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AH 53PD U 



'* •^ 


Fsoji 1835 TO 1863. 






It glTW a tnoseript of the Title-page of every Work pnUished in Qreat Britain, and every Woric 
of intereft pnUiihed abroad. It is Registered for Oircnlation abroad. 

The flabfo^tioii ii 8e. par AnnimL 

\^ JBktabliihed hy ike FubUihen qf London^ in 1887. 












/J/ > /..u- /^\ "^. 



I iboi 


The preeent volume gives the tide, size, price, nnmber of volames, publisher's 
name, and date of publication, of 67,500 distinct ^orks — being the English 
puUicatioBS, importations of original American works, and Continental English 
books, for the 28 years from January, 1835, to January, 1868. 

The latest edition of the London Catalogue— now incorporated with this work 
— gave 42,840 works for the 25 years from 1881 to 1855; our additional 
researches have added to this number about 5800 tides which had escaped former 
compilers; from which, however, we must deduct 1500, omitted by reason of 
the four years* difference of date in commencement. This calculation leaves 
21,860 books published during the last eight years, or an average of 2670 per 
annum, exclusive of reprints. 

The chief feature of the present Catalogue is the addition of dates to every tide, 
indicating eidier when the work was first published, or, if it was not originally 
published within the period embraced by this volume, the date of the last edition. 
In many instances both dates are given, as also the dates of alterations in the 
prices of the books. These dates were first introduced by the editor in his British 
Catalogue in 1849, and now uniformly adopted throughout, in the hope of 
approaching more nearly to his idea of what the English standard catalogue 
should be. 

The old London Catalogue, together with the Brit sh Catalogue, has at very 
considerable cost been merged in the present publication ; and for nearly three 
years past the time of the editor, and that of his assistants, has been thoroughly 
occupied in supplying deficiencies and correcting proofs. The great Catalogues 
of the British Museum have been carefully searched for every publication 
of importance not included in the two works just mentioned; and it is believed 
that a larger amount of information on modem English bibliography is thus 
brought together than has ever been presented in any similar work. The 
difficulties of the task will be readily appreciated by all who have had any expe- 
' rienoe of this kind of labour. The preparation of a Catalogue of any library or 
collection of books, however large, to which the compiler has access, is a compara- 
tively easy task, or is at least one which depends only on the amount of personal 
attention and time bestowed, or on the extent of the staff of assistants at com- 
mand. In the compilation of a Catalogue like the present, the labour is 
by no means so simple. It is often impossible to find a copy of works, which 


nevertheless must not be omitted; and the difficulties of estahUshing dates, 
and detenmning the publishing price and its changes, are often still more em- 

It will be observed that none of the works published in 1868 are included in 
the present volume, which was, of course, in process of completion during that 
year. Some of those books might have been included ; but the necessity was felt 
for terminating at some exact point of time, and it was thought better to omit 
the books of that year altogether, than to leave a doubt as to how far they were, 
or were not, included. It is proposed, however, to continue the publication of an 
Annual Catalogue such as that for 1868, already issued during the progress of 
this volume through the press. It is also purposed, at no very distant period, 
to continue the Index which has already been published from 1887 to 1855, 
from the latter period, this Index having been found especially useful. 

It has been often said, that an Englishman will sacrifice everything to an idea; 
and were it not that the Editor is fortified on all sides by assurances he receives 
of the great need of the Dates, he would, upon considering what the present work 
has cost him, be filled with anxiety, lest it, too, should prove a sacrifice for an 
idea. This is the only alloy to the satisfaction he feels at the completion of his 
labours; but he clings to the hope, that the large amount of time and capital 
bestowed upon it will obtain for the New Catalogue the appreciation and approval 
of the pubUc. 

** PuBLisHBBs' Circular " Office, 

14, LudgcUe HiO, June, 1864. 


Each Author s works pablished in a oollective fornix appear first under the 
anthors — the detached works follow in alphabetical snocession. 

Classical Authors — in the original language first— followed by the translations. 
Biographical works are generally under both the biographer and biographee. 
Works of Fiction — where the authors are known— will be found under the 

Appendix A. 
Learned Societies, Printing Clubs, and other Literary Associations. 

Appendix B. 
Publishers' Collections, Libraries, Series, &c. 

*,* The books oonteined in tlie Appendioee A and B are alio to be fonnd in tlie Alphabet 

Appendix C. 
Magazines, Beviews, and Miscellaneous Periodical Literature. 

Appendix D. 
Works first printed in any part of Continental Europe in the English Language, 
not being Beprints of British Publications. 

•^* For this original list we are indebted to the kind reaearbh of Measi. Aaher k Co., of Berlin and 

London. « 







ABGof Fh€t<^^p1ij, poBt 8vo, It SUreo9eopieCo,i9s^ 

Abfaftdie (/at.) Deity of Christ Essential to Christianity, by Booth, 18mo, It 6d JUL Tract Soc.iSz^ 

Abfaatt (Aidk.) Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, new ed., fcap., 7t OiUll 1841 

Principles and Practice of Lineai Perspective, 8vo, 6t Longmdn 1853 

Treatise on Calculns of Variations, 2nd edit. feap. Syo, 7t Qd Richardson 1841 

Abbess of Shaftesbory; or, the Days of John of Qannt, a Tale, 12mo, 6t 6<2 RivingUm 1846 

Abbeydivreh; or, SeU-Control and Sdf-Conceit, fcap. 8vo, 4t 6<i Moztey 1844 

Abbot ((reo.) Exposition of the Book of Jonah, by Webster, post Sto, 7t BamiUon 1845 

Abboteford and Sir Walter 8oott» by the Anthor of Hawthomdale ViUage, 12mo, 2t 6<2 MarrioU 1853 

Abbotsferd Miscellany AhboUfw^Clvhiln 

Miscellany: Selections from Scott's Woi^ 8 v. fcap. Syo, each It 6<i ... ffouUUm 1855 

Bdgiam and Waterloo. Romantic Narratiyes. 

DeseriptiTe Pieces. Scottish Scenes and Characters. 

France and Paris. Sketches of Eminent Persons. 

Hie^dand Ckns. Tales of Chivalry. 

Abbotnnere, a Tale, by BCary Gertmde, 12mo, dt Whittaker 1846 

Abbott (Bro(A«rt) Admindty Reports, 8vo, 81« 6c2 Boston, U.S. ...1858 

(Cfta., Lord TetUerdcn) Law of Merchant Ships and SiMunen, roy. 8vo, 82t Shaw d: Sons ...1856 

(£(elw.) Second Latin Book : Rules of Syntax, &c, 12mo, Is Qd Longman 1858 

(F. (?.) Forms of Writs, fcc, in Petty Bag Office, 12mo, 8t 6<i Benning 1849 

((rerr.) Heirs of Cheveleigh, a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 81t 6<2 Longman 1858 

((?./>.) First English Reader, 12mo, It; Second ditto. It 6rf Walton 1853 

(/aeob) Caleb in the Country, 82ino, It, .^^maff, 1840; It Rogue 1843 

Town, 82mo, It * AUman 1840 

■ Cornerstone, 82mo, It ^ AUman 1840 

— by Blont, new edit., 18mo, It 6<£, RottUedge, 1838; It... Blackwood i860 

'• Smith, new edit., I2mo, lis Seeley 1838 

Ellen Linn: a Franconia Story, I2mo, fit Low 1853 

- — ■ Every Day Duty, 32mo, It AUman 1840 

• Fireside Piety, 82mo, It AUman 1840 

Franconia Stories, I8mo, each It RouiUdge 1854 

Beechnut. --Madeline.~Mary Bell.— Mary Enkine.— Wallace. 

Franconia Stories, I8mo, each It ; fine paper, each 2t AUman 1853 

Beechnut. — ^EUen Linn.—Malleville. — ^Mary Bell— Maiy Erskine. 

Franconia Stories, fcap. 8vo, each 2t Ward 1853 

Agnes. — Caroline. — Stuyvesant. 

— — Heroines of the Frendi Revolation, 18mo, 8t AUman 1858 

■ Histories for Touth, 1 2mo, each 5t Low 1S52-3 

Alexander the Great.— Alfred the Great. -—Charles I.— Charles II.~ 
Cleopatra. — Cyrus. — ^Darius. — Elizabeth. — Hannibal —Josephine. — Julius 
Cssar.— Madame Rohmd. — Marie Antoinette. — ^Mary Q. of Scots.— Nero. — 

Peter the Gieat^Pyrrhus.— Richard I.—Richard II Richard III.— 

Romulus. — ^Wniiam ihe Conqueror. — Xerxes. 

Also in 82mo, each it AUman 1850-60 

■ fcai». 8vo, each it 6d Cooke 1853 

Alfred the Great. — ^Alexander the Great.— Cyrus. — Darius. — Nero.-~ 
lynhus.— WiUiam the Conqueror. — Xerxes. 


Abbott (Jacob) Hoary Head and the Valleys below, 32mo, 1«, AUman; 18mo, 2<6<i Tegg 183S 

■ Little Philoaopher, 82mo, 1«, AUman; 18mo, \$ RouUedge 1847 

LiTesof Kings and Queens, 18mo, 3« AUman 185S 

McDonner; or, Truth through Fiction, 32mo, U AUman 1840 

Mother at Home, 82mo, 1< AUman 1840 

Pastor's Daughter, 4th edit, ISmo, ls6d Sedejf 1851 

Path of Peace, 32mo, It AUman 1840 

Reader: Pieces in Prose and Verse, 18mo, 8* Parker «k Son,. i9si 

Eollo Learning to Read, and Learning to Talk, 2 v. 16mo, each liSd... Ho<UonJe8im,,i%i% 

atPky, and RoUo at School, 2 r. 16mo, each U 6d JIodaon4l:Son..iS^S 

Rollo's Code of Monds, 18nio, 2$ 6d Bogue 1837 

Tour through Europe, 2 t. fcap. 8vo, each 2$ 6d Low 1854 

Vacation, and Rolio at Work, 2 y. 16mo, each U 6d ffodsonS Son,. ,i%j^t 

School Boy; or, Guide for Youth, 82mo, U AUman 1838 

Summer in Scotland, 12mo, 6« New York 1848 

Teacher, 18mo, 8», DarUm; d2mo. Is AUman 1836 

Truth through Rction ; or. Hoary head and theValleys below, fp. 8to, 2t 6d Ward 1861 

Way for a Child to be Saved, 18mo, Is HouUton 1839 

of Salvation, 82mo, \s AUman 1840 

todoOood, 18mo. 2« 6rf, Tegg; Is, 82mo, AUman; 18mo, Is ... Rovtledge 1857 

edit, by H. Blunt, new edit, 18mo, Is Jos. BUickwood. iZto 

Works, Moral and Educational, 8to, bs GriJ^ln 1850 

Toung Christian, 82mo, 1«, AUman; new edit, fcap. 8vo, 2« 6d NeUon i860 

.^— by Cunningham, 12mo, 2s 6(£, Bokn^ 1847 ; 18mo, 2s Jos. Blackwood, liSo 

18mo, 2«, Tegg; Is 6d Routledge 1839 

18mo, 8», A. HaU; 12mo, 5s Seeley 1847 

- (Jos.) Advanced System of Education for Higher Classes, 8vo, Zs 6d TrUimer 1857 

Handbook of Idiotcy, 12mo, 8# 64 Triibner 1857 

Journey from Heraut to Khiva, &e., 2 y. 8vo, 21s Madden 1843 

Logical Arguments and Metaphysical Verities, ISmo, li 6«I TrUbnet i8s7 

-Prometheus' Daughter, a Poem, poetSvo, 7s Cd ^... Smith 4f Elder,»iS6i 

THakoorine, a Tale of Maandoo, fcap. 8vo, fit Afaddem 1841 

(/.) Philip Musgrave ; or, Church Misuonary Life in Canada, n. ed., p. Svo^ 2t Murrajf 1861 

{J.ii'J.) Rrst Reading Lessons, 18mo, It— Second ditto, It 6<i AUman 1^53 

(/.AT.) Sketches of Modem Athens, pest 8vo, 5t PiggaU 1849 

(/. 5. C) Child at Home, 82mo, It, AUman; 18mo, It, Sowlledge; 2» Seeley 184^ 

edit by H. Blunt, new edit, 18mo, It Jos, Blackwood. i^€o 

• Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon and Josephine, er. 8to, St New_ York jSs6 

History of Henry IV. of France, 82mo, It AUman 1857 

ISmo, lt6<i— 12mo, 2s 6d Knight dt Son.. li $7 

- Madame Roland, 12mo, 6t New York 1850 

*-^-— Kings and Queens ; or, Life in the Palaee, plates, 12mo, 6s New York 1850 

Practical Christianity, 16mo, is New York 186a 

• Toung Astronomer, 18mo, ls6d ^... AUman 1836 

(Robt.) Lectures: Desolation of the Sanctuary, &c., 12mo, St BodtonJk Son..iisi 

{W,H.) Laws, Canons, &c., of Bishopricks, Esst Indi^ roy. 8vo, 80t AUenA Co, ...1845 

Abbreviata Cronica ab Anno 1877 usque ad Annum 1469 Camb.Ant.Soc, 1840 

Abdiel, a Tale of the Early Christians, 18mo, 2t 6d Btum9 184a 

Abduction ; or, the Marvcds of Mesmerism, 8 v. post 8vo, 81t 6d Shoberi 1850 

Abdul Medjid Khan, Sultan of Turkey, Memoir of, by ChristoMs, 8vo, It /. F.Shaw 1854 

Abdy (E.S.) Cases of Disease cured by Cold Water, 8vo, is 6d BeaneU 184a 

• Residence and Tour in the United States, 8 v. post 8vo, 80t Murray 1835 

Abeel (D.) Journal of Residence in China, 1829-38, 12mo, 6t « New York 1835 

Missionazy Convention at Jerusalem, pest 8vo, 6s « New York 1838 

Abeille (A.C) Latin Grammar, 12mo, 2t 6d Stanford 1835 

Abeken (B.B.) Acoouni of Life and Letters of Cicero, tnms. by Merivale, 12mo, 9s 6d Longman 1854 

Abel (CD.) Rud. and Elem. Principles of Machbery, 12mo, It 6d ; Plates, Uo,7s6d Virtus i860 

(P.A.) and Bloxam (CL.) Handbook of Chemistry, 8vo, 16t ChsurchiU 1858 

Grey, by the Author of Hannah Lee, Illustrated, 18mo, 2t Mel Tract Soe„i%bo 

Massinger, a Romance, 12mo, 7s 6d Bogus 1846 

Abelard and Heloisa, Letters of, roy. 82mo, It AUman 1840 

Abel] (J/rt.) Recollections of Napoleon, post 8vo, 10s 6d Murray 1845 

Abercrombie (Dr. J.) Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord, 12mo, 6t Longman 1845 

Stomach, 12mo, 6t Murray 1837 

' Elements of Sacred Truth, Part L, ISmo, It. 6d Longman 1844 

Essays and Tracts, Culture of Mind, n. edit 12mo, 8t 6d Jfamilkm i86a 

■ Harmony of Christian Faith and Character, 18mo, It 6d Longman 1837 

■ Inquiries on the InteUectual Powers, &a, 14th ed.«12mo, 6s 6d Murray 1853 

Philosophy of the Moral Feelings, 12mo, is Murray ,..» 1849 

— — (John) Gardener's Pocket Journal, by Glenny, n. ed. ISmo^ 2s ....«-.. Tegg ....i860 

Companion, by Main, 82mo, 2t 6d Longu^mn 1838 

(5trA) Memoir by his Son, Lord Dunfermline, 8vo, I0s6d ffasniiton 1861 

Aberdeen and Banff Shires, CoUectaon for History of, ed. by J. Robertson ...,., ». Sp aiding Ciub 1843 

Topography and Antiquities 0^ ed. by J. Robertaon Spalding CM 1847 

Aberfiaw Royal Eisteddfod, 1849, Transactions, 12mo, U J.H.AJ.PaHotriZso 

183J-1 86t ABERNETH Y— ADAIR 8 

Ab^neiky (John) lectures <m Anatomy, Surgery, Ac, 18mo, 6» 6d Ifenshato ......1835 

Memoirs of, by Madlwain, 2 v. 21«, S^ui'i,t, 1853 ; Srd e., 8to, 10f6d Hatchard 1856 

AUding Priesthood, aad other OrdinMiees of the Church, 12mo, 2« Bomoorik. 1855 

Abjnrafcioiui from Popery, 12iiio, 2» Aylott 1837 

Abominfttioii of ]>e8olatioii Come; or, Reyektion Revealed, 8vo, 8# Niiibet 1855 

About {Edwwnd) Qreeee Mid the Greeks of the Present Day, 12mo, %$ %d HamilUm 1855 

— King of the Mountains, trans, by L. Wnucall, fcap. &vo, 1* Wccrd ik Lode .1861 

■ Eeman Qaestion, transl. by H. 0. Ooape, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 7« ^d Jtfft i860 

— Round of Wrong, a Romance of To-day, fcap. 8to, la Ward tSs Lock... i%6i 

ToUa, a Tale of Modem Rome, 12mo, 2« Hamilton 1855 

Abrahall (C.H.) Arctic Bnterprise, a Poem, post 8to, 7« Ifope 1856 

Abraham, Life of : BiUe Readings, by A. H. L., fcap. 8to, Zi 6d Jfoffg i86f 

{C.J.) Latin Aocidenoe, 12mo, 2$ E. P, WUliamnSsj 

Lectures^ Festival and Leuten, 8vo, 5t J.ff.A'J.ParkeriS^^ 

— — — — Lectures on Ancient and Modem History, 8yo, 5s ...: F. P. WUUamsiS^s 

Lessons on the Church Catechism, 12mo, U 6d E. P. WURanuiS^^ 

Readings, Meditations, &c., on the Communion, 12mo, 2r E. P. Williamtit^Z 

■ Selection of Prayers with Psalms, for Families, 12mo, la 6rf E.P, WiUiafMi%^ 

AbrtJuans (5«flL) Constitution and Practice of the Ftdaoe Court, 12mo, 6a SUren$ 1848 

Abram (/oAn) Treatise on Ari^metic, 12mo, 8a 6(]{ DarUyii 1842 

Abrieht (Johcaikn) Divine Emblems, afterthe Fashion of Quaiies, l2mo, it 6d Black J837 

Abstract of Claims preferred on the New Forest, Hants, 8vo, 5a Dalton 1853 

. In&ntiy Tactics, 12mo, 7ff 6(f BotCon.UJS, . 1836 

Acaster (Jokn) Solitary Musings, a Poem on the Hebrew Nation, 12mo, 68 M Simpkin 1853 

AoeidentB of Childhood ; Cautionary Stories for HeedleoB Children, roy. 18mo, la 6d RoviUdge t86o 

Aoeomniodated Texts ; or. Texts and Contexts, 18mo, la Wertkeim 1854 

Aooommodation BiU, sq. la Bogue 1849 

Aceei^t of Parties given by the Lion, Dog, Cat, ftc., roy. 8vo, 98 6d Dean 1859 

. tiie Kemlworth Buflet, Exhibition 1851, imp. 4to, 8a Ackermanfi ....1851 

Tribes and Customs of the District of Hy-Many IrishArc.Soc.jS^'i 

. -_ — - Hy-F!achrach IriahArcSoc 1844 

Achines Tatkn, m Sng^, from the Greek, with Notes by R. Smith, post 8vo, 5a ... ff. Bohn, 1848 

Aeh]lli(Z>r. 6?.) Dealings with the Inquisition, 2nd edit., post 8vo, b8r Ttgg 1852 

Imprisonment and Deliverance of, by C. B. Eardley, 8vo, 8a M, Partridge 1850 

Adremaim (C) Christtan Element in Pkito and the Atonic Philosophy, tr. 8 vo, 7a ^d Hamilton 1 860 

Atkxn {G.JU.) Universal Yacht Signals, obi. 16mo, 10a— roy. 8vo, 20a Hunt 1852 

AdcfieM (Emma) Intellectual Fami^, a Tale, 12mo, 8s Simpkin 1847 

Aokknd (IKm.) How to Take Stereoscopic Pictures, post 8vo, la Simpkin 1857 

Adrlom (Geo.) Sermons en Popery, 12mo, 5a Simpkin 1852- 

Aekwoith BagUsh Yocabubury, or SpeUing Book, 24th edit, 18mo, la 6c{ A.Bali 1850 

Adand {Art. D.) LIturgia Domestica : Morning and Evening Services, 18mo, 2a J.S.d:J.Par1ceri%^% 

—— (J. iy.2>.) Letters on Musical Notation, 8vo, la 6€f Darton 1841 

{Cha.) Manners and Customs of India, 2a Sd, 1S47; ^e^ edit., poet 8vo, 2a Murray 1861 

(jy. IT.) Memoir on the Choleras* Oxford in 1854, 4to, 12a Churchill 1856 

- Suggestions on Health, Work, and Play, poet 8vo, la J.H.^J.Parhen%^S 

and Ruskin (/.) Oxford Museum, Illust., post 8vo, 2a 6(2 Smithik Elder .1%$^ 

(T.D.) Oxford Examination for Associates in Arts, 1858, 8vo, 5a Ridgway 1857 

{T. G.) Chanting Simplified, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2a 6d Belld: Daldy .1843 

Aeret {G. ^. ) Treaidse on Hernia, 8vo, 5a HouUton 1835 

AenMfrthe Atlantic, post 8vo, 5a Earle 1850 

Carpathians^ post 8vo, 7a 6<i MacmiUan ....1862 

Channel; or. What I Did, and What I Saw, post 8vo, la Ward dc Lock... i%n 

Acrostioana, consisting of Acrostics, and oUier Poems, fcAp. 8vo, la Cunningham... 1%^ 

Acta Ooncilii Tridentini, ^Paleotto, edente Mendham, 8vo, 18a Duncan 1842 

Acting Chaiades, by W. L. T., 12mo, 8a6e{ SkeH 1849 

AetoD(JZis.)Bngdsh Bread Book, for Domestic Use, 12mo, 4a 6d Longman 1857 

■ Modem Cookery in all its Branches, 12mo, 7a 6(^ 1845 ; new edit Longman 1861 

{Htn.) Sermons, with Memoir, by W. James and J. R. Wreford, post 8vo, 7« 6<i /. Chapman ...1847 

— — <fFM.) Diseases of Urin. and Qenerat. Organs, Sed, 8vo, 21a ; with plates, 31a 6(2 Churchill i860 

- plates separate, 10a 6c2 Churchill i860 

Functions and Disorders of Reproductive Organs, Srd edit, 8vo, 10a 6(2 Churchill 1862 

PhMtitution in its Moral, Social, and Sanitary Aspects, 8vo, 10a 6(2 Churchill 1857 

Aeta, General Assembly, Church of Sootiand, 1638-1842, roy. 8vo, 82a 6<2 Smith tk Elder . 1843 

—— Hig^ Commisrion Court, Diocese of Durham, 8vo, 14a Whittaker 1858 

— Lopd Auditon of Causes and Complaints, ScotUind, 1466-94, fol, 15a Longman ......1846 

Loniactf Council in Civil Causes, Scotland, 1478-95, fol., 25a Longman ......1846 

Pariiaaent, Ssotland, Vol 1, 1124-1428, fol., 66a Lor^an 1846 

1424-1707, roy. 8vo, 21a Longman 1841 

— PaUic Genersl, Abstrsot of (i4fifMM»Q, 8vo, 4a 6<2 Macdonald 1862 

Railway, with Notes, byR.P. Collier, 12mo, 14a Benning 1847 

Regulations, 1888 to 1860, 12mo, 6a Bigg 1861 

Acn^ — See also Staiutes. 

A^ BfentOD ; or, Pluis for Life, 18mo, la Knight <k Son .i860 

Ada's noughts ; or, Poetiy of Youth, byE.M. S., 12mo, 2a 6(2 J. H. A J. Parker 1% si 

•(^tri{.)Memoif of his Miflsien to the Court of Vienna, 1806, 8?o, 18a Longman 1844 

4 ADAIR- ^ADAMS 1835-1863 

Adair (5tr iZ.) Negociations as io the Dardanelles, 1808-9, 2 y. 8yo, 28« Longman 1845 

On Organisation of the Military Force of Great Britain, 8vo, 6a Parker <fe Son .1855 

{Shafio) Works on National Defence, 8vo, 8 pte., each 2a 6d Ridgway i86x 

Adalbert (Jrrtnce) Travels in South of Europe and Brazil, 2 y. 8yo, 24a Bogux 1849 

Adam, History of (Qenesis i.-y.), Polyglot edition, with Tables, 8yo, 7a Longman 1835 

(Alex.) Latin Grammar, by Pyper, 12mo, 3a Qd H^At«oJfcer 1853 

Roman Antiquities, by Boyd, with Questions, 12mo, 7a Bladeie 184.U 

> __ _ Major, 8yo, 10a 6(i Longm^in 1835 

■ Eudiments of Correct Beading, 12mo, 2a Simphin 185a 

(O, If,) Exchange Tables, India, 8yo, 5$ Smith di Elder, 1%$^ 

{Tko.) Exposition of the Gospels, with Memoir, 2 y. 8 vo, 12a Hatchard 1836 

Thoughts on Eeligpon, Essay by Wilson, 12mo, 2a 6d Griffi,n 1847 

(TT.) Dales, Scenery, Fishing Streams, Ac, of Derbyshire, cr. 8yo, 2a 6d ... Kent 186 1 

First Lessons in G^logy, 18mo, la 6(i Mozley 1858 

Gem of the Peak : Guide to Matlock, 12mo, ^8 ; post 8yo, 12a Mozley 1851 

- Ijaw and Custom of Slavery in British India, post 8yo, 5a M Smiik <k Elder. iS^ 

- Treatise on Trial by Jury, Civil Causes, ScotUmd, 8yo, 16a Benning 1836 

{W.P,) Thoughts on the Policy of Retaliation, post 8yo, 2a 6ci Parker d: Son .185a 

Graeme of Mossgray, a Story, 8 v. 81a 6d, 185a ; post 8vo, 5a Hwrtt ds B 1859 

Martindale, Edited by Canon Parkinson Cheetham So€..,i%^s 

Adams (Anv) Convent Tales, with Notices from History, post 8vo, 8a WettUy 1838 

{A.) Journal and Correspondence, 2 v. 12mo, 12» Wiley 1842 

{Art) Baikie, and Barron, Manual of Nat. History for Travellers, p. 8yo, 12a Van Voortt 1854 

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— (CAar^b^) Ben Howard ; or. Truth and Honesty, a Tale, 18mo, la RovMedge 1854 

Boys at Home, a Tale, fcap. 8yo, 3a 6d RoutUdge 1853 

' Child of the Atlantic, a Tale, 18mo, 2a 6d Par]cerd:So»...iti9 

Edgar Clifton; or. Right and Wrong, a Story, fcap. 8vo, 3a 6d Boutledge 185a 

Errand Boy; or. Your Time is your Employes, 18mo, la 6d Soc. P, C. K....iZs^ 

Etonian and Geoflfrey Sel wood, a Tale, 18mo, 2* 6d Booth 1841 

Little Servant Maids, 18mo, 3a 6d 5<)c. P. (7. Ar....i848 

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— (C.P.) Cressingham; or, the Missionary, a Tale, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo, 2a Maeter$ 184S 

— - (C.W.) A Spring in the Canterbury Settlement, post 8yo, 5a 6d Longman 1853 

. Drawing Room Charades for Acting, fcap. 8vo, 2a 6<2 Newby 1856 

■ Randal Yaughan, a Novel, 2 v. post 8yo, 21a Newby 1856 

•^-(J5^«xireO Polyehromatio Ornaments of Italy, roy. 4to, 80a Niektuon 1847 

(^totn) Notes on the Geolo^, Mineralogy, &c., of England, new ed., 18mo, la Longman ,.1860 

Geographical Word ^positor, fcap. 8vo, 2a 6d Longman 1855 

— (^r»ea<) Elements of the Englidi Language, 2nd edit., post Svo, 4a 6d BeUds Daldy ..i86x 

(F,C,) Manuel Pereira; Sovereign Rule of S. Carolina, post 8vo, 3a %d Clarheds Co. ...1853 

Uncle Tom at Home; Review of the Reviewers, 12mo, la Clarke tlh Co. ...1853 

— (Hy.AArih.) Genera of Recent Mollusca, 3 v. roy. 8yo, plain, 90a; cold., 9i Van Voorst 1853-8 

Adams (/T.C) Elementary Works, 12mo, viz.>-^ Nvit 1852-9 

Greek Delectus, 8a 6<2, 1857— Greek Exercises, 2a 6^ 1858 
Latin Delectus, 2a 6<2, i858~Latin Exercises, 2a 6<i, 1859 
Gospels, Greek ; Matthew— Mark— Luke, each 2a 6rf — John, 2a; 

complete, cr. 8yo, 9a. Null 1855 

First of June; or. Schoolboy Rivalry, a Tale, 2nd edit., fcgpt. 8vo, 2a... RowUedge i86i 

Schoolboy Honour, a Tale of Halminster College, newed^^. Svo, 3«6(i Rotuledge 186a 

Sivan the Sleeper, a Tale, fcap. Svo, Ss. 6<i., 1857, re^^ 2a Smuledge 1861 

Twelve Foundations, and other Poems, fcap. Svo, &$^<c^ Aiacmillan 1858 

— (jy.(7.«feTr.) Tales of Charlton School : Cherry J8tones and lst^6he, fp. Svo, 8a 6rf... Movlledge 1861 

(^.^.) British Butterflies Described, 16n(lo, la 6<i ..;. v Groombridge ...i%s^ 

Cage and Singing Birds, fcap. 8j/b, la ; Routledge 1854 

Cyclopeedia of Female BiograpJ|^, fcap. 8vo, 5a., Groombridge ...iS $7 

■ Poetical Quota«)ns, fcap. Svo, 5a C?room6n(^ ...1853 

■ ^ Sacred, fcap. §vo, 5a Groombridge ...iZbz 

Dictionary of Poetry and Flftwers, 16mo, la Dean 1855 

Favourite Song Birds, fcapjSvo, Zs 6d '. Groombridge ...1%SS 

Grammar and|pictionary a! Flowera, 16mo, la...» Dean 1855 

Humming iffrU^escribed and Illustrated, fcap. Svo, la Groombridge ...1850 

Kentish CoroMfr Original Contributions, 12mo, 5a Simpkin 1841 

Nests and Eg^df British Birds, new ed., 16mo, 1 and 2 ser., ea. la 6<i Groomhridge ...1861 

New Testament Verses, with Illustrations, post Svo, 2a 6(i Partridge 1857 

Our Feathered F|imilies: the Birds of Prey, illust., fcap. Svo, 8a 6<<... Hogg i86a 

-^ British Birds of Song, fp. Svo, 8a 6d Hogg i86a 

Oriental Text-Book : Language of Flowers, 16mo, 2a 6(i Dean 1851 

Peace ReadiM-Book: Scripture Selections, 12mo, 2a BenneU 1844 

Sea Side Lesshi Book, ISmo, la6d Groombridge ...1856 

Story of the Seasons, 16mo, la 6(i Dean 1855 

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(/oAn) Anatomy and Diseases of the Prost^^ Gland, Svo, ^ Longman 1853 

— Doctrine of Equity, roy. Svo, 21a .'js. Benning 1849 

Lectiones Selectee, ISmo, la— inEngH^h, ISmo, U^d Whittaker w. d. 

1835-1869 ADAMS ADDISON H 

Adams (/no. Q.) Life of, by his Ghrandson, 0. F. Adams, 8yo, 14« Botton^U.S, ...1S55 

Life and Works of, edit, by C. F. Adams, 10 vols. 8vo, 71 Boston^ U. 8. iZ $0-^6 

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Oration on the Jubilee of the Constitution, 8vo, 3« Wiley 1839 

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- (/jco.iS.) Five Thousand Musical Terms, fcap. 8to, Ib Mm. B, Office.. 1Z61 

The Psalms of Life, 12mo, 5$ Bo9ton,U.iS. ...1857 

— (Mrt.) Hints on Dress for Ladies, 18mo, Is Groombridge ...1856 

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Discourses: Friends of Christ in New Testament, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Gnffin 11856 

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(iZoM.) Treatise on Rheumatic Gout, 8to, plates 4to, 21« Churchill 1857 

(J2.X.) Selection of Hymns, 18mo, 2s Uatchard 1858 

(/?. ^.) Sealed Book in the Apocalypse Opened, 8to, 8» 6d Parker da Son.. 1%-^% 

— {SmkP.) Viva Perpetua, a Dramatic Poem, poet 8vo, 6« Po^x 184.1 

(Tho.) Commentary on 2nd Epist. St. Peter, ed. by Sherman, imp. 8vo, 21« H.Bohn 18^9 

10« (Standard Divines) Nisbti 1862 

— (2^.F.) Typographica; or, Printer^s Instructor, 12mo, 7s ^d Philadelphia... iZ^$ 

— « — (ITAk) Cherry-stones; or, Force of Conscience, 6th edit. fcap. 8vo, 2s RoutUdge 1861 

IHstant EUlls, an Allegoiy, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6dy 1854, and Is Rivir,gton 1861 

Elements of Christian Science, 8vo, \2s^d Philadelphia... i%$o 

Pall of Croesus, a Stoiy from Herodotus, fcap. 8vo, 2s %d Masters 1846 

King's Messengers, an Allegory, fcap 8vo, 2s 6(i, 1850, and Is RivingUm 1859 

Notice of his Life, with Account of Bonchurch, post 8vo, 2s %d Bivington 1849 

Old Man*s Home, an Allegory, 17th edit., fcap. 8vo, 2s 6dy and Is Bivington i860 

— -— ~— On the Reparative Process in Human Tendons, platens, 8vo, 6s Churchill i860 

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Shadow of the'Cross, an Allegory, cr. 8vo, 8s 6d, and fcap. 8vo, It ... RivingUm rt6o 

Silvio: an Allegory, edited by C. W. Adams, fcap. 8vo, 2* Masters 186a 

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Neptune's Heroes; or, the Sea-Kings of England, fcap. 8vo, 5s Griffith ^kP. ...i860 

''Round about our Coal Fire,*' illust. imp. 16mo, 5s Jas, Blackwood i860 

(VF./.) Environs of London, by Blanchard, 12mo, 2s W.J. Adams... ifi^^ 

Qi^ide to English Lskes, by Blanchuard, 12mo, Is W.J, Adams... 1^$% 

— London, by Blanchard, 12imo, 2s — ^with map, 8s W.J. Adams... li^o 

Watering Places of England, 12mo, 2s W.J. A dams... i^^^ 

Adams, Root, and Sweetser, Singer's Manual, 18mo, 4s 6c2 New York 1849 

Adamson {John) Literature, &o., of Portugal, post 8vo, part 1, Sonnets, 7s 6d Siirpkin 1^43 

• ' part 2, Minstrelsy, 6s 6d ... Simpkin 1846 

■ (•^•-^O Abraham the Father of the Faithful, 18mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1841 

Joseph and his Brethren, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1844 

• Scripture Metaphors, 8vo, 7s 6d Simpkin 1849 

(Dr.X.) Sermons, 8vo, 10s 6(2 Longman 1838 

{Robt.) The Cottage Garden, 12mo, Is Longman 1856 

Adamus Morimuthensis, Chronica sui Temporis, 8vo, lOs 6d Petheram 1846 

Adoo^ (i^en.) Engineers* Pocket Book (ilnntia/), 12mo, Qs Simpkin 1862 

Rules and Data for the Steam Engine, 12mo, 2« 6(i Weale 1839 

Adderley ((7. ^.) Essay on Human Happiness, 18mo, Is 6d W, Allan 1854 

• Traiuportation not Necessary, 8vo, 2s Parker df Son ,j$st 

•^— ^— On the Present Relations of England with the Colonies, 2s Parker <fc Son .1862 

iddey {H. M.) Handbook of Liverpool, 5th edit. 8s ; cloth gilt, 5s Chapman ds J7.1846 

Addiogton {Hen.) Account of the Abbey Church of Dorchester, new edit., 8vo, %s ... J. h.d J. Parker i%6o 
Addison {B, B,) Lectures on the Rod of Moses, with Sermons, 12mo, 6s Bums 1846 

(CoL) Traito and Stories of Angb-Indian Life, post 8vo, 2s 6d Smith d: Elder, iZ$$ 

{C, G.) History of the Knights Templars, post 8 vo, 10s 6(2 Longman 1851 

— — — ^— Temple Chuivh, London, 8vo, 5s y Lotigman 1842 

Journey to Damascus and Palmyra, 2 v. 8vo, 82s Bentley 1838 

Treatise on Law of Contracts, 5Ui edit, roy. 8vo, 858 Stevens 1862 

WrongB and their Remedies, roy. 8vo, 80s Stevens i860 

((?. j4.) Indian Reminiscences, 8 vo, 14s Bull 1837 

il/en.) Hand Book for Tourists in Belgium, 18mo, 5s YTosAftoume ...1839 

(//. it.) Diary of a Judge, fcap. 8vo, 2s Ward d: Lock ,iS6o 

' Recollections of an Irish Police Magistrate, fcap. 8vo, 2s Ward d Lock .1862 

{Jos.) Essays on Taste and Pleasures of Imagination, 8vo, 2s 6d Walton n. d, 

Gems from the Spectator, 24mo, Is PhiUp n. d, 

lifeof, by Miss Aikin, 2 v., p<Mit 8vo, 18s Longman 1843 

Works, by Bp. Hurd, ed. by H. (J. Bohn, 6 v. post 8vo, each 3« 6d H.Bohn 1853-5 

{JuUa) Crow's Nest Farm, a True Tale, post 8vo, 10s 6rf Saunders ds O.1861 

Effie Vernon ; or, Life and its Lessons, post 8vo, 10s 6d Marlborough ..i860 

Sister Kate ; or, Power of Influence, fcap. 8vo, 8s 6d ; Hlnst. 5s ... Marlborough .,i% $6 

6 ADDISON ^SCHYLUS 1836-18eii 

Addison (Mr9.J.) Loving Words plainly Spoken to Poor Women, 12mo, 1$ J. P, Shaw ...1862 

(Tko.) EflFects of Disease of the Supra-Renal Capsules, 4to, 21# CkttrekiU 1856 

(Wm.) Cell Therapeutics, 8to, 4« CImrchUl 1856 

Treatise on Healtiiy and Diseased Structure, &c., 8to, 12» OhurckiU 1849 

Two Half-Crowns ; or, Selfishness and Generodty, S2mo, It 6rf Simpkin 1861 

Addon (Edker) Forest Chmnge, a Series of Twelve Letters, 12mo, It JIamiHen t86z 

Address to Medical Students Choosing a Profession, 18mo, B$6d Churchill 1843 

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and Messages of the American Presidents, 4th edit., 8to, lis Wiley 1843 

Sermons at Weston-super-Mare, 1868, 12mo, 2m Qd ffamiUon 1854 

to Medical Students, by Dr. Alison and others, 1866-6, 12mo, 8« 6d Limgman 1856 

Members of Church of BngUnd on Religious Subjects, 12mo, 28 Piper 185S 

• Those who Wish to go to Heaven, 8to, la Seeley.^ 1842 

Adehkide (Queen) Memoir of, Consort Wm. IV., by Dr. Doran, postSro, 2$6d Bewttey 1861 

Adehude Lindsay, ed.byA.of Em.Wyndham, St., p.8yo, 81<6«{, Cofhum^ 1850;^. Is Routledge 1851 

Adeline ; or. Mysteries, Romance, k Reality of Jewish Life, by A. of Leila Ada, I2mo, 2s Stmpkin tZ6% 

Adeney (IT.) Memoir of : Wearing not Rusting, 2nd edit, fcap. Svo, 2$ IHiiton i860 

Adlard (0.) Sutton-Dudleys of England and Dudleys of Massachusetts, N.E., 8to, 9r J.R,SmUk i86» 

Adler (<?./.) German and BngUrii Dictionary, roy. 8vo, S2« New York 1857 

Admiralty Administration ; its Paultsand its De^ults, 2nd edit., Svo, 58 Lerufman 1861 

Adolphus {Dr.E.) Essay on the Pathology of the Urine, Svo, 6« /. Lee 1835 

{J, L.) Letters from Spain in 1856-57, post Svo, l0» 6rf Mwrraf 1858 

(John) History of England, Geo. III., V. 1 to 7, Svo, each 14# /. Lee 1840-5 

(Otto) Compendium Theologicum, for Students, 2nd edit., 12mo, 5f BdlA IkUdy „\Z$i 

Adonibesek ; or, the Answer, 12mo, lr6rf WhiOaker 185a 

Adopted Child, aStory, by the Author of Katberine Douglas, fcap. Svo, 8r6(f Sedey \%i% 

Ad^mo (J,N.) Introduction to Harmony of the Universe, roy. Svo, 12« Weaie 185* 

Adrian, a Tragedy, 8vo, 2t 6<2 « Boewmih 184S 

Adshesd (Jcu.) Progress of Religious Sentiments, 12mo, 28 ffouUton 18521 

(J08.) Prisons and Prisoners, Svo, 78 M Longman 1845 

Advent Readings from the FathCTs, 12mo, Sr J,HAfJ,P(mi^r\%\% 

Adventures at the Gkld Fields, in the Bush, &c., 12mo, Is Deem 1859 

in Borneo, 2nd edit., post Svo, 7« ^d Colhwm 1849 

in the late Hungarian Campaign, edit, by Tyndale, jKMt Svo, lOt 6(2 ... Pentley 1850 

Moon and other Worlds, Svo, 12* Longman 1836 

of Biddy Dorking and the Pat Prog, 16mo, 2«6ci; col. 8s 6<f GriJUhitP, ...1857 

Caliph Haroun Ahrascbid, post Svo, 2» 6ci A. RaU 1855 

Gk>Id Finder, written l^ Himself, 8 v. poet Svo, 81«6<i Collmm 1850 

■ Mr. Ambiguous Law, an Articled Clerk, by Carr Bunkle, cr. Svo, 5« . /as. BladewooditSo 

My Cousin Smooth, by Timothy Templeton, 12mo, 1< 6<i Ward A Lodt .1857 

— — ^ Obadiah Oldbuck, oblong Svo, 7s Bogne 1841 

■ Qttintin Harewood, 16mo, 8« e<i GriJUhd; P, ...1839 

— Siirnor Ghiudentio di Lucca, 12mo, 2f 6rf Bennett 1851 

»— Sir Frizzle Pumpkin, and other Tales, 12mo, sewed, 2s (kl ; cloth, 8s. Blackwoodt ...1846 

" Sydenham Greenfinch in London, 12mo, Is Routledge 1854 

Ten Princes, Sanscrit Text, by H. H. Wilson, roy. Svo, 10a 6d Alien A Co, ...1850 

■ Willis the Pilot, 12mo, 2« ; illustrated, 8s 6d C H, Clarke... \% $7 

' a Donkey, by Arabella Argus, ISmo, Is 6d Dartcn 1839 

— — — Gentleman in Search of the Church of England, 12mo, 2s J. Chapman ...i 9^^ 

• Greek Lady, written by Herself, 2 t. post Svo, 12« Col^m 1849 

Horse in Peace and War, 4to, Is Ward d' Lock... iS ^2 

■ Lady in Tartary, Thibet, China, &c, post Svo, 7s 6d Hope 1853 

Salmon in the River Dec, with Notes for Fly- Fishers, 12mo, 8s dd . Pickering 1853 

Volunteer, translated from the French by Copland, I2mo, 2s Ward A Lode...i%^% 

■ an Attorney in search of Practice, 2nd edit., post Svo, 2s WardALock...x%to 

with My Stick and Carpet Bag in Austria, kc., 12mo, Is ....: Ja8.Blackwood 1854. 

Wild Animals : Zoological Notes, &c, poet Svo, 5s Dean 1857 

Advice to Clerks, ISmo, Is Mitchell 1847 

a Toung Gentleman on Entering Society, ISmo, 2s6<2 Baily 18^39 

Adye (Lt.Col, /.) Defence of Cawnpore under General Windham, Svo, 2s 6d Longman 1858 

— — Review of the Crimean War, Svo, Ts M Uvreitdt^. ...i860 

iElfric's Anglo-Saxon and English Homily on St. Gregory, by Elstob, Svo, 6s Pickering 1849 

■ _^_ by Thomson, ISmo, 6s Lumleg 1851 

JEschines, Oratio contra Ctesiphon, English Notes by Arnold, 12mo, is Bivington 1851 

——- et Demosthenes de Corona, Bekker, ISmo, 2s J.ff.ij.PctrkeriS$^ 

--—--—-----— ^-——— 4 Stodc, cr. Svo, 8s Simpkin 186a 

— ^-___. transl. byMongan, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 18^59 

aschyhw, TViigcediie, Gr., & Dindorf, Svo, 58 6d J.I/.<kJ.ParkenSst 

. Tom. 2, Annotationes, 2 v. Svo, 10s J.B.d'J.Parkerit^t 

Tom. 8, Scholia, Svo, 6s. J.ff,<kJ.Parkeri2$t 

2v. Svo, 16s J.ff.4kJ.ParkeriZsi 

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with Short Notes, ISmo, 8s J. H.AJ. Parker i%$i 

by Paley, ISmo, 3s Belld*Daldy...i%^% 

— — with English Notes by PeUe, Sto, 12s Murray 1849 

1886-lMa ^SCHYLUS A6ASSIZ 7 

JBa^Ins TngoednB, Sbori Notes to, 18mo, 8« 6rf J,JS.i£j.Pwrhen%i$ 

Tngediw, in English by Backl^, post Syo, 5« H,Bohn 1849 

with literal translation, by Dr. Giles, V. 1, 18mo, Sf. Comiih i860 

in English, literally translated, 8rd edit., 8to, 78, 6d. WhiUaker 1842 

■ Agamemnon, Gr., i Peile, 8vo, 9a Murray 1844 

and Englisb, Notes by Conington, 8vo, 7» 6d Parker dEr S<m .1848 

iBlomfieW, 8to, 12* FtUowet 1839 

RUey, 8vo, U ed Bdld: Daldif.,A%s^ 

in Englisb, by Blew, post 8yo, 7« 6d L<mgman 1855 

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• W. Pater, fcap. 8vo, At Pkiladdph%a..,i%S^ 

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■ and Promethens, in English, by Fox, 12mo, 8i Jot. Bohi 1839 

translated by H. W. Herbert^ 12nio, 6s (id /. Chajmam ...1849 

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Peile, 8vo, dt Murray 1844 

and Scholia. Berised and interp. by J. F. Davies, 8to, 7« M . Bell A Daldy,.. ii6% 

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LJnwood, 8vo, 5a JM,AJ.Parheri%^ 

Paley, 8vo, 4a BtUA J>aldy.,.i%si 

Scholefield, 8to, 4a 6(i BivingUm 1843 

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Translated by Swayne, 8vo, la6d Blaekwoods ...1856 

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. Illustrations o^ by Boyes, 8to, 9a WhiUaker 1844 

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• Lyrical Dramas, translated with Life by Blackie, 2 t. post 8vo, 16a Parker Jt Sim,.. it s^ 

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- Pfcley, 8to, 8a6d BeU dsDaldy... iU7 

with iranslation by Wood, post 8to, 4a 6<f BellA Daidy, ..!%$$ 

- Popnlar En^ish Specimens of, 18mo, 8a6<i Tegg 1848 

Prometheus Yinctns, Gr., i Blomfield, 8th edit, 8to, 8a Fellowea 1846 

Griffiths, 8vo, 5a J.HJcJ.Parkeri%is 

Riley, 8to, 4a BeU^ Daldy... 1S46 

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with Notes, by Davies, 12mo, la ViHue 186a 

• in En^ish, by Pembroke, 8to, 8a WkUtaker 1844 

Swayne, 8vo, 2a6<i WkiUaker 1846 

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Griffiths, 8ro, fia J.ff.d^,Parkiri%^s 

. Paley, 8vo, 6a 6d BeUA DaUiy...i%4j 

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• Hamiltenian System, 12mo, 6a AyloU 1862 

lAt, Hsmiltonian System, 12mo, 4a : AyUUt 1862 

life ol, arranged for Children, traoshtted by Dielits, 16mo, la 6<i Dean 1852 

and oth«r Fabler, Illnstrated by Bennett, 4to, 6a ; coloured, 10a 6d Kent 1857 

by Croxall, fcap. 8to, 2a 6d Sin^pkin i860 

Fables, by James, 100 Illustrations by Tenniel, 8to, 16a, 1848 ; 12mo, 2a 6<i Murray 1851 

with Woodeute, S2mo, la, Simpkin; 82mo, la Tegg 1862 

InstmctiTe Applications, Illustrated, 18mo, la 6d B. Lea 1858 

^Bewick, 8vo, 10a; roy. Sro, 12a; imp. 8vo, 81a 6<f H.Bohn 1850 

Craxal!, 12mo, 4a~with rignettes, 12mo, 12a RivingUm 1846 

&thetio Papen, edited by Elii. P. Peabody, 8to, tk Bo$Um^ U,S....\%^ 

iJection, its Flowers and Fruit, St. post 8vo, 81a %d Newby 1848 

AfiBctiaD^s Keqwake : Flowers of Poe^, 82mo, 2a 6<i SimiSdn 1845 

Parting Gift, 82mo, la 6d Nelton 1845 

Soufenir : Original Poems, by A. C. D., 18mo, la Wkittaker 1850 

AfBeted's Befogs : Prayers in Distress, 12mo, 2a 6d Oroombridge^o 

Aflitftiott'sHarp; «, Verses on Passages from Scripture, 82mo, 8a Simj^kiin. 1841 

Africa Bedeemed by the Growth and Prospects of Liberia, 12mo,8a6<i Nid>ei 1851 

After the Wedding, by Author of ** Lady Una," fcap. 8to, 2a W. Wesley 1856 

Aflsnoon of Unmarried Life, Ij Author of *' Morning Clouds,** 2nd ed., fp. 8to, 5a Longman 1859 

A|^ (Mrs,) From Ere till Mom in Europe, post 8vo, 10a 6<i NeAy i860 

Kni|^ of the Cross, a Tale, fcap. 8to, 5$ Net^ 1857 

(Z^) Essays on dassifiosUon of the Animal Kingdom, 8to, 12a Longium 1859 

Coatiibations to Natural Histoiy of Acalephn of N. Amerioa, 4to, 42a... Comiricba, 1^.^.1849 

America, 2 t. 4to, 7/ 7a Bcet»n,U.S. ...1857 

Lak« Superior, with Narrative of the Tour by J. S. Cabot, 24a BosUm,U.S, ...1850 

LeetuBesoB GomparatiTe Embryology, 5a Bo$lon,U.8, ...1849 

• aadOonld, ComparatiTe Animal Physiology, post 8to^ 5a M,Bokn 1851 

ff AGASSIZ AHN 1836-186-2 

Agassis (it.) and Gould, Principles of Zoology, 12mo, 7« 6rf Boston^U.S. ...i?46 

Agatha : Illustrating part of the 6th Chapter of Ephesians, 4to, 5« Oriffith A F, ...1856 

Beaufort, a Novel, by Author of " Pique," 3 v. post 8to, 8U M Smith<kEUUr 1852 

Agathoma, a Romance, foap. 8vo, 5« Moxon 1844 

Agden Court, a Tale for Children, 12mo, 2« 6(i Bighley 184a 

Age (The) ; a Letter on ImproTement of Sacred Architecture, 12mo, 3« 6(2 IJatchard 1850 

of Lead, a Poetical Satire, by Adolphus Fasquin, 8vo, 8« 6d Judd ds (Han 1858 

Little Men; a Review of Faroe, fcap. Svo, 2«6(2 Bardwicke i86i 

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Aglen (A.S.) Lucknow ; the Newdigate Prise Poem, 12mo, la 6d WhiUaker 1859 

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Agnes Home, illustrated by Pearce, cr. 8vo, new edit., 286d Shnpkin 1862 

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and the Little Key ; or. Bereaved Parents Instructed, 8rd edit., fcap. Svo, \$ 6d Knight «fc Son... 1^60 

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(D. (7. i4.) Soul's Business and Prospects: Sermons, post Svo, 6* Nitbet 1862 

^— (i/.C7.) Gteraldine, a Tale of Conscience, 12mo, 8« 6(£ Dolman 1838 

Tales Explanatory of the Sacraments, 2 t. 12mo, 7j Dolman 1846 

— — Young Communicants, ISmo, 2« Dolman 1840 

— (i7. (7.) Remarks on the Great Pyramids of Gizeh, 4to, 7< 6(2 Longman 1838 

A^cultural Chemistry Explained, 12mo, Si 6(2 Soc.P.C.K. ...1849 

Agriculture in Flanders (Lib. of Useful Knowledge), Svo, 2« E, Law 1838 

Agriculturist's Calculator, 12mo, 9« Blackie 1851 

Agrippa (/f.C7. ) Life of, by Hen. Morley, 2 v. post Svo, 18« ChapmanJeH...\%%S 

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Home Influence, a Tale, with Memoir, new edit., fcap. Svo, 6« Groombridge ...i860 

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Jewish Faith, its Consolation, &c, fcap. Svo, 9« Groombridge ...i%^h 

Mother's Recompense, a Tale, new edit. , fcap. Svo, 6« Groombridge ... 1 860 

Records of Israel, fcap. Svo, 2« 6(2 Groombridge ...i%i^^ 

■ Vale of Cedars; or, the Martyr, new edit., fcap. Svo, 6« Groombridge ...i860 

Woman's Friendship, a Story, new edit., fcap. Svo, 5< Groombridge ...i860 

* Women of Israel: Illustna. from Scripture, n. e<L, 2 v. fp. Svo, 10« Groombridge ...x86o 

Ahk (Dr.F.) Elbxsmtabt Fobsigh Works, vis. : — 

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remodelled by Henri Van Laun, 12mo, Ss Gd Thimm 1862 

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Class Book for Beginners, 16mo, 1« 6(2 Thimm 1862 

-^ — Commerci&l Letter- Writer, fcap. Svo, 4« 6<2 Trilbner 1861 

— — Conversation, by F. Ahn and English Assistants, 12mo, 2« Gd Trilbner 1862 

Course, First and Second (Author's Own Edit.), 12mo, each 1< ; 1 v. 8«. Triibner 1861 

■ — by Buchheim, 8rd ed., 12mo, each 1« ; 1 v. 8«.. Williams d!N..i%$$ 

— — — — — Key to Exercises, 12mo, each 8(2.. Williams dbN..i% $9 

' Didier, 12mo, each Is 6(2; Keys to, ea. 1« 6(2 Allman 1855 

Third, a Prose and Poetical Reader, by Buchheim, 12mo, la 6(2.. Williams ik N.,iis^ 

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Poetry Book, by Didier, 12mo, Is Gd ; Key to. Is Gd Allman 1854 

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■ by Didier, 12mo, Is Gd ; Key to, Is Gd Allman 1862 

— - School Grammar, by A. Buchheim, 12mo, 8s ; Exercises, 2s Gd; in 1 v. 6s Williams d!N.,i%$^ 

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—^- Commercial Letter- Writer, fcap. Svo, isGd Triibner 1861 

Course, Firet, 12mo, Is 6(2 ; 2 parts complete, 8s Williams <k N. 1862 

Key to Exercises, 8d Williams A N,i96o 

Third, a Reading Book, 12mo, Is Gd Williams it N.iZ $9 

< First and Second, 1 vol., 16th edit., 12mo, 8s Thimm i860 

12mo, 8s Triibner 1861 

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Second, by Monteith, 12mo, Is 6(2; Key to. Is 6(2 AUman 1862 

Third, 12mo, IsGd Thimm 1857 

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- G^rammar, 12mo, 4s Gd ; Key to Exercises, Is Gd Triibner 1861 

-byMeissner, Srd edit., 12mo, 8s 6(2; Key to. Is Thimm i860 

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Poetry, 12mo, 8s Triibner i860 

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Greek Course, First and Second, by Monteith, 12mo, each Is Gd; Keys, ea. Is 6(2 AUman ....1856-59 
Hebrew Grammar^ by Herxheimer, 12mo, 4s Thimm i860 

1 835-1802 AHN ^AINS WORTH 9 

Abr (Dr. F.) Slemehtart FonEiaN Works, continued, 

Italian Course, Author's edit., 12mo, 8«6d Triihntr i860 

.— First and Second, by Monteith, 12mo, each 1« Qd ; Keys, ea. 1« 6rf Allman 1858 

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Reader, First, by Monteith, 12mo, 1« 6(i ; Key to, 1» 6d Allman 1857 

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Eleonore, and other Poems, 12mo, 5a Chapman <kff,iZs^ 

Aide-M^moire to the Military Sciences, 2nd edit., 8 vols, roy, Svo, 90a Lockvood i86a 

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to Catechetical Teaching, by a Clergyman, fcap. Svo, 3a 6<i Seeley 1843 

Development; or, Mental and Moral Instruction, ith edit., fcap. Svo, 6a Seeley 1844 

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Prayer, roy. 32mo, la 6<i Strahan 1862 

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War ; Religiously, Morally, and Historically Considered, 12mo, 2a ... Hamilton 1850 

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Illustratioiis of Arts and Manufactures, fcap. Svo, 8a Van Voorst ...1841 

{A,dkL,) Evenings at* Home, 12mo, 8a6<2, Longman^ 1858; 12mo, 8a6<2 JtotUledge 1862 

«_— 24mo, 2a, CVntaA, 1850; ISino, Ss 6d H^aaMowm^ ...1853 

{Berk.) The Dean ; or, PopnUir Preacher, a Novel, 8 vols, poet Svo, 81a 6d ... Saunders <fe 0. 1859 

•Old, Old Story, Love, &c., poet Svo, 10a 6d SaundersdsO, 1862 

(Edm.) Designs for Villas, Rural Buildings, &c., 4to, 12a WeaU 1852 

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■ Letters from a Father to his Son, new edit., fcap. Svo, 5a W. Smith 1837 

Select Works of the British Poets, Svo, 18a Longman 1849 

(Z^Hcy) Holiday Stories for Toung Readers, ISmo, la 4^ Oroombridge ...i%si 

Aikman (/.) Account of the Tournament at Elginton, 4to, 10a 6d ; col 15a Smith ds Elder. i%i^ 

(/aa.) Account of Covenanting in Scotknd, Svo, 10a Nisbet 1848 

■ Annals of Persecutions in the Church of Scotland, Svo, 9s 6d Smith dk Elder. iS^'i 

History of Sootiand, 6 vols. Svo, 60a Blackie 1856 

(J. L.) Cross and the Sepulchre, Meditations, fcap. Svo, 6s Griffin i860 

— ■ Cyelopndia of Christian Miasions, 2nd ed., cr. Svo, 8a 6c{ Griffin 1861 

Mornings at the Sepulchre ; or. Risen Redeemer, fcap. Svo, 8a Qd Griffin 1859 

Sabbath Evenings at Calvary, fcap. Svo, 3a 6d G7'iffin 1853 

Alley Moore, a Tale of the Times, by Father Baptist, l2mo, 8a Dolman 1856 

Ailieford,'a Family Histoiy, by author of John Drayton, 8 vols, poet Svo, 81a 6d Hurst ds B 1853 

Aimard {Gustave) Border Rifles: a Tale of the Texan War, fcap. Svo, 2a ; lUust, 3a 6d Wardd: Lock .1862 

Chief of the Aucas ; or, Foster Brothers, new edit, fcap. Svo, 2a ... RoulUdgt 1862 

Freebooters, a Story of the Texan War, fcap. Svo, 2a Wardd: Lock .1861 

Gold-Seekers, a Tale of California, fcap. Svo, 2a ; lUust., 3a Orf ... Ward & Lock .1861 

Indian Chief, the Story of a Revolution, fcap. Svo, 2a ; Illust., 8a6<i Ward A Lode .i86r 

Scout, a Story of the Axteo City, fcap. Svo, 2a Ward<k Lock .i86i 

Last of the Incas, a Romance of the Prairies, fcap. Svo, 2? Ward dt Lock .1862 

Loyal Heart; or, the Trappers, tr. by Robson, fcap. Svo, la 6<i ... Rovtledge 1858 

Pirates of the Prairies, fcap. Svo, 2a Wardd: Lodc.\t6i 

Prairie-Flower, Adv. on the Indian Border, fcp. Svo, 2a; Illust., 8a 6d Ward <fc Lock .1862 

Queen of the Savannah, a Story of the Mexican War, fcap. Svo, 2a Ward ds Lock .1862 

Red .Track, a Story of Social Life in Mexico, fcap. Svo, 2a Ward ds Lock .1862 

Tiger-Slayer, a Tale of the Indian Desert, fcap. Svo, 2a; Illust., 3a 6d Ward dk Lock .i860 

Trail-Hunter, a Tale of the Far West, fcap. Svo, 2a Ward de Lock .iZdi 

Trapper's Daughter, a Story of the Rocky Mountains, fcap. Svo, 2a Ward <fc Lo<A .1861 

■ White Scalper, a Story of the Texan War, fcap. Svo, 2a Ward dk Lock .1861 

Aim6-Blartin(Z.) Education of Mothers of Families, by Lee, post Svo, 5s td W.J.Adams ...1842 

Language of Flowers, lUh edit., ISmo, 10a 6rf Saunders dk 0. 1849 

■ in French, roy/ 82mo, 9a 6<i Bogut n. a. 

Aim6e : the Story of a life, cr. Svo, 8a 6d , Marlborough... iHi 

Aims and Ends: a Novel, by C. C. G., 3 v. post Svo, 81a 6rf Newbg 1862 

Ainger (rAo.) Four Discourses on Repentance, 12mo, 2a 6<i Parker db Son .iZj6 

Sermons on Prayer, 12mo, 2s 6d Parker dk Son .JS4.1 

5— 1 Cor. XV., 2nd edit., fcap. Svo, 8« Rivington i860 

Ainslie (Gen.) Hlust. oiAnglo-French Coinage, 4to, 25a, 1830 ; Supp. to, 4to, 12a... Heame 1847 

■ (John) Antipathy ; or, the Confessions of a Cat-Hater, 8 v. post Svo, 81a 6d Macrone 1836 

■ Ernest Campbell : an Historical Novel, 8 vols, post Svo, 31a 6d Cochrane 1835 

■ Treatise on Land Surveying : GhilbnuUi, Svo, plates 4to, 21a Blackwoods ...1849 

Ainsworth (Geo.) and Yeates (/.) Treatise on Elements of Algebra, Svo, 4a Rdutledge 1855 

{Men.) Annotations on the Pentateuch, 2 vols. Svo, 24a Blackie 1843 


Mnsworih (Roht.) Latb Dictionary, by Barker, 12mo, Aa6d C, ff. Law ., 183? 

Beatflon and Ellis, imp. 8vo, 16« JI.Bohn 185a 

Carey and Morell, new edit., 8to, lOt 6d Longmam 1861 

■ Duncan, 8vo, 9< Simpkin 1845 

. Dymock, 40th ed., roy. 18mo, 4«6(i; bd., 5< Tegg i86» 

■ _^ Jamieeon, 8vo, 9< H.Bohn 1847 

Roes, 8vo, lOa Mozley 1843 

{W. F.) Researches in Babylonia, Assyria, &c, 8vo, 12$ 6d Parker its Son .iZ^i 

■ Travels in Asia Minor, &c, 2 vols, post 8vo, 24« Parker Ae San .184* 

Track of 10,000 Greeks, post 8vo, 7« Qd Parker tk Son .1844 

(W. n.) Auriol, 12mo, 1« Chapman Ja B,i% so 

Ballads, Romantic, Fantastic, and Humorous, fcap. 8yo, 2m JtauUedge 1855 

Constable of the Tower, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s 6<f, i86i;ly. p, 8vo, 6$ Chapman A H,i%l% 

Crichton, Syo, 16<, Tegg^ 1849; fp. 8vo, \$M ; Illnstotted, 8to, 5< JtoutUdge 1854 

Flitch of Bacon, 12mo, 6<, 1854; fcap. 8vo, 2$ RoutUclge 1854 

— Guy Fawkes, 3 y. 8yo, 25<; fcap. 8yo, 1« 6d ; lUust. 8vo, 8« and 6« RouUedgt ...1841-61 

Jack Sbeppard, 8 y. 8yo, 25<, Bentley, 1839 ; lUust, 8yo, Zs and 6< MouUedge ...1839-61 

James the Second, 8 y. post Svo, 8U 6d, Ccibum, 1848 ; 12mo, 1« RauUedge 1854- 

Lancashire Witches, 8 y. p. 8yo, 8U 6ii; fcap. 8yo, 2$ ; IIL 8yo, 6< iZou^^ed^... 1848-54 

Lord Mayor of London ; or, City Life in Last Cent. 8y. p. 8yo, 81« Qd Chapman ds H.iZbz 

Meryyn Clitheroe, fcap. 8yo, 2t; Illustrated, 8yo, Z$ and 6s RouUedge 1858-61 

Mi8er'8Daugh.,3y.p.8yo,81s6<^; fp.8yo,ls6c2; Ill,8yo,2«6dand5« iZau^^ec^e... 1843-51 

Old St. Paul's, 8 y. p. 8yo, 8ls 6d, 1841 ; fp. 8yo, 2s ; III, 8yo, 6s i2oiUfcrf^...i84X-55 

Oyingdean Grange, lUust., 8yo, 6s, i860; new edit., fcap.'Syo, 2s RouUedge 1861 

Rook wood, fcap. 8yo, Is 6d, 1853 ; Illustrated, 8yo, 2s 6d and fis... RouUedge 1861 

Saint James's, 8 y. cr. 8yo, 81s 6</, Mortimer^ 1844 > ^^P* Svo«> 1* RouUedge 1853 

Spendthrift, fcap. 8yo, Is M ; Illustrated, 8yo, 5s *. Routledge 1856 

Star Chamber, fcap. 8vo, Is 6<i ; Illustrated, 8yo, 2s 6d and 5s RouUedge ...1854-61 

Tower of London, 8yo, 15s ; fcap. 8yo, 2s ; Illust., 8yo, 3s and 6s RouUtdge ...1843-61 

' Windsor Cast.,,81s6<i J fp.8yo,ls6<i ;IlL,8vo,2s6<iand6s JJoul^s ...1843-61 

Aird(Z).J/.) French Syntax Made Easy, 16mo, ls6(i ^ Aird 1846 

■■ Student's Self-Instructing French Grammar, 16mo, Is Aird 1848 

. ■ Latin Grammar, 16mo, Is ^d Aird , 1848 

(Tho.) Old Bachelor in the Old Scottish Village, Tales, new edit., fcap. 8yo, 4s . Blackwooda ...1857 

Othuriel and other Poems, 8yo, 5s Longman 1839 

Poetical Works, new edit., fcap. 8yo, 6$ Blackwooda ...1856 

Airey (Sir Rich.) Addresses before Military Board at Chelsea, 1856, post 8yo, 8s 6d . Murray 1856 

Airy (Q,B.) Astronomical Obseryations at Greenwich, Y. 1 to 11, 4to, each 50s Murray ...1845-57 

■ Algebraical, &c., Theory of Errors of Obseryations, cr. 8yo, 6s 6ci Macmillan ....1861 

Lectures on Astronomy, at Ipswich, 4th edit., post 8vo, 5a Simpkin .1858 

■ Mathematical Tracts on Physical Astronomy, 4th edit, 8yo, 15s Macmillan ....1858 

■ Reductions of Obseryations of the Moon, 1750-1830, 2 yoli 4to, bL ... Murray 1848 

• Treatise on Grayitation, 8yo, 7s C. Knight 1834 

Trigonometry, by Blackburn, post 8yo, 2s 6<i Grifjin 1S54 

Aitkcn (J.H.) Chiss-Book of Elocution, 12mo, 3s %d Simpkin 1853 

{R.) Teaching of the Types : Tracts for the Clergy, yol. 1, 8yo, 12s l^hiUaker 1856 

(Tho.) Measurer for Mahogany, roy. 8vo, 12s Longman 1838 

Sermons and Lectures, 8vo, 5s 6ci Longman 1835 

Tradesman and Measurer's Assistant, 12mo, 3s Longman 1838 

(T,J,) Elements of Physiokgy, 12mo, 6s JS. Law 1838 

-^ (W.) Manual of Science and Practice of Medicine, post 8yo, 15» Griffin 1857 

- On the Growth of the Recruit and Young Soldier, fcap. 8yo, 2m ^d ... Ortffin 1861 

Alton (John) Lands of Messiah, Mahomet, and Pope, 8yo, 15s, 1851 ; 12mo, 5s FuUarton 1854 

Manual of Domestic Economy for Clei^gymen, 2nd edit., fcap. 8yo, 8s Qd Qriffin 1835 

St Paul and his Localities, Past and Present^ post 8yo, 12s A. Hall 1856 

Akenside (Mark) Pleasures of Imagination, a Poem, 18mo, 2s 6€l Knight dsSon .1853 

. Poems, Memoir by Dyce, fcap. 8yo, 5s BtUik Daldy .1845 

GilfiUan, 8yo, 4s 6<i Niabet 1857 

and Dyer, Poems, by Willmott, 12mo, ba RouUedge 1855 

Akerman (/. Y.) Account of Tradesmen's Tokens, 1648-72, 8yo, 15s ; 4to, 21s /. R, Smith ...1843 

" Ancient Coins, Hispania, Gallia, Britannia, 8yo, 8s M J, R. Smith ...1846 

■ ArohsBological Index to Remains of Antiquity, 8ro, 15s J. R. Smith .. 1847 

■ Catalogue of Roman Coins, 2 yols. 8yo, 42s WaiJibowrne ...1839 

Glossary of Words used in Wiltshiie, 12mo, 8s J.R.Smith ...1841 

Introduction to Study of Ancient and Modem Coins, 12mo, 6a6d ... J. R. Smith ...1848 

Legends of Old London, post 8yo, 2s 6(2 A. HaU 1853 

Numismatic Illustrations of the New Testament, 8yo, 5s J. R. Smith ...1846 

■ Manual to the Study of Coins, 8yo, 21s WcUton 1840 

■ Remains of Pagan Saxondom, 4to, 60s J.R.Smith ...1855 

• Roman Coins Relating to Britain, 2nd edit., 8yo, 10s 6d /. R. Smith ...1844 

Spring Tide ; or, the Angler and his Friends, 12mo, 8s 64 J, R. Smith ...1851 

Wiltshire Tales, Illustratiye of the Dialect, 12mo, 2s 6d /. R. Smith ...1853 

Akroyd (Edw.) On Improyed Dwellings for the Working Classes, roy. 8yo, Is Shaw^Soru ...1861 

Alaooque(3fary)liifeof, 2 yols. 12mo, 8s T. Richardaon,j9so 

AUddin, and Sinbad th« Sailor, Tales, 18mo, Is, Addey, 1853 ; Aladdin, 4to, 8s ... Dean 1861 


Alani Prions Cantaariensis ucriptsB qn» extant CaxtcnSoe. ,..n. d. 

Alastor ; or, the New Ptolemy, poet 8vo, 6« Saunderai'O, .185* 

Alban (Emtt) On High-Pressure Steam-Engine, by Pole, poet 8vo, 16* 6d Lodewood 1848 

Albemarle {Duke) Memoirs of, by M. Qmzot, transkted by Wortley, 8vo, 12« Bentley 1838 

Albert (Prmce) Addresses on different Public Occasions, 4to, lOsQd BeUikBaldy .1857 

Ancestry of, by E. Tauerschmidt, post 8vo, 4$ 6d Black 1840 

— — Golden Precepts; or, the Opinions and Maxims of, 16mo, 2i6d Low i86a 

— His Country and Kindred, roy. 8vo, i$ Ward 1840 

Life of the Prince Consort, by Edward Walford, fcap. 8to, la RoutUdge 1861 

" Principal Speeches and Addresses, with an Introduction, 8vo, 10« 6d Murray i86» 

and the House of Saxony, by Y. Shoberl, post 8vo, 5$ Qd Colbum 1840 

the Good : a Nation's Tribute of Affection to his Memory, 4to, ISs /. F. Shaw ....i86a 

■ Reminiscences of his Life, by J. H.Wilson, cr. 8vo, U Partridge i86a 

{Prince <k Ernest) Songs and Ballads, English and German, with Music, fol. 5t H.Bokn 1840 

Alberti {Fra.) Fr. and Ital. : Italian and French Dictionaiy, by Bonna, 12mo, 7< ... Jtolandi 1836 

Albin {Tho.) Sonnets, Meditative and Devotional, 12mo, 8« 6d Simphin 1835 

Albites {Aek.) Authors of France ; Outlines of French Literature, 24mo, Z$ Longman ......1849 

Blunders in French avoided, 12mo, U 6d Longman 1855 

French Genders conquered, 4th edit., fcap. 8vo, U Longman ......i86a 

Pronunciation, Theory, Practice, &c., 12mo, It Longman i86» 

How to Speak : Dialogues in English and French, fp. 8vo, 5» W Longman i86» 

Phases de THistoire de France, 12mo, 1$ 6d Longman 1855 

. Start in French and First Steps, 12mo, U Longman 1858 

— .— {F.C.) Morality of all Nations, in French, Italian, and English, 8vo, Za Jhdau 1849 

Albrecht (B) and Moore, German Delectus, with Lexicon, 12mo, 6«, 1845 1 ^®y» 8tf ^ Dulau 1847 

Albrechtsberger's Theoretical Works, by Merrick, 2 vols. 8vo, 42« Cochi 1835 

Album of Love ; Love Thou^ts, by various Contributors, 12mo, 68 Simpkin 1840 

■ Scripture Illustrations, 50 Engravings after Ebter, 12mo, case, 2< Pkitp 1862 

Alcantara (P,de) Golden Treatise of Mental Praier, 18mo, 2« 6(i Dolman 1844 

Alcock (Dr.J.) Treatise on Cholera, 8vo, 6* Churchill 1849 

■ ' (J.B.) On Legacy Duty as to Personal Property, E.Indies, 8vo, 6$ Benning 1850 

(i2utA.) Medical History of the British Legion in Spain, 8vo, 6$ Churchill 1838 

{SirBuO^.) Life's Problems, 2nd edition, fcap. 8vo, 6< Belld!Daldy.„iS6% 

Alcott (IT.^.) Sabbath School as it Should be, 82mo, U6c{ Tegg 1842 

Letters to a Sister ; or, Woman's Mission, post 8vo, 5« New York 1850 

Young Men on Various Subjects, post 8vo, 6« New York 1850 

Alder (/.) Pearl of Peristan ; or. Last of the Magi : a Poem, 12mo, 28 6d Gladding 184a 

^— (i2.) Wealeyan Missions, or. 8vo, 2< 6(f Mason 1844 

Alderman Ralph: a Novel, by Adam Hombrook, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 15<, 1853 ; 12mo, 2$ 6(2 Boutledge 1855 

Aldershot and all about it, Past and Present, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo, Is Simpkin i860 

Aldershottana ; or, Chinks in my Hut, post 8vo, 2« 6d Ward<kLook 1856 

Alderaon {Baron) Selections from his Charges, with Life, post 8vo, 10< 6d Parker di Son 1858 

(Co/.) Notes on Acre, 4to, 21« Weale 1844 

■ (Jew.) Observations on Diseases of the Stomach, 8vo, lOs 6d Longman 1847 

Orthographical Exercises, revised by T. Smith, new edit 18mo, 1$ Whittaker 1861 

Pathology and Treatment of Acute Rheumatism, 8vo, is^d Parker <fc Son 1853 

■ (/o«.) Hebrew and English Lexicon, without Points, 870, 6« Aylott 1854 

Aldhelm (fi^).) Opera, edidit Giles, 8vo, 10« 6d NuU 1845 

Akiine Poets, fcap. 8vo. See Appendix. 

Aldis (John) Internal Evidences of Christianity Hlustrated, 12mo, 2s ^d AyloU 1 849 

Six Lectures on Christian Union, 12mo, 2« 6(i AyloU 1846 

- {Wm,) First Book of Geography Made Easy, 8rd edit, 18mo, 1« Jarrold i860 

Aldrich (J7en.) Artis Logics Rudimenta, by Hill, 12mo, 8< J.ff.d:J.ParkeriSj^^ 

Mansel, 8vo, 10a 6d Whiitaker i86» 

literally translated, 8th ed., 12mo, S$6d... WhiUaker 1861 

Aidridge (/Tm.) History and Antiquities of the Courts of Law, 8vo, Bs Wildy 1835 

■ (John) Lectures on Urine and Urinary Diseases, 8vo, 2» 6d Simpkin 1846 

— — — Trip to the German Spas and to Vichy, 12mo, Zs 6d Simpkin 1856 

Alevis {Jamade) Buddhism : its Origin, History, and Doctrines, 8vo, 6« Williams dbN, 1861 

Alexander the Great, Life and Actions of, by Yen. J. Williams, 8rd ed. fp. 8vo, 8« 6d Tegg i860 

and Caesar, Lives of, 18mo, l$6d BeL Tract Soe, iS^i 

■ I., History of, by Ivan Golovin, post 8vo, 10s Cd Newhy 1858 

Alezaiider(^2»;.) Commentaries on Puerperal Fever, &c, 8vo, 5< Longman 1836 

(Jml.) Remarks on Church and State, 18mo, is Smithde Elder 1838 

■ (Arch,) Canon of Old and New Tests, ascertained, new ed. 12mo, 6s Philadelphia.,. iZ^i 

■ Hist, of Colonization on Western Coast of Africa, 2 ed. 8vo, 10a 6rf Philadelphia... 1%^^ 

" History of the Israelitish Nation, 8vo, 16s Philadelphia.,. 1%^^ 

Life of, by J. W. Alexander, roy. 8vo, 16» New York 1854 

——(0. F.) Legend of the Golden Prayers, and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, bs ... Bellikbaldy...iZ$^ 

■■ Poems on Subjects in the Old Testament, 2 pts., 18mo, each Is ... Masters 1857 

'■ Verses for Holy Seasons, 4th edit, fcap. 8vo, Zs 6d Bell (k Daldy 1858 

■' (2>r.) Hor» Poetice ; or. Poems with Notes, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1838 

(Bdw.) Memoir and Correspondence, 12mo, 2« Bennett 1849 

{0, IF.> Letters on Slave Trade, 12mo, 2« 6(i Bennett 184* 

■■ (^"M') Treatise on Rheomatigm and Gont, post 8vo, 7s 6d Churchill 1858 


Alexaiiddr(/.^.) Acts of the Apostles Explained, 2 yols. post 8vo, 15$ Nithet 1S57 

Commentary on Acts of the Apostles, 2 vols. 12mo, 10« New York 1857 

— — Earlier Propbecies of Isaiah, 8to, 15« New York 1846 

Isaiah Illustrated and Explained, 2 vols. 12mo, 16* New York 1851 

• Later Prophecies of Isaiah, 8vo, 16# New York 1847 

Psalms Translated and Explained, 3 vols. 8vo, 24« New York 1850 

— (/.^.) Salmon Fishing in Canada, poet 8vo, 10< 6c{ LongvMin x86o 

— (J.H.) Universal Dictionary of Weights, &c., roy. 8vo, 13« 6d BaltivMre 1850 

(/a«. IT.) Christian Faith and Practice, fcap. 8vo, Z$ 6d JTamilton i86i 

Consolation, sm. cr. 8vo, 8s 6(/ Hamilton 1861 

Direonraes on Select Topics, 8vo, 12« New York 1853 

Faith, treated in a Series of Discourses, 12mo, 7« 6d New York 1861 

Three Ways of making a Happy World, 12mo, 2« 6d ...: NeUon 1856 

Thoughts on Family Worship, 12mo, 2i Groomhridge...i$s^ 

— (/oAn) Preacher from the Press: Sermons, 2 vols. 12mo, 7< Jaekaon A W, 1838 

- (/os. A.) Comment on the Prophecies of Isaiah, by Sadie, 8vo, 12« Orijfin 1858 

Gospel of Jesus Christ •. Discourses, cr. 8vo, 79 6d Ne'ton 1861 

St. Matthew Explained, post 8vo, 6« Nub^ 1861 

Mark Explained, poet 8vo, 7« M NiiUt 1848 

• (/. ^.) Excursions in Western Africa, 2nd edit , 2 vols. 8vo, 24s Colbum 1840 

Expedition into South Africa, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s Colbum 1838 

Explorations in British America, 2 vols, poet 8vo, 21s Colbum 1849 

Passages in the Life of a Soldier, 2 vols, post 8vo, 12« HwrtiAB 1857 

-Sketches in Portugal, 1834, 8vo, lOs 6d Cochrane 1835 

(Stu.) Life's Phantoms, and other Poems, 12mo, 2s J(u, BhtckwoodiZ^s 

(5. r.) Memour of, by her Father, ISroo, 2s ed Wcrtheim 1840 

(I%o.)Fjf position of St. John's Gospel, Chap. 17, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1857 

Great High Priest, new edit., 18mo, Is Tregidder 1861 

Penitent's Prayer ; an Exposition of the Slst Psalm, cr. 8vo, Ss 6<2 ... Nitbet 1 860 

Phiin Paths for Youthful Runners, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Nelson i860 

i (Wm,) Abridgment of Acts of Sederunt, 1632 to 1887, roy. 8vo, 18s Longman 1837 

■ Soots Acts, 1424 to 1707, roy. 8vo, 21s Longman 1842 

Chart of Proceedings in a Sequestration, 2nd edit., 8vo, 6s Longman 1853 

Journey to Beresford Hall, Derbyshire, sm. 4to, 6$ J,JL Smith ...1841 

Practice of Scotch Commissary Courts, 1859, roy. 8vo, IO9 6d Longman 1859 

Scotch Bankruptcy Acts, 1866-7, with Supt., roy. 8vo, 18« 6d Longman 1857 

Treatise on Bills of Exchange, Scotland, 12mo, Zi6d Longman 1847 

{W,} Memoir of, by his Son, 12mo, 4$ 6d Hamilton i8s6 

Prise Essay on the Divinity of Christ, 8vo, 8s J. J, Parker il^o 

(W.L.) Anglo-Catholicism not Apostolical, 8vo, 8s Longman 1843 

Christ and Christianity, 12mo, 4s Longnutn 1854 

Christian Thought and Work ; Morning Meditations, fcap. 8vo, 6«... Longman 1861 

Connection of 0. and N. Test., 8vo, 12#, 1841; 12mo, 5$ Jackwn A IT... 1854 

Death of the Believer, 18mo, Is Longman 1853 

Switzerbind and Swiss Churches, 12mo, 6a Jad^on A W ..iZ^6 

Alexandra (PWwccs*) Memoir of, or. 8vo, Is Simpkin i86a 

Alexandre (A.) Beauties of Chess, including 2000 Positions, roy. 8vo, 14» JBarthes 1846 

Alexis (5/.) Life and Times of, by Keen, 12mo, 8s T, Richarddon.ii^i 

(W.) Burgomaster of Berlin, 3 vols, post 8vo, Zla 6d Saunderadi 0. 1843 

Alfieri (C7Aa.) Italian and French Conversations, 12mo, 8s 6<{ Jeffa 1840 

(Vic.) Merope, Italian, Hamiltonian System, 12mo, 5s Aylott 1862 

Philip, aTragjBdy, in English, byChilde, 12mo, 2s 6d Sawndera di 0. 1844 

Tragedie, Italian, Scelte, & Bampini, 18mo, iaOd Simpkin «. d. 

Alfiyya ; ou, la Quintessence de la Grammaire Arabe Oriin. Trana. Fund 

Alford ((7.i2.) Lectures on First Principles of the Oracles of God, 12mo, 8s Seeley 1861 

{Hen.) Chapters on the Poets of Ancient Greece, 8 vo, 7s 6<{ Whittaker 1845 

Greek Testament, 8vo, n.e.,V. 1, 28s ; V. 2, 24s ; V. 8, 18s ; V. 4, 32s Riringion 1859-62 

Homilies on the Acts of the Apostles, Ch. 1-10, 8vo, 8s RivingUm 1858 

Hulsean Lectures, 1841, 8vo, 7s; 1842, 8vo, 6s Rivington 1842 

— — — Lectures on the Influence of the Fifth Commandment, 8vo, 2a 6d Rivington 1849 

Memoir and Correspondence, by his Son, 8vo, 7s Qd Rivington 1855 

Mourning and Praise: Two Sermons, 8 vo. Is Rivington 1862 

Passages for Transition into Greek, Latin, &c., 8vo, 6s Whittaker 1845 

PoetiaJ Works, new edit., cr. 8vo, 8s 6d Rivington 1859 

Select, 12mo, Is Rivington 1851 

■ Prose Hymns, Pointed for Chanting, ISmo, 2s Rivington 1844 

■ Psalms and Hymns, for Holydays and Sundays, 1 8mo, 2s 6<< Rivington 1 844 

-Sermons, 8vo, IQa 6d Rivington 1850 

— — at Quebec Chapel, V. land 8, 12rao, each 7s6<i Rivington ...1856-8 

Vols. 2, 4, 6 and 6, each 6a. Vol. 7, 6s Rivington ...1857-8 

• on Christian Doctrine, fcap. 8vo, 7s 6(2 Rivington 1862 

— Practice, 12mo, 5s Rivington 1856 

— Parable of the Sower, 12mo, 3s 6d RellADaldy. .1858 

Village Sermons on Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes, &c., 1 2mo, 2s 6<i Rivington 1 847 

-{WcUt,) 0. and N. Testament Dispensations Compared, 2nd ed., cr, 8vo, 7a fid Hatchard 1861 

1835-l8Ca ALFRED ALL 13 

Alfred {King) BoethiuB de Consolaiione Philoeophke, Anglo-Saxon, by Fox, 8to, 12« Pickering 1835 

— — DeBcripUon of Europe, Anglo-Saxon, byB^worth, roy. 4to, 63* Longman 1855 

' and Bnglish, roy. 4to, 42a Longman 1855 

' 8vo, ^10« Longman 1855 

English only, roy. 8vo, Sa * Longman 1855 

Life of, byPauli, edited by T. Wright, 8vo, 6« £entley 1852 

with Anglo-Saxon Version of Orodus, 12ino, 5« If.Bohn 1853 

and Times of, by Giles, 8ro, 12# Bell iXe Daldy .1848 

■ Orodas* Anglo-Saxon History, with English Translation, roy. 8to, 168 Longman 1859 

without Translation, roy. 8to, 8< Longman 1859 

History, Anglo-Saxon, byBoeworth, roy. 8vo, 12« Longman 1855 

Poems, in English Metres, by Tupper, 12mo, 8a A, Hall 1850 

Wotks, in English, 2 vols. roy. 8to, 42t Boncorth 1858 

Dudley; or, the Australian Travellers, 16mo, It M A, Hall 1841 

Lennox ; or, Pnseyism Unveiled, a Tale for the Times, 18mo, 1« 6c2 Ninbtt 1851 

• Leslie, aTaleof Glasgow Life, Illustrated by Brown, 12mo, 4a Qd Bogue 1855 

Moreland, the Would-be Traveller, 12mo, 2a 6rf Jlouhton 1839 

in India; or. Scenes in Hindostan, (Juvenile Library,) 18mo, la Chambert 1848 

Alge BritannicsB, with Real Specimens, fol. 18a WhiUaker n. d, 

Alger (Z'.) Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy, 8vo, 21a Wiley 1844 

— i^W.R.) History of the Cross of Christ, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d CamhridgeyUM,i%^i 

Ali (SAoA) History of Bahawalpur, &c., post 8vo, 10a 6d Madden 1848 

-— the Sikhs and A^hans, post 8vo, 12a Murray 1846 

Ali Babaand the Forty Thieves, a Story, Illustrated, 16mo, 8a If. Lea 1855 

— Pasha, Life of, by Davenport, (Family Library,) fcap. 8vo, 8a €rf Tegg 1848 

Alice, a Tale of Real Life, and other Poems, by B. P., fcap. 8vo, 4a %d Wertheim i860 

Barlow ; or. Principle in Everything, fcap. 8vo, 2a 6(i Rel, Tract Soc, i86i 

Cunningham ; or, the Christian as Daughter, &c., by Emma Jane, post 8vo, 5a ... Wertheim 1846 

Errol and other Tales, (Library for the Young,) 18mo, la Chambert 1861 

Gbldbnrg, post 8vo, 7a6<i Saundert <fe 0. 1861 

Grant ; the Two Cousins ; the Fair Day, 18mo, U6d Harvey *k D....1S2S 

Learmont, a Fairy Tale, by Author of ** Olive," fcap. 8vo, la Chapmands if. 1851 

Littleton, a Tale, by Forester Fitz-David, 12mo, Q» r-. Longman 1859 

- Lowther; or, Grandmama*s Story about her Little Red Bible, roy. 82mo, la Hamilton i86a 

Nugent; or, Seed for Coming Days, 12mo, 4a Hope 1854 

Offley ; or, the Pervert and the Soldier, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21a Skett 1852 

Sherwin, aTale, byC.J. M., 12mo, 8a Burnt 1857 

Wentworth, a Novel, 8 vols, post 8vo, 81a 6d Hurtit^ B 1853 

Alison (Alex.) History of the Future ; or. Science of Politics, post 8vo, 6t RovsteU 1852 

Improvement of Society and Public Opinion, 8vo, 8a 6<i 6.H, Nicholt ... 1 862 

■ New Reformation in Europe anclAmeaica, 8vo, 2a 6d O.H.Nicholt...iZ6i 

Philosophy and History of Civilization, 8vo, 14a Chapman dt H.1Z60 

Second Reformation ; or, Christianity Developed, 2nd ed., post 8vo, 5a Rowtell 1851 

(Arch,) England, 1818-45; or, the Currency, 8vo, 2a 6<£ Blackwoodt ...1847 

Essays Political, Historical, and Miscellaneous, 8 vols. 8vo, 45a Blackwoodt ...1850 

On Taste, 8vo, 2a 6rf, Smith ; 8vo, la Ingram 1853 

• Free Tradeand a Fettered Currency, 8vo, 2a 6rf Bladinooodt ...1847 

• History of Europe, 1789 to 1815, 14 vols. 8vo, 10th edit., 10^. 10a... Blackwoodt ...i860 

— roy.8vo, 2U Blackwoodt ...1850 

20 vols. cr. 8vo, 7th edit., Ql Blackwoodt .1847 8 

• Atlas to, sm. 4to, 52a ed —demy 4to, 63a— roy.4to, 84a Blackwoodt 1 847-S 
- 1789 to 1815, (People's Edit.,) 12 v. post 8vo, 48a Blackwoodt ...1853 
•Index to, 8a— Atlas, 4to, Zlt6d Blackwood* ...1853 

• Epitome of, post 8vo, 7a 6rf Blackwoodt ...1848 

Athis to, sm. 4to, 7a Blackwoodt ...1848 

1815 to 1852, 8 vols. 8vo, and Index, 61, 7a. td... Blackwoodt ...1859 

Vols. 1 to 7, each 15a. Vol. 8 and Index Vol, 22a 6d. 

Life of the Duke of Marlborough, 2 vols. 8vo, 80a Blackwoodt ...1847 

Lives of Lord'Castlereagh and Sir Charles Stewart, 8 vols. 8vo, 42a ... Blackwoodt ...1861 

Principles of Population, &c., 2 vols. 8vo, 80a..... Blackwoodt ...1840 

{S.S,) Medication of Interior of Larynx and Trachea, 8vo, 2a 6rf Churchill 1853 

Observations on Organic Alterationsof the Heart, 12mo, 2a 6d Longman 1845 

Physical Examination of the Chest in Consumption, 8vo, 12a Churchill 1861 

Propagation of Contagious Poisons, post 8vo, 5a Whittaker 1839 

{W.P,) Outlines of Human Physiology, 8vo, 12a Blackwoodt ...1839 

Pathology and Practice of Medicine, 8vo, 18a Blackwoodt ...1844 

Remarks on the Poor Laws, Scotland, 8vo, 5a 6c{ Blackwoodt ...1844 

Alister (R,) Barriers to National Prosperity of Scotland, post 8vo, 7a 6d Simpkin 1853 

Belief in Special Providences, examined by Scripture, 12mo, 3a Houltton 1854 

Aliva (JZcii^ Anti-Spelling Book, 18mo, It 6d Chturton 1835 

French Language its own Teacher, 12mo, 5a Churton 184a 

Young Ladies* First French Book, 12mo, 8a Hope 1854 

Aiken (Hen,) Art and Practice of Etching, with Examples, 8vo, 6a Puller 1849 

All About it ! or. Hist, and Myst. of Com. Things, fcp. 8vo, 2a 6rf, 1857 ; new ed., la 6d Hamilton 1861 

— fortheBett) a Story of Quiet Life, 8 vols, post 8vo, 81a 6d HurttdfB i86i 

14 . ALL ALLIES 1835-18(52 

All Right Ian Old Maid*8 Tale, cr. 8to, B$ Jm, Blackwood i96o 

Allan (Jot.) Short Memorials of, edited by A. A. Bonar, fcap. Sto, 1j 6d Trendder 1861 

(John) EEandbook for Testing Unitarian Doctrines, 12mo, 8« 6d BUukie ft. d. 

— (/.iT.) Pictorial Tour in the Mediterranean, 4to, C8» LongvMtn 1846 

— {J.McG,) Cost of a Coronet, *a Romance of Modem Life, 8 rols. post 8vo, 81« 6<i . Newby 1861 

— Grins and Wrinkles; or, Food for Laughter, post 8vo, 6« Job. Blackwood 1857 

— Intellectual Severance of Men and Women, new edit, fcap. 8vo, 1« M . Newby 1861 

Last Days of a Bachelor, an Autobiography, 2 vols, post 8vo, 2U * Nem^y i86» 

{P.J.) Poetical Remuns, edited by Christmas, post 8vo, 5« SvMtk^ Elder .1% si 

(Robt.) Review of the Calvinistic Creed, 12mo, 1« 6<i HamilUm 1847 

AUanston ; or, the Infidel, edited by Lady Chatterton, 3 vols, post 8vo, 81< 6<i Nev^ 1844 

Allbut (Mr9.Wm.) Much in Little: Compendium of Facts, &c., fcap. 8vo, 1< BouUedge 1859 

Alleine (Jot.) Alarm to the Unconverted, 82mo, 2<, Tega; 18mo, la Bel. Tract Soc.iiz9 

12mo, 2«6<i, Houltlon, 1841 ; 12mo,4«... Qrifin 1847 

■ His Companions and Times, by Charles Stanford, cr. 8vo, 78 6d Jackson <S:W. .1861 

(Rich.) Heaven Opened, 18mo, Is 6d Bd. Tract Soci%i% 

- Instructions about Heart- Work, post 8 vo, 4« Mason 1846 

Allen (Alex.) Eclogse Cioeronian«, 12mo, 2a 6rf Walton 1843 

Etymological Analysis of Latin Verbs, 12mo, 6a Walton 1836 

French Delectus, 12mo, 2a Simphin 1841 

Ghreekand Latin Delectus, 12mo, each4a WaUon 1843-54 

— and Com well (Jatnes) English Grammar, 18mo, la 9d ; abridged, la . Simpkin 1843 

(A. F.) Child's Book of Martyrs, 2 vols. 82mo, each la 6d Houldon 1849 

((7ar«£.) Admonitions to England and Ireland, 1588, 12mo, 6a Duncan 1842 

- (Z>r.Z).0.> India, Ancient and Modem, roy. 8vo, 14a BosUm^U.S, ...1856 

— - (P. T.) Law of Summoning Traders to Bankraptcy Courts, 12mo, 8a Orockford 1845 

((?. WS Christian's Song in tiie Hoose of his Pilgrimage, 2 vols. 18mo, 6a (rroom^nd^a 1844-46 

(£r.) Compendium of History from Uie Creation, cr. 8vo, 4a 6(i Bean 1862 

Prayers for Private and Family Worship, 18mo, 2a 6(£ Bivington 1839 

(I. N.) March throngh Scinde and Affghanistan, 1842, poet 8vo, 12a Hatchard 1843 

— — (^|>./.) Sermons and Charge, 8vo, 9a Bivington 1858 

- (John) Daily Monitor, 82mo, la Ward 1846 

Essay on Our Home Population, 18mo, 2a 6<i Simpkin .... 1844 

State Churches and Kingdom of Christ, 8vo, 8a 6d BenneU 1853 

History of Liskeard and its Vicinity, post 8vo, lOa Bennett 1856 

Inquiry into the Royal Prerogative in England, 8vo, 12a Longman 1849 

Treatise on Arithmetic, 12mo, 8a 6d ; Key to, 2a Whittaker 1836 

(Joseph) Battles of the British Navy, 2 v. new edit., post 8vo, 10a H.Bohn 1842 

Life of, by Dunn, 18mo, la %d Simpkin 1838 

Navigation Laws of Great Britain Considered, 8vo, 8a 6<2 BaUy 1849 

— (/.J7.) Ten Discourses on Orthodoxy, 12mo, ^a 6<i Boston, 27.^. ...1849 

(Jul.) Autocracy in Poland over Russia, post 8vo, 6s TrUbner 1854 

(LewisP.) American Herd-Book, 8vo, 24a Bvffalo.U.S. ...1856 

■ Rural Architecture, 12mo, 6a New York 1852 

(if.) On CUssification of the Insane, 8vo, 6s Walton., 1837 

(Oswald) Hymns of the Christian Life, fcap. 8vo, 8a Nisbet 1862 

— (P.) Observations on Deafness, 8 vo, 2a 6(2 Longman 1853 

(R^.) Forms of Wills for every Situation in Life, 12mo, 5a Stevens 1841 

(12. ii.) Diagnosis and Treatment of Venereal Disease, 12mo, 2a BaiUih^ 1855 

— (/?.^.) American Farm Book, crown 8vo, 6a New York 1856 

— (WmJ) Collectanea Latina, Constraing Lessons, 5ih edit., 12mo, da Whittaker 1849 

—- Life and Correspondence, 8 vols. 8vo, 24a Bennett 1847 

—~—»- Memoir of, by Sherman, post 8 vo, 6a 6<i Bennett 1851 

-Sermons, 2 vols. 8vo, 21a Whittaker 1835 

— (CaptW.) Dead Sea, a New Route to India, 2 vols, post 8vo, 25a Longman 1855 

Picturesque Views of the River Niger, oblong 4to, 25a Murray 1840 

■ Views in the Island of Ascension, imp. 4to, 24a '. Smith tk Elder .1%^$ 

— — — and Thompson, Expedition to the Niger, 1841, 2 vols. 8vo, 82a Bentlcy 1848 

(Dr,W.) American Bi<^raphical Dictionary, roy. 8vo, 81a 6d Boston, U,S, ...1857 

(Z.) Philosophy of Mechanics of Nature, laige 8vo, 21a New York 1852 

Allen*s Infantine Stories, 18mo, la Simpkin 1842 

Allen White, the Country Lad in Town, 18mo, la Book Society ...jU% 

Allerton and Dreux; or, the War of Opinion, 2 vols. 12mo, 10a 6d Wertheim 1851 

-^— (Oeo.) Mode of Operating for Stone in the Bladder, 8vo, Sa Ash 1855 

Mysteries of Medical Life, 12mo, 2a 6<2 .• BaiUiire 1856 

Alle8ter(Z>av.) Chapters on Technical Terms for Conveyancers, post 8vo, la 6d Aylott 1847 

■ ■ Compendious Interest and Commission Tables, 8vo, la 6d AyloU 1846 

Decimal Dividend Tables, post 8vo, 5a Aylott 1847 

■ Tables of Interest for Days and Tears, 8vo, la 6d Aylott 1846 

Allies (Jabez) Antiquities and Folk-Lore of Worcestershire, 8vo, 15a J.ff.tkJ.Parkerii^z 

(T,W,) Church of England Cleared from Charge of Schism, 8vo, 12a J.H.dtJ.ParkeTi%j^% 

Journal in France in 1845 and 1848, post 8vo, 10a 6<i Longman 1849 

■ Name and Office of St. Peter, as Set forth in Scripture, 8vo, 7a T. Richardson . 1852 

■ See of St. Peter, the Rock of the Church, tc., 8vo, 5a Bums 1850 

Sermons on Epistle to the Romans, &c, 8vo, lOi id «.... JMJfJJ^arkerii^ 

1835-1862 ALLIN— ^AMERICAN 15 

Allin (Jos.) Old Testament Propbeciea as to the Twelve Tribes, 8vo, Zs 6rf WertJieim 1855 

(2%o.) Disoonrses on Modern Atheism, &c., 12mo, 8« 6d Partridge 1K50 

AUingham {Job, Hen,) On the Teeth in Childhood ; their Diseases, &c., fcap. 8vo, Is Ward d: Lock... i^b% 

iWm.) Day and Night Songs, &o., Poems, new edit, fcap. 8vo, 6» 6d ... BellADaldy ..i860 

Alliott {Rich.) Paator's Farewell, fcap. 8vo, 1» 6rf ffamilton 1849 

Lectores on History of the Children of Israel, 12mo, is Hamilton 1849 

Psychology and Theology, post 8vo, 7» 6d Jackson dfc W. .1835 

Allison (Miss) Child's French Friend: Qrammar, Bxercijaes, &c., 18mo, 2t Simpkin 184a 

■ First Lessons in English Grammar, 18mo, Is Simpkin 1841 

•' Guide to Eng. History and Biography, by Brewer, 8th edit., 18mo, Zs Jarrold 1849 

' Petite Fran^aise, Vocabulary, Exercises, &c., 18mo, 2s Simpkin 1838 

Albatt ( Treatment of Tie Dolourenx, post Svo, 5s 6d Churchill 1843 

Allnutt (G.S.) Practice of Wills and Administrations, 4th edit., 12mo, 21» Crockford i860 

Real Property Statutes, 8 & 9 Vict., with Notes, 12mo, 3« Crockford 1845 

{R.L.) Sermons on Isaiah, Chap. 6, 12mo, 2s 6d Hatchard 1847 

AUom {E.A.) Sea-Side Pleasures, a Tale, 12mo, 8« Cd Aylott 1845 

Sea- Weed Collector, 12mo, 5t Aylott 1845 

Allshom (0, E. ) Handy Book of Domestic Homoeopathic Practice, cr. 8to, 8s Houlston 1 86a 

AUston (IF.)Monaldi, aTale, 8vo, 10»6d Moxon 1841 

(Wash.) Lectures on Art, and Poems, edited by R. H. Dana, jun., 12mo, 7» M . New York 1851 

Writings of, edited by R. H. Dana, jun., 2 vols. 12mo, 18» New York 1850 

Almaok {B,) Hints to Landowners on Tenure, Prices, Rents, &c., 8vo, 2s 6d Longman 1846 

Almacks', a Novel, new edit, post 8vo, 10s 6(2 Saunders ik 0, .1$$^ 

A\mm Matres : Letters to the Freshmen and Dons of Oxford, 12mo, 7s M Hoggd: Sons ...1858 

AJmost a Heroine, 8 voLl post 8vo, 31» 6d Hurst *kB 1859 

^'Almost Persuaded," a Tale, by a Clei:gyman*s Wife, 18mo, Is 6ci Seeley 1861 

Aloadin, Prince of the Assassins, and other Poems, 12mo, 4s Simpkin 1838 

Aloysius (St.) Angelic Youth; or, Examples of Holy Life, 18mo, 2s6rf T, Richardson, i^^j 

Alpha, a Poem, post 8vo, 8s Ball 1841 

and Omega ; Lectures on the Titles of Christ, 12mo, 8«6d Nisbet 184a 

Alphabet Annotated, and Hints upon Slip-Slop, by an Old Etonian, 4to, 14s Ackermann ...1853 

of Flowers, for Good Children, 16mo, Is; coloured, Is 6d Routlrdge 1858 

Nations, with Illustrations, 4to, 2s Tegg ...1857 

Quadrupeds, with Illustrations, square 16mo, Is 6d ; coloured, 2«6rf .;. H.Bohn 186a 

Alpine Byways; or, Light Leaves gathered in 1859-60, by a Lady, post 8vo, 10s 6d . Longman 1861 

Lyrics, 12mo, 6s Longman 1854 

Alsop (/.jR.) Sermons on Faith and Practice, 8vo, 10s 6^ Masters 1858 

(iSarn.) Treatise on Surveying, 8vo, 12s Philadelphia... i%$y 

Alston (LiaU,A.H.) Seamanship in the Royal Navy, fcap. 8vo, 9s '. Rowtledye i860 

Altar, The, or. Meditations in Verse, 12mo, 5s Masters 1849 

of Incense ; or. Every Day Sanctified, 18mo, 2s 6<i NUhet 1839 

the Household: Prayers, ed. by Rev. Dr. Harris, 4to, 21s ; with pUites, 25s Grifin i860 

Althan (Hen,) Scripture Teacher^s Assistant, new edition, 18mo, Is S,S, Union ...185a 

Althaua (Juhus) Spas of Europe, 8vo, 12s TrUhuer i86a 

Treatise on Medical Electricity, 8vo, 7s 6d TrObner 1859 

Althorp Pieture Gallery, and other Poeti<^ Sketches, 12mo, 6s Longman 1836 

Alvary's Latin Prosody, by Geoghegan and Wheeler, 18mo, Is 6(2 W, Allan 1844 

Always Happy ; or. Anecdotes of Felix and his Sister, 15th edit, 18mo, 2s 6d Griffith AF, ...1854 

Ready; or, Every One his Pride, by P. and 0., 12mo, 2s A, Hall 1859 

Amalie (Princess) Dramas Illustretive of German Life, post 8vo, 10s 6(2 Parker j^ Son .1848 

Amaranth, edited byT.K. Hervey, imp. 4to, 81s 6(2 Baily 1838 

Amari(ifi(;.) War of the Sicilian Vespers, ed. by EUesmere, 8v.poet8vo, 81s 6(2 Bentley 1850 

Amatory and other Poems, by A. A. F., 12mo, 8s 6(2 Hardwicke ...1855 

Amasonian Republic in Peru, 12mo, Ss Wiley 184a 

Amber Witch, the most romantic Case of Witchcraft extant, fcap. 8vo, Is IHnsley 1861 

• by Lady Gordon, 12mo,'2s 6(2, 1844; new edit, 2s Murray 1861 

Ambrose (Isaac) Christian Warrior, edited by T. Jones, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Seeley 1837 

Works, 8vo, 8s Tegg 1839 

Maclandreth, a Tale, by a Clergyman, post 8vo, 4s Hope 1851 

Ward ;or, the Dissenter Reclaimed, a Tale, 12mo, 4s 6(2 Cleaver 1844 

America and her SUive System, post 8vo, Is, 1847 '» ^^^t ^ 6<^ ••• Simpkin 1846 

as I Found It, by Author of '* Memoira of M. L. Duncan,*' 12mo, 5s Nisbet 185a 

compared with England, as to Government, 12mo, 4s B. Wilson 1848 

American Almanac, 12mo, 5s (anntuU) ^st(m, 27. j9. 18 30 -6a 

—— Angler's Guide, post 8vo, 9s New York 1849 

Annual: The Charm, by E. F. EUet, fol., 81s 6(2 Philadelphia... li^i 

Biography, Library of , Firet Series, 10 vols. 12mo, each 5s New York 1836-46 

• Second Series, 15 vols. 12mo, each 5s Boston, (/'.iS'. 1844-47 

■ Book of Common Prayer, 8vo, 7s 6(2; 12mo, 58 ; 18mo, 8s 6(2 Philaddphia... iZ$i 

Broad Grins, 18mo, 2s Tyas 1839 

— ^— Code of Procedure, as Amended July 10, 1851, Notes, &c., 8vo, law calf, 20s New York 1851 

Congress, History of, from 1789 to 1793, 8vo, 12s New York 1843 

Cyclopewiia (New), 16 vols. roy. 8vo, 10210s New York ....1858 

— — Ephemeris, &c., for the Years 1855 to 1868, imp. 8vo, each 9s Washington i853-6a 

^loring Expedition of U. S., 5 v. and Atlas, roy. 4to, 182. 18s Philadelphia... iZ^S 

16 AMERICAN ANCIENT 1835-1862 

American Exploring Expedition of IT. S., 5 t. imp. 8vo, SL Ss; 5 ▼. m. 8to, 50« ... Philadelphia... i%4S 

Condensed and Abridged, 1 vol. roy. 8vo, lOs 6d ... New York 1845 

Farmer's Encyclopfodia, 8yo, 24« A^ew York 1858 

Hand-Book and Tourist's Guide tlirough United States, 12mo, 2« Routledgt 1854 

In Paris in 1838, 2 vols, post 8 vo, 18< Colbum 1838 

Machinery ; Drawings, with Descriptions, &c., royal folio, 63« New York 1852 

Miscellany of PopulM" Tales, &c., Vol. 1, 5s 6d Berger 1840 

— ^^— National Portrait Gallery, with Memoirs, 4 vols, royal 8vo, each 36« New York n. d* 

Preacher, VoL 1 to 25, each 7« 6rf New York 1836-52 

-- Second Series, Vols. 1 to 6, 12mo, each 7» 6<i New Torib... 1858-62 

- Oriental Society's Journal, Vols. 1 and 2, 8to, 32s /. Chapman ...1851 

■ PoetB, a Selection from the, fcap. 8vo, 6t Tilt 1839 

• Pulpit : Sermons by Eminent Orators, post Svo, 3« JfamiUwi .... 1852 

Question, Secession, Tariff, Slavery, post 8vo, U Simpkin 1862 

Scenery, Illustrated by Bartlett, 2 vols. 4to, 40« ViHue 1840 

-^ Slavery and the Kansas Question, from '^Edinbuxgh Review," 8vo, 5« Longman 1856 

Tariff, revised by E. Ogden, 8vo, 7s 6d New York 1855 

Americans at Home ; or, Byeways, Backwoods, &c, 3 vols, post 8vo, Zls 6d Hurst d: B 1850 

Ames (L«£ta) "My Cup runneth Over," 18mo, 2« 6rf Hamilton i860 

The Welsh Valley, a Tale, 12mo, 2« 6<i Nisbet 1859 

Amesbuiy (TiMfpA) On Deformities of the Spine, 4to, Sis 6d Longman 1840 

Amicable Correspondence: Popular Tenets held by the Church of England, 8vo, 4« 6d Whi{field 1862 

Amidei (The), a Tragedy, in 5 Acts, Svo, Zs 6d Pidxring 1845 

Ammianus Marcellinus' Roman History, transUted by 0. D. Yonge, post Svo, Is 6d . H.Bohn 1862 

Amo6(i4iu2.) English Constitution in Reign of Charles II., Svo, 10< Stevens 1857 

Expediency of admitting Testimony of Parties to Suits, Svo, Ss Parker ds Son .1850 

Gems of Latin Poetry, with Translations, Svo, 12« Bain 1853 

— - Lectures on Advantages of Classical Education, Svo, 10s 6d Bentley 1846 

On Statutes of the Reformation Parliament, Henry VIIL, Svo, 10«6<£... Stevens 1859 

Ruins of Time, exemplified in Hale*s Pleas of the Crown, Svo, 8* Stevens 1856 

Trial of Earl and Countess of Somerset for Poisoning, Svo, 15s BentUy 1846 

and Ferard (/.) Treatise on Law of Fixtures, &c., Svo, 16« Benning 1847 

Amphlett (John) Key to Knowledge of Scripture Eras, &c, Svo, 10s Hamilton 1855 

Amusing Alphabet. La Fantasmagorie, in French and English, sq. Is 6d JJean 1862 

- Alphabets for Children, in French and English, 4 sorts, sq. each Is Qd Darton 1862 

Stories for Boys and Girls, Illust. coloured, royal Svo, 2s 6d Ward ds Lock .1859 

Amussat {A. A.) The Employment of Water in Surgery, tr. by F. H. Hamilton, Svo, 5s Buffalo^ U.S. ... 1852 

Amy Carlton ; or. First Days at School, a Tale, 12mo, 2s Boutledge 1855 

Grant : or, the One Motive, a Tale for Teachers of the Poor, 12mo, Zs6d J. H.AJ. Parker 1%$^ 

Harrington ; or, a Sister's Love, 12mo, Z$ ^d Nisbet 1848 

Paul, a Tale, 2 vols, post Svo, 21« Colbwm 1852 

Rose, and other Stories for Girb, 12mo, 9s Od Nelson 1853 

Wilson, a Story of the Seasons, ISmo, Is SocP.C.K. ...i860 

and Rosalie : a Mother*s Memorials of Two Children, 12mo, 2s 6</ Seeley 1854 

Amy*s Kitchen, a Village Romance, 12mo, Is Lockwood i860 

Trials; or, a Character Misunderstood, 12mo, 2s Soc.P.CK. ...1856 

Amyraone^ a Romance of the Days of Pericles, 3 vohs. post Svo, 31« 6d Bentley 1848 

Aknyott Family, a Tale, fcap. Svo, 5s Groimbridge,..i%$% 

*8 Home ; or, Life in Childhood, a Tale, fcap. Svo, 3< ; Sequel to, 3« Oroombridge... i%$o 

An M.P. in Search of a Creed, by Author of *' Squires and Parsons,'* post Svo, 10» 6d Saunders de O. i86f 

An Old Man's Thoughts about Many Things, post Svo, 7« 6rf BeUds Daldy...i%(i% 

Anadol, the Last Home of the Faithful ; or, the Turks in Asia, Svo, 12j Bentley 1853 

Analecta Minora, Gr., Hamiltonian System, 12mo, 6s Ayloit 1862 

Analogies and Contrasts; or. Sketches of France and England, 2 vols. Svo, 30« Newby 1848 

Analysis and Summary of the Acts of the Apostles, post Svo, Zs Bagster 1852 

. Old Testament History, fcap. Svo, 5s6d Virtue 1850 

of French Verbs, arranged on a New and Easy Plan, new edit., 12mo, la 6d Simpkin i860 

the Geography of Palestine, with Historical Questions, 12mo, 1« Longman i860 

Hunting Field, royal Svo, Zls 6d B. A ckermann .i$^6 

Sects, Heresies, and Writers of First Three Centuries, 12mo, 3« ....... Btll <k Daldy .1857 

Analytical Book of Common Prayer and New Version of Psalms, 12roo, 2s Keay 1849 

Digest of Cases at Common Law and Equity, 1851, roy. Svo, 9« Stevens 1852 

AnastAsia, a Poem, post Svo, 10s M Longman 1858 

Anastasio ; Transfers of Monumental Brasses in Lincolnshire Architect. Soe. n. d. 

Anatomical Drawings from Chatham Medical Museum, 5 pts., folio, 35< ffighley 1850 

Remembrancer ; or, Pocket Anatomist, 5th edit., 32mo, Zs 6d Churchill 1857 

Anoell (ZTfii.) Treatise on Tuberculosis; or. Consumption, Svo, 15< Longman 1852 

Anchieta, Vermundt, and. Berchroans, Lives of, 12mo, 4s T. Ricliardson .iZ^^ 

Ancient Britons, a Tale of Primeval Life, post Svo, Zs6d Chapman di H.i$$^ 

^ Cornish Dranut, edited and translated by Edward Norris, 2 vols. Svo, 21« ... J. ff.d: J. Parker i9$o 

. Dan'ish Ballads, translated by R. C. A. Prior, 3 vols. Svo, 31« 6d Williamsdk N i860 

. Devotional Poetry, from a MS. of the 16th or 17th Century, small 4to, is ... Bel. Tract Soe. 1846 

• • Egypt and Idumea Described, ISmo, ls6d Bel. Tract Soe. 1851 

Empires : their Origin, Succession, and Results, Svo, 6s ^ Bel. Tract Soe. 1862 

— — History (Educational Course), 12mo, Zs Chambers 1851 

1835—1862 ANCIENT ANDERSON ] 7 

Ancient History from Rollin and others, roy. 8vo, fit Bd, TradSoe, 184* 

of the Minor Kingdoms, roy. 8to, 2« Eel. Tract Soc 1845 

■ Hymns for Children, 18mo, 1« 6c2 Bums 1843 

Melodies of the Litui^ of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, 4to, 7< Oroombridge ...1847 

— ^— Metrical Romances AbbotrfordCiub 1836 

■ Mysteries from the Digby MS. AhbotafordClub 1835 

Poems, Ballads, and Songsof the Peasantry, by Rt. Bell, n. ed., fcp. 8vo, 2s 6d Griffin 1861 

Smithery, with 100 Bzamples, folio, half-bound, 80« WeaU 1853 

Spanish Ballads,tr. by Lockhart,Ill.,4to, 42<, 1842 ; 4to,21<,8ndl2mo,2« 6c{ Murray 1858 

Ancren Riwle, a Treatise on the Rules and Duties of Monastic Life, 4to Camden Soc 

Anderdon {J,L.) River DoTe, with some Quiet Thoughts on Angling, 12mo, 7< Pickering 1847 

(H^.iT.) Lectures on the Catacombs of Rome, 18mo, 2« Bums 185a 

Sermons ; End of the Tear, and of aJl Things, 2nd ed., 12mo, 2« 6d Pickering 1850 

Words from the Cross, Lent Sermons, 2adedit., 12mo, ds Pickering 1850 

Andersen (H,C,) Christmas Greeting to my English Friends, 12mo, Zs 6d BenUey 1847 

Danish Fairy Legends (Illustrated Library), poet 8vo, 5« ^... H,Bohn 1861 

Tales and Legends, 12rao, 3»6(f Boutledge 1858 

Story Book, 16mo, 8« 6d; coloured, 4e 6d Oriffilh <£? F, ...1846 

Dream of Little Tuk, and other Tales, 12mo, 2s ; coloured, 3« Cfriffith ds F, ...1847 

— ^— Improvisatore, a Romance, 12mo, 2s Ward ie Lock .i%\.7 

— — New Tales, transl.from the German, by F. J. B., fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d... Wertheim i86» 

Nightii^gale, and other Tales, 16mo, 2$ 6d ; coloured, Zs 6d Cfriffith ds F. ...1846 

^—^ Only a Fiddler, and 0. T., a Romance, 8 vols, post 8vo, 31» 6d ... Be^Uley 1845 

Picture Book without Pictures, 12mo, 2s 6d Kent 1847 

— — ^ Pictures of Sweden, post 8yo, 6s Bentleg 1851 

— ^— Poets' Bazaar, a Romance, 8 rols. poet 8vo, 81» 6d BenUey 1846 

— ^— Poet's Day Dreams, 12mo, 6« BenUey 1853 

■ Rambles in the Harts Mountains, post 8vo, lOaW Bentley 1848 

Shoes of Fortune, and other Tales, 12mo, ZsM B.Bohn 1847 

Stories from the Sand Hills of Jutland, post 8vo, 5s BenUey i86» 

Tales for Children, tran. by A. Wehnert, 105 lUust, cr. 8to, 7s 6d,.. Bell dfDaldy... i96o 

• the Toung, 18mo, 2s 6<i Lumley 1857 

from Denmark, 16mo, Qs ; oolonred, 7» Cd Griffith <k F, ...1847 

To Be, or Not to Be, a Novel, post 8vo, 5s : BenUey 1857 

True Story of My Life, 12mo, 5s Longman 1847 

— Two Baroneases, a Romance, 2 vols, post 8yo, 21» Bentley 1848 

■ Ugly Dnck, and other Tales, 16mo, 8s 6d ; coloured, 4s 6d Gi'iffithiBp. ...1848 

Wonderful Stories for Children, 16mo, 2s Cd ff,Bohn 1846 

Anderson (iiZev.) Memorial of, by Rev. L. N. Walker, 12mo, 8s 6d Niebet 1858 

(And.) Ten Lectures Introductory to the Study of Fever, cr. 8vo, 5t Churchill 1861 

{Cha.) Remarks on Church Architecture, 12mo, 5s Bums 1841 

(CAm.) Annals of English Bible, 2 voLl 8vo, 28«, 1845 ; 8vo, 15» Jackson <k W. .i86a 

" Design of the Domestic Constitution, 12mo, 6s Hamilton ......1847 

Historical Index of the English Bible, 8vo, 2< Pickering 1848 

Sketches of the Ancient Native Irish, 12mo, 2s 6d JffamiUon 1846 

Introduction to the English Bible, 12mo, ls6d Hamilton 1849 

Life and Letters, by his Nephew, 8vo, 10s 6d Hamilton 1853 

(SirC.) Jonmal of a Tour In Norway, 1852, post 8vo, 6s Bivington 1853 

(Bp.D,) Visit to Moose and Albany, 12mo, 4s 6d Halchard 1854 

Notes of the Flood at the Red River, 1852, 12mo, 2s 6d Hatchard 1851 

(E.) Yisit to Chamouni and Ascent of Mont Blanc, 12mo, Is Cornish 1850 

(G.diP.) Guide to the Highlands, &c., of SootUnd, new edit., 12mo, 10s 6(2. Longman i86a 

(^u^A) Ruth, the MoabitesB, 18mo, ls4ci Hamilton 1849 

— (Jas.) Dura Den : Monograph of Yellow Sandstone, roy. 8vo, 10s 6d Hamilton 1859 

Ladies of the Covenant: Memoirs, cr. 8vo, 7» 6d BUtckie 1859 

- Reformation: Memoirs, 2 vols, small 4to, each 10s 6d. Blackie 1856 

Light in Daricness: Comfort to the Sick, &c., 12mo, 5s Longman 1858 

■ Memorable Women of the Puritan Times, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 12« Blackie 1861 

Ministers' Directory (Church of Scotland) , 2nd ed., fcap. 8vo, 5s Houlston 1 86 1 

' (John) Acheen, and Ports on the Coast of Sumatra, 8vo, 7« Qd Allen ik Co, ...1840 

> Bible Incidents, and their Lessons, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Nelson 1861 

• Lights from Bible Lands, 12mo, 2s Griffin 1855 

——^ — Chronicles of the Kirk : Scenes and Stories, new edit., 12mo, 6s 6d . Hamilton 1849 

• Comparative Anatomy of the Nervous System, 4to, 6s Sherwood 1837 

Coarse of Creation, post 8vo, 7s 6d Lonpnan 1859 

History of Edinburgh to 1850, 8vo, 10s FuUarUm 1856 

Legend of Glenooe, and other Poems, 12mo, is Longman 1857 

Life of Christ from the Cradle to the Cross, cr. 8vo, 7s Hamilton i86a 

Pendllings of Palestine ; or. Holy Land, 12mo, 8«6d Nisbet 1850 

Pleasures of Home, a Poem, post 8vo, 4s A, Hall 1856 

Sketches of Edinbuigh Clergy, 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1856 

Tourist's Guide through ScotUnd, new edit., 12mo, 4s Simpkin i86a 

Wanderings in the Lwd of Israel, 12mo, 2< Griffin 1853 

andJohnston, Memoirs of: Toke-fellowsin Mission Field, p. 8vo,7«6(i Nisbet i86a 

'(J,H.) Science of Parlour Magic, 12mo. Is Francis 1855 

18 ANDERSON ANDREWS 1835—1863 

Anderson {JR.) Lectures and Sermons, sra. cr. 8vo, is 6d Nuhet i86t 

(/.iSr.Af.)^<i«'"MeB*o'^0'^8Men, 2nd edit., 12mo, is 6d Rivington 1858 

_— Cloud of Witnesses ; Discourses on Hebrews, 2 vols. 8vo, 21» Rivington 1843 

■ Discourses on Life, &c., of Moses, 12mo, is Jas.Bohn 1835 

^ History of the Church in the Colonies, 3 vols. 8vo, i28 Rivington... li^S'SS 

. 2nd edit., S vols. 12mo, 24* Rivington 1856 

■ Memoir of the "Chisholm," 2nd edit., 12mo, 6s 6d Rivington 1842 

— — — Sermons at Lincoln's Inn, Michaelmas, 1860, 8vo, isQd Rivington 1851 

■ on Elijah and John the Baptist, 2nd edit, 8vo, lOiW ... Rivington 1836 

• Various Subjects, 2rid edit., 8vo, 9s 6d Rivington 1841 

- {Mn.) Three Paths ; or. Truth, Vanity, &c., 2 vols. 12mo, 10» 6d Rivington 1851 

-(PA«.) English in Western India, 8vo, 14» Smithib Elder ,i%S4- 

(Ralph) Ballads in the Cumberknd Dialect, S2mo, 2s6d SimpJdn 1835 

(Rm.) Discourses on the Beatitudes, 2nd edit, 12mo, is6d Hatchard 1837 

Communion Office, 2nd edit, 12mo, 7s Qd Hatchard 1838 

— Expos^on of Epistle to the Romans, 12mo, 9s ffatchard 1837 

St John's Gospel, 2 vols. 12mo, lis ffatchard 1841 

■ Geography for Junior Classes, 12mo, lid NeUon 1858 

. Instruction for Field Artillery. From the French. 12mo, 10« 6d . Philadelphia... 1% 19 

— Modem Geoffliiphy, 12mo, 1« 6d ; Questions in, 12mo, Sd Ndson 1856 

... Pastoral Address on Regeneration, new edit, 18mo, Is 6d Hatchard 1842 

... Practical Religion ; Passages from his Life, 6th edit, 12mo, is Rivington 1855 

■ Treatise on the Lord's Prayer, 12mo, 2< Burns 1840 

■ (R-P-) Pereonal Journal of the Siege of Lucknow, 12mo, 2t Thacker 1858 

(27*6-.) Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, post 8vo, 6s 6d Longman i860 

{TM'CaU) On the Parasitic Affections of the Skin, 8vo, 6s Churchill 1861 

'— (Wm.) Blanche, the Huguenot, a Tale, post 8vo, 2s 6d Ingram 1853 

Contrast; or, the History of a Day, 18mo, Is 6d Smith iSf Elder ,1%^^ 

■ Discourses, 1st and 2nd series, 2nd edit, cr. 8vo, each 6s Longman i860 

■ on Regeneration, cr. 8vo, 6» Longman 1861 

Gift for all Seasons ; Prose and Verse, 12mo, 5» 6d Orr 1S40 

■ Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church : a Bicentenary Essay, cr. 870, Is Ward 1 862 

■ Landscape Lyrics, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s Bogne 1845 

Lectures on Ute Mass, Popery, &c., 12mo, 2s 6d Ward 1851 

• Little Voyager ; or, Harry's Visit to Foreign Lands, 4to, la 6d Nelson 1855 

- Practical Mercantile Correspondence, 11th edit, 12mo, 6s Triibner 1862 

Scottish Biographical Dictionaiy, 12mo, 11» FnUarion 1842 

Self-Made Men, cr. 8vo, 6s Snow i860 

Treasury of History and Biography, 12mo, 3» , ffamilton 1855 

> Manners, Customs, and Ceremonies, 12mo, Ss Hamilton 1854 

- (Col. W.) Mode of Manufacturing Gunpowder at the Ishapore Mills, r. 8vo, 1 is Weale 1 862 

— (W.J.) Causes and Treatment of Nervous Affections, post 8vo, 5s ChurchiU 1856 

-Treatment of Diseases of Pregnancy, post 8vo, is6d Churchill 1852 

Andersson (C.J,) Lake Ngami ; or. Discoveries in S. W. Africa, roy. 8vo, 80s Hurst d: B. ...1856 

Okarango River ; a Narrative of Travel, &c., 8vo, 21» Hurst^B. ...1861 

And lau (£aron) German language. Key to, 12mo, 3« 6(i Stanford 1858 

Reading Book, Ist Course, 12mo, Zs6d Stanford 1858 

• 2nd Course, 12mo, 4a 6<i Stanford 1862 

Andral Clinique M6dioa1e, translated by Dr. SpiUan, 8vo» 25s HighUy 1836 

Andrew (Tho.) Cyclox>8edia of Domestic Medicine and Surgery, roy. 8vo, 18s Blackie 1842 

(W.P,) Indus and its Provinces, Political and Commercial, 8vo, lOs 6d AUendbCo 1858 

Memoir of the Euphrates Valley Route to India, 8vo, I0s6d Allen di Co 1857 

Andrew68(i^.)Theological Works, complete, 11 vols. 8vo, 66s /.^.ParJtfr 1841-54 

English, 7 vols., 45s ; Latin, 4 vols., 21i. 

■ ■■ Devotions, 18mo, Is, Soc. P. (7. JT., 1853; bj Hall, 12mo, 5s ; 18mo, 6s Pickering 1849 

— Newman, new edition, fcap. 8vo, 5s J. H.dc J, Parker i%^i 

. Stanhope, 82mo, 2s ; 18mo, 2s W Rivington 1842 

■ Life of, fcap. 8vo, Is Makers 1849 

. — ^ Minor Theological Works, Memoir, &c., 8vo, 6s J. HtS; J.Parker iZsA- 

' Opusoula Posthuma et Index, 8vo, 4s J.H.d;JParheri2s% 

Parodiial Sermons at St Giles's, Cripplegate, 12mo, 2s Bwms 1845 

■ Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine, 8vo, 5s J.H.^tJ.Parkerit^S 

m Preoes Privat09, Gr. et Lat 12m'», 6s, Bohn; 8vo, 5s J.H.<kJ,ParkeriS^$ 

Responsio ad ApolQgium Cardinalis Bellannini, 8vo, 6s J.H.dsJ.Pcurkeril^i 

■ — -Sermons, 5 vols. 8vo, 35s J. H. Parker .i%^i'i 

— Service for Consecration of Churches, 18mo, Is J. HdJ.ParJeer 1^4.^ 

■ Tortura Torti ; sive ad Torti Librum Responsio, 8vo, 6s /. H.<kJ,Parkeri 851 

Andrews (^^.) History of British Journalism and the Press, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s ... Bentley 1858 

■ Illustrations of Manners, &e., of the 18th Century, post 8vo, 9s Chapman dH. 1856 

■ (^.ii.) Latin-English Lexicon, new edition, royal 8vo, 18s Low 1862 

and Stoddart, Latin Grammar, 12mo, Zs6d Cassell 1854 

(O.H.) Agricultural Engineering ^eale*s Rud. Ser.), 3 vols, in 1, 12mo, 8s Virtue 1861 

Modem Husbandry; Treatise on Agriculture, 8vo, 6s Ingram 1854 

(H.C.) Erica; or. Figures of Heaths, 6 vols. rey. 8vo, 16/, red. to 7nOs ... H.Bohn 1845 

(/as.) Art of Flower Painting, 4to, 16s Bogue 1842 

1835— l8Cii ANDREWS ANIMALS 19 

Andrews (/<m.) Flora's Gtems, with Poetry bj Twamley, imp. 4to, 2l5 Bogne . .........1837 

' Parterre; or, Beauties of Flora, Drawings, imp. 4to, 31« 6d Bogue 1841 

Progressive Drawing Book of Flowers, oblong 8 vo, 9» Bogtie 1840 

(/.-R.) Four Months' Tour in the East, post 8vo, 4« 6<f Orr 185a 

(P. Jf.) Six Steps to Honour; or, Great Truths Illustrated, 16mo, 5» Dean 1858 

{S.P.) and Batchelor ((?.) New French Instructor, 8» New York 1855 

(W.S.) Illustrations of the West Indies, 2 toIs. oblong folio, 63< DaydsSon 1861 

Andros (A,C.) Pen and Pencil Sketches of a Holiday Scamper in Spain, post Syo, 7«. Stanford i860 

Andryane (Alex.) Memoir of a Prisoner of State, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21« Newbu 1848 

Anecdotesand Traditions, edited by W. J. Thoms, Esq. CamdenSoc, 1838-9 

Bdigious, 12 Tols. 18mo, each 1» 4d JUL Tract Soc i%4o 

from Roman, En^^, and French History, by A. H., 12mo, It Qd C.JI.Law 1853 

of Books and Authors, 12mo, 2$ 6d Orr 1835 

■ Kings, selected from History, 16mo, 2s 6d ; coloured, Z$ 6d OriffiikikP. ...1849 

Peter the Great, 18mo, 2» QriJ/UhikF, ...1843 

Soldiers and Sailors, by an Old Officer, new edit., 12mo, 5< Griffiths P, ...1845 

the Family Cirde, 16mo, 2s 6ci Orr 1836 

Angas (0,P.) Illustrations of New Zealand, folio, 10/ 10« Maclean 1847 

South Australia, folio, lOZ 10» Maclean 1847 

the Kaffirs; or. Port Natal, folio, 91 Eogarth 1849 

Bambles in Malta and Sicily, roy. 8vo, 12» Snuth ds Elder .li^z 

■ Savage Life and Scenes in Australia, &c., 2 vols, post Svo, 24« Smith A Elder . 1847 

• Views of the Australian Gold Fields, roy. 4to, 21« ; coloured, 42s ... Hogarth 185* 

Angel (Jf OSes) The Law of Sinai, and its appointed Times, 12mo, 4s Tegg 1858 

Angd over the Bight Shoulder, a Tale, 12mo, Is L&w 1858 

Yoioes; or, Words of Counsel for Overcoming the World, 18mo, 2s 6ci BenneU 1851 

Angel's Message : a Series of Angelic and Holy Communications, post 8vo, 6$ /. Weiley 1858 

Work ; or. Choristers of St. Marks, and other Tales, 18mo, 2s J.H.dJ.Parkerii^S 

Angelico da Fiesole, life of, by Eev. T. Goodwin, 12mo, 8s M Pivingtcn i86f 

Angell (/.JST.) Law of Carriera by Land and Water, roy. 8vo, 10s Stevens 1849 

On Law of Fire and life Insurance, 8vo, 80s £ottonyU,S, ...1855 

■ Watercourses, 5th edition, royal 8vo, 80s BottonfU.S, ...1854 

concerning Common Carriers, 2nd edit., 8vo, 82s BottonjU.S, ...1851 

: — Limitations of Actions at Law, &c., 8rd edit, enlaiged, roy. 8vo, 82s Botton^ U,S, ...1854 

Right of Property in Tide Waters, 2nd edit., enlarged, 8vo, 80s ... Stevem 1847 

Treatise on Law of Highways, 8vo, 24s Bott4m,U.S, ...1857 

and Ames, Law of Private Corporations Aggregate, 6th ed., r. 8vo, 82s Bottonyl/.S, ...1855 

— ^ (S.) Historical Sketch of the Royal Exchange, post 8vo, 2s 6d Jennings 1838 

Angelo (JTnt.) Instructions for Cavalry Sword Exercise, 12mo, 4s Chwet 1840 

• a Romance of Modem Rome, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s BentUy 1854 

■ Sanmartino^ a Tale of Lombardy in 1859, cr. 8vo, 10s 6(2 Hamilton i860 

Angels, Cherubim, and Gods; an Enquiry into their Signification, 8vo, \0$%d Weriheim i86x 

Lodged with Abraham; Meditations on Genesis, Ch. 18, 18mo, 2s 6<i Ntthet 1839 

Angler's Remembrancer, by an Officer in the Army, 12mo, Is 6(i Coomes 1859 

Angley (/.(?.) DeCliflford the Philosopher, post 8vo, 10s W Hatehard 1847 

•^— Faith, Hope, and Charity, 8vo, 2s 6<i Hatehard 1845 

■ Hezekiah and Sennacherib, a Parallel, 12mo, 5s Ja8.Blwdevood 1858 

Anglican Friar, and the Fish which he Took, a Comic Legend, 12mo, 8s 6d J. Darling 1851 

Angling, Hints on, by Palmer Hackle, 8vo, 10s 6d Rohinaon 1846 

Anglo-Hebrews: Uieir Past Wrongs and Present Grievances, 8vo, 8s Qd Booth 1856 

Hindostanee Handbook ; or. Guide to Colloquial Intereonrse, 12mo, 12s SmithdfElder, ..jZ$o 

—^- India; Social, Moral, and Political, 8 v. post 8vo, 27s AUenACo, .. 1837 

— — Saxon, V. 1, roy. 8vo, 21s, Longman; V. 2, roy. 8vo, 15s Bosworth 1849 

Chronicle, edit, by Benj. Thorpe, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 17s Longman x86i 

Hymnarium, fr. MSB. of 11th Cent, 8vo, 16s (Surtees Soo.) WhUtaJcer 185a 

Psalter, V. 1 and 2, 8vo, each 15s (Surtees Society) Whittaker ...1848-9 

Angouldme (Dueheu) Memoin of, by Mrs. Romer, 2nd edit., post 8vo, 12s BentUy 1853 

Angoville (O.C) Treatise on French Grammar, 2nd edit., 12mo, 6s td NuU 1849 

Angus (/os.) Bible Handbook : Introd. to Study of Scripture, 12mo, 5s, 1854 ; 8vo, 10s Rel.TractSoe,,A%6o 

in French, 8vo, 4s..... BelTractSoc,„i%s^ 

" Christ Our Life, in its Origin, Law, and End, post 8vo, 5s Nisbet 1853 

— Christian Churches, and Church History, cr.' 8vo, 2s dd Ward 186s 

Handbook of the English Tongue, 12mo, 6s JUl.TractSoe„.iZ6i 

Prise Essay on the Yolnntaiy System, post 8vo, 6s Jackson j;W..,i%i^ 

—— (TTm.) Bicentenary Prize Essay, 12mo, Is Ward 186a 

■ History of England, 18mo, 8s Orr 1838 

Intellect, and its Relations to Matter and Spirit, 12mo, Is dd Weriheim 1851 

Kingdom; or, an Arrangement of Animal History, 18mo, 2s Longman 1844 

Magnetism : its History, 18mo, 2s 6d Dyer 1841 

Physiology (Educational Course), 12mo, Is 64 Chambers 1861 

r— Shadows on the Wall, Child's Book of Shadows, 4to, Is Ward A Lock,,. iZ6m 

Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms, Account of, by C. H. S., 18mo, 2s ... Booth 1847 

Animals, their Food and Instincts, 16mo, 2s 6d Ward 1846 

■' Natures, Habits, 4co., with Verses by Bishop, roy. 8vo, Is Dean 1857 

■ PictoreSy Habits^ and Uses, 4to, 2s 6d; cold., 5s Dean i860 


Animated ^.Ipbabet ; or, Picture Ghangiog Letters, roy. 8vo, IsOd Ward d: Loch... iS6m 

Anley (CfitirloUe) Earlswood, a Religiooa Tale, fcap. 8vo, 5< Haichard 185* 

- Influence, a Moral Tale, fcap. 8vo, 6» Haichard 1845 

■ ■ Miriam ; or, the Power of Truth, a Jewish Tale, fcap. 8vo, 6« Hatchard 1845 

.. Prisoners of Aastralia, a Narratiye, fcap. 8yo, i$^d Haichard 1841 

Ann Ash; or, the Foundling, a Tale, 18mo, \» id, 80c. P. C. K. ; 2» J.H.dbJ.Parkeri%s2 

Anna; or, Memoir of a School Girl, new edit., 12mo, 8s 6<i Simpkin 1840 

Passages from a Home Life, 6th edit., 12mo, Zs 6d Sedey 1854 

the Leech -vender, a Tale, 4th edit., 18mo, U Werthtim 1856 

Annals of Chemistry and Practical Pharmacy, V. 1, 8vo, 125 Longman 1843 

the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 12mo, 6< WhiUaker 1840 

Christian Martyrdom ; Ancient Martyrs, 18mo, U 6d Bel. Tract Soc. 1855 

- Engktnd: an Epitome of English History, 3 y. fcap. 8vo, I6i J.H.^J.Parhtri%sS 

Horticulture, 1846-1850, 6 v. roy. 8vo, each 16« HouUion 1850 

Humble Life, post 8vo, 9« 6d MUand 1840 

. Irebind: Four Masters, by Connellan, 4to, 42< Simpkin 1847 

O'Donovan, 7 v. 4to, €/ C» ; fine paper, 14Z14» Sin^kin 1856 

Virgin Saints, by a Priest of the Churoh of England, fcap. 870, 78 Qd MaUer$ 1846 

Anne Boleyn, a Tragedy, 8vo, 5t Kent 1861 

or, Suppression of the Religious Houses, post 8vo, 7« Saunders d:0...i% $4. 

Hathaway; or, Shakspeare in Love, S v. post 8yo, 31s 6(2 Beidlty 1845 

Sherwood; or, Social Institut. of England, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 31« 6d Bentlej/ 1857 

of Brittany, Memoirs of, by L. 8. Costello, po6t8vo, 7a Qd Bennett 1854 

Annesley (Jaa.) Researches into Causes of Diseases of India, 2nd edit., 8vo, lit ... Longinam, 1841 

Aunette Gervais, 18mo, 286d Hamilton 1843 

or. Ears to Hear, by Author of "Gleanings from Gospel Story,^ fp. 8vo, 2s, Knight ds Son... 1Z61 

Annie, a Romance of Indian Life, post 8vo, 2s M J as.Bktckw>od. 1^60 

.— — - Elton; or, the Cottage and the Farm, fcap. 8vo, Zs 6d Hamilton 1861 

Barclay; or, Sketches of the Society of Friends, 12mo, 5s Wright df Co.... 1^$% 

Foster, a Story for School Girls, 18mo, Is Bel. Tract Soe...iZs^ 

-—Leslie; or, the Little Orphan, a Tale, 18mo, Is Wertkeim 1I55 

- Sherwood; or. Scenes at School, 18mo, Is Jtel. Tract So€...iS^7 

Anniversaries: Devotions and Prayers for, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo, 6« Masters i860 

Anniversary, a Christmas Story, 12mo, 2j 6<2 Bogue 1856 

Annual Miscellany, 1848: Obituary, Biography, Occurrenees, &o., 8vo, 7s 6d SavmdersAO. 1849 

Register, Dodsley*s, 1836 to 1849, 8vo, each 16s Bivington 1836-50 

1850 to 1861, 8vo, each 18« Bivington 1851-61 

. of Scientific Discovery, VoLl 1 to 12, 12mo, eadi 7» Qd {annwU) Boston, U.S. 1 850-62 

Retrospect of Engineering and Architecture, Y. 1, 1861, post 8vo, 7s Qd ... Lockwood 186a 

Anonymous Letters, 8vo, 2f SaundersdsO. 1849 

Poems : OXi>^ Xi^«#, post 8vo, Zs^d .' BentUy 1850 

Another Book about Wesleyan Methodism, 12mo, 8t HamiUon 1853 

'* Another Gospel" Examined ; a Criticism of '* Essays and Reviews," 8vo, 3« 6d ... Walker it Co,... lUi 

Ansell (C%a.) Treatise on Friendly Societies, 8 vo, 6» Baldwin 1835 

Anselm (St.) Cur Deus Homo ; or. Why God was made Man, 12mo, 2s M J. H. A J .Parker 1%$% 

■ Life of, by Hesse, translated by Turner, post 8vo, 6s Bivington 1850 

Mdehler, translated by Rymer, 12mo, 2s 6d T.Jones 1842 

■ Meditations and Prayers, edited by Dr. Pusey, fcap. 8vo, 5s J.H.dfJJ*arkeri$s6 

Anselmo; aTaleof Modem Italy, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s SawidersA 0. i860 

Anson (.Lord) Life of, by Sir J. Barrow, 8vo, 14s Murray 1839 

Voyage Round the World, med. 8vo, Is 6d Grifin 1853 

^— (af%o.) Aflfehanistan, a Poem, 12mo, 4* Pickering 185a 

Ansted (D. T.) Elementary Course of Geolcjgy, Mineralogy, Ac , post 8vo, 1 2s Van Voorst ...1850 

Geological Gossip, fcap. 8vo, 2i 6<i Boutledge i860 

Geol(iist*s Text Book, fcap. 8vo, 8s 6d Van Voorst ...1845 

Geolcjgy, Introductory, Practical, &c., 2 vols. roy. 8vo, 42s Van Voorst ...1844 

Gold Seeker's Manuid, fcap. 8vo, 8s 6d VanVoorst ...1849 

■ Notes on Scenery, Science, and Art, 8vo, 10s 6d Van Voorst ...1854 

Picturesque Sketches of the Ancient World, new edit., post 8vo, I0s6d Van Voorst ...1848 

■■ Practical Geology and Physical Geography, post 8vo, 2s Qd Oriffin 1856 

Short Trip in Hungary and Transylvania in 1862, p. 8vo, 8s 6(i AUenACo. ...i86» 

and Latham (B.O.) Channel Islands, Ulust., 8vo, 26» AlUnACo. ...i86» ' 

Anstey (T. C.) Guide to Laws respecting Roman Catholics, 8vo, 7s Stevens 184a 

Lectures on Laws and Constitution of England, post 8vo, 12s Stevens 1845 

Anthelogia Davidica : Metrical Translation of the Psalms, 12mo, 8s 6d Bivington 1846 

- Gr»ca, in usum Scholic Rugbiensis, 12mo, 8s 6d Longman 1856 

Sacra : Christian Aphorisms, 18mo, 3s 6<i Whittaker 1835 

Anthon (CAa.) Classical Dictionary, roy. 8vo, 81s 6<2 Wiley 1841 

First Latin Lessons, with Exercises by Hayes, 12mo, 8# Tegg 1845 

Greek Ghmnmar, by Major, 12mo, Ss Tegg 1840 

- Prosody and Metre, by Major, 12mo, 2s 6<i Tegg 1840 

f Reader, by Boyd, 12mo, 5»6d Tegg 1844 

Anthony (Lou.) Footsteps to History of England and France, fcap. 8vo, 5s 6(2 Longman 1853 

Anthony Traugott, the Potter Musician, tnmslated from the German, 18mo, 2s Darton 1848 

Anti-Coningsby, a Novel, by an Embryo M.P., 2 vols, post 8yo, 21s iVeirfty 1844 


Anti-Mammon; or, an Expofinire of Mammon, post Sto, 6a 6d Nisbet 1837 

Anti-Theism : its Moral and Philosophical Blindness, by P. 0. H., 12mo, la 6d ...... Judd<k Olaa$..,its^ 

Antigua and the Antignans : Account of the Colony, &c., 2 vols, post 8to, 21« Saunder$ Jt O. 1844 

Antipodes ; or, the New Existence, a Tale, by a Clergyman, 8 toIs. poet Syo, 81< 6d . HwrAie B 1854 

Antiquarian Etching Club Publications, 1849, 4to, 8t6<2 /. R. Smith ...1853 

1850-63, 4 vols. 4to, eachlO* J.R.Smith ...1853 

- and Architectural Year-Book, 1844, Svo, 14< Newbg 1845 

Antiquarian Societies' Publications, London, Newcaatle, Scotland. See Appendix. 

Antiquities of Athens, Monuments of Greece, &o., 16mo, lOaQd, Boffue, 1^4.1 ; 12mo,5« H.Bohn 1858 

Ionia and Attica, by the Dilettanti Society, 3 vols. foL, 21/ Longman 1840 

Antisell (r.) Manual of Agricultural Chemistry, 12mo, 2f Orr 184.6 

(Z)r.r.) Handbook of the Useful Arts, 8vo, 12a New York 1852 

Antoine and Marie ; or, Slave Love in America, 12mo, 1» ffope 1853 

de Bonneval, a Tale of Ancient Paris, 12mo, 3« 6(2 Buma 1858 

Anton (/.) Retrospect of a Military Life, 12mo, 68 Highley 1841 

Antoninus (AT. ii.) Meditations, translated by M^Cormac, 12mo, 2a %d Longman 1844 

Thoughts, transhtted by George Long, fcap. 8vo, 6a Bell it DaMy .1862 

Antony, the Deaf and Dumb Boy, a Novel, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21« Bentley 1851 

Antrobus (.F.C) Rise and Progress of Painting, 8vo, 5« ....^ Staunton i86x 

(/. ) Oratoi^s Ghiide ; or, the Practice and Power of Eloquence, cr. 8vo, Za 6d Longman 1 86a 

■ (•^•^•) Parental Wisdom: Philosophy, &c., of Education, 8vo, 7$ SaunderaA O. 1849 

- ■ Klgrim's Dream, and other Poems, 12mo, 5t Simphin 1850 

I Student's Manual of Mercantile Knowledge, j>08t 8vo, 49 Longman 1840 

• Wrongs of Poland, a Poem, 8vo, 5a SaunderadeO. 1849 

Antwerp; a Journal kept there, with Notices of Brussels, &c., 12mo, 5« T.Harriaon ...1847 

Apel (Ben.) Formation of Words of the (German Language, 8vo, Za 6d Simpkin 1844 

German Grammar for Beginners, 12mo, 2s 6d Williamads N. 1859 

t and Exennses, 4th edit., 12mo, 6a ; Key, ia Williamadf N. 1857 

'Elementary, 12mo, 7» 6d Simpkin 1845 

Prose Stories for Beginners, 12mo, 28 6d Williamad: N. 1859 

> Introduction to German, according to Becker, 12mo, 5* 6d Simpkin 1842 

■ M&rchen und Sagen, 18mo, 49 Rolandi 1838 

- Prose Specimens for Translation into German, 12mo, 49 6d Trilbner 186a 

- Select Specimens of German Poetry, 12mo, 59 Williama^N. 1856 

Aphorisms and Maxims for the Toung, 18mo, la 6d 6Voom&rufg« ...1838 

of the Wise and Good, illuminated, roy. 18mo, 99 Oriffith^F. ...i86a 

Apollonins of Tyana, Life of , by J. H. Newman, post 8vo, I9 Grijfin 1849 

Apology for Cathedral Service, poet 8vo, 89 Longman 1839 

——- Hebrew Prophecy, by Omicron, 12mo, 29 Holyoake 1854 

Millenarianism, 8vo, 6a6d NiJbet 1838 

•— Sir James Dalrymple of Stair BannaiyntCluhi%%$ 

the Lollards, M8S. attributed to Wicliffe, edit, by Rev. Dr. Todd, 89 ... Camden Soe. ...184a 

AposUes: their History, to the End of their Lives, 18mo, la6d Rd. Tract 80c. 1849 

Apostolic Epistles (General Introduction to), 8vo, Sa6d BtUA Ihddjf...i%6\ 

Instruction Exemplified in the Fkst Epistle of St. John, 12mo, 69 SetUy 1840 

Succession Explained, by a Catholic Priest, 12mo, 29 6d T.Ricka/rdaon.,i%4'j 

Apostolical Acts and Epistles, trans, from the Syriac, by Etheridge, 12mo, 7a 6d ... Longmcm 1849 

— — -*• Christians ; or. Catholic Church in Germany, 12mo, 89 6d Werthdm 1846 

■ " - Constitution, in Coptic and English, by H. Tattam, 8vo, IO9 6d Allen ds Co. ...1849 

—— ^_ Epistles and Revelation, literally trandated, 8vo, IO9 6d Rivington 1839 

■ Succesaon Overthrown, and Evangelical Established, 8vo, 59 Niabet 1854 

Appach (F.H.) Law for Relief of Trustees, with Stotutes, 12mo, 2a 6d WUdy 1853 

Apperley (Cka.) Chase, Turf, and Road, fcap. 8vo, 89 6d Murray 185a 

~— Hunting Reminiscences, roy. 8vo, I69 i2.ii dkermofm.. 1843 

' Tours, 8vo, 896ci Templeman ...1843 

Life of JohnMytton, 8vo, 8rdedit, 259 R,Ackermawn..i2$i 

a Sportsman, roy. 8vo, I69 ; 32 plates, 429 R.Ackermann..iS$i 

Nimrod Abroad, 2 v. post 8vo, 129 CoUmm 1841 

Northern Hunting Tour, 8vo, 89 6(i Templemwn .,.1838 

— — — ^ Remarks on Choice of Horses, by Cecil, 8rd edit., post 8vo, 79 6d... Pittman 1855 

■ Sporting Annual, imp. 4to, 429 Baily 'I837 

Treatise on the Horse and the Hound, post 8vo, IO9 6d Longman 1843 

Apperly (Jaa.) Revealed Truth Vindicated, poet 8vo, 59 6d Snow 1845 

Appia {P.L.) Ambulance Surgeon, ed. by Nunn and Edwards, fcap. 8vo, 69 Longman i86a 

Apple Blossom ; or, a Mother's Legacy, a Tale, 12mo, Za6d Maatera i86a 

—-Dumpling, and other Stories, for Boys and Girls, 16mo, ta6d Addey 185a 

Appleby (Thoa.) Orchid Manual, with a Calendar of Operations, fcap. 8vo, 29 6d ... /n;.o/irort.O/.i86i 

Appl^gate {Tho.) Sacred Geography and History, 12mo, 89 Ward 1839 

Appleton's Dictionary of Machines, &c., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 729 New York 1851 

■ Illustrated Handbook of American Travel, 8vo, 129 New York 1857 

Appleyard (John) History of the Kaffir Language, 8vo, 89 Maaon 1850 

Apprentioe's Pocket Guide to Wealth and Esteem, 82mo, I9 Whittaker 1838 

Apprentice (The), a Weekly Journal of Art, 2 v. 4to, each 89 6d Simpkin 1843 

Affectionate Hints to a Young Friend, 18mo, I9 Rd. TractSoc..i2^ 

Approaching Downfall of Popery, 12mo, 29 6d Ward 184a 


Approximatioiis to Troth, Nftturo NoTom Organoa, er. 8to, 8# Mann 1861 

Apuleios (Lue.) De Deo SocrmtU, edidit Buckley, 12mo, 4< Longwian 1844 

— — MetAinorphoees, translAted by Sir G. Head, post 8to, 12« Longman 1851 

Works Translated, with Tighe's Psyche, postSTO, 5$ H.Bokn 1853 

Aquatic Notes ; or, Sketches of Bowing at Cambridge, 12mo, Z% Bellde Daldy...ii$% 

Oracle; or. Record of Bowing, 1835-51, 18mo, 4« Simpkm 185a 

Aqninas {Thomas) Commentary on the Qospels, by Puaey, 8 t. 8to, ^B$ 6d J, H, Parker, li^i-S 

Arab Life (from the French), by Walters, fcap. 8to, Ss Philip 1861 

(The) Square, U Qd Md. Tract Soe. 1846 

Arabian Nights' Entertainments, Arabic, by Sir W. Maenaghten, 4 t. roy. 8to, 6/ ... Allen 4e (70.1839-42 

by Forster, lUnstrated, roy. 8to, 7< Tegg ,.i8s3 

8vo, 12s 6d— roy. 8vo, 21f. Willoughbjf ...1853 

by Harvey, poet 8vo, 7» 6d RoutUdge 1853 

Condensed, 2 v. 12mo, 7s Burnt 1847 

— Lane, Illust. by Harvey, 8 vols. roy. 8vo, Hit C. Knight 1841 

■ Family Edition, 3 v. poet 8vo, 18«, 1849 ; 1 v. roy. 8vo, 21» Mwrray 1853 

First Fifty, with the Poetry by Torrens, 8vo, 10s 6rf AUentisCo, ...1839 

— Illust., new edit, 8vo, 5» Orifin 1861 

by Poole, 8 v. 8vo, 2/ 2«, Murray, 1858 ; red. to 81» ^d Oriffin 1861 

— poet 8vo, 2»6rf, Simphin, 1854; 4 v. fcap., 10* 6d Wathboume ...1844 

■ Selected for General Use, n. e., in 1 v. fcap. 8vo, 5« LumUg i86a 

Arabic Bending Lessons, with Ghrammar, by Davis and Davidson, 12mo, 5s BagtUr 1854 

■ Boot Book of every Boot in the Language, 12mo, 5s NmU n. d, 

and English Exercises and Dialogues, 8vo, 5s '. Madden 1855 

Arabs in Spain, an Historical Narrative, 2 v. poet 8vo, 18t Churton 1840 

Arago (Fra.) Autobiography, 16mo, Is (Traveller's Library) Longman 1855 

— — -^— Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men, 8to, I81 Longman 1857 

Lectures on Astronomy, by Kelly and Tomlinson, 12mo, 2s Routledge 1854 

— — Meteorological Essays, 8vo, 18s Longman 1855 

■ Popular Astronomy, by Smyth and Grant, V. 1, 8vo, 21s; V. 2, 24s ... Longman,.. i%^$-^t 

■ Treatise on Comets, transL, 8vo, 5s Longman 1861 

Aran (P.A,) Manual of Diseases of the Heart, transL by W. A Harris, fcap., 7s 6d WiUy 1844 

Arator, Opera Omnia, oura Giles, 8vo, 10« 6d Jot. Bohn 1836 

Aratus (M.) Phenomena and Diosemeia, translated l^ Dr. Lamb, 8vo, 7t 6d Parker dt Son .1848 

Arbouin {Jat.) Dissertation on the Begenerate life, new edit., 18mo, 2s 6d JIodton<kSon,ii^^ 

Arbousset (7*.) Exploratory Tour in South Africa, transl. by Brown, 12mo, it 6d ... Bithop 1852 

Arbuthnot (Lt. O. ) Herzegovina ; or, Omer Pacha and the Chris. Bebels, post 8vo, 10t6d Longman 1 8 62 

(/.) Emigrant's Guide Book to Port Natal, fcap. 8vo, 2s Hamilton i86a 

— — - (3/rs.) Guide to the Study of the Scriptures, 12mo, 8s6d ParkenSsSon .1840 

Arcbseologia i£liana, 4 vols., 1822-55, n. ser., 8vo, 2 vols New,An.So,\%%6-^'j 

■ Scotica, 4 Tols. 4to Seot. Antiq. Soe. 

■ ; or. Miscellaneous Tracts, 88 vols. 4to Antiq.Soc, lyjo-iiSz 

— Cajubrensis: First Series, 4 vohs. 8vo, 42s /. B. Smith .1846-9 

Second Series, 6 vols. 8vo, 68s J. B, Smithi^so-sS 

Third Series, Vols. 1, 4, 5, 8vo, ea. 80s ; Vols. 2, 8, ea. 26s /. R. Smith ...». y. 

Archsolo^cal Collections, illust the County of Sussex, 8vo, V. 1, 10s, 1848 ; V. 2, I5t J.B. Smith ... 1849 

p Album : Museum of Antiquities, by T. Wri^t, 4to, 82s Chapman A ff. 184s 

Arehieologist and Journal of Antiquarian Science, 8yo, 10s 6d /. B. Smith .1842-5 

Arch bishop^s Daughter, a Tale, 16mo, It M Darton 1838 

A&CHBOLD {J.P,) Law Peactiok and TuATTSBt, viz. : — 

County Courts, Bules and Orders of, 12mo, 4s ShawAt Sont ...i%$i 

Criminal Law Procedure, 12taio, 22s- Shaw A Son* ,„i%s^ 

■ Plead, and Evid. in Crim. Cases, by Jervis, 16th ed., by Welsby, 8vo, 26s Sweet 1862 

Statutes, 12mo, 21s Simpkin 1861 

General Orders and Forms of Court of Bankruptcy, 12mo, ls6rf Simpkin i86f 

Justice of Peace and Parish Officer, 4 vols. 12mo, 83s Shawd Sont ,..i%s^ 

Vols. 1 and 2, Summary Convictions, 45s. 

3. Poor Law, 28s— V. 4, Indictable Offences, 17s. 

Law of Appeal against Bates and Bemovals, 12mo, 10s ShawA Sont ...1858 

« Arbitration and Award, 12mo, 5s W. H, Bond ...1861 

— — Bankruptcy and Insolvency, with General Orders, 2nd ed. , 1 2mo, 18s ... Simpkin 1862 

—^— Civil PleacQng and Evidenoe,, 12mo, 16s Penning 18^7 

<— Irremovability of Paupers, 12mo, ItCd Shaw di Sont ...1Z61 

Landlord and Tenant, 12mo, 10s Shawt&Sont ...1$$$ 

Limited Liability, 12mo, 5s Shaw d: Sont ...iS$$ 

Nisi Prius, Personal Actions, 2 vols. 12mo, 42s Stevent 1845 

Parish Officers, England, 12mo, 10s Shaw ^ Sont ...1% $7 

— Partnership and Joint-Stock Companies, 12mo, 5s Shaw ds Sont ...1% $7 

———— Pauper Lunatics and Lunatic Asylums, 12mo, 15s Shaw 4b Sont .,.1%^^ 

Succession Duty, 12mo, 7s 6<i Shaw de Sont ...\%$i 

Laws of England, Summary 0^ VoLl 1 and 2, l2mo, each 15s ShawdSont 1848-9 

Poor Law Cases, abridged, 8vo, 21s iS%aw<£;iS^>iui 842-58 

Commissioners' Orders, by Banke, 12mo, 9s Shaw ds Sont ...ii$f 

Statutes to 1857, 12mo, 28s : Shaw d: Sont ...1% $7 

Bemoval Actsy 12mo, 2t6d Shaw d! Sont ...iZ^^ 


Abohbold {J* p.) Law Feaotiob and TsMAtisES—coniinued, 

Practice, Common Law Courts, 12mo, S5« ShxtwdsSont ...1855 

County Coorto, 8th edit., 12mo, 12« Shawd:8oni ,. 1861 

Poor RemoTalfl and Appeals, 12mo, 10« ShawthSont . .1858 

Qoarter Sessions Coort, 12mo, 16# Shaw 4k Son$ .,.iZs7 

—— Queen's Bench, Crown Office, 12mo, 12» ShawJkSom ...1854 

C. Pleas, and Exchequer, by Prentice, 2 r. 12mo, 52s6d 8v>eet 1862 

Archenhol {F, W, Von) Seren Tears' War in Germany, transL by P. A. Catty, 18mo, 6« WiUianu ds N. 1 84.3 

Archer, Families of the Surname of Archer, 4to, 12$ 6d J. R, Smith ...i860 

(CP.) Digest of Reports, Common Law, Ireland, 8to, 20« Benning 1842 

■ (/.) Sermons, 2nd series, 8rd edit., 2 vols. 8to, 12< Dolman 1847 

——(/. FT.) Vestiges of Old London, 4to, SGf Bogtte 1851 

-» {Pieh,)hAKad Home: Adventures of Six Young Crusoes, fcap. 8yo, 8« M ... RniUledge 1852 

— ^ (rAo.) Madame Prudence and other Stories, fcap. 8to, 1« Warddd Lock.,.i%i% 

(T,C.) First Steps to Economic Botany, roy. 16mo, 2$M RouUedge 1854 

■ Popular Economic Botany, sq. 12mo, 7* Qd PoiUledge 1853 

■ Vegetable Productsof the World, in Common Use, illust. roy. 16mo, 2s6d Routledge 1862 

'(T.G.) Index to Unrepealed Stotutes, Wm. IV. to 1850, 8to, 5t BuUenoorUu ,..\%si 

-{Wm.) Rachel of Padanaram : Type of the Church, 12mo, 4« Simpkin 1843 

Archer's (The) Guide to the Use of the Long Bow, 18mo, 1< JotephJoCo, ...1859 

Prize,aTale, 18mo, ItQd OriJUhd: P, ...1850 

Archippus ; or, the Christian Ministry, by Pastor Emeritus, post 8to, 5< Judd <is GlaM...ii6o 

Architect (The) and Builder's Office Book, 12mo, 3« 6(2 J.WiUiamt ...1848 

Architectura Canonica ; Canons of Church Architecture, 12mo, 5$ RiwngUm 1843 

Architectural Antiquities in Neighbourhood of Oxford, 8to, ISt J,H.AJ.Parheri%^ 

— — Description of St. Leonard's Church, Kirkstead, foL, 10< JMJsJJParheriZ^j 

Engineering, and Mechanical Drawing Book, fol. ; letterpress, 12mo, 16« WeaU 1842 

■ Magazine, 5 vols. 8vo, 6/ 6« Longman 1839 

• Nomenclature of the Middle Ages, 8yo, 7« CarSb,Antiq.So,\%^ 

Notices of the Churches of Northamptonsh., roy. 8vo, 36t ; proofs, 62^ 6d J.H.dhJ,Parkerii^^ 

Precedents, ed. by T. L. Walker, Srded., 8vo, 18#, with Supplement, 23« Atchley. 1849 

— — ' Remains of Elisabeth and James the First, foL, 90« ; coloured, 6/ 16s... McLean 1840 

Arctic Miscellanies : a Souvenir of the late Polar Search, 8ro, 10< 6d Colburn 1851 

News : Facsimile of a Journal on Board H.M. Ship "Resolute," fol., 25s Ackermann ...1852 

Searching Expeditions, Papers and Despatches, 1850-52, 8to, i$ 6d Rivington 1852 

Arden ((?eo.) Collection of Prayers for Families, 12mo, Is MoxUy 1844 

Cure of Souls : Prayers, &c, 12mo, 2» W J.H,AJ.Parkeri%s% 

■ — Lectures in Outline on Confirmation and Communion, 12mo, li J.H.dsJJParkerit^f 

Manual of Catechetical Instruction, 8rd edit., 12mo, 2s Madera 1858 

■ Scripture Breviates, for Use by the Bed of Sickness, 2nd sdit., 12mo, 2s JM.AJ,Parkeri%^ 

(Haz.) Verses, post 8to, izM SawuUninO. ,1%$% 

Ardor {M.) Hints on Pronunciation of the English Langunge, 12mo, li 6e( Stanford 1849 

Arendts (Z>r. Car/) Practical Aids to Study of Nat. .History, Botany, &c,r. 8to, 8s6<i Ward A Lock .1861 

Aresti {Jot. ) lithosographia ; or, Aqua-tinta Stipple on Stone, imp. Sro, 15f A rtsti 1856 

Aretasus (M.) Causes and Signs of Disease, translated by Reynolds, 8ro, 8s 6(2 Pickering 1837 

Argentine ; an Autobiography, post 8vo, 10s 6(i Smith 4e Elder ,1%^ 

Argument for the Qreek Origin of the Monogram I. H.S., 8to Bedetiolog. Soe,i%^i 

Aigyll {Ihtkt) Essay on Ecclesiastical History of Scotland, 2nd edit., 12mo, 5s Moxon 1849 

Ariosto, Orlando Furioso, English, by Rose, 2 toIs. post 8to, each 5s H.Bohn 1858 

Aristocracy of Britain and the Laws of Entails, 12mo, 2s 6c{; cloth, 8s Dyer 1844 

England, by John Hampden, Jun., 12mo, 5s E. Wilton 1846 

" London, Part 1. Kensington, cr. Sto, 2s 6d (/Byrne 1862 

Aristodemus, a Tragedy, 8vo, it Sipipkif^ 1838 

Aristoglyphics ; or, Heraldic Dictionary, 18mo, 2t 6d Soaler 1848 

Aristomenes, a Grecian Tale, 2 yoIs. 8vo, 21s Tyat 1838 

Aristophanes, ComoedisB, Gr., Dindorfii, 2 toIs. 8vo, lis J. H,^ J. Parker 1%^^$ 

■ Annotationes, 2 toIs. 8vo, lis J, H,AJ, Parker i%^j 

Scholia, 8 vols. 8to, 20s s J.If.ikJ.ParkenZ^^ 

(Oxford Classics), 2 vols. ISmo, 6* J.H.JcJ,Parkeri%$i 

M with Latin Notes by Holden, 8vo, 15s Parker A Son .1848 

•»• Separate Playa^ each Is. , 

Comedies, English, by Hickie, 2 toIs. post 8to, 10s H.Bohn 1853 

Walsh, Vol. 1, 8vo, 15» BaUy 1836 

Wheelwright, 2 vols. 8to, 24s WhiUaker .. .. 1837 

-Achamenses, Or., Notes by Blaydes, 8vo, ^ WhiUaker 1849 

Mitchell, 8vo, 10s Murray 1835 

— Achamians, Knights and Birds, 4to, 18s Pickering 1840 

— Atcs, Gt., Notes by Blaydes, 8vo, 5s Whittaker ......1842 

— Birds and Clouds, Essay on, by SuTem, 2 toLl post 8vo, each 4s Cd ... Mwrray ...1835-36 

— Clouds and Peace, in English Prose, 8vo, ^ WhittaJcer 1839 

— Equites, Gr., Notes by Mitchell, 8vo, 10s » Murray 1836 

. with English Notes (Oxford Classics), 18mo, Is J. ff.<k J.Parker lUi 

Nubes, Gt., Notes by Mitchell, 8to, 10s Murray 1838 

and English, by Gerard, 8ro, 5s Biggt 1842 

-Rjuus, Gr., Notes by Cookesley, 8vo, 7s ParkerASon .1837 


AriBtopbaneB, Kana, Ghr., Notes by Mitchell, 8vo, I5s Murray 1840 

inBngliah, byCUflford, 8vo, 2$ 6d J, H,d: J.Parker i$^S 

Vespa, Gr., Notes by Mitchell, 8vo, 10« Murray 1835 

Aristotle, Opera, ex recensionc Bekkeri, 11 t. 8vo, 60« J,HJsJ.Pwrkeri%^t 

Separate Volumes, each b» 6<2, viz. : — 
1. Or^anon. — 2. CobIo, Generatione et Gorraptione. — 8. Paira NaturallA. 
4. Historia Anlmaliam.— 5. Partibos Animaliam. — S. Opuscula Varia. 
7. Problemata. — 8. Metaphysica. — 9. Bthica ; Virtutibua et Vitiis. — 
10. Republica et CBconomica. — 11. Bhetorica et Poetica. 

Ethica, Gr., & Brewer, 8vo, 16« WIdttaker 1836 

Gmnt, V. 1, 8to, 8« 6<i— V. 2, 8vo, 12« Parker A Son...i%S7 

Jelf, 8to, 12«; Text separate, 5«— Notes, 7» 6d J.ff.<U^.ParkeriSs^ 

Lancaster, 8to, Hm WhiUaker 1845 

Comment. 4 Magiri, edidit Walker, 8vo, 18« WhiUaker 1839 

(Oxford CUiasics), 18mo, 2$ JM.AJ.ParkeriZ^ 

- Bthics, Analysis, by Lloyd, ]2mo, 1« J.H.AJ.Parkeri%\o 

and Questions, by Paul, 12mo, 6» Wldttaker 184.8 

Selections from, Notes by Fitigerald, 8vo, 7» 6rf WhiUaker 1850 

TranaUted by Browne, post 8vo, 6« H.Bohn 1850 

Chase, 2nd edit, fcap. 8vo, 6i WhiUaker 1861 

-with Notes, 8vo, 10« 6rf WhiUaker 1846 

History of Animals in ten books, translated by Cresswell, p. 8vo. 5« H.Bohn 1861 

• Life of, byBlakesley, 8vo, 8« 6(i Parker is Sin,, i%^% 

Metaphysics, transbUed by M*Mahon, post 8vo, 5« H,Bohn 1857 

- Organon; Logical Treatises, translated by Owen, 2 y. post 8to, 7« H^ Bohn 1853 

. Politica, Gr., 4 Congreve, 8vo, 16» ParkerJeSon.. 1855 

Baton, 8vo, 10« 6d Loiy/man 1855 

• Politics and Bconomics, transhited by Walford, post 870, 6a H.Bohn 1853 

> Posterior Analydcs, translated by Poste, post Svo, 4« H,Bohn 1850 

• Bhetorica, (Jr., Bekker, Notes by Parsons, 8to, lis Whittaker 1836 

- Bhetoric, translated by Hobbes, with Questions, 12mo, ts H.Bohn 1847 

Parsons, 8vo, 14« J, ff,d:J, Parker iZ ^6 

• with Notes, by a Graduate, 12mo, 6« WhiUaker 1847 

-Analyses and Questions, by Paul, 12mo, 5$ WhitUiker 1848 

-and Poetic, transUtted by Buckley, post 8yo, 5$ H.Bohn 1850 

Vital Principle, transL by Collier, post 8vo, 8« 6d MacmiUan 1855 

Arithmetic of England, by Mercator, 8vo, btM Rdfe 1843 

taught by Questions, 18mo, 1< 6<2 Parker A Son,. iZ'i^ 

Arithmetical Grammar, abridged, 5th edit., 12mo, 2t Simpkin 1854 

Ark of the Covenant, Ulustratire of God's Presence, 12mo, Z$ 6d J.F.Shaw 1856 

Arlidge (J.T.) Bemarks on the State of Lunacy, &c., 8to, 7« Churchill 1859 

Armi^eddon; or, the Warning Yoioe, 8 v. 8vo, 60» Wertheim 1859 

Annan {A braham) Complete Beady Beckoner for Admeasurement of Land, 1 2mo, Is 6d Weale 1862 

Armengaud (M.) Draughtsman's Book of Industrial Design, 4to, 28« 6<2 Longman 1854 

Practical Draughtsman's Book, transL, 4to, 81» 6d New York 1854 

Arminius {Jas.) Life of, by Brandt, edit, by Guthrie, 12mo, is WarddsGo. ...1854 

Armistead (TTtlton) Select MisceUaniee: Society of Friends, 6 t. 18mo, 21s BenneU 1851 

Tribute for the Negro, 8vo, 16» Bennett 1848 

" Flora of Liverpool for 1838, 12roo, 6« WhiUaker 1839 

Armitage {John) History of Brazil, from 1808 to 1881, 2 v. 8vo, 2is Smiih<k Elder.. iS^i 

(T.R.) Hydropathy as applied to Acute Disease, post 8vo, 8« ChurchiU 185a 

Armourer's Daughter ; or, the Bonder Eivala, 3 v. post 8vo, 9ls6d Newby 1850 

Armstrong {4^lex.) Narrative of the Discovery of the N. W. Passage, 870, 16« Hurst <L* B 1857 

Observations on Naval Hygiene and Scurvy, 8vo, 5» Churchill 1858 

— — - {B.J.) Lectures on Morning Services of the Church, 12ino, 2s Cd RivingUm 1844 

• Questions and Answers on the Catechism, 18mo, 1« 6<l RivingUm 1 847 

— {C.E.) Bngiand under the Popish Yoke, 18mo, 1» 6rf Painter 184a 

— {C.F.) Cruise of the " Daring," a Tale of the Sea, 8 v. post 8to, 31» 6d. Newby 1861 

• lily of Deron, 8 v. 81« 6d, Newby, 1859 J ^^ap- ^vo, 2« H.Lea i860 

• Neapolitan Commander : a Bom. of Sea and Land, 3 v. p. 8vo, ZlsSd Newby i86a 

• Wolf and the Lamb, fcap. Qvo, 1» Dean 1861 

-(^F.C.) Bella Sandford, a Tale, 12mo, 8s 6d, 1858; 2« Marlborough... i%<i9 

Frigate and the Lugger, a Nautical Bomance, 3 v. post 8vo, 31«6d Newby 1861 

— — lion of War; or, the Pirates of Loo Choo, fcap. 8a 6d Jas.Blackwood. 1Z60 

The Medora, a Sea Tale, 12mo, 2« H.Lea 1859 

' Two Buccaneers, 8 V. post 8vo, 81« 6c2 Newby 1858 

Midshipmen, 8 v. post 8vo, 31« 6<i, Newby, 1858; 12mo, 28... H. Lea 1858 

Warhawk, a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 81« 6d, Newby 1855 ; 12mo, 2s H. Lea 1858 

^ Toung Commander, 8 v. post8vo, 31« 6d, Netthy, 1855 ; 12mo, 2« H. Lea 1858 

Middy: Adventures of a Boy Officer, 12mo, 6s Marlborough... \%^% 

" {Oeo.) Infallibility not Possible, in a Series of Letters, 2nd edit., 8vo, 5s Whitfield 1851 

Memoir of, by Eobt. Henderson, 8vo, 10s 6rf Whitfield 1859 

(Pp./.)Bssays on Church Penitentiaries, 12mo, 2s 6d J. H. A J.Parker \%s% 

Memoirs of, by Bev. T. Carter, 12mo, 7s 6d J.H.ikJ.Parker\%$j 

Parochial Sermons, 12mo, 5s J.H.ikJ^ParkeriSs^ 


Anii8trong(J9i>. J,)VnsUir in his Closet ; Help to Devotion, 1 2mO| 28 J.ff. it J. Parker 1 84 7~ 

Sermons on the Festivals, 12mo, 5< J,H,<i£j,Parkeri%^$ 

(/((U.)'^po8ition of Folfilled Prophecies : Apocalypss, 8vo, 6« Seeley 1851 

■' {John) Djrerand Qreen, Poems of, by GilfiUan, 8vo, i$ Qd NUbd 1859 

•Notices of the War of 1812, 2 v. 12mo, 9i New York 1840 

(/. ^.) Story-teller; or. Pictures of Life, 32mo, ItM Simpkin i860 

(/. 8,) Manual of the Law of Blections, 12mo, Z$ ^d Benning 1857 

(iVic) Sermons, 8vo, 12« Botfoorih 1854 

in Gordon Square Church, London, post 8vo, 2« Qd Boawortk 1857 

•"• {Robt,) Boiler Engineenng Trtictice, revised by Bourne, 12mo, 28 Spon 1856 

Essay on Steam-Engine Boilei^ 8vo, 8« Weale 1839 

■ Influence of Climate on the Constitution, 8vo, 8« Longman 1844 

(R, Js r.) Eng. Composition, 12mo, pt. 1, 1< 6<i ; pt. 2, 2« ; 1 v. 3< ; Key, 2» Hamilton 1861 

English Etymology, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo, 2« ffamilion 1861 

Army Misnile, with Barrack Thoughts, and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, 3« Saunder8ik 0. .i860 

Armytage {J,N.) Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration, 12mo, Sa Qd HamUlon 1843 

ArualdOi, Gaddo, and other Poems, by Lord Byron, and others, 8vo, \2s Groombridge ...1836 

Arndt (Fred.) Lights of the Morning: Advent to Whitsuntide, fcap. 8vo, Ss (id Bell Js Daldy... iZSo 

Trinity; Preface by W.C. Magee, fp, 8vo, 5*6<i BeUA Daldy. .1861 

Arnett (/.A.) Bookbinders* School of Design, 4to, 2s 6e{ Groombridge... 1%$^^ 

■ History of the Art of Bookbinding, 12mo, 6» Groombridge ...iZ-^^ 

Amheim (iforte eon) Memoirs Written by Herself post 8vo, 7« Longman 1848 

Arnold {Oka.) Boy's Arithmetic, pt. 1, 2nd edit, 1850, pt. 2, 12mo, each 3< 6(f ... BivingUm 1845 

(Edwin) Book of Good Counsels, from the Sanscrit, post 8vo, 58 Smith dt Elder 1861 

Ghriselda, a Tragedy, and other Poems, 12mo, 68 Kent 1856 

Marquis of Dalhousie^s Administration of British India, VoL l,8vo, 15« Saunders <fe 0. 1862 

Poems, Narrative and Lyrical, 12mo, 5» Pickering 1853 

{P.) Practical Lectures on the Unfulfilled Prophecies, post 8vo, 58 Nisbet 1850 

Public Life of Lord Macaulay, 8vo, 14».. Tinsleg 1862 

{H.H.) Gospel Extracts for Toung Children, 12mo, d« Bivington 1840 

Italian Analyst ; or. Grammar and Parsing, 12mo, Zs 6d Bivington 1840 

-(/.) First Latin Course, 12mo, UM Newb^ 1854 

^—^ {J.M.) Ishmael: a Natural History of Ishunism, 8to, 10s 6(2 Bivington 1859 

— (Matthew) Merope, a Ti-agedy, 12mo, 5« Longman 1857 

On Translating Homer; Three Lectures, cr. 8vo, 3«6<i Longman 1861 

—__-__ 1 Last Words, a Lecture, cr, 8vo, ^ 6d Longman 186a 

Poems, 12mo, 5« 6(i, 1853; 2nd series, 58 Longman 1854 

Popular Bduoation of Fiance, with Notices of Holland, &c., 8vo, 108 6d Longman 1861 

(Af.EA The Painted Window, a Poem, 12mo, 3« W Low 1856 

(Tho.) Fragment on the Church, 8vo, 68 6d Fellowes 1845 

History of Rome, 8 v. 8vo, 36s Pellowu ...1846-49 

the Later Roman Commonwealth, 2 v. 8vo, 2i8... Fellowes 1846 

— Lectures on Modem History, 5th edit., 8vo, S8 6d ! FeUotoes i860 

— Life, by Stanley, 2 v. 8vo, 24«, 1844; ^^ ^^^i 2 v. post 8vo, 10s ... Pellowes 1858 

of, by Emma Worboise, post 8vo, 8s 6<2 Hamilton ... 1859 

-- Manual of English Literature, Historical and Critical, post 8vo, 10s 6d Longman 18 6a 

— Miscellaneous Works, 8vo, 12» Fethwes 1845 

— Sermons, 8 v. 8vo, 86s FUlowes 1845 

for Young Persons, 12ino, 5s FeUowes 1845 

on Christian Life, 2 v. 8vo, each 12s FeUowes 1849 

' Interpretation of Scripture, 8vo, 12s Fellowes 1845 

— Passages from, 12mo, Is 6(2 Fell4nDe» 1857 

Travelling Journals, with Extracts from Life, &c., 12mo, 4s FeUotoes 1852 

(7./.) Law of Municipal Corporations, 12mo, 12s Shaw ^k Sons... 1%$% 

(7*.^.) Account of the Greek Dialects, 12mo, Is 6(2 Bivington 1849 

■ Antideptic Latin Gradus ad Parnassum, 8vo, 10s 6<i Bivington 1852 

' Churchman's Companion, fcap. 8vo, is 6d Bivington 1844 

Classical Examination Papers for Schools, 8vo, is Bivington 1850 

Cornelius Nepoe, Pt. 1, with Ex., 4 e., 12mo, 4«, i860; Key to, 8vo, Is Bivington 185 1 

— Demosthenes, Philippic Orations, Gr., Eng. Notes, 2nd edit., 12mo, 4s Bivington i860 

Bclogie Aristophanictt, Gh:., pt. 1, Nubes, pt. 2, Aves, 12mo, ea. 8s 6d Bivington 1852 

Herodotete, Gr., pt. I, 12mo, Ss 6d Bivington 1852 

Histories; Selections from Roman History, 12mo, 4s Bivington 1848 

Ecl()g8e HoratiansB, 2 pts., 12mo, each 5s Bivington 1848 

Ovldians, pt. 1, 10th ed., 12mo, 2s6(i, i860; pt. 2, 12mo, 6s Bivington 18 51 

transL, with Notes by Serjeant, 12mo, 3s 6d Palmer 1849 

Elliman Latin Exercises, 12mo, 3s6<f; Key to, 8s Simpkin 1847 

English Grammar for Classical Schools, 6th edit., 12mo, is 6d Bivington i860 

Essentials of Greek Accidence, 8vo, Is 6d Bivington 1838 

French Book, First, 6th ed., 12mo, 5s 6d, i860; Key to, 2nd ed., 2s 6d Bivington 1854 

Vocabuhiry, 12mo, 4s 6d Bivington 1850 

— — German Book, First, 5th ed., 12mo, 58 6d, 1859 ; Key, 8rd ed., 2s 6d Bivington 1852 

-^ Companion, by Fr&dersdorff, 2nd edit., 12mo, 4s Bivington 1855 

- Second, 12mo, 6s 6(]{ Bivington 1854 

-- Vocabulary, 12mo, 4s Bivington 1850 

aft. ABNOLD ARROWSMITH 1835-1862: 

Arndd (T.JT.) Qnek Accidence, 7th edit., 8vo, 6$ 6d RivingUm i86i 

Key to, by Heywood, 12mo, 8» Washboume ...1849 

Mongan, 12mo, 2$ W.Allan 1849 

■ Special!, 8vo, 5« Lumley 1849 

Book, Firet, 4th edit., 12mo, 5», 1859 '» Key to, 1« 6d RivingUm 1849 

Key to, 12mo, \sM W, AUun 1858 

, Second, 12mo, 5« 6<i, 185*; Third, 8« 6<i RivinyUm 1853 

Fourth, 12mo, U RivingUm 1853 

• Obnstming, 8vo, 6*6d.... RivitiyUm 1847 

- Qrammar for Schools and Colleges, 2nd edit., 8vo, 10< 6<i RivingUm 1848 

Elementary, 12mo, 6«; with Appendix, 6« RivingUm 1848 

- Prose C5ompoBition, pt. 1, 8vo, 9th edit., 69 6d; Key to, laOd.,. Rivington 1859 

Key to, 8vo, 5» LumUy .........1847 

pt. 2, 8vo, 6<6<i RivingUm 1850 

Key to, 2nd edit., 8vo, it 6d RivingUm i860 

•Beader, Blementary, 12mo, 3# RivingUm 1852 

Hebrew Book, First, 12mo, 7« W; Key, 3« Cci; Second, 12mo, 9< RivingUm 1853 

Helps to Daily Devoti<m for the Year, i2mo, 8j RivingUm 1847 

Henry's English Grammar for Beginners, 12mo, 8« 6<J RivingUm 1853 

Furst Latin Book, new edit., 12mo, 3«, 1861 ; Key to, 1« RivingUm 1851 

Key to, by A. Gilbert Callan, 1« W, Allan ......1861 

• Mongan, 12mo, 1» W, AUan i860 

Second Latin Book, 12ino, 8th edit., 4«, 1861 ; Key to, 2$ ... RivingUm 1863 

— Key to, 12mo, 8» LuvUey 1847 

Historis Antiqos, Epitome, & Jacobs, 7th edit, 12mo, U RivingUm i860 

Latin Exercises, Longer, pt. 1, 3rd edit., 1859 ; pt. 2, 8vo, each U ... RivingUm 1850 

pt. 1, Key to, 8vo, Is 6<i RivingUm 1857 

Prose Composition, pi. 1, 12th edit., 8V0, 6« 6d RivingU>n 1861 

Keyto, 12mo, 1» 6d Rivington i86i 

— — — 8vo, 1846, 5<, Xnm/cy ; ISmo, 1»<W Comith i860 

_— _ by Cowan, 18mo, 1»6<£ Comufc 1848 

Mongan, 12nM>, 1« %d W. Allan 1859 

pi. 2, 4th edit., 8vo, 8«, i86i ; Key to, 1« W RivingUm 186a 

Syntax for Beginners, 12mOy 8< 6(i RivingUm 1840 

First Yerse-Book, pi. 1, 8th ed., 12mo, 2t, i86a ; Key to, 8to, la Rivington 1856 

pt. 2, 2nd edit., 12mo, 1» RivingU>n 1859 

Verse Composition, Srd ed., 8vo, 55 6rf, 1851 ; Key to,2» RivingUm 1857 

Word-Building, with Vocabulary, 12mo, is 6d RivingUtn 1855 

Bemarkson ** Elliott's Hor» Apocalyptic*," 8yo, 2« RivingUm 184$ 

' Faber on Regeneration," 8to, 2i Rivinglon 1843 

- Sermons preadied in a Country Village, post 8yo, 5a 6d Rivington 1858 

- Spelling turned Etymology, pt. 1, 12mo, 2nd edit., 2a 6d Rivington 1861 

« — (The Pupil's Book) 12mo, UZd Rivington 1844 

pi. 2, liktin vid English, 12mo, 4a 6d Rivington 185a 

• and Fittdersdorff (/.TF.) English-Greek Lexicon, 2nded., Svo, 21a Rivington i860 

Biddle*B English-Latin Lexicon, 6th edit., 8to, 25a Rivington 186a 

abridged by Ebden, 12mo, 10a 6d Rivington 1853 

's School Classics. See Appendix. 

{Dr, W.) Treatise on the Bilious Remittent Feyer, 8to, 10a Churchill 1840 

—- {W.D.) Oakfield; or, Fellowship in the East, 2 v. post 8to, 21a Longman ...1854 

• Palace at Westminster, and Historical Sketches, post 8vo, Zs 6d Pa/rkfr <fc Son 1855 

Arnold Leslie; or, a Working BCan's Life and Experience, 18mo, la 6(2 Rel, Tract iSoe.1858 

Amot (D,B.) €h>tbic Architecture applied to Modem R^dences, 4 to, 21a New York n. d, 

— (5anil.) Hindustani Grammar, roy. 8yo, 10a 6<i Allen A Co, ...1843 

■ {Wm.) Illustrations of the Book of Proverbs, 2 ser., post 8to, each 6a 6d ... Nelson 1856 

-— ^ — Race for Riches, Six Lectures, 12mo^ Is 6d Nelson 1851 

■ Roots and Fruits of Christian Life, post 8yo, 7a 6c{ Nelson i860 

Amott (/oa.) On PainlesaRemoyalof Cancers, 8vo, 2a Churchill 1858 

■ Pathology and Treatment of Indigestion, 8vo, 6s Churchill 1847 

■ Remedy for Benumbing Temperature in Disease, 8vo, 4a 6d Churchill 1851 

Treatment of Obstructions of the Urethra, 8vo, 8a Churchill 1841 

Stricture of the Urethra, and Stone, 2nd edit., 8yo, 7a... Churchill 1841 

(Neil) Elements of Physics, V. 1, 8vo, 6 e., 21a, 1835 » V- 2, pt. 1, 8vo, 10a 6d Longman 1828 

— ^ Human Progress towards Higher Civilisation, 2nd edit., 8to, 6a 6<2 Longman i86» 

Treatise on the Smokeless ^replace, &c., 8to, 6s Longman 1855 

Amould {Jos.) Law of Marine Insurance and Average, 2nd edit., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 2n6a Stevens 1857 

■ Law of Marine Insurance, &c., 2nded., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 3Z 3a Boston,U,S, ...1850 

Amulfus (Spis.) Epistolai ad Hen. IL et Alios, edidit Giles, 8vo, 10a 6d NuU 1844 

Around the World, a Narrative, by an Officer of the U. S. Navy, 2 vols. 12mo, 15a... Wileg 1840 

Arrian (Flavius) Bxoerpta ex, edidit Donaldson, 12mo, 2s 6d Tegg 1847 

Arrivabene (Count C.) Italy under Victor Emanuel, a Personal Narrative, 2 v. 8vo, 30a Hurst <6 B 1862 

>- {Count John) An Epoch of my Life, trans, by C. Arrivabene, post 8vo, 7« 6d Booth 1862 

Arrowsmith (Aar.) Ancient and Modem Geography, Eton, by Nicolay, 8vo, 12a 6d... E. P. Williamsi%$6 

— — Grammar of Ancient Geography, 12mo, is\ with Maps, 12a Arrowsmith ...1839 

— —• Modern Geography, 12mo, 6a; with Maps, 12a Anw^smith ...1846 


Arrowsmith (A.) G^grapbical Dictionary of the Holy Scriptures, 8vo, IBs Longman 1854 

— (/cu.) Paper- Hanger's and Upholsterer's Guide, 12mo, 2« .^ Dean 1851 

Art Album, Sixteen Facsimiles of Water-Colour Drawings, 4to, 21« .' Kent i860 

Journal, 1849-62, roy. 4to, each 81» 6rf Virtue 1850-63 

Catalogue, Exhibition 1851, 4to, 2U Viriue 1851 

— ■ Exhibition, Paris 1865, 4to, 10« Virtue 1855 

Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 4to, 6s Catsdl 1858 

Examiner, fol., 12» SmUhik S(m.,.iis7 

Report of Committee, roy. 8yo, 5« Longman 1S59 

United Kingdom, with Essays by 0. Jones, Ac., fol., 16/ 16« Bay <fe Son ...1857 

and Nature under an Italian Sky : Travels, post 8vo, 68 Hamilton x8^a 

de la Correspondance Commerdale Fran^aise, 12mo, 1*64 W.Allan n. d. 

of Brewing on Scientific Principles, 18mo, 2« Cornish 185* 

' CouTersation, by Sabertash, 12ino, Is 6d Boswworth 1843 

— Correspondence, French and English, 12mo, 6a Bigg n. <£ 

Dress; or. Lady's Guide to the Toilette, 12mo, 4» Kent 1839 

Letter Writing, with Examples, 82mo, 1* Nelson 1858 

Ornamental Hair- Work, 16mo, 2s 6d Bosworth 1856 

Sail Making, 8to, Is C, Wilson 1843 

Skating, with Directions for Movements, post 8vo, 2« Bomu 1855 

Arthourand Merlin, 4to Aw>otrfordChAi%z% 

Arthur (T.S.) Advice to Toung Men and Toung Ladies, 18mo, each \s 6d Hodson dt Son 1854 

Agnes,* the Possessed: Revelation of Mesmerism, d2mo, Is 6d Hodson A Son 1851 

Bell Martin, an American Tale of Real Life, 12mo, Is Hodson ds Son 1858 

Boy's Own Story-Boole, 32mo, ls6d Knight A Son n. d. 

Golden Trains from life : Harvest Field, 12mo, 6s 6d PhUadelphia...i2s$ 

Good Time Coming, 12mo, Is Hodsonds Son 1856 

Insubordination ; or, the Shoemaker's Daughter, 82mo, 2« Hodson <fe Son 1851 

Jane Hardy; or, the Withered Heart, 12mo, 2« Knight ds Son 1857 

— — Lady at Home, 82mo, \s Hodson A Son 1850 

Maiden, Wife, and Mother, 32mo, 8«, Hodson; 12mo, 2s 6d Nelson i860 

Married Life, its Shadows and Sunshine, 18mo, 1» 6d Partridge 1848 

New Story Book, 82mo, 2s Darton n. d, 

Orange Blossoms, 12mo, 2s \ fine paper, ^6d Knight A Son 1857 

Poor Woodcutter, and other Stories, 18mo, 1» 6d Boutledge 1855 

" ■ Retiring from Business, 82mo, Is Hodson A Son 1851 

Riches have Wings, 82mo, \s Hodson A Son 1848 

'■ Stories for my Young Friends, 16mo, 2« Hodson d: Son 1851 

Story-Book for Girls and Boys, 82mo, 1» 6d Knight dc Son 1855 

Tales for the Rich and Poor, 2 V. 82mo, 6« HodsondeSon 1854 

of Married Life, 82mo, 8« Hodsonds Son i86t 

Ten Nights in a Bar-room, cr. 8vo, 6«, Philadelphia, 1855 ; 12mo, 1» Houlston 1855 

Three Nights with the Washingtonians, 12mo, Is Houlston 1856 

True Riches, 32mo, Is Hodsonds Son 1856 

Woman's Trials; or. Tales and Sketches from Life, 18mo, \s 6d Partridge 1851 

- Libraxy for the Household, 12 v. 18mo, each 8< Hodsonds Son 1851 

Home Scenes and Influences. — Lessons in Life. — Married life.- 
Off-hand Sketches.— Seed Time and Harvest.— Stories for 
Parents. — Stories for Young Housekeepers.— Tried and the 
Tempted. — Two Wives ; or. Lost and Won. — ^Ways of Providence. 
— Woman's Trials. — Words for the Wise. 

■ and Carpenter (W,H.) History of Geoi^ to Present Time, 12mo, is Philadelplia...t9s^ 

Kentucky, 12mo, is Philadelphia... j%s* 

Virginia, 12mo, is Philadelphia... i%S* 

(Yr4n.)Italy in Transition, 5th edit., cr. 8vo, 6s Hamilton 1860 

Mission to the Mysore, 12mo, 7» Hamilton 1847 

Successful Merchant, Life of Budgett, 12mo, 6», 1852 ; new edit., 2s 6d Hamilton i86» 

Tongue of Fire ; or. True Power of Christianity, 1 2mo, 8« 6(2 ; ch. e. \s 6d Hamilton 1856 

Ai-thur Brandon, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 21« HuntdsB 1853 

Clifton, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 81» 6d Netoby 1853 

Frankland ; or. Experiences of a Tragic Poet, a Tale, post 8vo, lOs 6d Saunders «fe 0. 1848 

Montague; or, an Only Son at Sea, 8 v. post 8vo, 81» 6d Saunders ds 0, iSso 

Arthur; or, the Chorister's Rest, 18mo, 1» Soc.P.CK, ...i86» 

Motherless Boy, by Author of * * Aids to Development, " 1 8mo, la Werlheim 1 8 60 

Arthur's Indestructible Primer, Spelling, and Reading, 16mo, each la Low 1855 

Knights; an Adventure from the Legend of theSangrale, fcap. 8vo, 4a Hamilton i860 

Articles of Faith of the Protestant Churches and Sects, 12mo, 2a 6d Washboume ...1851 

Artificial Production of Fish, by Piscarius, 12mo, la Kecve 185* 

Artis Logicffi Compendium, Notes by Hill, new edit, 12mo, Sa J,H.deJ,Par1ceri%^ 

Artist and Craftsman, a Tale, post 8vo, cheap edit., 6a MacmUlan i86s 

Arundale (Z'.) Tour to Jerusalem and Mount Sinw, 4to, 25a Colbum 1837 

and Bonomi, Antiquities from British Museum, 4to, 42a WeaU 18^2-43 

Amndines Oami, edidit H. Drury, 5th edit, post 8vo, 7a 6d Parker is Son i860 

■ Devae: Poetical Translations, 12mo, la 6d Simpkin 185) 

Arvine (K.) Cyclopssdia of Religious Anecdotes, by <?hoever, post 8vo, 8a €ii Oriffin 1856 


Anrine (K.) Cydopeedia of Religioiis Anecdotet, by Fleaher, po«t 8vo, 6« Cd Ward i86a 

Asbary (F.) The Piooeer Bishop, edited by S. W. Christophers, post 8vo, 2s Simpkm i860 

Ascher (B,JI.) Principles of Judaism, for Period of Confirmation, 12mo, 2t 6d Solomon 1850 

Ash (Edw.) Brief View of some Parts of Christian Doctrine, 12mo, 2$ Fr^ 1838 

Leciares on the Apocalypse, 12mo, 2$ J/amiUon 1848 

Notes and Comments on the New Testament, 8 v. post 8vo, 21« Partridge 1849 

(/a«.) Artof Double Counting on the Lathe, 8vo, 10» Booth 1857 

(i2o6.) Commercial Assistant, 8to, 8f Aih 1845 

Ashbum, a Tale, by Aura, 12mo, 5« SaundcrtibO, 1856 

Ashbumham (SirW.) Restoration of the Jews, and other Poems, 8vo> 10« 6d Benilep 1849 

Ashby {Eliz.C.) Scripture Teachings for Young Children, 16mo, 2a Bennett 1857 

____ from the New Testament, 16mo, 2s Bennett 1861 

(Nat.) Parochial Sermons, post 8to, 5$ SeeUy 1854 

(Dr.T.) Common Sense and Grammar, 12mo, 8# Author 1854 

Asbdowne {Mary) Seasons of Life, Poems, 12mo, 8< 6d Simpkin 1841 

Ashe (/wkxc) Book of Revelation, with Notes, 12mo, 5< Simpkin 1835 

(John) Masonic Manual, edited by Dr. Oliver, 12mo, 7« 6d Spencer 1843 

{Tho.) Dryope, and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, 6$ fiellit Daidy...i%6i 

Poems, fcap. 8vo, 5» BellA Diddy...i%^^ 

Asher {A.) Biographical Bssay on Scriptores Remm Gennanicarum, 4to, 16s Nuit 1843 

- {David) On the Study of Modem Languages, and English in particular, 12mo, 2«. Triibner i860 

Ashford {John) Italy's Hope, a Tale of Florence, post 8vo, i$ Ifope 1857 

London, Past, Present, and Future, in Sonnets, post 8vo, 6» 6d Hope 1858 

Ashley (i//) Art of Btehing on Copper, 4to, 10s 6rf Darling 1849 

{F.B.) Domestic Circle; Duties of Husbands, Wives, &c, 12mo, Ss 6d Batehard i8si 

{J.M.) Relations of Science, fcap. 8vo, 6s BeUADaldg...i%sS 

Ashmore {Har.) Narrative of a Three Months* March in India, 12mo, 12« Bastings 1841 

Ashpitel {AH.) On Erection of Fire-Proof Houses in Flats, 8vo, 2s 6d WeaU 1855 

Treatise on Hand-Rails and Staircases, 4to, 18s WeaU 185a 

Ashton {T,J,) Causes and Treatment of Corns and Bunions, post 8vo, 8s 6d ChurehiU 1852 

Prolapsus, Fistula in Ano, and Hsmorrhoidal Affections, p. 8vo, 2s 6d Churchill i86a 

'^— ^— Treatise on Diseases of the Rectum and Anus, 8rd edit^ 8vo, 8s Churchill i860 

Ashton Cottage ; or, the True Faith, a Sunday Tale, new edit., 18mo, Is 9d Nisbet 1854 

Ashwell {Sam.) Treatise on Diseases Peculiar to Women, 8vo, 12s 6d Highley 1848 

Ash worth (J?. <(;T.) Pisciculture: Art of Propagating Fidxes, 12mo Is Simpkin 1853 

{Henry) A Tour in the United Stotee, Cuba, and Canada, er. 8vo, 2s 6d ... Bennett 1861 

Ask Mamma; or, the Richest Commoner in England, 8vo, 14s Bradbury 1858 

Askew {John) Voyage to Australia and New Ze^and, 1856, 12mo, 4s 6d Simpkin 1857 

Aslan6, a Tale of the Massacre of the Nestorian Christians, post 8vo, 2s Hope 1858 

Aspin (/.) Cosmorama of aU Nations, 16mo, 8s 6d; coloured, 4s 6d Grtfith dr F, ...1849 

- English Sports and Pastimes, new edit., 16mo, 4s Griffith dt F, ...1849 

History Made Easy, 16mo, 3s ^H/IStAdr /*.... 1849 

Aspinall {Clara) Three Tears in Melbourne, fcap. 8vo, 5s Booth i86i 

■ (•^o*') Liverpool a Few Tears Since, 12mo, 4s 6d Whittaker 185a 

Pariah Sermons, 12mo, 5Sf 1854 ; 2nd series, 12mo, 5s BivingtoH 1859 

Roscoe's Library; or, Old Books and Old Times, post 8to, 2s Whittaker 1853 

Aspinis et Longini Rhetorica, recens. Bakius, 8vo, 6s Gd Pickering 1849 

Aspland {Robt.) Memoir and Correspondence, by JL B. Aspland, 8vo, 12s Whitfield 1851 

Sermons on various Subjects, 8 vo, 12s Whitfield 1837 

Asplen ((?.fr.)TriptoKillamey andSouthof Ireland, l6mo, Is BenncU 1858 

Asselin {Ahb^ Exhortations on Duties of a Religious Life, 12mo, 4s Ih^ 1843 

Assembly's Shortor Catechism, Catechetically Illustrated, 12mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1846 

— — Explained, by Fisher, 28pd edit., 18mo, 2s Simpkin i86» 

__ Vincent, new edit., 18mo, 2s Hamilton 1848 

in 16 Languages, by Toung, 12mo, 21s NuU n.d, 

Arabic (in Hebrew Letters), 2s 6(]{— Chaldee, 2s 6<2~Dutch, Is— French, Is — 
Gaelic^ Is — (German, Is — Greek, Is^Hebrew, Is—Italian, Is— lAtin, Is — 
Portuguese, Is - Samaritan and English, 2s 6(i— Spanish, Is— Syriac, 2s 6d 

Assiai (-a.) Life of, 2 v. 12mo, 8s T. Richardson,, 1%$^ 

Astley {C. T.) Songs in the Night, translated from German Hymns, 12mo, 4s 6d ... Bennett i860 

Aston (/./.) Chancery Practice, County Palatine of Lancaster, 8vo, 8s Benning 185a 

Law of Pauper Lunacy and Asylums, I^mo, 5s Benning 1849 

Astrologer; a Legend of the Black Forest, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s SaundnrsdsO, .1846 

Astrology as it Is; Rules and Instructions by a Cavalry Officer, post 8vo, 6s 6d BaiUihre 1856 

AsTBosoMicAL OBSBfiVATioNS. See Appendix. 

Astronomical Society, Memoirs, 4to, &c. Se€ Appendix Society v. y. 

Monthly Notices, V. 1 to 18, 8vo, each 5s Society i86a 

Tables and Catalogues, 4to, 25s Society v. y, 

Atesh Kedah, or Fire Temple, Persian Text, edit, by Bland, 8vo, 5s Madden 1844 

Athauasion, and other Poems, by the Author of Christian Ballads, 12mo, 6s Wiley 1843 

Athanasius(S«.) Creed, Pew Words on, 8vo, 2s 6d Parker Jt Son,. 1%^ 

Illustrated by J. Raddiffe, 8vo, 14s Bivington 1844 

Festal Epistles, 8vo, is 6d J.H.4kJJ^arkeriZ$4 

inSyriac, by Cureton, roy. 8vo, 15s Madden 1853 

Letters, Ancient Syriao Version, 8yo Orien,TextsSQc.ii^% 


AthanasioB {St) Historical Tracts, 8to, 8« JM.AJ^PwheriZ^^ 

Treatises against the Arians, 2 t. 8vo (Libj. of Fathers), 15« J.H,deJ,Parkeri%i^% 

Atheism of Geology: Lyell, Miller, &o., confronted with the Rocks, 8to, 2s %d Kent 1857 

Atbelstan, a Poem, fcap. 8vo, 6* Moxon 1861 

Athenseos, Deipnosophists, tiansl. by Tonge, 8 y. post 8to, 15« ff.Bokn 1854 

Athens, its Grandeor and Decay, 12mo, 2i Bd, Tract Soe...ii^i 

Athersione (Edw.) Fall of Nineveh, a Poem, 2 v. 12mo, 12< Chapman A H.i%n 

— ^— Handwriting on the Wall, a Story, 8 r. post 8vo, 81« 6d BenUey 1857 

Israel in Egypt, a Poem, 8yo, 12i Longtnan 1861 

Atherton (Cha.) On Capability of Steam Ships, 2nd edit., roy. 8vo, 10» 6d WeaU 1855 

. Marine sLgine Constrnction and Classification, 8to, 2s 6d WeaU 1851 

(Harper) Adrift ; or, the Rock in the S. Atlantic, ed. by Fowler, p. 8vo, 10s Qd 8aun€Urs A O..1861 

Atkins (ZTfn.) Theological Discourses, 8vo, 10< 6c{ Haichard 1841 

Lent Lectures, 1885-41, 12mo, 7« Hatdiard 184a 

Isle of Wight, a Poem, 12mo, Zs ParkenkSan. .1837 

{Wm.) Six Discourses on Pastoral Duties: Donnellan Lectures, 1860, 8to, 6< RivingUm 1861 

Atkinson (.fibroma) Memoirs of the Queens of Prussia, Svo, lOsQd.... Kent 1858 

(Geo.) Laws of Shipping of the British Empire, Svo, 10« 6d Longman 1854 

-»— Sheriff-Law, a Treatise on the Office of Sheriff, 4th ed., 8to, 10s 6d Longman 1861 

Worthies of Westmoreland, 2 ▼. poet 8vo, 6« J.Jt.Smith 1849 

(G,F.) »* Curry and Rice;" Social Life in India, 40 pi. 8 ed., r. 4to, 21s.., Day d: Son i860 

> Illustrations of Campaign in India, 1857-58, fol., 68«— col. 61 6s... Day ds Son 1859 

- Pictures &om the North of Europe, 8vo, 12« OUivier 1848 

■ (E.G.) and Martineau {Harriett) Law of Man's Nature, post 8ro, 58 TrObner 1851 

- (/a«.) Agriculture and Grazing, in N. S. Wales, 12mo, 2s Gross 1844 

Expedition into Affghanistan, 1841, post 8to, 10s%d AflenikSon ...1842 

— Sketches in Afghanistan, 2 t. fol., each 41 is- col. 10^ 10< Graves 184a 

{J.C.) British Birds' %gsand Nests described, fcap. 8to, 1<— col. ^6d... Routledge i86a 

Fallacies regarding (|;hange of Air, 12mo, 2« T.Harrison ...1848 

Play Hours and Half-Holydays, fcap. 8ro, 5« RoviUdge i860 

Sketches in Natural History, Illust., 12mo, bs Routledge i860 

— (iSb/.) County Court Extension Act, 1850, 12mo, 49 Benning 1850 

Law and Practice of County Courts, 1850, ]2mo, 18« Btnning 1853 

• (2%o.} Elementary Treatise on Arithmetic, 12mo, 8« E.Law 1856 

Hand-Book to the English Lakes, 18mo, Is Longman 1847 

{T. W.) Explorations in Oriental and West. Siberia, roy. 8to, 42« Hurst A B 1857 

Travels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower Arooor, roy. 8vo, 42« Hurst <fc B i860 

(Wm.) Principles of Social Political Economy, Y. 1, 8vo, l%s Longman 1840 

The Church: Its Meaning in the Bible, 2 v. 8vo, 80* Long/nan 1854 

Atkyns (Mrs,) First Lessons on French Grammar, 18mo, 2s 6(2 Simphm 1846 


Atlas. Adams' School General, 8vo, 10s 6d Darton 1850 

Adlard's School Modem, 18 Maps, roy. 8vo, 8# 6(i— 4to, 10a 6d WeHheim 1849 

Alison's Europe, post 4to, 21 12s 6c;— demy 4to, 8/ 18< 6(i— roy. 4to, il is Blackwoods ...1848 

People's edition, 4to, Zls 6d Blackwoods ...1857 

— Epitome of, post 4to, 7« Blachpoods ...1850 

America, North and Central, 19 Maps, 4to, 16« Stanford 1861 

United States, 29 Maps, 4to, 25«; half-mor., 80» Sta^ord i86t 

Arnold's First Classical, 15 Maps, 8vo, 7s 6<2 Rivington 1849 

Universal, 82 Maps, 4to, 12« AUman 1861 

Arrowsmith's Ancient, 12mo, *Js — with Index, 8vo, 12t Arrowtmitk ...1844 

King's College, 19 Maps, 8vo, 7» Fellowes 184a 

— — and Mod., Comparative, 4to, 24«— col., 31« 6<i WhUtaker 184a 

Eton, 53 Maps, 4to, 80# ... WJiiUaher 1841 

Biblical, roy. 8vo, 12«— 4to, 21» WhiUaker 1835 

General, roy. 4to, 46a Oruckley 184a 

. London General, 67 Maps, fol. 17/ 17t— 50 Maps, fok 18/ 18« Arrotesmith ...184a 

Modem, 12mo, 7a— with Index, 8vo, 12a Ai-rovsmith ...184a 

EtonCoUege, 27 Maps, 8vo, 15a E.P.WUliams n. d. 

- King's College, 25 Maps, 8vo, 7a Fellowes 1844 

Bagster's Scripture, 18 Maps with Chronologi<»l Chart, 12mo, 2a Bagster n. d, 

Chronological Scripture, sm. 4to, 10a 6(2 Bagster 1847 

Bean's Classical, roy. 8vo, 12a— 4to, 16a Rivington 1835 

School, Ancient and Modem, 48 Maps. imp. 8vo, 12a Bean 1855 

by Johnson, 18 Maps, imp. 8vo, 5a Bean 1861 

Beard's Biblical, with Scripture Gazetteer, 8vo, 2a 6d Simphin 1849 

Betts' Family, General and Physical, 64 Maps, fol., 68a BeUs i86a 

Juvenile, 9 Maps, imp. 8vo, 8a6d BeUs i860 

London Modem, 25 Maps, fol., 10a 6d Betts i860 

School, 8vo, 14a— imp. 4to, 18a BeUs 1838 

BiblidJ, with Gazetteer, roy. 8vo, 2a 6d— outlined, 4a— col., 6a 64 Rel. Tract Soe. 1851 

Black's Australian, with all the Gold Regions, 6 Maps, 4to, 6s Longman 1354 

County, Scothind, 4to, 10a 6d Longman 1848 

General, by Sydney Hall and Others, 70 Maps, new edit, foL, 60a Longman 1862 

Supplement by Bartholomew, foL, 7a 6a Longman 1858 

30 ATLASES 1835-18601 

ATLASBS — continued, 

Black*8 Hand Atlas of Modern Qeography, 38 Maps, 4to, 21« Longman 1856 

— ' North American, 20 Maps, foL, 16« Longman 1856 

School Modem, 40 Maps by Hnghe^, 8vo or 4to, 10« 6rf Longman 1861 

for Beginners, 27 Maps, oblong, 28 6d Longman i86a 

Blaokie's Imperial Atlas, 105 Maps, with Index, roy. 4to, 6/ 5« Blackie i860 

Blackwood's Coanty, Scotland, 31 Maps, post Svo, 10« 6<i~imp. 8^0, 16«... Blaclewood$ ...1838 

Blair's Classical, 18 Maps, 4to, 5« 6<i » Allman 1853 

School Modem, 23 Maps outlined, 4to, 6» 6rf AUman 1862 

BradRhaw's School, 88 Maps, obi., 6« %d — with Descriptions, 7< 6ci Bradahatff 1836 

Brewer*s Historical and Geographical, 16 Maps, 2nd edit., roy. 8yo, 128 6d Longman 1855 

Brookes' School, Svo, 6« Darton 1838 

Butler's Ancient, 24 Maps, and Modem, 30 Maps, 8vo, each 12t Longman 1861 

■ Ancient and Modem, 54 Maps, 1 ▼. 4to, 24* I^ongman 1861 

• Junior, 12 Maps, roy. 8vo, each 4« 6d Longman 1861 

Outline Maps, fol., 7« 6<2 Longman 1854 

Chambers* Minor Modem, 15 Maps, 4to, $8 Chambtn i860 

— ^— Parlour and People's, 36 Maps, roy. 8vo, each 15« Ckamben 1856 

Primer, 9 Miips, 4to, 2i 6(f Chamben 1861 

' School, Ancient and Modem, 34 Maps 4to, 10« 6<i Chamb€r8 186a 

Child's Modem, snL 4to, 58 Groombridgc.n, d. 

Church Missionary, 3rd edit, roy. 8vo, 6« Sedey 186a 

Clark's Ancient, roy. 8vo, 10» 6rf~Modem, 27 Maps, 12« C.H.Law 1852 

and Modem, School, roy. 4to, 21« C.H.Law 1852 

Minor, 10 Maps, 8vo, 5» C.ff.La'W n, d, 

Modem, to "Barclay's Dictionary," 4to, 6« Virtue i860 

Classical Standard Library, 22 Maps, imp. 8yo, 7« 6(2 JI.Bohn 1861 

College, 33 Maps, imp. Svo, 12<, 1861— Junior 14 Maps, imp. 8vo, 5« 6<i... Routledge 1862 

-^— Classical, 22 Maps, imp. 8vo, 12«~Junior, 15 Maps, 5« 6<i Routledge 1859 

Collins' British County, foL, 81« 6d Stanford 1854 

Family Modem, 87 Maps, new edit., 4to, 21» Routledge i860 

Modem, by Mudie, 62 Maps, imp. 4to, 62» 6d Routledge n, d, 

Railway and Pedestrian, Bngknd, 43 Maps, Svo, 2« 6rf Darion 1858 

Colonial Church, roy. Svo, 10< 66^ Soc.Prop.Go8p,\%^% 

Comprehensive General, 4to, 7» 6<i Simpkin 1845 

Comwell's School, 30 Maps, 12mo, 2« 6<i— col., 4« Simpkin 1848 

Cmchley's School and Family, 31 Maps, fol., 16« CruchUy i860 

22Map«,16« CruchUy 1849 

■ 14 Maps, 8« Cruckley 1849 

Cyclopeodian (Soc. of Useful Knowledge), 39 Maps, new edit, fol, 21« ... Stanford 1862 

Barton's English County, fol, 60s Darton i860 

Junior Class School Library, coL, Is Darton 1853 

Dower's General Modem, 53 Maps, imp. 4to, 15« Ward & Lock,.. n. d. 

Outline Maps, oblong, 2s 6<£ Ward A Lode... n. d. 

School Modem, 41 Maps, imp. Svo, 12s Ward^Lock..M. d, 

' ^ Minor, 26 Maps, imp. Svo, 7» 6<i Ward it Loch... n, d. 

Short Modem, 17 Maps, imp. Svo, 4»— imp., 5# Ward d; Lock... n. d, 

Popular, for Schools, 12 Maps, imp. 8vo, 2< ^d Ward d: Lock... 1^6% 

Earth, Miniature, 20 Maps, 82mo, 1« Wardd: Co 1856 

England and Wales (Post Office Directory), 46 Maps, fol., 30« KeUydkCo 1861 

Estling's Drawing-Room European, post Svo, 6< 6o? Longman 1859 

Eton College Ancient Atlas, 26 Maps, imp. 4to, cold., 15s E.P.William8 1862 

and Modem, 60 Maps, imp. 4to, cold., 83« ... E.P.WtHiam8 1862 

Lower School Atlas, 17 Mapa, Selected from the above, 9» E.P. WilliamM 1862 

Modem, 34 Maps, with Index, fol., 21s E.P.William8 1862 

Skeleton Outlines to Ancient Atlas, 27 in the set, 6» E.P, WiUiam8 1862 

Swing's General Modem, 29 Maps, new edit, 4to, coloured, 7» 6d Simpkin 1862 

Family (Soc of U. Knowledge), SO Maps, new edit, imp. 4to, col., 68« ... Stanford 1862 

Pindlay's Classical Ancient, 25 Maps, roy. Svo, 9s .. Tegg 1847 

Junior, 13 Maps, roy. -Svo, 5s Tegg 1858 

Comparative, Ancient and Modern, 55 Maps, roy. 4to, 20s Tegg 1858 

General, 4to, 22s KeUg i860 

Modem School Genend, 33 Maps, roy. Svo, 9s Tegg 1861 

Junior, 17 Maps, roy. Svo, 5s Tegg 1848 

Gall's Edinburgh Imperial, Ancient and Modem, fol., 81« Qd Houlston i860 

School, 36 Maps, 4to, 2* 6d— coloured, 3s 6d Jloufaton n. d. 

Gaultier's Geographical, 15 Maps, fol., 15s— with Counters, 21s Griffith A F. ...n. ct 

General (Soc. of U. Knowledge), 230 Maps, 1 v. new ed., imp. 4to, 9/ 10s Stanford .*. ...1861 

' 2 V. new ed., imp. 4to, 10^ 10s Stanford 1861 

■ without Plans, 178 Maps, new ed., imp. 4to, 71 7s... Stanford 1861 

Gilmour and Dean's Modem, 10 Maps, sm. fol., 8s 6d Oriffin 1852 

Gover's Bible Pictorial, 4to, 2s Oover 1858 

Historic-Geographical, by Dr. Spnrner, atlas 4to, 25s Cover 1850 

Physical, 9 Maps, 4to, 2s Qwer 1854 

Hand, 24 Maps, roy. Svo, lOt 6<i Cover 1853 

1835-I86a ATLASES 31 

ATLASES — continued, 

C^OTer's Pictorial, 12 Maps« 200 Drawings of Animals, 4io, 2$ 6d Gover 185X 

School General and Bible, 4to, 2« 6d Gmer 1853 

Universal Historical, 30 Maps, imp. 8yo, 12« 6d Gover 1854 

Gay's School Modern, 16 Maps, 8vo, 5« Simpl-iu 1840 

Hall's First Elementary School, 10 Maps, 4to, 1« 6d LofC^man ^ 1849 

■ Questions to, by Bowman, 12mo, 2« Longman 1861 

General Library, 53 Maps, fol., 52« 6d H.Bohn 1858 

Travelling, County, 60 Maps, 8vo, 10« 6d Chapman di H,\%s^ 

Harrow School Classical, 23 Maps, new edit., fol., 12< 6(2 Stanford ^ i86x 

Junior, 11 Maps, fol., 7« Stanford i86» 

Modem, 80 Maps, new edit., fol., 12«6c2 Stanford 1863 

-Junior, 14 Maps, new edit., fol., 7« Stanford 1863 

Herbert's Ancient and Modem, 12 Maps, sm. 4to, 1$ Abington 1857 

Heywood's School Modem, 10 Maps, 4to, ooL, 28 Simpkin 1857 

Higgins' General Atlas of the Earth, 51 Maps, imp. 4to, 3U 6d — col, 42< Orr 1836 

HomertonCoU., ed. byUnwin, fol.^ Physical, Gs ; PoUt., 6$ ; 1 v., 10s 6d ... Longmam, 1862 

Hydrographical, Physical, and Political, fol., 16« Longman i86x 

Hughes' Biblical, sm. foL, 5» — for Schools, sm. fol., 3« Parker d:Son .i8s» 

Class, sm. 4to, 16 Maps, 2« 6d— 29 Maps, 6« National Soc. .i860 

Constractive Geography, roy. 4to, 6» — Pt. 1, roy. 4to, 8a 6i Weale 1841 

Hand, Modem, 4to, 21« Black 1853 

Introductory Modem, 12 Maps, 8vo, 2« 6rf Longman 1851 

School, Bible Lands, 12 Maps, 18mo, 1$ 6d Lo^igman 185X 

Elementary Modern, 12 Maps, 18mo, 1«— col., 1« 6rf Longman 1862 

and Political, &c., 17 Maps, roy. 8vo, 10« 6d Longman i860 

and Long's Classical, 24 Maps, roy. 8vo, 12« 6d Wkitiaker 1858 

- Grammar School, 10 Maps, roy. 8vo, 5< Whittaker i86x 

Indian (Society of Useful Knowledge), 26 Maps, fol., 21« Stanford 1861 

Johnson's General, with the Railroads, &c., fol., 21< Darton i860 

Johnston (A,K.) County, Scotland, fol., 6/6« Blackwoodi ...1855 

Hand, Astronomical, 18 Maps, by Hind, imp. 4to, 21» Blackwoods ...1856 

Classical, 20 Maps, imp. 4to, 21« Blackwoods ...1853 

— — — ^— General and Descriptive, 26 Maps, imp. 4to, 25« Blackwoods ...1863 

■ Physical, 20 Maps, imp. 4to, 21« Blackwoods ...1861 

■ Indian ScAs, with Charts, 4to, *Is %d Stanford 1854 

National, 41 Maps, imp. foL, SI Ss; Index separate, 7s 6d Blackwoods ...1843 

lithcgraphed edition, foL , dis Qd Stanford 1855 

Physical, imp. fol., 10/ 10<, 1849 ; 12/ 12«, 1858 ; n. ed., 8/ 8s Blackwoods ...i86x 

• Reduced, 25 Maps, imp. 4to, 52s 6d Blackwoods ..1849 

Geographical Projections to, 4to, in a case, 2s Cd Blackwoods ...185a 

Royal Modem, 48 Maps, imp. foL, 5/ 15< 6c/ Blackwoods ...1861 

School Astronomical, 18 Maps, imp. 8vo, 12s 6c/ Blackwoods ...1856 

Classical, 20 Maps, imp. 8vo, 12» 6c/ Blackwoods ...1861 

Elementary, 20 Maps, 8vo, 5» Blacktooods ...i86x 

General and Descriptive, 26 Maps, imp. 8vo, 12s 6c/...,.. Blackwoods ...1863 

•Physical, 20 Maps, imp. 8vo, 12« 6c/ Blackwoods ...1861 

United States, &c., 29 Maps, fol, 25« Stanford 1857 

• of the War, in case, 6s Blackwoods ...1855 

Judd's Historical and General, poet 4to, Is 6c/ — IndestmcUble, 2s 6d /uc/c/<£r (r/a«f...i854 

Lizars' Edinburgh General, fol., 528 6d H.Bohn 1840 

London Cabinet School, 12mo, 5s Qd AUman ., 1801 

, its Streets and Suburbs, 36 Maps, post 8vo, 5s T.Hodgson ...i860 

Lothian's Biblical Pocket, 24mo, 2s 6(/ Simpkin 1838 

County, Scotland, 4to, 81« 6c/ Simpkin 1836 

General, foL, Sis 6c/ TTasA^ottms ...1839 

People's, imp. 4to, 21« Simpkin 1847 

Lowry's Table, 100 Maps, roy. 4to, 9«— ool., 12s Chapman d!H,i%s% 

Lowth's Historical, Biographical, and Genealogical, fol., 15s 6c/ Simpkin 18 51 

School Edition, 4to, 10s 6c/ Simpl-in 1851 

Lumsden's School and Family, 4to, 12s ^room^*c/^s ...1850 

Macculloch's School, Scripture and Geography, 24 Maps, 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin i860 

Macleod (Frci/«er) Class Physical, 20 Maps, 18mo, 3s Longman 1856 

Bowman's Questions on, 18mo, Is Longman 1857 

Hand General CUss-Teaching, 29 Maps, 18mo, 3s Longman 1854 

Middle-Class Atlas, 7 Maps, 4to, 2s.; Longman i86a 

Physical Atlas of Gi. Britain and Ireland, SOMaiw, sm. 4to, 7s 6c/ Longman 1861 

• Scriptural, 15 Maps, roy. 8vo, 4s— with letterpress, 7s Longman 1861 

Malby's Telescopic Companion, or Celestial Globe, fol., 25s Malby 1859 

Masson's Chronological and Historical, Middle Ages, fg)., 16s Partridge 1849 

Middleton's Celestial, fol., 12s 6c/— col., 15s Whittaker 1843 

Companion to, 12mo, 3s 6c/ Whittaker 1843 

Milner's Astronomical, Physical and Political, 4to, 30s WardJ:Lock...\%(n 

School Atlas, Physical Geography, 4to, 15s Ward A Lock... n.d. 

Modem, 30 Maps, with Indexes, folio, 12s Soc.P.C.K, ...1861 

33 ATLASES 1835-1862 


Modem, with Alphabetical Index, 150 Maps, fol., 51 6$ Stanford i86i 

Moale*8 English County, 2 t. 4to, 60»— coL, 90s Virtue 1848 

Murphy's Biblical, 24 Maps, 16mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1853 

Classical-Historical, 16 Maps, 8to, 2<6ci— 22 Maps, Zs 6d Simpkim 1858 

School, Ancient and Modem, 25 Maps, 8to, 9s 6d Simpkin 1850 

■ Historical and Statistical, 16 Maps, 8vo, Is 6d Simpkin 1861 

Symbolical, with Geographical Text Book, roy. 8to, 2s 6d Simpkin 184.7 

Kelson's School CfaMsical, 22 Maps, 8to, 7« 6d Bell dk IkUdy.., 1^40 

Modem, 20 Maps, 4to, Ss 6d NeUon 1856 

Worid, with Measurements in English Miles, Dir. 1, fol., I2s ... Nelson 1859 

Oliphant's Biblical, 24 Maps, 8vo, 2s 6d Hamilton n, <L 

On^s Ancient and Modem, Primary, i>ost 8to, 2s 6d — col., 8« Qd Hoalslon 1855 

Travelling, England and Wales, 12mo, 8< 6<i Orr i860 

Ostell*s Qeneral, 80 Maps, 4to, J 4<-- outlined, 18f — col., 2]t Simpkin 1850 

imp. 4to, 8U 6(2 Simpkin 1837 

Peter Parley's Child's Own, 12 Maps, square, 2s Tegg 1853 

First Junior, 10 Maps, 4to, Is Darlon 1856 

School, 8to, 2sM Kent 1855 

Modem, 4to, 5t Darton i860 

Petermann*s Physical, by Milner, 16 Maps, 4to, 15« Ward^ Lock .1861 

Philip's Cabinet, by Hughes, 34 Maps, imp. 4to, 10s Qd Philip 1862 

- ClassioJ, Historical, and Scriptural, 49 Maps, imp. fol., 63s Philip 1862 

Elementary, for Beginners, 24 Maps, cr. 4to, 2s 6d Philip 1863 

' Family General, by Hughes, 56 Maps, imp. 4to, 85« ; hf.-mor., 42< Phiitp 1858 

General of the World, 74 Maps, imp. fol., 63« Philip i86a 

->— ^ Imperial Library, edit, by Wm. Hughes, imp. fol.j 5^ Ss '. Philip 1862 

■ Libraiy, Ancient and Modem, 47 Maps, imp. 4to, 159; hf.-mor., 21« Philip 1854 

Penny Maps, 52 Maps, imp. 4to, plain, 5« — ooL, 9« 6(2 Philip i860 

Pocket County, ScoUand, 27 Maps, 18mo, 2« 6(2 Philip 1858 

Popular of the World, 42 Maps, imp. 4to, 8s 6(2~ool., 12* 6(2 Philip 1852 

School Classical, 21 Maps, med. 4to, 6« 6(2 Philip 1859 

Comprehensive, 40 Maps, imp. 8vo, 10s 6(2 Philip i86z 

Introductory, 18 Maps, imp. 8vo, 5s Philip 1862 

Select, by Hughes, 24 Maps, imp. 4to, 7s 6(2 Philip 1862 

Student's Modem, 18 Maps, imp. 4to, 8s 6(2 Philip 1854 

Young Schohw's Modem, 12 Maps, 4to, 2* 6(2 Philip 1853 

Physical School, obL 8to, 8s NaLSociety ...1855 

and Historical, obi. 4to, 5f Parker Ac Son,.. i%^% 

Prophecy: Text of Daniel and St. John, 4to, 18< Seeley 1849 

Quin's Ancient and Medieval History, 10 Maps, roy. 8vo, lOt M GrijUin 1856 

Handand Universal Hist, 21 Maps, roy. 8vo,12« 6(2— roy. 4to,21«... Gnffin 1856 

Historical, roy. 4to, 52« 6(2 Griffin 1856 

Reid's Introductory Modem, 10 Maps, 4to, 2s 6(2 Simpkin 1862 

School Modem, 16 Maps, 4to, 5» Simpkin 1862 

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and Modem, 63 Maps, roy. 4to, 24« Simpkin 1850 

Modem, 26 Maps, 8vo, 10s— coL, 12s Simpkin 1850 

School; or, Key to Goldsmith and Others, 8vo, 5s— col., 7s 6(2 Darton w. d, 

Ancient (Soc of U. Knowledge), 19 Maps, foL, ll*— col., 15s Stanford 1862 

— — — — and Modem, 45 Maps, fol., 21s— col., 80s Stanford 1862 

Classical and Modem (Soc of U. Kn.), 25 Maps, fol., 12s (Ul Stanford 1862 

Modem (Soc. of U. Knowledge), 26 Maps, fol., 18s 6(2— col., 19<... Stanford 1862 

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8harpe*s Corresponding, 54 Maps, fol., 36s— col., 42t Chapmamkff. 1849 

Student's, 26 Maps, fol., 21s Chapman ik If. iZ^o 

Smith's Ancient and Modem, 88 Maps, 4to, 90s — col., 52 5s Smith<kSon ...18C0 

Clssaical, 22 Maps, 4to, 24«— coL, 38s— reduced, 21 Maps, 18« ... Smith <fc Son ...1839 

General, 49 Map8,4to, 63s— col., 78a 6(2, 1857— red., 35 Maps, col., 16s Smith d: Son ... 1 852 

■ School, Ancient and Modem, 28 Maps, 8vo, each 9s tSmiih <t Son ...1849 

Spruner and Bute's School, History, and Geography, imp. 8vo, 12s 6(2 Relfe 1862 

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Tallis's General Illustrated, by R. M. Martin, fol., 45s Tallis 1849-51 

Thomas' Imperial School, 44 Maps, 4to, 12s— ool., 15s Thomas 1836 

— — Library, 80 Maps, 4to, 14j»— ool, 21s Thomas 1836 

Universal Modem, roy. 4to, 10< 6(2 A.Hall 1856 

University Classical and Modem,* 53 Maps, fol., 31« 6(2 Stanford 1862 

Yogers Political and Elementary, Illust., imp. 4 to, 6s Gover i860 

Walker's British, 49 Maps, imp. 4to, 63s— large paper, 84s H'd2i(:sr <Cr (70...1859 

—- General Modem, 8vo and 4to, each 12< 6(2 Williamson ...1848 

■ School Universal, 8vo, 10s 6d Longman 1849 

White's School Modem, 24 Maps, new edit., 4to, 6s Simpkin 1862 

1835-18C2 ATLASES AUNT 83 

White's School Modern, Elementary, 10 Maps, 4to, 2t 6d Simphin i86a 

Wilkinson's Classical and Scriptural, 58 Maps, imp. 4to, Sit 6d H.Bohn i%^% 

Qeneral, 46 Maps, imp. 4to, 26« '. H.Bohn 184* 

Scriptural, 4to, 7« Hamilton 1839 

Wyld's Ancient, 4to, 12«— Modern, 4to, 15«--Cla8sical, 4to, 12« Wyld 1856 

County, English, 4to, 63« Wyld 1858 

Emigrants*, fol., 6«—cd., 7« «rf Wyld 1848 

General, 54 Maps, imp. 4to, 52« 6(i, 1849— 41 Maps, foL, 6/ 6« ... Wyld i86i 

68Map8,foL, lini« WyH 1862 

. London and its Environs, foL, 80« Wyld 186a 

Missionary, 8vo, 14« Wyld 1839 

Popular, of the World, fol., 52«— col., 8/ 16« Wyld 1849 

School, 8vo, 12t— Outline, 8vo, 6* WM i86x 

Scriptural, 80 Maps. 4to, 10« 6rf, Bagtter ; imp. 8vo, 25«— col, SCt WhiUaker 1848 

Atmore (fiha.) Discourses on the Lord's Prayer, 12mo, 2a M Mason 1839 

Atterbuiyjfip.) Letters, 8vo, 18* Wriykt & Co.. .1847 

Attfield (fr.) Neptune's Car, a Poetical Tale of New York, 12mo, 2t 6<2 Saunders d; 0, .1857 

Atthill (V.) Way of Catechising, 12mo, S« Longman 1840 

Attnell (^«n.) Table of English literature, 8to, Is 6d Hope 1854 

Attree (/.fT.) Report of Braintree Church Rate Case, 8to, 7« 6d Shaw tk Sons... iZsi 

Attwood (E.W.) Sermons for the Clergy a^id Laity, 8vo, 8s Rivington 1859 

Auber(P0^) Rise and Progress of British Power in India, 2 ▼. Syo, 21s Allen ds Co, . .1837 

Auberlen (C.J.) On the ^ophecy of Daniel and Revelation, post Svo, 7« 6(i Hamilton 1856 

Aubrey (^10.) Leisure Minutes; or. Lines on Various Themes, post 8vo, 6« Hamilton 1839 

(/oAn) Miscellanies on Various Subjects, fcap. 8vo, 4« /. R, Smith ...1857 

Aubrey Luson; or, the Field of Sedgemoor, a Tale, 18mo, 5« W. J. Adams 1848 

Anchinleck (0.) War of 1812, between Gh-eat Britain and America, 8vo, 8« 6rf Toronto, U.S. ...i86i 

Auckland (H^m.,Lor(i) Journal and Corrospondence, 4 v. 8vo, 60* BentUy ...ii6o-6z 

Auckland and the Country adjacent Described, post 8vo, Qs Smith A Elder 1853 

Audsley {W.dsQ.) Guide to Art of Illuminating and Missal Painting, cr. 8vo, Is Rowney 1861 

Audubon {/,/.) Adventures and Discoveries, by Mrs. St John, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 1856 

American Ornithological Biography, 5 v. roy 8vo, 6^ 6* Xon^man... 183 1-39 

Birds of America, 4 ▼. fol., col. drawings, 200^; uncol., Sil New York 1828-40 

-^ 7 V. roy. 8vo, 80^ Nao York 1840-44 

— — — Text in 7 vols. imp. 8vo, 63» New York 1861 

Synopsis of the Birds of North America, 8vo, 12« Longman 1839 

8vo, 81<6(2 Simpkin 1861 

— »- and Bachman, Quadrupeds of N. America, fol., 8 v. text, 3 v. plates, Sil Philadel....ii^2-^^ 

3 V. roy. 8vo, 121 12s New York 1854 

Aue (i>r.C) Overman Grammar, 12mo, 5< 6<2 Longman 1847 

and Exercises, n. e., 12mo, 8«....... Cliambers 1861 

_- Elementary, n. e., 12mo, Is ^d Chambers 1861 

•Phrase Book, n. e., 12mo,l« 6<2 Chambers i86f 

-ReadingBook, First, n. e., 12mo, 1« 6<2— Second, 2< 6<2 Chambers 1861 

Auer (I.) Discovery of the Natural Printing Process, 8vo, 10« TrUibner 1854 

Auerbach (^ertA.) Barefooted Maiden, a Tale^ 12mo, 6« Low 1857 

■ Christian Gellert, and other Sketches, post 8vo, IQs^d Low 1858 

■ Ivo, a Village Tale, 16mo, Zs Bogue 1847 

- Joseph in the Snow, transl. by Lady Wallace, 8 v. post 8vo, Zls 6d Saunders <lr 0. i86z 

— — Narrative of Events in Vienna, 12mo, 8« 6<i Bogue 1849 

Professor's Wife, a Tale, 12mo, 2* 6^ Parker ds Son 1850 

Village Tales from the Black Forest, 16mo, 6» Bogue 1846 

Aufrteht (Th,) Hahiyudha*s Abhidhanaratnamala : a Sanskrit Vocabulary, 8vo, ISs... Williams 4k N. i86x 

Augustine (iS^.) Biographical Memoir of, by Rev. J. Baillie, 12mo, 5s Nisbet 185S 

— — Catechizandis Rudibus, &c., edidit Marriott, 12mo, Zs M J.H.dsJ,Parkeri%^% 

Confessions, 18mo, 2»— by Pusey, 8vo, 7« J.H.dsJ,Parkeri%^% 

-—- abridged by Bickersteth, 82mo, Is^d Seeley 1836 

• in Latin, 8vo, 7« J.H.deJ.PorkeriZ^Z 

— — ^ Exposition of Sermon on the Mount, by Trench, cr. 8vo, 7s Parker A Son 1851 

Homilies on Psakns, 6 v. 8vo, 2ll6s6d J.H.ParkeriZ^j-^Z 

St. John's Gospel, 2 v. 8vo, 21« J.H.d'J.ParkeriZ^Z 

Manual, translated by W. Call, 12mo, 2* Bell A Daldy 1843 

of Devotion, 12mo, 2# 6d Hamilton i86» 

' Sermons, 2 v. 8vo, 21« J.H.AJ.ParkeriZ^Q 

Short Treatises, 8vo, 12« J.H.d^,ParkeriZ^j 

Sketch of his Life and Labours, by Scbaff, 12mo, Zs Qd Bagster 1854 

Auld Robin Gray, a Ballad BannatyneClubiZz^ 

Auldjo (/oAm) Ascent of Mont Bhuio, 1827, 16mo, Is Longman 1856 

Visit to Constantinople and Greek Islands, 8vo, 10s Qd Longman 1835 

Aungier (O.J.) History of Isleworth, &c., 8vo, 21« Nicholf 1841 

Aunt Affitble's Pretty Play Book. The Babes in the Wood, moveable edit. , 2« Ward dt Lock 1 86 1 

— — Agnes; or. Why and Wherefore of Life, by a Clergym. Daughter, fp. 8vo, Zs6d Hogg 1861 

Anne's History of England on Christian Principles, 16mo, Zs6d Nisbet 1849 

— Dorpthy's Tale ; or, Geraldine Morton, 2 ▼. post 8vo, 21« / BentUy 1837 


84 AUNT AVON • 1835-1862 

Atint Dorothy's Wm, by Cyda, 2 y. port 8to, 21« ifar!boroMifk...it6o 

Edith; or, Lore to God the Bert Motive, 3rd edit., 18mo, 2« 6<£ Niibei 1S5S 

Effie's Gift to the Narseiy^ 16mo, 1$ 6d : Niibet 1854 

— — — Rhymes for Little Children, 16mo, 1« RouiUdge i860 

Elinor's Lectures on Architecture, 12mo, 4« BivmgUm 1843 

Henry's Stories, 18mo, 2» 6ci ffamiUon 1849 

Jane's Budget of Stories, 16mo, 28 Cfhapmand: B,iHt 

Mary's New Year's Gift, 16mo, 2« 6d DarUm 1849 

Poetry for Use of Young PerEons, 2nd edit., 18mo, l8 6d Hamilton 1854 

Stories for Children, 16mo, S» DarUm 1845 

Mayor's Eyerlasting Picture Book for Boys, roy. 8yo, 8< W RouiUdge i860 

Gift Book, roy. 8yo, 3« 6<i Routledge i860 

. Toy Book for Children, roy. 8vo, 8< 6d RouUedge i860 

Nursery Ehymes, Illustrated, 16mo, 2s 6d RoutU4£sf^ 1858 

TWes, Illustrated by CrowquiU, roy. 8yo, (J« Routledge 1855 

■ Picture Story Books, 96 Illurtrations, roy. 8yo, 3« 6d RouUedge 1863 

Present for a Little Boy, 88 Illustrations, roy. 8vo, Zt 6d Routiedge 1856 

Girl, 74 lUurtnitions, roy. 8yo, 8* 6<i Routledge 1856 

Oddemadodd's Whispers about Little People, 4to, Is Dean 1858 

Pippin's Tales for Girls, 12mo, 5$ Brooh$ 1845 

Rosamond's Historical Enigmas, 12mo, U 6d Grifithds F, ...1850 

AureaeSententiie: Select Diyinity of Seyentcenth Century, 18mo, 2m ^d Hamilton 1839 

Aurelius Victor, Historia Romana, Hamiltonian System, 12mo, 4« AyloU ..........i86a 

Austen (Jftst) Emma, 12mo, 2« 6rf, BentUy^ 1849; Is 6d RouUedge 1850 

Mansfield Park, 12mo, 2« 6d, ReiUley, 1849 » 1» ^ RouUedge 1851 

■ Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, 12mo, 2t 6d, BenUey, 1849 i ^' ^ Routledge 1850 

Pride and Prejudice, 12mo, 2t 6<i, Bentley, 1849; Is 6d RouJUedge 1849 

Sense and Sensibility, 12mo, 2« 6d, BenUUy^ 1849 j Is Routledge 1849 

Novels, 5 vols., fcap. 8yo, adv. to 16« BenUeg i86» 

Austen (RcUpk) Spiritual Use of an Orchard, 18mo, 2s 6d PampUn 1847 

{Tho.) Wounded Soldier's Dream, and other Poems, 16mo, 6t HanUUon 1848 

Aurtin (Alfred) Five Years of it: a Novel, 2 v. port 8vo, 21s Hope 1858 

Human Tragedy, a Poem, 8vo, 7s Hardwiche ...i86» 

My Satire and its Censors, 8vo, 3s 6c{ Manwaring ...1861 

— — Season: a Satire, 2nd edit, revised, 8vo, 5s Manwaring ...18B1 

{John) Province of Jurisprudence Determined, 2ud edit., 8vo, 15« Murray 1861 

(J.G.) On Preparation of Calcareous and Hydrauliclimes, 12roo, 6s TrUbner i86a 

{J.M.) Golden Steps to Respectability, &c., 12mo, Is 6^ PaHridge 185* 

— {Mn.) Considerations on National Education, 12mO) 3s 6(f Murray 1839 

Letten on Girls' Schools, port 8vo, Is Chapman d!H.,t$sj 

■ Sketches of Germany, 1760 to 1814, port 8vo, 12s LoiMman 1854 

• Stoiy without an End, sq., 2s 6d E.Wibon 1843 

(Tho.) Monograph on the Crinoidea, Pts. 1 to 9, 4to, each 3s 6d— ooL, 5s... /. Tennant 1843-54 

(W.S.) and Ralph (/.) Lives of the Poets Laureate, 8vo, 14s Bentley 1853 

Australia: its Scenery, Natural History, &e^ 18mo, Is 6cl ReLTractSoc. ,i%S4. 

My Experiences, by a Lady, port 8vo, 10s 6d Hope i860 

— — »— Tasmania, and New Zealand : by an Englishman, port 8vO) 15s W.HaliA Co.. .1856 

Australian Keepsake: Scenery in New South Wales, obi 4to, 21s Sanda 1854 

Settlers' Handbook, The Farm, 18mo, Is 6<i .'.... Simpkin i86i 

Year-Bookof FaoU, 1853, foL is 6d A.HaU 1854 

Aurtria and the Aurtrians Described, 2 v. poet Svo, 21s Colbum 1837 

Authentic Records of Revival in United Kingdom, ed. by Reid, cr. 8vo, 3s 6d Nubet i860 

Author (The), a Poem, 16mo, 8s W.AUan 1854 

Authors of ^igland. Medallion Portraits, Notices by Chorky, n.e., r. 8vo, 10s 6d ... Gri^n i86x 

Author's Printing and Publishing Assistant, 12mo, 2s 6(2 ^ai»}u2ers^0...i84O 

Autobiographical Narrations of Crisp, Webb, Bevan, &c., 12mo, 3s Bennett 1848 

Autobiography of Frank, by Author of The Gipsy's Daughter, n.e., fy, 8vo, 3s 6d... Darton 1861 

' Maude Bolingbroke, by Emma Jane, 12mo, 5s WetikeUn — ...1849 

a Beggar Boy, new edit., 12mo, Is Tweedie 1861 

Fugitive Negro, by S. E. Ward, port 8vo, 6s 6d Snow 1855 

Joint-Stock Company, edit, by E. P. Rowsell, fp. 8vo, ls6d WarddgLodi..,iS6i 

Working Man, edit, by Hon.. Eleanor Eden, fp. 8vo, Is Bentley i86» 

an English Soldier in the U. States Army, 2 v. port 8vo, 21s Hurst d: B 1853 

Indian Army-Suigeon, port 8vo, 10s 6<i Bentley 1854 

Irish Traveller, 3 v. port 8vo, 81s 6rf Longman 1835 

Autographs for Freedom, by Mrs. Stowe, &c., 12mo, Is; port 8vo, 4s Low 1853 

12mo, Is; lUust 2s 6d .. Oassell 1853. 

Aveline (E.L.) Mother's Fables, in Verse, new edit, roy. 18mo, 2s Hogg ..i86i 

(3f.^.) Fairy Charades for Arting, 12mo, 2s Bentley 1857 

Aveling (Hen,) Poetic Hours, and Musing Moments, port 8vo, 5s' Hatchard 1857 

(T, W.) Naaman; or. Life's Shadows and Sunsliine, 12mo, 8s Snow 1853 

Travels in Lands of the Tiber, Jordan, &c., port 8vo, 6$ Snow 1854 

Aventuree d'une Chatte, Rentes par Ellemdme, par Mile. C. W., 18mo, 2s 6d Jhtlau 1856 

Averell Mdam) Memoir of his Life and Labours, by Stewart, 12roo, 6s Partridge 1849 

Avon (W.) Midsammer Day's Droam; and other Poems, )>ort 8vo, U T,Harri9on ^.1859 


ATriUott (/.B.) BiAshaaiitio Meditatioiis for a Month, transit fcap. 8to, 2t 6<f Mattert ..1862 

' Guide to Faasing AdTont, by PoBoy, 12mo, 6$ J.If.<tJ.Parkeri9^ 

■ Lent, byPuaey, 12mo, 7« J.H.d'J.PcwkeriS^ 

Pentecost, 32mo, 1< 6d T.Jiichardson.,iis^ 

Yearof AfFectiona, by Piwey, 12mo, 6< 6d J.H.dkJ,Parkeri%^7 

Awu-I-ffind; or, a Voice from the GangM, post 8to, 6« Mcmwiring ...1861 

Away from Home; or, Sights and Scenes in other Luids, fcap. 8to, 2$ Book Society ...i86z 

Aziomata Pacis, piwt 8vo, 8s Longman i86» 

Ayckboum {r.4fcir.) Chancery Practice, 7th edit., 8to, 21« Wildy 1861 

■ Forms of Proceedings in Chancery, 12mo, 10« Wildy 1859 

Ayerst (Fra,) Ghost of Junins Identified with Lt-Gen. Sir R. Rich, 8vo, 2t ^d Bosworth 1853 

(TTm.) Jewsin 19thCentary: Essays, Reviews, &c., post 8vo, 6« Wertheim 1848 

■ The Pentatenoh its own Witness, an Essay, 12mo, 2$ MaemiUan ...1859 

Aylmer (Lady) 'BtJitagQ of the Piqne across the Atlantic, 12mo, Zs Hatchard 1838 

-^— (ifr«.X)Bu8h Life; or, a Woman's Adventures among the Caffires, fp. 8vo, \$ Ward d: Lock, .i86x 

Memoirs of a Lady in Waiting, fcap. 8vo, Is .♦. Ward d: Lock, .i86x 

(Mrs,J.E.) Distant Homes; or, Graham Family in New Zealand, 16mo, 8« 6d... Griffith ik P. ...i86z 

Ayre {John) Leotnres on the Lituigy, 12mo, 8« 6d Sedey 1836 

Mystery of Godliness, 12mo, 8t Bums 1836 

' Sermons on the Advent, 12mo, 8f SteUy 1835 

——• (/oc) Christian Philanthropist's Pilgrimage, a Poem, 12mo, 5« WhiUaker 1850 

— ^ Nature and Origin of Dropsies, 8rd edit., 8vo, ^sM WhiUaher 1847 

Ayres (JTen.) Register of British and Foreign Funds, fcc, 8vo, 10s Rickardtons ...1857 

-~ (Afff.) Lady's Arithmetician, 2nd edit., 12mo, 5s — Keyto, 8<.... Longman 1846 

(7%o.) Young Lady's Arithmetic, 18mo, 2« WhiUaker 1845 

(IT.P.) Cultivation of Cucumbers in Pots, 12mo, 8s 0<2 Sherwood 1850 

Ayrton (Emi,) Words by the Wayside for Children, l«mo, Zs W— col. 4s 6rf QriffilhdeF, ...1854 

> (/.C7a^r> Lord Bridgenorth's Niece, fcap. 8vo, Is Ward ds Lock,. \%h% 

(/S<Top«) Practice in Bankruptcy as to Bonds, 12mo, 4s Lumley 1840 

Aytoun {SirR.) Poems, edit, by Sir C. Roger, post 8vo, 6s Longman 1844 

{W,S.) Ballads of SooUand, 2 v., 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo, 12s Btacktooods ...1859 

^ * Bothwell, aPoem, 8rd edit., fcap. 8vo, 7« 6(i Blackwoods ...1858 

— • Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 7s 6(Z Blackwoods ...1855 

_«_ Norman Sinclair, 8 v. post 8vo, Zls^d Blackwoods ...1861 

Azamoglanf a Tragedy, 12mo, 2s 6<i « Simpkin 1845 

Azan {FeL) Quadrupeds of Paraguay, translated by Hunter, 8vo, 10s fid Longman 1838 

Aaevedo {Ign,) and St. Peter of Alcantara, Lives of, 2 v. 12mo, 8s T,Ric/iardson. .1857 

Baal; or. Sketches of Social Evils: a Poem, 12mo, 5s Freeman i86a 

Babbage (C%as.) Decline of Science, in Bnghmd, 8vo, 7s 6d Murray 1830 

1 : — '- Economy of Machinery and l^nu^ietures, 4th ed., 12mo, 6s Murray 1846 

^ : Ninth Bridgewater Treatise, a Fragment, 8vo, 9s6d Murray... 18^7' 

T-r— T — : Tables of Logarithms, toj. 8vo, 6s Murray 1841 

Views of Industry, Science, &c., of England, 1851, 8vo, 7s 6d Murray i85r 

Babel: a Satirical Poem, 1692, 4to Maitland Club 

Baber (J'lfftperor) Life of , by R. M. Caldeoott, 8vo, 8s J. Darling 1844 

Babes in the Basket ; or, Daph and her Charge, 18mo, Is, Morgan, i860 ; fp. 8vo, 2s Low i86a 

Wood, Illustrated by Lady Waterford, roy. 8vo, 21«, cold., 42s .a Addey 1853 

«_ ——^moveable edit., toj. 8vo, 2s Ward <k Lock... liii 

— ^ with Coloured Enipravings, new edit., 16mo, 5t ^ Low i860 

Babington (O.C.) Ancient C^unbridgeshire (Oftmbridge Antiqn. Soc.), 8vo, Zs 6d Parker da Son 1853 

! Botany, Manual of British, 5th edit, 12mo, 10s M Van Voorst ...i86a 

r : — Flora of Cambridgeshire, cr. 8vo, 7s Van Voorst ...i860 

. , the Channel Islands, 12mo, 4s Longman 1839 

r : Synopsis of the British Rubi, 8vo, 2s Van Voorst ...1846 

^ — r-(Churckill) Essay on Macauky's Character of the Clergy, 8vo, 4s 6<i /. H.<kJ. Parkeri 849 

• Hnlsean Essay, 1845 : Christianity«and Slavery, 8 vo, 5s Rivington 1 846 

— ^ — : — (7^^.) View of Early Christian Education, 9th edit., 12mo, 6s Hatchard 1841 

Babrins : Fabulse .fisopee, with Notes by G. C. Lewis, p. 8vo, 5s 6(i, 1846 ; pt.2, Ss 6d Parker de Son 1859 

Babrius's Fables, in Two Parts, transl. into English Verse by Davies, fjp. 8vo, 6s Lo(kwood i860 

Bal^ : Dedicated to the Mothers of England, square 16mo, Is Day 186a 

Babylon and the Euphrates, 18mo, 10(2, cloth. Is td, (Monthly vol. ) Tract Society ... 1 8 5 1 

Jerusalem 1 a Letter to Countess Hahn-Hahn, 12mo, 2s6d ParkerdsSon.. 1851 

: r- Destroyed; or, Histoiy of the Assyrian Empire, 18mo, 2s 6c{ Hamilton 1840 

Bacchus and the Tee-Totidlers, sm. 4to, 6s Sherwood 1840 

Bache (/.) Table of the French Language, 12mo, Is %m 1846 

Bachelor Butterfly, the Veritable Hktory of, obL, 5s 6ogue 1^45 

'- of the Albany, post 8vo, 9s, 1845; new edit., 12mo, 2s Chapman ds H. i%\^ 

^'s Holidays, lihno, 5s Houlston 1835 

Own Book, Illustrated by Cruickshank, 8rd edit., obi., 5s, oold., 8s Bogue 1845 

Bachhoffher ((?.ir.) Chemistiy as Applied to the Fine Arts, 8vo, 7s 6d Carpenter 1837 

Back (Cop*.) Arctic Land Expedition, 1838-35, 8vo, 80s Murray 1836 

Perils and Escape of H.M. Ship "Terror," 8vo, 2ls Murray 1838 

non: its Hiatory and Practice, 12mo, Zs Qd ..../ Bogue 1844 

ti{f,i^Z/») Umoin of the Society of Friends, to 1683, toL 1, 8vo, 12sr..... BenneU-.". 1854 

86 BACKHOUSE BAGOT 1885-1865 

Backhoiiite (/a«0 Visit to tlie Austi^liiwi Coloniea, 8vo, 16$ HamiUon 1843 

1. Mauritius wid South Africa, 8vo, 16« ffamilUm 1844 

Backker (3farf.) Celine ; Hiatoire d'une Bmigrte, ISmo, 2t6d Rolandi 185X 

Petit Th6Atre de la Jeunease, 12mo, 5« Dulau 1836 

Soutemdn ; ou, lea Deux ScBure, 18mo, 2* 6rf Dulau 1851 

Backwoods of Canada, by a Lady, ISmo, 1«, Cox, 1846 ; U ffodson .........1862 

Baoon (Lord) Works, by Ellis, Spedding, Ac., 8vo Longman.,. iZ $7 '62 

y. 1^8. Philosophical, 8 v., each 18«. 

4_5. Translated, v. 1, 14«— t. 2, IBs, 

6 — 7. Literary, y. 1 and 2, each 18*. 

8—9. Letters and Life, by J. Spedding, 24«. 

Montagu, 17 toIs. 8vo, 8/ 18* 6d Ptcferwi^... 18x5-36 

2t. imp. 8vo, 36«, 1846; red. to 25« ff.Bohn i86» 

Adyanoement of Learning, by Markby, 12mo, 2t Parker 4&S0H...1ZS* 

Montagu, 12rao, Ss PUkering 1849 

Character of -his Life and Works, by Martin, 12mo, 6« Maxwell 1836 

. Essays, 82mo, 1« 6d, Oroombridge,—hj Markby, 12mo, U 6d Parker 4& Son... li $9 

and Advancement of Learning, with Illustrations, sq. 16mo, U Knight 1840 

Colours of Good and Evil, by Wright, 12mo, 4$ (J<i,p.8vo,7« M MaemiUan i86a 

• Locke's Conduct of the Understanding, 18mo, 1« 4d Chambers .......i86x 

- Apophthegms, &c, Notes by Devey, p. 8yo, 8< 6d If. Bohn 185* 

-by Monta^, 12mo, 6«, -Ptdfcmw^— by Spiers, 8t WhiUaker 1851 

Singer, 12mo, 5f BeUJItDaldy ...i^s^ 

with Annotations by Arehbp. Whately, 6 e. , 8yo, lOa 6d Parker A Son 1 860 

His Writings and his Philosophy, by G. L. Criik, new edit., 18mo, 8f W Oriffin i860 

Life and Correspondence, post 8vo, lis SaundersdfO. t86i 

Life of, by Lord CampboU, 12mo, 2s M Murray 1854 

Rev. J. Sortain, 12mo, Zs 6d Tract Society 1851 

Novum Organum, and Advancement of Learning, by Devey, cr. 8yo, 5s H. Bohn 1853 

in Englirfi, 12mo, 6« BeUibDaldy ...iZs9 

fcap. 8yo, 6s - Pickering 1844 

Lat. Notes by Brewer, 12mo, is AuUior 1856 

Kitchin, 8yo, 9« 6rf JM Je J. Parker iZsS 

• Personal History of, by Wm. Hepworth Dixon, 8vo, 12» Murray i860 

- Selections from, by Moffiatt, 8vo, 9« Orr 1837 

Story of the Life of, byV. Hepworth Dixon, 12mo, 7« 6d Murray i86a 

• Thoughts on Holy Scripture, compiled by John G. Hall, post 8yo, 6s ... Hamilton 1862 

-(iW.) Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded, 8vo, IBs Groombridge ...i%S7 

-(Z).F.)E8says on Slavery, 12mo, 6« New York 1846 

Lives of the Apostles, 8vo, 16« New York 1846 

(iJ.^OI'ecturesforUseof Sick Persons, with Ptayers, 12mo, 2s6d ffatchard 1861 

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-Pt. 2,12mo,l#6(2;lv.eomp.Si Bateman 1862 

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— (Roger) Opus Terdum et Opus Minus, ed, by Brewer, roy. 8vo, 10« Longman i860 

' {R.N.) Prise Essay on the Agriculture of Norfolk, 8vo, 10s (W Bitlgway 1844 

— — {Tho.) Impresmons and Studies from Nature in Hindostan, 2 yols. 8vo, 80s Allen ds Co. ...1837 

Bacon's Guide to American Politics, National and State Governments, 1 2mo, Is Low 1862 

Bad Beginning : Story of a French Marriage, 2 vols, post Svo, 21s Smith ds Elder 1862 

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Baden-Baden dispkyed, 16mo, 6s Tilt 1840 

Badger ((r. P.) Nestorians and their Bituals, 2 vols. 8vo, 86s MaMors 1852 

Badham (C) Aids to Devotion, roy. 82mo, 2< Hamiltdn 1843 

Selections from Bobert Hall, fcap. 8vo, 6s6<i Ball 1846 

. (CD.) Esculent Mushrooms of En^^d Described, roy. 8vo, 2l8 Biew 1847 

- — Prose Halieutics: Ancient and Modem Fish Tattle, post 8 vo, 12s ParkeirdtSon 1854 

— ~ (Dar.) Insect life, 12mo, is^d Blackwoods ...1845 

Badier (i. (7.) French Verbs, printed on cloth, SsQd Spottiswoode ...iZs^, 

Baedeker's Manual of Conversation, in Engl, French, and Italian, 10th ed. 12mo, 8s6c{ Williams d; N. 1855 

' (K.) Handbook for Travellers on the Rhine, ko.i fcap. 8vo, is6d Murray ....:.... iZii 

BaflSed, a Tale, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s Netoby 1858 

Bagatelle (La) Bevised by Madsime N. L., with Cuts, 18mo, 2s 6d Lockwood 1861 

Bagehot (W(Ut^ Estimates of some EngliJahmen and Scotchmen, 8vo, 14s ChapmandfH. 1858 

Bagge (H.T.) free Development of the Bomish System, 12mo, 8s Seeley 1851 

" Text and Commentary of Epistle to the Ghilatians, 8vo, 9s Nisbet 1856 

• (/as.) Sermons Preached at Melton Mowbray, 12mo, 6s 6<i Hatchard 1835 

Bagh-0-Bahar; or, the Garden and the Spring, transl. byB. B. Eastwich, 8vo, 21s ... Madden 1852 

■ by D. Forbes, roy. 8vo, 16s, 1846; 8vo, 10s, 1851 ; post 8vo, 5s Allen ds Co. ...1859 

by Monier Williams, post 8vo, 6s 6d Longman 1859 

Bagley (^eo.) Believer's Pocket Companion, 12mo, 8s6rf Wai'd 1852 

(W.) New Practice of the Courts of Law, roy. 8vo, 84s Maxwell 1840 

Ba^t (D.) Disciples in the Storm, Exposition of Matt; xiv. 22-8, 12mo, 2s6<i Groombridge ...1839 

■ Exposition of Matthew, Ch, 1-17, roy. 8vo, 7s6d Groombridge ...1%^ 

' r TamptfttiOR of Qhiistt in tho WUderaesi^ l8»o, Is^ m...^..« , 0r0mJbrid(f9...t^i> 

1835-1862 BAGOT BAILY 87 

(2>.) The Atonement, anAxigament, le«p. 8vo, U Groamhridffe *,. 1^60 

Thorn in the Flesb, 82mo, la WhiUdker 1839 

Treatise on the Lord*8 Supper, 82mo, U 6d (rn>oiii6ru^...i84i 

- Truisfiguration, 82dio, ls6d Groombrid^e ...xZ^o 

Bagshaw (^fo.) Qlanoe at Calyiniam, 12mo, 2$ Sitnpkin 1846 

Baister (S.Jr,) Memoirs of, by J. Broad, 12mo, i$6d Ward 1837 

{Sam,) Treatise on the Management of Bees, 12mo, 7< Saunders^ 0. 1838 

's Analytical Hebrew and Ghaldee Lexicon, sm. 4to, 42« Bagster ..1848 

Chronological Scripture Atlas, 4to, half-mor., lOa^d Bagster 1847 

Commentaiy, wholly Biblical, 8 vols. 4to, 68« Bagater , i860 

Bibles, Testaments, Lexicons, ftc. See Appendix. 

Baharie (il^ex.) ImproTed Coastei's Guide, 8to, 4a Simpkm 1845 

Bahin ((7.P.) ^<xl^8peaker : Guide to French Conrersation, 12mo, Za NuU 1859 

Bahr (JnL) Naughty Boys and Girls, by Mad. de Chatelain, am. iiOj 2a 6d Addey 185a 

Baikie (i2«c4.) Observations on the Neilgherries, roy. 8yo, 15a AUen&Co 1838 

BMlbimie («/oAn) Consumption, the Modem Youth Consumer, 12mo, \a Darton 1859 

_— ^— Hydropathic Aphorisms and Medicinal Abuses, 12mo, Is 6<i Darton 1859 

Philosophy of the Water Cure, 12mo, Za Binna 1845 

• — ^ Speculum applied to Diseases of the Womb, 8vo, Ida L<mgman 1836 

— ^ Water Cure in Consumption and Scrofula, 8vo, 8rd ed. 16a Lonaman 1856 

Words of a Water Doctor, 8to, 2a Gadaby 1848 

Bin. CouET, Reports op :— 

Dowling, 9 T. royal 8to, 19110a Stevena 1830-40 

and Lowndes, 9 t. 20110a 6d Slevena 1841-9 

Saunders and Cole, 2 T. royal 8to, 42 44 Stevena 1841-8 

Lowndes, Maxwell and Pollodc, 2 v. roy. 8to, il7a Stevena 1850-1 

and Maxwell, roy. 8to, 11a Stevena 185a 

Bailey (j9€n.) Wesleyan Local Preacher's Own Book, 12mo, 8« (M Longman 1848 

(Chaa.) Transcripts from Archiyes of Winchester, post 8vo, 6a 6d J.H.AJ,Parkeri%$6 

(^'2.) Lady Jane G^y, and other Poems, 2 t. 12mo, 16« y Longman 1854 

' (iT./.) Chiuxdi Education at Home and Abroad, post Sto, 8f Longman 1851 

Liturgy Compared with the Bible, new edit., 12mo, 5« Soc.P.C.K. ...1861 

(Hen.) Testimony of the Catholic Church to the Common Prayer, Svo, 15a Pwrherds Son 1847 

— r- Three Sermons on the Prodigal Son, 8to, 1« Rivington i860 

— (/(u.) Comicorum (Jnecorum Pragmenta, pt. 1, 8to, 9aM Parker A Son 1840 

(John) Missionary of Kilmany, post 8to, 2a, 1853; 7th edit. 12mo, Is Hamilton 1855 

{Sir J,) Summary of the Law of BiUs of Exchange, 6th edit., Syo, 22s Penning 1849 

(/.) Diatribe de Yocas Aielouros, cum epimetro, pars prior, 12mo, 2a 6d ... Longm^in 1848 

— ' : Hermeisianactis Elegiad Fragmentum, 8vo, 7« WkiUaker 1839 

(PA. /.) Angel World, and other Poems, 12mo, iaQd Pickering 1850 

Feetus, a Poem, post 8to, St; 6th edit., post 8to,8< 6(2 Chapman A ff.iZio 

International Policy of the Great Powers, fcap. 8vo, 6s Saundera A 0. 1861 

The Age ; a Colloquial Satire, post 8vo, 6s 6c{ Chapman ds ff.iZ $2 

The Mystic, and other Poems, postSvo, 5« Chapman A ff.iS$$ 

" (Sam.) Discourses on various Subjects before literary Societies, 8to, 8s 6d Longman 1852 

7 Essays on Formation of Opinions, 12mo, 6s 6rf Green 185a 

Pursuit of Truth and Progress of Knowledge, 8ro, 9s 6d Longman 1844 

- Letters on Philosophy of Human Mind, 1st series, 8vo, 8« Longman 1855 

• 2nd series, 8to, Za6d Longman 1858 

On the Text of Shakespeare's Dramatic Writings, Svo, Za6d Loi^/man 1861 

Eeriew of "Berkeley's Theory of Vision,'* 2nd edition, 8to, 7s Bidgway 1841 

Theory of Beasoning, 2nd edit., 8to, 7s 6<i Longman 185a 

"(Thoa.) Advent of Charity, and other Poems, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1851 

Handbook to Newstead Abbey, 12mo, la 6d Simpkin 1855 

> History of Nottinghamshire, 4 vols. roy. 8to, 42s Simpkin 1855 

•Beoordsof Longevity, poet Svo, 6s Darton 1856 

—— (TFm.) Angler's Instructor, post 8vo, 2s 6(2 Longman 1857 

——<Fr.5.) Voyage up the Quorra and Tahadda Rivers, 1864, 8vo, 16s Murray 1856 

Bailie (J.K.) Fasdoulus Inaoriptionnm Graeoarum, v. 1, 4to, 16s— v. 2, 24s Rivington 1846 

Bai]lie(/oan.) Dramatic and Poetical Works, with Life, 8vo, 21s, 1853 ; red. to 10s 6(2 H. Bohn i860 

— Fugitive Verses, 12mo, 9s Moxon 1840 

(John) Graoe Abounding ; a Narrative ill. the Effects of the Revival, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Niabet 1 860 

Life Studies; or. How to Live, 12mo, 5a Sedey 1857 

■ Rivers in the Desert; or. Mission Scenes, new edit, post 8vo, 5a Sedey 1801 

Scenes of life, Historical and Biographical, cr. 8vo, 5s Niahk 1861 

The Revival; or. What I saw in Ireland, 12mo, 8(2 Niwbet i860 

Thoughts, fcc., of Christian Life, 18mo, Is 6(2 Nubei 1857 

■ (iV.^.)Moohummudaii Lawof Land Tax, 8vo, 6s Smith di Elder 1853 

Sale, 8vo, 14s Smith da Elder 1850 

— - (Reb.) Letters and Journals, 1687-1662, cd. by Laing, n. e. 2 v. roy. 8vo, 28s Lealie 1841 

• 3 V. roy. 8vo, 48s Hamilton 184a 

(fFm.) Hebrew Grammar, 8vo, 6s 6<2 Simpkin 1841 

with Praxis and Pealms, 8vo, 10s 6d Simpkin 1843 

Baily (Fra.) Catalogueof 47,890 Stars, for Beginning of Tear 1800, 8vo, 21s TayhrdsF. ...1847 

I — 9,766 Stan, Soothem Hemisphere 8vo> 6f TayhrSF* ...1845 

88 BAILY BAKER 1885-186^51 

Baily (/Vii.) ^ounal of aTov in North America, 1796-07, 8to, lOf M .:*. JSuUff \ 1S56 

1 (ya*») Descriptioa of Centna America, post 8vo, 5s Stai^ft^rd 1S50 

- — Management of the Dorking Fowl, 12mo, li6d /reiiiuii^&aii»...i85a 

'. — Bemarks on PheasantB and Pheaaantries, 24mo, 1« JIenningham...i$$7 

• Treatiae on Prindpal Breeds of Fowls, 12mo, 2$ ff ennmgham ..,iHo 

- and Land, Treatise on Differential Calculus, 8to, lOt (ki Baily 1S5S 

• (^. it ) Obeenrations on General Aveiage, 2nd edit., Syo, 10«^ -^^ '^5^ 

-Perils of the Sea and Policies of Assoranoe, 8to, 12« B.WiUtm i860 

Baily^s Foreign Interpreter, in Six Languages, 12mo, Is BaUy i86» 

*— Lcmdon in ^ Bambles ; with Bzcursions to Ten Miles Round, 12mo, 1« Baily i86a 

Turf Ghiide and Racing Register, Winter edit, 12mo, 2s M BaUy i860 

—^ United Service and Bast India Record, 12mo, 2s 6d Baily 185a 

Unirenal Railway Quide, obL, 8# 6d Baily 1846 

Bain(J/cx.) Application of Blectro-Fluid to Useful Arts, 8yo, 4^ Chapman AH. 1843 

-> Bmotions and the Will, 8to, 15t Parkent Son, 1859 

Senses and the Intellect, 8to, 16« Parker it 8<m 1855 

■I Study of Character, with an Bstimate of Phrenology, 8to, 9« Parker ds Son 1861 

((7. if.) Poems, 12mo, Zs Siwpkin 1859 

(iXm. ) .£ra Astnea ; or, the Age of Justice, an Ode, 12mo, 4^ Smith A Elder 1845 

Ireland, its Wants and Capabilities, 12mo, 2t SmiikAElder 1836 

* i Obeerrations on the Potato Disease of 1845-46, 8to, 2s 6d Simphin 1848 

{Rich,) Lyniletia ; or, Revelations of the Heart, and other Poems, post 8vo, 7« 6d Longman 1861 

Bainbridge (ifar.) Rose of Woodlee, aTale, Syols. post 8vo, 81« 6d..: BvU 1843 

* {Q.C) Fly-Fi8her*s Quids, 4th edit., post 8vo, 10« 6<i Longman 1840 

n (Rich.) Guide to the Conservatory, 12mo, 5« Baldwin 184a 

« (Wm.) Treatise on Law of Mines and Minerals, 1856, 8vo, 24s Bntterwortks ,..1856 

Bainbrigge {W.H,) Lectures on Early Education, 12mo, Is 6d W. AUan 1854 

Baines (£^.) First Form Latin Gnunmar, 16mo, Is Hope 1855 

.; — : — -^ Hirtoryof Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, 8vo, 15« Fisher 1835 

.. Life of, by his Son, Edw. Baines, 8vo, 9«, 1851 ; 12mo, 2s M Longman 1859 

Visit to the Yaudois of Piedmont, 16mo, Is (Traveller's Libraiy) Longman 1855 

-{Ben.) Flora of Toikshire, 8vo, 78 6<^ Supplement to, 8vo, 5« Pamplin 1840 

-{John) Tales of the Austrian Empire, 18mo, 1< 6d Masiters 1851 

- Twenty Sermons preached at Haverstodc Hill, 12mo, 7s Masters . 

-(7%ot.) History of Commerce and Town of Liverpool, roy. 8vo, 26« Longman 185a 

- Port and Town of Liverpool, 1859, post 8vo, 5s Longman 1859 

— : — Scenery and Events in SouUi Africa, pt. 1, fol.. 21s ; oold., 86s Ackerman 185a 

Baird (Q.W.) Chapter on Liturgies, with Preface Ij Binney, 12mo, Zs6d Knight <C* Son 1856 

{Hugh) Beaten Oil for the Light of Life; Thoughts on Bible Texts, p. 8vo, 7s 6d Hamilton i86a 

Words in Season : Homilies for the Toung, 82mo, 2« Hamilton 1856 

< (HmT.) Tablesof Foreign Exchanges, Weights, and Measures, Equated, 4to, 15t . Simpkin i86x 

{Jas.) Classical Mamud, 12mo, 4s Whittaker 185a 

(yoA») Memoir of, by W. Baird, 12mo, 2s 6<i Nisbet 186a 

r (JS.) Catalogue of Greek Verbs, 8vo, 3» 6d BeUds Daldg 1855 

,. First Latin Vocabulary and Accidence, 12mo, Is 6c{ Parker A Son 1855 

, \ Forms and Peculiarities of the Homeric Dialect, post 8vo, Is 6<i Bell 4b IkUdg 1853 

•^ — ' (i\r.3f.) Modern Greece, 8vo, Illustrated, 8« 6d Low .1856 

{Robt.) Impressions of West Indies and America, 1849, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21s ... Bktckwoods ...1850 

Sketches of Protestantism in Italy, 12mo, 2« Hamilton 1847 

View of Religion in the United States, 8vo, 10s 6(2 Blackie 1843 

(iZ. JET.) American Cotton Spinner, 12mo, 6s Philadelphia.. .i%$t 

{S.F.) Birds of North America, 4to, £6 6« Philadel2yhia...j$eo 

' (S.J.) The First Adam and the Second, 8 vo, 15s Philadelphia... i%6o 

-Dictionary of Nat. History, Illustrated, 8vo, 12s 6<2, 1858 ; n. e., lOt 6d Griffin i860 

• The Passion of Jesus: a Course of Lent Lectures, 1861, 12mo, Is 6d ... Masters i86r 

Baird's British Entromostraca, 8vo, 21s RaySoeietg ...- 

Baker (Anne) Glossary of Northamptonshire, 2 vols, post 8vo, 24s, reduced to 16s ... J. R. Smith ...1854 

(ilrt) Lectures on the Saints' Days, 12mo, ls6ci Rivington 1856 

Sermons on Holy Joy and Sfl4ntiy Character, 12mo, 6s 6(i Rivington 1847 

(C%as. /.) Bible Characters, Book of, 4th edit., 16mo, Is Houlston 1861 

■■ Chronology, Chart of. Is Houlston 1861 

, Events, Book of, 4th edit., 16mo, Is Houlston i86c 

_ Geography, Book of, 4th edit. (Eight Maps), fcap. 8vo, ls6d... Houlston 186 1 

— .; ■ History, Reading Book of, Ghudation 1, fcap. 8vo,'4d Wertheim i86a 

■ Manual for Teadiers, „ fcap. 8vo, Is Wertheim 186a 

Reading Book of, Gradation 2, fcap. 8vo, 6d Wertheim 1861 

— — Manual for Teachers, „ fcap. 8vo, ls6rf Wertheim 1856 

Reading Book of , Gradation 8, fcap. 8vo, Is Wertheim 1861 

■ ^__ Manual for Teachers, , , (7 Maps), fp. 8vo, 2s 6d. Wertheim 1 856 

Tablet Lessons, lar . type, Gr. 1 (in frame), demy 4to, 8s Wertheim 1 86 1 

Cla88Book,withNotes,Poem8,Maps,andWoodcut8,fp. 8vo, 8s6<£ Wertheim 1861 

Catechetical Exercises for Bible Classes, with Maps, fcap. 8vo, ls6<i Wertheim 1859 

Circle of Knowledge, Gradation 1, 16mo, 6d Wertheim 1861 

- Manual for Teachers, Gradation 1, 1 6mo, 2s. . . Wertheim ; 8 6 1 

r.Gradatiqp 2{ 16o)p, €f<i «..., .•..«. Wertheim ....;. t86^i 

1835-18dS BAKER BALFERN ^ 89 

Baker (Chen, J,) Circle of Knowledge, Hanual for TeaeberB, Ghradation 2, 10mo, 2f... WerUiem i8fo 

Gradation 8, 16mo, 1< Wertheim i86i 

^—- Manual for Teachers, Gradation 8, f cap. 8vo, 8# Wertheim 1856 

■ Gradation 4, fcap. Sto, Z$6d Wertheim i86» 

- Tablet Leoons, large type (in frame), 4to, 5s... Wertheim i86a 

-PictareLeBfionafor Boys and Girls, 16mo, 1« Wertheim 1856 

- Reading without Spelling, 16mo, 4(2 Wertheim 1861 

• Beading and Catechising — 1. Nat. and Berealed Beligioni^ 16mo, Gd ffoultUm i86z 

-2. The Creation, 16mo, 6<£ Houltton 1861 

Scripture Characters, 16mo, 6(2 Ifoulston 1861 

• Sdentifio Class Book, 880 Woodcuts, fcap. 8vo, Zs6d WerUieim 1862 

-Tabular View of the Old Test, for Schools, a Chart, ItOd Wertheim 1856 

-Students, „ 8» Wertheim 1856 

Watts's Catechisms, A' Teacher's Lessons on, 16mo, 2d .. HoultUm i860 

- (C.J.) Eemarks on Sydney and Melbourne, N.S. Wales, post 8vo, 8< Smith ds Elder 1845 

-(Edm.) Guide to Family Devotion, post 8to, 2«6<i Painter 1848 

- (E.A,) Fruits of the Spirit, and other Poems, 12mo, 1<6(£ Groomhridge...iS^7 

- (Geo,) History of Northamptonshire, 2 toIb. fol, 182 18* Nichols 1838 

(/ames) Our Volunteer Army, post 8to, 2< MacmiUan ...1862 

- (If r«.) Companion to the Lying-in- Boom, ISmo, Is 6(( O. Cox 1857 

Stories of the Elements, 18mo, ls6d Dean d: Son ...1848 

- (Ofcor) Songs of Frithiof, from the Swedish, 8to, Ss 6d Bull 1841 

-> (iS. IT.) Eight Years* Wanderings in Ceylon, 8to, 15« Longman 185$ 

■ The Bifle and the Hound in Ceylon, 12mo, isQd Longman 1857 

(rAoi.) Elements of Mechanism, 12mo, 2sQd Weale 1858 

Law relatingto Burials in England and Wales, 1857, 12mo, 6s Mcuncell 1857 

Manuscripts, an Index to, 8to, 7« 6(2 Parker <k Son 184S 

Mathematical Theory of the Steam Engine, 1 2mo, 1< (Weale*s Series) Virtue 186a 

Naval and Civil Service Rules for Candidates, 12mo, 5t Weale 1862 

Principles and Practice of Statics and Dynamics, 12mo, Is Weale 1851 

- Budimentary Treatise on Mensuration, 12mo, Is Weale 1850 

•Budiments<^ Land and Engineering Surveying, 12mo, 2s Weale .........1850 

• Steam Engine; or. Powers of Flame, a Poem, post 8vo, 7<6<2 ffodson «6 Son 1857 

- Treatise on Bailway En^^eering and Earthwork, 8vo, 5< Longman 1848 

(7.^.) Anatomico-Theology: Skeletons of Sermons, 8vo, 6s Wertheim i860 

Christ the Man of Sorrows, 12mo, 8« 6(2 Wertheim 1846 

■ Skeletons of Sermons on. Doctrines, &c,of Christian Beligion, 8vo,5« Wertheim i860 

(71 r.) Operations at Bangoon and Martaban, 1852, 8vo, 5« JIatchard 1852 

- (Vol.) Eemarks on Oiganisation of the British Cavalry, 8vo, 7<6(2 Longma/n 1858 

- (W.) Compendium of the Law of Coroner, 1851, l^o, 14s BuUerworth ...1851 

- Memoir of, by John Bowen, 8vo, 5s Longman 1854 

■ Prac. Compendium of Statutes affecting Office of Coroner, 12mo, 5s Butterworth ...1854 

(W.E.) and Ainsworth (W,F.) Hist, and Present State of Cilicia, 8vo, 8«6(2 Orifin 1856 

(ff.iZ.) Anti -Mysticism; or, Man in Relation to the Spirit, 12mo, 8s Ward 185$ 

Evils, Causes, and Cure of Intemperance, 12mo, 4th edit., 8s ITord... ......... 1855 

- Oar State Church; her Structure, Doctrines, &c., 12mo, newed., 2« Houlston 1855 

Baker (Tbe), new edit, 12mo« Is Houlston 1849 

Bakewell (Mrs. J.) Mothei^s Guide to Early Training of Children, 4th ed., 12mo, 8i6(2 Snow ...186a 

-^ ( Practical Hints on Management of SickBoom, Is Snow 1857 

(i?o6<.) Introduction to Geology, 5th ed., 21« Longman 1838 

Bakon (/War) Prophesie : a Satire, 1604, edited by Halliwell Percy Society... 

Balanidift and Yerrucida of Great Britain, Fossil, by Darwin PaUrontogr^So. 

Balcarres* Memoirs touching the Rebellion in Scotland BannatgneClubiS^o 

Balch(Tr. fi.)Irelanda8lSawit, post 8vo, 8s 6<2 H.K,Lems ...1850 

Bal Masqufi, by Count Chicard, 82mo, Is Bogus 1848 

Baldrachi (Jos,) Ceremonial according to the Romish Bite, by Dale, 8vo, 2nd edit , 7s Dolman 1 8 59 

Baldwen (P,) Two Brides ; French Chateau and English Home, cr. 8vo, 10« 6(2 ...... Ja, Blackwood 1858 

Baldwin (A.C) Themes for the Pulpit, 12mo, 2s Boutledge 1848 

' — ^ Traveller's Vade Mecum, 12mo, 4s Low 1^53 

(JF.TV:^.) Fables, new edit, 12mo, 4s Tegg 1840 

————— History of England, 12mo, new edit, 8« 6<2 Longman 1859 

__ Greece, 12mo, new edit, Zs 6d Tegg 1861 

. Bome, 12mo, revised by W. S. Kenny, 2f 6(2 Tegg 1861 

Outlinesof English History, 18mo, Is Longman 1856 

■ Pantheon of the Heathen Deities, 12mo, 4s 6(2 Tegg 1849 

(0,C,) Representative Men of the New Testament, 8vo, 6s 6d New York 1859 

(J.O,) Party Leaders, 8vo, 5s 6(2 TrUbner 1854 

• (/. W,) Narrative of a Four Months' Campaign in India, 12mo, Is Whittaker 1853 

(T,) Universal Pronouncing Gasetteer, 12mo, 8th edit, lOt 6<2 J,Chapman ...1849 

■ (TF.) Bellquise Bald winianse, by W. Darlington, 12mo, 8s Philadelphia... 1%^$ 

(W.C.) AfricanHunting, from Natal to the Zambesi, 1852 to 1860, 8vo, 21s Bentley 18611 

Bale (Bp.) Kyng Johan, a Play, ^ited by Collier Camden SocietyiS^ 

Select Writings, 8vo Parker Society 1849 

Balfem (W, P.) Glimpses of Jesus, Srd edit, 12mo, 8s ed J,F.Shaw 1857 

■ LesBonsfrom Jeaas ; or, Teachings of Divine Lo?e^ 12mo, is 6(2 J,F,8haw 1859 

40 BALFOUR BALLANTYNE • 1835-1862 

Balfour {Clara L.) A Mother's Lenons on the Lordt'i Prayer, folio, 2t M Partridge i86a 

«- Confeadonf of a Decanter, 12mo, It Partridgt 1861 

Drift, a Story of Waifi and Strays, fcap. Svo, U ; cl. \$ 6d HaulMtm 1861 

Happy Erenings ; or, Literary Institution at Home, 12mo, Z$ 6d HouUtom 1851 

• Hints on Household Management, poet 8vo, \9 Partridge 1862 

Lires of Working Women of Last Half Cent. , new ed. , 12mo, Z$ M Bennett 1 860 

Moral Heroism ; or, Trials of Great and Good, 2 ed^ 12mo, Za (id Houhtfm 1854 

Morning Dew Drops ; Juvenile Abstainer, 6th ed., post 8to, 8«6ci Bennett i86a 

Passages in the History of a Shilling, 12mo, 1« Partridge 1862 

Scrub; the Workhouse Boy, 12mo, 6<i PaHridge i860 

Sketches of English Literature, 14th to 19th Cent., 12mo, 7< ... Longman 1852 

• 5 series, each Is % Caah 1855 

Sunbeams for all Seasons, fcp. 3« 6d HouUton 1861 

Toil and Trust, Life-Story of Patty the Workhouse Giri, fp. 8to, Is Partridge i860 

> Two Christmas Days, 12mo, Is Partridge i86a 

Uphill Work, fcap. 8vo, Zi6d Houldon 1861 

Victim (The) or an Bvening's Amusement, 6(2 ffouUton i860 

Wanderings of a Bible, 12mo, Is Partridge i86a 

Warning: a Narrative of Facts, 12mo, 6d Partridge 1861 

Whisper to a Newly-Married Pair, 12mo, 8t M HouUton 1850 

Woman and the Temperance Reformation, 12mo, Is J/ouUton 1849 

Women of Scripture, 12mo, 2nd edit., 9t 6d HouUton 1850 

{Dr. F.) Prior Delectus Sententiamm et Historiarum, 12mo, 2t 6d Longman 1847 

(/.) Painted Ghiss, Treatise on ; royal 8to, 10s 6(2 Chapmantk U.,i%^s 

— (/.J7.) Botanist's Companion, cr. 8to, 2s 6(2 Lonmnan i860 

— Yade-Meeum, 12mo, Is Grijin 1855 

Botany and Religion, as Illustrated in God's Works, cr. 8vo,6s 6<2 Longman 1859 

- — Class Book of Botany, 8vo, 81« 6(2 Longman 1854 

Pt. 1. Structural, 10s 6(2— Pt. 2. Vegetable Physiology, 21s 

Manual of Botany, by Williams, post 8vo, new edit., 12s 6(2 Longman i860 

Outlines of Botany, 12mo, 7s 6(2, 1854 ; 2nded.,8vo,8« 6(2 Longman 1862- 

Phyto-Tbcology ; or. Botanical Sketches, 12mo, 8s 6(2 Hamilton 1851 

Plants of the Bible — ^Trees and Shrubs, royal 8vo, 7s 6d NeUon 1858 

— (/.O.) Sketch of New South Wales, post 8to, 6s Smith<k Elder 1840 

(^.;God*sTwoBooks; or, Nat. and Bible have one Author, c.8vo,8s6(2 Nii^ 1861 

• Typical Character of Nature, fcap. 8vo, 8s 6(2 Niibet i860 

Baliol(if.5.)Diaryof, from 1758 to 1764, poet 8vo, 9s ChapmandgH.,i%s^ 

Ball (C.) History of the Indian Mutiny, 2 y. imp. 8to, 42s Tallin 1859 

-{CarlJ.) Jerusalem as it Is and Was, translated by Taylor, 18mo, 2s 6(2 Weriheim 1843 

— (Mn.) Memoirs of, with Preface by T. Jackson,* 12mo, 2a 6(2 Maaon 1839 

— {Rick.) Holy Scripture the Test of Truth, 12mo, 2s M Hamilton 1835 

■ Perpetuity of a Seventh -Day Ordinance, 2nd ed., 12mo, Is Judd dsGlaaa... ii$y 

Millenarian Inquirer, formerly the "Chiliast^" 12mo, 4s Niabet 185a 

— {Sam.) On Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea in China, 8vo, 14s Longman 1848 

— {T.H,) Persuasions, 16 Sermons preached in St Andrew's, Holbom, c. 8vo,10s 6(2... Hope i860 

— (IT./.) Youthful Devotedness, fcap. 8vo, 2a 6d Seeley 1854 

Ballad of Sir Rupert, a Ghost Story, by E. H. R., 12mo, Is Stmpkin 1855 

Ballads, a Little Book of, 4to JtoxburgheClubiZi6 

and Metrical Tales, from Percy, Ritson, &c., new ed., 12mo, 8s Buma 1848 

— Songs, from Schiller, Uhland, Burger, fcc, 12mo, 8s Qd Buma 1845 

Poems, in German, edited by F. Giesler, ]2mo, 5a Tkimm 1854 

Anteifor to Charles I., edited by Collins, 8vo Percy Societg.., 

'• Early Naval of England, edited by Halliwell, 8vo Percy Society.., 

■ of the East, and other Poems, post 8vo, 4s Longman 1846 

■ (Old) Illustrating the Great Frost of 1688-4, edited by Rimbault, 8vo Percy Society... 

I Political Commonwealth, edited by Wright, 8vo Percy Society... 

(Six) with Burdens, from MSS. Corp. Ch. Coll. Camb., ed. by Goodwin, 8vo Percy Society... 

Ballantine {Jaa.) Book of Ornamental Designs, with Essay, imp. 4to, 21s Blackie 1848 

Bums' Anniversary, imp. 8vo, 12s FuUarton 1859 

— ^— Gaberlunxie*s Wallet, a Tale, 8vo, 8s Bogue 1843 

_. Miller of Deanhaugh^ a Tale, 8vo, 8s Bogue 1844 

On Painted Glass, 8vo, 10s 6(2 ChapmanJbH, 1845 

Poems, post 8vo, 6s Hamilton 1856 

(TTm.) Introduction to Latin Reading, new edit., 12mo, 8s 6(2 Wkittaker t86i 

Ballantyne (^JV.) Mabel Grant, a Story, 18mo, 2s 6(2 NithH 1853 

Rainy Afternoons ; Tales and Sketches, post 8vo, 6s Hamilton 1853 

(/ds.i^.) Christianity Compared with Hindu Philcieophy, 8 vo, 8s 6(2 Madden 1859 

■ Elements of ISmSl and Braj Bhakha Grammar, 4to, 8s Madden 1839 

Guide to E[indoostanee Conversation, 82mo, 8s Madden 1841 

•• Hindustani Grammar, roy. 8vo, 6s; Key, Is Madden 184a 

- Selections, roy. 8vo, 6s Madden 1840 

- Interpreter, English into Hindustani, &c., roy. 8vo, 5s Madden 1843 

> Mahratta Ghrammar, 4to, 10s 6(2 Madden 1839 

> Persian Caligrapfay, 2nd ed., 4to, 6s Maddien 184a 

Grammar, a Catechism o^ 24ino, U .Madden 184$ 


BallaniTne {Jas,R,) Sanskrit Grammar, 2nd ed., 8to, 5s , Madden i86x 

a OatechUm of, 2nd ed., 24mo, 1$ Madden 1845 

(if. ^.)Storie« about Greece, 18mo, 3« Seeley 1849 

(/2.) Better Way; or, What do I Live fori 12mo, 2« 6<i NeUon 1857 

(i2.Jf.) Columbia Gold Fields, 1« HamilUm 1858 

Corallsland, aTal^ofthePacificOoean, p. 8ro,6^ 1857 ; 12mo, 5« Nelson i860 

__ Omsoe, The Dog, a Tale of the Western Prairies, 12mo, 6# NeUon i860 

Golden Dream, Illustrated, fcap. Svo, 5« J.F.Shaw i860 

Gorilla Hunters, a Tale of the Wilds of Africa, fcap. Svo, 5s ... Nelson 1861 

Hndaon'sBay; or, LifeintheWildsof N.Amer.8rded.,c. Svo, is6d Nelson 1858 

Man on the Ocean : a Book for Boys, 12mo, 5< Nelson i86x 

Martin Rattler in the Forests of Brazil, 12mo, Zs ikl Nelson 1858 

Mee-a*Mow ; or. Advice to Cats and Kittens, sm. 4to, 2s 6d ... Nelson 1859 

Red Eric ; or, the Whaler's Last Cruise, fcap. Svo, 3« 6d RouUedge 1861 

Snowdakes and Sunbeams ; or. Fur Traders, cr. Svo, 5s Nelson 1856 

Ungara: a Tale of Esquimaux Land, post Svo, 5s Nelson 1.857 

Wild Man of the West : a Tale of Rocky Mountains, 12mo, Zs6d RoviUdge 1862 

World of Ice: Adventure^ 12mo, Zs^d Nelson 1859 

{T,) Passages Selected from Writings of Carlyle, post Svo, Is Chapman dt Zir.1855 

■ Prophecy for 1S55 ; selected from Carlyle's Pamphlets, 12mo, 1« Chapman <0 iT. 1855 

Ballantyne^s Environs of Edinbuigh, new edit, 12mo, 2« Nelson 1861 

Lakes of Killamey, new edit, 12mo, 2f 6rf Nelson 1862 

Ship, Great Eastern, &c., new edit, 12mo, Is Nelson i86» 

Balhrd (^w.) Artificial Digestion, l2mo, Is 6d Walton 1857 

Causes and Treatment of Pain after Food, post Svo, 4sQd Walton 1854 

Elements of Materia Med ica and Therapeutics, Svo, 12« Walton 1845 

Physical Diagnosis of Diseases of the Abdomen, cr. Svo, 7s 6d WcUton 1852 

{Thos,) Diseases peculiar to Infants and Mothers, post Svo, As 6d Churchill i860 

(»K.i?.) The Capital of Italy, and How to Get It, Svo, 2s 6d JUdgway 1862 

Ballhom (P.) Grammatography, roy. Svo, 7s 6d TrUbner 1862 

Ballinasloe ; Confessions of a Horse-coper, ISmo, Is 6d Vtckers 1861 

Ballingall {Oeo.) On the Site and Construction of Hospitals, 4to, 2a 6d Simpkin 1851 

Outlines of Military Surgery, 5th ed., Svo, 14« Longman 1855 

Ballon (il .) Christian Non-Resistance Defended, ISnio, Is Gilpin 1848 

Exposition of Modem Spirit Manifestations, 12mo, 1« 6rf Clarke 1854 

Treatise on Spirit Manifestations in U. S. , by Stone, Svo, 2s 6d Baillidre 1852 

Balloon Travels, by Peter Parley, 12mo, 2s Jas. Bkickwoodiis^ 

Ballyblunder, an Irish Story, post Svo, 6« ParJcerd: Son... 1Z60 

Ballytubbcr; or, a Scotch Settler in Ireland, 12mo, 3« 6d HouUton 1858 

B-iImain {W,H.) Lessons on Chemistry for the Use of Pupils, 12mo, 6t Longman 1844 

Balman (Tho.) Researches and Observations on Scrofula, Svo, 7s Qd Longman 1852 

Balmanno (if rs.) Pen and Pencil, 4to, 81« 6rf New York 1859 

Balme {J.R.) American States, Churches, and Slavery, 12mo, 7s Qd Simpkin 1862 

■Magnet of the Gospel, 12mo, Is Hamilton 1847 

Telescope of the Gospel, ISmo, \s Hamilton 1845 

Balmer {Robt.) Academical Lectures and Pulpit Discourses, 2 v. Svo, 14s Hamilton 1845 

Balmez {Jas.) Fundamental Philosophy, translated by Brownson, 2 ▼. Svo, 16s Dolman 1857 

1 Protestantism and Catholicism Compilred, post Sro, 9s Burns 1849 

Balmerinach et Lindrois, Libri de, 4to AbbotrfordCL 1841 

Baltic, Residence on Shores of, post Svo, 20s , Murray 1841 

Sailing Directions for the Coasts of, new edit., Svo, 2s Imray 1861 

Baly (P.R.) On Baths and Washhouses, with Plans and Elevations, 4to, 4s 6d £. Wilson 1852 

(Wm.) and Kirke (W.S.) Advances in Physiology of Motion, Svo, 5s 6d Walton 1848 

Gull(lF.(?.) Reports on Epidemic Cholera, Svo, 16s Churchill 1854 

Balzac (J7. cie) Balthazar; or. Science and Love, fcap. Svo, Is Routledge 1859 

Contes Drolatiques, 6th Edition, illustrated par G. Dor6, p. Svo, 12s M Hotten i860 

Daddy GK>riot ; or. Unrequited Affection, fcap. Svo, 2s Ward A Lock i860 

Eug6nie Grandet, fcap. Svo, Is RouUedge 1859 

Grandeur and Downfijl of C. Birotteau, tr. by Simpson, cr. Svo, 7s ... Saunders <fe 0. i860 

Bamford (/.) Dialects of South Lancashire, 12mo, 3s dcf /. R. Smith' ...1854 

(Sam.) Early Days, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1859 

Passages in the Life of a Radical, 12mo, 4s 6d Simpkin 1859 

Bampfield(^.F.)Sir JElfric, and other Tales, ISmo, ls6d /. Whitaker ...1853 

Bampton Lectures, See Appendix. 

Bancroft's California Lawyer, Svo, calf, 25s San Franeiseo 1862 

{Oeo.) History of the American Revolution, 3 v. Svo, 81s 6d Bentley 1854 

Colonization of the U. States, roy. Svo, 12s Fullarton ». d. 

United States, 7 v. 12mo, 17s Qd Routledge... 1S60-61 

2 V. roy. Svo, 26s Fullarton n. d. 

1 V. roy. Svo, 18s Orr 1843 

Band of Hope Review, 1S61-60, 4to, 12s Partridge 1861 

Bandinel {Jas.) Lufra ; or, the Convent of Algarve, a Poem, 12mo 6s 6d Rivington ...^..1851 

Milton Davenant, a Tale, 3 v. post Svo, 81s 6d Simpkin 1852 

Sermons, Devotional and Practical, 12mo, 4s 6ci Hamilton 1855 

Star of Lovell, 8 v. post Svo, 81s 6d Saunders SO. 1862 

Treatise on Shivery, roy. Svo, 9s Longman 1844 



Honerjea, Pnr&na 5>angTaha, tr. by K. M. Baker, No. 1, MarhandeyaParina, 8vo, 3< Cd WiUiamt A N.\%Sl 

{U.K.M.) Dialogues on the Hindu PhiloBOphy, 8vo, 18« WiUiam»JcN. i86a 

Banff; Summer Excursion in the Neighbourhood, &c., 12mo, 4« •,...,... Smxtkd: Elder 1843 

Banfield (r.C.) Industry of the Rhine ; Agriculture, &c., 2 ▼. 18mo, %» Cox 1848 

Lectures on Organization of Industry, 2nd edit., 8vo, 5< Longman 1848 

rtatistical Companion, 1852, 12mo, 5« ; 1854, 12m«, 6« Longman 1854 

Bang, The Sportaman, fcap. 8to, 1« Johnson 1855 

Bang (X) Present State of Methodist Bpiscopal Church, 24mo, Za New York 1851 

Banim {John) Bit 0' Writin, and other Tales, 3 t. post 8to, 31« 6d Saumden A 0. 1848 

Boyne Water, 3 v. post 8vo, 81« 6rf Simpkin 1836 

Crohooreof the Bill-hook, a Tale, n. e., 12mo, U T. Hodgson ...1838 

Father Connell, a Tale, 12mo, 2t%d Bums 1858 

Ghost-Hunter and his Family, a Story, new edit., 12mo, 1« Jloutledge i86» 

John Doe, a Tale, 12mo, 1» T.Hodgson ...1852 

Mayor of Wind-Gap, a Tale, 8 v. post 8vo, 81« 6d Saunders <t 0. 1836 

Peep 0*Day ; or, Sa-voumeen Deelish, fcap. 8vo, 28 C. H. Clarke 1861 

Smuggler; a Tale, 12mo, 3« 6d, 1849, Colbum ; 12mo, 2* Ward d: Lock... j$s^ 

Tales by the O'Hara Family, 3 v. 12mo, each 2< Orr 1846 

The Nowlans ; a Tale, 12mo, 1« T, Hodgson ...1853 

Banker Lord ; A Novel, 3 ▼. post 8vo, 81« 6d Colbum 1846 

Bankers' Common Place Book, 12mo, is 6d Boston, U,S, ...i$si 

Bankea (Geo.) Story of Corfe Castle and of Who Lived There, post 8to, 10« 6d Murray 1853 

Banking; a Contrast between the Rival Systems, Svo, 2s €d Longman 1846 

Almanac Directory and Diary, edit, by D. M. Evans, 8vo, 5s (Annual) Groomhridge ...1862 

Bankruptcy Act, 1861 (County Courts) : Practice of, 12mo, 6s Simrikin 186a 

and Insolvency Act, with Notes, fcc, by 8. C. Horry, or. 8vo, Is... Lea 1861 

with Gen. Orders, by W. Haxlitt and H. P. Roche, 12mo, I2s Sd... Stevens 1861 

the General Orders, separate, 12mo, 2s Stevens 1861 

with Notes, &c., by Alfred Whiteacre, 8vo, 1# Maedonald ...1861 

Consolidation Act, ¥dth Index, by a Barrister, 8vo, Is 6d Gilbert 1849 

Barkruptct Court, Reports of : — - 

Deacon, 4 v. royal 8vo, 61 ISs Sweet 1836-9 

De Gex, 1 v. roy. 8vo, 2/ 4« Sweet 1845-& 

Macnaghten, and Gt>rdon, 9 parts, roy. 8vo, 1/ 17« , Sweet i^Si-T 

and Jones, 4 parts, roy. 8vo, II is 6d Sweet i860 

Montague and Chitty, 35« Butterwortk iZ^S 40 

Deacon, Mid De Gex, 8 v. 7ll5s6d Sweet 1840-44 

Banks (Abr.) Medical Etiquette ; Laws and Regulations, 12mo, Zs 6d Fox 1839 

((?.X.) Blossoms of Poesy, 12mo, 4« Longman 1841 

Staves fjr the Human Ladder : Poems, 12mo, 6« Bennett.. 1850 

(/cm.) Nugaa The Solace of Rare Leisure, in Verse, 12mo, 5t Hardwirke 1854 

(J.T.) On Nervoa^ Disorders, Melancholy Insanity, fcap. 8vo, 1« 6d Churchill 1858 

(Sir Jos. ) and «he Royal Society ; a Popular Biography, 1 2mo, 2s Parker <t Son 1 844 

- (Lau.) Instructions in Staircasing and Handrailing, 4to, ISs Whitlaker 1849 

(T.C.) Baronia Anglica Concentrata, 2 v. 4to, 68» Simpkin 1849 

Banks of the Wye, and other Poems, 12mo, 5s /. Moore 1856 

Bannatine (/2i<;^.) Memorials of Transactions, Scotland, 1569-70 BannaiyneCl, 1836 

Bannatyne Garlands, 4to Bannatyne CI. 1839 

(Geo.) Memorials, 1545-1608, edited by W. Scott, 4to BannatyneCl 1829 

Poems, 4to BannatyneCl. 1829 

■ (LM.) Guide to Examination for Promotion in Infantry, Pt. 1, cr. 8vo, 5s Smith dt Slder 1861 

Bannerford ; or, the Valley of Gold, a Tale, 3 v. post 8vo, 31« 6d BentUy 1853 

Bannerman (Hen.) Coming Events : Letters on Millennial Theory, 12nio, Zs6d Nisbei 1853 

Practices of Early Christians Considered, post 8vo, 4» 6d WhittaJcer 1838 

Bannister (/oAii) Memoirs of, by Adolphus, 2 v. 8vo, 18« Bentley 1841 

(J.T.) Pictorial Geography of the Holy Land, roy. 8vo, 18# Whittaker 1851 

Survey of the Holy Land, new edit., 8vo, 10« 6d Marlborough ...1853 

-Temples of the Hebrews, Courts, Sanctuaries, &c., cr. 8vo, lOsQd... Jas, BlackwoodiSSi 

. — (Saj;e) British Colonization and the Coloured Tribes, 12mo, 6a Bull 1838 

Records of British Enterprise beyond Sea, 8vo, 6s Longman 1850 

Bantam Family (The), by Author of ** Conceited Pig," 18mo, Is !. Mozlqf 1S60 

Ban vard (/.) Plymouth and the Pilgrims, 18mo, As Boston^ U, S....i$$i 

Baptbm : Its Design, Subjects, and Importance, 12mo, ls6d Simpkin 186a 

Importance and History, 8vo, 2« .- Bosworth 1854 

- ■" ■■ ^ the Holy Ordinance of Christian, fcap. 8vo, Zs — fine edit., is Jackson A W, 1842 

Baptisnutl Fonts : Illustrations of, edited by F. A. Paley, 8vo, 2ls Van Voorst ...1844 

Baptist Cbapel, St Mary's, Norwich, the Suit of Attorney-General v. Gonld, 8vo, 2s Houlston 1861 

Confessions of Faith and other Documents, 1611-90, 8vo Hans.Knoll.8o.i2zo 

Jubilee Memorial, 12mo, Is 6d , , Simpkin 1844 

Selection of Hymns, varioTis sizes and prices Haddon 1862 

Barba Tassu, the Greek Patriot, a Romance, popt 8vo, 10* 6d Bentley 1850 

Barbacovi (F. V.) Compendium of the Literary History of Italy, 12mo, is6d Hamilton 1835 

Barbadoes, Desultory Sketches and Tales of, 12mo, 5s Washboume ...1840 

. Laws of, roy. 8vo, 21« Butterworths ...\%t^^ 

Barbaold (Mrs, A, L.) Hymns for Children, 16mo,l«6rf,//oa«on«fc^n, i838;18mo,l« Simpkin 1861 

1835-1802 B.VRBAULD BARKER 43 

Borbauld (Mit.A.L.) Hymoa for Children, 4to, 5j Dean 1862 

■ — — — — French, by Clemence, ISmo, 1* A. Hall 1847 

Italian^ by Mrs. Tonna, l'3mo, 2* DaUon 1838 

Lessonsfor Children, 18mo,n.e., 2«, Simpkin^\%$S\ 18mo,2s8J Masters i86r 

in French, 18mo, 2« A.Hall 1853 

Selections from the Spectator, Tatler, &c , 2 v. 1 2 mo, 7« ... H.B jkn 1 849 

Barber <£'(^m.) Painter, Grainer, and Writer's Asdatant, new edit, 12mo, 2« Elliott 185+ 

SO.D.) Ancient Oral Records of the Cimri, or Britons, r2mo, 5i J.R.S/nith 1855 
Jaa.) Overland Guide Book to In ia, vi& Egypt, 2Qd. edit., post 870, 5s ... Allen d' Co. ...1849 

(/. W.) and Howe (H.) Our Whole Country, 2 v. 8vo, 80a CiHcinTiatiU.S. iZ6i 

(if. ^.iS.) Castle Rag; or. Sins and Sorrows, 18rao, 2s Nisbet 1858 

Childhood's Duties, 18rao, 2s Nisbet 1842 

Du Bourg ; or, the Mercuriale, a Chronicle of 1559, 1 2mo — red. to Is (id Gn'jjin i86i 

' Early Days of Faith and Lore, 18mo, 28 6dj 1847; new edit., 2$ Ni^bet i860 

————— Earning a Living, 12mo, 3» 6d Nisbet 1861 

Uearthsof the Poor, 18mo, 1« 6d Nii^ 1853 

- Missionary Tales, 18mo, 2« 6ci^ i860; new edit, 2« Nisbet i860 

Oshielle: Life in the Yoruba Country, a Tale, 18mo, 2« Nisbet 1857 

• Poor Folk at Home : VThat can we do for them ] 18mo, 2« Nisbet 1855 

■ Redemption in Israel : Conversion among Jews, 12mo, 6^ Seeley 1855 

• Sorrows of the Streets, 18mo, 2$ Nisbet 1855 

Sunahine : Narratives of, 18mo, 2s Nisbet 1853 

■ The Lord's Jewek ; or, Unknown Disciples, 16mo, Is 6d Nisbet 1854 

(-SLIT.) Arab Bride, a Poem, 12mo, 6jj Bull 1842 

{Tho.) Views in the Isle of Wight, 8vo, 2I5, reduced to 10« 6rf H.Bohn 1844 

Barbour {M. P.) The Way Home, & How the Child, reached it, n. 0. , 1 6mo, Is 6rf ; cl. , 2« tJc/ Nisbet 1S62 

Barclay (il.C) Mystery of Gkd's Dealings with the Jews, 18mo, 2s Painter 1845 

<^H^-) Manual of Medical Diagnoeie, 2nd edit, 12mo, %sM Churchill 1859 

-^— {Hugh) Digest of the Law, Justice of Peace, Scotland, 2nd. edit, 8vo, Zls^d Benning 1855 

— ^— ^ Law of Highways, Scotland, 8vo, 7s Slaxus 1847 

Thoughts on Sabbath Schools, 12mo, 1« 6rf Hamilton 1855 

(Ja».) English Dictionary, 4to, new edit, 80s Tallis 1851 

■ by Dewhurst, 4to, 82« Virtue n. d. 

— (John) Ale, Wine, Spirits, and Tobacco, 2nd edit, Is Bosworth 1861 

Selection from his Works, 12mo, 2s 6rf Bishop 1852 

Socinianism and Irvingism Refuted, 12mo, 2s 6<i Simpkin 1 845 

— {Rvbt.) Agricultural Tour in the United States, post 8vo, 7« tk? Black-woods ...1842 

Apology on Divinity as regards Quakers, 8vo, 11th ed., 8s , Terjg >849 . 

-(5.) American Revolution— Personal Recollections of, 12mo, ts 6d New York 1859 

Bard (5.^.) Waikna; or, Adventures, 12mo, 2s, J, Blackwood; n. e., 12mo, Is Qd Low 1859 

Bard of the Dales, in the Yorkshire Dialect, by J. Castello, fcap. 8vo, 2s Green 1851 

Bards of Epworth ; Poetic Gems from the Wesley Cabinet, 12mo, 8s 6d Heylin 1856 

Bardsley (/.) Britain, Introduction of Christianity into, 12mo, Is Longman 1849 

Bardwell {Wm.) Healthy Homes, and How to Make Them, roy. 8vo, 2s Dean tfc Son ...1854 

• Temples, Ancient and Modem Described, roy. 8vo, 21s Eraser 1837 

Baretti (/ot.) Italian and English Dictionary, by ComeUti, new ed. , 2 v. 8 vo, 30s Whittaker 1 860 

Barf oot (/. R. ) Sketches from the Animal Kingdom, folio, 5s ; coloured, 8s /. Betls 1843 

Barfoot's Elements of Drawing, 4to, 7s Darton 1839 

Barham {A. P.) Key to Alism, and the Highest Initiations, 8vo, 5s Theobald 1848 

' (P.) J. Renehlin, or Capuion, Life and Times of, fcap. 6s Whittaker 1843 

Improved Monotessaron, 18 mo, 8s 6rf Bivinglons ...... i$6z 

^Socrates, a Tragedy, 8vo, 2s 6d Painter 184a 

(^«o.) Pastoral and other Poems, 12mo, 2s 6(/ Simpkin 1854 

(B.H.) IngokUby Legends, Istser., 1840; 2ndser., 1842 ; Srdser., ea. 10s Gd Bentley 1846 

new ed., 2 v. 21s ; 1 v. 12mo, 5s BenUey 1857-61 ' 

My Cousin Nicholas, 8v.p.8vo, SlsGd, 1841 ; 12mo, 8s6rf; 12mo,ls Oi Routledge 1859 

TbeodoreHook, Life&Remainsof, 2v. p.8vo,21s, 1848 ; n.e.,12mo, 5s Bentley 1853 

(T.P.) Enkhiridionof Hefastion, 8vo, 8s 6d Parker tk Son. ..i%J^i 

Philadelphia; or, the Claims of Humanity, i)Ost 8vo, 6s 6d Chapmand: H. 1858 

(TTm.) D.'scriptions of Niagara, from various Sources, 8vo, 5s Houlston 1847 

Barker (CAas.) Charles II. Character and Anecdotes, p. 8vo, Is (Reading for Travellers) Chapman «fc /T. 1853 
(C.F.) Syria, Memoir on, 8vo, 2s Madden 1845 

(C%rts<.) Associative Principles during the Middle Ages, 12mo, Is 6d Longman 1859 

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44 BARKER BARNES 1835-1862 

Barker {J,T,) Beauty of Flowers in Field and Wood, post 8vo, 6« ; cold., 8« 6rf MarlhoroH{fk...i%$7 

(Jf.J5r.,iA«0WiSai^') FourFs, roy. 18mo, 2« Dean i860 

^— Floating Remembrances, 12mo, 2« 6d Simplnn 1855 

„ Frank Fairfield, 12mo, 8» 6rf Orr 1845 

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Warlock, The, new ed., 12mo, 1« 6rf Routle<fge i860 

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{Rich,) Tales of the Blest, a Poem, 2nd ed., 32mo, 2« Simpkin 1840 

(Tho.) PUin Sermons preached in Parish Churches, poet 8vo, 6» 6d J.H.^.Parheri%s% 

Strictures on "Maurice's Doctrine of Sacrifice," cr. 8to, 2* 6d J.HA-J.ParkeriSst 

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Hygienic Bfanagement of Infants, and Children, 8vo, 5s ChurehiU 1859 

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(IT. A) Historical Account of the Crimea, 12mo, 3s 6rf Trubner.... 1855 

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• Beading Book, with Grammar, 8yo, lis Maddm 1854 

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Minor Prophets, 12mo, 4s Pickering 1839 

Barling («7bAn) Review of Trinitarianism, post 8Y0y 5s J,Chapman ...1847 

Barlow {GM,) Manual of the Practice of Medicine, 12mo, 1855 ; 2nd ed., 12s 6(i ... Churchill 1861 

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(/.) Medical and Sui^gical Pupils, Address to, 8vo, 3s 6d ....: .. Longman 1836 

■ ■ {John) Connection of Physiology and Intellectual Philosophy, 12mo, 3* 6d .. Parker A Son. 1846 

■ Man's Power over Himself to prevent Insanity, 12mo, 3s6rf Parker A Son... \%^^ 

{Pet.) Encyclopaedia of British Arts, Manufactures, &c., 4to, 81« 6d Grifin 1855 

Essay on Strength of Timber and other Materials, 8 vo, 16s W^de 1851 

Experiments on Strength of MaUeable Iron, 8vo, 5s Fellowcs 1835 

- Tables of Squares, Cubes, Roots, &c., post 8vo, 8« Walton x86o 

(Pee. TT.) Niagara Suspension Railway Bridge, 8 vo, Is 6(2 Weale i860 

{TA Trip to Rome, 12mo, 5s Hamilton 1836 

{T. W.) Cheshire, Illustrated in Biographical Sketches, 8vo, 3» 6d J.RSmith 1855 

Field Naturalist's Note Book, oblong, tuck, 8s W.Robinton ...1848 

Mystic Number ; Glance at System of Nature, cr. 8vo, 2s Ccf Orr 1852 

Ornithology, British, a Chart of, sheet, 4s -cover, 6s W.Robinson ...1847 

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(W.H.) On Oblique Bridge^ G. W. Buck, roy. 8vo, 12s WeaU 1857 

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Spring, a Poem, 12mo, Is Tweedie i860 

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Barnard (^n.F.a) Embroidered Facts, 16mo, 4s Orr 1836 

Life of a N^gro Slave, 12mo, 4s WaMowme ...1835 

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■ Drawing Book of Trees, obi. 4to, 7s 6rf Bogne 1848 

— — Handbook of Foliage and Foreground Plants, post 8vo, 6s Ingram 1853 

■ Practice of Landscape Painting in Water Colours, n. e., imp. 8vo, 21s Routledge i860 

■ Studies of Various Artists, fol., 9s Rowney n,d. 

Switzerland, Scenes drawn from Nature, fol, plates, 52< 6<i McLean 1843 

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{Major J. G. ) Causes of Deviation in Elongated Projectiles, 8vo, Is Newhaven^ U.S. liSo 

Barnard, a Modem Romance, post 8vo, 2s Simpkin 18^6 

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Bamfield*s Affectionate Shepherd, edit, by Halliwell Percy Society 

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Discourses on the Way of Salvation, by Henderson, 12mo, 5s Knight d- Son,.. 

Essays on Science and Theology, by Henderson, 12rao, Zs 6d Knight d- Son... 

Inquiry into the Apostolic Church, 18mo, 2s Knight 1854 

Notes on the New Testament, 6 v. post 8vo, illustrated, 34s 6d Blackie 1853 

Old Testament, 4 v. post 8vo, illustrated, 19s 6d Blackie 1853 

1835-1802 BARNES BARRETT 45 

Barnes (Alb.) Notes on the Four Gospels, 2 v. roy. 18mo, ca. 2$ Bel. Tract Soe„. iZSt 

Acts k BLomans, ed. by Green, p. 8vo, is ; Cor. & Gal., 4« B.L.Green 1851 

• Acts, med. 8to, 2$ 6d', Ist Corinthians, 89 M Ward.. 

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Questions on the New Testament, post 8yo, 8< 6(2 Blackie 1851 

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Barnes {Alb.) Notes on the Old abd New Testaments, ed. by Camming, roy. 16mo. Boutledje... iZSo-Sz 
Isaiah, 8 v., 9«. Job, 1 v., 5« 6(2 ; 2 y., 6s. Daniel, 1 v., 6« 6(2 ; 2 y., 7s. 
Matthew k Mark, 2s 6(2. Lake fr John, 2s 6d. Acts, 2s 6(2. Romans, 25 6(2. 
1st Corinthians, 2s. 2od Corinthians and Gakitians, 2s fid. Bphesians, 
Philippians, and Coloasians, 23. Thessalonians, Timothy, Titas, and Philemon, 
2s. Hebrews, 2«. . James, Peter, John, and Jade, 3« 6d. Revelation, is 6(2. ; 
in 18 V. 50«, or 11 doable v. 465 6(2. 
Barnes (Alb.) Notes on the Old and New Testaments, edited by Cobbin, 12mo .. Knight ^Son...iZ6i 
Isaiah, 2 v., 75. Job, 2 v., 65. Daniel, 2 v. 75. Matthew and Mark, 25 6d. 
Lake and John, 25 6d. Acts, 25 6(2. Romans, 25. 1st Corinthians, 25. 
2nd Corinthians and Galatians, 25 6d. Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, 
25. Thessalonians, Timothy, Titas, and Philemon, 25. Hebrews, 25. James, 
Peter, John, and Jade, 85 6d Revelation, 45 6(2 ; in 18 v. 505. 

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(i2o6<.) Treatment of Placenta Previa, post 8 vo, 65 Churchill 1858 

(B.W.) Sermons on Confirmation, Communion, and Ordination, 8vo, I5 6(2 ... Soc, P,C. K....\%(>o 

{Wm.) Anglo-Saxon Delectus; or, First-Class Book, 12mo, 2* 6(2 J. B. Smith ...1849 

Arithmetical and Commercial Dictionary, 12mo, Is 6d Longman 1840 

Elements of English Grammar, 18mo, I5 Longman .:.... 1841 

Linear Perspective, 12mo, 2*6(2 Longman 1841 

Evidences of Truth of the Christian Religion, post 8vo, 85 BellA Daldy...i%s^ 

— ^— — Exercises in Practical Mechanical Science, 12mo, 2s Qd Belfe 1844 

— Investigation of the Laws of Case in Language, 12mo, 25 6(2 Longman 1840 

Notes on Ancient Britain and the Britons, 12mo, 85 /. B. Smith ...1858 

Outlines of Geography and Ethnography, 18mo, 8« 6(2 Longman 1847 

Philological Grammar : Help to all Languages, 8vo, 95 /. B.Smith ...1854 

— ^ Poems,inDor8etDialect,lfr2ser.,12mo,ea.55,i847;8rdser.,12mo,456(2 J.B.Smith ...i86a 

Poems of Rural Life in National English, 55 J.B.Smith ...1846 

Tiw, a View of English as a Teutonic Tongue, fp. 8vo, 55 /. B. SmiUi ...1861 

Views of Labour and Gold, 12mo, 85 J.B.Smith ...1859 

Bamett (ff.N.) Youthfol Enquirer Counselled and Encouraged, 12mo, 2s 6d Freeman 1853 

Barney (iff 55 J. if.) Star in the East : Missionary Society's Work, fcap. 8vo, 85 6(2 ... J. F. Shaw ...i860 

Bamham ( T.C) Questions for Law Students, by Ings, 4th edit. , 12mo, 85 Stevens 1 84 o 

Bamum {P.T.) Autobiography, 12mo, Ss,Lea ; p. 8vo, 85, Knight ik S ; Is, and 25 6d Low 1859 

Baron {John) Hints on Oi^gans for Village Churches, Svo, 55, 1858 ; 2nd edit., 65 ... Bell tbDaldg... i%6% 

Munchausen's Travels in Russia, 18mo, I5 6(2 Longman 1861 

Ilhist. by Crowquill, post Svo, 7s 6d Ttilbner 1859 

Nicholson (Lord Chief) : an Autobiography, fcap. Svo, 25 Vichers i860 

Baron's Little Daughter, and other Tales, ed. Gresley, 45 6(2, 1848 ; 2 e., 18mo, 25 6(2 Masters 1859 

Baroness: a Tale, by Author of **DiBtinction," post Svo, 105 6(2 Seeley 1843 

Baronial Halls Illustrated, Text by S. C. Hall, 2 v. imp. 4to, 32 125 ChajmandsH. 1847 

Barnstorff {D.) Shakspeare*s Sonnets, Key to, trans, by T. J. Graham, post Svo, 65... Triibner i86a 

Barr {Edw.) Elevations, Sections, and Details of Strixton Church, fol., lOs 6d J.ff.drJ.ParheriZ^^ 

{Jas.) Anglican Church Architecture, 8rd edit., 12mo, 55 J.H.deJ.Parl:eri%^$ 

- (John) Help to Professing Christians, 12mo, 85 Blackie ...'. 1835 

• Scripture Student's Assistant, 12mo, 85 Blackie 1858 

■ {J'T.) Governess, post Svo, I5 Partt*idge i86a 

• Recollections of a Minister, post Svo, 85 6(2 Snow 1838 

(8.) Art of Singing at First Sight Simplified, Svo, Is Simpkin 1847 

{Lt, W.) Journal of a March from Delhi to Cabul, 1889, Svo, 125 Madden 1844 

Barrass {Edw.) Gallery of Eminent and Popular Men, 12mo, 25 6(2 Partridge 1851 

Barratt {Sarah) Alethea ; or, the Maid of tl^e Desert, ISmo, 25 //o(25on<6iS(>n ..1853 

Barr6 (M.L.) Compleibent du Dictionnaire de TAosd^mie Fran^aise, 4to, 255 Didot 1 841 

Barren Honour, by A. of * * Guy Livingstone," 2 v. p. Svo, 1 45, Parker <lr <S. , 1 861; 1 2mo, 65 TinsUy 1862 

Barrera {Mad. de) Gems and Jewels ; their History and Ana, post Svo, 75 6(2 Bentley i860 

Barret {Geo.) Theory of Water-Coloar Painting, roy. Svo, 105 6(2 Ackermann ...1840 

— (/. F.) Echoes : Amusing Pictures, cr. Svo, jilain, 25; coL, 85 6(2 Dean <fc Son ...i860 

— ' — Reflections : Amusing Pictures, 16mo, 25 ; col., 85 6(2 Dean tk Son ...1859 

Shakspeare Fresh Chiselled on Stone, 16mo, 25 ; col, 85 6d Dean <fr Son ...1858 

Barrett {A.C) Companion to the New Test, for Theological Students, &c., fp. Svo, 55 Belltk Daldy...i%bi 

Propositions in Mechanics and Hydrostatics, 3rd edit., post Svo, 65 ... Bell As Daldy...i%S% 

'—-^—{Alf.) Boatman^s Daughter : a Narrative, ISmo, \s id Mason 1847 

— — Catholic and Evangelical Principles Compared , post Svo, 55 6(2 Mason 1 843 

Christ in the Storm ; or, the World P^ified, 12mo, 45 Mason 1849 

— Consolation : Recollections of a Departed Friend, 12mo, 25 Hamilton 1856 

———— Easay on the Pastoral Oflice, post Svo, 65 6(2 Mason 1839 

— — Latin Exercises; Arthur*s Latin Primer, 12mo, Is Longman 1854 

40 BARRETT BARRY 1835-1862 

Barrett (Alf.) Latin Exercisefl for the Lowest Form, 12mo, 8« (W Longman 1S54 

Ministry and Polity of the Christian Cborch, post 8ro, bt Ma on 1854. 

. Pastoral Addresses for Retirement and Closet, 2 t. 12mo, Z$ Mason .^846 

{Barn.) Designs for (Gothic Ornaments, roy. 8to, 21« AtckUy 1857 

■ (CP.) Overseers' Guide and Assistant, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2* Shaw ds Son ...1840 

(LieiU. E.) Gunnery Instructional Simplified, U.S. Navy, 12mo, 7« 6(i New York .1862 

{E.B.) See Browning {Mn.) 

{E.S.) Woman: a Poem, l2mo, Ze^d Odburn 1841 

{H.N.) Youthful Enquirer Counselled and Encouraged, 12mo, 2» 6rf Freeman 1854 

(/.C.) Psalms and Hymns for the Church Service, 18mo, 2« Werihtim 1853 

Psalms, Course of, Selected, new edit., ISmo, ItQd Ledie 1844 

— (/.r.) Daily Prayers, for Families and Schools, 12mo, 1« 6(i Parker ASon 1838 

Memorials of Attleborough Church, Norfolk, imp. Svo, 42« Parker d: Son 1848 

— (JW/^j.) Practical Art of Dressmaking, Svo, 6« T. Harrison ...1856 

{R.A,P.) Criticisms Old Test., Y. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, each 28« ; V.8, Pt. 1, Us Longman 1847 

— (TVio.) Advice on Management of Early In^cy, 18mo, 2< Binns 1857 

— (I'^-^O^eologicalFactstCrustof theBarth;itaU8es,12mo,3«6(i,i855 ;2«6</ A. Ifall i860 

Sketches and Skeletons of Sermons, 2 series, new edit. , 1 2mo, ea. Sx 6(/ Jepps 1 86 1 

— (W, J.) Andreas : a Tn^edy, post 8vo, is * Sanderson 1857 

Leoni : a Play, 8vo, 3« 6<i Hurst 1841 

Ikurington {Arch,) British Genealogy Simplified, 12mo, 3* Bellde Ddldy...\%^i 

Chart of British Architecture, 4to, with Text, 12mo, 25« Bell d: Daldy...i%^$ 

__ Foreign Architecture, 12mo, 3« Bdld' Daldg...i%^(i 

Dispkyof Heraldry, 12mo, 8«, sheet; case, 10« 6d h€UADaldy...i%4^ 

Genealogy of the Sovereigns of England, 12ino, 9« lidl^ Daldt/...i$^s 

— — Introduction to Heraldry, 12mo, 5s; coloured, 7# H. Bohn 1849 

Table of British Architecture, 12mo, 8t Beli tt- Daid^...i Z^6 

Tabular Display of British Architecture, 12mo, 5s Bell d; Daldy...i%^(i 

{Sir J.) Union, Historic Records of , new edit., Svo, 14« dflbum 1844 

— {Hon. L.J.) Child's Preacher ; or, the Gospel Taught, 2nd edit., 16mo, 2# ... Werthcim 1853 

Widow of Nain, and other Lectures, 12mo, is Nisbet 1846 

Barron {Wm.) Practical Treatibe on Evei^greens, 12mo, As 6d Bradbary 1852 

Barrow {Geo.) Ceylon, Past and Present, 1857, post Svo, 6« Murray 1857 

{Di.I.) Mathematical Works, ed. by Napier, 8vo, 12? Camb.Press ...1851 

W. Whewell, D.D., Svo, 16« Camb.Press ...1861 

Theological Works, by Alex. Napier, 9 v. Svo, 9is Qd Camb.Press ...1859 

• with Life by Dr. Hamilton, 3 v. Svo, 21« Nelson 1841 

— Works, 2 V. Svo, 2is Washbourne ...iZ^S 

— Beauties of, poet Svo, 7« 6(i Ncwby 1846 

-— Sermons, selected from his Works (Eighteen), Svo, 4« Soc. P. C. AT.... 1849 

for Schools, 12mo, 7« Longman 1843 

— Treatise on Man*s E^ponsibility, 12mo, is Longman 1841 

Supremacy of the Pope, Svo, ds 6d Camb.Press ...1859 

ed. by Dr. Cumming, p.Svo,5« Exeter Hail ...1849 

by McCrie, Svo, 7« 6<i Theobald 1853 

(5tr/.) Arctic Voyages, recent, Svo, 15s MuiTay 1846 

Autobiographi(»d Memoir of, Svo, 16» Murray 1847 

Holland, Tour in (Family Library, v. 23), n. e., ISmo, Zs^d Tt^jg 1849 

— Memoirs of Naval Worthies, Reign of ^isabeth, Svo, 14« Murray 1845 

Mutiny of the Bounty, ISmo (Family Library), n. e., 8» W Tegg 1849 

Sketches of the Royal Society and its Club, Svo, 7« 6d Murray 1849 

' Vide also Anson ; Drake ; Howe ; Peter the Gixeat. 

{J.fJun.) Facts reUting to North-Eastem Texas, Svo, 2s Simpkin 1849 

Summer Tours in Cent. Europe, 1853-56, 3 v. 12mo, ea. Is 6d DaUon 1857 

■ Tour in Austrian Lombardy, Bavaria, &c,,i840, post Svo, 10t6rf Murray 1841 

- round Ireland, 1835, post Svo, 14s Murray 1836 

Visit to Iceland, 1834, post Svo, 12« Murray 1835 

-{J.H.) Temperance and Teetotalism, 12mo, Is 6(i Snoto 1846 

- {Sam.) Christian Class Book, 12mo, 6s — Questions on, 4to, new ed., 2s WhittaJcer n.d. 

Dictionary of Facts and Knowledge, 1 2mo, 4s — with Questions, 1 2mo, 5s J. Hughes 1 84 1 

■ Questions on Old and New Testaments, n.e., ISmo, ea. Is ; 4 to, ea. 2^ Wkitiaher n.d. 

Barrowcliffe {A.J.) AmberhiU, a Novel, 2 v. post Svo, 21«, 1856 ; ch. ed., 1* Smith d' Elder,. liSi 

Normanton, post Svo, 10s 6:2 Smith db Elder., \%bz 

Trust for Trust, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 81« 6d SmHh<k Elder.. iZ$^ 

Barrow-diggers: Early History of Barrows in England, 4to, 10« Whittaker 1839 

Barry Cornwall. See Procter (J<ts.) 

{Alf.) Introduction to Study of Old Testament, Pt 1, cr. Svo, 6« Parker <L- Son.. iS $6 

Notes on the Gospels for all the Sundays of the Year, 12mo, 2« Riiington 1856 

(C.) Travellers' Club House, Architecture of the, 4to, 18s WeaJe 1839 

• Westminster, Palace of, fol.— Pte. 1 to 6, ea. 5s WaMngton ...1849 

(/?.) Manual of Happiness, 12mo, 6» Newby i86a 

{H.B.) Feudal System, Advantages and Disadvantages of, Svo, 2s €rf Whittaker 1843 

{Jos,) Discovery of the Falseness, &c., of Anabaptism, new ed., ISmo, 2s Palmer 1848 

Refuge of a Soul Afflicted, Two Sermons, new ed., 12mo, Is Palmer 1856 

{M.J.) A Waterloo Commemoration for 1851, 8vo, 2s 6d Lo?igman 1854 

1 835-1 8(*2 BARRY BARTOL 47 

Barry {M.J.) Lays of the War, 12mo, with Miscellaneous Lyrics, 12mo, 2« 6</ I^nrjman 

The Pope and the Romagna, 8vo, \s Ridffway 

Bartels {A.) Modern Linguist, English and French, ISnio, 2« Nutt 

English, French, and German, 18mo, 8» 6<i Nutt 

-- and German, 2« 6d NvH 

(/T.) French Grammar, Reading Book, and Exercises, 12mo, 4« C.H.Law 

Barter {Chcu.) Dorp, and The Veld ; or, Six Months in Natal, 12mo, 6« Ot-r 

{W.B.) Gainsaying of Core in Nineteenth Century, 8vo, 2nd edit., Zs %d ... Rivimjton 

Progress of Infidelity in Enghind, Svo, 2« Rivirujton 

Tracts in Defence of the Sabboth and the Church, &c., Svo, 16« Ritinyton 

(ir.6^.r.) Adrentares of aSammer Eve, a Poem, 12mo, 6< Low 

Homer and English Metre, post Svo, 6f 6rf Bell 

Poems, Original and Translated, 12mo, 4« 6rf Pickerihg 

Barth((7.(?.)Benoni, ISmo, 1« WcrUieim 

Bible Stories, ISmo, 2» Rel Tract Sor. 

Christian Missions, 2 v. ISmo, ea. 28 Rel. Tract Soc. 

Christmas Morning, ISmo, 1« HamlUm 

Cuff, the Negro Boy, ISmo, Srd'edit, It Hamilton 

Examples and Warnings, 16mo, At Darton 

General History Briefly told, ISmo, 3» 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 

Histoire de la Bible, 12rao, 2a Rel. Tract Soc. 

History of the Church of Christ, ISmo, U Gd Rel. Tract Soc. 

John George Schinidgall, 16mo, Is 6d Barton 

Jurenile Artist, 16rao, 1« 6d Darton 

Blick and Nick, translated by Rev. R. Menzies, ISmo, U Hamilton 

Moravians, 16mo, It 6rf Dcrton 

Natalie; or, the Broken Spring, ISmo, It Hamilton 

Poor Henry: a Tale, ISmo, It, Werfkcim—l6mo, It Qd Darton 

Een6 the Young Crusader, 16mo, It 6d Darton 

Setma and Woodroof, Stories, 12mo, 3t R.Clarke 

Stories for Christian Children, 2 series, ISmo, each 2t 6d Hamilton 

Wanderer, 16mo, ItOd Darton 

Weaver of Qnilbrum; or, the Roll of CToth, ISmo, It Hamilton 

Winter Evening Stories, 16mo, 4t 6ci Darton 

Young Tyrolese, 16mo, It 6rf Darton 

((/.) Mesmerist's Manual of Phenomena and Practice, 2nd e<Ht. , 1 2mo, 8* Pailli^re 

(Han.) Travels and Discoveries in Africa, 2nd ed., 5 v. Svo, 105t Longman 

Vocabularies of Central Africa, imp. Svo, 12t Williams 4: N. 

(J.B.) and Rogers (H.) On Auscultation, by Newbigging, 12mo, 6»6d miiUaker 

Barthgate (W.) God, the Moral Character of, fcap. Svo, 2t 6ci Ward 

Bartholdy (f'.jr.) ^Mendelssohn. 

Bartholomew (Alf.) Specifications for Practical Architecture, 8vo, 2?s Aitcfdey 

(C.C) Sermons, Svo, lOt Crf Masters 

{Oeo.) Affection*s Gift, a Poet's Offering, 82mo, Is 6d Tegg 

-(/.) Egypt, new ed , ISmo, It Hoxilston 

Bartlett {A . D.) Historical Account of Cumnor Place, Berks, 8vo, 5t J.H. d: J.Parker 

(E) Medical Science, Essay on the Philosophy of, Svo, 12t New York 

On Typhoid and Typhus Fever, Svo, 12t New York 

{Geo.) Cyclopiedial Question Book on the Earth, 12mo, St 6rf Whittaker 

(J.R ) Glossary of American Words and Phrases, 2nd edit, Svo, 16t TrUbner 

Texas, Personal Narrative of Explorations, 2 v. royal Svo, 80t RotUledge 

(/. S.) History of Christian Church from First Cent. , 1 2mo, 2s ed J.H. tb J, Parker: 

(7'Aot.) Butler's Analogy, Index to, Svo, 2s ed Parker ik Son 

Colonization and Resources of New HolUnd, post Svo, 7s ed Longman 

Observations on Stricture of Urethra, &c., 5th edit., 12mo,2t Cd Piper 

Stammering Practically Considered, 12mo, 5s ed Piper 

Tablet of Memory ; or. Chronicle of Remarkable Events, Svo, Parker tk Son 

Treatise on British Mining on Cost Book System, Svo, 4t E.Wilson .. .. 

— - ( IT. /T.) American Scenery, 2 V. 4to, 68» Virtue 

Bosphorus, Beauties of. Descriptions by Miss Pardee, 4to, 42t Virtue 

Footsteps of Our Lord and Apost.,r. 8vo,10t 6rf, 1856, i4.iya//— red. 7t ed H. Eohn 

Forty Days in the Desert, r.8vo,10t 6^,1848, A. Hall; n.e., p. Svo, 7«6rf H.Bokn 

Gleanings on the Overland Route, roy. Svo, IO5 ed A.Hall 

Jerusalem Revisited, roy. Svo, lOt 6rf, A. Hall,i%S4 ; es • Nelson .. 

Memoir of, by Dr. Beattie, post 4to, 21« Rickerhy.. 

Nile Boat, r. Svo, 16t,i849 ; lOt 6rf, A, Hall, 1852 ; n. e., p. Svo, Is ed H.Bohn.. 

Pictures from Sicily, roy. Svo, lOt 6(i A.Hall .. 

Pilgrim Fathere ; Foundere of New England, roy. Svo, lOt 6ci A. Hall .. 

Scripture S tea and Scenes, post Svo, 4t AJfall .. 

Walks about Jerusalem, roy. Svo, lOt 6rf A.Hall 

— (ir./r.C.^ Elements of Analytical Mechanics, roy. Svo, 16* New York... 

Bartley {R.) Short Essays in Verse on Religious Subjects, 12mo, Zs Harveif 

Bartol {B.H.) Marine Boilera of the United States, roy. Svo, 2t New York... 

{C.A.) Discourse on the Spirit and the Life, 2nd edit., 12mo, 7t Whitfeld ... 

Word of the Spirit to the Chureh, 12mo, 2s ed Boston, U.S, 















48 BARTON BATEMAN 1835-1862 

Barton (/?«-n.) Colled Flowers, a Poetical Selection, 12mo, 2$ Ball 1840 

Household Yeraee, 12mo, Q$ ; Virtue 1845 

Memorial of, a Poem, by J. J. Qumej, 4to, 1« — silk, S« Oil^in 1847 

Natural Hivtory of the Holy Land, Ac, new edit., Vlmo, Zt 6d AUman 1862 

Poems and Letters, with Memoir, 12mo,3« 6<^i849; p.8TO,5«~red.to2f6c2 A.Hall i860 

Beliqnary ; with Appeal for Poetry, 12mo, 3* 6d Parker^ Son, „i%iS 

{B.H.) and Castle {T.) British Floiu Medica, 2 r. 8vo, cold., 3/ 3«— red. to 86« H.Bohn 1845 

{P.O.) Religion in Heart and Life ; Fruit of the Spirit, 12mo, 3« Werihtim 1854 

(jy.) Commercial Ready Reckoner, 7# Hamilton n, d. 

{Lucy) Bible Stories for Children, 18mo, 1849, 6th edit., 1« 6ci JarrM 1857 

^ Gospel History of Christ for Children, 12mo, 3$ 6d Piper 1857 

Scripture History for the Yonng, 12mo, 9« Tallit 1838 

Natural Hbtory for the Young, 12mo, Zt 6d AUman 1856 

Testimony of Scripture as to Prayer, 32mo, 2* 6d Harvey 1841 

Barwell (if r«.) Childhood^s Hours, 12mo, 3f Chapman de H,i%si 

Edward, a Tale, 2 t. ISmo, 9« Chapman dc H,i%i% 

Elder Brother, 18mo, 2t CKnight 1839 

— Good in Everything, 16mo, 2« M ; cold., 3« 6rf • Griffiih «fc P. ...1857 

Infant Education, Two to Six Years of Age, 1« 6<i Chambert 1861 

Treatment under Two Years of Age, It ChamUra 1861 

Little Lessons, 7th edit., 16mo, 2* 6d ; cold., ds6d OriJUh <fc P. .. 1859 

Tom Thumb the Great. 16mo, 2« 6e{ Chapman it H. 1^49 

Nursery Government, i2mo, 2«, 1845, Chapman <S: H,-- red. to 1« Griffin 1861 

Pleasant Stories in Simple Language, 12mo, 1« 0(2 Griffin i86a 

Remember, 16mo, 2$ 6d Chapman ik H.iZ-i^ 

Sunday Lessons, 6th edit., 12mo, 2«6ci; cold., 8f Griffithdi P. ,..1%$% 

Trials of Strength, 12mo, 5$ ILClarlt 1843 

{Rich,} Lectures on the Care of the Sick, 12mo, 4«, 1857 — red. to It 6cf Chapman <l: H,iZ6i 

Treatise on Diseases of the Joints, Illustrated, 8vo, 12f Churchill 1861 

Pathology and Treatment of Asiatic Cholera, post 8vo, U 6d Churchill 1853 

Barzillai ; or, the Triumph of Mercy, 18mo, 1« Soc, P, C. K,...jZ6o 

Bascom (/oAn) ^thetics ; or, the Science of Beauty, 12mo, 5$ Boston i86a 

Bascome (£(rfi0.) History of Epidemic Pestilences, 8vo, Z$ Churchill ... . 1851 

Infantile Life, 12mo, 3« 6rf Churchill 1857 

■ Nature and Causes of Fever, 8vo, 1« ChurcJiill 1851 

On Cholera, 8vo, 8< Churchill 1853 

Basham {W,R.) On Dropsy and Disease of the Kidneys, 8vo, 2nd edit., 9« Churchill x86i 

Bashfoith (Fra.) Oblique Bridges, Construction of, 8vo, 9«— red. to 6« Hell ik Daldy...iZso 

On some University Buildings, 8vo, It 6d MacmiUan 1853 

— — Tables for Calculating Earthworks, 8vo, 7« 6rf-rod. to 4< Bdl de Daldy...iZj^7 

Basil (St.) Hexameron, Anglo-Saxon, with TransL by Norman, 2nd edit., 8yo, 4« J.R.Smiih 1849 

Basile (G,) Pentamerone, trans, by J. E. Taylor, post 8vo, 7« 6(/, 1848— red. to 6s... Grifin 18-51 

Basire (/a«.) Locomotive Engine, Illustrated, fol., 2nd edit., 8« Hebert 1843 

Baskerville {Alf.) Selections from German Poets, English and German, 8yo, 6s ]Villiam» <k ^^..1854 

Basket of Flowers, translated from the French, 24mo, It Pleld 1859 

Fragments from the Field of Nature, 18mo, 6th edit., 3s Ni»bet 1859 

Baaler on Harmony, fol., 8s Ewer <fc Co. ...1850 

Bass Rock; its Ecclesiastical History, Geology, &c., post 8vo, 10a HamiUon 1848 

Bassemer {H.) Railway Trains, Atmospheric Resistance to, 4to, 2$ WeaU 1847 

Bassett {Compton) AUhallows at Avillon, a Satire, 12mo, It Hardwicke ...1856 

(Matilda) Bible Gleanings, 12mo, 3s 6(i Partridye 1851 

Bastiat (/^.) Essays on Political Economy, 12mo, 8« 6d Cash 1853 

. Harmonies of Political Economy, ed. by P. J. Stirling, 8vo, 7« 6<i Murray i860 

Popular Fallacies as to General Interest, by Porter, 12mo, Is T. Hodgson 1849 

fcp. 8vo, isBdj if untiy, 1 846 ; fcp. 8vo, A»Cd Chapman 1848 

Protection and Communism, 12mo, It 6rf Parker d: Son... iZ^% 

Bastile, Chronicles of, 1st Series, The B^rbandidre, 8vo, 21* Newby 1845 

2nd Series, Philip of Lutetia, 8vo, 15» Newby 1848 

in America; or. Democratic Absolutism, Is Hardwicke. i86k 

Bastius (P.I.) Commentatio Palsographica, Excerpta k Hodgkins, 8vo, 68 Walton 1835 

Bastow (J. A.) Bible Dictionary, 3 v.p.8vo, 15*, SimpUnj 1856 ; 2 e., p. 8vo, 10« Qd Lwngman 1859 

Batchelder (5.) Poetry of the Bells, 12mo, 5« ^ ^ Birer$daU,U.S.iZs9 

Bat, Cricketer's Manual, 12mo, Is Baily 1851 

Batchelor (Cha.) Captive's Vow ; or, the Bashaw, a Tale, 12mo, 4t tSimpkin 1843 

(Hen.) Lectures on the Ix^c of Atheism, 12mo, 2« 6c^ Judd d: GlaMt...iZ$i 

(IT.) Curablenessof Cancer, 8vo, Is Baillih^ 1854 

Hydropathy, and other Systems of Medicine, 12mo, la Leath 1845 

Bate (C.S.) and Westwood (J.O.) Br. Sessele-Eyed Crustacea, Pts. 1 to 6, ea. 2a 6rf Van Voortt 1861-62 

(Hen.) Vernon, a Poetical Tale of the Sea, post 8vo, 5a A.Hali 1856 

(^fi.) Tables for Bate's Patent Saccharometer, 8vo, 10a 6ci TaylordtP, ...1851 

(W.T.) Memoir of, by J. Baillie, 12mo, 6a,i858, Longman ; 8rd e. 12mo, 8a 6rf NitbH 1862 

Bateman(C.£r.) Tables of English History, obi. foL, 3a 6d Simpkin 1838 

(C.R.) Sacred Melodies for Sabbath Schools, new edit., 32mo, la Houldon 1855 

■ (Hen.) Heart Melodies : Hymns and Psalms, 16mo, 7a Snow !..i862 

(Jai.) Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala, fol., 16/ 16a Ridgtoay ...1837-43 

1885—1862 BATEMAN BAXTER 49 

Bateman (/os.) Bxciae Lawa, roy. 8vo, 31a 6<i Maxwell 1843 

— Officer's Manual, 12mo, 7« 6g{ Maxwell 1852 

-— — General Highway Act, with Notes, 12mo, 9a Maxuscll 1862 

Laws of Revenae of Excise, 12mo, Ss 6<2 Maxwell 1840 

- Turnpike Acts, by Welsby, 1854, 12mo, 12* Maxwell 1854 

— ^ — - Treatise on the Law of Auctions, 12mo, 3rd edit., 7* 6rf Maxwell 1851 

{Joiiah) Sermons, preached in Guernsey, 2nd edit., 12mo, U 6d Seeley 1859 

India, 12mo, 5s Hatchard 1839 

•to Parents, Masters, Servants, &c., 12mo, la 6rf Whittaher 1850 

Why Belieye the Bible to be the Word of God t 12mo, 4a IlatcJiard 1850 

— {Mn.J.C.) Forgiveness, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, SU 6d Newby i86i 

'—^- (^oa.) Descriptive Catalogue of Antiquities in Museum of, 12mo, 5s J.ILUmith 1855 

• Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, 8vo, 15a Longman 1829 

Atlas to, by Thomson, roy. 8 vo, 63a... Longman 1840 

Ten Years' Diggings in Celtic and Saxon Grave Hills, 8vo, 16a J.R.Smith 1861 

Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, 8vo, 16a J.B.Stnith 1847 

and Willan (7*.) Delineations of Cutaneous Diseases, 4to, 6^ 5a H.Bokn 1840 

{Wm,) Magna-copia ; Library for Chemists, &c., 18mo, Qs Churchill 1839 

Bates (£1.) Doctrines of the Society of Friends, 12mo, 2a Bennett 1843 

English Analysis : Forms of English Composition, 12mo, 2a 6d Boston^ U.S. ...1862 

— (.y. P.) Mental Culture, cr. 8 vo, 6a 6d New York 1859 

— {Wm,) College Lectures on Christian Antiquities, postSvo, 9a, 1845 ; 6a 6d Parher^ Son... iS$% 

Ecclesiastical History, 12mo, 2nd edit, 6s 6d Parker d: Son... iZ^% 

• Harmony of the Divine Attributes, 8vo, 3a Ward 1840 

-with Essay byJ. P. Smith,n.e., 12mo, 4a Virtue .........1848 

Bath (7oA») Tradesman's Profit Calcuktor, 12mo, 2a Piper 1856 

Bath Abbey Church, 4to, 30a Antiq^ Soe. Lon. 

City and Borough Directory of , 12mo, 3a Simpkin ...1854 

Rambles about, by James Tun&tall, 3rd edit, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1852 

Bather (E.) Hints on the Art of Catechising, 2nd edit, fcp. 8vo, 4a Qd ; 18mo, la 4d Rivington 1852 

Sermons, V. 1, 2, and 3, 8vo, each 12a— red. to 8a Batchard 1840 

on Old Testament Histories, 8vo, 4a Soc.P.CK, ...1850 

Bathgate (Wm.) Essays on Characteristics of Popular Literature, 12mo, 2a %d Ward 1854 

Soul's Arena ; Views of Man's Great Contest, 12mo, 2a 6rf Ward 1852 

Bathurst ; or, the Dartmoor Gipsy, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 31a M Newhy 1850 

Bathunt (^p. i7.) Memoirs, by Archdn. Bathurst, 2 v. 8vo, 60a — red. to 5s H.Bohn 1839 

-— Supplement to, 8vo, 8a Longman 1842 

and Correspondence, by his Daughter, 8vo, 21a Bentley 1853 

(C) Elements of Arithmetic, 12mo, 8a — Key to, 2a 6(i Longman 1842 

Lectures at a Mechanics' Institution, 12Tno, 6a Pai^cer^Son...i^^/^ 

New Introduction to Logic, 12mo, la Parker d: Son... i%$% 

Selections from Dryden's Poems and Plays, 12mo, 4a 6rf Parker <Se Son... i%$% 

— Swift and Prior's Poems, 12mo, 3a ParkerdeSofi...i%^'^ 

' (^on.C7.) Notes on Nets, 12mo, 4a Van Voorst ...1838 

( IF. /T.) Metrical Musings; Sacred Thoughts in Verse, 12mo, 4a 6rf Seeley 1849 

Batt (/?.) Poetry, Gleanings in, 12mo, 7s 6d Harvey 1838 

Battel and its Abbey, Gleanings respecting, 12mo, 6a Longman 1841 

Batten (Edm.) Law on Specific Performance of Contracts, 8vo, 14a Benning 1849 

Battle for Native Industry, Collection of the Debates, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 26a Ollivier 1846 

fought at Ventry Harbour, Account of Ossianic Soc, ... 

-of Alma, and its Incidents, by an Officer, 12mo, 3a Hatchard 1854 

Gabhra (Garristown), a.d. 283, Prose and Poetical Account Ossianic Soe.... 

London Life ; or. Box and his Secretary, post 8vo, 2a Pierce 1849 

Magh Rath (Moira) in Irish, Notes by O'Donovan, 4to, 10a Irish Arch.SociZ^ 

on the Bosiihorus, a Romance, 3 v. post 8vo, 31a 6d Netoby 1855 

Battles and Events of Modem History, sq. 16mo, Is 6d Stewart 1857 

'— of England, The Twelve Great, sm. 8vo, 2a 6rf '. Loio 1861 

■ ■ including the Punjab, 8vo, 4a Appleyard 1846 

the Bible, by a Clergyman's Daughter, 12mo, 3a 6rf Hamilton 1852 

Battye {Tho) Cancer Extirpated without the Knife, 8vo, 3a M Simpkin 1846 

Batutalbu, Travels of, edited by Dr. Shee, 4to, 21a Or. Trans, Soe. 

Bauer (Perd.) Genera of Ferns, by W. J. Hooker, n. e., roy. 8vo, 6/. 6a H.Bohn 1842 

<(7.X.) Theology of the Old Testament, 8 vo, 2s M Fox 1851 

Bauke (ii^^ernon) Poor Law Guardian : his Powers, 12mo, %sQd Shaw its Sons... i%6% 

Baumgarten (Dr.M.) Acts of the Apostles, translated by Meyer, 8 v. 8vo, 27a Hamilton 1854 

!Bau8or (Patt/) Discovery of Atlas Explained, 12mo, 8a Hamilton 1837 

Bautain {M.) Art of Extempore Speaiting, 12mo, 3rd edit, 4a 6d Bosworth i860 

Baxter ( Village Sermons, V.l, 8vo, 10a 6d, iZ/wn^r/on, 1848 ; V. 2, 8vo, 10a6(i Parker it Son... 1^$% 

(aff.i2.)Bookof theBastiles, roy. 8vo, 26a Smiihik Elder 1841 

Don Juan, Jun., 4a Thomas 1839 

Humour and Pathos ; Essays, Tales, &c., post 8vo, 7a 6d Thomas 1838 

.—— ^ZT. F.) On Organic Polarity, pcfit 8vo, 6a Churchill i860 

(/oAn) Agricultural Annual, with an Almanac, 12mo, 5s 6d Simpkin 1841 

Chemistry (5en/^a iToiKi-JSooita), fcap. 8vo, 2a 6ci Bentley 1843 

Library of Agriculture, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 1846, 4th edit, 40a Simpkin 1851 

60 BAXTER BAYLY J835— 18e« 

Baztcr (John) Models of Improvod Fann-Tard and Baildinga, roy. 8to, 2t6d Simpkin..., 

Rental Book of Beceiptsand Expenditure, 4to, 5$ €d Simplnn.... 

Wiltshire Fanner, 8vo, Zt (kl Simpkin,... 

(J. A.) Church Hiatory of England, 2 v. cr. 8to, 16$ ; 2nd edit., 8to, 18i... Haiehard . 

(Rich.) Works, Practical, 4 v. imp. 8vo, 68« A.Hall .... 

Select, roy. 8to, 26t BUickie . 

■ Call to the Unconverted, 18mo, 1« ed, W. Allan; 12mo, 8# ffamiUan 

- Crucifying the World by Croas of Christ, ed. by BaiUie, sq. cr. 8to, 5j. Nitbet 

- Directions for Weak Christians, by Sperling, 12mo, 5t Niabtt 

• Dying Thoughts, by Stebbing, 12mo, 2< 6d Vittue 

- Key for Catholics or Jesuits, with Notes by Allport, 8to, 12- JfamilUm 

• Knowledge and Love Compared, with Life by A. Clarke, 16mo, Is 6d Comith 

Poor Man's Family Book, 32mo, 2s Tegg 

- Reformed Pastor, 12mo, 8«, H^. Collins, 1840 ; med. 8vo, S< 6d Ward 

by Rev. W. Brown, 6th edit, 12mo, 2# 6d ReLTradSoe.. 

Gildas Salvi*nus, 8vo, IsM N'uitet., 

Saints' Ererlast. Rest, 32mo« 2s, Nitbet ; 18mo, Zs,Tegg ; 18mo, \sM Nelson ... 

Essay by Brown, 2 t. 12mo, 6s, 1 847— red. to 5# Hamilton 

Erskine, 12mo, 8«, Hamilton, 1848; 2s M Tegg 

-Fawcett, 12mo, 2»6d Tegg 

-Morison, 8to, 9s, Virtue^ 1840 ; 8yo, 7f ... Tegg 
-Wesley, 12mo, 3# Mason 

Self-Ignorance; Essay by Dr. Young, 12nio, 8« Hamilton . 

— (/2o6/.) Prophecy the Key of Providence, 8vo, 7« 6d SeeUg 

— {Wm.) British Phoenogamous Botany, 6 v. 8vo, 5/L 16« ; ool. W. J.HutJ.Parker 

-■(IV.^.) America and the Americans, 12mo, Is 6d Rouiledge 

Hints to Thinkers ; or, Lectures for the Times, 12mo, 2« Routledye 

Impressions of Central and Southern Europe, 8vo, 12* Longman 

Travels in Portugal, Spain, Italy, 1850-51, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 21* BentUy . 

-{W.Jl.) Handbook of Chemistry, 18mo, Is BenUey . 

Bay Wreaths; or. Stories of Genius and Merit, 18mo, l»6<i Grooninidge... 

Bayard (Chev.) History of his Feats, by Kindersley, post 8vo, »« 6d Longman 

Bayes (IF.) Nervous Affections connected with Dyspepsia, post 8vo, Zs 6c/ Bennm 

Bayeux Tapestry, 4to, 30»; coloured 60s Aniiq.SoCyLon. 

Elucidated, by the Rev. G. C. Bruce, 4to, hf-mor., 21s J.R.Smith 

a Tale of the 11th Cent., from the French, cr. 8vo, 5s HamilUm 

BayEeld (S.J.) Observations on Syphilis and iu Treatment, 12mo, 2s 6rf ....t Renshaw 

Treatise on Cupping, 12mo, 6s Buller 

Bayford (A,P.) Aigument in Arches Court on Gorham's Case, 8vo, 2nd edit.. Is SteUg 

Report of Proceedings against Rev. E. Oakeley, 8vo, 6« Benning 

Bayky (C.P.JL) "Essays and Reviews," compared ¥rith Reason, fcc., 8vo, Is Cd Hatchard 

Bayldon (Geo.) Annals of the Christian Church, 12mo, 6s Rouse 

(J.S.) Art of Valuing Rents and TiUages, by Baker, 8vo, lOt 6d Longman 

(Ric.) Treatise on Road Legislation and Management, post8vo, 8s 6d Lor^^num , 

Baylee (Jos.) Essay on Verbal Inspirati^i, 12mo, 2« SeeUg 

Genesis and Geology ; or, Word of God Defended, 12mo, 4s 6d A. Hall 

Mysteries of the Kingdom; Exposition of Parables, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman , 

and Miall (E.) Discussion on Church Establishments, 8ed., 12mo, 8s 6d Simpkin 

(J.T.) Statistics and Facts relative to the Lord's Day, 12mo, 8s ed Se^ 

Bayley (E.) Bloomsbury Lectures, bvo, 2s 6d ; cl., 3# Robeson 

: Sermons on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, 1^0, 8s6rf Nisbet 

— :^Jl?^If>i*®'°**''^®'» with Introduction by J. A. James, 12mo, Is Hamilton 

— (F,W.N.) Comic Nurseiy Tkles— Blue P>eard, 12mo, 2s 6d Orr 

Little Red Riding Hood, 12mo, 2s 6d Orr '...'. 

New Tale of a Tub, in Verse, 16mo, Is RovOedge 

Ill.byCotton,4to,10s6(f,CWii<w/Ai, 1841 ; 16mo,2s 6d Orr 

Wake of Ecstasy, a Poem, 4to, 10s 6d, red. to 7s ed WiUougUgZ 

(Q.) Shipping Interest, Tables shewing the Progress of, 8vo, 4s Smith ^ Elder 

(SirJ.) Law of Bills of Exchange, 6th edit., by Dowdswell, 1849, 8vo, 22* Benning... 

-(/, 5.) Commentaries on the Laws of England, roy. 8vo, 28s Benning... 

(J.H.R.) Drama of Life and Lyrical Breathings, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2s 6rf Longman 

(H'.) Paneuphonon; Psalm and Hymn Tunes, 1st series, roy. 8vo, 6s 6d Tyas 

— - (W.H.) Slide Rule, its Applicability to Arithmetic, Ac, 12mo, 6# Bell <t- Daidy., 

Bayhs (Edw.) Arithmetic of Annuities and Life Assurances, 8vo, 6s Longman 

(E.A.) Loving Service ; or, a Sister^s Influence, 12mo, 2s %d Masters !,. 

« 1. "(^^'i R»8l»<» and Duties of Domestics and Employers, 8rd edit., fp! 8vo, Is . Low 

Bayliss(ir.) Aenal Perspective, Elements of, or. 8vo, Is Reeve 

S' , ,^r v*^^^^^^ ^ ^*» ^*»^ Present, and to Come, 4to, 8s 6(i .* Bogus Z 

Bayly (CI^.) Descriptive and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, 5s Xiisbei 

^u^'bl ?*^?TT^ ^^y » ^refs^ by Grace Webster, 18mo, new edit, 8s M ..*.* HamilUm' 
^{Mrs.M.) Bagged Homes, and How to Mend them, 12mo, 8s 6(i ; new edit.. Is 6d Nisbet . 

T^'^. ^^^^'^^ ]^t?r ■'''^ ^^" Difficulties, fp. 8vo, St 6d ; new edH., Is Nisbet .' 

{T.H) Kindness m Women; Tales,8v.p.8vo,81s6<i,i5en</ey,i837;ch.ed.,12mo,ls Routledge 

l^'^J^^^^ Memoir by hi. Widow, post Syo, i. e., 10s 6rf ..... sJn^ 

Weeds of Witchery, Poems, roy. 8ns 7s 6d A^^nno 










1835— I861i BAYNE BEARD 61 

Baynt (Pei.) GhristiaB Life ; Social and Individual, poat 8vo, new edit, 7$ Crf Boggds Sons ...1859 

BssajB, Biographical, Critical, and MiBcellaneous, post 8vo, 7« 6<i HoggASom ...1859 

■ — Testimony of Christ to Christianity, 8 ro, 3< 6f/ Niiihct 1861 

(ffm.) Britiith Youths* History of BngUtnd, 18mo, 3« Dipple 1847 

Baynes (O.R,) Notes during a Ramble in the Bast, poet 870, 10« M Lwiffman 1843 

{E,lP.) Annals of Bnghmd, a Poem, 8vo, 6a Wkittaher 1847 

»—(.V^rt.) Knitted Lace Collar Receipt Book, 16rao, l«6rf Simpkin 1847 

(A//.) Lyra Anglicans; Hymns and Sacred Songs, new edit., 12mo, 3«6(i ... Houlston 1861 

True Revivals, Four Sermons, 18mo, Is Wertheim 1861 

{T,S.) Essay on the New Analytic of Logical Forms, 8vo, 7t 6<i, 1850 ; 4< 6rf Simpkin 1853 

■ TransUtion of the Port-Royal Logic, 12mo, 68 6<lj 1851 ; 2nd edit., 4« Simpkin 1859. 

Basancourt (Baron) History of the Crimean War, by Gould, 2 v. 8vo, 28« Low 1855 

Basin (/oAfi) Life and Experience, by Jas. Crabb, 12mo, 4a Mattn 1838 

Beach {W.) Medicine, British and American Reformed Practioe, roy. 8vo, 50« Simpkin 1859 

Beaohcroft (J{. P.) Sermons, ed. by his Widow, 8vo, 9t Hatchard i8<;o 

■ on the Lord's Sapper, 12mo, 2» 6rf Sedey 183a 

Beadle's American Biographies, feap. 8vo, M ea. Su Appendix. 

' Lilmiry ; Tales. V. 1, 2, 8, 12mo, ea. la td Beadle 1862 

Beadon (G ) Observations on Canals and Navigable Rivers, 8ro, 2a 6(i Chapman^ 27.1848 

Beal (/m.) Inquiiy into Free Trade in Land, post Svo, 5a J. Chapman ...1855 

(5. J9.) Elisabeth Stuart, Prisoner of Carisbrook, post Svo, \$M DaUon 1856 

(fTwi.) Britain and tiieGael, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2a WhiOakcr i860 

Wesley Family, Fathers of, 1660-1662, 2nd edit, 12mo, la 6rf Freeman i86a 

Beale(i4Nii«) Baronet's Family, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, ZltM Newby 1852 

— Poems, 12mo, 7a 6d Longman 1842 

Simplicity and Fascination, a Novel, 8 v. post Svo, 81a 6rf Bentley 1855 

' — Vale of the Towey ; or. Sketches of S. Wales, post Svo, 10a 6<^ Longman 1844 

{D*^,) Students' Text-Book of Eng. and Gen. History, 12mo,2nd e.,p.8vo,2a6<< Belltk Daldij...J%6% 

{L^.) Heahb, Disease, and Longevity as to Diet, &c., 12mo, 2a 6(2 CkurchiU 1854 

Laws ci Health in Relation to Body and Mind, poet Svo, 7a 6rf CkwrchUl 1851 

- (L,S,) Anatomyof Liverof Man and Vertebrate Animals, Svo, 6a6<i Churchill 1856 

' — Illustrations of Salts of Urine, Urinary Deposits, &c., Svo, ^tM Churchill 1858 

■ — Microscope, Application of to Practical Medicine, Svo, n. e. , 1 4 a .•. . Churchill 1 86 1 

— — How to work with, post Svo, lUust., 5s id Churchill 1858 

" Illustrations, post Svo, la 6d Churchill 1859 

• On Structure of Simple Tissues of Human Body, col. plates, Svo, 7a 6d Churchill 1861 

Tables for the Chemical Examination of Urine, Svo, 2a 6<2 Churchill 1857 

• Urinary Deposits and Calculi, lUust., cr. Svo, 8a 6<£ Churchill 1861 

(TAo.) Natural History of the Sperm Whale, post Svo, 12a Van Voorsi ...1838 

Beames(7%o.) Rookeries of London, Past, Present, Ice., post Svo, 6s Bosworth 1852 

Beamish (i.i^.) Christian Visitor's Companion, post Svo, isM Wertheim 1858 

{H.H,) Lectures: Who is Antichrist ? poet Svo, 8a Bagster 1854 

On Auricular Confession, 12mo, aSermon, Is 6d Partridge 1851 

Reooncilifttion by Blood : Axiom of Revelation, ISmo, la Wertheim 1856 

Romanism and Tractarianism Refuted, 12mo, 6a J.F.Shavf 1853 

The Vicarious Death of Christ, Two Sermons, la Seelf^/ i860 

-(K.L,) Discovery of America by the Northmen, Svo, 10a Bo<me 1841 

History of the Ring's German Legion, 1808-16, 2 v. Svo, 80a Boone 1837 

Uses and Application of Cavalry in War, new edit., Svo, 10a 6d ... ^oonf 1855 

{Rich,) Treatise on the Cold Water Cure, 12mo, 2d edit., 4a Highley 1843 

Beamont (ITm.) Diary of a Journey to the East, 1864, 2 v. post Svo, 21a Longman 1856 

{WJ.) Cairo to Sinai and Sinai to Cairo, in Nov. and Dec. 1860, fcp. Svo, 6a... Bellas Daldy,., i%^i 

CondBe Grammar of the Arabic Language, 12mo, 7s BellikDaldg.,.i%6t 

Beaumont (F.) Melodies of Scotland, folio, 16a Simpkin 1849 

(W.J,) Catherine, the Egyptian Slave in 1 862, fcap. 5s 6d Belltk Daldy...iZsS 

Bean (Jos.) Family Prayers, ISmo, la 6d, Knight *k Son ; 12mo, 4a Rivington 1852 

Pastoral Advice on Recovering from Sickness, ISmo, 4a Rel.lVact Soe, .1840 

(12./^.) Anatomy for the Use of Artists, 8vo, 2s 6d Rennhaw 1841 

Bean's School Atlbs, new edit., roy. Svo, 12a Bean 1859 

Beaney (Jamts O.) Contributions to the Practice of Conservative Surgery, Svo, 10a 6(2 Robertson i860 

Bearcroft (PAt/.) Relics of the Sacred Ministry of, 12mo, 4a Edwards 1842 

Sermons, Reprints, Svo, 6a Palmer 1835 

Beard (Chas.) Port Royal, a Contribution to the Hist, of Religion, 2 v. post Svo, 24a Longman 1861 

Sermons: Outiines of Christian Doctrine, post Svo, 6a Whitfield 1859 

(J.R,) Aigument for the Credibility of the Gospels, Svo, 8a 6d Simpkin 1845 

Biblical Atlas, Svo, 8a 6rf Simpkin 1^49 

Primer; Old Testament Narratives, 12mo, la 6rf Simpkin 1850 

Reading Book, 12mo, 8a Simpkin.,. 1849 

Collection of Hymns, new edit., 12mo, 4a Simpkin ..i86i 

Confenional: a View of Romanism, post Svo, 7a 6<i Simpkin i860 

Divinity and Atonement of Jesus Christ, n. e., 12mo, la Wh^field 1861 

•— — Grounds and Objects of Religions Knowledge, 2 v. pest Svo, 16a Simpkin i860 

■ — Historical and Artistic Illustrations of the Trinity, Svo, Ss Simpkin 1846 

Illustrations of the Dirine in Christianity, Svo, 7a 6rf Simpkin 1849 

— Latin Dictionary, Svo, 7a 6</, Cassell^ 1854 ; Svo, 7a 6d Ward^Lock .1862 

63 BEARD BEAUTIES 1836-1862 

'BeArd(J.R,)ha,tmlj6ssonByl2mOtZs; Key to, 12mo, 2« Cattell .. 

Made Btusy, 8th edit., 12mo, 3« 6d ; Key to, 2« Sim^n.. 

Lectures against bwenism, 12ido, Ik Simpkin,. 

• Lessons in English, 12mo, 3« Cauell 

Greek, 12mo, 3« 6d CatuU 

• Letter-Writing, Introduction to the Art of, U td SimpJdn... 

■ Man's Origin, Duty, and Destiny, new edit,, postSro, 2ir Whi^eld 

■ People's Biographical Dictionary, 12mo, 3« CatfiU ... 

• Dictionary of the Bible, 2 t. 8vo, n. e., 22* Simpkin.. 

■ Reasons Why I am a Unitarian, 2nd edit., post 8to, 2» Simpkin 

- B^yisad English Bible the Want of the Charcb, post 8ro, new edit., bs... Simpkin 

• Sabbath Leisure, by Unitarian Members, cr. 8to, 6« Simpkin 

■ Self-Culture, a Guide to Self-Instruction, cr. 8vo, 6« Simpkin 

- Serrice-Book of Fassaf^es of Scripture, post 8vo, 2sikt Simpkin 

- Unitarianism Exhibited in its Actual Condition, 8to, 7« 6c2 Simpkin 

- Voices from Captirity : Prison Scenes, &c, post 8vo, 1« 6d T. Hodgson 

of the Church in Ueply to Dr. Strauss, 8vo, 12« Simpkin 










... „ 861 

Dyoe, 11 V. 8vo, 84* Moxon 1843-46 

Beard's People's Dictionary of the Bible, Vol. 2, 8vo, 11« Simpkin 

Beardmore (iV.) Hydrology, Manual of, 8vo, 10*, 1852; n. e.,42f Waterlow 

(5.) Globe Telegraph, loy. 8vo, 28 6d Stanford 

Beasley (H.) Book of Medical Prescriptions, 2nd edit., 18mo, 6$ ChurdUll 

Druggist's General Receipt Book, 5th edit., 18mo, 6$ CkwrchiU 

■ Pocket Formulary of the Pharmacopoeias) 7th edit., 18mo, 6s. ChwrckiU 

(McU.) Dictation Spelling Exercises, 18mo, 2$ WhUtaker 

{R,D.) Elementary Treatise on Plane Trigonometry, post 8vo, 3* 6d MiLemiUan ... 

{T.J.) Chancery Practice of Irehmd, 8v«, 10< 6d Sweti 

(T./J.) The Christiad, and other Poems, postSvo, 8« 6<i Madden 

Beast and His Image; or, the Coming Crisis, post 8yo, 2s 60? Saundersds 0.. 

Beasts and Birds ; Natures and Habits of, with Verses by Bishc^, roy. 8to, \» Dean d: Son ... 

Beaton (P.) Creoles and Coolies in Mauritius, 12mo, is Qdy Nisbet, 1859 — red. to 1« 6d Oriffin 

Marion Leslie, a Story, 3 vols. 8vo, doth, Zls Qd Hwrd^B...... 

Six Months in Re-union, a Cleiigyman's Holyday, 2 v. post 8?o, 21 » .... Hwat de B. ... 

Beatrice Cenci, an Historical Novel of the 16th Century, new edit., post 8vo, 2$ Ward^ Lock... 

Chesterford, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 21» Newhy 

Beaison (B. W.) Exercises for Greek Iambic Verse, 81^ edit., 12mo, 3« Simpkin 

■ Prose Composition, new edit., 12mo, 4f M W/UUaker 

Latin Prose Composition, 12mo, new ed., 4» 6d Whittaker . 

' Index in Tragicos Qrseoos, 8 v. 8vo, 42«, WhUtaker— red. to 16# //. Bohn . 

Beattie(/(U.) Church of Scotland during the Commonwealth, 12mo, 4s LongTuan 

Essay on Truth, 12mo, 4f Cornish 

Minstrel, a Poem, Illustrated by Foster, sq. 8vo, 7s 6d BotUledge 

Nature and Immutability of Truth, 12mo, 4« Cornish 

Poems, with Memoir by Dyce, 12mo, 6s, Pickering^ 1841 j 32mo, Is 6d Groomhridgt... 

Beattie, Blair, and Falconer's Poems, Notes by Gilfillan, 8vo, 4s 6rf NiAei 

Campbell, and Goldsmith's Poems, 16mo, 4s 6<i Walker 

and CoUins's Poems, by Miller, poist 8vo, 12s {Tilt's lUus. Classich) Bogue 

and Thomson's Poems, Illustrated by Foster, 12mo, 5s RoiUledge 

{W.) Castles and Abbeys of England, new edit., 2 v. imp. 8vo, each 2^ Virtue 

— Danube, its History, Scenery, &c., 4to, 42s ViHue 

Scothmd Illustrated, 2 vols. 4to, 63s Virtue 

Waldenses Illustrated, 4to, 40s Virtue 

Beaufort (D.A.) Scripture SuflScient without Tradition, 8voj 4s 6d....; Parker A Son.. 

{E.A.) Egyptian Sepulchres and Syrian Shrines, 2nd edit., 2 v. p. 8vo, 25s Longman 

(Marg. Ctss. of Richmond) Memoir, by C. A. Halstead, 8vo, 12s Smith <k Elder 

{W.L.) Sermons in the Parish Church of Glenmire, 8vo, 8s Rivington 

Beaufoy (Chas.) Portugal and Spain, Journal of a Ride, 8vo (Privately Printed) Boone 

(Sam.) Guide for True Pilgrims, by T. Williams, 82mo, Is HodsondsSon... 

Beaugue, Hiatoire de la Guerre d'Ecosse, 4to Maiiland CUb 

Beaumarchais and Ms Times, by L. de Lom6nie, 4 v. post 8vo, 42s Addey 

Beaumont (^.i>.B.) Law of Fire and Life Insurance, 8vo, 5s Stevens 

{ Ireland, Social, Political, and Religious, transl., 2 v. p. 8vo> 21s BenUey 

- (Henri) French for Children, the Complete Primer, 1 2mo, 2« Williams <fe N. 

(Jos.S Law and Practice of Bills of Sale, 12roo, ^s 6<i Crodcford 

-(Dr. /os.) Life of, by his Son, 8vo, Ss 6d Hamilton 

-Sermons, 12mo, 4s 64 Partridge 

(Lord) Paynell ; or, the Disappointed Man, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Richardsons 

(Wm) E:q>eriments on Physiology of Digestion, post 8vo, 7s Simpkin 

Instruments for Tying Polypi of Uterus, &c. , 4to, 5e Churchill . 

Beaumont and Fletcher's Works by Darley, 2 v. med. 8vo, 40s, Moxon^ 1 840— r. to 82s Routledge . 

Selections from, by L. Hunt, post 8vo, 3s 6d H.Bohn 

Beauties of German Literature, 12mo, 5s, i-ed. to 3s Bums 

' - Holiness; or. Moral and Sacred Poetry, 32mo, 3s Simpkin 

Moore, Female Portraits, 2 series, each 42s; together, 63s ChapmantkH. 

— ^— - Nature, a Poem, 8vo, 5s ,.„. Houltion .--.. 


1885—1803 BEAUTIES BEDE 63 

Beaatioaof The Holy Bible, post 8ro, 8« £dwardsdiff, 

the Opera, Portraits, roy. 8to, Sit 6d Bogue. 

Beautiful Poetry ; Selection by Editors of "The Critic," V. lto6, 12mo, each 5s Qd CroeJrford 1853 

Beauty, a Poem, by Author of " Silent Love," 12ino, 1« Hardwcke 

and the Beast, with illostrations by Crowqnill, square, 2f 6<2 Orr 

of Amalfi, an Italian Tale, iXMrt 8vo, 6» Smith ds Elder 

.— Holiness, Illustrated in 2000 Passages from Scripture, 12mo, 6« C. Lockwood,,, 

Beauty's Costume, 1888 and 1889, 4to, each 21< ; coloured, 42« Longman 

Mirror, 18mo, 2s 6d Afudie 

Offering (1845), royal 12mo, \0s6d SUvens 

BeauToisIn (if.) Con&ibulateurFran9ais, 12mo, 4« C, H. Law.. 

French Acquired in Four Months, 12mo, 4th edit., fis C. II, Law.. 

Beading for Self-Instruction, 8vo, 2« E.WHs(m .. 

How to Read and Translate French, 12mo, 8« M C, H. Law.. 

— T61fanaque, 12mo, 4« 6d C. H, Law 

Beavan (Cha.) Orders of the Court of Chancery, 1814-68, 12mo, 8« Wildy 

(if.) Statutes of Practical Utility, 4 v. 8vo, 67« 6d Stevens 185 

BeaTen (Jos. ) Account of the Life and Writings of St. Irenieus, 8to, \OsM Riviiujton i 

Catechism of the Thirty-Nine Articles, 1 8mo, IsM /. H. A J, Parker 

Doctrine of Scripture on Religious Celibacy, 8vo, 8« Rivington 

Elementsof Natural Theology, 12mo, 4« 6(2 Rivington 

- Help to Catechising, 18mo, 2< Rivington 

• Manual for Visiting the Sick, 18mo, 2s ffamtlton 

- Questions on Scripture History, 18mo, 2s Hamilton 

- Visita to Indian Missions in Upper Canada, 12mo, 4« Bums ... 

Beaver {B.) Adventures of Dick Onslow among the Red Skins, 12mo, SsCd Dean 

Becanus (Martin) Analogy between the Old and New Testament, translated, 8« T. Richardson 

Becher {A.B,)lMd{a\i of Columbus on his Voyage to America, 8vo, 10« Cd Potter 

- Tables of Foreign and English Lineal Measure, 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 

Bschstein (J.M.) Handbook, Cage Birds, by Adams, 18mo, 246^,1856; n.e., 18mo, 2s Dean 

-' History of Cage Birds, 12mo, 6s, Bradlmrff, 184.5 J •»• ©• ^ ^^•" Oroomhridge... 

and Chamber Birds, cr. 8vo, tis\ col. Is 6d ff, Bohn 

{Lud.)Old Story Teller, German Tales, post 8vo, 6* ; coL Ss Addey 

Beck (Bar.) Adventures during the late War in Hungary, new ed., post 8vo, 12« ... Bentley 

{Edw.) Treatise on Cultivation of the Pelaiigonium, 8vo, 2s Chapman ifc H. 

{J.B.) Essays on Infant Therapeutics, 12mo, Ss 6d Neio York 

(L.C.) Medicine, Adultei-ations in, post 8vo, 8« New York 

(T.A.) History and Antiquities, &c., of Fumess Abbey, roy. 4to, 71 7s Payne 

{T.R.) Elements of Medical Juriftprndence, 7th ed. by Dr. Darwell, 8vo, 2\s ... Longman 

Becker {C.F.) German Grammar, by Fraedersdorf, 12mo, 5« WiUiamsdi: N. 

Omnigraph Atlas of Modem Geography, roy. 4to, 18» Snithde Elder 

{W.A.) Charicles ; Life of Ancient Greeks, by Metcalfe, post 8vo, 10« 6d ... Parker <fc Son 

Gallus, Roman Scenes of Augustus, by Metcalfe, post 8vo, \2s Parker Ss Son 

Becket (^. Tko, d) A Biography, by J. C. Robertson, poet 8vo, 9« Murray 

Life and Martyrdom, by BUck, 8vo Percy Soc 

Morris, post 8vo, 1 859, 9«— red. to As 6d Longman 

(etaliorum) Bpistols, edidit Giles, 8 v. 8vo, 4/ 16» WhUtaker . 

Life and Letters, by Dr. Giles, 2 v. 8vo, 24« WhiUaker . 

Beckett (And.) Dramatic Works, ed. by Dr. Beattie, 2 v. post 8vo, ie« Virtue 

{Oilbert d) Comic Blaokstone, 12mo, 2s Bradbury . 

■ History of England, 2 v. 8vo, 21« Bradbury. 

Rome, 8vo, lit Bradbury . 

> Quixriology of the British Drama, 12mo, 2s Bradbury . 

— ^— (/..i.) Parochial Sketches of Avondale, 12mo, Ss Painter.... 

{W. d) Out of Harness : a Continental Tour, 12mo, 2s 6d Ouillaume . 

Beckford (PeL) Thoughts on Hunting, 12mo, Ss Washboame—12mo, 6« A, Hall ... 

(W.) Italy,8pain,andPortugal, 2v.28«— r©d.to21«,i839;n.e.,fc.8vo,2<6rf Bentley .... 

• ' Memoirs of, 2 v. post 8vo, 21« Skeet 

Monasteries of Alcobacaand Botalha, n. e., 8vo, 10« 6d Bentley .... 

Vathek, a Tale, 12mo, Is, Ward A: L. ; in French, 12mo, 5« Bentley , 

Beckmann (/.) Inventions, History of (Standard Lib.), 2 vols., post 8vo, 7s N. Bohn ... 

Beekwourth (/.^.) Life and Adventures of, post 8 vo, 8< 6<i Low 

Becon (T.) Catechism, and other Pieces, 8vo Parker Soc, 

' Early Writings, 8vo Parker Soc, 

— — - Flower of Godly Prayers, &c Parker Soc, 

Becq uerel (if. ) and Rodier, Pathological Chemistry, by Spier, 8vo, 12s Churchill . . . 

Beddoes (T.L,) Death^s Jest Book ; or, the Fools Tragedy, 12mo, 6s Pickering ... 

■ Poems, with Memoir, 12mo, 7< 6cf Piekering ,.. 

Works, including ♦* Death's Jest Book,'* 2 v. 12mo, \2$ Pickering ... 

Beddome (0.) Scripture Exposition, 18mo, 2s Ball 

- Sermons with a Memoir, 8vo, 6« Bail 

'(Mrs.) Perseverance Rewarded, a Tale, 18mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 

(P,A.) State of Nations, Past and Present, roy. 18mo, Ss Arnold 

Beddow (Geo.) Miracles in Egypt, and other Poems, 12mo, bs Hamilton 

Bede (6\) Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, new ed., cr. 8vo, Ss 6d ; swd. Ss Jos, Blackwood 


















54 BEDE BEETHOVEN 1835-1863 

Bede (C.) Curate of Cranston, with other Prose and Verse, post 8vo, 10s 6d Saunders tk 0. 

Fairy Fables, 16mo, 4« Btntley 

Funny Figures, 4to, plain, 1« 6rf ; cold. 2$ Ja$. Blaekwoodi 

Uleocreggan ; or, a Highland Home in CanUre, 2 toIs. post 8to, 25« L<mgman 

Happy Hours at Wynford Grange, 16mo, 8< 6rf Ja», Blackwood 

Medley; Prose and Verse, post 8vo, 1« Job, Blackwood 

Motley; Prose and Verae, post 8vo, 1« Jos, Blackwood 

Nearer and Dearer, a Tale out of School, post 8ro, 2s BaUUjf 

Photographic Pleasures, pourtrayed with Pen and Pencil, 8vo, is Hotten 

— {Ven.) Biographi<»l Writings and Letters, edited hy Giles, 8to, 10« 6rf J. Bohn. 

Commentaria Theologia, edidit Giles, 6 t. 8to, 63s Wkitiaker 1838 

Ecclesastical History, by GKles, 8vo, 8« Lumlep . 

• and Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, post 8vo, 5a JI. Bohn 

Historia Ecdeeiastica, edited by Steyenson, 12» Historic Soe, .,. 

Historise EcclesiasticsB, 8vo, 12«, PcUveram—k Hussey, 8vo, 7« 6(i J,BJeJ, Parker 

Lsmfranci, &c., Anecdota, edited by Giles, 4to Camden Soc. ... 

Opera Historica Minora, edited by Stevenson, 8vo, 10«6<l Hwtoric 80c, ... 

Miscellanea, English Translation and Life by Giles, 6 y. 8to, 68* ... WhiUaker 

Bedell {Q.T.) Basket of Flowers ; or. Piety and Truth, a Tale, 82mo, U Bd A. Hall 

Sermons and Memoirs of, byS. H. Tyng, 8to, 79 6d Seeletf 

{Bj>,W.) Life and Episcopate, from Harleian MS. by Clogy, 12mo, 5t Wertheim 

Life of, by Monck Mason, 8vo, 10s 6d Sccky 

Bedford (Barb.) Gleanings from Ecclesiastical History, post 8vo, 6« 6d Wertheim 

{Duke of) Correspondence, ed. bylx>rd J. Russell, V. 1 to 8, 8vo, 48» Longman... i%\%-^^ 

(P) Architecture of Anglican Church, 5th edit., in case, 7« 6(2 Wtale 

-Westminster Abbey, in case, 7« Bd Robinson ... 

York Cathedral, incase, 6« Hamilton ... 

Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, imp. 4to, 16/ 16i Day A Son 

Examples of Ancient Doorways and Windows, sheet, 3« ; can\as, is Weale.. 

and Robinson (J.C.) Treasury of Ornamental Art, roy. 8to, 78« 6d Day <fr Son 

(Dr,F. W.) Basis of French and Latin Grammar, 12mo, each 8rf W^ A Co. 

' Greek Grammar, 12mo, la WtlhikCo. 

(Dr.O.S.) Principles and Practices of Obstetrics, roy. 8vo, 24« New York... 

(J.G.) PropriA qu» Man bus ; or, Rules for Latin Ganders, 12mo, Is Whittal^r ... 

— — — — Questions on Scripture for Junior Classes, new edit., 12mo, 2« 6rf... Wkitiaker ... 

• {W.K.R.) Blazon of Episcopacy, Archbishops and Bishops of England, 8to,15«... J.R. Smith 











Sermons on Various Occasions, 8 vols, post 8yo, each 6s Boston ^ U,S, 52-53 

Bedingfield (R.) Madeline, a Tragedy, 8vo, 2s 6d C. Mitchell 

(R.K.) Latin Delectus, new edit., 12mo, 2« 6<£ Whittaker . 

Boe and the Sloth, and the Dutiful Son, 18mo, 2s Darton .... 

Wasp ; a Fable in Verse, Illustrated by G. Cruikshank, sq. 16mo, 6s ... Pickering . 

Beech (Hugh) Outlines of his Life, Laliours, Ice., by J. H. Beech, 12mo, 2s 6d Heylin .... 

Beeoham (/oAit) Account of Ashantee and the Gold Coast, 12mo, 5« M Mason .... 

Beecher {Cath.E.) Appeal to the People, &c., iwst 8vo, 6« 6<Z New York. 

Letters to the People on Health and Happiness, fcap. Zstd New York. 

Physiology and Calisthenics for Schools and Families, 12mo, Zs 6d New York . 

(Cha.) Review of the Spiritual Manifestations, 12mo, 2« Bosworth . 

(E.) Baptism, with reference to Import and Modes, post 8vo, 7« Wiley 

Concord of Ages, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Low 

Conflict of Ages, 12mo, 7« 6€{ Low 

Papal Conspiracy exposed. Preface by Dr. Begg, 12mo, Ss Nisbet 

(Harriet.) See Stowc. 

— (/f. IT.) Eyes and Ears, post 8vo, cloth, Ss 6d Low .... 

Loctures to Toung Men, 18mo, 2s 6dy Ward, 1851 ; 32mo, 1« M Simpkin.. 

Life Thoughts, Two Series, fcap. 8vo, 2s, Collins, i860 ; 2s Low 

sm. 4to, with ornamental borders, 7s 6d Low .... 

Royal Truth-s fcap. 8vo, Zs 6d Strah<»n„ 

• Sermons, V. 1, fcap. 8vo, 2« Beaton .. 

• Summer in tlie Soul : Views on Religious Subjects, 12mo, 2s 6d... Low 

• Talk about Fruits, Flowers, and Farming, 12mo, 2s 6d Low 

- (X^.) Lectures on Intemperance, 12mo, 1« darkedbCo. 

Politiod and Theological Atheism, 12mo, 2s ^ Cassell 

Beechey (Capt. Sir F.W^) Voyage to the North Pole, 8to, 14«, 1843— red. to7« BentUy 

Pacific, Botany of, 4to, bl 5s ^T. ^oAn ...1834-41 

— Zoology of, 4to, 73« 6rf H. Bohn 

Beechwood (Warwick) The Friends and other Poems, 12mo, 6s Longman 

Boecroft (Oeo. ) Companion to the Iron Trade, enlarged by J. 0. Butler, 1 2mo, 12s.. Simpkin ^ 

Beedell <£<£w.) British Tariff; 12mo, 6« Baily ^Annual 

and Willmore (G.) Mercantile and Maritime Guide, new ed., 8to, 25s Griffin 

Beeman (Isaac) Remains, Sermons, and Letters, 2 v. 8vo, 18« Eedes.... 

Beesley (Alf.) History of Banbury, Oxford, 8vo, plates, 26« Nichols . 

Beeston (Wm.) Etjrmology of Proper Names in the Old Test. 8vo, 2s 6d Heame '. 

Genealogies in St Matthew's and St. Luke*s GK)epels, 8rd ed. 8to, 2s 6d Heame. 

' Hieronymian Hebrew ; or. Grammar, 8vo, 6« Heame '. 

Beethoven (Lud.) Life and Correspondence, by Schiadler, 2 t. poet 8vo, 2U ....w..-. Colbum 







1835—1802 BEETON BELL 55 

Beeion {Mrs J.) Book of Honseliold Management, ^-ith lUnstraiionB, post Svo, 7« 6d Beetou 

• EngliBhwoman^B Cookery Book, 12qio, 1« Jieeton 

(S,0,) Book of Birds ; in Sickness and Health, 8vo, Zs 6d BceUm 




• Christmas Annual for 1860, 1861, and 1862, each la £eeUm i86o-6s 

- Dictionary of Universal Information, 8yo, IZt 6d Betton 

■ Garden Management; Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen; 12mo, 7«6c{ ... Beeion 
• Home Pets ; how to Bear and Manage, 12mo, 7s 6d Beeion 

■ Poultry and Domestic Animals : How to Rear and Manage, 12mo,4« 6d Beeion 

Beerer (W, Ifolt) Notes on Fields and Cattle, post 8vo, SsCd Chapman d: U, 

Before and After, a Novel, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21« Newby 

Bega (<&.) Life and Miracles of, edited by Tomlinson, post 8vo, 2» J. B. Smith ... 

B«gbie (B, W.) Questions on Musketry, and Hythe Papery 12mo, 2s M Mitchell 

^ {Jas,) Contributions to PractioU Medicine, 8vo, 10« 6<i Lonffman 

• (P./.) Supernatural Illusions, poet 8vo, 15s Newby 

Begg (/(BW.) Handbook of Popery, 12mo, 2j 6rf Groombridge... 

Btfggs {Tho.) Inquiry into Extent of Juvenile Depravity, post 8vo, 5s Bennett 

Beginning aiid the End, by a Member of the Carlton Club, 8vo, 2s Cd:. SaundersdtO, 

without an End, an Allegory, by M. A. E. C, 12mo, 2s 6d Hardwicke ... 

Behind the Scenes in Paris ; or, Clubs and Secret Police, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s ;... Hogg Jk Sons... 

liehr (.4. van) Handbook of Human Anatomy, by Biikett, post 8vo, lOs Qd 1... Lon^/man 

Beilby (/>#*. W.) Memoirs of, and SelecUous from his Papers, 12mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 

Beith {Alex.) Christ our Life : Discourses on St. John, 2 v. po3t 8vo, 10s Nisbet 

Two Witnesses of Apocalypse traced in History, 12mo, 2s Hamilton ... 

Beke (C7^.r.)Abbadie's Journey to Kaffu, 2nd edit., 8vo, 6« Madden. 

Few Words with Bishop Colenso on the Exodus, Is Williams ds N, 

Sources of the Nile ; with the Nilotic Discovery, Svo, 1 860 ; 2nd edit. , Gs Madden 

Belaney(i4re4.) Hundred Days of Napoleon, a Poem, 12mo, 5s A. Hail 

- Massacre at the Cannes in 1792, Svo, 4« Lnmleg , 

Belcher {SirE.) Botany of the Voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur, ed. by Hinds, 4to, 3/ 3« . . Smithtk Elder 

Horatio Howard Brenton, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6d Hurst ds B,... 

Voyage in the Eastern Archipelago, 1843-46, 2 v. Svo, 36« Reeve 

H.M. Ship AssiiStance, 1852-54, 2 v. roy. Svo, ZQs Beeve . 

' round the World, 183d-42, 2 v. Svo, 86# CoUmm. 

{H.) Whitby and Pickering Railway H^ustrations, Svo, 10« ; roy. Svo, 15} LongmM^ 

(jos,) America, the Clergy of, 12mo, 7« 6<£ PhUadelpkia 

Oeoi^ge Whitfield ; a Biography, 12mo, 4< 6d Nev York 

Pastoral Recollections, ISmo, 2s Baisler 









- Zoology of the Voyage of the Sulphur, ed. Hinds, 2 v. 4to, 51. 10s Smith ds Elder/^'i-^$ 

' ~ "" - -- - g^g 







Beldam (Jos.) Scenes and Institutions in Italy and the East, 2 v. cr. Svo, 21s Madden.., 

Beleagured Hearth, a Novel, post Svo, 5s Dolman..., 

Bel^igor, a Poetical Tale, poist Svo, 3s 6d Starie 

Belfast {Sarf) Lectures on English Poets of the 19th Century, 12mo, Os Cd Longman , 

Two Generations, a Novel, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Bentley ..., 

Belfast and its Environs ; with a Tour to the (Hant's Causeway, r2mo, 3s 6d Longman , 

Belfegor, a Poem, Svo, 5s, Simpkin.... 

Belfrage {Hen.) Life and Correspondence, by McKerrow, Svo, 4s Hamilton . 

Sacramental Addresses and Meditations, 12mo, 6th edit 6s Hamilton . 

Belgium, Rhine, Italy, Greece, and Mediterranean, lUust , 2 v. 4to, 50s TcUlis 

-and Nassau, Hlustrated, royal Svo, ISs Black 

the Rhine (Bogue*s Guide), ISmo, Maps, &c., Cs Bogue .... 

Up and Down the Rhine : Metri<»il Memorials, poet Svo, 2s 6<i Nisbet 

Belgravia, a Poem, Svo, 2nd edit, 2s 6d Westerton 

Believer*s Daily Treasure, 64mo, Sd, roan. Is; tuck, Is id Bel. Tract Soe. 

Belinaye {Hen.) Compendium of Lithotripsy, Svo, new edit., Ss Bailliire 

Belisarius, Life of, by Lord Mahon, post Svo, 10s 6d *. Murray 

Beljame (Aitg.) French Grammar and Exercises, cr. Svo, 3s 6d Hamilton 

Belknap {D.P.^ Probate Law of California ; 2nd edit. Svo, calf, 25s San Francisco 

Bell {Alex.) Bride, a Play, Svo, 8s .I Cleater 

— — ^ — Practical Elocutionist, 12mo, 5s 6c? Piper 

Stammering and Impediments of Speech, 12mo, 5s Piper 

— — — Tongue, a Poem, Svo, 7s 6e{ Cleaver 

— (^^. if.) Elocutionary Manual, 12mo, Zs Sd^ 1851; 8rd edit, 4s Hamilton 

• Elucidation of the Principleii of Speech and Elocution, Svo, 6s Cd Hamilton 

Letters and Sounds : Introduction to English Reading, ISmo, Is Hamilton 

Phonetic Reporter's Manual, 16mo, 2s Qd Hamilton 

- {And.) Algebra, Exercises and Problems, 12mo, 2s ; Educ. Course, 2s Chambers 

Theoretical and Practical (Educ. Course), 12mo, Ss ; Key, 2s Gd Chambers 

■ Historical Sketch of Feudalism, 12mo, 3s Partridge. 

• Mathematics, Practical (Educ. Coarse), 12mo, 4s 6d ; Key, Zs 6d Chambers . 

Mathematical Tables, n. e. (Educ. Course), 12mo, 3s Chambers . 

Plane Geometry, 12mo, new edit. 2s ; Key, 2s (Educ. Course) Chambers' 

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(C. A.) Organs of the Senses described, 12mo^ 6s, Harvey^ 1839 ; 2nd ^^-f ^ ^ Washboume 

56 BELL 1835—166-2 

Bell {Car.) Pictures from the Pyrenees, roy. 16mo, 8f 6rf ; coloured, 4« W GriffiikAF. ...185^ 

^(CoM.Z),) Arnold Lee, 18mo, 8t HamiUon 185* 

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Autumn at Kamford, 18mo, 2* M HamiUom 1847 

Children's Mirror, 12mo, 6» Ndmn 1858 

Diary of Three Children, 12mo, 5« Hamiltcn 1857 

Douglas Family, 18mo, 3# Hamilton 1851 

Georgie and Luiie, 18mo, 8< HamiUon 1849 

Help in Time of Need, 12mo, 3« 6d HamiUon 1856 

Home Sunshine, 12mo, 4« 6<2 HamilUm .... 1859 

Hope Campbell, 12mo, 4« 6rf Hamilton 1851 

Last Hours with Cousin Kate, 12mo, 3« tW Hamilton 1862 

Lily Gordon, 12mo, 4» W ^. Hamilton 1853 

Little Nelly, 18mo, 1» 6d HamiUon 1854 

Major Campbell, 12mo, 4« W HamiUon 1854 

Margaret Cecil, 12mo, 5f HamiUon 1857 

Mary Elliott, 12mo, U HamiUon 1856 

Rest and Unrest, 12mo, 5# HamiUon 1858 

Rosa's Wish, and how she attained it, fcap. 8yo, 4« W HamiUon 1861 

Self-Mastery, 12mo, 6< Hamilton 1857 

Set About it at Once, 18mo, 2« 6rf Hamilton 1847 

Sydney Stuart, 12mo, is %d HamiUon 1856 

' — Unconscious Influence, 12mo, 5« .• HamiUon 1857 

What May I Learn ? 18mo, 2j erf Hamilton 1849 

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— ^-^— Nervous System of the Human Body, new edit., 8vo, 10«6rf Renthav 1844 

Practical Essays, 8vo, 12«6rf Murray 1842 

Treatise on the Five Senses, 12mo, 3<6<i Harney 1841 

- {C. E. A A.) See Bront*. 

- (CAaa./).) Blanche Neville, a Tale, 12mo, 6« Low 1853 

Faith in Earnest, exemplified, Ist and 2nd series, 1# 6rf Low 1852-54 

" — Miner's Sons— Martin Luther and Hen. Martin, 18mo, 1« Low 1853 

and The Bible in England, 1 v. fcap., 2«6<i Low 1854 

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Guide to the Investment of Capital, 18mo, 2« C. MitchtU ...1846 

Merchant and Banker's Commercial Guide, new edit., 18mo, Is Simpkin 1856 

Notes on Country Banks and the Currency, 12mo, is Lon(/m4in 184a 

Philosophy of Joint-Stock Banking, 8 vo, 34,1840; 2nd edit., ^s Qd ... Longman 1855 

{Hen.) Essay on Diabetes, transkted by Markwiok, 12mo, is PigoU 1842 

Lectures on Certain Parables of the New Testament, 12mo, 6«6d Rivington 1846 

Sermons on Holy Communion, 12mo, 2s Werineim 1862 

- (J/. (7.) Bankruptcy Law of England and ScotUmd, 8vo, Is HamiUon i860 

Life of Mary Queen of ScoU, roy. 8vo, 8« 6ci, Whittaker^ 1840 ; 2 v. 12mo New York 1844 

- (/(tu^) Pharmacy, Sketch of the Progress of, 8vo, Is 6</ ChurchiU .'.....1843 

— (/as.) History of GKbraltar, 12mo, &( Pickering 1845 

Mystery of Popery Unveiled, 12mo, 10«6<2 Hamilton . ...1854 

— (ilfa;./(U.)Pirst*sight Phenomena of Historic Time, post 8vo, 7«6rf Baldwin 1853 

Historical Tables, 25 Charts, coloured, fol. 50« E. Law 1842 

Stream of Time, continued to 1845, on roller and varnished, 42# Sherwood 1845 

System of Geogn4)hy, 6 v. 8vo, with AUas, 78« FuUarton 1848 

Tabular Teacher Theory and Thrift of Historic Memory, p. 8vo, is6d... Baldwin 1853 

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Mercy as Conditioned by Righteousness, fcap., 8# HamiUon 1855 

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(L.O.) Sunday Evenings with Sophia, a Book for Girls, 12mo, 2s Qd Griffith <b F. ...1858 

(i/.if.) Deeds not Words; or, Flemings of Dunaik, a Story, 12mo, 2« Boutledge 1857 

Eda Morton and her Cousins ; or, School- Room Days, 12mo, 2s 6d Routledge i8s7 

The Secret of a Life, a Novel, 12mo, 2« Roviledge 1858 

(P.) Roccabella, 2 V. post 8vo, 21« BUickwoods ...1859 

{Bobt.) Eng. Poets,Annotated,12mo,29 v.ea.2f 6<f, ParZr«r, 54- 5 7— r. to 2/12* 6<i Griffin 1861 

•— Hewis and Homes, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 81*6d Colbum ......... i%^% 

1835-186a BELL BEKDEMANN 67 

Bell (Rolft.) History of £u8«a to the Treaty of Tilsit^ 8 t. 12mo, 18«, 1838 ; 10« (id Longman 1853 

Ladder of Gold, a Story, 8 v. post 8?o, 81« 6d, BentUy^ "850 ; 2« JRotUledge 1857 

— LivBBof Eminent British Poets, 2 v.l2mo, 12«, 1839— red. *^ 7« Longman 1853 

Marria^, a Gomedy, 8vo, 6« Mortimer 184a 

Mothers and Daughters, a Comedy, 8vo, 3« Mortimer 1843 

' Temper, a Comedy, 8to, 2s6d Brown 1849 

Wayside Pictures, France, Holland, &c 16«, BtwUey^ 1849 > ^ 8^<>i 7« W JloutUdge 1858 

(R,) Memorials of the Civil War, 2 v. 8vo, 80* BeniUy 1847 

(5.5.) Colonial Administration of Gh:eat Britain, 1859, 8yo, 12« Longman 1859 

— *■ Dictionary of the Law of Scotland, 8vo, ZU Stewna i86f 

Law of Property in Relation to Husband and Wife, 8vo, 18« MuxveU 1849 

Reports, Sooteh Appeals, H. of Lords, 1B42-60, 7 v. r. 8vo, 61 17s Maxwell 1852 

(Tho8.) History of British Crustacea, 8to, 25f ; roy. 8vo, 50s Van Voor$t ...1853 

■ Quadrupeds, 8to, 28i ; roy. 8vo, 66s ; imp.8vo, 84* Van Voorst 1837-9 

Reptiles, 8vo, 12« ; roy. 8V0, 17* ; imp. 8vo, 25s 6d Van Voorst ...1849 

(T.D.) A Man, cr. 8vo, 8s6d Philadelphia,.. i%(>o 

Ruins of Liveden, with Notices of theTresham Family, 4to, 6« Whittaker 1847 

Rural Album; Poems, post 8ro, 5s Maslers 1853 

Testudinala, Monograph of. Parts 1 to 8, 21«each, 8vo Highley 183»-S 

{W.) Conspectus of Pearson on the Creed, 4to, 2sM BeUiSsDaldy...i%so 

( IT. ^.) Carpentry made Easy, roy. 8vo, 18s Philadelphia... t%6o 

Bellah, a Tale of La Vendue, 12mo, 1« ; cL 1« 6d T.Hodgson ...1858 

Bellairs (^y.) Churchman's Church, Two Sermons, 18mo, \s6d Matters 1858 

(H.Watf.) Henry Howard, a Tale, 12mo, 2s Qd Bums 1845 

Tales of the Town, 12mo, 5« Bums 1843 

(Nona) Qoing Abroad; or. Art and Character, France and Italy, or. 8to, \0s6d SIceet 1857 

Redmarsh Rectory, a Tale, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s dd Sheet 1858 

Bellamy (/.) Works of, with a Memoir, 2 v. 8to, 28s Boston^ t/: 5.. ..1851 

(J.O.) Natural History of South Deron, post 8vo, 12s Simpktn 1840 

(Jos.) Nature and Glory of the Gospel of Christ, 8to, Is Sd Ward 1839 

True Religion Delineated, 8vo, Zs 6d Ward 185a 

(Sam.) Betrayal, a Sacred Poem, poet 8vo, 6s Hamilton 1838 

■ (»r».) Pupil Teacher's Guide to Arithmetic, 12mo, 8s 6<i Jarrold 1859 

Bellarmlne (Carrf.) Art of Dying Well, by Dalton, 12mo, 2s T. Riehardson 1847 

-—» Etomal Happiness of the Saints, 12mo, Ss T, Richardson 1847 

Notes of the Church Examined and Refuted, 8to, 7s 6<i Holdsworth ...1840 

Bellars (H.J.) Shells, Catalogue of British, Land and Fresh Water, col. plates, 8s ... Hamilton ......1859 

Bellchambers (B.) Biographical Dictionary, 4 t. 24mo, 16s W. Allan 1835 

Belle of the Family, 3 v. cr. 8vo, Bis 6d Newby 1843 

Village, 8 V. post 8vo, 81s 6<i Colh*m 185a 

Belleraare ( Hero in Spito of Himself, by Capt. Mayne Raid, 8 r. 81s 6d Hurst <t B, ...1861 

Tiger Hunter, by Capt. Mayne Reid, 12mo, Zs6d ; Pari. Lib., 2s ... Darton 1862 

WoodrangerB,byC.M.Reid,8T.p.8vo,81s6rf./rttr»r<fc-S.i86o;12mo,2s H.Lea i860 

Bellenger (W.A.) French Conversation, 12mo, new edit., 2s 6d Simpktn 1858 

Fables, by DeliUe, 12mo, new edit., 2s A. Hall 1853 

German, French, and English Conversations, 12mo, 2s H. Bokn 1854 

Bellett (Geo.) Antiquities of the Town and Castle of Bridgenorth, 12mo, 5s Longman 1856 

Parochial Sermons, 12mo, 2, v. each 6s /2tPtn^on ...1853-61 

Bellew (Capt.) Memoirs of a Ghdffin ; or, a Cadet in India, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21s AUendk Co 1843 

(H. W,) Journal of a Political Mission to Affghanistan, in 1857, roy. 8vo, 16s Smith A Elder . i86z 

(J.C.M.) Christ in life. Life in Christ, Sermons, 8vo, 12s Chapman d:HalliS6o 

Sermons at St Philip's, R^ent Street, 8 r. 8vo, eaoh 10s 6d Boone 1858 

Six Occaaonal, at St. Philip's, Regent Street, 8vo, is 6d ... Boone 1857 

Bellingham (/.(?.> Sermons, 12mo, 5s Simphin 1847 

(O'J^ryni) Diseases of Heart, Treatise on, 8 vo, 12s6d Longman 1842 

— — Chart of, 2s; Lungs, Chart of, 2s Longman 1857 

Elementeof Materia Medica, by Mitohell, 8vo, 6s Lowgman 1857 

Bellis (iZtc.) The Ark, and other Sermons, 12mo,5s v 'Parker Jt Son... i%^% 

Bello ; Chronicon Monasterii de, 8vo Angl%aChr.Soe*i%\S 

Bellon, Nouvelles Etudes Fran^aises, 12mo, 4s 6<i Hamilton n. d, 

Belloquet (Baron de) Ethnog6uie Gauloise, 6s Nutt 1858 

Bellot (/.-4.) Journal of a Voyage in Search- of Franklin, 8vo, 6s Barthis db L..,.i%^ 

m Memoirs of, with Journal of his Voyage, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Hurst <k B. ...1855 

(7^.) Sanskrit Derivations of English Words, 8vo, 7s6<i Longman 1856 

Bellows (H^X.) Value of Knowledge, 18mo, Is Bartty 1845 

Belt (r.) Mineral Veins : an Incfuiiy intolheir Origin, 8vo, 2s 6d WeaU ,...1861 

Belts (O.F.) Memorials of the Order of the Garter, roy. 8vo, 80s Pickering 1841 

Beboni's Travels (Juvenile), 18th edit., 18mo, 8s OriffithdsF. ...1855 

Beman (N.S.S.) Old Ministry, a Lecture, 18mo,ls Cd Snow 1839 

Bemrose (W.Jun.) Manual of Wood Carving, 4to, 5s WhiUaker 1862 

Ben Bradshawe, the Man without a Head, 8 v. cr. 8vo, 81s6d Neulfy 1843 

Benade (W.B.) Animals and their Correspondences, 16mo, Zs 6d HodwnASon..iZs% 

Benardaky (i^.) Gore of Ouma, a Comedy, transl., cr. 8vo, 7< 6d Simphin 1857 

Bench Formulist, for Magistrates, Clerks, &c.,po6t8vo, 18s C.Knight 1846 

Bendemann*s Designs of the Different Stages of Life, oblong fol., 42s Hering 1849 


Bondixen*s Selection from Picinrefl in the National and Dalwich Ghtlleries, fol., Sis ... Colnaghi 1S42 

Benecke (Wm.) Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans, 8vo, 10s Longman 1S54 

Benedict (/>.) Fifty Years among the Baptists, 8vo, 6i New York i860 

History of Baptist Denomination in America, roy. 8?o, 24« New York 1849 

(E.G.) American Admiralty, roy. 8vo, 32* New York 1850 

Run through Europe, cr. 8vo, S$ 6d New York i860 

(X/V.) Life and Miracles of, from St Gregory, by Formby, 12mo, 3# 6d Longman 1858 

Treatise on Beatification and Canonization, 3 v. 12mo, 12# T.Rickard$<m.,i%Si 

-Treatises on Heroic Virtue, 8v. 12mo, 12« T.R%chanUon,.i%s^ 

Beneke {P. W.) On the Warm Saline Springs of Nanheim, transL by Sutro, 8vo, bt ... WilUams <L' N., i860 

Benelachi (^.il.) Italian Conyersations, 12mo, 8«6d Longman 1847 

Benet {Oapt.S. V.) Military Law and Practice of Conrts Martial, 8to, 18j New York 1862 

{W.) Bethlehem, a Poem, 8vo, 2a6d Jiiimgton 1837 

Benett (/.jT.) Sicilian, a Romance, 2 ▼. post 8vo, 21« Newby 1846 

Benevola, a Tale Illostratiye of the Poor Lav, 12mo, Zi 6d C. Knight 1840 

Benevolence in Panishment ; or, Transportation Reformatory, post Svo, 4« 6c{ Sedey 1845 

Benevolent Merchant, a Religious NarratiTe, 12mo, 8« 6ci HouUton 1840 

Benezet (i4.) Memoir, with Additions by W. Armstead, 12mo, 2« 6<2 Bennett 1859 

Bengal and Agra Guide and Gazetteer, 2 v. 8to, 40s Smith Je Elder 1842 

Army, Mutiny of, new edit., 8 vo, 5« Boiworth 1858 

before the Mutinies, 3nd edit, 2 v. poBt8vo, 21» Beniley 1858 

Rural Life in, 8vo, 18s Thacktr 1859 

Bengel (J,A.) Ghiomon Novi Testament!, byStendel, roy. 8vo, new edit, 12s Nutt 1862 

of the New Testament, by Faussett, 6 v. 8vo, 31s 6d Hamilton ..1857-8 

y. 1. Introduction, Matthew, and Mark, 8s6c2. 

2. Luke, John, and Acts of the Apostles, 10s 6<i. 

3. Romans and Corinthians, 8s 6d. I 

4. Galatians to Hebrews, 8s Gcf. — 5. James to Revelation, ^ 6d, 
■ Memoir of his Life and Writings, by J. C. Burk, 8vo, 10s 6d Ball 1837 

Benham ( Dar. ) Reflections on the Genealogy of Oar Saviour, roy. 4to, 10s Cochrane 1836 

(W.) English Ballads for School Reading, 12mo, Is Sd Nat, Society ...1862 

St Matthew, Authorized Version, 12mo, 3s Nat.Sodety ...1862 

Beningbroagh Hall ; a Tale of the Eighteenth Century, 18mo, 8s do? Simpkin 1836 

Benisch {A.) Hebrew Primer, with Interlinear Translation, 12mo, 8s Tr^mer 1852 

Jewish School and Family Bible. Su Bible. 

Lectures on the Life and Writings of Maimonides, 8vo, 2s 6<i TrOhner 1847 

Scripture History for Jewish Children, 8vo, Is M Joel 1853 

Travels of Rabbi Petachia, 12mo, 5s Ti'Ulmer 1856 

Benjamin (/.) Universal Decorator, 4to, 15s JlouUton 1859 

{of Tudela) Itinerary, Hebrew, translated by Asher, 2 v. cr, 8vo, 24s NuU 1840 

Benjamin, or, the Pupil of the Christian Brothers, new edit, 18mo, 2s Dolman 1854 

Benkendorff (C.(2s) Cossack, a Memoir, transL by Capt Gall, 12mo, 2s 6d Parker <£.* Son.,iS^if 

Benmokel (iV.Z^.) India, Ten Sections of, 8vo, 4$ 6d Longman 1847 

Benn (i/ary) Lays of the Hebrews, and other Poems, 8vo, 2s Masters 1854 

Solitary, and other Poems, in Eng. and Lat, 12mo, 3s 6d Masters 1853 

Bennet (if iss (?.) Female Education, Remarks on. Is Longman 1842 

Lyrics for Youth, post 8vo, sewed, 9d ; d. Is 6d Mozleg 1855 

- lanthe, and other Poems, 2nd edit, 12mo, 4s Longman 1841 

— — — — Lays and Songs of Home, 18mo, 3s 61^ Longman 1843 

■ Poetess, and other Poems, 18mo, 4s Longman 1844 

Woman and her Duties, 18mo, 2s 6<i Longman 1852 

— (Jas.Hy.) Mentone and the Riviera as a Winter Climate, post 8vo, 8s 6d ; n. e., fis Ckwckill .. .1861-2 

Nutrition in Health and Disease, post 8vo, 5s Churchill 1858 

' — On Inflammation of the Uterus, its Cervix, &c., 4th edit, 8vo, 16s ChurcJiiU 1861 

Review of the State of Uterine Pathology, 8vo, 4s ChurcltiU 1856 

( IT. ^.) Treatise on Office of a Receiver in Chancery, 8vo, 10s Maxwell 1849 

Bennett ((7.7/.) Fables of iBsop, 4to, 6s; col., 10$ Sd Kent i8s7 

Little Breeches, Stories and IHctures, 4to, 5s; col. 7s 6d Low 1862 

Nine Lives of a Cat, 16mo, new edit, 2s; col. 2s 6d Oi-ijffifh iL F....iZ6% 

Nursery Pun— Little Folks* Picture Book, 4to, 2s 6d OrijfUh <fc F. ...1862 

Old Nurse's Book of Rhymes, Jingles, and Ditties, 4to, 3s 6d Grijfith <(:/'. ...1858 

Proverbs with Pictures, 4to, 7s 6d, Chapman A H,\% 58— red. to 4s 6d H. Bohn 1 862 

Shadows: 26 Humorous Sketches, 2 series, p. 8vo, ea.2s ^ ; col 4s 6rf Kent 1856 

{Emtr.) Bride of the Wilderness, a Tale, 12mo, Is Piper 1854 

{P'l^') Whaling Voyage round the Globe, 1833-36, 2 v. 8vo, 18s Bentley 1842 

{Geo.) Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australasia, Illust., 8vo, 21s Van Voorst ...i860 

((?.) Empress, a Novel, 2 V. 12s Smithd: Elder 1835 

((?./.) Pedestrian Guide through North Wales, 1837, 8vo, 18s Colburn 1838 

Tourist's Guide through North Wales, post 8vo, 3s 6d Whittaker 1853 

- -(Z)r./as.) Communion of the Saints, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1837 

History of Dissenters, 1808-1838, 8vo, 12s Hamilton 1839 

— of the Church in Silver Street, 12mo, Is 6<i Hamilton 1842 

Justification as Revealed in Scripture, 8vo, 9s Hamilton 1840 

Lectures on Acts of the Apostles, 8vo, 7s 6<i Gladding .....!i8a6 

Evidences of Revelation, 8rd edit, 12mo, 2s 6rf Gladding ....!. 1847 

1835-186-2 BENNETT BENOIT 69 

Benn6tt<Z)r./a«.)Lectare8 on PreachiDi; of Christ, 8yo, 10$ 6d IlamiUon 1S36 

Theology of Early Church, new edit., 12mo, 5$ Jackson it W, 1852 

Singing (Practical Introduction to Part and Sight), oblong, 4s Cramer 1 843 

— (TcM.iS.) Natore and Treatment of Acute Hydrocephalus, Syo, 8« Highley 1843 

~{J.F.) South Australia, Historical and Descriptive Account of, fcap. 870, 28... Smith Ss Elder 1843 

(/.^if.) Boys' and GirLs' Companion, 3# 6rf HotUston 1857 

(/o^») Angel and Trumpet, a Tale, l2mo, 2$ 6d ..." Kent 1853 

Aroinum; Theory of Geometry, &c., 8vo, I69 /. Bennett 1838 

Bricklayer's and Phisterer' 8 Pocket Director, 18mo, 8s /. Bennett 1838 

Carpenter's and Joiner's Pocket Director, ISmo, U /. Bennett 1838 

— — Family Mysteries, post 8vo, 8» 6d H.Lea 1854 

-; Geometri<ad Illustrations of Lines, Squares, &c., 4to, 21« J.Bennett 1837 

Geometry, Practical, 8vo, 16» /. Bennett 1839 

— Millwright and Bngineers Pocket Director, 18mo, 3« 6d J.Bennett 1838 

— Night and Day; or. Better Late than Never, 12mo, 28 Ward<tLock 1858 

Painter and Glazier's Pocket Director, 18mo, ^ 6d J.BenneU 1838 

~— Bevelations of a Sly Parrot, 12mo, 28 Ward df Lock 1862 

Short Hand Explained, 4th edit, 12mo, ia 6d Longman 1845 

The Worst in the World 12mo, 2« Vickera 1859 

— (/.^Ttii^Aei) Clinical Lectures on Practice of Medicine, 8yo, 14«, Simpkin, 1852; 30« Longman 1859 

• Medicine, Introduction to, 4th edit, 12mo, 5s Longman 1862 

-^— Introduction to Clinical Medicine, new edit, 12mo, 59 Longman 1857 

On Cancerous and Cancroid Growths, 8vo, 12« Simpkin 1848 

Leucooythemia ; or, White Cell Blood, roy. 8vo, lOe 6d Simpkin 1854 

Outlines of Physiology, post 8yo, 6$ Longman 1858 

■ Pathology of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, 2nd edit., 8vo, 7* 6rf Simpkin 1859 

Treatise on Phthisis Pulmonalis, 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1856 

Use of Cod Liver Oil in Gout, Rheumatism, &c., new edit, 8vo, 4« ... Simpkin 1847 

(7. TT.) Ceylon and its Capabilities, roy. 4to, 8/3* Allen d; Co. ...1843 

(/. fTV.) Catechism of Christian Baptism, with Notes, 8vo, 5« Ni^>et 1849 

Distinction of Baptismal and Spiritual Regeneration, 8to, 5« Nisbet 1849 

(Mary) Boy's Own Book of Stories from History, 82mo, la 6d Nehon 1850 

Cottage Girl ; or, the Marriage Day, 12mo, 2s H.Lea 1858 

■ Don't Tell; or. Mistaken Kindness, a Tale, new edit, 18mo, Is 6rf Tegg i86i 

Jane Shore, the Goldsmith'sWife, a Romance, 8vo, 8s 6c/, 1 8 5 5 ; n. e. , 2s6(i H Lea 1857 

— Martha Bell; or, the Old Abbey Farm, a Tale, 12mo, Is 6rf H.Lea 1859 

Never Mind, new edit, 18mo, Is 6d Tegg 1861 

(Sar.) Christian Governess, a Memoir, by G. B. Bennett, post 8vo, 5s Nisbet 1 862 

{T.R.) Constitutional History of England, post 8vo, 2s 6rf MacmiUan ...1862 

(irm.)Bther«k, aPoem, 8vo, 8s 6d Churton 1848 

— — Narrative of Six Weeks* Journey in Ireland, 12mo, 2s liennelt 1847 

(TT.CT.) Baby May, and other Poems on Infants, 12mo, Is Chapman ib H.ii^^ 

" Poems, 12mo, 6s, ChapmandsH. 1850; new edit, 5s RotUledge 1862 

Queen Eleanor's Vengeance, and other Poems, 12mo, 3s 6rf Chapman de H.iS$6 

Songs by a Song Writer, post 8vo, 8s 6d Cliapmands H.iZ^'i 

War Songs, 12mo, Is E.WiUm*, 1856 

•Worn Wedding Ring, and other Poems, post 8vo, 3s ^d CkapnMn A H.\%io 

(H^./.^.) Agnes Brown, 16mo, Is 6rf Masters 1858 

Alice Beresford, 8rd edit, fcap. 8vo, 3s 6<i Masters 1862 

Aunt Atta, 16mo, 4s Cleaver 1850 

Common Place Story, 12mo, 4s 6d Cleaver 1853 

— • Essay on Crime and Education, 8vo, 3s Cleaver 1847 

— Examination of '*Denison's Propositions of Faith," 8 vo, 5s Whittaker 1857 

-> Farewell Letter to his Parishioners, 8vo, 4s 6rf Cleaver 1851 

Sermons at St Barnabas, PimUco, 8vo, 2s Cleaver 1851 

— Fenelon's Counsels, new edit, 18mo, 2s Cleaver '857 

— Guide to the Eucharist, 2 r. 18mo, 8s Cleaver 1842 

— History and Doctrine of the Eucharist, 8vo, 12s ; 3rd edit, 12mo, Qs... Cleaver 1851 

— Lectures on the Errors of Romanism, 8vo, 13s Cleaver 1842 

— Letters to my Children on Church Subjects, 2nd ed., p. 8vo, 7s Orf Cleaver 1850 

Moral Subjects, post 8vo, 7s 6(i Cleaver 1849 

— Livesof Certain Fathers of the Church, 2 T.f p. 8vo, 12s, i85o;red tolOs Cleaver i860 

. V. 3, 12mo, 5s Masters 1851 

• Long Vacation ; or. Aunt Attay again, 16mo, 4s Gd Cleaver n.d. 

— Old Church Porch (Annual)y royal 8vo, 3« Whittaker 1862 

— Our Doctor, and other Tales of Kirkbeck, 12mo, 6s Masters 1853 

— Our Doctor's Note Book, 12mo, 2s 6d Hayes n.d. 

— Principles of Com.Prayerconsidered,12mo,5s6(£;8vo, 12s, i845;red.to8s Cleaver 1861 

— Sermons at St Paul's & St Barnabas, PimUco, 8vo, 12*, 1851; red.toSs Cleaver 1851 

on Miscellaneous Subjects, new edit, 2 v. 12iiio, 14s Cleaver 1841 

Tales of Kirkbeck, V. 1, 2nd edit, 12mo, 4s6<i, 1851 ; V. 2, 7s6rf ... Cleava- 1850 

Why Church Rates should be Abolished, 8vo, Is 6d Whittaker 1861 

Bennie (Arch.) Sermons and Discourses, with Memoir, 8vo, 10s 6d Blackwoods ...1847 

Benoist (^.) Essais de Correspondance Familidre, 12mo, 2s 6ci C.H.Law 1845 

Benoit (2*. IF.) Botanist's Companion, 32mo. Is 6<i Churchill 1838 

60 BE BERENS 1836-1862 

Be not Deoeired, 12mo, 2$ M SmaUfidd 1840 

Ben RhjddiDg and ihe Water Cure, new edit., post 8vo, Zt Cath 1854 

— . Hydropathy, PrindipleB of, 12mo, 1« 6<i HamiUcm 1858 

Bensley (B,) Lost and Found, fcap., 8» Gardner 1859 

Benson(dAr.) BapUmn and Baptismal Regeneration, 2nd edit., Sto, i» Parker A Son 1843 

^_ BiaoourBes on Powers of the Clergy, &c., 8vo, 6$ Parker d: Son 1841 

Tradition and Bpiscopacy, new ed., 8vo, i$ ParkerdiSon 1840 

' — G^esis, First and Second Yersee of the Book of, Bxamined, 1< Seeleys 1861 

Rubrics and Cuions of the Churdi of England, 2nd ed. , 8to, 1 « 6<i Parker ds Son 1 845 

{Evdyn) Ashcombe Churchyard, 8 t. p. 8vo, 31« 6d, 1861 ; 2 t. \2$ Sawuiend: O, i86a 

'. — \jot.) Commentary on the Bible, n. e., 6 t. imp. 8to, bl 12< ; roy.Svo, UZs., Maton 1848 

New Test., 2 v. imp. 8to, 88«; It. roy. 8vo, 21« Maaon 185a 

{R.M.) Redemption : some Aspects of the Work of Christ, fp. 8to, 6< Cd Haga 1861 

(Bobeon) Arabic DerivatiTes in Hindustani, 8to, ZiM Madden 185a 

Ben Sylrestcr's Word, a Story, 18mo, 1« Modey 1856 

BentaU (John) Lectures on the Liturgy, 3 t. post 8to, each UM Parker ds Son il^-^ 

Bentham (Geo,) Flora Hong-Eongensis, post 8vo, 16< Reeve 1861 

Handbook of the British Flora, post 8to, 12» Reeve 1858 

etHooker(^.i>.)GeneraPlantarumKewen8is,V.l, Par8l,r.8vo,2U Wmiain»d:N, i86a 

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Traits de Legislation Cirile et Pfeale, 8to, IOj TaylordeP 1858 

Works, by Dr. Bowring, new ed., 11 Vols., W 18<, 1838— rod. to6/5« WiUu 1844 

{Sir Sam.) Brigadier-General, Life of, Works, &c, by his Widow, p. 8vo, 10s 6<i Longman i86a 

Benthamiana; Select Extracts from "Bentham*s Works," 8ro, Ze 6d Simpkin 1843 

Bentinck {Ld.O.) Biography, by Disraeli, 8to, 15a, Colhwrn, 1851 ; n.e., 12mo, 2s... RouUedge 1861 

Tribute of Biespect, by CUrenoe, 8vo, 2t 6d Bogue... 1849 

Bentley(i^u^A) British Claas-Book, Prose and Verse, 12mo, Utd Oradock 1844 

(/oAii C.) Three Churches; Christian Morals and Politics, post 8to, 7« 6<i Hope 185a 

(/of.) Education as it Is, Ought to Be, and Might Be, new edit., 12mo, 8« 6d J.BenUey 1850 

Qemsof Biography for Toung and Old, 64mo, Is J.Bentley 1853 

Health for Toung and Old, 64mo, Is J.Bentley 185a 

Health Made Easy for the People, 18mo, Is J.Bentley 1851 

and Wealth : How to Get, Preserre, &c., post 8vo, 3s 6d J.Bentley 1856 

Politics Made Easy for Englishmen, 18mo, Is J.Bentiey 1853 

Wealth: How to Get, Presenre, and Enjoy, post 8vo, 2s J.Bentley 1851 

{Rich.) Correspondence, with Notes by WordsworUi, 2 t. 8to, 42t Murray 184a 

• Critica Sacra, edit, by A. A. Ellis, 8to, 8s 6d Bell d: Daldy... i^6% 

■ Works, edited by Dyoe, St. 8to, 36s Macpherton 1836-8 

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(^r.) Biography of, by Lyth, 18mo, Is Maton 1848 

Bentley Ballads, Songs and Poems, new edit, fcap. 8to, 5s Bentley 1861 

Ben tley*8 Cook's ETery Day Book, combining Economy with Excellence, fcap. 8to, Is. Bentley i860 

Monthly Volumes, cr. 8vo. iSSee Appendix 

- Parlour Book-Case, post 8to. See Appendix 

— Shilling Series. iSKee Appendix.. 
- Standard NotcIs, 12mo. See Appendix. 

BenVs New Week's Preparation for L. Supper,n.e., Pt8.1 and 2, 32mo and 12mo, ea.2s Simpkin i860 

Benton {Capt.J.G.) Instruction in Ordnance and Gunnery, 8to, 80s, 1861 ; 2e., 24s New York i86a 

Benwell (/.) America, an Englishman's TraTcls in, fp. 8to, 3s 6d, 1853 -red. to Is ... Wardd'Lo<A...\Zs7 

Benzoni's Travels in America, 1842-46, edited by Smyth, 4to HakluyiSoc....i%sj 

Beolchi (Car^ Reminiscenze, 2nd edit., ISmo, 4s Rolandi 185a 

Beowulf, Anglo-Saxon Poem, transL by Wackerbarth, 12mo, 10s 6d Pickering 1849 

Poetry, by Kemble, 12mo, 15s ; transl., 12mo, 15s Pickering 1837 

with Translation, &c., by Thorpe, 8vo, I6s J.JI.djJ,Parkeri2s$ 

B^ranger {P. J.) Lyrical Poems, by Anderson, 12mo 6s, 1847 ; ne^ odit., 2s 6d .... Simpkin 185a 

200 Lyrical Poems, done into English Verse by Young, p. 8to, 8»... J. Chapman ...1851 

Memoirs, written by Himself, 2nd edit., 8to, 14s Hurst de B 1858 

Songs, translated, 12mo, 6s Pickering 1837 

with Translations by Toung, 18mo, 5s ChapmandsH. 1847 

of the Empire, fcc, transl. by Brough, 12mo, 6i A<idey 1856 

Wandering Jew, illustrated by Dor^ folio, 21s Addey 1857 

Bere ((7.5.) Garland of Songs, 4to, Is AyloU 1S61 

Berens {Edw.) Adrice to a Young Man first going to Oxford, 6th edit., 12mo, 3s Rivington 1S53 

Christmas Stories, 12mo, Is &, 1848; 7th edit., 3s Rivington 1854 

History of the Book of Common Prayer, 2nd edit., 12mo, 3s Rivington 1854 

Lectures on the Litui^gy, 12mo, 4s Rivington 1850 

Letters of Advice to Oxford Freshmen, 18mo, 2s J.H.d'J.ParkeriZ$^ 

■ Private DoTotions, 18mo, Is Rivington ...1851-7 

Selections from Addison's Papers, 12mo, n.e., 4s Cd ; 2nd ser., 5» 6d Rivington 1855 

-— Old Venrion, with Tunes, cr. 8to, 2s 6d; Tunes only, 2« Rivington 1846 

Sermons on Sickness, Sorrow, and Death, 12mo, Is 6d Rivington 1854 

Short Sermons on the Church Catechism, 12mo, 4s 6d Rivington 1851 

Thirty-three Village Sermons, 12mo, 4s 6d Rivington 1850 

— Twenty-six Village Sermons, 2nd edit., 12mo, SeM Rivington 1840 


Bensford (^.2>e 2a P.) Albania : Soathern Scenes, folio, i2s Day «t Son ...1855 

' Clnra LoiceBter, St. poet 8vo, 31« 6rf Hwrttik B 185JJ 

((ri^.) Sorrow, a Poem, 12mo, 6« < Nishet i8oa 

(iT.^.) Aiabic Syntax, roy. 8to, 10«6rf Madden 1843 

Bergamo {P.G.) Thoughta and Affections on Pasrion of Christ, 2 t. 12mo, 5a T. Richardson 1861 

Bergen {W.C.) Spherical Tables and Diagrams for Circle Sailing, 8yo, is 6(2 Simpkin 1857 

Bergor(^.) Dayof aBabyBoy, 2ndedit., sq. 16mo, 2«6<i; col. ZtQd Grij^ih ik F,...iiS7 

{Wilh.) Moral Tales in Qerman, with English Notes, 12mo, is NuU 1839 

Berington (/of.) Literary History of the Middle Ages, post 8to, 3s 6d Bogue 1846 

and Kirk (/.) Faith of the Catholics, by Waterworth,8 t.8vo,31« 6d Dolman 1846 

Berjean (/.)EMaiBibliographiqaeBarle "Specolom Humane SalTationis,'*4to,lOs6(i Stewart i86a 

(/.P.) Homoeopathic Chart, 12mo, 8» Leath 1858 

Berkeley (Aiken) Anne Sherwood, or Social Institntions, 3 v. post 8to, S1$M Bentley 1857 

— ^— (Bp.) Meditations, reprinted from edition of 1670, 24mo, 8t 6d Low 1838 

•— — — — ^ Theoryof Vision, &e., with Annotations, n.e. fp. Svo, 4s6<£ MacmiUan i860 

Works and Life, edited by Wright, 2 t. 8to, 16«— red. to 10« 6d.. Tegg 1843 

{papt.) The Soldier Monk, 12mo (Parlour Libraiy), 2» Dartott 186a 

{Hon.O,F.) A Month in the Forests of France, post 8to, 8« 6d Longman 1857 

Berkeley Castle, a Romance, 8 t. post 8to, 81« 6<i Bent 1X36 

I Bnglish Sportsman in the Western Prairies, illust, roy. 8to, 80s ... Jfurstd: B 1861 

' Lore and the Lion, a Poem, post 8to, 2s 6d Longman 1856 

Origin, Nature, and Cause of the Potato Disease, 8vo, Is Longman 1854 

' Reminiscences of a Huntsman, 8to, 14s Longman 1854 

■ Sandron Hall, a Romance, St. post 8to, 31s 6d Colbum 1840 

(M.J.) British Fungi, Faac. 1 and 2, each 10s ; Fasc. 3, 20« Longman 1838 

Introduction to Cryptogamic Botany, 8to, 20s BaUliire 1857 

- Outlines of British Fungology, with coloured plates, 8to, 80s Reeve i860 

Berlepsch (H. A . ) The Alps : Sketches of Life and Nature in the Mountains, tr. , Svo, 1 bs Longman 1861 

Berlini*s Pianoforte Tutor, 4to, Is Sheard ....'.....1861 

Berlin Museums and their Treasures, illust, 2 v. 4to, 46t Hagger 1854 

Wool Work for Ladies, fcap. 8to, 3s Brooks 1843 

Berlyn (Prt.) Architectural History, Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, 8vo, 4s 6rf /. GUheH .... 1851 

Narrative of the Great Exhibition, 1861, l8mo, Is 6<i /. Oilbert 1851 

Bermuda, a Colony, Fortress, and Prison, bya Field OfScer, 8to, 12s 6d Longman 1857 

Bemal Collection, Woriis of Art (Illostrated Library), cr. 8to, 5s H.Bokn 1857 

Benian(fra/.) Artof Warming and Ventilating, 2 v. 12mo, 9s Bellik Daldy...i%^% 

Bernard (CB.) Essay on Arithmetical Perspectire, 8to, 10s 6(i Atcfdey 1839 

— ( Dr» C. ) and Huette (C7. ) OperaUve Surgery and Anatomy, roy. 8to, 70s BaiUih*e 1855 

(F.) Phydcal Education of Toung Ladies, 8to, Is Simpkin i860 

(IT.if.) Creed and Ethics of the Jews, 8vo, 21s Simpkin 1832 

Guide to the Hebrew Biblical Student, 8yo, 10s 6rf Parker <fc Son 1839 

■ (J.B.) Theory of the Constitution, 8to, Vol. 1, 14s, 1834, Vol. 2, Part 1, 6s Ridgway 1838 

(/.^.) Voyages of the "Nemesis," 8to, 18s, 1844— red. to 6s CoUmm 185* 

(.Vod.) German BquiTalents for English Thoughts, 12mo, 5s NuU 1858 

{Rich.) Sin Apprehended, Tried, and Condemned, 12mo, 2s M Nisbet 1851 

(St,) Four Homilies, 12mo, ls6rf Leslie 1844 

— life of, by Neander, translated by Wrench, 12mo, 7s 6d Rivingtons i8^a 

■~ Sermons for the Seasons of the Church, transl. by VY. B. Flower, 8vo, 6s Matters 1861 

-—(I%os.) Comforts of Old Age, roy. 8to, 6s 6<i Longman 1847 

Bemati i/.M.) Scenes in Ethiopia, 50 lUastrations, fol., 6/6s Longman 1857 

Bemau (J.ff.) Missionary Labours in British Guiana, post 8vo, 7s J.F.Shaw 1847 

Bemays (ilc^/.) G^ennan ConTorsation Book, 16mo, 3s Parker ik Son 1852 

■ Exercises, 12mo, 3s 6<i; Key to, 8s Parker d: Son 1858 

■ Grammar, 12bio, ds 6(i Parker d' Son 1859 

.__ Historical Anthology, 12mo, 5s Parker Jk Son 1846 

■ Phrase Book, 16mo, 8s Parker <k Son 1852 

" Poetical Anthology, 12mo, 7s Parker «k Son 1843 

Poetry for Beginners, 12mo, 4s Parker <k Son 1836 

' Reader, Translation and Notes, 12mo, 5s Parker ik Son 1846 

' Word Book ; or Vocabulary, 12mo, 8s Parker <k Son 185a 

Key to the Difficulties in Schiller's Thirty Years* War, Is 6ii Wertheim 1838 

■ (A.J.) First lines in Chemistry, for Students, 8vo, 7s Parker dk Son 1855 

Household Chemistry, 3rd edit., 8to, 4s 6c/ Low 1854 

•Science of Home Life, post 8to, 6s Allen <k Co. ...i86a 

(Z./.) Church in the School Room ; Sermons for Boys, 12mo, 5s Low 1851 

Manual of Family Prayers, roy. 32mo, 2s Peacock 1845 

■ Translation of G^oethe's Faust, Part 2, 8to, 10s 6d Low 1839 

Bemcastle (Dr.J.) Yojhg^ to China and Cape of Good Hope, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Shoberl 1850 

Berne, Guide to, by a Cantab, 12mo, Is Longman 1859 

Bernstein (Dr.L.) German Reading Book, 2nd ed. 8ro, 6s 6(<, 1851 — red. to 8s 6(2 ... Williams dsN. 18^6 

Berqnin (i4m.) Children's Friend, new ed., 82mo, Is KnigkU: Son... iZ^ 

Pidces Choisies de I'Ami des Enfants, new ed., 12mo, 4s 6rf Dulau i86» 

Berridge (John) Christian World Unmasked, 12mo, Is, Aylott ; new ed. 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1853 

— ^_ — . Life by Dr. Guthrie, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 1853 

Works and Life, by Whittingham, 8vo, 10s Simpkin 1844 

62 BERRIDGE BEST 1835-1862 

Berridge (John) Zion'a Songs, and life by Thilpot, roy. 32mo, 2b M Simpkin,, 1842 

Beriy {C,J.) Blements of Freuoh Grammar for Oral Instraction, 870, U C.B.Law 1858 

{Miss) Social Life in England, and^other Works, 2 t. 8vo, 21» BenOey 1844 

(lftA.}Bucyclop8»lia of Heraldry, with Supplement, 4 y. 4to, newed., 18/ ISs Shenoood 1840 

Genealogia Antiqna, new ed., foL, IdsQd; fine paper, ISs Sherwood 1840 

Pedigrees of Berks, Bucks, and Surrey Families, fol, 51 5s Sherwood 1837 

Essex Families, foL, 55«, Sherwood—red, to 21» J.ILSmith 1841 

— — Hampshire Families, foL 61 6a— red. to 70«, Sficnojod ... J.R.Smilh 1846 

Hertfordshire Families, foL, 70»— red. to 26< J.R.Smith 1846 

Berteville (Sieur) Expedition en Eooeae, 1646, 4to BannatyneClub 

Bertha Barley ; or, Life in her Husband's Curades, post 8to, 10» 6d Jas.BUKkwoodi%s^ 

Bertha's Visit to her Uncle in England, 7th edit., 12mo, 7s 6<2 Mwrray 1851 

Bertheau {ErnMt) and Keil (JT.), Conimentary on Ktn^s and Chronicles, 2 v. 8vo, 21s HavuiUm 1857 

Berthet (Elie.) Margaret; or, the Gold Mine, post 8fo, 10s 6d Kerr 1845 

BcrthoUetCC.Z.) Artof Dyeing and Bleaching, by Dr. Ure, 8to, 12« Tegg 1841 

Bertie {H, W.) Historical Illustrated Chart, sheets, 25s ; on roller, varnished, 42* ParkerikSoH...\%s^ 

(Lady 6.) Five Generations of a Loyal House, sm. 4to, 21« Rivington, 1845 

{P. Lord) Memoir of, edited by C. H. Pairy, 8vo, Ss 6d Murray 1838 

Bertie*8 Indestructible Treasury, 16mo, St 6d Addey 1853 

Bertinchamp (G.J,) Conversational Fr. Grammar, newed., by M. delaVoye, 12mo, 4s JL Y, Clarke ...1847 

— French Student, 12mo, 3s Simpkin 1838 

« German Conversational Student, 12mo, 6s Longman 1836 

Grammar, 12mo, 4s Wacey 1837 

National French Grammar, 4th edit, 12mo, 6s Wfiittalcer 1855 

Bertini (i.) System for LeamiAg Music, fol., 26s Longman 1849 

Bertram on the Sacrament, Latin and English, 12mo, 3s Rivingion 1838 

(T.G,) The Stolen Heir, a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 31s6<i Newby 1858 

Bertrand (Alex,) Revolution of the Globe: Geology, 8rd edit., post 8vo, 7s Rid^^way 1835 

Bkbtrahd's Frekch School Classics, with an English Vocabulary : — WilUams<t:N, 

Cottin. Elisabeth, ou les Exiles de Sib6rie, 12mo, 2s 1862 

Fenelon. Les Aventnres de Telemaque, Fils d'Ulysse, 12mo, 2i 6d 1 852 

St. Pierre. Paul et Virginie, 12mo, 2s 1862 

Voltaire. Histoire de Charles XII., 12mo, 2s 6d 1859 

Pierre le Grand, 12mo, 2s 6d 1859 

Berty (Adol.) Vocabulaire Arch6ologique, French and English, 8vo, 2s J.HJsJ.Parkeri%$% 

Berwick (^.X.) Dwarf; or. Mind and Matter, 8 v.p. 8vo, Zls6d,Netoby, 1855; fp. 2s C,H. Clarke ...1861 

Eveleen, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 81s 6d Smith A Elder 1856 

Banelius (/. /.) Kidney and Urine, translated by Boye and Leaming, 8vo, 78 Cd Boston, U.S..,.i 843 

Use of the Blowpipe in Chemistry and Mineralogy, 8vo, 9s Boston, U,S. ...1849 

Bosant^(TF.jy.) Treatise on Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics, 8vo, 9s Bell <fc Daldy 1859 

Besley (John) Discourses, Doctrinal and Occasional, 8vo, 10s 6til Rivington 1850 

One Lord, One Faith, 8vo, 12s Rivington 1850 

Bessborough (JSar/) Notices of the Viceroyalty of, 8vo, 5s Longman 1837 

Beeser (Rudolph) Christ, the Life of the World, translated by Uuxtable, cr. 8vo, 6s ... Hamilton 1862 

Light of the World, translated by Huxtable, cr. 8 vo, 6s. . . ffamilton 1 862 

Bessett (Jane Jf.) Black Princess, a Tale, 12mo, 2s RouUedge 1854 

Lost Child, and other Stories, 16mo, Is WesteHon 1856 

— — Memoirs of a Doll, 18mo, Is 6<f RouUedge 1854 

Bessie and Jessicas First and Second Book, in Words of Three Letters, foU, each 2s 6d Dean 1861 

Best (£r.) Yorkshire: Rural Economy in 1641, 8vo, 12s WhiOaker 1857 

— (/./.) Excursioaa in Albania, post 8 vo, 10s 6rf AUemSsCo, ...1842 

-— (Af.(7.) Abroad, and How to Live There, fcap. 8vo, 5s Sedey i860 

(Sam,) Catechism on the Collects, Epistles, and Gospels, 2nd ed., postSvo, Is... J, Darling 1849 

Companion to Family Prayer, new edit., 12mo, 3s J,Darling 1858 

Discourses on Services for Sundays and Holydays, cr. 8vo, 2* 6rf J.Darling 1858 

Family Prayers from the Liturgy, new edit, 12mo, Is Cd J,Darling 1858 

Manual of Parochial Institutions, ISmo, Is J,Darling 1849 

On Catechising, with Catechism, post 8vo, 2nd edit., Is J,Darling 1850 

Parochial Ministrations, 2nd edit., 12mo, Zs%d J, Darling 1849 

_^— . Sermons, 12mo, 3s 6<£ J.Darling 1836 

Pietas Domestica : Pnvyers and Companion, new edit., 12mo, 4s J.Darling 1850 

(TVto.) Artof Angling, new edit., 32mo, 2s 6d Ttgg 1846 

■ Letters on the Circulation of a Socinian Tract, 12mo, As 6d Hamilton 1846 

— (Mr8.2\) Casket Rifled; or. Guilt and its Consequences, 18mo, 2s -. /. F, Shaw ...1851 

— • History of a Family Bible: Tale of American War, 18mo, 2s /. F. Shaw ...1851 

Home of Poverty made Rich, 12mo, 3s Werthdm 1862 

Tracts on New Testament Histories, V. 1 and 2, 12nio, each 2s 64 Hoidston 1852 

Old Testament Histories, V. 1 to 4, 12mo, each 2s 6d Hou/aton 1854 

the Parables, 12mo, complete, 2s 6<i HouUton 1841 

Works of Creation Illustrated, new edit., 16mo, 4s 6d WhiUaker 1849 

(R'./.) The Organ Student, Nos. 1 to 3, obi. 4to, each 2s 6d Cocks 1852 

(W.M.) Dictionary of English Law, Parti, 8vo, 3s 64 Ricfiards 1846 

Principles of the Laws of Evidence, 3rd edit., 8vo, 28s Sweet i860 

Right to Begin and Right to Reply in Law Courts, 8vo, 5s Sweet 1837 

TIX^ati8e on Circumstantial Proof in Criminal Cases, 8vo, 15s Sweet ...1844 

1.^35-186-2 BEST -BIAGGI 63 

Be«t Method of doing Common Things, 4th edit., 12mo, 1» Ward Js Lock 

Beste (H.DJ) Poverty and the Baronet^s Family, a Catholic Story, 12mo, At T.Jonu 

(J.H.) Alcazar, a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 1/ 11» 6d HursldsB. 

Beggar's Coin, and other Poems, 18mo, it Dolman 

Modem Society in Rome, 3 vols, post 8vo, 81« %d Hurtt Je B 

■ Odioos Comparisons ; Cosmopolite in England, 2 v. cr. Svo, 21» SaundertdsO. 

— — Rondeaulx ; from French Black Letter, post Svo, 8« 6d Saunden A 0. 

Wabash ; or, BngUsh Family in America, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Hurtt A B. ... 

Betham {Wm.) Etruscan Literature and Antiquities Investigated, 2 v. Svo, i2t Oroombridge ... 

TieiheW {Bp.C.) Doctrine of Regeneration in Baptism, 5th c^it., Svo, 9< Bivington 

Sermons at Bangor Cathedral, Svo, lOt 6d Bivington 

Cathedrals and Chapels Royal, Svo, 10< 6d Bivington 

• (.?ic.) Lessons and Exercises in Singing, 12mo, It Groombridge.. 

Reading Lessons in English History, 16mo, It Oroombridge.. 

'Belhnne{A.)}iemo\Tsof, with Selections, by McCombie, 12mo, 4t 6d HamUUm 

• Scottish Peasant's Fire-side Tales, 12mo, 4«, Orr, 1838 ; 2« W. Allan 









• Theological Works, complete, 12 v. Svo, il At J.H.Parker 1844-8 

{A.dtJ.) Lectures on Political Economy, 12mo, At Longman 

— {Col.) and Heath (L. 0.) Views in the Eastern Archipelago, 4to, 42» McLean 

((?. H^.) Orations and Occasional Discourses, Svo, 7« 6d New York 

(/.) Poems, with the Life of the Author, by his Brother, 2nd edit., 12mo, At Hamilton 

— (/.^.i).) Translations of Swedish and German Poetry, Svo, 12« Murray 

l>ettridge (W.) History of the Church in Upper Canada, Svo, 2t 6d Groombridge ... 

Better Days : a Tale, edited by Rev. R. N. Shutte, 2 v. post Svo, 21« Saundert <* 0.. 

Betts (CM.) Sermons, with Memoir by J. Carter, Svo, 6» Bivington 

■ (H.J.) Scripture Localities and their Associations, 2 v. 12mo, 7« Bigg «fc Sont ... 

Bettsworth (/.) Interest Tables, byGoodluck, new edit., ISmo, 2« 6rf Simpkin 

Bevan (ai>.) Digested Index to Statutes at Large, 17 to 19 Vict., Svo, 5t Eyre 

B.) Food for Babes : Sermons for Children, new edit., ISmo, 2t 6d HoultUm ... 

(E.) Honey Bee ; its Natural History, Phyuology, &c, n. e., 12mo, 10» Gd Van Voortt 

— (H.) Thirty Years' Residence in India, 2 v. post Svo, 2it Bickardtont 

Reoordsof the Salop Infirmary, 4to, 2t 6d WhiUaker ... 

- (5yf,) Treatise on the Sliding Rule, Svo, 6* Longman ... 

— (S.) Sand and Canvas ; or. Adventures in Egypt, Svo, I2t — red. to 6^ 6d... Bennett 
-{W.L.) Manual of Ancient Geography, edited by W. Smith, 12mo, 2t Cd Parker d: Son. 

Beveridge(£[p.)Church Catechism Explained, 12mo, It 6d Bivington 

Codex Canonum Ecclesias Primitive, 2 v. Svo, 14* J.HJrJ.Purker 

Discourse on^ the Thirty-nine Articles, Svo, St J.H.d:J,Parker] 

Ecclesia Anglicana, Ecclesia Catholica, 2nd edit., Svo, %t Bivington 

Sermons on Church Ministry and Ordinances, 2nd edit., 12mo, At J.H. it J. Parker 

Select, ISmo, 2«6d Bel. Tract Soc. 

■ Twenty-six Selected, Svo, S* Soc.P.C.K. 

• Thesaurus ; or. System of Divinity, 2 v. Svo, 21« J.H.d:J.Parker 

• Thoughts on Religion, 24mo, 4«, i2m?}^<on ; 12mo, 6« Wathhoume 

by Dr. Chalmers, At^d W.Collint .. 

-Stebbing, 2 v. S«— red. to 5» Virtue 

Treatise on Prayer and Communion, by Manning, new ed., ISmo, 8t Qd Wkittaker . 
Two Treatises on Public Prayer, &c., ISmo, 8ii 6(2 Longman . 

-(H.) History of India, 3 v. roy. Svo, 8/ 8« Blackie 

(T.) Guide to Judicial Records, Session Court, Scotland, Svo, 5« Stevent 

Beverley (if ay) Moor Cottage, aTale, post Svo, 10< 6d ; newed., Gt MacmiUan,... 

Romantic Panages in English History, 12mo, 2t 6d Hogg A simt. 

■ (B.M.) Letters on the Visible Church of Christ, 12mo, 4* Dinnit 

The Cemetery, a Poem, 12mo, 1» Hamilton 

The Redan, a Poem, 2nd edit., 12mo, Zt Hamilton 

- (T.) Elements of Road Engineering, ISmo, 8* 6cf Hurtt. 

Forrauls for Finding Latitude at Sea, 4to, S« 6d Hurtt.. 

■ Mariner's Latitude and Longitude Computer, 15t 6d Hunt.. 

Ihveriey Prioiy, with Rescues from Lucknow, a Tale, 2 v. post Svo, 21* Newl^ 

Bevis (SirFMampton) BcmtLnce oif 4to MaiUand Club. 

Bewick (Jot.) Treatise on the Ironstone of the Cleveland District, roy. Svo, 21« Weak 

The Howdy, and the Up-getting, Two Tales in the Tyne-side Dialect, 2t Qd Bell d: Daldy. . . 

(Thot.) History of British Birds, new edit, 2 v. Svo, 31« (ki Longman 

Memoir of, by Himself, Svo, 1S« Longman 

(T.ikJ.) Descriptive Catalc»gue of Works, imp. Svo, 10* 6rf ; imp. 4to, 1S< J. 6. Bell 

— SelfKJt Fables, Svo, red. to 10« ; roy. Svo, 12*; imp. Svo, 21# H.O.Bohn 

Bewley (John) Decimal Interest Tables,. 5 per Cent, Svo, 21< Longman 

Bewsher (Mitt) Early Musings: Sacred and other Poems, post Svo, 6t Hope 

Bey Hussein and Hen, Turkish Grammar, 12mo, 5t Allendk Co, ... 

Beyminstre, a Novel, by Author of "Lena,** &c., 8 v. post Svo, Sis 6d Smith «fe Elder 

Beyond the Orange River; or. Scenes in Southern Africa, post Svo, 10« 6rf Netcby 

B«a (Theod.) Latin Testament, 82mo, Zt 6d, Bagtter ; 12mo, Zt 6d Longman 

Bezant (/.) Geographical Questions, by Stafford, ISmo, 1« ; Key to, 2« Mattert 

Bexri (O.A.) Readings in Italian Prose Literature^ 12mo, 7t ParkenkSon 

Bifggi ( J nr. ) Prosatori Italian! : Extracts, 12mo, 6$ WilliamttkN. 












64 BIAGOLI- BIBLE 1835-1862 

Biagoli (^.) Italian Grammar, 12mo, 2t, Dulau; by Bampini, 12mo, Si Simphin 1844 

Bialloblotzky (C.^./*.) German Paradigms and Qloesary, 12mo, 4« Warey 1838 

-» ——^Beading Lessons, 12mo, 6t L<mi/ma» 1842 

Bianchi (Luigt) Incidents in the life of an Italian Priest, &o., 12mo, 5^ NiJbet 1859 

Biber {O.E.) Bnglish Chnrch on the Continent, 12mo, 2t Qd Rwingion 1846 

Sermons, Occasional, 8vo, 8# Rivingt4ni 1844 

. for Saints' Days, 8vo, 9« Rwington 1846 

in Reference to the Revolt in India, poet Svo, 2$ 6d Mcutert 1857 

Seven Voices of the Spirit, post 8vo, 6t Matlen 1857 

Standard of Catholicity, 8vo, 14« Parker^ Son,,. i9^o 

' Supremacy Question ; or. Justice to the Church, 8vo, 6i Rivington 1848 

Vindication of the Church, 8vo, Si fid RwingUm 1844 

Bible, Annotated Paragraph, roy. 8vo, 20»; l.p., 28« iZrf. TV. 5oc. 1854-60 

Arranged Chronologically, by Burgess, sm. 4to, viz. : — Blackader 185a 

Genesis to Chronicles, 18« ; Gospels, 6« ; Acts and Epistles, 6« 6d. 

Arranged in Paragraphs and Parallelisms, 12mo, 6« ReL TractSoc, 1838 

An-anged in Paragraphs printed Phonetically, 8vo, 10< ; newarr., 12< Pilman 1850 

Bagster s and other Editionsi See Appendix. 

• Beauties of, post 8vo, Zi Bvrck 1837 

Boys of the, 16mo, liM SimpHn 1857 

Campbell's Expository, p. 8vo, biM\ \. type, r. 8vo, 18« ; with Im'.ex, 19# ... JIamiltvn 1857 

Cobbin*s Oriental, with Not^ post 8vo, 18« 6ii Partridge 1850 

Coins: Metallic Facsimiles of, mentioned in Scripture, 8vo, 2i 6d Parker i Son... i^$i 

■ Collectors; or. Principles in Practice, by L. N. R., ISroo, 1« Bagtter 1854 

. Commentary wholly Biblical, 8 v. 4to, 63f Bag$ter i8$8 

- Comprehensive Reference, 18mo, 6« Ndion 1846 

Cyclopsedia, llanners. Customs, &c. of Eastern Nations, 2 v. imp. 8vo, 50< ... Parker dc Son... i%^i 

' Exercises; Sabbath Recreation for Toung People, 16uo, 2« Qd J.P.Shaw 1854 

Facte from the, 32mo, 2» ffatehard 1857 

Family, Boothroyd'a, 8 v. 4to, 63«, Tegg ; 1 v. imp. Svo, 24* Partridge 1853 

Scott and Henry's Oommente Condensed by Eadie, fol., 2l» Bamilion 1858 

- for the Pundits, by J. R. Ballantyne, Sanscrit and English, 8to, IsGd Madden 1 8 60 

from the Latin Vulgate of WycliflTe, by Forshall, 4 v. roy. 4to, 51 15i 6d J.H.dtJJ^arkeri%$Q 

• Vulgate by Haydock, &c., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 60« Burm 1853 

Gallery: Female Scripture Portraits, 2 v. imp. Svo, each 21« ; ool., 42< Bogue 1849 

Garden, with 90 Coloured Engravings, 2nd edit., square, 6a Dean 184a 

Gleaner; Questions and Answers, 2 v. 12mo, each 1< ^d Simpkin 1852 

. Graphic Illustrated, with Explanatory Notes, post 8vo, mor., 10« 6e{ Partridge 1856 

Guide to Holy Life, 18mo, 2« W Hamilton 1859 

Hexeglot, Pts. 1 to 3, Genesis to Leviticus, roy. 4to, each 6f Wertheim 1855 

History for Children, Illustrated, 18mo, 2» 6<i Rovtledge 1856 

Young Children, 3 v. post 8vo, each 2i 6d Simpkin 1856 

Hour; or. Scripture Lessons for the Toung, 12mo, 8# 6<i Nelion 1861 

Hymn Book, 32mo, 1« W, 1856— red. to 1* Nitbet i860 

—- Illustrated by a Selection from Raphael, 8vo, 2l8 Wards Lock .1861 

Imperial Family, foL, mor., U 5i ; plates, 6/ I5i Blackie 1848 

■ in Many Tongues, and our English Bible, 2 parte in 1 v. 18mo, cloth, Is 6d... Rd. Trad Soc, 1854 

the Family, 12mo, 2» NeUon 1857 

•■' Jewish: Hebrew and English, with Translation, by Dr. Benisch, Svo : — Longman 1861 

V. I. Pentateuch, 16«.— Bnglish only, 6i 6d. 

V. 2. Historical Parts, 16«.— English only, 6t 6d. 

V. 3. Isaiah to the Prophets, 15<.— English only, 6s 6d, 

V. 4. Hagiography, 15«. — English only, 6< M. 

Narrative Chronologically Arranged by B. M. ZomHn, 2nd edit., 12mo, 7« ... Parker Js Son 184a 

Natural History, 16mo, lOs 6d Groombridge ...t%$6 

Notes by GKles and Wilson, 4to, 3 pte., ea. 6* ; Pentateuch, oomp., 16i /.Chapman ...1853 

of Every Land: History of all the Versions, 4to, 42t BagMer ...1851-61 

the Old Covenant, IVanslated, by Wellbeloved, 3 v. 8vo, 22* Longman 1859 

Picture, 144 Plates by Martin, Westall, Notes by Caunter, &c., Svo, 12* 6d ... Jl.bohn 1850 

Picture-Book (Children's), sq. 16mo, 6* ; coL, 9« BeU<k Daldg...i%S7 

■ — sm. 4to, 5i Darton 1845 

Pictures and Stories, with iU. in oil, Old and New Test., roy. 16mo, each 8* ... F.oc.P.C.K i860 

Pocket, Illustrated, with Notes, ISmo, mor., 18« Blackie 1855 

-Paragraph, with Maps, 18mo, 4< Rel. Tract Soc, i%^% 

• Prayers, under the Heads of Confession, Petition, &c., 18mo, 2i Wertheim 1852 

•Quadrupeds, 2nd edit., sq. I6mo, 6« Bogue 1839 

- Quartetts, No. 1, Biography ; 2, Topography ; 3, Tabernacle, case, ea. 2s 6d Jlouliton 1861 

- Reader's Journal, 1859-60, 4to, 9« Moi-gan i86i 

- Reading-Book for Schools and Families, 12mo, 35 6d Simpkitt 1849 

- Scenery ; Views in Palestine, with Descriptions, roy. Svo, 5s Jat. Blackwood 1857 

■Scenes; History of Joseph, 16mo, 2» 6cf ; ool., 3s GriffithdsF, ...1846 

Moses, 16mo, 2»6rf; col., 3s GriffiihdsF, ...1848 

-Our Saviour, 16mo, 2«6rf; ool., 3« Griffith^F. ...1847 

Miracles of Our Saviour, 16mo, 2s 6d; ooL,8sO(2 GrijlHthdfP, ...1850 

• Self-Ezplanatory, with Marginal References in full, Svo, 12s Oriffin 1856 


Bible, Short Oomments on, 8vo, 10s ReL TradSoe, 1838 

StorieB for Children, »q., 2»6d; ool, Zs 6d Oriffiihie P. ...1857 

Little Children, 16mo, 2# 6d, Simpkin; 2 f. 16mo, is Oroombridge ...i%4S 

ToangChildfen,01dandNewTe8t.,byaa. of **Chickseed,"ea. Is6d Darton i86* 

-new edit., sq., Zs^d DarUm 1861 

Old And New Testament, 2 Series, fcap. Sto, each 3« O^^ Deand: Sen ...1862 

Studies: a Selection for the Toung, in a Packet, Is Trttidder i860 

Teaching : Remarks on Genesis, ^odos, and Leviticos, post 8vo, Is J.F.Skaw 1855 

Texts (Tlioiights suggested by), Idmo, 2s 6d Longman 1859 

The Minor ^phets, with Commentary by E. B. Pusey, Pts. 1 to 3, 4to, ea. 5a J. H, Parker i86o-» 

The Daoglott, Welsh and English, by Boy. J. Harris, Pts. 1, 2, 3, 4to, ea. \s.., /famiUon 1862 

Thoughts, Selected from Caiyl, 32mo, 2s Ihfer 1841 

translated by Wellbeloved, 3 v. 4to, 70s J,Ckapman ...1838 

Truths for Daily Use, 82mo, 1« Wertkeim i860 

- with Shakespearean Parallels, 12mo, 4s Whittaker i86x 

— with Condensed Notes, by Macfarlane, illust, fol., 4/ 4f Cfrifin i860 

References and Coinmentaiy, abridged from Scott, ISmo, 7s 6d A. Hall 1848 

-20,000 Emendations by Br. Conquest, n. e., Svo, Bs ;,n. e., 24mo, 5s ... Longman 1861 

Biblia ; or, a Summary of the Old and New testaments, 64mo, n. e.. Is 6d Longman 1857 

Hebraioa, & Yander Hooght, recognovit D'AUemand, Svo, n. e., 10s Od H.Bohn 1850 

8vo (Leipsic), 10> WUUamsdtN, 1850 

Pauperum : Facsimile from a Block Book in British Museum, roy. 4to, 42s J,P.Sm*tk 1859 

Biblical Atlas and Scripture Qaietteer, roy. 8vo, 2f 6d; col., 4s; fullool., Qs6d Rd. TractSoc, 1851 

Cabinet : Translations from the Gkrman,' 12mo. See Appendix. Hamilton 1838 

Inquirer, 8to, 4» Longman 1846 

Offering, 2 t. post 8vo, 14s Churton 1835 

Questions, by A. de C, 80 Cards, and Key, in case. Is ^d Simpkin 1854 

Reason Why: a Handbook for Biblical Students, cr. 8to, 28 ed HouUton 1859 

Student's Assistant, by Clericus, roy. 8to, 5s 60^ Simpkin 1844 

Trinity, by Theophilus, 12mo, 7s J.Chapman ...1850 

Bibliographia Zoologia et G^login, Agassis, 4 v. 8to, 80s Pay Society ... 

Bibliographical Notices, Church Libraries, Turton and Qurton, ed. by French, 8to ... ChelhamSocieigi9$$ 

Bibliotheca Americana: 1850-55 inclusiTe, r. 8to, 42s ; 1855-58, 18s ; 1859-61, 21s New York v. y. 

Classica & Long et Macleane, 8vo. See Appendix. Whittaker v. y. 

ClericaUs, 8vo, 8s Darling 1843 

Gnwsa, cura Jacobs and Rest, Svo, Ss6d Williams df N.ii^ 

Qrenvilliana, 2 t. Svo, 3/ 8s Payne df Poss ,iZ^% 

Londinensis, 1814-46, 8vo, 14s 6d ; new edit., 18S1-55|^ 8ro, 28s Hodgson 185$ 

Medico-Chirugico, Oermany, 1730-47, 8to, 7s 6d WiUiams4kN. 1848 

Panra Theologica ; Catalogue of Books for Students in Bivinity, 8vo, Is... J.H.AJ,Parkeri%si 

Patrum, 8to. 8u Appendix. J. H.dtJ. Parker iS$% 

Sacra Parrulorum, &c., 18mo, Is Rivington 1861 

- Sanscrita ; Catalogue of Sanscrit Books, Texts, &c., 12mo, 5s WHMamsAN., 1848 

Bicentenary Lectures : Leeds Series, 12mo, 2s 6(2 HouUton i86x 

Bickerstaff (/.) History of, from the ''Tatler," by H. R. Montgomery, p. 8to, 10s 6<2 Longman 1861 ' 

Bickersteth (A.rckd.E.) Articles of the Churoh, Questions upon, 12mo, ZsQd Rivington 1849 

Catechetical Exercises on Apostles* CrecKd, 12mo, 8s Rivington 1846 

Prayers for the Use of the Clergy, 12mo, Is Rivington 1851 

(if tss C. ) Broad Shadows on Life's Pathway, 4th ed., fcap. 8to, 5s Seeley 1 86» 

- Sayings of the King, fp. 8to, 5s J.P.Shatp 1861 

'{Miss B.) Children of Long Ago, 16mo, 2s 6<2 Seeley i86x 

Come to Supper, 18mo, Is Seeley i86» 

England's Day Break, Narrative of theRefonnation,fp.8vo,5s Sedty i860 

Plain Sunday Readings for Farm Boys, Is 6<i Nisbet 1855 

Woman's Service on Uie Lord's Day, 12mo, Zs^d Seeley 1861 

Words for Women, 18mo, Is demand 2s Seeley i86i 

Working Man's Fireside, 18mo, Is Seeley i86x 

Works Collected, 16 t. 12mo, 48s Seeley 1853 

Occasional, 12mo, 7s Seeley 1839 

(Bdw.) Book of Private DcTotions, 12mo, 2s 6<i Seeley 1856 

Child's Book of Prayers, 18mo, Is Sedey 1859 

Christian Fathers of 1st and 2nd Centuries, 12mo, 5s SeeUy 1838 

Hearor, 12mo, 5s; new edit., Zs^d Seeley 1853 

Psalmody, 24mo, 2s; 12mo, 4s 6(2 DeandtSon ...184a 

Student, 12mo, 7s SeeUy 1844 

Truth, 12mo, 6s, 184a ; 6th ed., 4s 6<l Seeley 1856 

Companion to the Baptismal Pont, 18mo, 2s iSlee^ 1842 

Commn.,18mo,2s; 32mo,3s ; 16mo, 8s 6c{ Seeley 1857 

- Condensed Notes on Scripture, by his Son, post 8vo, 10s 6<2... Seeley 1854 

Cottager's Guide to Truths of theOospel, 18mo,5th ed.ls6<j iS^s^ 1857 

- Discourses on the Chief Concerns of Man, 12mo, 4s M SeeUy 1852 

■ Divine Warning to the Churoh, 4th ed., 12mo, 6s; 18mo, 8s DdUon 1846 

■ Expositions of EinsUes of John and Jnde, 12mo, Zs^d Sedey 1846 

• Family Guide to Truths of Gospel, 5th edit., 18mo, Is 6(2... Seeley 1861 

Prayers for Six Weeks, 12mo, 3s 6c^ ; 1. p., 5s Seeley i860 


Bickersteth (Edw.) Guide to tb« Prophecies, 9ih edit., 12mo, 5< Seelep 1S52 

HannoDj of the Four Goepels, 12mo, 5$ SeeUjf 1841 

Manual of Prayers for the Toung, ISmo, Zi 6d SeeUjf 1848 

- Memoir of, by Birks, new edit, 2 ▼. 12iiio, 10« Seeley 1856 

- Prince of Peace, 18mo, 8<, 1847 ; red. to 2t 6d DarUm i860 

- Promised Olory of the Church of Christ, 12mo, 5t Sedey 1845 

■ Bestoration of the Jews to their own Land, 12mo, 6s Sedey 1841 

- Scripture Help, n. e., 12mo, 5s SeeUy 1850 

- Signs of the Times in the East, 12mo, 6t SeeUy 1845 

•Testimony of the Reformers, 12mo, 6s Suley 1836 

- Treatise on Baptism, n.e. ,12mo, 5s Seeley 1839 

Lord's Supper, new edit, 12mo, 8t 6<i SeeUy 1857 

-Prayer, 18th edit, 12mo, 6» SteUy 1853 

Treatises (Four), ISmo, 6rfea., or 1 v., 2s 6d 8tdey 1856 

Working Man's Fireside, 18mo, Is 8ule^ 1859 

-(^./r.)Esekiel: Seatonian Prixe Poem, 870, Is BeUA I>aldy...i%s^ 

Poems, 12mo, 6« ; Sedey 1848 

Sabbath Evening Dialogues, 18mo, Is 6rf SetUy 1855 

* Scripture Testimony to One Eternal Godhead, n.e., p.8vo, 4s Rd. Tract Soc. i860 

Water from the Wellspring ; Meditations, 12mo, 2« JUL Tract Soc 1853 

{B.)and {F.) Memorials of Doing and Suffering, 14th ed., fp. 8to, "Ss 6(i SeeUg 1862 

(Jno.) Lent Lectures on the Litany, 12mo, 8s 6d SeeUy 1836 

Memoriahiof a Belored Mother, 12mo, 4s, 1853 ; n.e.,8s6<2 Wer&eim i86a 

Psalms and Hymns, 18mo, 2s 6<i Seele^f 1847 

■ Sermons on the Example of Christ, 12mo, 8s SeeUjf 1838 

• (iZo6<.) Bible Landmarks, 12mo, 2» 6<i Battm 1850 

■ Lent Lectures ; Means of Grace, 12mo, ^ 6d Hatchard 1851 

Bickmore {C.\ Greece, Questions on Smith's History of, 12mo, 2s Murray 1856 

(W^E.) Historical and Chronological Instruction, 12mo, 8s 6d BeUde Daldy..,i%sj 

Questions, 12mo, 8s 6d BtUA Daldy.,.i%^ 

Tables of ComparatiTO Chronology, 4to, 5s BeUJe DaUiy...i%^6 

Bicknell {Alg.S.) In the Track of the Garibaldians through Italy, &c., p. 8vo, 10s 6c{ Mamwarimg ...1861 

Bidding Prayers, Forms of, 18mo, 8s 6<2 Ricii»ffUm 1840 

Biddlecombe (Qeo,) Treatise on the Art of Rigging, 8vo, 12s ....^ E.WiUcm 1848 

Biddleston and Cox's Statutes relating to Magistrates, 12mo, 4s 6<2 Croekf&rd 1851 

Biddulph ( .J Sketches of the Assault of Sebastopol, fol., 10s 6d Stanford 1855 

(r.r.) Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration, new edit, 12mo, 2s 6d Seeley 1837 

Lectures on the Fifty-first Psalm, 12mo, 10s 6<i— red. to 6m Seeley 1836 

Phiin and Practical Sermons, 8 v. 12mo, 9s ffamiUon 1847 

Biddy Kavanagh, and other Tales, 18mo, Is MozUy 1846 

Biden (/as.) The Only Sacrifice, poet 8vo, 2s 6d Aylott 1855 

True Church; Showing what it is, 12mo^ 7s 6<i— red. to2s6<i AyloU 1851 

Truth maintained as to the Church, 8vo, 10s 6<i— red. to 6s JyloU 1853 

(W.D.) Rules, FormuljB, and Tables, for the Valuation of Estates, 8vo, 12s Layttm 1861 

Bidlake (J. P.) Exercises in Orthography and Deriration, 18mo, Is 6d AUman i«6i 

Physical Geography for Children, 18mo, Is 64 AUnuin 1856 

Text-Book of Elementary Chemistry for Schools, 12mo, 2s AthnoH 1858 

Bldpai, Fables in Persian, Edited by Colonel Ousely, 4to, 80s AUetukOo 1853 

Bid well (/.) Rambles in New Zealand, 8to, 2s 64 Orr 1841 

Bielefeld {C.F.) Treatise on Papier Mach6, for Decorations, 4to, 2/ 2s Bielefeld 1840 

Bielfeld (Hen.) Guide to Painting on Glan, 12mo, Is Rawney 1855 

Biematiflki (/.C.) Maid of the HaUig, transUted by Jackson, 12mo, 5s Cradock 1843 

Bigby (Z>./.) Sea-Side Manual, 18mo, Is 64 ; cloth, 2s Wkittaker 1841 

(i*. fi.) The Tariff Question considered, roy. 4to, 86s BotUm,U,S, ...i86» 

(/oAn) Jamaica in 1850, sq., 6s New York 1850 

Bigg {Oarolo) Milo, siTe de Gymnastica, 12mo, Is Wkiitaker 1861 

(B.H,) Construction and Application of Artificial Limbs, post 8vo, 8s Chwrckili 1855 

Mechanical Appliances for Deformities, cr. 8to, 4s, 1858 ; Pt 2, 4« 64 ChurehUl i86a 

(Jai.) Revised Statute Book, 20, 21, 22 Vict., poet 8vo, 18s 64 Bigg 1859 

24 and 25 Vict., Sees. 1861, post 8vo, 16s Bigg 1861 

(J.S.) Alfred Staunton, a Novel, post 8vo, 10s ed Ja9,Blackwood 1859 

Night and the Soul, a Dramatic Poem, post 8vo, 6$ Groombridge ...1854 

Sea King, a Metrical Romance, 8vo, 10s 64 .. Wkittaker 1848 

— Shifting Scenes, and other Poems, 12mo, 8s 64 Freeman -.1862 

Bigge((?.i2.) Catalogue of British Birds, 18mo, Is WkUtaker 1846 

Bigland (/./.) Letters on History, Ancient and Modem, 12mo, 6i...\ L(mgma% 1840 

System of Geography, by Birkin, 14th edit, 12mo, 2s 64 Modey 1855 

Bigley (C.i.) Aurifodina ; or, Adventures in the Gold Region, fcap. 8vo, 2s 64 New York 1849 

Bigsby (JJ.\ Pictures of Travel in the Canadas ; The Shoe and Canoe, 2 v. p. 8vo, 24s Chapman ds E, 1851 

(i2o6<.) Miscellaneous Poems and Bssays, roy. 8vo, 15s WhiUaktr 184a 

Visions of Hmes of Old : Antiquarian Enthusiast, 8 v. 8vo, 42s C. WrygU 1851 

Bigwood Uohn) Mystery of Godliness; or. Faith and Hope, 18mo, Is 64 J.Brown 1857 

Bilby (7*.) and Ridgway's Book of Quadrupeds, 16mo, 4s 64 Darton 1842 

Infant Teacher's Assistant, 12mo, 4$ Simpkin 1849 

NuneiyBook, 16mo, 8s 64 Darton 1844 

1835-1862 BILEY BINNEY 67 

Biley (^.) Exposition of Revelation, Chap, xii., 8vo, 6« SttUy 1849 

Supplement to Paley*s HorsB Paulinae, 8vo, 7« 6d Sedey 1845 

Billard (CM.) Treatise on Diseases of Infants, by Stewart, 8vo, \U GliwrchiU 1039 

Billet (Jot.) Salt for the Church, in Three Parte, Svo, 4« Seeley 1854 

Tribute of Gratitude to the Memory of Calvin, 12mo, 2« Longman 1844 

Billets and Bivouacs ; or. Military Adventures, 12mo, Is^d Roviledge 1858 

Billing (ilrcA.) First Principles of Medicine, Svo, 10« 6c{ Churchtll 1849 

• Observations on Diseases of the Lungs and Hearty Svo, tJ« ChurchiU 185a 

(ILW.) Architecture of Carlisle Cathedral, 4to, 3/ 3< ; 1. p. 41 Us 6d Boone 1839 

imp. 4to, India, 7ll78 6d Boone 1839 

Durham Cathedral, 4to, 51 5$ ; 1. p. 71 I7s 6d Boone 1844 

imp. 4to, India, lZl2ii6d Boone 1844 

County, 4to, dU6d; I p. 63< Boone 1846 

Kettering Church, 4to, lOsQd; 1. p. 21« Boone 1843 

Temple Church, 4to, 42*; L p. 63« Boone 1838 

Baronial Antiquities of Scotland, 4 v. 4to, % 1848-52 — red. to 6/... Chapman A IL.i'i^^ 
• 4 V. roy. 4to, 12/ 12» ; India, 18/1 8« Billing 1854 

- G^metrical Projection of Gbthic Architecture, 4to, bt ; 1. p. lOe Qd... Boone 1S40 

- Gothic Pannelling in Brancepeth Church, 4to, 12« Boone 1841 

-Carlisle Cathedral, 4to, \he ; 1. p. 24« Boone 1841 

Infinity of Geometric Design Exemplified, 4to, 25s Blachwoodn ...1849 

Power of Form applied to (Geometric Tracery, roy. Svo, 7< 6c/ Billing 1851 

' (SidTi,) hkw of Awards and Arbitrations, Svo, 14« Benning 1845 

> Patents and Regbtration of Designs, Svo, I2s Benning 1845 

Pews in Churches, 12mo, Ss Benning 1845 

Billington (John) Architectural Director, Svo, 28#— red. to lOsSd H.Bohn 1848 

Bilroth {Chat.) Commentary on Epistles to the Corinthians, 2 v. 12mo, 12< Hamilton 1838 

Billy Bump (Adventures of) in Boston and California, by J. C. Goodrich, ISmo, 2s... Darton 1852 

BiUon (J5^.T.) Government of Christ's Church, edit by Eden, Svo, 7« J.H.AJ.Par]c€ri%^% 

Bilton {S^P*) Law and Practice of theSherifib* Court of City of London, 12mo, 2s 6(/... Simpkin 1861 

Chancery Court, Chart of Practice of, sheet, 5s, mounted, Ss Richards i860 

Bindley (C7.) (-^arry ^tfortfr) Bipeds and Quadrupeds, 12mo, 4« Newby 1853 

Hints to Horsemen, 2nd edit., 12mo, 6s Newhy 1856 

. Horses, a Treatise on Condition, 4th edit, fcap. Svo, 2s 6</ Newby 1861 

■ Hunting Field, 2nd edit, 12mo, 5s Longman 1859 

— -^ Pocket and the Stud, 2nd edit, 12mo, 5s Longman 1857 

Practical Horsemanship, 12mo, 5s Longman 1856 

— Precept and Practice, 1 2mo, 5s Newby 1857 

Sporting Facts and Fancies, Svo, 12s Newby 1853 

• World, 12mo, 5s Newby 1857 

Sportsman's Friend in a Frost, 12s, Neiffby, 1856 — red. to 5s H.Bohn 1861 

Stable Tulk and Table Talk; Spectacles for Sportsmen, 2 v. 8vo, 24s ... Longman 1846 

The Stud for Practical Purposes and Practical Men, fcap. Svo, 5s Longman 1858 

World, and how to Square it, 5s Newby 1854 

Bingham ((7. iET.) Lectures on the Thirty-Second Psalm, 12mo, 5s Dalion 1837 

(F.L,) Short Poems, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1848 

(/.^.i Expedition to China, 2nd edit, 2 v. postSvo, 21s CoWum 1843 

(Jos.) Christian Antiquities, 2 v. imp. Svo, 31s 6c/ H.Bohn 1835 

-^— ^— — — and other Works, ed. Pitman, 9 v. Svo, 51 Ss Straker 1845 

. Works, by Rev. R. Bingham, 10 v. Svo, 5/ 5s J.H.d:JJ*arkeri2ss 

(Rich*) Family Ftnyers for every Day in the Week, 12mo, Is 6d Niabet 1857 

Sermons at St Mary's, Bryanston Square, 12mo, 5s J.F.Shaw 1858 

(iZ./r.) Immanuel : Lectures on Divinity of Our Lord, Svo, 10s 6e/ Seeley 1843 

Sermons, Doctrinal and Practical, Svo, 10s 6c/ Seel^ 1839 

(it./.) Instructions in the Art of Photography, 12mo, 2s 6c/ G.Knight 1855 

(TT.P.r.) Sermons on Easter Subjects, 12mo, 4s 6c/ Masters 1856 

Bingley (Tho) Bible Quadrupeds, 16mo, Ss Bogue 1856 

Stories about Birds, Dog^, and Horses, 16mo, ea.4s,i840,rt/^ — r. to 8s Bogue 1856 

on Instinct of Animals, 16mo, 4s, 1840, Tilt — red. to 3s Bogue 1856 

Tales about Travellers, 16mo, 4s, 1840, Till — ^red. to 3s Bogue 1856 

-of Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea, 16mo, 4s, 184], r»//— red. to 3s Bogue 1856 

Bingley (ITin.) Animated Nature, 12mo, 7s 6c/ Harvey 1851 

Natural History of Animids, 12mo, 7s Harvey 1841 

Useful Knowledge, by Cooper, 2 v. 12mo, 16s liivingion 1857 

Binney (-4.) Theological Compend., 18mo, Is 6c/ Simpkin 186* 

(iVios.) Christian Ministry not a Priesthood, 12mo, 2s Jackson Jb W...iS/^^ 

Christians at the Grave: Funeral Services on Harris, 12mo, 2s 6c/ Ward 1857 

— — Closet and the Church, a Book for Ministers, 12mo, Is 6d Jackson <fc IV...1849 

— — Formation of Character, ISmo, Is 6«i Blackader 1S52 

Four Discourses on the Christian Ministry, &c., 12mo, 4s 6d Jackson dk IT... 1849 

■ History of the Gorham Case, 12mo, 3s 6c/ Ward 1850 

■ Illustrations of the Practical Power of Faith, 4th edit, cr. 8vo, 5s Ward 1857 

Is it Possible to Make the Best of both Worlds? 12mo,2s6c;,i853; n.e.,ls6c/ Nisbet 1855 

Lectures on the Book of Proverbs, ISmo, Is 6c/ Paul 1851 

— — - Lights and Shadows of Church Life in Australia, 2nd ed., cr. Svo, 5s Jackson <£; IT... i860 

Binney (Tho$.) SennoDf Preached at Weigfa-honse Chapel, 18mo, 2$ M Paul 

— ^— Serrioeof Song in the Honaeof the Lord, 12mo, 2t Jackson d: W... 

Sir T. P. Buxton, a Study for Toong Men, poat 8to, 1< Nisbet 

Spirita admitted to the Hearenly Hooae, 8vo, 2s Jackson AW... 

Wellington as a Warrior, Senator, and Man, 12mo, 1* Hamilton 

- (W.O.) Air-Breathing MoUnaka of the U.S., 8 t. 8to, 11 10«. and Sup. IBs ... £o9Um,U,S.i%sr 

68 BINNEY ^BIEDS 1835-186-2 



{Wm.) Elementary Treatise on Orthographic Projection, 8to, 8rd edit., 9« Spon i86» 

{W.8.) Geometrical Drawing, a Course of, 12mo, Pt. 1, 4< ; Pt 2, 6f WeaU i860-* 

Binns* Exercises in False English, new edit., 12mo, 1< 6<2 Simpkin, 

Biographical Annals of Hebrew Nation, by various Writers, post 8vo, 8« Qriffin . 

Dictionary of Italian Painters, by a Lady, post 8vo, 6« 6<i Murray. 

:- (General), edit, by Boee, new edit., 12 t. 8to, 10/ 16# Fdlowes ...1839 

-of the Useful Knowledge Society, Pts. 1-7, 8vo, ea. 12< Longman 

Binning (Hugh) WoHls collected by Cochrane, 3 t. 12mo, \2s Longman 

by Leiahman, imp. 8to, lOt PuUarUm ... 

(R.B,) Trarelsin Persia, Ceylon, &c, 2 ▼. 8to, 28« Allen d: Co, 

Binns (^<iv.) Anatomy of Sleep, poet 8to, 10s 6c( Churchill .. 

(Jon.) Miseries and Beaaties of Ireland, 2 v. poet 8to, 25* Longman .. 

- Notes on the Agriculture of Lancashire, 8vo, Ss Simpkin 

Magazine, V. 1 and 2, 8to, each St 6d Edwards 

Memoirs of Celebrated Physicians, &c., imp. 8vo, 21< WhiUaker 

Sketches of Eminent Christians, 8 series, foap. 8vo, each 2s Pel. TradSoc. 

Biographies of Gh>od Women (More Precious than Rubies), 12mo, 6c Motley , 

Young People, Footprints on the Sands of Time, 12mo, 2* 6ci J,HjkJ,Parker] 

Biography and Criticism, from **The Times," 1st k 2nd ser., fp. 8vo, each 2s RouiUdge 

ComprehenaiTe Dictionary of, am. 4to, 21s Orifin 

Bion, Moechus et Theocritus, Gr., Selectse & Ringwood, 8yo, 9s Longmcm 

— ^— translated by Chapman, 8vo, 12s Prastr 

— — and Tyrtseus, transL by Banks, poet 8to, 5s H. Bohn 

Bionis et Moschi Carmina, reoens. G. Hermannus, 12mo, 3s Williams At N. 

Biot {B.C.) Parochial Schools, Scotland, translated by Lord Brougham, 8yo, Is Ridgway 

{J.B.) Elementary Chapters on Astronomy, by Goodwin, 8to, 8s %d Simpkin 

Birch((7. A) Bible Pictures, with Descriptions, 12mo, 12s Bagsler 

(H.) Family Altar : Prayers for Eight Weeks, new ed., cr. 8vo, 2s 6rf ffanUUon ... .. 

PoaitiTe Theology; or, Christianity at One View, post 8to, 5s Snow 

(/.) Lay of the Last Nibelungers, roy. 8to, 7s; imp. 8to, 10s 6d William «fc If, 

{Sam.) History of Ancient Pottery and Porcelain, 2 y. 8vo, 42s Murray 

(8.B.) Constipated Bowels, the Causes and Means of Cure, post 8vo, 2s 6d Churchill 

On Therapeutic Action of Oxygen in Diseases, 8vo, 2s 6d BaiUOrt , 

— (W.B.) Standard Psalmist, a Collection of Tunes, V. I, 4to, 7s M Hall 

— {W.J.) Inquiry into Philosophy and Religion of Shakspere, 12mo, 4s C. Mitchell .. 

' — • the Bible, 8vo, 5s Holyoake 

Real and Ideal; Hlustiations of Trarel, 2 v. poet 8to, 21s Saunders <fe 0. 

Birch and Rusholme Chapel and Township, 8to, edit, by Booker ChethamSoe... 

Church; or, the Two Friends, by J. A. Nisbitt M'Evoy, 12mo, 8s 6d Masters 

Birchall (/as.) England under the Normans and Plantaganet^ cr. 8vo, 4s 6<2 Simpkin 

- Tudors and Stuarts, cr. 8to, 6s Simpkin., 

Birckbek (5.) Protestant Evidence, rerised by Dr. Camming, 2 t. post 8to, each 5s Exeter Ball 

Bird ((7.5.) Defence of the Principles of the English Reformation, 8vo, 7s ffatchard ... 

Etc of the Crucifixion ; Addreases, 12mo, Is 6d Werthdm ... 

— Examination of **Wilberforce on the Eucharist,*' 12mo, 4s 6<i Sedey 

For Eyer, and other Devotional Poems, 32mo, 2s 60? Haichard ... 

Lent Lectures ; Baptism, and the Means of Grace, 2nd edit., 12mo, 8s 6rf Seeley 

on the Church Catechism, 12mo, 3s 6<i Cleaver ? 

Decalogue, 8vo, 4sM Cleaver 

Plea for the Reformed Church, 8vo, 8s ffatchard ... 

Romanism Unknown to Primitive Christianity, 12mo, Ss ffatchard ... 

Sacramental and Priestiy System Examined, fcap. 8vo, 4s 6d Seeley 

Sermons on the Parable of the Sower, 12mo, 2s 6<i ffatchard . 

{Oto. ) Hints on the Revival of Christian Principles in the Anglican Church, 8vo, 9s Whittaker . 

— (Gold.) Diagnosis, &c. , of Urinary Deposits, 8s, 1 844 ; 5 e. , by Birkett,p. 8vo, 10s 6d Churchill . 
Lectures on Galvanism and Electricity, new edit., 12mo, 6s 6d Longman . 

Sketch of his Life, by Balfour, 12mo, Is ffamilton . 

and Brooke ((7.) Elements of Natural Philosophy, 6th ed., fc 8vo, 12s 6d Churchill . 

(Jas.) Medicinal Properties of Vegetable Charcoal, 8vo, 1855 ; 2nd edit., 3s 6d Churchill . 

Poems, Selections from, by Harral, 18mo, Ss 6d Simpkin.... 

— {P.M.) Cortes; or, the Fall of Mexico, a Romance, 3 v. 12mo, 27s Bentley 

Hawks of Hawk Hollow, 8 v. 12mo, 27s, Newman, 1837 ; fp. 8vo, Is 6d Ward ik Lock.. 

Nick of the Woods, 8 v. 12mo, 27s, Bentley, 1837 ; fcap. 8vo, 2s WarddfLock.. 

Peter Pilgrim, a Tale, 2 v. 12mo, 14s Bentley 

- (R.W.) AbdaUa: a Romance of Mexico, 4 v. 12mo, 24s Newman 

Birds, sq. 16mo, Is 6<i Pel.TractSoc. 

Harmony of, a Poem of the 16th Century, ed. by Halliwell, 8vo Percy Society 

of the Sea-Shore, sq. 16mo, Is 8<i Soc P.C. K.... 

^WoodandField,ed.byO.A.Johns,lst,2nd,and8rdser.,18mo, Soc, P. 0. K..,. 















1835-1862 BIRDS BISSET 69 

Birds' Nestoand Eggs; also Directions lor Bird Stuffing, 12mo, Is Bid:er$ ik BusLi^Sz 

Birkbeck {Miu) Gleanings from Eastern Europe, 2nd ^it., 12mo, 7s DarUm 1854 

Birkenhead and Liverpool Dock Bills, Minutes of Bridence, 1848, roy. 8yo, 6s Chapman AH, 1851 

Birkett {Q,W.\ Trial of Creation, and other Poems, 16mo, Zs 6d J.H^dcJ.Parkeril^Z 

(/o^n) Treatment of Diseases of the Breast, 8vo, \2»Qd Longman 1850 

Birkin (Wm.) Interest Tables, Five per Cent., new CKiit., 12mo, 8s Modey n. d, 

-Rational English Expositor, 12ino, 1< 6c{ Motley n. d. 

Birkinshaw {Mai'iaL,) Che-raliers, a Tale, 870, 12« Simpkin., 

BiTks{T.B.) Bible and Modem Thought, 12mo, 8«, 1861 ; new edit., 8vo, 7« Bel. Tract 80c. 

Christian State : First Ftinciples of National Religion, 8to, 12« Seeley 

Difficulties of Belief as to Creation and the Fall, post 8to, 4s 6d Macmillan .. 

——— Exposition of First Two Visions of Daniel, 12mo, 6j SeeUy 

-Revebition, Chaps. 8, 9, 12mo, 6f NUhet 

Two Later Visions of Daniel, 12mo, 6« SeeUy. 

- First Elements of Sacred Prophecy, 12mo, 8» Painter . 

' Horn ETangelicn: Eridenoe of the GkKpels, post 8vo, 10« Qd Srdty. 

■ Lectures on Modem Rationalism and Inspiration, I2mo, 2s 6c2 SeeUy. 

' Matter and Ether ; or, the Laws of Physical Change, p. 8to, 68 6d MacndUan. . 

-Outlines of UnfulfiUed Prophecy, 12mo, 6» Seeley 

-Treasures of Wisdom, 12mo, Zs 6d Seeley 

■ Village Discourses in Walton Church, 12mo, 4s SeeUy. 

Birmingham Corporation, General and Trades Directory,* 1861, 8vo, 17s Dawson 

Directory, 8vo, 21s Kelly 

Educational Association Statistics' Report, 4to, Is Simpkin 

Birrell (£&fR.) Memoirs of, by C. M. Birrell, 18mo, Is td Simpkin 

Birt (/oAn) Patristic Evenings, 12mo, 6s Snow 

— {W.B) Handboc^of the Law of Storms, 8to, 6s PkilipdsSon... 

Hurricane and Sailor's Chiide, 12mo, 8s Murray 

Table-Moving and Spirit-Bapping Solved, 12mo, Is S. Eyre 

Birth of the War-€h)d, a Poem, from the Sanscrit of Kalidasa, 8vo, 5s AlUndeCo 

Birthday Gift for Boys and Qirls, 16mo, 5s Darton , 

and Friendship's Offering, 12mo, 4s 6d BoutUdge , 

Present from a Father to his Son, 12mo, 2s W JIatchard 

Souvenir, a Book of Thoughts on Life, &c., new ed., cr. 8vo, 12s Qd Griffith de F, ... 

Stftries, 18mo, 2s Darton 

Token, by the Author of "Aflfection's Keepsake,*' 82mo, Is 6d Simpkin 

Visit to Holly Farm, 18mo, Is Griffith d} P. ... 

Bischofs Chemical and Physical Geography, 2 V. 8vo, 21s Cavendish Soc„ 

Bi8ehoff((?ics.) Researches on Internal Heat of the Globe, 8vo, 10s Longman 

(/as.) Foreign Tariffs, 8vo, 2s Smith A Elder . 

History of the Woollen Trade, 2 v. 8vo, 26s Smith d: Elder . 

Biscoe (Bic.) Boyle Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles, 8vo, 9s 6d J. H.AJ. Parker 

Bishop {Anna) Mexico, Trayebiin, 1849, 12mo, 5s Philadelphia. 

{Dan.) Introduction to the Study of the Mind, new edit., post 8vo, 8s 60? ... Longman .... 

{P.) Illustrated London Cookery Book, 8vo, 6s Ingram 

Wife's Own Book of Cookery, new edit., post 8vo, 8s 6d .» WarddfLods 

((?.) Astronomical Observations, Regent's Park Obs., 1889-51, 4to, 14s ... Longman 

-{SirH,B) Glees, Trios, Quartetts, &c.. Parts 1, 2, and 8, 4to, each Is Sheard ... 

' Thirty Selected Glees, Trios, Quartetts, &c.,with Piano Aoo., 4to, 4s ... Sheard 

'-{Jas,) Animals: their Pictures, Habits, and Uses, Ist and 2nd ser., 4to, 2s 6d Dean d; Son 

Handbook for Management of Fresh-Water Aquaria, 12mo, Is Dean ds Son 

Practical. Guide to the County Courts, 1868, 18th edit., 12mo, Is Dean de Son 

Stories and Tales of Animated Nature, 12mo, 2s 6<£ Dean d; Son 

— — {Jno.) Causes and Cure of Impediments of Speech, 8vo, 4s Churchill 

Chants, Collection of , oblong. Is 4rf Cocks 

Double Chants, oblong, 2s Cocks 

—— On Articulate Sounds, 8vo, 4s Highly 

— — Pathology and Treatment of Deformities, 8vo, 10s Churchill 

(/.i&.) American Mahufactures, 1608 to 1860, V. 1, 8vo, 14s Philadelphia... 

(ITm.) System of Foot and Equitation Drills, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 

{W.C.) Sermons, 12mo, 7s 6rf Sedey 

Bishop: A Series of Letters to a Newly-Created Prelate, fcap. 8vo, 7s 6d Ifow 

Hatto; a Legend of the Mouse Tower on the Rhine, 4to, 5s HamiUon 

Bishop's Daughter, by the Author of "Life-Book of a Labourer," fcap. 8vo, 7s Dalton 

in the Eleventh Century, a Story, 12mo, 5s Jas. Bladcwood 

Little Daughter, a Tale, 18mo, 2s Makers. 

Walk and the Bishop's Times, by Orwell, fcap. 8vo, 5s MacmiUan.. 

Bishoprick of Jerasalem, 8vo, 4s Bivington .. 

Bismark (O.) Lectures on Tactics of Cavalry, by Beamish, 8vo, 21s Ebers 

Bisse {Tho.) Beauty of Holiness in Book of Common Prayer, new edit., 12mo, 3s 6d Bivington .. 
Bisseland (r.) Preaching of the Cross, 12mo, Zs 6d Hatchard .. 

-Sermons, 8vo, 10s6d Hatchard , 

Bisset (A,) Nations, Strength of, 8vo, 9s Smith d: Elder. 

• Treatise on Law of Estates for Life, 8vo, ISs Stevena 

— _,- Partnership, 1847, 8vo, 18s Stevens 







86 X 






BiralTesof theCrag, by 8. Wood, Pt. 1 Pate<m<.5i>c...i85i 

Bjornstjema {Ct.) Brituh Empire in the Bast, transl. by Lloyd, 8vo, Ss 6d JUurrojf 1S40 

Eflsay on Theogony of the Hindoos, 8vo, Ss 6d Murray 1844 

BUauw (W.H,) Barona' War ; Battles of Lewes and Bvesham, 4to, 15« Simpkin.. 1844 

Black (2>r.^.) Lectures on Conversion of the Jews, 12mo, 2t Oroombndgt .,.1%^ 

(Dr,C.) Letters on Management of Health, post 8vo, Zs M WhiUaker 1846 

On Bronchio-Pulmonary Macoos Membrane, 2 Pta., 8to, ea. 8< ^d Simpku^ 1855 

Pathology of the Tabercoloos Bone, 8to, 2$ 6<i SimpHn 1859 

{CL) Measias and Anti-Messias, a Prophetical Exposition, 12mo, 5$ Matters 1853 

Prayer of the New GoTenant, 12mo, 2s 6d Masters 1857 

{F.) Principles and Practice of Homceopatby, roy. 8to, 9« Leath 1843 

-^ {(;.) Drill-Book for Volunteers, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 1« Bidgyoay 1859 

(/.) Manual of the Bowels and their Treatment, 12mo, 5« 6<i Lcngnum 1840 

(/.r.) Lessons in Greek Ellipsis, 12mo, Zs^d Longman 1850 

{RM.) Introductory Latin Grammar, new edit., 18mo, 2s 6d Longman 1845 

Student's Manual, Greek Language, new edit., 18mo, 2s 6d Longman 1861 

Latin Language, new edit., 18mo, 6s 6c^ Longman 1859 

-{W.) Remarks on BaTarian Beer, London Porter, &c., 8vo, 28 &d Longman 1846 

■ Treatise on Brewing and Storing Beer, 4th edit., 8vo, 10* 6d Longm/an 1849 

Black Book of England, 12mo, 6« 6d C.MUckeU 1847 

Banes, fcap. 8to (Historical Tales), Is J, H,<kJ.Parkcr lUo 

Diamonds ; or, the Gospel in a Colliery District, by H. H. B., fcap. Svo, Zs 6d Nisbti ....!.... 1861 

Knight ; or, the Unknown Crusader, 12rao, Is Qd H.Lea 1859 

Prince, by Chandos Herald, ed. by W. H. 0. Coxe, 4to RM^rghtCUihi%%^ 

a Record of. Illuminated' and in Carred Binding, 16mo, 21* Longman 1848 

Ship, and other Allegories and Parables, 18mo, 2s 6d Nisbet j86i 

William's Grare, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 24s Newby 1849 

Black's Tourists' Guides, 12mo, vix. : — Limgman 1862 

Aberdeen, Is — Argyleshire, ls6d — Belfast and Giant's Causeway, Is 6c£— Derby- 
shire, 2«-- Dorsetshire, Devon, and Cornwall, 5f— Dublin, 1< 6d — Dublin and 
Wicklow, 1< 6<i~ Edinburgh, Is 6{i— Edinburgh and Environs, Zs 6d— England, 
10s 6<i— English Lakes, Is 6d ; 5s -y Illust., 75 6d— Glasgow, l«and 2a M— 
Gloucester, Hereford, and Monmouth, 2s— Hampshire and Isle of Wight, 2s— 
Ireland, 5s — Isle of Skye, Is — Kent, 8«— KiUamey, Is M — London and Environs, 
Zs 6<i— Mofibt, Is— Perthshire, 'Is— Scotland, 8s 6(2— Stafh and lona, ls--Surrey, 
5s— Sussex, Is 6<i— Sutherland, Is— Trosachs, U6d; Illust., 5s— Wales, North, 
8s 6d— Wales, North and South, 5s— Warwickshire, 2s— Watering Places, 2s 6d 
—Yorkshire, 2s 6d, 5s. 

Black's English and (German Dictionary, new edit., 12mo; 7s Dulau 186a 

Blackburn (CoL) Treatise on the Effect of the Contract of Sale, 8vo, 12s Benning 1845 

((?.) ; or, the Last Hours of a Secularist, fcap. Svo, Is 6d Weriheim 1861 

(Jfrs./^.) Birds Drawn from Nature, folio, 10s 6<i Hamilton 1861 

. (/.) Handbook round Jerusalem, new edit., 12mo, Zs&d JUvingUm 1849 

Lectures on the Rise and Ruin of Nineveh, new edit., 12mo, 2s Partridge 185a 

Prise Essay on the Religious Book Society, 12mo, 2s 6d Society 1850 

(5.) Poetic Gems, Oririnal and Select, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1856 

Blackbume (E.L.) Decorative Pwntingof the Middle Ages, 4to, 52s 6d Atchley 1848 

Blacker(if.i^.) Doctrines and DuUes; or. Practical Addresses, 12mo, 2s Cd Werlheim 1851 

Parishes of Booterstown and Donybrook, 12mo, 2s Qd BeUJe Daldy. .i860 

(IT.) Claims of the Landed Interest, 8vo, 7s Simpkin 1836 

Blacket {W.S.) Suggestions on Adult Classes in Sunday Schools, 2nd edit., 8vo, 2s ... Simpkin 1861 

Blackett(r.O.; Essay on the Use of the Spirit Level, 8vo, 8s Simpkin 1838 

Treatise on Cubical Contents of Earthwork, Svo, 8s Simpkin.... .^...iS^j 

Blackford {Mrs.) Orphan of Waterloo, new edit, 12mo, Zs 6d H. Bohn 1847 

Blackhal (0.) Services done to Three Noble Ladies, 1631-49, ediu by J. Stuart, 4to. Spalding Club 1844 

Blackham (/.) and Hickie {A.) Railway Promoters, Advice to, Svo, 2s Longman 1846 

Blackie (A.B.) Bank Parlour; or, Experiences of a late Banker, cr. Svo, 7s Qd Jas. BladcwoodiiSi 

((?. 5.) Cretins and Cretinism, a Prise Thesis, 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1856 

(/. 5.) Discourses on Beauty, Svo, 8s 6ci Simpkin 1858 

Lays and Legends of Ancient Greece, and Poems, post Svo, 8s 6d Simpkin 1856 

Lyrical Poems, or. Svo, 7s 6rf Simpkin i860 

Pronunciation of Greek Accent and Quantity, Svo, 8s 6d ^. Simpkin 185a 

{W.G.) Imperial Gazetteer, 2 v. imp. Svo, 95s Blackie 1855 

- Outlines of Bible Geography, Physical and Politioil, fcap. Svo, Is ... Nelson 1861 

Blackie's Commercial Hand-Book, S2mo, Is Blackie 185a 

Black-lead Pencil Drawing Book, oblong, 8s 6d Dean 1861 

Blackley (F.i2.) Greenland Minstrel, a Poem, 12mo, 5s 6c< Si$npkin 1839 

(H^.) (Jospel Hist. between the Death of Christ and Day of Pentecost, 4to, 2s Hatchard 1855 

(ITm.) Lectures on St. Matthew's Gospel, Ch. 1 to 4, 12mo, 5j 6rf Hatchard 184a 

^- Scriptural Teaching ; Sermons, 12mo, 5s Hatchard 1847 

Blacklock {A.) Treatise on Sheep, ISmo, 1838 ; 18th edit., 8s Oroombridge ...1857 

Blackmore (/no.) London by Moonlight Mission, with Memoir, new edit., cr. Svo, 4s. Bobson 1861 

Newcastle and Carlisle Railways, Views of, 4U), 21s Bogue 1839 

{R.D.) The Fate of PrankUn, a Poem, fcap. Svo, 2s 6d Hardmdee i860 

Blacksmith's Daughter, 8 v. post Svo, 31s 6d, Newby^ 1845 » 12mo, Is 6<< Piper 1858 

1 885-1862 BL ACKSTOCK BLAKENEY 7 1 

Blaclratock (^10.) MeinjmaiiifeBted: Antobiogiaphy and Letten, JlovXsUm 1853 

Blackston (/wo.) Oasiomi Sure Guide, post 8vo, 8« E. Neilson 1835 

BUckstone (H.) Common Fleas Cases, 2 y. 8to, 5th edit., 60« Pheney 1^37 

(vSirH^.) Commentaries, by J. B. Bayly, 8vo, 28» Saunden 1840 

Hargrave, Sweet, &c., 4 t. 8vo, 63i Sweet 1844 

-.^— — Horenden and Eyland, 9th ed., 4 v. 8to, 68« Maxwell 1836 

Kerr, 8rd ed., 4 T. 8vo, 68« Murray i86i 

- for Sfcudents, post 8to, 9« Murray 1858 

Stephens, 4 T. 8vo, 84» Butterworth .. 1863 

Stewart, 4 t., 8rd edit., 8vo, 62* 6d Stevens 1854 

abridged by Warren, 2nd edit, post 8to, 18* Maxwell 1856 

-Wilmot, 3rd edit., 8to, 6$ 6d Longman 1855 

Select Extracts from, by Warren, 12mo, 7« Maxtvell 1837 

Supplement to, by Williams, 8vo, 12$ Wildy 1848 

- La# of Real and Personal Property, by Stewart, 4th edit., 8vo, 208 Sterem 1853 

Property,. 12mo, 2t 6d WhittaJ^er 1858 

Analysis of, 12mo, 28 6d Sitnpkin 1858 

^ Private Wrongs and their Remedies, by ^wart, 2nd edit. , Sro, 1 S« Spettigue 1 844. 

Blackwall's British Spiders, 8vo, SU 6d \ Bay Soc 

Black well Mima) Poems, 12mo, 6«, 1853 ; 2< 6(2 *^' Chapman ...iS $4. 

{Eliz.) Laws of life asto Physical Education of Girls, n. ed., 12mo, 3« 6d Low 1859 

■ (Misi) Ellen Braye ; or, the Fortune-Teller, 2 t. post 8vo, 21« Saunders dtO.. 1841 

Ernestine; or. Child of Mystery, 3 v. post 8yo, 81* 6rf Oolbum 1840 

Blackwtfcd {W.S.) The Model Family; or, Jesus at Bethany, 12mo, l«6d Hamxltofi 1859 

Blades and Flowers: Poems for Children, by M.S. C, 12mo, 2t OriffitkdsP, ...1855 

Blagden {H,C,) Simple Allegories and Sacred Thoughts, 16mo, Is td\ cl. 2* Simpkin i860 

(J.) Agnes Tremome, 2 t. post 8to, 21* Smith <k Elder,. i^Si 

Blagdon (i^. >r.) F^^nch Interpreter, new edit^ oblong, 6* 6d Hodgton 1841 

Blagg (if. fT.) Christ the Second Adam, 3 Sermons, Syo, 1* MoiterB 1859 

Blaikie (il.) Sectarianism, Philosophy of, post 8to, 6* 6d Low 1854 

(YF.(?.) Bible History for Families and Schools, 12mo, 3* Nelton 1859 

Dayid, King of Israel, 6*, Bamilton, 1856 ; 2nd edit., cr. 8vo, 5* Nubet i860 

BLiin (/oAn) Rationale of Arithmetical Teaching, 12mo, 1* 6d Longman 1857 

Blaine (i>. P.) Canine Pathology; or. Diseases of DogB,by Mayer, 8yo, 9*,i84] ;5 e. 7*6(i Longman 1851 

Bncyclopfledia of Rural Sports, 8vo, new edit., 42* Longman 1858 

i^ Outlines of the Veterinary Art, by Mayhew, 8vo, 26*, 1841 ; 6th ed. 24* Longman 1854 

(i>.i?.) Laws of Artistic Copyright, and their Defects, 8to, 3* 6rf Murray 1853 

- Suggestions on the Copyright (Works of Art) Bill, 8vo, 1* Bardmeke 1861 

(^/)A,) Village Farrier, 6th edit., 12mo, 4* Tegg 1841 

Blair (J.) and Ronald {P.) Sketches at Carnal, in Brittany in 1834, newed., folio, 25* R, Taylor 1843 

(Dan,) Account of Yellow Fever Epidemic of British Chiiana, Srdod., 8vo, 21* Longman 185a 

(Dav,) Class Book ; or, Reading Lessons, new edit., 12mo, 5* Longman i860 

English Grammar, 18mo, 2* 6(i Whittaker n. d. 

Grammar of Philosophy, n. e., 12mo, 6s 6d Whittaker 1848 

Models of Familiar Letters, new edit., 12mo, 4* Whittaker n. d. 

Mother^s Question Book, 16mo, 1* 6d ; 2nd series, 16mo, 1* 6rf Barton 1845 

Reading ^ercises, new ed., 12mo, 2* Longman 1856 

School Dictionary, newed., 12mo, 3* Whittaker n. d, 

Tutor's Key to Questions, newed., 18mo, 5s 6d '. ... Whittaker n. d, 

' Universal Preceptor, 80th edit., 18mo, 6», Whittaker; by Kenny, 5*... AUman 1861 

- (Mrt.P,) Henwife, her own Experience, illust., 2ed. fp. 8vo, 4* 6d ; col., 1s6d... Bamilton 1862 

{Geo,) Holocaust : Lays of Palestine, and other Poems, 12mo, 4* Qd /. P, Shaw 1846 

(if u^A) Lectures on Rhetoric, new edit., 8vo, 12* Longman 1845 

by Dale, cr. 8vo, 6* Tegg 1858 

Sermons, 8vo, 9*, Xon^^mon,! 846 ; ed. by Finlay8on,8vo,7»,7VY;<7; n. e.,6« B.Bohn 1862 

(Jas,) Scottish Evangelist^ Life and Labours of , cr. 8vo, 4* 6d Beaton i860 

{John) Chronological Tables to April, 1866, byRoese, n. e., post 8vo, 10* B. Bohn 1856 

- ed. by Sir H. Ellis, new edit., imp. 8vo, 81* 6d.., Longman 1851 

(Mrs.) Dreams and Dreaming, 12mo, 1* 6<i Barton 1843 

- {Rob,) Beattieand Falconer's Poems, Notes by Gilfillan, 8vo, 4* 6c; Nisbet 1858 

Grave, a Poem: Young's Night Thoughts, &c., 8vo, 9* Tallis n. d, 

by Farrar, illustrated, new edit., sm. 4to, 7* 6d Longman 1858 

Blair's life, Ferme, and Melville's Commentary, 8vo, *Js6d WodrowSoc.. 

Blake (il dm.) Life by H. Dixon, post 8vo, 10* 6fif, 1854 ; 12mo, 2* Chapman 4k B,i%$S 

{And,) Practical Essay on Delirium Tremens, 2nd edit, 8vo, 5* Longman 1840 

(/fam.) Infidelity Inexcusable, post 8vo, 4* Skejington 1855 

{J.L,) Historical, Biographical, and Poetical Reader, 12mo, 2* AUman 1862 

Scholar's Companion and Fireside Reader, 12mo, 1* Qd Oroombridge ...1851 

{T.W,) Long Vacation in Continental Picture Galleries, 12mo, 3* 6d Parker <k Son... 1%$^ 

(Wm.) Songs of Innocence and Experience, post 8vo, 3* 6d Pickering 1839 

Blakelock {lUUph) Sermons on the Atonement and its Doctrines, 8vo, 4* SeeUy 1844 

Blakely {John) Manifestations of Deity in the Works of Art, 12mo, 2s 6d Jas. Blackwood iSs^ 

(7. J.) Ghmnery Science : Remarks, 2nd edit., 8vo, 1* Bidgway 1857 

Blakeney {Rich.) Journal of an Oriental Voyage in the Africaine, 12mo, is 6d Simpkin 1841 

{fi,P,) Extracts from the Moral The^ogy of Alphonsis Liguori, fp. 8vo, 2* 6d Simpkin 1 846 


Blakeney {R.P.) Iniquitous Prinoiples taught by St Idgaori, 2nd edit., Svo, 6$ /. MiiUr 1852 

• Manual of Romish Controyeny, 12mo, 28 6d HamiUon 1JJ51 

Blakesley (J.W,) Four Months in Algeria, and aVirit to Carthage, Syo, lU MetcmiUan 1859 

Sennons before Cambridge Uniyersity, 8yo, QsSd Fellowei 1843 

Blakey {J.) Theo\ogj of Inyentions, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Jm. Bl<ickwoodi9$$ 

(/2o6.) Angler's Guide to Biyers and Lakes of Enghuad, 12mo, 2« Bogue 1854. 

— of Scotland, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2« 6c{ Boffue 1859 

Song Book, 12mo, 2$ 6d O. Cox 1855 

Essay on Logic, 12mo, fit Longnum 184.8 

Moral Good and Eyil, 8yo, 8i Longman 1848 

-Hints on Angling, Angling Excursions, &c., 8vo, 10< 6d W. Jtobin9on...i$s^ 

-Historical Sketch of Logic, Svo, 12f BaiUidre 1851 

- Philosophy of the Mind, 4 y. Syo, dO< Longman 1848 

-Political Literature, 2 y. Syo, 24«, 1854; 2 yols. in 1— red. to 8« BeiUley 1861 

-Liyesof the Primitiye Fathers, 8yo, 8» 6<i W. Edward$...iZ^% 

-Manual of Shooting, 12mo, 1« RoutUdge 1854 

-Old Faces in New Masks: Humorous and Literary Essays, 8yo, 7s 6(2... Kent 1859 

-Sketches of Angling Literature of all Nations, 12mo, 5« /. R, Smith ...1855 

Temporal Benefits of Christianity, 8yo, 9s Longman 1849 

Treatise on Angling, and Where to Go, 12mo, Is JtouUedge 1854 

Blakiston (<7aj>^.) Twenty Years of Retirement, 2 y. 8vo, 24s C'oc^mn* 1836 

(E.F.) Hearts are Trumps, 2 y. 8yo, 21s Sawnden^S: O, .iS6% 

{Peg.) Obeeryations on Disesses of the Chest, 8yo, 12s Churchill 1847 

(TAos. It.) Fiye Months on the Yang-Tsse, 8vo, 18s Murray. ...:....iZ6% 

Bkmire (5iisan) Poetical Works, 12mo, 6s 6(2 Tya$ 184a 

(Wm.) Biographical Sketch of, by H. Lonsdale, 8yo, Is RowUedge i86a 

Blanc (C.) History of Painters of all Nations, edit, by Wyatt, fol. 24s Cauell 1855 

— (^ttfs) 1848. Historical Reyektions, post 8yo, 10s 6d Chapman d: /r.1858 

History of Ten Years, 1830-40, 2 y. 8yo, 26s CAopnwiKfe ir.1845 

On the Working Classes, with Refutation by Ward, 12mo, 2s Qd BetUley 1848 

— (SM.) French-English and En^sh- French Dictionary, 32mo, new edit, 3s 6(2. ... Ward & Lock., iZ6% 

Spanish and English Dictionary, 12mo, 7s 6(2 H,Bohn 1848 

Blanch((?.>r.)Efficacyof Traction for Cure of Diseases, 12mo, 8s Whitfield 1854 

(IT.iEr.) Sportsman's Pocket Register of Game, &c.. Killed, obi,. Is 6(2 Mead 1861 

Blanchard riF./*.) aii(2 Wilberforce (^(2w.) Poems, 12mo, 6s Longman 1857 

(E.L.) Handy Book on Dinnen at Home and Abroad, fcap. 8yo, Is Adamaon i860 

(Lam.) Sketches from Life, Memoir by Lytton, 3 y. post 8yo, 16s Colbwm 1849 

(if.) German- Word Book, Is; Phrase Book, Is Souter 1842-3 

(P.) Premidres Connaissances & TUsage des Enfants, 18mo, new ed., 2s Law 1849 

(S.L.) Ganges and the Seine : Scenes on Banks of both, 2 y. p. 8yo, 18s Chapman tb iT. 1862 

Blanche and her Betrothed, a Noyel, 3 y. poet 8yo, 81s 6(2 Ne^Ay 1855 

Cleyeland; or, the Rain and Sunshine of Youth, by A. E. W., fp. 8yo, 2s 6(2 Ifogg 1861 

Cressingham, a Noyel, by M. E., 2 y. post 8yo, 24s Savnden dtO.,. 1Z44, 

Leslie, and other Tales, 18mo, 2s 6(2 Dolman 1854 

Lisle, and other Poems, by Cecil Home, fcap. 8yo, 4s 6(2 Macmillan i860 

Mortimer; or. Unconscious Influence, aTale, 12mo, 8s Cleaver 1852 

Bland (Hare) Apocalyptic History in Reyelation Solyed, 12mo, 10s 6(2 A.Hall 1858 

(ift2es) Algebraical Problems, 8yo, 10s 6(2 ; Key by Darby, 8yo, 9s WhUtaier 1849 

Geometrical Problems, 8yo, 10s 6(2 WUttaJcer 1842 

(N.) AteshKedah; or. Fire Temple, roy, 8yo, 6s Madden 1844 

(PM.) Plain Parish Sermons, at Rotherhithe, new edit., 12mo, 6s Werihdm 1854 

{Robt.) Greek Anthol, Meriyale, p.8yo,14s, Zon^rmon, 1 848 ; Burge8s,12mo, Ss H.Bohn 1852 

- Latin Hexameters, by Rowden, n. e., 12mo, 3s ; Key to, 12mo, bi ... Simpkin 1853 

■ (Mrt.S.) Memorials of, from Her Diary, 16mo, Is Partridge 1854 

— (Wm.) Construction of Arches, Hers, &c., 8yo, 7s; new edit, 12mo, Is 6(2. WeaU 1862 

■ Hints on Teaching Notation to Little Children, 12mo, Is Longman 1854 

Bhishfield (J.M.) Selection of Vases, &c., from Terra-Cottas, 4to, 31s 6(2 WeaU 1857 

Blasson (M.C.) Poetical Star, 12mo, 6t Simpkin 1843 

Blatch {Wm,) Solemn Contrasts; or, the Righteous and Wicked, 12mo, Is 6d Binns 1849 

Specimens of Death, Lessons for the Liying, 12mo, 2s Gd Wkittaker 1846 

Blaxhmd {Cfeo.) Code of English Law, royal 8yo, 24s Butterworths ...1839 

BUyney {fre.) Treatise on Life Assurance, new edition, 12mo, 7s StevcM 1837 

Sodeties, 12mo, 3s Stevet^t 1848 

Blaze de Bury {Baroneu) Memoirs of the Princess Btlatlne, post 8yo, 10s M Bentley 1853 

Bleaden (/.) Selections in Prose and Poetry, post 8yo, 10s 6(2 £, Wilson 1847 

Bleby {ffen.) Death Struggles of Slayery in a British Colony, 12mo, 4s Hamilton 1853 

Scenes in the Caribbean Sea, 18mo, 2s Hamilton 1854 

Bleeck (^. iT.) Persian Grammar, 12mo, 7s 6(2 Quariteh 1857 

Blencowe {Edw.) Sermons to Country Congregations, 3 yols. 12mo, each 7s 6(2 Belld:Daldy 1850-1 

Blenham, a Story, by the Author of *' Labour and Liye," post 8yo, 64 Bennett 1858 

Blenheim Palace, Description ofy 8yo, 6s Longman 1848 

Blenkam(/.) Rearing British Timber Trees, post8yo, 6s, 1859 ; newed., 12mo, Is 6(2 RouUedge 1862 

Blenkinsop {Dr.) Memoin of, by Himself, 2 yols. post 8yo, 21s Bentley 1852 

Blessington {Ctst.) Belle of a Season, a Poem, imp. 8yo, 31s 6(2 Longman 1839 

Confessions of an Elderly Gentleman, post 8yo, 14s Longm^in i8j6 


Bleasiiigtoii (Ctu.) Confesriom of an Elderly Lady, &c., p. 8to, 21«, 183S; 12mo, Is T. Hodgson 

Country Quarters, 8 vols, poet Svo, Zls 6d Skoberl 

Desultory Thoughts and Eeflections, 12mo, 48 Longman ... 

— — Govemefls, 2 vols, post 870, 21< Longman .., 

Idler in I^imoe, new edit., 2 toIs. post Syo, 16« Cotbum , 

-Italy, 2nd edition, 8 vols, post 8vo, 86« CoUmm 

- Literary Life and Correspondence, by Madden, 3 vols. 8vo, 428... Newhy 
• Lottery of Life, &e., 8t. p. 8vo, 8l< 6(i, 1842; n. ed., 12mo, 2« WarddcLock... 

- Marmaduke Herbert, 8 vols, post 8vo, 81a 6<2 Beniley 

- Memoirs of a Femme de Chambre, 3 vols, post 8vo, 31< 6d Bentleg 

-Meredith, 3 vols, post 8vo, BUQd Longman 

-Strathem, 4 vols, post 8vo, 42f CoJburn 

-Two Friends, 8 vols, post 8vo, 31« 6<i SaundtnAO.. 

• Victims of Society, 8 vols, post 8vo, 81« 6<i ^ SaundenA O. . 

Blest (^^eH) Memoirs of, by Motherwell, 12mo, 5s Longman 

Blew (W,J.) Letter on Hymns, Hymn Books, and Anthems, 8vo, Ss 6d Rivington ... 

and Gauntlett (H.J.) Church Hymn and Tune Bk,, 4to, 18« ; 12mo, 4« 6d Rivington ... 

Blewert {Wm.) Guide to the Stocks and Funds, by Brize, 8rd edit., IGmo, 1»id Caution 

BleweU {S.) Bhymes of Royalty ; History of Enghind in Terse, new edit., 12mo, 2t ^d Oriffiih de P. 

BUght (/.r.) AncCroeses, &o.,West Cornwall, 2 e.,4to,7s6<i; East,10s 6<2; oomp.,18« Simpkin 

Week at the Land's End, fcap. 8vo, 6$ 6d » Longman ... 

Blight; or, the Novel Hater, a Tale, 3 v. poet 8vo, ZU 6d ffope 

Blighted Pasque-Plowers: a Plea for the Work-room, 12mo, 2f 6<i Low 

Blind Alice, by Aunt Kitty, 18mo, Is Oreen 

Celestine of P&turages, from the French, 18mo, Is Low 

Fisherman and His Three Sons, transL &om the Gennan, 4to, 2s 6d Tegg 

Girl of Wittenberg, translated from the German, post 8vo, Qt 6d L&w 

1 Lilias; or. Fellowship with God, a Tale for the Young, cr. 8vo, Qt New York ... 

Man*s Holiday : Tales for the Nursery, sq. 16mo, 3s 6d; coL, 4s W Orifithd:F, 

Schoolmistress, a Tale, by J. J., fcap. 8vo, lt6d Tweedie 

Bliss {Oeo.) Fruit Grower's Instructor, l^o, new edit., 6s Ridgway ... 

(Hen) History of the Lives of IVotestant Martyrs, roy. 8vo, 2s 6d Hatelden ... 

Ideas seldom Thought of for Extending Knowledge, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Boworth ... 

Robespierre, a Tra^y, post 8vo, 6s Kimpton ... 

Blofield (/.iT.) Account of Algeria, 8vo, 12s Newby 

Blomfield (Bp.) .£schylus Agamemnon, fth edit., 8vo, 12s PeUowet 

ChoephorsB, 3rd edit., 8vo, 8s FelloiDtt 

Penes, 6th edit, 8vo, 8s FeUowet 

Prometheus Yinctus, 8th edit., 8vo, 8s FeUowet. 

Septem contra Thebas, 8vo, 6th edit., 8s FeUowet. 

' Family Prayers, 18mo, 2s ; n. e., p. 8vo, 8s 6c?, 1858 ; 18mo, Is 4d Soc.P.C.K, .. 

• Historical Sketch of Ids Times, by Dr. Biber, post 8vo, 7s 6d Harrison 

• Lectures on the Acts and St. John's GkMipel, new edit., 8vo, 10s 6d... FeUowet 

- Manual of Private Devotion, 18mo, Is 8<2, FeUwoet ; 32mo, 8(1 ... Soc.P.G.K. .. 

- Sermons on Christian Doctrine and Practice, 8vo, 10s M BeU<Ss Daldy.. 

(Q. B.) Sermons for Country Congregations, 2 v. 12mo, ea. 6s, 1841 ; V. 3, 6s Hatehard 

(Seve.) Talent and Trial, a Tale, 18mo, 2s 6d Darton .... 

BlondeUe, a Tale of the Times, post 8vo, 10s 6d BentUy .... 

Blondin, his Life and Performances, by G. L. Banks, cr. 8vo, Is Routledge . 

Blood {Wm.) Mercj to the Chief of Sinners, a Narrative, new edit, 18mo, It 6d ... Simpkin.... 
Mission to the Indians of Orialla, &c, 12mo, 5t Partridge . 

Bloodworth (.finma) Poems, 82mo, Is 6rf Longman 

Bloom i/.H,) Notices of the Castle and Priory at Castleacre, roy. 8vo, 25s Richardsont .. 

Bloomerism, Beauties of, edit, by Deborah Dnaadnought, illust. by W. S. Beed, sq. Gt Adcermann .. 

Bloomfield (/.^.) Poor Christianas Companion, roy. 32mo, Is Simpkin 

(Robt.) Farmer's Boy, illust by Foster, &c,po8t8vo, 7s 6d, i857--red.to6s Low 

12mo, 7s 6<i ; large paper, 15s Van Voont .. 

- Poems, 12mo, 2s 6(£, Routledge ; Illustrated, new edit, 16mo, 2s 6d KmghtdsSon 

' (S.T.) Epitome Evangelica ; Extracts from Greek Gospels, 18mo, 4s Longman 

— Greek and Eng. Lexicon to New Testament, 8rd edit, 12mo, 7s 6d Longman 

Lexilogus Scholasticus ; Gr. and Eng. Vocabulary, 18mo, 3s Longman 

New Testament, Gbeek Text, with Notes, 9th edit., 2 v. 8vo, 48s ... Longman 

• Sup. Annotations, roy. 8vo, 15s, 1850; 2nd do, 14s Longman 

for Colleges and Schools, 7th e., 12mo, 7s Gd Longm^in 


















Thucydides, 2 v. 8vo. V. 1, 18s— V. 2, 20s Longman ...1842-3 

Bloomsbury Lent Lectures, 1843-45, 8 v. 12mo, each 5s Nvibet 1843-5 

1846-51, 6 V. 12mo, each Gt Nitbet 1846-51 

1852-57, 6v. 12mo, eachSs J.F.Shaw... 1852-7 

1858, 8vo, 2s 6d Piper 1858 

Blore(^. IF.) Three Phun Sermons in 1859, Is 6<i BeU ik Daldy... i%6o 

Blosius (AbboQ Oratory of the Faithful Soul ; Devotions, 18mo, 2s T.Richardton..i$42 

Blossoms of nope, by the Widow of a Country Clergyman, 18mo, Is 6d Nitbet 1857 

. Musical Annual for 1847, 4to, 21s Tolkien 1846 

Blots on the Escutcheon of Rome, by Six Protestant Ladies, post 8vo, ItGd WerthUm 1851 

Blow Hot, Blow Cold ; a Love Story, ed. by Augustus Mayhew, 12mo, Is Ward d: Lock... ii6% 


7i BLOWPIPE ^BOAT 1836—1862 

Blowpipe, Instraetton in the Practical Uae of, for Studeota, poet 8to, 7$ BaiUihrt 1S58 

Bloxam (/.C) On the Meteorology of Newport, Isle of Wight, 2nd edit., 4to, 26f ... Simpkin i860 

{M.H.) Principles of Gothic Eodefiiastical Architecture, 10th e., 12mo, 7s 6d... Kent 1859 

{Ric.) Regulations for Bosineaa at Magtera* Chambers, 8yo, 4< Stevens 1857 

{W.) Cyclop«dia of Surgery. 16 Pts., fol., ea. Ss MadcUy 1835 

Bine Beard Semi-Bnrlesqued, by Peter the Friar, new edit, 16mo, ItM Chapman A H..iiSi 

BInett (J.C.) Daelling and the Laws of Honour Examined, 2nd edit, 8to, 2t^d Sedey 1836 

Blumhardt {CO.) Christian Missions, edited by Dr. Barth, new edit, ISmo, 2« 6<2... lUl Tract So€„i%\6 

Blundell (i?.iSr.) Treatise on the Sphygometer, 8vo, 4« 6d Zowiman 183$ 

(/.) Lectures on Midwifery, by Severn, 12mo, 6» Matlen 1840 

■ Observations on Diseases of Women, by Castle, 8vo, 12« E.Vox 1840 

■ Principles of Obstetric Medicine, by Lee, new edit, 8vo, 24» Butler 184a 

(/. W.) Medicina Mechanica ; Cure of Chronic Disease, cr. 8vo, 6< ChurchiU 1852 

Scrofula, fcc, as Treated by the Swedish Practice, 8vo, 1* 6d Simpkin 1856 

-{Wait.) Painless Tooth Bxtraction without Chloroform, 2nd edit,8vo, 2« 6d... Churchill 1856 

Blunt (C7Aa.) Beauty of the Heavens, 4to, 21«: coloured, 28« Bogue 1845 

Civil Engineer and Machinist, Pts. 1 to 7, foL, each 21« Ackermann .. 1837 

{Hen.) Discourses on the Thirty-nine Articles, new edit, 12mo, 5$ 6d HoUcliard 1847 

-Trial of the Spirits, new edit, 12mo, 1« 6cf Hatchard 1844 

Exposition of the Epistles to the Seven Churches, new ed., 12mo, 5« M Hatchard 1838 

-Pentateuch, new edit, 8 v. 12mo, each 6< Hatchard i860 

Lectures on History of Abraham, new edit, 12mo, 5t 6d HatcJuird 1856 

Christ, new edit, 8 v. 12mo, each 5$ 6d Hatchard i860 

Elisha, new edit, 12mo, 5s 6d Hatchard 186a 

Jacob, new edit, 12mo, it 6d Hatchard 1861 

St Paul, new edit, 2 v. 12mo, each Bs Qd Hatchard 1858 

Peter, new edit, 12mo, 2 vols., each4« 6d... Hatchard i860 

Posthumous Sermons, new edit, 3 v. 12mo, each 6$ Hatchard 1846 

Sermons Preached at Chelsea, new edit, 12mo, 6« Hatchard 1855 

' {H,) Perils and Panics of Invasion, 1796-1805, and at present, cr. 8vo, 10«6ci Neteby i860 

(/.) Shipmasters' Assistant, new edit, roy. 8vo, 80« l>^ew York 1849 

(J.H.) Atonement and the At-one Maker, 12mo, 5t Masters 1855 

{J.J.) Essays Contributed to the Quarterly Review, 8 vo, 12« Murray i860 

History of the Christian Church, First 3 Cent, Srded. p. 8vo, 7« 6d ... Murray 1861 

_ — Introductory Lectures on Study of Early Fathers, 2nd ed., 8vo, 4s 6d... BeUADaldy...i%i6 

' Lectures on Duties of the Parish Priest, 4th ed., poet 8vo, 7« 6rf Murray 1861 

Right Use of the Early Fathers, 8vo, 2nd ed., 15s Murray 1861 

Sermons at Cambridge, 1886, 8vo, 6s 6d RivingUm 1847 

1845 and 1847, 8vo, 5s Rivington ......1850 

1849, 8vo, 5*; 1850-51, 8vo, 5<6<< Rivington ......185a 

— ■ to a Country Congregation, 8 vols, post 8vo, each Is 6d Murray ...1858-61 

Sketch of the Church, Two Centuries after Christ, 8vo, 6« 6d Rivington 1836 

English Reformation, new edit, 18mo, 8« 6d Tegg 1848 

Undes. Coincidences in 0. IcN. T., 6 e., 8vo, 9«, 1859 ; n. e., p. 8vo, 6s Murray 186a 

- (/tt^iSf.) Confirmation, fcap. 8vo, 8« 6<i Belli: Daldy...\%5t 

Life after Confirmation, 18mo, 1« BeUtSs Daldy...i%(n 

Readings on the Morning and Evening Prayer, 12mo, Zs6d Belld: Daldy...tZ$g 

' (R.G.) Common Sense on Common Subjects : Health, Im5., 12mo, Is Ward 1855 

(Wm.) Dissenters* Baptisms, and Church Burials, 8vo, is Longman 1840 

BIyth {Edw. ) Catalogue of Birds in Museum of Asiatic Society, 8vo, 1 2« Williams «fc JV. . 1 8 5 3 

of Bengal, 8vo, 12s ... Williams 4kN,.tS6o 

Report on a Zoological Collection from Somalie Country, 8vo, 2s 6d Williams ieN., i860 

{Geo.) Reminiscences of Missionary life, 12mo, is Partridge 1851 

(i)r./.) Outlines of QuaUtative Chemical Analysis, 12mo, 5s Walton 1849 

(PAflp.) Presence of Mind and Pride, a Tale, 18mo, Is 6d Harvey 1839 

Tales for Youth, 18mo, ls6d Harvey 1838 

Blyton {Emma) Poetical Tributes to Memory of British Baids, post 8vo, 3< 6d BenneU 1858 

Boaden(/.)Doomof CKallo, 2v. poet8vo, 21* Macrone 183c 

Boag (/oA») EngUsh Dictionary, 2 v. 8vo, 21» Hamilton 1848 

Imperial Lexicon of the English Language, 2 v. med. 8vo, 40* FuUarton 1853 

Board of Health : Report on the Supply of London with Water, 8vo, 4* aoKcs 1850 

Boardman (^.) Pupil Teacher's Historical Geography, 2nd edit, 12mo, Is 6rf Philip <k Son...i%s% 

•(«-^.)BibleintheCountingHouse,n.e.,p.8vo,8f6d,/?o«ror<A,i855; 12mo,3» Hughes 1857 

— — — FamUy, 12mo, 1«, RoutUdge; 12mo, 2s Nelson 1857 

— — — ^ —• with Essay by Campbell, 12mo, St Nisbet 1851 

,T .r. r^^ Qaestion, «« Subject of Personal ReUgion, '* new edit. , 12mo, l«6d Rel. Tract 5bc.i8cc 

{J.H.) Arithmetic : Rules and Reasons, 12mo, 2. 6<i MacmiUan i8c| 

7;7T:f "^^^^^^ Exercises, 12mo, Is 6d ; with Key, 2s BeUd^Daldy i8u 

~~^^'i)]f?^^^^ Exposition of, 12mo, 2»6d Dav \lcl 

Boase {&m&;ii%Z^, g'vt Z^'"^' " ^' ^^ '''' ^ ^^"^^' '' ^ - ^7«^ 'ft' 

Boat and How to Mamige it, by Salacia,'fcap. Svo, 2s'iid':::Z::: 1""?^'* J^^? 


' Boston^ U.S. ...i86a 

1835—1862 BOATE BOHNY 75 

l^te (^Mr».) Maid of Avoca, a Tale of tbe Indian Wars, 12mo, 2$ 6d Longman 1853 

Boatman of the Bosphoras, a Tale of Turkey, 8 v. post 8vo, 31a 6d Newby 1854 

Boai (rAoa.) Description of Egypt, ita Land, People, &c., 12mo, 6« 6rf Sn(m 1856 

The Mission Pastor: Memorials of, by his Widow, 12mo, 6$ 6d Snow i86» 

Bob the Terrier ; or, the Dog of Knowledge, 18mo, 1» Griffith d: F. ...1854 

Bobola (And.) life and Martyrdom of, by Father Monaci, 8vo, 2« T, Jtickardson.i^SS 

Boocaocio, Decameron, in Eoglish, by W. K. Kelly, post 8vo, 3< 6d If, Bohn 1855 

Frederick and the Falcon, in English, by E. Martin, 4to, 2« Longman 1847 

Stories from, and other Poems, by J. Payn, 16mo, 4« WHgkl <fc Co... 1852 

Tales from, and other Poems, 12mo, 6» BentUy 1846 

Boccios (^ott.) Management of Fresh-Water Fish, 8vo, 5s Van Voortt ...1841 

Boddington (if rj.) Gossip's Week, 2 T. post 8vo, 24» Longman 1836 

■ -Poems, 8vo, 21« Longman 1839 

— Beminiscences of the Rhine, 2 ▼. post 8vo, 21« Longman 1834 

Sketches in the Pyrenees, 2 v. post 8vo, 24a Longman 1837 

Boddy (/.il.) Christian Mission, 18mo, ZsM W.Smith 1839 

Bode (/.J?.) Ballads from Herodotos, 16mo, 5s , Longman 1855 

• Bampton Lecture on the English Formularies, 1855, 8vo, 8« J.H.tkJ.ParkeriIss 

Hymns from the Gospel of the Day, 18mo, 1« J.H,tiJ.Parkeri%bo 

Short Occasional Poems, post 8vo, 8« Longman 1858 

-( Baron <2f)Trayels in Juristan and Arabistan, 2 vols. 8vo, 28« Madden 1844 

Boden (/at.) Method of Teaching French, 12mo, 2« 6<i Wh-ttaker 1851 

Treatise on French Verbs and Grammar, 12mo, 8« Whiltaker 1851 

Bodenham (Ctst,) Conyersations on Duties of Christianity, 18mo, 2s Qd Dolman 1854 

Bodenhamer {Wm.) Rectum and Anus, a Practical Treatise on, 8vo, 12« New York 1861 

Bodenstedt (Pre,) Morning Land ; or, Days in the East, 2 vols, post 8to, 21« Bentiey 1851 

2nd series, 2 rols. post 8yo, 21« Benilqf 1853 

Bodichon (Dr.) Algiers as a Winter Residence for the English, 12mo, 2« Piper 1858 

Bodin {PeL) Summary of History of England, by Duncan, 18mo, 3« Virtue 1840 

France, by Duncan, ISmo, 8« Virtue 1840 

Bodington {Geo.) Essay on Cure of Pulmonary Consumption, 12mo, Se Longman 1840 

Boduel (Cojnte dit) Les Affidres, 1668, 4to Baliatyne Club, t^z^ 

Body, Mind, and Spirit ; or. Life of Nature, &c., traced in Man, 12mo, 2s 6d M^Clary 1853 

Boeckh (Aug.) Public Economy of Athens, transl. byG. C. Lewis, 2nd edit., %yOy 18« ParkerdeSon...i%^z 

Boenninghausen (C. M. P, vvn) Manual of Homoeopathic Therapeutics, post 8to, 1 2« . . . Baillih^ 1 847 

Boethii [H.) Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium Episcoporum YitsB, 4to BanjnatyntClvhiZz^ 

Boethius (H.) Bulk of Cronidis of ScotUmd, Vols. 1 to 8, roy. 8vo, each 10« Longman 1858 

Bogatsky (C.H. ) Golden Treasury, 1 2mo, 2«, Hamilton, 1 862 ; 2^ M, R. T. Soc, 1 8 54 ; 2s Simpkin 1862 

^2m<i,U,Sim^kin,28,AylMt,i%si\\9^R,T.S.\UQd NeUon 1856 

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Belgium and Rhine — P^iris and its Environs — Switzerland and Savoy. 

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76 BOID BONAR 1835— 186d 

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Noblesse; addressed to Edward IV., 1476, 4to RoxburgkeCl. .iB6a 

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(JfoMt^) Autobiography, 12mo, 6s Weriheim 1849 

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Lessons on Drawing from Objects, 8vo, 7* Groombridge ...i%s^ 

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{W.J.) Fireside Preaching ; Hinta for VisitolB of the Poor, 12mo, 28 6d Seeley 1856 

Hulsean Essay, 1862 : Evidences of Christianity, 8vo, Qs MacmiUan ...1853 

Bolus (Fred.) Tabular Geography, Europe, n.e., obL, Is 9<i, i860 ; Asia, obL, Is dd Davis A Allen .1861 
Bombay Almanac and Book of Direction, 8vo, 128 AUenJs Co.. Annual 

Government Records : Smithis Elder .1854 

1. On the Supply of Water, 9s ; 2. On the Southern Districts of the Surat 

Collectorate, 6cl ; 8. On the Settlement of Doras Lands, 48 ; 4. On 
the Collectorate of Sholapore, and Statistical Report of Cambay, Is. 

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Bonaparte. See Napoleon. 

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Commentary on Leviticus, 4Ui edit, poet 8vo, Ss 6d Nisbet 1861 

: Gospel Pointing to the Person of Christ, 32mo, Is Nisbet 1852 

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. and Remains of R. M*Cbeyne, new edit, 12mo, 5s Hamilton 1857 

— Mission of Inquiry to the Jews, post 8vo, bs Hamilton 1852 

Nettleton and his Labours, 12mo, is%d Hamilton 1854 

Redemption Drawing Nigh, 12mo, 68 Ni^et 1847 

■ Visitor's Book of Texts for the Sick, &c., new edit, 12mo, Ss 6ci Nithet 1858 

(i4.i2.) Last Days of the Martyrs, 18mo, Bs 6d Hamilton 1841 

Scenes from History of the Christian Church, 12mo, 3s 6rf Nelson 1848 

(^or.) A Stranger Here : a Memorial, 6th edit, fcap.,- 68 Nisbet 1861 

Authentic Records of Revivals, 12mo, Ss 6d Nisbet :i86o 

Blood of the Cross, 82mo, 8d Nisbet 1849 

Brief Thoughts on the Gospel, 82mo, Sd Nisbet 1851 

Coming and the Kingdom of Christ, 12mo, 68 6d Nisbet 1849 

God's Way of Peace : a Book forthe Anxious, 12mo, 28 Nisbet 1861 

Hymns of Faith and Hope, 6 e. ,f p. , 68 ; 82mo, Is 6d ; 2nd ser. , 5s, 1 86 1 Nisbet 1 862 

Journey in the Desert of Sinai, 2nd edit, poet 8vo, 68 Nisbet 1858 

Kelso Tracts, 12mo, 28 6d Nisbet 1848 

-^= Lines of Time: Bventa from Scripture, 8vo, Maps, 4to, 168 Hamilton 1854 

1835—1863 BONAR BOOK 77 

Bonar (Hor,) Man ; His Beligion and His World, 18mo, 2« NUhet 1851 

Morning of Joy, 18mo, 2« ..» Nisbet 1852 

. — Night of Weeping, 18mo, 2« M'«6<i 1855 

French, by Bmma de Rbeims, 18mo, 2# 6d Nisbet 1849 

— ^— Prophetical Landmarks, 3rd edit., 12mo, 5< Nitbet i860 

Story of Ghrace, 18mo, 2« Nitbet 1853 

Snmmer Journey from Beersheba to Sidon, new edit., post 8vo, 7« ... NubH 1857 

The Eternal Day, 18mo, 2« Nisbet 1853 

< Truth and Brror, 18mo, 2s HamiUan 1849 

Words of Peace and Welcome, 18mo, 1« Nisbet i860 

Bonarentura {St) Life of Christ, translated by Oakley, with plates, 12mo, 6s Toovey 1845 

Psalter, translated by Dr. Camming, 12mo, 2« A.Hall 1852 

Bonchnrch, Ide of Wight, post Svo, 2$ 6d Rivington 1849 

Bond and Free, by the Author of " Caste," 8 vols, post Svo, 31« 6rf HurttdsB, i860 

Bond (il.X.) History of England for Youth, new edit., 18mo, 2i 6<2 Kent 1847 

— (i/r«.ir.) Miscellaneous Poems, 12mo, 7» 6rf Whittaker 1838 

Sacred Poems, 12mo, 7< 6d MliiUaker 1838 

{RobL) Christian Token of Remembrance, 82mo, 2» AUman 1842 

Handbook of the Telegraph (Weale's Series), 12mo, U Virtue 186a 

Phonetic Reader ; Extracts in Prose and Verse, 12mo, 8« Pitnum 1849 

(ffoiff.) Popular Geography, 12mo, 5« Thomas 1830 

(T.E,) Practical Treatise on Dental Medicine, 2nd edit., roy. 8vo, 11« TrUbner 185* 

{W.B.) View of Ancient Qeography, 4th edit. ; with Key, 12mo, is 6d Simpkin 1851 

Bone (5. F.) Precedents in Conveyancing, by Weston, new edit., i ▼. roy. 8yo, 72<... Stevens 1841 

Boner (CAo.) Cain, a Dramatic Poem, post 8vo, Ss 6d Chapman d: If. jS $4. 

ChamoisHuntinginBavaria,8TO, 18s, 1853; n.e.,p.870,10s,i86o->red.to5s H.Bohn 1862 

Forest Creatures, Illust., post 8to, 10s 6d^ Longman 1861 

Merry Wedding and other Tales, 12mo, 2s 6d Chapman ds H.i%^^ 

New Dance of Death, and other Poems, post 8yo, 8s Chapman dtJI.iis? 

Verse, 1834-1868, 12mo, 4s Chapman dtr if. 18 58 

Boniface (M.) Modem English and French ConTersatlons, 12mo, 8s BaiUiire 1845 

(5e.) life of, by J. W. Cox, 12mo, 2s 6</ Matters 1853 

Opera, edidit Giles, 2 T. 8vo, 21s ! NuU ....'. 1844 

Bonn University, its Rise, Progress, &c.,post 8vo, 10s 6d Parker d; Son .1845 

Bonnechose { France, History of, 2nd edition, 12mo, 5s Rovtledge 1856 

— ^— Reformers before Reformation, by Mackenzie, post 8vo, red. to 6s Simpkin 1851 

Bonnell (/.) Exemplary Life of, by Hamilton, 12mo, 8s 6c£ Rivington 185a 

; Life of, 12mo, 2s 6d Matters 185a 

Bonner (i5[p. ^.) Life and Defence of, by Townsend, 8vo, 10s 6€f Seeley 184a 

(/.) United States, a Child's History of, 2 V. fcap. 7s Low 1855 

Bonnet {A,) J^dle from Eden : Medit. on Gen. Ch. iil., 12mo, 4s Nisbet 1839 

Family of Bethany, 12mo, bs^ 1855; 14th edit., 8s 6d Nisbet 1859 

Meditations on the Lord's Prayer, 12mo, 4s Nisbet 1839 

Scenes in Bethany : Lectures, 12mo, 2s 6rf Niihet 1841 

Bonneval {Ctss.) Life and Letters, by Lady Fullerton, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s JJnrst <k B 1858 

Bonnin (T*.^.) Domestic Altar ; Prayers, 18mo, 2s Hamilton 1851 

Bonnycastle (/.) Algebra, 2 v. 8vo, 26s, 1848 ; byGalbraith, 12mo, 4s 6d; Key to, 6s Simpkin 1850 

— — '■ Maynard, 12mo, 4s; Key to, is Qd Simpkin 1847 

Tyson, 12mo, 4s; Key to, 4s6rf... Tegg i860 

Arithmetic, by Maynard, 19th edit., 12mo, 8s 6d; Key to, 4s 6d ... Simpkin 1862 

Tyson, 12mo, 8s tfd; Key to, 4s 6<i Tegg 1858 

Astronomy, by Young, 12mo, 9s Simpkin 1839 

Mensuration, by Maynard, 12mo, 4s 6(2; Key to, 4s Simpkin i860 

Tyson, 12mo, is6d; Key to, 6s Tegg 1847 

— {SirR.H.) Canada and the Canadians in 1846, 2 v. p. 8vo, 21s— red. to 12s Colbum 1846 

as it Was, Is, and May Be, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Colbum 1852 

Newfoundland in 1842, 2 v. post8vo, 21s Colbum 1842 

Bonomi (C.) Edith Grey, 12mo, Is A. Hall 1859 

(/.) Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia : Photographs, with letter-press, 4to, 63s Smith A Elder. iZ6z 

Egyptian Antiquities* Catalogue, 4to, with Athis in folio, 2 Pts., ea. 21s Weale 1858 

History of Nineveh and its Palaces, 2nd edit., post 8vo, 6s H.Bohn 1853 

a«u2Sharpe (5.) Triple Mummy Case, 4to, 7s 6d; cold., 12s 6rf Longman 1859 

Bonus (/.) Discourses on Earliest Types of Our Saviour, post 8vo, 8s 6d T. Richardson.. 1856 

Bonwell (/.) Sermons on the Holy Catholic Church, post 8vo, 6s Bums 1844 

Bonwick (Intp.) Geography of Australia and New Zealand, 18mo, 3s Robertson i860 

Bonwicke {Amb.) Life of, by Bp. Beveridge, 12mo, Is J.H.dsJ.Parkeri%^6 

Book about All Kinds of Things which we Eat, Drink, and Wear, 12mo, 2s 6d HouUton i860 

Animals, for Children, with engravings, 16mo, 2s Rel.TractSoc. .iS$% 

Birds, for Children, 16mo, 2s Rel. Tract Soc.,iZ$o 

Naughty Boys; or, the SnflTerings of Mr. DelUel, 12mo, 4s Hamilton 1855 

- Pictures, intended for the Young, 18mo, Is 6d Rel.TraciSoc. .tS^.^ 

. and its Mission, Vols. 1 to 3, ea. 8*; Vols. 4 to 6, ea. 8s 6(i ; Vol. 7, 4s Kent 1856-62 

Story ; Bible Narrative, 16th e., p. 8vo, 2s ; cl.,2s 6d ; fine, 4s Kent 186a 

- Collector's Handbook, 8vo, 2s 6d Churton 1845 

for aU Ages, by the Author of "Have You!" fcap. 8vo, 3i 6rf J.F.Shaw i860 

78 BOOK 1835-1862 

Book for Every HoTiaeliold, po8t 8vo, 2s Ward d: Lod:.. liBo 

Sunday Reading, ed. by Rer. A. Cameron, 12nio, U J/amilton 1858 

the Sea Side; Natural History, 12mo, 8« Rel. Tract Soe, lis^ 

of Aids, with Catechism of the whole Syaiem of Eqaitetion, cr. 8vo, U Simphin 1861 

American Songs, edited with Notes by H. Paul, 12mo, U WarddfLoeh...iSs7 

Anecdote, 12mo, 2» 6d Burm 1841 

Art, edited by F. K. Hunt, roy. 4to, 21« How 1846 

Ballads, fr. the German, by Percy Boyd, sm. 4to, lOt 6rf, 1 842, 0. r— Zs6d H. Bohn 1 848 

Beauty, 1833-47, Limgman\ 1848-9; 8vo, each 2l8 Bogut 1833-49 

Birds, ISmo, 1« 6d Parkerib Saw.. 1834 

Boats, 16mo, 2« Sd Soc.P.C.K. ...1849 

Bridges, sq., 2» Soc.P.C.K. ...1850 

British Ballads, edit, by S. C. Hall, imp. 8vo, 2 ▼. ea. 81» 6d—l v. red., 258 H.Bohn 1851 

•Poesy, Ancient and Modem, sq., 7«6rf; cl gilt, 8«; mor., 12» Tegg 1843 

Celebrated Poems, Illust., 8vo, 16« Low 1853 

Children's Hymns and Rhymes, 12mo, 8» 6d Hogget Sons ..1859 

Christmas, in Prose and Verse, 12mo, I2s Spooner 1835 

- Carols, with Illuminated Borders, sq. 8vo, 25s Low 1845 

Church History, 2nd edit, 18mo, Is Masters 1851 

Common Prayer, according to MS. in Rolls Office, Dublin, 8 ▼. 8vo, 31a 6rf ... Ecd.Hut.Soc . 
the Sealed Books, by Stephens, 3 7. 8vo, 31« 6rf. Eccl.Hist.Soc.. 

— adapted for General Use, 18mo, 2s Snow 1855 

— Analytical, with Notes, 12mo, 2s\ 2» 6d Gihbs 1848 

— arranged by Bosworth, 8vo, 6i Longman 1839 

— ^ Bagster's Editions. See Appendix. 

— Cambridge Editions. See Appeodix. 

— Communion Service, Reprint of 1662, sm.f., red & black, 55s Pitkeiring 1845 

— Companion to, 32mo, 2s 6rf Hatehard 1848 

— for Use in other Protestant Churches, 12mo, 4s Pickering 185* 

"^ French. See Liturgie, 

— German, 12mo, 4«, P.^SsH.Soc.^ 1842 ; 82mo, 8# W.AUan i86» 

Illuminated, by Jones, med. 8vo, 21s; roy. 8vo, 45« Murray 1849 

Mth Notes, 12mo, 31« 6rf ; 8vo, 42s Whittaker 1838 

III Borders aft. Durer, &c. , p. 8vo, 1 &, Pickering ; n. e., 1 2« 6d Bickers 1862 

• edited by Rose and Burgon, 8vo> 42« JM.i:J,Parkeri%$i. 

Italian. See Liturgia. 
Latin. See Lituigia. 
- London Editions. See Appendix. 

Musical Notation, by Dyce, 4to, 75«; 1. p., 84« Bums 1843 

Pt. 2, Psalms, &c., 4to, 42«; 1. p., 84«... Burnt 1844 

Notes by Merbecke, 1650 (reprint), sm. 4to, 25i ... Pickering 1844 

' Notes by Veneer and Kelly, 18mo, 5« Kelly 1852 

■on, by Anglicanus, 12mo, 38 Hope 1852 

• Oxford Editions. See Appendix. 

Pictorial, imp. 8vo, 3l8 6c{ Knight 1832 

• Notes by Stebbing, 8vo, 10« 6d— red. to 6« NaUali 1846 

Reformed, &c., 12mo, 4« Whitfield 1849 

•Reprint of 1662, Black Letter, roy. 4to, 848 Pickering 1845 

post 8vo, calf, 12s Qd) mor., 168 Masters 1842 

Reprints, Edward VI.— Chnrles IL, 6 v. fol., 18^ ISs Pickering 1845 

■ Revised by Royal Commission, 1689, 12mo, Ss 6rf Sedey 1855 

slightly altered from Church Use, 12mo, l8 Partridge 1855 

Spanish, 12mo, 48 P.dsH.Soe, ...1836 

with Anthems as pointed for Chanting, 18mo, 48 EyretkCo 1842 

Scripture Proofs and References, post 8vo, Ss id P.^JI.Soc. ...1852 

Costume; or, Annals of Fashion, by a Lady of Rank, roy. 8vo, 2l8 Colbum 1841 

Curiosities, Natural and Artificial, 16rao, 28 6d; col, 38 6d Orr 1843 

Daniel and Exra; Chaldee, Syriac, Hebrew, and QreA, 12mo, 68 Wertheim 1850 

Dates; or. Treasury of Reference, new edit., post 8vo, 7s 6d Oriffin 18O2 

Denominations of the Nineteenth Century, 12mo, 78 6rf Virtue 1835 

Ecclesiastes, transL by Christian D. Ginsbuig, 8vo, 188 Longman 1861 

18mo, 286<i Burnt 1846 

EngUsh Poetry, with Sketches of the Poets, 12mo, 38 6rf NeUon 1853 

Songs, 16th to 19th Centuries, sq. 12mo, 2s 6d Jnffram 1851 

prise and Adventure, 18mo, la (Holiday Lib.) Darton 1851 

Entertaining Knowledge, 12mo, 38 B.Clarke 1842 

Exotic Birds, Illustrations and Descriptions, imp. 8vo> 2l8 Jerrard 1852 

Fable and Allegory, 18mo, 28 6d Bums 1847 

FamiliarQuotations from the Best Authors, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo, 68 WhiUaker 1861 

FamUy Crests, Mottoes, &c., new edit, 2 v. 12mo, 248 BellikDaldy .1855 

— — Prayers, by Clergymen of the Church of England, 4to, 268 Wertheim 184c 

" the Sacrist of Durham, 12mo, 38 6rf Masters. 1853 

" ^yefly ^'^m Jeremy Taylor, 12mo, la Longman i862r 

Church of England and Ireland, 8vo, 78 6d BeUA Datdy ...iZ^^ 

composed wholly of the Words of Scripture, 8vo, is^ KaU 1862 

1835-1803 LOOK 79 

Book of Family Prayers, edited by Qoodhart and HoUovay, 4to, 25* WertJieim 1839 

Worship, 12ino, 5s Walton 1849 

and Help to Devotion, 12ino, 2s ^d Nelson i86x 

Fate, by Kirchenhoflfer, 8vo, 5« Berger 1854 

. Field Sports, edit, by H.-J). Biilea, Div. 1, V. 1 and 2, roy. 4to, each lZs6d... Lea 1861 

Fishes, ISmo, Is 6d P arkerdkSon ...jZ^^ 

Fun; or, Laugh and Learn, 2 v. 12mo, each 4s Darton 1843-4 

Games; or. School Boy's Manual of Amusement, 8vo, Zs^d Britlain 1843 

and Amusements for Boys and Girls, 16mo, 2s Tegg 1850 

Sports, post 4to, 1» 6rf Nelson 1856 

Gems; or, Poets and Artists of Great Britain, 8 ▼. 8to, each 15« H.Bohn 1847 

Genesis, Hebrew, revised with Notes by Wright, 2 pts. 8to, lOs M WiUiamsdkN 1859 

and English, with Notes by De Sola, dvo, 12« Bagster n. d. 

in English Hebrew,4« 6d; with Hebrew Text, 8vo, 6« 6d Walton 1853 

German Ballads, National Airs, Drinking Songs, &c., Y. 1-3, each 2ls Hering 1847 

Songs, translated by H. W. Dulcken, post 8vo, Zs 6d Watrd Js Lock 1856 

Ghost Stories, Illustrations by Phiz, 16mo, Zs%d Dav)s<m 1853 

Good Counsels, from the Sanskrit, by Edwin Arnold, or. 8yo, bs Smith A Elder 1861 

Health and Beauty, by a Surgeon, 12mo, 8« 6ci Thomas 1840 

Home Beauty, by Mrs. Kirkland, 4to, 42« J. Chapman ...1851 

Houses, sq. 2s Soc.P.CK,... 1850 

Initial Letters and Ancient Alphabets, 4to, 21« KaU 1847 

■ Jasher, referred to in Joshua and Samuel, 8vo, 10« WhiUaker 184a 

Job, Illustrated by Gilbert, with Notes, &c, roy. 8vo, 18« Nisbet 1855 

Jonah, Chaldee, Syriac, ^thiopic, &c., by Wright, 8vo, 7« 6d Williams AN, 1857 

Knitted Mittens, by A. A. L. M., roy. 16mo, Is W, /. Johnson 1861 

• Legends, 2 vols, in 1, sq. 7« Be? Bums 1844 

• Life: a Bibliographical Melody, 4to BoxburgheClub iZxo 

-Forms of Devotion for the Sick, 8vo, lOs 6d Medola 1847 

Many Names, 12mo, 1« 6rf Ja^.Blachipoodi%s% 

Melody, edited by E. Guylott, 4to, 7« 6rf Darton 1847 

Modem Poets, roy. 8vo, 21« E. Law 1841 

Songs, edited by J. E. Carpenter, 24mo, Is RoxUledge 1858 

Months, and Circle of the Seasons, fcap. 8vo, 7s Bogue 1843 

Mottoe of the Nobility and Gentry, with Translations, 12mo, 8s 6d Bellds Daldy...\%$i 

Nursery Tales, 3 v. sm. 4to, each 8s 6rf Bwns 1845 

— — Obits and Martyrology of Christ's Church, Dublin, ed. by Crosthwaite Irish Archl.So. 1843 

One Syllable, 16mo, 2s 6d Bogve 1851 

Ornament, Nos. 1 to 5, 4to, each 4s Bogue 1844-9 

• Poetical Apophthegms, edited by A. Park, 12mo, Is Kent 185a 

■ Poetry, new edit., 18mo, 2s Lumley 1847 

■ Poets: Chaucer to Beattie, new edit., 8vo, 16s Darton 1841 

•^— — Proverbs, Eccleaiastes, and Canticles, transl. by Noyes, 12mo, 8s J.OhaTpman ...1846 

lUustrated by Gilbert. 8vo, 12s Nisbet 1857 

Psalms, arranged by Darnell, 18mo, 4s RivingUm 1841 

Tucker, post 8vo, 8s FeUowes 1840 

for Family Devotion, 8vo, n.e., 4s; roy. 8vo, 7s 6rf Booth i860 

in Daily Portions, by Dallas, 12mo, 8s6d Nisbet 1848 

Parallelism, post 8vo, 8s Rel.TraetSoc,..i%^ 

byZillwood, 2 v. 8vo, 20s Simpkin 1855 

by a Layman, 18mo, 4s 6rf Pickering 1853 

Common Prayer Yeision, by Cresswell, 12mo, 6s RivingUm 1840 

Hawkins, 2nd edit, 12mo, 2s Qd Bdl <fc Daldy 1859 

Eng. Verse, by Bowring, cr. 8vo, 5s Parker ds Son, n. d. 

Difficult Passages in, by Walford, 8vo, 7s6c2 Jackson 1837 

Hebrew and English, fcap. 8vo, 6s Bagster 1843 

Commentary by Phillips, 2 v. 8vo, 32« Parker ii: Son 1846 

Metrically arranged by Rogers, n. e. , 12mo, 10s 6d J.ff. d: J.Parker n.d» 

— Historical Outline of, by Good, 8vo, 10s 6d Dalion 1854 

— Metrical Paraphrases, by Scott, 18mo, 3s 6d Rivington 1848 

Translation, accentuated for Chanting, cr. 8vo, 5s 6d Bagster n. d, 

— from the Hebrew, post 8vo, 8s Rivington 1838 

Version, by Scurry, 12mo, 6s Pickering 1843 

— Turner, post 8vo, 6s Rivington ...1855-6 

Metrically Paraphrased, 12mo, 8s 6<i Whittaker 1844 

New Metrical Version for Music, by W. H. B., 12mo, 7s RodweU 1848 

Translation, byC. F. and B.C., 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1838 

— New Version, byCrane, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1858 

Paraphrase on, by Hammond, new edit., 2 vols. 8vo, 21s J. H,Jt J. Parker i%^o 

Pointed to the Ancient Church Tunes, 18mo, 2s Bums 1847 

Translated by Churton, l2mo, 7s 6<i J. H,tk J.Parker 1%^^ 

French and Skinner, post 8vo, 12s Parker d^ Son... i%^% 

Fry, 2nd edit., post 8vo, 16s 6d Hamilton 184a 

Good, edited by Neale Henderson, 8vo, 12s Seeley 1854 

■ Horsey, 4th edit., 8vo, 12s Rivington 1845 

80 BOOK BOOSEY 1835-rS6a 

Book of Psalms, Transbted by Jehb, 2 vols. 8vo, 21« Longman 1846 

•Marsh, 8vo, 12« Seele^ 1845 

• Noyes, 2nd edit., post 8to, 7« J.Oiapman ...1847 

-Walford, Svo, 15» /ocibon^ferT. ...1837 

• Weias, Svo, 10* 6d HamilUm 1851 

into English Verse, 3rd edit., 18mo, ia Rivington i86» 

Qoadrnpeds, or Outlines of the Ohiss Mammalia, square, is Bel. Tract Soc,. 1Z4.0 

Religious and Philosophical Texts, Arabic, by Cureton, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 30s ... Madden 1847 

Reptiles, 18mo, 1« 6d Parherds Son 1836 

Revelation, Arranged in Synchronal Columns, 12mo, 2a^d .- JBagstfr 1844 

Greek, Eng. Yersion by Tregelles, 12mo, 2$ ; 8vo, 6s 6d Bagster 1844 

of Jesus Christ, on Ssh., 8(f ; cloth, 2«; vard., 3« 6d; roller, 5<6<i Simpkin 1848 

Simply Analysed, by Delta, 12mo, 6« Nisbet 1850 

Riddles: Pastimes for the Parlour, 18mo, Is (Holiday Library) DarUm 1851 

Rights, edited by O'Donovan, 20s lri$h Celtic Soc.iS^y 

Royalty, edited by Mrs. S. C. Hall, imp. 4to, 52s 6d Ackermann ...1838 

Rugby School: its History and Daily Life, Svo, 12s 6d Longman n. cL 

Ruth, Illuminated by Humphreys, sq. Svo, 21s Longman 1849 

- Illustrated by Lady Cadogan, 4to, 12s; coloured, 21s Oundall 1849 

Scottish Songs, Illustrated, post Svo, 2s 6dy Ingram^ 1852 ; 3s 6d Ward ds Lock... iZsi^ 

Shakespeare Gems, Svo, 14s ff. Bokn 1845 

Shells, 18mo, Is 6d Parkerd:Son 1836 

Song; or, Minstrel's Companion, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1838 

with Notes and Music by Hogarth, 4to, 21s A. Hall 1852 

Songs for Children, lUuatrated, 16mo, 6s Orr 1850 

Sonnets, edited by Woodford, post Svo, 10s 6d Saunden d- 0..t2^z 

Sports, British and Foreign, 2 v. 4to, 32s Spien 1842-3 

Stories for Young People, by M. Howitt, Mrs. Hall, &c., 12mo, 3s 6d Orr 1847 

from the "Home Treasury," 16mo, 6s Chapman d: ff.iZs^ 

Sunday Pictures for Children, Old and New Test., 16mo, each Is Bd. Tract 80c. 1856 

Symbols; A Series of Bssays, post Svo, 10s 6<i Chapman de U.i%^ 

for Church Needle Work, 4to, 12s WiUct 1846 

Table Talk, 2 vols. ISmo, sewed, 2s; cloth, 8s C. Cox 1847 

the Baltic: London to Moscow by Danish Railways, 12mo, 6s E. WiUon 1859 

Calendar, the Months, and the Seasons, ISmo, 2s Parker ds Son... 1%$^ 

Fathers of the Christian Church, Svo, 9s 6rf Parker d: Son... iZ^^j 

Months, the Circle of the Seasons, 12mo, 3s 6d Kent 1843 

Poets, illustrated by Corbould, Svo, 12s DarUm 1848 

-Salmon, its Natural History, &c., by Ephemera, 12mo, 14s Longman 1850 

-United Kingdom, or. Tales about England, &o., 2nd edit., square, 7s 6<2 Darton 1840 

- Stetes, Svo, doth, ISs Wiley 1838 

Thought from Yarious Authors, 2 v. p. Svo, ea. 10s 6<2, 1844 ; new ed., ea. 6s BivingUm 1851 

Trades (The), 12mo, 2s Soc.P.C.K. ...1862 

or. Circle of the Useful Arts, 13th edit., 16mo, 2s 6<J Griffin 1861 

Trees, ISmo, 2s Parker d- Son... iS^9 

Vagabonds and Begipirs, ed. by M. Luther, tr. by J. C. Hotten, sq. Svo, 6s. Ifotten i860 

Views at Home and Abroad, 4to, 31s 6rf Jerrard 1853 

Waverley Gems, 64 Plates, with Descriptions, new ed., Svo, 16s H, Bokn 1847 

Wonders, newed., ISmo, 2s 6<i Grifin 1853 

Bookbinding: Finishing made Easy, with Designs, 4to, 6s Oroombridge ...1854 

Bookcase (The), 12mo, each vol.. Is 6rf. iSiee Appendix SimmzdsM, ...v. y. 

Booke of the Universal Kirk of Scotiand 1560-16 18, edited by Thomson, 4to Banno^sC?/. 3 9-40 

Booker (Ellen) Meditations in Poetry and Prose, fcap. Svo, Is 6d AyhU 1861 

{John) Bible and Prayer-book Glossary, 4th edit., 12mo, Is 6<i Simpkin 1859 

Exposition of the Church Catechism, 12mo, 3s 6d OUivier 1849 

• (Z^KJbe) Lectures on the Lord's Prayer, 12mo, 3s Simpkin 1835 

• {T, Wm.) Mineral Productions, South Wales, Svo, 8s 6d Longman 1848 

Books Lent, not Books Lost, by a Victim, new edit., 12mo, Is 9c? Piper 1856 

Booksellers' Periodical Book, folio, half-bound, 6s BeUd: Daldy...i%^% 

Boole {Geo.) Investigation of the Laws of Thought, Svo, 14s * Walton 1854 

Mathematical Analysis of Logic, Svo, 5n Maemillan 1847 

Treatise on Differential Equations, post Svo, 14s MacmiUan 1859 

the Calculus of Finite Differences, cr. Svo, 10s 6d MacmiUan i860 

Boone(/.5.) England^ Educational Economy of. Part 1, 3s 6d OUivier 1849 

One, Manifold, or System, Svo, sewed, 3s Pm^ker d Son .it^% 

: Sermons on Various SuWecta and Occasions, Svo, 10s 6rf Parker d Son .1%$^ 

chiefly on the Theory of Belief, Svo, 12s Longman i860 

{T.C.) Marriage Looking-Glass, 12mo, ^8 Bogue 1848 

Outlines of Man's True Interest, 12mo, 7s 6d Pickering 1844 

Boos {Mariin) Life and Persecutions of, transl. by Bridges, 12mo,7s, 1836 ; 12mo,2s 6ci Sedey. 1855 

and Lavater (/.iT.), Lives of , ISmo, Is 6rf Bel. Tract Soc..i%a% 

Boosey's Ball Room Music Book, 4to, 4s Boosey i860 

EngUsh Song Book, 4to, 4s Boosey i860 

. Musical Cabinet : Drawing Room Pianoforte Book, 4to, 4s Bootey i860 

— The Christy Minstrels* Song Book, 2 series, 4to, each 4s... Booty 1861 

1855-1862 BOOT BOSSOLI 81 

Boot aad Sboemakei's Aaastant, roy. 4to, 21s Groombridge ... 

Boote (iZ.) Treatise of an Action or a Soit at Law, by White, 7th edit, 8ro, 10$ dd Skaw A Soru... 

Booth (^6r.) Kingdom of Christ, with Bssay by Steane, 12mo, 2t HoulsUm 

Beign of Grace ; Bssay by Chalmers, 24mo, 1$ M ; 12mo, U Oriffin 

Select Works, 12mo, 8« 6<i AyloU 

(^.) Theory of Corves and Cnnred Surfaces, 8to, la Simpkin 

{Dav.) AnalyticfU Dictionary of the English Language, 4to, 21« ; Simpkin 

Art of Wine Making, 8vo, is Simpkin..,. 

Principles of English Composition, 12mo, 4« Pipef 

■Grammar, 12mo, is Piper 

(O.) PresentStateof the Law of Wills, withPorms, fp. Sro, 2«6<£ Booth.. 

- {Hen,) Master and Man : Dialogue on Indnstrions Classes, 12mo, 2s 6d /. Chapman ... 

- (Tctf.) Carres and Curred Sor&oes, 8to, Is Simpkin 

Education and Educational Institutions, 8vo, Zs Parker A Son . 

- The Bible and its Interpretation, Three Sermons, 2s 6d Belld: Daldy, 

Theory of Elliptic Integrals, 8vo, 7s 6d Bell & Daldy 

(J,C.) Chemistry, the Encyclopndia of, 2nd edit., 8vo, 26« Philadelphia . 

(X.) Ornamental Deogns, 24 numbers, each 2« 6<f W. Robison .. 

— (Jfar;yZ.) Clock and Watch Maker's Manual, from the Prench, 12mo, 10« New York 

{Pat.) Essay on the Existence and Attributes of Gh)d, 12mo, 4s 6d Hamilton 

■ Sermons, 12mo, 2s Simpkin.. 

Booth's Battle of Waterloo^ with Illustrations by G. Jones, 11th edit., roy. 8to, 16« Booth 

Boothby {R.) Law as to Indictable Offences, by Temple, 2nd edit, 12mo, 15s Maxwell 

Boothroyd {B.) Holy Bible, new edit, roy. 8yo, 24s PaHridge 

Notes on the Gospel of St ICatthew, 8to, 5s HamiUon 

Boott {Dr.P.) Illustrations of the Genus Carex, fol., 101 10s Pamp2m ...1858-60 

-———"'--- " •• 862 












Booty (f.) Stamp Collector's Guide : 12mo, 8s Hamilton 

— {M.W.) Epitome of Prench History, 12mo, is Law 

Bopp (F.) Chrammar of the Sanskrit a^ other Languages, 67s, 1850 ; 8rd edit, 42s. Williams ^N., 
Bordeaux, its Wines and the Claret Country, tr. by Cocks, post 8yo, 8s 6d ^ Longman 

{Bay.) Mediaeval Iron Work: Serrurerie du Moyen Age, 4to, 20s J. H. A J. Parker 

Bonier Angler: Guide to the Tweed and Northern Streams, 12mo, 8s Simpkin 

Lands of Spain, and Republic of Andorre, post 8vo, 10s 6<i GhapmamdcH. 

Borget (^n^.) Sketches of China and the Chinese, fol., 84s Bogu^ 

Borgias (The) ; or, Italy in 15th Century, a Drama, roy. 8vo, 5s Pickering 

Borissow (C/.) Commercial Phraseology, Prench and English, 12mo, 8s W.Allan 

Borissovna {N.) Life and Times, by J. A. Heard, 12mo, 5s Bosworth 

Bormann {M(y,'Oen.) Shrapnel Shell, «vo, 7s6d Triibner 

Borrer {Datoson) Campaign against the Kabailes of Algeria, post 8vo, 10s 6d Longman 

Journey from Naples to Jerusalem, 8vo, 14s Madden 

Bonie {Pet,) Companion to the Log Book for Steam Vessels, roy. 4to, 16s „... J.Taylor 

Borron (if n.) Mother's Beminiacenoes of Instruction, 12mo, 2s Virttte 

Borrow {Oeo.) Bible in Spain, 8 v. post 8vo, 27s, 1843 ; new edit, 8s 6d Murray 

Gipsies of Spain, 2 v. post 8vo, 18s, 1846 ; new edit, 8s 6d Murray 

Lavengro: Scholar, Gipsy, and the Priest, 8 v. post 8vo, 80s Murray . 

Romany Rye: a Sequel to " Lavengro," 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Murray. 

Wild Wales: its People, Language, and Scenery, 8 v. post 8vo, 30s... Murray 

Borrows {Wm,) Sacred Maxims, from his Discourses, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 

Select Sermons, 8vo, 7s 6<i Pamplin 

Borthwick (/./>.) Three Years in California, 8vo, 14s Blackwoods ... 

-- (Tho.) Remarks on Language and Stammering, 8to, 8s Smith A EUUr,, 

Bos {Lamb,} Antiquities of Greece, with Appendix by Barker, 12mo, 4s 6<2 Whittaker 

Bosanquet {Edw.) Lankester (F.) Account of British Perns, 12mo, 2s ed ; coL 4s ... Hardwicke. 

■ Paraphrase on Epistle to the Romans, 8vo, 10s 6d Bums .... 

(/. W.) Chronology of the Times of Daniel, Exra, &c., 8vo, Ss 6d Longman . 

Fall of Nineveh, and the Reign of Sennacherib, 8vo, 8s 6d Longman , 

Metallic, Paper, and Credit Currency, 8s ikl ; cloth, 4s 6d Richardson 

{R.W.) Remarks on Baptism, and Regeneration, 8vo, 2s Simpkin. 

- {8.R.) Essays on the Principles of Evil, post 8vo, 8s 6d Bums 

First Seal: Homilies on St. Matthew's Gospel, 12mo, 8s Hatchard 

Fourth Seal: Homilies on St John's Gospel, 12mo, 7s Hatchard 

New Rules for Pleading, with Notes, 12mo, 5s 6d Maxwdl 

Poor Law Amendment Act, 12mo, 9s Maxwell 

Principia, a Series of Essays, post 8vo, 8s Bums 

Rights of the Poor Vindicated, 12mo, 6s dd Bums 

System of Logic, 8vo, 10s 6rf Parker d; Son, 

Tithe Commutation Act, 12mo, 6s Qd Bums 

"Vestiges of Creation" Exposed, post 8vo, 2s 64 Hatchard 

(W.H.) Translation of Caedmon's Fall of Man, post 8vo, 5s Longman 

Bosoobel, a Narrative of Adventures of Charles IL, 8vo, 8s 64 Simpkin. 

Tracts,relatingtoEscapeof Charles IL, edit by Hughes, 2nd edit, 8vo, 16s Blackwoods ... 

Bosnia: History of the War in 1787-9, edit by C. Eraser, 8vo, 4s Oriental T. Fd. 

Bosom Friend, a Novel, 8 V. post 8vo, 81s 64 Newby 

Bosomworth {W,J.) Lays, Legends, and Lyrics, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 

B0880U (C.) Sardinia: Bird's-eye View, 8vo, 2s 64 L>ay f,. 

















BosBoli (C.) Sebastopol, Authentic Views of, Part 1, folio, plain, 21«; eoloared, 42f.. Da^ 1856 

Views in the Crimea, fol, 61^; coloured, 10/10* Day 1856 

War in Italy, roy. 8vo, 21« Dagf 1859 

Boasuet {Bp.) Sermons, par le Cardinal Maury, 12mo, 6»— red. to U 6d Didot 1844 

Variations of the Protestant Churches, new transl., 2 r. 8vo, 12« Keating 1839 

BoflBut (M.C.) French Exercises, 12mo, Zt; Grammar, 18mo, 2« Sd WhiUaker 1847 

Bostock (/oA») Elementary System of Physiology, 8to, 20»— red. to 8« Bokn 1840 

Boston {Tko,) Works, edit by M*Millan, V. 1 to 6, 8vo, 68» ffanUUon 1840 

Select, with Memoir by Patterson, roy. 8to, 16$ FuUarton n. a, 

Human Nature in its Fourfold State, 12mo, 8«, Simjplkin ; 12mo, 4«... Orijjjin 1843 

Personal Humiliation and Fasting, 18mo, Is 6^ Groombridge ...1849 

and Boine, Sermons Select, with Essay by Michael, 16mo, 2« 6<i FuUarion 1850 

Bostreni contra Manicbseos, Libri IV., Syriaoe, P. A. de Lagarde, 4to, 18« WiUiam»A N,.i%S9 

Boswell (/as.) Letters to Temple from Original MSS., with Notes, 8vo, 14s BenOey 1856 

Life of Johnson, fcap. 8vo, 6s; mor., 8s 6d Bogru 1840 

— by Croker, 8 V. fcp.,1 6s, iT.^oftn, 18 59; n.e., r.8vo,12« Murray i860 

Tour to the Hebrides, new edit, post 8to, 8s 6rf BoutUdge i860 

(J/.) Baptism Considered, 12mo, 2t Batekard 1859 

{Pet.) Treatise on Bees, Pigeons, Rabbits, &o., new edit., 18mo, Is Routkdge 1852 

the Poultry Yard, 18mo, 2s 6<i Cotu 1839 

Bosworth(/os.)Ang]o-Saxon and English Dictionary, new edit., 8to, 12s J.R,Smxth 1859 

Essentials of Anglo-Saxon Ghrammar, roy. 8yo, 4« l/mginan 1S41 

Eton Qreek Gkammar, with English Notes, new edit., 12mo, 4s Siv^phin 1856 

Hochelaga Depicta ; or, History of Montr^l, 12mo, 14< Simpldn 1840 

• Latin Construing, 12mo, 2s 6<j, 1850; Introduction to, 12mo, 2s 6<i... Simpkin 1846 

Origin of Dutch Language, roy. 8to, 6s LongmcM 1836 

English, Germanic, &c., Languages, roy. 8vo, 20s Longman 1838 

Souidinavian Language, roy. 8to, 4s 6d Loi^man 1848 

(/.) Book of Common Prayer, Arrangement of, post 8to, 6s Longman 1839 

{N.j A Treatise on the Rifle, 12mo, Qs WiUy 1846 

Bosworth Field : a Tale by the Authw of *' Arthur," &c, 8 v. 12mo, 81s M Cochrane 1835 

Botanical Mag., by Sir W.J. Hooker, 8 series, 87 toIs., roy. 8vo, each 42s Reeve Annual 

Botanist's Manual, 12mo, 2s Oroombridge ...iZ%6 

Botanist (The), 6 ▼. fcap. 4to, each 20s; large paper, 82s Groombridge, 37-4* 

Botany, 12 coloured plates, new edit, 6$; silk, 78 M T^^as 184a 

British; or. The Specimen Flora, 8vo, 21s Longman 1847 

Libnu7of Useful Knowledge, 8to, 4s Baldwin 1838 

of the BiWe; Exercises for Week-Day Schools, 12mo, 2s. ..t ManUlUm 1857 

Botany Bay: a Tale by J. Lang, post 8to, 8s 6<i Tegg 1859 

Boteler (2*.) Africa and Arabia, Discovery Voyage, 2 y. with illustrations, 8yo, 30s... Bentleg 1835 

Botfield (^sr.) Notes on Cathedral Libraries of England, roy. 8to, 25s Pickering 1849 

■ I . ■ Pre&ces to Pint Editions of Greek and Roman Classics, 4to, 52 5s ... H,Bohn 1861 

Bott (7*.) Gospel of St John in French and English, 2 parts, 2s %d Brittain 1841 

Botto l(^m^ Letters on the First Disooreries at Nineyeh, 8yo, lOs 6d Longman 1850 

^-^ War of Independence of America, by Otis, roy. 8yo, 12s FuUarUm 1844 

BottareUi (P,) Italian Exercises, byRoeteri, 12mo, 8s 6d ; Key to, new edit, 2s 6d.., WfUttaker 1851 

Bottomley (/.) Pianoforte, New System for Teaching, 4to, 5s Simpkin 1847 

Boucher (/oAn) Treatise on Rifle Projectiles, 8vo, 5s Layton 1856 

Volunteer Riflemen and the Rifle, 12mo, newed., 6$ Mitchell i860 

{J.8.) Mensuration, Plane and Solid, for Schools, 12mo, 8s Longman 1857 

{M<m.) Man's Right to the Bible, Preface by Villiers, 12mo, 2s 6d /. /. Skaw 1847 

Bouchier {B.) Ark in the House: Family Prayers for a Month, 12mo, 3s ; n.ed., 8s 6<i J.P, Shaw 1857 

Manna in the Heart, Comments on the Ptelms, 2 v. post 8yo, 15s ... /. P. Shaw 1857 

, House, Exposition of Biatthew and Mark, 12mo, 6s ... J, P. Shaw 1853 

— — — Luke & John, n. e., 12mo, ea. 6$ /. P, Shaw 1854 

— — -. Acts of the Apostles, 12mo, 7s 6<i Wertheim 1S58 

— — Parson's Visits to the Poor, new ed., 2 series, 12mo, each 8s 6d /. P, Shaw 1859 

Prophecy and its Fulfilment, 18mo, Is 6ci Parker di Son... li'^b 

■ SoUioe in Sickness and Sorrow, 82mo, 2s 6d ; gilt, 8s /. P. Sluxw 1856 

Bouchut (M.) On Diseases of Children and Infants at the Breast, 8vo, 20s Churchill 1855 

Boudier (John) Sacraments of Christian Churoh as to Salvation, 12mo, Is 6d J.IfutJ,Park€ri2$^ 

Boughton Ghrange and Some Passages in the History of its Owner, 12mo, 8s ^. Bel. Tract Soc. 1862 

Bouilly (/.iV.) ^1^^^ ^ ™^ ^^^^ ^^^> 1^®^ ^> ^' I>utott i86a 

Contes & ma Fille, 12mo, newed., 5s Dulau 1859 

Boulby (/o^n) Daily Scripture Closet Companion, 18mo, 8s 6(2 Whittaker 1840 

Boulger (/o^n) The Master Key to Public Offices, 12mo, 8s 6(i Bfouleton i860 

Boultbee {T.P.) Chronicles of Ancient Faith, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman 1856 

■ Lectures on Epistle to the Hebrews, Chap, xi, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman 1856 

Sermons before Students of Cheltenham College, 12mo, 28 6d Longman 1855 

The Young Trayeller to an Eternal Home, fcap. 2s Qd Longman 1855 

Boulter {Oeo. H.) Books and Bookkeeping, three sorts, folio, sewed, 2s per set Simpkin i860 

Course of Bookkeeping, Single and Double Entry, 8vo, 4s Simpkin 1 860 

Bouquet (Mic.) Artist's Ramble in North of Scotland, foL, 68s ; coL 8/ 8s Ackermann ...1849 

Bouquet; or Ladies* Flower Garden, 12mo, 8s Simpkin 1839 

desSonYenira: Wreath of Friendship, post 8yo, 10s 6rf T.Noble 184a 

1835-1862 BOUQUET BOWES 88 

Bonqaet of Beauty, with Illustrative Verses, roy. 8vo, 5s Jot, Blackwood iZ $7 

Boorehier ((?eo.) Campaign against the Sepoys, 1857, post 8to, 7» 6d Smith ds Elder ,iZsi 

Boordcault (Dion Zr.) Love in a MaM, a Comedy, Sto, 2» 6rf Laqf 1851 

Boiirdalone*8 (X.) Sermons by A. Carroll, 8rd ed., 6« Di^ 1855 

Booidien {F. du) Wild Flowers from Germany, fcp. 8vo, 6$ Parrington 1850 

Bonrdillon (Francis) Short Sennons for Family Beading, 12mo, 3« 6<£ l^ertheim i860 

Bonrke (Rci)t,) Precedents as to Order, &c., in Hoose of Commons, cr. 8yo, 12« Stoeet 1857 

(R,S.) Visit to Petersboigh and Moscow, 2 v. post 8vo, 21«. CoWwm 1846 

Boorlier (iT. J?.) Sermons for Children, 18mo, Is 6<j HcUchard 1838 

Boom (CAo.) Principles of Engineering and Snnreying, 8vo,10s 6^,1843 ; newed., 15s T. Harrison ...1847 

Boome (B.P.\ Captive in Patagonia; or, Life among the Giants, 2nd ed., 12mo, Is... VizeUUy 1853 

— ((reo.) Lorette, the Baoghter of a Canadian Nun, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1836 

(/sa6.) Lays of Labour's Leisure Hours, post 870, 5s JudddrOlat$,..i9s9 

(/<M.) Letters, with Outlines of his Life, edited by Wm. Benson, 8vo, 9s ... Simpkin 1861 

{John) Catechism of the Steam Bngine, 12mo, new edit, 6s Longmcm i860 

Bailways in India Described, Svo, 5s AtchUy n, d, 

: Treatise on the Screw Piropeller, newed., 4to, 88s Lfmgman 1855 

Steam Engine, 5th edit, 4to, 42s Longman 1861 

(/.C.) Great Western Railway, folio, 84 plates, 94s 6rf Bogue 1846 

and Britton (/. ) London & Birmingham Railway, f oL, hf . -mor . , 94s 6d A ckermann ...1839 

(/.(?.) England Won, a Poem, 12mo, 6s Longman 1845 

(Xi«<.) Thoughts upon Catholic Truth : Poems, 12mo, 2i 6d Masters ^1858 

- (iTory^nne) Evergreen ; Poems, 12mo, 4s 6d Whittaker 1840 

Game of Forfeits, 18mo, Is 6rf HouUUm 1838 

Steps to Knowledge, by Mrs. Bpgg, 18mo, new ed., 3s Hodson <k Son 1859 

Summer at De Conrcy Lodge, 12mo, 8s6rf Boulston 1845 

Winter at De Courcy Lodge, 12mo, 8s6<i Moulston 1837 

(The,) An flour with the Kings : Facts in English History, 18mo, Is ffotUsUm 1856 

(Vin,) Poems, Latin and English, 12mo, 2s 6d Washboume ...1840 

Memoir, by Mitf ord, new ed. , 1 2mo, 5s . . . Pickering 1 840 

(TT.O.) Book of Fables, new ed., 8vo, with Illustrations, 2s 6d Nelson 1853 

Boussingault (J,B.) Rural Economy, transl., with Notes, by Law, 2nd edit, 8vo, 18s Baiilih-e 1845 

Boutell {Cha.) Christian Monuments in England and Wales, 8vo, 10s Bell tkValdg... iZ^q 

Manual of British Arohsoology, sq. 12mo, lOs 6d Reeve ...185S 

■ Monumental Brasses of England, roy. 8vo, 28s; foL, 45s; India, 84s Bell ik Daldg... i$^9 

and Slabs, 8vo, 10s 6d; 1. p., 21s BeUd: Daidy...iZ^7 

Bonterwek (Pre,) Histoiy of Spanish Literature, post 8vo, 8s 6d Bogue 1847 

Bouverie (^. TF.) Horse Buyer's Guide, 18mo, Is J.Dicks 1853 

(P.W,) Force et Faiblesse, new edit, post 8vo, 7s 6d «w Simpkin 1859 

■ Life and its Lessons, a Tale, post 8vo, 6s Seeley 1859 

(/*. TF. A) Herbert LoveU, 12mo, Zs 6d Bogg 1861 

Six Short Stories for Short People, fcap. 8vo, Is 6d Bogg 1861 

Bouvet (Pra,) Turkey, Past and Present, 1858, translated by Hutton, 12mo, Is Clarke A Co.... 1853 

Bouvier (/o^) Law Dictionary for the United States, new edit, 2 v. 8vo, 50s Stevens 185^ 

(J.B,) TreatiM on Indulgences, transl. by Oakeley, 12mo, 5s 6d Burjis 1848 

Bow (EM.) Treatise on Bracing, with its Application to Bridges, 8vo, 8s 6d Weale 1851 

Bow in the Cloud ; Memoir of M. E. H., by her Sister, 12mo, 8s 6d Batchard 1858 

of Promise, by the Author of ** Faithful Witness," 82mo, Is Bamilton 1859 

Bowcock (W.) The Life, Experience, and Correspondence of, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Boulston 1851 

Bowden (iETaA.) Poetical Remains, 2nd edit, 12mo, Is BenneU 1851 

iJas.) Hist of Socof Friends in America, cr. 8vo, V. 1, 10s 6d ; V. 2,8s 6d BenneU 1861 

(/. W.) Thoughts on the Six Days of Creation, 12mo, 2s 6d J.B.<kJ.Parkeri%4S 

Bowditch (/.) Guernsey and Jersey, 12mo, ds 6(i Buttcrwortk ...1836 

Law of the Channd Islands, 8vo, Is .*. Shaw d; Sons ...i9j^ 

(W.IL) Coal Gas ; a Discourse, 8vo, 2s 6rf Van VoorU ...1861 

Bowdler (JfMsiT.Af.) Sennons on Chiistianity, 1 8mo, 8s, TTosAdown^, 1836; 12mo,5s Masters 1854 

— — (John) Biography of, with Writings, by Chas. Bowdler, 12mo, 6s Longman 1857 

Theological Essays, 18mo, 2s 6d Qroombridge ...iZ^l 

{I%o.) Few Word» on Family Prayer, 12mo, Is 6rf Masters 1849 

- Prayers for a Christian Household, 12mo, 8s Masters i860 

——Sermons to Members of Gospel Covenant, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 15s Masters 1846 

Bowen (CI) LoweU Lectures, roy. 8vo, 14s ! Boston, t^.^S. ...1849 

Things to Come practicaUy Inquired into, 12mo, Is 6€f Nisbet 1849 

(if.J'.) Habit: its Force Considered, 8vo, Is Macmillan , ...1858 

((r./^.) Itiiaca in 1850, Srd edit, 8vo, 2s Bidgway 1854 

Mount Athos, Thessaly, and Epirus, Constantinople to Rome, post 8vo, 6s 6d Rivington 185a 

(Jno.) Bishop of Sierra Leone, Memorials of, by his Sister, post 8vo, 9s Nitbet i86a 

(Mrs,) Ystradffin, a Descriptive Poem, poet 8vo, 7s : Longman 1839 

(T,J.) Giammar and Dictionary of the Yoruba Language, 4to, 2is IVaAingion ...i860 

Bower (M.) Memoranda on Difficult Subjects in Anatomy, &c., 82mo, 8s 6d Renshaw 1856 

(iS.) Ballads and Lyrics, 12mo, 8s Oroombridge ..,1%$^ 

Treatise on the Diseases of Horses, Ac., 8vo, 10s 6<i Longman 1838 

Bowerbank (J.S.) Fossil Fruits and Seeds in London Clay, roy. 8vo, 16s Van Voorst ...1840 

Bowers (G,B,) Sermons Preached in St Paul's, Covent Garden, 8vo, 7s 6rf B,Bohn 1850 

Bowea (^r<.) Practical Qynopeis of English History, Srd edit, 8vo, 2s Bell <S: Valdy .1859 

64 BOWES BOYD 1836-1862 

Bowes (0.8,) maBtntiTe Gatherings for Preachers, &c., 2iid edit., fcap. 8to, & Weriktim iS6i 

(/no.) Treatise on Christian Union, 12mo, 5s Simpldn 1835 

(Phil.) Farm Book-keeping by Doable Entiy, 4 t. roy. 8to, 21« Simpkin 1853 

(iie.) Correspondence, 8vo, 15» (Surtees Society) WhiUaker 184* 

Bowlby (H.B.) Lectures on the Besnrrection of the Flesh, 8to, 5s RwingUm 1849 

Bowles {Carol) Works, see Souihey (Mn.). 

{Mrt,O.C,) Choreh Prayers; Reflections on the Lttmgy, 12mo, 2s Qd /. WrigM 1849 

- (i(2fii.Trin.) Pamphlets on NayalAffidrs, 1816-58, 8to, 6s Ridgway ...1854-60 

(fF.X.) Poetical Works, Notes by Gilfillan, 2 v. 8vo, ds Nitbet 1855 

Scenes and Shadows of Days Departed, Poems,. 12mo, 5« Pidxring 1837 

' Sermons on the Cartoons of Baphael, 8to, 9» 6d Murray 1838 

and Nichols (/.) Lacoek Abbey Annals, 8to, with PL, 20» ; L p., 80s Niehoh 1835 

Bowling {Ric,) Qaeetions in Arithmetic and Mensuration, 12mo, 28 6d Simphin 1858 

Bowlker {Cha,) Art of Angling, new edit, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 1855 

Bowman (Anne) Among the Tartar Tents; or, the Lost Fathers, a Tale, cr. 8to, 5t BtUJeDaldy ..1861 

Bear-Hunters of the Bodcy Mountains, fcap. 8to, 8s 6d RotUledge i860 

■ Boy Voyagers; or, Pirates of the Bast, 12mo, 8s 6d RonUedge 1859 

Castaways, new edit, 12mo, 8s 6d RoutUdge i86» 

-^_ Charade Dramas, 12mo, new edit. Is Ranliedge i860 

— -^— Clarissa; or, the Mervyn Inheritance, 12mo, 8» 6d RoutUdge i86» 

Common Things of Every-day Life, 12mo, Is RoutUdge 1856 

Bsperanza; or. Home of the Wanderers, 12mo, is 6d RouUtdge 1854 

How to make the Best of it, aTale for Young Ladies, fp. 8to, 8s 6d RoutUdge . ...1861 

Kangaroo Hunters; Adrenturee in the Bush, 12mo, Zs 6d RoutUdge 1858 

Laura Temple, aTale, 12mo, 28 RoutUdge 1853 

Poetry, Selected for Schools and Families, 12mo, 28 RoutUdge 1856 

Beading made Easy, 12mo, Is RoutUdge 1859 

Sunshine and Clouds in the Morning of Life, fcap. 8to, 28 6d RoutUdge i860 

Young Exiles; or Wild Tribes of the NorUi, new edit, 12mo, 8s 6d RoutUdge 1861 

(A.) Norman Inyasion, a Poem, 12mo, Ss RUkardtons ...1857 

- (Hen,) EocleeiastiGal Arc^tecture of Ghneat Britain, roy. 4to, 468 J.H.Parher ...1845 

and Crowther (J.S.) Churches of the Middle Ages, 2 v. fd., lOi 10s BeU4kDaldy...i9s7 

(HeUy) Christiwi Daily Life, fcap. 8vo, 3rd edit, 2s 6rf Ndson i86f 

- (J.E.) Practical Chemistry, edit by C. L. Bloxam, 12mo, 4th edit, 6s 6(i. ChurckiU 1861 

• Medical Chemistry, 12mo, new edit, 68 6d ChurckiU 1858 

- (Tho.) Questions on MoLeod's Atlas of Physical Geography, 18mo^ Is Longman 1857 

■ (TFm.) Lectures on Operations on the Eye, Svo, 68 Longman 1849 

- Bemidns of Antiquity of York County, 6 Pts. 4to, each 28 6(2 J.R.SmUh 1855 

Bownas (Sam.) Life, Travels, and Christian Experience, poet 8to, Ss 6d Bennett 1846 

Bowring(i?..4.) Book of Psalms, 8to, Sts Parker ds Son. „iZ $9 

(F.) English History (Rudiments of), 18mo, 2s 6d Mardon 1838 

Geography for Children (First Book of), 8rd edit, 12mo, Is 6d J, Chapman ...1841 

(/no.) Dedmal System, with Illustrations of Coins, post 8to, 4s Ingram 1854 

Duties of Poor Law District Auditors, 1857, 12mo, 58 C.Knight 1858 

Matins and Tespers, with Hymns, 18mo, new edit, 28 ^d Wh^field 1851 

Minor Morals for Young People, 8 v. 12mo, I8s 6d .., Simpkin 1834-9 

Mission to the Kingdom of Siam in 1856, 2 v. 8vo, 828 Parker A: Son,. 1% $7 

Philippine Isles, Visit, 8vo, 188 Smiths Elder ,iS^^ 

(r.) Church of the Saviour, 18mo, 28 6<i J.Chapman ...184a 

Lessons in Natural Religion, 18mo, Is 6d Simpkm 1839 

Bowstead (Jno.) Practical Sermons, 2 v. 8to, 2l8 Rivington 1856 

Bowyer {Oeo,) Commentaries on Constitutional Law, England, roy. 8to, 228 Stevens 1846 

_ Modem Civil Law, roy. 8vo, ISs Stevens 1848 

— Universal Public Law, roy. 8vo, 2l8 Stevens 1854 

Dissertation on Statutes of the Cities of Italy, 8vo, 7s Richards 1S38 

Readings on Canon Law, Mid. Temple, 1850, roy. 8vo, new edit, Ss. Stevens 1854 

• English Constitution, post 8vo, 158 Richards ...>..i84i 

(T.) Simple Interest Tables, 1 to 8 per Cent, sq. 16mo, 58, 1837 ; 88 6d HouUton d:S...i9^g 

Bpx (/. ) Outlines of Arithmetic, with Examples and Exercises, 1 8mo, sd. Is ; clt Is 6d Kent 1 86 1 

Boy (The) Who was Turned into a Monkey, a Story, 4to, 28 6d Ndson 1856 

Inventor, a Memoir of Matthew Edwards, fcap. 8vo, Zs 6d Boston,U.S. ...i860 

Boyoe (Dr.) Cathedral Music, edited by Warren, 8 v. fol.', 6/ 68 Cocks 1849 

(^./.) Parochial Sermons at Godalming, 12mo, 6s BellAcDaldy,.,i%^-j 

^.(7.) Ground of Hope; or, Self-Examination, 12mo, Zs6d Seeley 1859 

(TF. J?.) Kaffir Grammar, 4to, Ss; 8vo, 5s Mason 1844 

Notes on South African AflGurs, 8vo, 68 Mason 1839 

Boyd (^rc^.) Cardinal, a Romance, 8v. post 8vo, Sis 6rf; fcap. 8vo, 28 BenUey 1858 

Crown Ward, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, Sis 6d Bentiey '..1356 

Doctrines of England, Rome, and Oxford Compared, 8vo, 98 Sedey 1846 

Duchess; or, Woman's Love, &c., 8 v. post 8vo, Sis 6d BentUy i8co 

Episcopacy and Presbytery, 8vo, 108 6rf SeeUy 1841 

Letters on Episcopacy, Ordination, liturgies, &c., 12mo, 48 6d Sedey 1839 

■ ■ Sermons on the Church and her Ceremonies, 12mo, 48 6rf ;. Seel^ 184I 

(^.) I^^J^ Ballads and Poems, with English TiansUtions, 12mo, 5s JSTott&i^ "!'.*.*.'. ".18 60 

(<5»as.) Turkish Interpreter and Grammar, 8vo, 12s SmiihAs Elder .i%i^% 

1885-1862 BOYD BRABAZON 85 

Boyd {H, F.) Voice from Australia, 2iid edit., 8to, 2t ^d Partridge „., 

" /no.) Treatiae on the Soyereignty of God, 12ino, 6t Onxmbridgt. 

(/.A/c^.) Manual for Naval Cadets, 12mo> 10< 6(i, 1857 ; 2 e., poet 8to, 12f M Longman .... 

{P.) Book of Ballads from the Qerman, 8vo, lOs 6d Orr.. 

(SirW,) Hifltoiyof Literature, i r. 8to, each 9« Longman . 

(Zach,) Christian Poems for Spiritual Edification, bj Neil, 4to, 10« J, R. Smith. 

Boydell (Ja$.) Merchant Freighter's Measurer for Goods, 12mo, 6« 6d Caution .... 

Treatise on Landed Property, roy. 8vo, 10$ 6d E.WiUon . 

Ullage Cask Ganger, 8yo, 7$ Cau$ton,,.. 




„ ... .837 
Boyle*s Fashionable Court Ghiide, 12mo, Dec and April, each 5$ Office Annual 

Boyden {ff.) Ministers of Health, 12mo, U M and 2$ 6d Lemare 

Boyer (Abel) and Deletanrille (/.) French and English Dictionary, 8to, 12« WhiHaker 

Boyes {J.F.) English Repetitions in Ptose and Verse, 12mo, i$ Whittaker 

— Illustrations of .fiechylus' Tragedies, 8vo, 9» Belldc DtUdy... 

and Sophocles* Tragedies, 8vo, 16« Bdld: JkUd^.,. 

Life and Books : Beoords of Thought and Beading, 12mo, 5« Belld: Daldf... 

Boyhood of Great Men : Examples Intended for Youth, new ed., 12mo, 8« 6<i RoutUdge 

Boyle {Cha, J.) Love's Exchange, a Tale, 8 t. post 8vo, 31« 6d Longman 

{Oeo.) Difficulties of French Language EbcpUiined, 12mo, 8» 6d Simpkin 

Leasons in German Handwriting, oblong, Is Sd /^mpldn 

(John) Lectures on the Lord's Prayer, new edit, 12mo, S« 6d J,H,AJ,Parber 

Sermons on Christian Doctrine and Duty, 12mo, 8t Parker its Son... 

— (Miss M,L.) Bridal of Melcha, a Dramatic Sketch, post 8vo, bs 6d CoUmrn 

Forester, a Tale of 1688, 8 v. post 8vo, 81« 6d Longman 

State Prisoner, a Tale, 2 v. 12mo, 21< Saunders A 0. 

(Rich,) Statement of his Case with ** Wiseman," 8vo, Zs fid Partridge 

(ifo6t.) Occasional Eeflections, 12mo, 6f 6d , J. ff,ikf, Parker: 

Veneration due to God, &c.. Essay by Bjog&n^ 12mo, 2t 6d Virtue 

-(J7oi».i2.) Voyages and Adventures, new edit, 24mo, 2s Nelson , 

(W.R.) Treatise on the Law of Charities, 1849, roy. 8vo, 24s Benning, 

Boyne (Wm,) Tokens Issued in the 17th Century, Illustrated, 8vo, 42s ; 4to, 68< ... /. R, Smith 

Boy's Annual (The), a Holiday Companion for all Seasons, lUust., sq. cr. 8vo, 8« 64... Darton 

Birth-Day Book, by Mrs. S. C. Hall and others, 2nd edit., 5<, 1859 ; Zs 6d ... Boulston 

^— Book of Boats, edited by W. H. G. Kingston, pktes, fcap. 8vo, 5s Low 

His Own Country, new edit, 16mo, is Darion 

■ Pastime (The Illustrated) ; or. Fun for the Holidays, cr. 8vo, 1» WardtkLock... 

-Science, 8rd edit, square, 7« 6(i Tegg 

> Sports and Games, by Uncle Charles, 16mo, 2s AUman 

Holiday Book of Sports and Games, 18mo, 1» 6rf Davidson 

Keepsake; Moral and Instructive Tales, 18mo, 2f Darton 

Life aboard Ship, as it is, told by Himself, 12mo, S< 6(2 WardALock... 

Own Book of BaUads, Illustrated, sq. cr. 8vo, Ss BeU<bDakhf . 

" Celebn^ Countries, roy. 8vo, Is; coloured, 2« Jas.Blackwood 

— — Diversions, fcc, new edit., 16mo, Ss 6d Lockwood 

> Selections from, 16mo, Ss 6d Lockwood 

DrawingBook, Landscape, Animals, Human Figure, ob., ea. 2 Pts., at 8s6c{ Tgas 

Magasine, an Illustrated Journal, Vols. 1 to 8, or. 8vo, each Ss Beelon 1860^2 

Stoiy Book, Illustrated by Harvey, new ed., 12mo, Zs Qrf Routtedge .. 

Text Book : Selections from Old Test, by a Lady, 64mo, 1« /. F. Shaw 

Picture Gallery, sq. 16mo, 6d Knight A Son . 

Sea Stories, new edit, fcap. 8vo, 5s WardALock... 

Story Book (Illustrated), sm. cr. 8vo, Zs6d..... Ward A Lock . 

(The LitUe) Own Book, by Uncle Charles, sq. 4s AUman 

Treasniy (The Illustrated), or. 8vo, 5s WardALodt . 

Voyage round the World : a Sea Story, 12mo, 2s 6d Addeg 

Voyages and Adventures in the Merchant Service, 12mo, 2« 6d Addey 

Week-day Book, new edit, 12mo, 4s Tract Society... 

and Giri's Companionfor Leisure Hours, n. e., V. 1, 8«6€{ ; Y.2,2s6d ff. Lea 

Illustrated Gift Book, sq. 16mo, 5f ; coloured, 9s Routledae 

Library for the Cultivation of the Mind, 18mo, 2s Partridge 

their Rulers ; with History of Christ's Hospital, new edit, post 8vo, 1» ... WardALock... 

of the Bible: Descriptions and Dialogues, 16mo, 2s 6d ; roy. $s(id;n. e., 1§ 6d Simpkin 

will be Boys, by Mrs. Sherwood and Mrs. Kelly, 12mo, 8s 6rf Darton 

Boys (E,0.) Family Sermons, 12mo, 7s T, B, Sharps... 

(i/m.) Sermons, 8vo, 10» 6<i Rivington 

(i2ftc^) Elements of Christian Knowledge, 12mo, ZsM Vartg 

- Primitive Obliquities: Review of the EpisUes, fcc, new edit., 12mo, Zs 6d Seeleg. 

(Tho,) God and Man Considered, fcap. 8vo, 5s Longman 

Word for the Church, with Remarks on '*Noel," 12mo, Zs 6d SeeUg 

— — (T.S,) London as it is. with Historical Descriptions, fol., U is Boys 

' Paris, Ghent, 4c, Picturesque Architecture, fol., (U 6s; mounted, 8^ 8s Boys 

Boyton (Cha.) Letter on the Rule of Faith, 8vo, 2s 6d Rivington , 

Brabazon(^./.) Home Happiness; Three Weeks in the Snow, 12mo, 1« M J. Hughes , 

-Outlines of History of Ireland, 18mo, ZsM Longman . 

and her Csan^ post 8vo^ 6t Theobald 













BrabasoD(^./.) Stories from the Rectory, 18mo, 8« Simpkin.. 

-' Tales from History of tLe Muslims of Spaiiii 12mo, 3< 6d Jarrold.. 

(C^pt Z.) Soldiers snd their Science, poet 8ro, 7« Parker d: Som 

{WaL) Deep Sea and Coast Fisheries of Ireland, 8vo, 5« Sui^f>kin 

Braodano, Dnchesse de, and Original FaUes, transl by E. O^Hara, 12mo, 7$ dd SwuithS Elder , 

Brace (CZ.) Home Life in Qermany, post 8to, 5« BetUley 

Norway and Sweden, post 8to, 9« BetUiey 

' Honxaryin 1861,' post 8vo, 10« 6ci Bentley . 





_ 85* 

(6'eo.) On Extension of Copyright of Designs, post 8to, 6t6d Smith d: Elder, iZ^ 

Brachiopoda, Br. Carbonifooos, 4 Parts, Dayidson Paktim, iSoc.1856-9 

■ Cretaceous, Daridson Paloeon, Soe,..,its% 

Oolitic and Liassic, Davidson, F^rt 8 Palaon, 8oe,,..i%s^ 

— — Permean, Dayidson PoUkm. Soe,...i%$6 

Tertiary, Davidson Pal€tim.8oc..,.i%s% 

Fossil, Great Britain, 2 F^trts, Davidson Palaon. <Soe.i853-4 

Braekenbury (Geo.) Crimean Campaign, 2 vols. roy. 8vo, 428 ; new edit., 21« Griffin ... 

(Afrt.) Questions on Uie Pentateuch, 12mo, 8« Waikeim 

{ILC.) Raithby Hall Memorial, by Mrs. E. Smith, 12mo, 2< 6d Wertheim 

Bxadbee (Mr$,) Ladies' Needlework Instructor, 18mo, 4s Longman 

Bradbury {//«».) Lectures on Bank Note Foigcry, &c., 4to, 6» Bradbwy 

{S, H,) Bridal of the Lady Blanche and other Poems, 12mo, Zb Bogne 

Bdenor, a Dramatic Poem, post 8vo, 4< Simpkin, 


I. d. 
, . ... , '847 

Bradford's Works, 2 vols. 8vo Parker Soc, 1847-53 

• Leoline, and Lyrics of Life, 12mo, 5« A, Hall,. 

. Yewdale, and Lyrical Notes, 12mo, 4« ffouUton 

'(Wm.R.) Whip-Poor-Will, Instruction with Exercises, obL 12mo, 2«6<i New Y<»rk . 

Young Shawn, School Music, obL 12mo, 2s 6<i New Tork . 

Biaddon (3f. J?.) Captain of the Vulture, 12mo, 1« Ward A Lock 

Garibaldi and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, 7« Boeworih 

Lady Audley's Secret, 7th edit, 8 vols. 8vo, 3]» 6d; post 8vo, 6«... Tinsleg 

. Lisle, fcap. 8vo, Is Wardd:Lo<k.. 

Ealph the BailiflE; and other Tales, 12mo, Is Ward d: Lock 

Tiuil of the Serpent ; or, the Secret of tbe Heath, fcap. 8vo, 2s ... Ward d: Lock.. 

Bradford {A, W.) American Antiquities, 8vo, 12s Wiley.. 

{John) Life of, 12mo, 2s W Seeley.. 

(W.S,) Notes on the North-West, post 8vo, 6t Wil^ . 

Bradley {Art.) Sermons Chiefly on Character, 12mo, 6s ffatchard 

> (Cha.) Elements of Latin Prosody, 12mo, 8s 6d ; Key to, 2s 6<i Longman,. 

Questions on Latin Grammar, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Longman 

Murray's English Grammar, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 

Sermons, chiefly on the Lord's Supper, new edit., 8vo, lOs 6d Hamilton 

' at Clapham and Glasbury, new edit, 8vo, 10s 6d Hamilton 

High Wycombe, 2 vols. 8vo, 21s JfamiUon 

for Sundays and Holidays, 5th edit, 2 vols. 8vo, 14s HamiUon 

' on Repentance, False and True, 18mo, Is Rd. Tract Soe, 

Trials, &c., of Christian Life, 8vo, 10s 6rf Hamilton 

' Sunday Questions for Families and Jun. Classes, 18mo, Is Hamilton 

((?fo.) System of Short Hand, 12mo, 8s Simpkin. 

iJa$.) Astronomical Observations, by Busoh, 4to, sheets, 3s Gardner 

and Goodwin (T.G.) Illumination on Paper and Vellum, post 8vo, Is WintorA N, .. 

— Companion to, cr. 8vo, Is; complete, 2s 6d WinsorA N. ... 

{L.) Depomtion of Lead Ore in tbe Mineral Veins of Swaledale, 8vo, 21s Stanford 

- {R, B.) Portion of Jesreel, a Sacred Drama, 12mo, 6$ Painter , 

. (Thoe.) Geometrical Drawings, Elements of. Parts 1 and 2, fol hf.-bd., each 1 69 Chapman dc H. 
Geometry, Practical, Treatise on, 8vo, 5s H.Bohtt. 

(W.) Dark and Bright Spots in Life, 2nd edit, 12mo, Is CauldweU 

(W. W,) Latin Prose Exercises, 12mo, Za 6d ; Key to, 12mo, 5s Longman 

Troy Taken : Second Book of Virgil, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 

Bradnack (7.) Memoirs of, by T. Rowland, ISmo, 2s 6d Mason 

(y. A andif<iryi4iMi«)Lay8of theValley, 12mo, 2s6<J Maton 

Bradshaw (S. A.) Moments of Thoughtson Spiritual Subjects, 12mo, 2s 6d Virtue 

(JTm.) Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer, 12mo, 2s 6rf Groombridge.. 

(»r.5.) Voyages to China, India, and America, post 8 vo, 6s Hot}e 

Bradshaw's Bombay Presidency, Handbook to the, &c., sq., 10s Adams 

Companion to the Continent, by Edw. Lee, new ed., post 8vo,10s Adams ...\\. 

Great Britain and Ireland, n. ed.. Sections 1 to 4, 16mo, ea. Is ; 1 v.5s 6d Adams 

Guide to London and its Environs, Fren. or Eng., 12mo, 2s Qd ; Plates, Zs Qd A dnms 

—--tltfough Paris and its Environs, 16mo, Is 6<i ; Plates, 2s 6<i Adams 

Handbook to Manufacturing Districts in England, 12mo. 4s Adams 

lUustrate d Handbook, Belgium and the Rhine, new edit, 16mo, 5s Adams 

"— ~~~~" France, new edit, 16mo, 5s Adams 

77' T'Airr^^T^^^^^ *'»^ ^^^ Tyrol, new edit, 16mo, 5s Adams 

Itinerary of Great Britain, BaUway and Telemphic, 16mo, 4s......... Adtmu 

^. ,-. ., : %-7r^«»d Ireland, 5s6fl^ Adams 

Oreriwid Guide to India, Egypt, and China, new edit, 16mo, 5s A^m 

. d. 






1835-1862 BRADSHAW- — BRANNON 87 

Bradshaw's Bailway Shareholder's Mannal, &C., new edit., 12mo, 7s 6d Adams 1862 

Bradstreet (Anna) Six Legends of King Golden-Star, Poem, 12mo, 5$ Smith 4: Elder., i$s$ 

Brady (^.r.) Memoirs and Letters of, 12mo, 2s 6d Harvey 1839 

(J.B,) Guide to Knole, Kent, 12mo, is6d; 8vo, 10« /. Jt. Smith... 1839 

— ^-^— ^— — London and its Vicinity, 12mo, 7s Parfccr<fe5o»...i838 

Instnictions to Executors and Administrators, 13th edit., Sto, Ss Maxwell 1851 

Letter Writer ; or, Epistolary Gnide, 12mo, 3« WhiUaker 1835 

— Plain Advice on Making Wills, 8vo, 5« MaxveU 1837 

{Wm.) Kedge- Anchor ; or. Young Sailor's Assistants, roy. 8vo, 16« New York 1861 

Braemar: its Topography and History, by J. M. Crombie, fcap. 8vo, 2m ^d Bladswoods ...1861 

Bragg (Jane) Dialogues on Birds and Insects, 16mo, Zs ^d R, Clarke 1845 

Braggadocio : a Book for Boys and GKrls, new edit., 18mo, \s JtouUedge 1854 

Braid (/a«.) Nenrypnology ; Rationale of Nervous Sleep, &o., 12mo, 5s Churchill 1843 

Besearcheson Hypnotism and Electro-Biology, 8rd edit., 12mo, 2s Churchill 1852 

Braidley (B^j.) Memoirs of, ISmo, 2s 6d Longman 1846 

Braidwood (John) True Yoke Fellows in the Mission Field, post 8to, 7s 6d Ni^bet 1862 

Braim (T.ff.) History of New South Wales to 1844, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21« Benaey 1846 

Braine (W.R.) Hymns for the Church and Home Circle, 2nd edit., roy. 8vo, 5s Skeffington 1861 

Brainezd {Dav.) IMe 0^ by Edwards and Pratt, 12mo, 5s ; new edit., 2s 6d Seeley 1856 

Preface by H. Bonar, 12mo, 2sM NeUon 1858 

Remains, and Letters, 18mo, 4s Ward 1845 

Braintree Chnreh-Rate Case, Report of, 8yo, 9s ; Judgments in, Svo, 3« Qd Richards 1843 

Braithwaite ((?eo.) Sonnets and other Poems, new edit., 12mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1851 

(H.J.) Desert Isle, and other Poems, 12mo, A»M Pickering 1849 

(r. IF.) Chancery Practice and Orders, 1868, 12mo, ISs Stevens 1858 

■ &c. Epitome of, 12mo, 2s6d Stevens 1852 

Directions for Administering Oaths in Chancery, 12mo, Zs Qd ... Stevens 1854 

Record and Writ Practice, Chancery Court, 8vo, 18s Stevens 1858 

{Wm.d: J.) On Diseases of the Bye and Ear, 12mo, 8 Parts, ea. Is Simpkin 1859 

■ — Midwifeiy and Diseases of Women, &c., 6 Pte.,each 2s 6d... Simpkvn ...K-ycarly 
Retrospect of Medicine, V. 1 to 8, 12mo, each is 6d Simpkin ..X-yearly 

' 4 to 11, 12mo, ea. 5« 6d ; 12 to 46, 12mo, ea. 6« Simpkin .,.h.'yearly 

Brake (Chas.) On the Character, Prophecies &c., of Enoch, new edit., 12mo, IsM... Palmer 1849 

Brakelouda, Chronica Jocelyndi de, 4to Camden Soc.... 

Brame (W.R.) Last of the Czars, a Romance, 12mo, Zs fid Partridge 1855 

Brameld {(?. IF.) Practical Sermons, cr. 8vo, V. 1, 7«6d; V. 2, 6« 6rf Hope 1858 

Bramhall (i4&p.) Works, with Memoir, new edit., 5 r. 8to, SI Zs J,H.AJJ^arkeri%s% 

Brampton Rectory; or, the Lesson of Life, new edit., pout 8yo, 8s Cd Parker de Son... i%$i 

Bramsen (John) German and EngUah Conversations, 18mo, Zs WhiUaker 1839 

Dialogues, 18mb, 5s 6d WhiUaker 1835 

Guide to the G^erman Language, 18mo, 4# WhiUaker 1834 

Bramston (Sir John) Autobiography of, edited by Lord Braybrooke Camden Soo. 1 845-6 

Bramwell (Oeo.) Process of Private Bills in House of Commons, 4to, 25s Hansard 1839 

(W,) Christian Minister, 8rd edit., 12mo, 3s Needham 1855 

— ■ — Memoir of, by his Family, post 8vo, ZsM Simpkin 1848 

by Hams, 18mo, Ss Mason 1846 

■ Sigston, 12mo, 7s M Hamilton 1839 

Bran (C.A,) German Grammar, 12mo, 5s 6d T. Harrison ...1853 

Brand (^. fF.) Process for Preserving Fresh Provisions, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1838 

(John) Popular Antiquities, by Ellis, Z v. post 8vo, 15« H.Bohm 1849 

Brandan (St.) Medieval Legend of the Sea, English Verse and Prose, by Wright^ 8vo Percy Soc 

Brande(1F.T.) Dictionary of Materia Medica and Pharmacy, 8vo, 15s Parker dC- Son 1839 

— Science, Literature, and Ai-t, 8rd edit., 8vo, 60s Longman 1853 

Lectures on Oiganic Chemistry, by Sooffem, 12mo, 7s 6rf Longman 1854 

— — Manual of Chemistry, 2 v. 6th edit., 8vo, 45s Parker ds Son .1%^% 

Tables of Chemical Equivalents, &c., 8vo, 8s M Renshaw 1845 

and Taylor (A.8.) Chemistry, 12mo, cloth, 12« 6d /. W. l)avies...iH% 

Brander (Bou&on) Sermons at Deny Hill, Calne, cr. 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1855 

Brandling (H.C.) Views in North of France, fol., tinted, 63s ; coloured, 5^ 5s Hannhart 1848 

Brandon (R.deJ.) Analysis of Gothic Arohitecture, 2 v. imp. 4to, 51 5s Rogue 1848 

Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages, roy. 4to, 63s Rogue 1848 

— — Views of English Ecdes. Structures, new edit., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 42«. Rogue 1851 

(W^.) London CSty Freedom Laws, 8vo, 14s RuUenaorths ...iZ6% 

On the Customary Law of Foreign Attachment, 8vo, 14s Rutterworths ...i$€t 

Brandreth (715.) Dissertation on the Metro of Homer, 8vo, 4s Pickering 1844 

Homer's Iliad, with Notes, 2 v. 8vo, 21s, 1841— red. to I6s Pickering 1849 

translation of, 2 v. fcap., 10s, 1846 — red. to 6s ... Pickering 1849 

Brandt (P.P.) Frank Marland's Manuscripts, post 8vo, 10s 6d Hope i8>59 

Fur and FeaUiers : Game Laws, 12mo, 2s Hope 1859 

Law of Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, 1858, 12mo, 7s M RvUerworth* ...1858 

Treatise on Law as it affects Pu£^sm,12mo, 2s6d, 1857 ; n.e., Is Hardwicke i860 

Brangwyn (W.C^ Gothic Memorials, 8vo, Parti, 7s 6<i Author 1861 

Branks ( Wm.) Zion's King ; or, Christ as Head over the Church, 8vo, 6s 6cl Hamilton 1859 

Brann's Rejuvenescence of Nature, 8vo, 12s Ray Soc 

Brannon (PA]7.) Guide to Boumemonth, Illustrated^ new edit., post 8vOy Is 6cf Longman 1858 

88 BR4NN0N BREES 1835-1862 

BnoDon {PhU.) lUnstrated Guldd to Corfe Castle, Warehftm, post 8to, It 6d Longman i860 

■ Pictnre of Soathampton, 8vo, 5< Ackermcmn ...1850 

Branston {T,F.) Drngguts* Handbook of Practical Rooeipts, new edit, ]2mo, 4i 6c{ Philip & So%„.\%y] 

Branthwayt {Edw.) Deerbrook Parsonage, a Novel, 3 ▼. post 8vd, 31« td^ Ntuiy 1858 

■ Wayward Heart, a Norel, 2 t. post 8vo, 21« Skttt i860 

BrasM (/.) Baclid, Enunciations and Figures of, 12mo, 1«; on cards in case, 5< 6d... BtUic 2>a^...i848 

■ Greek Qradns, by Valpy, 8vo, 15« Xon^autA 1841 

Bnuaenr (Itid,) Exercises on Frendi Phraseology, 12mo, 8« 6c{ PaAerdi S<m...i%^ 

French Genders, 12mo, 2$ .. Barthet 1837 

■ Grammar, 15th edit^ 12mo, 5t lUife i860 

. Mannel des Ecoliers ; or, French Beading Book, 12mo, 8s Relfe 1846 

— — — Partie Fran^aiae des Thdmes de la Giammaire, 12mo, 8« Jtelfe 1856 

Premidres Lectures ; or, French Beading Book, 18mo, ls6d Jtelfe 1850 

Selections from ** Chesterfield," new edit, 12mo, 8j 6d ; Key, 3f 6<i Eeffe 1851 

Braun(C. German in Fifty Lessons, with Dictionary, 12mo, 6s Black 1853 

(CR,) Uremic Convulsions of Pregnancy, Ac, by Duncan, 8vo, 3s 6d Simpkin 1857 

(Emil,) Handbook for the Ruins and Museums of Bome, 12mo, 9s .' WilUanu d: N. 1855 

( Art Mythology, 100 Pktes, 4to, 21« WilliamM 4i: N. i2s$ 

Branne {O.M.) Persons of a Toun, First Book, fcap. 8vo, 2s Masten 1859 

Brave Old English Confessors, Ulust., po8t8vo, 5s Bogg 1861 

Bravo of Venice, a Bomanoe, tiansL from the German, new edit., 12mo, Is Cd Ward A Lock 1856 

Yaihek, and Castle of Otranto, fcap., 5s— red. to 2s 6<f BeniUy 1849 

Bray(Jlfr».C)Devonshire, Tamar and tiie Tavy, 8 v. post 8vo, 24s Murray 1836 

Henry de Pomeroy, 8 r. post 8vo, 28s 6d Bentlep 1842 

Liib of Handel, with Thoughts on Music, 12mo, 2s Ward 1857 

Mountains and Lakes of Switserland, 8 v. post 8vo, ZU 6d Longman 1841 

^— Novels and Bomanoes, n. e., 12mo,6s ea.,Xonjfma», 1846— red. to ea. Is 6i2 Tcgg 1857 

Courtenay of Walreddon — De Foix — Fits of Fits Ford — Henry de Pomeroy — 
Protestant — ^Talba ; or. Moor of Portugal — ^Trelawney of Trelawne — 
Trials of the Heart— Warlei^^ ; or, the Fatal Oak— White Hoods. 
Peep at the Pixies, 16mo, 8s 6d; coloured, i$ 6d OrifUh A F, -..IS53 

■ Physiology for Schools, in 27 Lessons, 2nd edit, 12mo, Is Longman i860 

• Trials of Domestic Life, 8 v. posi 8vo, 81» 64 Colhum 1848 

•{Cha,) Education of the Feelings, post Svo, 2s 6<i, 1849 ; 8kI edit, 5s Longman i860 

- Outlines of Social Systems and Communities, 12mo, 5s Longman 1844 

- Philosophy of Necessity, 2 v. Svo, 15s, 1841 ; n. e., 8vo, ds Longnutn i86a 

m-~(Edw.A.) Selection from Sermons, 2 v. fcap. Svo, 14s RivingUm i860 

— ^^ Poetical Remains, with Memoir by Mrs. Bray, 2 v. 12mo, 12s Longman 1859 

Braybrooke {Lords History of Audley End, Bnex, roy. 4to, 70s BentUy 1836 

(tr.Z.) Diary in Bulgaria to Battle of Alma, 12mo, 2» 6<< Stanford 1855 

Brayley (E, W,) Brighton Palace, lUust., imp. foL, 42s Nichoh 1839 

^— ^ History of Surrey, 5 v, roy, 8vo, U ; 4to, Ibl 15s WiUit 1850 

and Britton (/.) Westminster Palace, Svo, 21s; Lp., 42s; 4to, 4Z 4s WeaU 1835 

Brayman (J.0») Daring Deeds of American Heroes, 12mo, 9s Bi^alo, U.8,...t$sz 

ThriUing Adventures by Land and Sea, 12mo, 9s Buffalo^U,S....i%s% 

Brayshaw {T.) Metrical Mnemonics Applied to Ckography, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1849 

Brasil : its History, People, Natural I^uotions, &c., fcap. Svo, 4s Bel. TractSoc,iZ6o 

Breach of Promise, 8 v. poet Svo, SU 6d Newby 1845 

Bread Cast on the Waters : Crumbs of Sermons, 12mo, 8s Darton 1838 

of Deceit, 24mo— red. to Is 6<2 Seeleg 1855 

■ Life ; or, the Sacramental Mystery Unvcdled, ISmo, 2s M Painter 1849 

the First Fruits ; Meditations on Scripture, 12mo, 6s Sedey 1835 

upon the Waters ; an American Tale, ISmo, Is Morgan i86a 

a Governess's Life, by A. of **J. Halifax," n.e., lSmo,2s M Madden 1859 

Letters to Women of Great Britain, 12mo, Is HovXtton 1862 

— — Old Testament Stories, new edit, ISmo, Is 6d Simpkin 1858 

Breakfast Table Companion, 82mo, 8s Darton 1838 

Breakwaters, Report of Lords* Committee, with Bvidenoe, 2s Sd Pari. Papers ...i860 

Brsathings after God : Prayers for the Closet, by a Layman, 12mo, Is J,F.8kaw 1858 

of Consolation for the Bereaved, 82mo, 2s ffamiUon 1854 

Bieay (/.(?.) Lectures on the History of Moses, 12mo, 4s 6rf JIamilUm 1846 

Memoir and Correspondence, new edit, 12mo, ^ Nisbet 1858 

Psalms and Hymns : Public Worship, 82mo, Is 3d; ISmo, 2s Simpkin 1848 

— Sermons, Notes and Recollections, 12mo, 6s * Simpkin 1840 

Eredon {^.(?.) Tables of History, Literature, and Painting, 6th edit, fol., 35s Baldwin 1842 

Bree (O.K.) Birds of Europe not observed in British Isles, r. Svo, V. 1, 2, 8, ea. 17s... (?r«mftruij/«i 859.6a 

—— Species not Transmuteble, nw Result of Secondary Causes, p. Svo, 8s6<i... Oroombridge ...i860 

Breen (^sn.) Blemishes and Defects of Modem English Literature, Svo, 10s 6d Longman 1857 

Diamond Rock, and other Poems, 12mo, 4s Pickering 1849 

7—7 Historical Description of St. Lucia, Svo, 12s Longman 1844 

}^*^*)2^<*«*«/»?*i<»lA8tronomy, postSvo, 2s ffouUton 1856 

(^^OModwnEiglirii Literature, Svo, 10s 6</ Longman 1857 

^ZLV^A ^^^^^^T^orids: Topography of tiie Sun, &c., 12mo, 5s ffardwidte 1854 

)ini S^ Ship and Discha^gea Crew at the Port of Liverpool, 12mo, Is M Philip i86a 

(AC.) Deo^ for Italian Villa Architecture, foL, 21s _. Atcdy 1840 

1835-1862 BREES ^BRETT 89 

Breeft (5.(7.) QlosBary of Civil Eiigmeering, new edit., 8vo, 12« H.Bohn 1840 

Pictorial lUustri^tioiis of New Zealand, fol., 42« Ackermann ...184.7 

Railway Practice, Plans and Details, 4 v. 4to, each 52« 6d Atcldey 1848 

■ Surveying and Engineering Arithmetic, new edit., 8vo, 10« 6<2 Atchley 1852 

'■ Levelling Practice, 8vo, ZsQd Bpon 1859 

Bregion {Jos.) and Miller {Ann) Practical Cook, 12mo, 7« 6<i Chapman df H.iZ^s 

Br^hant (T^C.) Cordon Training of Fruit Trees, DiagonjU, Vertical, &o., fp. Svo, Z$ 6d Longman i860 

Bremer (i''.) Works, 2 v. roy. Svo, 24« W, Smith 1845 

by Mary Howitt, 4 v. post Svo, each3«6(i H.Bohn 1853 

Bondmaid, byM. S. Putman, 12mo, Zi^d /. CAopwan ...1844 

roy. Svo, U ^ Smith; 24mo, U 6d Clarke tSf Co.... 1^4^. 

and Strife and Peace, ISmo, 2« Tegg ...184a 

. Brothers and Sisters, by Mary Howitt, 8 v. post Svo, ZU 6d CoUbwm 1848 

■ Diary, Strife and Peace, by M. Howitt, 2 v. post Svo, 21« Longman 1843 

. Easter Offering, Tales, byM. Howitt, 12mo, 6« Colbvm 1850 

• Father and Daughter, a Portraiture from Life, post Svo, 7t 6d A. Ball 1858 

• Gh:«ece and the Greeks, trans, by Mary Howitt, 2 v. post Svo, 21« ffurtt S B. ...i86a 

. H Family, ISmo, 2«, Tcgg; roy. Svo, 2«, W.Smith; 24mo, It 6d... Clarke 1845 

and other Tales, by Howitt, 2 t. post Svo, 21« Longman 1844 

- Strife and Peace, 82mo, each 1« Knight df Son 1853 

. Hertha, a Swedish Tale, post Svo, 2i6d A.kaU 1856 

Home, by M. Howitt, 2 v. post Svo, 21«, Zon^rjwow— red. to 7i 6ci H.Bolm 1843 

2 V. 24mo, 4« Clarke 1844 

-Homes of the New World, 3 v. post Svo, 81»6d A,HaU 1853 

- Life in Dalecarlia, by W. Howitt, new edit., ISmo, 2t 6(2 ChapmandeH. 1849 

Midnight Sun, byM. Howitt, post Svo, 10« 6i Colbum 1849 

- Neighbours, 2 v. post Svo, 18», Longman, 184a ; post Svo, 8« 6d ; Bohn 1852 

2 V. ISmo, 3«, Teggj 1849; ^oy. Svo, U 6d Cooke 1853 

- President's Daughters, by M. Howitt, 3 t. poet Svo, 81« 6d Longman 1843 

ISmo, 2s, Tegg; post Svo, Z»6d H.Bohn 1852 

' Kectory of Mora, H — Family, Bondmaid, Axel k Anner, roy. Svo, 1« 6d Cooke 1853 

- Strife and Peace, roy. Svo, 2*, Smith, 1843; 24mo, 2«6d Clarke A Co.. ..1848 

ISmo, 1», Slater; 2» '. Tegg 1849 

Travels in the Holy Land, tr. by Mary Howitt, 2 v. post Svo, 21« Hwrtl dCr B. ...1861 

— Twins, r. Svo, 9d, Smith, 1 844 ; 24mo, It 6d, Clarke ACo.,i 848 ; 1 Smo, 1« SUUer 1 849 

Two Years in Switserland and Italy, tr. by Mary Howitt, 2 v. p. Svo, 24« Htirst ds B. ... 1 860 

Bremner (i?oR) Excursions in Denmark, Norway, &c., 2 v., 2S« Colbum 1839 

Interior of Russia, 2 v. post Svo, 21« Colbum 1840 

> (W.L.) Pilot of the Pentland Frith, and other Poems, 28 6d ; new edit., Is Simpkin i86x 

Brenan (Jutl,) Composition and Punctuation Explained, n. e., ISmo, It, It 6d,k2s6d E. Wilton 1857 

Old and New Logic Contrasted, ISmo, Zt Wathboume ...1839 

Utility of Latin Discussed, ISmo, 2t E. Wilton 1830 

Brendlah {Mad,) Tales of a Jewess ; Manners of the Jews, post Svo, 7< 6d Simpkin 1838 

Brent fa.P.)Pigeon Book for the Many, 12mo, It 6d Cott.Gard.Off.iSs9 

(/./.) Battle Cross, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 81« 6d Neiobj/ 1845 

■ Ellie Forrestere, a Novel, 8 v. post Svo, Zlt 6d Newbg 1850 

Sea Wolf, a Romance, 12mo, 6« Smithdi Elder 1835 

(John) Canterbury in the Olden Time, &c., cr. Svo, 6t Belld: Daldy... 1S60 

Brentano (C.) Honour ; or. The Story of the Brave Caspar, 12mo,2t6d — red. to It 6d J. Chapman ...1847 

Brenton (SirCha,) Psalms, Bible and Prayer Book Versions, Parallel, 16mo, 5s Bagtter .: i860 

(Dan.Q.) Notes on the Floridan Peninsula, fcap. Svo, 5« Philadelphia... i%6o 

(^. P.) Memoirs of,. by his Brother, Svo, It^d Nithd 184a 

■- Naval History of Gt. Britain, 17S3 to 1S36, 2 vols. Svo, 31« 6rf... Colbum 1837 

(^(2m.iStr/.) Evenings with Grandpapa, by H. M. Carey, sq. 16mo, 2t 6d I>ean i860 

, Hope of the Navy, 12mo, 5s Nitbet 1839 

Memoir of, re-edited by his Son, 12mo, 5s Ward <b Lock... iS^S 

and Services of, by Ralkes, Svo, 15» ... Matchard 1845 

(J.ff.) Tragedy of Life ; Phases of Lunacy, 2 vols, post Svo, 21« Smith <k Elder 1861 

{L.C.L.) Septuagint Version of the Old Testament, English, 2t. Svo, 21« Bagtter 1844 

Brereton(6%a<.) Lectures on Christian Faith and Life, post Svo, 2« 6d Bosvjorth 1855 

(C. D) Refutation of the Report on the Constabulary Force, Svo, 7» Simpkin 1 840 

{J.L.) PrixePoem; Battle of the Nile, 12mo, \t%d Simpkin 1844 

— — Travels of Prince Legion, and other Poems, I2mo, ZtOd Longman 1857 

(Urt.) Woman's Influence, a Novel, 3 vols, post Svo, 81« ^d Newby 1845 

Brereton's Travels, edited by Mr. Hawkins, Svo ChethamSoc....\%4i 

Breseman an<2 Jones's English and Danish Dialogues, Svo, Zt Williamt<kN. 1845 

Breaslaw (if. if.) English and Hebrew Dictionary, 12mo, 8« Weale 1858 

' Hebrew Ghrammar, 12mo, Is Weale 1855 

m- and English Dictionary, 2 vols. 12mo, 7t WeaU -iSss 

Breton (TT. if.) Scandinavian Sketches, Svo, with Illustrations, 14« Schulze<tCo....iS'iS 

Bretschneider (CO,) Religion and Hietory of Christian Church, cr. Svo, 7t 6d Longman 1857 

Brett (Fred.) Practic^ Es^y on Surgical Diseases of India, Svo, 1S< Allen and Co. 1841 

(P.B.) Cataract and Strabismus, Svo, 2t 6d Churchill 1847 

Gems of Tuscany ; Scenery and Descriptions, Svo, lOt Ackermann ...1854 

- (Tho.) Collection of the Principal liturgies, Svo, 10«6rf JUvington 1838 

90 BRETT BRIDGES 1836-1862 

Brett (77io».) Restonitioii of Saffiragan Bifihope and Rural Deans, cr. 8to, 2t6d Macmillan 1853 

(Wm,) Indigestion, Rbeumatism, Gout, &c., 4th edit., 12mo, 2»\id Simpkin 1862 

— Principles of Astronomy, Pts. 1 and 2, 8vo, each 10* Longman 1833 

Usurer's Daughter, a Play, 8vo, S* %d Sivpkin 1841 

(ff.^.) Indian Missions in Guiana, 12mo, 5« Bdl A Daldy .1851 

Brettell (TAo ) Handbook to the Isle of Wight, 12ino, 6a OUivier 1848 

Brettingham {CM.) Devotions for the Hours from the Psalms, 16mo, ^6d MatUn 1851 

Breviarium Aberdoniense, 2 vols. 4to, Maitla)id Club; 1 v. 4to Bann€UyneClubi%z4> 

— ^— Pars Hyemales et JEstivalis, 2 vols. 4to, hf.-mor., 61 Ss... Bichardaon ...1854 

Romanum, edidit Husenbeth, 4 vols. 32mo, 20* Bwni$..,, 1831 

Brewer (i^. (7.) Guide to English Composition, 2nd edit., 12mo, 5*6c^ Longmctn 1851 

■" Grecian History, new edit., 18mo, 3* 6d Jarrold 1861 

Mythology and History of Ancient Greece, 12mo, 4* Jarrold 1858 

Roman History, Sdedit., ISmo, 3* 6rf Jarrold 1861 

Scientific Knowledge, 18mo, 3* 6<i ; Key to, 1* Jarrold 186a 

— Scripture History, Old and New Test., n. e., 18mo, ea. 3*6d Jarrold i860 

Merchants' Accounts, Single or Double Entry, folio, each 5* Jarrold 1858 

Poetical Chronology of Inventions, &c., new edit., 12mo, 8* 6<i Longman 1853 

School Recitations, 12mo, 3«6(i AUman 1845 

Sound and its Phenomena, 18mo, 3* 6<£ Longman 1^54 

System of Book -Keeping, Single Entry, 7th edit, 12mo, 2*; Key, 2* Jarrold 1858 

Double Entry, 3rd edit., 12mo, 2*; Key, 2* Jarrold 1858 

Theology in Science, for the Use of Schools, 12mo, 8* 6rf Jarrold i860 

{J.S.) Elementary Atlasof History and (Geography, 2nd ed., roy. 8vo, 12* 6<2 Longman ....1855 

{T.M') North American Oology, Part 1, 4to, 10* %d, plain; 81* 6d, cold. ... Washington ...i860 

(H^) Jesuitism ; Review of Montalembert's Treatise, p. 8vo, 10* 6d — ^red. 5* Ward d: Lock... iZ$^ 

Brewer; a Treatise on Brewing, 12mo, 3* Loftus 1857 

Brewen (i>r. fF.) Family Medical Reference Book, 12mo, 2»6d Siiverlock 1840 

Military and Naval Medical Reference Book, 12mo, 7* Siiverlock 184a 

Brewiu {R.) Improved Target Diagrams and Rifleman's Register, 2nded.,fp. 8vo, ladd Simpkin 1861 

Brewster (i4.^.) Compensation ; or, Always a Future, 12mo, 6* Philadelphia .i860 

{Dav.) History, Theory, &c, of the Stereoscope, post Svo, 6* 6d Mwrray 1856 

Letters on Natural Miagic, new edit., 18mo, 8* 6rf Ttgg 1842 

Life of Sir Isaac Newton, 12mo ; new edit., 2 v. Svo, 24* Hamilton i860 

— Lives of Galileo, Ty cho Brah6, b Kepler, 1 2mo, 7*, 1 84 1 ; n. e. , 1 2mo, 4* 6d Murray 1 846 

More Worlds than One, post 8vo, 6* Murray 1854 

Treatise on Magnetism, post 8vo, 6*, 1837; new edit., 3* Longman 1851 

Optics, new edit., 12mo, 3* 6d Longman 1853 

-the Kaleidoscope, new edit., post Svo, 5* 6rf Mwrray 1858 

-Microscope, 1837; new edit., post Svo, 6* Simpkin 1851 

(Jno.) Parochial Sermons, edited by his Son, Svo, 7* 6rf Rimngion 1852 

— (Marg.M.). See Gordon, Mrs. 

Brickdale (M.J.) Leases and Sales of Settled Estates Act, 12mo, 5* ; supt., 2* M ... Stevens 1861 

Bricknell {W,S.) Judgment of the Bishops on Tractarianism, Svo, 10* 6d Simpkin 1845 

Preaching, its Warrant, Subject, and Effects, Svo, 5* 6(i Baisler 1845 

Bridal and the Bridle, post Svo, 10* 6d Bentley 1851 

Gift, Prose and Verse, new edit, 32mo, 2«6rf; sq. 12mo, 12* LfantiUon 1854 

Souvenir : Thoughts of Best Authors, Prose and Verse, sm. 4to, 21* GriJ^th A F, ...1861 

Token, 32mo, 1* 6rf ; silk, 2* Simpkin 1840 

Briddon (/. ) Practical Treatise on the Veterinary Art, 6*, 1 846 ; new edit. , 12mo, 2* 6d Simpkin 1 850 

Bride (-4.6'.) Edrick the Saxon: a Tale, 2 vols. 12mo, 21* Macrone 1836 

Bride Elect : a Tale, new edit., 12mo, 2* C H, Clarke... 1%$^ 

of Christ; Explanatory Notes on the Song of Solomon, fcap. Svo, 1* 6rf SeeUy 1861 

Ramcuttah, Historical Tales, fcap. Svo, 1* J.H.JeJ,Parkeri%6o 

Bridel {M.) Pastor of the Desert and his Mart. Colleagues, translated, 12mo, 2* 6(/... Ni^bet 1861 

Bridgart {€. W.) Solitary Musings and other Poems, 12mo, 1« 6ci Whittaker 1859 

Bridge (Bew.) Treatise on Algebra, by Aylmer, Svo, 7* 6d ; Key, 7* 6d Whittaker 1848 

Elementary, by Atkinson,n.e.,12mo,l*; Key,3«6(£ E. Law i86» 

Conic Sections, Svo, 5* Longman 1833 

• Equations, 2nd edit., Svo, 6* Longman 1835 

' Plane Trigonometry, 5th edit., Svo, 4* Longman 1847 

(FTm.) Works, with Memoir, 5 v. Svo, 24* Tegg 1845 

— ; Sermons on Faith, 32mo, l«6rf Nisbet 1836 

Bridgens (/2.) Deaipis for Grecian and other Furniture, 4to, 63* Pickering 1838 

Sketches of West India Sceneiy, imp. 4to, 30* Jennings 1836 

Bridges (C/m.) Essay on Family Prayer, 12mo, 2* Seeley ...1847 

Exposition of Book of Proverbs, 2 v. 12mo, 12*, 1848 ; n.e., p. Svo,9* Seeley .....!.i859 

~~ Ecclesiastes, post Svo, 6* Seeley i860 

Psabn 119th, 12mo, 7*, 1827; new edit, 12mo, 6* ... Seel^ A,. .1861 

Family Prayer Book, edit, by Goodhart & Holloway, 8rd edit., 4to, 25* Weriheim .. i8cq 

Inquiry into the Christian Ministry, 9th edit., Svo, 10* 6d Seeley 1861 

Life of Martin Boos, Hist. Ch. Biog., 2* 6rf Seeley i8ce 

Sacramental Instruction, 12mo, 2* *.* Seel^f isil 

— Scriptural Studies, new edit, 2 V. ISmo, each 1* 6d ; Iv. 2*6d...7 Nisbet igt? 

- (LmmaA.) Vicarage of EUwood ; a Tale, post Svo, 10* 6rf jfope 1852 

1835— 186a BRIDGES BRTNDLBY 91 

Bridge8(^rf(l.) Criminals, Crimes, and their Gbyeming Lafrs, 8vo, It Philip d! Son... iS6o 

Hints to Mothers on Home fiducation, fcap. 8vo, 6$ Philip df Son. ..i%6i 

— — — — Phrenology made Practical, 12mo, ^ 6rf, LoWy 1857 ; 2nd edit., 3* 6d Philip A Son... i%hi 

Popular Manual, la Philip d: Son... 1Z60 

{O.W.) Views of Palestine, Hlust. the Bible, Pts. 1 to 6, fol., ea. 7« 6d ...... Hogarth 1858 

(Afa/.) Babbicome and other Poems, 12mo, 6a Simpkin 1842 

Hymns of the Hearth, 82mo, la T. Richardson 1848 

■ Passion of Jesus, 18mo, 2a 6rf T. Richardson 1851 

• Popular Ancient History, 12mo, 2a 6d; Modem, 12mo, 3a 6d Bums 1856 

Bridges, Theory, Practice, and Architecture of, 4 r. roy. 8vo, 80a Weale ..1843 

— Supplement to, roy. 8vo, 60a WeaU 1851 

Bridgewater (Sarah) Meditations on Scripture, with Memoir, 8 vo, 2a CoUingridge ...1857 

Bridgewater Treatises. See Appendix. 

Bridgman {B.J.) Sketches of Domestic Life in Chinese Empire, 12mo, la Qd Orifin 1854 

<2%o.) Young Gardener's Assistant, 8to, 12a Wiley 1844 

{W.K,) Guide for Proper Treatment of the Teeth, XSmo, 8a Churchill 1 846 

BridgneU {Jos.) Indian Commercial Tables of Weights, &c., roy. 8vo, 21a Smith <fe Elder 1855 

Brief Biographies, in the form of Tracts, 12mo, Is Qd Mason 1858 

]>iflMurse on Troubles in 1654 about Common Prayer, 8to, 10a ; p. 8to, 6a ... Petheram 1845 

Essays on Subjects of Social Economy, by T. L., post 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1856 

Examinations of Opinions on Inspiration of the Scripture, 8vo, Ss 6d Longman 1861 

Hints to Candidates for Holy Orders, 12mo, 8a ffatchard' 1841 

Interpretation of the Apocalypse, on Hartley Frere's System, 8to, 8a 6rf Walton 185* 

Memoir of an Jton Boy, 2nd edit., sq., la SeeUy 1851 

Memoirs of Remarkable Children, 18mo, la 6rf Nisbet 1837 

Memorials of an Only Son, Preface by Bey. W. Marsh, 12mo, 2a Seeley 1856 

Outline of Ancient History, 12mo, 2a 6(2 Simpkin 184a 

Plea for the Old Faith, 8vo, 2a Dolman 1846 

Reasons for Belief in Divinity of Christ, 82mo, 2a 6<;^ Cleaver 1844 

Record of Meditative Hours, 12mo, 8a 6d Seeleg 1845 

View of Ecclesiastical History, 18mo, la Wertheim 1844 

Greek Philosophy to Age of Pericles, 12mo, 8a 6rf Parker <& Son.. i%^ 

Coming of Chnst, 12mo, 3a 6rf Parker db Son ,iSso 

Brierley (Benj.) Lancashire life. Tales and Sketches of, 2 v. 12mo, each 2a 6<i Simpkin i86a 

Brierly {O.W.) English and French Fleets in the Baltic, 1864, 6/ 5s ; col., 9/ 9a Day 1855 

BriflBiult {E.T.) Prisoner of Ham, post 8vo, 5a Newby 1847 

Brigg {O.W.) Bow in the Clouds; Fifteen Discourses, 12mo, 4a 6rf /. Chapman... iZ^^ 

Briggs (/'.PT.) Pentecost and Founders of the Church, 8vo, 8a 6rf Mason i86i 

Principles, Object, Ac., of Christian Usefulness, 18mo, la 3d Simpkin 185a 

{ff.O.) Sketch of the Parsis, or Modem Jerdusthians, 8vo, 4a Simpkin 185a 

The Nisam : his History, and Relations with Britain, 2 v. 8vo, 42a ... Quariich i86x 

- (/.V History of Jim Crow, «r. 8vo, 8a SmaUfield 1840 

——-(/oa.) Treatment of Strictures of theUrethra, 8vo, 3a Longman ...;.. 1845 

—{JohnAdol. ) Practice in Conducting Actions^t-Law (Plaintiff), 12mo, 7a 6d Crockford 1 850 

«— ((?fn./oAn) India and Europe Compared, post 8 vo, 7a AllemkCo. ...1857 

State of Cotton Trade in India, 1839, 8vo, 8a Parker <k Son. 1839 

— {JohnJos.) History of Melbourne, Derbyshire, 8vo, 7a 6d Whittaker 1852 

(/.P.) Heathen and Holy Lands, post 8vo, 12a Smith dc Elder 1859 

Bright(^.^.) Vis: Influence of the Sunbeam throughout Creation, 8vo, 6s Weale 1855 

(^.5.) Statistics of the Com Trade, 1828-1853, 4to, 10a 6rf Longman 1854 

■ (Jas. ) Heart, Lung, and Air-Passages DiseAses, 8rd edit. , post 8vo, 9a Ch urchill 1859 

Synopsis of Diseases of the Chest, new edit., post 8vo, 7a 6d ChurchiU 1854 

■ Tables of the Value of Estates, 12mo, 10a 6rf, 1839— red. to 7a 6d ... Hamilton i860 

(/.) New Zealand, History of, for Emigrai^ts, 12mo, 5a Hooper 1841 

(J.E.) Law of Husband and Wife as to Property, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 50a Benning 1849 

^.iS.) Apostolical Independency Exemplified, new edit., 12mo, la 6rf Snow 1840 

(iZtc^.) Practice of Medicine, V. 1, 8vo, 16a6rf Longman 1839 

{Wm.) Ancient Collects and Prayers for Clergy, 18mo, 2a, 1857 ; 2 e., 12mo, 5a J.H.<kJ.Parkeri%hi 

■ History of the Church, from Edict of Milan, 313 to 461, p. 8vo, 10a 6rf J.H,<kJ.Parkerii6o 

Bright Clouds and Dark Shadows ; or, Sketches of Lowly Life, 18mo, 2a Oroombridge ...1847 

Gems for the Young, a Collection of Little Stories, 18mo, 2a 6rf Jas. Blackwood i860 

— — !- Light in Early Dawn ; or. One whom Jesus Loved, 12mo, 2a Wertheim 1856 

Sunbeams in Dark Dwellings, a Tale, by Clems, fcap. 8vo, 8a 6d Nisbet 1861 

Bright's Elementary Landscapes, obi., 9a 6d /Wfer 184a 

Brighton: the Road, the Place, the People, with 10 Illustrations, 12mo, la J.H.Thomson i86a 

Brightwell {C.L.) Difficulties Overcome, Scenes In the Life of A. Wilson, 12mo, 2a... Lmo i860 

— Heroes of the Laboratory and Workshop, 12mo, 2a 6rf RontUdge 1859 

PalisBy, the Huguenot Potter, a Tale, 12mo, 2a 6d Tract Society. ..1858 

Romance Incidents in the Lives of Naturalists, &c., cr. 8vo, 3a 6d. Nelson 1861 

{Tho.) Notes on the Pentateuch, 12mo, 7a 6rf Ball 1840 

Brimelsea; or. Character the Index of Fate, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a Saunders ikC.iS^y 

Brimley {0.) Essays, e^, with Memoir, by W. G. Chirk, p. 8vo, 7a 6(i, 1858 ; 2 e., 6a Macniillan ...i860 

Brimfield (^.) Remarks on the System of Madhouses in EngUind, 1^ ,E. Wilson 1861 

Brindcman (ilrt.) Rifle in Cashmere, post 8vo, 8a 6€£ Smiihtk Elder i86» 

Brindley (T.B.) Evening Walk, and other Poems, fcap., 8a Simpkin 1843 

92 BBINDLEY BRITISH 1886-18«2 

Brindley (T.B.) Omnipotence of the Deity, and other Poemi, Srd edit., 12mo, 4« ... Simphin 1S43 

(W.F,) Treatise on Painless Dental Snrgery, 12mo, 2j 6d Simpkin 1859 

Brine {IdndeBay) Taeping Rebellion in China : its Rise ^ Progress, 8to, lOs 6d ... Murray 186a 

Brinton(Prm.) Food and its Digestion, post 8to, 12« ...'. Longman 1861 

Lectures on Diseases of the Stomach, post 8vo, 10«6rf, 1857 ; 5a...... Churchill 1859 

_— Medical Selection of lires for Assurance, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo, 2$ ... Layton 1861 

Pathology of Ulcers of the Stomach, post 8vo, bt Churchill 1857 

Brisbane (^TOtty) Message of Life, 12mo, 2s^d Sedey 1852 

Briscoe (ifry.) Woman's Life, 2 voU. post 8vo, 21« SawndenA ()..i86a 

Young Bride, a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 81« 6d Hv/rstikB 1857 

Bristed (C.A.) Five Years in an English University, 2nd edit., post 8vo, 7s M New York 18 5* 

Bristol ; Memoirs Illustrative of its History and Antiquities, 8vo, 21< BeUds Daldy...i%S'^ 

Bristol Pulpit, Twenty-five Sermons by Bristol Ministers, cr. 8vo, 3* Wertheim 1 860 

Bristow (^. IF.) Glossary of Mineralogy, post 8vo, 12« Longman 1861 

(/.C.) Poetical Works, 6 v. post 8vo, 80» S.Hodgson 1848-53 

Bristowe (/.5.) Poems, post 8vo, 7s 6d Bell ib Daldy,.iSso 

{S.B) Local Government Act, 1858, with Notes, 12mo, 2s Qd Butterworths...i2si 

Parliamentary Private Bill Legislation, 1859, 12mo, 6« CKmght 1859 

Britain's Distemper, 1639 to 1649, by Gordon of Ruthven, ed. by J. Dunn, 4to Spalding Club 1844 

Plea for Sailors, 18mo, 2$ -. Snow 1836 

Britannia after the Romans, 2vols.4to, 40s H.Bohn 184a 

a Selection of Poems, trans, into German by Louisa Von Ploennies, 8 vo, 9< . . . Williams dsN. 1 844 

Britannia's Pastorals from MS. Salisbury Cathedral, edit, by C. Croker, 8vo Percy Soc n.d. 

Royal Chieftain, a Poem, 4to, lOt Longman 1837 

British Almanac and Companion, 12mo, As C.KnigM ..annually 

Animals, 16mo, Is 6d ; cold. Illust. to ditto, in packets, Is Soc.P.C.K. ...1861 

Association, Catalogue of Stars, 4to, 63« TaylonkF. ...1845 

ArchsBological Association, IstBept., edit, by A. J. Dun trier, 8vo, 2ls J.R.Smith 1851 

Journal of the, 1860-61, 8vo, each Sis Qd Longman ...annual 

— ^ Army, See Historical Records. 

Aviary; or, Bird-Keeper's Companion, 12mo, 2s 6d DeandcSon ...1838 

British Assooiatioh Rbports, 8 vo, vix. : — Murray 

1881-2. York and Oxford, 13« 6d. 1847. Oxford, 18«. 

1833. Cambridge, 12». 1848. Swansea, 9s. 

1834. Edinburgh, 15^ 1849. Birmingham, lOt. 

1835. Dublin, 13s ed. 1850. Edinburgh, 15s. 
1886. Bristol, 12s. 1851. Ipswich, 16f M, 
1837. Liverpool, I6s 6d, 1852. Belfast, 15<. 
1888. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 15t. 1853. Hull, lOs 6d. 

1839. Birmingham, 18s 6d. 1854. Liverpool, 18». 

1840. Glasgow, 15s. 1855. Glasgow, 15s. 

1841. Plymouth, 18s 6d. 1856. Cheltenham, 18s. 

1842. Manchester, 10s 6<l. 1857. Dublin, 15s. 

1843. Cork, 12s. 1858. Leeds, 20«. 

1844. York, 20t. 1859. Aberdeen, 16f. 

1845. Cambridge, 12s. 1860. Oxford, 15s. 

1846. Southampton, 15s. 1861. Manchest^, 20t, 

and Foreign State Papers, 1812-47, 85 vols. 8vo, each 80s Ridgway 1861 

■ Birds, square 16mo, 3s Rel. Tr, Soc. 1853 

Botany Familiarly Explained, by a I^y, 12mo, 10s6c2 (?room5rw^ ..; 1835 

Butterflies, 12 Plates, printed in Colours, 16m<r, Is 8(i Soc. P. Cir....i86o 

Catalogue of Books 1837 to 1852, V.l, Gen. Alphabet, roy. 8vo, 31« 6d Low 1853 

•«• Subsequently published Annually, prices various. 
Index to Subjects, 1837 to 18^7, roy. 8vo, 26s Low 185^ 

Church, an Outline of its History, 4th edit., 18mo, Is ^d Parker A Son .1848 

Colonisation of New Zealand, 1837, 18mo, is^d Parker ASon .1837 

Constitution; its Origin and History, 18mo, 3s Orr 1835 

Continental Titles of Honour, by a Traveller, 8vo, ZsQd Cwnningham...i%^ 

Controversialist and Literary Magazine, 1st ser., newed., 6v. 12mo, ea. Ss6d.. HovlsU/n 1855 

2nd series, 1856-7-8, 3 V. 12mo, each 4« 6<i Hoviston ...1856-8 

8rd series, 1859-62, 4 v. 12mo, each 3s 6d Houltton ...1859-64 

Cycloptddia, 10 v. roy. 8vo, 6i ^s Orr 1838 

Arts and Sdenc*^ 2 v. 80s. Geography, &c., 8 v. 45s. 

Biography, 2 v. 30s. Nat. History, 3 v. 45s ; cold., 63s. 

Eloquence of the Nineteenth Century, 6 ser., 12mo, each 3s 6d Griffin 1852-8 

Empire, Biography, Geography, and History, post 8vo, 10s 6d Qrtffin 1858 

Evangelist, a Christian Magazine, V. 1, 1861, 8vo, 2s Tretidder 1861 

Farmer's Pocket Account-Book, 8rd edit., post 8vo, 2s Qd ; tuck, 3s 6d Hamilton 1847 

Ferns, a Plain and Easy Account of, fcap., 2s ffardwicke 1854 

and Mosses, describing their Haunts and Habits, fcap. 8vo, Is Ward d: Lock... i96i 

Noiwre printed, with Descriptions by Moore, 2 v. roy. 8vo, each 42s . Bradbury ...i 860-1 

• Fossil Crnstacea, London Clay, by Prof . BeU *......'. .'. Palaontog.Soe. 

Echinodermata, 4 Pts., by Dr. Wright Palaontog.Soc. 

Reptiles, Wcalden, by Prof. Owen, 4 v Palaonio^.Soe, 

Reptiha, Cretaceous, by Prof. Owen PalaonU^.Soc, 

1835-186a BRITISH 98 

British Gallery of Historical Portraits, U20-1750, 4 v. imp. 8to, 42« l>anieU 1849 

Harmonist, Sacred and Secular, 2 y. roy. 8yo, (J« Simpkin 1848 

. History Briefly Told, 16mo, 8« 6d OrijffUhdfF. ...1853 

Husbandry, new edit., V. 1 and 2 (Lib. of Useful Knowledge), 8vo, each Ss... Baldwin 1847 

Imperial Calendar, 12mo, bound, 6« Vcvmkam ann, 

India (Bdinb. Cab. Lib.), 3rd edit., 8 v. fcap., 16<; new edit., 1 v. 7« 6d... Nelson 1840 

Journal, 8vo, V. 1 and 2, each 4« Aylott 185* 

Land and Water Birds Described, 2 v. 12mo, each Zs 6d Tract Society. ..1%^ 

Losses by Bank Failures, 1820 to 1867, 8vo, 5« Waterl^ n. d, 

Mechanic and Labourers Guide to the United States, roy. 18mo, 4«..! KnigfU 1840 

Medical Directory, for Engl., Scotl., and Wales, for 1853 and 1854, 8vo, ea. (J« Lancet Office ... 1853 

Metropolis in 1851 ; Classified Guide to London, 12mo, 5j A.Hall 1851 

Militajy Biography, Alfred to Wellington, 18mo, 5«, Scott^ 1840 ; n. e. 4s... E.Law 1854 

Minstrel: Modem Songs, 82mo, 2* AUnwn 1848 

• Songs, with Music, 3 v. roy. 8vo, each 5j 6^ Simpkin 1846 

- Museum, Gallery of Antiquities, ed. by Arundale, Pts. 1 and 2, 4to, ea. 21< Weale 1842-3 

Historical and Descriptiye, 12mo, 4» 6d Chambers 1850 

Papers relating to the Enhirgement of, 6* Pari. Pap«rt ...i860 

BmnsH MusKTTM Pitblioationr : — Longman 

Ancient Marbles, Desc. of, by T. Combe, pt. 1, 1812, 4to, 25» ; 1. p., 85». 

pt. 2, 1815, 4to, 52« 6d; 1. p., 73« 6<J. 

pt. 8, 1818, 4to, 80« ; L p., 42». 

pt. 4, 1820, 4to, 42< ; L p., 63«. 

E. Hawkins, pt. 5, 1826, 4to, 21« ; L p., 81» 6i. 

C. R. Cockerell, pt. 6, 1830, 4to, 42« ; 1. p., 63«. 

I B. Hawkins, pt. 7, 1835, 4to, 42< ; 1. p., 63«. 

pt. 8, 1839, 4^1 ^3« ; 1. p., 94« M, 

pt.9, 1842, 4to, 42»; Lp., 63«. 

pt.10, 1845, ^^» ^^; ]-P) ^^* ^* 

- S. Birch, pt. 11, x86i, 4to, 63< ; L p., 94« 6(2. 

Terracottas, Desc of, by T. Combe, 18 10, 4to, 81« 6d ; 1. p., 52< 6d 

Birds of the Tropical Islands of the Pacific, List of, 1859, 8yo, Is 6d. 

GJenera and Subgenera of, igss, 12mo, 48. 

List of. Pt. 1, Accipitres, 2nd edit., 1848, 12mo ; pt. 2, Passeres, sec 1, 

Fissirostres, 1848, 12mo; pt. 8, sec. 1; Bamphastidse, 1855, 12mo, 6(2; sec. 2, 
Psittacides, 2859, 12mo, 2« ; pt.4, Columbte, 1856, 12mo, If 9(2. 

Books of Reference, List of, in Blading Room of the British Museum, 1859, 8yo, 
7< 6(2, with coloured Plan ; Plan separate, 6(2. 

Bibliotheca Grenyilliana, pt. 2, 1 848, 8vo, 81s ^» 

British Animals, List of. Pt. 1, Radiata, 1848, 12mo, 4t ; pt. 2, Sponges, 1848, 
12mo, 10(2 ; pt. 8, Birds, 1850, 12mo, 2< 6(2 ; pt. 4, Crustacea, 1850, 12mo, 
2« 6(2 ; pt. 5, Lepidoptera, 1856, 12mo, \s 9(2 ; pt. 6, Hymenoptera Aculeata, 
185 1, 12mo, 2« ; pt. 7, MoUusca, Acephala, and Brachiopoda, 1851, 12mo, 
8« 6(2 ; pt. 8, Fish, 1851, 12mo, 8« ; pt. 9, %^ of British Birds, 1852, 12mo, 
2« M\ pt.10, Lepidoptera (continued), 1852, 12mo; pt.ll, Anoplura, 1853, 
12mo, It ; pt. 12, Lepidoptera (continued), 1852, 12mo, 9(2; pt. 18, Nomen- 
clature of Hymenoptera, 1853, 12mo, Is id ; pt. 14, Nomenclature of Neurop- 
tera, 1853, 12mo, 6d; pt. 15, Nomenclature of Diptera I., 1853, 12mo, It ; 
pt. 16, Lepidoptera (completed), 1854, 12mo, 8t; pt. 17, Nomendator of 
Anoplura, &C., 1855, 12mo, Qd, 

Clementine Epistles, Facsimile of (Photograph), 63t. 

Codex Alezandrinus, Facsimile of, 3 y. folio, 182. 

Coins, Anglo-Gallic, Catalogue of, by Edward Hawkins, 1826, 4to. 

Nummi Veteres in Museo R. P. Knight ab ipso descripti, 1830, 4to, 35t. 

Veterum Populorum et Regum Numi, ed. Taylor Combe, 1814, 4to. 

Corals, Marine Polyzoa, Catalogue of. Pt. 1, Cheilostomata (Part), 1852, 12mo, 

17t, plates ; pt. 2, Cheilostomata (Part), J854, 12mo, 15«, plates. 
Cuneiform Inscriptions from Assyrian Monuments, by A. H. Layard, 1851, foL, 

Crustacea, Catalogue of. It., Amphipodous, 25t. 
— of Western Asia, by Sir H. C. Rawlinson and E. Norris, 

V. 1, 1 861, fol., 20«. 
Egyptian Monuments, Belmore Collection, 1843, fol., 15t. 
Fish, List of. Pt. 1, Chondropterygii, 1851, 12mo, 3t, plates. 
Catalogue of, collected and described by L. T. Gronow, 1854, 12mo, 8t 6(2. 

Lophobranchiate, 1856, 12mo, 2t, plates. 

Apodal, 1856, 8yo, lOt, plates. 

Fishes, Catalogue of, by Dr. Gunther. Vol.1, 1859, 8yo, lOt; Vol. 2, i860, 
870, 8t 6(2 ; Vol. 8, 1861, 8yo, lOt ^d\ Vol. 4, 1862, 8yo, 8t Qd. 

Geographical Collection in the Libraiy of King George III., Catalogue of, 2829, 
2 yols. 8yo, 24t. 

Homer's Iliad, Fragments 0^ from a Syriac Palimpsest, ed. by W. Coreton, 1851, 
4to, 42t; 1.p., 6St. 

Insects, British Cnrculionidas, 1856, 12mo, It. 

04 BRITISH 1835-1802 

British M.vsevu TxTBUOAnovs— continued, 

loBeets, British, Possorial Hymenoptera, Formiold« and Yespidse, 1858, 12mo, 6«, 

-^ HTmenoptera, Cat. of, pt. 1, Apide, 1855, 12mo, 6«, plates. 

— — ^^— Ichneomonidse, 1856, 12ino, 1« 9rf. 

Coleopterous, Cat. of. Pt. 1, Cetoniads, 1847, 12mo ; pt. 2, Hydro- 

canthari, 1847, 12mo ; pt. 3, Bopreatidse, 1848, 12mo; pt. 4, Cleridn, 1849, 
12mo, Is Sd ; pt. 6, PaEsalidn, 1852, 12mo, 8<i, plates ; pt. 7, LoDgicomia I., 
1853, 12iP0, 2s 6c2, plates ; pt. 8, Longicornia II., 1855, 12mo, 3« (kf, plates ; 
pt. 9, Cassididffi, 1856, 12mo, 3<. Coleopterous Insects of Madeira, Cat. of, 
1857, 8vo, S#. Coleopterous Insects, List of , pt. 1, Cucujidse, &c., 185 1, 
12mo, 6d. 

" Crustacea, List of, 1 847, 12mo, 28. 

Catalogue of, pt. I, Leuoosiadie, 1855, 12mo, 6d. 

Dipterous, List of. Ft 1, 1848, 12mo, S« 6d ; pt. 2, 1849, I2mo, 8< 6d ; 

pt. 8, 1849, 12ino, 8s; pt. 4, 1849, 12mo, 6s; pt. 5, sup. 1, 1854, 12mo, 
^8 6d ; pt. 6, sup. 2, 1854, 12mo, 3f, woodcuts; pt. 7, sup. 3, 1855, l^o, 

—— ~ Halticids, Cat. of, Physapodes and (Edipodes, pt. 1, i860, 8to, 7s, plates. 
Hemipterous, List of , pt. 1, 1851, 12mo, 7s, plates; pt. 2, 1851, I2mo, 

4s, plates. 
— — Hispidsa, 1858, 8vo, 68^ plates. 
Homopterous, List of, pt. 1, 1850, 12mo, Ss 6d ; pt. 2, 1850, 12nio, 5s ; 

pt. 8, 1851, 12mo, 8s 6d; pt. 4, 1852, 12mo, 4s, plates; sup., i8$8, 12nio, 


Hymenopterous, List of, pt. 1, Chaleididse, 1846, 12mo, l8 6d; pt. 2, 

ChalcididsB, 1848, I2mo, 2s. 

Cat. of, pt. 1, Andrenidn and Apidse, 1853, 12mo, 

2s 6d^ plates; pt 2, Apide, 1853, 12rao, 6s, plates; pt. 8, Mutillidse and 
Pompilidse, 1855, 12nio, 68, plates; pt. 4, Sphegidse, &c., 1856, 12mo, ds, 
plates ; pt. 5, Tespidse, 1857, 12nio, 6s, plates ; pt 6, Fonnicidse, 1858, 12mo, 
6s, plates; pt. 7, Dorylidse and Thynnidse, 1859, I2roo, 2s, plates. 

Lepidopterous, List of, pt 1, PapilionidsB, &c., 1846, 12mo, 2s ; pt. 2, 

Erycinidae, &c, 1847, 12mo ; pt. 3, Appendix to Fapilionidee, Erycinidaa, &c, 
1848, 12mo, 9<2. 

■ Cat. of, pt. 1, Papilionidse, 1852, 4 to, 26s, cold, plates. 

— — List of, pt. 1, Lepidoptera Heterocera, 1854, 12mo, 4s ; 

pt. 2, 1854, 12nio, 4s 6d; pt. 3, 1855, 12mo, 8s ; pt 4, 1855, 12mo, 8s; 
pt. 6, 1855, 12mo, 4s ; pt 6, 1855, 12mo, 8s 6d ; pt 7, 1856, 12ino, 4s 6d ; 
jjt. 8, Sphingidse, 1856, 12mo, 3s 6d ; pt 9, Noctuidse, 1856, 12mo, 4s; 
pt 10, 1856, 12mo, 8s 6(2; pt 11, 1857, 12mo, 8s 6d; pt 12, 1857, 12nio, 
S8 6d; pt 13, 1857, 12mo, 8s 6rf ; pt. 14, 1858, 12mo, 4s 6rf ; pt. 15, 1858, 
12mo, i8 6d; pt 16, Deltoides, 1858, 12mo, 8s 6c2 ; pt 17, Pyralides, 
1859, 12mo, Z8 6d; pt 18, 1859, 12mo, 4s; pt. 19, 1859, I2mo, ZsSd; 
pt. 20, Geometrites, i860, 12mo, 4s; pt. 21, i860, 12mo, 8s; pt 22, 
1861, 12mo, 8s 6d ; pt 23, 1861, 12nio, S8 6d ; pt. 24, 1862, 12mo, 3s 6d ; 
pt 25, 1862, 12nip, 3s ; pt 26, 1862, 12ino, 4s 6(2 ; pt 27, 4s. 

Lycsenidee, Specimen of a Cat. of, 1862, 4to, 21s, coloured plates. 

Myriapoda, Catalogue of, pt 1, Chilopoda, 1856, 12mo, Is 9(2. 

List of, 1844, 12mo. 

Neuropterous, Catalogue of, pt. 1, Phryganides — Perlides, 1852, 12mo, 

2s 6(2; pt. 2, Sialid»— Nemoptrides, 1853, 12mo, 3s 6d; pt. 3. Termitidse, 
&c, 1853, 12mo, Is 6(2; pt 4. Odonata, 1853, 12mo, Is. 

pt 1, Termitina, 1858, 12ino, 6(2. 

Orthopterous, Catalogue of, pt. 1, Phasmide, 1859, ^^> ^^h plates. 

Mammalia, Bones of. Catalogue, 1862, 8yo, 5s. 

Catalogue of, pt. 1, Cetaoea, 1850, 12mo, 4s, plates; pt 2, Seals, 

1850, 12mo, Is 6df woodcuts ; pt 8, Ungulata Furcipeda, 1852, 12mo, 12s. 

List of, 1843, 12mo, 2s 6(2, plates. 

— — — and Birds of Nepal, Cat. of, presented by Hodgson, 1846, 12mo, 2s 8(2. 
— New Ghiinea, Cat. of, 1859, 8vo, Is 6d. 

MSS., Additional, List of, 1783-1835. 1849, ^o^-J 1836-1840, 8to, 10s ; 1841- 
1845, 8vo, 20s. 

Arundel, Catal<)gue of, 1834, fol., 28s ; coloured plates, 94s 6d. 

— — and Bumey, Index to, 1840, fol., 15s. 

- Ayscougb, Catalogue of, 1782, 2 v., 4to. 

Bumey, Catalogue of, 1840, fol., 18s ; or with coloured plates, 63s. 

Cottonian, Catalogue of, by J. Planta, 1802, folio. 

Harleian, Catalogue of, by H. Wanley and N. Nares, 1808, 3 r. folio, with 

a 4th vol. of Index. 

F. Hargrave's, Catalogue of, by H. Ellis, 1818, 4to, 1 2s. 

King's Library, Catalogue of, by D. Casley, 1734, 4to. 

Lansdowne, Catalogue of, by F. Douce and H. Ellis, 1819, folio. 

Maps, Charts, and Plans, Catalogue of, 1844, 2 v. 8to, 20s. 

— — Music in British Museum, Catalogue of, 1842, 8to, 5s. 


British Muskum Vubliqa.tiosb'— continued. 

MSS., Orientaliam Catalogues. Pars 1, Codices Syriaoos et Carshnnicos, 1838, 

folio, 12«j pars 2, Codicum Arabicorum, 1846, folio, 14s; partis 2, con- 

tinuatio, 1851, folio, 14<; pars 3, Codices ^thiopicos, 1847, folio, lOt. 
Mollusca, Ghiide to the Systematic Distribution of, pt. 1, 1857, 8vo, 58. 
and Shells, List of, collected, &c., by MM. Eydoux and Sooleyet, 1855, 

12ino, 8d. 
Molluscous Animals and Shells, Nomenclature of, pt. 1, Cyclophoridse, 1850, 

12mo, If 6d, 
Osteological Specimens, List of, 1847, 12mo, 2$. 
Papyri, Qreek in British Museum, pt. 1, 1839, ^^t ^^*y 1* P** 1^'* 
Hieratic Character, Pt. 1, plates 1-34, 1841, folio, 21« ; bds., 23t 6c2. 

Pt. 1, pktes 85-98, 1842, folio, 30« ; bds., 325 6d, Pt. 1, plates 99-168, 

1844, folio, 36<; bds., 88< 6d, Pt. 2, pUtes 1-19, i860, folio, 20s; bds., 

22s 6d 

- in Hieroglyphic & Hieratic Characters, Bebnore Collection, 1843, fol., 6s. 

Plants. British Diatomacee, List of, 1859, 12roo, Is. 
Printed Books, Catalogue of, 1813-19, 7 v. 8vo. 

Vol. 1, 1 841, folio, 18s, sheets ; 20s, bds. 

Beptiles, Amphibia. Part 2, Batrachia Qradientia, &c., 1850, 12mo, 2s ^d, 


Batrachia, Salientia, 1858, 8vo, 6s, plates. 

Shield, Cat. of. Pt. 1, Testudinata (Tortoises), 1855, 4to, 50s, plates. 

Cat. of. Pt. 1, Tortoises, &c., 1844, 12mo, Is ; pt. 2, Lizards, 1845, 

12mo, 3s Qd ; pt. 8, Snakes, 1849, 12mo, 2s (id. 
Snakes, Colubrine, Cat. oi^ 1858, 12mo, 4s. 

Sea Eggs, Recent Echinida,* Cat. of. Pt. 1, Echinida IrregiUaria, 1855, 12mo, 

3s 6d, plates. 
Shells, Auriculidse, Proserpinidie, and Truncatellidse, 1857, 12mo, Is 9<i. 
Bivalve, MoUusoa, Cat. of. Part 1, Placentadse and Anomiadn, 1850, 

12mo, id. 

Conchifera, Cat. of. Pt. 1, Veneride, Cyprinidse, and Glauconomidse, 

1853, 12mo, lis ; pt. 2, Petricoladee (concluded), Corbicuhtdie, 1854, 12mo, 6d. 

Mazatlan, Cat. of, 1857, 12mo, 8s. 

Mollusca, Cat. of. Pt. 1, Cephalopoda, Antepedia, 1849, ^^mo, 4s; 

pt. 2, Pteropoda, 1850, 12mo, Is ; pt. 4, Brachiopoda Ancylopoda, 1853, 
12mo, 3s, woodcuts. Mollusca, List of, pt. 1, Volutids, 1855, 12mo, 6d. 

of Cuba, 1854, 12mo, Is. 

— South America, 1854, 12mo, 2s. 

the Canaries, List of, 1854, 12mo, Is. 

- Phaneropneumona, Cat. of, 1852, 12mo, 5s. 
• Pulmonata, pt. 1, 1855, 12mo, 2s Qd, woodcuts. 

.Vases, Greek and Etruscan, in Brit. Mus., Cat. oi^ V. 1, 1851, 8vo, 5s ; fine 

paper, 7s 6(2. 
Worms, Entoioa, 1853, 12mo, 2s, pUtes. 

British Museum, Report of Committee, with Eridence, &c., with plans, TsM Pari. Papen ..i860 

—— Naval Biography, ** Howard to Codrington,'' 18mo, 4s .. E.Law 1854 

OrganicB^mains, Geological Survey, Decade 1 to 10, 4to,4s 6d.,roy. 8vo, ea.2s6<i Lonyman 1855 

Poets, Milton to Kirke White, 4 v. 12mo, 14s H.Bohn 1850 

Psahnody, 8vo, 4s HimUiUmAS. ..1%^ 

Quadrupeds, new edit., sq. 16mo, 3s 6rf Rd. Trad Soc 1853 

Reformers, The Lives of, 12mo, 3s; with portraits, 6$ Rel. Tract Soc 184a 

•Reformers* Writings, 12 vols.— red. each 3s6(i JUL TractSoc. 1853 

Seaweeds, Nature printedy with Descriptions by Johnstone, 4 v. r. 8vo, ea. 429 Bradbury.... i860- 1 

— ^ Settlers in India, Memorial delivered to the Secretary of State, 8vo, Is Ridgway 1861 

Shorthand, 12mo, 2s Birger 1840 

Soldier, a Plea for. Is Stanford i860 

Statetonen, new edit., 12mo, 2s Nelson 1854 

Lives of, 7 v. 12mo, 42s— red. to 24s 6d (Lardner's Cyclopedia)... Longman ...1831-9 

Sylvaand Planters* and Foresters* Manual, fcap. 8vo, 3s Soc.P.C.K. ...1851 

libemacle Centenary Services, 12mo, 2s 6d Partridge 1854 

Workman, 1865-62, 1 v. foL,12s PaHridge 1862 

Tear-Book for the Country, by Macintosh and Kemp, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman 1856 

Britt {John) Memoir of, by Charlotte Elizabeth, 18mo, Is 6d SeeUy 1850 

Brittain {T.) Qualification of Burgesses, Law and Practice, 12mo, Is Whittaker 1852 

Brittany and Ia Vendue, Tales and Sketches, with Life of Emile Souvestre, 12mo, 3s6ci Hamilton 1855 

Britton (John) Antiquities of Great Britain, 5 vols. 4to — red. to 12^ 12s Nattali 1842 

— ^^— Architectural Dictionary, roy. 8vo, 56s; 4to, 61 Longm^m 1838 

Authorship of the Letters of Junius Elucidated, roy. 8vo, 6s J.R. Smith ...1848 

Autobiography and Miscellaneous Works, 6 Pte., with Appendix, 8vo Pvtly.pmtd. t$4^-^o 

Bath Abbey Church, roy. 8vo, 20s; 4to, 81s 6(2 Longman 1835 

Cathedral Antiquities of Great Britain, 5 vols. 4to^red. to 12/ 12s... NaUaU 1836 

Early Domestic Architecture of England, by Boutell, 12mo, 5s Kent 1845 

Historical Account of Cassiobury, fol., 63s; L p., 10210s Longman 1837 

06 BRIXTON ^BRODRICK 1835-186^ 

Britton (John) History and Antiqaities of Wells Cathedi-al, new edit, 12mo, 2tQd... Rivington 1848 

Lincoln Oathednd, 4to, 25«; large paper, Zls 6d H. Bohn 1837 

, ■ Eedcliffe Church, Bristol, roy. 8to, 12i ; 4to, 21f M.Taylor 1843 

Windsor Castle, folio, 6/ 5« Atcfd^ 184* 

Britton (/.) and Brayley(i^. W.) Houses of Parliament, 8vo, 21a ; r. 8vo, i2»\ 4to, il Am Weale 1836 

Britton (/.) and BouteU {C.) Early Domestic Architecture, sq., 5« Bogue 1845 

. IT,B.) Bayford's Aigument on the Articles Examined, 4« /. H.AJ.Parkeri 8 57 

Opinions on the 13th Eliz. , c. 12, Examined, 8vo, U /. H.AJ.Parheri%S7 

. Vindication of Sacramental Articles of the Church, 8to, 6s Marten 1851 

Broackes (Wm,) Constipation Treated Homoeopathically, 12mo, Z$ M Leaih 1837 

_ Cutaneous Disease Treated Homceopathically, 12mo, 8<6«{ Ltaih 1837 

__ Observations on Homoeopathic Doctrines, 12mo, 5s Leaik.. 1836 

Broad iJno.) Lectures on Jonah, with Prefatory Address by J. Leif child, p. 8to, 3«6<i Simpkin i860 

Broad Arrow : Passages in History of a Life, by 01in6 Eeese, 2 vols. cr. 8vo, 21f ... BerUley 1859 

Qrinfl from China, 12mo, Is WardikLock 185* 

Broadbelt {Ann) Memoirs of, by Sam. Thompson, 12mo, 4s 6d 3fa9on 1838 

Broadhead (-4.(?.) Navy aait Is ; or. Memoirs of a Midshipman, 8vo, 6t Kent 1855 

Broadhurst {John) Comparative View of English Racer and Saddle Horse, 4to— red. 10s Hookham 1 8 54 

Treatise on Political Economy, 8vo, It ffatchard 184a 

Broad-Line Drawing Book, obi. 8vo, 3s 6d;. cold., 5s Jos. BlachooodiZSo 

— for Use of Children, obi., 4s; cold., 7s Addey 1851 

Broadmead Records, 1640-88, 8vo Hans.Knol.So,iS^6 

Broad Shadows on Life's Pathway, 12mo, 5s Seelty i86x 

Brt>ck (Mn.C.) Children at Home, a Tale from Real Life, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 5s... Steley 1862 

«_ Home Memories ; Echoes of a Mother's Voice, new ed., 12mo, 6$ ... Sedey 1861 

^ Penny Wise and Pound Foolish, 12mo, 2s 6rf Soc.P.C.K. ...1861 

.p......^. Rectory and the Manor, a Tale, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 5s .'... Sedey 1861 

Sunday Echoes in Week-day Hours, 12mo, 6$ Seeley 1861 

Wishing and Chooaing, 18mo, Is SocP.C.E, ...i86» 

Working and Waiting, new edit, fcap. 8vo, 5s Seeley i860 

{Mr$.ff,F.) Christmas Eve; or. Sympathies of I^e, roy. 18mo, 2s 6<2 Seeley 1858 

Daily Readings for Passion-Tide, fcap. 8vo, 4s MacmiUan 1861 

Old Robin and his Proverbs, fcap. 8vo, Is 6<i Nelton i860 

(Sir I.) Life, by F. B. Tupper, 12mo, ^» Simpkin 1845 

(JHou.) Church and the Sacraments, new edit., 12nio, lt6d HovJUUm 1850 

Doctrines for the Church, new edit., 12mo, Is 6d Eoulston 1851 

(Tho$,) Memoir of, by Rev. H. Carey, 12mo, 4s 6d Seeley 1851 

• Ssnctifioation of the Spirit unto Obedience, 12mo, 2s 6d Seeley 1849 

(W.J.) Tears in Heaven, and other Poems, 12mo, 5s BotUston 1830 

— — — Twenty-seven Scomons, new edit., post 8vo, 7s 6d Jat.Bladbwood 1858 

. Way-Side Verses, 12mo, 3s6d HoulMon 1847 

Brockedon (W.) Italy, imp. 4to, 5/, 1843— red. 70s; hf.-mor., 5/ 15s 6<i— red. 80s... E.Bohn 1848 

Road Book, London to Naples, 8vo, 24s ; roy. 8vo, 31s 6rf Murray 1835 

Brockett {/.) Biographical Sketeh of, cr. 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1843 

(J.T.) Glossary of North Country Words, 2 vols. post8vo, 21s Simpkin 1846 

Broekhurst (/.5.) Who is on the Lord's Side ? an Effort in Rhyme, 5s Skeet 1861 

, Wife; or, Love and Madneas, a Tragedy, 8vo, TsM Bell<k Daldy...i%^S 

Bnxsklesby (/oAn) Elements of Meteorology, 12mo, b$ J.Chapman ...1848 

Views of the Microscopic World, sm. 4to, 6s New York 1851 

Broderip {F,F,) Chrysal ; or, a Story with an End, 16mo, 5s 6d Saunders <fe 0, 1861 

Funny Fables for Little Folks, 16mo, 2s 6d; cold., 3s 6d OriffiihdsF, ...1859 

My Grandmother's Budget of Stories, Songs, 16mo, 3s 6<£; cold. , 4s 6(2 Griffith isF, . . . 1 862 

Tiny Tadpole, and other Tales, iUust., 16mo, 8s 6d ChHffithAF. ...1861 

Waynde Fancies, 12mo, 6s Moxon .....'....1857 

(W.J.) Leaves from Notebook of a Naturalist, post 8vo, 10s 6d Parker d; Son... ii$i 

Zoological Recreations, post 8vo, 10s 6rf, 1847 J new edit., 58 Griffin -.'857 

Brodhurst (B*B.) Diseases of the Joints involving Anchylosis, drded., 8vo, 4s6d ... Churchill 1861 

■ ■ Nature and Treatment of Club-Foot, 8vo, is 6d ChwrchiU 1856 

■ Treatise on the Crystalline Lens and Cataract, 8vo, Qs Churchill 1850 

Treatment of Late^ Curvature of (he Spine, cr. 8vo, 3s Churcliill 1855 

Brodie (B.C.) Lectures on Diseases of the Urinary Organs, 4th edit., 8vo, 12s Longman 1849 

— ^.^ Local Nervous Affections, 8vo, 4s Longman 1850 

— ^ — Subjects in Pathology and Surg., 8vo, 10s6(2 ; new ed., 12s Longmaji 1837 

Observations on Diseases of the Joints, 8vo, IQs 6d Longman 1836 

^— Physiological Researches, 8vo, 6s Longman 1851 

— — Psychological Inquiries as to Mental Faculties, 2 v., 12mo, each 5s ... /k)/'(7man... 1856-62 

(Jos.) Science of Articulato Sounds, 12mo, 48 Gr oomhridge ...i%\o 

(/.) Alphabet Explained, fcap., 4s Whittaker 1840 

Inquiry into Rational Creation, x)08t 8vo, 5s Hamilton 1855 

-(P.B.) Fossil Insects of Secondary Rocks of England, 8vo, 9s Van Voorst ...1845 

' On Tax to Succession to Real and Personal Property, 8vo, 8s Qd Longman 1850 

- (i2o6<.) Discourses, Doctrinal and Practical, po8t8vo, 58 Hamilton 1848 

'(Wal.) Account of Pictaim's Island and Islanders, post 8vo, 4s %d Whittaker 1851 

Past and Present State of New Zeahmd, 1845, ^^o* ^' ^^ WhiUaker 1845 

BrodridL (J.B.) Lays of the Sabbath, appropriate for Sundays, 12mo, 2s 6(2 L.Booth 1859 

1835-1862 BROGDEN BROOKS ^ OT 

Brogden (Ja$.) Catholic Safeguards against Popery, St. 8vo, 86« Murray ...1849-51 

IlluatiutioM of the Liturgy, 8 vols, post 8to, 27« Murray 184a 

■ Redordsof the Supremacy of the Crown, 8vo, it Murray 1851 

Broken Arm, a National School Story, new edit., 18mo, 2* 6(i Soc.P.C.K. ...i860 

Cisterns; or, the Story of Jessie Worthington, fcap., 5$ FlUladelphia... liSo 

Echo, a Poem, 12mo, dt 6d Pidcering 1853 

Pitcher, and other Stories, new edit., post 8vo, '2f RouUtdge 1861 

Troth, a Tale of Village Life in Tuscany, from the Italian, 2 v. fcp. 8vo, 12« MaemUlan ...18 61 

Unity of the Church, Papers upon, fcap. 8to, U Pewtrett i860 

Bromby (6^. jy.) Book of Common Prayer, its History, &c.,fcap. 8vo, Uid Longman i86i 

Church Student's Manual, 12mo, 3f Simpkin i86a 

— ^— Notes on the Liturgy and Church History, 12mo, 1» 9d Simpkin 185a 

'■ Sorrows of Bethany, and other Sermons, 12mo, 8< 6d Seeley 1846 

Teacher's English Grammar and Etymology, new ed. , 12mo, 2» 6rf. . . Simpkin 1 86a 

Bromehead (A,C.) Paraphrase on the Epistle to the Romans, post 8to, 5« BeUSDaldy ..1857 

Bromfield {E,) Recollections of Brittany, in Prose and Verse, 12mo. 2« 6(2 Jm. Blackwood 1862 

(/«.) Brittany and the Bible, 12mo, If (Trayeller's Library) Longman 185a 

Lower Brittsny and the Bible there, post 8to, 9$ Longman 186a 

(W.A.) Flowering Plants and Ferns, Isle of Wight; 8to, 21i Pamplin 1856 

Bromiley (Miu) Memoirand Remains, by T. Ayeling, 12mo, U 6d Judd^$^ 

Bromley (/a«.) Sermons on Various Subjects, 8to, 8 J 6c2 HamiUon 1835 

(ilfrs.) A Woman's Wanderings in the Western World, post 8to, 10« 6(2 Saundert AO, 1861 

Bronson {Rev.O.) Sermons, with a Memoir, by W. B. Sprague, D.D., fcap. 8vo Albany ^U, 8. ...18 6a 

Bronti(ilnne)Tenantof WildfellHall,3T.p.8yo,81«6(2,i\rfw6y,i848;B.e.,2<6ci;8ff6c( Smiths Eldd- .i%S% 

— {CharUAU) Jane Eyre, a Novel, 8 t. p. 8to, 81s 6(i, 1848 ; new edit., 2< 6(i Smith Js Elder .1859 

Life of, by Mrs. Ga8keU,2 v.,24s ; 1 v.p.8vo,7s 6(2 ; 12mo,2« 6<f ; ZsM Smith A Elder . i86a 

Professor, a Tale, p. 8vo, 2 t., 21*, 1857 ; new edit, 2s 6(2 ; 8* 6(2 ... Smiih ds Elder .186a 

Shirley, a Tale, 12mo, 8 T. 31 8 6(2; 2s6(2; 8*6(2 Smith A Elder ,i%€% 

Villctte, a Novel, 3 T. 12mo, 16» ; 12mo, 2f 6(2 ; 3*6(2 Smiths Elder ,i%(t% 

— (C.-S.<fc^.) Poems, 12mo, 4s Smith ds Elder ,\%^S 

{E.AA.) Wuthering Heists and Agnes Grey, 12mo, 6*,i86o; 2*6(2, i858;3*6(2 Smith i: Elder ,i%^% 

Brook Farm; or, American Country Life, 12mo, 2*6(2 Wertheim 1859 

(J?.) Culpepper's Herbal, 18mo,8*6(2; cold., 6* il.-^a22 1848 

BrookUnk (T.) Dante's Divine Comedy, Pt 1, Hell, fcap., 5* ParkerieSon .1854 

Brooke(^.ii.) Gardens of England, Illustrated, foL, U%» Maclean 1858 

(Hen.) Fool of Quality, Preface by Kingsley, new edit., 2 vols, post 8vo, 21* Smith de Elder . 1859 

--(RaJ.SirJ.) Memoirs of, in a Course of Letters to his Friends, 8 v. p. 8vo, 31* 6(2 Bentley 1853 

Narrative of Events in Borneo, by Mundy, 2 vols. 8vo, 82* Murray 1848 

Private Correspondence, by J. C. Templer, 3 voUu post 8vo, 81*6(2 ... Bentley 1853 

(/. IT.) Democrats of Marylebone, poet 8vo, 6* 6(2 Cleaver 1839 

{Rich.) Descriptire Account of Liverpool, 1775-1800, roy. 8vo, 25* J. B. Smith ...1854 

— — Office and Practice ef a Notary in England, 8vo, 21* Steven* 1847 

Visits to Fields of Battle in Eng^d, 15th Cent., roy. 8vo, 15* J. B. Smith ...1857 

{R.S.) Poems Illustrative of Grace, Creation, &c., 12mo, 8*6(2 : Orr 185a 

— — ^ {Tho.) Baptismal Regeneration not Scriptural Doctrine, 12mo, 8* Binne 1848 

Lord's Day, its Divine and Moral Obligation, 12mo, 5* Binns 1851 

(W.B.) Out with Garibaldi ; or, from Melazso to C^ua, fcap. 8vo, 2* Trarc2<feXoc*...i86i 

Brookedale; or, the Cousins, 18mo, 1* Treeidder i860 

Brookes (/oAn) Manliness : Hints to Toung Men, 12mo, 1* j€U.BlachooodiZ$^ 

Manners, &c., of Eng. Nation since Julius Caasar, cr. 8vo, 5* Jai.Blackwood i860 

(Rich.) Universal Gaaetteer, by A. G. Findlay, 18mo, 5*; newed., 8vo, 10*6(2 Tegg i86a 

Landman, 18mo, 6*6(2; 8vo, 14* Whittaker 1840 

(S.) French Grammar, Jaootot System, 12mo, 2*6(2 AyloU.. 1858 

Brookfield (F.) First Book in Composition for Schools, 16mo, 2* 6(2 Low 1856 

Brooks (C.) Christian in his Closet, 12mo, 8*6(2 New York ....1845 

(H.P.) Victories of the Sutlei, a Prise Poem, 12mo, 4* 6d Longma/n 1848 

{J.T.) Four Months among Gold Finders of California, cr. 8vo, 8*6(2 Bogue 1849 

(./. TT.) Elements of Prophetical Interpretation, 12mo, 6* S^dey 1855 

Family Prayers for Three Weeks, 18mo, 1*6(2 Simpkin 1859 

■ History of the Jews, 12mo, 6* Seeley 1841 

Lectures on Prophecy, 12mo, 2* Qroombridge ...\%^ 

New Arrangement of the Book of Proverbs, 12mO} 2* 6(2 SeeUy i860 

{Shir.) Amusing Poetry, eclited by, 12mo, 2*; 2* 6(2 Lambert 1857 

Aspen Court, a Tale, 8 v. post 8vo, 81* 6(2, 1854 ; new edit., 2* Bentley 1857 

■ Russians of the South, 8vo, 1* (Travellers' library) Longman 1856 

Silver Cord, 8 t. post 8vo, 31* 6(2 Bradbury 1861 

Story of the Gordian Knot, 8vo, 13* Bentley 1859 

{S.H.) City, Town, and Country Architecture, fol.,22 4* Atchley 1847 

— — - Designs for Chimney Pieces, with Elevations, &c., foL, 12 15* Atchley 1857 

Cottsges and Villa Architecture, 4to, 1219* Kelly 1840 

in Modem Architecture, 4to, 22 2* Atchley 185a 

— — Rudimentary Treatise on the Erection of Dwelling-houses, 12mo, 2« ^... Weale i860 

(TAo*.) Apples of Glold for Toung Men and Women, 12mo, 3* ... HamiUon ......1859 

Unsearchable Riches of Christ, 8vo, 2* 10c2 Ward 1839 

— (fT.ii.) Improvement of the Navigation of Rivers, 8 vo, 5* Weale 1841 

08 BROOM BROWN 1885— 186^ 

Broom {ffer^,) Cotinieiitari«i on the Qcmakm Law, 1855 ; ii«w edit., 8to, 81« 9d.., iiateweU x86t 

— -—--—OoiintyCotirW Practice, hyBhelford,8vo, new edit., 80« Maswell 1858 

■ Rales for Determining Parties to Actions, Syo, 1843 ; new edit., 12t Maxwell 1858 

" ' Selection of Legal Maxims, Sto, 1845 ; 8rd edit., 26« MaxweU 1858 

Broome {Art.) History of Rise and Progress of Bengal Armj, Y. 1, Syo, 18< SnUA A Elder,iiSo 

(iS.) Coltare of Cbrysanthemam in the Temple Qardens, 1« Walker dk Co. x86i 

(iV. IF.) Memoir of, by T. W. Barlow, 12mo, Is J,R. Smith ...1854 

Broomhill ; or, the Conn^ Beauties, a NoTel, 8 r. post 8to, ZU 6d Buret A B. .. 185a 

Broste (SaroA) Memoirs of, by P. 0. Tuner, 12mo, 8t Colder 1839 

Brother and Sister ; or, Margaret's Trial and Temptations, ISmo, 1$ Modey i86a 

the Way of Peace, ISmo, 1« W Ed, Tract 8oe. 1851 

■ Bom for Adyersity, 2nd edit., 18mo, 1» W Stww 1858 

Help : the Heroism of Humanity, post 8to, 7< 6<i Dorian x8oa 

to the Moon*8 Visit to the Court of Queen Yictoria, 5e ; coL, 1(6 Foree 1843 

Brother*B Gift to a Sister, ed. byR. D.Walker, 12mo, 8< 6<£ HovUaton 1838 

Brotherly Inquiry for the Holy One of Israel, 8to, 6« Ridgway 1841 

Brothers: a Play, 8vo, 8« Simipkin 1843 

^i— — Tale of the Fronde, and other Stories, 3 y. post Syo, dU 6<2 CoUbwm 1843 

(T.) Rights of the Poor, in a Series (^ Letters, 8yo, 2s LomgmtM 184a 

- United States of North America as they Are^ 1840, 8yo, IZs Longmetn 1840 

Brothers' Controyersy on Unitarian Opinions, post Syo, 6t FelUnoes 1835 

Brouj^ (J.C.) Fairy Tales of Science for Youth, 12mo, 5s OrijfUK^ F, ,„iSs^ 

" {R.B.) Cracker Bon-Bon for Christmas Parties, 16mo, 8< 6d Kent 1851 

— Life of Sir J. Falstaff, illustrated by Cruiokahank, Svo, I2s Longman 1858 

— ^— Marston Lynch, his life and Times, with Memoir, fcap; 8yo, 2» WcSrd A XocA; .i860 

'■ Miss Brown, a Romance, and other Tales, fcap. Syo, 2« Kent i860 

— — — Shadow and Substance, Svo, 10«6d; coloured, 16« Ktud 1859 

■ Songs of the Gbyeming (Masses, and other Lyrics, 12mo, \s H. VizeteUp ...1855 

_ XJlf, the Minstrel, fcap. 8yo, Ss 6rf, 1859 — red. to Is Ward tSt Zodb .i860 

■ Which is Which ? a Picture Story, 2 y. poet Syo, 21< Ward ds Zodb .i860 

Brougham (Lord) Works, 11 yols., new edit., post Sy& each Bs .«... Or{jin ......1857-60 

Y. 1. Liyes of Philosophers of the Time of George III. 

2. Men of Letters of the Time of George III. 

8, 4. Sketches of British Statesmen of the Time of George HI. 
5. Foreign Statesmen of the Tuae of Geoige III. 

6. Natural Theology ; Dialogues on Instinct, &c 

7. Rhetorical and Literary Dissertations and Addresses. 

8. Historical and Political Dissertations. 

9, 10. Speeches on Social and Political Subjects. 
11. The British Constitution. 
Brougham (Xrf.) Acts and Bills, 1811 to 1857, by Wilmot, roy, Syo, 21t .....^. Lonfffnan 1857 

' British OonstitotioQ, fcap. Svo, Zs 6d Knight 1844 

Chancery Decisions in 1833-85, Yol. 1, roy. Syo, 2is Sweet 1835 

■ Contributions to the Edinburgh Review, 8 y. 8vo, 36« Oriffin 1855 

■ Dialogues on Instinct and Anmal Mechanics, new edit., 12mo, 2s 64 Or{fin 1853 

Discourses on Science, new edit., ISmo, sd., 1« ; doth, Is 6d Cox 1849 

History of England under House of Lancaster, new edit., Svo, lOsQd... Griffin 1861 

' Law Reforms since 1811, ed. by Sir J. E. Eardley WiJmot, 12mo, 4«6<i Longman i860 

— ^— "^ Letter to Lord Lansdowne on the late French Revolution, Svo, 4« ... Ridgway 1848 

_ __— the Duke of Bedford on National Education, Svo, 1< 6d ... L<mgman 1839 

Men of Letters of the Time of Geo.IIL,2 v. r. Svo, ea.21j; 2y. Svo, 21« B,Bohn 1846 

Natural Theology, 2 v. p. Svo, ISe, 1828; 8 v. t Svo, 7i6d ; 1 Y.Zs6d...Gr^n 1857 

Opinions on Politics, Theology, Law, &c., poet Svo, 12« CoUmm 1837 

■ Orations of Demosthenes upon the Crown, post Svo, 10» 6d Knight 1840 

Political Philosophy, n. e.,3 v.8yo,31< 6ci,C.irnt^A/,i844-red.to2U H.Bokn. 1846 

Statesmen, Geo.III.,8y.r.8yo,ea. 21«;Syo,ea.l0« 6<i;8yi.Svo,10j6d Griffin 1859 

Speeches and Writings, Selections from, Svo, TsM Ridgway 183a 

• at the Bar and in Parliament, 1888, new edit., 4 y. Svo, iSs Longman 1845 

Tracts, Mathematical and Physical, 2nd edit., post Svo, 7« 6d „ cir^ i860 

Brougham (Ld.) and Bouth {E,J.) Analytical Yiew of Newton's Principia, Svo, 14* Longman 1855 

Broughton (EHz.) Six Years* Residenoe in Algiers, post Svo, 10« 6d Sawiderstt! 0, .1839 

{Lord^ Journey through Albania and Turkey, 2 y. Svo, ZOs Murray 1855 

Remarks on Italy during 1816 to 64, 2 y. post Svo, 18< .-. Murray 1839 

(W.G.) Sermons on Church of England, with Memoir, Svo, 10< ed Bell tkJDaldy... iZs7 

Broun (^4.) Justiciary Court (Scotland) Reports, 1841-45, 2 y. Svo, 75s Clark 1844-6 

--(&>i?.) Baronetsge, fcap., 7s 6d „ Cunningham.,. i2±t 

Brousson ^CZawie) Life of, 12mo, Zs HamiiUm ... . 1853 

2~"^,i?*^-^-) ^oc^^on, or Mental and Yoeal PhUoeophy, 5th edit., Svo, 14s ... Wiley 1846 

Browell(Trm.) Real Property Statutes, Will. lY. and Yict., post Svo, 14« Spettimx^ 1846 

Brown KAUx.) Memorials : Crushed Hopes crowned in Death, fcap. Svo, 5« Ni^)et x86i 

7} tI l^^^^ "»*o <*• State of such as Die in Infamy, ISmo, It ffamilton x8c6 

~7^ "^nl^^.^^^^ a. Svo, 2s 6d Jas.Bladcwood.iZ6o 

— (A. and i>.^ Infant Brothers, 5th edit, ISmo, Si, i846--red. to2s6d Nisbet i860 

( with the Prophets, post Svo, St .Siioip jZca, 

—— Leader 6f tie LoRards, his Times and Triab, 12mo, 2i Partridge 1848 

1895-1609 BROWK 90 


(J.jr)P«d«ii tke ftatM, % IMa, pott %ro, B$ A1O10 1I59 

WraAth around the Cion ; Soriptiiro IVntka, 82mo, 1« 6<i JSmpkm 1849 

-(^.fr.)di>nT6rwtion PtfftMS of the Ber. CharlM Simeon, poet 8to, 7« 6d fftmUUm it6% 

Dieconreee on the Song of Solomon, ISmo, 2i 6d Or\tin 1848 

Introiti, or Collect Hymne, 18mo, 1$ 6d JUvingian 1845 

Mannalof Short Prayers for Priyate Derotion, ISmo, U Werthem 1849 

onBomaninn, Ancient and Modem, Svo, Zi 6d Lomqmom 1851 

• ((7.P.) Edgar Hontlj; or, theSleep-Walker,aTale,12mo,n.e.,2f6<i, 1849; ^< ^* aod09on ...1857 

- (C7./.) Ohnrch Bstabliahmente Defended, 12mo, Zi 6d Bwm$ 1833 

Infant Baptism, its C^unda in Soriptore, Ac., ISmo, It ffamilUm 1861 

(0.i{.) Lays and Lyrics, poet 8ro, Bt HcUl 1855 

- (2>.) Christ's Second Coming, 12mo, fit, Nitbei, 1846; new edit., TstkL ... BawiUUm 1856 

Commentaiy on the Epistle to the Bomaae, feap. Sro, 8t OrHfm i860 

• Bestoration of the Jevs, 12mo, doth, 6t ffamiUon 1861 

• (Edw,) Seaman's NairatiTe of his Adyentares in Cochin-China^ p. 8yo» 8t M We$terUm 1861 

• {£Um) Story of Alice CuUis ; hoivto Win by Example, Ulust, ^i. 8to, 2t Qd Hogg 1861 

- (F.^.i Hygiene, Qoestions and Observations npcm, 12mo, U 6d OkwrchiU 1849 

• (G0O,) Personal AdTentnres in Soathem Africa, 12mo, 8t 6d Jai,BlaehoootLi%ss 

- Bailway and Canal Act, 1854: Law of Carriers, 12mo, 5$ Maxwell 1859 

-((Too^ci) Grammar of Bnglish Grammars, new edit., 8to, Sit New York x8s7 

- (iTtii.) Covenanters, and other Poems, 12mo, is M WhUtaker 1838 

Tables of Simple Interest at 3| per Cent, Sro, 7$ 6tf Simpkm 1844 

-TictoriaasIPoundlt, post 8fo, lOt W Newbif i86» 

- <£r.iS.) Leetores to the Men of LiTorpool, Vols. 1 to 4, each It Patiridg€.,.i%S9'^^ 

- (LB,) Diseases of Women admitting of Sarg.Treat.,8TO,10t6<;{, 1854; n.e.l5t J>avie» x86i 

Orarian Dropsy ; its Nature and Treatment, poet 8 to, 7t Davie$ i86a 

-Treatment of Scarlatina, 12mo, U; new edit, 8« ChurckUl 1857 

■ </at>) Forester ; Directions for Planting Forest Trees, 8TO,6t, 1847 ; 8 e., 21t Blackwoodt ...i86x 

— (Copt. /fto) Hero of Harper's Ferry, Life of, by J. Bedpath, cr. 8to, It 6d Tweedie x86i 

.^ Life and Letters of, ed. by B.ID. Webb, fp. 8to, 4t M Smith di Elder, .1861 

— ^ Public Life, cr. 8n>, 4t 6d ; ch. e., 2t 6d Tkieibroom ...i860 

——(Dr^no.) Comfortable Words for Bereaved Christ Parents, 12mo, 2t; n. e., It6c2 Hamilton 1858 

<——» Disoouiaes on Important Subjects, 12rao, 4t EamiUon 185a 

-the Lord's Sapper, 8vo, 8t HatnilUm 1853 

-Bpisile to the Hebrews, Exposition, ed. by David Smith, 2 v. 8vo, 18t EamilUm 186a 

-Exposition of Diaconrses, ^, of Christ, newed., 3 v. 8vo, 81t id,.. HamilUm 185a 

• — Epistle to the Galatians, 8vo, 12t HamilUm 1853 

Corinthians, Chap, xv., 8vo, 8t Hamilton 185a 

«^-^ 1 Peter, 2 v. 2nd edit, 8to, 21t HamilUm 1849 

2 Peter, Chap. L, 8vo, 8t HamilUm 1856 

Bomans, 2nd edit, 8vo, 14t Hamilt<m 1857 

■ Cor Lord's Intercessory Prayer, Svo, 7t Hamilton 1850 

« Hints and Thoughts on the Lord's Supper, 12mo, 2t Otifin 1850 

r Law of Christ respecting Civil Obedience, Svo, 18« Simphin 1838 

• Memoir and Select Bemains, 12mo, 2t 6c{ Oroombridge ...tZ$6 

'Memoirs of, by John Cairns, D.D., cr. Svo, 9t Hamilton 1861 

- Parting Counsels, Svo, St HamilUm 1856 

• Present and Future State of the Dead in Christ, new edit, ISmo, 2t Hc^milton 1857 

' Puseyite Episcopacy ; Letters to Dr. Posey, 12mo, 7s 6d AyloU 184a. 

-Bevival of Beligion, and How to be Obtidned, ISmo, It 6d HamilUm 1853 

- - '- b8TO,iat6<i Willii 1858 

4t6<l BaU 1839 

; 24mo, i$6d Haddon 1843 

82mo^ IsM; 24mo, 2t, Tegg; 18mo,8t... HamilUm 11.1L 

-82mo, It, Blackie; ISmo, U 6d NeUon 1843 

Dictionaiyof the Bible, 2 v. Svo, 22t, F9r«iit; 2 v., 21t HamilUm 1845 

4to,20t,Jffbi92«^i838;lv.8vo,8t,T<sr^;r.8vo,21t BUukie 1850 

—— Drawing for Primary Schools, Ptet 1, Sheet, 6t ; Piurt 2, St Longman 186a 

■^—Health: Five Lay Sermons, 12mo, It Hamilton ...... 186a 

— *— Hor» SuboedvB, new edit, 1st and 2iid series, Svo, each 7t (id HamilUm 186a 

Bab and his Friends, 12mo, (W, 1859 ; lUnst., 4to, 6t HamilUm i86x 

Beview of Plans proposed for Search of Franklin, 2nd edit, Svo, 16t Skmford x86o 

Self-Interpreting BiUe, lyy Patterson, roy. 4to, 45t FulUurUm i*. d. 

-^ Suffiarings and Gbries of the Messiah, Svo, St HamilUm 1853 

The Three Gatherings, ISmo, It 6d HamilUm 1857 

Theological Tracts, new edit, 8 V. 12mo, each St 6ci FullarUm 1854 

(/. B,) Divine Fatherhood in Belation to the Atonement, er. Svo, It 6d i Ward i860 

- Life in Man, new edit, post Svo, 7t6<< Ward x86o 

Studies of First Principles, 12mo, U6d Ward 1849 

The Soul's Exodus and Pilgrimage, 2nd edit, posi Svo, 7t 64 Smith dt Bidet, iS6% 

Views of Canacfa and the Colonhte, 12bio, UM Longman 1851 

"^ ----- - ^g^j 

- (J,H,) Peter the Apostle never at Borne, a Histarioal Faot, poet Svo, 2t 6d... J,H,dJ,Parher 
'(J.M.) Geology, BefleolioM ob» Svo, It 6c{ ^. - . 

• (/.ii) Essay on Cnhivilte of tbe Infant Mind, 18iM»2tM .» SimT^ 

-(/of.)DeffiieeolBeti^Mliio%] ~ 

, post 8to^ 7t (W.. 

100 BROWN BROWNE 1885-186^ 

Brown (fo$.) Dwelliiigs of Jacob: Muditrfttioiis for SiindAjB,12mo,4« 6<l, 1847 ; 2«M ^r^ iS6< 

— ; Lambs of the Flock: Sermont to the Young, ISmo, Is 6d Nitbtt 1847 

— ' Sketch of the Norwood Schoola, 18mo, 2« Varty 1843 

(X.^.) Model Church, poet Sto, 1« Freeman i86» 

(if owU) Portage Stamps, Catalogue of, 2nd edit., 16mo, 1» Poitmore i86a 

{Mn,) Plain Needlework for Schoola, 2nd edit., 8to, 2s 6rf ffardwicke 1862 

{Rick,) Bye-Ways of the Bible, 12mo, 2i 6d ; new edit., 1« 6d ffamiUon i860 

Principles and Practice of Perspectiye, roy. 4to, 26s AtchUif 1835 

Themes for Meditation : Sketches of Texi, 12mo, 2ff ffamiUm 1854 

Treatise on Domertic Arohitectore, 4to, 42< Virtue 1841 

Sacred Architecture, roy. 4to, 80f Tallis 1845 

(Rt.) Elements of Musical Science, cr. 4to, 21f ffanUUon i860 

Exposition of Epistle to the Hebrews, Ch. 11., Y. 4-8, 12mo, Ss6d... Nisbel 1857 

- the Parable of the Sower, 12mo, Zs 6d Nisbet 1859 

'{Rotol.) Beauties of Lyme Regis, Charmouth, A»., 2nd edit., fcap. 8to, 8< 6d.,. Longman i860 

Lily Leayes, 2nd edit, fcap. 8to, 4« Longman i860 

Songs of the Early Spring, 12mo, U Kent 1858 

(R,D») Debate on Protection of Life (Ireknd) Bill, 8to, 7» M Pickering 1846 

{Sam.) Lectures on Atomic Theory, with Essays, 2t. poet 8to, \Ss Hamilton 1858 

Thoughts on Life Assaranoe and Mortality in India, 8ro, lOs 6d Bateman 1849 

Tragedy of Galileo Galilei, port 8to, 4» (?room6rk^ ...1849 

— -(JftwA) Historic Recreation, 16mo, 2s 6d; with Key, Zs Longman 1849 

{Staf.) Troth on both Sides ; can the Belieyer Pall ? new ed., 12mo, 5« Hatchard 1848 

(7%o#.) Animals Portrayed, 8 v. 12mo, 12# .*... FuUarion 1848 

Book of Butterflies, Moths, and Sphinxes, 8 v. 18mo, lOs M WhiUaker 1837 

Conchology of Great Britain, Fossil, 4to, Zl 15s ; cold., 51 10s Smith d: Elder ,i%i^9 

Recent, 4to, 63t Smiik^b Elder ,i%44. 

' Dictionary of the Scottish Language, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1845 

' Elements of Conchology, 8to, 8s Longman 1838 

Fossil Conchology, 12mo, 5s Longman 1843 

- Illustrations of the Genera of Biixls, 4to, Z6s Smith<k Elder .iZ^7 

' Key to Prophrtical Books of Old Testament, port 8to, Zs Longman 1858 

- Letters to Dr. (Gregory on Vaccination, port 8vo, is WhIuaker 1842 

-Manual of Modem Farriery, 8vo, lZs6d ViHue 1847 

• Popular Natural History, 8 r. 12mo, 12« FuUarUm 1848 

• Psalms and Hymns, with Aooompaniment, roy. 8to, 4« Rivington 184s 

- Reminiscences of an Old Traveller, 8to, 7s Duncan 1843 

• Sermons, chiefly Practical, 8to, 10s 6d BanUlton 1849 

- with Memoir by Macfarlane, Svo, 10s 6d ffamilion 1849 

-« Statates concerning Lunatic Paupers, 12mo, 8« Shaw tk Sons ...iZ^^ 

Taxidermirt's Manual, 12mo, 2s 6d ; new edit, Zs 6d FuUarUm 1853 

— {Ih.T,) Lectures on Ethics, Pnface byC^lmers, port 8to, 6s Simpkin 1850 

Philosophy of Human Mind,16e.,4 v.8TO,36f,6'tm|it»»,i845 ; n.e.,80« Tegg 1851 

— — 8to, 18», Simpkin, 1845 ; new edit, 10s 6d Tegg i860 

^_^- __ Compend. by Boyle, 12mo, 8t 6d... Longman 1850 

" {Thos.,Jr.). See Moore {Thos,) 

— {T.J.,Bp.) anciBaylee (/.) Controrersy on Infallibility of Church of Rome, 12mo,5f T.Richardson 185a 

{T.N.) Labour and Triumph : Life of H. Miller, new edit, 8to, is 6d Orifin 1858 

■ (7*. i2.) Hebrew Hieroglyphics applied to Scripture, 8to, 15s Simpkin 1840 

' Barometer, on the Oscillations of the, in 1842, 2s Taylor 184a 

Historical Sketches of the Elective Franchise, 12mo, 2s 6d HamiUon 1856 

— Man's Restoration by Reconciliation with Gbd, port 8to, Zs 6d Bennett i860 

Narratiye of his Life, written by Himself, 11th edit, fy. 8vo, 2« 6d . Oilpin 1849 

— New Zealand and its Aborigines, port 8to, 8s Smith tk Elder 1845 

Propagation of Christianity among Heathen, 3rd edit, 8 v. 8vo, 36f . Blackvfoods ...1854 

— » Salmon, Spawning and Hatchingof, on the Tay, 12mo, 2s 6d A, Hall 1862 

{W,A.) EcclesiasUcal Dilapidations Bill of 1861, 8to, Is 6d BeUtk Daldy 1862 

{W. H.) Views: Arctic Bxpisd. of Enterprise and Invertigator, imp. 4to, 21< ... Ackerman 1850 

(TT. W/) Clotel ; or, PresideoVs Daughter, a Narrative, 12mo, 2s 6d Partridge 1853 

• Narrative of an American Slave, edit, by S. Green, 12mo, Is Qd Bennett 1853 

- Three Tears in Europe, with Memoir by W. Farmer, 12mo, Zs 6d ... Bennett 1852 

Brown*s Robertson's Sacred Music, 2s 6d; cloth, 8« Houlston 1862 

Browne {CH.) Plain Instructions on the Teeth, new edit, 12mo, 2s 6d Churchill 1844 

• ((7. 7*.) Prophet's Vision and other Poems, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1853 

■ {Eltz.) Modem French Phrase Book, 12mo, Is id Simpkin 1841 

{E.O.K.) Visits to the Shrines of Our Lady, 18mo, 2s T.Richardson 1848 

{E.H.) Expoationof the Articles, 2 vols. 8vo, 21*, 1850; 4th ed., 1 v. 16«... Parker ASon 1858 

■■■ Gerles, Quertions to, 12mo, 3f 6cf Whittaker 1858 

' " ■ Fulfilment of the Prophecies, 12mo, Zs6d Pickering 1836 

— — Messiah as Foretold and Expected, 8vo, 4< Bell 1862 

■ Sermons on the Atonement, and other Subjects, 8vo, 5s Parker deSon...i%^^ 

{E.N.) Erro, a Romantie Poen, 8vo, 4« T. Hodgson ...1840 

- — (Frances) Castleford Case, 8 vols, port 8vo, 81s M Hw^dt B. 1861 

Granny's Wonderful Chair, Iflmo, ZsM\ cold., is^d (higUhdsF, ...1856 

>■■ Lyrics, and Miscellaneous Poema, 12iQ0, 2« 6<i Simpkin 1847 

1836-1862 BROWNE BROWNING 101 

Browne {Pra,) My Share of the World : mi Auiobiograpbj^kS rols. poet 8yo, SUM HwrtiJeB. ...xS6i 

- Our Uncle, the TrareUer's Storiee, cold, illuets., roy. 16mo, 6« Kent i860 

Star of Atteghei, and other Poemi, 12mo, 8« Moxon 1844 

Stolen Voyage, cold., roy. 16mo, 8«6<i Kent i860 

Stories for Tonng Friends ; Bricksons, and Clerer Boy, 18mo, It ffamiltoA 185* 

■ ■ (F.) Lyra Radis, a Poem, 12ino, 5i Longman 1847 

■. University Prise Poems, 12mo, 4< 6(2 Longman 1849 

((?.) IW^orce Causes Court Practice, 12mo, 2j 6<i Stevent 1858 

History of the Bible Society, 2 vols. 8vo, 12« Bagtter 1859 

- (O.L.) Biography: ^ra of Mahomet, a.i). 627 to 629, ISmo, Is id Soc.P,C\K. ...1856 

- (£r<n.) Handbook of Hebrew Antiquities, 12mo, it Pivington 1852 

Ordo Sttculorum ; Chronology of the Scriptures, 8to, 20# Parser <fe5<m... 1844 

- (^.) Lectures on the Laws of Health, 12mo, 1$ Simpkin i86» 

(U.K.) Home Pictures, 4to, plain, 12#; cold., 21» CundaU 1850 

Illustrations of the Senses, obL 4to, ZsM; cold., 5$ 6d GrifithibF. ...1851 

-(/as.) America, Trees of, numerous engravings, sup.-roy. 8to, 80c WtUy 1846 

Highkndsand Highland Clans, 4 vols. 8to, 84« ; Lp., 60t FuUarton 1848 

(Jean) Geoiige Barrington, a Tale, 8 vols, post 8vo, 31« 6d Newbjf 1859 

(John) History aud Antiquities of York Cathedral, 2 ▼. roy. 4to, SI ISt 6d Longman 1847 

Sermons, at Cheltenham, 8vo, 12« ffatckard 1836 

- (Jot.) Ten Lectures on Ward*8 Krrata of the Protestant Bible, cr. 8vo, 6t ... HamiUon i860 

(J.C.) Punjaub and Delhi in 1867 ; a Narrative, 2 vols, post 8vo, 21f Blackwoodt ...1861 

(J.D.H,) Views of Ascent and from Summit of Mont Blanc, foL, 42f M'Lean 1853 

(/.i7eft.) Inquiry into the Character of Antichrist, 12mo, 8« 6d Hatchard 1844 

Lives of the Prime Ministers, V. 1, 8vo, 14s Newhy 1858 

Prophecy, Thoughts on, 12mo, 8f 6<J Simpkin 1850 

Strictures on some Pkrts of the Oxford Tracts, 8ve, 6» ffatchard 1840 

(JR.) Etchings of a Whaling Cruise, and Whale Fishery, 8vo, 18s Murray 1846 

Yusef ; or, the Journey of the Frangi, post 8vo, 10# 6d Low 1853 

-(M.A.) Ignatia, and other Poems, post 8vo, 7s 6d Hamilton 1839 

-(R.Jay) Practical Treatise on Actions at Law, 8vo, 16# Butteimortht ...1843 

— {Ji.L. Sermons preached in Sussex, 12mo, 6f Mattert 1854 

- (R.W,) CUssical Examination Papers, King's College, 12mo, 6s Parser dt^on... 1850 

History of Greece to the Roman Conquest, 12mo, 5# 4<< Soc.P.C.K. ...1856 

18mo (Gleig*s School Series), 9d Longman 185a 

•Greek Classical Literature, new edit., 8vo, 12f Bentley 1859 

- Latin Classical Literature, new edit., 8vo, 12» Bentley 1853 

- Rome to the Death of Domitian, new edit, post 8vo, 5s Soc.P.C.K. ...1859 
-- FaUof West. Empire, 2nded., post8vo, 6s ... Soe.P.C.K. ...1853 

18mo (Gleig's School Series), 9d Longman 185* 

Latin Grammar for Ladiea, 12mo, Is 6d Parker df Son... 1$$^ 

- (S.B.) Rifle Musket Companion, 2nd edit., post 8vo, 2j 6d AUenACo. ...2859 

'(SirT.) Worijs, by Wilkin, 3 vols, post 8vo, 15« U.Bohn 1851-a 

ReUgio Medici, and Christian Morals, edit. byT. Peace, 8vo, 8« Longman 1844 

12mo, 7t6d Botton, U.S.. ..i%6% 

by Gardiner, 12mo, 6# Pickering 1845 

12mo, 4s 6<i, TFdtAAottiiis; 12mo, 6t Virtue 1848 

(Tho.) Testimonies to the Truth of the Gospel, 12mo, 8s 6d Rivington 1837 

(T.B.) National Bankruptcy, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s Pickering 1844 

Oxford Divines not Members of the Church, 12mo, 5t Longman 1839 

Thoughts of the Times; Men and Things, 12mo, 6t Longman 1838 

(W.) Brittania's Pastorals, new edit. 24mo, 2s Clarke d: Co. ...1845 

'( TT. il.) Lectures on Insanity and Lunatic Asylums, 12mo, 6s Longman 1837 

(W.J.) Arctic Expeditions, Views and Summary of, imp. 4to, 21s Ackermann ...1850 

(IT. r.) Pun, Poetry, and Pathos; a Miscellany, post 8vo, 6s £. Wilton 1850 

Browning (CA.) Convict Ship, and England's Exiles, new ed., 12mo, 6t; 6e., 8s6<i Nitbet 1855 

(KB.) Aurora Leigh, a Poem, new edit., 12mo, 7s ChapmanAE. 1859 

Casa Guidi Windows, a Poem on Italy, 12roo, 6s Cha^pmandtH. 1851 

^^ Last Poems, 2nd edit, post 8vo, 6s Chapman A H.i%S% 

Poems, 6th edit, 8 vols. 12mo, 18s .*. ChapmanAE. i86a 

before Congress, poet 8vo, 4s Chapman A H.iZSo 

(ir. P.) Aids to Pastoral Visitation, 8vo, ht, i860; 2nd edit, ZtM BeU A Daldy... i%62 

■ Algebra of Ratios, &c., of 6th Book of Euclid, 8vo, 8s 6d Simpkin 1849 

System for Valuing Carpenters' Work, 8vo, Zt 6d Simpkin 1848 

•Theory of the Negative Sign, 8vo, St 6d Simpkin 1851 

— (i?oft<.) BeUs and Pomegranates, roy. 8vo, 10s 6rf B.Moxon 1846 

Christmas Eve and Easter-Day, aPoem, 12mo, 6s ChapmanAE. 1850 

Men and Women, Poems, 2 vohi. 12mo, 12s ChapmanAE. 185s 

Paracelsus, a Poem, 12mo, 6s Moxon 1836 

Poetical Works, 2 vob. 12mo, 16s Chapman A E. 19^9 

Selections from Poetical Works of, ISmo, 6t Chapman A E. iZ6% 

' Sordcllo, a Poem, 12mo, Qt 6d Moxon 1840 

-(7%os.) Church of the Saviour, 18mo, 2t 6d J.Oreen n.d. 

-(TT.^.) Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes, postSvo, 8s BuUerworiht ...iU% 

'(W.S.) History of the Huguenots^ 16th Cent, 8 vols. 8vo, 81s M Pidming 1840 

lOa BROWNING BRYCE 1885-186a 

Browning (W,S.) HUtoiy of tlw Hngn«not8, 16th Cent., 1 rol m«d. 8to, «# WhUuOser 1840 

HoelMorran; OonrtMidCMnpof Henry V., St.ct.Sto, 81< W Nevibif 1844 

Broinilce(!r.a)ChiiBtiMiYonth'tBook. 12mo, 8#6d ffamili^n 1844 

Brownlow (John) Cbroniclae of the Fonndling Hospital, new edit., wy. 8to, 12« Warr 1858 

. Hans Sloftne, a Tale, 12mo, 8# Warr 1835 

. (MM.) Memoir of, by W. R. Brownlow, 12mo, 8«6d, x8<8; 2nd edit, 2« 6<2 MatUn i86» 

— . IWm.) Direct Solution of Cubie Equations, 12mo, U6d Longman 1841 

(W.O.) Sketches of tlie Biae, Profre88,and Decline of Secession, fp.STO, S$ 6<i Philadelphia.., iZ6% 

( FK.-R.) hectares on the Church of God, A.D. 81-168, fcp. 8to, 8f Mailers x86i 

Brown-Sequard {C,E.) Lectures on Paralyms of the Lower Extremities, Svo, 6# WiUiameAN. 1861 

Physiology, &c.,of Central Nenrous System, 8vo,16» WiUiameAN. 1861 

Brownson {H.F.) Fundamental Philosophy, 2 v. 8to, 16f Dolman 1857 

(0.^.) Charles Blwood ; or, the Infidel Conyerted, post 8ro, 2« 6<l /. Chapman ...1849 

I ■ CouTert; or. Leaves from my Experience, 12mo, 6« Dolman 1858 

Spirit-rapper: an Autobiography, 12mo, 6« 6<i Dolman 2854 

Bruce (£lu.) Village and Vicarage ; or, Rural Sketches, 18mo, %9 M Tegg 1840 

— (E.dsJ.) L[itr(^uction to Qeography and Astronomy, 12mo, 6$ Simphin 1859 

Use of the Globes, 12mo, 2i 6d ; Key, 2* 6d Simpkin 1859 

— (If Scripture Sonnets, 12mo, 5$ MacmiUan ...i86a 

(Jat.) Abyssinia TraTols and Adventures, sq.l6mo, 6« 6(2, 1839 — red. to 8« fid Longman 1861 

Classic and Historic Portraits, 2 r. post 8vo, 21i— red. to 12« ffuntdiB, 1853 

Life of, by F. B. Head (Family Library), 18mo, 6s, 1830— red. to8«6d Tegg 1849 

. Lives of Eminent Men of Aberdeen, 12mo, 6« Smith A Elder .i%^i 

, Scenes and Sights in the East, post Svo, 5$ Smith ik Elder .1% $6 

(/.C7.) Bayeux Tapestry Elucidated, 4to, 21s J.R. Smith ...1856 

■ Hand-Bookof English History, 12mo, 2s 6<£, 1848; newed Simpkin 1857 

History of the Roman Wall ; Tyne to the Solway, Svo, 21s ; L p., 42« /. R Smith ...1853 

«-— (/oAn) Biography of Samson, 18mo, 2s; 12mo, 8s 6<i Hamilton 1854 

.. Calendar of State Papers, Charles I., 1628-29, roy. Svo, 16s Longman i860 

-^— **^— — Cypress Wreath for the Grave of a Toung Person, 2nd ed., ISmo, Ss 6<2 JIamilton 1845 

■ Eight Watches; or. History of Jack Stedfast, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1839 

■ ■ ■ Sympathy ; or, the Mourner Consoled, new edit , 1 2mo, 3s 6d Hamilton 1 860 

——*->(itr.) Hong Kong; illustrated, 12 Views, 6s; with letter-press, 78 6d Madure 1848 

«— «*-lfu^.) LocUeveD, and other Poems, 12mo, 6$ Simpkin 1837 

——* (if rs.) Sacred Poems, Svo, 4s (?room&n(2^s ...1846 

—* (7%os.) Man's Part in the Chorus of Creation, 12mo, 2i6d Hamilton 1862 

—>*(IF.i>.) Chronobgical Tables, ISmo, 2« 6(i Longman 1847 

Bmee's Sermons, Svo, 16s Wodrow Soe,... 

Bracks (^.^.) Autumn Leaves: Poems, 16mo, 2s 6<i ^oom&ruf^ ...1857 

Braff (P«<.) On Engineering, Field Work, and Levelling, Svo, 16s, 1838 ; 2 e., SaCd Simpkin 1840 

Brammeli {Beau) Life of, by Capt. Jesse, 2 v. Svo, 2B8,Saunderadk 0., 1844; n. e.2s 6d Clarke 1854 

Brunei (Sir Mare Ita.) Memoir of the Life of, by R. Beamish, 2nd ed., Svo, 14s Longman i86a 

Brunet (J /ex.) Rogal Armorie of Great Britain, 12mo, 10s CoMtton 1839 

BrOnow's Spherical Astronomy, transL by Robert Main, Pt. 1, Svo, Ss 6d Bell ds Daldy...t%6o 

Branton (Alex.) Forms for Public Worship in Church of Scotiand, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1848 

■ ...^ (Oeo.) Select Remains of, with Memoir, Svo, Ss HamiUon 185c 

■ ■ ^ </.) Btolways, on Excavating Ground for, Svo, 2s 6rf Weale 1838 

■ ■ ■■^<Afrs.) Discipline, 12mo, Is, IUmUedge\ 12mo, 2s 6<f BenUeg 185* 

- Self-Control, 12mo, Is 6€;, i2o«c<led;^« ; 12mo, 8s 6c{ Bentley 1854 

Brus, The, ed. Cosmo Innes, 4to Spalding CI.... 

Brat y Ty wysogion. Princes of Wales, ed. Ab. Ithel, roy. Sro, 10s Longman 1859 

Bryan (i/lc. ) Diotionary, Painters and Engravers, l^ Stanley, imp. Svo, 42s H.Bohn 1849 

B^ant (A,\ MiUenarian Views, with Reasons for receiving &em, 12mo, 6$ New York 185a 

i {Edw.) What I Saw in Califoraia, 12mo, 2)1 Qd, BenUey ; 12m0, Is M RonOedge 1849 

. (/.r.) Piwdine Seward, a Tale of Real Life, 2 v. 12mo, Ss Dolman 1847 

(T.) On Diseases and Injuries of the Joints, post Svo, 7s M Chwrchill 1859 

Surgery, Clinical, Nervous System, 12mo, Pts. 1 and 2, 8s 6d ChurehiU 

— (fF.C; Disoourse on the Life of Washington Irving, cr. Svo, 8s iVeto York i860 

■ ■ ■ I Forest Hymn, new edit, with iUustrations, 4to, 12$ Low x86o 

I ■ ■ ■ ^ Letters of a Travell^ in Europe and America, p.Svo, 10s 6d, 1850 ; 2ser. Bentley 1859 

• Poems, 16mo, 2i6d, Knight; 18mo, 2s 6<f, Kent; 2$ BoutUdge x86o 

1 with Essay by GUfillan, new edit., 16mo, 2s A. HaU 1855 

-Illustrated, Svo, 21s Lmo 1857 

■ Spain and other Countries in 1867-68, Letters from, post Svo. Ss td ... Xow 1859 

Bryee (A.H,) First Greek Reader, for the Use of Schools, fcap. Svo, 2s M NeUon 1861 

Latin Reader, for the Use of Schools, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2s NeUon x86a 

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1885-1802 BRYGE ^BUCKINGHAM 108 

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of Belgium, Rhine, Switierland, kc., 2 v. 8vo, 28* ... P.Jackaon 1848 

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of Thought; Original Enigmas, Charades, &c., 82mo, is Bogue 1844 

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— — Exercises for TransUtion from Etnglish into French, 12mo, 2s J.H.tkJ^ParkeriZsj 

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Most Noble Conqueror, Alexander the Gh^at, 4to BannatyneClub iS^i 

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—— Practical Director ; or, Building for all Classes, 4to, 86» Hagger ...1856-58 

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Buildings for Mechanics' Institutions, 8vo, Is 6d Longman i860 

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— (iTp.C?.) Works, edited by Burton, 8 V. 8vo, i9s JM.d:J.Pari^i%^S 

1885-1862 BULL BUNGENER 106 

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English Theological Works, 8ro, 10« 6d J,^arkeri%^ 

Harmony of St. Paul and James on Justification, 2 v. 8to, 18«— r. to lOt J.HA:J.Parheri%^$ 

■ Defence and Vindication of, 8vo, 12f J.HJsJ»Pci^keri%^1 

' life of, by Nelson, 18mo, S« 6(i, 1840; ch. edit., 18mo, Is ^ JM,*i:J,Parkeri$^g 

- Sennons and Discourses on Primitiye Christianity, 8to, lOt 6d Rivinglon 1840 

-with Life, by Nelson, 3 v. 8to, 18« Whittaher 1840 

Vindication of the Church against Rome, 18mo, Zt 6d--red. to 2s 6<i ... J,ff.d:J.Parkeri%40 

Works on the Trinity, St., 27«— red. to 16« J.H.d:J.Parkeri$40 

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{Sar.) Baptisms of Scripture Unfolded, 12mo, 2« AyloU 1843 

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Maternal Management of Children, 7th edit., 12mo, 5s Lof^man i860 

Sense of Vision Denied and Lost, edit, by Johns, 12mo, is 6d Longman 1859 

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England before the Norman Conquest, ISmo, 2s 6d Vcm Voorst ...1851 

Eveiy-Day Wonders ; or. Facts in Physiology, 18mo, 2s 6d Van Voorst ...1850 

■ Habits of Patriarchal l^es in the Bast, 18mo, 2s 6d Van Voorst ...1855 

- (ZTm. <^ /os.) A Winter in the Azores, 2 v. 8vo, 28« Van Voorst ...1841 

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• Scripture Questions, 18mo, 2s 6d Longman 1846 

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and Leake (S.M.) Precedents of Pleadings in Common Law, 8vo, 26s.. Stevens ...i860 

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Bulletins and other State Intelligence for 1 849, by Authority, 12mo, 5s Oazette Office ... 1 850 

Bolley {Fred,) Variations in the Sacramental Offices, 1649-1662, 8to, 7s 6d J.ff^J,Parheri%4% 

Bullinger {ffen.) Fire Decades of Godlie Sermons, 4 v. 8to Parser iSoc. 1849-5* 

Sermons on the Sacraments, new edit., 8vo, 7s 6<i Parker tt Son .1849 

Bullion {Th4)S.) On Management of a Countiy Bank, 12mo, 5s Choombridge ...iSs^ 

Bullock {Chas,) Syrian Leper; Bible History Expounded, fcap. 8to, 8s6<£,i86i; 2s ed Wertheim i86a 

Way Home; or. Gospel in the Parable, 12mo, 8s 6rf, 1858; n.e., Is6<i Wertheim i860 

(Tkos, ) Popular Education ; as regards Juvenile Delinquency, 1 2mo, 4s Partridge 1 849 

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(FFm.) Songs of the Church, 12mo, 5s BtUd: Daldy...iZsS 

{W.J.) Prise Essay on Adult Education, foap. 8to, Is 6d Low 1861 

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Scripture Histories, 8 V. 18mo, 6s Mason 1837-8 

Select Letters, with Notes by Bunting, 12mo, 8s Simpkin 1842 

(/oAn) Hymns, Original and Select, 18mo, 5s Jacksondf IT. .1835 

Bui wer {Sir E. L. A Lady) Works. Su Lytton. 

{H.L.) Monarchy of the Middle Classes, 2 v. post 8to, 21s BenOey 1834-6 

Bnmbleby (The) and Buxzington Herds of Pure Shorthorns, by Misletoe, 12mo, Is ... Whittaker i86a 

Bumby {J.H.) Life and Wealeyan Mission of, by Barrett, 12mo, 8s Mason 185* 

Bnmstead {Freeman J.) Ptithology and Treatment of Venereal Diseases, 8to, 21s Philadelphia .1861 

Bunbury ((7./.) Residence at the Gape of Good Hope, post 8to, 9s Murray 1848 

{SirH.E.) NarratiTes of the War with France, 1799-1810, 8to, 15s BenUey 1854 

{R.8.) Brief Memoir of, 12mo, 2s 6<i Wertheim 1846 

Chart of DiTine Truth, 12mo, 8s 6d SeeUy 1845 

Sennons on Public Worship, 12mo, 8* Seeley 1839 

(Sd.) A Summer in Northern Europe, 2 v. post 8to, 21s Hnrstds B, ...1856 

Coombe Abbey, a Tale, p. Sto, 14s, 1843 ; new edit, 8s 6d JET. Lea 1857 

Erelyn, a Novel, 2 ▼. postSvo, 21s BentUy 1849 

Life in Sweden, Norway, &o., 2 v. post 8.vo, 21s Hwrst<kB. ...1853 

Mad. Constance : the Autobiog. of a Frenchwoman, 2 r. post 8vo, 21s Newby 1861 

My First Trarels: new edit., 2 V. poet 8to, 21s Newby 1859 

Our Own Story, 8 V. post 8vo, 81s 6rf HurstAB. ...1856 

Recorered Estate (The), fcc.. Tales, 12mo, Is 6d RivingUm 186a 

Rides in the Pyrenees, 2 v. post 8to, 21s, Newby^ 1844— red. to 5s Maders 1848 

Sir Guy D'Esterre, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Routledge 1858 

Star of the Court ; or, Maid of Honour, &c., 12mo, 8s 6<i Griffith ds P. ...1845 

Triumph of Truth, 12mo, Is Itd,Tract Soe. 1847 

Visit to My Birthplace, 18mo, Is JUnUledge 1855 

Russia after the War in 1866, 2 V. post 8vo,. 21s ffurstdgB, ...1857 

-(7*.) Reminiscences of Portugal, Spain, France, India, &c., 3v. 8vo, 81s 6d Skeet 1861 

Bunch of Violeto ; or, Poetry of the Heart, by H. J. S., roy. 16mo, 2s 6d ffonlst<m i860 

Bund (T.H.B.) Aids to Holy Life, in Forms for Self- Examination, 18mo, Is Cleaver 1848 

Bunger (Wm^) German Tales and Poetry for English Students, 12mo, 5s NvU 1858 

Travelling Conversation, 2nd edit., 8vo, 2s 6d NvU 185a 

Bungener (Z.-P.) France before the Revolution, 2 V. post 8vo, 7s Hamilton 1854 

History of the Council of Trent, post 8vo, 5s ; new edit, 2s 6d Hamilion 1854 

100 BUNGENER BUNYAN 1885-186a 

Banganer (Z.F.) JoHan ; or, the Close of an Eia, 2 ▼. 12mo, 10$ 6d; new ed., 4ff... A. ffaU 1857 

Preacher and the King, by Potts, 12mo, Z$6d Nehon i8sa 

•^^— — ^— Priest and the Hnguenot, 8 T.p.8yo,81a 6(2, Btntley ; 2 ▼• p. Sto, 7< HamiUon 1853 

— 12mo, laCd, De(mdBSon\ p. 8^0, 8« W iVetem 1854 

— — Voltaire and his Times, post 8ro, fi< HwtMlUm 1854 

BonhiU Memorials ; Beminiscenoes, edited by J. A.Jones, 12mo, 6$ Paul 1849 

Bimkley (J,M.) Esoaped Nun from the Conyent of St Joseph, new ed., d2mo, It ... AUman 1856 

Bnnn(i44f.) Old Englwid and New England, 2 v. post Sto, 21« BeiUUy 1853 

■ StageBeforeandBehindtheOurtain,8T.poet8yo, 81t6(i— red. tol5s... BeniUy 1840 

(iT.) Hirtory of the Apostles, 2« Werikeim 1859 

— ^— ^ — Seren Cries of Christ on the Cross, new edit., 18mo, 1» 6<i Nubeit 1851 

Vampire of Christendom, a Book for the Times, 12mo, Z$ 6d HamiUon ... 1855 

— — — — Voice from Many Lands ; or, Missionary Bnterprise, 12mo, 5f WkiUaker 185* 

Bnnnett {F,B.) Golden Balance ; or, the False and the B«al Tale, 12mo, 5$ Se^ 1859 

Hidden Power, a Tale, 4tliedit., fcap. 8vo, 5s . SeeUy 1861 

— Lessons in the 6hmlen and the ^eld, 12mo, 5t Seeley 1859 

' ' Life and Times of Lonise, Electress Palatine, post 8vo, 7« 6d Niabet i86» 

^^T./.) Description of Genoa, 12mo, 4* J. R. Smith ...1844 

Bnnsen (Bwron) Christianity and Munkind, 7 ▼. 8to, U 5« Longman 1854 

Analecta Ante-monna, 8 ▼. 42«. 

Hippolytns and his Age, 2 ▼. 80«. 

Outlines of the Philosophy of Universal ffistory, 2 v. 889. 

-~ Constitution of the Church of the Future, 8vo, 9* id Longnum 1847 

Egypt's Place in UniTersal History, V. 1, 28«, 1840 ; V. 2, 80«, 1854 . Xon^man... 1840-54 

• V. 8, 250, 1859 ; V. 4, 258, i860. Z/on^rman... 1859^ 








> Hippolytns and his Age, 4 v. p. 8to, 42f, 1851 ; n. e., 2 ▼. 8yo, 80« Longman 

■ Memoir of the Duchess of Schleewig and Holstein, 8to, 2s 6d Longman 

- Signs of the Times : Letters on Beligious Liberty, 8yo, 16s— red. to 5s SmUkdf Elder.. 

(R. W,) Chemical and Phyncal Properties of Gases, post 8to, 8« 6d WaUon 

Bunting (lidw,) Collection of the Ancient Music ci Ireland, 4to, Sla 6d Longman . 

{Jabex) Life of, by his Son, Vol. 1, post 8vo, 7« 6d Longman . 

— — — - Seimons, 2 y. post Svo, each 7s Maton .... 

Bunyan (JoJm) Works, Allegorical, with Cheever's Lectures, new edit, 8to, 16« FuUaHon . 

: • Practical, by Philip, 6 v. 12mo, 80s HamiUon . 

• and Life, edit by G. Offer, 8 v. roy. Svo, 54s Blackiel. 

• Come and Welcome, 18mo, Is Oroombridge .. 

- with Essay on his Life, 82mo, Is 6d Simpkin 

---————— Hodge's Way of Life, 12mo, 2f Oroombridge,. 

• Doctrinal Discourses, 8vo, 8s : Waird 

-Fear of God, new edit, 18mo, U id Md. Tract Soe. 

' GFrace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, 18mo, Is <W W. Allan ....'. 

•Holy War, 12mo, 2s, Ndton; Zs 6d, Tegg; 3s Jtel. Tract Soe, 

Pictorial edition, roy. 8to, 12s Virtue 

in Verse, by E. J., Essay by 0. F. Owen, 4to, 10s 6d Hardwicke 

■ Jerusalem Sinner, by Birrel, ISmo, Is 6d ^. HamiUon 

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Times, by G. B. Cheever, 82mo^ Is 6d AyloU 

Eobert Philip, 8to, 12s Virtue 

Pilgrim's Progress, imp. 4to, 12» Arnold ... 

^^ 8vo, 7s 6d, Baggier; 8vo, 5s, MozUy ; 8vo> 10s 6d Pickering 

12mo (large type), 8s 6d Niebet n/i 

12mo, 4s (5(£ ; Lp. post 8to, hf.-bd., 10s 64 MacmiUan .. 

12mo, 2s 6d, Bagtter; 12mo, 4s SeeUg 

12mo, 8s, Bel. Tract Soe. ; 12mo, Is 6d Houlaton 

12mo, 2s and 5s Wcukboume... 

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Epic Poem, byBurder, 12mo, 8s 6d Bagrter 

Lectures by Maguire, imp. 8to, lOa 6d Tallit 

Original Text of 1678-88, ed. by Oflfor, 8vo HansJ^noUyaC. 

byBurder, 12mo, 5s Longman . 

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Hare, new edit (Nat lUus. Lib.), 12mo, 8s ... Simpkin. .. 

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■ 12mo,ls64&8s6(£ Nelson .... 

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— Offor,IlLbyGilbertin.e.,c8vo,ls,ls64,&2s64 Boutledge 

— Philip, with plates, 8vo, 14s 64 ; 18s Virtue ... 

— St John, with plates, 12mo, 6s Virtue ... 

— Scott, 18mo, 4s Seeleg 

8to, with plates, by Stothard, 12s k 21s Seeleg 

— and Montgomery, 12mo, 2s Oriffi^. 

— Southey, lUustrated, 8vo, 21s ; post 8vo, 10s %d Murray ....183 

Illuminated, sm. folio, 27s Johnstone 

lUnstrated, fcap. 8vo, 5s Sedey 






18S5-186a BUNYAN BURGESS 107 

Bunyaii {John) Pilgrim's PlrogreM, Dlmtrated by Bennelt, ed.byEiiigd67,nL4to,Slt Lcmgmam 1859 

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Thoma8,p.8vo,6«,pl. ;7<6d, cold. Niibei i860 

— ' WatBon, 4to, 21« JUmUedge i860 

— in Speneerian Stanza. 12mo, 5s Pawter 1845 

Short Bzposition 0^ by W. J., 18mo, U 6d /. F. Shaw ...1857 

with Coloured BngzaTings, or. 8to, lOt BeL Tract 8oe.,i96i 

Life by Eer. T. Scott, post Sto, 5* Oriffin i86ft 

— — — ananged for Childran, new edit., 16mo, 2f 6d ... BeUdt Daldjf...iZ6o 

^ Profitable Meditatioos, a Poem, edit by G. Ofibr, sq. 8to, 7b dd HoUm i860 

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Bnnyon {0,J,) Law of Life Aasoranoe, with Appendix, 8to, 21< WUdy 1853 

Bnonarotti {M.A,) See Michael Angeb. 

Buqnet (^.P.) Giude to Fzench Pronnnciadon, 12mo, %$ Sm^hin 1837 

Bnrbidge (John) Thoughts by the Way, and other Poems, 12mo, \e HamiUcn i860 

(!7%oi.) College Sennons at Leamington, 12mo, 6$ JM,dsJ,P€urheri%^ 

Poems, Shorter and Longer, l&no, 7« 6d Pickering 1838 

and Clough (AM,) Ambarvalia and other Poems, 12mo, 4f6<i ChapfMmdiH. 1849 

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. Florence Saokrille ; or, Self-Dependence, 8 t. p. 8to^ 81« 6d ... Smith 4S! Elder „iZsi 

— — — Grammar-School Boys, a Tale, post 8to, 4f Simpkin 1854 

Mabel Trevor; or, the Pearl Necklace, a Tale, 12mo> 2t M Darton 1853 

Bniehell («/os.) Midnight Cry; Coming of Son of Man Considered, 18mo, 1$ 6d Hamilton 1848 

and Kennedy (C.R.) Joint-Stock Begistaration Act, 18mo, ^6d Bntterworthe ...1844 

(Thoi,) Memoir of, by W. F. BuroheU, 12mo, is^d B.L.Cfreen 1849 

Bnrchett (B,) Lectures on Lmear Perspective, post 8vo, 7b C%«tpm(m<C; J7.1856 

Practical Geometry; Coiuie of Plain Rgmres, post 8vo, 6b ChoMmandt ff,iSsS 

Bnrdach (C.i^.) Trait6 de Phyai^ogie, « V. post 8vo, 42« BaUU^ 1838 

Bmden (Jfrt.) Pleasant Poems for the Toong, 18mo, 1« Dean dt Son ...1853 

Short Tales in Short Words, 18mo, 1« 6d DeandfSon 1854-7 

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— Village Sermons, 8 vols. 12mo, 8«, Tract Soc,; 1 vol. 8vo, lOt P.JackBon 1838 

____^___« Memoir by Cobbin, new ed., 12mo, Zb Tegg 1856 

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. Mental Discipline, 12mo, 2« W Ward 1849 

Self-Discipline, 5th edit., 32mo, 1b Bel Tract 8oe.i%z% 

Leetoree on Law of the Sabbath, 18mo, 2b Ward 1831 

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abridged, 12mo, 8«6<f Longman 1847 

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Lost Evidence, 8 vols, post 8vo, 81t C<f SawnderedsO, 1838 

Pope and the Actor, 8 vols. postSvo, 81«6d Newby 1840 

Thirst for Gold, 8 vols, post 8vo, 81« W Boone 1840 

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Burford Cottage, and its Bobin Eedreast, new edit, 18mo; Is 6d Tegg x86o 

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Law of Suretyship, 8vo, 18* ... Benning. 1849 

Burger (tf.X) Leonora : Two Verse Translations, 12mo, It BeUd:l)aldy...iZsZ 

transL by Cameron, illust by Maolise, 4to, 15» Longman ...1847 

tff,) Italy, Climate 0^ in Relation to Pulmonary Consumption, p. 8vo, 6«... Longman 185* 
Ok) Tr^sors d'Art Expose 4 Manchester en 1857, 12mo, Zb 6d BoHhcB 1857 
e) and Brighton Leonora, by J. Warre Tyndall, ob. sm. 4to, 7b M BentUy 1849 
0.) Conservative Standard of the British Empire, 2nd edi^, 8vo, Z5b WhiUaker 1835 

Burgess (Men,) Translation of the Sursa Siddhanta, roy. 8vo, 16b Trilbner i860 

(JET.) Address on the Power of Personal Religion, 18mo, 1< 6<i Blackader 1854 

• Amateur Gardener's Tear Book, ll&no, 8f 6<l Longman 1857 

•Hymns and Homiliaa of EpbxaimSyms, am. 8vo, lOi Blackader 1853 

108 BURGESS BURKE 1836-1862 

Bulges (IT.) LeetoreB on IiKfidelity, 12mo, 4« 6c{ Dinnis 1834 

(/oi.) Medical and Legal Relations of Madness, 8yo, 7» Churchill 1858 

Memoirs of, by W. P. Baxgea» 18mo, l$6d Moion 184* 

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\ Qreeceand Levant, 2 toIs. Sto, 14<, Longman^ 1835 — ^^' ^ 7< ... B.Bohn 1835 

. Sermons for the Times, 12mo, 8« 6d Seel^ 1851 

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- Motives to the Study of Hebrew, 12mo, 4s Tegg 1841 

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- Treatise on Bmptions of the Face and Hands, 8to, 8a ; ool., 14a ... JUnthaw 1849 

• (W.P,) Principles and Doctrines of Christianity Examined, 18mo, 2t Mcuon 1842 

> Wesleyan Hyntnology, 18mo, 8a Snow 1846^ 

Bms^ (IF. de) Commentary on Book of PMdms, 2 t. 8to, 28a Simpkin i860 

Discourses on the Life of Christ, 12mo, U 6d BivingUm 1849 

-^— Divinity of Christ Considered, fcap. 8vo, 2a 6c{ Simiphin 1836 

Bariy Prophecies of a Redeemer, 8vo, 5a Sitn/pkin 1854 

———— Exposition of the Book of Revelation, 5th edit., fcap. 8vo, 0$ Simpkin 1857 

Faith: DLBCourses on, fcap. 8vo, 8a 6d Simpkin 1835 

Hebrew Grammar, Compendium of , roy. 8vo, 5a Orr 1847 

• Lectures on the Second Advent, Srd ecUt., 12mo, 5a /. F, Shaw ...1841 

Messianic Prophecies of Isaiah, 8vo, 6$ Sitiuakin i86x 

■ New Maiginal Readings on the Gospels, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 4a /. F. Shaw ...1845 

Redemption and Election, 12mo, 2a 6d MamilUm 1841 

■ Tracts for the Church, 18mo, 2a 6d Longman 1838 

Buiig^ersh; or. Pleasures of a Country Li^ 12mo, 2t6d Partridge 1855 

Bnighley (Fell.) See Ward, C. A. 

{Lord) History of, and his Successors, by Charlton, roy. 8vo, 12a WhiUaker 1847 

life and ^mes of, by Charlton, new edit., 18mo, 2a /. Hughes 1851 

Burgomaster of Berlin, from the Qerman of W. Alexis, 8 v. cr. 8vo, 81a 6c2 Saunders dt 0. 1843 

Burgon (/. Wm,) Qresham (SirT.) Life and Times, 2 v. 8vo, 80a, 1839— red. to 15a... £. Wilson 1843 

— — — — Inspiration and Interpretation : Seven Sermons, 8vo, 14a J M, A J. Parker i%6i 

— — Letters from Rome to Friends in Engknd, post 8vo, 12a Muaray 1862 

Petra, aPoem, post 8vo, 2a W BeUA Ddldg...i%^<S 

Portrait of a Cluistian Gentleman: Memoir of P.F.Tjller,8vo,2e.9a Murray 1859 

Buigoyne (/.C7.) Chronological Account of Events in India, 12mo, 2a 6<2 AUendsCo* ...1859 

— {Oen.SirJno.) Blasting & Quarrying of Stone, 12mo, la, WeaXe^ 1 849 ; 5 e. , 12mo, la 6<2 Virtue 1 86x 

■ Construction of Common Roads, 12mo, la 6d (W^e's Series) Virtue 1861 

Military Opinions, ed. by Hon. G.Wrotte8ley,8vo,14a,i859~red.lOa6<i^«R^ i860 

Buried Bride, and other Poems, post 8vo, 7a 6d Simpkin 1839 

Buike (Fdm,) Works and Correspondence, 8 v. 8vo, 96a — red. to 84a BivingUm 1852 

8 V. post 8vo, 28a, Bohn^ 1842 ; 2 v. imp. 8vo. 80a H.Bohn 1856 

Correspondence, edit, by Lord Fits^lliam, 4 v. 8vo, 48a— red. to 86a Bivington 1844 

— — — First Principles of, from his Writings, 12mO) 8a 6d BoviUdge 1853 

' Inquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful, 32mo, la 6<< AUman 1861 

Life of, by Prior, Srd edit., 8vo, 14a, 1839; ^®^ ^'t POst 8vo, Zs6dlf. Bohn 1854 

■ Public and Domestic, by Peter Burke, post 8vo, 2a 6d Ingram 1851 

and Times 0^ by Macknight, V.l and 2, 8vo, 80a, 1850 ; v. 8, 20a Chapman A ir.i86i 

Reflections on the French Revolution, 8vo, 5a Bivington 185a 

hes (Modem Orator), roy. 8vo, 10a Aylott 1846 

■ on Warren Hastings, with Letters, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 7a H,Bohn 1853 

Wisdom k Genius of, with Life by Burke, p. 8vo, Moxtm, Is 6(i— r. to 4a 6d Nattali 1 849 

and Russell {Ld,J.) upon Party, edited by Cooper, 8vo, 4a Pickering 1850 

Buike(/Sir/.-B.) Authorised Arms of the Gentry, new edit., roy. 8vo, 30a T. Harrison ...i860 

■ Dictionary of the Landed Gentry, r. 8vo, 42a, i860 ; 4 e., Pt. 1, 25a. T. Harrison ...i86a 

Bncyclop»dia of Heraldry, or General Armoury, 8vo, 42a— red. to 21a H. Bohn 1844 

Fam. Romance; Ann. of Aristocracy, 8 v.p.8vo,81«6d; n.e. 21a} 12mo,5a Hurst A B i860 

Heraldic Register, 1849-50, roy. 8vo, 21a Chwrton 1850 

" Historic Lands of England, V. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, each 21a Chwrton 1849 

Knightage of Great Britain, 18mo, 5a Clvurton 1841 

Orders of Knighthood : Decorations of Honour, roy. 8vo, 42a Hurst tb B 1858 

Peerage and Baronetage, roy. 8vo, 88a T. Harrison Annual 

Roll of Battle Abbey 'Annotated, 16mo, 10a 6d, Chwrton^teA. to 6a HBohn 1848 

Romance of the Aristocracy, 8 v. post 8vo, 81a 6d— red. to 15a H Bohn 1855 

Royal Descents ; Pedigrees of Founders of Kin, roy. 8vo, 21a T, Harrison ...1858 

■ Seats and Arms of the Nobility, 4 v. roy. 8vo, each 21a ;..;. .. HwrstJiB 1855 

Vicissitudes of Families, 8 series, post 8vo, each 12a 6d Xon^man... 18 59-61 

(Jos.) Gems from the Catholic Poets, 12mo, la Dolman 1859 

^"^"'^^•^ Days in the East, a Poem, 8vo, ^ Smith d: Elder 184a 

{J.F.) Dispensing Chemist and Medical Pupil's Assistant, 18mo, 2a 6<i Baldwin 1844 

Treatise on British Husbandry, 3 v. 8vo, 24a E.Law 1847 

{J . tkJ. B .) Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies, 8vo, 36a, 1841— red. to 16a J.B.SmUh 1844. 

■ Extinct, Dormant, and Suspended Peerages, post 8vo, 21a Colbttm 1841 

Heraldic Illustrations, 8 v. roy. 8vo, 94a 6<<, Churton— red, to 63a ... H.Bohn 1844.-6 

Royal Families of Great Britain, 2 v. 8vo, 24a H.Bohn 1844 

1836-1862 BURKE BURNET . : 109 

Barke(Jfrt.X.) lUastrmtad Langmge of Flowers, new edit, 18ino, 1$ RauUedge i86a 

(PeL) (MebiatedTiial0CoimectedwithAri8toorac7,2y.8TO,32«,i848;iLe.l6« Benmng 1851 

— — — Criminal Law and ita Sentenoea, 12mo, 8< Btntdng 1844 

— — — Insolvent Debtors Act, 12mo, 8< dd JBenning 1845 

— ^— ^— Law of Copyright in General, 12mo, 5« ! Stevens 184* 

International Copyright, Bnglish and French, 12mo, 6s Low 185a 

— — — — — ^^— Platents for Inventiona, new edit., 8to, 6s 6d Bennmg 1857 

— — — New Connty Court Acta, 2nd edit., 12mo, fk Benning 1847 

Bomance of the Fonim, 2 t. post 8to^ 21t, 1852 ; new edit., 6s Hwrstdk B, ...1861 

2nd8er.,2T. post8vo, 21« Hursts B 1854 

{T.T^ Acconoher^s Yade-Mecnm, 12mo, 4t Simpkin 1846 

Bnrkhardt {dB.) Fairy Tales and Legends of many Nations, 12mo, It 6d B, O. Collins., .1Z49 

Boricill (/.) Pictorial Beaatlee of Mona, Istseries, foL, 21« ; ooL, 42s DaydsSon 1858 

Bnrkitt (TFtn.) Help and Guide to Christian Families, 82mo, 2s Tegg 1835 

Notes on New Testament, 8 t. 8to, 27s, MozUg—n. e., 2 v. 8vo, 16s Tegg i860 

Burleigh, the Lord of : a Play, 870, Ss 6(i ChurUm 1845. 

Bnriington Album : Pianoforte, Vocal, and Dance Music, folio, I6s Cocks 1861 

Burmeiater on Trilobitee, by Prof. Bell and Forbes, 9s 6d Bay 80c, 1846 

Burmeister (Her.) Manual of Entomology, translated by Shuckard, 8yo, 20s Chttrton 1836 

Burmese Empire, Description of by Father Sagermano, ed. by W. Tandy, 4 to, 16t ... Oriental Tr.Fd, 

Bnm(C%af.)On the Construction of Horse Bailways, 2nd edit., 8yo, Is 6d Weale i860 

iCoL) Naval and Militaiy Dictionary of the Fr, Language, 4th ed., p. 8to, 16s Mwrray 1862 

\J.S.) Fleet Begisters ; Histoiyof Fleet Marriages, 2nd edit., 8to, 7s Bivington 1834 

• History of Foreign Protestant Refugees in England, 8vo, 9s Longman 1846 

— ^— ^— — Henl^-on-Thames, 8vo, 12s Loif^man 1861 

Pkuish Begisters in En^^d, Scotland, Ireland, ^, 2nd ed. 8yo, 10s 6d J.R.Smith i86a 

- (ifff.) The Boad to Glory, 18mo, 2s (Edinburgh) ffanUUon i860 

- (JSicA.) Ecclesiastical Law, by Phillimore, 9th edit., 4 ▼• 8yo, 76« Siceet 184a 

Justice of the Peace, 29th ed., by Bere, Chitty, k Wise, 7v. 8vo, 71 10s Sweet 185a 

and Puish Officer, Supplt. to 29th ed., 8to, 28s... Sweet 185a 

Supplement to 1860, by Keane, 8vo, 83s ; n.e. 26s Shaw d: Sons ...1850 

Saunders, 8vo,,88s Crodsford 1849 

Statistics of the Cotton Trade, 8to, 12s Simj^n 1847 

^—' {R.8,) An Agricultural Tour in Belgium, HoUand, and the Bhine, poet 8to, 7s Lowgman i86a 

Architectural Drawing, in 8 books, ea. 2s ' Chambers 1861 

■ Book of Architectural Designs, 2 pts., 4to, each 8s Chambers ...i86i-a 

Colonist &EniigTant'sHandbk., Mechanical Arts, 8 vo, 5s, 1 854; 2 e., 6s 6(i Blackwoods ...i860 

— — ^— - Consexratoriee, Construction of , 4to, 2s M Chamben 1859 

~— — Cottage Accommodation for Labourers, 4to, 2s 6d Chambers 1859 

Designs for Mansions, Villas, &c., Pts. 1 to 8, roy. 4to, each 2s6d Chambers ..,ii $^-6 1 

— — Glonaryof Technical Terms, 4to, 8s Chambers i860 

— - Hints for Farmers, &c., 12mo, Is Boutledge i860 

• History and Mechanism of the Steam Engine, 8vo, 8s Longman 1854 

' Illustrated Architectural Drawing Book, 8vo, 2s Ward d: Lock... iZ $6 

Illustrations of Carpentry and Fnming, 4to, 1st & 2nd ser., 1859, ea. 3s Chamben 1861 

Joinery, 2 series, 4to, each 8s Chambers i860 

■ Mechuiical Movements k A^cultural Machines, 4to, 8s Chamben 1861 

-^— Isometrical Drawing, in 2 books, each 2s Chamben 1861 

Lessons of My Farm, 12mo, 6s Lockwood i86a 

Mechanical Drawing, in 8 books, each Is 6<2 Chamben 1861 

Mechanics and Mechanism, with 260 lUust., 8vo, 1857 ; 8rd ed., 2s ... Ward ik Lock,.. iZ$S 

' Ornamental Drawing and Architectural Design, 8vo, 8s Ward«kLock...iZ$7 

Outliiies of Modem Fanning. V. 1, Soils, &c., 12mo, 2s (Weale*s Ser.) Virtue i86a 

■ Plans of Dwellings for the Working Classes, 4to, 8s Blackwoods ...1857 

Steam Engine: Histoiy, 2nd edit., 8vo, 2fi ;. Ward 1857 

• Treatise on Practical Ventilation as to Structures, post 8yo, 6s Blackwoods ...1850 

Tear-Book of Agricultural Facts, fy.8T0, 1860, 6s; 1861, 8s 6d ; 1862, 4s Blackwoods i86o-a 

Bumaby fiPtiorof Durham), Bede roll, 1466-64, 8yo, 12s SurteesSoc. 

Bumap {W,0.) Lectures on the Doctrine of Christianity, 12mo, 6s J.Chapman ...1849 

Bume (John) Treatise on Habitual Constipation, 8to, 75 6d Lor^man 1840 

(Pet) Teetotaller's Companion, new edit., roy. 8vo, 6s A.tiall 1850 

with Wine Question, new ed., roy. 8to, 7s 6d A.Hall 1850 

Bumell {0,B.) Annual Betrospect of Engineering and Architecture, V. 1, p. 8to, 7s 6(2 Lockwood i86a 

Budimentaof Hydraulic Engineering, 12mo, 8s (Weale*s Series) Virtue i86a 

Bumes (Alex,) Journey to and Besidence in Cabool, 8vo, 18s.../ Murray 1843 

(/«.) History of the Knights Templars, 4to, 26s Blackwoods ...1840 

Visit to the Court of Sinde, and Histoiy of Cutdi, 12mo, 6s Longman 1839 

(W.) Essay on Elements of British Industry, 12mo, 2s 6d Xor^wan 1848 

Bumei (Bp.) Discourse on the Pastoral Care, by Dale, 12mo, new edit., Zs6d Bell dc Daldy ..1853 

Expo^tionof the Articles, 8vo, 6s, Tegg, 1850; 8vo, 7s J,B,dbJ,Parkerii^6 

by Page, 8vo, 9s C. ff. Law 1843 

Epitome, by B. Hobart, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1849 

. History of His Own Times, 1 7, roy. 8to, 10s 6<i W. Smith 1839 

2t. roy. 8vo, plates, 42s W, Smith 1839 

the Beformation, 2 v. roy. 8to, 21s, 1850 ; plates, 66s W. Smith 1841 

110 BURNET BURNS 1885-186Q 

Bornet (Bp,) ffistoiy o£ tlie Befonnation, abridged hy Omrrie, 8to, lOf 64 Paiiserd!S(m.,,i9^7 

Reign of King James XL, 8to, 9i6d J,H.AJ.Parkeri%S^ 

Mem. of Jas. and Wm., Dokei of Hamilton and Castle Herald, 8to, 7t 6d J,HJ:J,Parheri^S^ 

On the Ftotoral Care, with Preface, by T. Dale, fcap. Svo, It WaMcume ...1848 

{Johm) Bnay on the Deity of Christ, 12mo, 2« 6<i Rdfe 1835 

Bye as to Fainting, 4to, 25< LeigkUm 1837 

EsMyi on Various Branches of the Fine Arts, post 8to, 6s JBogve 1848 

Hints on OoUmr in Pointing, 4to, ZU 6d L^hton 1827 

Composition in Painting, ito, 15« Leight<m 1827 

Li^i and Shade in Painting, 4to, 18s Leigkton 1827 

Portrait Painting, 4to, 21s, jBo$rtt«, 1 849 ;n.e., by Marray,4to,12« Ftrfue i860 

Letters on Landscape Painting in OilColoais, 4to, Bog^ne^ 1848; n.e., 12s Virhu 1861 

' Progress of a Painter in the 19th Century, p. 8to, 10s 6d Bogue 1854 

BemlHsndt and his Wo^ 4to, 81s 6d— red. to 12« Virtue 1859 

— Reynolds' Lectures, Illustrated, new edit., 42s; 4to, Lp., 84s Letghion 1844. 

' Turner and his Wo^ Sis 64, 185a; new edit., by H. Murray, 4to, 12s Virttte i860 

Burnett (AUx,) Tillage a Substitute for Manure, on TulTs System, 12mo, 5s WkUtaker 1859 

' {CM.) Crime and Insanity, Causes, Connections, and Consequences, 12mo, Is HigkUy 1852 

Insanity Tested by Science, Svo, 5s Highley 1848 

— ^^— Philosophy of Spirits in Relation to BCatter, Svo, 9s ^. HighUi/ 1850 

Power, &c, of God in Creation of Animals, Sto, 15s Ainu 1838 

• (O.T.) Outlines of Botany, Svo, 21s Bmthann 1835 

{M,A.) niuste. of Useful Plants, edit, by Miss Burnett, 2 v. 4to, n. e., 68s WUU» 1849 

(Peter H.) PMh which led a Protestant Lawyer to the Cath. Church, Svo, 16«... New York i860 

Bumey {Cha,) Catalogue of MSS. in Brit. Museum, by Forshall, Sto, ISs ; odd. 63s Payne 1841 

— Treatise on the Gbmc of Whist, ISmo, 2s *..... Boont 1846 

{Fnmcee) See D'Arbky, Madame. 

Burnish Family, a Temperance Tale, 16mo, ls6(i*, 2s ffouhUm 1857 

Burnley (W.H.) Trinidad, as to Negro Emancipation, 1842, Svo, 5s Longman 184a 

Bums \Oapt.) Naval and Military French Technical Dictionary, 12mo, 5s 6d Simpkin 184a 

(^.) Pastor's Gift to his Pkrish Families; Prayers, 12mo, Is 6<i WaMowme ...iS^^ 

------ - -- - - ,,ggi 

Prayers for Closet and Family, with Remarks on Prayer, sq. 16mo, 2s 6d HanUUon 

(Rev.I.) History of the Church of Christ, a.d. 1 to 818, post Svo, 5s Nelaon i86a 

• Sanctity of Home; Words of Counsel, ISmo, la 6d Bamilton 1853 

(Dr./.) Select Works, cheap edit., cr. Svo, 16 v., each Ss6<l ffoulMon i860 

' Christian Bzerdses for every Lord's Day, post Svo, 4s 6d EouiMon 1858 

Philosophy; or. Materials for Thought, cr. Svo, 8s 6<i Bouldon 1849 

■ Preadier's Po<^et Companion, ISmo, 2$M HouhUm 1846 

Sketch Book, 2 v. 12mo, 9s JETotilaton ...1829-36 

Christian's Daily Portion, ]2mo, 5$6d Ifoulekm 1848 

^— Death-bed Triumphs of Eminent Christians, roy. 82mo, 2s ffoulMom n. <L 

Discourses on Various Forms of Religion, ISmo, Is 6<i HoultUm 1851 

Li^t for the House of Mourning, 12mo, 2s 6<2 ffonUUm 1850 

Sick Room, 12mo, 2s 6<i E<mUUm 1850 

> Marriage Gift-Book and Bridal Token, post Svo, 5s JlouUUm 1862 

> Missionary Enterprises in Many Lands, 82mo, 2s ; 8id edit., Is M,.. Kf%ightd:San...i%S4' 
Mothers of the mM and Good, 12mo, 2s6(i,J7(m2stoii,i854; n.e.,ls6c{ Simpkin 1862 

- Notes of a Tour in United States and Canada, 1847, ISmo, 2s HouUton 1848 

' Pulpit Cyclopedia, 4 v. post Svo, 14s ffouldon ...1846-60 

- Sermons for Families and tillage Worship, poet Svo, 8s 6d ffoulUon 1842 

the Sick Room, Family BeaoUng, fcc, or. Svo, 5s BtmUton 1854 

• Sketches and Skeletons of Sermons, 4 v. 12mo, new edit., each 8s M BouUtan i860 

of Sermons for Sunday Sdiools, fcc, ISmo, 1*64 ^otUeton 1861 

: on Christian l^Gssions, 12mo, 8s 6(2 BouUUm 1861 

— Ptoables and Mlraolee, 12mo, 8s 6d ".. BoulaUm 1847 

— — — — Seriptoie Characters, fto., 12mo, 8s M BouUton 1851 

Speoal Occaaiona, 12mo, 8s 6d BouUion 1861 

Types and Metaphors, 12mo, 8s6il Bomltton 1861 

Universal Love of GK)d, new edit., ISmo, Is Boulaton i86x 

Youthful Christian : Instruction, Counsels, fcc, ISmo, ls6<i Bouleton i86x 

(John) Christian Fragments ; or. Remarks on Religion, 12mo, 5s Longman ...... 1844 

■^— Guide to Health, 12mo, 8s 6d Simpkin 1845 

' Prindplee of Christian Philosophy, new edit., 12mo, 6s 6<i Longman 1846 

— — Midwifery, new edit., Svo, 16s Loi^man 1843 

Surgery, 2 v. 8vo, 24s Longnutn 1838 

-(/.Z).) Heavenly Jerusalem, new edit, ISmo, Is Nelion 1862 

Visbn <rf Prophecy, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s BamiUon 1858 

— (ilt.) Poetical Works, roy. Svo, 88 plates, 18s and 24s Virtue n,d. 

2 V. 4to, 75 plates, 60s Virtme nd, 

12mo, 6s, ^roomdru^s, 1 8 57 ;8s6(i,iroM2seon, 1 840 ;2s6<2 Keni 1859 

— — Dlustrated, with Notes, 2 v. roy. Svo, 86s Blackie 1857 

- — ■ 'by Chambers, 2 v. Svo, 20s; 4 v. 12mo, 12s Ckamben 1859 

' Cunningham, roy. Svo, 10s 9d B.Bohn 1847 

■ — - Currie, ISmo, 8s CM, Lav 1859 

■ QilfiUan, 2 T. 8vo^ 9s Nitbet 1856 

1885.186a BUBNS BURTON 111 

Bwrm {RobL) PoetioAl Woika, by Hogg and MotiienreD, 5 ▼. 12mo, 17t M FuUofion 

— — — MAophenon, 12mo, 8f Simpkin... 

____. NioolaB, 8 y. 12xno, 15< Pideermg 

WUlmott, 12mo, illost., 6s ; newed., 8«6<2 Routledge 

• CenteDftiy Poems on his Birthday, 8vo, 7« 6d A.Hall 

• Chronicle of his 100th Birthday, by Ballantine, imp. Syo, 12« FuUarton 

- Jolly Beggars, a Poem (Fao-simile of), sm. 4to, 7s Qd WhiUaJoer 

•Life, byliockhart, 12mo, 8s 64; 8s Murray 

- Poems and Songs, lUnstrated by various Artists, roy. 8to, 21s BeUJs DcMy,.. 

- Songs, Cent, ed., with Arrangements by Montgomery, 2 bks., 4to, ea. Is Mus.B(mquet .. 
of, tr. into Medi»Tal Latin Verse, by AJex. Leighton, 4to, 5s .. EouUUm 

- amd Mrs. M'Letrose (Clarinda) Coirespondence Of , post 8vo, 8s 6d ... Simpkin 

. Soott (Walt.) Lives of, by Eev. J. White, 12mo, Is ed JloulUdge 








_ 853 

Year Book of the Nations, 1855>6, 12mo, 2s 6<i Longman ...1855-6 

(Wm.) What's in a Name ? fcap. 8vo, Is 64 AMall , 

(IF.iT.) Life and Times, by the Islay Bnms, cr. 8vo, 8s 64 Nelton 

Boms. Several Series of Publications. Vide Appendix. 

Bnmside {Wm.8myth) Lex Bvangelioa; or. Essays for the Times, 8vo, 10s 64 HamiUon 

Burr (Ftce-Pres.^.) Life, by Davis, 2 vols. 8vo, 28s New York 

{Fred,) Introduction to the Study of Geology, 2nd edit., 12nM>, 6s 64 WhiUdker 

O.D.) Instructions in Practical Surveying, 8rd edit., post 8vo, 7s 64 Mwrraiff 

Bnrrell (/. P,) Official Bulletins of the Battle of Waterloo, with Tiansl., roy. 8vo, fis Parker ds Son,. 

Borrington CE.M.) Bevelations of the Beautiful, &c. Poems, poet 8vo, 7s 64 Pickering 

iOiibert) Genealogies of Okl and New Testaments, 2 v. 4to, 63s Bimngton 

Burritt (JK^) Miscellaneous Works, 12mo, 8s 64 BenneU 

Peace Papers for the People, new edit., 12mo, Is Bennett 

Sister Voices of Field, Factoiy, and Fireside, 18mo, Is 64 BenneU 

Sparks from the Anvil, 12mo, new edit.. Is Bennett 

— — — Voice from the Forge, 12mo, Is Bennett 

{E,W,) Geography of the Heavens, with Atlas, new edit, 12mo, 8s J.CAapman 

BniTougb (Edw.) Memoir of, by W. and T. Bvans, 12mo, 6s BenneU 

Burroughs (/sr.) Exposition of Hosea, Memoir by Sherman, roy. 8vo, 21s H,Bohn 

Bare Jewel of Contentment, I8mo, 4s— red. to 2s, Bokn ; n.e. , 8vo, 2s Ward 

Burrow {C.B.) Mendip Hills, a Poem, 4to, 2s 64 Longman ... 

(^.^.) Select Ptahns in English Verse, 12mo, 2s L(mgman ... 

Sketches of Astronomy, 12mo, 2s 64 Lcnaman ... 

— — {E.J.) Hours of Devotion, translated from the German, 8vo, 10s 64 Riwngion ... 

Scholar's Companion to the Bible, new edit., 12ino, 2s Varty.. 

(/.iT.) Stories for Weekdays and Sundays, ISmo, Is Ro>ulledge ., 

Burrowdale, a Tale, cr. 8vo, limp, 2s Hamilton .. 

Burrowes {J.F.) Pianoforte, Guide to the Practice of, 18mo, 2s 64 IXAlmtUne.. 

Primer, 12mo, 4s Simpkin.. 

Thorough Bass Primer, ISbno, 7s Simpkin.. 

Companion to, 4s, 1856 ; Key to, 4s Simpkin., 

(Pet.) Select Speeches and Memoir, 8vo, 12s 64 Sin^kin.. 

Burrows (O.M.) Treatise on Disorders of Cerebral Circulation, 8vo, 10s 64 Longman 

(H. W.) Parochial Sermous, 12mo, 1st and 2nd series, each 6s J. H.JsJ. Parker 

— (Mary) Sketches of Our Village, and other Rhymes, 12mo, 2s ed Longman 

(Montagu) P&ss and Class, an Oxford Guide Book, 2nd ed., fcap. 8vo, 6s J.B.AJJ*arker 

(Wm.) Adventures of a Mounted Trooper in Australian Police, 12mo, Is 64 BotUledge ..... 

Bursill (Hen.) Hand Shadows thrown upon the Wall, 4to, 2s ; ooL, 8s 64 Cfriffith <fe F. . 

— 2nd series, 4to, 2s; ooL, 8s 64 GrifithdeF.. 

Bnrslem (/2o^) Peep into Toorkisthan, 8vo, 8s 64 Bidiardtone . 

(Wm.) Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption, post 8vo, 6s ChurchiU .... 

BursUl (E.) Handbook for Pilots and Coasters on the River Thames, 8vo, Is 64 Allen <Cr Co. . 

Burt (Alf.) Treatise on Different Systems of Life Assurance, 8vo, 7s ed E.WiUon 

(J.T.) Results of System of Separate Confinement in Prisons, 8vo, 8s 64.. 

~(M.A.) German Poets, Specimens of Choicest Productions of the, 2e., 8vo, 6s 64 A.HaU 
{T.S.)J- ■ — - - - — - - 

I Metrical Epitome of the Histoiy of England prior to George I., 8vo, 8s... P,Bichardton., 

■ Miscellaneous Papen on Scientific Subjects, post 8vo, 8s Allen A Co, .. 

(TTm.) Curiosities of Nature, 12mo, 7s 64 AllemkCo 

Burton(C%.) Lectures on the Deluge and World after the Flood, 8vo, 12s Hamilton 

-Millennium, 12mo, 7s 64 Hamilton 

-World before the Flood, 8vo, 12s HamiUon 

(C.J.) Creation: an Illustration of the Mosaic Record, 8vo, 9s Bivington .... 

Three Lectures on '*Arehbishop Cranmer,'* cr. 8vo, 8s BeUdsDaldy, 

— (C7.) oji4DelaRue (IT.) Tables of Chemical Bquivalenta, Ptl, 4to, 4s TaylordtW... 

— (E.) Theological Works, with Memoir, 6 vols. 8vo, 60s J.H.tkJ.Parker: 

Absolving Power of the Churoh, 8vo, 8s64 J.H.AJ.Parker\ 

Greek Testament, with English Notes, 6th edit., 8vo, 10s 64 J.H.AJSarker 

History ol the Christian Churoh, 12mo, 6s ed\ new ed., 6s Parker A S(m... 

Lectures on Ecclesiastical Histoiy to A.>. 318, new edit, 8vo, 12s J. H.dJ. Parker 

~(F.B.) Astronomy Simplified, 12mo, Is Simpkin 

■ Distant Glimpses; or. Astronomical Sketches, 12mo, 4s 64 Pickering 

Slectivt Polarity the Univenal Agent, 2nd edit, 8vo, 7s Simpkin .. 










lia BURTON ^BUSHNAN 1885-1862 

Barton ((?.) Chronology of Stamford, 12mo, Ci JMughe$ 1S46 

(£f.^.) Lind&b, ft Metrical Bomanoe, 8yo, 5« Smith A Elder,. 1%^^ 

{John) Christian Derotednefls, fcap. 8to, U Snow i860 

\JM.) Book Hunter, &c., 12mo, 7« 6rf Blackwoods ...1862 

History of Scotland, 1689-1748, 2 vola. 8vo, 26« Longman 1853 

Introdaction to Stady of "Bentham'g Works," roy. 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 184.3 

— — Law of Bankruptcy, &c., Scotland, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 84« Simpkin 1845 

Lives of Lord Lovat and Duncan Forbes, post Svo, 9c Chapman db H. 1^4,7 

Manual for Emigrants, 12mo, ii6d .^... Chamften 1851 

of the L&w of Scotland, new ed., 2 vols, post 8to, each 5« Simpkin 1855 

Narratives from Criminal Trials, Scotland, 2 v. post 8vo, i8» Chapman A H. 185* 

■ Political and Social Economy, 12mo, 2« 6<i Chamhen 184.9 

(Mary). See Cryer. 

(Nat.) History of Eilmainham Hospital, Svo, lOt Longmun 1843 

Voyage to Alexandria and Jerusalem, 12mo, (»c Bagster 1838 

(i2o6(.) Anatomy of MeUncholy, new edit., Sto, St 6d Tegg 1861 

(R.F.) City of the Saints, and Rocky Mountains to California, 2nd ed., Sro, 18« Loii^man i86a 

Falconry in the Valley of the Indus, post 8vo, 6s Van Voord ...1852 

First Footsteps in Eastern Africa, 8vo, 18« Longman 1856 

Qoa and the Blue Mountains, post 8yo, lOs 6d BeiUUy 1851 

Lake Regions of Central Africa, 2t. 8vo, Sis 6<2 Longman i860 

Pilgrimage to El Medinah & Meccha, 8 v. Sto, 43«, 1855-6; 2 e. p. 8to,24« Longman 1857 

Scinde; or, the Unhappy Valley, 2 t. post 8vo, 21« Bentley 1851 

Sindh, and Races of the Valley of the Indus, 8vo, 12s Allen AOo 1851 

( fT. ) Walker's Essays and Correspondence, 8vo, 8« 6rf Longman 1838 

(W.H.) Law of Real Property, by Cooper, new edit., 8vo, 24* Stevens 1856 

{W. W.) State of Religion and Education in New South Wales, Sto, 12« ......... Crou 1840 

Burton; or, the Siege, a Romance, by Ingraham, 2 y. cr. Sto, 10s %d Wiley 1838 

Burtt {G.J.) Bxempla Necessaria ; Elementary latin Exercises, Srd edit., ISmo, 2s6<2 WhiUdker i860 

Bury {Baronets B. de) Germania, its Courts, &c, 2 t. Sto, 28s CoBmm 1850 

{Lady C.) DeToted, a NoTel, 8 t. post Svo, 81s 6d Bentley 1836 

Diary, IllustratiTe of the Times of Geoige IV., 2 t. post 8to, 21«... Colbam 1838 

Divorced, a Tale, 2 t., 21«, 1837; 12mo, Is BouHedge 1838 

Family Records ; or, the Two Sisters, 8 t. post Svo, 81» 6d Saitnders <fe 0. 1841 

Love, aNovel,8v.p.STO,dls6<i, CoUnim^ 1837; fc. Svo, UQd Routledge i860 

(^ir.) Garden Meditations, ISmo, U^d Rel Trad Soc 1838 

{TaJb,) Remains of Ecclesiastical Woodwork, folio, 21s WeaU 1847 

Rudimentary Styles of Architecture, Srd edition, 12mo, Is 6d Weale 1856 

iVitcL) Standing Orders on the Oi^K&iuzation, &c., of Volunteer Corps, ZsM ... Parker & Son i860 

Bury St. Edmunds, Visit to, ISmo, 2t 6d Hatchard 1845 

Wills and Inventories, 4to Camden Society 

Busby {Stan.) Lectures on English Poetry, 12mo, 3s Whittaker 1837 

— — (7%o.) Dictionary of Musical Terms, 12mo, 7« Whittaker 1840 

Busch (2>r.) Reductions of Bradley's Observations, 4to sheets, Ss Gardner 1839 

(0.) German Conversation, Manual 0^ 12mo, 4s TrUbner 1856 

Bush (C.K.) Summary View of the Evidences of Christianity, fcap. Svo, 8s 6<2 Longman 1845 

{Dr. C.) Rectum, on the, Svo, 21s WiUy 1839 

(/*.) Christian Stewardship Exemplified, 12mo, 8s Mason 1849 

((?.) Anastasis, or the Doctrine of the Reenrrection, 12mo, 6s Wiley 1844 

— — — Hierophant, or Journals of Sacred Symbols and Prophecy, Svo, 9s Wiley ...1844 

Mesmerism, Relation of, to the Doctrines of Swedenborg, 12mo, 4s 6d Newhery 1847 

Notes on Exodus, 2 v. 8to, 12« ; Genesis, 2 t. Svo, 12* New York 185a 

— Joshua, Sto, 5s; Judges, Svo, 5s New York 185* 

Leviticus, Svo, 5s; Numbers, Svo, 7s New York 185a 

. On the Resurrection, 12mo, IsQd Wiley 1845 

Soul, 12mo, 8s 6d Wiley 1845 

- (/os^) Evangelical Sermons, fcap. Svo, 4s 6(]{ Hamilton 184a 

- Sermons at Long Ashton, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 184a 

{Mrs.) Memoirs of the Queens of France, 2 v. p. Svo, 21s, 184a ; n.e.,2v. 12s Colbvm 1848 

(TAo.) Memorial of, 12mo, 8s Mason 1849 

Bush Wanderings of a Naturalist in Australia Felix, fc. Svo, 2s 6d, i860 ; n.e. ZsQd Routledge i86a 

Bushby {£dw.) Essay on the Human Miiid, 12mo, 4s 6(£, 1835 ; new edit., 2s 6d ... Whittaker 1854 

Introduction to the Study of the Scriptures, 5th edit, 12mo, 2s Qd... Whittaker 1848 

■ (iT./.) Election Manual, 12mo, 6s Benning 1857 

Widow Burning, a Narrative, post Svo, Zs6d Longman 1855 

Bushe (CJT.) View of the Evidences of Christianity, 12mo, Zs 6d Longman 1845 

Bushell {Cha.) Rigger's Guide and Seaman's AssJBtant, 12mo, Srd edit., 4s Hamilton 1857 

Bushnan (J.S.) Flowers and their Poetry, square, new edit., red. to 2s 6<i JtotUledge 1855 

■ History of the Saline Treatment of Cholera, Svo, 8s 6(2 Orr 1850 

■ HomcBopathy and the Homoeopaths, 12mo, 5s Churchill 1852 

— — Household Medicine and Surgery, 12mo, Is 6rf Houlston 1858 

Miss Martineau and Her Master, 12mo, 5s ChurchiU 1851 

Observations on Hydropathy, 12mo, 4s Churchill 1846 

• Philosophy of Instinct and Reason, post Svo, 5s Longman 1837 

Fhyiidogy of Animal and Vegetable Life, pott Svo, Is 6d Houlston 1855 

1835-1862] BUSHNAN BUTLER 1 1 3 

BiiBlmaii {J.S.) EeligioQB BeyiTals in Relation to Nerrons and Mental IHseases, 8to, 1$ ChurchUl i860 

Bushnell (i7or.) Christian Nnrtore, 12mo, U 6rf, Zow, 1861 ; 12mo, U 6d Nelson 1861 

Diacooraes; Qod in Christ, post 8vo, Chapman, 1850; Zt 6d Triihner i86» 

Nature and the Sapematuial, post 8vo, 6« ; cheap edit, Zs 6d Xow 1861 

' New Life, or. Syo, 4s Qd ; cheap edit, fcap. 8vo, 1« 6d Low i860 

Businees and Pleasure ; or, Social Progress, 18mo, 2s Ed. Tract Soc. 1854 

Life : the Experience of a London Tradesman, 2nd ed., fcap. 8vo, 28 6d ... Houlston i86i 

Man's Note Book, edited by Hogg, 12mo, 9s Hogg 1857 

Busk (Hant) Description of the Rifle, and How to Use It, 8th edit, 12mo, 2s 6(2... Rouiledge 1859 

Handbook for Hythe, 12mo, 2s 6rf RoutUdge i860 

On Efficiency of the Navies of the World, post 8vo, 7s 6d RouUedge 1859 

Oiganization and Drill of Rifle Volunteers, 12ino, ls6d RoutUdge 1850 

Rifleman's Manual, 8vo, 7s 6rf NohU 1858 

—^ Tabular Arrangement of Company Drill, roy. 8vo, 3s RoutUdge i860 

Target Register, 4th edit, 8vo, Is RoutUdge i860 

— (Ifrs. TTm.) Biographical Sketches, European and Asiatic, 16mo, 5s Newby 1847 

History of Medieval Popes, Emperors, &c., 4 v. po8t8vo, 42s ffookham 1856 

Plays and Poems, 2 v. 12mo, 21s Hookham 1837 

Buss (JST.) Mother's Medical Present, 18mo, 2s 6d Jat.BUtckwood i860 

Bus8ey( Bible Stori^ square 16mo, 5s Thomoi 1840 

Fables, orij^inal and selected, illustrated by Grand ville, roy. 8vo, 14s... WiUoughby ...1841 

— Histoiyof Napoleon and of France, 2 v. imp. 8vo, 42s Tkomas 1840 

Bustead (7^^. IF.) Trades Union, Combinations and Strikes, Is Steven* i860 

Bnswell (fTm.) Plain Parochial Sermons, 12mo, 6t HatcKard 1842 

Busy Body, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s fld BentUy 1843 

Busy Hives around us : Trips to the Mine, Workshop, and Factory, fcap. 8vo, 8s 6(i Hogg i860 

Butcher (Wm.) Plain Discourses to a Country Congregation, new ed., 12mo, 8s 6(i ... Oroombridge ...1844 

Butler (AUt.) Lives of the Fathers, new ed. by Husenbeth, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 42s Dolman 1857 

— 12 V. 8vo, 60s; plates, 72s Dolman 1847 

12mo, 42s T,Jone$ 1846 

82mo, 12s T.RichanUon... i%^7 

{Aff,} Elphinstone, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s 6d BentUy 1841 

— Herberts, a Novel, 8 V. post 8vo, 81s 6c{ Saundert itr 0. 184a 

Midsummer Eve, a Novel, 8 V. post 8vo, 81s 6<i Saunders <S: 0. 1842 

M. 5.) Church Catechism Explained, 18mo, Is 6<i Royston 1856 

(Mrs.C.) Coloured Nursery Picture Books, 4 v. 16mo, ea. Is 6rf DeandsSon ...1856 

■ Ice King and Sweet South Wind, new ed. 16mo, 8s 6d ; coloured, 5s... Addey 1854 

' (Chas.) Guide to Geography, 18mo, IsQd; with liaps, 2s Dean tic Son ...1846 

Useful Knowledge, 8rd edit, ISmo, Is 6c{ DeandsSon ...1848 

Medicine Chest Directoiy, new edit, 12mo, 8s 6d Simpkin i860 

(DianaS Heirs of Blackridge Manor, a Tale, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s 6d Chapman Je /T. 1856 

-(^.) Lessons on Plane Trigonometry, 12mo, 2s Cd Groombridge ...1862 

(ifrs.^.j Francis the First, a Tragedy, 8vo, 5s 6d Mwray 1832 

Journal of a Residence in America, 2 v. post 8vo, 18s Murray 1835 

• Poems, 12mo, 2s M Washboume ...1849 

Star of Seville, a Druna, 8vo, 5s 6d Saunders AO, 1837 

Year of Consohition, Poems, 2 v. postSvo, 21s Moxon 1847 

(C?eo.) Family Prayers, post 8vo, 5s Macmdllan ...1862 

- Lectures on Principles of Imitative Art, new edit, 12mo, 68 Parker A Son 1853 

■ Sermons preached in Cheltenham College Chapel, post 8vo, 7s.6<i Macmillan 1862 

■ Village Sermons preached on Tyneside, 12mo, 8s J.H,d;J.Parkeriisj 

— (C7apt.^.) South African Sketches, imp. 4to, 81s 6<2 Adcermann ...1841 

{H.M.\ Sermons preached in the Chapel of Harrow School, cr. 8vo, 7s (W Macmillan ...1861 

(£fp./.) Works, 2 v.8vo,lls,/.jfir.<fc/.Parib«', 1844; 12mo,6s, 1850; n.c., 8s6rf Tegg i860 

by Halifax, 8vo, 7s 6rf Washboume ...iZso 

Analogy of Religion, 18mo, 2s E.Law i860 

12mo, 4s, RivingUm\ 12mo, 4s 6d J.H.deJ.Parkeri%^6 

byBame^l8mo, 2s, i2au/^ec{^«; n.e.,12mo, 2#6rf Hamilton 1859 

Croly,fcap. 8vo, 4s6rf, 1839; n. e.l2mo, 2s 6rf A.HaU i8co 

■ Fitzgerald, 8vo, 10s 6^,1848; 2nd edit, 1s6d Tegg i860 

— « ^Halifax, n.e., 12mo, 2s, Tegg^ 1862; 8vo, 4s6(i Washboume ...1836 

Steere, 8vo, 12s, 1858; 12mo, 6s Bell d: Daldy... iS6% 

Wilson, 12mo, 4s; new edit, 2s Oriffin 1846 

Analysis of, by Bushby, 8vo, 6s ....*. Longman 1840 

Duke, 8vo, 4s 6<i Masters 1847 

Gorle, 18mo, 8s WhUtaker 1855 

— —_ Hobart, 12mo, 4s Longman 1834 

Parkinson, 2nd edit, 18mo, Is... Peiheram 1850 

Pughe, 18mo, 8s 6d Whittaker 1842 

Wilkinson, 8vo, 5s J.H.AJ,Parktri%^y 

- and Select Sermons, new edit, 12mo, 2s6d Chambers i860 

-byWalford,post8vo, 8s6rf... H.Bohn i860 

• Catechetical Help to, by Hutton, 8 e., p. 8vo, 4s 6d Rivingtan 1 859 

- Handbook, by Swainson, post 8vo, Is 6d MacmiUa/n 1856 

• Index to, by Bentham and Bartlett, 8vo, 2s M... Parker d: Son... iS^* 


J 14 BUTLER BUXTON [Ehoush Catalooot 

Butler (i^./.)Aiuilogj of Beligion, with Sennons, and life, by Angus, I2m0f Zs6d ... JULTract Soc. 1S55 

■ Goyernment of the Tongue, 12mo, 1« Oroombridge ...jSs7 

Life, Writingg, &c., by Bmrtlett, 8vo, 12» Parker d: Son... iZ'is 

Remains (hitherto unpublished), edited by Steere, 8vo, Is 6d RivingUm 1853 

■ Sermons, 12mo, 2«, Tegg\ 8vo, 4« 6d E.Law 1848 

• and Remains, by Rev. E. Steere, 12mo, 6« BtU JeDaldy...i%(t% 

• — ■ at Rolls Chapel, Dublin, with Notes, new edit, Svo, 7« Longman 1859 

— on Human Nature, edit, by Whewell, newed., 12mo, Zs6d... Parker d: Son. ..I^SS 

Moral Subjects, edited by Whewell, 12mo, 3» 6d Parker d: Son... iS^^ 

■ (Haj.J.) Travels and Adventures in the Provlnoe of Assam, Svo, 12s Smithdc Elder,. 1%SS 

{Jno.) Horse, and How to Ride Him, fcap. 8vo, 1« 6<i Houltion 1861 

— {J,0,) Geography of the Globe, by Rowbotham, 11th edit., 12mo, U^d Simphm 1859 

New Introduction to Geography, 18th edit, 12mo, 2s 6d Walker 1859 

• Questionson Roman History, new edit, 12mo, 5s 6d Simpkin 1827 

(P.E.) Songs of the Sanctuary, and other Poems, 82mo, Zs 6d HoUchard 1837 

— (LadyR) Jessie Cameron, a Highland Story, new edit, 12mo, 2s 6d Blackwoods ...1857 

The Prophecy, 2 v. post 8vo, 21» BetUley i86» 

(i2icA.) Sermons on Holy Communion, 12mo, la 6d Hatckard 1858 

Home Duties, 12mo, Is 6d Hatckard 1858 

Morning Service, 12mo, 2s 6d Uatchard 1858 

- (Bp.S,) Ancient and Modem Geography, n. ed., 2 v. 12mo, each 4^; 1 v. 7s Qd Longman 1855 

abridged by Cunningham, 12mo, 2s... Longman 1836 

Atlas, Anc, 12s; Mod., 10s6<2; Jun. Anc, 4« 6d ; Jun. Mod. 4s6d Longman ...Various 

■(Sam.) Canada Guide, Is Qd Simpkin 1858 

Hudibras, ed. by H. Bohn, p. Svo, 6s ; 2 v., with 62 Portraits, 10s If. Bohn 1 859 

Robert Bell, fcap. Svo, 5s Griffin 1861 

Notes, by Nash, Svo, 12s; 2 v. post Svo, 21s WaMoume ...1847 

Life and Notes, by GilfiUan, 2 v. Svo, 9s Nid>et 1854 

Poems, with Memoir by Mitford, 2 v. 12mo, lOs Pickering 1835 

Poetical Works, Life and Notes by Robert Bell, 8 v. 12mo, 7s 6d Parker d: Son... i^s 

— (T.) Practical and Doctrinal Scripture Truths, Svo, 6s J.P.Skaw i860 

Truths of Catholic Religion proved from Scripture, 2 v. 12mo, 6* Dolman 1843 

- (Wm.) Arithmetical Questions, by Bourn and Frost, 14th edit, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1853 

Chronological, Biographical, fcc, Exercises, 12mo, 7s 6d Simpkin i860 

Exercises on the Globes and Maps, 12mo, 6s ; Key to, 2s 6d Simpkin 1841 

First Latin Grammar, 12mo, 2s Loi^man 1838 

Cteographical Exercises on the New Testament, new ed., 12mo, 5s Qd... Simpkin 1848 

and Biographical Exercises, 27th edit, 12^o, 4s Simpkin 1848 

■ Introduction to Arithmetic for Ladies, 12mo, 4s 6rf Simpkin i860 

Outline Maps, 4to, and Key, 12mo, 4s Griffith dsF. ...i860 

Questions in English History and Biography, new edit, 12mo, 4« Sim^n 1853 

— (^isn) Two Millions, and Nothing to Wear, 12mo, Is, iran2<i*^.,i858; 12mo,ls Low 1858 

^{W.Archer) Lectures on History of Ancient Philosophy, 2 v. Svo, 25s Macmillan 1856 

■ Letters on Romanism, by Woodward and Hardwick, newed., Svo, 10s 6<^ Macmillan 1858 

— Sermons, First Series, with Memoir, new edit, Svo, 12s.... a Macmillcm 1859 

■ Second Series, Svo, 10s 6d Macmillan 1857 

(IF./.) Lectures on the Prophecies, 12mo, 6s Hamilton 1838 

Sermons for Workii^; Men, new edit, post Svo, Qs 6d Masters i860 

Butler's Chiide to Brewing, Management of Wines, &c., 12mo, Is 6d Dean ds Son ...1858 

■ Wine Dealer and Private Brewer's Guide, by a Practical Ii^m, 12mo, 58 Bigg 1850 

Butler and Yacht Steward's Manual, 2nd edit, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1851 

Butt (/sooc.) History of Italy, 2 v. Svo, 86s Chapman ds H.1S60 

Lectures on Protection to Home Industry, 8vo, Zs6d Parker d! Son .1^4/^ 

(7%o.) Sermons at Trentham, Svo, I0s6d Bivington 1838 

Butter-Cups and Daisies ; or. Short Stories, 16mo, Is Darton 1855 

Butter^s Commercial Price Bcwk of Manufactures, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1846 

Butter (Hen.) Etymological Spelling Book, 238th edit, 12mo, Is 6d Simjiin i860 

— — Gradations in Spelling and Reading, 36th edit, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1848 

Tangible Arithmetic and Geometry, small size, in box, 3s ; laige, 4s 6d Myers 185a 

Butterfield (iTft^.) Homilies for Earnest Enquirers, ISmo, 2s6d Seeley , 1839 

Butterflies in their Floral Homes, with Illustrative Fables, 4to, 81s 6d ^ Jerrard 1857 

Butterfly Collector's Yade Mecum, 12mo, 6s Longman 1836 

Butterfly's Ball and Grasshopper's Feast, by Comus, new edit, 4to, Is Qd Nelson 1857 

Butterton (G.A.) Parochial Sermons, Svo, js 6d Hatckard 1846 

ButterworUi {Edw.) Statistical Sketch of County of Lancaster, 12mo, 4s 6d Longmcm 1841 

• (JETcw.) Transfer Stamp Ready Reckoner, 12mo, 2s 6rf E.Wilwn 1846 

(/.) County Courts Practice Rules and Orders, 12mo, 2s WkiUaker 1857 

Buttmann (Ph.C.) Irregular Greek Verbs, translated by Fishlake, Svo, 7s 6<i Murray 1844 

Larger Greek Grammar, by Supf, Svo, 12s Whittaker 1848 

Lexilogus ; or, Greek Verbs, by Fishlake, 6th edit, 8vo, 12s ... Murray 1861 

Buxton (Cfia.) Slavery and Freedom in the British West Indies, fcap. Svo, 3s 64 Longman i860 

{R.) Guide to Manchester Flowering Plants, 12mo, 6s, Zoji^wum*, 1849; ^s... Simpkin 1859 

{T.F.) African SUve Trade and its Remedy, with Sequel, 8vo, 5s Mwrray 1840 

— — — — Memoirs and Correspondence, Svo, 16s, 1848; p.Svo,8s6<2;n.6d.,2s 6<f Murray 1861 

(Ifi/Jit) Shipowner's Manual of Mercantile Marine Law, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 185a 

1836-1862] BUY CABIN 115 

" Bny an Orange, Sir ?" or, the Hiatory of Jamie Woodford, 18mo, U JBookSoddy ...liSo 

Buyer's Order-Book, with Scale of Profit, 2t Qd E.WiUon 1854 

BayeiB (YFtn.) Letters on India as r^^ards Christianity, 12mo, 6s Snow 1840 

Recollections of Northern India, 8vo, lOt 6c^ Snow 1848 

Byam (E.S.) Backslider's Mirror, fcap., 2» 6d Simpkin 1845 

— {Geo, ) Wanderings in Western Bepublics of America, post 870, 7< 6c2 Parker it Son. ..1850 

Wild Life in the Interior of Central America, 12mo, 5$ Parker df Son... iZ^$ 

Bye-Lanes and Downs of England, by Sylyanus, post 8yo, 10« 6(/, 1850 ; 12mo, 2t Qd BenUey 1857 

Byers {J.B.) Sermons Preached in the Parish Church of Pembroke, 12mo, 5« Binm 1854 

(SeliHci^ Agnes Hope ; or. Youthful Example, a Tale, 12mo, Zs 6d BiwM 1855 

Byles (/.-B.) Observations on the Usury Laws, 12mo, 6» Sweet 1845 

— — _- Sophisms of Free Trade and Political Economy, 12mo, 6$ ; cheap edit.,2« Sedey 1851 

Treatise on Law Bills of Exchange, new edit., 8vo, 22« Swe^ i86» 

Byng (^ro. ^.(7.) Sermons for Households, roy. 12mo, d« 6<£ Rivington 1861 

Byres (/as.) Etrurian Antiquities, edited by Howard, Pts. 1 to 6, fol., each 21« Pickering 184a 

Byrne (/.(7.)Wanderings in the British Colonies, 1885-47, 2t. 8vo, 28« BeniUy 1848 

{Ja9.) Diaeourses : Naturalism and Spiritualism, 8^0, 6f Simpkm 1856 

(J.O.) Emigrant's Guide to Port Natal, 5th edit., sewed, 18mo, la E, Wilson 1850 

(/.P.) Handy Book on tJie Law of Diroroe, 2« Davis de Son ...i%(Si 

Patents, new edit, 2«6c2 Davink Son... i96i 

—(J.IL) Sermons in different Styles, 12mo, 2s Skeffington i860 

- (OUv,) Diagrams and Symbols to Euclid, Books 1 to 6, 4to, 21$ Pickering 1848 

Doctrine of Proportion, 8vo, 0* 6d Atchley 1841 

-Machinists, Pocket Companion for, 12mo, roan tuck, 6i6d New York 1851 

• Method of Calculating Lc^garithms, post 8yo, is 6d Simpkin 1849 

Treatise on Spherical Trigonometry, 8vo, is 6d Valpy 1835 

(Ifiw.) Poems, 12mo, 2s6d Oroombridge ...1$$$ 

Byrom (John) Journal and Literary Remains of, edit. Parkinson, Y.l, 2 pts., Y. 2, 1 pt. Chetham Soc. . 

(TTiit.) Sketches from Life— Alice Jevons, &c.,' 12mo, 4s A,BaU 1852 

Byron {Lord) Works and life, by Moore, 17 ▼. fp. 8vo, 86«, 1832-7— red. to 63« ... Murray 1846 

Works, 8 V. 8vo, 84«, 1840 ; 6y. 8to (Murray's Classics), i6s Murray 1856 

med. 8to, 15« — red. to 10s 6d; people's edit., 8vo, 9« Murray 1859 

10 V. fcap., 80a, 1851 ; 8 v. 24mo, 20«, 1853 ; 1 v. p. 8vo, Qs Murray i860 

by Cunningham, 12mo, 78 6d, Daly; by H. Bulwer, 6« ... ScoU ..^ 1853 

cr. 8vo, 7s 6dy Simpkin, 1861; 24mo, 8« 6d, Bohn, 1847; 8«6d Knig?UdfSon...iZs6 

Life and Letters, by Moore, 8 v. 8vo, 45«, 1833 ; 6v. 12mo, 18« Murray 1851 

m.8T0,15< — red.lO«6<2; people's e.,8yo, 9a Murray 1859 

• Amaldo, Gaddo, and other Unacknowledged Poems, 8vo Oroomhridge ...1836 

-Beauties of Prose and Verse, fcap. 8vo, 8a 6d Murray 1853 

- Childe Harold, Illust., r. 8to, 42a, 1841; 8vo, 21a, 1844; n.e. p.8TO,21a Murray 1858 

Vignettes, po8t8vo, 6a, i852;24mo, 2a6(i; 18mo, la6rf Murray i86a 

Hobhouse's Historical Illustrations to, 8to, 14a Murray 1859 

- Oonversations with the Countess Bleesington, new edit., 8vo, 7i CoUmm 1850 

- Don Juan, 2 y. 24mo, 5a, Murray, '853; 18mo, 2a 6<i Field i860 

- Dramas, 2 v. 24mo, 5a Murray 185a 

-Dream, illustrated by Mrs. Lees, imp. 4to, 21a Didnnson 1849 

• Eastern Tales, Poetry, 12mo, 2a Kent 1859 

- Finden's Beauties of, 4to, 81a 6d Boguc 1830 

Illustrations to, 2 y. roy. 8yo, 68a Bogue 1835 

— Illustrations (Byron (Jallery), new edit., roy. 8yo, 12a Smithtk Elder 1850 

byChalon, &c., 4to, 80a Zimgman 1845 

— Life by Armstrong, 18mo, la 8d, Simpkin, 1846 ; by Ghilt, 6a Colbwrn 1837 

— Miscellaneous Poems, 2 y. 2 4mo, 5a Murray 1853 

— Poetical Works, imp. 8vo, new edit., 80a Blackie i860 

illustrated by K. Meadows, 8yo, 12a VizeUUy 1836 

with Life, Ac., by Anderson, 2 y, roy. 8yo, 84a Fullarton 1850 

■ Poems and Tales, illustr. by Finden, 2 y.8yo, 21a, 1847 — red. to 10a Qd Bohn 1851 

with Illustrations, 12mo, 3a 6d Routledge 1859 

— Sardanapalus, 24mo, la Murray 1853 

Tales and Poems, 24mo, 2a6(i Mwrray 1853 

Byron {Lord) and Comic Dramatists of the Restoration, by T. B. Macaulay (Tray . Lib. ), la Longm^m 1853 

^ Shelley, Recollections of , by Trelawny, post 8yo, 9a Moxon 1858 

Byron ; Sakthiel, or, the Martyrs, and other Poems by -ffimilia Julia, post 8yo, 2a ^d Routledge 1855 

Bythewood (IF.) Conveyancing, by Jarman and Sweet, V. 1 to 7, roy. 8vo, 9^ Sweet 1839-49 

V. 8, pt. 1, 8a Sweet 1839-49 

■ V. 9 and 11, 62a Sweet 1839-49 

V. 9, Suppt. to, 18a Sweet 1839-49 

Selection of Precedents by Shadwell, V. 1, roy. 8yo, 21a Shaw d; Sons ...1849 

•Byrth (Tho.) Remains, with Memoir, by Moncrieff, 8yo, 14a Hatchard 1851 

Bythner (Vict,) Analysis of the Psalms, by Dee and Beumohel, 8yo, 24a Wkittaker 1847 

• Hebrew and Chaldee Grammar, edited by Hessey, 8vo, 5a 6(i Bagster 1853 

Bywater (Abel) Sheffield Dialect, 18mo, 3a 6d Boulston 1839 

Caballeeo (Per,) Castle and the Cottage in Spain, tr. by Lady Wallace,2 y.p."8yo,21a Saunders A 0. 1861 
Cabin Boy: Memoirs of an Officer, 12mo, 5a Hamilton 1840 

116 CABINET CAIRNES [ENausH Catalogui 

Cabinet CoUoqnieB, or Ministerial Manoeayres, 8to, 5$ SoxUhgaU 1^39 

of Friendship, edited by W. C. Taylor, post 8vo, 108 6d Wkittaher 1835 

Modem Art ; or, Literary Souvenir, Vols. 2 and 8, small 8vo, each 21«... WhUtaker ...1835-6 

Sacred Prose and Poetry, 2 ▼. 16nio, each 2s Ball 1840 

Gazetteer of the World, 12mo, 10« 6<i Longman 1853 

Lawyer : a Popular Digest of the Laws of England, 19th ed., fc. Svo, 10« 6d . Longman i86i 

Maker's Assistant : Designs for Modem Furniture, imp. 4to, 65* BUtckie ^854 

■ Upholsterer^s, and Furnishing Design Book, obi. 4to, 30a Piptr 1855 

Pictures of Modem Painters, fol., bda, 8« 6(i Cuiidall i86a 

Portrait Gallery of British Worthies, 12 vols. 18mo, 18« Cox v.y. 

Cadart {Mile.) Le Correcteur ; or, Niceties of French Conversation, 12mo, 2t Dulau i86i 

Caddell (Cec.) Home and the Homeless, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 81« 6d Newbp 1858 

(CM.) History of Missions in Japan and Paraguay, 12mo, 2« 6d Burnt 1856 

Blind Agnese ; the Spouse of the Blessed Sacrament, 2 e., sq., 1$ Qd ... Dt^ 1856 

Flower and Frait ; or, the Use of Tears, sq. 12mo, Is Qd -Ot^/fiJ 1856 

Caddick(Jfrj.//.C.) Bride's Book, 16mo, 2» Fisher 1836 

Cadell's Campaigns of the 28th Regiment since 1802, small Svo, 9s Wkittaker 1835 

Cadman (Dan.) System of School Stenography, poet Svo, is Simpkm 1835 

Cscilia MeteUa ; or, Rome Enskved, by iBmilia Julia, post Svo, lOs^d Chapman AHaU\%$^ 

Ctedmon Paraphrase in Anglo-Saxon of Parts of the Scrips., ed. by B. Thorpe, Svo, 6« Antiq. Soe. 1832 

50 Engravings from, with Descriptive Notices, by Sir H. Ellis, 4to, 5« Antiq. Soc 183a 

Fall of Man, translated from the Anglo-Saxon by Bosanquet, post Svo, 5s... Longman i860 

Caasarde Bello Civili, Lib. 1, English Notes, for Cambridge Students, 12mo, Is 6(£... Wc^on 1859 

Chrislison, 12mo, Is 6d SimpHn 1859 

Gallico, Anthon, new edit., 12mo, is Qd Longman i86i 

Anthon's, revised by Hawkins, 12mo, is 6d Longman 1855 

•Wheeler, 12mo, is^d Tegg i86a 

- for Beginners, by Currie, ISmo, 1« 6d Grijin 1854 

• Barker, poet Svo, 6a 6d Longman n.d, 

- Cambridge Texts, by G. Long, fcap. Svo, 2« Whittaher i86i 

- Duncan and Christison, Aew edit., 12mo, is Simphin i860 

- Dymock, 12mo, 4« Longman ......n.d. 

• Hamiltonian System, 12mo, 7« 6d Aylott i86a 

-Long, 2nd edit., 12mo, 5« 6<i Wkittdker i860 

• McDowall, with Vocabulary, 12mo, 8« Simphin 1846 

- Maittaire, 12mo, 5a 6<£ Longman 1840 

- Oxford Classics, ISmo, 2a 6d J.H.^J.Par]ceri%S% 

- Schmitz et Zumpt, 12mo, 2« 6<i Chambers 1847 

•Smith, 12mo, 3a 6(£ Simphin 1842 

• Woodford's Epitome of, 4th edit, ISmo, 2a Simphin i860 

•Lib. 1-3, Oxford Classics, Is 6d J. ff. d: J. Parker i%6^ 

1-8, for Junior Classes, by Long, 12mo, 2a 6d Whittaher 1857 

1-4, Notes by J. R. Major, foap. Svo, Is 6d Tegg 1861 

1-6, Notes by W. G. Cookesley, n. ed. (Eton), 12mo, 3a6d Williams 1862 

- Latin and English, Lib. 1, by Giles, ISmo, la 6d Cornish 1856 

for Batmen, 12mo, 8a 6£^ Walton 184X 

Young, 12mo, 2a Virtue 1854 

Commentaries, Books 1-4, translated by Owgan, 12mo, la 6c2 Simphin 1858 

-Waring, 12mo, 2a Low 1848 

- Gallic War, tntnslated by Owgan and Bateman, 12mo, 28 6d... Simphin 1859 

- translated by Duncan, 12mo, fa Simphin 1847 

Mongan, 12mo, 8a 6d W.Allan 1850 

— with the Wars of Hirtius, poet Svo, 5a H.Bohn 1851 

- Helvetic War, Latin and English Interlinear, 12mo, 2a Walton 1835 

Exercises on, 12mo, la 6ci Walton 1835 

Extracts from, 12mo, 2a 6rf Walton 1835 

Life of, by Rev. John Williams, 12mo, 5a Routledge 1854 

an^ Alexander the Great, Lives of, ISmo, la 6rf Rd. Tract Soc. 1855 

Ciesar Borgia, a Romance, 3 v, p. Svo, 31a 6(i— red. to 15a, CoJhwmy 1846 ; 12mo, 2a Boutledge 1861 

Caffiro Tribes, 42 Sketches, 4to, coloured plates, 42a; tinted, 67a 6(2 Dichinson 1861 

Cage Birds (Bogue's Manuals of Utility), ISmo, la Bogue 1847 

Cagot's Hut, and the Conscript's Bride, 12mo, la 6<2 Simmsth M*l. 1852 

Cahagnet (ii.Z.) Sanctuary of Spiritualism ; Study of Human Soul, 12ino, 2s Qd ... Peirce 18 51 

Secrets of Life to Come Revealed by Ma^etism, 12mo, 4a Peirce..: 1850 

Cahill (Z>. W.) Letters addressed to Members of the Britirfi Cabinet, post Svo, 4a ... I>uffy 1856 

Caillard (C.) The French Correspondent, 12mo, 4a 6d Whittaher i860 

Caillault on the Diseases of the Skin in Children, tr. , Notes by R. H. Blake, p. Svo, Sa 6d Chwrckill 1 86 1 

Caird (Joa.) English Agriculture in 1850-51, Svo, 14a Longman 185^ 

■ High Farming under Liberal Covenants, 5t]i edit., Svo, la Blachtooods ...1849 

; Prairie Farming in America, 12mo, 8a 6d Longman 1859 

'■ West of Ireland as a Field for Investment, Svo, 6a BUichwoods ...1850 

{John) Sermons, post Svo, 7a 6rf, 1858 ; new edit, 5a Blaehwoods ...1862 

Cairo; or. Gathering of Precious Stones from Many Lands, 16mo, 6s BotUledge 1846 

Cairaes {/.£.) Lectures on Political Economy, post Svo, 6a Longman 1857 

Slave Power, its Character, Career, and Probable Designs, Svo, 10a 6d Parher <fc Son x86a 

1835-1802] CAIRNES CALMET 117 

CMrnes (IT. IT.) Vagaries of life, a Tale, 2 v. post 8to, 21« SavMdersik 0,.iSs% 

Ctkima (Adam) Qeoond Woe; Exposition of Reyelalioxi, Chaps. 10, 11, 12mo, 2t 6roombndge...i^s^ 

(Jno.) Exftmination of Ferrier's Theory of Knowing and Being, 8vo, It BamiUon 1S56 

(Fr«.)Treati8e on Moral Freedom, 8 vo, 12» Longman 1844. 

Guthness, Two Ancient Records of the Bishopric of, 4to Bamnaiijfne Cl,.i%^t 

Cklabrella {Baronets) Double Oath, a Novel, 8 y. post 8vo, 81« 6<i Bentley 1850 

Evenings at Haddon Hall, Illust. , 8vo, 81a 6<2. 1 845— red. to 6« H. Bohn 1 849 

Land of Promise, a Tale, sm. 4to, 84 6d Madden 1844 

Prism of Imagination, Tales, post 8to, 2U Longman 1844 

Thought, post 8vo, 12s Longman 1843 

Tempter and Tempted, 8 r. poet 8vo, SUM T, MiUer 184a 

Calabria and the Liparian Islands in 1860, by Blpis Helena, 8yo, 10a 6c{ SauncUrt «k 0. .1862 

Galaia, Chronicle of, 4to Camden Soc 1846 

Calasanctius and Galatini, Lives of, 12mo, U T. Richardion.,i%s^ 

Caldecott (John) Chude to Book-keeping by Double Entry, post 8vo, 5a Piper 1851 

Calder (Fred,) Elementary Arithmetic, new edit., 12mo, la 6d Longman i86x 

*—— and Higher Parts of Arithmetic, 12mo, 4»6d Longman 1851 

. ; withAjiswer8,12mo,5a6<{ Xof^mian 1851 

Exercises in Mensuration, 12mo, 8a Longman 1859 

' Higher Parts of Arithmetic, n. e., 12mo, Ss6d; with Answers, U 6d., Longman 1861 

Memoirs of Simon Episeopius, 8vo, 10a 6<2 Simpkin 1835 

■ Scripture Stories for the Toung, Illustrated, fcap. 8vo, 8a 6d ffogg 186a 

• (F. IT.) Hints on the Cure of Squinting by Operation, 8vo, 5a Benihaw 1841 

(J.T.) Sketch of the History of Caithness, from the 10th Century, p. Svo, 5a A. Hall 1861 

Calderon (/uan) Friendly Discussions with my Priest, 12mo, 8a JachondrW. ...i9s4. 

(Mod.) Life in Mexico, 8vo, 11a, Chapman AH. 1843 ; post 8vo, la 6d ... SimmtAM^I. .1852 

(Pcd) Comedias Escogidas, con Yida, 12mo, 6a 6rf Mentor 1849 

— — Dramas, translated by Fitsgerald, 12mo, isM ParherASon.. 1853 

MacCarthy, 2 v. post 8 vo, 12a Dolman 1853 

Justina, a Play, translated by 0. J. H., post 8vo, 4a BwniM 1848 

Life*s a Dream, &c.. Essay on his Life by Trench, 12mo, 4a 6a Parker A Son.., i%sS 

Love the Greatest Enchantment, &c., tr. by MacCarthy, cr. 4to, 16* ... Longman 1861 

Calderwood il>av.\ Histoiy of the Church of Scotland, by T. Thomson, 8 v. 8vo, 60a... Wodrow Soc.iZ^z-^ 

{Hen,) History of the Caffires and Caffi^ Missions, 12mo, As 6<2 Nisbet.^ 1858 

Philosophy of the Infinite, 2nd edit, enlarged, 8vo, 14a Maemilkm 1861 

Caldwell (C) Thoughts on Physical Education, 2nd edit., roy. 8vo, la Simpkin 1844 

(/r.) Art of Doing our Best, 12mo, 8a 6<i Hogg i860 

— . (/. 5.) Eesults of Blading, 8vo, 10a 6d Murray 1844 

(B.) Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian Language, 8vo, 26a Williams AN, 1 86 1 

— — - Grammar of the South Indian Family of Languages, 8vo, 21a T. Harrison ...1856 

Lectures on the llnneveUy Missions, post 8vo, 2a 6d BellA J)aldy..,j$$j 

Victoria: Present and Future of the Colony, 1865, 8vo, 5a Orr 1855 

Caldwell Family Papers, by Col. Mure, of Caldwell, 8 v. 4to Maitland Club. 

Caleb Field, a Tale of the Puritans, by Author of <*Merk]and," 2nd ed., cr. 8vo, 6a... Colhwm 1852 

Redivivus, by Alastor, post 8vo, 4a &iwicfera<fc O..1858 

Caledonia Bomana, imp. 8vo, 21a Pickering 1845 

Caleftidars of State Papers, imp. 8vo, 15a each. ^Appendix Longman ...i%^(h-6% 

Calf hill^s Answer to Martiall's TreatLse on the Cross, 8 vo Parker Soc. ...1846 

Caliph Haronn Alraschid, by Author of <* Mary Powell,'* post 8to, 2a 6<2 A, Hall 1855 

CaU to Repent, in Three Letters, 8to, 8a Hastings 1839 

upon the Great, post 8vo, 4a Seeley 1839 

Callanan (^.J7.) Observations on Typhus Fever, 8vo, Ss Benskaw 1838 

Callander (John) Early History of Rhode Island, 8rd ed., 8vo, Qs 6d Simpkin 1843 

Callaway cTho.) Dislocations, &c., of Clavicle and Shoulder Joint, 8vo, 7a Higkley 1849 

Callcott (/. IT.) Grammar of Music, by Weetrop, 12mo, 2a 6rf Mus.Bouq.Off. 1854 

West, 18mo, 2s 6d Davidson n. d, 

Pianoforte Ghrammar, abridged, 12mo Cramer 1836 

{Lady) Description of Giotto^s Chapel in PaduA, 4to, 7a 6d Dolman 1846 

— ^— Essays towards the History of Pointing, post 8vo, 9a Moxon 1836 

■ Histoire de France, 18mo, 2a 6<2 Moxon 1843 

■ History of Spain, 2 V. 12mo, 12a Murray 1835 

— — Little Arthur's History of England, new edit., 12mo, 2a 6d Murray 1861 

Bracken Burners, a Tale, 2nd edit., 12mo, la 6d Parker A Son... i%^y 

Scripture Herbal, sq. 8vo, 21a, Longman ; red. to 10a 6c{ H.Bohn 1842 

— {M.AW.H.) Child's own Singing Book, 8rd edit., 8vo, 2a Cramer 1850 

— {MariaH.) DaUy Charity, 18mo, la Soc.P.C.K. ...1853 

" Home among Strangers, a Tale, 2 V. 12mo, 9a Longman 1848 

« Two Firesides; or. Mechanic and the Tradesman, 12mo, 2a Soc.P.C.K. ... 1858 

' Callery (Jf.) and Tvan, Account of Insurrection in China, post 8vo, 2a M SmithA Elder 1853 

Callimachus, Hesiod and Theognis, Prose Translation by Banks, postSvo, 6a H.Bohn 1856 

Calling and Responsibilities of a Governess, by Amica, 12mo, 4a 6<j Long/nan 1852 

Caiman (E.S.) Errors of Modem Judaism, 12mo, 2a Wertheim 1840 

Calmet {Aug.) Dicty. of the Bible, 5v.4to,10; 10a— red. 94a 6(;; imp.8vo,24a— red.l5a H. Bohn 1847 

■ abridged by Buckley, n. e., fcap 8vo, 4a 6<£ ... Boutledge 1862 

by C. Taylor, 14th edit, imp. 8vo, 16a Tegg 1861 

118 CALMET CAMBRIDGE [Bhqush Catalogcb 

Ctihnet(Aug.) Fhilosopliy of ApparitionB, ftc, by Christmas, 2 t. cr. 8vo, 21« BenUetf 1850 

Caltha Foetaram, the Hamble Bee, by T. Cutwode, 4to RoxburffheClubiZis 

Calthrop ((?«).) Sacred Harp, Poetiy, post 8to, 7« BartleU 1846 

(Oordon) Temptation of Christ, and other Sabjects : Sermons, cr. 8to, 5s Wertheim 1862 

Warnings, &c., of Passion Week and Easter Day, fp. 8vo, 84 Wertheim i86a 

(/.) Parochial and Family Sermons, 2 v. 8to, 21< Longman 1839 

Calton (i^i^.) AnnaJs and Legends of Calais, post 8vo, 5s J.Jl.Smiih 1852 

Calver (E.K,) Constitution and Principle of a Wave S3reen, 8vo, Is 6d Weale 1858 

On Conservation and Improvement of Tidal Rivers, 8vo, 7» 6rf WecUe 1853 

Calverb (P. C.) Lectores on Coal Tar Colours and Improvements in Dyeing, 8vo, 2s ... TrUbner 1852 

Calvert (Pre,) Law respecting Parties to Suits in Equity, 2nd edit., roy. 8vo, 21s ... Benning 1847 

{Oeo.) Universal Restoration, a Poem, 2 v. post 8vo, 12* 6d Longman i86x 

{Sir H.) Journals and Correspondence, edit by Sir H. Vemey, 8vo, 14s Hwrtt A B, ...1853 

■ (/no.) Collection of Anthems, 8vo, 14s Bell <h Daldp... 1^44. 

-Gold Rocks of Great Britain and Irdand, 8vo, 10s 6<2 CkapmandjII, 1853 

— {W.) Fruit Figures, and How to Make them, roy. 8vo, plain, ls6(£; ooL,2s6<2 Dean i860 

Pneuma ; or, the Wandering Soul, a Parable, pJost 8vo, 10* 6d LongfTnan 1856 

- Wife's Manual ; Prayers, Thoughts, and Songs, 8 e., post 8vo, 10s 6d Longman i860 

Calvin (John) Works, New English Translations, 58 v. 8vo, 9Z 9s ITafnt^tofi... 1843-55 

CoMMSHTUUES, vis. :— Pentateuch, 6 v^ 36s. Joshua, &c., 1 v., 6s. Minor 
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Classical Texts, Gr. and Lat., 18mo. See Appendix BeUdeDaUy !%$%-(>% 

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Documents relating to the University and Collies of, 8 V. 8vo, 24s Longman 1852 

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1836-1862] CAMBRIDGE CAMPBELL 119 

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English, 1831-89, 12mo— red. to 3« 6(£ WaMounu ...1847 

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School and College text Books. See Appendix. 
- Class Books. See Appendix. 

Scrap Book, ob. 4to, 7» 6rf MacmUlan 1859 

Senate House Examination Papers, 1860-61, post 8yo, 28 6d MacmiUan x86a 

University Calendar for the Year 1862, 12mo (Camb.), 6s 6d BeU(isDaldy(AnnuaJ) 

■ Statutes, 13th to 16th Century, by Heywood, 2 v. 8yo, IZs 6d H.Bohn 1855 

- Student's Guide to the, fcap. 8vo, 5« 6d Bell d:Daldy...i%6z 

— — ^— Tear-Book and University Almanack, ed. by W. White, p. 8vo, 2« 6<i Macmillan{AnniuU) 

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Camden {Wm,) Devonshire Pedigrees, Visitation of 1620, 4to, 60< AMeeds Dang,\%$^ 

Cameron (Alex,) Wages' Calculator, from 28 to 42« per Week, 12mo, 3< 6d ffamilton 1854 

I {O.A.) Chemistry of Agriculture, post 8vo, 3« 6d Simpkin 1857 

\C,H,) Address on the Duties of Great Britain to India, 8vo, 6« Longman 1853 

(C.R,) Antichrist of St. John, St. PftuPs Man of Sin, &c., 8vo, 2s 6d ffoulston 1844 

Revolutions of 1848 ; Judgments on the Papacy, 18mo, 2s Painter 1848 

(D.A.) Advice on the Care of the Teeth, 18mo, 2» 6d Tegg 1838 

■ {Sir £v}an of Lochiell) Memoin otf 4to Abbotsford CL 184a 

Edited by W. Crawford and E. Pitcaim, 4to MaUland Club, 

• (G.P.) Adventures in Georgia, Circassia, &c., 2 v. post 8vo, 12« Hurst ds ^..•...1845 

• Romance of Thirty Years' Military Life, post 8vo, 5ii Houlston 1853 

— (/a«.) Lectures to Christian Mothers, 12mo, 1« ; doth. Is Qd Hamilton 1841 

— (John) Discourses, 12mo, is Sherwood 1840 

--(Co/./.) Memoir of, by Clerk, 4to, IsM A.HaU 1859 

— (J.aJ) James of the Hill, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 81« 6d Newby 1844 

{Mrs,) Addresses to Children on the Beatitudes, 18mo, \s HouUton n.d, 

— _ Emma and her Nurse, new edit., fcap. 8vo, \s 6d HotUston i86a 

Englishwomen itf Past and Present Tunes, 12mo, Zs6d Seeley 1841 

Fanny and Marten, 18mo, 2« 6d Houlston .^...1860 

Farmer's Daughter, 12mo, 2« 6(2 HouUton 1843 

Forms of Pride, 18mo, 1* Houlston n.d, 

Life of, partly an Autobiography, ed. by her Son, cr. 8vo, 7« 6d ... Darton ,1861 

— Nursery Magarine, 6 v. 18mo, each 3s 6(i HouUton 1840 

Our Neighbourhood, 12mo, 2s ^ Houlston 1839 

Use of Talents, 12mo, 2s Qd Houlst&n 1837 

• Young Backslider, 18mo, Is Houlston 1837 

■ — (Paul) Variation and Deviation of the Compass Rectified, 8vo, 10s 6d Philip A /Son... 1859 

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Cameron's Selection of Scottish Songs, 18mo, Is 6d Simpkin i860 

Cameronia, the Sister of Mercy; or, Retribution, 8vo, 2s 6<i F,J,Wilson ...1857 

Camillus (5^.) Life of , Vols. 1 and 2, 12mo, each 4s T.iZicAordsow.. 1851 

Camlan (^oroviva) Lays from the Cixnbric Lyre, 12mo, 5s Pickering 1846 

Orestes and the Avengers, 8vo, 2s 6d Parker i Son 1857 

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Books 1-5, translated by Quillinan, post 8to, 7s Moxon 1853 

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Camp Club in the Crimea ; Stories edited by Curling, post 8vo, 10s 6(i Skeet 1856 

and Barrack Room; or, British Army as it is, post 8vo, 9s Chapman cDJET.. 1846 

Camp {Norman W.) Ghiide to French Pronunciation and Reading, 12mo, 2s Low 1853 

Campaign in Holland, 1799, by a Subaltern, 12mo, 2s 6c2 Mitchell i86a 

Campan (Mad,) Conversations, English and Italian, 12mo, 4s Whittaker 1849 

French and English, 12mo, ds Qd Whittaker 1851 

Italian, 12mo, 4s Whittaker 1850 

German and English, 12mo, 4s Whittaker 1850 

• Court of Marie Antoinette, 2 v. 8vo, 12s Colhum 1851 

Campbell (.i^.) Christian Baptism, with Antecedents, &c., post 8vo, 4s 6d A,Hall 1853 

Pnose : Hymns, 24mo, 2s Sim/pk'.n 1850 

— — — System, as to Union of Christians, 12mo, 4s 6d Simpkin 1843 

New Testament, 12mo, 3s 6<i Houlston 1848 

-and Christian Praise, new edit., 18mo, 4s Simpkin 1849 

Remains and Memoir, by Wardlaw, 12mo, 6s 6d Ja^desonA W, 1845 

Remission of Sins, 8rd edit., 12mo, Is Simpkin 1846 

Sketches of Life and Character, 12mo, 5s SmUhde Elder 1842 

-(J./.) Obedience of Christ, 82mo, 8d Nisbet 1851 

Power of Jesus Christ to Save unto the Uttermost, 2nde., 12mo, 4s6d Nisbet 1861 

(Cald.) Episodes in the War— Life of a Soldier, post 8vo, 3s 6d Skeffington 1856 

Palmer's Last Lmsod, and other Poems, 12mo, 5s HouUton 1838 

120 CAMPBELL [Erolish Catalooiti 

Campbell {Cald.) Eoagh KotM of lUmblefl Abroad, fte. , 8 y. post 8vo, 81« 6<i Newbif 1 847 

■ Three Trials of Loide, and other Poems, post 8to, 7« 6rf Shoberi 1851 

Winter Nights, a Novel, 8 t. post Syo, 81«6d Newjty 1850 

(Cha$.) Baptismal Regeneration and Apostolical Saccession, 8to, 2m Rivington 1845 

((7./.) Visitor's Guide to the International Exhibition, Svo, It Author i86» 

(Z>.jy.) Synopsis of French Grammar, 18mo, It Qd E. Law 1851 

{Donald) On the Language, Poetry, and Musicof the Highland Clans, r. 8to, 7« 6c{ Simpkin 1 86z 

(DoM^&w) New Beligious Thoughts, post 8vo, 6t 6d Mantoaring ...i860 

(Dug.) Practical Text Book of Inorganic Chemistry, 12mo, 5t 6d Baillih^ 1849 

{Eliza A.)lAie Upholding, a Poem for the Young, 8vo, 3« 6d Wertheim 1861 

■ — (^eo.) Dissertation on the Miracles, Svo, 7« Tegg 1846 

India as It may Be as to Goremment and Policy, 8to, 12s Murray 1853 

Lectures on Ecclesiastical History, 8vo, 5t 6d Tegg 1840 

, '. Pastoral Character and Pulpit Eloquence, 8vo, 5s 6d ... Tegg 1840 

Systematic Theology, &c., 870, 7« Tegg 1840 

Philosophy of Rhetoric, 8vo, 6« 6rf Tegg 1850 

Scheme for the Government of India, 8vo, it .^... Murray 1853 

System of Civil Government of Modem India, 8vo, 16» !... Murray... 1852 

Ideological Works, 6 V. 8vo, 42» Tegg 1840 

.- TransUtion of the Gospels, 2 v. 8vo, 16« Tegg 1848 

> {Mrt.O.) One Hundred Voices from Nature ; or. Apples of Gold, Svo, it 6d Longman 1861 

- (Harr.) Cardinal Virtues ; or. Morals and Manners, 2 v. 12mo, Tt Parker de Son 1841 

- Katherine Randolph ; or Self- Devotion, 12mo, 1« 6d T. Hodgton ...1862 

Only Daughter, a Tale, 8 v. poet Svo, 3U 6d CoVbwm 1838 

- (/<a5.) Memoir of ; or. Peace in Believing, ISmo, lt%d A.Hall 1854 

- (/«.) British Army, as it Was, Is, and Ought to Be, 12mo, 10« Boone 1840 

Excursions and Adventures in Ceylon, 2 v. Svo, 365 Boone 1843 

Instructive Lessons, Prose and Verse, 6th edit., 12mo, Zt Simphin 1848 

-- for Junior Classes, 12mo, 2< Simpkin 1848 

Ireland, its Histoiy Past and Present, Svo, IQt Boone 1847 

{J,F,) Tales of the West Highlands, with a Translation, 2 v. fp. Svo, 16< ffamiUon i860 

-Vols. 8 & 4, fcap. Svo, 16* HamiUon 1862 

. (John) Adventures ; Lost among the Afghans, post Svo, TtM Smith A Elder 1862 

.. African Light thrown on Scripture Texts, 8rd edit, ISmo, I5 6d ... QroowJbTidge...\%^% 

.._^-i_ Church FeUowship for Young People, ISmo, 2i Snore 1847 

_^ « Comprehensive Hymn Book, Sth edit., 24mo, 3s... Swyw 1858 

^- Conquest of England : Letters to the Prince Consort, fp. Svo, 3f 6<2 Swovo 1861 

-_^ • Jethro ; an Essay on Lay Agency, post Svo, 5s /ocJb<m<tTFanii839 

^ Journey to Lattakoo, in South Africa, 12mo, \t^d Rel. Tract Soc. 1835 

,.^ . Letters on the Bible Monopoly, 12mo, 2t 6d Snow 1841 

Life and Missionary Enterprise in S. Africa, i>ost Svo, 10< Snow 1841 

.«_« Lives of British Admirals, 12mo, 2t Qd G)*iffin i860 

Maritime Discovery and Christian Missions, Svo, 12t SnMo 1840 

_^ Martyr of Erromanga ; Philosophy of Missions, 3rd edit., 12mo, 69 Snow 1843 

.-^ Missionary and Ministerial Life in the Highlands, Svo, 12f Fullarton 1853 

^ Popery and Puseyism Illustrated, 12mo, 2«6d Snow 1851 

Theology for Youth, 12mo, 1« 6<i Tfai-rf 1836 

Voyage to and from the Cape of Good Hope, ISmo, l«6d Bel.TraetSoe...i%^^ 

. and Richardson (/. W.) Sermons on Self, 12mo, 2t 6d Snow 1846 

. . (/./.) Translations from German Poets, fcap, 7« Blackwoodt ...1836 

_ (/jyr.) Nature of the Atonement, Svo, 10« 6d MacmiUan ...185$ 

. Christ the Bread of Life, 16mo, \t^d Hamilton 1851 

^ — Thoughts on Revelation,- with Reference to this Time, c. Svo, bt Macmillan ... 1 862 

(/.o/ 06aii) Memorials of his life, 12mo, 1« 6<i FtUlarton 1853 

(J.R.) Chrono-Genealogical Chart of Bible History, 12mo, St 6d Houltion 1 862 

(J.S.) Treatise on Tuberculous Consumption, Svo, 15< BaiUihre 1841 

(J,T.) Handwriting on the Wall, post Svo, 6« Saundert ik 0, 1858 

Pleasures of Home, a Poem, post Svo, ^M SaundertitO. 1857 

■ Power of Association, a Poem, Svo, 6« SaundertdsO. 1843 

Samson's Riddle ; or. Who is Jesebel? post Svo, 6« Saundeit d: 0. 1857 

(.^ody) Cabin by the Wayside, a Tale, 12mo, 1« 6<2 Routledge 1854 

Story of an Apple, Illustrated, 2nd edit., 12mo, la 6d Routledge 1854 

'(Lord) Lives of the Chancellors of England, 7 v. Svo, 51 2t Murray . .1848-50 

-4th edit., 10 v. post Svo, 60« Murray 1856 

— — Chief Justioesof England, 3 v. Svo, i2t Murray ...1849-57 

Shakespeare*s Legal Acquirements Considered, Svo, 5t 6d Murray 1859 

Speeches at the Bar and House of Commons, Svo, 12t Longman 1842 

— (Mitt) Cranmer, a Poem, post Svo, 2t 6d Hamilton 1855 

-(Mrt. 0,) Louisa's Metrical l^rench Ghiunmar, cr. Svo, 2t 6d Longman 1861 

— (/^OM.) Links in the Chain of Destiny, a Poem, poet Svo, 5t Hope 1854 

— (The.) Lectures on the Patience of Christ, 12mo, 2t 6d Nitbet 1846 

(2%o.) Beattie and Goldsmith, Poems, 16mo, 4« 6(i Walker 1855 

— Gertrude of Wyoming, a Poem, Illustrated, sq. Svo, It 6d — red. 5t Routledge 1862 

Letters from the South, 2 v. Svo, 21* CoUmm 1837 

Life and Letters, by Beattie, 8 V. Svo, 45s, IToxoH, 1 848; 3 V. p. Svo, 21« A.HaU 1850 

1^5-1 802] CAMPBELL CAPEL 1 2 L 

Campbell (Tko.) Lires of the Poets, and Essay on Poetry, p. 8yo, ^i%^ ; n.e.,8i M Murray i86i 

Memoin of, Ac, by Cyrns Bedding, 2 t. post 8vo, 2U Skeet 1859 

Pilgrim of Glencoe, poet 8to, 7« Moxon 1842 

Pieasoresof Hope, illustrated, 7«6d; post Svo, 3rd edit., 5» Low i860 

Poetical Works, by Hill, fp. Svo, 9«— red. 6«; Illnst, n. e., 8vo, 1«» RouUetfge i860 

. new edit., illnst., fcap. 8to, 5$ ; by Qilbert, d« 6d,„ BouUedge i86» 

18mo, 8j6d; medium Svo, 2i 6rf Afoxon 1849 

■ 12mo, 5« Simpkin 1837 

Specimepsof the British Poets, roy. 8vo, 16< Mwrray 1844 

with Collins* and Ofay's Poetical Woi^ 24mo, 2» RouiUdge i860 

• and Coleridge (S,T.) Poems, with Lires, fcap. 8to, 8« M HouUUm 1856 

-{W<d,) Old Forest Banger ; or. Wild Sports of India, 2nd edit, cr. 8to, 8« A,HaU 1851 

-(>r.i>.)TheBaidof Albyn, a Poem, post 8yo, 5< Mackenzie 1854 

- (fTm.) Bzpositi<m of the Crown Lands of Aostralia, 8ro, 5» Blackwoodt ...1855 

Instmctions to Ifidwires and Nurses, 12mo, i^6d Longman 1836 

Introduction to Ptaetice of Midwifery, 2nd edit., 8to, 16# Siw^n 1843 

Manners and Customs of British India, 8to, Ss Snow 1858 

• Memoir on Bxtra-Uterine Gestation, 8to^ 6i 6d Sini^i>kin 1840 

Campbells (The) a Norel, 8 t. post 8to, 81« M Newbg 1859 

Campe (/.J/.) Bobinson the Younger ; or, the New Crusoe, 12mo, 2« RouUedge 1855 

Campin (Fra.) Diagrams to Facilitate the Calculation of Iron Bridges, obL 4to, 2t 6d Spon 1861 

■ Practice of Hand-Turning in Wood, Ivory, Shell, Ac., sm. post 8vo, 6$ J^n 1861 

Campkin (Hen,) Peter Little and the Lucky Sixpence, ftc., 8to, 2t 6d Aardwicke 1861 

Tales of the OWen Kme, 12mo, 8« WMdsM. ...1858 

Camplin(/.ir.) Treatment of Diabetes, 2nd edit., 12mo, 8« 6d Churehill i860 

Camprodon (Pro,) Flower of a Day, a Drama, trans, by Ptoker, post 8yo, 2« M Parker <C; ^n.. 1853 

Oamus (i^.) Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, by Hawkins, 8vo, 12< M.Taylor 1836 

Can Woman Begenerate Society ? 12mo, 8« 6<f Parker d: Son.,. i%^i 

Canada and the Western States of America Described, 8vo, it BaiUiire .^....1859 

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, &c., 8vo, 15f Cradock 1843 

— — »- Plan for its Systematic Colonisation, fcc, by an Officer of Bank, 8yo, 2« 6<£... Hatekard 1850 

Canadas (Views in the), imp. fo)., 84« ; L p., 6i 64 ; coloured and mounted, 8/ 8«.... McLean 1840 

Canadian Scenery, by N. P. Willis, Illustrated by Bartlett, 2 y. 4to, 63« Virtue 184a 

Settler's Ghiide (The), 10th edit., sm. cr. 8yo, U Stanford i860 

Canary (The), (Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Nightingale, ^, How to Bear Them, 12mo, U Bickere At BvMhitdi, 

Canch (Jno.) Funeral Guide, 12mo,. 2e Author 1840 

Candler (/oAm) Notices of Hayti, 12mo, 2f W Ward 1841 

Candlish (A>6.^.) Atonement, its Beality, Completeness, &c., cr. 8yo, *!s M Nelton i860 

Christian's Sacrifice of Thanksgiying, 18mo, 1« 6<i Nitbei 1856 

■ Crossof Christ; Inquiry on the Atouement, 12mo, 2i Oroombridge ..,i%4^s 

————— Bzamination of '* Maurice's Theological Bssays," cr. 8vo, 6# Nitbet 1854 

' Bxposition of the Book of Genesis, 3 y. 12mo, 16« Nelson 1862 

— — — Life in Bisen Sayiour ; Discourses on Besurrection, cr. 8yo, 7$ 6d . Black 1858 

■ Beason and Beyelation, post 8yo, 8< 6c{ Nelson 1859 

— Scripture Characters and Miscellanies, cr. 8yo, 6$ M NeUon 1857 

— — — ^— Two Great Commandments, a Series of Discourses, cr. 8yo, 7« 6d . NeUon i860 

Canler (M.) Autobiography of a French Detectiye, from 1818 to 1858, fcap. 8yo, 2« Ward 4f Lock... i$6% 

Canne (John) On Neoesritie of Separation from the Church of England, 8yo Han$. Kn. Soc. 184S 

Canning ((?eo.) and His l^mes, by Aug. G. Stapleton, 8yo, 16« Parker A: Son.. 1%$^ 

life of, byBobtBell, post 8yo, 9$ C^pmand: H.i%^6 

Speeches and Memoir, 6 y. 8yo, 72f Bidgway 1845 

Canninaro (O.) Classic Beadings in Italian Literature, 8yo, 15« RoUtndt 1847 

Canons of the Apostles in Coptic, wiA English Trandation by H. Tattam, 8yo Or, Trans. Fd,.n, d, 

Oanoi (Cap<.) Adyentures of an African Slaye Trader, 12roo, IsM Bouiledge 1854 

1 Beyelations of an African Slaye Trader, 12mo, 2s 6d BenUey 1854 

Canston {J.D.) Day of Christ, Sonnets to the Months, and Minor Poems, 8yo, 2« 6<2 Author 184a 

Canteihuiy, Felix Summerly's Handbook to, 18mo, ZsM Bell <kDaldy... 1^4^ 

Papers, Nos. 1 to 8, in 1 yoL 8yo, 4s Pcwkerdk Son.. i%$o 

Canticum Canticorum, Beprodnoed in Facsimile by J. Ph. Berjeau, imp. 4to, 42« ... TrQbner i860 

Cantley {P.P.) Beport on the Ganges Canal Works, Plans, 2 y. 8yo (Priyately P.) ... Smith A Elder .i860 

Canton (Aff.) Treatise on Pteasryation of the Teeth, 12mo, 4« Bailliire 1851 

{£dw.) Surgical and IVOhological Obeeryations, 8yo, 7s HigUey 1855 

(A.) Art of Illuminating Made Easy, obL, Is 6<i CanUm 1862 

Cantrell (1/rs.) Melodies from the Mountains, 8yo, 8s Wertkeim 1861 

Cantii ((7.) Befoimation in Europe, trans, by Prandi, Vol. 1, post 8yo, 10s M Newhy 1847 

Canyngee' Family, Memorials of, by G. Pryoe, roy. 8yo, 10s M NouUton 1854 

Caoutchouc and Gutta Percha, sq. 12mo, Is 6<i Soe.P.CK. ...1851 

Capadose ((7o2.) Sixteen Tears in the West Indies, 2 y. post 8yo, 15« Newbu 1845 

Gape (0,A.) Bise and Progress of Baths and Wash-houses, imp. 8yo, Zs 6d Simjiin 1854 

(Jon.) Course of Mathematics, 2 y. 8yo, 82f Longman 184a 

■ Mathematical Tables, 8rd edit., roy. 8yo, 10s 6<i Longman i860 

Cape of Good Hope: Gbyemm^nt and Legislature Considered, 8yo, 2s 6d « Bidgway 1851 

Ci^^efigue (B./f.) Diplomatists of Europe, trans. byMonteith, 12mo, tfs Nickisson 1845 

Ci^l (C.Jb.\ Victorian Enigmss ; or, Windsor Preside Besearehes, roy. 16mo, 2s M Lodnoood 1861 

— »- (ff.A.) Beaa Deyerell, and other Tales, 12mo^ ls6d Blayney 1858 

laa CAPEL CARLEN [Bhoush Catakwb 

O^pel (; <»>, life on the Coniiiient, a Noral, 12mo, 2i BUtynetf 1S5' 

Capem (J?(fiP.) ^"'^^•d* "'^ SongB. pdtt 8vo, 6< Kmi 185* 

, Poemt, port 8vo, 5» KaU 1856 

(7%o.) CumtiTe Power of MeBmeriam, 8vo, 2# 6ci BailU^e 1851 

Capee (J.M.) Bible HiBtory for Uae of Catholic Youth, 12mo, Z» M Bums iis<^ 

Inquiry into the Use of Church Authority, &c, 8yo, 10« M Batchard 1838 

Sunday in London, post 8vo, St 6d Longman 1850 

Capgrave(/.) Chronicle of England, editcii by Hingeston, roy. 8vo, lOt Longman 1858 

liber de Illustribus Henrids, edit, by Hingeston, roy. 8to, 10« Longman 1858 

in English, roy. 8vo, 10«-red. to7«6d... B.Bokn 1858 

Caplin {J.T.F.) Origin and Use of the Blectro-Chemical Bath, 8vo, 1« Freeman 1856 

{Mad.) Health and Beauty; or, Corsets and Clothing, 8to, 5« Darion 1856 

Capp (Edw.) National Debt Financially Considered, post 8to, 7< M Groombridge ...1858 

Copper (A P.) Topographical Dictionary, 8to, 31« 6rf WhUtaker 1849 

(C.) Port and Trade of London, Historical, Stotistieal, fce., 8to, 15s SmUkA Elder i86a 

{Hen.) Description of Cape of Qood Hope and Port Natal, 12mo, \s Groomhridge ...1858 

■ {/6hn) Emigrant's Guide to Australia, post 8yo, 1« PkiUp di iS<m...i853 

.._ Pictures from the East, 12mo, l<6<f Chapman A H.i%s^ 

Bise, Progress, k^ of Three Presidencies of India, 8to, 6t Ingram 1853 

-{Sam.) Acknowledged Doctrines of the Church of Bome, 2 t. Sto, 24s BenneU 1851 

- Memoirs of, 12mo, 8« 6d BenneU 1855 

Cappie (/at.) Essays in Medical Science, &c., 8vo, 8j 6rf Simpkm 1859 

Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne : a West Indian Beminisoence, post 8to, 1 2a Blachooods ...1862 

Captain's Daughter and the Queen of Spades, 12mo, \sM Jos. Blaekwoodi%s% 

CaptiTe, a Tale, by the Author of **Pilgrim Brothers,'* 8 v. poet 8to, 28« 6(i ChwrUm 1835 

Maiden, a Tale of the Third Centuiy, 12mo, Zs%d Modeg 1846 

Captirity of the Jews, and their Betum from Babylon, 18mo, 1« 6d Rel.Tract 80c. 1840 

Bussian Princesses in the Caucasus, post 8vo, 10« 6d Smith df Elder 1857 

Caravan, and other Tales, fcap. 8to, Is Set Bums 1845 

Caidall {Wm.) Israel's Journeys and Stations in the Wilderness, er. 8to, 5s 6d ffatchard 1848 

— Sermons at Lancaster, 8to, 8# ffatehard i?43 

Cardan (Jer.) Life of, by H. Morley, 2 v. post 8?o, 18t, Cktqmian ds J7.— red. 6t ... H.Bokn 1854 

Cardi {J.B.) On the PronuncUtion of Italian, 82mo, Is WhiUaker 1844 

Traveller's Hand-Book, English, French, and Italian, 18mo, 5s dd WhiUaker 184a 

Cardigan {Lord) Trial, roy. 8vo, 8« Sanndersd: B...iS4^i 

Cardinal de Bets, by the Author of the ** Maid's Husband," 2 y. post 8to, 21s Newby 1844 

(The), a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 81« 6rf, 1853 ; cr. 8vo, 2s; cL, 9s Bentley 1856 

Gardiphonia Lettina, Srd edit., fcap. 8vo, \sM Bagster 1850 

Cardwell {Edw.) Annals of Beformed Church, 1546-1716, 2 v. 8vo, 18s J.H.deJ.Parkerit^ 

Conferences on Book of Common Prayer, 1551-1690, 8vo, 7« 6<i... J.U.deJ.Parkerit^^ 

Greek and English Testament, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 9s J.H.dsJ.Parkeri%Yf 

-— ^— — — Beformation of Ecclesiastical Iaws of Henry VIII., fcc., 8vo, ^ 6d J.U.d:J.Parkeri%^i 

Synodalia, Articles of Beligion, &c., 1647-1717, 2 v. 8vo, 19« J.H.d-J.ParkeriZ^ 

— — 1 Two Books of Common P'rayer of Edward VI., Compared, 8vo, 7«... J.IlJfJ.ParkeriZ^^ 

^-^— — — See Enchiridion Theolegicum Anti Bomanum, 8 v. 8vo. 

Career of an Artful Dodger, lUustrated, fcap. 8vo, Is 6d Vickers i860 

Careladen House, a Tale, post 8vo, 10s 6ci Sanndersd! 0...i$6l 

Careless Chicken, by the Baron KrakemsideB, post 4to, 2s 6(i OriJUhdfF, ...1853 

Carftme iA.) French Cookery, translated by W. Hall, 8vo, 10s 6d Tegg 1856 

Carew (O.C.) Poacher's Wife, a Tale, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s OlUer 1847 

— (Geo.Lord\ Letters to Sir Thomas Bo«), by J. Maclean, 4to CamdenSoe. ...i860 

{Sir P. ) Life and Times of, from the Original Ma, by J. Maclean, 8vo, 16s ... BeUdt Daldg ... 1857 

(r.) Poetical Works, 24mo, 2s Clarke i: Co. ..184c 

Carey {C.P.j Translation of Book of Job from the Hebrew, roy. 8vo, 18s Wertkeim 1858 

— {Chas.S.) Strength of Judah and Vengeance of Asshur, a Tale, fcap. 8vo, 5s Seelejf i86a 

{Eusl.) Memoir of, by Mrs. Carey, post 8vo, 4s 6rf .'. Pewtress 1857 

{Ben.C.) Credit System of France, Great Britain, and U. States, 8vo, 8s 6d Miller 1838 

Past, Present, and Future, 8vo, 10s 6d * Triibner 1848 

Principles of Political Economy, V. 1, Wages, 8vo, lOs 6d Miller 1838 

V. 2, Wealth, 8vo, 12s Miller 1838 

Pte. Sand 4, roy. 8vo, 9s Miller 1840 

- {Har.M.) Echoes from the Harp of France (Poems), fcap. 8vo, 5s SatMdersds0...i%^^ 

Evenings with Grandpapa, roy. 16mo, plain. Is 6ci ; coL 2s 6d Deam, i860 

Matilda of Normandy, a Poetical Tribute, 18mo, 2s Saunders Js0...i^$^ 

• Merry Evenings for Merry People, new edit., 18mo, Is BoulsUm 1859 

(/no.) Latin Versification Simplified, 12mo, 5th edit., 2s; Key to, 2s 6d Simpkin 1855 

{P.M.) Eridences and Corruptions of Christianity, 8vo, 8s SmaUfidd 1838 

{P.S.) Borough Court Bules of England and Wales, roy. 8vo, 5s Penning 1841 

{Wm.) Memoir of, by E. Carey, 12mo, 7s 6<i Jackson S W. 1836 

Carey's Philosophy of Common Sense, 82mo, 2s Tegg 1839 

Carfrae {John) Pilgrim of Sorrow; Collection of Odea, Lyrics, ^., 12mo, 4s BoulsUm 1848 

Cargill (ilfrs.) Memoirs of, by her Husband, 18mo, 3s 6(2 Mason 1855 

Cariboo, the Newly-Disoovered Gold Fields of British Columbia, cr. 8yo, Is Darion i86a 

Garine Steinburgh, an Autobiography, cheap edit., fcap. 8vo, Is Tteeedie i86a 

Carlen {Emilie) Birthright, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 3U6d Bentleg 1851 

1835-1862] CARLEN CARLYLB 123 

Garlen (Enulie) Bvente of a Year, 8 v. cr. 8vo, 81* 6(i, Neu^jf, 1853; l2mo, U 6d,., WardJbLocJc.^.iisS 
GhistaTiiB Lindorm, a Novel, 8 v. port 8yo, 81« 6d Newby 1854 

Hermife, a Novel, 4 V. port Svo, 42* Jifeuiify .........1853 

Ivar; or, the Skjut*8 Boy, a Romance, port 8vo, 2t 6d Ingram 185a 

John; l8aCousinworthTwoCountB,2v.p.8vo,8«,Bcni%,53;12mo,2« WardAeLock .1857 

Julie; or, Love and Puty, a Tale, port 8vo, 10« 6cJ BenUey 1854 

Lover's Stratagem ; or, Two Suitors, 2 v. post 8to, 2U BentUy 185a 

Maiden's Tower, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 8U6d BeiUley 1853 

Marie Louise ; or. Opposite Neighbours, port 8vo, 2< 6cf Ingram 1853 

Profefflor, a Novel, 3 V. port 8to, 31« 6rf Newby 1854 

Rose of Tistelon, a Tale of Sweden, 2 v. p. 8vo, 21», 1844; 18mo, 2« SUUer 1850 

Twelve Months of Matrimony, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 2< Darton i86» 

Woman'sLife, 8 v. p. 8vo, Sis 6d, Bmtley, 1851; 12mo, 2$6d TFard<fcXodb ...1858 

Ctaieion{Capt,) Hyde Marston'; or, a Sportsman's Life, 8 v. port 8vo, 8U 6d Cdbum 1844 

Recreations in Shooting, port 8vo, 12*, 1846— red. to 7* 6d Chapman d! if. 1849 

Sporting Sketch Book : Characterirtic Papers, 8vo, 16* How 184a 

(J.W.) Compendium of Practice at Hertions, Ireland, 12mo, 4* Benning 1857 

Law of Qualification and Registration of Voters, Ireland, 12mo, 7*. . . Benning 1 8 5a 

(Wm.) Alley Sheridan, and other Stories, 12mo, 1* 6d Bryce 1857 

Art Maguire ; or, the Broken Pledge, 12mo, 8*, 1846; 18mo, 1* ... Simpkin 1847 

Black Baronet ; or. Chronicles of Ballytrain, port8vo, 2* Philip 1857 

-Prophet, 12mo, port 8vo, 10* 6d, 4847 ; fcap. 8vo, 1* C.HClaike ...i86a 

Chuionet, Dead Boxer, and Barney Bnmagan, 12mo, 1* Routledge 1850 

Double Prophecy; or, Trials of the Heart, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 10* Duffy 1862 

Emigrants of Ahadarra, a Tale of Irish Life, fcap. 8vo, 1* 6(2 RoviUdge 1857 

Evil^e; or, the Black Spectre, cr. 8vo, 10* 6<i Dvffy i860 

Fardarougha the Miser, 12mo, 10* 6(2, Longman, 1839 » 1' ^ BouUedge 1857 

Father Butler and the Lough Deig Pilgrim, 12mo, ^6d Longman 1839 

Fawn of Spring Yale, and other Tales, 8 v. port 8vo, 31* M Lor^man 1841 

Going to Maynooth, a Tale, 12mo, 2* 6d RouUedge 1845 

JaneSindair, 12mo, bds., 1*; cloth. Is 6d BouUedge 1849 

Parra Surtha; or, Paddy Go-Easy and his Wife Nancy, 12mo, 1* Bd Duffy 1846 

Phelim O'Toole's Courtship, &c., 12mo, Is 6d BouUedge 1853 

Phil Puroell, Geography of an Irish Oath, &c., 12mo, 1* 6d BouUedge 1853 

Poor Scholar, Wildgoose Lodge, &a, 12mo, ls6d BouUedge 1853 

Red Hall; 3 v. p. 8vo, 31* Qd, Saunders A 0^ 1852 ; 12mo, 2* Ph^p d: /Son.. .1853 

Redmond Count O'Hanlon, 16mo, 1* Jh^ i86a 

Rody, the Rover, 12mo, 1* Duffy 1846 

Silver Acre, and other Tales, fcap. 8vo, 1* — Wai^ A Lock i86a 

Squanders of Castle Squander, 2 v. p.8vo,5«, Ingram, 1852; 12mo,2* U.Lea 1852 

Tales of Irish life and Chaiactor, 12mo, 2* H.Lea 1859 

Three Tasks, Shane Fadh*s Wedding, Aco., 12mo, Is 6<2 BouUedge 1851 

Tithe Proctor, 12mo, 1* 6d BouUedge ......1857 

Traits and Stories of Irish Peasantry, 5 v. 12mo, each 1* 6d BouUedge ...!.. 1853 

2 V. 8vo, 27*, Orr, 1847— red. to 10* 6<i BouUedge 1856 

Valentine McClutchy, 8vo, 6*, Lea, i860; 12mo, 2* Philip iS: Son., i2 $9 

Willy Reilly, the Colleen Bawn,3v.p.8vo,81«6d,ifop«, 1855; 12mo,2« PhUip A Sm...\%sn 

(FT.B.) Natural History of the Hawk Trib^ 16mo, 1* Bogus 1848 

Garlile (Alex.) Poems, 12mo, 8* 6rf A.Hall 1855 

(/a*.) Manual of Anatomy and Physiology of Human Mind, 12mo, 4* A.Hall 1859 

■ Station and Occupation of Saints in Final Glory, 12mo, 8* Nisbet 1854 

— — Use and Abuse of Confessions of Faith, 8vo, 6* Simpkin 1836 

{Bic.) Manual of Freemasonry, 12mo, 5* Dugdcde 1836 

Garlington Cartle, a Tale of the Jesuits, fcap. 8vo, 6*, Nisbet, 1852 ; new ed., 8* 6<2 HamUton i860 

Oarlisb (£^ilnt.) Means of Preserving Health, 8vo, 6* ChurchiU 1840 

Physiological Observations on Glandular Strictures, 8vo, 9* W.Wright 1838 

— —- (Earl) Daniers Second Vision : Paraphrase in V^rse, port 8vo, 2* 6d Longman 1858 

— — — — — ^— Diary in Turkish and Greek Waters, port 8vo, 10* 6d Longman 1854 

Lectures in Aid of Popular Education, 16mo, 1* Longman 1852 

——-(i\ric) Account of Foreign Orders of Knighthood, roy. 8vo, 20* Heame 1839 

Carlyle (A.) Autobiography; with Memoirs of Men and Events of his Time, 8vo, 14* Blackwoods ...i860 
Cabltli (Tho.) WoKKB, Library Edition, 16 vols, port 8vo, each 6* Chapman dk H, $6-9 

Chartism, and Part and Present, 1 v. Latter-Day Pamphlets, 1 v. 
* Critical and Miscellaneous Essays, 4 v. Lives of Schiller and Sterling, 1 v. 
Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, 8 v. Sartor Besartus, and Hero Worship, 1 v. 
Goethe's Wilhelm Meirter, 2 v. Translations of German Romance, .1 v. 
History of the French Revolution, 2 v. 
Biographies; Bums and Johnson, each 1* Chapman ik H.iZ $4 

■ Chartism, fcap. 8vo, 5* Fraser 1840 

Critical and Miscellaneous Eisays, 6 v. 1 2mo, 46*, Fraser, 40 ; n. e. , 4 v. 42* Chapman deH.i 847 

— — Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, 8 v. 8vo, 86* ChaynanAH.\%^6 

French Revolution, 8 v. 12mo, 81* 6(^ 1837; 2 v. 12mo, 12* ChapmandtH. 1857 

■' Hero Worship, 12mo, 9* ChapmandtH. 1846 

History of Frederick the Great, V. 1 and 2, 8vo, 40* Chapman <fc -^.1858 

' V. 8, 8vo, 20* Chapman diH.iUi 

lU ' CAHLYLE CARPENTER [Bkgush Catilogot 

C^ljle (7%of.) Latter-day Fkmpliletfl, poetSro, 98 Cfkapmmtd; B.iis^ 

life of John Sterling, poet 8to, 10« (W Chapman^ H,i%s^ 

_— Moral Phenomena of Germany, 18mo, 4$ Paimler 1845 

Ftasages from his WritingB,~Memoir hy Ballantyne, poet 8to, 7« Chapwum ds H.i%SS 

— ^-^— — > Past and Present, post 8to, 10« 6c{ ChapmanisH. 1845 

I Pleadingswith my Mother; the Oh. in Scotland, 12mo,sd.l«9c{;cL2f6<i Bo&worih 1854 

Sartor Besartus, post Sto, 10s 6(i Chapman do If .i%^i 

Schiller, Lif e o^ post 8yo, 8* (W Chapman di ff.i^s 

Wilhdm Meister, from Goethe, new edit, 8 t. post 8yo, 18« Chapman A ^.1842 

Carlyon((7/m.) Church of Bng^d'e Rotten Plank, 12mo, 1» WhiJUaker 1861 

Early Years and Late Reflections, 4 v. post 8yo, each 6« IKAiirtaiwr ...1856-8 

Precepts for the PresenraUon of Health, &c., post 8vo, 7« 6d WhiUaker 1859 

Scripture NoUoes and Proofis 8to, 10« 6<i WhiXUiker 1838 

Garmagnola, a Poetical Italian Tale of the 15th Century, post 8to, 5« Sannden A 0. 1856 

Caimichael {AUx.\ BeUeTer*B Mortification of Sin by the Spirit, 12mo, 81 IfamiUon 1843 

iJnci.) Disquisitions on the Scriptures, 2 r. 8to, 20t Mardon 1840 
A.N.) Greek Verbs, their Formations, Defects, kc., post 8to, 8« 6d Murray 1841 

~{H.) Useful Hints to Emigrants to New South Wales, 12mo, Is W ... Smith ds Elder 1840 

(J.W.) Art of Blarine Painting in Water Colours, 12mo, Is Winter 1859 

- (ifaTrs.) Beginnings : Obedience and Disobedience, 18mo, Is 6(2 Ttgg 1862 

Happiness of Obedienoe, 18mo, 2s Jat.Bladew)od, i%6o 

TaLas of a Grandmother, 12mo, 4s BentUy 1841 

-(Peter) Science of Music Simplified, roy. Svo, Is 6d Sitnpkin i860 

- (iZidi.) Clinical Lectures on Syphilitic Diseases, 8yo, 7s 6<i Longman 184a 

• Origin and Nature of Tuberculous and Cancerous Diseases, 8yo, 12s Longman 1836 

■ {RolbL) TrM^tise on Calculus of Operations, 8yo, 9s| Longman 1855 

Carmina non prius Audita, siye Yocabula Latina, 12]no, Is 6<< Simpkm 1852 

Camanron (£iaW 0/) Portugal and Gallidai new edit. , post 8yo, 3s 6d Murray 1861 

RecolUctions of the Druses of the Lebanon, post 8yo, 5$ fid ...... Murray i860 

Came (/oAn) Uyes of Eminent Missionaries, 3 y. 12mo, 9s Wathboun^ ...1^$% 

Syria and the Holy Land, 4to, 86s Fisher d: Son iZ^^-^ 

Gamee ; or, the Victim of Khondistan, by A. R. M., fcap. 8yo, 2s Hd ffandUon i86f 

Carnegie ((?.Af.) Selection of Prayers and Hymns, 12mo, 3s ffatchard 1858 

Came8(/.J.)81ayeTradewith Africa, post Svo, 7s 6d Low 185a 

{HH.) New Translations of the Hebrew Scriptures, No. 1, 2t 6d Longman 1839 

Camesecdd (Pidro) Trial and Martyrdom of, edit by Gibbings, Svo, Z$ 6d Belldf Z>aMy ..1856 

Caron {JuU$) First French Class Book with Bxercisee, 12mo, Is ; Key, Is Simpkin 1859 

Reading Book ; Easy Lessons, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1861 

Principles of French Grammar, 12mo, 2s; Key to, 2s Simpkin 1856 

Caroy6 (F.fF.) Story of Gottfried and Beata, translated by Moline, 12nio, 2s M Harvey 1844 

■ without an End, German; Notes by Apel, 16mo, 8s NuU 1840 

Mathias, 16mo, 2s Tldmm ..^ 1854 

Ciirpenter (5^.) Family Phiyers, 12mo, 2tM Whitfdd 184a 

I Introduction of Presbyterianism in Nottingham, 12in(^ 8s 6c{ Whitfield i86a 

((?eo.) First Lessons in Drawing, 4to, 12s C, H. Law ...1856 

. (/.j&.) Book of Popular and Modem Songs, ISmo, 2s 6d RouUedge 1858 

.——_—- Border Ballads, Music by Monro, 4to, 12s Munro 1846 

Lays and Legends of Fairy Land, 12ino, 2s 6(i Simpkin 1849 

for Light Hearts, 18mo, 2s 6(i Wilhughby ...1835 

— _ Minstrel Musings, ISmo, 2t (id Thomas 1837 

. Poems and Lyrics, new edit., 24mo, Is 6c{ Clarkeds C9....1845 

Romance of the Dreamer, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s 6<i .-... Orr 1841 

Songs and Ballads, 8yo, \sM-^Clark€j 1844; 24mo, 2s Routledge 1861 

-(Zxm^) ApMtolic Harmony of the Gospels, 8yo, 14s Whi^jieid 1838 

Dissertation on Our Lord's Ministiy, 8yo, 5s Whitfield 1836 

■ Lectures on the Atonement, 12mo, 4$ 6d WhiifUld 1843 

Memoirs and Correspondence^ by his Son, 8yo, 12s Whi^/Uid 184a 

— Sermons on Practical Subjects, Svo, 12s WkUfidd 1840 

(Mary) Condition and Treatment of Juyenlle Delinquents, cr. 8yo, 6s— red., Ss Bennttt 1853 

— • Morning and Byening Deyotions, 12mo, 4s Longman 184a 

Reformatory Schools for Children, post 8yo, 6s BenneU 1851 

— -^ (Percy) Hog Hunting in Lower Bengal, with Deecriptiye Text, imp. fol., 84s. Day ds Son ...i86a 

(/^A»/.P.) Lectures on Molluscs, 8yo, 2s 6(^ Washington ...186* 

(R.L.) Discourses and Deyotional Scorices, 12mo, 7s Whi^fidd 1349 

GospelRecordsof the Life of Christ, 12mo, 8s 6(i Whiifidd 1851 

— Six Lectures on Scriptural Doctrine of Reconciliation, 12mo, Is M... Whi^dd i860 

(Thos.) Christian's Manual of Prayers, 18mo, Is 6(i Leath 1843 

Contemplations on the Pn^ers of the Church, 12mo, 2s 6d Burst 1837 

BCanual of Arithmetic, by Rutherford, 12mo, Is Tegg 1856 

Orthographical Assistant, l2mo, 2s Longma/n i86a 

Scholar's Spelling Assistant, 1 2mo, Is Longman 1862 

by McLeod, 12mo, Is 6d Longman 1859 

School Speaker, 12mo, 2s 6<i WhUtaker 1837 

Toung Scholar's Manual of Elementary Arithmetic, 12mo, Is 6d ... Clark 1842 

'(T,P,) Psalms and Sacred Poems for Chanting, 12mo, 28 6<£ Simpkin 1848 

1886— I86a] CARPENTER CARTER 126 

C»rpenter(ir«k) Anfijer'a Ataifltent, 12mo, Zt dd Bogue 1848 

-——-•—— Biblical CompMiion, imp. 8to, 10a 6<i Tegg 1836 

— ^ Corporation of London as it Is, and slionld Be, 12mo, 8« 6d Strange 1847 

— -— Dictionary of English Synonymea, 5th edit., fcap, St 6d Tegg i860 

— Mnieophle, or Helps to Memory, by Portwine, 4th edit, 24mo, It 6d Tegg 1847 

Peerage for the People, 12mo, 8«, 1847 ; new edit., 12mo, 8« Strange 1848 

{W,B.) Animal Physiology, new edit, post 8to, 6$ H.Bohn 1859 

Bssay on Use of Alcoholic Liqaors, 2nd edit, 12mo, 2t 6d BenneU 1851 

— Introdoetion to the Study of the Foraminifera, 8to, 81« 6d Jlag Sodeig ... 

Manual of Physiology, 8rd edit, 12mo, 12« 6d Churchill 1856 

Mechanical Philosophy, Astronomy, &c, post Svo, 6t H.Bokn 1857 

Microscope and its Beyelations, 8rd edit, 12mo, 12«6d Churchill i86a 

Physiology of Temperance, &c., post Svo, 1«; fine paper, 28 6d H.Bohn 1853 

Principles of ComparatiTO Physiology, 4th edit, Svo, 24f ChurchUl 1854 

Homan, Physiology, 5th edit, Svo, 26« ChurchiU 1855 

Vegetable Physiology and Botany, by Lankester, poet Svo, 6« H.Bohn 1858 

Zoology and Insects of Animals, 2 v. post Svo, 12« H.Bohn 1857 

{W.H.) Pictorial Notices, a Memoir of Sir A. Van Dyck, 4to, 28« Author 1844 

Carpentry and Joinery, Elementary and Practical, 2 v. 4to, 56# Weale 1849 

Carpmael ( Wm. ) Law of Patenu for Inventions familiarly Explained, 6 ed. , Svo, 2$ 6d Stevens 1 860 

Keportsof Patent Cases, 1848, roy. Svo, 2U Simpkin 1843 

Carr {Dan.'i On Cnre of Consumption and Asthma, 12mo, 3< fid Wilton 1847 

(JSSrftff.) Family Liturgy, 12mo, 1$ Jtoutledge 1855 

(G,R.) Catechism about Phtyer from the Liturgy, fcap. Svo, U 6d Mozleg 1851 

(Jot.) Heroes' Wreaths; or. Tributes to the Brave, Poems, 12mo, Zs 6d Longman 1857 

{John) Synopsis of Practical Philosophy, 2nd edit, ISmo, 5« Lochoood 184a 

(/.) Railway Locomotion and Steam Navigation, Svo, 12« Williame 1847 

(Afra.) Memoirs of, by Stanley, ISmo, U 6d Mason 1845 

{T,S.) Classical Lexicon of Biography, Mythology, frc., post Svo, 7s 6d Simpkin 1858 

Pronunciation of Proper Names, 2nd edit, 12mo, 3s Qd Simpkin 1858 

Dictionary of Latin Homonyms, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1851 

- Examination Questions on the History of Greece, 16mo, Is Simpkin.. ..:....i%a^ 

-Hirtoryof Greece, 4th edit, 12mo, 6s; Questions on, Is Simpkin.. 

■ Latin Selections from Nepos, Phsedrus, and Ovid, 6th edit, 12mo, Zs dd Parker Jb Son 1851 

-Manual of Clasdcal Mytholo^, 2nd edit, 12mo, is6d Sin^ftkin 1851 

- Boman Antiquities, 12mo, 6s 6d Whittaker 1836 

— <r.TF.) Sermons on the Seven Churches of Asia, 12mo, 6s DalUm. 1840 

Carr6(aif.) First and Last Days of the Church of Christ, 12mo, Zs6d QoodaU 1851 

See of Borne, Svo, 2« Bosworth 185s 

Carrel (A.) Counter Revolution in England, with Fox'sHist. Charles 2nd, 12mo, Zs6d H Bohn 1857 

Osrriage Builder^sand Harness Maker's Art Journal, Div. 1 and 2, 4to, ea. 20« Tallis i860 

Div. 1 and 2, in 1 v.,85«; Div.8,20« TalUs i860 

Carrick {L.) Laird of Logan ; or. Wit of the West, ISmo, 8f 6«I ; cr. Svo, is 6d ... Simpkin i86a 

Carrighan (TVr.) Student's Chancery Gkdde, 12mo, Ss Wildg 1849 

Garrington (if. JS^.) Plymouth and Devonport Gkdde, ISmo, 5s Longman 1843 

— — « IR.C.) Catalogue of 8785 Ciroumpolar Stars, fblio^ 10s ; Map to ditto, 5s Lon^gman 1857 

Canon (ii.) Works, 8 v. 12mo, 15s ^ou^stofi ...1847-54 

Carmthers (R.) Highland Note Book : Sketches and Anecdotes, 12mo, i9 Longman 1843 

Canon (Alex.) Qod of Providence the Qod of the Bible, ISmo, Is 6d Simpkin 1839 

Histoiy of Providence, as BCanifested in Scripture, 12mo, 8s 6d Longman 1840 

Knowledge of Jesus, 12mo, 8s 6c< Longman 1841 

Life of, hj G. C. Moore, 12mo, 2s 6d B.L.Oreen 1851 

——— Principles of Biblical Interpretation, 12mo, 8s Longman 1836 

Reasons for Separating from the General Synod of Ulster, 12mo, Is ... Carson 1856 

Refutation of "Henderson on Inspiration," 12mo, 2s Longman 1840 

Treatise on Baptism in its Modes and Objects, Svo, 9s Houlston 1844 

Works, V. lto4, 12mo, ea. 5s iSTow tool* ...1847-56 

(^.i{.) Exercises in Attic Greek, 12mo, 4s Black 1849 

— Grammatical Latin. Exercises, 12mo, 2s Whittaker 1850 

(J.C.L.) Form of the Horse, 2nd edit, fcap. Svo, 3s 6d Simpkin i86a 

Heresies of the Plymouth Brethren, 12mo, Is Houlston 186a 

Carstuires ^oAn) life and Letters of, by Ferrie, Svo, 5s Hamilton 1846 

Carstairs (/os.) Letters for Ladies in Varied Styles of Writing, 4to, 8s Author 184a 

' National System of Penmanship, 4to, 12s Author 1843 

Carswell (iZo6.) Pathological Anatomy, fol., 9/ Longman 1838 

Carte Monialinm de Noi^berwic Prioratus Cistercie, edited by C. Innes, 4to BannatyneClubt%^j 

Carter {A.P.) Sunshine and Shadows, post Snh), 2s 6d Partridge 1861 

(C%as.) Discount and Per Centage Tables, 12mo, 4th edit, 8s Simpkin 1844 

■ Interest Tables for Bankers, Bill Discounters, &c., cr. Svo, 5s Simpkin 1861 

Linen Draper*s Guide, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1841 

(^.) The Frugal Cook, sq. ISmo, Is Wood 185a 

(Eccles J.) Remarics on Christian Gravestones, 2nd edit, Svo, 8s 6d Masters 1857 

{F. H. ) Bookkeeping adapted to Commercial and Judidal Accounting, r. Svo, 10s Hamilton 1 861 

(H.B.) Scarborough Illustrated, post Svo, 5s Simpkin 1840 

(/oAm) Ancient Archiiecture of Bnglaiid, by Britton, foL, 681 H, Bohn 1837 

126 GARTER CASKET [Bkoush Oatalooos 

Cuter {John) Andent Soalptare and Faintuig in England, fol., SlSs ff, Bohm 1838 

Memoir of, by Dampier, poflt 8to, 5f Parker deScm...i%so 

Visit to Sherwood Forest, post 8to, 1« LongiMm i860 

(/.if.) Views of theEock, &c., of Gibraltar, foL, eat; oolonred, 5/ 5« BaUy 1846 

{0,B.) Acooant of St. John's Church, Bisfaopetone, 4to, 10« 6<i WeaU 1845 

-Ancdent Painted Qi\am in Winchester Cathedral, 4to, 36< WeaU 1845 

— {R.) Psalter, roy. 8vo, 22# CUaver 1844 

-(R,B,) Influence of Edacationin Preyenting Neryous Diseases, 12mo, 6t CkurekiU i8s5 

- Pathology and Treatment of Hysteria, post Sto, 4« 6<i CkwrchUl 1853 

- (i2.A) Talbot Hall, a NoTel, 8 V. post 8vo, 81« W Newby 1855 

-(iaii*.) Avenger, a Metrical Tale, post 8to, 6t WM,Clark ...185a 

- Midmght Effusions, Poems, post 8yo, 7« 6<2 SoMndend: 0. 1848 

-(7%ot.) Curiosities of War, and Military Studies, 12mo, fit Oroomhridge ...1859 

Medals of the British Army, the Crimean Campaign, 8to, 7« 6(i Groombridge ...1861 

— ^— — Div. 2, Egypt, Peninsula, &c., 8to, 7« 6cf Qroombridae ...186-1 

Dir. 8, India, China, &c, 8to, 7« W Oroombrid^ ...i86i 

- (T.T.) Book of Family Prayer, 2Dd edit., 18mo,l»6rf Masters i86a 

Private Prayer, with Notes, 2nd edit., 82mo, Is Zd Masters x86a 

-Dootrineof Priesthood of the Church of England, post 8vo, is Masters 1857 

• Imitation of Our Lord, Lent Lectures, I860, 2nd edit., 8vo, 2s 6d ... Masters i860 

Objections to Sisterhoods Considered, 8vo, Is 6d BivingUm 1853 

Passion and Temptation of our Lord (Lent Lectures), 12mo, 8«. Matters i86a 

Sermons, 8vo, I0« M Masters 1861 

(W,B,) Pious Hawker, I8mo, 2s Piper 1854 

Carterets (The); or, Country Pleasures, by E. A. R., sm. cr. 8vo, Zs 6d MoggASons ...i86a 

Carthusian (The) ; a Miscellany of Prose and Verse, 2 v. post 8vo, 7s Qd 8. Walker 1839 

Cartington Bay, a Picturesque Tour, fcap. 8vo, 5s 6d Mow 1846 

Cartwright (.Bp.) Private Piary, 4to CavideHSoc. i84»-3 

(Edm.) Memoir of his Life and Writings, post 8vo, 10s 6d Saunders A 0, 1843 

' (/,B.) Histoiy of St. James* Church at Jerusalem, I2mo, 6« Wertheim 184a 

— -^-^ Sermons on the Parable of the Sower, 12mo, 8< 6d Wertheim 1847 

Popery, post 8vo, 4« Wertheim 1850 

— {Jos, Ellis) Poetic Spirit, and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, is 6d Longman 1861 

(Mrs,) Ambrose the Sculptor, a Novel, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21* Smiths Elder 1854 

Chriatabelle, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 8U M Shoberl 185a 

Lamia, a Confession, 2 v. post 8vo, 2I« CoUnum 1850 

— — Pilgrim Walks : aChapletof Memories, I2mo, 6s Westerton 1859 

Eoyal Sisters ; or. Pictures of a Court, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Mope 1857 

{Peter) Autobiography, the Backwoods Preacher, new edit., cr. 8vo, 2s A. Hall i86a 

.of, 12mo, Zs6d Simpkin 1858 

- by Strickland, 2nd edit., or. 8vo, ^ 6d Merlin 1859 

{T.) Age and the Church, or the Church Called to Exertion, 12mo, Is ... Ward 185a 

and his Contemporaries, fcap. 8vo, Is 6<2 (Puritan Divines) Nelson 1848 

England's Shame and ]^land*s Hope, 1 2mo, Is ; doth, ls6d Simpkin 1 86a 

Memoirs of his Life and Writings by Brooke, 8vo, 6s Snow 1845 

Cams {C.G.) King of Saxony's Journey through England, kc, 1844, 8vo, lis Chapman d:H,i%^ 

Carver {A.J,) Essay on the Divine Attributes of Mercy, 8vo, 4s Bivington 1851 

(/cm.) Lecture on theilnfluenoe of Poetry, 12mo, IsM Simpkin 1840 

(/2o6.) Stories about Poland, 18mo, 2s 6d Tegg 1835 

Carver and GKlder, new edit., 12mo, Is Simpkin 1849 

Carving Made Easy, 16mo, Is Oroomhridge,,. iS$y 

Carvosso {Benj.) Memoir of , by Q. Blencowe, 18mo> 8s /. Gladding ...1857 

( fFmO Memoir of, edited by his Son, 18mo, 2s ad Mason 1857 

Carwithen (J,B,) Ecclesiastical History, 4th to 12th Century, post 8vo, 6s Gr^ 1855 

Histoiy of the English Church to 1688, new edit., 2 v. 12mo, 12s... J.M.dJ,Pairher\%^ 

Cary {AUee) Clovemook ; or, BecoUections of our Neighbourhood, 12mo, Is M Clarke A Co. ...1853 

Married not-Mated ; How they lived at Woodaide, 12mo, Is 6d Ward A Lock 1856 

— — Pictures of Country Life, 12mo, Is 6d Low 1859 

{Hen.) Lexicon to Herodotus, Qreek and English, 8vo, 6s H.Bt^n 1843 

Memorials of the Great Civil War, 1646-1662, 2 v. 8vo, 28s Colbum 1841 

Testimonies of the FMhers, First Four Centuries, 8vo, 7s 6d H.Bohn 1835 

{H,F.) Lives of English Poets, Johnson to KiriLO White, 12mo, 7s H.Bohn 1846 

Memoir of, by his Son, 2 V. post 8vo, 21s Moxon 1847 

Notices and Translations of Early French Poets, 12mo, 5s H.Bohn 1846 

Caryl {Jos.) Bible Thoughts, 82mo, 2s, A. HaU; by Cobbin, 82mo, Is Qd Tegg 1848 

Oasalis {EJ) The Basutos ; or. Twenty-three Years in South Africa, post 8vo, 6s Nisbet 1861 

Casaubon {Ise.) Ephemerides, cum Notis edidit J. Russell, 2 v. 8vo, 26s — ^red., 16i... JMJkJ,Parkeri$co 

Case of the Seizure of the Southern Envoys, from the '* Saturday Renew," 8vo, Is Ridgway i86a 

Caae {Mrs.) Journal of the Siege at Lucknow, post 8vo, 10s 6d Bentley 1858 

Cases of Conscience for Use of the Laily, by Pascal the Younger, 12mo, 8s td Bosworth 1853 

Casey {Cha.) Two Years on the Farm of Uncle Sam, post 8vo, 10s 6d Bentleg 185a 

((Jew. iSi^) Infantry Tactics, 18mo, I5s New York i86s 

Casket: a Lecture for every Sunday in the Year, 12mo, 6s Bwms 1837 

of Comic Songs, Recitations, &c., 32mo, Is Davidson 1861 

liiatLfwri, 18mo, Is Simpkin 1846 

1885-1862] CASKET CASTLE 127 

Casket of Modem and Popular Songs, 24iiio, 1$ Ikmdton 1850 

Caspari's Arabic Qmmmar, Additions by Wright, Y. 1 & 2, 8to, ea. 7< 6<2, in 1 v. 15«. . . WUUamt ^ N. 59-6a 

Caspenonn (jS.^.) Arithmology ; or, the Theory of Arithmetic, 18mo, 2« Dalton 1844 

CSbtfqnetof Lyrio Gems, Songs, Duets, &c., with Mario, sm. 4to, Bs 6d HouUton i860 

Gaasell'sActs of the Apostles in the Original Greek, 12mo, 2«6d Caudl 1856 

■ Arithmetic for the Young, 12mo, ]« Castdl i860 

Art Treasures Exhibition, roy. 8vo, 6i Catsell 1858 

- Astronomical Oleography, by Willaid, Svo, 2» CoMeU 1856 

Biblical Educator, 2 v. cr. 4to, each 5« 6d CataeU 1854-5 

Catechism of Photography, 12mo, 1« CaueU 1859 

Child's and Youth's Educator, 4to, 8< Caudl 1856 

Elementary Geography, Vy Goodrich, with Map^ 8vo, 1« 6d Cassell 1861 

Elements of A l^bra, by Wallace, 12mo, U 6d CoMell 1853 


-Arithmetic, by Wallace, 12mo, Is Casiell 

English Lessons, with Grammar by Dr. Beard, 12mo, 3f Cassell 1854 

French and English Dictionary, by Delolme, 8to, 7< 6c{ C<meU 1859 

• Lessons, by Fasquelle, 12mo, UM\ Key to, Is Canell i86z 

Manual, by Delolme, 12mo, 3t CatteU 1853 

- Beader, Colloquial, by Fasquelle, new edit., 12mo, 2« 6(2 Caisell 1862 

Ckrman Lessons, by Woodbury, 12ino, 4« 6c{ ; Key to, Is CoMtU 1854 

-Pronunciation, 12mo, ItM CaueU 1854 

Reader, Eclectic, by Woodbury, 12mo> 2» 6rf Canell i860 

and English Dictionary, Svo, 7< 6c2 Cattell 1854 

Greek Lessons, with Grammar by Dr. Beard, 12mo, 8« Od Coitell 1856 

Csasell's Hand Books, fcap. 8yo, ea. 1«:^ Cattell i86o-6a 

Amusing Experiments. Book-keeping. Business.. Chess. Civil Service. 

Domestic Pete. Domestic Becipes. Elocution. Emergencies. Etiquette. 

Gardening. Inventions. Livestments. Letter-Writing. Philosophy. 

Bailway Situations. 

History of England, 12mo, 84, 1853; France, 12mo, 2t^ 1852 Caudl 1852 

Ireland to 1852, 12mo, 2t 6rf, 1852 ; Scotiand, 12mo, U 6d, 1853 CoBiell 1853 

Home and School Geography and Atlas, by Peter Pariey, new edit., 8vo, Is 6d CasseU i860 

Illustrated Family Bible, Old Testament, roy. 4to, 21« ComsU 1860-62 

Paper, V. 1 to 10, new series, 4to, each As M CoMsdl 1858-62 

Guide to London, with Map, 8vo, 1« CasseU 1862 

Histoiy of England, by Howitt, Vols. 1 to 4, 4to, each 6« CasseU 1856 

during last 100 Years, Vols. 1 & 2, 4to, ea. 6» CasseU 1861 

Library, 12mo, Histoiy of Joseph, 1«; History of Moses, Is CasseU 1852 

Spelling and Beading Book, new edit., 8vo, Is CasseU 1862 

Italian Lessons, with Grammar by Tausenau, 12mo, Zs CasseU 1856 

Latin Exercises, 12mo, 2« • CasuU 1861 

Grammar, by Andrews and Stoddard, 12mo, Zs %d CasseU 1861 

Catechism of, for Schools and Families, 12mo, Is CasseU 1861 

Lessons, by Dr. Beard, 12mo, 3s; Key to, \s CasseU 1853 

- First, by Andrews and Stoddard, 12mo, Is 6<j CasseU i860 

Beader, 12mo, Is 6d CasuU 1853 

and EiM^ish Dictionary, by Dr. Beard, Svo, 7s 6<2 CasseU 1855 

Narratives and Adventures of T^vellers in Africa, 12mo, Bs CasseU 1861 

Natural History, Feathered Tribes, imp. Svo, 12s 6d CasseU 1854 

Popular Educator, 6 v. sm. 4to, each 4s 6d CasseU 1853-55 

Natural Histoiy, V. 1 &2 Mammalia, imp. Svo, ea. 8« 6c{ ; 1 v. 15s CasseU 1861 

— V. 8, Birds, Ss6d;Y. 4, Fishes, 8s 6(f ; V.3 & 4, in 1 v.l5s CasseU 1862 

— ^— Pronouncing ^glish Dictionary, by Webster, Svo, 7s 6d CclshU i860 

Spanish Lessons, 12mo, 8s 6ci CasseU 1862 

Caasels (WM.) Eiodolon ; or, CourM of a Soul, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s 6(i Pickering 1850 

Poems, 12mo, 8« 6(i Smithes Elder 1855 

Caasin (Joki^ Birds of California, cold, plates, roy. Svo, 62s 6<2 PhUadel^ia,..i%$S 

Gssson (ff.ff.yUte and Labours, p. Svo, 2s 6d, Simpkin^ 1853 ; 2s Mason 1854 

(Jfor^.) A Twine of Wayside Ivy, poAt Svo, 6s Moxon 1857 

CrosB Purposes ; or. Way of the World, a Novel, 12mo, Is 6d ffardifcZodfc. .1855 

Caste, a Novel, by Author of Mr. Arle, 8 v, post Svo, 81s 6rf Hwrsld; B 1857 

Castell (^./.) Guide to Female Happiness, 82mo, Is MitcheU 1843 

Ca«tellane(i;.aP.)Military Life in Algeria, 2 V. Svo, 21s HwrttduB, ...1853 

Casti ((?.) Three Grdate, translated by Montague, with Memoir, post Svo, 7s M Starie 1841 

Castillo {B,D.) Memoirs by Himself, translated by Lockhart, 2 v. Svo, 24s Hatckard 1844 

(/.) Bard of the Dales ; Poems in the Yorkshire Dialect, fcap. Svo, 2s Green 1851 

Castle (CkwrUey) Harold Overdon Ashore and Afloat, poet Svo, 10s M SavmdersdsO, .1862 

John Woodbum, Eoyal Navy ; a Tale, post Svo, lOsdd Saunders <fc 0, 1861 

{H.J.) Text Book for Young Surveyors and Levellers, cr. Svo, (is Simpkin 1856 

: ■ Treatise on I^nd Surveying and Levelling, Svo, 12s 6d Simpkin 1847 

(Tho.) Eaaay on Poisons, 7th edit., 24mo, 4s 6d H,B6kn 1845 

linnean Artificial System of Botany, plates, 4to, 5s E. Cox 1836 

Castle and the Cottage in Spain, from the Spanish, by Lady Wallace, 2 v. p. Svo, 21s Savmders^O, .1861 

Builders; or the Deferred Confirmation, 12mo, 3s M MozUy 1859 

— — Biartyr, aTaleof Old Ireland, 2 v. post Svo, 21s CHnmngham ...1849 


Castle of Falkenbomg, and other Stories, from the German, 16mo, 8« Bwm$ 1843 

St. Laure, a Tkle, 2 V. post Sto, 16« Samdendc 0. ,iisZ 

Castlereagh (Vitct,) Journey to Damascus, 2 r. post 8vo, 15f , Colbum 1847 

— — Memoirs & Oorresp. , 'by his Brother, 4 v. 8vo, 66«, Colbum— t, 28* Tegg 1 849 

• Correspondence, &c, 2nd series, i v. 8vo, 66« SkU^erl 1851 

8rd series, 4 V. 8vo, 66« Murray 1853 

(Lord) and Stewart ffSir Chat.) Lives of, by Sir A. Alison, 8 t. 8to, 42# Blackwoods ...1861 

Caswall (A,) Hints from the Journal of an American Squatter, 12mo, U M Smith ds Eider 1843 

-^— — — Law of Copyholds and Copyhold Enfranchisement, 12mo, 58 Layton 1849 

(iSaw.) Altar Manual, 12mo, 2« Dviffy 1850 

Child's Manual, 18mo, U Burnt 1846 

Masque of Mary in the Temple, and other Poems, 12mo, 6» Burnt 1857 

Morals from the Churchyard, plates by H. E. Browne, sq. 16mo, 80 6<2 ... Chc^man <!; J7. J837 

Sermons on the Seen and Unseen, 8vo, 10« 6(2 Burnt 1846 

{Hm.) America and the American Church, 2nd edit., post 8yo, 7t MozUy 1851 

American Church and the American Union, post 8vo, IO5 6d Saundertds 0. .1861 

Califomian Crusoe, a Tale of Mormonism, 12mo, 2«6d J.H,d:J,Parkert%s$ 

City of the Mormons : a Visit to NauToo, 18mo, It 6d Rivington 184* 

Didascalus ; or, the Teacher, 8vo, It Rivington 1850 

■ History of the Mormons, or Latter Day Saints, poet 8to, 7« M Rivington 1843 

- Jerusalem Chamber, or Convocation and its Posmbilities, 8to, It 6d ... Rivington 1852 

Soothind and the Scottish Church, 12mo, 2t 6d J.ff.d'J.ParkeriZs^ 

• Western World Bevisited, 12mo, Zt J.H.JbJ.Parker\%s^ 

Cat and Dog, a Memoir of Puss and the Captain, 6th ed., sq. 16mo, 2s 6d ; oold.8« M Griffith dtF, ...i860 

Catafago {Jot.) Arabic and English Dictionary, V. 1, 8vo, 15«; Y. 2, 255 Quaritch 1858 

CATAI.0G17SS, Various, viz.:— 

Abbotsford Library, 4to, 42« .*. Whittaktr 1839 

American Books ; or, Guide to American Literature, 8vo, 6« Low 1856 

Antiquities, &o., Bateman's Museum, Derbyshire, 8vo, 10<6(2 J.R.Smith 1855 

■■ Museum Architectural Institute, Edinburgh, roy. 8vo, 21* Hamilton 1859 

■ with the Lennox Jewd, roy. 8vo, 42f Hamilton 1859 

Athenseum Library, Pall Mall, London, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 10« Librarian .... 1851 

Anatomical Mujieum, St Bartholomew's Hospital, V. 1 and 2, 8vo, ea. 5«... Churchill 1846 

Birds, Asiatic Society Museum, by Blyth, 8vo, 12< Williamtd: N, 1853 

Bodleian Library, Arabic MSS., edited by Dr.Pusey, foL, 44« J.H.d:J.Parkeri%s% 

Printed Books, V. 1 to 8, foL, sheets, 60» J.H.da.Par1cer\%^% 

V. 4, to 1847, fol. sheets, 20« J. H.dr J.Parker t%so 

Books added to the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, in 1858, 8vo, 6t WhiUaker 1854 

British, Books Published 1887-1849, roy^ 8vo, 81« 6d Low i8^» 

1837-1857, Index to, roy. 8vo, 26* Low 1858 

1858-^862, prices various Low Annual 

Museum. See British Museum. 

— — Vertebrated Animals, 8vo, 2t 6rf VanVoortt .,.1845 

Calculi and other Concretions, College of Surgeons, 4to, 8U M Van Voorst ...1844 

Chancellors and Chancery Offices, by Hiurdy, roy. 8vo, 20« BuUerwortkt ..,1%^'^ 

Comparative Anatomy, College of Suiigeons, 5 v. 4to, each 31< M Van Voortt ...1844 

Bariy English Poetry and Drama, in Bodleian Idb., byE. Malone, foL, 4s... Gardner 1835 

Bast India Company's Library, 8vo, lOt 6d W.H.Allen ...1845 

Museum, V. 1, Birds, 8vo, 6t W. H, Allen ...1854 

8vo,8«6d W. H.Allen. ..i%si 

Engraved British Portraits, by Evans, 2 v. 8vo, 5s £vantikSont...n, d. 

Exhibition, 1851, Art Journal Edition, 4to, 21s Virtue 1851 

•— ^ Official Illustrated, 4 V. imp. 8vo, 84« Cloujet 185* 

r-with Reports, 6 v. 4to, 21^ Chwet 1852 

1862, Official Illustrated (British), 2 v. roy. 8vo, 21s H.M.Commit. i86a 

- (Foreign), 2 v. roy. 8vo, 21s H.M.Commit. i86a 

Fossil Remains, Mammalia, Itc., College of Surgeons, 4to, 21s VanVoortt ...1845 

Graduates, Oxford University, 1659-1850, 8vo, 12s 6rf J. H.& J. Parker i%si 

Inscribed Stones, in Antiq. Soc., Newcastle, 8vo, Is Antiq.Soe. New.n.d. 

Library, Medical and Chimrgical Society, London, 8vo, 10s Longman 1856 

Ifiddle Temple, 2 parts, 8vo, 10» Librarian 1845 

- Newcastle Society of Antiquarians, 8vo Newcattle 1839 

■ Royal Geographical Society, corrected to 1851, 8vo, 8f 6ci Murray 1854 

Institution of Great Britain, by Vincent, 8vo, 16s Nutt 1857 

St. Catherine's Hall, Cambridge, 8vo, It M Belld: Daldy...i%^i 

London, Books Published in 1881-55, in Great Britain, 8vo, 28s T. Hodgton ...1856 

Library, 8vo, 8« Librarian 1843 

MSS. Bibliotheca Bodleianse, k Coxe, pt 1, 2and 3, 4to, ea. 22s ; pt 4, Ut JM.4kJ.ParkersZ'6o 
Cambridge University Library,8vo,v.l,30s; v.2,20s ; v.d,25s ; v.4,20s Cox 1856-61 

Collegiis Oxoniensibus Adservantur, & Coxe, 2 v. 4to, 46s..; J. H.<t J.Parker i%$% 

— — Dr. Adam Clarke's Library, roy. 8vo, 21s Mun*ay 1835 

GonviUe and Caius College, Cambridge, by Smith, 8vo, 10s 6<i WhiUaker 1847 

and Scarce Books in St. John's Colle^ Camb., pts. 1 and 2, ea. 4s6<l Belldj IkUdy. .1841 

(Egyptian) in Trinity College Library, by D. E. Hincks, 8vo, 4s Bead!l>aldy...i^^ 

Melancthon BCanuscripts, 8vo, 8s Se^eby n,d. 


Cataloovzs, Y9nov»^-{eoniinued), 

Mooastic Library of the Church of Durham, &c., 8vo, 10« WJUttaher 1847 

Maaeum of Gay's Hoapital, by Dr. Hodgkin, 8vo, 18« Churchill 1S52 

Oateological Portion of Specimens in Gamb. Anatom. Maseam, 8vo, 28 6d... Rivington 1862 

Periodicals, Law Beports, &c., Svo, 1$ Longman .., Annual 

Portraita of Gentry and Nobility, Warwick County, 4to, 10* Pldcering 1 848 

Preparations in Museum, College of Surgeons, Ireland, 2 t. Svo, 20« Renshaw 1840 

BeynoldB(<Srir/.) Portraits, compiled by W. Cotton, Svo, 5« Longnian 1858 

Koyal Society Library, MS& and MS. Letters, Svo, 2« Taylor ik P. ...1844 

by J. 0. HalUwell, Svo, 6« Taylor d:F, ...1840 

Miscellaneous Books, roy. Svo, 2» 6d Taylor d:F. ...1844 

Scientific Books, roy. Svo, 16« Taylor d: P. ...1849 

Sanscrit Books, Texts, &c, 12mo, 5« WiUiamadsN. 1848 

Selected English Literature, corrected to 1849, Svo, 5« Longman 1849 

Simple Minerals in Trinity College, Dublin, Svo, 6« Whittaher 1850 

Soutii Kensington Museum, Educational Division, 6th edit., Svo, 1< Chofmuinde H. 1861 

Tractsfor and against Popery in the Manchester Libraiy, 4to ChOhamSoc. 1859 

Works Printed for the Maitland Club, 4to i MaiiUmd Clvhi%zS 

Privately Printed, edited by Martin, 2nd edit^ Svo, 21« VanVoorst ...1854 

Catechetical Lessons on Miracles of Our Saviour, 12mo, 2»%d J.ff.d'J.Parkeri^S7 

Morning and Evening Prayer, and Litany, 12mo, U J.ffJ;J.Parkeri9$6 

Parables of the New Testament, 12mo, 2s 6d J.HA'J.ParkeriZs^ 

Sacraments, Creed, Commandments, &c., 12mo, 2i6d J.H.AJ,Parheri%$i 

Catechism of Nature, transited from the Dutch, 19th edit., 18mo, U Tegg 1850 

Phrenology, 22nd edit, ISmo, 1« A, Hall 1841 

: the Church of England, illuminated by Foster, 4to, Si Addey 1850 

Council of Trent, trans, by Buckley, post Svo, 6« RotUUdge 1851 

— — Donovan, 12mo, 7« Dolman 1853 

Diocese of Paris, trans, from the French, 24mo, U Sd T. Richardson 1850 

Incarnation, fcap. Svo, U 6rf Masters 1851 

Thirty-nine Articles, with Scripture Proofs, 12mo, 5« 6d T. Seward 1835 

CatechiBt (The), and Sea-Boy's Grave, by Fitiallan, ISmo, Is Hamilton 1855 

Catechumens of the Coromandel Coast, 12mo, Is J.H.d^J.ParkeriSti 

Catena GisBCorum Patrum, ediditJ. A. Cramer, 8 v. Svo, iis J.HJ^J.Parkerz^-^ 

of Uie Fathers on Regeneration in Baptism, Svo, bs J.H J: J. Parker i^$o 

Cater (Phi.) Entertuning Knowledge : Origin of Words, &c., 12mo, Zs /. Gilbert 1845 

Great Fiction of the Times, Svo, 2s 6d Sti-ange 1844 

Punch in the Pulpit, 2nd edit,, fcap. Svo, 2s Preeman 186a 

Cath Muighe Lena, an Ancient Historical Tale, edited by E. Curry, 20s JHshArch.SociisZ 

Cathal More ; or Self-Love and Self-Control, by Arami, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Shoberl 185a 

Catharine, a Tale, by the Author of '* Agnes and the Little Key," fcap. Svo, Is 6d.,. Knight <Cr Son 1859 

Douglas, a Tragedy, 12mo, 5« Pickering 1843 

— Sinclair ; Adventures of a Domestic in Search of a Good Mistress, ISmo, 1« Tweedie 185a 

Cathay and India, Narratives of Early Voyages to, edited by T. Bundall, Svo Hakluyt Soe.... 1849 

Cathcart ((?eo.) Comments on War, Russia and Germany, 1812-13, Svo, 14« Mwrray 1850 

Correspondence on Military Operations in Kaffraria, Svo, 12# Murray 1856 

(i2o&^.) Memoir and Correspondence, 2nd edit., 12mo, 2s ^d Hamilton 1839 

Cathedral Rhymes, by the Author of *' A Sister's Record," &c., 12mo, 6s Churton 1848 

Cathedrals of England, Eastern Division, Handbook to, cr. Svo, 18« Murray i86a 

Southern Division, 2 v. cr. Svo, 24» Murray 1861 

Catherine II., M6m(nresde, 1744-58, Writes par Elle-mdme, Svo, 10s %d Triibner 1858 

translated, post Svo, IsM T.... TrUlbner 1859 

de Yere, a Tale, byH. M. W., 12mo, 7« Longman 1857 

Howard; or. Trials and Triumphs, ISmo, Is 6rf Rd.TractSoc. ,i%^% 

-Irving, a Novel, by the Author of ** Ada Gresham,'* 8 v. post Svo, Zls td Newby 1855 

Oatherwood (Alf.) Treatise on Diseases of the Air Passages, ko., Svo, 7s 6d AyhU 1847 

{Pra. ) Ancient Monuments, Central America, folio, 51 5s ; cold. 12112s H. Bohn 1 844 

Catholic Biography ; Lives of Eminent Persons, 12mo, Zs T.Richardson 1847 

Florist ; Guide to Cultivation of Flowers for the Altar, 12mo, 5s T. Richardson 1851 

Hours; or, Family Prayers for Catholics, 24mo, 3s Dolman 1848 

Instructor, 4to. V. 1, 3# 6<i ; V. 2, is 6d ; V. 8, is 6d ; V. 4, 5« 6d T, Richardson 1847 

Legends and Stories, 12mo, 2« 6(i Sums ."854 

Oflforing, Counsels to the Young on their leaving School, 12mo, 8« Dt^y 1859 

Pulpit: Sermons for all the Sundays and Holydays, Svo, 10s 6d Dolman 1849 

Spirit of True Religion, post Svo, 7< ...'. Scott 1844 

Tales for Toung People, 2 V. 12mo, 5s T.Richardson 1847 

Catholic's Yade Meoum ; a Select Manual of Prayers for Duly Use, 82mo, 2s Burns 1851 

Cathrall {W.) Guide to North Wales, with Notesof Geology, by Ramsay, fp. Svo, 5s... Stanford i860 

Wanderings in North Wales, 12mo, 5s 6d Orr 1851 

Cathrey (T. (7.) Rosabel and Helvetia, Poems, 12mo, 4s Cleaver 1840 

Catlin {Oeo.) Breath of Life, or Mal-Bwpiration and its Effects, Svo, 2s 6d Triibner i86a 

— — — Life amongst the Intfians, a Book for Youth, fcap. Svo, 6s Low 1861 

Manners, ^., of American Indians, new edit., 2 v. roy. Svo, 80s H.Bohn 1846 

— - North American Indian Portfolio, folio, 5/ 5s ; col. 8^ Ss H.Bohn 1844 

Travels and Residence in Europe, 2 v. Svo, 80s Bogue..... 1848 

130 CATLOW CAXTON [Enqush Catalogvh 

Catlow (i^e») Britiflh Vertebrated Animals, 8vo, 2s 6d Van Voord ...184S 

• Ck)nchologi8t'8 Nomenclature, 8vo, 21», Reeve — red. tolOsQd H. Bohn 1845 

Drppa of Water displayed by the Microscope, lUust., sq. 12mo, 5« ... B, Bohn 1851 

Popular Conchology, lUust., post 8vo, 14« LongtMin 1842 

Field Botany, Illust., 10» 6<£, Reeve ; 4th ed.,8q. 12mo, 7« 6d Routledge i860 

Garden Botany, Illust., sq. 12mo, 10<6<2, Reexe — red. to 7« 6d RotUledge 1855 

Greenhouse Botany, 111., sq. 12mo, 10« 6rf, Reeve — red. 7a Qd RouUedge 1857 

- (A.4sM.E.) Sketching Rambles ; w, Nature in Alps and Apennines, 2 v. p.8TO,21« Hogg 1861 

- (Maria E.) Popular British Entomology, 8q.I2mo, 10« 6(i, Reev^-, new edit., 7a 6d Rout ledge i860 

Scripture Zoology, sq. 12mo, 10a 6d, Reeve^red. to7t6d ... RouUedge 1852 

Cat's Party, Donkey's Party, and the Dog's Party, Three Tales in Verse, 12mo, ea. la Dean & Son ... 1857 

Gats (Jac.) and Farlie {Rt.) Book of Moral Emblems, sm. 4to, 81a 6(2 Longman 1859 

and Dogs ; or, Lessons in Natural History, 12mo, 8a 6d Nels<m 1857 

Cattermole {Rich.) Book of the Cartoons, 8vo,15a— red.7a6rf ; roy.8yo,21a— red.l2a H.Bohn 1840 

Evenings at Haddon Hall, Illust., 8vo, 31a 6(2, 1850; postSvo, IS$ H, Bohn 1859 

— — — Historical Annual, 1840-41, 4to, ea. 21a Longman ...1840-1 

History of the Great Civil War, Illust., imp. 8vo, 21a H. Bohn 1852 

Literature of the Church of England, 2 v. 8vo, 25a Parker <i: Son 1844 

Sermons, with Essay on the National Church, 8vo, 16a Parker d; Son 1839 

Cattle (W.) Popery Delineated ; Information for Protestants, 12mo, 28 6d 'Hamilton 1846 

Catton (^.) Astronomical Observations, 4to, 2a Taylor iS: P. .-.1853 

Catullus, Carmina, English Notes by Cookesley, 12mo, 2a 6<2 E, Williams ...1844 

Poems in English Verse, with Introduction by Th, Martin, post 8vo, 6a 6df ... Parker ct* Son 1 861 

Juvenal, et Persius, Harrow School, 12mo, ds Longman 1839 

Tibullus, et Propertius, Opera (Eton), 12mo, 4a E. Williams ...i860 

&c.. Selections from, with Notes by Wm. Donne, 12mo, 2a Virtue i860 

and Vigil of Venus, translated by Kelly, iwst 8vo, ^ H, Bohn 1854 

Caughey (Ja^,) Letters on Various Subjects, V. 1 to 6, 12mo, ea. 8a 6(2 Simpkin 1844-7 

Revival Miscellanies : Sermons and Thoughts, 12mo, 4a Simpkin 1854 

Selections from his Journal, Life by Unwin, post 8vo, 4a 6d Partridge 1857 

Voices from America : Sermons, I2mo, la Simpkin 1847 

Caulfield (Oha.) Fall of Babylon, as Exhibited in Prophecy, 12mo, 4a 6d Bagster 1839 

(/.^.) Mathematical and Physical Geography, 12mo, 8a J.Hxtghes 1850 

(ifra.) Deluge, a Dramatic Poem, 8vo, 7a Baldwin 1837 

(Ric.) Seals of Irish Cathedral Churches, Pt. 1 to 4, 8vo, ea. la 6(2 J,R.Smith ...1853-6 

Caulincourt (Duke) Recollections of, 2 v. post 8vo, 18a Colbum 1838 

Caulton (Jsab.) Domestic Hearth, and other Poems, 12mo, 8a 6(2 W, J.Adams. ..i%$o 

Caunter ((7.^.) Handbook of Chemistry, 12mo, 6a Orr 1840 

(J.H.) Inquiry into History and Character of Rahab, 8vo, 10a 6(2 Longman 1850 

Lectures to Children on Gospel Truths, 12mo, la 6(2 Parker d: Son 1835 

- — Poetry of the Pentateuch, 2 v. 8vo, 30a Ohurton 1839 

Posthumous Records of a London Clergyman, 12mo, 7a Parker ds Son 1835 

Romance of History, India, 8 v. post 8 vo, 81a 6(2 Churlon 1835 

Sermons, 8 v. 8vo, 28a (burton .. 1837-42 

Triumph of Evil, a Poem, 8vo, 10a 6(2 Churton 1845 

Causes and Consequences of the Monetary Crisis, 1857, 12mo, 3a Groomhridge...\%^'j 

of the Deteriorated Condition of our Saddle Horses, 12mo, 8a Haichard 1853 

Caussididre {M.) Memoirs of the French Revolution of 1848, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a Bentlet/ 1848 

Causton (H.S.) Rights of Heirship to Real Property, 1 2mo, 9a 6(2, Causton, 1 842 ; n. e. , Sa Robertson 1 849 

Cautions for the Times, ed. by Whately, Abp. of Dublin, 3rd edit., 8vo, 7a 6(2 Parker <L' Son 1861 

Cavaliers of Virginia, a Romance, 8 v. 12mo, 16a 6(2 Hamilton 1836 

Cavalry, Regulations for the Instmction, Formation, and Movements of, 12mo, 8a ... Parker <k Son 1862 

Cave-Browne (J.) Punjab and Delhi in 1857, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a Blackwoods ...1861 

Cave (Z.r.) French in Africa, 8vo, 10a 6(2 Skeet 1859 

(iZ. ^.) Foundations : a Course of Short Sermons, fcap. 8vo, 2a 6(2 J.HA'J,PafieriS6i 

(Wm.) Lives of the Apostles, by Cary, 8vo, 8a Tegg 1839 

and the Fathers, 2 V. 12mo, 9a — red. to 5a Virtue 1839 

Fathers, by Cary, 3 v. 8vo, 24a Tegg 184c 

Primitive Christianity, by Cary, 8vo, 8a Tegg 1849 

Stebbing, 2 v. 12mo, 9a — ^red. to5a Virtue 1839 

Caveler {Wm.) Architectural Illustrations of Warmington Church, fol., 21a J,H.djf.ParkeriS^o 

' Specimens of Gothic Architecture, 2nd edit., 4to, 63s 3f, Taylor 1839 

Cavendish (F.W.H.) and Hertslet (E.) Foreign Office List and Handbook, 8vo, 5a ... Harrison 1861 

{Hen,) Life and Works of, by Dr. G. Wilson, 8vo Cavendish 5oc.. 1851 

(SirH.) Debates of Commons on Canada, 1768 to 1774, roy. 8vo, 25a Longman 1841 

Cavour (CouTi/) his Life and Career, fcap. 8vo, 3a 6(2 /tt<2(2 <Cr ^2aaa.. i860 

Life of, by Vine. Botta, Ph.D., roy. 8vo, 4a 6(2 New York ...... 1S62 

■ Memoir of, by Edward Dicey, 2iid edit., cr. 8vo, 6a 6(2 Macmillan ...1861 

■ Present and Future State of Ireland, 1845, 8vo, 4a 6(2 Longman ....!. 184c 

— — Reminiscences, Life and Character, by De la Rive, 8vo, 8a 6(2 Longman ...... 1 862 

Caw I Caw 1 or, the Chronicle of Crows, a Tale, sm. 4to, 2a ; cold., 2a 6(2 Griffith <fc P. ...i%ce 

Cskwdor {Countess) Short Sunday Evening Readings, 8vo, 6a Belld; Daldy.'.iibo 

Cawood (/oM Sermons, 2 v. 8vo, 21a Hamilton ......i%±.% 

Cawae {John) Art of Painting Portraits, &c., in Oil Colours, roy. 8vo, 12a Ackermann...i%lo 

Caxton {Wm.) and the Art of Printing ; and Watt's Steam Engine, 18mo, la 6(2 ... Rd. Tract Soc. \%tz 

1835-18C2] CAXTON CHADWICK 131 

Caxton (Wm.) Game of Cheese, a Fao-Simile Beprodaction of, 4to, 21s /. JL Smith ...1^55 

— — life, by C. Knight, new edit., 18mo, It 6d Cox 1848 

and Typography, compiled by Wm. Blades, 2 v. 4to, 516* Lilly 1861 

Cay (John) Analyna of the Scottish Reform Act, 1850, 8vo, Z0$ Blackwood* ...1850 

CajUj (C.B.) Psabns in Metre, post 8to, 0« Longman i860 

Psyche's Interludes, 12mo, 4« Longman 1857 

(E,S,) European Revolutions of 1848, 2 v. post 8vo, 18# Smith d; Elder 1856 

(G.J.) Las Alforjaa: Bridle Roads of Spain, 2 v. post 8vo, 18«, 1853; 1 v. Ba RoxUledge i860 

Life and Adrentares of Sir Reginald Mohun, a Poem, 12mo, It 6(i ... Pickering 1850 

Cayzer (T.S.) One Thousand Arithmetical Tests, 12mo, la^d; Key, U6d Qriffithd: P, ...1861 

Caaalet (IT.IF.) Artof Singing, 8vo, 2» Addiiwi i86i 

History of the Royal Academy of Music, 8to, 10« 6<i JBwnoorth .......1854. 

On the Reading of the Church Litui^, 8vo, 1$ 6d Botworth 1862 

Right Management of the Voice in Speaking and Reading, 8vo, It .. Boiworth i86o 

Stammering, its Causes and Cure, 12mo, It Botworth 1857 

Caialla {DoUjret and Cotiama) Memoirs: the Martyrs of Spain, fcap. 8to, 5« Nithet 1861 

Cazenave (M.) Manual of Diseases of the Skin, by Burgess, 8vo, 9s Renthaw 1842 

— . Treatise on Diseases of the Hair, by Burgess, 12mo, 2»^d Rentkaw 1852 

CasenoTe (/.C7.) Remarks on Mahometanism, 12mo, 1« 6J Motley 1856 

Thoughts on Subjects of Political Economy, p. 8 vo. Is 6(2, 1 8 5 9 ; Supt. Is Simpldn 1 86 1 

Ceci Morinel, a Tale, edited by R. W. Essington, 16mo, 2s Parker <b Son,, i%si 

Cecil {Hen.) Works, with Life by Pratt, 2 v. 8vo, 24s Seeley 1838 

Poems, 12mo, 5s Smith dc Elder i%s% 

(Lord) Dates, Battles and Events of Modem History, 16rao, ItQd C.J. Stewart... i9s7 

(Mary) Life of David; a Class Book for Sehoola, 12mo, It 6d Hamilton n. cL 

(Rich.) Morning and Evening Prayers, sm. 4to, 2s Hatchard 1843 

■ Remains, revised by Pratt, fcap. 8vo, Is 6d ; with Memoir, 2s Knight <fc Son.. iZSo 

and Life, by Pratt, 18mo, 2s 6d; 12mo, 5s; new edit., Zt6d Seeley 1854 

Sermons, complete, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Knight Jb Son.. 1^44, 

Thoughts on Various Passages of Scripture, 2 v. post 8vo, 16s Seeley 1851 

Visit to the House of Mourning, 82mo, Is, Seeley; 18mo, lt6d Hamilton 1862 

Cecil Dean, a Stoiy for Youth, by Bessie C. B., 12mo, 8s 6d Matter* 1853 

Cecile ; or, the Pervert, by the Author of ** Rockingham," post 8vo, 10s 6d CoUmm 1852 . 

Ceeley (RobL) Observations on the Variolss Vaccina, Svo, 21s, 1840 ; Suppt. 8vo, 5s . Churchill 1842 

Celestial Empire, or Points and Pickings about China and the Chinese, 12mo, 5t Grant iSf G 1844 

Cellarius*s Drawing-room Dances, new edit., sq., Bt Chwrton 1847 

' Fashionable Dancing, 4to, Illust., 7s 6(2 Bogue 1847 

Cellini (Benven/uio) Life of, post 8vo, 8s 6(2, U. Bohn; roy. 8vo, 2s Orr 1839 

Celsus (A.C.) Medicina, Books 1 to 4, Ordo and trans, by Steggall, 12mo, 8s Churchill 1837 

__.^___^_ _ Venables, 12mo, 5s Sherwood 1837 

— Lat. andEng., by Lee, 2 v. Svo, 9s E. Cox 1836 

■ with interlineal transL by Underwood, 8 v. 12mo, 15s Aylott 1837 

et Qregory Conspectus, trans, by Leach, 18mo, 4s Highley 1839 

Celtic Society, Miscellany of the, 4to, 20s , Irish Arch. Soc. 1849 

Cemetery, a Poem, 12mo, 2s Pickering 1848 

Cennick (John) Discourses on Gospel Doctrines, with Life, 12mo, 2s 6d Aylott n. d. 

Cennini (Cen.) Treatise on Painting, trans, by Merrifield, roy. 8vo, 12s Lwmley 1844 

Cen8eur(Le); or, English Errors in Speaking French, by E.D.G., 12mo,2s ^d LongnuM% 1858 

Census of Great Britain in 1851, roy. 8vo, 5s Longma/n 1854 

Centenary Services of the Bristol Tabernacle, 1863, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Partridge 1854 

Central Society of Education, Ptl, 6s 6(2, 1835; Pt.2, 5s 6d, 1838; Pt. 3, 6s 6(2, 1839 Walton 1840 

Centurion : Portraita of Roman Officers in the New Testament, 12mo, 5s Seeley 1841 

Century of Acrostics on Eminent Names in Literature, &c., post 8vo, 2t 6d Simpkin 1855 

Sayings to Help our Doings, 18mo, Is Bennett 1855 

Cerioni {G.) and Moscardi (L.D.) Narrative of Conversion of, 2nd edit., 8vo, 2s 6(2... A. Hall 1852 

Cervantes (Mig.) Don Quixote, abridged for Youth, Illust., 4to, 3s 6(2 Dean df Son ...1859 

condensed, 12mo, 6t Burnt 1847 

Don Quixote, illust. by Armstrong and Johannot, 8vo, 15s H. Bohn 1842 

Gilbert, post 8vo, 6s Boutledge 1856 

Johannot, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 18s Willoughby 1852 

3 V. Svo, 50s; 2 v. roy. Svo, 28s H.Bohn 1843 

Svo, Ss Griffin 1852 

El Buscapi^ trans, by T. Ross, post 8vo, ^ BerUley 1848 

Exemplary Novels, trans, by Kelly, post Svo, 3s 6(2 H. Bohn 1855 

Life of, by Roscoe, ISmo, 3s 6(2 Tegg 1839 

Squib, or Searchfoot, 12mo, 8s 6(2 Parker ds Son... 1% 4% 

Wanderings of Persilesand Sigismunda,12mo,10s 6dfLow — red.5s6c2 H.Bohn 1853 

■ Story of, who was a Scholar, Poet, Ac , by Amelia B. Edwards, fp. Svo, 2s 6(2 RouUedge 1862 

Ceva (0.) Pleasures of Virtue, fcap. Svo, Is 6(2 Tretidder 1861 

Chadwick (Adam) Cain and Abel, a Poem and Oratorio, post Svo, 4s Newby 1845 

Crcesus, Atys and Adrastus; Opera and Tragedy, Svo, 8s SaundertdsO. 1850 

Medical Miscellany, 12mo, 3s J.Robin* 1856 

Pyramus and Thisbe ; Opera and Tragedy, post Svo, 5s W.Walker 1854 

-^-^-^— — (/.) Essay on Use of Alcohol in Health and Disease, 12mo, 2s 6c2 Simpkin 1849 

(J.N.) Index Nominum to Blomfield's Norfolk, roy. Svo, 42s ; 1. p. 4to, 63s J.R,Smith 1862 

182 CHADWICK CHAMBAUD [English Catalogub 

Chadwick (J.N.) Yieange Hoose and Garden, South Ljnn, 8to, 2« 6d J,B.SnUth 1851 

— ^ {Mrs.) Norelsof Nature, 12mo, 7« 6(2 Lottgman 1837 

(&) Administration Bonds for the CJourt of Probate, roy. 8vo, 128 BtvUerwoHh ...1861 

Poems, 12mo, 8« 6rf *. BouOedge 1857 

(Wm.) PhMjtical Treatise on Brewing, 12mo, 2f Whittaker 1835 

Chaffer (Ric.) Exposition of the Ten Commandments, poet 8yo, 2t 6d JUvingUm 1857 

Chain of History, Pt. 1, from Nimrod to Charlemagne, ISmo, U Simpkin 1861 

' Pearls, an Allegory, by A. B., 12mo, Is HanUUon 1859 

Chaldee Reading Lessons, with Praxis and Interlinear Translation, cr. 8to, 5« Bagsler 1851 

Chalenor {Mrs.) Poetical Remains, 12mo, is Longman 1843 

— — Walter Gray, and other Poems, 12mo, 6# Longman 1843 

Chalk (^/72.) Peep into Architecture, with lUostrationa, 16mo, 4$ BeUdtDaldjf...ii^S 

Chalklen (C,W.) Semiramis, and other Poems, 2 v. 12mo, I2s Pickerinq 1847 

Chalkley {T.) Travels, Christian Experiences of, new edit, fcap. 8to, 2« M E. Marsh 1851 

Challener {T.) Catechism of DesoriptiTe Geography of England, 18mo, Is 9d Lonaman 1856 

Challenge to Phrenologists ; or. Phrenology Tested, 12mo, 5s Hodtonds Son 1839 

Challice (Jfrt.) lAurel and the Pklm, 12mo, «« OlHvier 1852 

Sister of Charity, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 21* BerUley 1857 

Village School P*te ; or. Good and Evil Influences, 12mo, 5s OlUvier 1847 

"Wife's Temptation, a Tale of Bdgravia, 2 v. post 8vo, 21« Westerton 1859 

(Dr.) Secret Histoiy of the Court of France under Louis XY., 2 v. p. 8vo, 21« Ilwtt A B 1861 

(/.) Astronomical Observations, Cambridge 1846-51, roy. 4to, ea. 25s Parker A Son... 1% $4. 

— Creation in Plan and in Pkt)gress, Essay on Geness, Ch. 1, cr. 8vo, 8« 6c2 Macmillan 1 86 1 

Medical Advice to Mothers on the Management of Children, 12mo, Is Benshaw 1851 

Challoner(i2ieA.) Modem British Martyrology, 8vo, 10« Keating 1836 

Chalmers (C%a.) Notes on Electro Chemistiy, with Results, 8vo, Zs 6d OkurehiU 1858 

— Thoughts, and Inquiries (Social Economy), 8 vo, 2« 6d Churchill 185a 

— '-^^— Thoughts and Experiments on Electricity, 3rd edit, 8vo, 2s 6<2 Simpkin 1851 

(F.) Letters to a Bible Class, 18mo, Is HamdUon 1851 

• Sermons on Domestic Duties, 18mo, Is 6d Hatchard 1849 

iOeo.) Opinions of lawyers on English Jnrispradence, roy. 8vo, 25s Maoewell 1858 
Jos.) Channel Railway connecting England and France, roy. 8vo, d< 6d... SpoH 1861 

(Prf.)JHistoi7 of Dunfennline, V. 1, 8vo, 14« ; V. 2, 8vo, I2s Blaekwoods 1 844.-59 

• Sculptured Monuments in Angus-shire, fol BannaiyneClvh n.d. 

(Thos,) Original Works, 25 v., new edit, 12mo, ea. is BamiUon 1849 

1, 2. Natural Theology, 2 v. 18. Introd. Essays to Select Authors. 

8, 4. Christian Evidences, 2 v. 14-16. Polity of a Nation, 8 v. 

5. Moral Philosophy. 17. Church Establishments. 

6. Commercial Discourses. 18. Church Extension. 

7« Astronomical Discourses. 19, 20. Political Economy, 2 v. 

8—10. Congregational Sermons, 8 v. 21. Parochial System. 

11. Sermons on Public Occasions. 22-25. Lectures on Romans, 4 v. 

12. Tracts and Essays. 

—— Posthumous Works, 9 v, 8vo, ea. 10s 6d iTami/toM ...1848-9 

1—8. Daily Scripture Readings, 8 v. 7, 8. Institutes of Theology, 2 v. 

4, 5. Sabbath Scripture Readings, 2 v. 9. Lectures on Butler, &c. 

Posthumous Sermons. 

Select Works, edited by Dr. Hanna, 12 v. post 8vo, ea. 6f ffamilton ...1854-7 

Lectures on the Romans, 2 v. 9. Political Economy, &c. 

Sermons and Disoourses, 2 v. 10. Christian and Economic Polity. 

Natural Theology, &c. 11. Church k Coll. Establishments, ke. 

Christian Evidences, ke, 12. Moral and Mental Philosophy, &c. 

Institutes of Theology, &c 

Astronomical Discourses, 12mOj2s6d; ch. ed., 1« Hamilton 1861 

Commercial Discourses, cheap edit, fcap. 8vo, \s Hamilton i86a 

— ' Constitution of Man,5 e., 2v.8vo,16i,Ptdfcmn^,i84o; n.e.,cr.8vo,5< H, Bohn 185a 

Correspondence, edited by Dr. Hanna, 8vo, lOs 6d Hamilton 185J 

Daily Scripture Readings, 2 v. post 8vo, 10s Hamilton 1851 

' Evangelical Alliance, its Dedgn, Difficulties, &c. , 8vo, Is Qd Hamilton 1 846 

— Lectures on Church Establishments, 8vo, 6s ; cheap edit, 1« 6d ... Hamilton 1838 

Safficiency of a Parochial System, 12mo, 5tf Hamilton 1841 

- the Epistle to the Romans, 4 v. 8vo, 24i Hamilton 1846 

. Life of, by Dr. Hanna, 4 v. 8vo, 42«, 1849; 2 v. post 8vo, I2s Hamilton ... 185a 

Present Position of the Church of Scotland, 8vo, Is M Hamilton 1839 

Reminiscences of , by Anderson, post 8vo, 7s 6d Nisbet 1851 

■ Sabbath Scripture Readings, 2 V. postSvo, 10« Hamilton 185a 

Scripture References, new edit, ISmo, 2s Qd Hamilton 1840 

Sermons, Select, with Tribute by J. G. Lorimer, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1859 

Chaloner (PAt/tp) Poems, 12mo, 4< .^ Saunders^ 0. 1854 

Chaloner and Fleming, Mahogany Tree, its Character, Qualities and Uses, 16mo, 5s, S.WiUon 1851 

Chaluide Vemeuil(P.r.) Grammar of Harmony, Ac., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 21« Longman 1848 

Chalybeus (H.M.) SpecnJative Philosophy, translated by Edersheim, 8vo, 6» Hamilton i860 

• Tulk, post 8vo, 8f 6<i HBohn 1854 

Chambaud (J.B.) Guide to the French Tongue, 12mo, 1« 6d Qroombridgt ...185a 

(Lou,) Fables Choisies, revue par R. Mcmgan et L. Guida, 12mo, 2» Simpkin 1861 

1835-1862] CHAMBAUD CHAMBERS 138 

Chambaud {L<m.) Fables Choices, par G. Wells, new edit., 18mo, 2s Simpkin i86a 

French Exercises, 12mo, 8« 6(]2— Key by Yoism, 12mo, 4< Longmcm 1856 

by Nicholson, 12mo, 6« Whittaker 1851 

Fables, by Picquot, 12mo,2« WhiUaker 1849 

Grammar, post 8to, 5« 6ti{ .• Longman 1855 

Chamberlain {EUt.) Toung Scholar's English Dictionary, 12mo, 2« 6(2 Cradock 1846 

(John) Letters to Sir Dudley Oarleton, temp. Eliz., ed. Miss Williams, 4to Camden Soc. ...1861 

(Tho,) God-Parent's Gift, 18mo, 1« Bums 1841 

Help to Knowledge, chidiy Beligious, 12mo, 2# Masters 1840 

Selected Letters, 12nK>, 4s Masters 184a 

Sermons: Theory of Christian Worship, 2nd edit. 12mo, 5s Masters 1851 

■ Seven Ages of the Church, post 8vo, 8« Masters 1856 

— — ^-^— Windsor, a Poem, 12mo, 5« Aylott 1846 

{Wait.) Christian Verity Stated, 2nd edit, cr.8vo,5« Wertheim i86» 

Isaiah^s Call to England, 8vo, 10« 6rf Wertheim i860 

Bestoration and C<myer8ion of the Tribes of Israel, 8to, 14« ... Wertheim 1854 

Chamberlain Bolls of Scotland, 1826-1458, byT. Thomson, 8y Bannatyne CL 1841 

Chambers Mnne) Comfort in Sleepless Nights, roy. 8yo, 9s6d Hatchard 1858 

{Oeo,) Terms used in Bills of Exchange, in 12 Languages, 8yo, 2s 6d Cuthbert 1856 

— (G'F,) Hand-Book of Descriptiye and Practical Astronomy, post 8yo, \2m Murray 1861 

(/cu.) Bishop Heberand Indian Missions, 12mo, 2s M Parker ^ Son 1846 

—'(/.C) Sacred and Ecclesiastical History for Schools, cr. 8yo, 6s Hope 1853 

I Preached at Perth, &c., 8yo, 12s Masters 1857 

— {J,J).) Chancery Jurisdiction over Property of Infants, roy. 8yo, 80* Benning 184a 

Dictionary of Law and Practice of Elections, 8yo, 25« Benning 1837 

Order of Household Deyotion, 8yo Lumley 1854 

— (J,P,) Sacred EListory, with a Compendium of Ecclesiastical History, post 8yo, 5s Hope 1854 

(jRic.) Geographical Questions and Exercises, 18mo, 2s Piper 1843 

and Biographical Comi>endium, 18mo, 2* Piper 1835 

(i2o6.) Ancient Sea Margins ; Memorials of Changes, 8yo, 9« Chambers 1848 

Domestic Annals of Scotland, 2nd edit, 2 y. 8yo, 24«, 1859 ; VoL 8, I6s Chambers 1861 

Edinburgh Papers, 8yo, 5s Chambers 1861 

Essays, 4 y. 12mo, each 4« Chambers 1847 

History of the Bebellion, 1746-6, 12mo, 4« Chamhers X847 

Index of Heirs-at-Law, Next of Kin, &c., post 8yo, 20« Strange 1857 

~— ^— Lives of Illustrious Scotsmen, edited by T. Thomson, 5 y. 8yo, 55a Blackie 1835 

■ Memoirs of a Banking House (Sir W. Forbes*), 8vo, 3s 6d Chambers i860 

Picture of Scotland, post 8yo, 3s 6d Bentley 1837 

Popular Rhymes of Scotland, 12mo, 4f Chambers 1847 

— Scottish Jests and Anecdotes, 12mo, 5s Simpkin 1856 

Songs of Scotland prior to Bums, with the Tunes, cr. Svo, 6« Chambers 1862 

^— > Spirit of Chambers' Journal, 8 y. 12mo, each 4« Chambers 1835 

. T^^ngsof Iceland and the Faroe Islands, 1855, 12mo, \s Chambers 1856 

Traditions of Edinburgh, 12mo, 4« Chambers 1847 

- (Tho,) an^ Peterson, Law of Railway Companies, 1848, 8vo, 24» Benning 1848 

■ Tatteraall's Laws Relating to Buildings, &c., 12mo, \2s Lumley 184$ 

- (T.iT.) Corpulence; Ebioess of Fat in the Human Body, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman 1850 

— ^ Digestion and its Derangements, post 8yo, lOtf 6e{ Churchill 1855 

' Renewal of Life : Lees, on the Restoratiye System of Medicine, p. 8yo, 6s 6d Churchill 1 861 

- (Wm.) American Slavery and Colour, post 8yo, is Qd, 1859 — red. io2s6d Chambers i86a 

Improved Dwellings for Humbler Classes, roy. 8vo, 1< 6d Chambers 1855 

I — Narrative of a Tour in British America and U.S., cr. 8vo» 6fl Chambers 1854 

Peebles and its Neighbourhood, 12mo, sewed. Is Chambers 1856 

' Soroetiiingof Italy, cr. 8yo, 8< 6(2 Chambers i86a 

Things as they are in America, 2nd edit, 8vo, 6s Chambers 1854 

Tour in Holland in 1838, 8vo, Is 6d Chambers 1839 

- Switzerknd in 1841, 8yo, Is 6d Chambers 184a 

Youth's Companion and Counsellor, square 16mo, 5s Chambers 1857 

Chambers' Book of Days, Vol. 1, roy. 8vo, lOs 6d Chambers i86a 

-: Commercial Tables and Ready Reckoner, 12mo, 3s CJiambers 1850 

.^_ — Cookery and Domestic Economy, Is 6(/, 1838 ; new edit, fcap. 8yo, Is ... Chambers , i86a 

■ Cydopndia of English Literature, new edit, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 16s Chambers ...1858-9 

- Edinburgh Journal, Ist series, 12 v. folio, 5/ 8« C%am5«rt... 1832-43 

— ^— — 2ijd series, 20 v. roy. 8yo, 90s C%aro6«rs... 1844-53 

3rd series, 20 v. roy. 8yo, 90s " CAamifrs... 1854-63 

■ Encydopffidia ; or, Dicty. of Useful Knowledge, s. r. 8vo, Y. 1 to 5, ea. 9s Chambers ...i86o-a 

Handy Guide to London, with Illustrations and Map, 12mo, sewed, Is ... Chafers 18 6a 

Paris, 12mo, Is Chambers i86a 

■ Historical and Literary Celebrities, cr. 8 vo, 3s 6d Charnbers n,d, 

History of England. Vide Pictorial. 

■ Household Shakspeare, Vols. 1 to 7, 12mo, each 3s 6d Chambers ...i86i-» 

■ Information for Ihe People, new edit, 2 v. roy. 8yo, 16s Chambers ...1857-8 

■ Instructive and Entertaining Library. See Appendix. 

Journal of PopuUr Literature, new series, V. 1 to 17, roy. 8vo, each 4s 6(2 Chambers... i3^^-6z 

— — Library for the Young, 18mo, ea. Is. £^ Appendix. 

134 CHAMBERS CHANGES [English Cjltaloqve 

Chambers' Miniature Library of Fiction, in 18 v. 32ino, each 6d CJiamhert 1857 

Miscellany of Useful Tracts, 20 v. 12mo, each 1« Chambers ...1844-7 

Papers for the People, 12 v. cr. 8vo, each U^d Ckambert .. .1850-1 

People's Edition, Miscellaneous Literature, 2 v. 8 vo, 28« ) Chambers 1839 

, Travels, Svo, lis [iSfec also Appendix. Chambers 184a 

., Works of Fiction, Svo, lis ) Chambers 1840 

Pictorial History of the Eevolt in India, roy. Svo, lis ...- Chambers 1858 

Russian War, roy. Svo, 13« Chambers 1856 

Pocket Miscellany, 24 v. ISmo, each 6d ; 12 v. cloth, each 1« M, Chambers ...1851-3 

Eepoeitoryof Amusing Tracts, 12 v. 12mo, each 1« .'. Chambers ...1852-4 

-(TT.ct'iZ.) Educational Series. <^tf Appendix. 

- {SirW.) Decorative Part of Civil Architecture, revised by W. H. Leeds, 4to, 21i... Lochwood i86» 

Chambre {Maj.) EecoUections of West-End Life in London, 2 v. post Svo, 21» ilurstiSt B 1858 

Chamerovzow (La.) Embassy ; an Historical Romance, 3 v. post Svo, 81< 6c2 Newby 1846 

Man of Destiny, a Romance, 2 v. post Svo, 21« Newby i860 

New Zeahwd : Bight of the Aborigines, post Svo, 10« Qd Newby 1848 

Yule Log, a Christmas Tale, 12mo, 5» Neioby 1846 

Chamier iCapt.) Arethusa, 3 v. post Svo, 81« 6rf, 1837 ; fcap. Svo, 2s BenUey i860 

\ Ben Braoe,3v.p.Svo,31«6d,i836;fcp.2«6rf,^cn^,i849;fcp.8vo,2# Barton i860 

. Bradshawe, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6rf, Newby, 1843 ; 12mo, 2* ... Barton 1858 

Count Konigsmark, 8 v. post Svo, 31«6rf Colbum 1845 

Flying Dutchman, 3 v. post Svo, 3I« 6(i Colbum ..1839 

Jack Adams,theMutineer,3v.p.8vo,31<6(i, 6^0/61*7^,1838; fp.8vo,2« Barton 1861 

. Journey through France, Switzerland, &c, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6d .. Hwrstds B 1855 

Lifeof aSailor,n.e.,p.Svo,2a6d,5«i^,i849il2mo,2a,frar<i,56;2« BovUedge i860 

Mysterious Man, 3 v. post Svo, 31» 6rf Netdty 1844 

Passion and Principle, 3 V. post Svo, 31» Od Newby 1846 

Perils of Beauty, 3 v. post Svo, 31» 6rf Colbwm 1843 

Review of the French Revolution of 1S48, 2 v.jSvo, 21« Beeve 1849 

Spitfire, 3 v. poet Svo, 31« 6d, Colbum, 1839 ; ^<»P- 8^<>» 2» Ward d. Loch .1861 

Tom Bowling, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6<i, Colbum, 1841 ; 12mo, 2« H,Lea 1857 

Unfortunate Man, 8 V. poet Svo, 81a 6d Bentley 1835 

Walsingham ; or, the Gamester, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6d Bentley 1838 

Chamisso {Adel, von) Peter Schlemihl, tr. by Bowring, iUust., Sidedit., p. Svo, 2$ 6d Hardwicke 1861 

Champion {W.J.) French Language, How to Read it, &c., new edit., cr. Svo, Is ... ffoultton i860 

^ Life's Holidays Illuminated — ^Birthdays, &c., 12mo, 6a Seeley 1856 

Champlain (Sam.) Voyage to the West Indies and Mexico, in 1599-1602, 4to ffaJcluytSoc....iSsS 

Champlin (/.5.) First Rinciples of Ethics, 12mo, 6a Boston,U.S. ...1862 

Champney (C.J.) Temple of Solomon, and other Poems, &c., post Svo, 8a 6c2 Blachwoods ...1848 

(H.N.) Clerical Reading : the Liturgy with Examples, 12mo, la Weriheim 1859 

Family Prayers for a Month, 2nd edit., enlarged, fcap. Svo, 2a Wertheim 1862 

^ Textual Commentaxy on the Book of Psalms, 16mo, 3a Bagster 1852 

Champneys (IF. TF.) Drops from the Deep Well, ISrao, la Seeley 1852 

Floating Lights : Spiritual Reflections, 18mo, Is Qd Wertheim 1849 

Images ; or. Allegories for the Young, ISmo, 2a 6d Seeley 1849 

Sermons on Sin and Salvation, ISmo, la Wertheim 1858 

— ^ the Liturgy, ISmo, 2a Seeley 1849 

Six Lectures on Protestantism, fcap. Svo, 2a 6d J.F.Shaw 1852 

■ Spirit in the Word, Facts from a 80 Years' Ministry, fcp. Svo, 3« 6d Seeley 1862 

Champollion^s Egyptian Dic^onary, folio, 63a Bidot 1841-4 

Chance and Choice ; or, Education of Circumstances, Tales, post Svo, 7a 6d Parker <k Son 1850 

Chance {E.J.) On the Nature, Causes, &c., of Bodily Deformities, pt. 1, p. Svo, 12a 6(2 Leinare 1862 

(//^ea.) Treatise on Powers, Supplement to, roy. Svo, 6s BuUerwortlis ...i%^\ 

Chancery Court General Orders, Consolidated, roy. Svo, 7a 6rf Stevens<k N. ...i860 

Lane ; or, the Glass Case : a Lay of the Law, by F., illust., la B.Wilson 1862 

Chakcbrt, Reports of: — 

Craig arM^ Phillips, roy. Svo, 24a Stevens 1841 

De Gex, Macnaghten and Gordon, 7 V. roy. Svo, 21/ 17a Slevens »85i-7 

and Jones, 4 v. roy. Svo, 9/ 14s 6d Stevens 1857-60 

Fisher oTic^ Jones, 2 v. roy. Svo, 51 6s 6d Stevens 1860-1 

Hall an<2 Twells, 2 v. roy. Svo, 70a Stevens 1848-50 

Macnaghten am^ Gbrdon, 8 v. roy. Svo, 5118s Qd Stevens 1849-51 

Mylne {J.W.) anrf Craig (R.B.) 5 v. roy. Svo, 11 19a Benning ...1837-48 

Phillips, 2 V. roy. Svo, 96a 6d Stevens 1841-9 

Chances and Cbange&r, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, Zls6d, 1835 ; cr. Svo, 10a 6d SaimdersA 0. 1859 

Cbandieu {Ant.) Treatise on Sacrament of Lord's Supper, cr. Svo, 4a Bivington ...1859 

Chandler {JI. W.) Practical Introduction to Greek Accentuation, Svo, 10a 6d J .H,ij.Par1ceri%b% 

{John) Hone Sacre : Private Prayers and Meditations, 82mo, 2a 6d Suttaby 1848 

Hymns of the Primitive Church, 24mo, Is Qd Parker d: Son 1841 

■ Salman's New Guide, improved by None, rev. by Hobbs, obi. 12mo, 7a C. Wilson 1 847 

(P. W.) American Criminal Trials, V. 1 and 2, Svo, each 9a Benning 1844 

{Sam.) Critical History of the Life of David, Svo, S« 6<i .* J. H. del. Parker iZ^i 

Chandless (Wm.) Visits to Salt Lake and the Mormons at Utah, cr. Svo, 9a— red. 2a 6d Smith de Elder 1857 

Changeling, a Novel, by the Author of " Canvassing," 3 v. post Svo, 31a 6d Saunders d:0. 1848 

Changes of our Times, or the History of John Gray, of Willoughby, ISmo, 8a Eatchard 1850 

1635-1869] CHANNEL CHARCOAL 135 

Channel Islanda, for the nae of Yiatore, 12mo, Ss Qd Simplin 1841 

Channing {W,£,) Works, 870, 9«, Tegg, 1840; 8rd ed.,6v. p.8vo,36«— 6 3,18« Simpkin 1842-4. 

People's Edition, new edit., 2 y. 8vo, IQs Qd Origin 1862 

Beauties of, with Essay by Monntford, 18mo, 2» 6d J.Ohapman ...1849 

Disconrses, 12mo, 6« Simpkin 1841 

^— ^— — — — Essays, 32ino, 2$ 6rf, 1859, Crroombridge; 12mo, 6s, 1838 — red.4«6c2 Simpkin 1841 

• on Slavery, 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1839 

> Lectures on Self-Caltare, 24mo, Is 6d, Simpkin, 1840 ; 18mo, Is . Groombridffe ...1852 
. Life and Correspondence, by his Nephew, 3 v. p. 8vo, 28« — ^red. 10« 6d J. Chapman ... 1 850 
• 2 V. post 8vo, 7« Routlfdge 1850 

Literary Works, new edit., post 8vo, 3# 6d Griffin 1854 

— ^— Memoir, with Selections from his Correspondence, 8vo, 6s Whiifidd 1 85 1 

Political Writings, 12mo, 3« Simpkin 1835 

TheoU^cal Works, new edit., post 8vo, 3< 6rf Griffin 1854 

Chanter {J,M.) Help to an Exposition of the Church Catechism, 82mo, Is RivingUm 1844 

Sermons, 12oio, 6s6d Matters 1849 

■ (J/rt.) Ferny Combes : Ramble after Devonshire Ferns, 12mo, 5< Reeve 1856 

Over the Cliflb, 2 V. post 8vo, 21« Smith tk Elder , 1S60 

Chanting, its Claims and Principles, with Hints for its Practice, 8vo, Is Wardtk Lock 1854 

Simplified, 18mo, 2s 6d Relink J)aldy,.,i^i 

Chantrey (iStr Z'.) Memorials of, by J. Holland, post 8vo, 10« 6rf Longman 1851 

Recollections of his Life, by Q. Jones, 8vo, 8« Moxon 1849 

Chantries, History of those within the County Palatine of Lancaster, 2 v. 8vo Chetham Soe.iZ^z-i 

Chants, Services and Anthems : Words, Description and Choice, 8vo, is Masters 1858 

Chaos and the Creation, an Epic Poem, roy. 8vo, 16a Hatchard 1835 

Chapeltown ; or, the Fellow Students, by a Congregational Minister, cr. 8vo, Zs6d... Ward 1857 

Chapin {E.H.) Extemporaneous Discourses, post 8vo, 6s New York i860 

{A,W.) Floraof the South United States, 8vo, 14« New York i86o 

Chaplet, aMiscellany, roy. 8vo, 16« Hancood 1848 

Chapman (Renj,) Hist, of Gust Adolphus & 80 Years' War, 8 vo, 'i2s6d, Longman— r. 5s H, Rohn 1 8 56 

{Dan.) Discourses on the Restoration of Man, 8vo, lQs6d Hamilton 1837 

— — — ^ — Dissertation on Philosophy and Theology, 8vo, Ss Hamilton 1836 

Speeches and Discourses on Various Subjects, post 8vo, 5s Whittaker 1855 

{Edw.) Manual of Materia Medica, Pharmacology, &c., 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1850 

{E,J.) Description of Characters of Min e rals , 12mo, 4f Raillih^ 1844 

— ^■^— Practical Mineralogy, 8vo, Is Railli^e 1843 

Songs of Charity, and other Poems, 12mo, 8« Pickering 1839 

^— (Geo,) Method of Attack and Defence practised in Art of Fencing, folio, 5s. . . Clowes <k Sons . 1 860 

(/r. a) Rules for Masting, 6th edit., 8vo, l*6<i C. Wilson 1846 

(ir.5.i New Zealand Portfolio, 8to, is Smithdh Elder 1843 

(i/.r.) Nature and Treatment of Varicose Veins, post 8vo, fis 6d Churchill 1856 

- Treatment of Ulcers and Eruptions on the Leg, cr. 8vo, Zs 6d Churchill 1848 

{J. P.) King Eric and the Outlaws, from the Danish, 3 v. 8vo, 31« 6d Longman 1843 

- (/.(?.) Amateur's Drawing Manual, 4to, 21 « Low 1858 

■ Elements of Art : a Manual for the Amateur, 4to, l(is6d Bogue 1848 

(/(M.) Brief Memorials of Departed Saints, 12mo, 6s I>yer 1842- 

Inspiration of Scripture, 8vo, 2s Sieley 1861 

Mathematical Scales, 4to, Zs6d Harrison 1861 

- Miracles the Proper Credentials of a Revelation, 8vo, 2s Seeley 1861 

— {John) Cotton and Commerce of India Considered, 8vo, \2s J. Chapman ...1851 

-(&p./.) Journal in Ceylon, 1850, 12mo, 2s Rellde Daldy...i%^i 

— (/./2.) Instructions to Young Sportsmen, 12mo, '!s6d J. Chapman,... 1%^^ 

—Uf,J.) Translation of Theocritus, Bionand Moschus, 8vo, \2s Eraser 1836 

—{Pris,) Hindoo Female Education, post 8vo, 5s 6d Seeley 1839 

— (i?ic.) Gheek Harmony of the Gospels, 4to, 21< Rivington 1836 

— (i2o6<.) Treatise on Rope Making, 12mo, 2« Spcn 1858 

-(ITm.) Every Day French Talk, 12mo, 2« Bateman 1855 

French Grammar, with Exercises, 12mo, 2« 6(2 Ratema^ 1856 

Chapman and Hall's Standard Editions, each 5s. Sie Appendix. 

Chapooe (ifr<.) Letters, 32mo, \s6d Groombridge ...1%$^ 

Memoirs of, by Cole, 82mo, 2s Simpkin 1839 

Chappell {Wm.) Popular Music of Olden Time,2 v.imp.8vo,48«, Cramer, 1859; n.e.,42< Ro8v>orth 1862 

Chapters for School Reading and Home Thought, 12mo, Is Hope 1854 

in the Life of a Dundee Factory Boy, by Himself , 12mo, Is 6d i Barton 1850 

on Coronations, 12mo, is 6d Parker <k Son... t^^S 

— — - Deacons, 18mo, 2s6d Masters 1849 

— ^— Physical Sciences, 12mo, 6» Whittaker 1848 

the Shorter Catechism, by a Clergyman's Daughter, 3 ed., fcap. 8vo, Zs 6d Hamilton i860 

-^— ^— Teaching of the Roman Churdi, 12mo, 3« 65 Mason 1854 

Character and Costume in Turkey and Italy, by T. Allom, 4to, 21« Tallis 1844 

Characteristics of Men of Genius, 2v. post8vo, 12« J.Chapman ...1846 

■ — Old Church Architecture in Scotland, 4to, 25« Hamilton 1861 

Characters, Scenes, and Incidents of the Reformation, 18mo, Is 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 1849 

Charades, Enigmas, and Riddles, collected by a Cantab, 4th edit., fcap. 8vo, 2»6d... Rell<k Baldy...i%6% 
Charcoal Burners, transited from the German, 18mo, Is 6d Masters 1843 

186 CHARENTE CHARMED [Exqlish CiiAiooni 

Charente (A. A.) FrODcb Course and Exercises, complete, 12mo, each 10« 6d Longman 1857 

Part 1. FronunciatioD, &c, 3«. 2. French and Kngli&h Syntax, 3« ; in 1 Yo\.5»6d. 
Part 8. Gbdlicisms and Anglicisms, 3« 6d, 4. ConBtruction, St ; in 1 yoL Qs, 

Exercises to French Course, 4 Pts., each 8« Longman .... 

Charities for the Relief of the Clergy, their Wives and Families, 3rd edit., fp. 8to, 3« Rivington .... 

of London. Set Low. 

Charity: a Tale, by the Author of ** Angelo Sanmartino," post 8vo, 1Q$M Newby 

Charlemagne's Travels in Constantinople, &c., a Poem, by Michel, 12mo, 10< Gc2 Pickering .... 

Charles (I.) Attempted Escape from Carisbrook Castle, by Hillier, cr. 8vo, lOa 6d ... BentUy 

His Court and Times, 2 v. 8vo, 28< Colbum 

■ in 1646, Original Letters, edited by J. Bruce, 4to Camdtn Soc . 

Life and Character of, by L Disraeli, new edit., 2 v. 8vo, 28» ffurtt <fe B.... 

Declaration concerning ikwful Sports on Sundays, 8m.4to, 54 Quaritck .... 

(II.) Diary of His Times, by Hon. H. Sidney, 2 v. 8vo, 28« Colbum. 

in the Channel Islands, a History, by Ho&kins, 2 y. 8vo, 28< BentUy 

►^— Personal History of, by C. J. Lyon, 8vo, 10« Grf Boone... 

• Memoirs oif, with his Court, by Clayton, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 21« Sheet 

- and James II., Secret Services of , 4to Camden Soe. 

(V.) Autobiography of, transL by L. F. Simpson, post 8vo, 6« 6<i Longman 

Cldster Life Of, by Stirling, post 8vo, 8# Parker^ Son.. 

Correspondence with his Ambassadors, 8vo, 18« BentUy 

■ (X.) and Louis Philippe ; Revolution of July, 1830, 8vo, lOt 6d Saunders <k 0. 

' (XII.) from the French of Voltaire, by Smollett, 82mo, Is 6d AUman 

(CM.) Arvon ; or, the Trials, 2 v. post 8vo, 16« BoutUdge .... 

Hamon and Catar ; or, the Two Races, a Tale, 12mo, Ss Simpkin 

(Dav.) Sermons, with Memoir by Hughes, 12mo, As Ward 

• {Father) Ferdinand, or the Triumphs of Filial Love, 18mo, Is 6d ^«/y 

Flowers from Foreign Lands, 2 v. sq. 18mo, 6« i>M/y 

-Matilda, or the Orphans of the Pyrenees, 18mo, Is 6d I>uffy 

{Tho.) Essays, Letters, and Papers, edited by Morgan, 12mo, 7s Sedey... 

Life and Labours, by Morgan, 82mo, ls6d Simpkin. 

Charles Auchester, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, Zls^d Burst d: B 

CUverston, a Tale, post 8vo, 10» 6d Saundersd:0, . 

Dallaway; or, the Restless Man, 18mo, 2» Modey 

Delmer, a Novel of Political Life, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21« Bentley 

Ellwood; or, the Infidel Converted, post 8vo, Zs 6d J.Chapman ... 

Harman; or, the Adopted Child, a Tale, 12mo, is T.Richardson., 

> Ross; or, Truth and Fiction, a Tale, 18mo, 28 6d Harvey 

Roussel ; or. Industry and Honesty, a Tale, 18mo, 1« 6d Rel. Trad Soc. 

Stanley, a Novel, by the Author of * * Ninfa," 8 v. post 8vo, 91s 6d Chapman 6: H. 

Worthington, by Harry Singleside, post 8vo, 5« Piper 

and James, a First Book of Monosyllables, 16mo, 1« 6(i Chapman «fc H. 

— ^— ^ Josiah ; a Conversation between a Churchman and a Quaker, fcap. 8vo, 5s Bell de Iktidy 

Charlesworth {E,0.) Ministry of the Bible, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Wertheim 

Poems, 12mo, Is 6d Whittaker 

— (John) On IfOiotionand Spiritual Distress, 82mo, Is Simpkin.. 

-(Ifaria) Africa's Mountain Valley, new edit, 12mo, 8< 6rf Sedey 

— — - Book for the Cottage ; Mary and her Family, n. e., 18mo, Is 6d Sedey 

Cottage and its Visitor, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 8« %d Sedey 

England's Teomen, from Life in the 19th Century, fcap. 8vo, 5« Sedey 

• Letters to a Child, new edit, 32mo, \s 6d SeeUy.. 

Friend under Affliction, 12mo, Is M SeeUy.. 

■Light of Life, new edit, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Seeley 

-Ministering Children, a Tale, n. e., 12mo, 6s ; cheap ed., 2s 6d SeeUy 

Illustcr. 8vo, 10s 6d J^Uy 

in French, 12mo, 2f Rd. Tract Soc. 

— Ministry of Life, new edit, fcap. 8vo, 5s SeeUy, 

— Reward Books, 12mo, packet, Is Sedey 

— Sunday Afternoons, in the Nursery, 8rd e., sq., 2< 6€{; col. 4s 6d SeeUy, 

— Sailor's Choice; or, Little Lenny's Friendson Shore, 18mo, U; sd. 6d Sedey . 

Chariey (WU.) Flax and its Products in Ireland, cr. 8vo, 5s Bdlds DdldyW 

Chalk; or, Career of an Artist, 8vq, 11» Berger .! 

Nugent ; or. Passages in the Life of a Sub, 8 v. post 8vo, 81« 6<i Saunders ds 6^ 

Charlie and Qeorgy, by tlje Authoress of ** Helen's Faul^** &c., 18mo, 1« RmitUdge 

Walter, a Tale, by the Author of "Amy's Watchword," &c., 18mo, 1* Soc.P.C.K. .. 

Burton, 18mo, Is Soc.P.C.K, 

Cheerful's Nursery Stories, with Cold. Hctures, imp. 8vo, 2s 6d Ward tk Lods . 

Grant; or, How to Do Right, 16mo, IsM Nid>et 

Charlie's Discoveries ; or, Gk)od Use for Byes and Ears, 16mo, Is 6d A.ffall 

Chariotte Elizabeth. iSse Tonna, 3f rs. 

Chariton {W.H.) Description of Burghley House, Stamford, 8vo, 7s 6d Whittaker 

Charm (The), a Book for Boys and GKrls, 8 v. post 8vo, each 5s Low 

of Entertaining Knowledge : History, &c, post 8vo, 6# RoutUdae 

■ Interesting Stories, post 8vo, 6* R<n^^i€ 

Charmed Roe ; or, Littie Brother and Sister, iUust, by Speckter, 16mo, 5s .'..'" Murmy 

1885- 186«] CHAHNOCK CHAUCER 187 

Ghamodi (Mary) Legendary Ehymes, and other Poems, 12mo, 6s 6d Longman 1843 

• (/Jtc*.) Insolvent Debtor's Act, 12mo, 2« 6d Richards 1845 

New Pleading Boles, Decisions, 12mo, 5« Sweet 1837 

Rules in Practice and Pleiading, 12mo, 7« Qd Richards 1836 

Police Guide, 12mo, 6» Stevens 1840 

— ^-^— (R.8.) DerivatiTe Dictionary of Geographical Names, 8vo, 12« ffouUton 1858 

Guide to the Tyrol, 12mo, 3< 6<i W. J. Adams 1857 

{Stq).) ChriBt*8 Death, Exaltation, and Intercession, 18mo, Is 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 1847 

■ Diaconrees on Christ Crucified, 18mo,lg6rf,ige^.r. 5., 1 846 ;12mo,l<9rf Nelson 1837 

the Attributes, 8vo, 6«6rf H.Bokn 1845 

-2v.l2mo, 8« Rel. Tract Soc. 1845 

- Treatise on Divine Providence, 8vo, l«8d Ward 1840 

-Reconciliation with God, Svo, 2« id Ward 1840 

Weak Grace Victorious, 18mo, \s 6rf, Rd. Tract Soc. ; Is 6d Nv^ 1856 

(W.W.) Suitor's County Court Guide, 18mo, 2« C. Mitchell ...1852 

Chamwood Forest, History and Antiquities of, 4to, 21« Hamilton 1842 

Charterhouse, Chronicles of, by a Carthusian, 8vo, \2s%d BeUd: Daldy...i%^j 

Foundation and History of, p<wt 8vo, 5s Sewell 1849 

CHA&TEBHotJSE ScHOOL BooKS. jScc Appendix S. Walker 

Charters of Endowments, Inventories, fee., Finchale Priory, 8vo (Surtees Soc ) Whittaher 1837 

Charvolant, Treatise on Aeropleustic Art, sq. , 2< 6(^ Longman 1851 

Chase (P-E.) Eliana ; or, a Layman's Contributions to Theology, 2 v. 12mo, 10< Painter 1851 

{J.C.) Statistics of Cape of Good Hope and Algoa Bay, 12mo, Is 6d Richardson ...1843 

(John) Landscape Painting in Water Colours and Sketching from Nature, Is ... Barnard 1862 

Chaaies (M.) Geometrical Memoirs on Cones, translated by Graves, 8vo, 6« Longman 1841 

Ghasaeand (^.fT.) Visits to the Druses of the Lebanon, 8vo, \is Bentley 1854 

Ohastelain {A.) French-English and English-French Dictionary, 24mo, 5« C.H.Law 1849 

Chat with the Boys on New Tear's Eve, by Old Merry, fcap. 8vo, \s 6d Jackson d; IF... 1862 

Chftteau Frissac ; or. Home Scenes in France, by Chroniqueuse, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Tinsley 1862 

Chiteaa de Melville ; on, R^cr^tions d*Etude, 16mo, Zs 6d Simpkin 1839 

Chateaubriand (jP.) AtalaetRend, 12mo, 6< Colbum 1844 

— Congress of Verona, 2 v. Svo, 21« Bentley 1839 

' Geimis of Christianity, by O'Donnell, Svo, 7« T.Richardson .1854 

;- White, Svo, 1 5s, Pkiladelphiay 56 ; 1 2< Dolman 1857 

■ Memoirs of his Own Time, 2 v. Svo, 21« Oolbum 1838 

-by Himself, 1768-1818, 2 v. 12mo, 5s SimmsAM'I. .1849 

M^moires d*outr6 Tombe, 6 v. 12mo, 21« HomcadU 1850 

« ■ Sketches of English Literature, 2 v. Svo, 2is Colbum 1836 

Chacteanneuf Architectura Domestica, imp. 4to, Z5s Ackermann ...1839 

Chatekine (CA«v. 2>f) Beauts de la Poesie Anglais, 2 v. Svo, Zls ^d Rolandi i860 

Fables Nouvelles, suivi^ de Poesies Diverses, 2 e., 12mo, 8« 6rf Whittaker 1856 

L'Hostellerie des Sept Piches Capitaux, post Svo, \s Pickering 1862 

» Rambles through Rome, Svo, \2s 6d Hope 1851 

{Clara) Captain SkyUrk, 12mo, cold, plates, Is 6d Hogg ik Sons ...1861 

■ Little Ada and her Crinoline, a Tale, fcap. Svo, Is Dean 1862 

Silver Swan, a Fairy Tale, 12mo, 8« 6c?; col., 4a 6(i Grant <i* GrijfithiZ^y 

Story of Henrietta and the Ayah, coloured plates, 12mo, la 6d Hoggds Sons ..1861 

Chater {R.C.) BumiDg of Moscow, a Poem, 4to, 5s Longman 1838 

Chatfield's Tin Trumpet, 2v. sm. Svo, 21« WhiUaker 1836 

Chatham {EarX) Correspondence, 4 v. Svo, 72« Murray ...1838-40 

Speeches (Modem Orator), roy. Svo, 5s Aylott 1848 

Chatsworth, the Romance of a Week, edited by R. S. Ward, 8 v. post Svo, 81« 6d... Colbum 1844 

Chattaway {E.D.) Railways : their Capital and Dividends, 12mo, Is Virtue 1855 

Chatteris (//.) Tradesman's Manual, fcap. Svo, 2* 6d Keymer 1843 

Chatterton (Za<f^) Good Match ; a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, Zls6d Bentley 1839 

Home Sketches and Foreign Recollections, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6d... Saunders d' 0. 1841 

Life and its Realities, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 31« 6d Hurst d: B. ...1857 

' Lost Happiness ; or, the Effects of a lie, ISmo, 2» 6rf Burns 1845 

■ Pyrenees, with Excursions in Spain, 2 v. Svo, 31« 6d » Saunders dc 0. .1843 

Rambles in South of Ireland, 1838, 2 v. post Svo, 21a Saunders ds d..i839 

Reflections on History of Kings of Judah, cr. Svo, 10a 6d Nev^y 1848 

— — — Reigning Beauty, a Novel, 8 v. post Svo, 31a 6d Hurst d: B. ...1858 

— — (2%oa.) Life and Poems, by Dix, fp. Svo, 6a, Hamilton, 37; n.e., 12mo, 1 a 6c2 Partridge deCo.iZ^i 
Works, 2 V. 12mo, 15a— red. to 9a ; 2 v. post Svo, 21a— red. to 12a H.Bohn 1842 

Chatto (W,A.) Gems of Wood Engraving, fol., 21a Ingram 1852 

History and Art of Wood Engraving, fol., 12a Ingram 1852 

Facts on the Origin and History of Playing Cards, Svo, 21a J.R.Smith 1848 

Chaucer {0.) Canterbury Tales, illustrated by Corbould, 12mo, 5a; cheap edit., 3a 6c? Routledge 1862 

in French Verse by De Chatekine, 2 v. Svo, 21a Pickering 1857 

V. 3, fcap. Svo, 4a... Pickering i860 

New Text, Notes by T. Wright, roy. Svo, 2a Ingram 1853 

with Notes by T. Wright, 3 V. post Svo Percy Soc 

2 V. ISmo, 7a Berger i860 

Cleomades ; or, Squyre^s Tale, French by De Chatelaine, post Svo, 3a 6d Pickering 1859 

Flower and Leaf, French and English, by De Chatelaine, 12mo, 2a Pickering 1854 

138 CHAUCER CHEPMELL [Enqlish Caialoous 

Chaucer {G.) Poems, Life by Nicolas, 6 y, fcap. 8to, 30* Pickering 1845 

-Tyrwhitt, med. 8vo, 16a, Moxon, 1845; n.ed.,red. 10«6(2 RouMedge 1862 

Moderniied by Wordsworth, &c., 12mo, 7t 6d WhiUaker 1840 

Notes by Robert Bell, new edit., 8 v. fcap. 8vo, 20« Orij^n 1862 

Riches of, with Memoir, by Cowden Clarke, 2 v. 12mo, 18a £. WUson 1835 

Romaunt of the Rose, &c., by Nicolas, 3 v. post 8vo, 31s 6d Pickering 1846 

Selections from, by Deshler, with Life, post 8vo, 3« 6d Wiley 1847 

Chauncy {W.S.) Dissertations on Unaccomplished Pixjphecy, 8vo, 10« 6d Nisbet 1838 

Guide to South Australia, 12mo, Is 6d ffodson <b Son.i^sz 

Chauntler (Sain.) Elements of Astronomy, by Alexander, 16mo, 2t 6d Kendrick 1850 

Chanvenet {Prof.W.) Great Circle Protractor, sq. folio, 24« AnnapoliSfU.S.iZss 

Chauvier (/.iy,) Treatise on Punctuation, 12mo, 2i 6d Simpkin 1849 

Charasse (PM.) Advice to Mothers, 6th edit, fcap. 8vo, 2* 6d ChurchiU 1861 

Wires and Mothers, 12mo, 9« Longman 1843 

during Pregnancy, 4th edit., fcap. 8vo, 2$ 6d Churchill 1861 

Chawner (i2o«a ^.) Hits and Bits, cr. 8vo, 3« 6d Simpkin 1861 

Cheam School Introductory Latin Grammar, 12mo, 2$ 6d Walton 1836 

Cheap (Mrs,) Bread of Deceit, a Tale, 5th edit., roy. 32mo, 1« 6d Seeley 184+ 

Christian Trials, a Narrative, 2nd edit., 18mo, 2$ 6d Seeley 1839 

Commandment with Promise, new edit., roy. 82mo, l«6d Seel^ i860 

Farmer Gktodall and his Friend, new edit., roy. 32mo, 1« 6d Seeley 1841 

•^— Going to Service, new edit., roy. 82mo, 1« 6rf Seeley i860 

Guilty Tongue, new edit., roy. 32mo, Is 6d Seeley 1844 

House of the Thief; or, the Eighth Commandment, n. e., 18mo, 1» 6d Seeley 1857 

Lessons from Nature, roy. 32mo, Is 6d Seeley 1848 

. Memory's Records; Narrative from Real Life, n. e., roy. 32mo, Is 6d Seeley 1849 

— — — My Station and its Duties, new edit., roy. 32mo, Is 6d Seeley 1855 

Week (The); Duties of the Fourth Commandment, n.e., roy. 82mo, Is 6d Seeley 1842 

Cfl BAP Librae Y, fcap. 8vo. iSec Appendix Simpkin 1860-1 

Cheap Riches : Selections from Esteemed Divines, 32mo, 2s W.Smith 1839 

Check {C.) Easy Guide to the Game of Chess, new edit., 18mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1844 

Checkmate, a Tale, post 8vo, 10« 6d Bentley 1858 

Chedworth {Lord) Letters to Crompton, 4to, 26«, Hurst — red. to 6* Washboame ...1840 

Cheek (A.M.) Memorials of, by Rev. R. Meek, 12mo, 28 Ni^hel 1857 

Cheere (Edwd.) Church Catechism Explained, new edit., fcap. 8vo, 2s Qd J.H.<kJ.Parkeri%6i 

Cheese (J.E.) Parochial Sermons at Hereford, 12mo, 2s 6d Wertheim 1857 

Cheesman (22. (?.) Tables of Customs Duties, 1852, post 8vo, 3« Longman 1853 

Cbeever(6^.-fi.) Defence of Capital Punishments, po8t8vo, is 6d Wiley 184^ 

Uod against Slavery, 12mo, 5s New York 1857 

Hill Difficulty : Trials, &c., of a Christian Pilgrim, 12mo, 2» 6d Low 1849 

■ Incidents of the Christian Life, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1852 

Journal of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1849 

Lectures on Life, Genius, &c., of Cowper, 12mo, 3s 6rf Nishet 1856 

by Henderson, 12mo, 2s... Knight <is Son .1856 

Pilgrim* s Progress, 12mo, 2s; post 8vo, 8s Hamilton 1845 

18mo, Is, Rel. Tr.Soc.; 32mo, Is 6d AyhU 1846 

r. 8vo, 4s, Fullartouy 1845; 12mo, 3s6rf Nelson i860 

fcap. 8vo, ls6rf; illust., 3s6<i Nelson 1845 

- Life Allegories, and other Similitudes, 12mo, 2s 6d Low 1855 

• Powers of the World to Come, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1853 

• Reel in the Bottle ; a Voyage to the Celestial Country, 12mo, Qs New York 1852 

• Right of the Bible in our Public Schools, 16mo, 4s 6d New York i860 

- Sketches of American Missionaries, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1853 

- Travels among Alpine Scenery, 12mo, 3s 6d Jas. Blackwoodi%$$ 

' Voices of Nature to the Soul of Man, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1852 

• Wanderings in the Shadow of Mont Blanc, new edit., 12mo, 2s Jas. BlackwoodiSSo 

1 2mo, 2s ; illust. , 8vo, 7s 6d Hamilton 1 849 

Way-Marks of Pilgrimage ; or. Teaching by Trials, n. e., 18mo, ls6c?... J.F.Shaw 1862 

Windings of the Rjver of the Water of Life, 12mo, '2s Hamilton 1850 

- (H.T,) Island World of The Pacific ; or. Sandwich Islands, 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1851 

Life in the Sandwich Islands, poet 8 vo, 10s 6(2 Bentley 1851 

Memorials and Trials of a Youthful Christian, 12mo, Qs, Bentley; 2s. Boutledge 1851 

- Whale and his Captors, 18mo, Is 6rf, Nelson; 12mo, 2s Hamilton 1850 

■ Whaleman's Adventures in S. Ocean, by Scoresby, 4th e. , 12mo, 8s 6d Low 1 860 

Cheke (Sir J.) Gospel of St. Matthew, from the Greek, by G. J. Goodwin, 8vo, 7s 6d Pickering 1843 

Cheliufl (J.M.) System of Surgery, trans, by South, 2 v. 8vo, 60s Renshaw 1847 

Cheltenham and its Vicinity Described, 12mo, 3s 6ci Whittaker 1850 

Guide, with Plan, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1861 

Cheraery (B.L.) French Phraseology for Colleges and Schools, 12mo, 2s Od Whittaker 1850 

Chemical Directory and Pharmaceutist's Companion, fcap. 8vo, Js 6d CWiighl 1850 

Chemist (The), V. 1 and 2, 8vo, each 13s Piper .. 1850-1 

Chemistry, new edit., 12mo, 8s (Educational Course) Chambers 1861 

and Physics in Connection with Agriculture, 8vo, Ss 6d Simpkin 1849 

of Artificial Light and History of Candles, 8vo, Is 6d Orr 1856 

Cliepmell (<7. TF.) Chapters on Deacons, 18mo, 2s 6d Masters 1849 

1835-1862] CHEPMELL CHILCOTT 1 39 

CHepmell (C. WJ) Hymns and Scenes of Cliildhood, 2nd edit., 18mo, 2« 6rf Masters 1848 

Mai^garet, the Martyr of Antioch, a Tale, in Verse, 18mo, IsQd Masters 1851 

Vine on the Mountain, an AU^ory, ISmo, 2« Masters 1849 

(^.(7.) Domestic Homoeopathy, 12mo, 6s Sanderson 1847 

(H.M.) Coarse of History, Greek, Roman, & Eng., 1st 8er.,new ed.,12mo,5« Wldttakcr 1862 

Questions on, 12mo, 1«... Whittalxr 185Z 

2nd series, 2 v. 12mo, 12a WhiUaher 1857 

Cberbuliea (jVoti.) Annette (Jervaise, a Tale, 18mo, 2s6d Hamilt^yn 1843 

Cherpilloud (/.) Book of Versions, a Guide to French Translation, n. e., 12mo, 3« 6d C.H.LixW i860 

Key to, by Delille, n. e., 12mo, 3« 6rf C.H.Law i860 

Cherries (The), and other Tales, from the (German, 16mo, is Bwms n. d. 

Cherry and Violet, a Tale, by the Author of "Mary Powell," post Svo, 7« 6c? A. Hall 1853 

Cherry (/*. C.) Art of Shoeing Horses, Svo, 6« Longman 1841 

{/I.e.) Illustrations of the Saints' Days and Festivals, 12mo, 9« Clearer 1844 

Cherrycomb and Silvertail, a Tragedy in Two Acts, by A. M., 2nd edit., oblg., 1« Qd... Routkdge 1JJ62 

Cherubim of Glory; or. Oneness of Man with God, &c., 12mo, 2s6d Nuhet 1850 

Cherubini (M.L.C.) Course of Counterpoint and Figure, by Hamilton, 2 v. 8vo,31«6(i Codes <b Co. ...1837 

Cherville (/'.if.) First Steps to French, 12mo, 2« 6rf E.Wilscm 1836 

Cherwell (Mary) Happy Hours ; or. Home Story Book, 16mo, 3« 6rf Kerhy 1847 

Cheseborough (Car.) Victoria ; or, the World Overcome, cr. 8vo, *Is6d New York 1856 

Chesn6e {J.B.) Conversations in French and English on Commerce, &c., cr. 8vo, 4«... Ihilau 1862 

Chesney (Col.) Account of the Russo-Turkish Campaigns, post 8vo, 12« Smith d: A7c/cr. .1854 

Observations on Past and Present State of Fire-Arms, 8vo, 12« Longman 1852 

■ Reports on the Navigation of the Euphrates, folio Admirattg 1853 

Survey of Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 63« Longmxin, 1850 

Maps and Charts to, 3 1« 6(2 Longman 1850 

(E.) Instructions for the Concertina, roy. 8vo, 3« Simpkin 1853 

Chess, a Poem, by a Member of the Cambridge University Chess Club, 12mo, 1« Dalton 1858 

in Four Parts, 8vo, 2» T.Barrison ...1854 

Exemplified in a Concise and Easy Notation, 12mo, 5< Longman 1842 

Souvenir of the Bristol Chess Club, 12mo, 6« Hastings 1848 

Tournament of 1851, edited by H. Staunton, post 8vo, 5« U.Bohn 1852 

Chess- Board of Life: Sketches of Life and Character, by Quiz, 12mo, 85 6d Jas.Blachwoodits'i 

Chess-Player's Annual, 1856, by Tomlinson : Tales, Poems, &c., 12mo, 6« A.Hall 1856 

Chronicle, V. 1-7, 8vo,ea.l5«,/r(Mft'n^«, 1 84 1 ;V.8,16«; V.9-18,8vo,ea.20« Sheet 1841-53 

new series, V. 1-3, 8vo, ea, 21», Kent, 1854-65 V. 4, 8vo, 15« Kent 1857 

Chesshyre {Hen. T. N.) Recollections of a Five Years' Residence in Norway, p. Svo, 5j Newly 1861 

Chester (^./.) Poems, 12mo, 3»6rf BellSValdy ...1%$^ 

(Z^orry) Lay of the Lady Ellen, a Tale, 8vo, 4a 6rf Saunders d: 0..i2'i$ 

(72. <fe IV.) Poems, Historical and Miscellaneous, post 8vo, 7s Longman 1849 

Chester and its Environs, illustrated, 4 to, 2« 6f2 Ackermann ...1851 

Guide, and a Descriptive Account of Eaton Hall, 12mo, 3« Whittaker 1852 

- Mysteries: De Diluvio Noe — De Occisione Innocentinm, 4to Bojcburgke Club iSiZ 

Chester's Triumph in Honour of her Prince, 1610, edit, by T. Corser, 4to ChetJtam Soc. 1844 

Chesterfield {Lord) Advice to his Son, 32mo, 1» 6rf, Tegg ; 32mo, Is 6rf Simpkin 1861 

Letters, edited by Lord Mahon, new edit., 5 v. 8vo, 56« Bentley 1853 

Chesterton (Z>. L. ) Autobiography of, 2 v. p. 8vo, 16«, Longman ; 1 v. red. to 3« 6rf Bickers 1853 

{O.L.) Revelations of Prison Life, post 8vo, 10« 6rf Hurst «fc B 1856 

Chetham Miscellanies, edit, by W. Langton, 3 v. 8vo Chetkam Soc. 50-62 

Chettle (Hen.) Hofiinann ; or. Revenge for a Father, a Tragedy, 8vo, Ss Lacy 1853 

Chetwynd {Mrs. Hen.) Poetical Compendium of the History of Russia, 16mo, Is ... Longman 1854 

Chevalier {Mic.) Labour Question, translated from the French, 18mo, 1« H. 0. Clark ...1848 

On Depreciation of Gold, trans, by R. Cobden, 8 vo, 5« Smith <k Son ...1859 

Remarks on the Production of Precious Metals, 8vo, 2a 6d Smith d: Elder 1853 

Chevallier (7Vm;)/«) Sermons Preached at Cambridge, 12mo, 6a Rivington 1835 

Translation of Epist. of Clement, Polycarp, &c., 2Ed ed., 8vo, 12a Rivington 1851 

Chevelere Assigne, 4to Roxburghe Clubiizo 

Cheveley's Donkey; or, the Man in the Ass's Hide, 12mo, 2a Qd Pattie 1839 

Chevreul {M.E.) Harmony and Contrast of Colours, by Martel, cr. 8vo, 10a 6d Longman 1854 

cr. 8vo, 5a; with 16 additional plates in colours, 7a 6d H. Bohn 1859 

Laws of Contrast of Colours, by Spanton, new edit., 12mo, 2a Rout ledge 1861 

-with cold. lUust., 12mo, 5a Rouiltdge 1861 

Chevy Chase, illustrated by Franklin, roy. 4to, 21a Saunders d: 0. 1836 

Cheyne {A.) Sailing Directories for the Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, 8vo, 6a Potter 1852 

- {C.H.H.) Elementary Treatise on the Planetary Theory, cr. 8vo, 6s 6d Macmillan ...1862 

{John) Mental Derangement as regards Religion, post 8vo, 7a 6rf Longman 1843 

{Pat.) Consolations of the Cross, 12mo, 2a Masters 1859 

Chichester Cathedral, the Architectural History of, by R. Willis, &c., 4to, 80a Bell ds Daldy 1862 

Chick -Seed without Chick -Weed, new edit., f cap. 8vo, la Lockwood 1861 

Chief of Glen-Orchay: Illustrative of Highland Manners, &c., 12mo, 5a Smith de Elder 1840 

Chiefs Daughter; or, the Settlers in Virginia, 8vo, la J.H.d:J.Parkeri%$^ 

Chilcot ( Wm.) Treatise concerning Evil ^fiioughts, by Hooper, 1 8mo, 2s 6d Skeffingion 1 8 5 1 

Chilcote Park ; or, the Sisters, fcap. 8vo, 5a Parker ik Son..i%ho 

Chilcott {Clara) Lucy ; or, the Consequences of Disobedience, 18rao, 2s 6d Longman 1840 

(John) History of Bristol in 14th Cent, and in 1849, 12mo, 5a; 2 e., 8vo, 6s Hamilton 1849 

140 CHILD- — CHILDREN [Ehglmh Cataiogub 

Child (P. J.) Collection of English and Scottish Ballads, 8 r. foap. 8vo, 28« Boston, U.8, ...1861 

((?.(?.) Treatise on Indigestion and Bilious Disorders, Sto, 6s CkurckUl 1847 

- {L.Maria) Antumnal Leares, in Prose and Rhyme, 12mo, 6< New York 1857 

■ Brief History of Condition of Women, 6th edit., 2 v. 12mo, 10« New York 1845 

Life of J. T. Hopper, post 8vo, 9« New York 1853 

— — Progress of Religious Ideas through Suocessiye Ages, 8 v. post 8vo, 28« New York 1855 

{Mim) Spinster at Home in the Close of Salisbury, sm. 4to, 10« Simpkin 1844 

(Jfr«.) Biography of Good Wives, 18mo, 3« 6(i Gri^n 1849 

Fact and Fiction ; Stories, med. 8vo, 2» W.Smith 1847 

Family Nurse, 12mo, Zs 6d Bentley 1838 

Frugal Housewife, new edit., 82mo, 1« Tegg 1861 

Girl's Book of Amusement, by Mrs. Valentine, new edit., 16mo, 4< Qd Tegg 1861 

Letters from New York, post 8vo, 10« 6d BenlUy 1843 

Mother's Book Revised, 12mo, 2$ 6d Parker d: Son... i^S 

■ on Home Education, 32mo, 2s Tegg 1838 

Stories for Holiday Evenings, ISmo, 2s 6d Limbird 1836 

Child and the Hermit, a Tale, by the Author of "Rhoda," 18mo, 2s ^d Darton 184* 

Comforters; or, Little Susie and her Blind Brother, 18mo, Is SocP.C.K i86z 

of the Kingdom, by the Author of "The Way Home," 16mo, 1«; 2« 6d, cl. ... Nisbet 186^ 

Child-life of an Old Lady, and other Tales, 18mo, Is Dean 1853 

Child's Book about Birds, by a Country Clergyman, fcap. 8vo, ls6d -ffogg 1861 

Case, 82mo, Is Bel. Tract Soc 186a 

of Animals, oblong, 7« 6(i ... Darton 1846 

Ballads, 18mo, 1«, and 2» 6rf Masters 1849 

Divinity; or Grandmamma's Bible Stories, new edit., 18mo, Is Nisbet 1856 

■ Homilies, by a Member of the Church, 12ino, 2s J.Hughsfi 1844. 

. Martyrs, 2 V. 82mo, 8« 4d Houlston 1849 

Objects, 12mo, 3«6d R.Clarke 1838 

Poetry, Original and Selected, 18mo, Is 6d Bel. Tract Soc, 1850 

^ — Prayers, edited by Bickersteth, 18mo, Is SeeUy 1848 

n Illuminated, 2nd edit, 12mo, 6» W.Stniik 1846 

Botany, by a Botanist, 16mo, 2s\ coloured, 3s Tegg 1838 

Cheerful Companion, 16mo, Zs^d Darton 1847 

Christian Year; Hymns for Sundays and Holydays, 2«; cheap ed., 18mo, Is . J.H.dsJ.Parkeril^^ 

Companion (Annual), S2mo, Is 6d Bel.Tr.Soe. 1850-61 

. Duty, by a Mother, 18mo, 2s 6riffithd:P, ...1835 

Fairy Library, 7 v. 18mo, each 2s 6d Thomas 1837 

Famous Picture Book, new edit., fol., 3s 6d ; coloured, 7s 6d Ward <t Lock... i26i 

First Hour; or. Management of Newly-born Infants, l£mo, 2s. Adeermann ...1851 

Lesson Book, 16mo, Zs6d; coloured, 6s Bogue 1854 

Noun Book, 16mo, Is Seeley 1844 

Picture Book, 18mo, 2s 6d Harvey 1855 

Garden (Kinder Garten) : Education for Children, 12mo, 8s 6d Darton 1859 

—— Guide to Devotion, with Caswall's Hymns, 18mo, Is^d Bvtm 1850 

Jewish History, by a Lady, 3rd edit,, 18mo, 2s Simfpkin 1851 

■ Knowledge, by a Lady, 83rd edit., 18mo, 8s Simpkin i86a 

• of the English Constitution, 18mo, Is id Simpkin 1859 

. Illuminated Fable-Book, 12mo, 5s W.Smiih 1846 

- Indestructible Book of Animals, Illust. by Weir, obi. 4to, 4s Darton 1856 

- New Lesson Book ; or. Stories, 16mo, ls6d; coloured, 2s 6d Masters 1850 

- Own Album, in Pictures and Verse, roy. 4to, 8s 6d Ward 4k Lode... 1S61 

Alphabet and Object Lessons, lUust, cr. 4to, 2s 6d Darton i860 

Annual and Juvenile Keepsake, fcap., 8s Clarke 1843 

Bible, Old Testament, roy. 8vo, 12s 6rf Longman 1838 

Book, Tales, Illustrated, 9th edit., 16mo, 6s Tegg i860 

of Animals, oblong fol., 7s 6d Darton 1846 

Pictures; Tales and Poetry, 16mo, 8s 6d; coloured, 5s Ward<kLock...iZs9 

History of France, 18mo, 8s Thomas 1835 

Scrap Book, oblong foL, 7s 6d Darton 184a 

-Pictorial Bible, 2 v. 16mo, 5s Thomas 1843 

• Picture Book of Useful Knowledge, sq. 12mo, 5s Bell <fc Daldy 1861 

Reading Book, by M. T., 16mo, 8s 6rf Griffith <k P. ...1836 

Stcry Book, sq. cr. 8vo, 5s; coloured, 9s BoutUdge i860 

Play: Nursery Lays and Lullabies, by E. V. B., new edit., sq. 8vo, 5s Low i860 

Story Book, 18mo, Is; Is 6d (Gordon's Series) Simpkin i86a 

Treasure; or, Reading without Spelling simplified, 12mo, Is 6d C.H.Law 1851 

^Treasury of Knowledge and Amusement, sm. 4to, Zs^d Darton 1856 

Vision; or, The Angel and the Oak, 16mo, 2s ^d HaUihard 1846 

Childe (C.P.) Sermons at Walsall, Svo, 10s Qd SeeUy 1840 

{O.P.) Singular Properties of the Ellipsoid, &c., Svo, 10s 6ti MacmiUan 1861 

Theory of Ray Sur&ces of Reflection, Svo, 7s 6d Longman 1858 

Childers (C%a.) Sermons preached at Nice, 12mo, 4s Hatchard 1851 

Childhood Illustrated in a Selection from the Poets, fcap. 5s Harvey 1841 

Children and the Robin, and other Stories, 12mo, Is 6<£ Nelson 1853 

of Mary Instructed ; or, Easy Prayers for Children, ISmo, 2s Dolman 185* 

1835— 186a] CHILDREN OHITTT Ul 

Children of Mary; or, layes of tho Papils of the Oonveiit dee Oieeanx, 18mo, 3i Bum$ 1854 

Oakford Farm, by the Author of ** Hany^s Battles," 18mo, 1« 6d Soe, P. C, K,...iS6% 

Scripture, a Monday Book for Tonth, 18mo, 2» 6d Barton 1856 

the Manse, by author of "Memoir of M. L. Duncan," 12mo, 8« %d Ni^bet 1850 

Mobility, IlluBtrations by Leech, 4to, 10« 6(2 BeiUUy 1841 

Nobility, 1838-89, 4to, each 31« 6ci; 1840, 4to, 21» Zon^ffium ...1839-41 

ChUdren*8 Bible Picture Book, Srdedit, 16mo, 5<; coloured, 9t BtU^k Daldy x86o 

Book, by Author of ** Hours of Childhood," 16mo, 1* 6d AMaU 1855 

— ^— - Friend, new series. Vols. 1 and 2, sq, 8vo, each \a^d Steley i86x-2 

' Ghirland, from Best Poets, selected by C)oTentry Patmore, 18mo, 4f 6c2 MaemUlan ...x86i 

Harp; or. Select Poetry for the Young, 18mo, 1« 6<i Knigkt^Scn 1859 

Hymns for the Nursery or the Sdiool, 4to, 1« Nelson 1858 

■ Magaxine, edited by J. F. Winks (Annual), 16mo, 2f Simpkin 1862 

— ^-^^ Picture Book of Birds, 16mo, 6«; coloured, 9« Low i860 

Country Scenes, new edit, 16mo, 5« Low i860 

English History, 16mo, &; coloured, 9$ Bell df Daldy.,. 1%$^ 

• Good and Great Men, 16mo, 5$; coloured, 9« Bell d: Daldy... iZSo 

Life of Joseph, 16mo, 2$ 6d Bell Jf Daldy.., iZto 

■ Quadrupeds, 16mo, 5»; coloured, 9« Low i860 

• Sagacity of Animals, 16mo, 6« Low i86i 

Useful Knowledge, 16mo, 6« , Bell ib Daldy... iHt 

- Fable Book, new edit., 16mo, 5s Low i86» 

-Gallery, 4to, SsQd Leigkton 1859 

Pilgrim's Progress, 16mo, 2s 6d; coloured, Zs 6d Bell 4k Daldy... liSo 

Bummer, by B. V. B., Author of "Child's Pby," 4to, 14« Addey 185a 

T Trials, 18mo, Is 6d BeLTractSoc 1846 

Childs (il.P.) British Botanist's Field Book. 12mo, 2«6<i Longman 1857 

{O.B.) Improvement of the Female Figure, &c., 12mo, Ss R.Clarke 1840 

'. Operation of Lateral Curvature of the Spine, roy. 8to, is WkiUaker 1841 

' Sketch of Gonorrhoea and its Consequences, 12mo, is HigkUy 184J 

(J.J.) Picture Bible, 2 ▼. 64mo, d« Bogm 184a 

(/?ic.) Commercial Tables, 12mo, 5« 6d J J.GUbsrt 18421 

ChiUingworth (»F»i.) Works, 8 v. 8vo, 2U6d.., JJIAJJ*arkeri%i% 

' — by Birch, 8to, 15« Tegg 1846 

Religion of Protestants, 2 t. 18mo, is ReLTraeiSoc, 1849 

12mo, is, Tegg, 184$ ; post 8to, U^ H, Bohn 1846 

Chiming Trifles : Fugitive Compositions in Verse, by an Oxonian, 12mo, 2s Ktwl 1858 

China (Edinburgh Cabinet Library), new ed., 3 v. fcap. 8vo, 15i, 1843 --red. to 7« M Simpkin 1848 

- History of, Ancient and Modem, roy. 8vo, 2s 9d Mofatt 1840 

its People, History, Courts, &c., 18mo, 8«— red. to 2s IUl.Tra€tSoe...i%6o 

and its People : for Young Readers, by a Missionary's Wife, 18mo, 2t 6d Nisbet i86» 

the Chinese, Illustrated by Allom, 4 V. 4to, 48« Tattis 1841-4 

■ History of Tartars who subdued, from French of Pdre D' Orleans, 4to HakUiyi Soc,.., 

Minutes of the Evidence upon the Trade of, 2 v. 8vo, 42* Attends Co, ...1840 

Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, post 8vo, 5s B.Bokn ...1853 

^— Pilot; from Canton Riverto Sea of Okhotsk, 8vo, 6s J.D.PoUer ...1858 

-> Appendix No. 1 : The Gulf of Siam, 8vo, lis6d J.D.PoUer ...1858 

• No. 2 : General Observation on the Coasts of Borneo, 8vo, 2sed /. D. Potter ...1859 

No. 9: Sailing Directions for Palawan Island, 8vo, 1<6(/ J.D.Potter ^..1859 

^ Twelve Years with the People, tibe Rebels, and the Mandarins, post 8vo, lOs ^d ffamiUon i860 

Chinaman Abroad : an Account of the MaUyan Archipehtgo, 8vo, 8« 6d Snow 1850 

Chinese Legends, by T. T. T., new edit., sq. 12mo, 2s 6d Bemtley 1848 

Mother, a Drama, 12mo, Is 6d T. JZtdUniMm .1858 

7- Revolution, and the Causes which Led to It, 12mo, Is Vizetelly 1853 

Chiosso (Copt.) Gymnastic Polymachlnon ; Instructions for Exercises, 8vo, 2s 6d Walton 1855 

■ Remarics on Physical Education, 16mo, Is Walton .........1845 

Treatise on Gymnastics as to Education, 8vo, Is 6d , Walton.. 1854 

Chippendale (T.) Designs of Old English and French Ornaments, 4to> 28t Weale 1840 

Chirurgical-Comico Alphabet, 12mo, 4< 6(2 Renshaw 1838 

Chisholm (Dav.) Life Assurance Tables, 8 to 6 per Cent., 2 V. roy. 8vo, 84s Laytcn 1858 

(Mrs.) Memoir and Sketches, by Mackenzie, 12mo, Is and 2s 6(£ Webb ds J/^ ....1852 

Chisholm (The) a Memoir, by J. S. M. Anderson, 2nd edit., fcap., 6s 6d Rivvngton 184a 

Chit-Chat ; or. Short Tales in Short Words, 7th edit, 16mo, 2s 6rf ; ooL, 8s M OriffitkdsP. ...1850 

Chitty (Edw.) Commercial and General Lawyer, by Western, 8vo, 24s Macdonald 1836 

Exposition of the Law of EngUnd, by Western, 2nd edit., 2 v. 8vo, 28s Macdonald 1839 

Index to Reports, Equity and Bankruptcy, 4 v. roy. 8vo, 71 Is Stevens 1853 

{Jos.) Practice of the Law in General, 8v. royal 8vo, U. Sweet 1^37-4^ 

Statutes of Public Utility, by Welsby, 4 v. roy. 8vo, %l 8t Sweet 1851 

Supplements, 1864,9«6d; 1856, 9s6d; 1856, 6s; 1867,10s 6d Sweti 1854-8 

1858, ^\ 1859, lis ; 1860, 9s; 1861, 12s; 1862, lis Sweet 1859-6^ 

Treatise on Bills of Exchange, 10th edit., roy. 8vo, 28s SweA 1859 

MedicalJurii^rudence, roy. 8vo, 21s ButUrwofiks ...1%^ 

Pleading, by Greening, 3 v. roy. 8vo, 90s Sweei 1844. 

Stamp Laws, by Atkinson, 12mo, 14s Be n mng 1850 

{J.Jr.) Law of Contracts not Under Seal, by RusseU, 6th edit., roy. 8vo, 82s. Swe^ 1857 

142 CHTTTY CHRISTIAN [Emlish CiTAioatnB 

Chitty {J. Jr.) Precedents in Beading, by Pearson, roy. 8to, 40« Benning 1846 

Sammary of Office and Duties of Oonstables, 12mo, 8« Cd Shaw <fe Swia ...1S44 

(Tho.) CJonimon Law Procedure Act, 1852, 8vo, \U Swfet 185* 

Forms of Proceedings in Queen's B., C. Pleas, &c., n. e., r. 12mo, ZlsQd Sweet 1862 

(Tomp: ) and Temple, Law of Carriers of Goods and Passengers, 8vo, 1 8« Benning 1856 

Chivalry and Charity, in laves of Du Guesolin and Howard, 18mo, 3a C. Knight 1840 

Choeroboscus {Geo.) Diotata in Theodosii Canones,ed.Ghiisford,3 v. 8vo, 2686(2— red. 15s J. H.<S:J. Parker i%^z 

Chodzko (-4.) Specimens of the Popular Poetry of Persia, 8vo, 16« AllentkCo 1842 

Choice Ballads and Tales, fca;)^ 3a Bums 1845 

Book for the People of God, 18mo, la Wertkeim 1858 

Descriptive Poetry, Selected by a Lady, 12mo, 2a WhiVaker 1852 

Examples of Art Workmanship, imp. 8vo, 25a; col. mor., 84a Cundall i8$p 

Garden Flowers, their Cultivation and Treatment, 12mo, 8a 6d Houlston 1859 

of Pearls, Hebrew and English, translated by Ascher, 12mo, 6a TrUbner 1859 

Poems and Lyrics, fcap. 8vo, 5s WhiUaker 1861 

Sentences; or. Recollections of Wm. HowelFs Ministry, 82mo, 2a 6(i /. P. Shaw ...1850 

Thoughts from Shakspeare, fcap.'8vo, 5a Whitiaker i860 

Choix de^Corceaux, &r Usage de la Jeuneese, 12mo, 2a Rolandi 1841 

Narrations, en Prose et Vers, Notes by Gust. Masson, 12mo, 6a 6d Jeffs 1859 

Chollerton, a Tale of Our Own Times, 12mo, ^s OUivUr. 1846 

Cholmeley (fsa.C.) Fountain and other Poems, 8vo, 2a 6rf C.J.Skeet 1858 

Cholmondeley (Cha.) Protestant Doctrine of Justification Confuted, 8vo, 78 6d /. Chapman.... 1854 

{H.P.) Sermons, 8vo, es Witittaker 1856 

{Tho.) Ultima Thule : Thoughts in New Zealand, post 8vo, 2a 6rf /. Chapman.... i^s^ 

Choose Tour Own Path ; or, the Predestinarian, a Drama, 8vo, 2a Partridge 1857 

Chox>e {R.R.) Congregational Hymn and Tune-Bk., cr. 8vo, sd., 2a 6d; cl., 5a 6d ... Mackenzie 1862 

Choral Wreath ; or. Vocal Harmony for School and Home, 8vo, 8a 6rf Simpkin 1858 

Tonic Sol-Fa edit., 8yo, la Simpkin 1861 

Chorale Book for England, edited by Bennett & Goldschmidt, fp. 4to, 10a 6(2; fp. , la 6c2 Longman 1 862 

Chorle (The) and the Birde, 4to Roxbui^heCluhi%i% 

Chorley {H.P.) Conti the Discarded, and other Tales, 8 v. post 8vo, 81a 6(2 Bentley 1835 

^— Criticisms on Modem Gferman Music, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a Smithtk Elder 1854 

Lion, a Tale of the Coteries, 8 v. post 8vo, 31a 6(2 Colbum 1839 

Memorials of Mrs. Hemans, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a- Saundersdc 0. 1836 

Music and Manners, France and Germany, 3 v. post 8vo, 31a ^d Longman 1841 

Old Love and New Fortune, a Play, 8vo, 2a 6(2 Chapman <£; 2^.1850 

Pomfret, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 31a 6(2 Colbum 1845 

■ Sketches of a Sea-Port Town, a Novel, 8 y. post 8vo, 31a 6d Bentley 1835 

Thirty Tears' Musical Recollections, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a Hurst ds B. ...1862 

(Wm.B.) Haudybook of Social Intercourse, fcap. 8vo, 5s Longman 1862 

Chorographia : Survey of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1649, folio, 8a6(2 A ntiq.Soc.New, 1 8 1 3 

Chosen People: Sacred and Church History, by A. of ** Heir of Redclyffe," 18mo, la Mozley 1862 

Chottles (J.O.) Cruise of the Steam- Yacht North Star, 12mo, 3a 6(2 Jos. Blacl-woodii^^ 

and Smith (T.) Origin and History of Missions, 2 v. 4to, 31a 6<2 Boston, U.S. ...1837 

Chretien {C,P.) Essay on Logical Method, 8vo, 6a J.H.iSsJ.Parkeri%^% 

— Evidences for those who Think, &c. ,more tban they can Read, cr. 8vo, la MaemiUan 1 86 1 

Lectures on the Study of Theology, 8vo, 5a J.H.AJ.Parkeri%$i 

Letter and the Spirit : Six Sermons on Inspiration, cr. 8vo, 5a MaemiUan... .1861 

Christ, Life of. Illustrated by Passages from Eminent Divines, 4to, 10a 6(2 Dean <b Son ...1849 

an Example for the Young, new edit., sq. plates, 12mo, 7a 6(2 Varty 1862 

and Antichrist, a Poem, by a Layman, 12mo, 7a 6(2 Nisbet 1840 

His Church : Exposition of the Song of Solomon, 12mo, 2a 6(2 Binns 1854 

in the Covenant, by the Author of the ** Faithful Witness," 82mo, la Hamilton 1859 

- the Rock ; or, Aids to Young Disciples, fcap. 8vo, la 6(2 J.P.Shaw 1862 

Christchurch Hymns, arranged by Si^merford, sup. -roy. 8vo, 5a Harrison 1862 

Christendom and Heathendom ; Sound and Sense, an Allegory, 12mo, 4a 6(2 Ollivier 1846 

Christening of the Vicarage, 4to, 2a 6d Longman 1852 

Christian Annotator : Notes & Queries on Scriptural Subjects, v. 1, 8vo, 8a 6(2 ; v. 2, 8vo, 9a Nisbet 1855 

Aphorisms, 18mo, 4a Sceleg 1835 

Armed: Ephesians, Chap. 6, Verse 13-18, 12mo, 3a 6(2 WcrthHm 1851 

———at Home: Reflections in Prose and Verse, 12mo, la Ward 1855 

'Baptism, Debate on (Moccalla and Campbell), 12mo, 4a Simpkin 1842 

Set Forth in a Series of Meditations, 12mo, 2a Spettigue 1847 

Bard, a Selection of Sacred Poetry, roy. 32mo, 2a Hamilton 1839 

Beacon, edited by C. B. Tayler, 8vo, 5a Hamilton 1841 

Biography, 16 v. 12mo, each 8a.. ! Pel. Tract SociZSo-x 

Book of Gfems, Sacred Poetry, fcap. 8vo, 5a Orr 1839 

Campaigns by a Christian Soldier, 18mo, U 6d B.L.Green 1848 

■ — Chamber Companion, sq. la 6(2 Masters 1849 

. Chaplet of Prose, Poetry, and Art, fcap. 8vo, 6a Pel. Tract Soc... iSs9 

Church Considered in Relation to Unity, &c., 12mo, 5a Hamilton 1838 

Class Book; Evidences of Christian Religion, 18mo, 2a6(2 Snow 1845 

— Ckssics, Extracts from the Fathers and other Writers, 1 2mo, 78 6(2 Simpkin 1 860 

Commonwealth ; or, the Church of the N. Test., a Republic, fp. 8vo, 2a 6(2 Hamilton 1861 

*. Companion, edited by Jackson, 12mo, 2a Groombridge... iS'^^ 

1835—1862] CHRISTIAN 148 

ChriBtian Conquests, by A. L. 0. E., fcap. 8vo, la 6d HouUton i86z 

. Consoled and Instructed, translated from the Italian, 24mo, 2» Barm n. d, 

. Correspondent, edited by J. Montgomery, 3 v. 12mo, 18« — red. to 12« ... Ball 1837 

Diadem, 18mo, U 9d Ward 1854 

Discretion, the Principles of Divine Wisdom, Practically Applied, 12mo, 1« Rd. Tract Soc. 1836 

Doctrine and Practice in the Second Century, fcap. 8vo, 3» 6d Parker <fe Son 1845 

., . Twelfth Century, fcp. 8vo, 8« Qd Parker <fe Son 1849 

. of the Society of Friends, 12mo, 58 ffamilion 1841 

J Doctrines firomthe Words of Our Lord, Apostles, &c., cr. 8yo, 10« 6d Churton 1849 

. Duties, as Conducive to Progress in the Spiritual Life, 12mo, 8« 6d Masters 1851 

. Economy of Human Life, roy. 82mo, Is 6d HamiUon 1845 

Errors, Infidel Arguments: Seven Dialogues, post 8vo, 7« 60^ HamiUon 1857 

Evidences, by Paley, Watson, and others, roy. 8vo, 10« H.Bohn 1859 

. Exertion ; or, Labouring for Souls of Men, 18mo, 1* Jtd. Tract Soc. 1845 

-Exhortation, by a Cambrian, 18mo, 1« Drewett 1839 

- Family Library, ed. by Ed. Bickersteth, fcap. 8vo, ea. 5s. iSee Appendix SeeUif 1837-49 

-Pbrist: Botanical Names of Plants, 18mo, Ss Seeley .1835 

-Freedom : Chiefly from "Bolton's True Bonds," 12mo, 3s 6d Seel^ 1835 

■ Gtarland : Companion for Leisure Hours, Prose and Verse, fcap. 8vo, 6s ... Rel. Tract Soc, 1850 
• Gleaner: Pieces in Prose and Verse, fcap. 8vo, 5s JUl.Tract Soc. .1844 

- Government and Education in India, by Anti-Caste, 12mo, 28 6d /. F. Shaw 1859 

- (Jraces in the Olden Kme, with Poetry, 4to, 21«j coL, i2s Kent 1851 

-Guest, edit by N. MacLeod, roy. 8vo, Zs 6d Strahan i860 

-Harp: a Selection of Sacred Poetry, 16mo, 2» Rel. Tract Soc... 1 9^6 

- Keepsake for 1860, 8vo, IQs P. Jackson 1849 

32mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1839 

. Lady : Her Course of Life from Childhood to OJd Age, 12mo, Zs 6d Partridge 1853 

• Life, a Tale, by Author of "Bertha's Journal," post 8vo, Qs Nisbet 1853 

12mo, 5s Seeley 1847 

■ Love and Loyalty ; or, the Libel Reclaimed, by A. L. 0. E., 12mo, 2* 6d ... JlotUston 1862 

- Lyre, a Selection of Eeligious and Moral Poetry, 32mo, Is 6d ; mor. 3t 6d Wertkeim 1846 

> Lyrics, chiefly Selected from Modem Authors, 4th edit., fcap. Svo, 3t 6d... HamiUon 1862 

Poems on New Testament Subjects, 82mo, 2s ReLTradSoc.ii'i^ 

Melville, a Tale, by Author of ** Matthew Paxton,'* 12mo, Is 6d Ward <L' Lock... I^SS 

■ Messenger and Reformer, V.l to 4, ea.3« 6(^,1838-45 ; n.ser.,V.lto8,ea.7« Simpkin 1846-8 

Miscellany, roy. Svo, 5s 6d Groomhridge ...1%^^ 

-Ornithologist: British and Foreign Birds, 18mo, Zs Seeletj 1815 

•Phrenology, 18mo, 1« Dreicelt 1839 

• Pilgrim : Travels of Children of Israel Spiritualized, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1857 

- Koneer, edit, by J. F. Winks (Annual), 12mo, each la Simpkin 1861 

-Poet: Selections in Verse, Essay by J. Montgomery, 24mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1846 

- Poetry, selected from R. Montgomery's Works, by Farr, 12mo, 2s 6d Dean dc Son ...1854 

- Praise for the Disciples of the Lord, new edit., 18mo, 29 6a Simpkin 1851 

- Prayers and Meditations, 12mo Parker Soc. ...1842 

•Preacher, 5th edit, fcap. 8vo, is Qd Simpkin 1849 

- Principle in Little Things, a Book for Girls, fcap. 8vo, 1« 6d Ndson i860 

-Psalmist, or Hymns: Essay by J. Montgomery, 24mo, Is 6d Oriffin 1846 

- Recreations ; or, Scripture Questions, with Key, 82mo, 2« Simpkin 1840 

- Sabbath Considered in itsVarious Aspects, 12mo,6<,iramt/ton, 52; n.e.,l5 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 1856 
its Histoiy, Authority, Duties, &c., 12mo, 6s NewYork 1862 

— Scholar, 12mo, lOs 6d J.HukJ.Parleri^^ 

— Seasons: a Series of Poems, 12mo, Zs 6d Rivington 1854 

— Sects in the Nineteenth Century, 12mo, Zs6d Parkenk Son .i2^o 

— Servant Taught from the Catechism, Ptk 1 and 2, 12mo, each Is 6d Masters 1853 

Pts.S&4,ea. 2«;Pt8. lto4inlv.7« Masters 1854 

— Servant's Book of Devotion, Advice, &c., 12mo, la 6d Masters .........1849 

— Souvenir, edited by C. B. Tayler and T. Dale, 8vo, 16a Bogue 1841 

— Spectator, 1860-2, new series, 8vo, 7» Yaies Antiual 

— Teacher's Pocket Guide, 82mo, la 6d Simpkin 1845 

— Theism, 8vo, 2a 6rf — red. to la J.Chapman ...1852 

— Treasury : V. 1 to 16, roy.8vo, each 5a; 1861 and 1862, each 6s 6d Groo7nlfridgeiZ^6-6% 

Expositions and Treatises, edited by Memos, roy. 8vo, 8a H.Bohn 1855 

Union, and How to Get It, by a Christian Minister, 12mo, la HodsomkSon .1858 

Verses for Children, selected by Compilers of " Christian Lyrics," fp.8vo, 2a Hamilton 1862 

• Vine, 12mo, 2a Rivington 1842 

Wreath of Prose, Poetry, and Art, fcap. 8vo, 5a ReLTractSoc.iS^^ 

Year Book: Scripture Text and Hymn for every Day, 12mo, Zs6d :.. Nelson 1856 

Christian {Evan) Architecture of Skelton Church, 4to, 15a ; proofs, 21a Bell tk Baldg .1846 

(/.) Jesus our Ark, fcap. 8vo, la 6ci Houlston 1862 

Christian's Assistant to the New Testament, 18mo, la 6d Seeley 1841 

Bible Companion ; or, Pi-ophetic Chronometer, 4to, la Simpkin 1856 

Book of G^ms ; Sacred Poetry, post 8vo, 5a Orr 1839 

. Casket, 48mo, la Partridge 1852 

. Companion, 12mo, 4a 6d Washboume ...1837 

■ for Chamber of Sickness, 18mo, Is 6d Rd.TractSoc. 1842 

144 CHRISTIAN'S CHRISTMAS [Ekglmh Catalooub 

Chmtaan's Campanion in Solitude ; Bnay by Dr. Toong, 12mo, 8« <Sd Hamilton 1835 

, -^— Selections from '* Leighton and Owen," 12mo, bt DarUm 1841 

— Dftily Companion ; Meditations, roj. 8to, 21< BladcU 1843 

Guide to Prayer and the Study of Uie Holy Scriptures, 12mo, \$ ... Binnt 1 849 

Portion for Scripture Reading, 82mo, 1« W Simpkin 1849 

Preparation, 8to, U id 80c, P.O. K....i9^9 

— Diary for erery Day in the Year, 12mo, 7« 6rf Hastings 1841 

— Dream at the Foot of Jacob*8 Ladder, 12mo, 2# Wertheim 1853 

— Duty, from the Sacred Scriptures, edited by Dale, new edit., 12mo, 6s ... Birington 1852 

— Bconomy of Human Life, 1^ the Author of " Floreetan," S2mo, Is 6d ... HamtUon 1845 

— Fireside Library, 12mo. See Appendix. 

— Gift to a Christian Friend, Prose and Verse, 18mo, is Longman 1846 

— Half-Hour Book on Religious Topics, 12mo, 6s 6d W. Smith 1847 

— Latin Companion (Thos. ii Kempis), 12mo, 2s ; with VocabuUry, 12mo, Zs C.H. Law 1840 

-- Manual ; or, the Bible its own Interpreter, post 8vo, Ss Smith & Elder 1848 

— Mirror ; or, Words in Season, by A. L O. E., 12mo, Zs ; NeUon 1859 

. of Duty to God and Man, 16mo, 2« 6d Sceley 1844 

— Pathway, by Author of "The Faithful Witness," 32mo, 1« Hamilton 1858 

— Penny Magaxine, V. 1 to 17, 12mo, each \s6d Snow 1846-62 

— Pocket Companion, 82mo, 1« Simpkin 1836 

— Table Book: Extracts for Private Meditation, 16mo, 2» 6d Seeley 1858 

— Voice of Derotion; Manual of Prayers, 24 mo, 28 Simpkin 1849 

-Tear Book, a Golden Treasury for the Young, 8vo, Zs 6d Nelson 1857 

Christianity in China, 12mo, 1* Orr 1853 

the Three First Centuries : Lectures by D'Aubign6, &c., 12mo, 2s 6d Orifin i86t 

of Abraham, with Patriarchal Prophecy, 12mo, 7s Seeley 1848 

or Cathofic Faith, Demonstrated and Made Plain, 12mo, 6s 6d H.K.Lewis ...1848 

. the Means of CiTilisation, post Sto, 6s SeeUy f86o 

Christie (ilf»R€) Memoir of, by Brodie, 18mo, I5 6(i OroonUnidge ...ii^$ 

(/.) Vindication of the Church of Scotland, Svo, 2s 6d OUivier 1847 

{J, A.) ConstmetiTe Etymological Spelling Book, 3rd edit, 12mo, Is 6d A. Hall 1852 

On Holy Virginity, with Life of Ambrose, 12mo, 2s 6d J.HtkJ.ParheriZ^i 

(/.i2.) Elements of Practical Astronomy, 8vo, 7t Longman 1853 

(/. 7*.) Concise Precedents of Wills, 12mo, 15» Maxwell 1857 

(R,) History of the Prorince of Lower Canada, 5 t. 12mo, Z6s Montreal 1850 

(5.^.) Course of Mathematics, Svo, 21« Simpkin 1846 

-(7*. TT.) Rationalism the Last S<X)urge of the Church, cr. Svo, 5« Hamilton 1861 

— {W.Doug.) Memoirs of the First Earl of Shaftesbury, Svo, 10« 6d Munrty i860 

ChrisUson (John) French Grammar, ISmo, Is id ; Beading Book, ISmo, Is id Simpkin ...1843-51 

Italian Grammar, ISmo, Is id; Beading Book, ISmo, Is id Simpkin 1846 

Mathematical Tables, Svo, is 6d H'hittaker 1844 

Ready Reckoner and Interest Tables, 33rd edit., 12mo, 2s 6d Griffin 1850 

«_^ Recueil de Fables et Contes Choisies, ISiuo, Is id Simpkin 1843 

Tables for Computing Wei^t of Cattle, &c., 12mo, 2s Griffin 1850 

(Robt.) Dispensatory, 2nd edit., Svo, 20« Longman 1848 

Granular Degeneration of the Kidneys, Svo, Ss Longman 1838 

Treatise on Poisons, 4th edit, Svo, 10« Longman 1844 

Christmas (^en.) Christian Politics ; Essay on the Text of Paley, cr. Svo, 5s Hope 1854 

— — Christmas Week, a Christmas Story, fcap., 6« Longman 1859 

Cradle of Twin Giants ; Science and History, 2 v. cr. Svo, 12f ... Bentley 1849 

. Discipline of the Anglican Church, Svo, 9« Painter 1846 

. Doctrine of the AngUcan Church, Svo, 9s Painter 1846 

Echoes of the Universe, post Svo, 5s Partridge 1850 

Emigrant Churchman in Canada, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Bentley 1849 

Essay on Preachers and Preaching, 12mo, ls6d H.Bohn 1859 

. Hand of God in India, 12mo, \s6d Houlston 1857 

. History of the Hampden Controversy, Svo, 4s 6d Smith <L' Elder 1848 

, Lent Lectures : Scenes in the Life of Christ, 12mo, 5s Smith <& Elder 1853 

._ Practice of the Anglican Church, Svo, 9s Painter 1840 

— ^ Sin: its Causes and Consequences: a Series of Lectures, post Svo, 5s Allen & Co 1861 

■ Universal Mythology, 12mo, 7s Parker di: Son.. iZyj 

Visit to Shores of the Mediterranean, 3 v. post Svo, 31s 6d Bentley 1851 

• World of Matter, its Testimony, roy. 16mo, 8s Sherwood 1848 

(Jane) Glendearg Cottage, a Religious Tale, 12mo, 3s Smith <k Elder 1846 

Youth's Safeguard against Popery, &c., post Svo, 4s Longman 1853 

Christmas Berries for the Young and Good, 16mo, 2s 6d Dean A Son ...1850 

BlosBoms, by Uncle fiiomaa, sq., 7s 6d J.Chapman ...1849 

Carols (Twelve), post 4to, 2s 6d Masters 1851 

Garland 0^ edited with Notes, by J. Sylvester, fcap. Svo, 4s 6d ... Hotten i860 

~— Cheer, by Alb. Smith, A. B. Reach, and J. Hannay, ISmo, 2s WarddfLock...j$$6 

Comes but Once a Year, by Luke Limner, 16mo, 5s Tegg n.d. 

Day, and How it was Spent, by Fograssand Others, 12mo, Is Boutledge 1853 

Eve ; or, a Story of Little Anton, 16mo, 2s 6d Addey 1848 

Tales for Youth, transl. by Mad. Burette, 16mo, Zs Whittaker 1849 

Gathering of Leaves for the Little Ones, by Y. S. N., roy. 16mo, 2s 6d... Simpkin 1861 

1836—1862] CHRISTMAS CHURCH 145 

Christnutf Gift for Young People, 16mo, 3< « Dart&n 1848 

— ^— ^ ImproYement ; or, Hunting Mrs. P., a Tale, 16mo, Is ffatckard 1841 

Log, a Tale of a Fireside, 12mo, 2« 6(i Lloyd 1847 

^— — Mummen, a Tale, by Author of " Heir of Redely flFe," 18mo, 1« Mozley 1858 

Rhymes ; or, Three Nights' Revelry, sm. 4to, 10« 6d WhUtaker 1846 

Roses, and other Tales, from the German, 16mo, 3s 6d; coL 4» 6d Addey 1845 

■ Stories, 5th edit, 18mo, Zs Rivington 1846 

— — — for Christ's Children, by a Labourer in the Vineyard, 12mo, 1« ... J M,ij. Parker iZ^S 

Tales from the German, translated by Laurie, la Longman 186* 

-^■^-^ Tree and other Tales, from the German, by Fr. Eemble, 12mo, 4« 6rf Parker Jt Son .1855 

for 1857 to 1861 : Instruction for Youth, 16mo, each 8« 6rf Jos. Blackwoodi%6o 

— ^■^— Tyde ; Poetical Pieces suited to the Season, 12mo, 5« Pickering 1849 

With the Poets: Songs, Carols, and Verses, new edit, roy. 8vo, 21« Bell di Daldy... 1S61 

Christopher (/. <7.) Observations on Syphilis and Inoculation, 8to, Zs Churchill 1853 

{J.S.) Description of Natal, 8vo, 4s £. Wilson 1850 

Christopherson {Henry) Fight of Faith : Sermons, or. 8vo, 5» 6d Ward 1861 

Chronica Johannis de Oxenedes, edited by Sir H. Ellis, roy. 8to, 10a Longman i860 

Chronicle of Calais, temp. Henry VII. and HeuTy VIII., edited by J. G. Nichols, 4to Camden iSoc. 1845-6 

Convocation, 1859, 1860, 8vo, 7«, Rivington^ 1860-1; 8vo, 12* Thompson i86» 

— Ethelfled, by the Author of **Mary Powell," post 8vo, 6« AMall 1861 

Joscelyne de Brakelond, edited by J. G. Rokewood, 4to Camden Soc, i%^o-i 

St Mnngo ; or, Antiquities and Traditions of Glasjgow, fcap. 8vo, 6« ... Blaekwoods ...1843 

the Monastery at Abingdon, 121&-1304, edited by I. 0. Halliwell Ashmolean iSdc.1844. 

2 Reigns of Rich. IL A Hen. IV., V. & VL, edit by J. S. Davies, 4to Camden 5oc.... 18 56 

William de Rishanger, edited by. J. 0. Halliwell, 4to Camden Soc.ii^o-t 

Chronicles of Bastille, 1st series, 3rd e. , 8vo, 21<, 1 846 ; 2nd series, Philip of Lutetia, 1 5s Newby 1 848 

British Church previous to the arrival of St Augustine, 2nd edit., sq. 5« Wertheim 1850 

— Camber Castle, a Tale of the Reformation, fcap., 3« ffatcfuird 1855 

Cartaphilus, edited by Hoffman, V. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, each 21« Bosworth ...1853-4 

Crime from 1700, edited by C. Pelham, 2 v. 8vo, 28# Tegg 1841 

Merrie England, by Author of "Mary Powell," 12mo, 3« 6<i A. Hall 1854 

Old London Bridge, 18mo, 3< 6d Tegg 1848 

Rabbi Joseph Ben Meir, the Sphardi, by Biallobloteky, 2 v. 8vo, 24« Orient. Tra.Fd. 

the Kings of Norway, laiuislated by Laing, 8 v. 8vo, 36« Longman 1844 

Sea, 2 vols, in 1, 4to, 13«, 1838-9— red. to 7s 6d W.M.Chrk ...1844 

Seasons, Four Books, 12mo, each Ss 6d Parker tk Son 1844. 

White Rose of York, edited by Giles, 8vo, 12« Jas.Bohn 18^45 

Chronicon ab Orbe oondito ad a.d. 1366, edited by P. S. Haydon, 2 v. roy. 8vo, ea.l0« Longman 1859 

Angli® Petribuigense, 654-1638, edidit Giles, 8vo, 6« NttU 1845 

Coenobii Sanctse Crucis Edinbnrgensis, 4to BannatyneClubi%%% 

Monasterii de Abingdon, edited by Stevenson, V. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, ea. 10s Longman 1857 

Chronique D'Abou-Djafar Mohammed Tabari, pi&r L. Dubeux, 4to Orient. Tra,Fd. n.d. 

de U Traison et Mort de Richart Deux, 8vo, 12« Eng. Hist.^S 

Matthieu D'Edesse, from the Armenian, by M. Dulaurier, 8vo, 21« 07%ent.Tra.Pd.i%$% 

Chronological Cards of Eight Centuries, a.d. 1000-1800, sm. 4to, case, is Hamilton 1861 

Pictures of English Histcoy, foL 73« 6rf VaHy 1849 

Tables of Ancient History, folio, 9« ; Middle Ages, 5» W.Smith 1839 

-Modem History, folio, 8# H.Bohn 1846 

Chrono-Thei-malist : with New Fallacies of the Faculty, 2 v. 8vo, ea. 7« 6rf; 1 v. red. to 5* Simpkin 1851 

Chrysostom (St.) de Sacerdotio, 4 Appleyard, 12mo, 3« Simpkin 1845 

translated by Marsh, 12mo, 6« Seeley 1844 

Homiliffi, Gr., Corinthios I., 8vo, 10« Qd; Corinthios IL, 8* J. H.ik/.Parker^s-j 

• Galates et Ephesios, 8vo, 7« J.H.&J.Parkeri%$% 

Hebneos et Indices, 8vo, \2s J.H<kJ. Parker iSs 5 

> MatthfiBum, 8 v. 8vo, 27« J.H.AJ.ParkeriS29 

Philipp., Coloss., etThessaL, 8vo, I0s6d J. H^ J.Parker t%sS 

Romanes, 8vo, 9s J.H.d:J,Parkeri%^g 

Timotheus, Titus, Philemon, Ss JM.AJ.Parker\%s^ 

Homilies on Acts of the Apostles, 2 v. 8vo, 16« J.H.<kJ,Parkersi-z 

St Matthew, 3 v. 8vo, 27« J.H.dsJ.Parkersi-% 

John, 2v. 8vo, 18»6rf J.HtkJPa/i-ker^Z-^z 

Paul's Epistles, 6 v. Svo, 60« J.H<kJParker^%-^^ 

the Statues, 8vo, 9« J.H.d:J,Parkeri%s6 

Life of, by Neander, translated by Stapleton, 8vo, 10« 6d Seeley 1838 

Perthes, translated by Hovey and Ford, 8vo, is Bodon,U.S. ...1855 

Meditations on Study of Word of God, by King, 12mo, 2a Hamilton 1853 

Chudleigh {M.E.) Midnight Meditations, and other Poems, 8vo, 5« Simpkin 1854 

Church {A.E.) Elements of Analytical Geometry, 8vo, hf.-bd., 8« 6d. J.Chapman ...1851 

Diffierential and Integral Calculus, 8vo, 10s 6d /. Chapman ... 1 8 52 

(ili/. J.) Latin Prose Lessons, fcap. 8vo, 2s6d Bellik I)aldy...iS6z 

(CAtt.) Biblical Students' Pocket Book, Is 6d HamiUon 1837 

Memoirs of, by Rev. Charles Hough, 12mo, 2» Rel.TractSoe...\%$% 

(ft. IF.) Essays and Reviews, 8vo, 12« Mozley 1854 

(Titos.) 6h)spel Victories ; or. Missionary Anecdotes, 12mo, Is 6d Aylott i85x 

Historyof the Great Indian War, 1676-6, 8vo, 15< Bvffalo.U.S. ..nZs4 

146 CHURCH CICERO [Bkouot OiTAiooini 

Church {Tko8.) Sketches of Primitive Methodism, X2ino, 1« Ward^LocJc..,i^^7 

(TT.^.) Patterns of Inlaid Tiles, 4to, 5« J.H.^J.Parkeril^S 

Church and State, a Poem, by Civis, ]2mo, 4« Simpkin 1840 

the Meeting-Honae, a Plea for Episcopal Authority, 12mo, Is J.H.iSsJ.Parheri%si 

AirangeroentB, Considerations on, 8vo, 8< Painter 184J 

Builder, 1862, post 8to, 1» 6<i RivingUm i86a 

Cateiiism, illuminated, sq., 8« Addey 185a 

Committee ; or, an Incident in the Life of John Wilful, 12mo, Za 6d BurnM 1841 

Doctrines, 12mo, 2» Longman 1846 

Goer ; Rural Eides ; Calls at Country Churches, 2 v. 12mo, each 6f— red, U /Tamitton... 1847-50 

- Sunday Visits to Bristol Churches, new edit., 12mo, 4$ Hamilton 1847 

History for Youth, 12mo, 2$ 6d HoaUton 1844 

the Key to Prophecy : Lectures, 12mo, U PaHridge 185a 

— Hymnal, 24mo, 1« ; 16mo, 2s BtU ^ Daldy .1850 

— in Babylon, and other Poems, by A.M.M., 12mo, Is Matters 1850 

Danger; or, a Warning Voice to Protestants, 18mo, 2s Longmrn 1850 

the Army and Navy, 12mo, 4« 6d HamiUon 1844 

Army: Memoirs of Officers and Soldiers, 18mo, 1« 6d Jiel. Tract Soc. .1841 

Ephii, 12mo, Zs Simj^n 1838 

■ Worid and Church of the First-bom, 12mo» 2s6d Seeley 1840 

of Chriat in the Middle Ages, 12mo, 6« Seeleg 1845 

England H>mn Book, 18mo, 8« Hamilton 1838 

Magazine, V. 1-62, roy. 8vo, each 5s 6d.,, W. Hughes .1836-62 

Weighed and found Wanting, 8vo, 6« Hodson de Son ,y%^S 

.— — in the Reigns of the Stuarts, 12mo, 2« 6d Cockshaw 1851 

Tudors, 12mo, 2s6d Cockshaw 1851 

Rome : Her Moral Theology, Canon Law, &c., 8vo, 5s Partridge 1852 

. Ornaments, Chart of , sheet, col, 8* 6d Weale 1845 

by Dr. Farman, roy. 8vo, 10s 6d Smith<k Elder ,iZ^i 

— Poetry ; or. Christian Thoughts in Verse, 3rd edit., 4«, 1848 ; 18mo, 2f Qd Mozley 1857 

— Prayers Analyzed and Arranged for Use by a Clergyman, ISmo, 2s Seeleg 1849 

Preserved under the Care of Christ its Lord, 18mo, 2« 6d Oroomhridge...l^S 

Psalter and Hymnal, edit by Harland, 12mo, 1« Jtoutledge 1857 

Scholar*s Reading-Book, 8 v. 12mo, each3< Parker d: Son 1840 

Service arranged for Chanting, 18mo, 3« ; with Music, roy. 8vo, l(^6d Hatchard 1841 

for Sundays and Holydays, 2 v. d2mo^ 7« ; 2 v. 12mo, 14* Parker A Son 1844 

— : Stories, selected by J. Brskine Clarke, cr. 8vo, 2« 6d BellikDaldif...iZ6% 

(The) New Series (Annual), V. 1-8, 12mo, each \s9d Heaton 1859-61 

Churches Floral Kalendar, compiled by Emily Cuyler, illuminated, cr. 4to, 81s 6<2 ... Day and Son... i%6% 

Churches of Cambridgeshire, History, &c., imp. 8vo, 10« 6d H.Bohn 1845 

Lincolnshire, History, &c., roy. 8vo, ZlsQd Simpkin 1844 

— ■ Northamptonshire, Notices, &c., roy. 8vo, Z5r J.H.<kJ.Parker^7-^ 

Scotland, Notices, Ac, 8vo, 7s 6d J.H.d:J.Parkeri%4% 

Warwickshire, Notices of, 2 v. roy. 8vo, each 27< Rivington 1859 

Yorkshire, by Monkhouse and Bedford, imp. 8vo, i2s Rivington 1844 

■ — Structure, Arrangement, and Decoration of, 12mo, 2s 6<i Bwms 1845 

Churchill (C^os.) Missionary Life in Nova Scotia, 12mo, Zs HamiUon 1845 

Poems, Memoir and Notes by Tooke, 8 v. 12mo, 16« Pickering 1844 

Notes by Gilfillan, 8vo, AsQd Nitbet 1856 

mm (Col.) Residence at Mount Lebanon, 8 v. 8vo, 25#, 1853; n.e.4 v. 8vo, 25s Quariteh i86» 

V. 4, Druses and Maronites, 1840-60, cr. 8vo, 6«; 8vo, 10« Quariteh 1862 

. {Fleet.) Diseases of Infancy and Childhood, 2nd ed., fcap. 8vo, 12* 6d ... Longman 1858 

Outlines of Principal Diseases of Females, 4th edit., fcp. 8vo, 12*6(2 Longman 1857 

Researches on Operative Midwifery, 8vo, 14* Longman 1841 

Theory and Practice of Midwifery, 4th edit., fcap. 8vo, 12* 6d ... Renshaw i860 

Churchman in Scothmd, or the Scottish Crusade, l^o, 2* SawndersikO. 1847 

Churchman's Companion : Help to Scripture Knowledge, 12mo, 4* Hastings 1843 

V. 1-28, 12mo, each 3*6rf Masters ...1848-62 

- Family Prayer-Book, Srd edit., by T. Best, fcap. 8vo, 8* Simpkin 1862 

Manual, 18mo, 2* ; 4to, 4* 6<i Simpkin 1842 

of Daily Private Devotion, roy. 32mo, Zs 6d Hamilton 1844 

Penny Magazine, V. 1-16, roy. 12mo, each 1* 6<i Wertheim... iZ^6'6% 

Year Book, 12mo, 1862, 7*; 1863, 1864, and 1866, 6* each O.Cox .... 1852-5 

Churchwarden's Guide, 12mo, 1* CKnight 1854 

Churi {J.H.) Travels in Company with Captain Peel in 1861-2, 8vo, 21* Author 1853 

Chuiton {E,) Book of Psalms in English Verse, 12mo, Is 6rf J'H.<kJ.ParkeriZs4. 

History of the Early English Church, new edit., 12mo, 4* Lvmley 1850 

Lays of Faith and Loyalty, 18mo, 2* « Matters 1847 

{Edw.) Portrait and Landscape Gallery, 8vo, hf.-bd., 18* Ckurton 18-6 

Railroad Book of England, roy. 8vo, 21* Churton !!!i85i 

. Universal Amanuensis and Coirespondent's Guide, 12mo, 8* Chwton !i84i 

{H.H.) Land of the Morning ; Visits to Palestine, post 8vo, 10* 6d Hatchard .!.!.. 1852 

{W.U.) Influence of the Septuagint Version of Old Test., cr. 8vo, Zs 6d Macmillan .!.i86i 

Chylinski (2).) Beekeeper's Manual, 16mo, 2s 6d Qrr !!.i84S 

Cicero, Academics, Finibus, Tusculan Questions, translated by Yonge, poet 8vo, 5s... H.B(^n.........i%cx 

1885-1862] CICERO 147 

Cioero, Amieiti&» 12mo, It Parker A San... tZ^S 

de Senectute, et Bratus, W. B. Smith, 12mo, 28 Virtue 1850 

— et Senectate, & Barker, 12mo, U 6d Longman n. d, 

> White, 12mo, 3#6rf LongiMn i86ji 

literally translated, 12mo, Zs Simpkin 1849 

' Cato Major; fiiye de Senectute, ii Alan, 12mo, Is 6<2, Simphiiiy 1 852 ; 18mo, 1« ^d Bell z 860 

•Arnold, 12mo, 2t^d Rivington 1853 

• Lttlins, Ac., FergoBon, 18mo, 1« 6d Simpkin 1855 

et Epistobe, & Long, 12mo, is 6d Wkittaker 1861 

> and Lselios, with Literal Translation and Notes, 8to, is Longman 1839 

— Character of an Orator, by Ghithrie, new edit, 12mo, is Whitlaker 1839 

— DiTinatione, edidit Alan, post Svo, 7s FeUowes 1839 

— EclogB, 18mo, 8» 6<i Longman 1846 

by Allen, 12mo, 2s 6d Walton 1843 

- Epittola ad Atticnm, 2 t. 12mo, 14« Bell <k Daldt/... 1^40 

-^ Pamiliares, 12mo, 7t Belld:J)aldi/...i9^ 

SelectflB, ii Aniold, 12mo, 5s Rivington 1849 

•Yalpy, 12mo, 2s; with Bnglish Notes, 12mo, 8f Longmxin 1844 

• Finibus, & Alan, 12mo, is Simpkin 1856 

Arnold, 12mo, 6# 6d Rivington x85| 

•LtBlins; sire, de AmicitiA, Dialogns, & Scratchley, 12mo, Zs Rivington 1848 

Life, by Hollings, ISmo, 8f M Tegg 1839 

Bfiddleton, new edit, 8to, lis^ Rivington^ 1837; roy. Svo, 9s Moxon 1842 

and Letters, by Middleton and Mehnoth, roy. 8vo, 16« Moxon 1854 

- Writings 0^ \jj C.Merivale, from the German of Abeken, 12mo,9« M Longman 1854 

NatorA Deorum, 12nM), Is 6d WhiUaker 1842 

Notes by Allen, post 8yo, 7« Fellowcs 1836 

■ Nature of the Gods, translated by Franklin, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1851 

-DiTination, &c., translated by Yonge, cr. Svo, Bs H.Bokn 1853 

•Offidis, Alan, 12mo, 4s Longman 1842 

Ferguson, 18mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1855 

Holden, post 870, 9s 6rf BeU<b Daldy...iS$4 

(Oxford Cbasics), 18mo, 2s J.H.ikJ.ParkertS^j 

Senectute, et AmicitiA, ISmo, Is 6<i J.H.d:J.Parkeri%6i 

Taylor, 12mo, isM WhitUiker ... . 1859 

translated l^Owgan, 12mo, 2s Simpkin 1855 

Valpy, 12mo, 6s 6<i Longman 1849 

(Zumpt*s Text), 12mo, 2s Parker A S(m ,1^47 

" Offices, Old Age, Friendship, &c., translated by Edmonds, post Svo, bs H.Bokn 1850 

Old Age, transkited, with Notes, by a Ghraduate, 12mo, 3s Bell <k Daldy...i S46 

and Friendship, tr. by Lowers, 12mo, Is 6(2, 1850; by McKay, Is 6<2... Simpkin 1861 

Opera Selecta, Edinbuigh Academy, 18mo, 3« Simpkin 1844 

Oratio pro Milone, AHickie, post Svo, 4s 6d, Bell A Daldy^ 1842 ; ISmo, Is... J. ll.d' J.Parker i%6i 

■ Latin and English, by Purton, Svo, 3s Qd Parker ds Son 1853 

• Orationee, Commentary by Long, V. 1, 2nd edit, Svo, 16s WhiUaker 1862 

V. 2, 14s, 1855 ; V. 8, 16s, 1856; V. 4, ISs, 1858 Wkittaker.. 1855-8 

- BpistolsB, &e.. Selects, edidit Pillans, ISmo, 3s 6(i Longman 1846 

(Eton), English Notes, 12mo, 4s 6(2 WUliams 1846 

in Catilinam, A Barker, 12mo, 5s 6<2 Longman 1829 

Newland, 12mo, 2s 6(2 Parkerd^Son...\%'^<) 

-SelectsB, Anthon, 12mo, ^ Longman 1848 

-^— — — et Wheeler, new edit., 12mo, 4s 6<2 T^ 1861 

Arnold, 2nd edit, 12mo, 4s Rivington 1856 

Duncan, Svo, lis WhiUaker 1841 

- Ferguson, ISmo, Is 6(2 Simpkin 1846 

- Hamiltonian System, 12mo, 4s AyloU 1862 

M*Kay, post Svo, 7s 6(2; Key to, 2s 6(2 (?room4W(2^ ...1846 

Schmits et Zumpt, 12mo, 8s Chambers r849 

Valpy, post Svo, 7s 6(2 Longman 1839 

VerrinsB, & Zumpt, ed. Arnold, 3rd edit, Svo, 10s 6d Whittaker 1847 

- Orations, and Rhetorical Works, translated by Yonge, 4 v. post Svo, each 6s H.Bokn 1851-2 

translated by Duncan, post Svo, 7s Tegg 1841 

■ Oratore, A Greenwood, Svo, 12s WhiUaker 1838 

- Oratory and Orators, by Guthrie, 12mo, 4s, WhiUaker^ 1 846 ; Watson, p. Svo, 5s H. Bokn 1855 

. Oratio Philippica Secunda, 12mo, Is Parker tk Son .iZ^y 

pro Lucio Mureni, 12mo, Is Parker tk Son .iZ^i 

-Plancio, Wunder, 12mo, Is Parker tk Son .12^6 

Political Works, translated byBarham, 2 v. Svo, 21s Spettigue 1842 

Second Philippic, edit, by Mayor, fcap. Svo, 5s Macmillan i86x 

Seleet Orations, Anthon and Boyd, 12mo, 6s Tegg 1839 

Senectute, Emesti, 12mo, Is Parker tk Son .li^S 

— Otto, 12mo, 2s 6d Bell d: Daldy... it^o 

Schutc, Rugby School, 12mo, 2s Wkittaker 1840 

Speech for Aulns Cluentius Habitus, Notes by Ramsay, cr. Svo, 6s Ori$n 1857 

• TuaoolansB Diqmtationes, & Arnold, 12mo, 5s 6(2 Rivington 1851 

14.8 CICERO CLARK [Ehoush Catilooot 

Cicero, Tnsculansd Disputationes (Oxford Classics), 18mo, 2$ J.ff^J.ParheriS^S 

— = poBtSvo, 2«6d Madden 1850 

Winchester School, 12mo, 2a 6d NtUt 1856 

Tnsculan Disputations, translated, 12mo, Si, Waskboume} 8vo, 8s Wkittaker 1843 

Cicero et Pliny, Epistolie, English Notes by Edwards, 12mo, 2s 6d Parker dsSon.. .i9$6 

Sallost, Orationes, English Notes by TroUope, 3rd edit. , 1 2mo, 8a 6<i ItivingUm 1 841 

Cicerone; or, Rank and Fashion of the Metropolis, fcap. 8yo, 8a 6<i SmaUwood 1839 

Cigars and Tobacco, Wine and Women, As They Are, by a Modem Epicurean, 18mo, la Kent 1849 

Cinderella & the Glass Slipper,,2a6d,-<4rf(%, 1852; by Cruik8hank,16mo,la Bogue 1855 

Ciocci (Raff.) Narrative of Iniquities at Rome, 19th Century, 18mo, 2a 6d Nishet 1843 

in Italian, 18mo, 8a Orf Nuhet 1845 

Circle of Christian Doctrine framed out of a Layman's Experience, fcap. 8vo, 4a6<i... BamiUon 1861 

the Sciences, new edit., V. 1-9, cr. 8vo, each 6a Oriffin 1852-61 

Circumnavigation of the Globe : Maritime Discovery, 12mo, 4a 6(2 Nelson 1852 

Cirencester, History and Antiquities of the Town of, 12mo, 5a Longman 1842 

Cities of Europe, and Theatre of War, V. 1-2, 8vo, ea. 7a 6rf, 1849; V. 8, 8vo,8a ^d Hagger 1854 

Refuge; or, the Name of Jesus, a Sunday Book, 18mo, la 6d Nisbet i860 

Citizen of Prague, translated by Mary Hewitt, 2nd edit., 3 v. post 8vo, 31a ($c2 Colhum .1846 

City ; or, the Physiology of London Business, 2nd edit., post 8vo, 6a Bailey 1848 

City Banker, a Novel, by Auth. of " Whitefriars," 3 v. p. 8vo,81a 6(f, 56; 12mo, 2a RoutUdge i86i 

Cousins, a Tale, by Author of " Annie Sherwood,'* 18mo, la 6<i Rd.Tr.Soe. ...1847 

Men and City Manners, 12mo, Zs 6d Groombridge ...1%$! 

of Gems, a Poem, 12mo, la 6ci Bead:Daldy...iS$'\ 

God : a Vision of the Past, Present, and the Future, post8vo, 8a 6d J.HJsJ.Parleerii'so 

— ^ Our Lord : Twelve Photographs of Jerusalem, with letterpress, imp. foL, 21a Orij^^n i860 

Rome; its Edifices and its People, 12mo, 2a 6rf Rel,Traci8oc...i%s^ 

Scenes; or, a Peep into London, 16mo, la 6(i A. Hall 1844 

Civic Garland, a Collection of Songs from Lend. Pageants, ed. by F. W. Fairholt, p.8vo Percy Soc 

Civil Code of Louisiana, Annotations by Upton and Jennings, 2 v. 8vo, 63a New Orleans ...1838 

Engineer and Architect's Journal, y. 1-14, 4to, each 20a Office 1838-51 

V. 15-25, 4to, each 25a Office 1852-62 

Service: a Complete Practical Guide to, 12mo, 3a 6(2 Ja*. BlaekwoodiSSo 

-^— Arithmetic, fcap. 8vo, 2a Qd Simpkin 1862 

Cassell's Hand-book of, fcap. 8vo, la CoMell 1861 

Examination Papers, India, 1862, fol., 2a 6(2 Stanford 1862 

- War in Portugal and Siege of Oporto, by a British Officer, 8vo, 9a Moxon 1836 

Civilization in Hungary, Seven Answers to De Szemere's Letters, fcap. 8vo, 6a Triibner i860 

Civilized Society ; or. Conduct in Public and Private life, 12mo, 2a 6d Whittaker 1862 

Clabon (JohnM.) Praise, Precept, and Prayer, Book of Family Worship, 8vo, 16a ... Rivington 1862 

Clacy (Mrs.) Lights and Shadows of Australian Life, 2 v. post 8vo, 21a HurH <fc B 1854 

Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia, 1852-63, post 8vo, 10a 6d ffursl d; B 1853 

Claims of Labour, 2nd edit, fcap., 6a Pickering 1845 

Clapin (A.C.) Optical Problems, 8vo, 4a Bellas Daldy...i% so 

Clapperton (John) Duty of Hearing the Gospel, 18mo, 2a WhiUaker n. cL 

Clara Cameron ; or, the Belle of the Season, 3 v. post 8vo, 81a 6d Sintberl .,...1851 

Harrington, a Domestic Tale, 8 v. post 8vo, 31a 6(2 CoUburn 1851 

Howard; or, the Heart's Yearnings for the Unseen, &c., 12mo, 5a Nisbet 1856 

Melville, a Tale of Life, Real and Earnest, 12mo, 3a 6(2 Marlh<yrovbgh...i%s^ 

Morison, a Tale of S.Australia during the Gold Fever, 2 v.l2mo,9a,54; 12mo,2a Ward Se Lode... i%6% 

Stanley; or, a Summer among the Hills, 18mo, 2a 6(2 Nisbet 1853 

Webster, a Tale, by Nero, post 8vo, 4a 6(2 Piper 1850 

Woodward and her Day-Dreams, a Book for Girls, new edit., 18mo, la 6(2 KniglU A Son.. 1 861 

Clare Abbey, by the Author of "Discipline of Life," 2 v. post 8vo, 21a Colhum 1851 

Clare (John) Rural Muse : Poems, fcap., 7a v Whittaker 1835 

Claremont Tales ; or. Illustrations of the Beatitudes, 12mo, la 6(2 ffouUton n. (2. 

Clarence (A.F.) Woman Hater; or. True and Feigned Love, a Tale, 12mo, la 6(2 .... Jos. Blackjoood 1858 

'■ (-S.) Not a Minute to Spare : a Thought for the Times, 16mo, la ffamiUon 1859 

Spare Minutes Redeemed, 16mo, la Hamilton 1859 

Clarence House ; or, the Misses Camroux's Establishment, 12mo, 3a 6(2 Aylott 1853 

Clarendon (i^rZ) History of the Rebellion, 1 v. roy. 8vo, 22a, 1842 ; 7 v. 8vo, 50a ... J.H.d:J,Parkeri2^^ 

7v. 18mo, 25a J.H,<kJ.Parker\%i^ 

— 2 V. roy. 8vo, with plates, 55a W.SnUth 1840 

Life of, with Continnation of his History, 2 v. 8vo, 22a J. H.d: J.Parker 1% $7 

_.^_ and Administration of, by Lister, 3 v. 8 vo, 48a, Longman^ied. IBs H. Bohn 1838 

(Tho.) Treatise on the Foot of the Horse, 12mo, 2a Longman 1847 

« Power of the Horse, &c., 8vo, 2a 6<2 Simpkin 1843 

Claret (0.) Whole Craft of Freemasonry, 16mo, 4th edit., 26a Claret i860 

Claridge (R. T.) Facts and Evidences in Support of Hydropathy, 8vo, la 6(2 Madden 1844 

Familiar Guide to Hydropathy, 8vo, 2a 6(2 Madden 1849 

■ Guide along the Danube to Constantinople, 12mo, 8a Madden 1839 

Clarinda Singlehart, by Author of ** Mary Powell," post 8 vo, 7a 6(2 A. Hall 1855 

Clariodus, Romance of , edited by Edw. Piper, 4to Maitland Club 

Clark (Benj.) Domestic Sanctuary : Scripture Comments, 24mo, 2a AUm^an 1846 

(5mc.)Artof Farriery Laid Open, 8vo, 10a 6(2 Author 1853 

Essay on the Gripes of Horses, 2nd edit., 4to, 5a Renshaw .!.i837 

1836-1862] CLARK CLARKE 149 

C\tLtk(Brac.) Treatifle on the Bits of Hones, 2nd edit. , 4to, 10« Renihaw 1835 

■ (B.) Eenaall Oreen Hand Book, 12ino, U Masten 1843 

{Cka.) BoBsian Trader's Assistant^ 2 r. 870, 60« Longman ...1840-1 

(C.) John Noakesand Mary Styles, an Bssex Poem, post 8to, 2$ J.R.SmUh 1838 

{Dan,A.) Complete Works of, 5th edit, 2 v. 8vo, 21« New York 1855 

{D.K.) Bailway Locomotives, plates, 2 y. folio, 70« Blackie ...1856-60 

Treatise on Bailway Machinery, 2 v. imp. 4to, 95» Blackie 1855 

(D. IT.) Elements of Algebra and Logarithms, post Syo, 7« 6rf Wiley 1846 

(Edw.) Britannia and Conway Bridges, 2t. 8to, plates, foL, 94« 6d; proofs, 62 6< Weale 1850 

(Pra.) PUin Sermons to Country Congregations, 12mo, 6c Hatchard 1840 

- (Pra.Fo.) Convert, and other Poems, fcap. 8vo, 5t ,. 8a%mders de 0. i860 

- (Fre.) Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervons System, post 8vo, 9« Longman 1836 

{G.) Teacher's Questioning Book, New Testament, 12mo, 8# 6rf Philanth.Soe ..1835 

((7. T.) History of Kidwelly and CaerphUly Castles, 8yo, 5« J,R.Smiih 185a 

(Hugh) Introduction to Heraldry, 16th edit, 12mo, 7« 6rf ; cold., 18« Bellds Daldy.,.i%s7 

(Jos.) Description of Boulogne, 18mo, 6< Biggs 1839 

• Outlines of Theology, 8 t. 8vo, each 10« W<ird 1854 

— — Sanatory Influence of Climate, 4th edit, post 8to, 10s 6d ChwrchUl 1846 

(John) Memoir, and Selections from his Essays, by Cairns, 12mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1851 

(J.A.) Glimpses of the Old World, Life by Tyng, 2 v. post 8to, lOsM BagtUr 1847 

Bome, its Wonders and its Worship, 18mo, 2s Bagster 1840 

(J.H.) Songs of the Seasons: Wild Flowers of the Months, 82mo, 8s 6d AUman 1851 

(J.P.) Odontalgist; or. How to Preserve the Teeth, post 8vo, 6« Churchill 1854 

■ Treatise on Teeth and Dentism, 12mo, 6« Longmtm 1839 

Teething and Management, Svo, 2s 6d Longman 1839 

- (Mrs.) Countiy Parson's Wife, 12mo, 2s 6d Hatchard 184a 

-(Ji.W.) Formation of Character, Lectures for Young Men, 8vo, 6# Hartford^U,S, 1854 

- (Tho.) Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in Temporal Concerns, roy. 8vo, 9« 6c{ Robins 1840 

National English Beader, by Wicks, 12mo, 3# 6d C.H.Law 1846 

Spelling Book, 12mo, Is 6d C.HLaw 1848 

Surnames Metrically Arranged and Classified, 12mo, Is Simpkin 1859 

— (7*. ) Himdbook of Comparative Grammar, Sanscrit, &c. f cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Longman 1 8 6i 

(T.O.) Hungary and the Hungarian Struggle, 8vo, 2s6d (Troom^'c^ ...1850 

(Wm.) English Grammar, 18mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1835 

Hi^Ty of British Marine Testaceous Mollusca, 8vo, 16s Van Voorst ...1855 

(W,B,) Words of Consolation to Bereaved Parents, 18mo, It Nelson 1856 

— ( IT. (?eo.) Pour Sermons Preached at Cambridge, 12mo, 2s id MacmUlam i860 

Gaspacho; or Summer Months in. Spain, 12mo, 5s Parker d: Son ,iS$o 

Peloponnesus: Notes of Study and Travel, 8vo, 10* 6d Parker di Son .iZ $9 

— (W.Rob.) Four Advent Sermons, fcap. 8vo, Is 6d Longman 1861 

Prodigal Son, a Series of Sermons, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d Bell A Daldy... i%6o 

Bedeemer, a Series of Sermons, fcap. Svo, 6s Bellde Daldy..,i%6i% 

(W.T.) Account of Suspension Bridge across the Danube, roy. 8vo, 82« Weale 1853 

(IF.) Pathway to Heaven, 8vo, Is Mvaray 186a 

Clarke (Adam) Theological and Miscellaneous Works, 18 v. 12mo, 42« Tegg 1836 

Christian Missions, Zs 6d. Detached Pieces, including Critiques, 8 v., 10s 6d, 

Fleuiy's Ancient Israelites, 8s 6d, Memoirs of Wesley Family, 2 v., 7s. 

Sermons on Being and Attributes of God, 4 t., 14s. Sturm's Beflections, 

2 v., 7». 
Christian Theology, with Life by Dunn, 12mo, Zs 6d Tegg 1835 

Commentary on the Old and New Test., 6 v. imp. 8vo., new edit, 68# Tegg i86i-a 

Gh)spels Harmonised, with Notes by Dunn, 8vo, 8« Simpkin 1835 

Life of, byEev. J. W. Etheridge, post Svo, 6s Mason 1858 

a Wesleyan Preacher, ISmo, 2s Simpkin 1846 

Memoirs and Labours of, Svo, 10s, 184a — red. to 7s 6(i Tegg 1844 

Portrayed, by J. Everett, 8 v. 12mo, lis 6d Hamilton ...1844-9 

(And.) Tour in Italy, Switzerland, and France, 1840, post Svo, 10s (id WhiUaker 1843 

(^fiita) Character and Correspondence of, ISmo, 2s 6d Partridge 1851 

Memoirs of, by her Son, post Svo, Bs6d Hamilton 1853 

Scripture Beferences, 12mo, Is 6d Wertheim 1853 

-(J. IT.) Treatise on Diseases of the Lungs, Svo, 7sM Churchill 1854 

- (Ben.) British Gazetteer, with Maps, 8 v. imp. Svo, SOs H.O.Collins ...1853 

Essay on the Construction of the English Ijmguage, 12mo, 2f H.O.Collins ...1849 

Notes uid Suggestions on Cod Liter Oil, Svo, Is Taylor di F. ...1856 

(B.B.) Conviction, a Tale, 8 v. post Svo, 81s Qd Newby 1851 

(Cha.) Letters to an Under Graduate of Oxford, 12mo, ZsM Cundall 1848 

(C.C.) Carmina Minima, a Poem, Svo, Is Simpkin 1859 

Bichesof Chaucer, 2 v. 12mo, 18s B.Wilson 1835 

(C.drM.C.) Many Happy Betums of the Day, 12mo, 6« Lodkwood i860 

(C.Piek.) Acts and Writings of the Apostles, Y. 1, post Svo, 7s 6<i Bell tkDaldy... i%6i 

■ Manual of Communion Classes, 12mo, Zs M Bell d: Dald^... tZ6z 

(C. IT.) Eeadings for th6 Night Watches of Advent, post Svo, 8s 6d Masters 1856 

' (Edm.) Lectures on life and Character of Cromwell, post Svo, 8s 6d Hamilton 1847 

(£Wtr.) Decimal Tables, 4to, 21« Sharp df W. ...1853 

— — — Next of Kin, a Farce, 12mo, Is Kennett 1845 

150 CLABEE GLARESON [Evolish Oitilooiti 

Clarke (RD.) Trareli in Boasis, Turkey, Ac., roy. 8vo^ 2t6d Ckambert 1839 

(Bdw.W,) Church-yvd StUe, Sermons, 8to, 7$ FeUowet^ 1835 

— — DirectionB for UsiDg Philosophical Apparatus, 8vo, 6« 6<i Author 184* 

{O.IL) Distressed Qaeen ; or, Triumphs of Grief, Syo, 3« 6d J. ff.<tJ,Parheri$6^ 

— — (J7en.) Angels, a Poem, 12mo, 2i6d JRivingtcn 1848 

Poems on the Present State of the Ohuroh, 12mo, 2$ M RivingUm 184^ 

(Hydt) Colonization, Defence and Railways in India, 8to, b$ WeaU 1857 

English Dictionary, 2nd edit., 12mo, 8< 6c2 ViHvte 1861 

- Grammar, 12mo, It (Weale's Series) ViHue 1853 

Short-Hand Book of CompanitiTe Philology, 12mo, If Weak 1859 

(/.) Suffolk Antiquary, 12mo, 1« Longman 1849 

{Mr$.J.) Treatise on Female Equitation ^The Habit and the Horse), roy.4to,21f Dayik Son 1857 

— {Jot,} Bononia; a Description of Boulogne, ISmo, 6t Leigh 1839 

Catechism on Wind Instruments, 12mo, If 6fif Cods 1845 

— {John) A Happy Worid ; or, the Power of Influence, feap. Svo, 2f 6i2 Wertheim 1861 

Architectural EListory of Gloucester, roy. Svo, 7f Whittaher 1850 

Elements of Water-Colour Drawing and Painting, n. ed., sm. 4to, 5s Nelson 1848 

Illustration of the Church Morning Service, 2nd edit., Svo, lOs 6d... Rivington 1851 

Introduction to Making Latin, new edit, 12mo, 8f M WhUtaker 184a 

' {J,A.) Description of the Great Level of the Fens, 12mo, 8f A, Hall 185a 

Prise Report on the Fanning of Lincolnshire, Svo, 8f M Ridgwsy i8<a 

" " Ytfftrt i86a 

What the Prophets Foretold, fcap. 4to, Sf 6d x iVwl 

{J,Ersk.) Children at Church : Sermons, 1 & 2 ser. 16mo, ea. If ; inl v., 2f M.., Bell 4k DaldyiZs^^ 

Children's Bible Picture Book, sq. I2mo, 5s; ooL, 9f Bell d: Dal<^...i Z6i 

— — Picture Book of Bible Miracles, sq. 12mo, 2f 6d; col., 3f 6d Bell A Daldg.., 1Z61 

Scripture Parables, sq., 2f 6<i ; col., 8f 6d Bell A Daldy... i8s9 

Church Stories, cr. Svo, 2» 6d Bell <b Daldy... ii6% 

Common Life Sermons, fcap. Svo, 2f 6<i Morgan 186a 

Giant's Arrows ; a Book for Children, 16mo, If Bell d; Daldy... iZ$^ 

Heart Music: Poetry for Working People, new edit., 12mo, If Bell d: Daldy.. .1Z60 

Little Lectures for Little Folk, 16mo, If Bell ds Daldy... 1S60 

Our Happy Home Union: Poems and Sketches, 12mo, If 6<2 BeUds Daldy...i%$^ 

Plain Papers on the Social Eoouomy of the People, fcap. Svo, 2f M . BeU de Daldy. ..1Z61 

(Jos,) Derigns for Rural Schools and School- Houses, imp. 4to, 25f Bell de Daldy... 1%$% 

Sketch of his life, by Dr. Collins, Svo, 6f 6<2 Longman 1849 

- (J.R.) Gloucester Cathedral; or. Last Days of the Tudon, 12mo, 2f 6d Jlope 1856 

. {L.J.) Country Parson's Wife, 12mo, 2s 6d Hatchard 184a 

'{L.L.) History of the Island of Aldemey, ISmo, 2f6<£ SimpHn 185a 

Popuhur Description of the Microscope, 12mo. 8f 6<2 RotUledge 1858 

■ (M.C.) Concordance to Shakespeare, roy. Svo, 46f, 1845; new edit., 81f td.., Kent i860 

Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines, 3 v. sq. 12mo, ISf Smith ds Son ...i%^o 

Home Gamer: Intellectual and Moral Storehouse, 12mo, 9f Philadelphia... i%^$ 

Iron Cousin: a Novel, 2 v. post Svo, 15f, 1854; fcap. Svo, 2f Routledge 186a 

Kit Bam's Adventures, Tarns of an Old Mariner, 12mo, 6«,48— r.Sf 6(2 Griffith ds P. ...185a 
Proverbs, &c., from Shakespesre, 16mo, 4f, 1847 — red. to 2f 6c{ ... Chapman de H,i9^$ 
World-Noted Women, roy. Svo, 42# New York 1857 

{RoU.) Poetical Grammar of the English Language, 1 2mo, 2f 6d Houlston 1855 

> {R.P.) System of Arithmetic, Merchant Taylors, 12mo, is Smith de Elder 1845 

• (Sam.) Scripture Promises, 32mo, If 6c^, Tegg^ i860 ; large type, ISmo, 2f... Nishei n. d, 

— — ^-^~— ^— laige type, ISmo, 2f 6d Allen ds Co, ...n. d, 

Essay, by Dr. Wardlaw, 12mo, 8f Cfriffin 1855 

Memoir, by McNicoll, 82mo, Is 6d Mason n. d. 

- with Gumall's Helmet, 12mo, 2f Nelson i86a 

- {S.C.) Thoughts in Verse, from a Churchman's Note Book, 12mo, 3f M ... J.H.deJJ>arkeri%^ 
(Tho.) Day in May, a Poem, 12mo, 4f Harvey 1848 

Erotophuseoe, a Poem, 12nio, 2f 6rf Pickering 1844 

Love and Duty, and other Poems, 12mo, 6f KeHfy 1843 

Silent ViUage, a Poem, 12mo, 2f 6rf Pickering 1844 

{Wm.) Complete Cellarman for Publicans, 12mo, 4f Piper 1851 

Clarice's Game Laws ; Treatise on, by a Barrister, ISmo, 2s 6d Stevens 1843 

Clarkson {Alf.) Teacher's Assistant : Sixteen Addressee, ISmo, 2f 6d '. Nisbet 1841 

{Dav.) Sermons on Divine Subjects, ISmo, If 6rf Ret. Tract Soc. 1835 

{D.A.) Ancient Iron Work from the 18th Century, roy. folio, S4f Atchley i860 

— Designs for Tombs, Monuments, Slabs, &c., 2 v. imp. 4to, each 42f... Atchley 1854-9 

Fonts, Mural Tablets, Chimney Pieces, and Balustrades, folio, 42f ... Atchley i860 

^of.) Nerves of the Chest, Svo, 2f Churchill 1845 

■ {^^') A Monograph, by Jas. Elmes, 12mo, Zs 6d Blackader 1854 

— — — Antediluvian and Patriarchal Researches, Svo, 7f Longman 1836 

Biographical Sketch of , by T. Taylor, 12mo, 8f A.HaU 1847 

History of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, Svo, 16f Parkerdk Son...\%^^ 

Portraiture of the Society of Friends, Svo, 4f Bennett..^ 1847 

Strictures on the "life of Wm. Wilberforoe," Svo, 5s Longman 1838 

■ (Wm.) Christ and Missions ; Facts of Evangelism, cr. Svo, 7f Snow ..1858 

India and the Gospel ; Empire for the Messiah, cr. Svo, 6f Snow 1850 

Missionary Encouragement in India, ISmo, If 6d Snow 1850 

1835-1862] CLARKSON CLEMENTS 161 

Clarkson (Wm,) Scenes of the Bible ; or, Scripture Sketches, 18mo, 2t6d Snow 

Class Book of Poetry, new edit., fcap. 8vo, Is id N. Soe, Depot,. 

Classical Museum, V. 1, 8vo, 128 Gd, Parker tt Son; Y, 2 to 7, 14< 6i« each Walton ...1845 

Selection from British Prose Writers, for Schools, 12mo, 8« 6d Cochtkaw 

-Studies: Essays on Ancient Literature and Art, 12mo, lOf WiUy, 

Classieed Spelling Book, 12mo, 2« Bamt 

Clater {Fra,) Kreiy Man his own Cattle Doctor, 12th edit., by Mayhew, 12mo, ^ .., Simpkin 

Farrier, by Mayhew, 31st edit., 12mo, 5$ Simpkin 

Claud Wilford, a B.omance, poet 8vo, 7« 6d Simpkin 

Claude (John) Bssay on the Composition of a Sermon, by Simeon, 12mo, Zs 6d Cornish 

Claude de Vesoi; or, the Ancient Patrimony, a Tale, 2 ▼. 12mo, 9s Bell <fr Daldy 

the Colporteur, by the Author of ,** Mary Powell," post 8yo, 7s 6d -4. Hall. 

Claudlne, a Swiss Tale, by the Author of "Always Happy," 18mo, 8# GriffithdsF, 

Claudius ; or, the Messenger of Wandsbeck and His Message, cr. 8vo, Zs 6d Ward 

Claughton (P. J-) Comparison of the Thirty -nine Articles, 8to, 58 /. H,d:J. Parker] 

{T.L.) Qnestions on the CoUects, Epistles, &c., Pts. 1 &2, 18mo, etL28 6d J. H. Packer 1% $^-60 

Clausewits {Cha.) Campaign of 1812 in Russia, 8yo, XOs 6(2 Murray. 

Ciaussen {Chev.P.) Flax Movement, 8vo, Is E.WiUmi 

Chhverie {M. de) French Beader^s Guide, Prose and Verse, 12mo, 2s W, Allan 

^Guide to Italian Pronunciation, sm. Syo, 6« W, Allan 

Cbyers (Mary). See KirkUnd (Mi-s.) 

Cbvijo ( Embassy to the Court of Timour, 1408-6, ed. by Markham, 4to ffakluyt Soe.... 

Cbucton (Tim.) Hints to Mechanics on Self-Education, &c, 12mo, Is 6d Walton 

Clay (Cha.) Geological Sketches at Ashton-under-Line, Syo, 6s Qd ff, Johnson ... 

Handbook of Obstetric Surgery, 12mo, 6s 6<2 Renshaw 

(Edm.) Doctrine, Parable, and Prophecy ; Discourses, cr. 8yo, 5s Hamilton 

Lectures on the Song of Solomon, 12mo, 7f 6c{ Davie* 

— — Psalms and Hymns, 18mo, Is %d Davies 

*The Two Records." Record of Creation, Ac.; Diisooursee, cr. 8yo, 8«6d Werihdm 

—(Hon.H.) Last Seyen Years of the Life of, by Colton, 8vo, 10* 6d New York 

Life and Speeches of, by D. Mallory, 2 y. 8yo, 24a Harlford^U.S. 

Times of, by Colton, 2 y. roy. 8yo, 28» WiUy. 

Correspondence, and Speeches of, by C. Colton, LL.D., 6 y. 8yo, 84« New York . 

(J.) Memoir ; the Prison Chaplain, by his Son, Rev. W. L. Clay, 8yo, 15* ... MacmiUan. 

(W.K.) Historical Sketch of the Book of Common Prayer, 12mo, Is 6d Parker d: Son... 

History of Landbeach, 8yo, is 6d : Camh.Antiq.Soci 

- Waterbeach, 8yo, 5s Camb.AntiqJSoc 

■ Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer, 12mo, 7« 6d Parker dt Son.. 

■ Notes on the Prayer Book Version of the Psalms, 12mo, 7s 6d Parker Jt Son.. 

Claydon (C ^.) Administration of Criminal Law, 8vo, Is Sweet . 

Law of Landlord and Tenant, 12rao, 10s Sweet. 

CUiyton (0%a.) Choice Gatherings for Chrisldan Children, 18mo, ls6d Seeley... 

■ Sermons, Occasional, 12mo, 5s Seeley... 

I Parochial, 2nd edit., post 8yo, 6s Seeley... 

. preached in Cambridge, post 8yo, 5< Seeley.., 

(B.C.) Celebrated Women, Stories of their Liyes, &c., fcap. 8yo, Zs 6d Dean ... 

■ Miss Milly Moss; or. Sunlight and Shade, fcap. 8yo, 8s 6d Deem ... 

— — ^— Notable Women ; Stories of their Liyes, &c, 12mo, Zs 6d Dean . 

Women of the Reformation, their Liyes, Ffuth, &o., fcap. 8yo, Zs 6d Dea/n . 

(Geo.) Sermons on Faith and Practice, 8yo, 9s Ward.. 

-(0.,Jun.) Remarks and Reflections touching Holy Angels, 12mo, 8« 6d New York . 

(John) Psstoral Recollections, Discourses, 12mo, 8s A. Hall.... 

Plans, Bleyations, &o., of Wren*s Parochial Churches, fol. 94s 6d Longman . 

-(/.IT.) Letters from the Nile, 8yo, 5s Bostoorth 

Personal Memoirs of Chas. II., his Court & Times, 2 y. cr. 8yo, 21s Skeet 

Ubique, English Country Quarters and EaiErt^m Biyouao, 8yo, 7s 6d... Skeet 

'(Mrs.) Life of, by J. Sortain, 12mo, 8s Ward... 

- (Wm.) Tales and Recollections of the Southern Coast, 1st ser., fcap. 8yo, 7s6d A. Hall . 
'(W.C.) Elements of Conyeyancing, 8yo, 10s Sweet . 

Cleayeland (C.H.) Causes and Cure of Diseases of the Feet, 8yo, 8s 6d Cincinnati. 

(Jno.) Banking System of the State of New York, 8vo, 24« New York . 

Cleayer (TTm.) Sfomons, 8yo, 8s Hamilton . 

Clegg (Sam.) Treatise on Architecture of Machinery, 4to, 6s Weale 

Manufacture of Coal Gas, 8rd edit., 4to, 81s 6d Weak.. 

Cleghom (Oeo.) History of Ancient and Modem Ait, 2nd edit., 2 y. 12mo, 12s Blackwoods 

(Hugh) Forests and Gardens of South India, post 8yo, 12s Allen <(: Co, 

O/os.) System of Agriculture, 4to, 9s Simpkin 

Oeland {John) Thesis on Mechanism of the Gubemaculum Testis, 8yo, Zs 6d Simpkin 

Clement (A.W.) British Pitmassus, 12mo, plain. Is; cold. Is 6d Bosworth ... 

(of Alexandria) Writings and Opinions of, by Bp. Kaye, 8yo, 12s Rivington ... 

Ignatius and Polycarp, Epistles, transl. by Cheyallier, 2nd edit., 8yo, 12s ... Rivington 

Clementis Romani Recognitiones, Syriacd, P. A. de Lagarde edidit, imp. 8yo, 21s Williams tk N, 

Clements (Edw.) Law and Practice of Bankruptcy, IreUnd, 1850, 8yo, 16s Stevens 

((reo.) Guide to the Customs and British Tariff, 12mo, 6s Longnum 

(H.O.) Pilgrimage to the Holy Places of Palestine, post 8yo, 8s 6d J.H.SJJ^arker\ 























162 CLEMENTS CLOSE [Ekgush Catalooub 

Clementf (B.J,) Lord MacanUy, bis Life and Writings, Two LectareB, cr. Sro, 2f 6cl WkUtaker 
- (^reO On Poverty in Ireland, 8vo, 3« 6rf Ridgway . 

demons (Mrt.) Manners and Costoms of Society in India, post 8yo, 9f Smith Jb Elder 

Glendon (/.(7.) Observations on Extraction of Teeth, 12mo, it Highley 

Clere {Mi$») Coloners Daughters \ or, Life is but a Dream, p. 8to,7« 6c{, 1858; 2 e.,5f Nuhet 

Clergy List, 8vo, lOf : O.Cox Ai^iwU 

Clergyman^s Companion to Divine Service, roy. 8vo, 2< 6<2 Matters 

" Instructor ; Tracts on Ministerial Duties, 8vo, 6t 6d J •H.d^J, Parker 

■Orphans, a Tale, 18mo, \t^ HoulMom 

Clerical Directory, Biographical and Statistical, roy. 8vo, \2t CrocJcford . 

Economics, Hints, Rural and Household, fcap., St 6d Oriffin 

Clerk (John) Etchings chiefly of Views in Scotland, 1773-1779, folio BannatyneCluh 

Law of Elections and Committees, 1857, post 8vo, 21< Sweet 

(K.M.) Baptism, Confirmation, and Communion, 12mo, tt^d Darton 

Clerk's Instructor and Manual, fcap. 8vo, 1« Ward it Lock,, 

Clermont (Lord) Guide to Quadrupeds and Reptiles of Europe, cr. 8vo, 7t Van Voortt ... 

Clery (Mont.) Journal in the Temple during Captivity of Louis XVI., cr. 8vo, 2» 6d Jot. Blackwood 

Clere (C) Book of Inventions, 12mo, 1< Hunt 

'—^ Hints on Domestic Sanitation, 12mo, It Churion 

(2>.) Tales and Sketches, Historical and Domestic, 8vo, 10« 6d Longman 

(E.) Lectures on the Character of Cromwell, 12mo, Zt^d Hamilton 

(O,) Poems renting to the Churoh, fcap. 8vo, 2t Rivington 

Cleveland (CD.) Compendium of English Literature, 8vo, 14s, 1849; P<^^ ^^^ 7' ^ Bennett 

(R,J.) Narrative of Voyages and Commercial Enterprises, roy. 8vo, Zt 6d Moxon 

Cleveland, a Tale of the Roman Catholic Chureb, post 8vo, 10« %d BeniUy 

Clever Boys of Our Time, and How they became Famous Men, 3rd ed., fp. 8vo, 8« 6<2 Darton 

Clarence, and other Funny Stories, 4to, 2t Nelson 

Girls of Our Time and how they became Famous, 2 e., fp. 8vo, Zt6d; ilL 5« Darton 

Cliffe (C.P.) Book of North Wales ; its Scenery, Antiquities, &o., 12mo, bt Hamilton 

South Wales; its Soenery, Antiquities, &c., 12mo, 3« 6d Hamilton 

— (/no. £r.) Notes and Reoollections of an Angler, 12mo, 5< Hamilton 

(Leigh) Sceptic, and other Poems, 12mo, 5t Simpkin 

Clifford {CJuu.) How to Lower Ships' Boats, plates, roy. 8vo, It Simpkin 

(Edm.) Edward L, Greatest of the Plantagenets, 8vo, 12« Bentley 

• (flitc. ) Fractional Arithmetic Exemplified, 12mo, Zt^d Simpkin 

Clifton Religious Tracts, 4 v. 12mo, lOt Burnt 

Tales and Narratives, 2 v. 12mo, 6s Burnt .. 

Clington (A.H.) Frank O'Donnell ; a Tale of Irish Life, cr. 8vo, 5t Duffy 

Clint (i4.) Guide to Oil Painting, 12mo, It Rowney ... 

Clinton "(C. F. ) Campaign with the Christines, 1838-89, post 8vo, 2t 6d Jas. Bohn 

— ~ (C.J.) Doctrinal and Practical Sermons, post 8vo, 6t Painter ... 

(H.F.) Autobiography and Literary Remains, post 8vo, 9« 6rf Longman 

• Fasti HelleniciiChronology of Greece, V. 1, 4to, 80« J.n.<kJ.P.arker 

V. 2, 34«, 1 84 1 ; V. 8, 4to, 32# J. H.AJ. Parker 

Epitome of, 8 vo, 6« 6d J.H.dsJ,Parker 

Fasti Romani : Chronology of Rome and Constantinople, V. 1, 4to, 42« J.H.<kJ,Parker 

V. 2, Appendix, 4to, 27* J. H.<kJ. Parker 

Epitome of, 8vo, 1t^... J,' J. Parker \ 

Clinton Maynyard, a Tale of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, post 8vo, 10s 6d... Saunders ik O, 

Clintons (The) ; or. Deeps and Shallows of Life, 8 v. post 8vo, 81» 6d Bentley 

Ciissold (Aug,) Illustrations of the End of the Church, 8vo, 6« Simpkjn 

Practical Nature of Swedenboi^s Writings, cr. 8vo, 6t Longman ... 

Principles of Apocalyptical Interpretation, 8 v. 8vo, 24« Newbery ... 

■ Spiritual Exposition of the Apocalypse, 4 y. 8vo, 42« Longman ... 

(Hen.) LastHounof Christian Men, fcap. St Soc.P.C.K, 

- Women, 12mo, 1« 8rf Soc.P.C.K, 

Eminent Christians, 12mo, 8s 6ri Rivington 

— Lamps of the Church ; Lives of Eminent Christians, cr. 8vo, 9« 6(^ ... Rivington 

Clitherow {Marg.) Life and Death of, by Nicholson, 18mo, Zt T.Richardson. 

Clive (Lord) Life of, by G. R. Gleig, post 8vo, 6«, 1848; new edit., Zt 6d Murray 

Memoire of, by Sir J. MiUcolm, 8 v. 8vo, 42« Murray 

(R, H. ) Histoiy of Ludlow and the Lord Marchers, imp. 8vo, Zlt 6d Van Voorst . . 

Cloncurry (Lord) Life and Times, by Fitzpatrick, post 8vo, 6s Sitnpkin 

Himself, 8vo, 14«, 1849; 2 ed.,post 8vo, 7« 6rf Orr 

Clonmel, Stereoscopic Illustrations of, with letter-press, by W. H. Hemphill, 4to, 51 5# Bennett .... 

Cloquet (J,0.) Anatomical Description of Hernia, translated, plates, 870, 6f Highley .... 

Close (Fro,) Church Architecture Scripturally Considered, 1 2mo, St ed Hatchard . 

— m Critical Examination of "Essays and Reviews," 8vo, 2t Hatchard . 

Discourses on Genesis, 12mo, 6t Seeley 

■ the Parables, 12mo, it 6d Seeley 

Eighty Sketches of Sermons, with Introductory Essay, sm. 4to, 6# 6rf ... Hatchard . 

' • Lectures in Passion Week, 12mo, 5t Hatchard . 

Sermons at Cheltenham, Miscellaneous, 2 v. 8vo, 21« Hatchard , 

Occasional, 12mo, Stdd Seeley., 

on Catholic Doctrine of the Second Advent, 12mo, 2s Orf Hatchard 



















1835-1865] CLOSE COBBIN J 53 

Close (^ro.) Seirmoiis (m Leading Traths in the Liturgy, 12mo, 59 Halchard 1844 

Typical Persons of the Old Testament, 12mo, 5f Eatchard 1848 

Sketches of Sermons on Yarioos Subjects, 8vo, 6« Batckard 1842 

- (^./.) Family Prayers, 12mo, Is 6d Cleaver 1841 

-(/no.) Book of Obronicles, Tales of Westmoreland, 12mo, ZaQd J.Thomas 184a 

Closet Bxercises, 12mo, Is EamiUon 1835 

Cloud (The) with the Silrer Lining, a Story, 12mo, Is Lockwood 185a 

Clongh {A,H,) Bothie of Toper-na-Fuosiob, a Vacation Pastoral, roy. 8yo, Zs Maximilian 1848 

■ 6hreek History, from Themistoeles to Alexander, fcs^. 8to, 6s Longman i860 

Poems : with a Memoir, fcap. Svo, 6s Macmillan i86a 

Clorer Cottage ; or, I can*t Get In, a Norellette, 12mo, 5s ChapmandsH. 1856 

Clowes {Jokn) Essays on Christian Temper, 12mo, Is 6d Hodson 1858 

— — — Memoir of , by Himself, with Letters, 8ro, Ss6d Hodson 1849 

Miracles of Our Saviour Explained, 12mo, 2s Hodson 1839 

— — Miscellaneous Thoughts and Observations, 8vo, 8< Hodson 1835 

■ Parables of Our Saviour Explained, 12mo, 2» Ad ..^ Hodson 1839 

Translation of St Matthew, 8vo, 6s 6d, 1840; Mark, 4«, 1858; 

Luke, %s6d, 1852; John, 7s 6d, 1853; Psabns, lOf, 1849 Hodson v.y. 

— Treatise of Delights, 8vo, 2s 9d Hods(m 1846 

Twelve Hours of the Bay, 12mo, 2s Hodson 1840 

(fT.) Life of, by John Davison, fcap. Svo, 8« 6d Ward 1854 

Clabsof London; their Anecdotes, HiBtory, and Rules, ISmo, 2s 6d H. Adams 1853 

Cluley (Wm,) Philosophy of Chess, post 8vo, 2s WMUaker 1857 

Clulow (fr.5.) Aphorisms and Reflections, post 8vo, 12» Murray 1843 

Clunie (/no.) Path of Life, 12mo, Is 6d Jackson <kW...iSi6 

Clutterbuck (Om<^) Edith of Glammis, 3 v. post 8vo, Sis 6d SmithdsElder 1836 

■ — (Hen.) Essay on Administration of Blood-letting, roy. 8vo, 6s Highley 1840 

' Inflammation^ and its Varieties, Svo, 8« Highley 1846 

Pyrexia; or. Symptomatic Fever, Svo, 5* Highley 1837 

{J.B.) Port Philip in 1849, 12mo, 3t Parker ds Son... i%$o 

(J.C.) Agriculture of Berkshire, Svo, It; oJ., Is 6d Weale 1861 

Clutton (Hen.) Remarks on Domestic Architecture of France, foL, 6Ss Day A Son 1853 

Clyde (/a«.) Blementaiy Qeography, 12mo, Is 6d Hamilton i860 

Greek Syntax, with a Rationale of the Constructions, 2nd e., cr. Svo, As Hamilton i860 

Romaic and Modem Gh'eek compared with Ancient Greek, Svo, Zs Simpkin 1855 

School Geography, 6th edit, 12mo, As Hamilton i86a 

Clyne (^orv.) Ballads and Lays from Scottish History, 12mo, 6s Hamilton 1862 

Romantic Scottish Ballads, and Lady Wardlaw's Heresy, Svo, Is Longman i860 

Coad (Jno.) Wonderful Providence of GK>d during the Rebellion, 1688, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman 1849 

Coale (6^.^.) Manual of Photography, 12mo, 8t Philadelphia... \%$% 

Coalition Guide : Poetical History of 1868-54, 12mo, It WarddsLock 1854 

Coates (2>.) Christianity the Means of Civilization, 12mo, 6s Seeley 1837 

' New Zealanders and their Lands, Svo, It Hatchard 1844 

(Mrs.) Our Willie; or. Home Teaching, 12mo, 3t 6d, Binm, 1854; ISmo, ls6d... Tegg 1858 

--{Capt. PT.) Geography of Hudson's Bay, 1727-61, 4to Hakluyt Soe....i%$z 

(W.B.) Bdwyand Elgiva, a Tale of the Tenth Century, 12mo, Zs Houlston 185a 

- (W.M.) Nature and Treatment of the Club-foot, Svo, 2s 6d Bailli^ 1840 

Cobb (S.) Black Knight; or, the Unknown Crusader, post Svo, \s 6d Lea i860 

Cobbe ((7.) Short Directions in Cases of Accident, 12mo, 2s Headland 1852 

Cobbett (Awne) English Housekeeper, 8rd edit., 12mo, 63, 1842 ; new edit, Zs 6d... Oriffin n. d, 

■ (J. P.) Latin Grammar for English Boys, 12mo, 2s Ori^n 1835 

■ Law of Pawns and Pledges, 2nd edit., 12mo, 5s BUnkam 1849 

■ (Wm.) Advice to Toung Men and Women, new edit., fcap. Svo, 2s 6d Oriffin 1861 

- Cottage Economy, new edit., 12mo, Is 6d Oriffin n.d. 

■ ' English Gardener, new edit., 12mo, Zs 6d .• Or^n n. d, 

— — Grammar, new edit, 12mo, 2< Griffin 1861 

Spelling-Book, 12mo, 1« Oriffin n.d, 

French Grammar, 11th edit, by J. P. Cobbett, 12mo, Zs 6d Oriffin 1861 

— Exercises, with Key, 12mo, 2s Ortffin n. d. 

■ ■ Hist, of the Protest. Reformation, 2 v. 12mo, ea. 2s6d]\TLiy, As6d Dolman 1846 

Italian Grammar, 12mo, Zs6d H.Bohn 1835 

Legacy to Parsons, ISmo, If 6d, 1835 ; Legacy to Peel, ISmo, \s 6d Cobb^ 1836 

— — life of, 12mo, 7f F.Mason 1835 

Political Works, Selections from, 6 v. Svo, 50s Oriffin .1848 

Poor Man's Friend, 12mo, Is Ort^n ». d, 

■ ■ Rural Rides in Surrey, Kent, &c, 12mo, Zs 6d Simpkin 1859 

Cobbin (/fl^.) Bible, Analytical, 12mo, 7s 6d Partridge 1846 

^— ^ Child's Commentator, sq. Svo, I0s6d Ward 1843 

Commentary Condensed, imp. Svo, 80«; small 4to, 21« Ward 1839 

■ People's Pocket, new edit, 12mo, Zs Partridge 185a 

Portable, 12mo, Ss Partridge 1846 

— ^— Domestic, with Notes, Maps, &c., 4to, 30f Por^'c^^... 1849-52 

■' ' Oriental, with Notes, post Svo, 18« 6d Partridge 1850 

Reader's Hand-Book, 82mo, 2s6d Knights- Son... iZ $9 

" RemembranoeTy 16mo^ 2f Partridge 1851 

154 COBBfN COCKREM [Englibh Catalogub 

Cobbin (/ni7.) Bible, School Hand-Book to, 18mo, 2f Tegg 1846 

■ Book of Popery, a Manual for ProtestantB, 18mo, 2< Berger 1840 

Classical English Vocabulary, 6th edit., 12mo, 3« Simpldn i860 

Descriptive New Testament, Notes and Plates, post 8vo, %8 6d RoidUdge i86i 

— Elementary Steps to Geography and Astronomy, 18mo, 1« Ward 1846 

— ^— Elements of Arithmetic, 18mo, 1«, 1846; English Grammar, 18mo, 1« Ward 1849 

Geog., 18mo, l«6<i, 185a; Spelling and Beading, 18mo, 9d Ward 1838 

Evangelical Synopsis, Old and New Testament, 8 v. imp. 8vo, 80* Berger 1849 

New Testament, separate, imp. 8vo, 25< Berger 1840 

(Grammatical and Pronouncing Spelling Book, 14th edit, 12mo, Is M Simpldn 1853 

Instructive Reader, 6th edit., 12mo, 2« 6<2 Simpkin 1852 

Memoirs of my Dog, 16mo, 2« 6d Berger 1839 

Moral Fables and Parables, 82mo, Is Ward 1840 

Scripture (Comparisons, 18mo, 2s A.HaU 1840 

Explained; or, Bible Dictionary, 5ih edit, 18mo, IsQd Knight ds Son 1861 

- Light in Popish Darkness, 18mo, Is Partridge 1851 

• Proverbs for the Young, 18mo, 2«6rf A.ffall 1841 

Cobbold (Rich.) Bottle (The), a Poem, with Cruikshank's Pbites, folio, 2s Bogue 1848 

CJanticlesof Life, 12mo, Zs Mozley 1858 

CJomforter; Addressee from the Book of Job, 12mo, 5s Painter 1850 

Preston Tower; or,.Days of Wolsey, 8 v., 31« 6<i, 1850; 12mo, IsM Simpkin 1850 

■ Lecture on the Character of Woman, 8vo, Ss 6d Saundersd:0. 1848 

Marg.(}atchpole,2v.l2mo,12«,Co^ur»,45; p.8vo,10«6(i,47;12mo,2» Simpkin 1851 

Mary Anne Wellington, 8v.8U6d, 1846; p.8vo,10»6ri; 12mo,l«6d Simpkin 1859 

Proverbs of Solomon, in Prose and Verse, 12mo, 6« Painter 1850 

Union CJhild's Belief ; Letters on the Creed, 12mo, 1« 6d Simpkin 1855 

Voice from the Mount ; Pastoral Letters, 12mo, Ss C.Wrig/U 1848 

Toung Man's Home; or, Penitent Returned, poet 8vo, lOs Qd Saund^^d: 0. 1848 

Zenon the Martyr, 8 v. postSvo, 21«, Colbumf 1849; 12mo, IsM... Simpkin *i855 

{R.n.) Pictures of the Chinese drawn by Themselves, post 8vo, 9f Mwrra^ ..1859 

Cobden (/.C.) White Slaves of England, 12mo, 9f Andover, U.S. 1853 

Cobham {Lord) Life and Times of, by T. (Jaspey, 2 v. 8vo, 21f Chinninghain...ii4.^ 

Cobwebs to Catch Plies, First and Second Series, 12mo, ea. 1<; in 1 v., 2s Lockwood 185a 

Cochin {M.) Instructions on Prayers, &c., of the Mass, by Walfcer, cr. 8vo, is T.Richardson 1854 

Cochrane (A,B.) Ernest Vane, a Norel, 2 v. post 8vo, 21« Colbum 1849 

Florence the Beautiful, a Novel, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21s Burst <fc B 1854 

Lucille Belmont, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 8U Qd CoUmm 1848 

Morea, and other Poems, poet 8vo, 8a M Sawndersds 0. 1841 

Young Italy, post 8 vo, 10» 6<i ParkerdsSon 1850 

■ (^eo.) Economy of the Law, 8vo, It E.Wilson 1856 

Wanderings in Greece, 2 v. 8vo, 24« Colhwm 1837 

(Jos.) Companion to Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, 16mo, It 6<2 Hamilton 18 51 

Discourses on DifBcult Texts of Scripture, 12mo, 6« Hamilton 1851 

Peculiar Texts of Scripture, 12mo, Zs%d SimMn 1848 

the Last Things, cr. 8vo, 6« A, Hall 1855 

• Manual of Family and Private Devotion, new edit, post 8vo, is ... Simpkin i860 

— — Protestant's Manual, 12mo, 5s 6d Longman 1839 

• Sonnets and Miscellaneous Poems, post 8vo, is Oroomhridge ...1853 

World to Come; or. Kingdom of GKxi, 2nd edit, 12mo, 6a Hamilton 185a 

Cock (Edw,) Anatomy of the Nerves of Head, Neck, and Chest, 12mo, 4a H.Jackson 1839 

Student's (Juide for Dissecting, fcap. 7a •.... A.Schloss 1835 

Cock and Anchor; a Chronicle of Old Dublin City, 8t. post 8vo, 31a 6d Longman 1845 

Lorell's Boat, 4to RoxburgheCM iZ 17 

• Bote, a Satirical Poem, printed by W. de Worde, post 8vo Percy Soc. 

Cockayne (M.S.) Adventures of Remarkable Men, Illustrated, fcap. 8vo, 3a 6(2 Dean i860 

(Oswald) Anglo-Saxon Narratiunculw, Epistola Alexandri, &c., 8vo, 5a J. R. Smith 1861 

; Seinte Marherete, in Old English, now first edited, post 8vo, 7a 6d Longman i86a 

Spoon and Sparrow, Fundere and Passer ; or, Eng. Roots, 8vo, I0s6d P<trkerd! Son... i%6t 

(T.O.) Civil History of the Jews, "Joshua to Adrian,** 12mo, 4a 6d Paiicerd: Son... jS^i 

— — (Jreek Syntax, with Examples for Memory, 12ino, 8a 6d Parker d: Son... i $4.6 

— — Outlines of Efistory of France, 18mo, la 3(£ Parker isSon. 1846 

Irebind, with (^estions, 18mo, la Parker Jc Son... i%^i 

Oockbum (A.E.'S Ck>rporation8 of England and Wales, 8vo, 12a Longman 1835 

- ((reo.) First Chapters of the Church of England, 12mo, 4a Longman 184a 

(Lords Memorials of his Own Time, 8vo, 14a, 1856 — ^red. to 7a 6<2 Longman i860 

(IF.) New System of (^logy, post 8vo, 2a 6<i Colburn 1849 

(W.S.) i;£aasacreof St. Bartholomew, 12mo, 6a Parker de Son... i^^ 

Oockerell (CR.) Iconography of Wells Cathedral, 4to, 21a— red. to 10a 6<i J. H.dsJ.Parker iZ^i 

Cockerton (/oAn) Chronology Made Easy, 12mo, 2a 6d C.H.Law 1840 

Cockett (Wm.) Sermons for the Times, cr. 8vo, 2a Hatchard 1861 

Cockin (Jos.) Memoirs of , by John Cookin, 2nd edit, 12mo, 5a Holdsworth 1841 

(/no.) Reflections after Reading, 12mo, 8a Ward 1843 

Cocking (T.) History of Weeleyan Methodism in Grantham, 12mo, 4a 6d Simpkin 1836 

(Jockle (/wo.) Essay on the Poison of the Cobra di Oapello, 8vo, la Highly di Son 185a 

Cockrem (^<iip.) Tourist's Guide to Torquay, 12mo, 4a Sui^kin ....1856 

1885-1862] COCKS COLE 156 

Cocks (C) Bordeaux, its Wines, and the Claret Country, post 8vo, 8f 6d Longman 1846 

- (Z)rV.) Sea- Weed Collector's Guide, 12mo, 2« 6d VanVoortt ...1853 

-> (WJ^,) Illustrations to *' Cooper's Surgical Diotionaiy," 2 r. Sto, 61 9$ 6d Longman 1835 

Treatise on OperatiTe Suigery, 8vo, \i» Longman 1837 

Cockton (Ren,) Lady Felicia ; or, the Master Passion, post Svo, 5<, 1851 ; n. e., 2<... H.Lea 1852 

■ Love Match, a Norel, 8vo, 5t W.M. Clark,,., \%\s 

■■ Percy Effingham, 2 t. post 8to, 15«, 1853 ; new edit, 12mo, 2s RouiUdge 1861 

Sisters; or, the Fatal Marriage, 8vo, 5< W.M.Clarh ....i%s^ 

Stanley Thorn, 8v, poet 8vo, 81<6<2, BeniUy^ 1841 ; new ed., 2< H. Lea i860 

■ Steward, a Bomanoe, 8vo, 5f W.M.Clark, ..1850 

Sylvester Sound, 8yo, 13# ; new edit, 2t ; Illustrated, 8vo, 6« W.M.CUurk....iZ^ 

■ Valentine Vox, post 8to, 8« 6<i, H.Lea j new edit., 12mo, 2« RouMedge 1861 

Illustrated, 8vo, 10«— red. to 6f H. Lea 1853 ' 

Codd {E.T.) Sermons to a Country Congregation, 2 series, 12mo, each 6s M Mastert 1855 

Preached at St. Giles's Church, Cambridge, 12mo, 6s 6d Masten 1846 

Code of Prooedore at New York as Amended 1851, 8vo, 21« Albany^ U.S.. ..i%$i 

Codex AlexandrinuB : Novum Testamentnm, Orsecd, edidit B. H. Cowper,-8vo, 12t... Willianisd: N. i860 

Diplomaticus JEvi Saxonici, Opera J. M. Kemble, 6 v. 8vo, 72« Sn.Hitt.Soe. 1845-8 

Exonienais : a Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, by B. Thorpe, 8vo, 20s Antiq.Soe 1842 

Montfortianus : MS. collated by 0. T. Dobbin, 8vo, 14f Bagtter 1854 

Vaticanus : Novum Testamentnm, Ghwcd, edidit Angelus Mains, roy. 8vo, 12f Williams Je N. 1859 

Godrington (^fn.) Preces Pomesticae ; Family Prayers, 8vo, 5i C.H.Law 1850 

Coe [Cha^dem.) Outlines of a Christian Faith, cr. 8vo, 2< 6d Whitfield 1861 

(Wm.) Christian Duties, as to Holy State of Matrimony, 12mo, 6s A.Hall 1859 

Coelebs in Search of a Cook, with Divers Recipes, &c., sm. cr. 8vo, 2s Jot. Blackwood i860 

Laws and Practice of Whist, 6th edit, 16mo, 2s 6(i Hardwicke i86a 

the Younger in Search of a Wife, Illustrated by Doyle, sq. cr. 8vo, 6s Hogg <fc Sont...iZ$^ 

CoesveH {W.O.) QaUery of Pictures, roy. 4to, 48s H.Bohn 1836 

Coffin {A.J.) Ghiide to Health, 26th edit, 12mo, 6s, 1856; in French, 12mo, 4s Author 1850 

in Qerman, 4s6<i; in Welsh, 12mo, 4s Author. 1850 

■ Lectures on Medical Botany, 12mo, 2s Author 1851 

Treatise on Midwifery, 12mo, 3s fki Author 1853 

— ^— Nervous Diseases, 12mo, 2s 6<£ Author 1851 

Ooggeshall (O-) History of American Privateering, 8vo, 16s New York 1856 

(fT.r.) Stories of Frontier Adventure, 12mo, 6s New York i86a 

Coghlan (Cha.) Love and Hate, a Drama, post 8vo, Is Trilbner 1857 

CoGHLAH (f.) Quids Boom Trilbner 

Baden-Baden, 3s Qd, i860. Italy, 10s, 1861. 

lighten. Is ; plates, 2s, 1862. Italy, North, 2s 6(2, 1861. 

Continental Burope, 7s 6<2, 185 1. London, Is 6(2, 1849. 

Bailways, Is, i860. North Wales, 2s, i860. 

Channel Isles, 2s 6<2, 1843. Paris, 2s 6(2, 1853. 

Eoropeaa Toonsts, 12mo, 22s, 1847. Bhine, Holland, Belgium, &c., 1861. 

Italian, Qerman, French, and English Conversations, 12mo, 6s Triihner 1837 

(Jat.) Companion to Study of the Scriptures, 8vo, lis HouUton 1843 

Cogitations of a Vagabond, post 8vo, 8s Boone 1838 

Cogswell (CAa.) BBuy on Iodine and its Compounds, 8vo, 5s Longman 1837 

• (Wm^) Sermons at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2 v. 8vo, each 12s Hatchard..j%29-47 

Co -heiress of Willingham, by Counn Leigh, 12mo, 3s 6(2 Matters 1854 

Cohen {S.C.) Glory of the Latter House ; or. Promise Fulfilled, 12mo, 5s Weriheim 1845 

Coit (T*. fF.) Puritanism ; or, a Churchman's Defence, fcap. 8vo, 9s Wiley 1845 

Coke (SirE.) Comment on Littleton, Exercises on, Sid edit, by Hobler, 12mo, 6s ... Benning 1847 

Life of, byC. W. Johnson, 2 v. 8vo, 28s CoOmm 1837 

(lf«i.) A Will and a Way, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Hurttd:B 1858 

High and Low 5 Lifers Chances and Changes, 3 v. post 8vo, 81s 6d HwrttAB 1853 

Travels from the Rocky Mountains to California 8vo, 14s Bentley 1851 

(/T./.) Vienna in 1848, post 8vo, 7s 6(2 Bentley 1849 

• (T.) life of, by J. W. Btheridge, cr. 8vo, 6s Mason j86o 

Coker (C.) Bound Kobin, fcap. 8vo, Is E.PaiihfuU ...1861 

Cola Monti ; or, the Story of a Cbnius, Ulust., fcap. 8vo, 2s 6(2 A. Hall 1849 

Colbome {Copt.) Views of Burial Grounds in the Crimea, &c., imp. 8vo, 21s Ackermann 1857 

Colbrant (Car.) Pr^ds d*Hi8toire de France, 16mo, 2s Ward 1854 

Colbum (^.) Evil Star, a Novel, 8 v. poet 8vo, 31s 6(2— red. to 16s Skeet 1853 

(Z.) Steam Boiler Explosions, 8vo, Is Weale i860 

and HoUey (A.L.) Permanent Way and Locomotive Boilers, fol., 42s... New York 1858 

Colchester (Cha.Lord) Duuy and Correspondence of , by his Son, 8 v. 8vo, 42s Murray 1861 

Coldingham Priory, Inventories, Account Bolls, and Law Proceedings of, 8vo, 15s ... Surtees Soc. 1843 

Coldwell {W,E.) Twenty Sermons, preached at Stafford and Sandon, 8vo, 8s Longman i860 

Cole (A.W,) Honeymoon — ** Wedding Gloves* Series," 12mo, Is Jos. Blackwood 1855 

Hope, a Tale of Chequered life, 8 v. post 8vo, 31s 6d Newby 1853 

. Legends in Verse, 12mo, 2s Jos. Blackwood it ^^ 

Lorimer Littlegood, Esquire, a Tale, 12mo, 2s; new edit, III, 8vo, 10s 6(2 Jos. Blackwood 1859 

— Notes on the Cape and the Kaffirs, poet 8 vo, 10s 6(2 Bentley 1852 

•* Who's Your Friendt" 8vo, Is Jos. Blackwood 1855 

World in Light and Shade : aSerieaof Sketches, 12mo, 2s Jos. Blackwood 1%$$ 

156 COLE COLERIDGE [EHouiH Gxxai.ooui 

CJole (B.T.^.) New Metrical Version of the PStlms of David, 12nio, 6« Seeleif 1S47 

(E.S.) Outline Sketches of Old Buildings in Bruges, folio, 10« 6d BeU & Daidy 1851 

((?.) Contractors* Book of Tools and Machines, folio, 63« Buffalo^ U.8.,.i^SS 

{Geo,) I am a Christian : What then? Discourses, 12mo, 5< Ni^>€t 1838 

Tracts on the Prayer Book, 12mo, 2« 6rf Werthdm 1855 

{H.) Day's Excursion out of London, f cap., 2< 6<2, 1843; new edit, If Belld: Daldy...i%^^ 

First Exercises in Light, Shade, and Colour, 16mo, it HouUton 1846 

Handbook to Canterbury, fcap., 8« 6<i BtU^s Daldy...i%^z 

Hampton Court, fcap^ 2« 6<f BeUA Daldy...i%^i 

National Gallery, fcap., a# 6rf Belld: J)aldy...iH3 

Picture GaUeries, 12mo, Is 6d BeUA Daldy,..i%i^ 

■ Temple Church, 12mo, U Belld: Dal<fy...i^$ 

- Westminster Abbey, 12mo, 6« Bellds Daldy..,i%^ 

' HolidaysSpent near London,, fcap.. It 6(i BeU A Daldy ..\%^ 

(H.W.) Law of Domicil of Englishmen in Prance, 1857, 8vo, 7» 6d Wildy 1857 

i/ohiC) Sermons at Bridestow and Sourton, Devon, 12mo, 4« 6d J, H.^, Parker \%s% 

(J.J.) Military Surgery; or. Field Practice in India, 8vo, 8« Allen ik Co. ...1851 

{J.W.) Life and Theatrical Times of C. Kean, 2 v. p. 8vo, 21«, i860— r. to 5« BenOey i86x 

Lives of British Generals in the Peninsular War, 2 v. post 8vo, 21« BetUky 1855 

Sketch of Eussia and the Russians, 12mo, 2t 6d Bentley i8$4 

(Jon.) Meditations and Prayers for the Sick, 18mo, Is 8d Simpkin 1839 

(Robt.) Art of Reading Greek, 12mo, 5s RivingUyn 1836 

Forms of Oaths in Common Law, Ac, 1869, 12mo, 2s Svoeet 1859 

(R.J.) Pantomime Budgets on Questions of tJie Day, 8vo, 2s Cross 1853 

- (Wm.) Life in the Niger ; the Journal of an African Trader, poet 8vo, 6s Saunders <fc 0. i86a 

(W.O.) Church Pastors and Patrons, 12mo, is M NisbH 1839 

(W.E.) Law and Practice in Ejectment, poet 8vo, ZOs Swet 1856 

on Criminal Information, 12mo, 12« 6d Svfeet 1843 

Colebrooke (SirEdw.) Journal of Two Visits to the Crimea, 1864-66, 8vo, 7s Boone 1856 

(ff.T.) Essays on the Religion, *c, of the Hindus, 8vo, 10s 6d WiUiamsikN. 1858 

Coleman (^dtp.) Bills of Costs in Chancery, 1867, 12mo, 7s 6d Stevens 1857 

{E.J.\ Scenes from the Snow Fields, taken 1855-68, imp. foL 6ds Longman 1859 

(Cfeo.) Lunar and Nautical Tables, roy. 8vo, 12« E.WiUon 1846 

(/no.) Book-keeping for Farmers, 8vo, is Re^e i86a 

Historical Emays, 8vo, lis Balchard 185a 

(Lym.) Antiquitiesof the Christian Church, 8vo,16f, WHey, 1841 ; r.8vo,6f 6d Ward 184a 

Church without a Prelate, Essay by Neander, roy. 8vo, St Ward 185a 

Historical Geography of the Bible, 12mo, Ss /. Chapman... 1%^^ 

Text-Book and Atlas of Bible Geography, roy. 8vo, 5s; cold. 6s Ward 1854 

-(Tho.) Coming of Christ in his Glory, 12mo» la 6d Judd «fe Class 1859 

English Confessors, after the Reformation, fcap. 8vo, is 6d Snow 1861 

History of Duiiel and his Three Friends, 12mo, Zs 6d Judd ds Glass 1858 

Memorials of Independent Churohee, Northamptonshire, 12mo, is... Snow 1853 

Redeemer's Final IViumph: Lectures I Cor. zv., 12mo, 8« Snow 1855 

" "• ■ ~ ■ - - - ggj 

Two Thousand Confessors of 1662, n. e., with additions, fp. 8vo, Zs Snow 186 

(ir.5.) British Butterflies, 12mo, It; pktes, cold., Zs 6d Routledge i860 

— Our Woodlands, Heaths, and Hedges, 12mo, Is ; plates, cold., 8« 6d Routledge 1859 

(W.T.) Notes on Health, How to Preserve it by Diet, &c., fp. 8vo, It Routledge i860 

Winter Cough, its Naturo and Treatment, 12mo, Is Renshaw 1859 

Colenso(^.) Arithmetic for Schools, n. e., 12mo, 4s 6d ; Key by Maynard, 6s Longman 1861 

Companion to the Communion, 18mo, 2s 6d ; cheap edit., Is Macmillan 1855 

Elements of Algebra, Pt. 1, n. e., 12mo, 4s 6d ; Key to, 5s Lwngman 186a 

- Pt. 2, n. e., 12mo, 6s \ Key to, 6s Longman 185* 

• ^ Smaller, n. e., 18mo, ls6d; Key to, 2s 6(i Lo/ngman i860 

• • Teacher's, n. e., 8vo, 12s 6d; Key to, 12mo, 7s6d Lon^gman 1855 

EucUd, with Problems, 18mo, 4s 6d\ with Key, 6s 6d ... Longman 1861 

Equation Papere, with Key, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 1861 

Examples in Algebra, with Answers, 12mo, 2s 6d Lvngman 1848 

Geometrical Problems, with Key, 18mo, Zs6d Longman 1846 

Journal of a Ten Weeks' Tour in Natal, 12mo, 6s Macmillan ...1855 

■ Ordination and Missionary Sermons, 12mo, Is Macmillan ...1855 

' Pentateuch and Book of Joshua critically examined, Pt. 1, 8vo, 6s ... Longman i86a 

Plane Trigonometry, Pt 1, 12mo, 8s 6d ; Key to, Zs6d Longman 1861 

Pt. 2, 12mo, 2s6<£; Key to, 6s Longman 1859 

• 12mo, complete, 6s ; Key to, 8s 6<i Longman 1861 

^ St. Paul's Epistle to Romans, newly translated, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d Maemilian 1861 

— Text-Book of Elementaiy Arithmetic, 18mo, Is 9d ; with Key, 2s Zd . Longman i86a 

ViUage Sermons, 18mo, 2s 6d Macmillan 1853 

Colendge (Bp.) Charges and Addresses, 8vo, 10s 6d Rivington 1835 

(Derw.) Sermons on Character of the Church, 8vo, 12s 6d Parker <k Son... i%29 

(^or*.) Essays and Mai^nalia, 2 v. 12mo, 12s Moxon 1851 

■ Livesof Northern Worthies, 8 v. 12mo, 16s, Jfoxon, 18 5 i—red. to 9s... H.Bohn 185a 

7- ^ Poems, with Life by D. Coleridge, 2 v. 12mo, 12s Moxon 185a 

(Herb.) Dictionary of the Oldest Words in the Eng. Language, r. 8vo, 2»6d... Hotten i86a 

Glossarial Index to English literature, 18th Centuiy, 8vo^ 6i THUmm' 1859 

1885-1862] COLERIDGE COLLIER 167 

Coleridge (H.N.) Introdaction to Stadj of Greek Classic Poets, 12mo, Sa 6d Mwray 1846 

Six Months in the W«a* Indies, in 1826, 18mo, 8« 6rf Tegg 1848 

(J.D.) Companion to the First Lessons, 12nio, Zb 6rf Rwington 1838 

Family Prayers, 5th edit., ISmo, If 6<i Bivington 1851 

•(SirJ.T.) Public School Education, a Lecture, fcap. 8vo, 2t Murray i860 

{8.T.) Aids to Reflection, by Aev. D. Coleridge, 9th edit, 12mo, ^ Moxon 1861 

i Biographia Literaria ; Life and Opinions, 8 v. 12mo, 18« Moxtm 1847 

Coi^eesions of an Inquiring Spirit, 12mo^ 4f Moxon 1849 

Constitution of Church and State, 4th edit., 12mo, 6i Moxon 185a 

Dramatic Works, new edit., 12mo, 6< Moxon 185a 

Essays on his Own Times, 8 y. 12mo, 18s Moxon 1850 

Friend; a Series of Essays, 8 t. 12mo, 15* Moxon 1850 

Hints on Formation of a Theory of Life, poet 8vo, U ChwrchiU 1848 

Lay Sennons, 8rd edit., 12mo, 5< Moxon 185* 

LectureeonShakspeare and Milton, ed. by Collier, 8vo,12« — r.to3«6(i ff.Bohn 1856 

Letters, Conversations, &c, by Allsop, post dvo, 5$ Oroombridge ...1%$^ 

-Cottle,2Y.p.8yo,18«,i836;2e.lO«6d ffoultton 1847 

Life, by James GKllman, 8to, 10s 6d Pu^cering 1838 

Literary Bemains, by H. N. Coleridge, 4 v. 8vo, 45s Pickering 1838 

Notes, and Lectures upon Shakspeare, &c., 2 y. 12mo, 12s Moxon 1849 

on English Birines, 2 T. 12mo, 12s Moxon 1853 

Theological, Politic&l, and Miscellaneous, 12mo, 6s Moxon 1853 

Poems, 18mo, 8s 6d ; 12mo, n. ed. 6s, Moocon, 1852 ; 24mo, 8t... Bdl A DoJidy i86a 

Rayen, a Christmas Tale for Touth, 12mo, 5s A^kermamn ...1848 

£ime of the Ancient Mariner, Illustrated, 7«6d, 18 57 ;n.e.,p.8yo, 5s Lvm 1858 

Etchings by Scott, folio, 42s Acktrmamn ...1837 

• and other Poems, 82mo, Is 6<i Oroombridge ...1858 

Specimens of Table Talk, 2 y. fcap. 16s, 1835; 1 y. 6s Mwrray 1837 

(iSara) Phantasmion, a Tale, 12mo, 9s Pickering 1837 

Pretty Lessons for Good Children, 5th edit., 12mo, 2s Parker A Son 


Coles (Capt.) Musketry Catechism both Senrioes and Rifle Clubs, 8rd ed., or. 8yo, 2s Clowa 

{£U.) Treatise on God's Soyereignty, 12mo, 2s 6d, Tegg, 1856 ; 12mo, 4s ... Palmer 1855 

cr.8yo,4s,i8s4;byStanford,cr.8yo,8s6c{ ffamilton 1855 

(Jcu.) Spinal Afiections, and Prone System of Treatment, 12mo, i» HouUUm 1857 

Coley (/as.) Journal of the Sutlej Campaign, 1845-46, 12mo, 4s Smith tk Elder .1856 

(J.M.) Treatise on Diseases of Infants and Children, 8yo, 14s Longmajn 1846 

Collecviko de Yooabulos usados na Pro-vinoia de S. Pedro do Rio, 12mo, 2s 6<2 TrtUmer 1856 

Collectanea Archseologica: Papers of British ArchsBological Association, Y. 1, 4to, 82s Longman i86a 

Collecion de Autores Espanoles, Y. 1 and 2, 12mo, each 8s Triibiier i860 

CoUection of Latin Stories, illust. of the Fiction of Middle Ages, by T. Wright, p. 8yo Percy 80c, 

Ordinances for Royal Household, 4to, 5s Antiq, Soc 

Poetry for Practice of Elocution for Ladies, 12mo, 2s 6<< WaUon 1850 

Tales and Noyels of German Writers, 12mo, 6s Thimm 1854 

Collects for Sundaysand Holydays, on Cards in a Case, 2s 6d WhiUaker 1858 

Holidays, in Yerse, 18mo, 8s Hatchard 1848 

College Life, by the Author of "Verdant Green,'* new edit., fcap. 8yo, Is Kent i86a 

■■ Rhymes, by Members of Oxford and Cambridge, 8 y. post 8yo, each i$6d Wkittdker ...186 1-2 

Colles {Abr.) Lectures on Theory and Practice of Surgery, 2 y. 12mo, lOs Simpkin 1845 

■ Obseryations on Syphilis, and Use of Mercury, 8yo, 9s Sherwood 1837 

Oollett (Jno.) City of the Dead and otiier Poems, 12mo,HardwickefiZ$^; 2nd ed., 5s Longman i860 

CoUetta (Oen.) History of Naples, transL by Homer, 2y. 8yo, 24s— red. to 10s ff. Bohn 1858 

Collette {C.H.) Handy Book of Company Drill and Practical Instruction, or. 8yo, Is HoulsUm 1861 

Milner Refuted, 2 Pts., 8yo, each 5s W,Pem/y ...1856-7 

■ Novelties of Romanism, 8yo, 4s W.Penny i860 

Pope's Supremacy, a Thing of Priestcraft, 8yo, 2s 6<i Botworih 185a 

Popish Infallibility, 12mo, Is A.Hall 1850 

. — Prize Essay on Modem Heayy Artillery, 8yo, Is Hardtricke 1861 

— — Romanian in England Exposed, 12mo, Is 6<i A. Hall 1858 

— — — Wiseman*s Popish Literary Blunders Exposed, poet 8yo, 5# A.HaU 1859 

Collier, Coleridge, and Shakespeare, by Author of '* Literary Cookery,'* 8yo, 5s Longman i860 

Collier (ilrfA.) Memoirs of his Life, &c., by Benson, 8yo, 6s Lwmley 1837 

(Cha.) Principles of Education FhysiologicaUy Considered, post 8yo, 8s 6(2... NvU 1856 

■ \0*P*) Code of Safety ; or, Laws of Epidemics, 8yo, 7s 6d Longm/on 1851 

— — — — Paradoxology of Poisoning, 12mo, 2s C.HClarke ...1856 

' Translation of the New Pharmacopceia, 8rd edit., 8yo, 9s Longman 1844 

(Jer.) Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, 9 y. 8yo, 94s 6d Straker 1846 

• Pearls of Great Price, Maxims and Reflections, 18mo, 2s 6d Virtue 1838 

- (J. P.) Criticisms on the Bar, 12mo, 6s Simpkin 1839 

Facts regarding the.Life of Shakspeare, post 8yo, 8s 6<2 Bodd 1835 

Works of Shakspeare, poet 8yo, 8s 6<i Bodd 1836 

FiyeOld PUys : Early Progress of English Drama, 4to BosburgheClub 1851 

• Memoirs of Edw. AUeyn, Founder of Dulwich College, 8yo ShakespeareSoc. i^^i 

' Notes and Emendations to Text of Shakspeare, 8yo, 14s Whiltaker 1853 

• Reasons for a New Edition of Shakespeare's Works, 8yo, Is Whittaker 1841 

- Reply to Mr. N. Hamilton, 8yo, 2s (id B€UdfDaldy.,.i26o 

158 COLLIER COLMAN [Bwgliwi Catalooto 

Collier (J.P.) Shakespeare's libnay, 2 v. 8vo, 21« Rodd 

(if.) Poetic Eifusions, 4th edit., fcap. 8to, 8« RusseU .. 

{Ji.P.) Railway Glauses, Statutes, &o., by Maenamara, 12mo, lis Benning.. 

Treatise on Law relative to Mmee, 12mo, 8f Benning.. 

-(TF./'.)QreatBventeof History, 12mo, 2« 6rf NeUon 

History of English Literature, sm. cr. 8vo, 9s 6d NeUon 

• School History of the British Empire, cr. 8vo, 2s Nelson 

Colling (J.K,) Details of Gothic Architecture, Y. 1 and 2, 4to, each 52« 6(i BdL d: Daldif.. 

Gothic Ornaments of Great Britain, 2 v. 4to, 71 10s -Be^drDoWy 1848-56 

CoUingridge (A,) Night near Windsor ; or, Port Eoyal Annals, 12mo, 8s Praser .. 

Collingwood {O.L.) Alfred the Great, a Poem, 8to, 6s 6d Bidgway 

(Jno,) Sermons on the Church, 8vo, 9s Rivinglon 

Collins (Cha.) Green Leaves ; or, Lays of Boyhood, 12mo, 8« Painter 

{C.A.) Cruise upon Wheels : Wand, in France, 2 v, cr. 8vo, 21s ; 2 e. fc. 8vo, 6f RovUledge 

— Eye- Witness : ** Seeing is Beb'eving," cr. 8vo, 5s Low 

New SentimentalJoumey, post 8yo, 8« Chapman&ff. 

-(C.J.) Dick Diminy ; or, Life and Adventures of a Jockey, 12mo, 2« C ff. Clarke... 

(C.T.) Ferranzabuloe ; or, the Lost Church Found, post 8vo, Ss Rivingion 

{c.w.)- - - . . _. . 

Handbook of Iliotogiuphy, 12mo, ls6d PdyUck. Instil, 

G.W.) Stamp Laws Considered as to Deeds, &o., 8vo, 21s Maxvell 

■(Jno.) Essays on Constitutional Reform, cr. 8vo, 2s6d Longman 

Fall of Man; a Poem on Creation, post 8vo, 7« 6(i Loftgman 

^— (Mort.) Idyls and Rhymes, 12mo, 8i Orr. 

— (M.T.) Gertrude, a Tragedy, 8vo, 4« Simpkin 

— (Robt.) Practical Treatise on Midwifery, 8vo, 12< 6c2 Longman 

— Sketch of the Life and Writings of Dr. J. Clarke, 8vo, 6» 6d Longman 

(R.N.) Sunday School Teacher's Companion, 12mo, 4s ffoviston 

(Tkos.) Perfect Ready Reckoner, new edit., 82mo,.ls ffoulsion ... . 

— — (Wm,) Poems, Life by Sir E. Brydges, fcap. 8vo, 5s Pickering 

Memoir by Nicolas, 12mo, Zs 6d BellA Daldy... 

• Goldsmith and Warton, Poems, by Gilfillan, 8vo, 4s 6rf Nithet 

P^umell, Gray, Warton, &c., Poems, by WiUmott, 12mo, 5s RouUedge , 

and Beattie, Poems, edited by Miller, poet 8vo, 12s Bogue .... 

(TT.) Treatise on Weights and Measures, 12mo, Is Longman^ 














European Agriculture, Vols. 1 and 2, roy. 8vo, each 15s Boston^U-S. 1856-9 

- (1F.,i2. J.) Memoirs of, by his Son, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Longman 

(W.W.) After Dark, 2 V. post 8vo, 21s, 1859; ill.ed.,cr.8vo,6s,i86i ; 12mo,2s6rf Smithde Elder 

— Antonina ; or, the Fall of Rome,8v.p. 8vo,81s6e^^e»i//ey;,5s Low , 

— • Basil, a Story, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81s 6rf, Beniley ^i%$7.\ new edit., cr. 8vo, 6s Low 

^— Dead Secret, a Tale, 2 v. poet 8vo, 21s, Bradbury^ 1857; n. e. cr. 8vo, Ss Low 

— — — Hide and Seek, a Novel, 3 v.p.8vo, 81s 6d,BefdUy^ 1854;,5s Low 

Mr. Wray's Cash Box ; or, the Mask and Mystery, 12mo, 5s BenUey 

No Name, 8 V. post 8vo, 81s 6c{ Low 

• Queenof Heart8,al{ovel,8v.p.8vo,81s6(2,/run(dE;B.i859;,5s X010 

■ Rambles beyond Railways, 8vo, 15s — ^red. tol0s6d; 12mo, 5s BenUey 

' Woman in White, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s td, i860 ; new edit., cr. 8vo, 5s ... Low 

Collins*s Cheap Series. See Appendix. 

CoUinson (Alf.) Small Pox and Vaccioation Considered, 8vo, 2s 6d ffatehard 

(Jno.) Crack Club : Papers on Temperance Question, 12mo, 8s 6d Tweedie 

Family Prayers for Eight Weeks, post 8vo, 8s 6<2 Tweedie 

Poems, 8vo, 8s Painter 

Collis (Jcu.) RemariLS on Street Architecture, roy. 4to, 21s Atchley 

- (/no. i>.) Chief Rules of Gbeek Accentuation, 12mo, Is Longman , 

■ Tenses of Greek and Latin Irr^roiar Verbs, 8vo, eacJi Is Longman 

Pontes Claasid, No. 1 : Latin Grammar to Cseear, 12mo, 8s 6<2 Longman 

No. 2 : Greek Grammar, to Xenophon, 12mo, Ss6d Longman 

Ponticulus Gtbscus, sq. Is; Latinus, Is Longman 

- Praxis Grsaca ; Pt. 1, Etymology, 12mo, 2s 6d Longman 

— — Pt 2, Syntax, 12mo, 6s Longman 

Pt. 8, Accentuation, 12mo, 8s Longman 

' Iambioi^ Exercises in Gr. Tragic Senarii, 12mo, 4s 6d Longman 

Latina, Pt. 1, 12mo, 2s 6(2 ; Pt 2, 12mo, 8s Longman 

Tirocinium Gallicum ; or. Short French Grammar, 12mo, Zs 6d Longman 

(/2.^.) Vicarious Justification of Sinners, post 8vo, 5s Simpkin 

Collison (Oeo.) Remarks on Cemetery Interment, 12mo, 7s Longman 

Collisson (if.ii.) Sermons on Various Subjects, 12mo, 4s 6c2 ffatehard .... 

Colloquies of Edward Osborne, by A. of "MaryPowell,"8e.,p.8vo,7s6<i;fp.8vo,2s 6d A.ffaU 

on Litygiea, reported by a Congregationalist, 12mo, Isid Jackson^ W,. 

Religion and Religious Education, 8vo, 4s Moxon 

Collyer (Jno.) Reports in Chancery, 1844-5, 2 v. roy. Svo, 81s Sweet 

——- Treatise on the Law of Partnership, roy. 8vo, 81s 6d Sweet 

(W.B.) Services suited to Public Ordinances, Svo, 4s 6d Bagster 

Collyns(CAa.P.)Note8ontheChaseof the Wild Red Deer, Svo, 16s Longman .... 

Colman (Ben.) Agricultural and Rural Economy, Gt. Britain, 2 v. roy. Svo, 21s Petheram .... 

France, Belgium, &c., Svo, Ss Petheram 



1885-1862] COLMAN COME 169 

Colman Cllen.) Letters on T^ropeanLife tnd Manners, 2 v. post 8to, 12« Petheram 1849 

Colman Family, Memoirs of, by Peake, 2 ▼. Svo, 28«— red. to 16« BenUey 1841 

Cohie {Earle) Breath of Air, Dropof Water, &o.,aTal6, 16mo, 2*6(2 Simpkin 1846 

Colomb (Cap*.) Hearths and Watch-Fires, S v. post 8vo, 81« 6rf Newby 1861 

Colombat {DtVI.) Diseases of Females, transl. by Dr. Meigs, new edit., Svo, 21«... Philadelphia... i%^S 

Colombine (D,E) Coonty Courts Extension Act, 1850, 12mo, 5« Wildy 1850 

Handbook, post 8vo, 3f ; with Map, 4f 6d Simjiin 1851' 

Marcos lianlioa, a Tragedy, Sro, 6$ BenUey 1837 

Colonel Biron, a Novel, 8 t. post 8yo, Sit 6d Newby 1856 

Colonel (The), a Norel, by Anthor of '< Perils of Fashion,*' 8 y. post 8yo Sit 6(2 HwrU ds B. ...1853 

Colour Maker*s Companion, 12mo, 5« Ori^n 1850 

Colony (The), a Poem, 12mo, 2t Bonporih 1853 

Colportage, its History and Relations to Eyangellsation, fcap. 8yo, 5$ HamUUm i860 

Colqnhoon (D.C.) Inquiry into Origin of Animal Magnetism, 2 y. 8ro, 18* Longman 1851 

(John) Moor and the Loch; or, Highland Sports, 8to, 12$ 6d Blachooodi ...1851 

' ' Bocks and Bivers ; or. Highland Wanderings, poet 8to, 6« M ... Murray 1849 

• Salmon Casts and Stray Shots, 2nd edit., 12mo, 6$ Blaekwoodi ...1858 

Sennons, 12mo, d« : IfOugman 1844 

(J.C.) Hifitoiy of Magic, Witchcraft, &c, 2 ▼. post 8vo, 18# Longman 1851 

Lectures on Somnambulism, 12mo, 4« Longman 1853 

• Life in Italy and France in Olden l^e, poet 8vo, lOt M Wertheim 1858 

■ Beport of the Proceedings on Idbtcy, 8vo, 6« Clarke, 1837 

— Sketches of some Notable lives, 12mo, 6f Seeley 1855 

System of National Education, Ireland, 12mo, Zt HamiUon 1838 

(Lady) Memoirs of, by Bev. Jas. Hamilton, 2nd edit., 8vo, 7» M iW<&ee 1850 

On the World's Beligion, fcap. 8vo, 8» 6<i Hamilton 1839 

Works, 8vo, lOa 6d Niabei 1851 

— — (Jfrt.) Maurice, the Elector of Saxony, a Tale, S v. poet 8vo, 81« M Neuby 1844 

{ Summary of Boman Civil Law, 4 v. roy. 8vo, 84f Benning ...1849-60 

Colston {Alex.) Basis of Moral Science; Essays on Virtue, &c., Sro, 6$ Simpkin 1853 

{Hen.) Vital Stotics, 8vo, It Jffvghet d: B....iZs9 

Coltneas Collections, 1608-1840, by James Boyle, 4to Maitland Club 

Coltou(ilrcW.)Actsof, 1397, by W. Beeves, 10« Irish Arch.Soe, iS 51 

(Ca/v»ii)Protestant Episco^ Church in the United States, 12mo, U 6d HodtonA Son .1853 

' Thoughts on Beligious State of America, 12mo, Zs ffodson ds Son ,it^ 

(C.C.) Lacon ; or, Many Things in Few Words, poet 8vo, 6f Tegg 1851 

Modem Antiquity, and other Poems, fcap. 6« BaiJy 1853 

{O.H.) Tecumseh, a Poem, med. 8vo, 2« 6rf W. Sn^ih 1843 

(J.H.) Western Tourist, or Emigrant's Ghiide, 18mo, 4s Wiley 1849 

( Wal.) Visit to Constantinople and Athena, 12mo,l# 6rf If. 0. Colling 1849 

{Wm,) Deck and Port : Incidents of a Cruise to California, cr. 8vo, Zt Partridge 1851 

Colnmba {St.) Life of, by Adamnan, edited by W. Beeves Iri8hArch.SoiSs$-6 

Prophecies, translated with Notes by N. O'Keamy, 12mo, 5« J.R.Smith 1856 

Columbus {Chr.) Life of, by Sarah Crompton, I6mo, 1$ ; fine paper, 2» 6d Bell <t* Daldy .1859 

H. B. St. John, ]2mo, 2« 6d Low 1850 

and Times, 18mo, U 6<i BeL TractSoe. 184a 

Voyages, by W. Irving, 8 v. 8vo, 81* 6d Murray 1849 

18mo, Zs 6d, Tegg; post 8vo, Zt 6d H.Bohn 1850 

-12mo, 2t6d BoutUdge i860 

— Select Letters of, translated and edited by B. H. Major, 8vo Hakluyt Soc....i%^7 

Voyages and Discoveries, 18mo, 6th edit., 2tM Parker A Son... 1.% $7 

Columbus; or, the New World, a Poem, by Britannicus, post 8vo, 8t 6<2 Bewnett i860 

Colwell {C.) Life in Peace, and No Popery, 8vo, It Houltton 1850 

Comb {Bev.J.) Pastoral Bemains, with Memoir, 12mo, 2t6d Simpkin 1841 

Combe {And.) life and Correspondence, by Geo. Combe, 8vo, 14s Simpkin 1850 

— Management of Infancy, 1 2mo, 6s, 1846 ; People's edition, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1847 

edit, by Sir Jas. ClaA,p. 8vo7s6d Simpkin i860 

■ Observations on Mental Derangement, post 8vo, 7s 6(2 Longman 1841 

Physiology of Digestion, 9 e. , p. 8vo, 7s 6rf, 49 ; People's ed. , cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1 860 

• Principles of Physiology, p. 8vo, 7s 6d, 1845; ^^ «•> cr* ^^^1 ^ ^ ••• Simpkin iZfo 

■ {Oeo.) Constitution of Man Considered, 9ih edit., post 8vo, 7s M Simpkin i860 

-School ed.,12mo,ls 6(^,45 ; People's ed.,cr.8vo,2s Simpkin i860 

Elements of Phrenology, 9th edit., 12mo, 8s 6<i Simpkin i86a 

- Lectures on Moral Philosophy, p. 8vo, 7s 6c{, 1 846 ; People's edit, r. 8vo, 2s Simpkin 1 8 59 

Phrenology, post 8vo, 6t Simpkin 1847 

Popular Education, 8vo, U Zd I^mpkin 1848 

-Notes OD the United States, 1888-40, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81s 6<i-rdd.l0s 6d Simpkin 1841 

- Phrenology applied to Painting and Sculpture, 8vo, 8s 6d Simpkin 1855 

- Belation between Science and Beligion, 8vo, 5s Sin^n 1857 

— Bemarkson Criminal Legislation and Prisons, 8vo, 2s Sinnpkin 1854 

System of Phrenology, 5Ui edit., 2 v. 8vo, 16s Simpkin 1843 

{Wm.) See Syntax's Tour. 

Comber (ITios.) Advice to Boman Catholics, by Dr. Hook, l2mo, 8s Jfwray 1836 

Theological Works, 7 v. 8vo, 48s6<i~red. to 81s dd J.H.ikJJ^arkeriZ^i 

Come Back; a Voioe from the Narrow Way, 12mo, Is Sope 1853 


CJomforter (The) ; or, Joy in the Holy Ghoet, 18mo, U ed Ni^>H 1856 

■ the Holy Spirit in His Person and Work, 5th edit, 12mo, 6s.., JJarton i86» 

Oomic Almanack, from 1835 to 1868 (re-iwue), 4 v. 12mo, lis ffaten i860 

Annnal ; or, Hood's Whimsicalities, port 8yo, each 12« Colburn ...1830-42 

Cocker ; or, Rgnres for the Million, p. 8vo, 7«, BentUy, 1843; »• «d., 12mo, 1* Ward <k Lock .1857 

English Grammar, port 8vo, 8«, 1840; 2s 6d, BettiUy^ 1848; new ed., 12mo, It Ward Se Lock .1%$! 

' Figures of Arithmetic, by CrowqaiU, poet 8yo, (S« WhiUaker 1843 

Latin Grammar, port 8vo, 8<, 1830; 5<, Bogue,i%^T, new ed., 12mo, It 6rf... Ward ik Lode .1860 

Nnreery Tales, Illustrated by Leech, 8 v. 16mo, 16» Or 1833-4 

Offering, edited by Miss Sheridan, 1881-36, 18mo, each 12« Smiih4kElderi%'^i-$ 

Comical Creatures from Wurtembui^g, sm. 4to, 8« 6rf ; coloured, 6« Bogue 1851 

People Met with in the Great Exhibition, sm. 4to, Zs 6d ; coloured, 6s Bogue 1851 

Rhymes (Ye) of Ancient l^es Dug up into Jokes, by 0. H. K., 8to, Is Dean ..i86a 

Comicalities of Travel, 8vo, Is WhiUaker 1836 

Coming Crisis; Comfort in its Contemplation, 12mo, 2s6d Wertheim- 1855 

Not Yet, 12mo, Is 6d Partridge 1853 

Home, a Tale, by Author of " Trap to Catch a Sunbeam," 12mo, U Lockwood 1858 

Man, a Tragedy, sm. 4to, 2< 6rf March 1851 

Out, and the Trials of Mary Hardy, 12mo, Zs CundaU 1841 

Commentary on the Bible, from Henry and Scott,6 v.roy. 870, 46«, i860; 6 y.l2mo,24« Rel. Tract 5oc.i86a 
Miniature edition, 8 v. 82mo, 1s6d Rel. TractSoc. i860 

Church Catechism, port 8yo, is Hope 185a 

^—— on Song of Solomon, with Sermons, 12mo, Is 6d HamiUon i860 

Comments on Scripture for Bible Readers, 18mo, 2« IfamiUon 1847 

Commercial Code of Signals, for Use of all Nations, 4to, 7s ; Companion to, 4to, 5f ... W. Mitchell .1856-7 

Handbook of Mercantile Terms, 12mo, Is 6d Whdttiiker 1862 

■ by a Man of Business, fcap, 8to, It 6d, Low, i860 — ^red. to It Jas.Blackwood 1861 

— Enterprise and Social Progress, Syo, 2« 6(£ Piper A Co ...1859 

Instructor and Acoountant*s Guide, 18mo, Is 6d A. ffall 1844 

Tables, Annuity, Money, Ac, 12mo, Zs Orr 1850 

- Traveller in Light and Shade, 12mo, Is Brgce 1855 

Commodore and his Daughter, a Novel, 8 v. port 8vo, 27s Newman 1837 

Common Place Book, with Locke*s Index, 4to, %s M Walton w. d, 

Philosopher in Town and Country, by A. K. H. B., port 8vo, 9s Patker d: Son,. j%6% 

Story, by Author of "Aunt Atta," 12mo, is 6d Cleaver 185a 

Sense for Housemaids, by Ann F. Tytler, 12mo, Is Hatchard 1851 

Common Bench and Common Plbas Reports :— 

Bingham, New Cases, 1884 to 1840, 6 v. roy. 8vo, lll7s .Senmn^.... 1834-40 

Manning and Grainger, 1840 to 1844, 7 v. roy. 8vo, 17^ 8# Benning ....1840-4 

Common Bench, 1845 to 1856, 18 v. roy. 8vo, iZl 5«»niwgr.... 1845-56 

new series, 1856 to 1862, 12 y. roy. 8vo, 84^ 5e»m«^.... 1856-64 

Communings upon Daily Texts, port 8vo, 5« Low 1859 

withGK>d: Collected from the Holy Scripture, 18mo. Is Soc.P.C.K. ...i86a 

the Heart; Passages from the Gospels, 12mo, Zs 6d Sedcg 1855 

Communion Service, English Church, red and black letter, folio, 55f Pidiring 1845 

Scotch Church, 4to, 6s; large paper, 10« Bums 1848 

and Occasional Services of the Church, 4to, lis Pickering 1848 

Compiung {C.) and De Vere (L.) Tailor's Guide to Cutting, 2 v. sq. 8vo, 27« Simpkin 1856 

Companion for Leisure Hours, 12mo, 5< Rel. I^-act Soc 1841 

My Young Friend, byj. T. W., 18mo, Is 6d Ni^tet 1846 

Sick Bed, 12mo, is Longman 1836 

Chamber, 18mo, Is 6df TractSoc. ; 12mo, 5« Simpkin 1843 

Room, Zs, 1842 ; 2nd edit, 12mo, 4«— red. to 2s 6d Masters 1844 

i the Christian in Seasons of Affliction, 12mo, 7s Bums 1843 

Youth : Moral Tales, Sketches, &c., V. 1 and 2, cr. 870, each 2s 6d... Kent 1859-60 

- or. 8vo, 8i 6(i Dean 4k Son ...i86a 

to a Cigar, by a Veteran, 82mo, 2« 6<i QiUs 1849 

— Holy Communion and Confession, by a Layman, 12mo, 2s 6d Lumley 1853 

— the Altar, edited by Dale, 82mo, 2«; 12mo, 4s Pwcock i86a 

and Pietas Quotidiana, 82mo, Zs6d Peacock 1862 

BiUe, 18mo, 2t Rel. TractSoc. 1849 

Book of Common Prayer, new edit, 82mo, 2s 6d Hatchard 1848 

■■ Parts and Festivals, for the Young, 18mo, 8« Bums n. cL 

— — — New Rifle Musket, tinted plates, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Alien ds Co, ...1856 

— Sunday Services of the Church, 18mo, 8« Masters 1851 

Writing Desk; or, How to Address Letters, new edit, 82mo, Is... ffardwicke i86a 

Compendium of Ancient Geography, by a Lady, 8vo, 4s 6d ffailes 1835 

Common Law Practice, Svo,lZs6d , Hastings 1847 

History, Ancient and Modem, 18mo, in4Pt8., ea. Is ; Iv., 8s6d ... Jarrold 1858 

from Creation to Chrirtian Bra, port 8vo, 6s 6d HamiUon 1858 

< Music (Elementary), by a Lady, roy. 4to, 12s Murray i8te 

Scotch Mercantile Sequestration, 1850-2, 8 v. 4to, each 21s Longman ...1851-3 

r: UMversal History, by a Lady, 18mo, 2s Houlstan 1844 

7 Theologujum ; or. Manual for Students, 2nd edit, 12mo, 5s WhiUaker izTj 

Compensation: a Story of Real LUe Thirty Years Ago, 2 v. 12mo, 9s '. Par*fr dfc Am '1856 

1836-1862] COMPER CONFESSOR 161 

Comper (/no.) BiBtanotire Teaching of the Britiah ChnroheB, 12mo, i$ 6d Maden 1854 

Gominlation of English History, for Schools, 12mo, 5« Wyand 1856 

■ Q«nend Qeography, for Schools, 12mo, 8# 6d Wyand 1856 

Compitom ; Meeting of Ways at Catholic Church, Bks. 1 to 6, 1 2mo, ea. 58 ; Bk. 7, 7s Qd Dolman ... 1 848-51 

Complaint of a Lorer's Life ; Controrer^ between a Lover and a Jay, 4to RoxburgkeClub 1818 

Complete Guide to the Fine Arts, fcap. Syo, 7« Brittain 1841 

in Christ, 18mo, Is 6d Longman 184a 

Practice of the Law, 10 v. 8yo, 61 6t Crockford ...1855-9 

Compota Domestica, 1278-1468, 4to AhboUford CL 1836 

Comprehensive Commentary on Holy Bible, 5 v. roy. 8vo, 61 5s Philadelphia... jS$s 

Compton (Bp,) Episoopalia ; Letters to his Clergy, 1679-85, 18mo, 28 JUvington 184a 

Compton Merivale, by Author of '* Brampton Rectory," post 8vo, 8* 6<i Parker dk Son 1850 

Compolsory Karriageand its Consequences, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 3l8 6d BentUy 1851 

Comstock {A,) System of Elocution, 10th edit, post 8vo, 78 6d Philadelphia... i%^9 

{J.L.) Elements of Chemistry, 12mo, 58 6<f New York 1858 

System of Natural Philosophy, by E. D. Hoblyn, 12mo, 8i 6d Blackie 186a 

Lees, 18mo, 38 6d Whittaker 1838 

Comte (Aug.) Book of Birds, translated by Clarke, roy. 8vo, Zls6d ffouUton 1841 

Catechism of Positive Religion, translated by Congreve, 12mo, 68 6<i... TrUbner 1858 

— ^— — Philosophy of the Sdenoes, edit, by G. H. Lewes, post 8vo, 58 B.Bohn 1853 

Positive l^osophy, trans, by H. Martineau, 2 v. post 8vo, 168 Tiiibner 1853 

Comyn (AUce) Henry Clarendon, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 2l8 .ffurst ds B. ...1857 

{Emily) Rose Morrison ; or. Sketches of Home Happiness, 12mo, 28 Xov 1857 

(L.N,) Ellioe, a Tale, poet 8vo, 98 6d Longman i86a 

ComynB(i?o6^) History of the Western Empire to Charles V., 2 v. 8vo, 428 Allen A Co, ...1841 

Conant {Mrs,) History of the English Bible, bySpurgeon, post 8vo, 6s A.Hall 1859 

Concanen (Edw,) New Matrimonial Ladder, 4to, 128; coloured, 168 Bead 1853 

Conceited Pig, lilustmted, 12mo, l8 Mozley 1861 

Gonchologist's Text Book, 6th edit., fcap. 8vo, 58 Fullarton 1845 

Concise (A) Synopsis of Geography for Sandhurst, 6th edit. 8vo, 48 Whittaker 1851 

View of Homceopathy, 8vo, 38 6d Orr 1848 

Conckling(il.) Courts of U.S. in Admiralty and Maritime Causes, 8vo, 608 Albany^ 27.^.. ..1848 

^-~— — Organisation, &c., of Courts of United States, 2nd ed., 8vo, 808 New York 184a 

Conoordanoe of the Prayer Book Yersbn of the Psalms, ISmo, 28 Mozley 1857 

to Old and New Testament, Apocrypha and Psalter, roy. 8vo, 148 Soc.P.CK. ...1859 

the Metrical Psalms and Paraphrases, post 8vo, 68 Hamilton 1856 

Concordances. Bagster's Editions. See end of Catalogue. 

Cond6 (Prince) Life of, by Lord Mahon, post 8vo, 68, 1845 ; new edit., 88 6d Murray 1861 

(J.A.) History of Dominion of the Arabs in Spain, 8 v. post 8vo, 108 6d ... H.Bohn 1854 

Condensed Discourses ; or. Pulpit Helps, 12mo, is 6d Hodson ds Son 1848 

Conder (E.B.) Order of Marriage and Burial Service, sm. 4to, 28 6d Snow 1859 

Why are We DiBsenterB? 18mo, l8 6d Snow 1853 

(O.W.) Lectures to Working Men on Christianity, 12mo, 1« 6d B.L.Green 1851 

(/ofi.) Analytical View of all Religions, 8 vo, 148 JacksondeW, 1838 

Choir and Oratory ; or. Praise and Prayer, 12mo, 48 Jackson ds W, 1837 

Exposition of the Apocalypse, 12mo, 78 6rf J.F.Shaw 1838 

Hymns of Praise, Prayer, and Devout Meditation, 18mo, Zs6d Snow 1856 

Literary History of the New Testament, 8vo, 148 Seeley 1845 

Memoir of, by Rev. E. R. Conder, post 8vo, 6s 6d Snow 1857 

Poet of the Sanctuary: Life of Dr. Watts, 12mo,58,i85i— red. to 88 6(2 Snow 185a 

Condie (D.F.) Practical Treatise on Diseases of Children, 8rd edit., 8vo, 188 Philadelphia... i^so 

Condy (H.B.) Air and Water: their Impurities and Purification, 8vo, Zs 6d /. W.Davies ...1862 

(3fr8.) Reminiscences of a Yachting Cruise, 12mo, 108 Ackermann ...185a 

Coney (John) Beauties of Continental Architecture, 4to, 868 Nattali 184a 

Church Architecture of Yorkshire, fol, 2l8 Jas.Bohn .i839-4a 

Engravings of Foreign Cathedrals, &c., fol., 7Ss 6d H.Bohn 184a 

Conference of Missions held at Liverpool, 8vo, 28 6<£ Nisbet i860 

Progressive Thinkers, with Poor Sermons by T. Piu-ker, 8vo, l8 Manwaring ...i860 

Conferences of the Reformers, &c., of the Early English Church, 8vo, 6s 6d Seeley 1841 

Confession (Auricular) in Protestant Episcopal Church, 12mo, 58 New York 1850 

— — of Faith, large type. Italicised^ 8vo, 78 6d ; large paper, 108 Groombridge ...1855 

the Laiger and Shorter Catechisms, &ci, 8vo, 7s 6d Whittaker 1855 

St. Patrick, transl. from the Latin by Olden, 12mo, 28 Niibet 1853 

Confessions of a Catholic Priest, post 8vo, 78 6d J.Chapman ...1858 

Convert from Baptism in, to Baptism with. Water, 8rded., 18mo, 28 Snow i86a 

HomcBopatiiist, 12mo, 78 6(i WiUtaker 1846 

Hypochondriac, l^ M. R. C. S., post 8vo, 108 6d Saunders dk 0. .iH^ 

Page; or, Revelations of Times of George IV., roy. 8vo, 48 Cooper 1861 

Ticket-of-Leave Man, written by Himself, fcap. 8vo, l8 6d Vickers i86a 

————— Too Generous Young Lady, a Novel, post 8vo, lOs 6d Saundersd: 0. 1859 

Whitefoot, post 8vo, 108 6d r Benaey 1844 

an Etonian, byJ. E. M., post 8vo, 68 Saundersd: 0. 1846 

Con Cregan, the Irish Gil Bias, n. e., 2 t. p. 8vo, 158, OrTf 1849; 28 Rou'Jedge i86a 

Confessor, a Jesuit Tale, edited by C. B. Tayler, 12mo, ls6d Simpkin 1853 

Novel, 8 V. postSvo, Zls6d BenUey 1851 




Confidence m God the only Tnie Rest for the Son^, 12mo, 5« Hatchard 

Confidences, a Novel, by Author of ** Rita," post 8vo, 10» 6rf, 1859; n. e., fp. Svo, 1« Smith <fe Elder 

Confirmation Class, a Tale for Village School Girls, 12mo, 1« 6rf Marlborough.. 

Congregational Hymn Book, 32mo, 1« ; 18mo, 8« ; 12mo, is 6d Jackson d: W. . 

■ Lectures, let, 2nd, and 8rd issue, 4 v. 12mo, each 12« Jackson d; W. . 

4th and last issue, 8 v. 12mo, 9« JacktontkW. 

■ New Hymn Book, 32mo, Is 6d ; 18mo, is Jackson 4b W, 

■ Psalmist, by Alien and Gauntlett, Parts 1 and 2, each 1< 6(2 Ward 

Pulpit: Sennons, edit by Horton, V. 1 to 12, cr. 8vo, ea. 4« Freeman ...1855-6* 

Congrere, a Poem to the Memory of, by James Thomson, post 8vo Percy Society. 

Congreve (i2ic.) Elizabeth of England, Two Lectures, 12mo, 2« 6cl Triibner 

Gibraltar; or, Foreign Policy of England, 8vo, Is 6d Parker dr Son , 

Lectures on the Roman Empire of the "West, post 8vo, is Parker 4ib Son... 

Conings (B.N.) Preservation of Health, and Prevention of Disease, 12mo, 6* New York 

Conington (F.T.) Handbook of Chemical Analysis, p. 8vo, 7» 6rf; Tables to, 28 6d... Longman 

Conklin {M.C.) Memoirs of the Mother and Wife of, 12mo, i» A^ibum^U.S... 

Connection between Physiology and Intellectual Philosophy, new edit., fp. 8to, 3« 6cJ Parker <k Son 
Revelation and Mythology, by Philomathes, 12mo, 84 DaXton 

of the Old and New Testament, 18mo, 1» 6rf Eel. Tract Soc' 

Connell (Jos.) Elements of Differentia] and Integral Calculus, 8vo, 9« Longman 

Regimental Coventry in the British Army, 2 v. 8vo, 20« Oroombridge ... 

Connemara and the Irish Highlands, a Pocket Guide for Tourists, fcap. 8vo, 2« ... ., Oroombridge ... 

Connery (John) New Speaker, with an Essay on Elocution, post 8vo, 10» 6rf Saunders Je 0, 

Connolly (T.W.) History of the Royal Sappers and Miners, 2 v. 8vo, 80« Longman 

Romance of the Ranks, Anecdotes, &c., 2 v. post 8vo, 21« Longman 









Tales and Romances, 6 V. 12mo, ea. 2« Morion ^855-7 

Curse of the Village. Lion of Flanders. The Miser. 

Demon of Gold. Tales of Flanders. Veva. 

• Tales of Flemish Life, post 8vo, 3« 6<i BamilUm 1854 

Connon (C. TT^) System of English Grammar, 12mo, 2« 6rf Simpkin, 

Connor (J.R.) Struggles of an Infant Parish, with Sermons, &c., 12rao, 5» Wertheini 

Conolly (^r<A.) Overland Journey to the North of India, 2 v. 8vo, 248 Bentley 

(G.T.) Amendment of ikws relating to Private Lunatic Asylums, 8vo, 2$ ... Shaw <k Sons.. 

(John) Construction and Government of Lunatic Asylums, post 8vo, 6s Churchill 

Ethnological Exhibitions of London, 8vo, 1# Churchill 

Treatment of Insane without Mechanical Restraint, 8vo, 14a Smith <fe Elder 

(yV./'.) Historical Sketches of British India, 12mo, Is Whitehead 

Conqueror and his Sons, or the Early Norman Times in England, 18mo, 1» Soc.P.C.K, .. 

Conquest (J^T.) Letters to a Mother on Health and Disease, 12mo, 5« 6rf Longman 

What is Homoeopathy ? 8vo, 1» Longman 

Conquest of Ireland, an Anglo-Norman Poem, edited by Michel, 12mo, 10s 6d Pickering 

Mexico and Peru by H. Cortes and F. Pizarro, fcap. 8vo, Ss 6d Jas.Blaikwood 

Conrad (T.A,) Monograph of the Unionoidce, 8vo, Parts.l to 12, each 6« New York 

Conran (M.) History of the Music of Ireland, 12mo, 6* Simpkin 

Conscience (Hend.) Sketches from Flemish Life, Tales, post 8vo, 6# Longmaai 

Conscience, a Tale, 18mo, is Ward n.d, 

of Life, 12rao, bs Elkins 1851 

- or, the Trial of May Brooke, 18mo, 2s Dolman 1856 

Consecration and Desecration, a Shadow of the Times, 1850-51, ]2mo, 2s 6d Masters 1851 

Consecutive Prayer-Book, with the Psalter, roy. 82mo, Is; roan, Is 6d Kent i86a 

Consequences of a First Fault, 12mo, 5« Jas.Blackwood 1859 

Consideration ; or. Modem Christianity compared with the Bible, 12mo, Is 6d Simpkin 1848 

Considerations for Young Christians entering Active Life, 1 8mo, 28 6d Oroombridge ...i 840 

on Divorce a Vinculo Matrimonii, by a Barrister, 8vo, 2» Stewart 1857 

Military Tactics, 2 pai-ts, 8vo, each 28 6(2 Saurndersd:0.iZ$2'4- 

the Montpensier Marriage, as to Treaty of Utrecht, 8vo, Ss Ridgway 1849 

Consolation in Affliction, roy. 32mo, 2s 6d Oroombridge ...1%'^^ 

Consolidated Orders of the High Court of Chancery, roy. 8vo, 7« 6d Stevens i860 

Constable (If en.) Diana, Sonnets and other Poems, edited by Hazlitt, post 8vo, 6s ... Pickering 1859 

— Essays, Critical and Theological, 8vo, 7« Longman 1859 

Parochial Sermons, 12mo, Zs 6d Seeley 1857 

■ (John) Memoirsof, by C. R. Leslie, 4to, 21« Longman 1845 

. (Mic.) Songs and Poems, 12mo, 10« Qrr 1849 

(2"Ao.) School Registers, 4 Parts, 4to, 7« Hamilton 1859 

Constable's Educational Series. See Appendix. 

Constance : a Tale, by Author of *' Recantation," 12mo, Zs 6d RivingUm 1848 

Lyndsay; or, the Progress of Error, by C. G. H., 12mo, Us 6d Hamilton 1849 

Mordaunt ; or. Life in the Western Archipelago, 2 v. post 8vo, 21« Saunders A 0. 1862 

and Edith ; or. Incidents of Home Life, 12mo, 28 6d Batchard 1857 

Constancy and Contrition, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, 81« 6d Bentley 1844 

Constantino (ifm^.) Lif e 0^ by Busebius, 8vo, Is Bagster 1844 

Fletcher, 12mo, Is A.ffaU 1852 

(Jos.) Handy Book on Hydropathy, 12mo, Is 6d WhiUaker i860 

Constantinople and its Environs, Illustrated by Allom, 2 v. 4to, 82« P.Jackson 1849 

Conitaniaof Mistra, a Tale of Modem Greece, post 8vo, 5« WhiUaker 1839 

1836— I86a] CONSTITUTION COOK 163 

Consiitation of Society as Designed by God, 8vo, 16« E.WiUon 1835 

States of Union and Onited States, 8vo, 12« New York 1851 

Constitntionee Sodetatis Jeen 1658, with Tranfllatlon, Svo, 9< 6(2 Rivington 1838 

Consular System of United States, 8vo, 18» Washington ...1856 

Consomptive Boy : a True Narratiye, by a Churchman, 18mo, 1« Hamilton 1854. 

Contansean (Lion) Abr6g6 de THistoire de Prance, 12mo, 5s 6d Longman i860 

First Step in French, 12mo, 28 6d Longman 1861 

French-£ng. and Eng. -French Dictionary, post 8to, 10« 6d Longman 1856 

— — — ^^— Grammar and Exercises, 12mo, is Longman 1849 

Gnide to French Translation, 12mo, 3< 6d Longman 1847 

Partie Fran^aise du Guide i la Traduction, 12mo, Zs 6d Longman i860 

• Pocket French and EngUsh Dictionary, 18mo, 5s Longman 186* 

« Pr6cis de la Ldtt^rature Franfais, 12mo, 6a Longman i860 

Prosateurs et Poetes Franyais, new edit., 12mo, 6« 6c? Longman i860 

Contenance (La) de U Table, 4to Rojcbtirghe (7/. .1816 

Contentment Better than Wealth, a Tale, by Cousin Alice, 18mo, Is..... Jos. Blackwood iS $9 

Contents of the Holy Scriptures, 18mo, 8« Baynes 1838 

Contes Faciles : from French Writers, by Author of "Amy Herbert,'* fp. 8vo, Zs Qd.. Longman 1861 

Continental Tourist ; Scenery in Italy, Prance, and Switzerland, 3 v, 8vo, 31« 6d P.Jackson 1850 

Contrast (The) ; or, Life at Home and in Service, 18mo, 1« 6rf SocP.C.K. ....1%$^ 

Contributions towards a Catalogue of Plants Indigenous to Tenby, 12mo, 2« Longman 1848 

Fauna and Flora of the County of Cork, 8vo, ZsM Van Voorst, ...1845 

Harmony ot the Gospels, 8vo, 7« Rirington 1848 

History of Biblical Translations in India, 8vo, 2s Dalton 1854 

New Metrical Veraion of the Psalms, 8vo, 2a 6d Aylott i860 


Barron and Arnold, 1843 to 1846, 8vo, 88« Sweet 1844-7 

Austin, 1842, 8vo, 34a Stevens 1846 

Power, Rodwell, a«<i Dew, 3 vols. 12mo, 42a Stevens 1847-58 

Convent and the Manse, a Tale, post8TO, 5s^ Bostonyl/.S., 1853; 12mo, Is 6d Nelson 1854 

Conversational Exercises on the Gospels, 2 v. 18mo, 4< UohUicorth 1840 

Conversations after Church, 2nd series, 12mo, la Soc.P.C.K. ... 1845 

at Cambridge, post 8vo, 6s Parker db Son .li^S 

the Work Table, by a Mother, 18mo, 8a 6rf Longman 1835 

of a Father with his Children on Religion, 8th edit., 12mo, 3a 6d Parker <i* ^on .1852 

on Botany, 9th edit., 12mo, 7s Qd ; coloured, 12a Lontfman 1840 

Chronology, 18mo, 2a Picketing 1837 

■ Harmony, 8vo, 12a Longman 1855 

Mineralogy, 3rd edit., 2 v. 12mo, 14a Longman 1837 

Nature and Art, by a Lady, 2 v. 12mo, 13a Murray 1836-7 

the Catechism, V. 1 & 2, 12mo, 7a 6d\ V. 3, 3a 6d Mozley 1859-62 

Church Service, 18mo, la 8rf Mozley 1848 

- HuDian Frame and Five Senses, 16mo, 8a 6rf Darton 1837 

Life of Christ, by a Mother, 16mo, 2a 6d ; cold. 3a 6rf Oriffith d: P, ...1851 

• St. Paul, by a Lady, 18mo, 2a Wertheim 1862 

Parables, 18mo, la 8(i Soc.P.C.K, ...1842 

- Truth and Inspiration of the Scriptures, 18mo, 2a 6d Longman 1837 

— — — — Topics of Interest between Two Friends, post 8vo, 6s Saunders <fc 0. 1857 

with Cousin Rachel, 2 v. 18mo, 8a Masters 1844 

Conversion not Regeneration, 8vo, 8a 6rf ^ Rivington 1850 

Convict, a Romance, by the Author of ** Kathleen,'* 8vo, la 6(2 Lloyd 1846 

Convicts in Ireland, Observations on their Treatment, 8vo, 3a 6rf; n. e., cr. 8vo, la 6d Simpkin 1862 

Conwell (W.E.E.) Treatise on Changes of the Liver, &c., 8vo, 14a /a«.i>ttnra»..,. 1835 

Conybeare (/./.) Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, 8vo, 18a Antiq.Soc.Lon. 1826 

(>r.i>.) Elementary Course of Theological Lectures, 12mo, 8a Sherwood 1836 

— — C^logical Memoir of the Landslip in Devon, fol., 21a Murray 1840 

■ Sermons at Bampton Lecture, 1839, 8vo, 12a Rirington 1839 

— — — {W,J.) Essays, Ecclesiastical and Social, 8vo, 12a, Longman— red. to 3a 6^ H.Bohn 1855 

Family Prayers for a Week, 18mo, la 6rf LongmcM i860 

Sermons at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, 8vo, 9a Murray 1844 

■ am^ Howson (/^.) Life and Epistles of 8. Paul, 2 v. 4to, 48a Longman 1853 

- 2 V. 8vo, 31a 6d ; People's ed. , 2 v. cr. 8vo, 1 2a Longman .... 1 862 

Conyngham ((7.) Doctors* Commons Unveiled, 8vo, la Partridge 1854 

(£'.J?.Z.)HeUa, and other Poems, 8vo, 10a 6d ChuHon 1836 

(^.//.) Hone PoeticsQ, 8vo, 15a Longman 1836 

Conway (Jos.) Forays among Salmon and Deer, post 8vo, 6a Chapman A H,i%6i 

Coode ((?.) Remarks on Legislative Expression, 8vo, 2a 6rf Benning 1853 

Report on the Law of Settlement and Removal of the Poor, 8vo, 4a McLean 1851 

Cook (iiM^r.) Essay on the Teeth, l2mo, 2a 6rf Churchill 1849 

(i>irfton) Paul Foster's Daughter, 8 V. post 8vo, 31a 6d Burst d: B. ...1861 

Pwdigal Son, 3 v. post 8vo, 81a 6d Burst di B. ...1862 

(^(^.) Narrative of his Life and Labours, 12mo, 3a Mason 1849 

Treatise on Law for 'Relief of Insolvent Debtors, 8vo, 16a BvUerwortfis ...iS^O 

'{EUad) Jottings from My Journal, 12mo, 2« Routledge i860 

Journal, V. 1 to 11, roy. 8vo, each 4a 6d /.O.C/orAw. 1849-54 

164 COOK COOLEY [Ekolish Catalooub 

Cook (^tza) Melaia, and other PoemB, 8vo, 5$ Digpatch Office 1838 

Poems, V. 1, 12mo, 7« 6d ; V. 2 to 4, 12mo, each Bs Simpkin ...1846-53 

Selected and Edited by the Author, lUuutrated, fcap. 4to, 21«... RauUedge 1861 

Poetical Works, Illustrated, new edit., 12mo, 6$ JiouUedge i86» 

(^. A) Metropolis Buildings Act, 1866, 12mo, 8« Shaw d; Som ,..iSs^ 

-Local Management Acts, 12mo,.6« SkawttSom ...1835 

(F.C.) Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles, poet Sto, 8f 6<i— red, to 6f... Longman 1849 

Selection of Poetry for Schools, 12mo, 2« L<mgman 1849 

— (Hm.) Adrian, a Tale of Italy, and other Poems, Svo, 7« 6d Parker Jb Son... li-^^ 

Tour in the Ionian Islands, Greece, and Constantinople, fol., 6168 McLean 1851 

~{Capt,Jas.) Voyages and Life, by Young, 12mo, 6* WhiUaker 1836 

Discoreries and Life, 6th edit., ISmo, 2$ 6d Parker tk Son ,i2s9 

• of Discovery, edit, by John Barrow, Illustrated, roy. 16mo, 5s Lo»gnuM i860 

Kound the World, 2 t. imp. Sto, 24» Tallie 185a 

with Maps and Cuts, 2 V. roy. 8yo, 86j W.Smiih 184a 

(/oAn) Lectures on Christian Evidences, 12mo, la 9d Hamilton 185a 

Styles of Writs, &c.. Church Courts, Scotland, by Bryce, 8vo, 12« HamiUon 1850 

Treatise on Pulmonary Consumption, Svo, 6$ Churchill 184a 

— (JbA»ii.) Memoir of, by Rev. W. R Heygate, 12mo, la Masters i860 

{S.K.) Chronological and Historical Events in the History of England, 12mo, la Longman 1848 

(TAoa.) Scottish Tourist's Official Directory, Svo, 2a Tweedie 1861 

Cook; or. Ladies* Kitchen Directory, Svo, Zs6d Brittain 1841 

Cooke (C%a.) Manual of Devotions for Use of Public Schools, 12mo, 2a Nisbet 1849 

Universal Letter Writer. ISmo, 28 6d Nelson «k Sons .i%6o 

-(O.T.) Use of White Mustard Seed in Nervous Complaints, 12mo, 3a Simpkin 1843 

{O.W.) The Mind in Relation to Health and Disease, Svo, 2a 6rf Longman 1839 

(G.W.) China and Lower Bengal in 1S57-S, 5 e., p. Svo, 6a, 1861 ; ch. e., 2a Routledge i86a 

Commons Enclosure Acts, England and Wales, 1856, ]2mo, 15a Stevens 1850 

Conquest and Colonization in North Africa, post 8vo, 6a Blackwood i860 

History of Party, 3 v. Svo, 2l8 6d Cunningham... it^ 

Law of Agricultural Tenancies, 1851, Svo, 18a Stevens 1850 

. ■ Copyhold Enfranchisement, 1868, 12mo, 10a 64 Stevens 185a 

Defamation, with Forms, 12mo, 14a Stevens 1844 

. Elections, as to Hustings and Poll Booths, 12mo, 6a Stevens 1857 

■■ Life of Lord Bolingbroke, 2 v. Svo, 28a BerUleg 1835 

(F.Wn^Harwood (A 6f.) Charitable Trusts Acts, 12mo, 2a 6ci Shaw <k Sons... i^i 

(ffen,) Count de Perbruck, a Romance, 2 v. post Svo, 21a Newby 1859 

(/.) The Treasurers, a Play, Svo, is Simj^n 1843 

(/.^.) New Orders in Chancery, 12mo, 6a Blenkam 184a 

(J.E.) EUie; or, the Human Comedy, cr.Svo, 7a6d Jiichmoiid,U,S.iisS 

■ Last of the Foresters; or. Humours of the Border, 12mo, 7a 6d New York ......1856 

-(Jno.) Remains and Memoir, byRedford, 2 v. 12mo, 10a 64 Longman 1840 

Sermons at Birmingham, Svo, 12a Rivington 1836 

{J,ff.) (lenders of French Nouns, 12mo, 9a Souter 1840 

Narrative of Events in South of France, post Svo, 10a 6d Boone 1836 

-(Lay.) Agricultural Referee: Valuation of Real Property, roy. Svo, 25a Simpkin 1850 

Practice of Valuing Tithes and Rentcbarges, post Svo, 7a S?iaw<kSons ...i%40 

Value of Landed Property Demonstrated, roy. Svo, 42a Shaw d; Sons... 1Z44. 

- (M.O.) Manual of Botanic Terms, Illustrated, fcap. Svo, 2a 6d ffardwicke ...i86a 

Structural Botany, for Classes, Schools, &c., ISmo, la Hardwicke ...1861 

Plain and Easy Account of British Fungi, with cold. Plates, fcap. Svo, 6a Hardwidee . . . 1 86a 

— ^— Seven Sirters of Sleep, 12mo, 7a 64 Jas. Bladcwoodi%6o 

(Tho.) Analysis of the Latin Tongue, revised by Clififord, 12mo, 2a Longman 1847 

—(7. TaZ.) Six Views of Pompeii, folio, 21a McLean 1851 

{Th.W.) Hydrocephalus Re-considered, 12mo, 8a 64 Highley 1850 

Influence of Nature and Art in the Cure of Syphilis, Svo, la Renshaw 1861 

— — Treatment of Gonorrhoea and Gleet without Copaiba, Svo, la Renshaw 1861 

(Wee,) Treatment of Water on the Brain, 12mo, 3a 6d Highleg 1850 

(IT.) Christian Theology Explained, 12mo, 5a P<Mtridge 1846 

Commentary of Medi(^ and Moral Life, post 8vo, 7a Longman 185a 

Deity: Argument on the Existence,^., of the Godhead, 2 e.,0. Svo, 6a... Hamilton i86a 

— — Power of ^e Priesthood in Absolution, Svo, 4a J.HJrJ.Parheri%$% 

'(W.B.) London and its Vicinity, roy. 4to, 42»; India, 70a H.Bohn 1835 

Views in Rome, Descriptions by Humphreys, 4to, 81a 6d Bogue 1840 

(W.F.) Remarks on Telegraphic Railways, roy. Svo, 8a 64 Simpkin 184a 

(W.H.) Election Statutes and Corrupt Practices Act, 1869, post Svo, 8a Mwrray 1859 

Cook-Maid's Guide and Cookery Made Easy, 12mo, 2a Dean 1844 

Cookery Made Easy, by a Lady, 12mo, la 64 Dean 184a 

Cookesley (W,Q.) Map of Ancient Athens, with Index, post Svo, 6a E.Wmiams ...185a 

Rome, with Index, post Svo, 6« E.Williams ...185a 

-^— — — Sermons, 2 v. 12mo, 10a Hatchard ...i84a-4 

on Popery, 12mo, 2a 64 E.Williams ...1847 

Cookson (iZicA.) Goosnargh Rambler, 12mo, la 64 Simpkin 1851 

Cook worthy (TTm.) Memoir of, by G. Harrison, post Svo, 5a Bennett 1854, 

Cooley (A,J.) Cyclop»dia of Practical Receipts in the Arts, 8rd edit, Svo, 26$ Churchill 1856 

1885-1862] COOLEY COOPER 165 

Cooley {A.J.) Dictionary of tlie BngUflh Language, or. 8to, 7« Chamber$ i86s 

Pharmaceutical Latin Grammar, 1^0, 5s Oroombridge ...iZ^S 

(W.D,) Elements of Geometij Simplified and Explained, 12mo, 2a WiUiamnkN, x86o 

Geometrical Propodtiona Demonstrated, 12mo, 8< 6d WkUtaker 1840 

Hist of Maritime and Inland Discovery, 8 T.12mo, 18<-red. iolO$ 6d Lomgrncm 1846 

Inner Africa Laid Open, 8vo, 7« Xoi^mcm ......1852 

Negroland of the Ambe Explidned, 8to, 8< 6<i ArrwotiMik ...1841 

Coolidgp(I>r.i{.£r.)^Port on Sickness and MortaUty in U.S. Army,1889-55,4to,21« WatkingUm ...1856 

Coombe {J.A.) Solution of Cambridge Problems, 1840-41, 8to, 8< Qd WkUtaker 1843 

Coombs (W.) The Deserted; a Poetic Romance, in Four Cantos, fcap. 8to, 1« M Hamilton 1851 

Coope {W.J.) Primitiye Truth : Is the Catholic Church also Roman ? 8vo, U 6d WkUtaker 1847 

Cooper (Alien) Family Prayers, Ist Week, 2nd ed., 18mo, Is 6<2, 1848 ; 2nd Week, 2« Bivingttm 1835 

— (SirAitUy) Anatomy of the Breast, roy. 4to, with Atlas, foL, 68« Lonffman 1840 

Dislocations and Fractures of the Joints, 8to, 20s CkurckUl 1839 

Lectures on Surgeiy, by Tyrrell, 6th edit., 12mo, 7s Jtetukaw 184s 

Life and Correspondence, 2 ▼. 8vo, 21$^ Parker <fc jSdr— red. to 10s 6d H.Bokn 1843 

Practice of Snrgeiy, by Lee, 8 v. 8vo, 64s E.Cox 184} 

Structure and Diseases of the Testis, 2nd edit, roy. 4to, 20s CktwekUl 1843 

(B.B.) Lectures on Anatomy, 4t. roy. 8vo, 60s Hi^Jdey 1830-5 

— Osteology and the ligaments, 8yo, 8s HtgkUy 1844 

• Principles and Practice of Surgery, 8yo, 21s ChurcluU 1851 

Surgical Essays, roy. 8to, 7s 6d H.Bokn 1843 

■(BJ7.) Essay towards a true Translation of the Romans, 8to, 8s Hamilton 1844 

- Free Church of Ancient Christendom, 12mo, fs—red. to 2s A.Hall 185a 

— (C) Decimals and Decimal Coinage, 18mo, Is Simpkin 1853 

-(CA^.) Municipal Corporation Reform Act, 12mo, 6s SawuienAB,, 1835 

-{C.H.) Annals of Cambridge, Pts. 1 to 34, 8yo, ea. 2s M Author x84a 

Athene Cantabrigiensis: Biography, Y. 1 & 2, 1500-1609, Svo, ea. 18s BtlUtDaldyi%s%'^i 

'(C.P.) Chancery Acts and Orders, 1853, with Indexes, 12mo, ia BuUerworUu ...1%$% 

Manual of Chancery Chamber Practice, 1858, 12mo, Is 6(2 Bvtterwortk$ ...1853 

Parliamentaiy and Political Miscellanies, 8to, Ss IhUan 1851 

Public Records: Books Printed l^ Reoord Commission, 8to, 6$ BtUterwortki ...1836 

-(Z>a».) Botanical Rambles round London, 12mo, 6i Higkley 1837 

- (Edw.) Sermons, Fifty-two, Doctrinal and Practical, new edit, 12mo, 8s 6d... Knight 4b Son x86a 
for Cottage Homes, Ist k 2nd series, foap. 8to, each Is 6d... Knight db iSoi» 186a 

(J?./.) Cometic OrWts, with Notes, 8vo, 7s Taylor A F. ...185* 

{Frtd,) Crisis in the Punjab to the Fall of Delhi, post 8to, 7s M Smith <k Elder 1858 

{F.deB.) WUd Adrentures in Australia and N. S. Wales, post 8to, 8s M Jai.Blaek¥)ood 1857 

{F.M.) Cat's Festival, 12mo, Is Longman 1846 

{F.S.) Tables of Discounts, Net Proceeds, 1^ to 974 P«r Cent, 8yo, 8s 6d... Simpkin 1858 

(Geo.) Leaves from my Portfolio, Poems, post 8vo, 10s 6d Sawidendt 0. .184a 

— — ^ai.) Memoir of his Life, by Wm. Cooper, 12mo, 8s ITorr 1857 

(H.Q,) Indestructibility, proclaimed by Nature and Science, 12mo, 2s (id Oroov^bridge ...1%^ 

• Philosophy of the CrosB ; or, Christ as Man, 12mo, 2s 6d Oroombridgt ...1855 

(7.21.) :New ZeaUnd SetUer's Guide, 12mo, 2s 6(2 • Stamford 1857 

(Jas,) Heart Discipline, with Preface by J. A. James, 12mo, 4s 6d HamiUon 185a 

- Sermons at Stonehouse, Devon, 12mo, 6$ Hatehard 1840 

-on Events in Sacred History, 12mo, 6$ Hatehard 1849 

(/.^.) Art of Writing, 8rd edit, 8vo, Is HouUton i860 

Essay on Sunday-School Senior Classes, 12mo, U6d S.S.Union 1851 

{J.F.) Works, Author's Illustrated Edition, post 8vo, 7s 6d each Low x86i 

Afloat and Ashore. Bravo. Chainbearer. Chrater (The). Deerslayer. Heads- 
man. Heidenmauer. Home as Found. Homeward Bound. Jack ^er. Last 
of the Mohicans. Lionel Lincoln. Mercedes of Castile. Miles WaUingford. 
Monikins. Oak Openings. Pathfinders. Pilot. Pioneers. Prairie. line- 
cantion. Red Rover. Redskins. Satanstoe. Sea Lions. Spy. Two 
Admirals. Waterwitch. Ways of the Hour. Wept of Wish-ton-wiah. Wing 
and Wing. Wyandotte. 

Afloat and Ashore, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81s M, Benileg^ 44; fp. 8vo, 2s; sd., Is BouOedge i86a 

Bee Hunter, 8 v. p. 8vo> 81s 6d, Bentley, 48 ; fcap. 8vo> 2s; sd.. Is BoutUdge 186a 

Borderers, new ed., 12mo, 2s 6(2, Bentley, 1849 ; 4>> ^^Oi ^ > ^^v 1' EoutUdge x86a 

Bravo, n. e., ]2rao, 2s 6(2, BeniUy^ 1849 ; n. e., fp. 8yo, 2s; sd., Is RouUedge 186a 

Captain Spike, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s M Bentley 1848 

Chainbearer, 8 v. p. 8vo, 31s 6<2, Bentlep, 1845 ; fp. 8yo, 2s; sd., Is C.H.Clarke ...1859 

Deer Slayer, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81s 6(2, Bentley, 1841 ; fcap. Svo, 2s; sd.. Is BoutUdge 186a 

England ; Sketches of Society, kc., 8 v. post 8vo, 81s 6d Bentley 1837 

Eve Effingham, 8 v. post Svo, 24s, BentUjf, 1838 ; fp. Svo, 2s; sd., Is RouUedge x86a 

Excursions in Italy, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Bentleg 1838 

-Switxerland, 2 V. postSvo, 21s BenOeg 1836 

• French Governess, post Svo, 10s 6(2 Bentleg 1843 

• Headsman, new ed., 12mo, 2s 6(2, Bentleg^ 1849 ; fp. 8vo, 2s ; sd.. Is BoutUdge 186a 

• Heathcotes ; or, the Wept of the Wish-ton-wish, fcap. 8vo, 2s; Bd.,ls Hodgson 1854 

• Heidenmauer, newed., 12mo, 2s 6(2, Bentley,49; fp. Svo, 2s ; sd.. Is BouUedge i86a 

>Histoiyof the American Navy, Svo, 16s New York 1851 

Homeward Bound, n. e., 12mo, 2s 6d, Bentl^, 49 ; fp. Svo, 2s; •d.»ls BoutUdge i86a 

156 COOPER COPE [EKaiwH Oaialoooti 

Oooper(/.F.) Jack O'Lantern, new edit, 12ino, 2« W Bentley 1849 

Jack Tier; or, the Florida Reef, fcap. 8ro, 2a; sd., 1« Hodgson 184S 

, Last of the Mohicans, n.e., 12mo, 2» 6d, BenOeyy 38; fp.870, 2«; ad., If RoutUdge i86i 

. Lionel Lincoln, n. e., 12mo, 2« 6d, BenOey, 1849; ^P- ^vo, 2»; sd., If Jtoutledge i86x 

Lucy Hardinge, new edit., 12mo, 2« 6d BetUUg 1844 

Mark's Reef, 3 t. post 8vo, 81f 6d, Bentley, 1847 ; fp. 8vo, 2f; sd., If RotdMge i86» 

Memorial of, 8yo, 6f W New York 1851 

^ Mercedes of Castile, 8 ▼. post 8to, 81f 6<i BenOey 1840 

. Monikins, 8 v. post 8vo, 81f 6rf BenUey 1835 

Ned Myers, new ed., 12mo, If H BentUy, 1843 ; fp. 8vo, 2f; sd., If Ward<kLock...iSsfi 

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Pilot, new edit., 12mo, 2f 6rf, BenUey, 1849; ^. 8vo, 2f ; sd., If ... RoulUdge 1861 

Pioneers, new edit, 12mo, 2f 6d, BetUley, 1849 ; ^- 8vo, 2fl ; sd., If RouUedge i86a 

Prairie, new edit, 12mo, 2f 6d, BenUey, 1849; fp. 8vo, 2f; sd., If... Bmdledge i86a 

Precaution, new ed., 12mo, 2f 6d, Bentley, 1849; fp. 8vo, 2f ; sd.. If BouUtdge 1862 

Ravensnest; or the Red Skins, 3 ▼. post 8vo, Sit 6d BenUey 1846 

Recollections of Europe, 2 y. post 8vo, 21f BenUey 1837 

. : Red Rover, new ed., 12mo, 2f 6d, BenUey, 1849 ; fp. 8vo, 2f ; sd., If Routledge 1861 

. Residence in France, &c., 2 v. post 8vo, 21f BenUey 1836 

. Satanstoe, 8 y. post 8yo, 31f 6d, Bentley, 1845 ; fp. 8vo, 2f ; sd., If JtouO^e i86a 

. Sea Lions, 8 v. post 8vo, 81f 6(i, BenUey, 1849 ; fp. 8vo, 2f ; sd., If RouUedge i86a 

• Spy, new edit, 12mo, 2f 6d, Beniley, 1849 ; fcap. 8vo, 2f ; sd., If... RouUedge i86a 

-Stories of the Sea; Narratiyee of Adventure, cr. 8vo, 5f Low 1862 

-Woods; or, Adventures of Leather-Stocking, cr. 8vo, 5f Low 1862 

Two Admirals, n.e., 12mo, 2f 6rf, Bentley, 1849; fp. 8vo, 2f; sd.. If Routine 1862 

Water Witch, newed., 12mo, 2« Qd, Bentley, 1849; fp. 8vo, 2f ; sd.. If RouUedge 1862 

Ways of the Hour, 3 v. post 8vo, Slf 6d Beniley .........1850 

Wyandotte, new ed., 12mo, 2f 6d, Beniley, 1843; fp. 8yo, 2f; sd.. If RouUedge 1862 

-(Jfary) Memoirs of, by Adam Clarke, 18mo, 2f # Mason 1839 

- (ilfiff) Country Life, Rhyme and Reason of , 8vo, 16f New York 1854 

Duties of Trustees of Wesleyan Chapels, 8vo, 2f PaHridge 1850 

Guide to Knitting and Crochet, 16mo, If Dean 1852 

Rural Hours, 12dio, 7f New York 1854 

• in the United States, 2 v. post 8vo, 21f BenUey ...1850 

- (Jfrf.) Memorials of her Life, with Preface by Bickersteth, 2 e., 12mo, 3f 6d Werthdm 1862 

-(3f.(?.) Thamuta; Spirit of Death, kc.. Poems, 12mo, 4f Longman 1839 

(P.) Anglican Church the Slave of the State, 8vo, 2f 6d Dolman 1844 

— (/Z.) Bible and its Evidences, 12mo, 2f Holyoake 1858 

• Lectures on the Lnmortality of the Soul, 8vo, 24f Watson 1853 

-{Sam.) First Lines of the Practice of Surgeiy, 7th edit, 8yo, 18f Longman 1840 

Surgical Dictionary, 7e., 8vo, 80f, 38; n. e., by Lane, V. 1, 8vo, 25f Longman 1861 

Illustrations to, by Cocks, 2 v. 8vo, 61 9f 6d Longman 1836 

-(^%of.) Baron's Yule Feast ; Christmas Rhyme, 12mo, 5f AMaU 1846 

Captain Cobbler, an Historical Romance, 8vo, 6f Watson 1850 

Institutes of Justinian, with Notes, 8vo, 82f New York 1852 

Parliamentary Short Hand, 12mo, 2f 6d Belld:Daldy...iS$% 

Purgatory of Suicides, a Poem, 12mo,7f 6d, Chapman, 1845; n.e^Zs 6d Watson 1848 

Triumphs of Perseverance and Enterprise, lUust, fcap. 8vo, Zs6d... Darton i86x 

- Wise Saws and Modem Instances, Tales, 2 v. post 8vo, 15f A.HaU 1845 

-{Bp,T.) Admonition to England against M. Marprelate, post 8vo, bs PeUveram 1847 

• Answer to the Apology of Private Mass, 8vo Parker Soc, ...1850 

-(r.Zr.) Guide to Lynton, Dfracombe, &c., 12mo, Ss6d J.R.SmUh 1853 

- (r. 5.) Cattle Groups, folio, 84f Ackermann ...1849 

Designs for Cattle Pictures, folio, 94f 6d Rowney 1837 

Drawing-Book of Animals, and Rustic Groups, obi. 4to, 6f Ward d:Lock...ii$S 

• Sketches from Nature, imp. 4to, 81f 6d TiU 1837 

•{Wm,) Glass Cutter and Glader's Manual, post 8vo, lOs M Simpkin 1835 

■ History of England, to 1864, 18mo, 2f 6<i Longman 1854 

- Mokanna, a Drama, 12mo, 2s 6d Edioards A H, 1843 

(W.D.) Glossary of Provincialisms used in Sussex, 2nd ed., post 8vo, 3f 6(2 . J.R.&miUi 1853 

•History of Winchelsea, 8vo, 7f 6<i J.R.Smith 1850 

-(fT. IT.) Invalid's Guide to Madeira, 18mo, 4f Smith ilb Elder. i2^ 

Remarks on Near and Aged Sight and Vision, 12mo, 7f Churchill 1846 

- Treatise on Wounds and Injuries of the Eye, 8vo, 12f ChwrchiU 1859 

Coopland (Mrs.) A Lady*8 Escape from Gwalior and Agra, 1857, post 8vo, lOf 6<i ... SmiUi ds Elder 1859 

Coorg and its Rajahs Described, 8vo, 2f 6d /. Bumpus ... 18)57 

Coote {ff.O.)New Chancery Practice, with the Rules, 8vo, 12f Butterworths ...1S60 

■ Practice of the High Court of Admiralty, &c., 8vo, 12f Butterworths ...i860 

— — Practice of Ecclesiastical Courts, with Tables of Coats, 8vo, 28f Butterworihs ...1847 

Probate Court Practice, 4th edit, 8vo, 21f ButterwoHhs ...j26z 

-{ffq^) Homologies of the Human Skeleton, 8vo, 4f 6d ffighley 1849 

Report on Important Points in Treatment of Syphilis, 8vo, 6s Churchill 1857 

(22. iT.) Treatise on Law of Landlord and Tenant, roy. 8vo, 21f Benning 1840 

Mortgages, roy. 8vo, 30f Benning 1850 

Cope {Sir A .) Meditations on Twenty Select Psalms of David, post 8vo, 7s 6d OUivier 1 845 

1835-1862] COPE CORDER 167 

Cope (Rich,) Autobiogniphy and Select Remains, by his Son, cr. 8to, 6« JudddsOloM,. 

Entertaining Anecdotes, Religions and Moral, 12mo, it Job. Smith 

Pietas Privata; Daily Prayers for the Closet, Ac., 32mo, la Juddib Glass... 

— — - Pnlpit Synopsis : Ontlines of Sermons, 12mo, 4s Jos. Smith 

{W.H.) Visitatio Infirmomm, Offices for Praying with Sick, 12mo, 16< Masters 

■ Responsals for, 12mo, 2s Masters. 

Copeman (£tfw.) Collection of Cases of Apoplexy, 8vo, 7s Churchill 

History, Pathology, and Treatment of Diphtheria, 8vo, Is 6d Churchill 

Illnstrations of Puerperal Fever, Svo, 8s Churchill 

Records of Ohstetric Consultation Practice, cr. 8yo, 5s ChwrchiU 

Copinger {Chr.) County Courts Practice, &c, Ireland, 8vo, 80s Stevens ... 

Copland (Jos,) Forms and Treatment of Consumption and Bronchitis, 8vo, 12s Qd ... Longman 

Medical Dictionary, V. 1 and 2, Svo, 60s Longman 

'- 8, in 2 Parts, 8vo, 61s Longman 

Treatise on Palsy and Apoplectic Diseases, post Svo, 10s 6d Longman 

-(/»o.) Arithmetic of Fractions and Proportion Explained, 12mo, Is Oriffin 

Copleston (Bp. E.) Memoir of , l>y J. W. Copleston, Svo, 10s 6d Parker d; Son... 

Remains, with Life, by Abp. Whately, Svo, 10s 6d Parker di Son... 

(Mrs. E.) Canada : Why we live in it> and Why we Like it, fp. Svo, 2s 6<i Parker S: Son... 

Copley (.BrfA.) Careful Nursemaid, ISmo, Is JteL Tract Soc. , 

— Catechism of Domestic Economy, ISmo, Is Oroombridge ... 

- Comprehensive Knitting Book, oblong, 7s 6d Tegg 

' Cottage Comforts, with Hints for IVomoting them, n. e., 12mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 

Cookery, 12th edit., ISmo, Is Oroomhridge... 

Covetousness ; its Prevalence, Evils, and Cure, 12mo, 2s 6d JticksondkW.... 

• Domestic Life ; or, Hints for Daily Use, ISmo, 2s Rd. Tract Soe. . 

Early Friendship, a Tale, ISmo, Is 6d Tegg 

Faithful Servant, ISmo, Is 6rf Rel. Tract Soc. 

Family Book, ISmo, Is^d Rd.TractSoc... 

Experiences and Home Secrets, ISmo, Is 6<2 Orootnbridge ... 

Female Excellence ; Hints to Daughters, ISmo, Is 6d ; 32mo, Is Rel. Tract Soc. 

GirVs Week-Day Book, 12mo, 8s Rel. Tract Soc. 

History of Slaveiy, and its Abolition, 12mo, 6s HoulsUm 

Housekeeper's Guide : Domestic Cookery, 12mo, is6d Longman 

Lads of the Factory, ISmo, Is Rel. Tract Soc. 

Mamma and her Child, ISmo, Is ReL TractSoc. 

Master and Mistress : Hints to Heads of Families, ISmo, Is 6d Rel. Tract Soc. 

Mother's First Lesson Book, ISroo, Is Rel. TractSoc. 

• My Mother's Stories, 12mo, 2s 6d HoulsUm 

Poplar Grove ; or, Little Harry and his Uncle Ben, ISmo, Is 6d .....*. Tegg 

■ Recollections of Uncle Bamaby, ISmo, Is 6rf Rel. TractSoc. 

Rose and Crown I^ne ; or. My Neighbours, ISmo, Is ReL Tract Soc. 

Scripture Biography, Svo, 12s P. Jackson ... 

Word to Parents on Management of Children, ISmo, Is Oroombridge ... 

Working Man's Wife, ISmo, Is Rel. TractSoc. 

Young Mother; or. Advice to a Married Daughter, ISmo, Is 6rf Rel. TractSoc. 

Servant, ISmo, Is 6d Rel. Tract Soe. 

Wife ; or. Hints to Married Daughters, ISmo, Is 6d Rel. TractSoc. 

• . Woman's Own Book, Svo, 18s P. Jackson ... 

Women of the Factory, ISmo, Is Rel. TVactSoc. 

■ (O.F.) Guide to Wakefield, Pontefract, and Goole, 12mo, Is Author. 

Copner (James) Hints on the Education of Childhood, cr. Svo, \s 6d Rivington .. 

' Sermons, 12mo, 2s J. Darling. . 

Coppard (SJS.) Adopted Child, a Story, fcap. Svo, 8s 6(i Seeley 

Katherine Douglas, fcap. Svo, 4s 6d, 1856; n. e.. Is 6d; 2s 6d Simpkin 

(W.J.) Cottage Scenes during the Cholera, 1882, 12mo, Ss 6d HamilUm .. 

Copping (Edw.) AspectB oi Paris, post Svo, 7s Qd Longman .. 

Home at Rosefield, 8 v. cr. Svo, 81s 6d Hurst AB.., 

Lives and Adventures of Alfieri and Goldoni, post Svo, 10s 6d Addey 

Copway (Geo.) Recollections of Forest Life; or, Life and Travels, 12mo, \s6d H. Lea 

■' Running Sketches of Men and Places, fcap. Svo, 7s Boston, U.S. 

Traditional History of the Ojibway Nation, 12mo, 5s Bennett 

Coqnerel (Ath.) Disoouises on Protestanism in Paris, 12mo, 2s 6d Whi^eld ... 

■ Essays on Christianity, transl. by Davidson, post Svo, 12s Longma/n ... 

- Treatise on Christian Religion, ISmo, Is Whitjield ... 

(A., Jun.) Fine Arts in Italy, their Religious Aspect, post Svo, 6s Whitfidd 

Coqnet-Dale Fishing Songs, edited by a North-Country Angler, post Svo, 6s Bladwoods . 

Cora and the Doctor ; or, the Physician's Wife, 12mo, 7s Boston^ U.S.. 

Coralie (MUe.) Adventures of an Elderly Gentleman, 12mo, Zs6d W. Hughes . 

■ Idvre des Noms ; on. Petit Assistant Fran9ais, 82mo, 2s 6d Simpkin 

Corbaux(F.<fcZ.) Pearls of the East : from *' Lalla Rook h," imp. 4to, 81s 6d Bogue 

Corbet (Tito.) Causes and Modes of Wealth of Individuals, 12mo, 6s SmitJi Jk Elder 

Corbett (J.H.) Surgical Anatomy of the Arteries, 12mo, 7s WaJU(m 

(Misa) Happy Week; or, Holidays at Beechwood, ISmo, 8s Lcngmam^ 

Corder (8.) Christian Instruction in the Hist. Types, &c., of the Old Test., ISmo, Is 6d Bennett ..! 



















861 • 







168 CORDER CORNISH [Ekqubh Citalooui 

Corder (5.) Memomla of Deceased Memben, Society of FriendB, 8yo, 7« Bennett 1853 

Corderios (if o^.) Colioqaia, H Loggon, new edit., 12mo, 2< Longiftan 1839 

Milligan, 18mo, 2f Simpkin 1838 

Corderoy (£<2i0.) Father Beeyes, 12mo, 1« JIanUUcn 1853 

Cordier {A . ) Amusing Alphabet. Alphabet R^ertetioiiBdesPetitB Oar^ons, oblong, U M Dean 1 862 

Cordova (Her.) Memoirs of, translated from Quintana, by Russell, 12mo, 7t 6d Chwrton 1851 

(Ida) Texas, her Resources and Public Men, 12mo, 7s Gd PMladelpkia...i$s^ 

Corf (E.) Moral and Religious Essays, Poems and Anecdotes, 2 t. 12mo, 10s Hamilton 1852 

Corfe ((?0O.) Helps to Diagnosb of Disease, 32mo, Is HouUUm 1845 

Man and his Many Changes ; or, Seyen Times Seven, cr. 8vo, Is HouUton i86» 

— Physiognomy of Diseases; or. Hospital Practice,! 2mo, 10s 6^,49 — red. to bt Houhton 1851 

Treatise on the Kidneys, Syo, 10s 6<^ BaisUr 1839 

Corkran {J.P.) An Hour Ago ; or, Time in Dreunland, a Mystery, 12mo, 6s Longman 1858 

Oondse History of Bngknd, in Epochs, cr. 8yo, 2» 6d Hamilton . ...1859 

East and West ; or. Once Upon a Time, 8 y. post 8yo, 81s 6d Hunt tt B 1861 

Histoiy of the French National Assembly, 2 y. poet 8yo, 21* Bentley 1849 

Cormaok(/no.)Illustrations of Faith, 18mo, 2s Wathbowme ...1839 

— Treatise on Original Sin, 12^o, 4s Longman 1842 

(/.A) Pathology, &c., of Fever in Edinburgh, 1844, 8 vo, 6s6rf ChwrckUl 1844 

Treatise on the Phiperties of Creosote, 8vo, 8s 6</ Longman 1830 

Comaro {Lewis) Method of attaining a Long and Healthful Life, 18mo, 3s HigkUy 1845 

Comeille(i'^.)<^ ^^^i"^ ^7^ Quizot, 8yo, 10s 6(i Bentley 1857 

Choix des Tragedies, &c., par Gombert, 8 v. 18mo, 15s BeUd? Daldy..,i%s% 

Cornell's Primary Geography, edited by Wm. Hughes, cr. 4to, 2s Qd Darton i860 

Comer Cupboard ; a Family Repository, post 8yo, 2s 6<i HouUton 1857 

(A.B.) Forms of Writ, &c.. Crown Side, Queen's Bench, 8vo, 7s 6d Benning ....... 1844 

Comer (/t(/»a) Amusing Tales, 16mo, Is Deaai 1854 

Baronet; ou, FAmant malgr^ Lui, 12mo, 6s Smith A Elder 1835 

Brothers Bassett, a Novel, 12mo, Is 6(2 Da/rUm 1855 

Oalveriey Rise ; a Tale, 8 v. poet 8vo, 81s %d Newbg 1861 

Child's History of England, 18mo, Is 6d Dean 1848 

Children's Own Sunday Bo(^ 12mo, 5s, XonjrwKMi, 1850 ; fp,8vo,2s6d Tegg 1862 

Edward OasUeton, a Tale, 16mo, Is 6d Dean 1836 

English Envoy at the Court of Nicholas I., 12mo, Is 6d Dean 1858 

^_^— Eveiy Child's History of Greece, by Edwa^ Farr, 18mo, Is DeoM i860 

Familiar Fables, Illustrated, imp. 16mo, 8s 6rf Dean 1853 

First History of Enghmd, l«mo, 2s 6(i ; with pli^ies, 3s 6(£ Dean 1851 

' Girls in their Teens, square 16mo, Is 6d Dean 1848 

Historical Library, 12mo, via. : — Dean v, y. 

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, 2s M — England and Wales, 8s M ; with Ques- 
tions, 4s---France, 2s ^ ; with Questions, 8s — Germany and German Empire, 
8s 6(/— Greece, 3s— HoUsAd and Belgium, 2s 6c2— Ireland 2s 6d ; with Questions, 
8»— Italy and Switserland, 3s 6<i— Poland and Russia, 3s 6cl— Rome, 3s %d — 
Scotland, 2s M ; with Questions, 3s — Spain and Portugal, 2s 6d ; wil^ Ques- 
tions, 3s — Turkey and Ottoman Empire, including Gh-eece, 3s 6(i. 

~ History of the United Kingdom, 8vo, 10s 6€^ Dean 1852 

Improvidence; and a Mairiage like Many, 16mo, 2» 6d Dean 1839 

— Little Arthur's Dinner: Nurseiy Stories, 12ino, 2s 6rf Dean 1856 

Plays for Little Actors, 2 v. imp. 16mo, each 8s 6(i Dean 1855 

imp. 16mo, each Is Dean 1852-61 

Beauty and the Beast, 1852 — Children in the Wood, 1854— Cinderella, 1853— 
King and Troubadour, 1861— Mother CK)ose, 1854— Prince Sigismund, 1861— 
Puss in Boots, 1854— Sleeping Beauty, 1861— Whittington and His Cat, 1853. 

Pictorial History of China and India, 8vo, 20s, Deon, 1846— red. to 7s WaMoume ... 

Picture Fables, 16mo, Is Dean 1854 

Nurseiy Sunday Book, 16mo, &i Dean 1859 

Play Grammar, Elements Explained, 12mo, Is 6rf Dean 1848 

Questions on the History of Europe, new ed., 12mo, bs Longman 1862 

Scriptural Tales, 12mo, 8rd series, each Is 6<i Dwn 1857 

Scripture History Simplified, Question and Answer, 12mo, 3s 6rf Dean 1853 

Seeds of Knowledge, and Poetry for Children, 16mo, Is M Dean 1838. 

Spring Flowers; or, the Poetical Bouquet, 18mo, it Dean 1839 

— Villa^ Stories, 16mo, Is 6rf Dean 1836 

-^ {Rich,) Practice of the Crown Side of the Court of Queen's Bench, 8vo, 7s 6rf W. Benning...,tTi44. 

Comet (/«/.) Manual of English and Russian Conversation, 18mo, 8s 6d TrUbner 1857 

Comey {Bolton) New Curiosities of literature, post 8vo, 7s 6d BeniUy 1838 

Comford {P.H,) Missionary Reminiscences; Jamaica Retraced, 12mo, 2s HouUton 1856 

Comhill Magaxine (The), V. 1 to 7, 8vo, each 7s 6rf SmOh^ElderiZho-i 

ComiUon {Hen.) Dictionnaire de la Langue Franfaise, 18mo, 2s Simpkin 1847 

Cornish (<^./.) Sermons and Poetical Remains, 8vo, 10s 6rf Mozleg 1850 

(ZT.^.) Book of Family Prayers, 18mo, 2s Bivington 1841 

——(7\jy.) Juryman's Legal Handbook to Common Law, 12mo, 10s Stevens 1843 

(W.F.) Treatise on Purchase Deeds of Estates, &c., by Horsey, 8vo, 10s ShaWikSons ...1855 

Cornish Ballads, Original, with Essay by Mrs. Miles, post 8vo, 2s 6d Simpkin 1846 

Provincial Dialect, Specimens 0^ post 8to, 4s J.R.Smiik 1846 

1885-1862] CORNISH COSTELLO 169 

Cornish's Stranger's Guide to Birmingham, 11th edit., 12mo, Is OorrUsh i86i 

CJomwall (Barry). See Procter (Jos.) 

(^rfw.) Footstepe to Glory, ISmo, 2» Partridge i8s» 

Comwallis {Kina.) Croesticks ; a Medley in the Gittens Family, 12mo, U 6d C. H. Clarke.. .iZ $7 

Howard Hunkett ; or, Adrift in Life, 2 v. post 8vo, 21* WhiUaker 1857 

My Life and Adventures, an Autobiography, 2 v. post 8vo, 21«... A.Hall i860 

New Eldorado ; or, British Columbia, post 8vo, 10« 6d Newby 1858 

Paaorama of the New World, 2 v. post Svo, 21« Newby 1859 

Royalty in the New World, Prince of Wales in An*ica,c. Svo, 7a 6d A.Hall 1861 

Two Journeys to Japan, 1856-57, 2 t. post 8vo, 21« Newby 1859 

Wreck and Ruin : or. Modem Society, 3 v. post 8vo, 81« 6d Neicby 1859 

Yarra Yarra ; or, the Wandering Aborigine, 5th edit., p. Svo, 2« Ward <fc Lock .1858 

{Lady) Private Correspondence, ed. by Lord Braybrooke, Svo, 10a 6d... S.Bentley 184a 

{Marq.) Correspondence, edited by Cha. Ross, 2nd edit., 8 v. Svo, 68« ... Murray 1859 

— — (Mary) Preparation for the Lord's Supper, ISmo, 2a Hayioard 1839 

Comwell (/oa.) Book of Bhmk Maps, sm. 4to, la Simpkin 1861 

Geography for Beginners, 13th edit., 12mo, la Simpkin 1857 

Map- Book for Beginners, fcap. 4to, plain, la6d; coL, 2s 6d Simpkin 1861 

Projections, Lines of Lat. and Long., sm. 4to, la Simpkin 1861 

School Geogri4)hy, 29th edit., 12mo, 3a 6d ; with Maps, 12mo, 5a 6d Simpkin i86i 

Young Composer, 12mo, 25th edit.. Is 6d, 1862 ; Key to, 8a Simpkin 1850 

and Fitch (J.G.) School Arith., n.e., 12mo,la6rf; Keyto, 12mo, 4a6d Simpkin 1862 

Science of Arithmetic, 8th edit., 12mo, is6d Simpkin 1862 

Coronal (The) ; or. Prose, Poetry, and Art, fcap. Svo, 5a Bel, Tract Soc..i%S7 

Coronet; or. Choice (Jems for the Home Circle, Svo, 26a Philadelphia... i%s^ 

Corpe (Hen.) Introduction to Non-Hellenic, or Modem Greek, newed., roy. 12mo, 6a Quarilch i860 

Corporation Characters ; or. Civic Celebrities, 16mo, la WiUoughhy ...1855 

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Poetarum Latinorum, edidit Walker, new edit, roy. Svo, 18a H.Bohn 1848 

Corrado (N.) Refutation of Popish Doctrine of GKft of the Keys, 12mo, 2a PaHridge 1849 

Correspondant Calligraphe ; ou, Recueil de Lettres Commerciales, 4to, 4a Belfe .^....n. d. 

Correspondence of Scientific Men of 1 7th Cent. , by Rigaud, 2 v. Svo, 24a~-red. to 1 6a Oardner 1 84 1 

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(O.E.) Catalogue of Library of St. Catherine's Hall, Camb., 1476, 4to, la 6rf Camh. Ant. -Soc. 1840 

Oorrigan (^4.) Theory and Practice of Modem Agriculture, 12mo, 2a Farmers'O.Qj^.i^s^ 

•^{D.J.) Lectures on Nature and Treatment of Fever, post Svo, 4a Sd Longman 1853 

Ten Days in Athens, with Notes by the Way, post Svo, 7s 6d Longman 1861 

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Cortes (H.) Despatches of, translated by FuUom, roy. Svo, 12a Wiley 1843 

Corvoda Abbey ; or, Lights and Shadows of the Present Day, post Svo, 10a 6d SawndersdsO, .i860 

Cory (J?. -4.) Treatise on Diseases of Children, 12mo, 3a 6d .* Draper 1844 

(^iz.) Lilies of the Valley, 12mo, la 6rf Werllieim ....;. 1858 

(/.P.) Mythological and Chronologicallnquiries, 12mo, 7a 6(i Pidcering 1837 

Practical Treatise on Accounts, Svo, 9a 6rf Pickering 1839 

Treatise on OflScinl Accounts, Svo, 8a Pickering 1840 

Coryton (Jno.) Law of Letters, Patent for Inventions, 1855, Svo, ISa Sioeet 1855 

Cosin {Bp. ) History of Popish Transubstantiation, with Memoir, 12mo, 6a J.HJsJ.Parkeri 851 

Private Devotions, 13th edit., 82mo, 4a, BivingtoUy 1845 ; ISmo, la ... Masters 1848 

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i/as.) Names of Roman Catholics, &c., who refused to take the Oaths, 8vo, 6a J.B. Smith ..,1862 

Cosmogony ; or, the Records of the Creation, by F. G. S., post Svo, 2a 6d Jepps 1858 

Coseerat (if ra.) Pastor and his Flock, a Tale, 12mo, Ss 6d Cleaver 1853 

Costa (A.) Analytical Considerations on the Art of Singing, 12mo, 6s Slurwood 1838 

Costanza of Mistra, a Tale of Modem Gh^ece, 12mo, 6s WhiUaker 1839 

Cofitello (^(iio.) Adventures of a Soldier, 12mo, 3a 6d Ward ik Lock... i%S7 

(2>2«i.) Faint Heart never won a Fair Lady, a Tale, 12mo, la 6rf BouUedge 1859 

Holidays with Hobgoblins, Illust., fcap. Svo, 3a 6d Hotten i860 

Joint-Stock Banker, a Tale, 12mo, ls6d J.^ C.Br own... 1% $6 

Millionaire of Mincing Lane, 12mo, 2a BoutUdge 1857 

Piedmont and Italy, Illust. in a Series of Views, 2 v. 4to, 42a Virtue 1861 

Stories from a Screen, post Svo, 4a 6rf Bradbury 1855 

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Clara Fane, or Contrasts of a Life, 3 V. post Svo, 81a 6d Bentley 1848 

— _ Falls, Lakes, Mountains, &c., of North Wales, Svo, 14a Longman 1845 

■ -' Gabrielle, a Novel, 8 V. post Svo, 81a 6d Newby 1843 

■ Jacques Coeur, the French Argonaut, and his Times, Svo, 14a Bentley 1847 

■ Lay of the Stork, a Poem, sm. 4to, 7a 6(i Bennett 1856 

Memoirs of Anne of Brittany, post Svo, 7s 6d Bennett 1855 

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Mary, Duchess of Burgundy, post Svo, lOa 6<i Bentley 1853 

Klgrimage to Auvergne, 2 v. Svo, 2Sa Bentley 1841 

Queen Mother, a Romance, 3 v. post Svo, 31a 6d Bentley 1841 

Rose Garden of Persia, Svo, 18a, Longman — red. to 7a 6d H.Bohn 1845 

170 COSTELLO COTTRELL [Esoush Cataloquib 

Costello (Z.iS^.) Specimens of the Early French Poets, poet 8vo, 21« Pickering 1835 

Summer amongst the Bocages and the Vines, 2 v. 8vo, 28« Bentley 1840 

' Tour iu the Beam and the Pyrenees, 2 y. Svo, 28» - Bentley 1^44 

toand from Venice by the Vaadois and Tyrol, 8vo, 12* OUivier 1846 

Coster (6^. 71 ) Lorrin, and other Poems, 12mo, 3« , Kent 1859 

Costume, Satirical Songs and Poems on, 18th to 19th Cent., by F. W. Fairholt, p. 8yo Percy Soe. 

Cothi (Lewis Giyn) Poetical Works, temp. Hen. VI., &c Cambrian Soc. 1837 

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Liber Studiorum, imp»4to, 24«; 1. p., 42« H.Bohn 1838 

Sepulchral Brasses, Norfolk, &c., 2 v. imp. 4to, 6i 6« ; 1. p., 8/8» H.Bohn 1838 

Cotsell ((?eo.) Treatise on Ship's Anchors, 12mo, 1« 6Gf Virtue 1855 

Cottage among the Mountains, a Tale, 12mo, 3»6d Seeley 1840 

and its Visitor ; or, Female Visitor to the Poor, 12mo, 8« 6c? Seeley i86i 

bytheLake; or, the Wilmer Family, a Tale, 12mo, 2« Wertheim 1853 

Commentary, St. Matthew, 12rao, 2«6rf; Mark, USd ; John, 2s 6d Masters 1860-2 

Companion, Selections from Leighton and Owen, fcap. 8vo, 5» Dartan 1841 

— ^ Dialogues : Conversations on the Gospels, 4 v. 18mo, each 2s 6d Piper 1841-4 

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Histoiyof England, by the Author of ** Mary Powell," fcap. 8 vo, 286d A.Bali 1861 

Husbandry, 8vo, i$ Parker d; Son .1836 

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Letters on Scripture Texts, 12mo, 2« RivingUm 1837 

Life, or Tales at Dame Barbara's Tea-Table, illust, 4to, 6« Addey 185a 

on the Common and other Tales, by Author of " Rhoda," 16mo, 2» Cleaver 1846 

Pictures Old and New Testament^ Coloured Engravings, am. foL, ea. 7»6rf J.n^*J.Parkeri%$6 

Prayer Book, 18mo, 2« Nelson 1847 

Prints from Sacred Subjects, folio, 21«, 1851 — red. to 12a 6d Uering 1859 

Cottager in Town and Country, V. 1 and 2, 4to, eadi \s 6d Bel. Tract So€iZ6i-x 

Cottager's Monthly Visitor, 12mo, each 4s 6d i^'vi/i^tow... 1835-56 

Cottages of the Alps; or, Life and Manners in Switzerland, 2 v. poet 8to, 21s Low i860 

Cotter {J.B.) (Gospels of Matthew and Mark, paraphrased, 2nd edit., 12mo, is 6d ... RivingUm 1840 

Mass and Rubrics of the Roman Catholic Church, 12mo, 8s 6d Longman 1845 

Treatises and Discourses for the Times, 12mo, Qs Hamilton 1849 

Cotterill (a/'.) On Civil Freedom of Trade, 8vo, 4s E.Wil^m 1856 

(Cr.) Agricultural Distress, Svo, 2s 6d E. Wilson 1850 

(//«».> Seven Ages of the Church, 8vo, 8s BeUik Daldy...\%^^ 

(/os.) Rule of Three not the Rule of Proportion, 12mo, 8s Longman 1844 

Youthfxil Piety Exemplified, 18mo, Is 6<i Sedey 1839 

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Psalms and Hymns, new edit., 32mo, Is ; 18mo, Is 6d ; 12mo, 2s 6d Rivington 1861 

Cottin (Mad,) Elizabeth, ou les Exiles de Siberie, new edit., roy. 18mo, 2s Williams d:N.,i26% 

Hamiltonian System, 12mo, 5s AyloU i860 

in English, 12mo, Is 6(2 Groomhridge ...1%$% 

Cottingham {L. N. ) Catalogue of the Museum of Medi»val Art, 4to, 2s 6(2 Bell <fc Daldy. ..1851 

Cottle {Eliz.) Book of Life for the New Jerusalem Church and Kingdom, Svo, Is S. F. Bailey.... 1Z61 

(Jas.) Account of St. Mary's Church, Taunton, roy. Svo, 7s Hamilton 1849 

j/os.) Alfred, a Poem, 12mo, 10s 6(2 Longman 1850 

Essays on Socinianism, post Svo, 5s Longman 1850 

Reminiscences of Coleridge, Southey, &c., post Svo, 10s 6c2 Houlston 1847 

{J.M,) Manual of Human Physiology, for Students, post Svo, 4s 6(2 Highley 1851 

Cotton Fields and Cotton Factories, 16mo, 2s 6d Darton 1839 

is King; or, the Culture of Cotton, &c., 12mo, 5s 6d New York 1855 

Cotton {, Monetchi Norwlcensis) EUstoria Anglicana (449-1298), roy.Svo, 10s Longman i860 

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Instructions in the Principles, &c, of Christianity, 6th edit, ISmo, 2s6(2 Longman 186a 

Prayers and Helps to Devotion for Boys at School, 18mo, Is 6(2 Hatckard 1847 

Sermons and Addresses at Marlborough, 1852-58, cr. Svo, 10s 6d Macmillan 1858 

. . . — on Public Events of 1854, 12mo, 3s Macmillan 1855 

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{E.) A Voice from Waterloo, 4th edit, 12mo, 5s Stock 185a 

{Hen.) Fasti Ecclesise Hibemieee, 4 v. Svo, 50« J.H.Parkerii^S-^o 

List of Editions of the Bible, English, 1505 to 1850, Svo, Ss 6d J. H.d- J.Parker i^s^^ 

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{John) Beautiful Birds, edited by R. Tyas, plates, 3 v. 12mo, each 5s J/oti^ston.... 1854-60 

{J.S.) Tale of a Tiger, illustrated, 12mo, Is Bot/ue 184a 

— (^>f. Co/.) Importance of Public Works in India, post Svo, 5s RichardsoM ...1853 

(iX.Z/.) Discourses on the Way of Salvation, Svo, 10s J.II.<i'J.ParkeriS^o 

• Lectures on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, Svo, 10s 60^ Hatchard 1849 

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Phthisis and the Stethescope in Consumption, 2nd edit, 12mo, 8s Chwchill 185 1 

• {Wm.) Account of Plympton St Maurice, 12mo, 5s /. R. Smith ...i860 

History and Antiquities of Totnes, post 4to, 10s6(2 Jjongman 1850 

( ir. a ) My Bee Book, post Svo, 12s Rivington 1841 

Slioi-t and Simple Lettera to Cottagers, 12mo, 8s 6(2 Ritnngton 1844 

CottreU(C'.i/.) Don Carlos, a Dramatic Poem, Svo, Ss Smith it Elder 1844 

1835—1863] COTTRELL COUSENS 171 

Cottrell (C.jy.) Recollections of Siberia, 1840-41, 8vo, 12* Parter <L' Son .1841 

BeHgioas Moyement in Germany in the 19th Centary, 8vo, 2i 6d Peiherkam 1849 

Cooard {CJ^.) Sermons on the Life of Earlv Christians, 12mo, 4« IlamiUon 184.1 

Conch (/on.) Histoiy of the Pishes of the British Islauds, V. 1 & 2, roy. Svo, ea.l7« GroomWidje ...1861 

lUnstrations of Instinct, from Habits of Animals, post 8vo, 8s Cd Van Voorst ...1847 

Cooling (iSafii.) History of the Temperance Movement in Great Britain, cr. 8vo, 5« ... Ticetdie i86z 

Our Labon ring Clanes, 18mo, 1« 6<i Pariridtfe 1851 

Conlaon (H^m.) Diseases of the Bladder and Prostate Gland, 4th edit, 8vo, 10s M.., VhnrchiU 1857 

; Chest and Spine, 8yo, 6s Longman 1836 

■ '■ Hip Joint, 8vo, 7s Longman 1836 

Treatise on lithotrity and Lithotomy, 8yo, 8s CkurchiU' 1853 

Coulter (jy.) West of Ireland; its Condition, cr. 8vo, 10s 6rf; n. e., 69 Ilursi <fcJ? 1862 

(/no.) Adventures in South America and California, 2 v. p. 8vo, 16s Longman 1847 

the Pacific, post 8vo, 7s 6d Longman 1845 

Coulthard (Clara) Rhymes for an Hour, 18mo, 8s Simpkin 1842 

Coulthart (/.i2.) Bedmal Interest Tables, Svo, 15s Longman 1838 

Coulton (r.Z>.) Fortune, a Romance of Life, 3 r. post 8vo, 31s6<2~red. to 10s 6d... HuraJbB. 1853 

Council of Trent, 18mo, Is 6<i .• RelTractSoe, 1839 

Counsel for Emigrants to Canada, with Sequel, 12mo, 4s Wathhout^ne ...i%\^ 

Count, or Sublunary Life, a Novel, 3 V. poet 8vo, 81s 6(i Neu:by 1848 

Count Cagliostro, the CharUtan, a Tale, 8 y. post 8vo, 21s Bull 183S 

Count (YFtfi.) Corindale, and other Poems, post 8vo, 5s Simpkin 1848 

Counterparts ; or, the Cross of Love, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s 6<f — red. to 15s Smith d* Elder 1854 

Countess Dowager (The), a Sequel to the "Old Palace," by J. Tilt, post 8vo, 10s 6ci... Booth 1862 

Kate, by the Author of the ** Heir of Redclyffe," roy. 18mo, 3s 6d Mozloj 1862 

of Montfort and Bertha of Burgundy, 8 v. post 8vo, 31s 6<f BentUy 1835 

Salisbury and the Maid of Corinth, 8 v. post 8vo, 31s 6<;I Bentley 1840 

Counting-house Companion, Tables of Prime Cost, Profit, and Rebate, post 8vo, 5s ... Piper 1850 

Manual, roy. 8vo, 4s Simpkin 1843 

Country and London, a Tale for Youth, 16mo, 2s Weriheim 1848 

Curate's Autobiography, 2 v. post 8vo, 18s Smith d: Elder 1836 

Gentleman, by "Scrutator," 3 v.p|Ost8vo, 81s 6d Hurst <kB. ...1S62 

■ House: Friendly Contributions, edited by Lady Pox, 4to, 21s Murray 1843 

or, Poultry Yard, Piggery, &C., post 8vo, 4s 6c2 0. Cox 18531 

^ Landlord, by L. M. S., 8 V. cr. 8vo, 81s 6^ Newbg i860 

Parish, aPoem, by a Norfolk Clergyman, 12mo, 2s J. HA' J. Parker iZ$z 

County Courts Practice contrasted with the Superior Courts, 12mo, 8s 6d Partridge 1857 

• Magistrate, a Novel, 3 V. post 8vo, 31s 6(i Newby 1854 

Society, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, %U%d HursttkB 1861 

Coupelier (i^.il.) M^thode Pratique d'apprendre Fran^ais, 8vo, lis Smith d: Elder 183$ 

Couper (Geo.) Sketches and Incidents of the Siege of Lucknow, fol., plates, 42s Day A Son ....1858 

(C. if.) Visits to Beechwood Farm, 16mo, Zs6d; col., is 6d Griffith A P. ...1847 

Conrayer {P.P.) Defence of the Validity of English Ordinations, 8 vo,10s6<i — red. to 5s J.HA'J.ParkeriS^ 

Courbon (if.) Familiar Instructions on Mental Prayer, translated, 18mo, Is 6d Masters 1856 

Courcelles' Despatches, Extracts from, by R. Bell, 4to Bannatyne CI. 1828 

Course of Lectures to Young Men on Science, Literature, and Religion, 12mo, 3s 6d . WkittcJcer 1842 

Life: a Sketch for Christian Females, by F. M. S., 12mo, ds Seeley 1848 

Revolution, a Tale of 1798, 8 v. post 8vo, 81s 6rf Saunders dsO. 1849 

Court Album; or. Book of Beauty, 1851-7, 7 v. 4to, each 21s; coloured, 42s Kent ...: 1850-6 

- and Camp of Buonaparte, new edit, 18mo, red. to 8s 6<^ Tegg 1848 

■ the Desert; or, Priests, Pastors, and Philosophers, from Fr. , 8 v. p. 8 vo, 31s6(2 Bentley 1852 

- at Ravenna, a Comedy, 8vo, 4s Nickisson 1844 

Etiquette: Chiide to Levies, Drawing- Rooms, Coarts, &c., 12mo, 4s 6d C. Mitchell 1849 

Life at Naples in our Own Times, 2 V. post 8vo, 21s Saunders <kO, 1861 

Manual of Dignity and Precedence, 12mo, 2s 6d Bosworth 1849 

Partial of 18 — , a Tale of Military Life, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s Nacby 1844 

Court (M.H.) Future Government of India, 8vo, 2s 6d Allen <k Co. ...1858 

Courtauld (i?.) Ptelms, Hymns, and Anthems, 12mo, 4s 6(i Whitjield i860 

Courtenay (P.B.) Enlargement of the Prostate Gland in Old People, 8vo, 7s M Baillih-e 1848 

• Pathology and Cure of Stricture of the Urethra, 8vo, 8s 6d Bailli&e 1851 

(Lady) Old Basket; or. Stories for a Week, 18roo, Is 6d Hatchard 1842 

' Selection of Scripture Texts, 16mo, 2s 6rf Longman 1844 

(Bp.R.) Evidences and Nature of the Future States, 8vo, %s Hatchard 1857 

Joseph and his Breth. , * * Which Thingsare an Allegory, ** c. 8vo, 2s 6rf Hatchard 1862 

(T.P.) Commentaries on Shakspeore's Plays, 2 v. post 8vo, 18s Colbum 1839 

Courthorpe ( W. ) Synopsis of the Extinct Baronetage of England , 8 vo, 9s RitHngton 1835 

Courtland, a Novel, edited by Rev. R. Cobbold, 3 v. post 8vo, 31s 6rf Netcby 1852 

Courtnenny (P.B.) Debilities of the Generative System, 12mo, 2s 6d T. Hill 1839 

Courtney (J. 8.) Guide to Penzance and the Scilly Islands, 12mo, 7s Longman 1845 

Courtship and Wedlock, 3 v. post 8vo, 81s 6rf, Newby, 1850; 12mo, 2s C.H.Clarke ,..1858 

Cousens (Z'. ^.) Cousin Minnie's Tales for Young Christians, 16mo, Is 6d J)ean 1858 

Dumdale ; or, Woman's Duties and Worth, 12mo, 5s Dean 1859 

' Joyful Sunday Stories, Explanatory of Lord's Prayer, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6rf Dean 1862 

Pleasant Sundays for the Young, 2 v. 18mo, each 8s Dean 1^56 

■ Seek and Ye shall Find : Prayers, Morning and Evening, 16mo, Is ... Wardd; Lock... i26o 


Consens (F.U.) Spring Bods and Summer Flowers, tc, 16mo, 3^ €d Dean '^59 

-^— Sunday Employment and Sunday Enjoyment, 18mo, 3» Dean 1858 

■ Sundays with ilomma ; Gomraandmenta Explained, 16mo, 33 Dean ^^57 

Tales for the Young, 8vo, 8« 6rf '. Dean 1859 

Cousin (Vict.) Course of History of Modem Philosophy, 2 v. post 8vo, 8s 6d HamiUon 185a 

Education in Holland, translated by Homer, post 8vo, 9$ 6d Murray 1838 

■ Elements of Psychology, transl. by Henry, 8iti edit., 12mo, 7» 6d ... TTiV^y 184a 

' Lectures on the Philosophy of Kant, by HenderscHi, post 8vo, 9* J. Chapman ...1854 

' True, the Beautiful, and the GK)od, post 8vo, 68 Qd ... HamiUon 1853 

■ Philosophical Essays, translated by Ripley, 12mo, is 6d Hamilton 1849 

Philosophy of the Beautiful, translated by Daniel, 12mo, 6s Pickering 1848 

Coosin Alice, a Juvenile Temperance Tale, 12mo, 6<2 Jloulston 1859 

Elizabeth, a Tale, by Author of ** Visit to the Sea Side," 18mo, Is 6d J. Chapman ...1839 

Eustace; or, Conversations on the Prayer Book, 2 ▼. 12mo, 6« Cieartr 1851 

Natalia's Tales, 16mo, Zs 6d ; coloured, is 6d Cundall 1841 

Stella ; or, Conflict, a Novel, 8 v. post 8vo, 31« 6d, 1859 ; fcap. 8vo, la Smith <fc Slder 1862 

Willy's Holidays, 16mo, 1« 6d Bogue 1841 

Cousins (The), a Tale, with Preface by^Mrs. Webb, 12mo, 5s Nisbel 1855 

Cousins (D.L.) Extracts from the Diary of a Workhouse Chaplain, post 8vo, 6s JlatcJiard 1847 

Coutie {Geo,) Annals of Eminent Living Men, fcap. 8vo, 2« 6d Houlston 1861 

Word Expositor and Spelling Book, 12mo, Is 3<]{ Nthon 1861 

Coutts {Miss) Prizes for Common Things, Account of, 2nd edit.,'8vo, Is 6d Ilatchard i860 

{Mrs,) Memoir and Correspondence, by Hetherington, post 8vo, 6s Qroombridge ...1854 

{Robt.) Sermons, with Memoir by Guthrie, 12mo, 8s Qroombridge ...1848 

Covenant; or. Conflicts of the Church, and other Poems, 12mo, 5s Groombridge ...i%^% 

Covenant Hymns; Selection of Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs, 24mo, 2s JI. O.Collins -..1850 

Coventry (/oAn) Viator, a Poem, 8vo, 2s 6rf Whittaker 1854 

Coventry Mysteries, with Notes by I. 0. Halliwell, 8vo ShahspeareSoc. i%4.i 

Coverdale (Bp.) Letters of the Martyrs, edit, by Bickersteth, post 8vo, 6s ; Syo, 10s J.F.Shaw 1837 

Memorials of, 8vo, 6s Bagster 1838 

Spiritual and Most Precious Pearls, 18mo, 2s 6d Johns 1838 

I- Translation of the Bible, 4to, 80s; large paper, 68s Bagster 1838 

Writings, 2 v. 8vo Parker Soe. 1844-6 

Cow {Jno.) Remarks on Fitting Boats for Ships of War, &c., post 8vo, 4s 6d Simpkin 1841 

Cowan {Cha.) Bedside Manual of Physical Diagnosis, 18mo, 3s 6d SJierwood 1836 

Phrenology Consistent with Science and Revelation, 12mo, 2s 6<2 Sherwood 1841 

Satanic Influence, Modem Spiritualism Tested, 2nd ed., fp. 8vo, 2s 6d Whittaker i86i 

Thoui^ts on Prophecy, cr. 8vo, 2s 6d Whittaker 1861 

{Jas.O.) Plain Sermons, 1st ser., 12mo, 3s Qd, 1859 ; 2nd and 3rd8er., 6s each Skeffington 1862 

{P.) Com Rents, 8vo, Is Stanford 1857 

Cowbura {Jno.) Suitor's Guide to the New County Courts, 12mo, 2s 6d Crockford 1847 

Cowdell {Cha.) Disquisition on Pestilential Cholera, 8vo, 6s 6d Highley 1848 

Cowe (Jos.) Parochial Sermons, 12mo, 6s Rivington 1842 

{Robt.) Gift and the Gauge ; or, God's Gifts, &c., 12mo, 5s Ni^tet 1855 

No Tmth, no Life, 12mo, 8s HamiUon 1849 

Cowell (F.) Farmer's Account Book, folio, 7s 6</ Longman 1857 

— {H. V.H.) Bp. Berkeley's Vision Vindicated, edited with Annotations, 12mo, 4s 6d MacmiUan i860 

(/.H^.) Letters on Paper Currency, 8vo, 3s Richardson ...1843 

(.V.^.) Floral Guide for East Kent, 8vo, 6s Pamplin 1839 

Cowen {W.) Six Weeks in Corsica, 1848, 8vo, 12s Newbg 1848 

Cowie (B.M.) Sacrifice; Sermons before Cambridge University, 1866, 8vo, 5s Bdld: Daidy...i%$6 

(/no.) Bookbinder's Manual, 12mo, \s6d J, Allen n. d, 

— ^— Printer's Pocket Book and Manual, 12mo, 2s 6(f Strange 1847 

{M.) Catalogue of MSS. and Scarce Books in St. John's Coll., Camb., 8vo, 9s^'^ 

Sermons and Hulsean Lectures, 1863-4, 2 v. 8vo, each 7s 6d Rivington ...1854-5 

Cowper ( '^^'^^^^^ ^* MiUwall, 8vo, 2s Gladding 1853 

- — . — . Fragments relating to the Council of Nice, 4to, 6s Williamsik N. 1857 

— — — Scripture Gazetteer, New Testament, 12mo, Is 6d Stfow '^54 

■ Syriac Miscellanies, Relative to General Councils, 8vo, Zs 6d Williams <kN. 1861 

Tales of the Martyrs, First Two Centuries, 18mo, Is Book Society ...1859 

{Wm.) Works and Life, by Grimshawe, 8 v. 12mo, 40j», 1835— red. to 24s ... Tegg 1847 

med. 8vo, 16s, 1848 ; 6th edit., 10s 6d Tegg i860 

Southey, 16 v. 75s, Baldwin^ 37; 8 v. p. 8vo, 28s H.Bohn 1855 

Letters: a Selection from his Correspondence, fcap. 8vo, 4s Rel. Tract Soc. 1862 

Life of, byT. Taylor, 12mo, 6s Sceley 1835 

Memoir of , 12mo, 2s 6rf SeeUy 1854 

Poems, 24mo, 3s Crf, Rivington^ 1844; 32mo, 3s Gromnbridge ...jZ$q 

Illustrations, 12mo, 4s 6t/, NeUojiy 1862 ; 8s 6d Houht<m n. a. 

^— and Homer, by Cary, 8vo, IQs 6d H.Bohn .....'.1839 

Olney Hymns, 18mo, 2s 6d Houlston 1852 

Translations, 18mo, 8s Jg, Law 1854 

by Bell, new edit., 3 v." 12mo, 7s 6d Griffin .!!.!..!!i862 

Cary, 2 v. 12rao, 6s (?room6ri<^« ...1839 

Dale, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 24s — ^red. to 12s Bogue. .. 1841 

Giimian, 2 V. 8vo, 9s Nisbet !.!.'!!;i856 

1835- 186a] COWPER COX 178 

Oow^et {Wtn,) Poems, by Ghrimahawe, 18mo, 4?, 1848 ; lUnst., 12mo, 5« Tegg w. d. 

McDiarmid, ISmo, 2«; cloth, 28 6d Simpkin 1838 

■ Montgomery, 24mo, l«6(i, 1858; 12mo, 8a 6d Oriffin 1855 

■ ■ Nicolas, 8 V. 12mo, 16a Pickering 1843 

__^— Soathey, 24mo, 3» 6<i ; 2 v. post 8vo, 7« H. Bohn 1854 

— Willmott, 12mo, 8« 6rf Routledge 1862 

— — Letters, and Life, by Memes, 2 v. post 8vo, 11* A. HaU 1852 

Task, a Poem, lUnBtrated by Foster, sm. 4to, 14a Nisbet 1854 

Bk. 1, Sofa, Notes on Parsing, by Mason, 12mo, la 6d Walton 1859 

2, Time-Piece, Notes on Parsing, by Mason, 12mo, 2a Walton 1859 


Cowper ( Will. , 1 tt Earl, Lord Ckancdlor of England) Private D iary, 4to RoxburgheClub 1833 

Cowslip ; or Cautionary Stories in Verse, 23rd edit., 18mo, la ; col., la 6d Griffith d: F, ...1S61 

Cox {Alf.) Landlord and Tenant's Qnide to Estates, Houses, &c., Svo, 4a AiUJior 1853 

(B.) Compilation of Historical Facts relating to Somerset, 12mo, la Hamilton 1852 

— (Dav.) Treatise on Painting in Water Colours, obi. 4to, 80a Aciermann ...1839 

— (£<ii0.)' Companion to the Fam. Med. Cbest, revised by Davis, 41st ed., 18mo, 2a Simphin i860 

Sea Medicine Chest, revised by Davis, 40lhed., 18mo, 2a Simpkin 1858 

—(^mtVy) Popular Geography of Phmts, by Daubeny, roy. 16mo, 7a6rf JtoutUdge 1857 

— {E.T.) E^mental Moon^ ; or. Beading in Hindustani, roy. 8vo, 18a AllemkCo 1845 

— {E.W.) Law and Practice of Poor Removals, 1849, 12mo, 4a Crockford 1849 

the County Courts, 5th edit., 8vo, 21a Crockford 1852 

■ of Joint-Stock Companies and Limited Liability, 5th ed., 12mo, 12a 6(i Crockford 1862 

New Criminal Statutes, 1847-61, post 8 vo, 7a 6ti Crockford 1851 

. Practice of Summary Convictions in Larceny, 12mo, 5a Crockford 1856 

. Begistrations and Elections, 1869, 12mo, 12a Crockford i860 

BeportB, County Courts. V. 1, 1847-52, roy. Svo, 35a Crockford 1852 

V. 2, 1852-64, roy. 8vo, 10a 6rf Crockford 1854 

— Criminal Law, 8 v. roy. 8vo, and 6 Pte. of V. 9, HI Oroci/ord... 1844-62 

Training, Practice, Bights, &o., of an Advocate, V. 1, Svo, 16a Crockford 1852 

Twilight Tales, 16mo, 2a 6d Dean 1855 

{F.) Photographic Tourist, 12mo, la Author 1858 

— {F.A.) BaptiMsin America, 12mo, 8a Ward 1836 

Biblical Antiquitie«^ post Svo, 7a 6(£ Griffin 1852 

^ Female Scripture Biography, poet Svo, 9a... I Snow 1852 

^ — Geography, Topography, &c., of Palestine, 12mo, 2a Griffin 1852 

History of the Baptist Missionary Society, 2 v. 12mo, 7a Qd HouUton 1842 

Maimers and Customs of the Israelites, 12mo, 2a Griffin 1852 

Narrative of the Baptists in America, 12mo, 2a Ward 1836 

— Our Young Men ; their Importance and Claims, 12mo, 5a Waahbovme ...1838 

Treatise on Sacred History and Biography, post Svo, ^» Griffin 1850 

— (/'.J?.^ Sacred Hymns from the German, ISmo, 4a 6d Pickering 1841 

(G.) Agricuitiial Chemistry, 12mo, 2a 6d Simpkin 1844 

Chemical Delectus, 2nd edit., 82mo, la Simpkin 1844 

— (^Jf.) Mysteries of Tobacco, 12mo, 8a WiUy 1846 

— (^. F.) Piiyer Book EpistleB paraphrased in Verse, 12mo, 6a OUivier 1846 

— {G, W.) Tale of the Great Persian War, from Herodotus, fcap. 8vo> 7a 6d Longman 1861 

^ Tales from Greek Mythology, 16mo, da 6d Longman i86x 

■ of the Gods and Heroes, fcap. Svo, 58 Longman i86» 

— {Hen.) Treatise on Cultivation of the Peach and Nectarine, 12mo, 2a 6d Simpkin 1854 

{H') Orders, Statutes, &c.. Practice of theCourtaof Chancery, Svo, 20a Sweet 1861 

— (ifojweraAam) Commentary on the British Commonwealth, Svo, 14a Longman 1854 

— -» Manual of Differential Calculus, with Exercises, 12mo, 4a Virtue 1852 

— ^ Bndimentary Treatise on the Integral Calculus, 12mo, la Virtue 1852 

— {Jno.) Congratulations and Counseb; a Book for Birthdays, ISmo, la Qd Ward 1851 

—Effects, Antidotes, and Tests of Poisons, 12mo, 2a Churchill 1852 

Friend of Sinners ; Pieces in Prose and Verse, 32mo, 2a 6<i Ward K35 

Puture : an Outline of Events predicted in Holy Scripture, 12mo, la Nisbtt 1862 

^ Glorious Gospel a Free Gospel, ISmo, la Ward 1X51 

- — ' > Humility and Hopefulness, ISmo, la 6d Hcaion 1857 

■ Immanuel Enthroned ; or, the King in his Beauty, ISmo, l8 6d Simpkin n. d, 

. Our Great High Priest ; or, Christ Contemplated, 12mo, 2a 6d Simpkin 1839 

> Pastoral Memorial ; or, Bexnindings and Becollections, ISmo, Is 6d Simpkin 1850 

i— Poisons: their Effects, Antidotes, and Tests, 12mo, 2a ChurcJiill 1852 

Similitudes and Substance, roy. 32mo, la 6<2 .....*. Simpkin i860 

Sketch of Life and Death of Mr. Pope, ISmo, Is 6d JViaftc/ 1851 

Thoughts on the Coming and Kingdom of Christ, 12mo, Zs 6d Nishet 1835 

— (y. (7.) Hints to Invalids about to Visit Naples, Svo, 7a Longman 1841 

— Practical Confectioner, 12mo, 8a Longman 1837 

■ Spectacle Secrets, 12mo, la Simpkin 1844 

— J. ^. ) Protestanism and Bomanism Contrasted, 2 v. Svo, 28a Longman 1852 

-(5»riW.) Autobiography, edited by B. Caulfield, Svo, la 6rf J.R.SmUh i860 

• (i?o6«.) History of an Old Pocket Bible, ISmo, la Nisbet i860 

— — — Sabbath Iiaws and Sabbath Duties, Svo, 14a Simpkin 1853 

{S.A.) Beuben Sterling; a Tale of Scottish Life, 3 v. post Svo, 31a 6d Newby 1859 

. iS>.^.) Missionary Bemains, with Notes by Ellis, ISmo, 2a P, Jackson 1835 

174 COX CRAIK [Ekgush Catalooub 

Cox {Tko.) Melancholy, and other Poems, new edit., post 8to, Cs Samulers d: 0, 1S57 

(IT./.) Homoeopathy Analysed, 12mo, Is H, EUioU. 1853 

{ FT. <S.) Memoir on Amputation of the Thigh at Hip Joint, folio, 16< Meeve 1845 

Coxe (A.C.) Christian Ballads and Poems, 18mo, Zs J.H.d:J.Parh€ri%^% 

Impossibility of the Immaculate Conception, cr. 8vo, 5« Philadelphia... i%$$ 

Impressions of Enghind, 12mo, 6» New York 1855 

Sermons on Doctrine and Duty, post 8vo, 7« 6<? Philadelphia.. .i%ss 

— — Thoughts on the Church Services, revised by Bemays, 12mo, 8« Qd Low '859 

(/.iZ.) On Recognition in Another World, f cap. 8vo, Za WUey 1845 

{Mrs.\ Female Mentor, 3rd edit., 12mo, 6« Simphin 1838 

(AC) Cathedral Worship, 8vo, Is Rivington 1858 

Lectures on Death Disarmed of his Terrors, 2nd edit., 12mo, Is 6d JUviriffton 1848 

Symmetry of Revelation, 8vo, 10s 6£^ Rivington 1845 

Poems: Scriptural, Classical, and Miscellaneous, post 8ro, *Js Rivington 1845 

Wood Notes, and Musings at Tynemouth, post 8vo, bs J.R.Smithi 1848 

-(i2./.) Epitome of Hippocrates and Galen, roy. 8vo, 25« Chapman A H,i 

{S.H.) Interviews, Memorable and Useful, post 8vo, 9« New York 18 53 

(IT.) History of the House of Austria, 8 v. post 8vo, 10« 6d H.Bohn 1847 

Continued to 1852, post 8vo, 5» H.Bohn i86jt 

Coxhead's Ready Reckoner, with Interest and Farming Tables, 18mo. Zs WhiUaker 185 1 

Coyne (/./9.) Pippins and Pies; or, Toung Frank's Holidays, 12mo, is RoiUledge 1855 

and Bartlett (W.ff.) Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland, 2 v. 4to, 6Zs Virtue 184a 

Coypell's Illustrations of Don Quixote, 4to, 42» Williams 1841 

Cpysh (G.) British Pronouncing & Self-Instructing Spelling Book & Key, 12mo, Is 6d Author 1837 

Cozens (C%a.) Adventures of a Guardsman, 12mo, 6« Bentley 1847 

(Sam.) Biblical Leidcon; Names of Men and Places, 12mo, 2< Qd HotUston 1848 

Crabb ((?fo.) Dictionary of General Knowledge, by Davis, 12mo, Is Tegg 1839 

Digest of all the Statutes to 1847, 4 v. roy. 8vo, 6^6«— red. to63« Maxwell 1844-7 

■ English Synonymes Explained, 11th edit., 8vo, 16« Simpkin 1859 

— Extracts from German Authors, by Hausmann, ^th edit., 12mo, 5s WhiUaJeer 1848 

■ German and English Conversations, by Bemays, 10th edit., 12mo, Zs 6d WhittaJcer 1849 

■ ■■ History of English Law, new edit., 8vo, 10s 6d Cooper 1840 

Law of Real ^perty, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 68« — ^red. to 80» MaxioeU 1846 

Mythology of all Nations, 18mo, 8s Southgate 1840 

Precedents in Conveyancing, by Shelford, 6th edit., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 60s... BiUterworths ...1859 

Technical Dictionary ; Art and Science, 12mo, 7s6d Maxwell 1851 

{Jos.) Memoir of, by John Rudall, post 8vo, is WalUm 1853 

Crabbe ((?eo.) Life of, by Ms Son, 12mo, 3s Murray 1848 

— — Outlines of a System of Natural Theology, 8vo, 10s 6<2 Pickering 1840 

— Poetical Works and Life, roy. 8vo, 16s— red. to 8s 6rf; 8 v. 12mo, 24s Murray 1847 

' 12mo, 8s6rf, Houlston, n. d. ; 12mo, 3s Od RouUedge 1862 

'■ Posthumous Sermons, 'edited by Hastings, 8vo, lOs 6d Hatchwrd 1850 

(Maria) Tales for Children, 9th edit., 18mo, 2s 6rf R.Clarke 1858 

Crabtree (/tio.) History of Halifax, Yorkshire, 8vo, 14s Simpkin 1836 

Cracks of the Day, edited by Wildiake, roy. 8vo, 21s Ackermann ...1843 

Craddock (2%o.) Chemistry of the Steam Engine Considered, 8vo, 7s 6d Simpkin 1847 

Influence of Christianity on Civilization to 13th Cent., 8vo, 3s Longman 1856 

Cradock (Mrs.) Seasons of England, Illustrations, folio, 51 5s Dickinson 1851 

(SirM.) Historical Notices of, by Traheme, roy. 8vo, 4s Longman 1841 

Craft (Irin. <fc .SZfen) Escape of , from Slavery, 12mo, Is Tweedie i860 

Craig (-4 rcA.) Introduction to (ireek Accentuation, 12mo, 2s Lmigman 1840 

(A,R.) Philosophy of Training in Schools, post 8vo, 6s Simpkin 1847 

(Edw.) Hints to Candidates for Holy Orders, 12mo, 3s ffatchard 1849 

(/sa) Poems, 12mo, 4s 6(i Blackwoods ...1856 

(Jno.) Accoucheur : a Treatise, 12mo, 6s Cotes 1839 

Bahuioe System of Savings* Banks Accounts by Double Entry, f ol. , 10s 6rf Simpkin.., 1 845 

Etymological English Dictionary, new edit., 2 v. roy. 8vo, 42s RoiUledge 1852 

— — Savings Banks Interest Tables, 4to, 31s 6d Simpkin 1845 

— — Sermons : Comfort for Mourners, 8vo, 7s 6d Simpkin 1849 

(7.2).) Scriptural Coincidences ; or. Traits of Truth, fcap. 8vo, 8s Bagster 1862 

(7. -ff.) Thoughts in Verse, from St. John's Gospel, 18mo, 2s Oroomlridge... 1^4.1 

(R) The Man Christ Jesus, 12mo, 6s Hamilton 1855 

Theocracy; or. Principles of Jewish Religion, &c., post 8vo, 6s Groombridge ...1848 

(Wm.) On Electric Tension as the Cause of Epidemic Diseases, &c., 8vo, 10s. Churchill 1859 

Craig's Rotatory Steam Engine Explained, 12mo, 2s Houlslon 1841 

Craigie (Dav.) Elements of General and Pathological Anatomy, 8vo, 24s L<mgman 1847 

Practice of Physic, 2 v. 8vo, 24s Longman 1840 

System of Anatomy, 4to, 12s Simpkin 1838 

Craik (G.L.) Bacon, his Writings and Philosophy, 3 v. 18mo, 4s 6d Cox 1844 

English of Shakspere Illustrated in ** Julius Cses&r," 12mo, 5s Chapman <t- ir.1856 

History of British Commerce, 3 V. 18mo, 4s 6d Cox 1845 

' • English literature and the English Lanjguage, 2 v. 8vo, 24s Gr{fin 1861 

' ' Literature, &c., in England, 6 v. 18mo, 9s Cox 1846 

— Manual of English Literature and the English Language, cr. 8vo, 7s 6d... Gi-ifin 1 862 

OutUnes of the History of the English LMigua^l2mo, 2s 6d Chapman d: HiZsi 

1835—1869] CRAIK CRAYON 175 

Craik ((?.//.) Ftois, and its Historical Scenes, 2 t. 12mo, 9<— red. to U 6d NaUali . 

Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties, n.e., 2 r. 12mo,12f, 1857— r.9« Origin 

Romance of the Peerage, 4 V. poet 8to, 42« Chapman <& ff. 

Spenser and his Poetry, 8 ▼. 18mo, U 6d Cox 

- ifieorg.M.) Lost and Won, a Novel, post 8vo, 10« 64, 1859 ; J*®^ ©^i*- f<»P» S'^Oi 1* -Smit^ <fc Elder 

My First Journal, sq. 12mo, 4« 64, i860— red. to 8« 64 Macmillan 

• — ^- Play-room Stories ; or, How to Make Peace, 16mo, 3a 64, pL ; col., 4« 64 Chiffith A F, ., 

Biyerston, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 81« ^ Smith de Elder 

- Winifred's Wooing, a Novelette, post Svo, 10« 64 Smith d: Elder 

{Hen,) Hebrew Language, its History and Characteristics, cr. Svo, 8« 64 Bagtter 

Orakanthorp (Rich.) Defensio Eoclesi» Anglicang, Svo, 7» J.HJcJ.Parlcer 

Cramer (^^-4.) Anecdota Ghnca Oxoniensia, 4 v. Svo, 22« /.£r.Parlrer 1839-41 

— Catena in Epistolas CaUiolicas, Svo, 12« J,H.ikJ.Parher ~ 

Evangelia, Svo, 12» 64 J.H,ikJ,Par1cer 

■ — Letter on Study of Modem History, Svo, 2m Jtivington 

Cramp (J.M.) Lectures for the Times, 12mo, 6« HouUton 

■ Text Book of Popery: History of Council of Trent, Svo, 7$ MouUUm 

(W,) Junius and his Works compared with Writings of Chesterfield, Svo, 2< 6d Hope . 
- Philosophy of language, Svo, 7s 64 Jtelfe. 

Ciampton (J.) Lunar World, its Scenery, &c., 12mo, 3^64 Simpkin.. 

• Planetaiy and Stellar Universe, 12mo, 1$ Ni^. 

•{J.N.) Pall of Sebastopol, a Poem, 12mo, 68 Simphin 

— (T.) afi4 Turner (r.) Pint English Reading Book, 16mo, 1« Oroombridge. 

— - Geographical Reading Book, 12mo, 1< Oroombridge. 

Reading Series, folio, 3s Oroombridge. 

Cranbome ( VtMcL ) Biographical Sketches of Great Monarchs, 16mo, Zt /. Whitaker 

Historical Sketches and Reviews, 2nd edit., Svo, 12« J.MitcheU. 

— History of France for Children, ISmo, 2» 64 Maden .... 

Cranch (C.P.) Poems, postSvo, 5$ Wiley. 

(/. B.) Troublous Times ; or. Leaves from the Note Book of J. Hicks, Svo, 69 6d Jach$on de W. 

Crane {Geo.) Introduction to the French Language, 12mo, 3« Whiltaker 

Principles of Language Exemplified, 12mo, 5s WhitUiker 

{Wm.) CatecMsm of the Creed, 12mo, 1« 64 Simpkin. 

Cranfield (Tho.) Memoir of, by his Son, 12mo, 5«, P. Jctck$ony 1840; ISmo, 1« 64... Rel.TradSoe. 

Crank (fT./^.) System of Arithmetic, 12mo, 4s ParkenkSon 

Cranmer M&p.) Life of, 12mo, 2s 64 Seeley 

Memorials of, by Strype, 3 v. Svo, 33s, E.HSoc. ; 2 v. Svo, 21s ... J. H.<kJ, Parker 

' edited by Barnes, 2 v. 12mo, 10s Jt<mtledge ... 

on the Lord's Supper, roy. Svo Parker Soc. 

Remains, roy. Svo Parker Soc. 

Cranwell (Edw.) Index to English Books printed before 1600, Trin. CoU. Camb., Svo... Pickering ... 

Craps (/no.) Election Calmly Considered, 12mo, 2s 64 HouUton ... 

Crashaw (Rich.) Poems and Quarles' Emblems, Notes by Gilfillan, Svo, 4s 64 Nisbet 

Poetical and other Works, edited by Tumbull, 12mo, 6$ J.R.Stnith , 

Craufurd {A.Q,) Essay on the Development of the Functions, Svo, 2s 6d Parker A Son., 

Verses Composed on Various Occasions, 12mo, 2s , Haichard 

-(C^.) Sermons, Svo, 10s 64 Dunca/n . 

•{O.W.) Examinations on Butler's Analogy, Srdedit., 12mo, Is 64 Parker de Son.. 

Craven {KK.) Excursions in the Abruzzi, 2 v. Svo, 24s^red. to ISs Bentley 

Craven's Remarks on Shooting, tee Carleton (Capt.) 

Crawford {Arch.) Huntly Casket, and other Tales, sm. cr. Svo, 8s 64 HouUton .. 

(Capt.) Reminiscences of a Naval Officer, 2 v. p. Svo, 21s, 50 — red. to 12s Huret A B, 

{Jno.\ Philosophy of Wealth, 12mo, 3s 64 Longman .. 

> {J.B.) Paul's Epistle to the Romans, translated from Tischendorf, 4to, 6s Longmctn .. 

{Miis) Early Struggles, a Novel, 8 v. post Svo, 81s 64 Neicby 

French Confectionary for English Families, 12mo, 2s 64 BeniUy 

- Cookery for English Families, 12mo, 2s 6d Bentley 

Life in Tuscany, post Svo, 10s 64 Smith<kElder. 

Through Algeria, post Svo, 10s 64 Bentley 

{Mrs.) Double Marriage, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 31s 64 Nevoby 

Lsdy of the Bedchamber, a Novel, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Newby 

Lismore, a Novel, 3 v. poet Svo, 31s 6d Nevoby 

Story of a Nun, 8 v. poet Svo, 81s 6d Newby 

and Barker {G.) Lays of Holyrood Entertainments, foL, 21s Cocks. 

'{R. F.) Berkhamsted Castle, an Historical Reverie, 4to, Is 64 Hamilton 

Crawfurd (Jno.) Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian Islands, &c., Svo, 16s Bradbury 

Inquiry into System of Taxation in India, Svo, 4s S.Clarke 

Malay Grammar and Dictionary, 2 v. Svo, 36s SmithdeElder* 

Crawley {Capt.) Handy Book of Games: Billiards, Chess, &c., fcap. Svo, 3s 64 Bickers 

On Backgammon, ISmo; Billiards; Chess; Whist, ea. 2s Bickers 

Crawshaw {Jno.) Conversations about Wwley, ISmo, Is Whittaker 

■ Facts about Boys, for Boys, ISmo, Is 64 Hamilton 

Lectures to ChUdren, ISmo, Is Mason 

Crayford ; or, the Force of Influence, a Novel, 2 v. post Svo, 16s Newby 

Crayon {WaUer) Golden Rules for Sketching from Nature, 12mo, Is NichoUs 


















^ 4. 



176 CREASE CROKER [Ebgubh Catilogui 

Crease {Jot.) Child of Poverty, and other Poems, 12mo, 5s Blackwoodi ...1847 

Creasy (E.S,) Account of the Ponndation of Eton College, 12mo, 4« Longnmn 1S4S 

Battle of Waterloo, 12mo, 1« Bentley 185* 

British Empire, 3rd edit., or. 8vo, 7« M GriJ^n i86a 

Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World, 11th edit., 8vo, 10« 6rf Btntley 1861 

History of the Ottoman Turks, 2 v. 8vo, 28« ; 1 v. Svo, 7« 6d Bentley 1854-6 

• Invasions and Projected Invasions of England, post Svo, 10« 6rf Bentley 185a 

Memoirs of Eminent Etonians, roy. Svo, 7« W JI.Bokn 1850 

Parega, Poems, roy. Svo, 7« 6d Bell <L' Daldy.., iZ^.^ 

Rise and Progress of the English Constitution, 6th edit, p. Svo, 7« 6d BetUUy 18 6a 

Sub Rege Sacerdos : Comments on Bp. Hampden's Case, Svo, S< Walton 1848 

-Text Book of the Constitution, Svo, 2« 6d Bentley 1848 

Creation, a Vision of the Soul, by a Christian Platonist, post Svo, 5t Newhy 1846 

Creative Week : Exposition of the Mosaic Record of Creation, 12mo, 6« Simpkin 1856 

Credenda, Agenda, Postulanda ; or. Faith, Duty, and Prayers, 3rd edit., 16mo, 28 6d Rwington 1861 

Cree {E.D.) Devotional Manual for Candidates for Holy Orders, 16mo, 2« J.H.&J.ParlceriZs^ 

Creed, Lord's Prayer, and Commandments, lUum. , 16mo, 5«, Cundall, 1 847 ; r. 4to, 21s A ckermann . . . 1 849 
Creed and the Church, a Summary of Christian Truth, &c., new ed., roy. ISmo, 28... J.ff.<tJ.ParkeriZ6i 

Creeds, a Novel, by Author of ** Morals of Mayfair," 8 v. post Svo, 31» 6d ffursttt'B. ...1859 

Crespigny (C.De) Enchanted ftose, from the German, fcap. Svo, 6« Longman 1844 

■ My Souvenir, post Svo, 7» Longman 1844 

Cresson {Warder) Jerusalem the Centre and Joy of the Earth, 12mo, 8« 6d Nisbet 1844 

Cresswell (Z>.) Psahns of David, with Notes, 12mo, 6« Rivington 1843 

{Phil.) A Loss Gfained, post Svo, 10« Qd SmUhJk Elder., i26z 

(i^tcA.) Sermons on Christian Life, 12mo, 6« Ma9ter8 1848 

{Lt.S.) Sketches of the Voyage of H.M.S. Investigator, fol., 42s Dayd: Son 1854 

Cresy (Edw.) Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineering, new edit., Svo, 42« ; supt 10s 64 ... Longman 1861 

Treatise on Bridges, Vaults, &c., Pta. 1 & 2, fol., each 21s AtckUy 1839 

Creuze (-4. Z'.) Treatise on Naval Architecture, 4to, 12s Simpkin 1840 

Crewdson (Isaac) Beacon to the Society of Friends, 12mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1835 

. (Jane) Lays of the Reformation, 12mo, 58 JIatchard 1859 

{T.D.) Aunt Jane's Verses for Children, 12mo, Ss 6d Griffith <fc F. ...185* 

Crewe (air.) Seven Weeks in the West, 12mo, 7s Hatchard 1841 

Crichton (il^.^ On Dangerous Doctrines in Medicine, Svo, 9s Churchill 1842 

• {And.) History of Arabia, Ancient and Modem, 2 v. 12mo, 10s— red. to 5s Nelson 185a 

Denmark, Sweden,Norway,2v.l2mo,10s,i838;12mo,3s6d WasJiboume ...1840 

(D.M.) Memoir of, by J. W. Taylor, post Svo, 5s .^ Hamilton 1853 

(KaU) Before the Dawn, a Tale of Italy, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Skeet x86o 

Six Years in Italy, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Skeet 1861 

Crick (7*.) Sketches horn a Diary of a Commercial Traveller, post Svo, 7s 6rf Masters 1847 

Cricket-Bat, and How to Use It, by an Old Cricketer, fcap. Svo, 2s 6rf— red. to Is 64 Baily i86i 

Cricket Field ; or, Science and History of the Game of Cricket, 1 2mo, 5s Longman 1 8 5 1 

Tutor, by the Author of ** The Cricket Field," ISmo, Is Longman i86a 

Cricketer's Manual, by Bat, 16mo, Is Joseph 1851 

Scoring Book, oblong, 2s 6<i Whittaker 1861 

Crimea ; its Towns, &c., by a Lindy resident near the Alma, 12mo, 2s 6d Partridge 1855 

Criminal Trials, High Court of Justiciary, Scotland, 148S-1624, by Pictaim, 7 v. 4to Bannat. Cl.i%%^-z% 

Illustrative of British History, 2 v. 12mo, 9s--red. to 4s 6rf NaUali 1837 

Cripple of Antioch, Christian Life in Early Times, 2nd edit, sin. cr. Svo, 5s Nisbet i860 

Cripps {H.W.) Ecclesiastical Reports, Pts. 1 and 2, roy. Svo, each 5s RivingUm 1850 

Treatise on Laws of the Church and Clergy, 1856, 4th edit., Svo, 80s Sweet 1862 

Crisp {Edw.) On Structure and Use of the Spleen, Svo, 10s; cold., 21s Teape 1855 

Treatise on the Blood Vessels, Svo, 148 Churchill 1847 

{Tob,) Christ alone exalted, by Gill, 2 v. Svo, 14s— red. to 10s CoUingridge ...1856 

■ made Sin, 8vo, 8s 6rf — red. to 2s 6(2 CoUingridge ...1% ^6 

Crispin Ken, by the Author of ** Miriam May," 2 v. post Svo, 21s; ch. e., 2v.c. Svo, 7s Saunders <fc 0. 1861 

Crister {Wm.) Wall's End Miner, Life of, by James Everett, 18mo, Is Qd Simpkin 1850 

Critchett (Geo.) Treatment of Ulcers of the Lower Extremity, Svo, 5s Churchill 1849 

Critic in Parliament and in Public, since 1835, 12mo, 5s Bell dbDaldy... iZ^i 

Croal ((7eo.) Eaglesward, a Narrative Poem, 12mo, 5s, Houlston 1858 

Crocker (-4 6r.) Land Surveying, new edit., by Bunt, post Svo, 12s Longman 184a 

— — {Cha.) Kingley Vale, and other Poems, Svo, 2s 6rf^? 

•' (Jos.) Latin Subjunctive Mood, Rules and Exercises, 12mo, 4s ; Key, 2s 6d Parker dt Son 1835 

Crockett (H.C.) American in Europe, 4to, 30s Tallis 1850 

Crockfords Clerical Directory for 1860, roy. Svo, 12s, 18C9 ; Api)endix, 3s 6rf Crockford x86i 

Scholastic Directory for 1861, roy. Svo, 7s 6a Crockford 1861 

Crocus; or. Cautionary Stories in Verse, 18mo, Is Mozley «. dL 

Croft (/?.C.) Handbook for the Nursery, ISmo, Is Hamilton 1861 

Crofton {Den.) (Genesis and Geology, by Hitchcock, 12mo, Is 6d; Svo, 2s Wertheim 185* 

Croke {AUx.) Progress of Idolatry, and other Poems, 2 v. post Svo, 14s Rivington 1841 

Croker (/. H^.) Essays on the Early Period of French Revolution, Svo, 15s Murray 1857 

—•——— History of the Guillotine, 12mo, Is Murray 1853 

■ Progressive Geography for Children, ISmo, Is 6d Murray 1856 

■ Stories from the History of England, 16mo, 2s 6df Murray 1854 

- {T.Crofton) Fairy Legends of the South of Ireland, ISmo, 3» 6d; n. e., cr. Svo, 5s Tegg i86s 

1835-1862] CROKER CROSS 177 

Crokor (7*. CVo/^) Historical Sonni of Ireland, cr. 8yo Percy 8oci€ty 

Popular Songs of Ireland, 8to, 10< 6c2 CoUmm 1839 

Tour of M. BooUaye Le Gonz in Ireland, 1644, 12mo, bt Boone 1837 

Walk from London to Pulham, rerised by his Son, post 8to, 6»... Tegg i860 

Groly {GtoJ) A Few Personal Recollections of, by Richard Herring, fcap. Sto, 5« Longman x86i 

Historical Sketches, Speeches, and Characters, post 8to, 10s Qd Sedey 184a 

Marston, the Soldier and State6man,3y.p.870,81«6(i,(7o2&um^46;fp.8TO,2< Lea x86o 

Modem Orlando, a Poem, poet 8to, 5« HtvntA B. ...1846 

Personal History of George IV., 1841, 2nd edit, 2 r. post 8vo, 21« CoUmm 1846 

Political Life of Borke, 2 v. post 8to, 18« Bl<Kkwoodi ...1840 

Regeneration of Infants in Baptism Vindicated, Sto, 8« Rivington 1850 

-. Salathiel the Immortal, n. e., p. Svo, 10«6<^ Huni^ B.^ 1855; 12mo, 2» BouUedge 1858 

Scenes from Scripture, with other Poems, Svo, 6« Bryee 1851 

Sermons at the Foundling, and St. Stephen's, Walbrook, 8yo, lOaQd ... Smith <& Elder .iS^9 

on Important Subjects, 12mo, 2« 6(2 KendrUk 1849 

(Mist) Aurelia ; or, a Beauty's Life in Italy, 8 t. post Sro, 81f 6d Colbum 1851 

(Bick,) Night, Dawn, and Day; or, the Reformed Church, &c., 12mo, 8« 6d ... Nisbet 1858 

Cromar (J ^) Vindication of the Organ, 12mo, UM Longman 1856 

Crombie (Alex.) Etymology and Syntax of the English Language, 8th ed., 8to, 7$ M Simpkin 1856 

•■ Gymnasium, sive Symbola Critica, 2 v. Svo, 21« Simpkin 1838 

■ abridged, Sth edit., 12mo, 6< ... Sin^kin i86» 

— CUivis, new edit., Svo, 6« Simpkin i86» 

(Jcu.M.) Braemar, its Topography and Natural History, fcap. 8vo, 28 6d BlacktDood$ ...1861 

Cromek (2%o.J5r.) Manual of Hebrew Verbs, Svo, 8» O. BtU 1851 

Ciompton (Sam.) Life and Times of, by J. French, 2nd edit., post Svo, 5s Simpkin i860 

(iSdroA) Christopher Columbus, sq. 12mo, 2s 6<^ ; School edition, Is Bell <k IkUdy... i%6o 

Life of Martin Luther, sq. 16mo, Is; cloth, Is 6<i Bell dtDaldy... i%6o 

Old and New Stories in Short Words, 16mo, Is 6rf Barton 1853 

Robinson Crusoe in Short Words, 12mo, U 6d Hogg Ab Son$ ...i%6i 

Scholar's Book of Beasts, 16mo, Is 6<i Darton 1862 

Birds, Fishes, &c., 16mo, Is 6d DarUm i86» 

— — — — Tales of Life in Earnest, 12mo, 2s 6<i Darton x86» 

(5.^.) Stories^or Sunday Afternoons, 16mo, 2s 6d J.Chapman ...1845 

CromweU (Oliver) and Bunyan, Lives of, by Southey, new edit, post Svo, 2s Murray i86a 

— — — Biography of, by W. Haditt, 12mo, 5t Jaa.Blackwood 1857 

His Life, by P. Ouizot, new edit, post Svo, ^ Bentley i860 

Letters and Speeches, by T. Carlyle, newed^t, 3 ▼. post Svo, 18s... Chapman d^B. 1856 

Life of, byP. Hawkes, 12mo, 5s New York 1856 

or, England's Great Protector, by H. W. Herbert, cr. Svo, 58 New York 1856 

■ (T^-) Argument on the Soul and the Future life, poet Svo, 68 Whitfield 1859 

— — — Literary Florets, 12mo, 5s J.Chapman ...1845 

an Historical Name, 2 V. 12mo, 10s 6rf Wiley 1838 

— Doolan; or. Life in the Army, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Colbum 1849 

■ in Ireland, an Historical Romance, 8 v. post Svo, 81s 6d Newby 1847 

Oronhelm (F. W.) Inquiry bto the Origin of Belief in Predestination, or. Svo, 2s 6d BivingUm i860 

Cronids Scotin, Extracta e Variis, 4to Abbotsford CI. 1852 

Cronin (X>.) Anaspasia in Consumption, did edit, 12mo, Ss Sherwood 1846 

Essay on Deafiiess, 12mo, Is 6d Wertheim 1838 

Crook (W.If.) Manual for Formation of Hebrew Letters, Svo, 2s 6d Rivington 1847 

Crookes (ITiw.) Handbook, Waxed Paper Process in Photography, post Svo, 2s Chapman <<r iT. 1857 

Crookshank ( If m.) History of the Church of ScoUand, 2 v. 12mo, 7s Nisbet 1846 

Croquet Rules for the Game of, Illustrated, 4to, 2» 6d Botworth 1862 

Crory (W.O,) On Industrial Resources (still neglected) in Ireland, fcap. Svo, 2s 6<i... Whittaker i860 

Crosby's Builder^s Price Book, Svo, U Joy 1837-58 

Crosland (ifrs.iSr.) Hildred the Daughter, a Tale, 12mo, 3s 6(£ BouUedge 1854 

Lays and Legends of English Life, 4to, 21s A.Hall 1845 

■ Light in the Valley: Experiences in Spiritualism, 12mo, 5s Boutledge 1857 

Little Berlin Wool Worker, 16mo. Is Orr 1844 

— — — ^— Lives of Memorable Women, for Girls, 12mo, 8s 6d Oriffin 1853 

Lydia, a Woman's Book, 12mo, 2s 6d Oroombridge ...1861 

— — Mrs. Blake, a Story of Twenty Years, 8 v. post Svo, 81s 6d Hwrstde B 1861 

" Partners for Life, a Christinas Story, 12mo, 58 Orr 1846 

• Poems, 12mo, 5s Orr 1846 

■ Stratagems, a Story for Youth, 16mo, Is A.Hall 1849 

Stray Leaves from Shady Phices, 12mo, 3s 6d Boutledge 1853 

Toil and Trial, and Double Claim, by Hervey, 16mo, 6s A.HaXl 1850 

-(iV.) Apparitions, a New Theory, post Svo, Is E.Wilson 1856 

Croes (Era.) Advice on Sale, Purchase, &c., of Landed IVoperty, post Svo, 8s Qd ... Simpkin 1856 

Hints to Purchasers or Builders of House Property, 12mo, 8s Qd Nelson 1851 

(Dr.) American Pastor in Europe, edited by Cumming, cr. Svo, 7s 6d Bentley i860 

(Jno,G.) Treatise on Law of lien and Stoppage in Transitu, Svo, 15s Stevens 1840 

(if.^.) Museum of Religious Knowledge, 12mo, Qs Wiley 1840 

(Bobt.) Physiology of Human Nature, post Svo, 6» A.Hall 1850 

— (B^,) Poor Law Settlement and Removal Acts, 1858, 12mo, 7s dd Benning 1853 

(Co/X) Militaiy Laws of United States, 8rd edit, Svo, ISs Washington ...1846 

2 ▲ 


Cro8s(7%ot.)Aiitobiograph7of a Stage Coachman, 8 y. post 8to, 81< 6d HwrttdeB, ...1861 

Bdric, the Forester, an Historical Play, 8vo, 2# 6d Sieven^on 184a 

(Wm.) Feelings and Fancies, Expressed in Lyrical Poems, 12mo, 6% Longmam 1850 

Initia Grseca, 8rd edit., 12mo, 8a Madden 1854 

Latina, 12mo, 8rd edit., Zt Madden 1849 

' Key to Oral Exercises for Beginners in Latin Composition, 12mo, 3f Madden 1845 

- Memoir of, by Hunt, 18mo, 2« Mason 1861 

Croase (jine/.) Memorials, Scientific and Literary, post 8yo, 9< 6<2 LongtMin 1857 

{J.Q.) Cases in Midwifery, with Remarks by Copeman, 8vo, 7« 6<i Chwrdiill 1851 

Treatise on the Urinary Calculus, plates, 4to, 42s ; cold., 52m 6d Churchill 1835 

CroBsley {J'T.) Comprehensive Class Book, 12mo, 2s 6d ; Questions to. It 6d Simpkin «. d, 

— Reader, 12mo, U 6d Simpkin n.d. 

Spelling, 18mo, Is Simpkin n/d, 

Daily Lesson Book, No. lySd; 2, 18mo, Is ; Sequel to, 8d; 8, Is 6<2 ; 

No. if2»6d; Supplement to, 12mo, 2s Simpkin n, d. 

Intellectual Calculator, 74th ed., 18mo, Is Sd ; Key to, 18mo, 3s 6d Simpkin n. d. 

CroflBman(i^.(?.) History and Character of Zaocheus, 12mo, Zs 6d PigoU 1854 

Introduction to Christian Religion, new edit., 18mo, Is Simpkin x86o 

Prayers for Families, &c., 12mo, 2j 6ci PigoU 1838 

Sacred Melodies, with Short Reflections, 12mo, 2s M ffope 1856 

_^_ Sermons, post 8vo, 8s HamUUm 185* 

— on Christian Experienoe, post 8yo, 6s IfamiUon 1844 

M (S.) Young Man*8 Monitor, 12mo, Is Jlel. TVaet Soc. 1%^ 

Crosthwaite (Cha.) Synchronology ; Hist, of Ancient Egyptians, 8vo, 10s 6cl Packer A Son .1839 

I. (/. (7.) Discourses on the Christian Ministry, 8vo, 6s Jtiringtcn 1835 

Lectures on the History of Esther, 12mo, 8s Rivington 1858 

— Modem Hagiology, 2 v. 12mo, 9s ParkerikSon.,iii6 

— -^— Sermons on Practical Subjects, 12mo, 7« 6d Rivington 1840 

Treatise on the Holy Communion, 18mo, 2s 6d Rivington 1841 

Croston (Jos.) On Foot through the Peak : a Summer Saunter in Derbyshire, 12mo, 5s Whittaker i86« 

(/.) Pilgrimage to the Home of Florence Nightingale, 12mo, Is WhiUaker 1862 

Crotty (Mie.) Narrative of the Reformation at Birr, Ireland, 8vo, 10s Hatchard 1847 

Croucher {J.H.) Popuhu* Guide to the Electrotype, 12mo, Is >.... T,dsR.WilUU$ii^7'^ 

Crow (^w.) Plain Sermons, 12mo, 8s 6rf Wniheim 1848 

Crowder (i^cp.y.if.) Truth and Love: Sermons, fcap. 8vo, 5s .• BtU its IkUdy... i$6% 

Crowdy (ilnt.) Christian Villager's Guide Book, 18mo, Is Qd Nisba 1839 

Church of England Village Dialogues, 12mo, IsSd Nisbet 184a 

Crowe (Cath,) Adventures of a Beauty, aNovel, 3v. postSvo, 81s 6(2 Colhwm 185a 

Monkey, an Interesting Narrative, foap. 8vo, 2s 6(2... Dean 1861 

■ Ghosts and Family Legends, post 8vo, 10s td Newby 1858 

— — Juvenile Uncle Tom* 8 Cabin, 18mo, Is RoutUdge ^854 

Light and Darkness, 3 v. p. 8vo, 31s 6(2, Colbwrn^ 1850 ; 12mo, Is 6d Routledge 1856 

linny Lockwood, a Novel, 2 v. post 8vo, 1853; 12mo, 2s Routledge 1857 

Men and Women ; or Manorial Rights, 8 v. post 8vo, 3Is 6d Saundertd: 0, 1843 

Night Side of Nature, 2 v. post 8vo, 21s, Newhy, 1848 ; I2mo, 2s ... RouOedge 185a 

Pippie's Warning ; or. Mind your Temper, 16mo, 2s 6(2— -red. to Is ... A. Hall 1848 

Spiritualism and the Age We Live In, post 8vo, 6s Newby 1859 

■' Story of Arthur Hunter and his First Shilling, fcap. 8vo, 2s Bogg 1861 

Lilly Dawson, 12mo, Is ^d Routledge 1850 

■ Susan Hopley, a Tale, 8 v. p. 8vo, 31s 6(2, 1841 ; new ed., 12mo, 2s ... Routledge 1861 

• (E.E,) History of France, 8 v. 12mo, 18# — ^red. to 10s 6(2 Longman 1847 

■ V. 1, 8vo, 14«, 1858 ; V. 2, 8vo, 16s, i860 Longman 186a 

Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X., 2 v. 8vo, 28s BerUUy 1854 

Greek and Turk ; or, Powers and Prospects, &c, post 8vo, 10s 6c2 ... Bentletf 1853 

(/"rwi.) Gospel in Central America, post 8vo, 7s 6(2 Bennett 1850 

(J, A.) and Cavalcaselle {0. B.) Notices of Early Flemish Painters, p. 8vo, 12s Murray 1856 

Cbowk Casss Rbsbrvii) (Rbpobts) : — 

Bell, 1 V. roy. 8vo, 1858-60, 27« Stevens 1859-61 

Deareley, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 1852-66, 46« 6(2 Steven* 1853-7 

a«(2Bell, 1 v. roy. 8vo, 1866-68, 46s 6(2 Slevent 1857-9 

Deniaon, 2 v. roy. 8vo, 1844-62, 72s Stevens 1845-53 

Grown, Crosier, Cowl; or, Louis IX., Gregory VII., and Loyola, 12mo, Is 6d Batty 1846 

Crowne-Garland of CK)ulden Roses, Songs and Ballads, ed. by W. Chappell, p. 8vo... Percy Soc. - 

Crowiher (Caleb) On Management of Mad Houses, 3 Pts., 12mo, each 2s 6d Simpkin ...1838-49 

(/on.) Sermons, 8vo, 9s Mason 1839 

■ {RobtJj Practical East India Ghiide, 12mo, 6s Longman 1844. 

■ {Sam.) Expedition up the Niger and Tshadda Rivers, 12mo, 3s 6(2.... Seeley 1856 

(Grammar of the Yoruba Language, 8vo, Is 6d Sedey 185a 

Vocabulary of Yoruba Language, eclited by D. 0. Vidal, 8vo, 7s 6(2... Sedey 185a 

— — and Taylor (J.C.) Gospel on the Banks of the Niger, pcist 8vo, 7s ... Seeley 1859 

Cruchley*s New Guide to London, 1862, fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d ; with Map, 8s 6(2 CruMey i86a 

Crucifix (iZ.r.) Time versus Life, 8 vo, 6s 6(2 Sherwood 1844. 

Cruden {Alex.) Concordance to tbe Bible, new edit., 32mo, 4s ; 12mo, 4s Bagster i86a 

— ^— — n.e.,imp.8vo,13«,-^.J5oAn,6a;n.e.,10s6(2 Tegg i86a 

— — by Chalmers, 4to, 21s Sin^pkin 1848 

1835-1862] CRUDEN CULLEN 179 

Oruden {Alex.) Oonoordanoe to tlie Bible, by Badie, 2Srd edit, cr. 8to, 5t Oriffin 1862 

Hannay, 18mo, dt 6d U.Bohn 1844 

slightly condensed, post 8vo, 6« 6<i BlackU .1858 

Explanation of Scripture Terms, 12mo, 2# 6<f Rel. Tract Soc.,i%\o 

(R.P.) History of Gravesend and Port of London, roy. Svo, 28«... Pickering 1843 

CmelFred, and other Funny Stories, 4to, 2t Nelson 1855 

Sister, a Tragedy, and other Poems, 12mo, 4$ Smith d; Elder.. i2 $7 

Cruelest Wrong of All, a Novel, post Svo, 10< 6d, 1858; cheap edit., fcap. Svo, Is ... Smith dc Blder.iUi 

Oniice (yiow.) Psyche, and other Poems, 12mo, d* 6d Bryce 1857 

Cruickshank (Brod.) Eighteen Tears on Gold Coast of A&ica, 2 v. post Svo, 21s Hunt A B 1853 

Cruikahank ((?eo.) At Home, and Odd Volume, 2 v. 12mo— red. to 10s 6<i ff.Bohn 1845 

Fairy Library, 16mo, each Is:— Bogue 1853 

Cinderella. Hop 0' My Thumb. Jack and the Bean Stalk. 

More Hints on Etiquette, 12mo, 2s Qd Bogue 1837 

Omnibus, edited by L. Blanchard, Svo, 10s 6d Bogue 1842 

Table Book, edited by G. 4 Beckett, roy. Svo, 14s Bradbury 1846 

{Percy) Hints to Emigrants, obi. 12mo, Is Hurst d; B 1849 

' Only Once a Year, oblong 4to, plain, IsSd; col. 2s 6d Arnold i86i 

- Sunday Sc^es in London and its Suburbs, 4to, 5s Reeve <k Son ...1854 

Omiae of the Mary, Comic Illustrations, obL 4to, 10s 6cf McLean 1858 

Yacht Maria among the Faroe Liknds, 1S54, roy. Svo, 21s Longman 1855 

Cruise in the Pacific, ed. by Capt. F. Aylmer, 2 v. poet Svo, 21s Hurst 4k B i860 

Cruise {W.) Digest of the Law of Real Property, 7 v. roy. Svo, 6/ 12s Stevens 184.9-50 

Crummey (Z./'.) Mortality of Childhood, 12mo, Is Hamilton 1862 

Crump {C.C) The Morte Stone, a Tale, Svo, Is 6d Simpkin 1850 

{Wm.) World in a Pocket-Book ; Universal Statistics, 12mo, 4s Baldwin 1841 

Crumpe (Jfiss) Death-Fhig, a Novel, 3 v. post Svo, 31s 6d Shoberl 1851 

Crusades (The) and Greek and Eastern Churches, ISmo, U6d Rel. Tract Soci^sj 

Cruse (/Va.) Village Sermons at Great Warley, 12mo, 5s Nisbet 1855 

Crusius (O.C.) Homeric Lexicon, transL by Smith, edit, by Arnold, 12mo, Os Rivington 1852 

Cruso (if rs.) Afflictions of Life, with their Antidotes, 12mo, isQd Hatchard 1846 

Crusts In Soak for Chickens to Peck, ISmo, Is HouiMon 1854 

Cmtwell (C/.) Tombof Bonaparte, a Poem, Svo, 8s Pickering 1842 

CruveiUuer (/.) Anatomical Atlas, Text by Bonamy, 4to, 60s ; col, 61 15s Bailliire 1844 

■ ■ ■ Descriptive Anatomy, by Dr. Madden, 2 v. post Svo, 36s Whittaker 1842 

Cry from the Middle Passage ; Act of 1846 on the Slave Trade, Svo, dsQd Seeley 1850 

to Ireland and the Empire, 12mo, 4s 6d HcUdiard 1836 

Ciyer (Mrs.) Devotional Remains, 12mo, 2s 6d Hamilton 1854 

• Life and Correspondence, by AH Barrett, 12mo, 4s Mason 1845 

Cbtstal Palace ahd Gardbns, Sydenham, viz. : — 

Guide to, 12mo, Is Routledge 1854 

Official Guide and Handbooks, 3 v. 12mo, 18s 6d Bradbury 1854 

Ten Chief Courts Described, 12mo, Is Routledge 1854 

Views of, by Delamotte and Wyatt, imp. 4to, 31s 6d Day A Son 1854 

Crystal Palace and its Contents, an illustrated Cyclopeedia, 4to, 6s W.M.Clarke ...i%s^ 

a Sequel to **Country and London," 16mo, 8s 6<i Rivington 1852 

Hyde Ptok. See Exhibition, 1861. 

Crystals from Sydenham ; or, what Authors say of the Ptdaoe, post Svo, 8s Hope 1855 

Csink (/.) Hungarian Grammar and Exerdses, post Svo, 8s Williamstk N..i%sS 

Cboma (ii^.) Grammar of the Tibetan Language, 4to, 18s Attends Co. ...1835 

Tibetan and English Dictionary, 4to, 26s Attend: Co. ...1835 

Cuba and the Cubans: History, Relations, &c, 12mo, 4s New York 1850 

Cubitt (Geo.) Conversations on the Miracles, 18mo, 2s Qd^red. to 2s Mason ....• 1847 

Parables, ISmo, Is 6<i Mason 1847 

Cortes; or, the Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, 12mo, Is Mason 1848 

Enoch; or, Personal Piety in its Nature and Blessedness, 12mo, Is Mason 1843 

— — - Granada; or, the Expulsion of the Moors from Spain, 12mo, Is Mason 1850 

Obed-Edom; or, the Ark in tho House, 12mo, Is 6<i Mason 1842 

■ Fhilippian Jailor ; or. Conversion, 12mo, Is Mason 1843 

— ^— — Pimrro; or, the Discovery and Conquest of Peru, 12mo, Is Mason 1849 

Scriptural Expositions, Four Treatises, ISmo, 3s 6d Mason 1853 

■Skeletons of Sennons (160), 12mo, 4s 6d Needham 1840 

-Sketches of Sermons (62), 12mo, 4s 6d Needham 1840 

Cubley (/^. if.) Hills and Plains of Palestine, lUnst, imp. Svo, 81s 6d ; ool., 68s ... Day 1859 

Cudworth (Ralph) Intellectual System of the Universe, 3 v. Svo, 24s Tegg 1839 

On Free Will, Notes by Allen, Svo, 8s Parker d: Son... i9 ^9 

— They Know Christ, &a, ISmo, Is 6d Theobald 1856 

Cufle (Pot*/) Memoir of, ISmo, Is Fry 1841 

Cuitt (Geo.) Wanderings and Pencillings, Ruins of Olden Time, new issue, fol., 78s 6d Nattali 1848 

Culled Poe^, Moral and Religious, ISmo, Is Mozley 1855 

Culjen (i>r.) Isthmus of Darien Ship Canal, Svo, 6s E.Wilson 1853 

■ Lifeol, by J. and W. Thomson and Dr. Craigie, 2 v. Svo, 18s Blackwoods ...1859 

(J.E.) VoxVeritatis; or, Voice of Truth, Svo, 7s NUhet... 1854 

(Wm,) Tre^tiie on Construction of ^e Turbine Water-Wheel, 4to, ^ Spon i860 

— (W,H,) GatAkgue of Plants indigenous to Sidmonth, 12mo, 2s Simpki/n 1849 


Collimore (A . ) ImpreBaions of Ancient Rolling Seals of the Babyloniftns, r. Sto, 7$ M , Nickinon . . . . i S42-3 . 

Cnllingworth (/.) Ghiide to the Cobny of Port Natal, 12mo, 2f Simpkm 1861 

Collom (Q. W.) Military Bridgea and India Rubber Pontoons, 8to, 12» New York 1847 

CuUyer {John) Tables for Measuring Land, sq. 12mo, 2»6rf Whittaker 1855 

Culpepper (Nu;.) English Physician, by Brook, 18mo, 2« 6rf ; col., 4f A. Hall 1848 

Parkins, 8vo, 16« 6rf, Virtue; 4to, 21« KeUy i860 

Gulroes (Jcu.) Resurrection and the Life ; or, Lazarus Rerired, 8 e., fp. 8to, 2f 6c2. Ni»bei 1862 

Culsha (i^. H^.) ^*<"^i and other Poems, sq. 12mo, Is Ward ik Lock 185a 

Eastern Lands and Eastern People, jxwt Svo, 6s 6d Marlborough... i96i 

Gultus Anims ; or, an Arraying of the Soul, fcap. 8to, 2t6d Bogue 1851 

Culverwell (NaL) Discourse on the Light of Nature, by Brown, 8to, 12» HamUUm 1857 

{R.J.) Holiday Visit to Lakes of England, Irehmd, Scotland, 2 v. 12mo, 2e AiUhor 1855 

CumberUn(C Glossary of Provincial Words in, post 8to, 1« 6d Bdl^b Daldy...i%si 

Illustrated and Described, 4to, 20« PJackwn 1849 

Cumin (Po^.) Manual for the Study of Civil Law, 12mo, 10« 6d Stevens 1854 

Popular Education of the Bristol and Plymouth Districts, 8vo, 5« Langynan 1861 

Cummin {Wm.) Proofs of In&nticide Considered, 12mo, 3s Qd Longman 1836^ 

Cumming {Jas.E.) Abba, Father ; Ten Lectures on the Lord's Prayo*, fp. 8vo, St 6d Simpkin 1862 

Cumming (/>r Jr.) Apocalyptic Sketches, new edit., 3 series, 12mo, each 6s A. Ball 1858 

— Original edit., 3 V. 12mo, ea. 9<— red. to 5«... AJIaU 1852 

_ Argument on Bible Revision, 8vo, \s 6d A. Hall 1856 

Baptismal Font ; Nature of Christian Baptism, 12mo, 2m A. Hall 1846 

Benedictions ; or, the Blessed Life, 12mo, ds 6d /. F. Shaw 1853 

■ Christ Our Passover ; Thoughts on Atonement, 12mo, Is 6d A. Hall 1853 

• Receiving Sinners (25th thousand), fcap. 8vo, 2s 6d J. F. Shaw 1862 

Christian Patriotism, 2nd edit.^ 8vo, 2« Brocks 1843 

Pilgrim, 82mo, Is J.F.Shaw 1861 

Church before the Flood, Lectures on Genesis, 12mo, Si 6d A. Hall 1852 

•of Christ, Svo, Is AMall 1852 

Comforter ; Thoughts on Influence of Holy Spirit, 12mo, Is 6d ... A. Hall 1854 

Communicant^s Manual, 12mo, \s 6d A.HaU 1852 

Consolations ; or, Leaves from the Tree of Life, 12mo, 5s A.HaU 1857 

Daily Devotion ; Guide to Family Worship, n. e., 4to, 21s A.HaU i860 

Life ; Precepts, &c., for Christian Living, 4e., 12mo, 3s 6d . A.HaU 1862 

Expository Readings from Book of Revelation, 12mo, *ls6d A.HaU 1852 

-on the Book of Kings, 12mo, U6d A.HaU 1859 

Finger of God, 12mo, ls6d A.HaU 1853 

Foreshadows ; Lectures on Our Lord's Miracles, 12mo, 3s 6d A.HaU 1851 

Parables, 12mo, 8s 6d A.HaU 1852 

Glad Tidings, a Series of Tracts, 18mo, Is J.F.Shaw 1858 

for Sinners, of Jesus, to Christians, 18mo, ea. 6d ... J. F. Shaw i860 

God in History, as to the AfEairs of Men, 6th edit., 12mo, 2s 6d... J. F. Shaw 1852 

Gtreat Sacrifice ; or, GK)spel according to Leriticus, 12mo, 2s 6d J.F. Shaw 1854 

-Tribulation Coming on the Earth, new ed., 12mo, 7s 6d Beniley i860 

Infant Salvation, 4th edit^ 12mo, Is A.HaU 1851 

Is Christianity from GK>d ! Christian Evidences, 12mo, 3s A.HaU 1852 

Last of the Patriarchs ; or, Lessons from Joseph, 12mo, 6s A.HaU 1856 

Lectures; Almost Protestant, &c., 12mo, 2s J.F.Shaw 1852 

for the Times on Popery, new edit., 12mo, 2s 6<i A.HaU 1851 

■ on the Seven Churches of Asia, 12mo, Zs6d A.HaU i860 

to Young Men, post 8vo, 6s A.HaU 1850 

• Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, 12mo, Is 6d A.HaU 1848 

• Look and Live; or. Present Salvation for All, fcap. 8vo, Zs 6d /. F. Shaw 1862 

• Message from God ; or, Thoughts on Religion, 12rao, Is AJfaU 1852 

• Millennial Rest ; or, the World as it Will Be, fcap. 8vo, 7s 6d Benileg 1862 

• Occasional Discourses, 2 v. in 1, 12mo, 5s A.HaU 1852 

• Our Father, a Manual of Family Prayer, 12mo, 8s A.HaU 1845 

- Popukr Lectures on the " Essays and Reviews," fcap. Svo, 4s BenUeg 1861 

• Prophetic Studies ; or. Lectures on Daniel, 12mo, ^ 6d A.HaU 1851 

- Psalm for the Day, Esqxmtion of P&alm xcL, 32mo, ls6d A.HaU 1850 

■ Psalms of David, with Paraphrase, 12mo, 5s Brooks 1843 

• Psalter of the B. Yiig:in, transl. from S. Bonaventura, 12mo, 2s ... A.HaU 1852 

- Pulpit Psalmody, Scotch Church, 12mo, 9s 6d A.HaU 1848 

- Questions for Doubting Believets, 3 series, 18mo, eaohdc^ J.F.Shaw i860 

- Readings on the Prophet Isaiah, fcap. Svo, 7s 6d Bentlej^ 1862 

- Redemption Draweth Ni^ ; or, the Great Preparation, ip. 8vo, 7s6d... Bentleg 1 860 

- Ruth, a Chapter in Providence, 12mo, 3s 6^ A.HaU 1859 

- Sabbath Readings on Colossi^ Thessalonians, 12mo, 4s 6<i A.HaU 1859 

Corinthians, 12mo, 5s A.HaU 1857 

Daniel, fcap. Svo, 3s A.HaU i860 

Deuteronomy, 12mo, 4s J.F.Shaw 1856 

Exedus, 12mo, 4s J.F.Shaw 1851 

Galatians, Ephesians, &c, 12mo, 6s A.HaU 1858 

■ Genesis, 12mo, 4s J.F.Shaw 1859 

Hebrews, fcap. Svo, 5s A.HaU i860 


(hunmiiig (2>rV.) SaVbiOh ]tMMB]i«i oa Jania^ PMer, J<^ A.ffaU iS6i 

: Joshua and JudgM, 12mo, 6« J.F.Shaw 1857 

Leritieiia, 12iM», U J.P.Skaw 1854 

' NombefB, 12mo, U J.F.SMaw 1855 

FiMtorml BpiiUes, fdip. 8to, 4« A.ffaU i860 

Bomani, 12]iks ** W A.ffall 1857 

Sunnel, 12mo, 5« A.ffaU 1858 

St. Matthew, I21110, 5# A.ffaU 1853 

Mark, 12mo, 8f A.ffaU 1853 

Luke, 12mo, 6« A.ffaU 1854 

John, I21DO, 6« A.ffaU 1855 

-the Acts, 12mo,7« A.ffaU 1856 

Baring Truths, ISmo, 2m M J.FJSkaw 1856 

Scripture Dlnstntions, ]dates, 4to, 25t .^ Virtme 1844 

Selections of Hymns, Chants, and Dozokgies, 12mo, \sM J3rook$ 1844 

Signs of the Times ; Present, Psst, and Fatnre, 12mo, 3« M A.ffaU i860 

Teach Us to Pray, Obsenrations on the Lord's Prayer, fp. 8to, ZiHd J.F.Skaw 1861 

Tent and the Ahar, Sketches of Patriarchal Life, 12mo, 8« M A.ffaU 1854 

Thanksgiring, Exposition of P&alm diL, 82mo, U 6d A.ffaU 1848 

The End ; or. Close of this Dispensation, new edit., 12mo, fif J.F.Skam 1855 

Things Hard to be Understood, fcap. 8vo, 7« A.ffaU i86a 

Thy Word is Truth ; Apology for Christianity, 12mo, 5f A.ffaU 1858 

Urgent Questions, Perscmal, Pointed, Practical, 82mo, ^ M J.FJSkaw 1855 

Vital Questions, Vital Truths, 18mo, esch6d J.F.Skaw i860 

Voices of the Day, 12mo, 4th edit., 5t J.FJShaw 185a 

Dead, 12mo» 5f J.F.Skaw 185a 

Night, 12mo, »th edit., 5f J.F.Skaw 1851 

War and its Issues, in its Religious Aspect, 12mo^ 1$ 6d A.ffaU 1855 

Wellington, a Lecture, 12mo, U 6d A.ffaU 1853 

Word in Season ; or, Comforting Thoughts, 12mo, 2f J.F.Skaw 1854 

and French (Dan.) Protestant Discussion, new edit., post 8to, 6« A.ffaU i860 

McOhee Lectures on Popery at Exeter Hall, 12mo, 2f Hd A.ffaU 1854 

(J.O.) Chronology of History for Schools, 16mo» ImM Simpkin 1853 

Guide to the Isle of Man, fcap. 8to, 4m 6d ...., Stanford 1861 

History of the Isle of Man, post 8to, 12f 6d Fai» Vooni ...1848 

Runic and other Monumental Remains, Isle of Man, 4to, 16« B€Ud:IkUdy...i%$j 

Story of Rushen CssUe and Abbey, Isle of Man, post 8to, 61 BeUS I>aidy...i%S7 

-(Lieut, J.S.) Six Yeu^ DiMTj, 8vo, 20« Martim 1847 

(R.O.) Sporting Adventures in S. Africa,2 y. p. 8to, 24<,5o; 1 v. p.8TO,5f Murray 1856 

(W.F.) Notes of a Wanderer in Italy, E^pt, Ice, 2 y. post 8to, 21« SatmderM S 0. 1839 

-(W.ff.) Canticles of the Serrices of the Church of England, oblong, 2f 6d. Longman 185a 

Cummins (/./.) Lyra Erangelica ; Hymns, Meditations, &c, 18mo, 1$ (id Roj^on 1849 

Seals of the CoTenant Opened, 18mo, 2i6d SeeUy. 1839 

{J.S.) Altham, a Tale of the Sea, 2 V. post 8to, 21« SauindenAO. 1848 

{M.S.) ElFuieidis, aTale, 2 y.p.8To, lOt 6<i,i86o— red. to 5t; 12mo, 2M6d Law i86a 

— Mabel Vaughan, 12mo, If 6(2 ; fine paper, Si6d Law 1857 

Cundall (Joi.) Examples of Ornament from Original Sources, 4to, 42* BeUdtI>aldjf...tZsji^ 

Ornamental Art in Ancient and Modem Bookbinding, 4to, 21< CwmdaU 1848 

Photographic Primer, 12mo, 1« CundaU ••^854 

Cuninghame (i{.(?.) Wanderings, Poems, 12mo, 5f Sa/umdende 0, 1841 

■ ( WJn.) Chronology of Israel and the Jews, 8to, 61 Sedty 1835 

■ Church of Rome the Apostacy, 12mo, 2« 6€{ Nitkei 1835 

Dissertation on the Apocalypse, 8to, 14f Sedey 1843 

Fulness of the Times, 870, 12» NiMbet 1837 

Scientific Chronology of 1889, 8to, U^ Seelty 1839 

Septusgint and the Hebrew Chronologies, 8vo, 4t M Nidit 1838 

— _— — Synopsis of Scripture Chronology to 1845, 8to, lOt 6d Sedey ^845 

Truth, Science, &c, of Scripture Chronology, 8vo, 12f SeeUv 1849 

Cunningham (Alex.) Buddhist Monuments of Coitral India, 8vo, 80< SmUkA Elder.,i%^ 

Historical and Statistical Account of Ladak, roy. 8vo, 86« AUenA Co. ...1854 

(AUan) GaUeiy of Rcturee, 2 v. roy. 8to, 81« 6rf ViniuA 1836 

— ^— — — - Lires of Peters, Sculptors, &c, 6 t. 18mo, 80t— red. to 21j... Tegg 1846 

— — ^^— Lord Roldan, a Romance, 8 v. post 8to, 81« M...: Maenme 1836 

— — _ — Poems and Songs, by his Son, 18mo, 2f M Murrag 1847 

(0.0.) Biographical History of England, new edit., 8 v. 8to, 72m FuUartam 1849 

— — Tales, Tradi^ons, from German literature, 12mo, deM FuUtuion 1854 

(ff.D.) Pfttent Mode of Reefing Topsails, &o., roy. 8vo, Ss 6rf Longman 1853 

(JomA Designs for Farm-Cottages and Steadings, roy. 8to, 6f 6(i BlackwoodM ...184a 

(Jno.) Church History of Scotland, 2 v. 8to, 21f— red. to 10« 6d Longman 1859 

Day : a Pastoral for Children, imp. 8to, 10» O.Oox 1854 

(/.D.) History of the Sikhs, 8vo, 16« Murray 1840 

■ (Pei.) Handbook of London, Modem London, n. e., 18mo, St Oct ... Murray n. d, 

Ptet and Present, post 8yo, 16« Murray 1849 

to Westminster Abbey, new edit., 12mo, 1« Murray 1851 

- Hints for Australian Bmigrante, post 8to, 5« 6(2 Boone 1841 

18a OTJNNINOHAM CURTIS [EKaura Oatalooub 

OniiDingfaAm {PH.) Story of Nell Orwjn and Sayings of Charlefl II., post 8to, 6# Bradbury 1851 

(IF.) Historic Theology in Christiftn Ohnrch, 2 v. 8vo, 21« HamiUcn 1862 

■ Kef ormeiB and Theology of the Reformation, 8vo, lOi 6rf ffamiUon 1862 

Cnnynghame (Art.) Glimpse at the Great Western Republic, 8to, 12«; 12mo, 1« BentUy 1851 

» Service in China, 2 t. 8vo, 21«, Scmndert «fe 0., 1844 ; 12mo, 5» BenUey 1853 

Chipper (iJ. -4.) Universal Stair Builder, 4to, 42< New York 1851 

Cupplee (Geo.) Green Hand ; or, the Naval Lieutenant, a Story, 12mo, If 6d Routledgt 1856 

Hinchbridge Haunted, a Country Story, post 8vo, 10« 6<i Simpkin 1859 

Two Frigates, 12mo, U 6d JtoutUdge 1859 

Curate (The) of Holy Cross, a Tale of the Church, 12mo, 5$ MobUts 1857 

of Cranston, with other Prose and Verse, by Cuthbot Bede, post 8vo, 10« W Saunders d; 0. 1861 

— -^— Linwood ; or. Strength of the Christian Ministry, Sid edit., 12mo, Zs^d,.. Bamilton 1851 

Overton, a Novel, 3 v. post 8vo, ZU 6d Hurst <k B. ...1854 

SteinhoUt, a Tale of Iceland, 2 v. post 8vo, 18« Longman 1838 

■ WUdmere, a Novel, 8 v. postSvo, Sis 6d Newbp 1847 

Curate's Grave, 18mo, 2s 6d Bagster 1838 

Wife,aTale, 18mo, !« 6<i Mozley i860 

Curates of Riversdale, ReooUections in Life of a Clergyman, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81« 6d Hurst & B. ...i860 

Cureton(frm.) Corpus Ignatianum, roy. 8vo, Zls6d Rimngton 1849 

Remains of an Ancient Recension of the Gospels in Syriac, 4to, 24< Murray 1858 

— — - Spioilegium Syriacum, with English Translation, roy. 8vo, 9« BivingUm 1855 

— — — Vindication of Ignatius* Writings from Heresy, post 8vo, 6s 6d RivingUm 1846 

Curie (P'F.) Annals of the London Homoeopathic Dispensary, 8vo, lbs BaiUiht 1844 

— Domestic Practice of Homoeopathy, 12mo, 7s Ayhtt 1850 

■ Principles of Homoeopathy, 8vo, 6s Leath 1837 

Curio (Celio) Italy, and the Gospel Letters and Discourses, 18mo, Is 6d Nisbtt 1848 

Curiosities and Wonders of the Vegetable Kingdom, square, 2s Soc.P.C.K. ...185a 

f of Animal Life, 12mo, 2i Rel. Tract Soc 1848 

I Communication, 12mo, Is Knight 1851 

— — — Modem Travel, 4 v. 12mo, lit Kent 1844-9 

Curiing (ZTen.) Camp Club in the Crimea, poet 8 vo, 1 Of 6^ Skeet 1856 

.^^«__ Bdith Frankheart ; or. Baronet's Daughter, 8 v. post 8vo, 31f 6d ... Saunders A 0, 1856 

■ Field of the Cloth of Gold of Eglintoun, post 8vo, 8« Lmo 1839 

— — — Forest Youth; or Shakspearo as he lived, 12mo, If Bryce 1853 

■ FrankBere8ford;or,LifeintheArmy,p.8vo,8f6<i,5l:«rt,i858;fp.8vo,2f DarUm i860 

— — — — Hall of Chavenlay, a Tale of 1649, 12mo, 8f Wright 1851 

> Ill-AsBorted Marriage, Ice., post 8vo, 8f ^ Johnson 1861 

■ ■ ■■ John of England, a Romance, 8 v. poet 8vo, 81f 6d BenUey 1846 

Love at First Sij^t, &c. Stories, fcap. 8vo, 2f Wardds Lock .i%fiO 

' Man as he is, and Woman as she should be, a Tale, post 8vo, 8f 6d... Skeet 1861 

— — — Merry Wags of Warwickshire, a Drama, post 8vo, 2s 6d Wright 1854 

■ ' Minstrel and the Maid of Kent, fp. 8vo, 1«, Egvntony 1853; 12mo, 2f Jos. Blackwood i860 

'— Miser Lord, "Frank Beresford,"p.8vo,10f6d,5ifeerf, 59; 12mo,2f C.H.Clarke ...1862 

Nonpareil House, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81f 6d, A. Hall, 1855 ; tp, 8vo, 2« .. I>arton i860 

- Reoollectiona of the Mess Table and the Stage, post 8vo, 7f Qd Bosvjorth 1855 

*— — — Self Divorced ; or, the School for Wives, 2 v. cr. 8vo, 12f Tinsley 1861 

" Shakspeare the Poet, the Lover, the Actor, 8 v. post 8vo, 81f 6d BenUey 184S 

Soldier of Fortune, a Tale, 8 v. p. 8vo, 81f 6ci, Bentley, 1 843 ; fp. 8vo, If Rouiledge 1 852 

■ Way to Win Lauiilfl and Ladies' Favours, a Tale, 12mo, If Bryce 1853 

■ (-^-^O Account of the Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, 8to, 12f BenUey 1850 

(5./.) Mary Graham, 2 V. post 8vo, 21f Newlnf 1862 

(T.B.) Observations on Diseases of the Rectum, 8rd edit., 8vo, 7f 6d Churchill 1851 

■ Treatise on Diseases of the Testis, 2nd edit., 8vo, 14f ChwchiU 1856 

• Tetanus, 8vo, 8f ChurchiU 1836 

(Wm.) Sermons on the Thirty-nine Artioles, 8vo, lOs 6d Seeley 1841 

Cunne (7%o.) Gold Tried in the Fire : Memoir of H. Stoneman, 12mo, 8f 6d NisbH 1852 

Curr (Jno.) Principles of Railway Loeomotion and Steam Navigation, 8vo, 12f Atehley 184.9 

Curran {J. P.) Memoir of, and his Contemporaries, by C. Phillips, 4 e., p. 8vo, 7f 6(2 Blackwoods ...1851 

Speeches at State Trials, &c,8vo, 8f RoutUdge 1844. 

' ■ with a Memoir and Notes by Davis, 2nded., cr. 8vo, 4f ^vjfy i860 

{W,H.) fetches of the Irish Bar, with Essays, 2 v. post 8vo, 21f Hwst ds B, ...1855 

Currency Question : the Gemini Letters, 8vo, 12s 6d SimjAin 1844. 

— Self-Regulating and Elastic, 8vo, 7s6d Xofl^mcm 1855 

under the Act, 1844, 8vo, 6f Van Voorst ...1858 

Currey ((?«>.) Hulsean Lectures, 1851, 8vo, 8f ; 1862, 8vo, 7f 6d...-. Rivington ...1852-3 

Currie (^ift.) Essay on Life Assurance, 12ino, 2f 6<2 H.O.Cottins ...1856 

• Insurance Agent's Assistant, 12mo, 2s 6d S.O.CoUins ,..1852 

(Jof.) Elements of Musical Analysis, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo, 4f 6d HamiUon 1858 

— — —-Principles of Early and Infant School Education, cr. 8vo, 4f .*.. .ffanUUon 1857 

and Practice of Common-School Education, cr. 8vo, 6f HamiUon 1861 

(/of.) Notes on Horace, Explanatory, Critical, and Grammatical, fci^). 8vo, 4f Griffin i860 

(Im.) My First Concealment : Advice for Boys, 18mo, 2f A.HaU 1839 

Onrteis((?.^.) Spiritual Progress ; Four Sermons at Oxford, 12mo, 2f J.HuiJ.Parkeri9si 

Curtis (tf.) (JMui Aldridge (JT.) Fear-nac-Flu, and other Poems, post 8vo, 2f 6rf BenneU 1857 

(«.r.) American Conveyancer, 12mo, Of BoaUm^U.S. ...1850 

1886-1863] CURTIS CYCLOPEDIA 188 

Curtis (G.T,) C!ommentari6B on Jurifldiction, kc,, of Oourts of U.S., Y. 1, 8to, 83< Philaddphia..,i9s$ 

Equity Precedents, 8vo, 30« Bo9Um,U,S, ...1850 

History of Constitution of United States, 2 v. 8to, 24f Low 185S 

Inrentor's Manual and Guide to the Patent-Office, 12mo, 7< New York 1851 

On Law of Copyright in England and America, 8yo, 21< Botton^U.S. ...1847 

Bights and Duties of Merchant Seamen, 8yo, 21s BottonyU.S. ...1841 

Treatise on Law of Patents in United States, 2nd edit., 8yo, 80< Bo8t<m,U.S, ...1854 

— (^«>.W»i.) Complete Works of, 6 v. 12mo, 80« New York 1856 

liOtos Eating : Visit to Places in America, post 8yo, 8« 6<2 Bentley 185s 

Nile Notes : American in Egypt, post 8vo, 6<, BeHtlejf,iSs%; 12mo, 1$ Clarke 1859 

Trumps, a Novel, Illustrated, 8vo, I0$6d Low 1861 

— ^— ^— Wanderer in Syria, post 8vo, 10« 6d Bentley 185a 

{ffen,) Beauties of the Rose, 2 v. 4to, 36« Oroombridge ...1853 

'm^Hon.ff.B.B.) Decisions of Supreme Court of U.S., 21 v. 8vo, each 18« Boston, U.8, 1855-7 

Digest of Dedsions of Supreme Court of U.S., 8vo, 82f New York 1857 

Reports of Cases in Circuit Court of U.S., V. 1 and 2, 8vo, each 82« Boeton,U.8. ...1857 

(Jno.) Botanical Magazine, by Hooker, 8rd series, V. 1 to 17, roy. 8yo, ea. 42$ Reeve 1845-62 

British Entomology, 16 y. roy. Svo, 211 Reeve 1814-40 

- Reissue, V. 1 to 13, roy. 8yo, each 42« Reeve 1849-62 

Farm Insects Injurious to the Field Crops, roy. 8yo, 80», 1859— red. 22< Blaekie i86a 

Qtudeto the Arrangement of British Inwcta, 8yo, 10« 6c{ Simpkin 1837 

Topographical History of Nottinghamshire, Parts 1 to 8, Svo, 1< eaoh . W. <S^rafi^. 1843-4 

• (/. C.) Chronological and Genealogical Tables of British Histoiy, 4to, 2« Simphin 1863 

Elements of the History of En^and, 18mo, 1« ReLTradSoe, 1861 

-School and College History of England, 8rd ed.,or. 8yo, 5t 6<i Simpkin 1861 

(/.J7.) Observations on the Presenration of Health, 12mo, ^6d CkmrekUl 1846 

Physiology and Diseases of the Ear, 5th edit., 8vo, 7» 6d Longman 1836 

Eye, 2nd edit., Svo, 7$ (id Longman 1835 

(J.T.) and Lillie (/.) Epitome of Homoeopathic Practice, 18mo, it Leath 1850 

{Robt,) Curioeitios of Detection ; or, the Sea-Coast Station, fcap. 8yo, 2f WardALock...i%6% 

Irish Police Officer, fcap. 8yo, 2« WardALoek.. 1861 

(fTm.) amd Hooker {SirWJ,) Flora Londinensis, 5 v. foL, 80/ H. Bohn 1835 

Curtius {O.) Results of Comparative Philology, translated from the German, 12mo, Ss Bellds IkUdy...i%^i 

Curwen (/.) Pupils' Manual of the Tonic Sol-Fa Method of Singing, 12mo, le /. Ward 185a 

Singing for Schools & Congregations, a Grammar of Vo^ Music, 8yo,2« 6(2 Ward 1848 

Sketches of Nassau, Baden, and Switzerland, 12mo, \» Ward 1857 

(8.) Journals and Letters, by C. A. Ward, roy. 8yo, 18# Wiley 1842 

Curson {Fred.) Lays and Legends of the West, Pn)ee and Verse, 12mo, 6$ WhiUaker 1846 

— {Ifon,J,R) Scriptural Key to the Revelation of St. John, 12mo, 2< 6d Weriheim i860 

(Robt.) Armenia : a Residence at Eneroum, post Svo, 7f 6d Murray 1854 

Visit to the Monasteries in the Levant, post Svo, 15< Mwjuy 1849 

Cnnon Manuscripts, 12 Plates, fol., 51 6$ Thorpe 1850 

Oust (Hon.SirE.) Annals of the Wars of the 18th Century, 8rd ed., 5 v. 12mo, each 5< Murray 1862 

19th Century, V. 1 and 2, fcap. Svo, lOi Murray 1862 

Family Readings on the New Testament, Svo, ISi Rivinffton 1850 

Noctes Dominicss ; or, Sunday Night Readings, Old Test, Svo, Ifif Rmngton 1848 

(Zoify) History and Diseases of the Cat, 12mo, 1< (Troon^^rici^... 18 56 

-Invalid^s Own Book : Receipts for Food and Drink, 12mo, 2»M.,, Longman 1853 

— (RL.) West Indian Encumbered Estates Acts, 1854 and 1858, 12mo, 5«... W.Amer 1859 

Custom without Truth is Antiquated Error, by a Christian Layman, 12mo, 2* Simpkin 1859 

Cuthbert {Alex.) Infants asleep in Jesus ; Light on Little Graves, 12mo, 1$ 6d Hamilton 1855 

{Mrs.) Exposition of the Church Catechism, ISmo, 2s 6d RivingUm 1840 

{Saint) Account of his Life, Death, &c., by C. Eyre, imp. Svo, 21f Bums 1849 

— — Miracles of , by Ant. Reginald, Svo, 16« (Surtees Society) Wkittaker 1837 

— ^— — — Two Lives 0^ with Life of Oswin, of Deira, Svo, I2s Nichols 1847 

Cuthbert St. Elme, M.P. ; or. Life of a Politician, a Novel, 8 v. post Svo, 81f 6d ... Hurst A B. ...1855 

Cuthill (/as.) System of Growing Potatoes, 12mo, 2s BamUton 1853 

Treatise on the Disease of the Vine, Svo, 1< HamUtOH 1855 

Cutler (^.0.) Philosophy of Intellectual Education, Anc and Mod., sm. p. Svo, Zs^d Simpkin 1862 

{Tho.) Popular Surgery, 12mo, 4s Longman 1836 

■ Suigeon's Guide in Dressing and Bandaging, 12mo, 6« 6d Walton ..........1836 

Cutts {B.L.) Essay on Church Furniture and Decoration, Svo, 5s Orockford 1854 

' the Christmas Decorations of Churches, Svo, Ss Crockford 1859 

Manual for Study of Sepulchral Slabs and Crosses, Svo, 6« J.H.AJ.Parkeri%^^ 

Villa of Claudius, a Tale of the Roman British Church, fcap. Svo, \s 6d Soc.P.C.K. ...1861 

Cnvier (Baron) Animal Kingdom, 16 v. Svo, 12/ 12» ; roy. Svo, coL, 26/ 5s Whittaker 1840 

16 V. 4to, 24/ Whittaleer 1840 

^ ■ 8 V. Svo, 8/ S« Henderson 1837 

Landseer's PUtes, new edit., roy. Svo, 1S« S.Bohn 1840 

and his Works; or. Rise, &c., of Zoology, 12mo, 2s Parker A Son... 1%^^ 

(Clem.) Memoir of, by J. A. James, 8th edit., ISmo, 2s HamUUm i86x 

Cuyler (Emily) Change ; some Passages in the Life of Basil Rutherford, p. Svo, lOf 6<i Booth 1 860 

Cyclopedia of Architecture iiir.Pud.iSbe. 1853-7 

— — Literary and Scientific Anecdote, edited by W. Keddie, cr. Svo, 8s 64 Qriffin 1854 

■ Moral and Religious Anecdote, or. Svo, ZsM Qr^fflm 1850 

184 CYOLOPJEDIA DAILY [Ehgubh Cataxjowm 

Cydopasdia of Popular Songs, Ist and 2nd leries, 18mo, eaoh Is 6<2 ; in 1 v., Zs Tegg ...., 1861 

■ Practical Medicine, 4 v. roy. 8vo, 6115$ Piper 1833-5 

Soigery, imp. 8vo, 40« Piper 1841 

Religions DenominationB, 4th edit., post 8vo, Zs 6d Oriffin 1862 

— — — — Uniyersal Biography, edited by Ridi, post 8yo, 10< 6(2 Or{jffui. 1854 

> History, edited by M'Bnmey & Neil, p. Syo, 10« 6<i Or^n 1855 

Oynosnre, a Libraiy Albom, 18mo, 5« Pickering 1837 

C^thia Thorold, by the Author of **Whitefriars,*' &c., fcap., U Ward ^i: Lock... j$6% 

CypleB {Wm.) Satan B«stored, a Poem, post 8vo, 58 Sctwnden & 0. 1859 

Cypress Leares, a Volnme of Poems, by W. H. 0. N., 12mo, 2» 6<i Ktnl 186a 

Cyprian {Saint) Spistles, and Pkunan's Works, 8vo, 12» J.H.<kJ,ParkeriZ^ 

Life of, 18mo, Is Bd. Tract Soc 184a 

Life and Times of, by Poole, 8vo, 12« J.H.^.Parktril^o 

Treatises, 8vo, 10« 6d J.H.&J.Pa/rkeriZ^ 

Cyril (5am<) Catechetical Lectures, 8vo, 8« J.HjkJ.Parherit^i 

. Commenterii in Luca Evangelixun, edidit E. P. Smith, 4to, 22« J.H.J^JJ^ar1ceri%$% 

Commentary St. Luke*s Go^)eI, translated by Smith, 2 v. 8vo, 14« J,H. tk J. Parker i9$^ 

Cyrilla, a Tale, by the Baroness Tautphoeus, St. poet 8to, 12« BenHey 1853 

Cyrus, King of Persia and Media, by the Lady Julia Lockwood, sq. 12mo, 5%6d Saunden d; 0. 1861 

Voyages de, par De U Voye, 18mo, 2« Parker ds Son 1854 

Cytezen and Uplondyshman, by Alex. Barclay, edited by P. W. Fairholt, poet 8to ... Percy Soc 

Czar and the Turk, or Lay of the East, by the Author of *' Parental Wisdom," Sto, Is ffoulsion 1854 

Czemy {Carl) Exercises on Harmony and Thorough Bass, 8yo, is Cocks 1846 

— — Letters on Thorough Bass, 8vo, is Cocks 1846 

■ to aToung Lady on Playing the Pianoforte, 8vo, is Cocks 1851 

Treatise on Composition of Music, by J. Bishop, 8 ▼. folio, 9is 6d ... Cocks 1849 

Dabistan ; or. School of Manners, from the Persian, 3 y. 8yo, 31< 6d Ori.Tra,Soc ... 

Dablon {R.P.C.) Relation des Missions de U Compagnie de Jesus, 8yo, 80j New York i860 

Daooitee in Excelsis; or. Spoliation of Oude, 8rd edit, roy. 8yo, Zs 6d Simpkin 1858 

Da Costa (/.) Four Witnesses ; or, theGospel Harmonized, trans, by Scott, 8yo, 12«... NiJ>et 1851 

Israel and the Gentiles : History of the Jews, poet 8yo, 7s6d Nisbet 1850 

Dacre (Z<u2y) Tales of a Chaperon, 8 y.p.8yo,31f 6(2,1833; 12mo, 8#6€2,i849; n.e., 2s Ward df Lock... 1% $9 

Peerage and Pea8antry,3y.8yo, 81s 6(2 ; 12mo,8» Qd^BentUy ; 2» DarloH 1858 

Treyelyan, 3 V. post 8vo, 81« 6(i ; 12mOySs6d Bentley 1847 

D'Aginoourt {8.) History of Art by its Monuments, 8 v. folio,' 51 5s Longman 1847 

Dagley {B,F.) Young Seer ; or. Early Searohes into Futurity, 12mo, 6»— red to 3« 6d Smith A Elder 1839 

Dagobert(C%n)ABon ChatBonRat, Instruction in French, cr. 8vo, Is Whiifidd 1855 

A New Course of Instruction in French, 18mo, 2 Pts., each Is J,P.Shaw 1858 

Gbrman Conyersation, Ahn's, 12mo, Is 6d AUman 1857 

■ Practical French Course, Pts. 1 and 2, cr. 8vo, each 2s 6d J.F.Shaw i860 

■ Grammar and Book of Reference, post 8yo, Zs6d... J.P.Shaw i860 

— — — Right Way of Learning French, 18mo, Is J.P.Shaw 1855 

Sa^ and Sure Method of Acquiring French, cr. 8yo, Is 6d J.F.Shaw 1851 

D'Aguilar (Sir O.) Practice and Form of Courts Martial, reyisecTby Endle, 8yo, 8s 6d Parker <k Son 1855 

Daguerre {L.J.) History of Photogenic Drawing, by Memos, 2nd ed., 12mo 2s 6d ... Longman 1839 

Dahlmann (F.C.) History of English Reyolution, 8yo, 2s 6dy 1839; 10s 6cf Longman 1844 

Life of Herodotus, translated by G, E. Cox, 12mo, 6s J.H.d:J,Parkeri%^$ 

Daill6 (Jno.) Exposition of Philippians and Colossians, roy. 8yo, 12s 6(£ H.Bohn 1841 

Right Use of the Fathers, translated by Smith, post 8vo, 6s WhUe 1841 

Daily Bread; or. Meditations on Scripture, 8yo, 12s 6(i Virtue 1840 

Deyotions for Young Persons, 32mo, 2s ffamiUon 1844 

Du^, a Book for Girls, with Preface by Rey. Dr. Tweedie, 18mo, Is Nelson 1856 

■ the Nursery, Fireside, and School, new edit^ 18mo, Is Nelson 186a 

Food for the Inner Man, 32mo, Is 6d, i86r; new edit., 2s Wertheim i86» 

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1885-1862] DAIRY DALTON 186 

Dmiry F^krming ; Bearing and Feeding of Stock, by Rurioola, post 8to, 5« Reeve 1856 

Daisy Chain, by Anthor of Heir of Red