Simpkin 1886 

— (X W. IK.) Synod of Elvira& Christian Life in Fourth Century, p. 8o, 10s 6<2 MacmiUan 1882 

(^.> Thrillinff Tales, post 8vo, Is Diprose 1887 

— - (C. W,M,) & Lehmann, Digest of Cases in Eng. Courts, 1766-1886, r. 8vo, 60s Stevens j- S, 1887 

(i)Br2«y) Cissy's Troubles, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 Nisbet 1883 

— Fair Catherine, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31s 6<2 Hurst 1886 

Family Failing, illustrated, post 8ro, 2s 6<2 Blackie 1883 

Fanny^s King, and other Stories, 18mo, 6<2 Blackie 1886 

Glcry of the Sea, post 8vo, 2s 6<2 Bel, Tract Soc.. „IS%7 

— Great Auk's E^, with 10 illus. by Whymper, post 8vo, Is 6<2 ... Bel, Tract Soc. 1886 

— Helen Leslie, 12mo, Is 6(2 and Is (Star Series) Warns 1881 

— Little Bricks, post 8vo, 3s 6<2 Nisbet 1882 

— Oughts and Crosses; or, Mrs. Holland's Conciuest, post 8vo, Zb6d Nisbet 1886 

— Seven Sons ; or, the Story of Malcolm and his Brothers, post 8vo, 6$ Nisbet 1 884 

-^ Shepherd's Fairy, illustrated by M. E. Edwards, post 8to, 2s 6<2... Bel. Tract &».... 1888 

— Spoilt Guy: the Stor^ of a Child, post 8vo, 2s 6<2 , Nisbet 1883 

- — Swallow-tails and Suppers, post 8vo, Is 6(2 Bel, Tract Soc.„,lSS6 

Wild Marsh Marigold, 18mo, ed Blackie 1886 

{G. W.) Oatline of Elocution, 12mo, 7s 6(2., Indiana, U,S. ...1881 

(/. .V.) Clergyman's Leg^l Handbk. k Churchwarden's Guide, 6 e. sm. 8o, 7s 6(2 Seeleg 1 88 1 

— (J. S.) Henry Vane: a Study with a Moral, post 8vo, 6s Hamilton 1884 

{K.) Epitome of Surgery, 8ro, 10s M H. K. Lewis 1889 

{B. FK.) Atonement: Congre^tional Union Lect. for 1875, 8 ed. p. 8vo, 6s Hodder 1881 

- Epiatle to the Ephesians: Doctj>ine k, Ethics, new ed. p. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Hodder 1882-8 

Impressions of Australia, post 8vo, 6s Hodder 1889 

Jewish Temple and Christian Church: Discourses, 7th ed. p. 8vo, 6s Hodder 1886 

142 DALE ^DANA [English Citalooui 

Dale (B. W.) Lavs of Cbrist for Commoxi Life, 6t; new edit poet 8to, $s Madder 188i-6 

Nine ]>ctiiTea on Preaching, new edit, poet 8to, 6< ...<^ Hoddar 1882-4 

Old £Taiigelicalism&New:DiBconneinAig7leCbap.Batb,p.8o,l5 Hodder 1889 

Ten CommaDdmeota, new edit, poet 8to» 54 Hodder 188i-5 

Week-Day Sermons, new edit post 8to, 3e M Hodder 1883 

{W.) Popular Treatise on Consumption, Infect HereditCan8e8,&ccr.8ro.l« F, Hodgson 1884 

Dalftleish ( fT. K) Latin Handbook, post 8to, 3« 6d (Open Compet Handbooks).. Longnuins 1884 

I^bonsi^ (MarquU of) life, by L. L Trotter, cr. 8to, 2$ 6d (SUteemen Series)... W. H Allen 1889 

Dall (C. H,^ Annadibai Joehee, Kinswoman & Friend of Pondiu Bamabai, l2o, bs Boston, Mass. ...1888 

My First Holiday; or. Letters Home: California, Sec 12mo, lOs^d... Boston, Mass, ...1881 

Wliat we really know about Shakspeare^ 12mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1886 

Dall^Torre (K. W.) Tourist's Guide to the Flora of the Alps, 18mo, 6s Somtenschein ...1886 

DaUinger ( W. H.) Creator and what We may know of Creation, 8to. 2s6d&ls6d Woolmer 1887 

Dalton (Capt.) Memoir of. Defender of Trichinopoly, 1762-53, poet 8vo, (to W. H. Allen ...1886 

(D.) Beware: a Voice from Shadowland, post 8vo, Is Biprose 1887 

False Steps: a Tale of Modem Times, cr. 8vo, 10s 6d, TinsUys; Is... Sonnenschein ...1885 

(H.) John a Lasco: Beformation in Poland, Germany, &c tr. p. 8vo, IsBd Hodder 1886 

((/. C.) Anatomy of the Biain, with Helbtjpes, 3 toU. 4to, 189s FkUadeivkia 1885 

Doctrines of the Circulation of the Blood, &c 12mo, 10s 6d PkUadelphia 1885-6 

Experimental Method in Medical Science, 12mo, 6s New York 1882 

Human Physiology, 7th edit with 252 illui. 8to, 20< Churchill 1882 

(71) Euclid, Book 1, with Exercises on each Problem and Proofs, 8to, 2s Sitnpkin 1887 

. Exercises in Arithmetic, post 8vo, 3s (Eton Mathematical Series;... Murray 1888 

Key to Bules and Examples in Algebra, Part 1, post 8ro, 7s 6d MacmiUan 1886 

(fF.) Lost in Ceylon, new edit post 8to. 3s ftd Grif^ih 1888 

Persian Chief: Tale of the Manner8& Customs of the Persians, 4to, %d Blackwoods 1882 

Stories of the Conquest of Mexico and Peru, new edit. 12mo, 3s 6d Paterton 1887 

War Tiger, new edit, post 8vo, Zs6d GrifUh 1888 

White Elephant, new edit post 8vo, 3s 6d Griffith 1888 

Dalfero (M.) Francis: a Socialistic Bomance, &c post 8fo, 4s 6d Unwin 1886 

Heroine of the Common Place, post 8vo, 6s L, Literary iSo<;...1885 

Daly (A.) Peg Woffington: Tribute to Actress & Woman, with portraits, 4to. 210s New York. 1889 

(/>.) Club Law & the Law of Unregietered Friendly Societies, n. e. fcp. 3s 6d BuUerworths ... 1889 

{J. B.) Broken Ideals: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 31s 6d Remington 1883 

Glimpses of Irish Indu^^ries, cr. 8vo, 6s Ward^'B 1889 

Ireland in the Days of Dean Swift (Irish Tracts, 1720-34), p. 8vo,5s Chapman 1887 

'98 : Sketches of the Principal Men of the Time, Svo, 9s... Sonnenschein ... 1888 

Badical Pioneers of the Eighteenth Century, post 8vo, 2s 6d Sonnenschein ...1886 

(Mrs. 2>.) Digging & Squatting, Northern Territory of S.Australia, 8vo, 12s Low 1887 

Dalael (H.) British Dogs, 2nd edit VoL 1, 10s 6d; 2, 8vo, 10s 6rf * Baeaar* Of. 1888-9 

Collie: its History. Points, and Breeding, illustrated, 8vo, Is • Bazaar ' {^. ...1888 

Diseases of Dogs, new and revised edit. po8t8vo, 2s and Is * Bazaar * Off. ...1881 

Horses: Pathology, Diagnosis, & Treat, n. ed. p. 8vo, Is * Bazaar* Off. ...1888 

Fox Terrier: its History, Points, &c. illus. 8to, 2s and Is 'Bazaar* Off. 1888-9 

Stud Book : Pedigree of Prize Winners, post 8ro, 2s 6d * Basaar * Off. ...1889 

Greyhound : its History, Points, Breeding, &c illus. 8vo, 2s 6d < Bazaar* Off, ...1886 

Mad Dogs and Hydrophobia : Historical Notes, &c. 12mo, Is Simpkin 1886 

St. Bernard : its History, Points, Breeding, & Bearing, ill. 8vo, 2s 6rf * Bazaar ' Off. ...188S 

Daman {H.) A First Euclid, Book 1 : Propositions 1-20, 4to, 7s 6d Sonnenschein ...1889 

Damant(afar^) Peggy Thomhill: Tale ofthe Irish Rebellion, 3s 6<f; 2 ed.p.8o, 3s 6<2 W. H. AUen,.ASS7'S 

Dame and her Donkeys Five, hand-coloured engravings, sq. 16mo, Is Field ^ T. 1888 

Britannia, and her Troublesome Family, especially Pat, 12mo, 6d Low 1886 

Britonnia*s Patient 12mo, 6d ^ntcrtfi 1888 

Dturden. by Rita, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d; new edit 2s Qd and 2s Blackett 18S3-4 

Durden's Copper Kettle, illus. by R. Andr6, in colours, sq. 16mo, 6d 8.P.C.K, 1884 

Primrose: aSequel to* Vicar of Wakefield,* byaPrimr.Dame,p.8o, 2s& 1^ Potter 1888 

Wiggins of Lee & her 7 Wonderful Cats : a Tale, by a Lady of 90, p. 8fo, Is Field ^ T. 1887 

Damien (Father) Apostle of the Lepers: Life and Letters, cr. 8vo, Is Caih. IVuth Soc. 1889 

Story of Father Damien, for Young People, F. E. Cooke, p.8o,ls 6d Sonnefuchein ... 1 889 

Dammast {Jeannie 8.) High and Low ; or. Help Each Other, &c. post 8vo, Is ... Sun. Sch. Un^ ...1886 

ThadyD'Arcy: Them that Honour Me I will Honour, 12o, Is Sun. Sch. Un. ...1887 

Damon {R.) Geology of Weymouth, Portland, and Coast of Dorset, n.e. 7s 6<2& 5s Stafford 1884 

Dampier, by W. Clark Russell , post 8vo, 2s 6d (English Men of Action) MaemUlan 1 889 

Dan : an Everyday Tale for Young Readers, by A. J. F. aq. 16mo, Is WhUtingham ...1887 

Dan's Sister, and other Stories, 8vo, 2s 6d and 2s (Favourite Fiction Series) W. Stevens 1886 

Dana (A. H.) Enigmas of Life, Death, and the Future State, 12mo, 6s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1882 

(K S.) Text- Book of Elementary Mechanics, illus. 12mo, Is 6d New York 1881 

(H. 8.) History of Woodstock, Vermont, with portraits, 8vo, 21s Boston, Mass, ...1889 

(J. v.) & Brush {G. J.) A System of Mineralogy, 5th edit loy. 8vo, 42s ... 7}riibner 1883 

(j. H.) Manual of Mineralogy and Petrography, 4th edit poet 8vo, 8s 6(2... 7Wi5«er 1887 

(K. F.) Out Phil, and other Stories, with illustrations, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...188& 

(R. H.) Two Years Before the Mast, new edit 12mo, 5s Boston, Mass, ...1886 

a Nairative of Life at Sea, n. ed. 8vo, ^d Wame 1 887 

1881-1889] DANA D'ANVERS 148 

DsM (W. F.) Optimism of Balph Waldo Emerson : an Essay, 18mo, 2s 6d Boston, Mass, ...1886 

Danby (F.) Babo in Bohemia, post 8to, Qs Blackett 1889 

Copper Crash, founded on Fact, post 8vo, 2s Trischler 1889 

Dr. Phillips: Maida Vale Idyll, poet 8ro, 7s 6d; new edit. 3s6d&;2s Viefitelly 1887-9 

Budi^ in a Right Spirit, a Delightful, Useful and Scriptural Pleasure, 24mo, Is Harrison 1883 

ThM {Coventry) 5^f^ po8t8TO, \s ^d '. Btvington 1886 

Daaewsky {W,) Russie et I'Angleterre dans I'Asie Centrale, 870, Is DuUm 1881 

I)ui^pfield(J.)GraceTolmar: aNovel, l2mo, 2s Ward 4' L 1888 

Daniel ; or, the Second Volume of Prophecy, traoslated, by Murphy, 12mo, 6s Qd Andouer, Mass, 1886 
Daniel {£.) Daily Offices and Litany, designed for National Schools, 18mo. Sd ,,, W.W. Gardner 1882 

English Accidence, Parsing, Sentences and Syntax, post 8to, 3s National Soc, ...1881 

Grammar, History, and Derivation of the English Language, p. 8vo, 6s Natuynal Soc, ...1881 

History and Derivation of the English Language, post 8vo, 2s %d ... National Soc, ...1881 

How to Teach the Church Catechism, 12mo, iSd National Soc. ...1882 

Prayer Book, 12mo, \0d National Soc, ...1882 

Prayer Book : its History, Language and Contents, new edit. p. 8vo, 6s W, W. Gardner lSB2-'6 

(E. M.) New Law of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks, 8vo, 8s 6i Stevens <f S. ...1884 

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(V, T. 5.) History of the Origin of the Law Reports, roy. 8vo, 10s Clowes 1884 

Daniel Eyssetto : an Autobiographic Sketch by Helen Stott, post 8vo, 2s 6d Bevington 1886 

Daniel's Venture, and What came of it, with illustrations, post 8vo, Is Bel, tract Soc.,,. \%%Q 

Daaiell {Alfred) Textbook of the Principles of Physics, 8vo, 21s Macmillan 1884 

(C) Discarded Silver: a Plan for its Use as Money, 12mo, 2s Kegan Paul 1886 

• Gold Treasure of India: Amount, Means of Using, &c p. 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul 1884 

Daniell*s Chancery Forms, 4th edit by Charles Bumey, roy. 8vo, 60s Stevens # 8. ...1885 

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(ifcfrs. ^. J»f.) Scottish Heiress, 12mo, 2s Weldon 1882 

. {W, B,) A Short History of * The People called Methodists,' 8vo, 6s Hodder 1882* 

Danish Parsonage, by an Angler, post 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 1884 

Dtan {J. T.) German Commercial Correspondence, with Exercises. &c. 12o, 2s 6(2 Longmans 1886 

Dtfite: Banquet (Convito), trans, by Katherine Hillard, post 8vo, Ts Qd Kegan Paul 1889 

■ Commediaand Canzoniere, trans, by Plum^tre, Vol. 1, 21s; 2, 8vo, 21s... IsHster 1886-7 

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. Cary, post 8vo, Is ^ and Is Bell # S, 1888 

in Greek Verse, by Musurus Pasha, 8vo, 12s Williams 4' N....\B%2 

translated by W'arburton Pike, 12mo, 5s Kegan Paul 1881 

in Terza Rima, Eng. line for line, by F. Haselfoot, 8vo, 16s Kegan Paul 1887 

trans, by H. W. Longfellow, 2s; 3 vols, post 8vo, 3s ^d each Routledge 1886 

introd. by H. Morley, p.8vo, Is Routledge 1885 

ver. for ver. in Terza Rima, by Minchin, post 8vo, 16s Longmans 1 884 

— — — by James Romanes Si bbald, 8vo, 12s Hamilton 1884 

in English Verse, Notes by Wilstach, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 25s ... Boston, Mass, ...1888 

and the Banquet, & Boccaccio's Decameron, 1 v. cr. 80, 3s 6d Routlcdae 1886 

Paradise,withTranslationandNotesbyArthur J. Butler, post8vo, 12s 6(2 Ma/rniillan 1886 

translated into Greek Verse by Musurus Pasha, 8vo, 12« WUliams <f N. ...1886 

Purgatorio, translated by Cary. 12mo, Is %d & Is (Bohn*s Library) Bell ^- S. 1889 

Dugdale, 12mo, 6s (Bohn's Collegiate Ser.) ... Bell J 8, 1883 

into Greek Verse by Musurus Pasha, 8vo, 1 2s ... WiUiams ^ N. ... 1884 

yisioD of Hell, trans, by Rev. H. F. Cary, and ill. by G. Dor6, n.e. folio. 21s Cassell 1885 

or. Hell, Pnrgatory, & Paradise, translated by Cary, post 8vo, 3s 6flf Wame 1881-9 

for Beginners, with tranidations, &c. and illustrations by Shore, p. 8vo, 6s Chapman 1886 

D'Anvers (^N.) Dobbie and Dobbie*8 Master, new edit 12mo, 2s M. Ward 1888 

Elementary History of Architecture of All Countries, n. e. p. 8ro,3s6(2 Low 1881 

Art: Architecture, &c. 10s 6(2; n.e. ill. 80, 6s IjOw 1882-9 

2v.ini, 12s&10s6d Low 1889 

Painting, by F. Cundall, 3 e. ill. cr. 80,6s Low 1889 

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Painting, Old Masters, new ed. p. 8vo, 3s %d Low 1881 

Modem, new edit, poet 8vo, 3s ^d Low 1881 

Sculpture, new edit post 8vo, 3s Qd Low 1881 

Flowerless Plants, 12mo, 6c£ (Science Ladders) Philip 1881 

Forms of Land and Water, 12mo, 6(£ .'.. Low 1881 

Heroes of American Discovery, with illustrations, post 8vo, 6s ... M. Ward 1884 

Illustrated Natural History Reader, 12mo, ^ Low 1881 

Little Minnie; or. Good out of Evil, ill. by W. H. Hughes, p. 8vo, 2s J. F. Shaw 1889 

LowlyMantle &ArmourWearers: Illus. Nat. Hist Reader, 12o, 6<2 Philip 1883 

Parted: a Tale of Cloud and Sunshine, new edit 12mo, Is 6(2 Griffith 1884 

Pixie's Adventures: a Tale of a Terrier, illus. by Moore, p. 8 vo, 2s 6(Z J. F. Shaw 1886 

Science Ladders, 4 vols. 12mo, Is each Philip 1884 

144 D'ANVERS ^DAtJDET [English Citalootji 

D'ADTors (N.) Story of Early EzploratioD, 18mo, M (Science Ladders) Philip 1883 

TrastMe, sq. 16mo, 6d S.P.CK, 1882 

Vegetable Life: an Illnatrated Reader, 12mo, 6d Low 1881 

Danvers Jewels: a Novel, cr. 8 ro, Is Bentley 1887 

iyAih\Aj {Madame \ /"Vmii.v J^wriky) Evelina, new edit. 12mo, 2« Ward 4" L 1881 

Darby (J.) Man and His World; or, the Oneness of Now and Eternity, 16mo, 5s Philadelphia ...1889 

(JbAn) Bmshland, 12mo, 6« Philadelphia ...1882 

(5.) Flnid Heat, 2nd edit. Svo. 1» Churchill 1881 

^ {W. E.) Out of the Depths : a Temperance Tale, large fcp. 1« 6d Nelsons 1884 

Darby and Joan, by * Rita,' 3 toIs. cr. Sto, 31s 6d ; new edit. 2s 6d and 2s Maxwells 1886>7 

Darbyshire (A.) Booke of Olde Manchester and Salford, by Geo. Milner, 4to, 2s 6d Heywood 1887 

Darcy, the Boy Acrobat, by the Author of 'Little RnbVs Cnrl,' 12nio, U Rd, Tract S«?....1884 

Dargne (T.) Through the Holy Land : being a Tour in Egypt, &c. cr. 8vo, 3s 6i Hamilton 1889 

Dark Days of December, by Author of ' The Travelling Sixpence/ 18mo, 9<i ReL Tract 8oc.,„\%U 

Darkness and Dawn : the Peaceful Birth of a New Age, 12mo, 2s ^ KeganPaul 1884 

Darley {F, 0,\C.) Compositions Outline to Hawthorne s * Scarlet Letter/ n.e. fo. 60s Boston^ Mass, ...1883 
Darling (Chas, J.) Scintillee Juris, frontby F. Lockwood, Q.C. 4th ed. 12mo, 3s 6i Stevens # H, ...1889 

(GV<7c«) Life, by Thomas Arthur, l2mo, Is Bel, Book Soe, .,.\9^h 

{M. ^.) Gladys : a Romance, 12mo, 6s Boston, Mass, ...1887 

Darling of an Empire : a Novel, 16mo. 7s 6rf New York 1887 

Darlinghurst (2>.) Boys of the Cross: Talks with Christ's Young Soldiers, 12o, Is Jarrold 1885 

Nobody's Boy: a Strange Discovery, 12mo,ls Jarrold 1885 

Roy's Life: an *Ower True' Tale, 12mo, Is Jarrold 1886 

'. Star in the Crown : a Story of Schoolboy Life, 12mo, Is Jarrold 1884 

—— Under the Apple-tree : a Stoiy of Unselfish Love, p. 8vo,l8 ^d Jarrold 1887 

Darmesteter (A,) Life of Words as the Symbols of Ideas, post 8vo, 4s 6<2 Kegan Paul 1886 

(J.) Mahdi, Past and Present, 12mo, Is 6<2 and Is Unwin 1885 

Darnell (H, F.) Philip Hazelbrook; or, the Junior Curate, 16mo, 6» and 2s 6rf... Bujfalo, U.S. ...1887 
Damton (P. W.) Lizzie Hurst; or, the Reward of Trnth and Goodness, p. 8o, 9d Sun. Sch. Un. ...1888 

Religion and Life, post 8vo,4s t Simpkin 1886 

Story of James Brewster, 1 8mo, 6({ Sun, Seh, I7ii....l883 

D'Arpentigny (C. S.) Science of the Hand, &c. pest 8vo, 7s ed Ward ^ L 1886 

Dsrrell {J.) House of Little Wizard : Story of 2 Young People & 2 Old Ones, 3s ed Hatchards 1886 

Dart {J. H.) Law and Practice of Vendors, &c. of Real Estate, 6 ed. 2 vols. r. 8o, 76s Stevens ^ 8, ...1888 
Darton (J. M.) Brave Boys who have become Illustrious Men, new ed. 12mo, 3s 6d Sonnenschein. 1881-3 

Darton'e Paris Exhibition, 4to, Is W, W. Gardner, 1889 

Darwin (C.) by Grant Allen, post 8vo, 2s 6df Is ed, and Is (English Worthies)... Longmans 1885-8 

Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, new ed. p. 8vo, 7s ed Murray 1 882-7 

Different Forms of Flowers in Plants of same Species, n. e. p. 8o,7s ed Murray 1887 

Effects of Cross & Self-Fertilisation i n Vegeta. Kingdom, n.e. p. 8o, 9s Murray 1 887 

Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of Worms, 9s and 6s Murray 1 88 1-7 

Insectivorous Plants, 2nd edit, by F. Darwin, with* illus. post 8vo, 9s Murray 1889 

Memorial Notices, reprinted from ' Nature/ 1 2mo, 2s ed Macmillan 1 882 

Naturalist's Voyage in H M.S. * Beagle/ 9s ; n. e. 7s ed ; p. 8vo, 3s ed Murray 1 884-9 

Origin of Species by Natural Selection, new. ed. 2 v. 12s, 7s 6rf, & 6s Murray 1882^8 

Structure & Distribution of Coral Reefs, 3 e. by Bouncy, ill. p. 8o. 8s ed Smith j- E. 1 889 

Variation ofAnimal8& Plants in Domestication, n.e. 2 v.p.8o,18s&l 5s Murray 1886-7 

Various Contrivances ; Orchids Fertilised by Insects, 4 c. p. 8 vo, 7s ed Murray 1 887 

&his Words: Biological&MetaphysicalStudy,byH.A.S.p.8o,ls6<f&ls K Btrmpua 1888 

life, b;rG.T.Bettany, large paper, 2s6rf; 12mo, Is W Soott 1887 

with British Opinion on Evolution, by G. W. Bacon, 8vo, Is & ed Bacon 1882 

and Letters, with Autobiographical Chapter, ilL 3 vols. 8vo, 36s Murray 1887 

Naturalist, 8vo, Is (Round Table Series) Simpkin 1886 

(C & F.) Power of Movement in Plants, illus. new edit, post 8vo, 16s... Murray 1881 

Darwinism Stated by Darwin Himself: Passages from Writings, 12mo, 7s ed New York 1884 

Daryl (A. J.) Merry-go-Roucd : Rhymes, illus. by Con. Hazlewood,p. 8vo, 2sed., Warns 1888 

(P.) Dictionary of Painters and Handbook for Picture Amateurs, 2s 6<^ ... Lockwood 188^ 

Ireland's Disease: Notes and Impressions, special edit, post 8vo, 3s ed Rouiledye 1887 

Public Life in England, trans, by Henry Firth, cr. 8vo, 8s ed and 2s ed Boutledge 1884 

Das (Devendra N.) Sketches of Hindoo Life, post 8vo, 5s Chapman ..lSb7 

Dasent {Sir G. W.) Popular Tales from the Norse, &c. 3rd edit. 8vo, 10s ed Hamilton 1888 

Dash (^/ancor) Tales of a Tennis Party, fcp. 6s KeganPaul 1889 

D' Assier {A ) Posthumous Humanity : Study of Phantoms, tr. by Olcott, p. 8o, 7s ed Bedway ISST 

Daubeny (E. C.) More Goodly Pearls, 48mo, Is; 64mo. 9d Hodder 1884-^ 

D'Aubign^, Story of Bayard, literally trans. 12mo, Is ed Simpkin 1885 

{J. H, M.) Reformation of the 1 6th Century, n. e. 8o, 7s 6i; cr. 8o, 3s ed Ward ^ L. . . .lEB2-i 

Daudet {A,) Artists' Wives, illus. by De Bieler, Myrbach, & Rossi, trs. cr. 8vo, 3s ed Boutledge 188! 

Belle Nivernaise, edit by J. Boielle,cr. 8vo, 2s 6<^ Whittaker 188i 

translated, illus. poet 8vo, 6s and 3s ed Boutledge,^ 18S 

Evangelist ; or, Port Salvation, trans. 2v. p 8vo, 12s; n. e. 3s 6^ 6c 2s Chatto ....188 

Jack, illus. by Myrbach, trans, by Laura Ensor, 8vo, 3s ed Boutledas 188 

Numa Roumestan ; or, Joy Abroad and Grief at Home, 6s; red. 2s ed Vieetelly 1 S84- 

Ono of the 'Forty' ('Llmmortel'), translated by Venrall, p. 8vo, 6s Sonnenschein ...18g 

1881-1889] DAUDET DAVIDSON 145 

Dudet {A.) Prodigious Adrentures of Tartaria of Taraacon, 12mo, Sd J. 4" ^' Maxwell 1887 

post 8to, 6d ViseteUy 1887 

RMoUections of a Litararf Man, illns. trans, by Ensor, post 8yo. Z» fid Boutledge 1 889 

Robert Helmont: Diary of a Recluse, 1810-71, illus. 8ro, 10« Qd ... RouUedge 1888 

Sappho: Paris Morals and Manners, unabridged trans, bs; 12mo, Is VizeteUy 1886 

a Romance of Art and Lore, post 8fo, \s 6d and Is J. JjrR. Maxwell 1886 

Parisian Manners, illus. by Rossi, &c. postSro, Zs6d6c 5«... Boutledge 1887 

Tartarin in the Alps, illus. by Aranda, De Beaumont, &(\ 5s& 3s 6i... RouUedge 1886 

of Tarasoon, illus. by Mont^t, &c. post 8ro, 5s & 3s 6<f ... Routledge 1887 

Thirty Years of Paris and of my Literary Life, ill. trans, p. 8fo, 3« 6d Routledge 1888 

Diosobower (Lt^O NarratiTe of the *Jeannette,' 12mo, U 6d Boston, Mate. ...1882 

Daage {H.) A Fair Philosopher: a Novel, 16mo. 6s Kew York 1882 

Daogbter of Eve, by the Author of * The Story of Margaret Kent/ 12mo, 7»6d ... Boston, Mast. ...1889 

the Philistines: a Norel, 12mo, 2s HanUUon 1885 

D'Aiilnoy(Cwii/«ts) Fairy Tales, tr. by Planch^, illus. by Gordon Browne, 4to, 5s Routledge 1887 

Sir J.Gilbert,p.8o,3»6<? Routledge 1881 

Dtumt {A.) Crag, Glacier, and Aralanche : Narratives of Daring. &c. ill. p. 8o. 2s6i Nelsons 1888 

Frank Reddiffe : in the Forest of Venezuela, p. 8to, 3s 6a and 2s 6d ... Ndsons 1 882-9 

In the Land of the Moose, the Bear, & the Bearer, p. 8ro, 2s 6(2 & ls6i Nelsons 1884-9 

Morning of Life: Gleanings edit, by Day & Burroughs, p. 8ro, 2s M Hodder 1881 

OnrSea Coast Heroes: Stories of Rescue by Lifeboat, &c. p. 8vo, 2s ^d Nelsons 1886 

Three Trappers: Story of the Wilds of Canada, n.e. p. 8vo, 3s 6rf & 2s 6(i Nelsons 1889 

With Pack and Rifle in the Far South West, New Mexico, &c. p. 8ro, 5s Nelsons 1885 

(W.J. O'JVsiW) Essays on Ireland, post 8vo, OS and Is Simpkin 1886-8 

Eighty-five Years of Irish History, 2 vols. 21s; post 8vo, 6s Ward ^ i>.... 1886-7 

Dtfenant (F.) Starting in Life : for Parents, &c new edit. 1 2mo, 2»M;\sM and Is Ckatto 1881-7 

Dats&port (C) Songs and Poems for Children, ed. by C.Davenport, ill. p. 8 vo, \s^ Hogg 1889 

{E.) Boy's Own Poetry Book, edit by E. Davenport, rost 8vo, ZsOd... Gr^th 1889 

• (£oi0ia) Fickle Flora and her Seaside Friends, new edit. 12mo, Is Gr^th 1881 

Holidays Abroad, new edit. 12mo, ls6<^ Gr^fith 1881 

OurBirthdays,andHowtoImproTeThem, n. e.l2mo, ls6(2... Griffith 1881 

( E. H.) Diseases of Women : Non-Surgical Gynaecology, ill. 12mo, 7s 6d Philadelphia ... 1 889 

(F.) Elements of Harmony and Counterpoint, post 8ro, 2s 6d Longmans 1887 

Music, of Committee of Royal Academy, post8vo, Is Lon^gmans 1884 

{W. Bromley-) Sport, illus. bv Crealocke, 4to, 21s; cr. 8vo, 6s & 8s 6(2 Chapman 1885-3 

Darej [Annette L.) Old Tales & Legends for Young People, 4to, 3s 6<2; 2e.2s6<2 L, Literary Soe, 1885 

(R.) Royal Amour: a Novel. 2 vols. cr. 8vo,2ls Rentington 1882 

— - (FT.) Pmctieal Mesmerist, Curative and Scientific, 6th edit. 12mo, 2s J. Bums 1889 

I^tfid (IT. L.) Logic of Definition, 12mo, 6s Longmans 1885 

litfids ( T. W. H.) Origin and Growth of Religion, ill. by Ind. Buddhism, 8vo,l0s 6d WUliams # .V....1881 

I^Tidson {A. B.) Hebrews, with Introduction and Notes, post 8vo, 2s 6J Hamilton 1882 

— Job; Notes, Introduction, and Appendix, 12mo. 6s Camh. ^ForsA. ...1884 

(£) Racecourse, and other Short Stories for the People, I2mo, 9<f Simpkin 1886 

\E.A.) House Painting, Graining. Marbling, & Sign Writing, n. e. 12o, 5s Lockwood 1884-7 

Right Lines in their Right Places: Drawing, Design, &c. 12o, Is Cassell 1882 

(#*.^.Z.)AnglicisedColloquialBurme8e: How toSpeakit. 12mo,3s6<£ W.H.Allen ...1889 

(£r. C.) Cast on the Waters : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3ls 6rf Hurst 1887 

Qaigrave Mystery, 12mo, 2s Wame 1889 

Green Hills by the Sea: a Msnx Story, 3 vols, post 8ro, 31s 6<2 Hurst 1886 

King Diddle: Drawings by E. A. L. Lemann, roy. 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1887 

Mad or Married: a Manx Story, post 8vo. 2s 6(2 W. H. Allen 1888 

Okl Adam : a Tale of an Army Crammer, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(2 Low 1888 

(■71) Bruce : a Drama in Five Acts, 12mo, 2s ^d Simpkin 1886 

North Wall, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1885 

Sinith:aTra|fedy, elzevirSvo, 2s6(2 F. W. Wilson ...1888 

{J. M.) Book of Enn ; Ireland's Story told to New Democracy, p. 8o, 3s 6(2 fT. Reeves 1 888 

(J. TJ) City Youth, 8s 6d; new edit, post 8vo, 3s Sd Hodder 1886-7 

Forewarned, Forearmed, 3s 6(2; new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6d Hodder 1885-8 

Sure to Succeed, 3s 6d; new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 Hodder 1888-9 

Talks with Young Men, ds 6d; new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6d,t Hodder 1884-8 

(J. ^)Floridaof To-Day: for Tourists, &c. with maps & ill. cr.8vo, 5s Appleton 1889 

(JC) Tom Gordon ; or, Little Bessie's Prayer, l6mo. Is 6(2 SimplHn 1882 

(L. C.) Hints to Lady Travellers, at Home and Abroad, post 8vo, 3s 6d Hife 1889 

{M. G.) Concise Precedents in Conveyancing, new edit post 8vo, 21s ... W. 3f(zxtof22... 1883-5 
Precedents & Forms in Conveyancing, 4 e. Vol. 2,Pt.2, r. 8o, 36s W. Maxwell 1881 

(V. Afl) Silk; its History and Manufacture, 8vo, 5s New Orleans ...1885 

[Mrs, D.) Kitten's Goblins, with a dozen illus. by Authoress, 8vo, 5s... Field f 7*. 1889 

{Mrs. H. C.) Dainties, English and Foreign, 12mo, Is Hatchards 1887 

{Mrs. H, M.) Christian Osborne's Friends, new edit, post 8vo, 3s 6(2... Simpkin 1885 

(&) Introduction to the Study of New Testament, 2 ed. 2 vols. 8vo, 30s Longmans 1882 

New Testament and the Jews, Doctrine of Last Things,£:c. 12o, 3s 6(2 Kegan Paul 1882 

{T.) Hanxy W. Longfellow: a Biography, 12mo, Is 6(2 Boston, Mass. ...1882 

Life of a Scotch Probationer, by James Brown, 3rd edit. p. 8vo, ^ Macmillan 1889 

TOL. IV. Ii 

146 DAVIDSON DAVIS [Ekglwh Catalogue 

DaTidson (r.) Parthenon Frieze, and other Essays, post Sro, &i Keoen Pnl 1882 

(W,) and Alcoek (J, C.) English Oomposition, 12mo, Is M Ailmam 1884 

(HCIr.) Leading ftlmportantWords Explained: Aid to Teaching,] 2o,8s6<2 Longmans 1886 

Logic of Definition Explained and Applied, post 8to, 6s Lon^mMns 1885 

Dartes (C.) Elements of Sanreying and Lerelling, new edit 8to, 9s New York 1884 

Modem Whist -.together with the Laws of Whist, 18mo, 4s Low 1886 

(C. D.) Srlf-Examination for OdScers of Anxiliary Focces, 32mo, Is M ... Simpkin 1886 

— .^ (D.) Echoes from the Welsh Hills : Pieschers, &c of Wales, ilL p. 86, 7s 6d Alexander ^ 8. 1883 

New Name, and other Sf^rmons, post 8ro, 4s Sd TaUs 18S1 

Sacred Themes and Famous Paintings, post 8to, 2s 6d Alexander ^ S. 1885 

(2). C.) Earthy and other Minerals and Mining, I2»6d; n.ed.p. Svo^lUBd Lockwood 1884-8 

Metalliferous Minerals and Mining, new edit, post 8to, 12s 6ii ... Lockwood 1881-8 

Slate and Slate Quarrying: Scientific, Practical, &c 3rd ed. 12o, 3s Lockwood 1887 

(D. iS.) Manual of Stenography, with Longhand and Shorthand, post 8ro, 2s Griffith 1887 

\E.) Holy Thoughts on UolyThings, Selections fin. Authors, n. e. r. 8o, 7s 6<2 Word ^ L 1882 

Intermediate and University Education in Wales: an Appeal, 87o, Is Simpkin 1881 

(E. W. L.) Our Sea Fish and Sea Food, 12mo, Is FUid ^ T, 1887 

(G, C.) Index to the Local QoTemment Act, 1888, for Norfolk, 8to, 7s ed Jarrold 1889 

Norfolk BrtMds and Rivers: Waterways, &c. 14s; new ed. p. 8ro, 6s lUackwoods ...1883-4 

On Dutch Waterways: ss. * Atalanta in Holland, &c. imp. 8to, 21s Jarrold 1886 

Peter Penniless. Gamekeeper and Gentleman, sq. 16mo, 5s Wame 1884 

Rambles and Adventures of our School Field Club, 2 e. p. 8to, 3s td Ktgan Paul 1881 

Swan and Her Crew: Adven.of 3 Young Naturalists, 5 e.r.lfio, 3s 6ii Wame *..1869 

Wild Cat Tower; or, Adventures of Four Boys, ilLroy.l6m«, 3s 6rf Wame 1889 

and Brougall (Mr$.) Our Home in Aveyron, Peasant Life,ill.8o,15s Blaekwoods 1889 

(G. J.) Garden of Frat>Tance : trans, of the Boston of 8adi,post 8vo, 7s M Kegan Paul 1882 

Homilies, Ancient & Modem, N08.1, 2, 3.& 4 :Sermon8,12o, 2s 6<fe. Bell 4' S, 1883 

Papers on Preaching, 3rd edit, enlarged, post 8vo, 6s Bell 4" S, 1882 

Successful Preachers, 12mo, 7s Bell # S, 1883 

- (G.8,) Julian'8Dr«am:aStoryof A.U. 362, 12mo,red. 2s6<i S,P.C,K, 1884 

- (/f.)CirculationoftheBloodthroughorganicaUy-Di8casedHearts,cr.8o,3s6<2 H.K.Lewis 1889 

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1881-1889] DAVIS DAWSON 147 

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I Tribute to Satan: • Novel, cheap edit post Svo, 2s ^ Blaekwoods 1888 

mi'im] DAYS DECOLANGE 149 

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the Year: a Poetic Calendar from Alfred Anstin, by A. S. 16mo, red. Is W. Scott 1888 

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Dead and Alive? by the Aothor of ' A Woman's Loye Story,' post 8yo, l5 6(2& is W. Stevens 1888 

— bytheHandofMay OsUere, 12mo, 1# Trischler 1889 

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^ of Death, by an Orthodox Layman (J. M. Patton), rev. edit. cr. 8vo, 6s . . . Triibner 1 881 

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; — & Titles of Courtesy, 1881,165; '82-4, 155 61J; '86-9,8vo, I65 Dean 1881-9 

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^«fa»(Jf.F.) Indnstrial Drawing, for Carpenters and others, illus. 8vo, IO5 ed New York 1886-6 

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between 1840-1981, by Lang. Tung, 12o,6(£ F, V, White 1881 

r^; Whiat: Old-feshioned View of New-fangled Play, 32mo, Ued Waters 1886 

«ttJ»g*(L,) NationalGaaettoerof the United States, roy. 8vo,2l5 Hamilton 1884 

150 DE GOLYAB ^DELABOBDE [Emolxsh CiTuxxiTni 

De Colyar (H. A,) CaDdahar : Oar Bight and Duty to Retain it» 8vo, <k2 Stanford 1881 

_ Goppet (A.) Sennons for Children, from the French by M. Taylor, 12mo, Zs^ Griffith \m 

Decoration in Painting, Scolptiire, Architecture, &c new ser.Yols. foL 7s 6d each Loto 1881-7 

Decorator's Assistant: 600 Beceipts for Preparing and Using Dyes, 12mo, 2$ 6d„ A, J. Bamet ...1883 

- for Artists and Amateurs, Painters, &c. n. ed. post 8to, U Lockwood 1887-8 

Portfolio, Parts 1 and 2, Is Gc^each Low 1887 

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Deeds of Daring Library (See AppeiuUxB,) 

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eadings from, with Notes, 12mo, IsZd Blackie ...IB 

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De Graff (T.iS.) Camping in the Allegbanies; or, Bodines, new edit. 12mo, 6s ... PhUadoMkia ...I) 
— > Hass (F. 8,) Buried Cities Becovered : E^lorations in Bible Iiands, Svo, 21s PhUadefyhMM, ...1 
-^ Havilland {R. 8.) Forked Tongue: a Novel, 2nd edit. cr. Svo, 3s ed ViseUUy i 

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— Horsey ( Vice-Admiral) Bule of the Boad at Sea, new edit. 12mo, Is ed Simpkin^ ^ y 

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Science of Money, 8vo, 4s Bell ^ S. 1885 

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12mo, 6<i Ward 4 L 1882 

^'taoczacy in the Old World and the New, 12mo, 2s 6<2 Kegan Paul 1884 

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162 DEMOSTHENES DERWENT [E^gi^'sh Catalooui 

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■ School in England, Cent. 19 : Letter to Archbp. of Cantby. 8vo, Is Parker 1883 

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Authorised Copyright translation, Is 6rf and Is ... J^j-^- Maxwell W86^ 

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Dennys {E, M.) Proverbs and Quotations of Many Nations, 1 2mo, Is SimpkHn -. . . . 1 889 

Denslow ( Van Buren) Pri nciples of Economic Phi losopby of Society, 8 vo, 1 6s ... Cassell 1 888 

& Parker (J. M.) T. A. Edison & S F. B. Moore, p. 8vo, U Caswell 1887 

Dent (C) Above theSnow Line: Mountaineering Sketches, 1870-80, cr. 8vo, 7« td Loftgmatis 1884 

{G, M.) How to Select a Life Office : a Dialogue, illus. by Tables, 8vo, lit... Heywood 1888 

(H, C.) Year in Brazil, with Notes on the Abolition of Slavery, &c. 8vo, 18^ Kegan Paui 1888 , 

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. Cross : Scripture Lessons for Bible Classes, p. 8vo, 2s Qd Nishet i 888 

Wisdom's House and • Her Seven Pillars,' post 8vo, Is M 2iishct 1887 

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Sewage Disposal: Ten Years' Experience in Filtration, 8vo, 3s Od Spons 1881 

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\W,) Ancient Church in Egypt, 8vo, 6rf Bivinqtmis 1883- 

England in the Fifteenth Century, 8vo, 12s BeU ^ /?. 1888 

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De Pezay,Delia Bathing. — Dorat,Celia'8 Doves, 1 vol.roy.8o,10s6rf; Japan paper,21s Vizeielly 18&S 

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Collected Writings, new edit. Vols. 1 & 2, 8vo, 3s 6rf each A. ^ C.Blcuik ...\SW 

Confessions of an English Opium Eater, from Ist edit. I2mo, 6» Kegan Paul 188J 

new edit 8vo, 6(if BotUledge 188^ 

Opium Eater, &c. 12mo, 6<i and 3c; Ward ^ L \%%^ 

&E8saysonMenofLet.p.8vo,2s Ward 4^ L 188 

new edit. 32mo, Is 6e2 and Is. . . \Vhitiaker 188 

English Opium Eater, and Lives of Shakspeare & Goethe, p. 8o, Is Boutledge 1 ^^ 

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Works, 1 : Confessions of an Opium Eater, &c. 3s ; 2, 32o, 3x Stott 1 81 

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Derivation and Termination of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs, roller, Ss6d Simpkin 1 81 

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Derwas {Pen) Miss Vanbrugh, 12mo, Is Simpkin 18 

Derwent {J. Leith) Circe's Lovers. 3s 6<i; new edit. 12mo, 2s Chatto 1884 

— — Daughter of Dives : a Romance, 3 vols, post 8 vu, 3 Is 6<i ... Hurst 18 

1881-1889] DERWENT DE WITT 158 

Benrent (J, Leitk) King Lazarus: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. Svo, 31« 6^ BtnUey 188t 

Our Lad J of Tears : a Norel, new edit. 12mo, 3* 6rf and 2«... Chatto 1883 

De Satis (3/rs.) Cakes and Confections a la Mode, r2mo, Is ^d Lcmgmaiis 1880 

Puddings and Pastry, 12mo, Isfid Longmans 1889" 

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- Little Chatelaine: a Norel, 3 vols. cr. 8to, 31s 6<j; new edit. ^.,. Sonnenschein ...1889 

. Lord & Lady Piccadilly: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s Qd\ 6s&2s Sonnenschein 1887-8 

Love and Pnde on an Iceberg, and other Tales, post 8vo, Is Sonnenschein ...1887 

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DescriptiTe Catalogue of Patholog. Specimens Col . of Suig. Vol. 4, 8 vo, 7s 6<f Churchill 1 885 

2 e. 6s ; V. 2, 2nd ed. 7* 6rf Churchill 1 882-3 

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Student's French Notes; List of Idioms, &c. 3rd edit. p. 8o, Is ^d ^uU 1887 

Desk Companion : Bijou Dictionary, Biography, Gazetteer, Calculator, 32mo, 6s Wame 1889- 

Betpard (C.) Jonas Sylvester, post 8vo, Is Sonnenschein ...1886 

Beipres (F.) Curtain Baisers for Amateurs and others, 12mo, Is Sitnpkin 1886 

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French Pronunciation and Beadtnff, 3 parts, 12mo, 2s Hachetie 1881 

Be Stael {Madame) Corinne ; or, Italy, by E. Baldwin and P. Driver, p. 8vo, 4s ^d Wame 1883 

— ^——— Directoire, with Notes, &c by Masson&Prothero,n.e.l2mo,2s Camb, HorM. ...1881 

I>Titr^(2>.) Medical Guide to Contrex^ville, fcp. 8vo, 2s 6i Churchill 1883 

Betty {R.) Compendium of American Criminal Law, l6mo, 18s San Francisco ...1882^ 

Constitution of the United States, with Notes, 2nd edit. 12mo, 15s ... San Francisco ...1885- 

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Bethnming Shakspere : Letters to ' Daily TelegTa|>V ed. by R. M. Theobald, 2^ 6d Low 1888 

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BeValvedre (A.) Sorrowfiil, yet Lucky, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, Sis 6d Sonnenschein ...1884 

Bens (C 8,) Groundwork of Economics, 8vo, 16s Longmans 1888 

Be Vei«'(Jiiorfy) Essays, literary and Ethical, post 8vo, 6s MacmUlan 1889 

■ on Poetiy, 2 vols, post 8to, 12s Macmillan 1887 

Forayof QueenMeave,& otherLeg.of Ireland's HeroicAge, 1 2mo,5s Kegan Paul 1882 

Legends of Saint Patrick, 18mo, 6d and 3(2 (Cassell's Nat. Lib.) Cassell 1889 

and Records of the Church and the Empire, p. 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 1887 

Mary Tudor: an Historical Drama in 2 parts, new edit. 12mo, 5s Bell j' S. 1884 

Poetical Works, Vols. 1 to 3, 12mo, 6s each ; red. 3s 6d each ... Kegan Pau/... 1884-9 

— — Select Specimens of English Poets, &c. new edit 12mo, 3s 6<£... Bums 4" 1883 

(L,) Handbook of Cutting on Central Point System, 5th ed.2 vols. 4to, 7sSd Simpkin 1883 

Bvmdl(F. iy.) All Round Spain by Road & Rail, w. Visit to Andorra, cr.8o,10s6c2 Low 1884 

(fF.) The Pilgrims and the Anglican Church, post 8vo, 10s 6d Remington ... ..1887 

Derereuz (W. C.) Fair Italy, the Riviera, and Monte Carlo, post 8vo,.6s Kegan Paul 1884 

Bern is Dead, Sa Scenes in Gen. Drayton's Garden, by Au. of ' Real People,* 8vo, 6s Gilbert j- Ji. 1889 

BenBe(lh*tcs) Auxilium Prsedicatorum, Vol. 1, Matt 7s 6f^; 2, Mark and Luke, 8s Simpkin 1884 

BevlJB {R, T.) Law of Deeds, their Form, Requisites, &c. Vol. 2, 8vo, 63s San Francisco „.IBS7 

— cov. Alienation of Title to Real Prop. 2 vols. 8vo, 63s San Francisco ...1888 

Berouhire or Honiton Lace, Plain Instructions, illus. 12mo, Is (Silkworm Series) Myra 1888^ 

BcTotjooal Manuals, 32mo Woolmer 1883-4 

Rutherford {S,) Select Letters, 2s Self-Employment in Secret, \s 

Series (See Appendix B.) 

Verses, by an Anglo-Catholic, 4to, 5s Masters 1888 

Berocions for Holy Communion, from E. B. Pusey and G. E. Jelf, new ed. 18mo,2j< W, Smith 1884- 

( IT. y.) Sir Roger deCoverley,& other Essays, from the* Spectator,' 12mo, Is Bell ^ S. 1885 

{E.) The Light of the Nursery: Pictures and Rhymes, 4to, 3s Dean 1882 

{D.) Theory of Nature: Weather, Tides, &c. post 8vo, bs\ red. 3s 6<f W, Reeved 1882-3- 

Weather Forecasts, Air, Tidal Currents, Dates of Storms for '83, 8o, Is Blackwoods 1883 

^iwdropa, by Author of * The Divine Master:' Selects, from the Saints, 64mo, Is Mowbray 1881 

^ {A) Life and Letters of St. Paul, 8vo, 7s %d Longmans 1883 

( J.j Pijchology, 16mo, 6s Acw York,^ 1887 

(Jr.) Decimal Classification and Relative Index for Libraries, 2 ed. 8vo, 24s Boston, Mass, ...1885 

(0.) Autobiography and Letters, by Mary £. Dewey, 12nio, 9s Boston, Mass. ...1884 

{E, M,) Women of Old Test: Outlines for Mothers'Meetings, p. 8o, Is 6d Marshall Bros,,, ASS9 

__.„ the Gospels : Outlines for Mothers* Meet. p. 8o, ls4d Marshall Bros,,. ABBS' 

-{JT. »'.)HistoryofSt Augustine, Florida, 12mo, 6s A'ew York 1881 

„(r. IT.) Beauty in the Household, 16mo. 5s New York 1882 

1* Wjit (jr.) Prtisc Songs of Israel: new rendering of Book of Psalms, 12mo, 7s6d New York 1885 

-: — Sermons on the Christian Life, 8vo, 12s Gd New York 1885 

— (J. A, W,) How he made his Fortune: a Story, illustrated, 7s 6d Boston^ Mass, ...1889 

•• {Mme ) An Only Sister, new and cheaper edit 12mo, 2s Low 1888 

Heroines of Haarlem, adapted from the French, post 8vo, 3s 6d Rel, Tract ^Soc.... 1888 

164 DEWS DICKENS [Enoush Catimocb 

Dewi (N,) History of Deptford in the Counties of Kent & Snrrej, 2e. p. 80, 2s €d Sin^km 1884 

Dexter (B\ B,) Biographical Sketches of Graduates of Yale Coll. 1701-46, 8to, 30s New York 1885 

— *— (H, M,) Handbook of Congregationalism, 12ino, ba Boiion, Man, ...1881 

— .- (R.) Kingdoms of Nature : Life & Organ, from Klements to Man, 8to, ] %$ Chicaao 1883-8 

\8,) Co-operative Savings and Loan .^ociations, &c. 12mo, 7« ^d New York 1889 

Dexterita: Leaves from an Open Diary, by W. E. G. 12mo, 6<2 aiarh 1886 

D^H^ricaolt (Af. C.) Tale of the Terror, from the Freuch, by Hoey, p. 8vo, d« & 2s Simpkm 1884-6 

D'Heriason {ConUt) Journal of a Staff Officer in Paris, 1870>71, 8vo, 12s Semingtoti 1881) 

Dhiel (Myra) Indoors and Ont, 4to, 1* Cassell 1884 

'. — Some Farm Friends, 4to, U < Cassell 1884 

Those Golden Sands, 4to. Is Cassell 1884 

Diabolns Aroans : a Dramatic Poem, 1 2mo, 3s 6<2 Simpkin 1885 

Dialogue of the Gulshan-I-Kaa ; or. Mystical Garden of Roses, &c. cr. 8vo, 3s ... Trwmer 1887 

Diamond Settings from Writings of St. Paul, selected by J. H. R. 32mo, Is Hamilton 1S8S 

Diana's Dibcipline, by An. of ' Thorns and Orange Blossoms,* p. 8ro, Is 6d & Is W, Sierens 1885 

Diane Cory vat : a Novel of French Domestic Life, 16mo, 5s Boston, Mass, ..,im 

Diary of a Naughty Girl, 8vo, 6i Rouiledge im 

an Actress : Realities of Stage Life, Introd. by Shuttlevorth, 12mo, Is... Griffith 1886 

- Golden Thoughts for the Year, 2s 6d; new edit. sq. 16mo, 2s Unwin 1885-6 

Mr8.Kitty Trevylyan. by Au. of ' Schonbei^-Cotta Family,' n. e.p.80, 3s 6d Ndsons \W> 

Diaz (Mrs, A. M,) Bybury to Beacon Street: a Story of New England, 12mo, 6s Boston, Mass. ...1888 
Dibdin (ffmf/y) Those Two, 12mo,6(i J.F.Shaw 1886 

(J. C.) Annals of the Edinburgh Stage, with Drama in Scot.roy. 8vo, 21s Simpkin 1688 

— ^— \L. 7l)Church Courts : Historical Inquiry intoEcclesias. Courts, 2 e.8o,2s6<i Hatchards 1882 

{Mary) Mr. Wentworth'e Daughters, illus. by E. Whymper, post 8vo, 2s Rd, Tract Soc....l889 

Dice (^)T6a-MeetingTalkBwith my Bible-Class, Pref. by Pastor Davies, 18 mo, Is Simpkin 1&89 

Dicey (A. V,) Can ^iglishLaw beTaughtin Universities? 8vo, Is MaemUlan 1883 

— England's Case against Home Rule, lOsSd; new ed. cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Mwrraxf 1886-7 

— — Lectures : Study of the Law of Constitution, 80, 12s6<f ; n. e. 12s 6<2 MacTntllan ...1885-d 

Letters on Unionist Delusions, Repub. fr. * Spectator,' p. 80, 2s 6d Macmillan 1887 

Privy Council: Arnold Prize Essay, 1860, post 8vo, 3s 6d Macmillan 1887 

Why England Maintains the Union, 12mo, Is Murray 1887 

(jE.) England and Egypt, cr. 8vo, 6s Chapman 1881 

Dick {A, //:)Storie8£rom English History for Stand. 3, with map & illus. p. 80, 9d Gall 1886 

(C) and Cresswell, David and Bathsheba: a Romance, post 8vo, 2s 6d Romtledge 1887 

{H. a) Mistaken Paths: aNovel, 12mo, 6s PHladelphia ...1887 

(T.) Celestial Scenery, n. e. with Appendices of Recent Discov. p. 8vo, 3s 6d Collins 1881 

Christian Philosopher: Science &Philos. with Relig. 25th ed. p. 80, 3s 6<^ QfUins 1881 

Dick and his Donkey; or. How to Pay the Rent, new edit. 18mo, 6^ Partridge 1884 

Boulin's Four-in-Hand, by the Author of *My Neighbour Nellie,' 12mo^ Is... ' Fun* Office 1881 

FordandhisFather,byF.C. A. 18mo, red. 9rf S.P.C.K. 1885 

Dick's Holidays: Picture Bk. of Country Life for YoungFolks, ed. by Weston ,4o,5s Unwin 1882 

Dickens (C.) by his Eldest Daughter, postSvo, Is (World's Workers) Cassell 1885 

_._ Adolphus William Ward, 2s 6d; new edit, post 8vo, Is SdAud Is MacmiUcus ...1882-9 

American Notes, 8vo, Is 6^ and 6i Cht^pman 1884 

and Pictures from Italy, new edit. 18mo, Is 6d ... Ch^fmian 188T 

Barnaby Rudge, post 8vo, 2s and Is (Red Library) Cassell 1888 

— illus. 2 vols. 18mo, 3s Chapman 1887 

8vo, 6</,2>u?Ars; illus. 18mo, 2s; 8vo, 6rf Chapman 1882-1 

■ new edit. cr. 8vo, 2s Nicholson 1886 

poet8vo, 6(i W, Scott 1884 

12mo, 6d Wame \^ 

Battle of Life, and Christmas Carols, 18mo, 6c2 & 8<f (National Lib.) Cassell 1881 

a Love Story, new edit. 12mo, Is Chapman 18W 

— Hunted Down, and a Holiday Romance, 4to, 6d Chapman. \^ 

18mo, Is (Pocket Library) Rouiled^e 188i 

Bleak House, illustrated, 2 vols. 3s each Chapman 1881 

Child's History of England, illustrated, 18mo, Is 6d Chapman \S^ 

Chimes: a Goblin Story, new edit. 12mo, Is 6<2 Chtgman 184 

8T0,lsand6<i Routled^e 189 

& Cricket on the Hearth, illus. by John Leech, &c 4 to, 6d Chapman. 


Christmas Books, new edit 4to, 2s 6d Chtqmtan la 

illustrated, new edit 12mo, Is 6d; 18mo, Is 6c{... Chapman 18Sf 

Carol in Prose: a Ghost Story of Xmas. illus. 12mo, Is 6d Chavman 11 

- illus. by J. Leech, 8yo, 2d Dicks li 

illus. by Gaugengigl and Chromini^i, 4to, 21s ... Routkdge IJ 

John Leech, new edit. 18mo, Is Routledffe. 

sq. 16mo, 6i. W.Scott II 

and the Chimes, 18mo, 6c{ and d(^ (National Lib.) Cassell,^ l^ 

6q.l6mo, 6<2and M (World Lib.) Routledsre. 

Haunted Man, illus. by Leech, &c.4to,6a Chapman 1| 

•Lamplighter'sStory'&'Yg.Gentlemen.'sq.ieo, Is Ward 4- Z, If 

Stories, 18mo, Is 6<^ Chapman 

1881-1889] DIGEENS 155 

DickensCC) Cricket on the Heftxth, with SeLf^m' Sketches by Boz,' lBo,6dS^3d Camll 1887 

aFaiiy Tale of Home, new edit. 12mo, U ... Chapman 1886 

18nio, U (Pocket Librarr) Rouiledge 1887 

— — illus. by John Leech ana F. Barnard, 8vo, ^d Houtledge 1 887 

DaTid Gopperfield, illustrated, cr. 8to, *Ib\ 2 toIb. 18mo,8s Chapman 1886-9 

Dombey and Son, 2 vols, post 8vOy 45 and 2s (Bed Library) Cassell 1889 

illustrated, 2 vols. 18mo, 3« Chapman 188A 

- £dwin Drood, &c. : Stories, cabinet edit. 8vo, l86d Chapman 1887 

- Great Expectations, illustrated, 18mo, la 6^ Chapman 1886 

- Hard Times, illostrated pocket edit fcp. U 6d Chapman,.., 1888 

- Hannted Man, and the (Ghost's Bargain, new edit.l2mo, U Chapman 1886 

- HontedDown ; Mudfog Papers: Sketches of Young Cooples, 8vo, 6d Dick$ 1884 

-\ Lutters, edit, by his Sister-in-law and Eldest Daughter, V. 3, 8 vo, 145 Chapman 1 881 

2 T. p. 8 vo, 85 (Oh. Dickens edit) . . . Chapman 1 882 

Little Dorrit, illustrated, 2 vols. 18mo, 35 Chaprnan 1888 

Martin Chuzslewit> 2 vols, post 8vo, 25 and l5 each (Bed Library)... Catsell 1887 

illustrated, 18mo, 25 ; 2 vols. 18mo, 35 Chavman 1885-6 

complete, 2 parts, 8vOy 6c^ each (English Novels) JHcts 1886 

cr. 8vo, 85 6d ; illus. by Phis, 8vo, 6d RotUUdge 1886-7 

new edit 8vo, M (Notable Novels) Wame 1887 

Mudfog SocietT, and other Sketches, &e. illus. by John Leech, 8o, ^d Ward 3^ L 1886 

Nicholas Nickleby, Author's edit. 8vo, 6<2; 18mo, 25 Chapman 1882-4 

illustrated, 2 vols. 18mo, I5 M each Chapman 1886 

— 8vo, 6<i Dicks 1882 

post 8vo, 25 HichoUon 1883 

-^^— — — • new edit. TOst 8vo,25 6^- W, Soott 1883 

8vo. 6rf, Ward ^ X. ; cr. 8vo, 64 ... Wame 1882-3 

— Old Curiosity Shop, post 8vo, 25 and l5 (Red Library) CasseU 1885 

— illustrated, 2 vols. 12mo, 35 Chapman 1887 

— - 18o, 25; 8vo, 6rf, CAapmaii ; by J J>roctor,8vo, 6rf Dicks 1882 

Master Humphrey's Clock, post 8vo, 25 Nicholson 1888 

poet 8vo, 6<i (Notable Novels) Wame 1884-7 

— Oliver Twist, post 8vo, 25 and l5 (Red Library) Cassell 1887 

illustrated, 18mo. Is^d Chapman 1886 

. new edit 16mo, l5 Kent , 1884 

-• 8vo, ^dt Dicks; Author's Copyright edit iUus, 4to, 6i Boulledge 1882 

illus. 18mo, l5. Chapman; 2s Simpkin 1881 

with illus. by Sartor, post 8vo, 25 6<{ W. Scott 1883 

Our Mutual Friend, illustrated, 2 vols. 18mo, 35 Chapman 1888 

Pickwick Papers, Vols. 1 & 2, post 8vo, 25 and l5 ea. (Red Library) Cassell 1886 

— — Author^sedit 8vo, 6(2 Chapman 1884 

ill. by Seymour dc Browne (Phiz), Vic. e. 2 v. 80, 425 Chapman 1887 

2 vols, 18mo, 35; illus. 18mo, 25 Chapman 1887 

Victoria edit with engravings, roy. 8vo, 21* Chapman 1888 

- — 8vo, Dicks, ed ; Notes by C. Dickens, jn.2 v.p. 8o,2l5 MaemiUan ...1882-6 

new edit post 8vo. 25 6<2 W, Scott 1883 

illus. by A. B. Frost, post 8vo, 25 ; 8vo, 6d Ward ^ L, ...1881-3 

poet 8vo, 6rf (NoUble Novels) Wame 1882 

- Pictures from Italy, 18mo, Is (Pocket Library) RoutUdge 1888 

- Plays & Poems, Prose Miscellanies, by Shepherd, 2 vols. 2l5 W, H, .i/^fi... 1882-5 

- Beprinted Pieces, illustrated, 18mo, I5 ^ Chapman 1888 

Sketches by * Bos,' post 8vo, 25 and 15 (Bed Library) Oii55^/ 1884 

illustrated, 18mo, l5 6<2 Chapman 1886 

new editv post 8vo, 25 Nicholson 1883 

— lUus. by Ouikshank, People's edit. 8vo, 6d ( Eng. Novels) Dicks 1883 

Speeches C41-'70), by B. H. Shepherd, with new Bibhogr. p. 8vo, 65 Chatio 1883 

Sanday under Three Beads, by Timothy Sparks, 12mo, 25 Jarvis 1884 

and other Sketches, 8vo, €d Routledge 1884 

Tales of Two Cities, illustrated, 18mo, I5 6d Chapman 1888 

Uncommercial Traveller, illustrated, 18mo, Is 6d Chapman 1888 

Works, <Charles Dickens' edit 21 vols, post 8vo, adv. 755 6<2 Chapman 1881 

post 8vo, adv. 35 6</ each Chapman 1881 

Amtsncnn Notes Oreat Expectations Sketches by Boz 

(Christmas Books Oliver Twist 

Household edit 4to Chapman 1881-9 

AjMncan Notes, adv. 35 Dombey & Son, adv. 5s Nicholas Nickleby, adv. bs 

Buaahj Bodge, adv. 45 Edwin Drood, adv. 55 Old Chiriosity Shop, 45 

Bkak House, adv. 55 Oreat Expectations, adv. 35 Oliver Twist, adv. 35 

CfanstBiAft Books, adv. 35 Hard Times, 25 6<2 Our Mutual Friend, adv. 55 

i Stories, adv. 45 History of England, adv. 35 Pickwick Papers, adv. 55 

David Coppfirfield, adv. 55 Little Dorrit, mIv. 55 Sketches by JBoz, adv. 35 

IHdBSBi^ fa^ adr. 55 Martin Chuzzlewit, adv. 55 Tale of Two Cities, adv. 35 

Uncommercial Traveller, adv. 35 

166 DICKENS DIDACTIC [English Catimoto 

I)ickenB(C) Works, illustrated, pott 8ro, net prices Chapman 1885 

Amerioan Notes and Italy Christmas Books Old Coriosit j Shop 

Bamaby Radge Martin Chnzzlewit Pickwick Papers 

Sketches by Boz 

— Popular Library edit 30 vols. cr. 8yo,4«each Chapman 1881 

i cr. 8vo, 2s (Kenilworth Library) JV. Scott 1885 

Nicholas Nickleby Oliver Twist Sketches by Boz 

Old Coriosity Shop Pickwick Papers 

Birthday Book, compiled & ed. by his Eldest Daughter, sq. 16o,12« Chapman 1882 

■ Calendar for 1880, 1» Jarrold 1888 

Characters of Dickens in Water Colours, by * Kyd,* roy. Svo, 6* ... Tuek 1889 

Chips from Dickens, selected by ThomasMason, 64mo, Is Simpkm 1888 

Dickensiana: a Bibli(^;raphy, by Kitton, post 8vo, 7s 6d Hedioay 1886 

^— — Humour and Pathos of Charles Dickens, by C. Kent, post Svo, 6«... Chapman 1884 

Life, by Frank T.Marzials,cr.8vo, 2»6<f andls W. Scott 1887 

Memento : Catalogue, with Prices realised of Pictures. &c 4to, 7s 6<i Fkld ^ T. 1885 

Reader: selected Passagesfir. Works of Charles Dickens, 12mo, Is Ad Blackic 1889 

Character Readings fr. Stories of Charles Dickens, 4to, Is Od New York 1882 

Readings, as Arranged and Read by Himself, 4to, 6<2 Chapman IS82 

from the Works, condensed by J. a1 Jennings,p.8o,2s & Is Sinwkin 1882 

_ ^__ _ _^__ , . _ __ — ^_^_ jj^ — _y^ — — _ 

Stoiy of Little Nell: Abridgment of ' Old Curiosity Shop,' 12mo, Is Belli' 8. 1887 

Tales fr. Charles Dickens* Works, 12mo, Is ed&U; V. 2, Is 6<2& Is J.j-SMaxweU 1881-2 
Pickwick, &c. 18mo, Is (Pocket Library) RontUdge 1888 

and Thackeray, Chips from, 1 vol. 32mo, Is Simpkm ..1885 

■■ {HeUn) Woman's Requital : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. Svo, 31s 6<2 C. J, Skeet 1881 

Dickens' Dictionary, 16mo Macmillan ...1881-9 

Loodoo, Is 6a and Is Thames, Oxford to the Nore, 1« ^ and Is 

Oxford and Cambridge, 2s ^d University of Cambridge, Is 6<2 and Is 

Paris, Is ^ and Is Oxford, leOd and Is 

of Days : Everyday Record of 1 880, w. Calend. 1 88 1 cr. Svo, 2s Dickens 1881 

Dickenson (J.) Lessons on Morning & Evening Prayer, for Tochers, post Svo, Is Allman 1888 

Dickie Winton ; or. Between Gate and Front Door, by S. G. post Svo, Is 6(2 NeUons 1889 

Dickins (C/ara S,) Sonnets, Sacred and Secular, 12mo, red. Is Simpkm 1888 

Dickinson (C M.) The Children, and other Verses, sm. 8vo,6s Low, 1889 

(G,) Poems and Essavs, 12mo, 76 6(2 Boston, Mass, ...1883 

(^s/s» Af.) Seed of the Church: Tale of the Days of Trajan, cr.8vo, 5s Nisbei 1885 

(«/: &iE,E.) Winter Picnic : 4 Months* Outing in Nassau, in Ltrs. 1 6o, 5s New York 1888 

iZr.) Faiiy Lovebairn's Favourites, illustrate, 18mo, Is Blackie 1887 
R.) Summary of the Rules & Procedure of Foreign Parliaments, Svo, Ss Facher 1882 

( W. H.) Tongue as an Indication in Disease : Lumleian Lects. So, 7s %d Longmans 1888 

\W. J.) Difficulties of English Grammar and Analysis, 4th ed. p. Svo, 2s Hughes 1887 

Dickory Dock : aSeries of Stories for the Nursery, Annual for 1883, cr. Svo, Is ... Ward 4" J^ 1^^ 

Dicks' English Library of Standard Works (See Appendix B.) 

Novels (See Appendix B.) 

Standard Charades & C!omedies for Home Representation, new ed. 1 2mo, 6d Dicks 1 883 

Dickson (J. ^. i2.) How we are Saved, 12mo, 8(2 ReL Tract Soe. 1888 

(A^) Bible in Waverley, post Svo, 5s Longmans 1884 

■ Lady Queensfield : a Border Holiday, post Svo, ds Longmans 188ft 

(^.)WhowasScotland*8FirstPrinter?inCommend.ofA.Myllar,12mo,ls TVubner 1881 

{W. E,) Practical Organ Building, 5s; 2nd edit. 12mo, 3s 6a and 2s 6(2... Lockwood. 1881-2 

(^. &.) Gleanings from Japan, Svo, 16s Blackwoods ...188^ 

( »^. P.) St. Paul's Use of Terms Flesh & Spirit, BairdLect, '83, p. So, Ss 6(2 MacmilUm, 1883 

Dictation Exercises, post Svo, 2s 6(2 (Educational Series) Griffith 1884 

Dictionary of Abbreviations, Military, Naval, Scientific, Business, &c. sq. 16mo, Is Gr^h 1886 

Common Wants, 4to, Is Ross Fub. Co. ...1883 

Daily Blunders : Mistakes in Speaking and Writ ing, n. e. Is 6(2 & 1 s WhUtaker 1 88S 

English Church : Ancient and Modem, post Svo, 7s 6(2 W, W. Gardner 1881 

Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases, 32mo, Is 6(2 and Is ... Whittakcr 1881 

: Every-Day Difficulties in Reading, Writing, & Speaking, cr. Svo, Is Ward j- L 1885 

Games for Boys and Girls, illustrated, cr. Svo, 2s 6(2 Wa^td ^ L 1B84 

Gardening: Encyclopaedia, illus. 4 vols. 4to, 15s each * Baeaar^ Off, 1884—8 

Medical Specialists, by W. P. W. Phillimore, 1889, post Svo, 3s 6i2 CJ, dark 1889 

Mythology, for Everyday Readers. ISmo, 2s 6(2 Philadelphia ...1882 

National Biography, ed. by L.Stephen, V8.1-12,r. So, lSs& 12* 6(2 e. Smith 4- £:. ...1884-? 

13-19, Svo, 20s &15«ea. Smith 4 E. ...1888-fl 

Needlework, 4to, 21s * Bazaar* 02f....l88!; 

Philosophy in the Words of Philosophers, by Thomson, r. 80, 1 2s 6(2 Dickinson 1 881 

Religion: an Encyclopeedia of Christian, &c. Doctrines, r. Svo, 21s Cassell 188< 

Terms of Architectux^ Design and Building Construction, Svo, 6s Ward ^ i 1881 

Watering Places, Seaside and Inland, Home and Abroad, cr. Svo, 4s * J^azaar ' Off,, . . 188 

Didactic Series Bemross 1881 

No. 1, First Steps, Latin Grammar, arranged as in Public School Latin Grammar, 1 2o, Is 
— 2, First Steps, Latin Grammar, with old arrangement of Cases, 1 2mo, Is 

1881-1889] DIDEROT DISRAELI 157 

Dideiot, Pftradox of Acting, tzs. bj W. H. Pollock, Preface H. Irring, p. Bvo, is Sd Chatto 1883 

Didon (i7.) Gemiaiis, translated by Raphael Ledos do Beaufort, poet 8ro, 7^ Od ... Blaekwoods 1884 

Sciencd Without God».from the French by Rosa Corner, p. 8vo, d«... KeqanPaul 1882 

I)idioQ(^.^0 (^1^1^^° I<»A<>Rnpby>Vol.2Jlln8.8o,6s(Bohn'ii Illustrated Library) Bell Sf S, 1886 

Diehl (.<</ic« Mangold) £re Lester: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, ZU 6d Bentley 1882 

Fire : a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21# Ward ^ D, 1888 

GriseldaiaNovel, 3vols. 31«6d F. V. White 1886 

Iris Daere: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21* Hunt 1889 

IXete(£Z2<i) Triumph of Life: Mystical Poem, square, 8 vo, 7« 6rf i?. W, Allen 1886 

Time,My8ticalPoem:SequeltoTriumphofLove,f.8o,456c/ E. W.Allen 1884 

Digan ((?. C) Synopsis of Militaiy Law, 12mo. 2s Sd Clowes 1887 

Digby (JT. E,) Introduction to History of Law of Real Property, 3rd ed. 8vo, \0s 6d Oxford Wareh, 1884 

(fK.) India for the Indians, and for England, post 8vo, Ss Talbot 1885 

I>ige8t (nc) Sbakespeareans: a Topical Index of Matter, Part 1, A~F, 8vo, 5« ... yew York 1886 

Digj^CIT.) Poor Player:a Story of Kent, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 2U Remington ...^..1888 

Diggle (/. W) Godliness^and Manliness : Relation of Religion to Life, post 8vo, 6* MaemtUan 1887 

Lancashire Life of Bishop Fraser, illustrated, 8vo, 12a 6d Low 1889 

Rainbows: a Book of Allegories and Simple Tales, 12roo, 9d S.P.CK, 1888 

True Religion in some Matters of Common Life, post 8vo, 6s Sfott 1887 

Digia, her Love and Troubles : a Story of Venice, cr. 8vo, 1« F. W. Wilson ,„ISBS 

Di^iam («71) Guide to London and the Paris Exhibition of 1889, post 8to, 6</ ... Simpkin 1889 

Dignitariee of the Church : High-class Periodical and Portrait Album, folio, 2 U. . . Haichards 1 889 

Dilks {Sir Charles W,) British Army, 8vo, 12* Chapman 1888 

Greater Britain : English-speaking Countries, 8 e. p. 8o, 6* MacmiUan 1885 

Position of European Politics ; Europe in 1887, 8vo, 12*... Chapman 1887 

{Lady) Art in the Modem State, 8vo, 9* Chapman 1888 

Shrine of Death, and other Stories, post 8vo, 3* 6cf Routledge 1886 

{Mrs, Ajshten) Woman's Suffrage, Introduction by W. Woodall, post 8vo, 1* Sonnenschein ...1885 

Dillan {Arthur) Gods and Men, imp. 16mo, 7* ^ Kegan Paul 1887 

—-River Songs, and other Poems, illus. by Margery May,4to, 10* 6i Kegan Paul 1882 

{J, F.) The Law of Municipal Corporations, 3rd edit. 2 vols. 8vo, 73* Od... Boston, Mass ...1881 
(J, J,) Devotional Readings for Family Prayer for Every Day, 2 vols. 32o, 6* J* Whitaker ...1885 

(M.) Banking in Ireland from Earliest Times to the Present Day, 8vo, 6*... E. Wilson 1889 

{Mrs. aShea) Dark Rosaleen, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31* U Tinsleys 1884 

( W.) Dismal Science ; Criticism on Modem Political Economy, cr. 8vo, bs... Simpkin 1 882 

Dilhryn {EL A.) A Burglary; or. Unconscious Influence, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31* 6<i^ Tinsleys 1883 

Jill, 2 vols, post 8vo, 12*; new edit. 6* MacmiUan ...1884-5 

and Jack. 2 vols, post 8vo, 12* Macmillan 1887 

Diflsan {J. L.) Orations and Essays, with Sermons, a Memorial Vol. 8vo, 12* Qd... Boston, Mass. ...1882 

Theistic, as affected by Recent Theories, ed. by Fisher, 8vo, 10* 6rf Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Dimbleby (J. B.) A Shorthatfd Dictionary, post 8vo, red. 2* Groomhridge ...1888 

IKaelow {J.) Practical Book-keeping: including new mode of Teaching, p. 80, 3* 6(2 Collins 1882 

Knah JCte : a Story for To-Day, by Brenda, 12mo,2*6i IslnsUr 1886 

Dinarte (5.) Innocencia: a Story of the Brazil Prairies, trans, illus. post 8vo, 6* Chapman 1889 

IXBgiaj (JIT. J.) For Pen and Pencil Sketches, with marginal illus. 4to, 3* 6(f ... Simpkin 1888 

Kn^ House at Kensington, post 8vo, 5* ; red. 3* 6d, Cassdl; new edit. 12mo, 2* Ward 4" -2). ...1881-8 

Diflners and Dishes, by Wanderer, l2mo,2s6d Simpkin 1885 

Obsdale (Caroline M.) Life's Vicissitudes ; or, the Reward of Faith, 12mo, 1* ... Nisbet 1887 

(J.) Sketches at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 4to, 1* Joridson 1886 

■ 'Inventories,* 4to, 2* 6<i Joridson 1885 

Theatrical Sketches, 3 series, sq. 16mo, fid Joridson 1886 

DkwMan Histories (See Appendix B.) 

Di^bmatie Study of Crimean War, Russian Official Publication. 2 vols. 8vo, 28* W. H. Alien J 882 

D^ipold {G. T.) Great Epics of Mediaeval Germany, 16mo, 7* ^d Bostott, Mass. ...1882 

Richard Wagner^s*RingoftheNibelung,'explnd.&,7*6d I^'ew York 1888 

Kprove's Aninial, 8vo, 1* Diprose 1881-9 

New Standard Song Book and Reciter, Comic and Sentimental, p. 8vo, 1* Diprose 1882 

Diieetoryy Building Societies, by Horace Kent and V. M. Braund, 12mo, bs... Office .1884-5 

Chemical Products of the German Empire, roy. 8vo, 26* JUtto 1888 

Post Office London, roy. 8vo, 40*; sm. ed. 20* & 18«; trades, 12* Kelly Annual 

Secondhand Booksellers of the United States, by C.N.Caspar, 4to, 25*... Milwaukee 1885 

I, by the Author of * Kitty,' 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21* Bentley 1883 

on the Shedding of Blood and the Laws of War, 8vo, 2* (Sd Kegan Paul 1885 

linate: Guidance in the Use of Correct Words & Phrases, by Critic, aq.l 60, 6d Griffith 1885 

ive £aaaj8 on the Heavens k, Physical Theory of the Earth, Pt. 1, 80, 6* L. Literary Soe. 1888 

\ad Sin : Tezt'Book for Medical and Divinity Students, by a Muser, p. 80, 6* Wyman 1 886 

of Habbits: their Causes, Symptoms, and Cure, post 8vo, 1* ' Bazaar* Off, ...1889 

mud Drinks ; or. Philosophy in the Kitchen, by an Old Bohemian , p. 80, 2* 6d Ward f J) 1887 

1!^mmj{Mr9.) The Brydgee, post 8vo, 1* 64 Bel. Tract S0C....ISU 

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158 DISBAELI ^DOBSON [Eholish CiTAioan 

Disraeli (/moc) Works, by Lord Bettconsfield, 6 y. cr. Svo, 30« ; 7 T^2siiU6d f. Warne 18S1 

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188M889] DOBSON DOLLY 169 

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. Poetical Ingenuities and Eccentricities, 12mo, 2$^ Chatto 1881 

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^ Parliamentaiy Companion, 18mo, 4s 6(2 Whittaker ...1881-9 

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Latin Grammar & Composition for London TJnirersity p. 8vo, 2s 6<i... Stewart ^ Co. ...1881 

& Delhav6(C.) French Extracts for London Matriculation, 12mo,2s6rf Stewart^ Co. ...1881 

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— Hans Brinker; or, the Silver Skates, new edit, post 8vo, 2s 6rf ... Low 1888 

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Campaign of Chancellorsville, with 4 coloui^ maps, 8vo, 16s Boston, Mass, ...1881 

- Great Captains: Lectures on Alexander, Caesar, &c. ill. 8vo, 10s 6rf Boston, Mass, ...1889 

Patroclus and Penelope: a Chat in the Saddle, 8vo, 21s Hamilton 1886 

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and his Modem Rivals, 2nd edit, pobt 8vo, 6s Macmillan 1886 

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- What is a Christian ? Sermon preached in StGiles' Cathedral,8o,6^ & 3rf Simpkin ...1889 

• iN r^ 1 J XT :/•_»_ Tur .1 liSkU ^j:* «.^-*. o-^ o- «j «-• _».• _ .^^^ 

(Maraaret) Cook and Housewife's Manual, 16th edit, post 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1888 

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— with a Bad Name : a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8ro, 31s 64 Bentleu 1885 

I^igBta No Antidote for Doubt, by a Member of the New York Bar, 16 mo, 6s ... Philadelphia ...1886 

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aod Oata : How to Manage and to Keep them, 12mo Is Ward 4^' L 1882 

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(«/l c/l) Elementary Mechanics, with Exercises, p. 8vo, 3s M ; Key, 3s 6rf Simpkin 1881-6 

Text Book of Book-keeping. 12mo, Part 1, 9rf; 2, 2s Simpkiih 1886 

Dbboos7(£.X.)Man: his Origin, Nature, and Destiny, r2mo, 7s ^ St Loxiis, U.S....IBS5 

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lUaa(7'.Af.) Summary of New Remedies, 12mo, 2i! 6d Bailliere 1886 

Whooping Cough : its Pathology and Treatment, 8vo, 3s 6rf BaillUre 1882 

lWsrD(&)BeUa-Demonia: a Dramatic Story, post 8 vo, Is Drane 1889 

. *Mea Amours': Poems, Passionate and PUyful, 4to, 6s 6</ New York 1888 

VeageaDce of Maurice Denalguez, post 8vo, Is Drane J889 

lWhflttr(j4. E.) Art of Projecting: Experimentation in Physics, &c.n.ed. 12mo, 6/r Boston, Mass. ...1887 

Projecting: Exper. w. Port Lumiere& Magic Lntm. n.o. 16o, 7s 6c£ Boston, Mass. ...1883 

.• Telephone: Phenomena of Electricity, Magnetism, &c. n. ed. 2s Qd Boston, Mass. ...1883 

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I>oU(fiP.) Talk* about Law: WhatourLawis, & How Administered, cr. 80, 10s 6rf Boston, Mass. ...1887 

- — {N,BJ) YiMmg Folks* History of Russia, illus. 16mo, 7s 6<i Bosto^i, Mass. ...1881 

tVitlsy(C7. &)TecbDolagy of Bacteria Investigation: Directions, &c. 12mo, I0s6d Botton, Mas*. ...1886 
iWly: aQmt SUwy for Quiet People, by M. F. W. post 8to, Is 64 Bel, Tract 5bc....l888 

160 DOLLY DOBB [Enoush Cmtoom 

Doll/g Adyentureg; or, Happy Days at Cranberry, by Yvonne, ill. by Key, 12mo, U Hyg 1889 

^ Story Book: her Travels in Doll Land all over the World, illu8.4to, 2s ^ ... Warne 1889 

Doman (J7.) Songs in the Shade, 12mo, U (Lymkigton, Doman) Simpkin 1882 

D*Ombrain(^.i^.)Bo8arian's Year Book 16n.o, U Bemrote 1884-9 

Roses for Amateurs: Selection, &c. of Roses, illos. 12mo, U ... 'Bazaar' 0^...1887 

Domenichetti ^i?. ^T.) Thames: Newdigate Prize Poem, 1885, post 8ro, Is M ... Simpkin 1885 

Domesday Stnoies: Papers read at Meetings of Commemorat. 1886, Vol. l,4to, 18^ Longmans 1888 

Domestic Sanitation, cr. 8vo, bs (FTealth Exhibition Conferences) Clov}es 1884 

World, by Author of 'Enquire Within on Everything,* new edit. \s 6d Hodder 1887 

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{H, »^.) History of Bank of New York, 1784-1884, 8vo, lo« ^'^York 1884 

Dominic {Saint) Life of, by Lacordaire. trans, by Mrs. Hazeland, post 8vo, 6s ^d Bunts ^ 1883 

Dominoes and Solitaire, by 'Berkeley,' with illustrations, 12mo, \s Bell 4' S. 1889 

DomviUe (E. J.) Manual for Hospital Nurses, new edit post 8vo, 2s 6d Churchill 1881-8 

Don (Isabel) The Story of Holland, with illustrations, 12rao, 3s 6<2 Rivingtons 1886 

Dcn;Ge8ualdo, by *Ouida,* 12mo. Is, Blacketi ; ls6rfandls Routledge 1886-9 

Donaldson (F.) Two Comedies: * An III Wind,' * An Abject Apology,' 16mo, 6s,., Boston, Mass, ...1887 

(J:) Culture & Scholarship: Introductory Lecture deli v. 1 Nov. 1882, 6d Wyllie 1883 

Roller Mill Annual and Millwrights' Almanac, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1881-9 

Steam Machinery, Small Steamers, Steam Yachts, &c. 8vo, Is ... C. }Vil9on 1881 

Suburban Farming, with Additions, 2nd edit. 12mo, 3s 6<2 Locktoood 1881 

and M'Lagan (71 T,) Latin Exercises. 12mo, 2s Nelsons 1881 

(3/rs.)Home Duties for Wives and Mothers, 12mo, 2s Hunt 1882 

(5. J.) Contributions to Practical Gynecology, illus. 8vo, 8s ^d New York 1882 

{W,) Fifty Years Green-Room Gossip, post 8vo, 2s 6J and 2s J.^-R, Maxwell 1881 

^— Improvement in Hydraulic Machinery for Pumping, 4to, ls6d,,, Spons 1884 

Transmission of Power by Fluid Pressure, Air & Water, 8vo, 6s.,. Spo9is 1888 

Doncaster (M. W,) Luxurious Modem Cookery, post 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1889 

Doni, Morall Philosophie, Englished by Thomas North, with facsimiles, 12s Nutt 1888 

Donisthorpe (FT.) Individualism: a System of Politics, 8 vo, 14s Macmillan 1889 

Donkin(X£^.)andHodges, Arithmetical Exercises, 2s 6(2; 2nd edit fcp. 8vo, 2s 6</ Rimngtons ...1884-7 

(J:^?.) Trooper & Redskin. Life in N.W. Police, Canada, 1884 -8, p.8o,8s6<2 Low 1889 

Donne (fT.) Getting Ready for the Mission, with u Preface, 2s; n. edit 12mo, 2s Griffith 1886-8 

Donnelly (/.) Atlantis, the Antediluvian World, 12s 6<£; n. edit, post 8vo, 12s 6<i Low 1882-4 

Great Cryptogram: Bacon's Cipher in Shakespeare, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 30s Low 1888 

Ragnarok: the Age of Fire and Gravel, illus. cr. 8ro, 12s 6^ Low 1882 

(A'.) Self-Defence ; or. Art of Boxing, by J. M. Waitc, new edit 12mo. Is Weldon 1884-9 

Donovan {J,) Music & Action: Elective Affinity betw. Rhythm & Pitch.p. 8o. 3s6rf Kegan Paul 1889 

(/>.) Caught at Last: I/eaves from Note-book of a Detective, 12mo, 2s ... Chatio 1889 

Man-Hunter: Stories from Note-book of a Detective, 12mo. 2s ... Chatio 1888 

Don't: Mistakes in Conduct and Speech. byCensor. new edit. 16mo, lsand6(f Field S' T. ...1883-4 

and Improprieties Prevalent, by Censor, 16mo, Is; red. 6</ Griffith 1883-4 

Directions for Avoiding Improprieties in Conduct, &c. 18mo, 6rf W. Scott 1889 

you Know! Comic Corrective to Mistakes in Mannera,&c. 12mo,6(/ * Judy' Office ...1884 

Doody ( JT. £r.) Hints to Choirs and Choirmasters, cr. 8vo, Is 6<f Castlej- L 1888 

Doolittle(CZ.) Astronomy as applied to Geodesy and Navigation, 8vo, 2ls New York 1885 

D'Or (B,) My Sister's Prussian Lover, 2 vols. cr. 8vo,21s Remington 1881 

Dora: a Tale of Influence, by Author of ' Bessie Mason's Victories,' post 8vo, Is Gd Rcl. Tract Soc..,.lSBi 

Doran {A. H, G.) Gynecological Operationp, illus. 8vo, 15s Churchill 1887 

Tumoura of the Ovary, Fallopian Tube. &c. illus. 8vo, 10s 6(/... Smith ^E, 1884 

(John) Annals of English Stage from Bet terton to Kean, 3 vols. 8vo, 64s . . . Nim mo 1 887 

-^— In& About Drury Lane, & oth. Papera fm. * Temple Bar,' 2 v.p.So, 21s Bentleg 1881 

Memories of Our Graat Towns, new edit post 8vo, 7s 6d Chatto 1882 

Dorat (C. J.) The Kisses (Les Baisera), &c. illus. roy. 8 vo, 63s, 42s, and 21s Visetelly 1 888 

Dorchester (2>.) Christianity in United States, from the First Settlement, 8vo, 24s New York 1888 

Dori (Gustave) Bible, 220 illustrations by Dor^, new edit. 2 vols. roy. 4to, 50s... Cassell 1884 

Gallery, 260 engravings selected : Memoir & CriticalEssay, fol. 42s Cassell 1885 

Life and Reminiscences, bv Blanche Roosevelt, 8vo, 24s Low 1865 

(J, i?.) Old Bibles : Account of Early V eraions of English Bible, 2 ed. 8 vo. 5s Eyre 4-8. 1 888 

Dorica, by E. D. S. sm. 8vo, 5s Kegan Paul 18%8 

Doriot (Sophie) Beginner's Book in French, illustrated, post 8vo, Is Sonnensehein ...ISSS 

Doris, by the Author of * Phyllis,' &c. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6(£; new ed. 2s Gd^ 2s Smith 4- E. ...1884-6 

Dorkinfield (£r.) Arle, a Christmas Story, new edi t 2s 6<i Z. Literary Soe,.,\ 886 

Dorking and Nei^bourhood : a Guide to Rambles, 9<i, Marshall Japp ; cr.8o,9(i Unwin 1881-2 

Dorman (R,M.) Origin of Primitive Superstition among Aborigines, 8vo, 15s ... Philadelphia ...1881 

Dormer (/>.) Mesmerist's Secret, cr. 8vo, 6s J.j- R,Majcwell 1887 

Out of the Mists, ]2mo. Is6£fand Is (Arrowsmith's Bristol Library) Simpkin 1886 

tDomer (J. AJ) Christian Doctrine, tr. by Cave & Banks, Vols. 1-4, 8vo, 10s6<l ea. Hamilton 1881-2 

■ — — . System of Christian Ethics, translated, 8vo, 14s Hamilton 1887 

Dorothy ; or. Getting One's Own Way : a Story for Children, by Qer. post 80, 3s 6i Mowbray • ... 1881 

Compton: aStory of the'16, postSvo, red. 3s6(/ Keriw —..1881 

Dorr (J. C, B.) Afternoon Songs, 12mo, 7s6d New York 1885 

Bermuda : an Idyl of the Summer Islands, with maps, 1 6mo, 6s. . . New York 1884 

1881-1889] DORR DOUGHTY 161 

Dorr {J,C.R,)J)9jhTe6k:9iii'EMteTVoem,l2mo,S$M Xew York 1882 

Legend of the Babonshka, 24mo, 2« 6<2 New York 1882 

Dorren (D.) Dachess : a Tale of the Nineteenth Centarj, post 8yo, lOsdd.. ,„,.., Remington 1884 

Donet (Mn.) Peacock at Home : a Poem, illnstrated by IdaPaton, 4to, Zs 6d ,„ Sitn^mn 1887 

BoTsey (X i7.) Ada's TniBt, cr. 8vo, As^ WaMoume 1887 

Adrift, cr. 8vo, 4< 6<^ WaMomme 1887 

Beth's Promise, cr. Sro, 4# %d Waskbomne 1887 

. Coaina: the Roeeof the Algonqnins, fcp. 8to, la Wdshboutme 1889 

Heiress of Carrigmona, cr. 8vo, 4«6£^ WaMoume 1887 

. Old Gray Bosary, fcp. 8vo, 1« WMboume. 1889 

House at GlenaraDy cr. 8vo, 43 6d Wdshboume, 1887 

Oriental Pearl ; or, the Catholic Emigrants, fcp. 8to, Is Wdshboume, 1888 

Palms, cr. 8vo, 4«6rf Wdshboume, 1887 

— _ Warp and Woof, cr. 8vo, 4« 6<{ WasAbourne 1887 

(X J. D.) CalderoD : Poem inHononrof his second Centenary froy.8vo,l« Simpkin .1881 

I Colloquial Portuguese, 4 ed. corrected & improTed, p. 8 vo, 3« ^d Trubner 1 886 

Practical Portuguese Grammar, 4th edit. cr. 8vo, 7« •• Trubner 1888 

(£L B.) Enelishdc AmericanBailroads, by Evans, Clark, & North, 8o,6«6<2 Trubner 1888 

Dorsheimer (fT.) Life & Public Services of the Hon. Groyer Cleyeland, 12mo, 12« Philadelphia ...1884 

DorTilla(«7. fT.) Cruising in Many Waters, post 8yo, ds Griffith 1883 

Doses of the British Pharmacopceia, 1885, 32mo,4<2 Simpkin 1886 

Dos Passos (J.R.) Inter-State Commerce Act: Analysis of Provisions, &c. 12o, 6^ New York 1887 

Law of Stock-Brokers and Stock Exchanges, 8yo, 25s Low 1882 

Doetoiefisky {F.) Buried Alive ; Ten Years Penal in Siberia, lOeSd; n. e. p. 8vo, 6» Longmans 1881 

_— Crime and Punishment: a Realistic Novel, 6^ ; new ed. p. 8o, 2s Vizetelly 1886-9 

— Friend of the Family,& theGambler, from the Russian, 5« ; n. e. 2^; VteeteUy 1887-9 

Idiot: a Realistic Novel, 6« ; new edit, post 8vo, 2« 6i Vieetelty 1887-8 

Injury and Insult, translated by Frederick Wishaw, post 8o, 6s Vizetelly 1886 

Prison Life in Siberia, trans, by H. Sutherland Edwards, p. 8o, 6« J, <f R, Maxwell 1887 

Uncle's Dream, & the Permanent Husband, 6s ; 2 edit. p. 8vo, 2s Vizetelly 1888-9 

Dot and Gwinnie: a Story of Two Friendships, by R. R. 32mo, 9d Woolmer 1882 

Dottie*s Pets : Pictures and Verses b^ K 0. A. and M. A. C. sq. 16mo, 2s 6d ... Dean 1882 

Doty (A. H,) Instruction in the Principles of Prompt Aid to Injured, iUus. 12o, %s New York 1889 

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.......^. Archie's Old Desk, new edit. 18mo, da Sun. Sch, Un, ...1882 

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TOIto XY. M 

162 DOUGHTY DOWLING [Ekguse CiTiw»w 

Doughty (i7.3f.) Friesland Merest Netherlands: in a Norfolk Wherry, p. 8o,8«6i Low 1889 

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— Floyd Grandon's Honour: a Novel, 12mo, 7« 6rf Boston^ Mm. ...iiU 

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. Whom Kathie Mftrried: a Novel, 12mo, 7« 6d Boston, Mass. ...1883 

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-(^.)DuellingDay8inthe Anny. po8t8vo, 7»6<< Ward 4- D. 1887 

Dooglas Deane: or. Out of the Deep, by Auth. of * One of These Little Ones,*! 2mo, Is 8.P.C.K, \^^ 

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^—.^^ — Ministry of Mercy : Studies on Gospel Miracles, 5s; n.e. 8vo, 2s 6d Sonnenechein 1886-8 
Seven I^t Words : Meditations in St Alban's, Manchester, 1 2rao, 2s SJkeffington 1 886 

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new edit. 12mo, 2s Ward 4- D 18« 

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. — Mystery of Killard, new edit 12mo, 2s Tinsleys 18 

a Romance, 4th edit post 8vo, 3s6<^ Ward.^ JD. ......IB 

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12mo, 2s Ward^ J> ^I 

— Under St. Paul's: a Romance, new edit. 12mo, 2* Ward^ J? ..l 

. — Weird Sisters : a Romance, new edit 12mo, 2j* Tinsleya .........11 

— With the Unhanged, cr. 8vo, Is Sonnenachein ...1 

1881-1889] DOWN DRAWN 163 

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' with Englimd, translated from the French, cr. 8to, U Chapman 1888 

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. Brain and Diseases of the Nervous System, Vol. 1, 2 e. 8vo, Is Bd Baillihe 1881 

Nerve Exhaustion, Neurasthenia, 2»6rf; n.e. 8vo, 2«6rf Bailliire 1881-7 

— ..^^— .^ the Nerves: their Ailments & their Exhaustion, 8o,3<6<2 BaiUihe 1884 

Massage and Electricity in the Treatment of Disease, 8vo, 7«6<2... Hamilton 1889 

Treatment of Disease by System of Massage, 2s 8<2; new ed. 2s Bd Griffith 1887-8 

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— Mystery of Cloomber, post 8vo, 1« Ward j" J) 1888 

Study in Scarlet, post 8vo, Is Wardj'D 1888 

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Jack the Giant-killer, 4KO, 5s Eyre 4- 8. 1888 

Joumalkept in 1840, with Sketches in facsimile, 4to, 21s Smith ^ K 1886 

— Scenes from English History, with portrait, oblong 4to, 7« 6d ... * Pall Mall Gaz* 1886 

^^VUs (/!) Elevations to the Heart of Jesus. 2s .... Washboume 1884 

Dr. Ball's Academy, by Author of ' Fight at Dame Kuropa's School,' 12mo, 6d .. Simpkin 1886 

— - Corpus's Class : Lectureson Human Body from aComical Point of View, 12o, Is Wyman 1883 

--Edith Rornnej: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 31s 6d •^... Bentley 1883 

— Hennione: a Novel, by the Author of * Lady Bluebeard,' &c. cr. 8vO; 6s Blatkvoocds 1889 

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(O. 2l)CoI.Wedderbum'sWooing,&Tal»»8moreStrangethanTrue,p.8o,3s6<< Wyman 1883 

(S. A.) Arotmd the Hub: a Boy's Book about Boston, illua 16mo, 10s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1881 

Burgoyne's Invasion of 1777 ; Amer. Inv. Canada. 1775-6, ill. 2s 6d Boston, Mass. ...1889 

Heart of the White Mountains: Legends, &c. illus. ed. 80. 31s 6d Chatto 1881 

Making of New England. 1580-1643,illustrats. &map8, p. 8vo,6s... Unwin 1887 

the Great West, with illustrations & maps, post 8vo, 9s Unwin 1887 

NewKngland Legends & Folk-Lore, in Prose & Poetry, illus. 8vo, 21s Boston, Mass. ...1883 

Oar Great Benefactors: Biographies of Men & Women, sm. 4to, 18s Boston, Mass. ... 1884 

I^rsBiatk Notes: Illustrated Year Book London Stage. 1880-1, Is; 1881-2, 8vo, Is Bogue 1881-2 

ChroniclesofLondonStage, 1879-82, Sketche6ofScenes,&c. 80, 5s Bogue 1883 

a Year-Book of the Staple, edit, by Cecil Howard, illus. 8vo, 2s Strand Puh, Co. 1888 

Y«r, 18S6, Descrip. & Illus. of New Plays, by Paul Vedder, 12mo. Is J, # R MaxwelllSSl 
1887-8: Criticism of Events in the U. States, &c. post 8vo, 6s... Low 1888 

2»r»ae {A, T.) Hirtory of St. Catherine of Siena, &c. 2nd ed. 2 vols. 8vo, 12s 6d Bums # 1887 

' (Mtss) Songs in the Night and other Poems, new edit. 5s Bums ^ 1887 

^^*^wr [J. C.) Practical Laboratory Course in Medical Chemistry, obi. 48mo, 5s New York 1882 

Textbook of Medical Physics for Practitioners, roy. 8vo, 18s Churchill 1886 

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^ m {L, C.) King*8 Mountain and its Heroes: a History of the Battle, 21s ... Cincinnati, U,8, 1881 

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^v Poker and Spoil Five, 18mo, 6d Routledge 1884 

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^^^MrnGmme, by Basil, 3 vols, post 8vo,31s 6d; new edit. 3s .6^ and 2s Ckaito 1884-6 


1 64 DRAYSON DBUBY [English Ciruoew 

Dnjson {A. W,) Diamond Hooters of South Africa, ilL bj A. W. Cooper, 8vo, bs Griffith 1889 

■ Ezperiences of a Woolwich Professor at R. Mil. Acad. p. 8to. 8j Ckapman 1886 

From Keeper to Captaio : Adreotoree of O. Ck>opersoo, p. 8o, 3« 6^ RoiiUUdge 1889 

— I Thirty Thoosand Years of the Earth's Histoiy, &c. post 8vo, 5s Ckapman 1888 

White Chief and the CalBrs, post 8vo, ZsSd RotOUdgt 1886 

and Peall : Art of Practical Billiards for Amateurs, illas.l2mo, U Bell f S, 188^ 

Drayton (MJ) The Baron's Wars, Nymphidia,& other Poems, by Morley.p. Sto, U RouUed^e 1887 

Draytons and the Davenaots: a Story of the Civil Wars, post 8to, 3« 6a Nelsons ..,..l(^ 

Dream Alphabet and other Poems, by Author of ' lo the Gloamiog/ cr. 8to, 5s Smith 4" E. 1889 

City, sm. 8vo, 1# 71 V. Wood 1884 

of the Atooemeot, illus. 16mo, 2s 64 Rimngtons 16S\ 

— ^— Nioeteenth Century, k Deel. Brit. Agricult. by a Landowner, 8vo, 6rf Stamford 1881 

Warnings and Mysteries, post 8to, 6s Redway 1888 

Dreamer of DzMms: a Modem Bomance, by the Author of ' Thoth,' post 8vo, 6s Blackwoods \%^ 

Dreamland & Ohostland: Orig. Collection of Tales & Warnings, 3 t. cr. 8o, 31« 6d Redway 1887 

Dreams and Beality : a Tale of the Siege of Paris, post 8fo, 9<2 S.P.C.'K, 18S1 

of the Derby, with many curious Tips & Omens for other Races, p. 8vo, Is Redway 1^1 

Dredge (J.) Electric Illuminatious, demy 4to, 30s ^Engineering' Q/*1882 

Dremas (F, G.) Exhibition of Belgian Art & Mus^e Modeme at Brussels, p. 8ro, 4s Chapman 1881 

Dresser (^.) Japan: its Architecture, Art, and Art Manufactures, sm. 4to, 31s 6<i Longmans \iXl 

^^^^ Principles of Decorative Design, 4th edit. 4to, 5s Cassell 1882 

Dressmaking Lessons, New Ser. by Myra, Nos. 3 & 4 , 1 2mo, Is ea. (Silkworm Ser. ) Myra 1888 

Drew (B.) Hints and Helps to those who Write, Read, and Print, 12mo, 2s 6d,., Boston, Mass. ,..\^1 

(C^/Amfie)Lutani6teof St. Jacobi's: aTale,2od edit p. 8to, 10s6<2&6s ... Af. Ward 1881 

(£) Elocutionary Studies, with newReadiogs and Recitals, 12mo, Is Nicholson 188& 

Elocutionist Annual for 1889: Original and Select Readings, 12mo, Is Souihwood 18^8 

— »— Henrjr Irving on & off the Stage: his Macbeth, Fau^ &c. post 8vo, Is Drone 188& 

Reciting & Reading, being Studies of Poems, Recitations, &c. 12mo, Is Wyman 1887 

Speech Studies, with Fresh Readings, Recitations, Anecdotes, &c. p. 8o, Is Dean 188& 

(F.) Ave Maria; or, Catesby's Story : a Story for Children, fcp. 8vo, Is ... Washbowme 1882 

Credo; or, Justin's Martyrdom, fcp. Is Washboume 1882 

Ora pro nobis; or, Tristram's Friends, fcp. 8vo, Is Washboume 188^ 

Drewry (A. H.) Stephen Elderby, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s Unwin 1888 

(Edith 8.) A Death Ring, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s Moor 1881 

12mo, 2s6<£and 2s J. 4- R. Maxwell l^BT 

__ Baptised with a Curse: a Romance, 12mo, 2s 6d and 2s J,^ R. Maxvodll%%^ 

On Dangerous Ground: a Novel, 3 vols. cr. 8vo,31s Qd F, V, White 188X 

— 12mo, 2s 6<2 and 2s J. f R. Maxwell 1885 

Only an Actress, 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 3ls 6d F. K. White 1883 

a Novel, 12mo, 2s 6<i and 2s J. 4' R.MaxweliX^b 

Drexolius {J,) Heliotropium : Conformity of Human Will,tr. 4 e. p. 80, red. 2s 6i Hall 1886 

— .— i— -^— — - trans, by R. N. Shutte, n. e. post 8vo, 7s 6<2 and ds J, Hodges 1881-5> 

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SpiritualReadings, trans, edit, by Rev. W.H. Cleaver, p.8o, 2s6<2 W. Smith 188'^ 


Drey (5.) Herbert Spencer's Theory of Religion andMorality, 8vo, Is Williams 4- 2V....188r 

Dreyspring (A.) Cumulative Method for Learning German, 8vo, Ts%d New York .....A%&^ 

Driorstock: a Tale of Mission Work on the American Frontier, illus. 12mo, 2s... Rel. Tract Soc. 1883 
Drinker (E.) Extracts from Journal of Elizabeth Drinker, 1759-1807, 8vo, 10s 6<f Philadelphia ...1889 

(,H. S.) Tunnelling, Explosive Compounds, & Rock Drills, 2 ed. 4to,1265 New York \^ft^ 

Drinkwater(^. F.) Plays and Poems, cr. 8vo, 5s... Griffith 1885 

Driven Away : a Drama in three Acts (Social and Political), by a Radical, I60, 6£^ Infield 1 88^ 

into Exile : a Story of the Huguenots, by A .L.O.E. post Sv6,2s6d Nelsons 1%%7 -% 

Driver (5. R.) Isaiah : Life andTiraes, & Writings wh. bear his Name, p. 80, 2s 6d MAet ^1888 

Uses of Tenses in Hebrew, & other Syntactical Ques. 2 e. 12o, 7s M Oxford WareJL 1881 

Driver's Box and other Stories, coloured illustrations, post 8vo, 36 6<2 W, W. Gardner \^%< 

Drought (C,E,) Dangers and Duties of Spiritual Life : Plain Sermons, p. 80, 3s %d Skeffington 1 88< 

Musicof the Croes : Meditations on Seven Last Words, )2o, ls6<2 Skeffinaton ...^.1881 

Dioz ((r.) Papa, Mamma, & Baby, trans, without abridgment, illus. p. 8vo, 3s 6<{ Vueielly 1%%' 

Draerv (C, T.) Choice British Ferns: their Varieties and Culture, ill. p. 8vo, 2s 6ci * Bazaar * Off.... 188 

Drug in the Market : being some of the Son^ of Zion that are not Wanted, 4to, 6s Passmore 1 88 

Druitt (i?.) Surgeon'sVade Mecum, 12th edit, post 8vo, 16s Renshaw 188 

Drummond (2>.)Diseasesof Brain&SpinalCord,a6uide to theirPathology, 80, 10s 6(2 Kimpton • 188 

^-^<^-^— Religion & Libertv: Address at Manchester New College, 8vo, Is Williams ^ 2^. 188 

(£r.) Natural Law in tJbe Spiritual World, new ed. p. 8vo, 7s 6(i^ & 3s 6if Hodder 1881- 

' Natural Law* and Miracles : a Critique, cr. 8vo, Is A. Gardner 18| 

, Philo-Judffius : the Jewish-Alexandrian Philosophy, 2 v. 8vo,21s Williams ^ /^....ISI 

SirHildebrand and other Poems, post 8vo, 2s 6a Simokin la 

Topical Africa, with maps and illus. post 8vo, 6s Hodder la 

(«7.) Communion, 12mo,ls6<^ Hamilton la 

_ Introduction to the Study of Theology, post 8vo, 5s Macmlhm «.1C 

{Thos.) Under-Secretary in Ireland, 1 835-40, by R.B. O'Brien, 8vo, 14s Kegan Pa^Z ifi 

Dniiy(XfMia/r.) The Brothers : aNovel, new edit. 12mo, 2s Ward^^L^^ ...•••15 

{B, P.) Experiences and Missionary Labours of S. Paxson, illus. 1 2mo, 6s ^d PhiladelpJk £4z ,..11 

1881-1889] DRURY DUKE 165 

Vnij(E. J.) Recreative French Grammar, illas.fcp. Sro^ Is 6d Beeves <f 7! 1883 

— {H.) BemiDiBcencesof Life and Sport in Sonthem India, post 8vo. 5$ W, H. Allen 1889 

(Capt.W,) In&ntiy Ontposts : Detailedlnstraction in OutpostDuty,sq.l6o,l« Clowes 1884 

Ih7de&(/.) by 6. Saintsbary, 2s6d; new 8vo, 1$ 6<^aDd Is Maemillan ...1881-8 

roj.8vo. 7« 6rf (Old Poets) Routledge 1884 

'-Discourses on Satire and on Epic Poetry, 1 8mo, 6<:^ and d(/ Castell 1888 

Dramatic Poesy : an Essay with Notes, 12mo, lis fid Clitfe 1889 

> ed. with Notes by Thos. Arnold, post 8vo. Zs6d ... Oxford Wareh, 1889 

Essays, Selected and Edited, with Notes by C. 1). Yonge, l2mo,2sed Maemillan 1882 

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University Calendar, post 8vo, 4« Jxingmans ...1881-9 

■ Course, cr. 8vo Bauliere 1885 

Co4grave*s Student^s Botany, 2s 6d 

I Examination Papers, cr. 8vo, As Longmans ...1881-9 

PressSeries (See Appendix B,) 

Dabms (ilMNf) Zeal in the Work of the Ministry, 10« Washboume 1882 

(il.J'.) Science and the Spiritual, 6c2 J. Clarke 1887 

Supernatural, cr. 8vo, 6<^ /. Clarke 1886 

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— • Boys {A. ) Cat harine of Aragon, & £ng. Refor. fm. French , Yonge, 2 v. p. 8 vo,2 1 « Hurst 1 88 1 

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— Cane {Col. Sir E, F.) Punishment and Prevention of Crime, post 8vo, Ss 6d ... Maemillan 1885 

— Chullu (Paul B,) Land of the Midnight Sun, Sweden, 2 e. 36«; n.e.2v. 36s,,, Murray 1881-2 

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Mgeon (F!€Tencc E,) Language of Flowers Birthday Book, po8t8vo, Zs6d SonnenecAein ...1886 

(H. C.) Kdhiburghy or Queen's Reg. Light Infantry Militia, 8ro,10s6^... Blackwoods ...1882 

— {B, E.) Sphygmofnaph: its History and Use as nn Aid, 12mo, 2s 6d Baillihe 1882 

I>Bdley {Dean) History of First Council of Nice ; with Life of Constantine, 12o, 6s Boston, Mass .. ,1881 

{B.) King Fo, the Lord of Misrule : a Twelfth-Night Story, 4to, Is De la Bus 1884 

Monthly Maxims. Rhymes & Reasons. &c. 4ro, 2bs ; new edit. 10s 6d De la Bue ...1882-3 

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by T. Smith, post 8 vo, 2s 6ii?(Men Worth Remembering) Hodder 1883 

— {B.) Legal Obligations in Respect of Dwellings of the Poor, 8vo, Is Clowes 1884 

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& Ava (Marchioness) Our Viceregal Life in India. 2 vols. er. 8vo, 24s ... Murray 1889 

^>fi9nnUe: jt« Cycling Chronicles, & otherSketches, by *Faed*& 'Nym/p. 8o, Is Biffe 1889 

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FonrYears of Irish Hist. 1845-9: Sequelto* Young Irel.'So, 21s Cassell 1883 

' League of North and South : Episode in Irish History, p. 8o,8s Chapman 1886 

Young Ireland (Parti, 2s; 2, 8vo, 3s 6cO 6s and 6s Simpkin 1887 

a Fragment of History, 1840-45, r. 8o,3s6rf& 2s Simpkin 1883 

^%U«(J/r«. Z.) Prey to the Enemy: Story from Real Life, post 8vo, Is 6<; Nat, Temp, i><^.1888 

(B. L.) Tbe Jukes: Study in Crime, Pauperism, Disease,&c. 3 e. 12o, 5s New York 1884 

(E, E.) Fiomthe Mountains of the East, cr. 8vo, Z86d Kegan Pa«/......1883 

^^^iui{Dr.) Life and Recollections, by John Service, 3s 6d ; 2nd ed. p. 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1887-8 

(L.^) Atliisof Skin Diseases, 4to, 126s Philadelphia ...1882 

>- Piactical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin, new ed. illus. 8vo, 30s Philadelphia 1881-2 

( W, H.) Charter of Wullrun to the Monastery at * Hamtun,' 4to, 2s Simpkin 1888 

^^ of Argyll on Indian Public Works & Cooper's Hill College: a Reply, 8vo,ls Sp(m8 1882 

^^(£) Beneath the Snr&ce;or, Physical Truths, Latent Holv Scrip. p.8vo, 5s Hatchards 1881 

— (H, H.) Qaest. of Incest relat. to Marriage with Sisters in Succession, 8o, 6d Bivingtons ...1882-3 

— (/.) RMoUactions of the Kabul Campaign, 1870 and 1880, 8vo, 15s W, H, Alien 1883 

^^Ulncii, by the Author of ' Mademoiselle Mori,' post 8vo, 2s Wame 1882 

166 DUKE ^DUNCAN [Ekolm CrtiXxxm 

Dokes Marriage, Zrola. cr. 8vo, 3I# Bd ^ BnUlev \ftS6 

Dukes (C.) Health at School, Mental, Moral, and Phjeical. n. ed. post Svo, 7s 6d CasseU 1887 

{E, J,) ETery-daj Life in China ; or. Scenes along River & Boad. p. So, 5< lieL Tract Soc, 1885 

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Bnlbei^ (cT.) Roumanian Code of Commerce, 8to,5« (Manchester) Z^ngl 1884 

* Bnlce Domnm; 12mo. 6s Keffon Paul 188$ 

by a Vagrant Viator, cr. 8vo, Is ^^"^ ^^ 

Dnlcken {H* W,) German Language in Lessons, Grammar, Exercise, cr. 8yo, 2«... Ward fL, 1887 

Bhistrated History of England, roj.Sro, ]0«6<i Ward 4^ L. 1888 

Popular History of England from the Earliest Period, 8vo, 2«... Ward ^ L 1888 

Worthies of World : LiTea,Aetions, &c of Great Men,r. 8o, 7« W Ward 4" L 1881 

Dullea (O. J.) Claude le Lorrain, with reprod. of ' Liber Veritatis,' cr. 8vo, 3s Bd Law 1887 

Dulles (J, IF.) Palestine in 1879, by Presbyterian aergymen, lAmo, 10s64^ Philadelphia ...1881 

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BelU; or, the Sculptor's Model, transUtedby Williams, 12mo, Is ... Gen, Pub. Cb....l88S 

Bouillieda la Comteese Berthe, l^isodes fr. Notes by Price, 16o, IsSd Rivingtons 1888 

Demoiselles de St Cyr, by Victor Oger, 18mo, Is Bd Macmillan 1886 

Drame de la mer, with Notes and Vocabulary, by A. C. Clapin, 12o, Is HaehetU 1888 

^— — Episodes from *Pepin et Charlemagne,' edit, by Whyte, 18mo, Is Bd Rivingion$ 1888 

Monte Cristo, unabridged edit. 2 parts, 8to, 6if ea. ; 1 toL 8to, 2s & Is Ward f X. 1888 

trans, and adapted by J. B. Ware, 2 parts, 8to, Bd each Dieka 1887 

- Novels, new edit, post 8vo,-2s per vol RoutUdge ...1881-9 

Chevalier d'Harmental Regent's Daughter 

Chicot the Jester Taking the Bastile 

Forty-five Guardsmen Three Musketeers 

Marguerite de Valois Twenty Years After 

Monte Cristo Vicomte de Bragelonne, 2 voU. 

Queen's Necklace 

12mo, Is each RoutUdge 1881-9 

Half-Brothers f Three Musketeers and 

Marguetite de Valois \ Twenty Years After, 1 vol. 

Mohicans of Paris 

8vo, Bd per vol RoutUdge 1881-9 

Chicot the Jester Moote Cristo, 2 vols. 

Forty- five Guardsmen Three Musketeers 

Marguerite de Valois Twenty Years After 

Paul Jones: a Nautical Romance, tr. by Henry L. Williams, p. 8vo, 1« Wame 1889 

Queen Maigot; or, Marguerite de Valois, 8vo, Bd I>ick$ 1886 

Story of Denise: a Novel, cr. 8vo, 2« 6rfand 2s J,4'R,MaxwcU \%%h 

Three Musketeers, a New Translation, post 8vo, Bd (Notable Novels) Warne 188S 

(A.;fils)lAdj of the Camellias, ilL by Gilbert, 8vo,6<< (Dicks' EogL Nov.) Dicks 1886 

new edit. 12mo, 2s C, H. Clarke ...lft8o 

Paris Life at Twenty, new edit. 12mo, 2s C. K Clarl-e ...1888 

{F. G,) Anouaire itlustr^ des beaux-arts de TExpos.Nationale, 1883, 80, 5s Chatto « 1883 

Art Annual: lUustratedRecoidof Exhibitions of World, 8vo,3s6rf Chatto 1882 

DnmdumiDgton Rectory and the Adventures of Two Curates, cr. 8vo, lOsBd. Remington 1881 

Dumerque(i!:^Chottoof Tunis: InlandSeaofN.AfricainAncientTime9,p.8vo,2<6<i W. B. Alien 1884 

Dumesnil(J66e) Recollections of the Reign ofTerror, byCouDtiyPriest,cr.8o,2s6<i Simpktn ......... 188^ 

Dn Moncel (C^imii^) Telephone, Mierophooe, and Phonograph, 2nd ed. post 8vo,6s K^tmPaul 1882 

(7A.)&Genildy (i^.)Electricitya8aMotirePower,tr.Wharton,p.8o,7«6ci Spons 1883 

Dun (F.) American Farming and Food, post 8vo, lOsBd Longmans •...••188i 

Landlords and Tenants in Lreland, post 8vo, 6s Longmans 188i 

Veterinary Medicines: their Actions and Uses, 6th edit. 8vo, 15s Hamilton ........ .1881 

(5.) Auld Scotch Saugs, Arranged and Hurmonised, foL 6s 6<i Simpkin ......... 188 

Solo Sioger, post 8vo, Is Bd Curvjen 188 

Dunbar {H.) Concordance to Comedies & Fragments of Aristophanes, imp. 8to,21s Oxford fForvA.... 1S8 

Gentleman Hamilton, Student and Light Dragoon, 1 2mo, 2s Simpkin 18£ 

(J.) Practical Paper Maker, 12mo, 2s6rf Spons 188 

(A^ F. P.) Queen's Birthday Book, with portraits, 4to, 10s 6<f; 2s & Is 6<£ Griffith 18« 

- Triplet of Life : Records for Births,Marriage8,&Deaths,32o,36 Bd Haichards 18^ 

— - {8,) An Oath to the Dead : Life of Lore's Young Day, p. 8vo, 6s; red. 3s6<2 Z. lAierory 80c. 1 %i 

Dunboyne (Looi^) Black Sheep of the Parish, post 8vo, Is NiAet \h1 

• From the Bench to the Battle, limo, Is S.P.C.K, IS 

Her Life's Work, poet 8vo, 3«6cf Nitbet 18 

Letty's Mission: a Tale, post 8ro, 2s Masters \% 

— Maitlands* Money Box, 18mo, Is yisbet ig 

Summerland Grange, 18mo, IsBd Nisbet^ 

Uncle Guy: a Story for Children, illus. by F. Dadd, p. 8vo, Is Bd 8.P,C.K. ....**, »A^ 

Duncan (A.) Prevention of Disease in Tropical & Sub.-Trop. Campaigns, 80, 12s 6i Churchill »...ll 

(^. if.) Wakatipians; or. Early Days in New Zealand, sq. Is Sin^kin i| 

(K) British Landscape and Coast Scenery, Facsimiles of Drawings, 4to, 5s Blackie ....«,^^ «\1 

Happiness* of Full Consecration : Brief Memorials, 1 8mo, Is Partridge ««.... 1 j 

Marine Painting, Facsimiles of Original Paintings, 4to, ^ Blackie ••••... 1 1 

mi-im] DUNCAN DtJBER 167 

DanciD (ff. P.) How to Talk Correctly, ^. 18mo, 64 NichoUon 1888 

(/.) Inheritors of the Kingdom: DiscoorseeonMatt r. 1-16, p. 8to, la 6d Nisbet —...1882 

^ — Life of John Donean, Scotch Wearer & Botanist: Friends, &c. 8vo, 9« Kegan Paul 1883 

V* A.) Annual Beview of Mercantile Gases for 1886, 8vo, Ss 6d Stevens ^ U, ...18S7 

— ^ \j,M.) Diseases of Women, new ed. 14s; new ed. with Appendix, 8to, 16s Churchill 1883-9 

Sterility in Woman: being the Gnlstonian Lectures, 8^0, 6s ChurchiU ...,4..,ASSZ 

(Afory X.) Memoir, by her Mother, lOth edit, post 8to, 2s dd Hamilton 1886 

(P, M.) Botanists, Zoologists, and Geologists, post 8yo,4s 8.P,C,K. 1882 

Primer of Physical Geography, illus. 12mo, 6(2 Ward^^L. 1882 

Transformation (or Metamorphoses) of Insects, new ed. p. 8vo, 6s Cassell 1882 

•&Sladen(Fr.P.) Van Voorst 1881 

( r. C) Feeding and Management of Infants and Children, 12mo, I0$6d„. CMoago 1 88 1 

(IT. J^ literary History of Glasgow, 4to, I2s 64 Hamilton 1887 

(IT. ^) Manual ofBritish and Foreign Brewery Companies, &cfcp. 2s 64 E.WUaon 1889 

I)aB^er(a/af)Hiatoiyof Antiqnibr,by£. Abbott,Vol.6,21s; 6, 8vo, 21s Bentley 1881-2 

Greece, by S. F. Alleyne, VoL 1, 16s; 2, 16# Bentley 1883-4 

dutkkr (J,) Childhood and Yonth, illos. by £. Goodwyn Lewis, post Svo, 6s... Alexander ^ 8, 1889 

Bofiombe (&. T,) Household Prayer, from the Book of Common Prayer, 1 2mo, 2s Rivingtons 1886 

Donfamline (iSan) Memoir of Alex. Seton, Earl Dunfermline, by G. Seton, 4to, 21s Blaekujoode 1 882 

I)i4gan(Z>.i?.)Hermeneutic8: Textbooks Manual for Bible Students, 12mo, 7s 64 Cineinnati 1888 

Imison (R, J.) Elementary Physiology, with reference to Hygiene, &c 1 2o, 2s 64 Philadelphia ... 1 886 

l)dop(^F.)Anent01d£({inbtti^h&Worthieswho Walked itsStreets,p.8T0, 4s Simpkin 1889 

— (/. C.) Hlstoiy of Prose Fiction, n. e. with Notes, Appendices, 2 vols. 5s ea. Bell ^ 8. 1888 

(M.JL ITaflace.) Glass in the Old World, 8ro, 12s 64 Field4'T, 1882 

(R. V,) Lectures : St. Paul's First Epis. Thessalonians, chaps. 1 -4, 1 2mo, 2s 8impkin 1 882 

DaiiBas(r.) Electricity & Magetism, compl. by Chapm. Jones^ Diagrams, 12o, Is Ward ^* L, ...... 1888 

OIoosaiT of Anatomical Terms, Appendix by Wingrave, p.8vo, 2s 64 Griffith 1889 

Sound, Light, and Heat, completed by C. Jones, Diagrams, 12mo, Is Wmrd 6f L 1888 

— Talks about Science, w. Sketch by C.Welsh, cr. 8yo, 3s64; n. e. 3s 64 GritHth 1882-3 

Bam {A. H,) Chnxch Manual : Suggestions for Prayers and Devotions, 32mo, Is Roper 4' B, 1887 

— HoIt Thoughts for QuietMomepts, Every Day for a Month, 8vo, 2s Roper ^ B 1888 

{H X C.) Fradng, Ulus. by H. G. Willink, 12mo, Is (All Engl Ser.) Biil4rS. 1889 

(£ P.) In£ant Health : Physiology & Hygiene of Early Life, poet 8yo, 3s 64 Kegan Biid 1888 

• (/ P.) Indiana: a Bedemption from SlaT6ry,with map, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass, ...1888 

Maosacresof the Mountains : Indian Wars of Far West, illus.8vo,2 Is Low 1886 

(I>.£.)8emion8ontheHigher life, by Bishop Simpson, 16mo, 7s 64 Cindnnaii 1883 

(Jf. 9: jr.) la Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister Lawful? 8vo, Is... Rivingtons 1888 

l>nM(7. W, j9.) BecoUectionsof Lord Wrioth. Bussellft Chenies, p. 8fo, 2s 64... Stock 1888 

laming (^£)BibleStudiee for Normal Students & Sun. Sch. Teachers, p. 8o,ls64 Sun, Sch, Un..„lSS7 

' ^ Sunday School library, 16mo, 3s 64 New York 1884 

(C)Step Aside: a Novel, 16mo, 6s Boston, Mass, ,..\%%^ 

Upon a Cast: a Novel, 16mo, 7s 64 New York 1886 

{J,) Nest on a Hill, post 8vo, Is 64 Sonnensehdn ...1887 

{Mrs, A. JT.) Hampered : a Tale, Is ^d. Partridge; post Svo, 2« Rel, Tract Soc,\^%^-^ 

l^v^iiie ( C. J,) Chameleon : Fancies on ManyH*oloured Matters, p. 8o, 6s ; n. e.3s64 Ward j- B, ,,A 888-9 

Z^»ttsn(^.JI/:j TiirkishCompassionateFund,editbyW.BurdeU-Coutts,r.8o,10s64 Remington 1888 

{R.) Manual of Music, post 8vo, 2s 64 (Hughes' Teacher's Librarv) Hughes 1886 

Note, Time and Ear Tests: course of Exercises, post 8vo, 6cl Hughes 1887 

I^iiter (HJ^,) Discoveries of Columbus & the English in America, n. e. p. 8o, 3s64 Paterson 1 887 

-- • > How to Make Uie Land Pay : Profitable Industries, post 8vo, 6s.,. Longmans 1886 

wsU {F, H,) Fonr Gospels, as interpreted by the Early Church, n. e. 4to, 16s Gowes 1882 

I^puloQp (Bp, of Orleans) Child, trans, by K. Anderson, 3rd ed. p. 8vo, 2s 64... Simpkin 1882 

Life,by Abb^ Legrange,tr. by LadyHerbert,2 v.8o,32s Chcqman 1886 

i^er.Svo Relfe 1882-8 

Batti. Freneh Reader (1, Is 64; 2, Is), 2s 64 Batti, German Header, now edition, 2s ^ 

"V^{A.) & Hake, Short Manual of Chemistry, Vol. 1 : Inorganic, p. 8vOy 7s 64 Griffin 1886 

- — {C C) Guide for all Banks of the AuxiUary Artillery, 10th edit. 32mo,64 Clowes 1883 

*^--- Packet Treatise on Ammunition, l6moy Is Clowes 1888 

«?»* (GaosEMMi) Story of a Florentine Sculptor, by Frieze, cr. 8vo, 7a 64 Low 1886 

7- — — ^_^ Tlioughts in Art, and Autobiographical Memoirs, p. 80, 10s 64 Blaokwoods 1884 

^^(C.) Philosophy of Mysticism, ftn.the German!^ C. C. Massey, 2 v. 80, 26s Redway 1889 

^^«i {N, F.) Elesentary SyntheticGeometry of the Point, Line,&c.p. 80, 4s 64 Macmulan 1889 

^ ^•- — {T,C.) Christianity inDaily Belationsof Life: Six Semionsdur. Lent,12o,2s Skeffington .1884 

^^ (£) Great Masters of Bussian Literature in the 19th Cent. tr. p. 8vo, 3s 64 «/*. ^ R", Maxwell 1887 

I^fMe, Go^)el Meditations for Every Day, Vol. 2, 12mo, 3s 64 Parker 1881 

~ 2nded. 3s 64; 3, 12mo, 4s 64 W, SmUh 1884-6 

^^«aii(aBpi9;nif3f Jir.) of the Boyal Engineers— Life, 2 vols. 8vo, 42s W.H.Allen 1883 

*"^ — (i/^)Histor7 of the American Revolution, ^m French Archives, 12mo, 9s New York 1889 

2^— (Madiime) Napoleonand Marie-Louise, 1810-14, Memoirs, cr. 8vo, 7s 64 Low 1886 

^^BM(iil) Dante: a Dramatic Poem, cr. 8vo, 6s Kegan Paul 1889 

rr Pine Needles; or. Sonnets and Songs, illustrated, Svo, 9s New York ......1884 

Knr (X) by Ridiazd Ford Heath, poet 8vo, 3s 64 (Great ArtisU) Low 1881 

liiB and Works, byM.Tbansing,trans.l^F. A. Eaton, 2vols. Svo, 42s Murray 1882 

168 DtTBEB ^EABL [Emoush GmLooui 

Barer (^) Life, Letters, & Account of hU Works, by BCrs. C. Heaton, 2 e. 8vo,lQ«6<{ Seeley 1S81 

Kemains, by Conway, Transcripu by Lina Eckenstein, roy. 8vo, 2U Camb, Wank. ...1889 

Dnrfee {C.A.) Index to Harpers Monthly Ma^.V. 1 to 60, inclns. 1850-80,870, 21f New York 1881 

Durham University Calendar, with Almanack, IsM WhUtaker ...Jsmo/ 

Bomfordrj. W.) Soldier's Life & Work inSoath Ainca,:i 872-9, 8to, 143 Low 1882 

Durrant (fi. G,) Laws & Definitions connected with Chemistry & Heat, cr. 8to, Z$ RivmgUma 1887 

Dnrrett (R, T) John Filson ; the First Historian of Kentucky, 4to, 14« Cincinnali 1884 

Domy ( r.) History of France, abridged by Mrs. M. Car^& Jameson, 12mo,10« M New York 1889 

——. Bome&; Roman People, trans, by W.J.Clarke,Pt.l,roy.8o,4« Kdly 1883 

6 Tols. in 12 parts, 4to, 30» per toL Kegan Pat(/...1888-6 

Dnryee (A) FatentRighU: Digest of Decisions of FederalAcState Coarts,&cl2o,15s Baltimore 1886 

Doscgour (p.) Origin of theOraces, with illostrationt by Cochin, roy. 8to, 10s 6d„. FiseteUy 1888 

Dust atd Ashes, and Celeste's Inheritance: Life Sketches by Cosmo, 12mo, Is... Wyman 1886 

Datt (^. C.) Cherry Blossoms, post 8to, 6s Unwin 1887 

(Rotnesh Chwkder) History of Civilisation in Ancient India,V.l&2, p.8o,8s ea. Trilbner 1889 

(Toru) Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindnstan, by £. W. Gosse, 12mo, 6« Kegan PoW... 1882-5 

J>jiVU>n {Major the Hon, C.) Life in India, post 8to. 2s 6rf W.H.AUen 1882 

{R, G.) Discipline of Life, being Last Words of Counsel, post 8ro, 2s M Ritringions 1888 

— — Spiritual Counsels; or, Helps & Hindrances to Holy Liring.l2o, Is 8.P,C.K. 1886 

Da Val ( C.) With a Show through South Africa, & Transvaal War, 2 vols. 8va, 21s JinsUgt 1882 

■ Is; 2nd edit. poetSvo, Is Dean 1884-5 

{M,) Artistic Anatomy, translated by Frederick K Fenton, po6t8vo, 5s... Cassdl 1SS4 

Doxbury (0,) Advanced Grammar of School Granunars, new ed. post 8vo, 3s 6<f . . . Duxbtay 1884 -8 

New English Grammar of School Grammars, SrdecL post 8vo, ls6£^ Stewart ^ Co. ...1884 

Duyckinckjffil A.&G. L.) Cydopaedia of American literature, n. e. 2 v. 80, 73s 6<2 Philadelpkia ...IS88 

Dwarria(fK.) TheBelvidere; or, the Warning Maiden, post 8vo, 6s Digby ^ L 1889 

Bwellings for the Poor, cr. 8vo, 2s 6<^ (Health Exhibition Conferences) Clowe* 1884 

Bwight(i5f. O.) Turkish Life in War Time, post 8vo, 12s W. H. Allen 1881 

(J:) Lawn Tennis, post 8vo, 2s 6rf ^Poitime* Office im 

Bwyer (F.) Seats &Saddle8, Bits & Biting, Draught & Harness, 4 ed. p. 8vo, 7s 6d WhUHtigkam ...1886 

(/.)DailyHelpinthe Way of Holiness, 82mo, ls6rf Ndeons 1881 

Dyee nK.> Elemental OuUines of Ornament, Plati>s 1 -22, fol. 2s 6<£ Chapman 1887 

Dje (F.) Cooking Range and its Remedies, 12mo, 6d 8pon* 1888 

Hot-Water Fitting and Steam Cooking Apparatus, 18mo, Is 6<2 /^tone 1888 

_^-.— Supply: Apparatus for Domestic &c. Purposes, cr. 8vo, 8s... Spone 1887 

Dyer {A, 8.) Sketches of English Nonconformity, post 8vo, is M Poole 1881 

(G^sr^nirfs P.) Armour Clad; or, Arthur's Victory, post 8vo, 2s 6<? J.F.Shaw 1887 

Elsie's Adventures in Insect Land, 16mo, 6s; red. 2s Sd M. Ward 1882-3 

■ How Hettie Caught the Sunbeams, with illus. 12mo, Is J, F. Shmo 1886 

^J'.) Evolution not Universal: an Argument for the Beingof a God, cr.Svo, Is TrUbner 1889 

y. M.) Exercises in Analytical Geometry, cr. 8vo, 4s6<i diacmillan 1881 

and Smith : Mathematical Examples, Pure and Mixed, post 8vo, 6s Bdl f S. 1888 


(Afar^)Chri8thood,asseenin Life-WorkofM. Dyer, by her Husband, p.8o,3s Woolmer •*.1889 

(0.) Great Senators of United SUtes 40 Years Ago, with Recollections, 6$ New York 1889 

{T. F. T.)Domestic Folk-Lore, 18mo, Is 6<2 & Is (Cassell's Monthly Library) Casedl 1881 

Folk-LoreofPhint8,post8vo.6s Chatto 1889 

Shakespeare, roy. 8vo, 14s Griffith :i884 

GreatMenat PUy,2vols. 8vo, 24s Remington 1889 

(71 H.) City of Rome, its Vicissitudes and Monuments, 2nd edit 12mo, 5s Bdl ^ 8. 1883 

Imitative Art : Remarks on Beauty, Sublimity, & Taste, 8vo,l 2s 6<{ £^14' 8. 1883 

Dying Scientifically : Key to St. Bernard's, by ^culapius Scalpel, 2 e. p. 8vo, Is Sonneneekein ...1888 

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~I Lawof the Ten Words, 12mo, 3s 6<; (Household Lib. of Exposition) Hodder 1884 

— . Sermons, post 8vo, /Ss Nisbet 1881 

(r.)AllRoundSportwithFish, Fur, and Feather, &c. 8vo. 10s 6rf .Fbres 188 

Christian Church in Relation to Human Experience, post 8vo, be MacmSlan 1881 

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— ^ War: its Causes, Conseqaences. Lawfulness, &c. Essay, p. 80, ls&6if Heywood 188 

Dyson (C.E.) Bird Keeping: Singinff & Cage Birds, enlarged e. 1 2o, Is ; large e. 2s6<2 Wame 1S&4^ 

(Z^rs.) Apples & Oranges : Talks with Children on Fruit, Engravs. p. 8o,3«6{2 Rel. Tract Soc,. . . 181 

^——' Christian Discipleship : Words to Young Disciples, 12mo, Is Sun. Seh, I7n.... 18C 

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— — — — Philippians, 8vo, 10s 6d Hamilton •. \B 

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Eaglestone (C. R.) Girl Artist, post 8vo, 60 L. Literary &c..l8 

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Via Luds : Nine Meditations on Exultation of Christ, ill. cr. 8 vo, 6s Stock .••...18 

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Earl (iJl P.) His Sisters: a Novel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12s Low If 

I- Randall Trevor, 2 vols, cr. 8vo, 21s Low IC 

1881-1889] EARLE EBEBS 169 

Etfle {A.B.) Work of an Evangelist: Reriew of 50 Years' Labour, 32mo, USi 6d Morgan 1881 

(/.) Anglo-Saxon Literature, l2mo, 28 6d (Dawn of Eiiropenn Literature) 8,P.C,K, 1884 

— — . BoAi for the Beginner in Anglo-Saxon, 3rd edit. 12ino, 2$ 6d Oxford frar«A...1884 

Handbook to Land Charters and other Saxonic Documents, p. 8vo, I6« Oxford fPar«A... 1888 

Philologj of the English Tongue, 4th edit, partly re-written, p. So,7s6d Oxford War0h,„lSB7 

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Master's Field : a Series of Sonnets, cr. 8vo, Is 6d Kolekmann 1882 

(P.) Curability of Insanity: a Series of Studies, 12mo, lO^r Sd Philadelphia ...1887 

— (IF.) Lore and Marriage, from Leading Writers, post Sro, 2s 6d and }s 6d Simpkiu 1883 

EkribamBtnd of Hope Series of Tracts, compiled by T. B. S. 32mo, 1^ Nat, Temp. Dep.ASSS 

Temperance Series of Tracts, Vols. 1-6, 32mo, Is each Nat. Temp. Dep..lSS5 

Eiriy (IT.) Oaiden Farmer : Profitable Market Oardening, post Sro, 2s ' Bazaar ' Q^..1882 

Eiriy Britain , (See Appendix B.) 

— ^Ghnmides of Europe, cr. 8^0 S.P.C.K. 1883 

Balani (Uffo) Italy, 4s 

Dsj8,Volt. 4to, 2s6if, 2s, and Is 6d Office 1881-9 

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-Infliience, with a Preface by Mrs. Gladstone, new edit, small cr. 8to, Ss 6d RivinotoHS 1883 

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Etoest Lives: Biographies of Remarkable Men and Women, p. 8vo, 2s ^d and 2s Simpkin 1881 

— — Remonstrance against the Recital of the Athanasian Creed, 8vo, Qd Ridgway 1884 

Eiinthaw(&) Doctrine of Germs: Integrat. of Partial Diiferential Equat. 8o, 2s 6<2 Beil 4r 8. 1881 

£Bip(/.) Religions Creeds and Religious Usages, new & enlarged ed. 12mo, Is 6d W. Reeves 1881 

Earth, Solar System, Latitude and Longitude, Winds, Currents, and Tides, 12mo, Is Moffatt 1883 

and its Inhabirants: What do the Scriptures & Sciences say,&c. 12mo, %d Simpkin 1886 

£uoo (C.) Almanac for Ireland, 12mo, Ise^^and Is Simpkin 1881-9 

Finaneial, Railway, Agricultural, and other Statistics, cr. 8o, 2s & Is Simpkin 1884 

Wo^ng of the Irish Land Act: List of the Judicial Rents, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1882 

£iimif Lightning Index Calculator, 12mo, Is and 6(2 Simpkin 1888 

Eait(£) PriTate Treatment of the Insane as Single Patients, post 8vo, 2s ed Churehill 1886 

Enter Bella, square 16mo, Is 6rf Griffith 1889 

Bletsiogs, selected and arranged by Thomas B. Reid, 16mOy ^d Drane 1889 

- -Dawn: Hymns, from Easter Carols, illus. by Walter Paget, sq. 16mo, Is Ais^er ...1889 

^ Flowers, illustrated by Ernest Wikon, 18mo, Is HUdeskrimer ...1888 

— — Bymns, selected and arranged by Thomas B. Reid, ]6m0y 4d Drane 1889 

Joys, selected and arranged by Thomas B. Reid, 32mo, 6d Drane 1889 

Memory, imp. ]6mo. Is Hatchards 1888 

^— Bays, selected by Compilers of *Our Friends in Paradise/ ill. sq. 16o, Is 6rf W, W, Gardner.AB%9 
EMtMby (It.) History of Law of Tithes in Engknd, Yorke Prize Essay, 8vo, 7s 6d Camh. Wareh....\B%B 

SiiteB QueetioD Solved : a Vision of the Future, by Budge, 8vo, Is W. H. Allen ...1881 

Wonderland, post 8vo, 2s 6<f. CasteU 1882 

EMUrtide, 1888. edited by A. H. Miles, fol. Is Hamilton 1888 

— an Easter Gift, illustrated, roy. 16mo, Is Afowbray 1886 

F i Mfli ke (C £.) Notes on Pictures in the BredaGallfry, Milan, post 8vo, 5s Longman* 1883 

^_^— . Louvre Gallery, Paris, post 8vo, 7s 64 Longmans 1883 

• ^_ Old Pinakothek,post 8vo, 7s 6d Longmans 1884 

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{P.M.) LiUle One's Text-Book, with Selected Passages, p. 8o, 2s 6d&U6d Whittingham ...1887 
^s^oa (J. G.) Factors in Algebra Discovered by Arrangement, Tr-al, &c. 8vo, 2s Groombridge ...1884 

KiilWiidHo] VoLl.3s6<i^;2,3s6rf; 3, 8vo, 3s 6<i W.W. Gardner XBS4^ 

&<»ood (Frances) Marcelhiof Rome: Tale of the Early Church, n. e. p. 8vo, ed J. F. Shaw 1884 

- — -— (j. R.) Poems for Little People and those of Larger Growth, 1 2mo, 2s ed Nisbet 1 887 

' (if.) Within an Ace: a Novel, cr.8vo, 3s 6(2 and 2s Digby ^ L 1889 

^LesBoos iaBotany, according to Requirements of Revised Code, 1880, 12o, ed Marshall ^ <7a^l881 

— ^Boetiy for the Children, new edit. 12mo,ls Routledge 1884 

— ^Wldst, by Aquarius, 32mo, Is Chapnuin 1883 

^Up, by Eosten. 12mo, 1.^ WardfD 1886 

»« (X W,) Heart of Creeds: Religion in Light of Modem Thought, 12mo, 6s New York 1888 

(C.A.) Waterloo Da^: an Englishwoman at Brussels, n.e. 12o, \si edk. Is Bell j^ S. 1888 

(Z>. B.) Civil Servicein Gt. Britain: History of Abuses & Reforms, 4to, Is ed New York 1882 

ltite(P. G.) Emig^nt Life in Kansas. 8vo, 10s ed Sonnenschein ...1886 

• Woman Put to the Test, 12mo, Is Digby j- L 1888 

^(/.) Faith Victorious: Life, Labours, &c. of J. Ebel,by J.Mombert,cr. 8o,7s6rf Rodder 1882 

{G.) Bride of the Nile, from the German by Clara Bell, 2 vols. 9s and 5s ... New York 1887 

Burgomaster's Wife : a Tale, trans, by Clara Bell, post 8vo, 4s6<2 ... Maomillan 1882 

Eg3fpt,HistoricalandPicture8que, by Clara Bell, V.l,fol. 45s,- 2,628 ed Cassell 1881-1 

' n. e. 2 rob. 4to, 42s... Cassell 1887 

Egyptian Princess, translated by Emma S. Buchheim, 12mo, 3s 6(2 ... Be/l 4" S. 1887 

Erne Frag^, edit, with Introduction and Notes by F. Storr, 12mo, 2s mtittaker 1887 

170 EBEBS ^EDGGOME [English QktKumw 

Eben (G,) Emperor: Romiuice, firam the Oerman by C. Bell, 2 toIs. 16mo, 7* M Sew York 1882 

LoreDS AlmaTadema: Life and Works, translated, 18mo, 4s & 2*fid New York 1886 

Margeiy: Tale of Old Nuremberg, trans, hj Clara Bell, 2 t. 16o, 7M New York 1889 

Only a Word, translated bj Clara Bell, post 8yo, 4s 6d MaemiUan 1883 

Bicbard Lepsius: a Biographj, trans, bj Zoe Dana Underbill, 12o, 6< New York 1887 

Serapis: a Komnnce from toe German, bjClaraBell,r2mo,4r, swd.2s6i IHUmer 1885 

Ebrard (J. H. A.) Apol<«etics, &c. Vol. 1, 10s 6<£; 2, lOs 6<2; 8, 8to, 10s U Hamilton 1886-7 

{Prof,) Bilibild: Taleoflrish Missionaries in Ancient Germany, p.9o,U6d SeL Tract &Nr...l883 

Ebstein ( TK) Corpnlenceft Treatment on Physiological Principles, 3s (hf; n.e. 3s6i Grend 1881-7 

Nature & Treatment of Qont, trans, by J.E. Burton, post 8yo,8s 6<i BdUUrt 1886 

— — Begimen to be Adopted in Oases of Gout, trans. byJ. Scott, So, 2s6<i CkwrckiU 1885 

Ecart6, by Aqnarins, 82mo, Is FT. K Allen 1888 

and other Games, by Aqnarins, enlarged edit. 16mo, Is W, H. JUen ...18S7 

Bece Spiritns. 12mo, 6s 6d Bodom^ Man, ,.Am 

Echoes of Holy Thoughts : Meditatlotts before first Commnnion, 2nd ed. er. So, Is WOUam # ^....1889 

Ecilaw (Afv) Boland; or, the Expiation of a 8in,Z$ed; 2nd edit, post Sto, 2s ed IketeUt^ 1886-7 

Eekardt( 2;) Physics in Pictures : Natural PheuOTi. & Applian. trans, fol. 12s M Stae^ord 1883 

£cker(u4.)AnatomToftheFrog,tians.irithAdditioos,l7G.Uaslam,ill.STO,21s Orford 9FareA...1889 

Eckersley (H, 8,) Nine Months on the Nile, 12mo, 2sBd W. 8eoU 1886 

Eckstein (E,) Aphrodite: Bomance of Ancient Hellas, fm. German, ISo, 5s & 2s 6<2 New York 1886 

1— Nero: a Bomance, tanslated by Cb&ra Bell, 2 rols. 7s 6(2 and 6s ... ^sis York 1889 

Prusias : Bomance of Bome under the Bepnblic, 2 toIs. 9e and 6s .. ^sis York 1884 

Quintus Claudius : Bomance (^ Imp. Bome, from German, 2 y. 9s & 6s New York 1882 

Will : Novel of Modem Eyeryday Life, from German, 2 t. 9s & 6s New York 1885 

Eclipse Temperance Elocutionist, 2nd edit, post Sto, Is Kempeter,, 1881 

Economic Test Cards, Key to Standard 7, 12mo, 6d ^"!£^'* ^^ 

Economical Cook : Becipes for each Season of the Year, by P. O. P. ISmo, Is ... Griffith 1886 

^ French Cookery for Ladies, adapted by * Cordon-Bleu,* 12o, Is 6(2& Is Virtue 1887 

Eddowes (<7.) CouTersion, fcp. Sto, 2s Rivingtons 1884 

Office and Work of a Priest in the Church of God, 12mo, 2s ed ... Rivingtone 1883 

Eddy (D. C) Angels* Whispers : Echoes of Spirit Voices, to console, p. Svo, 2$6d W, Seott 1885 

Chnstian Heroines: Lives, &c. of Female Missionaries, n. e.p. So, 2eed W, 8eott 1885 

Young Man's Friend : Admonitions, &4j. new edit, post Svo, 2s 6if... W, Scott 1885 

Woman's Friend : Duties, Trials, Hopes, &c. n. e. p. So, 2s 6rf W, 8cott 1885 

Ede(C.) Home Amid the Snow; or, Warm Hearts in Cold Begions, 12mo, red. Is 6d Nelsons 1881 

^ (6r.) Guns and Gun Material, post SvOy 6s Spons 1889 

Ede's Gold and Silversmiths and Jewellers' Calculator, by J. Aspin, Sto, 10s ... Patersom 1887 

Ede: a Story, 3 toIs. cr. Svo. 31s ed Remington 1889 

Eden (Col) Tales of the Castle Guard, illustrations by A. F. Lumley, post Svo, 6s Newman 1881 

.^— (C, C) Otto in Search of the Fairies, iUus. by B. Andr6, post Sro, ued ,„ Sonmensckein ...1889 

(C B.) Wronged: a Novel, cr. Svo, 6s Remington 1889 

_. (C. jy.) Found, though Lost, poet Svo. 10s 6rf Newman 1881 

George Donnington ; or, in tiie Bear s Grip, 3 vols. cr. Svo, 81s ed Chapman «.1S85 

Jungle Jack; or, To the East after Elephants, post Svo, 3s 8,P.C,K. ISSfl 

■ Prisoner of the Pampas ; or, the Mysterious Seal Island, p. So, 2s 6<i 8,P,CJi 1889 

Queer Chums : a Midshipman's Adventures, &c Svo, 8s S.P,C,K. ISS' 

(C. P.) Faithful Departed, and other Sermons, post Svo, 6s Parker 4- Co. ...ISSS 

{Emily) Dumbleton Common, new edit 12mo, 2^ Ward 4- L 1S8S 

— Semi-Attached Couple, new edit. 12mo, 2« Ward 4" I^ ISS 

(Jaitf^) Another King, illus. by RWhymper. p. So, 3s 6<l (Sunflower Series) ReL Tract Soe, ISS 
Hester's Home, post Svo, Is si ReL Tract Soc. 188 

John Bichmond's Mistake, post Svo. 2s 6<2 ReL Tract Soe.l^ 

(i?.) International Society of Workmen : a Sermon. Svo, 6cl Rivingtons ......ISC 

Title-Page of the Bevised Version of the Holy Bible, cr. Svo, ed J, Hall ISI 

Kder («/. M,) Chemical Effect of the Spectrum, trans, by W. de W. Abney, 1 2mo, 2s Harrison ISi 

ModemDryPlat66;or, li^ulsionPhotog. edit.byPritchaid.l2mo,Bs Piper 4 C 1« 

Edersheim {A,) Elisha theProphet : Lessons of his History & Times, post Svo, 2s ed Rel, Tract Soc. \% 

Israel and Juaah from Carmel to Death of Jehu, post Svo, 2s 6i... Rel, Tract See, 18 

AhabtotheDeclineofTwoKingdoms,c.8o,2s6<i Rel. Tract Soc, 18 

^— — ^— — - from the Decline to Assyrian Captivity, p. Svo, 3s Rel, Tract Soc. \^ 

Life and Tiroes of Jesus, 2 vols. 42s ; new edit. 2 vols. Svo, 24s . . . Longmans ... 1 8^ 
Prophecy and History in relation to the Messiah, &c Svo, 12s ... Longmams I( 

(iff. »^.) Laws and Polity of the Jews, post Svo, 2s 6<i RH, Tract Soo. \1 

Edgar {A.) Bibles of England : Plain Account of the Principal Versions, So. 7s ed A, Gardmer 11 

Church Life in Scotland: Lectures on Kirk-Session. &c. Svo, 7sed,„ A, Gardner II 

- Old Church Life in Scotland : Lectures, 2nd series, Svo, 7s ed A. Gardner 

(/.) Alphabetical Index to the Greek Terminations, fcp. Is6<f ,.. Ccmish ... 

{J. (?.) Boy Crusaders : Story of the Days of Louis IX. n. ed. p. Svo, 2s ed Gall #71 ... 

— ^ Boyhood of (h*eat Men, an Example to Youth, n, ed. p. Svo, 8s ed RouOedge^ . . 

Footprints of Famous Men, new edit, post Svo, 2s ed Rouiledge | 

Heroes of Enghind : Warriors by Land and Sea, Svo, 7s ed Bickers •...,] 

{R, MoChevne) Does God Answer Prayer? post Svo, 3s ed (TheoLLib.)... Hodder,. J\ 

'ftome (8ibellaJB,) Up the Ladder; or, Poverty and Biches, post Svo, Ued... Casssll ....J 



fidgemnbe (ladyB,) and Wood (Ladjf M.) Four Months* Cruise, illus. p. Srojs 6d Hurst 1887 

Eil^low((r.) Cancer and Simple Tumours dispersed bj Electricity, ft^p. Is Retuhaw .........1883 

— ^ -Immediate^ Painless Cure of Hsemorrhoids, Sec, new edit. 18mo, Is Renshaw 1887-8 

^- Radical Cure of Hemorrhoids and Prolapsus, Is; 2nd edit. Is Renskaw 1883-4 

£()ger(^.) Autobiographical Notes and Lectures, 8to, 7s 6<2 IMster 1886 

Problem of Life considered: Essay Discourses, 6 parts, 8ro, 7s f^ Isbister 1884 

Eigma(ti{F. T.) Mathematical Psychics and Moral Sciences, 8vo, 7s 6d Kegan Paul 1881 

(Maria) by Helen Zimmem, post 8vo, 3s 6(2 (Eminent Women Series) W, H. Allen ...1883 

Absentee, new edit 12mo, 2s Routledge 1884 

Belinda, new edit. 12mo, 2s Routledge 1884 

ClassicTale8,withSketchofherLifebyGraceA.01irer,16o,5s Boston, Mast. ...1883 

■ Forester, Angelina, Prussian Vase,&cby L.yalentine, p.8vo,ls Wame 1889 

— Frank, with 24 illustrations by F. A. Eraser, post 8vo, 2s ... Routledge 1887 

. Bosamond, Harry & Lucy, &e. by L. Valentine, p. 8o,ls Wame 1889 

Harry and Lucy, Dog Trusty, Orange Man, &c. illas. p. 8o,2s Routledge .1887 

Lame Jerras, Limenck Gloves, &c by L. Valentine, p. 8to, 1 s Wame 1889 

- Lazy Laurence, Sister Susan, &c. by L. Valentine,post 8to, Is Wame ..1889 

■. Murad the Unlucky, & other Tales, 18mo,6£2& 3^(Nat. Lib.) Caesell 1889 

- Orlandino, new edit 12mo, Is (Chambers' JuTenile Library) Chambers ..1882 

- Rosamond: aSeriesof Tales, post 8to, 2s Routledge 1887 

- Select Tales, 12mo, Is (BelVs Reading Books) ^.. Bell Jt 8. 1881 

- Storiea of Ireland, Castle Rackrent, The Absentee, p. 8to,.1s Routledge 1886 

Waste Not, Want Not ; Two Strings to your Bow, 12mo, Is... Routledge 1882^ 

Ed^ej (/. C.) Guide to the Routine of a Solicitor's Office, cr. 8to, Is Pitman 1883 

fiiiobnigh (i^Kiv o/*) Sea Fisheries & Fishing Populat. United Kingdom, 8to, Is Clowes 1883 

EdiAbngh life One Hundred Years Ago: Fashions, &c. of Society, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1886 

UnivertityraSketchof iU Life for 300 Years, 8to, Is (Edinburgh) ... Gemmdl 1884 

££f(^^i«(r IF.) Diseases of Women, 12s 6(/; 2nd edit post 8vo, 12s 6<2 SmUhj- E,... 1881-2 

— {S, W.) Decoration & Furniture of Town Houses : Cantor Lectures, 8to,12s M Kegan Paul 1881 

Edias, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s mman 1887 

Bfiti Vernon's life Work, by Author of •Hany's Battles,' new edit 12mo,3s6rf... ffTfT.Gflrrfner 1884-8 

Sdkins (J.) Evolution of the Chinese Language, ^. 8ro, 4s ^ TriUmer ...^....1888 

Hebrew Language, 8vo, 6s TViibner 1889 

• Relig:ion in China, Brief Account of the Three Religions,3 ed. 8o, 7s 6d T\rubtier 1 884 

Mitt {K,) Baldine and other Stories, edit by Earl of Lytton, 2 toIs. cr. 8vo, 21s Bentley 1886 

Maonds (£ Jr.) Fair Athens, cr. 8vo, 10s 6rf Remington 1881 

Hesperus, Rhythm, and Rhyme, post 8to, 6s Kegan Paul 1883 

{H,) Elementary Botany, Theoretical and Practical, 2j« ; n. ed. 2s 6rf... Longmans ...1882-8 

Well-Spent LiTes: a Series of Modem Biographies, n.e. 12mo, 3s 6d Kegan Paul 1881 

(Afrs.) Mary Myles: aNorel, 2 toIs. cr. 8vo, 21s Remington 1888 

Notes on Enfflish History, for Jnrenile Pupils, 10th edit 12mo, Is Foulskam 1887 

wmdaoo (J,) Unirersal Tables of Textile Structure.for Manufctrs. imp.8o, 7s6rf Loekwood 1886 

^dundston (J?.) and Saxby, Home of a Naturalist, post 8to, 6s Hisbet 1888 

^BQBds (•/:) Sermons : Ascension to 10th Sunday after Trinity, 12mo, 2s M ... Simpkin 1884 

;■ C^.> Stents, Designs & Trade Marks Acts, 1883-8, w. Index, r.8o,2s6<i SUveuB^ 8. 1889 

^widson (^.) Milton and Vondel, a Curidsi^ of Literature, cr. 8vo, 6s TrUbner 1886 

IJia Willia; or, the Promise Fulfilled, by S. W. 18mo, red. 9d 8.P.C.K. 1886 

««a (&len i?.) Lawyer's Religion : a Novel, illustrated, 12mo, 7s 6d New York 1889 

aneatiwi Libnury (See Appendix B,) 

«BCi^onal Annual: School-Managers & Teachers' Handbook, 1889, p. 8vo, ls6d Philip 1889 

-^- CourM (see • Chambers* Educational Course *) (See Appendix B,) 

Library, Is each Griffith 1886 

Qjvpoeition Exercises 

— ■ List and Directory of the United Kingdom 1887-8,byStephen,8To,6s Low 1887 

^ Series „ (8tt Appendix B.) 

; Year-Book, Sro, 6s Cassell 1881-9 

««iKi(C.) TnieStoryof the Vatican Council, 2nd edit 8vo, 6s BumsJ^ O, 1887 

C0tsa) Diary of a Quiet Life, post 8vo, 6s Hatchards 1887 

r— (y.)Iif« of a Scotch Naturalist, by Samuel Smiles, new edit p. 8vo, 6«... Murray 1882 

^insitn(Anmie') Archie Lovell, new edit post 8vo, 3s 6rf Chatto 1881 

Ballroom Repentence, 2 yohi. cr. 8vo. 21s; new edit. 6s Bentley 1882-3 

0irton Girl, 3 toIs. cr. 8vo, 31s W ; new edit 6s Bentley 1886-6 

Playwright's Daughter, post 8to, Is 6d and Is F, V. ^t^... ..1886 

"wdes (C) Letters from Crete : Letters during the Spring of 1886, 8vo, 16s Bmiley