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The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography. 

1906 BDITION. Thobouqhlt Rbvibbd to Datb. 
GontaiDing 57 Maps and 94 Inset Maps and Plans, with Indexes to abont 185,000 Places. Boyal folio, 
half-boand Russia or Morocco, price iM« 6s. | fnll-bonnd Russia of Morocco, extra gilt, with 

gilt edges, price filO. 108> (to order). 

PRICES. — Strongly bound in rexine (imitation leather), gilt titles, fil. 6S. ; neatly bound, half 

Morocco, gilt titles and edges, £l. 17s. 6cl. 
SINGLE MAPS, Is. 6cl. each, coloured. Imperial 4to. (16 x 11 in. ; Bfaps, 18^ x 14^ in.). 


A Uniform Series of 52 Accurate Map, accompanied by a Complete Index of upwards of 

78,000 Places contained in the Atlas, and referred to by Initial Letters. 

In snaomiaing ma. entirely New Bdition of the Hand¥ Botal Anus, tbe Poblidicri deaire to make it known that 
ereiy Map bM been brought folly np-to-date. The Index bee been reeet at rtrj oomiderable ezpenee. In order to 
popidaxiw tbe book a lazire edition has been printed, and the ptioe made lower than erer it bae been. The PubUahen 
baTe perfeot oonfldenoe in directing ipeoial attention to thie New Bdition. 

FOURTH BDITION. Lately Published. 

The Navy League Wall Map of the World. 

IllustFating British Naval History and Dedleatad to the Children of the British Empire. 

Tbe PnbUahen are p l e a eed to annoonoe theiaae of the Foorth Bdition of thia important ICapi It is moob improred In 
nany waja, and bae been rerleed to data Tbe liie, 79x6S in., guinea ample eoope for the work to be boldly trea t e d 
10 ai to be effleoliTe even in a Tory large room. 

PBIOBS.— On Cloth, Stained Rollers and Varnished, fil. Is. ; on Cloth, Mahogany Rollers and 
Bound with Silk up the Sides, fil. lis. 6cl. ; on doth, folded up in Four Divisions, and in 

TiUed Box Case, £1. lis. 6d. 

Complete Catalogue of Atlases, Maps, Globes, Wall Illustrations, ftc, posted flree to any address. 

W, d Au K. JOHNSTON, Ltd., 

Oeographen^ Bngravert, BdueatUmai §md OenertU Pub U i htr i, 
Edina Works, Baster Road, and 20 South St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh; 

7 I^temoster Square, London, B.C. 

The Times 
History of the War in 

South Africa. 

Prlee £6. 58. net the Set of Six Volumes. Separate Volumes, £1. Is. net. 


The first volume, published in November, 1900, is not merely a summary from other works, 
compiled in order to serve as an introduction to the account of the military operations, but is in 
iteeJi an important historical work, based largely upon original research into sources not accessible 
to the ordinary reader. 

The second volume, which appeared on May 23, 1902, commences with a review of the two 
armies which were to confront one another, and a deeoription of the state of aflFairs on the eve of 
the war; it then describes the military operations from the Boer invasion of Natal to the 
disastrous December, 1900. 

The third volume will include the sieges of Kimberley and Ladysmith, and the military 
operations leading to their relief, and to the capture of Bloemfontein, including Spion Kop, 
neters, F&ardeb^, Ace. 

The fourth will carry the war to the occupation of Pretoria and Koomati Poort and the return 
of Lord Roberts. 

The fifth will describe the guerilla warfare and the operations under Lord Kitchener to their 
successful close. 

The sixth will deal in a series of special chapters on the work of the various technical depart- 
ments and on the chief lessons of the war. The whole six volumes will be completed l^ an 
elaborate index. 



68tl) gear of 3l00ue 




ainna nr oifB alpbabst. DNDsa authob amd sovbct, 





Fw Moh mart own within Uum Imvm wIio looks, 
A Oktftlogoa, the 011I7 Book of Booki.' 

E. P. 17«. 

LONDON; ! ^7C3 

Sampson Xow, Aarston & Company, Xtmlteb, '; '^ 




is pnbliihed by Meesn. Saxpsom Low & Co. Limited, eyery Satordfty. Price Three-halfpenoe. 

In additioD to a Leading Article and Notes and Annonneements of Literary Interest 

it gives full partionlars of all New Books published daring the Week. 


8s. 6d. post-free. 


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• •• ••, • ■» 

^.» ••••• ••••• 

»• ••••• , . 

'••. : • "• ' 

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•••• . • • • • 

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This sixty-eighth yearly issue of the English Catalogue of Books comprises the 
titles of works published during 1904, also of some received too late for inclusion 
in the sixty-seventh issue. 

Titles and index are in one alphabet. The main entry of each work begins 
with the author's surname (if given on the title page) in heavy type. As an index 
to these ' Author ' records, the title, commencing with its most important word or 
with its first word, is repeated in the same alphabet, with that word in itaiios, 
which in the main entry is in thiek type. 

The ' Transactions ' of Learned Societies are recorded in an Appendix, as also 
the ' Series ' and ' Libraries ' issued by some publishers. 

The names and addresses of the publishers of Qreat Britain and Lreland will be 
lound at the end of the volume, followed by those of the principal publishers in the 
United States and in Canada. The telegraph and cable addresses and telephone 
numbers have been added when known. 

Hearty thanks are due to many publishers, secretaries, authors, and biblio- 
.graphers who have assisted in making this book more correct and comprehensive than 
it otherwise would have been. 

The Editor will be glad to have particulars of author, price, publisher, and montti 
•of publication of any work which may have been omitted. Liformation as to 
each book should be on a separate slip of paper, the size of a large card. It should 
))e addressed to 

The Editor of Ubc Bnaltsb Cataloauet 

PubUshere' Cireuiar Office, 

London, B.C. 
February 14, 1905. 

T3T ^5 


• Tb« woid fluted in ItaUet tn the 'OmcUmI' Uum la that nndn wUoli tba book wU 
b* ftnind deMribed In tlM «ntrlM in thlok ^pe. 

• of book riasa, noh as or. Bro., njtd Bto., ftc, Utt ■im an alM 
giTen when poMtble In inobei, 1 lnoh=3i oeuttnwtna. 

*. (P. A 1.)— BapaUo, Put and Pnunl. Walkl 
■ad Bimrnoni. Cr. 8ro. 9a. Sd. net 

Q. Pmrif, Ftb. 04 

Abandoned, BvtteU (W. Cluk) Oa. Jtm. M 

Abb« ConiUntin, Baltvy (LndoTk) Sd. Vo*. M 

Abbaat of Vlaja, TTavman (BUolo; JJ U. OH.tU 

Abbij of SI. HuT-in-FnrnaiB, Hope (W.H. St. John) 

Ul Dm. n 


Cinnuta. 1th adit., rawrittcm, enl. tot. Sto. 
91 K «i, n>> TM< 80s. net LodwOoD, Noo. M 

lAkbott (B. A.}— Parodoui ; oi, ' In the night in 
which He waa (7) betiajed.' (Diateuaiioa, 
Part 1.) Boj. Sto. »1 X E}, pp. UO, Ta. Sd. net 

Bi^CK, Apr. M 

Abbott (Tarmei), .lll«n CM.) Sd. net. Apr.Ot 

Abb«n (O.)— Bwabmtion Hudbook. Pnotioal 
AmuigVBBnt of land Tnnalar Acta of 18TB and 
leOT. 8rd ed. an>. Ba. Ad. net 

BouciToaa' Iiaw BrmoiiaBT Boo. Pab, 04 

Abbott (li.)— The Othei Boom. Boy. 8*o. 01 x S, 
pp. 130, Sa. Bd. net Kkuwmi, /an. 04 

AbbotTa Fooket Qaaetteei or Bngliah Itinerai; 
ol Citiea, Downa, Prinoipal TiUuea, Puiabea, Ac 
in Gnat Britain and InUnd. Hu. or. Bto. TA x 
H. >*- nek OHUTHBHonan P. Km. 04 

Abbnriationa, Die Z-oMum (BAw^ la. at. Deo. 04 

Abbnriatiaoa Ae. Disk, Latham (B.) la. ..JDae. 04 

ABO Hadioal Snide. With nluiU* HinU tor 
the PreaeiTatiaD of HaalUi. Bd. bj Aleundei 
Ambiole. lSmo.HK4,pp.SB9,la.Du>n,Jpr.04 
Abdominal Diaaaaaa, Oonter [B. H.) 8a. 6d. n«t 


AbdBDhia] Ae. Clin. IieoL, BoUartoM (K D.lSi.tiet 


Abeladorft (C), BtaUX Ao. in BalatiOD to Hunaga, 

SOa., SGi. net. Aug. 04 

' * nrtwilh and K. Wain, Ooh. Ovide, la., S, ea. 


Abortion, S«ntoul (R. B.) Ga. net Apr. 04 

A*«1-BlB.— Qnatrain* Seleotad trom hia 

' Loanm-ma-la-Yalaam ' and ' Saoi-TIa-ZiDd,' and 

BOW flnt Tendeiad into Hlngliah b; Ameen F. 

BihaBi. Cr. Sto. T| ■ S, pp. 1S4, Ea. net 

RicHuna, Ab. 04 
A B-Z ol OUT own NntritioD, FUtcher (Horaoe) 

4«.B«t —..« Apr.Ot 


AOBdMBT Arahitectiue and Anhitectnral Beriaw 
1904 (Vol. 1). Edit, by Alex. Kooh. VoL SS- 
4to.4a.10d. net; Bartai, Jima M 
AaAdamy Arohiteotnie and Architeotnral 
BoTiew, 1«04 (VeL 9). BdH by Alei. Koch. 
Vol SS. 4to. 41. IDd. net ; awd. 4a. net 

SmvDi, BsB. 04 

Aosdamy Notea, IMM. Originatod by Heniy 

Blaokbiun. 8to, awd. la... Qiamnn ACT Jfoy 04 

Aaeonnta, Ooai, Stralian (W.) Sa. Sd. net ..Jatt. M 

Aoenaed and Aocowr, Bergtant (A.) Sa. Jvl^ 04 

Aeetylame Oaa, Tunur (Cyril M.] Sd. net ...JaM. 04 

Aoid Antointoricatioiu, Soordan (Cari Ton) (a. tiat 

JTar. 04 

Aeid-iadioalain BalU, WiUdmt ( A. F.) Sd. net Dta. 04 

Aokwortb (J.>— Old Wenyon'a WilL lUa. 

Ct. 8to. 7} X S, pp. S4S, Sa. Sd-PaBIBiiMn, OiX.04 

Actaatf (J. E.>— IjayioaD'B Ufeinthe Day* ol tlM 

Tnotkrian HoTement. In maoKHlam Aithni 

(Adaud) Troyte, by his Bon. Cr. Sro. 7} k I, pp 

900, 4a net 3. PASXsn, Dm. 04 

Aoland(Bt. Hon. Six T. D.), Sorriwin (H.), Codken, 

8a.0d /«% fc 

Aoooatio Bhadnr of Bplieie, Ba^MaX (U.) la. 

Ifor. 04 

AcMii the Oraat St. Bernaid, 5«)Mul( (A.) Oa. net 


Aot at Impnlie, BayUu (B.) Sa. ^eb. 04 

A«t of Puhtinent— 4 Bdw. T (1004). Pvblis. 
HiJl-marking of Foreign Plata. Cli. S. td. 

Bfn A B. Aua. 04 
AolK Hythologioa Apoatolonun. Tnaaoi. horn 
Arabia HB. in Convent of Derx-ea-BiiriaDi, 
Bgypt, and from MSB. in Convenl ot St. 
Catiierine on Koont Sinu. 4to. pp. SSd, awd. 
19a. Sd. net. Ti«nil»tion by Agnea Bmlth 
Eiowia. 4to.pp.S19,>wd. (Hone Stntitiem, 

Sim. S, 4) 0. 3. Cut, Jutia04 

AoloD (I<Ofd), Comb. Mod. Hill, 3, ISa. net Jan. 04 

Aeton (Lord)— Lettari to Ibvy, Dughter ot the 

Bt. Hon. W. S. Qladitone. Bd. with intra. 

memoitby Heibert Paul. Bvo. •IxS.pp. 914, Q. AixiK, JCor. 04 

AetoT, Lite of an, Soon (Finroa) 4i. Sd. net Ifor. 04 
Acta, iBl Book of, Pontin (Hnbarl) 3a. «d. Btp. 04 
AoW, Index to Poblio Qcniml, 1H4, with Tafalea 

Ae. 7d. BiM A S. Sev. 04 

Aola of Apoa. BwrrtU CD. 3., 3ot. Donn) 8a Sd. net 


Aeta of the Aportlai. Intra., Kotei, Mapi. Edit. 

by A. B. BJ^^. 13mo. Mx41, pp. 184, 9a. 

(Bodu of th* BibU) BiTiaa>o)if,i)M.04 


A«Uof PKrliMnnil,4Baw.T,l»t. Fablie— Aimy 
(Aluiiul), Oh. 6, Id. ; Wild Bird* Piolection, Ch. 
4, Id Etu a a. Juna 0( 

A«tl ol ParliuneDt, « Ed*. T, 1901. Public— 
Ai^Jo-Franoh ConTeotion, oh. S8, Id. ; Appro- 
priatioii, oh. 17, Sid-; Biahopriro o( Soothiraik 
and BiniiDgliuD, oh. 80, ^. ; Cq>iUl Expeodi- 
tma (Houej), oh. 91, (d. ; Cnnuil A£TMni<nt 

»._.._, .,_ _» ., .,*, .. " jJ^oOuMTit, 

tm^juBJIt on. BX, |a. 

L Hf la. i cuumoe, on. f, la. ; inntTi 
1. S6, td.i Iriah Luid, oh. 84, id. ; 
uue oi num (Cnitonu), oh. 38, id. ; Iieada Uiii- 
Tsnitj, oh. 12, ^ Em & S. S»p. M 

liniuiuM, oh. SB, Id, ; FinuxM, oh. 7, Id. ; ludUn 
Connoili," '■■' ' • -■■• 
I«le ol Hu (Ci 
Tttiitj, oh. 1st, ^ 
AMa ol PulUmanl, t Edw. T, IWM. Pnblio— 
Uetnilng, oh. 38, 14d. ; London Bloobio Lighi- 
iag Anu, oh. 18, 14. : Oaldooc Bdiet (BMandly 
BooletiM), oh. 83, |d. ; Foot Iaw AntlMritin 
(Tnnitai of Piopot*), idL 90, Jd. ; Poat Offiae, 
oh. U, Id- > PMrantun of Cnialtj to ChEdmn, 
eh 15, 81d.i FtiMnu (SootUnd), oh. »S, 4d.; 
Pnblio Health, oh. 10, id. ; Pnblio Works Lotuii, 
oh. SS, ^. ; Bulwrnji (^Tst* Sidinn), oh. U, 
|d. ; Bagutntion of Clabi (Inland), oh. B, l^d. ; 
Bbvingi Bulk*, oh. S, IjA. ; Soorotaiy lor Soot- 
liitd^oh.3T, ^; Shop Honn, ch. 81. Id.; Uni- 
Tonity of InTerpooI, oh. 11, id.; Wei^te and 
HoMnrei, oh. S8, 1^ ; Wild Bird* ProteotiOD 
(81 Kilda), oh. 10, |d.t WiralnH lolegn^thf, 
oh, 31, id. Em ft a. Sep- M 

Aata, Pnblio G<mar>],t«u«d in 1th Tcu of Beign 
of H.H. King Bdmid Tn. Bof- Sm. tt. 

Enu t a. Nov. Ot 

iOnii India, BtUpbcU (A.) 8>, U. not. Oct. (M 

Ad Hatrem, Onui (Jn.) 1*. not Apr. U 

Ada Vanham, Uank (Bio.) 6d Jitna 01 

Adav [F^IiaaveB from Borap-BoiA of a SoottUh 
Biile. 0i.6TO.Tt><lI,pp.S0S,Bi.fld,iiat 

V. £ A. K. JoHM ITOH, Apr, 01 

Tonth. Cr. Sto. pp. 110 (N. York) Ba. Sd. Dao. 03 
>1lT* (Umo. Edmond) — Hy Litarary Lifa. 8*o. 

al K Gl, pp. 660, 8a. Od. net DMim, Son. M 

Adam Bad^ Sliot (Gaorga) 3*., 8a. nat May 01 

Adam Bada, XKol (Gao.) la., Si. nat 89. 01 

Adam Bade, 2Hat (Gvo.) la. nai Nov. 01 

AAUM (A.)— Tfliaa Watohmaker. IUde. Cr. 

Sto. 71 m G, pp. 861, Sa. Oat A B. Bep, 04 

Adama (A. E.>— Tuiook I«nd. Bomanoa of 
New Zealand and the Oommonwealth. Or. Bro. 
7| N 6, pp. 816, ea. IPinl Novel Litirary) 

Dtwib, Mar. U 
Ailwinf (B. M.}— Songa of a Seaman. Cr. Sto. 

8a. Od. net. K. Padl, Feb. 01 

^ir*"* (Bllinor Barenporl} — On Honour. Scluol 
and Home Storr. Ct. 8to. T| x 5, pp. 883, Sa. Bd. 
Nutoa, Son. 04 
[F.) Btory ol I-itUe Juk Bprat, Ss. Oat. 04 
i (P. W.)— Kidn 
it WaU Steeet. Ch. a 

la. HiCKUDt, ai<m 04 

-^ M (Q. I.) and othen — Qipaiun Dapoaita of 

ttu United Stalea (Bulletin 1x8. Oeokgioal Sni- 
TOj). Hap, 19 platea, engiaTingi. Bor.Sro.awcL W. VBBi.n,iroe. 04 

AdBUe (H. T.h-Sama Exit* ol the Paaaion: 
Addreaaea in HoIt Week. ISnio. a(x4^pp.80, 

la. 6d. nat Mowbut, Afar. 04 

ot Qoabeo. Or. Bro. pp. IBS, la. net 

LOKOKurs, Dre. 01 
Adama (H. B,), Modem Oottage Aichiteotnre, 

10a. 6d. net Jtt^ 04 

Adama (Hra. Leith-)— eee L^ffan (Ura. da Conroj) 



Adama (W.), Turner (W.) BOa. net .dpr.Ol 

AdamafW. D.)— DiotionarroltheDruna. Qoide 
to PlaVa, PlaTwrighta, Plajara, Plajhooaoa, ol 
Dnited Kingdom and Araaiioa, bom earlieet 
timea to praaant. VoL 1. Bro. 81 x 61, pp. 6B6. 
IOa.ed. nat dniTTO, Stp. Ot 

AOMna (W.H.D.)—8tari«ao(theLiTeBoI Noble 

Woman. New edit. or. flro. T| x 8, pp. 800, Sa. Bd. 

NiLBON, Nov. 01 

A4«aok (A. at. J.}— In Pear ol Man. Cr. Bro. 
'* " «i. VP- WM, ea EvaswT, Oel. 04 

Adooek (A. Bt. I.t— London Etohinga. Umo. 
Bixli, pp. sa,swd.lB.&et B. Matbbwb, Hoe. 04 

Adderl«T (J.J—Prayer.Book Tnaohing. An 
attempt to ooaBtmcl a poaitive atatement of 
Chnndi ol England Doctrine and Praotioe from 
the wotda of the Book ol Common Prajac uid 
the Artiolea, for ' all aober, peaoeabla, and trnlr 
ODneoientiou aona ot the Cboroh of England.' 
IBmo.6|Kli,pp. BO, QaBDHeBiD. Apr. 04 

Addorlar (J.)— Stephen Beman : Story ol a 
Chiiitian Ventnre- ISth ed. enL Bto. aird. 6d. 
net S. C. Bnown, Out. 04 

Adderlay (J.)— Stephen Bemarz; Story ot a 
Chriatian Tentare. 13th edit. Svo. 8}<c4|, 
pp. 186, la. net 3. C. Bbowm, Nov. 01 

Adderley (Jaa.), Bpiatla ot Bt Jamti, la. net 

June 01 

Addla (W. J.)— Style in Compoaitiou. Cr. 8to. 
•H H 11, pp. lie, li ALLMAfl, Jan. 04 

Addlaon (C. Q.)— Treatiaa on Law ol Conlzaota. 
loth ed. By A. P. P. Keep and W. B. Oordoo. 
8*0. pp. 1476, 43a. .Stbtihb ft S. Peb. OS 

AddUon (J.)— Baaaya. Chosen and edit, by John 

Biibard Green. 13mo. 6t<(4,pp. 406, Sa. ed. nt. ( SoUen ZVnuury, 2f ns 8>rMl) 

HXOHIU.AII, Oct. 04 

Addlaon (J.)— Saaaya and Talea. llmo. 6d. net 
ISatiomd Library) Ouibll, Nov. 04 

Addlaoa (J.), Steele (B.)— Sir Boger de Oorerlej. 

Papen refninted fnim the ' Spectator.' 13mo. 

0|>"1>FF' 194, 8d. net; leather, la. ed. nelied. Dmr LieaiBT, Jon. 04 

Addiaon (J.) fto., fipeetafOT in London, 3a., Be. net 

Addt*«a ( Jnlia de Wolf.)— Art o( the Pitti AOaoe, 
Florenoa, with a abort history ol the Building 
and ita omiera. Cr. Bro 7t " Hi PF- ^^i *■■ "^ 

^BLL, Fib. 04 

Addieaa to onr Coontry, by E., 3a. net Nod. 04 
Addteaaea fta., AooaeveU (Theodore) 10a. Sd. 

June 01 

Addreaaeefto.,BootneH (Theodore) Be. ...Jun«04 

Ad«B«r (W. F.)— How to Bead the Bible. HinU 

tor Sonday Bohool Teauhera and other Bible 

atndenta. Eth edit. lOmo. Bjxli, pp. 160, la 

J.Clibxi, Oel. 01 
Ademuda, Wingrave (Wyatt) Sa. 6d. net ...Aug. 01 
Adgl* (W.t— Hodem Book-keenng and Aoooonta. 

Or. BTOi T|X4{, pp. IffJ K^ Ttimm.i.i-m^Knti m 

Adklaa (T. F.)— Mantioal and Cottage Cookery 
Bo6k. 9nd edit. or. 8to. bda. la 6d. net 

SiHPUH, Ssp. 01 
Adtor (M.)— Firat Btepa in Hebrew Orammac. 

Cr. 8*0. 8 x81, pp. 199, 3a. net Nnn, Apr. 04 

Admin, of Holy Bpuit in Body of Chriat, Jkfo5er^ 

(Geo.) 8a. 6d May 04 

Admiiable Tinker, Jniaon (Edgar) 61. Ajrr.M 

AdmitaU All, Wmniolf (Hy.) la. net Oct. ft 

AdmlrBlaAllfto.,NnoioU(H.) la. 
Adoleacenoe, HaU(0. Stanley) 81a. ed. net.../uU04 
Ad(niaia,5h«U«, raw. tm. 1613, 8a.Mt ...faUOl 
Adria, Hood (Alur. Vetaon) 10a. 6d. net ...Apf. 01 
Advanoad Qrttk Unaeena. Highn Oieek Beader. 
With paaaagee eat lor tianilation at sight at the 
London BJL. Exam. EnL ed. 8a. Od. ...tfar. 01 

Adventnre Bot^ Green, 6a. Nov. 01 

Adrenton, Slarim ^ li. Od. ~Oet. 01 





Adven. of Angiutiis Short, Marth (Bio.) 6d. June 04 

Adveniuret of Baron MnnchaiiBen, 58 Dec. 04 

AdTentoTM of Beaumlf, 1b Sep, 04 

AdTon. of BnfEalo Bill, Oody (Wm. F., Col.) 28. 6d. 

iiu^. 04 
Adran. of Capi. Pamphile, Dumae (Alex.) 6d. Mar, 04 
Advent, of Cook Bodul. Kearton (Bich.) 6b. Nov. 04 
AdTentnreB of David Oliphant, Pickering (Edgar) 

8b. 6d. Sep. 04 

AdTon. of David SimDle,.Fi«2<ftn^ (S.) ^.,.,Jwne 04 

AdTentnres of BUgaoeth in Biigen, Os Feb. 04 

Adymtiires of Hajji Baba, 28. 6d. July 04 

AdventoroB of Hbab MtUler, Laaig (A.) Ib. 6d. 

May 04 
Adven. of J. Newcome, BwrUm (Alf .) 88. 0d. net 

Sep. 04 
Adven. of John JohnB, Carrel (Fredo.) 8b. 6d. 

July 04 
Adven. of King Jamee IL of Engl 18b. 6d. net 

2fov. 04 

Adven. of Miranda, Meade (L. T.) 6b. Aug, 04 

Adven. of Naval Lient., (hmplea (G.) 2b. ...June 04 
Adven.of Sherlock RolmetjPovle (A. 0.) 6d. Aug, 04 
Adven. of S. de Boealva, Wieland (0. M.) 6b. net 


Adven. on Boof of World, BlomI (Mrs. A. le) 10b. 6d. 

net Mar. 04 

AdTMTtljieiiieiita.— Betnm of the Laws in force 
in Foreiffn Countriee for regulating or reetrioting 
the exhibition of PoBtere, Bills, and other Public 
AdvertiBementB ; and for the taxation of. 44d. 

Bybb & S. Feb. 04 

AdTlMr. 1904 Vol. 4to. bdB. 1b. Office, Nov, 04 

AdTlMr. Vol. 1904. 4to.S8.;limp,lB.6d.;bd8.lB. 

HouLSTOM, Dee, 04 

Advocacy. Ulna, in, Harrie (B.) 7b. 6d July 04 

Aneid, Ftr^, 7, Wainwright, 1b. 6d Sep. 04 

AeqnanimitaB, Oiler (Wm.) 7i. 6d. net Nov. 04 

g a eh ylns— Agamemnon. Intro. &o, by A. W. 
VenralL 8vo. 12b. Macmillah, Jan, 04 

JKsebjliis ~ Agamemnon, tranaL into English 
Verse by E. Thnng. Cr. 8vo. leather, lOs. 6d. net 

COMBTABULjifar. 04 

AeflQiijIwH- Agamemnon. TransL by W. Head- 
lam. Cr. 8vo. Bwd. l8 Bbll, May 04 

Xflolijliis^PrometheaB VinctUB. Edit, by F. G. 

PlaiBtowe and T. B. Mills. Cr. 8vo. 7iix4|, 

148, 48. 6d. Yocab. and Test Papers, Is. 

^nifo. Tut, Seriee) Clivb, Apr, 04 


_>'• Fables. Illas. by Maud U. Clarke. Imp. 
8vo. lOi X 7i, pp. 400, 7b. 6d. Oasbxll, Sep. 04 

Jbop's Fables (800). Literallv transl. fzom Greek 
by G. Fyler Towmsend. Bins. New edit. cr. 

8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 256, 28 BonTLKi>ox, Oct. 04 

AeBthetic, Hist., Boeanquet (Bernard) 10s. 6d. net 

Affair at the Inn, Wiggm (E. D.) See. 8s. 6d.... Oce. 04 

Affiliation, Law, LuMngton^. 6d Aug. 04 

Affreightment, Seruiion (T. £.) Ac, 18s. ...Feb. 04 
Afghan War, 2nd, Banna (EL B.) 15b. ni..,.May 04 

j(F.G.)— British Salt-Water Fishes. Chapter 
on Artificial Culture of Sea Fish, by B. B. 
Marston. Coloured Plates. Imp. 8vo. 10} x 7i, 
PP..JI40, 128. 6d. net {Wobum Library) 

HuTOHXNBON, Aug. 04 
Aflalo (F. G.) Fif6y Ldrs. of Br. Sport, 2l8. net 

Oci. 04 

Aflalo (F. G.)— Sea Fiah. Aooount of Methods of 

Angling as practised on English Coast Ao, 

Blus. New edit cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 268, 88. 6d. 

{AngUnf Library) Boutlbdoi, Sep. 04 

(F. G.)— ScA-Fishing Industry of England 
and Wales. Popular Account of Sea Fisheries 
and Fishing Ports. Sea Fisheries Map Sfc. 
8vo. 8| X 6i, pp. 406, 16s. net Stamfobd, Nov. 04 

Aflalo (F. G.)— Sportsman's Book for India. With 
ContrA>utions by Various Authors. Photographs, 
maps. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6|, pp. 582, 18e. net 

H. Mabshall, June 04 

Aflalo (M.) — Truth about Morocco. Indictment 
of Poli^ of British Foreign Office with regard to 
Anglo-French Agreement. Pref. by B. B. Gun- 
ninghame Graham. Cr. 8vo. 7|x6|, pp. 812» 
78. 6d. net J. Lamm, Aug. 04 

Aftioa, No. 10 (1908)~De8patch from H.M. 
Minister at Brussels respecting the Commission 
for the Protection of tiie Natives, instituted by 
the Government of the Independent C<mgo State 
under the Decree of Sept. 18, 1896. 8d. 

Eybb & S. Mar. 04 

AfHoa^ No. 1 (1904)— Correspondence and Be- 
port ^m ELM. Consul at Boma reinpecting the 
Administration of the Independent State of tho 
Congo. 8|d. No. 2 — Beport on Trade and Com- 
merce of Somaliland Protectorate for 1902-8. 6d« 
No. 8 — Correspondence respecting Introd. of 
Chinese Labour into TransvaaL Id. No. 4— 
Transvaal Labour, Corresp. Jan.-Mar. lOd. 

Etbb & S. ifar., Apr. 04 

AfHoa* No. 6 (1904)— A^nncultural Beport on 
District between Yoi and JCiu, Bast Africa Pro- 
tectorate, by Mr. A. Linton ; and Betum of Game 
shot m Protectorate during 1908, 2d. [1958] 

EvBB & S. June 04 

AfHoa, No. 6 (1904) — Convention between United 
Kingdom and China respecting Employment of 
Chinese Labour in British Colonies and Pro- 
tectorates. Signed at London, May 18, 1904, Id. 
[1956] BYBB& S. June 04 

AfHoa* No. 7 (1904) — Further Correspondence 
respecting Administration of the Independeni 
State of Congo ; March to June 1904. 7d. [2097] 

Etbb k S. July 04 

Aftioa* No. 8 (1904) — Correspondence relating to 
Besignation of Sir Charles Eliot, and to Gm- 
oession to East Africa Syndicate. 6^. [2099] 

Etbb A S. Aug. 04 

Aflrieat No. 9 (1904)— Betum of Concessions in 
the East Africa and UgandA Protectorates. 8^ 
[2100] Etbb & S. Aug. 04 

AfHoa* No. 10 (1904) — Memorandum on State of 
African Protectorates administered under Foreign 
Office. Ud. [2168]. No. 11 : Final Beport of 
UgandA Bailway Committee. 4d. [21641 

Etbb k B. Aug. 04 

Africa, Keane (A. H.) 2,158 Nov, 04 

Africa, Africans, 3^<20n (E. W.)88. 6d. net May 04 
Africa, America, Collins' World Wide (Geography 

Beaders, each 28 Dee. 08 

Africa, Asia, Collins' 2f MO Geog. B., ea. Is. 6d. i>M. 08 

AfHoa. British Central— Beport on Trade and 

General Condition of, for 1908-4. Appendioea. 

6d. [2242] Etbb AB. Nov. 04 

Africa, C, Story, Stanley (Hy. M.) Ss. 6d...Ju2y 04 

Africa, In Darkest. Stanley (H. MJ 6s. June 04 

Africa, In Unknown, Cotton (P. H. G. PwL-) 21s. 

net Nov. 04 

Africa, King Leopold, Morel (Edmnd.) 15s. net 

Africa, N. to S., Gibb<m$ (A. St. H.) 82s. ni MayOA 
Africa, S;, Adven., War, NUbet (H.) 6d. ...July 04 
Africa, S., AgricuL, Pastoral Prosp., Thomae 

(Owen) 68 Oct. 04 

Africa, S., Brit., Geog., Warner {Qw}. Townsend) 

Is. 6d July 04 

Africa, S., Cape Law, Maaedarp (A. F. S.) 21b. net 

Mar, 04 
Afirloa, South— Census BeturuB of BritiBh South 

Africa. 2^d. [2108] Eybb A S. Attg. 04 

Africa, S., Chinese Labour, Cooke (C. EJnloch) 8d. 

May Oi 
Africa, S., Corree., Chinese Labour in Bhodeeia, 4d. 

June 04 
AfHoa, S. — Correspondence relating to Affairs 

in the Transvaal and Orange Biver Colony. 

Is. 7d [3104] T.^TBB A a, Aug, 04 





AIHOA, 8.— CoCTa t po n depce relating to Conditfoiui 
of Ntora Labour «mpliojed in Tr«ii«?mal Mines 
[Dee. 190f to Bfaj 19041 1b. 8d.; Fnriher oor- 
reepondenoe relAfting to "TruiBTaal Labour Im- 
portalion Oxdinaaoe [Marob-lfay, 1904-% 6d.] 
I)eqpii|Qh irom Goremor of TnatYMJ endoting 
Beram with ngerd to MagiBtrates of the Oolony, 
lid. [S0S61 [90M1 [9097] Bnu Si S. June 04 

a, 8.— Correepondenoe relating to Pontion 
of Britiih Indians in the Transraal, 6d.J.1989] 

Bybb a S. Sep. 04 

JktHom9 8.— Ooneqpondenoe relating to the Fi- 
nances of Transraal and Orange Btrer Golony; 
Deo.1908 to June 1904, Sid. [2109] 

Em St 8. July 04 
Aliioa» 8., Oasloms Union Tariff, Lewie (A. J. 8.) 

▲Irioa, 8^89»-1846, Theal (Geo. MoCall) 78. 6d. 

Africa, a, 1846-00, Theal (Geo. MoCall) 7b. 6d. 

June 04 

Africa, 8., BTidence of Gen. Sir BedTers BuUer, 

6d. net Feb, 04 

AfHCttf 8onth— Farther correspondenoe relating 
to Afisirs of Transraal and Onoige Biver Golony, 
with Appendices [Jan. 1908 to Jan. 1904]. 8s. 

Bybb Sb 8. Mar, 04 

Jkflrtoa, 8.-- Farther Ckxrrespondenoe relating to 

Labour in TruiBvaal Mines. Appendices, 4d. 

[9168] Bybb Sc 8. 8m, 04 

Anica, 8., G ree n Howards in, Ferrar (M.) 8s. 6d. net 

if ay 04 
Africa, 8., Gnaxds' Brigade, Lotory (E. P.) 98. net ; 

Is. net May 04 

Africa, B., Ghiide, JDrtMm (A. Samler) 98. 6d. Oct, 04 
Africa, 8., Inns. Dragoons, Tardley (J. WatUns) 

16s. net May 04 

Africa, 8., Laboor, OUieketein (8.), Sazby, 6d. net 

if or. 04 

AlHcttf 8., Labour and other Questions in, 
mainly Conriderations on Bational and Profitable 
Treatment of Colonred Baoee living there. By 
' Indioos.' Or. 8to. 7i x 6^, pp. 168, 8b. 6d. 

XJKWZB, Jan. 04 

Africa, 8., Law, Maredorp (A.) 91b. net Mar, 04 

Africa, 8., New Bra, if oAikam (Y. B.) 8s. 6d. net 

if ay 04 

Africa, 8., Notts IfiHtia in, Wilkineon (C.) 98. 


AtHmaif 8.— Beports of Transvaal Labour Com- 
mission. 6d. Bybb Sc 8. Feb, 04 

Africa, 8., Bundle's Eighth Div. in, WeUon, 68. 


Africa, 8., Transv. Burgher Camps, Thomeon (8.) 
9s. 6d. net Nov, 04 

Africa, 8., Transvaal Mines, ifo^f on, 16b., 968. 9d. 

if ay 04 

Africa, 8., War, CwUiffe (F.) 9, 16s Oct, 04 

Africa, 8., War, by Gen. Staff, Berlin. 168. net 

if ar. 04 

Africa, 8., War Comm. Beport ^.. 6d. Feb, 04 

Africa, 8.^ar, Beply, MeUadew (B. N.) 6d. Feb. 04 

Africa, 8.,War,yiUebois-Mareuil, FSUm (G.) ifor. 09 

Africa, South— see also TTa/nevaal 

Africa, 8. St E., Lucae (C. P.) 4,9, 88. 6d. ..,Jan, 04 

Africa, 8., &o,, WUmct (Alex., Hon.) 16b. net 


AfHoi^ Tropical — Climatological ObservationB at 
Colonial and Foreign Stations, No. 1. 1900-1009, 
6s Eybb & S. Sep, 04 

Africa, W., Adven., Bindloea, 98. 6d Oct, 04 

Africa, W., Fetish, Naeeau (Bbt. Hamill) 78. 6d. 
net Oct. 04 

Africa, West, Bise of British, George (Claude) 198. 
net ifar. 04 

AfHoa^ West — Statement of Revenue and Ex- 
penditure and Trade of Ghambia, Sierra Leone, 
and Gold Coast from 1896, and of Lagos and 
Southern and Northern Nigeria from 1900, Id. 
[9101] Eybb Sc S. July 04 

African Ca, Britieh 8., Mining, pr. Dec, 09 

African Hist. Bdrs., Mamnillan's, Soufh^ 8, Is. 6d. 

Nov. 01 
AfMMUi PQot. VoL 1, 6th ed. 1899. Stqpplement, 

6d J. D. PoTTBB, ifar. 04 

African, S., Flowering Plants, Henelow, 6b. Feb. 04 

Attiemn (South) Mines (Mortality)— Betum of 
Numbers and Bate of Mortality from Aoddent 
and other Causes among White Miners and 
Natives. Diagrams, la lOd J90er|£YBB & 8. July 04 

African, S., Museum Afmaie, 8, 6, 6s. ; 4, 9, 6s. ; 
8, 4, 6, 4a; 6, 9s. net J'on., July 04 

Afrlean (South) Philosophical Society Trans- 
actions. YoL 18, 1904. Continuation of L. 
P4ringuey, Descriptive Catalogue of Coleoptera 
of South Africa. Boy. 8vo. pp. 994, swd. 198. 6d. 
ioet Wbslxy, Aug. 04 

Afkiean (South) Philosophical Society, Transac- 
tiona YoL 16, part 9. Boy. 8va pp. 40, swd. 

8s. 6d. net Wbslby, Sep. 04 

African, 8., War, Bear Oper., SmUh (O. W.) 9s. net 

Jkitiemxk (South) War— Betum of Names of Trans- 
ports hired for Conveyance of Troops, Stores, 
and Materials in 1899 to 1909 ; also Sums paid 
for Hire and other Charges. 7d. 

Eybb Sb 8. Aug, 04 
African Tale, Shirley (Bdw.) Is ; Stredder (E.) Is. 

Dm. 04 
African Travellers, Grt., KingeUm (W.) 6s. ifor. 04 
Afrikander, L., and Great Queen, MuUer (Maynd.) 

Is. net. VoM. 04 

After All, Whitby (B.) 8s. 6d Sep. 04 

After-Cost, Edge (K. M.j 6a Oct. 04 

After Dark, CoUinM (WiOde) 9a 6d ifay 04 

After Death, Probation? .BoniUdf (Marshall) 8s. 6d. 

ilu^. 04 

After her Death, Whibmg (lu) 8s. 6d Oct. 04 

After the Primary, What? McKimwy (A.) 9s. 6d. 

net ifoy 04 

After Work, ifarrfon (Edwd.) lOs. net Od. 04 

Afternoon Tea Book, MaiUand (A. C.) ls,...8eo, 04 

Afterwards &o., Maclaren (Ian) 6d Jfuly 04 

Age of Chivalry, Bulfineh (Ths.) 98. 6d. net ; of 

TPaWe. 9a 6d. net Oct. 04 

Age of Beascn, Paine (Thos.) 6d. Feb, 04 

Jkved Pensioners Bill — Beport and Special Beport 
from Select Committee; with Proceedings, 
Bvidence, Appendix, and Index. Is. 6d. 

Eybb Ss 8. ifor. 04 
Aglavaine Sto,, MaeterUnek (Maurice) Is. net 

Agnes Dewsbury, Snow (L. A. B.) 8s. 6d. ...Oct, 04 

(W. A.)— Electric Tramcar Handbook. 
For Motormen, Inspectors, Depot Workers. Or. 
8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 114, limp, 9s. 6d. net 

H. Alabastbb, Oct, 04 
jLi:nostie Annual and Ethical Beview, 1906. Svo. 

swd. 6d Watts, Oct, 04 

AgnoBtio*8 Apology, Stephen (Leslie) 6d. ,;Feb, 04 
Ayrwtfrof, BeUgio Critici, 98. 6d Apr, 04 

A^imrlan Outrages (Ireland)— Betum of Num- 
ber, during Quarter ended Deo. 1, 1908, id, 

Eybb & S. ifor. 04 

Agrestl (Olivia BoBsetti)— Giovanni Costa: hit 
Life, Work, and Tunes. Ulna Imp. 6vo. 
lOi X O^^pp. 806, 91a net Biobabdb, July 04 

Agricola, Tacitua.ed. Gilbert Norwood, and A. F. 
Watt. Intro. Text, Notes, Yooab., Test Papers, 
Trans. Inokievol. 4a 6d if or. 04 

Areola, Tacitus, ed. by Gilbert Norwood and A. F. 
Watt. Intro., Text, Notes, 9a 6d. Yooab. ft Test 
Papers, interleaved. Is. Trana Is. 6d. ...ifor. 04 

Agricultural Almanac^ Vinton*$j 6d Dec 04 

Agricultural Facts, MeOonnell (Prim.) 7a 6d. net 

Dm. 04 

Affrlotiltural Handbook and Diary, 1006. 8vo. 
bds. la ' County Gbmtiamam,' Nov. 04 

Affrloultnral Products (Exportation) — Betum 
riiowing Yalne of Exports of various Agricul- 
tural Products from Umted Kingdom and certain 
Continental Countries in years 1890, 1886, 1900, 
and 1908, Id. [818] Eybb St 8. Sep. 04 






Agrioiiltim m an Indiiilrj, Dud^Mm (J. 8.) 8d. 

Oct. 04 
AgiimiUiive, Bnthmn, Bogen ( Arl. G.) 2t.6d.nel 


Agrieoltiiie. Gydopedia, Wileocf (B.) lis. net 


AgncaL in S. Afaioa, Thoman (Owen) 6b. ...Oct, 04 

AgrieoltaBe, Oigeais. of, Frait (Bdwin A.) 6e. nefc 

May 04 

JkgrionHine, 17.8 Ji., Tmut Book, lOt. 6d. net Julif 04 

Arollmr (Ornoe)— Womftn*B Friendihip. New 
ed. or. 8to. 7| x 4|, pp. 864, fis. 

BOUTLBDOB, i9#p. 04 
Ahmed (Prinoe) and the Fairy Peri Baoon. 
From* Arabian Nighte.* 

Gat SfB,Oet.OA 
Aida to Befleotion Sso., Coleridge (8. T.) fis. net 

if or. 04 

Aide to Stability, Owen (H.) 8b. 6d. net Oct. 04 

AilmenU, Common, Wilson (And.) 6d. net 2fav. 04 

^dngmr (A,) — Goepel ana Hunan Life: Sermona. 
Gr. 8to. 7f X 6, pp. 864, 6a. ...Maomilla]!, Oct. 04 

Aln»tey*a Kngineers' Manual of llie Local Marine 
Board BzaminationB for CertificateB of Compe- 
tency as 2nd and let daaa Engineera. 25th ed. 
royal 8to. 9i X 6i, pp. 740, lOa. Quamnn^ Feb, Oi 

AUMleys Nautical Almanao and Tide Tablea for 
1006. Or. 8to. Bwd. 6d., 1b. SuFsni, Nov. 04 

AlnaUe (Kathleen)— At Great-Aont Martha's. 
Obi. 8yo. Is. Castbll, JtUy 04 

Alaslie (Kathleen)— Oh I Poor Amelia Jane 
12mo. swd. 6d. Cabtbix, July 04 

AinsU* (Kathleen)— What I did. 18mo. swd. 6d. 

Castsll, July 04 

Alaswoftli (W. H.)— Bookwood ; or, Adyentores 

of I>iok Tnrpin. Sio, swd. 6d. Gbbknino, Feb. 04 

Aiaswoftli^W. HO— Tower of London 40 Plates. 
68 Woodents by George Cmikshank. New ed. 
12mo. 62 X 4^, pp. 494, 8b. 6d net ( JZZtM. Poehei 
Library) Mbthubm, Mar, 04 

JLlBSwoftli (W. H.)— Tower of London. Hist. 
Bomanoe. 19mo. 6^ x 8|, pp. 668, Is. net (Boyt^ 

OZoMiet) BiCHABOS, May 04 

Ainu Groap at 8i iLoois, Starr (F.) 8b. 6d. net 

Air BrakeCateohiBm,B2acAMiZ2(B.) 7s.6d. nt. Jan.04 
Air, Food, Ezaroise, BiibagliaHf 7s. 6d. net Jan. 04 
Air, Li^t WaTes, Sehumann (Victor) 8s. nt. Jan, 04 

Air Besistanoe, 8amuelton (A.) 2b. net Dee. 04 

Airships, i>tMiiofU (Alberto Santos-) 6s. net Apr, 04 

Airy (O.) — Charles n., with portrait. New ed. er. 
8to. 7| X 6, pp. 426, 6s. 6d. net Lomomamb, Mar. 04 

Aitttb— Petite Cheranz and How to Play it. 
18mo. limp. Is. net Boutlbdob, July 04 

Aitkea (B.)— Windfalls : Some Stray Leayes 
gathered by a Balling Stone. Pop. edit. or. Sra 
7^ X 6, pp. 810, swd. Is. net 

G. A. MoBTOM, Aug, 04 

Aix-la-ChapeDe Treatment, Kimpton (G. D.) 6d. 
net Mar. 04 

Akers (C. B.>— History of Sonth America. 1854- 
1004. Ulna. Boy. 8to. Of^^i* FP* 724, 21b. 

net J. MuBBAT, Oct. 04 

Alabaster Box, Pearee (J.) 28. net JvUf 04 

Aladdin, WMn^a<M (A.) 6d., Is. Feb. 04 

Alaska, Big Gmm, Baddiffe (C. B.) 21s. net 2fov. 04 
Alaska Exped., HommoA, 8, 4, 5, ea. 21s. net 

4pr. 04 
Alaako-Canadian Frontier,Ba2<;A (T. W.) 6b. JDoc, 02 

AlbMiest (S. Maria)— Blonder of an Innooent. 
New ed. er. Sro. 7| x 6, pp. 822, 6s. 

Mbthxtbb, Mar. 04 
AIlNUieBt (B. Maria) — Capricioos Caroline. 
NoreL Cr. Sro. 7| x 6, pp. 884, 6s. 

ICethttbb, Sep. 04 

Albaaest (E. Maria) — Lore and Looisa. New edit 

cr. 8vo. 7| X 5|, pp. 866, 6a. ...Mbthubn, June 04 

AlbMiest (E. Maria) — Susannah and One Other. 
8rd edit. or. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 842, 6s. 

Mbthubx, Jan. 04 
Albert Gate Affair, Traey (Lonis) Os. Apr. 04 

Allirifflit (M. Catharine)— Art and life. Cr. 8yo. 
ewd. Is. SniPJEZM, /on 04 

Albright (M. C.) Gdden Hymn Book, 8d., Is. net 

/an. 04 

AloestlB of Bnrypides— The Oxford Text with 
English Verse translation by Sixth Form Boya 
of Bradfleld College. 1904. Fcp. 8yo. 7| x 4|, 
pp. 77, swd. Is. 6d. net Pabxbb, May 04 

Alcohol, Souttar (Bobinson) 8s. 6d Mar. 04 

Alcohol, distil., rect., Brannt (Wm. T.) 21s. net 

Feb. 04 

Aleoliol (Exemption from Duty)— Betnxn of 
Applications for Exemption for lOOft-^ and 
1908-4, Id. [861] Etbb & S. Oct 04 

Alcohol in Brandy ^c, Oilbey (Walt) 6d. Feb. 04 

Aloott (Looisa M.)— Good Wives. Illas. Cr« 
8?o. 7i X 4i, pp. 274, Is. W. Collibs, Dee. 04 

Aleott (Lonisa M.)— Little Women. 8 Coloured 

Bias. Cr. 8to. 7i x 4|, pp. 248, Is. 

W. COLLDIB, JuUf 04 
Aleott (Lonisa M.)— Little Women and Good 

WiTcs. nios. t^ H. M. Brock. Cr. 8yo. 8x6, 

pp. 410, 2s. Pbabbom, Mar. 04 

Alcnin, Oaakoin (C. J. B.) 8b. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Aldenham P. Beguters, Qibbe (K. F.) pr....2>0O. 02 
Aldgate, Notes on, Kemp (Bichard) 8s. net Dee. 04 

Aldgate Ward, Kemp (B.) Nov. 04 

Aldington (Lanes) Dialect, Hargre€weM (A.) 8s. net 

Apr. 04 
Alezaader (A.)— Pirate's Hoard : Story of Hidden 

Treasure. Cr. 8to. 7| x 5, pp. 208, 2s. 6d. 

Nblbom, Oct. 04 
Alezmnder (Eleanor)— Bambling Bector : Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 850, 6s. ...£. Abnold, Oct. 04 

ider (J.) — Model Engine Construction. 

With practical Instructions to Artificers and Ama- 
teurs. Slus. 2nd ed. rev. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 840 
and plates, 6s. net Whzttakbb, Feb. 04 

Alezaiider (Mrs.)— A Second Life. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

HuTCHDi BOM, Aug. 04 

^der (Mrs.)— Kitty Costello : a Novel. Cr. 

8vo. 7| X 4i, pp. 820, 6s. Umwin, Jan, 04 

Alexander (Mrs.) — Stronger than Love. Ch. ed. 

cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 856, 2s. 6d. Uxwni, Mar. 04 
Alexander I., Bussian Court, Oouffier (Comtesse de 

C.-) 5s. net Sep 04 

Alexander's (Chs.) New Bevival Hymns, Is. 6d., 

Is. net Aug. 04 

Aleyrodids, Bemie (F. E.) 4s. net July 04 

Alfle, Street Boy, King (A. Stuart) Is. ed....Sep. 04 

Alfard (C. J.)— Egyptian Mining Law. Beprinted 
from ' Mining JoiunaL' 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Offiob, Sep. 04 

Alfred (J.)— Missing Ladyland. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 5j?p. 850, 6a. Biohabdb, July 04 

Alfred (King), Aeser, 128. net Jan. 04 

Algae, Brit Freshw., West (G. S.) lOs. 6d. net 

Sen. 04 
Alge (S.), Bippmann (W.) — Second French Book. 

Bev.,enl. 12mo. Is. 6d. net Dbmt, Oct. 04 

Algebra, Ohryttal (G.) 1, 12s. 6d Oct. 04 

Algebra, Ohrvstal (G.) 5s. Dee. 02 

Algebra, DeaJem (Bupert) 28. 6d. Dee. 04 

Algebra, CDea (J. J.) Os. Nov. 08 

Algebra, adv., Briggt (Wm.) 6s. 6d Feb. 04 

Algebra, Cert., Bryan (G.), Deakin (Bup.) 28. 6d. 

Nov. 04 
Algebra, Elem., Baker (W. M.) Am). ea. 9b. 6d., 8b. 

Aug., Sep. 04 
Algebra, Examples, Baker (W. M.) Ssc Is. 6d. 

Sep. 04 

Algebra, Solutions, Hall (H. S.) Os. 6d. Sep. 04 

Algebra, The New Matriculation, Tutorial Algebra, 

Elementary Course, with Suppl. on Graphs, by 

Bupert Deakin, 4ih imp. 8rd ed. 88. 6d. ...Jan. 04 
Algebraic Factor8,£a8y, Light/oot (J.) Isjit Nov. 04 






Alffer (J. G.)— Napolaon's British YiBiton and 
Captives, 1801-1815. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 860, 8s. 6d. 

net CONBTABLB, JuiM 04 

Alhambra, Calvert (Albert F.) 42s Sep. 04 

Ali Baba, WhingcUea (A.) 6d., Is Feb. 04 

Alia, Piatt (Hugh £. P.) Is. net Nov. 04 

Alie« I an Adultery. Sonnets. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4^, 
pp. 86, 6s. nt. ...Soc. fob Pbop. Bel. Tb. Dec. 04 
Aboe Western's Blessing, Xram6 (Bath) Is. Apr. 04 
Alice's Adven., Carroll (Lewis) as., 8s. net ^t;. 04 
Alien Immigration, Bradehaw (Fredk.) &o. 2s. 6d. 
net June 04 

Ali^B Immigration — Betom of Number of Aliens 
that arrived from Ck>ntinent at Ports in United 
Kingdon in Jan. [&c.] ^. Et&b & S. Feb. &e. 04 

Alien Inmiigration (Boyal Commission on.) — 
Vol. IV. Index and Aiialysis to Minutes of 
Evidence. Is. 2d. Etbb & S. Feb. 04 

Alien— Bm^. dated April 29, 1904, made by 
Secy, of State for the Home Dept. under the 
Naturalization Acts, 1870 to 1896, as to grant of 
Certificates of Naturalisation to Aliens serving 
on British Ships, Id. [701] ...Etbb & S. June 04 

' Alien *— Slum Heroine. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, 

pp. 820, 6s DiOBT A L. Oct. 04 

Ahenated Crown, Selby (T. G.) 4s. 6d. net... Jan. 04 

Aliens Bill— Beport and Special Beport from 
Standing Committee on Law, &c. ; with Pro- 
ceedings. 2id. [242] Etbb & S. Aug. 04 

Aliens of the West By Author of * Bejnvenation 
of Miss Semaphore ' &o. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 880, 
6s Cassbli., Oct. 04 

Aliens — Betum showing the names of all Aliens 
to whom Certificates of Naturalisation have betti 
issued during 1908, 2id. [124] Etbb & S. June 04 

Alington (C. E. A.) — Partridge Driving. 
Practical hints on increasing and preserving a 
stock of birds and on bringing them over Sie 
guns. Description of the * Euston System.' 8vo. 
8i X 6A, pp. 148, 6b. net J. MuBBiT, Oct. 04 

Alison Wslsh, Evelyn (C.) 2s July 04 

Alison's Ordeal, Sergeant (A.) 28. 6d Sep. 04 

AUuOi &c. Works Begulation ActSj 1881 and 
1892 — 40th Annual Beport. Proceedings during 
1908. 8vo. 9d. [218] ErtkE & Q. Aug. 01 

All Along the Biver Ac, Braddon (M. E.) ea. 
2s. ed. Dee. 04 

All Things are Tours, Home (C. Silvester) 8b. 6d. 


All's Well that d:c., Shaketpeare, Lear Ac, ea. 
6d., Is. net; Arden ShaJteepeare^ 8s. ^....Sep. 04 

Allan (J.) — Jean Sma' and the Olesgae Bailie, 
nius. Boy. 16mo. 6i x 6, pp. 160, swd. Is. net 

D. Bbtce, Sep. 04 
Allan (J. W.) — Memoranda on Infectious Diseases. 
For use of School Teachers. 82ma swd. 6d. 

SmPKiN , Mar. 04 
Allan (W., Sir)— Songs of Love and Labour. Cr. 

8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 126, 6s. S. C. Bbown, Jan. 04 

Allan Quatermiain, Haggard (H. Bider) 6d. net 

Allbntt (H. A.)— Every Mother's Handbook ; or, 
Toung Wife's Guide. New ed. cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Sim PUN, Mar. 04 

Allbntt (T. C.)— Notes on the Composition of 

Scientific Papers. Cr. 8vo. 7^x41, pp. 164, 8s. 

net VLkCiOLUOn/Apr. 04 

Alleoek (C. H.)— Theoretical Geometry for Be- 
ginners, Part 8. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 120, Is. 6d. 

Macmillan, Jan. 04 
Alleoek (C. H.)— Theoretical Geometry for Be- 
ginners, Pt. 4. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 282, Is. 6d. 

Macmillan, Oct. 04 

Allcroft (A. H.), Hist, of Greece^ 4s. 6d. ; Hist, of 

BomCt 890-188 B.C. 4s. 6d Nov.^ Dee. 04 

Allero/t (A. H.), Haydon (J. H.}— History of 
Borne 44 B.C. to 188 a.d. : Early Prmcipate. 8rd 
ed. enl., cr.8vo. pp. 860, Ss. Gd. ( Univ. Tut. Series) 

Clive, Mar. 04 

Allen (A. T.)— New Streets : Laying Out and 
Making Up. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 176, 8s. net 

Santtabt Pub. Co. Nov. 04 

Allen (G.) — British Barbarians. New edit. cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4^, pp. 226, Is. 6d. net {Canvas Back 
Library) Lanb, May 04 

Allen (G.) — British Barbarians. New ed. cr. 8vo. 

7i X 4 j, pp. 226, Is. 6d. net {Canvas Back Lib.) 

Lanb, Nov. 04 
Allen (G.) — Evolution of Idea of God. Inquiry 

into Origin of Beligions. New edit. cr. 8vo. 

7^ X 4|, pp. 468, 8s. 6a. net ...Biohabds, Nov. 04 

Allen (G.) — Science in Arcady. New ed. cr. 8vo. 
7i X 6, pp. 812, 8s. 6d Boutlbdoe, Nov. 04 

Allen (G. O^Boman Problems from and after 
Plutaroh's Boman Questions. Intro, essay on 
Boman Worship and Belief. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 164, 2s. 6d. net Bickebb, Mar. 04 

Allen (EL C.)^Memorandum on Work and Duties 
appertaining to Head Office of a Company regis- 
tered under the Joint Stock Companies Acts, 
relating more especially *to Bailways or other 
nndertakings whose field of operations is far 
from head-quarters. FoL pp. 146 (Lond.) pr. 

Dec. 02 

Allen (J. B.)~Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian 
Times. Dlus. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 884, 7s. 6d. net 

Mbthubn, ^ov. 04 

Allen (Margaret)~Farmer Abbott : an Old Time 
Soul Saver. 8d. net ; half doth, 6d. net 

Salvation Abmt, Apr. 04 

Allen (Miss M. L.) — Breakfast Dishes for every 
morning of three months. 22nd ed. 12mo. bds. 
Is. 6d. ; swd. Is Lockwood, Feb. 04 

Allen (Miss M. L.)~Savourie8 and Sweets, suit- 
able for Luncheons and Dinners. 29th ed. 
12mo. bds. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is. ...Lockwood, Feb. 04 

Allen (B.)— Letters of an Old Methodist to his 
Son in the Ministry. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 244, 6s. 
net Bbvbll, Oct. 04 

Allen (T. B.)— The End crowns all, and other 
Stories. Cr. 8vo swd. 6d. net 

Shbbbatt St H. June 04 
Allen (W. A.)— Nemesis. Cr. 8vo. pp. 68, 9d. net 

A. H. Stockwbll, Deo. 0& 

Allison (T. M.)— Health in Infancy. Cr. 8vo. 

swd. Is. net Sdcpkin, Sep. 04 

Allotments ^Scotland) — Betum showing Pro- 
ceedings of JParish Councils and of County 
Councils during 1908-4. Id. [246] 

Etbb & S. Aua. 04 

Allotments &c., SnuUl Culture, Is. 6d., Is. Feo. 04 

Allusions, Dictionary of, Harbottle (T. Benfield) 
7s. 6d June 04 

Allusions, Fam., Wheeler (Chs. G., Wm. A.) 7s. 6d. 
net July 04 

AlmnolL (E.)— Bookplates. With 42 Dins. 16mo, 
6 X 4|, pp. 188, 2s. 6d. net (LiHle Booke on Art) 

Mbthuen, Apr. 04 
Almack (Edwd.), Eikon Basilike, 2s. 6d. nt. Mar. 04 
Almanac, Oliver, &e. Pocket, 8d., Is Dec. 04 

Almnnaoli de Gotha, 1906. 12mo. 9s. 6d. 

Dawbon, Dee. 04 

Almayer's Folly, Conrad (Jos.) Is. net Mar. 04 

Alpha, Dennya (E. N.) 8s. 6d Mar. 08 

Alphabet, Thorley (E.J.) Is. 6d Oct. Oi 

Alpliabets and Numerals. Designed and draws 

by A. J. Tnrbayne. 4to. 10s. 6d. net Jack, Oct. 04 

Alpine Climbing, Qribble (Francis) Is. Apr. 04 

Alpine Majestaten und ihr Gefolge. Die 
Ghebirgswelt der Erde in Bildem. Vol. 8. 120 
plates. Fol. 12 x 16^, 18s. net ; swd. 12s. net 

A. Owbn & C. July 04 

Alps, Conway (W. Martin) 20s. net. June 01 

Altar Music. Supplement to Provost Stale/s 
Altar Service Book. Edit, by F. Burgess. Boy. 
8vo. 6s. net; swd. 28. 6d net 

Db La MoBB Pbess, Oct. 01 




Altnuto Sm, Lelamd (Chu. Oodfnr) Si. Bd. net 

Feb. 04 

AltantttisB CEuraot Bngineehng, Bat/mond (E,) 

l*.iiet Ntn.M , 

Altorutiiig CoiranU, BmvcII (Alex.) 1, Its. net i 
Dae. Di < 
Altnialer (C. L.) — Commandml CaRWpoiidaiuM . 
■cdFottallrttoniution. Cr. Svo. 8i.ed.iiet 

HACIIII.L1H, Aug. 04 i 
Altoa (E. A. D')— Huknr of Irel&nd Irom eartiert 
TuDM to 1G4T. Demj 8to. pp. 500, 10a. 

(Dublin) SuLT, Bbtkbh ft Wai-Iek, Oec. OS 
Anundft Peofold, aofdon{Mit. Evuu-) Sa. Von. 0« I 

-\ WiUon (Q. F.) 2m. Sd. net Aug, 04 

IT Qkrdener'i DuTT and DiotionUT. ObL i 

01. Sto. limp, la ' QaBdin Lm,' Noo. 04 

Anuteoi'i Oompuiion to Woilnhop, Bollont (S.) ! 

iB. Sd. net Oct. 04 

AmaU (L. Butlgtt-}— Builmig Mid Commercul ■ 
Tkbles between Qnat Britun and kU other puti i 
of the World. Boj. Sto. limp, 10a. net 

BiKFUM, Fab. 04 

Amaoiy, i^UfHOi (Alsi.) Sa Z)as. 04 

AmuiBg Yerdiet, LeigkUm (H.) fla .^pr. 04 ' 

• ^ „._._ ,_ .= „_ .. .yat.04 

it Birer, 1>. Sd., Ha., li... 

Amfaideiten^, AdnutMeo, JaeliKm (J.j Sd. Stp. 04 

Amblen, Farjeon IB. Lj Sl Juna 04 

Ambroee [k.),A B Hediokl Onide, Ii. Apr. 04 

AmboluiM Huiud, Au*tin II. A.) Is Oct. 04 

Amboluios, Huiul, Biddail iJ. Scott] 4a. May 04 

Ame eat immortella, L', Dtlauna (G.), t»nil., 

Ta.Sd.iwt Jan. 04 

Ameriu, IVuioo, Bne;ii. □( Tradt, Sla, net 5«p. 04 
Amariaa, Qnater, Oo^uhoun (A. B.) lSa....4pr, 04 
Arosi. Sm%. HiiV, Homaday (Wm. T.) Il>. net 


Amoriok, N., AimmU (IvmI C.) Ta. Od. net Hay 04 

Amgrioa, BoDth, Hiik, Aken (Clu. Bdmd.) Sla. net 

Oct. 04 

America, S., Minion, Onibb (W. BaibrooksJUa. Sd. 

net Feb. 04 

America To-day, Archer (Wm.) Sa. J'lau 04 

Amer. 90th Canty. F«m, li Sap. 04 

Amerioa D.S. Hirt., BUon (H. W.) 7a Sd. net 

Amariean Big Qame, GnntwU (Q. B.} 11a. net 

Oct. 04 
AmBrieaa Biida, H. Key, Coiu$ (B.) 60i. nl. Oct. 04 
Ameri can Catal. ol Booki, Annual, Cnmalaiad, 

lBOO-8, 18e. net Mag 01 

Amaria>D(C.) Bobber Tree.Oooi (O.F.)Sa. nt. Jan. 04 

Amaiicwi City, Wileox ID. P.) t*. net Julg 04 

Americ a n Colonie*, ITth Centtiry, Otaood (B.) 

•"- — ' ...JulgOt 

— , — -A Traeu (Looia) Sd Aug. 04 

Amarioui Fleaa, BaJter <C. F.) Oa. net Juig 04 

American Bydroida, Nutting (Cha. Cleveland] 1, 

S4i. net Aug. 04 

AmarlMia in Sgjpt : Arabia. Sto. ivd. la. a*t 

A. OwiK, Oct. 04 

Aaiarloma io Egypt : Colloqaial AnUc Siro. 

li- net A. ChrxH & Co. Apr. 04 

Amarioan Hubo, BUim(L. C.) all. net Apr. 04 

Natural Hiatwy, HorFwdotf (W. TT) 911. 

Sop. 04 

Nary, Nev, Lonjr (John D.) 91i. net 

F«b. 04 
KawipafwT Direc., BoatU (Oeo. P.) BOi. 

FhUlpottt (Bdan) 6a ...Psb. 04 
. 101, Dow (J. W.) 18i. nt. Oct. 04 

itore, Ta/t {Ii.) Ws. net Jan. 04 

[. Lou (A. H.) Sa. Sd. net ..Vumt 04 
Wirei and EngLHiubuda,.d(A«r(Dn (O.) 
Jon. 04 

London, Bancroft's, 
(Lady)— Rketoh of Egyptian Hiatorj 
(com Earlisit Timei to Preaent Day. Illni. 
Bto. 9 X 5},pp. 409, lOi. Bd. net HiTBDiH, /ulv04 
Among my Aotographi, Sinu (Oeo. B.J 8i. Sd. 


Among the Treea inin, Bl»in (Ef Ea June OB 

Amor Immortalia, Wijulon (Basil) Si. net....^pr. 04 
Amsry (T.| — Lite and Opiniona of John Bnncle, 
Biq. Intro, by Eineat A. Baker. 8to. si x t), 
pp. 4T4, 6i. net [Barly NovaUtit) 

BoOTLUMll, Oct. 04 

Anoa (A.), Hongb (W. W.)— Cambridge UUdoB 
to Sonth London. A 90 yeaia' aoTTey. t9ino. 

Ba Bd. net lLiai[iLi.u(, May 04 

- HarptT (Wm. Bainey) Si. net Aug. 04 

' Comm. of HJI.S., Watton (G. C.) 4i. 

May 04 

Amalerdam Eipoi. Phoiooollographiei, Jean van 

Omen, lOa. net Feb.Ot 

An m Wind, Cameron (Hra. L.) 9a. Bd. Hov. 04 

Anabaptiata, PfcU (Edod. Carey] la. 6d. ...Apr.U 

MAetarmaA: Odsi. TtanaL bj Thamaa Hoore, 

with deiigni by Oirodet de Boniey. ISmo. 

lOt Sd. net PnTKiK, Feb. 04 

AsBatheaia, Q. Balei, WiOianu (B. J. Frobyn) Ik 
May 04 '* 

Anaithetici, Lulu {Thi. D.) Ea. net Sot. 04 

Anmthetioi, Mamer (Harold) Sd. net Aug. 04 

Anmthetioi, Onide, Luke (T. D.) Gi. net ...Nov. 04 
Auiithetio* in Sorg., Whiteford (C. H.) la. Sd. 

Nov. 04 

AnmlyalB at the Banting Pield. Sketohea ol 

principal Characlera that oomiMiie one. Slight 

SonTiEdr ot Season 1846-0. Qlai. by H. Aiken. 

New fd. 19mo. Sj x 4i|, pp. 886, 8a Sd. net {lUue. 

Pookat Lilirar^) HithDik, Jan. 04 

Analyaia, yolnmetrio, pulton (E>»noi>] SOa. net 

July 04 
Analyat'B Lab. Comp., Johnatm (Alt. E.] 6a. Sd. nei 


S.l—areek Bell-Tanght 

Taught Bar.) IfAKuOKouaa, Dee. 04 

Anatold, Klein (A.) 8a. Bd. net Nov. 04 

Anatomy, Appl., TayUrr (E. H.) 80a. net...Jun« 04 
Anatomy, Cat, Ac, Davieon (A.) Ts. net ...Jan. 04 
Anatomy, ifsndAtlaiol EnmaD, Ml Sd. nt. iTan. 04 
Anatomy ot Malanoholy, Bttrton (Bbl) ea. ToL Si., 

Sa. net Sep Oct., Nov.Oi 

Anatomy, Trainer'a, MarthaU (Aln.) 4a. Sd. net 

Doc 04 
AnoeMor (The). No. 6. January 1904. Imp. 

Bro. El. net Cohstabi.b, Jan. 04 

Aae*St«r Cnie). Noi. S-11. 

CoKBTiBLi, Jan., Apr., Juiji, Oot. 04 

Anoaator (The)— Qnarterly BeTiew ot Connty and 

Family Hiitory, Beialdiy, AntiqaitiM. Edit, faj 

^_...n «. ,~ Inm. 8to. lOj X 8J, pp. 

...COHITABU, Ju^l 04 


Imp. Bro. Ea. net 
ConsTuu, (M.M 
Anohori ot the 8onl, Herford (Brooke] Si. net 

Dec 04 
Anoient PeQplaa, Qial., SouttaT (BobinMo) 19i. 

Anoient Bjglme, TocfuemUe (A. O. H. C. de) Si. 

Andent Wald, Bunton (B. N. Wilmott) 8i. 6d. 

Sep. 04 
Antfars (H. B. D.)— Bhakaapaan'i Book*. Dia. 

lertation ot Sbakeapeare'a Baadiof . Sro. Ba. 6d. 

net INdtt, Feb. M 


8i. Sd. ; bdi. 91. 6d. . 

Bto. 71 X Si, pp. 418, 

(B. C.)— Fairy Talei. Dlai. Cr. 

, __ *-,^iAb.) 

W. Coixnra, rSqt. H 




.AadermtB [A.)— Lanrcu tA oar Gat*. Poant. 

8*0. pp. 70 (Glaa^w) pr. pr. DtC.n 

•Muamrmtm (F. H.)— Btoij of Britiib Empin toi 
Chndian. Ci. Sio. 7| ■ H, pp. 184, 9l 

HiTHiin, Nov. 04 
.AadCMon (J. H.)— NotM OD Uib Life of BtoiMoall 
Jackton ud on hit Cunpugiung ia Viisiuik, 
ieU-1868. ST0.8|>i6|,pp. U, SLnat 

Bus, 8tp. 04 

.Anderaon (J. J. C-K-A Jooniej of Eiptontico in 

Poutiu. nini. 9 Tupi, Bto. Si. «d. ntt [Studia 

PonHea, Vol. 1.) A. Owu <b C. Julj/ 04 

.Avdoraon (J. B.)~Hiuia of Dwth. Sro. Bt » eit> 

m. TS, iwd. Bikfein, tfagM 

■Axaetwoa [Martin) me C}fnicu* 

-ton {K, Bir)— PwDdo-CrltioiEm ; or, Tha 

Highai Crilioinn and ita Conntarfeit. Cr. Bto. 
8x 61, pp. 180, 8*. 6d NiasiT, Apr. 04 

New edit. Imp. Bto. 10( x 7}, pp. BO, 8i. Od. net 

(' Portfolio ' MonograpiU) .Baw-i- "— "' 

m (W. C), Cbemlitrj of Ooke, Bt. 

r. Sap. 04 

.duo. 04 
Andam (B.)— Croiaa ol the ' Mock Turtle.' filiu. 

Cr. Bto. T| x «(, pp. eOO, 8a. Sd. Jauold, Mar. 04 
AndMn (B.) — HaxTalloiu AdTentnieaof Mai ol, 

the Ideutit; Eiohange. SI Ilia*. b^C. Harriaon. 

Ct. Bto. nrd. 8d. Jabsoij), July 04 

AnOrf (Engine)— Natonliit in the tinianaa. 

H Eeltie. Hloa. 8*0, M n Si, 


8.) — Seoroa of Orioket Habdiea 

AnOrf (Engine)— Natl 
Prat, by Dr. J. Soolt S 
pp. 834, 14i. net .. 

HuBaT A B. May 04 
Andraw (J. A.), Ptanon (Hj. Gnenlaat) SGa. 


Antfmn (B. B^Tha Dnitad Stalaa in our 

Own Time : a Hiitorj from BeooDHtrootion to 

Eipanaim. Being an eitenaian ol ' The Hiatray 

of the Last Qoartei Cantui;.' Illai. B^. 8to. 

*ix>i>PP> loon, Chiito, .Ijn-. 04 

a.], Peanon (E.)-On the Tbaoiy 

Andraw* (H.)— Training for Athlatioa and 
Ganaral Health. Cr. Svo. 7i " 4|, pp. las, 1*. 

PusaoM, Oct. 04 

JUldrawa (L.)— ElaotricitT ControL TrMtim on 

Elactrio Bwitohgear and Syitetni of Blantrio 

Tnuuniiaion. IllDa. BojalBro.St x61,pp.ai8, 

Ua. ad. nst Gkirnii, Nov.M 

Anatbaa (A. D.)— Lore Bonga and other Bonga. 

bd ed. ISmo. Ba. Sd, net S. Fadi., Apr. 04 

Angel aianding in Sun, BotUg (Ira) ia. Sd. net 

I (H.) — Beminiaoenoet. Intro, by Lord 

originals in oollaction of JoMph Grefro. S Tola. 
fol. m X 7J, pp. 960, 19Sa n6t...K. PiUL, Noe. 04 

Angelo Bartiam, Glut ILional) Ba Vutie 04 

Augali, DeTili, Han, Oraham (W.| Ba Fab. 04 

Anglaii, Hialcnre LitUraira do, Jtuttrand, 19a. 

Aoglaiae, Granunaiie, Vaaon'i (George) 4a. net 

Dae. 04 
Anglain, !• langne, Thimm (C. A.) Ia. Sd., la, 

Jan. 04 
Angler, Completa, Wallott (Iiaak) Pookt 8b. Bd., 

S«-il«. net Jan., Mm 04 

Angler, Compl., Nat. Lib. Walton, 6d. net Sap. 04 
Angler in Spain, Qalliclum (Walt. H.) Gi. net 

May 01 
An^er, Boi., Potter (Dand) 10a. Sd OeL 04 


Aasler'a Diary 

Tonriit Piahermaa'a 
and Lakea of the World, 

1M4. Cr. Sto. limp, li. Sd H. Cox, itme 04 

Angler*! Seoret, Avid^oni IC.) 8a. Sd. B.i....Mar. 04 
Angler*! Year, PatttrvM, (Cha, 3.) ia. Sd.... Afar. 04 

Angling, Hinta, Oalliichan (Walter] la Apr. 04 

Angling Oba, Super Flmnina, Ei, net Oct. 04 

Angl».Afriaan IPAo'i Who, «a Nov. 04 

o-Pianeb ConTontion — For approTing and 

Anglo-French ConTSntion — Bill for appnmng 
and carrying into eSoot a ConTention batnaen 
bia Hajealj and the Preaidant ol the Fruioh 

An^Saxon Init., Tapp (B. 0.) Ba. net Oct. 04 

Anrna (D. C.)— Japu, Eaatem Wondarland. 
Blaa. Cr. Bto. 7 x 4i, pp. 108, Sl Sd. 

CiaiBij^ Oct. 04 

Ant«s (J.)— Bible Handbook: Intro, to Btndy 

of Saored Scripture. New adit., in part n- 

mitten by Bamael Q. Orem. Bto. 8} x G^, pp. 

848, Sa. net. Bai.. Tuct Soc. Oct. 04 

AnlmaT Alphabet and Pnule Piotarea Pictured 

fay 8. Berkeley andotfaara. 4to. nntaarable, 8a Sd. 

Diu, Oct. 04 

AnlMKl Bxperimenlation — Seiiaa of Statementa 

indioating iti valoe to niologioal and Medical 

Scianoe. (Ed. by Harold C. Bruai) Cr. Bto. 

pp. IBB IBoaton} Gi. DacOt 

Animal Btoriea, Bachanan (H, B. M.) li....Jan. 04 
World, Vol. 1904. Fol. 8a.; bda. Sa. 

PaBTKnai, Dae. 04 
World, Bonutnoe, Seloua (Bdmnd.) fia 


il'a Friend. Volnme for 1904. Folio, 

.Bni.1., Oel. 04 

...Von. 04 

Oof. 04 

AnimaiiiOur Conntry'a, Gordon fW.) Sa. ...Mai/ 04 
Animala that owned na, PoUoek (Walk fleniaa) .^. ^ Jon. 04 

Animala, Troe Stoiii 


f Booth African 
pp. 148-lSB ; pi. B-13, roy. Bto. awd. Sa. net 

W. WssLZT, Zulu 04 
*■"*■*» of the Bouth African Mnteom. Tol. 4, 
Fart 9. DcK^tiona of Palnontologioaf Material 
collected br the Uembera of the Oealogical 
Bnrrey of &pe Colony. G Plates. Boy Bto. ad. 
Sa. net. W. Wbslbt, Jan. 04 

Awla of Bonth Africa 
Ba. net ; Part 4, 4i. nel 
roy, Bto, awd. 4b. net .. 

HoMUm. Tol. 4, Part a, 
; Fart B^i. net; FartS, 
W. WeblbT, Juij/ 04 

. I of the Booth African Hnaaom. ToL 4, 

Part 8. Brachiopoda from the Bokkereld Beds, 

by F. B. C. Beed. 4 Flatea. Boy. Bto. ad. 4a. net 

W. WuLii, Jan. 04 

fcnn— lay (C.)— Standard Opera Olaaa. Dctailad 
Plota of 188 Celebrated Operas. Critical and 
Biog.lBeouu'kB, Dates, Ac, enl edit. 19mo. B|x4, 
pp. 46B, Bs. Sd. net Low, OoL 04 






ChuitiM Register & Digest, 1904. ClMsi- 
lled Begisler of Charities in or available for the 
Metropolis. Intro, by C. 8. Looh. Svo. 6s. net 

LoHOMAMs, Apr, 04 
Annual of the Brit Sohool at Athem, 9, 91s. net 

AmukomI Practioe. Cr. 8to. 95s. net 

SwBST A M. No9, 04 

AaiiVAl Register: Record of Pnblio Ereats at 
Home and Abroad for 1908. 8to. 9^ x 6i, pp. 
666, 18s iLoMOMAMS, June 04 

Aamial Report of the United States National 
Hneeom for the year ending June 80, 1909. 8to. 
pp. 808, 362 plates, 409 engr., SOs. net 

W. Wbslst, July 04 

Anointing of Siok, Puller (F. W.) 6s. June 04 

Another's Borden, Payn (j.) Is. : swd. 6A...Apr, 04 

(W. S. W.)— Mottoes and Badges of 
Families, Regiments, Schools, Colleges, Ao, 
89mo. Itiir. Is. net Rotttlbdob, Dee. 04 

mi(W.S.W.V— Who Wrote That? Diotionaiy 
ol Quotations of Literary Orinn in Common Use. 
89mo. Ithr. Is. net Routlbdob, Dtfe. 04 

Mnaitmj (F.)— Fallen IdoL 8to. swd. 6d. 

Nbwnbb, Dee. 04 

JkBStey (F.)— Tinted Venos : Farcical Romance. 
8to. swd. 6d Abbowbmith, June 04 

Jknstmtlacr (Hon. Mrs.y~A Lady in Waiting. 
Little Scenes of Mirthful Traoedy and Tragical 
Mirth that an Actor of SmaU Aocoont in the 
Human Comedy had Leisure to Obsenre. Gr. 

8to. 7| X 4|, pp. 808, 6s. Smith & E. Oei. 04 

Antarctic Regions, Frieker (Earl) 7s. 6d. ...Sep. 04 

Anthology, 18th century, intro. by Alfred AtuHn ; 

17th century, intro. A. MeyneU, ea. Is. 6d., Ss. 6d. 

net ifor. 04 

Jkntlaoiiy (E.) — ^Enquiry into and Explanation 
of Decimal Coinage and Metric System of 
Weights and Measures. 4to. 9s. 6d. net 

RouTLBDOB, Aug. 04 

Anthony Polgate, BIU§ (Edwin J.) 6s Mar. 04 

Anthracite Coal Communities, BoberU (Peter) 16s. 

net Mar. 04 

AnthropoL Lab. Studies, Duckworth (W. L. H.) 

10s. net Dee. 04 

Anthropology ^o., Duekworth (W. L. H.) 16s. net 

i>0o. 04 
Anti-nunquam, Examination of Gt)d and my Neigh- 
bour, Wanehaiuer (J.) Is. 6d. net, 6d. 

May, June 04 
Anti-Papal Studies. Logan (J. Mo£Eat) Is. nt July 04 
Anti-tyi^id InoouL, Wright (A. E.) 8s. 6d. net 

July 04 
Anti-ViTisection, Pa^«< (Stephen) 9s. net...lfay 04 

Anticipations, WeUt (EL Or.) 6d Feb.Oi 

AntipMeans, Lindeay (Mayne) 6s May 04 

Jkntiqiuurjr. VoL 89. 8yo. 7s. 6d. E. Stock, P^ft. 04 

AatOB (P.) — Staying Power: Reconsiderations 
and Recreations. Fortr. Cr. 8to. 7| x 6, pp. 800, 
8e. 6d. net A. Gabdhbb, Sep. 04 

Antony and Cleopatra &c, Shakeepeare, ea. 6d. ; 
Is. net Nov. 04 

Antrobus (F. J.), Baed (P. J.), St P. Neri, 16s. net 

00^.09, 4 

Ants, other Insects, Forel (A.) 98. 6d Sep. 04 

Antwerp, Inteznat. Law Assn. Report, 8s. 6d. net 


Amrmr-i-Suhaili ; or. Light of Canopus. Com- 
monly known as Kalilah and Damnah. Adapted 
br Mulla Husain Bin Ali al Wais al Kashifl from 
Fables of Bidpai. Transl. from Persian by 
A. N. Wollaston. 8to. 16s. ; h Ithr. 81s. 6d. 

J. MuBBAT, May 04 

Apocalypse, Paul (A.) 19s. Dee. 09 

Apologetics, Maekinioeh (Robert) 9s Oot. 04 

Apologia pro Vita Sua, Neunnan (Jn. Hf .) 6d. net 

Apohgy, Meno, PkUo, Stock, Maraon, 9i..../ai». 04 


Apology, Plato, Vocab., Test Papers, swd., interL 

Is. ; Text, transl., Sco. 1 toL 6s. 6d Mar, 04 

Apostles of Our Lord, Oreenhough (J.) 6s...0ei. 04 

Apostles, 19, MiUigan (Oeo.) 9d. net Feb. 04 

Apostolorum, Aeta Myth., 19s. 6d. ; trans. 6s. net 

June 04 
Appel (E. L. Ch-'Eow to become a Midwife, and 

Legal Requirements under Midwives Act. Cr.. 

8to. limi>. Is. net ...S cibw t ifi o Pbbbb, June 04 
Appendicitis &o., Blake (Edward) 9s. 6d. nt Apr. 04 
Appendix Vermiformis, Battle (Wm. Hy.) 7s. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

Apples, Oranges, Dyaon (S. L.) Is. 6d. May 04 

AppletOB rO. W.)— Lady in Sables : Norel. Cr. 
8to. 7| X 4| , pp. 898, 6s. Cbatto, May 04 

Appleton (G. W.)— Mysterious Miss Cass. NoycL 
Cr. 6to. 7| X 4|, pp. 980, 6s LoHO, July 04 

Appleton's Medical Die, edit F. P. Foeter, 49s. 
net Sep. 04- 

Appleton's New Spanish Dictionary, Ouyae (Arroro)* 
8s. net Feb. 04 

Appleymrd (R.)— Conductometer and Electrical 
Condnctirity. Ova limp. Is. 6d. 

H. Alababtbb, Oet, 04 

Apprentice, Baweon (M. S.) 6s. June 04 

Apuleius, Oupid and Psyche &o., Rouse, Is., 9s. nt. 


Apnleiua — Gtolden Ass. Transl. by Wilfiam 

Adlington. Folio, 49s. net {Ohitwiek Library of 

Oolden Writere) Bbll, May 04 

Arabia, Penetration of, Hogarth (Drd. Qeo.) 7s. 6d. 

if or. 04 
ArablAB Nights. Edit by Mrs. F. G. Green. 

Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 6|, pp. 199, 98. 6d. Dbam, Oet. 04 

Arabic, Aeta Myth. Apos., 19s. 6d. ; transL 6s. net 

June 04 

Arabic, American in Egn>t, Is. net Oot. 04 

Arabic, Coll. Egyptian, Dirr'a, 4s. net July 04 

Arabic, BngUanman in Egypt, Is. net Aug. 04 

Arabic Grammar, Sterling (R.) 19s. net Oct. 04 

Arabic Test Exam., Browne (Bdwd. G.) ^., 9s. 6d. 


Arachnia, Boherteon (Jas.) 6s. net J)ee. 04 

Arachnida, Two Orders ot,Han$en(H..J.)iBc.,l$u. 
net Aug. 04 

Arber (E. A. Newell)— Fossil Flora of Culm 
Measures of North- West Deron, and Pal»o- 
botanical Evidence with regard to Age of the> 
Beds. 2 Plates. 4to. pp. 84, swd. 9s. 6d. 

DuLAU, Nov. 04 

Arbitrage in Bullion &o., Deuteohe {Bj.) lOs. 6d. 
net May 04 

Arbitrations, Fletener (Banister F.) &0., 6s. 6d. 

Dee. 04 

Arblay (Madame D')— Diary and Letters, 1778-^ 
1840. Edit, by her niece Charlotte Barrett. Pref . 
and notes by Austin Dobson. (InOrols.) VoLl. 
8to. 9^ X 6|, pp. 649, lOs. 6d. net 

Maomillam, Nov. 04 

Arhimj (Madame D')— Diary and Letters, 1778- 
1840, as edited by her niece Charlotte Barrett 
Pref., notes, Austin Dobson. Vol. 9. 8to. 
9^ X 6|, Dp. 614, lOs. 6d. net Maokzllam, Dee. 04 

Arblay (Madame D')-HMe Bumey (Fanny) 

ArobSBOlOffia Cambrensis. VoL for 1904. Demj 

8to. pp. 844, 80s. OmoB, Dee. 04 

Archasological Sunreyof OeyUm, 1, 1, 6s. nt. May 04 

Archttology, Petrie (W. M. Flinders) 6s. net Jan. 04 

Archaic &e. Words, HdlUwell (Jas. Orchard) 7s. 6d. 

net Dee. 04 

Arelftar (B. W.->-ChaaKsteristics of the Romish 
Church. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4}, pp. 986, Is. 


Arelier (F. M.)— Dog in Health and Disease. 
Cr. 8to. 7} X 4|, pp. 196, Is Pbabbon, 2^ov.04 

Arebcr (Jean C.)— Flap Jack. 64mo. Is. 6d. 

Tbbbbbmb, Nov. 04 
Areber (Jean C.) — Rosalina. lUus. in colours* 
18mo. Is. 6d. {Dumpy Booktfor Ohildren) 

RiOBABOS, Mar. 04 






Areber (Laim M. Pftlmer) — Bush Honeymoon 
and other Stories. Foreword by Bolf Boldrewood. 
C^. 8to, 71 X 6, pp. 862, 6s Unwin, Feb. 04 

Arober (W.) — America To-day : Observations and 
Befleotions. Pop. edit. or. dvo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 224, 
swd. 28. HsiMXMANN, fune 04 

Archer (Wm.), Beal Gonversations, 6s. net Feb. 04 

* Archer/ H.M.S., Commission, Byrn (B. G.) 4s. net 


Archers of Long Bow, Moore (Art) Os Sep. 04 

Archibald (G. H.)— Bible Lessons for Little Be- 
sinners. Based npon Lessons chosen by American 
Section of Litemational Lessons Committee for 
Sunday School Scholars under 6 years of age. 
Cr. Sto. 7x4, pp. 2C8, 28. 6d. S.S.U. Jan, 04 

Areblbald (G. H.) — The Organisation and 

Grading of a Sunday School. IStoio. limp, 8d. 

S.S.n. Feb. 04 

Archie Digby, W. (G. E.) Is July 04 

Architectr &e. Contract Bk., arr. by Fred. W. 

Phipp, 78. 6d., 68. net Nov. 04 

Architecture, Engl., Atkinaon (Thomas Dinham) 

8s. 6d. net Apr. 04 

Architecture, 7 Lamps, Buskin ( Jn.) 88. 6d., 4s. 6d. 

net Sep. 04 

Architecture, to judge, Sturgia (Bussell) 6s. net 

Feb. 04 
Architecture, U.S. A., Dow (J. W.) 18s. net... Oct. 04 
Architecture &c., Syria, BuUer (H. C.) 2, 84s. net 

ilii^. 04 
Architecture, Sto., Terms, Pa$amore (Aug. C.) 7s. 6d. 

net - Feb. 04 

Aroblwes of the Middlesex Hospital. VoL 2. 
Second Beport from Cancer Besearch Labora- 
tories. Ed. l^ A. G. B. Foulerton. Boy. 8vo. 
swd. 68. net Macmillan, May 04 

Aroblwes of the Middlesex Hospital. Vol. 8. 

Third Beport from Cancer Besearch Laboratories. 

8to. swd. 6s. net Magmillam, Aitg. 04 

Arctic Explorers, Harbour (By.) Is. 6d 8^. 04 

Arctic 4 Years, Sverdrup (Otto) 86s. net ,..Apr. 04 

Ardaseer (G.) — Short Lessons in Photography. 
Cr. 8to. pp. 184, Is. net Iliffx, Mar. 08 

Arden (H. I.)— Aunt Bell, Good Fairy of the 
Family. New edii cr. 8vo. 7^ x 42, pp. 176, Is. 

Nelson, Dee. 04 
Are we a Declining Baoe? HurU (Walter) Is. net 

Aug. HA 
Areopagitioa, MiUon (John) 8l8. 6d. net ; McAllen, 

2s. net Jul/y, Oct. 04 

Areopagitioa, Milton (Jn.), Cotterill, 28. ...Nov. 04 

Areopagitioa &c., MiUon (John) 6d. net Deo. 04 

Areopagitioa ACyMUton (J.) 2s. 6d Dee. 04 

Argentme Bep., Bmigrante* Lif., 2d. Sep. 04 

Aigentine Shows, WaUace (Bbt.) 8s. 6d. nt. May 04 
Argonaut Log, 1900-4, Anning (E. G.) &o. is, net 

Feb. 04 
Arhythmia of Heart, Wenckebach, 12s. net Aug. 04 
Aristeas, Letter of, H. S. J. Thackeray, Is. Feb. 04 
Aristocrats, Atherton (G.) Is. 6d. net ,Apr. 04 

Arlatopbanes i Thesmophoriasusse. Greek text 
revised, with a free transf., by B. B. Bogers. 4to. 
78. 6d. Bbll, Jan, 04 

Aristotle— Ethics. Edit, with Litro. by J. Bur- 
net. 8to. red. to 10s. 6d. uet...MsTHUEN, Oct. 04 

Aristotle, Little Journeys, 6s. net Nov. 04 

Aristotle, Metaphysic, Selby (F. G.) Mar. 02 

Arithmetic, Lock (J. BJ 4s. 6d Dec. 02 

Arithmetic, 0*Dea (J. J.) 4s. 6d. Nov. 02 

Arithmetic, Pendlebury (Chs.) Sto. 1, 2, ea. 2s. 6d. ; 
Examples, 8s. ; 1, Is. 6d. ; 2, Is. 6d. May, Sep. 04 
Arithm., Badeliffe (Baymond Coxe), 8s. 6cL net 

Feb. 04 

Arithmetic, Workman (W. P.) 8s. 6d Aug. 04 

Arithmetic, Adv., Solu., Skerry (Geo.E.) 28. 6d. net 

Aug. 04 
Arithmetic, Answers to Prelim. &c., Thomeon (W. 

Stewart) Is. net Nov. 04 

Arithmetic, Chambertf Exercises, Dunlop, Is. 

Aug. 04 

Arithm., Civil Service,Jir00/0 (John) ls.6d....2''05. 04 
Arithm. Examp., Borchardt (W. G.) 88. ...Feb. 04 
Arithmetic, Examples, Pendlebury (Chas.) Ss. ; in 

2 parts, each 2s Sep. 04 

Arithm. Exercises, Beard (W. 8.) Is Sep. 04 

Arithm. Graphical, Light foot (J.) Is. 6d. nt. Mar. 04 

Arithmetic, Higher, Keefe (Jn.) 8s Feb. 04 

Arithm., Higher, Worked Probl., Workman (W.P.) 

2s. Mar. 04 

Aritl^etic, Longmans' Sen., Demter (T.) 4s. 6d. 

May 04 
Arithmetic, New School, Pendlebury (Chs.) 48. 6d.; 

in 2 parts, each 2s. 6d May, Sep. 04 

Arithm., Periodic, Test Caards, 1-^, ea. 28. 6d. 

net June 04 

Aritiimetic, Skerry* s Higher, 8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Arithmetic, Story, Cunmngton (S.) 88. 6d. May 04 
Arithmetic, Teacher's Bla^bd., Ta^t, 1, Is. 6d. 

June 04 
Arithmetic, Tut., Workman (W. P.) 4s. 6d. Snt. 04 
Arithmetical Examples, Ohcunbers*, Is., Is. 6a. 

Sep. 04 
Arklw for Botanik — ^E. Svenska Yetenskapsaka- 

demien. Buid 1, Nr. 14. ^^ojpp. 16, sd. 8d. net 

W. Wbslet, Jan, 04 
Arklw for Botanik utgifvet af K. Svenska Veten- 

skaps-aluidemien. Band 2, No. 1. 8vo. pp. 180, 

swd. 4s. 6d. net W. Wesley, Mar. 04 

Arklw for Kemi, Mineraloc^i och Geologi — K. 
Svenska VetensjEapsakademien. Bd. 1, Nr. 9. 
8vo. pp. 10, sd. 6d. net W. Wesley, Jan. 04 

Arklw for Matematik, Astronomi och Fysik— ^ 
K. Svenska Yetenskapsakademien. Bd. 1, Nr. 16. 
6vo. pp. 14, sd. 8d. net W. Wesley, Jan, 04 

Arklw for Zoologi — K. Svenska Yetenskapsaka- 
demien. Bd. 1, Nr. 14. 4 Plates. 8vo. pp. 62, sd. 
2s. 6d. net W. Wesley, Jan. 04 

Arlinr (M.)— A Nineteenth dentury Idyll. 8vo. 

pp. 78, 8s. ; swd. Is. 6d....A. & F. Denny, May 04 

Ann of the Leopard, Oaunt (M.) &c. 6s. Oct, 04 

Armagh, to 1814, Stuart (Jas.) lOs. net Dec. 01 

Armies, Disease in, OeUdweli (B.) 6s. net June 04 
Armies, Feeding of Fighting, Mesurier (T. A. le) 

1, Aug. 04 

(G. D.)— Humours of Sport. Obi. 4to. 

12s. 6d. net 'Punch ' Office, Nov. 04 

Armour (B.) American Lidian Fairy Tales, North, 
28. 6d. Nov. 04 

Annonrers, Listructions for. 1004. Is. 6d. 

Eybb & S. Oct. 04 

Arms, Ammunition, Bev. Extr. Text Book, 2s. 

Dee. 99 

i» Small— Text Book of, 1904. 2s. 6d. 

Eyse & S. Oct. 04 

(A. C.) — Transitional Eras in 
Thought. Cr. 8vo. 6s. 6d. net. Macmillan, Feb. 04 

(E.) — French Wars of Beligion: 
Their Political Aspects. Expansion of 8 lectures 
delivered before Oxford University Extension 
Summer Meeting of August, 1902. Corr. edit. 
Cr. 8vo. 71 X 6]^, pp. 140, 8s. 6d. net 

SiMPKiN, June 04 

AnnatroBf (Jessie) — Benaoni's Children. Cr. 
8vo. Is Bel. Tbaot Soo. May 04 

Armatronr (B. A.) — God and the Soul: Essav 

towards Fundamental Beligion. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

B. & F. Unitarian Assoc. May 04 

Armstroiiir (B. A.) — The Trinity and the Lioar- 
nation. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 166, 2s. net 

P. Gbebn, Apr. 04 

Armstronr (W., Sir)— Art of William Quiller 
Orchcurdson. New edit. Lnp. 8vo. 10^ x 7^, pp. 
80, 88. 6d. net (* Portfolio ' Monographs} 

Sbeley, Sep. 04 

Armstronr (W., Sir) — Gainsborough and his 
Place in English Art. 48 plates. Pop. ed. Boyal 
8vo. 9| X 6j^, pp. 806, 15s. net Hsinbmann, S§p. 04 





(W., Siry— Peel CoUeoiion «nd BuUk 
Bdbool of Painting. Imp. 8to. 10| x 7^, pp. SK), 
78. net ; swd. St. net (' Portfolio * Monographa) 

Sbblxt, Jfov. 04 

A riastr ony (W., Sir) — ^Thomas Gain8boroii|;h. 

Ber. edit. Imp. 8to. ods. 8s. 6d. net (' PorifoUo * 

MonograpJu) Sbxlbt, Oct, 04 

^Armstronr (W.)~WreBtlinff. Illiis. Enl. edit. 
; ISmo. 6| X 4i, pp. 86, Is. (AU-Bngland Series) 

BxLii, Attjf, 04 
AnnstroBir (W. N.) — ^Aronnd the World with a 
King. 6to. 84 x 6|, pp. 806, 78. 6d. net 

HsiNBiCAinc, May 04 

Army — ^Amendments in Boles of Procedure under 

Army Act, ^ [8268] Btbb & 8. Nov, 04 

^ — Appropriation Acooont, 1903-8, also State- 
ment of Snrploses and Deficits, 1902-8, with 
Beport of Ck>mptroller & Auditor Qeneral. 28. 8d. 

Etbx & S. Mar. 04 
Council— Older in Council defining Duties 
of, \d. Inspector-General of the Forces, ditto, 
M, Director of Army Finance, ditto, |d. 
[22i}l, 2262, 2268] Etbb & S. Sep, 04 

.Arukj Council [hx.] — Bill to transfer to it 
certain statutory powers and duties of the Secre- 
tary of State and other officers, ^d. [160n 

Eybb & S. Aug. 04 

Army Entrance Begulations— Begulations under 
which Commissions in Begular Forces may be 
obtained by Officers of Militia and Imperial 
Yeomanry. 1904. Id. Eybb & S. Aug, 04 

^ Equipment— Instructions for Fitting and 

Wearing : Bandolier, pattern 1908, 2d. 

Etbb & S. Nov. 04 
JLmiy, Equipment of the Begular — Begns. : Pt. 2, 
Sec. 11, (a) Horse Artillery with BJj. 12 pr. 
6 owt. Bquipment, 1904, 6d. (6) Field Artillery 
with Q.F. 15 pr. Equipment, 6d. (e) Field 
Artillery with Bit. 16 pr. Equipment, 6d. (d) 
Field Artillery with BX. 6-inch Howitzer Equip- 
ment, 6d. {e) Horse and Field Artilleiy Staff 
and Depot with B.L. 12 pr. 6 cwt. and B.L. 16 
pr. Eqmpment, 6d Etbb & S. June 04 

Army, Equipment of the Begular— Begns. for— 
Part 2, Sec. 8. Army Service Corps. 1904. 8d. 

Etbb & 8. July 04 

Armyt Equipment of the Begular— Begns. Part 2. 
Details : Sec. 1, Infantry, 1004, 4d. ; Sees. 4 and 
4a, Army Ordnance Corps, Army Pay Corps, 2d. 
Sees. 14 and 16, Bemount Dep6t at Base and 
Advanced Bemount DepOt in Time of War. 
Mounted and Dismounted Company of Signallers 
in Time of War, 1904, 2d Etbb & S. Oct. 04 

Army Equipment — Begns. for. Part 2. Details: 
Sec. 12a. Garrison Artillery, 1904. 28. 6d. 

Etbb & 8. Nov. 04 

Army Examinations — Competitive : Officers of 
Militia and Imperial Yeomanry, Sept 1908, Is. 
Milituy Entrance, Nov.- Dec. 1908, Is. Staff 
College, Admission, Aug. 1908, Is. 

Etbb & S. Mar. 04 

Army Examinations — Military Entrance, June- 
July, 1904, Is. Etbb & S. Oct. 04 

Army Examinations — Officers of Begular Forces, 
M'^'fa'^ Imperial Yeomanry and Vdunteers. 
May 1904. Is. Etbb & S. Nov. 04 

Army— Extensions of Service since April 1, 1904, 
of Men enlisted for 8 years to 7 and 8 years 
respectively. Id. [1906J Etbb & S. Aug. 04 


List. Official Quarterly. Each 16s. 

Etbb & S. If or. See. 04 

Army List, Earths Annual, 21s Feb. 04 

Army Maths., EaU (C. G.) 8s. net Feb. 04 

Army Medical Corps — Manual. 1904. 9d. Army 
Medical Services, Advisory Board for — Treatment 
of Venereal Disease and Scabies in the Army. 
First Beport, Is. 6d Etbb & S. Aug. 04 


Army Medical Department — Beport for 1902. 
VoL 44. 8vo. Is. 9d. [1906] ...Etbb & S. July 04 

Army — Military Savings Banks Account for 1901- 
1902, id Etbb d^ S. Afar. 04 

Army Mobilisation, Begulations for. (Provisional.) 
1904. 4d Etbb & 8, June 04 

-Mounted Infantry. Training (Provisional). 

6d. ETBBd^ S. Aug, 04 

Army on itself — Otoynne (H.) 2s. 6d. net ,.»June 04 

Army Ordnance College — Fifth Ordnance Course, 
Beport on, Is Etbb ^ S. Mar, 04 

Army Ordnance Depots, in War, Palmer (A.) 2s. 
net July 04 

Army Ordnance Factories — Appropriation Ac- 
count, 1902-8, and Statement of Surpluses and 
Deficits, 1902-8, with Beport of Comptroller and 
Auditor General. 2d Etbb & S. Mar, 04 

Army Ordnance Services — Begulations, Pro- 
visional, 1904. Is Etbb & 8. Oct. 04 

Army — ^Becommendations of Inter-departmental 
Committee, 1900, on Beserves of Guns, Stores, 
&o., required, showing action taken, ^. [1908] 

Etbb & S. Sep. 04 

Army Beorganisation — Summary of Speecn of 
Secretary of State for War. 2d. [1907J 

Etbb & 8. Aug. 04 

Army, Beserve Forces [h.l.}— Bill to amend the 
Law relating to, ^d. ; Amenoments, |d. ; Amend- 
ment, id. [96, a, 6] Etbb & S. July 04 

Army (Boyal) Medical Corps and Queen Alex- 
andra's Imperial Military Nursing Service, Stand- 
ing Orders for, Nov. 1908, Is. Etbb & 8. Feb, 04 

Army (Boyal) Medical Corps Manual: Sec. 2, 
Drills and Exercises, 1908, 8d Etbb & 8. Feb. 04 

Army Schoolmaster, Ouide, Official Letter Writing, 
Is. 6d Jan, 04 

Schools Begns. 1908, 4d. ; Technical Terms 
and Words of froquent occurrence in Military 
Correspondence and Orders, List of, for use in, 
2d Etbb & 8. Feb. 04 

. Semaphore Alphabet and Numeral Signs. 
On sheet, folded. Is. net Galb & P. Apr. 04 

Signalling Begulations, 1904, Extract from. 
Semaphore Signalling. Id.... Etbb & 8. June 04 

Army— Standing Orders for Boyal Artillery: 
Lieut-Colonel's Command (Dismounted Services), 
2d. ; Brigade of Mounted Artillery, 2d. 

Etbb & 8. Sep, 04 

Army — Statement showing basis on which was 
made estimated extra cost of £26,900,000 for 
Conscription, ^d. ; Particulars regarding pro- 
posed Army Omnisation Scheme, l|d. ; State- 
ment showing financial effect of certain reduc- 
tions in, and additions to. Army proposed by 
Secretanr of State for War, ^d. [1909, 1910, 
1911] Etbb & 8. Sep. 04 

Army— Stations of Units of Begular, Militia, 
Yeomanry, and Volunteer Forces, July 1904. 2d. 

Etbb Se 8. Aug. 04 

Army— Tractor Trials held by Experimental Sub- 
Committee of Mechanical Transport Committee 
at Aldershot, Sept. and Oct. 1908. Beport on, 6d. 

Etbb & 8. Sep. 04 

Army and Militi»— Annual Beport of Inspect<v- 
General of Becruiting for the ^rst nine months 
of 1908. Appendices. 8^. ...Etbb & 8. Feb. 04 

Army and Navy Officers permitted to hold Civil 
Employment of Profit under Public Depart- 
ments, 1902-8, Betum, 4id....ETBB & 8. Mar. 04 

(B.} — Elements of Geometry, Theoretical 
and Practical. Books 1, 2, 8. Cr. 8vo. ea. 28. 

SiMPKiM, Dec. 04 
Amheim (Countess Von) — see EUgabeth (Germ. 

Arnold (E., Sir)— Oriental Poems. Selected by 
J. M. Watkins &om Unpublished Writings. 18mo. 
6 X 8|, pp. 110, Ithr. Is. 6d. net K. Paul, June 04 






Arnold (M.), Dawmm (Wm. HarbnM) 78. 0d. net 

ilpr. 04 
Arnold (M.), RtUieU (G. W. E.) 8s. 6d Mar, 04 

Arnold (Maady~A Pitifnl Pari. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4i, 
pp. 388, Be DioBT, Lomo, Feb, 04 

Arnold (B. B.) — Scientific Fact and Metaphyaioal 
Reality. Boy. 8to. 9^x61, pp. 884, 10s. net 

Macmillam, Od, 04 

Arnold (ThB.), StatUey'a Life of Is Nov. 04 

Arnold (T.), Stanley (Art. Penryn) 98. 6d. net 


Arnold's Practical Sabbath-School Commentary 

on International Lessons, 1SK)6. 8to. Ss. 6d. net 

Beyxll, Sep. 04 

Aroond Distant Star, Delair (Joan)68. May 04 

Around the Capital with Uncle Oank, Fleming 

(Ths.) 9s. 6d Nov. 09 

Aionnd the World through Japan, Mar (Walt, del) 

19s, 6d. net Nov. 04 

Aroond the World with a King, A^me^rong (Wm. N.) 

7s. 6d. net May 04 

Arrests for Dmnkenness (Ireland) — Betam 

King the Number of, on Sondays between 
y 1, 1908, and April 80, 1004. l|d. [909] 

Eybb & S. Aug. 04 
Arrol's Engagement, Kingtley (C. May) 88. 6d. 

Arrows of Fortune, Oiuing (Algernon) 8s. Nov. 04 
Art, Anarchism in. Cook (&. Wake) Is. net May 04 

Art CoUection—Catalogae National Gallery and 
National Portrait G^lery, Ireland. Pictures 
and other Works of Art 6d. 

(Dublin) Nat. Gallbbt, Aug. 04 
Art — Examination Papers. April, May aiid June, 
1904 (South Kensington Board). 6d. 

Etbs & S. Oct. 04 
Art, Hist., IMke (Wilhelm) 86s. net Nov. 04 

Art Journal— Vol. 1904. FoL 91s. net 

YmTUMt Nov. 04 
Art, Lessons on, HoreZtn^ (J. D.) 9s. 6d. netJfor. 04 
Art Lib., Sir Edw. Bume-Jones, 8s. 6d. net Oet. 04 
Art of being Suooessful, HaU (Chs. A.) Is. net 

Art ol Putting, Travis (Walt. J.) Sse., Is. net 

Sep. 04 
Art of Touch, Maith€^f{TohiM)J%. 6d. ^„,.Jan. 04 
Art, Stan, of Taste in, Maynet (E. S.) Is. net il|ir.04 

Art, Story of, Beinaoh (S.) 10s. net Nov. 04 

Art, Style, Thoughts on, Diderot^ 8s. 6d. ...Sep. 04 

Art — Syllabus of (Qualifications required for (1) 
Elementary Drawing Certificate; (9) Art Class 
Teacher's Certificate; (8) Art Master's Certifi- 

cates, Id. Etbb & 8. Nov, 04 

Art, What is ? Tolttoy (Leo) Is. net June 04 

Art, Yeoflf'i. ady. to 8s. 6d. net Mar. 04 

Art and Life, Albright (M. C.) Is. Jan. 04 

Artliiir (Frances Browne; Mrs.)— Two little 
Trayellers. Cr. 8to. pp. 956, 98. 6d. 

T. Nslboh, Aug. 09 
Artiivr (Mrs.)— Mother Maud. Illus. by Bosa C. 
Petheriok. Cr. Sro. 7| x 6^, pp. 874, 88. 6d. 

Nblsom, Oet. 04 
Artbvr (T. S.)— Sow Well and Beap Well : a Book 
for the Toung. Cr. 8to. red. to Is. 

Nblbom, Feb. 04 
Artbur (T. S.)— True Biches ; or, Wealth without 

Wings. Cr. 8to. red. to Is Nslson, Feb. 04 

Arthur Fieidm^.New8am (W. F.) 98 net...June 04 
Arthur Gordon Pym, Poe (Edgar Allan) 6d. May 04 
Arthur, Manrellous Hist, of King, 98. 6d. net Feb. 04 

* Artlels 68 ' Teachers' Guide, 1904. Cr. 8to. swd. 

6d. net. {NomuU Tut. Ser.) ...Sdcpxin, Apr. 04 

Articled Clerk's Exam., HaUilay (B.) Ids. July 04 

Artillery, Garrison Training, 1004. VoL 9, Pro- 
▼isional edition. Coast Defence and Practice. 6cL 

BTBid^S. Mar. 04 
ArtiUory, Heavy- Training (Provisional) 1904, 

6d Etbb & S. June 04 

Artillery, Hist, of BJft. of, Btfrr^y (B. Power) 8s. 6d. 


Engrayer— Portfolio containing 90 ex- 
amples of original work by eminent artists. 868. 
net Maoiollan, Nov. 04 

Artist Engraver. Quarterly Magarine of Original 

Work. E!a. Na 78. 6d. netMAOiOLiiAN, Jon. d^c.04 

Artist's Life, Hobbes ( Jn. Oliver) 9s. 6d. net Oet. 04 

Artist's Love Story, 19s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Artistic Crafts Series Sch. Cop. ^ Ex. 6s. net 

Artists, 18th Cent., Frankau (J.) 680s. net Oct. 04 
Artists, Famous, BdUon (Sarah K.) 7s. 6d. net 

Sep. 04 
Artists, German Die., A^a^I^r (G. K) 1, Is. nt Apr. 04 

Artiis (L. AO— Mere Bngliah. Historical Drama. 

16mo. 98. 6d. net Biohabds, May 04 

Arundel Motto, Hay (M. C.) 6d. Mar. 04 

As a King ready, Towneend (W. J.) Is. 6d. Nov. 04 
As Down of Thistle, Wenlockik.) 8s. 6d. nt Nov. 04 
As we Forgive them, Quetua (Wm. le) 6s....ifar. 04 
As You Luce It, Nat. L. Shakeepeare, 6d. net 

Aug. 04 
As You Like It, Oxford &e. Shakespeare, Is. 6d. ; 

B. Terr^ min.. Is. net Jiine 04 

As You Like It, Shakespearef Little 4to. Is. net 

Jan. 04 
As You Like It, Stories from Shakespeare's Plays, 

1^ Is. 6d. net Nov. 04 

As You Like It, Wstp. Shakespeare, Is. net Mar. 04 

Asakawa (K.)— Early Institutional Life of Japan. 
Study in the Beform of 646 aj>. 6va pp. 6855, 
10s. net Pbobbtbain & C.j)ee. 04 

Asaph, St., Cathedral, Baa (Pearoe B. I.) Is. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 

Asobam (EL) — English Worin. Toxophilus. 
Beport of AAures and State of Germany. The 
Scholemaster. Edit, by William Aldis Wright 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6i, pp. 894, 48. 6d. net {Cambridge 
Bnglish Olasnes) C. J. Clat, Dec. 04 

Aseue (A.) — Imprudent Prue, a Phantasmagory. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 890, 6s....I>ioby & L. Sep. 04 

Asliby (T.)— Sixteenth Century Drawings of 
Boman Buildings. Papers of the British School 
at Bome. VoL 9. 4to. bds. 80b. net; Jk-lthr. 
86s. net Macmillam, Deo. 04 

Asbibrd (C. E.) — ^Preliminary Course of Practical 
Physics. 4to. bds. Is. 6d. ...E. Abnold, May 04 

Ashley (P.) — Modem Tariff History: Gtennany, 
United States, France. Pref. by B. B. Haldane. 
8vo. 8| X 6|, pp. 894, 10s. 6d. net 

J. MUBBAT, Oct. 04 
Asbley (W. J.)— Progress of German Working 
Classes in last Quarter Century. Map, diagrams, 
charts. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 189, Is. 6a. net 

LoMoifAirB, Nov, 04 

Asliley (W. J.)— The Tariff Problem. 9nd ed. 

Additional chapter. Cr. 8vo. 7|x4}, pp. 978, 

8s. 6a. net.. .•••...•.....•..•...*. ...P. S. Kmo, Jan* 04 

Asbton (J.)— History of Bread. From Prehistoric 

to Modem Times. Cr. 8vo. 7}x 4|, pp. 186, Is. 6d. 

Bbl. Tbact doo. Nov. 04 
Asbton (M.)— Jesebel's Husband. Bomance of 
Old Judea. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6,, pp. 849, 6s. 

Nabb, July 04 

Asbton (S.) — ^Eve's Adventures. Submarine Fan- 

tasy. Illus. by Dorothy Fumiss. 4to. 8^x61, 

pp. 149, 8s. 6d. Sdcpxin, Sep. 04 

Ada, Lyde (L. W.) Is. 4d Mar. 04 

Asia, Africa, Chambers' Qeog. Bdr., la 6d. Feb. 04 
Asia, C, Journey, Soi. B., Hedin (Sven) £15 net 

Dm. 04 
Asia, Outskirts, Bonaldshay (Earl of) 91s. net 

Ask Mamma. By Author of 'Handley Cross.' 
Lsfge paper edit. 4to. boards, OOs. net 

Mbtboxk, July 04 
Ask Mamma, Surtees (B. S.) 8b. 6d May 04 

Askow (Alice, C.) — Shulamite : Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
71 X 4|, pp. 894, 6s. Cbapkam & H. Mar. 04 

^■fcfc^— > Parish in County of Westmoreland 
Begisters from 1566 to 1819. Copied by Mary 
E.NoUe. Bbmbobb, /ii^ 04 






.Aspinall's Maritime Cases. Vol. 8, pts. l-B, eaoh 
pt. 5b. 6d. Vol. 9, nts. 1-7. Sap. roy. 8vo. each 
pt. 68. 6d....H. Cox, jPeb.y May, Aug., Nov. 95-04 

Araaying, Beringer (C. & J. J.) lOs. 6d Feb, 04 

Aaser*a Life of King Alfred, with Annals of Saint 
Neots, erroneously ascribed to Asser. Ed. with 
Intro, and Commentary by William Henry Steven- 
son. Cr. 8yo. 8 x 5^, pp. 518, 12s. net 

Fbowde, Jcmi, 04 

.Assesaments (Comities, Cities, and Burghs) 
(Scotland) — Betnm showing the total amounts 
ooUeoted for year ended May 16, 1903, with cost 
of collection. Id Eybe & S.lfar. 04 

Assn&n Beservoir, WiUcoeks (Wm., Sir) 68. net 


Assurance Manoal, Bourm^a, Is. 6d., Is. ...Aug. 04 

Assyria Records b.c. 1276, edit, by L. W. King, Gs. 
net Nov, 04 

Assyrian Grammar, Syce (A. H.) 6s May 04 

Assyrian &o. Laws, &o. Johns (C. H. W.) 128. net 

Dec. 04 

Asthma and Nose, Francis (Alezr.) 5s. net... Jan. 04 

(G. S.) — ^Woodland Romance. Cr. 8vo. 

swd. Is. net Stocxwell, Feb. 04 

Astronomic Photogr., Kitchey (J. W.) 4s. net 

Apr. 04 
Astron. Disc., Turner (Herbert Hall) 10s. 

Dec. 04 

Astronomical Observations at Harvard, Pickering. 

46, 2, 168. net; 68, 1-4, 12s. 6d. net ; 56, 1, 8s. 6d. 

net Nov. 04 

Astronomical Photogr., Bitc?iey (J. W.) 4s. net 

Mar. 04 

Astronomical Soc., Leeds, 11, J\iiy 04 

Astronomy, Chambers (G. F.) Is. net Oct. 04 

Astronomy, Oore (J. Ellard) 6s Oct. 04 

Astronomy, Fireside, Homer (D. W.) Is. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 
Astronomy for.Engmeers, Comstock (G.) 7s. Dec. 02 
Astronomy for the x onng, Lynn (W. T.) 6d. Jan. 04 

Astronomy, PoptUar, 12s. 6d. net oan. 04 

At Back of World, Mectde (L. T.) 6s JiUv 04 

At Black Rocks, Band (Edwd. A.) Is. Feb. 04 

At Great- Aunt Martha's, AinsUe (K.) Is. ...July 04 

.At Shakespeare's Shrine: Poetical Anthology. 

Edit by Chas. F. Forshaw. With ' Plays paztfy 

written by Shakespeare ' By Richard Giumett. 

8vo. 9 X 5|, pp. 896, 7s. 6d E. Stock, Dec. 04 

At Sunrise, Spurrell (Herbert) 6s Nov. 04 

At the King's Right Hand, Field (Mrs.) Ss. 6d. 

Oct. 04 

At the Moorings, Carey (R. N.) 6s Sep. 04 

At the Time Appointed, Barbour (A. Maynard) 6s. 

Nov. 04 
Atala Ac, Chateaubriand, Is. 6d., 2s. 6d. net 

Dec. 04 
Atobley (C.)— Parish Clerk and his Rieht to read 

the Litnrgical Epistle. Roy. 8vo. bos. Is. 6d.; 

swd. 6d. {Alcuin Club Tracts) Longmans, Feb. 04 

AUieiis, ATiTinft.1 of British School at — No. IX. 
Sessions 1902-1908. 8vo. 21b. net 

Macmillan, July 04 
Athens Brit. Sch., Phylakopi ^xcav., s.p. 4, 80b. net 

^pr. 04 

Athens, from Thncyd. 1, edit by J. M., Sing, 

Is. 6d Sep. 04 

Atherton (Gertrude). — ^American Wives and Eng- 
lish Husbands. Cr. 8vo. adv. to Os. 

Macmillan, Jan. 04 

.Atlierton (Gertrude) — American Wives and 
English Husbands : a Novel. New ed. cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5, pp. 892, 8s. 6d Macmillan, May 04 

.Atberton (Gertrude)— Daughter of the Vine. Cr. 
8vo. adv. to 68. Macmillan, Jan. 04 

Atberton (Gertrude) — Daughter of the Vine : 
Novel. New edit. cr. 8vo. 7^x4|, pp. 800, 
88. 6d Macmillan, May 04 

.iktbcrton (Gertrude)--Patience Sparkhawk and 
her Times. New edit. cr. 8vo. 7|x5, pp. 492, 
8b. 6d Macmillan, Oct. 04 

Atherton (Gertrude)— Rulers of Kings : a Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 866, 6s.... Macmillan, Apr. 04 

Atherton (Gertrude)— The Aristocrats : a Novel. 
New edit. cr. 8vo. 7| x 4 J, pp. 810, Is. 6d. net 
{Canvas Back Library) Lanb, Apr. 04 

Attaerton (Gertrude Franklin)— The Conqueror. 
True Story of Alexander Hamilton. Ch. edit cr. 
8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 660, 8s. 6d. ...Macmillan, May 04 

Atherton (R. P.)— French Course. Part 2. Ulus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 196, Is. 6d Bell, Jon. 04 

Attaerton (W. H.), Mellanby (A. L.)— Resistance 
and Power of Steamships. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 
208, 5s. net Technical Pub. Co., Feb. 04 

Athletics, Alphabet of, MUes (E. H.) Is. ...Aug. 04 

Atkins (G. S.)— Woodland Romance. Cr. 8to. 
swd. Is. net Stocxwell, Jan. 04 

Atkins (H. G.) — Johann Wolfgang Goethe. 
16 nius. 12mo. 6| x 4i, pp. 194, 8s. 6d. | Ithr. 4s. 
net (Little Biographies) Methubn, Oct. 04 

Atkins (H. G.)— Skeleton French Grammar. 
Cr. 8vo. pp. 60, Is. 6d Blackix, Dec. 02 

Atkins (J. B.)— National Physical Training: an 
Open Debate. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 264, 2s. 6d. 

ISBiBTSB, June 04 

Atkinson (Amy), Holroyd (Grace)— Practical 
Cookery. Collection of Recipes. 8rd edit. cr. 8vo. 
71 X 6, pp. 208, Is. net Simpxin, June 04 

Atkinson (B.)— Jack's Baby. Cr. 8vo. bds. Is. 

S.S.U. Nov. 04 
Atkinson (Mabel)— Local Gk>vemment in Soot- 
land. 8vo. 9 X 5^, pp. 452, 12s. 6d. net 

Blackwood & S. May 04 
Atkinson (T. D.)— English Architecture. Ulus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7 X 4i, pp. 276, 8s. 6d. net 

Methuen, Apr. 04 

Atlas, (Hit's New, Is Oct. 04 

Atlas, Murray's Sm. CL, ed. G. Grundy, 6s. Dec. 04 

Atlas of Brit. Empire, Bartholomew (J. G.) Is., 

2s. net Dec, 04 

Atlas of the World's Chief Industries prepared 
under the direction of * Commercial Intelligence.' 

4to. 2s G. Philip, Dee. 04 

Atlas, Philips' New Handy Genl., 21s. net Sep. 04 

Atoms of Empire, Hyne (Cutcliffe). 6s Nov. 04 

Atonement, Aspects, Bagg (Lonsdale) 2s. 6d. net 

^ov. 04 
Atonement, Chris. Idea, Tym,ins (T. V.) 7s. 6d. 

June 04 
Atonement, Doctrine, Sabatier (Auguste) 48. 6d. 

Dec. 04 
Atonement, 12 Sermons, Spurgeon, Is. Ma/r. 08 

Aiterld^e (H.)— Bravest of the Brave ; Story of 
a Soldier, a Donkey, and a Doll. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
7ix4|, pp. 192. Is. Cassbll, Sep. 04 

Attraverso gli Aloi, &q.. Pica (Vittorlo) lis. net 


Attwood (E. L.)— War-Ships. Text-book on 
Construction, Protection, Staoility, Turning, drc, 
of War Vessels. Diagrams. Roy. 8vo. 9]|x6|, 
pp. 808, 10s. 6d. net Lonomans, July 04 

Aucassin and Nioolette, trs. by Andrew Lang, 
88. 6d Oct. 04 

Auctioneers &c. Law, Hart (Heber L.) 15s. Jjvr. 08 

Audrey Ellison, Luca^ (St. John) 6s Dec. 04 

Ane (C. E.) — Elementaxy German Grammar. 
Enl. edit, by Otto Sohlapp. Cr. 8vo. 7^x4|, 
pp. 282, 2s Chambebs, Auy. 04 

Aa^er (G. V. Emile), Sandeau (L. S. J.)— Le 
Gendre de M. Poirier. Ed., Notes, Vocab. E. C. 
Roedder. Cr. 8vo. pp. 144 (N. York) 28. Mar. 08 

Aurnstlno (St.), Bishop of Hippo. 82mo. 4^ x 2|, 
pp. 156, Is. net (Miniature Lib. of Devotion) 

Seeley, Oct. 04 

Anrostino (St.) — Confessions. Ed. by E. B. 
Pusey. Intro, by H. C. Beeching. 12mo. 6k x 4, 
pp. 822, Is. 6d. net ; leather 2s. 6d. net jBed 
Letter Lib.) Blaok«^ mA.04 




A«fnBtlBe(Sl.) — Conlesaiona. Edit. bjTempla 
Sooti, intra, bj Alios MarnsU. ISmo. 6} x ti, 
pp. SSS, I*, net {Btligioua Life Strie*) 

BiCH«K», Btp. Ot 
BttgUth, IBIS-IOW, 


AdU AoqnuDtanoe, SarriM (Biohud) 6s. ...I£ag M 
Aolt (Lenft ft N.)— Skuunj uod the anwlTwiiik. 
moo. ISmo. I*. Sd. (Dumpy foob) 

BicBAXDs, May 01 

Atmgernla (^o«rdni A') BUhop ol Daihun— Ha 

Bary {Riohkrd it) 


Anreliai Antooiniu, HediUtiouB of itarcu*. Urn. 

DBt Pth. M 

Anreliaa (lUrciiil & Pronto, £IIu (B.lli. net ; uid 

Puutin*, OamI (F.) 6e Fri., ^uy. 0* 

AmeliuB, £iUb Jonmsyt, 5s. net Nov. 04 

Amon Flojd, Braddon (U.) Ss. Ad. Sot. 04 

AoBtBB (Juifl)— Pride sad PreiadJoe. Cr. Sto. 

9s.Sd. BucuB.fVb. 54 

AoBtvn (Juie) — Sense snd Sansibilitj. Horel. 

New ed. CT. 8to. T| k 41, pp. 880, Ba. M. 


Anslen (Jane), Sill (Coiutuice) Bs. net ...Sov. 04 

Aaattn (A.)— Eighteenth Gentnn Anthology. 

With an lutiodDOtion. llmo. Bj[><4, pp. 864, 


ed), PtM('( DisTT, edit. LMoii^ Tl ed. 

Oct. 04 
B.) — The BeeDt; of Ooodnasa : being 
a meditetion end pnyet ba ststt Snndsj in Ibe 
rear. Cr. Sto. 1% n 6, pp. 116, 3s. 8d. 

C. H. EbLLI, Apr. 04 

Anatls (J. A.)— Uannal ol First Aid. Teit-book 

tor Ambulance Claaies and a Work of Belerenoe 

lor Domsstdo and Qential Use. Illtii. Cr. Sto. 

71 ' ii, pp. »6, bd>. Is Low, Oct. 04 

Aaatln(HatthaW.)— yeranii)a,eNoveL Cr. 8ro. 

7iiiU, pp. SM, Sa Ibbibtu, Uar. 04 

Austin (Banh) Story trithoal an End, li. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 
AoBtialasiB, Climate, Ortgory (J. W.) Is. net; 

Fhmts, ami* (W.) Is. 8d. JMnt 04 

Anstialasia, Snnny Hem., Ov-ff (Wm.) Is. Sd. net 
s. Mar. 04 
i. Tribes ol, Svnuitr (Baldwin] Sis. 

«. JuM 04 

Australia, Crioket, Warner (B. F.) 10a. Sd. net 

Anatralia, BlaiDoned in, 7a«ini«(Bniest) Ss. Ocl.04 

Aoatralia, Our Emp. Berias, la. Sd. ifoy 04 

Anatralis, Phil Mau in, 91s. net Afr. 04 

Aaatralia, S.-B., TiTbes, Eoaitt (A. W.) ais. net 

Anatralia, Thirt; Yeaza among Blacks, Fyka (Wm.) 
...itint 0* 


Anstndian Tale, Wytha Wytha, 6a Nov. U 

Antbor, Qhoat, Sooy., SUbei (Huns) la. net Sov. 04 
Anthon, Djctionarr of EngL Sharp (B. Farqabar- 

son)7s. «d. net Feb. 04 

Anlhora' Bton-LiTes, Bowbotham (Fmcs. J.) 8s. 6d. 

Feb. 04 
Aotobiog. of Adm. Qeo. JbAnson, 9s. 6cl. nt. Sov. 04 

Antobiog. ot Alazander Bain, 14a. net May 04 

Antobiog. ol Ooorga Fox, Its. net May 04 

Aotobiog. of EarlMttap«n«r, ^pr. 04 

Antobiog. ol Uoncnre DauL Conway, SOa. net 

Nov. Ot 
Antobiog. ot Berentr Tears, Soar (O. F.) 91s. net 

Apr. 04 

Antobiog. ol Tbiat, Eafgood (H.) Oa Apr. 04 

Antobiog. bo. of E. Ormtrod, Sis. net Apr. 04 

Antocrat of Braakfart Tslile, Boims* (O. W.) li. Od., 
Bs. 6d. net Jan. 04 

Antoeiat of Breakfast Table, Bo&ttM (0. W.) ae, U. 


Antoorat ot Breaklaat Table, EoUhm (O. W.) St.. 

Ss. not JToe. M 

Antomobile Ind., Stone (Qeoflrer de Holdan-) IfoyOi 

Anveigne (Adm. H. S. H. P. d'), Kirke (Ht.) Ss. 


Auxiliary Officer's Handb., Ltgge (B. F.) Bs. 6d. net 

Deo. 04 

Ave Begin* ke., Maenaghtan iHngh] 8s. net Out. 0< 

Av«1»irr (Lord)— Free Trade. Boy. 870.01x61, 

pp. 174, Sa. net Hacmuxan, Ifoy 0« 

AvelraJT (I^ird) — Boanery ot England and Oanse* 

to wbi^ it ia Dne. Srd adit or. Svo. TlxS, 

pp. EM, Bs. ViicitnA.ix, Bap. 04 

8a. 6d.... 

ATary (H.)-~Ont of the Bnnning. Bohool story. 
Ulna. Ci.BTO.T)x4|,pp.SB0, Bi.6d. 

W. COLLIBB, Oct. 04 

AVMT {H.)— Toeat-ffag ; other Stories. New 

edit. or. Svo. 71 x 4i, pp. ITS, Is. Nilbom, Dee. 04 

At«T (W. J.)— Baptist Handbook. SxB}, pp. 

600, 9s. 6d. net BipnsT Uniok, Dee. 04 

ATioe, FoVard [E. F.) la. 6d. Get. 04 

AttO, Belloe (H.) Bs. net May 04 

Aw>kening of Dnohess, CharU* (F.) 8a. Sd. JvJy 04 

AwskkeiUiiK of the Sonl. Philosophical Bomanne 

randend from Ajrabio wiOi intro. byPaal Bronnle. 

lenio. B| M E, pp. 88, Is. Sd. net (Wiedom of the 

Saet) Obiekt Pbxss, July 04 

Awarda, Arbitrationa, Bedman't, ISi. Jan. 04 

Awdrr (Franoca)— Daylight lor Japan. Story of 

Hisuon Work in the lAud ot Uie Bising Son. 

Cr. Sra li x 6, pp. SBB, 8s. Sd. BiMBOU, ATar. 04 
Avfnl Diaoloaona ol Hormonism and ite Hys- 

teries. Hlns. l&no. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is. 

A. H. Gahdheb, July 04 
Awful Little Brother, Baldnm (H.) Sa. 6d. CM. D4 
Aflwln (S.)— Gentle Art ol Bowling. Piaotioal 

guide to the gama Illns. l6mo. swd. Is. net 

OmcB, Ifay 04 
Aylvin, Dunton (Theodore W.) Is., 9s. netlfar. 04 

Ayraa ol Btadleigh, Bvan (A. S.} Bd. Feb. 04 

Ayrton (Edith) (Mrs. Israel Zangwill)— Barbaroni 

Babea Being Hemoira of Holly. Cr. Svo. 

"Tl ' 11. pp. IBO. ^' Sd. net B. B. JoHxeon, Nov. 04 
Aumntha ol Pole Btar, 88° K. to fiB° N., Averts 

(S. A.) Dec M 

B (B. F.)— Address to our Country. Cr. Sro. 9b. 

net (Our Serial) B. F. Buana, Wan. 04 

B. (E. L. E.), Tonge (C. H.), Q<M Dnst, Is. Sd. 

net June 04 

■• (H.) — Crown ot Asphodels. 

Taaoeopmcu. Pub. Co. Nov. 04 
B, (J.)— Daily Thooghts from Danta Aliglueri. 

Beleoted and arranged lor eaob day in the yeat. 

Or. arc. 71 x4I, pp. 178, 8s. 6d. net 

E. Btoce, Dee. 04 
S. (J, J.)— Jess & Co, niuL by A. B. Boyd. Cr. 

On>. 7} X *i. PP- S88, El HoDDU & S. Oct, 04 

B.(J.J.) — WeeHa<%TeegorBgain:aSeqneL ISmo. Bichasdb, <4pr. 04 

Bttm, Baa, Blaok Sheep. Fiotond by Will Eidd. 

Obi. 4to. 9s. Sd. Oban, Sep. 04 

■•b* (TatQi)—BlamentaiyOtammar of the Japan- 
ess Language. Srd adit. or. 8to. Bs. net 

K, PiiTL, Nov. 04 
B*M«S' Clasaicfl. Chosen by LUia Boott Mae- 

donaia. Ulas. by Arthnr Hughes. 4lo. 11 x 71, 

pp. OS, 4s. «d. net .Lohokuis, Oct. 04 





(C. CHBIftnoal of British Botany. 
9th edit enl. from author's MSS. and other 
■ouroes. Bdit by Henry and James Groves. Cr. 
8to. 7| X 4i, pp. 689, 9s. net Gubnst & J. JtUy 04 

Babe the Impossible, QraTuPa, 8d. June 04 

Baby, 8mUh (Mrs. B. A.) Is. Dec, 04 

Baby Banting A Ck>., Paifne (L) Is. 6d Sep. 04 

kbj (Fineet) m the World. Letters from a Man 

to Himself about his Child. Cr. 8to. 7|x4i, 

pp. OS, Is. net Oliphamt, Sep, 04 

Baby, Treatment, Smith (Mrs. B. A.) Is. ..,Dec, 04 
Baby's First Year, Ballm (Mrs. A. 8.) 6d. May 04 

Babylonian Capt^TriM Story, 5s. net Dee. 04 

Babylonian Sbo. Laws, &o,, Johna (C. H. W.) ISs. 

net Deo, 04 

Baooarat, Danb>^ (Frank) 6s Nov. 04 

Baoohn, Burijptdee, ISs. 6d June 04 

Baoohn, Eurtpidee^ G. Murray, Is. net ,„Nov, 04 

(Pietro J.)— Life of St. Philip NerL New 
ed. by F. L Antrobus. S toIs. demy Svo. 16s. net 

Paul, Oct, OS, 4 

»ael i al lc r (I.)— Bben Holden. Tale of North 

Country. 8to. swd. 6d UirwzH, Aug. 04 

(L) — Vergilius: Tale of Coming of 
Christ. Cr. 6to. 7| x 4|, pp. S80, 6s. 

Harpbb, Oct. 04 
Batthalor Bigotries. HIus. by A. F. Willmarth. 
Compiled by an Old Maid and approved by a 
Young Bachelor. Cr. Sra bds. 6s. net 

Gat & BiBD, Jatn 04 
Baehelor in Aroady, SuteUffe (HalliweU) 6s. Ji<^ 04 
Baek to Lilac Land, OuU (O. Banger) 6d.../i^ 04 
Backward Glanoe, Bidley (A. E.) 6s. Oct. 04 

Ba«bye (Babbi)— Duties of the Heart. TnCnsL 

with intxo. by £dwin Collins. 16mo. 6| x 4|, pp. 

48, Is. net {Wiedom of the Eatt) 

Obismt Pbbss, Feb. 04 
Baoob (F.), Cowlev (A.) — On Gardens. Two 

Essays. Cr. 8yo. bds. Is. net {Oakleaf Olatnet) 

Abtoult Pbbbb, Feb. 04 
BaeoB (G. W.)— €old Catching : its Prevention or 

Speedy Cure. BevisedbyW.T.Femie. Cr.8vo. 

7 X 4|, pp. 44, swd. 6d. Bacon, July 04 

(Lord) — ^Essays, Civil and MoraL ISmo. 6d. 
net {Nat. Lib.) Casbbll, Aug. 04 

Baeen (Lord)— Essays. Complete Paraphrase by 
J. Cameron. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6a net {Nonnal Tut, 
Series) Sncpxnf, Mar, 04 

Bfteon (Lord)— Essays L-XX. Ed. by A. F. 
Watt Cr. 8va swd. Is. 6d. (ITnto. Tut, Set,) 

Bfteon (Lord)— Essays : Selected. Sketch of 
Author's Life, Copious Explanatory Notes, Plan 
fllus. Essay on Ghurdens, Chronologioal Table, &G, 
Ed. with Notes by J. W. Samuel. Cusack's ed. 
or. Svo. bds. Is. net 

City of London Book Dbpot, Aw. 04 

Baoob (Lord)— Essays and Colours of Good and 

EviL Notes and Glossarial Lidex by W. Aldis 

Wright. ISmo. 6i x 4, pp. 490, Ss. 6d. net ; Ithr. 

8s. 6d. net {Qolden Treamryt New Series) 

Maomillan, Oet, 04 
Baoob (Lord)— Selected Essavs. Ed. by A. F. 
Watt Prescribed for King's Scholarship 
Examinatifln, 1904. Cr. 8vo. pp. 40, bds. 6d. 

Bacon, if oeoitilay, Ss. 6d. Feb, 04 

Bbo«b*s Large-Scale Map of the Far East 

Coloured, Is. Bacon, Feb. 04 

Bacteria, ftc, in Home, Coitn (H. WO 4s. 6d. Mar. 04 
Bact Trealm. of Sewage, I>>6dm(W.)ls. net ilpr.04 

Bacteriology, BaU (M. V.) 4s. net Ajnr. 04 

Bacteriology, Symee (J. Odery) 9s. 6d. net Mar. 04 
Bacteriology, Clin. Diagnostic, Oolee (Alf. C.) 8s. net 

^0p. 04 
Bacteriology and Health, Newman (G^.) Sis. net 



f (M. J. B.), Ward (C. S.), North Wales. 
Part S. 6tti edit ISmo. Ss. 6d. net {Thorough 
Quids Seriee) Dulau, June 04 

Bmddeley (St Clair)— Eeoent Discoveries in the 
Forum, 1808-1904, by an Eye- Witness. Hand- 
book for travellers, with Map made for this work 
by order of the director of the excavations, 
46 nius. Fcp. 8vo. 6| x 4^, pp. 198, 8s. 6d. 

G. Allbn, Sep, 04 

Bmddalay (St C), Gordon (Lina Duff)— Bome 
and its Story. Blus. by Aubrey Waterfield. 
Boy. 8vo. 9i X 6|, pp. 40S, Sis. net Dbnt, Oet. 04 

Badsworth, Law ae. of Bridge, 8s. 6d. ; 6s. net 

Dec. 04 

Baedeker (K.)— Italy. From Alps to Nwles. 
S6 Maps, 44 Plans. ISmo. 8s. ...Dulau, July 04 

Baedeker (K.)— Italy. Handbook for Travellers. 
Snd Part. Central Italy and Bome. 14th rev. 
ed. ISmo. 7a 6d Dulau, Feb. 04 

Baedeker (K.) — London and its Environs. Hand- 
book for Travellers. 14th rev. edit. ISmo. 6s. 

Dulau, Dec. 04 

Baedeker (K.)— Paris and Environs. Boutea 

from London to Paris. 16th rev. edit ISmo. 6s. 

Dulau, Aug. 04 

Baedeker (K.)— United States, with Excursion 
into Mexica SUS Maps, 86 Plans. 8rd rev. edit 
ISma 6^ X 4i, pp. 764, ISs Dxtlau, Aug. 04 

Bacet (B.) — A Boman Mystery. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Mbthunn, Mofr. 04 

Baget (B.) — Love's Proxy: a NoveL Cr. 8vo. 

7| >( ^l> PP* 810, 6s. B. Abnold, Apr. 04 

Bagster (J.) — Birth of Hope. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

Baostkb, May 04 

Bailey (G. H.) — New Matriculation Chemi^ry, 
specially adapted to London University Matricu- 
lation Syllabus. Edit by William Briggs. 8rd 
impr. (Snd edit.) rewritten, enL Cr. 8vo. 7J x 4}, 
pp. 686, 6s. 6d. (XJniv, Tut, Seriee) Clivb, Nov, 04 

Bailey (G. H.) — Preparatory Course in Chemistry. 
Cr. 8vo. H X 4|, pp. 104, Is. 6d. ( Univ. Tut, Series) 

Clivb, Aug, 04 

Bailey (H. C.)— Bimingtons. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 880, 6s. Chapman J^ H. Sep, 04 

Bailward ^Margaret E.) — Mothers and their 
Besponsibihties. Pref. bv L. B. Henslow. Cr. 
8vo. 6| X 4^, pp. 166, Ss. 6oL net 

LONQMANS, Oct, 04 

Baily*e Hunting Directory, 1904-1906. Svo. 6s. 
net Vinton, Dee, 04 

Baily'e Sportmg Diary, 1904 (April to November). 
18mo. leather, 88. 6d. net Vinton, May 04 

(A.)— Autobiography.' Supp. Chapter. Por- 
traits. Boy. 8va 9^ x 6, pp. 46S, 14s. net 

LoNOMANB, May 04 

(F. W.)— A Heifer of the Dawn. Trans- 
lated from tiie original Manuscript Boy. 8vo. 
9^ X 6|, pp. 88, 6s. net J. Pabkbb, May 04 

(F. W.)— Heifer of the Dawn. Tranal. 

from original MS. Snd edit ISmo. 7 x 4}, pp. 86, 

Ss. 6d. net J< Pabxxb, Dee. 04 

Bain (F. W.). In the Great God's Hair, 6s. net 

Nov. 04 
Bafai (B. N.), Jokai (Maurns), Tales, 6s. ...June 04 
Bain (Wm.) Medical Prac. Tewt Book, S6s. net 

» Dee OA 

(Dorothy)— By the Path of the Storm. 

nius. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6i, po. 966, Ss. 

tlBL. Tbaot Soc. Sep, 04 

Baireatla (Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, Mar- 
gravine o^, Sister of Frederic the Great— Me- 
moirs, trans, firom French. Portr. Svo. pp. 600, 
7a 6d. net A. OwsN & C. June 04 

(C. F.)— Eevision of American Siphona- 

ptera or fleas, together with complete list and 
bibliography of the groups. (Proceedings VJ^ 
National Museum.) 17 pistes , Sva pp. 
6s. net W. WmttW 






Baker (H. B.)— History of the London Stage and 
Famous Players, 1576-1SK)8. 10 portraits. New 
ed. 8to. 9 X 6|, pp. 674, Ts. 6d. Boutledob, Feb, 04 

(H. B.) — Two Men from Kimberley: a 
Novel. Cr. 8to. 7| x 6, pp. 810, Ss. 6d. 

Wabd & L. Apr, 04 
taker (Ira O.) — Roads and Parements. 8to. pp. 
664 (New York) 268. iipr.08 

taker (J.) — National Ednoation to National 
Advancement. Boy. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

SmPKiM, Mar, 04 
teker (B. S.) — Boys' Second Book of Inventions. 
Fully illus. 8vo. 8^ x 6^, pp. 884, 6s. 

Habpbb, Jan, 04 
taker (W. M.)— Graphical Statics Problems. Dia- 
grams. Boy. 8vo. bds. 2s. 6d. E. Abn old. Mar, 04 

er (W. M.), Bourne (A. A.)— Elem. Algebra. 
Part 1. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 886, Ss. 6d. ; with 
Answers, 8s. Bbll, ilti^. 04 

Baker (W. M.). Bourne (A. A.) — Elementary 
Algebra. Teaoners* edit. 2 Parts, cr. 8vo. ea. 
2s. 6d. Bell, 8ep.(^ 

(W. M.), Bourne (A. A.)— Elementary 
G^metry, Bock 4. Cr. Svo. Is... .Bell, Feb. 04 

Baker (W. M.), Bourne (A. A.) — Examples in 
Algebra. Selected from ' Elementary Algebra.' 
Cr. Svo. Is. 6d Bell, Sep. 04 

Baker (W. M.), Bourne (A. A.) — Key to Elemen- 
tary GhoometiT. Cr. Svo. 6b. net ...Bell, Jan. 04 
Balaam's Ass, Bo^^y-Man Small Pox, 6d. Mar. 04 

Balek (T. W.)— Alasko-Canadian Frontier. Cr.Svo. 

pp. 46 (Philadelphia) 6s Dec. 02 

Baichin (Bic.), Olivife Object L. Beader, 8, Is.; 

Science Beader 1, Is -^u^i Sep, 04 

Baldrj (AJ|~G^rge H. Boughton, BJl., his 
Life and Work. Blus. (Art Annual Christmas 
Number). Fol. 6s.; swd. 2s. 6d....ViBTnB, Nov. 04 

Baldry (A. L.)— Hubert von Herkomer, ILA. A 
Study. Ch. «d. Imp. Svo. 21s. net 

Bell, Nm. 04 

Baldry (A. L).~Picture Titles for Painters and 
Photogn^thers. Chosen from the Literature of 
Great Britain and America. Cr. Sva 7|x4i, 
pp. 292, 8s. 6d. net Studio, Mar. 04 

Baldry (A. L.)— Wallace Collection at Hertford 
House. Folio, 12^ x S|, pp. 804, and plates, 2l8. 
net GouPiL, Dtfc. 04 

Baldwin (E. T.)— Treatise upon Law of Bank- 
ruptcy and Bills of Sale. 9th edit. Svo. 278. 6d. 

Stevens & H. Oct. 04 
BaldwlB (J.)— Book Lover. Guide to Best Bead- 
ing. 14th ed., rev., with new lists and additional 
matter. 12mo. 6} x 4^, pp. 296, 28. 6d. net 

Putnam, Apr. 04 
BaldwlB (May)— That Awful Little Brother. 
Illus. Cr. S^o. 7| X 6ii, pp. 884, 8s. 6d. 

Chambers, Oct. 04 

BaldwlB (BIrs. Alfred)— Chaplet of Verse for 

Children, illus. by John D. Batten. Cr. Svo. 

7| X 5, pp. 120, 8s. 6cL net...B. Mathews, Nov. 04 

BaldwlB (Mrs. Alfred)— Pedlar's Pack. 
Chas. Pears. Cr. Svo. 8 x 6^, pp. 898, Ss. 

Chambebb, Oct. 04 
Balfovr (A. J.)— Tariff Beform. Svo. swd. 8d. net 

Longmans, Feb. 04 
Balkans from Within, Wyon (Beg.) 168. net Mar. 04 
Bcdkans, Shadow <A^<^ 7s. 6d. net Dec. 04 

BaU (E. A. Beynolds-)— Cairo of To-day. 4th edit, 
enl. 7} X 4^, pp. 264, 2s. 6d. Black, Dec. 04 

Ball (E. A. B.-)— Mediterranean Winter Besorts. 
6th edit. enl. in part rewritten, 2 vols. 12mo. ea. 
88. 6d. ; 1 vol. 68 Hazell & W. Oct, 04 

Ball (J. Dyer) — ^Things Chinese; or. Notes con- 
nected with China. 4th ed. rev., enl. Svo. 
S| X 6i, pp. 828, 12s. net J. Mubbat, Jan, 04 

Ball (M. V.) — Essentials of Bacteriolor^. Concise 
and Systematic Intro, to Study of Micro-Organ* 
iams for Students and Practitioners. 4Ui ed., rev. 
nius. Cr. Svo. 7i X 4|, pp. 286, 48. net {BeeenHal 
Seriee) H. Kimpton. Apr, 04 

(W. W. B.)— The Student's Guide to the Bar. 
7th ed. or. Svo. 7} x 4|, pp. 64, 2s. 6d. net 

Macmillan, Mar, 04 
Ballad of a Nun, Davideon (John) Is. 6d. net 


Ballads, Engl and Scottish Pop., 16s. May 04 

Ballads, Bngl, Scottish, 128. net Nov.OA 

Ballads of the Briny, Bennett (Alfred) 2s. 6d. net 


Ballads of the Olden Time (Popular)— Selected 

and Eidited by Frank Sidgwiok. Second Series. 

Ballads of Mystery and Miracle and Fyttes of 

Ifirih. Cr. Svo. 7i x 4}, pp. 264, Ss. 6d. net 

A. H. BuLLEN, Dee, 04 
Ballads &o., Thackeray^ 8s. 6d. Aug, 04 

Ballaatyae (J. W.)— Essentials of Obstetrics. 
Svo. 8} X 6|t, pp. 242, 6s. net...W. Gbeen, May 04 

BallaBtjBe (J. W.) — Manual of Antenatal Patho- 
logy and Hygiene : Embryo. Boy. Svo. 2l8. net 

Chubchill, Nov, 04 
BallaBtTBe (B. M.)— Coral Island. Tale of 
South Seas. Svo. SJ x 6}, pp. 282, 2s. 6d. 

W. Collins, Oct, 04 

BallaBtTBe (B. M.)— Gorilla Hunters. Tale of 

the Wilds of Africa. Cr. Svo. 7} x 4^. pp. 810, 

Is. ; gilt, Is. 6d. ; swd. 6d. Wabd, Lock, Feb, 04 

BallaBtjBe (B. M.)— Gorilla Hunters. Cr. Svo. 
7^ X 6, pp. 288, Is W. Collins, Sep. 04 

BallaBtjBe (B. M.) — Hudson Bay, or Everyday 
Life in North America. New edit. or. Svo. 
7i X 6, pp. 218, Is Nelson, July 04 

BaUaBtyae (B. M.)— Martin Battler, or Boy's 
Adventures in Brazil. New edit. cr. Svo. 74x4^, 
pp. 216, Is Nelson, July 04 

BallaBtTBe (B. M.) Martin Battler. Cr. Svo. 28. 
{Standard Lib.) Blackie, Nov. 04 

BaUaBtyae (B. M.)— The Bed Eric; or, The 
Whaler's Last Cruise. New ed. cr. Svo. 74 x 4}, 
pp. 820, Is., Is. 6d., 2s., 28. 6d. Wabd & L. May 04 

BallaatyBe (B. M.)— Ungava. Cr. Svo. 28. 
{Standard Xrtfr.) Blackie, Nov, 04 

BallaBtTBe (B. M.)— World of Ice. New edit, 
or. Svo. 7^ X 6, pp. 282, Is Nelson, July 04 

Ballard (A.)— Domesday Boroughs. Svo. 6s. 6d. 
net .Fbowde, May 04 

BaUard (F.)— ' Clarion ' Fallacies. Beply to Mr. 
Bobt. Blatchford's Strictures on Christianity in 
the * Clarion ' and the book entitled * God and 
my Neighbour.' Svo. 8^x61, pp. 204, swd. Is. 
net HoDDEB & 8. Mar. 04 

(F.) — Miracles of Unbelief. Pop. edit., 
6th, enl., with notes on current controversy. Svo. 
8| X 6}, pp. 410, 28. 6d. net 

T. &. T. Clabk, July 04 
Bailey (E. J.)— Illustrative History, British and 
Old English Period. Cr. Svo. 7| x 6, pp. 296, 28. 

H. Mabshall, Sep. 04 
BalllB (Mrs. Ada S.)— Baby's First Year. Com- 
plete Guide to Treatment of Infant during first 
year of its life. Cr. Svo. swd. 6d... .* Baby,' May 04 
Ballots, Election, Book of Sutherland Dec. 02 

Balmfortlft (Bamaden)- Bible from the Stand- 
point of Higher Criticism : Old Testament. Cr. 
Svo. 7i X 4|, pp. 274, 8s. 6d. 


Balmao (Honor^ de)— La Vendetta and Pierre 
Grassou, edit by Marie A. P^hinet. Cr. Svo. 
7^x6, pp. 188, 28. (Oxford Modem French 
Seriee) Fbowdb, Sep. 04 

Balsac (Honor^ de), Sandars (M. F.) 128. not 

Dec. 04 

Bam Wildfire, Mathers (H.) 2s. May 04 






erolt (Elisabeth Dayis)— Letters from Eng- 
land, 1846-1849. Portraits, Maps. Cr. Sro. 8) x 
5}, pp. 288, 6s. net Sicith, E. Apr, 04 

jerolt(Ijad7)--Gleanings from * On and Off the 
Stage.' Fop. edit. cr. 8yo. swd. 6d. 

BouTLBDOB, Mar, 04 
Baneroffs Americans in London, 1904. Hand- 
book regarding American Literests in Great 
Britain, Commercial and SodaL Cr. 8yo. 58. 

Unwim Bbos. June 04 
Band of Hope Annoal. Imp. 8yo. Is. 6d. ; bds. Is. 

Pabtbidob, Oct. 04 
Band of Hope Blackbd., Bmdall (B.) 2s. 6d. Oct. 04 

Band of Mercy. Vol. 26. Lnp. 8yo. Is. 6d.; 

bds. Is. Pabtbidob, Nov, 04 

Bandolero, Qwynne (Paul) Os Sep, 04 

Bands of Love. Literoessions based on MentcJ 
Prayer on Subjects connected with Life of oar 
Lord and Mysteries of the Catholic Faith. Pref. 
by J. C. Fitsgerald. 18mo. 6^ x 8|, pp. 880, 2s. 
net. Mowbbat, Apr, 04 

Bank, Modem, FUke (A. K.) Os. net June 04 

Bank of England— Acconnt by Commissioners for 
Bednction of the National Debt (Exchequer Bills 
&C.), for year ending Jan. 6, 1904, ^d. 

Eybb & S. Mar, 04 

Bank of England — Applications for Advances to 

Government, authorised by Parliament, 1908. Id. 

Etbb ft S. Mar, 04 

Bankers' Adv. on Merc. Sec., Butterworth (A. B.) 

7s. 6d. Dec, 02 

Banking Almanack and Directory, 1906. 8vo. 

16s. net Watbblow, Dec. 04 

Banking, Currency, SykeSf 6s. net Dec. 04 

Banking, Cast. Guide, Warren (Hy.) 6b. „.July 04 
Banking, Eng. prac.« Moxon (Ths. Bouchier) 4b. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

Banking Law, Hart (H.) 80s July 04 

Banking Law, Paget (Jn. B., Sir) 128. Qd,..,Mar. 04 

Banking*, Bailway, and Shipping Statistics (Lre- 
land), Half-yearly Beport on (June 1904). 
Diagrams. 8vo. OJtd. [2278] ...Etbb & S. Nov. 04 

Banking and Bailway Statistics, Lreland — Half- 
yearly Beport, Dec. 1908. Diagrams. 8vo. 7^. 
[2109] Eybb & S. July 04 

Banking, &c.. Tables, AmctH (L. Bartlett-) 10s. net. 

Feb, 04 

Bankruptcy, Bills of Sale, Law, Baldwin (E. T.) 
27s. 6d Oct, 04 

Bankmptcy, England. Fees. Order as to Fees 
and Percentages, dated Feb. 4, 1904. Id. 

Eybb ft S.3far.04 
Bankruptcy Law, Waee (H.) 27b. 6d. net „.May 04 
Bankruptcy Law, WiUiame (B. L. V.) 80s. Feb. 04 
Bankruptcy, ScoU., Qoudy (H.) 86s. net ...Apr. 08 

Bankmptey— 2lBt General Annual Beport by 
Board of Trade under Section 181 of the Act, 
1888, with annexes, 9d. Bankruptcy Act, 1888 
(Proceedings), Account for 1908-4, O^d. [812, 
140] Etbb ft S. Sep.Ol 

Banks (Alice) — Chirp and Chatter ; or, Lessons 
from Field and Tree. IIIub. Cr. 8vo. 7^x5i, 
pp. 184, Is. 6d BiiACKDB, Oct. 04 

Banks (D. C.)— The Ethics of Work and Wealth. 

Cr.8vo. 8 X 6|, pp. 886, 6b. net 

Blackwood ft 8. Apr. 04 
Banks (L. A.)— King's Stewards. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, 

pp. 816, 8b. 6d. net J. Bobinson, Feb. 04 

Banks (L. A.) — Soul- Winning Stories. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 224, 2s. 6d. net ...J. Bobinsom, Feb. 04 

Banks (L. A.) — Thirty-one Bevival Sermons. 
Cr. 8vo. 8s. 6d. net Bevbll, Nov, 04 

Banks (M. L.)-Blundell'8 Worthies. 4to.8ix 
6|, pp. 286, 7s. 6d. net Chatto, June 04 

Banks (Mrs. G. Linnsus)— Sybilla and other 
Stories. Unif. ed. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 288, 28. 6d. 

A. EteYwooD, Feb, 04 
Banks, Banking, Batton (H. T.) MayOA 

Banks — ^Post Office Savings Bank (Oonstantinople- 
and Smyrna) Begns., July 9, 1904, Id. [1281] 

Eybb ft S. Aug, 04 
Banks and Bankers (Scottish). By Moneta. 
12mo. 6| x 4i, pp. 162, 2s. net ; swd. Is. net 

NoBTH Bbitish Pub. Co. Nov. 04 

Bannatyne (G. A.)— Bheumatoid Arthritis: its 

Pathology, Morbid Anatomy, and Treatment. 

8rd edit. Dlus. 6vo. 8| x 6^, pp. 196, 7b. 6d. net 

SncPKiN, Dec, 04 
Banning (S. T.)— Militarv Law Made Easy. With 
Examination Papers, Fully Answered. 2nd edit, 
revised. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 286^s. 6d. net 

Galb ft POLDEM, Apr, 04 
Banning (S. T.) — Begimental Duties msde easy. 
Bev. ed. cr. 8vo. pp. 170, 6s. net [MiUt, Series) 

Gale ft P. Dee. OS 

Baptism, My, Mountain (Jas.) 2s May 04 

Baptist Handbook, Avery ( W. J.) 2s. 6d. nt Dee. 04 

Baptist Handbook (The), 1904. 8vo. 8s. ; bds. Ss. 

J. Clarke, Jan. 04 
Baptists, Particular, Styles (W. J.) 8s. net Dee. OS 
Bar, Guide to, BaU (W. W. kouse) 2s. 6d. net 

Jf or. 04 
Bar, Guide to, Napier (T. B.) 2s. 6d. net ...Apr, 04 
Barbara, Commutator's Wife, Woman Errant, 61. 

July 04 
Barbara Ladd, Bobexts (C. G. D.) 6b. 6d. ...Dec. OS 

Barbara's Money, Sergeant (A.) 6d Sep. 04 

Barbarous Babes, Ayrton (E.) 2s. 6d. net....^rov.04 

Barbanld (BIrs.) — Hymns in Prose for Children, 
nius. New edit. 8vo. 8^ x 6|, pp. 112, 2s. 

BouTLBDOE, July 04 
Barbean (A.)— Life and Letters at Bath in the 
18th Century. Pref. by Austin Dobson. 8vo. 
X 6, pp. 860, 16s. net Heinemann, Nov, 04 

Barbean (A.) — Une ViUe d'Eaux Anglaise an 
18me Si^ole. Bath. 8vo. pp. 406, 7s. 6d. 

A. Owen ft Co. Apr, 04 
Barbel (L. A.)— Poems for Becitation (French). 
Fcap. 8vo. pp. 40, 4s. {Little French Olasaics) 

Blackie, Dec. 02 
Barbier (P.) Pictorial French Course, 2s. ...Sep, 04 

Barbour (A. M.>— At the Time Appointed. A 
Novel. 7th edit. or. 8vo. 7| x 6^, pp. 872, 6s. 

LiPPiNCOTT. Nov. 04 

Barbonr (B. H.)— Kitty of the Boses. IIIub. 8vo. 
8j^ X 6, pp. 174, 7s. 6d. net ...Lippimoott, Dec. 04 

Barclay (B.) — Memories. Edit, by his Wife. 
2 Photos Cr. 8vo. ^-buckr. 8s. 

(Glasgow) Bbycb ft M. Dec, 04 
BardsweU (Mrs. F. A.>--Book of Town and Win- 
dow Gardening. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6^, pp. 118, 2s. 6d. 
net (JSandbooles of Praxstical Oaraening) 

Lane. Jan. 04 
Barbam (C. N.)— Student's Textbook of Boman 
Law. Cr. 8vo. pp. 182, 2s. 6d. 

Stevens ft S. Mar. Oft 
Barbam (B. H.) — Ingoldsby Legends of Mirth 
and Marvels. 12mo. 6| x 4^, pp. 670, 8s. net ; 
leather, 8s. 6d. net {Thin Paper Classics) 

Newnbs, May 04 
Barker (Edith Johnson) — In Safe Keeping. Story 
of True Incidents. Cr. 8yo. Is. 

Bel. Tbaot Soc. May 04 

Barker (E. B.)— Handbook in Cable-Bieak 

Localisation. Graphic Methods. Calculator 

Boflo^ in Practice. BeprintB of articles published 

in * ESlectrical Beview.' 8vo. limp, 2s. ; swd. Is. Od., 

H. Alabasteb, Oct. 04 
Barker (L. F.) — Description of Brain and Spinal 
Cord in nereditary Ataxia. 12 Plates. 4to. pp. 60, 
sd. 9s. net ( Univ. Ohicayo, Decennial Publica- 
tions) W. Wesley, Jan. 04 

Barlow (G.) — Complete Poetical Works. 10 vols. 
8vo. ; each vol. 220 pages. 6b. net 

H. J. Glaisheb, Jan.-Sep, 08 
Barlow (G.) Poems, Study, Bennett (E. T.) Is. net 

Oe^. 08 
Barlcvr {Q,)—yox Clamantis. Fop. 8vo. pp. 66, 
1b. 6d. net H. J.QiA^SA^'ss.^Su.'na^^ 



f . 60, ts. Sd. qM 
I. J. Oi^wma, ■TuZy H 
■•no^ rw. S. I/.] — ^f "-* of Qmerti or Eipari- 
tmnW Fkiholog7 toe Btodoila and Pnotitignan. 
tad ed. loj. 8vo. 10 X S, pp. T<8, 21b. nat 

Chdbcbii.1., Jon. M 
B«rmbr (BaUriM Halsn}— The Oodi ue Just, 
DimL Ci. Sto. 7| X t(, pp. 883, 61. 


BaniAkr (N.)— NavKl Derslgprnent in the C«n- 

tal7. Cl. 8to. Hx6i, pp. IM, Gl. net (Nin*- 

ttmth Century Sm'itt) CaiMBioB, l£ar. <M 

■aramrd IE. E.)— Hioromebical OlnerrBtioni «f 
Eros nude with fortj-iuoh Belnotoi of Yetkas 
Obienaloty dnriug Opp(»i(ioD_of 1900-1901. 

,B,), Child (J. M.)— New OeometiT for 
iumca Fonai. Cr. Svo. Tt x l|, pp. 881, 9a. M. 


B»ni*ra (8.), Child (J. H.}— NswOeometrytoi 

Senior Foimi. Cr. Sto. T| x 41, pp. 848, 8a. Bd. 

Mackiu.u(, Nov. M 

Baniudo(Dr.),£ate(Jn.Hamd«e) P«6.01 

■anea (B. S. ff.)— ManiulotMidviferT. 9th cd. 

or. 8to. pp. SOI, Be. Shttb ft B. Oct. OS 

■mroeB(W. B.)— PediittkPnltai. Aooordingto 
the Weat Spiui Text. Ed. vitli Apparatiu 
Crilions. Cr. 41o. pp. 168, 11a. net 

C, J. Cut, Nov. M 
■■net (B. A.>~-Buon Hnmbng: HnogMian 
M uickl PUj in two wla. 4ta. ff. 87 

E. B. Smta^ Apr. 08 
SaniBtt (tSi: Bamiiel) — W'Mne of the Home. 

uid Heme Daa. New ad. or. Bto. la. fld. ; limp, la. 

CawblL May 04 

B»n>«tt (S. J.)— Elements of Electro- Hunatio 

Theorr. Sto. 19a. 6d. nat ...UACimxtMt^b. 04 

oent Histor; tor 
...Apr. D8 

iron Munch&iiaen, AdTenlorea o 

En^ih and German editiona. IIIdb. printed in 
colonra ttiun original deaigni by A. Biehard. 
Fol, 18^ X ii, pp. Ill, bdi. Ea. ...Wabmi, D»e. 04 

or. Svo. 7g X 4), pp. 814, Sa. ...J. CuBu, Apr. 04 
9mxT (Amelia E.) — Bqoire of Ssndal-Side. Ind ed. 

Cr. 8to. T| X 4}, pp. 38B, Sa. ...J. Cluom, Apr. 04 
■arr (Amelia E.)-~The BUok Shilling. Novel. 

Cr. Sto. T| x 4i, pp. 8G8, Ba Umnx, Aug. 04 

Bht (Amelik E.}— Thyn Tarriok. Love Stor;. 

Ci. Sto. T| x 41, pp. 848, 8* Dhwih, fab. 04 

■airr (P.)— Beodingi on the Liliei of the World. 

llmo. vp. M ...(Capa Town] Tmi Dm. Mar. OS 
Barr (B.;, Crant, TheO'Biidd;, 6a July 04 

BuT«tl (F. B.)— E1emeutu7 Gaoroebr. Beo- 
tioDB 1-8. Cr. Sto. Tt X 4|, pp. 874, 4a. Ad. 

[lOKOKAHS, Feb. 04 

■urett (A. W.-)— Frenoh Haatar. 8to. awd. 6d. 

WisD, Lock, Jon. 04 

Barrett (C.),JrbIav(Mdme.a')10Led.uet Son.Oi 

a»rraR (F.)— Hi^Bn Oold. Front New ed. 

or. Sto. 7} x 4{, pp. ISO, 8a. Od. 

Diob;, Lomo, Mar. 04 
BaiTMt (F.>— Prodigal's Pn^maa. New ed. or. 

Svo. 7)x 41, pp. 880, 81. Sd CuTTO, Jan. 04 

Barrett (J.) Mareu* Antelina Yeajr-Boob, Ja. net 
Nov. 04 



»w>re*t (W.)— NaiTer-HeTBT land: a NoreL 

Cr.ST0.1|xE,i^8?4,8a. Nub, Var. 04 

a«rr«tt (W.)— The Sign of the Croaa. llmo. 81 x 
44, pp. BM, iwd. li. net (Coileetim of Popular 

NoiMt) N*™, Mar. M 

Sarrlnfton (H.)-~The King'a Fo<d ; a Bomuuw. 
Ci. Sto. 7] X S, ^ 848, Ba. W^ BLaOKWOOD, jlpr. 04 
BarrlnytoB (Urs. Bossell) — Leighton and John 
Kyrle, * The Ifam of Brna.' 8to. iwd. li. net 

DoDOLia, Jan. 04 
Buriater, Law aa to SarvanU and Haatera, la. 

Barriitar* (9), Lata without lawyera, Ba. ...FtS. 04 

Barrow (Jn.) Oook'i Tojagea, 8a. Sd. Bep. 04 

Snttt (A.] — Chiiatian Sondaj, ita Hiitor]', its 
Saoredneai, and its Blessing. Cr. Svo. 7|x4i, 

I^ I9B, Is. Bd Bf .C.E. Doe. 04 

Biaj (B. H. H..], Der Tronpeter Ton Bakkingen, 
Si. Od. ; Kay, la. Sd. net ; Word fto. Book, Od. 

Jon. 04 
Barry (Jaa. Matthew)— see Barrio (J. M.J 
Barry (Hdma. dn), JFiUiamt (H. Noel) ISi. net 


Barry (W.)— Haraldi of Bevolt ; Btodiea in Modem 

Literatnra and Dogma. Boy. Sto. 91 x S j, 

^. 400, 71. Bd. net HosDUt & B. Sep. 04 

Barrx (W.I— Newman. Cr. Bro. 7} x Gl, pp. S9S, 

Bi. Bd. (LUorarn Lieei) ...fioDDBK & 8. Uar. 04 

■arter (A.)— Notei on Boott'i Taliiman. Cr. Svo. 

awd. 9d net iSormai Tut. Ser.) Bmrux, Sop. 04 

BartltOlOBiew (J. Q.)— Hand; Atlsa of Britiah 

Empire. ISmo. la. net 1 Ithr. 9a. net 

Nawna, Doe. 04 
Bartholomew IJ. G.) Slrand War Map, 6d. nat 

Fsb. Oi 
Bartliolo^ew (J. O.).— Bnirn Qaistteei ol 
Britiih lales. Topographical, Statiatical, Com- 
mercial. Compiled from 1901 Cenioa and lataet 
Official Retoma ; appendioea, special maps. Imp. 
8to. lot K 7, pp. BBS, 17). Bd. net ; J-mor. 91s. net 
Nbwkks, Nov. 04 
Bartholomew'i New Map ol China and Eaat, la. 

net Feb. 04 

Barthal«w (B.)— Piu>t. Treatise on Materia 
Medica and Tfaerapentios. 11th edit «nl. Cr. 

Sto. pp. S90, 91b. AppLaTOK, Dee. 08 

■artlatt (E. O.)— Battalion and Brigade Drill 
lor BaTage Warfare. ISmji. limp, Is. Bd. 

W. Cloweb, Sep. 04 
aarUett (7.0.)— Joan oltheAUey. NoTel. Cr. 

Sto 7lxE, pp. 800, Sb. OlT & B. iSBp. 04 

Sarton (F. T.>— Sonnd and Dnaoand Honea. 
lUoB. lima. Bi X 81, pp. 919, Bs. net 

Btubtt, P«b. 04 

Barton (F. T.}— Toy Dogs, their Points and 

Management in Health uid Disease. Ulna. 

from fhotogn^ha. Cr. 8to. 7ix41, pp. 910, 

la. Bd. net Btibbtt, Aug. 04 

Barton (B.) Familiar London, lOi. net Nov. 04 

Barwlae (3.)— Fnriflcation of Sewage, lad edit 
eoL, with Appendix on analysis of sewsge and 
aewBM elBnente. Ulna, diagrams. ST0.8ixe|, 

pp. 984, 10a. Bd. net LoczwooD, Jvl^ 04 

BasMnent Philoaophy, by Jane, ed. Burgeukla. 

Badng HoDse Biege, Oodurin (G. TH) 31h. ct. Dec. 04 
Baaingstoke, Ord. SnrT. Map of, ah. 384, Is. Sov. 04 

BaantoUod, m. Burton (H. S. B.) Bd Oct. 09 

BM«belor (Anne)— Little Qolden Hair and the 

Three Bean. Dlas. Sto. H x Si, pp. 119, Is. Bd. 

NisDBT, jSap. 04 

Bato (Dorothea M. A.)— Further Note on Bemaina 

of Elephas Cypriotes from Cave deposit in Crpms. 

1 Plates. 4to. pp. 14, swd. la Dcuo, Dee. 04 

Bate (J. P.)-~Notes on Doctrine of Benv^ in 

Private International law. Boy. Bto. awd. 3a. Bd. 

nat SxiTUis Sc &. Aug. 04 




A (C. T.y— John Clifford, Free Chnrdh 
Leader and Preacher. Bra ^ x Hi_PP* M% 6e. 

T. Law, Mar. 04 
■ ■ tM na n (J. F.)— Parochial Contest. Boral 
T^e founded on not ISmo. 1b. 6d. 

' Hon WoBOs,' May Oi 
Bath, 18th Cenl, JBor&Mtt (A.) 168. net ...Nov, 04 

Bath, 18th Siiole, Barbeau (A.) 7b. 6d. Apr, 04 

Bats at Twilifi^t, BoulUm (H.) 6b. .Apr, 04 

Batt(J.H.)--Dr.Batnardo: Foster-Father of 'No- 
body's Children.' Becord and an Interpretation. 
Appreciation by his Oraoe the Dnke of ArgylL 
Oliia. Cr.8T0.7|x4|, pp. 908, 

Pabtbidob, Ja/n, 04 

Battalion, Brigade, Drill, BaHlett (Eric) la. 6d. 


BatUe (A. E.) — Elementary QnestionB and 
Answers gtren at Board of Trade Examinations 
f6r Engineers, ind. new Qnestions on Befrigera- 
tion, ^eotricity, Oil Engines, d^ 160 Dins. Cr. 
8to. 7i X 4|, pp. SIS, limp, Ss. 6d. net (Ac€tdemif 
8erie9) Simpkin, Oct. 04 

MmMUB (W. H.), Comer (E. M.)— Surgery of 
Diseases of the Appendix Vermif ormis and their 
Complications. 8yo. 8| x 5^, pp. 206, 78. 6d. net 


Battle of Life, Dickens (Chas.) 6d. net Deo. 04 

mmUU of Maldon. Edit, by W. J. Sedgefleld. ISmo. 
bds. Is. 6d. net {BeUee-Letirea Series) 

Habbap, Oct. 04 
Battles, Dioy., Harhottle (Ths. Benfleld) 78. 6d. 

Dec, 01 
Battling with the World, B, (A. L. OJl Is. Dec, 04 
Bandissin (Count Ton) — see SchUcht (Baron von) 

Bax (P. B. Ironside)— Cathedral Chnrch of Saint 
Asaph. Deecription of building and a short 
hii^o^ of See. Cr. Sra 71x4^, pp. 84, Is. 6d. 
net {Oathedral Series) Bbll, Nov, 04 

(C. P.)— Hospital Service Book. Enl. 

cr. 8vo. pp. S83, 2s Fbowdb, Dee. OS 

Bayeox Cathedral, Mylne (B. S.) Ss. 6d. nt July 04 

Bayley (E. B.) — For Honour's Sake , and other 
Stories. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 284, Is. 6d. 

B.T.S. Jt%04 
Baylay (B. C.)— Photography in Colours. £<nL 
edit. cr. 8vo. 7 j x 4|, pp. 162, Is. net 

ILI77E, Auff. 04 

Bayllss (Helen) — A Woman at Bay: a Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 804, 6s Long, Aug. 04 

Bayllss (Helen) — An Act of Impulse, a Story. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 5, pp. 802, 6s. Gbeenino, Feb, 04 

9m,jUmm (Helen) — Slaves of Passion : Novel. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 294, 68 Long, Jan. 04 

BayllM (Wyke, Sir);— Five Great Painters of the 
Victorian Era: Leighton, MiUais, Bume- Jones, 
Watts. Holman Hunt. 2nd edit. Bins. 8vo. 
8f X 5|, pp. 168, 6s. net Low, Oct. 04 

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We^yn^ (P.)— Testimony of Christ to Christianity. 
Intro, by Gh. Campbell Morgan. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, 
pp. 186, 2s. 6d. net Bbvell, Sep. 04 

Beaoli (A.)~Disciple of Plato. Novel. Cr.8vo. 

pp. 864 (Boston) Os. 6d Dec. 02 

Beaoonafield (Earl) Bevolntionary Epick, 88. 6d. 

Nov, 04 

Beaoonsfleld (Eari)— Vivian Orey. 2 vols. 

Centenary Edit. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6|, pp. 872/78. net 

Dz LA MoBX Fbbbs, nee, 04 

Beaconsfield, Sichel (Walter) Ss. 6d. ; leather, 4s. 

net Apr, 04 

Beadle (C.)— Chapters on Paper Making. Vol. 1. 
Cr. 8vo. pp. 161, 6s. net 

H. H. O. Gbattan, May 04 
(G. H.) — Chart for reckoning Time. 8vo. 
jnOaUfax, Canada) McAlpinz P.C. Dec. OS 
(B.) — Chemistry and Practice of Sizing. 
Med. 8vo. pp. 426, 128. 6d. net 

(liancheeter) Ktbkham A Pbatt, Dec. 02 


(Don Philip 0'Sullivan)--Ireland under 
Elisabeth. Chapters towards a History of Ireland 
in Bei^pi of Elutabeth, bsing part of History of 
Cathohc Ireland, trans, from original Latin by 
Matthew J. Byrne. Demy 8vo. pp. 212, 7s. 6d. 
(Dublin) Sbalt, Bbtbbs & walxbb, Jim. 04 
Beard (Lina and Adelia B.) — ^Indoor and Outdoor 
Handicraft and Becreation for Girls. Cr. 8vo. 
7i X 6^, pp. 870, 6b. net Nbwnbs, Dec. 04 

Beard (W. S.) — ^Easy Exercises in Arithmetio for 
Beginners. 6,000 examples. 12mo. Is. 

Mbthubm, Sem. 04 

Beardeell (Helen) — ^Pillow Fancies in Silver Grey. 
12mo. 8b. 6d. net. B. B. Johnson, Sep. 04 

Beardeley (A.)~LaBt Letters. Intro. Note by 
John Gray. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6|, pp. 168, 6s. net 

Longmans, Deo. 04 

Beame (Catherine M.) — ^A Leader of Society at 

Napoleon's Court. 8vo. 8| x 6}, pp. 480, lOs. 6d. 

UNWIN, Sep. 04 

Beasts, Book of Clever, Beed (M.) 68. Nov. 04 

Beatrice of Venice, Pemberton (Max) 6s. ...Sep, 04 
Beattie and her Friends, Forbes (M.) 168.nt.3far. 04 
Beauchamp ^iss) of Sydney — wB^mhekn (Cntss. 

von), and EUs€U>eth of the German Gtarden 
Beaufort Hunt, Houlston*s Map of, 2s. 6d. Feb. 04 

(F,)t Fletcher (J.)— Works. Vol. 1. 
Variorum ed. Cr. 8vo. 10s. 6d« net Bbll, May 04 

Beamnont and Fletcher. Edited, with an Intro- 
duction and Notes, by J. St. LoeStrachey. 2 vols. 
Cr. 8va 7^ x 4, pp. 612 and 628, ea. 2s. 6d. net ; 
leather, 88. 6d. net (Mermaid Series). 

Unwin, Apr. 04 
Beautiea of Washington Irving, In.^ 2s. net May 04 
Beautiful Joe's Paradise, Saunders (Marsh&U) 28* 

Dee. 04 
Beautiful Savage, KemahannArB. C.) 6s,...May 04 
Beautiful Thoughts, Germ.. Span., Bamage (Cran- 
furd Tait) 88. 6d. ; French, Ital., Ss. 6d..../t% 04 
Beauty of Goodness, Austin (G. B.) 2s. 6d. Apr. 04 
Beauty of Tone in Speech and Song, LoveU, 28. 6d. 
net Sep, 04 

Beeoarl (O.) — Wandering in Great Foresta of 
Borneo. Travels and Besearches of a Naturalist 
in Sarawak. Tranal. by Enrico H. Giglioli ; rev. 
and edit, by F. H. H. Guillemard. 8vo. 9^ x 6|, 
pp. 468, 168. net Constable, Nov, 04 

BMk (Adolf) Martyrdom, Sims (Geo. B.) 8d. 

Aug, 04 

Beek (C.)— Bontgen Bay DiagnosiB and Therapy. 
8vo. 188. net S. Applbton, Jiune 04 

Beoke (L.)— Chinkie'B Flat, and other Stories. 
Cr. 8vo. 71 X 4J, pp. 844, Os. Unwin, Feb. 04 

Beoke (L.)— Strange Adventure of James Sher- 

Vinton. New ed. cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, np. 820, 28. 6d. 

Unwin, Mar. 04 
Beoke (L.)— Under Tropic Skies. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4}, 

pp. 820, 68 Unwin, 2iroi;.04 

BMlEer (Michel), Hetn, Com. German, pt. 2, 48. 6d. 

;S0^. 04 
Beokford (P.)— Thoughts on Hunting : Familiar 

Letters to a Friend. Introd. and Notes by J. 

Otho Paget. Ulus. 2nd edit 8vo. 9x64, pp. 

812, 68 Mbthuen, May 04 

BeoklBgeale (Jennie) ~ Children of Cathay. 

Story of China of To-day. Qlus. Cr. 8vo. 

7i X 4|, pp. 192, Is. 6d. Bel. Tbact Soc. Sep. 04 
Becqueral Hays, Strutt (B. J., Hon.) 8b. 6d. net 
^^ Oct. 04 

Bed Time Fairy Tales, SnUth (Harold H.-) 88. 6d. 

net Oct, 04 

Bedding (T.)— Shining Li^ts. With a Portrait 
of the Author. Cr. 8vo. 4| x 7|, pp. 222, swd. Is. 
net Stbanobwayb, Apr, 04 

Bede (Venerable), Bawnsley (Canon) Is. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 

Bedell's (E. J.) Pocket Street Directory of City 
of Nottingham, for 1906. 5th ed. cr. 16mo. 
4ix8i,pp.lW,2d. . - « _ 

(Nottingham) J. Sands A 8. 



a«dfttrd (a H.)— Cliniokl HMidbixik of Urine 
Aiialni*. mas. and ed. Bra SxEt, pp. 189, 

6* Bihpeim, Ifar. M 

Badfora (H. Looiu)— Duiiel U^jnMxA't Forhme ; 

or. Fallen Dagon, Ci. Sra 7]x 1}, pp. IM, Ig. 

RCL. TunT Soc. Nob. Oi 

Baai)>r4 (H. Loniu)— FigbtiDg his Wajj or, 

CwewotBnioombe. Cr, Bvo. 7f x < j, pp. IM, li. 

R>L. iBiCT Soc, Jun« M 

[, Loaiu}, Qnea (Evelyn BTecett-)-^ 


Bm, Cowan (T. W.) Sa. Bd. net Peb. 0. 

Bee Qnide, i>>9ffei (J. G.) 8l, Bl net Juita M 


l«r (H. W.)— Day uid Thongh 
iTenDayinUieYeu. Balecledi 
[. H. B. lemo. H ■ BI, pp. 134, 

Day in the Yeu. Balecle 

" " '" ■' PP- »--. -- 

.A, HiutosE, Dec. 04 

Baeelier(U. W.)— Treunryof ninstntiou. Edit. 
from pDUished vrotka and nnpabUebed reports of 
■poken words, by John B, Haymrd and Trnmui 
f. Ellinwood. Intro, by Newell Dwigfat HilliB. 
Boy. SCO. 01 X ei, pp. SH, I9l net 

Bbvell, iJap. 04 

>e»or»ft (Q.)— Price Tablea. Airanged, canhilly 

nTued, and enlarged by J, O. Bntler. flth edit. 

ar. Svo. Te. Od. net Soif riH, Aug, 04 

Beekenier'B Qoide Book, Couan (T. W.) fis. Bd., 

la- W Ptb. 04 

Bee-keepai'i Pth. Note Book, Oowan (T. WJ la. 
/an. 04 
r (A.)— Httr of BngweU HaU. Dins. Sn. 
-■ - "■- "fl.ed...&ii.,tr 



L. ^UCT Soc. ^Utf. D .. 

■••n (H. A.)— PoiDtB at laane. Cr. Sro, Sb. 6d. net 

UicmLLAN, Feb. 04 

m*av«r (C. E.)~Crooiiian Leotorea on Hnioolai 

Nmementa and their repieeentation in Central 

Nervmu By«ten<. Delivered before Boyat Col- 

Uge of Fhyaioiang of London, Jane 1908. 8to. 

8fxG4, in.llS,as. net Aiii.Aiu>, JToo. 04 

BeforagraatPill^ge, J'et»}i7i(AagBt.)SB.Sd. Jan.01 

■•(M« the Thmne. Manual of PriTate Devotion. 

Written and Compiled by Williun Bellui. Fret. 

br Aithni James Uaaon. New edit. 18mo. 5i x 

S), pp. SU, 3a. 6d SoNMiHecBBiH, Dee. 04 

Begonia Cnltote, Baveneotolt (B.) U. net ...f «t, 04 

B^ind elowd Doon, Orem (A. K.) ed Apr. 04 

Behind the Footlights, Tutedia (Hia, A.) ISs. net 

Bebitaamfaei, Bturgis (H. O.) 6a ^pr. 

IteMun (O. Wj— Great Qolten : their Helhods 

at a Glance. Contribationa by Harold H. Hilton 

and others. 968 Action Pbotogiaplu, Boy. 8vo. 

Uk6{,pi).E04, Macmiu^ah, Miir.04 

Be^an Life, Boulger (Demetrina C.) 8a. 6d. net 

July 04 

BolgravB Mystery, BoiWM (Treve) (Id Sov.tit 

Beliel in God, liommie (A. W.) fld Oct. 04 

Believe, i)o we T 6d Dee-Oi 

Ben (C. C.>— Bachariatic Life i Conaiderationi on 

Place of Holy Commonion in Christian Lite £c. 

IBmo. Dd. net ; bda. 6d. net Howsbat, Oct. 04 

mua (a D.>-Home Sunshine, nina. Cc. 8vo. 

7i 1 4j, pp. am, Jb W. Coi.UN8, Sep. 04 

Bell (E.) Our Animal Friends, la. net Aug. 04 

■•U(G. E.A.)~I>elphi. Newdigate Priie Poem. 

lemo. awd. la. net. BilfPKW, /mw 04 

Ben (J. J.)— lee B. (J. J.) 

Ban (Hia. Arthnr)— James McNeill Whistkt. 
ISma Oi X Si, pp. TS, ; Ithr. Ss. net. (Bfinta- 
tetv Sniet ofPainten) Beu., juta 04 

B«I1 (Mrs. Aithnr) — Lives and Legends of Kn glith 
Biahops and ^ngs, HediBvaf Monks, ^ter 
Sainla. 8vo. 9x01, pp.Bt)S,^/a».04 

B«U (Mrs. Atthor)— Pierre : Tale of Normandy. 
Ci. 9vD. 7^ X ii, pp. 134, 6b. net ...Dam, Oct. 04 

a«ll (Hta. Hogh)— Wordleaa Conrenation. A 
Boggeation. Ot. 6to. lod. Is. net 

B. Abiiou), May 04 

m»n (B.)— Cancer Problemin a Notahell. Ci.Bvo. Baiixi&u, j1«?. 04 

Bell IB.)— Oqt Children. How to keep them 
well, and treat them when they are ill. Guide 
to Mothers. New edit. cr. Svo. 7i xB, pp. 940, 
9a. 6d. net D. Bbtcb, Dec. 04 

■•II(B. S. W.}— JimMortiinei,SnigeoD. Cr. Svo. 
7tx4i pp. 980, 8s. 6d Nnwma, Oct. 04 

Bell Bock Nat. Hist., OampbeU (J. M.J 3b. Sd. net 
Oct. 04 

Bell the Cat, ScoU Abbeys, Jiunisfon (J.) Ss. 6d. net 
Dec. OS 

Bell's French Conrse, AtherUm (P.) Is. Bd. Jan. 04 

Bellamy the Uagnif., fTomitnan Roy. Bs. Nov. M 

Bellan (W.) Before the Throne, Bs. 6d Dee. 04 

Bellars (W.) In the King's Presence, la. ...Dee. M 

■•lloe {H.}— AttU. Essays on Foatry ot B^andi 

Benaissance. 8to. 8| x 6, pp. BEl, Bs. net 

DoczwoBTB, May U 

BellM (H.)— Emmanael Borden, Herchant «l 

Thames St., in the City of London, Exporter of 

EEardware. Becord ol bis lineage, specnlatious, 

last days, death, nina. Cr. Svo. 7|x4i, pp. 

SSa, 6s MiTHDEH, B^. 04 

B«na«i (H.^The Old Boad. lUus. by William 
Hyde. Fal. 11^ x 7t, pp. 189, 81s. 6d. net 

Const ABLB, Nov, 04 

■•llowa (}.)— Letters and Hemair. Ed. by his 

Wife. Portraits, Map, Dins. Boy. Svo. Ot x 6|, 

pp. 400,8b. nst K.PiD^ JKi^Ot 

Bells, Xhote Merry, la. Od. May 04 

Bemla (P, E.)—AleyTodids, or mealv-iringed flies 
of California, with referenoes to ether Amerioaa 
Bpeciea. (Proceedings U.S. National Hnaenm.) 
11 plates. Svo. pp. 67, awd. 4b. net 

W. Weslii, Ju^ 04 
Ben Sylvester's Ward, Yuttge (C. H.) Is. ...Dec. 04 
Ben»aBT (F. L.)— Le Tonriste Fraocais en 

Angleterre. IBmo. Bs Ndtt, Nov.9i 

Benbonnna, Smee (Rbt.) Ss Nov. 04 

Beneath the Cross, Tio(»l<i<U (B. B.) Ss. ...Jim. 04 
BeneOloU XIT. Papn Open inedita. Primom 

Jublicavit Dr. Fnuic. Heiner 4to. pp. 478, 
.boDod, BBa. net A.Owkh tc C. July 04 

BtaUite (L.) Qoapeli in Art, 7b. Bd., Ga. net Nov. 04 
Bengal Local Ooveniment, Carelatn (B.) Ca. net 


—nliain (Canoo)— SL John and hia Work. IBmo. 

Bd. net ( Temple BibU Oharaeten) Dsnt, Nov. 04 

Banliun (W. O.]— Colchester Oyster Feaat. U 

Ulna. Demy 4to. pp. BO, Bs. net 

(Colchester) Bikeu & Co. Oet. 01 

Benham (W. G.) Colchester Bed P. Book, 90s. net 


Benjamin Bonny, Tale oE, Poller (B.) 9d. ...Sep. 04 

BesB (R D.)— Style in Fnmitore. IIIdb. by W. 0. 

Baldock. 8n>. 9 x Ej, pp. SG4, Sis. net 

Ijqnoiuhb, Oct. Oi 
Bennett (A.)— A Oieat Han; Frolic. Cr. 8vo. 

71 K 4], pp. 8G9, 6s ChaTTO, May 04 

Beanett (A.)— Ballads of the Briny and other 

Verses. Cr. Bvo. 9a. Bd. net ...Oai & B. May 04 

SesBett (A.)— Grand Babylon Hotel; Fanlasia 

on Modem Themes. New ed. cr. Svo. 71x4i, 

pp. S44, 8b. 6d CbattO, Mar. 04 

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Bennett (Enoch Arnold)— >«8 Bennell (A.) 






lett (EtU Baohanan)— SoottiBh Bluebell. 
9nd edit or. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 296, 88. 6d. 

JabrolDi Hep. 04 

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Seaaett (W. H.) — Joshua and the Conquest of 

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Dbnt, Jan. 04 
Bennett — Business Directory for Birmingham 

and Smethwiok. Warwickshire, Worcestershire. 

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A. OwxN, June 04 
Seanett — Business Directory for Birmingham 

and Smethwick (pp. 868), Staffordshire (pp. 820). 

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Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northampton- 
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Directory for Northern 
Counties: Durham, Northumberland^ Cumber- 
land, Westaioreland, North Lancashire, York- 
shire, Lincolnshire. Roy. 8yo. 9| x 6|, 16b. 

A. OwKVjJune 04 

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Cr. 8yo. Is. Rbl. Tbact Soo. May 04 

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8to. 7 X 4i^ pp. 264, 8s. 6d. ; leather, 4b. net {Little 
Biograph%e») Msthtjbn, Feb. 04 

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Ss. net (finglUh Men of Letters) 

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2«rot;. 04 
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71 ^ ^1 PP* 666, 6b. IsBiBTEB, Dec. 04 

Bensusan (S. L.) Morocco^ 208., 42s. net ...Sep. 04 
Bent Iron Work Haaluek (P. Nooncree) Is. Dec. 02 
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Aug. 04 
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For use of those connected with mines. 9th ed. 
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of Saturated Solutions. 4to. pp. 26, Is. 

DuLAU, July 04 
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Berkeley (W. N.)->Laboratory Work with Mos- 
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Deo. 04 

Bernard (J. H.)— Cathedral Church of St. Patrick. 
A History and Description of the Building. Short 
Account of the Deans. Dins. Cr. 8vo. 74x4}, 
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in the Lord's Prayer. Cr. 8vo. 7lx4|, pp. 96^ 

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Jan. 04 

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other Pftpen illustrative of Present Questions on 
Church Ministry and Worship. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 5« 
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6| X 4|, pp. 104, Is. 6d. ; Ithr. 2s. 6d. net {Lang- 
M,m Art Monographs) A. Sieolb, Oct. 04 

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History of Royal Regiment of Artillery. Cr. 8vo. 
U X H, PP- ^3, 8s. 6d- NiSBET, Oct. 04 

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net Pentlamd, June 04 

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1h X Hi PP* 874, 6s. net Chubchill, May 04 

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6^ X 4, pp. 96, Is Unwin, Sep. 04 

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Liberty. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4^, pp. 168, Is. 6d. 

T. Law, Oct. 04 

Berseb (J.) — Cellulose, Cellulose Products, Rubber 
Substitutes; Compr. Preparation of Cellulose, 
Parchment-cellulose, Methods of Obtaining Sugar, 
Alcohol, Oxalic Acid, from Wood-cellulose; Prod* 
of Nitro-cellulose and Cellulose Esters ; Manuf . 
of Artificial Silk, Viscose. Celluloid, Rubber Sub- 
stitutes, Oil-rubber, FaKtis. Auth. transl. by 
Wm. T. Brannt. 41 Illus. 8vo. pp. 826, 16s. 
net K. Paul, Oct, 04 

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F«&. 04 

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2s. 6d. {Parallel Grammar Series) 

Sonnenschein, Feb. 04 

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O.S.B., Monk of Llanthony. Illus. 8vo. 9 x 64» 
pp. 620, lOs. 6d. net Methuen, Nov. 04 

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Besant (A.), &c.. Extracts from the Vahan^ 7s. 6d. 
net Apr. 04 

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tribution to Science of Psychology. Cr. 8vo. 
71 ^ ^ii PP* ^64, 6s. net 

Theosophical Pub. Co. Dee. 04 

Beeaat (Annie) — Theosophy and New Psychology. 
Course of Six Lectures. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, np. 186, 
2s. net Theosophical Pub. Co. Nov. 04 

Besaat (W., Sir)— For Faith and Freedom. 8vo. 
swd. 6d Chatto, Mar. 04 

Besaat (W., Sir)— Lady of Lynn. N«« 
cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 460, 8s. 6d....CBATT& 



■••■Dt (W^ a'ay-Ixmion. Fine papei bcL 19mo, 

axi, pp. 816, 9b. net( Imthsr, Bs. net (81. 
iriin'i Library) Cbatto, ifar. M 

« (W«lter, Sir)— London in tho Timojif the , 

■«wl«r (E. T_ Bii>— Th« Bo«rl«7t of Cwubvland, 
toA IhoT Iridi rad oliar DMcandknta, with toll 

; iwd.lLn' 

■•■Mit (Waltei, Sir)— Orange (Mil. New ad. n. 

Sto. Tj X 41, pp. 463, Sl 6d. Cutto, Fab. 04 

SMMlt (W., Sir}— Rebel Queen. New ed. n. Bto. 

T| X 41, pp. SaO, 3a. Cutto, Mar. 04 

SB«mnt (W. H.), Bunee; (A. B.)— ^'^"^t'^ °> 
Hydiomeohanioe. Pert 1, HydnwUticB. 6>h ed. 
8to. S|x ft|, pp. 9T9, «e. Bsu., Maf 04 

Beat (E. D.}— Bou UjsHt*. Filteen Hjrteriei 
of Host Holy BottTj ; oUier Joy*, Sorrows, >nd 
Oloriei of Morj. lUni. with cxipiei ol Bottij 
freeooea of QioTuni di Ban QioTuiui utd other 
krtiata. Imp. Sto. 10} x TljPp. G04, parchment, ; 

1S(. net WabhboDbiib, Sep. 04 I 

Beet, 8tor;olH.Eoiin,farJhniim (A.J ...Dec.Ca \ 
Beet Wkyt ont of Loudon Sic, lloniafii {John i 

Soott) li, 6d. net Apr. 04 | 

Seatea Qedichts (Die)— Der 
HerauageeebeD von Bolt . . 
Hnndert Lyrik. ISmo. awd. fid. 

B. B. John BOH, Dee. 04 

Betheadk Chapel, Leaeh (Chi.) la. Sd. Apr. 04 

Bethik'i Button, BandtU (John) 6b. Feb. 08 

Bethink YotmelTeiJ Toltloy (Leo) Sd., li. net 

Sethual Qreen Branch UtiBecun (CoUeotions in) 

Brief Qnida to, IJd Etu A 9. Not. 04 

Bettui; ( Jeuiia Qto;nne)— ■aaSornoAan (Hra. C.) 


BattBrSideoIUuriage. ISmo. 1b. Bd. net j Bwd. HowBUT, Mar. 04 

Betting, Ommbling, Hogge {3. M.] 6d. Jan. 04 

SettlBoa (W. J.)— Lkde of the Bible, lamo. 
6}x4|,pp. lae, iB 3.P.C.K. Juna Oi 

■MtB (J. B.)— System ol Free OymnaatJOB end 
Light Dnmb-Bell Drill, niua. 16mo. limp, 
iB. 6d. net Gum & P. Oct. 04 

Between the ActB, Nevimon (Hy. W.) Sb. ...Dec. 04 

Saawa (C. A. B(un(e-)-~FortrutB ol SeTsnteenth 
Cenloiy, Hiitorio and Liierwy. TransL by 
Katharine P. Wormeley. a toIi. Illiu. Sto. 
a X e}, pp. 030, 21b. net PuTHiv, Son. 04 

••Tan (£.)— Jenualem under tlie High PrieatL 
Five leotnreB on period between NehemiAh uid 
New TeBUmcDt. Sto. S x 5}, pp. 183, Tb. 6d. 

E. Ahmold, Oct. 04 

Bevan (Emma F,)— boo Bevan (Francea) 
Sto. Six E|, pp^ 890, 8b. 6d. 
RiL.TxiCT Soc. Aug. 04 

Beraa (T.)— War Ood and the Brown Haiden. 
niu. Cr. evD. 7i X 4[, pp. SSO, Ba. Sd. 

W. CoujnE, Oct. 04 

SawarlAr* [A. J.}— Bnaeian Advance. Hapa. Sto. 
8i X E|, pp. 494, 10b. 8d Eisfib, Dee. 08 

avrarMce (W.)— Short History ol the West- 
minater Aaaembly. Cr. Sto. 71x4], pp. 186, 
9s. 6d. net T. di I. Cubk, tl<yB. 04 

BcTis (All Wm.}, Loa {D.) Machine Drawii^, 1b. 6d. 
Dec. OS 

Beria, Boy, Jefetiei (Biohard) 6i Nov. 04 

Bewler (E. T., Sir)— Notea on the Lowthen who 
held Jodjoial office in Ireland in the aeventeenth 
oentniy (Sir Qerard Lowther, 1610-1694; Sir 
Lancelot Lowther, 1617-1667. Sir Gerard Low- 
ther, 1898-1660) . . . Reprinted (rom the 
Cnmberlaud and Westmorland Antiqnariaa and 
Arclueological Society's TransactionB Ac. Sto. 
pp. 98, pr. pr (Kendal) T. Wilbom, Dec OS 

PadigTMB (rf the Family from 1881 to , 

day, lUiw-withtoldingPlateiolPedigiMi. Sto. 
pp. lee, 11*. Bd. net 

(Doblin) Wuxua HoQu, Oct. 0» 
Cnmberlaiid and tbelt Irish fto. 

....Oct. « 

(H.E.)— Letty'tBomaaUeBecmt. Ob. 

•nut. at. dTO. Is. E. Stock, (M. 04 

■eyerlalti (F. A.)— 'Jena' or 'Sedan'T NoroL 

Cr. Bto. 71 x G, pp. 8S8, 6a. ...Hmmaixir, Oct. 04 
B^lehi (F. A.), Simiida H^;ewalt, te. nat 

■•rle (H. H.)— Dn Epiaode de guerre. Ed. J. E. 

Hichell, Fcap. 8to. pp. 46. 4b. {LittU Prenek 

OUutie*) _ Buam, Dec 0> 

BhBgaTadOitB,Sfud>etin lB.6d.nat Dec 04 

Bianoa'B Caprice, Boberlt (Horley) 6a. ' .Apr. 04 

BlMe (A Dictionary of the)— Deling with ila 

Longiiaige, Lileiatme, Contents : iwda. Biblisal 

Theology. Edit by James Hastings, with a sals- 
' '* ' A. Belbis. Extra voL oontainiu 
"jnp. Sto. 11 x 71, pp. 9tO, 

, .T. ft T. CLaBx, July 04 

Bible a Hiaaionary Book, Earton (Bbt. B.) ta. ti. 

net Sep. 04 

Bible, Beginning ol World, Jonei (E. Bnma-) 7b. 60. 

net Oet. OS 

■Ible Concordance (Handy), and Index to Fenona^ 

Plaoea, and Sabjeots oecnrring in Holy Bcnphuaa. 

19mo.iimp, 8d. net Bthb i S. jMia04 

Bible, End of the, OUphant (Mrs. J. S.) Bs. 6d. 


Bible Flowers, Coles (B. A.) is. 6d. net Oet. 04 

Bible from Stan, of F " "' "" "■ ' " 

(Bamaden) Bb. ed. 

Bible Handbook, Angue (Jos.), Qreen (S.) Ss. net 

Bible Intro., OtMrnberUn (Q. L.) 4s. Bd. net July H 
Bible Leagae AddresBes, WtKe (H.) nr. ...Deo. Ot 
Bible Lessons, Beginoers., Arclubald (Oeo. Hamil- 

lon) 9b. ed Jan. 04 

Bible — Lipalo taa Testament e Sgologolo. LesBoni 
from Old Testament for Snudays Ao. in Beooanat. 

Cr. Sto. pp. BBS, 9a Sd. B.P.C.E. Sep. 09 

Bible, Men of the, Lesaer-known Charaoten, Sa. ed. 

net Woe. 04 

Blble-^Na Hagore ke Tabn i Janingta, Old Teat. 
pOitnB. in Bngotn. Fap. Sto. pp. 97SL 8a. 

S J-.CX Sep. OS 
Bible, New Story of, Leonard (Wm. A.) Ss., la. 

Oct. 04 
Bible Beoords of Earth's ChacgoB, Leaiii, Bd. 

BibU School, 9-^19, McKiTmeg (A. H.) Ba. ed. net 

Bible School, Pedagogic, Hatlett (SmL B.) Ga. net 

Jan. 04 

Bible Bodety, Canton (Wm.) la. Sd. net ...May 04 

Bible Soc., Hist Brit & Ft., CaTtton (Wm.) BOa. net 

Frf. 04 

Bible Soc, Story of, Oantan (Wm.) Ba. Jlfor. 04 

Bible, Btoriea bum, Haekell (Hrs. L.) la. ...Oet. 04 
Bible Stoiiea Betold, Serford (Brooke) Sa. net 

Deo. 04 
Bible Studies, Synth., Oray (J.H.) «s. n<t...J'Hl»04 
Bible, Talks to Hen, Torrou (B.) Sd. net. Is. fid. 

Bible taoght. Some Things, D. (T. B.) Is. Bd. 

Woe. 04 

Blbia (The Century}— Intro, rev. Teision with 

notes, giTing analyBis showing from which ol 

ori|[inal docnmentB each portion of the text is 

taken ; index and map. aenesiiL ed. by W. H. 

Bennett; Jndges and Rnth, ed. fay G. W. 

Thatcher, 13mo. ea. Sb. 6d. net, Ithr. 8b. Sd. net 

Jack, Feb. 04 

Bibla (The Centnir)— Kings L and IL Intro. 

rev. Tenion, with Notes, Index, and Map.* 

Ber. Prol. Skinner, llmo. Bl x 4, pp. 4BS, as. Bd. 

net ; leather, Ba. ed. net. Iaom, Mar. 04 




Blkl« (The Centmj)— Minor PropheU: Bomk, 

Joel, Anioa, Obaduk, Jonah, uid Hioah. Edil 

b; B. F. HoTfam. PmIhu l.-lnii. Edit by Prof. 

DkTidaoD. lame. m. 3l Sd. nal i Itlu. Bi. Od. nal 

JioK, May U 

nUe, TJuvugh S«now ud Joy, la. Sep. M 

BibU, to SfO, AdtHeu (Walt. F.) Is. Out. M 

BiUa Dntnutw., Jt^U <W.) 8*. Bd. net ...tfar. 04 
BfbU, Vtlne ol, Smam (H. HanUoy) ei....Jitn« M 

Bibla Wommattha, Ba. ad. nat Nov. 04 

Bfbl* Work, Wufue, StsaiiMon IPrank) to. nat 






^s (A. H.)— Duole Baugac'a Yuns ; Tklea of k 

Spirit. Cr. S*aTx4t, pp. 80, U 

H. J. jAKm, Jfar. 04 

■ICVm (Hnjahe TaattnwD-)— I«y Work and tha 
oSoe of Beadei. Ci. Bto. U k 4}, pp. lU, St. Od. 
net {HoHdboolu for ClBrm) Lohohuib, i'ai. 04 

SUl lo Legalise oertein Colimial Kaniagea. Id. 
EiSK AS. Jfar. 04 

BlIlaBde«« (A. O.)— CcJlaetion of Fnnoh Idioma, 
Sajping* and froTorbi, with their Eugliah sqoiTa- 
lenta and meaninga, aboat B0,000 phraaea, rev. by 
A. Antoiae. Boy. Sro. pp. 4(9, S>. 

A. OwEH tt Co. Pai. 04 

BiUiaidi Bxpoonded, Matutook (J. P.) rol. 1, 7a. 6d. 
net; Td.S,Ta.«d. net Feb., ifay Oi 

Billiard* Hath. Tnttad, Hmtming (O.) Bi. Sd. net 
^SD. 04 

BOliardi, Prae., Jteuton (C.) ISa. Sd. net ...July 04 

BiUa, Notea, Cheqnaa, tfatdarm (J.) a4B. ...Sep. 04 

aula ot Biohaiuu Aot, 168%^ to Codify Lao re- 
lating to Billi oTEichanga, Cheqciea, Fromisaory 
Notea. With explan. notaa and mdei by H. D. 
Chalmva. 10th edil 6to. Bj k B|, pp. lOS, 8*. M. 
Wahblow, iSov. 04 

Blllaoa (C. 1), Ward (P. S.)— Horaoa on the 
linka. Notea from Horace Hntohinaon'* 
Writings. Ch. edit. lamo. avd. la. 


BiUj Boddyloi, 8t>iofield (L.) la. net Sep. 04 

Slls«CB'.0.,Ex-LiBnt.HI>earPatherIand. NotoI. 

Or. Sto. T1 X 41, pp. see, Ba. Lavb, Dec. 04 

BUM (F. O.)— Lieb Vaterland. Bomana ana 

dem Boldatenleban, Cr. firo. awd. ta. 6d. 

Nun, Nov. 04 
mUam fF. O.}— Life in a Garrison Town. Military 

Ninal nppreaied by the Qermaji Qovernmont. 

Ci-STCTlKfi, pp. Iia0,6a. IiiHE, Jfar. 04 

...P»b. 04 

Biblioal Law, 

BibL Toraion, 14th C«nt., edit, by A. C. PauM, 

10a. Od. nat Jiuw 04 

KbUolheoa Idnoolnienaia, Oonu (A. R] la. Od. 


>l«kerdTk« (J.) and Othera— How to Boy Fiah- 

ingTwdOa. Cr. 8to. T x 4^, pp. ISO, la. ed. net 

(■JHoHi to Bun ' Beriat) NKwhbs, Jan. 04 

Btek&*m (W. S.)— Teit-Book of Oparatira Sor- 
gary tor Btndenta and Praotilionera. Snd edil 
Dlna. Boy. Sto. »i x el, pp. eS4, SEa. net 

BxcHDKii, June 04 
Bicyele, to Build a, WilUanu (H. B. B.} Od., la. nat 
I, ^ 

Bid for Freedom, BoofUy (Qny) Oa. Oct. 04 

mUAn (H.)— A I«mp nnto my Feet Ch. ed. 

w. Sto. Is. net B. Stock, Itan 04 

Stddnlph (B^ BirHLoid CardweU at the War 

OBoa, Hiatory ot hii Adminiatration, ISSfk- 

1BT4. Fortr. Sto. S) x B j, pp. 388, 9a. net 

1. Hdbhit, Apr. 04 
■tdrood ( J.)— Blamentary Phyaioa and Cbemiatiy 

lor Sohoola. Book IIL CSiamiatry. Cr. Bto. 9*. 
LoNaMisB, Apr, 04 

Bidpai,.^iiHap-i-8Dliaili,81a. Sd., IBs. May 04 

aiCMmr (J.>— Hyatory ol Sleep. Ct. Sto. Tl x B, 

as. Bd. . 


mmoiay (T. H.)— BI CTprian on the Lord's 

Prayer, English TtansL with Intro, llmo. 

SI X 41, pp. 84, le. ed. tBarly Church OUutia) 


Blndloas (H.)— Darentry'a Daughter; NotbI. 

Cr. Sto. 71 x 41, pp. S70, Sa. Chatto, Oct. 04 

Slndloas (H.)— League ot the Leopard. Cr. 8*o. 

el X 41, pp. 814, Se. J. LOKO, July 04 

!• (H.) — True Grit. AdTeutnrea of Two 
s Weatem Atrioa. Cr. 8td. 71 x B, pp. 880, 

Pabtbidos, Oct. 04 

Bindweed, BiiMtttt (N. E.) Ba. Jfar. 04 

BiDsham (Joel Foote, Ber.) JVanaoni (A.) aaored 

Hymna and Dapoleonio Ode, lla. net Not. 04 

BUutead (H. E.HCreed ol a Modani Chriatian. 
Cr. 8to. 71 X «1, pp. 144, 1*. net 

Btocewsu., July 04 
Blnat»a (H. E.)— Fnmitnr* Styles. Sto. x ti, 

pp. 100, Sa. net Botwuobt, D»e. 04 

SloTon (L.)— Dntch Etohen ol 17th Centnrr. 
Imp. Sto. 10{ x 71, pp. 80, 8a. ed. net IPorlfolto 

Monograph; re'iasuej SilLBt, Nov. 04 

Bioohemlst^ ol Moaale Bla-, BalUburion (W.) 

7a. Bd. net Nov. 04 

Biog. ot PiWrie Qirl, ^itai (E.) Sa Sep. 04 

Biogr. Philoa., Frater (Alezr. Campbell) 11a. ed.nt. 
Biology, Coaack'a, Clarke (Wm. E.), 3s. Sd. net 

Jon. 04 
Biology &c. Primer, Mundg {Bandal) la. Bd. 

Sep. 04 
Blrob (E. A.)— Hanasament and Medical Treat- 
ment ol Children in Lidia. 4th ed. euL Cr. Bto. 

pp. B14, 10a. Sd. TiucuB, S. A C. Dee. 01 

Blnb (W. de G.)— Catalogue of a Collection ot 
Original MSB. lormerlj belonging to the Holy 
OfBoe ol the Inqniaition in (he Canary laUndL 
and DOW in the possession ot the Marqaeaa of 
Bute, prepared under the diieation of John, Sid 
Marqoesa ol Bote. 3 Tola. 8to. SBb. nat 

BiiACiwooD A B. Feb. 04 
aireh (W. da Qru)— DeiwiptiTe Gatalogoe ot 
the Penrioe and lu^gam Abbey HSS. in posses- 
sion ol Mias Talbot ot Margam. 4th Senea 

Pb.Pb- Oct. 04 

Blr« (J. T.)— Babbits tor Profit. Praotioal Tiea- 

tiae on Profitable Breedii^ and Management. 

Bins. Cr. Bto. Coi.i.iiianii>oi, fail. 04 

Bird-Keepin^ITsifoU (W. FeroiTal) Is. ...May 04 

Bird Life in W. Wales, Bond {3. A. Walpolo-) Is. 

Bird life Fictorea, Lodge (B. B.) 10s. Sd. net 

Aon. 04 

Bird Notaa from Nile, Cecil (I^dy W.) St. Sd. net 


Birds' Egga— Butter (Arthur) 11a. net June 04 

llTflB' Egga (British)— Coloured Bloa-ot B80 E| 
With occasional Notaa by Henry Beebo 

Imp. 8 *"' — ~- -= *• • 


With occasional Notaa by Henry Beebolmi. 

Imp, Sto. lol x 81, Bla. Bd...BouTi.Bi>ai, Jufte 04 

Birds, Game, ic, Bidia, Jfesaurier (A. le) Us. net 


Birda in their Seasona, Owen (J.) Is. Sd. nat 

Birda, I^nd, Baa, Boration (la. Maolair) lOs. Bd. 

net Nov. 04 

Birda, N. Amerioau, Key, Ccuei (E.) SOs. nl Oct. 04 

Birda of a Feather, Seliett (B.) 8a. Bd Mar. 04 

Birds of India, Game Ac, Menurier (A. le) 31b, nt. 

Oct. 04 

Birda withont Neat, Turner (Mrs. C. M. de) Is. Sd. 

net July 04 

Biimmgham, Stafford, Ac, SeUy"! Direc 8Ss. 

Birmingham, Ac. Direc, Bennett, 7a. Bd., 11b. Sd. 
June 04 

(Ethel), Pollard (Alice)— Corot. 87 

IBmo. 8x41, pp. IBS, 9b, Sd. net (Xtttle 

Booke on Art) Msthuen, Oct. 04 

Blrt (H. N.)— Liugard's History of England, 
Newly Abridged and Bronght Down to the 
AoGceaioD of King Edward VU. Vol. 1, la. Sd.; 
ToL3, 8s. Cr.BTO. BKU.,B«p.%V 






Birth of Hope, Bagater (John) Is. net ......May 04 

Birth-rate Uixninntion, Ta/yldr (J. W.) li, net 

Birthday Book, George Oroaamith^ 28. 6d. net 

Oct, 04 

Birthday Book, The (Mr. and Mrs. Eidwd.) Oompton^ 

6d. net July 04 

BirtliB, Deaths, and Marriages in Scotland — 49th 
Annual Beport of the Begistrar-G«neral of, for 
1908 ; and 89th Annnal Beport on Vaccination, 
for 1902, with Abstracts. Sro. 6d. [2016] 

Etse 9c S. Aug. 04 

Birtlis, Marriages, Deaths (Ireland) — Supplement 
to 87th Beport, contaiiiing Decennial Sum.- 
maries for 1891-1900. Diagrams. Is. 8d. [2089] 

Etbe & S. Aug. 04 

BirtliA, Marriages, Deaths (Ireland)— 40th De- 
tailed Annual Beport of Begistrar-General 
(Ireland), 1908. Diagrams. 2s. 6d. [2222] 

Eybe & S. Nov. 04 

Bishop (Edm.) Liturgical Note on Prayer Book 
of Aedelwald, 21s. net Sep. 02 

Bisbop (Isabella L.) — Among the Tibetans. 
Many illns. New ed. cr. Svo. 7}x4|, pp. 160, 
Is. 6d Bel. Tbact Soc. Feb. 04 

Bisbop (Isabella L.) — Among the Tibetans. Many 
illus. New ed. cr. 870. bds. Is. 

Bel. Tbact Soo. Feb. 04 
Bishop's Amazement, Murray (David Christie) Is. 

Bishop's Amazement, Murray (D. C.) 6d.nt. Apr. 04 

Bisboprlos of Southwark and Birmingham Bill — 
Beport from Standing Committee on Law, &c. ; 
with Proceedings [179], Id. ...Etbe & S. June 04 

Bitter Fruit, Cameron (Mrs. L.) 2s. 6d Nov. 04 

Blaok (C. B.)— Holland. 2nd edit 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

Black, May 04 

Blaok (C. B.)— Normandy and Picardy. 6th edit. 

12mo. 28. 6d Black, May 04 

Blmok (H.)— Practice of Self-Culture. Cr. 8vo. 
7i X Hi PP* ^70, 8s. 6d Hoddeb A S. Nov. 04 

Black (John)— Hishrigg. True Tale. Edit, by 
P. A. Uaddow. Cr. 8vo. 6s. Foulis, Nov. 04 

Black (Mave H.)— Stories from Balladland. Bins. 
Cr. 8yo. l\ x 4^, pp. 224, 8s. 6d. 

DiOBT & L. Dec. 04 
Black Arrow, R L. Stevenaofif 2s., 8s. net.. .Afar. 04 

Black Dyke, QutJtrie (Bamsay) 8s. 6d Aug. 04 

Black Fortmght, Hall (G. Bome) Is. Mar. 04 

Black Shilling, Barr (A. E.) Os Aug. 04 

Blaok Tulip, Dumaa (Alexre.) 6d Feb. 04 

Black, White, Yellow, Oluckstem, 6d. net Mar. 04 

•Black and White' War Album. The Fight in 
the Far East. Illus. Hist, of Busso-Japanese 
War of 1904. Folio, 7s. 6d. net... Office, Dec. 04 

Black's Guide to Brighton and its Environs. 18th 
edit. 12mo. swd. 6d Blaok, June 04 

Black's Guide to Derbyshiro. With Sherwood 
Forost. 18th edit. 12mo. 2s. 6d. Black, Aug. 04 

BlaokaU (B. H.)— Up-to-Date Air Brake Cate- 
chism 18th cd. or. 8yo. 8s. 6d. net .. .Spon, Jan. 04 

Blackbnm (H.)— Art of niustration. New ed., 
rev. to date. Chap, on Coloured Illus. by J. S. 
Eland. Cr. 4to. pp. 262, 16s. net 

(Edin.) J. Gbakt, Feb. 04 

Blackburn (V.)— Mendelssohn. 12mo. 6^x8^, 
pp. 62, Is. net ; leather, 2s. net {Miniature Senea 
of Muaiciana) Bell, Mar. 04 

Blackle's Chfldron's Annual. 4to. 11 x 8|, pp. 192, 
8s. 6d. Blackib, OetOi 

Blackle's Complete History Beaders. Second 
Book of Stories from History. 12mo. Is. 

Blackie, Mar. 04 
Blackmore (B. D.)— Loma Doone. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Low, Oct. 04 
Blackmore, Loma Doone, 6d Aug. 04 

Blackmnlr (W. J.)— Sawmill Work and Praotioe: 
Book for Owners, Overseers, and Operatora of 
Wood-Working Machinery. Cr. Svo. 7^x41, 
pp. 166.8s. 6d W. Bidbb, Mar. 04 

Blagge (M.) — see Godolphm (Margaret, Lady 

Blair (W. E.)— How to make a Garden. Praotioal 
manual for Amateur Gkrdeners. Cr. Svo. 6^ x 4f , 
pp. 166, Is. 6d. ; swd. Is. 

Cable Publibbino Co. Nov, 04 

Blake (C. J.)— Chris Wharton. Cr. 8vo. Is. 6d.; 
bds. Is. (Chatterbox Library) 

Gabdneb 9c D. Nov. 04 

Blake (E.)— CoUtis (Tubal Catarrh), Appendicitis, 
and their Allies. Svo. 8| x 6^, pp. 168, swd. 2s. 6d. 
net ....•• i. Glaibbeb, Apr, 04 

Blake (Emilia Aylmer)>HBee Gowing (Mrs. A.) 

Blake (J. M.)— In the Wind of the Day. 2nd 
edit. 16mo. bds. 2s. net G.Allen, Sep. 04 

Blake (J. M.)— Lily Work. Bins. 4to. 74 x 5^, 
pp. 100, 2s. 6d. net G. Allen, Sep. 04 

Blake (J. M.) — Beasonsble View of Life. Essays 
towards Uunderstanding of Methods and Work- 
ing of the Eternal Love. 12mo. 6i x 4i, pp. 124, 
Ithr. Is. 6d. net {Freedom of Faith Serie^ 

J. Clabke, Oct. 04 

Blake (J. P.)— Money God, Tale of the City. Cr. 
Svo. 74 X 4i, pp. 284, 6s Heinemann, Peb. 04 

Blake (Wm.), Langbridge (J.) 10s. 6d. net... Oc^. 04 

BUke Family Beoords, Blake (M. J.) 10s. 6d. Nov. 02 

Blaksley (J.)— Travels, Trips, and Trots, on and 
off Duty from Tropics to Arctic Circle. -2nd ed. 
Svo. 8| X 54, pp. 222, 6s.... J. J. Eeliheb, Mar, 04 

Blameless Woman, Winter (J. S.) 6d. Apr, 04 

Blanc (P. Le) — Diseases of Mammary Gland of 
Domestic Animals. Transl. by J. A. Nunn. Svo. 
8s. 6d. net BAiLLifoEiE, July 04 

Blanchefleur, TFf n^o^ (Ashmore) 6s. net ,.,Oct. 04 

Bland (E. A.)~Foxy Fielding's Friend. Cr. Svo. 
Is Bel. Tbact Soc. Jfay 04 

Blanford (H. F.)— Elem. (Geography of India, 
Burma, Ceylon. Bevised edit. cr. Svo. 7x44, 
pp. 282, 28. 6d Macmillan, Jttntf 04 

Blanshard (C) Classified Cheaa (rames, Is. 6d., 
Is Nov. 04 

Blatcbford (B.)— God and my Neighbour. Cr. Svo. 

74 X 44, pp. 214, swd. 6d. net 

Clabxon Pbebs, Aug. 04 
Blatcbford (Bobert)— Tales for the Mannes. 

Cheap edit. cr. Svo. 7|x64, pp. 280, swd. Is. 

net * Clabion,' Dec, 04 

BUze of Glory, Winter (J. S.) 6d Oct. 04 

Blenheim, Woodstock, Quidst 6d. May 04 

Blessed be the Thom-bearor, Gannett (Wm. C.) 

Is. net Oc^. 04 

Blew (W. C. A.)— Baoing. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Evebett, Auy. 04 

Blind Justice, Mathera (H.)6d Apr, 04 

Blind Loyalty, Haveiiield(Et.) 28 J«2y 04 

Blind Policy, Fenn (G. M.) Os. Oct, 04 

Bliss rW. H.>— Consistent Professions: Part of 
our christian Duty. Lord's Day, Public Wor- 
ship, Holy Communion. Three Sermons to Men. 
Cr. Svo. 74 X 44, pp. 62, bds. Is. net 

Skeffington, Nov. 04 

BUssett (Nellie E.)~Bindweed: a Novel. Cr. Svo. 
7|x 44,pp. 884, 6s Constable, Ma/r, 04 

Blitiiedale Komance &c., Hawthorne^ 8s., 8s. 6d. 
net Jan. 04 

Blond (Mrs. Aubrey le) (Mrs. Main) — Adventuros 
on the Boof of the World. Blus. 8vo. 9x6|, 
pp. 850, 10s. 6d. net Unwin Mar. 04 

Blond (Mrs. Aubroy le)— Cities and Sights of 
Spain. Handbook for Tourists. Ulus. New edit, 
cr. Svo 7x44, pp. 282, 5s. net Bell ^ot;. 04 

Blood Immunity &c., Nuttall (Geo. H.) 16s. nei 

Mar. 04 

Blood Pressure, Janeway (T. C.) 14s. net... D0C. 04 

Bloody Bridge &c., FitapoMek (Ths.) 10s. Oft 



mtamam (K-ysuait* of the Wind. Ponit Vtizj 

Tale. 4(a.8>. Sd Doine, Dee. Oi 

Blue Bab;, MoUtioorth (Wn.) Bs. Bd Oct. 0* 

Blue Beard, Pantom, Wood [Ja; H.) Qw. OS 

Bloe-Book Court Gd^ Jtovol, El. net .Jpr. U 

BIm Diyad, PoimU (C. H.) li Mar. M 

Bine Fks, HMaQ (W. H.) la. 6d. July 04 

BIuo HiU HetMioL Oba., BoUh (A.) ISs. nt /uJy M 

Bin* Moon, fiouwDNin IIiwitaDae} Ss. ^ot>. 01 

Bins WairtDoat, Byon (L. A.) 8a. 6d. Nov. 04 

Blimdell (Mrs. Frauda)— lae PtoikU (Hat; E.) 
Blondsll'i WoTthiei, Simla (H.)7i. 6d. nt. Jung 01 
Blimdei t^ an Innooeiit, .diiansri [E,j6».,..lfar. 01 
ai«Bt (Ellen M.}— Brave Betty. Cr. Bto, Tj x 1|, 

pp. iaB,li fl.P.C.K. Oct. 01 j 

■]mit (Ellen M.)— Through StrUe to TiotoTT : Medi- 
latigni on Lenlan Epiatlea. Bm, pt 8to. pp. Tfl, 

«d BJ.CK. An. 08 

■lyden IE. W.)— Africa and the Afrioana. Pro- 

eeadingi on Oaoaaion of Banqoat given at Uolbom 

Baatanraut, Angiut IB, 1B08. Cr. 8to. Bb. 6d. net 

C. H. Pbilufs, Voy 01 

BIrtb (J.)— Celibate Sarah: a NotoI. Cr. 8vo, '■ 

T] Kit, pp. 801, 6>. RlCBABDB, jlfn-. 01 

■lTtta(J.J— WithaView to Ualrinnonyi 8tori«. 
Or. Sto. TI X li, pp. 990, Sa. ...BlCBAKSa, Nov. 01 

m«un lEiamining) in Engliah Papen. L.R.C.P., 
If .B.C.S. Jan. to Oct. 1MB, 6d. 

Taylor & F, Feb. 01 

Jw>r<l of Agrieoltnre and FiBheriei — Agrioiiltaral 
Statiatioa, 1908. Beport on AKricaltnral Betnma 
relaUng to Aoreaga and Produce ol Crops and ' 
Number of Idva Btook in Oreat Britain, irith 
Summariaa tor United Kingdom, British Foswa- 
nNit and Foreign GoontriM, and Fartionlars of 
Prioaa, Imporla and Eiprata of AgricDltnial 
Prodaoe. ta.ld, [3181] Eibe J( S. .iuj/.O! I 

3«)tMI of Agrienltare and Fiiheriea— Annoal Be- | 
port ot Prooeedings onder Balmon and Freah- 
water Pisheriea Act* A«. lor 190S. Appendices. 
Diagram. Oto. Sd, [9177] Eyre & 8. Sep. 01 

"■Mtrd ot Agriculture and Fisheries — *p niial 
Beport of Proceedings ooder the Bale of Food and i 
Drugs dto. Acts, for 1008. Appendices. Svo. 8d. ! 
{8187] Eybe & 8. Oct. 01 I 

3> w <l ot Ajnicnltnie and Fiaheriea — Annual 
Beports of Prooeedings nnder the Diseases of 
Animals Acta, Ac. For 1008. Maps, Ublea. Sto. 
lid. ; Iiist of AgricnltDral Coireapondents, with 
their Instraotiona aa to Prooedure. 8va, SJd. 
[3006], [9019] ElHB & a. Junt 01 

■MU4 ot Agricnltnre and Fisheries — Beport o( ' 
Prooeedings at 11th Annual Ueeting of Kepre- 
aantativei of Antfaoritie* under Sea Fish^es 
Beg, Act, 1888, Sd. [as30] Eybe ft B. Sep. U 

BMUrd ot Agiicnltnre and Fisheries—Beport on 
Cnltivatioii and Drying ol Chicory In Qreat , 
Britain and Belginm. Appendices. Bio. 3d. i 
[Bias] Eybb & S. ,iuj7. 01 I 

Soartf of Agiicoltnre and fieheries—Harket 
PriOBS per weak, ea. Id. ...EvBK & S. Jan. &c. 01 I 

aoBTd ot Education (Sooth Kensington)—Art, | 
Examination Papers, May and June lOOS, Sd. ; 
Science, Boyal CoUwe, with which is incor- ' 
Derated the Boyal School ol Mines. Prospectos, | 
Beaaion 1908-4, ed.; Tools and Hateriale used in | 
Etching and EngraTing, Is, ; Waler.Coloor , 
Painting* ot British School, and circulating 
Collection CaUlogae, Id Eybe ft 8. Feb. 01 

Xou4otBdDeation—Eiacaination Papers, 1891- 
ISOS. Fint Stage Botany. Cr. Svo. pp. IB, swd. 
•d. First Stage TheoreticaJ Inorganic Chemistn 
(Altamatire Course). Cr. Sto. pp. SB, awd. 8d. 
{OrgoMiud Sdenca Beriei) Clivb, Apr. 01 

■••Td ot Education— EiaminatJOD Papers 1891- | 
1908. Fint Stage Practical Organic Chemistry I 
Papers, pp. 16, Bwd. Sd. ; Becond Stage, pp. 16, I 
or. 8vo. awd,8d. (Ory. Sni. Ser.)... Ci,iys, Maf Oi I 


Soajrd ol BdncatioD Eraminatione — Certificate, 


r 1008. Cisai 

Besidential and Day Training Collegea, 6d. 
King's Scholarihip, Deo. 190S— Qneations pro- 
posed to Candidates far Admission into Training 
CoUegeB and lor the Office of Teacher under 
Artidet IH) and e9. Code ot 1008. Bd. 

Low, Mar. 04 

Board of Edacation— Code of Begnlationa for 
Public SUemantaiy Bohools, 1904. With Sche- 
dules. 8to. 8d. [3071] Eybb ft S. Juiu 01 

Board of EdnoatioD (South Kensington)— Evening 
Examination Papers, 1S04-1908 ; First Stage, 
Hygieae; Firal Stage, Theoretical Inoiganio 
Checaistry; Second Stage, Magnetism and 

{Org, 8ci. Serial) Clive, Feb. 01 

i: Elementary 
nnder the 
Adminiatration of the Board, 1008-1. S*o. 9a. 

[3011] Eybe ft S. June 04 

Board ot Education — Paintings by Oaorga 
Norland, Eibibition Catalogue, Sd. 

Eybe ft B. June 01 
Board of EdnoaUon — PlaiminK and Fitting.up 

■""■"' ^ . . , . ...Y. . ... oijg^;^ 

Pnblio Gleoientary Schools ; rule 

in, ad Eybe ft S. July 01 

Board of Education — Begnlationa, dated May 18, 
1901, providing for Grants on account of the 
Education ol Defective and Epileptio Children 
and prescribing Conditions to be lulnlled by Cer- 
tified Sohools tor such Children Svo. Id. [3087] 
EvBX ft 8. July 04 

Board of EdocatioQ -Regulations, dated Joly 11, 
1001, providing tor Grants on Account of Edaca- 
tion of Defective and Epileptic Children, and 
prescribing Conditions to be fulfilled b; Certi- 
fied Schools for such Children, l^d. [3163] 

Eybe ft a. Aug. 01 

Board ol Education— Begnlationa tor Evening 
Schoola. Teohnioal loatitntions, and Schools ol 
Art and Art Classes. From AogUBt 1, 1901, to 
July Bl, 1906. Bvo. Sd. [9173] ' 

Eykb ft 3. Aug. 04 

Board of Ednoation— Bc^ulations for InstruotioD 
and Training ot Pnpil Teachers, 1001-6. 8to. 
9H [3140]; Minute, dated July T, 1904, modify- 
ing Code of Begulations tor Public Elementary 
Bcliools, 1001. id. [9141] ...Eybb ft S. Aug. 04 

Board of EdncatiOB — Begulations for Baoondaiy 
SchoolafromAug. 1,1001, to July 81, ISOE. Svo. 
Sd. [3138] EiU ft S. July 01 

Board of Education- Begolations tor Training 

ot Teacher* and tor Examination ol Student* in 

Training Collc^a. Appendices. 8va 4d. [31B4] 

Eybe ft B. Aug. 01 

Board of Education— Beport ol, tor 1908-1. Ap- 
pendioea. Svo. B^d. [3371] Eybb ft S. Oct. 01 

Board of EdnoaUon — Beports from University 
Colleges, 1908. 8to. lOH Eybe ft S.i^eb.Ol 

Board of Edacation— SyUaboa of Physical Exer- 
cises for Use in Pubhc Elementary Schools, Ud. 
Ditto Extract, Table of Exercises, ad. 

Eybe ft S. Sep. 04 

Board of Trade Exam., Beed't New Qnesuona, 
3a. 6d. net Sep. 01 

Board of Trade Exam,, WiUiame (J. B.) Sa. net 


Boardman (J. H.}— Grammatical Terms Ex- 
plained. Cr. 8to. limp, 1*. net {Nomuil Tut. 
Seriti) SixYxiH, Sep. 04 

Boardman (J. H.) — Up-to-date Information. Cr. 
Bto. swd. 6d. net {Normai Tut. Ser.) 

NOBHAI. Pbe8B, Julyf» 

Boarda of Ouardian* (Persons in Receipt of 
Belief) — Return showing Number ol Persons ol 
each Sex over SO Yeare of A^ in Beceipt of 
Relief on 1st Sept. 1908, 9a. n.lS] 






(Mra. Fiederiok)~With MQton and the 
CaTaliera. Cr. 8vo. 8x5, pp. 844, 68. 

NiBBBT, Sep. 04 

Bob (Insnlated) and other Headings. Anzmal 

Volame of 'Herald of Meroy' and 'BevivaL' 

4to. 18. MoaoAN & 8. Oct. 04 

Bob's Heroine, Butler (M. M.) Is. Jan. 04 

Boocaoelo — Decameron; or, Ten Days' Enter> 
tainment. Fine paper edit. 12mo. 6}x4A, pp. 
688, 2s. net; Ithr. Ss. net Chatto, Dee. 04 

Booeaeeio— Tales from the Deoameron. 12mo. 
6d. net {Nat. Lib.) Cassell, Nov. 04 

BoddlnrtOB (Helen)— Voice from the Void: 
NoTel. Cr. 8yo 7| x 6, pp. 819, Os. 

HuBST Sb B. Oct. 04 
Boden's Boy, Gallon (Tom) 68. Sep. 04 

BodlafftOB (O. E.) — Outline of French Law of 
Evidence. 8vo. 6s Stbvbmb & 8. July 04 

Bodkin (M. MoD.)— Patsey the Omadaon. Cr. 

8Ta 7| X 4|, pp. 266, Ss. 6d Chatto, Feb. 04 

Body Building, Sandow (Eugen) Is. Oct. 04 

Boobm (E. C, 8ir)— Persian Ghilf and 8outh 8ea 
Isles. 8to. 8| X 6|, pp. 196, 68....H. Cox, Attg. 04 

Boolimor (E.)— Bibliotheca Wiifenia. 8pani8h 
reformers of two centuries from 1620, their 
lives and writings, according to the late Benja- 
min B. Wiffen^ plan and with the use of his 
materials describea. VoL 8, large 8vo. pp. 202, 
98. net A. Owen & C. July 04 

Boer War, Hist, OunUffe (F. H. E.) 2, 16s. Oct. 04 

Boro j-Man 8mall Pox. By Balaam's Ass. Cr. 
8vo.swd.6d. Au. & Bx8LLB8.'Co-op. All. Mar. 04 

Boileau Desnr^ux, Satiree of, 2s. 6d June 04 

Boishebert (Mme. dej — see Bovet (Marie Anne de) 

Bolafl (T.)~Dyes, 8tains, Inks, Varnishes, 
Polishes, Arc. 2nd ed., with additional matter. 
Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net Dawbabn & W. Apr. 04 

Bolafl (T,)— Dyes, 8tains, Inks, &c, Cr. 8vo. Is. 
net Dawbasn & Co. May 04 

Boldt (J.)— Trachoma. Transl. by J. Herbert 
Parsons and Thos. 8nowball. Intro, chapter by 
E. Treacher Collins. 8va 9 x 6|, pp. 284, 7b. 6d. 
net HoDDBB & 8. Oct. 04 

Bolen (G. L^)— Getting a Living: Problem of 
Wealth and Poverty. 8vo. 88. 6d. net 

Macmillan, Feb. 04 

BottOB (G. B.y—A Specialist in Crime. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 278, Ss. 6d. Riohabdb, /una 04 

Bolton (H. C.)— 8eleot Bibliography of Chemistry, 
1492-1902. Second Supplement. Boyal 8vo. 
swd. pp. 462, 7s. 6d. net W. Wsblbt, Nov. 04 

Bolton (Sarah K.)— Famous Artists. 8vo. 8i x 6^, 
pp. 426, 7s. 6d. net Sdcpkim, Sep. 04 

Bomlm J through the Camera. Album of 66 pho- 
tographs. Obi. 4to. 4s. 6d. net 

Tabapobbvala, Nov. 04 

Bon-Mots of Charles Lamb and Douglas Jerrold. 
Edit, bv Walter Jerrold. Grotesques by Aubrey 
Beardsley. 18mo. 6| x 8^, pp. 192, Is. net ; Ithr. 
Is. 6d. net Dbnt, Oct. 04 

Bon-Mots of Samuel Foote and Theodore Hook. 
Edit, bv Walter Jerrold. Grotesques by Aubrey 
Beardsley. 18mo. 6^^ x 8^, pp. 192, Is. net ; Ithr. 
Is. 6d. net Dbnt, Oct. 04 

Bon-Mots of Sydney Smith and B. Brinsley 
Sheridan. Edit, by Walter Jerrold. Grotesques 
by Aubrey Beardsley. 18mo. 6^x8^, pp. 192,; Dent, Oct. 04 

BonA-fide Negot., S. Africa Wi.MeUadew (B.) 6d. 

Feb. 04 

Bonar (A. A.) — Heavenly Springs. Portions for 
SabbaUis of a Tear, selected from diary, letters, 
sermons. By his daughter, Marjory Bonar. 
12mo. 6i X 8^, pp. 220, Is. 6d. net 

HoDDEB & 8. Sep. 04 I 

Bonar (H.)— >Hymns. Selected and ananged 1^ 
his son, H. N. Bonar. Brief history of some of 
the hyxnns, 6 faoaimiles of original mannaoripta. 
Port. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 282, 6s. net 

Fbowdb, No9, 04 

Bonaventura (St.) Life of 8t Franei$t Is. 6dL, 
2s. net J^ov. 04 

Bond (H. 8.)— Handbook to Stamp Duties, oon- 
taining text of Stamp Act, 1891, ana of rabsmiient 
Bevenue Acts so uur as thev relate to ranqp 
Duties : complete alphabetical ts^le of all docu- 
ments liable to stamp duty. 12th ed. by C. H. 
Pioken. Demy 8vo. pp. 106, 28. 6d. nflt...Jtily OS 

Bond (J. A. W..)— Bird Life in Wild Wales. HIus. 
CIl ed. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4f , pp. 800, 28. Unwzm, Sep. 04 

Bono (Gertrude H.)— Provincial Tales. Cr Svo. 
Ik ^ Ht PP* 236, 68. Duckwobth, Oct. 04 

Bono (Wontrina A.) — ^Pippa's Holiday, and other 
Stories for Children. Cr. 8va 7| x 61, pp. 10% 

2s. 6d. CxjBWBif, ifo9. 04 

Bonheur (Bosa)2J9tr<i (Frank) Is., 28. nel...2>0o. 04 
Boniface (St.), WUUamaon (Jas. M.) 68. net Dee. 04 

Bonnor (Gheraldine) — To-mozxow's Tangle, a 
Novel. Cr. 8va 8 x 6, pp. 464, 68. CA88BLL,^0d. 04 

Bonno J (T. G.)~Story of our Planet HIus., some 
olrd. New ed. 8vo. pp. 608, 78. 6d. 

Casbbll, Deo. 02 
Bonnlo Scotland. Painted by Sutton Palmer, de- 
scribed by A. R Hope Moncrieff. 8vo. 9 x 6|, 

pp. 268, 208. net. Black, ^oo. 04 

Book Colleotor,fla«2»<^(W.) 78. 6d. nt; 8b. 6d. Oct. 04 

Book-keeping, Adgie ( w.) 68. ^oo.04 

Book-keetymg^Ueorthy CW.),Campling, 48. 6d. net ; 

Fieldhome (Art) 2s., 8s. Oct. 04 

Bookkeeping, lAnae (Gtourd van de) 78. 6d. net ; 

Jackson (T. Chalice) 8s. 6d. Aug^ Nov, 04 

Book-keeping, Scouller (Jn.)ls. net Nov. 04 

Book-keeping, Civ. Ser., Keefe (Jn.) Is. Feb. 04 

Book-keepinff Ex. jun., Thornton (Jn.) 6d.; 

Key, 8s. 6d. Mar. 04 

Book-keeping, FUman*9 Compl., 68. JLpr. 04 

Book-kooplnr Test Cards. Elem., InternL, Adv. 

Pkts. ea. Is. 6d L Pitkam, Afar. 04 

Book-keeping, Thornton* e Easy Exercises, Key, 68. 

net Oct, 04 

Book Lover, Baldufin (Jas/| 2s. 6d. net Apr, 04 

Book of Angelus Drayton, Beynolde (Mrs. f!) Os. 

Book of Ballads (The). Ed. by Bon Gaultier. 
New ed. cr. 8vo. 6s. net 

Blaoxwood & S. Mair. 04 

Book of Ballots, showing the Sutherland Ballot ao 

adapted for use in various elections. Oblong 8vow 

(Ontario) B. Suthbbland, Dee. OS 

Book of Bible Stories (The Sunday). lllnB. by 

Charles Bell Birch. 12ma 6| x 4||, pp. 19^ Is. 6d. 

Bagbtul Mar. 04 
Book of Common Prayer. Commonly known as 
Laud's Litursy for the use of the Church of Soot- 
land. Intro. Dy J. Cooper. Cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net 

Blackwood & Co. Oot. 04 
Book of English Poetry for the Young, ananged 
for Secondary and High Schools by H. W. Wood- 
ward. Parts 1, 2. 12mo. ea. 2s Feb, 04 

Book of Gtenesis, with Intro, and Notes by 8. B. 
Driver. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 494, 10s. 6d. 

Mbthuin, Jwn, 04 

Book of Heavenly Wisdom (A Little). Selections 
from some English Prose Mystics. 12ma 
6A X 8i, pp. 296, 2s. ; Ithr. 28. 6d. net {Librairy of 
Devotion) Mbthush, Sep, 04 

Book of Isaiah, according to Septuagint (Codex 
Alexandrinus). Transl. and edit by R R 
Ottley. I. Intro, and Transl., with pazallel 
version from Hebrew. Cr. 8va 7i x 6, pp. 846^ 
68. net C. J. Clat, Sep. 04 

Book of Lay Sermons. By some Bepresentativo 
Local Preachers. Edit by William B. Skinner. 
Cr. 8vo. 8 X 6i, pp. 262, 8s. 6d. 

H. MimsBAZiL, Hm. 04 






of Bemembrance: Lyrical SeleoiianB for 
erarr Day in the Year. Arranged by Elisabeth 
Qodfrey. ISmo. 7 x 4i, pp. 46S, Ss. 6a. net 

Mbthuxm, Nov. 04 

Book of Bnlh and Book of Esther. Cr. 8to. bds. 

48. nfl4 Gat & B. Oet, 04 

Book of Snobs, Thackeray, Is., Ss. net Feb, 04 

Book of Songs, Heine (Heinridi) 58. net ...Sep, 04 
Book of the Coontry Cottage, Leith (E. S.) Is. net 

May 04 

Soek of the Face ; or, Art of judxing Character 
from the Features and Habits, aj a Doctor of 
Philosophy. 16mo. Is Dbamb, Jan, 04 

of the Lore of Jesus — Collection of Ancient 
English DeTotions in Prose and Verse. Com- 
pQM and edit, by Bobert Hugh Benson. 19mo. 
6^ X 4^, pp. 269, Ithr. Ss. 6d. net Isbutsb, Nov. 04 

of the Simple Way of Laotse, Chinese 
Philosopher and Contemporary of uonfnoias. 
B.C. 004. New TransL from Text of Tao- 
Teh-Kinff. Intro, and Commentary by Widter 
Gknn Old. Gr. 8vo. pp. 196, Ss. 6d. net 

P. WxLLBT, Sep. 04 
of the Snipe. By Soolopax. Cr. 8to. 8 x 6^, 
pp. 908, Bs. net Blackwood & S. Sep. 04 

of Trinity College, Dublin (The Particular). 

Intro, by J. P. Hahsiffy. 4to. vellum, 68s. net 

Umwim. Aug. 04 

Book of Verses for Children. Compiled by Eward 

Verrall Lucas. New edit. cr. 8to. 7|x6, pp. 

869, 6s. RiCHABDS, Nov. 04 

Prices Current, VoL 98. 8to. 97b. 6d. 

net E. Stock, Oct. 04 

BooU>inding, Haaluek (P. Nooncree) Is ...Nov. 09 

Bookplfttes, AWnaek (E.) 9s. 6d. net Apr. 04 

Books, Annual American CataL of, Cumulated, 

1900-«, 18s. net May 04 

Books Condemned to be Burnt, Farrer (J.) Is. 6d. 

net ,,June 04 

Books I have Bead. Cr. 8yo. Is. net 

Gat & B. Oct. 04 

Booko of the East (Sacred), VoL 48 (completing 
series)— Vedanto-Sutras. Conmientary by Ba- 
mannga. Trans, by G. Thibaut. Part 8. 8to. 

95s. Fbowde, Mar. 04 

Books to Bei^ MaopjkerMon (H.) 8s. 6d. nt Nov. 04 
Booksellers, AtfUy** jDirea &o., 95s ,June 04 

Soolo (M. B.)— Preparation of the Chad for 
Soienoe. Cr. 8to. ?{ x 5, pp. 158, 9s. 

Fbowdb, Sep. 04 

Booao (W. T.) — Safe Course in Experimental 
Chemistry. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4|, pp. 188, 9s. ( Univ. 
Tut, Senee) Clive, Mar. 04 

(Eva Gore-)— Unseen Kings and other 
Poems. Cr. 8vo. 9s. 6d. net Longmans, Feb. 04 

Booth (Gtenj. Trailing of Children, Is Mar. 04 

Booth (O.) old Nursery Bhymes, 98. 6d. ...Sep. 04 

Booth (O.) Old Nursery Bhymes dug up at 

Pyramids, 8s. 6d. Oc^. 09 

Bootk (W. H.), Kershaw (J. B. C.)— Smoke Pre- 
vention and Fuel Economv. Based on German 
work by E. SchmatoUa. Blus. 8vo. 8| x 6}, pp. 
194, 6s. net Conbtabub, Oct. 04 

Boothb J (G.)— A Cabinet Secret. New edit. cr. 
8va 71 x4i, pp. 814, 98. 6d Long, Nov. 04 

Sootkb J (G.)— A Consummate Scoundrel. lUus. 
Cr.8vo.7i X 5, pp. 956, 6s....F. V. Whttb, Feb. 04 

Bootkbj (G.)— An Ocean Secret: a Novel. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 956, 5s. ...F. V. Whits, May 04 

Bootkby (G.)— Bid for Freedom lUus. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5, pp. 848, 5s Ward At L. Oct. 04 

Boothbj (G.)~Bride from the Sea. Novel. 
Ulns. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 980, 5s. Lono, Aug. 04 

Bootkb J (G.) — Countess Londa. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

F. V. Whits, Feb. 04 


8vo. 7Jx 


8vo. 7ix 



8vo. swd, 

(G.) — Desperate Consmra^. NoveL Cr. 
5, pp. 959, 5s F. y. WHITS, Oct. 04 

(G.)— Lady of the Island. Blus. Cr. 
4|, pp. 968, 5s Long, Jan. 04 

(G.) — League of Twelve. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

F. V. Whits, June 04 
(G.)— Marriage of Esther. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Wabd & L. Nov. 04 

(G.) — Mystery of the Clasped Hands. 

, 6d. NswNES, Oct. 04 

Boothbj (G.)->Sailor'8 Bride. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Wabd At L. Ma/r. 04 
Boothbj (G.)~Sheilah MoLeod. 8vo. swd. 6d 

Wabd & L. Sep. 04 

Boothbj (G.) — Uncle Joe's Legacy and other 

Stories. 8vo. swd. 6d F. V. Whits, May 04 

Bo-Voop. VoL 1904. 4to. 8s. 6d. ; bds. 9s. 6d. 

Casbsll, Sep. 04 

BorastOB (J. M.)— Birds by Land and Sea. Be* 
cord of a Tear's Work with Field-^lass and 
Camera. Illus. by photographs taken direct from 
nature by author. 8vo. 9 x 5|, pp. 998, lOs. 6d. 
net .LANS, Nov. 04 

Borchardt (W. G.)— Arithmetical Examples. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 988, 8s Bivingtonb, Feb. 04 

Borohardt (W. G.), Perrott (A. D>— New 
Trigonometry for Schools. Part 1. Cr. 8vo. 
71 >( Hi PP- 978, 9s. 6d. Bsll, Aug. 04 

Borohors (W.) — Electric Smelting and Refining : 
Extraction and Treatnient of Metals by means of 
Electric Current. 9nd Engl. edit. 8vo. 8| x 5}, 

pp. 586, 91s. net Gbiftin, Aug. 04 

Boiederlanders, Laing (J.) 8s. 6d. net Apr. 04 

Borgia (Lucre^), Oregoroviue (Ferdinand) 10s. 6d. 

net Mar. 04 

Bom Coquette, Hungerford (Mrs.) 6d. June 04 

Borneo UyBkB, Brereton (F. S.) 68 Oct. 04 

Borneo Forests, Wanderings, Boccari (Odoardo) 

16s. net Nov. 04 

Borough Seals, (Gothic, Pedriek (Gale) 958. net 

Borrow (G.)— Lavengro. Cr. 8vo. 98. 6d. 

Bi^cxis, May 04 

Borrow (G.) — Lavengro, the Scholar, the Gipsy, 

the Priest. 19mo. 6^x4, pp. 669, Is. net; 

Ithr. 9s. net {World^B Closmca) Bichasdb, Oct. 04 

BoMUiqnot (B.) — History of Aesthetic. 9nd edit. 

8vo. 9^ X 5|, pp. 596, 10s. 6d. net 

SoNNSNBOHsnr, June 04 
Boaanqvet (B. H.), Wenham (R A.)~Outlines 

of Synoptic Becora. Summary of Narrative of 

first thx«e gospels in light of modem criticism. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 999, 6s. ...E. Abnold, Nov. 04 

Boaanquet (S. B.C.), Tangye (B. T. G.)— Burden 
of Neutrality. With Notes for Onlookers in Time 
of War. 19mo. 6^ x 4|, pp. 84, swd. Is. net 

B. B. Johnson, Mar. 04 

Bosoobel I or, the History of His Sacred Majesties 
most miraculous Preservation after the Battle of 
Worcester, 8 Sept. 1651. Portrait, Plan of Bos- 
cobel and Whiteladies. Bep. verbatim from ed. 
of 1660. 8vo^paper cover. Is. ; \ mor. 9s. 6d. 

(Wellington^ Salop) Hobbon, Dec. 08 

Booe (J. C.) — Besponse m the Living and Non- 
Living. 147 Blus. 8vo. pp. 918, 10s. 6d. 

Longmans, Oct. 09 

Boooley (I.)— An Aneel Standing in the Sun: 
Book for the Bereaved. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, op. 159, 
9s. 6d. net Stockwsll, May 04 

Boss and other Dogs, Pool (M. L.) Is. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Booauot (J. B., Bp.) — Les Empires; 8me partie 
du Discours sur 1 Jiistoire universelle, aveo notes 
par L. Brandin. Cr. 8vo. pp. 60, 9d. {tUu*. Term 

Beadert) Black, Nov. 09 

Bosun and Bob>tailed Comet, Teats (J. B.) Is. net 

BosTllo (G.)— Pale-Blue and Silver. 8vo. swd. 6d. J| 

Bootlsdob, Apr. 04 






Soswell (J.) — Life of Samuel Johnson. Oxford 
ed. 2 vole. On India paper. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, 
pp. 1898, 8s. net; leather, 4s net; in 1 vol. 6b. 

net; leather, 6s. 6d. net Fbowde, Nov, 04 

BoBworth (G. F.) Ludgaie Suppl. Beaders, ea. 

Is. 6d Atig, 04 

Botanical (harden, 14th Report of Jfwsouri, 6s. net 

Jan, 04 
Botanik, Arkiv for, 1, 14, 8d. net ; 2, 1, 48. 6d. net 

Jan,^ Ma/r. 04 

Botany, Green (J. Reynolds) 1, 78. 6d Feb. 04 

Botany, Stevens (Wm. Chase), 48. 6d Feb. 04 

Botany, Brit., BdbingUm (Chs. Cardale) 9b. net 

JuZy 04 

Botany, Elem., Edmonds (Hy.) Ss. 6d Sep, 04 

Botany Lab. Notes, Harrison (J. H. S.) Dec, 03 

Botany Rambles. Part 1. In the Spring. Cr. 

8vo. limp, lOd U. Mabshall, Feb, 04 

Botany Rambles, Thomson (E.) 2, Is. ; 8, Ib. 

McM^ Sen, 04 
Botany, Second Stage, Adaptation of the Text-Book 

of Botany. Requirements of Second Stage Exam. 

Board of Edncation, South Kensington, Papers 

set from 1899-1908, Lawson (M.) 8s. 6d. Feb, 04 
Botticelli (Sandro), Oartwright (J.) 21s. net J^^ov. 04 

Bottome rPhyllis)— The Master Hope. Novel. 
Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 888, 6s. ...HuBST & B. July 04 

Bottomley (G.) — Gate of Smaragdns. Decorated 
by Clinton Balmer. Imp. 8vo. bds. 10b. net 

E. Mathewb, Oct, 04 

Sottone (S. R.) — Electrical Engineering for 
Students. With full oonstmctional details of all 
appliances described; carefully selected ques- 
tions enabling student to test knowledge from 
time to time. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 164, 2s. 
net G. Pitman, Sep, 04 

Bottone (S. R) — Radium, and ail about it. 8yo. 
swd. Is. net Whittakeb, Jfor. 04 

Sottone (S. R.) — Talking Machines and Records : 
Handbook for all who use them. Hlus. with 
examples of different types of instruments &c. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 92, Is. 6d. net 

G. Pitman, Jwne 04 

Bottone (S. R.) and others — Amateur's Com- 
panion to Workshop. Practical articles and 
suggestions for use of Amateur Workers &o. 
Cr. 8yo. 74 x 4}, pp. 122, Is. 6d. net 

G. Pitman, Oct. 04 

Souolier (Crabb-) — Violet-Leaf Treatment: its 
Value and Efficacy. 12mo. swd. Is. 

SiMPKiN, May 04 

Boughton (G. H.), BaXdry (A.) 6s., 2s. 6d....^oi;. 04 

BouiUon (Duke of), Kirhe (Hy.) 6s June 04 

Bonlfor (D. C.)~-Belgian Life in Town and 
Country. Hlus. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 244, 8b. 6d. 
net Newnes, Jtdy 04 

Bonlton (A. C. P.)— Law and Practice of a Case 
stated by a Court of Summary Jurisdiction for 
Opinion of High Court. Post 8yo. pp. 190. 6s. 

Buttebwobth, Aug. 02 

Bonlton (E. Springfield) — Geometry on Modem 
Lines for Elementary Students. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 4|, 
pp. 184, 28 Mxthuen, Jan, 04 

Bonlton (Helen)— Bats at Twilight: a Novel. Cr. 

8yo. 74 X 42, pp. 808, 6s H^emann, Apr, 04 

Boundaries, Fences, Hunt^ 14s ^eb, 04 

Bounties (Commercial, No. 2, 1904)— Reports 
by H.M. Representatives abroad on Bounties 
other than those on Shipping and Navigation 
paid by the State in the Countries in which they 
reside. 8vo. 6d Eyre & S. Mar, 04 

Boorcliler (Helen)— White Lady of the Zenana. 
Novel. Cr. 8vo 7^ x 4g, pp. 268, 6s. 

Dbake, Sep, 04 
Bourdalone, Great French Preachers, 1, 8s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 

Bourdlllon (F.) — Householder's Treasure; or. 

Things New and Old. Plain Book on Serious 

Subjects for Occasional Reading. New ed. cr. 8vo. 

74 X 4g, pp. 288, Is. 6d. net Tuynne, Mar. 04 

Bonrdlllon (F.)— Our Possessions. Short and 
simple view of some of those Good Things which 
are the present portion of the Believer. 2nd 
series. Cr. 8vo. 74 x ^h PP* ^^> ^s* ^^^ 

N18BET, Dec. 04 

Bonrdlllon (F.) — Short Sermons for Household, 
Social, and Private Reading. New Ser. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 208, 8s. 6d. S. C. Bbown, Jwne 04 

Bourgeois Gentilhomme, M(Mre, 8d. Dec, 02 

Bovriret (P.)— Un Divorce. Cr. 8vo. swd. 28. 6d. 

Nutt, Au^, 04 
Boume'e Handy Assurance Manual, 1904. (New 
Series.) Edit, by F. Haroourt Eitchin. Cr. 
8vo. 7 X 44, pp. 264, Is. 6d. ; swd. la. 

E. Wilson, Aug, 04 
Bonrne** Insurance Direotoryi 1904. 8vo. 68. 

£. Wilson, Jan, 04 

Bonrrienne(F.De) — Memoirs of Napoleon. Newly 

rev. 4to. 68. net Hutchinson, Sep, 04 

Bovtmy (E.)~The English People. Study of 
their Political Psychology* Transl. from French 
by E. English, Intro, by John Edward Courtenay 
Bodley. 8vo. 9 x 6^, pp. 868, 168. Unwin, May 04 

Bow of Orange Ribbon, Barr (A. E.) 28. ...Apr. 04 

Bowden (C. 8.), Simple Cyclopssdia for Cath., Is. 

Feb. 04 

Bowen (C. T.)— Vaginoid ; or, the Island of Liviiig 
Death. (Vegetarianism in verse.) 8vo. 7d. 

W. Scott, Dee, 04 

Bowen (W. E., Hon.) — Parochial Sermons. 2nd 
ser. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. net Nisbbt, Sep. 04 

Bowen (W. E.)— Ritualism in the English Church. 
A Recess Inquiry. Compiled. Folio, 68. net 

Nisbet, Feb, 04 

Bowers (J. P. A^— Secret of a Great Life. 
Sermon before the Eong and Queen and Membcors 
of the Royal Family in Sandnngham Church, on 
Sunday morning, January 17, in commemoration 
of deau of General Gordon. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

Skeffinoton, F^, 04 

Bowker (W. R.)— Dynamo, Motor, and Switch- 
board Circuits for Electrical Engineers. A 
practical book dealing with the subject of direct, 
alternating, and polyphase currents. Roy. 8vo. 
94 X 6|, pp. 182, 6s. net Lockwood, Apr, 04 

Bowker (W. R.)— Management of Electric Tram- 
ways and Light Railways. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 
802, 98. net Spon, June 04 

rles (T. G.) — National Finance ; Imminent 
Peril, ttoy. 8vo. swd. 6d Unwin, Nov. 04 

Bowley (A. L.) — Statistical Studies: relating to 
National Progress in Wealth and Trade smce 
1882 : Plea for further inquiry. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 44, 
pp. 102, swd. 2s. net ..P. S. KiNo, Mar. 04 

Bowling, Gentle Art, Aylwin (Sam) Is. net May 04 

BozaU School. Tale of Schoolboy Life. By 
Author of '.Expelled.' Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 260, 
Is. 6d. {Schoolboys* Series) Nisbet, Sep. 04 

Boxing, Newton (A. J.) Is. Oct, 04 

Boy (An Old) — Early Days at Uppingham under 
Edward Thring. Cr. 8vo. 7|x 6, pp. 174, 8s. 6d. 
net Macmillan, July 04 

Boy Life in our Cities. Studies written by various 
authors for the Toynbee Trust. Edit, oy E. J. 
Urwick. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 64* pp* 886, 8s. 6d. net 

Dent, Nov, 04 

Boy's Uiad, Homer, Perry, Os. Nov. 02 

Boy's Own Annual, 1904. Fol. 88. 

Rel. Tract Soc. Sep. 04 
Boycott (A. E.) — Ankylostoma Infection — Report 
on Diagnosis of, with special reference to Ex- 
amination of the Blood, l4d. [2066] 

Eybe & S. June 04 
Boyd (Manr Stuart)— Man in the Wood : Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 826, 6s. 

Chapman & H. Mar. 04 
Boyd (W.) — Introduction to Republic of Plato. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 204, 2s. 6d. net 

SoNNENSOHEiN, June 04 

Boyesen (H. H.) — Norseland Tales. New edit. 

or. 8vo. 7| X 44, pp. 260, Is. 6d. Nelson, July 04 




XotIb (W.>— ChrMmM at tlu Zoo. Dewsribed 

in Tane. Colonied Hint, by Hut; B. NeilMni. 

ISdu. 1x Bj, pp. IDe, la HmTHVKS, Sep. 01 

XoTls'B Court ud Conntj Ooide, Ha; IMl. 

Umo. 6a. nei; Jan. IME. ISmo. Et. net 

OmcB, Hay, Dte. M 
■»!•■*• (B.}--Hoiua on the HOI: Slor; of 

naodi OonntrT Life. TmiiL fnnn Pnmoli. 

Ci. Sto. Tl^e, pp. 8M, Sa Ndtt, Oct. 04 

SorBt«a (W. p!) — Apptioationi of tha Siuatia 

Theor; to Qaaaa, Tapom, Ac Cr. aro. Ts. net 

iltcnaAAH, May 04 

B071 in Um Btiaat, to win, 8t*UU (Cht.) 1*. sa. net 

B071 of An Sainte, liaeidntoth (H.) 1*. . 

Boja and Qirla, Our, la. Sov. 01 

Boa and Batfa, PiiMgaraid (Pen;) la. ed. ...Sop. M 
Sraea (].}~CDltaTe of Pniit Traea in Pola. Cr. 

6to. Ti - E, pp. laa, Ea. net KmuuT, Nov. M 

Brmoswall fW. H.>~TBlea of Uis CUffi : Fram 

JoWnga of Di. Wimborne. Bra 8a. Sd. net 

F. a. Hbhdxbboh, JToy 01 
Bradbarr (Frad)~-Caipet Hanafaolnie {treating 

ol Bnuaela, Waton T^ieitTj, Axminitei, Chenille 

UO nhw., Sto. pp. aOO, 10a. net 

(T<Big3aTe Honaa, Halitaz) Auihdb, Sov. 04 
and othai Poama 
UATBKwe, JVay 04 

, (O. P.) — Joafaoa Newinga; or. Lore 

Baeilliu. Cr. Sto. T| k E, pp. SSI, Ol 

SVTTH, B. JuM 04 
■rm«4on {H. E.}— A Iioat Bden. NoreL Cr. 8t0. 

T|x 4i, pp. 474, ea. HnroHiaaox, JToy 04 

Bn«d»a (H. B^All along tha BiTar, Fatal 
nme, Bliange World, Lnoiiu Dararan, loat for 
Loreu One iSa One IJcnra, Open Teidiet, Bon to 
Earth, Taken at the I1oodrW;llard'a Weiid, 
Kida ol Fie;. Kew Antboi'a edit cr. 6td. 

71 X », «k. Sa. ed. SwPKDi, D«e. 04 

■raddon (H. E.)— Aorora Flo;d. New Anthor'a 
ed.or. 8to. 7]>cfi,pp.480, 9a.fld.Biimii(, Ifeti. 04 
SraAdoa [H. B.)— Doetor'a Wife. New Anthor'a 
ed. er. 8to. T) k C, pp. 070, Sa. lld.Biifi«iH, D«e. 04 
; Dnnbai. New Anthor'a 
" «, Hov. 04 

1 (H. B.)— In High Flaoe*. New ed. er. 
Sto. 7) X S, pp. B76, la. Sd. HnCBCtsoH, Mag 04 
■raddoB (H. E.)— Phantom Fortune. Sto. iwd. 
Sd. NiwvBe, Vor. 04 

SraddoB {H. B.>-The Confliob AnUior'a edit. 

or. Sto. T] K E, ^. 406, to. Sd. ...StXFini, July 04 
araddaB(H.E.)— ThaVenetiana. New Aothar's 

adit. or. Sto. 71 X B, pp. 864, 9a. ea. Sii(PKJ]i,Z>ee. 04 
■raddon (H. E.>~Trail of the Serpent. Sto. 

•wd.Sd. NBWMEe, Sep.Ot 

IraddoB (H. E.) — Henr; Dnnbai 
ed. er. Sto. 7{ X B, pp. 880, Sa. ed. B 

— / (A. C.)— Sbakeapearean Tiaged;. I«o- 
M OB Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth. 
~ X E|, pp. BIO, lOa. net lttcitaj.u>, Dec. 04 
■radlay (Q. O.^-Innooenta' Da; Addrenea in 

-niter Abbe;. Sto. 81x6|, pp. IBO, 

J. Htorit, Sov. 04 

, (H.)— Making of Engliih. Cr. Sto. 

7| X 4|, pp. SEi, 4a. 6d UACxajuat, Mar. D4 

Xradlar (J. W.)— Colm Bock; or, Head; Work 
lor WilUng Handa. A book lor bo;B. Cr. Sto. 

red. tola. Niluih, fab. 04 

■radBer (J. A.) — Hiatar; of HoDmoatbahira, 
being ^ Hundred ofBkanfrith. Parti, Dem; 
folio, ITt X U^, pp. 144, 4ae. 

HnoikLL, HoaHM & Ci.Asn, Aug. 04 



■radabaw (F.), Bmanasl (C.)— Alien Iinaiu;r». 
tion, Sboold Beetrietioui ba Impoaad 7 CrTSro. 
71 X 4{, pp. 932, 3a, Sd. net. [Pro and Con. 

Seriei) iBBUTmn, June 04 

■radsbaw (B.)— Diotionar; of BCiueral Watera, 
Climatio Health Beeorta, Sea Balha, and H;dia- 
palhia Batabliahnkenta, 1904. ISmo, Sa, Sd. 

E. Pim., July 04 

Bradihaw'i Canala &&., BaU* (H;. Bodolpb) SIb. net 


antdsbaVB Bailwa; Hannal. Bhareholden' 

Guide and Director;, IMM. Cr. 8to. isa. 

OmcB, Mar. 04 
arady (C. T,>— A LitUa Traitor to the Sonth. 

Cr, Sto, Si. AQcnuus, Mar. 04 

■radr (C. T.)— Comer in Coffee. NotbI. Ulna, 

Cr. Bra. T| x 4{, pp. SOB, B*. PmHUi, /una 04 

aralB (Belle H.)~Holding the Bopoa, Minionar; 

Hethoda, ftc. Cr. Sto. 4a. ...Fum to W. Oct. 04 

BralB. VoL Sto. lEi. net VUomuuui, Juna 04 

Brain Book, Diminian [H. C.) Sa. net Aug. 04 

Brain, Spinal Cord, £arJlsr(L. F.}Ba.iiet....ra». 04 
Brain too. in herod. Ataxia, Barkir (Ii. F.) Ba. net 

/an. 04 

■raiae (Shaila)— Look of the Bordlejt. New 

edit. or. Sto. 71 x 4i, pp. 924, 2a. Bliczh, Oct. 04 

Sralna (Bheila B.l— Sparka from Nnraer; Fire. 

Ulna, b; Har; Wateon. New edit. Obi. 4ta. 

bda. Sa. SoEran, July 04 

Braina better than Beta on Baer.funu (JohnJ Id. 


Bramoote Ballada, Norton (Bmedle;) Ii. ...Noo. 04 

Brameld (W.) Fitrm of Bolemniaation Huriage, 

Sd.; It. net Jrar.04 

■ramler (Lot) — Death Dotiea : apportionment 
of Dotiea aa between Troatees and Legateea, 
Annoitante, la other Bene&oiaxiaa, and Poiition 
of Pnrofaaaara of Propert; with reteisnoe to 
Death Ihitiea pajable thuaon. Sto. SlxS^, 

pp. TS, 8a. Bd-oet Jobdih, Oct, 04 

Brampton (Baron), Hawkint (H;.), Beminiac. 30a. 

net Ort. 04 

Sramaton (H,)— Prinoe Hereditar;. Bomanee 

for Bo;a. Froni Cr. Sto. T| k 41, pp. 2E6, la. net 

SntPRiM, Sep, 04 

Brand, Ellit, HoMUtt, Faitha, Flklr. Sli. ... Oct. 04 

Braadaa (Q.>— Hain Cnrrenta in leth Cantor; 

Literatoie. VoL 6. BomantioBohool in Pranoa. 

Sto. 8^ X El, pp. 400, lli. net Hhnbiuhh, May 04 

MraaOln (L. H.), Hartog (W. O.J— Book of French 

Proaod;. SpeouneDs irf Frensii Verse from aoth 

Centiu; to Pnami Da;. Cr. Sto. 7| x 4|, pp. BOO, 

Sa. ed. Blickh, Fab. 04 

Sraant (W, T.)— Practical Treatiae on Dirtilla- 
tion and Bectification of AloohoL Sod ed. re- 
written. lOEBlni. Sto. Sla. nst...Low, F«j). 04 
Bianteme, DnollingStoriaa, Powell (Geo. U.) 7a. Sd. 

net SfV. 04 

Braw Bing, Doumey (EdnuuLJ la July 04 

araaaOT fLord)— Fift; Yean ol Pn^reaa and new 

Fiacal Polic;. 8to. M x BJ, pp. 110, iwd. St. net 

XonaHAHB, Mar. 04 

Braaae; (T. A.) Natvxt Annual, IBs. net May 04 

Braaaey (Hon. T. A.) — Problcma of Empire : 
Pi^orB and Addresaea. Bo;. Sto. B| x S|, pp. S70, A. L, EDMPHUtta, Apr, 04 

■ranow (L. O.) — BepreaentatiTeHodam Preach- 
en. Cr. Svo. St. 6d. net., Ifar. 04 

BrareBett;, Blunt [E. M.) Is.... Oct. 04 

BntTB Dame Uar;; or, Siege of Corfe Castle. 
New edit. cr. Sto. 71 x 41, pp. 19% Is. Hd. 

B.F.C.K. Oct. 04 

BraTOr;, Blorie* oI.Sl Sd Oct. 04 

BiBTeatoltheBraTe^.dttert(ffe(H.)ls. ...Sep 04 

Bra; of Bnckholt, White (Edmnd.) 6a Nov. 04 

BraiU (Angela) —Terrible Tombo;. Illna. b; 
Am; and Angftft BrasiL Cr. Sto. Tt x 41, m, 
SS3, Be. Gil & B. Woe. ( 






Brazil— No. 1 (1904). Award of King of Italy 

■ with regard to Boundary between Colony of 

British Guiana and United States of Brazil 

(Map), 44d. [216e] Eybe & 8. 8ep. 04 

Bread, Biscuit, &c., Bakg., WeUs (Bbt.) Is. Feb. 04 

Bread, Buns, Biscuits, WeUs (Bbt) Is Jun^ 04 

Bread, History of, Aahton (John) Is. 6d. „.Nov. 04 
Bread Tax, the, Uuiigry Forties, 6b Nov, 04 

Break I How the Navy Prepares for War. By 
Tre-PolPen. Intro, article by Lionel Yexley. 
nius. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. (Fleet Series) 

Westminbteb Pbbsb, Fe&. 04 

Breakell (Mary L.)— Water-Colour Painting, 
liimo. 6i X 4i, pp. 96, 2s. net ; swd. Is. net {WaUet 
Series) E. Abnold, Oct, 04 

Breaker (L.)— Only a Jockey Boy. Australian 
Turf Tale. Cr. 8vo. U x 4|, pp. 288, Ss. 6d. ; 
boards, 2s Evsbett, July 04 

Breakers Ahead, Leins (Arthur) 6d., 8d. net Apr, 04 

Breakey (W. A.)— Common and Statute Law of 

Ireland. 2nd ed. deiny 8yo. pp. 782, Ts. 6d. 

(Dublin) Sealy. Bbtxbs h Walkeb, Oct. 04 

Breakfast, MaiUand (A. C.) Is Sep.^A^ 

Breakfast, Dinner, &c. Savoury, Senn (Charles H.) 

Ss. 6d. net Aug.OA 

Breakfast Dishes, Allen (Miss M. L.) Is. 6d., Is. 

Feb. 04 
Breare (W. H.)— Vocalism : its Structure and 

Culture, from an English Standpoint. 8vo. 

9 X 6^, pp. 142, 6s. net Simpein, Oct. 04 

Breathing, Miles (Eustace) Is Dec. 04 

Brebner (P. J.) — Mr. Quixley of the Gate House, 
nins. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 800, 8s. 6d. 

Wabke, Aug. 04 

Bremner (B. L.) — Modem Pilgrimage from Theo- 
logy to Religion, Essays in that direction. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 804, 6s Constable, Nov. 04 

Bremond (H.) — Sir Thomas More (Blessed 
Thomas More). Trans, by Harold Child. Cr. 
8vo. 7i X 44, pp. 222, 8s. {The Saints) 

DncxwoBTH, Oct. 04 

Brereton (F. S.) — Hero of Lucknow. Tale of 
Indian Mutiny. Blus. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 5^, pp. 886, 
6s. BiiACKiE, Oct, 04 

Brereton (F. S.)^With the Dyaks of Borneo. 
Tale of Head Hunters. Ulus. Cr. 8vo. 7ji x 6^, 
pp. 884, 6s Blackie, Oct. 04 

Bretherton (B. H.) — His Toung Importance. 

Novel. Cr. Bvo. 7| x 4|, pp. 806, 6s. 

Heinemann, Nov, 04 

Brethren, Haggard (H. Rider) 6b Oct, 04 

Brett (J.) — Witness of Love. Some Mysteries of 

Divine Love revealed in the Passion of our Holy 

Redeemer. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4^, pp. 66, 28. net 

LoNOMAKS, Jan. 04 
BreTlarliini Bomanum, ex Decreto SS. ooncilii 

TridentinL Restitutum S. Pii V. Pontifiois 

Maximi, Jussu editum dementis VlU., Urbani 

Vm., et Leonis XTU. Auctoritate Recognitum. 

4 vols. 82mo. 44 x 8, ea. pp. 1200. Persian, 18s. 

net ; half -morocco, 21s. net 

(Dublin) M. H. Gill. June 04 
Brewing, Lab. Studies, Brown (Adrian J.) 78. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

Bride from Bush, Homung, 6d Sep. 04 

Bride from Sea, Boothby (Guy) 5b Aug. 04 

Bridge (T. W.), Boulenger, Cambr. Natural Hist, 

7, 17s. net Nov. 04 

Bridge, Dalton (W.) Is. 6d. net Dec, 04 

Bridge— By Templar. 12mo. 6| x 44, pp. 90, Is. ; 

leather, 28. net {Club Series) Bell, Mar. 04 

Bridge ABC, Tennant fE. A.) Is May 04 

Bridge, Advau., Elwell (J. B.) 68. net ..,.,. Mar, 04 
Bridge, Badsworth, Zrau'f, 88. 6d., 58. net ...Dec. 04 

Bridge, Hints on, Boome (Hy.) Is Dec. 04 

Bridge, How to Win at. Is Apr, 04 

Bridge of Life, Gerard (D.) Os Oct, 04 

Bridge Scorer (S:c., Major Thomson's, Dunn, Is. 

Feb. 04 
Bridges (T.)— Punctuation'Simplified. Demy 8vo. 

pp. 82, 6d. net W. Dawson iS; S. Oct. 04 

Bridgrewater— Poor Prisoners' Defence Act, 

1908. 8vo. swd. Is. net Buttbbwobth, May 04 

Bridgman (Laura), Howe (Maud) <fec. 78. 6d. Feb. 04 

Brief Notes for the Guidance of Officers in Com- 
mand of small Defensive Posts. 16ma bds. 6d. 
net SiMPKiN, July 04 

Brierley (J.)— Common Life. Cr. 8vo. 7|x64, 
pp. 820, 6b. J. Clabxe, Oct. 04 

Mriggm (Alice Jane) — Roger's Quest: Story of 
Queen Eliiutbeth's Days. Cr. 8vo. pp. 176, Is. 

R. CULLET, Ivov. 02 
Brlffffs (C. A.) — ^New Light on the Life of Jesus. 
8vo. 84 X 54, pp. 210, 4s. 6d. net 

T. & T. Clabk, Mar. 04 
Brifffs (R. A.) — Homes for the Country. Series 
of designs, and examples of executed works, with 
plans of each. Hlus. 4to. 114 x ®l» lOs. 6d. net 

Batsfobd, May 04 
Brlrr* (W.), Bryan (G. H.)~Seoond Stage Me- 
chanics (Advanced). VoL 1, Dynamics. 4th im- 
pression, 8rd ed. cr. 8vo. pp. 408, 8s. 6d. {Org. 
Set. Series) Clive, Jan. 04 

Mriggm (W.), Bryan (G. H.)— ScKxmd Stage Me- 
chanics (Advanced). Vol. 2, Statics. 8rd ed. rev. 
and enL Cr. 8vo. pp. 882, 88. 6d. {Org. Sci. Ser,) 

Clive, Mar, 04 

nriggm (Wm.), Bryan (G. H.>— Tutorial Algebra 

(Advanced Course). Crown 8vo. buckram, pp. 620, 

2nd ed. Os. 6d. {Univ. Tut. Series) Clive, Feb.Oi 

Brighid (St.), Irvine (Christopher), 2s. 6d. net 

Jan. 04 
Briffht (J. F.)— History of England. Period 5. 
Imperial Beaction, Victoria 1880-1901. Mmps^ 
plans. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 296, 48. 6d. 

Longmans, Mar. 04 
Briirkt Eyes, Annual Volume. 4to. 4s. ; bds. 

2s. 6d. C. Tatlob, Oct. 04 

Bright Face of Danger, Stephens (Bbt. NeUson) 6s. 

Ju2y 04 
Bright Side of Life, Prentiss (G. L.) pr. 02, 8 

Briirkt Sunset (A) : or. Recollections of Last Days 
of a Toung Football Player. Intro. Note by J. H. 
Wilson. 11th edit 12mo. 6ji x 4|, pp. 160, Is. 

Pabtbidoe, Aug. 04 
Bright Thoughts, Oummings (Hayman)lB. Nov. 04 
Brighton, Black's Guide to, 6d June 04 

Brlirlitweii (Mrs.) — Quiet Hours with Nature. 
Hlus. Cr.8vo.74x4|,pp.286,5s.nirwiK,4pr.04 

Brlffbtwen (Mrs.)— Wild Nature Won by Kind- 
ness. Hlus. New edit. cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 280, 
28. Unwin, Oct, 04 

Brinton (S.) — Eighteenth Century in English 

Caricature. 16mo. 6|x5, pp. 104, Is. 6d. net; 

Ithr. 2s. 6d. net {Langham Art Monographs) 

SiEGLE, Dec, 04 
Brinton (S.) — Renaissance in Italian Art. Part 4. 

Humanism and Art ; Pc^lua, Verona. 2nd edit. 

cr. 8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 76, 2s. 6d. net SiMPKiM,iltt^.04 

Brinton (S.) — Rome of the Renaissance. Part 9 
of * Renaissance in IteJian Art.' 2nd ed. or. 8vo. 
7| X 5, pp. 126, 28. 6d. net Sikpkin, Mar, 04 

Brinton (Selwyn)--The Master of Perugia. 2nd 
ed. Hlus. (Renaissance in Italian Art, Pt. 8.) 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 86, 2s. 6d. net 

SiMPKiN^ Mar. 04 

Bristol Conference Souvenir Guide for Nat Union 

of Teachers' Conf. Easter 1902. Ed. Beatrice L. 

Taylor and H. G. Mokridge. Hlus. cr. 8vo 

pp. 280, 58. net Jabbold Sc S. Mav 02 

Bristol, Historic, Wells (Chas.) 8s. 6d ^eS. 08 

Britain, Gt., New Centy. Gteogr. Is. 6d. ...Aug. 04 
* Britannia ' Training Ship, Statham (E. P.) 128. 6d. 

net May 04 

British BsxhtaiuiBtAUen (Grant) Is. 6d. net May 04 
British Battles, Recent, Grant (Jn.) 68. ...Nov. 04 

British Birds' Eggs, 81s. 6d June 04 

Brit. Economics, Lawson (W. R.) Os. net ...Nov. 04 

British Empire, Scarth (Leveson) 6d Aug, 04 

Brit. Empire, Twentyman (W. A. Holme) 88. net 

May 04 




Biik Empiie, Colliui' Nea Oeoe. R-, !■■ Bd. Dae. OS 
Brit. Empire, CoUiiu' H'cn-Id Wida O. B., Sa. Dee. OS 
BriliahBmp., Hid Oeog,, Oeorg^ (Eantord) 8>. Sd. 

1 tatb Cmt. Bckding Book. 

g^lSLnat JuIuU 

Biitiah Empire, 8tor;of, A>uierton(FmuiiaH,| Si. 


Biit.Baip.Tnai> RbI., Boot .. ., __ ._ 

Britiih Qeniiu, Study, BUit [Hkrelook) Tt. Sd.nat 
Jan. 04 
Brit. Oviuu, Ac, Oeog., ITartror (A. de) Is. ed. 

Oct. 04 

arlttataHistoty— ASjnopaiiot. Cr.STo.limp,fld. 

Ouvu ft B. Oct. 04 

■rltUb Hiilorr in Periodi. Book 9 : A Second 

Book of Stones bom HJitOrj, !■. Book 8: 

IntrodnotioD to British Hislorr, li. Sd. Cr. Svo. 

BI.ACXIS, Apr. 04 

BrlUab Hiaton io Periods. Book 4 : From Bomui 

InTBUoa to AoceHion of Henrj TH. Cr. 8to. 

Is. 4d. BuoKU, Mar. 04 

■rlttaK HirtoT7 in Psriodi. Book 6. Cr. Std. 

Is. Sd. BucuB, Fab. 04 

Bril Hiat., HadiaT., Lmdtay (J. 8.) As. nsl Dte. 04 
Brik HisL Ptoblenu, Dindtm (J. S.) nt. pi Ss. 

Apr., July M 
BiiL Hist. Pioblams, LindMm {J. B.] S, 8, 4 b. 6d. 

net Aug. 04 

Brit. Hisl Prablams, fto., Lndtay (J. B.) toI. S, 

Bks. A, B, ek. 4a. Od. ; interL Sa. ...Apr., Sep. 04 

British Some of To-dkj, Amhit. fto. 6s. nt. June 04 

Srltlafa Imperial Calendar and Civil Bflrrioe List 

(The) 1904. Or. 8ie. 5a. ...Wixajnaion, Fab. 04 

Bntiih Islsa, Ohambm^' SOth Cent. Qec«. Man., 8d. 


BriUih tiles, B»\ftu>ldt (J. B.) Ss July 04 

...QLmtiA., Sap. 04 

pp. 43S, 1-Ieftther, Sis. ni 

BrlttaK lales depicted In Pen end Cuneis. Seriea 
of Colonied Platea. Vol. ft. FoL Utx8Ai PP- 
413, i-lthr. Us. net > CAsnu,, IXic 04 

Brit Islee, Quetteer, DarUotomour, ITi. 8d., Sis. 
net Kov. 04 

BrlUsIl JoQtiul Photopaphia 

PbotogiKpher's Dailj Compaiiiaii, IHB. Cr. 
Sto. ls.ed.iiBt; swd. 

Qkuitwood, Bee. 04 
Srtttab HoMom— Aooonnta for 1900-^, Number 
otPersoasadmitted torisit theHDMninsjid the 
British Moaenm (NatonJ Hiitoiy) in eaoh year 
bom 18»T to 1908, and Statement of Pnsreas 
and Objects added in 1M8. Sro. »d. [IST] 

EiKBft B.Aug. 04 
1 Uowam Colleotiou — Catal of Seriea of 
.gTq>hs from. Fart 8: Babylonian and At- 
■rrian, photographed and pohlished with sanotion 
erf Tnutaea. nim. pp. 84. Part 4 : Parthenon 
Boolptores (Elgin Haibles). Bios. pp. 98. 
Fart S: Qreek, Etrnacan, ajid Bomui Series. 
Sto. 9 X S, pp. 86, ea. ed. 

W. A. HiHUix & C. 01, S, 8 

Brltlab Nnnery Bhymes and Colleetian of Old 

Jiiwle*. Pianoforte aooompanimenl by A. HolTat. 

Edft. F. Kidaon. Imp. 8to. 8a. Adokhib, Dec. 04 

Bril Phaimac., Poc. Comp., Squire (Peter Wvatt) 

Ts. 8d. net July 04 

Bril Piditioai Leaders, McCarthy ( Joetin) St. td. nl. 


British Bongt tor Bril Boys, 8d Oct. 04 



Brltl*Ii Standard Bpmifioation for Tubular Tram- 
way Polea. Interim Report iaioed hr Engineer' 
ing Standards Committee, No. S. FoL swd. Bs. 
□et LoccwooD, Avg.M 

antlali Btandaid Table* ot Copper Condnaton 
and Thickneaaee ot Dialectrio. Interim Beport 
issued hj En^eering Standards Committee, 
No. T. FoL Bwd. 2s. .LoczwooD,^ii;. 04 ' 

Britiili Trade, Sumley (Jm.) Is Oct. 04 

arlttata Workman. Vol. 50. Fol. Si. Od.; bda. 

la. 6d P*BTKiDOB, Oct. 04 

Britiih and Old Engl. Hiit., edil by E.J, Galley. 

3a Sep. 04 

Britons, Anoient, Evatu (Jn.) Sb. Feb. 04 

■rtnen IV. J.>— Old Clooks and Watohes and 
their Mikera. Historical and descriptive account 
of different aWlea ot olookB and watohes ot the 
past in England and Abroad. Liit of 10,000 
makers. EnL edil royal Bto. 9^x6, pp. TU, 

16s. net BiTSFOBD, June 04 

SroKd Views. A Honthl; Feriodickl dealing with 
all Bobjeot* of general Interest withont renrd 
to coDTcntional Habit* ot Thooghl Edited by 
A. P. Sinnetl Boy. Sto. swd. Is. 6d. 

PiDli, /an. in. Ot 

■roadbeot (F.)— Dynamo Attondanta and their 

Dynamo*. Saotloa on Hoton and Motor Dririnf. 

4tl> edil, re-written lo date. Cr. Sto. limp^ 

Is. «d. DawBjuui & W. June 04 

Broadland, Bradby (Q. F.) Is. 6d. net Afoy 08 

Brotwlwaj, Oitting (Algernon), Is.>e.04 

Brook (W.)-~Whal shall this Child b« ? Bidley 

Lectore tor 1004, with IS addie**** to utiiM ren. 

Cr. Sto. T| x 4{, pp. 164,3*. 6d. J. C1.AIU, Oct. 04 

aroaUngton (A. A.)— Seren Signs: Stodiea of 

Miracles : John, chapter* L-ix. Cr. 8*0. pp. 1S4, 

Ss. ed Stock, jV. OS 

Brocklebank (B.) — PictursB at Haughkm Hall, 
Tarporley. Notei by B. B. Oarin-. 84*. net Oct. 04 
BrooU**by Hoonda Liit, OoUin* (Q. E.) 16*. 


Broke of CoTenden, SnaUh (J. C.) e* JunetU 

Broken Down, GouU (Nat) ed Dec 04 

Broken Boaarr, Feple (Edward) 6s. Aug. 04 

Broken Sword ot Ulitet, OwniHghavu (Biohatd) 

8b. Bd. net July 04 

arokouhlr* (M.)— Veiled To-morrow of Sonl 
Lite, and other Sermoni. Ci. 8to. T|x4{, 

pp. 818,8s. net Siociwxu., Apr. 04 

Briinnle (P.), Awakening ot the Sonl, la. ed. net 

July 04 
■roDtii (Anne and Charlotte)— Tenant ot Wildtell 
HaU. Protewnr. Iteio. e} x 44, pp. 740, Sa. net ; 
Ithr. 9b. ed. net {New Century lA.) 

Nblsoh, Nov. 04 
■rontii (Charlotte)— Jane Eyre. 8 Iltns. ISmo. 
at N 4, pp. 494, Is. net ; leather, Se. and 8a net 
[■ Handy ' IHus. Foekat NotelaJ 

W.CoLUHB, Af(ly04 
Srant* (Charlotte)— Jane Ens. 8to. iwd. 6d. 

W. CoLUH*, Hay 04 
■rontH (Chaitotte)— Shirley. BTO.ewd. ed. 

IV. CoLUKB, Feb. 04 

■r«nt<i (Charlotte)— Shirley. 8 Qloa. Itmo. 

U X 4, pp. 6S4, la. net ; leath v, Sa, 8*. net (Han^ 

Pocket IfoveU) W. CoiXiHa, f efi. 04 

■ront« {Charlotte}— Shirley, llmo. 01 x 41, pp. 
048, a*, net ; Ithr. to. ed., 8*. net (JVeu Cen- 
tury Lib.) Selbok, Dee. 04 

Bronte (Charlotte) TiUatte. ISmo. 81x44, pp. 
578, I*, net i Ithr. Sa. 6d. net (Sau C^tury 

Lib.) NcLSOH, Nov. 04 

Brants (Siatai*)- Wnthering HeigfaU, Agne* Orey , 
and Poem*, ISmo. 6] x 4 j, pp. IDS, la Bd- net ; 
Ithr. 6*., 8a 6d. net {New Cant. Lib.) 

Nu.eo)i, Not. 01 





Brook (F.V- -Soores of Criekel Maiehes between 

Eton & Henow (bioaght np to date every year). 

Cr. Sva pp. 88, ea. 1b. nel 

F. E. BoBXHSOH, Feb, 08, 4 
Brooko (A. St C.)— SlingBby and Slingsby Castle. 

Or. 8vo. 7j X 5, pp. S84, 78. 6d. Mbthubx, Apr. 04 
Brooke (0. H.), Bourdalone, Boeeoet, Oreai SSranoh 

PreacAiers, ea. Ss. 6d. net Feb,, Nov. 04 

Brooke (B. F.)— Reaping the Whirlwind: Story 

of Three Tonng LiTee. Cr. Sra 8 x 6{, pp. 
88. Bbl. Tbact See. May 04 

Brooke's (L.) Children's Books : Three Little 
Figs; Tom Thumb. Drawings in ooloiir and 
Uaok and white by L. Leslie Brooke. 4ta 98. 6d. 
net* Wabmx, Dec. 04 

Brooke (Hildegard)— Daughters of Desperation. 
Bhis. by Charlotte Hsrdmg. Cr. 8to. 7}x4|, 
pp. 168, 8s. 6d. net Blackwood A S. JDee. 04 

Brooke (J. B.) — Mystio Idol, other Stories. Cr. 
8yo. 71 X 4|, pp. 148, 8s. 6d. net 

Stocxwbll, Oct. 04 

Brooke (P.) — Leotures on Preaching. New ed. 
er. 8yo. 6f x4|, i^. 888, 8s. net; lea. 8s. net 
{Hamdy Theologieal Lib) ...Allbmson, Apr. 04 

Brooke (P.)— Seeking Life, other Sermons. 10th 
series. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 888, 6s. 

BiAoiiii.LJur, Oct. 04 
Brodksmith (B. J.), WooUoieh Math. Papers, 6s. 


Broome (Lady) Colonial Memories. 8to. 8} x 5^, 

pp. M4, 6s. net Slam Sb B. Nov. 04 

BroomkAll (G. J. S.)— Annual Review of Wheat 
Trade. 8to. 6d. 

(Liverpool) Nobthbbr Pub. C. Nov. 04 

Brother Frands, JDeUe (Darley) 6s June 04 

Brothers, Vaehell (Horace Annesley) 6s. ...May 04 
Brothers and Sistm, MairshaU (B.) Is. 6d. Sep. 04 

BrotkeretOB (R. P.)— Book of the CamatioB. 
With chapter on raising new Carnations by 
Ifartin R Smith. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 8, pp. 108. 8s. 6d. 
net {Eandbooke on Praetieal Oaraiming) 

Laxm, May 04 

Browh (B. H.)— Treatise on Mine-Snrveying. 

11th edit. rev. Bins. Cr. 8va 7i x 6i, pp. 888, 

7s. 6d. GBivrar, jvoo. 04 

Bnragfat to Heel, Oarr (Kent) 5s Sep, 04 

BrofiCktOB (Leak. G.)~Sonl-Winning Choroh. 
8vo. 8} X 6i, pp. 188, 8s. 6d. Moboam Sc 8. Dec. 04 

Brenner (W. B.) and Fang Tnet Mow—Chinese 
made Easy. Intro, by H. A. Giles. Imp. 8vo. 
86s. net Macmillan, Oct. 04 

(Alice) — High Noon. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
71 X 4|, pp. 818, 6s. Nash, June 04 

trowB (A. J.)~Iiaboratory Studies for Brewing 
Students. Systematic Course of Practical Work 
in Scientific Principles underlying Processes of 
Malting and Brewmg. HIus. 8va 8|xM, pp. 
818, 78. 6d. net Lonoicaks, Oct. 04 

(A. J.>--New Forces in Old China. An 
unwelcome but inevitable awakening. 8vo. 84 x 6^, 
pp. 888, 68. net Rbitbll, Dec. 04 

Brown (A. S. & G. G.)— Guide to South Africa. 
1904-6 edit. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d Low, Oct. 04 

Brown (C.) — Lessons from the Cross. Cr. 8vo. 
7x4}, pp. 188, Is. 6d. {Little Booke on the 
Devout Life) T. Law, June 04 

Brown (Capt. John), Harper's Ferry, Newton (Jn.) 
88. 6d. Feb. 04 

Brown (B.)— Poultry Keeping as an Industry for 
Farmers and Cottagers. 6th edit. enl. 4ta 10 x 
7}, pp. 814, 68. net .E. Abmold, July 04 

Brown (E. Burton-)— Recent Excavations in 
Roman Forum. Pref. by Comm. Boni. Hand- 
book. Illus. Plans. 18mo. 6i X 4, pp. 840, 88. 6d. 
net J. MuBBAT, Feb.OA 


Brown (CM — ^Buropeen and Japuese Gardcois; 

'i^ers, 148 Views and Plans. 8q. 8vo. 
94 X 6|, pp. 168, 10s. net B. T. BATsroBD, Dec OS 

i (H.) — ^Vench Comj^osition by Imitation, 
ises in S3rntax and in Free Composition. 
Cr. 8va 8s. Blaozib, Jfor. 04 

rown (H. D.)--God's Witness to His Word. 
Studyof Self- witness of the Holy Spirit to His 
own Writings. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 64, pp. 808, 6s. 

HoDDBB & S. Apr. 04 
(J.) — Commonwealth England. Cr. 8vo. 
7 X 44, pp. 160, Is. 6d. {Brae of NonconformUy) 

T. Law, Nov. 04 
(J.)— From the Restoration of 1660 to the 

Revolution of 1688. Cr. 8va 7x4}, pp. 148, 
Is. 6d. (JBrfot of Nonconformity) T. Law, May 04 

Brown (J.>— Log of H.M.S. Bemdeey 1908-1904, 
Mediterranean station. Intro. Dy Lionel Teiiey. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 168, 4s. net (* Log ' Seriee) 

WBSTMZirBTBB FBB88, Feb. 04 

Brown (J.) — Rab and his Friends, and other 
Stories. Mew edit. cr. 8vo. 74 x 41, pp. 184, Is. 

W. P. Nnxo, Sep. 04 

Brown (J.) — Rab and his Friends. 18mo. Is. net ; 
Ithr. 8s. 6d. net ; swd. 6d. net {LiiUe Proee Mas- 
torpiecee) Fouus, Oct. 04 

m (J.)— Rab and his Friends ; other Stories. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 184, swd. 6d....NiifXo, Deo, 04 

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Ftbuna of North-West Highlands and Skye. Roy. 
^o. 94 X 6|, pp. 478, 80s. ...D. Douglas, Oet. 04 

(J. D.)— Annotated Syllabus for the Sys- 
tematic Study of Idbrarianship. With Tables of 
Factors and Percentages in connection with 
Library B*inance, Buiraings, Book Selection, 
Statistics, &0. 8vo. Is. 

LiBBABT Supply Co. June 04 

(J. E. A.)— Three Great Ties. 16mo. 
Is. 6d. net Wbllbt, Sep. 04 

Brown (P. H.)— Scotland in Time of Queen Mary. 

8vo. 9 X 54, pp. 856, 7s. 6d. net Mjethubh, Nov. 04 

Brown (Spencer Kellogg), SmUh (Geo. G.) Os. Jan. 04 

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7| X 44, pp. 860, 6s. DucxwoBTH, Jan. 04 

m (V.)— The Dark Ship. NoveL Cr. 8vo. 
71 X 6, pp. 888, 6s. .DuoKWOBTB, Oet. 04 

(W.)— Life-Story of John Knox. HIus. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 44, pp. 188, Is. ; swd. 6d. 

W. P. Nnxo, Dee. 04 

Brown (W. G.)— Foe of Compromise, other 

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Brown A-1, Stooke (E. M.) Is. 6d. Sep. 04 

& Allen (R G.)— Electro Technology. 
Cr. 8va pp. 159, 58. 

(Dublin) Sbalt, Bbtbbs & Walkxb, Oet. 04 
rowB'e Comprehttisive Nautical Almanack, 
1905. 8vo. bds. Is. net Simpxin, Sep. 04 

I'e Nautical Diary and Day's Work Book, 
1905. Folio, bds. 8s. 6d. ; interl. 4s. 

J. Bbown, Aug. 04 

Brown'e Star Atlas. Showing all the Bright 

Stars, with full instructions how to find and use 

them for Navigational Purposes and Board of 

Trade Examinations. 4to. 88. 6d. net 

SiMPKiN| Feb. 04 
Browne (Dorothea Gknre) — Sweetbnar. A 
Pastoral with Songs. lUus. by Edith Calvert. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 54, pp. 64, 88. 6d. net 

E. Mathews. Nov. 04 
Browne (E. C.)— National Service. Only Effec- 
tive Solution of Problem of Imperial Defence. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 44, pp. 188, swd. Is. net 

Maolbhobb, June 04 
Browne (E. G.), Adams (T., Sir)— Report on the 
Arabic Test to which the Candidates selected for 
the Civil Services of Egypt and the Sudan in 
July 1908 were subjected in June 1904. Demy 
4to. swd* 88. 6d. C. J. Clat, Dee, 04 






(F. Qon-) — Winding Up of Companies: 
Bnlea and Orden relating thereto. 8vo. 9 x 6|, 
pp. 486, 10s. 6d. net Jordan, Jan, 04 

rewaa (G. W.) — Jftp^n, Baee and People. Intro. 
bj Hon. Kogora Takahira. Bins. imp. Sto. 
101 X 7, pp. 488, 16b. net Low, Dee, 04 

roWBa(T.,8ir>— Christian BCorals. 4to.bds.aU. 
net; Ithr. 81s. 6d. net C. J. Clat, Oct, 04 

(T., Sir)— Works. Edit, by Charles 

Sayle. Vol. 1. Cr. 8vo. 8 x M, pp. 408, 8s. 6d. 
net (Eng, Lib,) Bichabdb, Apr, 04 

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ToL a. Cr. 8to. 8^x6^, pp. 410, 8s. 6d. net 
{Bng, Lib,) Richards, June 04 

SrewBO (W.)— Poems. Edit, by Gordon Good- 
win. Intro, by A. H. BoUen. 2 vols. ISmo. 
Mx8|, pp. 790, Ss. net; Ithr. 4s. net (Mueee 
Lib.) BouTLBDOB, Dee. 04 

Brownell (C. L.)— Heart of Japan. Glimpses of 
Life and Nature far from the TraTellers' Track 
in Land of Rising Son. 8yo. sd. 6d. 

Mbthubn, Mar, 04 

Brownies in Philippines, Cox (Palmer) 6b.,.Nov, 04 

BrowBlaiT (Elizabeth Barrett) — Casa Goidi 
Windows, and other Poems. 89mo. 4^ x S|, pp. 
954, 8s. 6d. {Oxford Mimaiure Edit.) 

Frowdb, Dee, 04 
BrowBlaff (Elisabeth Barrett)— Poems. 2 toIs. 
12mo. 6| X 8|, pD. 608, 660, ea. 8s. net ; leatiier, 
ea. 8s. 6d. net {Thin Paper Olaenee) 

Nbwmbs, June 04 
BrowBlBff (Elizabeth Barrett)— Poetical Works. 
Portr. Cr.8T0.7|x6i,pp. 690, 8s.6d. 

SiOTB & E. Aug, 04 

BrowBlBff (Elisabeth Barrett)- Poetical Works. 

Oxf. CoiM>. Edit. Cr. 8yo. 7#x4|, pp. 676, 2s. 

{FUmn Seriee) Fbowdb, Nov, 04 

(Elizabeth Barrett)— Poetical Works. 
On India paper. Cr. 8to. 6s.... Fbowdb, Nov, 04 

rowBlnff (Elizabeth Banwtt)— Poetical Works. 
CompL edit. or. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 676, Ss. 6d. 

Fbowdb, Dee. 04 
rowBlBff (Elizabeth Barrett)— Sonnets from the 
Portugnese. 64ma 6d. net; leather. Is. net 

Tbbhbbbb, Mar, 04 
lair (Robert) Calendar and Birthday Book. 
Selected by M. E. Gibbings. 82mo. 4^x81, 
2s. 6d. net Db La Mobe Pbbsb, Dee. 04 

rownlBfr (R.)— Death in the Desert. Intro, 
and notes bjr G. U. Pope. 12mo. 6 x 8|, pp. 142, 
Is. 6d. net; Ithr. 2s. net...SoNNEMBCHBiN, Sep, 04 

rowBlaff (R.)— Pippa Passes. 16mo. swd. 6d. 
{BroeuluKty BoohleU) Routlbdob, Dee, 04 

(R.) — Poetical Works. Vol. 1. 
12mo. 6^ X 8|, pp 600, Is. net ; leather, 2s. net 

{World^e Olaitic$) Richards, June 04 

Browning (R) Sermons from, Baland (F.) 2s. 6d. 
net Dee. 04 

(R.)— Some Poems. 8to. bds. 80s. net 

S. C. Browiv, Julu 04 

(R.) — Songs : Selected. Cr. 8to. ods. 

Is. net {Oakleaf OZosmci ) Abtolat Prbss, Feb. 04 

Browning (R.), Dowden (Edwd.) 4s. 6d. net.lfar. 04 

Browning, Berdoe (E.) Is Apr, 04 

BrowBlBff Calendar for 1906. 16mo. Is. net 

Anackeb, Nov. 04 
Browning for Beginners, Bain (Thos.) 28. 6d.Feb. 04 

Bi 'Ow n ingr'B (R.)— Men and Women. Edit, by 
Basil Worsfold. 2 vols. 16mo. 6^ x 4|, pp. 674, 
6s. net {Kinffa PoeU) 

Db La Mobb Pbbss, Dee, 04 
Brownlie (J.) Greek Office Bk. Hymna, 8s. 6d. net 

Oet. 04 

Bmea (R^)— Benbonona. Bosh ' Tale of the 

Fifties.' Cr. 8to. 7| x 4|, pp. 868, 6s. Long, Nov. 04 

BnidBO (E. S.)— The Fogitive. Memoirs of a 
Wanderer in Search of a Home. Cr. 8to. 7i x 6^. 
pp. 404,6s. .• HBiNBKANif, Aug. 04 

Mmg^mik (Baron E. von der)— Russia of To-4ay. 
Cr. 8to. 7i X 4|, pp. 814, 6s. DiaBT, Long, Jiine04 

Bniiid«ffe(A.H.)— ManiialofToxicok>gy. 8rded. 
12mo. 6s. net BAnii.iltRB, Jan, 04 

. (A. H.)— Manual of Toxicoloor. 4th 

edit. 12mo. 8s. 6d. net BASLUkSKfNov, 04 

Bmsh-work, Dec., OadnetM (H.) 8s. 6d. net May 04 

BrvLBter (J.)— SnperlatiTe Friendship: Home or 
School Play for Ladies or Girls, 4 Characters. 
12mo. swd. 9d. net Sdcpxin, July 04 

Bryan (G. H.), Deakin (Rnpert)— Certificate 
iJgebra. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 800, 2s. 6d. 

Clivb, Nov, 04 

Bryan King, St. George's, E., Oroueh (Wm.) 8s. 6d. 
net Nov, 04 

Bryan** Dictionary of Painters and En^Ters. 
New edition. rcT. and enl. nnder sapemsion of 
Gteorge C. Williamson. Bios. Vol. 2, D-G. 
Imp. 8ya 10| x 7|, pp. 802, 21s. net Bbll, Jan, 04 

Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and EnsraTsn. 
New edition, rcTised and enlai^sed under the 
snpenrision of George C. Williamson. With 
nnmeroiis Bios. VoL 8, H-M. Imp. Sro. 
10} X 7|, pp. 410, 21s. net >Rbt.t., Apr, 04 

Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers. 
New edit. roT. and enl. nnder snpervision of Gfeo. 
C.Williamson. Vol.4. N-R. Illiis. 4to. 10|x7|, 
pp. 826, 21s. net Bbll, July 04 

Bryant (Emily M.)— Over Stony Ways. Romance 
of Tennyson-Land. Bins. Cr. 8yo. 7|x6, pp. 
808, 6s Jabrold, Jan, 04 

Brydon (H. A.)— A History of South Africa from 
the First Settlem^t by the Dutch, 1662, to the 
Year 1908. Cr. 8to. 7i x 4i, pp. 872, 6s. 

Sab Ds, Apr, 04 

Bryden (H. A.)— Don Dnarte's Treasure. Story 
of Cape Colony. Cr. 8yo. 74 x 41, pp. 814, 6s. 

CHAPMAN & H. Sep, 04 

Bryden (H. A.) — Nature and Sport in Britain, 
nius. 8yo. 8| X 64, pp. 844, 10s. 6d. net 

Richards, Nov, 04 

Bryson (Mrs.) — Cross and Crown. Stories of 
Chinese Martyrs. 64 Dins. 4to. 8^ x 6^, pp. 208, 
2s. 6d SixPBiN, Nov, 04 

Babbles, VoL 19. Roy. 8to. bds. 8s. 6d. 

Ward Ss L. Aug. 04 
Bnobanan (A.)— Essence of Ecclesiastes in metre 

of Omar Khayyam. Idmo. 2s. 6d. 

E. Stock, June 04 
Bncbanan(B.)— Mathematical Theory of Eclipses. 

8vo. 21s. net Lippincott, Nov. 04 

Bnebanan (G.)— John the Baptist. Drama. 

TransL from Latin by A. Gordon MitcheU. Cr. 

8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 182, 8s. 6d. net A. Gardwbb, Feb, 04 

Bvobanan (H. B. M.)— Senior Country Reader, 
8. 148 nius. Cr. 870. 7 x 44, pp. 802, 2s. 

Mackillan, Mar, 04 

Bnebanan (H. B. M.), Gregory (R. R. C.)— Junior 
Country Reader, 1. True Animal Stories. 12mo. 
1b. MACMiLiiAN, Jan, 04 

Bnebanan (H. B. M.), Gregory (B. R. C.)— Junior 
Country Reader, 8. Talks on Country Life, 
nius. Cr. 8to. Is. 4d. Maoxillan, Feb, 04 

Bnebanan (R.) — Father Anthony. Romance of 
To-day. New edit. cr. 8to. 7^ x 4}, pp. 294, 2s. 6d. 


Bnebanan (R.) — Mathematical Theory of 
Eclipses, according to Chauvenet's Transforma- 
tion of Bessel's method. Explained and illus- 
trated. Transits of Mercury and Venus; oc- 
cultations of Fixed Stars. 8to. 9i^ x 6&, np. 248, 
2l8. net Lippincott, xTbt;. 04 

Bnek (E. J.)— Simla : Past and Present. Account 
of the Origin, Early History, and DcTelopment 
of Simla, the Summer Resiaence of the GoTem- 
ment of India, with descriptions of interesting 
Personages and tiieir Residences, and an account 
of the Social Eductions and Amusements of the 
Station. 10 x 7, 18s. net Tbackbb, Oet, 04 




Bnekland (Anna) — Story of English Literfttnre. 
BnL edit. cr. 8yo. 7} x 4|, pp. 676, Ss. 6d. 

Cassell, Nov, 04 
Bnekland (A. "R.y-Text Studies for Year, 6b. 

Oct. 04 

Bnekland (Mar^ E.)— Trusty: Our New Forest 
Pony. nius. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6i, pp. 96, Ss. 6d. 

R B. Johnson, Nov. 04 

BneUe (H. T.)— History of Ciyilisation in England. 
Vol. 2. 12mo. 6| X 8i, pp. 480, Is. net; leather, 
28. net {Worl€PB OUunea) Bichasds, Jan. 04 

BneUe (H. T.^Hist. of CivUisation in England. 
VoL 8. 12mo. 6| x 8|, pp. 618. Is. net ; leather, 
28. net {WorltP$ OUurics) Iuchabds, Mar. 04 

BnoUe (H. T.)— Intra to History of Ciyilixation 
in England. Bev. ed. Annotations and Intro, by 
Jo^lf . Bobertson. 8yo. 9 x 6|, pp. 964, 6s. 

BouTLKDOE, Feb. 04 

BnoUe*B System of Household Accounts. No. 1, 
Household Aocount Book ; No. 2, Monthly Cash 
Account. 4to. bds. 28. net Simpxin, May 04 

Bnokle*B System of Household Accounts, No. 8. 
Begister of Inyestments. Imp. 8yo. swd. Is. net 

Simpkin, Feb. 04 

BnoUay (E. B.)— Highway Construction in Wis- 
consin (Wisconsin Survey Bulletin). 106 plates. 
Syo. pp. 866, 10s. net Wesley, Mar. 04 

BneUej (B. J.)— Sir Edward Elgar. Cr. 8yo. 
74 X 4^, pp. 108, 2s. 6d. net {Living Marten of 
Mueic) Lane, Sep. 04 

Bnddan (E.)~Elementary Pure Geometry with 
Mensuration. Parts 1 and 2. Cr. 8to. pp. 200, 
28 Chambebs, Aug. 04 

Bndden (E.) — EUementary Pure Geometry with 
Mensuration. Complete Course of Gheometry for 
Schools. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 6, pp. 292, 8s. 

Chambebs, Aug. 04 

Bndden (E.)— Elementary Pure G^metry with 
Mensuration. Book 1. Post 8to. pp. 96, lOd. 

Chambebs, Sep. 04 

Bndden (E.)— Elementary Pure Geometry with 
Mensuration. Book 1, with Answers. Post Qvo. 
pp. 100, lOd Chambebs, Sep. 04 

Bndire (E. A. W.)— Decrees of Memphis and 
Canopus, Bosetta Stone. 8 vols. Bins. Cr. 8vo. 
7i X II. pp. 712, ea. 8s. 6d. net (Books on Egpyt 
and Ohaldea) K. Paul, Af ar. 04 

Bndge (E. A. W.)— Handbook for Egypt and the 
Sudan. 6| x 4^, pp. 880, 10s....Cook & S. Dec. 04 

BuflSes, by A. L., 8s. 6d Nov. 04 

Bu^-Jargal, Hugo (Victor) 28 Sep. 04 

Builder's Ac. Price Book, Lockwood% 4s. Jan, 04 
Builders' Quantities, Qrubb (Herbert C.) 48. 6d. 


Building Construction, First Stage, 6d Jjecy 04 

Building Const., Notes on, 1, 2, ea. 10s. 6d. net 


Building of the Ship, Longfellow, Maxwell, Is., 

Is. 6d. net Feb. 04 

BnUdinr Trades Pocket Book. 18mo. Ithr. 2s. 6d. 

net Spon, Aug. 04 

Building Work, oond.. Leaning (J.) 2s. 6d. net 

BnUdlnff World. Vol.17. 4to. 48. 6d. 

Cassell, May 04 
BnUdlnff World. Vol.18. 4to. 4s. 6d. 

Cassell, Nov, 04 
Bulb Culture, Mclver (D. Grant) 6d. net...^ii^. 04 

Bnlllnob (T.)— Age of Chivalry. Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. 
net Dean, Oc^. 04 

Bnlllnob (T.)— Age of Fable. Cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. net 

Dean, Oct. 04 

Bnlllneli (T.)— Legends of Charlemagne. Cr. 8vo. 

28. 6d. net Dean, Oct, 04 



Bnll (A. E.)-^rime of the Office. Svo. swd. 6d. 

BouTLEDOE, May 04 
Bnll (A. E.) — Badium and the Detective. 8vo. 

Bwd. 6d BOUTLSDOE, Oct. 04 

Bnll (P.)— Bfissioner's Handbook, Guide for Mis- 
sioners. Evangelists, Parish Priests. 12ma 6| x 
4|, pp. 282, 88. 6d. net {Parson*s Handbook 
SerM) BicHABDS, Afar. 04 

Bnll (P. B.)— God and our Soldiers. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 284, 68. Methuen, Sep. 04 

Bnll (P. G.) — Simple Experiments in Static Elec- 
tricity. Fully illus. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net 

P. Mabsball, Feb. 04 
Bull-headed Bails, Stan. Spes., Beport, lOs. 6d. nt. 

Bullen (A. H.) Some higr. Eliz. Poems, 48. nt. Jan. 04 

Bnllen (F. T.)— Creatures of the Sea. Life 
Stories of some Sea Birds, Beasts, Fishes. Bins. 
8vo. 8| X 54, pp. 480, 7s. 6d. Bel. Tea. Soc. Oct. 04 

Bnllen (F. T.)— Idylls of the Sea, and other 
Marine Sketches. Intro, by J. St Loe Strachey. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 284, swd. Is. net 

BiCHABDS, Aug. 04 

Bnllen (F. T.)— Sea Puritans. Bins. Cr. 8vo. 
7^ x5, pp. 874, 6s HoDDBB & S. Sep. 04 

Bnllen (F. T.)— With Christ at Sea. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

HoDDEB & S. May 04 
Bnller (Bedvers, Sir) — Evidence taken before 

Boyal Commission on War in South Africa. 8vo. 

swd. 6d. net Longmans, Jfeb. 04 

Bulley (E. A.), Young Standard Bearer's Beoiter, 

6d., 8d Oct, 04 

Bnlley (H. A.)— The Church and the World. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 802, Os. ...Gbeenino, July 04 

Bnllook (C.)— Martyr Times ; or. Seed of the 
Church (Story of England's Church, Vol. 4). Cr. 
8vo. 71 X 4|, pp. 104. Is. 6d. 

* Home Words,' Oct, 04 

Bnllook (S. F.)~Bed Leaguers. Map. Cr. Sva 
71 X 6, pp. 822, 68. Methuen, Mar, 04 

Bunch of Keys, Johnson (M.) 28. 6d Oct. 04 

Bnnker (A^— Soo Tah : Tale of making of Karen 
Nation. Cr. 8vo. pp. 280, 88. 6d. 

Olipbant, Sep. 02 
Bunkumelli, Platts (W. Carter) 68., 88. 6d. Nov. 04 
Bunny, New Adven. of Foxy Grandpa, 88. 6d. net 


Bnnyan (J.)— By Author of * Mark Butheiiord ' 

&c. Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6|, pp. 258, 88. 6d. (Literary 

Lives) HoDDEB & 8. Nov.Oi 

Bnnyan (J.)— Holy War. 12mo. 6} x 4^, pp. 840, 
Is. 6d. net Pabtbidoe, Nov, 04 

Bnnjan (J.) — Pilgrim's Progress. Bins, by 
Ambrose Dudley. Cr. 8vo. Ss. 6d. 

Allenson, May 04 

Bnnyan (J.) — Pilgrim's Progress. lUus. by H. 
Copping. Lib. ed. 8vo. Ss B.T.S. May 04 

Bnnyan (J.) — Pilgrim's Progress. Biogr. Intro., 
New Index. Illus. with 25 drawings by George 
Cruikshank. Oxford edit. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 428, 
2s H. Fbowdb, Oc^ 04 

Bnnyan (J.) — Pilgnm's Progress. Bins, by 
Byam Shaw. 8vo. 9^ x 6i, pp. 400, 10s. 6d. net 

Jack, Nov, 04 

Bnnyan (J.)— Pilgrim's Progress. With 26 
Drawings on Wood b^ George Cruikshank. New 
edit. 8vo. 4 s. ; on India paper, 5s. 

Fbowde, Nov. 04 

Bnnjan (J.) — Pilgrim's Progress. 8 Illustrations 
in Colour by Gertrude Domain Hammond, B.I. 
8vo. 84 X 6, pp. 896, 6s Black, Dee, 04 

Bnnyan (J.) — Pilgrim's Progress from this World 
to that which is U> come. 8 Coloured Blue, by 
Harold Copping. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, jop. 820, gilt 
top, Is. 6d. Ditto, with further illustrations, 
plain edges, 2s. ; gilt edges, 2s. 6d. 

Bel. T&act Soc. Apr, 04 






iQBymiiCJ.)— The Fil^^rim's Proness from this 
World to that which is to come. Part l,12mo. 6d. 
net {NaHonal Library) Cassell, Apr. 04 

(J.) — Pilgrim's Progress from this World 
to that which is to come. 81 Ulus. by Harold 
Copping. Svo. 8| x 5^, pp. 826, 88. 6d. 

KXL. T^ACT Soo. May 04 

InnyardCG.)— England's National Flower. Book 

for all (Hrden Lovers. Obi. 4to. 11| x 7}, pp. 82 

and plates, 88. 6d. net Sivpkin, Jan. 04 

(C. J.) — Law of Life Insurance. 4th edit, 
by J. y. Vesey Fitagorald. Svo. 9 x 6^, pp. 840, 

81s. 6d. net 0. &E. Latton, X>0c. 04 

Bnonarroti (M. A.) SomieU of, trans. Symonds. 
88. i>tfc. 04 

BvrebeU (8. H.)— Prisoner of Carisbrooke. Tale 
of the Oreat Civil War. Cr. Svo. ?{ x 4i, pp. 486, 
68. Gat h B. Nov. 04 

Burden of Love, QiUon (E.) Is. net Nov. 02 

Xordon (H., Sir)— Horoitals and Charities. 1904. 
Cr. Svo. 6s. net Scientipic Pbbsb, Moat. 04 

Bvrdlek (A. J.)— Mystic Mid-Begion : Deserts of 
Sonth-West. Cr. Svo. Os. net ...Putnam, May 04 

Snrdtok (F. M.)— Essentials of Business Law. 
Cr. Sva pp. 806, 6s. net (20iA Cent. Series) 

Applbton, Jan, 08, 4 
Burgess (E. 'hi.), Jane, Basement Philos., Is. May 04 
Bnzgess (F.) Altar Music, 6s., 2s. 6d. net ...Oct. 04 

JtargWSB (G.) and Lrwin (W.)— The Picaroons: 
a San Francisoo Night's Entertainment. Cr. Svo. 
7| X 4i, pp. 2S0, 8s. 6d Cbatto, Apr. 04 

MfBUtwmm (W. S.)— Eternal Laughter and other 
Poems. Intro, by Julian Hawthorne. 4to. 6s. net 

Cazbnovb, Jan. 04 

XmVb (Beatrix M.) — Dnmimer Dick's Discharge. 
Cr. Svo. pp. 64, 6d. Nibteb, July 02 

Bnrghley (Lord), Jeesopp (A.) 42s. net June 04 

Bnrffln (G. B.) — Hermit of Bonneville. Novel. 
Cr. Svo. 7i X 6, pp. 814, 6s Riohabds, Oct. 04 

Snrffln (G. B.) — Land of Silence. Novel. Cr. Svo. 
7ix 4i, pp. 824, 6b. Nash, Mar. 04 

Vvrglii (G. B.) — Shatters of Silence. New ed. 
12mo. 6^x41, pp. 846, swd. Is. net {Fopular 
NoveU) Nash, May 04 

SurrlB (E.)— Perils to British Trade: How to 
avert them. 8rd ed. cr. Svo. 7|x4|, pp. 2S6, 
28. 6d. {8oc. Sei. 8erie$)...Qovw]xscBxni, Jan. 04 

Bnrgoyne (F. J.), Elis. MS., Alnwick, Collotype 
Fc., S4s. net;i^0en Elis., &o. 7s. 6d. net July 04 

Bmgraves, Lea, Hugo (Victor) 2s. 6d June 04 

BnrlM (B., Sir) — Genealogical and Heraldic Dic- 
tionary of Peerage, Baronetage, Privy Council, 
Kni|ditage, Companionage, 1905. Edit, by Aah- 
worth P. Burke. Imp. f?o. 42s. 

Habbison & 8. Dee. 04 

XorlM (E.) — Thoughts on Cause of Present Dis- 
contents. Intro., Notes, Appendices. Cr. Svo. 
28. net {Normal Tut. 8er.) Simpkin, Mar. 04 

•SurlM (E.)— Thoughts on Present Discontent. 
12mo. 6d. net {Nat. Lib.) Cassell, Nov. 04 

Xurka (H. Famham) — Historical Record of Coro- 
nation of their Majesties King Edward VU. and 
Queen Alexandra. FoUo, 4 mor. 886s. 

Habbibon & S. Jan. 04 
Xurkin (F.C.) — Early Eastern Christianity. 
St. Margaret's Lectures, 1904, on Syriao Speak- 
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Mar. 04 

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Jan. 04 
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Oc^. 04 
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Mar. 04 
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Souvenir. 16mo. on card, Is. net 

SncPKni, Dec. 04 

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Bumside (H. M.), Bosa N. Carey Birthday Book, 

Is. 6d Nov, 04 






Bumslda (W. F.)— Old Testement History. For 
use in SohooU. 8 Mapi. Cr. 8to. 7| x 5, pp. 842, 
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J. BeBiMSON, Feb. 04 

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Poem in 4 Cantos. HIus. New edit. 12mo. 

6| X 4i, pp. 260, 8s. ed. net (lUus. Pocket Lib.) 

Mbthubn, Sep, 04 
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For Clergy, Students, &o. Cr. 8yo. 71x4^, 

pp. 48, bds. Is. net Skepfinoton, Sep. 04 

Bvrton (E. DeW.)— Short Introduction to Gospels. 
Cr. 8yo. pp. 160, 68. net 

(Univ. of Chicago) Wxsley, Aug, 04 
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82mo. 6|x4i, pp. 686, 28. net; Ithr. 88. net 

{York Lwrary) Bell, Sep, 04 

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Library) Bell, Oct. 04 

Bvrton (B.) — Anatomy of Melancholy. VoL 8. 
12mo. 6| X 4|, pp. 660, 2b. net ; Ithr. Ss. net {York 
Lib.) Bell, Nov. 04 

Bvrton (W.) — History and Description of English 
Earthen wiure and Stoneware to beginning of 
10th Cei.tarv. 24 Plates in colours ; reproduc- 
tions of Marks ; other Bins. Imp. 8to. 10 x 6^, 
pp. 208, 80s. net Cabsell, ifay 04 

Bvebej (H^— Trotting and Baoing Horse in 
America. Cr. 8to. 8s. 6a. net 

BiACiOLLAH, Aug, 04 

Bush Honeymoon &o,, Archer^ M. P.-) Os. Feb, 04 

Business Direc., Bennettf Birm., &o., 7s. 6d., 

lis. 6d.; Northern, 168.; Leicestershire, &o^ 7s. 6d. 

June Oi 
Business Law. BurdickCF, M.) 6s. net ,„Jan, 08, 4 
Business Man's Guide, Pitman*$, 8s. 6d. neiAjpr, G8 

Business Suooess, Millar (G.) Is. .Jan, 04 

Buster Brown Ac, OuteauU (B. F.) 8s. 6d. net 

Sep, 04 
Bvteber (S. H.)~Hanrard Lectures on Greek 
Subjects. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 276, 7s. net 

MACMiLLAif, Nov, 04 
Bvteber (S. H.)— Some Aspects of the Greek 
Gtenius. ftrd edit. cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 882, 7s. net 

Macmillav, Oct. 04 
Bvte (Marquess of) — ^Essay on Home Subjects. 
Boy. 8yo. 0^ x 6|, pp. 270, 7s. 6d. 

A. Gabdnbb, Nov, 04 
Bvtier (A. G.V^Beautiful Foreign Finches. 60 
plates. 8rd edit. imp. 8to. 26s. net 

L. n. Gill, Aug. 04 
Bvtier (A. G.)— Birds' Eg{^ of British Isles. 24 
coloured plates from drawings by F. W. Frohawk. 
4to. lOi X 8|, pp. 108 and plateS|21s. net 

L. u . Gill, June 04 

Butler (Cuthb., Dom.), Texte and Studies, Lausaio 

Hist, of Paladins, 2, lOs. 6d. net Jwm 04 

Bvtier (F. H.)— Que Soripsi. Verse. Cr. Svo. 
pp. 176, 81b. 6d. net and 6s. net ...Sands, Dee, 09 

Bvtier (H. C.)— Architecture and other Arts. 
Part 2 of pubhcations of an American Architec- 
tural Expedition to Syria in 1899-1900. Folio, 
848. net. Hbinemann, Aug. 04 

Bvtier (L.)— Wellington's Operations in the 
Peninsula, 1808-1814. 6 Parts, Sra swd. ea. 68. 
net Unwin, iS0p.O4 

BvUer (L.)— Wellington's Operations in the 
Peninsula, 1808-1814. Sketch maps. 2 toIs. 
Boy. 870. 9| X 6|, pp. 428, 484, 828. net 

Unwin, Sep, 04 
BvUer(M.)— First Tear of Besponsibility: Talks 
with a BoT. 8rd ed. Intro, oy the Master of 
Trinity College, Cambridge. 12mo. swd. Is. net 

SoNNSNSCHSiN, Mar. 04 
BvUer (M.)— Little Afrikander and the Great 
Queen. Boy. 8yo. 9| x 6, pp. 72, ad. Is. net 

SoNNENSCHEiN, Jan. 04 
Bvtier (Maude M.) — Bob's Heroine. Story con- 
taining a small Hero as well as a Heroine. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 160, Is. Nooco, Jan. 04 

Bvtier (S.) — EBBayB on Life, Art, and Soienoe. 
Edit, by B. A. StreatfeUd. Cr. 8to. 7|x4i, 
pp. 862, 6s BiCHABDB, June 04 

Bvtier (W. J.) — Sermona for Working Men. 
Cr. 8to. 7^ X 4|, pp. 822, 2b. 6d. net {Oxford Ser- 
mon Library) Mowbsay, /utM 04 

Bvtter BegulationB — Minutes of Evidence to the 
Final Beport of Departmental Committee, with 
Appendices, Diagrams, and Index, 78. 6d. 

Eybe & S. Feb. 04 

Bvtterfield (F. W. L.)— The Crevasse : a Dra- 
matic Story. 6x8, pp. 89, 8wd. 2s. net 

Pabkeb & Son, Jan. 04 

Bvtterfield (W. J. A.j^Chemistry of Gas Manu- 
facture. Practical Handbook. 8rd edit. Vol. 1. 
Materials, Processes. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 5^, pp. 268, 
7b. 6d. net Gbiffin, July 04 

Butterflies, Brit., Morrie (F. O.) 15b. net ...May 04 

ButterflicB, MothB, Hulme (F. Edwd.) 8b. 6d. net 


Bvtterwortb (Annie) — Manual of HouBchold 
Work and Management. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4|, pp. 412, 
bda. Is. net Simpkin, Feb. 04 

Bvtterwortli fA. E.)— Commission of H.M.S. 
' Glory,' Flag Ship of Commander-in-Chief, China 
Station, 1900-1904. Cr. 8yo. 71 x 4|, pp. 164, 4a. 
net {Log Seriee) ...Westionstbb I^ss, May 04 






Bntterwortti (A. R.)— Bankers' AdTanoat on 
Mercantile Seouritiea other than Bills of Ex- 
change and Promissory Notes. 8to. pp. 224, 
78. 6a. SwsBT & M. Dec. 02 

Butts (E. L. De)— Betriering the Cobors. Cr. 
8yo. 7} X 4|, pp. 154, Is. Bkl. Tbact Soc. Nov, 04 

(E. M. W.-H Ancient World. Out- 
lines of Ancient) History for Middle Forms of 
Schools, nios. Cr. 8yo. 7i x 6, pp. 272, Ss. 6d. 

Mbthtten, Sep. 04 
(S.) — ^Arguments on either side of the 
Qoestion : Protection, Retaliation, Prefer- 
ence. With tables. Or. 8yo. 7 j x 6, pp. 90, bds. 

Is. net J. MuB&AT, Jan. 04 

By a Schoolboy's Hand, Home (A.) 8b 6d. Nov. 04 

By Berwen Buiks, Bame fAUen) 6d Sep. 04 

By Oondnot and Oonrage, MentyJQt. A.) Os. Oct. 04 

By Fate's Oaprice, Spetght (T. W.) 6b Juns 04 

By Nile and Euphrates, Oeere (H. Valentine) Ss. 6d. 
net Sep. 04 

9j Order of the Brotherhood. By Le Volear. 

New edit. cr. 8yo. swd. Is. net...JABBOiJ>, Oct, 04 

By Path of Storm, Baird (D.) 2s S^. 04 

By Pike and Dyke. Henh/ (G. A.) 8s. 6d. ...Oct. 04 

By Sarer Sea, Philpoi (T.) 6d. net .July 04 

By Snare of IjOYejMorehmont (Art. W.) 6s. May 04 
By Still Waters, Watt (Lanchlan McLean) Is. 6d., 

2s Dec. 04 

By the Fireside, Wagner (Ghs.) 8s. 6d Sep. 04 

By-ways of BttlihBjPoweU (F.) 6s June 04 

By what Authority, Benton (Bbt Hugh) 6s. Dec. 04 

B je-Laws. ModeL Na 18. £U>u8es Let in Lodg- 
ings, ad. Etbk & S. Nov. 04 

B ja-laws, Model. No. 16. Offensive Trades, 2d. 

Eybb Sc S. Mar. 04 

B jiTOtt {3^ and others— The King's English and 
How to Write it. Or. 8vo. Is. 6d. net 

Jabbold, Jan. 04 

BjiTOtt (Jn.), Jones (A. J. L.)— King's English 

and How to Write it. 8rd ed. or. 8vo. Is. 6d. net 

Jabbozj), Feb. 04 
Bym (B. O^— Commission of H.M.S. * Archer,' 
Australian Stotion, 1000-1904. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 4|, 
pp. 142, 48. net (Log Seriee) 

Wbstminsteb Pbbss, May 04 
Byrne (J. Bice) — Lives of Light and Leading. 
Biographical Slratchee of eminent Divines of me 
last three Centuries. 8vo. pp. 98, 2s. net 

* Chuboh Bblls ' OrncB, 04 

Byma (W. A.)— A Light on the Broom. Second 

Thousand. Fcap. 8vo. 6|x4i, pp. 98, 28. 6d. 

net. (Dublin) M. H. Gnx, June 04 

BsrroB (Lord) — Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. 
12mo. 6d. net {National Lib.) Cabsxll, Aug. 04 

Bjrron (LordV— Love Poems. 18mo. 6|x2|, 
pp. 150, Is. 6a. net ; Ithr. 2s. net {Lover'a £ib.) 

LanIk, ^01^. 04 

BsrroB (Lord)— Poetical Works of. Oxford Edit. 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4i, pp. 984, 2s. Fbowdb, July 04 

Myron (Lord) — Poetical Works. Memoir by 
William B. Soott. 8 vols. cr. 8vo. Sj^xSl, 
10s. 6d. BduTLBDOB, Nov. 04 

BsrroB (Lord)— Poetry. Selected by J. W. Duff. 
Cr. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Blackwood & S. Dec. 04 

Byron (Lord)— Songs (Kelkel ed.). 12mo. 6| x 4, 
pp. 27S^ Is. 6d J. J. Kelihbb, Mar. 04 

BjrroB (Lord) — Works. New, revised, and enlarged 
ed. illus. Vol. 7, Poetry, ed. by Ernest Hartley 
Coleridge. 8vo. 8} x 6|, pp. 478, 68. 

J. MuBBAY, Feb. 04 

Byways of Empire, Lindsay (Mayne) 6s. ...Oct. 04 

O. (C. A.) — High Priest of our Confession. 4 
Addresses at Newton Abbot. 8vo. pp. 48, 8d. 

G. MoBBisH, June 08 

O. (E.)— Introduction of Engl. Methodism to Llan- 
dudno and Bhyl. 8vo. pp. 16, i-doth, pr. pr. 


(Liverpool) C. Bibohall, Dee. 04 

Oabell (J. B.)— Eagle's Shadow. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
7i X 5, pp. 268, 68. Hbinsmakn, Nov. 04 

Cabinet CyclopeBdia.-Conoise and Comprehensive. 

nius. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6}, pp. 1860 ; 4-lthr. 12s. 6d. 

net Cabsell, Nov. 04 

Cabinet-maker, Modem Carpenter and, 708. net ; 

8, ea. 7s. 6d. net Jan. &o. 04 

Cabinet Secret. Boothbu (Guy) Ss. 6d. Nov. 04 

Cabinet and War, Ooraon (W. Evans) 8s. 6d. net 

^IMT. 04 

Cable-Break Localisation, Barker (Edward Kay- 
mend) 2s., Is. net .Oct. 04 

Oadaese (H.) — Decorative Brush-work and Blem. 
Design. Manual for Use of Teachers and 
Students in Elem., Secondary, and Technical 
Schools. Enl. ed. Blue. Cr. 8vo. 7|x4|, 
pp. 198, 8s. 6d. net Batsjtobd, May 04 

Caesar : De BeUo Qallico. Books 4 and 6. Ed. 
by J. Marshall. Cr. 8vo. Is. 4d. ...Dbnt, Jan. 04 

Ceeear^-Gallic War. Book 4. Ed. by A. W. 

Upoott 18mo. 28. 6d. Bell, Jan, 04 

Cesar and Cleopatra, Shaw (B.) Is. 6d. net July 04 
Cagliari (Paul) of Verona, see Paolo Veronese 

Calfrer (F. F.) — ^Diap^osis and Management of 
DoiU>tful Cases of Diphtheria. 8vo. pp. 16, Is. 

J. & A Chubohill, mar. 04 

Cain to David, Men of the Old Testament, 8s. 6d. 
net Nov. 04 

Caine (H.) — Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon ; Last 
Confession; Bund Mother. Pop. edit. cr. 8vo. 
74 X 4f , pp. 264,2s HEnrBKAHN, July 04 

Caine (H.) — The Christian. Pop. edit. cr. 8vo. 
7i X 4i, pp. 294, swd. Is. net Hbinbiiann, May 04 

Caine (O. V.)— Sons of Victory. Boys' Story of 
the Coming of Napoleon. Cr. 8vo. 7ix64, 
pp. 402, 6s NiBBET, Sep. 04 

Caird (Edw.)— Evolution of Theologv in Greek 
Philosophers. Gifford Lectures in Glasgow Uni- 
versity in Sessions 1900-1 and 1901-2. 2 vols. 
8vo. 8i X 6i, pp. 400, 890. 14s. net 

MaoLbhobe, Feb. 04 
Caime (Principal)— Christ and the Christian 
Faith : jEhresent Day Papers. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Bel. Tbaot Soc. Apr. 04 
Cairo of To-day, Ball (E. A. Eeynolds-) 2b. 6d. 

Cajori (F.)— Intro, to Modem Theory of Equa- 
tions. Cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net...MACMiiiLAN, Nov. 04 

Cake-maker, Lady, Meade (L. T.) Os Mar. 04 

Cakes, &c., Home-made, youn^(Mr8.H.) Is. nt.Feb.04 
Calculating Tables, Zimmermannt 6b. nt. ...Feb. 04 
Calculus, Dif. Int., Campbell (D. F.) 7s. 6d.2irov.04 
Calculus, Dif., Int., Snyder (M.) 12s. 6d. ...Jan. 08 
Calculus for Engineers, Larkman (A. E.) 48. 6d. net 

Apr. 04 
Calculus, Intro., Oibeon (Geo. A.) 8s. 6d. ...Dec. 04 

Caldeoott (W. S^— The Tabernacle, its History 
and Structure. Pref. by A. H. Sayce. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 266, 6s. net...EEL. Tbact Soc. Nov. 04 

Calder (A. B.)— Questions and Answers on Mid- 
wifery for Midwives. With Syllabus of Lectures 
for L.O.S. delivered at Fulham Midwifery Train- 
ing School. 16mo. Is. 6d. net Bailliebe, JiutM 04 

Calderon (G.) — Dwala : Romance. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4j;, pp. 260, 88. 6d. ...Smith, Eldeb, Mar. 04 

CaldweU (E. W.), Pueey (W. A.), Prac. Ap. of 
Bontgen Rays in Therapeutics, 21s. net Aug. 04 

Caldwell (R.) — Prevention of Disease in Armiee 
in the Field. Cr. 8vo. 68. net. Bailli£be, June 04 

Caleb Williams, Godwin (Wm.) 2s. 6d., 8s. 6d. net 

/on. 04 

Caledonian Canal— 99th Report of Commis- 
sioners for year ended April 80, 1904, with 
Appendix, 2^ [2871 Eybe Si S. Sep. 04 

Calendar, Dante, 2s. Nov. 04 

Calendar of the Holy .Child, 1904. 16mo. swd. 

6d. net 8P.C.K. Aug. 04 

Calendar, Sportsman's, Quotations from Jorrocks, 

Is. net Oct 04 






Calendar, Tear Poems, by Zeia^ 6d. net Sep. 04 

Calendars — Ck>lonial. America and West Indies. 
Vol. 15. 169&-1697. ISs. Record Works 

Eyre & 8. Nov. 04 

Calendars— Venice. Vol. 11. 1607-1610. In- 
quisitions Post Mortem. Vol. 1. Henry ni. ea. 
15s. {Becord Works) Etbb &S. June 04 

Caliban, Warren (Fredk.) Is Mar. 04 

California, Two Winters, Croafield (G.) 2s. 6d. net 

June 04 
Call of the Town, HamerUm (J. A.) 8s. 6d. Nov. 04 

CaUoott (Lady)— Little Author's History of 
England. 45 Illus. New edit., two additional 
chapters bringing history up to end of reiffn of 
Queen Victona. 12mo. 6| x 4, pp. 813, Is. 6d. 

Murray, Nov. 04 

Callista, Netoman (Card.) 6d., Is. net. Sep. 04 

CaUow (H.) — Commission of H.M.8. 'Royal 
Arthur.' Flag Ship, Australian Station, 1901- 
1904. Cr. Syo. 7} x 4|, pp. 180, bds. 4s. net {Log 
Series) Westminster Press, July 04 

CaUweU (J. M.)— Dorothy Arden. Story of 
England and France 200 Years ago. Cr. 8yo. 
7| X 6^, pp. 850, 2s Nelson, July 04 

Calwerley (C. S.)— Verses, Translations, and Fly 
Leaves. 18mo. Ithr. 2s. 6d. net (Pocket Book 
Classics) Bell, June 04 

Calwert (A. F.)— Alhambra. HIus. Imp. 8to. 
10 X 7i, pp. 520, 42s G. Philip, Sep. 04 

Calwert (C. V.)— First Book of French Oral 
Teaching for Schools. Ulus. Edit, by W. G. 
Hartog. Cr. 8vo. ?§ x 4|, pp. 254, 2s. 

RiVINOTONS, Oct. 04 

Calwert's Mechanics' Almanack and Workshop 

Comp., 1905. Cr. 8to. swd. 4d. Sixpxin, Dec. 04 

Cambrensis, Archaologia^ 1904, 80s Dec. 04 

Cambridge (Ada)— Sisters. Novel. Cr. 8to. 
7| X 5, pp. 848, 6s. Hutchinson, Sep. 04 

Cambr., Emmanuel Coll., Shuckburgh (E.) 5s. net 

Nov. 04 

Camliridge Examination Papers for Entrance 
and Minor Scholarships and Exhibitions in 
ColWes of the University, December 1908 to 
March 1904. XL. Mathematics, Is. 6d.; XU. 
Classics, Hebrew, Medieval, and Modem Lan- 
guages, Lawj History, 2s. ; XLII. Natural, Moral, 
and Mechanical Sciences, Is. 6d 

C. J. Clay, June 04 

Camliridge Local Examinations: 46th AwnnuT 
Report of Syndicate. 8vo. swd. 2s. 

C. J. Clay, June 04 

Cambr., Magdalene Coll., Pumell (E. Kelly) 6s. 
net June 04 

Cambridge Mission to S. London, Amos (A.) 2s. 6d. 
net May 04 

Cambridge Modem History. Planned by the 
late Lord Acton. Vol. 2. The Reformation. Roy. 
8vo. 9i X 64, pp. 884, 16s. net C. J. Clay, Jan. 04 

Cambridge Modem History (The). Planned by 
the late Lord Acton. Vol.8. The French Revolu- 
tion. Roy. 8vo. 9i x 64, pp. 904, 16s. net 

C. J. Clay, June 04 

Cambridge Natural Hist., 7, 17s. net ^09.04 

Cambridge Philological Society Proceedings, 
LXIV.-LXVI. Lent, Easter, and Michaehnas 
Terms, 1908. 8vo. swd. Is. net. C. J. Clay, June 04 

Cambridge Philological Society Transactions. 
Vol. 5, Pt. 6. Notes on some Examples of 
Occurrence of Initial W in written English. By 
Walter W. Skeat 8vo. swd. Is. net 

C. J. Clay, June 04 

Cambridge Pocket Diary for the Academical Year 
1904-1905. 12mo. roan, Is. net ; with pocket and 
pencil, 2s. net C. J. Clay, Oct. 04 

Cambridge, Students^ Handbook to Univ., 8s. net 


Cambridre University Calendar for 1904-1905. 

Cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net Deiqhton & B. Dee. 04 

Cambridge Univ. Endowments, Clark (Jn. Willis) 

10s. 6d. net July 04 

Cambridge University Examination Papers. 
Vol. 88. Papers for Academical Year 1908-1904. 

Cambridge Year-book, Oxford and, 8s. 6d. net 

May 04 
Cambridge Year-Book, Oxford and, Part 2, A. W. 

Holland, 8s. 6d. net ^une 04 

Camb., &C., Coll. Stamps, Cummings (Hayman) 

8s. 6d. net Od, 04 

Cambridge, &c. Counties, Kelly's Direc. dOt.Nov, 04 
Cambridgeshire Natural Hist., edit, by J. E. 

Marr «c., 4s. net Aug. 04 

Camels, Burden, Conyngham (H. M. Lenox) Is. 6d. 

net Nov. 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett)— A Woman's No. 8vo. 
swd. 6d. Long, /u^ 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett) — ^An 111 Wind. New edit 
cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 816, 2s. 6d. Long, Nov. 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett) — Bitter Fruit. New edit 
cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 820, 2s. 6d Long, Nov. 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett)— Difficult Matter. New 
edit cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 820,2s. 6d. Long, Nov. 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett) — Fair Fraud. New edit 
cr. 8va 7i x 4|, pp. 280, 2s. 6d Long, Non. 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett) — Passing Fancy. New 
edit cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 884,2s. 6cL Long, Nov. 04 

Cameron (Mrs. Lovett) — Remembrance : a Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 810, 6s Long, Jan. 04 

CUuneron (Mrs. Lovett)— Woman's No. New 
edit or. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 818, 2s. 6d. Long, Nov. 04 

Camerons of Niddnr, Waddy (Mrs. S.) Is.... Oc^. 04 
Camp of Refuge, Maefarlane (Chs.) 2s. ...Ifor. 04 

Campaign Guide, 1904. Handbook for Unionist 
Speakers. 10th edit. 8vo. 8| x 5^, pp. 984, 6s. 
net D. Douglas, ^ov. 04 

Campbell (D. F.) — Elements of Differential and 
Integral Calculus. Cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

Macsollan, Nov. 04 
Campbell (Frances) — Two Queenslanders and 
their Friends. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 802, 8s. 6d. 

Db la Mobe Pbbss, Oct. 04 

Campbell (F. W. G.)— San Francesco, and other 

Poems. Cr. 8vo. 8s. net ...Gay & Bnu>, Mar. 04 

Campbell (G.)— Edward and Pamela Fituerald. 
Account of their Lives. Compiled from Letters 
of those who knew them. Portraits. 8vo. 9 x 5}, 
pp. 268, 12s. 6d. net E. Abnold, Nov. 04 

Campbell (J. M.) — Notes on Natural History of 
the Bell Kock. Intro. James Murdoch. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5, pp. 128, 8s. 6d. net ...D. Douglas, Oct. 04 

Campbell (L.)— Tragic, Drawn in Aeschylus, 
Sophocles, Shakespeare. Essay. 8vo, 8}x6i, 
pp. 296,7s. 6d Smith ic £. Nov, 04 

Campbell (Lord A.)— Reveries. Cr. 8vo. pp 82, 
8s. 6d. Chs. J. Clabx, Nov. OS 

Campbell (M. Montgomery-) — Chronicles of 
Baba. Dlus. from photographs. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, 
pp. 254, 8s. 6d Jarbold, Oct. 04 

Campbell (M. Montgomery)— My Very, Very 
Own. Book for Mothers* Meetings. 2nd edit 
cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 128, Is. 6d. ...Jasbold, Oct. 04 

Campbell (R. J.) Birthday Book. Selections 
from Sermons and Prayers, with favourite poetical 
quotations. Compiled by Mary A. Willis. 12mo. 
2s. 6d. net ; Ithr. 8s. 6d. net 

' Christian Commonwealth,' Dec 04 
Campbell (R. J.) — Sermons Addressed to Indi- 
viduals. Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5^, pp. 886, 6s. 

HoDDEB & S. Deo. 04 

Campbell (R. J.) — Sermons to Young Men. Cr. 

8vo. 1\ X 5, pp. 216, 8s. 6d. ( World's Pulpit Series) 

8. C. B&owM, Oet. 04 






Campbell (T.)— Poems. Selected and arranged 
by Lewis Caompbell. 12mo. 6^x4^, pp. MK), 
2b. 6d. net {Oolden Treasury Series) 

Macmillan, May 04 
Oawpling (Claude), EUoortky, Book-k., 48. 6d. net 

Oct 04 

Canada, Haydon (A. L.) Ss. 6d Nov. 04 

Canada, Cavalry Traiximg, la. 6d June 04 

Canada, BngL £iainer in. Orange (Hrb.) 8b. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 

Canada, Highland F. in, Shenac, 1b. Nov, 04 

Canada, Rebellion, Afoc^ (John) Ss. 6d. ...Oct. 04 
<^ada and the Empire, Montagu (Edwin S.) 

8b. 6d. net Sep. 04 

Canadian Girl, Haggard (Andrew) 6b. Jan. 04 

Canadian Summer Besort, iSmOy (F.) ...Dec. 09-4 

Canal Traffic— BiU to provide for the better 

Begnlatkm of. lid Etbb & S. Mar. 04 

OanalB, Biyers, Engl., SaUe (Hy. Rudolph de) 21b. 

net Dec. 04 

Canary TalandB, Inqmaition MSS. CataL, preprd. by 
Walter de Orey Birch, for MarqoeBS of Bute, 

2 toIb. 68b. net Feb. 04 

Cancer, Bell (RbU 1b. net Aug. 04 

Cancer, Morrie (H.) 8b. Dee. 02 

Cancer, Dr. O. Schmidt, S?iaw (John) Mar. 04 

Cancer in Breast, Leaf (C. H.) 28. net Apr. 04 

Cmnoer BeBeazch Fond : Scientific Reports. 
No. 1, 28. 6d. Tatlob & F. May 04 

Cancer Research, Middlesex Koep. Archives Z, Sb. 
net Aug. 04 

Candida, Shaw (Bernard) Is. 6d. net. May 04 

Candle, Chemical Hist., Farad€ty (Michael) 6d., Is. 
net J«n0 04 

Candle Lighted, Boss (Mrs.) Is Apr. 04 

Candle Makers, Soap Makers' Directory, 2b. 6d. 
net Mar. 04 

Cane (A. B.), Browne {¥. Gtore-) , Concise Pre- 
cedents miaer Companies Acts, 26s. net Jan. 08 

Cane Sugar, Oeerligs (H. C. Prinsen) 5s. net. Apl. 04 

Caalleld (D.F.;~Comeil]e end Racine in England. 
Cr. 8yo. 6s. 6d. net MAcmLLAif, Nov. 04 

(A. L.)-Helps to Stndy of Milton's * Para- 
disc Lost ' (Book 6) and Milton's * Lycidas.' Cr. 
8vo. limp, 2b. Ralph, Holland, Dec. 04 

Caimlitr (O.)— Selections from 'The Anti- 
Jacobin,' with some later Poems. Ed. by Lloyd 
Sanders. Portr. of Qeorge Canning. 12mo. 
64 X 8|, p]^ 266, Is. 6d. net ; leather, 2s. 6d. net 
{LiHU tkbrary) Methuen, Mar. 04 

ig (S. G., Hon. Albert)-;-Literary Influence 

in Britiui History. Historical Sketch. Sro. 

8ix5|,pp. 214, 7s. 6d Unwin, Sep. 04 

Canon in residence, Whitchurch (V.) 6s.... AToo. 04 

Canon's Daoghtn, CooAe (W. B.) 6d June 04 

Canonbory Holt, Worboise (E. J./28., 28. 6d. Apr. 04 
Canterbory(Arohbishop of) — see Davidson (Ruidall 

Canterbury, Hist Memorials, Stanley (Art.) 2b. 6d. 

net May 04 

Canterbury Pilgrimage, Ward (H. Snowden) Os. 

2^ot;. 04 
Canterbury Ae.^ Anc. Libraries, Catalogues, James 

(Montagiie Rhodes) 20s. Jan. 04 

Canton (W.)— History of British and Foreign 

Bible Society. Portraits. Dlus. 2 vols. Roy. 

8?o. 9i X 5|, pp. 624, 608, 80s. net 

J. MuBBAY, Feb. 04 
Canton (W.)— Xnyisible Playmate and W. V. 

Her Book. Dlus. 8rd edit. cr. Sro. 7| x 6^, pp. 

248, 8s.6d HoDDBB & S. Nov. 04 

(W.)— Little Hands and God's Book: 
Sketch of the Bible Society, 1804-1904. 4to. 
Is. 6d. net Bbit. & Fob. jBiblb Soc. May 04 

(W.>— Story of the Bible Society. Dlus. 
Cr.Sro. 8 X 6^, pp. 872, 6s. ...J. Mubbay, Mar. 04 

Cape of Gkx>d Hope— Report of H.M. Astronomer 
a* the, fbc 1908. 2id. pl48] Ens ds S. ^ii^. 04 

Capes (B.) — Extraordinary Confessions of Diana 
Please. Novel. Cr. 8to. 7| x 5, pp. 810, 6b. 

Mbthtjbn, Aug. 04 
Capes (B.)— From Door to Door. Ch. edit. cr. 

8to. swd. Is. Blackwood & S. May 04 

Capri and Tiberius, TweUs (J. H.) Os Sep. 04 

Capricious Caroline, ^Z6anen (B. M.) 6s. ...Sep. 04 

Captain Amyas, WyUarde (Dolf) 6s Oct. 04 

Capt. Bayley's Heir, Hmty (G. Ajl 8s. 6d.... Oc<. 04 
Capt. Davy's Honeymoon, Oaine (Hall) 28. July 04 

Cap'n Eri, Lincoln (Jos. C.)6s Majf 04 

Capt Fortune, Waison (H. B. Marriott-) 68. JuCy 04 
Capt. of the Guard, Grant (Jas.) Is. net ...Apr. 04 

Capt. Polly, Swett (S.) Is Dec. 04 

Capt. Satan, QaUet (Louis) 8s. 6d Apr. 04 

Captain (The). Vol. 10. Imp. Sra 6s. 

Newner, Mar. 04 
Captoln (The). Vol. 11. Imp. 8vo. 6s. 

Newneb, Sep, 04 

Capt's Daughter, Overton (G.) Os Jon. 04 

Capt's Story, Knight (Brooke-) 2s. 6d., 28. 

July, Aug. 04 

Captains of the World^Ooerton (G.) 6s Nov. 04 

Captive City of God, Ueath (Ric.) 8s. 6d., 2s. 6d. nt. 

Oc^. 04 

Captive of Love, (Treav (Edwd.) 6d Mar. 04 

Captive of the &aid, Marchani (B.) Is Sep. 04 

Carbery (Ethna) (Anna MacManus)— In the 
Celtic Past. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4|, pp. 120, 2s. ; swd. Is. 

(Dublin) M. H. Gill, July 04 
Cardigan, Chambers (Rbt. W.) 2b. 6d. n6i..,Apr. 04 

Cardinal's Pawn, MoiUgomery (K.) 6s Feb. 04 

Cardinal's Snuff-box. Harland, 6d Feb. 04 

Caldwell (Lord) and War Office, Biddulph (Rbt) 

6s. net Apr. 04 

Career of a Beauty, Winter (J. S.) 6d July 04 

Career of Harold Endsleigh, Harris (W. B.) 6s. 

Careers for our Sons, Williams (Geo. H.) 8s. 6d. 

net July 04 

Careless Jane, Pyle (K.) 2s. 6d Oct. 04 

Carew (B. Moore),L«/0 and Adventures, 6d.iltt^.04 

Carew (T.)— Poems. Edit, by Arthur Vincent. 
12mo. 6Jx8i, pp. 804, Is. net; Ithr. 28. net 
{Muses Lib.) Routledob, Dec. 04 

Carey (Edith F.)— Channel Islands Described. 
Painted by Henry 1^. Wimbush. 8vo. 9x6^, 
pp. 808 and plates, 208. net. ^Arge paper edit. 
42s. net Black, Oct. 04 

Carey (Rosa Nouchette)— At the Moorings. 
Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 468, 6s. 

Macmxllan, Sm. 04 
Carey (Rosa Nouchettej Birthday Book. Com- 
piled by Helen Marion Bumside. Intro, verses 
by Compiler. New edit 12mo. 6| x 4|, Is. 6d. 

BOUSFIELD, ^ov. 04 
Carey (Rosa N.)— Highway of Fate. Re-issue. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 612, 8s. 6d. 

Macxillan, Nov. 04 

Carey (Rosa N.)— Twelve Notable Good Women 

of 19th Century. 12 portr. New edit cr. 8vo. 

7| X 5, pp. 880, 8s. 6d Hutcbinsoii, Dec. 04 

Carey (Rosa N.). &c.— Eighteen Stories for Girls. 
Edit, by Charles Peters. New edit cr. 8vo. 
8 X 6i, pp. 256, 2s. Rbl. Tbact Soc. Aug. 04 

Carey (W. J.)-~ReasonablenesB of Charity. 
Intro, by Henry Scott Holland. 12mo. 6| x ^, 
p^. 80, Is. net Gabdneb & D. May 04 

Caricature, 18Ui Cent, Brinton (Selwyn) Is. 6d., 
2s. 6d. net Dec. 04 

Caricature, Histoid of Nineteenth Century in, 
Maurice (Art. Bartlett), Cooper (Fred Taber) 
14s. net Nov. 04 

Caricatures, Polit., Ooidd (F. C.) 6s. net ...Nov. 04 

Carleton (W.)— Traits and Stories of Irish Pea- 
santry. Compl. ed. cr. 8vo. 8^ x 6i, pp. 688, 
8s. 6d Routledob, Feb. 04 

Carleton (W.)— Willy Reilly and 
Colleen Bawn. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, pj^ 
{Half -Forgot^ Books) ...Routuum 


Oarllle (W. W.) - 
Eoonomio FkUaoias. 
lOi. 6d. net 



. Eksonomic Method and 
Boy. 8¥0. 9^ X 5|, pp. 894, 
E.iJuroLD, Oct. 04 



CHurlinr (J. B.)— Vildxig's Skull. HIiu. Cr. 8iro. 

7| X 6, pp. 853, 08 Wabd & L. Sep. 04 

Carlxile Cathedral Statutes, PreMcott (Chano.) 158. 

Oct. OS 
Oarlyle (E. L)— William Cobbett. Stody of his 

life as shown in his Writings. Ulns. 8yo. 

8} X 5^, pp. 880, 7s. 6d. net ...Constablb, Sep. 04 

CHurljrle (T.) — Critioal and Misoellaneons Essays 
Ck>lleoted and Bepablished (first time, 1889; 
finia,1869). 8 vols. Portr. (Works: Standazd 
edit. Vols. 5, 6, 7.) 8yo. 9| x 5|, pp. 694, 619, 
692, ea. 6s. net Chapxak &a. Nov. 04 

Carlyle (T.) — Essay on Boms. Intro., Notes, 
Appendices by W. Jayne West. Cr. Sro. limp. 
Is. 6d. net {Normal Tut. Seriei) Simfum, Oct. 04 

Carlyle (T.) — Essay on Boms. Biogr. Notes, 
Intro. 88mo. Is. net Blacxib, Oct. 04 

CHurlyla (T.) — Essays on Bnms and Scott. 12mo. 
6d. net (ffa<. Lib.) Casssll, July 04 

CHurlyla (T.)— Essays on Bums, Scott, and John- 
son. ISmo. 6^x8|, pp. 800, Is. 6d. net; Ithr. 
Ss. net {Temple Olaence) Dent, Oct. 04 

CHurlyie (T.)— Essays, with Intro, by Frederic 
Hanrison. 19mo. 6^ x 4, pp. 418, Is. 6d. net ; Ithr. 
Ss. 6d. net (Bed Letter Library) Blackie, Jan. 04 

Carlyle (T.) — French Revolntion, with portrait. 
(Standard Edit., Works, Vol. 1). 8vo. 9| x 5|, 
pp. 812, 5s Chapman St H. Sep. 04 

Carlyle (T.)— French Bevolotion. History. 
82 Ports, and Plates. 8vo. 9 x 5|, pp. 444, 5s. 

BouTLBDOB, Dec. 04 

Carlyle ^T.)— Letters and Speeches of OliTer 
Cromwell. With elucidations. Ed. with Notes, 
Supplement, and enl. Index, by S. C. Lomas. 
Intro, by C. H. Firth. 8 vols. 8yo. 9x5|, 
pp. 1774, 18s. net Mbthubm, May 04 

CHurlyle (T.)— Life of Friedrich Schiller, Life of 
John Sterling. 2 Portraits, Illos. (Standard 
Edit., Works, VoL 2). 8to. 9|x5|, pp. 248, 
6s. Chapman & "R.Sep. 04 

Carlyle (T.)->New Letters. Edited and anno- 
tated by Alexander Carlyle. 2 vols, illus. 8vo. 
H ^ Hi PP* 642, 868, 25s. net Lanb, Apr. 04 

CHurlyle (IM— On Heroes, Hero Worship, and the 
Heroic in History. 18mo. 6i x 8|, £p. 250, Is. nt. ; 
Ithr. 2s. net (Word's OUutict) 

G. BiCHABDB, July 04 

Carlyle (T.) on Shakespeare. From Hero as Poet. 
18mo. Is. 6d. net ; Ithr. 2s. 6d. net {Be la More 
Booklets) Db la MobI^ Pbbss, Nov. 04 

Carlyle (T.)— Past and Present, Latter-day Pam- 
phlets, Early Kings of Norway, Essay on Por- 
traits of John Knox. Portraits. (Works : Vol. 8, 
Standard Edit.) Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 5|, pp. 724, 58. 
net Chapman & H. Oct. 04 

Carlyle (TJ— Sartor Besartns, Heroes and Hero 
Worship, Heroic in History. Portrait. (Works: 
Vol. 4, Standard Edit) Boy. 8to. 9^x51, pp. 
440, 58. net Chapman &H. Oct 04 

Carlyle (T.)— Sartor Besartus. 12mo. 6d. net 
{Nat. Lib.) Cabsbll, Oct. 04 

Carlyle (T.) — Sartor Besartus. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Allenbon, Nov. 04 

Carlyle (T.)— Tales by Musaeus, Tieck, Bichter. 
Transl. from German. (Works, Standard Edit., 
Vol. 9.) 8to. 9ji X 5|, pp. 860, 58. 

Chapman & H. Dec. 04 

Carlyle (T.)— Wilhelm Meister's ApprenticeBhip 
and Travels. Transl. from German of Goethe. 
(Works, Standard Edit., Vol. 8.) 8to. 9i^x5|, 
pp. 860, 58 CHAPiiiN & H. Dec. 04 

(B.)~Kinship of Nature. Cr. 8to. 7| x 5i, 
pp. 812, 6s J. MuBSAT, Feb. 04 

Carmaa (Bliss)— Sones of Sea Children. Cr. 8yo. 
7l X Ht PP* 10^ ^ ^ n®^ •••J* M0BBAT, Apr. 04 

CUMvUoliael (Amy Wilson-)— Things as ThoT 
Are. Mission Work in Soothem India. Pref. 
by Eugene Stock. Ch. edit. 8yo. 8ix5i, pp. 
820, 2s. 6d. net ; swd. Is. 6d. net 

MoBOAN A S. Dee. 04 
Camnteliael (E. G. M.)— Law relating to Tele- 
graph, Telephone, &o. 8yo. 10s. 6d. net 

Khight, Feb. 0^ 
OmrukiclULel (Joseph) — Chronicles of Semperton. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 5, pp. 200, Is. 6d. 

CTatholio Tbuth Socibtt. Jan. 04 
Carnation, Book of, Brotherton (B.) 2s. 6d. net 

Carnegie (Lady Helena), Jaoob (Mrs. Arthur)— 
Infant Moralist Imp. 8to. bds. 8s. net 

B. B. Johnson, Jan. 04 
Caroline MatQda of Denmark, TFtZibns, 86s. Jan. 04 
Caroline the Illustrious of England, WUkhu (W.) 

12s. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Carove, Story without an End, Is. 6d. ike/k...Nov. 04 

Carpenter (A.)— School Hygiene. Certificate 
ed. cr. 8VD. 7 x 4|, pp. 872, 8s. 6d. Clitb, Aug. 04 
Carpenter (Boyd)--4ee Bipim (Bp. of) 

Clarpenter (E.)— Art of Creation. Essays on the 
Self and its Powers. Cr. 8vo. 7|x5, pp. 266^ 
5s. net G. Allbn, ^ov. 04 

(Carpenter (J. E.)— First Three Gospels: their 
Origin sad Belations. 8rd edit. or. 8vo. 7ix4|, 
pp. 866, 88. 6d. net P. Gbbbn, Oct. 04 

Carpenter (J. Estlin)— Place of Christianity 
among the Beligions. Cr. Svo. 7} x 4|, pp. 116, 2b. 
net P. Gbbbn, Mar. 04 

Carpenter (W. B.)— Christ Child and the Three 
Ages of Man. 18mo. 5| x 8^, pp. 80, leatiier. Is. 
net; Dent, ^oo. 04 

Carpenter (W. BA— Thoughts on Pram. IncL 
Meditations and Prayers for One Week and Sug- 
gestive Outlines on Confusion, Supplication, 
Intercession, and Thanksgiving. New edit. 
16mo. 6^ X 44, pp. 152, Is. net ; Ithr. 2s. net 

AiXBNBON, Mtty 04 
Carpenter, Cabinetmaker &c.. Modem, ea. voL 

78. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Carpenter, 11 Letters of Dante, 7s. 6d Jan. 04 

Carpenter, Joiner, Modem, 70s. net ; 8 ea. 7s. 6d. net 

Jan. &0. 04 
<larpenter and Builder Technical Series (The). 
No. 14, Wood Turning. Cr 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Dices, Apr. 04 

Carpentry, Jarvis (Hy.) Is. net aep. 04 

Carpentiy, Mitchell (Chs. F., Geo.) Ib. 6d. Sep. 04 

Can»entry, ABC, Day (Geo.) 1b Feb. 04 

Carpentry, Joinery, WiUon (J.) 8s. net Jan. 08 

Carpet Manufacture, Bradbury (Fred) 10s. Nov. 04 

Carr (A.) — HorsB Biblioaa: Short Studies in Old 
and New Testaments. Cr. 8vo. 8^ x 5i, pp. 242, 6a. 

HoDDEB k 0. Jan, 04 

Carr (Kent) — Brought to Heel, or Breaking-in of 
St. Dunstan's. School story. HIus. Cr. 8vo. 
pp. 892, 5s Chambbbs, Sep. 04 

Carr (Kent)— Hemphill Minor. School Story. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 126, Is S.S.U. Nov. 04 

Carr (Kent) — Bank Outsider. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5|, pp. 400, 68 A. Melbobe, Nov. 04 

Oarrel (F.)— Adventures of John Johns. 7th edit, 
cr. 8vo. 8^ X 5, pp. 808, 8s. 6d Sands, July 04 

Carrel (F.) — Marcus and Faustina. Novel. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4i, pp. 882, 6s Long, Aug. 04 

Carrington (Edith) — Grandmother Pussy. Cr. 
8vo. 7} X 4|, pp. 110, 2s. 6d Cabsbll, Nov. 04 






(Bdith) — True Stories about AnJmali. 
Imp. 8yo. bcUk Is. BiiicxiB, Oct. 04 

CtaurroU (Lewi8)~Alioe'B Adventiires in Wonder- 
land. 48 Ulna, by John TennieL New edit, 
or. 8¥0. 7 X 4|, pp. 192, St. net; Ithr. Ss. net 

Maoxixxan, liov. 04 

CJairoU (Ijewis)->Stor7 of Sylvie and Bnino. 
Bios, by Hairy Fomiss. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 842, 
88. 6d. net Macmillah, Nov. 04 

CtaurroU (Lewis)— Thxongh the Looking Olass. 

50 nins. by John Tenniel. New edit. er. 8yo. 

7 X 4|, pp. 890, 8s. net ; Ithr. 8s. net 

Maciiillah, Nov. 04 
tSmmXhrnrm (T.)— Urine Examination made Easy. 

8to. Is. 8d. net CnuitCHiLL, Nov. 04 

Omrrjt (G. W.) — ^Transgression of Andrew Vsne. 
NoveL Cr. Sra 7| x 5, pp. 888, 6s. 

BxxHMauxnifNov. 04 
CAi««a (W. B.) — Eaeharistic Eirenioon. intra by 
Visooont HalifaT, 8va pp. 89, Is. 6d. net 

LoxoiCANS, Dee. 08 
Oarstalni (R>— Plea for Better Local Gorem- 
ment of Bengal dra 6s. net 

Macmillam, Aug 04 
Carter (A. C.) Kingdom Biam, Os. net Nov. 04 

Carter (Ada F., C.)— Care of Horses. Book for 
aU who have Pra^ioal Charge of Hones. Bins. 
Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, pp. 190, Is. 8d. net; swd. 
Is. net Bbll, Aug. 04 

Carter (B.), Field (E.)^Natare Stories for Little 
Folk. Cofonred Hhis. Cr. 8to. 7lf x 6, pp. 64, Is. 
net WAXNX, Nov. 04 

Cmrtar (G.)— Kings L Intra, Notes, Comments, 
on AouL and Ber. Versions. Cr. 8vo. pp. 178, 
Is. 6d. Kings IL Cr. 8vo. pp. 804, Is. 6d. 

B. Bbltb, ifor. 08, Dee. 04 

Carter (H. &) — Spinning and Twisting of Long 
Vegetsble Fibres (Flu, Hemp, Jnte, Tow, 
Bsmie). Praotioal Manual ox most modem 
methods as applied to Hackling, Carding, Pre- 
paring, Spinning, and Twisting of Long Vegetable 
Fibres ox Commerce. Bins. Boy. Sro. 9| x 6^, 
pp. 876v 16s. net Guffim, 2)ee. 04 

Carter (J. F. M.)--Diana Pdwarth, Boyalist 
Story of a Girl's Life in Days of the Cozomon- 
wealth. Bins. Cr. Sro. 7| x 6^1, pp. 808, Ps. 

Sbslet, 8n. 04 

Carter (Jn. Procter), Baeicli^tf, Arithm. 8s. 6£ net 

Feb. 04 

Garter (B. B.)--Pictnres and Engravings at 
Hanghton Hsll, Tarporley, in possession of 
Bal]^ BrocUebank. Descriptive and Biogr. 
Notes. FoL 4 vellam, 84s. netG. Allxm, Oet. 04 

Cartoons, Laweon (Wilfrid), Gould (F. C.) 4s. 6d. 
net Dee. 04 

CJartwrtglit (Jnlia) (Mrs. Henry Ady)— Early 
Work of BaphaeL Imp. Svo. lOf x 7i, pp. 80, 
8s. 6d. net. (' Portfolio ' Monographe, re-iasue) 

Bbblxy, Nov. 04 

CartwrirUt (Jnlia) (Mrs. Ady)— life and Art of 
Sandro Botticelli. Plates. Fol. lai x 9, pp. 818, 
81s. net DucxwoBTH, Nov. 04 

Ctairtwrlglit (T.)— French by Direct Method. 
Adapted from German of Bossmann and Schmidt. 
Bins, and phonetic script. Part 1. 8vo. 8} x 5}, 
pp. 178, Is. 6d. {Jack's Language Seriei) 

Jack, Oct. 04 

Cartwrlgbt (T.)— Why Bors should not Smoke. 
Commendatory Letter by Major-General Baden- 
PoweD. Cr. Svo. swd. 6d. Jack, Oct. 04 

Carved Cupboard, Feuvre (A. le) 8s May 04 

(T. N.>— Distribution of Wealth. Cr. 8vo. 
6s. 6d. net Macmillak, Dee, 04 

Oary (E. L.)— Emerson, Poet .and Thinker. 8to. 

16s. net Putnam, Nov. 04 

Casa Guidi Windows, Brouming (E. B.) 88. 6d. 

Dee. 04 
Case Stating, BouUan (A. C.) 6s. Aug. 08 

Cases illustrating Principles of Law of Torts. By 
F. E. T. Baddifleand others. Svo. ISs. 6d. net 

Fbowdb, Au^. 04 

Oaeper (L.) and others — Functional Diagnosis of 
Kidney Disease. Cr. 8vo. 7s. net Bbbmam, Jan. 04 

Oaeeell'e Cydopcsdia of Mechanics, 4th series. 
Imp. 8yo. 78. 6d. Cassell, Nov. 04 

Oaeeell'e Magazine, Dec. 1908 to Nov. 1904. Imp. 

8vo. 88. Cabsbll, Nov. 04 

Cassell's New Dioy. of Cooking. 18b. 6d. net Dec. 04 
Csssell's Physical Educator, Miles (Eu.) Os. Dee. 04 

Oaeeell*e Popular Science. Vol. 9. Bins. Ixnp. 8va 
18s Cabsbll, Jan. 04 

Oaseell*s Saturday Journal. October, 1908, to 
September, 1904. 4to. 7s. 6d. ...Cabsbll, Oet, 04 

Oaesell*s Union Jack Beaders. Book 4. 18mo. 

Is. 8d Cabsbll, Jan. 04 

Castelli Bomani, Ffmeeea (Eduardo de) 16s. net 

Castle (A. Si E.) — Incomparable Bellairs : a Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 886. 6s....Conbtablb, Apr. 04 

Castle Pov^ty, Meade (L. T.) 6s Oet. 04 

CasUeford, Old, Badgett (Lorenzo) Os. net... Ju2^ 04 
Castlereagh (Viscount), Londonderry (Marohion.) 

8s. 6d. net .^..^ov. 04 

Castles in Air, 8tubb$ (Chs. Wm.) 88. 6d. nt. Jan. 04 
Castles in Kensington, Turner (B.) 6s. net Mar. 04 
Catalogue of American Books, Annual^ Cumulated, 

1900-8, May 04 

CataL of S. of Photogrophs from BritUh Museum 

ColL, 8, 4, 5, ea. 6d. 01, 2, 8 

CatoblBg a Husband. By Author of Bad Boy's 

Diuqr. 8vo. swd. 6d. Wabd & 'L.June 04 

Catechising, Potter (J. Haslodh) dec, 9s. net 

Sep. 04 
Catechism, Grtr., at Work, Chandler (Arthur) 8s. nt. 

Catechism, Leseona &c. on Jun., Mid., Sen., ea. Is. 

net Nov. 04 

Catechism, New, Mangcuarktn (M. M.) 6d. Sep. 04 
Catechizings, Potter (J. Hasloch) dEc.8, 2s.nt. Jan. 04 
Cathedrals, Notes on, vols. 4, 5, ea. Is. net Mar. 04 
Cathedrals of N. France, Miltoun (Francis) 68. net 

Aug. 04 
Catherine ( Sister )--Self Sacrifice, What is it ? 

Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d net Stockwbll, Feb. 04 

Catherine Blum, Dunuu (A.) 6d. Oct. 04 

Catherine Furze, Butherford (Bfark) Is. nt Aug. 04 

Catherwoed (Mary H.) — Lazarre. Ch ed. cr. 
8vo. swd. Is BiCBABDS, Apr. 04 

Catberwoed (Mary Hartwell)— Story of Tonty. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 884, 8s. 6d....BiCKASDB, Feb,Oi 

Catbollo Directory. Ecclesiastical Begister and 
Almanac, 1905. Cr. Svo. bds. Is. 6d. net ; with 

Oido Becitandi, 8s. net Bubns & O. Dec. 04 

Catholic Manual, Pesch (T.) 8s. 6d. net Dee. 04 

Catholicism, Adv. of Nichols (J. Broadhurst) 98. 6d. 

Oct. 04 

Catholics, Cydopasdia for, Simple^ Is. Feb. 04 

Cattle Baid of Cualnge, Faraday (L. W.) 48. net 

Afar. 04 
Catnllfis I Poems. With Eng. trans, by Francis 
Wane Cornish. 4to. pp. 179, 7s. 6d. net 

C. J. Clat, Mar. 04 

Canston (J. F.)— Philanthropist. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6i, 

pp. 818,6s. J. liAV^fJulyOA 

Cawalier (E. F.) — Preacher's Dictionary. 
Biblical Conspectus, and Compendium of Ee- 
ligions and Secular Thought, past and present, 
topically arranged. 8nd edit. Boy. 8vo. 9^x61, 

pp. 660, 6s. HoDDBB & 8. Nov. 04 

Cavalier, Covenant, Todd (Geo. Eyre-) 6d. Apr. 04 

C%YshBn,Keightl^ (S.) 6d. May 04 

Cavalry Non-Com. Questions, Wymondham (Crole) 
8s. 6d. net Sep. 04 

Cawalry Training, Canada, 1904. 16mo. Ithr. 
Is. 6d. Stakvobd, June 04 

Cawalry Training. (Provisional.) 1904. Is. 

Etbb a 8 Junjt <SK. 






Cava (H. W.)— Golden Tips. Description of 
Ceylon and its Great Tea Industry. 8rd ed. 8to. 

10b. dd. net Cassell, Afar. 04 

Cavern of iMmentB fMaUandaine (C. E.) 6s. Nov. 04 
Caztons, Lytton, 6d. net Jan, 04 

CeoU (Lady William)— Bird Notes from the NUe. 
Cr. 8vo. 7 X 4i, pp. 126, 2s. 6d. net 

CoNSTABLK, Sep. 04 

Cecil (Wm.), JtfAMiyp (A.) 42s. net June 04 

Cecilia (Mdbme.) Grospel aoo. to St. Mark, Ss. net 

JVov. 04 

Cecilia, Bumey (F.) 2, ea. 2s. net July 04 

Cedric Sleep, Cook (Alec) 6s ,June 04 

Celebrity at Home, Hunt (Violet) 6s Mar. 04 

CelestiiJ Baby, Speight (T. W.) 68. Mov. 04 

Celestial Surgeon, Montriuor (F.) 6s Oct. 04 

Celia's Fortune, Sergeant (A.) 6s. Dec. 04 

Celibate Sarah, Blyth (Jas.) 60 Apr. 04 

Celibate's Wife, Flowerdew (H.) Is. 6d. net 2^09.04 

Crelll (Angelo) — Malaria, aooording to the New 
Besearches. Transl. from 2nd Italian ed. by 
John Joseph Eyre. Intro, by Dr. Patrick Man- 
son. Maps, nius. 8yo. 8| x 6^, pp. 800, 4s. net 

LoMaMAMS, Feb. 04 

Ceillnl (Benvennto) — Autobiography, transl. by 
Thomas Boscoe. 12mo. 6| x Sj, pp. 680, 8s. net ; 
Ithr. 88. 6d. net {Thin Paper ClMeies) 

Nbwnbs, Dec. 04 
Cellulose, d:c., Bersch (Jos., Dr.) 16e. net ...Oct. 04 
Celtic Art, Allen (J. Bomilly) 7s. 6d. net ...Nov. 04 

Celtic Britain, Bhys (J.) 8s. Nov. 04 

Celtic Past, In the, Carbery (E.) 2b July 04 

Creltio Beview — Quarterly. No. 1. 2s. 6d. net 

SniPXiN, July 04 
Celtic &c. Antiq., Shetland, Qoudie (Gilb.) 7s. 6d. nt. 


Cement, Portland, Faija (Hy.) 8b. 


Censiui of England and Wales, 1901 — General 
Beport. Appendices. 2s. 8d. [2174] 

Etbb & S. Aua. 04 

Census of Ireland, 1901~General Topographical 

Index, an Alphabetical Index to the Towmands 

and Towns of Ireland, and Indices to Parishes, 

Baronies, Poor Law Unions, &c. 8s. 9d. [2071] 

Etsb & S. July 04 
Centaur's Booty, Moore (T. Sturge) Is. net June 04 
Century Bible, Gen., Jud., B., 28. 6d., 8s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 

Century Magazine. Vol. 66 (New Series, Vol. 44). 

Boy. 8yo. lOs. 6d. Macmillan, Jan. 04 

Century Magazine. Vol. 67 (New Series, Vol. 46). 
Boy. 8to. 10s. 6d Macmillan, Ji/n« 04 

Century Magazine. Vol. 68 (New Series, Vol. 46). 

Boy. 8vo. lOs. 6d Macmillan, Nov. 04 

Ceramic Calcul., Jackeon (W.) 8s. 6d. net ...Apr. 04 

Ceremonial, Essays on, 7s. 6d. net May 04 

Ceme, Book of. Prayer Book of Aedeluald, 21s. 

Certain Sonnets by Sir Philip Sidney, 2l8. Oct. 04 

Cerrantes — GkJatea. Edit, by J. Fitzmaurice- 
Kelly. Transl. by H. Oelsner and A. B. Welford. 
(Works, Vol. 2.) Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4i, pp. 876, Is. net 

B. B. JoHKSON, May 04 

Cerrantes — Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quixote 
of La Mancha. 2 vols. 12mo. 6| x 4j^, pp. 1214, 
4b. net; Ithr. 6s. net {York I>i&.).. .Bell, Dec. 04 

Ceylon, Oave (H. W.) 10s. 6d. net Mar. 04 

Ceylon: Archnological Survey of. Epigraphia 
Zeylanica. Ed. by M. de Zilva Wickremasinghe. 
Vol. 1. Part 1. 4to. swd. 6s. net Fbowde, May 04 

Ceylon Court, St. Louie World's Fair, Is. net 


Ceylon, Emigrante* Inform., Id Aug. 04 

Cbadwlck (G. A.)— Pilate's Gift, and other 
Sermons. Cr. 8to. 7i x 6, pp. 288, 8b. 6d. 

Bel. Tract Soc. Mar. 04 

CTbadwlok (S.)— Humanity and God. 8yo. 8^ x 
6j, pp. 872, 6s. HoDOBB & S. Dec. 04 

Cliairers (W.)— Hall Marks on Gold and SHret 
Plate. lUus., with revised TaUes of Annual 
Date Letters. 9th edit enL, with addition of 
260 New Date Letters and Marks, and a Biblio- 
graphy edit, by Christopher A. Markham. LoDip. 
8to. lOi x 6|, pp. 848, 2l8. ...W. Beeves, Dec. 04 

Chaffers (W.)— Handbook to Hall Marks on Gold 

and Silver Plate. New ed. extended by C. A. 

Markham. Cr. 8vo. pp. 82, 68. W. Beeves, DeeJO^ 
Chafing Dish, Casserole, Senn (C. Hermann) Is. 6d. 

net Dee. 04 

Chafing Dish Cult, Schloesser (Frank) 68. net 

Clialke (B. D.)— Pupil Teacher's Becord Book. 

4to. Is. 6d. net {Normal Tutorial Series) 

SncPKiM, May 04 
Cliallaeombe (Jessie)— Nell Garton. Dlus. Cr. 

8vo. 7i X 6, pp. 224, 2s S.P.C.K. Oct 04 

Challoners. Beneon (E. F.) 68 July 04 

Chalmers (Jas.)jTamate, Lovett (B.) 88. 6d. Sep. 04 
Chalmers (M.) Bills of Exch. Act, 8b. 6d. ..^ov. 04 

Cbalmers (M. D.)— Sale of Goods Act, 1898, 
including Factors Acts, 1889 and 1890. 5th ed. 
8vo. pp. 260, 10s. 6d. Clowes & S. Jviy OS 

cniamber of London. Annual Accounts, for 1908. 

2d. [286] Eybe & 8. Sep. 04 

Chamberlain (J.), Beply to, F<ict v. Fiction, Is. net 

Feb. 04 
Chamberlain (Jos.), Orenncke (Louis) 78. 6d. net 

May, Oct., Dec. 04 
Cliamberlain (W. J.)— Ordered to China : 
Letters written from China while under Com- 
mission from 'New York Sun' during Boxer 
Uprising of 1900 and International Compucations 
which followed. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 848, 6s. 

Methuek, Aug. 04 
Chamberlain (Wrong Mr.), Herring (Paul) Is. 

Chamberlainism, Smith (BarthoL) Is. net „^an. 04 

cniamberlin (G. L.)— Introduction to the Bible 
for teachers of children. Manual for use in 
Sunday Schools or in the Home. (University of 
Chicago Press.) Map. 8vo.pp. 206. 48. 6d.nei 

W. Wesley, July 04 

Cliamberlin (T. C.) — Contribution fo the Theory 
of Glacial Motion. (University of Chicago De- 
cennial Publication.) 8 plates. Boy. 4to. pp. 16, 
swd. 8s. net W. Wesley, July 04 

cniambers (G. F.) — Astronomy for General 
Headers. Dlus. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

Whittakbb, Oct. 04 

cniambers (G. F.)— Tourist's Pocket Book. 12mo. 
limp. Is. 6d. net Bees, July 04 

Cbambers (B. W.) — Cardigan : a NoveL Pop 

ed. cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 520, 2s. 6d. net 

Constable, Apr. 04 
Clftambers' Arithmetical Examples. EdiL by 

W. Wallace Dunlop and W. Wooabum. Cr. 8vo. 

Is.; with Answers, Is. 6d Chakbebb, Sep. 04 

Chambers' compl. Tales, Kate*8 Party, 8d., 2d. 

Lost, l4d.,2id. June, July 04 

Chambers' Elem. German Grammar, Aue (C. E.) 

28. : Aug. 04 

Cbambers' Exercises in Arithmetic, edit, by 
W. Wallace Dunlop and W. Woodbum. Cr, 8vo. 
7^ X 6, pp. 192, Is Chambees, Aug. 04 

Cbambers' Geographical Beaders of the Conti- 
nents— Asia and Africa. Post 8vo. pp. 270, is. 6d. 

Chaxbebs, Jan. 04 

Cbambers's Journal. 6th series. VoL 7. Boyal 
8vo. pp. 888, 9s Chaxbebb, Nov. 04 

Chambers' Latin Dictionary, 28. net Sep, 04 

Chambers' New Scheme Hist. Beaders, England, 
Is. 6d ,...Juns 04 

Cbambers' Summarv of English History. Post 
8vo. pp. 64, 6d.; swd. 4d Chambebs, Dec. 04 

cniambers' Twentieth Century Geography 
Manuals. No. 4a. Briti^ Isles. Post 8vo. 
pp. 62, 8d. Chambers, Jan. 04 



OlMBlbers* Twantialh Centorj Oaacnphy ; 
MuiimU. No. I: SooUud, Ireland, Britiih i 
Nortb AnerinB, AiutiKluik. Post 8vo. pp. 18, : 

ad.. Cbubui, Ifar. 01 | 

OlUU&ben' Twentieth Canlnrr Oeomphr 
Boadon. Book 1 : Scotland, Ireland, Britith 
Koith Aniarica, Amtnlaaia. Pest Bvo. pp. 3E6, 

Is. Sd. CHAXBUtB, Feb. 01 

fnwmbcr>' Twentieth Centur; Qeognphy 
Beaded. Book fi: Europe. Post 8vo. pp. STS, 

Is. U COAHBUB, May 01 

ObambaFS' Twentieth Centur)' Geoffruph; 
Beaden. Book 6a ; The World Oatside Borope. 

Cr. Svo. Is. Cbambuu, Mar. 01 

Chsmonii, Whymper (Edwd.) 8s. net Maj) 04 

Champdooa Hntvr, Oaboriou (Bmile) 6d. May 01 

Champington Hjat-ibT Lv Volear, ia.ed....ApT. 01 

ObMJOfnajm (A. C.) — Boldier in Christ's Army. 

ExplanakoQ of Confirmation and Catechism for 

PDblic Bohool B0T& and edit. llmo. Bfxli, 

pp. ISl, Is. Sd. net Biu., Oct. 01 

Obanee [J. F.)— LighthoOH Work ot Bit Jaa. 
Chanov. Ptef, bj J. Senwaid. On), pp. ITS, 

Ss. net Smith, Blj>ib, Dbc. OB 

Chanoe the Juggler, Slanton (C.) 6s. S«p.(U 

OhantfoUor (W. E.)— Tlmted States. Hirtory of 
8 CeDtoriee, 1607-1»1 (in 10 parU). Part 1. PiTTKiH, Oct. 01 

Chanoary &a., Praotioe, Poeoci fW. AJBe. June 01 

Chandls (A.) Divine OIBoa for Holy Week, 6d. nt. 

Mar. 01 

ChmnAtor (A.)— Oteater Catechism at Work ia a 

lATga Toini Pariah. Cr. Sro. Ti x 11, pp. 180, 

Sa.iMt; swd. U.0d. net. How>ft*t, iTu^ 01 

Chang* olFao^O()U(Tbos.)t■ Feb.O* 

Channel Islands, painted by H. B. Wimbnsh, dascr. 

bjr E. F. Oaray, 90s., lOs. net Oct. 01 

*"■"——*' TaUnJa — Betom of BevenuSH drawn 

from tha Crown Bights bi Channel Islands in 

•aeb otpast S yean, l|d. [SOI] EnuA S. Oet.Ol 

Chaniiel Fsasage, Ac, Swinbume (Alg. Chs.) Ts. 

Stp. Ot 

I, Wood (Hn. H.) la. Sd. J^uly 04 

I, Wood (Mrs. H.) M. Jruli 04 

Channings, Wood (Hn. Hy.) Is, Is., Si. 6d. net 

Sap. 04 

Channings, TTood (Hrs. H.) Is 6d. Sap. 04 

Channings, TFood (Mrs. Hj.) Is. ed DtcOt 

Cmaat (Mrs. Ormiston)— SeUoDta' Mansger. Ch. 
edit. er. Bro. T| x G, pp. 8TS, swd. Is. 

BiCHABDS, May 04 

Chantrey IF., Sir], itaymond (A. J.) Ss. Sd. May 04 

Chantry Bequest, Admiu., MaeOoU (D. S.) Is. net 

^pr. 04 

OIUkab«rTnist~Beport from Select Committea^ 

with Pnoeodinga, ad.; Ditto, and BTidenoe. 

with Appendix, Is. lid Btbk tl B.Sip.M 

Ohmnbvr >nd his Beqoest. Complete Ulna. 

Beoord. Cr. Svo. la fid, net ...Cussu., Aug. 04 

Ch^al OD Rill, iVXor (A.) 8s. Oe(. 01 

ChaplM and Verse, Baldwin (His. A.) 8s. Bd. net 

Otaspman (Elizabeth Bachel)— Little Child's 

Wreath. Oloi. by W. Graham Bobertson. ISmo. 

la. net ; Ithr. Is. Bd. net (FUnoeri of Pamowus) 

LsHB, 8tp. 01 

ObapiBRa (OJ— Edit., with lutradaction and 

Notes, by William Lyon Phelpe. Cr. Sto. 

71 > 4, pp. ITS, 3s. 6d. net 1 Ithr. 8b. Sd. net (Mer- 
maid Bcriei) Vtnn»,Juna<U 

Obap^An (Urs. Panl)— LJIe of our Lord and 

Barionr Jeins Chriat. Simply told for Children. 

Cr. Sra. Ti K 1], pp. all, Ss. net 

H. PnowDi, Afar. 04 
Obapnuta (S. J.}— Lancashire Cotton Indnslry. 

Study in Ecooomto DevelapmBut. Boy. Svo. 

at K Hi W' 830, Ts. 8d. net 

Sbeuutt & H. (kt. 04 



Olupmut (S. J.)— Work and Wages. In ooD- 
tinuation ot Lord Brassey'a ' Work and Wages' 
and 'Foreign Work and English Wages.' Parti, 
Foreign C«npetition. Intro, by I^rd Brasaer. 
Boy. 8to. e j X 6, pp. BS8, Ts. Sd. net 

LONOIUNB, Oct. 04 

OluappeU IJenniel— Hi-tnm, Ti-tnm, and Scrub : 

a Story ot Three Kittens. Cr. Sto. pp. 48 Sd. 

BiuiCKia, Mar. 08 
Ohappell (Jennie) — Wild Bryonie; or. Bonds ot 

Steel and Bands ot Lotb. Bins. Cr. Svo. 

It " 4ii VP. 830, 9b Pabtsidoe, Oct. fH 

ObBppeU (Jennie)— WithaQiainotSalt. Ct.Sto. 

pp. 06, Bd. NiBTEB, July 09 

Obsppell (Jennie) — Women who have Worked 

and Won. Lite Bti»y ot Hrs. Spnrgeon, Urs. 

Booth-Tucker, F. B. Havergal, Bamabai. nias. 

Cr. 8va. T} x Gg, pp. 160, is. 6d. 

PABTKmOK, Out. 04 

Obappla (W A.)— Fertility ol the Unfit. Cr. Sto. 

as. 6d. net Whitco«b« Sc T. Nov. 04 

ObBpter House, Westmiustec^-.'Copy ot Hemo. 

randa by Prot. Church oonceming treatment of 

deoayed alone-work in the Chapter Eonse, 

Weatminster Abbey. Id. ... GtBB & 3. Feb. 0« 
Chapters on Paper-making, Baadio (CUfton), toL 1, 

£s. net May 04 

Charsoter Uaking, Watliituon (Wm. L.) 8s. Sd. 

Cbaraoter and Conduct. Book of Helpful 

ThoughU by Qreat Writers ol Past and Present 

Ages. Beleoted and Arranged tor Daily Beading 

hy Author ot ' Being and Domg.' Cr. Sto. T^ x 41, 

pp. 884, 8s. Sd. net 

(LiTerpool, Toung) Bikpeih, I>ae.04 
Character &c. from Hand, Pratu/hy (1.) Is. Jan. 04 
Characteristics of Jesus, Hoelanff (W. J.) Ss. 8d. ; 

of Bom. ChoRih, AtcHbt (B. W.-J Is, Jan., Oet. 04 
Cbarsoteia ot Shakespeare's Plays Ac, BatUtt 

(Wm., sen.) 8s. ed. net Feb. 08 

Charaoteia ot Theophrastos, Bdmondt (J.) tic. 

ls.6d May in 

Charitable Belief, Boyert (Clemuit F.) 9b. 6d. net 

Charities, Lou'i Handbook to, Is. 6d., It.. ..Map 01 

Charities, Hetrop^ Bowe (W. F.) Is FeS. 01 

Charlemagne Legends, Btdfinch (Ths.) as. Sd. net 

Oof. 01 

Obarlea (Franoes) — Awakening of the Dachees. 

IUdi. Cr. Bro. T j x *i, pp. 386, Sa. Sd. 

Wako it L. July 04 

Charles I., Eihm BssiUka, Sa. Sd. net Mar. 04 

Charles L, 7ea (Allan) lOSs. net Nod. 04 

OtaBTlaa II.-Domestic. Vol. 16. Not. 16T8 to 

Feb. 16T6. 16s. (Becord Worii) 

Eru A S. (M. 01 
Charles IL, Airy (Osmnnd) Be. fid. net ......Mar. 04 

Charles, King, Aasenatn., Boicobel, 2a. 6d. Dte. OS 

Cba. O'Malley, Lecer, la. ; 3s. ; 3s. Sd Sep. 04 

<ntBrl«BWortta (H. L.)— Olirer of the HiU 

New edit cr. Sro. B x 8, pp. 389, as. 6d. 

Sau.EV, Nov. 04 
Obarleairortli (Haria Louisa). Sequel. Ch. ed. 

Cr. Sto. T} x 6, pp. 110, Is. Sd. ...Skelit, May 01 
Charley EiugBton's Aunt, Thtmpioa (Hy Sir) 

88. fid May 01 

Charms, Iddetleigh (Earl of) Bs Ocf. 01 

Chaion and Pisoator, Lueian, edit. T. B. Hills. 

8a.6d. Dae. 01 

Charter-paities, Idtw, Duckworth (L.) 9s. 6d. net 

July 01 
OIiArtarml Aooounlanls' Institute— Questions and 

Answers to the December Examinations. 3s. 6d. 

a« & Co. Feb. 04 

Obarta, Plans, and Sailing Directiona Geographi- 

cal Catalogue, Dan. 81, 10D8, Is. ConseontiTa 
List, Deo. 61, 1308, Bd. Bi-Monthly Liat.KoT.- 

Dec. 190B, Sd. Pottkb, Mar. 01 

Ch&teau de Vanx, Le, Qotlan (Uon) la. Od. 

Sep. 01 



CtaaM>nbrlmB<I — AUIk, Bitot, LeDaroiar Aban- 
oiam. lamo. e| x 4, pp. 188, Is. Ad. net ; Ithi. 
>». U. nai (Xat OUun^net Franeai*) 

DiMT, i}se.04 

ClulMabriftnct, F., Ban4 (Viwoant d«) H&s. ScBd. 


(AaUr (Lnoj) — In I^Tendat. Ct. Svo. Si. 6d. not 

Dmkt, July 0* 

OtaBtMrboz, Vglnma for 1904, Bo;. Sro. G*. ; 

bdi. Si. ausMUdc D. Oct.tU 

OmBOer — CantaibdTjr TalM : The Piologne aai 
Sqniie'i TUe. Ed. by A. J. WykU. Cr. 8to. 
71 X 4|, pp. 186, ia. 6d. (I7«HV. Tut. Svncf) 

CuTB, Apr. D4 

Cbkuoer fa.)— Flower and Uw LmI {i^ted sndei 

can of a B. Aihbea ; fnsik, S pg. lllaa. uid 80 

lattoi* diawn JBa ^ Edith Hanrood). Sro. 

pp. 48, eSi Baau Houn PKMB, D«c. OS 

fj^oeer — EnishVa Talei or, Palamon and 

Ardte. Done into Eii|[liah b; Waltei W. SkaaL 

ISO, la. net; ^ reL or limp 

[S4n/i Clattict) 

Db L* Hou ^XBi, F»b. 04 

Otaanoer^Hau of Law's llVla, Nun's Tala, Bquire'i 

Tale, done into Bngkub bj W. W. Skeal Iflmo. 

81 X 4i, pp. lis, la. net {Sino'i OUuna) 

Db La Hobx Pum, Apr. 04 
Obaoeer (O.)— Poetioal Worka. Fonrth Text of 
Prof. Bkoat. Vol. a. lima H x 84, pp. 403, li. 
net i Ithi. Ba. iwt (WorU't OIoWKi) 

BioHixra, Mag 04 
Omnoar (Q.)— Prioreaa'a Tala ; olhar Talas. 
Done into Hodetn Engliah. lOmo. SJ x 4J, pp. 
1B^ la. ed. net {Saig'i CIoMici) 

Db La Hobb Pbbbb, Dm. 04 

Chanoar, TuekteeU (W.) li. net Oct. 04 

ChaTaaae (F. J.) BiAion (Biehaid) 7i, 8d....J'«i. 04 
Cbajtor (H. J.), Dei Nefft ala Onkel, la. ...Ptb. 04 

ijDaynr (o. *./, jjbi ix 
Cheeked Ihrongh, Sana 

J, Courtna^E.) 8e Oct. 04 

CbOBpT the Chicken, Bountret (Hanr] Is Sd. 

ObAeOam (F. H.)— Haddon Hall. Illw. 

Aoooant of the Fabiie ; its Hiilor;. Ci. 8vo. 

T{xB,iip. lT8,ls.ed.iiet BBXUUTTftH.Auf.Ot 

Etbb ft S. Mar. 04 
Cham. AnaL, Foimdi; Cham., Orobaugk (Fnnk) 

lOi. ed. Juiv 0* 

Chem. Anal., Qua]., Tabln, ZAvenidgt, 48. 8d. nat 
Chemioal Anal., real-book of Quntit., IGs. net 

Jan. 04 
Chamioal Compoan., Pretind (I.) 18a. net ...Dec. 04 
Chemioal Engmaeiing, Daeit (Qeo. E.) 4Sa. net 

Ifoc. 04 
OhemttMl HannfactDien' Directory {The} for 
1904. CoTT., eul. Sto. bds. Ss. Ad. net 

SiHFKiK, iTan. 04 
Chemickl Physiology, BaUibartoniV/.D.} 4b. Ad. nt. 
Oef. 04 
Cham. Fhymalogj, Laeeg (H. B.) &a. 3a. nt Dte. 04 
Chem. BUties &c., Mellor (J. W.) Ta. Ad. ...Nov. 04 
Cham. Synth, of Vital Prod., Metdola (Baphael} 

9ts. net -Woe. 04 

Chemlitry, Bidgcod (John) 3i Apr. 04 

Cbemistiy, JfiHr (U. H. P.) lOe. Ad. net ...Apr. 04 
Chsmiitiy, Bibliography, BoUon (H. C] Ts. ed. 
..Nov. 04 

Chemistry, Descr., Nticell (Lymwi) 1, 4s. U. ; t, 

Is. Ad. Feb. 04 

Chemiitiy in D. life, CoAn (Laaaar-) Gs Dae. 04 

" — -'— , InorgMiT'onas (H. C.) As. Ad. ...Pefi. 04 
IB., Ot«ui<iM(Wilhelm) Nov.Di 

. , ?r«ui Hatrio, Sa. Ad Oct 04 

Chemistrr of Farm, Warinaton (B.) 9s. Ad. net 

Dec 09 
Chemiitiy ot Plant and *"'"■«■' Lite, Snyder, As. 




Chemiitry, Oigan., Garrett (F. CJ 8b. ......S«. M 

Chemiitry, Oi^mio, PerMit (W. H.], Kiplmg (F. B.) 

—Part 1, 8a. Ad. ; Fart 1, 8a. 8d. ; 1 toL Aa. M. ; 

Appendix, la. ; IvoLwith Appandn,Ta.8d. Noa.Ot 
dLcmlstrr Papara, Board of """TiitfTi. Saoood 

Stage Theoretical laorganio, 1884-1908. Ot.»to. 

pp. aa, iwd. Ad. [Org. Sisi. S»r.) ...Cun, Apr. M 
Obamlnrr Papen (Katrio.), Jnaa I8TS to Jan. 

1904. Cr. 8vo. pp. 104, swd. la. Ad. ({TiMi. Tut. 

Bfriat) Clitb, JTat. M 

01t«^atrr Paper* (Matrio.) btaa Jnue 1871 to 

Sepl 1904. Cr. 8to. pp. S8, iwd. la. U.(UniP. 

Tut-Sar.) Ci.m,Dec.04 

ChBmi*try,Phyiioloeic«l, Cota (S. W.] Sa. nt Nov. 04 
Chamirtry, PiboI, FmuA (Wm.) fto. 9, la. 8d. 

Chemistry, PnMs., Biehardt (P. A. BUla) 8a. net 

Chemistry, Prep. Coma, BaUey (O. H.) la. «d. 

Cbamistiy, Sab Comae hi BiparinuntaL Botma 

{W. F.) 91. Mar. H 

Cbemiatry, Beholarahip, GarAiar (T.) 9a. net 

Chemistor, Barrioa, X«wm (Tiviaa B.) lla. Mar. 04 
Cham., Theoietiaal, Ntrmt (Walt.}lSa. net D«C. 08 

Chamiita, ]>niggiati, Direo., K*%, Wi. Jab 04 

Ghamnlpho Battle, May (W. A.) 4a. net. Ata. M 

Chemnlpo, ^t«kAai ofBaHieof, ta.8d.iiet 

Jfo>. 04 
Chaqoa Book of Bank of Faith, Spuf^aoN, ftL Ad. 

Dm;. 04 
Cheqoea, Law, Wattoti (Erio B.) la. Ad. set Apr. M 
Oh«rbnll«B (T.HUeU Eoldenla. Sro. awd. 81. 

IfAdiABXH, Oct. H 

Chnrry fiipe, Mathers (H.) la J^ 04 

Cheny's Child, WifiUr (Jn. Btianga) 8s. Paj. 04 

Cheaham Parish Begisler, Psooe (J. W. Oanett-t 

laa Oct. 04 

Cheshire, Piotoresqae, Coward (T. A.) Ba. niJ)ae.9i 
Obeanay (W.)— Hysleiy of aBnngalow. A Koral. 

Cr. Sto. 7} X G, pp. SIA, 8a. UiTmiBir, Aug. 04 

fnteBBey (W.)— Tragedy ol the Oreat EmeiBM. 

Or. Biro. T{ x S, pp. 816, Aa. ...BIbt&ubb, Mar. 04 
OlMBB Qames (daaaifted). With Notaa. BdiL by 

CI.Blauihud. Nar.^awd.U. 

Boini.Bi>OB, Nov. 04 
Obeai — Selection of Ownea from the InternatioMl 

Totmaoieut played at Honte Carlo, Feb.-BIai. 

1001. Hlos. lAmo. ad. la. (Morgan'! Chef Lib.) 

SinFmr, Jan. 04 

Obeatar (Norley)~8tories from Dante. Cr. Svo. 

li X 41, pp. SSB, 9a. Ad. net Wabue, Apr. 04 

(mMtntoB (Q. K.}— O. F. Watla. lams. 8hS{, 

pp. 189, as. net ; leather, 9a. Ad. net (Paiuiar 

Librarii <^ Art) Ducbwobth, Mar. 04 

fntaatwton (G. K.)--The Napoleon of Hotting 

Hill T Fall-page niiu. by V: Graham Bobert- 

son. Hap of Seat of War. Or. Bro. T| x A, pp. 809, 

6a. Law, Mar.U 

ab«TllU»rd (O.)— Le Stock Eiahani(e: Lee 

Uaasea da la E^aoe de Londiea at 1m Fonda 

Anglais. Deniibne. ed. Sro. 10a. 8d. net 

E. Wii.W))i, Jfw 04 
Obayaa (T. K.}— Bible PnAlema and New 

Material for their Bolotion. Flea for thoniugh- 

neas of inrestigatum addressed :to Churchman 

and Scholars. Cr. 8yo. Ttx4{, pp. 971, Ga. 

iOrown Theological Lib.)'Wuj.iutB&'S. Nov. 04 
Obey-ne (T. E.]--Book of Psalma. Trana. from a 

lensed Text, with Notes and latio. In place ot 

9nd ed. ot an earlier work (1888) hy sameantfaor. 

a Tola. Svo. 9 X El, pp. 416, 360, sa. 16a. 

K. PiCt, Mar. 04 
Obayne (T. E,)-~Ciitica Bihlica; or, Critioal 

Notes on Text of Old Teitameut Writing*. Svo. 

8i X H, pp. 498, lEe. net Bi.acb, Pet. 04 

OblabasMr (R)— A Berised System of School 

Teaching. Demy Bvo. pp. lA, la. net 




Ohiooi, ATBitatM d«, Dtinuu <A.), Florian, 1*. 

Ohisf Virtual of Kui, Uortimvr (Alt. G.) S>. nat 

OhOd in Utorlntuior, OomnivrjfG.) Bi. 6d. Dee. 09 
Child In WwtmiDiter Abbaj, PaioniM (H.) Is. Sd. 

ChDd, Pnp. for BnwuMgAwIa (H. B.) It. Hap. (M 
Child, WiM lUn, D«Til,>C«niaAan (ConlKm) 1b.,Sb. 

Oct. C 

IWM'S Compuiiiia. VoL Bl. Rot. Sto. t 
pit, 9s. ed. : Mb. la. Sd. Rh.. TuoT Boc. Sop. 
bild'i Letten to hm Hnibuut, JToo^ (H.) a«. : 

Oblld** Own BLtguina. IIKU toL Boj. Sto. 

1*. 0^ hOm. la. Omci, Sep. Dl 

diUde B^ld'a Pilniiiiage, ByTon,6A. oat ^(19. Dl 
Childhood in EmI^ &o.,Dav (J. Bobanoni Gi. net 
Childhood, Bomuoe of mj, Adam (Hdma.) Sg. Sd. 
i>rK. OS 
CIiildTen, Cue ot.fioU (L. Emmett) h. net Ifav 0* 

Children, Dailf Tklka with, Sa.6d.iiBt Noe, CM 

Childnn, Diwuai, HutdUton (Bobati) Bb. 8d. net 

Oct. 04 

CfaUdmi, D ia iMta, Powell (V. H.) it. net Aug. 04 

ChildnD,I>iill,V0dM(F. H.)«d Ifar.OB 

ChOdieo in Indi^ aire* (B. A.) lOe. M. ...Dae. DB 
~ ot Cath>7, BaejUn^Bob, la. Od. ...Bep.Ot 

odimiue, cnaana (Lmjaa) Sa....def.04 
CUtdtan of HeiuLatniu (Bruno) Bt. net...i)ee. H 
Qiildten of the FoieBt, Ytntng (Egeiton) Bb. 6d. 


ChOdien of the Priorr, Hormbrook, la. Btp. <M 

Childraa, Ota, fisUJBbt.J 9a. Sd. net. .Dee. U 

ChildnD,Tninin(, Faith, Taylor (an.) Id. Oel.Ot 

Childieii, IVoHMM ol, la, itar. 04 

CbildnD'a Anuiul, Gnml lUahoida, t».......Stp. 04 

ChOdnn'a Books, JBrooke'i {Ijealie) Ita. Od. nat 

Childien'a Crnaade, Oreen IS. E.-) Ba. 8d....0et. M 
Childnn'a Efg. Honr, JToeZaan (F.) 1b. nat Dae. M 
Childr«D'a Flowaia, J^ton (B. L.) 1b. Sd. ...Mag 04 

an'a Hnaie Putme Book, Hoau (SlAffotd) 

iL, 9a. Sd., Ea. net Pth. 04 

Childien'a Bbjinea, Ounea, te., Ford (Bbt.) Bb. Sd. 

ChUdnn'B Thooghla Ho. Earriton (W.) 9a. Sd. 

Nov. 04 

own*, Ko. 1 (1)04)— B^oit bT Hr. C. W. Cajnp- 
hall, H.H. Conanl st Woohow, on a Jonrna; in 
■oncolia. With Hap. lDld....Eis> t 8. Feb. 04 

OblB*! No. i (10041 — Coiraapondence nvpasting 
Boaalan OcoopatioD of XanohDcia and New- 
ehirang [Jnly 1900 to Jan. 19041, lid. 


OUa*. No. S (1904)— Daapatoh Erom H.H. 
KinJater at Pekug, inoloaing a Baport b; Mr 

e J. : 

A, Na 4 (1004)— Map to aocaunpany Deapatoh 
a H.H. Hinistai at Peking, inoloaing Report 

Ckiam, No. S (1904)— Report ol Conanl OaDeral 
Hoaia mi Pionnoe of SBfioh'nan. Hapa. Is.lOd. 

\au-i\ e™«*s.Wo».o* 

Onia, Back Blooki, Jaek (R L.) 10b. Sd. net Feb. 04 
China Book, Old, Jfoors |K. Hndaon) Sa. Sd. net 

Sep. 04 
China, Chali on End., Saydm (A.) Ga. nt. Mar. 04 
China, Children ol, Betkingialt (J.) la. 6d. Sep. 04 

._ ....ilpr.04 

China, New Foieea in Old, Broan (AiL Jadaoa) 

la. net. « Dee. 04 

China, IfiVi Milea Hiiaele, OUner <An!bib.) 6a. 



China, Oidei«d lo, 1000, Ohambmlain (WiOnt) 6a. 

China, OS Yean' Miaaion, Blotl, Ba. Bd. Mar. 04 

China, Yangtie, Oetl (W. Edgar) Sa. Sep. 04 

OUbMi and Corea [Shipping Begiatty), Order in 
Connoil, 1004, Id. ; Conanl Harhage Feaa, Id. 

[1870,1871] Byma b S. Aug. 04 

OhlSk and the Easl New map, folded, la. net 

BxsTHOLOiciw, Feb. 04 

China, fto., 'Diulu Mail' Hap, II net Feb. 04 

China's Bnsineaa Methoda, Jarningham (T.) Its. net 


China's Faat, Fatnra, Eoleombe (Chester] 9a. Sd. 

la. not. Dee. 04 

China'a Soholus, One of, Taylor CMrs. H.) Ss. Bd. net 

/an. 04 

Chinese Oirl, Littla, Headland (L T.) Ia...^tV' 04 

"■"' "-'it., Pott (F. L. Hawka) Sl nat ...Get. 04 

at., Claaaic, SAu King, Bb. Bd. nl Dm. 04 

Cbineae Manul, i)ougUu (Rriit. £., Sir) 10s. Sd. 
June 04 

Chinese HartjrB, Dryeon (HtaJSa. 6d Jfoe. 04 

Chmsse Note-Book, Totmtey (Ladj 8.) 10a. 


Chineae Speotadaa, England (hrongh. Wo Chang, 

8s. Sd Jan. 04 

Chinoae, Things, BoU (J. DTer) 19a. net ...Jan. 04 

Chirp and Chatter, Bant* (A.) la. Bd Oct. 6* 

dhlikoUn (LoneT}~-In Fairyland. Tales told 
again. Piotnrea 1^ Eathaiine Camsnui. B07. 

Svo. 9J K H, pp. IBB, Ta. 6d. net Jiox, Nov. 04 

Ohittr (J.)— Treatise on lav of Contraata. 14th 
edit. lev. by J. M. Lelj. Boy. Sto. BOb. 

SniT £ H. Oct. 04 
CtalTW* (G. T.}--ElemeDtarf Henaoration. Cr. 

Bto. 7| X 4|, pp. 844, Gs. LoNOHDlB, Apr. 04 

ObOlmoBdolay (Hary) — BedPottage. 

NiWKBB, Jan. 04 

OboBiIer (C. H,)— Protection in Canada and 

Aoatralaeia. Or. Svo. 7} x 4), pp. SSS, 8b. Sd. net 

P. S. Kma, June 04 

01t«pa (R. H,)— Key to School Arithm., or. Svo. 

pp. 406, Ss. 6d. nat ; Key to Tutorial Arithm., er. 

Ctvo. pp. 868, Gs. Sd. net Clitb, Oct., Nov. 04 

Choristera, Boy, Grant [E. M.) Apr. 08 

OKree (C.H-Enqoiiy into the Nature of the 
" ' itionstup between Snn-apot Freqnenoj and 
kl Magnetiam. 4to. p- " '- " 

Terrastrial Magnetiam. 4to. pp. BB, le 
Chris Wharton, Bloie IC. ].) Is. Sd, Is. ..'JToo. 04 

DDI.1U, JuUi 04 
lloie (C. ].) Is. 6d, Is. ...Nov. 04 
Christ, MCottneU (S. D.) Gs. net Apr. 04 

OhristHihild &e., Corpm'er [Wm. Boyd) Is. net 

Wot. 04 
Chriat, Coming ol, Wartc\aum, la. 6d. net July 04 
Chrirt from Without £c, Clark (Hj. W.) Sa. 6d. 

net May 04 

Chriat has Come, the 9nd Adv. past. Cook (Emoat 

Hampden-] 9s. Sd. net Dec. 04 

Christ, Imitatn. ol, Ths. k Kempit, U., 9b. nl. Jan. 04 
Chriat Life, Simpb Words, Stuart (H.) la. Sd. net 
Christ, Scenes, Sayings, Snoioden (Jae. H.) Gs. net 

/an. 04 
Otarist, Hiraolea ol ; Lectorea in Central Hail, 

Hancheater. Svo. ad. Sd....C. H. Kelly, Dec. 04 
Chriat, the Silent, Bidey (W. W.] Sa. Sd. nL Aug. 01 
Christ and CimBoienoe, .Sorne |C. B.) la. ...Jan.O' 
Chriat and Critioiam, GambU (John) 8a. Sd. Dee. D 
Christ and the Ch. Fai)'- "-■---'■•-■ -■--"-« 

Faith, Cntmj (Prinoipal) 6d. 

Christ'a Coming, Talo, Backahr (Trring) 6b.0c/. 
Cbriat's Life, Montgomerji (H.) Sa. Sd. net Jan. O 
Christ's little GitisMia, Dandier (J. L.) Gs. net 

Dec. If. 
ChriBt'a Hagnetism, Smith (Jn.) 6a Nov. 0- 




ton (G. A.), PnU (A.)— IMon a«iiiiatr7, 
TbaoMtiiau kod Pnctiokl. Compiuiiig Boebd 
1, and I, kod p4rt cd BcnA 8. Cr. Sto. mf. SH| 

S«.nal JUjjuii, Sep. 04 

Clurjttiu] It Home, JTilunsky (Jm.) U, 3^ net 

Oct 04 

ChiiiUu Belief, S Bmm, Uarrioti (K. W.) 1*. m* 


Clitirtlui BmUuriuod, Addi. far AicU). of lori, ea. 

F<b. 04 

<AuJtU*n Caitemtiaa, CUfard (John) Be. 61, U. nt. 

Chrirtiui ChuMter, JUfnpwra ().) TiTu. O^ 04 
ChifaUui Cbtmli,£ami>ti>iid(7o«.)l«.Od.;l*.iiet 

^p'rttan ^■«— . p— -y fit— ) ^- , — (ki.04 

OAristtaa Docferiaa, dcdgned to guide Um 
TMohei tliMB^ k Coane ol BeUgioai Isftno- 
tioo. Puteludl. MuiiCliula. 4ta. (Pliil>- 
dtlphlk, I>ollil>in Pnn) 4a. „ Out. 04 

tnitlatl«BEiide«T«nrHjinii*L Ktuie. Otbedit. 
•nL STO.8e.0d.; limp, 9i.6d. 

A. HMLmoiB, Out. 04 

ChiUlui Pkilh, Sdenaa, B1m(Wib. H.) Sl ifnr. 04 

ClkbduB KnisU, i>rvtHmoiid(BobatJ.) U., to. 


CbriiUan Li(ei TTarfrHrlaii (GmSmt ERraton-) 

■•.Od-nel ......Von. 04 

Chin. Life la Prim. Chnreh, JMtdMU (BniMt 

t«b) IM. Od. Vm. 04 

'^r'**'*" Idriug, Pint L—ioni, Davim (D. O.) 

1*. «d. net Dae. 04 

Ckiiitun LJTing, Sooreti of, ifeirir (7. B.) 1*. 

Sap. 04 
CfaiiitiM) Honli, Bir T. BrMma, Ua .; Oil. Sd. net 
a HratidanL Otwon (E. C^It....!^ 04 
a Opportiml^, iJaetdMnt (Randall Tboi.) 

■a. Nov.tH 

CbriiUan PenonalitT, Oania (Alt. B.) la., la. net 

Oct. 04 

ClvlatlMl Piograw. 1004 TOL Cr. Bro la. Sd. 

BunoaK, D»e. 04 

Chritttan Boaae, Ovnttrie (B. de 1»), id. 7b. fld. net 


Chrialikn, Tb^ Ooinf [Hall] la. net Jfay 04 

'^ri*"*" Warkman, Lamhirt {In. 0.) la., la. 

Apr. 04 
CBnattaa Worid Pa^t. Yd. 04. 4to. 4a. Od. 

i. Cuaxa, Jan. 04 
OlirUtla* Woild Pnlpii Td-OI. 4to.4i fld. 
J. ClaMib, July 04 

Chriatlan Tew, ZgMe (John) 8a. net .Avg.Oi 

Cbrfatian Yaw, KabU (John) la. net Oct. 04 

ChtMMi'a Belktn. to ETolnUon, /oAnMm (FranUin) 

Sa-nat. J^uly 04 

Cbdatiani^, BeBlnninga, W»mU (PanlJ I0» OcL 

CMaiianlty, Coounon-nnae, Eon— (C. SUTBetsr) 

le.Sd.Dat Orf -' 

ChiJattftsity, Expu., fionMok (AdoU) 10a. Sd. 


Cliristiknitr, Hiatotj, Piggit (J. Neville) 9a. net 

Chliatuud^ in Tlmd., Harford (B. Trwzt.) 18a not 

Prt. 04 

Chrielianftj, 7t it true? Od Apr. 04 

CbiitiMiitT. A il ferae r >*. Od. JutuO* 

. Ju^ 04 

Qrialiaiiilj, Janaf, la. net .. 

rWatlanity Hinonlooa ? PtiUhard (C. HO 1 

CMaHaatty, Origin of, Whitlakar (Thoa.) 8a. Bdi 


CtarifUa>iit7, Splritiiallim, Omtt (Lm») Si. ed. net 

Dae 04 

OuMUnltT, VTbat f fiarruici (Adolt) la. Mar. 04 

r and Bationaliun on Trial : Chiia- 

■ aniwand. Itta. awd. Od. 

Witts, Dae. 04 
CklManltj'a Flaoe among Bellgiona, Cai 


ClnWlana' Log Book, Ea. mi. ... 

...Kov. 04 

CtartstU (J.)— Horilmnbariana: He HIbIoit, Urn 
Peatnrea, ila People. Cr. Sto. 8xB, op. MS, 
8» «a. net - Snonv, Son. M 

ekrlMta rw. H. N.>— Aabographio CatakM^ 
IB0O«. Oreenwioh SeeticD. I>eo.+e4° lo tV*. 
FromPhatogr ' " " . . - . 


BoraL VoLl. 

angnUr Co-ordmataa and Dliroeton of BtoK 
Imana. Dao. + e4<>to+7S°. 90a. 

ChriatanM t* the Zoo, £evla (Wm.) 9b. ...».SfB. 04 
ChriBtanaa OmoI, IKclW, in IIid^ k, la. Od. net 

Cbriatnae Carol, Ciiokel on R, Cbfanea, ftfc 

iKdbnt, ek. la. net - - Bam. 04 

Cfarialmaa Bve on Loaaeone, Pern, Jnn. (iafan) 

8a. Sd. net ™ Oat. 04 

ChiiaknaaPartT, Jr«Na'«,lB.Sd. — Oet.M 

OhriatanM Partj, WaUtHia, la. Nov. U 

Chrittophet, Tiaiet of, 9a. niat,lB. net. Jiuw 04 

Cbriitu in BaalMik, BatMoU (HaaUnga) 4b. Sd. 

Bat Dae. 04 

duooiale ot Jkri?r«a, Schmidk, IBa. net Fafr. 04 

Chroniole ot the Srtgl. Aug. Cano., lS4S-iaiL 

10a.6d.Qat Aiu.Oi 

ChroQ. of DoD Q., Pritokonl (K. ft HMkathLta. 

Ohron. of Old Campaigner, Ookmta (If. de U) U*. 

net Bar. ">• 

Chnmklea ot Semperton, Oomitokaal (Job.) la. Od. 

OhroateaaAdndeUikiA. 1877-1481. Bd-wilh 
trwul. and ootoB by Sir B. Kaode IbompaaB. 
9nd ed. 8vo. IOl Od. net. FTCwdB, fab. 01 

ChrTeanbhemoin ColtDte, TTrMU (Wall P.) la. Sl_ 
la. FA. Ot 

Cbiyainthemuiiu, Fatter (B. Batler) Sd., la. net 

Chnaottom, Aichb. CeaMtentiiKipla, Elt. Jotm, 
la. not Ott. 04 

ObiTStal (0.)~AlgsbT« : Elenmtory Text-Book 
for Hi^ei Ckaeea of Senondarj Bebaola and tflc 
CoUegee. Part 1. Stb adik Baa. Sixfl, pp. 
OOe, 1^ Sd 3l.U)C, Oct. OS 

tansM. V0LIBO4. Folio,8a....CuBiix,&r.01 

OUnreb (A. J.>— CntaaderB. Stoiy of War lac 

tbe H0I7 Sepnlobre. HIdb. hj George Hono*. 

Cr.Sra 8 x Sj, pp. SSO, h. Bulit, Ocf. 04 

(A. J.)— Greek GolliTar. Btoriea troM 
Lnci*n. Dloi. New ad. or. Sra T| x 4|, m. llSl 

la. Sd Sbbut, cm. 04 

DbHTOb (A. J.HHeroea of Eaatam Bowanoa. 
nioL New ed. or. Sto. 8 ■ B, pp. 818, 9b. SO. 

BuuT, SBp. 04 
L J.) — Tonng Maoedonian In Armf of 
*l...t.j^ tlie Great DloA &ew adit. Cr. Aro. 

8 kB, pp. 884, b.ed BnaiJiT, Ifoa. 01 

Db m. H, )— Penrnddook c( the Whita I«mbB : 
< of Hollead, Bngl., Ameriea. Or. Snt. 

pp. 849 (New York) Ts. Od. .Apr. 08 

Okareii Annoal Lc«.book, 1004. C?. 0*0. bda, 
9B.0d.Deti ■ 

Cbdbch NawaFAPsn Oo. J«t, 04 
Ohnich Caee, Chalnwrt, fta,PMIip (Adam)8d. 

Chnrah Ceremonial, BngL, Slalan (Terson) la. Sd_ 

la. net Jifr. OS 

1 Congreaa held at Uvopool on Ook 4 to T, 
1004. Offlmal Report. Bdit. bj C. DonUeT' 
Sto. 01 X 6\, pp. 080, 10B.«d. oetBaMBoan, Dm.M 

Cborcb Difflenltj, Slhaw (T.) Sd. Sow. OS 

Tale t 




ChBHb Dudpline — Bill to >meikd th* Ohnroh 
Dwdplina Act, 1S40, uid Uie Pnblie Wonhip 
B(«nUtiini AoV imt. Id BtM * B. Mar. U 

Ctumik, E^y, BurrvU (D*d. Im.) tec, U. 6d. net 

Chant, UtB-lt3S,Pnra(W.B-) It. ed. ...OeL CM 

Chnnh-Ooer, l>tafv otk, Ss. Sd. ort Dug. 01 

Chnnh HiitoiT, IfiTG-lMO, Phtrnfltsr (AIT.) Sa.Dat 

ffOD. M 

Ohnrsb Jn EngL, TkIm, Atrrowt (O. &.) >■. Ad. 

l^ov. M 
Chnnli Ufa, Dif. in, PnuK. goMlioiu, «■. Dwt. M 

OharoK HonlUj. 4(0. la. Otfks, i}<e. 04 

ChiirahMQiie,iNeA(>rdton(A. H.tla. U. ni Jan. 04 
dhniDh of England, Byls [Hub. Edvd.) «a. Oot. 04 

[. Vor. 04 
of Inland — Btl) Confaranoa at Untariok, 

Oianli of Young Hen, Onttji (Frank a.) 8a. fid. 

Mt Sap. 04 

dinroh Priociptaa, Oonmr iJn.) 5* Aug. 04 

Qmnib Prolileinf, Qtraidin^t Latter*, Sa. Od. 

Oct. 04 
Oknrob Pulpit T«ar-book, tt04. CinUinmg a 

eampMa 8an«a of ScrmoDi tor litaigical Year. 

Cr. 8T0. Tt X 4i, pp. Sie, ea NiaiiT, Jon. D4 

Chonta Taaohing, Bmiif/ (Bam.) M., 4d., Sd. net 


Chnrah and Hod. Boo., TroyU [K Aolud-) 9a. Sd. 
Sap. 04 

dutioh and World, BuZIay(H A.) 6a. JtUgOt 

Chnrch'a Laaiona, MorUmtr (AU. Q.) Tol*. 1, 9, eaoh 

...a*p. 04 

Chnich'a Leaaona, UoHiMtT <AU. G.) ptk 1, 3, 8, 

•Mh b. ed. nat Apr. 04 

Chmoh'a Leaaona for Teai, Mortimtrr (AUJ pt. 4, 

■i.ed. nat Jiin«04 

Chnrob'a Obj. Leaaona, L^oAman (Edgom. W.) Oet.M 

a, Froe, Soma (C. BilTertw) k. Od. asl 

).— Croiaing, Novel. Ulna. Cr. 

Sid. Tl K B4|pp. SOS, Sa HacMiLlaM, /uM 04 

Chorohinas, WhjT BeAar (R. IL) la. «i....J>te. 04 

Cle*r« — Fro Hilone. Trana., notea, intro., and 

•naljaia In 3. B. Baker, and edit. rer. Cr. Bro. 

awd. la. Sd Simfxdi, l£ay 04 

Cloerv— Pro Bolla. Tranal. b; John K King, 

Cr. Sto. awd. la. Sd. Sixpiih, Jidtj 04 

<SgBratt« Indnitry, ZiedUotti, le. net May 04 

C£dera, MalhuTM |H.} Sd Jul^ 04 

CiHOUtograpb Trkin, i^arrou (O, B.) Sa...Not>. 04 

Otprtaat Da Oratkme Dominiua. Part L The 
Tcoci Cr. avo. awd. la. Sd. net ...Biu., May 04 
Ciraaiaione (Une), Woman of Uie HiU, 8a. Sd. 

ZW. 09 

Circle, Thurtlon (K. C.) Sd. Ma 

Otrele of the Year (The Endleaa). Calandw 

1006. ISmo. bds. AhaCIKM, Ao 

CHiaana' National Union, TulUt (John) «d. Ap 

CStixsnahip, HiaL, NneUnd (H. Oanian) 9a. Sd 


C&tj Compuiiea of London, Dilcfifiald, 91i. ue 


Cil7 DaTelopment, Oeddei (Pair.) 31a. net Tfoe. 04 
CUT ot London Diiactorr (The) for 1904. Imp. 

Sto. ISa. Sd. CoixmoiuDai, Apr. 04 

City of Hyatery, Qunifr (Arch. Clavering) Sa. 

Oltr of Peace. Cr. Sto. pp. IfiO, 9a. Sd. 

(Dublin) BiAl.1, BaiBBa ft Wauxb, OS 
City, Poem-dnunus Ujnon (Artbnr) Ba. net...OiM. 04 


OlvU Lilt Penaioni — Liit of, granted dnring 
1908-4. Id. [9181 Etu & 8. .ijiv- 04 

Olvll BerTanta (Betirenient al Age of BiitTflre)— 
Tnaanry Hinnte, dated July 80, 1004, Kal^ 
"' ' idor vhioh oertain Civil Berranti 

CiTil Serrioe Can. HinU, Sttrry (J. J 

WtII Berrioe Commiaaton Examination Paper* — 

FoatOfBoe, Sortv, Feoula, Od. 1908, Sd. 

Eybb & 3. Ab. 04 
Otvll Berrioe Conmuaaion Biamination Fapan — 

Cinl Serrioe, Seoond Diviiion, OcL ISOS, fld. 

Patent OlBoe, Auiatact Eiaminer, Jan. 1904, la. 

Royal Navy, Cadela, Not. 1909, Sd. 

BiM A 8. Xar. 04 
fHTll SerTioe Conuniaaioo EuminaUon Papnra- 

Foreign OOoe, Attach^ In Diplomatio Serrioay 

April 1904, la. Poet Offtoe, Learner, Fab- 

Tnaiy 1004, Sd. Ireland, Iriah Land Com- 

miaaion. Third Claai Qerk, A^ 1B04, Bd. 

Boyal Navy, Karal and Bngmaar Cadela, 

March 1004, Sd. Btm A 8. Jk^ 04 

OlTll Berrioe Commiaaion Eitunination Paper* — 

Stationerr Office, H.H. Clerk. Jnly, 1004. Sd. 

ByBbAB. Ck^t. 04 

Olvll Serrioe Conuniaaion Examination Pi^ri — 

Aiaiitant Clerka, Abitraotor Claai, July, Sd. 

Honie OHtae. FaotoHea, Inapeotor, Aug., la. 

India Foraat Berrioe, Indian Polioa and Colonial 

Polioe Faroe*, Jnue^Jnly, le. BonI Nary, 

Cadet*, Inly. Sd. Bru A B. JTof. 04 

Otwa Berrioe Conniiaion— Bnlaa and RegnlUiiaia 

leapeeting Biaminationa tor Home CiTifSerrio*, 

Army, NaTy, Civil Sarrice ot India, ice. Abatraot. 

Corrected to June 9lt, 1904, la. Eiu ife B. .^up. 04 
CiTil Berrioe, Qaide to Employment in, la. Sd., la. 

net Jan. 04 

CiTil Serrioe liat, Brit, Imp. Gal. im., S*. F*i. 04 
fHvU Berrioe Year-Book and OfBoial Calendar, 

1004. Cr.Svo. 9*. Sd.: awd. 9*. 

SmprAUi; BmruK, Ftb.Ot 
OItII Serrlce and Commercial Copying Form*. 

Cr. 8to. *wd.Sd. L PmuH, Juw 04 

Bopplemenlan Estimate, 1904-C 
lid. [189] .Bth a 8. Aug. 84 

Civil Warin Hanta, aodism (Q. H.) 91a. nat Dae. 04 

Civil War {U.8.A.), Oordm (Jn. B.) IBi. BeLFBb.04 

Civiliaation in England, Hiit., Buckle (Hv. Tha.) 
vol. 9, la., 9a. net; S,la.,9a.nt. Jan.,Mar.Ot 

Cinliiatioa in Eng., Intro, to, Buekla (Ey. Tha.) Ba. 
Ftb. 04 

CiTiliiatloD weighed by Lvl\»r rediTivna,6d.ifar.04 

Clacton Pariah Chnrch, Siltreifn- ( J.) la. nt. Nov. 04 

Clan Tir, Fate of Children of Lir, Oraig (J. F.) la. 
Dtc. 01 

OlappertoB (Jane Hume) — Viaion of the Future. 
Baied on Application of BUiical Prinoiplea. Cr. 
Bra Tlx4}, pp.8Ge, Sa-Od. 

Boil NIK BcaEiM, ^j/r. 04 

Otera (A.)— Conrt Card*, chiefly the Knave of 
Haarti. Bomance ol little Oame played between 
England and Scotland at cloae ot IBth Centory. 
Cr. Svo. 7f X 41, pp. 89B, Sa Umwim, May 04 

Olmr* (A.) — Randal of Bandalholme; aTynedal* 
Tragedy. Cr. Bvo. 71 x 4|, pp. SSO, 6a. 

Chitto, Apr. 04 

OUrk (A. H.)— Hiatory ot Yaokting, ISOO (o 18U. 
Bro.aiB. nea. Putnam, Dec 04 

Clark |Ch*. Heber)— eee Adater (U.) 

Olark (B. B.)— Handbook ol Plant Form. Per 
■tadent* ot deaign, art ichaola. leachara, 
amateura. 100 platea, compt. SOO illua. drawn 
and deaoribed } intro. ohaptei on detign, and 
gloaaar; ot botanical leima. Imp. 6to. lOi x TJ, 
E*. net «» BaTWOW, Sap. 04 






Olark (F. E.)— Great Siberian Railway. What 
I saw on my Journey. Cr. 8to. 7| x 4|, op. 280, 
2s. 0d Pabtbidok, June 04 

Olark (Georgiana C.) — Jolly Games for Happy 
Homes. Cr. 8vo. limp, Is Dban, Sep. 04 

Clark (H. W.)— The Christ from Withoat and 
Within : Study of Gospel by St. Jobn. Cr. Svo. 
7| X 5^, pp. 282, 88. 6d. net. A. BfxLBosE, May 04 

Clark (J. B.)— Problem of Monopoly. Sro. 5s. 
net Macxillan, Sep, 04 

Clark (J. W.)— .Endowments of University of 
Cambridge. Svo. pp. 602, 10s. 6d. net 

C. J. Clat. July 04 
COark (J. W.)->Gmde to Ely Cathedral, in One 
Walk. 6d. net 

(Cambridge) Macmillak & Bowbs, Oct. 04 

Clark (Mrs. Francis E.) — Junior Endeavour in 

Theory and Practice. Cr. 8vo.7| x 6, pp. 28^88. 6d. 

Mblbou, /an. 04 
Clark (B.)— Missions of CJf.S. and C.E.Z.M.S. 
in Punjab and Sindh. Ed. and rev. by Bobert 
Maconaohie. Svo. S| x 6^, pp. 280, 8s. 6a. net 

C.M.S. Feb, 04 
Clark Lectures, 1902-8, Wendell (Barrett) 7s. net 

2^ov. 04 

Clarke (A.)— Starved into Surrender. Cr. Svo. 

7i X 4|, pp. 276, 5s. C. W. Daniel, Nov, 04 

Clarke (Allen)— EfiPects of Factory System. Ch. 

ed. 12mo. 6^ x 4^, pp. 186, swd. Is. 

BiCHABDs, Feb, 04 
Clarke (Amy, Mrs.) — Gipsy Dick. Cr. 8vo^ pp. SO, 

Od. Blackie, Mar, 08 

Clarke (J.) — Short Studies in Education in Soot- 
land. Cr. Svo. 8s. 6d. net ...Lomokanb, Feb, 04 

Clarke (J. L.)— Eternal Saviour Judge. Svo. 
S| X 5|, pp. 87S, 9s. net J. Mubbay. Nov. 04 

Clarke (J. W.)— Pocket Book of Tables and 
Memoranda for Plumbers, Builders, &c., 1904. 
64mo. Ithr. Is. 6d. net Batbpobd, May 04 

Clarke (Lilian)— Ideal Cookery Book. Beliable 
Guide to Home Cooking. 4th edit. 12mo. swd. 
6d. net L. U. Gill, Aug, 04 

Clarke (Lilian) — Ideal Cookery Book: Reliable 
Guide to Home Cooking. 246 Useful and Dainty 
Beoipes. 4th ed. 12mo. bds. 6d. 

Bbumby & Co. Oct, 04 

Clarke (M. W.), ^iop*8 Fables, 78. 6d Sep. 04 

Clarke (Margaret Bruce) — Little Heiress. Cr. 
Svo. 7| X 5^, pp. 820, 88. 6d Nblson, Oct, 04 

Clarke (Mrs. Henry)— Trusty Rebel, or Follower 
of Warbeok. Illus. Cr. Svo. 7| x 5^, pp. 842, 
8s. 6d NsLsoM, Sep. 04 

Clarke rS.)— Sketch of the Waterloo Campaign. 
Short Tactical Study for Yoimg Officers, to which 
is added the Duke of Wellington's Despatch. Cr. 
Svo. 7} X 4^, pp. 5S, 4s. net Galk & P, Jan, 04 

Clarke (W. B.)— More Excellent Way. Cr. Svo. 
6b PuTXAX, July 04 

Clarke (William E.)- Cusaok's Biology. Cr. Svo. 

74 X 4|, pp. 280, 2b. 6d. net 

City op London Book Dbpot, Jan. 04 
Claas Teacher's Weekly Record of Work. Folio, 

swd. Is. 6d. i' S. d' S.* 50rt«8)...SixPKiK, Aug. 04 
Classic Christian Art, Golden Age, Bichter, 105s. 

net Nov. 04 

Cnassioal Association of England and Wales. 
Proceedings 1904. Svo. swd. 2s. net 

J. MURBAY, Oct. 04 

Classical Atlas, PJiilip8\ 28. 6d., 8s. 6d Nov. 04 

Classics, Memarqite Series of, ea. 6s., 2s. net Oct. 04 
Clsfd. Gems of Thought, Proctor (E. B.) 6s. Nov. 04 
Claude Duval of Ninety-Five, Hume (Fergus) 6d. 

Apr. 04 
Claudia, by A. L. 0. E., 28. Od.. ....•.• Nov, 04 

Claaseii (G.) — Six Lectures on Painting. De> 
livered to Students of Royal Academy of Arts in 
London, Jan. 1904. Cr. Svo. Sjk x 6|, pp. 144, Ss. 
net E. Stock, Jmt, 04 

Claws and Paws, Wain (Louis) 28. 6d Oct, 04 

Clay (Muriel Brocas) — Sunmier Memories : Poems. 

Cr. Svo. pp. 60, 88. 6d. net 

(Rugby) G. E. Ovkb, Dee, 09 
Clay (P. S.)~Police Drill. Newed. 16mo.l8.6d. 

net SmpKiN, Apr. 04 

Clay-modelling, A. L., Beid (James) 48. net Apr, 04 

Clayton (J.) — John Blankaet's Bu si n e ss. Novel. 
Cr. Svo. 7| X 5, pp. 866, 6s. S. C. Bbown, Jan. 04 

Clear (C.)— Letters on Life. Svo. swd. 6d. 

Hoddbb & S. OcL 04 

Cleather (Alioe Leighton), Cruxnp (B.)— ParaifaL 
Lohengrin and Lep^d of Holy Grail. Described 
and Interpreted m accordance with Wagner's 
own Writings. Front Cr. Svo. 7x4^, pp. 190, 
28. 6d. BfsTHUXN, Apr, 04 

Cleawes (M. A.) — ^Light, Energy, its Physics, Ac 
Svo. 218. net Rebxan, Oct, 04 

Cleewe (Lucas) — Children of Endurance. Stoir 
of a Latter-Day Prophet. Cr. Svo. 74x41, 
pp. 820, 6s Unwin, Od, 04 

Cleewe (L.)~Lady Sylvia : Novel. Cr. Sva 7i x 4|, 
pp. 824, 68. Long, Oct, 04 

Cleewe rL.)-~Our Lady of Beauty. Story of the 
Love of Charles Vn., King of Franoe, and Agnes 
Sordle, Demoiselle de fromenteau. Cr. Svo. 
7i X 4|, pp. 81S, 68 DiQBY A L. Sep. 04 

Cleere (L.)— The Fool Killer. NoveL Cr. Svo. 
7| X 4i, pp. 812, 6s. ..Unwin, June 04 

Clerr (A.) — The Throne and the Voice, and other 
Sermons. Cr. Svo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 168, 2s. 6d. net 

Stockwell, Apr, 04 
Clemens (Titus Flaviu8)~see Clement of Alexandria 

Clement (E. W.) — Handbook of Modem Japan. 

2 new Maps, made especially for book, 60 lllns. 

from i^otographs. Cr. Svo. 7i x 4Ji, pp. 412, 6e. 

net Paul, Apr, 04 

Cleon in Palace of Truth, Lambert (L.) Is. Apr. 04 
Cleopatra with Antony, Nott (Y.) 2s. 6d. nt. i>ec. 04 

Clernr Directory, 1905. Cr. Svo. 4s. 6d. 

J. S. Phillips, Dee, 04 
Clernr List (The) 1904. Svo. 128. 6d. 

Kelly, Ltd. Feb, 04 
Clergy, Self-help for Poor, Zara, 28. 6d. net Feb, 04 

Clergyman** Beady Beferenoe Diary for 1906. 

12mo. 88. 6d Bembobs, Deo. 04 

Clerical Directory, Croekford*8. 20b Mar, 04 

Clerical Familv Annals, Venn {J^ 15s. net Feb, 04 
Clerical Life, London, Gray (E. Ker) 10b. 6d. net 

2>0c. OS 
Clerical Record, Non.-Denom., Pastor's D., 28., Ss. 

net \Jan, 04 

Clerk (A.M.)— Spiritism Keystone of Christianity. 

Cr. Svo. 7A X 4|, pp. 60, Is. net... Daniel, Nov. 04 
Clerk (Conf.) What a Business Man oueht to 

know, Is. 6d. net Nov, 04 

Clerk (J. F.), Lindsell (W. H. B.)— Law of Torts. 
8rd edit rev. by W. Paine. Boy. Svo. 80s. 

Sweet & M. Oct. 04 
Clerks, Trollope (Anthony) Is. 6d., 28. net Nov. 04 

Clewe (P. T.) — Report on Plankton collected by 
Mr. Thorild Wufif during Voyage to and from 
Bombay. (Arkiv. for Zoologi I. 16, R. Svenska 
Akad.) 4 plates. Svo. pp. 58 swd. 2s. net 

W. Wesley, Mar. 04 

Clewelaiid ^F. A.)— Funds and their Uses. Mod. 
Finance. Pp. 810 (N. York) 5s. 6d. Jfoo.Oft 

Cleveland (G.)— Presidential Problems. Svo. 

7s. 6d. net Putnam, Nov. 04 

ClifiP Climbers, Beid (Mayne) 2s Sep, 04 

Cllffe (F. H.)— Garland of Love : Poem. 12mo. 
2s. 6d. net Gay & BmD, Aug, 04 






Clifford (E.) — Father Damien and others. 8vo. 
8f X 5|, pp. 820, 2s. net 

Chubcb Abut Book Boox, Oct. 04 

O^UfliMrd (H.) — Farther India. Story of Explora- 
tion from Earliest Times in Burma, jVIalaya, 
Siam, Indo- China. Drawings, photographs, 
maps. Boy. 8yo. 9^ x 5|, pp. 890, 7s. 6d. 

La WHENCE & B. Sep. 04 

<mfford (H.)— Sally, other Tales of Outskirts. 
Gr. 8to. 7| x 6, pp. 812, 6s. 

Blackwood & S. Nov. 04 

<ntfl'ord (J.) — Christian Certainties. Discourses 
and Addressee in Exposition and Defence of 
Christian Faith. New edit. or. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 812, 
88. 6d. IsBiBTER, June 04 

Cllfldrd (J.)~Christian Certainties. People's 
edit. or. 8vo. swd. Is. net Isbisteb, July 04 

Crlifldrd (John)— Secret of Jesus: Sermons. Cr. 

8vo. 71 X 6^, pp. 288, 8s. 6d....S. C. Brown, Jan. 04 

Clifford {Jn.)f Bateman (Chs. T.) 6s. Mar. 04 

Clifford (Mrs. W. K.)— Getting Well of Dorothy. 

nius. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 262, 8s. 6d. 

Methubn, Oct. 04 
Cntfford (W. K.)— Lectures and Essays. Ed. by 

Leslie Stephen and Sir Frederick Pollock. 8to. 

swd. 6d. MacuuAjAV, JtUy 04 

CrlUton College Twenty-fiye Years ago : Diazy of 
a Fag. Cr. 8to. 7| x 6, pp. 196, 7s. 6d. net 

F. E. BoBiNBON, Mar. 04 
Climbing, Alpine, Oribble (Francis) Is Apr. 04 

CUneli (a.)— Isle of Wight. Dlus. by F. D. 
Bedford. 12mo. 6;\ x 8|, pp. 196, 88. ; Ithr. 88. 6d. 

net {Little Guides) Methuen, May 04 

Clinkie's Flat, Beeke (Louis) 6s. Feb. 04 

Clipped Wings, ColviUe (H. E.) Is. 6d Julu 04 

dive Forrester's Gold, Kenyan (Chs. B.) Is. 6d. 

CfliTO's Object Lesson Beader. Book 8 for Stan- 
dard 8, The Work of Nature, by Bichard Balchin. 
Cr. Sva 6|x4|, pp. 164, Is Clivb, Sep. 04 

CliTO's Science Beader No. 1, for Standard 8, Pro- 
ducts of Nature, by B. Balchin, rev. ed. pp. 144, 
Is. ; No. 2, for Standard 4, ed. by A. Newsholme, 
Lessons in Elementary Science, cr. 8vo. 6| x 4^, 
pp. 144, Is. 8d CuvB, Aug.t Sep. 04 

CUto's Shilling Arithmetic. Edit, by William 
Briggs. Cr. 8vo. pp. 162, Is. ; with Answers, 
pp. 196, Is. 8d. (Umv. Tut. Ser.) Clivx, Dec. 04 

doek Almanac, 1905. Cr. 8vo. swd. 8d. 

W. Nicholson, Oct. 04 
Clocks in Windsor Castle &c., Bobertton (Wm. 

BeU) 28. 6d May 04 

Clocks, Watches, Old, Britten (F.) 158. net June 04 
Cloister and Hearth, Beade (Chs.) Os. iMi.„Nov. 04 
ClonmeL Ordnce. Surv. Map of, sh. 166, Is. Nov. 04 
Closed Door, Queux (Wm. le) 6s. Oct. 04 

Cloonre of Debate (Standing Order No. 26) during 
Session 1904, 2id. [808] Etbb & S. Nov. 04 

Closure of Laparotomy Wounds as practised in 
Germany. Edit, by W. H. Swaffield. 8vo. 28. 6d. 

net Chubchill, May 04 

Clothes and the Man, The Major, 2s. 6d. ...Dec. 02 
dood and Storm, Derwent (Leith) 6s. May 04 

CloiMTli (G. Benson)— Short Historv of Educa- 
tion. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 186, 28. 6d. 

Balph, Holland, Feb. 04 

dovgli's Tudors before Elizabeth, 1485-1558. 
History of Foundation of Modem England. Cr. 
8vo. 7} X 4|, pp. 164, 2s. Balph, Holland, Nov. 04 

Clouston (J. 8.)— Garmiscath. NoveL Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5, pp. 860, 68 Blackwood Ss S. May 04 

Cloiiston (T. S.)— Clinical Lectures on Mental 
Diseases. 6th edit. cr. 8vo. 7|x4|, pp. 752, 
14s. net Chtjbchill, July 04 

Clowoo (W. L., Sir)— Naval Pocket-Book, 1904. 

ISmo. 78. 6d. net Thacker, Jutie 04 

Clubs, English, in World, Leigh (E. C. Austen) 

88. 6d. net Jan. 04 

Clubs for Working Girls, Stanley (M.), Ss. 6d net 

Feb. 04 
Cluny (T.) Merry Multifleet d:c. 2s. 6d. ...Nov. 04 
Clyde Passenger Steamer, WUliamton (Jas.) 6s. nt. 

Clyflards of Clyffe. Payne (Jas.) 8s. 6d. ...Nov. 04 
Coal MmingtHugnes (Herbert W.) 248. net Mar. 04 
Coal Mining, Elem., Oockin (T. H.) 48. 6d. net 

Sep. 04 
Coal Mining, Prac., Kerr (Geo. L.) 12s. 6d. Feb. 04 

COAl Tables, 1908— Statistical Tables relating to 
Production^ Consumi>tion, Imports, Exports, of 
Coal in British Empire and Principal Foreign 
Countries from 1888 to 1908; Production of 
Lignite and Petroleum in Principal Producing 
Countries, S^d Eyre & S. Sep. 04 

Coal &c. Bliner's Guide, Jones (L. A. Atherley), 
Bollot (Hugh H. L.) 2s. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Ooapo (H. C.)— From the Enemy's Hand; or, 
Ch&teau de Louard. Cr. 8vo. 8x5, pp. 402, 
8s. 6d Bel. Tract Soc. Sep. 04 

Compe (H. O— Li a Jesuit Net. HIub. 2nd ed. 

cr. 8vo. 8^ X 5}, pp. 820, 28. 

Bel. Tract Soc. Feb. 04 
Coast (W. G.)— Examination Papers on Yergil. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 186, 2s. ...Methuen, June 04 

€U>atos (Bhoda O.)— Mystery, a Peep Behind 
the Veil Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 190, 88. 6d. 

Gat & B. July 04 

Oobb (T.)— Mrs. Belfort's Stratagem. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 826, 6s. Nash, Sep. 04 

Cobb (T.)— Scruples. Novel. Ch. edit. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5, pp. 248, swd. Is Bichards, May 04 

Cobb (Thomas)— Change of Face. Cr. 8vo. li x 5, 
pp. 808, 6s. Methuen, Feb. 04 

Cobban (J. MacL.) — A Soldier and a Gentleman. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 820, Os Long, July 04 

CrObban (J. M.)— Iron Hand. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

71 ^ Ht PP* 9^1 Ob Lono, Jan. 04 

Cobbe (Frances Power) — Life, as told by Herself. 

Additions by Author and Intro, b^ Blanche 

Atkinson. 6 Dlus. Posthmnous edit. cr. 8vo. 

7| ^ Hi PP* l^^t 1^' ^« ••.Sonnekschein, Nov. 04 
Cobbett (Wm.), Carlyle (E. I.) 78. Cd. net Sep. 04 

Cobden (Bic), Cooke (Fr. E.) Is Mar. 04 

Cobden (B.) ffc, CunfiingJiam (W.) Is. Aug. 04 

Cobum rW. D.) — Bhymes from a Bound-up 
Camp. lUus. Cr. 8vo. 68. net. Putnam, Apr. 04 

Coobrane (H. P.) — Among the Burmans. Becord 
of 15 years of Work and its Fruitage. Ulus. 
8vo. 8^ X 5i, pp. 282, 48. net Bevell, Oct. 04 

Coobrane (Jeanie Douglas) — Peerless Women. 
Book for Girls. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^-, pp. 206, Is. 6d. 

W. Collins, Sep. 04 

Coobrane (Thos., 10th Earl of Dundonaid)— 
Brazilian (Warship * Floriano ') Tribute to Lord 
Cochrane on Jime 28, 1901 [crew laying flowers 
on tomb]. 4to. pp. 16 (Lond.) pr. pr Dec. 02 

Cook Bobin and Jenny Wren Sec: Bhymes, 
Stories. Ulus. Sm. 4to. Is. Nelson, Oct. 02 

Cooker (J.) — Moro Precious than Bubies. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 154, 2s. 6d Stockwell, Jan. 04 

Cookln (G. S.)— Some Difficulties in Life of Our 
Lord. Cr. 8vo. 48. 6d. net E. Stock, Oct. 04 

Cookln (T. H.)— Elementary Class Book of 
l^ractical Coal Mining. For students attending 
classes in preparation for Board of Education 
and Coimty Council Examinations &c. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4g, pp. 440, 48. 6d. net 

Lockwood, Sep. 04 

Cocoa, Head (Brandon) 8s. 6d »»...Jan. 04 

Code of Hammurabi, b.c. 2250, Harper (B. F.) 18s. 
net Mar. 04 

Code (The) for Public Elementary Schools, 
1904-1905. With other necessary and useful 
information for Education Authorities, Managers, 
&c 8vo. swd. Is. net 

School Govebnxent Chboniclg.^Ju.I^^^V 


•• (C. B.1 b. net Jan. H 

I Ih* Vwrld'* am* 

ir f 4a, iMfiiln. Oladstone, Beeehai, fto.). 

jvo. Till HI .n _ JulyOt 

«l*«r '*'' '-. CnLt—Adrmtant of Bnlhlo SOL 

5i staiia » rp|iipi«d » ihort Slutcb of his Lila. 

lU tan.T'«i.vp.l«,S^ad....HitBru,/ulyU 
Cm <Sr. t^, — Moratinn to BeligioD and Honli. 

■v. ••*.7l4*t.Pr48«,BLnat BiTUX, Nov. M 
CM0B B. il.],Tai( (J. A.)^Nbw Srtnt Huten' 

fiintrfs to B^.T, Euma. CompleU Onids to mil 

atm iitgamntuMcal Keibait nqoind by Baud 

4( ti»la Iw Exln Htitan, £o. Bid adit. tto. 

Mt "H. PV- ^''^ B^ U. aat ...J. Bbowv, Junt (M 
«Mta ^f M4*r->— CbamiitiT in Daily Ufa. FopoUr 

til H»»i I. TruML In H. K. Fatldtoa-Moii. Oliu. 

4>rt *<••., Uf. Cr. Oro. T| x 1], pp. RCS, Gi. 

Ouvu., I>se. 01 
««*• Tr -KUetro-Dkgnotli kud Bleotro-Then^ 

ftni t lt m . 'Hid* Im IWUtioDen ud Studenti. 

HmmI kT Vnwd* A, Scntobler. Ulna. Bra. 

*«'4i »»- 9M, •■■ Mt FtiHX & W. 0«i. 01 

«fi(« 'If. r. T,)-akod(oid of tha'Bmut'Sat: 

w, *»« uul Hcandal. B; Belinda Blinasn. Cr. 

»¥•,. H > 41. pp. M, iwd. If. ML SnuuN, F«b. 01 
tfMM, Tlw Oumlttrr at. Founded on Qrond- 

laff» 4*r Koka-Cheinle of O. Snimiienbech. 

KM. edit. Iijr W. Curlok AndoTMn. Cr. Bvo. 

71 ' It. Pt>- «">' >^ oat Sutraic, Avg. Oi 

I (K. H.}— Diwaeei of the Hawi. Ind 
" " * " ...H. KiHTTOH, Noe. "' 

lUuktuMer, Aad Paper Book, 3Ei. net Dte. 09 

CM 'Mebliig.Bactm (O. W.I ed July (U 

t>M Meat, (o Diiguiie, BtUtray iM. £.] !■. ..Iw. (M 
<;<M l»*eeto. Creuu, ^o., Jack (F. B.) It. net 


Cd-falnam Odi.' Bin. Ordn., SaviU <F.) ...Dm. 09 

•Ma (H. W.)— EiecoiM* in Pruiiokl Phjviologiokl 

fJtMuiilir. Cr. Hvo. 7| » Ij, pp. ISO, Ge. uel 

SiitnuN, 'Son. 04 
<1«W (J.}— Clutrld Beede u I Knew Him. 
1%. adik 8vu. BJ H St, pp. 110, e*. net 

Trkhuwb, AIh M 
ICIirloUbel R.t~HiH Brent of Head. 
.Svo. T|Hl(,pp. BSLSl 

IlBIBTU, JTdC. 01 

^ _- IK. H.)~IJfe uid Comepondeniie ol 

/ufcM Dulw, Iiird Colniiilge. % «ol>. Bot. Bvo. 

"> ' *<> W' 1I*>J, HOi. net HuHBHiira, JWov. 04 

tJiUT4t» tItaA), Vultridgt (Kmeil HuUer} SOi. 

M* Aop. 01 

tM^nSum m. U.I Hhadow on th« W»ll: Bo- 

*«M*. *;r.»K).7|-li,p|«l,Bi. 

K. Awioi.0, Oof. 01 
AmfarMi* lU' T.) Aldi to Inflection end Con- 

' ' * all ItKiultliiB Kplrii To whioh are 

Kmay ..i, |f»— • " ' - -- 

mii4>.4 III. KiMy 

k'.'jll ul (Ii.lHlli 
V !■'■( Jli>ilu» 


*MmM«* |H. '1-.| (luLhtM. lllu*. bj C. H. 
fMi' •"<■ >t « 'i Cl>. »*, M. oa. net 

mUttHtt* lU. T) I'lviHi, wilt, hy Hldhud 
^W IH'Mi lii>HI, l'|>. BTU, U, l»l! lUir. 

'^-"V""-' l.lHl .'«l.<i»,Noti.M 

Jf '( I l-xt""* etui DntiimUo Worki. 
WhLh KiiI|I>I. luim.. HI-BI, pp. 
0t m>«. H> M. UBt irbjii Pojwr 




I e«(«rMc« (8. T.)— The FiituL EHentoudin 
I hnd elion ol flied ptmoililM in polilK»,Boale, 
, nlifkn. lteio.>|K4i, pp.l>a,;lUir. Be. 

I BMlTcri Library) Bbu^JwmO* 

G<daid(e, QanwH jBiobud) U, le. net. Sq>. 04 

{ Oalea (A. C.}~CIiniea] Diecnortio Baoteriolo^. 

I Innlgdini Beniin Diagnoeie end Crtodiagnoau. 

YfiOi ooloured platw. Bra 9 ■ S, pp. SIS, M. net 

Cxuiinau^ &p. 04 
Oolc*s (K.)— Flore of County of DnUin. Flower- 
ing plenle. Higher Crjftcwmnu, Cheiecea. Map. 
Sto. ■ B), pp. BM, 13b. Sd. net 

HoDOU ft F. Nov. 04 
CoUgny (Qaapard de), Whitehead (A. W.) lb. Sd. 

net Jfo*. 04 

Oolitia, Blakt (Edward) 9a. ed. net Aw. D4 

CoUeotioB^ BeooUeotiaia, fitMeU (0«>. W. B.) 

Tk fld. J^m. M 

OttUMtM- (The). VaLi. 

H. Cox, May 04 

CoUttita, £«»t#H, le. 6d. net Jam, 04 

Oollaola, Blotiea on the, Jono (C. A.) Bl Od. JTur. 04 
CollT* of PieeeptoTB : Calendar Im IMM. Siro. 

aa.Sd. F. HoDoaow, Jfiir. 04 

College, WoikinK Hen'a, Davin (J. Llew.) 4a. net 

OoUett (H., Bir)— Flora BimlenBi : Handbook of 
Flowering Plants of Simla. IntRk by W. B. 
Henuley. 900 Hint, by Hiu H. Smilh. Hw 
[Hemoir of Aallior by W. T. Thiitleton Dyer]. 
8*0. pp. 110, ...TmcKik, Bpon, Dm. 01 

OsUatt (W. L.) — Paitoral Coimaela. Ftabi 
Benoona. Biograpbical preface by L. E. Bhel- 
fnd. Umo. Af N 4), pp. SU, 3«. «d. 

QABon ft D, CM. 04 

0«I11« (Alexander)— Infeotinty ol Enteric Perer. 

Obnrrationa on its Oiigiii and Incidence at 

Caioa College, Cambridge, Featiniog, and 

WiokoD-Bonant. Svo. 8} x6i, ni. 18, li. Sd. net 

Bixphh, Peb. 04 

OoUta (B. J.\ WiBhtnuu (C. F.)- Fint Aid. tod 
•a. lOmo. bda. 8£ net. O. Giu., Oet. 04 

Collie Dog, DaUM (Hogh) la. net JTor. 04 

OaUlOT (H.)— HoDth Breathing. Svo. 9l Ad. nM 
BauxiAbX, JuiM D4 

CoUiera of Windy HitL Spormy, 3l Oel.M 

ColUery Kanager'a Handbook, Pamely (Caleb) 
tta. net Aug. 04 

OalUa«w««d (H.)— Log on the 'Flying Elah.' 
Story ol Aerial and Sobnuuioe Peril and Adreo- 
tnre. Hlna. New edit. or. Bro. T j K 4{, pp. BBl, 
8a. Sd. Bt.4CKia,If<iv.04 

OolllBB (A.)— Municipal Internal Andit Deaorip. 
tion of an Audit, diuigned to aeaiit Btndenla m 
their preparation for the Biamination of the In- 
lUtube of Hnoicipal Treaauren and Aooonnlanta. 
Bvo. pp. ISO, Sa. 8d. net Obi & Co. Feb. 04 

Cttllina (E. W. B.)— Teaching ol Oerman in 
Beeopdary Soboola. Cr. Bvo. Be- Sd. net 

lUcilli,LiH, Dm. 04 

OoUla* (O. E.)— Broddeaby Hound Liat, 174S- 
IBOB. BvalSa. H. Cax,>ufy04 

OolUna (J. ChoitOD)— Btndiaa in Bhakeamer*. 
Cr. Bvo. 71 x S, pp. 8«S, 7a Sd. CoHSTui.K,^eb.a4 

OoUlna (W.)— After Dark. Ci. 8*0. Sa. Sd. 

B1.ACK11, ifaw 04 

OoUtns (W.)— Fnuen Deep; other Talea. Pop. 
•dil Umo. ^ K BI, pp. ass, la. neb ; Ithr. la. Sd. 
net .Cratto, Jfo«. 04 

OalUaa (W.)— No Name. Cb. ed. 8to. awd. Sd. 


OSUIna (W.}~Woman in White. New ed. ttro. Ea. 
NiBBRT, Jan. M 

Oelllna (W.)— Woman in White. BTo.awd.6d. 


CtolllnB (W.)— Woman in White. ISmo. 8^x4. 

pp. ell, la net; Ithr. 3a. net iHandg JUiu. 

Fockel iioveUj^ W. Colliks, Dee. 01 

Colline' Jfei* Oeogr^y BeaderB, eaoh la. M. 

Dm. OS, Mar. 04 

Mid Notaa on the 



>iir* iiiflmryj ...liBlX, Ji<IT~. v* 
llllilli<Hrai>liy, JfnHr-y (J. I.) ila. 



CdDiiu' IKda'Woiiaa«c«.B^S,T,B,M.*LD«i.oe 
CaOatjy FaoahniU knd Tjpa Tmuotipt of in 

Blinballiui HS. pnumil kl Aluniek CuU«, 

Horthnmberiuid. Tnnioribed and edit, with 

NotM utd IntrodnaUan by Fnnk J. Bu^ofue. 

ito. 84*. net LoNotuiis, Ju^ 04 

Colb (Dbut)— M* XeQtixh (Duir) 
ColU (Hn. Oiwftia)-M« lfeO«(MA(I>M>T) 
OallrBB IB.)— Tjputa' KuokL Btb ed. enL Cr. 

8to. Jte. M. J. HaiHOoD, Ftb. W 

OalMMN (G.)— Laddar of Ta>n : HoraL Cr. Sto. 

71 X B, pp. 814, Ai. CoasTABUt, Sfnr. M 

Cotomba, MerinUa (P.) li. ed Ifov. 03 

ColoneL Sangiaeomo (OUneri) 6* Apr. 04 

Colonikl ConuDiMioiun, Boll, SoUmum (Q. B.) 9i. 

' nrt _ Jtfar. 04 

CMvstal HadieU B«poTte tor 1901 and lOOS, 

Sdectiaiu tiam. Diagrami. 6to. Sto. 6d. [9106] 

Btu a 8, Sip. 04 

Colemul Hsmorisi, A^wnM (Lady) ea. net Hov, 04 

a«l«nt»l Beportt (Ammal, 8tcO — Bahamai : 

Beport (or 190S-4, SR [43S]. Bubadoa, i^i. 

[4831. Hanritiiu: Beport lor 1B03, 4^. [4801 
' 8e7a>eUea, 4d.[4811. Bonlhem Nvena, ti\US\ 

Sto. sid. [417]; Bennada: 
Beport lor 1908. Sto. Sd. [418] Enu & S. Aitg- 04 
1 Bapotti {Amina]) — Ceylon, Beport for 


lid. . 

...Em AS, Oct. 04 

0*laal«l Beporta (Annual)— Filklknd Islandi: 
Bepoittor IMS. [41G]. Ifd. Leevaid Idanda: 
Beport tor l«»-08. [418]. Sto. 8d. 

Gtu & S.JiJ|p04 
Ctalonlal Beporta (Annoal) — Hoitharn NEgatia, 
Bffipon lor 1901, with Flan and Sketoh Hap, pp. 
409, la. Bd. ; Bt. Liwia, Beport tor 1909, pp. 411, 
HA. ; Xuiritina, Bepoit tor 1909, pp. 413, Ed. ; 
BriliBh Qniana, Beport lor 1903-8, pp. 418, 8d. 

Eras & B. Ftb. 04 
Hlowlwl Beporta (Annul)— Weihaiwai, Beport 

*- "^0. [4191 8d. St. Helena [4301 3id. 

I {4Ul IM. Gibnltat [433], Ifd. 
Ik [434 Sid. aleii* Laonfl, [48^3d. 

Etu tc S. Stp. 04 

• (H. Da La)— Ghroniolea o( w> Old Cam- 

paigner, 1899-171T. Tiana. bom Frenoh by 

w3tor C " • " "" 

Ua. net... 

ir 0. Honley. Dlni. 8to. ( 

Cdonieii Admin, of, Snow (Alpheui H.) ISa. Oct. DS 

0«l«nl«B — Immigration. Papen relative to 

[awb and BsgiUationa in toRis in Coloniea 

Bnder Baaponaible GoTemmsnt reapeoting 

A ;■■..; .rt/f oj Immignnta. lOjtd. [3106] 

Etbb Ic B. Aiig. 04 

Ctdoa., Phila., Tbeaa., Parker (Joa.) Sb Det. 04 

Colonr, mod. Chromatics, Bood (Ogden) Eb. Apr. 04 
Colonr FrofalBma, Vand^rpotl (E. N.) 31i. net 

Dm. 09 
Odbnring Matter, Org., BchultM (O.) lea. 91a. net 

/an. 04 
Colonra in Metal Glaiaaa, Qamatt (J. C.) la. Sd. 

Jug. 04 
0«l«abonti (A. B.)— Oraaler Amerioa. Mapa. 

Ore. xEi pp. 448, ISa Hasfu, Apr. 04 

Calter (Hattia B.)— Harold Bowdoin'a Inveat- 
menl Cr. Svo. 7i x 41, pp. 173, 3a. net 

Btdckw£IX, Oct. 04 
fJoltOB (B. P.>— Zoology, Damriptive and Prao- 
tiol. Part 1, or. Sto. 7|xGj|, pp. S86, 4i.ed.; 
Part 3, or. Sto. 7 j x Gi, pp. 939, 3b. 

D. C. Ubatb, Fab. 04 

Colvlll* {Harriet E.)— Clipped WbjB. New edit. 

or. Sto. 7i X 4|, pp. 100, la. Od. aT.B. July 04 

I (Harriet B.)— Hy Qrandmotber'e Albam. 
Cr. 8*a li X 41, mi. 193, 1*. 6d. 

Bu.. TucT Boc Hay 04 

CATAiioauE is 


Colnlle (Mr& A.), Doohaaa Sarah, 18*. net 

Coma for Strength, Wadd^ (BUo;) la. Od. Nov. 04 
Comedies, Thin P. Skokttpeare, 8a., St. Od. net 

•Tuna 04 
Comadiaa Ao., Shalteapaare, laea. ol 1886, 84s., 

lOfia. net Sap. 04 

Comedy <d Couoienae, llittihtU (S. Weir) 9a., la. 

Comedy oI Erron Sto., FaT. 8hak«tpear«, e^. Od., 

la. net Dm. 04 

Contort (Htb.)— aea Mordant (Baaaie) 

Comio Sport, WrigM (Alan), Stokei (Vemon), Ei. 

Coming Conqoeat of EngL, Himuam (Angoal) 8a. 

Oct. 04 
Cconing Hrane to Booat, Fmm (O. H.) tt....Uay 04 
Coning of Arthur, fte., T«n>VMn, Bowa, Sa. 8d. 

Coming otChriaLTToraehuar (J^la.6d.netJH^04 
Comins ol the King, Hocking (Joe.) 8a. Od. Aug. 04 
Comin'^Uiro' the Bye, 3fa<ften (H.) 9s., la-JVor. 04 
Commndr. Leigh, Savage (Bio. Hy.) Bd. ...Juna'04 
Commandei ol the ' Hiiondalle,' FUohett (W.) 6a. 

Oct. 04 

Commandment, Utivritlai, 6a. /an. 04 

Commenial Ccsreap., .^Umoaar, 8i. 6d. net Aug. 04 
Conunaroial BIBoieney, Stgie (T. H.) la. net Oct. 04 

Oonunarolsl lutalliganoe — ConTanion Tablea lor 
Foreign Mooaya and Heasnrei ; Ko. 1, Bnglith- 
Prenoh, Frenoli.Eiigliah, English-German, Gar. 
man.Engliah, 9a, net i if o. 3, Anstrian-Kngliah, 
Engliah-Anstrlao, la. net; No. 8, En^ah. 
Bnialan, Bnaaian-BogUah. la. uat; No. 4,Bng- 

8to. limp. Omoi, Ftb. 04 

Oammarotel Intelligence.— Beport to the Boid 

of Tnde by the AdTiamy Committee on Com- 

maroiBl Intallinnea wilh lelarenoe to their 

Pioaaadinga. With Appandieai. 4id. [9044J 

Commerdal Prao., Hod., SeeUt (F.I 1, 3s. Aug. 04 
Commaroial Trar., Warren ^Algernon) 6a. Jun» 04 
Commission, Paym. I«w, Lupton (W. Holland) .Tan. 04 

Common Hope. 8a. 6d. net -...Mar. 04 

Common Law, Indermattr (J.) 90a. Feb. 04 

Common Lite, BrierUj/JI.) 8s. Oct. 04 

Common Lot, Earrick (Bbl) 6t Nov. 04 

Common Lot, Sergeant (A.) 3s Julf/ 04 

Common Thoughts, Boys, Macnaghten (Cheatr.) 

3l Sd. net /illy 04 

Commons, Home ol, &a., Debrett't, 7a. 8d. net 

Fat. 04 

Commona, Inner Lih ol House ol, R'iUia (Wm.) Ts. 

Sap. 04 

Commonwealth, Eng, Srmin (Jn.) Is. Od. NoV.Oi 

Commonwealth Time, Bocheatar, Harria (B.) Ba. 

CommDaioanl, In Kama ot Hunanity, Sd. Aug. 04 
Common ieant'a Onide, HaUlane (A. C.) 6d. Apr. 04 
Communioants' Class Addieasea. a. (E. H.) Is. Od. 1 Oct. 04 

CommonitwiU' Little Book, Cnrbetl (F. St. Jn.) Is. 

Afar. 04 

Commonion, TFoZpote (Q. H. B.) Is. net ...Dm. 04 

Compact, £va>uni.)eB. Nov.Ot 

Compajiiei Ada, £eana(L. W.) Jio.,Ea. net^dpr. 01 
Compamoa, Law, NieoUi (Vsie) 7s. 6d. .Apr. 08 

. |WLnding-np}Aal,I890iProoaedings) 

Aooonut for I90S-4, id. [189] Etu & B. Sep. 04 

Company DrilL DavMlion (F. A. L.), Is. 8d. net; 

Head Offioa Dntiea, AOen (H. C), pr. ...Deo. 09 

Compaoy Law, iCelbi (W. H. H.) Bs MagOi 

Company ot Death, Cotton (Alb. Louis) Ss. Nov. 04 
CompanyotHaaTen, Jfoora(E.F.| Dee.M 

Oompanr Preoedents. Fart 3 : Winding-Dp 

Forma. 9th ediL Bd. by F. B. Palmer. S*o. 89a. 

Stbvens & 3. Feb. 04 

Comparative Jnriapnidenaa, Japan Ciiil Cods, 
ITosHntt (H.) Dm. 01 






dompayr^ (G.)~I>eYelopment of Child in later 
Infancy. Tranil. by Mary E. Wilson. Cr. 8to. 
pp. 882 (N. York) 6b. 6d. {ItU, Bdue, 8er.) Dec, 02 

domper (J.) — Church PrinciplM; or, Scriptnral 
Teaching of British Chorohes. Pref. by Bichaid 
Manx Benson. Memoir by James Wiseman. Cr. 

8vo. 7| X 5, pp. 282, 5s. E. Stock, Aug, 04 

Complete Worics of Oliver Gold$mit?i, 8s. 6d. 

Sep. 04 
Composers, Famous, Dole (Nathan Haskell) 128. 

net Nov, 04 

Composers, Great, EUon (Louis C.) 6s. net Sep, 04 

Composition, Maxwell (C. H.) Is. Sep, 04 

Compositions &c.f Maeon (H. C. F^Ss. Odnt. Jan. 04 
Compounding, Dispensing, Scott (H. Harold) 7s. 6d. 

net Jan. 04 

Compromises, Reppler (A.) 4s. 6d. net Nov. 04 

dbmpton (H.) -A King's Hussar. 8yo. swd. 6d. 

Tbbhbbnx, Mar, 04 

Compton (H.) — Indian Life in Town and Coimtry. 
17 nius. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 210, 8s. 6d. net 

NswNxs, Oct. 04 

Oompton (H.) — Twentieth Century Dog. Vol. 1, 
Non-Sporting, oomp. 800 Experts, pp. 862, 78. 6d. 
net. Vol. 2, Sporting, compiled from Contri- 
butions of over 200 Experts. Illua 8vo. 8} x 6|, 
pp. 464, 78. 6d. net Richabds, Feb.^ June 04 

Oompton (Mr. and Mrs. E.) — Birthday Book: 
Quotations from all the Plays produced by Mr. 
Edward Compton. 16ma 6d. net 

D. Allbn, JiuZy 04 

Compton Wynyates, Northampton (Wm., Marquis) 
21s. net , Dec. 04 

Oomstoek (G. C.)— Text-book of Field Astro- 
nomy for Engineers. Cr. 8to. pp. 212 (N. York) 
7s. Dec, 02 

Oomstoek (S. C.) — Monsieur Le CapitaineDouay. 

NoTel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 818. Os. Long, June 04 
Comus, Milton (John) Is. 6d. ; ed. E. Phillips, Is. 6d. 

Aug., Oct. 04 
Oonaat (C. A.)— Wall Street and the Country. 

Cr. 8yo. 68. net Putnam, Oct. 04 

Ooaoomlng' a Marriage. By ' Nomad.' Cr. 8vo. 

7i X 6, pp. 868, 68. HuBST & B. Apr. 04 

Concerning them which are Asleep, Fumeaum 

(Jn.) Is. Jan. 04 

Concordance, Handy Bible, 6d. net June 04 

Concrete, Reinforced, Marsh (Chs. F.) 81s. 6d. net 

Sep. 04 
Oonerete and Steel, B^ton et Fer, Beton und 

Eisen. Internationales Organ fiir armierten 

Beton. YoL 2. Dlus. and plates. Fol. 10^ x 14, 

248. net A. Owen & C. July 04 

Condemned to the Galleys, MarteUhe (Jean) 88. 6d. 

Conduct of Life, Efnerson (B. W.) 16s.; 26s. net 

Nov. 04 
Conductometer, Appleyard (BoUo) Is. 6d. .. Oct. 04 

Confectioner, Mod., WelU (BbU Is Feb. 04 

Confession, Absol., Dtvry (T. W.) Os. Jan. 04 

Confession of Opium Eater, T. de Qumcey, 

Whibley, l8.6d., 2s. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Confessions of a Young Man, Moore (Gteo.) 6s. 

Nov. 04 

Confessions of an English Doctor, Ob. Oct. 04 

Confessions of St. Augustine, Pusey, la. 6d., Qs. 6d. 

net Feb. 04 

Confessions of St. Augueiine, edit. T. Scott, Is. net 

Sep. 04 

Confirmation, VaXUngs (G.) 9d. net Mar. 04 

Conflict, Braddon (M. E.) 2s. 6d July 04 

Conflict of Evidence, Ottolengui, 6d Apr. 04 

Confucius, Odee of, trans. L. C. Byng, Is. net. Feb. 04 

Confucius, Wisdom of, 2s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Congo State, Morell (Edmund) 16s. net Oct. 04 

Congregational Preachers, Sermons, 1, 28. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 
Congr. Beasons why, Jones (J. D.) Is. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 
OongrroffatioiMa Year-book, 1904. 8vo. 8s. 6d.; 

swd. 28. 6d Office, Jan. 04 

ConffTOwa (G.)— Parable of the Ten ^rgini. 

Addresses given in Betreal. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4}. pp. 

166, 28. net Mowbbat, Feb. 04 

Coningsby, DisraeU (Beni.) Sto. 6d. Oet 04 

Coningsby, DitraeU (Benj.) U. net Dee. 04 

Cona (H. W.)^Bacteria, Yeasts, Molds in tho 
Home. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 800, 4a. 6d. 

Gnnf. Mar, 04 

Cona (J.) — Fulness of Time, and otiier Studies in 
Theology. Cr. 8va 7| x 6, pp. 818, Sa. net 

MACLKH08B, Jon, 04 

Conn, between Old and N. Test., Bae (G. Milne) 

9d. net Nov. 04 

Connectives of Engl. Speech, Femald, 6b. Oct, 04 

ConaoiMieiir. Vol. 7. 4to. 7b. 6d. net 

Onrics, Jan, 04 
ConaolMOiir. Vol. 8. 4to. 7b. 6d. net 

OmcB, If Off 04 
ConaolMOiir. Vol. 0. 4to. 7b. 6d. net 

Office, Aug, 04 
Connotssenr. Vol. 10. 4to. 7s. 6d. net 

Office, Dee, 04 

Connolly (J. B.) — Seiners. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 5^, pp. 822, 68. HoDDEB & 8. Sep, 04 

Connor (J.), Langeheldt (F.) — Conversation- 
Book in English-Spanish. For Schools and 
Travellers. 16mo. 2s. {.Method Qatpey-Otho- 
Sauer) Low; NviT,8ep,0A 

Connor (BO — Gwen: Idyll of the Canyon. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 6t, pp. 128, 88. 6d. Hoddeb & 8, Nov, 04 

Connor (B.) — Prospector. Tale of Crow's Nest 
Pass. Cr. 8va 7| x 6, pp. 480, Ob. 

Hoddeb & S. Dee, 04 
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July 04 
Conquering and to Conquer, Drummond (Hy.) 6d. 

Oct 04 
Conqueror, The, Atherton (G. F.) 8s. 6d. „.May 04 

Conrad ( J.)~Almayer's Folly : Story of an Eaatem 
Biver. 12mo. 6^ x 4|, pp. 266, swd. Is. net iXJoUet^ 
Hon of Popular Novels) Nash, Mar. 04 

Conrad (J.) — Nostromo : Tale of Seaboard. Cr. 

8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 488, Os. Habpeb, Oct. 04 

Conscience of Coralie, Moore (F. F.) 6d JLpr, 04 

Consciousness, Besant (A.) 6s. not Dee, 04 

Conservative Legi^ation, Nine Years, 2s. July 04 
Consistent Professions, BUes (W.) Is. net...J^^ov. 04 

Consono- Vowel Condenser. C. Designed by J. 

Nicolson, compiled by A. M. Nicolson. B^. 8vo. 

i-mor. 42s. net Whittaxeb, July 04 

Consono-vowel Vocab., Teleg., Nicolson (J.) 70b., 

76s. net June 04 

Conspiracy imder the Terror, Cfaulot (Paul) 6s. 

Mar, 04 
Constable (F. C.)— The Prise: Social Suooeea. 

Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 190, 68. nt. Bichabds, May 04 

Constable's Sketches in Oil and Water-Colours. 
Bov. 8vo. 9^x61, 88. 6d. net (Neumes's Art 

Library) Nbwnes, Jimtf 04 

Constance's FortimeJi>y A. E. D., 2s Oct. 04 

Constitutional Year Book, Is. Feb, 04 

Constitutional Fear-Book, 28., Is. Dec 04 

Consummate Scoundrel, Booihhy (Guv) 6s. Feb. 04 
Consumption, Nursing, Walker (J. H.) Is. net 

Oct, 04 
Contes et L^gendes, Guerber, pt. 2, Is. 6d. JuJy 04 
Contes fantastique, Erckmann (Emile) &C., 4d. 

Dec. 02 
Contingency, Theory, Pearson (Earl) 4s. net Mar, 04 

Contracts, Law, Addison (C. G.) 42s Feb, 08 

Contracts, Law, Chitty (J.) 80s. Oct, 04 

Conwent National Schools, Ireland. Betum of 
names of, average attendance, amount of State 
Aid, for 1901, 1902, 1908. Iftd. [840] 

Etbe k 8. Oct, 04 

Conversion of Maria, Reade (F. E.) Is. Oct, 04 

Conveyancing, Key & Elphinstone, 70s. net Nov. 04 

Convict Colonel, Vu Botsgobey (F.) 6d Apr. 04 

Convict Ship, Hussell (W. Clark) 6d May 04 

Convocation, York, Feb. 1904, 2s. May 04 

Convocation, York Journal of. Is. Oc^. 04 






CoBWAj (M. D.) — Antobiography. 2 Portr. 
a toIb. Boy. era 9| x 6^, pp. 413, 482, SOs. net 

Oasbbll, Nov, 04 
CoBwaj (W. M.)— Alps. Painted by A. D. 
McConniok. 8vo. 9 x 6^, pp. 804, 20b. net 

Black, June 04 

Conjem (Dorothea) — Peter's Pedigree. NoveL 

Cr. Sra 71 x 4|, pp. 882, 6B....B. Abnold, Oct. 04 

Ckiii jngliAiii (H. M. L.) — Burden Camels, their 
Management and Diseases. Cr. 8yo. Is. 6a. net 

Bailli^be, Nov. 04 
Coo-ee Bedter (The). By Australian, British, and 
American Authors. Cr. 8yo. H x 8j, pp. 124, Is. 

Wabd, LOCK, Mar. 04 
Cook (Alec) — Cedric Sleep. Novel. Cr. Bvo. 

74 X 6, pp. 884, 6b. W. ScoTT, June 04 

Cook (A. h.), Judith, Is. Oct 04 

Cook (Qapt.),JS:iti^«ton(Wm. H. G.) 2s. 6d. Sep, 04 
Cook (Eimly Constanoe)— see Cook (Mrs. £. T.) 

Cfook (B. C. and E. T.) — London and Environs. 
4th ed. rev. 12mo. 6b. {Darlington's Handbooks) 

SncPKiN, May 04 
Cook (E. Hampden-) — The Christ has Come: 
Hie Second Advent a Thine of the Past. Appeal 
from Human Tradition to Uie Teaching of Jesus 
vand His Apostles. 8rd edit, with important 
additions and changes. 8vo. 8^x5}, pp. 224, 
2s. 6d. net Simpkin, Dec, 04 

Cook (£. WJ— Anarchism in Art and Chaos in 
Criticism. Bepr. from 'Vanity Fair.' 8vo. swd. 
Is. net Cabbell, May 04 

Cook (Mrs. E. T.) — ^From a Holidav Journal, 
mus. with sketches and photographs oy Author. 
8to. 9 X 6|, pp. 228, lOs. 6d. net G. Allen, Oct. 04 

<k»ok (O. F.) — Culture of Central American Bubber 
T^ree (Bureau of Plant Industry). 18 Plates. 8vo. 
pp. 86, sd. 6s. net W. Wesley, Jan, 04 

(book's Practical Guide to Algiers, Algeria, and 
Tunisia. With Maps, Plans, and Ulus. 12mo. 
68. net ^ .SncPKiM, Apr, 04 

(book's Voyages of Discovery. Edit, by John 
Barrow. 8 Ulus. in colour by John Williamson. 
Cr. 8va 8 x 6^, pp. 426, 8b. 6d Black, Sep. 04 

Cooko (C. K.)— Chinese Labour in Transvaal: 
Study of its Moral, Economic, and Imperial 
Aspects. Bepro. from 'Empire Beview.' with 
amendments and additions. Boy. 8va swa. 8d. 

Macmillan, May 04 

Cooke (F. E.) Ac, Irudgate Suppl. Beaders, ea. 
iB. 6d. Aug. 04 

€U>oko (Frances E.) — Story of Bichard Cobden, 
Hero of Free Trade. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 188, Is. 


€U>oko (Grace Biaogowan), Macgowan (Alice) — 

Aunt Huldah, Plr^rietor !of the Wagon-Tbre 

House and Genial Philosopher of the Cattle 

Country. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 824, 6b. 

UODDEB & S. Oct, 04 

Cooko (M. C.)— One Thousand Objects for the 

Microscope. Hints on Mounting. 600 figures; 

woodcuts. Pop. ed. cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, pp. 192, Wabmb, 4pr. 04 

Ck>oke (P. J. P.) Empire Elocutionist, 8s. 6d. 

Oct. 04 
Cooko (W. B.)— Canon's Daughter. Ch. ed. 

cr. 8vo. swd. 6d Sonnenbchein, June 04 

Cookery Book, Marshall (Mrs. A. B.) 6s. nt. Apr, 04 
Cookery Book, Ideal, Clarke (L.) 6d. net ,„Aug, 04 
Cookery Book, Indian, Herbert (Kenney-) 6s. net 


Cookery Books. Queen, 16b. Oct, 04 

Cookery, Cassell's New Dicy. of. 12s. 6d. nt. Dec. 04 
Cookery, Chafing Dish, 8enn (C. Hermann) Is. 6d. 

net Dec, 04 

Cookery, Cottage, Nautical, Adkins, Is. 6d. net 

Sep, 04 

Cookery for S. India, WeUs (M.) Ir Jan, 04 

Cookery, Madge's Book, Humphry (Mrs.) Is. net 

May 04 

Cookery, Mod., Harrison (May) Ss. 6d. July 04 

Cookery, Praot., Atkinson (A.) &c Ju7te 04 
Cooking, Breakfast, Maitland, Is. ; Tea, Is. 

Sep, 04 
Cooking Culinary Dainties, Hohhs (S.) l%....Sep. 04 
Cooking Entries, &c., Jack, Is. ; Sweets, Is. Aug. 04 
Cooking, Savoury, Senn (C. Herman) 8s. 6d. net 


Cooking Ta^ty Dishes, Econom., Is Oct. 04 

Cooking, Vegetarian, Herbert (A. B. Kenney-) 

8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Cooking Vegetarian Savouries, Pope (M.) Is. net 

Aug. 04 

Cookson (G.)— Egyptian and other Verses. Cr. 

8vo. 4s. 6d. net ...Macmillam, Nov. 04 

CooUdffO (Susan)— What Katy did at School. 
New ed. cr. 8vo. 2s. Blacxib, Feb.Oi 

CooUdffO (Susan)— What Katy did Next. Cr. 8vo. 

2s. {Standard Lih.) ,„.. Blackis, Nov. 04 

Coomassie, Stanley (Hy. M., Sir) 2s. 6d July 04 

Coombo (Florence)— Two to One. Cr. 8vo. pp. 80, 
9d. Blackie, Mar. 08 

Coombos (W. C), WiUde (J. B.)— Commission of 
H.M.S. 'Naiad,' 1901-1904. Cape, East Indies, 
and Mediterranean Stations. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, 
pp. 124, bds. 4s. net (' Log ' Series) 

Westminbteb Presb, Aug. 04 

Coopor (A. A.) — God's Forget Me Not, and other 
Addresses. Cheap ed. cr. 8vo Is. 6d. net 

E. Stock, Apr. 04 

Coopor (A. N.)— Quaint Talks about Long Walks. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 6, pp. 880, ds. 6d. nt. Sihpkin, July 04 

Coopor (E. H.) — George & Son : a Sporting Tale. 
8vo. swd. 6d. J. LoMO, July 04 

Coopor (E. H.)— Lord and Lady Aston : a Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4}, pp. 816, 6s. Nash, May 04 

Coopor (J. F.)— Deerslay er. Dlus. by H . M. Brock. 

Cr. 8vo. 7 X 4i, pp. 680, 28. net ; Ithr. 8s. net 

{lUus. Pocket Cuuncsfor Young) 

Macmillan, Deo. 04 
Coopor (J. F.)— Last of the Mohicans. Narrative 

of 1767. 18mo. 6^x81, pp. 448, Is. net {Boys* 

Classics) G. Bicbardb, July 04 

Coopor (J. F.)— Last of the Mohicans. Intro, by 
Mowbray Morris. Ulus. by H. M. Brock. 12mo. 
7 X 4|, pp. 426, 2s. net ; Ithr. Ss. net {Ulus, Pocket 
Classics for the Young) Macmillan, Dec. 04 

Coopor (J. F.)— Miles Wallingford. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

BouTLEOOE, Apr. 04 

Coopor (J. F.) — Pathfinder. Ulus. Cr. 8vo. 

1i ^ Hi PP* 360> ^ Blackie, Jan. 04 

Coopor (J. F.)— Pathfinder. Ulus. by C. E. Brock. 
Cr. 8vo. 7x4|, pp. 472, 2s. net; Ithr. 8s. net 
{lUus. Pocket CUusics for the Young) 

Macmillan, Dec, 04 

Coopor (Nasarvanji M.) — Modem Parsis. Bepr. 
with a few alterations, of a Lecture delivered at 
Dime Museum, Philadelphia City, U.S. A., on 
April 4, 1901. 12mo. sd. 8d. net Simpkin, ^ov. 04 

Cooper (W. Villiers) Fiscal Bef orm, Is. net Sep, 04 

Co-op. Movement, Potter (Beatrice) 2s 6d. Jan, 04 

Cooto (B. H.) — Treatise on Law of Mortgages. 
7th edit. rev. by S. E. Williams. 2 vols. 8vo. 
68s Stevens & S. May 04 

<k»po (E. A.)— Elementary Law, for Shorthand 
Clerks and Typists. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, pp. 214, 
28. 6d I. Pitman, ittar. 04 

Copo (E. A.)— Legal Terms, Phrases, and Abbre- 
viations. For ^m)i8ts and Shorthand and other 
Junior Clerks. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 206, 28. 6d. 

J. Pitman, Nov. 04 
CopiBCOr (W. A.)— Law of Copyright. 4th edit. 

Boy. 8va 86s Stevens & H. Nov. 04 

Copper Conductors, Brit. Stan. Tables, 28. 6d. net 

Coppor Handbook. — Manual of Copper Industry 
of the World. Vol. 4. 1908. Bvo. 22s. 6d. net 

Gay & B. Jul^ Q< 




Capyright Cwas, Hamlin (A. S.) lOi. 6d. im( 

Cbpynghb, Iaw, Copingar (V. A.) 80b. Nov. M 

Studj from Unpnutad DociimeQiB. TnniL from 
EVencb b; aordon D. Knox. Intro, b; J. Holluul 
Bow. 8ni. 8) K Bl, pp. SOe, Si. net 

Bill, Das. 04 

ConJ liUnd, BaUantyne, Si. M Oct. M 

O0rl»att (F. 

t (P. at. J.)— Histocy ol British Foatrjr. 
Prom Euliest Timea to Baginuing of SOth C«n- 
tuv. Rov. Bvo. 9i ■ 6, pp. atS, IGs. net 

0*Y Sc B. Oct. U 

Oarbett (Julian 9.>~England in the Uaditer- 

nnetkn: Study of Biie uid Inflnenoa of Briliili 

Foirei within the Stnite, ISOS-ITIS. 9 toIl 

Boy. 8to. 9), x G j, pp. TIO, Us. net 

LONOKAHB, P6b. 04 

Oor«Ul (Huie)— Ood'a Oood Han ; a liinple Lore 

StOTj. Cr. 8r0. 7i x t, pp. SSO^. 

TBUSM, Sni. 
ticn oi Jotia 

'Struid Hu 


...NlWMBB, DfC. 04 

II in Bonowluid : 

to Christmu Number 

Imp. 8va. iwd. la 

Odwy (F. G.)— Sunbeat 

Ci. 6vapp.lU,l>.net...MiBsaALi.BBOB.?«i. OB 
OarUon'm Song and other Vereea (ram Tariooa 

»Dna*. mm. by Hngh Thonuon, Intro, b; 

AnMinDobMi). Cr. 8vo T x 41, pp lBe,; 

iMthn, 8s. net {lUui. l^oektt CUmunt. 

Mtcmnjii, Feb. 04 
Coriolknm Sia^ Shaietpaare, eaoh la. net.. .Sap. 04 

rmn (Alice)— Frederio Lai^ton. Dloi, 
ISmo. B,; X 4j, pp. 384, 3s. Sd. net [ZtliUi Boolu on 
Arii Ubthcih, f «b. 04 

Huiriette)— Oddities, Others snd L 
Sto. 8j xBj, pp. S8B, tSs. ...Hutchihbon, May 04 

Cnn, W)W to Oroir oor On, 6d. net. Avg. 04 

Cora Lavi, Hist., NichoUon <I. 3.) Si. Bd. Nov. 04 
Comeille in Engl., Canfield (D.) Si. 8d. nt. Aon. 04 

. 4, pp. ISB, Is. ed. 

Bbl. Tkact Boo. July 04 
Corner (Bdied], BatlU, Appendix vermit., 7i. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

Corner (E. M.) — CHnicsl ud Psthologioal 

Obierrations on Acute Abdominsl DiiasiM. 

Ersamua 'Wilson Lsotores, 1004. 8n). 8s. 6d. net 


Comer in Coflee, Brady [Cyras Townsend) 6s. 

Junn 04 
Oaraer in Qnld and Onr Honey Laws. Cr. Sto. 

Ti « 4}, pp. aOS, 9l. Bd. net P. S. KlHO, Ocf.04 

Comat of Araady, Knight {Prancii A.) Ta. Sd. net 
Sep. 04 

Comer Stone, Luall (Darid) 6h May 04 

Corner Stones, BurriU (K.) 8i. Bd. net tiov. 04 

OOfntaUl Higaiine. Vol. IB. 8va. Ts. 6d. 

BmTH ic E. Jun< 04 

CamdA (C. J.]~Sir WiUiam Heniy Flower, a 

PerwDsl Memoir. Boy. ti\-o. 9^ x S|. pp. aSB, 

Bi. 6d. net UiCHiLLtir, Apr. 04 

liili (P. W.^Ca/uHiM, Mar. 04 

iihlW. P.). Stadiei in Hriiod, a, in.. ..July 04 
' ' BaUadii Sic, Hataker (B. B.) Si. net 


b IttDgusge, Jeaner (Hy.) 4b. n 

liar. 04 
...Sep. 04 

I 0«tal*& Hinen— fiepoit, Haal& at, \tj 3. B. 

I Haldana, Joaeph S. Hiitiit, sikd B. Aithnr 

Thomas. Appeodioes. lUas. PUtes. li. 9d. 

[aisi] Enn & B. /uly M 

Ooma (A. B.) — Bibliotbaoa Lincolniepiis. Sm. 
I 4t0. pp. 384, Ss. 6d. ...(Linooln) UoRTOX, Nov. M 
OarawaU (J.' — Complete Guide to English Com- 
j position: ProgiessJTe Eternises, tonoded upcoi 
, 'Young Composer.' 4Mh edit. rsTisad; addi- 
tional seotione by Ben Jonson. Edit, by J. 
Comwell Bound. ISmo. Is. Bd. BooKur, Oet. 04 
Oonwall (JJ — Oeofrqihy lor BegiDners. TOUl 
ed. With Beriiioni and Additioni, by B«ii 
Jonson. Bd. by 3. CocnweU Bannd. Cr. Sto. la, 
BaoZDt, JCur 04 
Oamw«ll (J.)— Qiunmar Ua B^innerL Mlii 

hj Ben Jonaon. Edit, by J. Oonwdl Bomid. 

Ct. Sto. li. Snmcni, Mof 04 

rell (J.)— School Oao^phr 
Beriiioni and Additions t 
by 3. Comvall Bonnd. Or. Sto. 71 ■ 4j, n. 

DOD, Sa. 6d. Bnozix, Apr. 04 

' Coronation, Hiit Bee., Burka (H. Paniham] BSBs. 


Coronation of NraidesoT., Wittiamt (D. Baslay) 

3i. Bd. net .Jml^ «4 

Corol, Binutingl (B.) Ss. Bd. Out. 0« 

I 0«rp«r*J Poniihmenfr— Betnm of all Senlsmoea 

of, hitlicled under SB A ST Vie. o. 44, in England 

and Wales, during IBOB, Id. ...Etu A B. liip. 04 

I Correip. da Qeorge Samd at A. da Unasat, 8i. 

I /wm04 

Conioan Brothers, Dvmiu (Alex.) ti Mar, 04 

Coat Aoconnta, BtnuAim (W.) 8i. Bd. net ...Jan. 04 

I Costa (GioTHiDi), Agrotti (0. a) Sli. net Jitlf 01 

OoBts and Compenaation. Bagns. made by Beoy. 

I of State, Jane 14, 1M4, goTaming AUowanoM 

payable to Proaaentora and Witneasei ia Crumnal 

Prosecutions. Id. [ISIfl] ...Braa A S. Aug. M 

' Costume, Amsi., ieSO-1890, Barlt {A. M.) Sis. net 


I Ootea (Mn. Everaid) [Sara Jaannatte Doneui) — 

The Imperialist. A Norel. Cr. 8vo. Tf x 4|, pp. 

480, Ba. CoHSTUUt, Apr. M 

Oolaa (Boaamaiy A.) — Bible Plowen. Fnmli- 

Btiieoe, plan. Cr. Sro. T K 44, pp. SS8, as.6d.Da4 

UaTBUKK, Oat. 04 

Ootawortta (H. B.]— Bailway Harimam BatM 

and Charges. Sid edit Ubno. Ithr. IDl Bd. oet 

BunosB, JvigM 

Oottare ArchiteotDte(Hodatn) — Dloa. fromWoAa 

of well-knawn Anthiteotb Edit., with Inko. 

Eiaay on Cottage Btulding and noiea, by Haoriaa 

B. Adams. Fd. lOi. Bd. Dat...6*TBroBi>, Aly M 

Cottage, Book of the Conntry, Lfiiit [TS.. S.) Is. U. 

net Vtt^Oi 

Oattasar and Artisan. Vol. 44. Polio, Ss. Bd; 

■wd. la. Bd BiL. ToACT Boo. Btp. 04 

Cottages in Cheshire Ac, Old, aii. net Oet. 04 

Cotterill (H.J Belected Poemi of Qray, Cowpsr, Ao. 

Is Bap. 04 

Cotterill (H. B.), Wordiworih, Si. Oct. 04 

Cottidu in Japan, Jordan (David Starr) Ga. net 

OMtoD (A, L.}— Company of Death. Norel. Cr. 
Sto. T] X 6, pp. E8S, Oa. Blackwood A 8. Nov. 04 
Ootton |C.)— Lyrical Foema by, inolnding Out 
Verie-Bttnaina ol Isaak Walton. Ed. with Hotaa 
Ac by J. B. Tutia. Cr 8to., onhaudmade paper, 
parchment binding, fli. Poems, oboeen and ad. 
by J. B. Tutin. Appendix of QuotationB. Or. 

Hyo Si (Cottingham) J. &. TnnK, Fab. 04 

Cotton (F.)— Pull Cry. Fop. adit. cr. Svo. T| x «(, 

pp. S8fl, Bb. 6d " " ~- 

Ootton (H. J. B., Sir)— Ilew 
Transition. Bar. ed. cr. Sro. T|x4{, "" ■"— 

EvEaiTT, Hov. 04 
.; or, India ii 
X4i, m. aSI 
PaDL, Apr. 






Oottm (P. H. O. Powell-)— In Unknown Afrioa. 
90 BumihM* traTol uid sport in unknown Unds 
Mnong new tribes. Dins. Boy. 8vo. 9|x6|, 

pp. 644, Sis. net Hcbst A B. Jvov.04 

Cotton Fibre Ac^Monie (Hugh) 8s. 6d July 04 

Cotton Indus., Lftnoftshire, Chapman (Sydney) 

7s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Cotton Spinning, Taggart (W. S.) Dee, 01,9 
Cotton Stndenrs Msnnsl, OunUffe (B.) 2s. Jan, 04 

(A. T. QoiUer-)— Fort Amity. Novel 
Cr. 8vo. 8A X 5, pp. 80d, 6s. ...J. Mubbat, May 04 
Gooeh (A. T. Q.-) (Screen AdTon. Book, 5b. Nov, 04 

(A. T. Q.-)— Ship of Sturs. 8to. swd. 6d. 

Cabbxll, June 04 
(E.) — Key to North Americsn Birds. 6th 

edit. S Tols. Sto. 60s. net. K Paul, Od, 04 

Connoil in Mftrches, SkeellC, A. J.) Ts. 6d. Dec. 04 

Countess Ida, Whiehaw (Fred.) 6e Jan. 04 

Countess Lond*. Boothby (O.), 6d Feb. 04 

Countries of the King^s Award, Holdieh (Ths. 

Himgerford, Sir) 16s. net Oct. 04 

Coimti7 Cottage, LeUh (B. S.) Is. 6d. net ...July 04 

Life. Vol. 14. 

OrriGB, Feb. 04 
CtevBtry Life. VoL 16. Fol. 91s. net; 4-mor. 

516s. net Nbwnss, July 04 

Country Muse, OaU (Norman) Od., Is. net July 04 

C€mmtrj Parson's Sister. Notes on Parish 
Work. 12mo. 6| x 4^, pp. 92, Is. 6d. 

SJ?.CJC. May 04 
Coimtry Beader, Sen., 8, Buehanan (H.) Ss. Mar. 04 
Coimtiy Stories, Mitford (M. B.) 2b., 88. neiSep. 04 

flovatj Coondls, Mnnioipsl Corporations, Urban 
District, Bnral District and Parish CoonoilB Com- 
panion, BCsgisterial Directory, Poor-Law Authori- 
ties and Local QoTemment Year-book for 1904. 
8to. 10b. 6d. Kbllt's Ltd. Jan. 04 

Connty Court Costs, Hycia (Loais) 12s. Nov, 04 

O^ttBtj Coort, England. Fees. Treasury Order, 
dated Dec. 80, 1908, Begulating Court Fees in 
County Courts, 2d. EyemA S. Mar. 04 

OOVBtj Court, England —Prisons to which Com- 
mittals may be made. Order of Secy, of State, 
dated Sept. 7, 1904, as to. Id. [1686] 

Etbb & S. Oct, 04 
County Court, EtoI. of, Snagge (Ths.) Is. net 

County Court, Yearly, Lewie (G. Pitt-) 268. Jan. 04 

Osnmr Courts (Admiralty Jurisdiction)— Bill to 
amend County Courts (Admiralty Junsdiction) 
A^ by giying Powers of Arrest of Foreign Shipe 
in esses of Injury to British Workmen and others 
on Board. |d. [221] Eybb d; S. ilt/^. 04 

Opnat^ Courts rBankruptcy and Companies 
Windmg-up) Jurudiction Order, dated Aug. 11, 
1904. Id. [1498] Eybx & S. Sep. 04 

Osnmr Courto (Plainto and Sittings)— Betums 
relating to, in England and Wales, for 1908. 
Is. 6d. [246] Etbb & S. Aug. 04 

Gonatj Cricket Scoring Book. 24 matches. 4ta 

9s Dean, Feb. 04 

County Families, Wal/ord'e^ 608. Jan. 04 

Coun^ Families, Walford*B^ 60b Dec. 04 

OovBtj Officers and Courts (Ireland) Act, 1877— 
Aooonnt for 1908-4, |d. [281J Etbb & S. Aug. 04 

Q»«rlamder (Alphonse)— Taskmaster. Cr. 8ro. 
71 X 4|, pp. 816, 6s. DucxwoBTB, Feb. 04 

Oourses of Study. Edit by John M. Bobertson. 

8TO. 8i X 6i, pp. 624, 8s. 6d. net ...Watts, Oct. 04 

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Court, Dreee worn at, 8s. 6d. net Aug. 08 

Court of Boyrille, White (Wm. Allen) 6b... Vune 04 
Court of Sacharisaa, Shenngham (B..) and Meakin 

(N.) 6s Apr. 04 

Ccmrt &C. Ouide, Boyle'By 6b. net Dee. 04 

€l0i&rttiep« (W. J.) — History of English Poetry, 
VoL 2. Benaissanoe and Beformation. Influence 
of Court and Universities. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 468, 
10s. net BIacxillan, Mar. 04 

Oonrttand (A. C.)— Stray Notes of a Wayfarer. 

14 nius. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 6, pp. 186, 8b. 6d. 

Skbffinoton, Sep. 04 
Ooiaitae J (Etta)— Checkmate. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 4i, pp. 882, 6s. E. Abnold, Oct. 04 

Oonrtnej (W. L.)— Development of Slauric^ 
Materlinck and other Sketches of Foreign 
Writers. Cr. 8vo. Ifi x 4^, pp. 182, 8b. 6d. net 

BiCBABDB, June 04 

Oevrtaay (W. L.) — Feminine Note in Fiction. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 812, 6s. net 

Chapman & H. Oct. 04 

OimrtB of Summary Jurisdiction in England and 
Wales, List of, lOs Etbb & S. Sep. 04 

Courtship, Smart (Hawley) 6d Jan. 04. 

Courtships of Queen Elisabeth, Hume (Martin) 
12s. 6d. Apr. 04 

Cousins (S.), Whitman (Alfred) 26s. net Oct. 04 

Ooutto (F )— Musa Verticordia. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, 

pp. 118, 88. 6d. net Lamb, Nov. 04 

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Indians. (Beport u. S. National Museum.) 
18 plates (2 coloured). Boy. 8vo. pp. 16, swd, 
2s. 6d. net W. Wbslet, July 04 

Cow-keeping isc. Small Culture, Is. 6d., Is. Feb. 04 

Oow»a (A.) — ^X BayB in Freemasonry. New ed. 
cr. 8vo. 7} X 4i, pp. 410, 6b. net E. Wilson, Apr, 04 

Oowan (S.)— Ancient Capital of Scotland. Story 
of Penh from Invasion of Agrioola to Passing of 
Beform BilL 2 vols. Boy. 8va 9i x 6, pp. 424, 
400, 80b. net SmPKiif, Mar. 04 

OowMi (T. W.)— BritiBh Beekeeper'B Ouide Book 
to Mansgement of Bees in Movable-Comb Hives» 
and Use of the Extractor. 18th ed. 12mo. 2b. 6d. ; 
swd. 1b. 6d. HouLBTOii, Feb. 04 

Oowmn (T. W.)— British Bee-Keeper's Practical 
Note Book. 2nd ed. cr. 8va swd. Is. 

HouLSTON, Jan. 04 

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Anatomy, Physiology. Ulus. 2nd ed. 12mo. 
6| X 4, pp. 282, 2s. 6d. net. Houlstom, Feb. 04 

Oowan (W.)— Humorous Side of the Pulpit. 

Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4i, pp. 170, 2b. 6d. 

Tbbhbbnb, June 04 
Opwmrd (T. A.) — Picturesque Cheshire. Illus. by 

Boger Oldham. 2nd edit. cr. 8vo. 7jfx4{, pp. 

488, 6b. net Shbbbatt & H. Dec. 04 

Coward** Compact (A). Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net 
{Favourite FioUon aeriee) W. STB\'Bif8, Aug. 04 

OowoU (E. B.)— Life and Letters, by George 
CowelL Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6|, pp . 492, 12b. 6d. net 

Macmillan, JtUy 04 
Cowen (Jos.), Duncan (Wm.) 8s. 6d. May 04 

Ckiwon (B. J.) — X-Bays, their Emplojrment in 
Cancer and other Diseases. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4 J, 
pp. 142, 2s. 6d. net. H. J. Glaisheb, Aov.04 

Oowon (T.)— Bnsso-Japanese War. From the 
Outbreak of HostiUtieB to the Battle of Liaoyang. 
With Illustrations, Maps and Plans. 8vo. 9 x 61, 
pp. 866, 15s. net E. Abmold, Nov. 04 

Cowlay (A.) — Several Disoouraes by way of 
EBBays in verse and prose. E^. with intra and 
notes by Harrv C. Minchin. Portr. 12mo. 6^ x 8|, 
pp. 282, la. 6^ net, Ithr. 28. 6d. net {Little Lib.) 

Methubn, Feb. 04 

Oowpor (Edith) — Witches of Westover Combe. 
South Coast Story. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7|x6, 

pp. aXSt, m B i*. ......................... »..0«*r.^/.Xv« \JCf. Uv 

Oowpor (Edith E.)— Viva Christina ! Adventures 
of a Young Scot with the British Legion. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5^, pp. 812, 8s. 6d.CHAMBEB8, Sep. 04 

Oowpor (W.) — Correspondence. Arranged in 
Chronological Order, with annotations, by Thomas 
Wright 4 vols. 8vo. 68b. net 

HoDDEB & S. Mar. 04 






Cowper (W.) — Poems. Intro, by Alice Mmell. 

t ; Ithr. 2b. 6d. net 
.Blackis, Jvly 04 

12mo. 6 j X 4, pp. 402, Is. 6d. net ; Ithr. 2s. 6d. net 
{Bed Letter Lib,) 

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12mo. 6^x81, pp. 276, 88.; Ithr. Ss. 6d. net 
(Little Ouidse) Mbthubn, Apr. 04 

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101 X 8}, pp. 166, 6s. « Unwim, Nov, 04 

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Cradook (M.)— Sport in New Zealand. Illas. 

Cr. 8yo. 7| x 4(, pp. 296, 6s. net Tbehebnx, Afay 04 

Craft Ritual, Hextall (W. B.) Dec, 02 

Crafts (Artistic) Series, School Copies and Ex- 
amples. Selected by w. H. Lethaby and A. H. 
Chnstie. In portfolio, 6s. net Hooo, Oct. 04 

Crag Island, Cray don (Wm. Murray) 2s. ,.,8ep, 04 

Craiff (J. P.)-<;ian Lir: Fate of the Children of 
Lir. Cr. 8yo. Is. 

(Dublin) Seajlt, Bbyebs &; Walkeb, Dec, 01 

Craiir (J. P.) — Clan Tuireann : a mad Version of 
Fate of Children of Tuireann. Cr. 8vo. pp. 92, 
l8....(Dublin)SEALY, Bbyebs & Walkeb, Vec, 02 

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the Fate of the Children of Uisneach. Cr. 8yo. 
Is... .(Dublin) Sealy, Bbyebs & Walkeb, Oct, 04 

Craig- (J. P.) — Modem Irish Composition. Cr. 8yo. 
2s. net ...(Dublin) Sealy, Bbyebs & Walkeb, 01 

Craig (J. P.) — Modem Irish Grammar. Cr. 8yo. 
2s. net ...(Dublin) Sealy, Bbyebs & Walkeb, 00 

Craig (J. P.)— Modem Irish Text IV. Fishing of 
Little Jim. Cr. 8yo. pp. 121, Is. 6d. 

(Dublin) Sealy, Bbyebs & Walkeb, Dec, 04 
Craig (W. J.) Complete Works of Shakespeare, 2s. 

Oct, 04 
draigio (Mrs.).— Science of Life. Cr. 8yo. 7 x 4}, 

pp. 64, 28. net Bubnb & O, June 04 

Craigie (Mrs.), Chaytor (H.), Dante Soc Lectures, 
5s Mar, 04 

Craik (H., Sir)— Secondary Education (Scotland), 

Report for 1904, 8vo., 4^. [2224] 

Eybe & S. 8^, 04 
Craik (H.) — Secondary Education (Scotland). 

Beport for 1904. Appendix. Is. Eybb i S. Oct, 04 

d^aik (Mrs.) — John Halifax^ (Gentleman. 8yo. 
swd. 6d UUBST & B. Mar, 04 

Craadall (F. M.)— How to Keep Well. Explana- 
tion of modem methods of preventing disease. 
Cr. 8yo. Ti x 6^, pp. 682, 6s. ...Bichabds, Jan, 04 

CWuio (S.), Barr (B.)— The CBuddy. Romance. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 860, 6s. Methuen, July 04 

Crane &o. Stresses, Andrews (E. S.) &c 88. Aug. 04 

Cranonbnrgb (D. E.)— The General Digest of 
Criminal Rulings: compendium of all criminal 
rulings of the several High Courts in India from 
1862 to 1899, with Notes showing what cases 
have been overruled, followed, dissented from, or 
otherwise disposed of, and what cases overrule^ 
follow, dissent from, or otherwise dispose of 
antecedent cases, comp. tables of old and new 
codes. 870. pp. 996 (Calcutta) B. Babal, Dec, 01 

Cranes, Constr. of, Marks (Edwd. E. R.) Ss. 6d. net 

Dec. 04 

Cranflold (S. W.), Potter (H. I.)— Houses for the 
Working Classes : 62 Typiced and Improved 
Plans arranged in Groups, with elevations &e, 
Introd., descriptive text, &o, Enl. edit. 4to.21s. 
net Batspobd, Oc^. 04 

Granford, Gaskell (E. C.) 68. net Oct, 04 

(D. H. S.) — Architectural Account of the 
Churches of Shropshire. HIus. from photos, by 
Martin J. Hardixig ; ground plans by W. Arthur 
Webb. Vol. 1, Ft 1, Hundred of Brimstree; 
Pt. 2, Munslow ; Pt. 8, Franchise of Wenlock and 
Hundred of Overs; Pt. 4, Stottesdon; Pt. 6, 
Purslow, Clun. VoL 2., Pt. 6. 4to. Hi x 8|, ea. 
pt. lOs (Wellington) Hobson & C, 01, 2, 8, 4 

Crank (The). Unconventional Maganna Cr.Svo. 
swd. ea. 8d. C. W. Danibl, Jan. &c 04 

ChraBk (The). Unconventional Magaaine. Edit. 

by F. E. Worland. Vol. 1. Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net 

C. W. Daniel, Sep, 04 
Crasliaw (R.)~Steps to the Temple, Ddights of 

the Muses, other Poems. Text edit, by A. B. 

Waller. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6|, pp. 412, 48. 6d. net 

C. J. Clay, July 04 
Crasbaw (R)— Steps to the Temple, Delights of 

the Muses, other Poems. Text edit, by A. B. 

Waller. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 6i, pp. 412, 48. 6d. net 

{Cambridge English Olassuss) C. J. Clay. Dm. 04 
Crathie Parish, ReooUeotns. of, Lindsay (Patricia) 

7s. 6d. Dee. 08 

<JraTen (John) — Idylls of Yorkshire Dales. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 868, 6s. GBESimio, Jan, 04 

(Jrawen (S.)— Poems in Divers Keys. Cr. 8vo. 
8s. 6d. net Bichabdb, Sep, 04 

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cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 488^ 8s. 6d. 

Blackwood A S. Mar. 04 

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Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 6, pp. 890, 6a. 

Macmillan, Oct, 04 
_ FSliaw (TJL Hartley (T. H.) — Teaoher's 
Handbook to Year Round Nature-Pictures for 
Composition. Cr. 8vo. 2s. net...SiMPKXir, Dee. 04 

Crajdon (W. M^— Crag Island, or Mystery of 

Val Stanlook. iJlus. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 800, 

28. Pabtbidob, Stp, 04 

Creation, Art of. Carpenter (E.) 6s. net ..Jfov, 04 
Creatures of the Sea, BuUen (F. T.) 7s. 6d. Oct, 04 

Credit of County, Norris^ 6d Feb, 04 

Creditors, How to Arrange with, Shuddick (EL.) It. 

Cre«d (Sibyl)— The Fight Novel Cr. 8to. 

7| X 6, pp. 862, 68. Blackwood & S. Nov, 04 

Creed of a Modem Christian, ^instecui (Herbert) 

2s. net July 04 

Creed, Tales Illustrative of the, Neale (J. M.) Is. 6d. 

Sep, 04 
Croigbton (C.)— Shakespeare's Story of his liife. 

8vo. 9 X 6|, pp. 462, 10s. net ...Richabdb, May 04 

Creigbton (M.)— Life and Letters. By his Wile. 
Portraits, other nius. 2 vols. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 976» 
28s. net Lonomans, Oct, 04 

ChreigbtOB (M.)— Mind of St. Peter, and other 
Sermons. Edit, by Louise Creighton. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 198, 8s. 6d. net Lonomanb, Apr, 04 

Cr6quy (Marquise de), French Noblesse, 12s. net 

May 04 

Crosaoj (F. G.)— Church and Young Men. 
Study of Spiritual Condition and Nature of 
Young Men, and Modem Agencies for their Im- 
provement. Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6i, pp. 260, 8s. 6d. net 

Revell. Sep, 04 

CreMWoU (Beatrix F.)— The Quantock Hills: 
their Combes and Villages. Cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. net 
{Homeland Handbks.) Homeland Assoc JLpr. 04 

Crests of Families of Great Britain and Irelaod, 
Fairbaim's Book of. Enl. edit 2 vols. 4to. 68s. 
net ; ^-Ithr. 848. net Jack, Dec, 04 

Chreswiok (P.)— With Richard the Fearless. Tale 
of Red Crosade. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 804, 8s. 6d. 

NiBTEB, Sep, 04 

Creswioko (L.) — Life of the Rt Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain. VoL 2. Portraits, Cartoons, other 
Ulus. Roy. 8vo. 10 x 6|, pp. 208, 7s. 6d. net 

Caxton Pub. Co. Mtiy 04 

Creswieke (L.)— life of the Rt. Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain. Bins. VoL 8. Roy. 8va 9| x 6|, 
pp. 224, 78. 6d. net Cazton Pub. Co. Oct, 04 

Croswioko (L.) — Life of Rt. Hon. Joseph Cham- 
berlain. PQrtraite, cartoons, other illus. VoL 4. 
Roy. 8vo. 9| x 6|, pp. 240, 78. 6d. net 

Caxton Pub. Co. Dee, 04 

Cricket, Holland ^Ved C.) Is May 04 

Cricket, Steel (A. GK) &c. Os. net July 04 

Cricket, Australia, Pentelow (J. M.) Ss. 6d. June 04 




Crklnt Drill, bj A. O. D. 1*. Nov. (M 

Crioket, ISM-lMS, Santall (B.I 6d., 8d. ...Junt Oi 
Ciicbl, Eton, Hinov, Srooli (F.) ba. la. Dec. OB, I 
Ctkket, Biigb7, Hulb., Andrea [E, B.) li. net 


Crioket Scorini; Boot County, Ib Fe£. U 

Crioket, TorkiUra, Holmes !&. 8.) Ei. net Mar. 01 

Cricketer*' Alrauiaok, Wudan (J.) St., ta.—iTaii. M 

Qrt^« Clnb (Xbe). By Anther of ' Queen ol (he 

Thunee' ie. Cr. Sto. Is. U.; swd. Is. (J^om*^ 

" y Tettari W. Stbtbbb, liar. 04 

[Bmtsd from 'HidUud Hukld.' Ci. Sro. 'iwd. 

Ic net C. W. Damui., aep. 01 

Orl^^nal Aliens— BiQ to nuke Prorision tor 

OrlalnsI New Trials — Bill (o nwke provision tor, 

in oertaiD osus, id. [SBT] Etbi & 9. Sep. M 

Grim Prc>o.Ind,SoH'IaRdt(&.B.Bowen-)19s.ed. 

Cot. 04 

dimiiul BalioES in Indi^ Orana7iburgh...Dec. 01 

Crimson 8igD,KmglilUy jS.) ed. Sep. 01 

OHppa [O. B.)— Aboot Fan. N. ed. iUoi. Sra 

pp. W (L'pool, O. B. Cripps) RouTLlDol, Apr. 08 
Ortap (P. A.]~Tiutation of BngUnd and Wslei. 

mns. br unu, aDtograph*, lula, portraits, &o. 

Vol. 11, 11^ ■ 8, Us. ; adv. 81s. M. 

(Demnuk Hill) pr. pr. Feb, 04 
Orlapa (Winitnd)— Snares, tfovel. Or. 8vo. 

7} K 4{, PPL use, dt. HuTCHiHBOti, Sep. 04 

H.)— Aids to the Study of Banilarr 
I. Si. 6d.; swd. 9b. {StudmW Aid 

Btn.i.ito«, Pel. 04 

Critin Bibliom Ohayne (T. K.) IS*, net . ...Feb. 04 
Crftioal Papera in Art, Thaektray (Wm. H.) 8s. ftd. ; 

in Lit 8a. Bd. JaJi.,Feb.fH 

Oritioiam Critiaised, Wace (H.) pr Die. 01 

Critioinn, History at, Btanttbtny (Qeo.) SOs. net 

S«. 01 
Orobkocli (F. L,)— MBlhodi of Chemical An^ysis 

ud Foandry Chemistr;. 9nd edit. or. Bto. T k B 

(ClereUnd) lOi. ad Jvly 04 

Students, and others interested in Installation 
Oparation ot Eleotrioal Plants. Vol. ~ 
fai« Plant. 0th ad. rev. Boy. Sto. Bj 

Swiet] . 


_.t (8. B.)— LoTea of HissAnna. Norel. 

Cr. Bra 8^ h 8, pp. US, Bs. J. C1.1BIE, Oct. 04 

0*««katt (S. B.I— Han ot Hoss-hagi. New edit. 
Ulna. Cr. Sro. 8^ k E^, pp. 101, Ss. 

ISBISTIK, Nov. 01 

OMekatt (8. R.)— Baiderland. All about Grey 
Galloway, ila Stories, Traditions, Characters, 
Hnmoon. lUas. by Joseph Pennell. Ct. Bto. 
8<i6i, pp. 814,8*. HoDDEBJiS. Oet. 04 

CVODkMt (S. B.HStn>ng Uao : a Norel. Cr. 8to. 
SI xBl, pp. 408, 8s Wabd A L. Mar. 04 

Ciookett (8. E.), Soott, Bed Cep Talcs, 8*. Sep. 04 

Chvokfbrd'l Clerical Directory for 1B04. Imp. 
8vo. BOa. H. Cox, Mar. 01 

Otoattar* ConmusaiOD — Beport aa to (beir Pro- 
•aedinga dnrinc 1B08. Appendix. eld.[S0T6] 

Em Sc 8. Jvly M 

CMfton (Helen)— Jim'i Conqaeet. Cr. 8yo. 
pp. 18, fancy binding 1*. Nibtkb, Jvly OS 

Cr«K«r (T. B.)— Miniatnree from London Life. 
Cr. Sto. Tt x4|, pp. IBl, 8*. ed. Ot.1 & ^.Nov. 01 



OralHet (A.)- Abridged History of Qreek Litera- 
ture. Bto. 10s. Bd. net. Hawh-um, Oct. 04 

Oroker (B. M.)— Happy Valley. Norel. Cr. 8yo. 

7}xG, pp. 630, 8b. MiTHUEK, Hep. 04 

Orokar (B. H.) — Jobaona. Sva swd. Od. 

HsTEnsK, Aug. 04 
Or»ker (B, H.>— Pretty Hiss Nerile. 8to. swd. 

Sd. Ceatto, Jime 04 

Oroly (Jane C.) C Jenny Jane ']— Memories. Cr. 

8to. Ss.nel Futnik, Out. 01 

Oromartle (Counteas of) — End ot a Song, and 

other Sboriaa. Crown Bvo. 7} k li, pp. 818, 6s. 

UuTcmMSON, June 04 
Cromarty £e.. Place Names, ITataon (W. J.> 

10a. 6d. net - Sfp. 04 

OrMDle (B.) — El Dorado : Novel. Cr. Bro. 

^i " 41, pp. SOB, 8a. Waud & L. May 04 

OrommaUa |May}— One Pretty Haid and Others. 

Novel. Cr.STo.T|xlj,pp.811,BB. I.OHO,SeF.01 

Cromwell (Oliver), Morlty (John) la. net ...Nov. 01 

Oromwell'a Letter* and Speeches, OarlyU, IBa. net 


flrook (C. W.)— Helm to the Study ot Uilton'a 

Areopagstioa and ?HngH||li Sminets. Cr. Bvo. 

limp, interl. Sa. Bai.pb & S. Od. 01 

Croonian Lactarea, Betnor (Chs. £.) 9*.itt. Nov. 01 
Croppar (Eleanoi) — In the Straits ot Hope. 

Novel, dr. Bvo. S n E, pp. BSO, 6a. 

J. HOBRAT, Oct. 01 
Croquet-player, Heath (Jaa. Danbaf) la. ...Aug. 01 
OrosftT (B.) — Tolatoy aa a Seboolmaster. ISmo. 

Is. net; swd. 8d. net BtMPLB LiriPBisB,iruIp04 
OrosOald (Qnlielnia).^Two Snnoy Winter* in 

California. Cr. Svo. TJ k G^, pp. 188, 9a- 6d. net 

HiADLIT, 01 

Oroalasd (T. W. H.)— Lovely Woman. Ch. iasue. 

Cr. Bto. swd. Is. net Bicbabdb, Feh. 04 

OroaUnd (T. W. Rl—Hotor-Car Dnmpy Book. 

nioa- in oolonrs by J. B. Honsell- ISmo. Is. 6d. 

(Dinipy BooktfoT Children) BiCHinna, Oct. 04 
CroUand (T. W. H.)— The I«H ot Creation. Cr. 

Sn>.8xB^, pp. 900,Sb. BiCEuane, il h^. 04 

Oraaland (T. W. H.^Tmth about Japan. Cr. 

Bvo. 7| X 4), pp. BD, swd. Is. net 

BicHAms, Sep. 04 
Crosland (T. W. H.), Collinge, W., GratU Bicbards' 

Children's Annual, Ba. Sep. 01 

Oraaa (U. B.}— Bicbard's ASair: a Novel. Cr. 

Bvo. 7} X E, pp. 8ie, 6a Wabd tc L., Apr. 04 

Orosa (r.) — Autobiography ot a Stage Coachman. 

40 Plate*. Boy. Bto. 84*. net ; li. paper edit. 

188*. net K. Paul, Wot.. 04 

Oroaa (Viotoria) — To-morrow f Novel Cr. Bva 

Ti X E, pp BOB, ea W. 8cott, May 04 

Oraaa (W. J.)—' The Master is Come.' Series ol 

Plain Sermons preached at Wymondham, Norfolk. 

Cr. Svo. 7} X 4i, pp. Ill, Ss. Bd. 

SKKFriKOTOK, Stp. 04 

CitMt-Ei:amLnation, Wellman (F. L.) 10*. Sd. net 

Jan. 01 
CroiB in Hod. Lite, Oremliough (J.) fls. ...Afor. 04 
Cross Porpoaee, liatDonald lUeo.) Is., Sd., 9s. net 

Crosaaod Crown, Brvton (Mra.) 9a. 6d Nov. 04 

Croasing, OAuroAiU (Winston) 6*. /una 04 

Craatliwalte (P. H.)- Discharge ol Pipes and 

CnlTOrts. llo. packet, Ba. 6d net Spom, Avg. 01 
Oraaota (W.)— Brvsn King snd the Hiote at St 

Oeorge's-in-the-Bast. Preface by G. W. E. 

Boseeil ; note by J. B. Knight. Cr. Bvo. T| x li, 

pp. IBl, Metuuek, Woo. 01 

Orawa (Catherine)— Night Bide ol Nature; or, 

Qhoata and Ohoat Seera. Cr. Bvo. T^xli, pii. 

EIS, 3*. (Haif-Forgotten Booht) 


Onll«a (B, H.) — TgacUng of Jamei: Stadiea in 

Ethics at Bpiitle of Jftmet. Or. 8to. ?{ x B, |^. 
IIH, Btociwxix., JitiM M 

H.)— QMd«n 1 

EVuioMeft. tto. 
. HuHMWB, Dm. 01 
1 (C. J.)— Ch&rlei White, F.R.9., 
Gretl Prorinciid Surgeon and Obatetrieiui of 
IBth eentoTT. Addreu before Huichaster 
Hedical Societj, Oot. 7, 1908. Notes. Ulna. Sto. 
Bj X G J, pp. fll, Si. 6d. net. H. J. Qi.AiaHSB, P06. 04 
a (B.]— Honnd from the North. Story ot 

.J — =. r.. 8^ Yj ^ j_ pp B50 g^ 

Cbapmax & H. Oe(. Of 

Cnhn Book, BradUti (L W.) red. Is. Feb. 04 

CaKore, Em&noii, B. WiJdo, 8d July Ot 

Camberluid, £0. Pipe BoUt, Parktr (F.) SOi. 


4lvowMt (F. J.>-CetaBhiRn of Unneel Hiilorj 

end Biofnphr, iriUi ecpecnel ratersDee to the 

Engliih Bebool. 10th UwD. ISmo. Si.; iwiLle. 

W. BBBTBt, ifar. in 

flrown Agente — Betam of Knmber of Fimn 
innled to Tender for Sapplj of aerlefn ArtidM, 
and Amonnt of ContnoL Jd. [IM]. 

Enn A S. Jtdt 04 

QruwB Agente — Betaro ghowinj total Amounle 

on whioh Conuniuion was ehuged or reoeiTed 

by Crown Agenti during (aoh of the Uat Sto 

yean, and toUl Amonnt of moh Commieiian In 

eaoh ywr. IJd. [a«l]. Etu A S. Aug. 04 

Oro«n Agmta for Coloniea — Aooonnta tor IBOO, 

1901 and 1903, Id. [SS41] Btbj & S. Oct. 04 

Crovn of AiphodeU mitten down fay H. B. la. net 
2fav. 04 
Grown of Wild Olive, iiiuMn, Si. 6d., St. Sd. net 

Orown'a Nominee Aoeoonl^ IBOS, Id. [UO] 

Eiu & 8. Jane 04 

Croydon, Uartin (Edwd. A.) ti. net. Vufw 04 

CmlkaluuA'a Water Colom*. Intra, by Joaepli 

Qrego. Bvo. 9 x Oj, pp. 801, and platBi, 10*. nek 

Buck, Ftb. 04 

Crmkahank'a Water CdloBn, Intro, by Joa. Qrtgo, 

4St. net Jan, M 

Cnuaaof 'IIidfe,'5eoM(lIiBhaall9s Aug.Ot 

Croieeof ' HooE Turtle,' Attdom (B) fli. Sd. ifar. 04 
Cmiae of the 'Faloon,'£ni;U (E. F.) U. 6d. Oct. 04 
OroiBlw of Fancy. By Lotle. Cr. Svo. 3*. td. 

B. Stock, Mar. 04 
Cnunba of Tene, Ooring [J. H.) Is. net ...Dee, 04 
Cramp (Edwd., Bev.)— lee O. (B.) 

Craaaden, Church (A. Z.) la. Oct, 04 

Cnutaoaa, Colonr-phydol., Eeeble (Fredk.) Ifla. ed. 

Feb. 04 

OraWwAU (Hsud)— Verroehio. Cr. Svo. 8 k Bt, 

pp. S7S, 7a ed. net Ddcxwokto, Nov. 04 

CrTptoriemniatoida,,Ha>u«n(H.J.} 15*. nL Sq>.04 
OBddMdon College, 18M-1004: Beeord and 
Memorial. Pottnita, other Ulna. Jubilee 
Memorial voL Sto. 8a net ; iwd. la. Sd. net 

LoHOMUia, Oet. 04 

OnOllp (P. H.)— BnohariaUo Qtory of the iDoana- 

tiou. Pref. by W. H. HntoMngL Cr. Bro. 

ti " *i, PP- 108, li. ed. net HowBUT, Oct. D4 

li. ed. net j. CuLBMXjApr. 04 

Onfle (Wm. Dliok O'Connor)— *•* Earl of Detart 

Practical Treatin tor all who 

the Proceu. Uln*. Cr. Sto. T j x E, pp. 9G6, 6a. 

net Blick, Oet. 04 



Onnmliw (J. B.}— St. Matthew : Ooapd of the 
Kingdom. lOmo. 6|x4j, pp. 110, la. net (Omt 
BMe Hour). KaJMitLL Bmw. Now. M 

OammlBv (B. Q.)— The lion Hmitn at SonUi 
Abioa; Five Tear*? AdTKttnra* In the Ft 
Interior of South AUoa, with turtiaM of tb« 
NatiTe l^'be* and Ban«e *»t»»l- New ad. 
Ulna. Sto. 81 x U, pp. 110, Sa. Sd. net 

J. Xumur, Apr. M 

OnmmlngaCH.)— Bright nunghta tar BTeiT Day. 
lima. SI X 4, pp. 10, U. Qflt ...Xowbut, tfov. 04 

OnnmlBgs (H.)— Collage Stainn of Oxford and 
Cambridga. Btody at Uwir Hiatory ud XTae 
bom 18T0 to 1B86. ^'t"T"**^ by raferenaa la 
Otiginal Letton and Ceuaetiooa. Qlna. trooi 
spaoiaDy prepared Photo-Ma aB o t ype plataa. 8ra. 
8|xtl,pp.ll3,Sa.M.nal Bama.Oct.O* 

OunmlBga (W. H.)— Handel (ITMoAir* Bar, a/ 
jriiMotiiiu). lima, eixli, pp. ao. la. net: 
leather, lb. net ..*. Bnu^ Mar. M 

OtunDlna (His*)— me Laaplightw. Cr. Svo. 
a*. (Sttmdard IMrary) Bucm, A^. 04 

OwnaUna (Maria 8.)— Laraph^ter. B aoloiund 
mas. Cr.Sro. I^xtl, pp.8M,la. 

W. Coujui, Bef. 04 

Onnunlna (His*) — lamplighter. XUna. Hew 
ed. er.Sro. 7A X ti, pp. 481, la. Purmiai, Bep. 04 

Condall (J. W.), Amanea Ahmad, ed ,Arr. 04 

Oondall (J. W.)— London : Ooida toe Tfnlor, 
Sportiman, Hatnralia^ 1004. Bnl. er. Oro. ed. 

Onnb* (E. da)— Partagoen SaU-Taoght {Thimm'a 
8yitam). With phonatio pronanaiatidn. Cr.Sro. 
Tix4f, pp. ISO, a*, ed. ; nrd-la. [Betf-ToMtla 
S«rui) MAUJOXODaB, Dec 04 

CnBlagbnai* (R)^BrohBn Sword of Ulstac. 
Brief Balation of ErMita of one of the moat 
■tirring and momantoD* araa in the aonal* ol 
Ireland. Cr. Bio. 7j x SJ, pp. S94, 8*. Od. net 

Snnn, Ji^y 04 

OnallSlB (F. H. E.)— HfstoTy <a Boer War la 
Oecapataon of Bloemfimtein. Vol. 9. Ulna, 
Hi^a, Plana. Imp. Sto. lOj^ x T^, pp. 081, IS*. 

Mmoi*, Oct, 04 

OnnlUh (B.)— Cotton Stodent'i Maowli or, 
Xanagn'* and Oterkoker'B Oaide. Brd «d, aoL 
or.8Ta.7|xE,pp. B0,1b. A. Hbtwood, J(B«.04 

OanBlar [3.] — Aid* to Sorgsry. Ilmo. 4a. Sd.; 
sd. 4s. {Siuienfi Aide 8er.) BuM.rJaa, Jan. D4 

OMMaJdg*»m (A.)— QnadratiePattitfama. Ci.Sro. 
19*. net F. Honoaoll, Ifn. 04 

OVBMlngliMB (B.) — A Treatiaa on the Prinoqilaa 
of Dock Bngineering. BlDB. Boy. 8to. >! x 81, 
pp. STB, SOl net Qaanti, Feb. 04 

Onantngliun (P.}— Story o( NeU Qwyn and 
Gayinga of Charlea IL Anthor'a laleat oorrao- 
tiooB, all the orig. Ulna. Or. Sto. swd. la. net 

OiBBivaa, Mar. 04 

ftannlngbam (W.) — Biohaid Cobden and Adaai 
Smith. Two Lactnres. Svo. iwd. 1*. 

TABirr BxFOBH Laiotni, Aug. 04 

Otuwlngtam (W.)— Bise and Deoline of the Fra* 
Trade Hovemenl. Cr. Sto.TI x4i,pp. ITB, k.Od. 
net C. J. CLjir, Oet. 04 

OutnlngtoB (Basan) — Story ot Arithnutio. 
Bhort History ot it* Origin and DevelopBvl 
Pref. bj W. H. H. Hudson. 7 Diagr. (A. Bro. 
7t X 4|, pp. SGS, 8a, ed. ...BomutBCHsm, May 04 

Onnynf hnve (H.) — Geometrioal Politioal 
Eeonomy; elem. treatise on method ot eijJaiping 
some of the theories of pore eoonomio soienoe by 
mean* of diagram*. Cr. Svo. 7|xG, pp. IIB, 
1*. 6d. net Fbowdb, ffov. 04 

Cup, Tnti^ton, Cotteril, la. 6d. .....Jan. 04 

Onp'l 'i'^ Psyche and otiiar Tale* from 'Gkilden 
Ac* ' of Apoleio*. Nawly sd. fa; W. H. D. Bonae. 
ISrao. 6x4), pp. 148,1*. net; l-vellam, S*. net 
(Kiny'e CIaa>K*)^....DB la itoaKFtrnf, May Ot 






Ctapptos (G.)— AdTentaret of a Naval Lientenant, 
or, The Oreen Hand. Sea Story. New adit, 
er. 8to. 7| x 8, pp. 448, 2s. ...Boutlbdob, June 04 
Cuai, Dieletio, X&v<m (Nathaniel B. Y..) Us. 6d. 


Coriositiat, Pain (Barry) la^ fia. Nov, 04 

Cnrlingio Canada ko^ Kerr (J.) lOt. neft...lfar. 04 

Curly, Poooeik (Boger) 6s. Nov, 04 

Curtis (A. B.), Quaker Grey, S8.6d. n«t Ifay 04 

— •^ (C. H.). Gibson (W.V- Book of Topiary. 
Qt. 8to. 7| X I^^ pp. 88, As. 6a. nel...LANX, lUe, 04 

Ovrtis (F.)— Bflpnblican Party. 9 toIs. Boy. 8yo. 
i6s. net .PuniAM, June 04 

€9arm«B (Loid) — Speeehas on India, Joly^Angiist, 
1904. 8to. swd. 6d n«t J. Mubbat, Aua, 04 

Canon, Lord, in India, Ltptstt (H. Caldwell) Is. 

Mar. 04 

Cmhing (A. H.) Writings of Samnel Adamt, 1, Sis. 
net Oct 04 

€Hwt (Ii.)— Angelo BastianL Stoiy of Modem 
Vanioe. Dins. Cr.Ovo. 7| x 4|, pp. 808, 6s. 

CovsTABUi, Juns 04 

Cmst (K) — BngraTings oi Albrecht Dfirer. New 
edit. Imp. 8to. I^x7i, pp. 88, 8s. 6d. net 
(' Por^/blio ' Monooranki) Sbblbt, Sep, 04 

Custodian, Byre (Arenibl) 6s Sep, 04 

IhutMBB— 48th Beport of the Commissioners, for 
1008-4. Appendix. 8yo. 4d. [^197] 

jBtbb & S. Oct, 04 
Cnt-Cavendish, How to Win at Bridge, lB,.,Apl, 04 

Oatlor (J.)— On Passing Off; or, Illegal Snb- 
stitntion of Goods of one Trader for Goods of 
another Tiader. Or. 8to. swd. Is. net 

Gay & B. Mar, 04 

Cotting-^mt, Smith (A. E.) 4s. net Oct 04 

Qnjmm (ArtoioV—New Spanish-English and Eng- 
lish-Spanish IMotionary. Successor to Velaa- 
qnes's Abridged Dictionary. Cr. 8yo. 8x6. pp. 

696, 6s. net Applbton, Feb, 04 

Cyanide Qold Eztm., ParA; (Jas.) 7s. 6d. ..J'an, 04 
Cyaniding Gold Ac Julian (H. Forbes) 91s. net 

Feb, 04 

Cyda Building, JHat2iidb(PanlN.) Is. July 04 

Cyde of lMe^8a^eehy (C, W.) 7s. 6d. Oct, 04 

Cyelists' d^ JEtoad Book, Spencer (Chs.) la. net 

Mar, 04 
OyolopcBdia, Caasell's Cabinet, 19s. 6d. net Nov, 04 

4lymle*a Calendar of Berised Wisdom, 1004. 16mo. 

swd. 8s. 6d. net Gay & Bibd, Jan, 04 

Cynic's Meditations, BuUteer (Walter) 8s. 6d. net 


4ljmloiiB — Symbols and Matadors, illus. Cr. 

8to. 8s.6d. CynicubPubx*. Co. Dee 09 

Cynthia Wakeman's Money, Oreen (A. K.) 6d. 

Sep, 04 
Cynthia's DamMes, Turner (Beginald) 6d. July 04 
Cyprian on the Lord's Prayer, Bwdley (T. Herbert) 

Is. 6d. May 04 

Cyprian (St.) on the Lord's Prayer, trans. H. Oee, 

la. 6d. Aug, 04 

9« (A. E.) — Constance's Fortune. Bins. Cr. 8to. 
71 X 6, pp. 994, 98. 8.P.C.E. Oct. 04 

9« (A. O.) — Cricket Drill and Training. 16mo. 
6| X 4|, pp. 68, Is. LoNo, Nov, 04 

B. (J.)— TeU Me a Tale. 

Pabtbidob, Sep, 04 
B. (K. H.)— Poems. Cr. 8va pp. 986, 8s. 6d. net 

SiMPKiM, Dec, 09 

B (T. £.)— Some Things the Bible has Taught an 

Unlettered Layman. Cr. 8vo. 7|x5, pp. 166, 

9s. 6d. C. H. Kbllt, i^ov. 04 

Dagenham, Essex, Shawcrote (J. P.) 10s. 6d. 

Nov, 04 
Dai Nippon, Dyer (Hy.) 19s. 6d. net Nov, 04 

^Bmtlj Chronide' Map of the War. Coloured, 
folded. Is Offigb, Mar, 04 

BallT Light on Dail^ Path. Den>tional Text 
Book for every Day m Year in very Words of 
Scripture. Morning Hour and Evening Hour. 
Thin Ppr ed. 18mo. ea. la. net BAa8TEB,iiu^. 04 

BaUj Light on the Daily Path. Devotional 
Text-Book for every day in the year; in the very 
words of Scripture. Morning and Evening 
Hour. Enl. ana rev. edit 16mo. 5} x 4, 8s. 6d. 

Baosteb, Nov. 04 

« BaUt Mail ' Military Map of Korea. Folded, 
88. 6d. net; on linen, 68. net..G. Philip, Mar, 04 

*9mnj MaU' Special Blap of the Far East 
Folded, Is. net G. Philip, Feb. 04 

• BaU J Mafl ' Year Book, 1006. Cr. 8vo. Is 6d. 
net Officb, Dee, 04 

BaU J Pickings from ' Pickwick.' Compiled and 
arranged by Florence Dalgleish. Cr. 8va 7| x 4|, 
m, 144, 9s. 6d. net Long, Mar. 04 

Dauy Press, Abolition, Headlam (Cecil) 6d. net 


Bally Strength for Daily Need. New ed. cr. 8vo. 
8s. 6d.; pardi. 5s. Low, June 04 

BaU J Talks with ChUdren. By Author of * Lent 
and Advent Talks.' Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 664, 
88. 6d. net Mowbbay, iviov. 04 

Daily Thoughts from Dante, arr. by J. S,, 8b. 6d. 
net Dee, 04 

Daintiee, 160, Hobbe (Samuel) la. Sep. 04 

Dainty, Cruiae of, Kingeton (W. H.G.) 98. 6d. Nov, 04 

Balby (W. B., Sir)— Morality of a Crime. 18mo. 
swd. Habbison & S,Nov. 04 

(D.) — Brother Francia. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 816, 6a. Bvbbbtt, June 04 

(J. B.)— Five-figure Tablea of Blathematical 
Fnnctiona. Compriaing Tables of Logarithms, 
Powers of Numbers, Trigonometric, Elliptic, and 
other Transcendental Fnnctiona. 8vo. 8|x5i, 
pp. 108, 88. 6d. net E. Abnold, Jan. 04 

(B. W.t— Living Chriat and the Four 
Goapela. 14tn edit. 9 vola. 19mo. 6|x4|, pp. 
876, 98.; Ithr. 8a. C. EL Kelly, Dee. 04 

Dalgleiah (F.), ' Pickwick ' Pickings, DaUy. 98. 6d. 
net Mar, 04 

Dahrymple (W.), Archb. of York, Chria. Broth.. 6d. 

Feb, 04 

B'AltOB (E. A.)— History of Ireland from Earliest 
Times to 1547. Pref. by the Most Rev. John 
Healy. 8vo. 9 x 5|, pp. 468, 10s. 6d. net 

Db La Mobb Pbess. Nov, 04 

BattOB (W.)~Bridge at a Glance. Alphabetical 
synopsis of Bridge, together with the new revised 
Laws of the Game, with notes and comments by 
the Author. 19ma 6| x 4^, pp. 116, la. 6d. net 

DE La Bub, Deo, 04 

Balalel (H.)— The Collie : aa a Show Dog, Com- 
panion, Worker. 8rded. Blua. Cr. 8vo. awd. 
Is. net L. U. Gill, Mar.04 

Damaak Weaving, Kineer (H.) &e, 8s. 6d. nt Jan, 04 

(lA Brooks (H.)— Handbook of the Trees 
of New Bngland, with ranges through the U.S. 
and Canada. Plates &c, Cr. 8vo. pp. 910 (Boston) 
7s. 6d Dec, 09 

!•■ (E. Longworth)— Myths. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4}, 

pp. 109, bds. 98. net Hodoes, Fiooib, Jan, 04 

Damien (Father) Tauvel (PhiUbert) 98. 6d. net 

Feb, 04 
Damien (Father) ftc, Clifford (Ed.) 98. net Oct, 04 

Bampler (J. L D. S.)~Chri8t'a Little Citizena : 
Sermona to Children of St John'a Home, Brigh- 
ton. Cr. 8vo. pp. 949, 6a. net ...SnfPXiN, Dec, 09 

Baaa (B. H.)— Two Teara Before the Maat Cr. 
8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 804, la W. Colliscs, Sep. 04 

Baabj (F.)— Baccarat Novel. Blua. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 4i, pp. 944, 6s. Hbinbmamii, Noth^ 

Danforth Qeneal., May (J. J.) 

Dangerous Days, Overton (Robert) 8s. 6d> 
Dangerous Quest, Young (F. E.) 68. .....••' 






Baiilel (E.) — Nearer to Grod. Manxial of Dero* 
tions for the Toang, with the Order for Confirma- 
tion and the Order for Holy Communion. 88mo. 
0d. net Gabdnxb, Dabton, Feb, 04 

Banlel (E.) — The Hearenly Feast ; a Companion 
to the Altar, together with Devotions for the 
Communion of the Sick. 88mo. 9d. net 

Gabdnxb, Dabton, Apr. 04 
Daniel Maynard'g Fortune, Bedford (H. L.) Is. 

Nov, 01 

Daniel Quorm, Pearae (Mark G.) 6d Nov. 04 

Daniel and the Age of 'ExHe, Hunter (A. M.) 

ill>r. 04 

BiiBlels (F. W. J.)— Some Old Stories Retold. 

Ch. edit. cr. Svo. 2s. £. Stock, Oct. 04 

Danish Poor Belief Syst, Sellera (E.) 2s. net 

Oct, 04 
Bannreiitlfter (E.)-~Wagner and the Befotm of 
Opera in England. 2nd edit. cr. 8to. 48. 

AuosNXB, Dee, 04 

Dante, Aids to Study of, Dintmore (Chas. A.) 

7s. 6d.; Teachings, 7s. 6d. J'an, 04 

INuite Calendar, 1905. 4to. 2s. 6d. net 

Db La Mobe Pkbss, Nov. 04 
Dante, Daily Thoughts from, B. (J.) 8e. 6d. net 

Dec. 04 

INuite — De Monarchia. Edit, with transl. and 

Notes hy Aurelia Henry (intro. & bibliog.) p. 8yo. 

8x5, pp. 268, 6s. net Gat & B. Nov. 04 

^ivina Commedia. Transl. into English 
Prose by EL F. Tozer. Cr. Svo. 7^^ x 4|, pp. 462, 

8s. 6d. net f^WDE, Nov. 04 

Dante, Divina Comm. Notes, Tomt (H.) 8, ea. 2s. nt. 

JDtfc. 08 
Dante, Dread Inferno, Wyld(M^,A,) 28. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 

INuite—Early Liyes of, TransL by Philip H.Wick- 

steed. 16mo. 6i x 4|, pp. 182, Is. 6d. net [King'e 

Cla$8ic$) Db La Mobe Pbess, Nov. 04 

Sante — Eleven Letters, with explanatory Notes 
and Historical Comments, by Chas. 8. Latham, 
Ed. by Geo. Bice Carpenter. Frof . by Chas. Eliot 
Norton. Cr. Svo. (Boston) 7s. 6d Jan. 04 

Dante, Epic of the Middle Ages, 2b. 6d. ...June 04 

]Nuite>-Latin Works. A Transl. 12mo. 6^ x 8{, 
TO. 486, Is. 6d. net; Ithr. 2s. net {Temple 
Cloieice) Dent, Dec. 04 

Vita Nuova. Transl. by Dante Gabriel 
Bossetti. Pref. Note by Wm. Michael BoRsetti. 
16mo. 5} X 8g, pp. 160, Is. net ELiiis & E. Jan. 04 

INuite— Pnrgatorio and Paradiso of the Divina 
Commedia. TransL into English Verse by C. 
Potter. Cr. Svo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 628, 7s. 6d. net 

DiOBY & L. June 04 
Daiito Society—Iiectures b^ Alfred Austin, Henry 
J. Chaytor, Mrs. Craigie, Bichard Gamett, 
Thomas Hodgkin, Catherine M. Phillimore, 
Count Plunkett, Baron de Benzis, and Luigi 
Bioci. Fcp. Svo. leather, 58. net 

Dante Society, Mar. 04 
Dante, Stories from, Chester (Norley) 2s. 6d. net 

Dante, Studies, Moore (E.) 8, 10s. 6d net... Jan. 04 


V Tutte le Opere di. Edit, by E. Moore. 
Index by P. Toynbee. 8rd edit. cr. Svo. 6s. net ; 
India paper, Ss. net Fbowde, Nov. 04 

Saute — Vision of Hell. Transl. by Henry Francis 
Cary, illus. with designs of Gnstave Dori. 
Critical and explan. Notes, Infe of Dante, Chro- 
nology. 4to. 18i X 10, pp. 208, 16s. net 

Cassell, Oct. 04 

INuite — Vision of Purgatoiv and Paradise. 

Transl. by Henry Francis Cary, illus. with 

designs of Gustave Dor6. Critical and explan. 

Notes. Be-issue. 4to. 18^ x 10, pp. 850, 16s. net 

Cassell, Oct. 04 
Dante, Vita Nuova, Early Italian, Is. 6d., 2s. net 

Oct. 04 

Dante, Vita Nuova, Early Italian P., 8s^ Ss. 6d. 

net Nov. 04 

Dante and EngL Poets, KuhnejQ.) 6s. net June 04 
Dante's Ten Heavens, Gardner (JBB. G.) 6s. nt NovJ04 

IHintmtr (The Duchess of) (Madame Sana-Gdne), 
founded on Play by Viotorien Sardou and 
Smile Moreao. 8vo. swd. 6d. Maolabbn, Sep. 04 

Bmasiffer (A.)— Jewish Forenmners of Chris- 
tianity. Or. 8va 7| x 6^, pp. 842, 6a. net 

J. MUBBAT, Feib. 04 

Dar-Ul-Islam, Sykee (Mark) 15s. May 04 

Darbishire d^ Stamford's Omford Biver, Is. net 

Bmrby (W. E.)— International Tribunals. CoUee- 
tion of various Schemes. 4th edit. Svo. 158. net 

Dent, 8m. 04 
Sarten (G.) — Gk>ttlieb Emmm, made in England : 
a NoveL Cr. Svo. 7| x 4|, pp. 80S, 6e. 

EVBBBTT, Apr. 04 

Daringfords, Lodge (Mrs. E.) Ss. 6d Oct. 04 

Dark Ages, Ker (w. P.) 5s. net May 04 

Dark Ship, Brown (Vincent) 6s. Oct. 04 

Darkest Hour, Tracy (Louis) 6d. July 04 

Barlej (Manr E.) — ^Light of Morning: Story of 
the C.E.Z.M.S. Work in Eieng-Ning Prefecture, 
China. Intro, by Jn. Bigff. Demy Svo. pp. 262, 
28. 6d. CJB.Z. Miss. Soc. i>0<;. 02 

Darling, Legh (M. H. Cornwall) Is. 6d July 04 

Barlow (T. H.), Moule (H. F.)— Historical Cata- 
logue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture 
in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible 
Society. 2 vols. 4to. Sis. 6d. net 

B. & F. BiBLB Soo. Feb. 04 

Darrow Enigma, Severy (Melvin L.) 6e Nov. 04 

Darton (F. J. H.) Tales of Canterbury Pilgrims, 6s. 

Oct. 04 

Barton** Leading Strings. 4to. 2s. 6d; bds. 
Is. 6d * Gabdnbb^ D. Oct. 04 

(C.) — Expression of the Emotions in 
Man and AniTnals. Photographic and other 
Hlus. Pop. edit. or. Svo. 8x5, pp. 406, 2s. 6d. nt. 

J. MUBBAT, 8n». 04 

Barwln (C.) — Formation of Vegetable Mould 

through action of Worms, with observations on 

their habits. Ch. ed. Hlus. Svo. S x 5, pp. 806^ 

2s. 6d. net J. Mubbay, J!f^<0&. 04 

Barwln (C.) — Various Contrivances by which 
Orchids are Fertilised by Insects. Pop. ed. Hlus. 
Cr. Sva 8 x 5,pp. 816, 2s. 6d net J.Mdbbay, Feb. 04 

Barwln (G. H.) — On Integrals of Squares of. 
Ellipsoidal Surface Harmonic Functions. 4to^ 
pp. 26, Is DuLAU, Mar. 04 

Baa iSarat Chandra) — Journey to Lhasa and. 

Central Tibet. Ed. by W. W. Bockhill. New- 

ed. Svo. 9 X 5|, pp. 884, 10s. 6d. net 

J. Mub&ay, Mar. 04- 
Dash of Salt Spray, Oerald{Qt. Pryce) Is. net July 04 

Baokam (Josephine) — Memoirs of a Baby. Hlus. 
Cr. Svo. 7| X 4|, pp. 282, 6a Habpeb, Apr. 04 

Batas— Memory. A Simple System of Memory 

Training. Cr. Svo. limp. Is. net 

Gale & Polden, Feb. 04 
Date Palm, S.W., n.S.A , Swingle (Walter T. Ss. 6d. 

net % July 04 

Dates, Haydn's Diet., Vincent (Benj.) 2l8. Mar. 04 
Daubenny Laboratory, Magdalen, Ounther iB. T.)k Afar. 04 

Bandet (A.) 16mo. leather, 2s. 6d. net {Little- 
French Masterpieces) Putnam, Mar. 04-. 

Bandet (A.)— La Mule du Pape. Ed. by W. H.. 
Preston. Fcp. Svo. pp. 40, 4d. {Little French 

Classics) Blaceie, Dec.O^ 

Daughter of Dawn, The, Hodder ( W. B. * 6s. Mar. 08 
Daughter of Druids, Sedgwick (S. N.) 2s. 6d Dec 04 

Daughter of Jael, Ridley (A.)6s Nov. 04 

Daughter of Judas, Savoy e (B. H.) 6d. June 04 

Daughter of Nijo, Watanna (Onoto) Os. ...May 04 
Daughter of People, Home (Murray) 68. ...Apr. 04 
Daughter of Bich, Waller (M. B.) Ss. 6d. ...July 04 





PMigMfir ol Snowi, London (JaoU (to. July 04 

SlHi^ter of the Vine, ^tik^rton (G.) 68.; 8e. 6d. 

Jaft.,lfay 04 
PMighinn of DMperAtioii, Brooifct (Hildag.) 8s. 6cL 
Dflc. 04 

and GaTMrim. Critical and Biogra- 
pineal Notes hw Henry Frants and OotaTe 
UMome. Edit hj Charles Holme. FoL 7b. 6d. 

, ' Studio,' Nov, 04 

ipert (A.)— China from ^Hthin. Study of 
Opinm Fallacies and Missionary Ifistakes. Cr. 

8yo. 7| X 5, pp. 890, 6s. Umwin, May 04 

BATsnftry'B Daogfater, Bindlon (Harold) 6s. Oct. 04 

Mmiwmj (F. H.)— TentatiTO list of flowering Plants, 
Flenis, &e.f known to occor in Cornwall, incL 
Soilly Isles. 8to. pp. SOS, 5s. 

(Penryn) F> CHEOWiDDBir. June OS 
Dtmd (Gerard), Weale (W. H. Jas.) 8s. 6d. net 

Sa>Tld(M.S.) — Beginners' Trigonometry. Chapter 
on Logarithms. Cr. Oro. 7J x 4^, pp. 1S6, 2s. 

Black, June 04 
David Armstrong's Corse, TraUCV,)^. „.Aug, 04 
BftTid Chester's Motto, Inman (H. Bsooti-) 88.6d. 


Barid Copperfield, Diekent^ Ss. 6d. Feb, 04 

DaTid Copperfield, Dickent. 6d. Feb. 04 

David Copperfield, Student s Dickene, Is. net 

David Graham^tmaa, Guthrie (B.) Is. ...Aug, 04 
David Grieve, Waexl (Mrs. Homphry) 6d...,8ep. 04 

David March, Fleteker{J. S.) 6s. Feb. 04 

David the Capt., Way (Arthur S.) 6s. J)ee. 04 

INiTldSMi (A. B.)— Theology of Old Testament. 
Edit, from the Author's MSS. by S. D. F. 
Salmond. 8vo. 8jkx6|, pp. 668, ISs. {Inter- 
noHonal TheoL Lib.) ...T.^T. Clabk, Jlfoy 04 

9«TldsoB (A. M. C.)— Present-Di^ Japan. Boy. 

8va Oi X 5|, pp. 840, Sis. UirwiN, Apr. 04 

Davidson (C.) YirffUt in EngL Prose, 2s. 6d. net 

Oce. 04 
kwldsoB (F. A. L.) — Anslioised Colloquial Bur- 
mese: or. How to SpeuK the Language in 8 
Months. New ed. 12mo. 64 x 4^, pp. 114, 4b. 6d. 

I^CKWooD, June 04 
Sawidsoa (F. A. L.) — Company Drill made Easy. 

lOmo. pp. 114, Is. 6d. net Galb A P. Dee. 02 

Davidson (iFredkAug. Lascelles) — neeDavideon (L.) 

BaTidsoB (G.)— Tracks and Landfalls of Bering 
and Chirikof on N.W. Coast of America. Jun»- 
Oct. 1741. Chart 4to. pp. 44, pr. pr. 

(Ban Francisco) Dec. 01 

wldMB (J.)— Ballad of a Nun. HIus. by Paul 

Henry. 16mo. Is. net ; Ithr. Is. 6d. net {Flowere 

of Pamaente) Lame, Dec. 04 

lawldaoii (J.)— Selected Poems. 12mo. 6ix4i, 
pp. 212, 8s. 6d. net; Ithr. 6s. net ...Lanb, Oct. 04 

kWldsoB (J.) — Testament of a Prime Minister. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6^, pp. 104, Ss. 6d. net 

BiCHABDS, Oct. 04 
Davidson (J.), V. Hugo, A Qutfen't Bom., 8s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 
9«wldsoB (J. M.) — Precursors of Henry (George 
and the Single Tax. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

F. B. Henderson, Mar. 04 
SATidsen (Lillias Campbell)— A Girl's Battle, 
nius. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 880. 2s. 6d. 

Pabtrudob, Oct. 04 

SawldftOB jM.}— Wisdom of Winstanley the 

' Digger ' : Outlines of the Kingdom of God on 

Earth. 8vo. swd. 6d. F. B. Henderson, Mar. 04 

Hawidsoii (B. T.)— Christian Opportunity. Ser- 
mons and Speeones deliv. in America. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 208, 8s. 6d. net ...Macmillan, Nov. 04 

9«Tles (A. C.) — Art of Heraldry. Encyclopedia 
of Armory. Fol. 14^ x 10, pp. 612 and plates, 
147b. net Jack, Jan. 04 

navies (A. E.) — ^Foreign Correspondent. Book 
for all using or learning Languages for Business 
Purposes. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. BO, Is. 6d. net 

Sdcpxin, Sep. 04 
Dawlaa (D. O.) — First Lessons in Christian Irving. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 78, Is. 

Stockwbll, Dec. 04 

Bawlaa (G. S.)— Frans Hals. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6, pp. 

166, 6s. net Bell, Dee. 04 

Bawlaa (J. L.)— Working Men's College, 1864- 
1904. Becords of its History and its Work for 60 
years by members of the College. Portr. Cr. 
8va 7| X 6, pp. 806, 4s. net...MAC3fZLLAN, Nov. 04 

Bawlaa (Mary)— Housewife's What's What : Hold- 
All of Useful Information for the House. Beoipes. 
8vo. 8^ X 6i, pp. 440, 6s. net Unwin, June 04 

BATles (N. E. Torke-V— Health and Condition in 
the Active and the Sedentary (Dietetic Curo of 
Gout, Indigestion, &o.). 8th edit, rev., ch. Cr. 
8yo. 7i X 4i, pp. 284, 2s. 6d Low, July 04 

Bawls (A. H.)— Our New Selection. 8vo. 8J x 6i, 
pp.220, 6s. net Edwards, Dttnlop, Mar. 04 

Bawls (C. H. S.)— Greek and Boman Stoidsm: 
Epictetus, Seneca, Marous Aurelius. Cr. 8vo. 
pp. 278 (Boston) 6s. 6d. Mar. 08 

Bawls fE. P.)-;-Obstetrio and Gyneoologio Nurs- 
ing. Bev. edit. 8vo. 8^ x 6^, pp. 402, 8s. net 

Baonderb, June 04 

Bawls (Ellen Louisa)— Stella's PRthway. Hlus. 
8vo. 8 X 6}, pp. 844, 28. Bel. Tract Soo. May 04 

Bawls (G. E.)— Handbook of Chemical Engineer- 
ing. 640I11US. 2 vols. La.8vo. pp. 104£42s. 
(Manchester) Davis Bro. Oct. 04 
Bawls (G. T.)— When Christ was Hero. Tale of 
Days of Jesus. Jerusalem 1900 Tears Ago. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 162, 28. net 

Marshall Bros. Dec 04 
Bawls (G. T.)— When Christ was Hero. Tale of 
Days of Jesus. Jerusalem 1900 Years Ago. Cr. 
8vo. limp, Is. 6d. net ; swd. Is. net 

Marshall Bros. Dec. 04 
Bawls (H. Hart-) — Stalking Sketches. Orig. 

sketches by Author. 4to. 11^ x Of^pp. 76, 10s. 6d. 

net H. ( 

Davis (Jas.)— Bee Hall (Owen) 

Cox, Sep. 04 

Bawls (N. K.) — Story of the Nasarene. In anno- 
tated paraphrase. 8vo. 8} x 64, pp. 428, 6s. net 

JblEVELL, .Taft. 04 
Bawls (W. E.)— Quantities and Quantity Taking. 
8rd ed. cr. 8va 7} x 4|, pp. 176. 8s. 6d. net 

WHiTTAKRR, Jan 04 

Bawls (W. J.^The 19th Century Token Coinage 

of Great Britain, Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of 

Man ; also Tokens of over Id. value of any period. 

4to. i-mor. 42s. net 

(Leamington Spa) Simhonb & W. Mar. 04 

Bawls (W. S.)— Falaise of the BlesBed Voice. 

Tale of Youth of St. Louie, King of France. Cr. 

8vo. H X 6^, pp. 870, 6s. Macmillan, Nov. 04 

Bawlson (A.)— Mammalian Anatomy ; with special 
roferenoe to the Cat 8vo. 78. nt. Bbbhan, Jan. 04 

Bawlson (J.) — Punjab and Sind Directory. 8vo. 

(Lahore) Hind A Davidson, Jan. 04 

Bawlson (W.T.)— Strength for the Way: Sermons. 

8vo. pp. 264, 8s. 6d C. H. Kelly, Dec, 02 

Bawltt (MO— Fall of Feudalism in Ireland ; or. 
Story of Land League Bevolution. 8vo. 9x64, 
pp. 770, lOs. 6d. net Harper, May 04 

Bawo (C.) — Bride of Japan. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Hutchinson, Apr. 04 

Bawo (C.) — Lamma's Grove: Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 6, pp. 886, 6s. S. C. Brown, Oct. 04 

Bawo (G.) — Life of George Morland. Intro, and 
notes by J. J. Foster. Bins, by plates from 
examplM in National and Private Gallerie«. 
4to. 18 X 10, pp. 282, 68s. nt.... Dickenson, Dec. 04 


..B£.CX.. Nov. U 

BtoTT of Buhap 
■ ■ndOirla. Illtu. 



Bkwaon (A. J.}— Thiagn ■esn 
Bondls of JoUiDgs, Note«, Impn 
TribatM. niu. aTo.0K6t, pp.B6e,10i.ed. 

hxTHUkir, Apr. 04 

9»waon (C.) — Pnctical Billuxda. Bioenphiaa 
ud PerlOniunceB of HoWd PUfen, Put uid 
Pnaent, Ao. »to. S| x G|, pp. we, IBa. ed. nM 

SmFEiH, July U 

BsWMta (B. C.>— Hen^ A. Btem, Wiaaoatij, 
TmreUer, AbTniniu Captive. Ct. Sto. 7| x i|i 
pp. lafi, li. (Splndid Livei 8er.) S.S.O. Mm. M 

9*kW>aii (E. C.^Lion-Hurtad. 
HBnniDgton'm Lifa told tor Boji 
K<w «dit. er. 8vo. 8 x S, pp. 3DS, Si. ed. 

BBE1.ST, Oct. 01 

Bawson (J.)— Hu in tha Pew ; or, How to hau 
OMBennon. Cr. Sto. 7|x lj[, m. 1S9, Sa.Sd. 


ItaiTBiui (J.) — PnoticaJ JonmBliBm, How to 
Enter tbeieou and Socoeed. A Bunul tor 
Beginnere. Snd edit. i«t., with additionml 
elutptera. Cr. Sto. iwd. Is. net L. tT. O11.L, Oct. (M 

Bkwaoa (U. L.)— Where the Shuntock OrowB. 
Cr. Sto. awd. 3a. Cd. E. Stock, Jung 01 

BKwaon fW. H.)— Matthew AmoM ud hia BeU- 
tiontotheThoDght of oar Time. Appreoifttion 
sad Criticicm. Cr. 8to. 8 x B j, pM^ T*- Bd. net 

BaiTBon (W. H.) — Proteotion in Oermanj. 

Hiator; at Oerouut Fiaoal Policy dnring ISth 

CeDtiU7. Or. Sto. T|x4J,pp^9S8, 8a. 

P. 8. Kmo, June 01 
BaWBon (W. J.)— Uu Christ Jesus : Lite of 

Christ. Boy. Sto, 6] x 6t, pp. 170. Ss. Sd. net 

RlCHUtDB, 5«p. 01 
Dkt (Cliyel — Polior and Adnunistration of Dotch 

in Java. Cr. 8to. 8s. ed. net Hichillah, Feb. 01 
Bay (E. E.)— Seaking the Kingdom, a Slndy. Cr. HaciulI.iIM, 3far. 04 

Baj- (E. H.)— The Sonl's LoTe. 19mo, awd. le. ] 

net a. J. Palmji, Oct. 01 

SkT (O. O.), Arkla |J.), Dohie (H.), Newatead (R). 
— List of Lepidoptera found in Conntiaa of 
Cheahin, Ftintahim, Denbighshire^ CamarTOti. 
shire, Angleseo. Btd. pp. 138, swd. 9i. Sd. net 

W. Wesuy, July 04 
B>7 (J. B.>— Childhood in Health uid Sickness. 
lUDa. Cr. Sto. T| x l), pp. 93S, Be. net 

K. Paoi,, June 01 

Bay (L. F.)— Ornament and its Application. Book 

for Students, treating in a praotioal way of 

relation of design to material, toola, method ol 

work. 8to. e X Gj, pp. SG9, 8a. 6d, net 

BtTWOBD, Sap. 01 
DajbetoreTestorfay, SAa/rT(8. A.) »e..,.Jtfor, 01 

leather, Ss. Bd. net {Library of Dmotum) 

Hetbueh, Jfor. 04 

Da; Boj, Nigbt Oirl, JVoafonaM (Om).) Sd., la.nBt 

Dae. 04 

Dar of Atonement, KtUy (W.) Ua Dte. OS 

Bky of Days. ToL tor 1901. Roy. Sto. Sa. 

OmcE, Not. 01 
Day and Thought, Biteher (Hy. Ward) la. Bd., 

Ss. 6d. net Dae. 01 

Bays with Sir Roger de CoTeriey. Reprint from 
the 'Spectator.' Illns. by Ungh Thomson. Cr. 
Btd. T X 4i, pp. lEB, Bs. net ; leather, Be. net 

HlCXILLllI, J'fb. 04 

BayaprlBK- Vol tor 1901. Ito. bda. la. 

HotiLSTOH, Dee. 01 
Dajepiing from on High, Fletl (E. F.) 13a. net 

Deal] Certainties, Giibbim INathaniel) S»....Srp. 01 
Dcwl, Condition of, Proctor (Francis Baitletl) Gs. 

Dead Baokomng, Burton {In. Blomidelle-) Bs. 


Dead, Worship ot, Egypt Ao., Oamigr (J.) 19s. Sd. 

not Jan. 04 

Cr. 8to. 7 X 1), pp. BBS, Ba. Bd. Cun, D«e. 04 

BMtkln (B.)— Endid: Booka 1 and S. Sing'a 
SoholarBhip Bd. With Qoeatiana set at Scholar- 
ahip Bzaminations dnriiig liat S yean. Cr. Bto. 

pp. 194, Is. Cut*, Apr. 04 

Bunk In (B.}~Kew Matricolation Algebra, Tntorial 
Algebra, Elem. Conrae. 1th impr., Srded., with a 
anpplement on Grapha. Cr. Sto. 7A * 11, PP- El'i 

8b. ed. ([7mt>. TiK. 5«r*et) Cute, /an. 04 

Deakin (Bapert), Euclid, 1-6, Us. Sd. Aug. 01 

Deals, Pain (Barry) ta. Apr. 04 

Baan Foreet— Bill to Facilitate Oi|euina and 
Working ol certain o( tha Iiower Series of Coal 
Beams in E.H. Forest of Dean, and in Hondred 
ot St. BriaTOla, in Qlonoeetereliire, l|d. Amend- 

ments, |d. [IBl, ISla] Etse A 8. Aug. 01 

Beana(AE.HSittyHon(goinei7. Uloa. CrSro. 

7| X li, pp. Ill, la. Nat. SoC. Bee. 01 

Beane (Mary)— The Boaa Spinner. Norel. Cr. 

Bto. 8 X B, pp. 893, Ss. J. HuXBAT, Sep. 04 

DearFatIiarluid,BtI(e(Bi-Lieat.)es. Dee. 04 

Dear Hisa Hi«, Lamb (R.) Bl Sep. 04 

Baarmar (Mabel)— The Orangery, Comedy of 
Teaia. Cr. Sto. 7} x IJ, pp. 880, Bs. 

Smith, Ei.nEa, Apr. 04 
Baanner (P.) — Serrer'e Handbook: Coide to 
Dntiea ol Clerk at Plain Celebration ol Holy 
Commnnion Ac. With Text of Liturgy and 
PriTate Pnren. Cr. STa 7 x If, pp. it. Sd. net 
(Panon'i Handbooli Seriet) Bichakdb, Sep. 04 
Beaa (J. A. C.)— How to Extend the Uaelnlneaa 
of Poblio Libraries. 8to. Td. net 

LlBRABT BtrSKAD, Ltd. Juim 04 

Death Dntiea, Btamley (Lot) Bs. Bd. net Ocf. 04 

Death in Desert, Broumwtg, Pope, Is. Sd. ; 9e. net 

Sap. 04 
Baatta ot Lady WalUoe (BalUdl. bT Haebremen. 
Fop. Sto. Si x 1, pp. 18, 6d. {8c 

.(Paisley) QabdhkB, Dec. 01 

Death of the OadB,if«rq]'l;ouitM (Dmitri) Si 


Death— what than ? Jafiut (H. H.) Sa. .Jan. 01 

Baatlu from Starration (London) — Retnm re- 
lating to, in 1908. lU. [389] EvBB AS. Oct. 01 

Deaths in Childbed, WiUianu (W.) Bs. Sd. net 

Oei. 01 

Bebenbam (Mary H.)— Stu in the WeaL Ulu. 
Cr. 8to. Ti X 4), pp. 994, 9a. Sd. Nat. Boo. Dec. 01 

Bebr a tt's Baronetage, Knightage, Companionage, 
1MB. Sto. ISe. Sd. net Dun, Dee. 04 

Balirflft'n Hooee of Commons and Jodioi^ Bench, 
IBOl. Sto. 7b. 6d. net Deah, Feb. 01 

Babratfa Peerage, Baronetage, KDishtage, Com- 
"-"'""-Te, 1906. I Tol. Sto. 81b. Bd. net 

Deah, Dee. Ot 
I Peerage and Titles ot Coorte^, 190e. 
Sto. IBs. Bd. net Deah, the. 04 

leM (National) — Betom relating to the, for each 

Financial Tear from 188G-e to 190ftHl. lid. [BOSS) 

EvBE « S. .^ufie 01 

j Deeamenin of Boccaccio, 3a., 8a. net Dec. 01 

I Decameron, Tales from Boccajxio, Sd. net Nov. 01 
I Decimal Coinage &D.,AntAony(E.) 9a. ed. net 

I (H.) Sa. Sd. 

net Dac.O« 

Dacnee of Mempbii JEo., Budge (A. E. Wallis> 
10s. Sd. net Jiar. 01 





Aeeble (G.)— God's Call to a Holy Life. Notes of 
Addresses on First Epistle of Peter. Cr. 8to. 
7| X 4|, pp. 159, 2s. 6d. net...STOCXWBLL, F$h, 04 

(W.) — Italy. Popular Aooonnt of the 

Coontiy, its People, and its Institations, inoL 
Malta and Sardinia. Dins. Transl. by H. A. 
Nesbitt. Imp. 8yo. 10^ x 6^, pp. 498, 16s. 


Heeds of Arrangement, England. Bnles dated 
OoL 1, 1904, under the Deeds of Arrangement 
Act, 1887. Id Eybb & S. Oct, 04 

Deep See Vagabonds, Somnichstn (Alb.) 6s. Afay 04 

(W.) — ^Love among the Bnins. Cr. 8vo. 

7|x 6, pp. 836, 6s Bichabdb, Mar. 04 

Deoralayer, Cooper (Fenimore) Ss., 8s net Dec, 04 
Defence of Guenevere, Morris (Wm.) Ss. 6d., 8s. 6d. 

net Apr, 04 

Defence of QtieneTere, Morris (Wm.) Is. 6d., Is. nt. 

Oct. 04 
Defender of Faith, Mathew (Frank) Is. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 
Befde (D.)— Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 
13mo. 6i X 8|, pp. 816, Is. net {Boys' CUusics) 

BiCBASDS, Sep. 04 
Defoe (D.) John Bull's Failings, 8d. net ...Nov. 04 

Beftoe (D.) — Journal of the Plague Tear, 1666. 
12mo. 6| X 8^, pp. 824, 2s. net ; Ithr. 2s. 6d. net 
(Pocket CUusics^ Newneb, May 04 

Seftoe (D.) — Life and Surprising Adventures of 
Bobinaon Crusoe. 87 Illus. by George Crnik- 
■hank. Fine paper edit. 12mo. 6f x 4^, pp. 676, 
28. net; Ithr. 8s. net Chatto, Dec. 04 

Hefoe (D.) — Bobinson Crusoe. 16 coloured Ulus. 
8vo. 81 x 64, pp. 616, 2s. 6d. W. Collins, Oct. 04 

(Maria A.) — Some Aspects of Italian 
E«ducation, with Special Beference to Teaching 
History and the Mother-Tongue. Cr. 8vo. pp. 60, 
Is. (Brondesbury) Maria Gbet Tb. Col. July 04 

lekker (T.)— Ed., with intro. & notes, by Ernest 
Bhys. New ed. cr. 8vo. 7^x4, pp. 620, 2s. 6d. 
net ; leather, 8s. 6d. net {mermatd Series) 

UifWiN, Mar. 04 

»ekker (T.)— Old Fortunatus. Play. Edit with 

Preface, Notes, Glossary, by OUphant Smeaton. 

16mo. 6} X 4, pp. 168, Is. net ; Ithr. Is. 6d. net 

{Temple Dramatists) Dent, Aug. 04 

(T.)— The Gull's Hornbook. Edited by 
R. B. MoKerrow. 4ta 8J x 7, pp. 118, 7s. 6d. net 
{The King's Lib.)...Dm La More Pbe8b,42>^* 04 

Belalleld (F.) -- Handbook of Pathological 

Anatomy and Histology. 7th edit. 8vo. 21s. net 

^ BAn.T.TfcRB, Nov. 04 

IMlalre (Jean)— Around a Distant Star : a Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 802, 6s. Long, May 04 

He lA More Booklets. 6 in box, 8s. net ; 8 in 
box, Is. 6d. net Db La Mobe Pbess, Oot.iOi 

BeUuid (Ellen Douglas) — Josephine. Novel. 
Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 282, Os. 

Habpbb, Oct. 04 
Belaime (Gabriel) — Evidence for a Future Life. 
* I/ime est Immortelle.' TransL and ed. by H. A. 
Dalles. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6|, pp. 280, 7s. 6d. net 

P. Wbllbt, Jan. 04 

Beluuioj (B.)— Densil's Device. Novel. Cr. 

8va 7| x 4|, pp. 820, 8s. 6d. ...Evsbett, Nov. 04 

(B.)— In Mid-Atlantic. Novel Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 818, 8s. 6d. ...Wabd A L. Oct. 04 

BelaBBOj (B.)— M.B.C.S., a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
H ^ Ht PP* ^1^1 1>^ 9> Wabd & L. Feb. 04 

(Buxford)— M.B.C.S. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Wabd & L. Nov. 04 
BelATle (H.) — Ponto: Bomance of Life. 16mo. 

5x81. pp. 168, 8s. 6d Simpxin, July 04 

Delhi, Indian Art at, Oct, 04 

IMiveranoe, Glo^^otff (E.) 6s. Feb. 04 


Oeller (G H.)— Telephoto Work. Chapters on 
'Adon' lens by H. Wild; on a Home-made 
Telephoto lens, by H. M. Hames. Or. 8vo. 2s. 
net ; swd. Is. net Dawbabn & W. Feb. 04 

Del Mar (Walter)— see Mar (W. del) 

Delphi, Bell (Geo. Kennedy Allen) Is. net June 04 

Delphine, Torke (Curtis) 68 Jan. 04 

Bemaue (Bobert) — William Tindale : a Biography. 
Contribution to Early History of English Bible. 
Pop. ed., rev. by Biohard Lovett. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, 
pp. 662, 8s. 6d. Bel. Tkact Soc. Jan, 04 

Bemidoff (E.) (Prince San Donate)— Shooting 
Trip to Kamchatka. 118 Illus., 6 Photogravures, 
2 Maps. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6^, pp. 818, 21s. net 

B. Wabd, Mar. 04 
Democracy, Beaction, Hobhouse (L.) 6s. ...Nov 04 
Democracy d^c, People's Classics, ea. Id. Nov. 04 
Democratic Christianity, Hocking (Silas) 6d., Is. 

net Oct. 04 

Bemoetbenee — 1st and 2nd Olynthiac Orations, 
with Intro., Explan. Notes, and copious Vooab., 
by Percy Scott Whelan. Bev. ed. cr. 8vo. bds. 2s. 

SiMPKiN, June 04 

Bemoetbenee — On the Crown. Ed. by William 
Watson GkxKlwin. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 804, 6s. 

C. J. Clay, Jan. 04 
Bemotlo Magical Papvrus of London and Leiden. 

Ed. by F. Le Griffith & H. Thompson. 8vo 10s. 6d. 
net Gbevel, Feb. 04 

Benob (E. B.)— Diseases of Ear. 8rd edit 8vo. 
21s. net S. Applbton, Sep. 04 

Bendy (F. W.)— Duties of Executors. 8th ed., 
rev. in accordance with Finance Acts. 1894-1900. 
Demy 8vo. pp. 70, Is. 6d. Wateblow & Q.May 02 

Benlnr (W.) — Japan in Days of Tore. 2nd edit 
cr. 8vo. swd. 88. net K. Paul, Nov, 04 

Benlng (W.)— New Life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. 
Cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net K. Paul, Nov, 04 

Benle (L6on) — Christianity and Spiritualism. 
Cr. 8vo. pp. 286, 8s. 6d. net Wellbt, Dee. 04 

Bennej (J.) and others — Questions of Faith. 
Series of Lectures on the Creed. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, 
pp. 220, 6s. HoDDEB A S. Nov, 04 

Beanie (J. S.) — Centennial Survey of Foreign 
Missions: Statistical Suppl. to Christian Miss, 
end Social Progress. Obi. 4to. pp. 424, 21s. 

Olipbant & C. Jan. 02 
Bennleon (C. G., Major)— A Fight to a Finish. 
27 Blus. Cr. 8vo. 7f x 6, pp. 202, 6s. 

LoMoiCANS, JttZy 04 
Benny (E. C), Boberts (P., Lyddon-)— Teacher's 
Music Course. Staff Notation. l(Hh edit. cr. 
8vo. limp Is. 6d. net {Normal Tut, Series) 

SiMPKiN, Nov. 04 
Bennye (E. N.)— The Alpha. 6th ed. [ed. A. C. 
Swinton]; cr. 8vo. pp. 88(V8s. 6d. 

Williams & N. Mar. 08 

Bent'e New First French Book. First Part, 

Lessons 1-28 in Phonetic Transcript. 12mo. 

limp, 6d. net Dent, Aug. 04 

Dent's 2nd French Book, Alge (S.) &c. Is. 6d. net 

Ooe. 04 
Bentel Annual and Directory (The), 1904. Cr. 8vo, 

7s. BAiLLiiBE, Apr. 04 

Demtal Surgery, Olassington (Chs. W.) Is. Mar. 04 
Denzil's Device, Delannojy (Burford) 8s. 6d. Nov. 04 
Depertmentel Ditties, KipUng (Bnayaid) 6s. 

2»^oe. 04 

De Quincey, Salt (Hy. S.) Is., 2s. net Nov. 04 

Derby, Notts &c., Direc., £«%, 80s. July 04 

Derbyshire, Black's Guide to, 2s. 6d Aug. 04 

Borbjelilre Bed Book, 1904. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. 

Bbmbobe, Jan. 04 

Bermatological Society of Great Britain and 

Ireland, Transactions. Edit, by A. ShiUitoe. 

1908-4. VoL 10. 8vo. 6s H. K. Lewis, Oct. 04 

Dermatology, Walker (Norman) 9s. 6d. nt. Nov. 04 
Derry (Bp. of), &c.. Psalms of Israel, 8s. 6d. net 

Apr. Oi 

rmt CW.l 


Gtneiu and DeTslopmait. 

141 ud pUtas, Ub. net Niims, Ifav 04 

Veztar (E. a.)— Hilton ot Eduottion in United 

SIktei. Ci. Sto. Bt. M. nst Htcmu-iui, Oct. 01 
Dexter (B. G.) — Wea(bei In9nenc«s. Btopiriol 

8tady of ths Hental uid Phyaiologuul EtboU 

of Definite HeteorologioAj Conditioafl. Iritro. 

bj CleTeluid Abbe. Sto. e{ x S|, PP- B18, Ss. ed, 

net UJ,cilaA.ix, Oet. M 

Dexter (T. F. O.). Quiiok (A. E.)— Sanior Aribh- 

metio lor Soboota and CollegeL Cr. 8to. Ik. Sd. 

LoNOHAKB, May 04 

Diklectn, Living Populu, irvl<i (H. C.) ...Nm.Qt 

Dialogae, Oiiiot (A. H.) Is. net Mar. 04 

Diklatone 'LmiB.Jacobt (W. W.J S>- Hov.Ot 

Diunonda, PkfcAflr {J. B.) 6* P<&. 01 

DiuB Polwuth, RojaUit, (7arf«r (J. F. H.) 5b. 

Sap. 01 
Diuj Lurei, Old, Oicolt, 8i. net Apr. 04 

DUr7, Letten, Arblay (M^an 

> d'), 1, 



Serroort (W. H. V«b]— Hodsni Hkohine Shop 
Took. 4thedit. HIdi. So;. 8to. 91 x G|, pp. BBl, 

all. not IjOOIWOOIi, iiafi M 

Derwent (L.)— Clond and Storm. Ci. Sm. 7| x G, 

pp. 864, 6a. Hdbbt It B. tfoy (M 

Deaoartes &o., leeraeh (Jh.) 8*. Ifar. 04 

DaK>eDt ot Hui, WhartjM (E.) Oa June 04 

DwidoriQi Brkainiu, Woodward (W. H.) 4a. net 


Daaira ot Nationa, tfocofla (U.) Sa. net ...Nbo. 04 

S««BOad (O. Q.)— Berth* Btorioi and Stoiiei 

told by ha Dnole Gilbert. Cr. Bvo. awd. la. nrt 

C. W. Dihul, i)«D. 01 

Seanojera (L.) — Lea M jaaTantorea of Joan Panl 

(SlOppart. Edit, by L. tou Glehn. llmo. 3a. ; 

h«7, awd. Sd. {Sifpmann'i Elementary French 

SmM) H«c>iLi.A)(, Sap. 04 

Deiperata Conapiraaf, BooHiiy (Gof) ISb. ...Oct. 04 

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Diary ol Bit John Moore, Bir J. F. Uanrioe, BOa. 

not Feb. 04 

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itao. 04 
DUtaaaarica, Abbott (Edwn.) 4, Ta. Sd. net Apr. 04 
DlbOln (W. J.)— BeoentImwiT«m«uti in Kethoaa 
tor Bastarial Treatment of Sewage. DeacilptioD 
of the Aathor*! Hnlti^e Surface Bacteria Bada, 
givius Double unul Working Ca^iaoity. With 
AGnAJo action throughout. 8to. ard. la. net 

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Notea, Analytioa] luat of Chaiaotei*. Studeaita' 
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Diai Hav (Aleundei) li. Aua. 0* 

DiL Dii^. <a Bjph. knd Non-SjplL Aibo. ol 


bj C. H. Koato, . 


Digaat of /tuHnton, 

to). 1, lit. nat 

DifartiiiK BMamm, Ettfe (John) Sa. ad. 

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pp. US, 8b. net; swd. Sa. net ...Snpiar, /una 01 
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Si. Ptb. OS 

Bill (S.) — BoDun Bodiety Imtn N«re to Miroiu 

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TAaoolluii, Dte. 04 
BUton (E.>— Ponelun. In^. Sro. 10| x T, pp. IM, 

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Mla« (B'.)— Tjnnta of North B-ibeD. .NoveL 

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r (Ii.)— Fnnch Fiintiiic in ISIh Caatoir. 
Cr. Sto. Ti X E|, pp. BIO, Ti. 6d. net 

DuoKwoSTH, Jon. 04 
DiminDtioD of Biith-nte, Taytor (J. W.) li. net 

Half at 

Btmotaek (A.) — One Hondrad Ereniw* on the 

Pmrallel Ban KtA bow to do them. Ci. Sm. 

limp, li. net Qals & F. Jan. 01 

IHmin»ek (A.)— Tricks aod Bieraiwa on the 

HmiioDt*] Bar ukd heir to do them. Ci. Sro. 

limp, li. net Qii.i & P. Jan. 04 

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SucrKiK, June 04 
9twie«n (P,)— Qicla Qiuirla: Iriih pUy. Or. 

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D. 7a. 6d. net Nnrr, tlov. 01 

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guge HoTemeat, deliTered nnder the knipiooi 
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Jan. 04 

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BloBjr (A.) — New Far Eaat. nina. from 
■pemal deaigna by Kubola Beisen, of Tokio. 
4tta ed. Svo. eg X G^, pp. 894, 8s, 6d. 

C>BgKi.L, Mar. 01 
D^theria, Diagn., Caiger (F. Foord) la-.-Uay 01 
BlploBlMIe and Conanlar Bepoits (Annual)— 
Balsiiun : Finances and Commerce it 
Bodgel Estimates for 1901, ad. ~ 
Okina, Trade for 1002, Id. 
nanoial Condition, l|d. i Trade and Shipping 
(Bnpplementary), ^. Colombia (ezoepting 
Paniuna): Trade for 1908, 3id. Baasia: BostoT- 
cn-DoD, Tn,de for 190), Ud. Italy : Finanoea 
tat IBOS, l(d, Italy, South : Trade for 1908, ad. i 
Egypt: Trade for 188T-1B03, with Special Be- I 
terenoe to Imports from United Kingdom and 
Britiih Foesessious, a^d. Meiioo : Trade for 
IMS, aid. Eybz & B. Mar. 04 ' 

rce m iwa, ai 
France: led 


OtplontMIO and Consular Boporta (Annaal 
Berisa) — Argentine Bcpnblio : Boaario, Trade ot, 
lai IBOS [BUT], Id. China: Chinkiang [8174], 
Id; Hankow [81G1], lid; Siaugahow (HoihowJ 

raiB91,ld,;N ■- '"■•"' '^ ■■= '■-'"■' 

Id.; Wiihn|;t 

Blplonuktlo and Conaolar Reporta (Annaal 
~ ■ • Tranoa : Chorboorg, Trade at ' ' 

for IMS [81191, i 
rBlTllBd.; E'renoh Budgel ^ .. 

Frenoh Indo-China Trade, from Oct. 1 

Feb. IMM [SIM], Id. Oreeoe; Morea and Pro- 
Tinoei ol ^tolia and Acamania, Trade of, lor 
1908 r81M], lid. ; Piraoi, Trade and Agricoltnre 
ot, tor 1908 [8166], ltd. Persia : Herman, Trade 
ol, for 1008-1 [8187], Id. Turkey : Baara, Trade 
of, for 1908 [81661 Id. ; Aleppo and Adana [81B1], 
Bd.; SmTma, OWe for 1903-8 [8170], lid.; 
Trebiaond Tilayet [SISO], lid. Spain: Conuina, 
Trade ol the Prorincea of Oahiua, the Aatoiisa 
and Leon, for 1908 [8166], lid ; Bilbao [SlGa], 
lid. Germany; Trade o(, for 1908 [81581 6d! 
United SUtes: New York [8180], ad.; Philadel- 
phia [8161], aid EvKB ti B. June 04 

Slplsniatle and Consniar Reporta (Annual 
Series) — Ctermanj : Hamburg, Trade ot, for 1908, 
81d.[818e]; Grand Dnchyot Baden, id. [BUM]; 
Pmaaian Eatimatea lor 1901-B, Id. [B19SJ. 
Anatria-Hongary: Foreign Trade for 1908, lU. 
[8199]. BrasU: Bio Grande do Snl, Trade loi 
1901-8, lid. [8191]. Turkey: Beirut and Coast 
of Syria, Trade lor 1808, Id. [819a]. Sweden : 
Stoekbolm and Eastern Coaat, Trade tor 1908, 
Sd. 1:8198]. Bossia; Moaoow, Trade for 1B08, 
lid. [8194]. Onece: Cydadea, lid. [SITB]. 
Denmark: Trade for 1908 (diagram). Bid. 
[81S0] Bthx & S. July 04 

BlploniKtlo and Couiolar Beporta (Annnal 
Series)— United Stales: San Franciaoo, Trade ot 
States of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, lor 
IBOa, aid. [BIBB]; Boston, ad. [^B176]; Porto 
Rico, ltd. TBlTTj. France: Boidnaai, aid. 
I81S1] ; Coohm-China, Sd. [8181]; Brest, lid. 
[BITS]. Spain: Malaga, aid. [8188]; Cadii, 
3d. [B19B]. PortugaT: North, lid. [8188] ; 
South, Id. [8178]; Beira, lid. [^8187]. Persia: 
Persian Gulf 8d. [B1H3]; Kennansbah, Trade 
for lBOS-1, aid. [8189]. China; Icbang, Trade 
for 1908, id. [8197] ; Ningpo, id. [8190] 

Etu & 8. Jidy 04 

Dlpiommtle and Consular Reports (Annual 

Series)— Brazil: Imports into, tor 1908, lid. 

- -^ '""191. Portneal : Tote, 

, , ,. , uip),Bd. 

. [Saia], Italy: Sicily, Sid. 

lid. [8308]. Teneisuela: 

[83081 Boumania, aid. [6201]. 

'■ "': Trade and Finances ol, for 

reaUl. jap 
[8918] ; Lej 

', aid. 

TnAti aiid Agriculture of, for 1908, S 
New Orleans, Trade of, far 1908, 3d, [8300]; 
FortlandjTrade and Agricoltore of the States of 
Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, lor 1908, 3id. 
[8307] ; Hawaii, Id. [6311]. Sweden : Trade and 
IndustrieB o(, for 1903 (Supplementary) Id. 
[8315]. France: Dunkirk, Trade of, lid. [BaiB]; 
Nice, id. [8301] Eyke £ &. Aug. 01 

Olplomktlo and Coniolar Beporta (Annaal) — 
Corea: Trade for 1908, lid. [83301 Germany: 
Frankfort-on-Main, Bid. [8231]. Italy: Genoa, 
8d. [8333]. Turkey; Paleatine, Id, [83381; Erw- 
ronm,ld. [83311; Baghdad, ld.(;83S5]. Bulgaria, 
Id. [838B]. Bpam : Barcelona, Sid, [B3S7] ; Canarv 
Islands, Id. [8381]. Sweden : Qothanburg, 3id. 
[8335]. Guatemala: Trade, Finance and Agri- 
culture of, lor 19C3 and 1908, lid. [8388] 

Eybk & S. Aug- 01 



iloawUa Md Counki Baporta '. 

Japaii: lUlMlUto, Tndc of, lor IMS, U. (nU] ; 
SUmanaMU, Id. [)«»]; TokobaBa, ftlTaa^ 
BfTpt: Part BaidwidSwc, IH- '•**•> Fiuea: 
lUnalUai, ltd. [SW]; Algow, SU. [nMl 
China: Wiialunr, Hap of Wart BincBaam,Ud. 
[B«7]l r '^■^ ^^ — ■ " ' "• 

Hmfij : TiiMla, Tnda at, lor UOS, M. [S«S] 
EnmAB. isf-M 
MplonMto and Coonlar Beporta (. 

dariaa: gMwon iaiM>— Praaet : Butia,r. , 

(or 1B0B (fStf], ^ ; Imaa, St. Ebenns, aid 
OranoUa fSW^; Id. ; Madacaatar [nui l}d. 
AuatiU'HBBCafr: B^Moria [MM], Id. Oar- 
roaar; Daolzig[n44j,I^ Cratrnat ; IVadaaad 
nunM «l, lor 1W9 ud IMS C****^ Id. Cnitad 
Mate*; Baiamiah, Tnda of, tnr I90S i'MMI •! ; 
"uwoaj [M*I^ I*d, ' " ^'^ ** 

VimAaw -^., ,.. .... , , _ . 

Blmu: VoTMCO ''<*>''»*'■=* "f «>aaia and Tnda 
bf Ht. VKttmiluan, bit IMS fSSUi lid. Spain ; 
CtinnMK, TrvU of Piorinaa ot OaliciB, 

»l»l ■■■>!■ acul Cfloralar Baporta (Ansiia] 
fUrlM, *Tn. HflHinn IBOC)— Braiif: Baliia, Trad* 
Af, tnt t«n« rMML Id. rinaea : loniaa laland* 

rntr.. m. r.-)>>u : Tnd* of, loc iMs rsass], u. 

rVMt* ftv« : Tnd* r>(, rnr tSOt [HIM], Id: AMtn*- 

M. Z«.»h«: Kw.»haf 

ud Punba'isfle^ ltd! 
Knu A 8. Sap. M 

M ia(*r 

m'[»W.].'M.; Hardmia.TTadf^M], 
■ Vafuabl [MMtl IM. ; Tainan, SontT 
«<J. IH. Roiiaia: Od«a« ^^377; 

«td.i yinUnd FnTH], Id.; Kin [83731, 
F'flflul. Mad*in rWfll, td.; Angola, Ti 
(m« ISfOI-KfKHll, M,; r>™rmieo Marque^ Ti 

Sfl. i;niM 
^d. Cliioa: 
(UM],7d.j C 

, -.-„..., r.'mmieo Marqueii, Trade 
[.rfllKrillMMl, M. I-wB fSSMl, 9d. Tntkej: 
Cr^IUWi, Iri.i fruniKtio [SSMJ. lid. Fania: 
KlvfTHoaA atid HlaUn, Trad* for 1903-8 [8987], 
114. Kcrvt' Abiiuiilrw.TradatoTlBOB.Diunm 
|M7*J, iTld. iMltflun, ; Trad* for 1»08 [8316], 
■■" VuhM HuUm: Trad* for I908-* [8379], 
V'lnlirn IVada for IMS, Diagram 
intiHi [11370 J, 1 t'L BmK A t). Out. M 

•tolMMtU and (^nnaular lUnort* (Annual 
Ottuml -Braail ; Bi„ ,|n J„*iro, TnAt of, for 
l»MrMMI|,Ud. (i,WnM.;Harr;nqiiilU [888*1. 
id. Haiiu, (lt3tSl, 3d. Hlwn: IlanKkok 83881 
ltd i Cbl*ui|ui*i|£tUll,ltd. [•anan.a(eS9dj,lld. 
Portugal: ao^lmmili BVH» * H. ^il.. 04 

mmlvmmUn and CnimuUr Itopnrti (Annual 
Buriwii — Uannaiiy ; Trad* (or Ant halt-Taar 
ftmi 31d. U-rman CoionUa : Hoport for 
IWM-i (II3HJ, M. Aualrla-HunitarT ; Iloanla 
and lUru^vlait, Tradn lor 1008 [8907], Id. 
Oiunm : Brunei, Haravak, and Britiah Hoith 
hanmi |blHMI, Id. Kl - - - 

U. i^iw.»: fiarkiMl.! 

'"■ ■"-''■' "■ -.rforlBoa 

. --,.- id Oaaka, 

[awil], ll<l. Tu»la|89USJ, ltd. 

_ UrH A B. Nov. 01 

Stplanadn and (lutiaular Haimrta iMIaoel- 


HfmiM H.^lir>riU (or Hhlp Knglnaan, [SON] 3ld. ] 

■I Iiiilrunllnn : Naval Anhllwlura and 

irlng, [DUB] Utd Kviui A (J. /un* 01 

lUMlio andOaiiau]arIUiwni(MliMnanBoa* 

•1n)'-Ii>.I>: Induatrlal I>av»loi>ninnl. ltd. 

■" UHH..di«: Tashnlval iiiitrueUoa : NaTi- 

Wwola. td. [flll]; ProJMted Rhlna- 

[ml. rill ill ■ ca^^ T^iM. Id. Tail 

■aDBi: lina^BSBin. ton. ttd. (CllJ. 

. .,- Jiai: r^mt %Bfc <f Oa W«aw 

Saaporti, li 'tU^ B»a»l- IMaij Oj.lii of. 
SEapa, Ud. [CIT] en Bmft8..ditf.H 

Ssauaar Tacati^ Btfamh im^ lU. 

Mnka (IL>— A^Hte Bodia. IM •( Ua Prin- 
cipal Wota. UM& Uxfi, n>H, Ia.ed.Det; 
BbTk. Sd. nat (X— jtiMartMwMfryfa} 


Mr^n (R.)— Am^ Bodni. LM al Ua Fdn- 

mrr'B CoDoqnial EcTptiBB AnUe Graanvc loc 
nu of ToQTiata. TranaL by W. H. LtbD. Tmb. 

Ci. Bto. 4*. n«t PkoVBB, Jh^ 01 

DiaapHnaeeof Diek,£«TTM(V. B.>5a. J^. Of 
Diicide, FoilA of a Chnatiaii, Si. Sd. not /■«« Ot 
Diadpla of Plato, £«acAIAIInid>aa.«d — Dae. « 
Diwaplise of Chrirtine, Ooldu IMts. B.) Sa. Itor. 04 

Diidplina of E. Hops, Biven (A.} fc Net. M 

Dbcipljoa of Faith, Slome iDwindq Sa.ed. Var. M 
Diaeotmt Ac Table*, HuniuAaiB (Emaat) la. net 


Diaeaae in Ansiea, Caidwta (B.^ ta. net ...Jwim 04 
Diaeaaea, Iniectioiia. in School*, ^SaiafJ.)ed Jfor 04 
Diaeaaea, Inleo., Ficfona n., Iiidnatiial, aa. la. ed. nt. 
Diiaaiaa ot Electncal Kadunar, Kin *bru miiar, 

Is. ed. net Stp. 04 

Diaeaaeaof War on f^Hintiiea, ScAavi* (B.)80a.iiat 

Diilua, Tathf, Ewnomieal, 1*. Oct. 04 

Diipenaiiu-, Eaa;, SuiJiarlaiid (Wm. Q.] Sa. dd. aat 

.Fob. 04 

Blumalt (B.)-'Goiuii«iili7. Ci. Sn. b. Sd. (£*b. 

o/ Oaot Jf oiMluti) BLacm, (M. 04 

Slara«U (B.)— ConiiifcabT. New adit. BdiL by 
Bernard N. Langdon-Dniea. IDna. (To<mg 
England, n.) Cr. 8ro. B x si, pn. 898, fia. net 


BlanMit IB.)-^BeTdutiouar7 Eptek, and othtc 
Poem*. Reprinted from Ongiul Editian- Ed. 
b;W. Davenport Adam*. Cr. Svo. 71 x Sj, pp lie, 
8*.ed. HvMt«B.««.04 

aiusall (B.>— STfail Edit, bj Bcnard N. 

Langdon-Dariea. nina. (Tonng England, m.) 

Cr. 8TO. S X 5^, pp. 810, 6b. net 

B. B. JomntoH, Dm. 04 
BlanMll IB.>yTaocTed. Edit I ~ 

Mil), ltd. i Hn..ii,ty l.llml. tNaHilt It.i.' -™°' 
lUlulilnif fBtWU), ltd. 1 Klukiaiii, TraUn 

Langdon-Davie*. Ulna, bj B;ain Bhaw (Tonag 
England, IV.). Cr. 8to. 8 k GA, pp- 098, Sa. net 
B. B. JomnoB Dm. 04 
Vlnrull (B.)— Vinan Otbt. Edit, by Banaid 
N. Langdon-Darie*. Illn*. by Bjram Bhaw. 
Cr. Svo. 8 K 6||, pp. 014, fa. net 

B. B. Jowtttm, Nob. 04 

niaraali, Biehal (Walter) 19*. Sd. net Mar. 04 

Dlatanoai between Port*, BMd'i TaUa, >a. Sd. nat 

CM. 01 

9l8t»at (W. L.)— Faona ot Indi*. Bhjndiota 

Hateroplera. Vol. 3, pt i. Bro. lOa. PL I, lOa. 

nal T*Ti.oa4 P. Feb., Mag 04 

DlatillaUoti, Aloohd, Braimt (Wm. T.) 31a. nat 

At. 04 

BlMhttald (P. H.)— City Comfoim of LondMi 

and tlieir Qood Work*. Reoord ot theii hiata;, 

oharitj, and tnaanre. HIb*. by A. B. Qointoai. 

tto. Ill I S|, pp. 870, »(. nat Dbmt, OeL O4 




_< (P. H.}— Ensliih Oobhie AKhiteolim. 
aaao. im. net ITmtpU Oydopadie Primmt) 

Dbht, Mem Ol 
BttebflaU (P. H.}— HemorialiQl Old OifoidAin. 
lUnj Bliu. Bm. x SJ, pp. 361, IG*. nrt 

BiKBOU, .ran. 01 

Dinlo, Caldaron (0«.) Bl 6d. JTor. 04 

Dinn, JHibot (Hnma) Bt.ed.Dst B*p. 01 

DiTidad, £au;Ai*n (C. S.) St. fld. nst Oet. M 

DiTiiw Cominadik, Dante, H. F. Towr, Ba. 6d. net 

DMm FiM, Siocliwr (H.) a*. . 

iTlw Idw of Hnmui Drew. By 'ENATMA- 

KPtTIKOa. down Bro. T| x t, pp. 148, fii. net 

B. Stock, Aug. 01 

Dnins ImmuanDe, lUmgworlh (J. B.) Od. Oct. 01 

BiTlBa Offioa for Half Weak (The)— FikTer Book 

Hktmi and Bvaniong, wilh tpeatl Ptaina, 

Antiphoni, BiidBcapoiUKiriM, aRKnged by Arthiu 

ChBiidlei. lOmo. iwd. Mqwbkat, Jfor. 01 

Dirine PrManna, Smith (Hulin R.) la. net Ju;. 04 

Drrins Proridenoe, Walkin* 10m»t D.) 8s. M. 


Divine TiuoD Ac, b; £. (A.) Si. net Jan. 04 

DivoToe, Dn, Bourgtt (Puil) So. Sd Avg. M 

Six (Oaibnda)— Oirl from the Furm. New adit 

Blxoa (Ellk Hepwotth) — One Doubtful Hour, uid 
other Sidalighta on Feminine TampeiMnent. 
Cr. Sto. 7| X B, pp. S60, 8a. 6d. BicBiBDs, ivne 04 

IHXOD (W. S.)— Blellinglord Hunt. Sro. twd. Sd. 
Tbihsbkb, Xht. 04 

SbMB'a I«w ol the Fum. elh edit, hj k. 1. 
Bpanoer. dro. Ma. STiTcRi ft 8. Mm. 04 

Donot Bay, iTonburgh (J. H.) Sd. Apr. OS 

9obblo (L.}, Hanh«Il (Hugh)— S^>* u^ ^eii 
"--■'-- " I Priotioal r^ - ■ 


SoboU (B.>— Boaamaiy and Paniiea: Foema. 
Ci. Sro. 7i X B, pp. lia, >a. uet...DoBUJ.. Apr. 04 

Sobacliiits (B. *an| — Ctuiitjau Lile in Ptimi- 
tiva Chnnh. Tlwial. bj Oeorge Bramner, 
edit, by W. D. HoniaoD. Sro. B x E|, pp. 4T8, 
10a. 6d. WiuJAVB & N. Woo. " " 

DobiOD (H. ).) SooUJah L^t and Ch&r., Ta. 6d. i 

Itock Engineering, OutMMwAa«t(Bi7Baon) BOa. : 

Dook ft Fort Chargea, Turn&uZTa, 911. net Ju^. 
Dobk*, Dry, Wet, ftc, Jordan (C.) S*. nfit....Ai 
9o«t«r (An Bngliih), Conleaaiona of. Cr. 8 

7| X e, OT. DM, fle. BOOTLSIMIK, Oct. 

Dr. DoiuJdMiD, WiMar (B. H. H] Sa. ta....Soii. 

Dr. Iflika, Danean (Nonnan) Ba Son. 

Dr. el Fhilca., Boofc ol the Fmw, la /on. 

Di. Tom, Sirtttm {Jn. Williuna], fta. Sov, 

Dr. Wjniie'i BevanEa,TrwtaU (WtUm.) Ba. Apr. 
Dootoi^B ThoQghta, &>Mn (Clement BiToe) aa. i 

Dootor'B mte, Braddem (M. E.) Ss. Bd...... 

Bod'B Puliamentarj Companion, 1904. ISmo. 

limp, 4b. Sd. WaiTTAiix, Feb. 01 

Bod*> Feense, Baronetage, Knightage of Qreat 

firitun and Ireland, 1904. Inol. all Titled 

Chaaaa. ISmo. leather, Indian paper, ata. 

Low, Jan. 04 
Bsd'a Feeraga, BanmetaBO, and BJugbtage ol 

Qreat Britain udlreland, 1901. IllQa.ed.,8vo.Baa. 

Qn^nsBT ft B. Feb. 04 

V«d*B Peerage, BaraneUge and Enightags ot 

Oreat Britam and Iteland for UOE. Ci. Bro. 

10a. Bd Whittuxb, Dae. 04 

Bo«« (Anna Bowman}— In the Falaoea el the 

Snltan. Bo;. Sro. 91 x 8, pp. SOB, IBa. net 


I Bodd (CalheriDe L)— Natnre Stndiea ud Falrj 

Talei. For Infant Bchooli and Lowei riaiioa. 

Baaed on Tbeoriea ol Froabal and Herbart. 

PUtea. Cr. Bvo. T| X 1{, pp. 906, 8a. Bd. 

I NueoH, Jubi 01 

Bodd (F. Ik]— Problem of Uilk-SnppI J. Cr.&ro. 

Tjx^i, PF-81, U.6d. net BuLufcan, Jfoe. 04 

Boddrldv* (F^Biie and Fmgieu of Baligion 
in the BouL Illiu^in conns of aerioni and ptati- 
i deront meditation and 

Bodds (J. M.) ftc — Licenaing Onide tor Sootland. 

Handbook to the Lioanaing (Bootiand) Aot, 190S. 

With Kotei ftc. Ci. Bro. Ga. net 

B1.ACIW0OD ft 8. Jan. 04 
Bodre (Mar; Uapei)— Bhymea and Jinslaa. 

Dim. b; Barah 3. Stilwell. Cr. Sro. Ti xlt, pp. 

Ml, Bi_ Qii ft B. Sov. 01 

Bodra (T. A.)— Napcdeon. (In 4 Tolomea.) Vola. 
1 and 9, oorering the period from OMnin( of 
Frenoh Bsvolaticm to the Trea^ of TDait, ISOT. 
Ulna. 8vo. Ea. vol. (Bolton) 91a. Apr. M 

Bode* (T. A.)— Napoleon. Hiator; of Art of War, 
from Beginning of French BamlatioD to End of 
ISth Centnry, with detailed acooont of Wan id 
Franoh BeTolntioD. S09 charta, mapa, plana of 
battlea, ftc (In 4 Tolnmea.) Tola. 1, 9. Svo. 
9 X E{, pp. 043, B79, et -^ ' 

a. 16*. net 61T ft ^. Jtme tH 

(F.)— Bookaf Weatlndiei. Sro. Ba. 

BODTLUMl*, Nov. 04 

Boaa Haeokel aolva the Biddlea? and other 
Leotniea in the Central Hall, Hajocheitv. Sro. 
iwd. Bd C. H. EauT, June 04 

SoSM Coronet; Tme Bton. B; Aathor of 
* Mart;Tdom of an Empieas. Cr. Bro pp. BM, 

7*.0d. HiwHt, fan. 09 

Di>g.i(ittot.{O.E.)8e N00.OI 

Dog, Health, Diaeaae, Archer (P. H.) la ...Nov. 04 

Dog, Bporting, Graham (Joa. A.) 81. Bd. nt. Mar. 04 

Bog Btoiiea. By Zola and olhera. Intia b; 

Jerome E. Jerome. 3nd ed. Sro. iwd. la. net 

' Akuulb' Gdabduv,' Feb. 04 

Dog Tails from Cambridge, Harliavay (C. Sent-) 

8a. Bd. S«p. 04 

brumuoni Di OTei duo eipena oj oaiDerv i.fOmp- 
ton. Vol. 1 Hon-Sportins. BIdb. Sto. BjxB|, 
pp. SB9, 7b. Bd. net ; VoL 9, Bportins, m. 464, 
7B.Bd.nel Blca4M)8^ Afr.iJlMM 04 

Dogger Bank Tales, Wood (Wall) Ba. JToti. 01 

Bora Begnlalion (Ireland) AoL 18SB — Aeeonnta 
forlBOB. Id. [993]. Bnu ft S. Jty. M 

Dogs, To;, Barton (Prank Townend) Ba. Bd. net 


Dabertr (B. B.}— UlnatntiTB Leaian Notes tor 
lOOe. 8to. Ga C.H Eillv, JTos, 01 

• (N. H.)— FamonB Com] 
t>. Si K Gl^p. G14, 19l di 
I (K. H.) Ploaert from P 

i CompoBen. 9 vols. tUna. 

19b. net.. .Mbihubh Sov. 01 

Dole (K. H.) Ploaert from Peraian Poets, IBs. net 


Doll Book, Oladain {TA.) la. net. Hov. DI 

Dollar Exchange Tbls., MMpingham (E.) 7s. Bd. nk 

Dollars, Demoorao;, Jotu* (Philip Bnn-) Ga. net 

Dolly's QoveneBB, liayard (Geo. 8<mie«) Is. nit 

Dm. 01 

DoUfa Theatrioala. Piotnrad and Daaoribad by 

D. Owyn Jebeya. Cr.Bro. Tx4{, i^ 119, bds. 

9a. Bd. MBmru), Oct. 01 

Domeada; Bwongha, Ballard (A.) Ba. 6d. net 

DonI>narte'BTreaaiu«,Bryd«t{H.A.) Ba. 89. 01 
Dob Qoizote, CsrmintM, Is- Ba. net .........Daa 04 

n ,AnJ:>—t-. r..-.-.^[K.)6a.- 






BoaaldsoB's Engineer's Manual, 1906. Cr. 8to. 
Bwd. Is. SDfPXiN, Nov, 04 

Bonat (F.)— Large Book of Textile Designa. 
Ck>Ileciion of Patterns for ercory Textile Specialist. 
Guide for Designing of Textile Fabrics. Text in 
Kngliflh, Fxenoh, German. Folio, 668. net 

A. OwxM, July 04 

Dooalello, Meyer (Alf. Gotthdd) 48. net ..^an, 04 

Aoaae (J.)— Poems. Edit by £. E. Chambers. 

Intro, by G^rge Saintsbnry. 2 toIs. ISmo. 

6|x8|, TO. 804, 886, ea. Is. net; Ithr. 9s. net 

{Miues Ltbrary) Boutlsdob, Nov, 04 

Donne (Jn.), Herbert (G.) ftc, WaUon (Is.) 2s., Is. 

net Maff 04 

Donne, Wotton, &o^ Liyes, Walton^ 688. net Oct. 04 

B0BOTMi(D.)— Found and Fettered. 8TO.8wd.6d. 

HuTOHiNSON, Aug, 04 
BoaoTSMi (D.) — ^From Clue to Capture, a series of 
Thrilling DetectiTe Stories. 8yo. swd. 6d. 

HuTCHiNSOM, Apr, 04 

SoBOTMi (D.) — Man from Manchester. New edit. 

or. Sto. 7} X 4|, pp. 804, 2s. Chatto, May 04 

SoBOTMi (D.)— Mystery of Jamaica Terrace. 
New edit. or. Svo. 7i x 6, pp. 812, 2s. 

Chatto, Oct, 04 
BoBOTMi (D.>— Scarlet Seal 8to. swd. 6d. 

LoMO, Sep. 04 
BoBOTaB(D.)— Scarlet Seal. Tale of the Borgias. 
New edit cr. 8to. 7i x 4|, pp. 812, 2s. 6d. 

Long, Nov. 04 

SonoTan (D.) — The Crime of the Century, being 

the Life Story of Bichard Pigott. Cr. Syo. 7| x 4f , 

pp. 820, 6s .7. Long, Apr, 04 

Donoran (D.) — see also Muddock (J. E.) 

BoBOTAB (H. C.)— Brain Book and how to read 
it Sixposition of Phrenology in Theory and 
Practice. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 4}, pp. 620, Os. net 

Jabbold, Aug. 04 
B'OnstOB (B.) — Patristic Gos^ls. English 
Version of Holy (Gospels as they existed in Second 
Century. 12mo. 6| x 4|, pp. 168, 4s. net 

BicHABDB, Sep, 04 
Don't-know Family, Hope (Noel) Is. 6d. ,.J^an, 04 

SoOBer (M. G.)— Last Post. Svo. red. to Ss. net 

SiMPKiN, July 04 
Sorm — Tale of Lifluence. New edit. cr. 8yo. 

7^x41, pp. 160, Is Bel. Tract Soc. Sep. 04 

Dora Murray's Ideal, Fraaer (M. C.) Is May 04 

9'Ordel (P.) — Pantechnicon. Universal Direc- 
tory of the Mechanical Art of Manufacturing 
Illustrated Magazines. Intended as a Course of 
Learning for future Writers, containing an 
Account of the Advance of Literature in McMlem 
Times, with a Perfect Model for the Guidance of 
Students and Directions Exposing the whole 
Manual Art of the Trade. As it was (lately) 
delivered to the Editors, Mark Sykes ana 
Edmund Sandars. Boy. Svo. swd. Is. net 

BiCKE&s, Aug. 04 

Borauui (M. B. P.)— History of British Empire 
in 19th Century. Vol. 2, 1806-1826. Svo. 128. nt 

E. Paul, July 04 

Dorothea, Maartene (Maarten) 6b May 04 

Dorothy Aiden, CaUweU (J. M.) 28 July 04 

Borsey (G. A.)— Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee. 
Collected and annotated. Svo. 268. net 

NuTT, Dec, 04 

Dot-and-(3k>-One, Hayward (M. B.) Is May 04 

Double Qaxden, Maeterlinck (M.) 68. net...Ma^ 04 
Double Harness, Hope (Anthony) 68 Aug. 04 

DoubledBy (B.) — Stories of Inventors. Adven- 
tures of Liventors and Engineers. True inci- 
dents and personal experiences. Svo. 8^x6|, 
pp. 284, 68 Habpeb, Nov, 04 

Doubtful Character, Walcot (Brian) 6s. „,Nov, 04 

BoudBey (Sarah) — One of the Few. Novel. 
Cr. Svo. 7| X 4|, pp. 862, 6s. Hutchinson, Nov, 04 

SDoadaey (Sarah) — Silent Strings. Cr. Svo. 7^ x 6, 
tf^.2i%2i.M„{W1iite Hole Library) 

W. Scott, Ju/ne 04 

BoBdBey (Sarah)— Where Dew fiJls in LondoB. 
Story of a Sanctuary. New edit. cr. Svo. 7| x 4|, 
pp. 280, Is. 6d. Nisbxt, Oct. 04 

BobcbU (C.S.)— Bums' Country. lUus. Svo. 
S| X 6|, pp. 860, 6s. Black, June 04 

Bobsb11(L.)— Earthly Purgatory. Novel Cr.Svo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 860, 6s. HuTCBDiaoH, June 04 

BoBffbty (A.), Parmelee (G. W.)~Siege of Quebec 
and BatUe of the Plains of Abraham. Flans, 
portraits, views. 6 vols. Svo. 

(Quebec) Dubsault ft Pbouz, July 04 

BoBfflBS (G., Sir)— Life of Major-Gen. Wauchope. 
8 Porta, in Photograynre. Svo. 0^ x 6|. pp. 488, 
lOt. 6d. HoDDKB ft S. May 04 

BovrlM (G., Sir), Crockett (W. 8.)— Bobert 

Bums. nius. Boy. Svo. OAx 6|, pp. 44, Is. net 

C Bookman ' Bio^rropMat) Hoddbb ft 8. Nov, 04 

BobcUm (Isa E.)— Secret of Joy. 

Cr. Svo. swd. 
Is. net HbuL8TOH,jP0&. 04 

BobcUm (J.>-->Theodore Watts-Dunton, Poet, 
Novelist, Critic HIus. Svo. *ix6|, pp. 600, 
lOs. 6d. net Hoddkb ft S. bee 04 

BoBdBS (L.)— A Little Gallery of Millais. Dloa. 
16ma 6| X 4j|, 2b. 6d. net Msthubn, Nov, 04 

BoBglas (B. K., Sir)— Chinese MannaL Com- 

priaing a Condensed Grammar with Idiomatio 

Fhraees and Dialogues. New edit 12nio. 

I 6^ X 4^1 PP' 8SS, 10s. 6d LocKWOOD, Jvne 04 

BoBflas (B. E., Sir)— Europe and the Far East 
Cr. Svo. 7|x6, pp. 468, 7s. 6d. {Oambridge 
Hietorical Seriee) C. J. Clay, Oct. 04 

BoBfflas (T.)— Miss Caroline, Novel BhiB. 
Cr. Svo. H X 6, pp. 888, 68....E. Asmold, Mar, 04 

BoBflas (T.)— Three Mysteries. Cr. Sva 74 x 4|, 

pp. 818, 6b. EVEBETT, uct. 04 

Bonse (T. Le W.)— Examination of an old MSS. 
preserved in the Library of Duke of Northumber- 
land. 4to. 2s. 6d. net Tatlob ft F&ancib, Feb, 04 

Dover Anc. Libraries, James (M. B.) 208. ...Jan. 04 

Bower — Order in Council under Dockyards Pouts 
Begulation Act, 1866, defining Limits and making 
Emulations. Id. [1260] Eybe ft S. il«^. 04 

Bow (J. W.) — American Benaissance : Beview of 
Domestic Architecture. 4to. ISs. net 

Gat ft B. Ot^ 04 

BowdOB (E.)— Bobert Browning. Cr. Svo. 7} x 6i, 
pp. 420, 4s. 6d. net Dent, mar, 04 

BowBor (C. A.)— First French Book. Cr. Svo. 
pp. 858, 6s. net (90th Cent. Series) 

Appleton, Dec. 02 

BowBoy (E.)— Brass Bing: Extraordinary Ad- 
ventures of a City Clerk. Cr. Svo. 7^ x 4|. pp. 
160, swd. Is SixPKiN, July 04 

BowBoy (E.)— Glimpses of English History. 
Ulus. by James F. SuUivan. New edit or. Svo. 
7i X 6}, pp. 198, swd. Is Sdcpkin, July 04 

Bowsett (H.) — Holcombe long ago. Cr. Svo. 
pp. 142, 2s. 6d. ...(Manch.) J. Heywood, Dec. 02 

BowsoB (W.) — ^Wellcome Physiological Beseandi 
Laboratories (founded 1894). Svo. pp. 86 
(London) Mar, 08 

Boyle (A. C.) — ^Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 
Svo. swd. 6d Newnbb, Aug. 04 

Boyle (A. C.) — Green Flag, other Stories of War 
and Sport Svo. swd. 6d Newnbb, Oet, 04 

Boyle (A. C.)— Bodney Stone. Svo. swd. 6d. 

Newnbb, July 04 
Boyle (B.)— Foreign Tour of Messrs. Brown, 
Jones, ana Bobinson. 4to. Os. 

Dracula, Stoker (Bram) 2s. 6*d. net JuneOA 

Brage (G.) — Bussian AiEairs. Roy. Svo. 9^x6, 
pp. 764, 2l8. net J. Mubbat, Mar. 04 

Dragon-fly Nymphs, New, U.S., Needham (J. G.> 
8s. net July 04 





Druui, Law, Hacmorran, Willis (W, Addiagton) 

BBS. net NoB. 04 

Dnke ud BlakB.Haym* (Herbert) Ss Sep. Ot 

I>tmke'i Duien Vofkge, Leighloii (Botwrt) Ob. 

Oct. at 

Dnm*, inej^ dAm» (W. DkTenport) 1, IOil ed. mt 

Asp. 04 

Dnma in Dublin, Bughet |S. C.) 2b. net ...Jfov. Oi 
Dnniktio CTiticiam, Qrnn (J. T.) 4, 8«. Ca. net 

/an. 04 
DmuliA Spednwu *o^ Xomft (Chu., U .) 4, T>. M. 
War. 04 
Draper (J.)— St&teunuiuidtheBietiop: sLetteT I 
to ft GoDtlemui in the Diocese ol HemFord, ajid j 
other papers, 8vo. Bvd.lB.iit, CoMBTAHi.E,Aj>r.04 . 
Draper? in Art Bkead (Q. WooliacroFt) en, not I 

8tp-0i I 

Draw from Hemorr, Svinifeod (P.) Is Nov, 04 j 

I>nwing Cuds, Nature Stodf, te. Sd. JTov. 04 I 

Dtmoing, Blementa, Butfiin (John) Sa. ed., 8b. Sd. 


— , 04 

Drawing Inip., Quide Art Ex. in Oeom, Drg., la. M. 

Dmwing, Uki in Uech^, MacLa;/ (Aiei.) b, li. ed. 

nat ..Juirj 04 

Dmring, HBchuiical, Pouell (F. E.) 6d, not Mav 04 
Dtaning, Norm. Blukb., Sckofield (Art.) Bb. net 

Dnwing* by Old Maiteiv, Dnlie of DevooBtaire, 

BlrpHg (M. Arthu) laOa. net Oof. 04 

Dr««m Qaiden, VoM (A. P.) 8i, fld. net .. .Nm: 04 
Hi iibiii Otttden— Childrep'g Annmil, 190S. Edit 

bj NetU Syrett. 4ta, lOJ x 7}, pp. 344, fis. not 
(Heretordt J.Bajllie, Deii.04 

DiMm of Peace, GribbU (FraDcia) Bb. Oct. 04 

DTMDMr, Bhagavwiaita,SeuEi>i-(, la. Dei;. 04 
Drer^r (M.)— ElinBtleriBohe Entwicklung doc 

Weberei and Stiokerei innorhalb dps europfliBchen 

KnlCorkreiBeB van dei eiriitaiilikeD Zeit bia znin 

Bwnne des xii. JahrhonderteB. Mit Aub- 

MUaM dtr VolksknnsL 4 to. pp. SeS, 848 

pbtee in bnckram cases, 4to. lOEs.netfiltUtnan 

VutBum for Art awl In<!uilrj,) 

A. Owen 4: C. Nov. 04 

Dtbbb, JTiMTie Idea at Human, Su. net .;4ii^.04 

]>rMB OutfiU for Abroad, Hott (Atdem) Ss., U. net 


Bi n— watnbj 0«ntlemeaDtEiBllla]'Mt;'BCoort. 

Demr Stol pp. SO, Sb. M. net 

HAiuuBot.' Jc B. .lug. OS 
STMan- {H.}— Heart of it. Series of Selections 

from Power of Silence, f erFect Wliole, Voices ot 

Hope. 8n>. BJ -x B, pp. lai, Bs. Sd. net 

Giv A B, Oct 04 

brexel Dream, Itackcmie (W. A.) Se. Nov. 04 

Drifted to Sea, K-night (A. L.I IB July M 

Drink Trade, Uonicipal, Feaiie (Edward B.) 3a. ed. 

net ...Apr. 04 

I>rinkera of Hemlock, Watktr (A. Stodut) 


Driver (S. R.), Booli ot Geneaia, lOi. 6d. ...Jan. 04 

Driving, Ware (Francii H.) BBs. net Mar. 04 

Drug, Drink, ic. Frauds, Wooif (C. Hyatt-) la. 

Oct. 04 

Drugs, aa-dd (H. Wippell) Bb. not Feb.M 

Dmmmer Dick's Discharge, Burs* (B.) M.Jaij/ OS 
OmounvDiI (H.) — Conqaering and to ConiiDer. 

Cr, 8vo, Hwd. Ud BiosTEB, Oct. 04 

Drnmraond (ELl— Beal Bcligion or, Stones 

Holled Away. Cr, Sro. swd, Od. BAalTBK, Oct .04 
»niiiunqDa(Hiunilton)— Boom Five. Ulus. Cr. 

Bvo. ^^ X B, pp. SI9, Sb Wass, Look, Feb. 04 

Syo. swd, Gd. ...BtesTER, Feb. 04 

Them, lami 

(HeoiT)— Cor 



ChriBtlaBity. Ch. td. c 

1p[ or, Claims ot 
. E»d. Gd. 
Baobtib, Pad. 04 



AMborBhin of Faarth Gospel. Std. Sg k ^, pp. 
B44,10B.ed. WiLLiABBiN /an. 04 

VraauBona (J.)— Natore in New ZeaUud, ed. br 
CmL p. W. Hottoii. Cr. Syo. pp. 189. (PubUo 
Softool SartM) 
(Cbiiitoh. H.Z.) WnTaaxM ft Tombi, Am. W 

Broinmaad (J.)— Nalnre in New Zealand. Cr. 

8vD. as. od. net . WmTCoxBE tt T. Nov. 04 

Sntmmond (R, J.] — ChriBtdan EDight. Mmo. 

4J>cai,pp, iaO,lB.; Ithr, Ba. (D*riirtMin WeolB) 

Baqbteb, Apr 04 

Xiniininona (W.)— Poems. Edit, by W. C 

Ward. 9 vols. ISnio. Oj ■ 8| pp. 873, 864 each, 

Is. net ; Ithi. 2b. net {Miaaa' Li6.) 

RoUTLEDOa.Jf 00.04 

Srorr <T. W.)— ConfcBBion and Abaolation. Teach- 
ing of the CliDR^n of England u interpreted And 
iliustrsted by writings of Botormers of Wth 
Cantnry. Cr, 8vo. m kBJ, pp. 888, Os. 


Brarx (W. P.)— Peradventnr™ of Private Pagatt. 
IUdb. Ct. 8vo. T| X 41, pp. 364, Ss. 6d. 


Hmty (W. P,)— Tadpole ot an Andianinl. 
Petrified Eye, other Navul Stories. Hew edit. 
CI. 8vo, 7j X 4J, pp. 383, 8b. 6d. 

Csapmah a H. cm. 04 

Dryden (Jn.)— Ed. with Intro, and Nat«a by 
G«orge Saiatsbary. 3 toIb. New ed. ct. Bio. 
71 X 4, p^. 446, 438, «a. 3s. fid. net ; Ithc. 8b. ed.nel 
(Aferaiaxi Seria) Uhwik, Feb. 04 

DryadKle (A. H.)— Moderator's Tear. Sermons. 
AddreBsea. Cr. Svo. 7^ ' 4ii, pp. 308, Ss. net 

Stoceweu., Dee. 04 

Dual Imago, Sketpe (W.) Dec. 04 

Daality, Voice, Speech, Sutro ; Thonght, Lang. 

esch Bfl. net Aug. 04 

Dublin Co. Flora, Colffan (Nathaniel) IBs. 6d. net 


Dnblin, Drama in, Etighti {B. C.) Be. net ...Nov. 04 

Dublin Hospitals— leth Annual [Uportof Board 

of fiDperintendeDce. Appendices for 190S~4. 8vo. 

Bd. [3138]. Etbi & B. Aug. 04 

Dablla Metiopolitan Police— Statieti cat Tablaa 

for 1003. SJ. [iOSS] Etu & B. Aug. 04 

Babola (P.)— The Point ot Contact in Te«chiiig. 

ISmo. fia-4. pp. 1»B, 8. B.U,./4pr. 04 

Su BotiBOlrey (F.)— The Conrict Colonel a 
■Romance, Svo, BWd. Cd OBSExnio, Apr.Ot 

Dodhesa ol Z>aRfxig, fonndedoDFlayb; Saidou, 6d. 
Sep. 01 

Dnohflsa ol Few Clothes, PauTie (Philip) 6b. Ooi 04 

Daoks drc, Johnson (A. TysiLo| la. nat Afay 04 

Bookwortb (L.)— Epitome of Law affecting 
Cbarlcr-partioBandBUlsotLading. laroo. 
net _ E, WiLBoN, Jidg 04 

Bookwortb (L.)— PnScis ot English Law aftsctiiig 
landlord and Tenant. ISmo. hmp, Ss. net 

E, Wilson, Jpr. 04 

Baekwonii (W, L. H.)— Morphology and Anthro- 
pology. Handbook (or BCodenta. Sro. SjxGi, 
pp. ros, ICa. net {CanA.Biol SerA 

C. J. CI.AV, Dee. 04 

Bnokwortb fW. L. H.)— Stadiea from Anthio- 

Eological Labomtery, Anatomy School, Cam- 
ridge. 8to. 8 j X Hi, I>p, S02. 10*. net 

C. J, Ci-At, Dee. 04 

Dnclani(MadamoPierreEmile)— see Darmetteler 

(Madame Jaa.) ; see also Bobinton (AliBs A.BLF.) 

Bnclawt (Hary^-TlieKctuniloNatnre; Songs 

and Symbola. limn. ^^. net awd. 1b. «d. nat 

CuAnuK & H. June 04 
Bwddell (W.t— On Resistance and Elaetromotive 
Potees ol Electric Arc. Plate, 4to. pp. 88, 4b. 

DUI.AD, Aug. 04 





Buderaat (A.) — French and Englisli Commeroial 
Gorrespondenoe. Phraseology, Alphabetioal List 
of Merchandise and Commeroial Terms, Tables of 
Money, Weights and Measures, and Appendix. 
6th ed. rev. and enl. Ed. by C. A. Thimm and 
Toreau de Mamey. 8yo. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is. 

Mablbobouoh. Jan, 04 

Dndgeon (J. S.) — Agricoltare as an Industry. 
How it AfFects the great Social Problem. 8d. 
(Edinb.) J. Andebson, 0€i. 04 

Budley (D.)— Hist of Dudley Family, GeneaL 

Tables, &o. Svo. 4 vols. 

(Wakefield, Mass.) Dban Dudley, 86-03 
Budley (E. C.)-->Principles and Practice of G^e- 

cology. 4th edit. Svo. a6s....H. EncPTON, Deo, 04 

Dudley Castle, Oa/rdner (Chris. G) 6s. June 04 

Dudj Marth (Bichard)6s Oct, 04 

Duelling Stories from Brantdme, Powell (Oteo.) 

7s. 6d. net Sep, 04 

Duff (M. E. Grant) Oeme from Victorian Anth., 

2s. 6d., 8b. net 8^, 04 

(M. E. G., Sir)— Notes from a Diary, 1893- 
1896. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 826, 880, 188. 

J. Mubbay, Apr. 04 
Bvcnid (Charles)— Stock Exchange. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 6, 
pp. 182, 2s. 6d. net {Books on Biuineas) 

MxTHUEN, Feb, 04 
Duke of Cameron Avenue, Webster (Hy. E.) 2s. net 

Mar. 04 

Duke's Jest, Talbot (M. A.) 8s. 6d JtUy 04 

Dukery Records, Notts, White (Rbt.) 28s. net 

Dukes, Poets, Ferara, Gardner (Edm. G.) 18s. net 

Jtdy 04 
Smnas (A.) — ^Adventures of Capt. Pamnhile and 
De la Porte's Little Presents. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Methuen, Mot. 04 
Simuts (A.) — Amaury. Newly transl. by Alfred 
Allinson. 8 coloured Illus. 8vo. 2s. 

Methuen, Dec. 04 
IHiinas (A.)— Black Tulip. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Methuen, Feb. 04 

Bumas (A.)— Catherine Blum, other Stories. 8vo. 

swd. 6d. Methuen, Oct. 04 

(A.) — Corsican Brothers ; Otto the 
Archer. Newly transl. by Alfred Allinson. 8 
coloured HIus. Boy. 8vo. fl^ x 6, pp. 96, 2s. 

Methuen, Mar. 04 
^lunas (A.)— Fencing Master; Life in Russia. 
Newly transl. by Alfred Allinson. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Methuen, Dec. 04 
(A.) — Femande. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Methuen, Sep. 04 
' (A.) — Gtabriel Lambert, other Stories. 8vo. 
swd. 6d. Methuen, June 04 

(A.) — Georges ; or. Isle of France. Newly 
trans, by Alfred Allenson. 8 coloured Dlus. 
Boy. 8vo. 9^ X 6, pp. 160, 2s.... Methuen, Nov. 04 

lliiiiias (A.) — Joseph Balsamo ; or, Memoirs of a 
Physician. 8 vo. swd. 6d Dices, Apr. 04 

Smnas (A.>--Les Aventures de Chicot (1580). 
2nd edit. English Notes and Vocab. by A. R. 
Florian. French Notes and Reform Exercises by 
F. B. Kirkman. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 176, 2s. 

Black, Apr, 04 
Smnas (A.) — Nanon. 8va swd. Is. 

Methuen, July 04 
BmnmE (A.)— Paul Jones. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

RouTLEDOE, Mar. 04 

Bumas (A.) — ^Pauline, Pascal, Bruno, and Bon- 

tekoe. 8vo. swd. 6d. Methuen, Apr, 04 

Smnas (A.)— Prince of Thieves. Newly transL 

by Alfred Allinson. 8 coloured Dlus. by Frank 

Adams. Cr. 8vo. 9^ x 6, pp. 180, 2s. 

Methuen, Nov, 04 
Jtaunaa (A.)— Robin Hood the Outlaw. Newly 

transL by Alfred Allinson. 8 ooloured lUus. 8vo. 

fls. Methuen, Dec, 04 

Bnmaa (A.) — Snowball and Sultanetta. Newly 
innsL by Alfred Allinson. lUus. Roy. 8vo. 
x6, pp. 140, 2s Methuen, Feb, 04 


(A.)— Twenty Years After. Newly transl. 
by Alfred Allinson. 4 coloured Bins, lij Frank 
Adams. Roy. 8vo. 9^ x 6, pp. 860, 8s. 

Methuen, Apr, 04 
Siunas (A.) — ^Vioomte de Bragelonne; or. Ten 
Years Later. Part 1. Newly trans, by Alfred 
AUinson. 8vo. 9x6, pp. 476, swd. Is. 

Methuen, Aug, 04 
Bimias (A.)— Vicomte de Bragelonne. Part 2. 
Man in the Iron Mask. 8vo. swd. Is. 

Methuen, ^oo. 04 
Bnmas (A.) — Wolf Leader. 8vo. swd. 6a. 

Methuen, Mar, 04 
Bmnas (A.)— Wolf Leader. Newly transl. by 
Alfred Allinson. 8 ooloured Blus. 8vo. Is. 6d. 

Methuen, Dec, 04 

Bomont (Alberto Santos) : his Reoention in 

London. (Letter on his ballooin, by C. Sampaio, 

Brasilian Engineer.) 4to. pp. 28 (London) pr. pr. 

Jan. 08 
BvmoBt (A. Santos-) — Mv Airships : Storv of my 
Life. Illus. 8vo. ^ x &{, pp. 88iB, 6s. net 

Rzchabi>s. Apr, 04 
Dumont (E.), Cfreat Frenchman ftc, 7b. 6d. net 

BamvUle (B.)— Elements of French Pronuncia- 
tion and Diction. Intro, by P. A. Bamett 12mo. 
6| X 4|, pp. 260, 2s. 6d. net Dent, Mar. 04 

(A.) — Sons o' Cormao an' Tales of other 
Men's Sons. HIus. cr. 8va 7| x 5, pp. 262, 6s. 

LoNOKANS. Mar, 04 

(A^es B. C.) — Dictionary of Saintly 
I. vol. 1. Roy. 8vo. 9^x51, pp. 490, 
10s. 6d. net Bell, mov, 04 


Btmbar (P. L.)— When Malindy Sines. Svo. 6s. 
net Gay & B. Oct, 04 

Bnnoan (Canon)— Psalm of Life. Expository 
sermons on Psahn xxiii. Cr . 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 7^ 
Is. 6d. Skeffxnoton, Sep. 04 

Bnacan (N.) — Doctor Luke. HIus. by A. S. 
Boyd. Cr. Svo. 7| x 4i, pp. 828, 6s. 

HoDDEB & S. Nov. 04 

Bmioan (N.) — Way of the Sea. Foreword by 
Frank T. Bullen. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 844, 6s. 

HoDDEB & S. Apr. 04 

Bimean (W.) — Life of Joseph Cowen (MJ?. foe 
Newcastle, 1874-86). Letters, Extracts from his 
Speeches, Verbatim Rmiort of his last Speedi. 
Intro, by R. Welford. Or. 8va 7|x4i, PP.264, 
8s. 6d. W. Scott May 04 

Bviadaa (Lawrence Jn. Lumley Dundas) — see 

BvngllsoB (R.) — Dictionary of Medical Science. 

28rd ed. roy^ 8vo. 84s. net...CHUBCHiLL, JulyOi 
Dunkley (C.) Liverpool Ohureh Congress, lOs. 6d. 

net Dec. 04 

Bnnlop (G. A.) — ^In Lonely Dreaming. Cr. 8vo. 

2s. net Gay & B. May 04 

Dunlop (W. B^PoUce DrilL Is. Nov. 04 

Dunlop (W. W.), Chamberr Arithm. Examples. 

Is. ; Is. 6d Sep. 04 

Dunlop (W. W.) &c, Ohamiben^ Exer. in Arithm., 

Is ^ug, 04 

BanB (A.)— Episodes in Career of Arthur K. 

Browne. 12mo. swd. Is. {Books thai Oheer) 

RoUTLEDOE, Mt^f 04 
Bniiift (A.) — ^Eing Honour : Sporting Novel. Cr. 

8va 7| X 4}, pp. 264, bds. 28. ...JEtoUTLEDGE, Jan. 04 

(A.) — Eing Honour: Sporting Novel. Cr. 
8vo. li X 4i, pp. 264, 2s. 6d....KouTLBi>OB, Feb, 04 

Bvan (A.) — Major Thomson's Bridge Scorer and 
Guide to the Score: Hints on Declaration ; Gain 
and Loss Account. Is Routledob, Feb, 04 

Bnime (F. P.)— Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War. 
Ch. ed. cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net ...Richabob, Juiy 04 

Bnnslaw (S. E.), Jones (R. J.)— Commission of 
H.M.S. 'Eclipse,' China Station, 1901-1904. Cr. 
Svo. 7ix4|, pp. 140, bds. 4s. net {Log Series) 

Wbstminsteb Pbeeb, Nov, 04 






DnnslAble, Smith (W. Q.) 0b. net Jwne 04 

IKuitOB (T. WaUs-)— Aylwin. ISxno. e^xSf, pp. 
504, Is. net; leather, 9e. net {World's ClauuS) 

BzcHASDS, Mar. 04 
Dunton (T. Watts-), Douglas (Jas.) IOb. 6d. net 

Dec. 04 

Diirer (Albreoht), EngxaTings, Cust (Lionel) Ss. 6d. 

net Sep. 04 

9nrUmm (Mary E.>— Through the Lands of the 
Serb. Boy. 8yo. 9]| x 5}, pp. 858, 14b. net 

£. AsKOLD, Mar. 04 
Dozham Univ., Fowler (J. T.) 6b. net Nov. 04 

BvrUuid (Kellogg)— Among File Miners. Cr.Svo. 

71 X Ht FP* ^^^1 ^^ ^' •••SONNENSCHXIN, Feb, 04 

(70— General History of the World. Re- 
vised by £. A. Grosvenor. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. net 

Dean, Oct. 04 
l^^'rny (V.)— History of France. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. 

net Dean, Oct. 04 

Dntch, Thimm (C. A.) 28. 6d., 2s Apr. 04 

Dnteli Art. 21 Examples of meet notable Datch 
Artists. Brief Biography of each. Ed. by A. G. 
Temple. Folio, 15i x 11^, pp. 58 and Plates, 105b. 
net Blades, East & B. Apr. 04 

Dnteh Dialogues, HossfeUCs, Is Aug. 04 

Butob Doll Ditties. Written and illns. with 
photographs by Louis Bobbins. 4to. 12^x10, 
pp. 24, 28. 6d. Longmans, Oct. 04 

Dntoh in Java, Day (Clive), 88. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Dutch Paintings &c., Armstrong (Walt., Sir) Ts. ; 
58. net Nov. 04 

Dutch Pottery &o., Knowles (W. Pitcaim) 78. 6d. 
net Dec. 04 

Dutch Bepnblic, Motley (John L.) 8, 2b., Sb. net 

May 01 

Dutch Republic, Motley fj. L.) 158 Aug. 04 

Dutch Repub., BiBO, Mouey ( Jn. Lothrop) lOs. 6d 
net Jan. 04 

Dutch Repub., Rise, Motley ^ York, 2, 2b., Sb. net; 
Murray, 8, 10s. 6d. net May 04 

Dutch Bepnblic, RIbo, Motley (J. L.) 18b. net 

Dec. 04 

Dutch Verbs, Hossfeld*s Conj., 6d. net S^. 04 

Dutchmen, Among, Tavemer (Lucking) 28. 6d. net 

May 01 

Duties of the Heart, Bachye (Rabbi) Is. net Feb. 04 

Stitt (R<miesh)— India in the Victorian Age; 
Economic History of the People. 8vo.8|x54, 
pp.650, 10s. 6d. K. Paul, Mar. 04 

Butt (W. A.) — King's Homeland; Sandringham 
and North-West Suffolk. Intro, by H. Rider 
Haggard. Hlus. Syo. 8^ x 6, pp. 804, lOs. net 

Black, Nov. 04 

Dntt (W. A.)— Popular Guide to Norfolk. 8to. 
swd. 6di Methxtsn, July 04 

Hiitt (W. A.)— Suffolk. Hlus by J. Wylie. 12mo. 
M X 8|, pp. 864, 88. ; leather, 88. 6d. net (Little 
CnUdes) Methuen, Feb. 04 

Sntton (C. E.) — Earthquakes in Light of New 
Seismologj^. Illns. 8vo. 8^ x 5|, pp. 888, 6s. net 
{Progresnve Science j9m««)...J.MuBBAT, Oct, 04 

Dux ChristU8,(?r»^ (Wm. Elliot) 28. 6d., Is. 6d. 
net July 04 

Dwellings. Impr. of, HorsfaU (T. C.) Is. nt May 04 

Swlfrllt (H. O.) — EncyclopeBdia of MisBiouB. 2nd 
edit. 4to. 25s. net Funk & W. Nov. 04 

Owlgrlit (H. O.), Tupper (H. A.\ Bliss (E.)— Ency- 
clopedia of Missions. 2nded. 10|x7|, pp. 864,25s. 

Funk & W. Dee, 04 

ur (H. G.)— Lepidopteraof Kootenai District of 
British Columbia. (From Proceedings U.S. 
National Museum.) 8yo. pp. 160, swd. 6s. net 

W. Wbblet, July 04 

SlyelK (Sir Anthony Van). Boy. 8to. 8s. 6d. net 

{Newness Art Lib,) Newnes, Nov, 04 

aiMr (A. 8.)— Sketches of Enghsh Nonconformity. 
IntKO. Letter by the Lord BiBhop of Calcutta. 
Bid ed. or. 8to. 7} x 4|, pp. 182, 1b. 6d. net 

MowB&AT, Feb, 04 

Byer (H.)— Dai Nippon, Britain of the East. 
Study in National £volQtion. 8vo. 9x5|, pp. 
466, 12s. 6d. net Blacxie, Nov, 04 

Byer (L.) — Machiavelli and the Modem State. 

Cr. 8vo. 48. 6d Ginn, Oct, 04 

Dyer (W. T.) Index Kewensis Planta. Phan., 

Sup. 2, Faso. 1. 12b. net Oct, 04 

DyoB, StaiuB, Iukb, &o., Bolas (Thomas) Ib. net, 

6d. net Apr. 04 

Byke (Henry Van) — Introduction to the Poeme of 

Tennyson Cr. 8vo. bds. 28. net ...Ginn, Feb. 04 

B^ke (H. VanV— Little Bivers. Book of Essays 
m Profitable IdleneBs. Hlus. Cr. 8to. 7|x4i, 
pp. 858,6s NuTT, Feb. 04 

Byke (H. Van) — Music and other Poems. Cr. 
8yo. 7| X 5, pp. 124, 58. net Hoddee & S. Nov. 04 

Byke (T. S. Van)— The Still Hunter. IUub. 8vo. 

78. 6d. net Maciollan, Apr. 04 

Dynamics, Examp. in higher, Stewart (W.) pr. 

Apr. 08 
Dynamics of Particles &c., Webster (i^rthur 

Gordon) 148., 15s. net ; Whittaker (E. T.) 128. 6d. 

net Dec. 04 

Dynamo Attendants, Broadbent (F.) Is. 6d. Jun^ 04 
Dynamo-elect. Mach., Thompson (Silvanus) 80s. net 

Jan. 04 
Dynamo, Motor, and Switchboard Circuits, 

Bowker (William B.) 6b. net Apr. 04 

Dynasts, Hardy (Thomas) 48. 6d. net Jan. 04 

Byson (S. L.) — Apples and Oranges. Talks with 
Children on Fruits. Dlus. New ed. cr. 8yo. 
7i X 4|, pp. 222, iB. 6d. Bel. Tract Soc. May 04 

ByaoB (S. L.) — Childreu'e Flowere. Friende of 
their Bamblee and Play. HIub. New ed. cr. 8to. 
H ^ ^f I PP* 19^ l8< 6d. Bel. Tract Soc. May 04 

. (A.) — The Divine Vidon, and other Poems. 
Cr. 8to. 8b. net Maciollan, Jan. 04 

• (A. L. O.)— Battling with the World. New 
edit. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 168, Ib. Nelson, Dec, 04 

• (A. L. O.) — Claudia. New edit. cr. 8yo. 7| x 5, 
pp. 802, 2s. 6d Nelson, Nov. 04 

• (A. L. O.) — ^Pride and his PriBonere. New edit, 
cr. 8vo. Ti X 5, pp. 276, 2s. 6d... .Nelson, Nov. 04 

(K. M.)— A Goodly Heritage. Cr. 8yo. 

7| X 4|, pp. 248, 2s Nelson, July 04 

Ea^e and the Cross, Palmer (£. H.) 5b. nt. Sep. 04 
Eagle's Nest, Buskin (John) 2b. 6d., 8b. 6d. net 

June 04 
Eagle's Shadow, Cabell (Jas. Brand) 6s Nov. 04 

Baland (F.)— Sermons from Browning. 2nd edit. 

cr. 8yo. 7 x 4^, pp. 192, 28. 6d. net 

S. C. Bbown, Dec. 04 
Bamea (J.) — Sermons to Boys and Girls. 2nd ed. 

cr. 8vo. Is. 6d. net Allenson, .^Ipr. 04 

Ear Diseases, Dench (£. B.) 2l8. net Sep. 04 

Ear Diseases, XraAM (Bichard) 6s. net Oct, 04 

Ear Diaeasee, Love (Jas. Kerr) 25s. net ,..Nov. 04 

rl (D.)— Through Many Voices. Cr. 8yo. 8x6, 
pp. 288, 88. 6d Bembosb, Dee. 04 

rle (Alice Moree) — Two Centuriee of Costume 
in America, MDCXX.-MDCCCXX. 2 toIs. 8vo. 

8^ X 5i, pp. 850, 21s. net Maciollan, Jan. 04 

Early ChriBtian Ijife, Becent DiBcoveries, Maclean 
(Art. John) 2b May 04 

Barly Days, 1904. 8vo. 28. 6d. ; bdB. Ib. 6d. 

C. H. Kelly, Dec. 04 
Early Days, Uppingham, by an Old Boyt 8s. 6d. net 

July 04 

Early Eastm. Christianity, Burkitt (F. Crawford) 

6s. net Sep, 04 

Barly English Bomances. BditbyWm. J.Thoms. 
No. 1, Bobert the Deuvyll, text of Wynkyn de 
Worde, ornamented and illus. by Harold Nelson. 
114 X 91, pp. 58, bds. 168. 

(Edin.) O. Sohulze & C. Nov, 04 





Late* nl DaiUe, tnniL WieksUed, I*. Bd. net 

Baiil],Hooii, BhalM-m. B.) Si. 6d. nst JidvM 

Etiib, Starr of <!». Borttimi (T. O.) Ta. ed. Z><a. 09 

BMlh'i CbangM, Bible B., Lnnn (J.) Ihe. 09 

Bacth't Enigmftii. Bobertt (C. Q.) E*. net ...Jimh 04 
XKtlMnwara Ao, Hill, Burton (Wm.) SOk net 


EarthlrPmrgklor?, I>ou0aU(L.)aa Juiw 04 

Euibqtukea, I>uf ton (Cumuw E<tw.) S*. n«t Oc<. 04 

ZMunanU, Ooddard (J. L.) 96b .luf. 04 

a Boolling. nini. Cr. 

f , pp. IIS, !■ Peabsoh, JuJo 04 

__ ._ 'tb, Mwla Ump nf tha Fkc, U. Ftb.Ot 

BmI, ' J>a% Mkil ' M»p of the Fu, li. oet PM. 04 
BmI, Oami of the, Landor (Walter Skvage) SOi. oel 
■mI Lotulon HoipiUI, Story ot an, 9a. ed. net 

Aug. 01 
KMt LjllDe, Weaii (Hn. H.) la., 9a., Ba. notFsS. 04 

BmI Ljnna, H'oo'l [Hn. H.) Sd Maj/ 04 

BmI LjiiDe, I7oa(I (Mra. H.) Ib. 6d., 9b. net Oat, 04 

But, New Fuv Dion (Arthar) Se. 6d Mar. 04 

BMtwn Impi., Far, Hatch (Emest) 6s. nt Jfay 04 
■Mton (U. T.)— Biator; kud Pnnciplea of Banks 
UidDuikuig. STo.Slxtllipp. 989, Bb. net 

E. WiLBON, May 04 
KMtward Ho ! Jonton, Chapman, die, 3b. net Ocl.lU 
■ktoB (C. H.i— Heaugs from the Paat: Sannona. 

Or. «vo. Hi. not Putmak, Feb. 04 

Bb«nKo1dan,i>ac^tor(IrTliifl)ed Aug.Ot ' 

Boos IlDino, Sflot/ (J. R., Bir] 6d Mar. 04 

a«el*« (A.)— A Hanoal of the -SOS" Uaiim 
Haohlns Qnn. Bad ed. ISmo. pp. BB, Bd. 

(Hythe) W. 3. P*ikk, Off. 04 
a««l«Bln OoaidenlaUa HonoineQta loria Aoii- i 
qalialma. Edit, b; C. H. HanultoD. Faac. I, | 
*^ rtfl. 4lo.Bwd.91a Fbowdb, Dae. 04 

BiMnoo, Vmchanan (A.) 9a. 6d 


KaiilaalMt«<s Intro, to, MeNeila (A. H.) Ta. ed. net 

July 04 

KmIm, and Civil LawB,DigMt, Xair (Wm.) 19*. td. 

"« if,iy 04 

■•••11 (W. J.)— Purtuiie'a Caslaway. HiBtoric*! 
Konuuiua, Cr. Hvo. 71 ■ n, pp. BT9, Ba, 

Blackwood A 8. Nov. 04 

■•baroltoa (Miiu. dM)-M»m«ra. Sidelighta on 

Haiini ul I'anar. Tmnal. tnini Il^noh by Marie 

(lIuItlltilM Halfour, Intm. bv Uenive K, Forteaou*. 

(>. Hvu. TI-61, pp. 87U, Ba. net (CrOWH Lib.) 

laHK, Feb. 04 

' HulltHW,' II.U.H., lH)l-4, ItHllthM {». K.) 4a. net 


■avly Italian Poeta from CaiUo D'Aloamo to 
Dmte Alighini (llDO-iaOO-lSOO). Id the original 
matna, logotber with I>ante'a Vita Noora. 
TraoaL bj D. O. Boasalti. 19mo. OlxBI, pp. 
•TB, 81. iMl: Ithr. Ba. Bd. net (TAtn Pap«r 
CJlM^et) Nawna, Son. 04 

■■rlr Italian Poela, with Danle'a Vita Hoora. 

iiiii»Kii>|HlrU<a,()^M(lt.,lliT)dli.iil. Mar. m 

MUlu VuHiiilaUiwia, Loriu iAph.)Ba. Ad. Jhhi04 

Jimmal. Vol. lU. Hot. Bto. Sla net 


FIMnrllnm iHicbael) 

Bcooomj, Qaom. PoliL, OuMfHghania (H.) 9a Bd. 

net ?fo«.04 

addy (C.)— Fatten □( Qold. Cr. Sto, 7|k4|, 

pp. 840, Ih. HoDDU ft B. Sot. 04 

aden (Janat)— Feter'i Biiter. Cr. Sto. red. to 

Sa 6d Bn~ Tbaitt Soc. Dae. M 

BdenboTon^ Jonmer to, Taylor (J.) Si. net fab. 04 
Edenbridge Ao, Home (Qoidon) Sd. net ...Junt 04 

Bdena, Oac New, IfiUsr (J. R] 8a Bd Feb. 04 

■drar(W.C.)—Btot7ataaninofWheal Ulna. 

Ibna Sj X 8|, pp. 19fl, la. {Lihrarji of Uie/ul 

Slorif) New>u, Ifav 04 

Edgar'i Trait, Jonei (Jenhin) la. Oct. 04 

ad|'a(S.H.]— The After Coat. Hovel. 1^. Sni. 

T| X 4|, pp. 8B0, 8i NaIh, Oct. 04 

Edge of Ciniunatanoe, SobU ^wd.) •a...2fo(i. 04 
Bdgeworth (Haria), Lawlcu (IL, Hon.) 9i. net 

July 04 
■«lgr«B (H.)— Italian and Engliah Diotionanr, 

BT0.15B. Bux, Mar. M 

Ediobiirgh, Smeaton (Oliphant) SIi. net ...Junt 04 

Edinbnrgh deaoribed by B. JfoiKm, Ta. ed., 81a net 

Dm. 04 

■dlBborCh Obatetlioal Bodet; (The) Tranaao- 

tiona. Vol. 99, Beaaioii 1B08-1W4. Bra. lOa. Bd. 

OuTBB ii B. Nov. 04 

Editor (An), Bok to write tor Pieea, 1b. ...Aug. 04 

aomoada (H.) — Elem. Botanv, Theoretical and 

PraotioaL New edil, tboronghlj rer. bj J. Bret- 
land Farmer. 84t Illni. Cr. 8to. 7} x 4j, pp. 

9S9, 9b. Bd LOHOIUHS, .Sop. 04 

■dmonda [J. H.], Anatan (Q. E. T.}— Characten 

ot Theophraitoi. Cc. Bra. 4b. Bd. Blackis, Mi^ 04 
Edmondion (T. W.), Dednotiona in Oaom^ry, 

"- •" ..July 04 

...A'dd. 04 Edaoatioi 

■h*fd'r.tAK.,«a.Ba. &iJ«>H<04 

" 'Vllta. ltd. iwl JfHtOt 


__ t Work. Handbook tor Fres 

Church Workan. Bf Bpecial Conuniiaioner ot 
the National Coonail. Cr. 8vo. iwd. 6d. net 

Law, Jan. 04 
adnoatton Act ol 1W>S: ParliamenCvr Hiat. 

Cr. Bto. pp. 144, la Lib. Pubi., Dpt. ItayOa 

Bdnoation Act, 1B09, Jones (H. Boberli) pr. Apr. OS 
■dnratlon AoU ot tB09 (England and Walei) 
and IMS (London). Nolea for Hemben ot 
CoddciIb and Committeea and Othen. BeTiied 
Tail ot the Education Acta, IBTO-ISOS. Ed. bj 
" R. B. Tajlor. Bra ad. la. BouTi.xiH>i,J'ufiB04 
-"-- >aAcljnatmsnt,0'£A«a(H.V.)ea.ran.04 

Bill, 1909, Wunn (J.J 9d. Jon. OB 

Bdnoation, C<nnnieniia], Herrick (C. A.) Gb. net 

Aug. 04 
Education, Damoe. Ideal, Hughew (B. E.) la. net 

Ednnalioo, Oerman publ, Ltzii (W.) Sa. Bd. net 

July 04 

Sin., Herbait, James, HayaaTd, 9b Mar. 04 

Edni^ion, Hiat., Cloagh (Q.BenBon) 9b. Sd. Feb. 04 

Edo., Home, Maton |C. H.) 8b, ed. net Ajir. 04 

EdDcn. in Birkenhead, Sadler (M. E.) li. net 

i>ec. 04 
Edno. in Religion £c, Coe (Geo. Alb.) Sb. net 

EdoMtioninSootlTCforie(jD.) Feb.Ot 
Education in U.B., Hiat., Dtxter (E. O.) 8a. Bd. net 
SdBOBtion (Local Aathoritj Delanlt)— Bill to 
make proviaion tor the eaae of default on the 
> of Local Autbontiea in the performance of 
pecta Elemental Sohocdi, Id. ; 
[189, ISBa] Eras & 8. Sep. 04 
Bdooa., iMoioD.Webb (Uidne;) 9a. Bd. net /«n. 04 

Edo., National, Baker (Jaa.) la. net Jlfar. 04 

Education, New Meth., Todd (J. L.) 14i. net 

Oct. 04 
Edo., New HoTmta., Mark (Thiaelton) Bd., 1b. 


Edacation of Heart, Walkinton (Wm. L.) Sa. Bd. 

ifar. 04 
Bda., Pbiloa. ot, Hontr (H. H.) Ta. Bd. net Ajrr. 04 
Education, Prinoiplea, Aaymont (T.) 4a. Bd. .Dae. 04 

part of 
their di 





Bdnoftfcioii, PabL, Law, Jone9 (G. E.) 2l8. nel 


SAoemtloii (SoolUnd) Bill — Betnm Bhowing 
Populaiion, Valaation, Average Assessment, &o., 
in each parish, for 1900-1 to 1909-8; and 
amounts which would be raised if charge for 
interest on and Repayment of Loans were borne 
by parishes instead of Districts. 8d. £2180] 

EyitB & 8. Aug. 04 

— »witton (SooUand) Bill — Betom sho?ring 
Popidation, Valuation, Average Assessment, ftc. 
in each Parish, for 1900-1 to 1909-8. 8d. [9149] 

Etkb Sb S. Atig. 04 

Bduoatloii (Sootland) — Minnte of Committee of 
Coonoil, dated April 95, 1904, providing for Dis- 
tribution of General Aid Grant, |d. [9048] 

Etkb & 8. Jidy 04 

Bdu. through Imagination, MeMiUa/n (M.) 8b. 8d. 

May 04 

Education, nnwrit. ch. in, Moore (H. Kingsmill) 
7s. 8d. net iNov. 04 

Bdo. Woodwork, Harih (A. CO 8s. 6d. net ...Jim. 04 

Educational Ideas of Frobel, iPestalosB, Hojfwaird 
(P. H.) 9s. Nov, 04 

Xdu. Benaissaace, Mof¥roe (Paul) 6s. net...^ov. 04 

Educational Theory, Kumt (Immanuel) 8s. Dee, 04 

Bdwwrds (A. H. G.) — Memoir of Bev. John 
Thomas, C.M.S. Misrionary. 8vo. 8s. net 

E. Stock, Dec, 04 

Edwards (C), Hcunmurahi Code and Sinaitio 
Legislation, 9s. 8d. net Apr. 04 

(C.) — More Nails for Busy Workers. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 194, Is. 8d JPabtbidob, Jan, 04 

(J.V— Selected Sermons. Edit, with 
Intro, by H. N. Gaidiner. 16mo. Is. net 

Macmillan, July 04 
Mwwrds (J. H.) — God and Music. Cr. 8vo. 
7i X 5i, pp. 890, 4s. net Dbmt, Mar, 04 

(W. D.) — Compendium of Law of 
Proper ty in Land. 4th edit. 8vo. 5M)s. 

STavsMS & H. Nov, 04 
ttwards (W. N.)— Bed Book. Vade Mecum df 
Information and suggestive Material required 
by every Speaker, Secretary, Organiser and 
Worker in Temperance Movement. 19mo. 

8|x4, pp. 170, Is B. J. JamzSjNov. 04 

Boy Outlaw, Hb^0^ (J. Fk.) 9s...4pr. 04 

dye (J. 8.)— Guide to Medical Officers on Field 
Service. More especially Civilian Mediosl Officers 
and Junior Officers of Boyal Medical Army 
Corps. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net...GALE Sc P. Sep, 04 

(P.) — Life of an Actor. Poetical Descriptions 

by T. Greenwood. New ed. 19mo. 8} x 4|, pp. 984, 
4s. 8d. net {IUu$, Poc. Lib.) Methuxn, Mar, 04 

(P. M.)— 400 Exercises fall solved) upon 
1st & 9nd Books of Euclid. Diagrams to all. 
Part 1. Cr. 8vo. 9s M. H. Gill, Jan. 04 

(P. M.) — 889 Exercises (all solved) upon 
8rd, 4th, 6th & 8th Books of Euclid. Diagrams 
to all. Part 9. Cr. 8vo. 98. M. H. Gill, Jan. 04 

(P. M.) — 878 Special Supplemental Exer- 
dses upon the Six Books of Euclid. All solved. 
Diagrams. Part 8. Cr. 8vo. 28. 8d. 

M. H. Gill, Jan. 04 

SffmrtOB (G.) — Fantasias. Cr. 8vo. 7^x4^, pp. 

189, Is. 6d. net J. Lane, July 04 

(Mrs. Henry Cooper) — An Indian Grarden. 
Coloured front., 18 Illus. 8vo. 8| x 6}, pp. 199, 

7s. 8d. net J. Mubbat, Sep. 04 

Egomet, by E. G. 0, 8b. 8d. net Nov. 04 

Egregious English, McNeil (Angus) Is. net Feb. 04 

, No. 9 (1904)— Despatch from H.M. Agent 
and Consul-General at Cairo, inclosing a Beport 
by Sir William Garstin, G.C.M.G., upon the 
Basin of the Upper Nile. Appendices. Maps, 
Qlus., Diagrams, ITs. [2165]... Eyre & S. Sep, 04 

Egypt, Felberman (Louis) 8s. 6d. Feb, 04 

Egypt, Heet (Jay) 28. 6d Nov. 04 

Egypt, American in ; Engliahman in, ea. Is. net 

4pr. 04 


Egypt, Ancient, Newberry (Percy E.) &o. 8s. 8d. 
net July 04 

Exploration Fund, GrsBco-Boman Branch. 
Oxyrhynchus, Part 4. Edit bv B. F. Granfell 
and A. S. Hunt. 4to. 96s. net Fbowde, Jtme 04 
Egypt, New Soudan, &o.. Peel (Sidney) 19s. 8d. net 


Egypt, Soudan, Kemeid (Hallil J.) Is. Nov, 04 

Egypt, Sudan, Budge (E. A. W.) 10s Deo, 04 

Egypt, 8rd Dyn. Tombs, Oantdng (J.) 91s. net 

Feb, 04 

Egyptian Arabic, Dirr^e, 4s. net July 04 

Egyptian Hist., Amhertt (Lady) 10s. 6d. net July 04 
Egyptian Mining Law, Aiford{C. J.) 6d. ...Sep. 04 
Egyptian Peasant, Songs of, Schaffer (H.) 9s. 8d. 

net Dec, 04 

Egyptian &c. Verses, Oookaon (Geo.) 4s. 8d. net 

Blelibaiim (F. A. G.) — ^Preacher's Scrap-book and 
More Scraps for Preachers and Teachers. 8vo. 
pp. 884, 9s. 6d. net; swd. Is. 8d. net 

(W. Malvern) 8. Edwards, 04 
Blelibaiiiii (F. A. G.) — Quotidie: Bvery-day 
Book for Devotional Beading, with Practical 
Beflections. Sm. 8vo. pp. 489, 8s. 8d. net 

(W. Malvern) S. Edwards, Nov, 09 
Eighteen Stories for Girls, Cfarey (B. N.) &o. 9s. 

Aug. 04 

Eighteenth Century Anthology, intra by Alf . Austin^ 

Is. 8d., 9s. 8d. net Mar, 04 

• aifflrty ' Club Year-Book, 1904. Cr. 8vo. 98. 8d. 

net Black, June 04 

Eighty Years' Beminiscences, Thompion (Anstru- 

tiier) 91s. net Feb, 04 

BlkOB Basilike, or Kmg's Book. Ed. by Edward 
Almack. 16mo. 8^ x 4|, pp. 888, 9s. 8d. net (King*8 

Claaties) Db La Mobb Press, Mar, 04 

Elayne, Maiory, Feb. 04 

El Dorado, Oromie (Bobt) 8s. May 04 

Electric Arc, Besis., E. M. F., Duddell (W.) 4s. 

Electr. Conductivity, Appleyard (Bollo) Is. Oct, 04 
Electric Elephant, Montgomery (F. T.) 6s. Sep, 04 
Electric Flashes, Johnston (A. T. M.) 9s. 8d. net 

Electric Furnace, Moiasan (Henri) 10s. 8d. net 

Oet, 04 
Electric Furnaces, Wright (J.)8s. 8d. net... Oc^. 04 
Electric Lighting, Crocker (F. B.) 19s. 8d. nt Dec, 04 
Electric Lighting, MarthaU (P.) 6d. net ,.,June 04 
Electric Lighting, TTatttfT (Hub.) 9s., Is. net Oct, 04 

aieotrie Lighting Acts, 1889 and 1888— Special 
Bcmorts by the Board of Trade under Section 1 
of the Act, 1888. Id. [9196]...Etrb ^ 8. July 04 

aieetrle Lighting (London) BiU — Eeport from 
Select Committee ; with Proceedings, JSvidence, 
and Appendix, 8d. [990] Etre & S. Aug. 04 

Electric Lighting, prvt. h., Taylor (Frdc.) Is. net 

Nov. 04 

aieotrie Lighting Provisional Orders (No. 1) Bill — 
Memorandum stating the Nature of the Proposals. 
^ [198] Etrb & S. June 04 

Electric Lighting &c., Maycock (W. Perren) 8s. 

Mar. 04 

Electric Motor Starters &o., Krauae (Budolf) 
4s. 8d. net Apr, 04 

Electric Motors, Hobart (H. M.) 12s. 8d. net June 04 

Electric Plants, Manag., Schneider (N.) 8s. 8d. net 

Mar, 04 

Bleotrlc Power Undertakings — Betum showing 
Companies or Persons who have obtained Acts 
conveying Powers for supply of Electric Power 
to Districts, and State of Works constructed 
under such Powers. 2d. [259] Eyre & Q. Aug. 04 

Electric Testing, KinMbrunncr (Chs.) 68. net Oct. 04 

Electric Tramcar Handb., Agnew (W.) 28. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 

Electric Tramw. &o. Mansg., Bowker (Wm.) 9s. net 

.Time 04 

Electric Transm. of Energy, Abbott (Art. V' 

808. net r- 

Electrical Engineering, Bottone (S.) 9s. i 






Eleotrical Indastxy, Whyte (Adam Gk>waii8) Ss. dd. 

net Apr. 04 

Eleotrical Machinery Diseases, Schulx (Ernst) Ss. 

net Aug, 04 

Electrical Underikfrg., Oarcke (Emile) 158. nt. Feb. 04 

Electrician's Pkt Book, Practical, Is Dec. 04 

Electricity Control, Andrews (Leonardj ISs. 

Nov. 04 
Electr. in Agriculture &c., Lemstrifm (S.) 8s. 6d. 

net June 04 

Electricity in Service of Man, Walmsley (EL. Mulli- 

neoz) 10s. Aug. 04 

Electr., Magn., Henderson (John) 7s. 6d. ...Sep. 04 
Electr., Magn., Mayeock (W. Perren) 2s. 6d. May 04 
Electr., Magn., Wagstaff(C. J. L.) ^.ed....Feb. 04 
Electricity, Medical, Jones (H. Lewis) 12s. 6d. Oct. 04 
Electricity on Ship, Kellogg (J. W.) 4s. 6d. nt. Dec. 04 
Electricity, Similitudes, Tvym7<iZ; fCH.) 8s.6d.«7an.08 
Electricity, Static, Bull (Percival G.) 6d. net Feb. 04 
Electricity and Matter, Thompson (J. J.) 5s. net 

Electro-chemistry, Lechfeldt (R.), 1, 5s. .,.Aug. 04 
Electro-Diagnosis &c., Oohn (Toby) 8s. net Oct. 04 
Electro-Magn. Theory, Bamett (S. J.) 12s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 
Electro-Technology, Broum & Allen, 5s. ...Oct. 04 

Elegy, Ellis (Vivian Locke) 8s. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Elegy, Chrayf Broadway, 6d Dec. 04 

aiementary School Teachers' (Superannuation) 

Act, 1898. Rule amending Rule 24 (1) (a) of the 

Rules, 1899, id. [141]; Ditto. Ditto Rules 

(Scotland). 1899, id. ri42]....ETBE & S. June 04 

Elem. Schools, Norris (W. Foxley) 2s. 6d. net 


Elephae Cjrpriotes, Bate (D.) 2s Dec. 04 

Elgar (Edwd., Sir), Buckley (Rbt. J.) 2s. 6d. net 

Blgrle (T. H) — Commercial Efficiency. Manual 
of Modem Methods. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

E. Wilson, Oct. 04 
Elffood (G. S.) Some Engl. Gardens, 428. nt. Nov. 04 
Ell, Samuel, Saul, SaUnond (C. A.) 6d., 8d. Sep. 04 

(E. A.) — Thoughts on Presbyterian Union in 
England and Wales. 8vo. pp. 82, swd. 6d. 

H. R. Allenson, Mar. 04 
Elims of Life, Jones (J. D.) 8s. 6d Oct. 04 

allot (George) — Adam Bede. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
71 X 5, pp. 480, 2s. net; Ithr. 8s. net {Lib, of 
Modern Classics) Lono, May 04 

Bitot (G.)— Adam Bede. 12mo. 6| x 8|, pp. 606, 
Is. net ; Ithr. 28. net {World^s Classics) 

BiCHABDS, Sep. 04 
mot (G )-T-Adam Bede. New edit 8 vols, in 1. 
12mo. 6^ X 8£, pp. 746, Is. net 

Blackwood & S. Nov. 04 
BUot (G.)— Felix Holt the Radical. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Blackwood & S. June 04 
auot (G.)— Bfill on the Floss. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

W. Collins, May 04 

XUot (G.)— Mill on Floss. 8 Illus. 12mo. 6| x 4, 

pp. 540, Is. net; Ithr. 2s. net (* Handy* lUus. 

Focket Novels) W. Collins, June 04 

XUot (G.)— Scenes of Clerical Life. New edit, 
or. 8yo. 28. 6d Blackis, July 04 

XUot (G.)— Silas Mamer. 6 Illus. 12mo. 6i x 4, 
pp. 812, Is. net ; Ithr. 28. net (* Handy ' Illus. 
rocket Novels) W. Collins, Dec 04 

Eliot (G.) Wise, Witty, Ac. Sayings, 8s. 6d. Dec. 04 

XUsli (Enuma)-'The Seven Tablets of Creation : 
Babylonian and Assyrian Legends. fSuppl. 
Texts.) Ed. by L. W. King. 2 vols. {Semitic 
Text and Transl. Series) Luzac, Dec. 02 

Eliza Grump, Woodhouse (S. C.) Is. net ...Aug. 04 

Uxabetb in Riigen (Adventures of). By Author 
of 'Elizabeth and her Gherman Garden.' 8vo. 
8^ X 5}, pp. 806, 6s. Macmillan, Feb. 04 

tbetli in Search of a Husband. Cr. 8vo. sd. Is 

F. V. White, June 04 
(Queen), Strickland (A.) Is., 2s. net 

Mar. 04 

Elizabeth (Queen), drama. Hole (W. G.) 2a. 6d net 

Oct. 04 
XUxabetli (Queen)— Foreign Series, 1579-1580. 

16s. {Record Works) Eybe & S. Oct. 04 

Elizabeth (Queen) and Levant Co., Bosedale (H.) 

10s. 6d. net Mar. 04 

Eilizabeth the Queen, Amy Robsari, Leicester, 78. 6d. 

net July 04 

BUsabetban Critical Essays. Ed. with an Intro, 
by C. Gregory Smith. 2 vols. ^. Svo. 8x54^ 
pp. 524, 128. net Fbowdb, Apr. 04 

Elizabethan MS., Alnwick Castle, Collotype Fac. 
84s. net Juhf 04 

Elizabethan Poems, Shorter (Bnllen) 48. net FeS, 04 

Elizabethan Poems, Some longer, 48. net ...Jan. 04 

Elizabethan Sketches, SchelUng (Felix) lOs. net 


Elizab. Sonnets, Int. by Sidney Lee, ea. 48. net 

June 04 

Elkind (L.), Qerman Emp. Speeohee, Ifls. 6d. net 

Jon. 04 

Xllaby (C. J.)— Rome. Ulna, by B. C. Boulter. 
12mo. 6^ X 8|, pp. 808, Ss. ; leather, 8s. 6d. nei 
{Little wiiaes) Mbthubn, Mar. 04 

XUesmere (Earl of) — Mrs. Peter Liston. NovaL 
Cr. Svo. 7i X 6, pp. 264, 68....Heinb]iann, Aug. 04 

XlUot (R. H.), Sillar (W. C), Cazmichael (Geoigo 
S.)— On the Action of the Venom of Bnngarus 
Cosruleus (the Common Krait). 4to. pp. 20, swd. 
Is. 6d. DuLAU, Nov. 04 

XUlot (W. Scott-)— Lost Lemuria. 8vo. 2s. 6d. 
net Thbosophical Pub. Co. July 04 

Elliott (Mrs. John)— nee Howe (Maud) 

XUls (A. Lee)— Trustees Acts, ind. Guide to 

Investments. 6th ed. by L. W. Bryne. Cr. Svo. 

pp. 200, 68 Steevsnb & S. Mar. 08 

XlUs (E. J.)— Anthony Polgate, noveL Cr. 8to. 

7i X 6, pp. 842, 68. BiCHABDS, Mar. 04 

XUls (E. S.)— Pontiao, Chief of the Ottawas. A 

Tale of the Siege Detroit Illua. Cr. 8to. 

7} X 4|, pp. 806, 28 Cassell, Dee, 04 

XUls (H.) — Man and Woman : Study of Human. 
Secondary Sexual Characters. 4th ed., revised and 
enl. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 508, 6s. 

W. Scott, Jlf ar. 04 

XUls (H.)— Study of British Genius. Roy. Svo. 
9^ X 5|, pp. 814, 78. 6d. net...HuB8T is B. Jan. 04 

XUls (R.) — Correspondence of Fronto and M. 
Aurelius. Lecture. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

Fbowdb, Feb. 04 
XlUs (Y. L.)— An Elegy. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. net 

Lane, Feb. 04 

XUis (W. A.)— Life of Richaid Wt«ner. VoL 4. 

8vo. 16s. net E. Paul, Sep. 04 

XlUs (W. C.)— Half in Jest Cr. Svo. 74 x 4|, pp. 

278, 6s Jabbold, Jan. 04 

EUiss (Annie)— see EUiss (Mrs. E.) 

XlUss (Mrs. Everett)— Australian Baby: Hand- 
book for Mothers. Cr. 8va to. 180, 1b. 

Wabd & L. Sep. 02 
XUwangrer (W. E.)— Oriental Rug. Monoeraph. 

8vo. Gat & B. Oct. 04 

EUwoods, Welles (Chas. Stuart) 6s Mar. 04 

Elocution, Clerical, Burton (Alf.) Is. net ...Sep. 04 
Elocutionist's Handb., Willis (Carrington) Is. net 

Oct. 01 
Blphinstone (H. W.), Key, Conveyancing, 708. net 

Nov. 04 

Xlrinrton (H.)— Nursery Rebels. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 

4vf pp* 126, Is. .•• S.F.C.K. Oct* 04 

Xlrinrtoii (H.)— Schoolbov OuUaws. Illus. Cr. 

Svo. 74 X 4|, pp. 274. 8s. 6d SncPKiN, Oct. 04 

Elsie Maogregor, Gvihrie (Ramsey) Is. 6d. May 04 
Elsie and her Loved Ones, Finleu (M.) Is. May 04 
Elsie's Magician, Whishaw (Fred) 1b. 6d. ...Oct. 04 

Xlsmle (G. R.)— Anne 8h^»herd or Elsmie. 
Charaoter Sketch of a Scottish Lady of Nine- 
teenth Century as disclosed by her Letters. 
7 Blus. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4i, pp. 866, Ss. 6d. net 

SiMPKiN, July 04 



■nriptiou ol Huter 

T| M *i< PP- 899, Gb. net SuuT, Oct. Oi 

, (H. W,)— Hiilory of United States of 
-■--I. Ci.8»o.7«. fld-net Micicnj.4K,3foff Ot 

MImaa (!>. C.]— Qrsal CompoHn ud their Work. 
Cr. Sto. 7| <c 4{, pp. SOS, 6b. Dat...asEi.Ky, Sep. 04 

■la«a (L. CHHiitorjr ol Amcrion MaBic. Imp. 
0TO. 91b. net Haoiiii.i.ah, Apr, Ot 

■ItOM (C. L)— WiUiam ShakeBpeaie, hia FunUy 
and E^ende. Edit, bj A.. HoDiilton ThompBon. 
Hamoir of Aathor bj Andrew Lkng. 8vo. 9 x GJ, 
pp. G89, J. MuHlux, Strp. 01 

■Iwartf {B.)--^n CoUeoting Eugnviuga, Pottery, 
PoroeUin, QIuB, Silver. 19ino. ei x H, pp. 96, 
9a. net ; nrd. U. net IWalUt Barieii 

E. Abmold, Oct. Oi 

Blwall (B. S.) — Short Beedinn ior Puiih 
VUitore. Intro, bj F. Pigo|i. Cr. 8to. TJ k E|t, 
!¥- >'>3. G* K Stock, Jum 01 

Blwell [J. B.)— Adnnoed Bridge. Higher Prin- 
oiples ol tbe Qune ami; aed and eiphined, and 
their amilioation. Dlna, b^ haada taken from 
actud play. Cr, 8to. T x l\, pp. 396, Ss. net 

. , Book-koi, 

„ , , uid ComiftrkieB. 

Appeiulii of 900 Cenuneicial Termg in Ganeral 
Oae. Srd edit. 8td. SI k i\, pp. 334, la. Sd. net 

JOBDIH, Oct. m 

■It (B. T.), Wicker (O. R.)— Blem. PiincipleB of 

EaanamioB, vith Sketch of Boouomic ^atory. 

Cr. 8to. 1\ I i\, pp. 896, 4b. Sd. net 

HiaiDij.iJi,June 04 
Mky (Talfonrd)— Boman Hajling. With Plan and 

Ulus. Sto. Ga. net Tin.0B & F. Feb. Ot 

Ely GathednO, Clort (J. W.) 6d. net Oct. 01 

Wly Diocesan Calendar and Gergy Liet, 1004. 

Cr. Sto. awd. Is. net Bimfeiii, Feb. 04 

Bnumaet (Chae.}, BradAaui, Alien Immigr, 3b. 6d. 

net June 04 

l^iBiinel (F. L.)— nioBtratora of Hootmartre. 

16mo. ik * *l, PP' B4, iB. 6d. net ; Ithr. Ss. td. net 

{Langham Art Monographt) &. Suoi^, Apr. 04 
Smmnnel (M.) — Law of Landlord and Tenant. 

Cr. Sto. 71 x 4), pp. 179, Be. Od. net 

JOBDAN, IfoV. 04 

ItauKanel (W.)— The Snob : Some Bpiaodes in a 

Uia-apent Toath. Illni. by Cecil Aldin. 4to. 

bdB. 8b. Sd LjkwitEHCB & B. July 04 

Brabryo, BaUantyna (J. W.} 91b net Nob. 04 

EmbiTology fto., Sailh (Arth.) IBs. 6d. net Dec. 04 
■md«n'a Winding-Up of Companies and Beeim- 

etmctioa. Tth edit, by H. Johnston. Sn>. 

17s. Sd Cldwib, Dm. 04 

Bti oalf,a*s. .. 
(Edin.) O. ScHCTia « C. Woo. 04 
>Ban«n (R. W.)— CDitnie. 19mo. ewd. Sd. 

' Simple Lifi ' Pbibb, July 04 

■OMraon [B. W.>— English Traits. Coudnct of 

Lite, Nature. Uroo. •jx41, pp. 414, 9b. net 

{Fori Lib.) Bell, Aug. 04 

■mWTMB (B. W.)— BsBays. ISmo. Od. net {Nal. 

XAb.) Cusuj., Har. 04 

■M«ra«n (B. W.) an Bbakeapeare. From his 
Basaya on Representativa Hen. ISmo. Is. Sd. 
net; Itbi. Se. (i>e I.a tforefinoitlirtt) 

De La Hobe Pbebb, Nob. 04 

MD {B. W.)~Works. Vol. 1, BaaayB, 

' tire Men. 13mo. ejxtgt, pp. GSl, 3a. 

. .s. net (Fori Ltbrnri/) BEU.,Jufle04 

1, Poet, Thinker, Caty [E. L.) IEb. net 

Noe. 04 
Emeraon, Potni«rt tor Lite, Is. net Feb.Oi 


SitMrr (O. F.)— Handy Guide to Patent Law and 

Praotioe. 3nd edit. Sto. SIkGI, pp, 890, IGa. 

net — E. Wilson, Jmh 04 

ammrr (S. L.)— Inner Life of the Soul. Short 

Bpiritoal Meeaagee (or Eodeeiastioal Year. Cr. 

Bto. 4b. LoNaHiiig, Jon. 04 

Emigrant MinisterB to Amerioa, 1B90-1S11, PotAer- 

^(Q.)TB.6d June 04 

innation Offloa — Coloniea, Hand- 

Emigration Statistics and ( 

Bd. ; General Information, East Africa Fro- 

1 EiBs ft 3. Juna 04 

_ . _ . Information Office — ColonieB, Hand- 
booka for. With Maps. Apnl 1904. No. IS. 
Noa. 1 to 14, bound together, Oi. General In- 
formation, Uganda Protectorata, 1004, 6d. 

Eisa & S. Juiy 04 

■mttnintE' Information Office— General Inior- 

mation for Intending Settlers : Ceylon, Id. ; 

West Indies, 6d Exbe ii 8. July 01 

■mignBts' Intormation Office— Oenaral Infor- 
mation ior Intending Battlers, Argentine Repub- 
lic, July, 3d ExsB & B. Sep. 04 

Smlcranta' Information Office (Information for 
Intending Settlen )— Malay SUtes, Federated, 

6d. ; Newfoundland, Id Em&B. ifar. 04 

■mlcratlon and Immigration. — StatisUcsJ 
Tables relating to, from and into the United 
Kingdom in 1908, and Report to the Boaid ol 

Trade thereon, 8d. [HE] EntE & S. June 04 

Emmanuel Burden, Balloc (HiUire) 6s. ...Sep. 04 
Emmanuel College, Weatam Manuaoripte. Descrip- 
tive Catalogne by Montague Rhodes James, Gs. 

net Dee, 04 

Emmet (Rbl), Qviney (L. L) ^ 6d., la. 6d. Mar. 04 

Emmett, Play, Canaan (H.) 6d May Ot 

Emperor'a Design, (i>r<enAoi« (H. M.) 3a. 6iMag 04 
Btnplre Eloentioni at— Selection of Readings and 
Recitations in Prose and Verse from beat 
anthors. Bsaay on Artof Elocution by P. J.Cooke. 
Selected and arranged by A. L. Haydon. Cr. 
8to. 71 1 E^, pp. S34, Sb. Sd. A. MEi.BoaE, Oel. 04 

Empire Hakera, Nitbet (Huma) Sd July 04 

Empire of Athana, Tbucyd., edit, by J. Sing, 

la. Sd Sep. 04 

amplr« Reriew, Vol. 6. Roy. Sto. Ts. Sd. net 

aUcMtLLdUf, Jan. 04 
y. Sto. 7s. Sd. net 
lACmLLiM, July 04 

Enohanled Woods Sib., Lee{Y.) 8s. Bd. net Dec. 04 

Enoratida (St.), ii^lalii (Mary) 8s. Bd Jan. OS 

■nerelopwAl* Medica. Vol. 14, Indei Volume. 
Roy. Sto. pp. 983, ISa. net 

J. A A. CsuBCEiLL, Mar. 04 
Bneyc. of Trade, U.S.A. and Fnnoe, 91a. net Sep. 04 
End crowns all, AUm (Tom B.) Sd. net ...June 04 
End of a Bong, Oromartte (Coontesa ot} Be. 

Bnderly Park Harriion (F. Bayford) Is. Sd. Oel. 04 

" " "■ :i) ot the Tear, Is. net Won. 04 

Budleaa Heritage, Healy (Chria.) Ss Oct. 04 

Endless Hirth, GtUiert fChs.) Is Set>. 04 

Endoma-Eritikos, Divine Idaa ot Dreaa, 3 

Engodine, Albuta Railway to, Tamiuuer, 9s. net 


Engine Conatr. Model, AUxander (J.) Be. nt, Feb. 04 

■nrlnaar Schools — Technical Inatraotion : Special 

Bohools and Courses loi Mechanical Engineering 

and Electro-Technics in Qetmany, Pp. EDI, Hi. 

Eraa ft B. Feb. 04 

Bngineer'a, Marine, Exam., Wantian, 8e. Sd. net 

Engineer's Bef. Bk., Meohau., Suplee [Hy. H.) 18k. 

net Frt. 04 

Engineer's Xear.Rook, Eempe, Si Feb. 04 

Engineering, Sankine (Wm. Ju. Haequom) ISs. 



BnfjiiiMVuig, Alt. Cnneat, Bofpmmd (B.) IS*. imI 

Engmeering, Ano., Uod., Burr (W. H.) The. M 

Biumeerini, Cheminl, DavU (Qeo. B.) 411a. 

WoB. M 

BugiiiMTUw Dmring, l7«Ui (SidnsT H.) e^ li.6d. 


Snginaering, Moiine, Tompkitu lA. E.) ISu. Oct. M 

Eucinaering, Huine, Wilaa, Mt. oat 5«p. 04 

EngiuMring, Uiuioip., Xammll (W. H.) 6*. net 


Boginean, EIwn.'QiMatioiii, BatlU (Alb. B.) Ss. tS. 


Endears' Handbook, £0«iri, 7i. Cd. ii«l ..^pr. M 

■nclnecrs' Inoorponted Anooifttiim of Hnnioipal 

ud Count; Proceadiiigs, 190S-S. firo. ail. net 

Bfoh, Jim. U 

Enginaen Manoal, — _ . .. . 

Enginaen' Huine Eiuna,, Aintlaw, I0>. — i'eb- 0* 
Bngioaen' Ao, Diu;, Spon'f, Si. Od D*c. 04 

_ .onqmit oI^Mmann (Angait) E<....Oef. 01 
XnglBad BipaoU, Saniton (Piedk.) Si. «d. Oet. 04 
England, FanrUi ConqoMt, Upward (AUm) Bd. 

net Nov. 04 

England, Hist, Paarmitida (C. B.) 4b. 6i...^ug.0i 
BnsL in Meditarr., Oorbatt (Julian 8.) 34*. net 
BngL, Little AithoT'i Hirt., Oaloott (l^dj) la. ed. 

Nov. 04 
EDgL,iaCent^Oin<tM(C.W. 0.) Si.Od. ...Deo. « 
Engl., Beuant BiiL, MoOartlm (Joitin) M. Od. 04 
BngL, Bam. of PrahiM. Age, Wmdie (Bertiam} 

TlM net /u^04 

England, Social, TnuU (H. D.] fto., E, Iti. net 

JTau 04 
England, Sbeial, Tnill, HaOD, 6, I4*. net... Oof. 04 
EDgl.tbniiighChineMapectMlgailPbObang Sa.Sd, 

Engl, under Btnarta, Ttvcalyan (O. U.) lOi. Sd. net 
Voc. 04 
England v. Amtnlia, PmMow (J.) 8a. ed. /ww D4 
England and Bngtiih, Peton (Carl) 8i. net Dee. 04 
England nnd Bnglander^etort (Carl) e\....8tp. 04 

Engtand'i BUi., Parry {Bd. Abbott) Ba Apr. 04 

England-B Sea Stot?, £«i (Alb.) Eb. Nob. 04 

Englaheart (0«o.), WiUiiimton (Q. C] 9£b., SSI., 
as9a. Dm. oa 

Sngllali Aogngtinian CnnoneiaeB Bc^olar o[ the 

Latetan at St. Honica'a in Iionvain Ctuomole, 

lG4S-16aE. Edit, vith notea b; Dom Adam 

Hamilton. B07. 8va .SAHDB,.iluf.04 

Engl. BattlsB, Panin., Napi^ (Wm., Sir) Sa. ed. net 


Engliih Book, lit, Btpptnann (Walt.) 98. net 

— ir"-* Catalogae of Booka for IBOS (The), 

Sinng in one alphabet, under Aathor tai 
abject, tbe Biie, price, month of publioation, 
and publisher of Books iisned in the United 
KingdoEQ. and of Boma of those isened in the 
United Btatea. Boy. 8vo, fls. net,. .Low, Apr. 04 
Bngl. Church, lEE8-16aB, Frera (W.) 7b. ed. Oct. 04 
BngL Church Hiat, SHlt (S. Stewart) 1b. Bd. net 


Engl. Charch Hist., 1676-1640, Plumnur (A.) Sa. 

oat Nod. 04 

■ntUBli Com] 

fcCartiflcate ^ , _j 

w and John Briggs. Cr. Sto. pp. ISO, la. Bd. 

CLrvE, Apr. 04 
,OoiDpositn.,Hifntin^an(T.F.)BB.ed, J^n.04 

' "-- ipoiition, Kee/e (Jn.) Bb. Bd. Jan. 04 

ition, Qoide, Comuiell (Jas.) la. ed. 

Oct, 04 



BngL Com. Hiit, SalKt Statntaa, lOa. Sd. net 


MmgUgb Cradle Bongi : an Anthdlon. ISmo. 

EixSl, pp. ]10, ed. net; Ithr. la. n^(Sm<iUer 

claatica) BlcaABos, /uly 0( 

Bngliih Cultnie, Biae, Jblmmn (Bdwin) IGa. net 

War. 04 
Bngl. Batato Foreator, Porbet (A. C.) Ha. ed. sal 

Bngliah Fntry Tales, illiu.b]'a.Btrahan,aa.«d. 

BngL Farmer in Canada, Orange (EerbKt) 81. M. 

net Oct. 04 

Bnglidi Qirl in Parii, Os. Stf.Ot 

BngL OoTemanoe, Low (Bidnej) 7s. ed. net Wov. 04 

BBgllali Heart* and Bogliib Haoda : The Rafl- 

wa; and the Trenobaa. llj Airthor of HnnoriBla 

of Caption Hedley Tiean. New ed. er. ftro. 

el X 4(, pp. 80S, limp, la. ed NmBl, Mar. 04 

Bn^ BJiL, Bright {I. Frank) 1B80-100], 4a. 6d. 
tfor. 04 

BngL Hist, ChoMbenf Bonun., 4d., 6d Dec. 04 

BngL Hiet, fMoJtar (C. R L.), 7b. ed JWJy 04 

Bn^. Hilt., Tltomtom (C. LinUater) E, la. Ed. 

Feb. 04 
BngL Hiai. Dic^ edit, by Sidney 1. Lou Aa, 7s. Sd. 
'Bn^. HiiL, 1487 to 1658, Feareiteide (C. EU fls. 

Dee. 04 
Bn^ Hist., Olimpies, Downav (Bdnmd.) la. 

Bngl. Hirt., Lingard, abr. H. K. Birt, 1, 9a. Sd. ; 

a, 8a. Sep. 0* 

BngL Hiat. Papers, Skerrifi, 8s. 8d. net .../wly 04 
Bngl. Hirt. Paraonagas, PortraiU, Loan Coll. ti. 

uet Ji%04 

Bngl. Hilt to Hid. Ages, FleU\er (C. B. L.) 7s. Od. 
BngL-Iriab Diet*., £aneJT. CVN.) 181. Sd. Dee. 04 
Bngtiih I«ng., Seteitt (H.l, Beach (Oeo.) 8i. Bd. 

BngL language. Hilt., Wett (W. Jajne) Is. Sd. net 

^~f -fc Language Fapari. Fort^.nina papers set 
at the Matncolation Bxamioation of the Uni- 
Toruty of London, with Uodel Aniwan to Papan 
of Sept 1M4. Cr. Sto. pp. 163, swd. Is. 6d. 
({7h4d. Tut. Seriet) Clitb, Dec. 04 

BngL laL, Oamall (Bio.) &o. a, 4, ea. lSa,Sla.,n«t 

Eng. Lit, MeUceljohn {J. H. D.) Ss JiOv 04 

English Lit, 1 EOO-ISOO, Beadinai in, Es. ni Dee. 04 
Bngliih Lit, HisL of, Jtuterand (J.) 131... .Nov. 04 
BuL Literatim, Bton, Bueklaid (A.) Sm. 6d. 

Nov. 04 
Bng. Lit and 800. IStb Cent Stephm (Leslie) 6a. 

Mt Feb. 04 

English Love Bongi, ed., li. net /uly 04 

BDgUsh,UakingoT,£nidlev(Hy.)4s. Sd. Mar.O* 
■sfllall Miracle Playa, Moralitiea, and Jnterlodea. 

Bd. by A. W. Pollard. 4th ed. or. Sra 7s. ed. 

FsomiK, Jan. 04 
■ngllBll Honasteriea. From Bazon Days to their 

Dias^Qtion. Or. 8to. 71 " ti, pp. 134, 3s. ed. net 

a. 1. Falhbb, Nov. 04 

aasUalt Paisages tor French Prose. For Middle 

Formi. Ed. with Notes by A. J. Pennan. lamo. 

la. 6d B1.AOZIS, Kf ft. 04 

Bngliih, Past, Present, Trench IBioh. Chenenz) 

1b. ed. net Dee. 04 

BngL People, Short Hiit., Green (J. R.) 4, 7s. Sd. net 

Bngl. Poetni (Jennings) Is.; 8, Is. ed. J^b. 04 

btgrllab Poetry for the Yoong. Compiled and 
edit, by B. E. Winbolt Cr. Bro. Ib. {Sdiool atid 

Bona Lib.) Bi^ackik, JuIji 04 

Bngliih Poetry tor the Young, Ii Aug. 04 

Bngliah Poetrt/ for Yoong Stndente, Sa Sep. 04 

Engl. Poetry, Hiit, Courthope (W.) 8, 10a. net 

Mar. 04 
Englixh Reader, 3nd, Sonneiucheitt (A.) Is. Sd. 

Aug. 04 



cKah Tapnaxiiij. PullG, Londoo, Vol 8to. 
a. ti. (OMtfMMon'f MagoMtnt Library) 

E. Btoue, June 04 
■h Tnita, fto, Snunon (B. V.) a& net 

A Waik>, Ateham (Bogu], adit, b; WiUuuD 
uWrighl, 41. Sd. net Dm. 04 

b and BeoMiili Popnlu BkUads. Edit, b; 

O. L. KitlMdge uid Helen Child Saigeni Cun- 

bridie ed. I^ ei. Sn>. ICt. ; on Indikpapgr, BEi. 

(Borton) If Otf 04 

ItocUall lad Boottiih Popnlu BdUds. Cunbr. 
edit. Sto. ISi. net OiT A B. Van. M 

a in Bgypl : Colloquul Anbio. Sto. 
A. OwBM, Apr, 04 

■ (The) is Fnnoa. CoDvenation 

Onide Kir Belf.Tnition. 4* x 9, awd. Sd. net 

A. OWBH, Juljf 04 
■BfAlaKniaB (The) in Gennauj. CoDTenation 
QtndB lot BaU-Tnibion. 4} x S, Bird. M. net 

A. OwaH, July 04 
TTngjinliiiiii , Gt, of leUi Cent, Cm (SidaejWa. Bd. 

XnglJaliwomui, Itary B^ 8>. Sd. nat Atif. 04 

Bnslidiwoman'i Yeai Book, edit, by B. Jamet, 

aB.Sd. net Dm. 04 

'EngntTing*, eoUactias, Blward (Bbt.) la, la. net 

Bnid, Piekfhda (Haimadnke) Oa. June 04 

Bni^a Uglj Dnidding, Badford (H. L. Jio.) U. Od. 

Bnla^ing, PnoL, Sodgei (John A.) la. nat Apr. 04 

■■aor (Q.) — Biihop Byla and Qenedi. Examine 

bona ot hia 'Eulf NairatiTea of Qeneaia.' Cr. 

Sra n X tLvp- 148, la. 6d. net Nibbit, Mar. 04 

Bn>a (B. C. K.}, Modem 8aai>liam, 6a. net Feb. 04 

Sntwtalnal, Ovorion (Bbt.) la. Bd Sap. 04 

Xabnpad, DiaM (A. H.) 6a. Jan. 01 

XntoAa ot Heat &B.,Jaek (F. B.) la net ...Aug. 04 

■iSthai, f tnolofa (A. W.) la. Sd. net D«c. 04 

TUphtfianr. fariar (Joaeph) Ea. Ow. 04 

Bphadana, Bobmioii {3, Armitage) 11a July 04 

■»!« ot tha Middle An (Th«). Simple aooonnt 
ot the Diyiiu Commedia. By a Lovei of Dante. 
Ibno. parob. la. Od. B. Bioca, •/una 04 

■plok (The BoTolntionaiy)— WoA ot DianMli, 
the YoDDgei. Cr. 8vo. ?{ k U, pp. lEfi, Sa. Sd. 

HiinsT A B. Nqv. D4 

■pl«* and BomanoCB ol the Uiddle Agea. Adwtad 

tn»n tha work ol W. Wagner b; U. W. Hao- 

dCFnll, anded.bjW. 8. W. Anson. Ulna. 8to. 

B| N E|, pp. 488, Sa. Sd. ...SoFmHaoBiiii, Jan. 04 

Epjemena to Chiiat, Hyde (W. ds Witt) 6a. Sd. net 


Epfaodaa in C. ot A. K. Browne, Ainn (Anhib.) la. 


Bidalle of ConaolationB, WiOam (A.) la 6d. 

Oct. 04 
^plaUe to the Hebrewa (Tha). Ed.b; J.S, ffoater 
Charoberlaiu. Cr. Bn. 71 x U, pp. til, la. net 

E. JoBMaoK, Feb. 04 
Bqnationi, Theory, Ot^ori (F.) Ts. Bd. net Nov. 04 

ark AnnnaJ. 1904. Sto. Is. ad Omcx, Jon 01 

'Bnhie, FouUt (Eagb) is. net .Tuna 04 

■rekBMMn (E.^ Chatrian (P. A.)— Contea Fu- 
laatiqaa. Ed. b* Hargoerite Nmet. Fop. 8to. 
pp. 81, 4d. ILitUe French Olattia) 

Blaoiu, Dae. 01 

Xiie, Lotmde* (C. 8.) la. ^'■^J^ 

arle«— Onimpyllan and Othara. ISmo. awd. Is. net 

Smram, Apr. 04 

Emit (H. C.) Animal ExparimenUtion, Bi. Dee. 01 

Bioa, Hiaron. Obaar, B^nard (Edward Emerson) 

•a. nrt .Apr. 04 

BraklB* (Hia. Stenart) — London aa an Art 
City. IBmo. 6^x41, im.104, la. ed. net; Ithr 
la. 6d. net [Langfiarn Art Monograpkt) 

BnoLi, July 04 

Brysiphaoen, Bipor,, Salmon (Email S.) la 


Shu and at. luey, BbcJtuia (Joa.) 8a 6d....Jkfar.04 

Baohatology of Jeans, Ituirkead (Lewis) 6s. Feb. 01 

Manreet (J. H.)— Life of Edna Lyall (Ada EUea 
Bayly). 3 portraits. Cr. Sto. 8 x 61, pp. 178, Sa. 
net LOROHANB, Oct. 04 

■abor (Visoonnt) — National Strategy. 8to. awd. 
Bd. A. L. EwpHBiTS, Aug. 04 

Eskimos and B. J. Fvok, LewU (Art] Ba. ...Ott. 04 

SBl«r (E. BsntoQl)~Uud of the Hanae. New 
sdil cr. Sto. swd. la net B. B. JoHiraON, Jane 04 

Maponiato— Student's Complete Teit-Book. Con- 
taining foil Qramniu, Eieicisea, CoDTersationa, 
Commercial Letten and two Yocabalaiies. 
Edil hj J. C. O'Connor and »t, by Dr. Zamen- 
hof. BBT. edit. llmo. 6i>f*t, pp. 1T6, awd. 

li. Bd. net. 'Bavnw or KBvnwa,' Sep. Ot 

' Esny-writing, Soi^nm (C. H.) Sd Jan. 08 

Euayi, ..Iddiaon (Job.), td. Oreen, la. Bd., 8a.ed. nL 
Oct. 04 

Euaya, Baeon, I.-XS., ed. A. F. Watt, Is. 

Essays, Oarlyie, 8 Tola., e 

Essayi, T. Cortyla, F. HanJaon, la. Bd., Is. Bd. n(A 

Eisayi, Smerton (K. Waldo) 6d. net Mar. 04 

Bwaya, CiTil and Moral, Baeon, 6d. nt. .Aug. 04 

■•■kjB (Bmpirioal). By Anth. ot ' DnthinkaUaa.' 
Cr. Sto. 7| » 6, pp. lOB, Sa. net 

a. A. MOBTOH, Nov. 04 
Eisaya in Poiry, Leait (Arthni D.) 8i. Bd. ...Jon. 04 

EHays, Afontaima, Flmrio, iL, Sa. net OoC 04 

Esaays of Blia, Z,amb (ChaL) 8a. Bd. nat...Var. 04 

Esaaya of Elia, Lamb (Ou.) Om. net Dec. 04 

Essays of Elia, Ifami(Cha.),ed. net Dec 04 

Euaya of Blia, Beleo., Lamb (Cha.dt M.) OS. Aug. 04 
Baaays ol Elia, &a., Xomb (Chsa.) la., Sa net ^Uff. 04 
Eaiays on Bnma fto., Cartyle (Tboa) 6d. ai.July 04 

Bbmij* on CaremoniaL By Tariona Aathor*. 
Sto. BxGi, pp. 891, 7s. Bd. net (Library of 
Liiurgiotogy and Becleeiolog]/ for 'BngUuk 

Esaays, Bketobes, Laiait (Cbs.) la. 6d., la. ni 

Oct. 04 
Esaaya and Colonra, OoL Traaa. Bacon, la. Bd., 

8B.Bd.nel Ocl. 0* 

Eaiays and Talea, Adiieon, 6d. net Nat. 04 

Easantials ol Bnaineia I«w, Bufdimlt, Ga net 

Jon. OS, 4 

Easai (John Bidgwell), QaM,nt, Leopard'a Ann, 8a. 

Oct. 04 

Maaez — Order in ConnoH anthorising the Bieon- 

tion of Militarr MantenTna within the whole ot 

the Conaty of Baaei. id. [1251] Etbb ft B. .luf . 04 

Batata, Legacy &a. Dntiea, Acta, Sanson (A.) 80s. 


Bstimate, tn, Bea (Jn. TJ 7*. Sd. net ^pr. 04 

Bt to, S^anet TuwIIs (J. H.) 6l Sep. 04 

Etohen, bntoh, Biwyon (I^nr.) 8b. Bd. net Sm. 04 

Etohings, 8, Life, Legrot (A.) Bs, net Oct. 04 

Btamal Hope, PafTar (Pred, W.) Bd. ifay 04 

Eternal Laughter, Burgee* (W. S.) Sa. net ...Jon. 04 
Bteroal Savionr Judge, Clarke (Jaa. Langton) Oa. 

Bteraai Wili, sianyon (J. S.) la. 6d. net ...May (St 
Bther, Chem. Conoep. of, MendeUcff, la. nt. Feb. 04 

Ethical PrinoipleB SiriA (Jas.) 7b. Od Sep.fA 

Ethics, ArietotU, J. Bomiit red. 10a. 6d. net Oct. 04 
Bthica of Diut, Butkm (Jolinl la Bd., Sa. 6d. net 

.^irr. 04 
EUiiasol Qreat Baiigiona, Oorham (Cha. T.) Bd. 






Bthiot of Work and Wealth, Bank$ (D. C.) 68 net 

Bthics, Recent Tend., Sorlsy (W.) a8.6d.nt. May 04 
Bthyl Chloride, Prenderville (A. de) le. net Nov, 04 
Btiquette, Humphrey (Mra.) l8.6d., le. net June 04 
Bton Boy, G. Wyait, la. 6d. ; Holiday, by G. E. 

W., 18. July 04 

Eton College Bldgs. Gd., Leigh (B. A. Aostin) 1b. 

net ^ug. 04 

Bton, Harrow, Cricket, Brook (F.) ea. Is. net 

Dee. 08, 4 

Bton L. Arithm., Metrie System, Is. May 04 

Bton Natore Study, HiU (Matt. DaTonport) 8b. 6d. 

net Aug, 04 

attles (Wm.)>-Fir8t Aid in the Fire Senrice. 
Dins. Oto. pp. 180, Is. 6d. net 

National Fibb Bbigaobb Umoif, Dee. 02 
BtymologieB, Popular, Palmer (A. Smythe) 28. 6d. 

Eucharist, Chart of Ceremonial, Morse (Herbert 

G«or^e) 28. 6d Apr. 04 

Bnchanstio Eirenicon, Canon (W. B.) Is. 6d. net 

Bnoharistic Elevations, FiUpa^rick (J.) Is. Dee. 02 
Encbaristic Glory of Incarnation, OuaUp (Pender 

H.) Is. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Bnoharistic Life, Bell (Chs. C.) 9d., 6d. net Oct. 04 

BveUd, Books 1-6. By Bnpert Deakin. Certifi- 

eaAe edit. With Papers set at Certificate Exam. 

during last 6 Years. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4|jpp. 858,2b. 6d. 

diiiVB, Aug. 04 
Budid, Knotty Points, Ikin {All. E.) 28. 6d., Is. 6d. 

net Feb. 04 

Budid, 1, 2, Deakin (Bupert) Is. ^pr, 04 

Budid, 1, 2, Exer., Egan, 28.; 8-6, 28.; 1-6 Sp., 

28. 6a Jan. 04 

Buoonaxius, two new spedes, Trybom (F.) Is. 8d. 

net July 04 

Bviipldes. yoL2. Edit. by G.Murray. Cr. 8to. 
tf. 6d.; swd. 88 Fbowdb, Oct. 04 

amipldcs — Alcestis. Vocabulary and Test 
Papers. InterL Cr. 8to. pp. 24, swd. Is. {Univ. 
Tut. 8er.) Clivb, Dec. 04 

Euripides, Aloeatii of, trans. Boys, Is. 6d. net 


amipldes — Alcestis, edit, by J. W. Haydon. 
Intro., Text, Notes, adv. to 2s. 6d. Translation, to 
Is. 6d Clivb, June 04 

aviipldes— Baochae. Edit, by J. E. Sandys. 
4th edit. 8vo. 12s. 6d. C. J. Clat, June 04 

anrlpldes — Bacchs. Trand. into English 
Bhyming Verse, with explan. notes by Gilbert 
Murray. 8vo. pp. 94, swd. Is. net 

G. Allbn, ^ov. 04 

aurlpldCB— Heradddas. Trand. by H. Sharpley. 
Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. 6d. net Sixpkin, Oct. 04 

anrlpldea — Hercules Furens. Edit, by E. H. 
Blakeney. 12mo. 2s. 6d. Blaokwood & S. July 04 

Burlpldes^Hippolytus. Transl. into English 
rhyming verse by Gilbert Murray. Cr. 8vo. 
■wd. Is. net G. Allbn, May 04 

avrope. Post 8vo. pp. 66, 4d. ; swd. 8d. (Twen. 

Oeni. Oeog. Manuale) Chaxbbbs, June 04 

Europe, British-grown Tea in, Is. net Nov. 04 

Europe, Chamber^ 20th Cent. Gteogr. Bdr. 6, Is. 6d. 

May 04 
Europe, Foundns. of Mod., Beieh (Emil) 6s. net 

Mar. 04 

Europe, Guide, Bolfe (W. J.) 6s. net May 04 

Europe in Far East, Douglas (Bbt. K.) 78. 6d. 

Oct. 04 
Europe, Polit. Hist., Seignoboa (Chs.) 10s. net 

Aug. 04 
Europe, W., 6th Cent., Freeman (E. A.) 10s. net 

Nov, 04 
Europe, W., 8th Cent., Freeman (E. A.) 10s. net 

Dae. 04 
European Hist., Stubbt (Wm.) 12s. 6d. net Apr. 04 
European Hist. 476-1871, Ea$$aU (A.) 8s. 6d. net 

Dtfc. 02 

European Hist^ tjandm^ M'Dougal (E. H.) 88. 6d. 

July 04 
European Hist. Note Book, Lindeey (J. S.) 28. nei 

European Thought in 19th Cent, Hist., Merg, 

lOs. 6d. net *4F''* ^ 

European and Japan. Gktfdens, ed. by Glenn 

Brown, 10b. net J)ee. 08 

Entropy, Swinburne (Jas.) 48. 6d. net JPad. 04 

Evan^cal C. Creed, PhOUpe (H. L.) 28. 6d. 

Dee. 04 
Evangeline, LongfeUaw, Cotterill, Is. 9d. ..^Jan. 04 
Evangelism, Morgan (G. Campbdl) Is. 6d. net 

Sep. 04 
Bwanvelist Monthly. Vol. for 1904. 4to. 2s. 

Bbmbobb, Oct, 04 

arans (C.)— Notes on Psalter. Extracts of 

Paralld Passages from Prayer Book, Septuagint» 

and Vulgate Verdons. 8vo. 8Ax6^, pp. 172, 

7s. 6d. net Mubbat, Sep. 04 

araas (H.'— Prioe of Priestcraft : Book for tha 
People. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4}, pp. 160, Is. 6d. net ; 
Bwd. .J. Clabkb, Nov. 04 

\ (John) — Popular History of Ancient Britons, 
or the Welsh People. Ch. ed. 8vo. 6s. 

E. STOCSLFeb. 04 

ITAIIB (J. H.) — Ornamental Turning : a Work of 

PraoticAl Instruction. Vol. 2. HIur. Cr. 8vo. 

7k ^ ^ii PP< 178, 8s. 6d. net ...G. PmcAN, May 04 

(J. H.) — Ornamental Turning. Work of 
Practical Instruction in the Art. Vol. 8. lUus. 
Cr. 8vo. 71 X 4i, pp, 176, 88. 6d. net 

G. PlTKAH, Oct. 04 

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pp. 884, 6s. net .Swbbt & M. Apr. 08 

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logy. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4i, ro. 282, 68. 

W. SooTT, Nov. 04 
Evans (Willmott Henderson), Prevention of Diieaee^ 

81s. 6d. net Nov. OH 

Eve of St Agnes, Keata (Jn.) Is. net Feb. 04 

Eve of St Agnes, Keate (John) 6d., Is. nt Apr. 04 

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Evelina, Bumey (F.) 28., 8s net Mar. 04 

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Nblbon. July 04 

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of London East-End Life. Cr. 8vo. 8x5|, pp. 
822, 28 Bel. Tbaot Soo. May 04 

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Library) Cabbbll, Jim. 04 

aweljm (J.)— Life of Margaret Goddphin. 16mo. 
Ok x 4i, pp. 210, 28. 6d. net (Kin^a Olaasiea) 

Db La Mobb Pbb88, Nov. 04 

Evdjn, Moore (D.) Is. 6d. Amr. 04 

Evening by Evening, Spurgeon (C. H.) 26. 6a. 

I>0O. 04 
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Everard (G., Bev^^ Faithful Lover, Is. 6d. Dee. 04 
Evered Fitzroy, EiU (E. E.) Os. Dee. 04 

awerltt (N.)— Told at Twilight. 46 Hlus. hj 

J. MunnmgB. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 266, 88. 6d. 

Evbbbtt, Dee. 04 
Everyday People, Gt58on (Chs. Dana) 208. Oct. 04 
Evesham, New (Edmund H.) Is. 6d. net ,.,Nov. 04 
Evidence for Future Life, Delaime (Gabrid) 

7s. 6d. net Jan. 04 

Evidence, Law, Stephen (Jas. Fitsjames) 6s. May 04 
Evidence of Gen. Bt Hn. Sir Bedvers BuUer, 6d. 

net Feb. 04 

Evidence of Things not Seen, Fleming, Is ...Sep. 04 
Evidence on Commisdon, WUliama (W. E. H.) 

128. 6d Mar. 08 

Evil in Nature, Whidbome (G. F.) Is. net Aug, 04 

Evil that Men do, Shiel (M. P.) 6s Sep. 04 

Evolution, Law, SoouUer (J.) 8s. 04 
EvoL, Math. Contr.« 18, Pearaon (Karl) 4s. net 

Mar. 04 



Broln. of Soul, Hudtim CTbrn. Itj) tt........^pr. M 

■wtenk (U.)— In Hii Baont; or, the PkIbm 
BauUfiiL lOmo. pp. MM, I*. U. hI 

ICau-bo] ' — '^ 


t .... ... 

«-", Noe, M 
■xMtiuttion Pkpcn tot Entnaoe tud Hinor 
Baholuihjps and BxhibitiaDi in the GoUagea of 
tlw Vnirani^of Cambridge, DaaaaiimlMtio 
Huoh IWM. No. XL- IbUiamKtii^ li. td.: 
No. XLL, OhMiM, HebMir, Hwliiinl and 
Hodam LangBMaa, !*«, Hiatoi;, Si. ; No. 
XLIL, KatonU, Sot^ fto., Soianoea, Is. 6d. 

BxML Topiea, lOO EMajs, Thornton (W. Stewut) 
la-Od. VumM 

■xaiB*. &0., Sdtool Calandar, U. nei Vor. M 

MsosTBtlaBB al Phrlakopi in Heloa, oonduotad 
b; British Sohool at Aiheni, Sapplementaiy 
Apei No. 1. Imp. 8to. SOuict VusmujM^pr. M 

BioaTatioD* in Boman Foram, Brotnt (E. B.-) 
■a. ed. ncti at Begagnah, ^rpt, Oortlona, fila. 

net Fab. 04 

r Hirtoc; Boadan (Tha). BooklLIsba- 

.la-4d.; Book B, Benior, la. ad. ; Book 1, 

AdTanoad, la. 8d. Cr. Sro. Ouvaa & B. ^pr. 04 

y-.^T»«- Fottagt Stamp Album, 8, Ca.; 1, Ta; 
6,>a. ^yr. 04 

MnrfcTii—TT Balanoaa — Betnm ahoving how tba 
Bxi^eqner Balanoe has boao BtrangUiBiwd at 
Daidalad in eaoh of the faan IBDO-IVOO to 
lBOIt-4, Id. [148}. Ens b 8. /una 04 

Bnnnioii, Temple, Wordtvorik, la. 6d. net 

EioanioDa of an ImpRindent Philoaophra, Snrhoe 
Tiiipiialiniia tor Caaoal Baadera, WaaAopt 
(T. H. O. P.) la. net Aug. 04 

Bxoealon' Dotiaa, itonay (F. W.I la. Sd....Vay OS 


Canl d, Jokfuon (W.) Oa. 6d. Dt. Fa£. 04 

, . Slorj' of a Young 

Author of ' DonmcMirt.' Ci. Sro. 1} x 4l, 

la. 6d. (Behodhoyi' SariaaJ Nibbbi, on. va 

■spraiencea of Lad; Bmil;, Ohimm (Harald) la. 

Kipar. on Animala. What we owe to, Pagat (Steph.) 
la. Od. Mav 04 

bploiation, Bomanoe ol m., TTilUanw (Arohi.) 5a. 

Bnui te S. Jidg 04 

■svart Uenthant Shippera' Direatorr, 1S04. Sro. 
Ua. «d. net Dian, Feb. 04 

■ajaalfr. Sixth Saiiea. ToL9. 8TO.TB.6d. 

BODDBK ft 8. July 04 
■:9««ltar. SiiUBoriea. Vol.10. Sro. 7b. Sd. 
HoDDU A S. Dea. 04 
azpoattorr Timaa. Vol. IE. ito. Ta. M. 

T. le T. CuBX, Sep. 04 

Banoitt (Cha.) Ba, ad. net 

Srn. 04 

r. horn Adam'a Diarr, Twain (Hark) aa. »d. net 

If ay 04 

MOT. ConL of Diana Plaaae, Capm (Bemaid) 8a. 


1, fb> (L. W.) 18a. net Ifor. 0« 

a, BanteU (H. F.) I7«. net Jan. 04 

8je for Bje, Quaus (Wm. leVod Bap.U 

Bye, HiatologT, Poraona (J. H.) 1, lEa. net May 04 
Bye Batractiou, Diaeaiaea, Oibbon* (B.) 31a ual 


Brfr^trais, SneU (Bimaon) 3a. Sd. net AiiC. 04 

^•- Wkwaaea of Chiiat, S»ndarao« (H.) la. «d. m4 



■rr* (A.)— Cnatodian. NoTal. Cr. Sro. T|k6, 

vp. 814, 6a. Wabd ft L. Sap. 04 

Erra'a Aoquttal, Uathm (H.) Sa. Od Nov. 04 

BaekiaI,AUw(W.HarTer-). 8d.,6d CM. 04 

Fabiola, ITiaaman (Caid.) Sd- la. net Sap. 04 

Fablea, .ffop'i, tra. Townaend, 3a Oet.M 

Fablaa of Jean de la Fontotna, trana. B. Shiilq, Ga. 


Vabrlo>r (C. Ton)— Italian Hedala. TnmaL \>j 

Hra. Qnatania W. Hamilton. 41 plataa. 4to 

101 K 8i, pp. 183, IDa. Od. net Ddokwokth, Sov. 04 

Faoe bayinid Door, JCaraoAan (ConlaonJ Ba., la. 


Fane, Book at the, la Jon. 04 

Fwn of Earth, Sacaa (SLIUa nal jfov. 04 

Face of Night, Huefgr (Ford H.) 8a. Od. net Apr. 04 

Faos, Orthodontia &a. of, Jaokton [V. H.) Ha. net 

If 00. 04 

Faoe, Phjaiqne, Blocker (R. Dimadale) 6djit. SaB.04 

Facing the Fntore, 3'J^nna(Bbl.) 6a. J'aS. 04 

T*et venns Fiotioo. Cobden Clab's Bepl; to Ur. 

Chamberlain. Bro. ad. la. Det...CuaBi.i., Feb. 04 

rK«torl«« ud Workahopa— Annnal Baport at 

ChisI Inapector, for 1008. Fart 1. Beporta. 

Appcmdioea. Diagnuna, pUta. la. tOd. [3189] 

Btbb ft 8. Aug. 04 

Faoloiy Syatam, Etieota, Olarkt (Allen) la. fA. 04 

Vmotorj and Workihop Aot, IMl — Bill to amend 

the Law relating to theproriaiona tor aaoape (nan 

Fire in Faotoriaa and Wodahopa, Id. 

BTRB ft 8. itar. 04 

rKOtorr and Workahop— Speoial Exoeptiona m 

to Heal Eoara in Iron and Steel Fonodiiaa. 

Older of Seo;, of BUIe, dated Jnna 18, 1B04, 

granting. Id. [1330] Etbb ft S. Aug. 04 

Taotary and Workahop — Spaoial Exception : 
Night Work. Order of tha Swnatary o( State, 
dated Aognat S, 1004, extending Bpemal Excep- 
tion : Employmant at Night of Kale Toang 
FeiaonB abore 16. ld{14SS]...EnB ft 8. Sep. 04 
Va4B (Hedioal); or, Hoainga amongst the Dootoia. 
Bj a Faddist. Cr. 8>o. si. Is. 

Acts, ft BooiBaLLZBa' Co.or. Al^L. Mar. 04 
Faerie Qoeen, Spmaar (Bdmnnd) Sa. 6d. ...Mag 04 
Vmto* Islands Piloi tnd edit. la. 

I. D. Poma, Now, 0« 
Faerr Qneen, jSpanaar't, 1, Hndaon, Sa. net Feb. 0* 
Fag, Dury of, Oliflon Coll. 38 yia. ago, Ts. Sd. net 

r^a (H.t—PorUand Cement for Usen. BthadiL 
anL by D. B. Butler. 13mo. T » 41, pp. 183, Sa 

{WaaU't Seriet) EiOOiwooD, Nov. 04 

Fair Fraud, Cameron (Hra. L.) Sa Sd. Nov. 04 

Fkiibaim's Book of Crofti, 84s. net Dee.** 

nttrlMa (lIichael}~Boadniendat. lUna. (re- 
iaaae). Cr. 8to. 8 x E|, pp. 170, Ea. 

DuoEwoBlB, Feb. 04 
r»lrl«aa (H.)— Boadmender. New impr. Umo. 
Oi X 4t, pp. ISB, Ithr. Sa. 6d. net 


Fairy Book, Brown, Lang (Andrew) Oa Oel. 04 

Fairy Book, N. Wrld- Keimedy (H. Angus] 4a. Od. 

net. Sep. 04 

Fairy in the Pigakiii, by O. O., Sa. Sd .Apr. 01 

Fairy Storiee from Little Mount, Fn^a^or^ la. 

Fairy Talee, Anderten (Hans C.) Sa. Sep. 04 

Fairy Tales, Hana Andareen, H. Btratlon, fla. Sd. 

Fairy Tales, Hans Andenen, aelectad H. Btratton, 

8a 6d. Oct. 04 

Fair; Talaa, Onmm (Jakob) fto. Is. Bep.Oi 

Fairy Tale^ Grimm'; Sa. MavlH 

Fairy Tales, Ormm't, DaTidaon, Sa. Jfot. 04 

Fairy Talas, Oritum'i, Hra. B. Luoaa, 8a. Sd. net 

Fairy Talea, Orimn't, saL H. BtrattM, la. UNg^ 

Ftury Tales, Orimm'a, Wehnert, Ss. I^H 

FMry Talea, Jnnl,>Una.atn>han, 8a Sd.. ^^ 






Fiiry Tales, North American Indian, 28. 6d. Nov, M 

Fairy Tales, Old, Is. Sep. 04 

Fairy Tales, Scotch, Strahan, Ss. 6d. Nov, 04 

Valry Tales, Folklore &c. (English). Illas. by G. 

SinJian. Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d Gibbinos, Nov. 04 

Faiirland, In, ChUhohn (Louey) 7s. 6d. net Nov. 04 
Faith, Knowledge, Inge (W. R) 4s. 6d. net May 04 

'Vaitto of a Christian. By A Disciple. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 5, pp. 812, 8s. 6d. net ...Macsiillam, June 04 
Faith of Chnrch and Nation, Ingran^- (Art. F. 

Winnington) 8s. 6d Dec. 04 

Faith of Hilary Lovel, Qreen (£. £.-) 8s. 6d. Oct. 04 

Faith of Men, London (Jack) 6s. if<^04 

Faith, Questions of, Denyney (Jaa.) (fee. 5s. Nov. 04 
Faith and Freedom, for, Beioni (Walt.) 6d.ifar. 04 
Faith and Morals, Herrmann fWilhelm) 5s. Mom 04 
Faithful Loye, FUMgerald (G. Beresford) ^.Feb. 04 
Faithful Lover, Is. 6d Dec. 04 

Vaitbftil Minister (A). A Brief Memoir of late 
Bev. Walter Senior. By his Son. Cr. 8yo. 2s. 6d. 

net E. Stock, Apr. 04 

Faiths and Folklore, HcuiUtt (W. Carew) 21s. 

Oc<. 04 
Vmleoner (Agnes S.) — Whinblossom : Book of 
Yerses. Cr. 8ya 7| x 4|, pp. 176, 88. 6d. 

J. Swan, Mar. 04 
Valeoner (H.) — Blaid of Sholam. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 6, 

pp. 168, 8s. 6d HoDDSB Sc S. Apr. 04 

Falue of Blessed Voice, Davie (Wm. Steams) Os. 

^09. 04 

Valklner (C. L.) — ^Illustrations of Irish History 

and Topography, mainly of 17th Century. 8 maps. 

8yo. 9 X 5|^p. 454, 18s. net ...Lonomans, Oct. 04 

Falkners of Gneenhurst, MiddXemase (Jean) 6s. 

2>0C. 04 
Fall of House of Usher &c., Poe (E. A.) 6d. Jlfar.04 
Fallacies, Clarion, BaUa/rd (Frank) Is. net Mar. 04 
Fallen from Fayour, Middlemaee (J.) 2s. 6d. 

Fallen Idol, Anetey (F.) 6d Deo. 04 


Statements (Companies) — Bill to amend 
Law relating to False Statements with respect to 
Financial Position of Companies or other bodies, 

^ EyitB & S. Mar. 04 

FiJsely Accused, Norway (G.) 2s. 6d. Sep. 04 

7amiliar London (B. Barton) 20s. net Nov. 04 

Vamlly Friend Awnnal for 1905. Imp. 8yo. 2s., 

gilt, 2s. 6d. ; bds. Is. 6d Pabtbidoe, Oct. 04 

Funily Grieyances, Jaeheme (Baymond) Is. 6d. 

2^ov. 04 
TmrnXky Herald. Vol. 92. 4to. 4s. 6d. 

Office, May 04 
Wmmlly Herald. Vol. 98. 4to. 4s. 6d. 

Office, Nov. 04 
Vamily Herald Supplements. Vol.72. 4ta28.6d. 

W. STEyENS, Jan. 04 

Vamlly Herald Supplements. Vol. 78. 4to. 

28. 6d. W. STEyENS, May 04 

Yamlly Herald Supplements. Vol. 74. 4to. 28. 6d. 

Office, Oct. 04 

JPamoBfl Painters and their Pictures. 18 Bepro- 

duotions. 16mo. 6d. net Sonnenbchsin, Sep. 04 

Famous Sayings, Xra^/Mim (Edward) 7s. 6d. Nov. 04 

Fancy Dresses, I>esign8, arr. by Mrs. Peel, 2s. net 

JDee. 04 
Fancy Work Basket, Leach (Mrs.) Is. 6d., 8s. Sep. 04 
Fanny Haire, Hime (Maurice C.) 6d. net ...Apr. 04 
Fantasias, Egerton (Geo.) Is. 6d. net July 04 

IPanti Customary Laws. Brief Intro, to the 
Principles of the Natiye Laws and Customs of 
the Fanti and Akan districts of the Gh>ld Coast, 
by J. M. Sarbah. 2nd edit. 8yo. 2l8. net 

Clowes July 04 

Vftntl Law Beport of Decided Cases on Customary 
Laws. Second selection, by J. M. Sarbah. 8yo. 
10s. net Clowes, July 04 

Tann (J. S. Le) — House by the Churchyard. Cr. 
8yo. 7| X 4|, pp. 464, 8b. 6d Sixpkin, Auy, 04 

(J. S. Le)— Uncle Silas : Tale of Bartram- 
Haugh. New edit. cr. 8yo. 7|[x4|, pp. 470, 
98. 6d J. DuFFT, MayOi 

Wmna (J. 8. Ije)~Wyyein Mystery. 8yo. swd. 6d. 

Nbwnbs, Oct 04 

VmnUlay (L. W.V— Cattle Baid of Cualnffe. Or. 

8ya 4s. net {Omnm Lib.) Nutt, Mar. 04 

Vttimday (M.)— Chemical History of Candle: 

Course of Lectures. Ulus. 19mo. 6| x 4|, pp. 

118, Is. net ; Ithr. 28. net ; swd. 6d. net 

Unit Lib. June 04 
VarlBli Family of Holme Cultram, Cumberland, 

formerly of Dumfriesshire, oonr. to 81 Dec 1901. 

8yo. pp. 42 (London) pr. pr. Nov, 08 

Farjeon (B. L.>— The Amblers. NoyeL Cr. Sfo. 

71 X 4|, pp. 878, 6s HuTCHiNSON, Jime 04 

Farm, Chmnistry of, WaringUm (B.) 28. 6d. net 


Farm, Dixon's Law of the. 268. Nov. 04 

Farm of the Dagger, Philipotte (Eden) 8s. 6d. 

Wmratmr (A.) — Place Name Synonyms Classified. 

8yo. 8| X 6, pp. 240, 4s. net Nutt, July 04 

Fanner (A.) Place Name Conesp., fls. 6d. net 

Dee. 04 
Farmer in Canada, Orange (Herbert) 8s. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 
Farmer (Tenant), How to Grow Wheat, 6d. net 

.ii^. 04 
Varmer and Stockbreeder Tear-Book, 1905. unp. 

8yo. swd. Is Office, 2)00. 04 

Fanner's Diary, &c., Peafe, 8iu, 58., Is Dee, 04 

Farmers' Cyclopedia, WUeox (B.) 158. net ..Sep. 04 
Farm. Facta, figures, McOwmeU (Primroae) 7s. 6d. 

net Dec. 04 

Farmhouse &e. Lodgings, HoUday»,l% ,July 04 

Farmiloe (E.) Mr. Biddle and the Dragon, 28. 6d. 
net Sep. 04 

Vmrmymrd Tales. 4to. bds. 8s. 6d. 

Nistbb, 5^.04 

Vamlngliam (Marianne) — Women and their 
Sayiour. Thoughts of a Minute for a Month of 
Mornings. 12mo. 6| x 4, pp. 96, Is. net 

J. Clabkb, Oct. 04 

Varrmnt (H. G.)-^Motor Car Law. Acts and 
Begulations, copiously annotated; full text of 
Acts and most recent Begulations. 12mo. 
6| X 4i, pp. 120, 2s. 6d. net ...VThb Cab,' July 04 

(F. W.)— Eternal Hom. 8yo. swd. 6d. 

MaCMILLAN, lf(Mf 04 

(F. W.)— Life and Work of St. Paul. 
Orig. Blus. New edit imp. 8yo. 10^ x 7|, pp. 

928, 10s. 6d. net Cabbsll, Sep. 04 

Farrar (F. W.), Farrar (Beg.) Os. net Mar. 04 

Vamur (BO— Life of Frederic William Farrar, 
sometime I)ean of Canterbury. Crown 8yo. 8| x 
5}, pp. 874, 6s. net Nisbet, Mar. 04 

Varrar (W. H.) — Three Liyes and a Loye. Cr. Sra 
68. Dbane, Mar. 04 

Varrer (J. A.) — Books Condemned to be Burnt. 
Pop. edit. 12mo. 6| x 4, pp. 218, Is. 6d. net (Boolr- 
lover'a Library) E. Stock, June 04 

Varrer (Lord)— Free Trade yersus Fair Trade. 
New ed. with Notes and latest Statistics by 
C. H. Chomley. Cr. 8yo. 7i x 4|, pp. 466, 58. net 

Fbbe Tbabb Union, Jan. 04 
Varrer (B. J.) — Garden of Asia: Impreasioiis 
from Japan. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 5, pp. 808, Os. 

Methuen, Aug. 04 
Varrow (G. E.)~Cineinatograph Train, and other 
Stories, nius. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 4|, pp. 212, 5s. 

B. B. Johnson, Nov. 04 

Varrow (G. E.)— Food of the Dogs, and what 

became of it. Trayeety with ample apologies to 

Mr. H. G. Wells. Blus. by Harry Fumiss. Or. 

8yo. swd. Is. net . Johnson & I., Dee. 04 

Varrow (G. E.)— Loyely Man. Being the yiews 
of Mistress A. Croespatch. Cr. 8yo. 7i x 5, pp. 
126, swd. Is. net Skeffinoton, Apr. 04 

Varrow (G. E.) — Pixie Pickles. Adyentures of 
Pixene and Pixette in their Woodland Haunts, 
nius. by Harry B. NeihKm. 4to. 12| x 10, pp. 48, 
bds. 6s Skeffinoton, Sep. 04 





(G. E.^Wallypag BirOidaT Book. 12 
ooloored plales; many Illas. by Aian Wright. 
Syo. 74 X Ht PP* l^t Sb. 6d. BouTLBDOK, Nov. 04 

■arrow (G. £.)— Wallypag in F(^-Lancl. Cr. 8to. 
7| X 5i, pp. S08, 5b. PxABSON, Sep. 04 

(G. E.)— WaUypng of Why. Cr. 8vo. 

■wd. 6flL ..PsABSOM, June 04 

FmIi, Ovm2, 5, 6, Thompaon ^o. 1b. 6d., 1b., 5b. 6d. 

JD0O. 04 
Va of the Land, Sireeier (J. W.)JBb. 6d. net Mar, 04 
Kile's HandioiHpB, FimtemoTe (a. P.) 6b. ...£f0p. 04 
Fklher Anthony^ttdbonan (Bbt) 28. 6d. 2^00.04 

Ftelher Clancy, FremdUngiA.) 6s June 04 

F^har Fabian, Worhoiee (B. J.) 2b., 2b. 6d. Apr, 04 

FOhar MJ?, TFOBon (T. W.) 2b. 6d Oct. 04 

FOhar TiMik'f Annual, 8b. 6d. Oc^. 04 

FMherhood of God, IMgeit (J. S.) 8b. net Dec. 02 

Wmwam. HawaiiensiB, Vol. 8, Part 4. Bdit. by D. 

Sharp. 4to. Bwd. 20b. net ...C. J. Clay, June 04 

Ftona of Brit. India, DieianTt^ 2, 2, 10B....iray 04 

of N. W. HigfalandB, Brown (J.) SOb. Oct. 04 

A^BA ftnd (Geography of the Maldive and Laoca- 
dire ArchipeUgoeB. Aoooont of work oarried on 
and of oolfectionB made by an expedition during 
1899 and 1900 nnder leaderahip of J. Stanley 
Gardiner. YoL 2, Part 2. 4to. Bwd. 15b. net. 
Vol. 2, Part 8. 4to. Bwd. 15b. net 

C. J. Clat, <7an., July 04 
muam Nom ZeaUndin. Edited by Captain 
F. W. Hntton. Pabliahed for the PhUoBophioal 
Inatitnte of Canterbury, New Zealand 8to. 

lOt. 6d. net Dulau, Feb. 04 

Nora Zealandia, JfMte, 10b. 6d. nt. ; adv. 
to 12b. 6d. net Feh.^ July 04 

(Millioent Garrett) — ^Political Eoonomy 
for Beginnere. 9th edit. enl. 12mo. 6|x4||, 
pp. 272, 2b. 6d. Maovillah, June 04 

(A.) — Memoire of the Martyr King. Detailed 
Beoord of laet two yeare of reign of hiB moBt 
■aored Mi^eety King Charlee I., 1646-8-9. 4to. 
llhr. 105b. net Lane, NofV. 04 

(A.) — Secret Chambera and Hiding-Places: 
historic, romantic, and legendary stories uid 
traditions about hiding-holea. secret chambers, 
itc Srdedit BIub. 8ya 8i[x5|, pp. 818, 5b. 
net BousruLD, Nov. 04 

Vsarenslde (C. S.)— England under the Stuarts, 
1608-88, red. to 2s. 6d Cliys, June 04 

(C. S.)— History of England. Cer- 
ftiileate Edit With Papers set at Certificate 
Exam, during the last Four Years. Cr. film 
7 X 4|, pp. 550, 4b. 6d. Clivs, Aug. 04 

V«areBSlde (C. S.), Horrocks (J. W.)— History of 
England from 1487 to 1558. Soholarship Edit. 

Cr. 8to. pp. 188, 2s. Clivs, Dec. 04 

of Mother Church, Salome (M.) 8b. 6d. 

kttoared Friends. 4to. bds. 28. 6d. 

NuTSB, Sep. 04 

on the Fiord, Martineau (H.) 2b. —Apr. 04 

Feats on the Fiord, Martineau (H.) 2s. Sep. 04 

Fund (House of Lords)— Aocount for 1908-4, 

id. [2107] Etkb & S. July 04 

Feeding Children, HoU (L. Emmett) 2b. nt. May 04 

r«Ibeniuui (L.)— Land of the Khedive. Cr. 8yo. 

7| X 4|, pp. 160, 8b. 6d. Lono, Feb. 04 

Feldman's OituU Budget of Pop. Songs, Is. net 

FeUciti', Hare (Christopher) 6b Apr, 04 

WkUx (G.)— Le Colonel de Villebois-Mareuil et la 
Guerre Sud-Africaine. Cr. 8vo. pp. 288 (Tours) 

Afar. 02 

Felix Holt, BUot (Geo^ June 04 

Fellowship and Life, Kruekenberg (F. T.) Is. net 


VelOiam (O.) — BesolTes : Divine, Morall, 

Politioall. 12mo. 6^x81, pp. 422. Is. 6d. net; 

Ithr. 2s. net [Temple Olaeeioe) Dsnt, July 04 


Feltoe (C. L.), Dionyaius of Alexdr., 7b. 6d. net 

^'ov. 04 

Feminine Note in Fiction, Courtney (W. L.) 5b. 

net Oct. 01 

VoBby (T.) — Dictionary of English Synonyms. 

AlphabeticaUy Classified. 4th edit. 12mo^| Ithr. 

2b. 6d J. Grant, June 04 

Fencing Master Ssc, Dumas (Alexr.) 6d. .».Dec, 04 

Venn (C. B.)— Tom and the Enemy. Bins. Cr. 
8vo. l\ X 4|, pp. 128, Is Pabtbidox, Sep, 04 

Venn (Clive E.)— White Flower. Novel. Cr. 8yo. 
7| X 4i, pp. 276, 2s. 6d. Diobt & L. Nov. 04 

(F.), Wyllie (B.)— Old EngUsh Furniture. 

8yo. 9 X 51, pp. 102, 7b. 6d. net {Lib, of Applied 
Arts) .Nbwmbs, Dee, 04 

Venn (G. M.)— Blind Policy. NotcI. Cr. 8to. 
7ix 41, pp. 816, 6b. Long, Oct, 04 

Venn (G. M.) — Coming Home to Boost. NotbL 
Cr. 8Ta 7| x 5, pp. 820, 6b. F. V. Whits, May 04 

Venn (G. M.)— Devon Boys. Tale of North 
Shore. HIub. New edit. cr. 8to. 7i x 4|, ro. 882, 
8b. 6d. BiiAOUB, Oct, 04 

Venn (G. M.)— Glyn Severn's School-Days. Blus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5|, pp. 418, 58. ...Chakbxbs, Oct, 04 

Venn (G. M.)— Marcus : Young Centurion. Hlus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5}, pp. 892, 5b. Nistbb, Nov, 04 

Venn (G. M.)— Nat the Naturalist; or. Boy's 
Adventures in Eastern Seas. Hlus. New edit, 
cr. 8vo. 7} X 4}, pp. 820, 8b. Blackib, Oct, 04 

Venn (G. M.)— Ocean Cat's-Paw: Story of a 
Strange Cruise. Hlus. 8vo. 8^x51, pp. 510, 5s. 

S.P.C±. Oct. 04 

Venn (G. M.)— The Khedive's Country: the Nile 
Valley and its Products. 8vo. 8^ x 5|, pp. 180, 
5b. Cassbll, Apr, 04 

Venn (G. M.)— To Win or to Die. Tale of 
Klondike Gold Crase. Hlus. 8va 8x5|, pp. 

408, 5b Pabtbzdgb, Oct, 04 

Fenn (G. M.) Ac, Fifty-two Stories, Grit, Boys, 5s. 

Oct, 04 
Venn (M.) — Memoir of Benjamin Franklin 

Stevens, pr. pr Cmswicx Pbbsb, Jan, 04 

Feo', Pemberton (Max) 6d July 04 

Ferara, Dukes, Poets, Gardner (Edm. G.) 18b. net 

Ferdinand's Adven., Bugeeeen (E. H. K.) 2b. 6d. 

/on. 04 
Verrnson (J. S.)— Normal Histology; Micro- 
scopical Anatomy. 8vo. 21s. net 

S. Applbton, Dec. 04 
Vermson (Lady)— Lrish before the Conquest. 
8rd ed. Maps. Bev. and enL pp. 878, 5b. 

(Dublin) Sbalt, Bbtbbb is Walxbb, 08 
Verffnson (Boss)— Popular Beciter and Art of 
Elocution and Public Speaking. Simple explana- 
tions of various branches of elocution; lessons 
for Self -instruction. Intro, by George Alexander. 
Cr. 6vo. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is. Gbbbnino, Jan. 04 

Vemald (J. C.)~ConnectiveB of EngliBh Speech. 

Cr. 8vo. 68 Funk Si W. Oct. 04 

Femande, Dumae (A.) 6d. Sep. 04 

Ferns, Brit, Lankeeter (Mrs.) 8b. 6d. May, Nov. 04 

Vermr (M. L.)— With the G^reen Howards in 
South Africa, 1899-1902. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, to. 208, 

8s. 6d. net Eoxn Fishbb, Hay 04 

Ferrara, Noyee (Ella) 4b. 6d., 5b. 6d. net. Oct. 04 

Ferrari (Gaudensio), HdUby (E.) 5s. net ..J'an, 04 
FertiUty of the Unfit, Ohapple (W. A.) 2s. 6d. net 


Veetinff (GabrielleV--From the Land of Princes. 

Pref . by (George JBirdwood. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 5, pp. 

456, 6s. Smith & E. Oct, 04 

Festival Sermons, ^tfumian (Jn. Henry) 2s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 
Fetichism, W. Africa, Nauau (Bbt Hamill) 7b. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

Fetters of Gold, Bddu (Chs.) 6s. Nov. 04 

Feudalism, Fall in Lrcland, Davitt (Michael) lOs. 6d. 
net May 04 

IVar at Life, Hun 



Tealllet (0.>—L* Village. Bi, Note* by P. J. A. [ 
DaricUoD. Cr. Bm. pp. 68 ' 

(Toronto) Copf, Clabi C, Dec. M 
rcMTTB (Amy Le)— A Little Hud. IllnB. Ci. Sto. 

7ix*l>PP-lS0, at Bbl. TuotSoc. Ocf . M 

VanvrB (Amy Le)~A ThonghUeu Seren. Ulna. 
Cr. Sto. 71 X 4{, pp. 106, la. 

Bu.. TucT Boc. ifay 04 
*•»▼!« (Amy LeH-C«Ted Cnpbowd. New edit. 
K. Sto. Tl <c 4|, pp. in, Bt. 

BxL. TaiCT Soc. Mm 01 
VaBTre (Am* Le)— Hii Little Duuliter. Uliii. 
Ci. Sto. It » <l. PP- IHt !■■ M. 

KsL. Tkact. Soc. Oct. 04 
V«tt«r« (Amy Le)— Protwbla Boni. New edit. 

41a awd. It. Bel. Tract Soa. /uly 04 

VMtTre (Amy Le>— Teddy't Bntton. New edit. 

4to. tvd. It. Bu.. Tract Soc. Jtdu D4 

" ir,Iiifea.o(BiiteTia,OoUu(A.)'B£. 04 

~ a (Faigni) Bd. Woo. 04 

ndeU* (Hu7)~Ia Holieat Troth: Story ol 

St. Bncntidk, one of the Htrtyn ol Sangonk. 

Bm. or. Sto. pp. 316, St. 6d. BuBxa & 0. Jan. OS 

Vtotd (B.)~P<Mmi ol Childhood. Hint by Mu- 

fteld Puriili. Boy. Sio. 9^ " T, pp. Hi, 10*. Od. 

Laki, Dub. 04 

WUU (Hn. B. HJ— At the Sing-i Right Hud. 

Dim. by A. G. Walker. Cr. 8to. 8 >c e|. PP' ^63, 

St. 6d GABimiB A D. CM. 04 

Field Book, Biidt, Hwie, Ualhnn (F.) Ti. 6d. net 


Field Fortiflortioo, B^ittcUneon (H.)4t.DelJiriiy 04 

Held Natnrelitt'i Handbook. Wood (Q. to.) It., 

It. Sd. Voy 04 

Vleld Bauge-Snding Handbook, with Wathio't 
Field Banse-flndei and Telemeter. Od. 

Em & 8. ATar. 04 
neldliavute (A.)— StadenU' Commemal Book- 
keeping. Fart 2, Advanced. 7th edit, rev., enl. 

Cr. Sto. pp. tea, 8b. Bimfein, Oct. 04 

VlalOtnc (H.) — AdTeotoree ot Joeeph Andrewt 
and hia Friend Mi. Abraham Adama. Part 1. 
Anthor't Prel.; Intro, by Q, H. Mayoadier (Work^ 
Vol.1). 8T0.8ixBi,pp.a74,a«.«d. net 

Qat & B. Oct. 04 
VialOlng (B.)— AdveatnrBi of Joaeph Andiewi 
and hit Friend Mr. Abraliam Adama. Written 
in imitatioD of the manner of Cerranlea, Author 
of ^Dcsa Quixote.' Complete in two parte. 
Part a, Anthor'a Pret,; Intra by O. H. Hay- 
nadier (Workt, Vol. 8j. Svo. H'H, PP- "SO, 

>>.6d.iiet Oai k Bibd, Oof. 04 

neMlar(H.>— HearteotHen. Srd edit. kt. Sto. 

SI x ei, pp. aao, e*. net Hubst a B. Apr. 04 

TUUtnt (H.) — History o! Joseph Andrewt. 
nine. 13mo. U >> 4^ pp. 84S, le. Sd. ; Ithr., Sa. td. 

net (OUuiital HoiMt) Hutchinbok, Nov. 04 

»l«l«ta» (H,)— Hiatory of Tom Jonea. Him. by 
Qeorge Cmikthaok. 8 Tola. ISmo. 81 " 41, pp. 
403, 468, ea. It. 6d. net : Ithr. St. Bd. net ( ClaMie 

SotM) HoTCHiMeoH, Oat. 04 

Vleiainr (H.)— HietoTT of Tom Jonet, a Fonnd- 
ling. (In t parta) Part 1. Anthor't Prefaoe, 
Intto. by G. H. Haycadier. (Worka: Vol. S.) 
Sto. 8i x Ej, pp. S83, 3i. Bd. net 

Oai & B. Nov. 04 
rteldlnt (H.]— Hiitorr of Tom Jonea. Part a. 
Aothor's Preface, Intro, by G. H. Maynadier. 
CWorka, Vol. 4.) 8vo. 8^x6^, pp. 8G3. a«. 
Oat & B. Nov. 04 
rieldlnit (H.)— History of Tom Joaea, a Found- 
ling. With Anthor'a Pref. ; Intro, by G. H. 
Maynadier. Farta B, 4. (WmkB, Volt. 6 & B.] 
Sto. 81 x Gj|, pp. STB, B63, ea. Sa. 64. net 

Gai a B. Dec. 04 

n«ldlDr (Sarah)— AdTentniet of David Simple. 

Cr. 8to. 7tx4|, pp. 878, Be. {Half-Forgottan 

Booit) BoDTLEDOi, June 04 

Fieldt, Faotoriee, Workahopt, Kropotkin (P.) la 
net; Bep.,Nov.lH 



Pile Uinera, Amcmg, DwIonJ (Kellagg) St. Sd. 


Tlftr Lekdera of Britiah Sport. Baiiea of portcaila 

brBmeatC. Elliott (of Elliott ft Fn). Biwn- 

phioal Notaa and a Pref. by F. Q. Allala. FdL 

nf X 7i, pp. 146, 31s. nek Laitb, Oet. 04 

Fifty-two OhoBy Chata for Wirai and HotharL 
from the Oennan, Hoet^tU (Uargaiete Ton) 

St. Bd. net Ooi. « 

nftr-Two Storieaof Oril and '^*™~*— for Bon 
byO. MaBTille Penn and otlwn. BdiLbyAUnd 
H. Hilea. niva. Cr. Sro. Bxtl.pp. 4«(^ Sa. 

HnrcBiHwni, OeCM 
»R7-Two SloriBa of Otit and Chataotar te 
Oirit. By Aliea F. Jaekaon and othtn. Ulna. 
Cr. Sto. 8 x ti|, pp. 46^Sa....Himim>M>il, Oet. 04 
Flftr-Two Storiat ol Wild Life Eatl and Weak. 
By H. Herrey and oUmtr Edll by AlAad H. 
Milea. nina Cr. Sto, 6 x U, pp. 4U, Ea. 

HvTCHnaoH, Oof. 04 
Fifty Teart ol PabUe Serrioa, QTigUkt (Art.), Ue. 

net Nov. 04 

SO Yean and Fitoal Policy, Bnuteu (Lord) ^ oat 


ncair* Illnatrt. Cbriatmae Number. French or 

Engliab. Fol. awd. ea. Be. 6d....Siicma, Dte. 04 

riKfta (J. N.)— Chiiitianity and Hiatory. Cr. Sto. 

Ba. net FncB, Dee. 04 

Flight forCwiadft, TPooifW.) Sla net 4pr.04 

Figfab for CrowD, Norrit (W. E.) 6d Alar. 04 

Fight, The, Orned (B,) te. Nov. 04 

Fight to B. Pioiah, Dm.niion (C, O., Haj.) St. Atfa 04 

Fighting hit Way, Bidford (H. L.) la June 04 

Fighting Bhipa, /one iFred.T.) Ilia, oat ...Jtw.O* 

FigbtiDg Troubadour. Atnter (A. CO Bd Feb. 04 

Fights, CbnmpiuDahip, HmMtn^ (Fred.) Ta. 0<L 

BOB JTatt. n 

Vigan Drawing, .HaKon(Bie. Q.) Tt. 6d. nt Nov. 0* 
VUl—CistMpcadeiioe relating to Native Taxatkm 
and Commnnal Syatem in ^ji, a|d. [3340] 

Etna % S. Old. 04 
Vll(l«a (H. G.)— 'Trim' and Antrim'a Shona. 
NoTeL Cr. Sto. 7} x 4{, pp. BIB, 6a. 

GuBRina, Sep. 04 

Filigree Ball, Oram (A. E.) Sa Fei. 04 

nMUt«a Aoconnta ol Dnited Eingdom fm- 1908-4. 

Sia Bid. [aiS] Bybb & S. Aug. 04 

Finanoe, National, Boalei (Thoa. Oibeon) 6d. 

VlnBBelKl Beform ti.t..n.rfc igcM. Cr. Sra. 

lt.ed.; twd. It BiKFUM, nb. 04 

Financier, Amanng, Bootey Book, la. net...i)M. 04 
nneb (H. M.)— Law relating to Mercbandiaa 

Harks Acta. Svo. 7t.6d Clowes, Nov. 04 

Fioohea, Foreign, Beantifal, BuiiM- (A. G.) aSa net 

Finding the Wa},Af>Uiir(J.R.)i8a.6d Nov. 04 

VlWIlater {Jane H.)— Stonea from aOlaat Home. 

Cr. 8to. 7i X S, i^ 803, 6a NiBBET, Mar. 04 

VladlKT (A.)— Phase Bnle and ite Afnlioatioua. 
118 Fignret in the teit. Intro, to study of Phy- 
■tcal Chemialry by Bir William Bamsay. Cr.Sro. 
7^x4}, pp. B78, Be. {Text-Booki of PAui4ob1 

Cherniitry) Lokohanb, Feb. 04 

Findlay (O. Q.) Epistlsi of Paul to Theaa, Sa. 

nadan (B. W.)— Sir Arthur Sullivan, his LlfB 
and Moaic. Cr. 8to. 71 x E, pp. aaa, Sa. 6d. net 

NiSBET, Sap. 04 
VlBea iCB. (Ireland)— Aoooonts lor IBOS. Id. 

[828] Eras 4 B. Auf. 04 

Finest £aiy in the World, la. net Sep. 04 

iBgar Print System ot Ideotification. Working 
of. 1001-1004. Uemo on, July 1M4, Sd. 

BiBE ft 8. Nov. 04 

niver Prints — Additional Regulation made by 

Lord-Lieutenant ol Ireland an& Sections 8 and 

of Penal BerTitude Act, 18BI, loi taking Finger 

Prints lie. of Untried Prisonera. Id. [1414] 

Btbe ft S. Sep. 04 






(G.)— The Poet's Chfld. Or. 8to. Ss. «d. 

SoNNUfscHsiN, Apr. 04 

rUilflfj (Martiia)~Blaie and her Loved Ones. 

New edit. or. 8to. 7ix4|, pp. 802, Is. {EUie 

Bodkt) HOUTLBDOB, May 04 

ViBBemore (BmilT Pearson)— Fate's Handicaps. 
NoTel. Or. 8yo. 7# x 4|, pp. 890, 6s. 

DiOBT, LoMO, 8w, 04 
giaaOTBora (Bmily Pearson) — Marrying of Sarah 
Ckrland. NoreL Or. 8to. 7| x 6, pp. 880, 6s. 

HuBBT & B. Nov. 04 

Vfammnore (Emily Pearson) — Mary Louisa 

Qnayne, a bdated Lore Afbur. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, 

pp. US, 9s. 6d S.P.C.E. Oct. 04 

Vtimeinore (Emily Pearson)— Tally : Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 804, 8b. 6d. 

HuBST ft B. Mar, 04 
giwamiMire (J.) ~ Chambers's Saj^plementary 

Readers. Children of the Empire. Part 1. 

Poet 8vo. pp. 146, Is. W. ft B. Chambbbb, Dee. 04 

Vfamemore (J.) — Fairy Stories from the Little 
Moontain. Cr. 8vo. bds. Is. {Bed Nunery Seriee) 

S.S.n. Nov. 04 

VlBBemore (J.)-^In the Trenches : Adventures of 

a Rifleman in Crimea. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6}, pp. 408, 6s. 

Nblsom, Sep. 04 

Vat Tree Farm, Qreen (E. E.-) 9s. 6d. Jan. 04 

Fire Brigade Drill Book, F<>Uter (H. S.) Is. 04 

VIre Brigade Drills— Hints on Management, for 
Officers of Brigades. 8vo. pp. 64, 8d. 

Shahd ft Masom, 04 
VIre Brigades, Parttv-paid and Volnnteer—Bnles 
and RegnlationB. Useful information as to work- 
ing and management. 8va pp. 96) Is. 

Bhamd ft Mason, 04 

Fire Brigades, TTorib, Is Mwr. 08 

Fire-brincrer, Moody (Wm. Vaughan) 68. nt. Mcm 04 
Fire, EzpL, Risks, achwarU (Dr. von) 16s. nt. Feh.iA 
Fire Insurance, Kitehin (F. Harcourt) 6s. net 

If ay 04 
Fire Service, First Aid in, StUee (Wm.) Is. 6d. net 

Viroslda Annual, 1004. Folio. 7s. 6d. 

Ofticb, Nov. 04 

WittX Aid, Auetm (J. A.) Is Oct. 04 

First Aid, OoUie (R. J.) 8d. net.. Oct. 04 

Vint Book for Little Ones. 4to. bds. Is. 

Gbitfith ft F. JuUf 04 
Vlrvt Book of Stories from History. Bins. Com- 
plete History Readers, No. 1. C^. 8vo. lOd. 

Blagkib, Feb. 04 

First Favourites, Qubhine (N.) 8s. 6d Apr, 04 

First Man in the Moon, WeVU (H. G.) 8b. 6d. 

Nov. 04 
First Principles, Spencer (Herbert) 7s. 6d.... Oc^. 04 

Vlrvt Stage Building Construction. Adapked to 
First Stage Examination of the Board of Educa- 
tion. Em. ed. Illus., Diagrams. By Brysson 
Cunningham. Cr. 8vo. pp. 882, 28. 6d. (Org. 8ci. 
8er.) Cltvb, Nov. 04 

Virst Stage Building Construction Questions, 
including Papers set by Board of Education, 
South Kensington, 1898-1904 ; numerical answers 
where requir^, and solutions to 1904 Paper. 
Arranged by J. W. Marriott. New Series. 
Cr. 8vo. sd. 6d. Simpkin, Dee. 04 

First Stag^ Hygiene, Lytter (Rbt. A.) 2b. ...Sep. 04 

Vlrvt Stage Machine Construction and Drawing 
Papers (Board of Education Evening Examina- 
tion Papers) 1894-1908. Cr. 8vo. pp. 44, swd. 8d. 

(Org. Sei. Ser.) Clivb, Mar. 04 

^rst Stage Magnetism, Jtide (R. H.) fs. ...Oet. 04 
First Stage Steam, Hayward (J. W.) 2s. ...July 04 
First Year of Responsib., Butler (M.) Is. nt. Mar. 04 
Fiscal Dynamics, Maekengie (V. St. Clair) 4s. net 

Oet. 04 
Fiscal Facts and Fictions, Shaw (F. O.) Ss. nt. Apr. 01 
Fiscal Probl., Prog., Kirkup (Thos.) 8s. 6d. net 

Dse. 04 

Fiscal Question, Buxton (Syd.) Jan. 04 

Fiscal Question, Tori/ Dicty., 28. 6d Feb. 04 

VlBoal Reform Sixty Years Ago. Passages 
selected from Speeches of Charles Pelham Villiers, 
M.P. for Wolverhampton, 1886-98. Selected hj 
Wilbraham Villiers Cooper. 16mo. swd. Is. net 

Umwin, Sep, 04 

Fiscal Wonderland, Geake (Chs.), Gk)uld, 2b. 6d. net 


Flsober (H. W.)— Private Lives of William IL 
and his Consort. Secret history of Court of 
Berlin. From papers and diaries (June 1888 to 
spring of 1898) of a Lady in Waiting on the 
Empress-Queen. 8vo. 9 x 6|. pp. 866, 10s. net 

HsiNBMANir, Nov. 04 

Flab (D. S.)— Vegetable Garden Calendar. Cr. 
8vo. Is. net ; swd. 6d. netDAWBABM ft W. Sep. 04 

Fish, Coarse, Wheeley (Chs. H.) 8s. 6d Sep. 04 

Fish in Ireland, How and where to, 8b. td,..Oct, 04 

Flalier (Caroline) — One London Season : a Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 886, 6b. Blackwood ft SJLpr. 04 

Flslier (J JI.) — Ophthalmological Anatomy. Some 
Illustrative Cases. Roy. 8vo. 10 x 6}, pp.196, 7s. 6d. 

HoDDEB ft S. Apr. 04 

Fisherman's Handbook, Shrubeole (Edgar) 8b., 4b. 
net Apr, 04 

Fishers, Harrie (J. H.) 6s JLpr, 04 

FiBliory Board for Scotland— •22nd Annual 
Report of the, for 1908. Part 1. General 
Report. Appendioes. Map. 8vo. Is. lOd. [2068] 

Etbb ft S. June 04 

Wimhmrj Board for Scotland — 22nd Annual 
Report. For 1908. Part 2, Report on Salmpn 
Fiuieries. Appendices, Dianams, lUus. 8vo. 
Is. 6d. [2088] .Etbb ft 8. July 04 

Flaliery Board for Scotland — 22nd Annual 
Report, for 1908. Part 8— Scientific Investiga- 
tions. Diagrams, Plates. 8vo. 6b. 2d. [2147] 

Etbb ft S. Sep, 04 
Flaliery, Ireland— Order of the Lord Lieut, in 
CouncU, dated Jan. 29, 1904, approving 
Bye-Law of the Department of Agriculture ana 
Technical Instruction for Ireland as to Trawling 
on part of the Coast of the County of Cork. l£ 

Etbb ft S. Mar, 04 
Fishes, Brit. FreshWater, Maxwell (H., Sir) 19s. 6d. 

net Feb. 04 

Fishes, Brit. Salt Wtr., Aflah (F. G.) 12s. 6d. net 

Aug. 04 
Fishes ftc, Cambr. Natural Hist, 7, 17b. net 

Fishing, PenneU (H. C.-) 6s. net Apr. 04 

FlalilBg. Edit, by Horace G. Hutchinson. 9 
vols. roy. 8vo. 9^ x 6|, pp. 646, 460, ea. 12s. 6d. 
net (* Country Life * idbrary of Sport) 

Nbwmbs, June 04 
Fishing Holidays, Giovnn (S.) 7s. 6d. net... Jfar. 04 
Fishing, Indian, Hints oy SJeene Dhu, 6s. net Jan. 04 
Fishing of little Jim, Oradg (J. P.) Is. 6d....Deo. 04 
Fishing Tackle, to buy, Bioherdyke (Jn.) Is. 6d. net 

Jan. 04 

Fishing Vessel Skipper Exam., i200<r« Guide, 8s. 6d. 

net Auy. 04 

Flake (A. K.)— Modem Bank : Description of its 
Functions and Methods, and Brief Account of 
Development and Present Systems of Banldng. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6:^, pp. 860, 6s. net 

S. Appleton, June 04 

Flake (G. B.)— Poultry Feeding and Fattening. 
Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d K.Paul, Nov. 04 

Fit of Happiness, Gray (Cecil) 6s .Deo. 04 

Fltoliett rw. H.)— Commander of the *Hiron- 
delle.' Bius. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 898, Os. 

Smith ft E. Oet. 04 

Fits-Boodle Papers ftc, Thackeray (William M.) 
8s. 6d. Apr, 04 

FltsgenUd (A. ft Sybil)— Naples, Painted and 
Described. 8vo. 9 x 6^, pp. 248, 20s. net 

Black, June 04 

Fltxgerald (E.)--MiscellanieB. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 4|, 
pp. 264, 1b. (Unit;. Lib.) Routlbdob, May 04 

Fit^erald (Edwd.), Wright (Ths.) 248. nt..../afi. 04 






Fitsgerald (E. Sc P.), Campbell (Gerald) ISs. 6d. net 

Nov, 01 

ntsrorald (G. Beresford)— A Faithful Lore. 

Cr. 8yo. 74 X 4}, pp. 814, 6s....Diobt, Lomo, Feb. 04 

Fitsrerald (P.)— Boz and Bath : his Acoonnt of 
the Gay City and of its Men, Women, and 
Places. 8to. swd. Is. 6d Suipkin, Sep, 04 

Fitsfferald (P.)— Garriok Clnb. 4to. 10|x7|, 
pp. 368, 2l8. net E. Stock, Dec. 04 

Vltsfrerald ^.)— Lightning Toon, mostly within 
84 Hours. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 964, swd. Is. 

EvxBiTT, Mar. 04 

ntxliainoB (Ii.HBiTal MiUionaires. Novel. 
Cr. 8to. 7} X 6, pp. 818, 8s. 6d. Wabd & L. JvXy 04 

Itspatiiek (J.) — Enoharistic Elevations. 16mo. 
pp. 100, Is. Washboubkb, Dee. 09 

Fltspatrtek (J.), Haydon (T. E.)— Secretary's 
Mannal on Law and Practice of Joint Stock 
Companies. Forms and Precedents. 0th ed. cr. 
•to. 6f. net Joboax, Jan. 04 

ntspatHek (T.)— Bloody Bridge and other 
Papers relating to the Insorrection of 1641 (Sir 
Phelim O'Neill's Bcbellion). Demj 8to. pp. 896, 

10s. (Dublin) Sbalt, bbtxbs k Walkxb, 08 

fire-figure Tables, Dale (X^B.) 8s. 6d. net...Jan. 04 
Five Great Painters^oyltM (Wyke,8ir) 6sjit Oc^04 

Five BebeUions DoUs, NeehU (E.) 6e. Sep. 04 

Flags and Funnels, LloytFi Oocik of House, &c. 

5s. net Dee. 04 

Flame-Gatherers. Potter (U. H.) 6s. June 04 

Flame of Fire, Hooking (Jos.) 8s. 6d Sep. 04 

Flame Spectra, Watteville (C. de) 2s. Nov. 04 

Flap Jack, Aroher (J. C.) Is. 6d Nov. 04 

nambert (G.)— Madame Borary. Cr. 8vo. swd. 
It. net GiBBiNos, May 04 

naweno (E.)—Marooned on Australia. Narra- 
tion of Diedrioh Buys of his Discoveries and 
Exploits in Terra Australia Incognita Sbbout 1680. 
New edit. cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 234, Ss. 

Blacxh, Oct. 04 

Flax, Hemp, &o., Spinning, Carter (Herb. B.) 16«. 
net Dee. 04 

neet (E. F.)--Dayspring from on High. 2 vols. 

Cr. 8vo. 12s. net Dbank, Sep. 04 

Fleet, Famous Fighters of, Frtuer (Edward) 6s. 

2^ov. 04 
Fleet Street, Fifty Years, Bohimon (John B.) 14s. 

net Nov. 04 

Vleets (Great Britain and Foreign Countries)— 
Betom showing Fleets of Great Britain, France, 
Bussia, Germanv, Ital^, United States of 
America, Japan, distinguishing classes of Vessels 
built and building, date of Launch, Displace- 
ment, Armaments, March 81, 1904. Od. [186] 

Etbx & S. June 04 

Vlaming (D. H.)— Story of the Scottish Covenants. 
In outline. 4to. bds. 2s. 6d. net 

Oliphant, Mtiy 04 

Vtoming (G.)— Text-book of Operative Veterinary 
Surgery. Vol 1. 2nd ed. by J. McQueen. 
Cr. 8vo. pp. 804, 10s. net BAiLLifou, Mar. 08 

nemlng (J. A.)— Evidence of Things not Seen. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 78, Is. S.P.C.K. Sep. 04 

Fleming (Mrs.) &c., Hand in Hand, Verses, 

88. 6d. net Oct. 02, Apr. 08 

VlemlBg (T.)— Around the Capital with Uncle 
Hank. Illus. Cr. 8vo. pp. 862 (N. York) Os. 6d. 

Flemish MS., Vedaat Missal, 8s. 6d. net ...Aug. 04 
Flemish &o Masters in Nat. Gal., Witt, Gs. net 

Jan. 04 

netolier (A. E.)— Thomas Gainsborough, BJl. 

Blus. Cr. 8vo. 7)x5i, pp. 260, 8s. 6d. net 

{Makert of BHtUh Art) W. Scott, Nov. 04 

netolier fB. F. and H. P.)— Arbitrations. 8rd 
edit largely re- written. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 176, 
68. 6d Batsfokd, t>ec. 04 

netcber (C. B. L.)— Introductory History of 
England. From Earliest Times to Close of 
ICiddle Ages. Mi^w. 8vo. x 6|. pp. 418, 7s. 6d. 

J. MuBmAT, July 04 

Vtotelier (H.) —A B-Z of our Nutrition. Cr. 8va 
6s. net {ABC Life Ser.) B. F. Snvxif 8, May 01 

Vletelier (H.)— The New Glutton or Epicure. Cr. 
8vo. 48. net {ABC Life Seriee) 

B. F. Stxvxhs, Apr. 01 

netclMr (H.)— The New Menticulture ; or, the 
A B C of True Living. Cr. 8vo. 4s. net (il £ (7 
Life Seriee) B. F. Stbvsvs, Apr. 04 

n«telMr (H.)— That Lost Waif; oiy Social 
Quarantine. Cr. 8va 48. net (il jB L^e Ser.) 

B. F. Stbtbhb, Apr. 04 

neteber (J. 8.)— David Mazoh, a Novel Cir. 8vo. 
7|x6,pp.820,68. Mbthum, JPefr. 04 

neteliar (J. S.)— For Thoee were Btininc Times I 

Other stories. Cr. 8vo. 76x4i, pp. 266, Se. 6d. 

SVBBBTT, Od. 04 

netebor (J. S.)~Pigeons' Cave. Story of Greai 

Orme's Head in 1806. Hlus. Cr. 8vo. 74x4i, 

pp. 166, Is. 6d Pabtbidob, Sep. 04 

netcbor (J. S.)— The Diamonds. Novel Hlus. 
Cr. 8vo. 1\ X 41, pp. 826, 6s. DiOBT, LoMO, Feb. 04 

netelier (J. 8.)— The Diamonds, a Novel Illua* 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4i, pp. 816, 68. DiOBT, Lomo Mar. 04 

netelier (M.)— Jefferson Junior. School Story. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 288, 8s. 6d....BLACKiB, Oat. 04 

Ftoteher pfargaret)— School of the Heart Cr. 
8vo. 2s. 6d. net Lohokahs, Feb. 04 

netelier (W^— English and American Steam Car* 
riages and Traction Engines. Blus. Bov. 8vo» 
9| X 6|, pp. 448, 168. net Lohomans, Mar. 04 

Wlmw (J.)— Studies in Browning. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6^. 
pp. 248, 28. 6d. net C. BL. Kbllt, Apr. 04 

nint (B.)— Philosopher as Sdentia Scientiarum A 
History of Classifications of Sciences. Boy. 8vo. 

H ^ Hi PP* 1^1 10s. 6d. net 

BULCKWOOD & S. Oct. 04 
nint (S. W.)— Schedule D, and How to Deal with. 

it. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. E. Wilsok, Oct. 04 

Flint Impl,Eolithic, Harrison (B.) Deo. 04 
Flora of Co. Dublin, Colgan (Nat.) 128. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 

Flora Simlensis, CoUett (H., Sir) 158. net ...Dec 09. 

Flora & Sylva. Vol. 1. 4to. 218. net Officb, Jan. 04 

norm and Sylva. Vol 2. Fol 21s. net 

OmcB, Dec. 04 
Florence, Hare (Aug. J. C), Badeley, 8s. Mar. 04 
Florence Legends, Leland{C. G.) 2s. net JPeft. 04 
Florence, Mornings in, ButUin ( Jn.) 2s. 6d., 8s. 6d» 

net Jvhf 04 

Florence, Old & Mod., Bote ( JJ Ss. 6d. net Nov. 04 
Florence, Song of, Neville H^. Bu) 48. 6d. net Nov. 04 
Florentine Chair, Lueae (St. John) 8s. 6d....Sep. 04 
Florilegium Tironis Gracum, Burrows (E.) 4s. 6d. 
^ Nov. 04 
Florry's Success, Martin (W.) 2s Apr. 04 

Flower (E.)>-The Spoilsmen. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 6, pp. 824, 68 Putnam, June 04 

Flower (Sir W. H.), Cornish (Charles J.) 8s. 6d. net 

Apr. 04 

Flower, Engl. National, Bunyard {Oreo.) 8s. 6d. nei 

Jan. 04 
Flower Legends &c, McCoUum (A. F.) Dee. 02 

Flowor of the Mind. Choice among best poema 
made by Alice Meynell. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 872, 
4s. 6d. net Bjchabds, Oct. 04 

Flower Painting Book. Obi. 4to. bds. 2s. 6d. 

N18TEB, Sep. 04 

Flower-time in Oberland, B€iwnsley (H.) 6s. net 

Feb. 04 

Flower and Leaf, Chau4!er, frontispiece, 2 page 
drawings, and over 80 oml. letters by £. Harwood, 
68s Deo. 02. 






>dew (H.)— Celibate's Wife. New edit. 

er. 8yo. 7} x 4f , pp. 414, Is. 6d. net {OanvMBnek 

Lib,) Lank, Nov. 04 

Flowezing Plants, B&ndle (All. Barton) 1, 10b. 6d. 

net Mew 04 

Fkmering Plants, Laurie (C. L.) 2s. 6d. ..,Feo. 04 
Flowaring Plants, Fems, &c.f known to ooonr in 

Gomwall, Daveu (F. H.) 6b June 03 

Flowers, Children's, Dyeon (8. L.) Is. 6d. ...May 04 
Flowers, Children's Wild, MaxweU (Mrs. J. M.) 

78. 6d. net Nov. 04 

Flowers, Ferns, Dicy., Willii (J. C.) lOs. 6d. Feb. 04 

ers from Persian Ghurdens. Selections 
from Poems of Saadi Hafis, &o., by £. 8. 
Holden. lOmo. bds. 6s. net {Way tide aeriei) 

Gat & B. Oct. 04 

npwers from Persian Poets. Edited by N. H. 

Dole and Belle M. Walker. Cover, Title-pages, 

and borders, designed by Ooodhne. ft vols, liurge 

er. Sto. pp. 608, 18b. net Dxan & 8. Dee. 04 

Flowers of Bible, Ooies (B. A.) 9s. 6d. net ...Oct. 04 

Flowers, 8. Afrioan, Henalow (G.) 6s Feb. 04 

Flowers, WM, Lankeeter (Mxn.) 8s. 6d May 04 

(M.) — Clue to the Eoonomio Laby- 
rinth. New ed. 8Ya Ox 6^, pp. 664, 4s. 6d. 


Flm (A. T.), Te$t Qnes. in Qeog. Is.; in Hist. Is. 

Nov. 04 

Vtax (A. W.) — Eoonomio Princinles. Intro. Study. 

Sra X 6^, pp. 844, 7s. 6d. net Mxthuxm, Feb. 04 

Flying, SaimueUon (A.) Ss. net Deo. 04 

nyat (J.)— Bise of Boderick Clowd: a NoyoL 
Cr. 970. 74 X 6, m». 878, 6s Bichabds, Feb. 04 

Foam and Mist, Warde (Norm. Brghm.) 6s. Jan. 04 

7oe of Compromise, Broum (W. O.) 6s. 6d. net 

Jim. 04 

Volk Songs from Somerset, gathered and edit, 
with Piimoforte Aocompsniment by Cecil J. 
Sharp and Charles L. Marson. 4to. 11 x 8|, pp. 02, 
swd. 6s. net Simpkin, Dee. 04 

Fdk and Word Lore, Palmer (A. Smythe) 9s. 6d. 


VolkMT (H. 8.)— Drill Book. 4thed.illas. 4^x64, 
pp. 106, Is Nat. Fqub Bbioadx Union, 04 

(B. de) — Castelli Bomani : Account of 
certain Towns and Villsges in Latiom. TnmsL 
by W. G. Cook. 4to. rel. 16s. net Nutt, May 04 

VontAlne (J. de la).— Fables. Selection. Pic- 
tured for Children by Carton Moore Park and 
Ben4 BnlL Transl. into English Verse by 
Edward Shirley. ObL 4to. bds. 6b. 

Nklson, Dec. 04 

Food, Haig (Alexander) 9s. net Aug. 04 

Food, Disinfection, &o., BideaZ (SamL) 16b. net 

Jim. 04 
Food, Drink, Disease, Victoria U., Is. 6d. net Apr. 04 
Food, Drink, &o. Frauds, Woolf (C. Hyatt-) Is. 

Oc^. 04 
Food for the Tropics, Maeknighi (T. M.) 88. 6d. 

4pr. 04 
Food of Future, Forward (Chas. W.) Is. 6d., Is. 

net Dee. 04 

Food of the Dogs, Farrow (G. E.) Is. net...i>0c. 04 
Food of the Gt>as, HiMMl (Brandon) 8s. 6d. ...Jan. 04 
Food of the Gods, Welle (H. G.) 6s Sep. 04 

Vood StufEs—* Options' and * Futures.' BcTOrts 
from the Canadian Gk>yemment and from H.M. 
BepreBentatives Abroad on Legislative Measures 
respecting Gambling in * Option' and 'Future' 
Contracts as regards Food Stufb, 64d. 

Etbb & 8. Feb. 04 

Fool KiHetfCleeveCLaoaa) 6s June 04 

Fool with Women, Whiehaw (Fred) 6s June 04 

Foolish Dictionary, executed by Gideon WurdMf 

8s. 6d. net Dee. 04 

Foolish Virgins, iSu^ro (Alfred) Is. 6d., Is. Jan. 04 

FootbftU Annual, 1904-6. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

OvriCE, Sep. 04 

Football, Association, Jonea (J. L.) Is Sep. 04 

Football Injuries, WhUelocke (BL. H. A.) Is. May 04 

! Football, Men famous in, 6d. net Sep, 04 

Football-player's Last Days, Bright Sunset, Is. 

^K^. 04 
Voote (J. A.) — Concise Treatise on Private Inter- 
national Jurisprudence. 8rd ed. 8to. 968. 

Stevens & H. Mar. 01 
Foots (8.) Ac, Bon-MotB, Is., Is. 6d. net ...Oct. 04 
Footsteps of the Flock, Morrieon (G. H.) 6s. Nov. 04 
For a young Queen's brown Eyes, Savage (Bic H.) 

6d Jan. 04 

For Christ's Crown, Burrell (D. J.) 8b. 6d. nt. Feb. 04 
For Faith and Navarre, TTyrme (May) 6s. May 04 

For Heart o' Gold, Smedley (C.) 6s. Sep. 04 

For Honour's Sake, Bayley (E. Boyd) Is. 6d. 

July 04 
For Love and Honour, Baine (Wm. Mcleod) 6s. 

For Love and Bansom, Stewart (Esm%) 8b. 6d. 

4pr. 04 
For Love of Crown, Afarv^moni (ArtW.) 6d. June 04 
For Bight and England, Niebet (H.) 6d. ...Apr. 04 
For Satan's Sake. O'Dormell (Elliott) 6s. ...Nov. 04 
For the Old Land, Kickfiam (Cbas. J.) 8s. 6d. 

Dec. 04 
For those were stirring Times, Fletcher, 8s. 6d. 

Oct. 01 
For Triumph or Truth, Orier (Sydney C.) 8s. 6d. 

Sep. 01 

Forbes (A. C.)~BngliBh Estate Forestry. 8vo. 

X 6|, pp. 844, 198. 6d. net ...E. Arnold, Oct, 04 

Forbes (Elizabeth Stanhope)^ King Arthur'a 
Wood. Fairv Stoir ; and with it the tale re-told 
of Sir Ckuretn of Orkney and ye Ladye of yo 
Castle Perilous. Bins, bv Author. Obi. fol. 
90 X 16i, pp. 190, 49b. net ; m portfoL 68b. net 

SlMPXIN, Oct, 04 

Forbee (F.)— Those Blessed Boys. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 
4|, pp. 06, swd. Is Neville, July 04 

Forbes (H. 0.) Natural Hist, of Sokotra &c., 80s. 
net JtUy 08- 

Forbea (Lady Helen) — His Eminence. Story of 
the Last Century. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 846, 6s. 

Nash, Feb. 04 

Forbee (Margaret)— Beattie and his Friends. 
8vo. X 6|, pp. 840, 16b. net...CoN8TABLE, Mar. 04 

Forbee (T.)— Tables of Marine Insurance Pre- 
miums. Fol. pp. 79, Walteb, Willis & C. Dee. 0% 

Forbee (W. H.), Hird (Dennis)— Palaestra Logica. 
Be-written and edited. 9nd ed. or. 8vo. swd. 
9s. 6d. nt {Palastra Oxoniennt) Simpkin, Feb. 04 

Ford (J. B.)— Helmsley'B Princess: a Tale. Or. 
8vo. 7 X 4}, pp. 184, swd. Is. net Simpxin, July 04 

Ford fB.)~Cluldren's Bhymes, Children's Ghames, 
Children's Songs, Children's Stories. Book for 
Bairns and Big Folk. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 988» 
8s. 6d. net A. Gabdnxb, July 04 

Ford (B.)— Vagabond Songs and Ballads of Soot- 
land. With many old and familiar melodies. 
Edit., with notes. Impr. edit. cr. 8vo. 7| x 6^, 
pp. 860,6s. net A. Gabdneb, Oct. 04 

Ford'a (B.) Own Humorous Scotch Stories. la 
Prose sad Verse for Platform and Fireside Bead- 
ing. Cr. 8vo. 7} X 4}, pp. 194, Bwd. Is. net 

Simpkin, July 04 

Ford'a (B.) Own Humorous Scotch Stories in 
Prose and Verse. For platform and fireside 
reading. Ist and 9nd Series. Cr. 8vo. 7|x6, 
pp. 960, 9s. 6d. net. Second Series, or. 8vo. swd. 
Is. net A. Gabdneb, Nov. 04 

Forde (Georffiana M.)— King of Love. Simple 
Life of Our £ord. Pref. by Canon Newbolt. Cr. 
8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 174, 9s. 6d 

SKEFriNOTON, Sep. 04 

Fordliam (E. Mary)— Evolution of Local and 
Imperial Government. From the Teutonic Con- 
quest to the Present Day. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 
199, 6s. net Knight, Feb. 08 


r MTdrM (BlU)— ^ndrin of the Bait B«a Watm. 
BomMioe ol Uia Sn. Illiu. b; Hon. Harganl 
MiUonI Amheral Cr. »to. T} x ti, pp. 830, As. 


Foreign CoiiHp, Z>anc« (A]b«rt Binil) 1>. ed. net 
Sep. 04 

W»rttgn BnliafananL ProdaButJon of Neabmlil;, 
dated Feb. 11, 1»M. Id Ens & 8. Mar. 0* 

Forel^a Jnriidiotion— Order in Connoa ai to 
CnrrencT in Protadtonte ol Kortbem Nueiia, 
Id.; Bomaliland Order in Connoil, Id. [U6S, 
MSB] Btsi ft 8. Avg.Ot 

Wwevign JoriidioUoD—Zaniibai Order in Council, 
1904, Id. [liai] ; Soathein Bliodeda Oidor in 

_ConnQil^1l»4, Id. i;uS9j_.....Eiu & B. 3^. 14 

I, Jmpmrttn (OltD) 

Hama([ea— Bill to amiind I«w with 
>" Bfuiugei betwMn Bribafa Bnbjeeta 

nera. Id. Bna ft S. itar. M 

Vor*l(n Offioe Li at and Diplomatio and CousDlai 

Hand-Book 1901. 8to. tt. H^bbiboh ft 8., Mar. 04 

Foreign Beeident, SoeUly in the New Beign, 16a. 

F«eign Toor of Brown, Jonea, & B. Dogle (Rio.) St. 
Ocf. 04 

Vorst (A.)— Anta,ai 

a other Tnaeota. Sro. 

K. PAm., Sep. 04 i 

Voraa'a Sporting Nolea and Bhetcbea. Vol. SI, 

1B04. 8to. lOa. 6d Fonsa, Dee. 04 

Forest, (he, KAtf«[BtavailE.)7«.6d.Dt. ...7an. 04 

Foraat^Ued, Zenyon (B. C.I la. Od Apr. M I 

TorHtar(F. B.)—H»rter'a Ranch. UJoa. Ci. Bra 

71 K G, pp. asa, Bs. 6d 8.P.C.K. Oef . 04 

Fonatrj, ScAtHippaeA (Adam) la. nek Ool. 04 i 

Forestry, Engl. EaUta, ForbalA. C.) 13a. 6d. net I 
Oct. 04 

FonstT7 in U.K., ficUteft (W.) Sa. net Jfoy 04 

Foieitrjp Hunal, SehUeli (W.) 1, 8b. net ...liar. 04 
ForgirenMS of Siiia, Bntilh (Qeo. Adam) Sa. Nob. M 
Term of Solenuuntion of Marriage. Ed. b; W.A. , 

Bruneld. Cr. Svo. 1*. net ; awd. Sd. net 

HowBUT, Mar. 04 
Vormso (J. H.y— Garden of Liea. Romairai 

Cr. Sro. ?{ K I, pp. tin, 6a. ...WiKD ft L. June 
VonnBB {J. H.) — Hoiuign;. Dntwinga bj Sul 

Andenon. Ct. Bto. 7i x GJ, pp. 264, 6«. 

WabdA L./an.04 
Vonaa and Preoedente of Prooeedinga in Snpreme 

Court of Jndioatim tor Ontario and Supreme 

Coort of Cuiada, and other Pormi of Oansral 

ntilitj in Praotica of Bolidtora. By Ooivge 

Smith Holmeatad and Thomai Langton. Svo. 

pp. 10T4, half-oaU^ e4a. 

(Toronto) Gabbwiij. Co. liar. 04 
rorreat (O. W.)— Hiatoiy of the Indian Hotiny. 

Rerieired and illua. frinn Original Docnmetita. 

a Tola, Hapa, plana, portr. Svo. B x Ef, pp. C40, 

483, BSa. net Blackwood ft B. JVoc. 04 

- ■ D Inn, Grean (A. K.) Od Oer. 04 

mmationa donng laat T ytmn. Or, Sro. m. 181 

la. Bd Ci.IT>, Apr. 

Forahaw (C. F.) At Shakeapeare'a Bh., Ta. Bd. Dee. 

May 04 

,- H.)— In Steel and Leather : a NoTol. 

Cr. Sto. Tix4|, pp. 814,6a LoNO, Jan. 04 

**nt«r (Wm. J.)— A Comet for the Night I Cr. 

Bvo. pp. 138, l8. ; Is. «d B. Cmxir, Jan. 08 

rorajtb (R. C.}— China UartTra of 1900. Gem- 
ote RoU ot Chriatian Hen»i Mutrred in 
China in 1900. NuiatiTea of BnrriTora. Illni. 
•to. 8t X SJ, pp. E36, Ti. Sd. 

BkL. TlacT Boc. Apr. 04 


Fort Amitj, OoueK (A. T. QmUn-) Aa. Jfoy 04 

teaena (Bealriot 
4|, pp. 014, Sa. 8 

(BIhel) Jfy Toja, la. «d. .'.SSti. 04 

lew edit oi. Bvo. 7x41, pp. BU, Sa. netj I 
a. nat (lUua. PoeUt Olamafor Totutg) 

tUCKtLI.UI, Oct. M 

Fortiea, The HuHfry, Be. Nov. 04 

Fortune'e Caataway, Eecott [W. 3.) Sa JToo. 04 

Fortonaa of Nigel, Notea, Pony (A. W.) 9d. net 
Oct. 04 

^ LCUii) 

I Sa. Sd. nt>ab.,8i7i.08 
rarwMTd (C. W.)— Food ot the Ftitnre. Bnm- 

marr ot arnmenta in f amnr of a non-Heafa diet. 

Pret. by Bmeat BeH Cr. Bra. T4h 4{, n. 140, 

la. Sd. net; iwd. la. net. !Bbll, iWot 

Vorwood (Owen) — Odd FanoiM of Owen, 

Written balwaeo leaeona for her brothera Phil, 

Lealje, and Tjngtnn — Kind yet aerere Critics. 

Obi. 4to. 8a. Sd. Dbakb, 5m. M 

Fossil Flon, N.-W. DetCD, Arbor (B. A. NvwsU) 

is. ed. WoB. 04 

Fosafl*. Com. Biil, Taylor (J. B.) Sa. Sd. 

Jan- Nov. 04 
VMt«r (A. J.}, Cathell (B. B.)— BoUMrBano a( 

Bedford Caatle. Cr. Svo. T|Kt, i^ ttO, la. 

[Boyal Library) 1IBI.MB, Fab. 04 

TMtar{Bartha dementia)— BaintBaail; a Nord. 

Or. Sto. 7{ N E, pp. BIB, B*. DRan, Apr. 04 

V«atBr (CaOmrine and Floicnee)— Hia I«bI 

Chanoe. Ulna, by Chwlaa Bhotdoo. Cr. Svo. 

71 x 6i, pp. 1S4, 3a. OAKDHn ft D. Oct. 04 

„- .. -.., pn.»40, 

7a. Sd. net Qxotih, Jo*. 04 

roMM- rc. le Here, Birt—Text-bock of Ore aad 
Stone UiniBg. Sth ed. Ulna. Sro. 8{xBt, 

pp. 793, 84) OBirriM, Mar. M 

roator {D.)~Soisntifio Angler : Qencnl and In- 

-* — Mto Work on Artistic Angling. Ulna. 9A 

edit. or. Sra 71 x 44, pp. 433, 10s. Sd. 

Bbkbosb, Oct. 04 

(F. P.)— Hedioal Dictionary. Imp. Bra. 

~ " V<ip.04 

r (V. Le Here), Dobba (F. ^ 

letr ■ - ■ - 


roator (W.) -~ Keeper Jocko. Ulna. ISmo. 
G| X 4|, pp. ae, la. Sd. net ; bda. la. net 

NlSBIT, Oct. 04 

Foster Brothers, ATorton (Urs. O. E.) la. Bd. Mag 04 
rotborclU (O.) — Liat of Emigrant Aliniaters to 

America, 1690-lSll. Bra 7*. Bd. B. Stock, J^uwa 04 
roaUa (H.>— Erehie: my Droll Friend. Bm. 

awd. 1b. net Bi^AcrwoOD ft B.JtintOi 

Found Cot, Mailien (H.) 3s. Sd. Nov. 04 

Fonnd and Fettared, DotKtBon (Dick) Bd. ' 

FoandirChemiatiy, (TroiaiuA(F.L.)lOa.SdJ'u^ 
Fonataini Abbey, Bi>djii«{G,)10B.f-' --'"■—■ 

a. 6d. net Mar. M 

14th Cent. EngL I 

Poiuw, 10s. net . 

Fourth Dimension,J 

« {C. H.) 4*. ti....Apr. 04 

l«te ReotoT ot lalip, 

a. net Bncpm, Mar. 04 

Vowler (Ellen Tbomeyorott)~Biriui, and oUwr 

Stories. Sro. swd. S 

...Honnan ft B. July 04 






Vowleir (G. L.) — Looomotiye Breakdowns. Emer- 
gondes uid their B«nedies. Cr. 8to. 6b. 6d. net 

Spom, /an. 04 

Fowler (J. H.), Falgfraioffn Golden Trees. Songs, 1, 
Si. 6d. Jan, 04 

Vswlor (J. T.) — Dnrfaam Uniyersity. Earlier 
Foundations and Present Colleges. Cr. Sra 
7| X 6,pp. 824, 6s. net {College Hittoriea) 

F. B. BoBiHSOM, Nov. 04 

Fowler (W. W.), Oxford Correspondence of 1908. 
as. 6d. net lfar.04 

Fdwls, Utility, FroinckVyn (H.) 28. 6d. net ...Jan, 04 

Vox (F.>— Biyer, Boad, and Bail : Some Engineer- 
ing Experienoes. Bins. 8vo. 8^x6|, pp. 280, 
8b. net J. MuBBAT, Jvov. 04 

(G.): an Antobiogiaj^y. Intro, by B. M. 
Jones. Cr. 8to. 16b. net Mxadlbt Bbob. May 04 

V«s, jnn. (J.) — Christmas Eve on Lonesome. 
BhiB. Cr. 8to. 7| x 4{, pp. 244, 88. 6d. net 


Vos (L. W.)— Diseases of the Eye. Sra 18s. net 

Applbton, M(vr. 04 
Fox, BLM.S., 1901--4, TSobhe (F. E.) 48. net J>ec. 04 

Voxe (J.) — History of Christian Bfartyrdom. New 
edit. rev. by J. H. Crombie. Cr. 8yo. 28. 6d. 

GxBBDios, Jwn/e 04 

rose (J.)— Book of Martyrs, Stories from. Betold 
by W. Stanley ICartin. Illas. roy. 8to. 9} x 7i, pp. 
420, 2s. 8d. net ; bds. Is. 8d. net 

Ttndalb Pbbss, Dec. 04 

Vozell fW. J.) — Sermon and Preacher. Essays on 
Preaching. 8yo. 8} x 6^, pp. 184, Ss. 8d. net 

J. MuBBAT, Jon. 04 
Foxy Fielding's Friend, Blamd (E. A.) ls...iray 04 

Vozj Grandpa's Mother Goose. 4to. bds. 8s. 6d. 

HiLLB, Jwne, Sep. 04 

Fraetnres, Treatm., Scudder (Chas. Locke) 2l8. 

net Jan.t Deo. 04 

for 1906. A Calendar. 8yo. 9d. 

SiMPxnf, Sep. 04 
Fhigments of Prose Ac^ Myere (Fred. W. El) 9b. 

net Oct. 04 

Framle^ Parsonage, TroUope (Ant) 2s. 6d. Od. 04 
F^an^ais en Anffleterre, Benaeey (F. L.) 8b. Nov. 04 
F^ran^ais poor lea Commencants, Wolf (J. S.) 

Is. 8d. ; Handbook to, 28. 6d. net ...Juwjbet. 04 
F^an^aes, Choiz de Leotnres, Kaieer (Biohard) 

Is. 6d Oct 04 

(M. C.)--How John Dale let his Light 
Shine. New edit. cr. 8fo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 128, Is. 

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the Marqness of Lansdowne and the French 

Ambassador on signature of the Convention 

and Declarations of April 8, 1904. Id. [2096] 

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ilu^. 04 

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Oct, 04 
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Dec. 04 

Francis-Joseph, Emperor of Anstria, &c, Priyate 

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Ai^pliances, Feeding and Management, Selection, 
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Frankau (Julia ; Mrs. Arthur)— see Danby (Frank) 
FranUand (Grace C.)-see Frankland (Mrs. P.) 

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Oct, 04 
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May 04 

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Baireutht Sister of Frederic the Great, trans. 

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Vree Choich Cue. Edit b; AUu H'Neil. Sro. 

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rraa ChtuDh Cu«. EdiLbj AUmi H'NeU. Bto. 

8i K 5}, pp. M9, awO. U.Sd.netSnO'KIN.^uff.Ol 
rr«* Choioh o( ScoUuid Appekli (The), lMS-4. 

EctiL \>j B. L. On. Auth. Bepori. Sto. Sb. cat 

HODDIK tc S. Jv?. 04 

Viaa Chmch Union Cwa — Judoment o( Honae 

ol Lotdo, Ang. 1, IWM. Baviud 1^ their Lord- 

■hipB. Cr. 8to. Bwd. li. net 

Blackitood Ic B. Sap. 04 
rre* Choich- Year Book and Offioiftl Beport of 

Mh Nation*] Counoil of EvHigeUaiJ Fne 

Chorohea, hsld in Newoaatle-on-Trne Much T to 

10,1904. 8to. Sa. Od. net T. Liv^pr. 04 

Fne Chniohea, Are there any? Btead {Wm. T.) 

Od. not Oct. 04 

FiM Chniohea, HiaL, fiorfu (C. Blntr.) Sa. td. net 
Oct. 04 
Fiee ChuMlunui, Beaiona, Jmn (J. D.) la. net 

IfoD. 04 

Vranoll (W.), Boatdman (T. R) — Praetioal 

Cheniiat « ■ ~ - - .... . — 


Trae Trade, Avabury {Lotd) Si. net May 04 

Vne Trade Horem., CunmnffAom (W.) Se. 6d. net 


Ftaa Tiade, Betaliation, Tariff Belonii, Jamea J. 

akau, K.C„ Bd Mar. 04 

Fies Trade v. Fair Trade, Forrer (Lord) Ea. net 

Jan. 04 
nee Trade and Empue, Oraham (Wm.) la. Sd., la. 

nat FBi.04 

Fiee Trade and Protection, Smith (Charle* W.) 

a«. 6d. Apr. 04 

Fmedom,Jiraeif<»ia/J{anTi]k]<pr. 04 

(E. A.)-Wb 

n Eoiope in Titth Con- 
'•SxSlipp. SB4,10a.n*t 
HaCHnxui, Sov. 04 I 
rraeiiUkB (B. A.)— Weatem Eniope in Eighth 
Centw; and Oowaid: Atteimath. Bia. VkSJ, , 

pp. 418, 10a. nat Ktoioixu), Dae. 04 

rreaoMD (Flora Luoy}— Polly : Stodj of Oiil 
Life. Ci. Sto. T| k 4k pp. 1T4, awd. la. 6d. net 
HowBBiT, Dae. 04 
FraanAD {Flora LDCj]^BeIigioiia and Social 
Work among QirU. Prof. lettei b; B. B. 
DalliDK. Ind imiv. or. Sto. 71x41, pp. 154, 
"' ~ '^ ...&KmT»0T0K,8ep. <H 


Sij E. Willdna)— "nie QiTeia. Short 
ua. Cr. Sto. S k S|, pp. 801, Sa. 

Habfb>, JlHH 04 
at (Wm. O.), Wattt (F.) Nal Tchg. 8a. 6d. 

5ni. 04 

T.HUt., Qoald CBbt.Freke) lOaSd-uet 

Afar. 04 

■"recr (A. Goodrioh) — Inner Jemaalem, Ulna. 
Sto. 9 k Gf , pp. 404, ISa. Sd. net 

Con BT ABU, Nov. 04 
rrem«nUo (B. B., Eon. Biil—Tha Hav; as I i 
hare known it, lS4»-tSea. Porti. Bo/. Bro. 

B) X ■>!. PP' *S6, Itle. net CaBBbU^ Sov. 04 

rremOllnr (A.)— Fathai Clanoy. Norel. Cr. 
Sto. 7) X 4[, pp. 004, 6a. ...Ducewobth, Juna 04 
_x (P.)— With Nitpoleon at St. Helena : 
on] UemoiiB of Dr. J. Stokoe. Tianal. 
3. Stokoe. Ci. Sto. pp. U4, Sa. ni. J. Laki, 03 

h(C. H.), Oabois (G.> 

Poi Certificate BianunattOD for Elem , 

Teaohera. Cr. Svo. pp. 70, awd. 6d. CLm, Sep. 04 

mneh (C, HJ, Osbom (Q.)— Scholaiahip OratOia. 
For Kiiur'a Boholarahips Examination tor Ete- 
mentuy Teaohera. Cr.Sro. pp. 41, awd. Sd. 

Cliti, Sap. 04 

rraneta (H.)— Medical Laboratory Methods and 
Teste. Cr. Oyo. 7 k 4|, pp. 160, 8b. 6d. net 

Bui.t.lfcB>, Apr. 04 

^r«aali (J. M.)— Text-book ol the Practice ol 
Hedieina. Sto. 18a. net ...H. Kwptom, ifoy 04 

French Book, Dant't New lit, pt. 1, in Phon, «d. 

net Aug. 04 

Freuoh Book, Dent'B Snd, Alga, la. 6d. net Oct. 04 
Franch Book, lit ad. Doumar (C. A.) Sa. net Dae. 08 
French by Direct Method, Carttmght (Tha.) U. 8d. 

French Comi 

Piactioe, OnAam ( Jaa.) Ba. 6d. 

rranoli Commeioial Baader, Laobuaa Commei- 

oialoB. lamo, !b. Bd. L Fit>a>, Mar. 04 

Flenob Camp. Adi., Barthon (H. E.) A«. la. Sd. 

Fab. 04 
French Comp. by Imitation, Brom (Hnbert) ia. 

French ConT. Hateriala, MantUM (J. E.) 1, Ad. 

Fienoh Cotuee, Athartm (P. P.] % la. 6d....Jm. 04 
Fienoh Coorae, Lalovr, baaed on Qooin, 1, 1, 9a. 

net Oof. 04 

French Cooiae, 6 jean, Watihy (Bmaat) 9a. Sdj 
with papei for 1»08, 8a. Od. : Beader, la. Sd. 

Apr., Aug. M 

nen<ihConrae,Ne«,i>eny (Chaa.Gop!Bnd} la.6d. 

Dot. 04 

VreBOb Comae (Pictorial). Piotnrea, Deaorip- 

tionB, ConTeisationa, Qianunar. Edit, by Paol 

Baibier. Cr. Sto. 7tx4{, pp. ISO, la. (iteaa* 

Language Bar.) Mod. IiAHOUAai Phbi, Mp. 0* 

Fienoh Dlstatian, WiiUm (D. A. Wynne] Ba. 

Oof. 04 
Franah, EngL Com. Coir., Dudavani (A.) la. 6d., la. 
Frenoh-Bi^, I>io.,6aaa(F.}l,ls.; S, la. 

ATor., i>ao. 04 
Vieaeh, EngL, ^o., India Bobber Dioti«iaiT, Ba. 

net Sq>. 04 

Fivtoh Frienda, My, Maud (C. E.) 8b. Maf 04 

nenoh, Oer., Bpaniah, World^t Comm. Fradoota, 
Sa. ed. ^J)ae. 04 

omai (A Jnnioi) — Bd. by Ii. A. Somet 
and H. J. Aoatoa. With Bieioiaea. Ci. Sto. 

H K 4), pp. ISO, Sa. MiTHUU, Feb. 04 

Fieocb Gram., Skeleton, .d Mm* (H. GU la. 6d, ZlwLOa 
French Idioms &0., BiUandaau (A. O.) 6a. Feb. 04 
Fienoh Imw of BTidenoe, itodanoton, Se. ...July 04 
Fraaicli Lile, Peatniea, Bobvrt (Fiaok) lOd. net 

i>M. 04 
Fimch Muter, Barrall (All. Wilaou-) td....Jan. 04 
French MaateI^ Mod.,7onf (M. von) Sa. nt Out. 04 

pp. 842, J, MdUUT, 1 , 

Fienoh Oral Teaching, let, Calvert (C. V.) la. OeI. 04 
Franoh Fainting, 16th Cent., Dmiar (L.) 7a. 6d. 

net Jan. 04 

French Fupeia, London Hatric, 1*. 6d. Ocl. 04 

French Poema, Barle (L A,) 4d Dae. 01 

Fienoh, Prao. in Conr., Orote (F, 8.) Sd.?ei.04 

Vroncll Preaahera (Qiaat). L Lent and Holy 
Week. Seimona by Bonrdalooe and othen. 
Tranal. and ed. bj Chailea Hyde Brooke. IL 
Adrent and Chiiatmas. Sernuma by Boeaoet 
«c. Ilmo. 81 K 1}, pp. MS, 838, each pt. 8b. 6d. 

net BioBABDB, Feb., Nov. 04 

French, Prelim., Snoic (W. B.) £a. IB. 6d. Stp. 04 
Fiench Prononoiation, Dunimlle (Benj.) la.6iL net 
Fiench Pronunciation, TiekalFi Prao. Onide, IB. 

Dm. 04 
Fienoh ProM, EimI. Paaaagea tar, la. Bd. ...Fab. 04 

Ftenoh Pioae BeadeiB, Hoaii'iild'i, Sa. Oel. 04 

Fienoh Prosody, Brandin (Looia M.) Ba. 6d. Fab. 04 

Fienoli ProtsBtant'a AdTentiuea, MartaUhe, Sa. Sd. 

Oct. 04 

French Header, Prnratt (J. A.) la. Sd. Oti. 04 


dw (Admic«d). Edit, hj Barlet 

Mid Huom, red, to as. Sd Clite, Jane 04 

Kranota Baadar (The IntennedisU), bued on Sii 
WOlum Smith's PreoQliPrincipia. Porta. £dit. 

Bdit. bj 
I, Si. ei. 

pp. 2M, Bi. Ad J. Udbkiv, JuJ^ ( 

W«Mh Boader (The HatricnUtion). Bdit. 
J. A. Pemtt Ct. 9ni. T X t|, pp. t 

([Mv. Tui. SerW) ClT.!, nep. n 

Pnoeh Beadra Ac New lit, Jfi>ruA (B. J.) 3a. 

Oct. M 

EWuh Bahiceai, fitU rc.1 Sla. net Feb.Oi 

Fraoah Benau. lit., TiOm (Arthm) Ifia. net Oct. 04 
Tnnoli Benaiii. Poetry, BaUoe (H.) ta. net Sfoy 04 

Tranoh Berolaiion, CarWle (Tha.) Ba. 8^. 04 

FrBDob Bemlcttis Carlule, illna., Ea. Dsc 04 

nsDob Barolotn., Comir. HiBt-a,lSa. netJuiu U 
Frnoh Berol., Tenor, Oaulot (Fanll S>....JIfar. 04 
Fncah Srntu Eimmaaa, ^TiU (W. Herbert) Is. U. 
ncnoh Traiii].,Comp., Marth (Lewia) 3a. ed. I}ac.04 

Tranoh Verba, Bbaf/iU't Conj, Sd. net Sap. 04 

Freooh Veib^ VoMn't Cvda, IDd. net ...Aug.Ot 
n«neb Vane, Bpamniein ol Uodem. Ed. bf 
H. B. Berthoo. Hew ad. ISmo. 8*. Bd. 

lbciiiu.AH, Feb. 04 
nesoh Vaoab., iMdtBig (A.) fto. Sa. Sd Jiet Nov. 04 
nenoh Wan cJ Baligion, .^mutmn^, Ba. 6d. net 

Frenoh Wife, Tynan (S.I 6a Mar. 04 

Tmuh Writer, 8rd yr,, TFod* (G. H.) 3s. Sd. 

Sap. 04 

Vrar» (W. H.)— Bn^sh Choroh io Beigna ol 

Blinbeth and Jamaa I., IBSS-lSaS. (Hiatorjr ot 

Bnsliah Chnivh, VoL B.} Ct. Svo. 7j x 5, pp. 4S8, 


Frttb (W.h'TDtar'a Lots Storj. Cr.8«o.7|x4|, 

pp. 913, 6e. CoHST*BLE, liar. U 

n-oebel (F.)— Education of Han. Cr. Bvo. 
Ti X 4}, pp. 864, 6t. {Inlematumal Eduealion 

Seriei) 8. Appl«toh, Hov. 04 

FromaOoiBteT, OifrnmrB-Jls-net 3f ay 04 

Prom Blna Bkj to Grey, Phe^ (Sydney) Ba. Sep. 04 
From Clae to Capture, i?onova» (Diok) Bd.J7»-. 04 
From Dooi to Door, Oapee (Bernard) la. ...May 04 
From Ihiit to Jewels, Lea (Wm.) S>. Bd. net Sep. 04 
From Enamy'a Hand, Ooop (H.G.) Ba. 6d.,..5«p. 04 
TroBi Friend to Friend Kalendar, 190G. IBmo. 
art 0., 1*. net ; Ithr. 3b. Bd. net...SiliFUN, Oct. 04 
From Gild to Factory, Uiin»» (Alt.) aa. net Oet. 04 
From Holiday Journal, Cook (Ura. B.T.) 10a. Sd. 

net Oet. 04 

From our Dead SelTea, Qant (F. J.) la. Sd. net 

From Poat to Finiih, Smart (Hawley) Sd, Aug. 04 
From Sohool to Caatle, Jfurray (C.) 3s. 6d...0ef. 04 
From Scoorge o( Tongue, Xarehant (B.) Sa. 

From the Ewnd of Frinoei, Feilmg (Q.)Sa...Ooe. 04 
Fmndea Ajreatea, ijuaitan (John) 9a. Bd., Sa. 6d. 

net J^uly04 

Fronto and H. Aurelina, Correa., EtUi (R) la, net 


IVoat (E. B.), Adams (W. S.)— RadiiMl Velooitiea 

ot TwsD^ Slaira having Bpaclis of the Orion 

Type. SFlatea. 4to.pp. lOBjid.Oa. net (I7>»D.o/ 

CWa^l)aeinmuIiH[iI.)...W. Win.iT,Jirac04 

M, Oot. 

Trlekav (E.)-^Aiitarotia Begions, with Uapa, 

Vridaiwida (Si) Legend, HayU<u-(F.) Sa. Bd. net 

mwdbwKar and FrShner'a Veterinary Patbo- 
lotJ- Trans, and adit by H. H. Hayes. VoL I. 
HAaa on Bwileriokcy, by Dr, G. Newman. 4Ul 
ed. enl Boy. Sto. iix Gf, pp. BBS, 10a. Sd. net 

HmsT & B. June D4 

Trledca^wU (H.) — ^Dadaimtion of Indepen- 
denoe. Cr. Sto. Ba. Sd. net H*ciai.i.ii> Dee. 04 

knBBTT, Feb. 04 
Friemd ot little Children, Hoytr (H. A) Sa. Bd. 

FliMld, the, Cobriil^ (S. T.) 3a. ; Bs. nst .../uneH 
rrlenOIr Qraetinga. VoL 4B. Imp. Sto. 3a. Bd. 
BiL. TUOT Soc. Jviy 04 
rLearaa,ie04. 4to. Sa. 

GiXDHER ft D. Dec 04 

Trade Uniona — Boporta 

s, Industrial aud ProTident Bodetiea, and 
a tot 1903. Part B, In- 
ietiea. la. lOd. 

EiBi & B. Mar. 04 
WrlmaAtj SooJetiss, Workmen's Compeoai 

Begistrar ot Friendly Sooietiea, for IBOS. Part A. 

Trieodlr Vintor Mid ' Flowing Streams.' Vcj. ST. 
Imp. Sto. Sa. ; gilt, Sa. Sd. ; bda. la. Bd. 

Pmismai, Oct. 04 

Fiienda, VeiMa, Polmors (F. J. Corentiy) Sa. net 


rrotb. By Auth. of Tom BuUkeley ol I«ssington. 

Cr. Sra TJ x B pp. 64B, Be. Q. A MOBTOH, Mar. 04 
Fronds (Horrell), Ovmey (K L) 10a. Sd. net 

Nov. 9* 
rroKda {J. A)— Kemeaia of Faith. Intra, by 

William O. Hntohiaon. 12ma, 6tx4|, pp. 8H, 

la. Bd. (Scolt Iiibrary) W. Boott, Apr. 04 

Fioeen Deep &c., Col&ni (Wilkis) la., la. Sd. nM 

Wo*. 04 
Fraot. ot Neurop. Eeterophylla, Br., Kideim (B.) 

Is. Mar. M 

Fruit of the Vine, Push (Edwin) Ba Mar. 04 

Fruit Treaa in Pota, Brace (Joah.) Ba. ntA—Nm. 04 
Fry (Q.)— Vaniahei ot the Italian Violin Hakcn 

of the IBth, ITth, IBtb Centnriea, and their Infln- 

ence on Tone. La. post Svo. S| k 6\, pp, IBS, Ba. 

net STrnxB Si B. Nov. 04 

Twj (H.>— Bt^al Ooide to I«ndon Charitiea, IMS. 

Edit, by John Lane, Cr. Sro. limp, la. Bd. 

CUTTO, Dm. 04 
Trj (T. C.)~-01d Teatament History for SohooU. 

Cr. 8to, ^k ' 4|, pp. IBS, 3a. Bd.E. AHi(OLii,7'f»i.04 
Fry (T. C.)— Wbj we ChrialianB beliere in Christ 

Kshop Gore's Bamptoo Leotnrea ahortened tor 

Popular Uaa. ISmo. 6} x 4^, pp. 03, la. net 

J. SuBiuT, Fab. 04 

Trr (T. B.) — Tnoome Tax Burden. 8to. swd. Bd. 

B. Coz, Apr. 04 

Vr7'B (C. B.) Hagmiine ot Bporta and Outdoor 

Life, Vol. 1. Roy. Sto. Sa, net...NBWiiZB, Ssp. 04 
mrarm (A.)— Guide to the Slue. Special Intro. 

by Herbert Beerbohm Tree. Cr, Bro. 7^x44,110. 

118, EtiSett, Ju^ OB 

Poel Boonomy, Booth (W. H.) Be. net Orf. 04 

Fagilive, BruOno (Bsra) Ba. Aug.Oi 

Fngitire Anna, Pnuul (Mrs. C) Sa. Bd. Nov. 04 

Vnlk Fits-Warine (The History of)— Bngliahad by 

Alice Kemp- Welch. Intro, by L. Brandin. IBmo. 

61x41, pp. 146, la.Bd. net; 1 reUum, 3a. Bd. nat 

IKin^a Olaeeice) ...Di La HoKE PnsBS, 4pr. 04 

Full Cry, Cotton (Fred) Ss. Bd. Nov. 04 

muer (T.)— Thoughta. Edit by A. B. Waller. 

13mo. 6ix4|, pp. 918, la. net litclt^ioua Li/a 

Sariaa) BicniHss, Sep. 04 

Foller (W.)— Oame of Lore ; NoTel. Or. Sro. 

71 X S, pp. BBS, Ba. Druie, Feb. 04 


Folnen of Time, 0<mn (few.) S*. net Von. H I 

Funds kDd (h^ Uus, OlvBtland (F. A.) Bi. U. 

rnak (I. S.,y-Widow't Hita, aod olbn Fsrchia 
Pbanomenk. Sva • x Si, pp. ESS, Sa. not 

Fmni A W. /bm* M 
Fmmy Animal*. Pictnrea by Lonia Wain be, la. 

Get. M 
yameKVx (J.>— Ctmcemiiig them whioh aie 
AalMp. Nev ed. 1 Parte, lamo. limp, la. 

AMAoimtnm, Jan. U 
Voraaaa (Annette) — Melpomene Papaia. CT.tra . 

7| X 4|, pp. Ita, 8a. Ad. UirwiM, 7ihmIM | 

VnrBlu (H.) »t Homii. Written ud illoa. by 
hinuell. Boy. Svo. Bl - EI, pp. 386, 18a. net 

Uhwim, JUfHt U 
Fnmitara, Ano. and Hod., SmaU (John W.) ISa. 

net ■ Jan- 0* 


Ftmitiure, End., Maequoid {Feray] 1, 1, T*. Sd. net 

Ocf. 04 

Furniture, Frenoh, BngL, Singleton (B.) SOa. ; iSa. 

net « Apr^iJuna M 

Fomitnre, Old Eng., Pom (Frsdk.) fto. Ta. ed. net 
FamitBre, Style in, Benn (H. DkTia) 31a. net 

Out. Oi 

Cnmitnie Btylea, Bm*lfad (H. B.) 5a. net...£>eo. 01 

Fniniture, to Collect Old, LitehfiaUl (Fled) I*, net 


Fcpa, Aboot, Orijip* (Geo. H.) la. Bd. Apr. OS 

Vara* (Chkilea Wellington)— Lenten Addraaaea 
ftnd HsditabiODi. Intro, by Chulea Qore, Lord 
Biahop ol Woroeeter. Cr. Sro. 8} k Bl, m. MB, 

ta. J. HnBUi.ysb. M 

Further India, Clifford (Hugh) 7a. 6d 8m. 04 

Fatnre Life EvideDoe, i^Ia»n«(Oabriel}Ta. Ad. net 
• /on. 04 

Fntore of Phyllia, Strgtant (A.) la. 8d. .Woe. 04 

Vjlde CIuuitBoak and Hymnal, with CammDnion 
Svrioe knd Hioiitration ot B^itism ; compiled 
b; J. T. Lightwood. Bm. 8vo. pp. Ill, la. 

(Preaton) QuiBULl. i S. Sept. 9», June 01 

■ (E.) — Chunpdooe Hnteiy. Sro. awd. 

u Wabd ft L. May U 

••IrariaB (E.)— In Deadly Peril. Sro. awd. Ad. 
WiKD ft L. Itar. 04 

Gabriel Lambert, Dumai (A.) ed. June 04 

Qabriel ol Our Lady of Sorrom, at Congiega. ot 
the Paaaion, Nidiolaa Ward. Intro, by Card. 

Oibbona. 3a. 0d July 04 

•irfd (H. W.)— Drugs: theii Pndaction, Pre- 
paiation, Propertiea. Cr. Sro. TJ ■ 4i, pp. 199, 

8a. net Bui.ufiBi, Peb. 04 

Gaalio Poetry, Beantiea, ilaeketuie ( Jn.) 8a. Sd. net 
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OamaboKRigh (T.), Fletcher (A. B.) tti. Ad. net 

Nov. 04 
flainaboroogh, Armitrang (Walter, Sir] ISa. net 


Oainabonagh, Arnulrong (Walter, Sir) Sa. 6i. net 

Oct. 04 

•*!■• (Inititntea ot) and Bnlea ot Ulpian. Former 

tram Stodemond'a Apo^ph ol the Terona 

Codex. Trans., notes, ontidal and eiplan., and 

oopioDH ■Iphabetical digest, by Jamee Hoirhead. 

Hew edit. roj. Sro. 0^ k G^, pp. S54, 91s, 

T. 4 T. CuKi, Nob. D4 
L«*Ubta (A. L.)— Uannal ot Hidwilery. Dlos. 
". eth edit. era. 81 x Gi, pp. B40, I4a. net 

CHUBCBii.t., llay 04 

ik ol Sir, fto., llaUirj/, la. net Mar. 04 

», OariKiRfM, Oelsner, la. net MayOt 



0«1« (C.)— Sooga ol Hope. 19nui. A^ ■ 4^, pp. SB, 
9a. ad. nat. Batrwa, Deo. 04 

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BiTBU., Apr. 04 

a>l« (N.)— Coontry Unae {a Beleotion). ISmo. 
SkSJ, pp. l«e, Ithr. la. net; ed. net {BmaUer 
OUueieeJ Q. BlOBAWW, JtUy 04 

a•me^ IfernU (Selah) la JaM.fH 

QmU (H. R.)— Qneatiotta and Anawera on Com- 
bined Training, 1908. Compilad. 9nd ed. 19ma. 
e| X 41, pp. 390, ts. neL Bus, Mar. 04 

a«ll (H. B^)— Qnastlona and Ajuweraoo thaBoyd 
BUlitary College Taii.Book ot Military Adminia- 
tntion. Oco^lad. lima e] x 41^p. 9^aa. net 

a«ll (E. B.}— Qnastiona and Anawera on Boyal 

HiUtary tioll(«e Tot-booh ot Military Law. 

Itmo. Al X 41, in. 190, ^ Ad. net IUtM%Jvne 04 
Oall-btadder, fto., Dtaeaaas, Bobeon (A. W. Mayo) 

ISa. net Feb. 04 

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a«ll«t (Ii.)^OBptain Bakui, Ad*entiues of Cyrano 

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Sa. Ad Jtaaoha, ^;1.04 

Qallio War, Oitear.*, ItpooU, 9s. ed. Jan. 04 

Oalliohan (Mra. Walter)— aae Eartley (C. Gm- 

OaOUoIiMi (W. U.)~-Fiahing and Ttaral in Spain : 

Onida to Angler. IUdb. Cr. Sro. 7} x if, pp. 

940, Ga. net. F. B. Bouhboh, May 04 

a«lH«li«w (W. H.>— Praotioal HinU on Angling 

in Rivera, lake*. Sea. lUaa. Cr. 8¥0. 71x4^ 

pp.llA,la. PmiBMOK.Apr.Ot 

OAlloa (T.>— Bodon'a Boy. Nord. Cr. Sto. 

li " 'It PP- BT<> Be- HcTomMBOll, £9. 04 

(T,)— Ooldan Thread. Story ot a Btolen 
□Ins. Cr. Sto. 8 x S, pp. 890, Aa. 

Nabh, Nov. 04 
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7| X A, pp. 830, Aa. Waid ft L. Fab. 04 

OaUob (T.)— PaploWs PapK-ohaaa. Sto. awd. Ad. 
HvTCHixaOM, June 04 
Oatl*w>r (G.) — Stndiee In Phnoaopt? ot 
B^ljgion. STO.0xB|,pp.SS4,7a.ed.Det 

Bi.iaEW00B ft B. 1S9. 04 

Galloway, Oroekett (8. B.) 8*. Oet. 04 

GaUowglaae, lleOarihg (Hiohael J. F.) A*. Nev. 04 
OalawortttT (J.)~l8land FhariBees: NoTel. Ci. 

Sto. 7| x 4}, pp. 818, Aa. Hmnunr, Fa. 04 

Gait's New 1*. AUa*, la. Oof. 04 

Oaltan (F.)— Index to AiihiflT«ni*nta of naw 

Kinatolk ot Fellows ol Boyal 8oc.,pr. pr. Not. 04 

•MBble (J.)— Chriat and Critioiam. Sto. H'H, 

pp. lesi, a*, ed. W. Bcott, Dee. M 

OMBbla (J.}— at. Paul, ApoaUe ot the OentOea. 
lAmo. Bd. net (Taourfe BMe Oharaetenj 

DbMt, July 04 
Game, Big, Huntingdon (Dwight W.) Ta. ed. net 

Oameot Lore, fWfor (Walt.) Aa. FA'.O* 

Game ot LoTe, Wordenia.) Ba Oet. 04 

Game fto. Birds, India, Ifesturfer (A. le) 31b. net 

Dm. 04 
Games, indoor, oatdoor, EingtUmd (Mr*.) Oa. Oet. 04 

Games, Jolly, Clark (Q. C.) la. 89. 04 

ttBBieB (lAwfol) 00 Lioanaed Pnmisaa fto. Cr. LiaEnesn Vior. Ou. /on. 04 

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•ansMt (W. CV— Blaased be the Tham-baarer, 

other Fapera. 89mo. G x 81, pp. lOB, le. net 

D. Bbici, Oct. 04 
••nt (F. J.)— From onr Dead Bdves to Higher 

Things. Sid edit. or. Sro. 9b. Ad. net 

E. Stock, Nov. 04 






[t (F. J.) — Lord of Hnmaaity ; or, Testimony ) 
of Ham»n ConBoioiiaaess. 8rd ed. or. 8yo. 
2s. 0d. nei. ...B. Stock, Jtvne 04 

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pp. 8S0, 68 HoDDKB & S. Dec. 04 

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^ov. 04 
••reko (B.) — Blannal of Bleetrical Undertakings 
and Directory of Officials, 1004. 8to. 16b. net 

OmcB, Feb. 04 
0«rdea Annual, Almanack, and Address Book, 

1905. Cr. 8to. swd. Is. * Gabdenino,' Dec, 04 

Gazden Diary for 1904, Jfy, Is. Jan. 04 

•Arden Lawns, Tennis Lawns, Bowling Greens, 
Croqnet Grounds, Patting Greens, Cricket 
G^foonds. By Suttcni & Sons. New ed. 8yo. sd. Is. 

SiMPXiN, Feb. 04 
Garden Lit. Gleanings, HomUH (W. Carew) Is. Bd. 

net Nov. 04 

<}arden of Allah, Hitchem (Bbt.) 6s. Oct. 04 

Garden of Asia, Farrer (Beg. J.) 6s Aug.^ 

Garden of Francesca, poetry, OvJUmore (Hy.) 

8b. 6d. net Dee. 04 

Garden of Lies, Forman ( Jnstin Miles) 6b. June 04 
Garden of Memories, Qreemoood (M.) Is. ..Jfov, 04 
Garden of Spinsters, Holdmoorth (A. B.) 6s. 

July 04 
Ckwden of Virtoes. 18mo. swd. 4d. (Bowma/ry 

Booklets) SncPUN, Sep. 04 

Garden Operations, Bowlee (W. F.), 6d., Is. net 

Oe<. 04 
Garden People, Among, Pierean (0. D.) 6s. Mar. 94 
Garden, to make^ BIcm' (W. B.) Ib. 6d.. Is. Nov. 04 
Gardener, By. Man own, Haiehaan ( Jn.) 6b. May 04 

(The). Vol. 6. 4to. 7b. 6d. 

CA88XLL, May 04 
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Oct. 01 
a»nlaiililre (S. M.)— Lax Cmcis : Tale of the 
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Habwiii, Jfor. 04 
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Sep. 01 
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Jfoy 04 

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Gardemng, Town, «o., BardeweU (Mrs. F.) 2s. 6d. 

net Jan. 04 

iNwdenlBf Year-Book and Garden Grade, 1906. 
Cr. 8to. Is. net ' Gasdsnxb's Maoazdib,' Dee. 04 

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Gardens, Sotne Bngl., 42s. net Nov. 04 

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Study in Poetry, Beligion, Politics, of 16th and 
Barly 16th Centuries. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 694, 18s. nt. 


Cktfdner (Bdmund G.) — Story of Biena and San 
GHmignano. IUub. by Helein M. James, repro- 
duetions from works of painters and sculptors. 
12mo. 6} X 4^, pp. 404, 4s. 6d. net ; leather 6b. 6d. 
net {MedUevalTotDn Series) Dxnt, Feb. 04 

(F. W.)— The Sea. Guide to those who 
are seeking Bmployment as ICidshipmen, Appren- 
lioes, Bngineers. Seamen in British Mercantile 
Marine Service. 4th ed. or. 8to. 1b. 

Spottiswoods, Jan. 04 

a»nlB0r (F. W.>— The Sea: Guide to those 
who are seeking Bmployment in British Mer> 
cantile Marine Service. Cr. 8to. 7x4|,pp. 88, 
swd. Is. {Shipping OaM. Lib.) ...Offics, Aug. 04 

OardBor (G.) — Babbit-Keeping for Pleasure and 
Profit. Cr. 8to. 7} x 4|, pp. 118, Is. 

PxABSON, Mar. 04 
CNurdaer (P.) — Historic View of New Testament. 
Jowett Lectures, 1901. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Black, Feb. 04 

CNurdner (T. W.) — Certificate General Blem. 

Science. Part 1. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 620, 8s. 6d. 

net {Norm. Tut. Series) Sdipkin, Nov. 04 

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Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 476, 8b. 6d. net 

SiMPKiN, Mar. 04 

CNurdner (T. W.) — Scholarship Chemistry. Cr. 

8to. 7i X 4|, pp. 262, 2b. net {Normal Tut. Series) 

SiKPKiN, Nov. 04 
Gsrgantua Stc, Biibelais (Master Francis) 868. net 

Feb. 04 
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8vo. 7| X 4), pp. 282, 6b. Haspkb, May 04 

Garland of Love, Clife (F. H.) 28. 6d. net...ilu^. 04 

Garmiscath, Clouston (J. Storer)6s May 04 

€bjmered. Marsh (Bic.) 6s. Feb. 04 

Q arn e tt (J. C. M.) — Colours in Metal Glasses and 
in Metallic Films. 4to. pp. 86, Is. 6d. 

DxTLAU, Aug. 04 

Osurnett (J. H.) — Wood-Carvinff. Illus. and 
Practice Guide for Home Stuaent. Cr. 8vo. 
7} X 4|, pp. 124, Is. Pbabson, Dee. 04 

Ckumett (Lucy M. J.) — Turkish Life in Town and 
County. 22 Dlus. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 286, 8s. 6d. 
net Nkwnes, Jan. 04 

Ghamett (B.) At Shakespeare's Sh., 7s. 6d....D»c. 04 

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Is. net ; Ithr. 2s. net {Miniature Series of Qreat 
Writers) Bkll, Sep. 04 

Ctamett (B.)— William Shakespeare. Pedagague 
and Poacher. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 112, 8b. 6d. net 

Lane, Nov. 04 

Ctamett (B.), Gosse (B.)— Bnglish Literature. 
Dlustrate d Bec ord (in 4 vols^ Vol. 2, From Age 
of Henry YIIL to Age of Milton. Vol. 4, From 
Johnson to Tennyson. Imp. 8vo. 10|x7|, pp. 
878, ea. lOs. net ; leather, 2l8. net 

HsmucANN, Jan. 04 

Ckumier (Colonel) — Gtreat Pyramid: its Builder 
and its Plrophec^. Beview of corresponding 
prophecies of Scripture relating to coming events 
and approaching end of the age. 8vo. 8| x 6|, 
pp. 876, 8s. 6d. net Banks, Deo, 04 

Ckumier (J.)— Worship of the Dead; or, Orif^ 
and Nature of Pagan Idolatry and its bearing 
upon early History of Bgynt and Babylonia. Boy. 
8vo. 94 X 6^, pp. 464, 12s. 6a. net 

Chapman ic H. Jan. 04 
Cktfimtt (Bvelyn B.)~Free to Serve. Cr. 8vo. Is. 

Bkl. Tbact Soc. May 04 
(S.)— Veins of Silver ; or. Truths Hidden 

beneath the Surface. New ed. cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, 
pp. 280, 2s. 6d. net Thtnnb, May 04 

Ckurrett (F. C), Harden (A.) — Blem. Course of 
Practical Organic Chemistry. New edit. cr. 
8vo. Ik X 4|, pp. 184, 8b .Longmans, Sep. 04 

Garrick Club, Fitsgerald (Percy) 21s. net... Dee. 04 

dAratanr (J.) — Beport of Bzcavations at Beqaq- 
nah, 1901-2. Tombs of Third Bgyptian Dynasty 
at Beqaqnah and Bet Khallaf . 4to. bds. 21s. net 

CoNSTABLS, Feb. 04 

Garthowen, Bain (Allen) 6d. July 04 

Ckunrloe (C.)— Love Decides. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 892, 6s. ...Hutchinson, Sep. 04 

Ckurwle (A. B.)— Christian Peraonalitv. 82mo. 
4i X 2|, pp. 148, Is. net ; Ithr. 28. net {Ohrtstian 
Ideals) Baosteb, Oct. 04 

Ckunrle (A. B.)~-Gospel for To-day. Cr. 8to. 
74 X 4|, pp. 198, 2s. net J. Clabss, J-» «a 





Engineen' Insiittitioii. Tiansaoti(m8, 1008. 

8vo. lOg. Od. net Spon, Feb. 04 

•OaB Hanoi., Chem., Butterfisld (W. J. Atkinson) 
78. Od. net July 04 

Otts. Metropolis. Notification of the Gm BefereeB 
for the year 11H)4, Is. Od Etbs ic 8. Jan, 04 

I — Beport of Departmental Committee as to 
Gas Testing in the Metropolis. Part % Evi- 
dence and Appendices. Diagrams. 2s. lldjSSOO] 

Etrb ft S. fi&p. 04 
Oas Undertakings in the United Kingdom (1 
Authorities)— -Return relating to, for 1909-8, 6H* ; 
ditto (oUier than those of Local Authorities), re- 
turn relating to, for 1902, 9d. Etbb ft 8. Feb, 04 
Gas Works, Aghes (Samuel) Os May 04 

and Water Works Facilities Act, 1870— Report 

by Board of iSrade as to dispensing with consent of 
Melboum Bural District Council andtheMeldreth 
and Sheinreth Parish Councils in case of Meldreth 
ftnd Meuwum District Gas and Water Provi- 
sional Order, ^d. ; ditto Little Stambridge 
Parish Meeting in case of Bochford Gas Provi- 
sional Order, ^d.; ditto Cheshunt Urban 
District Council in case of Waltham Abbey and 
Cheshunt G«s Provisional Order, ^. [249, 250, 
261] Etbb ft 8. Aug, 04 

(F. E. A.) — Concise Dictionary of French 
and Englsh Languages. Part L French-English. 
Boy. 16mo. 6i x 4|, pp. 446, 2s. ...Bxll, Maar. 04 

(F. E. A.) — Concise Dictionary of the 
French and English Languages. Part 2, 
English-French. 16mo. 6^ x 4f , pp. 612, 2e. 

Bbll, Dec. 04 
Gases, Dynamical Theory, J. H. Jeans, 16s. net 

Dec. 04 

Ottskell (Elizabeth Cleghom)— Cranford. 26 

coloured Illus. by C. E. Brock. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|, 

pp. 272, 6s. net {Englieh Idylls) ...Dent, Oct, 04 

OABkell (Lady Catherine Milnes) — Old ShrqMhire 
Life. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6^, pp. 810, 6s....LAini, Feb, 04 

OaskolB (C. J. B.) — Aiouin: his Life and his 
Work. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 298, 8s. 6d. net 

C. J. Clat, Feb. 04 
Gaspard de Coligny, Whitehead (A. W.) 12s. 6d. net 

Oasquet (Abbot) — English Monastic Life. Illus. 
8vo. 9 X 64, pp. 846, 7s. Mbthubn, May 04 
Gasquet (F. A.) Life of Pope St. Gregory, 28. net 

ClAsqaet (J. B.) — Studies contributed to ' Dublin 
Beview.' Intro, by J. C. Hedley. Edit, by 
H. N. Birt. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4}, pp. 870, 4s. net 

Abt and Book Co. Jt% 04 

OAsquoine (T.) — Our Evening Hymns. With 

their Lessons for Life's Busy Day. Cr. 8vo. 

7^ X 4}, pp. 160, 2s. net Btockwbll, Apr. 04 

Gate of Smaragdus, Bottomley (Gordon) 10s. net 

Oct, 04 
Gate of the Kiss, Harding (J. W.) 6s Sep, 04 

(E.)^Biography of a Prairie Girl. Cr. 8vo. 

6s Ptttnam, Sep, 04 

Gathered Poems, Myers (Ernest), 6s. net „.Feb, 04 

Oftttie (G. B.) — Memorials of G<x>dwin Sands and 
Uieir Surroundings, Legendary and Historical. 
Maps, Charts. Illus. Kelkel edit. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 814, 4s. 6d J. J. Ezlihbb, Oct, 04 

Gaudenno Ferrari, Halsby (E.) 6s. net Jan. 04 

CkiQlot (P.) — Conspiracy under the Terror. Ifarie 
Antoinette/Toulan, Jarjayes. Transl. by Charles 
Laroche. DIus. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 810, 6s. 

Chatto, Mar. 04 

Gaultier (Bon), Book of Ballads, 6s. net. .,.Mar, 04 

CMrant (Mary), Essex (J. B.)— Arm of the Leopard. 
West African Story; Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 812, 6s. 

BiCHARDS, Oct. 04 
Oantler (T.) — Mademoiselle De Maupin: 
Bomanoe of Love and Passion. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Maclaben, Attg. 04 


0«ntter (T.)— Voyage en Italie, Intro, and Notes 
by De Y. Payen-Pa^e. 12rao. 6| x 4}, pp. 264, 
8s. {Pitt Press Sertes) C. J. Clat, Mar, 04 

(J.)— Poems. Edit, by John Underbill. 2 
vols. 12mo. 6^x8|, pp. 778, 2s. net; Ithr. 4s. 
net {Muses Lib.) Boutlbdox, Deo, 04 

0« ye (B. K.) — Platonic Conception of Immortality 
and its Connection with Theory of Ideas. Essay 
which obtained the Hare Priie, 1908. Cr. 8to. 
pp. 270, 6e. net C. J. CZiAT, Dec, 04 

0«7tOB (W.)— Value of Vaccination. 2nd ed. 
8vo. swd. Is H. EmPTOH, May 04 

0«Bder (N. B.)— Stresmlets from Fount of Poesy. 

8vo. pp. 90, 8s. 6d. Lbadbmhall Pbbss, Mar, 08 

Gaselles, Moore (T. Stuige) Is. net Mar. 04 

Gasetteer, Abbott^s Pocket, 28. net Nov. 04 

Gasetteer, Brit., Bart?U)lomew (J. G.) 17s. 6d. ; 21s. 

net Nov. 04 

Oeake (C.), Gould (F. C.)— John Bull's Adventures 
in the Fiscal Wonderland. 46 Blus. by F. G. G. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4}, pp. 164, 2s. 6d. net 

Mbthubn, ^06. 04 

deddes (P.)— City Development. Study of Parks, 
Gardens, Culture-Institutes. Beport to Carnegie, 
Dunfermline Trust. Plan, Perspective, 186 Dins. 
Folio, 114 X 8}, pp. 286, 21s. net Gbddbs, Nov, 04 

dedre (G. C.)~Sunflower8 : Story of To-day. 
8vo. 8 X 6}, pp. 288, 2s....Bbl. Tbaot Soc. May 04 

Hee (H.) — St Cyprian on the Lord's Prayer. 

Transl. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. 6d Bbll, Aug, 04 

Gee (Walt. Mallock) Nation's Hope, 2s. Nov. 02 

Gee-boy, Hooper (Cyrus Lauron) 8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Oeere (H. V.)— By Nile and Euphrates. Becord 
of Discovery and Adventure. Maps, Dins. 8vo. 
H X 6|, pp. 868, 8s. 6d. net T. ft T. Clabk, Sep, 04 

aeerlir* (H. C. P.)~On Cane Sugar and the 
Process of its Manufacture in Java. 2nd ed. enL 
8vo. 8| X 6^, pp. 120, 6s. net Simpkin, ApL 04 

Geese ftc, Johnson (A. Tysilio) Is. net May 04 

Q^Wtoj (G.)— National Gallery. Intro, by Sir 
Walter Armstrong. Folio, 12x8^, pp. 174 and 
plates, 26s. net Wabnb, Oct. 04 

dellKle (A., Sir) — Scottish Beminisoenoes. 8vo. 
84 X 6^, pp. 460, 6e. net. Maclbhosb, Mar. 04 

OeU (W. E.)— Isle that is called Patmos. 8vo. 
8i X 6^, pp. 866, 6s. Mabuhalt. Bbos. Dec, 04 

aeil (W. E.)— Man of Ghalilee. 9 Maps. 12mo. 
6| X 4^, pp. 200, 2s. 6d...MAB8HALL Bbos. Od. 04 

dell (W. E.) — ^Yankee on the Yangtse. Journey 
from Shanghai through Central Kingdom to 
Burma. DIus. 8vo. 8} x 5hpi9' 828, 6s. 

Eloddbb ft S. Sep. 04 

GM4e (Claude) of Lorrain, Orahaan (Geo.) 8s. 0d. 
net Nov. 04 

OeU (F.)— Notes on the Intermediate State and 
the Besurreotion. With Beplies to Criticisms. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 46, Is. net ...THYifin, Apr, 04 

dellatly (J.)— Ordeal of Oscar Manning. Cr. 8vo. 
8x6, pp. 208, 8s. 6d. 

(Edin., J. G. Hitt) Simpkin, Aug, 04 
dem Pocket-Map of London and Suburbs, with 
Visitors' Guide and Index to Streets. 18mo. Is. 

Bacom, Aug. 04 
from Victorian Anthology. Edit, by Mount- 

stuart E. Grant Duff. 12mo. 6x8|, pp. 406, 
2s. 6d. net ; Ithr. 8s. net...SoNNBN8CHBiN, Sep, 04 

of St. Paul's CathedraL 4to. swd. Is. net 

BA08TBB,lfar. 04 
Gems of the East, Landor (Walter Savage) 80s. net 

June 04 
deniB of Westminster Abbey. 4to. swd. Is. net 

Baosteb, Mar. 04 
Ghndre de M. Poirier, Le, Augier (G. V. Emile) 2s. 

Jfor. 08 
denealoffioal Magazine. Vol. 7. 4to. 168. 

B. Stock, June 04 




lion et tlia Bomlord TtorU Diitiiol ud tha prs- 
i4lao(ieo( Diphtheria m oertaiD looditiei Ibaieiii. 

WhitU«My Drbku ud Birnl Dii- 
■ •■ <, *d. [IBB] 
.__> ft 8. /una 04 
0«Da»l'i Chndiu, Hagcraft (AL) Is. 6d....0et. M 

a«iiad>, OramtJ-) Bs. nut Doe. 03 

Oraiani, Ifoelorm (Alexr.) 7b. Sd Dee. 04 

a«DMU,Paln>«r(E, BeeTei}B(.Bd.Det ...Dec. 04 

OmiBMfBook ol, DriTBi, lO*. 6d. Jan. 04 

Oenaaia, 1-4, B^inniiig, JoneM (B. Bame.) Tt. Bd. 

Omam, Jfornort (Clu.) e»..,. 


...Btp. 04 
■wny (K. 8]— EKlondM of Byrons Ancient and 

Hod. for ISOG. Bd.;3d.nat. ...FbowdI, Jfoti.04 
Qanito-Urinmry DiMusi, Taylor (Bobt. W.) 

38a. nal Dae.<H 

QfloU* Haul, MOier {3. B.) la. ..Sep. 04 

OsnUa JauoM Bible Stoiiaa lot Childien. 4to. 
bdi. la. Pabtkivo*, 5«p.04 

^ , viUi carract pron 

SlBQU, WOD. 04 

Geoff Bkke, Pugh (8. 8.) Sa. Bd. Auff. 04 

Q eoffrey of Monm., Itarr. Hiat. of King Aithoi, 

>•. Bd. net Fab. 04 

Qoog., ConnBtU (Jm.), Jonaon, Bonnd, 8a. 6d. 

Apr. 04 
Q«op., CDTMUaU (Ju.), Jonion (Ben) la.... Jfay 04 
Qmg., Olumban' Comnuir., Harb«r(tim (A. J.} 

ea.«d. Doe. 04 

Geogr. CIaaa-Bk.,£aun>it(Wni.) la. 0d Oct. 04 

Oeog. Comm- Stdtm/ (J. W.) Ba. net Nob. 04 

GeoK., Oen^ £101 (Hush Bbt.) Ba. Sd Jsly 04 

0«c^., Ut.. BJtarp (Wm.) 10a. 6d net Nov. 04 

Q«OK.,Iii]«lEi«n.,Haynat(A.G.) Is. Sap. 04 

Ctoog. at Indik Ac, Blnn/iinJ (H;. F.) Sa. Bd. 


.. „ . ...r, W«BEr»,9, la. JuL 04 

QMg. Bdn., Chambn^ Both Cent., 4, la. 6d. Feb. 04 

Geogr. Beaden, Collini' Ifnv, la. 6d ifi>r.04 

Geogr., 8p. Heth., JfisWumiv (C. A.) Ba. net Jan. 04 

GeogT., IW.Quealiona, la. .. 

...if on. 04 

aac£>gie>l Atlaa of Great Britain, BtanforO'; 

laa. Bd. net OeL 04 

GeoL Stcdiei, Taylor {J. E.) Bs. Sd. Mar. 04 

Oeology appL to Uining, Spurr (J. E.) Ba. 6d. net 

Gaometrr, Barmird (8.) ftc, Si. Sd Nov. 04 

Gttimetry, Fo*liir (T. la Neva) Ha. Bd. Sfoy 04 

HoU (H. S.) fta., S, la. Sd Sap. 04 

07, liackay (Jd. Stnigeon) 1, S, 8, ea. la. ; 

, .l,Sa.Bd Sep., Oct. 04 

Oaom., Conatr., Kerr (John O.) Is. 6d Uay 04 

OBd iu ii lij , Dadnrtiaas in. By T. W. EdmondiOD. 
Ci. 8>a. pp. SSe, 9a. Bd. [TJmv. Tui. Bar.) 

Cuvi, July 04 

Gaom. Drawing, Bxamp.,i'a(ter(V. 1e Nere) Ba. Bd. 


Geom. Drawing, G'iii(iaAitEKam.,la.9d.nt J'an.04 

Gaom., Binn., Amatt (Bruthwaita) 1-8, ea. Sa. 

Oeomelrr, Blemenlwy, Baier (W. H.) fte., 4, la. 

Fab. Oi 
Geom., Blem., SarreU (Frwik B.) 4e. 6d. ...Fab. 04 
Geosu, Elem., Baddan (E.) Ba. ; 1, 9, ea. 9s. Auf. 04 
Geom., Elem, Oodfraj/JC.), 1, Bip,, la. ...Fab. 04 
Gaoin. Eiper., Theor., Warran (A. T.) 9a. ...Fab. 04 
a«oaL latao., Pran^and (A. J.) b. Fab. 04 



Oeom., ipn., Barnard (8.) &a. te. Bd. Jan. 04 

Geom., Key to Elem., Ba)ier (W. H.}dto. Ba. nt^aii.D4 

Geom., Heiiimtion,St«i(I«n (E.) 8a.; prta. 1,9,9a. 

.^Uf. 04 

Qeom., Menioration, Buddan (E.) Bk. I, lOd. ; with 

aniweia, lOd Sep. 04 

Oaometi7,Hod.,£oitifon (E. Springfld.) Sa. Jan. 04 
Geometry, Hod., OVutian (G. A.) i&e. 9b. net Sip. 04 
Geometry, Obesrratknial, SAa«>(UrB.W.)Ha./an. 04 

OeoiD., Flaoe, Ifociay (J. B.) Sd Od. 04 

Oeom. Polit Boon., Canynghana (H.) 9s. Sd. net 

Oeometey, Practical, 1b Oct. 04 

Oeom., Prelim., Bobarlt (Bawdon) la Juru 04 

Geam.,Sohool,HaU(H.S.]fto.8,4,lB.Sd.; 4,8, 9b. 

Fab., Uar. 04 
Geom., Soh., HaU {B. B.) &e., I-S,4s. Sd.; 4-«, 

9b. Bd Zlee.04 

Geom., SolationB, Price (E. A.) Bb. net Sap. 04 

Oeom., Thaorel., AUcoci (C. H.),8,1b. Sd-.-./on. 04 
Oeom., Theoret., AlUock (C. H.) 4, la. Sd...Oet. 04 

Oaorga (C.)~BiBe of British West AJrioa. Demy 

Bto. pp.478, 13b. net HoDLBTOH ft S. Vor. 04 

Cteoise (H.) Pieaniaora of, Davidton(J, U.I la. net 

Afar. 04 

tteorva (H. B.]— Historical Geography ol British 

Empire. Hap. Cr. Sro. T| x 6, pp. 894, 8a. Bd. 

Uktbcer, Aug. 04 

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Qaarra (H. B.)— Balaliona ol Oeogtqihy and 
History. 9nd edit. cr. Svo. 7[>(Sl, pp. 804, 

4b. Sd £^owiii, Jiilu 04 

George and Botolph, 8S., Monoments, BuAan 

(Percy C.) 6i. net May 04 

George and Oenaial, BidgafW. Pelt) ed....June 04 
George and Bon, Cooper (Edwd. H.) Bd. ...July 04 

Oaorges, Durnoe (Alene.) 9b. Sov, 04 

Georges, Thackeray (Wm. U.) la. Nov. 04 

Oeorgea (The 4}, Thackeray, Xat. L., Bd. net Feb. 04 

Oeorgians, fiarben (Will N.) Bb. Sap. 04 

Qeorgici, Virgii, Lord Baigholere, lOa. Bd, net 

•er«ia (O. P.)-Dash of Salt Spray. Dins. Ci. 

Sto. awd. la. net BiMPdH, July 04 

GeiaJd, Walshman, Duen (Hy.) Bb. Bd. nt. Afar. 04 

Clersldlne's Tetters. Diseasiion of some Uodem 
Charch Problems in Letters addressed to a 
Friend. Ci. Sto. Tt " B, pp. IM, 9a. 6d. 

SlRTFIHaTOH, Oct. 04 
nerard (Dorothea)— Bridge of lite. MotoI wilh- 
ont a pnrpoBe. Ci. 8«o, 71 x G, pp. 810, Bb, 

Ubthceh, Oct. 04 

a«ru4 (Dorothea)— Hade ot Honey: a NoTtl. 

Cr, Sto. Tj>iG,pp, 386, S*. Hitbubn, 4pr. 04 

a«r>ra (Dorothea)— Qoeea ol Corda and CcaaiB. 
New edit, or, Bto. B x Cj, pp. SBB, Ba. Bd, 

Chatto, Nov. 04 
_ (E.)— Heron's Towar : Bomauoe. Cr.Sro. 
1, pp. 844, Bb. UwraVKt, July 04 

(J,)— Old Biddle and the Newest Anawer. 

I. TJx 8, pp.804, LoHaiiuia, ^jTr. 04 

Oarmrd (H.)— Lieutenant ot the King. MoreL 

Cr. 8yo. 71 X S, pp. 819, 6*. Casbkli., 5ep. 04 

German Army Manners, SchUeht (Baron Ton] Be. 

German, Comm., Hain (Qnatav) ^ 4s. Bd. ...Bap. 04 

German, Conuneniial, Sutner [A.j Apr, 08 

German Comm, Ptao,, GroAom 11.) Ss. Bd. Nov. 04 
Oerman Comm. Header, Dautienar (Kanim., Ii.) 

9a. 6d Afor. 04 

German Composition, Oneaid (A.| 9s. ; Idioms, 

la. Sd Dae. OS 

German CoDT.ftc, Wtatelho^ (B. C.) la. Bd. 

Sep. 04 
Oerman Declension Tablea, Kanlar (F.) Is. net 

Nov. 04 
German Dioy., TAiMne.Pienssar, 14s. net...Jfoe. 04 
Qsnnan, Die Batten Otdichte, Bd. net -Dan. u 


I Empetor'i Speaoiua: teleetion tram I Olbtios (K.}- 

8to. 9 X eg, pp. 844, 13a. 9d. dL Iiomqhams, Jem. 04 
Gvnnui Eiun. F^pon, Voefelin lA.) l«....J'un« 04 
0«niuii, Fieuch, tn., Indta Babb«i DiatioDarj, 

Si. net Sep. 04 

0«imui Quriaou Life, Bilta (Lieut.) St Mar. 04 

Oeim. Oen. Btaff. War in 3. AJiiob, Mar. 04 
OeniuiD Onmiiui, Aut (Cbrl Edoard) ai. Aua. 04 

Gemivi QruniDM, Sehlam (Otto) 3>. /uJv 01 

OennuQnun., Bedford H.B.,JVev>r (A.) Is. 6d. 


Qermftn, Leuona, Ziunuibn [L. L) Si. Jan. OS 

Oenuu Lit. Primal, LvbUn (I. T.) Sa. 6d. ifovM 
Qermui, Hod.Heth.of LeuninB, tFAtlaiarrCW.] 

J^o,, Sa. net; 1, a, ea. 1*. 6d. net Sep. 04 

Gennui Pop. Storiea ooU. by the Biothen OnrMn, 

iUna. Craikihank, aia. nat Oet.tH 

Qemun PubL Bda., Lewit (W.JSa. Bd. net iTuZy 04 
Oeimui Bahool Math., Winch (Wm. H.) 6a. Oct. 04 
Oenukn Strong Ac. Vetba, Notea by Cul Srafk, 

li Apr. 04 

Genun, Teaobg. of, OoUin* (E. W. Bagiter] Sl ed. 

...Dtc. 04 

Osrmui Working Clu 
Oermui &o. Haatera i 

, «i[rj(W.J.)l>.6d.nt 

iVof. 04 

Hat. Oal., Witt (M. a.) 

' n. 04 

Oermuiia Dootrine, The Pan-, lOe. Sd June 04 

Oaiman;, Eitglithjium in, 6d. oet Juf^a4 

Oarmanj— Tecshniul Inatruction : Special Tech- 

nicaJ Schoola tor Woodworking Indnatriea. 8to. 

ad. [ai8] .EmsA S. Sep. 04 

Oermijiy, Trade, Fodgion (G. A.) Sb. «d. ...Apr. 08 
Qerothwohl (U. A.), Interm. French Kdi., Sa. Od. 

a«rTard IF. N.)— Beri-Beti, its STmptoma &o. 

Eua;. Eitracta f rom, la. Bd. 

oet Cqubchh.!., Jlu^, 04 

(Urrmra (W.}— Qraater Bnssia. Continental Em- 

pile ol the Old World. UIub. Hap. Ch. ed. 

r07.8TO.9|xfl,pp. g8a,10a. Huhikanh, Ji'eb. 04 
Ocaatm* der Angatiaofaen (Die) Ton F. Liebet' 

mann. Part 1. 4lo. bda. aaa. net NoTT, Feb. 04 
n(H. F.) — Fartnsra. Sobool Stmr. 

„ „„ .„ , , ,e. FeU — 

Getting Wall of Dorothy, Clifford (Ura. W.) Sa. Bd. 

Oel. 04 

0.0.— Fairy in the Pigakin. Cr. Sto. T|x4|, 

pp. aS4, Sa. 6d LoHO, Apr. 04 

OIieiit(W. J.)— Maaaand Claaa. Surrey of Social 
Diviaiona. Cr. 8yo. Ea. net...M*CMiLi,AN,i)«!.04 
dnoBli (A.S. K.)— 1001 Arabian Nighta: Trialaof 
Narayan Lai. Cc. Bto. 7 j x B, pp. aB4, Ba. 

Keinixahk, Oct. 04 

Ohoat, Pmeii (Mra. C.) la Aug. 04 

Qboat Storiea, Antiq., Jamai (Hont. Rbodea) Sa. 

Nov. 01 

Ghoata, Book ol, Gould (S. Baring] Sa Oct. 04 

IH*Dt Budget of 100 Fopnlar Songa. 4to. and. , 

la. nab FiLDtiAN, ifotJ. 04 | 

Qiaut'a Gale, P#mAn-(on (Uai) ed UayOi 

Oiant'a Heart Ac, ifacd<mald (Qmi.) Sd., la. net I 

Oct. 04 
aibb IE. J. W.)-HiatorT ol Ottoman Poetry. 
Vol 8. Edit, by Edward O. Browne. Roy. B*o. I 

»} ■ ^, ^. 898, aia. net LOEic, June 04 ' 

Qtbbmga {S. E.), BbL Brouning Calendar, 3i. 6d. 

net Dec. 04 

Ibbon (Edv.)— Hiatory of the Decline and FaU I 
^ Boman Empire. Tol, 8. lamo. 64x8}, pp. 

"" ' '■ '-'ier, aainotlWorWa&Ianic^ I 

RtcHAJtDB, Feb. 04 
. , alorr of Decline and Pall of 

Empire. Tot. 4. 13mo. Sd x Si, pp. 818, 
■"*■ " net {World'i CUuiici) I 

HicHAKDf, Apr. 04 ' 

liatorr ot Dedine and FaU ol 
Vol. E. 19ma. S} X 81, pp. NW, 
{ la. net; Ithi. Sa. net [Woria* Clatna) 

BiCHABDi, Sep. 04 
aibb*n (P.)— Bonla in Bandage: a NoTel. Ct.Svo. 

T| X B, pp. SS6, 6a. BiukciwOOD & S. Apr. 04 

I Wbbona (A. 8L H.)— Africa: From Soath to 
I North throogh Harotaeland. 9 tU. 8to. x Sf , 

pp. BIB, saa. net Lahb, Hag 04 

Olbboiu (B. E.)— The Eye, iU Befraotion and 

Diaeaaea. 4to. ale. net BLiciau,A>i, Mar. 04 

aibba (K. F.), Biigg (W.)— Patiab Bagiitera ol 
Aldenham, Harta, IBSft-lBBB. Tranal., ed., in- 
dexed. Bto. pp. a40 (St. Albana) pr. pr. Dee. 09 
I aibaon(A. B.)— Taleof aSqneakyHooM. lUiu. 

I inColoun. lBmo.bda.aa. Richakdi, Ifoe. 04 

Olbaon (C. D.)— Eieryday People. Obi. fol. 90*. 

Lahi, Oct. 04 

atbaon (Eliiabeth)— Bnrden of Lore: Pooma. 

Boy. ISmo. pp. 60, la. nat ( Vigo Cabinet Beriet) 

I E. Hathiwb, Nov. OB 

aibaoa (EUiabeth)— From a Cloiater. ISma awd. 

la. net {Vigo Cabinet] E. Uithbws, Mag 04 

atbaea (B, C. 8.)— Heaaagea from Old TeaU- 

ment. Or. 8td. T| x 4}, pp. 906, Sa. 6d. 

I OuuiNaK & D. Nov. 04 

(Ubaon (F.) — Bnpentitiona abont AnimaJa, Cr. 

I B'O- '^^ * *ii PP' 3^*1 »■- ^ — ^' BCOTT, Aug. 04 

aibaon (G. A.)— Elamantary Treatiaa on Gnpha. 

Cr. 8td. 71 X 4|, pp. 194, Sa. Sd.HACBiLLAH, Sep. 04 

I (UbaoB (O. A.) — Introduction to the Calcnlna. 

Baaed on Gisphioal Hethoda. Cr. Sro. 71 x H, 

pp. a4a, 8a ed., Dec. 04 

atbaon (W. R. B.)— Philosaphioal Intro, to 
Ethioa, AdTOoacy of Spiritul Frinoiple in 
Ethioa from Point of View of Peiaonal Idealion. 
Cr. Sto. 71 X 4|, pp. 989, 9a. 6d. net 


Wbaon Calendar (The), leos. 10a. ed. net 

J. HiMDiaaoH, Oct. M 
CUddr-go-Boond : Taie of a Wooden Horaa. 
Ulna, by UadeUne Hall. Obi. Sro. 9a. net 

Wabh«, Nov. M 

Old* (C.)— Prinoiplaa of Politioal Economy. 9nd 

Engliab ed., entirely te-tran*. and adapted froio 

lateat French original by C. W. A. Vedita. Bro. 

S}xE), pp. 730, Ta. 6d. U. C. Heath, Jfiir. 04 

aiSAB (R, Sir)— EoonomioEnqairiaaandBtiidiea. 
9 Tola. Sto. B} x B1, pp. 9SS, 91a. net 

Bell, Mar. 04 

aiflord (Evelyn)— ProTenzanotheProod. NoTel. 

Cr, Bto. T| x 41, pp. SSS, Sa. ...Smith, E. May 04 

action Irom Baaaya ol 

1 Intro, by Aiihor 

Edward White. 18mo. B xS, pp. 984, Ithr. Sa. Od, 

net Reprinted from the White Orot* lAbrarg 

P. Wkllbt, June 04 

Gift (The), Uturnaugktan (8.) Sa. Apr. 04 

Ollben (O— Endleaa Hirth. Cr. Sto. limp, la. 

Deam, Sep 04 
Gilbert of Bemptingham, Oraham (B.) Ba. Feb. 04 
aUb«7 (W., Sir)— Notea on Aloohol in Brandy, 
Whidcy, Bom. Ulna. Sto. limp. 6d. 

ViMTOH, Feb. 04 

Ollber (W., Bir)—PoQltry-EeepinE on Farms and 

Small Holdinga. Ulna. Sro. 8 j > e{, pp. 44, 9a. net 

VmTow, Apr. 04 

Gilea (L.) Bayinga ol Lao Tan, la. net Sep. 04 


aiU(FranceaTyTrell->— Turner. 40 Ulna. 16mo. 

S X 4}, pp. 998, 9a. ed. net [Little Boolu on Art) 

HiTHUBN, Mar. 04 

out (J.]— Text-book on NaTigation and NantioaJ 
Aatronomy. New edit. Augmented and re- 
arranged bj M. T. Hetrifleld. Boyal Sro. 
BlxBj, PP- 408, 10a. ...LoHOHAHa, Oet. 04 






«MU (J. F.)— How to Build a Petrol Motor. Cr. 8to. 
gwd. 6d. net Dawbabn & Co. Nov. 04 

iliUespie (J.)— •Hamoors of Scottish Life. Cr. 
8to. 7| X 6, pp. 26d| 88. 6d, net 

Blackwood & 8. Nov. 04 
aiUlAt (B.)— In Lincoln Green. 8to. ewd. 6d. 

SbblxTi May 04 

CMUlM (W.)— First Studies in Insect Life. Cr. 

8to. Is. 8d Whitcokbs & T. June 04 

CMUles (W.)— First Studies in Plant Life in 
Aostralia. Cr. Sto. Is. 8d. 

Whitcokbs & T. June 04 
ailman (Charlotte P.)— Home, iU Work and In- 
fluence. Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6^, pp. 860, 58. net 

Heineman N, Mar. 04 
OUmaB (N. P.)— Methods of Industrial Peace. 
Cr. 8to. 8x5, pp. 446, 7s. 6d. net 

Macmillam, May 04 

OUmoor (Greta) — ^Bhoda Lethbridge ; or, School 

Life in the Fatherland. Cr. 8vo. 7(x4|, pp. 194, 

Is. 6d. Bel. Tbact Soc. Oct. 04 

OUmour (B.) — Samuel Butherford. Study Bio- 
graphical and somewhat Critical in History of 
ttie Scottish Covenant. Cr. Svo. 8 x 6^, pp. 256, 

2s. 6d. net Oliphant 

, pp. SSi 
, Sep. 


atlpin (W. B.)— Pony Express; or, Life of Two- 
year-old. Cr. 8vo. li X 4i, pp. 288, bds. 2s. 

BouTLBDOE, May 04 
CMlplB (W. B.)— Pony Express; or, Life of a 
Two-year-old. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4^, pp. 288, 2s. 6d. 

BouTLEDOE, June 04 

Gilpins, Kingston (W.H. G.) Is Oct. 04 

Gipsy Dick, Clarke (A. ; Mrs.) 9d Mar. 08 

atpa J Smith Birthday Book (The). 18mo. 6x8, 
Is. 6d. net T.Law, Oct. 04 

Gipsy Smith's fvri Solos, ed. by W. H. Jude, Is. 6d., 
Is. net Jan. 04 

Giraffe Hunters, Beid (Ma3me) 28 Sep. 04 

Olrdlestone (B. B.)— Why do I Believe in Jesus 
Christ ? Four Addresses to Business and Pro- 
fessional Men. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 96, Is. 

HODDBB & S. Oct. 04 
Girl from the Farm, Dim (G.) Is. 6d. net .,.Nov. 04 
Girl in a Thousand, Kenyon (E. E.) 2s. 6d. Oct. 04 

Girl in Grey, 7orik0 (Curtis) 6s July 04 

Girl with a Talent, Hampden (M.) Is May 04 

Girl's Battle, Davidson (L. C.) 2s. 6d Oct. 04 

Girl's Ideal, MulhoUand (B.) 5s Oct. 04 

airl'a Own Annual, 1904. Fol. 8s. 

Bel. Tract Soc. Sep. 04 
UirVm Bealm Annual for 1904. Imp. 8yo. 88. 


Girle Guairle, Dinneen (P.) 6d Sep. 04 

Girls, 18 Stories, Carey (B. N.) &c. 2s Aug. 04 

Girls' Handicraft Ac.y Beard (L., A. B.) Os. net 

Dec. 04 
Girls of Cromer Hall, Jaebems (Baymond) 28. 

Oct. 04 
Girls of Mrs. Pritchard's S., Meade (L. T.) Os. 


Girls of Wakenside, Marchant (B.) 6s Oct. 04 

Girls, Physical Exercises, Stempel {T. D.) Is. 

Girls, Beligion among. Freeman (F. L.) 2s. net 


Oiaslnv (A.) — ^Arrows of Fortune. Tale. Cr. 8yo. 

74 ^ Mt PP* ^08, 6s Abbowbmith, Nov. 04 

OiMinr (AO— Broadway. Village of Middle 
England. Illns. by Edmund H. New. 12mo. 
7x4, pp. 106, Is. 6d. net {Temple Topographies) 

Dent, Nov. 04 

Oiaslnv (G.)— Veranilda. Bomance. Cr. 870. 
7|x4|, i^. 858, 6s Comstablb, Oct. 04 

Gist of Lessons, S.S., Torrey (B. A.) 9d., Is. net 

Sep. 01 

Giyers, Freeman (M. E. W.) 6s Jwne 04 

Glacial Motion, Chamberlin (T. C.) 8s. net July 04 

illadstOBe (Geo.)— Problems of Scripture. Cr. 
8to. 7i X 4|, pp. 158, 2s. 6d. net 

Stockwbll, Feb. 04 

Gladstone (Mary), Letters to, Acton (Lord) 15s. net 

Mar. 04 
Gladstone, Memory of. Smith (G.) 2s. 6d. net Sep. 04 

Oladwln 'May)-I>oll Book. Obi. 4to. 0ix8|, 
pp. 82, bds. Is. net Gabdnbb ic D. Nov. 04 

aialater (J.)— Manual of Hygiene for Students 
and Nurses. 2nd edit. cr. 8to. 7^ x 4}, pp. 420, 
6s. net LrviNasTONB, Dee. 04 

Glamour of the Earth, Dewar (Geo. A. B.) 6b. net 

Oe^. 04 

Olasrow (Ellen)— -Deliyerance. Bomance of Vir- 
ginia Tobacco Fields. IUub. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 5. pp. 
656, 68 Constable, F(A. 04 

OlasBinrtOB (C. W.)— Golden Bules of Dental 
Surgery. 82mo. limp Is. {Oolden Bules Series) 

SncPKiM, Mar. 04 

Glauda, Xreslie (E.) Is. 6d July 04 

Glaucus, Kingsley (C.) 8s. 6d Oct. 04 

OlazlniT. No. 15. Cr. 8yo. swd. 6d. {Carpenter 
and Builder Technical Series)... Dicks, June 04 

Gleanings from on and off Stage, Bancroft, 6d. 

Mar. 04 

CHeAwes (A.) — James Lawrence, Captain United 
States Navy. Cr. 8vo. 6s. {American Men of 
Energy) Putnam, Sep. 04 

Olelr (G. B.)— Personal Beminiscences of the First 
Duke of Wellington. Sketches of some of his 
Guests and Contemporaries. Edit, by his 
Daughter, Mary E. Gleig. 8vo. 9 x 5|, pp. 420, 

15s. net Blackwood & S. May 04 

Glen Sloken, Stevenson (W. Ghrant) Is. net May 04 
Glencairly Castle, Hutchinson {Hot. G.) 6s. May 04 
Glimpses in Paradise, Hebert (S.) Is. net Aug. 04 
Glimpses of Tennyson, Wild (A. G.) 4s. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 

aiobe Geography Headers (The) -Senior : Our 

World-wide Empire, by V. T. Mnroh^. 12mo. 

2s Macmillan, Apr. 04 

Globe Geogr. Headers, Mwrchi (V. T.) 2s. Apr. 04 

Gloria Mxmdi, Frederic (Harold) 2s Feb. 04 

Glory, Conmi. of H.M.S., Buttenoorth (A. E.) 4b. nt. 

Glossary, Engl. Authors, Nares (Bbt.) 7s. 6d. net 


Olowor (A. E.)— Thousand Miles of Miracle in 

China. Personal record of God's delivering 

e»wer from hands of Imperial Boxers of Shan-si. 
ap, special Illus. Cr. 8to. 8 x 5}, pp. 892, 6s. 

HoDDEB ic S. Dec. 04 
aiower (T. B.)— Studies in VirgU. 8yo. 9x5|, 

pp. 826, IDs. Od. net E. Abnold, Oct. 04 

Gloves, Shoes, Boyal, A;c., Bedfem (W. B.) 42s. 

net Dee. 04 

Glowworm Flames, Walker (A. L.-) 3s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 

OluokEteln (S. M.), Saxby (W. C. H.)— Black, 

White, or Yellow? South African Labour 

Problem, Case for and against Introduction of 

Chinese Coolies. Cr. 8vo. 8wd. 6d. net 

Afbican News Agency, Mar. 04 
Glyn (Mrs. Clayton)— see Olyn (Elinor) 
Glyn Severn's School-Days, Perm (G. M.) 58. Oct. 04 

Olynne (S. B., Sir)— Notes on the Older Welsh 
Churches, 1824-1874. Port., many HIus. 8vo. 

pp. 862, lOs. 6d C. J. Clabx, Mar. 04 

Goats for Profit, Tibbie (Edwd. C.) 6d. net. Oct. 04 
God, Evolution of Idea of, AUen (Grant) 8s. 6d. net 

Nov. 01 
Gk>d in the Garden, Howard (Keble) 6s. ...June 04 

God of Clay, Waugh (Bertrand) 6s Mar. 04 

God of Patriarchs, SeJhy (T. G.) 8s. 6d. ...Nov. 04 

Ood our Saviour. Pictures and Verses illustrat- 
ing events in Life of Our Blessed Saviour. Fol. 

bds. 8s. 6d. Mowbbat, ^ov. 04 

Gk>d and His Witnesses, James (M.) 2s. 6d. Sep. 04 
God and Man, Edwards (Jn. Harrington) 48. net 

Mar. 04 
God and my Neighbour, BUUehford (Bbt.) 6d. net 

Aug. 04 
God and Our Soldiers, BuU (PaiU B.) 6s. -*'--' * 
God and People, Burrell (Dvd. Jas.) 8s. 64. 


God uid SiimeT, Thompion (J. Denton) Ss. Ad. net 

Feb. 04 

Qod and Boat.Armttrtmg (BichudA.) 6d. Vay 01 

Qod'iBsirn, Moora (D.) 8a. 6d Oct. Oi 

Ood'i Boud, Benion (Edwd. Whitej 8a. Sd. net 

Qod'g Forget Me Nat, and other Addieuei, Cooper 

(A. J 

r. Oi 

Ood'a Qood Han. Ccreiii (H.) Sa. Sep. Oi 

Ood'iOiea(eaeQirt,Soqp«r(T.)3a.6d.Det Jan.Ot 
Ood'i Living Onolea, Fienm (A. T.) Sa. fld. Afar. 01 

God'i Nation, aimmon (J. M.) Dee. OS 

Ood'a Witne« to Word, Broton (H. D.) Oa. Apr. 04 
Ooddard (J. L.)— Treatiae on Iaw ot Eaeemanta. 

eUi edit. 8to. 9Sb. Ststzhb & 9. jluff, 04 

Qoddeai <feo., tfartA (Bichard) 6d Oct. 04 

QoAtrvf (C.) and Otheia — Elementary Oeometrr, 

Fraotical and Theoretical. Part 1, Eiperimenlu. 

Cr. 8vo, bde. le C. J. Cl*v, feft. 04 

Godfref (&,) Book ot Bemembrance, la. ed. net 

la. 8to.81>iG|, pp. 398, 
fllCKAHDH, Apr. 04 

0«after (Hra. Tom)~Simbeam, Norel. Cr. 
Bra T| x n, pp. BIS, 8e. 6d, ...Vutu A L. June 04 

Godlre; Marfin, TwrUy (C.| Ga Nov. 04 

OodUy (A. D.)- Verse, to Order. Enl. ed., or. 8.0. 
7x41. Pp. laa, Sa. Bd. MiTHUEH, Nov. 04 

Oodol^m (Uargaret), Evelyn (John) Sa. Od. net 

Nov. 04 

0«4a and Fighting Hen ; Stoir of Taatha da 
Daoaui and ol Fianna of Ireland. Arranged uid 
rat into Engliah bj Lad; Gregory. Pcef. by 
W. B. Teata. 8io. 81 x GJ, pp. G04, Sa. net 

J. UuoBAY, Fab. 04 

Qodi are Just, Barmby (B. H.) Sa. Feb. 04 

OoawlB lO. N.>— Ciril War in Hampahire (1643- 
le4G) and Btoiy ot Baaing Houae. 111., portrait*, 
coloured view oi Baaing House. Ber, edit. 4to. 
101 X T4, pp. 4B4,3lB. net 1. ic E. BuWDi, Det. 04 

Oedwin (W.)— Caleb Williams; or, Things aa 
they are. 19mo. Bl x I, pp. 4U9 3b. Od. net ; Ithr.«pr)nft)NEimiB, Jan.Ol 

Ooebal (E.) — Organography ol Flanta. Anth, 
EngL Edit, by J. B. &ltoni. Part 3. Svo. Sla. 
net Fbowdb, WoD. 04 

Goethe, Atkine [H. O.) 4a., Ua. Bd. net Oct. 04 

Ooethe. Early Lite. Books I.-IX. ot Autobio- 
graphy. Transl. by John Oienford. Newly edit. 

IH, Oct. 04 

(Motlie on Shaikeapeare. Seleotions from Car- 
lyla'a TransL ot Wilhelm Heister. IBmo. la. Od. 
net \ Ithr. 3^ ed net (Be La More Booklele) 

Dk La Hobi Pbibb, Nov. 04 
Gold Assaying, PMUtpifH. J.) Ta. Bd. net.. ..Apr. 04 

Gold Bat, Wodehotue (P. Q.) 8*. Bd. Sep. 04 

QoldBog, Pob(B. A.)la.6d. Feb.Oi 

Gold Coaat, f onti Lan, 31s. net ; Cases, IOl net 


OoU Dast. Ctdleetion ol Golden Coimaela tor 

8anctifioation ol Daily Life. Tranal. and abridged 

from French by E.L.E.B. Ed. by Charlotte H. 

yoDge. Beiaina. 18mo. B|xBl, pp. 1T& la. Bd. 

net LoiraDAira, JutM 04 

Gold, Getting, Jdhneort (J. C. F.} 8s, Od Dec. 04 

Gold Island, Wat (Nicholson} 6a Sm. 04 

Gold-leal Stmotore, MalUl (J. W.) la. Feb. 04 

Gold Milling, Louie {H.) 10a. net Dee. 03 

Gold ol Hunan Nature, Welch (Hy.) Sa. Bd. net 

Fib. 04 

Gold Whip, Oouid (Nat) 3s Apr. M 

Gold to.. Assay ot, Poiumey (W. B.) liar. 08 

Oold &e. Cyaniding, JvUan (B, Forbes) Sli. net 

Feb. 04 

L a<dd«n Age, Orahame (Kenneth) Is. Bd. net Sep. 04 

Uan Aas, jjwJeiiM, Adhngton, 4Sa. ■atA...lIay 04 



Golden Book ot John Ouwh Ss. Oct. M 

Golden Heart, Jaa>b (V.) tt Kov. 04 

Golden Hymn Book, Bd., la net Jan. 04 

Golden Faaaional, BurreU (D. J.) 8s. Bd. net Fri. 01 

Cloldan Paaaional ot the Evangelical Prophet. 

Bhort Devotional Commentary upon Isaiah liiL 

Ed. by J. Wylde. 13mo. 6| x 41, pp. 93, la. net 

MowsBir, Mar. 04 

OaUm Role. VoL 1904. Imp. Svo. 3*. 

S.B.C. So9. M 

aolden Btting: Day Book tor Bnsy Hen and 

Womeu, arranged by Bosan, Coontessof Uabnes- 

bury, and Violet Biooka-Hunt. New ed. at. Svo. 

Ti X 41, pp. 883, Gs. net J. MuBBir, Feb. 04 

OaMen Sonbeam. Vol. 8. 8to. la 4d. 

S J>.C.E. Dec. 04 

Golden Thread, Qallon (Tom) ta. Nob. 01 

Golden Tipa, Cave (H. W.) IDs. 6d. net. Uar. 04 

Golden Treas. ol Songs fto., Palgrave, 1, B*. Sd. 

/an. 04 
Gidden Treaamy of Songa, I~l, Sole* to, Ss. 6d. 

Feb. 01 

Qoldea Wang-ho, Hume (Fewaa) Bd. May 01 

Golden Windows, Bichard* (L. E.) Sa. 6d. net 


Golden Wordi, Street {M. 3.) Is Nov. 04 

Ooldle (B.)— Marian Voyne ; or, the Great Ida. 
Novel. Or. Bvo. 7) » 6, pp. 8G8, 6a. 

BicHiBiig, Apr. 04 
Ooldle (Mra Barrfi)— Diwiipline ol Christine. 
Novel. Ci. Bvo. 7jx 11, pp.396, fla. 

RiviXB, Nov. 04 

GoldlnBtaMB (A. H.)— Dealgn and Couattnctiou 

ol Oil Enginee. Fnll Diieotiona for Erecting, 

Testing, Ac. lUna eal. edit Cr. Svo. Ttxl|, 

pp. 374, 6a. 6d. net Srox, June 04 

(loldBmlUl (O.)— Complete Works. Aocoont of 
his Life and Writings. New edit, 8vo. 

SA X S], pp. 794, Sa, 6d Boutlbsob, Sep. 04 

Ooldamltb (0.)--GDOd-aBtared Man fto. Edit. 
by A. Dobaan. ISmo. bdi. 3a. 6d. net (BeUee- 

Lettret Seriet) HaKBiP, Oct. 04 

aoldamltK (O.)— Letteia tram a Citiaen ot tha 
World to his Frienda in the Eaat. Intro, bj 
Bichard Garaatt. Illua. Cr. Svo. 71x6, pp. 

881, Ss. net Qabdkeb A D. Oct. 04 

Ooldanlth (O.)-She Stoops to Conqnei; Tha 
Good-natnred Han. 13mo. 6cl. net {NatUmal^ 

Library) Cueuj., Mar. 01 

Ooldamith '0)— Vicar ot Wakefield. 36 coloured 
lUas. by C. E. Brock. Cr. Svo. ?{ x 1|, pp. 960, 

6s, net \Engliih IdyUe) Dint, Oct. M 

Goldsmith, Afocaulav, CotleiiU, 3a Jii^ 04 

Goldsmith, Jobnaon, MiHUHiIay, Is Feb. 04 

Golf ABC, Bobertion (A. J.) Is JkZv 01 

Qolt Hinta, Hutehinaon (Horace G.) Is. ...Feb. 04 

OolT— Humours and Emotions ot. Svo. Bird. la. 

B1.1SIB, East A B. June 04 

Golf, Prac, Travit (Walters J.} Ts. Od. net July 04 

Golt, That Oame ot,3s. Od Oct. OS 

Golfer, Unlucky^ Hime (Manrioo) 6d. net ...Apr. 04 
Goiters, Great, Baldam (G. W.) ISa. 6d. net Mar. 04 

Oollera, Eintt to, hy Niblick, pr Dee. 03 

OoUns Annual (The), 1908-1901. Edit by David 

8. Duncan. Cr. 8io. Bs. H. Coi, Jaly 04 

Gollitroggin HoUand, Upton (Bertha) 6a.,.. Oct. 04 
Ooltwsui (B.)~Mannal of Pract. Typa-writing 
and Letter-writing. FoL pp. 900 

(Montreal) J. Lovsll A 8. Dee. 03 
Oona* (C. X.) — Hints on Horaaa. How to indge 
them, hm them, ride them, drive them, depiot 
them. nins. ObL 4to. 8xa,Fp. 90, Ea. net 

J, Hdbhit, Dee. 04 

Good Lock, Uea^e (L. T.) la. Bd. Oct. 04 

Good Mrs. Hvpoorite, A'tn, Bd Uar. 04 

Oood-natnred Han ftc, Ootdimith (O.) Bd. net 

JTor. 04 

Oood-natoted Han, QaUsmflA, Dobsoo, Ss. td. net 

(M. 04 






€k>od Wiyes, Aleott (L. M.) le. Dee, 04 

Oood WotcIb, 1904. Imp. 8yo. 78. 6d. 

IsBiBTEB, Nov, 04 
floodell (T. D.)— School Grammar of Attic Greok. 
Cr. 8to. pp. 850, Ss. net. (20^^ Cent. Series) 

Appleton, Dec, 02 
Ooodftollow (J.) — TranalationB from the German. 
Cr. 8to. 7i X 8^, pp. 46, bds. Is. net 

A. Gardneb, Apr. 04 
Goodhne, Flowers from Persian Poets, 18s. net 

Dec. 04 
Goodly Heritage, Eady (E. M.) Ss. July 04 

Ooodman (J) — Mechanics applied to Engineering. 

4th edit enL Illos. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 788, 9s. 

Longman 8, Oct. 04 
Ooodrlcli (W. F.)— Bef ase Disposal and Power 

Production. 98 Illos. 8va d| x 6^, pp. 400, 168. 

net Constable, Mar. 04 

CkioOrloll (W. F.)— Small Destructors for Insti- 
tutional and Trade Waste. HIus. 8to. 8|x64, 
pp. 128, 48. net Constable, Sep. 04 

CkiodwlB (G.) — British Mezzotinters : Thomas 

Watson, James Watson, Elizabeth Judkins. 

6 plates. Imp. 8vo. 10:^ x 74» JPP- 242, 21s. net 

A. U. BuLLEN, Apr. 04 
Oeodwin (Maud Wilder)— Sir Christopher. 

Bomanoe of a Maryland Manor in 1644. Illus. 

Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 424, 6s. ...Waiid & L. July 04 
Goodwin (W. W.), Demoathenea on the Crown, 6s. 

Jan. 04 
Goodwin Sands, Gattie (Geo. Byng) 48. 6d... Oct. 04 
Goodwin Sands, Heroes, Treanor (T. S.) 28. Sep. 04 

Goose Songs, The True Mother, 8s. 6d Sep. 02 

Gordon (H.) Beminis. of Iriah Land Agent, 128. 6d. 

net Nov. 04 

Oordon (John B.) — Beminisoences of the Civil 
War [U.B JL]. Portraits. 8vo. 8| x 6§, pp. 488, 
168. net. Constable, Feb. 04 

Oordon (J. J. H., Sir)— The Sikhs. Bins, hy 
Author. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 248, 7s. 6d. net 

Blackwood & S. Oct. 04 
Oordon (Mrs. Evans-) — Armanda Penfold, other 
Stories. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 286, 6s. 

SiHPKiN, Nov. 04 

Ckirdon (S.) — Unto each Man his Own, a Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 822, 6s. Heinemann, Feb. 04 

Oordon (S. D.)— Quiet Talks on Power. Cr. 8vo. 
i leather, 6s. net Bevell, Mar. 04 

Oordon (S. D.)— Quiet Talks on Prayer. Cr. 8vo. 
7} X 4|, pp. 284, 2s. 6d. net Bevell, Oct. 04 

Oordon (S. D.)— Sychar Bevival, John IV. 12mo. 
6^ x8^, pp. 80, bds. 8d. net Bevell, Sep. 04 

Oordon (W. Evans-) — Cabinet and War. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 224, 88. 6d. net ...Constable, Aug. 04 

Oordon (W. J.) — Our Country's Animals and how 
to know them. Guide to Mammals, Beptiles, 
Amphibians of Great Britain. 88 coloured plates, 
48 orig. diagrams by B. E. Holding. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 5^, pp. 160, 6s SiMPKiN, May 04 

Gore (Bp.), Fry (T.), ^Vhy Christians believe in 
Christ, Is. net Feb. 04 

Ck>re (C.) Lux Mundi, 2s. 6d. net Nov. 04 

Ooro (C.) — Sermon on the Mount : a Practical 
Eiposition. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net 

J. MuBBAT, Mar. 04 

Ooro (C, Bp).— Spiritual Efficiency. Primary 
Charge delivered at his Visitation to the Clergy 
and Churchwardens of his Diocese. October 
1004. 8vo. swd. Is. net J.Mubbaf, Dec. 04 

Ckiro (J. E.) — Studies in Astronomy. Cr. 8vo. 
7|x6, pp.348, 68 Chatto, Oct. 04 

Oorgrofl (Mary) — On Life's Journey. Poems and 
Ballads. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. W. Wueelbb, Dec. 04 

Oorbam (C. T.)— Ethics of Great Beligions. 8vo. 

swd. 6d Watts, May 04 

Gorilla Hunters, Ballantyne, Is., Is. 6d., 6d. 

Feb., Sep. 04 

OoriniT (J> H.) — Crumbs of Verse: Mainly for 
Chicks. Illus. by Evelyn Paul. Cr. 8vo. swd. 

Is. net C. W. Daniel, Dec.04 

Gosforth District, Antiquities &c., Parker (C. A.) 

7s. 6d Ma/r. 04 

Gospel accord, to St. John, 2, ea. Is. net ...Dec. 04 

Gospel according to St. Mark, 8s Nov. 04 

Gospel by Signal, Webater (A. W.) Is. 6d. nt. May 04 
Gospel for To-day, Oaroie (Alf. £.) 2s. net Apr. 04 
Gospel, 4th, char. Auth., Drummond (Jas.) 10s. 6d. 

Jan. 04 

Gospel, Human Uie.A%nger (Alf.) 6s. Oct. 04 

Gospel in Christian Year, McKim (B.) 68. net Dec.02 
Gospel Intro, into Europe, Cadot (Mdme.) Turner 

(Edwd.) Dec. 02 

Gospel of Gladness, Burrell (Dvd. Jas.) 8s. 6d. net 

Feb. (A 
Ooflpol of Jesus. Illus. Lessons on Gospe« 
Pictures from the Lips of Our Lord. By Alex- 
ander MacKeith. 4to. bds. Is. 

Maclube, Macdonald, Dec. 04 
Gospels, 1st 8, Boaanqu^t (Bernard Hugh) 6s. 

Nov. 04 

Gospels, 1st 8, Belations, Carpenter (J. Eslin) 

88. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Oospols in Art (The) — Life of Christ by Great 
Painters, from Fra Angelico to Holman Hunt. 
Text by L&once B^n4dite and others. Edit, by 
W. Shaw Sparrow. Folio, 12 x 8^, pp. 284, 7s. 6d. 
net ; swd. Ss. net Hodoeb & S. Nov. 04 

Gospels, Intro., Burton (Ernest de Witt) 6s. net 

Aug. 04 

Gospels, Patristic, D'Onaton (Boslyn) Sep. 04 

Gospels, the Four, Dale (B. W.) 28., 8s. ...Dee. 04 

Ooflso (E.)— Jeremy Taylor. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 
246, 2s. net {Bngluh Men of Lettera) 

Macmillan, Jan. 04 
Gossiping Guide to North Walea, Is. ; 2, ea. 6d. 

June 04 
Ooflsman (Isabella H.) — Inspiration in Human 
Life. Cr. 8vo. 8^ x 6^, pp. 264, 6s. 

Unwin, July 
Gothic Archit., Engl., DUchfield (P. H.) Is. net 04 

May 04 
Gottlieb Krumm, Darien (G.) 6s Apr. 04 

Oondio (G.) — Celtic and Scandinavian Antiqui- 

ties of Shetland. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net 

Blackwood & S. Apr. 04 
Oondy (H.)~Treati8e on Law of Bankruptcy in 

Scotland. 8rd. ed. by W. J. Cullen. 8vo. 

pp. 940, 868. net...(Edin.) T. &. T. Clabx, Apr. 08 

OoolBor (Comtesse de Choiseul-) — Historical 
Memoirs of Emperor Alexander I. and Court of 
Bussia. Transl. by Mary B. Patterson. Intro., 
Notes. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 822, 68. net 

E. Paul, Sep. 04 

OoQld (F. C.)— Political Caricatures, 1904. Obi. 
foL 6s. net E. Abnold, Nov. 04 

Oonld (F. C.) — ^Westminster Cartoons, No. 8. 
Selection of Cartoons dealing with PoUtical 
Events in 1908, principally Mr. Chamberlain's 
Fiscal Campckign. Folio, swd. Is. 

* Westmiksteb Gazette/ May 04 
Gould(F. Carruther8),Lau;scm, Cartoons, 48. 6d. net 

Dee. 04 
Oonld (F. J.) — Children's Book of Moral Lessons. 
8rd series. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 220, 28. 

Watts, Dee. 04 

Oonld (G. M.) — Pocket Medical Dictionary. 

Giving Pronunciation and Definition of Principal 

Words used in Medicine and Collateral Sciences. 

4th edit. enl. 12mo. Ss. net H. K. Lewis, May 04 

Oonld (N.) — Broken Down. 8va swd. 6d. 

CjVEBXTT jDsc 04 

Oonld (N.)— Gold Whip. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|/ pp. 820, 

2s. "Od.; boards, 2s. Evebett, Apr. 04 

Oonld (N.)— His Last Plunge. 8vo. swd. 6d. 


Oonld (N.)— In Low Water. Cr. 8vo. 2a. 60.; 

bds. 2s EvEBETT, Feb. 01 



aavm (V.)— In Bojkl Colonn. 8to. iwd. ea. 

BVBBtTT, Nov. M 
OoBld (NJ— Sing of the Bugea. Sto. nrd. Od. 

Etikitt, Oct. M 
Oanld (N.)— Nmt Thing. Sra. iwd. Od. 

EVIBBTT, Fth. 04 

e«aia (K.>-ODtcMt. Sro. nrd. la. 

BTUtBTT, Nov. 0« 

OottM (N.)— Bajah'i lUoer. Ct. Sto. T}x4|. 

pp. 986, Sa. M. ; bda. Si Bvskbtt, .Tuly <M 

Oaold (N.)— Bou of the Biog. Svo. ««d. M. 

BooTLUtac, Mar. 04 
aonla (N.)— Beoand String. Cr. Sto. 71 k 4j, pp. 

aSS,ai.«d.; bda.9L Evxbbtt, Oct. 04 

Oonld (N.)— Settling Day. Sto. iwd. 6d. 

EvsBiTT, Jfdy 04 
Oonld (N.)— Sporting Sketohoi. Bro. iwd. Od. 

Etekitt, Sov. 04 
Oonld (N.)— Wuued oS tha Tori. Bto. awd. M. 

BOUTLEDOB, i7)in« 04 

Oonld (B. F.) — Coudra Hiato>7 of Fieemuoniy. 
Bto. SJ X Ct, pp. 460, lOa. U. net 

Qau a p. Mar. 04 

Od. . 

Oomld (8. Baring-) — Siegfried. Bomance. Ulna. 

b; Chulei BobiDSOD. Cr. Sto. S k E|, pp, 863, Sa. 

DKiN, Nov. 04 

Oonldlnr (F. B.)-~YoDng Maraocen on the 

Florida Coast. Cr. Sto. 71 x 4J, pp. BSS, la. Sd. 

■" ■ olboy,' Serie,).. **- *•- '" 

id, Nap ■ 

Goorgaod, t 

I. Talkl,^a.ed Feb.O* 


I (J.), 01iT«r (O. A. B.)— Fnnoh Com- 
mcTcial Pnotloe conneeked with Export and 
Import Trade to and trom Fnaoa, Prenoh 
Cokmlea, and Conutiiea where Fieuoh ta reoog- 
niaed LaiigDage of Commeioe. Part 1. Ci. Sto. 
7^x41, pp. tGa,aa.ed iticxaJ.A«, Nm. tU 

S), Olirer (Q. A. 8.)— Oennu Com- 
aetioe connected with Export and 
Import Trade lo and bom Qennonj, Qermaa 
Coloniea, and Conntriea when German la reooK- 
niied I^ngnage ol Commeree. Part 1. <^, 
Sto. 71 x 4i pp. SSS, 3a. Sd. Hackii.ui>, Nov. 04 

menii&l Frabtioe oonneoted with "Export a 
Import Tnda to and tram 8p^, Spaoiah 
ColDnisa, and ooautriea where Spatiiah ia reoog- 
niaed langaage of .Commeroa. Part 1. Ct. Bto. 

fi « 41, pp. Sfit, a>. Sd Hacidllui, Cm, 04 

Bi«b»m(J.A.) — Sporting Dog. UanTlllna. Sto. 
^ X Gt, pp. S40, Sa. ed. net. |<4m«neii'i Bfortt- 

man'i LUrrary) UicmLi^H, Jfor. 04 

(BoaeJ — S. Gilbert of Sempringham toA 

Qilbertinea. Hiitory of the onlj Engliah 
MonaatioOnleT.Ch.ed. Bto. Gb. E. Stock, J'^b. 04 

P. MiBBBUx, liar. C4 

Ch^Iisin (V.) — Printen' and Stationnra' BeadT 

Beckaner and Compendinm. Cr. Bto. Tt'<4i, 

pp. lie, 8a. Sd. net Scott ft O. Out. 04 

arobun (Wm.t— : 
a Stad; in Ecoa 
la. Sd. net ; bda. 1 

Oonmcrle (E. de la)— Chrietiui Bome: Eiit. 
View of its Memories and Monuments, 41-1807. 
Tt»iib1. and abridged bj Hon. Iddy MacdonaJd. 
Pref. b; Card. Vaughan. 9 vols. cr. Sto. pp. 
1140 (1S9S, 169. net), red. to Ts. 6d. net 

BoLANDi, J-unt 04 j 

Oont £o., Core, Daviei (N. E. Yorke-) Sa. Gd. 

July fii 

OOTonunent Contracts made in United King- 
dom for Manufactured Articles in 1008-4 with , 
Contrsctora ontaide United Kingdom, or with 
CoDtractora or Agenta who obtain Articlea from 
Abroad, Id. [SIS] Eyhe k S. Nov. 04 I 

•ovommODtlnBQruiceaaDdAnDiiilieg. Accoanta i 
relatmgto,{orl»aa,ld. [lal] Evbe & S. Jun« 04 i 

OoTemment Laborator;— Beport of Principai I 
Chemiat upon the Work of, for 1908-4. Appen- 
dices, Sd. [2144] EvHE j£ S. £ap. 04 

Oowora IW. B., Sir)— Manual and AUia of 
Hedickl Ophthalmouopj. 4th ediL Sto. 14>. net ' 
CuuBCRILL, Jane 04 \ 

Ooworo (W, B., BirK-Sabjective Sensationa ol i 
Light and Sonnd, Abiotrophy and other Lectoiea. ' 
Cr. trra. 8} « GJ, pp. SGO, Sa. net 

CHtTBCHiLL, Feb. 04 

Oowlnt (Mrs. A jlmor)— King's Deaire. Cr. Bto. 
7Jx 4i, pp, GEO, Ss LoHD, Mar.fH 

Ooren fj. Tan)— Ten Pholocollographies d'aprba 
•as 'I iiblekni k rExptiaition d 'Amsterdam, Jnillet- 

Anul, III i»rt(olio, Ida. net Nutt, Feb. 04 

-I« Q.lteau de Vi 

Hde and the Empiia: 
and Politics. Ct. Sto. 

E. Pim., Feb. 04 

I (Winifred) — Angela and DeTila and Han. 

SxG, pp. 850, Ss CjISOLC, Pci. 04 

(Winifred)— Msjtair. NoTel. Cr. Bro. 

7i X E, pp. 818, Sa P. V. Wnmt, July 04 

arabune (0-.)- Cknde Lorraine, Painter and 
Etcher. Imp. Bra lOjxTt, pp. 88, Ba. 
i'FoTifolio ' lionoarapht, twasne) 

Sacur, Nm. 04 
Ormliune (S.)— Qolden Age. Illna. 8to. SIxS, 

pp. a6a,7a. 64 net l.un,Sep.<H 

:r. Bra. 71 x 4|, 

lea, Se.'Sit. net T. Lake, May 04 

. or Chafl ? Ploadm (Alf. Chichele) Ba. 

Aug. 04 

Edit, bj 
_. ., .. ,, . I, Is. Sd. 
iOx/ord Miidem Frtnch Seriee)Ftu>wDz,Sep.Oi 

iTlngeriT of Fdbub and its 
iMiBCflUneoDfl CoUectiont.} 
a. i-y. IVi, awd. S>. net 

W, WEiUT, July 04 

vNamr, HUme lE.f la. Sd Oct. 04 

-*" m<ChBS.IIaadoD)8a.Sd. 


Onnd (Sarah)— Our Manifold Nature. Cheaped. 

cr. Sto. 74 x 4}, pp.tS9,9a....HEiKEHAtiH,.4;ir. 04 

Grand Babylon Hotel, Bmttett (A.) Sa. Od. Mar. 04 

Grwd SuTTival, SU>U (Oswald) Sa. Feb. Oi 

GrudmothBr Mair, Sobinton (Jn. H.) Ss. Sd. net 
Oiandmothei Piua;, Carriiiglon (E,) Sa. Gd^ 

Onanco (H.)—Engliah Farmer in Canada, and a 
Viait to the United States. Notes and obeerTa. 
tioDB bj a piMtical farmer and commercial man 
on Canada as a field lor British Capital and 
labour. Ulna. Cr. Sto. Tjx 6, pp. 189, Ba. Bd. 

net BuciiE, Oct. 04 

I Onuirer (Edith)— Index (o Foetr; and Baeit^ 

tions. Giv * B. Oct. 0* 

Orant (Cha.), Morrit (By.) Ifc. net Jan. 04 

Ornat (J.)— Captain of the Guard, lAmo. 
M X SI, pp. BS9, la, net [B«y*' CUuna) 

RiCBi&DB, Apr. 04 
" uid and 

C'ti tif'-i Nov. 04 






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•Tune 04 

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Oct. (A 
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Svo. swd. 6d Wabd&L. 5tfp. 04 

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Account of Solution of Mystery cor 
JefErey-Moore Affair. Illus. Cr. Svo. 7* 
496,6s. Vvm 



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Wimi & L. Feb. M 

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(«d. ed. WiBD & L. Kay Dl 

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ed. BonTi.Bi>aB, Oct. Oi 

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■KUf, Oct. M 

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Bel. Tkict Boc. Aua. 04 
areen (E, ETera(t-)-«nr Winnie uid LitUeHktcli 
Oirl. Cr. Sto. T| k 4|, pp. 192, !■. 

J. F. SoAir, Oct. 04 

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Fruoo-Pnusiwi War. lUnB. Cr. 8ro. T{ x G}, 

pp. 484, ei. NK1.BON, Sep, 04 

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Tkle at Old London. Cr. Sto. 71 k m, pp. BGS, 

Be. Nel HON, July 04 

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it. 6d. Bel.. Tbiot Soc. May 04 

iter : ChroiuDle of Fair 
o■^i>' H, pp. 139, 9b. 

Nelson, July 04 

arven <E. ETsrell.)— tliBten of Silrer Ssuds. 

nios. Cr. 8n>. 7} x 4), pp. ISB, Is. 9.S.U. Not). 04 

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N*« ed. 01. Bto. 71 x 4), pp. Sai, Is. Od. 

Bel. Xuct Soc. Uar. 04 
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Sto. 7| x E, pp. 3G4, Sb. Sd A. Helbobb, Oct. 04 

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of ETUigelial Beriral ot IBth Centnr;. Bod ed. 
or. eva T| X 4i, pp. 810, Ss. 6d. 

Bel. Tbact Boc. Mar. 04 

Brl. j^uoT 6oc. Apr. 04 
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of Borpriaes. A storj tor children. ITew ed. ct. 
Sto. 7|x 4), pp. 908, Is. Od. 

BEL.TitACT Boc. Mar. 04 
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B.P.C.K. Oct. 04 
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BiviNOToHS, Dae. 03 

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MoTi^alogy and Anatomy. Brd ed. cr. Bto. 

71 " 4), pp. 408, 7a. ed. CauBCBiLL, Feb. 04 

I (J. B.)— Short History ol the Enghih 

BtS, 7s. 6d. 1 



Oraan (S. Q.)— Handbook to Grainniar ot Gretk 
Tealament. With Complete Tooabalary, and 
eiamiDation of chief New Teatamant Bynonyma. 
lllas. by vEamplei and comnunta. Imp. edlL 
8to. 81 X eg, pp. 004, Tt. ed. B.T.B. Dtc. 04 

Braan (T. Bowden-l — Samnel Smilaa, Ida Lite Bad 
Work. Fret, by Mrs. AIki Tweedia. Portraits^ 
axtraots, thrift stipplsmant. 4to. swd. Is. nek 

BBTTEKiailT o» LoioiON Ptjl. Co. Uoy M 

ar««a (W.)— Brief Memoir by hii Bon, WaUoid 

DaTis Qraen. Cr. Svo. 7} x 41, pp. SM, ia. 6d. 

net Kkixi, Aug. 04 

areen (W.), Ortm (Walfoid Davis) 9a. Sd. Sep. 04 
ar««l (W. D.}—WalfaTd Oiean. Brief Memoir. 
Sarmona selected by his son, Bmeat Davi* 
Qraen. Ci.Sto. 7|x4I,pp.S88,9s. ed. 

C. a. Kellt, 8&p. 04 

Orkrai AdTCctnre Book — Colleotion of Btirring 

Boeoes and Moving InoidaDta from World <u 

Adrentnn. Edit, by A. T. Qoiller-CoQoh. Bios. 

Imp. 8to. 10^ X el, pp. 876, GB. CtssXLL, Nov. M 

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Qreen Flag, Doylt (A. Conan) ed Oct. 04 

Qnen HaDsions, BudtoniV. H.} Oa. Feb. 04 

Qrean, Mr*. F. Q., Arabian NighU, Sb. Sd...Oer. 04 

Orean Tbonghts from Bhakenears. Arranged 
and decorated by Edith Kichar^on. IGmo. awd. 
Is. {Orem Thoughlt Striet) ...SntPiiN, Aug. 04 

Oraan and Matlowe : Poems. lOmo. la. Sd. net 
(PdsIb of the iJen(iMtan««)...TuHHBin, Fab. 04 

»reaaa (T.)— Many Hoods in Many Metrea. 
Poems. Cr. 8to. T| x 4|, pp. 904. Sa. net 

BmFEiH, Oct. 04 
grinmlmm (Q. H.) — Bootland Yard Eipariencas. 
Cr. Bto. 71 x 41, pp. 988, bds. Sb. 


areeBblll (A. Q.>— Third Elliptic Integral and 

Ellipaotomia Problem. 4to. pp. 88, 4s. 

DvLikD, Avg. 04 
araennongb (J. O.)— Apostles of Out Lord. Cc. 

8to. 8 X 5, pp. 999, Ss. HomWK ft 8. Ocl. 04 

BreenlioiiKli (J. O.) — Homing and Evening 

Cries. A Book ol Prayers for the Honaehold. 

Cr. Sto. TJ x 4{, pp. ST4, ^ 8d. net 

J. Clabee, Oet. 04 
OTaanboarH (J- O-)— The Cioaa in Hodam Ufa. 

Srd ed. cr. Bvo. Os Hoddbb & 8. Mar. 04 

Oraanbow (H. M.) — Bmperor'a Dsaign ; a Novel. 

Cr. Sva T| x 4{, pp. 810, 9s. ed. 

Diobt, Long, May M 
Ctoaanlilre (A. H. J.) — History (^ Bcme during 

later Bepnblio and early Principate. Vol. 1. 

9 Maps. 8to. S x B|, pp. GS9, lOs. Od. net 

UiTBtiSN, Nov. 04 
Greening'B Fop. Beoitei, Ferguion (Bobs) 1m Jan. 04 
Qreening's Popular Beciter, iB. ad. Feb.M 

Oraanlab (H. O.), CcUin (E.]— Anatomical AUaa 
of Vegetable Powders. Deaigned aa aid to Mionv 
Boopio Analysis ol Powdared FoodB and Drags. 
188 otig. IUdi. Imp, Sto. 19i. ed, net 

Cbubcqili., Feb. 04 

araanly (B.) — Modal Loaomotire, its Design and 
Coiutiaotion. Flac. Hanoal on Building and 
Management ot Mimatoie Bailway Engines. 
Ulna. Svo. 8) X Gl, pp. ST6, Bs. net 

P. Habseall, May 04 

areanalet (F.)— Walter Pater. Cr. Svo. T x 4| 

pp. 174, Ifl. 6d. not (Contemp. Mm of Latten) 

HeikeIukii, Sep. 04 

Oraenwell (Dora)— Poems. 89ma 41x91, pp. 
990 ; Ithr. 9h. net Mkibheh, Sep. 04 

Oiaaillilill Hoapital & Travers' Foondation — 
Capital and Inoome AooooDta, 1609-8, Sd. 

El» ft B. Mar. <H 

OraMtirioli Hospital and Tiavers' Foundation — 
Statement ol Eatinuled Income and Eipendi- 
tare for 1B04-C, 91d. [910] ...EmftS. iiiff-M 






O r c wi w i ch Obaenratory. ObserrationB, Ifag- 
netioal and Meteorological. 1901. 908. 

Etbk & S. June Oi 

Oreenwooa (E.)— Classified Guide to Technical 
and Commercial Books. Subject List of Prin- 
cipal B^tash and Amerigan Works in print. 8yo. 
8t X 6}, pp. S28, 7s. 6d. net ...Scott & G. Sep. 04 

gree n w ockl (Mabel)— Garden of Memories, and 
otiier Poems. 16mo. Is. Dbamx, Nov. 04 

Oreevee (Edith)— Daddy's Darlings. Cr. 8to. 
pp. 834, 2s. and Ss. 6d B. CxsIaLEY, Nov. OS 

Oreey (E.) — Captive of Love : Romance from 
original Japanese of Kyolratei Bakin. 9vo. swd. 
6d B. B. Johnson, Mar. 04 

Oreir (W. B.) — Capell's Shakespeariana. Cata- 
logue of bo(»s presented by Edward Capell to 
Library of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8yo. Vs. 6d. 
net C. J. Clay, Jan. 04 

Uw9g (W. W.)— Henslowe's Diary. Part 1. Text 
Imp. 8yo. 10s. 6d. net Bullen, Sep. 04 

Orero (J.)~Cruikshank's Water Colours. With 
Intro. Ed. de luxe, 428. net Black, Jan. 04 

Cta^goroTliM (F.)— Lucretia Borgia, according to 
Or^^inal Documents and Correspondence of her 
Day. Tranal. from 8rd German ed. by John 
Leslie Gamer. Port, and Dies. 8vo. 8i^ x 5}, pp. 
403, 10s. 6d. net. J. Murray, Mar. 04 

Chregorj (A. E.) — Hymn-Book of the Modem 
Church. Brief Studies of Hymns and Hymn- 
Writers. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 880, 8s. 6d. {Thirty- 
Fourth Femley Lecture) Kelly, Aug. 04 

Orefforj (Eleanor C.)— An Intro, to Christian 

Mysticism. Pref . letter by Dr. Alexander Whjrte. 

ISmo. 6i X 4|, pp. 96, Is. net...ALLXNS0N May 04 
Gregory (E. C), jPaUatrinOy Selections, 8, la. net 

Mar. 04 
Orerory (F. K.)— New Stories for Children. Dlus. 

by Beginald Jones. 4to. OJ x 7^, pp. 144, 3a. 6d. 

net; gut, Ss. Watts, Oct. 04 

Cta^gory (J. B.)— Theological Student. Hand- 
book of Elementy. Theology. New ed. or. 8yo. 
7 X 4i, pp. 838, 38. 6d C. H. Kelly, Mar. 04 

Oregorj (J. W.)— Climate of Australasia. Cr. 

8yo. swd. Is. net Whitcombe & T. June 04 

Gregory (Lady), Ooda and Fighting Men, 6s. net 

Feb. 04 
Gregory the Great, Life of Pope, Whtby. Mnk. 2s. 

net July 04 

Orein (J. T.)— Dramatic Criticism. Vol. 4, 1903-8. 
Cr. 8yo. 7^ X 6, pp. 818, 8s. 6d. net. Nash, Jan. 04 

€ta«lpeiikerl (Major)— Letters on Applied Tac- 
tics. 34 Tactical Exercises dealing with opera- 
tions of small detached forces of the three arms. 
With numerous examples of actual orders worked 
out. Tranal. by a Betired Officer. 8rd ed. 8to. 
8^ X 5i, pp. 676, 8s. 6d. net Bees, Apr. 04 

€M*eiiada — Beport on Land Settlement in Carria- 
cou. With Plans. 8yo. 48. ...Eyre & S. Feb, 04 

Qr^nmvd (F.) — Tibet: Country and its Inhabi- 
tants. 8yo. 9 X 6|, pp. 882, lOs. 6d. net 

Hutchinson, Sep. 04 
Oretotaea and her Geese. Pictured and told by 
Dorothy Hamilton. 4to. bds. 88. 6d. 

FouLis, Nov. 04 
Grenze, Boucher, PoUard (E. F.) 3s. 6d. nt. Mar, 04 

Oreville (H.)— LeaTes from the Diary. Edit, by 
Countess of Strafford. Third Series. 8vo. 

8| X 5i, pp. 480, 14b Smith & E. Nov. 04 

Grey ClosJc, MacQrath (Harold) 6b Oct. 04 

Grey World, Underhill (E.) Gs Sep, 04 

Chrllilile (F.) — Dream of Peace. Novel. Cr. 8to. 
7|x6, pp. 810, 68 Chatto, Oct. 04 

•rilible (F.) — Story of Alpine Climbing. 13mo. 

6 X 8^, pp. 180, 13. {Library of Useful Stories) 

Newnes, Apr. 04 
•rllilile (F.)— Stromboli and the Guns. HIus. 

Cr. 8fO. 7| X 6, pp. 366, 8s. 6d. Ward & L. Jan. 04 

Orldley (C. O.) — Ivy Leaves : Poems. Cr. 8to. 
H ^ ^i» PP* 174, 8s. 6d. Everett, Mar. 04 

Orler (S. C.)— For Triumph or Trath ? A Tale of 
ThrilUng Adventure. Dlus. 8vo. 8i x 6^, pp. 810, 
8s. 6d. J. F. Shaw, Sep. 04 

Orler (S. C.)— The Great Proconsul : Memoirs of 
Mrs. Hester Ward, formerly in family of Hon. 
Warren Hastings, Esq., late Governor-Gteneral of 
India. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 460, 6s. 

Blackwood & 8. June 04 

Orina (Amy)— His Share of the World. Irish 
Story. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 306, 8s. 6d. 

Greenino, Nov. 04 

Oriflla (G.)— Lays of the Moy. Cr. 8vo. pp. 48, 
6d. (Dublin) Sealy, Bryees & Walker, Mar. 03 

Orifls (W. E.)— Dux Christus. Outline Study of 
Japan. Cr. 8vo. 7}x4|, pp. 810, 38. 6d. net; 
swd. Is. 6d. net .Macmillan, July 04 

Griffith (F. le), Demotic Magical Papyras, 10s. 6d. 
net Feb. 04 

OrllBtli (G.) — A Criminal Crcesus : a Novel. Cr. 
8vo. H X 4|, pp. 830, 68 Long, Jan. 04 

Orlfltli (G.) — Island Love-Story. Cr. 8vo. 
7{ X 4i, pp. 814, 68 F. y. White, Nov. 04 

Orlfltli (G.)~Men who have Made the Empire. 
New edit. Dlus. Cr. 8vo. 8 x Bji, pp. 833, 6s. 

Pearson, Nov. 04 
Orlfltli (G.)— Stolen Submarine. Tale of Japanese 
War. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 830, Os. 

F. V. White, June 04 
Orlfltli (G.)— The Missionary. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

F. V. White, Apr. 04 
Orifltb (G.)— White Witch of Mayfair. 8vo. sd. 6d. 

F. V. White, Jan. 04 

Orlfltlis (A.)— A Woman of Business. Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4{, pp. 886, 68. LoNa, May 04 

Orlfltlis (A.)— Fifty Years of Public Service. 

Portr. Boy. 8vo. 9| x 6^, pp. 488, 188. net 

Casbell, Nov. 04 
Orifltb* (A.)>-Number 90 and Blue Blood. New 

edit. cr. 8vo. 7} x 4J, pp. 806, Ss. Chatto, Dec. 04 

Orlfltbe (A.)~Thin Bed Line. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Macqueen, Aug. 04 

Orifltb* (A. B.) — Treatise on Manures; or, Philo- 
sophy of Manuring. 8rd ed. rev. enl. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 470, 7s. 6d Whtttaker, Jan. 04 

Grimaud, New Marriage, Is. net July 04 

Orlmble (A.) — Salmon and Trout Bivers of 
England and Wales. 3 vols. 4to. 68s. net 

K. Paul, July 04 
Orlmm (Jakob and Wilhelm)— Fairy Tales, 
nius. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6^, pp. 448, 8s. {Imp. Ijib.) 

W. Collins, Sep. 04 

Orlmm (the Brothers) — German Popular Stories 

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Orlmm, Little Stories from— 4to. bds. Is. 

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Orlmm's Fairy Tales. Carefully chosen from the 

Collection of the Brothers Grimm. Illus. Cr. 

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Orlmm's Fairy Tales. HIus. by E. H. Wehnert. 

New edit. cr. 8vo. 7| x 4}, pp. 613, 3s. 

Boutledoe, Oct. 04 
Orlmm's Fairy Tales. Many Illus. in colour and 

black-and-white by Helen Stratlon. 8vo. 

^1 ^ ^It PP- 830, 5s Blackie, Nov. 04 

Orlmm*s Fairy Tales. New transl. by Mrs. 
Edgar Lucas. Illus. by Arthur Backham. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 6i, pp. 483, 8s. 6d. net 

Constable, Nov. 04 
Orlmm*s Fairy Tales for Children and the House- 
hold. New transl. by N. J. Davidson. HIus. by 
Lancelot Speed. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6^, pp. 416, 3s. 

Pearson, Nov. 04 
Grin (Henri Louis)— see Louie de Bougemont 

Orladon (M.)— Till the Sun Grows Cold. Cr.8vo. 
7i X 6i, pp. 130, 8s. 6d. net Simpkin, Sep. 04 






Ofinnell (G. B.)— American Big Game in its 
Haunts. 8vo. 12b. net K, Paul, Oct. Oi 

Orip of Steel (A). Cr. Sro. swd. 6d. net 

W. Stevxns, Mar, 04 

Grocery &o. Directory, Kelly's, 86s July 04 

Grog Time Yams, YexUy (L.), Ss. ; Is. net July 04 

aronau (G.)— Titian. Cr. 8yo. 8x6^, pp. 886, 
7b. 6d. net Duckwobth, July 04 

Oroot (J. Morgan-de-) — Jan Van Dyok. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 11 X 6, pp. 848,6s. Blackwood & 8. Sep, 04 

Orose (F. S.), Webber (H.)— Practice in Conver- 
sational French. Cr. 6vo. Is. 6d. Blackib, Feb, 04 

OroMmltli rG.)~Birthday Book. Collection of 
Quotations from his Original Works — Musical and 
otherwise. 16mo. 2s. 6d. net Akbowbmith, Oct, 04 

OroTe's Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 
Edit, by J. A. Fuller Maitland. Vol. 1. A to 
E. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6, pp. 812, Sis. net 

Macxillan, Nov, 04 

Growing Boses, Mclver (D. Grant) 6d. iit„„Jun« 04 

Ombb (H. C.)— Builders' Quantities. Diagrams. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 286, 4s. 6d. {Temt-hookt of 
Technology) Methuen, Apr. 04 

Ombb (H. T. Hunt), M'Hugh (M. J.). A Modem 
Mage. 8to. 8| x 6}, pp. 118, swd. 1b. net 

SrxPKiN, Nov, 04 
Ombb (W. Barbrooke)— Among Indians of Para- 

Snayan Chaco. Storr of Missionary Work in 
onth America. Pref . by Wsite Hockin Stirling. 
Map, Xllus. Bto. 8i x 5^, pp. 190, 2b. 6d. net 

C. MuBBAT, Feb. 04 
Ghrumpy Man, Erica, Is. net Apr, 04 

Orandy (G. B.)— Small Classical Atlas. Fol. 6s. 

MuBRAT, Dec. 04 
Guardi (Francesco), 1712-98, Sinuyneon (Geo. A.) Dec.dA 

Guards' Brigade, With, Lowry (E. P.) 1b. net 

May 04 

Oubbins (N.>— All the Winners. Novel. Cr. 8yo. 

7| X 4|, pp. 220, bds. 2b Lono, Sep. 04 

Onbbins (N.)— Dead Certainties. Novel. Cr. 
8vo. 7| x4i, pp. 218, bds. 2s Long, Sep. 04 

Ovbblns (N.)— First Favourites. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 246, 8s. 6d Long, Apr. 04 

Ouerber (H. A.) — Contes et L^gendes. Part 2. 

12mo. 6| X 4}, pp. 186, Is. 6d Heath, July 04 

Guerilla Chief, Beid (Mayne) 2b Sep. 04 

Guerilla Warfare, Maguire (T. M.) 8b. 6d. ni.July 04 
Guianas Naturalist, Andri (Eugene) 14s. nt. Feb. 04 

Oalde (OiBcial) to Great Northern Bailway. New 
ed. cr. 6vo. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is Casbell, Jan. 04 

Oalde (OiBcial) to Midland Bailway. New ed. cr. 
8vo. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is Casbell, Jan, 04 

Oalde (Official) to the Palace of Westminster, 
1904. Officially corrected. 47th year. Demy 8vo. 
prp. 88, Is. Wabbington & Co., Jan, 04 

Guide, Seaside and Inland, Is. net June 04 

Oulde to Art Examinations in Gteometrical Draw- 
ing of Board of Education. Solutions to Ques- 
tions and similar Exercises. By a Drawing 
Inspector. FoL swd. Is. Sdcpkin, Jan, 04 

Oalde to Blenheim and Woodstock, lllus. 16mo. 
swd. 6d SiMPKiN, May 04 

Onlde to Emplo3rment in Civil Service for 1904. 
Bev. and cor. by A. J. Lawford Jones. 12mo. 
1b. 6d. net; swd. la. net Casbell, Jan. 04 

Oiiide to India (The Imperial), including Kashmir, 
Burma, and Ceylon. lUus., Maps. Cr. 6vo. 
7i ^ ^l« PP- ^8, 6s. net J. Mubbat, Nov. 04 

Guide to Medical Officers, Edge (J. S.) Is. nt. Sep. 04 

Oiiide to Official Letter- Writing, Orders, &c. 2nd 
ed. rev. and enl. By an Army Schoolmaster. Cr. 
8vo. limp, 1b. 6d Gale & P. Jan, 04 

Ouide to Persamon Museum (Boyal Museums of 
Berlin), tranu. by M. MacMahon Honan. 12mo. 
a folding plates, Is. net ...A. Owen & 0, Nov. 04 

Oiiide to Scotland (The Sportsman's) {Autumn 
Issue). Edit, by J. Watson Lyall. Cr. 8vo. swd. 
Ib. Office, Au^. 04 

Ottlde to South Africa. For use of Touriflte, 
Sportsmen, Invalids, and Settlers. Coloured 
Itops, Plans, Diagrams. Ed. by A. Samler Brown 
and G. Ck>rdon Brown, llth ed. cr. 8vo. pp. 642, 
2s. 6d. Ijow,,rofk 04 

Oiiide to Switzerland. 81 Maps, 6 Plans. Cr. 

8vo. 6s. net BfAcmLLAN, Juty 04 

Guide to the Perplexed, AfotmoitfciM (Moses) 7s. 6d. 

net Dec, 04 

Guildford, Morris (J. E.) Is. 6d., 6d. net .„Aug. 04 
Guildford, Olden Time, WiUiamson (G. C.) 10s. 6d. 

net -D«c. 04 

Oulney (Louise Imogen) — Hurrell Froude, 
Memoranda and Comments. 7 HIus. 8vo. 
H X 5|, pp. 462, 10s. 6d. net ...Methuen, Nov. 04 

Oulney (L. I.)— Bobert Emmet. Survey of his 
BebeUion and of his Bomance. 8vo. 2s. 6d. ; swd. 
Is. 6d NuTT, Mar. 04 

OuU (C. B.)— Back to Lilac Land. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Gbbening, July 04 
OuU (C. B-.)— Portalone. Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7|x 

4|, pp. 286, 6s Gbebmimg, July 04 

Gull's Hombook, Dekker (T.) 7s. 6d. net ...Apr. 04 

GuUiver's Travels, Swift (J.) 6s Sep. 04 

Gulliver's Travels, Swift (J.) Is Oct. 04 

Gun, *808" Maxim Machine, Ecclss (A.) 9d. Oct, 04 

Oun Handbooks. —12-inch BX. (Land Service), 
1904, 2s. ; 5-inch BJm Marks L-V. (Land Ser- 
vice), 1904, 9d. Eybe & Q.June 04 

Oun Handbooks-16-Pr. B.M. L. of 12 cwt. 1908. 

Is. 8-Pr. Hotchkiss Q. F. (Land Service). 1908. 

6d Eybe & S. Mar. 04 

Gun Boom, Shand (Alex. Innes) 8s. 6d., 4s. 6d. net 
Gun Boom to Throne, Kvrke (Hy.) 6b June 04 

Ounn (C. B.)— A Doctor's Thoughts. Cr. 16mo. 
pp. 100, 2k 6d. net... (Selkirk) Jab. Lewis, Dec. 02 

Ounn ^C. B.)— Peebles to the Play. Cr. 8vo. 
2s. 6d. net (Selkirk) Jaueb Lewis, Sep. 04 

Ounn (N. B.) — Suxsk Exchange Securities and 
How to select them. 8vo. 8(fx5i, pp. 84, 2s. 

net Blackwood & S. Dec. 04 

Gunpowder Plot, Sidney (Philip) 5s July 04 

Guns, Tackle, &c.. Money (A. W.) 8s. 6d. nt. Oct, 04 

Ounter (A. C.)— City of Mystery. Novel. lUus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7J X 6, pp. 276, 6b. ...Wabd & L. July 04 

Ounter (A. C.)— Empty Hotel. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Wabd & L. May 04 

Ounter (A. C.)— Fighting Troubadour. Ch. ed. 

8vo. swd. 6d Wabd & L. Feb. 04 

Ounter (A. C.)— Man Behind the Door. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 6, pp. 286, 6S....F. V. White, Sep, 04 

Ounter (A. C.)— Mr. Potter of Texas : Novel. New 
issue. Cr. 8vo. 7J x 4|, pp. 278, 2s. 6d. ; bds. 2b. 

BouTLEDOE, Afar. 04 
Ounter (A. C.)— Spy Country. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Wabd & L. Oct. 04 

Ounter (A. C.V— Sword in the Air, Story of 

Adrienne De Portalis. Blus. Cr. 8vo. 7jx6, 

pp. 810, 6s Wabd & L. Mar. 04 

Ounther (B. T.)— Contributions to the Study of 
Earth-movements in the Bay of Naples. 1, Sub- 
merged Greek and Boman Foreshore near Naples. 
2, Earth-movements in the Bay of Naples. lUus., 
6 Maps. 4to. pp. 116, 10s. net 
(Bome, E. Loescher); (Oxford) Pabkeb, Feb. 04 

Ounttaer (B. T.)— History of Daubenny Labora- 
tory, Magdalen College, Oxford. 8vo. 6s. net 

Fbowde, Mar. 04 

Outhrle (B.)— Black Dyke. Cr. 8vo. 8x6^, 
pp. 818, 8s. 6d C. H. Kelly, Aug. 04 

Outlirle (B.)— David Graham, Pitman. Blus. 
New edit. or. 8vo. 7} x 4|, pp. 118, Is. 

BiL. Teact See. Au^. 04 




0Mbrt«rB.H-^l«« HacETegoT; or, Mud at (ha 
ICine. niiu. Cr. 8to. T{x G, pp. 168, la. 6d. 

PiBTBIDOB, Uaj) 0* 

««ttanbarr (TiolatV-Moden Kiodus. NotsL 

Ci. Bto. T1 X Ij, pp. 836, flB....QBUHi)>a, Juru 01 

^-t*-— - (L. R)— FenMiitagt TbUm tor Ele- 

jamttiy AniJyui. 8*o. limp^i. net 

Wan-rusR, Oct. M 
•■7*B HoapiM Baporta. Vol. G8, toL 48, wrist S. 
Sto. pp. 8S0, 10s. id. J. b A. Chubchill, Feb. 01 
Onjcm (Mdme. ds U M.) Poanu, Coirpei, Si, net 

Oct. 04 

Otpi; Bot, iandtay (HarTr) 8b. M. ... 
Gjthaa'i Jleuage, £m2m (£.) la. Sd. .. 

X. (E. H.|— Twelve Simple Addreaaai to ». Com- 
mimicuita' Clua. Ct. 8vo. 7| >i4{, pp. 116, 
nati bd>. !■. Sd. net MowBIUY, Oct. 04 

I (Ad» R.i~8tndy ol the Panblea. 

Pral. bf 6ii Robert AnderBoo. Cr. 8vo. T« x 6, 

pp. 61, ES XlBBET, Son. 04 

(J. C.)-Lite of Handel. (Kelkel ad.) 

D. 6|xl, pp. 1U3, la. Sd. 



XBdden (J. O— Lila of 

ed.) lama. ejx4,pp. ITS, la. 6d. 

J. J. KcLiBBEt, Apr. 04 
HaddoD HoU, Cheflham (F. H.) Qe. 6d. net .duo. 04 
Hadee, Gnie, Sheol, Boc, PelU (S. F.j Ba. net 

Mar. 04 
Hkdov (W. B.) Oxford Hiat. of Maaic, lEa. net 

Jf OB. 04 
■*daw (W. H.|-St[taiei in Modern Maaio. Ind 
Bar. Bth edit. Bvo. 8^ x 6j, pp. S84, 7a, Sd, 

Seeley, Juii/ 04 
Htdrian Vn,, Jioi/B (Ft.) 6t /u(y 04 

. ;,]— Wondera of Life, Popolar atody 
of Biological Philoeopby. Traaal, by Joaeph 
McCabe. Cr, 8»o, 7ix 6, pp, 616, ea.nel 

WAns, Dee. 04 
HMd[el,I>mri ha Bolva the Riddle? 6d..,.Ju»«04 
HMckel'a Contrib. to Religion, Aforiet (A,) 6d, 

Jfay 04 

Hafli (Sudi), Holdaa (E. S.) Flonan bom 

Paniui Qudeoa, Sa, iiat '....Oct. 04 

Ithr. 1 

B Paraian Lyrio Poet. Cr. Sto. la, net; 
«d. net I awd, 6d, net (Boae of Far- 

POULIB, ilov. 04 

p. S48, Sa LoMQ, Jan, 04 

_. I (A. C. P.)— Lonia XIV. lUna. 8«. 
* " Bk n>- SM, ISa. net. Bqtcbih«oh, July 04 

Owyn, Btory ■ 

Mar. 04 

awyan {Ura. Stephen)— Storiea from Triah Hia- 
tal, Told for Children. lUoa. Cr. Bra. 7 x 4|, 
pp. 170, is BnowM It N. A<pT. 04 

ftwrnn (S.)— Fiahing Holidayi, 8to, B^xSI, 
pp. Bl£, 7a, ed. net Mioillax, Mar. 04 

_ . -- • (P,V-The Bandolero, NoTel. Cr, 8»o. 

T|x4}, pp, S48, Se, CoHSTiBLE, Sep, 04 

Oymnutics, Free, BatU (J, B.) It. 6d, net... Oct. 04 
Oynttoologiotl Soc., AddietB to, Taylor IJ. W.) 

It. net May 04 

Oyneoolc^y, DudUy (B. C.) asa Dec. 0« 

Gynecology, /oiuw IH. M.) 4a. 6d. net Dae. OS 

Oynecology, Atlaa, Schaeffer (Oakuj ISa. nt. Apr. 04 

Qyneoolagy, T&ct-book of, C. A, L, Beed, aia, net 

Mar. 04 

Gypanm Depotita of D.8., Adam4 (Oeo, I.) Ba. net 

"oj.LiniUag (Harrj) 8a. 9d. Mar.Ot 



SBCKATd (H. Rider) — A Winter Pilgrimdg;*. 
Acconnt of TraTela thrangh Faleatine, Italy, and 
Iiland of Cypma, accompUahed in 1900. Oliu. 
New ed, Bto. H'^ii PP- ^*i f*- i^t 

LoHoiuMB, Apr, 04 
Sl«t>r4 (H.R.)— Allan Qnatarmaio. 8to awd. 

6d, net IionaiiAKB, Apr. 04 

MmtfrA (H. Rider)— Btella Fiegeliaa: Tale ol 
Throe Deatiniet. Cr. Bto. 7| ' B, pp. 87a, Ba. 

LoitaHAirs, Feb. 04 
HkCOrd (H. B.)— The Brethren, Novel, Or. 

Sto. 1} X 6, pp. 8G0, 6b Camell, Oct. 01 

Hague Conference &c., Higgiru (A. P,) Sb. net 

July 04 
■ale (A,)— Diet and Food. CoDtideted in rela- 
tion to Strength and Power of Endurance, Train- 
ing, and A^letica. Gth edit. Ulna. Cr. 8to. 

7} X 4J, pp. IBO, 3a. net CbuBcbill, Avf. D4 

Hair [A.]— Urio Acid : Epitome of the SabjeoL 
Bto. Si X B}, pp. 166, Se. ed. net 

CHCBcaiLt, Mau 04 
Halii«(T. J,)-BtrifeDf the 6ea- Cr, 8to, TjxB, 

pp.838, ea Wabd & L. Voy D4 

XslnaMUn (M, T,]— Pivot of Chriatian Life; 
Addreiaea on Confirmation. Cr, Sto. 7|xB, 

pp. 304, Sa, ed, net Ud&bay, MayfH 

Bajjl Baba of lapahan, Adventorea of, Cr. Bto. 

as. 6d Blaciu, July D4 

HKklnTt (R.)— On tbe Diaooreiy of Hnaoory. 

13mo. Sd. natl^Tal, Lib.) Cabszll, Stp.fH 

HaklBTt'a Voyages. Prioclpal Navigationa, • 
Voiagee, Tranqnet, DitcoTSriei, of tbe Engliah 
Nation. In 13 Tola, [Vol*. B dt 4.) Sto. Tteta 

only) 160b. net Maci^ihobe, Fth. 04 

Hal Hongerford, Butchiruott (J, B.) Sa. Out. 04 

Haloombe, Dowiett (H.) Sa. 6d Dec OS 

Kaldane (A. C,)— Conininnioania' Qnide : Help to 
tbe wortbr receiving of the Bleaaed Bacrament 
of the Body and Blood of oar Lord and SaTlonr 
Jeaoa Chnat. Compiled. IBmo, Sd. 

HawBBAT, Apr. 04 
■Biauie (J. W, C.)— Life aa an Engines^ it* 
Lighta, Bhadea, ProBpecta. PUtea, other Blna, 
Cr, Sto. 7| " 4|, pp. SOS, Gb. net ...SfOh, Dae. 04 
Baldane (R. B,)~Pathway to Reality. Btage the 
Second, GiUord Lectnies in St. Andrewa Uni- 
Tcraity in Scaaion ieOS-ie04, Bto,BxB1, pp. S04, 

10a, ed. net J.MDiauT,,^pr. 04 

Bb1« (E, E.)— Hemoriea of a Hundred Teara. 

Rev, ed, cr,Svo. 10a. 6d. net MaCxiu^an, Dte. 04 

HalB (Q, E.). EUermaQ (F.)— Romlord SMotro- 

hsliograph of the Yeikea ObaeTTatory, IB Flatea. 

4to. pp. 26^ ad. 8a, Sd. net (Omv. Chtca^, 

DecBmiai FabUcationti ...W, Webi,KT, Jan. 04 

■ale iO, E,), Ellennan (F,) Parkhnrat (J. A.)— Tbe 

Spectra of Start of Secchi'a fourth type. 8 Platet, 

4to, pp, ISG, ad. 7a, 6d. net {Viav. Chicago, 

Deeennial Pnblieationi) ...W., Jan, 04 

■>)b (L.)— People's War in France, 1S70-IB71. 

Bto. 8jx61, pp. 19B, Se, net Reeb, JUay 04 

■ale* (A, Q.)— Little Bine Pigeon. Stoiy of 
Japaji, Cr, Svo, 7) x 4i, pp, 363, Go, 

Hut CHIN BON, Kov. 04 

■alea (A, Q,)— HcOlnak); : Compilation from 

Diary of Trooper UcWiddy of Remington's 

Sconta. Sto, awd, 6d Tbbhkbme, J^j). 04 

■alea (A, O,)— Viking Strain, Sto. awd. 6d, 

Etkbett, Sep. 04 
BalM (A, O.)— Watcher on (he Tower: a Novel 

Cr, 8vo, T| X 4i, pp. 816, SB Unwin, Mar. 04 

■alBTf (L.)— Abbd Conatantin, Svo, awd, Sd, 

Maclakek, Nov. 04 

Half-honra at the Hanae, Howat (Eirkwood) St. 6d. 


Hall in Jeat, BUit (W, Clinton] 6b Jon. 04 

Half-tons Proceaa, Verfatiar ( Jnlina] 6a. nt. Jan. 04 

■all. The Qoatraina of. In Roman Chaiaotar. 

Tranal. into Bngliah by G. E. Ward, ISmo. bda Fzowde, Atig.' 




RaU (C. A.)-Art of 


S«Ud«lll (U. T.}— Tales of the Wondar Clab. 
2iid SeiiBi. Naw uid rer. ed. cr. 8ro. 6s. 

BrntLUOB, Apr. 01 
HBlldona (M. T.>— Weiid Truufomutioa- Cr. 

Bro. 7| m, pp. ase, Sb BuKUioB, JuJiT 04 

■all (A. C. A.)— Christian Doctrine ol Pnjar. 
Cr. 6ta. 7| x E|, pp. IBS, Ss. 6d. Lohqiuiib, Apr. Oi 
A being Saooesifal. ISmo. 
Is. ual— A. QAaDSXB, Nov. Dl 

MmU (C. J.]— Anajr Maths. Sro. Ss. nst 

W. Clowib, Ftb. 0* 

■all (E.)— Henry VID. latro. bj Charies Whib- 
lajr. 3 Tols. Imp. 6io. lUJ x 7^, pp. 713, S3l 
net; lugs paper edit. lOSa. nel (LicM o/ 1^ 
Kingi) JaCI,Woii. 01 

■kU (Q. B.)^Black Fortnight; or, loTuion ol 
IBIS. Sto, «L la SoHHSNSCHUN, Mar. 01 

■all [a. B.)— AdalaKonca, its FsrchologT fte. 
a toIb, 8vo. 81b. lid, net ,..S. APFLETOK, July 01 

■aIl(H.R. Wiltan)— Hertfordihire. BeadiogBook 
□f theConntT, Cr. Bto. Is Blacxii, Feb. 01 

■all (H. S.]-&olationi ol Examples in Hall's 
Graphical Algebra. Cr. Sto. 3b, 6d. 

UACH1I.I.UI, Sep. 01 

■aU (H. S.), Starena (P. H.)— School Geometry. 

Faru B and 1, ooDMining aabatauce of Euclid, 

Booka9andS,andputofBookl. Cr. 8to, la. Bd. 

MlCHILLU*, Afar. 01 

,_. a.i. ataTsna rp. : 

Paris 1, 

Book a, U, 3S-37, and Book 6. 

MlCHILLlN, F«l. 01 
■aU (H. B.), Sterans (F. H.)— School Oeomobiy, 
Part 6. Containing substance ol Euclid, li. 1- ' 
91, with Thaortms njliting to Surfacea and ' 
Tolomes ot Simplai Sohd Fignrea. Cr. Bvo. Is. 6d. 
Macullah, Sep. 01 
■all (H. S,), Bterena (P. H,)— School Qeometry. 
Paitst.G.aode. Cr. Svo, Tl x 11, pp, aiS,SB. Bd. ' 
MaOULLan, JJec. 01 I 
■all (H, B.), SteTens (F. H.)— School Qeometry. ' 
Parts 1-6. Containing Plane and Sohd Geo- | 
matry, treated theoretically and graphically. Cr. 
8to. Tt X li, pp. laa, Is. ed. MiCHiLLan, Dtc. 01 

■aU (J.)— Meditations and Vovi, Divioe and 
MorsJ. Edit, by Charles Sayle. lamo. BJ x l|, 
pp. a£8, Is. net (Btligiou* Lift Sariet) 

BicautDB. Sep. 04 

■all [L.) — A Meaaago from the Spheres. ISmo. 
swd. Bd. net C. W. Daniel, July 01 

■aU (B. N.), Neal (W. G.I— Ancient Bnina of 
Bhodasia (Hanomotapn Imperinm). Dlus. Enl. 
edit Bto. S x G|, pp. IGa, 10s. Bd. net 

MethdeK, JutuOl 

■all (S. E,]—Usnor House; a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
71 K t|, pp. see, Bb. 6d JlBSOLD, Apr. 01 

■all (Wm.)— Modem Navigation. Teit-Book of 
Navigation and NauticiU Aatronamy. Snitahle 
tor Examinations of the Boyal Nary and Board of 
Ednoalion (Sooth Kensington). Ct. Hio. Ti x Ij, 
pp, toa, 6s. Cd. I Orp. Science Sertit) CLtvE, Pefi. 01 

■all (W. E,)— Treatiae on International Law. 
'-'i ed. bj J, B. Atlay. Sio, Sx^, pp. 78S, 



Lav with respect to tl 
Hall Uarks, Chaffert |Wm,| ale. 
" Plate, -■ * — 

...Nov. 01 

HaU Harks on Plate, Ckafferi |W.) Gs. 

■alUbnrtati |W. D.)— Biocbemiatir ol Muscle 
and Norvo. Ten Lectures. Bto. Six 61, pp. ITfl, 
7s. Bd. net J. Mobkay, Nov. 01 

■allllmrMa (W. D.)— Essentials of Chemical 


^ {W. D.)— Handbook of Ph jeiolog]r. 

QUI edit. Bias. Bro, S) x B, pp. 014, IGa. net 

J. HuBBAT, Bep. 04 

■aUiday (Maiy)— How to make Pin-money. Or. 

Sto. 71 x 41, pp. IBl, la. ...H. MmsniT.!,, Nov. 04 

_: (B.)— Heart of BTunanity and Qtowth o( 

Mao. Cr. Bto. 71 x II, pp. 1G8, 9s. Bd.Det 


■allllar (K.)— Digest of Qneations asked at tho 
Final Pass Eiam. of Articled Clerks on all Snb- 
jects. 17th edit. or. 8to. 18s. ...H. Cox, Jviy 04 

■alllwell (J. O.V— Dictionary of Archaic and 
Provincial Words Seo. 61h edit. 8to. M x Bf, 
pp. BOG, Ts. Sd. net BoDTLiDOE, Dae. 04 

Hals (Frans), Hanioi (Gerald B.) Ga. net ...Dae.M 

■alaby (Ethel)— ^aadando Ferrari. Cr. 8*0. 
8xG, pp. 161, G*.net(Qreat IttuterMxn Pamting 
and Sculpture) Bell, /on. 04 

■aUbam {i.) — Every Man bii own Oardenei. 
Illns. Cr. 8to. 8 x EJ, pp. 010, Si. 

EooDEB t 8. }lay 04 

Ham Honae, Soundall (Mrs. C.) lOGs., BtGa., 7SEa., 
11701. net Oct. 01 

■amer (Pauline)— 'Will-o'-the-Wiqi, Novel. Cr. 
Sto. 6 x B, pp. 389, Gs BouaruLi>, May 04 

■amer [S. H,)— Little Folka Adventare Book. 
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CasbuJ., Oct. 04 

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SjxGj, pp. BOO, 3s. Sd Cabseu., Oct.tH 

■amar (8. H.)— LitUe Folks Pirtore Aibnm in 
Colour. Imp, 8vo. 101 xTt, pp. 90 and plates, Gfc 

•^ L, Sap. 04 

Tale ol 
Bto. 7axl|,^ 

■amUton (A.)— Works (in 13 toIs.). Vols. 1-*. 

Bvo. ea, aiB. net Pl-tnam, FA. 04 

Hamilton (Aleir,), Alherion (Q. U.) Ss. Ad. May 04 
■amlltoo (A.)— Korea. Newly prepared H^ 

Illns. Bvo. K G4, pp. 3GB, IGs, net 

HEmENAHH, Jan. 04 
■amlltaa (Angus]— Korea. Newly prepared Alap. 

Illns. and ed. 8T0. 01 k Gj), pp. 658, IGa. net 

Heimemahh, Feb. 04 
■amUton (C.)— Passing of Arthnr. Ci. Sto. 

7| X G, pp. 930, 6a. Bd Nabb, /uIji 04 

■amiltOB (O— The Wisdom of Folly. Three 

Excitiog Daya in the otherwise Peacelnl Life ol a 

FlaSy-minded Lady. Cr. Svo. H x U, pp. 360, 

8s. 6d IbbibteB, Jant 04 

■amtlton (C. J,)-Not 


i, 8s. Od. 

imen. Cr. : 

(Dublin) Seali, Bbtebb Si Walkkb, Oct. 04 
Hamilton (D.) Grttehen aud her QeeM, Ss. Bd. 

Nov. 04 
■amllton (G. B.)— Concise Treatise on Law of 
Covenants. Knd edit. Bvo. 10s. 6d. 

Stevbhb £ S. Srp. 04 

■amtltoa (J, C.)~Osgoode Hall, Beminiacencsa 

of the Bench and Bar. Bm. or. Ito. 10x7l, 

pp. 900, 10s. Sd. net (Toronto) Cashwell, Sep. 04 

* (J. C.)-Osgoode Hall. Baminiscencea 

}_.»'.- •?!„ 

BwxET & M. Oct, 04 

.^ __.iug& and Savings Institn- 

Cr. Bto. Ifs MaCUILLAK, Afar. 04 

I ■amllton (Kate W.)— Parson's Proxy. 9nd edit. 

DC. Svo. 71 X If, pp. 369,9*. A-Helbobe, /uly 04 

■amllMn IM.)— On an nisUr Farm. Cr. Sto. 

71 X 4)^p. 118, awd. Is EtebeTT, July 04 

I Hamlet, Enlen Terry Shaknptare, Is. net tfoy 04 




Hamlel, Fay. CL Shaketpeare, 1b. net; w. Pki Is. 

nei Aug. 04 

Hamlet, Nat Lib. Shakeipeare, 6d. net ...Afar. 04 

Hamlet, Poc. ShaJeetpeare^ Is. 6d. net June 04 

Hamlet, ShaJcetpeare^ Verity, 8b. Feb, 04 

Hamlet &o^ Fayourite ShcLKetpeare^ ea. 6d. net 

July 04 
Stomley (E., Sir)— The War in the Crimea. 8yo. 

cwd. 6d Seslby, Apr, 04 

gamHn (A. 8.) — Copyright Caees Summary of 
Leading American jSeciBione. 8yo. 8b. 6d. net ; 
Ithr. 10b. 6d. net Putnam, Aug. 04 

Xammor (W. J.) — Badinm and other Badio- 
Aotiye SnbBtanoeB: Polonium, Aotinmn, Tho- 
rium, &c. Boy. 8yo. 9^ x 6|, pp. SO^b. net 

K. Paul, July 04 
Hmimnock (W. G.) — Leytonstone and ite History, 
with especial ref. to deyel. of Church Seryices 
therein, and Account of Former Residents, Resi- 
dences, &c. nins. 8yo. pp. 100, 8b. net 

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Politics. Cr. 8yo. 7£ x 6, pp. 496, 7s. 6d. 

RiyiNOTOKS, Feb. 04 
Bttmmoiid (J.)— Christian Church : What is it ? 
Ifimo. 6| X 4^, pp. 800, Is. 6d. net ; swd. Is. net 

Mowbray, May 04 
Bttmmiirabl Code (The) and the Sinaitic Legis- 
lation. With complete trans, of the Oreat Bu>y- 
lonian Liscription discoyered at Susa by Chilperic 
Edwards. Cr. 8yo. 8x6, pp. 184, 2s. 6d. net 

Watts, Apr, 04 
SMnpden (Mary)— Girl with a Talent. Cr. 8yo. 

Is. BzL. Tbaot Soc. May 04 

Hampshire, Coo; (J. Chas.) 8s., 8s. 6d. net Apr, 04 

Bampstettd Annual, 1908. Edited by Greyille 
E. Matheson and Sydney C. Mayle. Imp. 8yo. 

Bd. 2s. 6d. net S. C. Matlb, Jan. 04 

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Hampton Court, Boyal GalL Masterpieces, 8b. 6d. 

net Dec. 04 

ilniry (D. T.)— Sport and Trayel in Northland 
of Canada. Boy. 8yo. 9^ x 6|, pp. 862, 16b. net 

E. Abnolo, Mar. 04 
leoek (H. I.)— Japanese Physical Training. 
Blus. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 6^, pp. 172, 68. net 

Putnam, Jan. 04 

Banoook (H. I.) — Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks. 

Japanese fMits of attack and defence in personal 

encounter. HIub. Cr. 8yo. 7|x5, pp. 166, 68. 

net Putnam, Nov. 04 

BaBAoek (H. I.)— Life at West Point. Cr. 8yo. 
pp. 270, 6s Putnam, Feb. 08 

Baneo€k (H. L)— Physical Training for Children 
by Japanese Methods. Manual for Schools and 
Home. Blus. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 170, 6s. net 

JPUTNAM, June 04 

Banooek (H. I.) — Physical Training for Women. 
By Japanese Methods. Blus. by Photographs. 
Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, pp. 166, 6s. net...I^TNAM, Apr. 04 

Baaoook (T.) — Pulpit and the Press and other 
Sermons, most of which were preached at St. 
Nicholas Cole Abbey. Cr. 6yo. 7| x 6^, pp. 806, 
6s S. C. Bbown, July 04 

Baneook (T.)— The Betum to the Father. Seyen 
Sermons on a part of ' The Parable of the Prodigal 
Son.' Cr. 8yo. Is. 6d. net ; 2s. 6d. 

S. C. Bbown, Apr.^ July 04 
Hand (J. E.) Ideals of Science and Faith, 6b. net 


Band Atlas of Human Anatomy. By W. Spalte- 
holse and others. Vol. 8. Boy. 8yo. 22b. 6d. net 

WiLUAMB & N. Jan. 04 
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Hand and Bing, Qreen (A. K.) 6d. Feb. 04 

Hand and Soul, Boasetti (Dante G.) Is., 2s. 6d., 
6d. net Nov. 04 

Bandbook for Switserland and Adjacent Begiona 
of Alps. 19th edit. Completely remodellea and 
thoroughly reyised. Cr. 8yo. lOs. (Murray's 
Handbooks) Stanpobd, July 04 

Bandbook for Yorkshire. 4th ed. re-modelled 
and reyised, with 28 Maps and Plans. Cr. 8yo. 
14s. {Murray's Handbooks) Stantobd, Mar. 04 

Handb. of Chem. Enginerg., Davis (G. E.) 42b. 


Bandbook of Stations, including Junctions, 
Sidings, Collieries, Works, &c., on Bailways in 
Unit^ Kingdom, 1904. Lnp. 8yo. 10| x 8, pp. 600, 
8s. Railway Clbabino House, Aug. 04 

Bandbook to Natural Histo^ of Cambridgeshire. 

Edit, by J. E. Marr and A. E. Shipley. Cr. 8yo. 

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Cr. 8yo. swd. 9d. net (Normal Tut. Ser.) 

SiMPKiN, Sep. 04 
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Handwriting, Language, Stocker (Bic. Dimsdale) Is. 

Aug. 04 
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Bandy Book of Logarithms. With Practical 
Geometrical Appendix. 8yo. pp. 128, 2b. 

Blackie, Oct. 04, 
Handbook of London. Cr. 8yo. 6d. net 

Gbube, Jv/ne 04 

(J. L.)— Bibliography of S. T. Coleridge. 

8yo. 21s. net Gay Sc B. Nov. 04 

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Verses. 12mo. 8s. 6d. net ...Constable, Sep. 04 

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6i X 4}, pp. 276, 8s. 6d. net Methuen, Oct. 04 

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eases of the Eye. 8yo. 17s. net Bebman, Jan. 04 

Bansen (H. J.), Sorensen (W.)— On Two Orders 
of Arachnida, Opiliones, especially the Sub-order 
Cyphophthalmi and Bicinulei, namely the Family 
CJryptostemmatoidffi. Published by aid of a Sob- 
siay from the Boyal Society of London. (Be- 
ceiyed by Boyal Society, May 21, 1908. Com- 
municated by T. B. B. Stebbing.) Demy 4to. 
Xws. net... .....•.••.••. ....•••••••..•(./. w. CLAY, Jxug. 04 

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Ungliicklichen. Edit, by E. Dixon. 12mo. 28. 
{Siepmann's German Ser.) Macmillan, June 04 

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Succession, Probate, Duties. 6th edit. Bey. by 
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Bapg-ood (H.)— Autobiography of a Thief. Cr. 

8yo. 6b Putnam, 4p^* 04 

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88. 6d. net Mar. 04 

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Barben (WillN.H>The Georgians. NoyeL Cr. 
8yo. 8 X 6^, pp. 844, 6s Habpbb, Sep. 04 

Barbord (F. W.)— Metallurgy of Steel. Section 
on Mechanical Treatment of Steel, by J. W. Hall. 
Dlus. Boy. 8yo. 9^ x 6^, pp. 782, 26b. net 


Barbottle (T. B.)— Dictionary of Battles. From 
Earliest Date to Present Time. Cr. 8yo. 8 x 6i, 
pp. 806, 7b. 6d SoNNENSCBEiK, Dec. 04 

BarbotUe (T. B.)— Dictionary of Historical 
Allusions. 8yo. 8^ x 6|, pp. 810, 7b. 6d. 





Barbour (H.) — AroUo Explorers: Sir John 
FranUin, Fridtjof Nanaen. nins. Cr. 8yo. 
fh ^ ^ii PP* 1^ iB* ^ ^' CoLLDfB, Sep. 04. 

Barbonr (H.)— Where Flies the Flag. HIqb. 
Cr. 8to. 74 x 4i, pp. 286, fls. 6d. 

W. Collins, Oct. 04 

Harlioiir Authorities — Betom triving a description 
of Works executed within the last 80 years, *with 
Costs, Accommodation for Ships, Income from 
Tolls, &e. fls. 4d Eybx & 8. Mar, 04 

Karbonrs of Befuffe — Memorandum by Com- 
mander Q. C. Frederick, B.N., on question of 
Constructing a Harbour of Befuge on North 
Coast of Cornwall, Id. [3086] Eybb & 8. July 04 

Barbntt (W.)— Plastic Method and Use of 
Plasticine in Arts of Writing, Drawing. Modelling 
in Educational Work. Bev. ed. Illus. 4to. 
H X 6|, pp. 188, 4s Chapman & H. Mar, 04 

Hard Woods, WeUa (Percy A.) 6d. net Oct. 04 

Bardie (Margaret)— Seasonal Nature Lessons for 
Juniors. HIus. 4to. 2s. 6d. net 

Chablbs & D. Dec. 04 
Harding (H. J.) Exile of Sita, 5s. net Oct. 04 

Barding* (J. D.) — Lessons on Art. Pop. ed. cr. 
8to. 8s. 6d. net Wabnx, Mar. 04 

Barding (J. D.) — Lessons on Trees. Pop. ed. 
cr. 8yo. 88. 6d. net Wabiib, Mar. 04 

Bardlng (J. W.) — Gate of the Kiss. Bomance in 
days of Hesekiah, King of Judah. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, 
pp. 404, 6s Gat & B. Sep. 04 

Bardlng (S.) — Kingdoms of this World. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i x 6, pp. 814, 68. ...Hubst & B. Feb. 04 

Hardwicke (Earl of), MacDonagh (Michael) 18s. 


Bardy (B. C.)— Stamps worth Finding. Stamps 
you may have. Why not look ? Guide to Medium 
Collector. 12mo. bds. Is. net 8. Appleton, Oct. 04 

Bardy (Edw.)— Elementary Principles of Graphic 
Statics. 198 Diagr. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 4|, pp. 166, 8s. 
Det Batbfobd, Feb. 04 

Bardy (Miss Duffus-)— Love, Honour, and Obey. 
Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d B. E. Kino, July 04 

Bardy (Iza Duffus) — Master of Madroflo Mills. 
Bomance of the Bedwoods. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, 
pp. 888, 88. 6d. DiaBT & L. Oct. 04 

Bardy (Iza Duffus) — The Love that he passed 
by : Story of Califomian Life. Cr. 8vo. 7# x 4|, 
pp. 888, 6s DiOBT & L. Mao-. 04 

(T.) — Dynasts. Drama of the Napoleonic 
Wars. In 8 parts, 19 acta, and 180 scenes. Pt 1. 
Cr. 8vo. H X 6, pp. 266, 4s. 6d. net 

Macmillan, Jan. 04 
Bardy (W. J.) — Picturesque Sussex. Sketches 
by Duncan Moul. 4to. 8| x 6 j, pp. 168, 68. net 

F. E. KoBiNBON, Mar. 08 
Hardy Country, Harper (Chs. G.) 6s Nov. 04 

(A. J. C.) — Florence. Bevised by St. Clair 

Baddeley. 6th ed. Illus. 18mo. 6^ x 4|, pp. 810, 
8s G. AiiLEN, Mar. 04 

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rev., with Map, 16 wooacuts, plan of St. Mark's, 
view of Grand Canal. 18mo. 6^ x 4}, pp. 886, 8s. 

G. AiiLEN, Mar. 04 
are (C.)— FelicitiL : Bomance of Old Siena. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 886, 6s. Habpxb, Apr. 04 

(C.)— In Straits of Time. Bomance of Old 
France. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 880, 6s. 

Casbell, Sep. 04 
are (C.)— Most Illustrious Ladies of the Italian 
Bensjssance. 8vo. 9 x 6}, pp. 880, 10s. 6d. 

Habpeb, Sep. 04 
(W. L.)— Hindoo Beligion. Study of pre- 
vailing Brahmanic Doctrines. 18mo. swd. 6d. 
net C. W. Daniel, Nov. 04 

C^. L.)— Beligion. 18mo. swd. 6d. net 

C. W. Daniel, Nov. 04 


Barem (Bomance of a) — Transl. by Clarence 

Forestier- Walker. Cr. 8va 7 x 4^, pp. 878, Is. 6d. 

net ; Ithr. Ss. net (Lotu§ Lib.) 

Gbeenino, Nov. 04 
Barfreawes (A.)— Grammar of the Dialect of 

Adlington (Lanes). 8vo. pp. 180, 8s. net 

A. Owen & Co. Apr. 04 
Barrreawoe (H.)— Vicar's Ifistake. Novel. Cr. 

8vo. 6s B. Stock, June 04 

Harington (J. E. IL), Tea in Europe, Is. nt. Nov. 04 
Hariot (Ths.), Stevent (H.) pr Dec. 08 

ky (C. Kent-)— Dog Tails from Cam- 
bridge. Hlus. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 884, Ss. 6d. 

Jabbold, Sep. 04 
Barker (J. A.)— On High-Temperature Standarda 
of National Physical Laboratory; Account of 
Comparison of Platinum Thermometers and 
Thermojunctions with Gkks Thermometer. 4to. 
pp. 48, Is. 6d DuLAU, Aug. 04 

Barklns (E. F.)— Schemers, Tale of Modem 

Life. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 896, 6s. 

Chatto, Sep. 04 
Barkaese (B.) — With the Torrey-Alexander Mis* 

sion round the World. 8vo. 8^ x 6^, pp. 188, bds. 

Is. net ' Chbistian AoE,' Aug. 04 

Barland (Henry)— Cardinal's Snuff-Box. 8vo. 
swd. 6d Newnes, Feb.<^ 

Barland (H.)— My Friend Prospero. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6^, pp. 888, 68 Lane, Jan. 04 

(E. G.) — Studies from Attic Drama. 

Cr. 8vo. 7} X 4|, pp. 178. 6s....SiaTH & E. ^^.04 
Haxmer (S.), Herdman, Cambr. Natural History, 

7, 17s. net Nov. 04 

Harmony, Loewengard (Max) 4s. net Aug. 04 

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Contributions by various authors. Hlus. 8rd edit, 
cr. 8vo. 7|x6i, pp. 648, 9s. net {Badminton 
Library) Lonomanb, July 04 

(A.) — Expansion of Christianity in First 
Three Centuries. Vol. 1. Transl. and edit, by 
James Moffatt. 8vo. 8| x 64, pp. 610, 10s. 6d. 

Williams & N. Dec. 04 

Bamack (A.)— What is Christianity? Sixteen 

lectures in Berlin University during Winter Term, 

1899-1900. 8rded.rev. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|i, pp. 816, 

6s. ..WiLLiAXB & N. mar.04 

Harness Making, Hatluck (Paul N.) Is. ...June 04 

Harold Bowdoin's Investment Cotter (H. E.) 8s. 

net Oct. 04 

Barper (C. G.)— Hardy Country : Literary Land- 
marks of the Wessex Novels. Hlus. by Author. 
8vo. 8^ X 6|, pp. 884, Os Black, Nov. 04 

Barper (C. G.)— Ingoldsby Country: Literary 
Landmarks of * Ingoldsby Legends.' Hlus. by 
Author. 8vo. 8^ x 6^, pp. 886, 6s. Black, Jan. 04 

(C. G.)— Newmarket, Bury, Thetford, and 
Cromer Boad: Sport and History on an East 
Anglian Turnpike. Hlus. by the Author and from 
Old-Time Prints and Pictures. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6|. 
pp. 878, 16s. Chapman if H. Apr. 04 

Barper (J. Wilson)— The Post-Exilic Prophets. 
16mo. 9d. net {Temple Bible Handbooke). 

Dent, Feb. 04 

Barper (B. F.)— Code of Hammurabi, King of 
Babylon about 8860 b.c. 8vo. 18s. net 

LuzAO, Mar, 04 

Barper (W. B.)— Structure of Text of Book of 
Amos. 4to. swd. pp. 88, 6s. net 

(University of Chicago) Wesley, Aug. 04 

Barper** Encyclopedia of United States History, 
from 468 a.d. to 1908. Based upon the plan of 
Benson John Lossing^ with special contributions 
by eminent authorities. Preface by Woodrow 
Wilson ; Documents, Portraits, Maps, &o. 10 vols. 
8vo. (N. York) 166s., 810s. Dee. 08 

Barper'e Monthly Mi«adne. European Edit. 
Deo. 1908-May 1904. Boy. 8va 8s. 6d. net 

Habpeb, Aug, 04 




r's Monthly Magazine, June to Not. 1904. 
Boy. Svo. 8b. 6d Harpeb, Dec. 04 

(Maad) — Secrets of the ELand, and how 
Scientific PaUnistry reveals them. Ch. ed. or. 8vo. 
8wd.l8. DiOBT, LoMa, Apr, 04 

lan Alaska Expedition. Alaska, Vol. 8. 

Glaciers and Glaoiation, by 6. K. Gilbert. 
BoT. 8to. 21s. net. Alaska, Vol. 4. Gheology and 
Paleontology, by B. K. Emerson and others. 
Boj. 8yo. 21b. net. Alaska, Vol. 6, by J. Cardot 
and others. Boy. 8ya 21s. net J. Musiuly, Apr. 04 

(E.) — Ods, or 1st Siege of Bochester 
CasUe, uur. post 8ya pp. 256, 6s.; William 
d'Albini, or 2nd Siege of Bochester Castle, 

pp. 272, 6s.; Simon de Montfort, or 8rd Siege of 
Bochester CasUe, pp. 248, 6s. 

(Bochester) E. Harris & S. July 00, 1, Aug. 02 

(E.)— Bichard Watts, or Bochester in the 
Time of the Tudors. Lar. p. 8yo. pp. 286, 6s. ; 
Bestoration House, or Bochester in tne Time of 
the Commonwealth, pp. 224, 6s. 

(Bochester) E. Harris & S. Nov. 08, Dec 04 
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(G. T.)— Practical Slide Making. Cr. 8yo. 

7i X 4|, pp. 184, Is Iliffb, Apr. 04 

Harris (Xsiobre), Jewish Year Book, 2s. 6d. net 


■arris (J. C.) — Nights with Uncle Bemas. Cr. 

8yo. swd. 6d Boutlbdob, Mar. 04 

Harris (J. C.)— Wally Wanderoon and his Story- 
telling Machine, nius. dvo. 8} X 6^, pp. 802, 6s. 

BiCHARDS, Oct. 04 

■arris (J. H.)— The Fishers : a Noyel. Cr. 8yo. 
7| X 6, pp. 862, 6s LANB,4;»r. 04 

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8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 884, 6s. £. Arnold, May 04 

■arris (B.) — Illustrations in Advocacy. 4th edit, 
cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. Stevbks & H. July 04 

■arris (S. F.)— Principles of the Criminal Law 
10th edit. Bev. by C. L. Attenborongh. 8vo. 
20s Stbvbnb & H. Aug. 04 

(S. H.) — National Unionist. Cr. 8vo. swd. 
Is. net Chapman & H. June 04 

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NoveL Cr. 6vo. 7| x 6, pp. 840, 6b. 

Blackwood & S. Nov. 04 

[arris (W. B.) — The Disappearance of Dick : a 

Story of Adventure. Llus. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 

276, 6s Blackwood & S. Apr. 04 

(W. S.)— Mr. World and Miss Church 

Member. 20th Century Allegory. Cr. 8vo. 6s. 

S. C. Brown, Jan. 04 
■arrison (B.)— Outline of Hist, of Eolithic Flint 
Implements. Cr. 8vo. 6d. net 

(Ightham) Author, Dec. 04 

■arrison (C.)— Hints to Bedters. Intro., front., 

portr., appendix, pref. note, by Herbert 

Hurdinge. 16mo. 6 x 8|, pp. 102, Is. 6d. net ; 

Ithr. 2s. net Sonnbnbchxin, Oct. 04 

■arrison (F.)—* England Expects.' Story of 
Last Days of Nelson. Cr. 6vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 884, 
8s. 6d SJP.CjK Oct. 04 

■arrison (F.)— Theophano : Crusade of Tenth 
Century. Bomantic Monograph. 8vo. 9x6|, 
pp. 862, 10s. 6d. net Chapman & H. Oct. 04 

■arrison (F. B.)— Enderly Park. Tale. Cr. 8vo. 
71 X 4|, pp. 160, Is. 6d S.P.CJE. Oct. 04 

■arrison (J. A., W. J.)— Pract. Experiments in 

Elem. Science. HIub. Cr. 8vo. pp. 844, 28. 6d. 

Blaokib & S. Nov. 02 
■arrison (J. H. S.)— Botany, Laboratory Notes. 

Cr. 8vo. pp. 72 Jab. Ht. Smith Harrison Dec. 02 
Harrow, Eton, Cricket, Brook (F.) ea. Is. net 

Dec. 08, 4 
■arrison (May)— Guide to Modem Cookery. 

Pref. by Thomas Dyke Acland. 4th edit. cr. 

8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 496, 8s. 6d Low, July 04 


■arrison (W.)— <:;hildren : their Thoughts, 
Words, and Ways. 2nd edit. cr. 8vo. 7^x41, 
pp. 126, 2s. 6d J. Hbtwood, Nov. 04 

Harry Fludyer at Cambridge, Lehmann (B.) Is. 


■art (H.) — Law of Banking. 8vo. 80s. 

Stevens & S. July 04 

■art (Heber L.) — Law as to Auctioneers, House 
Afents, Valuers; and as to Commission. 2nd 
ed. 6vo. pp. 692, 16b Stbvbnb & S. Apr. 08 

(J. W.) — Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage, 
nius. 6vo. 8| X 6}, pp. 264, 7s. 6d. net 

Scott, Greenwood, May 04 » 
Vm Annual Army List, 1904. 8vo. 21b. 

J. Murray, Feb. 04 
(B.) — Sally Dows, &c. New edit. cr. 8vo. 

7i X ^ii PP* 806, 2b Chatto, Nov. 04 

Harter's Banch, Forester (F. B.) 2b. 6d Oct. 04 

Hartleben (O. E.), Lovers Carnival, 2s. 6d., Is. 6d. 

Mar. 04 

■artley (C. Gasquoine) — ^Pictures in the Tate 

Ghallery. HIus. 4to. 11 j[ x 8|, pp. 214, 128. 6d. net 

Seelbt, Nov. 04 

■artley (C. G.) (Mrs. Walter Gallicban)— Becord 

of Spanish Painting. 66 reproductions of works 

by famous Spanish artists. Boy. 8vo. 9^x6^, 

pp. 886, 10s. 6d. net W. Scott, Nov. 04 

■arUey (G. W.)— Wild Sport with Gun, Bifle, 
and Salmon Bod. Illus. New edit. 8vo. 8| x 6^, 
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(S.) — Japanese Art. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 288, 6s. net Putnam, Apr. 04 

■artoff (W. G.) — Lectures Scientifiques. French 
Beader for Science Students. Cr. 8vo. 6b. 

BrviNOTONS, Oct. 04 
■artsborne (Anna C.)— Japan and her People. 
Bins. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 8^ x 6J, pp. 768, 21s. net 

Paul, Jan. 04 
Harvest of Chaff, Seaman (Owen) 8s. 6d. nt. Oct. 04 
Havrey (H.) &c., Fifty-iyfo Stories, Wild (L.) 6s. 

Oct. 04 
■arroy (W.) — Irish life and Humour in Anecdote 
and Story. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6|, pp. 488, 8s. 6d. net 

E. Maokay, May 04 

■array (W.) — Scottish Life and Character. In 

Anecdote and Story. Cr. 8vo. 7 J x 6^, pp. 608, 

8s. 6d. net E. Macxay, Sep. 04 

Harsreise, Die, Heine (H.) 6d. Dec. 02 

■askell (Mrs. L.) — Stories from the Bible. Imp. 
8vo. bds. Is Blaoxib, Oct. 04 

■aslam (J.) — Handloom Weaver's Daughter. 
Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 288, 6s. 

S. C. Brown, Sep. 04 

■aslett (S. B.)— Pedagogical Bible School. Scien- 
tific Study of the Sunday School with chief 
Beference to Curriculum. 8vo. 8f x 6^, pp. 888, 
6s. net Bbvbll, Jan. 04 

■aslnok (P. N.) — Cyde Building and Bepairing. 
nius. Cr. 8vo. 7 X 4, pp. 160, Is. Cabbell, July 04 

■aslnok (P. N.) — Harness Making. Engravings, 

diagrams. 12ino. 6| x 4, pp. 160, Is. 

Cassbll, June 04 
■aslnok (P. N.) — Knotting and Splicing Bopes 

and Cordage. Engravings, diagrams. Cr. 8vo. 

7x4, pp. 160, Is. Cassbll, Dee. 04 

■aslnok (P. N.) — Leather Working. Engravings, 
Diagrams. 12mo. 6| x 4, pp. 160, Is. 

Cassbll, June 04 
Hasluck (P. N.), Metal Working, 9b. Oct. 04 

(P. N.)— Saddlery. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
7x4, pp. 160, Is Cassbll, July 04 

■aslnok (Paul N.) — Upholstery. Ilngravings, 
Diagrams. Cr. 8vo. 7x4, pp. 160, Is. 

Cassbll, Mar. 04 
Hasluck, Becitalione for Ladies, 2s Feb. 04 

■assail (A.)— Handbook of European Hist, 475- 
1671 chronol. arr. Cr. 8vo. pp. 892, 8s. 6d. net 

Macmillan, Dec, 09 




BassaU (A.)- Tudor DyiiMty. 1485-1608. 19mo. 
6^ X 4, pp. S66, 2»,{T0xt-Booki of Englith J3w- 
tory) RiTiNOTONB, May 04 

HmmJI (Jn.), Pope (J), London CharacieiQit Is. net 

Dee. 04 

HMiie (Wm.) OtUUnea of Pftstoral Theol., Is. 6d. 
net Mar, 04 

Bastie (W.)— Theolofcj of the Reformed Clmrdh 
in its Fundamental ranciples. Edit, by William 
Folton. (Croall Lecture for 1899.) Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6, 
pp. 800,48. 6d. net T. & T. CLABX,/ttn0 04 

Hastings (Warren), Macaulay, 6d. net Avg, 04 

Batoli (E. F. G.)— Far Eastern Impressions: 
Japan, Korea, China. 8 Maps, 88 Ulna. Cr. 8to. 
8 X 6^, pp. 272, Of. net Hutchxmson, May 04 

Batton (R. G.)— Figure Drawing. IUub. 8yo. 

8| X 6^, pp. 862, 7b. Od. net Chapman & H. Nov.OA 

Haunted Ship, Leighton (Rbt) 6s. ... Feb^ Oct. 04 

BaTerfleld (E. L.)— Blind Loyalty. Sequel to 
Our Vow. Cr. 8Ta7|x 5 j^, pp. 298, 28. 

Nelson, July 04 

BaT«rlleld (E. L.)— Sow*8 Ear. Noyel. Cr. 8vo. 
7^ X ^l» PP* ^8^» 68 G. Allen, Sep. 04 

ELaverhill, Loekwood (J.) Is. Sep. 04 

Hawaiiensis, Fauna^ 8, 4, 208. net June 04 

Bawels (H. R.)— Ideals for Girls. New edit. cr. 
8to. 7 X 4i, pp. 140, 28. net ...J. Clabkb, Oct. 04 
Hawke (Bdwd., Lord), Burrotca (Montagu) 6b. 

kwker (G.)— *We Know in Part,' and other 
Sermons. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 182, 28. 6d. net 

Stockwell, May 04 
tawker (R. S.)— Cornish Ballads and other 
Poems. Ed. with Intro, by C. E. Byles. Illus. 
Cr. 8to. 7| X 6, pp. 842, 58. net. Lane, Mar. 04 

(H. P.)— Photography in a Nutshell. 
By 'The Kernel.' Illus. New edit. cr. 8yo. 
swd. Is. Iliffe, May 04 

wklns (H., Sir), (Baron Brampton) — Remini- 
ecencea. Eklit. by Richard Harris. Portr. 2 vols. 
8to. 8 X 5|, pp. 660, 808. net ...E. Abnold, Oct. 04 

(N.)~New England Romances : 
Scarlet Letter, House of Seven Gables, Blithedale 
Romance. 12iiio. 6| x 8|, pp. 714, Ss. net ; iMither, 
88. 6d. net {Thin Paper C2aM»c<)NswNEB, Jan. 04 

Bawtbome (N.) — Paradise of Children and the 
Golden Toudi. 16mo. 28. 6d. net 

Gat & B. Oct. 04 
kwtbome (N.)— Scarlet Letter. 8vo. ewd. 6d. 

W. Collins, July 04 

kwtliomo (N.)— Scarlet Letter. 12mo. 6i x 4, 

>. 868, Is. net ; Ithr. 28. and 28. 6d. net {Handy 

lue. Pocket NoveU) W. Collins, Sep. 04 

wtbome (N.) — Scarlet Letter, House with 
Seven Gables. 8vo. 28. 6d. {Lib. of Great 
Novelitte) Blacxib, Oct. 04 



iwtbome (N.)~Tale8, Selection. 12mo. 6d. nt. 

[NoHonal Library) Cassell, May 04 

Hawthorns, TTo/eon (A.) Is. 6d. Oc^ 04 

rtrey (Valentina) — Perronelle. Novel. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 5^, pp. 820, 6s. Lane, July 04 

ly (M. C.)— The Arundel Motta Cr. 8va swd. 
ed. R. E. Kno, Mar. 04 

Bayeralt (Marsaret)— General's Children; or. 
Life at Lindenholm. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 224, 
Is. 6d. Rel. Tract Soc. Oct, 04 

Bayeralt (Margaret Scott)— Triumph of Truth, 
other Stories. Edit, by John Bumham. Cr. 8vo. 
7^ X 4|, pp. 192, 1b. 6d...REL. Tbact Soc. Aug. 04 

Baydaa (A.) — Chats on EngliBh Chiiuu 8va 8^ x 
6^, pp. 812, 6s. net Unwin, Mar. 04 

Baydon (A. L.) — Canada, Britain's largesi 
Colony. Chapter on Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Dins. Cr. 8vo. 7x4$, pp. 218, 28. 6d. {Our 
Empire Seriea) Cassell, Nov, 04 

Haydon (A. L.), Empire Elooutionistt 8s. 6d. 


Baydon (A. L.)— With Pizano the Conquistadoi 
Tale of Spaniards in Peru. Ulus. Cr. 8vi 
7i X 6|, pp. 818, 68. A. Melbou, Nov. fl 

Bayaas (H.)— My Sword's my Fortune. Stony < 
Old France. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 6} j9p. 416, 6s. 


Bayena (H.)~President'8 Scouts. Story of tli 
Chilian Revolution. Bins. Cr. 8vo. 7f x 8, pp. id 
6a W. CoLLZMB, Oei. 

Bayens (H.)— Two Old Sea-Dogs : Drake aa 
Blake. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 100, 28. 


Bayes (B. J.V— Latin Course. King's Soholaxaht 

Ed. With Papers set at Scholarship iCir^fti** 

tions during last 7 years. Cr. 8vo. pp. 279, 28. 6( 

Gliyb, Apr. 

Bayes (B. J.). Masom (W. F.>— Latin Orammai 

Certificate Edit. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4|, pp. 816, 8s. 6d. 

CfuyB, Aug. 

Bayes (F. W.)— Shadow of a Throne. Ului 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4{, pp. 588, 68. Hutcbinsoh, JuneO 

Bayes (M. H.)— Points of Horse. Treatise oi 
Conformation, Movements, Breeds, Evolution q 
Horse. Blus. 8rd ed. imp. 8vo. lOf x 74, pp. 

848. Hn&n A 


Bayes (T.)— Recollections of 68 Years of Metho 
dist Life. Cr. 8va pp. 280, 28. 6d. 

C. H. Kbllt, Dee. 0! 
Bayllar (Florence)— Legend of Saint Frideswid< 
and other Poems. 12mo. 28. 6d. net 

Constable, June 0* 

Baymaa (M. G.)— Unfinished Rosary. Seleetioa 

from Best Authors, with blank pages ka reader 

to complete. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 4|^p. 240, 8s. 6d. ne 

C. W. Daniel, Dee. Oi 

Baynes (A. G.) — Local Examination Geography 

of World. Edit by George Carter. Cr. 8vq 

7^ X 4|, pp. 208, Is. Relte, Sep. Oi 

Baynes (E. S. P.)— Religious Persecutioii. Studi 
in Political Psychology. 8vo. 8^x6J^, pp. 220 
88. 6d. net Duckwobtb, Oei. Oi 

Baynes (E. S. P.>— Standards of Taate in Arl 
16ma swd. Is. net {Vigo Cabinet Seriee) 

E. ICathews, Apr. A 
Baytar (Flora)->Satan'8 Courier; or, the Com 
ly Promoter. Secret history of events whid 

ed up to the Boer War. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. aou 
6s. J^EBOLD, Oei.O^ 

Easrward (F. H.)— Educational Ideas U Pasta 

lossi and FrobeL Cr. 8vo. 7}x4|,pp. 120,2a. 

Ralph Holland, iroo. Oi 

Basrward (F. H.)— Secret of Herbari. kwmj <m 

Education: reply to Prof. James of Hajrvaid 

Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|,pp. 112, 2s. Sonnenschedi, Mar. Oi 

Basrward (M. Blanche)~Dot-aiid-go-One ; ot 
Good Shepherd's Care. Cr. 8vo. la. 

Rel. Teact Soc. May Oi 

Bayward (J. W.)— First Stage Steam. Writtei 

to meet requirements of Board of Edocatioi 

Fixamination, containing Exam. Papers aei ii 

1901-04. Cr. 8vo. pp. »», 2b. (Ory. &S. S0r.) 

Cuvm, July Oi 
Barnard and Heroism. Stories by vazioas Antboca 
Blua. Cr.8vo.7|x5i, pp. 412,88. 

CajjawaM, Sep. Oi 
Haiards of Life, TweedaZe (V.) 6s. .^fr, Oi 

Baaal (Little)— The King's Msassi^sff. ByAath 
of Under the Old Oais. New edit. er. 8va 
U K ^ii PP* 1^ Is. MBLSoac, Dvc M 

BasaU's Annual for 1904. Cydopadb Recnrd d 
Men and Topics of the Day. Beriaed lo Dee. U 
1908. Cr.8vo.8s.6d.DeL..^oaum&S.jr(Hi^tN 




(W. C.)— Book Collector. General Surrey | 
of Porsnit and of those who haye engac^ed in it 
at Home and Abroad, from Earliest Period to ' 
Present Time &o. New edit. 4to. 7| x 6, pp. 176, 
7s. 6d. net J. Grant, Oct. 01 

teslltt(W. C.)~Faiths and Folklore. Dictionary 
of National Beliefs, Superstitions, Popular Cus- 
toms, Past and Present, with their Classical and 
F6re^n Analogues, described and illustrated. 
Formmg a new edition of ' Popular Antiquities 
of Great Britain.* By Brand and Ellis, &o. a toIs. 
8to. 9 X 6i, pp. 684, 91s. Ruveb & T. Oct 04 

laalitt (W. C.)— Gleanings in Old Garden 
Liten^ore. Pop. Edit 13mo. 6^ x 4i^, np. 273, 
la. 6d. net (Book Lover'i Iri&.)... Stock, Nov. 04 

kBlltt (W. CarewV— Studies in Jocular Litera- 
Be-issue. ISmo. bds. Is. 6d. net. 

E. Stock, Feb. 04 
(G. D.)— White Man in Nigeria. 
nius. 8yo. 9 X 51, pp. 244, 10s. 6d. net 

E. Arnold, Oct. 04 

He thai hath Beoeiyed the Fire Talents, Murray 

(J. Clark) 6s Feb, 04 

M »aa (B.) — Food of the Gods. Popular Account 
d Cocoa. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 122, 8s. 6d. 

B.^. JoHMBON, Jan, 04 
Head, Surgery of, Holmet (B.) 12s. net June 04 

Heartlam (C.)— Argument against Abolition of 
Daily Press. Cr. 8to. swd. 6d. net 

SiMPKiN, Sep. 04 
Xeadtem (C.V— Oxford and its Story. 24 Litho- 
graphs and other Ulus. by Herbert Bailton, Litho- 
graphs tinted by Fanny Bailton. 4to. Ilix8{, 
pp. 880, 21s. net ; large paper edit. 105s. net 

Dent, Nov. 04 
Headlani (W.), JEtohylue, Agamemnon, Is. May 04 

Xeadland (I. T.)— Little Chinese Girl. 12mo. Is. 

Wabd & L. Auq, 04 

Headless Horseman, itMd (Mayne) 2s Feb, 04 

Health Acts* Publ., Lumley ( W. G.) 72s. 6d., 82s. 6d. 

Dec, 02 
Health, Ayennes to, MUe$ (Eustace) 4b. 6d. May 04 

Health, Happiness, Holt (F.) 2s May 04 

Health in Infancy, AUUon (T. M.) Is. net...i90p. 04 

Health, Papers on, Kirk^ 8s. net Aug. 04 

Health Besbrts of Europe, Linn (Ths.) 2s. 6d. net 

Aug. 04 

Mealtli and Disease in relation to Marriage and 

Married Life. Manual contributed to by C. 

Abeladorfl and others. Edit, by H. Senator &c. 

2 vols. 8yo. 80s. net; ^-Ithr. 86b. net 

BsBMAN^ Aug, 04 

Health 9cc in Aotire and Sedentary, Daviee (N. E. 

Yorke.) 28. 6d. July 04 

Wmmly (Chris.) — Confessions of a Journalist. 
Cr. 870. 7| X 4|, pp. 400, Os Chatto, Apr, 04 

■ealy (C.)— Endless Heritage. Novel. Cr. 8to. 
7f X 4|, pp. 860, 6b Chatto, Oct, 04 

Mnmlj (J.) — Ancient Schools and Scholars. From 
time of St. Patrick to Anglo-Norman Inyasion. 
4th ed. Maps &c. Boy. 8to. pp. 65227s. 6d. 

(Dublin) Sealt, Bbtebs & Walkxb, 02 

Mmmly (S.>7-Definite Church Teaching : Manual 
of Instmctaon in Faith, Discipline, and Worship 
of Catholic Church for Members of Church of 
England. New impr. 18mo. Od. net ; bocurds, 4d. 
net; swd. 8d. net Mowbbat, Aug, 04 

Seaiu (L.) — Japan. Attempt at Interpretation. 
Cr. 8to. 8 X 6^, pp 542, 8s. 6d. net 

Macmillan, Nov. 04 
Seam (L.) — Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of 
Strange ^Hiings. Dlus. 12mo. 7s. 6d. 

K. Paul, May 04 
Heart, Diseases, Colbeck (E. H.) 7b. 6d. net ^ov.04 
Heart Messages, 8tockley{T. I.) 2b. 6d. net Dae. 04 
Heart of Continent, Younghueband (Francis 

Edw.) 6s. net Oct, 04 

Heart of Humanity, HdUifcuB (Sydney) 2b. 6d. net 


Heart of it, Dresstfr (Horatio) 8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Heart of Midlothian, Scott, 2b. 6d Oct. 04 

Heart of Orient, Shoemaker (Michael Myers) 

10s. Cd. net Oct. 04 

Heart of Penelope, Lowndee (Mrs. B.) 6b. „,Oct, 04 

Heart of the Vicar, Tuite (Hugh) Os JiUy 04 

Hearthstone Talks, Stables (Gordon) Is. 6d. Aua. 04 

Hearts are Trumps, Tytler (S.) 6b July 04 

Hearts in Exile, Oxenham (J.) 6b Sep, 04 

Hearts of Gold, O^vie (Will H.) 4s. 6d. net Feb, 04 

Hearts of Men, Fielding (H.) 6s. net Apr. 04 

Heat, Theory, Preeton (Ths.) 18b. net July 04 

Be«tli (C.) — German Strong Verbs and Lrregular 
Weak Verbs. With Notes. 12mo. limp. Is. 

Blackix, Apr. 04 

Beatli (J. D.) — Complete Croquet-Player. New 
edit. rev. by M. A. Saffery. Cr. 8yo. 7}x4|, 
pp. 118, Is. {*Oval * Series) Boutlxdox, Aug. 04 

Beatli (R.)— Captiye City of God; or. Churches 
seen in light of Democratic Ideal. Cr. 8yo. 
7| X 5, pp. 192, 8s. 6d. net ; swd. 2s. 6d. net 

FiFIXLD, Oct. 04 

Heather Bells, Bumeey (B. W.) Is. net Feb. 04 

Heating byHot Water, Jones (W.) 6s. net Mar. 04 

Heayen's Way, VaughanCK.) Is. net Dec, 02 

Heayenly Feast, Daniel (E.) 9d. net Apr. 04 

Heayenly Springs, seL from Diary &o. of Andrew A. 
Bonar, 1b. 6d. net Sep, 04 

ge>wlnghain (E.)~Disoount, Commission, and 
Brokerage Tables. 82mo. Ithr. Is. net 

Boutlxdox, Dee, 04 
BeaTiartii^m (E. L.)— Dollar Exchange Tables 
between United States of America and Great 
Britain (in decimals). 8yo. 7b. 6d. net 

Boutlxdox, Nov. 04 

Bebert (S., Bey.) — Glimpses in Paradise. Cr. 8yo 

Ik >< ^l» PP- 842, swd. Is. net Finch, Aug, 04 

Bebert (S.)— Becognition after Death. What does 

the Bible say ? 16mo. swd. 6d. net 

J. FmcH, Feb. 04 

Heb., Whitham (A. B.) 2s. 6d Oct, 04 

Hebrew, First Steps, Adler(U,) 2b. net Apr. 04 

Hebrew Hist, Beginnings, Kent (Chas. Foster) 12s. 

net Sep, 04 

Hebrew Manuscripts, Monteflore Catalogue, Htrte^ 

/«W, 58. net Feb, 04 

Hebrew Monarchy, Whitlow (A. B.) 2, 8b. 6d. net 

Hebrew Stor;^, Early, Peters (Jn. P.) 6s. „,Sep. 04 
Hebrews, Eptstle to, ed. J. S. ff. Chamberlain, 2b. net 

Beddle (Ethel F.)— Pride of the Family. New 

edit. cr.8yo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 288, 2s. J. Clabkx, Oct, 04 

BedOle (Ethel F.)— Town's Verdict Noyel. Cr. 
8yo. 7| X 5^, pp. 886, 6s Blackix, Mar, 04 

Beddle (Ethel F.)— Town's Verdict. Bins, edit 
or. 8yo. 7| x 5^, pp. 886, 6s. ......Blackix, Oct. 04 

Bedin (S.) — Adyentures in Tibet. Blus. new edit. 

8yo. 8f X 5^, pp. 504, lOs. 6d. net 

HUBST & B. Oct. 04 
Bedin (S.) — Scientific Besults of a Journey in 

Centna Asia, 1899-1902. Text, Vols. 1 and 6. 

Maps, 1. 6 yols. 4to. swd. and 2 yds. Maps, fol. 

£15 net Dulau, Deo. 04 

Beelle (F.)— Modem Commercial Practice. With 
Correspondence. Part 1. Home Trade. Cr. 8yo. 
1h ^ ^ii PP* 1^1 9>* BfACMiLLAN, Aug, 04 

BeffenMUi (T.)—'Lisa Letters. 12mo. swd. Is. 

GsxxiiiMO, May 04 

Beidenstam (O. G. yon)— Swedish Life in Town 
and Country. Illus. Cr. 8yo. 7|x4|, pp. 214, 
8s. 6d. net Nxwmxb, Oct, 04 

Heifer of the Dawn, transl. by Bain (F. W.) 5b. net, 
28. 6d. net May, Dec, 04 

Bein (G.), Becker (M.) — Commercial German. 
Part 2. Map. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 4}, pp. 292, 4s. 6d. 

J. MuBKAT, Sep. 04 





Beine (HO--Book of Songs. TransLbyT. Brooks- 
bank. (Works, Vol. 9.) Cr. 8yo. 7i x 4|, pp. 299, 
6s. net Hkinbicann, Sep. 04 

Seine (H.)— Die Harzreise, adapted and ed. by 
W. G. Etheridge. Fcap. 8yo. pp. 56, 6d. 

Blacde, Dee, 03 

Seine (H.) — New Poems. Transl. by Margaret 

Armonr. (Works, Vol. 10.) Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 

820. 6s. net Hxinbmann, Sep 04 

Heir of BragweD Ball, Beer (Alf.) 2s. 6d. ...Aug. 04 
Heiress of Wylmington, Green (E. Eyerett-) 2s. 

2^ov. 04 

Helbeck of B., Ward (Mrs. H.) 6d Aua. 04 

Held in Toils, Leyi (Jn. K.) 8s. 6d July 04 

Selen Alliston. By Auth. of Elisabeth's Children. 

Or. 8vo. 7i X 5, pp. 862, 6s. LAms, Nov. 04 

Helen in Morocco, I/ocAw (M. H.) 6s June 04 

Hell, Dante, Dor6, 168 Oct. 04 

Heller (T. E.), New Code for Pub. El. School, 8d. 

net July 04 

Selm (W. H.)— Blue Fox. NoveL Cr. 8to. 7| x 

4|, pp. 206, 88. 6d Nash, July 04 

Helmet of Mambrino, King (C.) 12s. 6d. net July 04 
Helmolt (H. F.), World*8 Hist., 2, 16s., 21s. net 

Feb. 04 
Helmsle/s Princess, Ford (J. B.) Is. net ...July 04 
Help for Tempted, Wells (Amos B.) Is. 6d. Feb. 04 
Help for the Day, Miller (J. R.) Is. 6d. net Apr. 04 

Selps (A., Sir) — Spanish Conquest in America 
and its relation to History of Slavery and to 
Government of Colonies. New ed., Intro., Maps, 
Notes by M. Oppenheim. Vol. 4. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 886, 8s. 6d. net Lane, Sep. 04 

Helps to Milton^s Areopagetica, Crook (C. W.) 28. 


Semmlng' (G. W.)— Billiards mathematically 
treated. 2nd edit. imp. 6yo. 8s. 6d. net 

Macmillan, Nov. 04 

Sempldll (S.)— Immortality in Christ. Cr. 8to. 
7i X 42, pp. 112, swd. Is. net Sikpkin, Oct. 04 

Hemphill Minor, Oarr (Kent) Is Nov. 04 

Hemetreet (C.)--Iiiterary New York; its Land- 
marks and Associations. Cr. 8yo. 7s. 6d. net 

Putnam, Jan, 04 

Senderson (E. P.)— New Suppl. to Insurance 
Question plainly treated. Svo. pp. 104, pr. Jan. 08 

Senderson (H. F.)— Eye- Witnesses of Christ, and 
other Essays. Cr. 8yo. 28. 6d. net 

Stockwell, Mar. 04 

Sendereon (J.)— Practical Electricity and Mag- 
netism. New edit. cr. 8yo. 7^x4]^, pp. 484, 
7s. 6d. (Physical and Electrical Engineering 
Laboratory Manuals) Longmans, Sep.(^ 

Henderson (J. G.) — George Henry Russell 
Gkurcia. Memoir, Sermons, Addresses. Cr. 8yo. 
H X Hi PP- 280, 88. 6d. net ...J. Clabke, Nov. 04 

Senderson (T. F.)— Robert Bums. 12 HIus. 
12mo. 6lx 4i, pp. 212, 8s. 6d. ; leather, 4s. net 
(Little Biographies) Msthubn, Jan. 04 

Henderson (T. F.) James 1. and VI. 68s., 1608. net 

Nov. 04 

Henderson, Young (R. E.) 88. 6d. Sep. 04 

Hendy (J. G.)— History of Early Postmarks of 
British Isles, from their introduction down to 
1640. Cr. 6yo. 7i x 4|, pp. 212, 8b. 6d. net 

L. U. Gill, Deo, 04 

Henliam (E. G.)— Erum : Study of Consciousness. 
Cr. 8yo. 7| x 6|, pp. 814, 6s. ...Richasds, May 04 

SenneU (R., Sir— History of the King's Body 
Gnard of the Yeomen of th^ Guard. 4to. 688. 
net Constable, May 04 

Bennlng (F ) -Figlits for the Championship : the 

Men and their Times. Portraits from old Prints. 

2 vols. New edit. Ts. 6d. ; edition de luxe, 25s. 

Licensed Victuat.lkrs' Gazette, Jan. 08 

Henry A.) Transl. De Monarchia. Dante, 6s. net 

Nov. 04 
Henry (J P.)— Handbook of Modem Irish. 
b. 2. Cr. 


8ya limp, Is. net M. H. Gill, Nov, 04 

Henry (J. Q. A.)— Peril and Protection of Yoong 
Womanhood. Cr. 6yo. swd. 6d. net 

MoBOAN & 8. Feb. 04 
Henry Brocken's Trayels, More (Walt de la) 6fl. 

Afar. 04 
Henry Dunbar, Braddon (M. E.) 2b. 6d. ..,Nov. 04 
Henry Esmond, Thackeray, 2b., 8b. net ,.,June 04 

Henry Esmond, Th^ickeray, Brook, 2b Nov. 04 

Henry IV., 1, 2. Lit. 4to. Shakespeare, ea. Is. net 

May 04 
Henry V.,Nat. Lib. Shakespeare, 6d. net.^Nov. 04 
Henry V., Norm. Tut. Shakespeare, Is. nt Mar. 04 
Henry V., Shakespeare, A. B. Hofbnao, 1b., la. 6d. 

net Nov. 04 

Henry YI., 1, 2, 8, Shakespeare, Craig, each Is. nei 

July 04 
Henry YI., 1, 2, 8, Ac, Shakespeare, ea. 6d. ; la. 

net Oct. 04 

Henry VIII., HaU (Edward) 828., 1068. net Nov. 04 
Henry VIII. &c., King*s Letters, 2b. 6d., 88. 6d. net 

June 04 
Henshawe of Greycoates, Mobson (L Stuart) Is. 

Nov. 04 
Henslow (G.) — Present-Day Rationalism Criti- 
cally Examined. Cr. 8yo. 8x6, pp. 890, Ob. 

HODDBB & S. 8^. 04 

Henslow -G.)— South African Flowering Plants. 

For B^nnners, Students, and Teachers. Cr. 8yo. 

7^ X 4|, pp. 812,68 LoNOiCANS, Feb. 04 

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net Sep. 04 

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^ov. 04 
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International Conferences concerning Laws and 

Usages of War, Texts of Conventions, Notes. 

8vo. Stevens & S. July 04 

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ployed. Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 214, 2s. 

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^tt^. 04 

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Sep. 04 

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Stevens & S. Dec 02 







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Svo. 6b Dbame, Dec. 04 

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net Mar, 04 

Klfliway, Ireland — Order of Local Oovt. Board 
dated Jane 14, 1904, as to Compulsory Acquisi- 
tion of Land by a County Council for purpose of 
widening an old Boad or making a new one, 

Id. [1057] Eybe & S. July 04 

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Id Eybx & S. Mar, 04 

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Ereparing for Science Examinations in Technical 
astitutes and Evening Schools. Obi. 4to. limp, 
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and Observational Lessons. Foreword by 

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8s. 6d. net Duckwobth, Aug. 04 

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Nov. 04 
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of Sketches by Duncan Moul. With descriptive 
letterpress. 4to. S| x 6^, pp. 188, 6s. net 

F. E. RoBiMSOM, Nov, 04 

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Syntax. Cr. Svo. pp. 64, Is. 6d. Blacxie, Oct. 04 

Hill Towns of Italy, WilUams (Egerton R.) 10s. 6d. 

net Jan, 04 

Hillard (A. E.) Aete, 2s Dec, 04 

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Book of Saints and Flowers. Pref. by Charles 
Marson. Roy. Svo. 9| x 6|, pp. 86, 2s. 6d. 

G. J. Palxeb, Nov. 04 
Bilton (A. C.)~Works. Together with his Life 
and Letters. 12mo. 7 x 4}, pp. 282, 6s. net 

BfACWLLAK & B. Nov. 04 
(M.)^nnlucky Golfer: his Handbook. 
Hlus. 12mo. swd. 6d. net Simpkin, Apr. 04 

(H. C.)— Fanny Haire : her Dream ; or, A 
Plea for Cheerfulness. Illus. 12mo. swd. 6d. net 

Simpkin, Apr. 04 
Ime (M. O— Little Red Riding Hood: a 
Tragedy. Told in Verse. Dlus. by S. Rosamund 
Praeger. 4to. bds. Is. net Supkih, Nov. 04 

Bime (M. C.y-* Wild Oats ' : a Sermon in Rhyme. 
Cr. Svo. 7^ X 6, pp. 42, boards, la. net 

SncPxiN, Apr. 04 
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Roy. Svo. 9^ X 6^, pp. 824, 78. 6d. net 

Black, Apr. 04 

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pp. 208, 8s. 6d. net Black, Oct. 04 

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Vocabularies of the Kamba and Kikuyu Lan- 
guages of East Africa. Cr. Svo. pp. 84, 8s. net 

C. J. Clat, Aug, 04 
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Riviera. Cr. Svo. 7| x 4|, pp. 826, 6s. 

LoNO, Nov, 04 
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Hindustani, Thimm (C. A.) 6s Apr. 04 

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Cr. Svo. 7} X 4|, pp. 820, Ss Nash, Apr, 08 

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7^ X 4|, pp. 256, 4s. 6d. ...Sonnenbchein, Apr. 04 
Hints for Kes. in India, Wileon (A. C.) Is. 6a. net 

Bints (Household). 12mo. Is. (* Queen * Cookery 

Books) H. Cox, Jan. 04 

Hints to District Visitors, Bidgway (C. J.) 6d. net 

Mar. 04 
Bints to Golfers, by Niblick. Cr. Svo. pp. 148 

(London) pr. pr Mec, 02 

Bioms (A. H.) — Metal -colouring and Bronzing. 
2nd ed. globe Svo. pp. 858, 5s. 

Macmillan, Dec 02 
Hird (Dennis), Forbes, Palestra Logica, 2b. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 

Bird (F.)— Rosa Bonheur. 12mo. 6^ x 81, ^p. 90. 

Is. ' net ; Ithr. 28. net {Miniature Series of 

Painters) Bell, Dec. 04 

Hire-purchase System, BusseU (W. H.) 8s. 6d. net 

Birsolifeld (H.)— Descriptive Catalogue of He- 
brew MSS. of Montefiore Library. Svo. 6s. net 

Macmillan. Feb. 04 
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248, 2s. net {English Men of Letters) 

Macmillam, Oct. 04 

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His last Chance, Foster (C, F.) 2s. Oct. 04 

His last Plunge, Gould (Nat) 6d Apr. 04 

His Little Daughteor, Feuvre (A. Le) Is. 6d. Oct. 04 
His Majesty's Peacock, Mcu^kensie (W.) 6s. May 04 
His Political Conscience, Bollo (Ha) 2s. 6d. net 

Apr. 04 
His Share of the World, GriHHn (A.) Ss. 6d. Nov, 04 

His Soldier, Wilson (Mrs. C.) Is. 6d. Aug, 04 

His Young Importance, BretMrton (Ralph Harold) 

6s Nov, 04 

Hispano-Moresque Ware, Put (A. van de) 12s. 6d. 

net .Nov. 04 

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Historic Faith, Westcott (Brook F.)6d Apr. 04 

Hist. Allusions, Diet., Harbottle (Thomas Benfield) 
7b. 6d June 04 

Bistorioml ManuBcripts Commission — Calendar 
of the MSS. of the Marquis of Bath preserved at 
Longleat, Watshire. Vol.1. Svo. Is. 9d. [2048] 

Etbb & S. June 04 

Bistorioal Manuscripts Commission — Calendar 
of MSS. of Marquess of Ormonde, K.P., pre- 
served at Kilkenny Castle. New Series. Vcd. 8. 
Svo. 28. [1968] Eybe & B, Aug. 04 

BistoriCMil Manuscripts Commission — Calendar 
of the MSS. of Marquis of Salisbury, preserved 
at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire. Part 10. 
Svo. 2s. 8d. [2062] Etbe & S. Oct. 04 

Bistorioml Manuscripts Commission— Report on 
American Manuscripts in Royal Institution of 
Great Britain. VoL 1. Svo. 2s. 8d. [2201] 

Etbb A 8. Oct. 04 






Ststorlottl Manmeripts Commisfion — Beporton 
M8S. in TarioQs Oolleclions. Vol 8. T. B. 
Clarke-Thomhill, Esq., Sir T. Barrett-Lonnard, 
Bait^ PelhAin B. Papiilon, Esq., and W. Cleverly 
Alexander, Esq. 8vo. Is. 6d. Tl964] 

Etbe & S. July 04 
XlstorleAl Mannacripts Commiasion — Sixteenth 

Beport 8to. 9d. [21109] Eyre & 8. Oct 04 

Hist. Mem. of my own Time, Wraxall (N. Wm.) 

8s. 6d., 48. 6d. net May 04 

Hisl Mysteries, Lang (Andrew), Os. net „.Dec. 04 

Hist Primer, Salter (W. H.) 1, 2s. 6d Sep. 04 

Histories, Poems. Thin p. Shaketpeare^ Ss., 8b. 6d. 

net. June 04 

History, Herodotue (G. C. Macanlay) I8B....JP0&. 04 

Hist., Oanib, Mod., % 16s. net Jan, 04 

Hist, Fint Book of Stories from, lOd Feb, 04 

Hist in Biog., Leee (Beatrice A.), 1, 28 Feb, 04 

Hist, Mod. Ans., Limdon Matric, 28 Oct, 04 

History of Christian Church to Death of Pope Leo 
the Great, Jackson (Frederick John F.), with 
Appendix on Boman Christianity in first three 
Centories, and Catacombs and early Monuments, 
by A. C. Jennings, 7s. 6d. Oct 02 

History of Eoropean Thought, Merg (John T.) 
108.6d. net Apr, 04 

Hist of Greece^ 496-404 B.C., Allorof t, 4b. 6d. Dec, 04 

Xlstory of Northumberland (A). Issued under 
Direction of Northumberland County History 
Conmiittee. Vol. 7. 4to. II4 x 8|, pp. 642, 428. 

net SncPKiN. Ju2y 04 

Hist of our own Times, McCarthy (Justin) 6d. 

Oct, 04 
Hist of fiofiM, 890-183 B.C., Allcroft, Mason, 48. 6d. 

History of South Africa, Bry<20n (H. A.) 68. Apr. 04 
History of 26 Years, Walpole (Spencer, Sir) 24s. 

net Mar, 04 

Hist Beaders, Blackie'e 2nd Book, Is. Ma/r, 04 

History Teaching in Italy, Degani, Is July^Oi 

Hist, Te$t Questions in. Is Nov, 04 

Biteli (Clove)— Handbook on Sailing. Blus. 12mo. 
^ ^ ^ht PP* ^I^» 8s. 6d. net ; leather, 48. 6d. net 
{Country Hanibooke) LiiNX, Feb, 04 

XltoliooolL (F. B. M.)— Mystery of the Cross: 
Studies in our Lord's Last Mission. Cr. 8yo. 
7| X 4|, pp. 204, 88. 6d. Skxffinoton, Sep, 04 

Xfttorf (J. W.), PflUcker (J.)— On Spectra of 
ignited Gases and Vapours, with special regard to 
mflerent spectra of tne same elementury caseous 
substance. Beprinted from PhilosophioalTrans- 
aotions of Boyal Society on occasion of Hittorfs 
80th birthday. 1 pori, 8 pits. 4to. bds. 68. net 

A. Owen & C. June 04 

Boar (G. F.) — ^Autobiography of Seventy Tears. 
2 vols. 8vo. 2l8. net Bickxbs, Apr, 04 

Boare (B.)— Preferential Trade. Study of its 
Esoteric Meaning. 8to. Ob. net K. Paul, ^00. 04 

Bobart (H. M.)— Electric Motors. Continuous 
Current Motors and Induction Motors, their 
Theory and Construction. lUus. 8vo. 9x6|, 
pp. 468, 12s. 6d. net Wbittaxxb, tTiune 04 

Bobbes (J. O.)— Arti8t*s Life. Cr. 8vo. 7|x6i, 
pp. 140, 28. 6d. net T. W. Laubu, Oct, 04 

Bobbes (J. O.)— Herb Moon: Fantasia. 12mo. 
6i X 41, pp. 190, swd. Is. net {Collection of Popular 
Novels) Nash, Mar. 04 

Bobbes (J. O.J— Letters from a Sflent Study. 

Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4f , pp. 244, 88. Od. net 

S. Applbton, Oct. 04 
Bobbes (J. 0.>— Vineyard : Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 

4|, pp. 882, 68. Unwrt, Mar, 04 

Bobbes (T.) — Leviathan ; or, the Matter, Forme, 
and Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiastical & 
Civill. Text ed. by A. B. Waller. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6^, 
pp. 662, 4s. 6d. net {Cambridge English Classics) 

C, J. Clat, Feb, 04 

Hobbes, Stephen (Leslie, Sir) 2s. n«4 Aug, 04 

Bobbs f S.)— 160 Culinary Dainties for Epicure, 
Invalid. Dyspeptic Cr. 8vo. limp. Is. 

DxAN, Sep, 04 
Hobhouse (C. E.), Beport &e. War Comm., 6d. 

Feb. 01 

Bobbouse (L. T.)— Democracy and Beaction. 

Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 262, 68 Ukwin, Nov, 04 

Bobbouse (Mary Violet)— Speculum Anima: 
Poems [ed. W. H.] Cr. 8vo. pp. 168 (London) 
pr. pr.. Dec, 02 

Bobson (Anne)— In Old Alabama. Chronicles of 
Miss Mouse, tne Little Black Merchant. Blus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 260, Os. Bichasds, Mar, 04 

Bobson (J. A.) — Imperialism. Study. Cr. 8vo. 
8x 6|, pp. 408, 28. 6d. net Nisbxt, Sep. 04 

Bobson (J. A.) — International Trade, an Appli- 
cation of Economic Theory. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, 
pp. 214, 28. 6d. net Mxthuxn, May 04 

Bobson (J. A.) — John BuBkin, Social Beformer. 
8rd edit cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 848, 2s. 6d. net 

NxBBXT, Sep. 04 
Bobson (J. A.)— Social Problem : Life and Work 
2nd impr. cr. 8vo. 8 x 6|, pp. 808, 28. 6d. net 

N18BXT, Sep. 04 

Bobson (Mrs. Carey-)— Leila the Slave : Story of 

Cape Life. Illus. cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, pp. 160, Is. 6d. 

Bbl. Tbact Soc. May 04 
Bobson (B.)— What hath God Wrought Auto- 
biography. Intro, by F. J. Chavasse. Boy. 
8vo. 9| X 6|, pp. 870, 78. 6d E. Stock, Feb. 04 

Bobson (B. L.)— Catalogue of Collection of English 
Pottery in Departxnent of British and Medieval 
Antiquities of British Museum. 4ta 26s. net 

Fbowdb, Dec, 09* 
Hockey for Women, Thompson (E.) 2s., Is. net 


Booklngr (J.)— Coming of the King. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 6, pp. 816, 88. 6d. Wa&d & L. Aug. 04 

Booking: (J.)— Esau and St Issey. Blus. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4}, pp. 816, 88. 6d....WABD & L. Mar. 04 

Booklngr (J.)— Flame of Fire. NoveL New edit 

Bins. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 862, 8s. 6d. 

Cassxll, Sep. 04 
Booking: (S. K.)— Chapters in Democratic dhris- 

tianity. 12mo. 6| x 4^, pp. 90, Is. net; swd. 6d. 

net FmxLD, Oct. 04 

Booklngr (S. K.)— Meadowsweet and Bue. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4i, pp. 812, 6s Umwin, Sep. 04 

Booking: (S. K.)— Scarlet Clue. Blus. Cr. 8vo. 
8 X 6, pp. 440, 88. 6d. Wabnx, Aug. 04 

Booking (S. K.)— Smoking Flax. Blus. Cr. 8va 
7| X 6^, pp. 840, 8s. 6d. Pabtbidob, Mar, 04 

Booklnr (W.J.)— Characteristics of Jesus Christ 
12mo. 64 X 4}, pp. 100, 2s. 6d. 

Gabdnbb & D. Oct. 04 
Bodder (W. B.)— Daughter of the Dawn : Story 
of Maori Magic Cr. 8vo. pp. 884, 6s. 

Jabbold & S. Mar, 08 
Bodges (G.) — Fountains Abbey: Story of a 
MediBBval Monastery. 8vo. 8}x6|, pp. 160, 

10s. 6d. net J. Mubbay 

pp. lou, 
, Mar. 04 

[edges (J. A.)— How to Photograph with Boll or 
Cut Films. Blus. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4|, pp. 128, limp. 
Is. net Hazbll & W. Oct. 04 

[edges (J. A.)— Practical Enlaranng. 6th edit 
cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 142, Is. net ...Ii«otb, Apr, 04 

[edgens (J. F.)— Edwin, the Boy Outlaw; or, 
Dawn of Freedom in England. New ed. cr. 8vo. 
74 X 4|, pp. 892, 2s. Pabtbidob, Apr, 04 

[odgson (C. H)— Hints on Essay-writing. Cr. 
8va pp. 60, 8d. Bsi^rx B. Jan 08 

[odgson (Geraldine)— Teacher's Babelais. 12mo. 
H X ^ii PP* ^1 !>• not Blacxix, Nov. 04 







Bodrson (W. E.)— Trout Fishing. Frontispieoe 
and a faoaimile in ooloors of a Model Book of 
Flies, for sioream and lake, arranged aocording to 
montiis in which lures are appropriate. Cr. 8yo. 
8 X 52i pp. 898, 78. 6d. net Black, Mar. 04 

Bodrson (W. J.)— Wm. Wobbleswiok, Esq. 

Imp. 4to. m>. 79, 88. 6d. 

Bbadbuby, Aonbw Sb Co. Ltd. Nov. 02 
Boemle (A. F. B.)— Faa Bepro. of Weber MSB., 

Pt. 9, and Macartney MSB. Sei 1, with Transl. and 

Indexes. 4to. pp. 82, and 3 portf. 

(Calcutta) Bapt. Misbiom Pbbss, Dee. 09 
Hoffman (A. 8.) Stories from Shakespeare, Mid. 

Night's Dream, Tempest, Bichard II., As you 

like it, ea. Is. 6d., Is. net Sep.^ Oct., Nov. 04 

Boftnann (H.)— English Struwwelpeter. New 
edit 4to. bds. Is Qbiffith & F. JtUy 04 

Boflknanii (Prof.) — King Koko ; or Pretty 
Princess and Lucky Lover. Conjuring enter- 
tainment in form of a fairy tale. Practical in- 
structions. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 198, Is. 
net Chatto, Nov. 04 

Boftnann (Prof.)— Later Magic. Illus. 8to. 
8| X 6|, pp. 568, 7s. 6d Boutlbdoe, Mar. 04 

Bosmrtb (D. G.)— Penetration of Arabia. Beoord 
of Development of Western Knowledge concern- 
ing Arabian Peninsula. Drawings, Photographs, 
Maps. Boy. 8to. 9^ x 6|, pp. 876, 78. 6d. 

Lawbbnce & B. Mar. 04 
Hogarth, his House, Peel (Frederick W.j Is. 6d. 

Hogben (A. M.), Buapini (C.) Is Aug. 04 

Bogrr (Ethel M.)— Quintin Hoeg. Biography. 
Pref. by the Duke of Argyll. Illus. Boy. Svo. 
H ^ ^li PP* ^3^1 1^' Constable, Sep. 04 

Bogrgr (J.)— Brownie of Bodsbeck. Cr. 8yo. pp. 969, 
9s. net (BeUdrk) Jambs Lbwis, June 08 

Bogrr (J.)— Eihneny. Blus. by Mary Corbet! 
16mo. Is. net; Ithr. Is. 6d. net (Flowers of Par- 
naanu) Lane, hec. 04 

Hogg (Quintin), Hogg (E. M.) 19s. 6d. nei..,8ep. 04 

Borer (T. J.)— Shelley at Oxford. Intro, by B. A. 

Streatfield. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 949, 9s. net 

Methuen, Mar. 04 
Borre (J. M.)— Betting and Ghunbling Cr. 8yo. 

swd. 6d B. W. HuNTEB, Jan. 04 

Bolbeln (M. A.)— Everybody's Book on Training 
and Health Development. 16mo. (5d. ; leather, 
Is W. B. BusBELL, Feb. 04 

Bolbeln— Drawings. Fol. 7s. 6d. net 

Newnbb, Nov. 04 
Holbein, Fortetcue (B.) 9s. 6d- net Sep. 04 

Boloombe (C, Hon.), Broomhall (B.)—China's 
Past and Future. Britain's Sin and Folly. Cr. 
8yo. 8| X 5|, pp. 890, 98. 6d. net; swd. Is. net 

Moboan & S. Dec, 04 
Bolden (E. M.) — Songs at Dawn. 19mo. 9s. net 

FiFiBLD, Nov. 04 

Bolden (G. F.)— Lectures on the Bevelation of 

St. John the Divine. 8vo. 6s. net Bbbs, Apr. 04 

Bolden (H. W.)— Unity of the Spirit : its Seven 

Articles. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 88, 9b. 

Skbtfinoton, July 04 
Boldlob (T. H., Sir)— Countries of the King's 

Award. Illus. 8vo. 8| x 6|, pp. 486, 16s. net 

HUBBT & B. Oct 04 
Boldloli (T. H., Sir)— India. Maps, Diagrams. 

Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6, pp. 888, 7s. 6d. net [BeUgtont of 

World) Fbowde, Nov. 04 

Holding the Hopes, Brain (B. M.) 4s Oct. 04 

[oldswortli (Annie E.) —Garden of Spinsters. 

Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 998^8. 

W. ScoTT, July 04 
[ole (W. G.)— Queen Elisabeth. Historical Drama 

'n 4 Acts. 19mo. 9b. 6d. net Bell, Oct. 04 

Hole m the Wall, Morrison (A.) 6d J^pr. 04 

Hole and Comer Marriage, Warden (F.) 6d. Mar. 04 
Holiday in Japan, Waters (T. J.) 8s. net ...Nov. 04 
Holiday Besorts, Quiet, Is. net July 04 

BoUdftys (The), 1904— Where to Stay and What 
to See: collection of Farmhouse, Seaside, and 
Country Lodging Lists. ' 8vo. Is. 

W. Hnji, July 04 
Bollnees by Faith. Manual of Keswick Teach- 
ing. By various Authors. Cr. 8vo. Is. 

B.T.B. June 04 
Holladay Case, Stevenson (Burton E.) 8s. 6d. 

Mar. 04 

BoUand (C.) — Japanese Bomanoe. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 

4^, pp. 888, 6s HoDDBB & S. Ocl. 04 

BoUand (C.) — Musum4 ; Story of an Anglo- 
Japanese Marriage. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Peabbon, Mar. 04 

BoUand (F. C.)— Cricket. 89 Dins. 19mo. 6i x 4|, 
pp. 194, Is. {All-Bngland Series) BmhL, May 04 

Holland, Black (C. B., 98. 6d May 04 

Holland, Jungman (Nioo, B.) 90s. net ......Aug. 04 

BoUis (Gertrude)— A Slave of the Saracen. Tale 
of Seventh Crusade. Cr. 8vo. 7|x5, pp. 979, 
9s. 6d Nelson, Oct. 04 

Bollis (Gertrude) — King who was Never Crowned. 

nius. Cr. 8vo. 11 X 6,pp, 916, 9s. 8.P.C J[. Oct. 04 

Holme (C), Daumier and Gavarini, 7s. 6d. Nov. 04 

Bolmes (B.) — Surgery of the Head. Cr. 8vo. 19a. 
net {Surgical Emerg.) S. Appleton June 04 

Bolmes (D. T.) — Greek Lyrics transL into English 

Measures. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. net 

B. B. Johnson, June 04 
Bolmes (F. M.) — Winning his Laurels : The Boys 

of St. Baglan's. Cr. 8vo. 7) x 4}, pp. 964, is. 6d. 

{Schoolboys' Series) Nibbbt, Sep. 04 

Bolmes (O.W.)— Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 
Intro, by Gilbert K. Chesterton. 19mo. 6^ x 4, 

5 p. 898, Is. 6d. net; Ithr. 9s. 6d. net {Bed Letter 
tibrary) Blacxib, Jan. 04 

Holmes (O. W.)— Autocrat of the Breakfast 
Table. Every Man his own'Boswell. 18mo. 
6ix8|, pp. 970, Ithr. 9s. net; Is. net ( TTorl^Tt 
Classics) G. Biohabdb, July 04 

Bolmes (O. W.) — Autocrat of the Breakfast 
Table. Ulus. by J. G. Thomson. Fine Paper 
edit. 19mo. 6| x 4i, pp. 849, 98. net ; Ithr. 8e. net 

Chatto, Nov. 04 
Bolmes (O. W.)— Poems. 18mo. 5| x 8^, pp. 884, 
Is. ; Ithr. 9s. net {Pocket Library) 

Boutlbdoe, May 04 
Holmes (O. W.) Witty and Wise Birthday Bk. is. 


Holmes (B. S.) — History of Yorkshire County 

Cricket, 1888-1908, Intro, by Lord Hawke. 8vo. 

58. net Constable, Mar. 04 

Bolmes (W.)— Aboriginal Pottery of Eastern 
United States (90th Annual Beport Bureau of 
American Ethnology). 177 Plates. Imp. 8vo. 
9l8. net W. Wesley, July 04 

Holmested (G. S.) Forms and Precedents, 64s. 

Mar. 04 

Bolms (A. C.)— Practical Ship Building : Treatise 
on Structural Design and Building of Modem 
Steel Vessels. Work of Construction, from making 
of Baw Material to Equipped Vessel, incl. subse- 
quent Up-keep and Bepairs. Atlas, Plates. 8vo. 
48s. net Lonomanb, Mar. 04 

Bolt (A.)— Dress Outfits for Abroad. 19mo. 

6i X 4i, pp. 96, 9s. net ; swd. Is. net ( Wallet Series). 

E. Abnold, Oct. 04 
Bolt (Florence)— Health and Happiness. Cr. 8vo. 

74 X 4|, pp. 96, 9s Nibbbt, May 04 

Bolt (L. E.) — Care and Feeding of Children: 
Catechism for Mothers and Children's Nurses. 
Introd. by Eric Pritchard. 8rd ed. enl. 16mo. 
H X 4i> PP* 16^t ^- ^^^ 3* Appleton, May 04 




Jiottmmttiui (O.) — Life of JeBoa. Trand. by 
J. T. Bealby and Maurice A. Canney. Boy. 8yo. 
d^x 6f, pp 566, 16b. net Black, ilw* 04 

Hofy Communion, Sions fDarwell) 6b Ftib» 04 

Holy Soriptnre and Crit^i2y20iHrDt.E^wd.) 4b. 6d. 

Oct, 04 

Holy War, Bumyan^ Is. 6d. net ^ov. 04 

JlolyoAlLe (G. J.) — Pnblio Speaking and Debate. 
Pop. ed. or. 8yo. swd. Is. net Unwim, Jan. 04 

Some (A.)— By a Schoolboy's Hand. Cr. 8yo. 
7|x6, pp. 810, 8s. 6d Blagk, Nov. 04 

Jlome (Alice Jane)— Sibyl Garth, or Who teaoheth 
like Him ? Illas. Cr. 8yo. 8 x 6^, pp. 260, Ss. 

Rkl. Tbact Soc. Nov. 04 

XoBM (G.)~Oxted, Limpafield, and Edenbridge. 
Cr. 8Ta Is. net ; swd. 6d. net {Hottteiand Hand' 
books) HoMEi^AMD Assoo. June 04 

Jlome (G.)— -Yorkshire Coast and Moorland 
Scenes, Fainted and described. Roy. 8yo. 
9^ X 6}, pp. 168, 7b. 6d. net Black, Apr. 04 

Bome (M.)— A Daughter of the People. Illus. 
Cr. 8to. 7t X 6, pp. 818, 6b. ... Ward & L. Apr. 04 

Home, Oilman (C. P.) 6b. net Mar. 04 

Home Beautiful, Wedded L., MUler (J. D.) 10s. 6d. 

Home Def., Princ, PrompttUf 2s. 6d. net... if ay 04 
Home Fetters, Jackbema (Baymond) fis. ...Oct. 04 

HomA, Harry Fumiat at, lOs. net June 04 

Home is Beut, SouUby (S. S.) 'is.. Is. net ...Dec. 04 

Bome Management. Edit, by Isobel. lUus. 
8to. 8| X 6i, pp. 1040, lOs. 6d. ...Peabson, Sep. 04 

Borne Messenger. VoL 18. 4to. 28. 

H. Mabshall, Dec. 04 
Bome of To-day (The British)— Book of Modern 
Domestic Architecture and Applied Arts. Edit, 
by W. Shaw Sparrow. Folio, Imip, 68. net 

HoDDEB & S. June 04 
Home Sub., Essays, Bute (Marquis of; 7s. 6d. 

Home Sunshine, Bell (C. D.) Is Sep. 04 

Bome Words for Heart and Hearth. Vol. 1904. 
Boy. 8to. 2s Office, Nov. 04 

Bome and Abroad Readers. Book 1, lOd. ; Book 

2, Is. ; Book 8, Is. 8d. 12mo. £. Arnold, May 04 

Bomer — Iliads. TransL according to the Greek 

by George Chapman. 12mo. 6|x8|, pp. 782, 

8s. net ; Ithr. 8s. 6d. net {Thin Paper Claence) 

Newnes, Dec. 04 
Bomer — Odysseys. Done according to the Greek 
by George Chapman. 12mo. 6| x 8|, pp. 698, 8b. 
net; Ithr. 8b. 6d. net {Thin Paper CUusice) 

Newnes, Dec. 04 
Bomer— The Boy's Iliad. By W. C. Perry. Illus. 
Jaoomb Hood. Cr. 8to. pp. 422, 6» 

Macmillan, Nov. 02 
Homes for Country, Brigga (R. A.) lOs. 6d. net 

if ay 04 
HomcBopathic Treatm., Buddock (E. H.) 88. 6d. 

F06. 04 

Honey Bee, Cowan (T. W.) 2s. 6d. net Feb. 04 

Bonorlft*s Patchwork. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7^x6, 

pp. 810, 6s. Chapman & H. Sep. 04 

Honour or Desire, Kennard (C.) 6b Apr. 04 

Hon. BiU, Bu88ell (Fox) 6b Ju/ne 04 

Bood (A. N.) — Adria, Tale of Venice. 8to. 
8^ X 6|, pp. 464, 10s. 6d. net... J. MuBRAT,ilpr. 04 

Booley Book. Amaieing Financier, his Career 
and his * Crowd.' Illus. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

Dicks, Dec. 04 
Hooligans, to Win, SteUle (C.) Is. 6d. net.../u^ 04 

Booper (C. L.)— Gee-boy. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4^, pp. 272, 
8b. 6d. net Lane, Oct. 04 

Booper (T.) — God's Greatest Gift : Sermons. Cr. 

8to. 2s. 6d. net Stockwsll, Jan. 04 

Bope (A.)— Double Harness. Novel. Cr. 8yo. 

7|x4|, pp. 896, 6s Hdtchinson, ^Ik^. 04 

Bope (A.) — Indiscretion of the Duchess. 8to. 
swd. ad Arbowbmith, Aug. 04 



Bope (A.) — ^Phroso. 8to. swd. 6d. 

Mbthusn, June 04 

Bope (A. R.) — Stories. Illus. in colour by Dorothy 
Fumiss. New edit. cr. 8vo. 7^x4i, pp. 462, 
8s. 6d Black, Abv. 04 

Bope (G.)— Gage of Red and White: Novel. Cr. 
8vo. 7| X 4jl, pp. 882, 6s Shith & E. Mar* 04 

Bope (Noel)— Don*t-Enow Family: a Story for 
Everybody. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 162, Is. 6d. 

J. Hooo, Jan. 04 
Bope (W. H. St. J.)— Abbey of St. Mary in Fumess, 
Lancashire. 18 steel Engravings, 12 CoUotjrpes, 
Plans, 1 in 10 colours, ^y. 4to jpp. 82, 258. 

(Kendal) T. Wilson, Dee. 02 

Hope, Horton (Rbt. F.)8d Apr. 04 

Hope Loring, BeU (L.) 6s Nov. 04 

Hope Reed's Windows, Benntng (Howe) Is. May 04 

Bope (The Common)— Firstfruits of Ministerial 
Experience in Thoiu^ht and Life. Ed. by Roe- 
lyn Bruce. Intro, by the Bishop of Stepney. 
Cr. 8vo. 8 X 6|, pp. 224, 8s. 6d. net 

LoNOM ANS, Mar» 04 

Hope's Tryst, Marchant (B.) 8s. 6d Oct. 04 

Bopklns (E.) — The Power of Womanhood; or. 
Mothers and Sons. A Book for Parents and 
those * in loco parentis.' 11th ed. cr. 8vo. 
74 X 4|, pp. 200, 8s. 6d Gabdneb,D. Apr. 04 

Bormoe. Vol. 1. Odes, Carmen Saeculare, Epodes. 
Commentary by E. C. Wickham. Cr. 8vo. 6s. 

Fbowdb, Nov. 04 
Horace Exam., Weatherhead (T. C; 2s. June 04 

Borace— Odes. Transl., collected, and arranged 
by M. Jourdain. 12mo. 6^ x 8|, pp. 208, Is. 6d. 
net; leather, 2s. net (Temple Ouueiea) 

Dent, Feb. 04 

Boraoe — Odes. Trans, by Several Hands. 16mo. 
Bwd.Qd.{Broadway Booklet8)lU)VTLmDQittDec. 04 

Horace on Links, BilUon (C.) Is June 04 

Boraoe— Satires d^c, Latin Text. 82mo. Ithr. 

2b. 6d. net {Pocket Book Olaaaice) Bell, Nov. 04 
HorsB Amoris, Newmarch (R.) Ss. 6d. net ...Dee. 02 

HorsB Biblic«e, Oarr (Art.) 6b Jan. 04 

Hone SemiticflB, No. 8, Acta Myth. Apostol., 128. 6d. 

net; No. 4, 68. net June 04 

Border (W. G.)— Newly Found Words of Jesus. 

Cr. 8vo. 7 X 4i, pp. 184, 2s. net 

S. C. Bbown, Dec.OA 
Bore (P. H.)— History of the Town and County of 

Wexford. 4to. 40s. net E. Stock, June 04 

Horizontal Bar, Tricks, Dimmock (Art.) Is. nt. /an.04 

Bomaday (W. T.) — American Natural History. 
227 Drawings by Beard, Rungins, Sawyer. 116 
Photog. Roy. 8vo. 10 x 7, pp. 472 (N. York) 22s. 04 

Bomaday (W. T.)— American Natural History. 
Foundation of Useful Knowledge of Higher 
Animals of North America. Illas. Roy. 8vo. 
9£ X 7, pp. 476, 2l8. net. Newnes, Sep. 04 

Bome (A. C. J.)— Prophets : Forty Outline 
Lessons for Bible Classes. 12mo. limp. Is. 6d. 

C.S.S.I. Dec. 04 

Bome (C. S.) — All Things are Yours. Cr. 8vo. 
74 X 4j, pp. 218, 8s. 6d IsBisTEB, Dec. 04 

Bome (C. S.) — Christ and Conscience : Sermons. 
Cr. 8vo. 8wd. Is. Stockwell, Jan. 04 

Bome (C. S.) — Common-Sense Christianity. 
Some Christian Evidences for the Man in the 
Street. 12mo. 6^ x 4^, pp. 128, Ithr. Is. 6d. net 
{Freedom of Faith Series) ...J. Clabxe, Oct. 04 

Borne (C. S.) — Popular History of Free Churches. 
Illus. Pop. edit. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 462, 28. 6d. 
net J. Clabke, Oc^. 04 

Bome (H. H. } — Philosophy of Education. Cr. 8vo. 

78. 6d. nei Macmillan, Apr. 04 

Home (H. P.) &c., Nero and other Plays, 2s *" 

88. 6d. net.. Afar 







Borne (J.>— Starling Points for Speaken, 
Preaohert, Writers, and other Thinkers. Sen- 
iences sifted from Authors of To-day and Yester- 
day. Cr. 8yo. 7| X i|, pp. 160, 2s. 6d. net 

OUPBANT, A^. 04 

Bonier (D. W.) — Fireside Astronomv. Efimply 
worded treatise suitable for general reader on 
some little known and often misunderstood 
facts. ISmo. swd. Is. 6d. net Withebby, Oct, 04 

Bomer (G.)---Statutes of the Apostles, or Canones 
Eoclesiastici. Edit with transl. and collation 
from Ethiopic and Arabio Manuscripts; also 
transL of Saidio and collation of Bohairio Ver- 
sions; and Saidio Fragments. 8yo. 8| x 6}, pp. 
620, 188. net WiLLiAifB & N. Dec, 04 

Bonier (B.) — Teaching of Modem Languages in 
Schools and Colleges ; adapted from the French 
by D. T. Holmes. Cr. 8vo. pp. 96, 2s. net 

(Paisley) A. Ga&dmeb, Dee. 08 
Bonier (Susan)— Greek Vases. Historical and 
Descriptive; brief notices of Vases in Louvre 
Museum. Selection from Vases in British Mu- 
seum ; pref. note by Dr. A. S! Murray. Ch. ed. 
cr. 8vo. 71 X 4|, pp. 192, limp, Is. 6d. 

SoNNXMSCHXiK, Jan. 04 
Bomlbrook (J. L.)— Children of the Priory. 
Blus. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 128, Is. 

Pabtbidoe, Sep. 04 
Boroimen (Boy) — - Bellsmy the Magnificent. 
Extrayagansa. Cr. 8to. 7| x 4|, pp. 884, 68. 

Chatto, Nov. 04 
Homsey, Story of, Sherington (B.) 2s. 6d. net 

Dec. 04 

BomoBC (E. W.)^A Bride from the Bush. 8yo. 

swd. 6d. Newmeb, Sep. 04 

Borabnrgrli (E. L. S.)— Great Britain and her 
American Colonies. Cr. 8yo. 2s. net 

Finch, Dec. 04 
Boraburrli (J- H.)— Do not say. Enl. ed. cr. 

8vo. pp. 110, 8d Mabshall Bbos. Apr. 08 

Horse, Jpoints of, Hayea (M. Horace) 84s. ...Jan. 04 
Horse, Bacing, U.S., Buebey (H.) 8s. 6d. nt. Aug. 04 
Horse-shoeing, Lungwitz (A.) 7s. 6d. net ...Dec. 04 

Horse, to Manage a, by E. L. T., Is Dee. 04 

Horses, Carter (A.F. and Chs.) Is. 6d. net; Is. net 

Aug. 04 

Horses, Hints, Oonne (C. M.) 6s. net Dec. 04 

Horses, sound, uns., Barton (Fmk. Townend) 6s. 

net : Feb. 04 

Horses, Taming, Barey (J. 8.) 2s Mar. 04 

Borsfiall (T. C.)~ImproTement of Dwellings and 
Surroundings of the People : Example of Ger- 
many. Boy. 8yo. swd. Is. net Shebbatt, May 04 

Bortli (A. C.)*-Educational Woodwork. Text- 
book for Instructors and Students in Elementary 
and Secondary Schools. 200 Illus. Cr. 8vo. 
74 X 4|, pp. 168, 8s. 6d. net P. Mabbhall, Jan. 04 

Borton (B. F.)— Bible a Missionary Book. Cr. 
8yo. 71 X 4|, pp. 192, 2s. 6d. net Oliphant, Sep. 04 

Borton (R F.)— Hope. Cr. 8vo. swd. 8d. 

SiMPKiN, Apr. 04 
Borton (B. F.)— Open Secret : Manual of Devo- 
iion. Book for times; guide to practice of 
Prayer. 12mo. 7 x 4§, pp. 288, 28. 6d. net 

T. Law, Sep. 04 

Borton (B. F.)— St John : a Poem. Cr. 8to. 7i x 6^, 

pp. 48, Is. net Dent, Apr. 04 

Bose Pressure Tables, showing loss due to friction. 

8vo. pp. 82, 6d .Shand & Mason, 04 

Hosea, Waller (Cha. H.) Is. net July 04 

Hospital Service Bk., Baxter (C. P.) 2s. Dec. 02 

Hospitals, Charities, Burdett (Sir Hy.) 6s. net 

Mar. 04 

Bossfeld's Conjugation of Begular and Irregular 

Dutch Verbs. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net {Hotafeld'e 

Educational Series) Hibbchfeld Bbos. Sep. 04 

Bossfeld*s Conjugation of Begular and Irregular 
French Verbs. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net (Ho8$feld'a 
Educational Series) Hibbchfeld Bbob. Sep. 04 

Boesfbld's Conjugation of Begular and Lrregolar 
German Verbs. Cr. 8va swd. 6d. net (Houfeld^B 
Educational Series) Hibbchfeld Bbob. Sep. 04 

Bossfbld's Conjugation of Begular and Irregular 
Italian Verbs. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net (Hossfeld^B 
Educational Series) Hibbchfeld Bbob. Sep. 04 

Boesfbld's Conjugation of Begular and Irre- 
gular Portuguese Verbs. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. nei 
{Hossfeld^s Educational Series) 

Hibbchfeld Bbob. Sep. 04 

Bossfeld's Conjugation of Begular and Irregular 
Spanish Verbs. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net {HossfeUTM 
Educational Series) Hibbchfeld Bbob. Sep. 04 

Boesfeld'e Dutch Dialogues and Idiomaiie 
Phrases indispensable for rapid acquisition and 
correct expression of Dutch Language. New 
edit. rev. by J. M. Schnitsler. 16mo. Is. (Hosa- 
feld*s Pocket ManutUs) 

Hibbchfeld Bbob. ^lu^. 04 
Boeefeld*e French Prose Header. By A. P. 
Huguenet. New ed. 18mo. 2s. 

Hibbchfeld Bbob. Oct. 04 

Soeeieid'e Italian and English Dictionary. 
Comp. by J. E. Wesseley. 18mo. limp. Is. 6d. 

Hibbchfeld Bbob. Sep. 04 
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Sep. 04 
Boeefeld*e Vest Pocket Latin-Enslish and 
English-Latin Dictionary. Comp. by L. B. 
Vaughan. 18mo. limp. Is. 6d. 

Hibbchfeld, Sep. 04 
Hosto of the Lord, Steel (F. A.) 2s. Feb. 04 

Bonleton's Pocket Map of the Beaufort Hunt* 
In case, 2s. Od Houlbton, Feb. 04 

Hound from the North, CuUum (BidgweU) 6s. 


Boar Glass (The). January to June, 1904. 8va. 
2s. 8d Office, Av^. 04 

* Hour-Glass,' *Cathleen,' &c.\ Plays, Yeats (W.) 
88. 6d. net Mar. 04 

Hour and the Man, Martineau (H.) 2s. Apr. 04 

Bonee Annual, 1904. Boy. 8vo. swd. 6s. net 

Gale & P. Dec. 04 
House by Chchyd., Fanu (J. Sheridan le) 8s. 6d. 

Aug. 04 

House, Garden, Field, Miall (L. C.) 6s. Oct. 04 

House of Bondage, Worboise (E. J.) 2s., 2s. 6d. 

Apr. OA 
Bonee of Commons — Days occupied by Govern- 
ment and by Private Members with reference to 
Session 1904, l^d. [804] Etbe & S. Oct. 04 

Bonee of Commons Standing Orders, 1904, relative 

to Public and Private Business, with Table of 

Fees and Index. Is. 4d. [8681 Eybe & S. Oct. 04 

House of Fulf., Martin (Geo. Madden) 6s... ^ov. 04 

House of Halliwell, Wood (Mrs. H.) 6d. Oct. 04 

House of Life, Bossetti^ illus. Traquair, 81s. 6d. 

Mar. 04 

Bonee of Lords, 1004. Standing Orders relative 

to Private Bills, with Schedule of Fees, and 

Index. Is. [187] Eybe & S. Nov. 04 

Bonee of Quiet (The). Autobiography. Ed. by J. T. 

8vo. 8^ X 6|, pp. 260, 8s. nt. ...J. Mubbat, Feb. 04 

House on Hill, Boylesve (Ben€) 6s Oct. 04 

House Property, Tarbuck (Edwd. Lance) 6s. May 04 
Household Accounts, Buckle^ 1, 2, 2s. net.. .May 04 
Household Accounts, Buckle's Syst., 8, Is. nt Feb. 04 
Household Angel, Leslie (Mrs. M.) Is. M....May 04 

Household Hints^ Is. Jan. 04 

Household of Sir Ths. More^ 8s. 6d Feb. 04 

Household Work, Butterworth (A.) Is. net Feb. 04 
Householder's Treasure, Bourdillont Is. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 
Housekeeper's Acct. Bk., Osborne's^ Is. 6d. Dec. 04 
Houses for Working Classes, Oranfield (Sidney 

White), Potter (Hy. Ingle) 21s. net Oct. 04 

Housewife's What's What, Davies (M.) 6s. net 

June 01 






onsiBir of the Working ClaBses &o.— Bill to 
•mend the Law relating to, to amend the Law of 
Bating, and to establish Fair Bent Courts, Id. 

Etbe & S. Mar. 04 

mnan (A. E.) — ^A Shropshire Lad. 18mo. 

^^t PP« l^^i ^' ^^^i Ithr. Is. net (Smaller 

) BXCHABDB, /ttZy 04 

(L.) — ^Blne Moon. Cr. 8to. 7|x6, 
pp. 818, 6s J. MuBBAY, Nov.OA 

imxk (L.)— Sabrina Warham : Story of her 

Yonth. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 462, 6s. 

J. MuBBAT, Sep. 04 
Jiow (F. D.)— Six Qreat Sohoolmasters : Hawtrey, 
Moberly, kennedy, Vaughan, Temple, Bradley 
mas. 8vo. 9 X 6|, pp. 999, 7s. 6d. 

Mbthubn, Oct, 04 
How Gertmde Teaches, PestaloMMt (Johann H.) 8s. 

June 04 
How I found LiTingstone, Stanley (H. M.) 6s. 

How I killed the Tiger, Sheffield (F.) pr. .,.Dec* 08 
How John Dale let his Light Shine, France (M.) 

Is Atig. 04 

How Sandy learned the Creed, Beade (F.) Is. 

Oct. 04 

How Success is Won, Maafadden (Bernard) 4s. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

ir to be Happy thongh Married : Handbook to 
Marriage. 8to. swd. 6cL Umwin, May 04 

to be Happy though Married. Handbook to 
Marriage by a Graduate in University of Matri- 
mony. 83rd thou. ISmo. 6| x 4|2pp. S88, Is. nt. 

UNWIN, July 04 

How to Collect Old Furniture, Litchfield (Fredc.) 

6s. net Sep. 04 

Jloir to Deal with your Taxes (Income Tax, Land 
Tax, and Inhabited House Duty). By an Expert 
in Tax Law. Cr. 8to. 7| x 41, pp. 146, 8s. 6d. 
('Hbi0 to* Ser.) Kichabdb, Mar. 04 

How to get Speed in Shorthand, Pitman (F.) 6d. nt. 


Sow to Grow our own Wheat instead of the 
Foreigner Growing it. By a Tenant Farmer. 
Letteifs reprinted from ' Birmingham Daily Post.' 
8to. swd. Simpxin, Aug, 04 

How to keep House on £200, Praga (Mrs.) 2s. 6d. 

Oct. 04 

How to keep Well, Crandall (F. M.) 6s. ...Jan, 04 

Sow to manage Capital invested in Stock Exchange 

Securities. 12mo. swd. 6d. 

Invbbtmxnt Beoibtby, ItTov. 04 
Jloir to Win at Bridge. Popular and Practical 

Guide to the Game. By Cut Cavendish. ]6mo. 

bds. pp. 110, Is L. U. Gill, Apr, 04 

Jiow to Write for the Press. Practical Handbook 
for Beginners in Journalism. By an Editor. 
Bev. edit. cr. 8vo. limp, la H. Cox, Aug. 04 

How Tyson came Home, lUdeing (Wm. H.) 6s. 


How we Becovered the Ashes, Warner (P. F.) 
10s. 6d. net May 04 

Soir and Where to Fish in Ireland. Hand-Guide 
for Anglers. By ' Hi-Began.' 6th edit. cr. 8vo. 
7^x41, pp. 102, 88. 6d Low, Oct. 04 

Bowmrd (G. E.)— Hist, of Matrimonial Institutions, 
chiefly in Engl, and U.S. Anal, of Lit. and 
Theories of ramitive Marriage. 8 vols. 8vo. 
pp. 1600 (Chicago; 60s May 04 

Jtoward (G. E.) — History of Matrimonial Institu- 
tioni. 8 vols. 8vo. 42s. net Unwin, Aug. 04 

Howard (J. B.), Beecher (H. W.j, Treasury, lllus. 
lis. net ,Sep. 04 

Sowmrd (K.)— The God in the Garden. August 
Comedy. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 846, 6s. 

Chapman & H. June 04 

Jlowmrd (L. 0.)-~Insect Book. N. Amer. Bees, 

Wasps, Aiits, Flies &c., exd. of Butterflies, Moths, 

Beetles. Bibliog. 48 coloured Plates, 264 lllus. 

Cr. 4to. ppw 456, 16s. net 

HuTCHiNBON & C, Aug. 02 

rd (Mrs. F.)— Wild Flowers. 4to. 2s. 6d. 

W. Scott, Sep. 04 

Boward (N.)-~Savonarola : a City's Tragedy. 

4to. 7| X 5^, pp. 148, 4s. 6d. net ...Dbnt, Jan. 04 

Bowartli (K. E.)— From Prison to Throne; 
Story of Joseph. 2nd edit. cr. 8vo. 7^x41, 
pp. 222, 2s. Baobteb, Mar. 04 

Bowe (Maud)— Boma Beata : Letters from the 
Eternal City. lUus. from drawings by John 
Elliot, and from photographs. La. p. 8vo. 8^ x 6, 
pp. 270, 10s. 6d. net (Boston : Little <fe B.) 

liOWtNov. 04 

Bowe (Maud), Hall (Florence Howe)— Laura 
Bridgman, Dr. Howe's famous Pupil, and what he 
taught her. Cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 408, 7s. 6d. 

liODDEB & S. Feb. 04 

Bowe (M. A.) — Design of simple Boof Trusses in 
Wood and SteeL Cr. 8vo. pp. 188 (New York) 
9s. 6d Dec, 09 

Bowe (W. F.)— Classified Directory to Metro- 
politan Charities for 1904. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. 

LoNOM AN8, Feb, 04 
Bowells (W. D.)— Son of Boyal Langbrith. 
Novel. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6^, pp. 874, 6s. 

Habpeb, Nov, 04 
Bowltt (A. W.)— Native Tribes of South-Easl 
Australia. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. 886, 21s. net 

Macmillam, Nov. 04 

Bowortli (C. E.)— War, and other Poems. Cr. 8vo. 

8s. 6d. net Skxtfuioton, Nov, 04 

Beyer (Maria A.)— Friend of little Children: 
short Life of Christ. Ulus. by J. Lawson. 4to. 
pp. 62, 8s. 6d. Nelson, Mar. 02 

Boyer (Maria A.)— Little Girl who did not like 
her Nose. Ulus. 16mo. pp. 64, 6d. 

Nibtbb, Mar, 08 

Bosnini (N.V— New Japanese Civil Code aa 
Material for Study of Comparative Jurisprudence 
(read at St. Louis Exposition, U.S.) Dec, 04 

Hubbard (E.) Little Journeys, Philos., ea. 6s. net 


Bubert (P. G.)— Liberty and a Living. Becord of 
an attempt to secure Bread and Butter, Sun- 
shine and Content, by Gardening, Fishing, and 
Hunting. 2nd ed. New pref. Cr. 8vo. 7|x6, 
pp. 260, Putnam, Mar. 04 

Bndfon (B.) — Memorials of a Warwickshire 
Parish. Papers mainly Descriptive of Becords 
and Begisters of Parish of Lapworth. 8vo. 16s. 
net MXTHUEN, Dec. 04 

Budson (T. J.)— Evolution of the Soul, and other 
Essays. Portr., biographical sketch. Cr. 8vo. 
8x6, pp. 858, 68. Putnam, Apr. 04 

Budson (T. J.) — Law of Psychic Phenomena. 

Working Hypothesis for Systematic Study of 

Hvpnotism, Spiritism, Mental Therapeutics &o. 

9th Impr. 8vo. 8^ x 5^, pp. 410, 6s. 

Putnam, Oct. 04 
Bndsoii (W. H.) — Green Mansions : Bomanoe of 

Tropical Forest. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4ji, pp. 820, 68. 

Duckwobth, Feb. 04 
Bndeen (W. H.)— Intro, to Philosophy of Herbert 

Spencer. 8vo. swd. 6d. Watts, Sep, 04 

Budson (W. H.) — ^Purple Land. Narrative of 
one Bichard Lamb's Adventures in the Banda 
Oriental, in South America. Cr. 8vo. 7|x4|i, 

pp. 864, 68 DUCKWOBTH, Oct, 04 

Hudson Bay, Ballantyne (B. M.) Is July 04 

Bueffer (F. M.) — Face of the Night. Second 
Series of Poems for Pictures. Cr. 8vo. 7x8|, 
pp. 108, 88. 6d. net Macqueen, Apr. 04 

Bugessen (E. H. Knatchbull-) — Ferdinand's 
Adventure, and other Stories. New ed. cr. 8vo. 
7i X 4|, pp. 884, 2s. 6d Boutledoe, Jan. 04 

Bugessen (E. H.Enatchbull-) — Mountain-Sprite's 
Kingdom and other Stories. Ulus. New ed. 
cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 880, 2s. 6d. 

Boutledoe, Feb, 04 






Bur^Men (E. H. E.-)— Stories for my ChOdren. 
niuB. new ed. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 882, 2b. 6d. 

BouTLEDOBi Jan. 04 

Jlurlies (H. P.)— Life. By his Daughter. Photo- 
gravare portrait. Boy. 8to. 9^ x sj, pp. 692, 128. 

HoDDXB h S. D0O. 04 

Surlies (H. W.)— Text-Book of Coal-Mining for 
ooUiery managers and others. 6th ed. Enl. and 
in part re-written. Boy. Svo. 9^x6^, dd. 680, 
248. net Gkdtfin, Afar. 04 

Hughes (Mary V.) King of Kings, Ss. 6d. net. Oei, 04 

Bmglies (Mrs.) (of Ufi&ngton) —Letters and Be- 
collections of Sir Walter Soott. Edit, by Hor*oe 
G. Hutch-nson. Portraits, fao. 8vo. 8^x6^, 
pp. 846, 10s. 6d. net Smith Sl E. l^ov. 04 

Hvflies (B. E.) — Democratic Ideal in Education. 

Cr. 8yo. 7| x 4it, pp. 70, Is. net 

Chableb & DiBLE, Jan, 04 
Suglies (S.) — Gkksworks, Construction and 

Anrangement ; Manufacture and Distribution of 

Goal Gas. 9th ed. rev., with notices of recent 

improvements. 12mo. 6|x4^, pp. 428, 6s. 

{Wear's ScienHfic and Technical Series) 

LocKwooD, May 04 
JfOflies (S. C.) — Pre- Victorian Drama in Dublin. 

12mo. 64 X 4, pp. 190, 2s. net 

HoDOEB & F. Nov. 04 
Hvfflies (T.)— Tom Brown's Schooldays. 8 Illus. 

12mo. 6^ X 4, pp. 428, Is. net ; leather, 2s. and 8s. 

net {Handy Pocket Novels) W. Collins, Feb. 04 

BmcrUM (W.)— Elem. Class Book of Physical 
GiBOgraphy. Bev. edit, by B. A. Gregory. 66 Ulus. 

Cr. 8vo. Is. 6d.., G. Philip, Aug. 04 

Hughes (W.) Philips* CI. Atlas, 88. 6d., 2s. 6d. 

Nov. 04 
Bugrlies — Items of General Information, 2s. 6d. net 

Grant, June 04 

Buro (V.)— Bug-Jargal. Edit, by Louis Sers. 

Cr. 8vo. 7^x6, pp. 162, 2s. {Oxford Modem 

French Series) Frowde, Sep. 04 

BiMTO (V.y— Les Burgraves. Edit, by H. W. Eve. 
limo. 6| X 44, pp. 208, 2b. 6d. (Pitt Press Series) 

C. J. Clay, June 04 
Bure (V.)— Ninety-Three. Svo. swd. 6d. 

Boutledoe, May 04 

Hugo (v.). Buy Bias, A Queen's Bomance, 8s. 6d. 

net Feb. 04 

BiMpo (Y.) —Story of tlie Candlesticks. 18mo. bds. 
28. 6d. net ( Wayside Series) ...Gat & B. Oct. 04 

ro (V. M.)— Lyric Poems. Ed. by P. C. Yorke. 
Fcap. 8vo. pp. 40, 4s. {Little French Cl-assics) 

Blackie, Dec. 02 

Huguenet (A. P.). Hossf eld's French Prose Beader, 

28 Oct. 04 

Bulili (M. B.)— British Water-Colour Art. In 
first year of the reign of King Edward YII. and 
during century covered by life of the Boyal 
Society of Painters iu Water Colours. Illus. by 
oollecUon of drawings dedicated by that Society 
to their Majesties ue King and Queen at their 
Coronation. 8vo. x 6|, pp. 284, 20s. net ; ditto 
large paper edit. 42s. net Black, Sep. 04 

Hulk of the Hidden Blood, Pinkerton (T.j 6d. 

^j>r. 04 

Bull (Eleanor)— Pagan Ireland. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4^, 
pp. 242, 8s. 6d. net {Epochs of Irish History) 

Nutt, July 04 

Bulme (F. E.)--Butterfiies and Moths of the 
Country Side. Figured and Described. 85 coloured 
plates by Author. Imp. Svo. 10^ x 7^, pp. 820, 
red. to 89. 6d. net Hutchinson, Dec. 04 

Human Body, Landmarks, Bawling (Tjewis Bathe) 
68. net Nov. 04 

Human Badiations N Bays, BomiUy (Edw.) Is. 

Oct. 04 

Buman and Animal Tuberculosis, Boyal Commis- 
sion on — Interim Beport, Id. [2092] 

Eyre & S. June 04 

Bumane Slaughtering of Animals— Beport of 
Committee appointed by Admiralty. Appendix. 
Plans. Is. 8d. [2150] ; Minutes of Evidence. 
Plan. 9d. [2161J Eybe <fe S. ilu^. 04 

Httmanity and Gk>d, Chadwiok (Sml.) 68. ...Dee, 04 

Bame (F.)— Claude Dnval of Ninety-Five: a 
Bomance of the Boad. Svo. swd. 6d. 

DiOBT & L. Apr. 04 

Bnme (E.)— David Livingstone. Cr. Svo. 28. 
{Endeavour Library) S.S.U. Nov. 04 

le (F.)— Devil Stick. Svo. Bwd. 6d 

Maclasbn, May 04 
(F.) — Fever of Life. Svo. Bwd. 6d. 

Wa&d ii L. Nov. 04 
Enme (F.)~Golden Wang-Ho. Svo. Bwd. 6d. 

Long, May 04 
(F.) — Indian Bangle. Svo. swd. 6d. 

Ward & L. Sep. 04 
(F.)— Lonely Church. Novel. Cr. Svo. 
73tx4|, pp. 812, 68 Long, May 04 

Bnme (F.)— Mandarin's Fan. Novel. Cr. Svo. 
7i X 4|, pp. 820, 68 DiGBT & L. Dec. 04 

Bnme (F.)— Bed Window. NoveL Cr. Svo. 
7i X 4|, pp. 820, 68 DiOBT & L. May 04 

Bnme (F.)— Wheeling Light. Novel. Cr. Svo. 
7| X 4i, pp. 818,68 Chatto, June 04 

Bnme (Fergus) — White Boom. Novel. Cr. Svo. 
7i X 4|, pp. 818, 68. F. V. Whttb, Feb. 04 

Bnme (F.) — Wooden Hand. Detective Story. 
Cr. Svo. 7| X 6. pp. 816, 68. F. V. White, Nov. 04 

Bnme (M.)— The Courtships of Queen Elisabeth. 
A History of the various Negotiations for her 
Marriage. Bev. ed. Svo. 8| x 5^, pp. 412, 128. 6d. 

Nabh, Apr. 04 
Humour, National, Macrae (David) 8s. 6d. May 04 
Humourists of 18th Cent., Thackeray, 8s. 6d. 

May 04 
Humours of Scottish Life, Oillespie ( Jn.) 8s. 6d. net 

.Nov. 04 
Humours of Sport, Armour (G. D.) 128. 6d. net 


Humours and Emotions of Oolf^ Is June 04 

Humphrey (Old), John Strong, Boaster, 2s. May 04 
Humphreys (Mrs. W. Desmond)— see Bita 
Humphry (C. E.) — see Humphry (Mrs., Madge) 

Bnmpliry (L.)— Manual of Nursing: Medical and 
Surgical. 27th edit. cr. Svo. 7^x6^^, pp. 268, 
8s. 6d Griffin, July 04 

Bnmpliry (Mrs.)— Etiqnette for Every Day. Ch. 
edit. 12mo. 6| x 4^, pp. 446, Is. 6d. net ; swd.. Is. 
net BiCBARDS, June 04 

BntDphry (Mrs.)— Madffe's Book of Cookery and 
Home Management. Cheap edit. cr. Svo. bds. 
Is. net H. Marshall, May 04 

Humpty-Dumpty Animal Book, Myrtle (Jn. H.) 
Is. 6d Oct. 04 

Hunchback of Westminster, Queux (Wm. le) 6s. 

May 04 

Hundred Windows, Dowry (H.) 8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Bnneker (J.)— Overtones. Book of Tempera- 
ments. Cr. Svo. 7| X 6, pp. 844, 6s. 

Ibbibter, June 04 

Bnngerford (Mrs.) — Bom Coouette. Cr. Svo. 
swd. 6d B. E. King, June 04 

Bnngrerford (Mrs.) — Lonely GKrl. Svo. swd. 6d. 

Maclaren, MayOi 
Bnayry Forties. Life under Bread Tax. De- 
scriptive Letters and other Testimonies from 
Contemporary Sources. Intro, by Mrs. Cobden 
Unwin. Ulus. Cr. Svo. 8x5, pp. 274, Ob. 

Unwin, Nov. 04 
Bnnns (P. H.) — Modem School. Cr. Svo. 6s. not 

Macmillan, Mar. 04 
Bnnswortli (G.) — ^Light in the Gloom, and other 
Sermons. Cr. Svo. 2s. 6d. net 

Stockwell, July 04 

Hunt (Holman), Jones (Bume-), &c., Bayliss \ W). 

68. net Oct. 04 

Bnnt (L. C. Chalmers-) — nationalism Contro- 
verted. Beply to Dr. Haeckel's * Biddle of the 
Universe.' Svo. swd. Is. net. ...Simpxin, Feb. 04 


Bant (L. C. dulmetsO-'IUtioiulkm Contre- 

Teitod. B«plj to Dr. HMokel'i ' tUddle of Um 

DniTerw.' Ch.ed. Bvo, *d.6d....StMnciK,irar.01 
■nat (T.)— Hkadbook to WeUingtoo Collcga, inr- 

KiuidiaK OoUDtrT, uid Wokinchiim. Huk Cr. 

8to. pp. lis, iB. 6^...(Well. CoUO T. Hour, !>»>. m 
MWM (TioUt)— CalefaritT at Home. Cr. »to. 

T| X C, pp. (08, e« CbaPICaH ft H. Jtfar. M 

XVBt fTioIet)— Boouer or Lklar. Btor; of ut 

Inganiooa logteue. Cr. 8to. 7f ■ G, pp. tH, 6». 

Chapiun a H. 5«p. 04 

■nat (Vio]«t Biiwke-)— BUnj of W«tmmit« 

Abboj. AooODiit of th>t Aiuueat Foaudatiaa, ita 

Himlar {In,, Bex.), Hymi 

Bant (W.)— An wa ft DeolLning Rue? An Old 
Sulor'a Terdiot. Cr. 8to. 71x4^, pp. 190, awd. 

1*. iwt BuDuuoH, Aug. 04 

Hunt (W. H.) Sarmona on Sooial Sob. ta. June 04 
■oBtfa BoimduM* uid FeooM. Bth ad. 14a. 

Bdttibwoiith, Feb. <U 

'•UmTnnlT>ahtLiat,lM4. Obl.13ino.fla. 

Imut A L. Mag 04 

r (A. H.)— Duiel and the Age of Exile. 

"1 net (TampU BibU Oharactar,) 

DiHT, Apr. 04 
<r (J.)— Derotional Berrioea for Pablio Woi. 
abip. 8th ed. oi. Sto. T^ k 4|, pp. SAB, 3a. 6d. net 
Dint, Jan. 04 
s for Poblio 
or. 8T0. 7^1 4i pp. 

DaxT, 2fo<i. 04 

>1 Futb and Hope, 9s. 
Fth. 04 

■•mtMr (P. Hft})— Bible ud Sword. Acconnt of 
■oma Paaaagea m the Lite of BirOeoige Dndgeon 
of Blaooe and Aastuie, with aome UamoHaa of 
hi* Friend Mi. William Clalaod, &c. Cr. 8to. 

T| X 41, pp. 816, 6a Hoddeb k S. Sou. 04 

BanMr (B.)— PoTeitj. Cr. 8to. Ba. 6d. net 

Hnnter, Managem. Stable, lea., Biciunon (Bdwd. 

Sherlock) la. net Dec. 04 

Hunting Diarj, Thonuu', 9b. Od. net Dec. U4 

HaDlinfc Dinn., Baily'l, Sa Dec. 04 

Hunting Fiald, Analytit of Ba. Od. net Jan. 04 

Hunting, Thoagbta on, Beckford (Feter) fla. Ma;/ 04 

Bsntmrtan (D. W.)— Uig Oune. Book for 

Sportamen and Natars Loian. 18 lUna. from 

niotograpbi of Wild Animala. Cr. 8vo. B ■ Bi, 

pp. AM, Tb. td. net Bickers, Sep. 04 

BoBtlivtoii (T. F.)— Elem. of Engliah Compoal. 
lion deniguad lor nae in Booondar; Bohooli. Ci. 
Bto. 71 K G, pp. 409, Sa. Sd. ... Haciui.L4K, Jan. 04 
Hnnmh I For Spaniah Main, LeigKhm (Bbt.) 6a. 

Oct. 04 

Bnirioana laland, TFiUion (H. B.) 8a ^oc. 04 

Murmt (Q. H.)- Textile Soapi and Oila. Hand- 
book on Preparation, Propertiea. Analyaia of 
Boapa and Oila need in Textile Manufacturing, 
Djeing, Printing. Illna, Cr. B»o. 71 x 4j, 

pp. 1»8, Gt. net Scott & Q. Apr. 04 

a (J.)-I«ttara. Intro- and Bxplan. Notea bj 

na B. Uartin Pope. 

it <b 3. May 04 

Harbart B. Workman ■ 

Cr. Sto. 8 x H, pp. 818, Ba. „„.^ ^ ^. —^g „, 

Hnaband, Chooaing a, Manlegatta (Paolo) 8a. 8d. 

"* Nov. 04 

s, That. 8d.. June 04 

inintio Uedicine, ToiicoloiFy, and 

PuHioHaallh. 7thed., reF. byR. J. M.Bochanan 

*K. W. Hopa. Cr. Bvo. 71 x 4i, pp. 740, 10a. 6d. 

„"•* LiviBoBToiiE, Feb. 01 

Hnaaer (B. M.)— HeminLa. of Irith Land Aaent, 

18^ M. not No'. 04 

BMeUMOn (Col,)-Memoira. Written bj faia 

Widow Looj. Cr. 8to. 71 « 4|. pp. B18, 8a. Bd. 

Mti leather, 4a. «d. net (I>T,den douaa JfamotM) 
K. Padl, Feh. M 

1 (H. D.)~Pieia Pottifloatfon ; Note* 

the Teit-Booka. Deaigned and Arranged for 

Onoera preparing tor Promotion Examinationa. 

Gth edit rev. niDa. Cr. Sto. T| x 4(, pp. 168, 4a. nek 

Oiui & P. May 04 

Hntohinaon (H. O.) Fuhing, 3Sa. June 04 

Bntohluoa (H. G.}-01encairlT Critle : a Novel. 
Ci. Sro. Tj X 4i, pp. 889, eB...BHiTH A B. May 04 
Bntoblnaon (U, O.)— Hinta on Oame of OoEf. 
18th edit. rev. Cr. 8ro. li. 

BLikoiwooD A S. Feb. 04 

(H. O.)— New ForeiL Blua. Bo;. 

91 K 6}, pp. 610, aia. net Hithubn, Apr. 04 


Sto. 71x4), pp. 934, as. " Blackh, Oct. 04 

ButotUaoB IB.) — Ijectnres on Diaeaaea ol 

Children. Or. Hto. Tl x 41, pp. 860, 

E. Abmold, Oat. 04 
Battan (Baroness Ton)— Pam. NoreL Cr. Bro. 

7} X S, pp. B48, 6a. HiiHBiUNi), Oct. 04 

Button (P. W.l— Animals of New Zealand. Cr. 
Sto. IBs. net Whitcohbk d: T. J-une 04 

Button (L.) — Lit«rarr Landmarks of Soottiah 
UniTeraitifls. lUns. Cr.Sro. 71 x 4|, pp. 919, Sa. 

net Pdthah, Sov. 04 

Bulej (T. H.)— Phf siagraph;. Intro, to Stody 
of Nature. Baiiaad and partly re-writtan by 
B. A. OregDr;. Illas. Cr. 8vo. 7 ' 41, pp. 4SS, 

4a 6d Macmilliii, Aug. 04 

Hyde (D.), Ai/f0rv'a Irish Bongs, Ss. Sd. nt. if ay 04 
Bjd* (L.)— County Court Coata : Notea on 
Allowance of Taxation of Costa. Svo. lis. 

CLOWta, Nod. 04 
Bjda (Lilian BtoDghton] — Favourito Greek 
Hjlha. Cr. Sto. 71 x Gl, pp. 34S, Ik. Bd. net 

HabbjiF, Nov. 04 
Hyde (W, De W.) From Epiaums to Chriit. Cr. 

8to. 6s. 6d. net Hacullak, Nov. 04 

HjderiibA^l, Mi-Aulife (R. Paton) 9s. 8d. net Oct. 04 
Il)drgj.l ZoDpLybea.fiu/ord (Philip Jas.) Dec. 09 

llydroinechamus, Beiant (W. H.) 1, 6a. May 04 

Hygiene, 1«C sip., Lyttw (Bbt. A.^Oa Bep. 04 

Uy^ane, Mannal, Olaitter {3a.) 6a. net Dec. 04 

Hygiene Bcbotil. Carpenter (Alt.) 8a. 8d.; Newt- 
hoimi! L\.n.i S«. : Lytter, la, 8d. 

ifay, Aua., Oet. 04 
HymeDopterB Acoleata, Cameroons, TuOgren (A.) 

Is. Od. net Ju^M 

Hymn-Book of Mod. Churoh, Oregory (Arthur B.) 

, 8a. Bd.) Aug. Oi 

' Bmn Book (The Qolden). CompQad by BL 0. 

I Albright. ISmo. la. net; limp, Sd^ net 

I Pbowds, Jan. 04 

Bymna, Sonar (Horatina), Select., 6«. net.. -Not). 04 

Hymns, Ano. and Mod. KaJendar, Oni^(B.Seal7) 

8d, 9J. net "" "' 

I (mm Greek OfEoe Books, togstbsr with 
ad Suggeationa. Rendered by Jol 
. Cr. 8>0. 7) X 41, pp. 110, Sa. ed. net 

Cenloa and Suggeation 

by John Honler. Brd ed. 19mo. 6 j x 41, pp. BO^ 

8s. net DaUT, Feb. 04 

Hymns, Sacred, tic. Mantoni |A.) 19i. net Nov.Oi 
Byndban (H.)— King's Boarlal. Novel. Cr. Bro. 

7j X ii, pp. 810, ee 8. C. Bbown, Dec. 04 

Mjae |C.)-AtomB of Empire. Cr. Bto. 7ixB, 

pp. 818, Sa MachILLaM, Nov. 04 

Hypnenitomachia Poliphili, 68b. net. Dec. 04 

Hyasop, Praor ( Jas.) 6a June 04 




I ecom thae King, Ftmbtrton (Uu) 6d. ...July Oi 

lutbo (ha Fiihenakn, Bea (Alf . W.J lOi. 6d. nst 

Oct. Oi 

lM.nuking, SeXmidl (L. U.) !«■. net Apr. 0* 

Icing, Piping, I>ingU (Prmncii) 9i. net June 0« 

IddMIelKb (Sul of)— ChumB; or An Old 
World BecHtidu. Cr. Sto. T| x EJ, pp. SIS, Bl 

Idek ud BuJitT of Bevelation, WnuLt (Huis 

Hainrioh) la.6d. net Bep. 04 

IdnlB for Girls, Htucnt (H. B.) 1«. net Oct. 01 

Ideala at Seianaa kdA FiiUi : Esaaji by Tuion* 
Aathon. Edit b; J. E. Hftnd. Cr. Sto. T|kS, 

pp. 8M,Eb. net G, ALLBM, Sep. 0* 

Zdlrn (The). Vol. 3*. Roy. 8to. da. 

CiUTTO, Ftb. Oi 
ZOIer (The). Vol. 9E. Boy. Bra. 6a. 

Chatto, Sep. 0< 
IdjlU ol Uw King, Ttnnyon, Ii. Sd., St. Sd. net 

Oct. 0< 
Idylla of the Se^ Buil^n iFnnk T.} la. nat^u; . 01 
If Iwere>QiilagMn,£MlarlL.B.)8a.Sd. Sep. 01 
Ignatina (Ffttherj, Btrlouch (Buoneaa de] lOs. ed. 

...JfOD. 01 

Igneooa Booli*, Ankl., Waihington (U. B.) lOi. nel 


XklD (Alfred E.)— Knotty Pointa in Eoelid. Boolu 

1 to 1 ft fi, Sl 6d, net 1 Booki B, 1 & S, Is. «d. net. 

Cr. 8*0. liinp (Norman Tutorial Stria] 

SivpxiM, Feb. 01 
ZUit [A. E.)— Methods of Science. Theaiiin Logic 

■nd Hetbodology. Cr. Sto. limp, (^DTinat 

Tut. B«r.) SiHFZiH, Mar. 01 

ZIbart (C., Sir)— MoDteeqniea, Bonunea Lecture 

in the Sheldonieu Tbeatre, Oxford, Jane 1, 1901. 

Roy. Sto. iwd.. Ma. net Fbowdb, June 04 

Hiada of Bomtr, truia. by Chapman, 8a., 8a. 6d. 

net Dee. 01 

lU Wind, An Camaron (Hra. L.) Si. Sd. ... Sm. 01 
Uleg&l Sabititution, Cutlm- (Jn.) la. net ...Jlfar. 01 
ZlUntWortK (J. B.}— ChriatiiJ) Chftraolar. Loo- 

turea on Elamsnts of Chriatian Ethiea. Sto. 

B X t), pp. 311, Ta. ed Uackillim, Ocf. 01 

ZmBKwartb (J. R)— DiTice Immanence : Eiaay 

oo Spiritnal Bigmficanca of Matter, dro. aird. Od. 
HiCunxAH, Oct. 04 
niiu. Catal. of lam CoU. of FortraiU, 6b. net 

Zllnatrktod Temperance Monthly and Band and 

Imparialiam, Hobim (J. A.) Ha. Sd. net Sap. M 

Intperialiat, Cote* (Mn. E.) Sa. Jj>r. M 

' Implacable,' H Jf .B., lBOl-1, Parker (O. R.) 4a. net 

ImpoBaibla Hnaband, Warden (P.) fls. 8^. 01 

Impreasioniit in England, itoi* (F. Hmaoaj la. Ad. 

nai Sep. M 

Improvamant of Dwellingi of People, HorifM, 

la. net Uag 04 

Impmdent Pnie,.^stM (Adam) fla. Sep. M 

In a Jeaoil Snot, Coape (H. CI Ha. Fel>. U 

In aU Time of one Wealth, WeigaU (G.) la. Sd. 

Zb Animal Land with Looia Wmd. Ito. bda. la. 

PABTBisai, 5m. U 
Zb Anawer to Prayer. By the Biahop of lEipan 

and othera. Cr. Svo. T( x IJ, pp. isi, Is. 

Ibbibtu, July 01 
In Biihop'a Carriage, Ifscftalaon (N.) 6a. ...Hov. 04 

In deadly Peril, OobDruu, Sd. Jf or. 01 

In Deep Abyaa, Ohnet (Georgea) 8a. Oot 01 

In DeinaUnd, Qouid (S. Buing-1 6a. Oct. 04 

Id Fear of Mao, Adeoek {A. Bt. John) Ba. ...Oct. 04 
In Forbidden Land, Landor (A. H. Saiage) 8a. Od. 

In Hande of Malaya, tienbi (O. A.) la. 6d....0et. 04 

In her own Way, Smith (B. A.) S*. Sep. 04 

In High PlaosLfinuUon (H. B.) 8s. Sd. ...Metg 01 

In Hia Becret, Bvthank (H.) la. Sd. net. JniL 08 

In Hia etepa, SAeldon (Cha. M.) Bd. net ...J^ec 01 
_ . In Holiest ^Ttoth, FidelU iHary) 8a. Sd. ...Jo*. OS 
it ) InLandofJn-Jn,LswUon(Bbt.)6a....J?'ei.,Oiif.04 

In LsTender, C)\aler JL.) 8b. ed. net July 04 

In Light of Hi* Coming, Young (Philip) 5i. net 

Dee. 01 

In Hemorifl 

I, G. Treaa. Temtyton, it 


BlDstration, Art, BlackbuTn (H.) ISa. nei-.Feb. 01 
Illiutratiie Hint., BriL, Old Engl. ed. E. J. BaUey, 

■a. Sep.Oi 

biitation of Chriat. Kempie (Tboa. 1) la. Sd. net 

Hov. 04 
Imitations, Transl., Moule (H. C. O.) 3b. Sd. net 

Oct. 01 

Inunenaee, Storm (T,) 8b. net liar. OS 

Immortality, Uomarie (A. W.) li. 6d. net June 01 

Immortality, tfonune (A. W.) Sd June 01 

Immortality in Chriat, Hemphill (8aml.) la. net 

Oct. 01 

InmortaUty, Platonic, Gayt (B. K.) S*. net Dee. 04 

ZmparMor el Bex : wniiam U. of Germany. By 

Anthor of ' Martyrdom of an Empreaa.' das. 

8to. 8t X E), pp. IBS, Ta. Od Uailpeh, Sep. 04 

Imperatoria Jutjniani Inat, int. J. B., Jfoule, 16s. 
Feb. 04 
Zmparlal Defence Committee— Treaaory Hinnte 
dated May 1, IBOl, aa to Seoretanat, id. [aaOOj 

EiKE t: 9. Sep. 01 

Imperial Guide to India, 6a. net Nov. 01 

Imperial laatitute, Julian Section, aj,d Sep. 01 

Zmperlal HeTenua (Collection and Eiponditnie) 
(Great Britain and Irelandl—Betnrn relating to, 

for 1908-1, atd. [369] Eraa & 8. Sep-Oi 

Zmpcrlal Yeomanry |in Great Britain]— Training 
Return, 1908, showing State ol Corpa of Yeo- 
manrjt CaTalry at Annnal Inapection, )d. 

EiHi & B. Mar. 01 

ed., 8b. ed. 

Nov. 01 

Memoriam, salec, Tennyaon ...July 01 

Mid-Atlantio,i)aLinoviBnrford)8B.6d. Oel.Oi 
In Morning of Life,I>ucii« (Herbert) 8a. Sd. net 

Oct. 01 

In Old Alshama. Hobion (A.) Ss Mar, 01 

InPsIaceotBnlUn, i>0(i(J(A.B.) Feb.04 

In Paradise, iivf;wati(ChB. J.) SB.6d. Sep.O* 

In PatblasB West, Herring |F.E.) 6s. net...Viiy 01 
In PnrsQit of Dolcinaa, Bernard (Hy.) Sa. net 

In Bed Dawn, Muddoek (J. E. Preston) Sa. 


In Regioua of Perpetoal Snow, Stable* (W. Q.) Ea. 

Sep. 04 

In Belief of Doubt, Wel*K (R. E.) Sa. net ; lea. Sa. 

net Apr. 04 

In Boyal Colours, Oouid (Nat) Sd .Z^. 01 

In Safe Keeping, Sarker (E. J.) Is May 04 

In Bteel and Leather, Fontn- (R. H.) Sa. ...Jan. 04 

In Straita of Hope, Cropper (E.) 6s. Oct. 01 

In Straits ol Time, Hare (ChriBtopher) 6i....Sep.0t 

In Snmmer Bhade, Ifann (H. EJ Sd .Apr. 01 

In Uu Beginning God 1 Meyer {¥. B.) 8b. Sd. 

July 04 

In the Celtio Past, Carbery (E.) Sa. July 04 

In the Cloaed Room, Burnett (F. E.) 8s. Sd. net 

In the Garden of God, BUton (A. A.) Sa. Sd. Nov. 04 

Zn the Great God'a Hair. TrauiL from Original 
MS. byF. W. Bain. Roy. Sto. 9x6^, pp. 103, 
Ss. net J. Fjjom^Nov. 01 

In the King'a County, Bobineon (£. Kaj) Sa. 

June 01 

Zn the King'a Pretence. Daily Prayers andDero- 
tioos for Holy Communion, extracted from 
' Before the Throne,' manual of mivate derotion 
written and oompiled by William Bellara. Ifimo. 
81x81, pp. 13e, la. SoKHiNBcauN, Dec.fH 

Zn the Name of the Trinity : Statement of Balra- 
tion revealed in Inapired Scriptures of New 
Teat. 4o. by a Commnnioanl of the Chorah ol 
England. Svo. awd. Sd. Bimfkih, Aua>. 04 

In the Net, Mill* (A. B. de) Sd. net July 01 

In the Tienchea, Fimumore (John) Es. Sap. 01 



In Whirl of RUing, Mitford (Bertram) 68. Apr. 04 India — Finuicial Statement for 1904-6, Proceed- 
In White Baimeni, Queux (Wm. le) 6d. ...Afar. 04 ingg of Legislatiye Council of GrOTemor-Gteneral 
Inartionlate Genius, Trowbridge (W.) 68....JP06. 04 thereon. Appendices. Ss. [198] 

Income Tax, Pratt^ 8s. net Nov. 04 Etbb & S. July 04 

Income Tax B., Fry (T. Hallett) 6d Apr, 04 India, First Years in, WiUon (A. C.) Is. 6d. net 

Inoomp. BeUairs, Castle (A., Egerton) en.,.,Apr. 04 June 04 

Inoorr^ble Girl, Legh (M. H. Cornwall) 2s. 6d. India, Further, Clifford (Hugh) 7s. 6d. Sep. 04 

July 04 India, Game, &c., Birds, Meaaurier (A. le) 21s. net 

Increase of the Suburbs, Low (Sidney) 6d. net Oei, 04 

Oct. 04 India: Gkn. Inf. &c., Sheffield (F.) pr Dec. 08 

Independent Seview, vol. 1, 12s. 6d. net ...Fs6. 04 j^^j^Home Accounts of the Goremment for 

ZBd«niiaiir (J.), Thwaites (C.)— Principles of the 1902-8 and 1908-4, 7d. [171]...Eybe & 8. July 04 

Common Law. 10th ed. 8vo. 20s. Zndla, Imperial Guide to. Cr. Svo. 7} x 4}, pp. 

Stevens & H. Feb. 04 256, 6s. net Sdcpkin, Jon, 04 

ZndMK Faunes Nova Zealandia. Ed. by Capt. 

F. W. Button. 1904. 8vo. adv. to 12s. 6d. net Xndl» (Income and ExpenditureV-Beturn of the 

DuLAU July 04 ^^^ Income and Expenditure of Bntish India, for 

Zndaz Kewensis Plantarum Phaner^amarum, the eleven years from 1892-« to 1902-8. 84d. 

Suppt. 2. Fasciculus 1. Edit, by Sir W. T. Dyer. ^ H^J'V "?.—";;;:; V^''' J!™ * S. June 04 

4to. swd. 12s. net Fbowde, Oct. 04 India Irrigation, WtUon (Herbert M.) 4s. nt. July 04 

Index of Periodical Lit., abr., 16-99, Poole (M.) &c. India, Keshub Chunder Sen*a Lect., 6s. ...May 04 

• ^«c.01 xnflt^ List and India Office List (The), 1904. 

Index Berum, Todd (John) 10s. 6d. net ...Mar. 04 8^^, jos. 6d. Habeibon & S. Apr. 04 

X»d«x(T«nninal)tobB^ ^^^ England )-Betum for 

Mining Telegraph Code, by A. Moreing and T. iTTiJ Jil^^^^Sr.,.«rai iSi jl^ mori 

Neij7cr. sJo. 10s. 6d. ......W. ClowesI Feb. 04 Half-year ended March 81, 1»04^. [1281 

In^ to Achievements of Kimrfolk of RB.8 ^^^ ^.^ ^^ India)-™tL foXS^ 

^'*^^(^->P'-P'- •^^•^* yeariided Sept. 80, 1908, id!; (Loans raised in 

Zndaz to Obituary and Biographical Notices in England)— ditto, id Eybe & S. Mar. 04 

Jackson's Oxford Journal (newspaper) 1768-1868. -^^j^ /t • j • \ t>^* #-.- tt-i# -.^-« 

CompQed, printed, and publ&hed ' by E. A. *"j".'i^^*''l 'Jf^ll.^'^t^ '*"' Half-year 

MorJacmt. VoL l) 1768, 1764, 1766. 4to. swd. ^"^^ M««^ "» !»<>*' *^- P29J 

28. net. J. HUSBEY, Oce. 04 r ;i- t ^ o • r • « n^n S m^* 

Index to Becitations, Granger (B.) 22s. 6d. nt.Oc<.04 ^^ ^"^^ ^urson m, Lipsett (H. Caldwel^ Is. 

Indexing, Prteis Writing, AMf0 (Jn.) 28. ...Jan. 04 t j* »yr ;i« 1 t • r .^ ok. ««* %fL\ ha 

Indexing Technique, pS^i^^i (M.) 68. net ^^ ^^^^ Junspr., Lyon, 26s. net Jfoy 04 

^ov. 04 Zndift — Memorandum by Department of Bevenue 

Indexinff &c., Skerry's Suppl., 2, 2s. 6d. net July 04 and Agriculture on Natural Fertilisers available 

India, Moldich (Ths. Hungerford) 7s. 6d. net for Use in Cotton Cultivation, id. [206J 

Nov. 04 gYBB & S. July 04 

ZBdla^Accounts and Estimates, 1904-6. Expla- India, Murray's Imperial Guide to, 6s. net...^'oi;. 04 

natory Memorandum by Secretary of State for India, Nepal Maiden bewitched, Afan/V»d,6e. Jon. 04 

India. Appendices, 4id. [2161] Eybe & S. Aug. 04 India, New, Cotton (Hy. Jn. Stedman) 8s. 6d. net 

India, Actual, Sawbell (A.) 8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 Apr, 04 

SBdla (Army Memorandum)-Memorandum issued ^^ ^^'J!L^i^^''^^i^^^ m\"«** t Si 

by GinerJ Lord Kitchene7and the Local Com- f*^^** ^ ^^^'i^^ "Hsle^ord (B.) 6s. Jan. 04 

manders-in-Chief in India upon the Organisation ^^»*» ^^ ^™P- ^^^ ^^- ^ ^^^ ^ 

and Training of the Army in India, 2d. [200] Zndla — Papers relating to Excise Administration 

Eybe & S. Aug. 04 in Assam, 8d. [2270J. Eybe & S. Oct. 04 

India, Bengal Local Government, Carstotrs (B.) ^^^ Bailways in-Administration Beport on, 

T 5^ ^S "u"-"^* :;V^V o""«T 'l"^* S: '<>» lOOS, with appendices, diagram, map, 8s. 8d. 

India, Ben-ben, a«rard (P.) 2s. 6d...........4uflr. 04 [2226].... T. ^.I^JBybb & S. Oc«. 04 

India, Bombay through Camera, 4s. 6d. net *- -* 

Nov. 04 Zndlft (Bailways and Irrigation Works) — Betum 

India, Brahmanic D., Hare (Wm. Loftus) 6d net showing Financial Position in respect of, under 

Nov. 04 Construction on March 81, 1904, and proposed 

India (Census) — General Beport of the Census of Expenditure during 1904-6, id. [168] 

India, 1901. Maps, Diagrams, 8s. 8d. [2047] Eybe A; S. Jun« 04 

Eybe is S. June 04 ZndiaJBoyallndian EuAneering College)— Beporta 

Indiai Ceylon Ct., St. Louie World's Fair, Is. net and Correspondence relating to the expediency of 

May 04 maintaining the Collego» 7d. Minutes of £vi- 

India, Child life in, Sorabji (C.) 6s. net ...Dec. 04 dexioe taken before the Committee appointed in 

India, Children, Campbell (M. Montgomery-) 8e. 6d. 1908 to inquire into the enediency of maintain- 

Oct. 04 ing the College, with Analysis and Index, Is. 8d. 

2Bdla, China, and Australia Mails— Copy of Con- [20661, [2066] Eybe & S. June 04 

tract dated July 26, 1904, with Treasury Minute Indiarubber, Cult., Johnson (W. H.) 7s. 6d. net 

thereon dated August 2, 1904, Id. [828] Nov. 04 

Eybe A S. Sep. 04 Sndia Bubber Industry. Dictionary in five 

India, Chureh in Madras, Penny (Frank) 2l8. net languages — German, French, English, Italian, 

Nov. 04 and Spanish. Obi. lOmo. 68. net 

India, Early Hist., Smith (Vincent A.) 148. net A. Owen & C. Sep. 04 

Nov. 04 India (S.) Cookery, Wells (M.) Ir. Jan. 04 

XBdla, Education— Progress of, 1897-8 to 1901-2. India, S., Missions, Carmiehael (A. W.) 2s. Od., 

VoL 1, Fourth Quinquennial Beview, 4s. Id. Is. 6d. net Dec, 04 

V6L 2, Maps and Tables, 88. 6d. [2181, 2182] India, Speeches on, Curson (Lord) 6d. net Aug. 04 

Eybe & S. Sep, 04 India, Sportsman'8 Bk., ed. by F. G. Aflalo, 18b. net 

Slidia — ^Estimate of Bevenue and Expenditure of June 04 

Government for 1908-4 compared with Besults India— Statement exhibiting Moral and Material 

of 1902-8, 2d. [170] .....Eybe & S. Aug. 04 Progress and Condition during 1902-8. 89th No. 

India, JftfOtf of Sita, 6s. net Oct.Oi Is. 7d [186] Eybe <k S. Jui^y 04 

India, Vrnwaak of, Distant CW, L.) vol. 2, 10s. Feb, 04 India, System of Music, Wilson (A. C.) Is. 6d. 

iDdia, Fiona of British, Distant, 2, 2, lOs. May 04 Apr, 






Zndla (Tarifb) — Views of the Qt>vemment of IndU 
on QueBtion of Preferential Tariffs, 6^. 

Btbx & S. Mar. 04 

Sndla, Trade of British, with British Possessions 

and Foreign Countries— Tables relating to, 1898-9 

tol90a-8. Is. Id Eybe & S. Mar. 04 

India, ai Days in, Mackay (G R. Aberigh) 8s. 

Dec. 09 
India Victorian, Econ., Dutt (Bomesh) 10s. 6d. 

Mar. 04 
India, White Lady, Bourchier (H.) Ss. Sep. 04 

India and Tibet — Papers relating to Tibet (Oct. 
1889 to Jan. 1904). Sketch Map showing roates 
between India and Tibet. 8s. Id. 

Eybe & S. Mar. 04 
ZBdla and Tibet — Farther Papers relating to Tibet 
Pec. 1908 to April 1904), S^d. [2054] 

Etbb & 8. June 04 
India &c., Qeog., Blanford (Hy. F.) Ss. 6d. June 04 
India &c, Solcuering &c., Willeoeks (Jas.) 21s. net 

Jan. 04 
Indian Army, Service in, Vaug?ian (J. L.) 16s. net 

Oc^ 04 

ZBdlan Army (Uniforms) — Betnm of all Changes 

in Begolations affecting Dress and Equipment of 

Officers in Indian Axmy since November 1902, 

j|d.[266] Eybe & S. Sep. 04 

ZBdian Art at Delhi, 1908. Official Catalogue of 
Delhi Exhibition, 1902-1908. By George Watt 
niustrative part by Percy Brown. Imp. 8yo. 

lOi X 6|, pp. 562, 128. net J. Murbat, Oct. 04 

Indian Bsngle, Hume (Fergus) 6d Sep. 04 

Indian Cookery Book, Herbert (Kenney-) 68. net 

Dec. 04 
Indian Fishing, Hints by Skene Dhu, 6s. net Jan. 04 
Indian Garden, Egger (Mrs. H. C.) 7s. 6d. net Sep. 04 

Indian G^em, St. Auhyn (F.) 6s. July 04 

Indian Jungle Sport &c., Smith (A. Mervyn) 7s. 6d. 

net May 04 

Indian Life, Oompton (Herbert) 8s. 6d. net Oct. 04 
Indian Life, Web of. Noble (M. E^ 7b. 6d. May 04 
Indian Moghuls' Army, Iroine (Wm.) 8s. 6d. net 

Jan. 04 
Indian Mutiny, Forrest (G. W.) 88b. net ...Nov. 04 

Indian Mutiny Tale, Breret<m(F.)6B Oct. 04 

Indian Nights, 1001, Ohoeh (A. S. Kumar) 6s. Oct. 04 
Indian Officers' Lives, Kaue (J. W.) ea. 4s. Nov. 04 
Indian Plain, Workman (Wm. Hunter) 2l8. net 

2^ov. 04 
Indian BeBervoirs, Strange (W. L.) 218. net Apr, 04 

Xndlan Election, Imperial Institute — Annual Be- 

port for 1908-4, 24d. [2261] ...Eysb & 8. Sep. 04 

Indian Summer, Love's, Is., Is. 6d Jtuu 04 

Indian &o. Measures, Ma/rtin (Alf . J.) 2s. 6d. Feo.Oi 
Indians of Alaska, Replogle (Chas.) 2s. 6d. June 04 
Indians of Parag. Chaco, Oruhb (W. Barbrk.) 2s. 6d. 

net Feb. 04 

Indians, Bepreeentative, PiUai (Paramesvara) 7s. 6d. 

net Dec. 02 

Indicus, Labr. Questions in S. Africa, 8s. 6d J^Ofi. 04 
Indies, W., Book of, Dodsworth (Francis) 6s.^oi;. 04 

Indies, West, .Emt^onfo' Inform., 6d ^u^. 04 

Indigestion, Leney (L.) Is Nov. 04 

Indiscr. of my Lady Palgrave, Sagon (Amyot) 6b. 

Mar. 04 
Indisc. of the Duchess, Hope (Anthony) 6d. Aug. 04 

Induna's Wife, Mitford (Bertram) 6d Aug. 04 

Industrial Diseases, Victoria XL. Is. 6d. net Apr. 04 
Indus. Org. 16th, 17th Cent., Umoin (Geo.) 7s. 6d. 

net June 04 

Industrial Peace, Oilman (Nicholas Paine) 7s. 6d. 

net May 04 

InduBtrialism, N., Johnston (Buddiman) 6d. net 

Afar. 04 
Industries, AtUis World's ch. of, 2s Deo. 04 

Xnebriato* Act, 1898— Begulation dated July 1, 
1904. respecting the Photographing of Inmates of 
Certified Inebnates' Beformaiories, ^d. 

Eyre & S. Sep. 04 

Inebriates Acts, 1879 to 1899— Begulations for 
Management and Discipline of State Inebriate 
Befoimatories. 8vo. ^d. [174] Eyre & S. July 04 


Infant Feeding, Physiological, Priichard (Eric) 

8b. 6d Feb. 04 

Infant Moralist, Carnegie (Lady H.) 8b. net. Jan. 04 
Infant Nutrition, Vincent (B.) 10s. 6d. net Oct. 04 
Infant Schools, Salmon (David, Ac) 4b. 6d... Oct. 04 
Infantry, Mounted, Saundersan (Llewellyn) Is. net 

If ar. 04 

Xnfluits' Magazine. Vol.89. 4to.2B.; gilt, 28. 6d.; 

bds. ls.6d. Pabtbidok, Oct. 04 

SBfknts' Schools— Syllabus and Progress Book for. 

Fol Is. 6d. (* 8. and S.* Series)QiMPEis, July 04 
Infectious Diseases, Allan (JaB. W.) 6d. ...Mar. 04 
Inferno, Dread, Wyld (M. A.) 2s. 6d. net ...Mar. 04 
Inflam., Infec., Fever, PathoL of. Walker (E. W. 

Ainley) 48. 6d Feb, 04 

Influence of the Pre-Beformation Church dbc, 

Mackinlay (J. M.) 128. 6d. net Apr. 04 

InffaU (G. D.), Withers (G.)— Stock Exchange. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 804, 5b. net 

E. Abnold, Apr. 04 
Xngre (W. B.)— Faith and Knowledge: Sermons. 
. 8vo. 84 X 54, pp. 802, 4b. 6d. net 

T. & T. Clabk, May 04 
Inge (W. R), Light, Life, Love, 2b. 6d. net, 2b. 

June 01 
Zureraoll (B. G.)~LeotureB and EBsays. Selec- 
tion. First Series. 8vo. 1b. ; swd. 6d. 

Watts, Oct. 04 
Zngrlis (J. G.)->Long Bange Beckoner: From 
l-64th of a Penny, rising by Pence to 
£2 19b. lid., thence by Shillings to £10 19s. 6d 

Ac &e, 12mo. 7b. 6d. Gall & I. May 04 

Ingoldsby Country, Harper (Chas. G.) 6s. Jan. 04 
Ingoldsby Legends, Barham (B. H.) 8b., 8s. 6d. net 

May 01 

ZBcrataam (J. H.)— Pillar of Fire. New edit. 

cr. 8vo. Is Gall & 1. Oct. 04 

ZBffraliam (J. H.)— Prince of the House of David. 
New edit. or. 8vo. Is. Gall Sb 1. Oct. 04 

(J. H.)— Throne of David. New edit, 
or. 8vo. Is Gall & I. Oct. 04 

(A. F. W.)-.Faith of Church and Nation. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4^, pp. 226, 8s. 6d. 

Gabdnxb & D. Dee. 04 
Ingram (Art Foley Winnington), F. Melville, Is. 


Zn^raiii (J. H.) — Christopher Bfariowe and his 

Associates. IIIub. Boy. 8vo. 9^x51, pp. 822, 

128. 6d. net Bichabdb, June 04 

(J. K.) — Practical Morals. Treatise on 
Universal Education. 8vo. 9 x 54i pp. 180, 8s. 6d. 
net Black, Feb. 04 

(T. D.)— Critical Examination of Irish 
History. Beplacement of the False by the True, 
from Elisabethan Conquest to Legislative Union 
of 1800. 2 vols. Be-issue. Boy. 8vo. 9| x 6, pp. 860, 
856, 6b. net Lonokans, Mar. 04 

iBltlft Operum Latinorum qu8B sncularis XUL 
XIV. AV. attribuuntur. Secundum ordinem 
Alphabeti disposita. Ed. A. G. Little. Boy. 8vo. 
9| X 5|, pp. 292, interl. 15s. net 

Shebbatt & H. Nov. 04 

Inks, Mitchell (C. Ainsworth) &o., 7s. 6d. net Oct. 04 

Inland Navigation, Salis (Hy. Bodolph de) 21s. net 


Inland Bevenue~47th Beport of the Com- 
missioners, for 1908-4, Is. lid. [2228] 

Etbb & S. Oct. 04 

Znman (H. Escott-)— David Chester's Motto, 
'Honour Briffht.' Boy's Adventures at School 
and at Sea. Ulus. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5i^p. 872,8s. 6d. 

Wabnb, Oct. 04 

Znman ( H. T.)— Near Oxford. Popular Historical 
and Architectural Handbook to over 100 places 
of interest within a radius of about 15 miles. 
Map, Hlus., Appendix, Glossary. 16mo. 6^ x 4|, 
pp. 228, 2s. 6d. net ; swd. Is. net Simpkin June 04 

Inner Jerusalem, Freer (A. G.) 12s. 6d. net Nov. 04 

Inner life of Soul, Emery (S. J.) 4s. 6d. net Jan. 04 






limes (C.) — Centrifnnl Pomp, Turbines, and 
Water Motors, itn and enl. edit. cr. 8yo. 
7) X 42, pp. 848, 48. 6d. net Siicpxin, Aug, 04 

Innes (J. W. B.) — ComparatiTe Principles of Laws 
of England and Scotland: Ck>orts and Proce- 
dure. Boy. 8to. lOA x 7. pp. 078, 408. net 

(Edin.) WM. Gbbbn & 8. Mar, 08 
Inniskilling Dragoons, 1899-1902, Tardley (J. 

Watkins) 168. net May 04 

Innocents' Day Addr., Bradley (Geo. Granrille) 

Os. net Nov, 04 

Inoculation, Anti-typhoid &c., Smith {¥,)„. Nov, 04 

Insanity, Younger (£. G.) 2s. Mar. 04 

Insanity, £x-Cath. Essays, Shaw (T. Claye) Ss. net 

Inscriptions, Latin, Dicy., Olcott (G.) 1, 1, 2s. 6d. ni. 

i^^p. 04 
Insect Book, L. Ossian Howard, 16s. ne^,..Aug. 02 

Insect Life, (TtUfM (W.) Is. 8d June 04 

Insomnia, Sawyer (Jas.) Is. 8d. net Jan, 04 

Inspiration in Uom. life, Wathinaon (W. L.) Is. 6d. 

net Oct, 04 

Inspiration in H. Life, Gowman (I. H.) Os. July 04 
Instincts, Highest, Ma^fadden (Bemarr) 4s. 6d. net 


Institutes of Oaius, tTlpian, 21s Nov, 04 

Insulated Bob, Is Oct. 04 

Insurance, Business of, Wilson (A. J.) 2s. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 

Insurance Direc., Boumei'8, 6s Jan, 04 

Insurance, Laws, Portor (J. B.) 2l8 July 01 

Insurance Of&ce Organisation &o., Young (T. E.) 

and Masters (B.) 8s. 6d. net Apr, 04 

Insurance Question, Henderton (£. Pierson) pr. 

Jan. 08 
Integ. of Squares of EUip. Surf. Haim« Functions, 

Darwin (G. H.) Is Mar. 04 

Interest Tables, King (Jos.) 2b. 6d. net ; Laurie, 

21s. net Ma/r, 04 

Interest A;c. Tables, Inwood^i, 8s. net Dee. 04 

Interloper, Jacob (V.) 6s Feb, 04 

Intermediate French Header, 2s. 6d. net ,.,July 04 
Intemat. Jurisprudence, Priv., Foote (J. A.) 26s. 

Mar, 04 
International Law, Hall (W. Edwd.) 21r. nt. Mar. 04 
International Law, Part 1 : Peace, by John We$t- 

lake, 9s. net Oct. 04 

Intemat. Law Assn. Rprt., 21st, 8s. 6d. net Anr, 04 
Intemat. Lessons, 8. 8. Com., Amold^s, 2s. 6a. net 

Sep, 04 
Intemat. Trade, Hobaon (John A.) 28. 6d. nt. May 04 
Intemat. Tribunals, Darby (W. E.) 16s. net Sep. 04 
Intestines Ac, Diseases, Nothnagel (Hermann) JimeOi 

Into the Highways, Montr6»onr (F. F.) 6d. June 04 

Zntozloatlnc Liquors(License8 Refused) — Betum 
of Number of. Annual Licensing Meetings held 
in England and Wales during Feb. and March, 
1904, showing in each case ground of such 

refusal, 4id. [280} Eybe & S. Aug, 04 

Introsp. Essays, Murray (G. A.) 8s. 6d Nov, 04 

Inventions, Boys' 2nd Bk. of. Baker (Bay Stannard) 

6s Jan, 04 

Inventors' Boyhood, Bobertson (A. F.) l»....8ep, 04 
Inventors, Stories of, Doubleday (Bussell) 6s. 

Nov. 04 
Investigator, Crime, Conmion-sense, Is. net Sep, 04 
Investors, Mat?Ueton'$ Handb., 28. 6d. net Dec, 04 
Invisible Playmate &c., Oanton (Wm.) 8s. 6d. 


Znwood's Tables of Interest and Mortality for 

Purchasing of Estates, Valuation of Properties, 

&o, 28th edit., extended by William Sdiooling. 

8vo. 8b. net Locxwood, Dec. 04 

lonides (C. A.) Oil Paintings &o. in 8. K. Mus., 6d. 


Ireland, O^Brien ^arrj) 28. 6d Dee, 04 

Ireland, Agricul. Instr. Act, KeUy (B.) 2b. 6d. ...00 

Ireland — Agricultural Statistics : Abstracts show- 
ing Acreage under Crops, Number of Live Stock, 
in each County and Province, 1908-4. 8vo. 
lid. [2260] Eras & S. Sep, 04 

Zreland— Agricultural Statistics, 1908 : Betum of 
Prices of certain Classes of Irish Agricultural 
Products and Live Stock for 1908. 8vo. Is. 2d. 
[2072] Eybe & S. JtUy 04 

Zreland— Agricultural Statistics, 1908: Tables 
showing Extent in Statute Acres and Produce of 
the Crops for 1908. 8vo. 8^. Etbe & S. Feb, 04 

Irelcmd, Cfarmel in, Bus?ie (Jas. B.)6s 08 

Zreland— Charitable Donations and Bequests. 
69th Annual Beport of Conmtiissioners. Appen- 
dix, 2d. [2191] Etbb & S. Sep. 04 

Ireland. — Charles I. and Commonwealth. State 
Papers Calendar. Vol. 8. 1647-1660. Addenda 

1626-1660. 168 Etbe & S. Afar. 04 

Ireland, Church, Crisis, Bums (E.) Is. net... Jan. 04 
Ireland, Church, 6th Conf., Limerick, 1b..,. Dec, 02 

Zreland— Conjested Districts Board : 18th Beport 
of Proceedings under Acts 1891-1901 . For 1908-4. 
Appendices. 8vo. O^d. [2276] Eybe & S. Nov, 04 

Zreland — Department of Agriculture and Tech- 
nical Instruction : 8rd Annual General Beport, 
1902-8. Appendices. 8vo. Is. lOd. 

Eybe & S. Mar, 04 

Zreland ~ Department of Agriculture and Techni- 
cal Instruction: Beport of Proceedings under 
Diseases of Animals Acts for 1908. Diagrams. 
8vo. 84d.[2110] Eybe & S. July 04 

Zreland — Department of Agriculture and Techni- 
cal Instruction for: Agricultural Statistics of 
Ireland, with Detailed Beport for 1908. Dia- 
grams. 8vo. Id. [2196] Eybe & S. Sep, 04 

Zreland — Department of Agriculture and Tech- 
nical Instruction : Sea and Inland Fisheries of 
Ireland. Beport for 1908. Part 1. Gfreneral, 
Appendix. Diagram. 8vo. Is. 4d. [2164] 

Eybe & S. Sep, 04 

Zreland — Department of Agriculture and Tponni - 
oal Instruction. Manual of Fisheries (Ireland) 
Acts. 8vo. Is. 9d. [2277] ■. Eybe & S. Nov, 04 

Zreland Development Grant Act — Begns. dated 
Jan. 20, made by Treasury under Sec. 1 of 
8 Edw. VIL c. 28, Id Eybe & S. Mar. 04 

Zreland — Education : Annual Beport of Commis- 
sioners for 1908. Appendices, 44d. [2078] 

Eybe & S. July 04 

Ireland, Educ of Poor, Moore (H. Kingsmill) 7s. 
net Nov, 04 

Zreland— Evictions, Betum of Number of, in 
Quarter ended December 81, 1908, Id. 

Eybe & S. Mar, 04 
Zreland — Evictions, Betum of the Number of. in 
the Quarter ended March 81, 1904, Id. [2067J 

Eybe & S. June 04 
Ireland, Feudalism's Fall in, Davitt (Michael) 

lOs. 6d. net May 04 

Ireland, Fianna in, &o., Oode and fgtg. Men, Os. net 

Feb, 01 
Ireland, First Lord-Lieut., MacDonagh (Michael) 

19s. net Nov, 04 

Ireland, Fishery, Cork Coast Trawling, Id. Mar, 04 
Ireland, Hist., D* Alton (B. A.) lOs. 6d. net Nov, 04 
Ireland, How and Whr. to Fish in, 8s. 6d....0ct, 04 
Ireland in New Century, Phmkett (Horace) 6s. net 

Feb. 04 
Zreland— Intermediate Education Board, Beport 
for 1908; Appendices. 8vo. 6id. [2118] 

Eybe A S. July 04 

Zreland— Intermediate Education, Bules and 

Programme of Examinations for 1906, 8d. [180] 

Eybe & S. Aug. 04 
Zreland — Judicature and Development Grant Bill 
— ^To augment the Ireland Development Grant 
by means of the Abolition of two Ju^eships and 
the Beduotion of the Salary of the Lord Chan- 
cellor and the Transfer of certain Accumulations, 
and to make Provision with respect to ttie Appli- 
cation of Portion of that Grant, id. [216] 

Eybe & 8. J* 






Zreland — LabonrerB* Cottages: Betnm showing 
Number of Cottages and Extra half-aores to 
existing Cottages applied for and sanctioned, in 
every Poor Iaw Union, under last oompleted 
Scheme imder the Labourers (Ireland) Acts, and 
amount of Expenses incurred, l^d. [148] 

Etbx Ss S. June 04 

Ireland, Law, Breakey (W. A.) 7s. 6d. Oct 04 

Ireland, Local TLeg, of Title, Kelly, 6s 01 

Ireland, Lowthers in, Bewley (Edm. Ths.) pr. Deo. 09 

Xrelaad, National Education — ^Appendix to 69th 
Beport. For 1009. Section 1 : General Reports 
on the State of, 8yo. lid Etbjb it 8. Mew, 04 

Xrelaad, National Education in — Appendix to 
69tii Beport of Commissioners, for 1909. Sec- 
tion 9 : uispectors, Training Colleges, Schools, 
Teachers' Pensions, &o. 8yo. ll^d. 

Etbe A; S. Feb, 04 

Sreland, National Education (Commissioners' 

Orders) — ^Betum of Number of, between April 1, 

1900, and April 1, 1904, cancelling Salaries of 

Assist. Teachers in National Schools, 4d. [867] 

Etbb A; S. Oct, 04 
Ireland, Ordnance Survey Map of Clonmel, Is. 


Ireland, Pagan, HuU (E.) 8s. 6d. net July 04 

Ireland, Pre- Vic. Drama, Hughes (S. C.) 98. net 


Ireland, Beal Life in, 8s. 6d. net Oct, 04 

Ireland, Begistration Law, Kelly, 8s. 6d. 00 

Ireland (Southern), its Lakes and Landscapes. 

8to. swd. 6d Office, Aug, 04 

Ireland, Sword of Ulster, Cuninghame (Bichard) 

8s. 6d. net July 04 

Ireland — ^Training Colleges : Betum of Applica- 
tions within the last throe years for an increase 
in number of King's Scholars, ^d. [868] 

Eyre As, Nov. 04 

Ireland under Elizabeth, Bear (Don Philip 
O'Sullivan) 7s. 6d. Jan, 04 

Ireland, WeU-known Songs of, 98., Is. net... i>0c. 04 

Xrene's Christmas Party. Pictures by Buth 

Cobb, Verses by Bichard Hunter. 82mo. Is. 6d. 

{DuMipy Books for OhUdren) Bichabds, Oct. 04 
Iris, Book of the. Lynch (B. Irwin) 98. 6d. net 


Irish Ancient Schools, Healy (J.), 78. 6d 09 

Irish Bee Guide, Digges (J. G.) 8s., 98. net June 04 

Irish before Conquest, Ferguson (Lady) 6s. 08 

Irish Comp. Mod., Craig (J. B.) 98. net 01 

Irish, DicKens* Christmas Carol in, 98., Is. 6d. net 

Jan. 04 
Irish Dictionary, Lane (T. O'Neill) 19s. 6d. net 

Irish Dominicans, O'Heyn (Joannes) 68. net Dee, 09 
Irish-Engl. Dictionary, Dinneen (P. S.) 7s. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 
Zrisli Fairy Tales. Bins, by G. Strahan. Cr.Svo. 

9s. 6d GiBBiNOB, Nov, 04 

Irish Glosses A^c, TJiesaurus Palseohibernicus, 9, 

90s Jan, 04 

Irish Grammar, Mod., Craig (J. B.) 9s. net 00 

Irish Hist., Crit. Exam., Ingram (T. Dunbar) Os. 

net. Mar. 04 

Irish Hist, and Topog., Bins, of 17th Cent., FaU 

kiner (C. Litton) Ids. net Oct. 04 

Irish Insurrection, 1641, Fitspatriok (Thos.)108. 08 
Irish King, Last, BusseU (T. O.) 6d Aug. 04 

Xrlsli Land Agent, The Beminisoenoes of. Being 
those of S. M. Hussey. Compiled by Home 
Gordon. 9 Portr. Boy. 8to. 10x6i, pp. 820, 
19s. 6d. net Duckworth, Nov, 04 

Xrlsli Land Commission — Beport of Commis- 
sioners, for 1908-4. Appendix, Is. 9d. [9168] 

Eybb & S. Sep, 04 

Xrlsli Land Commission — Betum of Proceedings 
under Land Law iso. Acts during Not. 19C^. 
1^ Etbb & S. Mar, 04 

Xrisli Land Commission — ^Betum of Prooeedin|^8 
under Lund Law Sso, Acts during March, April, 
Hay, June 1904, 6d. [9976] ... ExBS & 6. Nov, 04 

Zrisli Land Commission — Betum of Proceedings 
under Land Law &c. Acts during Jan. 1904, 9d. 

[9090] Etbb & S. July 04 

Irish Language Movement, Lectures delivered 
under auspices of Gaelic League, J>m9M0n (P. 8.) July 04 

Irish Life, Harvey (Wm.) 88.' 6d. net May 04 

Irish Memories, O'Brien (B. Barry) 8s. 6d. nt. Od. 04 

Irish, Mod., Henry (John P.) 9, Is. net Nov. 04 

Irish Peasantry, Stories, Carleton (Wm.) 88. 6d. 

Zrish Headings. Edit, by A. M., T. D., and D. B. 
Sullivan. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, pp. 890, swd. Is. 

M. H. Gnx, Oct, 04 

Irish Songs, Baftery's, 8s. 6d. net May 04 

Irish Tales, Bepr., compiled by W. B. Teats, 6s. net 

D0C. 04 
Irish Text, Mod., iv., Craig (J. B.) Is. 6d. ...Dec, 04 
Irish, Theatre, Plays, YeaU (W. B.) 9, 8s. 6d. net 

Mar, 04 
Irish and French, 1689 &c., BoyaZtst Family, 198. 6d. 

net Feb, 04 

Irishman, Stage, ODonneU (F. Hugh) Is. net 

Irishman, Story of, McCarthy (Justin) 19s. Oct. 04 
Irishwomen, Notable, Hamilton (C. J.) 88. 6cL 

Iron Founding. Turner (T. A.) 8b. 6d. net June 04 
Iron Hand, Cooban (J. M.) 6s Jan, 04 

Iron an6l Steel, 1908— Statistical Tables showine 
Production and Consumption of Iron Ore and 
Pig Iron, and Production of Steel, in United 
Kingdom and principal Foreign Countries in 
each year from 1890 to 1908, 8d. [944] 

Etbb Sb S. Aug, 04 
Iroa and Steel Weights, Quick Methods, Is. net 

Iron &o. Trade, Tariff Commission, 9b. 6d. net 

Ironwork, Wrought, Murphy (Bailey Scott) 68s. net 

Irrigation in India, WUson (Herbert M.) 48. net 

July 01 
Irrigation, Pioneer, Mawson (E. O.) 10s. 6d. net 

Juna 04 

Zrrlne (A. M.) — The Specialist. Novel. Cr.Svo. 

7| X 6j|, pp. 894, 6s Lane, Nov. 04 

Irwine (Christopher) — St. Brighid and her Times ; 
according to the account of the Hon. Algernon 
Herbert. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 110, 9s. 6d. net 

HoDOBS, FiooxB, Jan, 04 

Zrwine (W.) — ^Army of the Indian Moghuls, its 
Organisation &o. 8vo. 88. 6d. net Luzac, Jan, 04 

Xrringr (W.)— Beauties of. 18mo. 6| x 8|, pp. 889, 

Is. ; Ithr. 9s. net {Pocket Library) 

BouTLBDOB, May 04 
Xrringr (W.)— Bip van Winkle. 18mo. Ithr. Is. 6d. 

net (Ariel Booklets) Putnax, Nov. 04 

Xrringr (W.)— Sketch Book. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Xrwing: (W.)— Sketch Book. 9 vols. 18mo. 6s. net 

Putnax, Oct. 04 

Xrwin (H. C.)— With Sword and Pen. Story of 

India in the Fifties. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 890, 68. 

Unwin, Oct. 04 

Xrwin (S. T.)— Why we Learn Latin and Greek. 

Two Addresses to Public School Boys. Cr. 8to. 

swd. Is CoNBTABLB, June 04 

Xs Christianity Trae ? Lectures delivered in Central 
Hall, Mandiester. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

C. H. Kbllt, Apr. 04 

Xs Christianity Trae ? Series of Lectures in 
Central Hsll, Manchester. Cr. 8vo. 7}x6, 
pp. 408, 98. 6d C. H. Ebllt, Jidy 04 

Xsaaoson (I.) — Job. Is the Book Canonical ? Cr. 
8vo. sd. Is. 


Isabel Broderick, Jones (A.) 6s. May 04 

XsnbeU (J.)~Other Pets and their WUd Cousins. 
New and Trae Stories of Animals. Dlus. Cr. Svo. 
7i X 4i, pp. 196, 1b. Pabtbxdob, Sep. 04 






Isaiah, Bosk of, ace. Izz. 58. net Sep. 04 

(F. S.) — Under the Bose. Novel. Illus. 

Cr. 8to. 7| X 4|, pp. 488, 6s. Wabd & L. Jtdy 04 

Islaoa, Spirit of, 8yM (Alij 8s. net Apr, 04 

Island LoTe Story, Grtfith (Geo.) 68 Nov. 04 

Island Nights' Ent, Stevemon (Bbt. L.) 28., St. net 

Island Pharisees, OaUworthy (Jn.) Os. ...Feb. 04 

Sale of Man— Accounts for 1908-4, l^d. [241] 

Eybe & 8. Sep. 04 
Ides of Sunset, Benson (Arthur Christopher) 6s. 

Nov. 04 
Isobel, Pearson's, Home Managem., lOs. 6d. Sep. 04 
Isopoda, Nat. Hist., Bichardaon (H.) 8s. 6d. net 

Israel, Early Story, Thomcu (Eyelyn L.) 28. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 

IsraeL Politics, Belig., Todd (J. C.) Os Jan. 04 

Israfel, Travel Pictures, 58. net Sep. 04 

It is never too late &c., Beade (Chas.) 6d. May 04 
It is never too late to mend, Beade (C), Is., 2s., 

8s. net. Feb. 04 

It was a Lover and his Lass, Oliphant, Is. 6d., 28. 

net '^^' ^ 

Italian Art, Benaissanoe, Brinton (Selwyn) 4, Ss. 6d. 
net Aug. 04 

Italian Ceramic Art: the Albarello. Study in 
Early Benaissanoe Maiolica. With 117 Bins, in 
tint. By Henry Wallis. Sm. 4to. pp. 146, 20s. net 

QUABITCB, Oct. 04 

Italian Dictionary, ^<2^r0n(H.) 15s Mar. 04 

Italian Dictionary, Eoeefeld^t, Is. 6d. Sep. 04 

Italian Dictionary, MUhauae (J.) 128., lOs. 6d. Sep. 04 
Italian Education, Aspects, Degani (M. A.) Is. 

Italian, German, Ac, India Bnbber Dictionary, 58. 

net •« Sep. 04 

Italian Grammar, Bicci (Lnin) 2s. 6d. net Oct. 04 
Italian, Learning, Oensardi (N.) 8s. net ...Nov. 04 
Italian Mstrs. Stories, Lawford (E. F.) Is. 6d. net 

/un0 04 
Italian Medals, Fdbriczy (Cornelius von) 10s. 6d. nt 

2^017. 04 
Italian Poets, Early, Bossetti, Is. 6d., 28. nt., 8s., 

8s. 6d. net Oct., Nov. 04 

Italian Benaissance Ladies, Hare (Chr.) 10s. 6d. 

Sep. Oi 

Italian Verbs, Hoeafeld's Conj., 6d. net Sep. 04 

Italian Villas and Gardens, wharton (E.) 218. net 

Nov. 04 

Italian Violin Varnishes, Fry (G.) Os. Nov. 04 

ItaUe, Voyage en, OauHer (Th6ophile) 8s. Mar. 04 

Italy, Baedeker (Karl) 8s July 04 

limty, Deecke (W.) 158 May 04 

Italy, Art, PitU Palace, Additon (J. de W.) 6s. net 

Italy (Central) and Borne, 14th revised edition, 

fiaedeker (K.) Ts. 6d Feb. 04 

Italy, Engl. Tourist in, Oeneardi (N. E.) 8s. net 

Nov. 04 
Italy, Ferara, 1500, Gardner (Edmund G.) 18s. net 

Italy, Hill Towns, WUUame (Egerton B.) lOs. 6d. 

net Jan, 04 

Italy, Napoleonic Emp. in S., Johnston (B.) 20s. net 

Oct. 04 
Italy, Old Bead to, Murray (A. H. Hallam) 2l8. net 

Nov. 04 
Italy, Storv of Beformationin, Walshe(E.)ZBJan.04 
Ivan the Terrible, WaUsxewski (E.) 14s ui..Oct. 04 

Ivanhoe, Scott, 2s Feb. 04 

Ivanhoe, Ivory Scott, 2s Sep. 04 

Ivanhoe, Scott, Tnmbull, 2b Nov. 04 

ZTeraeb ( J.)~De8cartes. Spinosa, the New Philo- 
sophy. Cr. 8vo. 7|x4i, pp. 258, 8s. {World's 

Epoch-makers) T. it T. Class, Mar. 04 

Ivimey (J. W.), Three Blind Mice, Is. net Nov. 04 
Ivy Leaves, GridZey (C. O.) 88. 6d Mar. 04 

J. (C.)— Neptune the Wise, Episodes in his Life. 
12mo. 6|x8|, pp. 72, Is. net {Life and Light 
Books) Bell, Aug. 04 

J. (G. B-.) — Memorials of Edward Bume-Jones. 
2 vols. 8vo. 9 X 5|, pp. 704, SOs. net 

Macmillan, Nov. 04 
Jaobems (R)— Family Grievance. Illus. Cr. 
8vo. 7i X 4^, pp. 198, Is. 6d. 

Gardnxb & D. Nov. 04 

Jaoberas (B.)— Girls of Cromer Hall. Cr. 8vo. 

7| X 4|, pp. 240, 28. Nelson, Oct. 04 

Jaoberas (R)— Home Fetters. HIus. Cr. 8vo. 
7| X 6, pp. 224, 28 S.P.C.K. Oct. 04 

Jaoberos (B.)— New Pupil. School Story. Be- 
issue. 12mo. 6| x 4|, pp. 268, 28. 6d. 

Macxillak, Nov. 04 
Jaoberas (B.)»School Champion. Girl's School 
Story. Bins. Cr. 8vo. 7J x 5^, pp. 884, 8s. 6d. 

Chaxbbbs, Sep. 04 
Jaoberas (B.)— Sunday Talks with Girls. Cr. 
8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 168, 28. 6d. net 

S. C. Bbown, Dec. 04 
Jaoberas (B.)— Three Bascals. Blus. New 
edit. cr. 8vo. 74 x 4^, pp. 216, 28. 6d. 

MACsnLLAN, Nov. 04 

Jaok (A. A.)— Shelley : an Essay. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 5i, 

pp. 128, 8s. 6d. net Constable, Sep. 04 

Jaok (Florence B.)— Cold Sweets, Jellies, Creams. 
12mo. 6| x 4|, pp. 120, Is. net Jack, Au^. 04 

Jaok (Florence B.)— Entries of Meat, Gbune, and 
Poultry, with Sauces. 12mo. 6| x 4|, pp. 186, Is. 
net Jack, Aug. 04 

Jaok (B. L.)— Back Blocks of China. Narrative 
of experiences amon^ Chinese, Sifans, Ldlos, 
Tibetans, Shans, Kachms, between Shanghai and 
the Irrawadi. 8va 9^ x 5| , pp. 292, 10s. 6d. net 

E. Abkold, Feb. 04 

Jaok Bamaby, Bogers (Hy. Jas.) Ss. 6d. Oct. 04 

Jack Clayton, ifacrotf JLady) Is. 6d Oct. 04 

Jaok and his Ostrich, Stredder (E.) Is. Dee. 04 

Jack's Baby, Atkinson (B.) Is. Nov. 04 

Jackman (A. N.) Mining Tear-book, 15s. nt. Jan. 04 

jaoks (W.)— Life of His Majesty William the 
Second, German Emperor. Sketch of his Hohen- 
sollem Ancestors. 8vo. 9 x 5|, pp. 872, 9s. net 

Maclshose, Jan. 04 

Jackson (Alice), &o., Fifty-iwo Stories, Grit, Girls, 
6s. Oct. 04 

Jaokson (F. H.>~Mural Painting. niu8. from 
Photographs. Cr. 8vo. 8^ x 5A, pp. 198, 58. net 
{Handbooks for Designer and Craftsman) 

Sands, Mar. 04 

Jaokson (F. H.)— Sicily. lUus. by the Author. 
12mo. 64 X 8|, pp. 264, 8s. ; Ithr. 8s. 6d. net 
{Little Guides) Methxien, May 04 

Jaokson (J.) — Advantages of Ambidexterity. 
Lecture delivered before the Ambidextral 
Culture Sec. at the Booms of the MedicflJ Soc. 
8vo. pp. 82, Bwd. 6d Low, Sep. 04 

Jackson (Stonewall), Anderson (J. H.) 8s. net Sep. 04 

Jaokson (T. C).— Practical Lessons in Book- 
keeping. 8rd ed. or. 8vo. pp. 406, 8s. 6d. 

Clive, Nov. 04 

Jaokson (V. H.)— Orthodontia and Orthopndia 
of the Face. 8vo. Ha. net...LiPFi]iooTT, Nov. 04 

Jaokson (W.)— Tezt-Bodi on Ceramic Calcula- 
tions. Exam^es. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 44, pp. 86, 8s. 6d. 
net LoxoiiAMB, Apr. 04 

Jaoob (Violet) — Golden Heart; other Fairy 
Stories. Illus. 8vo. 84 x 6, pp. 184, 58. net 

£ubznbmann,^oo. 04 

Jaoob (Violet) — Interloper : a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
74 X 4}, pp. 810, 6s. HsiNBiCAMN, Feb. 04 

Jaoobl (C. T.>— Printing : Practical Treatise on 
art of Typography as apnlied more particularly 
to printing of books. 1ML edit. or. 8vo. 74 x 44. 
pp. 484, 7s. 6d. Bell, Nov. 




AmoIm (3. W.)— Bulnj Aol, 1908, uinotatad, 
with Act nniectmg Jmiadiction □( KiohaqneT 
Coortu to B^mT Debits Edw. VIL Chap. 91, 
ftnd othar AoU kSeOting BailmTi. Sto. pp. TOO, 
81b. Od (Toronto) Casitili. Co. J>se. OS 

T>a«ba (W. W.}— DiiJitoiK LuM. niu. Ci. 
Sto.TI X «|, pp. 086, Sa Newmh, Nob. 01 


JuqiMlin^ CoonttM of Holluid, Putnam (B.) 

"- net Sop. W 

IT (A-K i/iDji, 1- tniuL, li. Sd. nat Nov. CM 

cbQ, Tajina (S.) SOt. net Dae. 0< 

(, IMl, £rw0At (Brooks-} Sa Aug. Ot 

7«mu (Q. F. B.)— Horley Brnitain. Bto. «d. Od. 

BouTLinaa, Auf. 01 

Janea (U. H.>— Death— and what than 7 Cr. Sni. 

1i X B, pp. ISO, 2a BrnxTtamTOH, Jan. M 

Jmbm (M. H.)— Ood and Hia Witneasaa. Cr. Sva 
T| X «{, pp. 113, 9*. fld SornHOTOH, Sep. M 

nuBOa (M. B,)— Aooiant LibnrieB of Canterbnir 
and Dorei. CatahwDea ol the Libniiea of Chriat 
Choioh Priory and Bt. Angnatine'a Afabay at 
Cauterbnr; and ot Sk Uartin'a Prioir at Dover. 
Now lint oollaoted and pabliahad with an intio- 
dootion and identification! of the extant rgmains. 
8vo. pp. 618, 90a. C. J. Clit, Jan. 01 

7Mn«a (H. R.) — Ohoat Storiea of an Antianarr 
Ulna. 8to. 8t X E|, pp. 383. Sa. 

E. ABIIOL&, Nov. 01 

fsmaa (H. B-KWaatem IfSS. in LibiaiT of 
Enunanael Collie. DaaoriptiTa Catalagoe. 
Boj. 8to. pp. in, 6a. net C. J. C1.AI, Dee. 01 

YWUM (H. B.)— Waatera MSB. in Librur ol 
Trinity OoUege, Cambridge. DeaariptiTa Cata- 
logna. Vol. 4. FUtaa, Addenda, Comgenda, 
Index. B07. Bto. Sa. net C. J. Ci^t, Dee. 01 

7>maB (St.)— Epiitle. Intro, and Notea bj B. J. 
Knowling. Sto. 9 x B|, pp. 310. Oa. 

IUtbuxn, Oct. 01 

JBmaB(Bt.)— Epiatleof. Note* tor General Baaden 
bj Jamea Addarlsy. Cr. Bto. T^xll, pp. SCO, 
■wd. la. net B. C. BBOWM,^Hna 01 

Jamea (Bt.), Bpiatla, Farry (B. Bt. Jn.) Ba. nt. J'an. 01 

J»mM (W. H.)— Hodarn Bbatagr. EnL edil Bra 
16a. net Biuioiwood ft B. Nov, 01 

7smea L ft VL Br T. F. Henderaon. niaa. 
llo. 1S( X 10, pp. S33, iwd. 68a. net ; on Japaneae 
paper with doplioate platei, 160a. net 

Qonnt., Nov. 01 

Jamea n.. Sine of England (The AdTectnre* of). 

B; Anthor ol ^Life of Bir Kanelm Digbj ' fta. 

Intro. b7 F. A. Oaaqoet. Ulna. Bto. B k E|, pp. 

(16,18*. 6d. net LoNokahs, Jfou. 01 

Jamea, Coronation, Oreal Sdenmit;, 13a. Ad. net 

Jamaa Edward, Old Pretender, Boome (H;. D.) 

aa. 6d. net JiUy 01 

Jamea, Taaebing ot, CuUtn (A. H.)Sa. net...JiitM 01 

Xameson (E. M.)— Pendletena. 11 DIqb. b; 

Gordon Browne. Cr, Sto. 71 ■ 11, pp. 388, Ea. 

HODDEB ft B. Oct. 01 

7*Bieaon (Idja.)— Bhakeapeaie'a Heroinea: Cha- 
raoteriatica of Woman, Moral, Poetical, and 
HiitoriDAl. iamo.Si|xSi,pp.85a,;lthr. 

aa. net (Tnnpla Clauict) Dknt, JtUg 01 

Jaml— SaUmin and Abafl. Allegair Iranal. 
from Peraian. Bj Edward Fitzgerald. ISmo. 
8) X S), pp. SB, Si. 6d. net | 

De La Uobi Fbibb, June 01 ! 
Yanaleaoa (A.)— Elemantat? Applied Ueohanica. 
6U1 edit, enl Cr. Bvo. Tj x 1], pp. B63, 8b. 6d. 

Obiitih, Sep. 01 
(A.)— Elemen. Mannal of Applied 
I. Gth ed. enl Cr. Sto. pp. SaS, 8a. Sd. | 
QsirrrN, Dec. OS I 
(A.- Blem. Manual on Bteam and .' 
Btaam Engine. 9th ed. enL Cr. Bto. pi 
ScBd. Qarrrui, 


(A.)— Text-book on B 

mand Btei 

, Bteam 

1. Torfainaa and Boileia. 11th edit 
rev. Dloa. Cr. 8Ta ?{ x E, pp. SDl, lOa. Sd. 

Qwjxwa, Oct. O' 
Tantleaon (J.)— Bell the Cat; or, Vha deat 
the Boottinh Abbeja ? Ulna, damj 6to. 8 


Jane (F. T.j- All the World'a Fighting Bhipa. 
NBTal Cyclopedia and Tear Book, lUOl. Obi. fol. 
lEa. net Low, Aug. 01 

Jaa« (F. T.)— Imperial Japaneae Nkfj. Dloa. 
Imp. 8to. I0|x8t, pp. 186,311. net 

TaACiKB, Julf/M 

jane [Frad. T.)— Imperial Bnadan Kavy. Ita 
paat, pnaent, tnlure. Bbt. ed. imp. Sto. 101 x 
8 j, pp. 786, 35a. net THAona, JPafr. 01 

Jane (Fred, T.)— Torpedo in Peace and War. 
XUna. b; the Anthor. 3nded.obL4to.lUx Bi, 
pp. 161, Ea. nat Tiuczn P#(. 01 

Jane — Baaement Philoaophj. Edit, by E. Hand 
Bnrgeaa. Cr. Bto. id. la. T. H. BoBHsra, May 01 

Jane Eyra, BronU IC.) ed Man '>* 

Jane Bne, BronU (C.) la., 3a- 8a. net .. May 01 

Jana, Hair Tale, Templar (J. S.) la. 6d. S9. 01 

• Year Book and 



Janewar (T. C.]— Clinical Study of Blood 

Freaanre. Sto. 11a. net ...8. ArruTox, Dee. 04 

Jankan (L.) Prerention of JMwtua, Sla. Od. nat 


Janvier (T. A.)— Chriatiao Kalanda of ProTanoe, 

other Prorinoial Feativala. Cr, Sro. pp. 363, 6a. 

Haubk, i^w. OS 

J^pan, AitffUM (D. C.) 9a. Sd Oot.0* 

Japan, .BromM (Q. Waldo) Ifla-net. Dee. 01 

Japan, Brownell (Clarence Ladlow) 6d. ...Mar. 0- 


..JTov. M 

Hi.) 19l 6d. net Nov. Ot 

Japoni Farrn- (Beeinald J.) Sa. ^tig. 01 

Japan, Seam (Lafoadio) Sa. 6d. net Not. 04 

Japan, ifumw (DaTid) Bb. Fab. 04 

Japan. iran«er(H.D.),Ma]ard(F.)li.Qat. i'eft.04 

Japan, TTolton fW Petrie) 19a. Bd. net Feb-M 

Japan, Aionnd Woiid through, Afar (Walt, del) 

13». 6d. not Nov. Ot 

Japan, Arta, Ctafta, Dioft (Stawatt) Sa. ed, lOe. Sd. 

net Woo. M 

Japan, Bride Ol, Dawe (Carlton) 6d. .Apr. 04 

Six El, pp. 738, Heineiuhh, Aug. 04 

Japan Cofonr Printa, Strange (Edwd. F.) lOa. «d. 

net .djir., Nov. fU 

Japan, Daylight for, Aw^ (F.) 81. 6d Mar, 04 

Japan, Diplo. Wife in, Frattr (Mra. Hagh) 6a. net 

Japan, Early Ina. Life, Aiaiawa (K.) lOa. nat 

Dm. 04 
Japan, EdzI. Qirl in, Senrutt (E. H. H.) 8a. net 

Japan, Hiat., Warner (HUton D.), Fredk. MOlaid, 
9a. net, la. net .Ab. 04 

Japan, Holiday in, Waters (T. J.) Sa. net ...Nov. 04 

1, Impreaaiona, Bittner (Qeo. I 

[.) ISe. 6d. net 

Japan in beginning of 30th Centnry. OompQed 

by Department of Agrioultora and Commaroe. 

Bto. Btxet, pp. 8S6,95B.nat ...Hdbui, Dae. 04 

Japan in Piotnrea, SUidan (D.) Ba. 6d. net...lfay 04 

Japan, Korea, China, Saich (Emeat F. G.) 6a. net 


Japan, Modem, Clemeni (Eneat W.) 8a. net Apr. 01 

J^ian, More Queer Thinga, Sladen (DonglJ 31>. 

pp. sia 







Jftpan, Qveer Things, Sladen (Douglas) 7b. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 

Japan Romance, Waiemna (Onoto) 6s May 04 

Japan-Bus. at Chemnlpho, May (W. A.) 4s. nek 

Aug. Oi 
Japan, Bnssia, * Times ' War Map, 6s. net July 04 
Japan-Bos. War, Korea, Whigham, 78. 6d. ; Daily 

M. Map of. 8s. 6d., 6s. net Mar, 04 

Japan, Bnssland, SuyemaUu (Caron) 10d.,»,Deo. 04 

Japan Story, Sladen (Douglas) 6s Nov, 04 

Japan, Sto^ of, HaleM (A. GJ 6b Nov. 04 

Japan, Study, GHjffU (Wm. Elliot) 2b. 6d., Is. 6d. 

net .....July 04 

Japan To-day, Scherer (Jas. A. B.) 6s. net May 04 
Japan, Truth, Oro$land (T. W. H.) Is. net. Sep. 04 
Japan, What I saw in, Jonez (F. J.) Is.... Mar. 08 

Japan and China, Map of, Is Feb. 04 

Japanese Art, Hartmann (Sadakichi) 6s. net 

Apr, Hi 
Japanese Art, Selected Belies, Tajima (S.) vols. 9, 

10, ea. 60s. net Dec 04 

JapsAese Ciyil Code, HoMumi (N.) Dee, 04 

Ji^Muaese Dictionary, Satow (E.) 178. Sep. 04 
Japanese Feats, Hancock (H. Irring) 6s. net 

Japanese Grammar, WeiniM (SL J.) 10s. 6d. net ; 6s. ; 

4s. Sep, 04 

Ji^Mnese Ghrammar, hy Tatui Boda, 6s. net^ov. 04 
Japanese House Party, Grant (Sadi) 6s. ...July 04 
Japanese Dlus., Strange (Edwd. F.) Juntf 04 

Japanese Marriage, Sladen (Done.) 6d Feb, 04 

Japanese Marriage, Sladen (Douglas) 6s. net Apr, 04 
Japanese Marriage, Story of Anglo-, Hollana (C.) 

6d Mar, 04 

Japanese Navy, Jane (Fred. T.) 21s. net July 04 
Japanese Nightingale, Onoto Watanna, 6s. Oct. 04 
Japanese Physical Tnuning, Hancock (H. L) 6s. 

net Jan. 04 

Japanese Bomance, Holland (Clive) 6a. ,.,Oct. 04 
Japanese-Buss. War, Bobaon (H. D.) 9d. net Sep. 04 
Japanese War Office, Under care of, McOaut (E.) 

6s. Dec. 04 

Japanese War Story, Strange (Herb.) 68. ...Oct. 04 
Japanese Wood Engraving, Anderson (Wm.) 8s. 6d. 

net Sep. 04 

Japanese &c. Gardens, ed. by Glenn Broum^ lOs. 

net Dee, 02 

Japano-Bus. War Map, Daily Chron. Is. ,..Mar. 04 

Japs at Home, Sladen (Douglas) 6d Mar. 04 

Jiffdin, Voyage autour de, Karr (Alphonse), ext. 28. 

iSerp. 04 
^ardiiM (A)--Pike and Perch. Notes on Record 

Pike, Chapter on Black Bass Sec. Bins. New 

edit. cr. 8vo. 7|x6, pp. 216, 8b. 6d. {Anglen* 

Lib,) B0UTI.2DOS, Sep, 04 

^arvls (H^ — Beginner's Guide to Carpentry. 
Practical Handbook for Amateurs and Appren- 
tices. Fully illus. Cr. 8vo. bds. Is. net 

P. Mabsbaix, Sep. 04 

Jarwick, QaUon (Tom) 6b. Feb, 04 

Jean Sma' and the G. Bailie, AUan (Jn.) Is. net 

Sep. 04 

tfmuui (J. H.) — Dynamical Theory of Gases. Itoy. 

8vo. pp. 862, 16s. net. C. J. Clay, Dec, 04 

^eCerles (B.)— Bevis^e Story of a Boy. New 
edit. Intro, by E. V. Lucas. Cr. 8vo. 8x6j^, 
pp. 480, 6s DucKWOBTH, Nov, 04 

^offerles (R)~Open air. Fine paper ed. 12mo. 
6^ X 4, pp. 242, 2s. net ; Ithr. 88. net 

Chatto, Nov. 04 

Jefferson (C. B.)— Things Fundamental. 18 
Discourses in Modem Apologetics. 8vo. 8^ x 6^ 
m>. 880, 6e. S. C. Bbown, May 04 

Jdferson, Jwii,tFUteher (Meredith) 8s. 6d....0c<. 04 

Jefl^y (J.)— Way of Life. Illustrations of Book 
of ^ovezbfl for Toung. 8vo. 8jix6, pp. 298, 
8s. 6d. net Oliphant, Sep. 04 

Jemtmjm (J. G.)— Land and Freshwater Shells of 
Great Britain. New imm. Or. Bro. 7|x6, 
pp. 466, 7s. .Yam Voobst, Jm^ 04 

Jettj (J.) — England's Beloved Victoria (In 
Memonam). Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

Stooxwxll, Dee. 04 
JekyU (Gertrude)— Old West Surrey : Some Notes 
and Memories. 880 Illus. from Photographs by 
Author. Med. 8vo. 94 x 6|, pp. 890, 18s. net 

Longmans, Apr. 04 
Jekyll (G.) Some Engl. Gardens, 42s. net...2i^. 04 

JekyU (W.)— Bible UntruBtworthy: CritioalCom. 
parison of Contradictorv Passages in the Sorip> 
tures, with view of Testing their HistoricAl 
Accuracy. 8vo. 8| x 6|, pp. 296, Ss. 6d. net 

Watts, Mar. 04 
Jellie (W. Harvey-) — Esekiel, his life and Mis- 
sion. 8vo. limp 8d., swd. 6d. {Bible CUuePrimere) 

T. & T. Olabx, Oct. 04 
'Jena' or 'Sedan'? Beyerlein (Frans Adsm) 6s. 


Tenner (H.) — Handbook of Cornish Language, 

chiefly in its lateet Stagee, with Account of its 

Hist, and Literature. 8vo. 48. net Nutt, Sep. 04 

JenningB (A. B. Q.\Land Begi8tration,12B.6cL<7ai«.04 

Jennlngrs (A. S.)— Paint and Colour Mixing. 
Practical Handbook for Painters, Deoorators, and 
all who have to mix Colours. 2nd ed. rewr., enl. 
8vo. 8| X 6§, pp. 162, 6s. net Spon, Apr. 04 

Jensen (G. J. G.) — Modem House Drainage. 
Plans and Diagrams. Paper, Is. 6d. net: en 
linen, 2s. 6d. net Sanitabt Yjsvl, Co. Feb, 04 

Jepeon (E.)— Admirable Tinker, Child of the 
World : a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 800. 6s. 

Nash, Apr. 04 
Jemlgan (T. B.)— <3hina's Business Methods 
and Policy. 8vo. 8^ x 6), pp. 448, 12s. net 

UNwnr, Oct, 04 
Jerome (J. K.) — Paul Kelver. NoveL 6th edit, 
cr. 8vo. 7^ X 6, pp. 406, 8s. 6d. 

Hutchinson, Sep, 04 
Jerome (J. K.) — Tommy A; Co. Novel. Or. 8vo. 

7| X 4|^p. 808, 6s. Hutchinson, Aug, 04 

Jerrold (w.), D. Jerrold, &c., Bon-Mots, Is., Is. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

Jerry and his Dog, Wood (Beech) Is. 9A.,.,Nov. 04 
Jerusalem, Inner, Freer (A. G.-) 10s. 6d. nt. Nov, 04 
Jerusalem 1900 Years Ago, Davie (Geo.) 2s. net 

2>ac. 04 

Jerusalem under High Priests, Bevan (Edwyn) 

7s. 6d Oct. 04 

Jesperaen (O.)— How to Teach a Foreign Lan- 
guage. Trans, from the Danish. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, 

pp. 200, 8b. 6d SoNNENSCHXiN, Mar. 04 

Jess 8c Co., by J. J. B., 6s. Oct. 04 

Jessamy Bride, Moore (F. Frankfort) 6d. .„May 04 

Jeesett (F.)— Motoria Handbook and ABC Guide. 
Compiled & ed. Cr. 8vo. bds. Is. Sihpkin, Feb. 04 

Jeaslon Letters (The): Editor's Bomance. Cr. 

8vo. 68 Putnam, May 04 

JesBica'B Mother, Stretton (H.) Is Aug. 04 

Jeaeopp (A.) — Before the Great Pillage: other 
Miscellanies. Cr. 8vo. red to Ss. 6d. Unwin, Jan. 04 

Jeaaopp (A.) — William Cecil, Lord Burghley. 

Folio. 428. net [Hist. Monograpki) Jack, June 04 

Jesuit Knot, In a, Ooai>e (H. C. 2b. Feb. 04 

Jesus Chriet, Nunesvai$ (A.) .,...Feb. 08 

Jesus Christ, Life, Chapman (Mrs. P.) 2s. net 

Afar. 04 
JeBUB, Life, Holtzmann (Oscar) 16s. net ...Mar. 04 
Jesus, Life, new Light, Briggs (Ch. Aug.) 4s. 6d. nt. 

Mar. 04 

Jesus, Life of, Benan (Ernest) 6d Apr. 04 

Jesus, Newly found Words, Harder (W. Garrett) 

28. net Dec 04 

Jeans* Christianity. By a Jewess. Ch. edit. 
12mo. 6| K 4^, pp. 148, Is. net ...Simfkin, July 04 

Jewel, Burnham, (C. L.) 6s Feb. 04 

Jewess, Jesus' Christianity, Is. net July 04 

Jewleli Addresses. Delivered at Services of the 
Jewish Beligious Union during First Session^ 
1909-8. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 270, 8s. 6d. net 

B. B. Johnson, Od 






Jewish Forerunners of Christianity, Danziger 

(Adolph) 63. net Feb, 04 

Jewish Life, Scenes, Sidgwick (Mrs. A.), 6s. Oct 04 

Jewish Quarterly Beyiew. Vol. 16. 8vo. ISs. 
net Macmillan, Sep. 04 

Jewish Tear Book (The). An Annual Reeord of 
Matters Jewish, 6665 (September 10, 1904, to 
September 29, 1906). Ed. Isidore Harris. Cr. 
8yo. i Ithr., 28. 6d. net Grbxhbebo, Sep, 04 

Jesebel's Husband, Aahton (Mark) 6s July 04 

Jhmring (Rud. Ton)---Law in Daily Life : Collec- 
tion of Legal Questions connected with Ordinary 
ETonts of fiveryday Life. Notes and additions 
by Henry Goudy. Cr. bvo. 7|x5^, pp. 182, 

8s. 6d. net FitowDS, Mar, 04 

Jiltinff of Bruce Heriot, Oreen (E. E.-) 2s. Aug, 04 
Jim Mortimer, Bell (R. S. Warren) 8s. 6d.... Oc^. 04 

Jim's Conquest, CrofUm (H^ 28 July 02 

Jiu-jitsu Tricks, Hamoock (n. Lnring) 5s. net 

Nov, 04 

Joaehliii (H.) — Romim Literature. 12mo. 6 x 8|, 

pp. 158, Is. net ( Temple Primert) Dent, Aug. 04 

Joan of the Alley, Bartlett ^red. O.) 6b.... Sep. 04 

Job. Canonical? laaacton (Israel) Is Mar, 04 

Jock o' Hacelgreen, Mather» (H.) 2s. 6d. ...Nov. 04 
Jocular Literature, Hazlitt (W. C.) Is. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 

Joel, Obadiah, Waller (Chs.H.) Is. net Nov. 04 

Johanna, Croker (B. M.) 6d Aug. 04 

John Blankset's Business, Clayton (J.) 6s. Jan. 04 

John Bull's Advon. in the Fiscal Wonderland, 

Oeake (Chs.), Gould (F. Carruthers) 2s. 6d. net 

Feb. 04 
joliB Bull's Failings. Selections from Daniel 
Defoe's * True-Bom Englishman.' Ed. by 
Nasanranji M. Cooper. 12mo. swd. 8d. net 

SixPKiN, Nov. 04 
John Chilcote,M.P., Thur$ton(K. C.) 6s. .„Oct. 04 

JoliB Chrysostom, St., Archbishop of Constanti- 
nople. 82mo. Is. net {Miniature Library of 
Devotion) Seklet, Oct. 04 

John Denton's Friends, Temple (C.) Is. ...May 04 

John (Father) — Thoughts and Counsels selected 
and arrangea from * My Life in Christ,' by Cyril 
Bickerstetn and Agnes L. Illingworth. New imp. 
18mo. 6| X 8i, pp. 420. 2s. 6d. net ; limp, 2s. net 

MowBBAY, Feb. 04 

John Halifax, Craik (Mrs.) 6d. Mar. 04 

JoliB of Avila (Blessed) — Letters Transl. and 
Selected from Spanish by Benedictines of Stan- 
brook. Pref. by the R. R. Abbot Gasquet. Cr. 
8to. 7& X 4^, pp. 172, 28. 6d. net 

BuBKS & O. Sep. 04 

John of Bameveld, Motley (Jn. L.) 1, 10s. 6d. net 

Nov, 04 

John of Gaunt, King of Castile, &e. Smith (Sydney 
Armitaee-) 18s. net Sep, 04 

John Rigdon, Plant (Charles P.) 6s. Oct, 04 

John (St.) Gospel, Pardnanda (Sri) 5s.. Dec, 02 

John (St.)— Gospel acoordinf to. The English 

Text ana Paraphrase of eadi verse in panllel 

columns, short footnotes, form of prayer for 

meditation. 2 toIs. 12mo. 64 x 4, pp. 114, 114, ea. 

Is. net {Layman's Bible Ser^ Mowbbat, Dec, 04 

John (St.), his work^enham (Canon) 9d. ni Nov, 04 

John (St.), Poem, Horton (Rbt. F.) Is. net Apr, 04 

John XVII., ThoughU, Baintford (Marcus) 2s. 6d. 

net Nov, 04 

Jobs Strong the Boaster, and other Pithy Papers. 
By Old Humphrey. Sketch of Life of Author 
by A. R. Buokland. Cr. 8yo. 7) x 5, pp. 264, 28. 

Bel. Tract, hoc. May 04 

John the Baptist, Buchanan (Geo.) MitchelLSs. 6d. 
net Feb. 04 

John's Gk>spel, M'Intyre (David) Is. net „,July 04 

Johnny's fortnight, Phillpotta (Eden) 6d. Mar, 04 

Johnm (C. H. W.)— Babylonian and Assyrian 
Laws, Contracts, Letters. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 5}, pp. 
446, 12s. net {Lib. of Ancient InBcriptione) 

T. & T, Clabx, Dec. 04 

Johnson (A. E.)— Analyst's Laboratory Com- 
panion. 8rd edit, enl., rearr. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, 
pp. 160, 6s. 6d. net. Chubchili«, S^, 04 

Jolinoon (A. T.)— Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, for 
Profit Edit. byT. W. Sanders, FX.S. Dlus. 
Cr. 8vo. bds. Is. iMt,{ProfUableFarm and Garden 
Handbooks) Collinobidoe, May 04 

Jolinoon (A. T. M.) — Eleotrio Flashes; or. 
Systems of Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony. 
Intro, by Dr. Richardson. Cr. 8vo. 7) x 6, pp. 
174, 2s. 6d. net Evsabtt, July 04 

Johnson (C.) — Highways and Byways of the 
Soutfi. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. net MAcmujiN, Dec. 04 

Johnson (C.) — New England and its Neighbours. 

Hlus. Extn cr. 8vo. pp. 850, 8s. 6d. net 

Macmillak, Nov. 03 
Johnson (C.)— Old-Time Schools and School- 

Books. Many Illus. coll. by Author. Cr. 8vo. 

8 X 54, pp. 404, 8s. 6d. net ...MACimxAii, May 04 

Johnson (C. N.)~Principles and Practice of 
filling Teeth. Enl. ed. cr. 8vo. pp. 800 

(Philad.) S. S. Whitb Dental M.C. Dec. 03 

Johnson (E.)— Rise of English Culture : Brief 
Account of the Author and his Writings. 8vo. 
8| X 54, pp. 688, 15s. net Wilx^iasis & N. Mar. OA 

Johnson (F.)— Christian's Relation to Evolution. 
Question of Gain or Loss. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 172, 
8s. net RsvELL, July 04 

Johnson (F.) — Under Cross and Crescent Story 
of Sunday School Union Pilgrimage to Holj 
Land. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net S.8.U. Dec, 04 

Johnson (G., Admiral) — Autobiography and 
Memoir, 1809-1908. Intro, by W. H. Button. 
Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net Bublexoh, Nov. 04 

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Pref. by Augustine Birrell, K.C. Also some 
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Johnson (S.) — Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia. 

12mo. 6d. net {National i>s&.)...CAB8ELL, Jan. 04 

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Johnson (S.) — ^TaUe Talk. Selection of his main 
topics and opmions taken from Boswell's Life, 
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Ci. Bvo 


1, Macaulay, Walker, It. Feb. M | 

■ (Q. H.)— SaoUiah HenJdi? nuUle euj. I 

W. & A. K. JoHNBTOH, July 04 | 
I (Harry, Sir)— Uguida Protectonte, 
9 *oIi. Ch.odit., pref. chapter giriog odditionU 
DUtber. Imp. 8to. 10 x 71, pp. 1089, S4b. net 


SoboatOB (J. 0,)— Lifa uid Letters of Hem? 
Pftrry Idddon. ConcludiDg cli&pter by Bishop of ' 
Oiford. Forte. BTD.SxG|,pp. ISe.lEs.Det 

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7*baatOB(Hu7)— Sir Uortimer: > Nova]. IIIqb. I 

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tht Stoim. Cr. Bro. TJ x 4!, pp. 240, Da. ed. I 
W. Scott, A'oi/. 04 ! 
iahattoa (Hiu Eeitli)— tee Keith (Lealie) I 
J'otaBBton{B.)— Newlndaatrialism. How Antado- 
niuia betweOD Capital and Labour may be mads j 
M diaappeat. 4to. a»d. 6d. aeL SwrXiN, Jfar. 04 
—Paril of an Empire : Norel. Cr. 
Cb*tto, Apr.Oi 

I (B.)-r 
**. PP- 8 

JMvatoB (B. M.]^Napoleonio Empir« in 
Soathan Italy, and the Riae ol Secret Swsietlea. 
i Tola. Bra. S^ x 6), pp. BT4, We. net 

Macxillan, Oct. 04 

J^uaMB (W.]-YeUow Shield, or Ckptive ia 

ZdId Cunp. HIds. Cr. Bro. T^xti, p^ 830, 

la. 6d FARTtUDOE, Sep, 04 

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Nblioh, Dec. 04 

JmMr. Sfodtm Carpenter uid. TOa. net ; 8, ea. 

Ta. ed. net Jan. &e. 04 

7A(at Stock Companies — Bettim of, r^atered, 
diaaoWed, Sic duiae 10D8, 7d. [3B1] 

Bibb ic 9 Oct. 04 
Joint Stock Co. Law, FitMpairicIc (J.) Ba. net .Tan. 04 
J'okml (M,] — Dr. Damany'a Wife: Bomacce. Srd 
ed. or. Sto. 71 x (j, pp. 830, 8a. Bd. 

Jaiaold, Star. 04 
V«k«a (M.)— Nameless CaaUe. New ed. cr. Bvo. 

Tt"OiPP'S44,S«. 6d Jarbold, j4}ir. 04 

7*feBt lM.)~T»les trom. Transl. by R. Niabet 
Bain. Complete biography and photograTuie 
portntic. Cr, Sto. 7| x 6, pp. ESB, 6s. 

Jabbou). /una 04 

>*Bt Jumbo. By Harry B. Neilaon. 4to.bda.8e.Cd. 

BI.ACKIE, Oct. 04 

Jdty Bogtr, Ifitbet (Hume) Bd /un0O4 

«aa«a (Alice)— laabel Broderick; Babblea we 

Bay. Novel. Cr. Bvo. 7) x 6, pp. «10, Oa. 

Lakk, Hay 04 
^•■«a (Borne, Sir P.)— With Amy in Brittany. 

Cr. Bro, 7J x H, pp. BO, 8a. Sd. net 

S. Afflitoh, Dae. 04 
Jonee (Borne-), £<<Ie (F. de) Sa. Od. net ...Kov. «4 
a'naa (C.)— Scienoe and Practice of Photc^r^hy. 

ilh edit, rewri., enl. IIIdb. Cr. Bra. 7^x4!, 

^. 070, Ga. net lurii, Oct. 04 

a-«BM (C.)-Soli<:itoc'a Clerk. Fart S. Srd edit. 

esL Cr.Sro. 7tx4!,pp.a33,!a, Od. net 

B. WiLSoK, Ifay 01 
Voaas (C. A.)— Stories on the CoUectx. For every 

Sondayand Holy Day tbronEhout Year; Qnea- 

tioos oil Collecta. Vols. 1, U. New cd. cr. Bro. 

ti X 4J, pp. S»a, 40B, «*.. Bi. Od. I 

Qabdneb, D. ifar. 04 i 
7*a«i (E. B., Sir)— Boy. Sto. «( xUi, pp. 16 and 

plate*. (.Art Litniru) NEwxr-t, Oct. 04 j 
Jooea (Edwd. Bame-) Hemoiiafa, by G. B.V., SOa. i 



YoD«a (G. E.), Sykea (J. C. 0.]-Law ol Poblio 

Education in England and Walaa. 8vo. Sla. net 

BiviNOTons, May 04 

Jonea (Qeor;iima Bame-), Zonal (E. B.-) Beginning, 

Ts,6d Oct. 03 

Josea (H. A.)— The Liars. Original Comedy in 
4 Acta. ISmo. 6J x 4^, pp. ISO, aa. Bd. 

Machillan, Nob. 04 
Toaea (H. C.)— Elements ol Inorganio Chemiatry. 

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Toaaa (H, L.)— Medical Electricity: a Praotical 
Handbook for Sladenta and Praotitionera. 4th 
edit. JIlus. Sra.SjxSj, pp.634, ISb. 

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Jonas (J)— Edgai'ii Tmat; or, Boya Inflnence. 

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from 'Hiuiag Journal.' Bro. SlxS|, pp. 900, 
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Taoaa (J. D.)— Elims ol Lite, other Sermons. Cr. 
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JaBaa (J. D.}— Beasons Why. For Congrega- 
UooalialB. Cr. Bvo. 7^ > 4i, pp. 190, Is. Bd. net 

Joaaa (J. D.)~BeaBOnB Why. For Free Cbuioh- 
men. Cr. Svo. 7 x 4}, pp. 09, la. net 

J. Claku, Noe. 04 

7oBaa (J. L.)— Association Football. Cr. Bvo. 
T|x4il,pp.lia,Ia pEAnaOB, Sep.U 

Jooea (J. Lawford), OuKle to Civil Service, Is. 6d., 
Ia. net Jan. 04 

Tonea (U A. A.), Bellot (H. H.L.)— Miner's Ouide 
to Coal Minea Begnlation Aota and Law of Em- 
ployers and Workman. Cr. Bvo. 7} x 5, pp. 37S, 
3a. Bd. net Meibubk, Feb. 04 

Tonea (M. B.)— Edncation Act. 1002. Hotea, 
Eiplan. and Remarks of A. J. Balfour, Duke of 
Devonshire. Bvo. pp. BO |Loadon) pr. ... Apr, OS 

Vonea (N.)— Tom Keennu, Looomotive Engineer. 
Story of 60 jeore on rail, told by hinMell. Cr. Bra. 
7ix6, pp. 380, Ss. Od. set Rkvbli., Oct. 04 

Yanaa (P. Borne-, Sit)— DoIIilts and Danucraoy. 
Illos. or. Bvo. 7Jx4^, pp. 364, 


Xouei |3.)— Now and Then ; other Sermons. Cr. 
Bvo. 7jxS, pp. S18, 8B.6d....S. C. Bbowh, Oi!l.04 

JTanaa IS.) — Rome snd Reunion. Inanirnral Leo- 
lure (October 90, 1906) to members ol UiB Society 
of St. Thomaa of Canterbury. Bvo. Is. nst 

LOMOMAMB, Ftb. 04 

Taaaa (W.)— Heating by Hot Water, VentilatioD, 
Ac. Srd ed. Sva Ba. net LocKvoop, Mar. 04 

Jonea'a Baby, Shaw (L, H. ds Visme) at....SIay 04 
1, Chapman, UaratoD— Baatwaid Hoe. 

by F, E. Schelling. BSmo, bds. 8s. net 

(BelUt-Lettret Strieti Habbaf, Oat. 04 

Jordaa (C. H.)— Farticnlars of Dry Dooka, Wet 
Docks, Wharvee, &0., on Tbamea. lad edit., 
obi. 13mo. Bs. net Sfon, Aug. 04 

farAma (D. S.), Starks (E. C.>— Review o( Cottid* 
or Sculpins fonnd in Waters of Japan (Pnoeed- 
inga U.S. National Moseum). 40 Engr. Bvo. 
pp. 106, and 6s. nst W. Vca.eY,July 04 

Jardaa (D. S.), SUrks (B. C.)— Review of Soorpn- 
noid Fishea of Jap«n iProceediogi U.S. National 
Unaeam). 3 Plates, 31 Engr. Bro. pp. 8t, awd. 
4b. net .W. Wiblev, Julf 04 

JortfaB iW. G.)— Philippian GoaMl. Soriofl ol 
Practical MeditatJona baied npon Panrs letter to 
Church at Pbilippi. Cr. Svo. T|xGi, pp. SH, 
8*. Gd. nst RsTEtL, June 04 

Jordana, ChaltonU, Summers (W. H., Rev.) 8s. 6d. 
net Ifav 0* 



J'«rr«akB — SporUmui'a Block Cklendkr, IMS. 

WIUi ft qnoteliOD ioi eveiy d>y in the jear. t>. 

■wt Smpini, Oct, CM 

Jouph Aadnwi, FUlding (Henry) 1, a, «*. 3a. ed. 

Mt Oet. 01 

JoMph Andrawi, Fielding (Hj.) !>. U., Sb. Od. oat 

Joaapli BkUuno, Sumoa (A.) 6d Apr.Ol 

J'oaepb >ad hia Brethren. Illiu. in Colonn by 
PaMan Wiiaan. ISmo. la, Bd. {Sundaj/ Dtmpy 

Book*) RiCHABDB, Apr. M 

Jo«phiiie,DeIand(E.D.)6s. Oct.0t 

JothiM, Conq. of Pftlealine, Bnautt (W. H.) Vd, Dit 
Jan. 04 

JoabOft Newjnsi, Bnul&y (O. F.) Ba. /ufM 01 

Joaa, Jforift (Bichwd) «d. Apr. 04 

1 (CkTftlin H.)— Index to Litenton of 
inm, ISlT-lMa (SmiUuoniui UiaoaUuieoiu 
CoUaetioiu). Sto. pp. IM, i*d. 8a. 6d. nat 

W. Wbblbt, Ju^ 04 
7»ara>l of Theologicd Study. Vol. S. Sto. 14a. 
-- ' " 1, Bep.Ot 

JonmftUun, FncL, Datcion (lohn) li 

net Ocf.04 

Apr. 04 
Jooney in Beab. Slave Sbitei, Olmtied (F. L.) 

aia. net Koo. 04 

Jooniey to the Weitam Iilanda ol Sootluid, 

JdhntonlS.), edit. E. I. Thomu, 9a. ed....5(7>. 0* 

Jonrney'a End Sla., Hott (V.) 3a. Sd. act ...Apr. 04 

Jowett (J. H,)— Tat anothar Ddy: a Prejer tor 

tnttj iHy ol the Yekx. Simo. la. ; lea,thBr, le. Od, 

liiw, Jan. 04 

T«r (Q. W.)— Work ol, Antobiog. Sketoh. Illiu. 

Imp. Sto. Ill x S^, pp. 64 end pUtei, 4aa. net 

C ABSEIL, Aag. 04 

Joy tor BTer, Bunkin fjn.) Si. «d., Sb. Sd. net Uar. 04 

JoyoftheReligioua, £D;er((Edgai) 3b. net, la. net 


JlldaiBm, Thoofhteon, Jfr»nliii;u (L.H.) 9*. ed.Jan.04 

Vnd* (B. H.]— Pint Bta«e Magnetism ud Eleo- 
Irieily, New ed. nt. and re-wiitb. Cr. Sre. 
pp. 970, 3a. iflrg.Sci. Ser.) Clive, Oc(.04 

mdloUl StatiBtica, Engknd knd Welea, IMS-- 
Pert 3, CitQ Judicial BtMUtin. DUgr. Sb. Id. 
IM40J Bybb &fi. June 04 

7tt41tb. Old Engliah Epia Fragment. Edit, by 
A. S. Cook, llnui. bda. la. Sd, n»UBelUt.Lttlrti 

Smei) ECAB&tr, Oct. 04 

Jndy'B LoTcra, Tynan (K.) 6a. July 04 

'«l«r (B. E.)— Handbook of Ophthutmia Soienoa 
and PiBctiee. Brd ed. Bro. 31a. net 

H £ E. Jan. 04 

Jaliaa (F.), Texe-book Qoantil Chem. Anal. 36a 

.fan. 04 

XnUaa (H. Forbea), Smart (Edcar)— Cjatuding 

Gold and Silver Oiea. Pnclicol Treatiae on 



TnUe. A Stndy of a Oiri. By a Ub. Choap 

edit. cr. Bvo. 7i x 4J, pp. 348, awd. la. net 

* C1.UUOH,' Dff. M 
TnllaB—Sonon of Jupiter. Ci. Sto. 7|x4}, pp. 

180, Se. 6d. OBKCMoia, Hep. U 

JuIiuB Cniai, Aoadeniy ShalceiptaTt, 1b. ...Dee. M 

Julius Cmu, SAaJtupeam, Pun, to. Oce. 04 

Jalina Cnaar &o., Favoarite i5AaiMpaa», ea. Gd., 

Is. net Oc(. 04 

JunpinE Fiog, Engliah, f^eooh^CiT. I^ng., TtMOtn, 

9a. net 8tp. 04 

mnrn*B (Nioo}— HoUand. Text by Beatrix 

Jnngmas. Svo. 9 x 0(, pp. 999 and platea, Ita. 

net B1.ACK, Avg. 04 

Inn. Book-keepinc, Thonlon [J., F. OtiTer) Bd.i 

Key, Sb. Sd. Afar. 04 

TBBlor Coontry Beadei, No. 9 — lion True 

Animal Storiea by H. B. M. Buchanan aad 

B. B. C. Onsmy. Ci. Sto. le. 9d. 

JooioT Endeanni, Clari (tin. F. E.) ■«. 6d. /an. 04 

3aDioiFreneh Qrammar, 9b Feb. M 

TValper (K.)~DonBld Dorringtoo. Fiet.byA.H. 

Forbra. Ci. Sto. pp. 46, 6d. aMIoaoui.Am: Ot 

Joniper Hall, fiiU (C.) Feb. M 

Juniper Hall, HiU (C.) Be. net Oct. 04 

JOalaa' Lettan. Author Hyaterj Cleared. By 

TioartuB. 19mo. awd. Sa. 6d. ...E. Stoce, Fei. 04 
JariBpmdence, Com. L., Pollock (Fradk.) 6a. Dec. 04 
TlUHFsnd (J. J.)— Hiatoire Litttiatte dn Vwfia 

Anglaie. Sra. Bwd. 19i Slm,Sov.9i 

JoBt ID Time, Bampion (W.) 8*. 6d Aug. Ot 

riutlaa of the Peace Digest. Vol. ■, ISW-lMt: 

Tb. Sd. BuTTUwoBTH, Jan. 04 

Jnatioei' Hannat, Btona'; IM4, Hth ed., Ua. net 

TUatlnlan 1 Digeat ot. Tiansl. by Charlee Hoafy 
Monro. Vol.1. Boy. Sto. pp. 4M, 19a. net 

C.J. Cut, June 04 

Jnatinian'e IiutituteB. Inbo. by J. B. Jtf^wfK, la. 


Kabul to Knmiaai, Wia«oeii(jBa.)XlB.nt. Jan. 01 
Eaflr, The Eaiential, Eidd (Dndlay) ISa. net iTar. 04 
Xalaor [B.)— Choii da Leotoiea Fianfaioaf. 
Notes, vocab. 13mo. pp. 150, le. 6d. 

Bi,aon(, Oc<. 04 
KaUndar, From Friend to F., Sl Od. oat ...Oct. 04 
blandmr of the Engliah Chnnih, IMG. Cr. Bra. 
la 6d. ; Bwd. 1b....Cbubcb PanrrtHO Co. Dec. 04 
Kamba,Siki^aiVooabB.,Htnile (H.) Be.nt.J119. 04' 
Kamchatka, Shooting, Demidoffi'B,.) 91a. net 

XKDt (L)— Edncatimu] Tkwry. B. P. 

Boohnar. Cr. Svo. Ba. Liffincott, boc. 04 

Kut,Xi»b Jonmeya,Ea. net Ktv. 04 

XbpUtb (J. C.)— Skew Freqaeney. Currea in 

Biology and Statietici. Tablet, 8 Diagrams. Sto. 

a X BlTpp. 64, Bwd. Sa. net Low, ifar. 04 

Eareo, Wood (P. H.) 3b, Sd Ao«.04 

Xmtv (A.)-'BitTaita dn Voyage autonr de mon 

Jaidin. Edit, by Stuart Q. Hallsm. Cc. Sto. 

Tt X S, pp. 14B, 9a. [Oxford Modern Frenefi Sev,} 

Frowce, Sep. 04 

Mmrt (H. Seton-, Sir)— My Sporting Holidaya- 

nias. Boy. Sto. 9i x G|, pp. SBO, 13a. Od, net 

E. AKNOI.D, Oct. 04 
Ssahmir, L. Summer, JVorifon (H. C.) Ta. 6d. net 

Kate of Sate Hall, FomUr [E. T.), Felkia (A. 

Laurence) 6a. S^. 04 

XBt«'a Party : Complete TbIm for IntanU. Poet 

Sto. pp. 03, Bd. ; awd. 9d. 

W. & B. Chahbsbs, Juim 04 
M*.T» (J. W., Sir) — LiTea of Indian OfOoera. * 

Tola. New ediL a, Sto. TjxG, pp. 676, 690, 

«»■ 4a. .J. J. KuiHKB, Nov. 04 




K««M (A. H.)— Afriok, Vol. «. SonUi llns 
(CompttidiBin of Geognpbj uid Tnvel.) Coir. 
adit a. Sto. Ti X 5, pp. ess, IH. 

G. STiMroKD, .Vor. 04 

X«*ItaB (B.)— AdveatnrM af Cock Babin and hja 
Mate. 130 IUa>. from pholographi tinkea direct 
fRm nature bj Charr; and Hicfaar<l Keartnn, 
Gt. Sto. 7) x E|, pp. 9M, 01. Ca»U.l, A'ui-. Of 

KMtrMB(B.)— Oor Barer BritiihBrMdlngBirdi;; 

Uhu Hettt, Sgg^ and Simimar Haniits, Illus. 

Cheap, ed. ray. Hto. H x Cj, pp. IM, Bs. Gd. ncl 

CAmKLx, ^pr. 04 

Xaata (J.)— Bt* of Baiat A^M. Cr. Svo. bds. le. 
net (OoJttaa/ CJIdtn(»)...AsToi^T Pus?, Frb. 01 

Xasta (J-HBtb of St Agsw. Mmo. ti. net ; Itbr, 
la. net nuuMMt, .dpr. 04 

Kaata (J,)— Poemi. EdiL bj O. BampBon. 4to. 
2E1. nrt (CMfimcA Quartat) Bill, Nov. 04 

K*ata (J.)— Poni'*- BdiL by 9. Them Dntrr. 
Inlio. by Bobert BridgM. S Tola. 19ido. Gjt i Si, 
pp. B4S^ 408, Mcb la. net; Ithr. 9B.b«t (Ifuiri 
Librarji) BouTLSixir., Nor. 04 

Xa>t>(;.},&beIle7|P.B.]-'B«I<KtPo«nS' Intro., 
NotM, ad E. B. Blakeoej. Foae. Sto. pp. S2, 
8d. ; iwd. M. [5nuai«r Bitglith Clafia) 

Bi.uzn:, Dee. 02 

S«kU(J.}— CfariatianTeai. iama.ElKtl,pp.38S, 
8«. net. Amtolat ^aaE, Aug. 01 

Xefeta {J,}— CliTiituai Tear. Brd adit. ]6mo. 
^ >■ M> pp. 9M, la. net BioiTKit, Oct. 04 

Kekta (J,>-Ij«tt(ra of Spinal Cotiniel and 
Qnidanoa. Bdit by B. W. Bandclph. ISmo. 
la. ed. aat; and. la. nat; Ithr. Sa. act (Druo. 

ftONoJ £U.) HOWBKII, Dtc. 04 

XttH* (John) — Ljra InDooentinm. 16 Dim. by 
fiUadw Haadlai. Fcap. Bra. 4a. 

J. PlMlB, Feb. 04 
Xabte {J.)-Paa]ter in Engliih Tana. 11 toIi. 
p. Bra G| X 4, pp. IM, 174, ea. li. ti. net ; Ithr. 
Ba. Bd. net iUattmi' OJiriitiaa Cloattei) 

S.C. Bwiwu, Dec, 04 
Eahle Coll. Conf., Ded. of Clergy aa BUual, St, 

Nov. 04 
SMble (W. J.)-Pratee(iaii and Ihe People. 

Ilmo. iwd. Sd J. Dicxs, Jan. 04 

(F.),^amb]a <P. W.^CcJonr-Physiology 

Sto. bdi. Sa. 6£ J, UcBaiy. Jun« 04 

Xe«n (I.)— Bncliah Compoaition and Essay 
WHtiDg. For Uvll SoTiea and other Competi- 
tiva Biamiiiationi. Cr. Sra bdi., la. Bd. 

I. HroatT, Jan. 04 
X«e(» (J.)— Higher Arithmatio for CiTil Senice 
Bianu. Ne*ad. CI. 8T0.bda,>l. 

J. UnsaiT, Feb. 04 

Xaafa (J.)— Indexing and Prfcia Writing. Fur 

c andidatM preparjog tor CiTil Sarrica £Tiiinm&- 

tiosi. Cr. Sto. baa. Sa J. IfcKuy, Jan. 04 

CDDteinad in Private Aota ot Fuliasient 


Coipoiationa and Urban Dutriot CoDDcile in 

IVOl, IMS, IBOa, Sto. 8) x Bi, pp. M, Ss. ed. net 

F.S.Kaa,Srp. Oi 

Keapar Jocko, FMtar (WmJ la. 6d., la. net Oct. 04 

Ka^M^a Book, WaU^r (A. Stodait] 8i. td. nLJ4i ' 



KalgtatlaT (S. B.)— CaTalian. Bvn. awd. 6d. 

HtJTCHHiBOM, May 04 

M^igbnmj {8. B.)— CrimaoD Sign. Svo. iwd. U. 

HDTCHiaaoK. Sep. M 

Kcttb (A.V— Hnman Embryology and Mor^io- 

logy. Ond edit. enl. Blni. Boy. Sto. » t B|, 

pp. 414, laa. 6d. net E. Aemoui, Dec. M 

XolUi (I..)— Kot eran a Tiaoedy. Koral. Ct. 
Sto. 7} x G, pp. 8E4, 6a. Bicbabds, May M 

Kaltb (Lealie>— When the Boor-Tree Blooml. 

Nav ad. cr. 8to. 71 x 4l, pp. aM, ^ fld. 

BiL. TucT Soo. Feb. 04 
Xelk* (W. H. H.)— Bpitiome of Company Law for 

BtDctenU. Cr. STO.Sa. Swut ft H. Ifay 04 

Eelkel Qnide to London, lu Aug, 04 

XalUud (F ^, Tait (P. Q.)— Introdnotioo to Qoatar- 

niona. Sid sd. Prepared by C. G. Enott. Cr. 

Sto. 7t M 44, pp. 9Se, 7a. Sd....HiciaiJ,u, Ftb, 04 
Xallar (Helen)— My Bey ot Lite, Optiminn. 

Eiaay. Cr. Sto. 7f k4), i^. 6S, 9i. M. 

itBiiTXB, }foe. Ot 
KaUett (B. E.>— Birdi ot a Faathar. BpiaodM 

in Lite of Hoppy and Sloppy. Cr. Sto. 7^ x 4|, 

pp, SOI, Sa. 6cC XitamMTix, Mar. Ot 

Xallorr (J. W.)— ^iw ot Blaotridty on Shis- 
board. Sto. 4a. Sd, net 8»0H, Dee. M 

X«U»rr (B. H.)— Part aPropbM^otUkaFatiiiai 
other Sermona. Sto. 84 x E£pp. 898, Oa. 

HoMira ft a. Oct. 84 

XaUr ( J. J.)— Yoathfol Teraea. Cr.STo.pp.lS4, 

(Dablin) Szalt, Bsubs ft WAi.m, Oet.H 

EiUj (B D., Bit} qgicar'i Letten, Bi. Ocl. 01 

KaUX (B. J.) — AgrieoltDtal and Teehtiiaal Initnu- 

tion (Ireland) Act, IBM. Cr. Sto. pp. IB4, Sl Sd. 

(Dublin) Sealt, Bktus ft Wujxb, M 

X«Ut (B. J.}~-HaDdbook ot Begiitration Law. 

Cr. Sto. op. 144, 8a. 6d. 

jDnbl^) 8au.T, Banu ft Wauum, 0» 

XeUT (B. J.}— Looal BegUtration ot TiUe (Ireland) 

Act, 1891 ; Bmall Dwellingi AoqnintioD AoL Sto. 

pp. US, Sa. (Dobliu) Siu.y, Bnnsa ft Wai.KZB,01 

XaIIr(W.)—I.actareaonDayot Atonement. Mew 

ed. or. Sto. pp. 184, la T. Wsbtok, Dee. Ot 

Xallr (W. P.V—Schoolboyi Three: Story of 
Sohool Lite. New ed. or. Sto. 7JN4l,pp. 8M, 

Sa. Sd. BoDTLxnal, Sep. 04 

K«ny (W. P.)— Stooa-Cnttei ot Hamphii. IIlu. 

Cr. Sto. 7] x 41, pp. 884, Ou BoDILKDOK, Apr. 04 

Kally'a I>ire<itory ot Birmingham and tha 

Coontiei ot Stafford, Warwick, and Woroaatac, 

lEKM. Roy. 8ro. 8Sa EiU.T, Ltv. Jpr. 04 

Kallj's Directory ot Chemiata and Drnggiita, 

1904. Imp, BTa aOi Eillt, Ltd. Ju^ 04 

Kallr'a Directory of Conntiaa of Cambridge, 
Horfolk, Suffolk, 1M4. Imp. Bro. 80a. 

KIU.T, Ltd. Not. 04 
K«Ur*a DireotoiT ot CoDntiei ot Derby, Notting- 
ham, Leioeiter,Batland, 1804. Imp.8TO.aO*. 
Ebllt, LtA. Juiv 04 
Kallya DirectoiT ot Grocery, FtOTiiiim, and Oil 
and Colonr Tiadei, 1904. Imp. Sto. SBi. 

Siu-T, Ltd. July 84 

KaUr** Directory of Merdanti, HannfaotiuetB, 

and Sbippera, and Qnide to the Export and 

Import Shipping and MaDntaotnring Indnrtriaa 

ottka World. 1804. STOb. Imp. 8to. SOa. 

Kii-L^ Ltd. Apr. 04 
Kallr'a Directory ot Stationcn, ninter*, Book- 
lelleri, PnbUihen, Fapermakan, ftc. ot England, 
Scotland, Walea, ftc, 1904. Imp. Sto. SEi. 

SxLLT, Lm June 04 
JCallr'B Diiaclory o( Wert Biding ot Yorkdiiie, 

1904. Imp. Sto. SB*. Eku.1, Ltd. Sep. 04 

XaU7-a Handbook to Titled, landed, and OBtUl 
Claaaci tot 1904. Cr. Stol IBa. _^^^^ 




(J.)— The Faith of Robert Louis Steven- 
ion. 8yo. 9 X 5£, pp. 820, 68. net 

Oliphant, July 04 
Keltic Besearches, Nicholson (E. W. B.) 2l8. net 

Mar. 04 
K^tIb (Lord) — Baltimore Lectures on Molecular 
Dynamics and the Wave Theory of Light. 
Founded on Mr. A. S. Hathaway' s Stenographic 
report of twenty lectures delivered in Johns Hop- 
^8 University, Baltimore, in October 1884; 
followed bv twelve appendices on allied subjects. 
8vo. 8^ X bit PP- 716, 15s. net...C. J. Clay,2^0&. 04 

Xemeid (H. J.) — Standard Guide to Egypt and 
the Soudan. Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to 
Cairo and the Nile. 8th yearly edit. cr. 8vo. 
limp, Is SiMPKiN, Nov. 04 

Xemp (Dixon) — Manual of Yacht and Boat Sail- 
ing. 10th edit. Edit, by Brooke Heckatall- 
Smith. Diagrams. Imp. 8vo. 10^ x 6|, pp. 688, 
868. net H. Cox, July 04 

Xemp (B.) — Some Notes on the Ward of Aldgate, 
and its ancient and mod. Hist, to commem. elec- 
tion of Alderman John Pound as Lord Mayor. 
Sm. cr. 4to. 10 x 7^, pp. 78 ... E. Fisheb, Nov. 04 

Kemp (B.)~Some Notes on the Ward of Aldgate 
and its Ancient and Modem History. 2nd edit. 
To commemorate election of Alderman John 
Pound as Lord Mayor of the City of London. 
Boy. 8vo. 10 X 74» PP* 86, Ss. net 

Eden Fisher, Dec. 04 

Xempe (H. B.)— Engineer's Year-Book of For- 
mnlaB, Bules, Tables, Data, &c. Cr. 8vo. leather, 
88 LocKWOOD, Feb.Oi 

Xempta (T. a)— Of the Imitation of Christ 12mo. 
M x8|, pp. 242, Is. net; leather, 2s. net {World's 
Oliutics) BiCHABDS, Jan. 04 

SampU (T. &)— Of the Imitation of Christ. 12mo. 
0} X 4^, pp. 282, Is. 6d. net...pABTRiDOE, Nov. 04 

XeoupBter (A.)— The Mark : a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 
8 X 4|, pp. 890, 6s Hutchinson, Jan. 04 

kealey (Arabella)— Marriage Yoke. Novel. 
Cr. 8to. 7| X 5, pp. 856, 6s. ...Hubst & B. Oct. 04 

lealy (Arabella) — Some Men are such Gentle- 
men. 8vo. swd. 6d DiQBT & L. Nov. 04 

Kaoelm Chillingley, Lytion, 6d Feb. 04 

KenUworth, Scott (W., Sir), Pitt B., 2s. 6d.Jan. 04 

Kanilworth, Scott, Leask, 2s Feb. 04 

Kenilworth, 5co«, 6d Feb. 04 

Kenilworth, Scott (Walt., Sir), Lang, 2s. 6d. Dec. 04 

I (Charlotte) — Honour or Desire : a Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4j;, pp. 882, 68 Diobt, L. Apr. 04 

LMUiard (J. S.)— Psvchic Power in Preaching. 
Bdit. with Memoir by his Son, John Spencer 
Kexmard. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 5^, pp. 286, 5s. 

Hoddeb & S. May 04 

Leonedy (A. B. W.) —Mechanics of Machinery. 

4th ed. cr. 8vo. pp. 668, 8s. 6d. MACifiLLAK, Dec. 02 

Leiuiedy (B.)— A Man Adrift. Being Leaves 
from a Nomad's Portfolio. Pop. ed. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

Greening, Apr. 04 
Leanedy p.)— Natural Philosophy for Junior 
Students. 4th edit. rev. Cr. 8vo. limp, Is. 6d. 

SiHPKiN, Sep. 04 
iBBedy (H. A.)— New World Fairy Book. Illus. 
by H. B. Millar. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 5|, yjo. 866, 4s. 6d. 
net Dent, Sep. 04 

Xeimedy (H. A. A.)— St. Paul's Conceptions of 
the Last Things. 8vo. 8|| x 6^, pp. 890, 78. 6d. 
net Hodder & S. Apr. 04 

Kenneth, Yonge{C. M.) Ss. 6d Aug. 04 

Xeony (C. 8.)— Selection of Cases illustrative of 
English Law of Tort. 8vo. 9x5^, pp. 646, 
128. 6d. net C. J. Clay, Aug. 04 

Xeat (A. T.)~Otia. Poems, Essays, Beviews. 
Bd. by Harold Hodge, Memoir by A. A. Baumann. 
Cr. 8to. 7| X 6, pp. 284, 58. net Lane, Dec. 04 

Xeat (C. F.) — Narratives of Beginnings of Hebrew 
History. From Creation to Establishment of 
Hebrew Kingdom. Maps, ohronol. Chart. Boy. 
8vo. 9^ X 6j^, pp. 418, 12s. net Hoddeb & S. Sep. 04 

Kent (Father), Challoner (Bp.), Kings iii., iv.. Is. 

Nov. 04 

Xeayon (C. F.)— How to Memorize Music Cr. 
8vo. swd. Is W. Beeves, Mar. 04 

Mmnjon (C. B.)—Clive Forrester's Gold. HIus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 180, Is. 6d....B. T. S. Sep, 04 

XenyoB (Edith C.)~A Girl in a Thousand. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 6, pp. 880, 2s. 6d. Pabtbidoe, Oct. 04 

Xenyon (Edith C.) — Forestalled ; or, New Fabric 
of Stonefield Mills. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4}, pp. 224, 
Is. 6d Bel. Tbact Soc. Apr, 04 

XenyoB (Edith C.) — Little Bobin Gray. Bins. 

new edit, crown 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 168, Is. 6d. 

Bel. Tract Soc. Aug. 04 
XeayoB (Edith C), Soans (B. G.V—Norman'a 

Inheritance ; or, Young Crusaders, illus. cr. 8vo. 

74 X 4i, pp. 222, Is. 6d. Bel. Tract Soc. May 04 

Xer (W. P.)— Dark Ages. Cr. 8vo. 7) x 5, np. 873, 
5s. net (Periods of European Literaiurei 

Blackwood Sc S. May 04 
Xermode (P. M. C.)— Traces of Norse Mytho- 
logy in Isle of Man. 8vo. swd. 2s. 6d. 

Bembose, July 04 
XernaliaB (C.) — Face Beyond the Door. Narr. 
cr. 8vo. 7i x R|, pp. 94, 2s.; swd. Is. 

Hoddeb Ss S. Oct. 04 

XerBahaB (C.)— The Child, the Wise Man, and 

the Devil. New ed. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 8|, pp. 82, fts. ; 

swd. Is Hoddeb & S. Oct. 04 

Xemabaa (Mrs. Coulson)— Beautiful Savage: 

Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 5, pp. 826, 6s. 

F. V. White, Map 04 
XeraataBB (Mrs. Coulson) — Devastation : a novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4i, pp. 814, Os Long, Jan. 04 

Kernel (The)— see Hawkes (H. P.) 

Xerr iG. L.)— Practical Coal Mining : Manual for 
Managers, Under-managers, Colliery Engineers 
Ac. Illus. 8rd ed. thoroughly revised. Cr. 8vo 
7J X 5i, pp. 472, 12s. 6d Gbiftin, Feb. 04 

Xerr (J.! — Curling in Canada and United States, 
Becoi d of Tour of Scottish Team, 1902-8, and of 
the Game in the Dominion and the Bepublic. 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 5|, pp. 804, 10s. net 

G. A. MoBTON, Mar. 04 

Xerr (J.)— Other Memories, Old and New. Cr. 
8vo. 8 X 5i, pp. 288, 8s. 6d. net 

Blackwood & S. May 04 

Xerr (J. G.)— Constructive Geometry. Steps in 
Synthesis of Ideas regarding Properties and 
Belations of Geometrical Figures. Arranged 
for First Year's Course in Science. Cr. 8to. 
71 X 4J, pp. 122, Is. 6d Blackie, May 04 

Xerr (B. F.) — Pippo Buono : Simple Life of Saint 
Philip. 68 Illus. Boy. lOmo. 7^x6^, pp. 214, 
8s. 6a. net Habbison, Def. 03 

Kershaw (John B.), Booth (W.), Smoke Prev. 6s. 
net Oct. 04 

Xeeeler (F. B.) — German Declension Tables. Is. 
net SiEOLE, Nov. 04 

Xessler (L.) — Gold Mines of Witwatersrand ; 
determination of their value. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4$, pp. 
148, 10s. 6d. net Stanpobd, Nov. 04 

Xew— Boyal Botanic Gardens. Bulletin. Ap- 
pendix lU. 1904. New Garden Plants of 1908, 
4d Eybe & S. June 04 

Xew. — Boyal Botanic Gardens. Bulletin of Mis- 
cellaneous Information. 1908. Appendix lY. 
list of Staffs in Botanical Departments at Home 
and in India and the Colonies, 4d. 

Eybe & S. Mar 04 

Xew — Boyal Botanical Gardens. Bulletin of Mis- 
cellaneous Information: List of Seeds and of 
Hardy Herbaceous Plants and Trees and Shrubs, 
4d Etbe & 8. Mar. 04 





Kewenus PUtntanun Phan., Sup. 3, Fas. 1, Index, 
128. net Oct. 04 

Xej and Elphinstone's Compendium of Prece- 
dent* in Con\*eyancing. 8th edit, by Sir H. W. 
Elphinstone *2 vols. roy. 8vo. 70s. net 

Sweet & M. Nov. 04 

Xeyaes (J. N.)— Scope and Methood of Political 

Economy. 8rd edit rev. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 896, 

7s. net Macmillan, Oct. 04 

Keziah Crabb, Whwnper (A.) Is Aug. 04 

Khatris, Varma (Hamam das) Dec. 01 

Khedive, Land of, Felberman (L.j'Ss. 6d. ...Feb. 04 
Khedive's Country, Fenn (G. M) Gs Apr. 04 

JUokliam (C. J.)— For the Old Land. Tale of 
20 years ago. New edit. cr. 8vo. 74x4^, pp. 
888, 8s. 6d. M. H. Gill, Dec. 04 

Xldd (D.)— Essential Kafir. 100 foll-page Ulna, 
from Photographs by Author. 8vo. 9 x 6^, pp. 462, 

18s. net Black, Minr. 04 

Kidd (W.), Baa Baa Black Sheep, 28. 6d. ...Sep. 04 
Kidderminster Sec. Carpet Manuf. 10s. net Nov. 04 
Kidnapped Millionaires, Adame (Frdk.) Is. Hay 04 

Kidnapping of Ursula, Reed (L. C.) Is Oct. 04 

Kidney Disease, Casper (L.) 7s. net Jan, 04 

Kidney, Movable, Dropped, Suckling (C.) Is. Feb. 04 
Kidson (F.) Brit. Nursery Rhymes, 8s Dec. 04 

XidstOB (E.)— On Fructification of Nenropteris 
heterophylla, Brongniart. Plate 4to. pp. 6. Is. 

DuLAU, Mar. 04 
Kikujm, &c. Vocabs., Hinde (H.) 8s. net ...Sep. 04 

XUb«7 (W.)— Advanced Hand-Camera Work and 
FocAl-Plane Photography. Cr. 8vo. 2s. net; 
Bird. Is. net Dawbabk & W. July 04 

JLfllMy (W.)--Advanced Hand Camera Work and 
Focal-plane Photography. Cr. 8vo. 7^x4|, 
pp. 98, 2s. net Dawbabn & Wabd, Juli/ 04 

JLUbom (N.)— Story of Chamber Music. Cr. 8vo. 
71 X Ht PP- 88S, 8s. 6d. net {Muaic Story Series) 

W. Scott, May 04 

JLlldare (O.)— Up from the Slums ; or, My Mamie 

Boae. Story of my Begeneration. Autobiography. 

Cr. 8vo. 8 X 5i, pp. 804, 6s. net ...Unwix, June 04 

Kildare Plaoe Soc., Moore (H. Kildare) 7s. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 
JLlUlok (Hallie)— Life's Orchestra. Pref. by 
Helen Mathers. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

TBRHEn.SE, Dec. 04 
Kilmeny, Hogg (Jas.) Is., Is. 6d. net Dec. 04 

JLimptOB (G. D.)— Aix-la-Chapelle Treatment 

8vo. swd. 6d. net H. Iumpton, Mar. 04 

Kindergarten Painting, My Present to You, Is. 

Sep. 04 
Kinetic Theory, Gases, Boynton (W.) 7s. nt. May 04 

Xiac (A. S.)— Alfie the Street Boy; or. Hardly 
Won. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 144, U. 6d. 

MowBRAT, Sep. 04 
SLinff (B.)— Steps of Honour: a Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

8 K &A, pp. 292, Cs Harpeb, Apr. 04 

Kiug (Bryan) and Riots, Crouch (Wm.) 8s. 6a. net 

Nov. 04 

Siar (C.) — Memoirs, Helmet of Mambrino. Cr. 

8vo. 12s. 6d. net Putnam, July 04 

JLIar (J.V- Interest Tables for 81 Days. 8vo. 
2;i. 6d. net Routleoge, Mar. 04 

Xlav (J.)— School Manager's Handbook, 1904- 
1905. Cr. 8vo. 2s. ; swd. Is. 6d. 

E. Abnold, June 04 
Xmg (Jn. R.), Cicero, pro Sulla, Is. 6d. ...July 04 

aUAg (L. W.)— Records of the Reign of Tukolti- 
Ninib I. King of Assyria, about B.C. 1275. Cr. 
8to. 6s. net {Studies in Eastern History) 

LuzAC, Nov. 04 

aUiic(P- S.)— Lidication of Houses of Historical 
Interest in London. Part 1, Id. 

London County Council, Oct. 04 

ILiag (W. F. H.)— Classical and Foreign Quota- 
tions. Polyglot Manual of Historical and Literary 
Sayings, Noted Passages in Poetry and Prose, 
Piurases, Proverbs, Bons Mots. 8rd ed. rewr. 
two. 8^ X 54, pp. 480, 6s. net. Whitaseb, July 04 

Arthur in Avalon and the Lifting of 
Lvonnesse (Marvellous History of). A Chzoniole 
of the Round Table. Communicated by Geoffrey 
of Monmouth. Ed., with Intro, and Notes, by 
Geoffrey Junior. 8vo. 8^ x 5|, pp. 108, 2s. 6d. net 

J. MuBRAY, Feb. 04 
King Arthur's Wood, Forbes (E. S.) 42s. nt Oct. 04 
King Honour, Dunn (Archib.) 2s., 2s. 6d. 

Jan., Feb. 04 
King John, Henry V., Little 4to. Shakeepeare, 

ea. Is. net June 04 

King John, Nat. Lib. Shakespeare, 6d. net Oct. 04 
King John dec.. Waistcoat Pocket ShaJcespearft 

ea. ,,.Oct. 04 

King Koko, Hofftnann (Prof.) Is. net Nov. 04 

King Never Crowned, HoUis (G.) 28 Oct. 04 

King of Diamonds, Tracy (Louis) Os. Apr. 04 

Xinir of Kings. Lettered and decorated by Mary 
Vivian Hughes. lUus. by Drawings adapted 
from Old Masters by Ursula Wood. New edit, 
fo. 12| X 8|, pp. 74, 8s. 6d. net Mowbbay, Oct. 04 

King of Love, Forde (G. M.) 2s. 0d Sep. 04 

King of Ranges, Gould (Nat) 6d. Oct. 04 

MJttkg of the Beasts. By Carton Moore Park and 
* The Cockiolly Bird.' 4to. bds. 8s. 6d. 

Blackix, Oct. 04 
(The). Vol. 18. Folio. 18s. Nxwnes, Nov. 04 

and his Navy and Army (The). VoL 17. 

Fol. 18s Nkwnxs, May 04 

King's Army Regulations, Amendments issued 

with A.O. June 1, 1904, 2d Aug. 04 

King's Beadle, Payne (J. W.) Os. net Apr. 04 

King's Bench &c. Prac., Poeoek (W. A.) 5s. June 04 
King's Bodyguard, Teomen, Hennell (B., Sir) 680. 

net May 04 

King's Coming, Wynne (F.) 0s. Sep. 04 

King's Daughter, hj Pansy, la. 6d. Oct. 04 

King's Desire, Gounng(iitB. A.) 6s Mar.04 

King's English, to Write, Bygott (Jn.), Jooos, 

Is. Od. net Jan., Feb. 04 

King's Fool, Barrington (M.) 6s ...Apr. 04 

King's Homeland, Dutt (W. A.) 10s. net ...Nov. 04 
King's Hussar, Compton (Herbert) 6d. Mar,04 

Xiao's Letters : From Early Tudors, with Letters 
of Henry VIII. and Anne Boleyn. Edit, by 
Robert Steele. 16mo. 6^ x 4|, pp. 872, 2s. 6d. net ; 
vellum, 8s. 6d. net (Kind's Clauics) 

Db La Mobb Pbxss, J'une 04 

King's Own, Marryat, 2s., 8s. net Nov, 04 

MJknfm Regulations for Navy, 1899. Addenda, 

March 81, 1004. Is Etbe & & Nov. 04 

King's Scarlet, Hyndhtm, (Horace) 6s Dee. 04 

aUar'B Scholarship Guide, 1904. Cr. 8vo. •d.Od. 

net {Normal Tutorial 8erUs)...^TMr%s»,Mair.04 
King's Stewards, Banks (Louis Albert) 8s. 6d. nel 

Feb, 04 

King's Sword, Watson (H. H.) Is. Nov. 04 

King's Threshold, YeaU (W. B.) 8s. 6d. netlfar. 04 
Kingdom of God within yoo, Tolstoy, 6d. net. Is., 

2s Feb. 04 

Kingdom of Siam, 9s. net Nov. 04 

Kingdom of Twiliriit, Beid (Forest) 6s. Apr. 04 

Kingdoms of this World, Cule (W. E.) U,..Nov. 04 
Kingdoms of this World, Harding, Steph. 6s. Feb. 04 

XlBfflake (A. W.)— Edthen. New edit With 
portrait and a biographical sketch of the Author. 
Cr 8vo. 7| X 4}, pp. 410, 2s. 6d. net 

Blackwood Sc S. Dee. 04 
Kings I., CaHer (G.) Is. 6d.; Kings EL Is. 6d. 

Mar. 08, Dee. 04 

Kings I., 11., Stade (B.) 18s. net Nov. 04 

Kings I. and II., Century Bible, 2s 6d. and 8s. €d. 
net Mar.04 

Xlnrs III. and IV. Revised Veraion, with old Notes 
by Bishop Challoner and new Notes by Father 
Kent. Roy. 8vo. swd. Is. ...Bubns A; O. Nov, 04 

Kings and Queens I have known, Vaeareseo (EL.) 
10s. 6d Apr. 04 

XtarBlaad (J. P.) — Man and his Environmaat. 
Thoughts ox a Thinker. 8vo. 8^x5}, pp. 860, 
7s. 6d. net J. Mubbat, aep. 04 






Xlnffslaad (Mrs. Barton) — ^Book of Indoor and 
Outdoor Gkmes. Snggettions for Entertainments. 
Cr. 8to. 7| X 5, pp. 688, 6b. ...HziNEXAinf, Oet 04 

Xlniralex (C.) — Glauoos ; or, Wonders of the Sea- 
shore. New edit. Notes, Dins. Cr. 8to. 74 x 5, 
pp. 166, 88. 6d BouTLEDOE, Oct. 04 

Xinrsley (C.)— Heroes. Cr. 8to. 2b. {Standard 
Lib>) Blacxde, Nov, 04 

Mln^mlej (C.)— Persens. Tale for Yonnger Folk. 
16mo. Ss. 6d. net ....Gat Se B. Oct. 04 

Mingwl9T (C.)— Two Years A£o. 8to. 6d. 

W. CoLUMs, Feb. 04 

MlMkgwl9j (C.)^Two Years Ago. Cr. 8yo. 71 x 6^, 

pp. 644, as W. CoLLiNB, Sep, 04 

aUayaley (C.)— Water Babies: Fairy Tale for 
a Land-Baby. Cr. 8yo. 7 x 4}, pp. B9B, Ss. net ; 
Hhr. 8s. net {IUum, Pocket Cta$ne$ for the 
Young) .• Hacmillan, Nov, 04 

XlBffSley (C.)— Westward Hoi New ed. illas. 
Cr. 8to. 8 X 6|, pp. 486, 2s. 6d....Bx«ACKis, Jan, 04 

Xlarsley (C.)— Westward Hoi 16 Bins, by 

Harold Copping. Photograynre portr. of Author. 

Cr. 8yo. 7| x 5, pp. 590, 2s. net; Ithr. 8s. net 

J. Long, July 04 
Xl]|«sley(C.)— Westward Ho I Bins, by Charles 

E. Brock. Cr. 8yo. 7 x 4}, pp. 606, 2s. net ; Ithr. 

8s. net {Illu$, Pocket Cla$$tcsfor the Young) 


Mingmlmj (Charles)— Works. 11 toIs. Foe ed. 
12mo. leather, ea. 2B.6d. net...MACiciLLAM, Mar, 04 

XiBffSley (Charlotte May)— Anors Engagement 
Front Cr. 8yo. 7| x 4}, pp. 884, 8s. 6d. 

Wabd Sc L. July 04 
MlngwUmj (Florence Morse)— Singular Miss Smith. 
NoTeL Blus. Cr. 8to. 7| x 6^, pp. 214, 6s. 

Macxiixam, May 04 

XlBffStOB (W. H. G.)— Captain Cook, his Life 

and Voyages. Blus. New edit cr. 8to. 8x6^, 

pp. 820, 2s. 6d Bel. Tblact Soc. Sep, 04 

XlBffstOB (W. H. G.)— Cruise of the * Dainty,' or 
Borings in the Pacific. New edit cr. Svo. 7) x 6, 
pp. 196» U, 6d. SJP.C.E. Nov, 04 

XlBffStOB (W. H. G.)— Gilpms and their For- 
tune. New edit cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4}, pp. 160, Is. 

8 J>.CJC. Oct, 04 
KliiffStOB (W. H. G.)— Manoo, the Peruvian 
Chief. Ct,^o, 2a. {Standard Lib.) 

Blacxzb, Nov, 04 

XiBffStOB (W. H. G.)— Mate of the 'Lfly'; or. 

Notes from Harry MuBgrave's Log Book. New 

edit cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 164, Is. 8 JP.CK. Oct, 04 

XiagrstOB (W. H. G.)~Michael Penguyne; or, 
Fisher Life on Cornish Coast New edit. cr. 
Sra 7^ X 4|, pp. 160, Is S.P.C.K. Oct, 04 

XlBffStOB (W. H. G.)— Peter the Whaler. Cr. 8vo. 
28. {Standard Library) Blackib, Apr, 04 

XlBfSton (W. H. G.)— Sunshine BQl. New edit 
cr. 8to. 7^ X 4|, pp. 160, Is. SJP.C.K. Oct, 04 

aUarstOB (W. H. G.)— Two Shipmates. New 
edit or. 8yo. 7| x 4{, pp. 160, Is. 8 JP.CK. Oct 04 

(W. H. G.), Frith (H.) — Notable 
Voyagers from Columbus to Nansen. New ed. 
IlluB. 8to. 8i X 6|, pp. 672, 68. 

BouTLEDOB, Mar, 04 
XlBffStOB (W. H. G.), Low (C. B.)— Great African 
Travellers. From Mungo Park to Livingstone, 
Stanley, Gordon Cumming, Selous, and Sir Hanry 
Johnston, 1769-1900. New ed. by Edward Latham. 
Blus. 8vo.8ix6|, pp. 642,6s. 

BouTLSDOE, Ifar. 04 
Kington (Ths. Lawrence)— see OUphant (T. L. K.) 

SLlBlej (O.)— Money: Study of Theory of 
Medium of Exchange. Cr. 8vo. 6s. net {Oit%Men*$ 
Library) MACiaLLAK, Aug, 04 

JUaaear (Gtoorgina)— Use of Words. Accidenoe 
L ol Grammar as it explains Parts of Speech. 
■>- iteio. Is - J. MuBBAT, July 04 

Kinship of Nature, Carman (B.) 6s. Feb. 04 

XiBSbnuiBer (C.>— Diseases of Electric Machi- 

nery: their Symptoms, Causes, Bemedy. Cr. 

8vo. 7^ X 4^, pp. 84, limp. Is. 6d. net 

Habpeb, Sep. 04 
XiBSlniumer (C.)— Testing of Continuous Cur- 

rent Machines m Laboratories and Test-rooms. 

Practical Work for Students and Engineers. 

Blus. 8vo. 8| X 64, pp. 886, 6s. net 

Habpeb, Oct. 04 
SLiaser (HJ, Walter (K.)— Theory and Practice of 

Damask Weaving. TransL from German by 

Arthur Morris eaA Herbert Bobson. Bov. 8vo. 

10 X 6, pp. 112, 8s. 6d. net ...Scott it G. Jan. 04 
Kipling (AUce)— see KipUng (Mrs. h,) 
Kipling (Miss A. M.)— see Fleming (Mrs.) 
Kipling (Mrs. L.) &e., Htmd in Hand, Verses, 8s. 6d. 

net Oct 02, Apr, 00 

Xipliar (B.)— Ban in Vermont (humorous poem). 
8vo. pp. 8, Id ^ Mbthubb, Nov. 02 

XipUac (B.)— Departmental Ditties, and other 
verses. New edit cr. 8vo. 7| x 4}, pp 192, 6s. 


XipUac (B.)— Traffics and Discoveries. Cr. 6vo. 
H ^ Ht PP* ^Mi 8** Macmillan, Oct, 04 

Kirk (J.), Croft (Canon)— Historical Aooount of 
Lisbon College, with a Begister compiled by 
James GiUow. Demy 8vo. pp. 276, 6s. 

St. Amdbbw's Pbbsb, 04 

Kirk (Prof.)— Papers on Health. New and Com- 
dlete l-voL edit, zev. by Edward Bruce Kirk. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4i, pp. 882, 8s. net Snmmr, Aug. 64 

Kirkby (W.)— Practical Prescribing and Dis- 
pensing. For Medical Students. Cr. 8vo. 74 x 4|, 
pp. 178, 4s. 6d. net Shbbbatt Ss H. May 04 

Kirke (H.)— From Gun Boom to Throne. Life of 
Vioe-Admiral H. S. H. Philip D'Auveigne, Doka 
of Bouillon. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 6, pp. 176, 6s. 

SoNXEXBCBBiM, Junc 04 

Xirkaiaa (F. B.)— Premises Lectures: with 
Beform Exercises. Cr. 8vo. 1s...Black, May 04 

Kirkap (T.)— Progress and the Fiscal Problem. 
Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 204, 8s. 6d. net 

Black, D^c. 04 
Kish, other Poems, Mangan (Jas. Clareooe) 4d. 

Kiss of Enemy, Hill (Headon) 6s. May 04 

Kit PUtes. Garrison Artillery. Nos. 6 and 10, 
ea. 9d. Etbb & S. Oct, 04 

Xitokej (J. W.)— Astronomical Photanaphy with 
fortv-inch Benactor and two-foot Befleotor of 
Terkes Oboervatory. 18plii^tes. Boyal 4to. pp. 11. 
swd. 48. net ( Univ, Chicago, Decennial Publica- 
tions) Weslet, Mar. 04 

«ttoMn (F. H.)— Principles of Finance of Fire 
Insurance. Cr. 8vo. H x 4{, pp. 266, 6s. net 

E. Wilson, May 04 
gtieliln (G. W.)— Buskin in Oxford, and other 
Studies. 8vo. 8^ x 6i, pp. 862, 12s. net 

J. MuBBAT, Feb. 04 
Kittredge (G. L.) Engl, and Scottish Ballads, 15s. 

May 04 

Kitty Costello, Alexander (Mrs.) 6s Jan. 04 

Kitty Montgomery, Deane (A. E.) Is Dee. 04 

Kitty of the Boses, Barbour (Balph Hy.) 7s. 6d. net 


Klttia (Augusta)— Anatoli : Bomance of the Sea. 

12tllu8. by Patten Wilson. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 

160, 8s. 6d. net Dent, Nov. 04 

Klondike, Three Tears in. Lynch (J.) 128. 6d. net 

Mar. 04 

XaaokftiM (H.)— Bubens. Trans, by Louise M. 

Bichter. Imp. 8vo. 10| x 7^, pp. 170, sd. 4a. net 

{Monographs on Artiste) Gbbvel, Mar. 04 

_ (H. G.y— Lepidopterist's Gm'de. 8rd ed. 
cr. 8vo. swd. adv. to Is. net..GuBiiBT & J. Apr. 04 
Knapp (O. G.) Artist's Love Story, 12s. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 



Kslfht (A. E.), step (E.)— LiriDg PUnt in ]>Kf, l Kriiluu,0rpheii*,5<;hun (Edonud)3i.iietJiV.04 

Flower, Fmit. Popnliir Book on BoUny for _ .^, „^ > n. ,j « i ■ i 

pp. 19S, IS.. 6d. net Hutc^bom, ji.* M ] Workriiop. ; or, Inau.lry combuwd «ith A»ri- 

''^ ^ " ' I otdtore, uid btain work with mmnal work. Cr. 

Svo. iwd. ed. net BoKHiHSCHiiH, Sep. 04 

:r»p»tUa (P.)— Field*, FutoriM, Workihopa ; 
or, Indoatry oombiaed with AgiiaultOM uid 
Bnin Work with AUuiiftl Work. IIIdi. and na- 
abridsed. «th impt. of Pop. Edit. Cr. 6n. 
7tK*l,pr " 

Xnlfht (Brooka-]— Ce.pUin'( Stoi; ; or, Junura 
Sixty YeuB unce. tUu. Ke« edit, cr, 8vo. 
SJl K S|, pp. S18, 9*. 6d. {Boy-t Own Sgrif) 

RxL. TucT Boc. July 04 

KBlfht (R. F.>— Cnilie of the ' FUoon.' ymf^ 
to Booth Amsrick in ■ SD-ton Ywht. ftUpt, 
niu*. New edit. er. 8to. T| » B, pp. 8Ti, Be. 6d. 
(SiUer Library) LoiiaKuts, Ocl. 01 

Xaltbt (F. A.)— Corner of Aioedy. His*, by 
AnlboT uid hji FrioDdi. Cr. Bva 8 x t|, ip. SM, 
7*.Sd. net DlHT.Spp. <M 

XBlftat (W.)— BetRwpeeta. Finl Serie*. 8Ta. 

Si N Sl^pp. 838, Sl net Bmiih ft B. Oel. IM 

Knight (Wm. Augtu)— m* Knight (W.) 
Xnight'i Tele, Chauctr, Xing'! Clu., St. Sd. net 

Eniriit'B Tkle, C^wwr, W. Skeat, li. nt. ...F«b. 04 

Kni^te oi Liberty. PoUard (S- F-) Be. 8»p- M 

EuohksrTy.Batwwt Blend, Be Oi;t.04 

Knotting, kc Bopm, StuIkCjt (FftDl) U. ...Dec 04 

jch Pottery i 
Sro. Bxlj, pp. 188,[iAb, o/^npUwI 

^rti) Ifiwmi, £ae.04 

Enowlmg (B.), Epistle of Bt. /am», Se. Oct. 01 

XBOwlMB(T.8buper)— ArtotBaoenb Owepei 

June. Cr. Sto. 7 x 1|, pp. 181, ewd. It. net 

_ Winn, afar. 04 

■aowUoB (T. 5burp«r}-Lao Tolitoy, e Bio- 

g»phioel ud Critieel Stady. Cr. eto. 7Jtxl);, 

pp. IM, Si. fld. net Wabkb, iTar. 01 

Xaawlnim [T. B.) •- Honey-meking by Short 
Story Writing. Cr. 8to. 7} x 1|, pp. 188, 8i. 6d. 
net NioaAN ft C. Wop. 01 

Xaoz (A.) — Oloeiety of Oeogrephioel end To)^ 
grephioal Tenne, and of wordi ol freqnant 

n compoeition of anch lemu and of 

pUoe-nunea. (Compendinm ol Qee^rKphy end 
TrsTel, fiQppIemente^ Tolnme.) Cr. Bto. 7i x 6, 

_pp. 178, IGi. Btakfobd, Oet. 01 

Knoi <John), Bromi (W.) td., li. Dm. 04 

Knox [lobnt Stalkar (Ju.) 8a, 6d. Nov. 01 

Kodak Somt of mr Proofi dereloped,!*. 

Kono^ (P. O.), I^ana). of French Impmaia^tti, 

by C. MauclaiT, la., 3l M. net Jan. 08 

Kootnai, Biit. Col., Dyar (H.) Be. net /klu 04 

Koran, Beligion ol, WoUtuton (Art. N.) It. net 

Woo. 04 

Korea, Hwrnillim (Angiu) Iti. net Jan. 04 

Korea, HamiUm lAngni), ISe. net. Feb. 04 

Kormt, a Tale of, Oale (Jaa. S.) 1*. Od. net Apr. 04 
Korea, Daily Uail Uap of, 8*. 6d., a*.nat... jfar. 04 

KoTMt Beriaw. Vol, 1, ISa. PboSsthuh, Dm. 01 

Korea ftc, Whigham (H. J.) 7a. 6d Uar. 04 

Koteana, Tayler (C. 3. D.) 8a. Od Apr. 01 

KArin lUaterpieces, Tajima (S.) 9, GOi. nt. Ote. 01 
Kontevakr (H. H.]— Baeaian FoJitioal Lutitii- 
"'--: their growth. Cr. Sto. pp. 808 (Chieago) 
' _ Dee. 09 

7fc 8d..., 


KrttMM (B.)— Startera and RegnUton 1 

Hoton and Qaneraton: Theory, Conttmotion, 

and Connection. Sto. 8] k b}, pp. HO, la. 6d. net 

Kisrwn, Apr. Oi 

KraTdUnal? (Serge HiUianonch}-~Me SUpniak 

KNUtMr Sonata, Tolftoy, ad. Ab.04 

, pp. 970, la. Dat...SoiniEiiBCBZi]i, Nov. 04 
Xrnpolkln (P.)— Hatul Aid : Factor of EtoIb* 
tion. Ber. ch. ed. Ova 8| x tl, pp. 868, St. ed. 

Siiiniuini, Jan. M 

XraekaBbMv (F. T.)— Fellowahip and Lila. 

Short Beading! with anitable Prayen lor Holy 

Week and Eaater-tida. ISnio. E|xBf, pp. SO, 

la. net Howbut, Uar. 04 

Knun, Henham (Emait) Sa. Hay 04 

Kolms (O.)— Dante and the Engliih Foala froM 
Chancer to Tennyaon. Cr. Sto. Oi, net 

BaLL, June 04 
KUnatleriaoho Entwicklong der W., Dregvr (Max) 

lOBa. Nob. 01 

Knropatkin, Campaign, Story (Doogl.) lOa. M. net 

ILVtamt (A.) — Commercial Qerman : oomplat* 
conne. Cr. Svo. pp. 104 

(New T<^) AMUk Bl. C. Apr. Ot 

Kwiidan, Htam (T«le»dio) 7s. Od. May 01 

Kyrle (J.) Han ot Boaa, BaTTingttm [Hrc R.] la. net 

Kynka (J. W. N.)— Diotionary of Legal QnoU- 
tioua. Notes. Cr. Svo. 10a. Sd. 

BwziT ft H. Sm. 0< 

&.— Prayer* for Conmon Dee. Cr.BTO.pp.919,li, 

&. A. Bnfflea. Story for Children. Ulna, br 
Sybil H. Hicholla. Obi. Ito. bda.SB.4d. 

Bicsnu, Jf 00. M 

labour and Drink, Burnt (John) Sd. Nov. M 

I«boDr ftc QoeslionB in S. Africa, Sa. 8d. ■Ton. M 

&B«Bbr (A.)— Stage SlniEglei of a Bad Actor. 

limo. 0} X 3|, pp. lU, iwdT la. net 

Scots Pictobiu. Pm. C0.N0V.M 
b)t««r (H. B.), Pannett (C. A.)— Praotieal BxBi- 

ciaea in Cbemioal Fbyaiology and Hiatolofy, 

Bto. awd. b. net Biann,Dw.O< 

Ladder of Sworda, Parktr (Gilbert) Ba. 8tf. 04 

ladder ol Tean, Ooimore [Q.) 6s. Kar. M 

Ladies' Qolf, Hetlei (H.) Be. net V«y M 

KadlBB' Hagaxine, Jan. to Jnne, 1004. Boy. Sra. 

61. net .Pbums, Jum M 

Ladies' Han, Uat^auaat (Ooy de) Is...... jHne M 

^adl«a' Tear Book and Boosakeeper'sDiaiy.lOM. C. Lnra, Aon. 04 

Ladi of the Bible, BeUiton (W.) Is. Jtai« M 

Lady AdeU'a Suitor, Wood (Hn. Hy.) Od. Dee. 04 

Lady Barbarity, SnoilA <J. C.) 6d 4j>r.04 

Lady Eloctra, Barr ISbl.) 6s. ~.Oee. 04 

Lady in Black, Warden (F.I Sd. Sep.Ot 

I«dy in Sables, AppleUm (6. W.) Ga. ISay 04 

Lady in Waiting^Mtnilher (Hon. Xn.) Os. Oct. 04 
Lady of Loyalty Hooae, IteCatthg (JniUn H.) Os. 

Lady of Lynn, £etant (Walt., Sir] Se. Sd. Dee. 04 

I«dy of the Island, Boothby (Gay), 6s. Von. 04 

ljkdyofUieLake,i9eoei,F. Masaon, lB.4d. nt.04 
Lwly of the I«ke, Beotl (W.), Airy (G. B.) Bs. nH 

ImAj of the lake, Nat, Lib. Beotl, Od. net Afar. 04 

lAdy BylTia, Clenw (Lnots) Ba. ...Oet.M 

Lady and Burglar, Turner (Edgar) Be Mag 04 

Kkdr'a Hagaiiiu. VcJ., 1004. Imp. Sto. 6a. net 
PcAmsoH, Dee. 04 
LaSan (Bartha)— see Laffan (Mrs. de Conny) 

Loman, SMd, Oliver (F. W.) fto. Te 





(Janet)— The Borderlanders. Cr. 8yo. 
7| X Hi PP* S^> ^' ^ no^ Dent, Apr. 04 

(S.) — A Modem ZoroftBtrian. 8to. swd. 6d. 

Watts, May 04 
(C. S.y—Looomotiye simply Explained. First 
Intro, to Study of Locomotive Engine. Folly 
iilos. Cr. 8to. ad. 6d. net P. Mabshall, Jan. 04 

(Kir80pp)~The Influence of Textual Criti- 
dam on the Exegesis of the New Testament 
Sra pp. S8, Is. net J. Pabseb, Feb. 04 

(Nancy) — Menus made Easy ; or, How to 
Order Dinner and ^ve the Dishes their French 
Names. New edit. cr. 8vo. 7^x41, pp. 250, 
as. 6d Wabme, Aug. 04 

(B.) — Handbook of Diseases of Ears. For 
Students and Practitioners. 8 coloured plates. 
2nd edit. or. 8to. 7^ x 4^, pp. 252, 6s. net 

Bailli^be, Oct 04 
AklBf (Guy F.)— Armoury of Windsor Castle, 
European Section. 4to. 1058. net 

Bbadbuby, Aonew, Feb. 04 
Amartine (A. de)— Deux Heroines de la lUvo- 
lotion Fran^se. From * L'Histoire des Giron- 
dins.' Edit, by Mary Bentinck Smith. Cr. 8to. 
74 X 5, pp. 188, 2s. 6d. (Oxford Modem French 
8er.) Fbowde, Sep.Oi 

lb (C.)— Essays of Elia. Cr. 8to. 8j|^x4i, 
pp. 820, 2s. 6d. net [Library of English Prose) 

T. N. FouuB, Mar. 04 
MBb (O— Essays of Elia. 2 vols. 18mo. 
i-bd. 5s. net Putnam, Dec. 04 

lb (C.) — Essars of Elia: a Selection. 12mo. 
Od. net {Nat. Lib.) Cassell,D«c. 04 

b (G.) — ^Essays of Elia, Selected. 12mo. limp, 
8d. {Continuous Readers) OLrv'EB & B. Aug. 04 

Ainb (C.) Essays of Elia and Eliana. 12mo. 
6^x4|, pp. 642, 28. net; leather, 8s. net {York 
liibrary) Bell, Aug. 04 

(C.) — Essays and Sketches. 12mo. 6^ x 8^, 
pp. 296, Is. 6d. net; Ithr. 2s. net {Temple 
utcLSsics) Dent, Oct. 04 

(C.) — Letters. Newly arranged, with addi- 
tions. Ed., with Intro., Notes, by Alfred Ainger. 
2 Tols. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 853, 8s. net {Eversley 
Series) JdxcuihUMt June 04 

(C.) — Tales from Shakespeare. Cr. 8vo. 

28. {Standard Library) Blackie, Apr. 04 

(C.) — ^Tales from Shakespeare. Designed 
for Toung People. New edit. cr. 870. 7|| x 5hi 
VP' 416, 2s. Eoutledoe, Nov. 04 

b (C. and Mary)— Mrs. Leicester's School; 
or, History of Sereral Young Ladies related by 
ThemseWes. Drawings by Charles B. Brock. 
Cr. 8to. 7} X 4|, pp. 126, Is. 

Gabdneb Ss D. Nov. 04 
(C. and Mary)— Tales from Shakespeare. 
For Preliminary Students. Oxford and Cam- 
bridge Ed. Cr. 8vo. Is. 4d G. Gill, /an. 04 


b (C. and Mary) — Tales from Shakespeare. 
Part 2. 12mo. swd. 8d. {Continuous Headers) 

OLrvsn & B. Aug. 04 

b (C. and Mary)— Tales from Shakespeare. 

Bdit., with Intro, by Alfred Ainger. 12mo. Gi x 4, 

p. 888, 2s. 6d. net; Ithr. 8<i. 6d. net {Golden 

reasury^New Series) Macmillan, Oct. 04 

(C. and Marr)— Works, Vol. 4, Dramatic 

Specimens ; Garrick Plays. Ed. by E. Y. Luca<«. 

8to. 9 X 6 J, pp. 664, 7s. 6d. ...Methuen, Mar. 1 

lAmb (C.) &c., J3on-Mots, Is., Is. 6d. net ...Oct. Ut 

(H.J — Propagation of Tremors over the 
Surface of an Elastic Solid. 4to. pp. 42, 28. 

DuLAU, Jan, 04 
nmh (R.)— A Wilful Ward. New edit. Cr. 8vo. 
fl X 5|, pp. 258, 2s. Bel. Tbact Soc. Aug. 04 

(Ruth)— Alice Western's Blessmg. Illua. 
u 74 X 6, pp. 220, Is. ...Pabtbidoe, Apr. 04 


Xiamb (Ruth)— Dear Miss Meg, and other Stories. 

Blus. New edit. cr. 8ro. 8 x 5^, pp. 288, 28. 

Rel. Tbact Soc. Sep. 04 
X«mb (Ruth)— More Talks in the Twilight Cr. 

8vo. pp. 192, 2s. 6d. Rel. Tbact Soc. Jan* 08 

&amb (W.)— Guide to Examination of Throat, 
Nose, Ear, for Senior Students and Junior Prac- 
titioners. Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4|, pp. 164, 58. net 

BaillxKbe, Oct. 04 

Lamber (Juliette)— see Adam (Madame) 

Sambert (D. H.) — Shakespeare Documents. 
Chronological Catalogue of extant Evidence 
relating to Life and Works of William Shake- 
speare. Cr. 8vo. 74 X 44, pp. 180, 8s. 6d. {CarUe 
Shdkespeareanai) {Bohn*s Lib.) Bell, June 04 

Xtambert (J. C.) — Christian Workman. 82mo. 
4ix2|, pp. 120, Is.; leather, 2s. {Christian 
Ideals) Baobtsb, Apr. 04 

(L.)— Cleon in the Palace of Truth, or 
Art of Statecraft. Cr. 8to. swd. Is. 

R. B. Johnson, Apr. 04 
Lambertini (Prospero), Benedict XIV., Unedited 

Works, 22s. net July 04 

Lamia, the PoeVs Diary, 7s. 6d Oct. 04 

Lamma's Grove, Dawe (Carlton) 6s Oct. 04 

Lamp unto my Feet, Bidder (M.) Is. net ...May 04 

ZiamplLlii (N.)— Mrs. Waternum : Novel. Cr. 8vo. 

71 X 5, pp. 460, 6s Dbane, Mar. 04 

Lamplighter, Cummins (Miss) 2s. Apr. 04 

Lamplighter, Cummins (Miss) 2s Sep. 04 

Lamplighter, Cum/mins (Miss) Is Sep. 04 

XAmpson (F. L.)— London Lyrics. Introd. and 
Notes by Austin Dobson. 12mo. 6| x 4A, pp. 222, 
2s. 6d. net; Ithr. {OoldenTreasi*ry 
Series) Macmillan, Dec. 04 

Xtancaster (G. B.) — Sons o' Men. Novel. Cr. 
8vo. li X 5, pp. 808, 6s A. Melbose, Oct. 04 

Lance-in-Rest, Talbot (L. A.) Os Apr. 04 

Lancers (9th Queen's R.), Beynard (F. H.) 42s. net 


&«Bd Commission, Ireland — Rules made by Lord 
Lieut, of Ireland, dated Aug. 29, 1904, under 
Sec. 56 (5) of Irish Land Act, 1908. as to furnish- 
ing of Maps and Information to Land Commis- 
sion, Id. [1542] Eybe & S. Oct. 04 

Land, Compul. Taking, Waghom (Ths.) 2s. net 

Mar. 04 

&«Bd Judge's Court (Ireland) — Return by Counties 
of the Estates in the, over which KeceiverH have 
been appointed, 2d. [182] ...Eybe & S. June 04 

Ibaad Law (Ireland) Act, 1887 (Eviction Notioee)— 
Return for Quarter ending Dec. 1, 1908, ^d. 

Eybe & S. Mar. 04 

&«Bd Law (Ireland) Act, 1887 (Eviction Notices) — 
Return for Quarter ending March 81, 1904, ^. 
[2058] V— S^'RS ^ S* "^^^ ^^ 

XABd Law (Ireland) Act, 1887 (Eviction Notices) 
— Return for Quarter ending June 80, 1904, ^d. 
[2178] Eybe & S. Sep. 04 

Land of Bondage, Burton ( Jn. Bloundelle-) 6s. 

Nov. 04 

Land o' the Leal, Lyall (David) Gd June 04 

Land Property, Law, Edwards (W.) 208. ...Nov. 04 

&«Bd Registration, Principles and Practice. By 
A. R. G. Jennings and others. 8vo. 128. 6d. 

Stevens & S. Jan. 04 

&and Service. Telescopic Sights. Handbook, 
1904, 4d Eybk & S. Nov. 04 

Land and Freshw. Shells, Jefreys (Jn. Gwyn) 
7s. 6d. net July 04 

Land and Sea Pieces, Legge (A. £. J.) 8s. 6d. net 

May 04 

Landells (Wm.) Selections from Tennyson^ 6d., 
Is. 6d. net Dec. 04 

Landlord, Tenant, Law, Emanuel (M.) 8s. 6d. net 

Nov. 04 

IbaadolB (L.)— Text-Book of Human Physiology, 
incl. Histology and Microscopical Anatomy. l(Hh 
rev. and enl. edit. 894 lUus. Roy. 8vo. 9^ x Of, 
pp. 1027, 80s. net Gbiffin, Oct. 04 



r (A. H. S.)— Oema ol Um EmI. ie,000 mtlai 

of resMkrch unong wild kod tarns tribra ol Buchuit- 
ine lands. 3 »ol«. nin». Hoj. Bro. OixB|, 
pp. 613, 80s. net H1CIIII.1.A.V. June M 

Xaador (A. H. B.y-Ia ths Forbiddsn Lud. 
Aeooont of Jonrnej in TOwt, Csptnrs br Tibetan 
Anlbori(i«i, Impnuumimt, Torloie, Ultimste 
BelsMS. Fop. edit. IT nine. Cr. Bvo. TlxG, 
pp. 810, Bl 6d. HiiNEiuHH, i7i% M 

&«ail»r (W. fi.)— Bhorter Woiki. ISmo. BJxai 

SI. 8M, Be. n«t; Ukther, Si. M. net (TMn 
iipar CloMiei) Newseb, Jpr. 01 

&«ne (T. 0'7I.>— Englisb-Irish Dictionur- Ci. 

8T0, Hi. ea. nat Now, .Tun* 04 

XAna IT. O'Neill) — EDElisb-Irish Diotionerj. 
Hem; Bvo. pp. 581, 19>. M. 

iDoblin) 8KU.T, Bbtibs £ WiLiui, D«e. 01 
K>BC(A.)— AUTVdTennjua. Bto. iird. Sd. net 

Bluiwood ie 3. Sep. Oi 

X»ar (A.)— Aacsstin utd Nicolette— Done into 

Eneliib- New edit. ISmo. SI x ll, pp. 73, Bs. Sd. 

St-rr, Oe(. 01 

Kasc (A.)— BisloriBS] Hyeteries. Front. Bto. 
ej X Gt, pp. Sla, ta. net Smith & G. i)ec. 01 

X«ac (A.) — Historr of Sootlsad from Bomsn Oooa- 
paticra. VoLS. Front. Bof.STo.SJ x GJ.pp. 1B8, 


&«ac (A.)— Uuk ol Csin. Sto. iwcL Sd. 

Abbowskith, AMg. 01 
X-SBf (A.>— HTiter; ol Huy Btosrt. lUns. rei. 
Cd. 01. Sto. 8 X Bi, pp. 378, 6s. 6d. net 

Ldnohanb, Jan, 01 
&«n((AliiM)— Adventonaof HsnsMiillei. Illas. 
cr. evo. SJi X 6j, pp. 939, la. ed. 

R'f- Tract Soc. Mim 01 
X«at (L. L.)— ^olgH Tnith. Noral. Cr. Bvo, 

71 K S, pp. 8M, 61 & ASHOLn, liar. 01 

K>n(brldra (F.)— Lovs bu no Fitj. Notrel. 
Cr. Sto. 7] x 1|, pp. 816, 3a. 6d. 

DioBY ic L. D»e. 01 

XWBCtoldr* (Irene)— Willism Btake. Stndj of 

bis Lite and Art Work. Boy. Bro. Mx S}, m. 910, 

IDs. 6d. net. .Bell, Oct. 01 

Kaa«ftrldK* (BoMmond)— Tbe Third Eiperi- 
ment. NoveL Cr. Bro. T| x II, pp. 808, 6a. 

UmnN, 5n>. 01 

iMagltr (9. P.), Abbot (C.)-~1WW Solar Selipia 

Bipedition of Aitropbysical ObaerTstorj of 

u_^4i. — ;.. i...i.„.:™, 33 PUtes. Rot. Ito. 

....W. WuLEi, July 01 

4 (Sopbia H. E.)— Woman's Work and 

7_...__ :. Cr.»T0.7JxB,pp.r' " 

B. Bto- 

How to liEhten it 

Btoce, PM. 01 

...S. ArK.STaH,/ii9M01 
LaBptsge Zsailj Leuned, Swptranto, Is. ed. not 

LanCDBgea, Twching Hodem, Somtr (B.) Ss. nat 
Dae. 08 
Kaak«ster (Hra.)— Briliah Ferns: their Cliaai- 
HcstioD, Btroctnre, Fnnotions. Ulna, new edit- 
or. Sto. T| X 1), pp. isa, 8a. 6d. Goiimob, May 01 
lAnkMter (Hrs.)~-Britiih Ferns: their Claoai. 
fieatioDf Straetan, Fnnotions. Best meUiods 
for their enltivatimi. Qltu. new edit. or. Sto. 

7} X 6, pp. IBl, Sa. 6d Boutlukii, Nov. 01 

XankcBter (His.)— wnd Flowers worth Notioe. 
IHqb. new edit. or. Sto. 71x11, pp. '" " "" 

OBBDisi, ifny 01 



KtmafloUt (Lkurie)— Unknown to Hersell. Norel. 
Cr. Bto. Tixlj, pp. 390, Si. . . . J. Clabkx, Oct. Sl 

KftO Tm— The Ssyings of. Tnns. from ChtDoae, 
wilh Intio. bT Lionel Oilei. IBmo. Sj x l), pp^ 
Bl, Is. net (WUdom of tht Eait) 

OiuEXT Pbibs, Sep. 01 
Laotxe, Book of the Simple Waj of, Bs. ed. □«( 

Sep. M 
I^pworth, Wsnvks., Sudaon (B.) ISs. iM%...Dtc. 01 

IrfirMr-- (A. E.)— The Calcnlos for Engioeen 
snd others. SpedallT sdspted tor Board of 
Trade Eiama. Bto. S} x E|, pp. 03, la.8d. net 

SiwuH, Apr. 01 

&*rMr (C.E.)— Uinehead, Poriook,Daniter. Snd 

edit. or. Sto. la. ed. net; swd. M. oet {Hotne- 

latid Handbo»lii) ...Homelimi> Assoc, .iu;. 01 

Lejyiu, Halign. DJaoaica, Sanli (Fhilip de) Is. aut 

Ocl. 01 

iMMt Dsjs of Theodorio the Ostrogoth, other 

Verses. 16mo. 6} x G, pp. lEl, Bs. Od. net 

SixFiiN, If ay SJ 

Last Hope,Ifarnman (Ht. Seton) 6a Aug. Ot 

Last IriA XiBg, BtMwU (T. 0.1 6d ^117. 01 

Tjut Letters of Aabref Bw^ley, Gs. net. . .Dae. 01 
Last of the Hohicuis, Cooper (J. F.) Is. at. Juiy Ot 
IdBt of Mohieana, Cooper (Fanimore) 3a., 8s. net 

LaatPost,i)o(»Mr(U. 0.)red. toGs.uet ... Jitlu 01 

Lsal Traitor of LoDg Islaiid, Savage (Bich. U.) Ss. 

^u^. 04 

T^siowski (Udme. de)— see Qerard (Uiu Emilj') 

Latch-key, ItOUngton (T. S.) Is Itajf 01 

Lstar Pepi/i [Bir W. W. Pepya, Bt., 17GS) Sis. 

net June 01 

LatbaiD (Arthur Carlyle)— see Lalham (A.) 
latbam (Cha. 8.),EleTen Lettera ot Dante, 7a. Id, 
Jim. 04 
XiKtliBBi (E.)— Dictionary of Abbreviationa, Con- 

tractiona, and AbbnTJatiTe Signs. Slmo. 1) x 9], 

pp. lae, Ithr. Is. netfViBwiNn Sef. Lib.) 

>»tfcwai (G,)— Dietionuy ol Names, Nickname*, 

and Somames ol Persons, Flacei, and Things. 

New ed. or. Sto. BJ x B j, pp. SIO, Bs. 6d. 

BouiLEnoi:, Apr. 01 
XiKttBU (E.>— Famous Sayings and their Anthora. 

Colleotion ol Historical Sayings in English, 

French, Oerman, Oreek, Italian, Latin. Cr. Bto. 

Bi X Gl, pp. 378, 7s. Bd....BoNNXiiaCHH>i, Nob. 04 

&*tlm«r (H.)— Seleoted SermouB. Intro. & Nolea 

b; A. B. Bnokland. Cr. Bro. T x 4|, pp. IM, I*. 

Bbl. Tuct Soc. Oct. 01 

I«tin Antbology, Oardiiuir (O. B., And.) 3s. Feb. 04 

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bitla Coarse— Parts. OopioasEieMiaes,Vocaba- 
laries. Cr.STO.T|xlI,pp.966,9a.ed. 

Ldsoiubb, 3/ar. 04 
Latin Course, Bell's, Marchant (B. C.) £0. 9b. 

Nov. ft 

Iditin Course, JjonfmoMi*, 8a. ed May Ot 

lAtin Coarse, Longmans', Spragge (W. Horlon) 3, 
Be. Sep. 01 , 

ftsUM Dictionary : Latin-Euglish and English- 
Latin. Cheap edil cr. Bto. Tj x 1], pp. SIR, 

3a. net Chuubbk, Sep, 0* 

Latin Dictionary, HoufeWi, la 8d Sep. 01 

I^tin Giammar &e.,5ay*( IB. J.} Bs. Sd....^uff.04 
lAtin Prose BEcr., Somwy jO.) 1, 9, aa. la 6d. 

Sep. 04 

Latin Beader, Forte IE. J. a.) Is. 6d Apr. Ot 

LatinBeader, let, WiiIsini(E. P.)ls.Bd. ...Jon. 01 
Latin, Sal«tions, WaU (A. P.] £a to. Sd. Srm. Oi 

Latin Syntax, ilamsay {O. G.) 9b. ed Oct. 04 

Latin Worka of Awle, tranal., 'Temp. CI.' Is.ed. 

9b. net. Dec. Ot 

I^tin *o^ Why we Lean, Jrwm (S.) la. ...June 01 
Latiua Bpig. Theaaa. Ling., OUott |Q. N.) 1, 1, 

3s. 6d. net 8171. 04 

LatinarBni q.a, Initia Oparwn, 18, 11, 18, IB*. n< t 
Sov. 04 






abtttoiir — New Cotine of French based on Oooin's 
Method made Etymological and Grammatical. 
Vol. 1. Part 1. lieseons i.-Tu. . 8to. swd. 28. net 

O. SCHULZX, Oct. Oi 

abetter (O. H.)— Natnral History of Some Com- 
mon Animals. Cr. 8yo. 7^ x 41, pp. 842, Ss. net 
(Oambridae Biolog, 8erie9).„C, J. Clat, June 04 

Land's Book of Common Prayer, Sootl., Ts. 6d. net 

Oct 04 

XaurbllB (Clara E.)— Divided, Story of a Poem. 
Cr. 8yo. 28. 6d. net Bbybll, Oct, 04 

abaurlillB (Clara E.)— Eyolntion of a Girl's Ideal. 
Cr. 8to. pp. 74 (Chicago) 2s. 6d Dec. 02 

abauglitOB (Mrs.)— Pansies. Cr. 8to. pp. 120, 28. 
(Donglas) Manx Sun, Ltd. Dee, 04 

abavmoBler (Dr.)— New Methods of Treatment 
Tranal. and edit, from 2nd rer. enl. French edit, 
by H. W. Syers. Cr. 8to. Hxih PP- 840, 
7s. 6d. net Constabue, Sap. 04 

Launching Out, Walrond{'Si, L.) 28. Dee. 04 

abanrle (Charlotte L.)— Flowering Plants; their 
Stmotnre and Habitat. Qlus. or. 8to. 7^ x 4|, 
pp. 170, 28. 6d. Allican, Feb, 04 

abaniie** Interest Tables. 42nd ed. rer. throne- 
out, enl. by addition of \ per oent. column by 
William T. Kelly and Charles E. Appleby. Imp. 
8to. lOjk X 6|, pp. 708, 218. nt. Boutlxdoe, Mar, 04 

Lansiac Hist. (rfPalladius, IL, TexU and Studies, 
10s. 6d. net J^une 04 

Lavengro, Borrow (Greo.) 2s. 6d May 04 

Layengro, Borrow (Greo.) Is., 2s. net Oct 04 

lm.wm (K.)— Orbit of the Minor Planet 884. 
Boy. 4to. pp. 16, swd. 8s. net (Univ. Chicago^ 
Decennial^ubUcatiofu) Weslet, Apr. 04 

(A.) — Musio and Musicians. 4th edit. 

or. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net Putnam, «?«p. 04 

Law (E.) Masterpieces of the BoyaX Gall., 
Hampton C, 8s. 8d. net Dec. 04 

abaw (W.)— Serious Call to a Devout and Holy 
Life. Adapted to State and Condition of all Orders 
of Christians, re-issue. 12mo. 6| x 4, pp. 416, 2s. 

S.P.C!K. Mar. 04 
Law as to Motor Cars, Lewie St Porter, 2s. 6d. net 

ilpr. 04 

Saw Association (International). Report of the 

2l8t Conference held at Antwerp, Bept 29 to 

Oct. 2, 1008. 8to. Se. 6d. nt Sweet St M. Avr. 04 

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Law, Expan. of Common, Pollock (F., Sir) 6s. 

June 04 
Law for Shorthand Clerks &c.. Cope (Edwd.) 2s. 6d. 

Mar. 04 
3baw for the Million, By Practical Lawyer. Legal 
Handbook containing all information required for 
ordinary purposes. Svo. 7) x 6^, swd. Is. net 

* News of the Would,' Nov. 04 
Law in Business, Wilson (Hew A.) 28. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 
Law, Ins. of Cape, Maatdorp (A. F. S.) 2l8. net 

Mar. 04 

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Law Merchant, E. Hist, Mitchell (W.) 4s. net 

Dsc. 04 

Law of Life, 8hoU (A. McC.) 68. Feb. 04 

Law, Pr6cis of EngL, Duckworth (LaWrence) 28. 

net Apr. 04 

Law, Victorian Builders of, Manaon, 10s. 6d.FiBb. 04 

without Lawyers. Epitome of Laws of Eng- 
land for Practical Use. By two Barristers-at- 
Law. New ed. with alterations necessitated by 
Legislation of 1008. Boy. 8yo. Os. 

J. MuBRAT, Feb. 04 
XAwford (Katharine F.)— Stories of Early Italian 
Masters. Cr. 8to. 7} x 4|, pp. 108, Is. 6d. net 

S. S. Assoc. June 04 

.wleas (Emily, Hon.)— Maria Edeeworth. Cr. 

7^x6, pp. 228, 2s. net {English Men of 

tera) Macxzllan, July 04 

. Mas 

Lawn Tennis, Parei (J. P.) 8s. 6d. net d>ee, 04 

&ftwa Tennis Handbook (The), 1904, 12mo. bds. 

Is - H. Cox, June 04 

Lawn Tennis, Mod., VaUe (B. A.) 6s. net... Jun^ 04 
Lawrence (J.), Capt U.S.N., Oleavet (A.) 6s. Sep. 04 
Lawvenoe (Sir Thos.) Artist's Xove Story, 12s. 6d. 

net Oct. 04 

XAwrenee (T. J.)— War and Nentralitr in the 
Far East Cr. 8to. 7{ x 6, pp. 246, 8s. 6a. net 

MAomLLAN, June 04 

Laws, Engl., Soot, oomp., Innei (J. W. Brodie) 40s. 
net Mar. 08 

Xiaws, Beffister of Temporary, for Fifth 

27th Paniament of United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and IreL 2^ [161] Etbb ft 8. June 04 

Xawb and Principles of Bridge. With eases and 
decisions reviewed and esrolained. By Bads- 
worth. 12mo. 6| X 4i, pp. 290, 8s. 6d. net ; Ithr. 
6s. net Putnam, Dee. 04 

lOB (W.)— Class-Book of Geography. 7 
coloured Maps. Bev. edit. 12mo. 6^ x Ofi Is. 6d. 

Olives Se B. Oct. 04 

Xawsob (W., Sir), Gould (F. C.) Cartoons in 

Bhyme and Line. 4to. 8| x 6|, pp. 182, 48. 6d. 

net UNwnr, Dee, 04 

&awsoB (W. B.)— British Economics in 1904. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 408, 6s. net 

Blackwood St S. Nov. 04 
Lawyer, Jfy, Os. Feb. 04 

Ziawyers' Bemembrancer, 1906. On special thin 
paper, bound in limp leaUier, 28. 6d. net ; with 
Morocco letter case, with pockets for cards. Sic. 
58. net Buttsbwo&th, Oct. 04 

&axtoB'a Price Book for Architects, Builders, 
EIngineers, and Contractors, 1904. Cr. 8vo. 48. 

SncpsiN, Jan. 04 
Li^ of the Last Ministrel, Scott, Is. 6d. net; 
Cusack, 2s. net ; Young, Is. 9d.. .tTon., Feb., July 04 
Lay of the Last Minstrel, Scott, Terry, Is. net 

May 04 
Lay Work, Biggs (Huyshe Teatman-) 2s 6d. net 

Feb. 04 

XAjara (G. S.)— Dolly's Gt>vemes8. Strange 

Adventures of a Splendid Liar. Blus. by Lewis 

Baumer. 4to. swd. Is. net Isbisteb, Dec. 04 

Layoock (A.) Quick Method to Find Weiffhto of 
iron ana Steel, Is. net Nov. 04 

XAjreoek (A.)— Warren of Manchester. Novel. 

Cr. 8vo. 74 X 4}, pp. 242, 8s. 6d. SiMPKiN, Aug. 04 

Layman's Breviary, Thoughts izom, 8d. ..,Nov. 04 

Lays of Andent Borne, Maoaulay, 6d. neL..Oet. 04 

Lays of Leix, 0*NeiU (Wul) Is 04 

Lays of Moy, Griffin (GO Mar. 08 

Lasarre, Oatherwood (M. H.) Is. Apr. 04 

Lasams at our Ghite, Anderson (A.) pr D«e. 02 

l^eaeh (C.)— Bethesda ChapeL Story of the 
« Good Old Times.' Dins. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 6, pp. 166, 
Is. 6d. Pabtbedoe, Apr. 04 

]beaoh (H.)— Duke of Devonshire. Personal and 
Political Biography. Blus. 8to. 9 x 6}, pp. 404, 
12s. 6d. net Metbuen, Oct. 04 

Sbemch (Mrs.)— Fancy Work Basket. Half-yearly 
voL 4to. Is. 6d. B. S. Cabtwbiobt, Mar. 04 

Sbemch (Mrs.)— Fancy Work Basket Half-yearly 
voL Is. 6d. ; yearly vol. 4to. Os. 

B. S. CAXrwBiowr. Sep. 04 

Aeaebman (E. W.) — Church's Object Lessons. 
Original Series of Lessons or Instructions on 
Structure, Sjonbolism, and Outward Worship of 
the Church. Intro, by Vernon Staley. Cr. 8vo. 
*H X 4|, pp. 264, 2s. 6d. net ...Mowbbay, Oct. 04 

]bead Poisoning and Water Supplies. Beport by 
Dr. Houston on Moorland Waters in regard of 
their Action on Lead. Vol. 2. Looal Govern- 
ment Board— Supplement to 81st Annual Beport. 
For 1901-2. Plates. 8vo. 88. 6d. Exbb Sc S. Feb. 04 






Lesd, ZinOyWisconsin, Grant (U.:8.) 5i,iMt Apr, 04 

Leader of Society aft Napoleon's Court, Beame 

(C. M.) 10a. 6d Sep, 04 

&eaf (A)--Strawberry Learcs. IQmo. 6^x4|, 
pp. S73, swd. Is. net Nash, July 04 

Xa af (C. H.) — Clinical Causes of Cancer of Breast 
and its Prerention. 8yo. bds. 2s. net 

Constable, Apr, 04 
League of Leopard, Bindlo8$ (Harold) 6s. July 04 
League of IS, Boothby (Ouy) Gd. June 04 

AeaiBlar (J*) — Quantity Surveying. Sth. ed. reY. 
and enL sVo. 9 x 6}, pp. 944, aSs. net 

Sfon, Feb. 04 
Xeanlnr (J.)— Conduct of Buildinj^ Work and 
Duties of a Clerk of Works. Guide to Super- 
intendence of Building Oporations. 8nd edit. 
ISmo. 6| X 4 J, pp. 216, 2s. 6d. net 

Batspobd, Dee, 04 

Lear, Nat Lib. Shakeapeare^ 6d. net Aug, 04 

Lear, Much Ado, ShaMepeare, ea. Is. net June 04 

Leather Working, Htuhiek (P. N.) Is June 04 

Leaves for Quiet H., Matheeon (Geo.) 8s. 6d. net 

Leaves from a Baby's Log Book, Peiree (B. M.) Is. 

Oct. 04 
Leaves from Diary of Henry QreviGSf 8, 148. 

Nov, 04 
Leaves of Grass, WkUman (Walt) Is. 6d. net 

June 04 
Le Bas Prise Essay, 1904, MeAuUffe (B. Paton) 

3s. Oct. 04 

Le Bkmd (Mrs. A.)— see Blond (Mrs. A. Le) 

X€brnB (Kadame Vig^)— Memoirs. Transl. by 
Lionel Strachoy. Reproductions of paintings by 
Authoress. Boy. 8vo. 9^ x 6, pp. 250, 12s. 

fUCHABDB, Mtir, 04 
Xeetaler (Prof.V-John Wydiffe and his English 
Precursors. Fop. ed. cr. 8vo. 8 x 5, pp. 640, Ss. 

Bkl. Tbact &0C. Apr, 04 
Lecture, Lees and Baper, Bums ( Jn.) 8d. Nov, 04 
Lectures Commerciales, French Cool Bdr. 2s 6d. 

Mar, 04 
Lectures, Essays, IngereoU (B. G.) 1st. ser. 6d., Is. 

Oct. 04 
Lectures, Gordon, for 1902, Walker (E. W.) 4s. 6d. 

net June 04 

Lectures, 1904, Comer {"R. M.) 8s. 6d. net...ilu^. 04 
Lectures on Art, Buekin (Jn.) 28. 6d., 8s. 6d. net 

Mar, 04 
Lectures on the Bevelation of St. John, Holden 

(G. F.) 6s. net Apr, 04 

Lectures Scientiflques, Hartog(yf.) 5b. Oct, 04 

Lectures &c., Clifford (Wm. Kingdon) 6d. July Oi 

&ee (A.) — England's Sea Story. Popular record 
of Doings of English Navy from Earliest Days. 
Cr. 8vo. 8x5, pp. 846, 6S....A. Mblrobx, Nov, 04 

Xee (Capt B. E.)— Becollections and Letters of 
General Bobert E. Lee. Four Portraits in Photo- 
gravure. Cr. 8vo. (New York) 12s. 6d. ...Oct, 04 

Jk99 (Eustace) — Addresses on Seven Words from 
the Cross. Appropriate prayers and hymns. Suit- 
able for a Two Hours' Service. 12mo. 64 x 4, 
pp. 78, Is. net Mowbbat, Feb, 04 

Xee (E. M.)— Music of the Masters : Tchaikovski. 

12mo. 6^ x 4i, pp. 178, 28. 6d. net 

Wellby, Nov, 04 
Jk99 (J. De) — Obstetrics for Nurses. lUus. 8vo. 

H >< ^if PP* 460f 12>* iie^ Saundxbs, Apr, 04 

Xe« (8.) — Elisabethan Sonnets. Newly arranged 
and indexed, with an Litro. 2 vols. 8vo. 8| x 5|, 
pp. 426, 454, ea. 4s. net {An Bngliah Ckumer) 


Xee (S.V— Great Englishmen of Sixteenth Century. 
8vo. 8| X 5^} pp. 858, 7s. 6d. net 


&•• (S.)-3-Queen Victoria: Biography. Portraits, 
Facsimile, Map. Bev. ed. cr. 8vo. 8^ x 5^, pp. 670, 
6s Smith it E. Feb. 04 

&ee (S.)~Shakeepeare: Works and Life. 4 vols. 
Cr. 8vo. leaiher, 278. net .Fataa^Jpr. 04 

(S.) — Stratford-on-Avon. From the Earliest 
Times to the Death of Shakespeare. With 45 
Blue. New ed. cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 812, 28. net ; 
Ithr., 88. net Seeley, Apr. 04 

Xiee (Vernon) — EnchantedWoods, and other Essays 
on Genius of Places. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 882, 
88. Lane, l>ec. 04 

&•• (V.)— Pope Jacynth, other Fantastic Tales. 
Cr. 8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 206, 88. 6d. net 

BicuABDB, Nov. 04 

&ee (W.) — From Dust to Jewels, other Sermons. 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 5, pp. 192, 2s. 6d. net 

Stockwell, Sep, 04 

Zieeda Astronomical Society. Journal and Trans- 
actions, No. 11, with Frontispiece, Astronomical 
Symbols on Coins of the Ancients. 8vo. pp. 87 
and l^ate, swd. 2s. net W. Wesley, July 04 

Xieeds University — Bill to extend privileges of 
Graduates of. Id. [280] I&yrk k Q. Aug, 04 

Xiaes (Beatrice AJ) — History in Biography. VoL 1. 
King Alfred to Edward I. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 28. 

Black, Feb, 04 

&ee« (D. B.) — Treatment of some Acute Visceral 
Inflammations, other Papers. Cr. 8vo. 7|x6, 
pp. 808, 68. net J. Mubbay, June 04 

Lees (Dr. F. B.), Leee (Frederic) 78. 6d. net May 04 

%eem (F.) — Dr. Frederic Bichard Lees' Biography. 
Intro. Appreciation and Bibliography by Fredeno 
Arnold ilaes. lUus. 8vo. 8| x 54, pp. 860, 7b. 6d. 
net H. J. OsBOBM, May 04 

Xiaes (J.), Cann (A. L.) — Questions on Shake- 
speare's Bichard II. Cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. 

Allmam, Feb. 04 

&eewMrd Islands— Order in Council annexing the 
Island of Sombrero to the Colony of the Leeward 
Islands, Id. [1480] Eybb ^ S. Get. 04 

Xie Ttmvre (Amy)— Odd. New ed. cr. 8vo. 7i x 
4|, pp. 160, 2s. Bel. Teaot Soc. Apr. 04 

&ef&wre (£.)— Wall Street Stories. Cr. 8vo. 88. 6d. 

PuTNAic, Apr, 04 
Left Alone A;c., Siretton (H.) Is. JOec, 04 

&eftwloh (B. W.)'-Index of Symptoms as Clue 
to Diagnosis. 8rd edit. cr. 8vo. 7 x 4i, pp. 400 

68. net Smith & £. July 04 

heggi Quotations, Die, KyaJie ( J.W. Norton) 10s. 6d. 

Nov, 04 
Legal Terms &o.. Pitman's, Cope (E. A.) 28. 6d. 


Legg (J. W.), Greai Solemnity, Coronation Order 

of Kmg James I., ed., intro., 128. 6d. net Jan, 02 

&efffe (A. E. J.)— Land and Sea Pieces : Poems. 
Cr. 8vo. 8s. 6d. net Lame, May 04 

&effVe (B. F.)— Auxiliary Officers' Handbook of 
General Information and Company Officer's 
Lecture Book. Intro, by Field-Marshal Viscount 
Wolseley. 12mo. 6| x 44, pp. 246. 8s. 6d. net 

Gale & Poldem, Dee. 04 

Xiarr® (B. F.) — Mainly about Shooting : Series of 
Lectures to Begulars, Volunteers, and Members 
of Civilian Bifle Clubs. Intro, by General Sir 
Alfred Turner, E.C.B. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7j|x4|, 
pp. 80, Is. 6d. net Gale & Poldem, Mar. 04 

Aeffh (M. H. C. V-An Incomgible Girl. New edit, 
cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 260, 28. 6d. 

Bel. Tbact Soc. Julff 04 

Xiegh (M. H. Cornwall) — Darling; or. Little 
Orphans. New edit. cr. 8vo. 74x4), pp. 256, 
Is. 6d 1!w.80M, July 04 

Xeyros (A.) — Six Etchings. With a Biognmhioal 
Note. Sheets, 6s. net Seeley, Oct, 04 

lB9hf6ldt (B. A.)— Electro-chemistry. Part 1. 
General Theory, incL chapter on relation of 
chemical constitution to conductivity, by T. S. 
Moore. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 276, 58. 

LoNGMAMS, Aug, 04 
]baliTnaim (B. C.)— Harry Flndyer at Cambridge 
and Conversational Hints for Young Shooters. 
New edit. cr. 8vo. 7} x 5, pp. 254, swd. Is. 

Cbatto, Map < 



f fciwmi (B. C.)— Sna-Child. lUiu. b; Tbomu 

]f qrbuli. 4tO. 81 x 6), pp. U3, St. 

Bkadbubt, Oct. 04 
IiekeBtenhiie &c. Diree., Beiinfltt, 7*. Od. iriitM 04 
^•Itrll (E- C. Austeu)— Lilt of Engliifa QnU in 

aU Put! of the World, for ISOl. Obi. Syo. 8>. 6d, 

net Sfotiibwoodk, Jan, 04 

IialKta (B. A. A.)-.IUn>. Guide to Building* of 

Eton CoUege. Cr. 8vo. 6} x 4), pp. 306, iwd. li. 

net. SpoTTisnooDB, Aug. 04 

Ldghton (F.), Corirun (A.) Ha. 6d. net Pth. 04 

KalCMoB (O. R)— Idta Hiitorr of Biitiah 

Liikids, uid thaii looal diBtribntion in Biitiih 

I>lei. Cr. em. T| K 4j, pp. 338, Gb. nat 

SmrKiN, Jan, 04 
KelSbMD (Marie)— Amuiiue Verdict. A NoreL 

Cr. evo. Tj K G, pp. 476, 64. B]CBUU>E, Apr. 04 

XfritbMD (R.)— Hmonted Ship. Cr. 8ro. adv. to 

Ca. Hjfi308B, J'tfi. 04 

KelcllMM (B.)— HRonled Shio. Itla of Dnon 

Smnxglara. lUai. Hew ed. or. 8vo. 7ixGJ, 

pp. SIS, 6b HU30BK, Oct. 04 

KetchtonfR}— Hnrr^l For the Spaniab Ukin. 

T&le of Dckke'i Third Voyua to Dwien. nios. 

Cr. Bvo. 7[ X Bi, pp. SSO, 6>. A. MeiaoSI, Oct. 04 

Leonud'i Templfttioa, itarchaiU (B.) la. 6d., 3*. 


Leoiiudo dk Vind, UcCurdg (E.) Ga. iwt...Ju>U 04 
KeopBTdl (Q.)— Foema. Tranal. b; Sir Tbaodora 
Hutin. Cr. 8vo. 7f K G, pp. ISO, Ga. db( 

Blackwood dc 8. i^oc. 04 

Leopold'! BqIb in Atriok, l£cmt (Kdmud.) U*. net 

Oct. 04 

Lapidoptars, Tuit (J. W.) 4, aOa. net Voy 04 

Ijapidopttin, Chwhim, Fknt, to.. Day (G.I fto. 
_ aa. 6d. net ...,.^. .^ July D( 

&mU« (Enmik)— Olaooik, the Greek SUve. Kew 
adit CT. 8to. T| x4|, pp. SBS, Is. 6d. 

Bel. Tuct Soc. Ju'ir 04 
&•■!!« (Enuu) — Gjthk'i Measue. Tale of 
fiaion England. Ulna. New edit. cr. Bro. 

7] K 41, pp. 334, la. 6d. Bliciu, Oct. 04 

&aalle (Emnu) — On the Emperor'a Serrica. Story 
'" " " " ■■ [>■»<■ 

Si. 6d.... 

KalrIlt«B(B.)— Inland of Ja-Jn. Tale of Benin, 
City of Blood. Ulna. New ed. cr. Sto. 7i xGJ, 

pp. SG3, ea MiLBOBE, Oct. 04 

KcilrllMB <B.]— other Fellow ; or, the Heir from 

tbeColooiea. IUdb. Cr. 8vo. TtxG^,pp.830, 6a. 

A. MsutOBE, Oct. 04 

t«ightoii, Jn. EttIo, BarrmgUm (Hn. B.) li. net 

Jan. Oi 
Ldghton, Millaii, lie., Baylin (Wjke) Ea. net 

JmU the Slave, 2fo6ion (Mn.Carej') la. ti.Mag 04 
Ii^lalW (G. A.)— BeminUoencei ol TielorJa 
Emprea* Frederick. Sm. pp. G4 

(Haina) V. tok Zabebn, Dee. 01 ' 
Kelmtf* Hoar, 1904. Imp. Oro. 7a. 6d. 

Bel. Taici Soc. Oct. 04 

Kettb (E. S.)— Book ol the Coontir Cottat^e. 

nioa. Cr. eT0.7|x4i,pp. lGO,,la. 

Tbihebne, Hay, July 04 

Leii, other Venea, CPNeiU (Wm.) It. 04 

XiCluidlCG.)— Alternate Sex; or, Female Intel- 
lect in Han. and Haacnline in Woman. Cr. Dro. 

71 X 4}, pp. 143, 6a. 6d. net WiLBT, Feb. 04 

Kclsad (C. G.)— Lwends of Floreooe. CoUeeted 
from the People and Retold. Ch. ed. Seriei 1 and 3. 
13mo. awd. ea. 9*. net Nutt, Feb. 04 


T-cndoa, Mnonde, 13a. net Dae. 04 i 

l^amj (Lydia).— Indigeetion : How to Cure it I 
Cr.Bvo. 7|x4(,pp.l34,l>. ...PuMoR, Nov. 04 ' 
IiaaBoz (Ladv Sarah)— Life and Letlen, 1T4G- 
1898. Daughter of Charlea, and Ihike of Bioh. i 
noad, and aaocenively wife ol Sir Thomaa 
Charlea Bunbniy, Bart,, and ol Hod. Qeorge 
Napier; abort political akelch of 1T60 to 1768 bj 
Henry Foi, lit Lord Halland. Edit, br Conntaw 
ol Baheater and Lord Btavotdale. Illna. New 
edit Bto. B X G|, pp. 678, tOi. 6d. net 

J. UullUT, Dae. 04 
Lenten Addr., Fant jOha. Wellingtoii) 61. Feh.di 
KSBMB Colleoti (The). By Author ol 'Pnipa- 
latio.' Cr. 8to. 7 x 4}, pp. B«, la. 6d. net 

LoHOHiHB, Jan. 04 

baonard (J. H.), Salmon (W. H.)— Further Comae 

ol Practical Soienoe. Ueobanicg, Hydroatatioa, 

and Heat Or. 8to. 7 x 41, pp. 364, ia. {Homa and 

School lab.). J, UtJKuT, Oct. 04 

KuUa (Hra. Madeline)— Honaebold Angel. New 

ed. or. evo. Tl x B, pp. GSO, la. ed. 

pAXTunaE, Mntj 04 
Keaalnr (Bniao)— Children ol Hen. Kovel. 

Cr. Bvo. 7) X Bl, pp. SlS^i. DeC 

Blackwood d S. Dee. 04 
Leaaon Notea, illDit, Doherty (R R) Gt. ...Nov. 04 

Leaaona, SAars (E.) 31. 6d. net Jfirr. 04 

Lsiaanifrom the Ciosi, Broum (C.)la.6d...Jiiiie04 
X«aBOBB and Catechiaingi on Caleehiam. Janior, 

Hiddle Grade, Senior CatechiaU. 13mo. bda. ea. 

la net HowBKAT, JTos. 04 

Kaator (J. H.)— Deatinjr ol Han ; or, PiinoipleB of 

Bpiritoal Life in Chriit Cr. Svo. 71 x 4|, m. 808, 

8a. net OAKDNEm, D. ifar. 04 

Let'i Plav the Game, UiUa (EnMaoe) la. nt Vajf 04 
Lathaby (W. H.) Artiatio Craft* Ser. Bch. Cop. Ba. 


betltabr (W. R)-^HadiBTBl Art. From the 
Peace of the Choich to the Eve ol Benaiaaaiicu, 
813-lBSO. Cr. Bvo. 8 x G}, pp. S84, 8b. 6d. net 

DucKwoBTB, Nor. 04 

IiVtMrolAriateai. Transl.intoEng.Intro.H.S.J. 

Thackeray. Bvo. awd. la. ...Hacmillaii, Feb. 04 

Letter Writing, (hade to official, la. ad. Jan. 04 

Lettera, Oraf/ (Thomaa), Tove;, 3, Sa. 6d. ...Oct. 04 

Lettera, Sum (John), Workman (H.), Pope (B.), •». 

Kay Oi 

Lettera from Citiian ol World, Ooldmuth, 8a net 

Oct 0-- 

..Oct. 01 
Liettera from Son to Sell-mada Father, tferrimait 

(Chatlea Enataoe) 6a. Uar. 04 

•ttora from the Beloved City. To B. B. Itau 
Philip. Cr. 810. 8b. 6d. net...LoNaMANii, Jan. 04 

.^ . . n-... i.T.._ o^ 53 „gj ...Jau. r- 

AUen (Bbt.) 6a. c . 
Oct. Hi 

Lettera ol Bleved John of Avila, 9a. Od. at Srp. dt 
Lettera of Chailea Latnb, Ainger, 81. net ,. Jniir 04 
Letten ol Hoiaoe Walpole, Ba., 81. Bd. net Apr. U4 
Lettera ol S. Coimiel,Z>ble (John) li., 3b. net 

Letten ol Wm. StubU, 1B3S-1«0I, 17b. 6d. net 

£n>. Of 

Lettera on Applied Tactici, Gr«ii«iU«rI, 8b. ed. nvt 

4nr, 04 

Lettera on Life, Ctear (Clandioi) 6d Oct. P4 

Letten, aelec, FToboIe (Horace) 8d. net ...Marj 04 
Lettera, 160B-1B, fradlkam (D.) 6a. net Noc. Oi 

. bring Bnaint 

(Shorthand M6., Ho. B) G. Pitmak, Sep. 04 

Letters to American Family, Thaekeray, Ba. net 

Leiten to 7 CIiimbaB, itamsayfWJI,) 13a. Nov. 01 
KMMrs which never readied him (The). Nov«L 

Cr. Svo. 7| X 41, pp. 800, 6b Nabb, Man "* 





I^etten and Memoirg of John Bellows, 9b. net 

May 04 
IieMj, Pinero (Arthur W.) fie. 6d., Is. 6d. Dee. 04 
XieHT's Bomantic Secret, Bewiher (M. E.) Ss. 

Oct Oi 
Xonbe(W.Ton) — Medical DiagnosiB. Anth. transit 
from 6th Qerman Eidit. 8yo. ii5f . net 

8. Applbton, June 04 

X«vor (C.)--Gharle8 O'Halley. 8 Him. ISmo. 

€| X 4, pp. 848, l8. net; Ithr. 28. and fit. 6d. net 

{Handy lUua. Pocket Nov.) W. Collim s, Sep. 04 

Xeretus (A. S.) — Imperial Vienna. Aoooont of 
lis History and Traditions. Illai. by Erwin 
Paohinger. 8va 9 x 6 j, pp. 446, ISs. net 

Lam«, Nov. 04 
I>viathan(T.), Hobhee (A. Waller) 48. 6d. nt Feb. 04 
lienathan, Hobbee (Tho8.) 48. 6d. net. Dee. 04 

(L. A.), Willis (H. G.)— Badiom and other 
io- Active Elements. Popular aeooont treated 

eKperimentally. IUqs. Cr. 8yo. 8x6, pp. 106, 


6d. net P. Marbhatj., June 04 

e« (Y. B.)— Serrioe Chemistry : Short Manual 
«f Chemistry and its Applications in Naval and 
MiliUry Services. Bev. ed. Bins. 8vo.8!ix6&, 
pp. 674, 15s H. Glaishkb, Mar. 04 

(H. Boss-)— With * The Thirty-Second ' in 
ftha Peninsular and other Campaigns. Edit, by 
Xohn Wardell. 8vo. 9 x 6|, pp. SM, 7s. 6d. net 

HoDOE^ F. June 04 

■evin (J.)— Bible Becords of the Earth's Changes. 

6to. pp.86, 6d. (Dooglas) Mamx Sun, Ltd. Dee. 02 

I (T.>— Practical Treatise on Law of Trusts. 
11th edit rev. by C. C. M. Dale. Boyal 8vo. 42s. 
net SwBST & M. Nov. 04 

Xawla (A.) — Breakers ahead I or, Wamiiig Voices 
4o the Newly Confirmed. New ed. ISmo.mnp, 6d. 
■et ; swd. 8a. net SmPKZN, Apr, 04 

(A.)— Life and Work of E. J. Peck among 
Ifce Eskimos. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6^, pp. 866, 6s. 

HODOEB & S. Oct. 04 

&«wls (A. D.)— Essays in Fury. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, 

pp. 262, 8s. 6d. SoNNBNSCHUN, Jon, 04 

Xiewis (A. J. S.) — S. African Customs Union 
Tariff Act. No. 6, of 1898 ; Official ABC arrange- 
ment of Tariff, with Customs Beady Beokoner, 
Transvaal Customs Tuiff. Bev. ed. or. 8vo. op. 158 
(Cape Town) W. A. Bxchabos & S. Dee. 02 

Dawis (Agnes Smith), Mythological Acts {Aeta) 
of the Apostles, transL from Arabic MS. in the 
Convent of Deyr-es-Suriani, and from MSS. in 
Convent of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai and in 
Vatican Library, with trans, of Palimpsest 
Fragments of the Acts of Judas Thomas from 
Cod. Sin. Syr. 80, 6s. net June 04 

Lowis (David), Life of St. Teresa of Jesus, by Her- 
self, transl. from Spanish, 8s. net Oct. 04 

(E. W.)— Some Views of Modem Theology. 
Sixteen Sermons on Vital Questions concerning 
belief of Christians. Cr. 8vo. 7ix4|, pp. 264, 
8s. 6d ALXiXirsoN, Dee. 04 

(G.)— Life Story of Aunt Janet. Cr. 8vo. 
pp. 176, 2s. 6d. net (Selkirk) Jamss Lbwm, Nov. 02 

(G. Pitt-)— Shrkespeare Story: an Outline. 
8vo. si X 54, pp. 120, swd. Is. 6d. net 

SoNMKNscHsnr, Oct. 04 
vwim (G. Pitt->-Yearly County Court, 1904. 
2 vols, or in 1 voL 8vo. 25s. Buttxbwo&th, Jan, 04 

(H. E.) — Nonoonformity in Wales. Cr. 
6vo. 7x4|, pp. 180, Is. 6d. {Eras of Noncon- 
formity) T. Law, Sep. 04 

Iiawis and Clark, TraU, Wheeler (O. D.) 25s. net 


Mtmwim (H. Langfoid) and Porter (W. Holdane)— 
Law relating to Motors Cars, induding all the 
Statutes on the subject and the Local Oovem- 
ment Board Begnlations, 2s. 6d. ; ted ed. er. 8vo. 
is. 6d. net. Buttsbwobtb, Jon. 04 


Xewls (H. Langf ord) and Porter (W. Holdane) on 
the Tjaw as to Motor Cars. 8rd edit. indudiBg 
the New BeguUtions. Cr. 8va swd. 28. 6d. net 

BuTTEBWoBTH, Apr, 04 

Xiawk«witseta (J.)— Chemical Technoloffy aad 
Analysis of Oils, Waxes. 2 vols. 8rd edit. !•• 
written, enl. Boy. 8vo. 9^x6|, pp. 1164, 868. 
net Macxillan, July 04 

&azls (W.V—^i^e^ "^i^w oi Hist and Organi- 
sation of Public Education in Geiman Empire. 
TransL 8vo. limp, 8s. 6d. net ...Ashbb, JWf 04 

Leycester's Commonwealth, Queen Ehz. io. 7s. 6d. 
net July 04 

abeys (J. K.)— Held in the ToUs. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4}, 
pp. 848, 8a. 6d Wabo & L. July 04 

(J. K.) — Prisoner's Secret. Cr. 8vo. 7} x 8, 

pp. 884, 8s. 6d. Wasd & L. Mar. 04 

Leytonstone, Hammock (W. G.) 8s. net .,,June 04 
Lhasa, Journey to, Sarat Chandra Da4, 10s. 6d. 

net Mar. 04 

Liars, Jones (Hy. Art.) 2s. 6d Nov. 04 

Liber Studiorum, Turner (J. M. W.) lOs. 6d. net 

Liberal View, 80 Club, Earl Spencer, 2s. 6d. net 

Xlbaiml Year Book, 1905. Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net 

LzBXBAL Pub. Dbpt. Dee. 04 
Liberalism, Opportu., ViUiers (Brougham) Is. net 

Liberty, EvoL of Mod., Sehorger (Geo. L.) 6s. net 

Liberty and Living, Hubert (Philip G.) 5s. net 

Afar. 04 
Librarianship, Syllabus, for Study of, by James 

Duff Brown, Is Jiin0O4 

Libraries, Anc. of Cantrb., James (Mnt. Bhds.) 20s. 

Jan. 04 
Libraries, to ext Use, Deas (J. A. Charlton) 7d. net 


LioensedPremisesJiawfulGamst on,28.6djit.J'an. 04 

Licensed Vict. Handb., Makms (Arthur) 2s. 6d. 

net Dee. 04 

aaeeased Victuallers* Tear-book for 1904. Ovo. 
limp, Is Offiob, Jan. 04 

Xtieeaaed Victuallers' Year Book, 1905. 6vo. 

limp. Is OrriCB, Dee. 04 

Licensing Act, Schole/ield (J.) 8s. 6d. net ...Oct. 02 
Licensing Act, 1904, Mackensie (W. W.) 8s. 6d. 

net Sep. 04 

Licensing Act, 1904, 8lee (F, E.) 1b. Oot. 04 

Licensing Acts, Paterson (J.) 15s. net ...Dee. 02, 8 
Lioensing Bill, 1904, Bowntree (Jos.) Is. net July 04 

Ideenslar Bill, 1904— Betum showing separately 
Number of Publicans', Beerhouse, Hotel Ooenoes, 
within each Grade of Schedule and maTimom 
amount payable under Bill, 5^. pl911 


IdeaaslBr Bill— Statement as to Prooednre 
followed by Board of Inland Bevenue in asoer- 
taining Value of Property for purposes of Estate 
Duty, id. Ditto— Statement showing for eadh 
County and County Borough the Number of 
Publicans' Sj^irit Licences, induduig Hotels, and 
Beerhouse Lioences, and Approximate Total of 
Amounts Leviable under the Bill, Id. |l5in,[166l 

Etbe & S. June 04 

XdoeBBlBg Bill [as amended in Conmiittee], 2d. ; 

Amendmento, id.; Ditto, id, [188^ l»Ba, 1886] 

Etu a S. Sep. 04 
Lioensing Guide for Scotl., Notes by J. H.Dodds, 

6s. net .Jofi. 04 

Licensing Question, Notes for Speakers Oct. 04 

L JLC.P. dro. EzamJ3oaf^,Engl. Papers, 6d. JVfr. 04 

&tda«B (H. P.)— Some Elements of Beligion. 
Lent Lec t ores, 1870. Ch. ed. or. 8vo. swd. 6d. net 

LoMQMANS, Feb, 04 
Liddon (H. P.), Johnston (Jn. Octavius) 15s. net 

Nov. 04 
Ua^ett (J. S.)— Fatherhood of God m Christian 
Truth and Life. Demy 8vo. pp. 462, 8s. net 

(Sdin.) T. d; T. Clabk, Dee. Ot 


[19M , 

Lieataiuit ot ths King. Gerard (Uorioa) Ss. 


Lifa ftHM DMih, Proofi of, IDs. Dec. OS 

Life H u EnsinMT, fiaUaru (J. W, C.) B*. net 

Lite, Fatnn, Dtlanne (Oabrlel) Ti. Cd nut Jan. M 
Lite in 4 Cnick Beeiment, Hchlicht (Buon todI Si. 
Oct. tU 
£4fe in B Q»nuon Town, Biltt (Lieat.) it...Mar. 04 
Idle Innmnca Law, Bunyon (Chi. Jn.) Sis. 6d. 

net X>tc. Qi 

Life, iU Fiobleme, ilortitner (K. O.) Sl Sd. Vor. 04 
Lite, Letten, 1S58-T0, Taine (H.) Ti. Od. net May 04 

lofeof aVomui,i{uI^(R. V.)7*. Dec.Oi 

Lib ot Ed., Lord Btrbert at Chetb. Il net J'um 04 

Ule of Fluid* Power Cobie. Ti. 6d Jfov. 04 

Iiile of Bngli Piioe Mugfut, by hu Dtnghtei, ISi, 


Iilfk ot LandoQ (The Bcligioui). Ed. by Biobud 

HDdie-SmillL Imp. Oro. 10(1 1 S}, pp. 6S4, S*. 

HoDDEB £ S. F«b. 04 

Lifs ot HarqaU ol Dklboone, TTonw (Sir W. L.) 

as*, net Apr. 01 

Life ot Onr Lord, Dili, in, Cockin (O.) 4i. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 
XIA ot Pope St. Qregory the Great, A. Written 
bj ft Honk ot the Honatterj ol Whitb; (pro- 
bably eboatA.Ii. 718). Now for the Brat time tollj 
ninted from MS. Oallen, 667, b; Francii Aidu 
Guqnet 4la >wd. 9a. net 

Abt and Booi Co. futy 04 
Life of the Chriatiui, Uorgan (O. Campbell-}, 

Is. ed. Oct. 01 

Life ot the World, Tttelitr (Hiss A. B.) it. net...O<l 
Uft ol Two Bmperon (The PriTate}— William IL 
ot Geimanj and Frsucis-Joeeph ot Aostria. 
StoIi. Sto. 6jx 61, pp. eoe, 

Nabb, Oct. 04 
Lite, Taaohingi, Toltfoy, Bxtnots, Is. net Vnh. 04 
Life under Bnad Tax, Hungry Forties, Ba. Nob. 04 

Lite we Live, Sinu (Geo. R.) Is. Jtdy 04 

lafe wilhoDt Principle, Tltortau (B. D.] pr. Dte 04 
U(k and AdTmtaiea ol Bampfjlde Hoore Caiew, 
King el the Beggars. Bro. awd. Sd. 


Xdft and AdTentores ot Rupert Calderfoid. B; 
Hardala. Cr. Sro. TJ x G, pp. Ul, 6s. 

Dobaon, deaciibed bj Wm. Saodnaon. SO Dins. 
inoolonr. Boy. 8to. B^ k6|, pp. 170,7b. 
Black, Ntn. 04 
Lils »nd EneigT, Btbberl (WalL) 9a. 6d. net 

t and Friendabip. Baleoted from Ebi»i and 

HaiTj Bobarts. 

o.SiK4i^. S18, la.«d. ■ 

i^BiHEiun, Oct. 04 
lite and LaUers ol Ladf S. Lennoa &c. 10a. Sd. net 
Lite and Letters of Uandell Creightim, SSi. nsl 

Oct. 04 
Lite and Letteia ot the Qreat Esrl ot Cork, 

Towiwh«>Ml [D.) IBs. net Apr. 04 

Un and Psaiiai ot oor Lord Jeans Christ, Hedi- 
tationaon tba,attribotedto JohnTanlec. Tnuia. 
from the Latin by A. P. J. Crolkshank. Srd ed 
Prsf. b]P B. WQbeiforce. Cr. Sia 7 j k S, pp. 480, 

9a. Bd. net Abt & Book Co. liar. 04 

Lite and Times ot BaTonarola, Paaquale VMan, 

.. Atar. 

Lite &e. of Edward Bjles OotatU, la^ Od. net 

Life tea. at John Bnoela, Amory (Ths.) 6s. net 

Oci 04 
Life's Lesser Hoods, Bind \C. Lewis] 8s. 6d. net 

Oct. 04 
Life's Nobler PenalUea, Itorruort (Geo.) la. net 

Lite's Oralieitn,£tHwt (H.) Is. net Dte. 04 


LilB-a Seoret, TTooil (Mrs. H.) Sd Fat. 04 

Light, Analytical Theory, TTaOer (J.) 16s. net 

Light Easement Law, Bcteot (E. S.) Ts. Od. July M 

Light Energy, Cltavn (U. A.) 91a. net Oat. 04 

Light in the Gloom, Bmneortlt (Q.) 9s. Bd. net 

U«tat in the Home and Treat HagaiiQe. ToL 1. 

Hew series. 4to. Is. ...Rei. Tract 8oc. Z>M>.M , 
UfM, Life, and Lore. Beleotion from Genoaa 

Hystica ol Middle A«ea, by W. R Inn. l^aa. 

Bl X 8 j, pp. ass, 9a. ; lUu. 9b. Bd. net (hOtrarg of 

iSeoalKm) MiiBCBii, JuneU 

UKtat Load Line-'Lidex to Beport from Seleet 

Committee ot HoDse ot Lords, sld. [860] 
, Eykb k 8. Aug. M 

Id At Load Line— Index to Beport from Selso> 

Committee ol House of Lords, Bid. [BL-Ind.] 

Etu a 8. Aug. Ot 

Light ot the Btar, Qarland (Hamlin) Sa. ...Jfay 04 
Light on the Broom, by William A. ByrHt, 9a. Bd. 

net JkimOB 

Light Princess, itacdonald {Geo.) 6d., Is. net 


Urtat Railways Act, ISSe^Raport ot the Pro- 
eeedings ol the Board ol Trade, and ot Uw 
Light SailwBj CommiiaiOTiera, Dp to De- 
oemberSl, 1903, with Appendiceal sii [199] 

Etbi k B. Junt 04 

XdKUt Railways Act, 1806, Order, 1«08— Coontf 
ot Middleaei, B^d. [1939]; Ditto— Wattord and 
Diattiot, Bid. [ISaOj Eth* & S. Julu <U 

ZitrtaUttot (J.)— Algebraic Factors made Eaey. 


SiHpElM, Non. 04 

USbtfOot (J.)— Stodiea in Grqihio Arithmetic. 

Cr. 8tq. limp, la. Sd. net iNormal TtOmUU 8er.} 

Bnovm, ifar. 04 

UfbtAot (J. B.)— Notea on Esistlea ol St. PauL 
From UnpnUistied Corresponaanoe. 8to. ISb. 
Macmillak, Nov. 04 

UBtathonw Fond (General)— Aooonnt toe 1909-4. 
Id. Eyb* ft a. JkTar. 04 

Lightboaae Work, Clmnct (J. F.) Be. net ...0#c. OS 

fortbem LigbthonaBa, 

Btrond, CommiaaionerB ol 


lining TotlTs, PitMgmtJd (Percy) Is. ...Mar. 04 
loal of.- Part 1, British Islanda, la. ed.; 
■art 2, North Sea, Eaatam Shixes and Whit* 
dea. Be.; Part 8, Baltic Sea, aa.; Part 4, . 
Europe and Atiica, Weatem Coast ol ((nan 
Dnnkerqne to the Cape ot Good Hope), Incdod- 
ins Aiores, Hadeiia, Canary, Cape Terd* 
laland), to. Is. Sd. ; Part G, MedilORaneaii, 
Black, Azov, and Bed Bew^ Is. Sd.; Part 6, 

America, Paoifio Islands, Ac Is.; Part 6, 
America, North and Central, Eastern Coasta or 
(from Labrador to Biver Amaiesi), '■"'■'■*'"t 
Bermnda and Islands ot West Indjea, Bs. 6d. 

POTTH, Feb. 04 

Lightwood (J. T.), Fylda Chant Bk. Ac la. ...M, 0] 

IdlleBormBta (Ottilie A.}— Thrall ol I«if lli« 
Lnckj: Story of Tikjng Daya. Bloa. Cr. Bro. 
Bxit, pp. BB4, Ss. WAsn ft L. 5ap.04 

ZdllanorantB (Uttilie A.)— Ward ol King Canate. 
Bomanaa of Daniah Conqneat. Illas. Cc. 8to. 
H'^ii PP- SB9, Bi. Wabs ft L. Sap. 04 

Lilies of the World, Barr (P.) Kar. OS 

ign of PlaM-GIrdera. Bro. 
d. Mt Cunux ft H. ITo*. 04 



XaOy (W. a.)— StodiM in TMigion uid LIleiatDre. 
Bto. B X El, pp. 8S«, ISs. 0d. net 

Chapnak ft H. Nov. 04 

LHj Wwk. Blake (J. K.) 3i. Od. nut Sep. 01 

limerick Up-to-Date, Mum/ordl^. V .)S%jitJan. M 
Limpifleld &e^ Soma (QordonJ Bd. net ...Jutu 04 
Unooln (J. C.)— Cap'n Eri : Story ot (ha CoHt. 
Cr. 8to. Tf K 6, pp. 106, te. S. Apflitoh, Mag 04 
Kind* (Of nvd Yu da)— Bookk«epbg tai otliar 
Pkpen. 8v0.8f xEJ, pp. 460,Ti. Od. net 

Blaaxs, ^tw. 04 
KlnCMl (Annie) — A Woouui ot Sentiment : NoreL 
Cr. Sto. Till E, pp. S09, Si. ...MneoBM, Mar. 04 
Ldodai (B.), Vereta»f, Coat, ot FhTuo- Ti. 6d. 


Lindlej Ekji, Pain (Bun) Bl Aug.Oi 

Lindfy (CuoUne BUnche EUikbeth] — »etLitld$ay 

UKdaar (HO— Qyp*; fioj: Story ot Euly 
M eUwdiKn. Ct. Bva 8 x Gd, pp. 810, 8s. Sd. 

C. H. SM.Lt, Mar. 04 

UadaaT (J- A.)— Lactarea, ohieBy Clinicftl and 

pTMstical, on DueaHH of Lnnea mid Heart. Bvo. 

Si X ^1 PP' 4Ge, Ite. net BailuKbe, Var. 04 

UHdwr (I^dy)— From a Venetian Balcony, and 
other Poenu of Venice and the near I^nds. Fen 
■ketohea by Clara Hontalba, Ind edit. ISmo. 

01 X 41, pp. 68, it. ed. net E. Pini^Ifm. 04 

UaOsMT (H.)— Bywayi ol Bmpiie. Inoideata in 
Serrioe ot Battray Carington, diatriet inper- 
intendent ol polioe in upper proTineea ol India, 
mot. Cc. Sto. TJ X 8, pp. BIO, 0*. 

W«BD ft L. Oel. 04 
U«d«*3r (H.)— The Aniipodeana. Bmanoa. Or. 

8vo.T|x4r™.8S6, Be. E. Abhold, Vov 04 

Lindiay (W. AL), PUiutui, Comedie, 1, Si., El 

UBdMT (J. S.)— Medinral Britiah 
Tol. <M Problenia and Bierdaei 
Hiatory. StadeDt'a Qoide. 4lo. Ba. net 


Usa*«y (J. 5.)— Problema and Eierajaea in 

Britiah Hiikiiy. VoL a, PL 8 : England lUS- 

IBM. Ito-awcCla.. Siic?iiii, iljir. 04 

Unda*]r (J. 8.}— Problema and Eieroiaaa in 
Britiah Hiatoiy. ToL 9, Part 4: Bnglani. 

ISm-IEOe. 4to. Bwd. 3a. Simfkib, JtUy 04 

KlndMjr (J. B.)— Problema and Bxereiaea in 
Britiah HiiUury. Tol. 9, Book A. TvelTe InT»- 
aioaa ot Britain to lOSB. Containing 80 Typioal 
Qnartiona (40 ' Jonior' and 40 ' Senior ') arnoged 
in the term ot 10 One-honr Teat Papen. With FnU 
Anamn, Hints, and Beteienoea. 4ta. 4i. Bd^ intar- 
l«aT«d, Ba. BiMrma, Apr. 04 

KlMdMT [J. S.)— ProblBma and Eieroiaea in 
BrlUali HiaknT. Vol. 1, Book B. Firat Anglo- 
Frendi Straggle, 1116-lSOe. Berieim-Term 
OoniM. 4(0. 101 x 8, PP' S08, 4a. Sd. net 

BufPKiH, Aug. 04 

ttlMOmmr (J. B.)— Problema and Bierciaee in 
Britiah Hiatory. Vol. 1, Book B. First Anglo- 
Pmoh Straggle, lua-UOO. 4to. 101 x M, pp. 
MM, interl., Bi. B^MSKa, Sip. Si 

Uaa««r (J. S,]— Problema and Eierciaaa In 
Britiah Hiatory. ToL 8, Part B: gugi—^l. 
148B-lfl0a. SiMPxn, ^pr. 04 

&lada«T{J. a.)— Stadant'a Note Book at Enropaan 
Hiatory, 1814-1848. Conrse of Study <>n^t*fi.i..g 
81 3>^eal Qoeationa arranged in torm ot 8 oia- 
hom («at-papars with toll Anawera, Hinta, 
Bataraneea. 4to. interl. 8a. net; twd. Is. nal 

Bmma, Nov. 04 

M»>a«iw (W. J.>-A Text-book ot Heahanical 
Bnginsaring. T(h ed., reriaed and enlarged. Sto. 
8J X H, pp. 10B8, 11a. edjia( CHinUK ft a. .dor. M 

Cu^anTa BiaL ol Bug., abr. H. S. Sirt, 1, Sa. Bd. i 
"l Bfc ..Sq.. 04 

linka ot LoTo, SmdUfp.) 8s...... Vow, 04 

linka, Songa a(,iKa [KO U. net, Bd. nrt-.-V^ 04 



Una (T.)— Health Beaurta ot Earope. 1904. Cr. 

Sto. Is. Bd. net Smpira, Aug. 04 

Unaa (Ellen, or 0.)~The Tiigin and the FooL 
13mo. B| X 4|, pp. 78, la. net...Gumi<o, Apr. 04 
T.1..WI11 (Hsry)~Talea of the North Riding. 
New edit. or. 8to. Tj x 41, pp. 471, Ba. 8d. 

H1CIULI.IK, Oct. 04 

Lion.haar(ed, HaiuuBgton, Daieton (E. C.) la. Bd. 

Oct. 04 

Lion Hanter of 8. Africa, Cumming (B. O,) la. Bd. 

net Apr.Ol 

UoD ot Qersan— By Simh. Cr. 8to. 7l k 4}, m. 

978, fla Heimexisn, Mar. 04 

Lionel Hiroouri, WgaU (G. £.} la. Bd. Julg 04 

Upamt (H. G.)— Lord Canon in India, 1B9S-IM8. 
Appendu oonl. Lord Cnnon'a Speech joatitying 
(he Dnrbar. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 41, pp. 1S%, swd. la. 

BvsBXTT, Mar. 04 
Uqnor Sellers' Liability to proride tor the Pay- 
ment of Compensation by Seller* ol Liaaor u 

certain caaea. Id. [1E6] Etu ft S. /una 04 

XlqBor Trafflo Local Veto— Bill to anabla Looali- 
tisa by a direct Vote to prerent the isaoe at 
Lioenoea for the Bale ot Intoxioating Liqaoi*. 

Id. Ehb ftS. aior. 0« 

Lir Clan, Oraio (J. B.) la. Dte.fa 

LiaboD Collage, Kirk (J.) ftc, Ca. .04 

Ual* (Fortune del — Borne- Jonea. 41 Blna. 
IBmo. S K 41, pp. 108, Is. Bd. net (LittU Book* 

on Art) UiTHUBH, Nav, 04 

UM(Namerieal)and]jidei to the Sesaiosal Printed 

Papera— Ssssion IBOl, la Eiu ft S. Mar. 04 

Itlmt ot Photogrsphi taken from Uie original Pie- 
tnrsa in Pnbllo Oalleriea and PriTata Oollectiou 
In Oreat Britain, olaaaiiled nnder oamea et 
ArUata in Alphabetical Older, showing siiea and 
itylei ot pnblication in which each Babjeot oan 
be obtained, with price (hereof. Hlaa, 4(0. 
11 X 81, pp. 84, la. 6d. ...W. A. StUEELi. It CO* 

U«t ot Schools and Toton, 1904-1M)E. Cr. Bro. 

la. Bd PtTOH, Atig. 04 

Uat ol VoIanuH ot State Papers, Foreign, wt- 

aarrsd In the Pnblic Beoord C>noe,lL [No. SIX.] 

Etbb ft B. 8»p. 04 

Utetaflcld (F.)— How to CoUeet Old Fnnutnra. 

Sto. 81 x El, pp. 184, 8s. net Bnti., Sep. 04 

UMbaaU (F.)— Pottery and Poroelain. OiOda 
to Colleotors. ISO Hlo*. ot apeoinMo* ot varioo* 
Factoriea, 7 oolenred plataa, maxks and mooo- 
graroa ot sU impartant makcra. BeT. edit, snl, 
imp. Bto. 10} X 81, pp. 418, IBs. net 

H^nsLOTi ft H. Dae. 04 

Literary QniUotine, Tteain (Mark) fto. 8s. Bd. net 

Lit. Ltfl. In Bril Hiat., Canning Ta. Bd. ...Sep. 04 

Literary Lite, Hy, Adam (Hma. Edm.) Sa. Bd. net 

Uterary Portraita, TFiWilay (Cha.) 7*. Bd. net 

Utantrr Tear Book and Bookman'a Dirsotctj 

(The), 1M4. Ed. by Henry Oilhart Cr. Bto. 

1i " '1.PP- B14, Q. Aluh, Feb. 04 

Utararj Year-Book and Bookman'a Dirsotory, 

IKS. Cr. Sto. Sa. net RonrLlDoa, Deo. 04 

Literature, Hain Cnrraota in Nineteenth Oentnry, 

BrandM (Qeo.) Its. net Jf«y 04 

Literatore, Tamper of the ITth Cent- in, WtiidM 

(Barrett) 7s. net JTob. 0« 

Lithography, OmrumHgi (Darid) Ba. net ...OH. M 

Llthogr^hj, Seymour (All.) 5a. net Jan. 04 

Little (A. a.) Itiifia Op. ImL q. a. IS, 14, IB, Ifa. 

net Jloti. 04 

Uttl* (W. J.E.}— B(. Francis of Asaiai,hu Time% 

Lite, and Work. Ch..ediL Sto. B x E|, pp. 844, 8a. 
Isniazan, Sap. 04 
LittlB Afrikana* *o-, BiM*r (Kaynud) la- net 

Jan. 04 



LttUa Atmt, Winter (John Stnnge) «6. Nov. M MOwy. Book 6. Intra, and Nota* by A. B. Omt. 

^ .!:!!^™Z!!^..^*??!!!!!!./£™!.8*. M "»««^ Bri^ l«„mo» (G«ad r) u. ,^jZ m 

little Chris, 8pen$er (F.) li flfirp.04 XtiBSie Hepburn; or, Erery Cloud hM ft Silfw 

little Colonel, roim^ (Mrs. Chu. W.) 6B....irar. 08 Lining : ft Tale. Cr. 8n>. red, to la. 

Little Eve, Lytter (A.) Se. i>0O. 04 Nblsom, Fek. Qi 

UtUe Plowere of St Prftncie of AadeL Ben- Llftnandno Ac, Methodim in, O. (E.) pr... JPM. M 

dered into English verse by Jftmea Bhoftdee. Uoyd (F.)~Whippet, or Bftoe Dog: its Breeiiag, 

Cr. 8vo. 71 X 6, pp. 818, 5s. net BMring, Trftining, for Bftoes ftnd for Bxfaibttioa. 

Chapman ft H. Oe<. 04 Cr. 8yo. 7ix4|,pp. M, swd. Is. net 

Uttta Folks. yoL69. Boy. 8to.6s.; bds.8s.6d. L. U. Gill, S<p. M 

Casbbll. June 04 Uoya JN.)— Soldier of the YftDey. lOiiift. by 

Uttle Folks. V0L6O. Boy. 8yo. 6s. ; bds. 8s. 6d. A. B. Frost Cr. Sra 71 x 6, pp. 800, 6s. 

CA88BLL. Oa. 04 HODDKB k S. N&9, 04 

Littie Folks Adven. Bk., Hamer (8.) 8s. 6d. ; UoTd*s Book of Hoase FUgs ftnd Fonneli of 

Animsl, 8b. 6d Oei. 04 Pxlnoipftl Bteftmship Lines oi the World ftad 

Little Folks Pict. Album, Hamer (S. H.) 5s. Sep, 04 Honse FUgs of Ttrioos Lines of Sftiling Yoittrls. 

SAttte Frolic. VoL 4to. 8s. 6d. ; bds. Is. Spottiswooob, Deo. 04 

UtUe Gsllery of English Poets. ' PoJtokitTiae- *?J^ i^J*!?"^! ^^^J^lSj^^h ^ "•*' 

produced bom Authentic Pictures. Lives Ciiculftr to Guftrdiftns, Sept 8,1904, Id. 

written by Hftrry Christopher Minohin. 16mo. , , -, * « ^ « ^*f* * 4 V^^Lzi 

51 X 4. pp. 188, «s: 6d. net .^..Mbthubm, Oet, 04 *t?:S.5'BSS!i'?i^rMSIlf ^^^ 

Little Girl did not like Nose. Hayer, 6d. ...Mar, 08 ^?^, %f*^ '" 1908-8, opntftugjgBeport of 

liHU Gold» n^. &<. ^Xzor (A.) 1.M ^ KS-^^V ^gSSfS'«1?S'o5!ft 

Little Hands, God's Book, Canton (Wm.) Is. 6d. net ]Loo«l Government Boftrd— 88rd Annuftl Beport, 

Majf 04 for 1908-4. Appendices, Disgrftms. 8vo. 4s. lid. 

Little HoMel, Is Dee. 04 [8814] Etbb ft S. (M. 84 

Little Heiress, Clarke (M. B.) 8s. 6d Oet, 04 j^^^^ Government (Irelftnd) Act 1896 ftnd Bagis- 

XdtUa JonmevB to Homes of Greftt Philosophers, trfttion (IreUnd) Act 1898--<]kmies of Orders ftad 

written bv Elbert Hobbftrd, with portrftit, 8vo. Bules made under the. 8vo.6d.ETBB ft S.2irov. 84 

chftmois Ithr.: Seneoft, Aristotle, Auzelius, _ .«,.. . ^-n^ tx> m^ 

Spinosa, Swedenborg, Socrates, ea. 5s. net *op^ ^^•^f^, Aooprat-Betum n]*img to 

A OwBN ft C Nov 04 Duties on Spirits and Beer for year ended Bep- 

Litile Lord Fftuntieroy, Bumitt (Mrs. F. H.) 4s.' nt *Mnber 80, 1908, id. [186] ...Eybb ft S. June 84 

• <^« w OA ,«-. J , 4 ^-^ »o««l TftTfttion Account, 1908-4— BetumBhowii^f 

Xdnia MftcStenger. Itoo. swd. Is. net Distribution of Proceeds of Locftl TftXftttOQ 

T-441 ^ A 1, /A 1 ^o ""™'5SS: Licences, EsUte Duty, ftnd Lccftl TanftloA 

^.^•?^^f T^J^^ I'ti *t VV":^-"^-^ (CusStomJ ftnd Excise) Duties pftid into the, Iftd. 

V^ S'^i^.**'?,^'? \f\^'^ la. 6d...^. 04 [jge] Erai ft B. Aip. 84 

LitUe Bed Biding Hood, told in verse by Mfturice *- ^ '^ 

C. HfffM, Is. net ^o«. 04 Ihoaal Tszfttion (Lrelftnd)— Betum for 1908-8, 

Little Bivers, Hy. vftn Dyke, 6s. Fe6. 04 Appendices, 8|d. [8180] Etbb ft S. Aug, 04 

littie Bobin Grfty, Kenyon (E. C.) Is. 6d. Aug, 04 . ,m,4. .<» i«-^-4-- .^.«.:. 

Little Snow Shoes P. BSok, by B, F., U. ...S«. 04 »g»». Tftx^on ^ Perscnftl Proyrigrm certom 

Little Stories from Grtmm; Is. Mf04 go">«n Countries ftnd Br^ Possesaioas, 

littteTrftitor to South, Brady (C. TO 6s....Mar. 04 Papers respectmg, Is. Id. [SOJjJ ^a ri nA 

Little Vanities of Mrs. Whittaker, IFffrfer (Jn. S.) ,_ , - 4. ^^ /u-^Vif iiJ&!: 

6s Ji^n^oi XiOeal Taxation Betums (England), 1901-8— 

UideW'^^i^Al^iiWikTii^^^^^^^^^^ 04 5"* * \.^«^*J "*. London County PSSSS' 

LitUe W<men, Aloott \l, M.) Is De6. 04 S?2?!^r?° S' Londwi, Meti^tan PoUoe, 

Little Women ftc, AleoU (L. M.) Ss. Mar. 04 MetropoUtan Borough Councils fto.^ ^f±^ 

Accounts of Borough Councuuk Urban DimcioI 

Xdwa Stock Journal Alm a n a c for 1906. Hlus. Councils (Districts other than Boroughs), Port 

Boy. 8vo. 9s.; swd. Is .....OmoB, Dee, 04 Sanitary Authorities, 9s. lOd.... Etbb ft S. Feh. 84 

Liverpool S. of Painters, irartUMr(H.) 10s. 6d.nt , , m 4. rrV iv ^ a a nr^t^x 

*^ ' 0^ 04 li08»l Taxation Betums (England and Wales), 

IdTMsiOffe ( A.>-Table8 for Qualitfttive Chemicftl J^^T? "* 1 ' ^«^4 ^^/^~^4?'}^ ^•^?**iS 

AnftlyrisT anrfedit 8vo. 4s. 6d. net ^ ?J^ «• ^"^t!!.^^ ^^^ ?^S^ ^ 

Maomillah, ilii^. 04 S™*>f Asylums (o^ thftn Londcm), Td. 

Lives, Legends, EngL Kings, ftc, BeU (Mn? A.) ^^' Accounts of Burs! Distoot Oo^gjh 

tdML ntA ^am. 01 Pftnsh Coundls ftnd Pftnsh Meetings, Lighting 

**^ "*• '^^' '** Inspectors ftnd Committees, Is. IdTTOSj 

Uwa* of Early Methodist Preachers, chieflv ' Bybb ft 8. 80m, 84 

written by themselves. Abridged by Mrs. Frank ^o^U Taxation Betums (England and Wi&as), 

Stephens. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4i^pp. 880, bds. Is. net 1908-8— Part 6: Accounts of Burial Boards, 

H. Mabshall, Oct. 04 School Boards (other than School Board lor 

Living Christ ftc, Dale (B. W.) 3s., 8s Dec. 04 London) Harbour ftc. Authorities, Port Sftni- 

Li^ Whed. Dnmo*e (T. J.) 8s. 6d Dec, 04 4,^ Authorities, Commissioners of Sewers ftc, 

Livingstone (D.), Hume (B.) as. ......^...».Not>. 04 joint Boards, Committees, Misoellaneoas Aulho- 

Livingstone, How I Found, Stanley (H. M.) Os. rftieg, i,. 7d, [885-v.] Etbb ft S. 2^o». 04 

Idwy. Book 1. Edit by AUcroft and Masom."Stra *^ "^^^^ ^S!^^ ^T'^ ^TttZ 

Tit, Notes, ddv. to 9s. 6d. TransUtion, to la. 6d. 5f*^*fe±!F ^"^ ^'^•?Jl?'£ S'^^^i* 2! 

Litroduotion, Text, Notes, Vocab.. and Transla- «»•. IW- pW7l Etbb ft S. Au§, 84 

lion in one vol., to 48. 6d Clivs, June 04 &oeli (C. S.)— Methods of Socisl Adtance : Short 

%Atj, Book 5. Literftl trftnsl., with exam, papers Studies in Social Praotioe by various Authors. 

byA.Jftgger. Cr. 8vo. 8^ x 51, pp. 800, 8t. 6d. net 

8iMPKiN,lfov.04 MaoMiLLftX, If «r. 04 




S«ak (1. B.)~Ar(UisMtie for Sobooli. EdL tA. 
Mwplata. Ci. Sto. pp. ts«, li. Od. 

lLici[ii.L*N, ihe. Oa 
Kaek* (S. H.}— Helm in Uoraoco. Stoi; of 
. Cr. am. H X H, pp. 8TD. Si. 

SjtNDB, JuTta 01 

trj. O.}— Life ol Bobart BTiTTti,tD which 
!■ ■oBBii Tbomu Ckilfla'! Baview £■»;. Newl; 
•d^ viUi KotM ^. ISmo. ej K 4i, pp. 839, U. imI 1 
iMthar, 9l set ILibrary of Standard Bio- 
graptiUi) Hotchihsoh, Jan. 01 

&««klwrt (J. 6.)-LilB ol Bir Wilter SootL 
AkridaaduidnawljsditecLwitli NotMftc lamo. 
•i > <I, pp. SM, Is, net ; Ithr. 3>. net [Librarn of 
Bttitdara BtographiM] ...Hutcxtmion, June 01 

Kecks (W. A.)— EMt LoodoD Autiqnitiet. Intro. 
Bii W. BMuit. Fnmtiipieoe. «to. pp, 198, 
ta.; ohaap bL Gb....E.IiOHO.Advxbtueb, i>«c01 

&o«ttwMid (J.^—HATarbOL FutonlPoem. IBmo. 

1b. SOMHIMBCHEIH, Sif. 01 

koekwood (P. H.K-Modem Hu-Haat ind othM 
TBlei of QraanbKk Clab. Cr. 8ro. TI t G, pp. 

170, St. ed E. Stqci, FebM 

^••kwaod'a Bnilder'B, Architect'i, Contnator'i, 

ud EiisuMu'* ^ioa Book for IBDl, Ct. 8n>. f. 

LociwooD, Jan. M 

IiOoMOotion, Hsd., Banunoe, WiUiam$ (ArchL) Gi. 


LocWMtiT* BmUowiu, FowUr {Q. L.) Da. 6d. net 

Loeamntive, Model, (7rw*V (H7.) U. nut—Ma]/ Oi 

ud addition*, 

ma.' aidadit.8To.8|xS),PP-IB0. 3i-Bd.nal 

IjOcohotivi Fdb. Co. May 01 

IiOCODotiTe a. Eipl., Lake (Chs. S.) 6d. net Jan. 01 

Sotft* (E.)— Pearve, Baronetage, Knightage, and 

CUmpaoionaffe of Britiih Empire, 1901. Imp.STO. 

81b. ed. Euj.y, Ltd. Jan. 01 

&»««• (Utb. E.)~A Son ot the Oodi. Norel! 

Or.Sra Ti ic Ij, pp. 388, Se. Bd.DiODTd; L. Oct. 01 
K«d(e lUra. &.>— DaringlordL Novel Kev edit. 

er. S10. 7) ■ 1{, pp. sao,ai. ti. Diobi 1 L. Oct. 01 

ZiOOca (H. B.)— Pietnrea of Bird Lite on Wood- 
land, Maadow, UoontaJa, Honh. Uloi. Slid 
s£l. roj. Hto. 10 X 7, pp. B78, lO*. Bd. net 

&*ac« (O., Sii>— Pionaan of Scieuea. PortiaitB, 
IlhiB. Newad.oi, S>o.7txl|,pp. 190, 61. 

HAcmLLAx, Mar, 01 

l^a't Card.' Cr. Sro. pp. i 

&tt«n«li«iT (E.>— On Homobgiea ol Different 

Piecsi of CompoDnd Samphotbeca of Biidi 

<AikiT 1. ZooLK.S*«n«k> Acad.l. Sto. iwd. U 

W. WULET, Julu CM 

&»«w«BC«rd (H.)— Hansony. TraniL bom 
Oannaji bj Helen M. Paacook. 8to. pp. 113, li. 
Mt A. Omn, Aug. 0* 

&ac Book (The Cbrletian'e) ; or, Piecioni Psarta 
tMm Haatei Mind* for ETery-da; Wear. Cr. 
Sto. 71 x II, Si. net Jabboui, Kov. 01 

Log ol ' FIjins Fiih,' Collingwood (Uarr;) D*. ti, ' 

Log of ' OriOn,' itaxatU (Donald) 10*. Od. net 

Oct. 01 ' 

Ti»Kwn (J.) — Digeatisg Retom* into SammatieB. 1 
CoUeetion ol ^eROH* vith remarki and liinta, I 
loiCiTilSerTiea Candidate* and other*. Cr.Sro. 1 
7| M 1|, pp. M, 1*. net DisT, FA. 01 

&«K>n (J. M.)-Bii Anti-F*pal Stodle*. Cr. Sto. i 
7| X 1), pp. M, li. naL Btociwell, July 01 I 

Lo^thnu, Fiektrcrth (Cha. H.) li. nat...driir. 01 

Logarithm*, Handy Book of. Si. Oct. 0* ; 

Logie, urn (Jd. Stuart) S*. U. Dta. Ot 

Lociaa, Fal««ti% f^tet (W. H.) 3*. ed. net Feb. M I 


I«Uanl Aneeatora, Odi, Summert (W.) 1l td. 

Ksndon (J.)— Danghtar of the SnovB. New edit. 

ot. 8vo. 7} X G, pp. SM, 6* iBBiim, July 01 

ItOaAoa [J.)— Faith ol Man, and other Sloiiaa. 

Ci. 8to. 7l X 1), pp. 363, Oa. HxiKXMurir, Mag M 
Kondon (Jaok)— Sea-WoU. NoTeL HIdb. Cr. Sto. 

7) ■ li,Jip. 831, Si. Hbihbxuih, Aov. 0* 

London, Baiant (Wall„ Bir) f. p. ed. ^ S* net 


Loudon, Oundalt {3. W.) Od Juiy 01 

London m Art Citj, Ertkina (Mr*. S.) 1- " 


...Jvlfi M 

London Bank* Ac, Slnnntr (Th*.) lOa. ...Jutw M 

London, Bp. of, IfsMIIe (Fred. J.) la Apr. 01 

London Bridge, 01d,£oili(>eU{Q.Herbarl) 31. A6. 01 
Loudon CbaracterB, Piotn. by 3. Haaaall, Tarae* 

by J. Pope, Is. oat i>«a. 01 

London Chaiitiaa, Ay (Herbert) la. ed Dee. M 

bondon ConntT — Order in Coonotl eonStming 
' IHm London AdoptiTS Acta (Borrowiugy Sobame, 

1801,' Id Em & S. Mar. 01 

KondoB Coonly Connoil— RetDni* relating to, op 

to Much 81, IMl, 9^ [19B]...Btu & B. Sep. 01 

KoadOD (Count;) Endowed Chuitie*— Beporta to 

Charity ConunuuonarB aa to Billinngate, Tow*, 

Bridge, Caudleviok, and Dowgata Wardi Sohoola, 

lid Era* * B, Ftb. U 

X^adan (Coonly) Endowed Chuitiea—Baporta (o 
Charity Comnuwionara, in reanlt of an luqnin 
held m aitrj Pariah into. City Paroahid 
Fonndation and Cbadtie* oonneoted therewith. 
S*. ed. [SSS] Enut A 8. Dot. 01 

Cotuty Suboibi DiiMtoiy (The), ISO*. 

Imp. 8*0. IG*. Kitu.T, Ltd. ifoy 01 

XOBdoa Dioceu Book (The), 1001. Ci.8to.1*.U. 

nat. Sfottibwoodb, Ftb. 04 

London Directory, Po*l OOoa, 89b. Dee. 01 

London, E., Antiqnitia*, LoeliM (W.) Ga., 8*. Dte. OS 

London Eda., Webb (Sidney) Si. 6d. nat ...Jon. 04 

ZiOBdon Eleotria Lighting Bill— B«port from 

Belect Committea ; with Proceeding*, Id. [190} 

Em 3c S. July 01 

London, EnnnmB, Baedeker (Earl) 0*. Dec. 01 

London, BnTiron*, Cook (B, T.) ifto. ts. Ifay 01 

London Etching*, Adcoek (A. St. John) 1*. nat 

b»ad«n (Familiar)— Painted by Boaa Barton. 
8vo. 9 X SI, pp. SSO and plataa, BOl iw( 

BiJ^ci, A'ov. 01 

London, Harulji Handbook, 6d. net June 04 

LcDdonHiitorioalHaiiaai,£tn9(P.B.)l,ld. Oet.OA 

XADdon in 1901—90 Bird'a-Eye Views of Piinei- 

pal Streata ; large lolding Mu. OriginBlly uoiH- 

piled by the late Herbert F17. Cor. to data. 

Cr. 6to. nrd. 1* SiKPm, Aug. 04 

London in Tndor Time, £asanl [Walt., Bir) 80*. net 


&aodon— Kelkel Qnida. 10 Coloured View* hem 

FbolOB. Cr.B**.la.J. J.EELiaB>,..liv.04 

London Lyrioa, hampum (Fiad. Looker) S*. Bd., 

8a. ed. net Bee. 04 

KODdOB Magasine. VoL 11. B49. Sto. 1*. Sd. »st 
Ornci, Feb. 04 
X«ndaa UafaBine. Tol. 13. B<n. Sto. Sb. nat 

OmcB, Aua. 01 
LoBdan Hathematieal Bodaty, ProceeduifB. 
Second Sehea. VoL 1. Imp. Sto. 3Gl net 

HoDOBOH, Aug. 04 

Kandon Matriculation Directory, No. 88, Jao. 

1901. WithliatatTeitBookafornienndar th* 

New Begnlation*. Cr. Sra pp. IIB, iwd. I*, net 

(Pnio. I'«(. Seriet) Cliti, Jetk. 04 

&«ad«B Matriculation Directory, No. 87, Jnna 
1901. With Lilt of Teit-Book* lor U*e Dndei 
the Naw Bcgalaliana. Cr. 8to. pp. 146, awd. IB. 
net (I7rUD. Tut. Striee) Cuvi, July 04 



&ona<w HatricnUtion Dinctorj, Ko. 98, Sept. 
1«M. Ci. Bto. pp. 119, iwd. 1>. net (VMt. 

Tut. SeritM) Cuve, 0«L 01 

' Xr*BaoB H&tTicalAtion Engliih Lkngiuigs FKpen. 
Fmm Jul. Itei to Jul 1904. Ci. Bro. pp. IBS, [Univer. Tut. Series) CLm,Feb. 04 

Sob4*b HatriaolAtkin Pnnch P»pen, from 
J»a. ISei to Jul IMl. Ci. Sro. pp. 1S4, iwd. 
U.ed.{Dnis. Tut.Striai] Cun, Afar. 04 

X>rad«B Uktiionlktiiiti French Fkpsn. Thirty 
P^ptn Ht >t (hs Hatrio. Bxam. With Hodd 
Aiuwen to the P&per of Sept. IWM. Cr. Sro. 
pp. 116, (wd. Ii. ed. {Univ. Tut. Series) 

Clitx, Oet.(H 

KMldMt lUtiicuUUOD Qnida, 1904. Cr. Sro. iwd. 
ad. DC* INonnat Tutorial Btr.) SixmH, Mar. 04 

>WldOW Matiienlation Modal Aniwcn. Chomiibj 
Fapan, ttam Jniu 1S9T to Sapt. 1*04. Ct. Sro. 
pp.lS4,iwd.Si.{I7ntv.rtit.S*nn) Clivi, Oct. 01 

>BWdwt Helncnlatitm Hodal Annren. Heat, 

Light, uid Soond, bom ISftl ta ISM. With 

five noent Papen horn Sapt. 1903 to Sapl 1004. 

Cr. Svo.pp. IH, avd. la. ti. (Univ. Tut. 8eria») 

Outs, Oaf. 04 

^■■aoa Hatrinnlation Kodel Anamn— Modem 
and Enflliili Hiatory. Tjondon Univenit; Mabicn- 
lation F'pen In Engliih Hiilo^ from Jan. ISOS 
to June IBOS, and in Modem Hiitorj tiom Sept. 
lOOa to Jan. 1001. Cr. Sro. pp. 3S1, awd. )>. 
iVniver. Tut. Beriet) Cmvs, Feb. 01 

aiM^OB Katriealation Model Anawen — Modern 
HiitoiT. Metric. Fapera in Uodem Biitoiy from 
Sepk 190B to Sept. 1001. Ci. Sro. pp. 8S, and. 
>a. lUnt*. Tut. Seriee) Cun, Oct. 04 

Londm,FbiliM',W»urLib.HBp. ol,ai>. ...Dae. 04 
Louden, BaUgloDa lAft ol, Sa. Feb. 04 

London, Stmr, Wheatleg (H7. B.) 4b. Sd., Ea. 6d. net 

K*ad«n (Tha MicioeoDn of). S tcIi. at TS-at. 
bj Pngio and Bowlandion. Imp. Sro. 10} ■ T 1, 
pp. 800, eSa. net Hbtedbm, OoI. 04 

Traffic, Royal CommiMion __ , 

} 8Gth Da;, la. Appendicea, Koa. 9 to 
Em A S. Mar. 04 

Zioodini Traffle, Boyal Conunlaiion on— Evidenoe 
par day, la. ; AppendicsB, ea. la. 

Etu £ S. Maji±e.1H 
bOBdon UniTerHtf College Calendu, 1908-4, 

Sto. aa. «d Feb. 04 

X«adOB Uniirenitj Qaide, 1904. Cantainine 
legoUtiona for examiiutioiia to be held in lOOS, 
et. Sto. pp. 180, gratia ( Univ. Corr. OoU.), 

Cliti, Jan. 01 

Xondon UniTeruty Ooide, 190G. Containing Be- 

gnlationa for Ettrainatlona to be held in IME 

and lOOS. Cr. Sto. pp. SOO, gratia ( Umv. Corr. 

...Clitb, Oct. 04 


1 Unirareitj Hatrionlatioa Matbi 

Fapera. Exam. Paprra aet from Jan. 1891 to 

Jan. 1904. (Univ. Tut. Beriei) 

CLivm, Jfor.Ol 

lOKdOB Univeraitjr Matricnlation Ui^hematioa 
Fapeia. Exam. PaperH set Iram Jan. 1801 to 
June 1901. Cr. 8to. pp. 119, swd. la. Sd. [Unit. 
Tut. Sariei) Cuvi, Aug. 04 

KttBdoa UniTGraitj Hatriotjlation Mechanion 
Papaie, from 1884-1900, and Irom Sept. 1901 to 
Jnne 1904. Additional Qaeatjona. Cr. Sto. 
pp. 126, s»d. li. Sd. {Univ. Tut. Series) 

Clivi, Aug. 04 

XondOB UniveraltT Hatricmlalion Meochanii» 
FapeiB (Model Answan) Irom Jnne 1800 to Jane 
1896, and Irom Sept. 190S to Sept. 1004. Ct. 
Sto. pp. IGS, aird. Sa. ( Cni*. Tut. Series) 

Clitb, Oel. 04 


London, irtiara D«i> tail*, ZJouAMy la. «d. Oct. M 
&«*d«B and North-WMtam Bailinr OBcial 
anlde,1004. Cr. Sro. la. Sd. ; nrd. la. 

CuaiLi, Jttlff 04 
Tinndun and Sobniba, Oem Pooket'M^i. la. Aug, 04 
A«MdondBiTX (Marchioneaa) — Bobart Btewait, 
YiaooBat Caatlereagh. Bar. 8to. 91 x SI, pp. 90, 
-— - ' • ' " Woe. r- 

luine (Farnu) Sa- 

i0#>/onr(Hra.) Bd. 

...Vay 04 .. _ 

[lonelj Chnroh, Hume (Fen 
Lonalj Dreaming, J[>ih-^— 
Iionelf Oirl, Rungtrft 

C. J. Cul, Dee. 04 
KSB* (G. K.)— Aim and Method of Bewlii« 
*'■*?"*' Ledni«. Cr. Stol awd. la. 

HAcnu-ur, Btp.Ot 
tMmg (J. D.)— New Amerinwi Kbtj. nin*. vilk 
drawing! by Hmr; Bentcaidahl, and with ^uila- 
gnph*. iTola. 8T0.9xBi,ro.SE8, 

BicuxDB, J^afi. 04 
&■■« (J. L.)— NaoghtT Kan. Or. »ro. T|hE, 

pp. soft, <a. ...WuB ft L. May 04 

Itumt (J. L.)— Sixty Jane, and other Bloria* 

[Flower%ofPama*tu*) Immb, Feb. 04 

(H. W.)— BTangelina. Tale ot 

Acadie. Intra and Notaa In H. B. CottarilL 

Cr. 8to.Tk1|, pp.lS6^a.9d.IuexiIiLAH,/aH. 04 

Kaarfkllow (H. W.)— Hiawatha and ETUigelina. 

Hotea by B. G. HoEinUy. Cr. Bra pp. STO, la. 

net Bura B. Dee, 01 

Kaacnnvw (H. W.h-FoMioal Worka. Bio- 
gnphiotl NolBa. 'Edina' Edit. Or. Sro. 

8 ■ ■!, pp. STO, St. ad. W. P. Kmo, fuita 04 

KvbbMIow— Foetlea] Worka of. Oxford Com- 
idete Copyright Edit Cr. Sro. T| x 4{, pp. S8«, 

■a. FnowDi, Jtiiy 04 

&Mlf^wB>* Idtin Conrae. Comrl. edit. Coplona 
EnndMa and Voeabnlailea. Cr. Sro. T4xl|, 

pp. 890, 8a. 6d IiOHoaAna, Man ^ 

Loogmana, Latin Canria, 9, Sa. 6d Mar. 04 

IionguaTiUa (lloa.] SoAester and other Bako, ISa. 

Oct. 04 

Looker (Hn. Hoiao)— Ma Phillips (E. C] 

Loom of Ftoridence, Maekentie {Bb%.) Ba. ad. net 

Sap. 04 

&«rd (A. P.)— The Bueuoy of Marie de HUioia, » 

Stndy of French Hiatcv; bom 1010 to 1616. 

With B Fcrtraila. Ct, Sto. 8xSj, pp. 193, Ti.Sd. 

net «"'■, Apr. 04 

Lord of Croatian, Crxieland (T. W. H.) Ba. Aug. 04 
Lord at Hmnanlhr, Oanl (F. I.J Ba. td. net June 0* 

Lord Protector, teals [B. Lerett-l 6d Mar. 04 

Lord and I*dy Aaton, Cooper IBdwd.) 6i. May D< 

Lord'a Command.^ emlwr [G. H.)3a. Sd. ...Ma^ Ot 

KmIb (A.) — EooDomic Foundatioiia of Sooiety, 

Tranal. from 3nd French edit, by L. H. Keaabey. 

New Prat, by Anther. Cr. 8*0. T| x 4], m. *M, 

8a. Sd. SoMKmKacBHir, June 04 

KerlBMr (G. C.)— Modem Criaia in Beligion. 
Sto. 81 xBj,I^ STB, 8a. Bitxll, Maji 04 
korUser (J. Q.) ~ Orammai and Tooab. at 
Waiiri Faahto. 8to. pp. 9TB 

(Calontta) Sup. Gott. Puktiho, I>bc. Ot 
&«rlnwr (Normai) — On Etna. Bomanee ot 
Brigand Life. Or. 8T0. 7) x 41, pp. 816, Sa. 

HxiNBiUltR, Oct. 04 

Soraa Doone. STa awd. 8d Low, Aug. 04 

Loraa Doone, Blaekmore (B. D.| Bd. Oct. 04 

Lorrain (Claode), Oraham (Geo.) 8i. Sd. net Noe. 04 

&•■• of Life— Batnm ihowing the LiTea Loal bv 

Wreck, Drowning, or other Aooidant, in Brilin 

MerdiBnl Ship* during the yeara ISSl to 1908, 

1^ [assij - eyu ac 8. Sov, o« 






' Lost and Ghun, Neumian (Card) 6d., Is. nei Nov, 04 
Lofl Article of Creed, Procter (Francis) 5b. May 04 
Lost I«den, Braddon (M. E.) 6s ^.,.May 04 

t Losi Estate, Mann (M. E.) 6s. Feb, 04 

Ziost in the Wood. Post 8to. 94 pp. 8|d. ; swd. 
IJId. (CompZeftf Tdletfor If^anU) 

w. & R. Cbambbbs, /tf/v 04 
Ijost Lemnria, Elliot (W. Scott-) 2s. 6d. net Ju^.04 
Lost Masterpieces, Hankin (St. John) 8s. 6d. 8€p, 04 
Lost Paradise d;c., TattenaU ( Jn.)3s. 6d. nt. Jan, 04 
Lost Square, Meade (L.), Eustace (Rbt) 6d. July 04 

Xottffli Xeagh and the Lower Bann Drainage — 
Report on, by Frederick J. Dick. Diagrams. 
Is. l^d Eysb & S. Sep. 04 

XmUa (H.)— Handbook of Gold Milling. 8rd ed. 

er. 8to. pp. 616, lOs. net MAcmLLAN, Dee, 02 

Louis (St) of France, STouth, Davie (W. Stms.) 6s. 


ILomim de Bongemont, Adyentures of : as told by 

Himself. Dins. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 4|, pp. 416, swd. Is. 

HnNXKAMN, June 04 

Louis XIV,, Haggard (Andrew C.) 16s. net July 04 
Louvre, Art., Potter (M. K.) 6s. net Dee, 04 

Ztowe (J. E.)>-Disea8es of the Ear : for Practi- 
tioners and Students of Medicine. 64 stereo- 
scopie Photographs, 2 coloured Plates, many 
Ulus. 4to. 9} X 7i, pp. 856 and Plates, 25s. net 

SiMVxnf , Nov. 04 
Lore among Ruins, Deeping (Warwick) 6s. Mar, 04 

Lore Deddes, GarvfCtf (CharleslOs. ,8ep.0A 

Love has no Pity, Lan^&rid^ (Fred) 2s. 6d. 

' Lore, Honour, Obey, Han^ (Miss D.-) 6d. JulyOi 

Lots in Chief, Weeke (R. xL) 6s. Sep, 04 

Lore Letters of a Lady of QuiJity. Cr. 8to. 8x5, 

pp. 160, 5b. Stock, Dee. 04 

Love Poems, Byron (Lord) 2s. ; Is. 6d. net Nov, 04 

' Xowe Songs (English). An Anthology. 18mo. 

5xdi, pp. 124, 6d. net; Ithr. Is. net (SnudUr 

Clasnce) Ricbabdb, July 04 

Love Songs and other Songs, Anethan (Albert D.) 
8s. 6d. net .« Apr, 04 

X«we Story (An Artist's), told in Letters of Sir 
Thomas Lawrence, Mrs. Siddons, and her 
Daughters. Edit, by Oswald G. Knapp. Por- 
traits, face. 8to. 9 x 5|, pp. 246, 128. 6d. net 

G. Allxm, Oct, 04 

• Lore that he passed by, Hardy a. D.) 6B.,*Mar. 04 

Lore, Triumph of, Uolmee (Edm. Gore Alex.) 

8b. 6d. net Nov, 02 

Lore Triumphant, Meade (L. T.) 6s. Sep, 04 

Love Victorious, Prendregeiet (John) 8b. 6d. net 


Lore and Liars, Diehl (A. M.) 6s July 04 

Lore and Louisa, Albaneei (E. M.) 6b. June 04 

Xowe's Camiral: Play in 5 Acts. Trans, from 
Otto Erich Hartleben's Original PUy * Rosenmion* 
tag ' by Rudolf Bleichmann. Portr. of Author. 
Cr. 8yo. 7x5, pp. 168, 28. 6d. ; swd. Is. 6d. 

HuMSXANM, Mar. 04 
Xowe's Lidian Summer. Cr. 8to. Is. 6d. ; swd. Is. 

{iPamilu Story Teller) W. Stevxns, July 04 

Love's Labour, Little 4to. Shakespeare, Is. net 

Jan. 04 
Love's Labour's L., Shakespeare, old spel., 2s. 6d., 

5s. net „. June 04 

Love's Labour's Lost, Var. Shakespeare, 18s. 

Nov, 04 

Love's VtoTjfBagot (Ric.) 6s..... :Apr, 04 

Love's Sacrifice, Whiting (M. B.) 2s Aug, 04 

Love's Tribute, Whitehead (Jas.) 8s. 6d.nt. Dec, 04 
Level the Widower &e., Thackeray (W. M.) 8s. 6d. 

Mar. 04 
Xowelaee (R.)— Poems. 12mo. 6|x4i, pp. 242, 
lOd. net ; leather. Is. 7d. net ; sewed, 6d. net 

Unit Luuabt, Mar. 04 

Xorell (A.)~Beauty of Tone in Speech and Song. 

12mo. 6} X 4^, pp. 90, 28. 6d. net Simpkin, Sep, 04 

Lowell (A.) — ^Reichenbach's Researches: a Lecture. 
Cr. 8va sd. 6d net {Transactions of the Vril-Ta 
Club) SixPKiN, Jan, 04 

Lovell (A.) Transactions of FrO- Ya Club, 6d. ne^ 


XiOT«ll ( W. S.-)— O'er Crag and Torrent Rod and 
Gun, Snooting and Fishmg. Cr. 8vo. 7) x 6, pp. 

262, 8s. 6d EviBSTT, Nov, 04 

Lovely Malincourt, Mathers (H.) Is. Oct. 04 

Lovely Bfalincourt, Mathers (H.) 28. 6d Nov, 04 

Lovely Man, Is. net. ,Apr, 04 

IfOwely Thames (The). 16 coloured Photographs. 

Obi. 4to. swd. Is. J. J. Kicf.nnni, Aug.f^ 

Lovely Woman, Crosland (T. W. H.) Is. nt Feb. 04 

Xiower (S.)— Rory O'More. 8vo. swd. 6d. 

RouTLSDOB, Aug. 04 
Lover of Dante, Epic of the Middle Ages, 2s. 6d. 


Lovers at Fault, Whishaw (Fred) 6s Aug, 04 

Loves of Miss Anne, Crockett (S. R.) 6b. ..,Oei. 04 

Ztowett (R.>— TUnate. Life and Adventures of a 
Christian Hero. Hlus. Cr 8vo. 8x6i,pp. 880, 
8s. 6d. RxL. Tbact Qoo,8ep, 04 

&OT«tt (R. M.) — Richard Gresham. Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 5i, pp. 806, 6s. Mackillam, July 04 

&OW (A. M.)— Protection in United Stotes. Study 
of Origin and Growth of American Tariff System, 
and its Economic and Social Tntluencefl. Gr. 
8vo. H X 4|, pp. 178, 88. 6d. net 

P. S. EiMO, June 04 

Low (Chs. Rathbone), Kingston, Africa, tirav. 68. 

If or. 04 

&OW (D. A.), Bevis (A. W.)— Manual of Machine 
Drawing and Derign. Enl.ed., 8th impr., 700 Hlus. 
Cr. 8va pp. 414, 7s. 6d. Lonomamb, Dvc, 08 

a«ow (Frances H.)— PresB Work for Women. 
Text Book for Young Woman Journalist What 
to write, how to write it, where to send it Cr. 8vo« 
swd. Is. net L. U. Gnx, Oct. 04 

&OW (J. S.)— Sanitary Circumstances and Ad- 
ministration of the Preesall-with-Hackinsall 
Urban District: Report, 2d....STBB A S. Nov, 04 

Xiow (8.)— Governance of England. 8vo. 82 x 5|, 
pp. 828, 78. 6d. net XJnynH,Nov, 04 

2«ow (S.) — Increase of the Suburbs. Read before 
British Association (Economic Science Section) 
at Cambridge, Aug. 28, 1904. Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. ne* 


&OW (S. J.), Pulling (F. S.)— Dictionary of English 
History. Rev. edit roy. 8va 9^x6, p]^1146, 
7s. 6d Cabskll. 1)60. 04 

Low ( W. H.) &o,,Bnglish CompoBition, l8.6a. Apr, 04 

&ow*s Handbook to the CharitieB of Loiid o iii» 
1908-1904. 12mo. pp. 814, la. 6d. ; swd. Is. 

Low, May 04 
&owe (D.)---Bums's Passionate Pilgrimage; or, 
Tait's Indictment of the Poet, with other rare 
recorda. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4^, pp. 288, 58. net 

F. W. Wilson, Mar. 04 
XiOWBdes (CocUia Selby)— Eric: a Golden Heart. 
Ulna. Cr.8vo.7|x4i,pp. 160, Is. 

S.P.C.K. Oct. 04 
&owadM (Cecilia Selby)— Mr. Orde's Grand- 
children. 2nd edit cr. 8vo. 7|x4|, pp. 848, 
Is. 6d. NiBBXT, Oct, 04 

X«wadc« (Mrs. Belloc)— Heart of Penelope. 

Novel. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 5, pp. 840, 6b. 

HXINXMAXlf , Oct, 04 
&OW17 (E. P.)— With the Guards' Brigade : From 

Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back. Ch. 

edit 8va bds. 2s. net H. Masbball, May 04 

Xiowry (H. D.)— Hundred Windows. Cr. 8vo. 
bds. 8s. 6d. net E. Matbxws, Oct, 04 

&owsoa (J. M.)— Second Stage Botany. Adapta- 
tion of * Text-Book of Botany' to requirements 
of second stage exam, of Board of Education, fto 
Cr. 8vo. 7^ X 4|, pp. 460, 8s. 6d. {Org. Science 
Series) Clivb, Feb. 04 

XiOwttier (H. C.)~Combined figure-skating. 16mo. 
pp. 100, 1b. H. Cox, Dec 08 

&owther (H.C.>-.Edge8 and Striking [in akatinf ]. 
16mo. pp. 78, iB. .......H. Cox, Deo, 9% 


IiWrtwi in Iraknd, Btwlag (Edm. Tb.) pr J>m. OS 

...'SmxBftE. '*'-'- ^■ 
1«M1B (lubd T.V—Prinm ol Qanun Liteimtnr*. 

«k Id. er. Sra 7| X t|, pp. an, S^ ed. 

>■ — (C. P.)— GaogntphT of Sonth toA Bart 

.Abte. Put a ol Vol. J of Huton<al OMgnphf 

ii Briluh CoIoniM, ray. to 1908. Cbaptan on 

TmuTBal uid Oruga Rira C0I0D7, ^ BofA 

BlwHd EgertoD. A Hip*. Cr. 8to. 71 x 11, pp. 

m, U.ti. Phiwdm, Jan. St 

Lmm (£. T.), £h>A ol Verm lot Chil., ea. Km. 04 
» — ■ (E. T.)~Hiriiw»7i and Brw^a In BnHz. 

ZDbs. 1>t Fraderick L. Qrigga. Ci. 8to. 8x61, 

WP- ***,«». .ZMAtxojMi.Fa. 0« 

— M (P-HSpauiili-EiuiIialt JtUOoamtj of Kming 

Shiu. Ci. 8to. 71 xir pp. 7a, Ba. net 

Tbohxicai. Ihbt. Aug. 04 
Xaaa* (HJ — In Homisi ol Iii/a ; ConaJdaiktioDi 

■ad Ua^tatKina for Bo;*. Cr. Sto. 71 i fi, 

fp. MM, Sa. Sd. n«t ...» BiXCa, Oct. 04 

li W IM (SI. J.>— AodroT EUiaoD. Bodmu*. Ct. 

•w. T| X 4}, pp. sae, ea. S. C. Bjmwm, Dec. 04 

—■M (St. J.^-Florentin* Cbaii : Comic IdjU. 

Or. »ni. 7J K 4i, pp. 334, Sa. ed. 

5, AFn^BTOM, Sep. 04 
S«n« (St. John)— Poem*. Cr. Bto. bda. Ea. net 

CoxaTABLB, i£ar. 04 
■naiBB— Chwon. Edit bj T. B, HiUer. Inlrod., 

Xai, Notai. Ct. Sro. pp. 63, la. M. 

CUTB, i)<r. 04 
lAMtaa— Chuon and FiKalor. Edit bj T. B. 

Milla. Intro^ Text, Notci. Cr. Bro. 7J| x 41, pp. 

IM, U. ea. {Vniv. Tut. BtrUi) ...Ci^m, Dee. M 
a»rtM Charon ud Fiaoator. VoeakialatT and 

I«M Papera. XndirL Or. 6to. pp. 114, iwd. li. 

lUmv. Tut. S»r.) Cuvi, Dte. 04 

aimUmm-Vtn. Biatoiia. Ed. b; B. E. Tatta. 

lOmo. la. U B«u, Ptb. 04 

■KMk ol John Beaton. Cr. Sro. la. ed. ; and. la. 

tFamily Story TtUtr) W. Btbvbhi, June 04 

Loah ol Iha Eai^yt, Braine (B.) aa Ocl. 04 

Luaratia Borgia, Ortgorotiut {TardinaodJ 10a. td. 

■lat _.jrar. 04 

Lmj Winter, Btadt (F. E.) la. Oct. 04 

■*tC*ta Sandamanlar; Beedera. Bonnd Iha 

Oaaat, br Q. F. Boavorth. Heroea ol Isdnatrj, 

hj F. E. Cooka. Cr. «to. ea. li. U. 

SomjtDoa, .^uj. 04 
Lsdna Letiana, Banuey (A. B.] 8a. Sd. net Stp. 04 
kWHrtC (A.), Lallemand (H.}~New Engliah and 

Frenoh Voeabularj, Alphabetical and Anakijical. 

•id adit. re*, eul. B k 8|, pp. 708, round ooineta, 

aa 8d. n«t (HoM/riiTi Bmia) 

HoucBraui Bnoa. Sep. 04 
lAk* [T. D.)— Qnida to Anwathelio*. For 

BtDdent and Oenaral Praetitioner. 48 Illot. 

tod edit. Syo. S| x 6|, pp. J4B, Ba. net 

W. OuiH, Nov. 04 
X«k* f T. D.)— Qnide to Aunalbetica. Sad edit. 

»T0. la. net. Cbiixcbii.1, Ifoo. 04 

^ w lti aui (P. H.)— Derioea and Deairci. Foama. 

Or. 8vo. 8*. Bd. net. B. B. Johkkw, Jidg 04 

Lnmen, Tma Stor; of Babfloniu Capi, Sa. net 


■ (K. W.) ic, Tvpei ol Beligiooa E&per., 

!■. Od. Mar. 08 

■WHB<I«B ILooiaa Innea) — Leunna in Qennan. 
n«T. ed. cr. Svo. pp. 394, 8a. E. Auidu>, Jan. OS 

S«a««r~B8th Report of the Commiaaionaia, for 
1N8. Appendieaa, Diaeram*. 8to. Ba. ad. (as3} 

Etkb ft S. Oei. 04 



TiWllj QrriaBdl— BSrd Baport ol the Inipecttf* 

ol Lmatiea (Ireland). For 1908, AppcBdiea* 

»*a la. Id. (aam] Em d: S. Oel. U 

Kvaaejr (SootUnd)— 48th Annual Tleport of A* 

Oeninl Bowd ol Commiaaionaia in Loaaej lar 

Beotlaod. Appaudicea. Sro. la. 4d. [aOlS] 

Em & 8. JuM H 
*inr~"~ Aqdoma — Snggeetiona and InitrostaOM 

with referenoe to Sitea, Oeneial ArrannuBent cf 

Bnildinga, OonatinoUon of Buildinga, PlaM tmM 

Partiealan, Eatimatoa of. Reriied 1904. M. 

Evu ft 8. /■•% M 

Lnnga, Heart, Lectorea, Xtmliay (Jaa. Alei.) tB.Bt. 

Ifor. M 

Kaacwlts (A.)— Teit-Book of Hcno-BhoeiM. 

STo.7a. 8d. net LippiHaorr, Dm; M 

Liujoro Grammar, iiaddox (H. E.) aa. 8d. 8»f. M 
XbvMm [W. H.)— I«w relating to Pajmaet rf 

Conuniaaion. ISma limp, la. Bd. net iLt§ at 

Hiutifl Booi*) ...~ E. WiuoH, Jan. •* 

KnaUnl^aa'a L*v of AfflLation. and adH. 

poat Sto. 8a 8d. Bdttbxwokth, Jup. M 

XM«talart«n'B&nm. Jaiia(MarriedWomen) Aal- 

PoBt Bto. and edit. Bi. net BuTiaBwoHB,Jti$.M 
Xatbar (X. L.)— Hatterr. Ci. Sro. 6a. 

U*CK1L1~UI, OtI. M 
&atbar BediTiTna— Tetael and hia Big Dinm ; «r, 

Ciriliiatiao weighsd in (he BaUooa and lo*M 

Wanting. Cr, Sro. awd. Od. 

Ao. ft BxiLLBi.' Co.-op. *" Jfar. M 
IBX HnndL Seriea of Stodiea in Religion of tka 

Incarnation. Edit hjr Charlee Oore. Cr. 8aa>. 

Bx>i>PP-488,aa.6d.nal ...J. HcMUI, No*. M 
lbT»n (D.)— Comer Stone : Beoord of an aid 

Hooaa. Cr, Bto. 7} x S, pp. 880, 6a. 

HomoK St 3. Kajf M 
KyaU (D.)— iMd O' the Leal. Bra iwd. ed. 

HoDDKB ft 8. Jum M 
LjbD (Edna) LUa, Stereet (J. M.) Ea. net ...Oel. W 
Ljall (J. W.) Spoitaman'a Guida to Scotand, la. 

Ljall (W. H.\ Birr, Egirpt. Aiabio, 4i. net Juig 04 

I^olMle Hill, TViuKW (H.) 81. Mas 04 

Lpudaa, Jfilftm, Philipa, la. net Sep. H 

Kjd* (L. W.)— Alia. Reader Va. IBmo. la. 4d. 

Blici, Mar. U 

ftyly (J.)— Complete Works now Brat eoUintad, 

andad. fromaarUe*(4to.; Life,Bibiiog.,Baaqs, 

Notes, Indei, b; B. W. Bond. 8 Tola. ei. 9*0. Paowiia, I>as. M 

&rMb(J.)— Three Yean in the Klondihe. \ttj- 

Bto. H X El, pp. 188, lie. Od. net 

E. Au(OU>, ifor. »i 
STBOta (T.. L.)— A Woman'a Tragedj; or, Iha 

Deleetire's Task. Illiu. Cr. Bto. Tjx I, pp.8>4, 

8s. ed. Wabd, Locz, Afr. 9t 

& jnek (Ik L.]— DelectJTe'a Danghter, Bro. Bwd. 6d. 

Wans, Lock, Ftl. H 

Srsek nj. I,.)— Hountaio UTsteiy ; or, OoUawa 

of tbeBookias. BTo.iwd.ed. WABii,Locx,Jwa*M 
Kraab (L. L.)— Slender Cine. Sto. awd. Bd. 

WuD, Loci, Pel. M 
KTBeh(R.L)— Book of the Iris. Chapter on OriK- 

Tatim of Onooojlns section, eipecullj aiiWM 

fin this work b; the late Bev. Henr; EwbanV. 

Or. STa 7j X B, pp. Sas, 3a. 8d. net {Hai-Mootu^f 

Prattieal Oardifiing) Ltxa, 59. M 

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10a. M. net Na». M 

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W. Tbacub ft C. Mm H 
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I^ra Innocantinm, Jleile (Jn.) 4a. »t,i4 

Ljhca] Foams ol Cha. Coflon ftc, 6s., cban. 9«. 






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being a Compendium of the Common Law, 
Decided Cases^ and Statute Law of the C^m of 
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Jan, 08 

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kolsy (Lord)-~BurIeigh and his Times: 

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IJRat, Lib,) CabsBll, Get 04 

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view,* with additional matter, including tcnii oC 
Chantrey's Will and a list of purchases. 12ao. 
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Mbtbubb, J<s». 04 

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spondeoce hitherto unpubudied of the Barl of 

Hardwicke, First Loid-Lieutenani of Irelasd 

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Edit by Grevilie Maodonald. 19mo. 8| x 4|, ppi. 

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, 164 




- Light FrinoMS. Edit, hj 
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ii«(l mi. Bd.aet (Fairy TaUi) FaiMLii, Oct. Oi 
HMdoBBld (Q.)— Sbftdon ; Uttla D&rligbl. 
Edit by OniiUe Uudould. Itmo. SI x H, pp. 
80,11. nat; iwd. M.iiet; Itht. St. net 

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HaeawMUa (O.H-Ttm id the Hidil. Contribu- 
tioD toBtodj ot Fieadom. Boj. Svo. 9^x6, pp. 

4M, 10«. Od. ngt HoDDu A 9. Apr. 01 

I T.lOi. 6d. 
...Apr. 04 

Maedould (J. B.), TFoman in PriDtiDg 3 

MkcdoBKld (Leil&)~Wudasr, other Poemi. 

Cr BT0.8«.ed. net Ufwdi, Juiu 0* 

" - ld(L. S.)Babi'«i'Claulc>,ta.ed.iuit 

UA (W.)— PTinaiplac ot Hani SoianeB. 
Em»;. Sra 81 x (>}, pp. M9, 8l Sd. net 

Ibedoiull (A. h.) wait 
HMdoimell (A.) Word! 

BaoiniB ft N. Mar. Ot 
&0. Biithdk* Book, U. 

it St Franoii, !>., 1>. U. 
Ihe. 04 

irVmtKkU [E. B.)— Ludmuki ot EaropMO 
Hiatory. lima. 8} k 4l, pp. tOt^ Sd. 

Blacub, /uly 04 

lUedongall (Hn. yt. B.)— mo Amiotir (Musuet) 

' MkcdowkU (H. W.], Spia &o. ot Middle AgBt, 

8«. (d. Jan. 04 

" ' ikfto, rii>ian[Hbrt.)10s.6d.iiet Itaj/Oi 

(Dublin) SKAti, Buiiaa, A Walub, Of 
lUy (J.}— St. John. 1 vd. «». 8 " ' 
•d. Ti. ed. (Dnblin) Bsalv, Bb»Bs, & WU. 

ICMejr {F. W.)— BpMiflcatiani 

DatkiL Slid 

_[>CEWO0II, Jll4'04' 

b{B.)— How Snooeu ii Won. Pru- 

UMlhiutatoUiaae itriring tor lioh rawaidi in 
(tore tor the itrenaooi nee tor locoeH. Ct. Svo. 
71 X G, pp. ara, <■. sd. net 

' Fbisical CoLTtraa,' Oct. 04 
M— a >«fl— (B.]— Hunun » Lifelong Honey- 
moon. Idte'i grekteat Fl«unrea leoored by 
obMrring highset hnm^n initinct*. Cr. Svo. 
f 1 X 6, pp. 849, 4i. Ed. net 

' Pbteicu. GdIiTubi,' Jan. 04 
■befltddan (R)— Btrsnnooi Iiorer. Bomknoa of 
t. natDraJ Lore'a vut Power. Sra 8} x Gt,pp. 4S0, 
,T. «.. — j^jlJ^.M 


' Phvmcal Cultoki/ . 

k*T»» (J- :- , 

Pwlma of Old L„_ „„ . 

NatonJ Grouping and freely rendered ii 

KMIkrlaMI (C. 8.)— Sprit ChrietUke. Or. Sro. 

71 K B, pp. 174, la. ed. net J. CUUB, Stp. 04 

Merunand (J.}-Text-book of Pathology. For 

Fraetitionen and Student*. Him. Boy. Svo. 

>i X 61, pp. 818, 31*. net Siumdbm, Aug. 04 

MsrwlBBd (J. H.)— Getting uqnainted with 

Tteea, Uln*. from Pbotograplu. Bvo. Bjxe, 

pp. Ut, 7a. Sd. net HackHxib, Sep. 04 

£. A. Baker. New ed. c 

BouTLBDot Itar. 04 

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Eme*t A. B^r. Cr. Bto. 71 x 4[, pp. 890, 3l 

iHelf-Forgotten Bookt) ...Boutudob, Mar. 04 

ICaCd* (B. O— New Poeme. Cr. Bto. Ga. net 

Labb, Feb. 04 


HeWbttOB (W. C.>— Marine Engineera' Dnwhig 
Book for Bowd of Trade Ei - ' - '- 

obi. 4to. 8a. Sd. net 

HeGlsaky, Halt (A. O.) Sd 

MseOMtb (H.)— Tha Qiay CIo»k. HIu. Ci. 

8to. Ti X 6, pp. 474, Sa. „W&bd £ L. CM. 04 

X»0tr«8r«r (Q. H. C.)— Babbonl, or PenuuJ 
Conaacration. Ilmo. 81x41, pp. 110, la. net 
{QathiTtd Spoil Beriet) m..» b. Dte. 04 
MmaKrarBT IJ.) — Bob Boy cm tha Joidan. Canoe 
Cmiaa in Faleatine, Bgjpt, and the Wateia of 
Damaiona. Bth edit. cr. Svo. 8x5, iq>. U%, 

Ii. ed. net 3. Hubkat, Oct. 04 

VkA (E. TonH-Oreak Bculptoie, iti Spirit and 

PriDoiplea. 8vo. 16>. net OntH, Mar. 01 

MachiaveUi (Kicolo), ViUari (Paaqnale) 9*. ad. net 
HachiaTalli and Mod. Stkta, I>ytr (Isma) 4a. ed. 

Oe(. 04 
Machine Drawing, JETiU (Alfred P.] 8a. 8d. net 

Sf. 04 
Machine Drawing, Low (David AUanl Sto-, 7b. Sd. 

Dee. 01 
Kachina Shop Toola, Dtrvoort (Wo. H.van) lla. 

net MayOt 

ttaahrm.T (B.) — Ambaaaador'i Glove. NoveL 

Cr. Svo. 7| X 41, pp. 818, 6a. Loxa, Oct. 04 

MoZntosb (J.]— Pbotographic Baterenoe Booh. 
Snd adit, largdy le-written. Ci. Svo. awd. la. ed. 

net ...» lurra, Junt 04 

M'Zntyr* (D. U.)— Word oi Lite: Tbongbta on 

Ponrth OoepeL ISmo. 81 x 4{, pp. H, It net 

(Our Bibtt So^r Sn«i)...HuiEAU. B. Jui^ 04 

WeZvar [D. O.)— Bnlb Collni*. Cr. Svo.awd. 6d. 

net. Dawbibb A W. Avg. 04 

K«Zv«r (D. G.)— Boa« Growing: a Pnotical 
Handbook for Amateur*. Cr. Svo. iwd. ed. net 
Dawbabb a W. Am 04 
VmokKf (G. B. AbenghH1^"mty-on* Day* in 
India. 7th ed. enL Cr. 8vD. pp. M*, U, 

XBACOB, Dee. 01 

KaokKT {J. S.)— Plane aoDmatiy, Piaotieal and 

TheoreticaL Book 1, 1*.; Book* 1,1,8. la.ed. 

CbaKbebi, Sep. 04 

llaafc«7 (J. S.)— Plane Geometry, PraoUoaJ and 

TheontioaL Book a. Po*t Svo. pp. 44, ed. 

CHAjrem, Oct. 04 
MKOtay (J. 5.}— Plane Geometry, PiaotiMl and 
TtutoretiaaJ. Book S. Pott Svo, pp. SO, la. 

Cbaubbbb, Oet. 04 

ICuftajr (Satherine)— Boee Stswart'* Love Btoiy. 

Bomanoe ol Colloden. Cr. Svo. 74 x SI, pp. 191, 

3*. Sd. uet ......E. MACEAr, Jan. 04 

(Eatherine}— Bate Stewart'a Lova SCoiy. 
■ at CoUoden. Cb.ra-ia. Cr. Svo. awd. la. 

E. Macbat, Dee. 04 

(W. P.j—GiBoe and Trsth under Twelve 
Atpect*. Bind edit. ci. Svo. 71 x 4l, pp. 388, 

3a.i Bwd-la SiKPUK, June 04 

MaoKeith (A.) Ooijitl of Jeaoa, 1* Dec. 04 

WaOkntKle (A. M, Sir) — Delvine and the Bonun* 
Aoooont ot the Boman GcoupalioD of Delvine or 
Inohlathill in the County o! Perth. Ch. ed. cr. 

Svo. 7f X B, pp. 178, Bi. SOfrEtH, Mar. 04 

MkOkeiiBla (J.)— Bsautie* ot Gaelto Poetry and 
Ljvea ot the Highland Barda ; with Hiatotical 
and Critical Note*, and a Comprehanaive Gloa- 
aary of Provincial Wovda. Hiitorical Introdno- 
tion containing aooonnt of Manner*, Habita, Ac, 
of Ancient Cdedoniana, by Jamea Logan. Kaw 
edit.. Toy. Svo. pp. 480, Sa. Bd. net 

lEdin.) N. Maclbod, Avg. 04 
If aokenae (Feter), Young (Dinsdale T.) Sa. Bd. 

Sep. 04 
Ma«kan>le (B.)— Loom ot Fmvidenoe. Svo. 

81 X B, pp. 364, 8a. Od. net Bbvbll, Sep. 04 

Maokenxle (T. St. C.t—Dynamica of Fiscal Pro- 
blem, Cr. Svo. It X 41, pp. 838, 4a. net 

E. Wii.mH, Oel. 04 

H*ekanBle (W. A.) — Dreiel Dream. Further 

volume ot Uamoita of Sir Nigel Lacaita, K.C.B,, 

of Bootland Yard. Cr. 8n>. 7) x 4|, pp. 198, 6s. 

Cbatto Kov. 04 





XMk«BSle (W. A.)~HU lUjesty't PeMock. 
Noyel. Cr. 8to. 7} x 5, pp. 8S6, 6t. 

BiCBABDS, 3£ay 04 
laokOBsle (W. Leslie). lUUhew (E.)— Me£oal 
Inmetion of School Children. Text-Book for 
Meaieal Officers of Schools, Medicsl Officers of 
Heeltb, School Managers, Teachers. 8vo. 8| x 6}, 
pp. 476, 10s. 6d. net ..W. Hodox, May 04 

(W. W.)— Licensing Act, 1904. Full 
ezplan. notes, intrc, appendix. Cr. 8to. 71 x 4|, 
pp. 104, 8e. 6d. net Buttibwobtb, Sep»OA 

Xackey (H. O.) — Helps for Speakers Incidental 
and IllostratiTe for Pulpit, Class, and Platform. 
Crown 8to. 8s. 6d. net Mabshall B. July 04 

Ksekie (J.)— How to make a Woollen Hill Pay 

Cr. 8vo. 71 X 4}, pp. 78, 8s. 6d. net 

Scott, Obbxkwood, Jan. 04 
aiackle (J.)— Bising of the Bed Man. Bomance 

of the Loois Biel BebelUon. Ulus. Cr. 8to. 

H ^ ^ii PP* ^3> 9>* ^ Jabsold, Oct. 04 

ISaekie (Pauline Bradford)— Voice in the Desert. 

NoTsI. Cr. Sra 7} x 6, pp. 84S^ 6s. 

MsTRUXN, May 04 
lleXlai.(B. H.)— Gospel in Christian Year and in 

Christian Experience. Advent to Trinity. Cr.8T0. 

pp. 866, 6s. net JjOnokaks, Dee. 08 

MucMatey (J. M.)— Influence of the Pre-Befor- 

mation Church on Scottish Place-Names. 8to. 

X 6|, pp. 484, ISs. 6d. net Blackwood & QJipr, 04 

aieXlatoy (W.)— Tariff: a Beriew of Tariff 
Legislation of United SUtes from 1818 to 1896. 
Boy. 8to. H k <^i PP* 872, 7s. 6d... .Putnam, Oct, 04 

WfUMlnnrnj {A. H.>— After the Primary; What? 
Manual of Methods for Junior Department of 
Bible School and for those who instruct Children 
between and 18 years of age. Cr. 8yo. 7} x 6, 
pp. 146, as. 6d. net Bbtxll, May 04 

ISeJUiwey (S. B. G.>— Origin and Nature of Man. 

Part 4, Intuition Cr. 8vo. swd. 6d. net 

Oliphakt, MofT. 04 
liaeklBtosh (Mabel)— Boys of AU Samts. Cr. 

^▼o. 7^ X 4|,pp. 160, Is. J.F. Sbaw, Oct. 04 

XftttkSatesli (B.)— First Primer of Apologetics. 

3nd edit cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 188, 8a. 

A. Mblbobb, Oct. 04 
HCaeknif lit (T.)>-Political Progress in 10th Cent 
, Ber. br C. C. Osborne. Cr. 8to. pp. 684, 5s. net 

(i9th uerU. Seriee) CBAimiBS, Dec, 08 

aiaekiilfftat (T. M.)--Food for the Tropics: 
Beinff a short Description of Natire Produce 
suitable for Food in Tropical Countries. Cr. 8to. 
8e. 6d. ...Tbacxxb, 4p^*04 

(A.) — Book of Genesis. Boy. 8vo. 
0^x6^ pp. 848, 7s. 6d. [EwpoiiHone of Holy 
Scripture) Hoddsb & S. Dee. 04 

lAttlmraB (A.)— Conquerinff Christ, other Ser- 
mons. 5th edit. cr. 8to. 7|x5, pp. 814, 8s.6d. 
net S. C. Bbown, July 04 

^■■■^— (Ian) — Afterwards, and other Stories. 
8vo. swd. 6d UODDEB & 8. July 04 

(J. J.)— Bills, Notes, Cheques: Bills 
of Exchange Act, 1890, Canada, and Acts Amend- 
ing the Same, with Notes and Illustrations, from 
Canadian, fixiglish, and American Decisions, uid 
Beferences to Ancient and Modem E^nch Law. 
8rd edit. enl. pp. 650, half-calf, 84s. 

(Toronto) Cabswxll Co. Sep. 04 

ate&aren ( J. W.)— Weir, the Wizard; Bomance 

of Old Edinburgh. 8Ta swd. 6d. Saxtos, June 04 

HCsMlaren (T.)— Systematic Memory; or, How to 
make a bad memory good, and a good memory 
better. New ed. cr. 8yo. swd. Is. net 

G. PmcAM, Mar, 04 

WimoJ^ j (A.) — Loci in Mechanical Drawing. 
Part 8. Piston Acceleration. 8vo. 8|x5|, 
pp. 186, 88. 6d. net..TxcBMiOAL Pub. Co. July 04 


(A. J.]h-Becent Disooreries iUus. 
Early Christian Life and Worship. 8 Lectures 
deliyered in Chapter House of St. Mary's 
Cathedral, Edinburgh. ISmo. 6| x 4|, pp. 186, as. 

S.P.CX May 04 

Maolema (Frances) — Children's Eyening Hour. 
Pref. by J. George Scott. 18mo. 7 x 8|, pp. 180, 
Is. net Gabdrbb & D. Dec, 04 

BtsclMUi (H.)— Photo. Printing. Practical Guide 
to Popular Photographic Printing Papers. Ber. 
edit of 'Popular Photographic Prmting Pro- 
cesses.' nius. Cr. 8to. swd. Is. net 

L. U. Gill, Juiy 04 

em (M.) — Literature of the Highlands. 8to. 

9 X 6|, pp. 244, 7s. 6d. net Blacxib, Feb. 04 

el^liose (Sophia H.) — From Monarchy to 
Bepublic in SVance, 1788-1798. Cr. 8yo. 7t x 5, 
pp. 464,6s. net MacLbhosb, Nov. 04 

(Fiona) — ^Winged Destiny: Studies in 
Spiritual History of the GaeL 8to. 8x54, 
pp. 878, 6s. Chapman & H. Oct. 04 

ion (Ella)— The Other Son. Novel. Cr. 
8yo. 7| X 6, pp. 868, 6s. ...Chapican & H. Nov, 04 
MacManus (Anna) — see Carbery (E.) 

i«»(MissL.)— Nessa. Cr.8yo pp.l48,8s.; 
swd. Is. ...(Dublin) Sxaly, Bbybbs, walxbb, 04 

BbunBilian (A.) — City of Grahamstown. Hhis. 
hist., commercial, general review. Cr. 8to. pp. 84 
(South Jlfrican Settee) Wbslby, Dec. 08 

MaomiUmn (M.)— Princess of Balkh. Tale of 
the Wars of Aurangsebe. Ulus. Cr. 8Ta 71 x 4|, 
pp. 840, 88. 6d. Blache, Oct. 04 

BtoMmaa (Blargaret)— Education through the 
Imagination. Cr. 8to. 7| x 5, pp. 818, 8s. 6d. 

Sohnbnschbin, May 04 
Macmfllan'B Magazine. Vol 89. 8to. 7s. 6d. 

Macmzllam, Apr, 04 
BKaemlllaa'B Magazine. Vol. 90. 8to. 7s. 6d. 

Macxillan, Oct. 04 
Macmillan*s South African Hist Beaders, 8, Is. 6d. 

IKaemoiraB (A.), Willis fW. A.)--Law relating 
to Sewers and Drains (Metropolitan A Extra- 
Metropolitan). 8to. pp. 860, 85s. net 

Buttbbwobtb, Nov. 04 

M'lCfirelir (J.)— Christian at Home. 88mo. 

4i X 8|, pp. 140, Is. net ; Ithr. 88. net {Chrietian 

IdeaU) Baobtxb, Oct. 04 

MeBtmray (C. A.)— Special Method in Blem. 
Science for Common School. Cr. 8to. 8s. 6d. net 

Mackzllaii, D^. 04 

BtoMurray (C. A.)— Special Method in Geo- 
graphy. New ed. cr. 8yo. 8b. net 

BLtCMiLLAN, Jan. 04 

BKaenagliteB (C.)— Common Thoughts oh Serious 
Subjects. Plain Words for Boys. Intro, by 
Bobert Whitelaw. Bev. edit 4to. 7| x 6, pp. 364, 
8b. 6d. net „XJwTlj,July 04 

BtaonmcliteB (H.)— Ave and Begina and other 
Poems. Cr. 8vo. 7 x 4}, pp. 118, 8s. net 

G. Allem, Oct. 04 
(S.)— The Gift: a NoveL Cr. 

8to. 7| X 5, pp. 818, 6s. Hoddeb & S. Apr. 04 

[*Neil (A.), Free Church Case, Is. 6d. net Aug. 04 

eile (A. H,)~Intro. to Ecclesiastes, Notes, 
Appendices. 8yo. 8| x 5^, pp. 178, 7s. 6d. net 

C. J. Clay, July 04 

BSoWalll (Angus) — Egregious English. Ch. ed. 

cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net ......Bxcbabds, Feb. 04 

BSeWnlty (E.), Maureen, a Norel. Cr. 8yo. 7| x 5, 
pp. 858, 68 ........E. Abnold, Jfar. 04 

BCaeplierBOB (H >— Books to Bead and How to 
Bead them. Or. 8to. 7| x 5, pp. 868, Ss. 6d. net 

Blackwood & S. Nov. 04 

MaoplierBoa (H.)— Scottish Church Crisis. 8vo. 
swd. Is. ..HoDOBB A 8. Nov, 04 






- joqnold (C. E. K.)— Stnttegr illos. by Briiiih 
Cunpaigni. Intro, by Fudd-Manhal B«rl 
Roberto, V.C. 12 Mftp«, 7 PUtet. Boy. 8to. 
9| X 6^, pp. 872, 10s. 6d. net. Caisbi^l, hee. 04 

MAoqnold (P.)— Histonr of English Fnmituie. 

Vol. 1, Part 1. Fol. swd. 78. 6d. net 

Lawbxmcb & B. Oei, 04 
Xftorme p.)— National Hmnonr : Scottish, Eng- 

liih, Irish, Welsh, Cockney, Highland, American. 

Or. Sva 7ftx4i, pp. 822, 8e. Od. 

A. QABDinm, May 04 
Maema (D.) — Pnblio Readings from his own 

"Works. First compl. edit. 12mo. 6} x 4|, pp.214, 

2i. net BLAOsn, Oct, 04 

Maerme (LadyV-Jack Clayton. Intro, by the 
Archdeacon of Ijondon. Cr. 8to. 7| x 4|, pp. 126, 

Is. 6d. StonsmaM; Oct, 04 

HaeWhirter (Jn.), Art of, Sjpielmann (M.) 4s. net 

aiaey (J.) — ParW Organisation and Machinery. 
Cr. 8to. Cs. net (American State Seriee) 

Ukwiw, Nov. 04 

Madagascar, 80 ys., Matthetot (T.) 6s Apr. 04 

Madame Bovary, Flatibert (Oostaye) Is. nt. May 04 
Madcap, Meade (L. T.) 8s. Od Oct. 04 

MtaUldoz (H. E.) — Elem. Lnnyoro Qrammar. 

Or. 8to. pp. 168, 2s. 6d SP.C.K. Sep. 02 

Made of Money, Oerard (D.) 6s. Apr, 04 

Mdle. de la Seigli^, Sandeau (Jules) 28. 6d. 

Sep. 04 
Mdlle. de Manpin, Gautier (Theophile) 6d. Aug.OA 
M ad r as, Chorch in. Penny (Frank) 21s. nt. Nov. 04 

BKaeterllBOk (M.)— Aglavaine and Selysette. 

IVansl. by Alfred Sn&o (acting version). Cr. 

8to. 11 X 4i, pp. 110, swd. Is. net 

G. Allxh, Nov. 04 
MaeterllBOk (M.)— Doable Garden. Transl. by 

Alexander Teixeira do Mattos. Cr. 8to. 7} x 5Jr, 

pp. 806, 68. net ..G. Allbh, MayOA 

Maeterliaok (M.)— Monna Vanna. Trans, by A. 
Sntro. Cr. 8to. 7i x 6, pp. 152, 8s. 6d. net 

G. AiiUix, Feb. 04 
KataBlae of Art New Series, VoL 2. 4to. ISs. 

Casbbll, Sep.Oi 
Magazines, Hlos., D*Ordel (Prometh.) Is. net 

Aug. 04 

Magdala, Stanley (Hy. M., Sir) as. 6d July 04 

Magdalen's Hnsband. Brown (Vincent) 6s. Jan. 04 
Magdalene ColL, Cambr., Pumell (Edwd. K.) 6s. net 

Later, Hoffmann, Is. 6d Mar. 04 

(W., 8ir>— Man of the Hour. Sro. swd. 

> .....Wakd & L. May 04 

Magnetic North, Bobine (Elizabeth) 6s. ...Mar. 04 
Magnetism, Measurements, Eibberi (W.) 2s. 

Magnetism and Electricity, First Stage, Jude 

(R. H.) 28 Oct. 04 

Magnetism and Electricity, Higher Text-Book, 

Stetoart (R. WaUaoe) 6b. 6d Oct. 04 

Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis, Palctirina, Is. net 

Mar. 04 
Magnus Sinclair, Peaee (Howard) 6s May 04 

Mtaigiiir* (T. M.)— Development of Tactics sinee 
1866. 8to. 8| X 6^, pp. 142, 8s. 6d. net 

"BxEByApr. 04 

Mamire (T. M.)->Gncrilla or Partisan Warfare. 
8vo. 8^ X 64, pp. 116, 8s. 6d. net ...RxBS, July 04 

Magiilr« (T. MO -Strategy and Tactics in Moun- 
tain Ranges. Boy. 8yo. 10 x 6^, pp. 182, 78. 6d. 

W. Clowxb, Afar. 04 
Magmre (T. M.), Tovey^ Strategy, 6s. net ...Jan. 04 
Magyars, City of the. Smith (F. B.) Jan. 04 
Maihseer, Mighty, Skene-l>hxi, 6s. net ......Mar. 04 

Mabtab (B. C.)~Studies. Cr. 8yo. 7i x 6, pp. 112, 

Is. 6d. net Suipkin, Oct. 04 

Maid Lilias, Piatt (Wm.) 6s. June 04 

Maid of Manse, BtUr (Erminda R.) Is. nt. Jwne 04 

Maid of Mystery, ifecuia (L. T.) 6s. Feb. 04 

"IaM ci. Shnlam, Falconer (Hugh) 8s. 6d. ...Apr. 04 


Van Serrice, Eastern — Report of Intcr-D^ p n i 
mental Committee as to ConTeyance of MaOe to 
and from East and Australia on expiration of 
existing Contracts, 2d. [2082] Etbb & B. July 04 

M^tmomtdad (Moses)— ^uide to the Perplexed. 
Transl. from oci^nal Arabio Text by M. Fried- 
lander. 2Dd edit rev. throughout. 8vo. S| x $4, 
pp. 476, 78. 6d. net Routledox, Dee. M 

(Alex.) TFM0,Witty, Sec Sayings, 8s. 6d. Det. 04 
Main (Mrs.>— see Mrs. Aubrey le Blond 

Main Chanoe. Nicholeon (Meredith) 6e Ji^ne 04 

Maine (H., Sir), Teaching, Vmogradoff (Paul) la. 
net May #4 

MAlr (W.)— Digeet of Laws and DecisionB Ecsla- 
siastioal and Civil. 8rd ed. 8vo. 12s. 6d. net 

Blackwood ds 8. May 04 

BCaltluid (Agnes C.)— Afternoon Tea Book. 8id 
edit 16mo. Ms. Is. J. Hooo, Stp. 04 

Mattl^nd (Agnes CH'V^li^ ^^ we have lor 
Break&at.? and edit 16mo. bds. Is. 

J. HooG, Sep. 04 

MttitUuid (P. L.)--The Surrender of Ns|)ole«i. 
Being Uie Narrative of the surrender of Bnoaa- 
parte and of his residence oo board H.M3. 
' Bellerophoiu' with a detail of the principal 
that ooourrea in that ship between Ma^ 24 
August 8, 1816. New ed. with a Memoir of tlto 
AuttMV, by William Kirk Dickson. 8vo. 9 x i^, 
pp. 840, 16s. net Blackwood & 8. Api. 04 

Maf. Singleton's Daughter, TyUer (S.) 6s....l'>^. 04 

VOi«r (The) of < To-day '— Clothes and the Man. 
2nd ed. 12o. pp. 196, 28. 6d. ...Ricuaads, Dee. 9% 

Mmot Weir, Montgomery (K. L.) 6s O^U 04 

Making of a Man, Wat9on (E. H. Lacon) 6s. 

Making of the Home, Barnett (Mrs. S.) Is. May 04 

kins (A.)— Licensed Victnallera' Handbook 
and Guide to Gauging and Stocktaking. Nsjrew 
or. 8vo. 8 X 8|, pp. 846, 2s. 6d. net 

HAT3iAN & C. Dee. 04 

Itmlaa (A. N.V-Wallaby Man. Cr. 8vo. (^ « Oi, 

pp. 268, 2s. 6d. Rbl. Tract Soc. Nov. 04 

Maiden (W. J.J. Snuill Culture, ea. Is. 6d., U.Ftb. 04 
Maldive &c., Fawta kc, 2, 2, 16s. net ; 2, 8, 16e. net 

Jan., Jnly 04 
Maldon, The Baeifo of, Oei. 04 

(Lucas)— Birthday Book. Comp. by G. O. 

Dethridge. Cr. 8va 48. net Unwix, Dee. 00 

Malincourt Keep, Sergeant (A.) 68 May 04 

MCallaadaliM (Catherine E.) - Cavern of Laments. 

Story of Sark. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4], pp. 862, Os. 

LoNO, Not. 04 
Kallet (J. W.)— On the Structure of Goldlioa^ 

and the Absorption Spectrum of Gold. Date. 

4to. pp. 8, Is. Dclau, Ftb. 04 

•KAlIoek (W. H.)— Veil of the Temple ; or, From 
Night to Twilight Cr. 8vo. 8 x 6, pp. 440, 6s. 

J. MuBEAT, ifajr 04 
Mahnesbnry (Countess of), Oolden String, 68. ns4 

•EaloryCSir T.V- Bookof Sir Galahad and Achieve- 
ment of Adventure of the SangreaL 12mo. bds* 
Is. net (Oakleaf Clae.) Astolat Pbbss, Mar. 04 

Malory (Sir T.>— Story of Elayne. Cr. 8vo. bda. 
Is. net (OaJcleaf Claseict) Astolat Prxss, Feb. 04 

Maltm — Further Correspondence relating to th* 
Political Condition of Malta [June 1908 to Maidi 
1904] 6d. [2028] Eyrx & S. June 04 

Bt«lTlift*s French Verbs. Novel and easy way of 
aeoniring knowledge of French Verbs by a secies 
of Cards. Key of the method being, to take cne 
Card 1^ a time, again going over those already 
learnt Of eacn Card any quantity can be ob- 

tained separately, or sold in seta of ten Ci 
lOd. net Hxbschvbld Bbob. Aug. 04 

Mammals, Genera, Palmer (T. S.) &o. 10s. net 


Mammary Gland Diseases, Blanc (P. Le) 8«. 6d. 
net .• «/<Up 04 

Man (A.) JuUe, Is. net Dee. 04 




Waji <A..) — Pompeii ; it* Lile uid Art, tnni). bj | 
P. W. KelMV, Bav. ed., aitn ci. Bio. pp. ESI, < 

lai. Sd. net HiCHiLL«N, J:>jr. Oj 

Mko AdHft, Kennedy (But) fid iljn-., /un« U 

Kta ftt Oaa., Bkv» (EniMtt «•■ ■O'^'- «* 

Mu btliintl the Door, Gunter (Archib. CUt.) S*. 

S'p. 04 
■u ClirislJcaus, DatviDntW. J.]3>-<!^-°^*-'''i'''>* 
IK&afCrw}— Microbe CntM! Popular Burning 
tiwi of the Myth. Cr, 8to. awd. Gd. 

An. & Bkbll&b,' Co.-of. All. Mar. 04 
ICu, Etiviroiiment, Stnoi^and (Jd. F.) Tb. Sd. Dcl 
Hit Ererj Inch, Wrag (J. jBckwm) In. 6d, i'i-p. 04 
■u from Downing Street. Wm. le Ouniz, 6b. F^6.I)4 
Hu rram Blftncheater, ZlimoeiiR (Dick) Qs. Mag 04 
aCui in the Pev, Cauion ( Joseph) 3i. 04. .Voc. 04 

Mu JD the Wood, fioyd (U. S,)6b Ut>r. 04 

Hkn, lalp ol, Quioatn'f Almck., ad., 1* Oc'.tH 

lUa dT Gulilee. Oril (Wm. Edgu) !1k. Gd. ...0--1. 04 
Kin of Ltw'B Tate Sea., Chaveer, Skwt, le. net 

.y Down, Drumiwrnd (H.) 6d FrS. 04 

Hu »ith WhitoH»t,Pa«onj(Ch«.RHa./an,04 
Mm) >nd hia Motor, Netdham (B. W. Braa.-ihav.) 

K Jan. 04 

Ku uid Womui, £»u (HuTelock) Oi UaT. 04 

Hta'iOrigin&o., SfcAinnA/lS.B.lGd. net tfar.04 
Mu'a Pl«a in Uoiv., tPa/faoe (All. R.) Gb. S<p. 04 

lUauau, Sinn/air (Upton) «■. , (W. 04 

■uicheBter (Earl oI)'Bee liontagu (Uenrr) 
lExacIieiter 'DiocBsan Dinetoi} and Choroh- 

kvi'h Alouiiack, 1B04. Cr. Svo. Bb. n«t; Bird. 

U. M. net SiMi-BiN, /o.i. 04 

Htauihaeter, HoUHing C, Marr (T. K.) U. lAt 

XMohMter, HsdinnJ, Ta>( (Im.) Tt. «d. oet 

Sep. 04 

XkoohD, Hntcovite, Weala (B. L. Patnun) 10a. nt. 

.ri.n? 04 

Huolinrus vith Kntoki in, PoAnn: (Fredk.) Tb. nd. 

Nou. 01 

M*B«harU lea., Whigham (H. J.) 7b. Sd....M'ar, 0( 

Maucburia, d:c., You-nqhaaband (FruioiB £.) Os. oet 


Maoco, Peru. Kintuton (W. H. O.) ai /foe. 04 

Maodarin't Fan, Bum* (Peigiu) Sb. Dec. 04 

■■•««•« (EmeBt)-PeeU]i ; or. the Bewitched 

■uden of Nepal. Cc. Svo. Tl ■ G, pp. Bia, G«. 

Kaa(t«d (E.)— Wight that Wailed, %aA other 

fftlei. 'Cr.Sro.4la Sohnenhcheih, OcI.04 

Tlffnrr" \" } " " ■ bFIbj. 

(Dublin) H. H. OiLL & 8. Mat 04 
WmMfM (J. C.)— A Selection ol hi* Poane. 

Mmo.4d (Dublin) U. H. aii.L«S.tfi^ 04 

Haac«a (J, C.)— Irish and other Pocni'^. Nev 

edit lOiDO. U X 4i. pp. 144, Bwd. td. 

(Dublm) M. H. Gill & S. May 0\ 
ai«B|wn 13. C-l— ProBfi Writines. CentenarT ed. 

In D. J. ODonoghae. Bs*a;bj Lionel Johusoa. 

Ct. 8vo. T{ X £, pp. S4S, Sb. Od. net 

A. H. BuLLEN. Apr. 01 
mkBtsaarlMU (H. H.)-Ife« Catechiam. S>o. 

■vd. ed W*TTs, Sqi. 04 

Mukiud in Making. WelU (H. O.) Si. Od....8^. 04 
atsaarF.)— TrueTaleBOlllMSea. Ci. B*o. twd. 

•d. net . ....SimKiH, Uay 04 

at«aD(J. D.l-Pbj»ioloffT and Pathology of the 

Vrine. HethoilB for its Eianiinatiaa. Iliun. S>d. 

Uxti. pp. 384, Be. Od. net Q&irFiH. f«b. 04 

aSaao (Mary E.I— ALooCEitate. Svo. 

1\ X S, pp. BGO, Gb HsTiU'EN, Feb. 04 

l^kDa(MaT7E.)— AWiater'iTala. Novel, tiew 

•d. cr. fiTO.TJ X G, pp. AM, Bb....Heth<.'ex, Juli/ 04 
IBmu (Man E.)— In Sammer Shadn. Sto. >«d. 

M. ... Laxa, Jfr. M 

Mbbv (Hut E.)— Mra. Peter Howard. 8to. nrd. 

Od. ...MBTUUKS,Jfol..04 

M»an (Mary B.)— Que Another's Burdens. Navri. 
Cr. 8n>. 7iKC, pp. 310, 6b MethUkn, Oc*,»4 

Hsan (Karj E,)— There was Once a Pcinoe. Mew 
edit. lilaa. Cr. Sro. 71" G, pp. H20, Db. Gd. 

Metsusm, S>v. 04 

Navel. Or. Sru. 7 j x IJ, pp. SSI, 8a. Bd. 

Methuek, Oet. 04 
Mannook (J. P.)— Billiarda Expounded to all 
deKFees ol Amateur Players. Written and 
•rranjjed by S. A. Mmaabini. Vol. 1. Elemonlary 
Side ol Billiard Playing. Illoa. Bvo. 8| v Kj, pp. 
4E0, la. 8d. net RicnutDs, Feb 04 

aCuutOOk (J. P.)~BilliardB ExpoDnded to all 
Degree* of Amateur Players. Written aod 
aniuged by 8. A. Hussabini. Vol 3, AdTBnoed 
Side ol the Game. HEub. 8ro.8j| y Gj, pp 114, 
Tb. Ad. net .Richards, Uau 04 

Hanoi Honaa, Sail 13. S.) Sb. Od. -Apr. M 

Hanoi School, Meade (L. T.) Bs 8ep. 04 

MBaaflattI (Charlottel-Tomldce. Norel. Ci. 
«»o.7jxiJ, pp. 170, 3b. 9d. ...W. Scott, 0«. 04 

ICb*bIi>s (]. E.)— UaCariala tor Convorsalioa and 

Bxsieiaea. Baaedoa Couteaet L^igeudaa. Parti. 

llmo. 6] X 41, pp. 03, Sd Heitb, July 01 

Xkuoo (&.)— BoilderB tJ the Law during the 

rei«n ol Qoeen Victoria. Svo. tOs. fid. 

H. Cox, Feb. 04 
ISanWr^su (P.)-'Art ol CbooBinR a Huaband. 

Transl. by Gabriel Clauae Chaiion. ISmo. 

8| X 4), pp. 8S0, Sb. 6J. net Qal & B. Ifm. 04 

VMttSlaa (Karl}-~SiBtory ol Theatrical Art ia 

Ancient and Hodom Timoit. Auth. tntiLB, by 

Louise TDD Coanel. VoL S : ShakeiipeariaD Period 

in England. Ror. 8ro. 0) x Gi pn. 360, IDs. net 

DucxivoBTH, Peb. 01 

Hauoal ot Clin. DiagaaaiB, Sinutn [C. E.) ais. net 


Haaiul of DeDtal Anatomy, Tome* {C. 6.} ISi. M. 

net .Apr. 04 

Haooal ol Ist Aid, Austin (J A.) la Oel. 04 

Haonal ol Uacliiae Drawing, Lou (D. A.) 7*. Od. 

Hanoal ol Saienaa ol Lanodry Work, Bankin 

(M. C.) la. 6d Apr. 04 

Hanufaclure, Econ. in, Slrachan (W.) Sa. Od. not 

Haooiea, Or^OU (A. B.) 7*. Ad Jan. 04 

KB. in a Bed Boi. Sro. ewd. ad. HivrKsa, Apr. 04 
HSS., Waat, Trin. ColL Camb., James (H, K.) la. 

met Dec. 04 

IBMwall (H. B.)— BenU ot Battaraby. Hew 

•dit. cr. Ovo. 7i X 1}, pp. iH, 1b. ad. 

Rel. Tiuct 9oc. Jul;/ 04 
BUny Mooda in H. Metrea, Oreene (The.) SB. net 

Hany Waten, Totnton (Arthur) as. Apr. 01 

Hany Wayaol Lo»e, Whielmw (Fred.) Sa. 6d J^fi.Ol 

KmnBMtt (A.) — Sacred HymoB and Napoleonii.- 

Ode. TranB. in Englinh Khyma. Cr. Sto, pp. 

Ul, 13a. Del Fsowpa, Nov. 04 

Har ol Japan and China. Painted in 8 ooIODra. 

Folded 1b. ...ComsBCiii. II'TELI.IOE^cE, J^eb. 04 
M«W ol the Buaao. Japanese ~War. Time! vdit. 

Cr. Sro. Ga. net Otnct, July 0( 

lK»p (Ordnance Sarrey] ol Cloomel (Sheet IGOI ; 

of Basingstoke (Sheet 084), 1 in. to mile, oa. Is. 

( Southampton) Obdn*nce Sdbtbt, Ifon. (M 

Mar (W, Del) -Arouud the World UUM|U^Vaii. 

9nd edit. roy. Svo. OlxEJ, WhJ^^^J^- 

Hatbling. Oiaining, PraotioaJ, ^^f Wl 

Nooncie*) la. 




atereh (F. A. (he Elder ud F. A. the Toanggr)— 
A ^tMtiQni DioUonuj ol (hs Bnglitb Lan- 
RUtge, deeisnad to laggail inunc^ktely mj 
dednd word neaded to expreai eiaroUf ■ gixea 
idek. AdiotiooW7oIaTncm7mi,uiton;nu,idiaDU, 
lorejgn phrHw, pioDnnciatiaUB, > eopioas oorre- 
UtJOD ej wordi. Ito. pp. 1S06 (FhOadelphu) 
7(*. 08,8 

ICkTch-haie, OrigineM Alphabeticn, la. net Apr. 04 

MMrelianl (Benie) — CaptiTaa of the Kaid. 
- — -._ „._ -, .. 

r. COLUHB, Sap. tU 

' ~ le of the 

t col. Ilia*. Cr. 8to. TJ k IjjPP' > 

—From the Bccmrge 

Tongna. Sod edit. Cr. Bra. Tixli, pp. 308, 9a. 
A. HiLHOBE, July M 
MRMbuit (Besiie)— Girls of Wakenside. Story 
lor Qirla. UlaB. Cr. 8vo. T| x 4 j, pp. BTS, Sa. 

W. Comas, CW. « 

KuvUmot rBeaaie)— Hope'i Tryat. Story of 

Biberiui Frontier, TUna. Cr. 8to. T|x4i, pp. 

388, 8a. ed Blicui, Oel. 04 

C), Spencer (J. G.)— Conciia 

TmUr Conne. Cr. Svo. Tt x 4], pp. 306, Si. 

Beii., Nov. 04 

Hanhiiig to Ato, Ifoore (H. C.) Si Sep. 04 

Xaratamont (A. W.)— By Snare of Lore. Movel. 

Ct. 8n>. H X G, pp. 876, Sa. Wakd, Lock, May 04 
Maretam«at (A. W.) — For Idre or Crown. 8vo. 

■wd. fld. HuiCHmsoK, June 04 

MM«tam««t (A. VI.)— Wm Hoadley'e Secret. 

Svo. awd. Od Methosii, Apr. 04 

MkrokmoBt (A. W.) — UomsDl'a Error. Sto. 

awd. Sd. Uethumi, Xag 04 

Marotamont (A. W.>— The Qoean'a Advocate. A 

Novel. Cr. 8to. Ti x S, pp. 438, 6a. 

Wabd ft L. Sep. 04 

Maroo Polo, Travali, ra*. T. Wright, 8a., Bt. ed. sat 

Nod. 04 

Maroaa, Fenn (G. Hanville) Ea Soe. 04 

Msrmu Anrelina Antoaisoa (Haditationa of) — A 

new tendering baaed on the Fonlia tranalation ol 

1743, hy George W. ChryataL 4(a 8{xT, pp. 

S40, 16b. net Bcbulu, Feb, 04 

Mamas Anrelina Antoninna— Old Monarch in 

new Uaotle : oendeneed tiana. of Heditationi. 

Cr. 8to. pp. B8 Jib. E. Wilboh, Jan. 08 

K*ren> Ameliai Year Bock. Compiled by Joan 

Barrett, fl4mo.6d.nel: Ithr. li. net {WatrfcOOt 

Poelul atatiies] TkEHUm, Ifoe. 04 

Haiena Anrelina Sio., FeapWi Claaaica, eak Id. 


Marcna and Fanatina, CamI (Frederio) Oa. Aug. 04 

Uardale, Life and Adtan. of Bnpert Caldarford, «b. 


BCu« (W. 3. Da La}— Hku7 Brochen : bia Traveli 

and Adrantoiet in rich, atoaose, scarce- imagin. 

able Bagiona ol Romance. Cr. Svo. 7o k Gj, 

pp. 313, ea. 3. Hdoiut, liar. 0* 

BtBTKnerltt* (P. and V.)— The Commnna. NoveL 

Cr. Bto. 7) X 4|, pp. 873, Oa. CbaTTO, June 04 

Marian Voyna, CMdia [BeylJ 6a. ^pr. 04 

KKTlUlvr (H. C.)— I>ante Gabriel BoaaatU, Blai. 

Memorial ol hia Art and Life. Brd adit, abridged, 

Bev. Cr, 8to, 8^x6, pp. IBl, Ti. ed. nat 

Bux, Oct. 04 
MTllllw (H. C.)— LiTerpool School of Faintora : 

Aeooontof LiTerpool Academy from 1810 to 1887; 

mamoita of principal Aitiata. Bva S^xB], pp. 

369, lOi. 6d. net J. UuBUT, Oct. 04 

Huine Engineering, Tompkim (A. E.) IBs. Oct. 04 

Marine Engineering, Wilaa, GGb. net Sep. 04 

Marine Eugineera' Drawing Bk., McOibbm {yf.} 

8a. Od. net ^ July 04 



Marine Bngineara, Notea, Botkaif (J. W.) la. ed. ' 

net F»i.M 

Marine Inanranoa Preminma, Porbai (T.) ...Dae. Oft 
Marinwt, Notices to, Index to, 1M8. Sa. 

Form, Ifar. lU 
Maritinw Caaea, Aipindir*, toI. 9, pt. T, Ss. ad. 

Mark (H. T.)— Elementary Scienoe and Hatore 

Stody. ninitratiire Syllabaa. Bnlar. ed. 4to. 

limp, la. ed. net Sikphk, ilar. 04 

Mark (St.) The Gospel according to. Intra, by 

Madame Cecilia. Cr. Sfo. 8a net {CathoUe 

Beriptvre Itanualt) E. Piur., Nov. M 

Xark (Thiaalton}— New Movement in Bdncation. 

Special reference to Elementary Education. Cr. 

8vo. Is. i swd. ed. Chableb A DiBl,!, Ftb. W 

Mmrk Batherlord. Berolntion in Tanner's Laui 

Edit, hy bis Iriand Benbon Shapeott. 4th edit. 

or. »T0. 7t X 4|, pp. 888, la. net ...Uhwik, July 01 

Mark Bntherford's Anlobiography, Edit, by his 

friend Reuben Bhapcott. Bth edit. or. 8to. 7} x 

4|, pp. isa, la. net Uhwih, July M 

Mark Ratherford'a Deliverance. Edit, by hi* 
biend Benben Sbapcott 71h edit. er. 8to. 71 x 

4|, pp. 100, la. net. Uhwik, Jutjf Ot 

Mark^The), Kempiter (Aqoila} 6b Jan. 04 

Hark of Cain, Lang (Andrew) 8d Aug. M 

Marked Personal, Oraen (A. TL) ed. May Oi 

Markets, Fares, ic, Keen (Frank Noel) 8a. ed. net 
Sep. 9* 
Martftam (C. B.)— Paladins ot Edwin the Great. 
Ch. edit, m, Sra. 71 x 4[, pp. 400, 8a. 6d. 

Buol, Sep. 01 

M ar kkam (Violet B.)— New Era in Sonth Abioa. 

Examination ol Cbinaie Labonr Qoestioa. 6n>. 

B| X SI, pp. 906, 8s. Sd. net...BwTR & B. Kay 01 

Mark* (C. L)— MathematioU Qnestiona and 
Solotidna. New iasne. Vol. 6. 8to. ea. ed. 

F. HoDOBOH, May 04 

Marks (C. L} — Ifathematioal QneatiODa and 
Bolationa from ' Ednoational Times.' New iaaae, 
VoL e. era Oa. 6d. F. Hddoboh, Kov. 04 

Marka (B. C. B.)— Conatmction of Cranes and 
other Lifting Machinery. 8rd edit, enl., or. 
Sto. 7} X 4|, pp. 960, 8e. 6d. net 

TMcmncAi. Pu«. C. Dee 04 

Marka of the Maatar, Bkmner (C.) la. Sep. 04 

Mailhorongh, Dneh«a, SaroA Jenninga, ISa. net 

Fob. 04 
Marlow (C), Ingram (J. H.) ISa. 6d. net ...June 04 

Marm Liaa, Wiggm (K. D.) la Jan. 04 

Marmion, Nat Ub. Scott, 6d. nat Oct. M 

Manor (H.J— Annatbetica. Cr. Svo. awd. 6d. oat 

nsuSLOTX, Aug. 04 

Harotaa]and,Gibbon«(A.St.H.)« . 

Marr (J. E.), Shipley (A. E.)— Handbook to Iha 

Natoral Hiatory ol Cambridgaahire. Botanioal 

and Geological H^a Cr. evo. pp. 9B0, 4a. net 

C. J. Cut, Aug. 04 

Marr (T. B.^—Hooaing Cooditions In K-iAtrtfT 

and Balfoid. Beport prepared tor Citinna' Aa- 

aociation [of improvement ot nnwholeaoma 

Dwellings and amronitdinga of the People, wilb 

aid of Eiecativa Committee. Boy. Svo. act la. net 

Shzb&itt a H. May 04 

Marriage, Peftar Side, la. 6d, la Vor. 04 

HanlagB, PorTn ot Solcmniaation o^ 6d., la. nat 

Marriage, Health tc in relation to, 80b., tSa. nat 

Aug. Ot 

Harriase Lifelong Hcoeymoon, Ma^adden (B.) 

4a. ed. net Jan. 04 

Marriage of EBther,£ootUu;[aa7)6d......jro«. 04 • 

Marriage Yoke, Sonaoly (A.) 6s Oet.Ot ' 

Married, Bow to be Happy thongh, ed. .Jfu 04 

Harried, Eou tc be Ha^ though, la. nat /«$ M 
Harried Women Ac^ LuehingUm, Ba. n«t...Auf. 04 
Marrl«tt(C.)—aeueTia: Novel, Cr.BvaTix^ 

pp. 816, 6b. „ MnKDBf, Btf. 04 



atarrion (B. W.)— Three Baaet of Chrittian 
Belief. Cr. 8vo. Is Jabrold, May 04 

WMmnim (Isabel D.)~Mi8tres8eB and Maids. Hand- 
book of Domestic Peace. Cr. 8to. 7^ x 4|, pp. 120, 
Is. net Jabbold, Sep, 04 

Marryat (Capt.)— King's Own. Intro, by David 
Hannay. Illus. by F. H. Townsend. Cr. 8vo. 
7 X 4j|, pp. 446, 2s. net ; Ithr. 8s. net {IlluM, Pocket 
CUuticifor the Young) Macmillan, Nov. 04 

MCarryat (Captain) — Masterman Beady. 8 
colonred Ulns. Sra 8^ x 6^, pp. 296, 2s. 6d. 

W. Collins, Oct. 04 
Xarryat (Captain)— Mr. Midshipman Easy. 12ma 
6^ X 8^, pp. 482, Is. net {Boyt* Cl4usie9) 

Richards, Apr. 04 

Marryat (Captain)— Mr. Midshipman Easy. Edit 

by W. Clark Russell. 12mo. 6x8^, pp. 542, Is. 6d. 

net ; Ithr. 2s. net {New Pocket Lib.) Lanb, June 04 

Xarryat (Capt) — Mr. Midshipman Easy. Intro, 
by David Hannay. Illus. by Fred Pegram. Cr. 
8vo. 7 x4j|, pp. 412, 2s. net; Ithr. 8s. net (lUua. 
Pocket Clautcefor Young) Macmillax, ^ov.04 

BKarryat (Captain)— Peter Simple. Edrt by W. 
Clarke Rnssell. 12ino. 6 x 8|, pp. 702, Is. 6d. net; 
Ithr. 2s. net {New Pocket Lib.) Lanb, July 04 

Xarryat (Capt.)— Peter Simple. Intro, by David 
Hannay. Bins by J. A. Symington. Cr. 8to. 
7 X 4}, pp. 624, 28. net ; Ithr. 8s. net (lUua. Pocket 
CloMicefor the Young) Macmillan, ^ov. 04 

Xarryat (Florence)— Prey of the Gods : Novel, 

8va Bwd. 6d ...Hutchinbon, July 04 

Marrying of S. Garland, Finnemore (£. P.) 08. 

BCarsden (R. G.)— Treatise on Law of Collisions 
at Sea. 5th edit roy. 8vo. 808. 

Stevens Ss Sons, Apr, 04 

Marsden (Wm.) Travels of Marco Polo^ 88., 8s. 8d. 

net ,,Nov, 04 

Xarsdorp (A. F. S.)— Institutes of Cape Law. 
Vols. 1, 2. 8vo. ea. 21s. net Sweet & M. Mar, 04 

Xarsli (C. D.)— Plankton of Lake Winnebago and 
Green Lake (Wisconsin Geological and Natural 
History Survey). 22 Plates. 8vo. pp. 94, swd. 
88. net W. Wbslbt, July 04 

Btarsli (C. F.)— Reinforced Concrete. Illus. Imp. 
8vo. 11^ X 7|, pp.654,8l8.6d. net CoN8TABLB,i90p.O4 

BKarsli (C. L.)— Not on the Chart Romance of 
the Pacific. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 4|, pp. 842, 6s. 

Wabd & L. Oct. 04 

Xarsli (F. £.)— Why did Christ come into the 
World ? Cr. 8vo. swd. Is. net. Stocewsll, Jan, 04 

Xarali (L.) —French Translation and Composition. 
For Pupil Teachers, Kind's Scholarship Certifi- 
cate, Matriculation, Candidates. Cr. 8vo. 7i x 4|, 
pp. 168, 28. 6d L Pitman, Dec. 04 

Marsb (B.)— A Duel. NoveL Cr. 8vo. 7^x6, 
pp. 882, 6s ....Metbuen, Oct, 04 

BKarsli (B.)— Ada Vemham. 8vo. awd. 6d. 

Long, June 04 

BSamli (B.) — Adventures of Augustus Short 

8vo. swd. 6d Tbehebne, June 04 

Xarsli (B.)— Garnered. A novel. Cr. 8vo. 71 x 5, 
pp. 818, 6s Metbuen, Feb. 04 

BKarsb (B)— Miss Amott's Marriage: a Novel. 
Cr. 8vo. 7| X 4|, pp. 842, 6s. iMQ^Apr, 04 

Xarsh (B.)— Philip Bennion's Death. 8vo. swd. 
6d Wabd & L. June 04 

SKareb (B.)— The Goddess ; a Demon. 8va swd. 
fid. Metbuen, Oei, 04 

Btarsli (B.)— The Joss, a Beversion. 8vo. swd. fid. 

Metbtten, Apr, 04 
Marsh Country Bambles, Tompkim (Hbt W.) 6s. 

Mar. 04 

Btarsball (A.)— Trainer's Anatomy. Manual of 

the body and Its fonotions for use by physieal 

directors and students. Cr. 8vo. 7| x 6, pp. 240, 

4s. Od. net Pbtsical Cultubb Pub. Co. Dec. 04 



Marshall (Beatrice) — Queen's Knight Errant 
Story of Days of Sir Walter Balegh. Ilins. 
Cr. 8vo. 7) X 6, pp. 828, 6s Seelet, Nov. 04 

Mamliall (C. F.) — Syphilis and Gonorrhoea. 8vo. 
88. net Bbbman, Oct. 04 

BSarBhall (Emma)— Brothers and Sisters. New 
edit cr. 8vo. 7^^ x 4£, pp. 840, Is. fid. 

Seelf.y, Sep. 04 
Btamliall (Emma)— Old Gateway. Illua. New 
edit. cr. 8vo. 8x5, pp. 22C, 28. Od. 

Seelet, Sep. 04 

BKarslisai (Emma)— Violet DougUs. Illua. New 

ed. cr. 8vo. 8x6, pp. 852, 2s. 6d. Seelet, Oct. 04 

BSarBhaU (Emma) — Winchester Meads. 8vo. 
swd. fid Seeley, May 04 

BKarsltall (Frances)— Liz'a Shepherd. Cr. 8vo. 
7^ X 44, pp. 128, Is Bel. Tbact Soc. Dec. 04 

Marshall (J.), Caesar, de Bello Gallico, 4, 5, Is. 4d. 

/an. 04 

BtarsHaU (J. J. de Z.)— Stretcher Drill. HIus. 
2nd ed., including the new hand-seat, wagon and 
railway drills. 12mo. fis Chubchill, Apr. 04 

Btarsliall (Mrs. A. B.)— Cookery Book. Bev. and 
e^. edit lUus. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 42t, pp. 584, 68. nt 

SmPKiK, Apr. 04 

BSarsliall (P.)— Electric Lighting for Amateurs, 
nius. Cr. 8va swd. 6d. net P. Mabbhall, Jun^ 04 

MaratOB (E.) — After Work. Fragments from 
the Workshop of an old Publisher. 8vo. x 6|, 
pp. 860|108. net Heinemakk, Oct. 04 

Marston (B. B.), Afialo, Sea Fish Cult. d;c., 12s. fid. 
net Aug. 04 

MartalUie (J.) — Condemned to the Galleys. 
Adventures of a French Protestant Cr. Ovo. 
7| X 6, pp. 818, 8s. fid. ...Bel. Tbact Soc. Oct. 04 

Btartta (A. J.)— Un-to-Date Tables of Imperialt 
Metric, Indian and Colonial Weights and Mea- 
sures, &c. 16mo. 28. 6d ....Unwik, Feb. 04 

Martin (E.)— Essentials of Surgery, with full 
description of handkerchief and roller bandage. 
Arranged in form of Questions and Answers, 
preparod for Students of Medicine. Dins. 7th ed. 
enl. Cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 842, 48. net {Eseentinl 
Series) H. Kimpton, Apr. 04 

BtartlB (E. A.)— Crojrdon, New and Old. Cr.8vo. 

swd. 6d. net (Homeland Handbooks) 

Homeland Assoc. June 04 
MartlB (G. M.)— House of Fulfilment Cr. Ovo. 

7i X 6, pp. 888, 6s. Hoodeb Ss S. Nov. 04 

BSartta (Lady) (Helena Fancit) — On some of 
Shakespeare's Female Characters. 7th edit. 
8vo. 8| X 5|, pp. 482, 7s. 6d. 

Blackwood & 8. Dec. 04 
Martta (8.)— Izaak Walton and his Friends. Boy. 
8vo. 0^ X 6|, pp. 276, 10s. 6d. net 

Chapman & H. Feb. 04 
IKartia (S.)— Manual of G^eral Pathology. For 
Students. Ulus. 8vo. 8| x 6|, pp. 522, 16s. net 

J. MUBBAT, Jan. 04 
Martin (S.) Stories from Foxe's Bk. of Martyrs, 

9s. 6d«^s. 6d. net Dec. 04 

Martin (Theod., Sir), Leopardi, Poems, 6b. n^t 

Dee. 04 

MartlB fW.)— Florry's Success; or, a Happy New 

Tear. Story for Girls. 2nd ed. cr. 8vo. 7^ x 4|, 

pp. 19S, 2s. ............... ............C/.Jii.xJs. Apr, Oft 

Martin Battler, Ballantyne (B. M.) Is., 28. 

/ttZy, Nov. 04 
Martindale (H), Westcott (W.)— Extra Pharma- 
copcsia. Bev. ed. 12mo. Ithr. 9s. 6d. net 

H. K. Lewis, May 04 

Marttaeau (Harriet) — Feats on the Fiord. 

Cr. 8vo. 2s. {StandardLibrary). Blackib, Apr. 04 

Marttneaa (Harriet)— Feats on the Fiord. Or. 
Ovo. bds. 2s. {Ivory Series) Gall A L Sep. 04 

BCarttneaa (Harriet)— The Home and the Man. 
Intro, by Ernest A. Baker. Crown 8vo. 7^ x 4}, 
pp. 894, 2s. {Half-Forgotten Books) 

Boutlbdob, Apr. 04 






MMlyr TimML BuUoek (Cha.) Is. 6d Oct. 04 

KftrtyTdom, niet., Foxe (John) 98. 6d ^ttne 04 

lUrtjm, Early Ohris., HerkUu (J.) 9d. set 1^0^04 

M»gijr% Stories from Foze'a Book of, Sa. Od., 

U. 6d. net Dee. 04 

JCmrTOU (A.)~Poem8. Edit, by G. A. Aitken. 
12mo. 6^x8|, pp. 800, Is. net: Ithr. fis. net 
{MuMi Library) Boutlidob, Non. 04 

MJanrell (A.)~Poeme and tome SAtiree. Intro. 
Notes, by Edward Wright Front iamo.64x8|, 
pp. 823, 1b. 6d. net; leather, lis. 6d. net(£rfffZ« 
Library) .......Mxthusn, Feb, 04 

Mmnrall (A.)— Satires. Edit by 6. A. Aitken. 
19mo. 6A X 81, pp. aC2, Is. net ; Ithr. 2s. net 

(Jfutas Library) Boutlhdoe, Nov, 04 

Mary. Adven. of Me, iindom (B.) 6d. July 04 

Marr. Exper. of J. Bydal, Scott (Edwd.) 6s. June 04 
Karrelloos Hist, of King Arthur, 2s. 6d. net Feb. 04 

aCary Bell. By an Englishwoman. Cr. 8to. 

8s. 6d. net Gat d; B. Aug. 04 

Kary, Brave Dame, Corfe Castle, Is. 6d. ,..Oct. 04 

ilary Gkrth, Swan (A. 8.) 8s. 6d Sep. 04 

Vary Louisa Quayne, Finnemore (E. P.) 2s. 6d. 


Kary [LoyoU] (Mother>-Hail ! < Full of Grace ' : 

Simple Thoughts on Bosary. Ed. by Father 

Thurston. Cr. Sra pp. 274, 8b. Od. ; gilt extra, 

Sb SAjri>8, Dee. 02 

Mary Stuart, Mystery, Xrafij^ (A.) 6b. 6d. net Jan, 04 
Mary Stuart, Queen, Odom (W.) 78. 6d. net July 04 
Marysienka of Poland, 1641, WaUezewfki (K.) 68. 

MaraialB (T.), Pan Pipes, 8b. 6d JVbv. 04 

(W. F.), Stout (J. F.)~Synopeis of 
Boman Histoxr to 188 a.d. Cr. 8to. limp, intetl. 
28. 6d. (Univ. Tut. Serist) Clitb, Dec. 04 

kSOB (A. E. W.)— The Watchers. New ed. or. 
8vo. 7i X 4|, pp. 820, 88. 6d. Abbowsxtth, Apr. 04 

ksoa (A. E. W.)— Truants. Norel. Cr. 8yo. 

7i X ^i* PP- 999, 6b. Smith & E. Oct. 04 

KasoB (A. J.)— Ny Finoan'enr Filazantsara Foto- 
pototry ny Fanyuanarana Kristiana. (Malagasy 
version of Faith of the Gospel.) Fcp. Sfo. pp. 412, 

(A. J.) — Visions of Zechariah. Addresses 

at a Betreat. Cr. 8to. 7 x 4^, pp. 146, 2s. 6d. net 

S. C. Bbown, Dec. 04 

atasoB (C. M.) — Home Education. 8rd edit. cr. 

Qvo. 8s. 6d. net K. Paul, Apr. 04 

JKason (Charlotte H.)— Parents and Children. 
8rd edit. rev. Cr. Svo. 7^ x 4|, pp. 862, 8s. 6d. 
net {Home Education Series) K. Pavl, Sep. 04 

aCasoa (H. C. F.) — Compositions and Transls. 

Pref. Memoir by B. C. Gibson, H. H. West. 

Cr. Svo. 7( X 4|, pp. 184, 8b. Od. net 

C. J. Clay, Jan. 04 
Igaion (Miss M. H.) — Beport on Boax^ng-out 

Pauper Children, 1902-8, 2d....ETBEd; S. F06. 04 

season's (G.) — Grammaire Anglaise. Edit, by 
Dr. B. Brotanck. Cr. 8vo. swd. 4s. net 

NuTT, Dec. 04 
SKasoBlo Illustrated (monthly). Cr. folio, 6d. 

Wabrikqton & Co. Feb. 04 
Masonry, Pract, Purchase (Wm. B.) 7s. 6d. net 


Masqueraders, by Btto, 6b. May 04 

Mass and Class, Ghent (W. J.) 58. net Dec. 04 

Massarenes, by Ouida, Ss. 6d Dee. 04 

i%€ (H. J. L. J.)-~Pewter Plate. A Historical 

and Descriptive Handbook. Imp. Svo. 11| x 7^, 
pp. 822, 21s. net Bell, Feb. 04 

alBf er (P.). Ed. with Intro, and Notes, by 
Arthur Symons. New ed. 2 vols. cr. Svo. 7^ x 4^, 
pp. 628, 480, ea. 2b. 6d. net ; leather, 8s. 6d. net 
Xiiermaid Series) Unwim, Feb. 04 

Mlarsr (P.)— New Way to Pay Old Debts. 

Play. Edit. Pref., Notes, Glossary, by George 

tnaoh. 16mo. 61x4, pp. 140, Is. net; Ithr. 

d.iMt (TempU Dramatists),..DmnT, Aug. 04 

atsuisoB (Bosaline) — Edinburgh Described. 
Painted by John Fulleylove, B.L 21 Illos. in 
colour. Svo. 9 x 6^, pp. 186, 7s. 6d. net UP. 

edit 21s. net Black, Dee. 04 

BCaster Hcmdo, The, Bottone (P.) 68. Jk% M 

Master is Come, Cross (VV. J.) 2s. 6d Sep. •* 

Master of Ballantrae, Stevenson (B. L.) 2s., 8s. ntk 

Mar. 04 
Master of Madxx»2o MiUs, Hardy (L D.) 8b. 6d. 

Oct. 04 

Master of Mysteries, Meade (L. T.) 6d Oot. 04 

Master-rogue, PhUUps (David Graham) 6s. Fek. 04 
Master and Man, Tolstoy (Leo) 6d., Is. net Juif 04 
Master's Likeness, Johnson (Jos.) Is. 6d. ...M«|r 04 
Master's VioUn, Beed (M.) 6s Sep. 04 

(J. H. B.)— Was Jesus Okrist 
Divine? Enquiry into Credibility of the Iii- 
oamatioa. ISmo. 6^ x 4ji, pp. 120, 9d. net 

Gabdneb, Dabton, Aug. 04 
Masterman Beady, Marryat (Cao.) 2s. 6d.... Oof. Oft 
Masterpieces of the Royal Gallery of Hsmptwi 

Court, £. Law, 8s. 6d. net Dee. 04 

Mastern' Guide, N. Extra, Cogle (B.) drc. 8s. 64. 

Masters of EngL Lit<^ Owynn (Stephen) Ss. 6d. 


Mastery, Luther (Mark Lee) 6s. OoL 04 

Mate of the Lily, Kingston (W. H. G.) I8....O0C 04 

Matematik, Arktv foer, 1, 16, Sd. net Jam. 04 

Materia Medioa,&c., ^arf^ocom^u^ (B.)21s. DecW 
Materia Medica Ac, PhiUivs (Chs. D. F.) 21s. 

Apr, 04 
Materials of BUiohines, Smith (A. W.) 5s....Mar! 08 
Math. Contr. to Evolu., Pearson (Karl) Is. 6d. 

Mar. 04 
Mathematical P., Sylvester (Jas. Jos.) 18s. net 


Mathematical Papers, Woolwich, 6s June 04 

Mathem. Probl. Papers, arr. by E. M. Ba^fltrd, 

4s. 6d. net Sep. 04 

Mathem., Pure, Interm., Model Answers, 2s. 6a. 

O0I. 04 
Math. Questions &c, edit, by C. L Marks, vdU. 6, 

6, each 6s. 6d May, No: